Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI)

 - Class of 1930

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Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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X. 1. N X 1-N..-- i I A 1? 7aJ2wff 'x?v'vll.1- I , , II. Nw M, 'I IW 'I!'II Elm 1,1 III"II' We i J MEI. I' ,I II!Q!Kfr1iW I I THE :.:'.q:n. .525 L--'Tr-' -" -9' VVQI- 7-."u ivfxvfffei nuqysdm WH MIIIMI flrmw fI, ',I11. 10 1, ,I .Q f' III' I wif ,I IIIIEEFIL? 'V ' 5, T' 'II ,U 'II ,g 'W I' I 'J , 'I' I I, 'IW ll A J' V EI ull II ' . ..+-.U .' ..... -., 1-,. II II Il I, l fr JP A ' IVY 1 IIIII II I I I 'it 7 ' of ,,1-111IIIIIf'11 IIIIIIIIIQIII., oo if I lx :xx :f -. XJMIIIIII I IIIM N.: x " ' 'M ' F Q wr SI I ESL, J I ..I+ll1u'III,-I I- ' I I g"'1f, Vollume Nine no 'J W. , .,- ..--,: - f r- -MW-. .alumni 2 'Mow-Iff I ,f " ' I if .,,x - I-,dim-,.. ,,., III III I Q U I' I I - ' , I '5?i3'f:,-Ij-.-fL- gy: -2'f5'fi5fffi I '. :V TM: mms, vm. ioillfl - I ,III -I Iwi I II, I I1'1I!111f11fI.II11IJ SA'i ro' II311.1IoI1us1h1ooI B If The Somoo Gloss Ivlluskmggoo Heoohls IHI11fo1Ih1 School! Muskegon Hcngfhos Nfiiclonqolm WXIWWWWWWW WWNXNNYNNNWWWXXXWNNNNNWXW W II, uII,4, mmxxmmwmxwxommmwxw wmv mwmxmwmw IIIIII I lg, owwmwwwmw Im X wxwx wwxmxxw wwwxmw owwx M ,QA :a VI L N I M 13 If I II III 1 ' 'I ' If III XINI- II HQ I 'I I Q' O 1 '. If if I 11, VR. ' 1 I ' I, QV: X 71' 31- xv PQI EI 'I 'vw I SX Q I- 1 " 1 I ' X H X! 1 H - ' .V 1, W ' " If, - . 1 X I 101 V ' J iq Xp, X' 1 I 'I 0 o If fl. 12 Q 1 A 11 X J' ,I fa is If xx ' ' I -' K I: N ' A V N , O -M .X It .XY xx. U YH IX NA R A A. 3 -Qi ,xx oi.-. FR X. X xx ,A Q h :X ,V A- D K N-xx Q I Ioomq lu .. I ,1., I .I I . 1.1 . I IW W I II I' ,JI I I., M' Y. fm 'X '1 ,- K X'-Q-Wo... -. X X KI X. N- KY' I- lp x N-x -I I " I '-X ' I .WW I SI I II' ' I I , ., . , ,. , , . . , "K f'!,.fV-Q 1 ,X 4f ff f' ' -Q, if ' DEDICATION To the nwrnoriw' QI' Miss Nina Wullflorff lwvuusv slw umlerslooll our -voutlgfhl ambitions mul :ln-ums, uw, ilu' class Qi. 1930 alwlivatv this, 'flu' Quvsl numlwr :gf The links A1 9'1'f7A'V.CV451lZ'xY1lX0IiDICh3U.CS.l1l. Ylf0BDfU1l0.7i.1lf0QC,?lLO'2'ilKlULYUlO'Z3.l2. MISS NINA WALLDORFF FOR EWORU "ln1luys nfulcl.. wh:-n knights wvrn' hold." annul tht- queatol' youth wus the utlztinnn-nt ul' an ide-ul worthy of llisllreulus. 1-very vhilul In-gnu life with the- thought. that SlllIlf'l.illll'., like his futher lrvfurv him, ha- wuulll he-I out in scart-ll nl' his Iluly Grail. ln 1'0IlHlllk'l'lllg all thul gorgeous Iupa-stry of 4-nnqua-st in rulur, wa- find ilu-rv a picturs- of the youth nl' nur lluy, indved the youth ul' ull lllll1'..lll'93lll- iug. reaching out lor some-lhingin tln- fur uway plzu-vs of his-future. lfrmn thin we- have- plunnvd our Qu:-nl your book, su-Q-ing in thc- ale-- vc-lnpnu-nl of tha' young lnun of King Arthur's four! in thc- three stages of page. squire. and knight, the gruwth of every stu' dent as he enters high school and gradually eomvs to the placa- wherv hc- is rc-ally for his future. his quest . .LL ZW Ml.. SQCIENHC SUENHCC .V .-1--,-1. N I I l'UIlI'Il'S5' nf Riltlilllll S xr 1 'I 1 Y I W w P 4 I ? n ,- 1 I l ? 1 l'ulll't4-sy of lhulium Slumliu x ,W uw . .' f w W , Tv, w x ..Q. . , .f .-..,, N, 1 , , , a -1 , fa 1- Ag m ' - .. fs " . f My . qw K , -as ' M3 . ,V ,s , ,X ,, W " 7,3 f Q' fa X n "R M. ' ' . A , 4,4 iPwSfJ ,u x Lv. A ' " -WV gf kv Q L wif' - 4.' I .Q "Mfg 3- mt, A W ' " ' A ' ' f'., W 'W ' . .. " Q, ,wf - - R4 ' -fig f A 4 Q, ,Q . M" J" M. f ff ,IV -7 a. Q as." .Q . Qi " ' K , ,uf ,way ,M , w -as ' gum W ,j'f'-gig ' W 3, W "" N M M- ww M , 'nk -4 lk MM' in " If ml .I H' I Iii 17' P ADPHHNHSTTHQXXHWHUN K H' W1'1""'W,1,'11j:"mmW-ww 'Muwsf' 'W W WU: vg'1j,g"13 H:'3,mgr'1 X lu. v ' " ' 1 I, ,1,M4ys:,""1' ' ' ' ' ' 'W A W ' N, ' ' Y -,-L, 1 1 , Q . ,, V, ... L K x' W K K Q ' x 1 A, I 4 4 ' 4 ww' W I I M W I -2 . I. - A ul or I gm ,. r , ,,: , 5, .- X I ,I .,:, . I I .. I age' I P I I CFBOLT PRINCIPAL. OF' HIGH SCHOOL. fb? I I I , I I WPNBOOKEPX SUPER! NTENDENT OF SCHOOLS I 'VSV .,.,.m. I I,..,,...tI I I I I -U I RI: II I I I I I I? ll DAVID MCKENZIE SCIENCE AND HISTORY Central State Teachers' College ELEANOR FISHER SCHOOL NURSE University of Michigan Hospital MARIE GOLDEN SCIENCE University of Illinois MELVIN E. RUDD I AssIs'rANT PRINCIPAL I University of Illinois N' I I' Il Il ': FLORENCE KURTZ MATHEMATICS I University of Chicago , 'I Ii II VERA CUMMINGS MATHEMATICS -' I Iowa State Teachers' College I--Yi W NELLIE M. JoHNsoN I Cleveland Art School l: ,Aly ' 'I II I, .. li If - I I Il II - , III Ir I .pix ,YI I I I 7 . 47 ,I 'X 1 ,"IlI', - Ag, . 1-44. I' ll I I", , " ,"1.lf,.:1i I I ...'.I' W ,WI I y IQIIII ' Il I ,l I , I 'll ,,'l,Il I I III! 'II I' II- IIIIIII I I I I 'II 5 .II Ill: I I. I. I IIII I I y I! I I I X X1 .M II Cl " I ll . II' I we ll lily I' IY'IfIiI ,I A I W W ,,,,, 31 lx Q! I--It N 1 M , ' I ,IM I W I',i'fT'I ,N 'QQII I I .. I '- I-We LIIA I IQIW pg :LII El will ,ig j Inf, ITF... ,wfix-. I f Il ' ' i"II'L:i T? 'cf'I: IIIf'5IIIf'T'.1'.IIlHTE::cIIII I I F9927Wf' Page Seventeen I 31' 'N UU' ' ,III . ,MI W, WI I I 5 Hi 1 II Y Ii U E W I t SELMIII: E. STIIANII I INIIIIs'rIIIAI. ARTS I i Idllendale State Teachers' Collegi- ' Ellendale. North Dakota LINIIA H. BAHRV ENGLISII AND DEAN UF GIRLS I ',! Western State TQLl.l'hL'l'S, Collette MI t MINNII: KINNAIIIII M' HIs'I'ImY U niversity of M iehigun I ANNA THAYEII "I LATIN I I W 'ii' A. MAYwoon COURTRIGHT MECHANICAL IIRAWING ANII MATHEMATICS University of Michigan REImccA INMAN crm-HINI: Purdue University MURII-:L FILLINGHAM I:NcI.IsII ANII FIIENCII Butler University IIIdianapolis, Indiana Michigan stare Normal College I' Page Eighteen I I IV' i I I I I ,I ,,,,, I I I I I H I W W I I I I I II I I""" M I I ' My 1 I 'I E1 I' 'III I 'IU JI' QUIAV II IJ Q Osama E. JOHNSON CALVIN KOEHN Q L PHYSICAL EDUCATION ANI: COACHING PRINTING I I T Western State Teachers' College MAIIALA MARTIN 'MATHEMATICS United Typothetae of America Indianapolis, Indiana JULIA DEYOUNG , LIBRARIAN Western State Teachers' College .-. VI." I MILDRED GILL , Michigan stare Normal College JULIA ROYSE PUBLIC SPEAKING 4 CLERK Moi-ningside College E?" , Muskegon Heights High School SIOUX Qity. IOWH I . i ' JULIA SPRAGUE ENGLISH University of Michigan I I I I I II R? O I IIIQ I I I,gII I IAQII IQTI 1. .- I 4-. A-. -.-. ..- .ma --I ,-. ECS QIBI IEEI 4 ee as I I II III I -Eifaw fs. A .gm3?ff.f1'I. ffIs.'I f.:s.I, ff-II E , I Page Nineteen 's-., l I C HARLI-is GRIFFIN JACK H UBRARD INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND MATIIEIMATICS ENGLISH Iowa State College FLonENer: IIILLINGS lfuvslefu. EIlUl7A'l'lON Nlil'I.h0l'll State Teachers' College RUTH IIOSTFITLER r:No1.lsn AND PIIIILIC SPEAKING University of M iehigan Mic-higzm State College JICNNIE Fvruu ENGLISH XVl!StC'l'I'l State Teachers' College CLARA GRoEN1NG c0NT1NUAT1oN scnoor. Michigan State N01-mal College Howl A. PETEISMAN eoM1x1mu'lAL Ferris Institute Page Twenty Q N '! + N NWN W i M , - ' tai- ,N - 1. 1 V ,J , V . l me e-' I VVILLIAM RALPH MCINTYRE MUSIC Simpson College Indianola, Iowa GPJRALDINE MASTERS SOCIAL SCIENCES University of Mighigan HAlIIZlE'P Hosxmc: RALPH L. RAKESTRAW SCIENCE DePauw University MABLE ROUSE CONTINUATION sCHooL AND Civics Western State Teachers' College VIRGINIA VVINSHIP ENGLISH COMMERCIAL Kalamazoo College University of Chicago , A i VIOLA STRAUCH Michigan State College ? if! 1 ' . i i l' 1 Y- i -L-V 'J ,X ' ' X W MI H--'-1 1 ui, TI ii' il i ,lf i A 1 , ' N ' i , 4 I N 3 . 1 ,I i il i ,Qiifi ii' " ii 3 , , ' 11 1 , W ' l 'i i lk A V. All ll HW l il ' li ruff ' i - 'j lil- ,, ij' W . . .',. r. N., .wr 1 4 1. Page 1 4 gin, ' H F- 1 If A w A1 W, Q w 'af' 7' 3 N. ng Q A 1 ' A , 4 fi N ' ' H 11 ,fx d 1- a ' wb :Alum Sflllull V w A r ' Q Y' I . f 1 19' .1 if . V ' f "N 'HW 'VN ' 1 1 4 ' .I 1 1 If ,fn Il ' 'gl rl I f f I f 4 1 1, ,' ' X' 2' X K x WJ 1 fmN!f'h.ff' ml, X gui 1 f i Ugly!! MW -9' U E Ns Q1 M' N fg M m f N' -93 S W W' 4" f' 5 YE 9 Cam ly .1 A my I 1 , 1 . , if K V4 Z7 U' f N f Lay in x I Q If" 'I Q I at W' ,fu I A ,' ' Q fl Egg-.. 7,,y4 ij,?fLl" Q 1 1 WTS ' I y'f 4 X K ,. , 1 A' ' 4 Ji Q is X6 1 llivf X Q ,if .5 , fc X " 4 ' V f , y M . , , u 'V f ' . al M ' l if mu 9 . gf fx! Q yf. M x l,'. i' 'I Li N '1"'f,,, 'WV ' 'T l , 14 w K I ' Lax A L. I ':' ' gm C 4 l H Q KN Y ru "DD if ! H ' Xu X , f - f ,,m',.-X ,A 1 X ,l I ' If ' E' - WMI' I 1 1 57 1-'R '-- - - ' 'Ea..- , ' : 4 'Y , V ,UI In ,' :'f 1 X '- L 1' wif ., :gg If - -m I5 gy , . ' ' " ' 1 ' U ' fi' .B Yale SENHUHQS tmwmuuuuummmnugmm - - James Cobb Gym Exhibition '27, '28, Foot- , , -r ...- ban "R" '27, Football "MH" '28, Q '29, Track '28, '29, '30, H. H. H. ' ' ' Staff '29, '30, Associate Editor '29, Editor-in-Chief '30, Forensic Club ' '28, '29, '30, President '30, Debat- A l . ing Team '30, Inter-Class Debat- 1 mg '28, '29, '30g President Senior l Class '30, May Festival '27, '28. lil l 5 Frances Cooper l Vice-president Freshman Class ' '27, Secretary. Sophomore Class L4 1 Vice-president Senior? Class H' Qi -5 138, gCZ.2:,21f:rc1al,2Cglulx '27, 28, 29, H, , i M ary , Vice-president , in 29, Girl Reserves '29, '30g May l' li Festival '27g "Once in a Blue ' l' , Moon" '30, H. H. H. Stal? '30, , Manager Subscription Drive '30. l l T ll l J 11 M- T v M il ewe eier W, , T' Gym Exhibition '27, Booster ',' 1' Club '28, "29, '303 Girl Reserves '29, ' ', '30,. Treasurer '28, Secretary '29, , ,,,, 4, junior G. R. Advisor '293 Girl Re- ,," Scrvc .Conference '30, Inter-Club qi Louncil 28, '29, '30g LQ C31-Qlg lp Francais '29, '30, Gleg Club '30: ,N , Secretary and Treasurer '30g"Once i ' ,l Ill a,i,ilue Moon" '30, Vocal Con- ' 'i H y, Rift Secqctggy Senior Class '30, l , 1 'ay 'estlva , '28, ' T , Dottie Abbott 1 , H,,RC5ervQ5 '28, '29, '30, Visa- l P11514 cnt 3Q, Cf. Conference 29, wg, Inter-Club Council '29, '30, Booster l,-', iii Club '28, '29, '30, Treasurer '29, "Ti ll Vice-president '30g Le Cercle Fran- ,ui - 5a'S,'29 '30s Gym Exhibition '27, YZ8, .295 Inter-Class Volley-Ball '26, 4' F ,, 27, 28, Captain '28, Inter-Class ll, H Basketball '26, '27, '28g Intel--Class ig ii ,lj ,fraclf '27, Inter-Class Baseball '26, l it 27, 232 50Cff'tary and Treasurer l ,ii gtrqegliiigi ,C6assM'27gFH,. H, , 1 'i " ' - I a' 'est . '28g , J, Treavurcr' Senior Cass '30.w" W-, li Viifl ui QQ i liilfililllif' E MW' 'Emil -mlffgn im., ,f i . .,.., ....,, '-Qc aww.. -we ,M,,,,,,.5i WW- 4,--wg., md- ,fi l,-.,,- U'E,L1I,fl C11 Q11 lC".L'1lKUl!F,L'1'llUl fm rlilf Cz 'tg.::::1 UT Oiwl iM,.ii,..,,,u J1.,..,..,. ,oil,Jii.o,,.i,,i,it....,l thpfirl m,.,.1,3-, . i -N r a ae. as Mgplgm aQ,ias as u T i f wr" iiffvfii- T , , ' , ! - l I i l i 'i 1 ' i w ' I ' l I Ill ii I T, w i' 2-2: ""' " 'M' Y 'W " Mr' "-- JW:-'-u , WJ I , ...J .L.JI..i ly1l,mkQHl?7 2 stir, uw new uw U uw T ww U: l .M im.-- fri. ...W .. ,,,,gff3x,-,2 FF.. P-, T 1 If iigziilfmllitrilgtallef lf'-5351! If if-'T'ETl Page Twenty-five m 'I I F A ' -4- 'l'wc- ty xx Clifford Abrahamson lm Qcrvli- l'r:1m':1ls '29, 'illg il'l'1ll'l'i '28, '29, '3ll. "Give me Cl lever long enough, And o prop strong enough, Anal I mm single'-h,omlc-ml umm' 'my I"orrl'." William Antlsdale 'll-unix 'l'u'1x'lm11xL-lit '28 '2'7g liym lfxllilwition '27, '2Sg nflllyliilyn 'lflg 'l'l'2lt'li '29, 'Sill Scrviu- Ululz 'Slip Oaks lluzirml H303 May lfcslivzul '2S. "I know the 'ziufurv of women. lfVhe'r1 you will, they will notg lVhvn you will not, they form' of fhvir own will." john Addicott lintcrcml from Kluskcgim lligll Schull 'ZSQ lli-Y '28, '29, 'iilg Gym lfxllilnition H203 l.L- Ccrclu lfluiwxiiw '29, '50, "LM ns lmm' winf' and womvn, mirth mul laughter, Svrmons and sodmwoter flu' fluff o-Nor." Rose Lenore Atkins Girl Rcscrvus '29, '50, li, R. fun- ll'l'1'llK'k' '2Ug lilul- Vlnlx' '28, '2'71 l.v furvlc l:I'Illll'1ll5 '20, 303 'llI'k'2l5lll'k'l' 'Mig l'-lll'L'llhlK' flulm '2'lg till-c l'lulv l'om'cr1 '2'7: Gym lfxliilritiun '2'lg "Umm in il lllizv Nlmmn Kill. "A blush is lwoufiful lmf 0fll'll F U ' . - , 1nrvou1'4'nu'nt.' John Austin Gym Exhibition '27, '28, Bzincl '27, '28, '29, '30, Corporal '29, Lieu- tenant '30, Orchestra '27, '28, Ula-If Club '27, '28, '29, '30, "Oli Kay" '29, "Mik:1rlo" '28, "Pirates of Pon- zanu-" '29, "Onto in 21 Iiluv Moon" '30, Sergeant-at-Arlns junior Class '29, Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, 'I'rzxc'k '29, Boys' Quurtettc '28, '29, '30, "If saves a lot of trouble to hr' born good looking." Christopher Balaskovits "That I"m a man I'd have you lr-now, Though I have somf' space fo grow." Janice Beckwith Lu Ccrclc Francais '29, '30, For- ensic Club '28, '29, '30, H. H. H. Staff '29, '30, Inter-Class Debating '29, '30, Oratory '29, Gym Exhi- bition '27, '28, '29, May Festival '27Z Booster Club '29, '30, Inter- Clzlss llaskctball '27. '30, Inter- Class llascball '27, '28, '29, Inter- Clarss Track '28, Oaks Board '30, Silrl Iicgscrvcs '29, '30, Debating cam .0 fQIl0fflfl07l Ediforj Helen Bilka Inter-Class Basketball '27, "28, '29, '30, Clmmpionsliip Team '29, '30, Basketball "R" '27, Ilaskutball "MH" '29, Inter-Class llascball '27, '28, lntcr-Class Yollt-y llnll '28, '29, Intcr-Class Track '28, Gym Iixlii- l"ition '27, '28, '29, '30, May lfcs- tival '27, '28, Iilvc Club '27, liirl Rvsvrvcs '28, '29, "Oh Kay" '29Z H. H. H. Staff '29, '30, Iloostcr Club '28, '29, '30, l,c Ccrclc Ifrun- Cais '29, '30, Oaks lioard '30. "Her Pye begets 0lfI'llfSI0ll for hm' wit, For every objcrf that the one doth catch, Thr' other turns to fl mirth-mo'1f- Illy ji8t." W IWIH'-vvwmw. '1 """""" "W" 'III I' Page Twenty-svven l M' - x. I 'l mga 'l'w4-nty-eight Allie I Club Bont hvm lixl1ilwilio11 '2Ug l'tHlllllL'l'Clill 7 28, '2Ug Nluy lfvslivzll '27. "Sa szumff fhf' blush, of Izushful- mms, E'!'ll pifll slwrva rmflcl wish it l1'ss." Kath erine Bont hvm lfxllilritiml '28 '293 May N ,,,- . , .,, l'k'NllX.ll ..h, lulxllmlmml klulr -M ' 19, llIvY A fvrnul SH'llS,liHl' svfflvx on hm' llffuflf' Annabelle Booth Illll'l'-Lllllhh lluslcvtlmalll '27, lx 'np app H3433 flllillllllllllldllll 'l'l'1llIl 20, 'lil' lllll'l"l'lilSS 'l'rz1c'k '273 lnlvr- . y . flaws Yollcy bull 27, 28, '29g lntcr- Lflass llasvlmzlll '271 liirl Kcscrvcs '29, Kill: l.c Ccrclc l"rzu1c:1is '28, '29, 'W l' .ouwlcr lllulv '28, '20, H303 Gym lfxlliluitimm '27, '28, '20, Scrviu- C'luIJ '29, 'SQL "Talkers are not good dfwrsg bf' nssufcl, lVc'lzrom0 fo 'usr' our hmuls mzd Hof nur fm1yu1's." Stanley Birleson Gym lfxlrilrilianl '26, '27, '2N3 llnml '27, '2Ng HLY 'Mig Ifuwuxr-it ltlulm '2N1 llnxkctlmxnll "R" '2Ug Hus- lccllmll "MH" 'Slip 'l'r:u'k "MH" 'wil '01 ' cm" 30 ' . ' 1 ' ILT in :L l.luc M0 I . "I2nsl1I'nl:1r'ss is un ornumvnf fu 1lflIHllI." ,. M., mm-w in 1 l M M ll' ll ll " Ulllllll iilwswli r 7 MW Arthur Brainard, jr. Hand '26, '27, '28, '30, Drum Kla- jor '28, '29, '30, Glec Club '28, '29, Minstrel Show '293 "l'ionccr's Pa,- poosc" '263 "Pirates of Penzance" '29, Hi-Y '27, '28: Cheer-leader '26, '27, '28, '29, '30g H. H. H. Staff '26, 2303 "Mikado" '28: lilcc Club Con- cert '29, Hand Concert '27, '28, 'Ng Orchestra '30, "To spend loo much time i-11 studies is sloth." Lawrence Bramer Football "R" '26g Hand '29, Gym Exhibition '26, '27, '29, 'llllen of ,few words are the best fmevzf' Edward Brothers 2 l Gym Exhibition '27, '283 Hi-Y W '20, '30, Presitlcnt '301 lntcl'-Class , Basketball '27, '28, '29, '30, lntcr- Class Track '29, '303 Football "R" 262 Football 'MH' '27, '28, '29, Basketball "R" 'Z7g llaskctball "MH" '28, '30g Track '29, Athletic Boarcl of Control '.30. "Feroc'ious in football and IL good fellow always." Helga Brufladt Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '29g Inter-Class Baseball 'ZVQ Connncr- Dial Club '29, H305 May lfcstival '27. "You can tell her by the noise she zlrwsvft II11lf1fl'." l "wil ,i if , fg,r'.'A- " 1, W .,. l lllfz l l ll' llllt' l i , 7 t t it i li l 1 .,,, K ., X, ,. l, X , , l l., l Pago Twenty-nine 'mi'-'zzfwf , 2 I Ruby Bush Gyux lixllilmitiml '27g Cmmm-rrizll Lfluls '2Ug May lfcstivul '27, "To Im slow in 14'm'ds 'ix a 'wu- 'IIlllll,N only 'Ull'fIll'." Anna Buskarits Ummm-1'ciul Club '20, 'jllg Girl lh'survvs '28, l.iln'z1ry flulx '29, llym lfxlliluiiion '27. "Sf'usible pvoplv find 'nothing nsl'lvNx." Robert Campbell ul'lU'llk'L'l"S l':xpuo,c" '26g Gym lixlxilpitiun '2hg 'l'rzu'k '29g lluys' lilac Clulm '20, 'Slip May l"cstiv:ll '20, '27g lnlcr-Hass liuskctlmll '20, '273 lfcmtlmull "R" '2S3 "Oh Kay '293 l.c Ccrclc l"1':1m'uis '29, 5,13 Hi-Y '20, '303 lfuutlmll "MII" '2'lg SL'l'Vlt'L' flulm '.lll. "Isn't it ll shumr- um ur1'n't ull youd loaf-ing!" Frances Chase lfurmsic flllll '29, 'SUQ l.c fn-1'c'ln llx , Gym lixlxilvitiun '27, '28, 'Mig Nlllj l'1-stivall '273 Girl lQcsx'1'x'a-5 '20, '.lll ll l'l ll 9t'1ll"'7 'N frikncls, 'lin fm- my low'-'Hs for my jrwucls alone, friffnzdship lnmrs In lll'1ll'l'H 01' on l'lll'fh.,' Page 'l'hirty 1 Q l"I'1lllCl'.' '29 'Mig liluc Clulr '20, "Sn if I lim' ur dia' in svrzwf my And 'not for any ruff' thu! l tw, l, ,, R , ,, l,1, 'lllllV"""" li w 3 l - M N M- , ir,q, A ,N lx W' WH 5 11 ,lx it Y M, Y W, ll, l, lil ,g , , , Y-,g Y Y l' 'N ' x 1 " ,N 'rm ' l nl, ,W in 5: l ,,.. -, .. .. V '-fa 1' g Tyrus Cobb ' ' " A ' 'T M "" ' ' i Gym Exhibition '27, '28, Inter- V ' Class Baseball '27, 2 "The stronger always succeed." ' l 4 f ' Laura Cruse ' N l 2 3 l Beaux Arts Club '26, Gym Exhi- 1, ll ' bition '27, '28, '29, Girl Reserves ll" , '28, 29, May Festival '27, '28, , 1 I . French Club' '29, '30, "Once in a , i ll M Blue Moon" '30, I , lf' "If you he a layer of instruction, jf-il ' w you 'llflll be 1nsIrucfed." ,Ln E' 1' , Julia Cunningham , Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '29, '30, Inter-Class Basketball '27, '28, '29, FTF, '30, Championship Team '29, '30, Q ' Inter-Class Volley Ball '26, '27, '28, l I i '29, Inter-Class Baseball '26, '27, V' '28, '29, "Oh Kay" '29, Three One- ll' Act Plays '29, Commercial Club X M '27, '28, '29, '30, Girl Reserves '27, I l '28, '29, '30, Tennis Team '28, '29, Booster Club '27, '28, '29, '30, l May Festival '27, '28, '29, H. H. H. ' Staff '30, Oaks Board '30, Basket- ' ban "R" '27, '28, l ' l "She capers, she dances, she , has the soul of youth." l Ll M Q, Marie Dahudy 'ff 'if Gym Exlribifion '27, '28, '29, '30, if Inter-Class Baseball '27, '28, '29, lx Girl Reserves '28, '29, '30, Commer- ' cial Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Library Club '28, Inter-Class Volley Ball '27 ' "Good nature radiates from her gf every smile." 5 541- " ' 'j ' .' """:g..,,1 V ff V 77' Qp 4,lqjs,,,Lulqi-p,,l1,- -M577 C3 lg,-Q .---4 f'w'x,, H' Jre. m- ,ff-RX, ,, fwk XTX , L tnffi 'zfiufrghilm E.'.21"lfl'l!lT.Iflg,gD 1 QM' srrri J Q,lj.Qt:gl,E Jovi J ggi Kg lf: IIJI U , ,ll 7' QE V els on 1 gals, QQ as Ll l -- "' l "' -1 ll- ffl 7 2 1 '. ' T I l ll T l l l U saw fire' mm we Till? suv 5' rfQ+fl"Eu::,,.fg.iiL13Ertzr11fr4'Sll warf-ff-H1lff1V.?11 f'-11V'iN115W Page Thirty-one All l 4 ll ii- lb Page Thirty-lwu Wilda Dake Girl l2L'S0l'VL'S '28, '29, '30, lutcr- Club Council '29, '30, Booster Club '28, 29, '30, lfrvuclx Club '29, '30, l'n-simlcut '30, Inter-Class llascbzxll '27, '28, lutur-Class llaiskctlmll '27, '28, liym lixliilritimi '27, '28, '29, Survive Club '30, lutcx'-Class 'l'rzu'k E71 May Fcslivzxl '27g Szlllzmtorizm ll i i QQnntufio11 Editorj john Daniels kiym Iixliibitiuu '26, '27, "Pio- um-r's l':1pmvsv" '2fi. "S'p0c'r-h, 'is sil-zwr, but svlvnvf- is gvlrlvnf' Bernice Derda LiOllllllCl'K'l1ll Club '29, '50, ll. ll. W y Stull' '281 liirl Rn's0l'vcs -L 302 May lim-stivzil '271 Oaks llozxrll '5ll. "Never elutvd 'while one 'mafrfs oppressed, Never dejw-ted whllv m10tlwr's blessed." Donald DeWitt 'l'1'2lL'li '28, '29g iiym lfxliibitiuu '20, '27, '2S. "IC0II0V-slcfzfing is gran! fun -- axvvpt when you fall." 'AA good frivurl In Hmsv who lcno uw him." Alieda Dykhuis Commercial Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '29, Girl BEM-rvcs '28, '29, '30, May Fcstival ..l. "Stately and full, she moves in the hall, The chief of ll fhousmzd for grave." Florence Gaskill Entered from Mctz High School, Indiana, '29, "I am in search, of fl 'mrn1." john Geboo Football "R" '26, '27, '28, Hand '28, '29, '30, Orchestra '29, '30, "Once in 21 Hluc Moon" '30, "Oh Kay" '29, "The Frcshies" '30, Inter-Class Track '28, Inter-Class Basketball '29 '30. "By his step, yozfd think him a pugilist, By his playing, yozfd lmow him a musician." Dolores Gerber Gym Exhibition '26, '27, '23, l.c Ccrcle Francais '29, '30, Vicc-prcsi- tlcnt '29, "Oh Kay" '29, May Fcs- tival '26, '27, "l'ionccr's .l'apoosc" '26. "Though de1mn'e, we think perchance, Mischief lurks wifhm her g11l1:cc." ,TW -:mm W , V M , V W , , 5 l' ,nr mlm! iigmilv ' ,Nix ,' .,., M.. , ,-,v-,...- v V N .ff ,rf I ll A- will Il k ago Thirty-three J, .rii ,Wi , ll will ll gl ' 'll li l will lil ll. iililllillltal' li lillll ill f . vim Pzuzv Thirty-four Bernice Green Lm1111nurv1z1I Lluln '27, 28, '20, '30, Huy l"L'ativ:1l '27g liym lfxhilxitimx '27, '28, '20, "I'im1n-L'r's l':11musc" '26, "U h1'1'4' un llllillillll is f1t'llf'l'llI, if is usually r'm'rr'f'f." Evelyn Green fiym lfxhilritiun '27, '28, '2Ug May l'n-stlvznl '273 L'u11l1m'l'riuI lilulm '21, '28, '29, '.WQ "l'iul1m'l"s I':1- Y Y prmsv' 26, "Lv-f ull Ihfnlqs In' Jnnr' df'1'e'nilg1 mul in nrfIf'r." Marjorie Hackson l'Ulll1NOI'l'i2ll Vluh '27, '28, '20, 'Mig Gym lfxllilwitiml '28, '2U. "Sn:m' pruisv at nmrniuy zvlzuf Hwy blunw uf night, but nl- wuys thinl: ilu' lust upinimr riy1l1f." Mary Harvth Oaks liuzxrnl 'jllg ilirl Rk'5l'l'X'K'5 '20, '30, IIUVI'-K'l2lSS lizlakn-1l:':1ll '28, '2'11 l11lc1'fi'l:18s llalsclmll '2U3 lutrr- Kfluas Yollry Hull '28, '2'Ig Vmn nu-x'ci:1l Kflulw '27, '28, '29, 'Mig "Pine in-cr's l':1pnosc" '2lr: 'Xlzly lfcslivul '27, lllcu fluln '27g Gym lfxhilmiliml U7 Us 'ill -, .., -. "Shr"s all my fflllt'1l paillfvcl hvr, pqlH',N Io:w'ly,' slwk llfl'Hlt'.n W- , W mi W ww. ill ' Marion Heimler Le Cercle Francais '29, '30, "If silence were golden, l'd be a millwna-ire." Irving Hirsch Liym Exhibition '27, '28, '29, Hi-Y '29, '30, .lnter-Class Track '29, Inter-Class Basketball '30, May Festival '27. "All great men are flying-, mid I feel sick myself." Carrcl Horne Commercial Club 230. "My tongue within my lips I reign, For who talks 'much talks in vain." Ormal Hobby Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '29g Girl Reserves '27, '28, '29, 'Slip Inter-Class Basketball '27 '28, '29, Chainpionsliip Tezuu '29g Inter- Class Valley Ball '27, '2Sg Booster Club '29, '30, Beaux Arts Club 'SUQ Marionette Show '3Ug Oaks Board '303 lieelamatory Contest '27. "Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike, And, like the sim, they shine on all alike." w ' l ll wi, ,- I 1 W 4 1 1 , r 1 7 7 1 Page Thirty-live 1- 'l'hirly-sit Clare Humphreys lfnturccl from Muskegon fall of '20g Scrvicc Club '30, President '30g Football "R" '20, "I v.1'p0r't that wommz will be thc' lust thing 1'ivili.:z'd by Illll,H." George Hurtubise lintcrccl from Sha-Thy High School '27g Gym lixhilmition '28, "Mod0sEy becomes a young: man. Augusta Hutson Gym lixllilxitimm '27, '2Sg llcclzun- zxlury fUI1lk'Sl '27, '2S: 1lllCl'-LZIHSS Dclmling H283 l7m'cnsiv Club 'ZHQ l.iln'zn'y Club '28, '30g X'icc-p1'usi- dc-nl 'JSQ Il. ll. ll, Staff '2S, '29, '30g "Uh Kay" '293 Girl Rcscrvcs '29, '30, 'l'rc:1surcr '30, Ci. R. Con- fvrcnu- '291 l.c Ccrulu 'l:I'2lllCillS '29, '30, Suwctzlry '303 Illtcl'-Class Barw- liull '29g Oaks llmlrd '30. "1 lure not man- he is too sim- I 71 ' p c'. james Jackson 1 1uyyl.', g, llzlml 27, 25, JD, 30, 1.5111 Lx.- hilmilimm '29g Golf 'l'mn'namcnt '30g llzmcl CUI1k'L'1'l '27, '28, '29. "Napoleon was fl little 111011, but hc' was ll great suc'4'0sx." john Koslosky cl Gym Exhibition '28 '29, Lo Cer- 7 c Francais '29, '30, "Do'n't take life so seriously, you can ?Z6'Uf'I' got out of fmt lll1l'f'." Elmer Kuck 1.0 lfcrclc l"I'ZlllC2llS '29, '50, Vico- ! Y prc-sirlcmt .Wg Scrvicc Club 30. "Il"v grunt ullhough. ho has much mit, "H0's 'very shy of using it."' Bernice Kufta L0 lfcrvlc l"I'lll'lC2llS '29, '30, . . , . . , , . Lurls lllcc Llub 303 'Once 111 21 li bull '27, '28, '29, lulcr-Class Yollcy Hall '27, '28, '29, Tennis Tourma- lllL'lll '28, '29 'jllg Gyul lixllibition 'J luc Moon" '30, lutcr-Class Hase- 7 7, '28, '29g lutcr-Llass Trzlvk '27, '28g fiirl Rcscrvus 'lllg May Fes- tival '27, '28, '29. "A good sport ewcry1oho1'o- und on thc' rzourff' Bertha Lewis llonstcr Club '29, '30, liirl Rc- scrvcs '27, '28g Lfm11111vx'a'iz1l Club, '27, '28, '29, 'jllg ll. H. Il. Stuff '29, '.3U: lutcr-Class llasclrull '27, '28, '29: lfl1:111111im1sl1ip 'l'uzuu '28, lutvr-Class Yullcy llull '27, '28, '29, filllllllll '27g ifllzuupiuuslup 'll-iuu '78 lllttl ilu 3 "- ' 2 qs 'l'1':u'lc '27, '28, '29, May lbcslivul '27, '28, Gym lixllibi- tuu '77, 78, 79, 'll ll l ll ' 1 1 1 Y, , ' , ' .. -4 .. ,. , Zl8liL't vu '27, '28, '29, '3ll, "R" '27, '28, "For if sho will she' will, and you can depend on it, And if .-:he 'Il,'0ll't, sho 'lU0lI'f,' :md Iln'rr"s un ourl on it." , M, WH . ww g,,,,1.l mul l u l rf! , Fw' 'u,Mzu3 Pago 'l'llirty-sovon 4- 'l'hirIy-vi m, JW 1, Ralph Lillie X :mln-clivtol'i:111 'Mig lloys' lilci- Clulm '28, 2503 String Qliaflf tc '2'3Z SCl'Ylk'k' flulr '30, V MH! f knows ll Int fhut's bf' lnzolmz and mzwh nnorv lu' lrnuws hut wzll not own." Bruce Lintner 'om lfwsl Ul'Cl'lll '28g lznuiul fi . j K Fmmtlmll "MII" '28, '293 ii1lSkK'lll2lll 'N 'l' N 10 'ol Ku" '12- -ig lli-N r rack, '-. , '- 3 ' 1 sh' '- , '28, '29, 'Sli' lli-Y L'Ullll'l'- an 1-mx' 283 liitci'-Claws llaskcllmll '22, '30 i'lllkllNll Club '78 ll ll ll - v ,.,.. . . ..., . . - Stull' '291 May lfvslivul '28. an ' ' HHH as I mn." AA in Blanche Little f-im lfxlxilwitimm '27, '28, Unn- llll'l'L'liil flulm '27, '28, '20, 'Mig Slay lfcstivzll '28, '29, ul Quiet and IIIIIISSIHIHZIIHQ yvt l'l'l'l' loyal." LeRoy McDonald l'nln-rm-cl i'l'Ulll lfcrris Institutl "1 L4 7 K ' 'mum-rvizll Club '-8, '21, .itll lfurcxuic Clulm '28, '29, u If l'l'f1llil't'N rr Sllfyiflll opvrrrtiun fo gc! ll jolfv wvll into u Svvtvh undvrstundiugf' ., X H wx- W 1 will l Ml"""" l,mymwml!W l n Hx ,, , ,wif . Grant MCLA Gyn W 7xl1il1ition '27, '28, '29. rm, "A 'll n is what his aspirations will . I ,, id d6t67'7fl-71ZClt'l01lS are. Marion McQuade llezuix Arts Club '26, 'Mig Gym lixllilmition '27g Inter-Class Basket- Irqll '271 Commercial Clulz' '27, '29, 'ZQQ May Festival '27, "Sweet as a pr'im1'ose keeping beneath the fhm'1l." Margaret Miley Entered from Mt. QNYIIIDUS High Selloel, Indiana '29g Girls' tilee Clulm H303 Girl Reserves '30. "Soft is the 'music that would charm f'nrmim'." Margaret Moore Commercial Club '27, '23, '293 Gym Exhibition '27g Girl Reserves '3llg May Festival '27. "A Iawrh will Phase nwny fha blues." 4 22 I-ww , , Y W gel? e ,ir ivy Il nga- Thirty-nine L 4 lm' llorly Genevieve Norton Gym lixliilmilirm '26, '27, Girl Rv- scrvcr- '29, f0llllllL'I'l'l2ll Chili '2'I. "P1lnf'lunlily is flu' s01'rc'l of sur'- .. miss. Sarah Olson llcaux Arts Clnlm '26, Athletic Board of Umtrol '30, llaskctlmll "R" '27, lntcr-Class liaskcilmll '27, '28, '29, '30, Czlptniil '28, Inter- Class llasvlmull '27, Captain '27, lioostm' Clulw '28, '29, '30, l'rcsiflcnt '29, '303 Yicn'-prcsiclciil Soplimnmwc Class '28, Sn-crctzmry junior Class '29, l.c Llcrvlc l"i'z1m'z1is '29, '30Z lfurviisic Clulm '30, l11lL'f'ClZlSS Dc- lruting 'SUQ Gym lixliiliitioil '27, '28, '29, Girl Rvscrvcs '28, '29, '30, l'rn-sirlcnt '30, Vice-lim-sirlciit '29, llllCI'-Clllll Cminvil '30, l'I'l'SlilCllt '30, G. R. Cunfcrcnvc '28, ll. H. ll. Stull '50, Girls' Glu- Clulm '30, Vin'- prcsiclvnt 'SIIQ "Ummm: in 11 llluc Y 7 ll Y! Y Moon' 30, l.zuly 1:I'2lIIl'L'S 303 "Oli Kay", llusim-ss lXl:ln:xg.fcr '29, Oaks liclawl, lfflitor-in-cliicf '30, Tcniiis 'l'0ll!'Il1lll1L'lll '201 lntcr-Vlzxss X ollcy llnll '27, '28, '29, llltCl'-l'lZlSS 'l'r:u'k '2h. "H1'rr"s fn Sully!-True' to hm' lvord, hvr 'w0rl.', lwr frivmlsf' Arnold Omness lintcrccl from llnrt lligh Scluml '28, lfuollmzxll '2'l. "I lilrv worlcg I mn sit mul loolr nl if for lI0lll'S.,' Gladys Omness linu-rccl from Montague lligh Scllonl '2Sg l.c Ccrclc lfrzniruis '20, '30, Girl lh-scrvvs '30, "It is u, w0nmn'x reason to say I will IZU sm-lr Il thing lwfvlllsf' I will." Edward Pascoe Hi-Y '28, '29, '30g Gym Exhibi- tion '27, '28, '29, "Uh Kay" '29, Truck '28, '29, '303 Inter-Class 'l'r:u'k '28, '29, '30, Cllznmpionsllip 'lk-:nn '29, llznskctball UR' '27, '28, '29, llaskctlwall "M H" '30, lntcr- lflass llaskctbzlll '28, '29, '30, Cham- pionship 'Fcam '29, '303 May Fos- tivul '27, H. ll. H. Stuff '30. "Har Sfufure full-I hnfe It dumpy lUONIfHI." William Paulin Hi-Y '28, '29, l.c CL-rclc Francais '28, '29, Football "R" '28, '29, Football "MH" '30, Mary Pavlin C0llllllL'I'L'lI1l Club '28, '29 ,'30g lloostcr Club, '29, '30, Scvrvtary '29g May Festival '27, '28, Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '29, '30, lntcr- Class llusclmll '27, '28, '29, Captain '28, lntcr-Class 'l'rzu'k '27, '28, '292 lntcr-Class Yollcy llall '27, '28, '29, "Shari in stature, but long in pep" Herbert Pedler Yicc-president Junior Class '29, Hi-Y '28, '29, '303 Vice-prcsiclcnt '29, Treasurer '30, Football "MH" '29, '30g Football "R" '27g Track "MH" '28, '29, Basketball "MH" '3'0g llaslcclbzxll "R" '29g lntcr-Class llzlskctlzull '27, '28, '29, '30, Cham- pionship Team '29, '30, lntcr-Class ',l'r:u'k '28, '29, '30, Clmmpionslmip ,l'C1llll '293 lntcr-Class llasr-lmll '27, Le Ccrclc Francais '29, Oaks lioarcl '30, Gym Exhibition '27, '28, '291 May Fcstivzll '27, H. H. H. Stall '28. "The best of mmf hmm mlm' Immd rf'1ms0." l lm ll. wwl'7vZil."E""W-r M """"W Page Forty-one l1l'lll'1llll wr gif . "' 0 ,, ,wo Page l"orty-two Veronica Perreault liym lfxllilvitimx '27 20 '29' , 1 Y ' llllt'l"k.l2l5S llZl5L'lJ1lll '27, '25, 29: lvltclvilzlm lizaskcllmll '27 '28 '29 '30, flilllillll 27: lluskullulll "lXlll" '28, llIlk'l'-l'l2lhS Yullvx' Hull '28, -93 Y "l'irzm-5 1 f l'vu1'g111cv ' 293 ' Unu- in ll llllu- Nlumf' '50, 'l'l1rcv Unc- .-Xct Playa '29g "Oh Kay" '29g Klang' lwsilvzll '27, '28, '293 l'OI111llL'!'l'li!l L'lllll '29, 30, SCL'l'L'l2lI'5' '29, Yicc- l'1'wiflcnt '30, Iiumwtvl' Club '28, vp r ...9, jll, 51110 23, '29, '30, Girl lh'sc'l'x'n's '25, '29, '30, Svcrv- tary '30, llllL'l'el'llIl! fmnwil '30, 11. li, lUl1lCl'L'lll'L' '2l!g l.c L'L'I'L'lL' l"I'ZlIIk'2ll5 '29g tilcv Clulu '29, '30, l'l'a-siclm-nt '30, Girls" Scxtvsttc '29g lllvc Clulu c'1lllK'k'l'l '29, '30, Presi- mln-nt H303 "l.zuly lfrzmccs' '30, ln- lm'l'-flzlas 'l'l':u'lQ '2N, "He'rf's ll girl with rr lwrlrt and ll smile, l'l'lm lIlll!fl'S flu' hrrbbll' of Iifc' -lm'm'fl1 ll"l,llK'." Blanche Pike L'n1l1l11cl'ci:1l L'lulm '29, 230: liirl llcscrvca 28, '29, '30, llym lixlli- llllllbll '27, '23, '29g May l"cslix':1l '27, '2H, "Gentle wrhu JN sh: ,' but fl imc' , l Y . jrwfnd to fhosv who lx'7llUll' hm' 1v1'I1." Edna Portzr l"m'unsic Club 271 Q'llllllllL'l'l'llll flulm '27, '28, H293 liym lixlnllimn '20, '292 Xlzly l"n-slixwll '20, '27. "'I'l1v youd is hut Nw lwrmfijul in uf-tion." Frederic Reinecke liym lfxllilmilinnn '20 '2Sg llsmcl I 21, '28, '29g Ulm- Vlulm '27, '20, "IXlik:ul0" 'JSQ "I'ir:1Ics of IH-ue 72ll1l'l"' '293 Xlinstrvl Slum' '29g lli-Y '28, '29g lioys' Quurtcttu '28, '291 Ul'x'l1vf-tl'zx '27' '28, '29 '.l0. , , "He" lx, Il1lIt't'll, ll mzmlrrll mmf." , "N 559523 "2 i- . 9. ,,, Ml , . ww-li nxx- ,W xxxx -1 -1-W liiyirw- 111, l. .. .W--1-W , ifrwwm ' ' " ' ' 4 ll K Donna Rice Gym lfxllibitiou '273 Kilcvs Club '27, lilac Club Courcrt '27g Lu Cvr- clu Francais '29, '30, Treasurer '29g Girl Ruscrvcs '29, '30, "A 11. Outward and 'visible sign of an mwurd and spirzfzml grace." Geraldine Ritz Commercial Club '27, '28, '29, X303 liym lixllibiLiou '27, '28, 293 Slay lfvstivzal '27, '28, "Har ways ure thaw of plum, r111t11vss." Mrs. Martha Shafer Girl Rcscrvcs '29, '30, "Ready and willing to do her best, Her spirit of Ioynlly has stood thv Nxt." Mary Shunta .-Xtlilctic' Board of Control '30, fccrctziry '30, lioostcr Club '28, ,'29, 30, Secretary '29, TI'L'2l5l1l'ClA 303 Kiln-c Club '27,- '28, '29, X'icc-prusi- clcut '291 Oaks lloarnl '30g Inter- Class liascbzlll '27, '28, '29, Captain '27, CllZll'llpiUllSlll11 rlilllllll '28, ln- tcr-Class Yollcy llull '27, '28, '29, Clizmlpiuusliip Team '28, lntcr- Class Uzlskctbzlll '27, '28, '29, '30, Cillllilill, '29, '30, Cl11l1s1pio11s?g,v 7l'L'Z1lIl 29, 303 llaskctlml "M ' '28g lntcr-Class Track '27, '28, For- cnsil' Club '27, Iutcr-Class Debat- ing '27g May Fcstival '27, '28, '29, "l'u'utvs of l'L'l1ZZillC'k"' '28, lloostcr Clulz' Scxtuttc '29. "Her charms strike the eye, but her 'IIll'I'I.f8 wrn flu' Soul." www-v-r H Page Forty-three lllllll Nl 'WHL W ll! 0 W , ll ,jwwww WMWWMWM wqwwlwgg Ralph Shupp Xlzsy l'l'5llYllI .213 hvm lzxlulu lllrll V26 "Sil1'Alr'e' ix rhv !jf'llfllN of fools nu 14'ise'." Raymond Slorf Hyun lfxllilaitiml U75 Xlllj' lfww- V' '1- xwnl ..f, -A. "Uh, why should life' ull lfrlrm In 'V Clarence Smalley ' wh '11, , lmlll lzxlulnlum -f, ,N H45 l't'5llX'2ll '.f1. .- - mly is u well nmdv n He 4 urn WIN' 'WS U Unurl lll'f!'l'IlH.HllfIUH.. Lucil le Sternburg lUllllllL'l'Cl2ll llnlx 21, 25, ZW, MI, Sl'l'l'L'l'll'X 'ill' llvm lfxlxiluililm '17, . , , - , 'N' Klux' lwslnvul 21, ZH. "Qm'vn rom' of flu' I'UNl'Illlfi 11111 rlvn 01' yirlxf' cl um' of fha' 1'irf1'vs of flu' "",'Wwump-imyyww11ir'vw'Imw" lWli,l,r31w-mm-grill 3 v,l,W,,-X-13 "'Wllllh1lIlq1i:,E,,,,,, X, 3, U ni, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ' V' Wit ll' 'V , will i' N 1 ', l I ' Martha Svetlick liutcrczl from Caclatt High School, W'iscunsin '29, Ht-aux Arts Clulm 'Slip Ixlarioncttc Show '30. "With fl grace fo win friends- uml ll h,l'!ll'f fo hold them." Verna Sweet Kilt-u Cluli '28, '29g Girl Rcscrvus '28, '29 '30, llczxux Arts Clulm '29, '30, l'l'L'Slll0lll 'Elly 'l'I't'z1surcr junior Class '293 Mus' Festival '27, 283 tlyiu Iixliilmitioii '27, '28, '29, May Qtic-cn '27, '2Sg Girls' Suxtcttc '293 lloostcr Cl,'lw '29 '30' "l'ir:itcs of l't-iiz:mc'c" '29g "Once in a llluc Moon' 'lllg Nl1ll'lU110llL' Show '30, "Grru'a' was in ull hm' sfvps, lLl'lll'l'll 'IN hw' fyf's,"' Arlene Veltman May Festival 'ZSQ Gym lixliilii- tion '27, '28, '29g C.lll1lllL'l't'l2ll Cluls '28, '29, '30, "I may be small, but I ulwuys hum' my say." Harry Wade Footlrull "R" '26, '27, HHH' '2Sg H 1! ! Y I 7 lizlskutliall lx' 27, 28, 293 lilcc Club '27, '28, "Pirates of l'cn came" '29, "Grier in an llluc Moon" 'Blk lli-Y '20, '27, 'ZSQ Lf mmm-rcizil Clulm '50, '27, "Schonl! I suppoxr' if's ll nvrrfs- ' sary evil." l i ff , Forty Page Forty -six jack Whitford lJrzm1m'y 'Mig lla-lmting 'll-1 '24 Hll 2, . . 1 - - , . .allg l'UI'L'HNlk' llulv '2S. 20 '.1ll, Rc , pm'1ur '28, '20, 'SCM l.r L'cl'vlc lfrzm- l'1llS '29, 'SUQ H, ll. ll. 511111 28, , D , l . i . 29, '30, lizmcl 29, JU, mlm- llulw 'Mig ufJllL'L' in ll lllun- Mmm" 'SH' 'l'Ill'k'k' Ulu--.Xvt l'l:1yN 201 Mau l"celix"ll '77, '78 "PM him lmliz'x,' lu' ll'1Hl'f laifvf' Kenneth Williams "Tim Ilmrouglz muu is fin' snr' vvsslul uma" wwmulmuwmwi wnMuM i f i p i i w,,.iw , X W W u 'W 'ml WM , xi N !! X N W W Itj k x M ,! , , ,', W ! ,M u mm m , X . . , 4. 1 i iiii 7 ' fil ' u W-"-Wm-M... -......J IQ !r'i l L.,...,. -..W .1 ,.,.-,. At. V' V' .-. ,... V' -:W ...J s... ,....... 1 4- .7- ' SALUTATORY up A For several years it has been the custom for the Salutatorian to express the feeling of gratitude and affection the whole'-,class experi- ences upon leaving Muskegon Heights High School. WW: are no less grateful or sorrowful at leaving this school. Yet, we do not wish to use the same hackneyed, time-worn phrasesl We wish to dwell on the accomplishments our school has attained. 3 Q Our athletic teams are those of class A standards. There is not another team we are afraid of meeting-. Games with our athletic rep- resentatives are very much sought after. just a few months ago our school entered a Southwestern Michigan,Athletic Conference, which ranks us with outstanding high schools. of the state: Several of our prominent team men are known all over Michigan. Never before in the hisory of our school has the social feeling been so well established. This has resultedfrom ourlsuccessful school dances. Social grace and good breeding are as necessary to a high school graduate as is his diploma. Indeed, our school took a splen- did -step 'when it entered social teaching into the curriculum of the high school. f . Declamation, oratory, and debate next claim our attention. No one can dispute us when we say we have truly made progress in these lines. VVe have never failed to reach at least the third round in the declamatory contests. A man who was an outstanding orator while he was a student here has recently been honored -by the publi- cation of his master's thesis in the Quarterly journal of SpeechL Is that not an honor for those involved in his early training? Dramatics is another line of activity where we have excelled. Our class plays have an established reputation of no small worth. This is true from the financial standpoint as well as'from the artistic success of the production. All in all, parents, teachers, and friends, our dearly loved high school has a significant value for us. We are proud of herhonors and are glad we could have had some part in all that she has accom- plished. .. ' Wilda Dake ,.... - Mufti! ...- r, 4... LEE, U U :J .... Ln: Wi EJ r W...- ...J ,..-. ll U 3:-...-1 e i 'E an fn' is-11' fun is 'IE t Page Forty-seven PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS A recent speaker in one of our assemblies brought out that in all that group of about eight hundred, only two people would amount to anything. 'l'hat was a terrible blow to us seniors, for every one of ns, being a senior, had expected to be president at least. YVe ex- pected all the world to be breathlessly waiting for our graduation, so that they could put us in our proper niche, and reap the benefit of our superior knowledge. llow this world ever progressed so far without us, we couldn't tigure out. XYe had expected that all the colleges in Michigan would have us on their prospective freshmen lists. lmagine our consterna- tion upon being told that only two in the whole high school would rise above the common herd. YVe discover that we are not so all- important after all. 'l'he world would probably get along just as well without us. I guess our footprints in the sands of time are not going to be so big after all. XYe have come to the conclusion that it is wrong to grow up with your wagon hitched to a star, because when the fall comes, you be- come disillusioned, you are crushed, hurt with the shock. Of course. everyone should dream of the future: as long as there is youth, fresh, hopeful. we will continue to dream. It is only natural and right that we should have ambitions. However, one who starts out with the idea that the world is his to conquer, and that it is an easy task, is sadly mistaken. XVe know that we have our dreams like all youth, but we hope that we have no false impression that the world is our oyster, which we will open with our swords. Wie hope that we can face this new experience, unafraid, but with the knowledge of the task before us. After all, graduation from high school does not necessitate our step- ping, as it were. from a sheltered place out into the storm. NYe trust that we have been preparing ourselves all the while to better meet this storm. XYhatever our success in this new life, we shall never cease to think of the help and benefit in our preparation, which we have re- ceived here at Muskegon Heights High School. Page Forty-eight l i l LQEJ-rr.- 1 ssl. . eii'i"W..T.cJlUT,.lf:'lf . ...L-'gli .nljln YOUTH'S QUEST .. Margaret Moore There came flash upon Hash of radiance and the Holy Grail ap- peared in a vision, D And mine eyes were blinded by the glory, and my senses enlight- ened by the truth it spake unto me: ' "Youth forget not! Youth fear not! I am the Holy Grail, the object of knighthood quests. I am success and happiness for which all men struggle. Great are the blessings I give unto them who attain me. -ii Many are the knights who are reaching out for me, ...MJ But few are the knights who will find me within their grasp. Only those who are worthy may drink a sweetened draught, lm Make gentle speech, do noble deeds, purify your heartg ' - y Set your eyes upon a distant goal and strive for it. ' ' ll If you fail in your quest it will not be lost effort, Do you falter in the strife-take courage from the King whom you serveth. .1 A You, too, may be a Galahad. Then follow in his footsteps., Long is the life which is reaching out beforeyou, . -fi: U Let your aims be high and success will reward you. - ' Are you among those who shall be counted as victors? Vast is the world you must conquer, and time is fleeting. Look forward! Set your heart upon the goal you would reach. Life life! . Breathe love! - M 4 - ' Work! , . - Humble your heart! Success and happiness may be yours. Thus spake the vision, and then did it fade from my sighty May its radiance lighten our pathway, Q f To fulfillment of our desires. , ..... l . Q nl P' Q.. . ll . l .QL . ll Url' e 'HL ill' JIU- ii IIE-,-as a 'I ' A l Page Forty-nine LE. CLASS HISTORY ln the month of Septemlmer, 1926, there assembled some two hun- dred lifty Pages in the court room of the Muskegon Heights High School tn seek knowledge as to their advancement in knighthood. The principal of the court, King Arthur, presided. They chose their leading Pages to direct them through the first year, president, Royal Thompson: vice-president, Frances Cooper: secretary and treasurer. Hottie Abbott: sergeant-at-arms, Bernard Caugheyg reporter, Anne llell lioothl advisors. Miss Inman and Mr. Peterman. A permanent flower, the sweet pea. and colors, peach and hlue, were chosen. A party was held in the dining hall of the Muskegon Heights Iligh Scltool. The Pages started their career hy heing represented in the school dehate team. P A Page picnic was held at Lake Michigan Park during the last week of our lirst yiear. Having passed their tirst year successfully they were promoted to Squires. The tirst meeting of the Squires was called in l927. President. Veronica Perreault: vice president, Sally Olson: secretary and treas- urer, Frances Cooper: sergeant-atgarms, Marion Cook: advisors, Mr. Peterman and Mr. johnson, were chosen as our leaders. A party was given on the twenty-first of tlctoher at Mona lieach Inn. The Knights tried to crash the party hut were unsuccessful. A dance was given at Pontaluna Club House. liveryhody enjoyed prizes won hy others, especially the peanut hrittle won hy julia Cun- ningham. Yictor Pyle narrowly escaped an animal dip in l.ake Michigan. Cider and doughnuts were enjoyed hy all. Yerna Sweet was elected May Queen. In the May Festival the Squires were original, as usual. The Squires' picnic was held at Lake Michigan Park june 8. 19.28. The Squires were again promoted and were linally duhhed Knights. ' A meeting of the lluh-Knights was held and the following were elected: president, liruce l.intner: vice president, Herbert Pedlerg secretary, Sally Olson: treasurer, Verna Sweet: sergeant-at-arms, .lohn Austin: reporter, Dottie Almhott: advisors, Miss Filliughani and Mr. Koehn. - A dance was held at the I. U. U. li. llall which was given thc name of "The junior-Shin-lJig". The Knights and lluh-Knights held a Roller Skating Party at the Ambassador Roller Rink on Novemher Zo, 1928. XX'hen Class Day was held the lluh-Knights came out dressed-up like their colleagues, the Knights. The Huh-Knights under the direction of Miss Hostetler presented the play, "Uh Kay!". -- Verna Sweet represented us again as Autumn Queen. The lluh-Knights entertained the Knights at a hoat ride whcrc all were dressed in glittering armor. This was followed hv a hall given at lfruitport Pavilion, the most successful that any Duh- Knight group had ever staged. Page Fifty il l ..., I . . . a IH rel '27 , The Dub-Knights were successful in athletics, too, the girls and T l i boys both ,winning the school basketball tournament. We were also il p ll represented on the list of lettermen and among track boys. ' l The Dub-Knights were invited to share the picnic of the Knights T . at Lake Michigan Park. i C The Dub-Knights, having received the necessary training, were y l finally considered genuine Knights. The chief Knight was james i i l Cobb, assistant Knight, Frances Cooper, their helpers, Jewell Meier , l and Dottie Abbottg advisors, Miss Golden and Mr. Rudd. ' C I i The Dub-Knights and Knights entertained with the first all- , school dance., A "hobo" dress parade was held in the hall of King Arthur's MJ court. li The Knights had a dinner dance in the dining hall of the Mus- C kegon Heights castle where childish thoughts vanished from their l e minds and dignity was expressed in every way. ' This was an athletic year for the'Knights. We were represented :E by Bruce Lintner, james Cobb, Robert Campbell, Herbert Pedler, :- " Edward Brothers, Stanley Birleson, Edward Pascoe, Clifford Abra- 'T' ffl- hamson, William Antisdale, Claire Humphreys, and William Paulin. iz "'. ln debates we took no back seat, James Cobb, jack VVliitford and " Janice Beckwith representing us. Our boys and girls again won the championship of the basketball tournament. ' C The Knights presented J. M. Barrie's "Quality Street".as their Senior play. The Dub-Knights entertained the Knights and loads of fun was T had by all. g " P The Knights had just one more week left before setting out on their various quests, which was filled with entertainments and par- ties besides their Baccalaureate Sermon, Breakfast, Class Day, Pic- W nic, and Commencement. fl F310 - Jewell Meier l 'Ei' is 'ii' . p W , i l F in .. .... ET Page Fifty-one W PROPHECY I was standing on the sidewalk in Muskegon Heights in front of a department store on which was a large sign which read "Hirsch X lackson" Ilry floods X Notions. I had come into the Heights with the other large crowds to see the famous millionaire, james Cobb, make his first rlighthin his newly purchased plane, "Spirit of I955." Suddenly I saw people running in all directions to escape what seemed to be a coming tornado. There was a roaring and rat- tling in the distance, and just as I was ready to find shelter in a store, I saw the cause of the commotion. It was a Ford car covered with mud, and having much the appearance of those used back in l95tl. In the front seat sat Edward llrothers with his wife, -Iulia t'unningham. In the hack seat was Edward Pascoe and wife, Donna Rice. .lust then someone touched me on the arm and turning I saw .Xugusta Hutson. She told me that she was head of the English Ile- partment at the Muskegon Heights High School, as Miss Sprague had retired. She also told me about some of the other teachers at the high school. 'lack XYhitford is teaching lfrench, and Rose I.anore .Xtkins is the l.atin teacher. Next. l entered the Hirsch and jackson Department Store and the first one I saw was Bernice llerda. She is the head clerk in the Notion's llepartment. 'l'he elevator stopped beside her counter, and looking in. I saw t'arroll Ilorne sitting on a high stool with white gloves ou, evidently the elevator boy. Un the second floor was a beauty parlor with 'lohn Koslosky as barber, and Geraldine Ritz. hairdresser. Suddenly I heard the clanging of the fire engine and running to the door I saw that the twenty story lleckwith Hotel was on lire. Running with the crowd to the fire, I saw Arnold Umness, the jani- tor, just as he rescued the head waitress, Frances Chase, from the twentieth story. l,aura Kruse and Mary Shunta also had been em- ployed in this hotel, and seemed very excited thinking that thi "ini- tor might be injured. It was thought for a time that there was danger of the buildings next to the hotel burning, Une of them was the office of the chain stores, Ilrainard lfootl Shops, of XYestern Michigan, and the other 'l'he All-Nite Roomers' liat Shop, of which Martha Svetlik and l.u- cille Sternburgh are the joint owners. liefore leaving the fire, I saw an ambulance carrying away the injured. Un the side of the ambu- lance in large gold letters was printed, "IIun1phreys and Abraham- son, Iiducated L'ndertakers," while the driver was Rod Campbell, and the nurse was lllanche Little. After the fire had been put out, I recognized I.eRov hlcllonald as the tire chief, and 'l'yrns Cobb was operating the siren. After all this excitement, I went to the drug store for one of Marion McQuade's famous sodas. Un my way, I passed the Heights Theatre on which was the sign, "Under new ownership, Anna lluskarits and Helga Ilrufladt, New joint Managers. Enlarge- ments about to be made!" Looking at the pictures, I saw that tieorge XYhite's Scandals were playing, featuring Helen llilka as the rs ll' Page Fifty-two IIIIIII ri' ' III II I I I II I I If-I.f IQQIE I I I I L- -TJ I' I I I I I gi Ig II IMI Ihr I I I I I I I II .LI I III QI I I .III . leading lady. There was also a vaudeville feature dance given by the Evergreen Sisters, Bernice and Evelyn Green. As I was going into the drugstore, I met Mrs. john Addicott, formerly Miss Dolores Gerber. She, being president of the Ladies' Aid, told me about the latest divorce case between Wilcla Dake and Bruce Linter. The charge was cruelty. Mrs. Lintner had hired as her lawyer Ralph Lillie, while Mr. Lintneris lawyer was George Hurtubise. It seems that Mrs. Lintner is likely to win the case. As I was sipping my soda, I heard a familiar voice coming from a nearby radio. It was the famous broadcasters, Fred Reineke and john Geboo, broadcasting from station S. A. P. S. They were ad- vertising the new marriage bureau established by Ruby Bush and Marie Dahudy to accommodate the students of the high school. They also broadcasted the following daily news hour: Christopher Balaskovits is supervising the building of the new stadium at Muskegon Heights, Michigan. Ralph Shupp has just been crowned john Boles. the second, al- though hiss shyness of women still persists. Florence Gaskill has just written a new popular song for Mary Harvath in her latest role in which she plays opposite Al jolson. Marion Heimler has just developed a new way to make Fords go sixty miles ahead, instead of thirty ahead and thirty up and down. The Muskegon Heights High School football team has won the state championship this year. The public is inclined to think that a large part of their success is due to their efficient coach, Stanley liirleson, who is assisted by Herbert Pedler. After this station had signed off, I sat looking out of the window. Across the street I saw a large billboard which told that Ringling Brothers were about to arrive in town. The billboard featured t-he world's smallest. never-get-fat woman, Arlene Veltman. She was wearing a costume designed by the Grecian designers, Mary Pavlin and Edna Porter. In front of the sign board. the Salvation Army was holding a meeting and I recognized Allie and Katherine Bont who were sing- ing a song while Alieda Dykhuis played the organ. Although it was 11:30, the expectant crowd was still waiting in the streets, and I bought a Fruitport Gazette to help pass the time. On the front page were pictures of Jewell Meier and Gladys Omness, missionaries who had just returned from China. There was also a summary ofa speech which had been given by President of the WV. C. T. U., Mrs. Shafer, to the prospective bootleggers of the Heights. I noticed that the joint publishers were Grant McLain and Ray- mond Slorf. A whole page was given to poetry which had been writ- ten by the poet laureate of the United States, Margaret Moore. On the sport page was a snapshot of the famous doubles, Ber- nice Kufta and Bertha Lewis. An article beneath the picture told that it was impossible to determine which on was the more like Helen Wills. I had hardlv finished reading my paper when someone to h I . u e me on the shoulder and asked if I had finished reading my papercanil would loan it to a poor man. Looking up, I saw Elmer Kuck, who ine - llif--'q..S.f'I JILL 'irziirfdllrrl -AII1:1"' iii' ""'IlIm'lI Q I I I I I IH, , . I I i..I I Im: I ..,.,, I Ip I I .. I I-.I lII ...,, II r. I II I,I an I .- .I I If II., X 'Ti III II ' I l I I Il. ,II I In MII'-A , I I I Ir' .,., , Irj I..- IMI I' J I 'II A II UI Page Fifty-three although he did not look prosperous. has made his millions in the junk business. The "Spirit of 1955" had not yet arrived, so I considered walk- ing' about the town to see if I might run across any other friends. As l emerged from the drug store, I heard what seemed to be a series of yells, one closely followed by another. They came from a window directly over the drug store, and thinking someone might be in dis- tress, I rushed up the nearest stairs. I did not stop until I reached a glass door which read "Vocal and Guitar Lessons Given Iiree of Charge. XYe Aim to lietter the Community, Miss Sarah Olson and Miss Margaret Bliley." This sounded interesting so I walked into the studio. It seemed that although the girls had a flourlishing busi- ness, they still had time for scandal. They told me that Verna Sweet is taking in washings because her husband, Clarence Smalley, cannot make enough to support the family. It seems that Clarence had a Real listate Utfice in lfruitport with Margie Hackson as his steno- grapber. The also told me that Dottie Abbott has an orphan asylum for stray cats and dogs. The institution is located somewhere near the lleights High School and at present is over-filled. Miss Abbott is working in cooperation with 'lohn Daniels, the city dog catcher. The studio soon became so filled with customers that I felt l must leave. As l walked down the hall l met Ann Iiooth with what looked to be an armful of tools. She told me that they were dentist's instruments which she was taking to be sterilized. She said she was working for -lohn Austin. who specialized in a new kind of unbreak- able false teeth, and mentioned that she and -lohn were still single. lt was now late in the afternoon, and many of the people had tired of waiting for the "Spirit of l955", and were returning to their homes. Someone handed me an advertisement. This is what I read: "Formal Opening of the New -I. C. Penney Store in Nunica, First Chain Store with XX'oman lXlanager." The officers of the Company were listed as follows: Manager. Frances Cooper: Assistant Man- ager. lilanche Pike: Interior Decorator, Urmal Hobby: and Head Clerk, Genevieve Norton. An extra has just come out and buying one. I saw on the head- lines just what I had feared. The "Spirit of 1955" was not coming. The chief pilot, lVilliam Antisdale, had eloped with Veronica Per- reault. and had used the aeroplane as the speediest means for elope- ment. - Page Fifty-four i N , ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,u it gg 1,iwwwgiwvw:mlmmwwmllllmlllllllllwllllllll i mmmllllw M 1 lil'l'l"".- , "lWll'il'M A li W, iq i. VALEDICTORY Near the close of each school calendar year this occasion is dedi- cated to the members of the senior class that they may leave behind a few words of appreciation and self-expression to all those who have striven for us and with us these four years. During the past few years speakers, on this occasion, have endeavored to bring messages of individual opinion. Knowing that many of our graduating class are about to attempt life without fur- ther educational preparation and knowing that many others who are present will cut short their efforts to reach the top rung of the high school educational ladder, it seems particularly fitting to discuss the matter of wise and satisfactory adjustment to the practical life which follows school days. Vile have thus far been on the receiving end of all that which education has to offer, and now we face the necessity of putting into practice what we have mastered. Many months ago the pastor of a local church delivered a sermon that struck up a corresponding vib.-atory something in me. NVhen considering life and good-living with all their fickle peculiarities, I find that in making a simple analogy of these seeming peculiarities and the theme of the pastor's sermon a new field for thought and consideration is opened up. The theme of that sermon reminded us that "jesus is committed unto the hands of the people. What are we doing about it? W'hat are we going to do about it?" ln the analogy I say that life is committed unto the hands of our people. lVhat are we doing about it? VVhat are we going to do about it? Now to get the meaning of life down to bare facts we find that it is existence, or the period between birth and death. The most sim- ple dehnition of living is the mode of life. From the comparison of l tiese two we can readily see that the really big things of life depend vitally upon our mode of living. Speaking of good customs of liv- in we at ' ' " ' g ome jump to its outstanding necessity -- the regular voca- tion. 'lhere are a great number of people who go slipshod throu h g life without knowing what a regula: vocation means: there are a great many high school people who graduate without the sli htest . . g l-:nowlecge or desire regard1ng their life's work: and many, many col- l Q Q . . . . ege graduates face the same situation. It is a well established fact that it is often the educated fools who contfibzute most heavily to the burden of society. The choice of 'L life work should be determin l l f . , ec on y a ter a long and careful study in the elimination of the undesirable and in the adoption of those things that seem to coincide with one's inst' 't' . . inc ive tendencies. My observation has led me to feel that for me at least selecting a vocation are: the educational factors of environment: and fourth. to those about me. Now the most important things to consider in first, my independence of thoughtg second, the work: third, the agreeableness of the the bringing of satisfaction and happiness it isn't necessary to have a white-collar j ob - the world is full of people who do the menial tasks. NVe can be happy and useful in occupations that have nothing of the spectacular about them but the ll ' a Important thing is that we find the task which we are best fitt cl - . e to do and from which we can derive the most genuine satisfaction. I ' Page Fifty-five Nememhcr that one's mind doesn't have to he in a rut just because his feet are following a furrow. 'l'oo many people, after leaving school. are satisfied to let their minds hecome stagnant. NYith our modern methods of education even the humhlest can enjoy the ad- vantages of a greater mental development through night schools, cor- respondence courses, extension courses, cultural cluhs, and our puh- lic lihraries. People who get the most out of life and coutrihute the most' to progress of mankind are the people who continue to grow mentally year after year instead of heing satisfied with their present attaimnents. 'l'he most genuine and lasting satisfaction comes from living on a high plane - intellectually, morally, and spiritually. tiootl living will always he loved hy those who are capahle of appre- ciating the finest things. us in these parting moments do the litting thing hy paying trihute to this institution which has instilled in us the desire for higher and nohler ideals. For those who have guided us and touched our lives daily in the classrooms may we say, that our appreciation isu't so much in the value of what they have taught us as it is in the love that they have inspired and in the memories of the valuahle things of life that they have kept alive. OUR HEIGHTS HIGH Tune: Stein Song Sing a song for dear Heights High: Sing till the rafters ring! Stand - and let your voice reach the sky, every loyal lleights man sing. t'l,'henj Sing to all the happy hours. Sing to the careless days, Sing a sing for our Heights High School, 'l'he courage of our hearts always. To our school, our Heights High, 'l'o our friends we wish barrels of happiness: To gay times, precious times, 'l'hat forever are moving and calling ns! lNlemories, very dear, tif the teachers who helped us the goal to win. To great joy, to success, To the one school that we love the hest! Uh, sing a song for dear Heights High, Sing till the rafters ring! Stand - and let your voice reach the sky, Let every Loyal Heights man sing! t'l.'henj sing to all the happy hours, Sing to the careless days, Sing a song for our Heights High School, The courage of our hearts always. -- Veronica Perreault Page Fifty-six i i lv"1IiIwiiiiiiiimmi,.iW-wwiw I-I , nuul""'l'iwl I 111Iiu'u'Wl'"l""lii ,Hi Class Will We the class of 1930, being of sound mind, whether we do look like it or not, do hereby give, bequeath, will, or what have you, to the school and all of its attachments the following, to have and to hold until such time that we may find some other Iise for them. ARTICLE I just as a matter of form we wish to leave our fellow classmates the honor of attending this wonderful building after we have taken our very sad departure. To the factulty, we leave the memory of our extraordinary knowl- edge that they may not get discouraged in teaching future senior classes. ARTICLE II Section l. To the juniors, we leave our title of dignified seniors that they may never forget the responsible position they will be hold- mg. Section 2. To the Sophomores, we leave all of our used gum sup- ply, the main storehouse being under the desks in Room 1. This is given only under the condition that you do not chew less than five wads at one time. Section 3. To the Freshmen, we do leave all of our troubles, love notes, test papers, pencile stubs, erasers, etc., to give you a good start on your road to being dignified seniors. Also to the freshmen We leave all the privileges of picking up paper in the halls, and any other nice clean work that anyone may find for them to do. ARTICLE Ill Section l. To the school we leave an unforgettable memory of the noisiest, peppiest, and most remarkable senior class ever put out by any high school. Section 2. To the school board, we leave, for letting us dance on the sacred gym floor during the last year of our high school career, our best wishes and a free permit to all future dances. ARTICLE IV To our understanding faculty for their untiring efforts, we wish to leave the following: Section l. To Mr. Booker, a more dignified senior class for the next year. Section 2. To Mr. Bolt, we leave a vitaphonie talking picture of his one minute to eight speech, that he may sit in his office and yet warn students of tardy slips. Section 3. To Coach johnson, a new hat to wear to next year's football games: Section 4. To Mr. Peterman, a hook to hang his line on. Section 5. To Miss Kinniard, we leave a photo of Babe, Bertha and julia, that she may never forget the giggling trio in her Civics class. Section 6. To Miss Masters, a small stick to help keep order in her classes. ' Seection 7. To Mr. Koehn, a flat tire, in case h has to walk home 'some night. ' ' Q im, I l l Q v I V l ' 1 1 I. V li ii ll ri. l W, L 4, M NL'--H 1' 'H p ll . ,J H V itll 'Aii , , ,.,,,, , .... ., .,,., ..... U ., im: fy-i.,,. ...W , , ., . ..,, Page Fifty-seven niimwimuwrmiqmiNwW YV UN, wx , .iiii M Section 8. 'l'o Mr. Rudd. a bottle of hair restorer. Section 9. 'l'o Miss llillings, the good looking boy-friend that she has been looking for. Section IO. 'l'o Miss Hosking, the mystery of her unusual boys' class at 2:30. Section ll. 'l'o Miss Gill, a broom with which to sweep out the stragglers from the office. Section ll. 'l'o Miss Golden, a box of fish food, not for students, but to feed her alligator. ARTICLE V As an added proof of the generosity of these very remarkable seniors. they. as individuals, desire to leave to their inferiors the fol- lowing: Dottie Abbott, her shortness to Yernon Harwood: may he profit by it. Cliff Abrahamson. his ability to cave in tlivvers to anyone who appreciates this kind of sport. liill Antisdale, his position as school taxi driver to any luckless enough to be appointed to this honorable position. jolm Addicott, his crutches to some dumb junior, foolish enough to try breaking his neck. Rose-Lenore Atkins. Harvey Martin to any one who can get him. jolm Austin. his perfect protile to Harvey llleisch. Christopher lialaskovitz, his specs to some near sighted frcshie. janice lieckwith, her debating ability to Stan Kufta. llelen llilka. her tap shoes and peg leg to XVinifred Haney. Stanley llirleson. his hook entitled, "How to be a Successful Screen Lover in l0 days". to Steve Skbdack. Allie Ront, her modesty to Vic Pyle. Katherine llont. her henna hair dye to lithel Yerick. Annabelle llooth. her grecian profile to Leigh l'rettyman. Art lirainard. his goose step to john Savage. lid. llrothers. his secret of keeping one girl to Ells. llutwin. llelga lirufiadt, her slimness to Richard Israel. Ruby llush, her long tiowing tresses to Evon Cummings. Anna lluskarits. her stately carriage to some freshman that feels a need for it. Robert Campbell, his Scotch ways to Ellen Regley. Frances Chase, her shyness to Emil lllezynski. james Cobb, a can of black paint to Leigh l'rettyman to put a few more stripes on his sweater. 'l'yrus Cobb, his manly chest to Howard Grant. Frances Cooper, her best report card to Guinevere Cole. Laura Cruse. her Cooking Outline to Zelda lish that she may have her outline in on time for once. julia Cunningham, a ball and chain that she held Ed. with to jennie XVinnick in case she has difficulty in landing Gorman Hobby. Marie Dahudy, her original outht that she wore on senior class day to Miss liahr. XVilda Dake, one of her pet' airdale dogs to llarry Lund. jolm llaniels. his chem. lab. book to Kenneth Smith. Page Fifty-eight .1 L l t 1 I , . " ' .JL Bernice Derda, her grim determination to get "A's" to Verna Reed. Aleida Dykhuis, the remains of her permanent to Audrey Ingells. Florence Gaskill, her affectionate ways to Mr. Rakestraw. john Geboo, his first lesson on "How to Blow a Sax in live min- l utes", to Thaddeus Barr. Dolores Gerber, her giggles to Robert Henderson. Bernice Green, her sweet voice to Bob Austin. . Evelyn Green, her ability to balance herself on high spike heels to Margaret Wagner. l Marjory Hackson, her graceful dancing steps to Leonard Boles. l Mary Harvath, her good looks to any one lucky enough to get them. Marion Heimler, his quiet disposition to joe Cavanaugh. ' Irving Hirsch, his little brown jug to Dick Mauch. A Ormal Hobby, her gifted ability to bluff in any class to Harvey Morden. 4 Carol Horne, his manly form to Ed. Smith. l Claire Humphreys, his deadly stare to anyone with a guilty con- tl science. ' - li ll il George Hurtubise, his reputation as a woman hater to Eugene i gl 1 l Felfllke. A Augusta Hutson, twenty pounds of her weight to Olga Smuk. l james jackson, his golf suit to Mr. Bolt. ' john Koslosky, his small feet to Emil Mezynski. I l Elmer Kuck, his truck to anyone who can make use of it. l W Bernice Kufta, her tennis championship to Beatrice Shupp. l lj Bertha Lewis, her ability to chatter with Mr. Peterman to anyone lx with a line long enough to ever hope to compete with either of them, i t Ralph Lillie, his exacting qualities to Glen Wood. l l l, Bruce Lintner, his place as joke editor of the Katzenjammer page V L to anyone crazy enough fto accept it. l 'f U Blanche Little, her soulful southern eyes to Margaret Beluzar, l j j jl to use only in case of emergency. Q j l' LeRoy McDonald, his luck at being the only boy in a room full gm Aly, Q i of girls to anyone worthy of it. l i l Grant McLain, his unused gum supply to Helen Halter. il 'i Marion McQuade, her slimness and height to her little sister to ll take in daily doses. V l jewell Meier, her argumentative speeches to some worthy junior. 'L . to use only at test time. y Margaret Miley, her quiet ways to Elwin Colburn. , Il jl Margaret Moore, her position as printers' devil to some ambitious tl ' l freshie. QL-ff: , Genevieve Norton. gives back to Gwendolyn Sutherland, all of I the typing paper she borrowed in the last two years. ii G Sarah Olson, her sassy disposition along with her trusty boxing ' A gloves to Ruth Chapin. U5 1 Arnold Omness, his position as valedictorian of pests to some Hag I ,wi pole sitter in South America. tj!! g. Gladys Omness, her favorite barrette to Rosetta Gedman, to aid lfl as tl in keeping her hair back. li it 4 .ll gf? li lil. lj ..., .Llg jjj ll , 1 , Page Fifty-nine will ,M i it L FVQ: WJ, ,i "" with 11 mai: W . u W i.,,'iiwW,1i W l.l'l',l1i'.l ii,f llM" ,, W." ,ll " ' li i ww" " WW lil., lid. l'ascoe. his ability to shoot long baskets tsoine of which acci- dentally go inj to Clarence Turner. Mary l'avlin. her treasured bottle of peroxide to Marian Car- penter. Ilerbert l'edler, his tiaming heart to Hazel Sikkenga. Veronica l'erreault, her harmonious voice to Maxine llarber. lllanche l'ike, her stnartness to some of our dumb juniors. lidna l'orter, her shorthand notebook to Louise Neinhuis. Frederick Reinecke, his latest jazz songs to llernadine johnson. tieraldine Ritz, her job of typing for the teachers to Ruby llray. llonna Rice, her long blond curls to Eunice XYarneke. Mrs. M. Shaffer, domestic tranquility to anyone hopeless enough to marry. Mary Shunta. her little sister to l'aul Lesperanee. Ralph Shupp. a new razor blade to .Iohn Regeczi. Raymond Slorf, his secret of getting through school to his sister. Clarence Smalley, his reserved qualities to Gerald flute. l.ncille Sternberg, her lovable ways and dependablity to anyone smart enough to uphold both. Martha Svetlick. her poetic talent to Travis Anderson. Verna Sweet, her position as May Queen to any person sweet and charming enough to hope to compete with her. Arlene Yeltman, her pull with Miss XVinshop to Gwendolyn llelva. .lack XYhitford, a book on "How to be teacher's pet in lil vol- umes" to john llalson. AR'l'lt' Yl l,ast, but not least, we wish to will the following: Section l. 'l'o Mr. Mclntire, a new stick to replace the one which he wore out at last year's football games. Section Z. To Miss Sprague and Miss Kinniard, a few new packs of tardy slips to give to students who do not know where they are supposed to be at 2:30. Section 3. To next year's senior girls, the class basket ball cham- pionship. Section 4. 'l'o the boys' sports, bigger and better players to run np bigger and better scores, Section 5. To the llooster Club, we leave consent to give booster assembles next year. , Section tm. 'l'o the Ili-Y, we leave a trusty paddle to use only during initiation. NYe. the undersigned, leave the above in the year one thousand nine lnmdred and thirty, and set our black foot as a legal seal, upon this once white paper, in witness thereof of the following: llerbert l'edler Mary Shunta lidward llrothers llertha Lewis Page Sixty ,-, - f X, f"N Fx ffLX-. X N O ooo 00 0 .OO OO oo O JUNHKQDHQS 1 f ', N 1 ,,,,,M M ,N 1 5 3 W I ' U,,gg.g 4 g4w1ggigiQg3ga3g'f.....M , me- yn Vi, I F !1 ig ' 3 1 if 44 W fl 3 V i l I W 5 i 1 ! i T ,g ,y W Fred Uruikslmxxk Ruth Cllapin 'V Dun Mixer Lucy Lynn ' 14 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ,,l - 5 l 1' 5' V I IQ 1' Presiclent ....,... Fred fl'l1ikShZlllk ' " 54 ! U , XWCC-1Jl'CSiClCllt S... Ruth Chapin 1 f . . 5' Ii A1 becretzwy ....,,. Dan Khxer L, 3' 'l're:Lsurcr .,.. Lucy Lynn l- Q' s H 38 .f ' ii If I ' 1 xx I I . il ? 'N F I I X: W '17 - -- MT-U1 ' -Y Page Sixty-three ' W MmNSWHW , f wWilw gl 5 M? wr, w ww M :"1f1WL1mM..Wnf ,M f 5. 'H J TM... me vu JUNIOR CLASS 'l'ht- ltmitn' class ttf this yt-zu' has ht-cn vt-ry zlctiw. lit-sith-s ht-ing 1't-prt-st-ntt-tl tm tht- Htmtn' Rtmll :mtl HLJIIUIYIIIIC Nlt-utmn wt- h:1x't- hccn I wt-ll 1't-1n't-s- - ' 'tmthall hy .luhn lx-gt-t'z'. .'Xt'tl1t1r St-vt-ry. lfrt-tl tntttl m 1 t 1 f4I'llikSh2ll1k, litl Smith, l'hu't-nec lfzlirht-ltl. :mtl VIIZIVIUS Swzlnstmg in hzxskt-thnll hy -ltnhn Rt-gt-t'zi. lillswtwtlt Uutwin, lfrt-tl Q'1'llikSIlZlllk, I':Zl!'l Rhtptlt-s, :mtl litl Smith. In tlt-hating wt- hzlvt- ht-t-11 1'cp1't-st-ntt-tl hx' Ruth thztpin :mtl lit-rnzulhw hltfhnstm. 2 - h itrs nrt-st-ntt-tl "'l'ht- Nlczmcst hlilll in tht- tin Xhttl 4 tht hm 1 1 XYtn'ltl". 'l'ht- plug' was untlt-1' thc tltrt-t-tum tn Nlss lltmyst- :mtl lt prtwt-tl tu ht- vt-ry sttt't't-sshll. 'l'ht- thmct-s put tm hy tht- tltmltrrs xx't-1't- zmlsh t-ttjtuyt-tl. XIV. lttlmstm :mtl Mr. lltthhztrtl wt-rv tht- ZlClYlSlil'S ut tht- vlzmss thus yt-:ut OiTicers. I't't-sitlt-nt . .. l"rt-tl f1!'llikSl12lIlk Yit't--l'1't-sitlt-nt , Ruth t'h:tpi11 Sl't'I't'lZlI'j' , .. . Hun Mixt-1' 'lNI'l'2lSllI'Cl' l,nt'y l.j'IlIl Page Fifty-four L ,ry 1, , y 111, wr, U H 1 my N , .,! , 1 J v1 1 m,. Name - John Ahnefeldt Travis Anderson Dorothy Andrews Dorthea Aue , . Aneita Auburn Marie Bartels 4 Margaret Beluzar Gwendolyn tBelva ' Fern Benedict Harold Berg john Blanshire Marjorie Bour Ruby Bray - Barbara Butler Jeanette Campbell Florence Carlson Ruth Chapin Fred Clmikshank Evon Cummings George Carlson Joe Cavanaugh June Christiansen Elwin Colburn Allen Currie John Dalson Margaret DeWitt Bennie Draper Susie Essenberg Eleanor F abyan Clarence Fairfield Steve Fojtik Katherine Frohner Mary Fuller Rosetta Gedman Dorothy Godman Margaret Goldberg Marion Gray Gerrit Groenveld Edward Gustafson Helen Halter Dorothy Hatison Norma Harrington Vernon Harwood Wesle' Hendrick Mary ,fiinton Audrey Ingalls Bernadine Johnson Hazel Kessler Grace Kolhbeck Victoria Kolenic Edward Krause Veronica Kaharevic Mildred Kunz Rose Kolhlzeck Z M11 ,U H ' lx , 1u W N l X 1 g Ls ligizri, ' a T JUNIOR CLASS What's in a Name jerky armful too absent Dixie Avenue dainty arms always acting Mayor Bartels Mary's bother giving bologna oreign born huge bum jumpy bugs mightful bashful rather brunette bashful baby just crazy Boppy cakes rather cute fried cakes ' everyone's chum great cats jazzy clarinet jumbled cards elaborate choice adorable child just darling music dodger bashful dear so energetic ' elaborate Happer cheats fairly sappy friend krazy fooler A merely fun-loving raw gum-chewer Q doesn't gamble marvelously good mixed gang great guns earnest giver happy hank dotty habits never home very hard who hinders merry hiker audacious imp beautiful junior heavy knocker good kid very krazy elaborate kid volume merry kidder rather kittenish ,, lu,-' , 1 H, i nn -1' ' l ' 'flllblnl wi W1 1 ROLL , ff Idea of Happiness il being an author T raising chickens ' l' Latin Translator ' 1 H growing corns 1 li 13 acting Mayoress 1 playing nurse 1 French writer - Countess grandpa toe dancer' ' heart breaker Egypt's Queen ' write fairy tales 1 her own chaperone 'l to be an ice man old maid, ,. chief cook 1 fancy dancing' 11 being office boy two story man 1 supremercrank. bank director second George White traffic cop - lr 41, I 4. ,...., r1-- 1 housekeeper ,N " doing his "dooty" 13 ' circus performer ii l reducing. teacher ll chemist 1, F missionary , ' poet ' toe dancer , meek little wife cartoonist ,N 1, composer Q 13 ship's cook , prima donna own a flea show swan diving ,q milliner M beauty specialist hash slinger ll it fishing , li Q1 heart breaker teaching lisping 1 Lake Harbor Q ' dish wiper ' chauffeur IH 1 L n private secretary 'i 33.98 store M?-Rl preacher lf, ,xl radio announcer i l band directoress 1 "1 Stanley Kufta so kute ' make French heels 'i Paul Lesperance poorly lighted second "Buddy" Rogers . Augusta Ludwig always late cross country walker 3 1'1- '-7 Lucy Lynn little lady raising "Rays" John McCann jester's man selling gas f Peter Marchuk pretty merry making whoopecl , Harvey' Meisch how mad! chewing gum l li V1 1? l1 .nnlnnnn,,n L.-- r,nnnnn ,M .nn.l, in n nnenn n L n 1 11 1111 nrr, Page Sixtyp-five L lllllll l , f + nynin R X n iili ttfi it X f l X X XE ++ l J ++ it ltlfl ll n llllll f+ X li X AX X XXX, l , + y u X XXXXXp ,M ll ii ft, - ' ' 1 WUKQ' R' X S S iii u ' ' S y M igiggglllli. " or Emil Mcszynski Clair Miles Gordon McComb Herbert McCormack Robert Martin Crcswell Mellow Dan Mixer Blanche Neal ' Louise Neinhuis Karl Nelson Harold Noreen Helen Ochs Vivian Olding Ellsworth Outwin Lyman Orling Louise Page Winifred Pedler Victor Pyle John Regeczi Vernon Robarge Thomas Robinson Earl Rhodes Beatrice Slorf Olga Smuk John Savage Frank Schembs grpouise Schleich pdward Seng Lyman Seng Arthur Severy Helen Shlafer Edwin Smith Glenowyn Sutherland Charles Swanson Ralph Swarver Leota Timmerman Elton Tindall Viona Thunfors Grace Vermilyer Glenn Wood Hermine Walachovic ever monkeyiug cute master great madness heavenly magnate rebellious man chooses manners ' dangerous mode bus navigator J impersonating X , , talking staying home 1 w it swnurmng i l being cross! pushing cornet i future cop' Matron of Old,'Peoples Home 9 little name W "'i "" 3 'M' thinking of ' ? 1 lliids nobod9t",,WX3X,,,XXX fish ptiedler 'E , ow noisy i in n come ian i 'V l i heavy oiler Q. ,,,. if 'xzmzltjl talking , ' ' 1' ' very oldish Enplenty of dates i etta onion ' collar "ad" i lazy ox 'XX "H henpecked husband ladydpafticular SRX Nfieppiiig pretty ggi,XX H won er u stg 1, rarian :,X1, very poli XX N5 41 pulling teeth X ' "il juniping r biti"" N., kicking pigskinsi , , ' various raven .gf performing X ' too robust studying 'We stef" XQM early runn writing themes X II ll ,N lrashful sw icing funny W H oxtail soup owing curls ,"fv,iX"X'1 jilted shiek famous sleeper lil' slip extra stomp loud stomp always smiling how shocking ever serious gay sweater crazy slap rather shy lotsa time ever ties vamping times great vanity here's who bum weather clipping coupons i 1 i having fun making eyes typing over iii. raising apples digging worms i telephone operator pushing a "sax" 1 working in "Talkies" dress-making movie star ,i saleslatly itiiii W ' i traveling future Cleo ,,X snake charmer -REL 1 r night Watchman t Olympic champ. X X "1 hill, l I ii-i ., Beatrice Wilson good worker del:-ator ww Genevieve Zajac good zoologist Plfglfessor X .f it in if .i.r l if Nd 5 nn,n m iifl will l ah X M .,i. 2. 'R i "'-' 'l i X A X,,.., . Xi XXXX XX X, in W W fiw C if If X I f if l i U 3 Q If X XX 'l1illiii'h ! 'iX ,gil X X X , ' l X fli w'4,Xl3 ILCIYXJJA ' XX X F , X I 1, M WNQ . If 7 Unfair i l Page Sixty-si , X ,A 4 if 1 " A S lvl iftf fiii y n - , w w lttifll ffiit i t l iltli vi l llwllli il i n E :. "vw ,VH X PN jflfffflr ffffl' ff' , H151 'Y 'AAP-J . -- " ,xx H N ' '1 4' 3 I my F fqd! f7l ' ' ' . ' W' H111 ! f 1 , ' N u-g---M f ""' d-jin'jg 4f'f V An n H mmm ' y X H n 'I 1 i e' I f 1 n ' J " A A fp - W ig 4 AUTOGRAPHS . , - 'N uvgrv' W 1 I Y' TM 01 w ' . ff 9 ' -I l I , .JQ1. 4..JP' f '5L,i:i w.. !'fffM -'7 '- '- ' f my ' A l ' 1 ' v ,. , 3 Q1'1f4if6-f'?7Lf Ja I ,V ' rss I H H b J 1 ' 'N . 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Pago lflighty-vigllt 11-1111, 1'1'i111i11g'1 C. I", 111111, ,'XlIt1111l1g'1 .11lC1i 1111111111111 1111. 1. """"" " 1 WWW' WW. 1 V' , 1'W ", fi i ii" , X ,. f' l' 'M 'l ll "'N " f l,' lt wx l,m,,t- X 1 . ,, r k zt by .iii ti m Ui' " 3, :ll-4 Mlpw -rw-iw L g Vjjil , .gi THE PEPPY BoosTER CLUB ' The Peppy Booster Club has done a great deal toward supporting all the athletic functions this year, and the members have had lots of fun in taking part in all the activities. One of the biggest events given by the members was the Snow- ball Dance which was held in February. The gym was elaborately decorated and music was furnished by jim Kolkowski's orchestra. It was a great success due to the cooperation and good spirit of the girls. The members of the Booster Club are: Dottie Abbott, Janice Beckwith, Ellen Begley, Helen Bilka, Anna Belle Booth, Ruth Cha- pin, Virginia Chubb, julia Cunningham, XVilda Dake, Ormal Hobby, Bernadine johnson, Bertha Lewis, Jewel Meier, Sarah Olson, Mary Pavlin, Veronica 'l'erreault, Helen Schlafer, Mary Shunta, Hazel Sikkenga, Verna Sweet and Jennie XVinniclc. Officers President ........... ....................v ...... S a rah Olson Vice-President ..., ..,.. I Dottie Abbott Secretary .,,........ ,.,.. lk Iary Pavlin Treasurer ....... .... lk Tary Shunta Advisor .... Miss Billings H it V ,,. ....,... ,,.,,, ,..,.,,, . . ,, Page Eighty-nine I FRENCH CLUB 'l'ht- npciuttimis til' the l"rci1cli Chili have ln.-cu sttppmtcml Ivy its iiit-iiilmrs timihiiztlly we-ll this yeztr. lt wats :lt-cimlcml that the :tim fm' :hc chili wutiltl lic thc rztising of Il sum of imnwy sufficient tn pm" cliatst- zt piuturc fm' thc sclimml. rclzttivc tu l"1':uicc tn' nt' :t l"i'c-iicli artist. Klcctiiigs liztw lic-cn hulml t-xwy three wt-clas, with zt lively pt'ug'rzti1i pix-st-tilt-tl t-:ich timt-. 'l'ht- ulliict-rs ut' tht- chili fm' this your :irc :ts tlvllmvs: l'i'c-simlt-nt. XYilcl:t llztlwg vice-pi'caimlt-lit. lilmcr liticlil SCCl'L'I1lI'f', .Xttgtistzt llttt- smi: ll't'1lStll'L'l', liuscl,t-iimwc Atlcins. liuiiiinittccs tm' thc yvzu' :mtl tht-ii' cliztirmt-it strc: 1Jl'UQ,fl'ZUll, 'lniiicc llcclcxvitlli social. XX'ii1ifrccl l'wl- lur: linztnvc, .luck XX'l1itt'urrl: lliscttssitm, llmmtllczt .Kiwi llll'I'ZllllI'L'. lit-rnzuliiiv julitismt. .Xu iiitt-rcstiiig ft-ztttirc tif thc cluhk tmlci' ut' lmsim-ss is thc twill cull, in wliiuh tht- mciiilmcrs :ire clchsigiiutccl hy l't't-ncli IIIIIIICS :ts tzu' X :ls ptissililc, 'l'ht' chili has lJL'Cll ztlmlx' Wuiflccl luv the l"rciit'li i11sti't1n'tmn', Bliss 4 . I 5 ' lfilliiigliztiii. In wlitmi it owes Z1 grunt clcztl fm' its sticccsslltl your. t 'ago Ninety M'-Www H H M, iV"" twill MF? f Tai T T it i i 4 L.: llll 1...g. l BEAUX ARTS CLUB ll The lleaux Arts Club tinisherl a well filled and well planned year l after having enjoyed several parties and a niarionette show. The ,LS name of the presentation was "Treasure Island", and was given on " li l pl the year was spent working on the annual publication of the Senior mi L lass, the Oaks. fl T The cluh officers are: l President ........... ....,....... X ferna Sweet T Vice-Presiclent ...., ..., I Qobert Henderson p Reporter ....,......, ,,...,.. j ennie Wlinniek N Treasurer .,w.. ,.,.......,...... A rclis Longtin i Aclrisor , ..... .,.,. IX liss N, M, ,johnson 1 l l l ll ll il ll l it ,llle lil- Page Ninety-one alll March 20, l93O, in the high school auditorium. The latter part of 1 l WML , GIRLS' GLEE CLUB llu- 1.-rls Kllcc Ululr l1:1x'c lmzul Il rc1nzu'l4z1lmlc yum' umlcr ilu- mlum-c tum ul Nlr. NlCllllf'l'L'. 'l'l1c lwu film- flulxs prcscntccl am upwctlzl, "Once in :L lllun Nltllblln, null :1 xwwzll cmlccrl. 'l'l1c girls' cmmtrilmliuns lu ilu- pwg-1':l111 wcrv, "'l'l1c Call", "'l'l1c llimlu Sung", uml :1 unc :wt play, "l,:ul5 lf1'zlm'cs". llmsc tnkilmg' part in the plug' wcrc: Yimm 'l'l11mfm's X1-mlmiczl llL'l'I'L'Zlllll. Yictmizl liulcuic. l.11cy l.ym1, l'll'lCll1l XYL'llH'l' Yirginizm Llmlrlm, lilwisc liclccrmzm, Sully Ulsuu, l':1ulim- llg-Nlzmn llzlzc-l SllQlik'I1g'Il, lfllcn licglcy, :mil Klzlriml llI'2ll1l2ll'4l. 'l'lw tum Ulu Vlulvs sung' :LL tlmc lluzlrrl ul 'l'r:ulc :mfl I'zum-11t3l'v:u'l1crs' Vlulm. V v -- 1 ' " X' iXYlllQ15L'I' Ilwrc lms lmun mu, mlful Lmlxul LllllIll'w xxltll ilu Iulll smnwl: X'cl'm1ir:1 l'c1'rczu1lt, Sully Ulsun. llznzcl SlliliL'llg'Zl, l':mlim llc-Xlzmn Xnmu 'l'lmnl'm's, l,ucy l,j'llll, X'ictm'iz1 liulcnic, lillcn llvg lm' l'I'lL'4l'l XXci11c1', .lc-wcll Klcicr, Rulmcrt llcmll-rslm, 'lm' :mcl llzmllll . 1 " HUSH11, lflnrvst llcclcxviill. liulmcrt Zlllil .lulm .Xuslin lz1x':m:u1g'l1, -lmlx ll llulplm l,1ll1c. llnrry l.1m4l. :xml .lulm liclmu. Officers l'rc-sulcnt .l.,,l... .. ,l,,AA.....l,, . X'Cl'UlllCIl l,Cl'l'L'Zlllll X'icc-l'1'0si4lc11t . ........,..,.,. ..,. .,,,,,, , S llllj' Kllslm SOL'l'l'lIll'j' :xml 'l'rc:1s111'c1' .,.. ,, .lc-wa-ll lXll'll'l' Page Ninety-two A "'WfWWt"'t"u' mt 'Viialyt - 1 M' Y,-7JQQ,f1"fPQ??l"4?i!VMk,5fs1.4 BOYS' GLEE CLUB The lloys' tllee t'h1h is :1 Live orgztnizzttion. If yon :lon t heheve this statement. walk through the enfetcrizt or past the stage floor nt about one o'Cloek any clay. The sounds issuing' forth reveal the fact. lt is nhle to lnztke itself heztrcl zthove all other noise. This lust year has hecn very successful. Our tllee Chths pre sented the operettzt, "Once in Zl ,lilnc Moon", which was one ot' the ntnnhers on the Lyeetnn Course. and also gave at vocal concert and minstrel show. The elnh has ztppezlrecl hefore x'zn'ions elnhs in town Zllltl was well received. There are zthont twenty-hx'c members lil lt. Page Ninety-three BAND 'l'hv hzmml has hurl Il very gmail season. lt 1ll'UllSCll "imp" lm' sclmul pi'ujt-cts, :incl it plzlycrl :Lt ull the luutlmll gzunvs, huth in thc cilv zmrl mit. It also pluvccl ut the Cuuntv Fair in the Arinisticc llziy l':li':ulc. for tht' State l,INCHll-'llt'ZlL'llt'l'S' t'mn1x'ei1tim1, :mal fm' tht' limi' 5611111 llillly. The .'Xnmiz1l lvUllL'Cl'l. was given May 27. "Poet :mil l,CZ1SZllll llYOI'lllI'L"'. "X'ictm' llc-i'lic1't's l"z1voi'itcs", :incl twin snappy iilzliwlics. "Lights Hut" :mcl the "XY:1sliiiigtin1 l'ust iXlZll'k'llU wore mi thc pru- grzuii. - 'l'hc m'gzmiz:itimi was prcsentcfl with an Anicriczui flag' fm' pm'- llL'lllZlll1lQ1' in thc .-Xi'i1iistin'e Day l'zu'acle. lt also has :lcquirccl twin Iinc smisnplimics Since thc hrmcl will lose only four mcmlmers tlmmgli g'l'1ltlllIlllHIl t-vt-i'x'lmmlx' ram haul: fui'xx':ml tu El lwilfwci' 'lml llllL'I' hzlml this full. . . , an ' Officers fillllllllll . ...... .............t..... , A lfrctl Rt-iucckc l.iClitL'l1Z1l1t ..,....................,.. ,,,..., u Iulm Austin Sccrctnry :mrl l.ihr:u'i:m ,t,. .Inc C:1v:111:111gl1 Pugv Ninvty-four "' " "mf """1-WH W'l'l1 -v 111 w t 2 all 1 T1 +11 1 W , 1 1 3 Q 1 ig 4 5 . , 1.- 1 . - 1 my , 1 , , f l a l T Ili l ' l ORCHESTRA The orchestra has been working in two divisions, one consisting' of a foundation of strings without piano as in the classic symphony orchestra, the other similar to the ordinary theater orchestra in which the piano supplies the harmonic basis. A lack of violins in the high school necessitated bringing some players from Central to fill out the string division of the former. The string orchestra, consisting of first and second violins, viola. cello and bass, first played in public for the puppet show. Following this they made an appearance before the l-leights XVoman's Club. They have also supplemented the advanced orchestra in playing for the 'Iunior and Senior plays and other functions of that nature. The advanced orchestra has not been limited in the selections it can play as has the string orchestra, since the harmony is complete with only violin and piano. The function of this organization has been to play for school plays. banquets, and similar affairs. The membership is as follows: lst violins Harold Caranaugh Stephen Zavodny Iizlward Ralya George Carlson Trumpets lllurel llrown and Creswcll Mellow Clarinet Fred Rein-ecke Trombones .loe Cavanaugh and John Austin Saxophone john Geboo ' l'iano tiertrude Anderson Page Ninety-tive .-....-1...,.. A z 1 f GIRL RESERVES "lu Iiml :mil giw the lin-st". XX'luit uwulml luv ll lictlcr slugzui fur ilu- iiirl licscrrc fliilm? .'XS1lgAlI'lSi clulx it is unc ul thc must zlctivc' Hl'g'2llllZ1lll1lllS in the sclimul. 'l'l1L-rc lms In-on mucli xrurl: 1lCL'llI1I- plisliwl cluring this your. Illlll' girls lu-lpn-ml tu cmmtrilmtv lu thc cluli ln' lmrin--' lliristmzls n'cscnl's lm' the lmlizm cliilmlrcu, iuzileinff scrum . .A PN U U I U I 5 lnuvlqs lur sick mics, :mcl visiliiw' tlicir UAi':mcl11mtlic1's at the Ulml l'cu- Pi P' mln-s' llumc. 'l'lw mcvlin gs lmrc lm-n very intcrvstiiig' l5L'C!1llS0 tlic rlulu llils lmrl ilu' implmmliiiiilx' nl' lwuriiiq' sn-x'c-rail qimcl spculacrs. llic Clllll was wc-ll i'cp1'cscillcrl this year :lt the liirl licsciwcs . 5. 1 HlllL'f'l'llL'K' xrliicli mul: plxlcc :lt llc-lrml. ljlll' k'IlllIlIllIlll'S xx'c'1'4' bIc'xx'm'll Xlt'lt'l'IllI1l X1ct4n'i:l liHlQ'lllk'. Officers l,l'l'SlIlL'lll ,.,, , . . , i ,..., , , Sully Hlsun X'icc-l'i'L-simln-111 i,,. lhillic .Xlmlmtt 5Cl'l'ClZll'j' , ,.,,., Ycrmiicu l,Cl'l'CZl.llll illl'k'1lSlll'l'l' ,, ,Niigiistzi llutsmm liirl licscrvcs have lice-11 lmwtiiiizllc in liziring' twu lim- zulvisnrs, Xliss l41llllllllIlQ'SZlllfl Nliss iXlZlSll'I'H. ugv Nina-ly-Six ew -xl" W " "W-ll 'WM I W ' 9 QNNH1' i, , W 'f f'7 ' fy- my i, if "" ' N F Nm ww-' W W M 1 I F I - 1' v ?' Yi' N WMI. 'YL i, M- li . 0 . .i I . , W -W Y- , L . ,iw i 1 i v ..... ll H E ll! l Zlf'llE7"i7'iQf23llf4..uw - ...................f....sEIl.l.?l ' .i l l .I i i l . y 5 l 5 lei 1 V E lui VUL ia l l V . l . in i i rl-4 lf: 'iid .-,Lili llll .i N 3 1 it l HI-Y 1 Q The purpose of the Hi-Y is to set a high standard of Christian i . character. The boys have attempted to be examples for other stu- l dents in the school and for boys outside the school. l The club has been very active throughout the school year. They l have had several parties, put on assemblies, and have taken part in . LM banquets. Ed. Smith and Herb. Pedler were the Hi-Y representa- LL'j Ht. tives who attended the Older Boy's Conference at Grand Rapids and Tl vie-ll they brought back many helpful ideas for the club. The same two ffl boys attended Camp Hayo-XN'ent-Ha, the Y camp, last summer. lwf y During the year we have had many interesting speakers at our ll l l weekly meetings. An interesting discussion was held almost every 3 y week, in which every fellow took part. Many new members have g i been taken in, who tend to make the club bigger and better. l I , Mr. Koehn was advisor of the club and proved himself to be a 1 - capable leader and a worthy friend to every boy. :mp H11 Officers Tff' First Semester: .Egg President ............. ,..,.. J ohn Regeczi Vice-President ...... ..... H erbert Pedler iii Secretary ............. ........ V lohn Austin lm. i Treasurer ......... ....,..,.... I Ed Smith ffl Second Semester: .i l y y Pliwiflent ............ ..,. E dward Brothers y l V106-Pfesiilelit ...... ...,.. -I oe Cavanaugh ' i l 1 i SCCI'Ct?lI'y ............. ........ A llen Currie i A 1 I 'l'reaSurer ......... .,... I 'ferbert Pedler Elle- e .4 Q15 f "WiT!QQ.f3!lf'iTgff'T?JllfTiii as r up Mg' Page Ninety-seven i V ' 1 FORENSIC CLUB 1'isi1111 111' Miss 1Q111's0. '1'11e 111111111111 111e 011111 is "11e11e1' 1,L'11ZllCI'S 1111 Uni' SL'11Hl11 :11111 1111111-1' 511111111 51111131111 1111- Uni' 1JC1lZl.tE'1'Sv-. 13l1l'1llg XY1-11111-s11:1y :11'1e1'11111111s l11lI'1llg' 1111- 1i1's1 50111051011 :11111 111111 1111 1'eg111:11 011111151110 5111110118 1'11111ic SllCIl1i11lgf e1'e11i1,111'111111i111s:1ye:11'. :X 11011 511111111115 1111' s1111e1'i111' 11'111'k 11:1s 118011 111'111'i11e11 111' 111e C1l11l'S joining 1111- N:11i11n:11 1f111'e11s11' 1,e:1gne. Seven Il1C1l11JC1'S 111 111e 111e:11 C1ll11 1lIlX'l' :111'e:1111' k'!lI'1'l0l1 en1111g'11 111111111' 1111i11ts 111 entitle 111e111 111 i1111i1'i11- 11:11 1111-111111-1's11111 111 1111s 1111111111111 111'g':1111z:1111111, :11111 :1 I1llll111CI' 111 11111- 1-1's 1111 111111111 11'i11 11n:11if1' 111-X1 year. Officers 1'1'esi111-111 , , 1, .. Vlznnes c1ll111D X'i1-1- Ill'Ci1f1L'1l1 ,,.,.....1.. ,.,1,,,1...,.,,: 1 111111 L'11:111i11 R1-1'111'11i11g sec1'e1:11'y ,,,,., , ..,. C11'1'11'l1l1L' .1X1111e1's1111 1'111'1'1-s11111111i11g SCC1'l'11lI'j' .. ,, l"1':111ees 1'11:1se '1iI'l'IlSl1I'L'1' ., ,.....,..,..Y.,,,, ., ,, 11:1ze1 S11i1itAllQ'Il 1,i111':11'i:1n ,, . -1:1ni1'e 11ee1411'it11 1q0lJU1'1L'l' ,,,, .l1lC1i XY11i1f111'11 P11150 Ninety-1-iglll 'l'111' I"111'e11si1' 1.11111 11:1s c11111p1ete11 its 111i1'11 year 111111e1' 111e super- 1111- your 1111- 011111 111111 :1 series 111' 11111-1'-c1:1ss 11e11:11es, 1110 s11111111n1111'e 1'1:1ss 1e:1111 11'in11i11g'111e 1111Z11S. 'I'11isyez11'111e C1ll1J inet 1111 31111111111 :11111 ll1L'L'1.11lg'S t11e se1-111111 se111es1e1'. '1'11e c1'e11i1 -e:1r11e11 111' l1lL'1l11JCl'S 111 1110 """'7'. :li 1 . , , k L up - r it F A .W LIBRARY CLUB ' The Library Club has passed its fourth successful year. lt was organized in l927 uncler the supervision of Mrs. l'arker. J In the fall of the year the club sponsoretl a book-Author Contest. fllrs. Shaetter won the upper class prize and Rosetta Ramsay, the Nth aurl 9th grade prize. The Club also gave an assembly, which was repeatecl at the Muskegon lYoman's Club. In the spring the club gave their annual tea for the faculty and mothers of the girls. Officers llresiclent .......,,... ..........,,......... b losephine lllullaly Vice-Presiclent ..... .... X Yinifrecl Verller Secretary ......... .,....... . lanet Campbell 'l'reasurer ...... ........,...,.. I ieulah Atkins Aclvisor .... ,,,.. IX liss julia DeYoung' ...,.,,, .., Page Ninety-nine COMMERCIAL CLUB The Q.llIllIlll'l'Cilll Klub, urgzmizerl since 1924, has 100 nlemlmers -X1 :lll times the club has been euupe1'z1tix'e in other sehmml zletivilies The elulm enjoyed :L cleliglxllul supper zlml clzmee, :L "Get .Xe I qurlinlerl I arty", in the l.ZlfC't0I'iZl mm Klzwelx ll. Officers l'1'esimle11l . .,..,, lieurge f'2lI'lSHl1 Yice-l'1'n-siclexml ,, Yenaxmiczl I'e1'1'e:u1l1 SOL'l'l'I1lI'j' , ,,,,,,, Lucille SlL'I'lTIJl1l'g'l1 'Ixl'CZlSlll'L'I' ,,.., lxlllfilbll Hansen 1' Reporter . ,, .... fiXVC1lllUlf'l1 Helvzl .Xflvism ..,,..,, Mr, I7CiCI'I111lll nge Una- llllmlred M' ' im " 3.'l""' i ii F 1li'l"'!'2'9"-iff-I-:A13'Fm4i4, i , ' , 1 N N N H , is anti-1,uy, ,JJ LW-. , f .J ,Rx . Iggy ! W lx, , X 5 , , i ,, .1 H F, ..,,,. I ,,,.. .-.. .-,,. . 1- ,ii ...., . . . A ,....... - vi .,, .......,.., ., LTTI7' FLYING CADETS The Muskegon Heights High School Flying Cadets, being the newest club in school, have caused quite a sensation. It was organized February 26, l93O, and now has about fifteen members. The Flying' Cadets have established some new records with miniature planes. They staged a contest with Central Avia- tion Club in which the high school Won. Seven models were displayed at the Parent Teachers' Association at the Convention which was held in Muskegon. OFficers President .ww.......i ...,.........,....v.. H arold Cavanaugh i Vice-President .... ........,.. j oe Cyerniak Secretary .......,. ..,,. E lohn Groeneveld 'Treasurer ..... ..s..... I .ouis Gallup Advisor ..., Mr. Hubbard l i 17 l i ' iil,i:i.,iL J it iiii. i'ii If ,i..i 35:13iiiiifligii.?13iggi' , ,.,,,,.,,,,,, ...., ,,,,., .,,,, ,,., W.. i,,, ,.. Page Une Hundred Um- Jt 3 A-wi: i ii ,. it 'i wil l l i i lit W , alll Url: ,Smal , il 4 iil ,ii l J lit Im: l' ii l ii ug l ' .T il li i A i 5' M? li ,fi iii? ,ii-iw' 'il i 'ii' i -i ,l i' ,l i il ii.i it '...1M. p iq 3,1 ,. 1.1, 11 STUDENT SERVICE CLUB 'l'hc Sllllllllll Scrvicc Cluh is Il new o1'g':111izz1ti1m11 lllllllllixil this yc:L1 11. with lXl1'. Ruchl as zulvisur. Its piirpusc is to hcttci' thc sclimil :mm 1-miiiutc lllUi'L' scluml spirit. New hull riilcs wcrc f111'111c-cl umlci' ilu giiimlzmcc of the chili. 'l'wu :ill-scliuol mzitincc clzmccs were put zicrnss siicccssfiilly. Now the cluh is cullccliilg' 111:11c1'i:1l 111 l.Ul'Ill :1 'Mid , .Eg-.. Eiriiirllumlc fm' thc- scliiml. This liziiicllmuk will lu- piihlislic-nl Slllllc llllllf in the 5111111111112 Officers l'1'csiclc11t .....,,.... Clzfrc ll1ll11IJl11'0j'S Yin'-l'1'csicl1-111 , .,l....,......., ..... F Ixmct Cziiiiplvcll Secretary and 'lll'CZlSl11'C1' ,,.. XYilrl:1 llulcv lqClllll'll'l' ,, ,,,,,, .... . . sluhn llIllSllll Page Ono Hundred Two 1- ,ZFX AX .4 - inf f 1' K X ,M , 7 ,Tix -X 14 .1 j,f'N ' Q , V N 1 l A ' .f ' . a --'-- e.. X , ff x' w? - -". U x :sq x xi L wx 7 J , ff' 5 U Q W ' ww x 0 lf f- if X ,g gggwix X K XX X Z A 4 I XN .din X 422. Q 1 F " VK' f' b y ' ' K 6 f X , K - E ' 4 . ,fx ,f ' :A W 4 1 ff f ,W .f - Lg f' M ' , ik K .. f , 4. f wx' W. n' ,J-' 9 rt' ,Q Q ,jx ,. V K ' Ki xg ' - , . .va H , J ,fr fff' ,- ' ' --f x, f -- '4 Q f z 'ffl' ' We 1 A 71 5 "fix A , ff' Q, I 1 ! - ,f N A , f ,, 11 ff 4 -V Ly!! V . Jr HQ ' ' -f X E': .- f ' l":i'i"5-'- gf-.12 V. Nm 7 I ,V 1, M .,:- . I L .9 'N , " ,p 6 5 , x .X 5.',4xiQ': Y , W . I ,Z h xx V -:tux-in-1. A X, X V 45 , ,xl v.4,.,, 1 '. ,A NN TEN :L SY l b ' U, 53,1 gn., ' ' J-Q ,fg'ilZF2i' X. 32: V 'ff up W "9 - WW! ' w 7 f p V - I - . f 1 ' f, if' , .52 . , 'N " W f' EN J 1:-. 5 E7':12S.:4' . 'i"-- KKK 4 ' is XXX f e::'5..71F-fix -"3ig5.Fii3'.'f11V f:'F1- ,". ' mf ' ", Mjlq, ,QQ f I -L ' f 'iff N 4-'mi' W4 'Cl , f x?ii575ffi'.T -, 5 4j'7-Fig" -,'- '52-5 xxxkx 1 ,mg-illly QU W1 4 '!i'.:r-g'?'h'QE'f'2'-x.':.-' fi 1 , f is 4 Q x V rs-if? 4 , X iff " N 7 'iif f-.432 K ' - 'Hifi' Wm We if f'iT':T3a,-J,-- -'1i:1",I" '+f'-'ff .15-L '-',. T .Z'f."'5 A N x ATHLETVHCCS i it M -i :q i " ' m,W,mM,,,,W..4-Ni. imtw-him -it , hw Y' , ' 1 , xt.. vw f. Y at -I i ' ,V 1' IV "' "" U'"'f"iI'fQfffiff'Tf"f'wiw' l ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL An organization which has become of greatest importance to the high school is the Athletic Board of Control. The Board is composed of nine ineinbers, namely: XY. R. Booker, superintendent of schools! C. Ii. Bolt, principal of the high school: Florence Billings and Oscar johnson, coaches: and Mr. bl. XY. Brooks, a representative of the Board of Education. Four students elected hy the student hody are nleinhers of the Board. They are: Sarah Olson, Mary Shunta, Ed- ward Brothers, and john Regeczi. Q The Board takes care of all matters pertaining to athletics, some of which are problems of finance, the purchasing of apparatus. and the making' of schedules. Officers Lhairina ., ......... ,.........,, , .. Prin. C, F. Bolt Secretary ..,. ..,. ll lary Shunta "1 . . ......, ,.-,,LiTQA.llf:Ll..l.,fL'll.i,II..If.,,I,., ' I LM, A . "'::i:: "" :ii "" L-: ,,,t Page One Hundred Five 1 l id ...R ill REVIEW OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON The Muskegon Heights High School football team of '29 enjoyed a very successful season. The hardest schedule yet attempted by Muskegon Heights High School was accomplished in superb fashion. The season started with the Muskegon game, which everyone antici- pated with much interest. This exciting game ended with a score of 7 to 0 in favor of the Big Reds. Muskegon had to tight for every inch of ground it gained and the last three quarters were defensive ones for Muskegon. A hard game with Creston, our old rival, ended tl to 0. Kalamazoo was the next clash, which ended badly for the Ileights by 13-6 after the Tigers outplayed their opponents and gained a "moral" victory, as they did over Muskegon. Down at Hol- land on its sand pile. the score after a hot game was 7 to 0 in favor ot the Hinganien, The Fremont game on the next week'end was a track meet for the Black and Orange warriors, ending with a count of 52 to 0. The next week our team traveled to lonia and gave them a terrible beating. The score was 39 to O. The biggest triumph of the season was an interesting walk-away game with Grand Haven. who have beaten the Heights since our high school was hrst estab- lished. The Tigers upset the jinx by beating the strong Cohrsmen ln the tune of 20 tu tm, much to the satisfaction of everyone. Sept. .ll .,.,,., Sept. 23 .,.... Oct. 5 ...... Het. ll ...... t3t't. l9 .... , Oct. .Ztm .,.... Nov. 2. .,.. . Nov. Nov. lb ....,. Page Une Hundred Six Schedule N uskegon .... Creston ........ ........Kalamazoo . Ottawa Hills ........Holland'-l'Cl1lOllt ........tJpen lonia ..........,..,..,. Grand Haven There Here Here There There Here There Here Robert t'ampbell 'NHWM I FOOTBALL TEAM Personnel L'l:11'c11ce l"ai1'l1elcl Fred C1'11iksl1:111k AA,, .lulm Rvgeczi ..... 1:11. 51111111 .,.,,,Y,..w.., Rnd 1211111111611 ...,,. Albert Centers .. Art Sevcry ,..Y,,.,,, , Xxwillilllll l'a11li11'.,, . I1CI'I3CTl VL-cllel' . l51'11cc l.i11t11c1' .,., , Allin slrwcfck .,,,,,,..... L'l1z11'Ics S11':111s1111 Q'i:1rc11cc 'l'lll'11C1' liltun Vliillllilll Y,,.,,.. licl. l!1'1mtI1c1's ..,.. hlim Cobb ,,,,. 1.011 Nlincr 'lizlcklc Tzlckle l"11llI1z1ck Tackle 121111 Ki11z11'rl Center , ,,., fillflftl liml 111111111 llzllflmack Iiml Q11:11'te1'lmz1ck Tzlckle Hnlflmck QllZll'tCl'lJZlCli H2111-I7ZlK'li Page One Hundred Seven BASKETBALL At tl1e TJCQSIIHIIIIQ' ot tl1e l9.29-30 season. the haskethall tt showed signs of heeoniing a winnmg team. The Tiffers met llllll defeated in their first hve frames Newax he , 1. Z5 Henton Harhor, a strong Altnnm team, Hattle L reek. and Llltllllg tn llenton llarhor was again met and defeated, tl1is ti111e o11 our l1o floor for our sixth victory. T'il'C1lltDl1l. was defeated for our sevu straight victory. XXI- then met our first defeat at the hands of l.Zll1SlllQ' lias e finalists in the state tournament last year. Tl1e flghting Tigers lowed with a wonderful eomehaek in a decisive victory over Mus go11. This was the first time a hoys' first team was ahle to aeu plish this feat. Tl1e following week our old jinx, firand Haven dt feated us on our home floor. The Muskegon liig Reds were entertained on our l1o1ne Hoor tl were heaten for tl1e second time i11 the season. Grand Rapids ti to11 was defeated the following week. The11 tl1e same old stu again, heaten hy Cirand llaven. The Tigers then put till their lin s ing toneh hy drnhhiiig lo11ia. The Tigers were defeated hy Kalamazoo Central. winners of thc Reffioiial tournament. in the first waine. Lloaeh ohnson must he to 5 Pu plimented o11 the fine team he turned ont. sf- llerhert T,l'llltl BASKETBALL SUMMARY Ne waygo l O Henton Harhor l5 :Nxlllllllll 23 liattle Creek Z0 l.lltllllQ'lUl1 lo llenton llarhor Zl lfreniont l,ansing Eastern Muskegon ll tirand Haven 30 lllnskegon Z7 Creston 18 ....... ..... tirand llaven 37 ...... ..... lonia Opponents 277 Tournament Killillllllltltr t'entral - IS l'ag'e Une lluntlred Eight 18 ..,.,.. ...,, .....lNl11skego11 M uskegon lllnskegon TNI nskegon Muskegon Muskegon TXlllSliCg'Ull llluskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon IXI uskegon M nskegon Muskegon N nskegon ltl uskegi Jll Heights -ll Heights .20 Heights 39 Heights 34 Heights .29 Heights .2-l Heights 13 Heights l-l Heights .29 Heights JO Heights .il Heights 25 Heights .25 Heights 4.2 Heights 3011 Heights S 5 . '- BASKETBALL TEAM Personnel X nrsitv Ulm Rcifeczi. Cn mtniii , rx Stanley liirlcsmi 1iclxx':i1'c1 llrutlicrs Leigh I'1'ettym:m liclwarrl lklscm' llcrbcrt 1'ca1Ici' fi1ZlI'CllCC '1llll'Il0I' Iizarle Rlimlcs lillswiwtli Uutwin Xlzljm' Reserves 1'i'L-clmicl: L riiikslizuik 1fl1W1ll Smith Stove Skuclzlck liugcnc 170111140 Milo ,lusefek Russel Pickle XY:1lte1' ci1ll'1Sl11lllSl'1l Xlinm' Reservcs llzm Mixer llownrcl Hill Riclizlrrl Isrziclcl Cliillulwl ,llzmicls ,Inlm llulka Page One Hundred Nino TRACK Although the track season of 1929 was not outstanding in the numlmer of meets won, a nine year old jinx, held liy tiraml llaven in all lJoys'atl1leties, was lirolcen. 'lihe season was considered very sue- eessful since we defeated our ancient rivals. Track is about the only sport that develops individual stars. Our team was well supplied with stars that held their own with the hest in the state. -lohn Regeezi ran the 100 and 220 and won most of his races. .lolm also threw the javelin and broad jumped. He broke the state javelin record. In the 440 Ed. l'-Brothers was a hard man to heat. ln the mile run Herb Pedler was not defeated until the state meet. The half mile relay team, made up of Cobb, Meiseh, llrothers. and Regeezi, set the regional meet record at Kalamazoo. MEETS FOR 1929 llolland 68 llluskegou lleights 5-l Grand Rapids South S9 Muskegon Heights 33 .llluskegon S8 Muskegon Heights 53 Grand Haven 54M llluskegon Heights 67yQ Regional meet at Kalamazoo, third place. State meet at liast Lansing, 13th. - llerliert .lfedler Page Uue Hundred Ten ,.......-.-...--- -X--pf lr.,-N-v-vw-W-wwe-v-ww--w-r-my-' X, W 'mgffwvl' ' f"Vursity TRACK TEAM Personnel Donald Dewitt mliclwarcl llrotbers "'Herbert Pecller Clillforcl Abrahamson 3'll.ouis llleisclm 'Fjzunes Cobb lilwin Colburn Names lYilliams Holm Regeczi Leonard Sielccmeycr Clarence Fairllelcl Elton Tinclall XVilliam Antisclale Robert Campbell Richard Maucll Ernest Smuk Letter Winners! Page One Hundred Eleven RESERVE FOOTBALL 'l'l1c l'L'SCI'X'C lczmm. lllllltlllgll nut especially succcssflll in thc num- lu-1' uf gzumws xxwm, has clove-lupccl many players wlm will in future XL'Zll'S make up the llI'Sl team. 'l'l1c sccuncl l.C2llll'S must mwtnlmlc glzllncs xxx-rc thc 411-lc-zu ul the Nlmmtzlgllc first team :mcl the iirzmcl llzlvcn cscrwcs. L'u:wl1 Klzlclicnzic :xml tllc l'CSL'l'X'C lL'ZlIl1 clvsc-1'x'c lllllfll ln-rlit fur ilu-lx' wurli RESERVE FOOTBALL Personnel lulm S:lx':xg'0 llxzulflcus llzu' lilwin Q'ullm1'11 'l'l1m11z1s Rulpinsml L'l:m-m-c 'I'urm-1' Russvl l'icl4lc lizlrlc Rlunles Willizun ijruulx I,mx'c-ll XX'ickerink licrt' c.ll'llCI' llflltcl' LlllI'lSllIll1SCH .lulm lic Alilllll lmacplm Yates lfmil .lXlL'ZyllSlil lcurgc lYeist Vlnirc lll1l1l1Jl1l'CyS lmuis Kizlllup C1-oil Cox l'.xLZv Um- llumlrod 'l'wc-lvl' ' ' " I-I I "' M., M 1. 'Jill' ii., Wit... i """""""""'ll+i U it-rc 'Q-'Wk m-- ,,,3,,, - wit. B ar., 4 , i l i GIRLS' CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM The inter-class lmaslcethall tournament was held in january. The ireshmen were the first to he eliminated, since the juniors and sopho- mores tied in the game which they played, The juniors and sopho- mores have an excellent team, and with the strength nearly equal on hoth teams one can readily see that the tournament was a success. The seniors, with the strongest team in the school, triumphed over the lower classes. This is the second year in Succession that the same group of girls won the honor of belonging to the winning team. The following girls were memhers of the senior class team: Captain - Mary Shunta. Janice Beckwith, Helen Bilka, Annabelle Booth, julia Cunninghain, Urmal Hohhy, liertha Lewis, Sarah Olson, Mary llarvath and Veronica Perreault. Page One Hundred Thirteen -mmllmwpwvw' 'Fl r l L 'I Pg ,N SCHOOL CALENDAR Year of 1929-1930 September School opens. .lforensie Club meets for rt-organization. IU First Senior Class meeting. ll School closed for Fair Day. l7 Qlfirst assembly of the year. 18 Heights High Herald campaign begins. l9 First meeting of the Short Story Class. .20 lfirst pep assembly. ll llluskegon football game. Zl Tag Day. 24 Senior Savings begins. 27 Assembly. .27 Ruth Chapin elected to ' Austumn Queen. October Girl Reserve party. -l l'ep assembly. 5 Kalamazoo football game. 9 Library Club supper. ll Uttaxva Hills football game. l5 Forensic members attend court. l7 Girl Reserves lnter-Club council meeting. 18 Athletic lloard of Control members elected. I9 Holland game. .Zl Mr. Glenn Dunn speaks to Forensic Club, .Zo First high school dance. 30 The high school faculty loses one of its best. .ll Library Club Halloween party. November September 3 9 Pu t Jctolmcr 3 November l ture course. l Funeral services held for Miss XYalldort'f. 8 junior College Roof-Raising tlleights invitedj 9 lonia game. ll Armistice assembly. l3 Magazine drive closes. lo Grand Haven game. ll Miss Nellie XYalker appears on lecture course. 26 Tlianlcsgiving collections. December Senior and Sophomore roller-skating party. 3 Practice debate with Grand Rapids South. -l- Movie of Grand Haven game. 6 Grand Haven debate. 10 G. R. Inter-Club Council. ll Nexvago game. liccembcr 2 Heidelberg sing-ers appear as lirst number on the lec "'Wl'1T""" represent M. ll. ll. 5. as l3 john Ross Reed brings third number on lyceum course. I4 Girl Reserve and Hi-Y Christmas partv. l5 New hallway system initiated. Page One Hundred Fourteen . 1 1 C .. X w , X ,,,, XX X., XXXHX X ,, ,X X ,1.i,w'i,:li.'w-,i ri n- 11 " H " " 1" ' N 'L,,7M "i:Qg,:ii11W 'MWI'XiiXX W ' ' ' A ' X - M iiii iiii 1ii1i1i2e.1l.P.-I -filwilil-lil 1 r 1 18 Annual football banquet. 18 Short football assembly. 19 Girl Reserve Christmas party. Z0 Library Essay Contest ends. 20 Benton Harbor game. 20 Christmas vacation begins. january January 4 Battle Creek Basketball game. 7 Inter-Club council meeting of the Girl Reserves. 7 Practice debate at Muskegon faffirmative teamj ' 7 Debate here with Ravenna fNegative team.J 10 Ludington basketball game. 11 Debate with Grand Rapids South. 16-17 Operetta, "Once in a Blue Moon" given. 17 Freshman-Sophomore matinee party. 17 Fremont game. 18 Game with Lansing Eastern. 22 Library Club initiation. - 24 Debate wtih Ludington forfeited by Ludington. 24 Operetta bobsled-dance party. February February 1 Grand Haven game. 4 "Sun-Up" presented. 7 Booster Club Snowball. 11 Practice debate with Whitehall. 12 Supper meeting of Girl Reserves Council. 13 Library Club Sandwich Sale. 14 Heights negative team debates Allegan. 14 Muskegon game. 17 Junior-Senior skating party. 18 G. R. Conference. 20 Popularity contest closes. 25 Father and son banquet. 28 Ionia game. March March 3 Declamation contest. 7 A11 school dance. 13 Pep assembly. 14 Library Club co-ed party. 14 Forensic sandwich sale. 17 Junior play tryout. 19 Marionette show. Z1 Commercial Club banquet. ' 28 Senior supper and party. April X April 7 junior sport dance. 8 High school assembly. 10-11 Gym Exhibition. 15 G. R. Council. 18-21 Spring vacation. 24 "Meanest Man in the World" given. 25 Annual campaign closes. 25 All school dance for annual subscribers. Page One Hundred Fifteen 26 .21 x 28 May 23 23 24 29 .I une Track meet at Grand "Y" Banquet. May Assembly. Forensic Club dance. Glee Club concert. Girl Reserve party. Track meet here xvitl Regional meet. Library Club tea. Service Club dance. l State track meet at L llancl concert. june .Iunior-Senior Party. I l1!lCC2llZl1ll'f'2ltC. Senior Play "Quality Class llay. Commencement. School closes. Rapicls. Grand llaven. ansing. Street". WI-IO'S WHO IN SENIOR CLASS lXlost Sturlious l'erson ....,................................. 'l'eacher's l'et ................ ll. iettiest Girl ................ Most Hanclsome Boy Most Popular Girl .... Most Popular lloy Girl lfasliion l'late llest Boy Dancer ...... liest Girl Dancer ....... lloy Fashion Plate llest Looking Couple .... Cutest Girl ..,......... Cleverest Person .,... Class lflirt ............... Class Giggler ............. Most Athletic Girl .... Most Athletic lloy .... Class llluff ............... XYittiest Person .......-.... llest All-rounrl lioy .... llest All-round Girl . Most Most llest Class Class lllosl' Most lllosi lllosl llignitiefl Girl . lligniliecl lloy - Q Naturecl lloy .... Cut Cp Pessiniist ...... llaslifnl Roy ....... llashful Girl Conceiterl l'ersc msent-mimlefl Person Page Une llundred Sixteen H1 ............. Ralph Lillie Augusta llntson Lucille Sternburg Robert Campbell .......... Sally Olson liclwarcl llrothers XVilcla llake Ralph Lillie Yerna Sweet John Austin Ecl. lirothers and julia Cunningham Dottie Abbott Bruce Lintner Veronica Perreault Arnold Umness Mary Shunta liclwarcl Brothers llruce Lintner Elmer Kuck .lim Cobb -Iulia Cunningham Donna Rice Stanley liirleson Elmer Kuck liruce Lintner Q ...... liclwarcl Pascoe Stanley llirleson RoseLenore Atkins john Austin llerbert l'e1ller , Li, ,, ,, ,x , u M , W W 4 EH' Fill as . m J . . . M .ill.'T4lli. . ,M., .m ,..- nnnnnnn -jill! A IIQJ l I " SENIOR CLASS ROLL l NAME NICK-NAME FAULT Dottie Abbott "Dot" "Son" gazing Cliff Abrahamson "Cliff" Ford car John Addicott "Johnny" snorting William Antisdale "Bill" handing a line ' Roselenore Atkins "Rose" curls R John Austin "Jack" growing a moustache li Christogher Balaskovits "Chris" glasses Q Janice Neckwith "Janny" sarcasm 1 , Helen Bilka "Steamy" dates l Stanley Birleson "Stan" most any girl 1 fi Allie Bont "Al" dumb expression L1 I Katheryn Bont "Kate" red hair ""' 4, Annabelle Booth "Ann" ' Mona Lake T-" Arthur Brainard "Artie" loahng ,Z Edward Brothers N "Ed" Julia 'V Helga Brufladt "Bluff" blushing - Ruby Bush "Rube" feet Anna Buskarits "Annisho" shyness Robert Campbell "Rod" brown eyes Frances Chase "Franny" silence James Cobb "Jim" arguing 5 Tyrus Cobb "Ty" baseball zu 'T Frances Cooper "Kinky" thinking 'I-'T 31, Laura Cruse "Loily" giggles 7 Julia Cunningham "Flatiron" Ed. fl:- Marie Dahudy "Dutie" dancing Wilda Dake "Scotchy" Maffett Street ' John Daniels "Johnny" figure Bernice Derda "Bernie" arguing Alieda Dykhuis "Leda" her "gang" Florence Gaskill "Flossie" heart-breaker John Geboo "Boo-hoo" Chant of the Jungle ' Dolores Gerber "Sonny" chasing "Steamy" Bernice Green "Bernie" speeding Evelyn Green "Evita" boys Mary Harvath "Zaza" tall blondes X Marjorie Hackson "Margie" roller skates G Marion Heimler "Mare" Regent theatre "J: Irving Hirsch "Hershey" his sweaters .. 'T Ormal Hobby "Hobby" cutting capers .. -,Ee Carrol Horne "Budd" asking questions WL "'i George Hurtubise "Georgie" shy glances err Augusta Hutson "Gussie" developing talent Claire I-Iurhphreys "Hump" ICY stare James Jackson "Jimmie" checkers John Koslosky "Johnny" blushes A Elmer Kuck "Cooky" too Qflglnal , Bernice Kufta "Bernie" playing tennis - Bertha Lewis "Bert" bothering others r E Ralph Lillie "Ralph" studiousness l 5 x Bruce Lintner "Mike" I salesman stories l'- ik Blanche Little "Blanch1e" class answers 5 Er, Leroy McDonald "Roy" dumbness ' in D Grant McLain "Mac" blallk CYCS Pl' :sq Marion McQuade "Molly" gracefulness . Eg U , Jewell Meier "Doodoo" trying to draw attention D 'ii Margaret Miley "Marg" inferiority complex las: U Margaret Moore "Peg" poetry U ef Genevieize Norton "Jimmy" perrrranent .3 Sarah Olson "Elly" running around Gladys Omness " "' adie" dignity "' 1 is V- e 2 uv' f Braille .i.ii mein' L em- airs Page One Hundred Seventeen In w W ll "'lMw""wl ww wlw w ,, www ww ,lu ww ww, iw ,.w l , ,, V, .wl' wiwwww .w ll ll wyw 1, I 'l -W w ll, M. ., My ' , wwaww, H 'll wwwwrww 1 w wwww w WF , , qwwww , ,w,w, www 1' ,ul w, , l, l M llw w lx' w www' www www ww lw w lw l wllw ll l wV ,,,,,w,l ,. w' l fl ,, N l w wlww lr Hw,w.wll' ,www W www MW1 W w,.wi.,w y w ll ,, w wlw ll l wwwwlwwl wwwm ll ll 4 w www, 4 lw w w ww, l ww ' w w' l l www ww' ww wwww wwwwwwwlww l www wt, .W w aw. w 1' lfL..,..."' ........,,...,...."':WLm fflfffQf"'ffIQ5lf!l H, Hlmold Hrnness "Omnibus" bothering girls ' w Edhllvard Pascoe "Ed" moslt anything w W liam Paulin "Willie" being funny Mary Pavlin "Marviska" talking l Herbert Pedler "Honey" Hazel l l Veronica Perreault "Babe" harmonizing ll ,Blanche Pike V "Blanchie" chasing Bernie lkdna Porter "Ed" bus drivers ' wwww w Frederick Reinecke "Freddy" saxaphone 1 Donna Rice "Dutchy" blonde curls ,, Geraldine Rice f'Gerry" ll sleeping Al Mrs. Martha Shaffer "Nurse" working Mary Shunta W, "Meir" hurrying l' Ralph Shugp "Shuppie" scaring people 3' Raymond! lorf "Ray" flunking l Clarence Smalley "Smalley" bashfiilness ,,, Lucille Sternburgh "Lucy" med oolcs Martha Svetlilc l"'F ritz" coy glances w w w Verna Sweet "Birdie" flirting Arline Veltman "Shorty" old jokes ul w Harry Wade V Funky" fancy dancing l Jack Whitford " w wise-cracks ' lt ,w lllw wilww Y llll w rm w w xml 'l il w ww w' l lan ww-E!- lun llidillll , , Cl ww, fears: M LL w w l w w w las wwww iff? F7 'f,7ff.f7'7 Hill to toilllijllll we -j..w,wQfif'H llff"7'f'flff""'m7"l"'7"'ls - Page One l Flundred Eighteen , ' qwllw ' ' ' ww.wwwlfl w 'w l ' w l lll llww wwl l lw l llllll ll l ll ill l l l W l ll l l lll ww ' lg 1w'lw'w, lx' llllw 1 w" w ww w w l llll llwlwl lllww l ll ' l l l l w ,W l y ww llll l ll ll l lllllll, lw y ' ' 'www wwwwl' l ll lwlw ww www llllll 'w w,nn,lwlill'llllwwwwwlllwwiwwwiwllllllllwlilw. IFIEAWTU IPQES , , ,,,, M I f',,.3j, 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 n 1 'I 'r 'I 'I 'L 'r 'r 'r 'r 'L lu 'r 'I 'r 'I 3 1' 3 3 I 1 I 1 v 1 I 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I l 3 'P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 .r That first bashful invitation to "c'mon over!" WILL IT BRING EMBARRASSMENT OR PRIDE TO YOUR YOUNGSTER? I Younis roucs are so keenly sensitive-so easily hurt by the disapproval of their companions. And a home in which the furnishings are worn-out or out-of-date rarely fails to cause adverse comment, when school chums accept invitations to "C'mon over!" Encourage your youngsters to entertain their friends at home hy putting your home furnishings beyond reproach Let us help you m ike the nccess irx IRST Q ,hbusinesslilse plnn of buying lets 'RLS you haxe the things you need ""e"0U"" without waiting. I v ' , I I I-'URNlSI'i changes .md :additions now Our YOURHOME ' ' K 4 '- ll i ' . gl ' ' , i I MUSKEGON HEIGHTS FURNITURE CO. 4NPv-v'-'-'v'v'vAv'v'v'v'v-v'v'v'-Av'vAv'vlvl-'sf-v'vAv'v'v'-A-'v'vAvAv'-'-'-'v'-'v'v'v'v'-' lf you want to forget all your other troubles, wear tight shoes' Page One Hundred Twenty ont F l I?""""''A"'A'A"""""""""''"''"'A"'"A"""'A'A'A'A""""'A""""""""'A'A"'A""'A'-T gt INSURE WITH gg If gi 'I CAMPEAU MULLALLY 8: MEIER l C 1: Ig 2 I 7 ' jp I' gi I I: Dependable, Prompt, Courteous ji 51 fi :I 1: 4: Peoples State Bank Danigelis Building In ji Phone 22-017 Phone 32.019 1: .P A'AvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvAvAv-v-'A -'-v-v-v-'Lvl'-v-'Av-vlvlvlv-'A-A'A'Av-v-v-vAJ ?'A"""'A"'A'A'A'A'A"""'A A'A'A'A'A'ffA'A"'A"'A:'T'A'A'1""""'A'A'A"'A'"A"""""'A"""'T I: Bvller Bniurs I 1 Eg A.w. BI:YAN'r :E If DESIGNER AND BUILDER 3 PIIONE 32-242 sI5 FIFTH STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 'V""""A'"""A'"A"""""""""'Q'"""""f"'A""'A'A'"""""A"""""""""""""""7 E: Compliments 1E P 1 5: of :E 1 'I :E Mliskcgoxl Ilide bk Rendering Co. I.'.v.,-.v.',Y.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.v,','.','.v.v.v.'.v.,g 5v'A'A'A'A'A'uAA'A'-'A'A'A'-'AT'-'A'A'4'A'-'A'A'A'A'A'AT'-'A'A'A'A'A'-'A'-'Ar'A'A'A'A'A'.'A'-'A'A'A'7I 1: PARSLOW RADIO SHOP 1: IE SALES AND SERVICE EI 1: Alwuler Kaul' Scrcon. Grid Ruclin 1: I-hon. Iwi, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 1037 pa-I St. gl 4Y.'.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,-,.,.,.,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-v-,-,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.v.'.'.'.v.'.v.v.-P lliflows -- -"ls potting' :I IJFIIIICI' IIoI1II?" ,, - -1 Nl.zItlI.I --- IIIIIIIIIIIII, but III good usage. l'l'1lt'Sil'l!ll1 'fb-llt'j', XYII5' Cllbllvl you lmlmx' your llUl'lI?H Q'I'IIikslI:IIIk-"XYlIo do you think l'Ilc lim' lillll'?u v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.'.'.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.'.'.'.v.-.v.'.v.,'.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.'.'.v.'.',v.v,v.vA','.v,'Av-'Ai THE TEMPLE METHODIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Shares in the joys of fine achievement that belong to our schools, and offers a splendid comradship in those ideals that make for the greater days ahead. A class for every age: graded according' to school grades: strong teaching ability: a desire to serve: a program for youth! You are invited. Page Uno Hundred Twenty-two """" ' W H W - '--H-v-ww' wunmulnnnnw 1' Muskegon Heights f"""""' """""""""'"""'""""""""""""""" n 'r 'r 'n 4 3 n P P D I P b P Congratulations ' and Best Wishes to the 1 Class of 1930 GENERAL HARDWARE " 81 SUPPLY CO. 5 I .g gi EE 5 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan EI ,.,A,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,A,,,,,,,.,A, .-.'.v.'.'.v.v.-.'.'.'.v.v.v.v.'.-.'.'.v.v.'Av.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.'.'.'.v.'.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.-.'.'.'.v.vgi CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS KOELBEL MOTOR CAR CO. 908-911 North Third sn. S Muskegon, Michigan Y ,v,',-,v,',',v,v,-,'.'.'.v.v.v.,.'.v.,va.'.','.'.'.','.'.-.-,-,rv ,rj 4 41 4 ASK Fon SPECIAL DELIVERY if 1 If BATTLE CREEK SANITARIUM HEALTH FOOD 4: Rich m Health-Bulldlng elements fi 5: . . . . fl Clapp's original approved Baby Soup and Strained 'I r 'r 4 lr Vegetables for correct Infant feedmg GIROUX Sz HODSUN. ff FOOD MERCHANTS ' 4: , 4: if 105-107 woot Broadway Phone 32-121 21 E - - - - - - .-.v.v.v.',.'.'.v.'.'.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.,.,.v.,.v.Y.v.v.'.v.v.-.v.v.-.v.-.'.'.'.'.-.v.',4P Page One llunrlred Twenty-thr4'v ff-"'--"""""'-'-'-'f-"'-"'-"'-W-'-"A"-"W-'-"'-'-'-'-'-'-A-W-""'-'-"""""1g 1: jf it FREDERICK' S LUMBER COMPANY '3 . . . . . 1' lg A romplete une of Bulldmg Material 1E 1: fr 1, 'P 4, qi 1' 'I :I 1: 1: Lakelon Ave. Seventh St. Phone 22-939 P 1 ?"'A''N'"A"'A"""'A""""'A""'A'A'A'A'A''A'gf'A'A'A"""'A'A'A'f"'A'A"'A'A"'A""'''WT I: We Dellver :Q 51 BRAINARD FOOD SHOPPE :I :I We furnish your table complete 1: lg Phone 32-297 1039-41 PQ-uk sr. :I 1,-.-,ls-Ar.A.-v-vA-A-'-A-v'-'-'vA-A-A-'-'v'-'v'v'v'-'-'-'-'-'v'-'-'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'--Av'---Av--v-v-J E:t,3Ol'I1lJliIl16Ili'S IE v 4 5: of 4: 7 in lg T he Photo Shop :E l,.,.v,,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.a.-v-v-.-.-.-.-v-v-.---.--v-v------v-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-1 lill - "Hill you lulu- il goocl v:1c:1tion?" lfrwl Lf "Sure, lhnft l look vun mlow11?" Nl r. lizllwslrzlxx' - "XYl1o cslzllmlislwrl llw law ul clilnilmislming rv- lll rn s ?" - , .. In lull. I :rsync -- Um' l:111ml1'ym:m. Nliss liinnzlirml-Y-"l tzllw plvzlsllrc in giving you Nl in .-Xmcrivzllm l,l'lllJll'lllS.l. lllll ,XIlllSll2llt'-"-NJXXY. mzrlcc- it :1 lm11rlrc'cl :mal enjoy ylm1'svlf." .llrllll .Mlfllrmnl - f l Ztlll Cmrl11lIlg'uX'vl' ill SQL' you lglsl 111g'l11," Dolores iicrlmcr-"l wish you lmcl: l xx':1s11'1 l1omc." a.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.'-'.v.v.'.'-.v.'.'.'.'.'.v.'.v.v.,'.-.v.'.v.v.v.v.'.v.'.v.'.'.'.v.v.v.'.'.vAv,'a Muskegon Heights most up to date and expert Shoe Rebuilding and Hat Cleaning PEOPLES ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP 1239 Peck Street Telephone 325-240 ?vAv'fvAv-v-iv'-Av-iv'v'v'v-v !!v'v'v'v'v' 'v4v'!vAvAvA-kAvk'v'v'-'v'v'v'vA!v'v'v'v'v'v'v'!!ff,r Yugi- Um- Hmzdrvd Twvntv-four I v v av'viAvA'AvAvvv-vvvvv-vvvlvA'-'A'-'Cv'-'A'vvvvvvvvv " 1: SANITARY DAIRY gi 'r ,, C o M P A N Y 3 P ' I 'r 66 ,Q 1: T H E B E s T A 4 in E: Ask Your Neighbor 1 I QE I I .ju 3 ff M 1 1, If R, I: 3 il li Manufactures and Jobbers of Janitors 1' 4 Zllld :p 4, School Supplies 1: l Brushes, Soaps of All Kinds ll ,, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper 4, E Sweeping Compounds, Chemicals f HEIGHTS CHEMICAL COMPANY if Sherman Boulevard Phone 32-272 El 1-,-,-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Y-.-.---:--.---1---.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-4 Stun li.-klliilkll went tu Cilffll Slliillily for the first time this j'CZll'.u I l. "gl - "Hn x' dicl ll - get ZlUl1g'?ll Stkzinlli.-"Not so Sunil. XYhen the guy came aruuncl fm' thc- T '1 fllcctitm, Coztch wzlnicml tu match him double or iiuthixigf' HOMEMAID ICE CREAM and CANDIES Makes Folks Happy YANKEE DOODLE CANDY SHOP Phone 22 - 180 891 Terrace St. Page One Hundred Twenty-five EAT I9II3ER9S ICE CREAM Because it is the lbest Made in Sunshine Plan! Uraler thru your dealer -v'w'v'v'v'v'vA-Av4-'vAvAvA-AvAv'v'v'v'-Av4v4vAv5l'v4v'v'v'vAvA-'v'vA-'v'v'vAv'v'vAvAvAvAvAv'-vAvSI5'v Quality Lumber and Building Material THE HEIGHTS LUMBER CO. E. Hackley Place Phone 32-017 A,v.',vAvAvA' A'A'A'AvAvA'AvA'AvAvAvAvAvAvA-AvA'A'A'A'A'A'A'A-A-A'A'AvAvA'A-AvA'A'A A'A'A v'v'v'v'vAv'v'vAvAv'S'v'v'vAv'-'vAv-v'vAv'vAvAvAv'vAvAvAvAvAv'vAvAvAv'v'vAvAv'v'vAvAv'v'vAvAvAvAv'vAv'v KENTUCKY BLUE GEM NIEIS PETERSON SL SONS Phone 32-274 Miss SlJI'Ilg'llL'I "Yuu1' an we-1' reminds me of Qllt-lmcm'." ,lack XXl11tIm'1l: "XXl1y? Miss SIJl'IlQ'llt'f "licn'z111sc ifs lmilt mi :1 lmlu1l'." liznlwz "l'm gulllg' to New Yurlc 1l1is x':1n':11im1" , .. p. Ilt-len: "Xt-l1! ily lllll'lIllU.' lllllbtf "Nul lly ll'2liU." 331111111 nnugnznkaakkxazxxxxxttnianxxknankg? A A A A A A A DANA PRINTING CO A Complete Printing Service High Grade Catalogs and Business Stationery 437-447 W- Western Ave' -v--v- ---v-A-A---v-'-'----'-A--A-'-v'-A-AvA---J-v---v-.-.-.-.-.-,-Af, l lg,v Une llundrod 'l'we-nly-six I4 I u Im- -" I , 1 44 444 f '44I,.-4.- 4 ..,,.I rl. -v--2 --'--2 --vf 3 3 3 3 3 r COMPLIMENTS OF THE 4 'I 'r 'r 4 'r 'r 'r 'r 'v 'r PISTON RING 3E COMPANY 15 fm MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN 1 'I 1 3 3 'I 4 v 'r 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 :I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 r 4 3 3 3 'I 'r Mrs, Hirsch-"Explain that black eye." Irving'-"I didn't choose to run." Page One Hundred Twenty-seven 4 'I 'r r 'r l In 3 'r 1 I Av.-.v.v.v.'.v.'.'.'.'.'.v.'.'.-.v.'.v.'.'.'.'.'.-.v.'.v.'.v.'.'.'.'. - - - .v.v.v.'.-. .v,',',-A' A5 WHEN OUR CAR STOPS at your place of business, your neighbors ' will know you are getting Just GOOD PRINTING from the fl EARLE PRESS I: J'v'v'v'v"JVJ' Phone 23-O44 4 E. Walton Ave. ,..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-A.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-. -3 vAv'Nv4v'v'v'v-v'v'v'v-v'kl'hl'vAv-vAv'vAv'-"-'v"w-"'-'Sv-v"w"v'v"6i'v-v'vAv'vAvAvAv'v'v'v' Compliments of In 1' Mc COMB'S GROCERY 4 l Fancy and Staple Groceries S GRAND HAVEN ROAD :I ,4,A,A,-,Av-,yfvl,Av-4"vAv'v-vAv51'vAv'v4v5r'v'v'v'vAv5lNu'v-v'v'wXSv'v'vAv'v-v"u'b-v-vA'-'lv'-'lvl' XX'l1:1t g'1'ows with its roots 1111xx':11'cl? AX11 icivlc. Mr. li1llil'5lI'IlXX' wont to Il s:111flxx'icI1 sulc the Ullllxl' Klllj' 111111 XX'lll'll 11pv11ml his 1111ckc-111111114 :1 11111111 tlcw 11111. ------------------------.,'.-----------.x,5.------------- THIS IS A HOME OWNED STORE o RUS QUALITY - SERVICE- COURTESY We Deliver E lr U '1 '1 , 1 ' 4 1 l Dry Goods - Groceries - Shoes 55 Furnishings - Luggage E ,v.v,'.'.'A'.v.'.v.-.'.v.v.-.'.'.v.A.v.v.v.'.N'.v.s,'.'.v.v.'.-f.v.'.'.v.'x.v.'.v.v .'.'.v.-,Je 1, 0 1 llundrvd Twenty-eight ,.,.,. ..... ..... v .'.'.'.v. - -.'.vTY tr g The Muskegon Heights Record ' 1E 'r it is the only newspaper in the city and has been a cons- EI tant booster for this city oi homes, ever since the paper IE was established by the present owner nine years ago, l' schoolsg Edward Moore as assistant manager, Marvin Kriesel, Willivm Schooley, and John Worknran, each and every one n it It has on its list of employes five graduates of the Heights In gl a credit to the schools and their teachers, v 'r ln favor of every move in the schools to make the EI system one that will retain the splendid reputation it :E has for turning out real young men and young E: women. :E 'r in ,r ....,.......,..-. .-...-.-.-.-.-. .-.-.- -...-.-.- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-.-.-,-.-.-.-v-...-.-.-.-.-.-.-3 AuAAA'A'-'-'E32fi2SAQ'ZPA'A'.'A'A'A'.'A' 'A'A'A'A'.'A'A'-'vi R. J. Quigley 3 4 4 in 87 W. Broadway Phone 32425 Carpets Draperies Shades Linoleum 'r 'h .'.v.,-v-,-v-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-v-.-.-.-.-'Av'--v'v'v-'v-'--A-Avlvlv-v-v-.-.-v-.-.'.'.-v-v-. --v-4 ---- -------1---v---'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'fe "" ' '-'-"vi WE PAY 4per cent Interest on Saving Books and Certificates of Deposits PEOPLES STATE BANK FOR SAVINGS 'u 'r 1 in r 'n 'r 'r 'r 'r 'I 'r 'n 'u lv 'r 'n 1 MUSKEGON, Mlcl-1. :E 'A" ""-'lflifllfllflfiflfiiflX211'' mu KEARNEY BROTHERS :E Auto Delivering System ""' Dry Cleaners :, 856 Jef ferson St. Kuukegon, Mich. Phone 22-429 4: Senna Building - Muukelon Heinhil - A A l:hf:'A3f-flf A A A A A A A Page One Hundred Twenty-nine 'vAvAv'vAv' v'vAvAvAvAv'Nl'w'v'v'v'vAvAv THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK M1ISkBSIOIl,S Oldest Bunk Esfublislzed 1859 '.v.v.-A'.'.',,,,.v.v.'.v.'.'.-.v.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.-.'.'.-.'.'.v.v.v.v. call C. H. BOELKINS Sz SONS Meats - Groceries Phones 32033 Y 32253 801 Maffet WOOD AND METAL PATTERNS Pyle Pattern and Manufacturing Co. Muskegon Heights, Michigan 1 ' llllllt ll Ml Aunnngggggggnnnzxgkzzzznnnnn. - - - - - za. - gn. znznngnn. kann. - v - - Y - - - v v 4 As You Enfer 'r 'r lf Upon Life's Highwaqs jr ' 'I :E Remember YOUR BANK Is Your Best Friend 1 1' ii ia li li Qu ' , if ji :I I img! -. V ' EE 'I ii F1331 S1155 SA...v'NGS Bm' Ig 1: Musxscou HEIGHTS. Mic:-' f 4, . 2 , :E 5: fl THI1 FIRST STATE SAVINGS BANK 4: 4' EE "The Home of the Fortune Foundation Accounlv EI E: Artist: "I'd like to devote my last picture to zx eliaritulmle pur- pose." U l 1 I Critic: "XYl1y not glve it to an institution for the blind?" Roselenore-"lt sure is slippery todayf, Ciussie-"Yes, indeed. I hope that I don't fall, 'cause I sure fall hard." Bruce Lintner had insomnia so badly that he woke up three times in class recently. Miss Halir--"Make a sentence with the word CZll1t61'iZC.,, 'Von Ciiriiiiiiiigsful looked at her till I caught her eyes." EA'A"'-'A'A'""A'A""'A'A'A'-'v'A:'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'nv'A'A"'A'A'A'nv'v'-'A'A'A"'-'A'A""'v 1, OIHP IHIGH S I C l' t n it Ir .- Of n Dr. Qlson 1 in tr lr v 'n 'r 'n 'n 4 5 1V:v,',v,v,v.v.v.A.,,'.v.v.'.v.'.,.'.v.'.,.,.,.v.'.v.v.,.,.-.-.'.,.,.,.A.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.Y., Page Une Hundred Thirty-one 1N,4,',4vA,A.Av'v4vAv"v'v'v"v'v'vAv'v'v'v'vAvAv'vAvAv'vAv-vAv'v'v'v'v'v-'v-v'v'v-v'v'vAv'v'v' 1 fvA'AvAv-'Av'v-V-'A iAvAvAvAvAvlv-vAv'v'vAvAv-vAvAvAvAf'-W?, :P 1: 1: :D 1: :I - 1: 3 1: 1: 1: 3 1: o 'I 3 U11 Ig rv 1, gt E 1, 14 1, 1: gg 1 1: E , :I 5 Q ff: 1: 'P 1: 1 P 1 : 4 1: "5 : 1 1-1 1 1' pa 1' 4: 'V Q sq 4: 1' -Q 1' -I V' Q :I 1: ' f :II 1' N 5 M V' o : , A1 - 1: 2' 2 Q 1: W .I :U U z 1: 4 :.: f :. 1: 55 E 91: rn 1: 1 : 4 : fx m 1 Ig U3 pu '-1 E 1: ? Q51 gl 5 1 gi Ig cw .g 1 Pj 'U 1, - f- : ,1 1: : 1 11: 1, 1: m M U2 rg W A : : Q 1: g E 51: 1: 91 1, 1 ,:: 'T 1.1 : -I 11' 1: 1 Q 1 S O P -o M 75, :I . 1. 2 E N 1: 0 1 :I 52 U U' 'H 12221 1: 2 "EI: :I Q :I 1: P4 Z Pj 1 5 E 1, : F' 1, 1: O 1: 1: f- -1 Q 4: "' 51: 1' 'W 1: P ri U fi 1, :: :Q lg 5 5121: 1 QQ 1, Ii O Q E S 1' 2 mi: I 'I Q :I A .4 3- -1 D 1 rf E 1: E I ' 1: Q E 5.1: 1: H Ro 1: M 1 ' ,- T P E' ' 1 9,9 1 O :-1 ' " f 4 H 4: 5 Q 114: 1' - 4 1' M rl Q W 4 1 :' 4: E- N aa 1: 1' ""' 9' 1: - : jr 3 1 -- : cn 5 2 af ::: '11 :I Q' -E:I 1: Q 1: M :U so :I 91 ENE 2 QT-j 1: 5 E g al -L 5 2, : 1l 1, Q 1, 7 4 -1. N 1' 4: E gl 4: "U Z E 1' Q 51' 4: fb 11 4: :U . Z 'I In 2 4: 1' '4 ' 1' ,-1 U1 - 1: 3 - 1-.ig 1: ,U 1: , UQ 1' o S " 1 4: .. 4: I O 1: 1 2 1- 1 I1 U1 1 , E 1, 1: Q 1, n 1, 1 : 1 G 1 1: : 1 3 : 4: m 4: I 1 'P ' 4: 4: 1' E 4: 5 1 1 13 ,,, 1, pp 1 : 1' 4: Q 4: S 1 4: ,.,.v.,. .,.,.-.,.,. - .,.,.v.-.v. .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v ,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-6 4: Q-.-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-41: 4'-.-.+.-.-v-----------1---: l'ag1- One Ilundrvd Thirty-two fv.v'v'vAvAv'vAv'v'v'vAv A ' ' 'v'v"vAv'vAv'v4v4v'v'-v'vAv-v'v'vAvAvAv4v'vAv'vAv'vAvAv"v-v'-'hIS'v"w'v'v2 1 'I EF - ri -: G S L S Q S :- 1 I 4' 4, 4' 'I 4' 'I If li Ig OV gl Ig 'F fi H ' t ,g a P P 1 n e S S 5: IE :E 1, 4, 3: and Success 3: v EE 55 4, 4' 5: Qla,ss0fI950 45 :I 32 1' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' qv tv tr 3 4' 4' P P 1- 4 'I ' 12 v'v'v'v-v'vAv'vAv'v'v'v' Av'v'v'vAv'vAv'-'Iv' vvvvv v'v'v v'-'v'-vAv4v-v4vAv'v- 4vAv'vAv'v4-Afvlvlvli E' "wa'"'nw'w'A'A'EZifQYiZfIQfIQ"SYw'A'""'W'A""""'"if 1 . gl f7leLghtsq3eautlyQf3a1'l0r ig 4' ' :E a1fLdq3ar6erQShop ii l: ffkzy Winger, Qwner A little iron - Z1 little Curl, A hux of puwcler - 21 pretty girl: A little rain - away she goes, A limnely girl with a shiny nose. "XYhzlt 4li4l the l'urit:1ns coins to this country fur?" :islcfwl Miss Kinnziircl of an American llistory clam. Art lifillllllfili "Tu worship in their own way, :Incl make uther pc-41pl4: 4lu the SHINE." MlllLLER'SlFlLOWElRS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 32-218 1013 Peck St. v.'.v.v.v.'.'.v.'.'.'.v.'Av.v.'.'.-.v.'.v.'.'.v.Y.vA'.'.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.4g.v.v.'.'A - - .JV Page Ono Hundrvd Thirty-thrc '0 v'v'v'v-v'v4v'v'vAv'vAvAv'vAv'5'v'v'v'v'vAv'vAv'vAvAvAv'v'v4vAv'vAv'v'v'v'v'vAv'v'v' Av'v'v 'n lr r Compliments oi the Campbell, Wfyant 81 Cannon Foundry Company Muskegon Heights, Michigan 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 F-'-'-'-' ' A-'''-'""-'"-"'-'-'"'A-'''-'-"Af-""''"'""v"""""""""""" 4, T 5: SPURT SHOP, UNC v ii "In business for fini" 5 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Smitty: "XY:1itQt'l" XX':titc-V: "Yt's. Sir." Smitty: "XYlt:tt's this?" XY:titc-r: "lt's lac-:ut smtp. sir." Smitty: "l 4lmt't cure xvhztt it has lvcc-tt: thc qttt-stitt it mm'?" - - - inningxanaxnnuxnkznzninkknnnuzggktnnkkkn 1 1. BUY DIRECT AT THE TWIN CITY UPHOLSTERY CO Makers of high grade Living Room Furniture Repairing Phone 32-240 Re-caning 1222 Peck St M uskegon Heights Pago Uno llundrod'I'l1irty-four Compliments of ENTERPRISE BRASS WORKS Compliments of PRICE DRY CLEANERS 1871 - T3 Peck St. Phone 23-193 BAND INSTRU MENTS MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MUSIC HOUSE F. P. ROCHENBACH Sheet Music - Pianos - Phonographs - Radios 111 W. Broadway Phone 32 - 164 Ile who laughs last is nn Iinglislmmn. CRUIKSHANICS BAKERY Home made baked goods, large vurily 1033 PCS?-qt:-AAAAAA-AAAAAA-A--AAN!l3iIi5g0ll Ileiglng Page One Hundred Thirty-fi -Av'vA v'v'v'v'v'wl"A-Av-v'-k v'v' 'I 'I ,I Cities Service and Kant-Knock Ethyl Gasoline Penzoil - Franklin and Quaker State Motor Oils , ALEMITING-FREE GEAR FLUSHING Ladies Rest Room Eveready Service Station ' Lincoln Ave. F. J. Sears, Prop. COIVIPLIMENTS OF I ZTW EY ' c I I 'g 9.065 1, I Y' 5'4l'l3rr1SOn SUP Duildin ,ff MUSHEGON HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN ' I I I I I I "l'fvcrzj l,I'0IDCI'l'Zl Owner Nccrls l'rol'ccHon" 1 I 'I v'-A-A-'-A 'Av """" 'Av' """""f"""v' Iw- l IN- Um- llumlre-cl IhII'tv C 'I Eveready Courteous SCPVICC f' 'I Ii A"""'A ' 'A"'A'A' A lg We are proud of the fact that if QE we are the official photographers EE for the portrait section of EE this annual . gg We specialize in High Grade Portraits only ii ii 1' I' IE IE 55 RUSSELL STUDIO gg ii ii 35 ii gg 207 western Ave. Phone 242.554 1, 1, "lN'lxat did you operate on that man for?" "Two hundred dollars." "I mean, what did he lmx'e?" "Two hundred dollars." Optimism is worry on :1 spree. "An optimist is Il woman who thinks everything is for the best. :ind Sl1ff.S the best." Izzy: "I hear you had Z1 tire last Tlnirsdztyf' Ike: "Sh-li -- next 'lllllll'Sll!'ly.H Compliments of OODALL' DRUG TORE "Your Druggist" THE REXALL STORE PECK 8: SHERMAN Page One Hundred Thirty-seven rf'-1'-'-'-'-'-'-'v'-'v'-'-'-'-A-N -'v'-'-'-A-'v'-'-'v' ' A-A-A-Av' A-A-A-'-A-' ' A-'-' 3 Never say MB R lE A D99 say MHOLSUMW gf instead it 'I 4 3 I 'r 'I 'I 'I 4 3 h 'I 'I 'I 'r 'r 'I 'I 4 I 'n 'I 1 Muskegon Baking Co. Phone 23-34-3 - 25-459 'I 4 I 4 I 1 I 4 v 4 I 1 P 4 I 1 3 I 3f""""'"'"""""""'A""""""""""""""'''""""'""""""'"""""""""""" PHONE 32-384 LADIES' REST ROOM 80 LINCOLN AVE. A FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION FRANK BABCOCK, Proprietor Gas, Oils, Batteries, Tires and Tubes, Accessories Alenxife Cruising, Springs Spruyml, Uur Xvushing MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICH. 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 w-'Av-.4-A-Av-v-v'-'-'v'-'-'v'v'-'v'-'v'v'v'v'-'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-'-Avlv'-'v'v'v'v'v' A A A-A-v'-'v'-' A-v I1 usa-al to lie, "XYlIere tliere is :I will there is :I ix':1x"', lml now I is, UXYilL'll tlierc-'s :I lwill, ix'e'I'e ZIXYZIQHH CUMlPLllMlENTS OF BISI-ll0P'S Greater Muskegons only Exclusive Home Outfit Store Our eight store buying power means a great savings to you. 805-811 Pine Street, Muskegon .vA',v,v.v .v.v.v.vx.v.'.'.v.'.vAv.v.v.vAv.-.v.-.'.'.'.'.v.v.v.'.'.v. v.v.v v.v.v.v.v.' l'zII-Ze Une llundred Thirty-eiglit In. I L-.-.-v-. - .-v-v-. v v v v-v---v----.--v-v-.-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-v v .-.-.-. - - v .-v-v - v v v-.-v-v-.-.- gi """"I""' """"""A"'A"'"'A"'A""'A"""'I'nv'Q'A'A'A'A'-"'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A' ' gg ALL STEEL FIXTURES Eg J for :E fn' DERMON STORES 'v I 9.25.-A ., XV 1 1 - , EE gf 19.f-fgjggf-1No I: s k, I f X- ' Muskegon ALLSYEIEIOLLINISVEISPLAV Hei ht. 4, -. . WA, M N guts Meng 2 1 - 1: . rvLER 'r 1.,',v,',-,v.',',v.'.v.'.'.'.v.v.v .v. .-.-.v,v.v,'.v.v.v.v, ,v.'.-.-., .'. Compliments of 4 gt BROADWAY CIGAR STORE P - . it Clgars Soft Drinks Candy 5 ...,............ lwwwv ......L.... .... Rocl - "lf you keep on looking nt me that way l'ui going to kiss iumifeinuieH"XYelI, I c:1n't keep this expression long. Everything in Dairy Products HEIGHTS COOPERATIVE DAIRY 1326 Maffett St. Phone 32-196 Mrs. Olson - "Sully, wlint are you doing in the pantry?" Sully - "HIL just putting zi few things 'iwzlyf' BUYIT FRITZ, "THE DR UGGIS Tv "THE REXALL STORE" Peck and Broadway Page One Hundred Thirty-nine -4-,Av-,-,-v-v-v.v.v.'.'.v.'.v.v.v.'Av.v.'.v.'.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.-,.'.'.v.v.'.-.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v 15" It 'I I' In 4: gg BENNETT PUMP Q5 l' 'I gg CORPORATIO if 1: :E 3 1: :I 1: I E Dispensing Equipment EE jbr 5 Oil Marketvrs If I 4 'I gl gl lt Muskegon Heighis, Michigan EI In 1: :P lt 5 m-v4-'v'vlvAv'v'v'vAv'5f'vA'AvAvAvAvA'Av'v'v""""'v'v'v-v'vA"v"'v"'v'vAv'v'v'v'fvAv'v'v'v'v'-Avlv-Irv!: 3 lr :E BROADWAY PHARMACY si EE Phnne 32-157 101 W. Broadway Miss Sll'1ll1L'll-'nlullll yum swim vary we-ll?" X'l'l'llIl S. -- "Xu, lml 51111 lmglxt in sm- mv xx':ulv." lfmicc-"llmx"ll vnu get intl, ilu' llIlIltl?n ' . - - H Im- L .'-- "1 !l1. l just l1m'nc1l 111. Xlllcn j'llll'X'L' slucliccl :lll night .Xml yum lmzlvc -vmnxr lcssuns right Xyllu IlSliS -Yllll 141 l'L'Cll0? Nulmflyl Sully - XX l1:1t s llu- lll1lllCl' wltll .lulwf llzllm 'Blu-'s sure lwrzulsc slum' llzul lu walk lnnm' lrmll :1 llilqq News - Candies ESSEN'S Wllolesale and Retail 12 West Broadway Phone 35-188 -.-v-v-v-v-v-.-v-.-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-v-'-.-.-.-.-v-v-v--v-v-v-v-.-.-v-v-v--Y--.-v-.r.-.-,-,-,-,-,-Y-,-,.v.v.', I':u:c Ona- llumlrc-il Forty I I I I I I X l . '-'v JB v v'v'v'v'v'v'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'vlvlv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAv'v'-Av'-A-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v5hlNf-'v'v'v5hv'v' if ----'v-1-----v-v---A---f-'--A-A-'-'--1 '--- - ----f --v----A-A---'-'-'-'-r I r 4 'r Bluebird Diamonds Gruen Watches is A. KRAUTHEIM Watch and Diamond Specialists ii r 3 527 W. Western Ave. 4 'i Miss Cl1lllll1lI'lgS-Hxvllill is a hypotenuse F" Iiunl I.. - "I clon't know how to clescrilme it, hut I saw one at thc CITCUS. Iiruce-"I hail Il clancly time at your party last night." lfcl. Smith -- "XYliy, I had no party last night." Ilruce -A "No? XYell, believe nie, I was at somehocly's party." "C'o11g1'at11Iafe me, wife, I won the nomination!" "lloncstly?" "Why rlifl you have to luring that up P" HEIGHTS DRY CLEANERS Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Clothes IE 'L FE fr We respectfully solicit the patronage of those If 4 who for one reason or another are displeased with the valet service they are now getting, We solicit those who may be over particular if about the Way their work is done. We solicit those who appreciate care and atten- tion to details. of service ihcrfs different. l 'I 1: 5E All who oolne mag feel assured Phone 32-244 Leo Johnson Prop., E 1 'I X W H , , W F, , ,, ,,,, M. ,,,, .. ,,,., .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,., .. -,,.t,......i...,.i. ,. J ., ,,.. Page One Hundred Forty-one i rvNA:-Ar-4'A-Av'vAv'v'v4--'v'-'-'-'-'v'v'-'v'v'v'v'-'-v'-A-'-'-'v'-'v'v'-'v'v'v'-A-A-'v'v'-A I: DISTRIBUTORS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SUPER SERVICE STATIONS, IN C. I k and Houston Phone 25-701 il 2 'I gg B E V E R L Y IN N DINE -. DANCE FISH .. CHICKEN...STEAK Where The Best Is Served ll love is lmlmrl ,Xml lovers L'1lll'I sec, XVI ' tl l' l my in ic 4 ICQUIIS llmfl Sulllvullv luvc ll 4 The n 4 tn gg Fawley - Abbott Co. 1: Western Ave. Between 3rd and 4th QE - You'll find our prices low regardless of the 52 standard of quality. We would rather miss it the sale than sell you cheap, shady 5: ' ' merchandise it A I' . . Q Good, Dependable Quality in Home- Furnishings is always recommended. In 1 ffiffffffffflfffffflffffffffflffifffrf M- 4 :Lo llldI'tt v.v.'.'. .v.v.'.v.v.v.v.'.v.'.'.-.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.-.v.'.'.v.v.-.'.v.v.'.v.'.v.'.v.,'.v.v.v. vlv-Av' vlvl- v-v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' v'v'v'v'v'.N'v'v I E. H. SHELDON CO. Furniture for Departments in: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agriculture, Sewing, Manual Arts, Drawing and Art. 1 in n 1 r 'L 1 qu r 1 3 r 'r 'r 'r 'n 'n 'n 'r in 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 1 Muskegon, Michigan 1 ft 'I 'I gi Main Office and Factory :E 1: 'r 'r 'u 'r In l 4 LiL4ff!!IffffiffffffffflfffflIffffffffffiif 1 Come to :I l SCHOENBERCYS MARKET 1 gl I for Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats If fish and oysters, fresh in usage daily 1: 103 W. Broadway Phone 32-159 li l1l. Pzxscue-"I wish l had I1 nickel for every clatc I had." Xrt ll, -"XX hat w1ml1l you 1111? Iiuy a PIlL'liZlg'C of gum?" try-"Is Nlnrgarct out for athletics?" ' l lc:mu1 -- "Nu, atlilclesf' .-.-v--:----v-v-v----r v-v--f v----:.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.sf--v--N, Again Leads me Wm? Motor lndustry There mug! be a REASON Ig I 'I . BOYDNAUTOSALES 1' Buy A New Ford Learn the Facts ln qv tr P 1 'I 1 v 1 ,r tu Page One Hundred Forty-three ,X W. 1,5Aviibfwlvlv-v'N1'v'vAv'Y'wAv'Nr'v'v'vAv5ffv.v'NfNvAvAv.vAvAvAv'Nll4fS'vAvAvAv4v'vAv'l1'v-v 'r 1: 1 l i MSTURIJAIII. AUTO REFINISII YOUR CAR" 1 1 1: W 'I Ig STORDAHL AUTO REFINISHING CO. Ig 4 4 'I , 11 1: COMPLETE BODY - FENDER - CLASS - TRIM SERVICE 1, 1, Eg rLE.4s1111E 11.4115 -- 1:0MMERc1AL 12,1115 1: 1: -An -if -f - , - 1: 1: VAKNISII - LACOUER AND ENAMEL EINISH P :f :I 1: - v ' 11 1 nn 1 It L T 1, 1, . . 'I 4 1 1: AUTHORIZED 5 1: AUTO 1: 1: ,RE-FINISHING . 1: 1: STATION 5 11 gl 1: gi 1: TE1,m'1101v1c .-12-22:1 11 1 E: SANFORD ST. AND COLUMBIA A VE. 1 1: MUSKECON HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN 1: Lvvvvv-'-'-'-A-'-'-'-'-A-'v'-A-""""""'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'v'-'-'-'v'v"'v'v'v'v'v'v'-'-A-Q1I .1X1'1 1117111111171 W- "1 111111111 Il 111111-11111 111 1111s s111111." Xv1'1'11Il S. "li111111, 1111111 111111 s1'1-if y1111 C1111 111111 1111 1'1111111." N1111111- 111111 -"XY111.1's N'1l111A 1'1-11s1111 1.1114 111'ix'i11g' :1 1'111'?" 811111. 111111151111 - "1Q11s1-11'11111'11, Sully, 131111i11, 111111 l1:1111'." M1111s11-1' --- ".-Xs l 1111111 111111111. l s1'1- 111'l'111'1- 1111: Il g1'l'C1l1 11111115' l11'ig111 :11111 s11i11i111f 11111-1'1" .l11s1 1111'11 '35 111111111-1' 1111118 1'111111' 11111. 1,11s1111s 111 11151111 111141 111 1111s1 11' S111 lJ11L'1ik'1'H 111'1' 1111s 71111011 111 111111 11'1- 11'1IS1. '.'.'.'.v.'.'5.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.'.'.'.v.'.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.'.'.-.'.'.', WHITE STARMSTATION GROCERIES - CIGARS - ICE CREAM -ses CANDY was 111N1-1 MILE EAST ON M461 Harry N. Freeman, Prop. 1Pvl,4-'v'v'v'v'-v-v3v'vAvAv'vAv'v'v'v'v'VAv'vAvAvA-5fv'v'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAv'v4v',',Av-v-4,-,A,A,A,AvA: , l'11g1- 1ln1- ll11nd1'1-d l"111'1.y-f11ur Hart Schaffner SL Marx 'n 1 n 4 n 1 I 1 u 1 n 1 u 1 3 v 1 v 1 l: I 3 n 'r l 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 gl IE "PREP" suns WITH 2 TROUSERS 3 fi S52 5E QE S2750 QE E Ei S30 if New Blues 1: 5: New Tans 1: 3: New Grays 1' 1' EE if 1: 1: Ig fi THE SQUARE IE ' EE They laughed when I sat dmv11 at the piano. It was fully iivc 1lliI1lllCSllCflJI'l' I 01111111 iiml thc slut 1-1bl'lNV nickcl' Page Ono Hundrvd Forty-five Members of Florists, Telegraph Association I P cS:1y it with qlfrazffflrs Phone 22-005 vAv''AvAv'v---A--'A-AvAvAvAv'vA.Av-vlv-v'-Av-v-vAvAv'w-v4vAv4vAv'v'- - v v v v v BUSH LUMBER COMPANY 'l'IIE noMl-1 OF SATISFACTION LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL SANFORD AND LAKETON AVE. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 'v'vAv4vAvA-'NINIKIS-'vlv'v'-'vlvlv A-4vAv'vA-4-'5ll,A,A,A,A,A,-,A J. H. LEE 8: SON Hardware 3 W. Broadway Phone 32-18 :go llillt mq11wWr"! 11111 M-' "-"" ""' 1 "" ---I - mm. I----I A 1--- ,Www-W xxxx NNVN- W W,,,,,,,m,-W--F !!-11 W,W1mYmm,,W,,,,,,,,,, ..,1..m, ,,.,, 1 .....,,,W :E Z 55 Gompliments QE IE EE EE 0 if 5E 5E CZQ7. C101 qiicheufds Sandy 80. ie ii 1E 5: ig 845 glue CSL QE jifacskegon, jffifzh. 1: 1: it Maylne the 1111111 who says he KlOCSl1,t owe Z1 dollar COlllfl11,t if he tried. Iff!!Iffiffffviiiiiii11Lkkikkkkiiik?fffiiffifffffffffff Compliments of KRAMER'S STORE WE CARRY QUALITY MERCHANDISE IIIDE SHIRTS - HOLEPRODI-' HOSE - SWEET A ORR PANTS AND LAMB KNIT swIf:ATI-:Rs OLD POST OFFICE BLDG. SANFORD8z BROADWAY PIIDNE az -ass 1 U , . . . . ,, Lamp hfe IS just one CZIIIHCKI thmg after z111otl1c1'. "XYl1:1t book has helped you 111ost?" "My l11I:b:1:1d's checkbook." "A senator is very often :1 1111111 who has risen from obscllrity to Sfhllllxlllillg' worse !" I1 ' PEOPLES' HARDWARE CO. OSCAR IIDPPERSTEAD "The Tesl Of T ime since 99', 799-80 Q Pine Street Phgng 22-618 vw-'-'--A-Tv-T-'v'-'v'--'-1'-'-'-'-'-'-A-'-'-'--'v-------rv------vvw-vvvv.-. Page One HundredNForty-sewfen - 1. 111111 W ' 1 t,'v'v'-'v'v'v'v'-' Avlv'-'v'v'-'-'v'v-v'v'v'v'-Avlv'-A-Av'-A-A-A-'-' 'v'vA--AvAv'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-A-'v'v'v 'U LEE FUNERAL HOME r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'n 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'n 'r 'r 1 n 1 r 1 tr r QE 'I 'n if Muskegon Heights, Michigan 'I 1: 1 gi 11 , - - - - .,.v.,.,.,.,. - .,.,.,.,., ...... , .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., ..... - - - - - - - - - - - .luck XY.-"XX'l1m'c :tru the zttlverlms in our l"1'01tch I'l'1lliL'I'pU lilnit-1' K, "'l'lt1'y ram ztwzty, I gttcssf' .luck XY. - "XX'I1c1't-F" i':ilHl'l' K- -"l gttcss Miss l"ill1t1g'h11t11 hats gut tht-in in Iwi In tin l'1vctt'y is :t gift tw :trc twirl, but must 1-fliturs xt'1m'l trlkt tt ox :tt tltzlt. "Il:tx't- ytttt sulmiittctl this pnvnt :my plztct- licI'tn'c?" MNH." "XXX-Il, wlttfrt- 1li1l ymt get the Imlztck cyc then?" C' Murphy Bros. Laundry PROMPT SER VICE 'Jfvcrything in Laundry Work and Linen Supply" MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 1154 Seventh Street Phone 32-079 annwannazanuwwnnanu-:rrr:r:::::::::::::::::::::::::r: Page Um- llumlrvd l"1n'Iy-1-igltt 13 1 l slut W W' IJ ' 1' im, qw-it-1 - --W WLM,- ri 1 nnnnagankgnnnnngnznx. 2.J'1Q111111nnnnxzxnnkznnaxnkgtt. A Cuttin Edge HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS : You can give your High School education a Culting Edge by securing Business Training in our school. We specialize in Secretarial Training and in Higher Account- ing for the class of positions. SUMMER SCHOOL lay A Post Graduate Course for High School commerical graduate with placement service. tbl Special Shorthand, Typewriting, and Bookkeeping classes for those who will enter college in the fall. ' tc! Graduate courses for those who wish to start in the summer, so as to finish several months sooner than those who wait until fall to enter. NEW CLASS starts June 23 and July 7. Individual and small-group instruc- tion. Information free. HOWELIIS SCHOOL OF' BUSINESS "The Friendly School" Jefferson at Webster Phone 22-531 DON'T NEGLECT YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT You will find it will colne in handy, when you are reudg to enter College. We will pug Hou 372 inferesl' on your savings uccouni' HAUKLEY UNIO ATIO AL BAN i Muskegonls Progressive Bank Page One Hundred Forty-nine U7 L nl , '1' '., r . . , 1 A DEVELOPMENT OF CREATIVE -g- Continental Motors is logically a development of creative engineering. Its designs are founded on the rock of experience. Its products are built to keep pace with ever-expanding needs of the automotive world. Through unequaled, specialized experience, its engineers sense the needs of the industry. Through these facilities which mark Continental as a leader, far reaching improve- ments HI e carried out successfully, vast production programs ne completed without a skip or a falter. These are factors which are largely responsible for Continental's .standing in the automotive world today. P-UM CONTINENTAL Mo'roRs CORPORATION gi I " rl ,, 2, Offices: Detroit, nmhigsn, U. s. A. 5: Factories: Detroit and Muskelton '- Largest Exclusive Motor Manufacturer in the World WICASS Page One Hundred Fifty . ,., it 'Ui ' A ' 4, 'L ' NN' ,Q p t . . u I- . ..', . . rd,--A A s 'il' ,ni :..'-g..4t51ient,-,,,Mo- .Y 4- --sIgil.- , ....-.A- A i E x , E S E Q E A P 5 ri 4 54 :T 5 I

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