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Mixed Clmrus and Glee Club Qin., LIBRARY CLUB President: Ruth Purchase Vice-Pres.: Mary Upman Secretary: Marion Ruiter Treasurer: Lillian Scott Adviser: Miss Mary Hamilton GIRL SCOUTS President: Eunice Schatz Vice-Pres.: Irene Cincush Secretary: Veva Huston Treasurer: Cleo Huston Social Chairman: Beverly Cole Adviser: Mrs. Larsen BOOSTER CLUB President: Alberta Hocker Vice-Pres.: Lois Mixer Secretary: Peggy Olsen Treasurer: Iackie Sarasin Adviser: Mrs. Birleson DRAMATICS CLUB President: Lois Geisler Vice-Pres.: Neva Meisen Sec'y-Treas.: Shirley Walkley Reporter: Douglas lVIcSorley Adviser: Mr. E. W. Gillaspy HI-Y President: Robert lesson Vice-Pres.: Hector Grant Secretary: Iohn Norwood Treasurer: Spencer Ketchum Sergeants-at-arms: Bob Weideman and Bill Seyferth Adviser: Mr. Cliff Stevens ART CLUB President: Harry Hiltner Vice-Pres.: Rose Katrosits Secretary: Esther DeBruin Treasurer: Elizabeth Alfutis Adviser: Miss Nellie M. Iohnson COMMERCIAL President: Arnold Schapka Vice-Pres.: Wanda Schinzel Secretary: Elaine Dewey Treasurer: Thelma Burdick Reporter: Marcell Bancuk Advisers: Miss Edith Erikson Mr. R. A. Peterman FRENCH CLUB President: Arthur LeRoux Vice-Pres.: lack Lipman 5ec'y-Treas.: NancyCu1ver Program Chairman: Nancy Culver Adviser: Mr. Norman D. Vaughan GIRL RESERVES President: Lois Geisler Vice-Pres.: Iean Pfeiffer Secretary: Shirlie Vanderweele Treasurer: Alice Keefer Adviser: Miss Annette Hammel Art and Gurgcommunity '31 llziugof beauty is a joy forczwm lls lmwlzzzess nzrrcffzscs . . . . The Muskegon Heights Board of Trade presided over by Mr. I. Fred Boyd, last winter asked the schools through Mr. W. B. Booker, superintendent, if something could be done to help foster a better Christmas spirit in the city of Muskegon Heights. The thought was that perhaps a project of some kind could be worked out by students which would not only give the pupils experience but which at the same time would prove of benefit to the entire community. The answer Was not long in coming. Almost immediately work was begun by the art students, under direction of Miss Nellie M. Iohnson, on scenes depicting the birth of Our Savior, Iesus Christ. The scenes were painted in the fonn of what is known technically as "dioramas" and placed on the west side of Central Iunior High school, so that all persons passing the school or driving through the city on the main thoroughfare, U. S.-31, could view them. Here, then, was a common ground of apprecia- tion for people of all religious beliefs. Much fav- orable comment was received from this first city- high school project, financed by the local Board of Trade. It may be said here that both the schools and the members of the Board of Trade took great pleasure in seeing the idea come to life. The following students participated in making and painting the dioramas: Gerald Iohnson, Robert Martinson, Glenn Stonex, Bonnie Wachsmuth, Dorothy Smith, Garnet Iune Saales, Phyllis Gerber, Shirley Helman, Raymond Morrow, Harry Hiltner, Martha Minard, William Parmalee. fu l . Ly 5: Q S Vw . av . if Q, .1 Z. 1.5. A -Q I I , aw E A 3, J. Q , rf J x 5 . 7. ' I .. , , . ,5- Qc N A' , xl V . 11 ,'. 1 , f ,. N ' al' n 17- M fx I A 4 4 1. B, , g I 2 .1 .h 'f' ' 51, 2-f-1 .fx ii 13 ' 1 ,A ,wp V -,iv 5 Ln X' .-its ' ri, 1 Y x a- - w L, I F". 'ff 2 gf, , MJ' iI'rfj5 ' ' , ,,,1- 1-ia 1, .M f: iw ig .' iii? LZ ' , IFES ' 7 as A ' ' "Q 'F Q f -r-.f - 1' .. yy-Q ,N . 5 - :Hg 1 f ' 'N . ' A f Z- it I ' 54, 3 A V .Y-f.-. F f H: H .' F , -Y F1 . A 1 nfl 'wiiljf' fe' -' , 5 -. 41l?iffA. sf '5.2,'e1-gn' ' 2 ,,-33.1-f1, f X A P. uw., y . 4:41 1' " 'UM . 99 99 To Mr. Bolt, "Clic and "Mac For untiring service in helping to bring the name of Muskegon Heights High School to a high place in the ranks of Michigan lnterscholastic foot- all. Mr. Bolt Mr. Iohnson Mr. McKenzie Dr. C. A. Lund The time: "Old Grads Day" The place: Phillips Field The occasion: Presentation of blankets to our principal and football coaches, by Dr. Lund, Presi- dent of the Board of Education, as a token of appreci- ation for a job well done. Q.. I , m I. V 'B To The C0aCl'1CS Muskegon Heights High school is extremely fortunate in having one of the most efficient coaching staffs in the state of Michigan. Under the supervision of Mr. Oscar E. Iohnson, athletic director, a spirit of good sportsmanship has been developed, All of our coaches have shown skill and patience in their work with the boys in all sports: for more than a few years their efforts have been well rewarded. The boys look up to our coaches and put their entire "will to win" at the disposal of these men. A Yet not all the benefits are enjoyed only by the coaches and the school. The training which the boys receive in the various branches of participation will be lasting. Learning to function as a group, the ability to cooperate, is not the least of these benefits. Needless to say, courage and character is built and thrives upon the competitive spirit. A more perfect physical well-being induces a mental alertness not otherwise always possible. If we, as Americans, are to be strong in all ways We must first be strong physically. Our coaches have shown us the way. will it ,. . 1 xg .g y ' as .J - - N Q " 'f"r ' ?3k.lX? -2532 X , . X i ix. M xiii ,ii 1' y, - gl: 3 My A X ..jQ . Q ii sig is xx at bw Q ' Qi 0923? y txgkns Ayxx N- Srtmmsl tees? it ,wk x Q N9 X Q is is lf Ac, g HENRY-E. WEICK HERMAN A. KRUIZENGA NORMAN D. VAUGHAN VUTSHY GOH Varsity Tennis Assistant, Baseball F: OSCAR E. IOHNSON Athletic Director Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball if "N ,,. Quai'-P DR. A. F. DASLER Team Physician ,, V DAVID R. MC KENZIE CHARLES P. ZIEGLER HENRY N. ANDERSON Reserve Football Assistant, Football Assistant, Football Varsity Track 5?,.4g,:, Dedication As Latin instructor, athletic coach, class adviser, and friend, Mr. Herman A. Kruizenga has encouraged a feeling of good will toward all with whom he has come in contact during his six years of experience in Muskegon Heights High school. Never have his duties been confined only to the class- room, nor are his broader interests in lite limited to the text. It is fitting that this volume ot The Oaks be dedicated to Mr. Kruizenga, a fine example of what the teaching profession can produce: a combination of good character, leadership, scholar- ship, and. in large measure, service. VARSITY Under the capable leadership of Don Hendricks, the Tigers rolled over foe after foe in compiling their appreciable record of seven wins, one tie, and one defeat during the '40 season. Their victories brought them a share in the Southwestern Conference title. The formidable line, led by McSor1ey and captain elect Art LeRoux, displayed unusual spirit and aggressiveness which en- abled the Tigers to literally "moW down" opponents. The '41 team faces the problem of filling the vacancies left by such stal- Warts as captain Hendricks, Mortenson, Minarovic, Hurst, Smith and others. Coach Iohnson and assistant coach, Charles P. Ziegler, de- serve unprecedented credit for developing a smooth Working, weli- organized eleven Which proved to be a "powerhouse" in creating its highly impressive record. Coach Ziegler, Hendricks CCapt.l, Hurst, Coach Iohnson, Mortenson, Minarovic r .LB , ,, ,,,,,4 Football l lm Last fall, under the leadership of our principal, Mr. Bolt, Muskegon Heights High school tried something new in the history of gridiron contests. Nearly 1000 students and local fans took a chartered train of 12 coaches and a baggage car to the Benton Harbor game. lt resulted in a round-trip affair never to be forgotten, equalling for many students the intense excitement of the greatest ball game ever seen between the two Tiger teams of the Southwest Conference. Leaving Muskegon Heights with all 980 fans on board, the train steamed downstate with one resolve: to support that team and gain the victory. When the long hard struggle was over, the score stood 6 to 6, but none of the Muskegon Heights fans could have asked our boys to do any more than they did. Benton Harbor had one of the greatest football teams ever seen in Class A competition in Michigan. It was big, Well- balanced, and fast. Don Hendricks, Muskegon Heights captain and hard hitting line-plunger, evidently didn't care how good Benton Harbor was. He led our boys over the goal line for a touchdown in the face of brilliant opposition. Neither team could clinch the extra point required to win, mainly owing to a strong wind blowing across the field. When all was said and done, and the last strains of martial music had died away, 980 persons on board the "Special" returned home, knowing full well that at times, a tie is as good as a victory. Wansten, Ioe Tomorsky, Farkas, K. McSorley, LeRoux, Peply, Smith. p."i'1 .- . ,'f.g Q ' -vi: . f - f , . , . 'z-1. ., 1-rg?-' - gf' ' 5,-Q 'O . F3 '-'a -- 27' " 5, A-1 Lffff- nf... V ' .'-. , , " , " A - V "':,ff3 "?""'5-f'-515? 3 JJHTLQ . - ' I R. :LQ-5.1. Q' ,hug rug., .Z .I st A ,H .414 J .7 I H ,-,,.L'l:V: . 44,7 'F .ffm-It i if -KZ I at ff'.'f6ai- ji, , , , 1'f- aft- :S-, LH' 55,2-?'s-.5f3f" '- Jig' as f l r fn 'I tv - - , . .. - .fe --" -rw Q ff P- ' ...fu .4 ' .tgirl-.1. tw- 't-,'?f.,.. V Q Y ' 52 T' En A x 1-23... 5 F U ,W .--1 439' A ""l.. "M" . K 1 ' 5-4, I ' f " . I .1 lril A ., Y , - :tk r - i., ' + -1 V " , Q 1 f -P W. wwf fu. ,i fff 'W it 1: r, W 1 ' ' 1 VHF., f Ll' -A .uflm r ,, ' 5 -1 ' 'B JF' 3211- 5 , Q I - , Jig ' ' ' . -. ssss A 4 H- ?-. - . i 1 1 r .. , V4 I, , Q . ff f 1 4. V tl 5 0 N, 1' MQ V gf- If ,J 44- my A f A: , , , , A t f sa' 1,-1 ' , H X ' M. ' X ' , gi A " ' 4 B , Q. 1' . ,I ,t -. 4 t - it . , 5 '- , f , ,.a5""2i ',, .k f 'T , ' t ', Q , f ' ' . , "5 : jx?-1 "' ,: - ' La "I-1-45,-J figs. , t' f ' - ' ' ' JF' b 4' -. N 254 5-Riffs 1 1 , V ,Qf'?'7'i"k"i r' ji?-3?'?'r'1ii'1Qef-x - f V Y - - " ' , . A 15-rwifqfiifi ,iii 9 1940 Squad , :-...W ws M- 1-ffssus 1s'zsu'f'5'? . , . . gens-aumverg mi, N, '.:t5XSEI.Lfl:gi5ii1-5 W 3 Q ' '..'..:':.,, -s mmm s- -- 1K.14.4-.,:.. sr XJR my X. -'-11: 9 4 - 'wi -xii, '11 '- ss sv- .ij T YN " IT' . 55 H -' ami " 25:55 g.1 Back Row: Opalek. Brothers. Gomery. Regeczi Langlois. Reelman, Johnson Campsmnth Oberlln Tomorsky Third Row: Coach Ziegler. LeRoux. Heisser, Thornberry. Rogoski, Tumor ky Melsvh M Smath Dabrowskl Second Row: Coach Johnson. Erickson, Wansten. Wilson, Bretting, Kltchka D Mcsorley Habetler Bancuk Frungrllglilegeply, K. McSorIey, Minarovic, Hurst, Snith. Hendricks lCaptb Farkas Mortenson Kolenlc arwlg. 1940 SCORES Muskegon Heights Opponents 14 Granclville 1. ,,,, 27 Iackson s,,,rs,, 20 Holland ,,s,,,,ss, 19 Battle Creek ,,,,s 21 Kalamazoo ,s,,,,s 18 Grand Haven B Benton Harbor 31 Creston o...,,o,,,oo, O Muskegon .. 1921 Pioneers 1 1 t 1 4 I 5 Back Row: Rosie. Place, Timmick. Kimpton. Zimmer, Rohrer. Middle Row: Moore, Fuller, Fitch, Kelly, Hand. Bottom Row: Bawerson, Burns, Salathe, Critchett, Cashbaugh. Bespaloff. THE SCORES 1921 Muskegon Heights Opponents O G. R. Catholic ,,,,,,,.,,,.........,. ..,l. ...., 1 9 0 Shelby ........,w,,,,,, ........ 2 6 0 Grand Haven .....,........,............................. 107 32 Newayqo ..,.......................................,......... 01' 'l'Need1ess to say, the last game o the schedule was the most exciting, at least for Tiger fans. RESERVE 1 neg ,, 6 4 F 5- we if ,QQ Q 1 r., 'vw Secxson's Scores Little Tigers Opponenis 27 Fruiiport .......,.. 11 17 St. lean's ,.,,,,.,., ll 28 Benton Hc1rbor.,26 35 Grand Haven ..l6 21 Kalamazoo ..,.,, 28 28 Muskegon ..,...,, 22 34 Holland ,,,... H30 32 Benton HarboI..28 18 Grand Haven ,,17 23 Kalamazoo ,,,,. 29 18 Muskegon ......, 33 L58 Holland ,.,,......,. 24 . N- EK .,,,,, ..,., - WW, I ... Wa- S, X W ' .sf -'mm FCDGTBALL Our Reserves "held their own" this last season by winning four, losing three, and tying one. According to statistics, it was not as good a season as in past years, although they outplaved every team they met. It is in no sense an alibi to admit that Ol' Man Luck was against them. The Little Tigers went through the first three games in grand style, win- ning from Grandville, Holland, and Grand Haven. They played Grand Haven twice last season, once when the first team went to Iackson and the second time during the Homecoming. Then the Seconds ran into trouble when thev met Kalamazoo. The Tigers in that game were ahead 12 to 7 with 12 seconds left to play. It was Kalamazoo's ball. The Maroons pulled one more play and won the game, I3 to 12. In the second game with Grand Haven, they tied O to 0. The next week they went to Benton Harbor and after a scoreless first half, stepped up the tempo and won to the tune of l2 to O. The Tigers lost to Creston 6 to U, and ,.'Ti?t' to Muskegon in a tough game, 7 to O. That Muskeaon game at Hackley Field was interesting. The Reds scored during the first five minutes of the game, but from that point forward, the Tigers outplaved them on all points of play, although they failed to push the leather over the line. No one was a star throughout the entire season. but Lester Bartels, captain, did yeoman service for the boys and was consistent. Reserve Season's Record 1940 mmm Heights Opponents 31 Grandville ,....... 0 7 Holland .............. 20 Grand Haven .... 12 Kalamazoo ........ D Grand Haven .... 0 12 Benton Harbor .. 0 0 Creston ........,,.... 6 0 Muskegon .......... 7 THIRTEEN Back Row: Turner, Vanderwest, Sahel. Michka, Brosey, Javinsky. Thomas. Hilliard. Mortenson, Murray. Third Row: Kooyers. Fethke. VanBogeIen. Richardson, Ceton, Sievenson. Knapp. Walker, Feiber. BraSh. Second Row: Assistant Coach Anderson, Branch. Human. Bilka. Rosie. Gallup, Chesney, Stewart, J. Farkas Galy. Coach David R. McKenzie. Front Row: Fortenbacher, Hansen. Dendrino. Dick, Ruzicka, Bartels tCapt.J. Mosher, Brongersma Andrews, Sovacooi. Ketchum. .--- , nwqvv- F' ' '.'s"' lv: 'H f nf' - 1 .f - . . . ,' ,' - fl .- s , ,,'.'?,. -- " .- ..v:u- ,pg -V " - - . ,A wznfaza , -lnhn i' 'gn ' U - ' n -La. ' .av .5 ,, 1 - ig ,V . , ., n!si . 1. -1 ,. . P. i vi: .. .V - . 'uri f.., i E.: -Q. ,M 4 , ,A - . r. ,rp .- -ggi... Y , . r , Riino- -H 'Q ' Q '. ..-DH 1.-I -- E-.5g:,.J,3-.n-u fl. i.. Bkslnnu Q 'E . .Wi mfguwf' r . as use-. wr vis. immru.. ntl!-. vilivtl u un, su.. 11311 I ff. taunt mn :-ffnx' k A r.,-gs. I new ,a in uw fs e mhilm. va- sum L... mums ra . ' . 1' ' , ,J . U ,. sa. lfJ....f- ..,.g,,.,....s..iHs.....-.i.l. , -. - . 1 .--me .. ... . - N X - tw-M VARSITY The Tigers ended the season in second place after a "nip and tuck" battle with other South- west Conference teams in the annual season's race. But it wasn't until the last game of the season, against Holland, that Muskegon Heights lost their hold on first place. The Tigers won eight and lost seven: losing one game by a one-point margin and winzing four for the same small but im- portant "edge." Kalamazoo was the only team to beat the Tigers twice during the 1940-41 season. In the season's opener, the varsity walloped Big Rapids, 33 to l8. Then they traveled to Traverse City, and lost, 24 to l9, to a former Class B state champ team. The Tigers beat Benton Harbor 28 to 25 in a thrilling game on the Central Iunior High school floor, but lost to the down- state squad, 25 to 24, at Benton Harbor. The Harbor Tigers went on later to win the Michigan State Class A Championship, by a victory over Saginaw in the finals at Eazt Lansing. The Tigers are proud of their two victories over Grand Haven, always tough to beat on the basketball court: and of their victory over Muskegon's Big Reds during the first semester, 29 to 23. Muskegon won from Muskegon Heights in the return game. In that second meeting, Valuck and Bob Smith, stars on the Tiger squad, were missing from the lineup. Valuck was highly honored upon his graduation at mid-year. The entire school is confident greater things for Sam lie just over the horizon. They went into the Regional Tournament last winter labeled "the underdogs." Perhaps they were, statistically speaking. But when it came down to actual playing ability, the percentages didn't mean a thing. At least, they didn't mean much to lohnny Minarovic and Bob Smith. Iohn's brilliant ball hand- ling all year was something to make any coach green with envy. Iohn's clear, cool and alert thinking helped all of the bovs to keep in good spirits when the going was tough. Speaking of Bob Smith, what enemy basket didn't shrink in distance from the floor the moment Bob stepped under- neath? Bob's handy work under the net helped to win many a game which otherwise might easily have been a victory for the opposing team. To mention all of the boys individually would be an injustice or undue flattery: suffice it to say that the whole team "went to town" as Q good team should, lt was what they call in dope circles, a "highly successful season." Hat's off to the boys who beat the "State Champs" on our own floor. Congratulations to Coach Iohnson and his Cflgey' CCIQSISI the boys WhO WOuldn't Say Clie- . ml Basket Ball Season's Scores Tigers Opponents Big Rapids ..,,.., Traverse City Benton Harbor ,, Grand Haven .,,, Kalamazoo ,,.. Muskegon .. Holland . Benton Harbor ,. Grand Haven ..,, Kalamazoo ...,,,.. Muskegon ..,,..,.,. Holland ...,,.,,,,,,,, Regionals Davis Technical Lansing Central Saginaw ,.,,, , Back Row: Valuck, Brothers Hendrtcks Hurst Habetler Thornberry Gomezy Swiatek Coach Iohnson Front Row: Regeczi, Hilliard Smith Mmarovif: fCaptl Boyd Wiesenhofer A Schapka -1:f'S,. eserve Basket Ball t r 1 Back Row: L. Kwiecien, Thomasma, Haines, Bilka, C oach Kruizenga, Kohlbeck, Fethke, Schapka, Opalek. Front Row: Happeny, Hilliard, Levendosky. Parmalee CCapt.l. Campsmith, Brash, Thomas, Young. Coach H. A. Kruizenga should be complimented on the good brand of ball the Little Tigers played this last basketball season. The boys went through the season winning nine and losing three, seven of which victories were in the Southwest Conference. Kalamazoo's tall, lanky team was the only opponent to defeat the Tigers twice this year. Mus- kegon's Southwest Conference champs was the other team which defeated the Tigers, although it even took them "two tries" to do it, because the Little Tigers took their measure earlier in the season. Incidentally, our Reserves proved to be the only team able to beat Muskegon during 1940-41. Mr. Kruizenga wishes to extend to all of the boys his sincerest thanks for their fine spirit and cooperation. ROUND ROBIN CHAMPS Top Row: Gertrude Heart- man, Iane Ann Israel, Wilma France. Bottom How: Maxine Iohn- son, Captain Dorothy Smith, Beverly Cole. BOYS' SENIOR LEAGUE Left to right: Currie, Hart- man, Habetler, Bretting, Meisch. BOYS' IUNIOB LEAGUE Left to right: Dahl, Miller, Leisman, Schwing fAb- sent when picture was taken-Gabris, Selig? BREAKING INTO PRINT Senior Play "J une Mad"Opens Tonight HIGHLIGHTS of Lha- News NIH Fldltll Klll H1 I-,HS Avwxug. Jnxn-. mg, me r.-.,,1..,.-zu.-.-1. 1:.......u, ir... L.. f...-m, U.. wx- .,.......-.4 .Q .. gre... .1.-un ...Off nm. mln- A...1,.. WW Q Xnlulm- rmi I-1wff.1.1-.M ew. v.. LM 1' MI- 1'-wh vu ..v .n I... 1...-... . VH.: 1 ...'-. h r. m V .. ..1....g 4..rHug4r.x1.,.,.u.. Inav,-In ur. 1. .....n. v..- u.-11.1.1--nur.-.pi ... .5 .. -nw .li mum.. ll., mv..-A y 1. 11 ff ---as Two cents ' Bi-weekly Final Edition XI "Hes Ubrds Wen Oaks ln Acnrnsf' Edwin Markham Xlurkuawr. ll.-wufkll. Xl.vf.1g:m. March O. 1941 Number 6 al2SBo rd Plans Yearbook I :H Ulf' wi VY 1 'N-' -421 V' Md Xiklll Ulk KIII' fx 1 ' ' f YY ..Qff,.'Q. ".,' .',','fL.'..f'.f.If,' , , ,f ,,A,,A ' , ,N Home Econamics ,Qf'f',Q'ff'f,'..f. 'II" .7'.,f'. Deparkmenis Plan Iilillff-VI' 'fl' I X N Correlakecl Study lxetruxv ei. 1.1 X "Blitzkrieg" Hiks Heighks High. Mice On Defiense Trap Squad Commended By Miss Hammel and Mr. Bolk. Miss Mina Morrif, Chairman sf Ill-IIIIN'-'H ' I 11, r-,N 3,,f..x..... Mun. mkxlw- wr Cenkrallumor and H1911 schoo, y . .'4.N-n-1:1.- ..1..N. l.. . X .. . . 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Those two games will live long in the annals of local baseball. -,lj-igkj .. .3 vi, "' 'AA , 'Q 5 - . , .i if .Q s.vg5,l,5.,':,.-I- xvli.. , . I ,, "2 . ' 1 .ff ' nf' P ' 'f'.-.'fl:".sf"- ' - - if "".s' , ' L ' ' 'X-asf-321251. A ' " - ' ue '. .. W -12. 42' . . ' - -M '-" ' . ,. 'N' 'j:::Zf. .git ' ,-T35 3 Iii. 1 . 5321- " '- V "4 'lt qs-3 9 1- , g ,ist ,Q ' q. - s y : , ,-5, 5 . - ..:,,.,5-1: ' '. f V -- H 't . f ji .. ' ,pf I , ,' ' iv - 5 50' "rt, ,.,, - .V ff. 0 315" A 'T' ,gg-..:6:15"r:fu.-552: A' ' A .1513 ' " 5, " - , ,' iff., ' " g., -,Q ,,,:.f.1,".., H3-A J jf-1, --N." -- V- '- -- .- -' ' W - fee. .'."Z -,f'gfT.1-3::.g- 1,9 Zvi,-ic' -is w:,:-.:'- yt- ' ' .1 - 9:-5 a 3 Q 'fffwiifi T'aIZfj5jEji'1--, .gr71w'2f "' if '3':,z ' K HCI f.--1-wwv -. V .-.ftlfi-ts -ir-.--,QQ5 N- .A weft' ,. -, 4 N .... .. ' f - - -. ' ' - . 1:1 Li 'vm X: . mf 1.-.wer-.if I ,Ni ti mis 5 V U 5 .yu Bt 94 K 7 . 1. y , lv ,V If I, A X. . X -x I . ... Iv .A a X Q yi 355.12 gf- ir my , , W 5,1 Q A b ., . ' fx t J, s , fs X xr .Q Eg , , E I 1. . 2 Y , A E .V 7 f Q. .I 'lf-""".. 'll ' 7' -A' ' l -:- t I 27? . ,QE W .ll J. 5, l la Vf GX., R N ' , mi E - ' X - - ' .f,, wx . ,A 'ji .,- 'I up v 1iil"l?g'ft if, .E-ww .vsij 512' MPH, 'wwf' ,fi gy? fl gjuwfbiry 10, th MF ., 5' Baseball as an interscholastic competitive sport was in- stituted here four years ago. Since that time interest in base- ball has been definitely on the upgrade. During the past sea- son Coach Iohnson was happy to report that more than 60 boys were present for average spring practice sessions. With this number of boys out each year the coach always has a nucleus for the coming season. It is predicted that the pop- ularity of baseball will continue, as more and more towns- people and students realize its great value in the athletic program. THE SCORES 1940 Muskegon Heights Opponents 15 St. Iean's ...,.............. 4 ZZ St. Iean's .................. 2 6 St. Ioseph ..... ,,,,,,. Z 10 Hart ............ ...,,,, 6 14 Muskegon ,.... ...,,,, 9 24 Whitehall ........,....,.. 3 10 Grand Haven .......... 3 6 Muskegon ..,.,..,,,,.,.,. 0 7 Newaygo ...,,,,,......,, 3 7 G. R. Central .......... 7 4 Grand Haven ........ 5 3 St. Joseph ......,.,.,,,,,, Q TRACK Although track season was still "young" when the 1,841 Quksq went to press, there was time enough to predict a fairly goods season. As usual, the Tigers have a number of first place win-Q ners on the team but not many second and third place men. In the initial meet with Holland, Coach D. R. McKenzie's squad Won, 68l,vQ to SSIQ, capturing nine firsts. Aloyse Opalek, dimin- utive star for the Tigers, took two firsts, one second, and twq, third places. Russell Klett, captain, took two firsts.. K J i 1 5 I I xx . J -A ,gj,,A.,,:w ling... 'W I 4 194 1940 SEASON In the first meet of the 1940 season against Shelby, the Tigers piled up 55 points to 49 for the upstate squad. The Muskegon Heights relay team won and six other first places were captured that day. A highlight of the season was the dual-meet at Hackley Field with our time- honored rivals, the Muskegon Reds. Although the Heights boys lost the meet, they took five first places before the evening was over. It was an interesting meet, the event being held under floodlights for the first time in the history of either school. The crack Tiger relay team, comprised of Homan, Hornik, Smith, and Werner brought home the bacon in the good time of l:37.5. Homik's bril- liant last-minute sprint was cheered even by hundreds of Muskegon fans. Bob Homan qualified for the state finals in the both low and high hurdles. Bob won second in the state meet low hurdles. Werner placed second in the state finals, 440-yard dash. .e,sshPA!fo V at E651 . - V Tennis Nineteen-forty brought one of the most successful tennis seasons Muskegon Heights High school has ever had. At the end of the year the Tiger netmen were tied for second position with Muskegon in the Southwest Conference. The last match of the season provided the biggest thrill of the year. The Muskegon Heights and Grand Haven teams were tied for first place. The three doubles teams came through to win, but the four singles lost. Then John Minarovic was defeated but only after a thrilling three-set duel. In the regionals, Muskegon edged out Muskegon Heights by half a point: but the Tigers managed to send two teams, Iim Risk and Ernest Ruiter, Paul Kramer and Iim Fairris to Ann Arbor for the state tournament. Only three members, Rudd, Fairris, and Murray were lost by graduation. The 1941 season opened with high hopes of bettering all previous records. H. A. Kruizenga deserves much credit for his patient and consistent effort with the team. Iohn "Minnie" Minarovic, outstand- ing athletic star of Muskegon Heights High school, this year was honored by coaches of the Southwest Conference as the only unanimous choice for the All-Conference Basketball Team. He is the possessor of eight varsity letters. In tennis, Iohn has been the mainstay of Mr. Kruizenga's squad for four sea- sons. He has progressed until he is now one of the best singles players in the conference. Seniors voted Iohn the most athletic boy in the class. They could not have made a better choice. Iohn "has what it takes." x - wp , - . ' -'-9' X r -s 4...---inn.-Hwy. , I a- , A I A THE SCORES 1940 Helghts Opponents Benton Harbor Kalamazoo ...A.. Grand Haven .. Holland ...,,..,,,.. Muskegon ....... Kalamazoo ...... Benton Harbor Grand Haven .. Tctalsa . Golf The golf team this year was under direction of a new coach, Mr. Henry E. Weick. Throughout the season, Mr. Weick was ably assisted by Sam Valuck. links star who was largely responsible for the success of the 1940 squad. Because an extraordinarily warm and early spring made its appearance this year the boys were able to work out daily on the Pontaluna course. Al- though only a few boys try out for this sport it is coming to be popular with young boys as well as with older boys and men. It is a sport requiring con- stant eftort, skill, steady nerves, and intense concentration. The following students were among those on the regular varsity: Iohn Kole- nic, Don Kooyers, Walter Kroll, and Frank Kwiecien. Richard Fethke, Eddie Opalek, Leopold Kwiecien and Mike Sz ucs were also prominent during the sea- son's play. I 2- av 5 .,-. U V J' mv' ha' -1. ' 1,,f:f:i ' , -,i,L., ,. . .H 1 .. X ,,. 4 A 5 ..,,,, . , nxt . um -yn- .air x . ,,,. , QC: -gs- v .na . ,- I, ' ffl '. ,VP-9 ' .lar 1, 3. Q tw:- ' -. 1 ,luv . ',F'-4 Q,-. 51.2 , .,.. 9, I ' - A W CLIFTON ALBERS I26 East Barney DOROTHY FRANCES ALDRICH Senior Directory i941 EMPLOYMENT I 327-239 Library Club I: Girl Reserves I, 3, 4. i808 Sanford Street HENRY ESTELL ALDRICH Intramural Sports 2, 3: Hi-Y 3. lB08 Sanford Street ROBERT EARL ALVORD Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. I6I6 Sanford Street DOROTHY MAE ANDERSON Glee Club I. 2, 3: Mixed Choru l9I0 Glendale Avenue ESTELLA P. ANTONOPULOS Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. Route I. Fruitport MARCELL B. J. BANCUK Varsity Football 4: Reserve Foo 4: Intramural Sports I, 2, 3. l628 Glendale Avenue JAMES CARROLL BARTELS l75 Fifth Street FORREST KENNETH BAILEY 273 East Broadway IONE MAXINE BAKER Route 3. Muskegon MURRIEL M. BAKER Route 4, Muskegon LEONARD J. BATHRICK 327-I50 s I. 2. 3. 4. 327-234 tball 2. 3: Track 2. 3, ' 326-iss 33-434 42-B92 Reserve Football 2: Orchestra I. I3I4 Riordan CLARA PAULINE BECKLEY 327-480 Intramural Sports I. 2: Glee Club I. 4: Girl Reserves 4. I646 Morton Avenue 32-083 WILLIAM DALE BEECHAM Intramural Sports 2: Hi-Y 2. I726 Sanford Street 327-250 SUSAN BERCIK Basketball I. 2, 3: Track I. 2: Intramural Sports I, 2. 3: Mixed Chorus I. 2. 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4: Jun- ior Arbor Girl 3. 704 Ninth Street GRACE LOUISE BIDNEY Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival 3: Declamation 2: Girl Re- serves 4: Commercial Club 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. IOI7 Peck Street 33-455 IRENE GIZELLA BOSITS Intramural Sports I, 2. 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival I, 2, 3: Declamation 2: Junior Arbor Girl 3. 1545 Leahy Street MARTIN RUSSELL BOYD Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Baseball 2: Intramural Sports 2: Hi-Y 2: Commercial Club 3: Class Sergeant-At-Arms 3. l8I6 Hoyt Street DDRENE LOUISE BRANTHAVER Glee Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2. 3: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4: Declamation 2: Girl Reserves 4: French Club 4: Drum Majorette 3, 4. I 600 Seventh Street RALPH CHRISTOPHER BRETTING, JR. Varsity Football 4: Intramural Sports 4: Class Ser- geant-At-Arms 4. 80 Crescent Street 34-200 BARBARA ANN BROWN Glee Club I: Music Festival I: Girl Reserves 4: Booster Club I. 3. 4: Girl scouts i, 2: Acorn staff 4: oaks Staff 4. B2l Fifth Street 325.439 NDEX THELMA G. BURDICK . Dcclamation 2: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Booster Club I, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3. 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Class Secretary 2, 3, 4: Student Council Secre- tary 3. 1420 Temple Street 327-314 THOMAS RICHARD BUSARD Reserve Football I, 2: Band I. 2: Music Festival I: Concerts I, 2: Debate 3: Oratory 4: Declamation 2: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Route I. Muskegon 326-285 RAPHAEL C. BUSH I426 Peck Street 26-980 DOROTHY EDNA CARLSON Commercial Club 3. Route 5. Muskegon BERNICE CHEREP Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus I. 2: Concerts I, 2. l009 Eighth Street IRENE MARY CHOLEWINSKI Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Selective Chorus 4: Commercial Club 2. 3. I237 Henry and Broadway 34-ll0 ALBERT JUNIOR CHRISTOPHER Senior Play 4. I548 Maffett Street 34-292 IRENE ANNE CINCUSH Intramural Sports I. 2, 3. 4: Booster Club I, 3, 4: Girl Scouts I, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club I. 1728 Highland Avenue CHARLES ANDREW COOPER Declamation I. Route 4, Muskegon LORRAINE B. COSTON Senior Play 4: Science 3. Route I, Box 23l, Muskegon 256-7l9 VIRGINIA MAY COVLASKY Intramural Sports 3: Glee Club I. 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Science Club I, 2. 3. 50I Seventh Street DONALD MARVEL CURRIE Track 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2, 4. l22l Eighth Street VICTOR WERNER DAMM Senior Play 4. 8-il Sanford Street OLWYN GWENDOLINE DAVIES Mixed Chorus 4: Selective Chorus 4: Library 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4. Route I. Fruitport HENRY WYNAND DE BRUIN Orchestra I: Band I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Music Festival 2, 3: Concerts I, 2, 3. 76 East Barney Avenue 325-l43 ELAINE GENEVA DEWEY Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2. 3, 4: Music Festival I, 2: Girl Reserves I, 4. 924 Baker Street 326-377 ARNOLD LESTER DEJONGE Intramural Sports: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival 3. I4I6 Ninth Street 328-470 CHARLES ARTHUR DETHLOFF Route 5, Muskegon JAMES E. DORNBOS 325-263 I533 Ninth Street 327-137 JOSEPH FRANK DOZA i004 Ninth Street 323.103 GERALDINE MARIE DYKEMA Intramural Sports 2: Glee Club I, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus. I. 2. 3. 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. l6l3 Fifth Street 32.253 Editor-In-Chief .. Associate Editor Sports Editors ..,.,.... Layout and Art Chief Typist Section Editors . Gala Stall For 1941 7 'i 4? A' QV' Nur g g fl , I ,l O 5 I 'A x3 f J 1 x 1 KAY SPRECKEN BARBARA BROWN Associate Editor Editor-in-chief CHAIRMAN OF THE OAKS BOARD-MR. C. F. BOLT EDITORIAL STAFF Brown ....,..Kay Sprecken .......Sam Valuck lim Risk Bob Knapp Geraldine Dykema ...........Urshell Robbins ...........Marcella Ross ,.,....,,Rena Smith Kay Sprecken Peggy Olsen Barbara Brown Associate Department Editors ,,,,, ,,,,,r,Ar M ary lane Wood Bill Beecham Donald Currie Ioe Doza Frank Kwiecien Russell Kanaar Fred Hradsky Floyd Farmer Bill Farwig Iohn Gabris Maurice Grover Ieanne Knutsen Geraldine Dykema Grace Bidney Dorris Goldberg Staff Photographer .,,,. ,..,,,.,,.,,,,,.,..rr,..Y,,,,,,,,,,,, M r, Paul Schulze Adviser: Mr. W. E. Murray PRINTING STAFF George Manthei Bill Pothotf Gordon Rockey Robert Heiser Thomas Kent Comell Schultz Lloyd Morbeck Ralph Newville Elmer Parrott Clifton Albers Gerald Heistand Maynard Erickson Thomas Hoekenga Ed Kuleza Harold Le Meiux Alfred Mc Caleb Adviser: Mr. C. F. Koehn ART STAFF Editor ,,,, ,,,.,, . .. ,,,,,....,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. F r ank Siplin Assistants ..,. ., ,.,...,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Urshell Robbins Floyd Farmer Margaret Iuhas Gerald Iohnson Lorraine Williams Adviser: Miss Nellie M. Iohnson TYPING STAFF Marcella Ross Delores Van Bogelen Dorothy Anderson Shirley Scott Frances Murphy Olga Minericlc Dorothy Larson Adviser: Mr. R. A. Peterrnan SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Subscription Manager ,..,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lem-me Pfeiffer Captains- Boys ...... ,i,, ..,,,,, R o bert Lansdale Don Peply Girls ---,-- A,,,..-,,.,,. ......,.......,,,......,.,,,., I a cqueline Sarasin Rosemary Hill Adviser: Mr. R. A. Peterman ADVERTISING STAFF Iim Risk Iohn Norwood Thelma Burdick Ieanette Sienkiewicz Walter Parker Alfred Mc Caleb Hector Grant Bob lesson Don Peply Adviser: Mr. I. W. Verduin Alberta Hacker Betty Nessen Don Mac Donald Tom Busard Don Hendricks Bob Lansdale Tom Hoekenga Russell Klett Ed Wiesenhoefer DONOVAN EMIL HENDERSON Senior Directory LEWIS STANLEY ERICKSON Baseball 2. 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 4: Concerts 2. 4: HI-Y 4- Route 5, Muskegon 34'774 MAYNARD WILLIAM ERICKSON Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2. I349 Mason Blvd. JOSEPHINE AGNES FAKATTY . ' Glee Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 3, 4. 845 Eighth Street 328-452 EUGENE FRANK FARKAS Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 2, 3. IU45 Sanford Street 325-293 novo Howhep FARMER Art Club I. 2. 3. lsaz Sixth Street 33-I48 WILLIAM ELLSWORTH FARWIG Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: RBSBFVB Basketball 2. 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 2. 3.4. 447 E. Columbia Avenue 34-220 STANLEY ROBERT FILONOW . I Band 2: Glee Club 2: Mixed -Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Sergeant-at-Arms I. Route 5. Muskegon SHIRLEY ANN FREDERICKS Orchestra I. 2, 3. 4: Glee Club I. 2. 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4: Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4: Concerts I, 2, 3. 4. ISIO Peck Street 326-427 JOHN MICHAEL GABRIS l5I9 Eighth Street BETTY JEAN GARDNER Band 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2. 3. 4: Concerts 2. 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Girl Scouts 2. 3. 4: Commercial Club 2, 3: Vice-President 3. 904 Maflett Street 327-II8 EDYTHE MARIE GARDNER Intramural Sports 2, 3: Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4. Route l, Lake Harbor, Muskegon 35-273 LOIS MARGARET GEISLER Intramural Sports I: Glee Club I, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festi- val 2: O-ratory 3: Declamation I, 2: Junior Play 3: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: President 3: Vice-President 2: Acorn Sta1T I: Oaks Staff I. Route I, Muskegon 326-Il6 LOIS MAXINE GILL Intramural Sports 2, 3: Booster Club I. 2I6 E. Sherman Blvd. 36-l48 JOHN VANDEFIWERP GILMAN Reserve Basketball 3. 4: Intramural Sports I, 2, 3: Band I: Hi-Y 2, 4. 639 Peck Street 23-484 MARION GERTRUDE GILMORE Junior Play 3: Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4. I834 Sixth Street DORRIS ANN GOLDBERG Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. III East Sherman Blvd. 326-389 HARRIET LUCILLE GORMAN Route I, Muskegon HECTOR COLBY GRANT, JR. Baseball 2. 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3: Oratory 2: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. 628 Baker Street 242.140 ALICE MAE GREEN Intramural SDOYIS 2. 3: Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4. III3 Seventh Street ANDREW GROENEVELD Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 2, 3: Track 2. i620 Fifth Street MAURICE LYNN GROVER I4l6 Lemuel Street 34-329 CHARLES STEVE HABETLER Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 4: Reserve Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 3. 4: Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. I549 Morton Avenue KATHERINE TERESA HANIS Commercial Club 4. Route I. Muskegon BERNICE CLARA HANSEN 1 Intramural Sports 2: Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Music Festival 3: Girl Reserves 4. Route 5, Muskegon 325-454 MONA FREDA HART Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: .lun- ior Play 3: Girl Scouts I, 2, 3. 4: Art 4: Cheer Leader 4: Acorn Staff 4. II50 Howden Street 325-495 GEORGE HARTMAN, JR. Intramural Sports 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 520 Reynolds Street ROBERT WILLIAM HEISSER Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2. l225 Eighth Street 34-337 GERALD HENRY HEISTAND Glee Cluh 2. l02l Elwood Street 328-388 RUSSEL MAXWELL HEISTAND lD2l Elwood Street 328-338 ROLAND LEE HEMEREN Hi-Y 3: Science Club 3. Route 5, Muskegon 327-643 Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festi- val 3. Route 5, Muskegon 33-B67 DON ROY HENDRICKS Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 4: Reserve Basketball I, 2, 3: Track I: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports I, 2: Athletic Board 4: All-State Football 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Band I. 2. 3: Music Festival I, 2. 3: Concerts I, 2, 3: Vice- President I. Route 5, Muskegon ROSEMARY E. HILL Intramural Sports 2: Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus 2: Declamation 2: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Dra- matics Club 3: Girl Reserves 4: Booster Club I, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Presi- dent Student Council I. I4I2 Howden Street 325-4I7 ALBERTA JANE HOCKER Intramural Sports 2: Orchestra I, 2. 3. 4: Music Festi- val I, 2. 3, 4: Concerts I, 2. 3, 4: Debate 3: Dra- mat-ics Club 3: Booster Club 3, 4: Girl Scouts I, 2. 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3: President Student Council 4. 58 E. Broadway 32-27l THOMAS B, HOEKENGA Glee Club I. 2. 3.4: Music Festival I: Science Club I. 745 Sanford Street 325-233 BETTY JANE HOFFMAN Route 5, Muskegon 328-663 CLAYTON LEROY HOWARD Intramural Sports I. 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Selective Cho-rus I. 2. 3: Music Festival I. 2: Declamation 2: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y I, 2: Commercial Club 2, 3. 808 Hoyt Street 323.113 GEORGE HRADSKY Route I, Muskegon 326-484 FRED EDWARD HRADSKY Route I. Muskegon STEVE HULKA I020 Eighth Street JAMES E. HURST Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 2. 3: Varsity Basketball 3: Reserve Basketball 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sport 2, 3 4. H54 Meniwraithsstreet CLEO DOROTHY HUSTOIN Band I, 2. 3. 4: Music Festival I, 2. 3, 4: Girl Scouts 2- 3, 4: Commercial Club 2. 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. IDI5 Hoyt Street 327-233 FRANK CONRAD HUTCHINSON I903 Peck Street 35.139 HELEN RUTH JACKSON Glee Club I, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 4: Junior Play 3: Dramatics Club 4: Girl Reserves H33 Manz Avenue L ff- 's Senior Directory THY ELLEN JACOBSON I I ggcigstra I. 2. 3. 4: Music F9SflVBl I. 2. 3. 4. Con- certs I. 2. 3. 4: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. Dram- at'cs Club 3: Art Club 4. 520 Leahy Street ROBERT MARSHALL JESSON I I I Orchestra I: Band 2: Music Festival l. 2. Concerts 2. o hate 4: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y 2. 3- 4- B485 Fifth Street 325458 WILLIAM MERLE JOHNSON I3 .1 2, 3. 4. l323n Falrfield Street 328477 IRENE ISABEL JOZSA I . Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 3. 4. Mllill Cho,-Us 2, 3I 45 Music Festival 3: Dramatics Club . Junior Arbor Girl 3. I527 Leahy Street 327'28' WARD ALBERT JUDD I I :pack I, 2: Baseball I. 2: Selective Chorus 4. Con- certs 4. Nunica. Michigan sAM R. KAIJELsIIc I4oo Seventh Street 34430 RussIzL LOUIS KANAAR GI Club 3. Izgi Glade Street 32-U5 I. FRANCES n. KANDALEC 932 Sixth Street 323452 AIIINETTE ERNESTINE KEEDLE . Intramural Sports I. 2. 3: Orchestra l. 2. 3: MUSIC Festival I. 2. 3: Concerts l. 2. 3. I I620 Glendale Avenue 32542 UISE KEEFER Sbilgti 293. 4: Declamation I. 2: Extemuoramwvs 45 Senior Play 4: Dramatics Club 3: Girl Reserves 3. 4. Science Club 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Class Treasurer I. Route I. Muskegon THOMAS F. KENT . Oneretta 2: Minstrel Show I: Glee Club l. 21 Mmm Chorus 2, 3. 4: Music Festival 2. 3. 4: CUYICOHS 2- 544 Hoyt Street 264-'55 THOMAS ERWIN KETCHBAW I , Intramural Sports I: Band I, 2. 3. 4: Music Festival l. 2. 3. 4: Concerts l. 2. 3. I024 Sanford Street 327-295 HELEN MARY KISS Route 5. Muskegon WILLIAM PAUL KITCHKA i627 Highland Avenue USSELL ERNEST KLETT I '?rack I, 3. 4: Band I. 2, 3, 4: Music Festival I. 2. 3. 4: Concerts l. 2. 3. 4. Ioos Hoyt Street 328-'22 JOHN TOM KOLENIC I029 Jefferson Street IRENE MAE KUBICEKI Route I. Fruitport. Michigan EDWARD JOSEPH KULESZA lI22 Sixth Street 34-308 STELLA THREASA KUTLER I Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival 3. 70I Hoyt Street 323440 ROSE MARIE KWAK 837 Eighth Street FRANK EDWARD KWIECIEN. JR. Reserve Basketball 2, 3: Golf 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports I. 518 Sixth Street VIRGINIA MARIE LABAN I I Glee Club I. 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: Music Festival I. 2. 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. I005 Eighth Street 33-323 EDITH O. LAFLAME Band I, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l: Music Festival 3: Concerts 3. 27 Harrison Avenue PETER ANDREW LAKATDS l025 Melllwralth Street MAVIS LA MOYNE Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Commercial Club 3. l5I0 Merriam Street MARIAN IRENE LANORE Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. i428 Leahy Street JOHN ROBERT LANSDALE Debate 4: Oratory -I: Extemporaneous 4. 904 Baker Street 34-345 MARGARET LUCILLE LARSEN Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus I: Girl Reserves 3. 4: French Club -l. 1525 Highland Avenue 328-183 DOROTHY JEAN LARSON Glee Club -l: Mixed Chorus 3: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival l. 3: Commercial Club 4. H39 Hoyt Street MAXINE RUTH LEE Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Music Festi- vzl l. 2. 3: Girl Reserves 4: Commercial Club I. IOOI Maltett Street 32-062 HAROLD ALBERT LEMIEUX Baseball 3. 4. i033 Sanford Street 35-425 KENNETH A. O. LINDLAND Tennis 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2. 4: Orchestra l. 2. 3. 4: Band l. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club I. 2. 4: Mixed Chorus -1: Selective Chorus 4: Concerts 2. 3. 4: Declamation 2: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Dram- atics Club 3. 8-I0 Peck Street 32-978 BETTY JEAN LOVEJOY Girl Reserves 3. 4: Commercial Club 3, 4. 68 Crescent Avenue 35-I30 SOPHIE LYSIAK Commercial Club 4. I5-I2 Park Avenue DON MACDONALD Band I. 2: Music Festival I: Concerts I: Debate 3. 4: Declamation 3: Extemporaneous 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Class President 4. Route I. Lake Harbor. Muskegon 327-382 ROSE ELEANOR MADASY I509 Seventh Street TILLIE BEATRICE MALAVAZOS Commercial Club 3. Route I. Fruitport GEORGE EDWARD MANTHEI. JR. Intramural Sports 2: Operetta 2: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival 2. 3, 4: Concerts 3. 533 Fifth Street 26-302 MILDRED MARIE MATUZ Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus 2: Selective Chorus 3. 623 Ninth Street 249-294 ALFRED MCGALEB Intramural Sports 2: Orchestra 3: Band 3. 4: Con- certs 3, 4: Oaks Staff 4. l2l2 Jarman Street ROBERT CHARLES MCCREA l33I Riurdan Street WANDA PEARL MCDONALD Band I. 2. 3. 4: Music Festival l. 2. 3. 4: Concerts I. 2. 3. 4: Commercial Club I. 2, 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. I4 I 6 Waalkes Street DOUGLASS C. MCSORLEY Varsity Football 3. 4: Reserve Football 2: Reserve Basketball 3: Track 4: Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4. 9I6 Sanford Street KENNETH NOLAN MCSORLEY Varsity Football 3. 4: Track 3, 4: Intramural Sports 4: All-State Football 4. 916 Sanford Street EUGENE JAMES MEYERS Band I. 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4: Concerts I. 2. 3. 4. Route I. Fruitport 323.359 HELEN JANE MILLER Glee Club I. 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival 3, 4: Oratory 3: Booster Club l. l547 Malfett Street Senior Directory MINAROVIC . t'lg,rlsP:tyMilgcFfiLh':1Il 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball I. 2: TWINS W- 2- 3. 4: Intramural Sports I. 84I Seventh Street ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY Science Club 3. Route I, Lake Harbor 32455 LLOYD ROBERT MURBECK GIBB Club 3. I7OI Mona Avenue VIRGINIA ANNA MORROW - , Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 3. 1525 Glade Street 32-373 DONALD C. MORTON Route I. Muskegon 33-273 HOWARD I. MORTENSON Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football I, 2, 3: Reserve Basketball I, 2, 3: Baseball 2. 3, 4: Intramural SDOHS 2, 3, 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4. I5l7 Mona Avenue THOMAS ORVILLE MORTENSON I5l7 Mona Avenue WlLLl?M FREDRICK MURISET GI C D 2. I6geClevleland Avenue 33-402 FRANCES RUBY MURPHY A - intramural Sports I: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Commercial Club 3, 4: Orchestra I, 2: Glee Club I: Music Festival I: Concerts I, 3. 82I Hoyt Street BETTY LOUISE MYERS N Intramural Sports I. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 3. 4: Girl Scouts 3: Art Club 2. Route 5, Muskegon 327-543 THELMA EDITH NAGLE - I Glee Club 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 2: Dramatics Club 3: Junior Play 3: Girl Reserves 4: Rooster Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. I4I7 Jeflerson Street 327-409 MURIEL ELIZABETH NELSON Girl Reserves 4. BDI Leahy Street 262-ISI BETTY NESSEN Orchestra I. 2, 3, 4. l232 Peck Street 32-333 RALPH EDGAR NEWVILLE Reserve Football 3: Baseball 2. 3. 4: Intramural Snnrts 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 4. 845 Sixth Street 34-350 JOHN ELDRIDGE NORWOOD. III Hi-Y. I. 2. 3. 4. 626 Peck Street 22-BI8 ANDREW MICHEAL OLAH Reserve Basketball 3: Baseball 2, 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. 4: Orchestra I, 2, 4: Music Festival 2. ISII Lemuel Street MARGARET ELLEN OLSEN Girl Reserves 4: Booster Club I, 3. 4: Girl Scouts I, 2: Junior Arbor Girl: Acorn Staff: Oaks Staff 4. 844 Fifth Street 33-I38 RIITH EVELYN OLSEN Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4: Music Festival I, 2: Commercial Club 3, 4. 745 Baker Street 328-I39 ALOVSE FRANCIS OPALEK Varsitv Football 4: Reserve Football 2. 3: Reserve Basketball 2. 3: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports I, 2. 3. 4: Band I, 2: Music Festival I, 2: Concerts I. 2: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. IIIO Riordan Street 325-237 RICHARD J. OPALEK Reserve Football 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: intramural Snorts I. 2 3. 4: Glee 'Club 2, 3, 4: Iii-Y 2. IO45 Hoyt Street MARY THERESA OSTRADICK IGIIJ Eighth Street PAUL A. PANZER Orchestra I, 2, 3: Glee Club I. 2, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Concerts I, 2, 3: Art Club l, 2. 3, 4. GI7 Hoyt Street 25I-4I0 WALTER E. PARKER. JR. Intramural Sports 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 2l3I Harrison, Muskegon ELMER PARROTT Intramural Sports I, 2: Glee Club 2. 7I3 Reynolds Street ALEX R. PAWNESHING Boxing: Fencing-Muskegon Senior High 624 Sanford Street WILLIAM PEHR 60 Cleveland Avenue 35-II5 DONALD PERRY PEPLY 1 Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football I, 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports I, 2. 3, 4. 628 Eighth Street 26I-I72 JEAN GARNELL PFEIFFER Girl Reserves 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3. 725 Seventh Street 35-286 DON LEWIS PIPULY Orchestra 4: Band I, 2, 3: Music Festival I, 2, 3: Concerts I. 2, 3. Route 2, Muskegon 42-765 JACANDA POLIFRONIO Intramural Sports I: Glee Club I, 4. IO44 Fifth Street 325-l48 THEADORA MARY POLIFRONIO Track 2: Baseball 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 4: Music Festival 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4. IO44 Fifth Street 325-I48 SAMLIFL EDWARD POSTLEWAIT I232 Eighth Street WILLIAM CHARLES POTHOFF 725 Sanford Street DOROTHY JEAN POULIN Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Commercial Club 3, 4. Route I, Muskegon 326-468 PETTYE LOIJ PRIVACKY Baseball 2, 3. I4Il Park Avenue MARY LOU PRIVACKY Intramural Sports I, 2, 3. l4II Park Avenue RUTH CHARLOTTE PURCHASE Glee Club I. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Selective Chor- us 4: Music Festival I, 3, 4: Library Club I, 2. 3, 4. I308 Sixth Street CLARA ELEANOR REAMES Glee Club I, 2. 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 4: Selective Chor- us 4: Music Festival 2: Science Club 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Operetta 2. 220 E. Summit Avenue 326-259 BETTY ARLENE REID intramural Sports I, 2: Junior Play 3: Commercial Club 2: Junior Arbor Girl 3. I337 Howden Street 33-405 DRVILLE GEORGE RHODEA Route 4, Muskegon DONNA MARIE RHODES Track 2: Baseball 2: Intramural Sports 2, 3: Glee Cluh 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Dramatics Cluh 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2: Girl Scouts I, 2, 3. l220 Jarman Street WILLIAM ROBERT RICHARDSON Intramural Soorts 4: Bowling 4: Hi-Y 4. 84 Crescent Avenue 328-454 STANLEY JAMES RISK Tennis 2. 3. 4: Intramural Snorts 2: Glee Club 2: Debate 4: Extemporaneous 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stat? 4. 844 Baker Street 32-052 GORDON KERMITH ROCKEY 909 Mclllwraith Street ROBERT BUNKER ROGOSKI Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football I, 2: Track 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Hi-Y I: French Club 4. 632 Peck Street 25-844 .ki - 77 Senior Directory lvii?rE?nE'FhAsrdrtE0ES2: Girl Scouts i, 2: commercial Club 2, 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Acorn Staff 4, 329 Hoyt street 36-225 I ER R5sbeIEriTFPoEt?1a:lTgU31: Reserve Basketball 2: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Oaks Staff 4- 9l3 Peck Street JACQUELINE LORRAINE SARASIN Basketball I, 2, 3. 4: Tennis I, 2: Intramural Sp-orts I 2, 3. 4: Orchestra I. 2. 3: Glee Club I: MIXGU C'horus 2. ag Music Fesuvai i, z. 3: concerts 1. 2. 3: Booster Club 2. 3. 4: Commercial Club 3. 945 Jefferson Street PHILLIP ARNOLD SCHAFKA Varsity Basketball 4: Reserve Basketball 3: Intra- mural Sports 2, 3. 4: Orchestra I. 2: Band I,32,43. 32-224 4: Music Festival I, 2, 3. 4: Concerts I. 2. . - Commercial Club 3. 4. 60l W. Summit Avenue 33403 EUNICE MAE SCHATZ . I Intramural Sports 3: Band I. 2. 3, 4: MUSIC Festival 2, 3: Concerts 3: Girl Scouts I, 2, 3. 4. l4I6 Baker Street 326-324 WANDA JENNIE SCI-IINZEL Basketball I. 2: Baseball I. 2: Glee Club 2: Commer- cial Club 3. 4. Route I. Muskegon 327-595 CORNELL FRANK SCHULTZ ' Junior Play 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Dramatics 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y I 2 545 Peck'Street 255-276 LORRAINE JEWEL SCOTT ' Intramural Sports 3: Girl Scouts I: Commercial Club 3. 4. l836 Hoyt Street 325-l5l SHIRLEY JANE SCOTT ' Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Music Festival 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. 540 Reynolds Street 328-NU VIVIAN IRENE SHERMAN Orchestra I, 2, 3: Band I. 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival I, 2. 3: Concerts I. 2. 3: Girl Scouts I. 2. 3, 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Class Secretary I. 54l Leahy Street ZGI-H35 RAYMOND FLOYD SHOWERS Band 2, 3: Concerts 2. 3. I840 Mona Avenue l509 Glade Street 328--162 JEANETTE MAE SIENKIEWICZ Intramural Sports I. 2, 4: Commercial Club -I. INA JANE SILVIS Mixed Chorus 4. 920 Sanford Street 33-340 JOYCE LUCILLE SMITH Glee Club l: Library I: Art Club I. 2: Commercial Club 2. 3. I605 Fifth Street MABEL LOUISE SMITH Band 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: Music Festival 2. 3. 4: Concerts 2, 3. 4. 84l Sixth Street 326-422 MARVIN SMITH Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Extempo- raneous 3: French Club 2. 560 Sherman Blvd. RENA SHIRLEY SMITH Glee Club I: Debate 3: Oratory 3: Dramatics Club 3: Girl Reserves 3. 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. 728 Maffett Street 32-345 RICHARD SHERIDAN SMITH Band 2. 3, 4: Music Festival 2. 3. 4: Concerts 2. 3. 4. 900 Peck Street 32-988 ROBERT ANDREW SMITH Varsity Football 2: Reserve Football I: Varsity Basketball 2: Reserve Basketball I: Baseball 2. 860 Summit Avenue KATHRYN LOUISE SPRECKEN Glee Club I. 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus 4: Music Festival I. 2. 3. 4: Concerts 3. 4: Oratory 3: Girl Reserves 4: Acorn Staff 3, 4: Oaks Staff 3. 4. 724 Baker Street 35-279 LEWIS JACK STEINDLER Reserve Football 2: Intramural Sports I. 2: Debate 3: Declamation 2: Dramatics Club 3: Hi-Y I, 2. 3. 4: Commercial Club 4. 635 Peck Street 265-225 ESTHER ELIZABETH SZYLER Intramural Sports I: Art Club I, 2, 4: Commercial Club 2. l729 Peck Street DONALD WILLIAM TETZLOFF l829 Ninth Street CHERIE PEARL TURK Commercial Club 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Class Treas- urer 2. 635 Sixth Street 252-3l8 MARY JEANNETTE UPMAN :Entered from Chicagol Athletic Board 2: Library Club 4: Girl Scouts I, 2: Science Club 2. R. R. I. Fruitport SAMUEL WALTER VALUCK Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 2, 3. 4: Re- serve Basketball l: Golf 3. 4: All-State Basketball 4: Art Club l: Commercial Club 2: Acorn Stalt 4. 826 Seventh Street 325-453 AUDREY MARGARET VAN BEUKERING Glee Club I. 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Music Festival I, 2: Library Club 3. 4. 732 Peck Street DELORAS D. VAN BOGELEN Commercial Club 4: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Oaks Staff 4. I924 Highland Avenue LOUIS VANDERWEELE 25 Amsterdam Avenue 326-237 SHIRLIE MAE VANDERWEELE Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Music Festival 3: Jun- ior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3. 828 Jefferson Street HENRY JAMES VAN VEELEN Route I. Muskegon 35-278 MARY MARGARET VARGO Glee Club 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Music Festival 3. i035 Seventh Street ERNEST EDWARD VEGTER Track 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 2. 3, -I: Selective Chorus 4: Debate 4: Declamation 4: Extemporaneous 3: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. I045 Leahy Street 327-I00 DELORES LUCILLE WACHSMUTH Orchestra I. 2. 3: Glee Club I. 2. 3.: Mixed Chorus l. 2. 4: Music Festival I. 2. 3. 4: Concerts I, 2. 3: Junior Play 3: Dramatics Club 3. I020 Peck Street MARCELLA BERNICE WALICKI Route I, Fruitport KENNETH RALPH WANSTEN Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 3: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. 4. 933 Leahy Street 32-930 DOROTHY ALICE WENTZEL Route I. Muskegon JOYCE BERNICE WERSCHEM Bend 3. 4: Music Festival 3: Concerts 3: Girl Re- serves 4. I036 Baker Street 32.250 GERALD BIRTH WHEELER Pand 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Music Festival 3. 4. 739 Baker Street 325.459 MARGARET ELIZABETH WIERS 23-I Harrison Avenue WILLIAM FREDRICK WIERS V?l'SltV Football 3: Reserve Football I. 2: Varsity Baskrtball I, 2: Baseball I. 2. 3: Class Sergeant- At-Arms 2. 908 Leahy Street 325.330 EDW-IN LEO WIESENHOEFER Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Tennis 2 3. 4: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: President 2. i024 Maffett Street 34.133 I.YLA JANE WIGGINS I32I Sixth Street EVELYN JOYCE wII.oFoNG 626 Seventh Street LORAINE E. WILLIAMS I652 Merriam Avenue 32,474 JIAMES WILLIAM WILSON arsity Football 4: R F tb II 2. : i622 Glendale Avenueeserve 00 a 3 Tl-ack32g'33g :EIZEANOR WILMA WOLFE 'I famuffll SlJ0l"fS I. 2. 3: Orchestra I. 2. 3. 4: B d E- 2. 3. 4: Glee Club I: Music Festival I. 2. 3.32: oncerts I. 2. 3. 4: Booster Club I. 3. 4: Commercial ZJHUIT 3. 4: Class Vice-President 4: President of Coun. Route 5. Muskegon FLOYD WOOD. JR. 476 E. Barney MARY-JANE WOOD Glee Club I: Music. Festival I: Girl Reserves 4: Science 3: Junior Arbor Girl 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. 62l Fifth Street 245,202 XALENTINE ZOELLER eserve Football I: T k I: t . Glee club I. me "' ramura' Sports " Route 2. Goopersvllle SCHOOL CALENDAR Sept. 2I Sept. 27 Oct. 5 Oct. II Oct. I8 Oct. 24- 25-26 Oct. 26 Nov. I Nov. 9 Nov. I6 Nov. 20 Nov. 29 Dec. 6 Dec. I2 Dec. I3 Dec. 20 Jan. 3 Jan. I0 Jan. I7 Jan. 23 Jan. 24 Jan. 3I Feb. 7 Feb. I4 Feb. 2I Feb. 28 Mar. 4 Mar. 6-7 Mar. I3 Mar. I4 Mar. I8 Mar. 28 Apr. I0 May 8-9 June 2 June 8 .lune I0 June I2 Grandville Football Game Jackson Football Game Holland Football Game Battle Creek Football Game Kalamazoo Football Game Homecoming Grand Haven Football Game Train ride to Benton Harbor for the football game Creston Football Game Muskegon Football Game Senior Dance, "Turkey Trot" Merhoff Quartet Big Rapids Basketball Game Prologue to Glory Traverse City Basketball Benton Harbor Basketball Christmas Pantomime Junior Dance, "Yule Swing" Grand Haven Basketball Game Kalamazoo Basketball Game Muskegon Basketball Game Booster Club Dance. "Paradise Prom" Holland Basketball Game Benton Harbor Basketball Game Grand Haven Basketball Game Kalamazoo Basketball Game Muskegon Basketball Game Holland Basketball Game Girl Reserves "Sailors of Swing" Dr. Robert Kazmayer Senior Play, .lune Mad Davis Tech Basketball Lansing Central Saginaw High School Basketball Sophomore Dance, "Windy Whirl" Senior Banquet Junior Play, "George Washington Slept Here" Senior Skating Party Baccalaureate Class Day Commencement 41 ADVERTIZING INDEX I. S. Anderson Packing Co. H. W. Armstrong L. F. Armstrong Amtz Sporting B. and E, Health Foods B. and M. Service Station Forest Bailey Clarence Beuhrle Baxter Cleaners Beerman's Music Lloyd l- Bell Bennett Pumps Bishop Fumiture Co. Boelkins and Sons Borgeson Boyd Broadway Drug tGroverl Broadway Lunch Brundage Drug Budd Iewelry Camera Shop C. W. C. Foundry Caramel Crisp Shop Carl's Store Carolyn Mysen Leo Champayne Body Shop Chase and Panney Clark Boot Shop CocaACo1a Collins Music Consumers Dairy Consumers Power Co. Crystal Recreation Daily Cleaners Damm Hardware Dana Printing D. and C. Stores Daniels C. B. Dawes Dion Super Station Edwards Lumber Co. Fawley-Abbott Federal Department Store Felt Studio Fredricks Lumber Co. Fritz Frozen Gold George Storage Co. Emil Ghezzi Grand Central Station Carl Grant Grant Auto Supply C. I. Greiner Grossman's Hackley Union National Bank Hall Electric Co. Hardy's Harwood-Nelson Heights Service Garage Clyde Hendricks Peter Hommes Hosiery Shop Hosler's Budget Shop Hostess Hamburgs Howell's School of Business Iack Hutchinson Hudson Dry Cleaners Hughes Dress Shop Mrs. G. Hullinger Beauty Shop Iersey Ice Cream Iim's Super Service Francis Iiroch W, R. Iohnson Kanitz Cleaner Krause's Krautheirn Iewelry Lakeshore Machinery Lakey Foundry Lee Hardware Lee Funeral R. A. Lindland Frank Lockage's Men's Store George Long Martin Coal Co. Martin Stores Mattern Oil Co. Ioe Matuz McLennan's Harry Medendorp Meister Feed Store Michigan Associated Telephone Co Michigan Bakeries Morton Manufacturing Co. Muskegon Federal Savings Muskegon Gas Co. Muskegon Heights Dairy Muskegon Heights Furniture Muskegon Heights Record Muskegon Savings Bank Muskegon Typewriter Exchange National Lumberman's Bank Nordstrom Dairy Olive Mae and Mack Faloney LeRoy Olsen N. M. Parmalee Iewelry S. R. Parsons Patterson Press Peterman Sport Shop Peterson Coal Co. Pine Street Furniture Co. Port City Candy and Tobacco Co. Price Dry Cleaners Francis Puhalaski Pyle Pattern Co. Quality Aluminum Co. Quality Dairy Quality Service R. I. Quigley Radium Photo Roy's Garage Reddy Magazine Reid-Graft Co. Rochenbach Rogers Jewelry Ruiter Bros. Sanitary Dairy Schlossman Theaters Schoenberg Market Sealed Power Corp. Shannon Shaw-Walker E. H. Sheldon Snowhite Baking Co. Square State Cate Steindler Paper Co. Sunrise Pie Co. Ted's Garage Tupes Spring and Welding Valvoline Oil Vanderweele Lumber Vento Steel Products Co. Clifford E. Vickers Vista Grill Walters' Pharmacy Williams' Sausage W, S. Westenielder Woodall's Drug .4 Steeped in 1 tbe Romance of the Jfges N V ' T0 THE HEART 0F EVERY GIRL GRADUATE 0 America's most popular gift to girl graduates is the hope chest, steeped in traditions centuries old. Wlien you se- lect this romantic gift, be sure it is a genuine Lane, the only tested aroma- tight cedar chest in the world with free moth insurance policy written by one of the world's largest insurance com- panies. Tlie Lane Cedar Hope Chests are furnished with gorgeous veneers of rare woods that will never peel or loosen because they are applied with the revolutionary new waterproof Lane-welded process. Come in and see our beautiful dis- play of these ideal giits. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS FURNITURE CO. "Buy With Confidence" Broadway at Fifth Streets HACKLEY UNION NArloNAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OFFERS MANY SERVICES Checking Accounts tor Everyone Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Vaults Money Orders Automobile Financing Trust Department Real Estate Loans Commercial Loans Personal Loans Travellers Checks Broadway near Peck 'Tis better to have loved and lost Hedy Larnaar, than to have Won Cobina. IS SOMEONE KNOCKING? At a spiritual soiree recently several teetotalers were discovered to be under the influence of spirits. Our office boy is so superstitious he goes around knocking more Wood than a xylophonist. Western at First Northern Eskimo: Glub, glub, glub, glub, glub. Southern Eskimo: Glub, glub, glub, you all. A fly and her daughter were Walking on the head of a rnan who was very bald. "HoW things have changed, my dear!" she said. "When l was your age, this was only cr footpath." Many a man sees a vvolt at the door because his Wife sees a mink in the Window. YOUR WEEKLY ALLOWANCE FROM DAD CAN BE INCREASED IF you will make Martin Stores your wardrobe headquarters be- cause - you will get nationally advertized brands of men's wear at our low cash prices. Our 127 store's stocks of fine suits and top- coats are at your command through our unit control system at 815.78 and up. YOU GET LOW CASH PRICES ,,,, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE MARTIN STORES DAMM HARDWARE COMPANY Ottawa St., Muskegon Are the Exclusive Representatives in Greater Muskegon of zZ17 9-Karan and P. Goldsmith and Sons AMERICAS LEADING SPORTING GOODS MANUFACTURERS Nllflio Feature Golf and Tennis Goods Baseball, Basketball, and Football Team Equipment Badminton, and Volley Ball Supplies Track and Field Event Clothing and Supplies Boxing, Swimming, Hockey Equipment Honor Letters- -l-lonor Sweaters Playground and Gymnasium Apparatus Damms also carry complete stock of Johnson outboard motors, marine equipment, fishing tackle, guns and ammunition, and other sporting goods equipment. flgilf, High Point Salesman SUBSCRIPTIONS 'GPX SUSAN BERCIK BOB LANSDALE BETTY NESSEN ALBERTA HOCKER O The Big Store Over 50,000 square-feet of floor-space! Greater Muskegon's largest Homefurnishing store. Make your selection where Quality is the keynote and much larger assortments are shown-A at Fawley Abbot,t's. One price to all--- here you pay only the lowest cash prices with the privilege of credit and you pay no carrying charge. The F awley - A bbott Company Western Avenue Between 3rd, and 4th, Streets B U D D ' 227 Western Avenue Jewelers Cpticians The Store that Confidence Built 9, "And do you know anything about religion?" asked the missionary. "Well, We got a little taste of it when the last missionary was here," replied the cannibal chieftain. ' Bronx school boy: "Oh, see da boidl" Teacher: "No, son, that's a bird." School boy: "Well, it choips like a boid." Mrs. Brown Cto grocery clerkl: Can you pick me a melon that will be just right for breakfast in the morning? Quick Clerk: I surely can. What time? Senior Woman: Have you seen my lipstick any- Where? I seem to have lost it! lunior Woman: Why darling, you have it on! 34 if 524 MORE ABOUT WOMEN IN GENERAL Mother uses cold cream, Father uses lather, My girl uses powder, At least that's what I gather. is 14 PF First dramatic critic: What did you think of the sentiment? Second ditto: Oh, fair to maudlin.-Hurnorist. 254 54 if Then there's the little duckling Who was terribly embarrassed because his first pants were down. --1 Call 23-o9l For the Best: in Dairy Products QUALITY DAIRY co. Distributors of l - H F L O U R Phone 32-41 7 A. MEISTER Poultry and Dog Supplies, Fertilizers, Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain Seed Congratulations I L L I A M S SAUSAGE 00. Compliments of TUPES Spring 8: Welding Service 535 Peck Street FRANCIS JIROCH CO- WHOLESALE Cigars Candy Tobacco Fountain Supplies 823 Firsf SE. Since ISO6 B.8z M. SERVICE STATION Corner of Hume 8: Peck U. S, 31 Tires - Batteries - Accessories Greasing 8: Washing Jim Belgrave "Hook" Moore 24 Hour Service Phone 235-458 Compliments of Clive Mae Beauty Salon Mack F alonyis Barber Shop STRAND BUILDING Phone 32-03-1 YF 34 "He says he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth." "I'll bet it has someone else's initials on it." 5F 76 K Skjold: "My faith could move a mountain." Mrs. Skjold: "Then you had better apply some of it to those ashes inthe basement." "What about that notice outside your shop, "Money returned if not satisfied?" protested the disgruntled customer. "Ah," said the shopkeeper, "l am satisfied with your money." r-f I GET THE FACTS AND YOU'LL GET A FORD Ford ercury Lincoln Zephyr Boyd Auto Sales Company Peck and Sherman Second and Clay HOMGGENIZED VITANII D MILK SANITARY DAIRY COMPANY "You speak as though you've spent all your life in Georgia yet you say you were there only two months?" "Yessuh, pardon by sudden accent." Pk Pk vt: Wife fatter receiving coat of skunk furJ: "I don't see how such beautiful furs could come from such a low, foul-smelling beast." Husband: "I don't ask for thanks clear, but I must demand respect." PK if Pk Bridge Fan: "I didn't play no-trump all evening." Uninitiated Friend: "What grammar!" Youth: "Do you think your father will object to my suit?" Girl: "I don't see why he should. He wears one almost as bad." "There goes a chap who seldom listens to reason." "Who is he?" "An interne in the insane asylum." PIC :lf if "Did your wife scold when you came home late last night?" "You don't know what it is to have a wife who was once a school teacher. She simply made me write 100 lines on a slate, "I must be home by ten o'clock." Compliments of Clyde Hendrick, Realtor 222 Danigelis Building Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone 32-337 COMPLIMENTS OF ROCKENBACH'S MUSIC HOUSE Band Instruments, Musical Merchandise, Radios, Sheet Music, Viclzor and Bluebird Records 125 West Broadway, Muskegon Heights Typewriters - New and Rebuilt Rentals by weak or month Portables en easy terms 529.75 up Expert service on ell machines Muskegon Typewriter Exchange John Hendricks, manager Terminal Arcade Muskegon Phone 22-155 Compliments of your typewriter man George A. Long Adding Machines Typewritera 4th Floor Lyman BIdg.PIione 2-5 7-57 LIFE IS INTERESTING FOR A L L THOSE WHO SAVE MONEY MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK REINERT - A - LINDLAND Coal-Coke 8g Wood "The Best-For-Len" The Telephone 245-165 Magazine Service Your local representative is anxious to serve you ..... so why mail your orders direct to Publiehere? 819 Waehingwn Aee. SCHLOSSMAN THEATERS STATE MICHIGAN REGENT THE STRAND-Muskegon Heights ll U if The aviation instructor, having delivered a lec- ture on parachute work concluded: "And if it doesn't open-well, gentlemen, that's what is known as 'jumping to a conclusion.' " l C rl "I guess I lost another pupil," said the professor as his glass eye rolled down the sink. FIG SIG VI! Him: "She said she'd be faithful to the end." Her: "Why, that sounds good." Him: "Yes, but I'm the quarterback." COVERT AND GABERDINE SUITS New Models and New Shades 525. to 530. SPORT COATS EBI0.00g 3IZ.50g 8514.50 SPORT SLACKS 53.959 35.005 356.50 THE SQUARE Congratulations! Parmelee Your Credit Jeweler H S Registered, S mart perfect, Fashion Por Men and Insured, Diamonds. Hamilt Elgin, Bulova, Watches. of Tom Wo orrow CAMPBELL WYANT 81 CANNGN F GUN DRY MOTOR CASTINGS GUN H EIGI-ITS, MIC TO THE STUDENTS OF THE "ill" CLASS WE WISH TO EXTEND OUR "CONGRATULATIONS" And To lnvite You To Select: Your New 15? v- M I X '- Eli' Q S 'f s 4 u lliw 1 A I E1 ll!! + i E, I 5 II Sum er Suits and Sportwear lit tlltll From Our Large And Complete Collection You'll find Nationally Famous brands in Suits, Sportw ear, ,, ,, Shirts Ties, Hats and Bathing Accessories! Our large T I fs stocks afford you the opportunity of getting iust what it' you want. I- :- , N gs :Y to NPN I GROSSIVIA N 'S 1 DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of D. at c. sronss, mc. C0m"cfimen's 5C to 31.00 Headquarters H W I ! for Doctor: "Was your Wife's slimming diet a suc- cess?" Husband: "RatherI She disappeared completely last Thursday." Plc 214 if Mrs. Brown Cto the grocery clerkl: "Can you pick R me a melon that will be just right for breakfast Quick Clerk: "I surely can. What time?" in the morning?" 96 it 1029 Peck Street Smith: "Who can tell me just what an island is?" Iones: "It's a piece of land that Went out for a swlm. Gifts of Diskinclzion seauonefy-Founfaan Pens aan Folaepums Handkerchiefs Games Lamps All khe New Books-Renfal Library THE DANIELS CO. 3II Western Ave. Meet your Friends aI: the BIG STOR GIIIIL'S Luggage Shoes Dry Goods Furnishings Groceries Meaks 50 Years on Broadway Quality Used Cars L. F. ARMSTRONG 1010 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan Congratulation and Best Wishes CLASS OF 1941 S. R. Parsons Across From Muskegon Heights City Hall GRANT AUTO SUPPLY BICYCLES AND REPAIRING CROSLEY APPLIANCES Compliments of CONSUMERS DAIRY ALL POPULAR FLAVORS OF ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Ph 2.2151 semen a y DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS BRUNDAGE CUT RATE DRUG STORE Fountain Lunches CORNER PECK AND BROADWAY MU CCN HEIGHTS COMPLIMENTS OF CRYSTAL RECREATION Nexf I:o khe Muskegon I-'leigI'ks Ciky Hall BOW LI N G Special Rate for Students Bowl for Health and Fun GROCERIES AND MEATS Joseph Matuz Telephone 32089 501 E. Broadway A farmer went out to his turkey roost and asked his finest gobbler: "How would you like to fill in at our Christmas table?" To which the turkey disdainfully replied: "Don't ax me!" 41 sk -u "ls that your best girl?" "No, necks best." Lady: "Have you any prominent men in your family, Mr. Dunleigh?" Mr. D.: "Yes, one of my forefathers was an ad- miral. At one time he led the world's combined fleet." Lady: "How interesting! What was his name?" Mr. D.: "Noah." Phone 32-268 Res. Phone 245-318 Lyman Brown, Prop. HEIGHTS SERVICE GARAGE Collision Service 1427 PECK STREET Lubrication Repairing Washing "There's something wrong with that horn, sir. It doesn't blow," said the friendly salesman. "Wrap it up," said Uncle Tobias, thinking of his little nephew. "That's the kind of horn I want." Compliments of STATE CAFE MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 1237 Peck Street Phone 325-497 Teacher: "This makes five times I have punished you this week. Now, William, what have you to say?" Bill: "Well, I'm glad it's Friday." HOME COOKING REGULAR MEALS LUNCHES GRAND CENTRAL STATION I 927 Getty Avlleue Nexi to Nesson Oil Co. SOFT DRINKS NO BEER Father Moses caught a skunk, Mother Moses cooked a skunk, Baby Moses ate the skunk, Holy Moses, how they stunk! ,.- J. I-I. LEE 84 SCN I-tar CiVVc3VZ QQ West Broadway Birrrars l. G. A. SUPER MARKET Fruits, Fresh Vegetables Groceries, Meats LOW Prices Every Day 273 East Broadway . Phone 32-434 COMPLIMENTS OF Borgeso Music :ir City Smgrtie: "Hey, Former Rube, have you seen ct wagon load of monkeys go by here?" Farmer: "No, did you foil off?" w y IZI4 PECK ST. HEIGHTS Boy: "Since I rnet you I cc1n't eat, I ccrn't sleep." Girl Ccoylylt "Why not?" Boy: "I'm broke." He: "Don't you enjoy listening to the honk of Wild goose?" She: "Not when he's driving an automobile." o so Pianos-Band Instruments-Music C1 Records-Accessories Venetian Blinds Draperies Compliments of R. J. Quigley I035 Peck St. Phone 32-ll-25 Carpets Shades Compliments of VANDERWEELE LUMBER Co. CONGRATULATIONS to the class of l94l CAROLYN IVIYSEN STUDIO THE PATTERSON PRESS uprintln' Dicln LAKESHORE MACHINERY Compliments of 8m SUPPLY COMPANY Machinery westillfeldel' Factory Supplies service Contractors Equipment Station 400 W. Lakstoll Avenue PRICE DRY CLEANERS I87l-73 PECK STREET TELEPHONE 23-193 Police Officer: "Use your noodle, lady." Woman Driver: "My goodness, where is the noodle? I've pushed cmd pulled everything else in this car." Pk FK :lf "I know how to settle this unemployment prob- lem," said the club Wag. "H we put all the men ot the world on one island, and the women on another, We'd have everybody busy in no t. 1me. "Well, what would they be doing?" "Why, boat-building." PF if PF When a little bird tells you something, don't re- y peat it until you find out whether the little bird I is a cuckoo. I I I 4 COOK ELECTR!CAI..LY Compliments Of CONSUMERS B. F. George POWER CO. Storage 8 Van Company ALWAYS - AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 32-472 -ALLWAYS - IT DOESN'T CCST "IT PAYS" 13-15 Hackley Place Muskegon Heights, Mich. BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '41 BIS!-EOP'S .-1 GUUD PL.-ICE TU lil'Y 00012 Pl'R.NI1L'RE WHERE COURTESY DWELLS AND SERVICE EXCELLS Hostess I-Iamburgs ALWAYS OPEN 266 W. CLAY PHONE 22-005 What did one bee say to the other bee? "You stole my honey and nectar." Give me the definition of jealousy. lt's friendship between two girls. If a girl Wants a strong, silent man, she should get herself a northvvoods hunter. They open their traps only three times a year. THEY HAD VVONDERFUL WEAPONS As we continue to hear stories of the watches stolen and clocks destroyed by the Germans in the invaded countries, one feels that the Nazis were killing time. The Rexall Store WOODALUS DRUG STORE PHONE 25-931 PECK STREET-SHERMAN BOULEVARD MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN 'J ITI LAKEY IOIINIIIIY AND MACHINE 60. MUSKEGCN, MICHIGAN Qualify Jewelry PETERSUN Since I887 A. KRAUTHEIM COMPAN Y KENTUCKY BLUE 327 W. LVeicern Avenue Us egon PHONE 32-274 MUSKEGONS OWN ICE CREAM "Best wishes to ihe Class of I9llI JERSEY ICE CREAIW CO. VISIT OUR SODA BAR Michigan HOT LUNCHES 31 SANDWICHES Associated 23 E. BROADWAY NEXT TO STRAND THEATRE co' u MILK, CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS KRIM-KO CHOCOLATE MILK MUSKEGON HEIGHTS DAIRY PHONE 32-196 1336 MAFFETT STREET A PLEASANT PLACE TO TRADE BOELKI S' GROCERIES-MEATS Phone 32-I76 Prompt: Delivery Compliments or MUSKEGON HEIGHTS RECORD THE GREATER Compliments W. R. JOHNSON'S n DRUG STORE MUSKEGON SHOPPER JOB PRINTING UF ALL KINDS Peck at Delano Muskegon Heights Mary, seven years old, was talking to the little girl who had moved next door. "HcpSv1:eg1any brothers and sisters have you?" she Puhalskivs I have two half-brothers and one half-sister," was the fem- Puaux MASTER 'My gracious, "exclaimed Mary, "are you the only whole one in the family?" 3' i' H' MART I never knew until I got a car," said the bishop, "that profanity was so prevalent." Do you hear much of it on the road?" Why," replied the bishop, "nearly everybody I bump into swears dreadfully." ZOI E. SHERMAN PHONE 32-382 Compliments of RAN f LOCKAGE EXCLUSIVE STORE FOR MEN Next Door To Post Office Phone 34-309 1238 Peck St. Editor: "Have you submitted these poems any- where else, first?" Poet: "No, sir." Editor: "Then, where did you get that black eye?" In a certain western town the following item ap- peared in the paper: "Doctor Betterloy is once more among us for a brief season. He says and does exactly as he thinks right, without regard to the opinion or belief of others. "His wife is not with him." Early to bed and early to rise, Keeps your roommate from wearing your ties. For Highest Quality Fastest Service Lowest Price try KANITZ 0 D 0 R I. E S S CLEANERS 886 Terrace Phone 22-847 "I understand your wife is a finished singer," said one chap to another. "No, not yet," replied the other, "but the neigh- bors almost got her last night." rl: 2? No matter how wealthy a man may be, it is safe to bet he owns only one front collar button. IF 2? if Woman Ito bus conductorl: "I suppose if I pay fare for my dog he will treated as other pas- sengers and will be allowed to occupy or seat?" Conductor ipolitelyl: "Of course he will be treated the same as other passengers and can occupy a seat, provided he does not put his feet on it." Fresh Vegetable And Fruit Juices Glass-Pint-Quart Dr. Jackson Foods Dr. Richardson Products Battle Creek Sanitorium Foods Other Health Products Free Delivery Service B. Sr E. HEALTH FOODS Muskegon Heights 48 E- Broadway Phone 32-944 Compliments of EMIDS FOOD MARKET Quality, Service, Courtesy, is our motto We Deliver 100 E. Hovey Ave. Phone 32-041 Eat unrise Pies C. Dendrinos Jack Hutchinson Service Station Corner of Peck and Barney Muskegon Heights "The Best of Service" CONGRATULATIONS of I94I CAROLYN MYSEN STUDIO COMPLIMENT5 OF WALTERS' PHARMACY Peck at Irwin Muskegon, Michigan The rain is raining all around: It rains on roads and streets, On highways and on boulevards, And those in rumble seats. :if Looney Logic One drip remarked to another while looking at an Egyptian mummy in a museum, "I wonder what this sign that says 'll87 B. C.' means." Said the other drip, "Probably that's the license number of the car that hit him." "Absence makes the mark grow rounder." "Courtship consists of a man running after a girl until she catches him." DRINK H 645453 5f , , ,AY 'R'l9f"filf,AL,, .. Compliments of E., H., SHELDON COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF SCIENCE LABORATORY AND VOCATIONAL FURNITURE FOR SCHOOLS PYLE PATTERN MANUFACTURING COMPANY WOOD AND METAL PATTERNS Muskegon Heights, Michigan PETER HOMMES AGENCY Ge0rge's Standard INSURANCE s. REAL ESTATE Muskegon Heights, Mich. Service Station mP'efeP' VBIVOIIHC Getty Near Sherman me at Jeff 1 Compliments of For a Hell' tasty thrlll eat our Delicious Ice Cream. C. 6' , PORTRAIT S PHQTQGRAPHERS The Heights Favorite LYMAN BLOCK UNDER THE CLOCK , ,MAE J. S. ANDERSON PACKING COMPANY X --....,- X puppy! Quality Meats CGMPLIMENTS OF SCHOENBERGS MARKET PHONE 32-214 301 WEST BROADWAY Compliments of ROGER'S JEWELRY 326 Western Aveune C piiments of Vickers "6 6" Station Broadway and Sixth Street COLLINS MUSIC HOUSE Pianos - Radios Electrical Appliances H26 W. Western Muskego You can't eat your cake and keep that girlish figure. First mosquito: What are you so happy about? Second mosquito: I just passed my screen test. All work and no play makes jack. A stitch in time saves many a girl from having a coming-out party. . :if Mary had a little lamb, With her it used to frolic. It licked her cheeks in play one day, And died of painte1"s colic. A Complete Printing Service -Wi- DANA PRINTING COMPANY MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Regularly serves many of the nationally known organizations having plants in Westem Michigan ....... We have demonstrated to these firms the advantages of a complete printing service with undivided responsibility. May we suggest that you consider the benefits of this service. Sanford and Holbrook - - Phone 26-648 Ari: . Adverlzisingg. Letkerpiessgftrjcl Qffsef Fnjraymg . Binding THE CAMERA SHOP Across from Post Office Use GAS for The 4 Big Jobs in the Home COOKING Muskegon Heigl-,fs REFRIGERATION WATER HEATING HOUSE HEATING Phofo Finishing Photo Supplies Portraits GAS COMPANY AT GAS COMPANY SQUARE COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of Mc LENNAN'S 8 H A N N 0 N SERVICE Old Dutch Gasolines Broadway and Seventh BOOT SHGP HOME OF BETTER FOOT WEAR NEXT TO WALGREEI-rs LEO CHAMPAYNE BODY SHOP AUTO COLLISION SERVICE RADIATOR REPAIRING FRAME AND AXLE WORK Phone 3 2-ll5I Airline At Peclc Sheet Muskegon Heighks, Michigan Doctor: "I'm sorry, but l'll have to open you up again. I can't find my other glove." Patient: "Don't be silly. Here's a dollar-go out and buy yourself another pair." PF Pk 24 Negro Mammy: "Ah wants to see Mistah Tomp- kins." Office Boy: "I'm sorry, but Mr. Tompkins is en- gaged." Negro Mammy: "Go 'long, chile. Ah don't Want to marry Mistah Tompkins. Ah jes' wanta see him." as e as Should you ask the reason why I love you sow It's because you have a new green Packard con vertible roadster with a heater and a radio. .- . M .2 '. 1-N Q-1 '., .-Jw---,N .. . 5 4.1 - V M. ,.'.-.u",. ,. . . ,,,., rv. A X, -,W ,,-. w . .-A- :,.' , ,- fx . KT - 51. . f,.,- . Mu, x , -5 y .1 v , A., 1' .qv 4, .1 .1 Q 'Y"q, , V. tgu. -.H .,-u , V T5 . i-- ,, ,x,,- t ,I '- j.. ..n :.-f' 2 ' :' ft.- .. ., ,ff I Pc. Plain Dress Men's 3 Pc. Suit Cash And Carry DAILY ODORLESS CLEANING All Garments Insured 899 Terrace St. Telephone 23-140 Next To Berglund's Food Store C. B. DAWES 81 SON "Say It With Flowers" MEMBER OF FLORIST TELEGRAPH ASSOCIATION PHONE Z2-O05 Congratulations and Best Wishes STEINDLER PAPER COMPANY ROY'S GARAGE Electrical Service and Repairing of All Kinds Phone 328-334 Better Repair Service FOI' Less NESSEN GARAGE CARL GRANT SINCLAIR PHONE 35-497 DION'S SUPER SERVICE Washing, Greasing, Simonizing We Call For and Deliver BROADWAY AT SIXTH IVIUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN BE KIND TO YOUR CLOTHES CALL BAXTER - CAREFUL LAUNDERERS 8r DRY CLEANERS PHONE 22 - 673 is bk FIC An Englishman was visiting a friend in this coun- try, on an upstate farm. One evening the two strolled up the road after dinner: as they passed a grove, there came a weird, unearthly screech from the trees. "What in the World is that?" inquired the English- man. "Why that's an owl," said his friend. "Yes, I know it's an 'owI, but what is it that's 'oW1ing?" 2? S4 Pk It was Smith's first Sunday as usher in church, and he was a bit flustered. Turning to cr lady who entered, he said, "This way, madam, and I'1I sew you into a sheet." om 'me LEE Euifinlllif HOME I've never been dated, I've never been kissed, They said it I waited No man could resist The lure of a young innocent miss, The trouble is this. I'm fifty. Ik 214 vii The shades of night were falling fast, When for a kiss he asked her, She must have answered, "yes" because, The shades came down much faster. Boogy: "Who was more patient than Iob, Wiser than Socrates, braver than Lancelot, more hand- some than Apollo?" Woogy: "Oh, so you knew my wife's first hus- band." 14 tif Pk "Her husband was a judge, wasn't he?" "Everybody thought so till he married her." Pk PK Pk "The last speaker," said the chairman of the Health Congress, "is a striking example of the efficiency of the doctrines he so eloquently if it X advocates. Hale and hearty at 80 years of age, DIRGE he could tire out many a man younger than Reporter rushes in Where editor fears to tread. hi1'HSelf-" Editor is living, repo!-tefs dead. A voice from the audience: "He did!" when You Think of Music - Think of BEERMAN' S PIANOS - RADIOS - RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS BEERMAN'S MUSIC HOUSE 884 FIRST ST. PHONE 22-273 oPEN SUNDAYS AND EvEN1Ncs TED'S GARAGE Special Auto Wash and Wax Bumping, Specialized Repairing 1208 Peck Street Phone 32-306 Make the PINE STREET FURNITURE CQMPANV your Furniture Headquarters for 1941 and Save. The Pine Street Furniture Corrpany has been famous for fine Quality Furniture since l900. We have stocked only furniture made by nationally lcnown manufacturers, which is the standard of quality in Muskegon. 896 - 908 PINE STREET NEAR COURT HOUSE Ask For 'Wlichiganj' Bread and Rolls ALWAYS FRESH THAT MAN AGAIN Said the dinner guest, "Will you pass the nuts, Professor?" Replied the absent-minded professor. "Yes, I suppose so, but I really should tlunk most of them." Pk Pk wk She was only a fisherman's daughter, But she could string a line. PK PF Dk Girls' faults are many, Boys only have two: Everything they say And everything they do. Dk FF ill He. "At the dance last Saturday night my sus- penders broke right out in the middle of the dance floor." She: "Weren't you embarrassed to death?" He: "Hardly, my brother was wearing them." Fl! FF Pl! These are the three great menaces to safe driving: Hic, Hike and Hug.-Borrowed. Pk Pk Pk Did you know that when a boy joins "the Boy Scouts," he remains one until he is about six- teen and then becomes a girl scout? PK FK :lf YIPE I'm on my last lap, said the cat as his nose banged against the bottom of the saucer. See this revolutionar C O M easure Your Desk! re 655 SHAW-WALKER Factories and executive offices, Muskegon, Michigan X '79 IN. wDeslc Only 29 inches high .' The Height of Comfort and The Height of Elficiency HERE'S Shaw -Walker's New Low Desk for Comfort. Just sit down at this New Low Desk. Im- mediately you feel the tremendous difference. You're on top of yourjob . . with greater comfort, better vision. longer reach. You are fresher after a day's work. It's extremely handsome too. Three models and many sizes. Priced from 550. See this new desk at any Shaw'VValker dea1er's salesroorn. The New Low Desk is but one of 8,000 items manufactured by Shaw-Walker, the largest exclusive makers of office furnlture and filing equipment in the world. All items are pictured, priced and do scribed in the 436 - page Shaw- Walker OFFICE GUIDE. Ask The Daniels Co. for your copy. THE DANIELS CO. get it from FRITZI the druggist LADIES READY T0 WEAR H UIIIIH E S 333 W. Western Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF Federal Deparhnent Store OUTFITTER FOR THE HOME AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY 213 W. Western Ave. Alter Graduation Attend Howeli's chol of Business "Those sausages you sent me were meat at one end and bread at the other." "Yes sir. In these hard times, it's difficult to make both ends meat." And then there's the story of the Irishman who, when he was held up by a bandit, said: "Take me life, I'm saving my money for my old age." The tramp entered the doctor's office. "Doctor," he said, "you've got to help me. I swallowed a quarter 25 years ago." Good heavens, man!" ejaculated the doctor. "Why didn't you go to a doctor the day you swallowed it?" To tell the truth," replied the tramp, "I didn't need the money at the time!" -n -s 1: 11 11 I wish the boys wouIdn't call me Big Bill." "Why?" These college names stick. And I'm studying to be a doctor." E4 PF 55 n What," asked the church-school teacher, "is the lesson to be learned from the parable of the Wise Virgins?" "That we should always be on the lookout for a bridegroornf' answered the class. Tom: "Do you know anything about flirting?" Dick: "I thought I did, but the girl I tried my sys- tem on, married me." Quality Plumbing and Heating O Runter Bros. 909 PECK STREET PHONE 32-224 Youth Cto fair companionl: "Have you ever tried listening to a movie with your eyes shut?" Voice Ifrom row be-hindi: "Have you ever tried listening to one with your mouth shut?" A merchant addressing a debtor Remarked in the course of his letter, That he chose to suppose A man knows what he owes- And the sooner he pays it the better. PI4 DIC 34 And then there's the story about the frosh gal who was called the "belle of the campus" because she toll'cl on her roommate. HUDSON CLEANERS "Two garments cleaned for the price of onev PHONE 25-798 PECK AT TERRACE MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Caramel Crisp Double 'K' Nuh PHONE 25-993 Rightly Named CARAMEL CRISP Justly Famed Custom Seasoned Pop Corn Cramer Candy Bars 304 W. Western Ave., Lyman Block CLARK B OOT HOP Michigan Theater Building Muskegon Michigan NATIONAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK Muskegon's Oldest Bank ESTABLISHED 1859 Member Federal Desposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of Mattern Oil Co. Getty 8 Hume Corner U. S. 31 - M20 Compliments of MGRTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY DRAW-CUT MACHINE TooLs rap 5-be Mrs. Hicks was showing her birthday presents to a friend. "You see this diamond," she said. "My husband examined many before he chose it, and he said it's the flower of them a11." "You mean f-1-o-u-r," said her friend. "Why?" "It's paste." 54 Pk PK He: "Do you know the difference between a taxi and a street car?" She: "No." He: "Then we'11 take a street car.' i s LQAN hf Bert Ketchum nay Baughman Louis Heeres Jack Leaf Rose Aaamml. Compliments of EDWARDS LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of The Vista Grill TEMPTING MEALS Phone 32-921 1723 Hoyt On U.S. 31 ME D E N D 0 R P Au1'osuPPl.YcoMPANY Courtesy Service Honest Values 1212 Peck Street Phone 32-304 "Who are those people doing all the cheering?" asked the recruit as the soldiers marched to the train. "Those," replied the veteran, "are people who are not going." :lf Dk Ill The true value of horse sense is clearly shown by the fact that the horse was afraid of the motorcar during the period in which the pe- destrian laughed at it. "Who's there?" inquired St. Peter. "It is I," was the answer. "Go away. We don't Want any more school teachers." Compliments of Quality Service Food Stores 90 Independent Grocers Serving Western Michigan Sponsors of Shurfine, Tastewell, Elmdale, and Viking Finer Food Products. "There's a Q. S. Store in Your Neighborhood" AUTOMATIC sToKERs REID-GRAFF COMPANY Compliments of Buehrle PSEKLZG Engineering VENTILATING Phone 22,438 1417 Peck smef Phone 32-021 27.29 W' Webster Compliments of Compliments of PORT CITY Lloyd J. Bell CANDY AND TOBACCO Re?'f"f Auto and Fire Insurance MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Real Estate 912 D g 1 13111. Phone 32-369 ULSE,S COMPLIMENTS OF Congratulations to the class of 1941 FREDRICKS Complete line of men's wear LUMBER CO. Shoes for everyone Visit Kr-nuse's in the Strand Theater Bldg. Muskegon Heights, Mich. STOKOL STOKERS MARTIN COAL CO. Dependable Fuels COAL--COKE Phone 222-43 230 K QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY +853 t Producers of Nonferrous Metal Castings g GUNGRATU LATION Graduates If we have pleased you in the past. Please remember us in the future. STUNO Dial 245-252 JIM'S SUPER SERVICE C"'n"'l"'e"'S of Peck and Sherman PHONE 325-I58 Muskegon Heights, Michigan HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY STEWART WARNER REFRICIERATORS and STOVES We, Alumni of M. H. H. S., congratulate THE GRADUATES of I9llI HARWOOD - NELSON Occidental Hotel Building Not because you're fair, dear, Not because you're true, Not your golden hair, dear, Not your eyes of blue. Two lunatics escaped and passed the entrance to a subway. lst lunatic: "Shall we take the subway?" 2nd lunatic: "Yes, but where shall we put it?" G-Man: "Got away, did he! Did you guard all the exits?" Constable: "Yes, but we think he must have left by one of the entrances." PETERMAN SPORT SHOP Distributors Rawlings Athletic Products Tel. 22-236 274 Apple Ave. ARNTZ SPORTING GOODS STORE FOR ATHLETIC AND SPORTING GOODS Get Our Prices, Lowest In City GET YOUR GYM SUITS ETC. HERE AND SAVEMONEY Compliments of Lekm OLS li S EDI S 331 West Western Avenue Phone 22-579 Compliments FOLLOW THE CROWD of TO , c. J. GREINER Fon QUALITY . -, .1652 ailgq, . flgg USED CARS Ivvtr :I 1003 Peck street Phone 32-494 in IVIUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN THE HOSIERY SHOP lOllI PECK ST. lNear Sherman BIvt'.I.l HOSIERY - HANDKERCHIEFS - LINGERIE - BLOUSES GREETING CARDS - GIFT WRAPPINGS. Have you heard about the girl who ate gun- powder? Her hair came out in bangs. . . I :,: :,: The farmer and the laundress argued with each other tho' both make their living from the soil. LONDON FIRE-a glowing period in English history. U Y ' He Who hesitates is lost-So is she who doesn't. People who live in glass houses shouldrft take baths. , Q A rolling stone sure gets around. .,.-.1-.-..... ..., .- .., ..,.w................ 'F' f ,,.f!S149 5. 1 A W. R. BOOKER Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Q 1 N -,.,.- - W-f ., f or i.b:4-L-'-'iT1'f', IU: ,, .. .. 1 J 4, 3 ,S-.aff F , Mp 1 ' . lr Qllh 0.1. H-Q HW .375 Left to center: H. F. Reid, O. V. Cobb, C. N. Dcmm Center: Dr. C. A. Lund, President of the Board Center fo right: A. T. Booth, E. W. Moore, H. S. Elliott, W R. Booker Compliments of S EA LED PCWER CORPORATIQN K ' 192 5' ' SEALED POWER ' ff " Moron X PARTS ' 4 n u Compliments To The Class OF 'III from I-IOSLER'S B DGET HOP "A Liktle Bit Out of The Way, But It'II Pay." ITALIAN SPAGHETTI MADE BY REAL ITALIAN EXPERTS Greater IVIuskegon's Most PopuIar RESTAURANT BROADWAY LUNCH FAMED FOR FINE FOOD FOR THE LATEST SPORT SCORES AND CORRECT TIME BY LEASED WESTERN UNION WIRES CALL US 25'905 west BnoAowAY Student: "You Iook broken up. What's the mat- ter?" Roommate: "I wrote home for money for a study Iam " p. Student: "WeII?" Roommate: "They sent me a lamp." "Did you succeed in rescuing your friend who was captured by cannibaIs?" Unfortunately, when I arrived he had already been scratched off the menu." I hear they've taken the early morning bus off your line. Do you miss it much?" 'Not since they took it off." ACROSS FROM THE NORGE BROADWAY PHARMACY COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE IOI W. Broadway Phone 32-357 FROZEN GIOLD Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of I9lI-I ICE CREAM BAR HULLINGER THE CREAM OF GOLDEN QUALITY 527 Peck Streef P BEAUTY SHOP hone 22-734 928 Hoyt Street Call 325-242 For Appoinimenh The World order may change, but in America,the spirit of free- dom, along with all those things that human beings hold most sacred, is locked securely in the hearts of our people. When the turmoil and havoc of war have ceased, this spirit will emanate from the youth of this nation, and instill the principle of the "more abundant life" into the youth of other nations, becom- ing a compelling factor in World rehabilitation and the perpet- uation of lasting peace. BENNETT PUMPS A Venio Wmoow FoR EVERY PuRPosE For the Home For the Garage For the Factory And All Other Types OE Commerical Buildings Call on us For Assistance in the design of your New Home or Building. Information will be gladly furnished without cost or obligation. Vento Products are Sold thru all Local Dealers VENTO STEEL PRODUCTS C0. Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all his men, Came riding byk sidf-saddle-the sissies. P? Early to bed And early to rise Never left rings Under anyone's eyes. HF ik PK CLOSIN' POME Spring is here Spring is here Chirps the robin every year. If you do not like my song, Close your ears and run along. 114 ik if DAFFYNITIONS Goblet-small turkey. Forrnally-in former times. Hull-the entire, as the hull thing. Offense-thing between two fields. Rain-rule, as a king. Define-what you get for speeding. Thong-what you sing. Pk Ik if POETRY CORNER Some students will, some students won't, Some students do and some students don't. Others might and possibly would. Several may and, no doubt, should Study harder. HK PF Pk Son: Pop, I wish you would help me with this problem. Pop: Can't son. It wouldn't be right. Son: Maybe not, but you could try. BK if 214 Then another old one: "That's me all over," said the Workman as he dropped the nitro-glycerin. Ulf ik 114 In the spring a young man's fancy turns to base- ball and other kinds of pitching. LIVE AND LEARN The Iudge who recommended that more women take up the law was probably too old to re- member that they prefer to lay it down. PF PF 11 WORSE THAN VERSE Rock-a-bye baby. On the tree top. Don't fall out, It's a heck of a drop. SF lk if "Where did you get the blonde you were with last night?" "Dunno, I just opened my wallet and there she was." as ak X When a boy breaks a date he usually has to: when a girl breaks a date she usually has two. Pk Ik if COMING BACK FROM MIAMI Seasick Passenger: "I say, doesn't this ship tip a great deal?" Deck Steward "Merely setting an example to those cn board." lk Pk PF THERE ARE LOTS OF THEM When the waiter brings the check, he's the first man to put his hand in his pocket-and the last to take it out. Pk Pk Ik POME Eyes of glass, Teeth of clay, Peroxide blonde- She's phony that way. 41 if lk A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND Irate Mother: "Was it necessary to spend twenty minutes in the hall saying good-night to Charles?" Demure Daughter: "Yes, Mother, as you can see from my hair it was a case of 'mussedf " 4 I.. .. Q' :-.:?f-'H BEER . ..f.gwiW .....-..-.-. . :.-f1r':..4. v w 1 x 111 3 ,.,1 il I " sf- 2- .' f 5.4313E'4'?3.iA"?!-iffy-5516? .22f15'2?2f-!f32:e:E'vss'3!2fs'f34'!:'-:iii -:!1!.Za,.:4-::a4:.::els::Efg.Ef.E:i'-5.':E1 45-:l,i'J'v'i-ring::3::::r:S:s:r:::r.1.uE gi1:a41! ,?1:1,.s' 'ae.,!'g': 2:E3?:.fei'iii!:"f,, 4.515.211--'ig:q.!13.f 2129.-,s?sie:e:4iii:a:.g-EF:E-356.535135 sizfadsz45212125212a.2e.!iefEiF:2aaf15 E+!-1!aZ1E1':'f2si-e242232553ff'f:ifE.iS'-s w!s'1:-.-H :-.ftfefif gzgslai ' .wink - n,. .1iJ7E"'w , gf,ff,...4o........ 4,1 M gi-Emi.. G ,H.. Ryu- .. - .. ... . as-222. 1 4::5E'f'2292 ,'i.1':,.. 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Aiding us in all of our en- decrvors, helping us to keep our scholastic record clean, cheering us on when we felt bound to fail, and reprimornding us when we made inexcusorble errors . . . those were just cr few of the duties of our principal. But most of all, we remember Mr. Bolt as cr true friend indeed. 'snuff QE 5 QS l v F S Q I MR. M. E. RUDD .f1tfc'11rfIm1c'e MISS VIRGINIA MIXER Athletic Ilflmlugm' Clerk Comnlervirzl Law Secretary Student Council ii i ir V V i A V , ,,,, . - Ah, -, MA, . ,........... ........--..----- 1 A l in Alu 1. ,' 'A A, , ' Qx 'F' , H, f, ff . I I ll X I- 1 gon" . 4 o ' . 2 I s . jp " S - 'if T ' ' ' A' Q, I f ' ' -na N - ' ' N' it I' T -- .' T Y -4, in , Y-.L A'..w.u.- . '- '.....A.- For the first time in the history of the High School Student Council, officers of this organization were comprised of students who were not officers of any class. The plan of electing Council officers from the school at large was ap- proved in view of the fact that it was more democratic. Tom Begley, a former Student Council president and now a student at college, favored the plan for many years before its final inauguration. Officers of the Council during 1940-41 are: President: Alberta Hocker Vice-president: Shirley Walkley Secretary: Lois Mixer Although Student Council "doings" are reported in the regular high school bulletin issued from the office, yet there are many who are unfamiliar with the work of that organization. The Council is a body of students representing each class in school. Its duties include approving dates for school affairs, such as dances, lyceum numbers, and other assembly programs. Discussions concern- ing the majority of school problems are held at each meeting. The Council is in many ways similar to the City Council or governing body of any other insti- tution. No faculty members have seats on the Council. The adviser is Prin- cipal C. F. Bolt. Meetings are open to anyone who cares to attend. It would be a fine idea if more students would come to the regular meetings. HIGH SCHOOL SONG Let's give a rah for Muskegon Heights, And let our pledge to her not lack, Others may like white and crimson, But for us it's orange and black. Let all our troubles be forgotten, Let high school spirit rule, We'11 join and give our loyal efforts For the good ot our old school. Il's I?lII'HFI'gl1f5 High Sfhuol, 11's our Heighls High SIKIIUUI, Thr' prirlz' of l'1'f'I'l' Hrighlx High ,I!'l'l'. CUIIII' ml, you 0111 gnlfls, join with IIS yilllllg hlrlx. Il'.s nur Heighls High Srlmnl mm' we llll'I'l'.' Rah! Rah! Nou' is thc' time. boys. I0 :nuke ll big zznzlwq, No m11ll1'r wha! Ihr jwojllff say. For lhfn' is mzught to fl'lH', Ihr gllllgk all llerw, So hail, Alzzshrfgrnz Hvighls High, hail! gr 'PY nf" Q ff' 44-M4 wi ,dv -', .v-1, 35 , ,L-,.7'1f,"' f J .,.Yf.., . N fa.-, .. 1' f -'f '---. 'a . . f - ..y9..... ' 7 :,. -1 ' ' V' --xx x ' V, ., ,V .. -1. . ,. ' T" QMS - f -, .. 1- 1 iff' 'F , .s::r':',. 9-' . " ff-ffm , - -milf' ., ,Q-4.-uu,.f Ja, :1-,.,. , . - -.- r.-. N. -' ff' .2,,, Q-A '-. ..,,..v. . .i . . .- ,.v,..4.-. k I :ff A A .,.a, ' f .A A.. . " I Y ff ", . ,,. r lf' .Q .K .w - -- -ci P -. , . elf' v ,"'Q5'T' V1-f ..., ,c """".'?" ,A , I ,. K- ,,., . f .44 , .H "TILL -'f l- , - . .Q ,,..,:Z ",w,,'4 3--4,.1ggg-A3 -I :- ..... X..-,'.-, --I Aj - J rf- 4-. '-,ff ., '.. J. .--.-- -.. - ' '-9-4,-.A wie' r y ,. " -- 1 -og ,. 'jj f ,A .Q .f 1 rf QL ,.:.ff'.i':u: . ..,,, In ,5 ' 4... : .1' ' ,, y... . J. 4, I , M.. M. 1.-.... , L. . -4, -.- V .,.... , 4, '-A 1 Q'-.'e-F.-A , .9 FACULTY Teachers are trail-blazers, guiding and breaking a path for the feet of youth, rich and poor of all races and nationalities the world over. It is the teacher's responsibility and privilege to make sure that each student develops within him the best at his command. Because this opportunity is reserved in large measure to teachers, the profession is held up to honor and respect in all countries on the face of the earth. Last October, more than 2,000 "Old Grads" paid tribute to the school they once attended and to the teachers and principal who were members of the staff when the doors first swung open in the fall of 1921. We wish at this time to re- dedicate that memoriam to these pioneer teachers who remain in the high school today. We want, also, to add this thought: hundreds of former students somewhere are carrying on the lessons they learned in Muskegon Heights. Creditable is the teacher's work, - yes, sometimes noble - and may other teachers who succeed these pioneers in coming genera- tions hold to their long purpose with as much sincerity of resolve, and patience, and friendliness of spirit. is Standing, left to right: M. E. Rudd, Miss Iulia Royse, Miss Nellie Iohnson, R. A. Peterman. Seated: C. F. Bolt, principal: C. F. Koehn. rv., gy G' s Q3 , -:Ng . y . i A.. fr ' '4 Wie, "" 'E ...P 'H' WILLIAM H. DINGLER Life Certificate Western State Teachers College Woodwork EDITH A. ERIKSON, B.Sc. Northern State Teachers College Shorthand, Typing IENNIE C. FITCH, A.B. Western State Teachers College English EUGENE W. GILLASPY, A.B. Western State Teachers College Social Studies BETTY BIRLESON, A.B., B.P.E., B.P.T. Illinois State Normal University Northwestern University Physical Education A. M. COURTRIGI-IT, B.Sc., M.A. University of Michigan Columbia University Mechanical Drawing, Orchestra VERA CUMMINGS, A.B., M.A. Northwestern University Mathematics SHERLEY IRENE DALTON, B.Sc. University of Michigan Commercial Law, Typing 2 AFS ltr, L. I 'I .Q.., .M-M 24, , N 1 X le' - . by 41" -1, -y V .. if i . ' '-,sg . 4 . . is Q, AL- 45 - i ggi? t . ,.,. ky . H? uf .vs 'ij' MARY M. HAMILTON, A.B., B.Sc. in L.S. Villa Maria College Western Reserve University Librarian ANNETTE HAMMEL, B,Sc. in Home Economics Michigan State College Foods, Cafeteria OSCAR E. lOl-INSON, A.B. Western State Teachers College Athletic Director NELLIE M. IOHNSON, B.Sc. Western State Teachers College Art QQ 'SS' fv- l'x"5 'K ax :mf -5 X, C. F. KOEHN Western State Teachers College United Typothetae School of Printing Printing F. W. KBUEGEB, B.Sc. Wheaton College Biology HERMAN A. KRUIZENGA, A.B., M.A. Hope College University of Michigan Latin and American History FLORENCE M. KURTZ, B.Sc. University of Chicago Mathematics 3 !,.--P f'U'K ,dwg :gunna-nwov-4 ELMER OIALA, B.Sc. Western State Teachers College Industrial Arts ROY A. PETERMAN, B.Sc., A.B. Western State Teachers College Commerce R. L. RAKESTRAW, A.B. DePauw University Chemistry and Physics W. E. MURRAY, A.B., M.A. University of Michigan English and lournalism DORACE E. LA CORE, A.B. University of Michigan St. Mary's Notre Dame English KATHLEEN E. MACDONALD, A.B M.A. Smith College Western Reserve University History, English DAVID R. MC KENZIE, A.B. Central State Teachers American History MINA MORRIS, B.Sc., M.A. Iowa State College Nebraska University Clothing KATHRYN F. REID, A.B. Westem State Teachers College Shorthand and Senior Office Training IULIA A. ROYSE, A.B. Morningside College Speech PAUL SCHULZE, B. Mus. Ed. Northwestern University Band and Chorus IULIA A. SPRAGUE, A.B., M.A. Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan English 36 .f IYW ,o . 4 CLIFFORD STEVENS, A.B. Western State Teachers College History NORMAN D. VAUGHAN, A.B. Michigan Sate College French and History IAMES W. VERDUIN, A.B., M.A. Western State University of Wisconsin Social Science H. E. WEICK, A.B. Valparaiso University Mechanical Drawing Behind the Scenes As Americans, We often take too much for granted. We frequently accept our privileges und our pleasures without so much as a thought about the reason these opportunities exist. tor example, there are four "men behind the scenes" here in our own high school about Whom many students know little or nothing. In tact, one of them is a woman. They all do their work so quietly and so well that many of us are unaware it is being done at all. Yet our "house" is always well heated: it is always "in order." Our engineer, Mr. William "Bill" Phillips: and our three custodians, Mrs. Caroline Chris- tiansen, Mr. Albert Cruse, and Mr. Frank Scott, are not only brought up in. the tradition of honest labor well done, but they are all of high Christian character. Those students who have taken the time to become well acquainted with them all, have found long ago that the lessons they have to teach are as important and often more adequate than the everyday problem in the text-book. Let us all try to make their work a trifle lighter by giving a little more thought in the conduct of our daily habits. Get acquainted with these loyal friends of Muskegon Heights High school, for they can their friendly Way. Then the meaning of a lifetime will you come to realize diligence mean when the be done. teach you much in will you appreciate of labor: then only what patience and world's work must 1 li I 5 E E I I w w 4 I 1 w u I 3 1 a 1 ' i 1 Ai H I N Q ,Y --r' 4 H - il Wyo. ,Fl- 4 If vw n 'Eh I E 1 F' ', Hg" ,f w . Ll, I . 6 if . .ZJv '-il l.,l-al' ' a f Q ,,.,,.1 . ,5 ,... .3 4 'I-TL' 3 .'-f 4 Presidents By Don MacDonald Class ol 1941 IIWQ As Americans!! We of the Class of 1941 have been presented with a challenge, - a challenge of war in a political sense, perhaps even in a physical sense. But more important to us at this time is the economic battle which will be ours immediately following our graduation. There has been thrown at us a defiant threat to progress, even to existence. Our right to live in a true democratic way is being contested on every hand. In short, we must preserve a country in which militarism and paciiism must exist side by side, a country in which a Conservative boss can learn to respect a Liberal employee, and in which Liberal boss can learn a lesson from a Conservative Whom he hires. We can go to school, study what we please, form our own opinions, and become whatever we please in only one country in the world today: the United States of America! Let's keep it such a place. Let's get out and do, not just talk! I finnly believe that we can do many things to further this theme of "We, As Americans" we now so fondly admire. First, we can educate ourselves thoroughly in the democratic way of life, learn to govem ourselves by understanding others. We can and we must become the type of citizens who will vote and who will, ii necessary, iight for that which we know to be right. We can show ourselves and the generation now in power that We have not "gone soft," however much these words are flung before us. We can seize our heritage "by the horns" and literally make it serve our purposes in order to reach the goal. William Ernest Henley was an Englishman, but he ex- pressed the true American's philosophy of life when he wrote: "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." Address is IN R ff X fm N A ELEANOR WOLFE THELMA BURDICK ERNEST RUITER RALPH BRETTING, IR Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms We, the Class of 1941, wish to thank all of the officers and the two advisers of this year's graduating class for their sincere en- deavor to keep the "ball rol1ing." All of us Will look back upon our last year of high school as one of the most pleasant and ex- citing years of our lives. MR. H. K. KRUIZENGA MR. E. W. GILLASPY Advisers 1. , si:?1., T: Scholastic Rating Lorraine Coston .......,, Rosemary Hill ....,.. Virginia Laban ..... Marcella Ross ....,...,.. Betty Reid ................... Ieannette Sienkiewicz Bunker Rogoski ..,.,.... Vivian Sherman .a.w..A Mary lane Wood .,.,.,,w.,,,.,,,i,,, Mable Louise Smith . Cherie Turk ...........,w.. Samuel Valuck ......... Delores Van Bogelen Thelma Burdick .,u.o,,oo Olwyn Davies .oro..o,o,o William Richardson . lean Pfeiffer ....,,......... Wanda Schinzel ....... Alberta Hocker ..... Cleo Huston ...,......,,,oi Evelyn Wildfong .....o Peggy Olsen ..........,,.lo Robert McCrea ..o....aoaaa..ooa,,,oao Andrew Groeneveld ,vo,,,w.,i,,oo Ruth Purchase ,,..v..........l..,,.. Marion Gilmore ...,...,. Emest Vegter .........,... Dorothy Wentzel ,...,,, Barbara Brown ....... Victor Damm ..,,,,,,,,,,. Frances Murphy ....... Lois Gill ...i.......,,,,,,,.,,,, Dorothy Anderson .slr.ssslsrssssr Louis Variderweele ,ssY,ssss,,,ss,, Io ce Smith ..,...l..,,vwrs Y Grace Bidney ,,,,,Ai.Vw,YAA,,,AAA,r,rr, Estella Antonopulos ,,i,,,,,,,,,,, Charles Cooper ....,,.li 96.8437 96.8405 96.2857 96.1875 96.0312 95.8750 95.5151 95.4461 95.2463 95.1578 95.1562 95.0487 94.8437 94.7500 94.5217 94.3030 93.9705 93.7812 93.6315 93.6000 93.5000 93.3783 93.3125 93.1666 93.0129 92.9690 92.8767 92.7812 92.7710 92.7647 92.3333 92.2187 92.1388 92.1176 92.0606 92.0312 91.9062 91.7812 Robert lesson .......................... 91-7105 Margaret Van Beukering ...... 91.6521 Igyce Vanderlaan ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,., 91.5625 Lois Geisler ............................ 91.5058 Iohn Norwood ....... .......... 9 1-5000 Marvin Smith .......................... 91.5000 Mildred Matuzenski ....,. ....,, 9 1.4925 Katherine Hanis .................... 91.4387 Shirley A. Freclericks 91.4666 Elaine Dewey .......................... 91.4547 Marcel Bancuk ........... ......... 9 1-3939 Eleanor Wolfe ........., 91.2250 Ralph Bretting ,. ..., ..... ....,.. 9 l .0937 Robert Montgomery .....,......., 91.0909 Betty Gardner ....... .,.... . .. 91.0857 Donald Tetzloff . .. . 91.0625 Alice Kee-fer .... ..... . L ....... 90-9687 Kathryn Sprecken .. ............. 90.8888 Marian LaNore ......... ......... 9 0.8235 Dorothy Larson ...... 90.7647 Iohn Minarovic ...... 90.7272 Irene Iozsa . ........ 90.5074 Shirley Scott ,,,.. .. 90.4637 Walter Parker ..., 90.3750 Martin Boyd . .... . 90.3125 Stella Kutler ....... 90.2985 George Hartman ....... 90.1515 Muriel Nelson ........ 90.1250 Aloyse Opalek ....,, 90.0857 Russell Klett ............ 90.0625 Thelma Nagle ........ 90.0285 lim Risk ....................... Howard Mortenson .............. Esther Szyler ............. ......... Irene Chole ...........,... Arnold Schapka ....... Helen Miller ........,,.. Dorris Goldberg ....... 90.0000 90.0000 89.9393 89.8235 89.7948 89.7878 89.7187 A Q ft L N11-53. fq ,' fe-'1 A iiilze " 1 , - gy wifi? :NL -tx ii. +1 4' Sm ' pw?-rs S21 ff ' ' Lorraine Coston Valedictorian The finishing touch is placed upon the painting of our "High School Career," The artist lays aside his brushes. His work is done. His work may be beautiful or sordid. It may be elevating or degrading. But it is fin- ished. And we now stand on the thresh- old of a new picture, the painting of "A New Adventure." Some face this new adventure with trembling. They see the horrors of a new world warg they see the fields of employment filled to overflowing: they think that all the vistas of achievement have been realized. Theirs, in short, is the feeling of defeat. But doubt and uncertainty are not obstacles to youth. They are challenges to us to go out and seek our place in life, to do our part in benefiting man- kind. It matters not what path we choose to follow: there is a place for each of us. Some will continue to study to fit them- selves for a larger service to humanity. Others will find the doors of opportunity Facing fa New Adventure beckoning them to fields of immediate usefulness. All will heed the call to arms. Some said in depression years that they faced the world with the odds ten- to-one against them. They were wrong. Their possibility of success was en- hanced by the difficulty which con- fronted them. Some today see only a no-man's-land and privation. They too are wrong. For the knowledge that We have acquired, the experiences that we have had, and the difficulties that we must encounter are staunch stepping- stones along the pathway to success. And though time's wheel may run back- Ward or stop, though the world may change, our souls stand sure. What we stand for today, we have stood for, and will stand for. So look beyond to a new age when we shall play our part in a new era of peace and friendship. Tllwl Zl'f'lIUlllI' I'IH'1l J'I'f1llff'll',Ifl'lI flll'I1S t'1I!'ll1l.X .mmnll1111'.s.s Nlllgll. .-lm! gmzu nhl along zvillz NIU., Thr Init! ix ywl In bc! We Shall Long Remember On the eve of graduation it is cus- tomary for seniors to look into the future with eager anticipation. Usually the unknown promises glamour, adven- ture, and a kind of story-book success. Yet in the world today we find such shocking events happening so quickly, that we are warned against expecting too much of the future. Soon this occa- sion of our graduation will become part of the past, and our high school days will become memories. It is possible that these memories will come to be more dear to us than the experiences awaiting us in the future-the future that now seems so promising. One of the experiences we shall treasure of our years here at Muskegon Heights High School are the friendships we have known. When we are out of school, we shall not remember our formulas for algebra, "So-and-So's Theory" for some economic problem. Such facts will become merely our way of thinking. We are going to remember the "kids" we ran around with, how we gathered in the halls, yes, and made our share of noise, too. I know that each of us in the future will clearly recall friends we now have, close T ---::..g, :, . ,W -- A W. Y , Rosemary Hill Salutatorian friends, whose companionship has been woven into the pattem of our lives. We shall remember football games, how we would "gang up" and put orange and black streamers on our cars and drive through town, victors, showing off. And that game with Muskegon in 1939-the time we won! But of course, football wasn't the only sport we followed. There was basket- ball, baseball and track meets, too. There were plays, music festivals, and concerts. And our first formal-wasn't it won- derfull The girls will remember stay- ing until six trying to decorate the gym in a new way and having it always end up, with the same old false ceiling as it was the party before. We shall treasure also the knowledge we have won. With it some of us will take our places in the world of work, some of us will go on to study further, some of us will begin over again to learn. Whatever the future holds for us, this we know: our high school memories we shall have: time may sweep everything else away-these we have-for keeps. Z Class of T941 A POND F1-XBEWELL It is farewell for the Class of '41, Farewell to the counsel and guidance of our teachers: farewell to the undergrads: farewell to the life we have always known. Today we face the future. not knowing what may come in these troubled times: but we are ready. During our twelve years of schooling graduation days often seemed an infinite distance ahead: and now they are come. When we receive our diplomas this week we shall feel proud, and rightly so, for it will be recognition of a job well done. Some will go on to institutions of higher learning: others will find their place in business and industry at home or abroad. Whatever happens, whatever the future holds, this much is cer- tain: we shall never forget our high school days, the years which so swiftly rolled away. We shall always cherish the memory. - r -A-fffw -- --f-eff 'H N --' CLIFTON C. ALBERS General Diploma DOROTHY FRANCES ALDRICH College Diploma HENRY ESTELL ALDRICH General Diploma ROBERT EARL ALVORD College Diploma 536 -csv .f-rv Q' r 1 he f ,zz av -vm. s 'TS-4 +V- -R-as is DOROTHY MAE ANDERSON Commercial Diploma ESTELLA P. ANTONOPULOS Commercial Diploma FORREST KENNETH BAILEY General Diploma IONE MAXINE BAKER General Diploma paw 4' 'CTT f , :wg 4. .11.,, ,,v....M . 4 W 41, 6 A A 5 2 I we mm' L, 4 . H.. W W L , ,.,c, ., ., . . . 1f 1-1H ' -- w :.f. :f11 Q.. L MURRIEL M. BAKER General Diploma MARCELL BERNARD lAlVIES B General Diploma JAMES CARROLL BARTELS College Diploma LEONARD I. BATHRICK College Diploma --WW.-w-.-.-,.-,M-Ame-V,.w,W.,, 5351 ,,kA,,,,,m::.-.-.X,,,,.Q L., ,.., , . L:-:Q wr-L:...e.1,,.1.22121 , ,,.,-Ls.,,,.,,,.,,.,,,-.,.:,...,.U., ni E-i-M-.5am:.,f fw.Lxsf:, ., .,.,..,,, .yw ,., CLARA PAULINE BECKLEY General Diploma WILLIAM DALE BEECHAM W 1 GeHefG1DiP1OmU LL la L L ll. ' li Eff 'l, 3 f flfg f' 5 .f ln! f f SUSAN BERCIK General Diploma GRACE LOUISE BIDNEY College Diploma ANCUK , g IRENE GIZELLA BOSITS College Diploma MARTIN RUSSELL BOYD I-Q General Diploma I 'sr gif DORENE LOUISE BRANTHAVER College Diploma ' R3 RALPH CHRISTOPHER BRETTING, IR. A lfl' , , College Diploma ,N 6 Q9 I x ,, I lf' ,....,i..,,..-.,,.,..,.,, , , Na'- p of V 's fflfk K . 1 f ' , ,M . BARBARA ANN BROWN College Diploma THELMA G. BURDICK Commercial Diploma THOMAS RICHARD BUSARD College Diploma RAPHAEL C. BUSH College Diploma -S If L 1 fl I P ., F l l F IJ , L..u ,', ,. 'L l '. 'Fi 9-V L 'pjfw .iv - U "IJ !-' I sgw 'i lr' ' r , . 1 M fr . sf! f ' In U ' li 5 :,',x"' ' " 9 ' ' A ff? 'fi K I . W , ' 11.. . 1:1 . .. w:1a"1- 7:49 f':'5rs.z:i,h:g-.-,g,. x "-' F. 'fi IRENE ANNE CINCUSH General Diploma CHARLES ANDREW COOPER College Diploma LORRAINE B. COSTON College Diploma VIRGINIA MAY COVLASKY General Diploma E . 4 A ,X ,. . .I, QQ 2 Q Q' 1' 53' i UI ga' I DOROTHY EDNA CARLSON Commercial Diploma BERNICE CHEREP Commercial Diploma IRENE MARY CHOLEWINSKI Commercial Diploma ALBERT IUNIOR CHRISTOPHER College Diploma Y- -7 Q V Y - .,.f5,:,,Yj .nf V Y -7 f DONALD MARVEL CURRIE General Diploma VICTOR WERNER DAMM College Diploma OLWYN GWENDOLINE DAVIES Commercial Diploma HENRY WYNAND DE BRUIN College Diploma o-go MF' -2 , , N .R -fffffis l r wks I : - V'- Ji' 'N' . rx , . 5 Q . I ,,,. 5 I l A gn ...,- - ,- . 'UF' ,Q X v rigiyk , A L' -- -s...,.:. 1 . " X 'ral K - ARNOLD LESTER DE IONGE General Diploma CHARLES ARTHUR DETHLOFF General Diploma ELAINE GENEVA DEWEY Commercial Diploma IAMES E. DORNBOS General Diploma W 1 J? ,.... 5'-. IOSEPH FRANK DOZA General Diploma GERALDINE MARIE DYKEMA General Diploma BETTY ANN ERICKSON Commercial Diploma LEWIS STANLEY ERICKSON College Diploma A W JS, I . 1 MAYNARD WILLIAM ERICKSON r f - General Diploma 5' G I Q , ' IOSEPHINE AGNES FAKATTY flee " " fi L- L ' me General Diploma In '- A -gi 'in' FLOYD HOWARD FARMER General Diploma WILLIAM ELLSWORTH FARWIG General Diploma X , .1 K ., g N, ., .-Q, -,,. 1, I ' T n V, l . N, :Q .y 'N' 1 V it il:-'f,I,: , ' ' 1 --l'i . , h xy 5 X .W x x 1 X Y 1 :fer X STANLEY ROBERT FILONOW General Diploma Commercial Diploma ' " 1T3r-4,,lm:i:J:-----wh-3-45, - -AP-, -,-V----Ae. : zrg.-A N -ce-of--' QTLIT-IZZTTT. l if 'Y-Ng. 5 '7- -- 'i-ff. 1: A Q? v K f - Xxx X XX " ,, fcfiw-b A ' ' , :f1. SHIRLEY ANN FBEDERICKS ff, Q, Q A if V fwiillgmi Q x 9 Q' T , rw X v WXKQEAX NYY e.'fws?s g W QB? 1 YN Wx wx, lk ,gg f xk IOHN MICHAEL GABRIS General Diploma BETTY IEAN GARDNER Commercial Diploma l w sm, .SA K 1...- ' -: fx-.laggxf , ,a,5,,.x Q " ' ' : 1 Egfr- K P Q Ea-- .ef- I EDYTHE MARIE GARDNER Commercial Diploma LOIS MARGARET GEISLER College Diploma LOIS MAXINE GILL Commercial Diploma .asf-if F l OHN VANDERWERP GILMAN College Diploma 'MXXQ ix Q MARION GERTRUDE GILMOBE College Diploma DORRIS ANN GOLDBEBG General Diploma HARRIET LUCILLE GORMAN Commercial Dlploma HECTOR COLBY GRANT TR College Diploma X: QW QW 'S XX'QTxs:f NN.. X N' Xi fi , it , , . . ,?I?:g3g X xc N X is XYSKCN E X., ..,.. 1. V KATHERINE TERESA I-IANIS Commercial Diploma BERNICE CLARA HANSEN Commercial Diploma MONA FREDA HART General Diploma GEORGE HARTMAN, IR. College Diploma .1 l 1 " """"i'1 .. ' Y - X1 2-.w ,Q 303 ,gal s as L1 I A . 43563 I Q I -as -., , -'Q Tv O, X H .X , .. f ' X- 1-Fsiff 1 'vgfgsf' w N mg, f -I 'un-Y , ,, Aw.. I Ra ROBERT WILLIAM HEISSER General Diploma GERALD HENRY HEISTAND General Diploma RUSSEL MAXWELL HEISTAND General Diploma DON ROY HENDRICKS College Diploma 'ug sw X ig, fielxg ina, x ' 25 is , ll v K ig wi f' Qi 4'l:::,L' DONOVAN EMIL HENDERSON College Diploma 095 ROSEMARY E. HILL Commerzial Diploma rw V ALBERTA IANE HOCKER College Diploma in C'Z'Q'l THOMAS B. HOEKENGA 4- I A General Diploma .ww-40 BETTY IANE HOFFMAN General Diploma CLAYTON LE ROY HOWARD General Diploma FRED EDWARD I-IRADSKY General Diploma STEVE HULKA General Diploma 9!6w an-v...,, IAMES E. HURST General Diploma f CLEO DOROTHY HUSTON C Commercial Diploma FRANK CONRAD HUTCHINSON Gert eral Diploma HELEN RUTH IACKSON General Diploma P' an ,-x 4"" 11:5 Q P' as 'll-u 6- Qggv 45 ..:.. RS N 1 "af 1,4 , . DOROTHY ELL N IACOBSON College D1ploma ROBERT MAROMALL IESSON College Dlploma WILLIAM MERLE IOHNQON College D1ploma IRENE IOABEL lOZSA General Dlplorna 'gif 4 . : ' QU" ,fm N, v l i' wr '35 ,Q I me V A l 6,1 i Lis x. ANNETTE ERNESTINE KEEDLE Commercial Diploma ALICE LOUISE KEEPER College Diploma THOMAS F. KENT General Diploma THOMAS ERWIN KETCHBAW College Diploma HOWARD ALBERT IUDD General Diploma SAM R. KADELSIK General Diploma RUSSEL LOUIS KANAAR General Diploma II I FRANCES D. KANDALEC Commercial Diploma HELEN MARY KISS Commercial Diploma WILLIAM PAUL KITCHKA Commercial Diploma RUSSELL ERNEST KLETT College Diploma IOHN TOM KOLENIC Commercial Diploma f?'L12sg- B6- 4? Q es. -,Lx IRENE MAE KUBICEK General Diploma EDWARD IOSEPI-I KULESZA General Diploma STELLA THREASA KUTLER General Diploma ROSE MARIE KWAK General Diploma IIIQ!!!IlQ II S America - , ' , -1 ' A U 3 AQ,,,4:.,ki: I V-4 Q J vb fm ,. -V .nv ,,,, i,,,,ixl -V 1. , 9 1 ,la lfs 04' of-40" I 'MF 5' my . , YA i. 1 'C FRANK EDWARD KWIECIEN IB General Diploma VIRGINA MARIE LABAN Commercial Diploma - 1 . , ,,, A ,jqfih-, .A W Q ..1ffjf'. , ' Mg? A' Q-" :" EDITH O. LA FLAME 1 !"' ZIS General Diploma I 3, 'o'V lla R' A R f 5 I PETER ANDREW LAKATOS f W f ' M' General Diploma ' '- 4- s....,- ' 35 if f 'i'i1 'Q' . '. " "fe Kaffe l llll lf, I M" emi' fi MAVIS LA MOYNE General Diploma MARIAN IRENE LA NORE Commercial Diploma IOHN ROBERT LANSDALE College Diploma DOROTHY IEAN LARSON Commercial Diploma ur, -f V ll wg: rx p Sgt . X ST- , .P .xi--we p ix! . -rx. . ,sz - , ,.. , 3 . 2 f' "i'ifQ,i535i"KF5irf MARGARET LUCILLE LARSEN College Diploma MAXINE RUTH LEE General Diploma HAROLD ALBERT LE MIEUX General Diploma KENNETH A. O. LINDLAND College Diploma W" an j,,g0a- .Q 3 ' new r g 'IH . 4 f Ak is M , X X X ,WW rm ,,.,,.s5r,1f W :-Q..1--.z.1:"Qb.- ., -ix-iv . wr A , we ,, . .. M ,?.,.g,4mghig1Q.,, bfi.. Q 1 -.W , O , :affz'wFw.:.i. SN ' . - 'Twig K' A 1 RF-R L x 9559 ' ' 'Q , if., ' l pity - pg, N.,- fi., 149 -I, Q aiu., ' H-wa? 1- Qi'-,,1.?' 3. .1 A 'W , ,- ,ly .gk .i BETTY IEAN LOVEIOY Commercial Diploma SOPHIE LYSIAK Commercial Diploma ALFRED MC CALEB General Diploma ROBERT CHARLES MC CREA College Diploma , , X- .4-Y ,f A 1.5,-:..,,.1y. +- -.x-.f ,. , .Vx p X, 'H A " L X l:,i'J jj S. ' V H Q91 .lu 1, 1 X .-wx, , - ,Q V . ' L ,g g,:13".'1,:. "Sis , 2-3. f ' ' . N li QW. a ROSE ELEANOR MADASY General Diploma TILLIE BEATRICE MALAVAZOS Commercial Diploma GEORGE EDWARD MANTHEI, IR. General Diploma MILDRED MARIE MATUZ Commercial Diploma ggi, w :aff Jw X l DON MAC DONALD College Diploma WANDA PEARL MC DONALD Commercial Diploma DOUGLASS C. MC SORLEY College Diploma KENNETH NOLAN MC SORLEY General Diploma f MN A-:sw so L V . iw V, nr. mi , fs js :EP Q gY+- V-V---V--4----W - -- ---H ,a"'f-my If 5.5 Q. 5 7'.'i-1 f S x, I 'A xg ,gil My K IQ, E, r 1 fl' -Mg, f ' lx 1, , A W' +lee5ff3.'2'2" ive' -rf 1 2-'I .:J'1"-W ,V ,gy LLOYD ROBERT MORBECK General Diploma VIRGINIA ANNA MORROW General Diploma X HOWARD I. MORTENSON General Diploma EUGENE IAMES MEYERS College Diploma HELEN IANE MILLER College Diploma IOHN MARTIN MINAROVIC General Diploma ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY College Diploma 1 THOMAS ORVILLE MORTENSON 'Q H Q 2? General Diploma ap. DONALD C. MORTON College Diploma WILLIAM FREDRICK MURISET General Diploma FRANCES RUBY MURPHY Commercial Diploma BETTY LOUISE MYERS General Diploma . . ss - S Egwg .. ' A i IQ- K '- . S .fs Q - - .-5:35,-133 s1ia:l5AHr2,:,,- ir . 1 - '- , vi: Efikv x ez. , s .4 v ' A ez-3 -wx--x.-w :I-X'-46: '24 ' 5- B 3-'Sk wif: f H1 z' lg! 1 5:1 5 --sfif' .. 0 53. " X, N X 'min pig N X si-1-A521 1 4386, , 1 N . ,- W -yy: 'ik THELMA EDITH NAGLE Commercial Diploma MURIEL ELIZABETH NELSON General Diploma BETTY NESSEN College Diploma RALPH EDGAR NEWVILLE General Diploma IOHN ELDRIDGE NORWOOD IH College Diploma ANDREW MICHEAL OLAH General Diploma MARGARET ELLEN OLSEN College Diploma RUTH EVELYN OLSEN Commercial Diploma -if . X.: -3 g' ' 1 Q ALOYSE FRANCIS OPALEK College Diploma RICHARD I. OPALEK College Diploma MARY THERESA OSTRADICK Commercial Diploma PAUL A. PANZER General Diploma A r, an J A 'Quc4,'.- ' it wav- DONALD PERRY PEPLY General Diploma IEAN GARNELL PFEIFFER Commercial Diploma DON LEWIS PIPOLY College Diploma IACANDA POLIFRONIO College Diploma 1... 'Q 36 ,,, 5-nv" 0.31 WALTER E. PARKER, IR. General Diploma ELMER PARROTT General Diploma ALEX R. PAWNESHING College Diploma WILLIAM PEHR General Diploma RSS N. ,ap V fa X cr' - - 7453, . ,'v' 'n. THEADORA MARY POLIFRONIO General Diploma SAMUEL EDWARD POSTLEWAIT General Diploma 542:51-K , ' j WILLIAM CHARLES POTHOFF 'E r A A K General Diploma 5 3' 6' DoHoTHY IEAN PoUL1N ,,, A General Diploma '-nn.. N- i Jflfrv., 'V H 'M' , . --fJ,S": M , r .A H x ' K- :gan BETTYE LOU PRIVACKY Commercial Diploma MARY LOU PRIVACKY Commercial Diploma I RUTH CHARLOTTE PURCHASE College Diploma CLARA ELEANOR REAMES College Diploma 7: -fe ll-7 564' -Ni CTA? i BETTY ARLENE REID Commercial Diploma ORVILLE GEORGE RHODEA General Diploma DONNA MARIE RHODES College Diploma WILLIAM ROBERT RICHARDSON College Diploma 1 -.. 'Dx 4' E 5 E. NRI Iyliffkx. , ffl, 1 'I X K! QF W V. - -' ,L-3325 f Q fiif- ' ' Q' i'vx1.'3l K- . I , 'Wink N s 495 STANLEY IAMES RISK College Diploma GORDON KERMITI-I ROCKEY General Diploma ROBERT BUNKER ROGOSKI College Diploma MARCELLA N. ROSS Commercial Diploma ERNEST HENRY RUITER College Diploma IACQUELINE LORRAINE SARASIN Commercial Diploma PHILIP ARNOLD SCHAPKA Commercial Diploma EUNICE MAE SCHATZ College Diploma 4243 I V1 ! 1 . V A ee Liv' lriw-A K 'V+ 4' I rf W a , l N W 'T'-EJ f la, Q.. Mr, will ,f 1 N, fi - -'fffffiy .1iff"mm,5 gl WANDA IENNIE SCHINZEL Commercial Diploma CORNELL FRANK SCHULTZ General Diploma LORRAINE IEWEL SCOTT College Diploma SHIRLEY IANE SCOTT Commercial Diploma THE CLASS of 1941 C ,fh- if"- H mx IOYCE LUCILLE SMITH Commercial Diploma MABEL LOUISE SMITH College Diploma MARVIN SMITH College Diploma RENA SHIRLEY SMITH College Diploma 2 VIVIAN IRENE SHERMAN College Diploma 'K - RAYMOND FLOYD SHOWERS College Diploma IEANETTE MAE SIENKIEWICZ Commercial Diploma INA IANE SILVIS General Diploma 5234 x, ,W be 1 fl , ri: ff:-Qi? , me gk. 1 Ex X O W, gg W ,f T-Xwx S- gfifz' , . I ' S ' fw , ' ' N a.,. 1: -'S Q10 SW k 'sz -: x . YQ X 1 N gf? .. . " ' 4 4 u T 0 N x www I . '15-A P7 ,,, - F" 'S be :, " , ! "rr Q5 ..-. . 5 I I . X ' 1 ,,.,. we 1 R RICHARD SHERIDAN SMITH College Diploma ROBERT ANDREW SMITH College Diploma 1 "1 3' f QCQ 'R - 4-,. qi-Q. iiflsi-.12--1 V f ,fx-,A X KATHRYN LOUISE SPRECKEN f '19 College Diploma LEWIS IACK STEINDLEB College Diploma . ,qqswruggu 1 7551.735-. S ,I RQQ1 by psf... We Fl " iv . x f . - ESTHER ELIZABETH SZYLER Commercial Diploma DONALD WILLIAM TETZLOFF General Diploma CHERIE PEARL TURK Commercial Diploma MARY IEANNETTE UPMAN Y College Diploma LOUIS VANDERWEELE College Diploma SHIRLIE MAE VANDERWEELE Commercial Diploma HENRY JAMES VAN VEELEN General Diploma MARY MARGARET VARGO General Diploma SAMUEL WALTER VALUCK College Diploma AUDREY MARGARET VAN BEUKERING College Diploma DELORAS D. VAN BOGELEN Commercial Diploma IOYCE ELAINE VANDERLAAN Commercial Diploma ERNEST EDWARD VEGTER College Diploma DOLORES LUCILLE WACHSMUTH College Diploma MARCELLA BERNICE WALICKI Commercial Diploma KENNETH RALPH WANSTEN College Diploma uv. M N R Wi? Q Y, Q A -6 , if - - . -. E3 . Elia? A Q l 1 Ne' U 'QZBH 'TM' V' N' I DOROTHY ALICE WENTZEL College Diploma IOYCE BERNICE WERSCHEM Commercial Diploma GERALD BARTH WHEELER College Diploma MARGARET ELIZABETH WIERS General Diploma 3 1? I 'l . .gl ' ' . I 'A "f' LORAINE E. WILLIAMS General Diploma IAMES WILLIAM WILSON General Diploma ELEANOR WILMA WOLFE Commercial Diploma FLOYD WOOD, IR. General Diploma WILLIAM FREDERICK WIERS General Diploma EDWIN LEO WIESENHOEFEB College Diploma LYLA IANE WIGGINS Commercial Diploma EVELYN IOYCE WILDFONG College Diploma MARY-IANE WOOD College Diploma VALENTINE ZOELLER College Diploma I ' x fx rf f . ?Q,, U.. Q.. Who,s Who "It's a good old Muskegon Heights custom and it's lots of fun." That's what the seniors say every year when the time rolls around for the selction of "Who's Who in the Senior Class." The Iuniors once chose the candidates, but the Class of l94l choose their own because they feel they know their own classmates better than anyone else. The results? Here they are, and aren't they cute? MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Alice Keefer Sam Valuck . yyylty ,, . f "1- 7- ,e 2' ff-fi MQ -es, ,, ,ling MOST ALL-ROUND Alberta Hocker Don Hendricks BEST DRESSED Shirley Vanderweele Bob lesson MOST STUDIOUS Lorraine Coston Victor Damm ...J MOST POPULAR Thelma Burdick Ed Wiesenhofer BEST LOOKING COUPLE Dorothy Anderson Martin Boyd WITTIEST Irene Cincush lim Risk CLASS CUT-UPS Mary Privacky Torn Busard BEST LOOKING Rosemary Hill Clayton Howard BEST DANCERS Lois Geisler Don Peply MOST LIKEABLE Dorerie Branthaver Don Mac Donald MOST AQTHLETIC Clara Beckley lohn Minarovic Last Will and Testament Tom Mortenson leaves with that General Diploma he waited for. Betty Meyers leaves her ability to talk herself out of trouble to Alice Pappan. Ralph Newville leaves his school books to any one who can understand them. Paul Panzer leaves his ability to get along with the women to Spencer Ketcham. Elmer Parrott leaves his shortness to Pat Kennedy. Don Peply leaves finally, thus leaving the girls at the Matinee Dances in despair. Tom Posttewaite leaves happily. Dorothy Poulin leaves her smooth alto voice to Alberta Roberts. Gordon Rocky leaves his quiet attitude towards study to Marvin Rosie. Ina lane Silvas leaves her brother to uphold the family's tradition. Henry VanVeelin leaves his versatility to Paul Schwing. Margaret Wiers leaves without her sister Doris. Lorraine Williams leaves her rouge to Doris Prentice. Floyd Wood leaves his bad temper to Mary Pedler. Audrey Van Beukering leaves her scholastic ability to her sister. Doloras Wachsmuth leaves to follow in the footsteps of Bonnie. Gerald Wheeler leaves woman wading tactics to lim Burkel. Evelyn Wildfong leaves after getting her diploma. Betty Hoffman leaves-she has the ring already. Martin Boyd leaves his traffic fines to some speed demon in the junior class. Virginia Covlasky leaves her healthy appearance to someone who isn't healthy. William Beecham leaves his red hair to Harriet Risk. Eugene Meyers leaves his happy-go-lucky attitude to Don Kooyers. Robert Montgomery leaves his handsomeness to all undergrads. Betty Nessen leaves without much said to anyone. Peggy Olsen leaves her "I'll do it" attitude to all coming classmen. Richard Opalek leaves his politeness-a high standard always. Don Pipoly leaves with horn under arm. Ruth Purchase leaves her library work for LaNore Anderson to finish. Donna Rhodes leaves the Cafeteria without a noon-hour piano plinker. lim Risk leaves-Oh well, any way he leaves. Eunice Schatz leaves her gum under Miss Sprague's front seat. Vivian Sherman leaves her shifting away from the male to Donna Morton. Kathryn Sprecken leaves Mr. Schulze minus one of his much needed second sopranos Marvin Smith leaves a high scholastic record We'll long remember. Richard Smith leaves his hermit-like ways to Bill Seyferth. Marcel Bancuk leaves his ability on the track team to Harriet Risk. lone Baker leaves her quiet attitude in the halls to Dick Homan. Henry Aldrich leaves thus giving Mr. Rudd a rest. Valentine Zoller leaves without regret. Dorothy Wentzel leaves in the same good natured way she entered. Kenneth Wansten leaves a bottle of hair tonic to Oland Dahl. Ernest Ruiter leaves his all-around fellowship to all coming seniors. Mary Upman leaves her happiness to Susie Iosifec. Ernest Vegter leaves Miss Royce without a "filler-inner" for her class plays. Arnold Delong leaves with that diploma he waited so long to get. lim Dornbos leaves a little of his tallness to Lorraine Smith. Geraldine Dykerna leaves alone-the Army has claimed her boy-friend. Iosephine Fakatty leaves her good sense of humor to any one who needs it badly. Floyd Farmer leaves to take a vacation. Stanley Filonow leaves without Doris but he will keep an eye on her. Doris Goldberg leaves her bright red lipstick to Lena Dolislager. Mona Hart leaves to meet "him" outside the door. Gerald Heistand leaves his ability in woodwork to lack Loftis. Tom Hoekenga leaves with Betty Nessen. Clayton Howard leaves his grand acting in the junior and senior plays to Lois Stough. Steve Hulka leaves his carefree ways to Marion Ruiter. Virginia Morrow leaves her love of grammer to Henrietta Kooiman. Iohn Minarovic leaves, thus leaving the basketball team in despair. Alfred McCaleb leaves his curly hair to any one who has time to fuss with it. Rose Madasy leaves glad to get out of biology class. Maxine Lee leaves her ability to get boy friends to any forlorn junior girl. Mavis LaMoyne leaves glad to get out at last. Edith Lal? lame leaves her ability to play in the band to Stanley Lee. Frank Hutchinson leaves through the front door. Irene loza leaves her quietness to Suzanne Rosenberg. Sam Kadelsik leaves his solemn expression to lane Ann lsreal. Tom Kent leaves his sillyness to Audrey Marks. Ed Kulesza leaves his love of study to Virginia Hislop. Rose Kwak leaves for once without Millie Valuck. Esther Szyler leaves her happy disposition to any unhappy undergrad. Ioyce Vanderlaan leaves her blond hair to any one who likes blonds. Shirlie Vanderweele leaves her ability to get the most popular boy in the senior class to any unsuc cessful lr. girl. Ioyce Werchem leaves to take a ride in her new car. Eleanor Wolfe leaves her job as Vice-President of this year's class. Robert Alvord leaves his ability to avoid women to Bob Brongersma. Leonard Bathrick leaves his bushy eyebrows to Marcelyne Reek. Irene Bosits leaves her active ways to Shirley Fletcher. Ralph Bretting leaves his cannonsball bowling technique to Harry Hiltner. Tom Busard leaves his tire marks deeply imprinted in the school driveway. Albert Christopher leaves his "you tell it, I'1l laugh at it" attitude to Howard Branch. Lorraine Coston leaves her studious ways to loy Ford. Wynand DeBruin leaves his ability to laugh it off to Paul Kramer. Iohn Gilman a great lover, leaves it to all college prep students. Lois Geisler leaves her lipstick-"on second thought, maybe l'd better take it along." Andrew Groeneveld leaves his always smiling face to Stanley Chumney. George Hartman leaves his height to Ed Rudd. Roland Hemeren leaves his poetical inspiration to Stan Lavendowski. Alberta Hocker leaves I. W. Verduin without his human answer book. Dorothy Iacobson leaves her versatility to Eleanor Jewell. William Iohnson leaves his Ec. book-for good. Tom Ketchbaw leaves his trumpet playing to Dick Moore, Bob Lansdale leaves his way with the women to "Toughy" Tomorsky. Kenneth Linland leaves his bluff methods to Fred Royal. Robert McCrea leaves his self-restraint and quietness to lack Lipman. Estelle Antonopulas leaves her friendly manner to Phyllis Strand. Dorothy Carlson leaves Mr. Schulze without a typist. Irene Cholewinski leaves having nothing else in pdrtienldy to de, Elaine Dewey leaves her all-around personality to some nQt.S0-popular undergrad, Shirley Fredricks leaves her job of playing the pidno in Chorus and Glee Club tg Peggy Keel-ln Edythe Gardener leaves to give lessons in love-making, Lucille Gorman leaves to spend more time at her job, Katherine Hanis leaves her thinness to any Ir. who thinks She needs d little ef it, Frances Kandalec leaves her quietness to Elizabeth OC1-15, Rosemary Hill leaves her beauty to any undergrdd that thinks she needg it, Helen Kiss leaves her last name to Leon Thomas. Iohn Kolenic leaves his masculine wave to Kendall Newman, Marion LaNore leaves but will keep her eye on Angell, Betty Lovejoy leaves to wait for him. Tillie Malavozos leaves her eyebrow pencil to Paula Raulin, Wanda McDonald leaves her job of selling candy between classes to Shirlie Hughes. Thelma Nagle leaves her ride to school every day to Palmaro Falke. Mary Ostradick leaves her pleasant smile to Lorraine Smith. Bettye Privacky leaves in the same happy mood in which she entered. Betty Reid left in February. lacqueline Sarasin leaves her athletic ability to Anna Mae Boles. Wanda Schinzel leaves her "just so" hair to do. 'Vw ga :I 5 Muskegon Heights High School Th Prophet TENTH YEAR MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL l SP 4 PAGES S. S. WIERS SINKS TODAY Wiesenhofer Back From Convention Edwin Wiesenhofer. prosecuting at- torney, has returned from Philadelphia. where he attended the National At- t3rney's Convention. lVIcSorley Returns Douglass McSorley, world news com- mentator, arrived today in San Fran- c.sco after a two-year appointment in Asia. McSorley will leave for Wash- ington tomorrow to confer with Presi- dent Cooper. Keeier Appointed Department Head Alice Keefer, graduate of Heights High School, was today appointed Secretary of Women's Department, by President Cooper. Miss Keefer will leave for Washington next week, ac- companied by her secretary and travel- ing companion, Iean Pfeiffer. Damm Perfects Cold Serum Victor Damm, struggling young chem- ist, today perfected a toxin against the common cold. lVlr. Damm, with his assistants, Eugene Farkas and Iames Wilson, spent six years perfecting the serum. Damm has turned over his serum to the Iohn Gabris Medical Institute in return for royalties. This is the first of Damm's remark- able work, but scientists predict that much will be heard from this young man in the near future. Detroit Teacher Visits Mother Miss Barbara Brown, mathematics instructor at McKinley High School in Detroit, is spending the week with her mother. Mrs. Anna Brown, 821 Fifth Street. Schcrpka To Coach Notre Dame U. Arnold Schapka, popular athlete and basketball star of Heights High school has accepted the position of basketball coach of Notre Dame University. George Hradsky will manage the team. Roqoski Returns From Labor Meet Attorney Bunker Rogoski today re- turned from New York City where he conferred with labor leaders William Pothoff and Orville Bhodea on the Waterfront strike. On being questioned by reporters, Mr. Rogoski announced that no definite agreement has yet been worked out. Bartels To Address Currie Institution Iames Bartels, noted oculist, will speak at the Donald Currie Institution for the Blind. His subject for discussion will be "Blindness is no handicap." Dr, Bartels is known for his far reache ing methods of teaching the blind to overcome their handicap. He has just completed a new type of braille that is expected to make reading much easier for his patients. Dr. Bartels is also famous for his eye operations which have given the power of sight to those who have been deprived of it before. Women Discover Cure For Cancer Marian Gilmore, Dorothy Larson, and Marcella Ross, American scientis.s, were today awarded the Nobel Prize for scientific achievement. They have discovered a cure for cancer, called Phio-glare. It was used in a critical case in Paris, and was proved to be very satisfactory. MacDonald Named To Supreme Court Don MacDonald, local attorney, was today appointed to the State Supreme Court by Governor Lewis Vanderweele. MacDonald succeeds Maurice Grover, who retired from the position to enter private business. Matuz Leads Women Bowlers The National Women's Bowling League, sponsored by Donald Tetzloff, sports leader, will be held at the Crys- tal Bowling Alleys next week. In first position will be Mildred Matuz, second, Virginia Laban: and in third position, Dorothy Anderson. Oil Irish Coast No Lives Lost The S. S. William Wiers today sank off the coast of Ireland. The cause of the sinking has not been determined but, undoubtedly, a heavy wind blows ing from the ocean was a factor in the accident. First Officer Clifton Albers took a count of all the passengers and all were accounted for. Outside of a few casualties, everyone is safe. The pas- sengers conducted themselves in an crderly manner and formed lines to the lifeboats. This action is responsible for the saving of many lives. Those that were injured were Frank Kwiecen, a broken arm: Lorraine Scott, a fractured shoulder: and Iaconda Polifronio, a broken leg. All passengers will be put in the next homeward-bound boat. Olah Has Plans For New Navy Boat Andrew Olah, Secretary of Navy, to- day made known plans for a new, more efficient, and smaller boat for war- time measures. The Chief of Staff, William Kitchka, and other officials have received the plans and are now investigating their possibilities. l t ' t Buy I 6 D l i CDdl4S l HEIGHTS HOSPITAL OPENS Morbeck Supervisor: Farwig ls Chief The Heights Municipal Hospital opened today, supervisor Lloyd Morbeck announced. The Chief of Staff will be Dr. William Farwig, a graduate of Heights high school and the Heights University: Ioyce Smith will be head nurse. The hospital has accommodations for 1.000 patients, including private. semi-private rooms and wards. A large research laboratory is under construc- tion in the basement, Grace Bidney being chief technician. Among the modern conveniences are two "iron lungs," donated by local clubs, three operating rooms, and extensive x-ray equipment. Iackson Troupe Presents Revue Helen Iackson, dance director. with her troupe of sixty Iackson dancers, docked in New York today to present the first dance revue ever given in Carnegie Hall. Manager Marcella Walicki announced that the dancers would start rehearsals soon. Lyla Wig- gins is assistant director. Schultz Returns To China Cornell Schultz, ambassador to China. returned to Shanghai after having been in the United States for a confidential meeting with President Cooper and Secretary of State Raymond Showers. Aldrich Opens Crystal Club Dorothy Aldrich, night club owner. will open the Crystal Club next Satur- day night. The Club hos entirely new and modern equipment. Special fea- tures of Saturday's opening will be a demonstration of magical illusions by Raphael Bush, and Dorothy Wentzel. ballerina, will dance. Miss Aldrich has several clubs oper- ating throughout the city at the present time. Lois Gill, Author. Studies In Chicago Lois Gill, author of "Youth" and other novels, has returned from Chi- cago where she has been attending creative writing classes under the di- rection of Professor Donovan Hender- son, another Heights High graduate. Louis Erickson and Margaret Larson are also studying under Henderson. lesson Shop Presents Show Robert lesson, owner of the lesson Modeme Shop, last night presented a slyle show at the Woman's Club with a forecast of the summer styles. The star model of the evening was Mary! lane Wood. Other models were Eleanor Esames and Shirley Scott. A crowd of about 300 local women attended the show, Mary Privacky en- tertained between acts with solos. Tea was served following the show. Bailey New Dog-Catcher Forrest Bailey will fill out the un- expired term of dog-catcher, Peter Lak- atos, who retired from the post to take a position with the Fred Hrodsky Chem- ical Company. Mr. Bailey will start his duties next Monday. Mr. Lakatos has been an efficient dog-catcher and since he has been in office. only one case of a dog with rabies has been reported. Announce Opening of "O and P" Parlor Ruth Olsen and Alex Pawneshing. owners of the "O and P" icevcream parlor announced that their ice-cream parlor is again open for business. Their closing was due to alterations which have made the "O and P" ice-cream parlor one of the most modern in the Stdle. They now have curb service with the following girls as waitresses: Betty Gardner, Alice Green and Cheri Turk. General Pehr Visits Home William Pehr, General of the United States Army. is spending the week at the home of his parents for a much needed rest. General Pehr will leave for Fort Knox, Kentucky. where the re- serve officers will have two weeks of maneuvers. After that, he will leave for Washington to confer with President Cooper. Traffic Violators The following persons paid S10 fines on speeding tickets at Heights Traffic Bureau to fudge Walter Parker: Charles Habetler, 600 Sixth Street, 40 mph on Peck Street. Russel Kanaar, 1001 Fifth Street, 50 mph on Ottawa Street. Edward Kolezsa, 607 Mona Avenue, 45 mph on Lakeshore Drive. On and after this date, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone but myself. Iune 13, 1951 Don Hendricks 510 Fifth Street LeMieux Chosen New Coroner Harold LeMieux, local undertaker, was appointed coroner of the Heights district by Mayor Aloyse Opalek at a council meeting Monday night. Lev Mieux will serve until the fall election. Morton Found In Mexico Don Morton, well-known aviator, was reported to be found south of the border where he was marooned on a plateai after running out of gas while on a transcontinental flight. He will return home to the Heights as soon as his flane is repaired. Professor Hansen Rec overs Bernice Hansen, Home Economics in- slructor at the University of the Heights, was today released from the hospital, where she has been recuperating from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Smith Hunting Crocodiles Again Reports have reached friends of Miss Rena Smith that she is again hunting Crocodiles in the Everglades of South- ern Florida. She will bring back live specimens to the Heights Museum, under the supervision of Ioe Doza and Sophie Lysiak. JZSSOD Moderne Shop VALUCK WINS TITLE BRANTHAVER-SMI HARE WED NGfiDM10Pen Bride and Groom Well Known in Athletic Circles Miss Dorene Branthaver, daughter ot Mrs. C. F. Branthaver, has been an- nounced wed to Robert Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith, on Iune 10th in the Methodist Church. Rev. Kenneth McSorley performed the ceremony. The bride was attended by Helen Miller. Mable Smith, and Betty Erickson. May- nard Erickson was best man. After the reception, the couple took a short trip to Niagara Falls and New York. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside on a farm near Fruitport. S1000 Sent To Local Dancers Thelma Burdick, Muriel Nelson, and Irene Kubicek. local dancers, today re- ceived SIOOO through the mail. The money was sent to them by one of their audience. A note with the money declared that they should use this money for more lessons because their dancing was so bad. However, critics do not agree with the anonymous writer and the girls have been signed up tor a new musical revue. Woman's Club Sponsors Dance The annual Leap Year dance, spon- sored by the Heights Woman's Club, will be held in the Grant Hotel ball- room Iune 15th, Miss Cleo Huston, chairman. anounced this week. Russell Klett's orchestra will furnish music for dancing. Stella Kutler is in charge of tickets, assisted by Mary Vargo and Olywn Davies. Mary Polifronio is in charge of refreshments. assisted by Irene Cincush and Susan Bercik. Floor show entertaining will be Clara Beck- ley, whistling. and solos by Murriel Baker. The ballroom has been recently dec- ora'ed by architect Howard ludd, Hec- tor Gxant, owner, announced. Miss Bernice Cherep. Metropolitan Star, Home From Tour Miss Bernice Cherep, Metropolitan Opera star, today landed in New York on the Queen Elizabeth. Miss Cherep sang before the crowned heads ot Europe while on an eight months tour of the continent. She will make per- sonal appearances on local stages dur- ing the next lew months. Skating Instructor Returns To Chicago Miss Annette Keedle. roller skating instructor, left for Chicago after having spent the week at the home of friends. Champ Repeats For Third Year Sam Valuck today won the National Open Goli Championship Tournament held at Heights Municipal Goll Course. Mr. Valuck had a score of 67-69-72-66. This makes Valuck international am- ateur champion of the world. He has wcn the title for three years. Alter today, Mr. Valuck declared that he will turn professional and his tirst attempt will be in the Howard Morten- son Open Golf Tournament on August first. Heights Six Lose Richardson Bfll Richardson, well-known hockey player, today let it be known that he has completed his last season in com- petitive hockey. This leaves the Mus- kegon Sailors' owner. lack Steindler. without a goalie next year. lt has been reported that George Manthei and Bill Muriset will be brought up from the farm system in hopes of filling this pos- ition. Dethlofi To Give Bowling Exhibition Charles Dethlott, well-known local bowler, will give an exhibition ol his technique which has given h'm excel- lent records. Russell Heistand and Bob Heisser will also give examples of their styles. Leap Veer Dance Hotel Ballroom .-.3 f :MW 'ffz VE ., 4- f, 2 Y M , 44 56152 ' my 1, ' v .5::a,'.-1' 9 'Y s X 'ig n 2 fl: 'Q ,, gg , 33:3 ' 9- 1 -M 5- 3, 'Gr If if W f W T V . , 4 V! Sz x 3 9:1 .V 1 'V' 5 xl 'Q ay- , A-. - 1-dx., x LR, 2.8. 1 ggx , , 5 X N Q 1- 5,45 x ' ik' ' Q Q KN 03 , 4 -r:kf'?:'Syb,i3 '35 xg 4 A Y 2 A 'f y SN i '23-'f 'f W y b , . , ,A ,.,, vo ,,. . V 4 F ,, v ff- gg, w- ' ' 113 QI' ' A -sf v Vx. av' AJ" JH: L:'.'. 'I s. SEX '. K f-v,fIae1'3,Z-Nngr-V I X 1 4 1 Blossom Time f if il sf'-Sr in Western Michigan -si .1- 4 ..-,... , .. - ., ,- .,. k T. ,fr .,, .4 'g.s,. . A P- H' '. - xl , ,.. ,rc-2f,w,.-.-'v.-S - '-, - X - ... v 4-, .,.-cf' I Y' 4 - s- rf, ' S2 1" , f' i-T' " ".-ISL f -N 1 1 ' jf 'f.l'il 'iT' '-.. X ' . 1 -. ' ' ' , ,,- ., - f:' N 1- .1-- .. - W ' 'f ..',. , . , - . . -91 ' , ' Qi-1, gf. , f ' '. 'L' , c . xe- FJ,- .gg q . 1 I5 L ,n I QV V, 4.. rv.. . a.. 'H ,- n wv. n, H .' 1-. I- . v . - .v.. ,... .w.'.' - . . ,. U fy--X, , U.,-. 1 ,Y'T.4-v 1 iv.-if . gag ' " -' Yuf '?,3.g4:'.n I 5, . :"V"'1 - ' . . , , ,P . A . , V 1 fr' IPX - , .ji ,L 1, ly, . -' J" I H- 'y wabfq-A, I l . ,- ,, 4.7 L ,-.'v,v,4- ' .- h- : I-' . ' R Lgfrt. - .fu-nl. "" ,.. , . . 1 l ,Y L A , .5-fn. 4. X 5-.:'.rf- L-' ,gr . , 7,4 R' ,X v ,. I - Q'-' ,-" A ",...- 1 . A , '., L, . 1' .-'tga Q., ,K v..- - 'ff ' -1 ' ff- X . - t V -V - .' is ' H- -i if r. " . fs-f ' fg 133551, W at QT 57 ,, ' J ' .. f ' ' Y?" .X - ' ,, ' -z '.., . 47- jg' A , 'K-A .-I. ' . - ,VI ,.. A .var-1 . ,. . nf l L ,. . Nw. W- 1 1 -. - -Auf-1---V53 M.,- 1 J- 431: .,. U G fr. x--5 hr," - jg gang-. - 4 ,J 4 I , , ff K' f-Hyry "W, . .,. f , 2 .. 3 ,',.- ,,.,.21'g-I-'4-fvjfgzjf-'g'g'j " fx " 'flu Sag:-',' , - I J ' ' 5, N .fum .-'Mr .MX lg 5 1. Qgvz-'f1-:.., , x 1 - . H' -.4 'Q ,'5"iEi"7"iff-.- ' , hg.,Q.,, -, .- -v '- -' ' . . . f ' ' .. ..,. I MM diy, , ., .1W'.,,,MA, ,U -.,,' X, . umm:-.N-un,4n-f v.,QL. ..,'. - 2, v-"f"-- ' . x. 'fp M1 f- .-H "' 'fm' ..: , - N 4,44 f., 44Q.-Qgz.-. 1 .r H ,f q - - . ,. kr . -.fLi- . .. ...A .Q , - If..- ,. - .--x.,,, -1 'piw ft? Q11-. -J ""! .-ff' VIVIAN BALDUS DONNA MORTON WILLIAM THORNBERBY - ANGELL DENDRINO Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms Class ol l 942 In September the lowly sophomores became juniors, and in doing so, elected Bill Seyferth, president: Donna Morton, secre- tary: William Thornberry, treasurer: Angell Dendrino, sergeant- at-arrns. Miss Dorace LaCore and Mr. larnes Verduin were chos- en class advisers. Socially, the juniors made their debut with the "Yule Whirl," a "femme invite" dance on December 21, 1940. Shirley Walkley was chairman. On May Z and 9, "George Washington Slept Here" was presented on the auditorium stage, the dramatic con- tribution for the year. It was a timely play, Well-acted and well received. On Iune 8, the Iuniors gave the Seniors a beach party. Fun was had, as the saying goes, by all. WILLIAM SEYFERTH President MISS DOBACE LA CORE MR. IAMES W. VERDUIN Advisers U2 r-'I II'- n-1 U -1 dz r-1 Q IZ '42 '-T' v-I v-1 TJ' 3 M CD 'o s: U D ni an r: 3 o I- :E U -.: U .E EZ .-. In ..-1 .-. O D :E o .. UI o O 'fs I-Le 'E CD E CD cn E O V1 D-1 2 xx. E as CL .- GJ s-4 M ci n: PES D-4 U nn ui ,M U -: 'U CI 0 I S I5 Q :Z QD 2 U :1 E xi nv ,Q H as U 5- L1 1-Q an .11 3 5 o EE D- O H 1-I CD U' U E u 'U GJ U' G -: an GJ k O Z U r-1 0 UI 2 Q a 4: U E UI U D- M 5 .cz U D-4 o E1 U- l-I GJ -Q 'O C! 5 u-'I Cl CD UI .1 CD ID 2 E E GJ CM 15 F-1 U D4 D. CD -E1 U1 as E fe 's .-E U U1 Tn 2 UI in CD 'U SI U IP 14 E U 11' U1 e U E QD U1 2 UJ fs GJ LH .2 2 uf a 2 ES D-4 e O bw C1 G2 M a 0 CE 5 .5 Ui -o-F I3 CD O CD GJ A dx U1 U 3-4 CQ x-T CD E I-I U I-I-4 x: 2 2 CD .E U1 6 I1 ': 'D EI KD ca .5 2 .Q U 5-Q C5 15 O O 3 L1 KD .12 ID ri O E 11: if O ID G AL' O .. fi E' U as ni .-C1 KD D4 :E U E .-G' GJ O E si U CL CL U D4 vi CL D: CD E-4 aa 1-I GJ 3 O A 6 E CD .24 bw Q 5 O n: -E 2 I+. .ai .E c: .. GJ N U 3 O 4: U rn ..: 0 3 : U -E 's M ui .M L1 U E ..: GJ .5 2 :E .Q li O EI .: u 1: N :N D-1 E E rn E O O .: 0 2 o 4: ua ui 'L' ID ,Q O D1 ui UI O DI .ai U E GJ Q 5. 2 :N U I-I on .ei O O U E O BI .ca I :1 O :+- ui :Q 2 E U 3 2 cs I ai 2 .cz U cn -6 I-4 O u.. ti N U1 2 IJ bd :E U 3 U IP P5 u C O .E U1 L5 3' .5 u UD af 51 .M U U If '.: D-4 15 'E U 2 2 U1 :E cs L3 au UL' i I'-I-1 U E 5 o D-1 'U .31 .E I-1 Pi as 51 as 2 51 an il U U U1 M U .Q O DS L: ll! .cz 2 2 Lu .: 2 cn GJ D :E 2 -o :w 5-A n. ui :1 E u an Ill ISS UI o 5 o M si o I-1 aw 4: Il U 2 ci O rn D- .E U7 T13 3 CD .2 :E O 2 O ui .:: U O '6 U U1 :E :1 cm. :E 2 U Q. O ui rs 4: IJ .- ri O .52 2 V7 :s O ai -o :N I-E1 3 O n: -u cz O U GJ cn .Q cz. n. U N JE CD .. 417 N O .-. O :E GJ ... CD N O .- ui E 9 -ri B1 U CD an .E ow :s 2 ua 1-5 O 2 :1 s: bd ui GJ 1: O .-. .: 2 1: CD In lh U Cu si O 2 U In U IE ri 2 '5 an ol D-A u 4: cn E?- O Cl-1 'E O N n.. SFl!lFii!FiFiiii E7 il If ii!!! Iii U sz 1 1 va. "ii g,,..f 11-2 AND 12-1 BOYS E .Q :EE ECL' 4:15 -: gm ii Q3 aio. -276 U..- BE 54: 53 LQQ cw 12 MQ! 0.2 U 5 GJD is P-o Z: dai UE Eu 35 mi '55 o EE Off 4: Fri -GJ EU! U76 EE T94 in 2 ,. 32 :aa 2 . QC U 2 .go JCE 'fs 52 :Tn ,QM me MO gqa :E UU: we 2. Ei 723 "no OU Mm 76:13 '53 .Em 'Ma gf: :S Ov. may -n-'I -'4.. .23 Do EDI .r: .22 GJ :La om e-cn I. lletke, Regeczi, Hansen, Boye osher, G ohnson, M I Knapp, Brongersmcl. Dendrmo. mith p5 Cum um, LeRoux, Royle, Bcxrtels Ketch Krol, Patrick. xth Row: Si 2 EE GJ .. O O E U7 :J cu cz O cn. cn .Q F5 U cs. .21 '5 .-I 5 E 5 OJ o S CD 3 U7 LJ CD .CI 2 cr. ei 2 .9 U1 25 a O an .5 2 IJ CD E 1 GJ lb a 0 In SI .E O - ci E U2 cs E O .: z- uf .. an A: .2 P uf L. cu E o 1. PD 3 o DI QE E.: E o 1. an U xi GJ s: : Z c: o 5 LJ GJ .-2 D CD rn v.. :S Lu E U Q cf QQ m Ll- '23 .S QD O Q. un A U cz E .. O O LJ 2 rf o cn cs m E U7 H GJ 1: 1: o 5 6 Jn U rn :al u .. ,. :J E .d T1 2 :- CD rn .J :s .c 1: KC U E E Q! :r ow :x cs E 2 o DI 4: 11' :1 o Lu czcrk. IT! Nie Vundczk, Showers, rvey, Ga lim OIHS1 k. smnh. By dford, Collns, Kozicr ds, Bm od D TY McCla adsky. Hr urn, Mcrlavazos ob z,C aiu w:M Ro 'U .Z .-C E-4 ni .2 P GJ M U -E 5 M Af U E U . CD Q GJ .-'SC U CD fi 5 03 .S 2 O v, 's M s .X U2 . O E O E-4 Q 1 U o 2 .2 7, I-LJ il 'a III ai U' C O - CD cm ff D E .94 v-I 5 2 O. 5 p-1 E GJ I-1 ii cs J: ,. .93 V1 O ui .. GJ 3 o .:: cn 3 O II 'rs c: O U GJ ca Miller. Pcxwneshing. Andereqq. Iulliclrd, i. son, Dcbrowsk Mcrtt 1' Felbe cxynurd. by, Turner, Ploughmcm, lVl 91' y,D Front Row: Loss, Kooyers, Ruud, Pelk FGl2EXXfCDRD Having enjoyed the right of an education, one ot the greatest privileges offered to the youth of Prnerica, we as graduating seniors feel that it is only fitting in times like these that "We, As Americans" should he the theme ot this '41 volume of our yearbook, The Oaks. Stepping into Tomorrow as an informed and alert American is an opportunity and a trust for which we are sincerely grateful. We shall continue to carry the torch and to pass on its light and fire to succeed- ing generations. Our way of life must and will be preserv ed. We, as Americans, will preserve it. Barbara Brown Editor - in - Chief Kathryn Spreclcen Associate Editor photography hy paul Schulze . iq J,-... fa , .Q iffy BARBARA TENNY Vice-president . 1 W '27 SFS-K. ELIZABETH ALEUTIS CURTISS BRASH TOM PARMALEE Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms Class of 1943 The sophomores made a good start by electing Harriet Risk, president: Barbara Tenny, vice-president: Elizabeth Alfutis, secre- tary: Curtiss Brash, treasurer: and Tom Parmalee, sergeant-at- arms. They elected Miss Vera Cummings and Mr. Paul Schulze, advisers. For their first all-school social venture, the Sophs presented "Windy Whir1," March 28, with Harriet Risk and Elizabeth Alfutis, co-chairmen. HARRIET RISK President MISS VERA CUMMINGS MR. PAUL SCHULZE Advisers Y MA 'O' -pf 7? BL- IRLS C3 11-1 111413 10-2 1: GJ E .E r- eg :E E5 LIDO 125 05: .Hug m.2 E13 sem E . D-42 "5 gs .Ed I 2 3 8 EJ: E 3 IL- . eil CU: E2 es in U o "' . E: .U 5 S Om U. 33: 19 3 E.: 5 8 U . Ui .U ser: SE Ag... will gd Us -Ea O... Qr-1 .JS- QJUZ 58 :ga -EI 3E ,E U10 .EQ MQ 5 3 QU' E5 ,244-4 50 :DDI 'TE U52 53 --U Ss E.-1 'U . .Est 5 2 :SLE :vm Q.. .-E En: D5-E 4: 8.9 E-4D-'I . .E Q. E CD I C5 A: U1 c: U E t. Mclntosh, Vanderstel ngle, n, Mi Helma Nill. arney, Sturm. Ke dson. I cha n, Hi h OG ore, Kanitz, LeBoeul Majeski, Rutter, Cady, K Gilm Seventh Row: Swanson. Emmons, EE 'E CD E :P- o CC- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ostra- Falbe, becky, Ri SIS, derson, Walt An kins, Settle. Haw hezzi, Bulkely, LLICS, D9Bfuin, Huston, G vlick. Pa tsema, 9 urtz, Ruiter, Dugway, Matovic, Si xth Row: W Si k, Olson. .EE fo Hislop, Fletcher, Erick- Bailey. Smith, Stulp, Carlson, Campbell Smilh. Christiansen, Blanshine, eyer, Swarthout, Peabody M uis gh Grin ell Fifth Row: Kooiman, MacDow son, Gerrans, McCaleb, Ames. 1 rueger, Paulson, Baker, K pe, OP H GS Bol EI, alk hes, Eason, W UQ C erlak, H ultis, All ood, W agin, Spencer, Sher GH an, H km Ol' sscher, Peterson, W Vi How: Rosenberg, Fourth Norton. o D21 on, Gary Worthing, Leatherman, Schefler, Rolis ESTOVQI. er, Olson. W nstrom, Prentice, Shutterlee, Hamm OI ams, Pedler, Fixel, Bj Willi liams. C. Wil ma. hird Row Murray, Cin T Carlson. GIS Wi cush, Reed, ler Mil eux, Ferguson, Werderits, Mi Le Dombrausky, Hopkins, Hulka, ki, IS son. Konia Iohn eter IIT! Pa alzer, hm wton, Sc La ohnson, Puckett, tten, I La WI Ro nd Seco ry, Warnock. 911 s, Hagen, H 'a 'U o Q Kulesar, Forbes, Steaclman, Smith. per, Tenny, Humy, OO eux, Kropf. C . LeMi Cseatedlz Morrell W Ro Front Mita, 10-2 AND 11-1 BOYS ..: Q7 J! U GJ no 'E n x: 2 c: O an T5 I-1 .9 E .25 3 E5 T5 -U O E-1 L5 GJ U1 O an c: U IP ni U E O I :J- 2 UI 'U .E .-1 ci U E .9 GJ .-1 ui r: GJ r.- 2 m E U E 0 E 5 ui 2 2 o bd :E TD U O LD ci 2 U1 E U I si O Ill cz A: O .-. E U D1 D- O E-1 51. 5? 41:9 pgs. 0 '52 ig . :X U1 5? ms -n-'I ST.: 32? U ESU .Q 5.5 fi Q: gg? 'fe dm 55 '15 .QW .,, . on mg .-Q2 ,, . ..Ca.'.9. U2 Us 'U S.-1 t.-is OCD mi '53 53 0 Us QE EU 07-C -5 . Hi 39 .Em 5 . :UE -2 Na: 'DT1 EU A3 Un 52 A68 ...,,, E13 5. U53 gi QU -D Sai GPH' 20 QU Eli Un: Ub- mg UE 3 O.. 9:3 O En: 2:5 ED-5 mu: ci'- .E 3 .cz U UJ xi O I0 -: l-I U I Q 2 2 5. E'- 0 Q. cm U I :I 0 IP O U ai CD n-'I ai 2 U E R U U. :I GJ P U 0 r-'I rf O 2 'ci U 3 G2 .. U2 si 2 GI U si O U1 'U L1 U ,rs .H as ci. 5 :: U CJ ai .. U I E U Q -Q-7 TD I-4 U' 5-4 U 2 3 0 nr: :E m FL- xi .54 D. U .G U U2 .-1 .-1 419 -G' U ..- .- E ui L-1 0 be O M Ei U Q. ui U :1 N rn :E as UI .-. an ... Z U o Q O o r o III J ua E U 3 .-T ax .M U ..-. D-1 rn FL' ..- GJ un CD P nl .E o Q :I U E o O :Q CD 1: 3 U r- :E U O LG CD n-'I E O n: JI EE O F-I-1 if o an Li. E :I U E .J ID :.' .H 2 ui l-C CD 3 O 41. .ai 2 U n. O Q O ... :- U s-1 .21 E U1 ui U E O 4: r- sf O Ill .M H O bf si .2 U .2 3 M 6 ,ae .. :1 .M .B M 'U GJ U- U1 DJ sf O Ill 1: .U O .- AE U GJ .Q ... .U O bd E U U :Q ae lfl O -U r: CD U CD .-1 t: CD o. O O O AE 2 .E 3 on 5 O nc: LE I- i5 LE I-l U cn af 1: U n-'I CD D -6 I-1 2 E 5 si O III E ai a: .-1 U1 54 GJ .U H 0 -U s: U P -ci .5 U 1-'I E ES 11. . 'B' 3 I-I 0 'U U U IP ui 'Q U lf. a? C1 UI OJ -ti E D4 .E In I-I U E 5 O U1 C1 .-II O - 'ui GJ 3 E-1 0 'U C2 U 5 'ci H U -C1 U I-l 21 ID 3 O DI 'U at O U ID VJ .E U1 U1 Parrott. er, Kelley, Crysler, Lehan, Ryerson, ng Putney, Eder, Nash, Si Gill, Povlich, artinson, Anderson, uger, M Sw ront Row: .F ....1, RLS I G AND OYS B 10-1 si U E 3 an Z C5 C ': 'U CI OJ Q rf O U1 :1 z: ow o E U? E 'ui GJ U EE 5- .2 U1 GJ v9 cr: :Q 2 24 OJ 'S d CD UI cz o I -E E rn .if 'U U- o 2 E o DI CL o E-' 0 y, Haney, Pedrmcm. eP D ood, Remwoll, ver, Anderson, W 9G drnock, W kdtos, W Ld w: Hdmsiru, O as E r r-.. Coverly, Culver. Gerencer i. drsk Privcrcky, Kcmi Hi tner, Murphy, Larson. Dorsch, Dodds, Lisok, McClc1ry, rth Row: I-'ou rg. GJ -Q 'U C o II U1 E U E U. '52 N.- -CVE .QD 2? HO gm -Jai QE Oz? rn LDC E33 UE, 5.- :id .22 ,. E5 O -oi EB 30 Ma -ne 53 mb-4 Hu. 3 .EEE QE. 2: 95 33 we 50 EO 225 m.-1 Qj. 2.5 'SE uf? 35.: 'nw :s .Eu QCD 55 On: 'E-U c: E8 .cm P-cn West, Gould. Gil unch, nson, Hoiiius, Br Be neveld. 8 IO hos. G Cook, Tetzloli, Iu Ih, Sm WZ ront Ro F 9 A 'Q -P- gg, Ki: vs, ws. R' , At , ,, was ,f 010 - Awcuil' -- - , ,, 4--.-,..............-.-.. .ali-4 ov ,M E H, rv - , 4 .sl Q N " x L :gZfI.' f ' :f'z:i1:. , .. v .-.-,:. ' r ,:j.j:i' 2, fn ,. ,, , ' 'iifffff 5 1.415 1'f1f" ' " 5: ., :'1'1fVfSw?iE2.'3-ii, , ' v.. . f 29? sf ' 5 Qqb 4 ,. -1 Y r , , Il . 5' U 1 f X Z il "' 1 ' :X ' 5 ' Q Q 1, 5 -. 5 1-if-g2.,::1:' gk? A J 1 ' ,, -.AEQ 1:35, La .1 x 4 5 "" I :iff-3521 5 W A. -ff?-iQ':52,l I ' 5ffie15Q' L is .- 'f -,ggfv-iii, : : ' 5vQjQ'ffr,g, . if E f .qxznl Mak. f-ifE"ii15f-, ' ' ' , . EL -' . J' , gfzig. Iv Xfififi gh, , L :M ' 2 A ka , 3 4 5 ggi r. ' -QA, r g X 1 4 :DA 6' ss f by LX 71 Sus . .. Q 3 ga .N f - 5 N. 2 - -A V 5 ff 4 G 8, - in ,.,,....,.N.. 3"AfQi"' 1 LL' - b ' E - 52195 Sum -' ax' I' 1 X 1 Ji l Q .R ' Y 2 ix 2 y H '14 W. W- Vg .. 'K Mu Q W , 1:f- , 2 vw , . -. , 7 ., W Q: ij, I 0, 4 ' ' : L3 , , , A,' -N .121 3 1 xi 1- -X V x ,, X Q T1 ul tp -L IJ, K ,,.4- V'-,S A 1 '-'-'-wk as NA X wx - Qs- -.Ai v- ,U 52 .,- ...'l'. 1 4,34 , - IN xy. .4 1.-V lufamnnn-4 41 ru-1 ww 1 1 1 -E 1 1' fi: .i 4 , 3 W.. - J .1 f.. ,ri . M. ' ,-5 f ,JIE ,, ., in 4' v Z A-A., 4 .., .,,. '- . 'E N Q, if .- Ig, f - -an .,b -,.Q nv 5-'rv ilif. ,.-a. -, 1- . VY -2' X x -f -5 E fir Pix rv. -- .-'f Knowledge ls power It has often been wisely said that the youth of America is its oldest tradition. Young ideas constitute today as never be- fore, the strength and power of this great nation of which we are so much a part. But the youth of America is an asset only if it is trained to take its part and play the role well. If the youth of a nation comes unprepared to meet its obligations, that nation will someday suffer. Today, when every agency of government and industry is bending every sinew toward the common goal of "National Defense," it was only fitting and necessary that a course of study such as machine shop should have been instituted here. The local Board of Education could not have done a wiser thing than make the decision which brought the machine shop into life in our school. Yet there lies underneath all this so-called practical world, a still deeper and more fundamental truth: that even iron and steel is not enough. There must be knowledge of all kinds, and courage, and character, and a Christian outlook, in order to achieve the highest common good. War correspondents call it "morale." We call it education f learning to be strong, alert, prepared, kind, good, - but determined. , , , X 1 1 ,N uatfwevwff Y 3 fm 1 X - ' L ,L JTmmQ Gym .0 K Y' .,..--fl-ff' fr S " ' "" f . S .ma -W - ' 2 mf af wfgemarf , - fa- 1 ' .w - V. - , . fzifzgr.-qsv ' ::- ,' , ' - , . 1. .-...sw .Q5,..,,.:,..,5 35, , , M. V J I . .4 .zz-.Q .. : . - ,, - . u xi V - , -, - -.M-.1 1,----A.-5:3 p, .1 Wy- .- 4.5, -.::w',g . - , - , Vw ' : ' 9--.-r:-.f.iii59ig5, .13 . :. ,""":" - ' TWfJf-fW ' ' . Q' "W E ' ww' Q 1 141 5 Li A ii' .Ax F,u,,5 ,-f7"' I , Q A im A physucs i i If Y, Hfgxll In the Deyfs Workll 'Q- r Wkusm W ,? ,fffv-: iv is Public Speaking CBCJVQVVHTIQVIK IILZGTD More .... To EGFR More B6 MOV2.ll Contents Aclministration Faculty Seniors Undergracls Classes Activities Atliletics Advertising Employment lnclex 1 . ii, 1 , f L , .,,,.. , awk, ., .x..,,.,, ,, .WM .................... f5,k.g',i1' Vi 'E?,gZv5?Wx:c', H 1 V. 3: t ,vvrkuy M H H . ,WMM L 1 Y 'HA .......----J--- Q , . g.f ' in E - ' - DEW S 2 22, M53 ' -.-r-' . xg S if Ak . 12-12: :f - ,W.,..,r,?f-H J fqlsx'-H in prlrwtmgv, i""' Lbs., Gjfm Woodsbop H Il Goed Americans Learn To Be Useful -1 My.: " x, Q. ,tl l . S 1 r 3- fl- "Iic.sulwvrI, llml 1110 pozucrs of llw Fnlcml Gmwrnnzwll .ylmzzlfl be decreased." That was the question for a series of debates staged throughout Michigan during the 1940-41 school year. Highlights of the debate season included two victories over Benton Harbor, forensic league rivals from downstate. A number of practice debates were staged with Western State Teachers College, Big Rap- ids, Muskegon, Grand Rapids Central, and Battle Creek. A team consisting of Alice Keefer, Veronica Dryovage, Don MacDonald, and Harriet Risk won two league debates from Benton Harbor, but lost to Grand Rapids South and Grand Rapids Union. There were only five seniors in a class of l4 so next year may be expected to be a fairly good debate season. Those in the class this past year include: Vivian Baldus, Bob lesson, Darwin Hansen, Hazel Lower, Marge Miesen, Art Pelkie, Pauline Prudick, lim Risk, Ernest Vegter, Alice Keefer, Veronica Dry- ovage, Shirley Walkley, Don MacDonald, and Harriet Risk. Miss Iulia Royse and Mr. Gillaspy are coaches. -:Q Orcxtory HARBIET STEGEMAN Extemporcmeous Speaking ALICE KEEPER Orcrtoricccl Declcxmation ESTHER DE BRUIN Dramatic Declcxmation SOPHIE GRABIEC Directors Costumes Properties Publicity ....... Makeup ..... 1 F-.ri . Senior Play 'sh II' W -. N-'q HIUNE MAD" by Florence Ryerson cmd Colin Clements The Cast Penny Wood . . , ,.... . , ,,,Thelma Burdick Chuck Harris ,,,...,. Clayton Howard Mrs. Wood ,, .,......... Alice Keeler Elmer Tuttle .,., ....,,, C omell Schultz Dr. Wood .,,,....,...,,. Tom Busard Effie , , ,, ,,,, ....,......... Rosemary Hill Milly Lou ,, , , ,, ,. ......... Dorothy Iacobson G. Mervyn Roberts . ,,,...,. Albert Christopher Roger Van Vleck .,,.., ......... E dwin Wiesenhofer Mr. Harris .....,.....,.,,.,.Y.. ,,,.,.,..,,,,,,, R obert Iesson Shirley Wentworth .,.. ......... L orraine Coston Ralph Wentworth ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,.,,,, K enneth Lindland Iulie Harris ..,.,...,. .,,,...........,,,,........,............,., S hirlie Vanderweele Music was provided by the High School orchestra under direction of A. M. Courtriqht. Production Staff I D Iulia Royse, Mr. E.W.G11laspy ,.,,,,,,Peggy Olsen, Dolores Wachsmuth, Rena Smith Brown, Ernest Rulter, Victor Damm ......Hector Grant, Alice Keefer, Rena Smith, Don MacDonald, Lois Geisler Dramatics class Junior Play "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE" by Kaufman and Hart The Cast Marvin Plumhotf . . . ,.,.. ,, ,,,. ...... .... , S ophie Grabiec Newton Fuller Madge Fuller , Steve Eldrige Rena Leslie ,,,,., Mrs. Douglas ..., Hester ,,,,,,,,, ,, , Katie , ,, ,... ,, , Sue Barrington . Legget Frazer . Mr. Kimber Clayton Evans . , , , . Annabelle Fuller ,, , Shirley Walkley ,,Clarence Nipke , ..,, , Audrey Marks , , ...,. , ,Pauline Moehlman , . .. .Paula Raulin , , ,,Veronica Dryovage ,, ,, ,Neva Miesen ,B.ll Thomberry . . , .,..., Ray Lindsley . , , ,,,Bill Seyferth Miss Wilcox ,,,,, ,, , ..,... Elsie Pehr Tommy Hughes ...,... ,....,. C harlie Bird Uncle Stanley , ,, , .,,,,,, Donald Blue Mr. Prescott ,, ,, ,,...,,,,.,,,.,.,.,,.,..,...., ,....,.., , ,, ,,,Arthur Leliloux Raymond .. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,.., ,, ...,.. .. ,. , , ,,,Iohn Sobel Music was provided by the High School orchestra under direction of A. M. Courtright. Production Staii Directors . ,,,,,,,,,..,.,.......,,,.,,,,,,,, , ., ...,,,, Miss Iulia Royse, Mr. E. W. Gillaspy Stage Manager .. ..,. .....,..,.. ,...., ,,,...,,,.....,..,.. D o u glass McSorley Assistant Manager .,... ....... v.v.... , , ,, , , ,,,,..,,,,, ..v....,, ,,.. .,..... . . , .......,,,,,...,.,.,....,..,,.......,.,.,,,,,,,, ..,..,.,........r,.., E arl Schweissinger Settings ,,..,, ,.,..., , .. ,,.... ,,,,.V. t. .,.....Y,, ,...,. t . ,,,,.,......, , ,, ,. ...,,,,, ,, ,.,...., ,,Cornell Schultz, Francis Smith, lack Loftis Publicity ..,..,. .,.. ,,Neva Miesen, lane Ann Israel. Merle Meyers, Betty Barendsen, Alice Pappan, Patricia Schultz, Clarence Nipke, Earl Schweissinger Tickets ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,.,,,.,...,.,.,..., ,..., ,.,,,,...,..,..,....,......,..,,.,,,,,,.. , , V ivian Baldus, Ray Bath, Harold Oberlin, Phyllis Strand Costumes , , ,, ,,,, ,,..,,,,,, , ,Lois Mixer. Donna Morton, Nancy Singleton, Bill Seyierth, Arthur LeRoux Properties . , Walter Lager, Iack Lipman, Audrey Zappia, Veronica Dryovage, Bill Thomberry Makeup Ushers ,..,,,, , , ,,.. .,....,........, , ,, ,,......,.,,......,....,..,...... ..............................,...,,.,.,,, D ramatics Class , ,,,.. Shirley Simpson, Elinor Iewell, Ieanne Knutson, Alberta Roberts, Nancy Culver J.-I Music 4'.X1111q ,slmll glf111'fy ilu' lllllllllll 1'1111' 111111 11111k1' 11111' 1'r11111l1y g11'11!." -1i11I11'1'l G. Cl2ll.TIl,.Y Music indeed has played an important part in the world of yesterday and today. There is every probability that it will con- tinue to play a large part in the greater civilization of tomorrow. It has helped to win many battles, both on the field of war and in the hearts of men. It has served as inspiration to millions: it has soothed the troubled minds of millions of others. Beauty of sound and thought is reserved neither for the strong nor for the rich: it is restricted not to the weak nor is it only for the poor. The wealth of the ages and the life blood of mas- ter spirits Wells forth in song. There never has been life without song, nor ever can rnan reach the heights ot cultural attainment without it. Truly, music hath charms. ll x .M ai' W. 4 1. M-M-f.. R if X .,r l Y. if -Q ,-14:2 """" -,-,,, ,,....-q-- ,gx ' fi" s H D , : g , 1 ' ' WL ' ' M - ff" ..,,, ,, 1 Xt?

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