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'E .,, ii? ,Q asf V ,ff AL. I 3 gli, ,, P ll 4 Q 1 2' k, , fp, . , FT ' , IU, iff. .gf-fx avi A' :QF . A-gs, - .3 , ru' ,f A 5.-P " , f". . bf T T315 '1 x is 'E 2 by -. 1 X- -A Q 'E gay, ,.-vwrjxx f. ,.J1,v fix-swf, ,S - 1 if V: ig 'Q'- ? ,.-Q - 'gm ' '4 my 'f-,L L cf, QC -'ff' ff Jim' g,.:- 553 , L' J: . N551 - i,3-175 if E 5 , X4 S s lf , 5 il 2 5 5 5 E f4 A w E w 3 2 1 E , Z Q 1 E 5 E r E ? g 5 E 3 2 ? E 51 -1 F 3 1 1 Q si 5 5 s E E 2 2 3 f Mr. Post EDITOR'S NOTE This year the United States government re- stricted the use of photoengravings in such periodicals as this. Because of these War-time restrictions, it was necessary to limit the num- ber of photographs in this volume. In several instances, groups were combined. The Oaks staff wishes also to acknowledge its indebtedness to Mr. Dorman Post for his splendid co-operation after the resignation of Mr. Paul Schulze, our staff photographer for many years. Mr. Schulze left to join the staff of the Michigan Education Journal, with head- quarters in Lansing. W A ,s Foreword June 15, 1945 Dea1'Fellow Students, More than two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin, testing the lightning with his kite, found in the storm's noisy violence the glim- merings of a Secret which later illuminated the world. Today, in the storm which rages across the whole earth, men are constantly sending up their kites to the new lightning, trying its possibilities and preparing for clearing the skies. Likewise, we Americans are being guided to victory by the Four Freedoms-freedom from want and fear, and freedom of speech and religion. These are the inalienable rights of all men-everywhere. Beyond the war lies the peace. As graduating seniors we of Muskegon Heights High school pledge ourselves to carry these four freedoms onward through this war and into the trying post-war days to follow. With these to guide us we may rest assured that a finer, better world will be ours. Sincerely, Editor-in-chief DEDICATION For the last five years, graduating seniors have been in- fluenced by the friendly and encouraging Ways of Mr. Iames W. Verduin, of the history department. His close daily Contact with the senior class has afforded him an excellent opportunity for knowing the wants and ways of seniors. We graduates sincerely hope the work done with and for us has been that of pleasant recollections for Mr. Verduin, as pleasant as they have been for us. That is Why We believe that this small act of dedicating The Oaks may serve to say, "Thanks, and good-bye, Mr. Verduin." OAKS STAFF - 1943 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Willard Larsen ASSOCIATE EDITOR lean Carlson SECTION EDITORS Phyllis Gathard Margaret Koehn Marjorie Nelson Hazel Iuhas Mary Werderits Wilma France Marleah Bulkley Dean Masterson CHIEF MAKE-UP EDITOR Henry Kooyers CHIEF TYPISTS Ianice Carrick Iulia Simoncik SECRETARY Betty Ruiter 'Kathryn Parmeter Elaine Olson 'Dorothy LeMieux Mary Carlson Iacqueline Nessen Louise Gauthier Margaret Muckey Suzanne Rosenberg Ellen Stefula SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Clarice Workman. Subscription Manager Robert Schapka, Harvey Nedeau-Boys' Captains Barbara Tenny, Harriet Risk-Girls' Captains PRINTING STAFF Kenneth Barhitte Emil Micka Donald Goven Claude Vanderwall Walter Hagen Elwood Iohnson Marvin Hilliard Edward Opalek Lawrence Hughes Montelle Imsdahl Herman Wilson Robert Lee ART STAFF Elizabeth Aliultis Robert Deater Esther DeBruin Irene Duguay Carma Mingle Shirley Helrnan Lawrence Pickle REPORTERS Virginia Parmeter Irene Duguay Margaret Pavlick Phyllis Anderson Lorraine Smith lane Hagen Lorraine Tierman Bruce Ploughman Betty Campbell Colleen Wait Elaine Coston ADVERTISING STAFF Marvin Plumhoff Alan Marsh Iacqueline Kanitz Margaret Curran Willard Larsen Elizabeth Alfultis Shirlie Ferm Arline Sietsema Dorothy Hoifius Doris Hopkins Patricia Henagin Elaine Olson Ethelyn Cooper Katherine Shunk Betty Timmer Barbara Doremire Ianice Carrick Elaine Coston Shirley Hughes Yvonne Clark Betty Mills Walter Hagen Bob Dorsch Betty Walker Viola Humy Amelia Homa Mable Fletcher OAKS STAFF l Subscriptions Editor Lcxrsen Advertising Sales Art Stuff Editor Carlson and Secretory Section Editors Typists Chronicle and Record Editors Sports Staff Reporters Small Iob Press Printing The Oaks 'l'Hg.1'4a OHK5 E..0F.C,O.N.TE 4 ra- ion an FHr1'N-""'SJc 2-.5,cul.'CD ,..- ---M QY5 Segwel-Ygyads-----'-- U Y s ,4 " rn 59 oo cha df Pne Hits'- ,thL6'ti.C5.--- - F' S C 8- Cl-Labs - E.. J 7 SQ' evvl. New Ln JM ORS it ...z Dr. C. A. Lund, President Curl N. Dczmm, Treasurer Herbert P. Reid, Vice-President Orc: V. Cobb Bernard E. Cook Henry S. Elliott, Secretary Lawrence Carl ADMINISTRATORS W. R. Booker Mr. W. R. Booker, superintendent of schools, came to Muskegon Heights from Greenville, af- ter many years of experience as teacher, and administrator. Mr. Booker was highly honored by being named to the Board of Directors of the Michigan Education associationj He also has taken a leading part in the rationing program in this community for which he has been com- plimented by leading public officials here and elsewhere. In short, Mr. Booker is a man whom Muskegon Heights could ill afford to lose. C. F. Bolt Mr. C. F. Bolt, who has been principal here since the day in 1921 when the doors of Mus- kegon Heights High school first opened, is a leader any school would be proud to name as its head. He has shown an intimate understand- ing of the problems of youth. He has helped each one to maintain a high scholarship aver- age, as far as is possible, and best of all, has always set a real example well worth following. Miss Rosemary Hill .Secretary LANGUAGE. LITERATURE. AND SPEECH W. E. MURRAY, A. B., M. A. ELDRID BERNTS, B. S. University ol Michigan English and Iournalism Northwestern University French, Social Studies IENNIE C. FITCH, A. B. Wesiern Michigan College of Education DORACE E. LA CORE, A. B. Enghsh University of Michigan St. Mary's Notre Dame English HERMAN A. KRUIZENGA, A. B., M. A Hope College University of Michigan Latin JULIA A. SPRAGUE, A. B., M. A. , , IULIA A. ROYSE. A. B. Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan Morningside College English Speech 26 SCIENCE AND ART NELLIE M. IOHNSON, B. S. OSCAR E. IOHNSON, A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Western Michigan College of Education VERA CUMMINGS, A. B., M. A. Northwestern University Athletic Director Mathematics An FLORENCE M. KURTZ, B. S. University of Chicago DORMAN POST, B. S., B. A., M. Mathematics West Michigan College ot Education Northwestern University Biology ANN MALNAR, B. S. Hibbing Iunior College University of Minnesota Librarian R. L. RAKESTRAW, A. B. De Pauw University Chemistry and Physics G. A. CHURCHILL, B. S. Central Michigan College Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Band and Orchestra ESTHER HOBERTON, B. E., R. P. T. Northwestern University Medical School La Crosse State Teachers College Physical Education SOCIAL STUDIES AND COMMERCE EDITH A. ERIKSON, B. S. Northern Michigan College oi Education Shorthand, Typing KATHBYN F. REID, A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Shorthand and Senior Office Training EUGENE W. GILLASPY, A.B. Western Michigan College of Education Speech, and Social Studies IAMES W. VERDUIN, A. B., M. A. Western Michigan College of Education University of Wisconsin Social Science CLIFFORD STEVENS, B. S. Western Michigan College of Education History BOY A. PETERMAN, B. S., A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Commerce DAVID R. MCKENZIE, A. B. Central Michigan College of Education American History SHERLEY IRENE DALTON, B. S. University of Michigan Commercial Law, Typing, Arithmetic INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC ARTS A. M. COURTRIGHT, B. S., M. A. WILLIAM H. DINGLER University of Michigan Life Certificate Columbia University Western Michigan College of Education Mechanical Drawing, Orchestra Woodwork MINA MORRI , B. ., . . S S M A VIRGINIA NEL, B. s. Iowa State College . , . , , , Stout Institute, Menomonie. Wisconsin Nebraska University , Foods Clothing C. F. KOEHN Western Michigan College of Education ELMER OIALA, B. S. United Typothetae School of Printing Western Michigan College of Education Printing Industrial Arts 15 STUDENT COUNCIL Cobb, Fortenbacker, Begley, Weisenburger, Brash, Thomas, Tenny, Workman, Plumhoff, Alfultis, Hegedus. Olah, Parmeter, Stegernan, Lundberg, Workman, Privacky, Grant. Wilma France "Another year, another job well done" can truly be said about our Student Council, a group comprised of class officers of the Sopho- more, Iunior, and Senior classes, and headed by three students elected by the Student body. This democratic form of choosing officers was inaugurated in 1940. Officers of the Student Council during 1942- 43, are: President, Elizabeth Alfultis: Vice- President, Bud Olah: Secretary, Ioe Hegedus. The purpose of this organization is to main- tain more opportunities for co-operation be- tween the students and faculty in promoting in- terest and school spirit, and to establish a greater measure of student control in school affairs. The functions of this group consist main- ly of discussing school problems and approv- ing assemblies and school dances. Council meetings are open to all who wish to attend. No member of the faculty has a seat on the council. Principal C. F. Bolt is the ad- viser. This year our council became a member of the Tri-City Council, which is headed by a representative from our school, Elizabeth Al- fultis. 16 3' .1 SENIORS 1+ ,r ff 1" 'D ,I O 17 CLASS OF 1943 Back RowfP1umhoif, Brash, Thomas. Front Row-Tenny. Workman. Another graduation time has rolled around, in which We find ourselves right in the midst. Seniors at last! After four of the most important years of our life we've attained our goal. Dur- ing the last year, in a most democratic Way, We chose as the leaders of our class: Curtiss Brash, president: Barbara Tenny, vice-presi- dent: Clarice Workman, secretary: Leon Thomas, treasurer: and Marvin Plumhoff, sergeant-at-arms. Eugene W. Gillaspy and H. A. Kruizinga were elected class advisers. Our annual dance, "The Gobble Hobble," was held on November 25, with Harriet Risk and Willard Larsen chosen as co-chairmen. The dance Was a huge success. "And Came the Spring," our senior play, held on February 11 and 12, was Well received by large audiences. During the final week of our high school ex- periences We will end up a Whirlwind of events. On Sunday, Iune 13, will be Bacca- laureate, with class day following on Iune 15. l The final and most important event will be Commencement Exercises on Thursday eve- ning, Iune 17. HONORS GROUP - 1943 Elizabeth ATfu1tis D.A.R. Citizfnslzip Winner Curtiss Brush Sfnior Class President Hctrnet R1Sk Valedictofrian Willard Larsen Charles Peocrmcm D,A.R. History Winner Salntatorian 19 20 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 ELIZABETH ALFULTIS, College I-low rare, how precious is frivolity! Booster Club 4: French Club 3, 4: French Club Officer 4: Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Beaux Art Club 2, 3: Beaux Art Club Officer 2, 3: Selective Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus 2: French Concert 3: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Oaks Staff 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Student Council Officer 4: Class Officer 2, 3: Tri-City Council 4: Tri-City Officer 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Cheer Lea ler 3, 4. .' PHYLLIS ANDERSON, General The lips that nothing answer, nothing ask. Commercial Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. BONITA BAKER, General I shall leave nothing behind me, nothing. Glee Club 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4: Selective Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 3, 4. KENNETH A. BARI-IITTE, General In spite of all the learned have said, I still my own Baseball 3, 4: oaks stuff 4. opinion keep. GERALD BERRY, General Strange We never prize the music, as much as we should. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 2, 3, 4: Spanish Concert 2: Oratory 2: Senior Play 4. IOE BILKA, General If I ever have time for things that matter- Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 2, 3: Varsity Football 4: Track 3. ALICE BIORNSTROM, General I've Watched my duty straight and true-and tried to do it Well. BETTY BLANSI-IINE, Commercial The world belongs to the Enthusiast Who keeps cool. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. BETTY BOZEMAN, Commercial Gracious in every Way. Girl Reserve 3: Glee Club Z: Dramatics Club 3: Music Festival Z: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. CURTISS BRASH, College Make him the quaint great figure that men love. Hi-Y Club 4: Boys' Intramural 3: Reserve Football 2, 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity Football 4: Athletic Board of Con- trol 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Class Officer Z, 3, 4. MARLEAH BULKLEY, College A keen mind plus a pleasant manner is the answer to most of the World's big problems. French Club 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Selective Chorus 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: French Concert 3. IERRY BURCHARD, College He's the very pineapple of politeness. WALTER CAMP, General A lad who will make the most of his opportunities. BETTY IEAN CAMPBELL, General Saddle your dreams before you ride them. Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Music Festival 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. IEAN CARLSON, College I have a heart with room for every joy. Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Scout Officer 2, 3, 4: Girls' Intramural l: Acorn Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 3, 4: Associate Editor for the Oaks 4. MARY CARLSON, College I I agree with no man's opinion. I have some of my own. French Club 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 2, 3: French Concert 3: Spanish Concert Z: Girls' Intramural Z, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. 21 I s I 1 4 2 22 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 JEAN CARNES, College Tomorrow-Oh! 'twill never be! IANICE CARRICK, General I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes. Glee Club 2: Dramatics Club 2: Selective Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. MARILYN CAVANAUGH, General A wink is as good as a nod to the Wise. Girl Scouts 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Music Festival 2, 4: Library Club 3, 4. RAYMOND CETON, College He lies and dreams of the things to be. Hi-Y Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Reserve Football l, 2. MARLOS CHAMBERLIN, College Invisible beauty has a word so brief. RICHARD CHESNEY, College The World is a difficult world, indeed. Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 3, 4. LEONA CIERLAK, General You can never plan the future by the past. Girls' Reserves Z: Glee Club 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Mrsic Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2. ELAINE COFFMAN, Commercial How sweet and gracious, even in common speech. Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. ETHELYN COOPER, College Her eyes are homes of silent prayer. Oaks Staff 4. RUDY COOPER, Colleqe Everything comes if a man will only wait. Spring Concert 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club Officer 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. GARTH CORPE, General Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. Hi-Y Club 4: Oaks Staff 4: Senior Play 4. ELAINE COSTON, General Too much rest is rust. Oaks Staff 4: Acorn 4: Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 4: French Concert 3: Spring Concert l, 2, 3: Music Festival l: Orchestra l, 2, 3. MARGARET CURRAN, Commercial Variety is the very spice of life. Girls' Intramural 2. OLAND DAHL, College Give me the hand that is honest and hearty. Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROBERT DEATER, General Never say more than is necessary. Oaks Staff 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Acorn 3, 4. FRANK DOLAR, General Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world. 23 24 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 ESTHER DE BRUIN, College I love the man who knows it all. Senior Play 4: Iunior Play 3: Mixed Chorus 2: French Concert 3: Beaux Art Club l, 2: Beaux Art Club Officer l, 2: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 3: French Club 3: Girl Scouts 1: Commercial Club 3: Declamation 2. HELEN DOMBRAUSKY, Commercial Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Girls' Intramural 2: Music Festival 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 2. BARBARA DOREMIRE, Commercial A good name is better than riches. Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Senior Play 4: Debate 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2: Booster Club 4. ROSE MARY DORNER, General I shall be as secret as the grave. IRENE DUGUAY, General Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. WILLIAM DYER, College FANNY MAY EASON, General Girls' Intramural 2. FRANK EDER, College STEVE EGYED, General REBECCA ELAM, General Girls' Intramural 3. EVON ERICKSON, Commercial By the Work, one knows the Workman. He that has patience may compass anything. I have ever confined myself to fact. Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye. He thinks like a philosopher and acts like a king. I slept and dreamed that life was beautiful. I'll not listen to reason-reason always means what someone else has got to say. Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Spanish Concert 2: Music Festival 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Girl Scouts Z, 3, 4. PALMYRA FALBE, College Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. IOHN FARKAS, General SHIRLEY FERM, College The mildest manners with the bravest mind. That what he Will, he does. Music is the wine of love. Entered from Marquette, Michigan, September, 1942. Glee Club 4: Orchestra 4: Mixed Chorus 4. RICHARD FETHKE, College MABLE FLETCHER, General My mind's my kingdom! It is not enough to do good: why don't you do right? Commercial Club Z: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader 4. 25 r s F 26 f SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 MARGUERITE FORBES, Commercial Truth is the secret of eloquence and virtue. Co' mercial Club 2: Beaux Art Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3. WILMA FRANCE, College Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you. Girl Scouts 4: Girl Scouts Officer 4: Booster Club 4: Bic-ster Club Officer 4: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Library Club 3, 4: Library Club Officer 4. BETTY FRIEDMAN, Commercial A lovely lady garmented in light. Commercial Club 2, 3: Commercial Club Officer 3: Dramatics Club 3: Girls' Intramural l, 2, 3: Oratorical Declamation 2: Dramatic Declamation 3: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Drum Majorette 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. WILLIAM GALLUP, College A man after his own heart. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Boys' Intramural 1: Reserve Football 1, 2: Varsity Football 3. 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. HELEN GARY, General A faithful and good servant is a real godsend: but 'tis a rare bird in the land. PHYLLIS GATHARD, College My stature tall-I hate a dumpy Woman. Girl Scouts 2, 3: Booster Club 4: Commercial Club 2: French Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves Officer 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Junior Play 3. LOUISE GAUTHIER, College Facts and figures! Put 'ern down! Girl Reserves 2. 3: Glee Club 2: Music Festival 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. ALFRED GEORGE, College An honest man's the noblest Work of God. Band 3, 4: Music Festival 4: Spring Concert 3: Track 4. PHYLLIS GERBER, General Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other MARIORIE GHEZZI, General DONALD GOVEN, College Oaks Staff 4. FLORENCE GRINGHUIS, Commercial Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Music IEAN GRINGHUIS, Commercial Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY GROENEVELD, General Festival maidens are. Oh shame! Where is thy blush? Lay me low, my work is done, I am Weary. Lay me low. The star of the unconquered will. 3. She puts her troubles in a box and sits on the lid. She Walks-the lady of delight. Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival Z: Iunior Usher 3. WALTER HAGEN, General I would live the same life over if I had to live again. Boys' Intramural 3: Baseball 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. JOYCE HAIKER, General As fresh as when the first sunrise awoke the bird in paradise. Girl Scouts 4: Girl Scout Officer 4: Iunior Usher 3: Acorn Staff 4. 27 28 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 MILTON HAINES, General The promise of manhood. Glee Club 2: Band 2, 3: Spring Concert 2, 3: Boys' Intramural 2: Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Oaks Staff 4. RICHARD HAMIL, General Blonde or brunette, this rhyme applies: happy is he that knows them not. Boys' Intramural 3: Reserve Football 3: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. SIDNEY HAMSTRA, College Since silence is wisdom: I am silent. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3: Iunior Play 3. GERTRUDE HARTMAN, Commercial She makes friends by being one. Girls' Intramural l, 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 2. CHARLES HASCHER, College Silence is deep as Eternity: speech is shallow as Time. Activities from Grand Haven Golf 3: Baseball l. SHIRLIE HELMAN, General Speaks little, but speaks the truth. Beaux Art Club 2. BETTY HEMPHILL, Commercial There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl. Girl Scouts l, 2, 3. PATRICIA HENAGIN, General I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me. Commercial Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. CORRENE HENRY, College Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. French Club 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Spring Concert 2. MARVIN HILLIARD, General I dare do all that may become a man: who dares do more is none. Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Football 3, 4: Baseball Z, 3, 4: Athletic Board of Control 4: All Conference Football Team 4: Oaks Staff 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY HOFFIUS, Commercial A merry heart maketh a happy countenance. Commercial Club 3: Girl Reserves 4: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2. AMELIA HOMA, General She is pretty to walk With, witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think on. Glee Club 3: Music Festival 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. DONNA IEAN HOMMER, College Few persons have courage enough to appear as good as they really are. French Club 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girls Reserves Officer 4: Glee Club 3. DORIS HOPKINS, General Now to become famous, and the world is mine. ANN HOTWAGNER, Commercial A charming lady who does her own thinking. Commercial Club 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Girls' Intramural 2. IOE HRADSKY, General His wise rare smile is sweet with certainties. 29 r' X 3 E 2 I 2 u 1 i W 1 w 1 W W W N N W W W W 30 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 LAWRENCE HUGHES, General Hi-Y Club 2, 3: Reserve Football 2: Oaks Staff 3, 4. SHIRLEY HUGHES, General A good man is always a novice in the ways of the world. Wit makes its own welcorne, and levels all distinctions. Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Music Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Student Council 3: Class Officer 3: Cheer Leader 3. VIOLA HUMY, General Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food. Commercial Club 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. VEVA HUSTON, College As good as gold! Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4: Girl Scout Officer 2, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. MONTELLE IMSDAHL, General Born for success, it seems. Entered from Brooten High School. Band 1, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Boy Scouts 1, 2: Brass Ensemble, Trumpet Trio 2: EvesvDropper Staff 2, 3: Student Council 2: Sophomore Play Z. JANE ANN ISRAEL, College Music is the universal language of the World. Commercial Club 1: French Club 3, 4: French Club Officer 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve Officer 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band 3: Selective Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 2, 3: French Concert 3: Spanish Concert 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Dramatics Declamation 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Fall Concert 3. ELWOOD IOHNSON, College Track 3: Oaks Staff 4. N I. C. IOH SON, College MAXINE IOHNSON, Commercial Girls' Intramural l, 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 2. ORLAND IOHNSON, College Boys' Intramural 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4. HAZEL IUHAS, General You can't hold anything against a man if he doesn't say anything. Hard telling what these quiet fellows will do when no one is looking. A cheerful friend, a willing worker. His height gives him an advantage not to be scorned. I like work, it fascinates me: I could sit and watch it for hours. Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival Z: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Student Council 2: Student Council Officer 2: Iunior Play 3. IACQUELINE KANITZ, College Beauty is its own excuse for being. French Club 3: Glee Club 2: Band 2: Music Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2. MARY KEARNEY, College A Woman only keeps one secret: what she does not know herself. Booster Club 4: French Club 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Dramatics Club 4: Orchestra 2, 3: Spring Concert 2, 3: French Con- cert 3: Girls' Intramural 2: Oratorical Declamation 2: Dramatic Declamation 3, 4: Iunior Play 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Drum Majorette 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3. IACK KEITH, General NORMA KELLEY, General Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 4: RICHARD KELLEY, General Orchestra 1, 2, 3. One who never turned his back, but marched straight forward. Silence is more musical than any song. Music Festival 1: Spring Concert 1. Mark the perfect man: behold the upright! 31 wmv: SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 MATTIE KING, General Lite is not life at all Without delight. PAUL KNOPF, College Often has he burned the midnight oil-but not for study! Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Color Guard 4. MARGARET KOEHN, College Imagination is as good as many voyages-and how much cheaper! French Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Selective Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: French Concert 3: Girls' Intramural Z: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Iunior Usher 3. ROBERT KOHLBECK, General What should a man do but be merry? Band 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 2, 3: Spanish Concert 2: Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 3: Varsity Basketball 3: Tennis l, 2, 3. LUCILLE KONIARSKI, General There's mischief behind that sober "phyz." Commercial Club 2: Girl Reserves Z: Glee Club 2: Music Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3. WILHELMINA KOOIMAN, Commercial Fair and Wise is she, The heavens such grace did lend her. Girls' Intramural 2. Y HENRY KOOYERS, General I'm a quiet fellow-sometimes! Reserve Football 2, 3: Varsity Football 4: Oaks Staff 4. MARIE KROPF, Commercial Blessed are they who say nothing for they shall not be uoted. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 4: Spring Concert 1, 2, HELEN KRUEGER, General Good nature radiates from her every smile. LEO KWIECIEN, General A plucky man is usually a lucky man. Boys' Intramural 2, 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Golf 1, 2, 3. 4: Color Guard 3, 4. IACKIE LAIRD, College He is a wise person who always knows what to do next. WILLIAM LANGLOIS, General Tell that to the marines-the sailors won't believe it! Boys' Intramural 1: Reserve Football 1: Varsity Football Z, 3, 4: Track 2. WILLARD LARSEN, College There came the teeming wonder of his words. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club Ofiicer 3: Band 2: Acom Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 3, 4: Debate 3, 4: President Debate 4: Oratory 3, 4: Extemporaneous Speaking 4: Senior Class Play 4: Christmas Play 2, 3, 4: Editor-in-Chief of Oaks 4. SARAH LAWTON, College Modest and simple and sweet, the very type of Priscilla. Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 3: Girls' Intramural Z DOROTHY LE BOEUF, College Always happy, always gay, She's a good sport we all say. Girl Scouts 3: Girl Scout Officer 3: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Cheer Leader 4. BOB LEE, General Happy am I: from care I'm tree. Why aren't they all contented like me! Glee Club 2, 3: Boys' Intramural I, 2: Oaks Staff 4. 33 1 4 T , 1 ,W V, ' V six 5 , 5. 5 34 K SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 DOROTHY LE MIEUX, General Girl Scouts 3, 4: Girl Scouts Officer 3, 4: Girls' Int IOSEPH LEHAN, General FLOYD LEISMAN, College In speech and gesture, form and face, shows she's from a gentle race. ramu ral 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. But now my task is smoothly done,I can fly or I can run. This young rnan believes what he says: he will go far. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club Officer Z, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Boys' Intramural 2: Spring Concert 2, 3: Acorn Staff 3: Oaks Staff 3: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Drum Major 4: Spring Festival l, Z. 3: Selected Band 2, 3: Christmas Assembly 2, 3, 4. EDMUND LE ROUX, College Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Music Festival 2. 3. STANLEY LEVENDOSKY, General We live in deeds, not years: in thoughts, not breaths. The world must be safe for democracy. Boys' Intramural 2, 3: Reserve Basketball Z: Reserve Football 3: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: Baseball 2, 3. CARMEN LOFTIS, College BOB LUND, General A twinkle in her eye, bespeaks a fun-loving soul. Always a good fellow and a friend worth having. Hi-Y Club 2: Glee Club 2: Orchestra 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus Z: French Concert 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY LUNDQUIST, College French Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival IANICE LUPIEN, College Neat, not gaudy: kind and wise is she. 2. A pleasant girl with a pleasant smile. French Club 3. 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: French Concert 3. ANDREW LUSSKY, College Baseball 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: Reserve Footb ROBERT LUTH, College MARILYN MAC DOWELL, Commercial Girl Reserves 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Art Club 2: Mu BROOKSIE MCCLURE, College Entered from Benton Harbor 4. Library Club 4: Lib FRANK MCCORMICK, General Orchestra 1. VIRGINIA MCGREGOR, General Girl Reserves 3. 4: Iunior Usher 3: Oratory 4. HELEN MCINTOSH, College Glee Club 2: Girls' Intramural 2: Iunior Usher 3. Fine manners are the mantles of fair minds. all 2. . We know what we are-but not what we may be. Friends know she has a mind lively and ardent, frank and kind. sic Festival 2, 3: Intramural 2, 3. Gentle, perhaps shy, but a true friend to those who know her well. rary Club Officer 4: Class Officer 2: Booster Club 3. An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. I study if I feel like it, and won't when I don't: I'll pass. if I can and if I can't, I won't! Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over everything. 35 -' -.1-..-,rf .1 'A M X ggiw, 'C 5 iw ' 'ff Milifia 'Giang 'Xia A H .. .,t.: v- 'Pi M X .,., - . , mai ' A -I ,. Qui- 1 1: my 514' if ff Q -fx ffssjf us. f . 1,-sf K 1 fr. ig,g5f 4 ,Signup AH - '. m?" nQl"'L "' !4:"'f fy -ev""5?"'S 4 is-:warg pkg-Qiiag' fffsgi 1:A54sQ.vfif'g,' ,, 4J'fF,,.3m,g,?gf. Mm- Si Maw 5,?,g',is HW H' ' 2 'S+' 'f f' may SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 HELEN MANSKO, College Where mischief's afoot, you'll find her about. Mixed Chorus 2. ALAN MARSH, General A Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nothing exists that bothers me. Glee Club 3: Orchestra 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus l, 2: Mixed Chorus l, 4: Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert l, 2, 3, 4: French Concert 3: Spanish Concert 2: Boys' Intramural l, 2, 3. HOLLIS MARSH, General A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men. Entered from Fremont High School. Orchestra 3: Band 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Boys' Intramural 2: Baseball 2. DEAN MASTERSON, College A steady worker, a quiet one, sticking to work that must be done. Hi-Y Club 4: Track 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. MARY MATOVIC, Commercial This world belongs to the energetic. Commercial Club 1, 2. 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: Girls' Intramural l. 2, 3. WALLACE MAYNARD, General That I'm a man, I'll have you know, even though I have some space to grow. EMIL MICKA, General I feel relieved at last for my work days are past! Glee Club 2, 3: Reserve Football Z: Varsity Football 3, 4: Acorn Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 3, 4. CLIFFORD MILES, College Boys' Intramural 2. IOHN UACKD MILLER, College Selective Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus IOHN MILLER, General Acorn Staff 3. CARMA MINGLE, College Beaux Art Club 2: Dramatics Club RUSSELL MITCHELL, General FLORENCE MORRELL, General RAYMOND MORROW, General Glee Club 2: Beaux Arts Club 2, ROBERT MORTENSEN, General Football 2, 3: Band Z. 3. SHIRLEY MURRAY, Commercial 3: Music Festiv 3: Girls' Intramu 3: Music Festiva CI My brain is a highway Without traffic "cops." Did someone say-study? l 3: Senior Play 4. Why study? The more we study, the more there is to forget! Her friends, they are many: her foes,-are there any? ral 3. I like this place and would willingly waste my time in it. Mention "shyness" and "modesty" and you think of Florence. I stand on the brink of a great career. Will someone push me off? 1 Z: Color Guard 4. He has many links in his chain of friendship. Time goes steady and so do I. Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Commercial Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. 37 I 38 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 HARVEY NEDEAU, College Glad that I live am I, that the sky is blue. French Club 3: French Club Officer 3: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: French Concert 3: Debate 3, 4: Oratorial Declamation 2: Iunior Play 3. PHILLIP NELLIS, General IACQUELIN NESSEN, College Girl Reserves 2, 3: Glee Club CARL NIELSON, College Boys' Intramural 2: Baseball 2, 3. LORRAINE NILL, College Girls' Intramural 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oa BEVERLY NORTON, Commercial 2: Mixed Chorus 4 ks Staff I've taken my fun Where l've found it. About the best and finest thing in this world is laughter. . Music Festival 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stait 4. There are two sides to every question, the wrong side and my side. Sometimes I think the gentlest people are the most powerful. This girl has a smile that fits her face and she wears it every day. Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Christmas Play 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2. ELAINE OLSON, General I never let my studies interfere with my education. Commercial Club 2: Girl Reserves 3: Glee Club 2: Girls' Intramural 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. EDWARD OPALEK, General If the good die young, it's no wonder I've lived so long. Hi-Y Club 2: Glee Club 2: Boys' Intramural 2. 3: Reserve Basketball Z: Reserve Football 2, 3: Golf 2. FRANCES OSTRADICK, Commercial She can mix wisdom with pleasure and profit from both. Iunior Play 3. TOM PARMELEE, General A wonder is he who learns, loves, laughs and does all three well. Hi-Y Club 2: Orchestra 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3: Spring Concert 4: Boys' Intramural 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Tennis 2: Student Council 2, 3: Class Officer 2, 3. VIRGINIA PARMETER, General Never a heaven shall harbor me, Where they won't let Garth in. Commercial Club 3: Girls' Intramural 1: Senior Play 4: Acorn Stat! 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Usher 3. MARGARET PAVLICK, General She seems quiet-but still Waters usually run deep. Girls' Intramural 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. ARLENE PEABODY, Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve Off CHARLES PEARMAN, College Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Beaux Art Club 2: eous Speaking 4. IAMES PELFRESNE, General CORINNE PETERSON, Commercial icer 4 . Band 2, 3, Commercial Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves 4. Never worry today if you can put it off till tomorrow. You can cover a great deal of country in books. Debate 3, 4: Oratorical Declamation 2: Senior Play 4. Extemporan- Take life too seriously, and what is it worth? Brevity is the soul of wit. 39 i l w 4 40 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 'CHARLES PETTIT, College Not only good but good for something. Track 3. 'VIRGINIA PICHE, General Her friendship is true. Transferred from Marshall High School. Commercial Club 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: G. A. A. Latin Club. .EVERETT PICKEL, General Uncle Sam is my favorite relative. Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Spring Festival 1, 2, 3. .BRUCE PLOUGHMAN, General A good Worker loyal and willing. Acorn Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 3, 4. MARVIN PLUMHOF F, College The sense of greatness keeps a nation great. French Club 3: Band 1: Music Festival 1: Spring Concert 1: Student Council 4: Class Officer 4: Tri-City Council 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4. RICHARD POWERS, College He is always Willing to help. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Concert 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 4: Orchestra 2, 3: French Concert 3: Student Band Di- rector 4: Christmas Play 2, 3, 4. PAULINE PRUDICK, College-Commercial Others will think of you if you think not of yourself. Booster Club 1: Commercial Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1: Spring Festival 1: Music Festival 1: Selective Chorus 1. MAXINE RAYIVIENT, General She smiles and shadows depart. Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 4. OPHEREDES REED, General Gentle and sweet to all Who see her. MARCELYN REEK, College There is a little melancholy in me. Booster 2, 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Booster Club Ollicer 4: Commercial Club 2: Girls' Intramural 2. RUSSELL RICHARDSON, College Worry brings on dementia praecox but I'm schizo- phrenia, or am I? Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4. HARRIET RISK, College The same Harriet yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Booster Club Officer 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Girl Reserve Officer 3: Orchestra 1, Z, 3: Band 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: French Concert 3: Spanish Concert 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: Student Council 2: Class Officer 2: Debate 2, 3, 4: Extemporaneous Speaking 3: Oratorical Declamation 2: Iunior Play 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Christmas Play 4: Selected Band, Orchestra 2, 3. SUZANNE ROSENBERG, General Ever laughing, talking, smiling, Many happy hours beguiling. Girl Reserves 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Dramatics Club 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival 3: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. MARVIN ROSIE, College Oh! boys! the times l've seen! Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y Club Officer 3: French Club 2. 3: Boys' Intramural 1, 2, 3: Reserve Basketball 1: Reserve Football 1, 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2: Track 3. MARION RUITER, College A shy, retiring little maid, but always ready to lend her aid. Commercial Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Music Festival 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club Officer 2, 3, 4. BETTY RUITER, General You may trust in her, for she is not at all changeable and unreasonable. Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. 41 P. R 42 SENIORS -- CLASS OF 1943 IOHN SABEL, College Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3: Reserve Football l, GARNET IUNE SCALES, College Booster Club 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Girl Reserves Girl 3: Dramatic Declamation 3. ROBERT SCHAPKA, College l iust can't make my eyes behave. 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Track l, 4: lunior Play 2. My idea is this-"ever onward." Officer 4: Beaux Art Club 2: Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Love is so different with us men. Orchestra 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Intramural 1, 2, 3: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 2. WILMA SCHAMALZER, College Often change doth please a woman's mind. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Intramural 2: Iunior Usher 3. SHIRLEY SHIVELY, General Girl Reserves 2. KATHERINE SHUNK, General A very gentlewoman of good conscience. To disappoint myself: it is impossible. Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4: Girl Scouts Officer 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 3. ELEANOR SHUTTERLEE, Commercial So cool, so calm, so sweet. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Library Club Z, 3, 4: Library Club Officer 3, 4. ARLINE SIETSEMA, College French Club 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3: French Concert ROBERT SILVIS, General Boys' Intramural 2, 3. IULIA SIMONCIK, General Oaks Staff 4: Acorn Staff 4. AGNES SMITH, College French Club 4: Glee Club 2, 4: Science Club 2: Mix DOROTHY SMITH, College Beaux Art Club 2: Beaux Art Club Officer 2: Girl Iunior Arbor Girl 3. JOYCE SMITH, General I am tired of studying, how about a vacation? 3: Intramural 2, 3. A man among men-but mostly among women! She has malice for none, charity for all. Air and manner are more expressive than words. ed Chorus 4: Music Festival 2, 4: French Concert 3. A jolly girl, chuck full of fun, she's always nice to everyone. s' Intramural 1, Z, 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Play 3: The greater the woman: the greater the courtesy. Glee Club l, 2, 3: Beaux Art Club 4: Selective Chorus 3: Music Festival 3: Spring Concert 2, 3. LORRAINE SMITH, College Girl Reserves 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3: Acorn Staff GENEVIEVE SNIFF, General Girl Scouts 2: Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4. IRENE SOHASKY, General Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music A light heart lives long. 4: Oaks Staff 4: Oratory 4. Contentment is natural Wealth. Lo, this is she that is the world's delight. Festival 2, 3. 43 W 44 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 DONNA STAHL, College Band 1, 2: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. ELLEN STEFULA, College She looks as sweet as morning roses newly washed with dew. I won't be reconstructed for anything. French Club 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. RAYMOND STEWART, General A man of deeds not words. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: All Conference Football Team 3. BARBARA STRAND, College Head of gold and eyes of blue, small wonder we are pleased with you. Booster Club 3, 4: Booster Club Officer 4: French Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4: Glee Club l: Dramatics Club 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2: Selective Chorus l. 2: Music Festival 1, 2: Spring Concert 1, 2: French Concert 3: Intramural 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 2: Iunior Usher 3. GLORIA STURGIS, Commercial IRENE STURM, General Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2. Her ways are those of pleasantness. Beware, I may yet do or say something sensational. BARBARA SWARTHOUT, Commercial Simple duty hath no fear. Girls' Intramural 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2, 3. ARTHUR SWIATEK, General Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Boys' MIKE SZUCS, General Golf 1: Boys' Intramural 2. GLEN TAWNEY, College Baseball 2. MARIORIE TAYLOR, General Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 3. BARBARA TENNY, Commercial All love Art in a seemly way, with an earnest soul and a capital A. Intramural 1: Reserve Basketball 1. Oh! here's a diamond in the rough. If the girls find it, 'twill be tough. In those black curly locks, ten million cupids play. Not by her size, but by her disposition is she judged. Ah! Thy beautiful hair. 'Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club Officer 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Girls' Intramural 2: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Student Council Officer 2, 4: Tri-City Council 4: Drum Majorette 3, 4: Class Officer 2, 4. LEON THOMAS, College Why should life all labor be? Boys' Intramural 2, 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Class Of- ficer 3, 4. EUGENE THOMAS, General Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful. Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Intramural 1: Reserve Football 1, 2: Varsity Football 3: Track 1. RICHARD THOMAS, General All knowledge is his province. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE TIERMAN, General Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. Modesty becomes a young woman. 45 46 SENIORS -- CLASS OF 1943 TBETTY TIMMER, College Her charms strike the eye, but her merits win the soul. Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Iunior Play 3: Dramatic Declamation 3: Oratory 4: Debate 3, 4: Girls' Intramural 2, 3: French Concert 3: Spring Concert 2: Music Festival 2: Mixed Chorus 2: French Club 3, 4: French Club Officer 3, 4: Booster Club 4: Library Club 4: Library Club Officer 4. 'DONALD VAN BOGELEN, College I-le's as steady and fair and square as any chap I can call to mind. Reserve Football 2, 3: Varsity Football 4: Oaks Staff 4. 'CLAUDE VANDERWALL, General A man Who can bottle up his wrath is a corker. Oaks Staff Z, 3, 4. 'GENEVIEVE VISSCHER, Commercial In friendship I was early taught to believe. 'ERNEST VUKITS, General Here's to Ernest-a good scout. 'BETTY WALKER, College What! Am I to hide all my talents behind this blush? Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Intramural 2, 3, 4: Glee Club Z: Commercial Club 2: Selective Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: French Concert 3: French Club 3, 4. SHIRLEY WARNOCK, General Short: but oh! how sweet. Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Booster Club Officer 4: Commercial Club 2: Intramural 2, 3. MARY WERDERITS, College Who hath a Will, hath a Way. Mixed Chorus 2: Intramural 2, 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Selective Chorus 2. FRANCIS WERSCHEM, General To spend too much time in studies is sloth. Band 1. MARILYN WESTOVER, College A good sport on all occasions. French Club 4: Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4: Girl Reserves Officer 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Spring Concert 2. MARIETTA WHEATON, Commercial Sensible people find nothing useless. Girl Scouts 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Music Festival 1, Z, 3: Spring Concert 1, Z, 3. CARMEN WILLIAMS, Commercial A girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3. g JOYCE WILLIAMS, College Whatever else you are in life, be agreeable like "I." Girl Reserves 2: Music Festival 2. DORAN WILSON, College Let me play the lion, too-I will roar! Hi-Y Club 2: Glee Club 2: Dramatics 4: Selective Chorus 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Intramural 3: Senior Play 4: Iunior Play 3: Band 3, 4. HERMAN WILSON, General I am in danger, I see of being included among the Whimsical fellows. Hi-Y Club 2: Track 3: Acorn Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 4. ALICE WOLFE, Commercial Attractive and ambitious, what more could one ask? 47 t A l , , SENIORS - CLASS OF 1943 CLARICE WORKMAN, Commercial There is always room for beauty. Tri-City Council 4: Class Officer 4: Student Council 4: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Christmas Play 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA WORTHING, Commercial Glee Club 1: Spring Festival 1. Let all things be done decently and in order. BERNARD YERKIE, General If silence were golden, I'd be a millionaire. DONALD YORKSON, College Orchestra 4: Band 1, Z, 3: Selective Chorus 1, 2, 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' In- tramural l, 2, 3: Baseball 2. A king of men am I. ERNEST MARTYNIUK, College His conversation is brief and his desire is to be silent, and helpful. Reserve Football 1: Varsity Football 2. IUNE MARCHIDO, General Grace in all her steps: in every gesture, dignity and love. CLIFFORD SEPPALA, Commercial GEORGE VANDERWEST, General Reserve Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: Oaks Staff 4. Lessons don't bother me, neither do girls. The thorough man is the successful one. 48 Harriet Risk ....,.,..,. Charles Pearman ........ Betty Blanshine ........ Garnet-Iune Scales Betty Timmer ............ Elizabeth Alfultis ...... Sidney Hamstra ........ Wilma France ....... Willard Larsen ...,. Margaret Curran ....t, Mary Werderits ........ Elaine Coffman .,... Barbara Doremire .,.,.... Floyd Leisman ....... Marleah Bulkley .,.... Elaine Coston ......... Phyllis Gathard ........ Marcelyn Reek ....,... Hazel luhas ...,.......... Helen Dombrausky Richard Chesney ,,...... Betty Friedman ....,... Dorothy Lundquist Helen Mansko .,..... Robert Schapka ........ Ianice Lupien ...,...,. Betty Bozeman ....,.. lean Gringhuis ..... Donna Stahl ....... Dorothy Smith ,,.,,...... Marietta Wheaton ........ Mary Matovic .......... Shirley Murray ........ Mary Kearney ..,....... Eleanor Shutterlee ........ Arline Sietsema ....,... Edmund LeRoux ....,. Agnes Smith ......... Frances Ostradick ........ UPPER-THIRD, 1942-1943 ..........96.7619 .....,...96.7428 ..........96.6571 ..........96.5714 ..........96.5135 ..........96.13l5 ..........95.9459 ..........95.8918 ..........95.846l ..........95.7812 ..........95.6857 .........95.6578 .........95.2647 ..........9-4.7894 ..........94.7575 ..........94.7187 ..........94.5151 ..........94.457l ......,...94.4375 ..........94.4062 ..........94.2812 ..........94.2727 1818 ..........94.1250 ..........94.0270 ..........93.9687 ..........93.7500 ..........93.4864 ..........93.4857 ..........93.2941 ..........93.2777 ..........93.1250 ..,.......92.8787 ..........92.8108 ..........92.7714 ..,.......92.5937 ..........92.5675 ..........92.41 17 .......,..92.2500 Alice Wolfe ,.,,.. Rudy Cooper .,,.,.. Pauline Prudick ........ Marilyn MacDowell ...... ........ Betty Walker ............ Ann Hotwagner ....... Virginia McGregor .. Mary Carlson .,,,..... Helen Mclntosh ..,.,., Leon Thomas ............ Donna lean Hommer Dorothy Hoffius ....,.,, Ierry Burchard .,.,. Oland Dahl .l.,............ Donald VanBogelen Ethelyn Cooper ...,,... Curtiss Brash ....... Richard Powers .....,. Frank Eder ............... Fanny May Eason ........ ...... Ray Ceton .............,..... ....... Ernest Vukits ....... Andrew Lussky ....... Veva Huston .....,. Correne Henry ......... Donald Yorkson ..... Shirlie Helman ...,..... Marilyn Westover ....... ........ Elwood Iohnson ....... Tom Parmelee ...,.,... Patricia Henagin .....,.. ........ William Gallup ..,.... Betty Hemphill ......... Arlene Peabody ....... Dean Masterson ........ ......., Beverly Norton .........,... ....... Ioyce Williams ....... 92.0937 92.0540 91.9756 91.7352 91.7272 91.6250 91.5625 91.5312 91.5312 91.4687 91.4545 .. ...,.... 91.3939 91.3333 91.1212 91.1111 91.0625 91.0606 90.9714 90.7812 90.6250 Clarice Workman ...... ....... .90.5937 90.4848 90.3125 90.2812 90.1764 90.1562 90.0882 89.9375 89.9375 89.9062 89.8125 89.6562 89.63501 89.5312: 89.5312 89.4594 89.3846 Russell Richardson ........ ........ 89.3636 89.3636 WHO'S WHO AMONG THE GRADS l i i l I E L r Top Row-Class Arguers, Doran Wilson and Helen Mansko: Most Cutstanding, Charles Pearman and Betty Timmer: Most Popular, Elizabeth Alfultis. and Curtiss Brash: Most Likely to Succeed, Wilma France and Willard Larsen: Most All-round, Harriet Risk and Leon Thomas. Middle Row-Most Likable Boy, Floyd Leisman: Best-looking Couple, Dorothy Groeneveld and Tom Parmelee: Most Likable Girl, Betty Friedman. Bottom Row-Best Dressed, Richard Chesney and Clarice Workman: Best-looking Girl and Boy, Barbara Tenny and Garth Corpe: Best Dancers, Shirley Hughes and Harvey Nedeau: Class Cut-Ups, Marvin Rosie and Betty Walker: Most Athletic, Marvin Hilliard and Viola Humy. 50 WHO'S WHO AMONG THE GRADS T Mr. Dale Tenny, father of Barbara Tenny, member of the class of 1943, holds a unique place among the parents of graduating seniors. So far as The Oaks was able to determine, Mr. Tenny is the only parent of a graduating senior who himself is a graduate of Muskegon Heights High school. Our high schools opened its doors to students in the fall of 1921. Mr. C. F. Bolt was principal then as he is today. Several teachers on the faculty now were also in service at that time or soon after, including Mr. C. F. Koehn, Mr. Roy A. Peterman, Miss Nellie M. Iohnson, Miss Iulia A. Royse. Dale Tenny was cz graduate of the Class of 1922. The quotation under his picture in The Oaks of 1922 was, humorously enough: "The sharks on the sea have nothing on me." His activities included membership on the Oaks. "annual board," Senior Class Play, and. "Blundering Billy." But today, the second generation has come- into its own. Muskegon Heights High school takes its place among other institutions with traditions and memories oi the past. CLASS PROPHECY Really, I was so excited upon coming into Muskegon Heights! Since I had been busy in Holly- wood I didn't give much time to my old friends individually. Being away from the Heights for so many years, I expected them all to have changed a great deal. The huge buildings seemed to protect the streets and the lights and traffic illuminated the night. As we drew near the new station on Sanford and Broadway I could hear bands playing and loud shouting. What a welcome! As I stepped on to the platfonn I was presented with a bouquet of flowers and the key to the city by Mayor Donald Van Bogelen. Welcoming speeches were given by the Heights Bank president, Leon Thomas, and Lorraine Tierman, representing the Heights Woman's Club. After the speeches, I got in the mayor's car and was escorted by motorcyclists Robert Schapka and Donald Yorkson to the hotel. I arrived at the Hotel Wilson owned by Herman Wilson, an old classmate. I had a short visit with Herm and he told me many of our old school chums were his employees. I asked to see their names and some that I saw were Manager, Marvin Plumhoff: Tele- phone Operator, Opheredes Reidg Bell-hop, Russell Richardson: Chambermaids, Garnet Iune Scales and Ianice Lupien: Custodian, Robert Luth, and many other familiar names. I rested for a few hours and then dressed for the theater. In two hours the premiere would start, determining my career. After dressing I went down to the lobby where Mayor Van Bogelen met me and we left for the Tawney theater, owned by Glen. After a few minutes we arrived. Door man Russell Mitchell made clear the way. Pressmen Silvas, Seppala, and Stewart were busy with their flash bulbs. Seated in our box I noticed several familiar faces in the audience below. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parmelee: and the former Arlene Peabody, with her husband and children. The houselights dimmed and the curtain rose with a home talent show preceding the Premiere. Those appearing were Betty Walker with her Novelty Act: Shirley Murray and Harvey Nedeau "Iitterbuging": Emil Michka, singing "The Road to Mandalay." The last contestants were Katherine Shunk, Lorraine Smith, Ioyce Smith and Marion Ruiter. After the show we went to the Neilson Night Club, owned by Carl. The waiter, Charles Pearman, showed us to our table. He said he had waited on Madame Chiang Kai-Shek only the day before. A cigarette girl approached whom I learned was Harriet Risk. She sold us some cigarettes, and another waitress, Beverly Norton, brought us dinner. After awhile a new orchestra took the stand and began to play. The Mayor told me the leader was Alan Marsh. Some of the musicians whom I recognized were Andrew Lusskey, Frank McCormick, and Ernest Martyniuk. The floor show began with a blues singer, lulia Simoncik, and a fast tap by Genevieve Sniff. A tango, executed by Suz- anne Rosenberg and Marvin Rosie, was the final act. We left the club and, deciding to walk a while, we saw a woman selling popcom balls. The young lady turned out to be Valzora Van Beukering. Walking through the park we saw a man standing on a soap-box talking to a small group of people. He was saying good things and trying to teach people to do the right thing,-but only a few cared to listen. The Mayor said the speaker was Richard Powers. Tired of walking, the mayor hailed a taxi driven by Iohn Sabel and brought me to the hotel. Thanking the mayor for a wonderful evening I finally went to bed. - I was awakened in the morning by a newspaper man whom I remembered was Wallace May- nard. I went to the dining room for breakfast, and as I got off the elevator I literally bumped into Professor Dean Masterson, now an instructor of the Theory of Statistics at Michigan State College. After breakfast I decided to go shopping. As I walked along Broadway I noticed a tall building with a sign, Lundquist Ladies' Shop, owned by none other than Dorothy herself. I walked until I came to a big theater called Taylor Theater. I went inside and met Marjorie, the owner, who showed me around. On the stage a play was being rehearsed and I learned the leading roles were played by Virginia Panneter and Mary Matovic, with Phillip Nellis and Charles Pettet supporting. 52 CLASS PROPHECY As I left the theater I ran into a newspaper reporter and a printer. It was Bruce Ploughman and Iames Pelfresne. I walked awhile and saw a streamlined dress shop called "McDowell Models" owned by Marilyn. I decided to visit their fashion show. Included in the performance were sport clothes modeled by Brooksie McClure, Virginia McGregor, and Helen Mclntosh: evening clothes by Helen Mansko, Florence Morrell, and Barbara Swartout. Day frocks modeled by Iacquelin Nessen and Lorraine Nill. At noon I left the shop and looked for a lunch room. I spotted a place called "Marchido Man- sions," proprietor, Iune. As I entered, the head waiter Clifford Milles showed me to a table. A wait- ress, Barbara Strand, took my order. Gazing around I recognized some fonner acquaintances among them were the former Elaine Olson and Margaret Pavlich dining with two men who, I gath- ered, were their husbands, lack Miller and Raymond Morrow. While eating my lunch a palm reader came to my table. As soon as I heard her speak I knew she was Marcelyn Reek. After she left my table a gypsy orchestra began to play. They looked familiar so I asked the waiter who they were. He told me the leader was Carl Nielson and some of the men were Arthur Swiatek and Mike Szucs. A couple dressed in Spanish clothes began to dance. It was Eugene Thomas and Ellen Stefula. I left the Mansion and decided to visit the High School. lentered the office and saw an elderly lady typing. When she looked up, I knew at once she was RoseMary Hill. I asked her if Mr. Bolt was the principal yet. She told me he had retired but he came to school every day just for fun. In his place was Claude Vanderwall. The 3:15 bell rang and many teachers came into the office. Those I recognized were, Wilma Shmalzer, Agnes Smith and Carma Mingle. I left the school shortly and returned to my hotel. The mayor telephoned me and said a banquet was being held in my honor tonight, sponsored by the Board of Trade in Muskegon Heights. The mayor called for me at 6:15 and we rode to Shohasky Hall, appropriated by Irene, where the banquet was being held. Bernerd Yerkie, the toast-master gave a short welcoming speech. Dinner was served with the aid of three hostesses: Genevieve Visscher, Shirley Warnock, Mary Werderits. After the meal, several timely speeches were given by Ioyce Williams, Editor of Heights Record, Congresswomen Betty Timmer and Shirley Shively, and Fire Chief Richard Thomas. Old acquaint- ances who greeted me were: Dorothy Smith, Donna Stahl, Virginia Piche, and Doran Wilson. We got back to the hotel quite early because I would have a long and tiresome trip ahead of me tomorrow. Miss Reid, telephone operator, awoke me at 7:30, I dressed and went down to breakfast. As I entered the dining room I saw a group of familiar faces whom I had wondered about ever since my arrival in the Heights. They were Pauline Prudick and Virginia Worthing. After breakfast I went to make sure my name was checked off the register. l'm still in the habit of saving my extra pennies, even though the war is over. All packed and ready for my departure I called a cab and left for the station. A farewell party was waiting for me when I arrived. A group from the church presented me with flowers. They were: Clarice Workman, Marilyn Westover, Marietta Wheaton and Irene Sturm. Others there to see me off included Ioyce Smith, Eleanor Shutterlee, Francis Werschern, Carmen Williams, and Corinne Peterson. Promptly at 9:20 the Train pulled out. The conductor, Ernest Vukits, took my ticket and I settled down for my long trip. I was sleeping soundly when I was interrupted by a loud voice calling: "Magazines, candy, chewing gum!" It was Iohnny Miller, an old friend of mine. Tired of sitting, I strolled to the lounge. While I was at my table I felt a tap on rny shoulder and I recognized the face to be Betty Ruiter, an old Iournalism classmate and upon talking with her I learned she was now a news correspondent for the New York Times. She had been a special WAAC and WAVE correspondent during the second world war. Other old friends I met on my trip back to Hollywood were Maxine Rayment, who is a private stenographer, and Gloria Sturgis, artist model for Madame Arlene Sietsema a model art creator. Arriving in Hollywood I was met at the station by Producer George Vanderwest and leading star, Barbara Tenny. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. If names have been omitted or feelings are hurt, sue THE H. R. S. G. D., INC., The Oaks prophecy committee and then just try to collect! 53 SENIOR CLASS WILL Mary Kearney--leaves to continue her winning Ways in forensics. Betty lean Campbell-leaves with Gerald Berry. Bob Lund-leaves with his colorful vest. Phyllis Gathard-leaves her height to Eddie Kandalec. Garth Corpe-leaves the Iunior girls in peace. Richard Kelley-leaves his boxing ability to Allen Sowle. Phyllis Anderson-leaves her ten silver bracelets to luanita Camp. Sarah Lawton-leaves quietly. lean Carnes-leaves her golden hair to Mary Gowen. Wilma France-leaves her good grades to some new student. Shirley Hughes-leaves her dancing ability to her sister Mary. lane Ann Israel-leaves her ability to sing to Harvey Schulze. Steve Egyed-leaves his sisters behind. Donald Goven-leaves his height to "Pewee." Paul Knopf-leaves Miss Bernts in peace. Hazel luhas-leaves her pleasant personality to some sophomore. Margaret Koehn-leaves her father behind. Veva Huston-leaves an empty seat in orchestra. Shirlie Helman-leaves blushing. Betty Bozeman-leaves her writing ability to Lois Iosephson. Rudy Cooper-leaves Mr. Stevens without a Hi-Y president. Mable Fletcher-leaves to join the W.A.A.C. Betty Friedman-leaves to join Bud DeBruin. Wilhelmina Kooiman-leaves Dick Bordenson behind. Carmen Loftis-leaves as nicely as she came in. Barbara Doremire-leaves her debating notes to some future debater. Alfred George-leaves with "Dot." Gerald Berry-leaves his singing ability to anyone who wants it. Frank Eder-leaves with his books. Joseph Lehan-left for the Navy Pier. Walter Camp-leaves his books for his sister. lean Carlson-leaves with a smile. lacqueline Kanitz-leaves for Chicago. Betty Blanshine-leaves her ability as a commercial student to anyone who wants it. Esther DeBruin-leaves to continue her job at Woodall's Drug store. Donna lean Hommer-leaves her agreeable personality to Helen Fredricks. Lawrence Hughes-leaves his ping-pong ability to Tom McClure. Marjorie Ghezzi-leaves her ability to giggle to Charlene Anderson. Rose Mary Dorner-left in February. Elwood lohnson-leaves his bashful ways to Tom Damm. Mary Carlson-leaves to join Bob Alvord. William Langlois-leaves Coach Iohnson without a football captain. Norma Kelley-leaves her ability to sew to Charlotte Moellar. lanice Carrick-leaves her ability to type to Betty Kerley. Bonita Baker-leaves her artistic ability to Mildred Taylor. Gertrude Hartman-leaves happily. Ann Hotwagner-leaves a pleasant memory to all who knew her. Richard Fethke-leaves his love for women to lack Weisenburger. Phyllis Gerber-leaves headed for the altar. Marilyn Cavanaugh-leaves her "cut up" ways to some Iunior. Floyd Leisman-leaves with Harriet Risk. loe Bilka-leaves to join Uncle Sam. Iackie Laird-leaves to forget French. I. C. lohnson-leaves his name to some future Latin student. Henry Kooyers-leaves Mr. Koehn without an assistant. Frank Dolar-leaves to continue his musical career. Elizabeth Alfultis-leaves her popularity to some needy undergrad. Willard Larsen-leaves with his fine scholastic record. Curtiss Brash-leaves for the Naval Air Corps. 54 CLASS WILL Marguerite Forbes-leaves to join Dick Smith. Helen Gary-leaves with the rest of us. Montelle Imsdahl-leaves his last name to anyone who can pronounce it. Oland Dahl-leaves his quiet ways to Russell Cloething. Louise Gauthier-leaves her friendly ways to some "sour puss." William Gallup-leaves as soon as possible. lerry Burchard-leaves his "sax appeal" to Cornell Wim-liek, Elaine Coston-leaves with a good record. Maxine lohnson-leaves her books to anyone who wants them, Betty Hemphill-has left for the Shaw-Crane. Ioe Hradsky-leaves without his books. Robert Deater-leaves his journalistic ability to Doris Workman. Shirley Perm-leaves for Marquette. Correne Henry-leaves with Donna and Marilyn. Florence Gringhuis-leaves for the Sealed Power. Helen Dornbrausky-leaves her all-round ways tO Polly Workman. lohn Farkas-leaves with his pet snake. Amelia Homa-leaves her long black hair to Betty Wentzel, Dorothy Groeneveld-leaves with Tom Parmalee. Marleah Bulkley-leaves her likable ways to anyone capable of keeping them. Margaret Curran-leaves her naturally curly hair to Colleen Carlson, Robert Kohlbeck-leaves with his drum. Bob Lee-leaves in his Chevrolet. Marlos Chamberlinfleaves as quietly as she came in. Edmund LeRoux-leaves for the Navy. Irene Duguay-leaves her artistic ability to Marilyn Wansten. Palmyra Falbe-leaves as she came in, through the door, Viola Humy-leaves her cheerfulness to all the old grouches, take it or leave it. Kenneth Barhitte-leaves his pleasing personality to Betty Lakos. Raymond Ceton-leaves his flashy suit to some lunior boy. Elaine Coffman-leaves her commercial ability to Georgina Gzym. Rebecca Elam-leaves her accent to Dick tBrookylnJ, Stanley Levendosky-leaves for California. Marie Kropf-leaves her knowledge of commercial work to Russell Van Kampen Milton Haines--leaves a wad of chewing gum to Patricia McKean. Charles Hascher-leaves for that walk home. Mattie King-leaves in a quiet way. Orland lohnson-leaves his adorable ringlets to lim Morton. Ioyce Haiker-leaves her ability to win friends to Burt Oelker. Alice Bjornstrom-leaves her quiet ways to leanne Wurtz. Ethelyn Cooper-leaves to become a nurse. Fanny May Eason4leaves her locker to some new student. Richard Chesney-leaves to devote all his time to dancing. Marvin Hilliard-leaves his reputation as a woman hater to Henry Olah. Walter Hagen-leaves with a quarter refund for his locker key. lack Keith-leaves his bashful ways to Han'y Robinson. Helen Kruger-leaves peddling on her way. Leona Cierlak-leaves to join her future husband. lean Gringhuis-leaves her typewriter to a new typist. Patricia Henagin-leaves to meet her man. Lucille Koniarski-leaves to go to Canada. Leo Kwiecien-leaves for the closest door. Richard Hamil-leaves for that long awaited diploma. Dorothy LeMieux-leaves to see Andy. Dorothy Hoffius-leaves happily after completing her commercial course. William Dyer-leaves in his blue convertible. Evon Erickson-leaves to frame her commercial diploma. Sidney Hamstra-leaves his ability to argue to Phyllis Chapin. Doris Hopkins-leaves to work at the State Cafe. '55 56 UNDERGRADS ANL X 1 Nu CLASS OF 1944 We Iuniors have reached one more step in attaining our high school goal. Next year We shall ascend to the highest step, as Worthy seniors. During the past year We chose to lead our class: lack Weisenberger, president, Kathryn Parmeter, vice-president: Polly Workman, secretary: Clark Grant, treasurer, and Frank Privacky, sergeant-at-arms. W. E. Mur- ray and Paul Schulze Were chosen as advisers. We presented our annual class dance, .the "Iunior Ianuary Iute Iive,' on Ianuary 15, with Mary Ianet Booth and Clark Grant acting as co- chairmen. Within the last month of school we gave the seniors a great send off by acting as hosts to a party in their honor. We hope that next year We may attain our goal as successfully as the class of 1943 has. 58 I UNIORS Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row h.. w Row l-Aker, C. Anderson, G. Anderson, L. Anderson, Apostolos. Appel, Armstrong, B. Baker, M. Baker, B'auleaux. 2-Bidney, Boelkins, Booker, Booth, Borgerding, Borgula, Bosits, Boyink, Branch, Brasher. 3-Bringedahl, Brown, Bush, Gampsmith, Carlson, Carter, Casadonti, Ceglar, Chapin, Christian. 4-Clark, Cloetingh, Coon, Cox, Crane, Curtis, Curran, Currie, Danford, Deal. 5-. 6- Dendrino, De1Poy, DeYoung, Dodd, Dolar, Doremire, Dorsch, Dunham, Dutmer, Eberly. Eiberger, E ig, Enplett, Farnquist, Frazier, Gary, Gill. Gould, Grant. Grammel. 7-Hagen, L. Haney, R. Haney, E. Hansen, R. Hansen, Hartson, Harmon, Harmsen, Harrington, Hartman 8-Hedges, Heim. Hislop, Hiltner, Hinohman, Hotham, Hunter, Jacobson, Jenkins, Jensen. 9-D. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. Johnson, Jones, Josephson, Kenyon, Kerley, Kiss, Kluge. I0 -Knopf, Kocher, Kooyers, Krueger, Kuharevicz, Kulesza, Lambert, Larabee, Muriset, Matovic. 59 IUN1oRs Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Maxin, Mayersky, McCann, McC-lary, McKean, Means, Medema, Mills, Moeller, Morbeck. 2-J. Morton, T. Morton, Murray, Myers, Nedeau, D. Nelson, M. Nelson, Newman, Nill, Okerlund. 3-Olah, Dlding, Parmeter, Pastucha, Pedler, Pegg, Pelfresne, Pickel, Ploughman, Poulin. -Praskac, Pratt, Privacky, Purchase, Puskarits, Rahar, Randall, Reasoner, Remwolt, Ritz. -Rogers, Roguski, Rollenhagon, Royce, Sahel, Sander, Saunders, Schemhs, Schmidt, Schroeder. -D. Shultze, H. Schultz, Schwarz, Settle, Seyferth, B. Skok, E. Skok, Smith, Smith, Smith. 7-D. Smith, .l. Smith, M. Smith, Snider, Sowle, Stough, Strickler, Stibitz, Swarts, Takats. -Taylor, Tetzloff, Vanderstelt, VanderWeele, VanDcnkalaar, Van Dyke, Van Kampen, Ver Hage Wait, Walicki. Rnw 9-Wvnsten. Warnock. Watkins, Weideman, Weisenhurger, Wells, Wenger, Wentzel, West. White. Row I0-Wing, Wood, D. Workman, P. Workman, Zang, Zuidema. 60 CUSTODIANS E I 4 3 C I E Y 1 4 .J Top-Mr. Howell, Mrs. Christiansen, Mr. Van Bemmelen Basement-Mr. "Bi11" Phillips 61 CLASS OF 1945 Top Row-Cobb, Fortenbacher. Begley. l Lower Row-Stegeman, Lundberg. The Sophomore Class started the school year by electing their class officers. Choosing as president, Iarnes Stegemanp Vice-president, Philip Begleyg Secretary, Arlene Lundberg, Treasurer, lack Fortenbacherp Sergeant-at-arms, Loyal Cobb, and Miss LaCore and Mr. Iohnson as their advisers. We are happy to see that this class is entering into the school activities and hope that they will keep up the good spirit. 62 u 5 SOPHOMORES Q E 2 64 SOPHOMORES 65 SOPHOMORES Row Row Row Row N. F Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Rcw Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 'Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row l-Thielbar, Thomas, Thompson, Thompkins, Tufts, VanderVeen, VanderWeele, Vaughn, E. Veverica. 2-H. Veverica, Visscher, Voss, Wachsmuth, Wait, J. Walker, L. Walker, Waller, Walters. 3-Warnock, Wattrick, Whitney, Wier, A. J. Willson, Williams, Wills, Wilks, Wing. 4-Winknick, Witkowski, Wood, Woodruff, Wolfe, Wurtz, Zuidema. rederic s. . PAGE 63 I-Aamodt, Aldrich, C. Alexander, J. Alexander, M. Alexander, Anderson, Andrew, Appel, Artlip. 21 Bacuilis, L. Baker, R. Baker, Barding, Barona, A. Barreson, L. Barreson, Baskin, Beam. 3-Begley, Beth, Blackbird, Boelkins, Bole, Boone, Boyd, Brady, Branch. 4-Brant, Brown, Brunk, Bucher, Byhee, Camp, Campbell, D. Carlson, R. Carlson. 5-Carney, Carroll, Carter, Caughey, Chapin, Chartrand, Chvala, Clawson, Cobb. 6 7-Courtright, Couture, Cromley, Dahlquist, Damm, Danker, Darke, Dasko, Deater. 8-DeBor, DeBruin, DeGIopper, DeGlopner, Deitz, P. Derby, R. Derby, Dombrzusky, Dorner. 9-Dudzik, Dunville, Dutmer, Edgerton, Egved, Elliott, Emerson. Farmquist, Fekete. I0- -Coffman, A. Cole, J. Cole, S. Cole, Collier, Collins, P. Cook, V. Cook, Corning. Fitzpatrick, G. Fletcher, M. Fletcher, Ford, Fortenhacher, H. Fowler, W. Fowler, H. Fredericks, PAGE bil I-Garvey, Geeting, Gillhespy, Gerencer, Goodrich, Goulet, Gowin, Grillo, Grover. 2-G. Gzym, W. Gzym, Haiker, J. Hall, R. Hall, Harmyak, Harris, C. Hartman, L. Hartman. 3-Harvey, Hastings, Hedgecock, l. Hegedus, J. Hegedus, Helman, Henderson, Hilliard, Hiza. B. Hoekenga, T. Hoekenga, Hopkins, Hornick, L. Hughes, M. Hughes, B. Hulka, P. Hulka, Hulsabas Hume. Humphreys, Huntoon, Jackson, Jay, Jensen, Jett, A. Johnson, D. Johnson. 4.. 5-. 6-G. Johnson, H. Johnson, M. Johnson, N. Johnson, Jurkas, Kandalee, Keedle, Kelley, Kinsman. 7-Kirkpatrick, Kesteloot, Kitchka, Kingshott, Knopf, Kolheck, Kolberg, Kooiman, Koonsman. 8-A. Koteles, M. Koteles, Kotrosits, Kristofetz, Krueger, Kuenzie, Kulscar, Kunash, LaFlame. 9-LaNore, Larabee, Latten, Leatherman, Lehan, A. LeMieux, T. LeMieux, Letcher, Loberg. I0-Loftis, Long, Loomis, Loper, Lorenz, Lundberg, D. Lynn, R. Lynn, M. Lysiak. PAGE 65 I-W. Lysiak, Manak, Marceau, Margis, Masterson, Matthews, H. Mattson, M. Mattson, Mazone. 2-MacArthur, McClellan, McClure, McKay, McSorIey, Medhury, Miller, Minarovic, Mohr. 3-Mohring, Moore, Moran, Nash, Nienhuis, Norris, Norton, Nuismer, Murphy. 4-Nuttall. Oelker, Olson, Otten, Oswald, Palmer, Pascoe, Patrick, B. Paulson. 5-J. Paulson, Pehr, Perkins, Phillips, Pickle, Polanyi, Portenga, Praskac, Pratt. 6-Pringle, Punches, B. Putney. S. Putney, Ready, Recob, Reed, Reiser, Roberts. 7-H. Robinson. R. Robinson, Roekey. Rosenberg, Rostar. Rinehart, Ritkowski. Ruiter, Russell. 8-Schamber, Schatz. Schrebe, C. Schultz, B.Scott, L. Scott, Sekeres. Sell, Shaffer. 9-Shaw, Shugars, Simoncik, Skiles, Slentz, Smith, Sohasky, Spiro, Start. I0-Stegeman, Stemkawski. Stolberg, Sturgeon, Swanson, Sweet, Szeln, Taylor, Thalas. 66 F' Alf' 5 lp ' llU.::j,w1 949 Q S D.9.':il Q. CLASSES AND CLUBS ,A O 'li O1 4 5'1" frlizg .' 's 54 O C-at s og. 0 dir: .e 496.6 'fs .ai 'of 5405? .0-nib? PS Soy 3041255 Qtxi, Q. 1tlq,l 41, 1 P l 4 - 68 CLASSES 69 Oratorical Declamation Barbara Brown Billie Brady Original Oratory Betty Timmer Willard Larsen Dramatic Declamation Patricia McKean Mary Kearney Extemporaneous Speaking Harriet Risk Charles Pearman DEBATE Once again our high school proved to be tops in West Michigan debating. Under a new forensic ruling, teams were composed of two debaters instead ofthe customary three. The nation- al high school debate question for the 1942-1943 year was "Resolved: That a Federal World Gov- ernment Should Be Established." We tied for first-place district honors with Grand Rapids Union High, State champions of last year. Muskegon Senior High and Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills were our other district rivals. Our varsity aflinnative team was composed of Betty Timmer and Willard Larsen, while Harriet Risk and Charles Pearman comprised our negative team. Being district champions, we were awarded the University of Michigan placque for proficiency in debate. At Lansing we entered Harriet and Willard in the State elimination contest against Lansing Eastern where we were defeated by a two-to-one decision. This was the second consecutive year we were defeated by one vote by the school which later entered the State finals as Eastem did. Several other debaters who did exceptionally well in helping the varsity team were: Barbara Doremire, Doris Workman, Patricia McKean, Harvey Nedeau, Harvey Schultz, and Dick Hedges. To Miss Iulia Hoyse and Mr. Eugene Gillaspy, veteran debate coaches, much credit is due for their splendid co-operation and work in aiding the debaters with both case and delivery. 71 CLUBS CLUBS DRAMATICS CLUB LIBRARY CLUB FRENCH CLUB BOOSTER CLUB 73 The Imperishable Values of Life - We today are a people living in a world of unrest. We have faith in a more joyful and happy future. We hope that not all of the great works of art in Europe will be destroyed, but there are other values derived from the fine arts of the world which we know nothing can ever destroy. In the music, painting, and literature of the world there is recorded all of the beauty of living, all of the spiritual qualities which, though unseen and sometimes unappreci- ated, are of inestimable value to human beings. "Man does not," as it has often been said, "live by bread alone." Man looks ever forward to the things which do not die. Emerson tells us man always is "becoming," that his soul is looking ever onward and forward. In art, we catch a permanent record of the beauty which is so fleeting. It is true, times change, and with the time changes come new forms of art. Witness Glenn Miller, Harry Iames, or Irving Berlin: then look backward over Bach, Beethoven, and Strauss. Even if this foregoing infer- ence is unfair, it is enough to show that time and artists and art do change. Through the arts, artists stir the very hearts and souls of men to better things. Art speaks to us individually, through the centuries,-more eloquently and deeply than the things of the moment-to give us courage and inspiration and immense satisfaction. Art is life at its best. 74 FINE ARTS J 4212-'HX BAND 76 ORCHESTRA K . 3 Lg i I l l .1 by Mary Carlson "De da doe da"-yes, you're right. The soft notes you hear drifting from the auditorium are made by none other than the high school orchestra. Last fall the orchestra was directed by A. M. Courtright, that is, until Mr. H. E. Weick, me- chanical drawing instructor, entered the Field Artillery, U. S. Army, making it necessary for Mr. Courtright to take over mechanical draw- ing classes during certain hours. Mr. Paul Schulze, band director, succeeded Mr. Courtright, and later left to take a position in Lansing. Mr. Gayle Churchill accepted the music position left open by the resignation of Mr. Schulze and has already found a niche in life here at Heights High. The orchestra, in true traditional style, played for the annual senior and junior plays. As this section of the Oaks goes to press, the orchestra was thinking about a spring concert. VOCAL MUSIC l Once again, it's the war! Owing to the shortage of boys, our mixed chorus was not as complete this year as it has been in former years. Near the end of the second semester, Mr. Paul Schulze, director, left Muskegon Heights and his position was filled by Mr. Gayle Churchill, who has proved himself to be a fine musician and a very popular teacher. Thirty-six girls were enrolled in Glee Club at the beginning of the term. Both Mixed Chorus and Glee Club groups perform at assemblies. It is the purpose of those now enrolled to enlist the help of other interested students in an ef- fort to build up both groups for next year. A new group known as the Girls' Octet was organized this year and was a great success. Comprised of a selected number of excellent voices, the octet sang at various woman's club, church, and educational functions in the community. Rubee Vaughn, Betty Mills, Agnes Smith, Shirley Perm, Harriet Risk, Barbara Brown, Marjorie Nelson, Katherine Shunk com- pose the octet. Shirley Batchelder is ac- companist. SENIOR PLAY "And Came the Spring" The plot involves the Hartman family and their guest during a Week of spr1ng vacation. Complications arise in the love affairs of the three children and the glamorous house guest, but all ends happily. The three acts take place in the Hartman living room. Mrs. Hartman-Barbara Doremire Mr. Hartman-Marvin Plumhoff Virginia Hartman-Betty Friedman Elliott Hartman-Willard Larsen Midge Hartman-Virginia Panneter Buzz Lindsay-Floyd Leisman Clancy-Russell Richardson Mrs. Fields-Jane Ann Israel Allen Fields-Garth Corpe THE CAST Edna-Margaret Koehn Messenger Boy-Gerald Berry Keith Nolan-Charles Pearrnan Carolyn Webster-Esther De Bruin Freddy North-lack Miller Gabby Allen-Elizabeth Alfultis Christine Meyers-Barbara Strand Directors Miss Iulia Royse and Mr. Eugene Gillcrspy IUNIOR PLAY Spring Fever, by Glenn Hughes The Cast Henry Purcell ..,,........... .,ee........ B ob Bidney Howflfd Brant '-------'-b--'--------------'-"---' HGUTY KU-1659 Phoebe Purcell ,.,........... .,,.,....,, I ean Campsmith Anne Purcell """"' """"' Y Vonne Boqoski Maude Core Katherine Habar Ed Burns .,.l.l...... 7....,..,..... T om Seyferth ' ,Y, """"""''P""""""' Vic Lewis ---,, -----q--.---,--V,, B ob Boelkins Professor V1rg11 Bean ........ ...,.....,,,,.... B ob Zang Lou Herron .... ,............. M ary Ianet Booth DT- Dixon '-----Y'--e---'----------' --"----- C lurk Gram Mrs. Spangler ........,,e..,.,,..,e Patricia Kocher Vivian George .......,,,,.,,,,, ..,..... D oleen Booker Codirectors- Miss Iulia A. Royseg E. W. Gillaspy. fha 80 ATHLETICS 81 K MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES This IISI of Men and Women In Service is as complete cxs it was possible to make I it when th1s section of The Oaks Went to press, April 14. 'kFLOYD ADAMCZAK i'CLIFTON ALBERS 'RHENRY ALDRICH 'kIULIUS ALEX 'kSTEVE ALEX 'kIOHN ALVORD 'kROBERT ALVORD i'CLAYTON ANDERSON QHERBERT ANDERSON 'kHERBER'I' I. ANDERSON i'RUSSELL ANDERSON 'kWARREN ANDREW 'kWALTER ARCHAMBAULT i'STEWART H. ARNOLD 'kLYLE AYERS 'kWILLIAM BABCOCK 'REUGENE E. BAKER 'kMARCELL BANCUK i'HOWARD BARHITTE 'kARNOLD BARTELS 'RCLIFFORD M. BARTELS 'RHERBERT BARTELS irLESTER E. BARTELS 'kR. I. BARTELS i'CORNELL BARTELS 'kNORIVIAN BATCHELDER 'kFRED A. BEARD 'kAMOS BECKLEY 'kROBERT BECKLEY 'kWILLIAM BECKLEY 'kRALPI-I BECKLIN 'kLOUIS BELUZAR 'RIOE BENDUS 'kCARL BENSON 'RIOE BIKSACKY 'RMORLEY BINGHAM 'RCLIFFORD BIRLESON 'kGEORGE BLACKBURN 'kDELBERT BLAHA 'RIOHN BORGMAN 'kWILI'RED I. BOUR 'RMARTIN BOYD 'kCURTISS BRASH 'RMAURICE A. BRASH 'kR. I. BRAYLER 'RROBERT BRAYLEY JEHARRY BRILL 'kGERALD BROADBENT 'kKENNETH BROADBENT 'kROBERT BRONGERSMA i'WESLEY BROOKS 'kARTHER BROSEY 'kRICHARD BROSEY 'A'EUGENE A. BROTHERS 'kKENNETI-I BURROWS 'kTOM BUSARD 'RIOHN BUTAS 'kRUDOLPH BUTAS 'RWALTER CAMP 'kWAYNE CAMP 'kWM. FELIX CAMPSMITH 'kMAX R. CARLSON 'RBILL CARRICK 'kDON CARRICK 'kPEARL CARTER i'CARL N. CASTLE, Ir. 'RCURTIS CAUGHEY i'DON CAVANAUGH i'IOHN CERNY i'GEORGE S. CETON 'kROBERT E. CETON 'kROBERT CHAPIN 'RWILLIAM CHAPPEL 'kIAMES CHOICE 'A'ROBERT CHRISTENSEN i'ALBERT CHRISTOPHER 'kDON CHURCHWARD 'kCHESTER CIERLAK 'IKIOE CIRNER 'kLEONARD CLARK i'ROSCOE I. CLARK i'EUGENE CLAWSON 'kELTON W. COBURN 'RROBERT COBURN i'ROBERT DALE COBURN 'kLESLIE COLE, Ir. 'RELMER CONNOLLY 'kWILLIAM COON 'IrROBERT CORK 'kLAWRENCE COSTON i'RICHARD COVLASKY 'A'IOHN COVOLASKY 'kSTANLEY CZARNEY 'kANDREW DABROWSKI 'kNELSON E. DAMM 'RROBERT C. DAMM 'kHOWARD DANIELS 'kEMMITT DAVIS 'kWALLACE DAVIS 'kHENRY W. DE BRUIN i'STEPHAN DE HUDY 'RARNOLD DE IONGE 'kHAROLD DE IONGE 'kCHARLES DETHLOFP 'kVERNON DICK i'GEORGE DICKINSON 'kGEORGE DOCTOR 'RMAX DODDS 'kGENET DOLISLAGER 'kIOHN DOLISLAGER 'IIALEX DOMBRAUSKY i'ROBERT DOMBRAUSKY i'IAMES E. DORNBOS i'CHARLES DORNER i'FRED DORNER 'RICE DOZA i'LLOYD I. EASON 'kFRANK I. EDER 'kCLARK ELLIOTT 'kNORMAN ENGLE i'ERVIN ENGLES 'kMAYNARD ERICKSON i'NEIL ERICKSON 'kVICTOR I. ERICKSON i'CALVIN ESSENBERG 'kDWIGHT ESSENBERG i'IAMES L. FAIRRIS 'kFRANK FALLIS 'kEUGENE FARKAS i'FLOYD FARMER 'kEARL I. FARWIG 'kWILLIAM FARWIG i'EDMUND F. FELKER 'kEDWARD I. FELKER 'RWILLIAM FELLOWS i'RICHARD H. FETHKE 'RIOE FERENCSIK 'kIACK FINGER 'kLEWIS W. FITCH 'kRAY R. FIXEL 'KROBERT FIXEL 'kIOHN B. FLETCHER 'kIAMES FORTENBACKER i'BUSTER FOWLER MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES 'kLOUIS B. FOX 'kIOSEPH FRANCES 'kRICHARD FREEMAN 'kEARL FRITZ i'WILLIAM C. FURST 'RWILLIAM GALLUP 'RALBERT GALY 'kMICHAEL GALY iIOHN GARY 'kIOHN GEBOO 'IIMARVIN GEISLER 'RCHARLES GERRANS 'kCLEMENT GILBERT 'A'IOHN M. GILLETTE i'RICHARD GIROUX 'RHENRY GLUC 'RLOUIS GOLDBERG 'kRAYMOND GOLDBERG i'CHARLES GOMERY 'kGARTH GOVEN 'kFRANK GRIGGS i'ANDY GROENEVELD 'kIOHN GROENEVELD 'IIZAGER GROENEVELD 'kIOHN GROULX 'RMAURICE GROVER 'kEDWARD GUST i'ROBERT GUSTAFSON 'kCHARLES HABETLER 'kCARL HALLBERG 'kROELOF H. HAMIL i'NILE HANES 'kGEORGE HANIS 'kLILLIAN C. HANSEN 'RTHOMAS HANSEN 'kWILLIS HANSEN 'kIAMES H. HAPPENY i'LEO HARMAN 'kIOI-IN HARMON 'kDOUGLAS HARMSEN i'ANDRE HARRINGTON 'REWART I. HART 'kGEORGE HARTMAN 'RCLINTON HATCH 'kROBERT HATCH 'kFRANK HEGEDUS 'kROBERT HEGEDUS il. RUSSELL HEISSER 'kROLAND HEMEREN 'kLEWIS HEMPHILL 'kVICTOR I. HEMPHILL i'ROY HETZMAN 'IIHOWARD N. HILL 'kRUSSELL E. HILL 'kADRIAN O. HILLIARD 'HRVIN R. HILLIARD 'A'MAYNARD HILLIARD i'MELVIN RICHARD HILLIA irHERBERT M. HISLOP 'RHUGH C. HISLOP 'kMARVIN HISLOP 'kGORMAN HOBBY 'kIACK HOGAN i'HAROLD HOGSTON 'kNORMAN HOGSTON 'kROBERT HOGSTON 'kREGINALD HOLLAND 'kIOSEPH HOLTZ 'kIERRY I. HORNIK 'RSTEVE HORNIK 'kBOB HOEKENGA 'kROBERT HOEKENGA i'ROBERT G. HOEKENGA RD YTHOMAS HOEKENGA 'kLESTER W. HOGAN 'kMAURICE A. HOGAN il. CLARK HOLMES 'RDEREK HOPKINSON 'kFRANK HOTWAGNER 'kIOE HOTWAGNER 'kMARTIN HRADSKY 'kRUSSELL HUGHES 'RWILBUR HUGHES 'kIOHN P. HULKA 'kPAUL HULKA i'SAM HULKA. Ir. irFRANCIS G. HUMY 'kSTEVEN HUMY 'kWILLIAM HUNTER i'FRANK C. HUTCHINSON 'kIOHN F. ISRAEL irWILLIAM R. ISRAEL 'RCHARLES IACKSON 'kIAMES IACKSON 'IIWILLIAM IANDRIS i'CHARLES K. IASCHEK 'kWILLIS IAVINSKY 'A'BOB IESSON 'kARDEN IOHNSON WDONALD E. IOHNSON 'kDONALD R. IOHNSON irIACK W. IOHNSON 'kIOHN IOHNSON i'KENNETH IOHNSON 'kMELVIN IOHNSON 'RNORMAN IOHNSON 'kRAYMOND IOHNSON 'kROBERT IOHNSON QRUSSELL IOHNSON i'WILLIAM M. IOHNSON 'RDONAVON K. IOHNSTON 'kANDREW KADELSIK i'SAMUEL KADELSIK i'FRANK KARDIAN 'KHENRY C. KASS 'kR. H. KEEDLE KEUGENE KELLER irDONALD KELLEY 'kHERBERT KELLEY 'kROBERT KELLOGG 'kTHOMAS KENT 'kMAURICE KESTALOOT i'SPENCER KETCHUM 'kDAWN KIRKPATRICK i'RUSSELL E. KLETT 'kROBERT KNAPP 'IIHERMAN KNOLL 'KFRANK KOCH 'kWALTER KOCHMANSKI i'IOHN KODAY 'kIOHN KOLARIK i'DOMINIC KOLENIC 'kTONY KOLENIC i'LAWRENCE KONIARSKI 'kSAM KORSTANIE, Ir. i'ED KOSLOSKY 'RIOHN E. KOVARCIK 'RMILAN KOVARCIK 'kMILAN S. KOVARCIK i'FLOYD KRAWCZYK 'REDWARD C. KREPPS 'RIAMES KREPPS 'kF. W. KRUEGER i'IOHN A. KRUEGER QEDWARD KUBILINS i'LARRY KWOLEK RESERVE FOOTBALL Backfield-Garvey, RH., LeMieux, F.B., Polanyi, Q.B., Hegedus, L.H., Coach D. R. McKenzie. Line-Tomkins, Portenga, Cole, Bosits, Tufts, Kinsman, Mathews. Our Muskegon Heights Tiger Seconds, under the capable leadership of Dave McKenzie, coach, finished their short but exciting 1942 grid campaign by defeating each of their op- ponents at least once, including Muskegon Lit- tle Reds, for a record of three victories out of five starts. Muskegon Heights ....,..,, ,..,.. Muskegon Heights Muskegon Heights ....,.....,..... Muskegon Heights ,,..,, ,..,.,. Muskegon Heights ...,.,.,, Austin Mathews, Ioe Hegedus, Tom Tufts, and Torn LeMieux bore the brunt of the Little Tiger assault, performing brilliantly at times in cooperation with the main attack group on the line. Holland ..,..,.,.,. 0 Grand Haven .............. 13 Muskegon .,..... 7 Grand Haven ..,..... 7 Muskegon .... ..,,.. 1 9 Top Row-Benson, Aamodt, Van Kampen, Stegeman, Goulet, Fitzpatrick, Tomkins, Russell, Caughey. Middle Row-Coach McKenzie, Warnock, Cobb, Thielbar, Sohasky, Bosits, Woodruff, Begley, Elliott, Recob, Winteringham. Bottom Row-Garvey, Wait, Polanyi, Cole, Portenga, Mathews, Tufts, LeMieux, Hegedus, Kinsman. PHYSICAL TRAINING Courtesy of The Muskegon Chronicle We live today in a world in which strength is important. Strength of body is as important, as it always has been, as strength of mind and spirit. The three factors in success are inseparable and one. In February of this year, a new physical education program was adopted by the Board of Education. The purpose of the program is to build up the senior boys physically so they will be ready and able to take their places Wherever the United States government may need them in the months to come. The program is not required only in Muskegon I-Ieightsp it is nation-wide and required of all boys 17 years or over, or a senior. Five points credit are allowed. Mr. Oscar E. Iohnson, director of athletics, is in charge of instruction in the course. Boys receive training in calisthenics which will be of lasting benefit. They learn to cooperate and function as a group. Sports such as football, basketball, and other games are used to bring out the competitive, fighting spirit of the boys as well. If we are to win this War all of us will have to work a lot harder, fight a lot harder, than we have been in the habit of doing up to this point. Physical train- ing will help these boys, and all of us, to achieve a sound, foundation for future operations. 85 Captain Swiatek First Semester f VARSITY BASKETBALL by Dean, Nlasterson Coach Oscar E. Iohnson's Muskegon Heights Tigers proved themselves a power in Southwest Conference bas- ketball during the 1942-43 cage race when they emerged victorious in seven of ten contests to share first place honors in the league. After dropping their first two con- ference starts to Kalamazoo and Muskegon respectively, they came back to win six straight. After one week of practice the Tigers eliminated Mus- kegon's Big Reds from the Regionals in a bitterly con- tested struggle. Then the Iohnsonians outclassed the 'Woodenshoes of Holland to take the Regional Class A championship. Due to transportation problems there was no state tournment held. Our Tigers were also well represented on the All- Conterence team, Hilliard starring as the league's most valuable center and Lyle Currie as All-Conference guard. Team work and cooperation went hand in hand as the smooth working Tiger machine rolled past its rivals one by one. Swiatek, Currie, Weisenburger, Ribesky, Hilliard. 86 VARSITY BASKETBALL Season Scores Heiqhis Oppon. 36 ,........, ....... B ig Rapids 18 28 ....... ...... S t. Ioseph 21 26 ....... .... K alamazoo 34 19 ....... ....,, M uskegon 22 25 ....,.. .,... A lumni E2 42 ....... ............. H olland Z3 18 ,...Y,. ........ B enton Harbor 17 35 ....... ....,. G rand Haven 19 Z3 ....,., ,..,.,. K alamazoo 21 39 ..,.... ...... M uskegon 23 41 ....... .,.,.,.....,.,,. H olland 40 24 .....,. ...,.... B enton Harbor 34 39 ....... ............,., G rand Haven 23 Regional 23 ..,.,., ................... M uskegon 19 42 --..... ...... H olland 33 M. H. Hillard Thomas Currie Ribesky Weisenburger Olah Swiatek Iacobson Grant Mathews R- 1 Bidney Sowle Poulin Levondosky johnson Captain Hilfiard Nill Second Semester Top-Swiatek, Poulin, Ni11, Iohnson, Grant, Bidney, Sowle, Coach Iohnson. Bottom-Olah, Currie, Weisenburger, Hilliard, Ribesky, Thomas, Jacobson. 87 RESERVE BASKETBALL TopfHume, Tompkins, Morton, Koteles, Emig, Coach Kruizenga, Iohnson, Grover, Stegernan, Hughes, Nienhuis. BottomeVanderweele, Polanyi, Van Dyke, Thomas, Hegedus, Bacuilus, LeMieux, Begley, Apostolos. Coach H. A. Kruizenga's fighting Seconds were successful first-of-the-season drive and then cr series of losses, many in the defeating of every team in the Southwest Conference of which were very close decisions. Ioe Hegedus was at least once, with the exception of Benton Harbor. The squad captain and high point man of the team. record shows seven wins against eight losses: a powerful Hegedus, D. Thomas, Begley, LeMieux, Polanyi, Van Dyke, Coach Kruizenga. 88 BASEBALL by Bob Dorsch 5 This year's Tiger baseball nine had a wealth of experienced veterans returned, including lack Weisenburger, erstwhile infielder who was converted to a pitcher and an outfielder: Marvin Hilliard, first base: Leon Thomas, shortstop: Henry Olah, second base: Bobbie Dorsch, cen- ter fieldz Vance Crane, catcher: Austin Math- ews, outiield: and.Wa11y Wood, moundsman and outfielder. The initial game of the 1943 season, played against Grand Haven high school, there, was a disappointing loss attributed, for the most part, to errors. The score was 11 to 10. Despite this setback, the team showed much potential strength as this section of the Oaks was going to press, and the boys were all looking forward to a successful season. The 1942 flast year'sD nine was very success- ful, as the scores will indicate. The squad had many underclassmen in key positions, boys who eventually "came through". Mike Reqec- zi, now in the service of his country, and Iack Weisenburger, carried the burden of mound duty, and won eight out of nine victories. 1942 Season Results Victories Holland, 4 - 0: St. Mary's, 10 - 3: St. Ioseph, 12 - 5: Grand Haven, 1 - 0: Holland, 5 - 2: Grand Haven, 4A- 0: St. Mary's, 13 - 10: Hol- land Christian, 1 - 0: St. Joseph, 8 - 3. Deieats Muskegon, O - 5: Holland Christian, 2 - 4: Hart, 4 - 7: Muskegon, 0 -- 4. Leading batters were Levendosky, a catcher, .41O: Regeczi, pitcher, .405: Weisenburger, in- fielder, .333. ' Games won and lost by pitchers: Regeczi, won 4, lost 2: Weisenburger, won 4, lost one: Wood, won none, lost one: Gomery, won one, lost none. TRACK Coach David R. McKenzie's Tiger track team, up to this Writing, has shown possibility of go- ing iar in later season contests like the area meet at Holland. As a group, the boys were Willing and anxious to succeed. They kept op- ponents of other teams fighting until the last race was won. The Tigers Won from Holland on Phillips field one afternoon in a steady drizzle oi rain. The score was 53 to 5015. The squad lost to Muskegon and Holland in a triangular meet, although the competition between Holland and the Tigers again was extremely close. Boys who gave indication of becoming stand- outs Were: Pete Dendrinos, big shot-putter, who averages around 45 feet on every attempt: Lyle Currie, speedy miler who makes the round- trip in about five minutes or less: Poulin, Hegedus, Schapka, and Haines. Perhaps after The Oaks was "put to bed," many of the other track boys won a place for themselves on the list of stars. TENNIS . ik-our-nr by Bob Dorsch Last year's tennis team was highly success- ful, Winning twice in two engagements against Muskegon and splitting even With Holland and Grand Haven. Much credit should be given all of the boys Who completed in Conference play during the season, for tennis is a gruelling game calling tor stamina, alertness, and agility. It is in no sense an "easy" game as some novices might suppose. Individual stars of the 1942 team included Oland Dahl, who was state finalist in boys' singles, and Iames Hansen and lack Lipman who Won state titles in doubles for the Western half of Michigan. Lettermen returning are George Emig, Iarnes Morton, Harry Hiltner, and Bob Bidney. Prospects for the 1943 season looked excellent when the Oaks Went to press, the team al- ready having conquered Muskegon and tied Grand Haven. The team lost to Holland, how- ever. Inclement weather necessitated holding matches on three successive afternoons. Dahl did not compete this year. Mr. H. A. Kruizenga is coach. 91 GIRLS' ATHLETICS WINNING TEAM Top Row-E. Watkins, D. Schultz, R. Doremire. P. Mcxtovic. Second Row-R. Brasher, R. Armstrong, C. Hcxmstrcx, S. Morbeck. Front-M. Olding. SECOND TEAM Top Row-T. Kuncrsh, K. Palmer, A LeMieux. Bottom Row-E. Lorenz, G. Lehczn, I Hislop. MEN IN SERVICE 93 Bill Langlois Captain VARSITY FOOTBALL by Bruce Ploughman The 1942 Tigers did not Win the Southwestern Conference championship, although they had an exceptionally good year otherwise. Captain Bill Langlois, Who is now in the service of Uncle Sam, led our Fighting Tigers to the position of second place in the conference. At Hackley Stadium, home of the Big Reds, the Tigers before a record crowd were defeated in the annual contest by a strong, powerful gridiron machine. Heights fans received a new thrill at Phillips Field this year due to the recent installing of lights. This was the first year that games were played under lights at Phillips Field and it proved to be a very successful season as the Tigers emerged victorious in all their home games. Several members of the Tiger team Who earned recognition on the All-Conference and All-State teams Were Pete Dendrino, Marvin Hilliard and Richard Chesney. The citations were as follows: Pete Dendrino All-Conference first team tackle and All-State honorable mention, tackle: Marvin Hilliard, All-Con- ference second team end and All-State third team end: Richard Chesney, All-Conference second team guard, and All-State honorable mention, guard. 1943 VARSITY Top Row-Whelpley, Staple, Poulin, Howell, Crane, Wiesenburger, VanDyke, Wood. Middle RowfCoach Iohnson, Iones, White, Bidney, Gallup, Dendrino, Farkas, Martyniulc, Stewart. Kooyers, Lussky, Coach Ziegler. Bottom Row-Bilka. Hilliard, Sobel, Richardson, Chesney, Capt. Langlois, Rosie, Brash, Levendosky, Haines. 82 BOARD OF STRATEGY Standing-Staple, Vanderwest, Weisenburger, Coach Ziegler. Kneeling-Coach Iohnson, Sabel, Levendosky, Capt. Langlois was absent when this picture was taken. THE SEASON IN REVIEW by Bruce Ploughman Sept. 13-Grandville received the opening kick-off of the 1942 season and came out on the short end of the score 28 to 6. This was the first game under lights at Phillips Field. Sept. 21-Saginaw Eastern defeated the Tig- ers by a score of 13 to 6. The Tigers got bogged in mud, against an outstanding team. Oct. 2-Heights Tigers defeated Holland 13 to O, with two aerial tosses in the first of the game. Oct. 10-Fordson, a non-conference team, de- feated our Tigers 12 to 7. The Tigers were on Fordson five and ten yard lines a number cf times but never broke the ice. Oct. 17-Kalamazoo bowed to the Tigers 7 to 6 in an exciting game witnessed by a crowd of 3,500 people. Oct. 23-The Grand Haven team was de- feated by a score of 6 to 0 by our Fighting Tigers. The lone tally came in the fourth period. Oct. 30-The Downstate Tigers fBenton Har- borl downed the Heights Tigers 23 to 0. The game was played at Benton Harbor's Filstrup Field. Nov. 6-St. Augustine parochial was de- feated by the Heights Tigers 19 to 6. This was the last home game of 1942. Nov. 14-Muskegon, champions of the South- western conference, defeated the locals 13 to 2. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES iEVERETT A. PICKEL 'kDONALD L. PIPOLY i'DONALD PITCHER 'kHAROLD PITCHER 'RLEELAND PITCHER 'RLYLE PITCHER 'kLOREN W. PLUMHOFF 'kRONALD O. PLUMHOFF 'kSTEPHEN POLANYI 'kROBERT DORAND PORTER i'S. E. POSTLEWAIT 'kALEX POSVISTAK 'kWALTER POSVISTAK 'kLOUIS PRATT 'kLYLE PRATT i'LEIGH PRETTYMAN i'VERNARD PRINGLE iWILFRED R. PRINGLE 'kDON PUHALSKI 'HOE PUSKARITS i'STEVE PUSKARITS i'LOUIS PYKA 'kLLEWELLYN RACINE 'kHERMAN A. RADAKOVITZ 'HAMES H. RADAKOVITZ i'WILLIAM RADAKOVITZ 'kLLOYD RADEL 'kRUSSELL RAKESTRAW 'kDARWIN RASMUSSEN 'A'DELTON RAULIN 'kMICHAEL REGECZI 'RHAROLD REID i'FRED C. REINECKE i'WM. T. REINECKE 'kIOHN RIBESKY i'MIKE RIBESKY 'RRUSSELL RICHARDSON iIAMES RISK 'kIOSEPH R. ROGONI 'kKENNETH ROHDE 'kCLIFFORD ROSE 'kSEYMOUR ROSENTHAL 'kCHARLES ROUTT 'kL. L. ROWE 'kERVIN ROYCE 'kGEORGE RUDD 'kRALPH RUUD 'kDONALD RUNYAN 'kVICTOR RUZICKA i'WALTER RYZNAR 'kDEWEY SAMPSON 'kGEORGE G. SAUNDERS i'PAUL SCHAPKA 'RPHILIP A. SCHAPKA 'RVASILLE F. SCHAPKA 'kL. B. SCHEI i'LEROY SCHEMBS i'EARL SCHWEISSINGER 'RREX SCHOW 'RCORNELL SCHULTZ 'kIACK A. SHILLINGER 'HOHN SCHUSTER 'kIOHN SCHWAB 'kEARL SCHWASS 'kAUGUST SCHVVING 'kWALTER K. SCHWING 'kPLOYD SEIVERS 'RHARRY SENG i'WILLIAM SENG 'kWILLIAM SEYFERTH 'kIACK H. SEYMOUR 'kLEO SHAFER 'kWILBUR SHARP 'kWILLIAM N. SHERMAN :IOSEPI-I SHOWERS :NELSON R. SHOWERS :FRANK SHUNTA :CLYDE SILVIS :STEVE SIMONCIK :HUBERT SINGLETON :CARL SIRCHER :RALPH SIRCHER :GEORGE SKODACK :WILLIAM SKODACEK :DON R. SMITH :EDWIN G. SMITH :FRANCIS L. SMITH :LESTER SMITH :ROBERT SMITH :RICHARD W. SMITH 'kWALTER M. SMITH 'kFRANK R. SONDEEN i'PHIL SONDEEN irROBERT SONDEEN :LAWRENCE R. SOUTHWICK iIOHN F. SPOELHOP i'WILLIAM SPRECHEN i'ALBERT STARIHA 'kBASEL STAYSA irIOHN STEFULA iIACK STEINDLER i'GEROLD STIBITZ i'KENNETH STIBITZ :EDWARD A. STIDHAM :GLENN STONEX :BILL STRUDWICK 'kSTEVE STUBN :CARL SUCHOVSKY 'kVICTOR SWANSON i'IOHN SWARTZ 'kARCHIE SWARVAR :RALPH SWARVAR :EARL SWEET :ROBERT A. SWEET :WARREN SWEET :STANLEY SWIATEK :IOI-IN SWIATEKI :MIKE SzUCS :H. A. TAHTINEN :ARTHUR R. TAWNEY :FREDERICK P. TAWNEY :ROBERT G. TAYLOR :ROBERT I. TAYLOR :SEVER TCHOZEWSKI :DONALD TETZLOFF :CHARLES T. THOMAS :RICHARD K. THOMAS :WILLIAM THORNBERRY :IOE TOMORSKY :TONY TROINAR :EDWARD TUFTS irCLARENCE W. TURNER :ROBERT E. TURNER :WM. GEORGE TURNER 'kROBERT TYLER 'kANDY VAN DONICELAAR :HENRY VAN DONKELAAR :IOI-IN VANDER VELDE i'ROBERT VANDER VERE i'LOUIS VANDERWEELE :ARNOLD VAN NUNEN :SAM VALUCK :ALBERT VANDAK :DON VAN BOGELEN :JAMES VANDERLAAN :DALE VANDERLAAN :ROBERT C. VANDER VEEN :ROBERT C. VANDER VEEN MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES 'kARTHUR IONES 'RMILO IOSEFEK i'IOHN N. IOZSA 'kIOHN IUHAS, Ir. i'IOSEPH IURICK WGEORGE LAKATOS 'kPETE LAKATOS 'kRICHARD LAKE 'kMAHLON LAMBERT 'kBILL LANGLOIS 'RROBERT LANSDALE 'RSAM LA PORTE i'HAROLD LARSON 'kHOWARD LARSON 'kALLISON LA VALLEY 'kKENNETH C. LAWRENCE 'RIOHN L. LEAF i'VERNON LEATHERMAN 'kWAYNE LEATHERMAN i'ANDREW LEHAN 'HOSEPH F. LEHAN 'A'ALFRED C. LE MIEUX il-IAROLD LE MIEUX 'kEDMUND LE ROUX 'kSTANLEY LEVENDOSKY 'kLOUIS LEVINE 'kGEORGE LEWIS 'RCHARLES LEYANNA 'kEDWARD LISAK 'kIOHN B. LOFTIS 'RRICHARD LORENZ 'kCHESTER LUDERS 'RERNEST WM. LUDERS 'RNORBERT LUICK 'kHAROLD LUND i'KENNETH LUTZ i'ROBERT LUTZ 'KDONALD MAC DONALD 'RSTEVE MACHETA 'A'KENNETH MANGLOIS 'kROBERT MANGUEM 'kWALTER MANGUEM 'kGEORGE E. MANTHEI, Ir. WGEORGE MANTHEI 'RHARLAN MAPES 'KIOSEPH MASON 'kMIKE T. MATHES 'kLAWRENCE MATHEWS 'kPAUL A. MATTSON 'kHERBERT MAY 'kALFRED MC CALEB, Ir. 'kROBERT MC CREA 'kDON MC CORMACK 'RCHARLES MC CORMICK 'kDOUGLAS MC SORLEY 'kKENNETH MC SORLEY i'RAY MC KENZIE 'kWILLIAM A. MEIER i'PAUL MELICHAREK 'kCRESWELL MELLOW 'REUGENE MYERS 'kIAY H. MEYERS 'kBILL MIESCH 'RCHARLES MILLER 'kGEORGE MILLER 'kIOE S. MILLER i'IOHN MILLER 'kSTUART MILLER 'kIOHN MINAROVIC 'RSTEVE MINAROVIC 'RHERBERT R. MINER 'RCLIVE MINNERICK 'RKENNETH MISNER 'RROBERT MIXER 'HOSEPH MITCHELL 'kIOE MOGDIS i'STEVE MOGDIS 'RROBERT MONTGOMERY 'kGEORGE H. MOORE 'kRICHARD S. MOORE 'kWINIFRED O. MOORE 'kDONALD A. MORBECK 'kLLOYD R. MORBECK irBERNARD MOREHOUSE i'HOWARD MORTENSON 'IIROBERT MORTENSON HHAMES A. MUCKEY i'WILLIAM MURISET 'kLEON MURRAY 'RALFRED MUSKOVIN 'kEDWARD NAPERALSKY irH. T. NEINHUIS 'RHOWARD NEIS 'kFRANK NELSON 'kRAY I. NEUMAN 'kRALPH NEWVILLE WCLARENCE E. NIPKE FRARLO D. NORTON 'kGEORGE R. NORTON i'MAX NORTON i'MILES L. NORTON KALEX NOVAK 'kIOHN H. NUMMERDOR 'kWALTER OBERLIN 'kANDREW OLAH 'RWILLIAM OLAH 'kALOYSIUS OPALEK 'kIOSEPH F. OPALEK 'kRICHARD OPALEK 'kVINCENT OPALEK 'kLOUIS OSWALD 'kELLWORTH OUTWIN 'kEMERY OZIOS 'KEMMETTE OZIOS 'RIACK PALMER 'kROY D. PALMER, Ir. 'kTOM PARMELEE 'kCRESSEL PARMENTER 'kIACK PANNEY 'RPAUL PANZER 'kGEORGE PARNELL 'RELMER PARROTT i'DONALD PASCO 'RPAUL H. PASCO 'kSAM PASTUCHA kFRANK I. PATRICK 'RDONALD C. PATTERSON 'kIEROME PATTERSON 'kMARVIN PATTERSON 'kFRANK PAULIN 'kWILLIAM PAULIN i'PETER PAVLICK 'kRUSSELL PEARSON 'kDONALD IOHN PEDLER i'ELFORD PEDLER 'kWILLIAM PEHR 'kIAMES E. PELFRENSE 'kDON PEPLY 'RFREDERICK R. PETER 'RHAROLD PETERSON i'FREDERICK H. PETERSON 'kIAMES PETERSON 'kTHOMAS PETERSON i'DONALD PHELPS 'kROBERT PHELPS 'kFREDERICH IAMES PHILLIPS MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOCL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES i'BERT VANDERWESI' i'HAROLD VANDERWESI' 'kROBERT VANDERWEST iN. D. VAUGHAN QOHRIS VEIHL fGEORGE VER HAGE 'NIOI-IN VERMEULEN fGERALD VEZINA fLEON VIOKERS QERANK VIDA MOI-IN VIDA +GAYLORD VINCENT -HOI-IN c. VISSOHER 'kSTEVE VOKITS 'HOHN W. VOTAW 'kROBERT I. WAALKES :BERNARD WAOHSMUTH QEARRELL WADE YREGINALD WALICKI i'ALBERT WALKER A-ROBERT WALKER i'ALBERT I. WALKER QROBERI' WALLEY QMILES WATSON QWILLIAM WAY iLAWRENCE WEAVER WHENRY E. WEICK 'NROBERT WEIDEMAN 0.1 QWILLIAM E. WERNER QGERALD B. WHEELER 'kFLOYD WI-IELPLEY MIACK WHITFORD fWILLIAM WIERS YIACK WIESENHOPER 1-JACK. L. WILLIAMS 'kKENNETH WILLIAMS QDUANE A. WILSON i'IAMES WILSON fDON WOOD 'IFLOYD WOOD QRAYMOND WOOD -A-EDWARD 1. WORKMAN fsIMON WORKMAN QIAMES R. WORTELBOER -MERRY YOUNG i'LIONEL YOUNG vfWALLAcE YOUNG IYHERMAN N. ZACHARIASON 'IROBERT G. ZAOHARIASON -ks'I'EvE ZAVODNEY -:WILLIAM ZAVODNEY 'A'ROBERT zAYAc 'kHENRY ZIEMBA A-IOHN zONA fMILO ZONA I . ll . gg FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM I Row Row Row Row Row Row 1-L. Morbeck, D. Morbeck, Anderson, Moore, Babcock, Luders, Davis. 2-Munthei, Lecxf, Bingham, I. Peierson, Nienhuis, Hcznis, Stibitz, Luders, Van Donkelcxcxr, Bunyan, Walker. 3-Schei, Iuhas, Ccrvcmough, Iohnson, Ferensik, I. Hulkcx, S. Hulkcx, Vcnderstelt, Borhitte, Kwiecien, Tetzloff. 4-Bozeman, E, Kovcxrcik, Simoncik, Baker, Pcxrmenter, Rhode, Hulsebcxs, Pascoe, Walker , Clark, Schweissinger, Stedham 5-I. Kovarcik, Butcs, Meyers, Bjornstrom, DeBruin Cleftl, Ferensik, Cole, Icrschek, Dorner, Vickers. 6'C. Turner, G. Tumer, R. Turner, Lee, Blcxhcx, Iohnston, Brothers, C. Thomas, 99 R. Smith, Young, Mortensen, Hill, Vandersleli. MEN IN SERVICE Row Row Row Row Row Row 31 6-W. Reinecke, Keedle. F. Reinecke, Campsmith, Zachariason, Pyka, Brash, Biksacky, Leyanna, LeMieux, Christopher, 1-Boyd, F. Humy, Stibitz, Alex, Harmsen, S. Humy. Schow, Peck, Oswald. 2-Borgman, I. Krepps, Cap, Pickel, Schultz, Margis, Hogsion, Bjomstrom, Alvord, Visscher, G. and I. Shillinger, Loftis. Beard. Pastucha, Kulesza, Neuman, Leatherman, Sherman, Fortenbacher, Williams, Dethlofi, Postlewaite. 4-Heisser, Naperalsky, Smith, Stefula, Wilson and Bancuk, Frank, Regeczi. 5-Iohnson, Colbum, Holmes, Spoelhof, Ayers, Butas, Kelly, Wachsmuih, Estlick, Sturm, Zachariason, Bally, Rudd. Castle. 1 OO SERVING OUR COUNTRY ,Mm me Row 1-McCrae, R. Opalek, Peterson, Prettyman. Row 2-D. I. Pedler, A. Novak, L. Hemphill, Sampson, V. Hemphill. Row 3-M. Hilliard, I. Hilliard, R. Hegedus, F. Hegedus, 101 A Agerstrand ....................................... Anderson, I. S. ............................... . American Coil Spring Company .. American Store Equipment ...................... Andes Candies ..................... B Baker Auto Parts .......................... Bailey Super Market .....v................ Baxter's Launders G Dry Cleaners Bishop's ..................... ......................... Bluhm Bros. I. G. A. Store ...... Boelkin's Grocery .............. Borgeson Music Co. ..... . Broadway Lunch .......................... Broadway Pharmacy ..................... Brundage Cut Rate Drug Store .... Brickner-Kropt Machine Co. .......... . Brunk's Service Station ....... Budd Iewelry ...................... C Camera Shop ...................,............... Campbell, Wyant and Cannon Foundry Co. ................................ . Carl's Store ,......... Chase S Panney ......... Checker Cab ....,................. Champayne Body Shop ....... U.A.W., C.I.O. ..,,.......... .. Clark Boot Shop ....l....... Cloeting Radio Shop ........ Coca Cola ........,............... Commercial Press ....... Consumers Dairy ...... Consumers Power .............. Continental Motors Corp. .... . Crystal Recreation ............ Curvecrest .....,.................. D Daily Cleaners .............. Damm Hardware Co. Dana Printing Co. ...... . Daniels ................... ..................... Dawes, C. B. G Son ...................... Dion's Super Service CSinclair1 ..... D. 6, C. Store, Inc. ..,.................... . E Economy Hardware ....,,.. Edwards Lumber Co. Emil's Food Market ............ Enterprise Brass Works ....... Evans Cleaners .....,............ F Fawley Abbott Co. .............. . 'Federal Department Store .... 'Federal Savings 61 Loan .......... Felt, C. G Co. .................................. . Fike Electric Motor Repair Shop ...... Fisher Coal Co. .............................. . Fitzlohn Coach Co. ..................... . 'Frank's .................................. Fredricks Lumber Co. ..... . Fritz the Druggist ............ 142 135 140 Martin Coal Co. .....................................,. . 133 136 INDEX TO ADVERTISING G 112 Gas Co. ...,,..,..,......,................. ....... . 110 George's Auto Sales ................ ........ 115 George, B. F. Van Company .,... ........ 114 Gerst Barber Shop ......,............. ..,..... 137 Goodyke Music House ..... 1 135 139 Hahn's Drug Store ..................... ........ 110 Hall Electric Co. ......... 131 Hansen's Dairy Bar ....,... 1 122 Hardy s ......................... 120 Harwood-Nelson .............. 118 Heights Furniture Co. ....... . 134 Heights Service Garage ...,, 130 Hendrick, Clyde, Realtor ........ ........ 121 Hosler's Budget Shop ........... ........ 141 Hostess Hamburgs .................. ........ 123 Howell's School of Business .. Hoyt Food Store ................,.... 132 Hudson Cleaners ..... Hughes Store ................,........ ........ 107 Hullinger Beauty Shop ..........., ........ 115 Hutchinson's Service Station .. 139 I 122 lim G Ierry ,......,.,................. ........ 130 Iiroch, Francis Co. .,............ . 113 Iunior High Barber Shop 137 and Beauty Shop .............. ........ 125 K 121 Kanxtz .....,....,.v..... .......... ...,.... 135 K and IVI Cafe .....,.. 134 112 L 115 131 Lakey Foundry ......................................... Lake Shore Machinery and Supply Co... Lawson Budget Shop ..,............................. 116 Lee Hardware ...........,.. ........ Lindland Coal Co. ........... ....... . 117 L. and M. Motor Co. ............ ....... . 112 Local 539, U.A.W. C.I.O. 133 CC.W.C. Foundryl ......... ......,. 129 Lockage, Frank .............. ........ 138 Long, George A. .................. ......, . M Malvins Iewelry ........................................ 136 Manning, Maxwell and Moore, Inc. 1 . McLennan s Service .................................... Medendorp Auto Supply Co. ..... ....... . 120 Meister, A. Feed Store ...............,.............. 133 Merit Shoe Shop ........................................ Michigan Associated Telephone Co. 128 Mid-West Machine and 126 Manufacturing Co. ...........,................... . Monroe L. C. ........................ ....... . 127 Morton Manufacturing Co. ......... ....... . Mulder's Standard Service ....... ........ 131 Muskegon Heights Dairy 138 Muskegon ' 125 Muskegon ' 1 14 Muskegon Savings Bank .......................... Upholster Co. .................... .... . 130 Muskegon Wholesale Quality Stores ...... 139 ' Mysen, Carolyn Studio ......... ......... .......... 102 Grossman s .,.................... ........ 116 H Hackley Union National Bank ................ Krauses .............. .... Krautherm ....... ......... . ....... . Lamonda Rae Beauty Shop ...................... Lee Funeral Home ............... ........ Heights Record N Nans Beauty Shop ..................... ........ 1 41 National Lumberman's Bank ......... ........ 1 26 Neil-Alwynse .....,...................... ........ 1 35 Neiser's Watch Shop ........ . ........ 133 Nesson Oil and Coal Co. ...... 141 Norge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i.,,,,,,..,...,.. ........ 1 ll Novak's Meat Market ....... 143 O Office Supplies, Inc. ............ 132 Olive May Beauty Salon ...... ........ 1 42 P Parmalee Iewelry Store ........... ........ l Z6 Parsons, S. R. ................................. ........ 1 30 Patterson Grocery and Market ................ Patterson Press ................................. ........ Peck Produce Market ....... Peoples Shoe Repairing ...... Peter Hommes Agency ........ Peterson Coal Co. ............ . Peterson, Louis E. Co. ......... . Pine Street Furniture Co. Price Dry Cleaners ......................... ........ Puhalski's Market ................................... Pyle Pattern Manufacturing Co Q Quality Aluminum ,............ Quality Dairy Co. ...... . Quigley R. 1. ................... ....... . R R. B. Shoe Repair Shop ...... Radium Studio ............................................ Reid Graft Co. ........................................... . Richards Plumbing and Furnace Roger's Iewelry ........................,................. Ruiter, Bros. ........... Ryke's Bakery ....,.......... S Sanitary Dairy Co. ............. . Savacool Barber Shop .,...... Schoenberg's Market ....... Sealed Power Corp. ................. . Serve-all Garage .......................... Service Station Equipment Co. .... . Shaw-Walker ..........,..................... E. H. Sheldon Co. ................. . Shepard Cleaners ...... Smith, Hubert H. ............................... . Square .................................................. Standard Pattern and Model Works ........ Standard Automotive Parts Co. ............... . Stariha, Frank R. Realtor .................. State Cate ..............,............ Sunrise Pies ....................... T Tenny W. L. Co. .......... . The Hosiery Shop ............. Thomas, C. Stores, Inc. ...... . Towner Hardware Co. ........ . V Vickers "66" Station ,.,,... .. Victory Pattern Shop ....... Vista Grill ........................... Voss Hardware ..................... W Webb Coal Co. .......................... . Westentelder Service Station ....... ........ Williams Sausage Co. .............. ....... . Woodall's Drug Store .............. Y Yeager's Barber Shop ....... 139 137 140 134 134 131 140 108 139 137 119 110 143 131 134 105 136 142 143 133 142 124 134 120 109 139 104 104 124 129 137 108 133 114 131 130 135 132 135 142 114 134 123 138 136 142 130 135 120 136 gg ,Bi- SF ta Ji-if 3 J Mamas gg, 3' 'Q 'X 'xg' .V ,..Q.,.,,.,A ..,1., ,,.,.. .,.,.,.,, .f Elf --A-----V .,A, ' ---- a ss '." ' -' -Abv ' .1 ,-.. ...,.. Q ' ?T?i1li.'i1i.,-l.Q',f'f'1E152E5EgifIE ' si . ,riziegs- 2 5515! ' S -f' b-:f Q 2 ',1.-,.:, x.,,.,1,-:-.1..:..:,.. ..,.. .. .1-,W-,. 53555.,. .5.. . :Er -5. wgfefn -Q55-. f f f f7:'f5S2:rE1E5E5f:- 'f5ii'-- izr:-55-'Ai " 1:11-:1:i,-23" lfia- ,liz ' . - ,- G 1 "" .- 1- ' -- :15 -ff -. ' H E5fE5iES5E5. ' 25--1: ., 31" :QP ,A " fiE7'Z" "" 7'E'i3ii""i555??5' .f:f?f?5?E5'.:P 'l23'535IQ:5:iiE:fff, "i d, 1:1s2'ff :5 f4 2k:a:32 223' t '-" E -IEE' Qgfliiv- ' :-.4 fri: 21115 21212:-:2. -"f - -eg 35:2.,- ':.i:r---:- 2.35: gag: U 5:11 , , -1'1:5.51l. :gfliilgig -... '5 F35 ' 7" A '52 -2.-ffl: , 'Diff -5513? K" - A:-:-sz..ess...::::z:e:1.:..fs -its , , 1 ..4...,,.,:Q., -,W 1 "ff-f-'-:-V---s.::'..2s2s:11'.2422-i1'.: ..'-1:3-111. .. ' -- -::95E55E5EfI,.' 5 "-:EEEEi:5:5:-252' ' ,,g5g1gf.g1, f 1.- .:1f:z:a:s:s:- "" '-'M ,.s.s:2.i.1:,:f . 155231-2"fi::fiiig5,f1 1'f11' i:13If,.1" 1 .:..'tEs:f.. 2525255 A.,.,A,. ,,,,zi25e5z5fi'Q1"35... .N E,E-2V:,agZsI :im 52522235 ,:-:-:-:-. '-:-:-:-:+:':-:4:-:-:- --z-:-:rc-:4rw:-:-:-:i--1-:,-:-:-:-:-. - H zgg., '-13:3::,5:3:,::.1z::5:,:.:.3,5.5.5.:.: --'- 55:51 'EiiE53Eii5ifEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigiiiiii5252525255552fiiliiiifigifiiiif ' ' -5 Y 2-5-2'21Qa25E2g.-'-25555555525252525fiaisggifiz22is22325:i22f25fgfgQjQf5g:.j"-"'-'-'-- 2? ,,,, .... " W ... 1Q55555535iffa513zga5z5sas5aga5ff15ag,gg:.f.ffag -' "4" V ig """""' ' " ' Sgr ' ,.::3E,i:5g5.555gf:. ,rx 6 at g 'Q 'Q 4 i n yi ,ig 2245 5 2 2 E i ? if " 2 ff l 3 5 3 is 1 1 ' sg 3 ' 5 Ky 1+ , Q - Mmm 4 sf ,. jf s ,,?,,.",,,, N qw. Q X' ' 2 S i wr WH 2 'N W +-av.: -., Wfgxm -5 M, + A vs .f:2:1' 1' 5-2 :..2..:2:5i:E.E2Ei-I-1' -- 5222252513,,.31222122222i1E2:2a-ag-55,31 wgsgff 4.1, sa- is Muskegon Your Home Has a I 'rartime Job to D0 53f'lt's not a production job, either. There's no need to tear out partitions, reinforce the floors and bring in a load of machinery. There's no necessity for converting your snug little home into a factory. Quite to the contrary . . . the part your home has to play in this war is to be a cosier, happier, more beautiful home than ever before . . . inside and out. It can not . . . it must not show any signs of let-down. This nation is made up of homes fand it's the homes we're fighting forg so we've got to keep them up! This is not much to ask, yet it is vitally important. It simply means that we are to keep them fresh, clean, well painted, attractively furnished. When the living room suite plays out,f we are to have it re-upholstered or buy a new one. When the rugs show unmistakable wear, we are to replace them. We've just got to give our home the same attention that we would give to our personal appearance. Wa've got to keep it a worthy representative of America . . . fine and clean and beautiful! Keep On Buying WAR BONDS! Heights Furniture Company 103 + A BIG JOB AHEAD f Youth today, as never before, is Iiaced with a iob which commands all. Many of you graduating today will continue your school worlc, others will Find a place waiting in industry, while many will ioin our armed forces. Regardless ol: what you do or where you go all will be preparing to help accomplish the biggest iob Americans ever taclcled . . . the right to remain a tree people. Yes, we offer congratulations . . . you have completed your high school worlc and now stand on the threshold ot responsibilities which will contribute greatly to the peace and security of all. Good Iuclc and may God be with you. SERVICE STIITIDN EQUIPMENT CUMPIINY MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN SHIIW-WIILKER WI-IR FILE ull illllllll ' For Letter and Legal Size Papers ll, ,lllflrllljirl - Marches Any Shaw-Walker Steel File Q'll ,l lll ll Bought During the Past 29 Years lim, ,L2,lHl1lN1,i - Made of Plastic and wood 5 ll,1,,Mlll,llMl'lfl',l',' p o Drawers Operate on Wood Extension Slides , 0 E-Ihqirs Optional Drawer Device that Speeds m:,wY:1Mm w'gii,M M ' ltlldrrdi in Four Grades llllllllqllllllllllllllll I yM2,Jl1,l.Vrll, WW The War File is Sold in Greater Muskegon by l ll l l 1 l I lwl THE DANIELS COMPANY ,ll l I I ll lllrlll nf yllllll lil 311 W. Western Avenue Phone 22-649 ll 104 Compliments of Kanitz D ry Cleaners 884-886 Terrace FINE PQRTRAITS RADIUM STUDIQ PHONE 2 4 5 2 5 2 367 W. Western Avenue 105 Students and Friends Builders of America BUY BONDS!! Keep on "scrapping" Give Him The Tools . . Toclayl TO THE STUDENTS OF THE "UB" CLASS fl,oe f WE WISH T0 EXTEND OUR es o ifixx CONGRATULATIONS" gi And To Invite You To Select Your New Summer Suits and Sportwear From Our Large And Complete Collection. If You'll find Nationally Famous brands in Suits, .NAA Sportwear, Shirts, Ties, Hats and Bathing Ac- cessories! Our large stocks afford you the oppor- ,,...... tunity ol: getting just what you want. ii ii S GROSSMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 106 To The 1943 Graduating Class Our sincere Wish is that your coming years will be as pleasant as the years you have spent at home. Campbell Wyant and Cannon Foundry Company 0 'V' . . ........ . . . 5 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1943 T H E S Q U A R E .,.,.'If::- " ":5' :f 'px A , 1 : 9 +"f :.1e:..-1:1.- 1: -es if i132:1-s:s:5:5s:3:2rei"'-:- '-:I-1:1:s:f"1.' '115:s+'4:2e-.. : A. yr 'Q 'gr' , ,.:::.3:2 5:5:5:5.,:g3.g4q,:gEfEr"" 5 1E:535:5:5:3:3z5:5:5:5- ' . ,f:vI"Q,2GEr:j. S-.. 2,1-if N fqfi??E '52 fE35:- . 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Plszfifi sS1?3ZE!:1'- - -'sell Qi!i1:15i5:'Z?3:-E551513217 5:-.-'-:L-1.5-. . c 'zifilffi .I -J . i ' ' .11.:- E2 -if:1'x -EIT:-E5 .-.s-.s-.-.-.-.-.-.- :.-.--s'-.-.24-.-.4.-Few-v :-::sa----:-:-'.-P-- w .v .- - 5 - A- .H .- :E:s:s:51se1-:-'-',.'S22is:z2:5:s:2:s:s:2:: """f1f2:aeaf:fff.-1 fezfzzerse:-was-' 2:. 5 .1 A .-1 E :s:2:e"i1e:3:a: zisgsisf f',s4g151:s5:.,l1:13:g15,-esisisisiiisfsisis ' if: f :i5fi1f?if'i iw Q - 5 i 555552 eiiiiii 29252114gas:z:s:5:5:v2:2:5rss.:1'1SseaS5:z:f1sif1 s"f12sEs2s2:f:.,5:'3:ig '-f, . e, '-'f.,C,1g-1:21, :se-: -,,:2 1 .i . gggsfg' '--- - - -. r .T -.. f. . we -,f-. -. ...K .V , , ,,.. r .e. v we-5.,.nf.. , ., .,,, A.. ErErE5S:1f?'i'--J 7 V' - 'I:E-Ef1E?g1. ' -. -f:- 1:3 4 . 1.?Sf:f:afE-QT if t' ' ' ,, , 9151553551 "1 1-Q5 ' ' """ " ' 55:Z:E:g:2:2E'g 55525353355333555522515335'153E1E,S1i1f?'7-" ,f ' '-Aire , ,, :' 5g.g.g.g.:.g.,-.g5.5Q1:,,.g,f- -,f 427 , ,.p:,3:g:-1-:-c-1+al:-he2'wer: +.-aw --w.,-- gg. ' ,g4.,, or -' ,.g.g.: - M, ,.g:g:a,' , .. g- 1 ,a " .. A l "" 'fj1i2.- 5 e:zszaaf:::,,..f . ' 1 W' . i"T,,.":'AK:. i 12 .Si555555-5iE2i2!fE53?:2: -32?'Efi1E555 91'1 fm- " ',..,1:1:f--...-,E 22 Q' -555.5E:E'2:E:2'E5f":E-:.fI - 'a-- N . , M .f :wsu ' -'s:se, ,,. Home Sweet Home After all is saicl ancl clone- war with its hardships ancl difficult- ies, gas rationing and all, ma lee s every one Feel-Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. Pine Street Furniture Company Complete Home Furnishers 896-908 Pine Street Near Court House 108 i ,, Sealed Power Corporation Muskegon Heights, Michigan A X SEALED PGWER .f 109 BEHCW Furniture Co Mkg Mh J. S. ANDERSON Packing Company Quality Aluminum Casting Company Producers of Nonferrous Metal Casti g Distributors of I-H Flour Phone 32-417 A.MElSTER Poullzry and Dog Supplies Fertil izer 5 Seed Flour Feed Grain QUALITY MEA-rs Victory Garden Fertilzer and Seeds -k Norge Division ir 74 W. Broaciway Muskegon Heights, Michigan and Norge Machine Products Bivision 2969 Lakeshore Drive Muskegon, Michigan Borg-Warner Corporation There's a Lift to Living Electrically Take Good Care of the Electrical Appliances you have. Keep them in Good Repair for they Must last. CONSUMERS POWER CO. Always - At Your Service - All Ways A G E R S T R A N D CORPORATION Manufacturers ol: Aircraft Engines and Combat Tlflk Parts A complete Manufacturing Plant Gifts ol: Distinction For Every Occasion DROP IN AND BROWSE AROUND' DANIELS MAKE ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN Use it to buy Defense Bonds. United States Bonds are the Inst investment offered to day and ex- cept Ior living expenses every dollar you own should be invested in U.S. Defense Bonds. MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK TWO THINGS THAT GIVE AMERICA A FIGHTING EDGE if . N U Jff K ' :.Q.j2Q3jfgff.i. f, ye 1- L55 in I. I s B U: 1 1. Strong Labor Unions. 2. Laws Protecting Workers. LUCAI. 539 ll.ll.W. 0.l. C.W.C. F OUNDRY CO. EXECUTIVE BOARD Ed. T. Schrader, President Marion Fredricles, Sgt-at-Arms Charles Rogers, Vice - president Charles Dawson, Trustee James Elliott, Recording Sec. Walter Courtright, Trustee Josephine Dabrowski, Guide Chris Christopherson, Trustee Richard Mauch , Secrel:ary-Treas- 113 Compliments American of Store Equipment And Towner Construction Corp. Hardware Co. ln Business Since 1882 Phone 23-705 l657 Getty St. Frank's like the high school trade and stock the kind of clothing high school students like- Frank's 201 West Western Ave. Standard Automotive Parts Co. Manufacturing Specialists of Machine keys Woodruff keys Non Rocking Woodruff keys Valve and Tappet Guides Muskegon, Michigan Congratulations American Coil Spring Co. Congratulations to the Graduates of 1943 CONTINENTAL MOTORS CORPORATION 115 WE BUY Your wrecked n n n l LAKEY FOUNDRY . H only the usable parts for replacements--the rest goes into scrap for Uncle Sam's Armed Forces. If you have an old car harzging around do the patriotic thing-sell it to us at once! HIGHEST PRICES PAID Phone 32-243 MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Baker Autn Parts 2390 Getty THE Meet your friends at the BIG STORE Damm Hardware C A R I-,S C 0 m p a n y Luggage Shoes Dry Goods Furnishings Groceries Ottawa Street Meafg 52 Years on Broadway 116 A Complete Printing Service Dana Printing Company MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Regularly serves many oi time nationally lcnovvn or- ganizations lwaving plants in Western Nliclnigan .... We lwave demonstrated to tlwese iirms time advan- tages oi a complete printing service vvitlu undivided responsibility. Nlay vve suggest tlwat you consider tlwe bene- lit oi tlwis service. Sanford and Holbrook . . . . Phone 26 648 Aijficivgrtiging.Leiyrpresiggnci Offset Priniingi. Engraving . Binding 117 C I' f 'll th Cl f'43 Muslce on Wholesale omplmen S 0 e ass 0 g from Quality Service idly!!! g, .400 f Q V Q P 7, C' 0005 LEAIKKVSQ 91 Independent Grocers Serving Western Michigan H0sler's Budget Shop " A Little Bit Out of the Way, But It'II Pay You To Walk." Jimmy 8a Jerry THE BRCADWAY Pi1Ol'l9 33' IO QI W. Broadway Greater Muskegon's Most Popular Restaurant Good Food is Good Health Correct Time by Western Union and Scores of Latest Sports Call Us 25-905 Oldest Restaurant on Broadway James Coscarelli PYLE PATTERN MIANUFAXCTURHNG CQMPANY WOOD AND METAL PATTERNS Muskegon Heights, Michigan Compliments of LEE FUNERAL HOME A 119 Compliments of Scl1oenberg's Market ENTERPRISE BRASS WORKS Manufackurers of PLUMBERS BRASS GOCDS BRASS aRoNzE AND ALUMINUM CASTINGS Phon 32 14 103 West Broad y M k I M h THE Thenmnstm "Exclusively Music" WooDALl.'s STGRE DRUG B OI' ZSOI1 STORE 9 . Music Ph 25 9:1 Company P ks Sh BI d Phone 31-260 M""' H h M h mu PekS M In Heights Briclcner-Kropf Machine Co, A Pleasant Place to Trade Boelkin's SUPER MARKET We will l1elp you Spend your Ration Stamps to your best Advantage Compliments of Gccdyke Music House Pianos, Radios Band and Orchestra Instruments Records Sheet Music RADIO SERVICE Muskegon Heights, Michigan Telephone 32-967 125 W. Broadway Remgmbgr Therg Heights Service 3 Gmac Ghecker Gab Lyman Brown, Proprietor Lubrication 25475 W h' Begg In Muskegon Heights 1427 Peek Street Phone 32-268 Res' Phone 145319 Charles F. Goldsborough, Prop. 1 1 u VICTORY PATTERN SHCJP WOOD AND METAL PATT MUSKEGON, MICH! J.H.LEE8gSON H a I' d W are 22 West Broaclw Mulc n H uh E. H. SHELDON 8 COMPANY G A S your silent "a"""c ' economical mm L " y servant: a vocation I Your Gas Company Furniture EorS h 1 Muskegon, Michigan Alter Compliments Graduation of Attend ycur 1 Howell s Sanitary School D . K of dlly Business Company GLDETINGH RADIO SHUI' RADIO SERVICE I S :IAS 0 msllen ed Compliments of Fitzjohn Coach Company Il ll ' S Jewelers - Opticians "The Slzore thai: Confidence Built" 227 Western Ave. NATIONAL LUMBERMANS BANK Muskegon's Oldest Bank Established 1859 Member Federal Deposit In COMPLIMENTS OF Federal Department Store OUTFITTERS FOR THE HOME AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY 213 W. WESTERN AVE. PARMELEE VOUI' CREDIT JEWELEI2 Watches diamonds and jewelry The Label that Assures Fashion istinction l-lardy's New York Room Second Floor Best Wishes From A Q ' A inf: V It i' , ' , 1 - Maxwell and Moore, Incorporated Bert Ketchum Ray Baughman Louis Heeres Mary Aclamczalc Mary Politronio Compliments of Frank Locka e's STORE FOR MEN The Young Men's Shopping Center in Muskegon Heights Next to the Post Office Phone 3ll--309 I238 Peck St. The Big Store Over 50,000 square-feet of fioor-space! Greater Muskegon's largest Home- furnishing store. Make Your selection Where Quality is the keynote and much larger assort- ments are shown--- at Fawley Abbott's. One price to all- here you pay only the lowest cash price with the privilege of credit and you pay no carrying charge- The F awley-A bbott Company Western Avenue Between 3rd. and 4th, Streets Haclcley Union National Banlc orrsns MANY sznviczs Checking Accounts for Everybody Saving Accounts Safe Deposit Vaults Money Orders Automobile Financing Trust Department Real Estate Loans Commercial Loans Personal Loans Travelers Checks Western at First Broadway near Peck Muskegon Muskegon Heights Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corperatlen 128 I Q U l l I I l 1 S I1 6 D G r Cl Phone 35-1497 SINCLAIR ' Z C3 U 6 V 5 moN's supsn SERVICE 87 W. Broadway Washing, Greasing I Simonizing ' ,g 1255, ' 51' Q X " F0 wa H ix Us e on QI S, C I an I I Muskegon Heighiss, Michigan Y S 9 I S I ' . I H A H N ' S ' DRUG B. F. George S T 0 R E I Storage 8 Van ffrxns AND 'rruucsv ' Company X7 o Phone 32-472 Y'-7 e . Mu e on Q Opposite Norge Office ...M... --......-il 129 Mc LENNAN'S SERVICE Old Dutch Gasoline Broadway and Seventh Congratulations and Best Wishes CLASS OF 1943 S. R. PARSONS CONGRA ULATIO S T N Fnlzmuclcs from your newspaper LUMBER COMPANY Behind the City Hall RECORD QQ JOB Printing of 311 Killdi Musmacou Helcms PHONE 32 011 Prescriptions Compliments Of BRUNDAGE CUT RATE DRUG STORE STATE CAFE Drugs FOUNTAIN LUNCHES Corner Peck and Broadway Muskegon Heights Telephone 32-444 Muskegon Heights 1237 Peck Street - Phone 325-497 Leo Champayne BQDYSHOP Westenielder Auto Collision service Radiator Repairing Frame and Axle Work , Station Phone 32-ll5l Airline at Pe lx St. Mullrogo H gill 130 Venetian Blinds Draperies R. J. Quigley l039 Peck St. Phone 32-H25 Carpets Shades "KEEP 'EM FLYING" The Best Foocl Values In Town BLUHM BROS. I. G. A. Shop The Moclern Way "Sell:- Serve" 7-9 W. Broadway Next To Heights Bank Phone 325-375 FRANK R. STARIHA Junior High Barber Shop- Beauty Parlor Phone 32-320 REALTOR General Insurance M. T. UIME WHITTINGTON 1417 Sanford St. Muskegon Heights IOU3 PECK ST- MUSKEGON H IGHTS Malvin's Jewelry C R Y S T A L R E C R E A T I 0 N Company Next to Post Office Next to the Muskegon Heights City Hall BOWLING I2lI-2 Peck St. Muskegon Heights Bowl' FOR HEALTH FIKE ELECTRIC PETERSON MOTOR REPAIR SHOP CQAL Specializing in Rewinding Motors P Generators and Armatures Kentucky Blue Muske on Hei hts, Michi an g PhOneg32-355 g Gem Coal 1021 Peck St. Phone 32-274 131 On to Victory ln School ln War ' hm me Manufacturing W. L. TENNY CO. PLUMBING - HEATING Service Supplies Fixtures 32-als Dial 326-272 THE CAMERA SHOP INCORPORATED Photo Finishing Photo Supplies Portraits Muskegon Heights, Michigan Across from the Post: Office Com pany Draw-Cut Machine Tools The Office Outliitting Spot Phone 22-790 v 2 tai! . n I ,G-fi" 5 Q T i'-2 ' -if in g ? Cllice Supplies, lnc. 885-887 Terrace St. l - Quality Plumbing 8 Hgating Compliments of ' EVANS CLEANERS Rulter Bros. Congratulations Class of 1943 Standard Pattern 8z Model Works Wood and Metal Patterns Muskegon Heights, Mich. Congratulations and Good Luck N eiser's Watch Shop Jewelry ancl Repairing l25 W. Broadway, Muskegon Heights Michigan C. B. DAWES 8z SON Say It With Flowers Member of Florist Telegraph Association Phone 22-005 Compliments ot EMIL'S FOOD MARKET Quality, Service, Courtesy ls Our Motto. We Deliver IOO E H A Mid-West Machine 8z Manufacturing Co. Phone23-847 Getty at Keating Our Compliments As Ever KRAUSES 133 Compliments R. B. SI1oe Repair SI1op JoI1n Beluzar IO37 Peck Street MULDER'S STANDARD SERVICE Peck and Sherman PI1one 325-I58 Muskegon Heights, Michigan PETER HOMMES AGENCY INSURANCE G- REAL ESTATE Complete Property Service Notary Public CONSUMERS DAIRY , AII Popular Flavors of Ice Cream and Dairy Products M"S"e90" Heights' Mich- Phone 32-257 Sixth at Broadway Hume at Jefferson St. Phone 32-Oil-C WELL BALANCED HAIRCUT PGOPIGS Gives you that well groomed look Shoe Repairing S AV A C O OL Hat Cleaning BARBER SHOP 23 years in the largest shops 167 W. Broadway 1225 Peek St. Muskegon Heights Ag Across From The Norge BROADWAY PHARMACY Vickers "bla" Station COMPELTE DRUG SERVICE IOI W. Broadway Phone 32-357 Broadway and Sixth Streets THE HOSIERY SHOP Dresses-Hosiery-Lingerie-Blouses Coskume Jewelry-Handlcerchiefs IOII-I Peclc Si-, Near Sherman The Commercial Press Claude Medema, Proprietor "Master Printers U Phone 26-2411 I936 Peck Sk. Muskegon, Michigan Congratulations Class of 1943 Williams Sausage Co. Re - Upholstering - Repairing - Refinishing MUSKEGON UPHOLSTER COMPANY 53l Peck Sk. Heighks, Phone 23lI-00 BAILEY SUPER MARKET Sell: - Serve CASH AND CARRY Groceries and Meaks 273 E. Broadway Phone 33-434 " Are You Coal -ecl ? " MORE HEAT PER DOLLAR Phone 22-990 NEIL - ALWYNSE Lalcekon Ave. and 1khSI:. Daily Cleaners 899 Terrace Phone 23-lll-0 Eat Those Delicious Sunriselfies Dendrinos 18 Sons 135 C. FELT 6- COMPANY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS LYMAN BLOCK UNDER THE CLOCK Automatic Stokers Reid-Graff Company Plumbing, Ventilating, Heating 1417 Peck St. Phone 32-021 sroxm' STOKERS Lakeshore Machinery MARTIN COAL CO. and Dependable Fuels Supply Co' Coal - Coke Phone 26-655 Service Phone 22-243 Home Cooking No Liquor SPORTING Goons We Make Our Own Pastry PAINTS - GLASS K 6- M CAFE Phone 263-227 " All American " 529 Peck Street on U.S. 31 Muskegon l-Ieights VOSS HARDWARE Muskegon Heights, Michigan 543 Peck St. Telephone 25-460 Compliments of Yeager's Barber Shop Best Wishes to the Class oi 1943 Economy Hardware Don't forget to Buy Bonds! 136 We, Alumni of M.H.H.S. Congratulate THE GRADUATES OF 1943 Hubert HARWOOD-NELSON Meat Packers Occidental Hotel Building Lindland coal Co. Clnldeo Coal and Wood ' "The Best For Less" 859 Terrace PUHALSKYS PUBLIX MASTER Muskegon MART Tool and Die Company 201 E. SHERMAN PHONE 32-382 The Clark Boot Shop The Patterson Press Michigan Thealure Building ll-ll W- Western Ave., Muskegon ccprintins Dido: 137 George's Auto Sales Milk, Cream, and Dairy Products Used Cars Krim'Ko Chocolate Milk . MUSKEGON HEIGHTS "The Best Values ln Town" DAIRY Easy Terms Phone 32-196 1336 Maffett St. 1001 Getty St- Muskegon, Mich. Fischer Coal Co. 1957 Commerce St. Opposite Inter-State System Dial 22-965 D.8z C. STORE, INC. 5c to 51.00 Headquarters for School Supplies I , Jack Hutchinson s Service Station Corner of Peck and Barney Muskegon Heights "The Best of Service" L 6- M MOTOR CO- Trucks, Tractors, Dairy Equipment I Farm Machinery Ph0l1e 25-378 i922 Peck St. Muskegon, Mich. Compliments ol: THE VISTA GRILL GERST BARBER SHOP Corner Broadway and Sanford PATTERSON 'S Grocery Sz Market Quality Service 1638 Seventh Phone 32-348 get it from FRITZ HALL ELECTRIC CUMPANY Stewart Warner Refrigerators and Stoves NNE' 2' glee CHA MUSKEOON HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN WAR IS ON THE WIRES Be to Your CIOHICS CALL PLEASE BE BRIEF BAXTERS Michigan Associated Telephone Company Careful Launderers and Dry Cleaners Phone 22-672 PRICE DRY CLEANERS l87I - 73 Peck Street Telephone 23-193 Compliments of Serve - All Garage Official 3A Garage Congratulations To the Class of l9ll-3 CAROLYN MYSEN STUDIO HUDSON CLEANERS Peck and Terrace Muskegon, Michigan MEDENDORP AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY COURTESY SERVICE HONEST VALUES 1212 Peck St- Phone 32-304 LOUIS E. PETERSON COMPANY wHoLEsALE AND RETAIL Wall Paper and Paint Opposite Cnty Hall Muskegon Heights 1222 Peck Street Phone 32-231 Lamonda Rae BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waving Hair Tinting Hair Cutting 179 W. Broadway Phone 32-979 PECK PRODUCE MARKET "The Best Eggs Always" Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 1426 P ck Street Nea Sum it Quality Jewelry Since l887 LUMBER A. KRAUTHEIM COMPANY 329 W. Western Ave. Muskegon Where Courtesy Dwells . and Service Excells Hostess Hamburgs Always Dpen Except Sunday HUGHES STORE Smart Sportswear Chosen with you in mind. 266 W. Clay Phone 22-005 Stop Al: , T Nibble . A . Scrib . Nib NAN 5 BEAU Y For Good Eats Centrally Located l95ll- Peck St. Ann Fortin, Prop. Phone 23-028 65 Myrtle St. Muskegon, Mich Compliments of Brunlc's Service Station Peel: al: Holbrook Nessen Oil 6- Coal Co. 927 Getty St. At Nessenville Trailer and Cabin Camp L.c. MONROE Coal - Coke Building Materials Phone 22-786 Wood and Nims Muskegon, Mich. FRANCIS JIROCH CO. WHOLESALE Cigars, Candy, Tobacco Fountain Supplies 823 First St. Since 1866 141 Hoyt Food Store A Friendly Store Meat - Groceries - Ice Cream OLIVE MAE BEAUTY SALON MACK FALONY'S BARBER SHOP Strand Building A BUY Bonds Phone 32-034 729 Hoyt St. Phone 32-953 R k , B k RICHARDS e - Y S 3 eff PLUMBING Sz FURNACE 7 Special Dutch Cookies, Pastry CQ. and Home Made Bread 526 So. Getty St. 367 E- Larch corner Smith St. Phone 52'846 Muskegon, Michigan One of our Repair Trucks is in your neighborhood every day. Phone 32-116 Webb Coal Co. Guaranteed Fuels Prompt Delivery Play at CURVECREST The Home of Clean Recreation Clyde Hendrick, Realtor 222 Danigelis Building Phone 32-337 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Compliments of C. Thomas Stores, Inc 22 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights Best of Luck to Class of 1943 I-Iansen's Dairy Bar Lunches - lee Cream 1028 Peck St. Phone 326-219 Good Luck to the Graduating Class of '43 Lawson Budget Shop 50 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights Roger's Jewelry 326 Western Ave. Merit Shoe Shop Shoes for the Entire Family Your patronage has always been appreciated George A. Long your typewriter man 4th Floor, Lyman Block. Phone 2-57-57 Milk Mankinds' Favorite Food Buy it from the Quality Dairy C0 . Phone 23-091 Congratulations and Best Wishes T0 The Class 05 1943 ' I-lullinger Beauty Novalvs Meat Market Quality at Low Cost p shop Phone 32-312 26 E. Broadway, Heights 928 Hoyt St. Phone 325-241 Len' N""ak' PNP' 143 l ft J X, Q . ff, fl Q Q, D, .,-. , xf. I K .,.: aff- 4 , 9, 1 ' I- ,.N -.rv-,V . X nf . ,,,' 93 E :g . SN F v,f f.,,, fam ,4 ,K ',,.-Q9 1, ' ,- 1 A. Y ry ,err 7YV"f.,f .mx , 'y,J,:?.'v . li, .bv f ,aff-I ,lu I :1v,:'f"i ' lr., V- M, Q , .. ,,. 37 ,,x,.,5,,4 .: ,VA i T: . ,V f X M gi, r,, Z' 5. :-if" 3 T I Q V X. LM. .WL A, fy ,H 5. .yy if ,K ,, I E x f Q .1 f . X, .4 , . , V .

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