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,K A k , , if ', WbuWgpJfffj!! X e1fM W Q" W X aiiizf' ' --v 1 1 Q J 1 M-J , . fl 1 fi ,hz -? ci 1 Q If E' .c' vi ,' , K'-if 1 0 J-if: A ' I ' . ly if LC, ff , L 7 , 1 , ZW ' - M- - ,Alun J rv.. 'TJ " 'T' QM f Q. : Q Q.. px S C A"A 'wc M A OSA .. .iwgp I 4 N SZWMAW - .1 1, N, hhh 1 -4-v-XX L ' S - 1" f A, ' fr!! . 'vrl I A 1 , , r ' 1' f f rl ,Q nv O , Ny 0 A-K , I 1 if I .-. Z B IIIIIIINYI 111011 11111 1 II 1 L1Ntod1111N .md f 1 1ul1111 11 1u1111.111 5111.1 1 a 'xr- Acl ' 44 ' ' 1' 15.1 I1 C K, -4 i, lm kg F K. 1:.x , 1 11, SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Arthur A. Iohnson has served as superintendent of Iunior College, High School, Iunior High School, and the seven elementary schools of Muscatine for seventeen years. Before taking over the position that he now holds, Mr. Iohnson taught school and was also a coach. He taught social science. phys- ics, and biology. He took his under- graduate work at Morningside College, received his IVI.A. at the State Univer- sity of Iowa, and did his post-graduate work at Iowa State College. Mr. Iohn- son's hobby is playing golf. PRINCIPAL Mr. Fred G. Messenger, our principal, has the responsibility of taking care of our large high school. This year there were about 980 students and 40 teach- ers under his guidance. He taught com- mercial subjects, social science. and was track coach for five years until 1930 when he took over his present position. He received his B.A. at Iowa Wesley- an. Mr. IVIessenger's one time ambition was to become a doctor, but in time he decided to make Education his career. His favorite food is steak, and he is always ready for a good game of golf. 7 Standing Super1ntendentA A ohnson Mrs Corrine Marx secretary Seated Mrs Dorothy Toborg Dr Robert Asthalter L D Krueger George H acobs treasurer Clifford E Worst president Kenneth Schreurs Robert Hahn vice president l'6! ! i7Jl1lfC6ltL0l'L 83,6 efff l'Lt0l'85t 0l'l'Ll'l'Llfttee commercial subyects Miss Florence Hahn home economics MISS Eula Downer mathematics Mr Mearl Wood English Standing Mr Gordon McLean music M 1m Maas science Mr Lindley Hoopes vocat1ona1 sublects Chairman ' : ' . 1 . ' , . ' : . 1 . 9 . . : . I , 3 ' . , 0 . Members of this committee and the departments they represent are: Seated: Mr. Mike Edie, , 1 . ' : . , f 3 r. , ' 3 . Even though thls IS Mrs Kuppe s first year at M H S I think most of us know her for her help fulness Mls Kuppe came to M H S from Portland Malne to replace Mrs Ruthenburg Among the varled dutles of our secretary are keepmg the permanent records up to date maklng out the new schedules and checkmg the dlctaphone work Thus year DIXIQ Lee Erkson was our student secretary Dude typed tests for varlous teachers and ran them off exther on the ditto or mnmeo graph machme took dnctatxon typed the mornmg bulletxn w rote admlts slgned work permlts 'md ran the swltchboard L68 The functxons and dutxes of the ofhce of M H S are numerous Nlr Ulum boys dean has charge of keepmg attendance records 1nd gwmq admmts and excuses In order to help the regular ofhce staff a number of glrls from the study halls are tramed to run the swltch board dehver telephone who have letters to be typed may dictate them on the phone and then a commercxal student will transcribe the letter on one of the two new dlctaphones 1n the ofhce A svstem has also been set up to take letters for buslnessmen down town EQ' messages, File the excuses. and pick up the attendance slips from the classrooms. Any teachers 1 A X ' , ' z i, K V 3 t x WAS TED ALLEN Bxology SCICHCC IOHN BAIRD Biology fl M 'xrzv BIELEFELD Home Economlcs IOHN BREADY Hlstory THOMAS BRUNER Algebra Efonom1cS Clvxcs 0,614 MAX COLLINS Vocal Musxc Choral Groups EULA DOWNER Engllsh Mathematxcs Dean of Gnrls EUGENE EDIE mmercxal Coach MII DRED FOGARTY Engllsh EARL GANTENBEIN Phymcal Educatlon Coach . . , 57 A, xl WAS IoHN GouoY Speech Debate GENEVA GRACE Science FLORENCE HAHN Home Economics ROBERT HANSEN School Treasurer PARNICK HAZARIAN Printing Pi Type Club Auroran Newspaper jacuky MARIORIE HOFEMAN Physical Education G.A.A. LINDLEY HOOPES Vocational Agriculture FFA IEANNE IAHNKE Librarian Library Club Lou1sA IERICHO Social Science HETTY KEMBLE Latin English Curia Regia l l I Mathematics , , WAS WALTER KOCHNEFF Drlver s Trammg Coach CAROLINE LIEBBE COmrnerc1al IUNE LINGO Englxsh ,ff MILDRED LUPTON Commerclal Mathematlcs IOHN MCAREAVY Geometry Algebra Auroran Yearbook SWA, GENEVIEVE MCCANDLESS Engllsh GORDON MCLEAR Instrumental MUSIC Band IAMES MAAS Algebra Chemxstry Coach DOROTHY MARCUE Engllsh Guldance ARFHIE MARTIN HISYOIY .M ' of T l WJ-LS? CATHERINE MILLER Spanish English LEE MILLER Physics Electronics Coach LEONARD ROGGEVEEN Woodworking L A SCHNAFK Social Science Director of Activities Assistant Principal EVELYN SCHULTZ Home Economics aj6lClfLAy FLOYD SCOTT Visual Aids CHARLES SHOOK English Sociology EDITH STOCKER tt IAMES ULuIvI Boy s Counselor MEARL WOOD English I3 . A 4 . U g , . . Commercial E WAS Two of our new teachers this year were Dorothy Marcue and Marjorie Hoff- mann who shared an apartment across the street from the high school. Her? we see them sampling some of their home cooking. Tom Bruner caught lohn Bready just as he was leaving for home after a tiring day at M.H.S. If we could hear their conversation it might be that they were making plans to attend one of thc big tournament games at Iowa City. Three teachers xx ho make it 1 habit to eat together every noon are Eula Downer, Mildred Fogarty and Hetty Kemble No doubt they hnd this short social time a welcome break after acudl r Qur Musky photographer caught the three home economies teachers: Evelyn Schultz, Florence Hahn, and Mary Bielefeld planning their spring outfits with the aid of one of the new pattern books that are available in the home making room. Charles Shook and Lindley Hoopes, who have been faculty members at M.l'l.S. for many years, have witnessed many distributions of the annual Au- RORAN. Here we find them looking through some of the old yearbooks. "This is Your Life, lim Maas" was the theme of one of the pep assemblies for the football season. Participating in "Moose's" past were ohn Breiclv Fred Messenger ohn ML Areayy, l,ee Miller, Max Collins, and ohn Goudy 1 X 4 Five people who help keep things running smoothly at our school are the custodians pictured above, glancing at their daily schedule. Left to right they are: Gertrude Steele, Bob Schmidt, Ernest Gullekson, Ralph Flake, and Harold Marx. This efficient staff has many duties which they perform every day: such as keeping halls clean, painting, emptying waste baskets, and cleaning class rooms. These custodians of M. H. S. have a job which requires more responsi- bility than most of us realize. Kfwfocfianfi Cjakferia, Three familiar faces to students who eat in the M.H.S. cafeteria every noon are pictured at the lower left preparing for another busy noon time. Left to right they are: Mrs. Lila Hilde- brand, Mrs. Martha Carlson, and Mrs. Alta Allen. Every day approximately 175 students are served in our cafeteria. Pictured at the lower right are two of the students who help out with the work in the cafeteria. Here we find George Long dipping ice cream, and Ed Ware drawing orange juice. 9.-4 1 - C.f 4 . 'xi' 'X if ..' 6 4 I AL How I Mardell Bohnsack Gerene Bremer Nlncy Bywnt M ary Ann B1erman Nanny Boldt Shmela Bler man olene Buchell Myrna Buckley Ron 7 Anne Beverldge Karen Burns Norma Beatty Mary Bouglot Rose Atklns ITIS Beblnv Sharon Blake Allce Amos Ron 3 Gerald Boxxer Tlmothy Barrett Leshe Broxxn Rlchard Berrv Kenny Braee oel Bendle Ray Anson Ronald Albrlqht Roz: -I Daxld Bell Bob Brauns Blll Brovxn Wayne Brendel Tom Allbee on Boltl1ou5e Harold Broun P815 WLZVL R111 I Ruth Delzlon Betty Dlttmin Yxonne Cohureh Ruth C m lrr bindri C onner M xrlene C hipmln Lmda C xrnh an luty Emrxtlx Ruth C onner Ron 7 I mn Dodds L1urelC h xpman Roselle C urns C,hervl Esmyoml C1 lnela Cooper Pit C otlnn Donnl Crowley N may C ook Rm 3 leonard Essex Ron Dxek m an Gary C ost as lmmle C arter Frmlxhn Burr Gerxld DeVore D1rxllC nur Bob C ook Edu nd C h ap man R411 -I Dirrel Larttr errv Dexmn Phillip C aparoon Dirxxln Blllnnqet Fldon Bxllmqer Dnld C hapm in Tom Butts Rodney Brannon Don 11d C h :pm ln I8 ,-.... Row! ackle Garrlson Georgla Haller Dorm Foster udy Flqglns Caren Gros Kay Hahn Kathleen Hanklns uinlta Hallmark Sandrl Garvln Row 7 lll Mae Harrli Norml H1rrls Snow Hllton ll l Freund C arol Gamble Gall Glddlb Nancy Hecht Frlnees Etter R ll 3 udv Froehner LlIllOI' H1 el wood Wllma HIHQS erry Haqens Bllly Hansford Fred Hocklllq Fred Helrd Ell1l1Q Harper M lrv Ann Hogan R011 4 Paul Flgg lm Goodrlcl-c ohll Hotlxe Wesley Hagens Kelth H IIIIKOU errv H lth lxx 1V ohn Frye ames Henke Ben Henson P85 l'l'L8l'L Row! lnagene Klart ackle Knlght Sandra Hoopes Ruth ones udv KFIQYIIDSOD Delnne Hubble Vela Hull Marllyn Korte Mary Kralltz Rogalee Honts R011 7 Mary Klnnev Klthv ISIICS Marle Holt Mll Iorle Hume Arleen Hunter bhlron Knouse Pit lekson Peqqy Lau Dlrlent 0 ts RO 3 Mllx n lmlson Ernest ones Rodney ensen MAFVIH Kruse Bob ones Blll Klndler Don Huber Rl ll -I Gel lld Klrk Merrlll Lamb Larol Klelll ltlx Korte Gary Klebe Glrv lmes Tom Hllqhes 'F fs... 'lmli It '- I9 4 I . ' 0 .V u 7, I ,I I lr, 5. I 3 0 M I xb M ' Q- I., ri 5 . I- " G' , .. X' V v , , -V , , J- k " A ' ' n -1, A :Hg 1 M - ' C " , " Q ' '. -: 1 C f . ' ' ' ,Ilia , if , ' 2 , 2 ' 3 . O ' : I I , I ' zz - f , ' ' ' ,I 'K , ' I. .z , 2' K , 2 I Q. 1: ' ' :I ' I Q 2 '21, : , I ' ' . . I ,I I f 'Q S , 2 1 'Q , 1 ' , ' , . l-: f ' 1, 2 I ,az ' 2, Q'- ' ' , , I 2 3 , 2 Ie ' J , U 1 '. 2 ' I nit ll' : 2' 'l Ii V K. I I 5. ' . ' L, ' Y I ,dv ' A v ' , , I .2 . . H V 8 - :. K' .. w I " X ., ' ' I l A , " ' " ' .J ' 4 I If A ' ' , in 'F , -V H0111 1 bhxrlcy McC11ll Q h irlottc l cxxls bhxrl y Morrxssev Batty M 1SSCV oyce Moore Lois Mldluff l O15 Nicholson oyce M lrtm met loveless une M uolf Roz: 7 Alonso l wne M arretta Mlller DOFIS Mc Kxlllp Ruth McK1ll1p Pearl Lloyd Peqqy Mlller Shlrley Mxrtm em Nimrenus M1ry ane Noland Mary Ann loqel Razz 3 1m MLVlCktF Ruth Ann ones o Ann Oear Ruth McDm1el La ean McCol lum met Nelpert Elo1se l lvne E.l1z1heth lutz E url Morgan Ron -I Llrrv M xrtm Larry Manly Mar Gene NlC6WdDl1Qf Rom Nexxcom ,wwf P85 l'l'L6l'L fi j G5 Row I Bexerly Payne Barbara Olmqer oyce Reed udv Panlxratz Wanda Orr Helen Pershke Pat Qs born Sharon Rebelslxv Rm 7 RlLl'll1Cl Schocmq Gary Ovens Karen W1mberly Barbara Rummelle Phvllls Rlcharcl Betty Sellers How nd Schmel er Dennxs Sander Ron 3 Lnarles Relner Bllly Peterson Rmhard Phllllps Gerald P1rr1sh Lirry Qu en Glen Ruclcle Merle Schmelzer Don Schmidt Gary Quast Roz -I Kenneth Orr Melxln Reed Dixe Ruwell errv Pratt P1ulReed Don Rose lm Rolston Art Ramm Gary Schrnelzer M nn- ....-an 20 lp " A A 'Y sg ' , L or ' ie .las ' I 4 ' s, , 10 2 . 1. f IL ? ' i x . or L .A A Il L.- L. ' ,I 1 ' ,Ie 1 . I 2 ' . 1-5 J ,il , e 2 ' , - . . V . . ' E Y U . I . 2 . , I 2 2 Z 2 I I V . I . u f 1 Q' ' X , I . . ' 2 ' , I - , Ie ' ,E1 , ' e - , e K' . 1 : a I Q ' , ' L , - vin Morgan, Lee Neipert, Leroy Miller, Ronnie Merrill, Larry Novvcll, Don McCormick, Gary Mercer, 1 I , 'tv l fllflllfw ll JI? 'IN . P I0 N I I li ,uf , cf-: "z' " ' ' , . v : , " . . ' " , I I 2 , z , ., 5 . -5 G A ,U 1 -? - u D R . I' l , , A' ' YV f ' , . , - ' :I J 'I I ' ' 5: 1 f . I 'Q QI' I ra v i Ne-4-f'1 If A 13011 I Barbara Snyder Betty Smedlev Betsy Swxeeny M lry Ann Stlmler Dlanne Sllaxely udv Smalley udy Spiuldlng anet Sturms Donna Taylor Roz: 7 Cflrol Smlth LOIS Secrlst Nancy Schreurs Sally Schvmndke Llnda Schroeder anlb Shoemilcer Nlckl Hanson Sandra Elllott Ellzabeth Schmarle ean Stwrkxxeather R011 3 Waylle Schnelder Dawlcl Tanner erry Stlqers Bob Thorndyke Don Shepard Kay Sultzberger Melvln Synder Dax Tlmm Grant Stillxfleet Ronnle Seller Donnle Seller Bob Secrlst P85 l'l'L8l'L Roll I Carol Wltts Anna Wll5on udv Yordt Darlen Z1 harlnqer P1rTrlmble DOIIIII Wlekert em Zlehl Mlrllyn Ziehllnqer Donnl Weqqen R 1 7 IIN Whltmcr Marv Wlllet Pollx Umlanclt Lllol Whlte Ianlce Wll5on Ellzibeth Trunlnger Carol TISOY Della Tom n5encl Daxlcl Wakeland Harry Trlcler Row 3 Edclle Ware Blll Wheeler Blll Whltlow Cliude Webb DeWavlle Traak Garry Wagner Bob Wakeheld Kelth Wherly Earl Weeks Row 4 Carl Yerlngton Marlon Warnstaff Bob Wllson Bob Wendlandt Carl Tltus Ronnle Welsch Bud Troxel Ken Whetstllle kits, r f I mmfl QSEHI. A 2I L - - X' 1 Y . 133 -' , N J N M' Q A Q u I v r N Y' .1 ' if --Q 'wg wa K- I r 5 Q U Q' T A 2 . I Qi' 3 I I4 Q A , e ' . 1 -: e ' , Q , ,, f ' . f : ' , " . I Ak . , '. Iames Schnedler. Richard Smith, Lee Schroeder, Linda Young, Row 4: Bob Steckman, Iames Shoemaker. l f' 2 ,. ' ' , I I . ' e Q e ' t , 1 A , 4 ' ' . I 4 ' , Q ' C " I . 2 N . Ov-: A '. 2 A ' , If , Sa' f ., I' H yi I 'Z v A l - ' A ' I " ' ' I 1, - , I Y Y A v ws , -In A . I fx: 211 Q 1 V3 ' I . The candidates for president of the Freshmen Senate are pictured above. Ron' I: Beverly Payne, Mardell Bohnsack, lanis Shoemaker, Nancy Scheurs, Karen Burns, Caren Gross. Carol VVatts. Ron' Z: Bill Petersen. Darvll Carter. Dan Ross. Dave Timm, Gary Mercer, Robert Cook, Frederick Hocking. Carol VK'atts was elected from this group to be the President of the Freshmen Senate. ZZPQJAMQH 8l'L6Lf6 Freshmen students at lVluscatine High School were given a chance to use and observe parliamen- tary procedure first hand through the Freshmen Senatei This program was set up through the speech classes and has been very successful in giving the students a chance to put their knowl- edge of parliamentary procedure into use. When the Freshmen Senate met on April l3. 1954. there were thirteen community problems on the agenda. Pictured at the left are a group of students who authored these bills that were presented to the senate. Seated are: Marie Holtz and Marilyn Korte. Standing are: Snow Hilton, Dan Ross. and lerrv Devin. 2 22 cfo QI" 1' ootln ffl onzu omzmy Io tl mn 1012 ff ,, A A ,-UI Sulmn! Plug Ov IVA Q ' 3 7 T72 Row I: Harry Townsend, LeRoy Bartenhagen, Chuck Anson. Leonard Eggenherg, Max Colherg, Don Moritz, Bob Massey, Elbert Beverly, Al Holland, Dick Ralston, Don Duncan. Row 2: Dick Maeglin. Don Schmidt, Harlan Ziegenhorn. Bernie Roth, Ernie Morgan, Charlie Townsend, Tom Hahn, Ray Gaddis, Harry Martin, Sid Stark. Richard Strong. Row 3: Coach Maas. Bob Anderson, Mike Steffanson, Harry Glatstein, George Long, Ron Boshart, Don Schoultz, Earl Rohde, Roger Horst, Gregg Schroeder, Don Schmeltzer, lim Baars, Don Rogers, Ierry Schmidt, Bob Tanner. joofdaf LITTLE SIX STANDINGS Final 1953 W L T Washington . . 5 O 1 Ottumwa . 5 l O Keokuk . . 6 1 I Muscatiiie . . 4 3 O ' Ft. Madisoii . . 2 5 0 mm Fairfield ' ' ' 2 5 0 Musky footballers wan fccogmzgisoii lun. Mf, Pleasam - - 1 5 U iii? Sgglftlif? glltfiff af:i,fQ,S1,fi"ll2SfQ.plfaiii Burlington . , 1 6 0 t:5xi,,33f':,.t::ii. gsm liujfzrfifgupf Ron' I: Marvin Morgan. Larry I-Iarroun, Tony Pasdaugh, Darrel Carter. Lee Schroeder, Tom Hughes, Bill Cook, Danny Littell. lim Xvhitmer. Ted Downey. Eli Glatstein, Everett VVhite. LaVerne Chclf. Row 2: Gary Harter. VVesley Hagens. Eddie Ware. Tim Barett. Merle Schmeltzer, Fred Kautz. Bernie Brauns, Gary Schroeder. George Schmidt, Bill Carter. lim Rarlie, Larry Nau, Clarence Higgerson, Ron Roland. Row 3: Coach Kochneff. Gary Metzger, Lance Lange. Doug Wilsoii, Harry Townsend. lerry Othmer, Ierry Shenk, Dean Dahms, Norman Troxel, Ed Caliger, Assistant Coach Edie. giiige' -A EY- w M- M' if w2jf5?' L R: , 5' :ak W .IW ,V -W H V4, ,V ,,,, BS V' psi 3 .gww .fm"?Qji:z, 3, M "-e:""f ' ,Q KI Z' f' s ,7-M I , y ' 1 O 4' , fs M9,+ Link 4 X K M,,WY Wk, 0' vi. -E iq J, J 'fy EQ A 4 1, , J , 5 21' 721, ' Q . 1 r s 9 .wt s ' -sf ff- 3, ffl! ' ' 7 'ZX ff? Y' I A 'Z' 9 za' gf ui- ,cm 5,9 'Q as F! CFI -Q rs f"'1 F" lffq fa E1 M I'OOTBALL Ll' TTI' RMILN RAY GADDIS HARRY MARTIN SID SCHOULTL STARK M BAARS GEORGF LONG GRPGG SCHROI' DI' R I'LBI4 RT BI VI4 RLY DICK MAFCLIN DON HARRY QLATSTILIN DON ROGI R S MIKP STP I'I I' NSON TOM HAHN BERNIE ROTH BOB TANNI' R Z700fM FR HOLLAND DOIN SCHMELTLER HARLAN LIFO? NHORN ' ,1', I 91" , A fm I j'1f"7'Q 40- if ,Y - K VA . -f D ,yi I ' 7' s I -it f wi " ,fa A . .- 4.. ff an ' , 'T - sw f "3 " ", Z' 7 '? 'X' " 79 f , V 15 I Cz,-np- :vw ., TTI I '59 :R I" :I ,. f .7-T Q ' .. , .rs ' Q, ,7 ' ' , .. In X, ' . M N f ' x'- " wr-- f 1 I ' t X I s II Ii 2 1 Q AL . A y 3 , Head Football Coach lim Nlaas and Assistant Coach Earl Gantenhein make it evident that their Muskies have just scored a touchdown. VARSITY FOOTBALL S Muscatine Opponent 13 C. R. Roosevelt I3 Burlington . . O Keokuk . 6 Washington . I8 Mt. Pleasant . 20 Ft. Madison . 33 Fairfield . 7 Ottuniwa . EASON 0 6 13 7 I-I 7 l-I 19 28 Q36 30,9 g im Biars ind Don Roqers co captains ofthe 1953 Mtisky football team ire pictured here with one of the Rogers who is watching im point out the four traits that Don demonstrated to his teammates in order to have been selected by them for this honor The four traits are sportsmanship team spirit courage and per severance Each year the recipient has his name engraved on the trophy along with the names of Musky football greats selected for this honor since 1937 29 I' ez 3 : K - 2 ' 4 . , 2 A " schools most valued possessions, the Bill Roach Trophy. The 1953 recipient of this trophy was Don W 3 " v 3 I gi. in 'WV' 1 A , , ff-wks Q? 9442255 ,Ql4g:a7'9"? ' 5 ff X Q R 1-V rwgf. , A la I -3 'in , .. .A ,, . 1 ,,, n, 7 . 1 , vw 'I ,L f if ' lg! Ji iiu ' . i 1 4 if f ' 1 ,, xi M, F 43 iw i A, sk ,fl .. 22 xg W fa ., , J Al, 152: w wiwifzmflf may A i .. ya' fi ,A QQ yy ,VH f ,Vg J ., Y if 3. J- A Wg! 4 , ly, M 1 J, 5232 'QM f fi 2 -' , 7 g Q A img W V A , , LV Q K , ., V 4? fig. - ,,.p.f,.. -W b,,,,5g..f, . A-.glut nw v aw, ,, E 5.x 1 .L si i " 5-5 ra' 4 , ' i ,Q 4 1 ,, ,.,,,..,,t,,: N '. v , 4 ! 4 wi? ' f ZF 5' , if 6, L Q V Jjgka fi . iw .4 , J fi ii i V S 1 A qui' 19 few' riffs' f S x , 2,2 , rg .X W Q . I ,..,l Qw 46 'Q' ' .WM I, y my E jg fi Wm , V A' x 2, 14 f ,yy I lo ' 'fri ' +3 g' -fm-. 532 Trl 'S' " 'P ,.'YP'?-Q. , ,,,,.AV , ,I in W mb' OUQIWL QI" JYUIIZOIL I K If W v1'.11 11 fffzzfv 'wil' mf 52,9 0l'l'L0l"8 CZGJM OMCQPJ Vice president, Nancy Dusenberry: secretary-treasurer, Lance Lange: and president, Rosemary Allmandinger: are shown in this picture selecting class rings. They will select two or three styles and then the class members will vote for the style they like from this selection. The official class ring of the class is the one that receives the most votes in this election. Each May, the sophomores order their rings from the various jewelers in town. and they receive them at the beginning of their junior year. -.4 N R 1 Donna Cnngron 0A1n Bxrnhlrt Ruth Chapman HDICL Ch ipman Sui B xlur Cxrol Blum Ardxs Blgsbx Ann Brodlc Cxrol Borchut Rowmnry AllI1l3Hd1DQtF Roz 2 arry Bnumgardnar Don Broun uclxth Brown Mmon Amoi Bexerly Blh LllliflHC Boldt Hnlcn Ash oAnn Bolllngar Bewrly Bennmnq Larry Carnr Cam Albrecht Ron J Robgrt Alemdn B111 Cirtu Charlu Bgllcnap Tom Barnard Berne Bmuns l'red Broun ohn Bmrd Lnstnr Alunbgrnd Ro 4 Ed Callger LaVf.rnc Chlll Phil Bxmny on Blcxsxng lm Barren aggn Herb Barnard C LN Bal gr Don,AqLr llllam Brade Bob Qf Exif gfyff rv sp C M10 WH! wi J Ande rson Xx 0 omorw ,M 50,2 W w Cffdfflfi ,M X Iy l R 1 1 Tlulml Crlm Carol hostur Dbrothx l'osur bharon l.1hr1 ms Mglhx Clrll xnd Clrol C 1ll1l1nCl Nincx Duunhrrrx 'Vlary lorhu VV1lrn1 Cola o 7 Lum Crlfhth Clorxu l'1gg Cynl Colunboslu Batty Dint Blrhxra Hlhn Sl71FlLX Cum IHIIQN Barham H amp on ndy Dlllon Lorx anno En Ro J Marx Courtmy Ruby lfilllillfl Daxxd Dov irlu l r rm H1 n nc owxnn l1l1 blatstun Xxlllblll' Dlppg Cum Crit Ciro hostnr cu 4 Cxrx Hirtlr L lrrx H lI'I'OllI1 XRVIXHL Cuhhlqn H mrolcl lullu lm Polq wry Dax ohn l'x :ns C Ll wld Cylrxln Don C rlfflth Clrx l'r1Qlu0n pg I J XJZJKQMMAA WW 6 x :Q 'I A4 . V I Z Q3 is 4 ,X W Q, 1 s . Ps Q A Y 'f kb Hifi as ou' : 2 is ' , I v 2 2 . . I ' 1 ' . EY 2 ', 2 ' S ',z ', 'M 1':l1'z z ', , ' 12' .. ' ' , -- '2 '1 'uizl' . ": 1 ',' e '2 e ' z . ' ' , C ' ' , I fe , ' ' - , rv .' ' . 5 mar. Q1 B, f Y ..ll l, ' ' ' li . Q lk f V A "' l V il D ,rwl 'Nl' lx-li V - C .li ly l - ,. U, N ,, , , U V 6.1 A , - 1' fn 7' ' ' ' ' ll 'll 1" l' 4 "LS", 'fl A U 4 N' t ' ' "K lj fu! lu! 1' A 1 K - A I, X J VN, xg .V X I T . Q I - , , . X If yr V, , , A . . , 1 Q A ' F f J V, QV , X-J ,JJ J X. -- 2 , I ' X , V, fx, N fl! F J 1 f -'A ' f K . 1 . , , XJ J 2 AL , ,f - e , b A - ' J! ' -X U1 In - ' X N4 jk 'if xl - , Y - , Ax l 'VAV 4, iv 'A ,I , 6 KH XM f' JXJQ6- 7 , 1 I. .,.A1JJ.,f lyffl- .Ml Y. ' ,jv , I ' ' ,. I-,i,J9x, f 4 , c . if X - AM, l ' . , - - . -A I x ' ' ' , f "' X. V" ' -.J lv W1 , . I 0. A I L 4, h - J .ffyj 4: , f1f"".f,"f IJ." ,ff lf fly f ,I X or 1 ' z . ', 2 ' .' '. ' j ' Q ', ' a :' 'Z' H 2 ' 2 , 2 Q' 'z . 2 j Y l z ' J ' z -. R ll' -: 1' ' . ' 'Q " , 'z' ' X J 2 ' ' 2 , 2 Q e 2 . ' - Chi :nr ar, l:z lc sh , ' ' 1' " 2 S " , ' ' l', '2 I' l '13, Q l ' .' M R1 ' : 'Q I' 1 ', 2 I' Q , aj - . QQ. 4 I ' ' li I-'Q 'Q ". 5" . I ,'1"f . J 'Y , ,h ' ' - ' . 1 6 " , a 1 , Q t ' D .-R ' . ' '- U - ' " 1 ' IT Z 4- v , K . ' ' ' . 4 r - V,. V A, 1 I X 41 ' . . - 38 1' V ,L P+. E I 1 1 Donna Hoxsey Marg artt tnsan Lyla L C loraa Kemper l'xalyn Hughes M ry Klndler D1Ann lxyas Delores Har naann Carol Lanaptrt Darlana Holliday Ron 7 Ron Hurlbut Maraan Hunn Mary Korta DaAnn Kanq Nanny Ki' Htndarson Sandra Hunt Bold Kampar Gary Lu Ron J Royea Lant Harry Kardux ld Kublak Maraan Klalaa La -E' A ranct 'loan Hughes Gary Holmes Morgan onts Clarence Hagquxon R ll 4 C arry Lat Ronald Hean b1lH o ll -rd V' 7 ff' J fc X 'Jw J ff' Xfjw X 1, Kang Don Kallenburger Fred Kautz Lance Lange trry Hufford Ron Hudnall 7, je , omored Yam? R zz I Hazel Newcomb Patsy McDonald Rutla Noret Mary An Neal Claudette Mallar Ruby McDanaal ane Martan Pat Qrr Donna Ovs n Ron 2 Frank Martan Sharley Lloyd ackae McDan el Roaemary Ntlson Mary Ober haua Mary l agtl Margaret Osborn Mary Ann Norra Elgae Mclntyra Daana Masicy Ro 9 Don Naclaloa erry laga Danny Lattal Harlan McK1ll1p Rolatrt Meyer Ball Noyxyza Morras Mttka Don Mallar Ball Mullen R 4 arry Othnatr Let Mauratla M aryan Olaarhaus Floan Lutz Claranu MeK1ll1p ohn MeKall1p Ralph Mallar ohn Morrassay Stualay Mel' adon No' A Inav ali 39 -5- ' , Y ' L .,., , . - J 6' 'X u lv A r Kc 1 . y x ' 4 I J' 54 Ro 1- : 2 '. 2 2 ' , '2 cc, 2 '2 a a. 1" ' aj' ' 1. ' ' a -- 2 , 2 2 ' . a ' 'sit '-: . 2 " . 2 ' ', a ' A. 2 " , . l'2at a . 2 2 . ' '. R2 ' ": 2 ', 2 I' 2 V , i '. 2 ' ' '. 2635. . Q , c .,,. K2 -if .hXvr,f,-rl X 4 M' V Ya, X rl YVK7 'fro CLA, C- 1- ff' . Q 1 ' K , .4 , '-f' , L Cyl yy ,La Q ,f,,j, f if . . , - X - 'V ,f ,' , r ff - xy Q, I of , 2 :lyk A 'F all KL fu X 2, f ' I ' ' K-1 '- C x lf, ' ' 1 - 2 ' , ,JY f ' ",, ' X 'T ,ff fwy Ixflgf 0 K 1 gyf 4' ,xyzk -iffl 2 K- I fvf aa' t aa Ll' 2 " K, 2- 2 -ff 4 Tb VV, .ff fig fi ry Y - CJK , , I .2 KAI , Jw QQ yy , ly Q it yy 1 Op Y 'X W Sax ara , ' ' f' Q V 'X x KT 2 'rv V. S . fr a,y' 1 2. I yf V I ' , 2 . 2 'e . a : 2 ' . ' ' , I ' ' i , . ' . I' - 2 I' 72 a, 2 3 . ' 'S. ' I' ', ' '. za' ': ' ' .. I ' 5' R 2 I. - .U 2 E - 4 L , I. y - ,t H .y ' ,y i- y OH, I . 2. a 2 2 . 2 'A ' 2 . 2 ' 'a ' ' ' ' ", 2 ' 2 a' ' 2 . lm A L 21 ra as 5. f 2 Y .fy , at 1 n 5 42 i " 4 ,. X uf E W V 7 ' l , yall l . v Y U- s I 1.2 l 9 - l-. IJ ffm K ffirwic' 'fb ,111 ,VrfI77f7f I 41,5 7145474 c ll Ill 1111 31 IL 11 11 II Lx 111s 0 L SL1111 Ik 1LCI111111L DLIo1Ls IL 1 Il 1 IL 1 1 1111 1 1111111 L 1111111 R1111 7 I 1111 S1I111I111I-1 ll 11 RoI1Lr1s1111 V11q11111 ROLKIN 1 L1 1 X 1 11 1 I1 1 1111 O1 11 ITIL 71 Il 1 LX 111 rL11LL R IC 1 XIX L L 111111 11 1 IL 11 x 111 111 1I111111 JIIX LI11111 Lr 'I 111'1 I 1x1 ILI R1111111L 111 111111L1 L11 L11 L1 111 Ls L 1 I1 L1 KI 11011 1 111 1111111 1 IIL L 1 1111 111LI 311 II VAT' "'X.f ff 2 O I! f r xf A I , f U ll 1111 OyLe 'I11uQs11qt 5Ii11l1v I11x 111 11A1111 II111111pxo11 VX IIII III 111 111 QI1 ll L 1 IIX L1111 11111 111111 JI IKI 1L 1 0 ' 1 s LL 1 L 1 1 1 L IX 1 111 gy DxILL NI1111111 S111I1 IX1111 1 11L11e e trakk I1111111 I11111 x Lou V11ILL 711 1 L 1 JI1 A S111 1 I1 I I11 I S I1 K 111 L111111 11111 111x R1 71 f 11 111111111 ll Io NL 111 1 111 L I11111111x VX I111111 lll X 111111 111 IX II 111 Ill L1 x II X L ,J 40 . .I ' ' 1. 1 1' I, V, W L. 9' L51 IN 1 . 7 . . ', w 4 V ,Q W 1 ' 5 , . . , I I H11 I. S111I'11 R11 'I '1'1.-R151 R1c'1'11s. I'1111'I1111'11 I'11IIi111 . I A11 R Q11 II .I ye' 'I 11It. I111'1 II" 1 12. 11. 111111 11111--41. H111 Spf: 1111. N 1 1 Sl 1 ,I Y-. 1. 1 - 4 . 1 R111 SI1 1111111 A1111 Rz11I1. I-11"II11 IILVI-11111. R11:1' S1-I -11111. ILIL Spit: LII11. R 1 R I. I. R1 1' 3. I1111 S1 1II'f', L2 ' 1 '1 1 I1. L11"l' S11111I1. cII'I1 II11s1111I1111'k11'1. I,.11'1'y SI1 1.1. R11I 11' R'-I '13, Ci-11'd' S' "It. C1 S' ' 1d1. I1 4' 51111. W R1 - I 'K 1 . I1'11 II1114I1L'1'. R1111' 4: IL1111' SI1- I1. C11 1'i11 R 'IQI I1'1'1'y I'115ILLI1, I11I1 R 1111 R'tt' I C1 1 I711111'1'. If1I R1'iIIL11'1. R111gL'1' S'I11'1.k1-1'. fNIL'1'lL' I'.11'I41'1', I.11I. .1 I 1. ' , 1 I X I I1 1 ' T' . . 'I f Q 'A fb I I . -A r I 1' - . I L 1 - I . wr! J! I 1 X I ' ' 1 I P .I A - I . ' 1' , ' I F 'L -I. -1' ,' '..' - 1 A 1 . 1 ' 1 I 19 J.. 11 0,9 omored ,1 1 , I 1 I 1 I I 1127, Y, 1' I 1 , 4 .' 11 ' .3 1- lf' I -I, :Q K' q,z.j I '1 1 1' 1' - 1-1 -' - 2. . ' I L, V' - ,. 1 ' I X V., ,A V ' Gu fr, 15' ff A "1 . , ' ':, 1' '1 XWJRKIII 1: Kay S11 Ak, Cy I111 'I'1n1I11, I ' ' ,QQ . 1' " 'I "V I' ', I ' 1 .' . 7' 1 7' 1I 1 , ' 1 'l'111' S11'z11s1'. L IVIA 'I'I 11. , DLI1 'cs Sr". 1, KQPIL S11 III' rd.. R11 1' 2: R11.'iI'- XYQ k-I1 111I. I111111111 VV1 VV1 1 Yo '1, XXYIIIIILI V1111 I .4 . X' 1 "Q f 1 '1 "1 VVL'ikL'1', I I1' TE I '. S 1 ' 'I 12. 5 X 1 R1 1 'r Alvin Y'1'i1g11 ,Cl . ff' 11:- Vw OI ' 'L'.'11'.1'1'. X '1 "L'11 XVL'l11-11 R11y.1I 'I'1'.11I1'1'. R11I1L-rl V411'11L-1', L1 1 '1I 'I'I111111z1s. ILQ111 T pk' L111'1'y 51111111111-. .III FK, ,J 11 'I " K R11 1 -If Iz11'y S1z1111IIL'y. H.1r1'y ' I Wu: '111I. D1111gI.1s VVIIS 1. M11 'I41'S1r21k1. VV11y11L1 ,I'1111111.111. M X' ' ' . . X511 ' " S II'f'. M1 'I.111 SIILIV1 I, R1 .1l1I Y 111114. Ii-1-A XIIIII' ' O NH I 4 N xv vi K, 1 N LI 1 Y L N M 11 I I V Row I: loyce Schmidt, Mabel Tompkins, Marlene Sturms, Betty Lincoln, Violet Parks, lo Ann Toyne, Pat Tyler, Carol Day. Row 2: Beulah Crane, Sandra Bendle, Marilyn Stark, Helen Koch, Norma Beatty, Ioyce Smith, Sandra Welsch, Mary Koch. Row 3: Madie Iackson, Ioy'ce Tobias, Rodney Chelf, Charles Farrar Charles Evans, Harry Kardux. Pauline Stender. Rose Morrissey. Marlene Sturms. president, Mabel Tompkins. vice president: Rose Morrissey, secretary: and Pauline Stender. treasurer: spent many hours in Library Club seeing that the books were prop- erly displayed and circulated. This club is com- posed of students interested in the primary fun- damentals of library work. Library Club was started seven years ago, and the present faculty advisor is Mrs. Iahnke. This organization is re- sponsible for the timely and attractive displays which serve as a reminder of special occasions and holidays. Students appreciate the library work materials which are always at their dis- posal through the efforts of the Library Club. OZIT Pdf? Sue Shephard, Louis Ash, and Cynthia Timm read the announcements. Ianet Branson and Alice Baker read the devotions, and Nancy Hahn is the accompanist. orning xercidefi Every morning is started by the reading of devo- tions which consist of some passage of scripture and occasionally a little poem or thought for the day. It usually has a connection with the season of the year such as Christmas time or Easter. For many years Mrs. Marie Ruthenberg selected the scriptures, but now a booklet is printed by a com- mittee from various churches of different faiths. Following devotions Cynthia Timm, Sue Shep- hard, and Louis Ash take turns reading announce- ments for the day. Dennis Lange and Lawrence Rada get the public address system ready for morning devotions. 42 ai iid' Wwww P99- PCUIIZ JUI' ' it A-1 Qz gggl, ff r fs'- J' 533 H' " v- ' v W M M , N! W . 'B wif ' He M' .l'QiEgZSe' if ff is fa F? . -gg' M , f'.?'!'f . lg: ,Asa ! ', -mf PF J - f XHMEX f' V,' ,' k , 131 Tzypn Club 101 X 111011111 1.11 11 0 11 I LL! 1 1 11111111 I ozmp Cf! '111 A ' YV 411 If .4111o1'1111 Nu 111A N 1n.'1p1 cg flf- 1 gf 1.1 Dum 1-D Tw 7 Q Q Row I: Hap Hazarian, Marvin Hunn, Robert Varner Fred Brown Ernest Morgan erome Baillie Roz 2 Gary Schroeder, Ralph Burr, Robert Ricketts Merlin McKillip Dick Ware Ron 3 Don Rogers Don Huff Dennis Vetters. Ron Havemann. Myron TeStrake The Pi Type Club, sponsored by Mr. Hazarian, is an organization for boys interested in advanced printing. This year Pi Type put out a publica- tion which was called The Mzisky Pepper Shaker, and earlier in the year they printed foot- ball programs. The members of this club look forward to the trips they take during the year. The group visited Chicago: Racine. Wisconsin: and Milwaukee, Wiscoiisin during the year. ln Milwaukee they were guests of the Milwaukee journal and the Nlilwaukee TV station. The boys also enjoyed a baseball game of the Mil- waukee Braves. The officers of Pi Type are shown at the right getting out football grograms. They are Don Huff. vice president: lerome Bail- lie, president: and Ralph Burr, secretary-treas- urer. 45 Q '2.' C4257 , ' , QE' 1 v , -Q ff QQ' 'Q Mix ,. . Q, W' ':"f?X"'Lg'yf F it 1' ' 1 , 1-'SEX' H hi yjfqgx. xx K ' ln?-' if JA? Y, Y, ivy, V. , x . A A 335. 0 ff K A 4s M yn L ix! K: gf 3 'Fw Q S y , 151' 9 f lu.. Rita Rebelsky, copy editor, and Marie Wendlandt give some helpful advice to Ianet Rebelslcy as she types some of the copy. Ianet Froehner, business manager, explains the bookkeeping system to Mary Kay Harder, editor, and Sandra Cox, assistant editor. Ianet keeps account of all money collected for the subscriptions and advertising. lfLl"0l"6'Ll'L Mary lane Eiselsteing Mary Courtney: Diane Kyesg Mary Kay Harder, editor: Ianet Rebelsky: Ianet Froeh- ner, Esther Swick: David Dow, assistant business manager: Donna Schneider, advertising editor: Nada Fuller, typing editor: Fred Koepping, sports editor. ill s WJ flllllw f MN A -...X Row I Hap Hazarian Pat Orr Eleanor Hoffmeyer Donna Hayes, Anna Mae Wilson, Ioyce Iones. Row 2: Miriam Stark Ioan Wmtermute Lyndon Lord Don Schmidt Richard Shoenig, Carlene Wilson. Row 3: Bill Nowysz Iohn Brase Dick Glatstem Kenny Brel Mike Kautz Ellison Kuhn. Members of the Auroran Newspaper staff spend many hours every week editing the school news- paper which comes out every other Friday. Each staff member is assigned to one phase of the publi- cation such as advertising, copy, typing, and actual editing: and meeting important deadlines is every- ones job. This year the staff attended a journal- ism work shop at Drake University in Des Moines and gained some valuable information about pub- lishing a school paper. ln the picture at the left we see Eleanor Hoffmeyer, Ioan Wintermute. edi- tor: and Ioyce Iones. associate editor: laying out plans for the next weeks paper. 50 T l A1 3 1 l q 1 A fan Row I: Ruth DeFlon, Ursula Grundmann, Mary Krantz, Iune Marolf, Bethany Knapp, Deanne Hubble. Carol Watts. lean Ann Ziehl, Pat Osborn, lane Marten. Row 2: Betty Minder. Carol Smith, Elaine Harper, Iudy Froehner, Ann Beveridge, Barbara Rummels, Frances Etter, Mary Ann Stammer, Anna Mae Wilson. Row 3: Sharon Schmidt, Ianet Neipert, Elizabeth Lutz, Alice Baker, ludy Smith, Lois Wacker, Sally Schwandke, Iolene TeStrake, Nancy Schreurs, Row 4: Fred Hocking, Tim Barrett, Ierry Devin. Tom Huges. Tom Butts, Gary Mercer. Tom Allbee, Larry Lawrence, Larry Stumme, Eli Glatstein. 1 If, f' ' 1 ' lf! I' ullj4l, o 0 U y, uma egm I Members of Curia Regia are composed of students who are taking Latin. This club, one of the oldest at M. H. S., was formed with the purpose of help- ing the Latin students learn more outside of class about the language and history of ancient Rome. Most students remember the famed i'Te laudof' heard around initiation time. Programs at the meetings are usually presented by the members of the club, but at the April social meeting, all ex- members are invited and a guest speaker is in charge. Elected as oflicers were: David Dow, treasurer: Eli Glatstein. president: Betty Minder. secretary, and Bethany Knapp, vice-president. Miss Kemble is faculty advisor. -....- ,. . .17-.7--f .. i' Mary Buster got an early start addressing her Christmas cards: but after Christmas when she got to looking over her list, well bet she found some names she had missed. When Bernie Roth decided to go ice skating, he enlisted Sandra Toussaint to help him polish his skates. ecemger 523051195 Sandra Swengle and Donna Hayes got together one night before Christmas to see how many presents they could wrap. Ianet Fletcher and Carolyn Tomfeld found they had a job on their hands when they began sorting decorations for the Christmas tree in front of the office. it I-iw his f's3f'-T x "Lf '..r ' lfLlfL6Llf'y , if if .- 'il , :V 'z :r 4 U X. I D Dr ' , i Lysgirixi i :IQCATWXEAA W? 2 r ig QQ M 4 3 . fe K 1 K I Ui AU!! 339' 1, Q My f ' f"aQ-:fi . " Q ' ia" . . ' S W 3 - , L. ' JM L k 1 i ,IQ Q " ' , f if 'V , f Id M S mi R M, , Q JI 2 V' X A ,, , , iii if , rv I ' N' Run' 1: Al Holland, Don Huff, Cirvgg ScTirocdvi'. Nunn IH-rkim, Ron iiruvoiimiiii, Cicorgv Long, Niyroii TcStrnkc. Rm1'2: Dunn Sciixnoldt. Doug NVilson. Chuck Annon, Holi Aiinivrsoii, Holi, Clary Hzirlvr. Dick VVzirc, Conch Earl Gzinrcii- bein. Ron' 5: Ron Tietge, Ivrry Snlzbvrgvr. Did! Nizieglin, Hd Czxligcr, lorry Otiinicr, Ron Boshzirr, Xvzirrcn Dickinson. lilzmifg Z?oz5AeLLAcL! STARTING FIVE Don Huff Gcorgu Long Norm Perkins Ron Havciiiann Gregg Schroeder N f X J! D ' XJ or r Q, .Q 1 l rf 1 o A D l C g S- l 2 ly, w . Xxx' , I ...A l lf' VM-afrsw 'H X f r lf f 06 417111, 1 LITT' , 1 Cfl9HOlVIORli CHAMPS Ron- I: ,mry Har r. Myron Te Dough il. l, Mu xrut rry Dthrncr, lid Caliger, Gary Schroeder. lili Cllntstcin. rnanager, Row 2- c VV ' neff, Fro roxy ,' 4 1. :xr Don Agcr. Hcru Harry Towns nel. liYL'l'l'll' VVlntv. Al Ycrington, lirn' nn. nmnzxgcr. 'A . , V' A l . 'N . ' X, TK' 'px f 0 l Am f XL' 'MPX X' XX A NL l L L l gl S fl n ,fs,uP o' f MK B A L L A Charlie Morse- and Harry Glarstcin. varsity Varsity Basketball Conch Earl Gzuntenhcin rnanagcrs. hold up thc sign that was in thc points out an oppononfs dclcnsivc error to Musky locker room before every ganna, at 'lcann Captain Gregg Schroedcx during za hoxnc home and away, As wr- All know, the sign gznnc. Gregg wont on to earn unanimous all- is very much Corrcd, state honors in lwnskcllmll lwlorc thc svnson was ovcr. FRFQHMAN BAQRI TBAII SQUAD I Kln VVlnstnn nn XVlntrnLr D1rrellC1rt4r Clmdn Wlhh Lnrx Mn ln Tom Huqhu Boh foolx Cs xx Mlrur ll Qchrondu Boh Qrukxnan RQ 2 Dixld Chapman Dru Brll l'dd1L VVHL C xrl Tnns Dlud ldxnnn C ny Sdnmlzu Rod Brannon Ciry VVxgnLr Donald Chapman Tom Butler Cough Mllu d L 1' cgi, A BC 96,55 4 3 75- f E 1 Suu' SWAT WA VWT4 vuufwl 'fail 971 N121 ZH L .4-9, SX GVLLPQVLCQ KAJMPJ George surrounded by Knights The old automatic Sorry, pal, all we wax that ball The little Muskies of the 1955-54 season proved beyond a doubt to be the most extremely power- ful team of the tough Little Six conference. During the regular season the Muskies won 13 and lost only I in conference play. ln noncon- ference play the Muskies won 3 and lost 2 dur- ing the regular season. With this marvelous record the Mttskies won the Little Six crown. They opened this great season with 3 noncon- ference victories over Iowa City, Clinton, and St. Ambrose in succession. The Old Gold started on the road to their conference title by walloping Burlington. The Muskies then tra- veled to Ottumwa to meet their first and only defeat in conference play. 61-51, The next op- ponent was the VVashington Demons on Wzish- ington's beautiful new floor. The Demons proved to be a very good contender for the con- ference crown as they gave the future titlists a run for the money, but the Muskies squeezed by them 62-60. After a thrilling game with Burlington on the Greyhound home floor in which the Mtiskies barely escaped. 48-45. the Nluskies were hosts to the heralded Ottumwa Bulldogs. ln this game the Muskies were out to get revenge. They trailed by a few points most they of the game until thc final stages when pulled it out of the fire. 58-56, as a result of a they tremendous comeback. With this victory moved into first place in the conference, never to be moved out. After this, the Qld Gold had very little trouble in the conference as they rolled on, beating Washingtoii. Mt. Pleasant. Keokuk. Fairfield. and Ft. Madison by decisive margins. ln the last half of season play they played two non-conference games meeting Clin- ton and Davenport. losing both games. 57 SML-Safe .A .4 KAGWQP5 mzfwgiw in .gweef Sxfeen Huff scores against Slater MLISKIES . . 70 SLATER . . . -15 MLISKIES . . 66 E. WATERLOO . 50 MUSKIE5 . , 68 COUNCIL BLUFFS ABE LINCOLN . 62 For the first time in 9 years the Muskies gained a berth in the i'Sweet Sixteen". This was the first tfme since the Muskies got heat in the final game against Ames in 1945. ln the first game the Mus- kies got paired against Slater, a class B school. The Old Gold entered the tourney with a record of 19 wins and 3 losses against Slater's record of 29 wins and 2 losses. In the game this better rec- ord of Slater proved nothing. They turned out to be no match for the Muskies as the Old Gold romped, 70-45. This victory moved them into the quarterfinals of the tournament against East Waxterloo. coached by Murray Weir, a former "Little lVlusky." This game turned out to be more of a hallgame than a runaway. It was a very close game all the way until the end of the third quar- ter. The Muskies led the whole game by not more than 6 points until the 3rd period when they jumped to a IO point lead. From then on it was just 1' matter of time and fouls, The Muslcies ended up on the top of a 66-50 score. This placed the Muskies in the semi finals against Abe Lincoln of Council Bluffs, one of the tournament favorites. This game proved to be the toughest game of the tournament, but the Muskies pulled it out of the fire in the Mold reliable" third period as they finish- ed with a 68-62 victory and a chance at winning the State Title. 59 George up for 2 Humps iuinp shot OK. who did it7 Safe gimm iam MUSCATINE 67 - DES MOINES CRUOSEVELTJ 53 Into the midst of a tremendous ovation from 16,000 screaming basketball fans, the valiant Little Muskies trotted on to the S.U.I. Fieldhouse floor to do battle with Roosevelt of Des Moines for the basketball crown of Iowa. This game was truly a championship affair: basketball at its best, as the tide of battle swung from one team to another until the score at the end of the third quarter stood: Muscatine 49, Roosevelt 46. Schroeder scored three in a hurry to make it 52-46, to prelude a sen- sational 50 seconds of basketball. Ron Havemann in this short time scored 3 field goals to make the score 58-46, and shortly after Humps scoring spree. Gregg hit another from the side to make it 60-46 with 35 minutes to play. Roosevelt couldn't threaten again and about 20 minutes afterwards, the Little Muskies were crowned A'State Champs." Winniiig this beautiful trophy was a fitting climax to a glorious season. All-Starter in action l minute to go in Hnal game ZLL l"lfL6Ll"y I I I Um 1 C ft f 1111 P"- Rou' I: Lee Miller, G. A. Sywassink, Dave Tanner Fred Hocking Kay Woodwird Marxin Hunn M ke Col lier. Ron- 2: Harry Townsend. Warren Dickenson Dick Ware Don Nichols Cirl Klein Chirlcs Balstr Tom Allbec. Row 3: Ellison Kuhn. Ierry MCKIHUCY Dick Glatstein Don Rogers ohn Glidden Ron Green Douglas Coder. Row 4: Dick Ralston, Ron Tcitge Ron Grossklaus Mike Steffenson Harry bl itstun Mike Kautz, Stan Gardner. This organization. advised by Lee Miller, has sev- eral worthy projects throughout the year. At Thanksgiving and Christmas time, they collect baskets for the needy and sell Christmas trees. The four purposes of Hi-Y are: Christian living. clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and doing the best he can scholasrically. Some of the planned activities of Hi-Y have been: Y league basketball. an ice skating party. hay rack ride, and they topped off the season with their formal. The first semester officers were: Douglas Coder, president: Richard Glatstein, vice president: Iohn Glidden, secretary: Stan Gardner, treasurer: Ron Gross- klaus, sergeant at arms: and Kay Wcoclxxfzird, chaplain. Ron- I: Ianet Froehner, Karen Hintermeister, Evelyn Millet, Betty Minder, Frances Weber, Ianet Branson. Sondra Sweitzer, Nancy Sweitzer, Ioan Bright, Carol Day, Row 2: Audrey Toyne, Ianet Hahn, Gail Legler, Mary Ann Nelson, Esther Frost, Dorothy House, Karole Kindler, Marie Thuman, Phyllis Van Zandt, Ianice Faulkner. Lynn Bauerbach. Roni 3: Shirley Mockmore, Marilyn Stark, lo Ann Worst, Sue Schmidt, Sandra Swengle, Ioyce Smith. Nancy llolze, Mona Horton. Bernita Zimmerman, Sandra Bendle. Row 4: Sybil Nelson, Karen Larson. Frances ljrochaska, Susan Bunker, Nada Fuller, lanet Hendrickson, Diane Fairbanks, Sue Shepard, Debby Fairbanks, Ianet Petersen. Ron' 5: Ann Wigiin. Lois Russe'l, Nancy Thayer, Mary Ann Richards, Nancy Hahn, Sandra Toussaint, Donna VViese, Alice Baker. Ianet Fletcher. Indy Smith. ifli .M Hi Tri is the Y Teen organization for junior and W" senior girls. Their meetings are held on the first and third Monday of every month, and once a month they have a joint meeting with Hi Y. Some , of the activities of the club have been a hay rack ride, a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- Qwk5,ifi L i dren, a formal dance called "The Harvest Ball," a project for the March of Dimes, and the annual g Variety Show. Programs for the year have been N featured by teachers and other people who have given the girls vocational guidance. Dflicers are Nancy Hahn, president: Ianet Hendrickson. sec- fil retary: Diane Fairbanks. vice president: and Fran- ces Prochaska, treasurer, who are pictured at right, trying to start Nancys car 64 CL, Q t7 Pll I 1 1 1 1111 1011 Il 111 1 Il 111111 IN 1111 111 1 1 151 , 111 1 11 11111 1 111 1 1 1 11111 1111 11111 11111111 11r11s Ill D 1111 11 151111 C 1 1 1 ll 1 1 s 1 11111 C1111st1 1 s111 11111 I1 1 1111 1 1X 1 1 11111 Aus ll 5 x11 ll 1 1 111111x s.. x lMfLL0l":5 Nw I 1 1 Z111 111111 1 1 s 1 s 1 111111 131111111 1 1 11 111111 111 1111 Ill It 1 1 11 11111 11 111 11 1111 1111 x O11 11111 1111111 1111141 K 1111111 11111 1 11111 1' 1111111111 DOI1111 1 ll 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 lI1L 11 F111111 11 11111 V1 111111 1 111x011 II D111s N111-11 COII111 1..10111r111gq1111111111 R 11 4 S111 51 H 1 1 C1 11 1 1 111 H1111 St I1 C 111111111 D1111 D1111111 D011 D11111 111 1111 D11 TL s y.-1. Sa -- 66 1 1 . ' i .- 5 , 4 - ,X , 7 1. - 5. 1 V C7 . 1 V nga XT 'V Q ' . - 1 2 A 11 . ' 3 , 5' t if 'X , ,,, A ' 1 A ' 181 ' : Ka 111' 151 rry, 1. -t 15 ' , 1X,1i '1' 15 111111-r 1511111s1111, C111111 15.111111-. '. 'y C.11 -1111-1', 1111' 151111 1', '111l'11I1.l 111:11-1: P1 1 2: Alia B.l1'1I', 12.1111111111 15111141-, D11 2 H111 1-1. '111111'.1 151-111111-, 1,1'l1Il 11.111-11111111. 1.111s C:1l.1II111L'I'11I1, 151-1 -111' C - , 12 C1 15 '- 11 ,. 11,1 1 1: . ' ' VII, 15111 :111'is1i.111s-11, 1211111-y C111-11, 11111 111- 12111 1111-, 12.111111 151111. 1.'.'r-1 151- C11111111-x f JP1'I'!'.'1 , 1111111111 Cl ' - 11-1. 1311111 4: 12111 '1 151'11111111111'1. 41.111 1511115 M. J C1 111-1-11, C1112 ' -. .1111, 1211 1115 . -1, 11111 1511-1111.111, 151111 A -21111. N , ,iff f l 1' ' NL T. 1 1 '-- fl' v,, .1 ,V 1 1 - ff. ,f ,x 44 711, 1' -1 -1 1 Q ' f ' 1.4 , . Y 'X , 11 , T ' 1 f ' , ' 1, 3 'xy L ' fn .jf yi. -f 15 w -.N 1 --'A " -1 Y' 51' H '1 51 w 1 ' 'xi' Q . "fi NZ 'T' ' 1 Q ' . 1' 5 Q ,Af-411 ' AY' ,, --' 1 f 10 X.: Y f ., 5 1 gg Yi 2 .. -N 11. 1 VN X j K x EX. Qi it R1111- : A111 C1 111 - 11: 1fa111-11- G.11111i.'. 1,111 1'lss1-x. 1'1st11-1 Frost. Carrol 13.111 D11111I111' 1711.1-1. 1'111'1l1s C1. ' ' , z . 1 G11- 1-1211 . 1. F. lk '. R1 -2: 1111-1 151-1'11-. 11- 1-1'. D ,'11-. 1 A D'-"ky, 1: 11 X' 'C 1' VW I' 1' - ,I I' D11- 111z111. Dc X' '11' 2 1 J 111- . S111 1c,' f'1z1l'. R1 1- is C111-11 1:I'8lIl1'i11Il, 15111 D' -11. '1, D1-1111 C1.11'1i11. W z , 71 - D1 '14' 5 . 11 2 " - '- . - . f K - 11 - : 1' .'1'11 2111. f1. 411-s1f1.111s. 1:1111'c1 C1111111.1111, K -11111' C111 11z1111, CD1 . K 1' .1 12 -1 1 'Q . 12 - '- 'kg f 1 1 Q . 3 A1 1 A- A A ' , - 1 1. + 4 f 1 -4 1 . ' ' 1 G - 7 ' 1' - . 'Q -2 W v I I v . 5 Q , , 1 59114 I A 1 .1 I . 1 A 6-ff 11111 1 1 x lIl1X Il 1 1 1 1 13111111111 111111 1 M113 H 121 111111111 1111 IN 1 1111 1 1111 1 Ill 1 111111 M 11111 111111111 C111r11111 O11IlSOIl 1 1111111 1111p11 111 11 1 IL XI ll 711 C 1 1111111 H111 1 A1111 Kr 111111 111111 H1 11st VV 11111 Hllbtf IC IL 1111111311 R1111 111 0111 1111 H1111s 11 111 1111x1111 1 r 1111 1 18011 1 Il IIL H 1rt 1r 1 x 1 1 1 Ill 1 1 LI 11111111 H11 1 Al 1101111141 if Iliff L' 111 1 1 lfU'LL0l".'5 4 1' f 7 'lf 1',,bL ,111 111 11 111 lk 11 1 1 x ll KX 111 1111111 1111 1 S11111 1 'V11111tq111111rx 11111s 1V11ss1 1'1r M11111111 111. 11111111 IN 1r1'1s, M 11'y , '. ' . ' 1 J111. Ill' -q QQ1- , 1 1 A , ,' '1 -' ' , '111 Lck 1 , K'if1ly' Long, orothy MCC1llI'L'. N'lIlCy' O.L1"lI'S'. Sh'ro11 1V1itt1.1'111, 11' '11 "1 1,'1w, K'1r1'11 L'1rs '. I 111' ': 1N'111Cy Ocst. D'1x'id 1'1c1', Robert 1V1'1ss11y, Dwvid 1V1111111', A111311 1X!1CCll1OLlQ11. 1211111111 Nichols. H'1r1"n 1Nf1cKi11ip, Ernest 'V1111'A1'111. B015 L:1'. R1111' 4: H'1r1'111 Orr 'rry 1V1'sc1. H' l'1'l'l ' ' . . D". -1 ' . .1'v1'1s. CHITY M1'fZSCI'. D011 1 11 N 0111. Q 1 11 3 E 1 1 ,gif 67 i 6 11711 lIlL 1 51 x 11111 S111 1 C19 121111 1111s S11 111 111 1111111111 N11 11111 1101 1 S1lL 1 1211x111 11 111111 1111x 1 0121 1 LL S1 111111 K1 11r 111 1 Ill 111 4 11 IL ss 111 1 ll 11 1111 1 ll 1 L11 rs 1 IL 111 S II 1111 Q11111111 N1k11 Rlch 11C1sO11 R111 1' 011111 S113 1111 51111 R1111 131 VX Fl ht R11 1 IIC 1111 D1 111111111 D011 C111111111t VV 11111 1 1111 1101138 S1111111x 1 S O11 1 1' 1111 1 Lk LII 1111111 11 D 1111 IN 11111 s ROq11s H011 121111 lftlfLL0l"f5 711 1 111 111 'I 01111 M1111111 VV1 1011 7 A11111 1 11111111111 C1111l1111 '111111111 1 11111 1 Toblas OA1111 '1 111111 30111111 111 11 1 1111211 1 111 lw1111 Qu 1 1 2 11111 VX11111111 T1 r T1rvs1s1111 131111111 91111111 S1111r11 1 VV11s11 111111111 111s M1111 1111111111 11111 111s V111 f 111111 N 111CN T1111 KT 1 ll 1 R0 111 S101 I11 V Ill 111 VV11 011 Cl1r11111 1113111 H 110 1 '11 11111 110111011 Tom 11s11111 D1111 VV 111 R011 T11rg1 131111111 VV11 Sk 1 4 M 1111111 Xx711l1lll1I K IX XN1u1111x1 1111 C1 1111s VX11111 D11111 1 11111111 M1111 S11 1111111111 111111 T1111111 1111 5111 11111111 1TT VV11111 N. .ign- 68 Q 'N Rott' I: Donna Taylor. Lois Midkiff. Sandra Hoopcs, Sandra Ciaryin, lla! Orr. Carol lioster, Ruth Norret. lane Martcn. Deanne Hubble, Betsy Sweeney. Iuanita Hallmark. Charlotte Lewis. Row Z: Kay Hahn. loyce Schnidi. Peggy Miller, Ianct llredmorff, Margaret Iens1t'n, Nancy Dusenberry, Shirley Toyne. Diann Kyes. Donna VVacker, Ann Beveridge, Indy Dillon, Ron' 3: Sharon Knonse. Miriain Stark, Iudy Froehner, Inagent- Klait. Carol Gilliland. Lucy Griffin. Rosuinairy Allniandingcr. Sharon liibrizins, Anne Brodie, Rose Ann Riclfutts. Sandra Elliott. Donna VVeikert, Karen VVimbcrly. Mary Ann Stamler. Row 4: VVilma Van Dyke, Darlene lones. Linda Schroeder, Caren Cross. Iackie lVlcDaniel, Cynthia Timm. Sharon Tumey. Ioyce Toussaint. Carol Ganible, Barbara Rinnnicls. Row 5: Betty Sellers. Ianice Shoemaker, IoAnn Ot-st, Nancy Cook. Phyllis Richard, Mary Ann Oberhans. Roseniary Nelson. Gloria liigg. Carol lfoster. Lois VVacker. Sally Schwandkt-, lQli:.ihet'i Lutz, l'lfLl:C6L8 Amicae is a social organization lor freshman and sophomore girls. The present enrollment includes sixty members, and meetings take place at the Y.W.C.A. every other Tuesday night promptly at seven. The president, Karen Burns. opens the meeting by calling the group to order: roll is taken by the secretary-treasurer, Nancy Cook: and any old or new business is called to the attention of the vice president, Phyllis Rich- ard, who then presents it to the group. Bills are paid, dues are taken. and plans are made for parties and fun nights. Amicae sponsors the annual Valentine Dance of which the crowning of the Queen of Hearts is the highlight, Ron' I: Iudith Spaulding, Barbara Olinger, Sheila Bierman, Donna Owens. Sandra Hoopes, Gloria Kemper, Merlene Chapman, Betsy Sweeney. Thelma Crane, Dorothy Foster, Vera Hull. Mrs. Van Eck. Ron' 2: Sandra Garvin, Sandra Hunt, Myrna Buckley, Pat Osborn. Iackie Knight, Marilyn Zaehringer. Sharon Rebelsky. Betty Massey. Charlotte Lewis, Sarah Baker, Beulah Crane. Row 3: Shirley Martin, Lois Midkiff. Wilrna VVindman. Alice Amos, Ruth Ann DeFlon, Ioline Buckele. Ioan Ann Ziekl, Carol VVhite. Lois Secrist. Inagene Klart, Mary Ann Bierman, Row 4: Peggy Miller. Iackie McDaniel, JoAnn Thompson, Ruth McDaniel, Shirley Toyne. Hilda Spitznogle. Ida Spitznogle, Carol Gamble, Cheryl Esmil, Iune Marolf, lean Narazenus. Carol Lampert. Row 5: Frances Etter, Ianet Ncipert. Nancy O'Leary. Nancy Schreurs. Betty Daut, Ioline TeStrake, Elaine Harper, Marie Holtz. Ruth McKillip, Linda Carnahan, IoAnn Oest, Le The Muscatine High School Girl's Glee Club was directed this year by Mrs, Van Eclc. Approxi- mately sixty-Hve girls participated in this active singing group. Practice was held in the social room every Tuesday and Thursday during the sixth period, Ar the left, we see six members of the Glee Club fitting robes in preparation for the May Concert. From left to right: Elaine Harper, Vera Hall. Sandra Hunt, Doris McKillip Yvonne Church, and Norma lean Harris. The High School Concert Band joined the Girls Glee Club the evening of May I8 to present a very enioyable concert. 6Llf'C l mu' K C2 .W Al gi 1'x.17..bX 'izzzdmzz Cjonzznirtcc fffz 'U1'fC42dU1'r Row I: Marjorie Hoffman, Diane Snavely. Sandra Reichert, Mary Ann Kindler, Marilyn Zaringher. Betty Massey, Marlene Chapman, Lois Midkilf. Row 2: Donna Crowley, Yvonne Church. lanet Sturms, Shirley McGill, Charlene Strause, Iva Buster. Kay Buster, Pat Osborne. Row 3: Elizabeth Schmarje, Carol Smith, Carol Borchert, Pat Henderson, Betty Dittman, Karole Kindler. Row 4: Della Townsend, Madic Iackson, Mary Stcckman, Nancy Thayer. Marilyn Cooney, Linda Schroeder, Iudy Pankratz, Frances Etter. gpm The purpose of G.A.A. is to teach high school girls good sportsmanship, how to have fun, and how to develop skill in all sports. A girl in G.A.A. participates in a variety of sports such as basketball, soft ball, tennis, volleyball, bad- minton ping-pong, and golf. This group has two special events to look forward to: they are the Homecoming Dance, and the Rotary week- end outing when the awards are given. ln the picture at the right, the officers of G.A.A. are shown discussing their favorite summer sport. Left to right are Charlene Strause, points chair- man: Marilyn Cooney, vice president: Nancy Thayer, secretary-treasurer: lva Buster, presi- dent. Miss Hoffman is faculty advisor of this organization. 73 ,vi if 2 ' . , K , . . Q , n , , , X I 9, 4 Q4 I N .X X wt' Q, , YI, L, hx g V 0 , AK . , X A ,fy L f X 4 ' N Q , ' . . , , , . 'Y ' ' . ,A , M a Y ax f' ' N gf x ff fa rw W ' - I N ' " . .V I - 7 A- Y V V ' Z ' , 6 ' Lei rf' a , I' ,X I 3 'Y' 45: ve 9 2 ZQQVY 'E Q 'Q ix !ii QEQJQ 61 ,Q Q 1 o , X X, .2 9 EN ' X N ' A-'K ','Xd fa!! XR s x y Vg . X fa . X ' R , b X X Y ' Q 1 y s Nx ,Xe xx XA gx H. X x I 4 ' , 5 , A ,z-1' Y 1 if s 2,41 37 - ' . AZ' ,J .' f I 'S' ' ' Z N V? ' fx : Q- K ax WK xx- 1 'fxflf A X . : xx L - x ,. 14 N Us-9 iw M4 .tl ,A ,, 460 U ' 1 2 1 v. Q f .- 1 5 as 15? .iii 5 Q' Z X r 4 .., 6 X V 13' . y 9 rf. .., , .Q .iff , ,f--f 311 .Q '-M E vi A f, 5 X 7. 3 -F ffig 'ff' ,, 1, ' , 1-Mrk , 'ff ' Q .MQ v I f F3 , 'I 1 if 'Z ff J I I, O 'Wi f I 2 QQ ,f , 4 .QQ Kiwi? w, E ui , 2 if 122 gyw xl , Z X : 1 ' ,ik ,ci , J., 4 X xx 2 x A' f X K' r If xx mx xx Q V MJ if Q ix xl, ' " an ' X x " ZX if V ' . ,W " ' ' 1. , .. . f , ty-if . k -fgf 0 X ' dx L. -- Ron' 1: Lindley Hoopes. Charles Reinier, lerry Stigers, Larry Shoppa. Glen llitsenbarger, Donald Huber, VVayne Schneider, lim Smalley. Wilbiir Dipple, Royal Trader. Row 2: Bill Peterson, Gene Nicewanncr, Don Schmidt. lim Henke. Don Shepard. Harry Kardux, Don Brown, Garry Grete. Iohn Hintermeister. Ron' 3: Gary Klebe. Morris Meeke, Melvin Schneider, Earl XVeeks, Iohn Evans, George Schmidt, Larry Harroun, Ierry Hocke. lack Cromer. Tom Lutz. Ron- 4: Bern Brauns. Bob Brown, VVayne Tooman, Marvin Oberhaus. Iohn Potter. Ronald Hein, Paul Reed, Royce Lane, Bill Hansen. Robert Meyer, Ronald Meyer, Ronald Sc-iler. Row 5: David Timm, Bob Wendlaridt, Gary Lee. Donald Seiler, Grant Stalklleet, lim Bartenhagen, David Chapman, Donald Chapman. Kenneth VVhestine, Rodney Brannen. . 34 ffeffflz 1021 Q ' ' 'f ,.,.1,dlf I' '-U1 . q.ffY.1, 2 f "M G' u 0 0 14p1L:, 4-,U-r"' J fr, ,ln This chapter of FFA. is the largest in the state with sixty members. It was incorporated in 1929 and is the oldest established chapter in Iowa. There is a social aspect as well as an educational one. They have hay-rack rides. square dances, and a Greenhand bowling league. In the picture below are the officers of FFA. Sponsor, Mr. Hoopes: sentinal, Fred Fillingham: vice-president, Roy Yeater: president, Harlan Ziegenhornz treasurer, Glarence Toyne: secretary, Bernie Brauns: and reporter, Dana Peterson. " 1 x X X X 2 1' 11 Y' dj 'FY 17" L17 1 A 2 V' Y . ,. .ww ., , wg, , . 428 2.-.ff JQGZQ A , 4 N ac-Q WC! W ,, F354 Q . 534 iaa Gi' ' W3 5 f., mf - ? 5 , 0 ' fx Qty' iv af X- ., 1150 "A if ' "' 1 ' xy fail "HI 0 'V 7,7 .pk ' xf Tlx . -: I " ' ' eil "mf Q A , 45515 A H vs ',????f "' fx E1 x 'Q Q Ya Q , l"1r"' , aj? f 9 N. 4 "K :EY efuiwz Nw - - IX! .3 ' :'Ui"w':f.:t: 15.2822 my 1 1 4 f. , ,M '- A N.-Ma.: MM 'M :ff N .:.,x, .. f Xwpl 'Q 3, A , as l x :gr vgvy "" ,affk .w"'A .,,e. , . uh . ., .. V R Q 'gf Q ., B- f., ,,,5, . .. W- x:.-:.- . f M .. .. u. "kgq4'sF.6:2f.g-iv?-Q W, A-,,.,f1f 'K' 'T 'T ,m. .' ' W ,TM r If 4 swf? ' K f "tr" ' Q I - - 3 v:w'fw 5.5.1, - -fy: ik., ' ' X . Exif 4, ,is 12 Q i 39 ' . - 5 ii ' K B tg, .. -:cf ax f .Qs-4 v1w 1,.,,w . ' ' .s-pr.-H ' . nikyif ' ...M A' ' .,.,-ui Seated: Ray Gaddis, Mary Ann Bancks, Ianet Petersen, Alice Baker, Ianet Fletcher, Marlene Sturms. Standing. Row 1: Rosemary Almandinger, Harlan McKillip, Iim Misel, Gloria Figg, Sue Shepherd, Andy Foster, Harlan Ziegenhorn, Tom Hahn, Don Klebe, Al Sterner. Row 2: Dana Peterson, Dick Maeglin, Dick White, Larry Price, Don Rogers, Doug Coder. Harry Glatstein, Bob Tanner, Fred Koepping. ogilucfenlf Czmmiffee The student committee was organized at M.H.S. with the idea of promoting good sportsmanship. Its purpose now is the start of a long range pro- gram, the final outcome of which will be student government. This group provided half time enter- tainment at one of the basketball games. During school hours members of this committee acted as hall monitors to discourage loitering in the halls in hopes that students would learn to assume more responsibility. Cflicers of this committee are Ray Gaddis, president: Dick White, vice president: and Iim Misel, secretary. Mr. Messenger is fac- ulty advisor. 78 t ,. K fx fs' A y,i1',3:.L Avfrh W 'f Rf M' iz! G ., 'Z W ' lj . - 1? 1 rr, , WN ., 4 -Qif W WWW W Q M , ,ffm , 'A , ,. V Y ,M 'Ui +P Q mg! , . yr 559 T244 :3,. ' 13.5 ' 91:2 X V, 4? Y af' ,-Us 5 . msgs -3 2. 1-XJ ' 4'-' A ,LW' T gif ' ff S .m ? ' W ,wfwf-w 'Q A fi X . ff:- X A as 1 ' . f r if 1 af- 29.5 5 352 W ' f an 'Q 4 1 V Ursula Grundman, our exchange student from Germany, spent the school year with Mary Lou Hahn and her parents: and Mary Lou became an ardent student of the German language. Ianet Hendrickson shows Io Ann Worst and Nada Fuller the directions to make sure they know' how' to give her a home permanent. Marcia my 51195 We think Ray Gaddls will be surprised when he finds out that what he thought was going to be a friendly chat with Andy Poster assisted by Bob Tanner turns out to be something besides a chat oyce Tobias proved to be an excellent beauty operator when sister Linda wanted her hair washed A X gut II Y IYINA' xg L Lx f azcfvz 71U41QfZC lp 'I A-lzllzlw I .x Q V Ax X. L M3 . TRACK SQUAD Hou' If Danny Littcll, Sid Stark, lcromc Bailey, Bernie Roth. Al Hollaml, Ron' 2: Lyndon Lord. lfllvcrt lievcrly, Bob Iaiiiicy. lim Miscl. Ellison Kuhn. I-Sou' 3: George Long. Dean Dahms, Dori Schmeltzer. Ken McDaiiicls. Dick Meieglin, lim Maas. jf!! The Musky track squad of 1954 started slowly, but is improving greatly. Their first meet was the Little Six indoor meet in which the Qld Gold placed eighth. The following meet. they met Washington in a dual meet and lost a very close battle by a half of a point. As the Auroran is in the process of being printed, the Musky thinclads will try their luck at the Ft. Madison and Geneseo relays and at the Little Six outdoor meet. '7 1 o Il oncx I1 1 1 IO 1 s osti 11x 111111di11gc1'. Nancy Duseiilwrry, Ianvt 1JI'CdINOI'k'. 11x A111 St 1111111 t 1 t nt ll 111111 ll ll Gross, Iflizaheth rI1I'l1Il1I1QL'I'. 111110 IVIcIlratl1. ix 11 1111 ind Doiotlix H Just 1101 I 111 11 H1111 1 I 1 ncis 13I'OCl1ilSl'C2l. 'I'i111 liarrct. Ion Bolthonsc. The 1954 lVI.I'I.S. debate squad, as many of the other competing activities of lVI.I'I.S., proved to be one of the toughest, if not the toughest in the state of Iowa. They started their season hy attending the invitational at Coe College in which they tied for first. They attended the Augustana invitational, the Brindley tourna- ment at the Iowa State Teachers College. After advancing from the district tourney held in Muscatine, the debators placed second in the state finals of the Iowa High School Forensic League held in Iowa City. In the Iowa High School Speech Association, the debators follow- ed typical Musky style. advancing through dis- trict and winning the state championship. This gives them the right to represent Iowa in the National contest at Greensburg, Pennsylvania from Iune 22-25. 84 .1 7 lf' . if f Row I: Audrey Toyne, Dorothy House, Carol Iensen, Elaine Davis, Donna Hayes. Sandra Swengel. Ron- 2 Rose Ann Ricketts, Mary Ann Bancks. lanet Petersen, Barbara Rann, Nancy Thayer. Gladys Kemper. Ron' 3 Frances Rrochaska. Lois Russell. Sandra Toussaint, Mary Ann Richard, Ianet Fletcher, Carolyn Tomfe'd. Cadet Teachers is an organization open to all high school students who are interested in teach- ing as a vocation. This cluh meets every other Tuesday during the noon hour. A program is planned for every meeting. Members of this or- ganization gain valuable and practical experience hy acting as substitute teachers. This gives the prospective teachers a chance to explore the teaching profession first hand. Cadet Teachers have chosen for their officers: Mary Ann Rich- ard, president: Frances Prochaska, vice presi- dent: and Dorothy House. secretary. Faculty ad'- yisor for this group is Miss Eula Downer, Cdifef 3616 8l"f5 if 5' ? 111101 11011 Qjlll I md 51 1011 07701 I LL a VIL II ill LIIZOI' N U11 QI S 1 ' A 3' 1 X C, N . . ff ' -QODIVLTII X'1!1i11'111'1111z S.1f11I11IO1'1'1111 R111 "sw JIIVVLN B .md 7' KI. b AY' '-.1 omior- enior rom On May 29. 1953 the Iunior-Senior Prom took place at the Elks. The highlight of the evening was the Arthur Godfrey Show. Ronald Whitmer portrayed Arthur Godfrey and Doug Coder was Tony Marvin. Lois Russell and Don Mullens were Marian Nlarlowe and Frank Parker. Sondra Swietzer was LuAnn Simms, and the McGuire sisters was the girls trio, Diane Fairbanks, Io Ann Worst, and Iudy Templeman. lane Mcllrath was the television announcer. Above we see Ann Wigim as Holly Loke. Ianet Froehner, Io Bright, and Fred Koepping take time out for a coke. Entertainment was provided in the form of movies and dancing to Carroll Bakers Band. The evening was concluded with a light lunch served in the dining room. Q Gladvs Kemper oAnn Worst Ianc Stinley Sandra Swtnglt Virginia Schauland Mczftonaf .Manor .Shady unior and Senior students in the upper one fourth of their class are eligible for election to the National Honor Society The high school instructors select students in the category for member ship The students pictured on this page were elected to the Honor Society as luniors ane Mcllrath Don Roqers Lois Russell Harrx Glatstem Carolyn Tomfeld C l ship in the Honor Society on the basis of service to the class and school, their character, and leader- M rry Foley Mme Wrndlandt Sandra Cox anet Froehner Mary Kay Harder Glenda Frankenberry lftlf all CPO Membershnp m the Quxll and Scroll ns an honor whlch IS awarded to AURORAN yearbook and neu spaper members who have been outstandmg m yournalmm and have done supernor work m vxrltmg Edltllig or buslness management In order to be ellglble for Qulll and Scroll membershxp the student must be a yunlor or senlor and ranked ln the upper one tlurd of the claSs Seated Oyce Ones oan Wxntermute Kenneth Brel Carlene W1liOH Eleanor Holfmeyer Standmg Dxck Glatstem Lyndon Lord Q-f ,SJ ff cgpaffafaforian Sandra Swengel, with a point average of 3.965 became Salutatorian of the 1954 class. Sandra has been an active member of debate, dramatics. and fu- ture teachers during her four years of high school. She received twenty-seven As Her schedule included one semes- ter of economics and sociology: one year of science. world history, American his- tory, algebra, geometry, shorthand. typing, and homemaking: two years of Spanish, and seven semesters of Eng- lish. Sandra received her only B in shorthand. She was selected as a mem- ber to the National Honor Society her junior year, and she enjoys dancing and going to the ballgames. Next year Sandy, as her friends call her, will be one of the many new freshmen on the campus of the University of Iowa. 92 lliziaficforian Harry Glatstein, who received the hon- or of Valedictorian of his class. has a 4.00 point average. Harry has been very active in sports during his four years at Muscatine High School, par- ticipating in basketball, baseball, and track for three years and football for all four years: and he was student manager of our 1954 State Championship basket- ball team. He received twenty-eight As His schedule has included one semester of economics. modern prob- lems, and college mathp one year of American history, geometry, science. bi- ology, physics, and chemistry: two years algebra: and seven semesters of Eng- lish. ln his junior year Harry was elected as a member to the National Honor Society and was one of the three boys to go to Hawkeye Boys State. Harry plans to attend the University of Iowa next year and eventually to be- come a successful doctor. eforwenltafiue gig The students of M.H.S. elected Gregg Schroeder as Representative Boy. Gregg will long be remembered as one of the star forwards on the team that won the 1954 State Championship bas- ketball crown. He was also selected as a member of the All-Conference and All-State Basketball Teams, and was rresident of his class for three years. Basketball is not the only sport Gregg is interested in, however. He also has participated in football, baseball, and track. His schedule has included seven semesters of English: one semester of economics, sociology. civics. and typ- ing: and one year each of American his- tory, algebra, geometry, general science. biology. physics, chemistry. bookkeep- ing, home mechanics, and mechanical drawing. He has a grade point of 3536. Gregg plans to go to college and take an engineering course. . 'sf .eff X eloredenfafiue ir Elected as Representative Girl this year was IoAnn Worst. It isn't likely that IoAnn will ever forget being a cheer- leader at all the exciting basketball and football games, and especially the un- forgettable State Tournament games. Besides being a cheerleader, IoAnn was vice-president of her sophomore class. a queen attendant for the 1953 Little Six Track Meet, Homecoming Queen. and elected as a member of the National Honor Society. Included in her sched- ule have been seven semesters of Eng- lish: one semester of economics, civics, and sociology: two years of Latin and shorthand: and one year each of Ameri- can history. algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, typing, and homemaking. She has a grade point of 2928. Io- Anns ambition is to take a commercial course at S.U.l. and to become a good secretary. Qt y , ,M- X X sl' E. slr 95 A71 Gif, , i ,Z .' , I9 l 'Q I " Q ?-.JTE-.t. Q- lf Row I: Gordon Townsend, Dick Ware, Sid Stark, Bill Carter, Homer Snyder, Lance Lange, Clarence Higgerson, Dick Ralston, Everett White. Row 2: Richard Strong, lim Steckman, George Long, Mike Kautz, Harry Cwlatstein, lohn Robinson, Ron Havemann, Don Huff, Coach Lefty Schnack. gadegdf The Little Muskies, always one of the powers in the Little Six conference finished the A'53" season winning eight and losing only two. They tied for championship honors in the conference with a powerful Ft. Madi- son club. The Muskies lost a heartbreaker in the sectional tournament to Iowa City, 5-4, to be eliminated from the state Summer Baseball Tournament. X Y 9 x 1 ' l y i 3 X, iff ,, ,sW....., M 'nf 1 1 . BOYS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS The boys' intramural basketball championship went to the team above captained by Mike Kautz, Mikes team was composed of Don Butenbach. Eddie Reifert, Mike, Larry Price, and VVayne Brendle, The volleyball champions are, Row I: Iim Rogers, Cary Butts, Larry Price. Don Butenbach: Row 2: Harlan McKillip. Iames Schroeder. Capt. Fred Koepping, Darwin Hohenadel. Andy Foster. ,Ql'Lfl"d,l'VLlftl"6'L The members of the Cvirls' Intramural Basketball Champions are, Row 1: Shirley McGill, Barbara Olinger, Kay Buster: Row 2: Donna Ballenger, Nancy Thayer, Vivian Cunningham. Some of the girls in the noon-time gymnastics class built a human pyra- mid for the benefit of the Musky photographer-Row I: Charlene Strouse, Polly Umlandt, Donna Ballenger, Ida Spitznogle: Row 2: Lois Nicholson, Ruth Chapman. Iudy Smalley: Row if Sandra Garvin, Shirley McGill. GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS TLIMBLING CLASS 5 Q A !""""n"""'l :vpn Q2 . KV Y-1 ' 222' l L lib Larry Manley and Linn Dodds spent an ambitious afternoon digging fishwormsg so that they could offi- cially welcome in spring with a fishing trip. Here Don Rogers proves that sports heroes can be as useful around the house as they can on the football field. ay emoried With the first signs of warm weather, Lynn Bauerbach and Alice Baker, two avid tennis fans, began to look for their tennis rackets. Mike Collier was caught impatiently eyeing the calendar and counting the days until the close of the school year. 2' NZ! JUNf 2 7 89101 ULVLQ I fflkwx N hi eniorf Cfddd Omcem it 5 HN Q ,fi Z vi, The senior Class officers, a trio of good Hmixersf' Combine their scientific talents in a chemistry experiment. lane Mcllrath, Vice President, reads directions while Diane Fairbanks. Secretary-Treasurer: and Ray Gaddis, President, mix formula 1954. These students were Chosen as representatives of their Class from 188 seniors. 99 IOYCE ANDREAS "Ioycie" . . . This blue-eyed blonde en- joys dancing and riding around with Donna, Her future plans are to work a few' years. buy a new' car and then to get mar- ried to a farmer. Her hobby is receiving letters from a certain guy in the army, "Oh brother," is often heard from this 5 7 gal around Musky halls oy cie s fayorite color is blue She thinks the school spirit is yery qood this year but it could be improyed IAMES BAARS Big I Big ims activities haye in cluded football track and F F A He can be found after school hours working on his brother farm This 5 ll black haired seniors plans for the fu ture are undecided as yet His pet peeye seems to be girls who want to drive his car im en joyed his senior year the most because the subjects were easier and he had more fun GENE BENNINGER Ben This brown haired senior likes to design automobiles as a hobby Ben is one guy whom we know will be extremely happy to see his school days come to an end The ambition of this 5 ll Iumor Rockefeller is just to be wealthy Gene has hazel eyes and his fayorite color is blue He says I en joyed my sophomore year most because it was the easiest FRED BIVINS Fritz Fritz s fayorite pastime is play ing pool at Lillys This 5 ll blue eyed seniors plans for the future are to enter the service for three or four years Fritzs hobby seems to be qirls and more girls It seems his most exciting moment was when he pet peeve is haymg to climb stairs all the time How about eleyators7 His ambition in life is to become a rich farmer LOREN BRAUN Curly One glimpse at this farmer s reddish brown hair can tell you where he got his nickname Curly says his fayorite pastime is Girls He is yery actixe in FFA and was treasurer the last semester of his junior year and president his senior year Lorens future includes joining the Army and then to becom a qood farmer He enjoyed his st mor year most IOHN BRASE lohann One of ohns faxorlte expres sions is Dig that He plans to go to the Unixersity of Iowa to study to become an archi tectural engineer ohn liked his freshman year best because it was the start of all the fun ht had at M H S His faxorite pastime 1 watching telexision He also likes to make things from balsa wood LOUIS ASH "Louie" . . . Louie's favorite pastime is mo- torcycle riding. His hobbies are riding on hills and in en- durance runs. This six foot, blue-eyed senior is often seen on the football field. His fu- ture plans are to join the Ma- rines. Louie's pet peeve is peo- ple w'ho consider themselves better than someone else or peope who run out of ink in the middle of a sentence Lou ies fayorite color is blue MARY ANN BANCKS Bencks This cute little brown haired gal s favorite pas time IS watching television and playing the piano Bencks has been in Cadet Teachers her jun ior and senior years She plans to attend Iowa State Teachers College This 5 6 seniors fa yorite expression is Oh you Mary thinks the school spirit has improved since her fresh man year ELBERT BEVERLY Bert Berts favorite pastime is swimming and diving Bert wants to become a pilot maybe thats why he can be found working at the airport after school He has often been seen by Musky rooters on the foot ball and track fields Bert stands flxe feet six inches has dark brown hair and brown eyes DONNA BLEADORN This seniors favorite pastimes are riding around with oyce and dancing Donna s ambition is to get rich and own a car This 5 5 Musky gals favorite color is aqua blue Donna can often be heard saying What who think they are better than anyone else She is going to work a few years and then get married BARBARA BRASE Barb Barbs fayorite pastime is riding around in a white Ford w th R B Her plans are to get married and moxe to Wy oming Barbs ambition is to make a lot of money at the telephone office This 3 3 sen iors hobby is talking She en joyed her junior year the most because she knew more kids This pert senior beliexes the school spirit is qood but t could be improxed KENNETH BREI Butch Butch is a member of the Au roran newspaper He likes to collect shotguns so naturally his faxorite pastime would b hunting He also likes to fish and go to the moyies Ken is 6 3 has light brown hair and blue eyes After he graduates he plans to work for awhile and then join the Air Force where he can fulfill his ambi tion to be a pilot , H ' ' , ' ' f , ' . ' . . . . . ' Y '- " ' im" . . . ' ev - N H ' - ' - Y - I O v f u A ' 4 Y . . I. 1 Y . . . .. j.- ' I H ' ' V I . I ' ' Al I 7 v ' I . 9 . . v . , 7, I ' I I I. . ' I T ' V If I ' . passed World History. Fri'tz's is?" Her pet peeve is people 5 . , . I ' Y I . A L - 4' C U . . . U H ' ' I -L .S . C . T 'A S' I , , H . , . ,g . .S Q ' 1 ' j. 4 5 , , - IOAN BRIGHT I You can flnd thls busy qlrl worklng ln Dr Potters office o wants to attend C and then elther be a klnderqarten teacher or a speech lnstructor o was a member of the State Ch8mplOH Debate Squad Her pet peeve l9 people who start to tell you somethlnq md then de clde not to hnlsh o has en joyed all four years at M H S SUSAN BUINKER Sue Dltlng IS Sues faxorlte as tlme She has lettered ln chorus for four yelrs Her plans are to go to the UHIVQFSIIY of Iowa to Nurse s tralnlng for four years and then to get marrled Thls 5 7 brown eyed senlors pet peexe I9 lockers that wont open when you are ln a hurry Sue' enjoyed her freshman year lnost because everythlnq was new and dlfferent W l L L l gf ln e e e sclfro H? rnlgjflgy af o ar dancfls wogy page e s ahfflfan Blll n h ffeey cler g a rant he IS or 1 r l s most mba B gadwwt IPW as en qol'4! ll MARY BUSTER Mamle Mamle would llterally rather talk than eat Next to that she llkes to dance She plans to qo to Nurses tralnlng when she hnlshes school Her pet peeve IS people who lnterfere Wlth her conversatlon or just wont llsten Mamle enjoyed her sen lol yeal most because klds were lnore frlendly and the school Nplflf was much better LINDA CARLSON Wlndy Thl cute blue eyed senlor was homemaklnq queen her sophomore year and thls year was one of the candldates for llOIIlQCOlTllI1J queen After chool Llndl earns her money lt the telephone offlce Wlndy wants to be l nurse someday and later to be a qood house wlfe Her flvorlte pastlme IS e ltlnq thouqh you would nexer know lt VVlndys most em hlrrlsslng molnent w 19 a llttle sllp lt Coles She enjoyed her senlor year the most NANCY CHAPMAN Nance Nance s favorlte pastlme IS danclnq and playlng the plano T ls 5 2 brown eyed qlls pl lns are to get a qood stenog rlphers job Nance has been ln band her sophomore and jun lol years Her hobby IS collect lng scaryes from dlfferent states You often hear Nance slylng Thats all you know ll5OllIf It Her ambltlon IS llke m lny others to he l good cook STANLEY BUCKLEY Stan Stan found hls senlor year the most enjoyable at MHS The XOCBIIOH he hls chosen IS that ol a presselan and he IS already apprentlce pressman at the ournal He llkes the ol MISSISSIPPI where he spends most of hls spare tlme boatlnq or flshlng Stan hls brown halr and blue eyes and stlnds D 6 He feels that our school Splflt IS falllng off thls yelr Stans maln ambltlon ln llfe lS to ee the country DON BLITENBACH Bunt l r sldent Butenbachl How does It sound' Well you better get used to lt because Dons ambltlon ls to be IJFBSI dent of the Unlted States You mlght often lseal hlm saylnq MMM boy' Hls fayorlte color IS red and hls faxorlte pastlme sleeplng After Don graduates he doesnt know whether to work or to qo to school Bunts fayorlte year was hls junlor year IVA BUSTER Ike e has been busy her junlor and senlor years belnq presldent of GAA and secretary of Pep Club She can often be seen drlvlng her Car In her sparc tlme Ike keeps a scrapbook of her senlor year Thls Musky lass stands 5 2 has brown halr and brown eyes Ike can often be heard saylnq Wh It LAWRENCE CARLSON Lawrences favorlte Pastlme ls qolng to a show or else work lnq on l car He works at Cot trall and Orr GIFTQQ durlnq the summer Lawrence ambl tlon IS to become a good welder and later own a custom body shop of hls own Thls 5 lO blue eyed lads pet peeve IS a person who thlnks that he IS better than someone else Hls faxorlte CXPFESSIOII IS What s IACK CARTER Mac Macs favorlte plstlraes are huntlnq and ICC skatlnq H would llke to go to Ames and study agrlculture because some day he wants to be a farmer He IS often heard saylng Who do you thlnk you re IDESSIHCI wlth kld7 ack stands 5 5 has brown halr and blue eyes and hls favorlte color IS Scotch plaldl77I He thlnks the school Splflf lS 1 whole lot better than last year ln exery w ly shape and form DOUGLAS CODER Douq Douq s favorlte pastlme 19 playlng qolf Douq has been pretty actlve ln hlqh school belnq IP chorus basketball and track He has had honors as presldent of Hl Y and Master Counselor of DeMolay Doug s ambltlon IS to make a good llv lnq and to have a happy and healthy home Thls 5 9 blue eyed senlor ls kept busy work lnq at Coder Hardware Hls flXOI'lIL color IS rust " o" . . . - - - A '- ' ' I ' , e I. , ' ' H v ' x -I I A I T I ' Z.. I - I , Q- A Q , z e .' z .' ' . . . . . , C 2 ' ' ' p '- . . . " J e' e . ' ef ' ' e' ' , A , , 5 , ' ' I H V - ' '. " "L v T V vt, Y 7 4 ' I 1 V ' . I A : - 5 K , ' rw IT! , . ff A f A' " . . . Ik B'll . ff, l t h , - - N wh ' ni - - A I l a n i Q le ,f . U . B ' l en rd ln Z - - F", I ' ' ' s ' - 111911 , ' . b Q - , ' iff ' k' A l X, h' 1 ff at " s. 1 ' - - , I ilf m ' h . - -- , I- 11 1 -d yr, 4 U .lc 1, I c fda me" mg out O yu L, IS? Her favorlte Color IS blue. 1 . -7, 2 . . l 2 5 . A - . - , e ' e el ' j e .I K. I I e A D 'S -- ' ' ' - - 1 rr ' I . ' e . 1 ' , ', L?" . . . 's - ' - - , - ' ' ' , f e. . K y . K . . in 9 e I C , ' , I I r I K . 52 2 V 1 '. . ' " 2 e A - , ' - . 12 ' ' I v f , , i x z 'ze e ' ,' 'A '- , ,, ., , . I el V hl ' " ' - ja ', ' n ' H , z , ' e I - , , , . 2 I 4 . e ' '- 3 e' C 4 K I ' In I H - Qi ' , " . ' ' - as 1 - i A . e ' ' t 3 4 'e . I z 2 . i V - . ,- PATRICIA COURTOIS "Pat- ty" . . . Patty's favorite pas- time is drawing. She works as a long distance operator and is often heard saying, 'AMust be tough." This 5' 2" blue-eyed seniors pet peeve is people who blame telephone operators for all the wrong numbers that they get. Patty thinks that the school spirit could be greatly improved This Musky gal has been in chorus and sextet all four years DAVID COZINE Dave Daves ambition is to make a million next year Think hell make 1t7 His favorite pastime is going to the Y and if you dont find him there you will probably see him at Benners busily trying to start his mil lion Daves plan is to go to Iunior College next year He 5 ll tall has brown air and brown eyes Dave enjoyed his senior the most IANET CROW Ian ans favorite pastime is watch ing TV She would like to be an interior decorator and later qet married an works at the telephone office as a long dis tance operator This gals hobby is writing to a certain fellow at Ames You often hear Ian say You know This 5 4 hazel eyed seniors pet peexes are people who push in the halls and leave qum in the drinking fountains V I V I A N CUNNINGHAM Peqqy Peggy s favorite pastime is going away This 5 6 blue eyed gal is o en heard saying What is wif you7 leggy thinks that this years school spirit is the poor est we ve had since she has been in high school This gals most embarrassing moment was when Mr Maas embarrassed her in front of the class MARIORIE DERRICK Mar ie Margie s faxorite pas time is driving her brothers blue Ford She lettered four years in band You often see her jerkinq sodas at Leus This 5 5 seniors ambition is to become a successful secre tary Fairly odd is oten heard from Margie Her most exciting moment was when the woodwind quartette won a Hrst rating at the sub state music contest MARY EISELSTEIN Mimi This 5 2 seniors faxortte pastime is going with Ted and her most excitinq moment was on December 24 I953 She plans to qo into clerical work after graduation and later qet married Mimis hobbies are boating and reading and her pet peexe is anyone who thinks he IS better than someone else Mary Iane enjoyed her senior year the most because she knew more people SANDRA COX "Sandy" . . . Sandys favorite pastime is rid- ing around with Dixie. This 5' 4" gal's ambition is to be- come successful in her career. Sandy has been in dramatics and Auroran three years. She plans to attend college at S.U.I. Sandy keeps herself busy work- ing at the telephone office after school. Her pet peeve is peo- ple who can't keep anything a secret Sandys express1on s Its real cutish BEULAH CRANE Budy Budy is a new student to M HS thls year This 5 3 sen iors favorite pastime is singing and thinking Budys future plans include becoming a good bookkeeper She thinks the re sponse to our cheerleaders is the oest shes heard Budys oy Her most embarrassing moment was in history class when she said the population of the LI S was twenty five thousand IR W I N CUNNINGHAM rw Irws favorite pas time s riding around would like to become an engi neer Irw has had an honor able discharge from the US A F and believes his most ex citing moment was his first day in the Air Force He enjoyed li senlor year most Irw is D ll and has green eyes and brown hair and is often heard saying Oh dear Irw thinks the school spirit of MHS IS good ELAINE DAVIS Elaines faxorite pastime 'is watching te evi n si fl ue eye s i'-f ob 5 are cook ing an readigg er plans are to attend 'binior Collegaandxtd' teacbgtade scbodl for a few years After scho'8l you may find Elaine workinq at the Fish n Chips The year she liked the best was her junior year because she enjoyed Spanish ind pr ictice teaching ILORENCI: EIS Ho This blue eyed seniors faxorlte pastime is sewing and listening to the radio Flo s plans for the future ire working for a while and then qetting married Her taxorite expression is brother She thinks that the school spirit has improved since we have started havinq homecoming pirades Flo en joyed her sophomore year most DIXII' LI'L l'RKSON Dix Dix s future plans are to attend the University of Iowa and become 1 prix ate secretary This J 2 brown haired sen iors faxorite expression s Ho Dee Dix s pet peeve is people who are stuck up She enjoyed her junior year the most because she was fi nally an upperclassman Dix ies hobbies are dancing and having fun She is our student secretary this year DIANE FAIRBANKS D Th1s 5 6 blonde IS semor class secretary thls year D was also a Homecom1ng Queen candldate She lxkes to slng dance and lxsten to Ray A thonys records Now you can flnd her selllng records at Schreurs but when she gradu ates D1 IS gomg to study Home Economxcs or Sclence at Iowa State Thls semor has been ln chorus for four years and her most excltmg moments are when the curtam goes up each year MARSHA FISHER Marsh Marshs faxorlte past1me IS FQCCINIIIQ letters This 5 3 semors ambxtlon to b a housewlfe and mamtaln happy home Marsha lettered three years ln chorus Her job outside of school IS workxng at the telephone offlce Marsh be lleves that the school sp1r1t IS very good but could stxll be lmproved 1 good deal Her favorlte expresslon IS know nt ANDY FOSTER Fearless os Fearless can often be found at noon rldmq around wlth h1s classmates Thus 5 8 semors honors mclude belnq secretary treasurer of hls class his sophomore year and VICE presldent hns 1un1or year Andy plans to attend SUI and be come a math teacher Hts hob ally 1ce skatlnq RUSSELL FREERS Russ Thls 6 sen1or I9 deflnltely a Navy man Russs favorlte color IQ navy and his plans for the future are to go to N RO TC through the naval reserve Russ c-an be found after school hours working at the Palace Theater He can often be heard saymg L s h1t he road Russ has brown halr and blue eyes He enloyed h1s semor year most because there was more stuff to do IANET FROEHNER In Thxs semor has an ambltlon to travel throughout the Umted States Ian spends many hours ln the Auroran office workmq on the books Her favorlte pas tnmes are xce skatmg sewmq and her doq Thls 5 blue eyed blonde can be found workmq at Westers Drug Store ets favorxte expresslon What about tonrqht Syb1l7 After graduatlon she IS qomq to Iunror College for two years NADA FULLER Thxs 5 6 brown hatred semors plans for the future are to go to IC and then become an elementary school teacher Nada s favor1te pastxme lb r1d1ng 1n a green Buxck Her after school hours are taken up clerkmg at Grant s Nada can often be heard say 1ng Well sn y She as been m several actnvltles the most outstandmg of whlch have been Auroran and Dramatzcs FRED I'ILLINGHAM Frxtz Frltzs faxorlte pastlme IS huntmg and flshlng probably hunt1ng for a place to sleep and flshxng for trouble H can be found after school hours worklng on hls fathers farm Maybe that s why hls ambltnon IS to become a farmer Thls 6 2 brown eyed and brown hatred semors plans for the fu ture are to 1o1n the Atr Force Frltz can often be heard say mg See ya round llke a do nut MARY ANN FOLILY Marys fasornte pastlme wrxtxng letters to a certaln quy IS D 2 blueeyed ql S often seen rldmq around ln a Chevy or Ford and her pet peeve IS people who laugh when you hve a flat te Mary s ambltlon xs to some day be a good secretary but now you flncl her worklng at Kres ges on Saturday Mary IS often heard saymg Hope to tell ya GLENDA FRANKENBERRY eanle T IS D 4 s n xors favortte pastxme IS rxdmq around eanle plans to attend S UI after hxgh school and be come 1 teacher Her lob out slde of school IS workmg as a long dxstance telephone opera tor eanxe may often be heard saymq Lets hve lt uD' ThlS dark hatred gal was Queen of sophomore year Her many hobbies mclude palntmg HAROLD FRILESE Bud Buds ambmon IS to own cattle ranch out West After school hours thls Musky guy can be found workmq on h1s dads farm Buds plans for the future are to work untxl he xs called lnto the Army Thxs brown halred semors pet peeve 19 when hls locker wont open when he IS IH a hurry Harold enjoyed hrs semor year most because of easter subjects and easler teachers GRACE ANN FROFHNER Grac1e Gracle hxs been actlxe ln band all four years so naturxlly she loves musxc Her plans for the future are to attend IC and become a teach er Grace can be found after school hours work1nq at the Port Clty Cab Station Thus Musky gal can often be heard saymg Curxous amt ya? Grace s pet peeve IS people who start to tell somethmq and then say I cant remember MARILLYN FURNAS M Mes favorlte pastxme xs wr1tmo letters to a certam farmer near Grandvlew If you flnd her not wrltlng letters you wlll probably find her workmq at Tllley F se Thxs 5 4 n nor s ambition ns to make a good farmers wxfe Marlllyn IS of ten heard saymg More fun' She thmks the school smrxt s lmprovmg each year Marxllyn has been m chorus all four years .. in , , ., . .. 't ' . I ' Q ' -- . . . e ' n- , ' I ' h A 4 . V E 't 1 1 '. f ' ' V ,. ' L s f ff V - 2 . A H ' H 'f 2 ' ' 2: ' is 4 v - ' 7 ' I ' - I ' . . h N .D .A , ,, Th. -, ,, 1 V Aa i ' IS e , ' ' ' a , L -' ' '- ' ' ' a 1 ir . ' "Ya - !" '41 -4 - " - 'I H II. h, .5 .? I ' I l I ' ' ' - bifs uincludvuall SPOFTSI 9Speci- Hearts" candidate during her ' f ' ' ' E -I H . v . V , ' , ' ' ' V 3 U . v ' ' - K . v .. et., , t h , V. V .. 3 ,. Q 1 s s s V . U - " ' I A -x Z 4 x , ' . ' Z 1 V ' ' . .' . f A 1 . ' A . Ian- , , , ' , ' . . . . . ' ls, . .. . , V H . A K t A K - f H A ' " e" Z A ' ie: . ' ' " se - ' , " , 'll h . A' ' .. 1 . . ,. , 1 RAY GADDIS Sugar Ray Sugar Rays amb1t1on IS to be a band leader or a top record1ng star You can often hear th1s 5 9 sen1or saymq Cr1nks thats just too bad' Ray lettered 1n band all four years Th1s year he IS pres1 dent of the sen1or class and h1s pet peeve IS people who dont have a sense of humor Th1s quy whom we hase all seen on the football field spends h1s spare t1me dr1v1ng the car or SIHQIHQ RICHARD GLATSTEIN D1ck D1ck s favonte pas t1me IS ask1ng quest1ons 1n a certaxn quys lnamed Gusl class D1cks many act1v1t1es 1nclude H1 Y Auroran News paper Cur1a Req1a and the All School Play Th1S brown eyed sen1or plans to attend Iowa U D1ck th1nks that the school Splflt IS qood but could be 1mproyed HIS most CXCII 1nq moment was when G S threw a hot test tube IHIO Moose wastebasket RONALD GREENE Greene Greenes plans for the fu ture are to qo to a televlslon school Maybe he w1ll be re pa1r1ng our TV sets 1n a few years ThlS Musky lad l1kes mus1c and you may be able to quess th1s because he has been 1n band for four years and has lettered each year Ron can often be heard say1nq You et' Th1s 5 10 blue eye quys hobby IS loaflng when he 1snt work1ng URSULA GRUNDMANN Ursula IS our exchange student from Germany Her most ex c1t1ng moment was her tr1p to the Unlted States She says she would l1ke to qo back to Germany and then spend year each 1n Italy and Greece Ursulas hobbles are playmq tenms and Swlmmlng She stands 5 2 and has blonde ha1r and green eyes Ursula wants to qo to a UHIXQFSIIY and become a journallst IANET HAHN Ienner enner IS one of those g1rls who often says I thouqht Id d1e You can always see her lead 1nq cheers at the games and she ha lettered 1n chorus all four years ThlS cute blonde stands 5 4 and has blue eyes anets hobb1es are golf and sw1mm1nq Her Det peeve people who are always talkmq about domq thlnos but nexer do them anet plans to attend colleqe but hasnt declded def Inlfely where NANCY HAHN Nance T 1 5 7 sen1or has been a cheerleader for MHS for three vears Nancy plans to at tend some college 1n the state of Iowa and her amb1t1on IS to qet marrled after she graduates from college Nance s pet peeve IS students who dont stand up for the school song or cheer at the qames She th1nks the school sp1r1t has 1mproyed be cause of the homecomlng pa rades HARRY GLATSTEIN Harrys favorlte past1me IS see 1ng Marxlyn Monroe mov1es He was elected to the Natlonal Honor Socxcty h1s jun on year and was one of the thr e boys from MHS to qo to Hawk eye Boy State We th1nk Harry remembers the n1ght as student manager of the Champs he wore a tuxedo to the b1q game IOHN GLIDDEN Gl1d ThlS senlors favor1te past1me IS play ng golf He plans to a tend the Unlyerslty of WIS cons1n Gl1d favorlte expres sxon Whoops I broke tet tube HIS amb1t1on 1 to create an explosxon b1q enouqh to blow up I1m Maass chemlstry room ohn works at R1chard Packmq House H15 pet peexe 1s teachers who QIVE you sc much homework that you haxe to stay home n1ghts BONNIE GRIMM Gflmmy Grvnmy s favor1te past1me talk1nq IH band She as been ID band and Clar1net Quar tette for four years Th1s sen 1or stands J 4 has brown ha1r and brown eyes Bonme plans to qo to Carthaqe Colleqe after qraduat1on Th1s qal l1ked her sophomore year the best be cause she had more fun and the subjects were eas1er so she had lots of t1me to loaf Gr1m my IS often heard saymq Y R O N A L D GROSSKLAUS Ron You m1qht have bouqht a pa1r of shoes from Ron because he works at Bow mans on Saturdays In h1s spare t1me he l1kes to r1de 'around ln a green Bulck ThIS 6 en1or wants to go to Iowa UHIVQFSIYY to study engxneer mfj Rons pet peeve IS people who laugh at the1r own dry jokes and h1s hobby 1s hopp1ng up cirs and boats MARY LOU HAHN Mary l1kes ITIUSIC She l1kes to play the mano and l1sten to records She has been 1n Glee Club for four years and IH chorus her sen1or year Th1s Musky gal can often be heard saymq Well' After school hours Mary spends much of her tuna baby s1tt1ng She also l1ke to wrlte letters lWhos the SPLCIII fellow7l Marys pet peut IS people who 'ure con cexted MARY KAY HARDER S se Susle IS one of the shorter qlrls IH our class She s nd 4 9 has brown ha1r and hazel eyes Last year she was ass1stant edltor of Auroran and th1s year she IS the edltor She enjoys drawmg or just r1d xnq around 1n the car Her most embarrassmg moment was at the beg1nn1ng of her sophomore year when she sat through freshman Enghsh class and at the end of the per1od asked why they dxdnt get CIIHQFQHI books tha year ' r nn - 1 I I D ' 1. . 1 ' ' I U V 5 V V . . 1 g . . , 1 G e ' - - f ' V , . ' 1 ' V V l r 1 ' . ' l V ' , . . . 4 ' ' ' - 2 V . . . ' . ' 's ' - . ' .1 V ' ig, 'A ,, 3 . ' . s , lim. ' . , ' ' V lv 4' ' vm . . i ' 1 is ' 1 ' . h V . 4 D. - A Fr rr . '- . . ' , 5 ' ' . : . b ' ' f' " - d , ' g ' . , 1' 8 :A ' V ' don't know, do ya? a 1 ' . b ' ' . V 5 - , h Y If . . K f ' K H ' C . . z ,. I . . K , . s ' ' ' Q . I l l, H .H . V ,V , ' ' 4 ' 5 - s fs 1 1 c . . . V l ' " u- h's ' " ' , Eta S ' A": . I ' , . - V 5 'S ' V ' ' . a . l r F ,lf5,u2.,S- 1937? -N RONALD HAVEMANN Humpy Humpys favor rte pastrme rs qorng towards Davenport Thrs blonde demon of the 1954 Champs ambrtron rs to be a successful coach Humpy s most excrtrng and em barrassrng moment was whrle playrnq basketball he threw a pass to Perkrns and rt went rnto the basket for the wrnnrnq pornts You wrll often hear Humpy sayrng Yeah' DONALD HECHT Don Dons faxorrte pastrmes are rrd rng around rn hrs car and tak rng prctures Maybe that s why hrs after school hours are spent workrng at the ournal office Don s pet peeve IS people who bother the teachers Hrs most embarrassrnq moment was when a flash bulb blew up on the basketball court Don has been actrve rn Auroran and Camera Club IRETA HEPKER l at Pats favorlte pastrme rs danc mg Her ambrtron rs to be a good housewrfe for a certarn nuv Whats hrs name Rat7 Thrs 5 5 brown harred sen rors pet peeve rs people who stand and talk rn front of therr lockers at noon Pats favorrte cxpressron Farrly gone She enjoyed her senror year most because she lrked all of her classes and rt was her last year SHARON HOBART Sherry Sherrys favorrte Dastrme not readlnq you w1ll flnd her workrng at the Maud Rrte Her ambrtron rs to be a qood home maker for that certain guy Sherry stands 5 7 wrth hazel eyes and dark brown harr Her pet peeve rs teachers who show therr preference of pol1t1cs dur mg class Sherry has the honor of qettrng the worst sunburns rn school MARILYN HOLTZ Ho stern Thrs Musky qals mrnd runs rn one channel m src Her favorrte pastrmes are playrng the prano and srnqrnq She has been actrve all four years rn chorus and glee club Holsterns plans for the future rnclude attendrnq the Omaha Baptlst Brble Instrtute In her spare trme Marrlyn works at l mcoln school She stands five feet two rnches tall and has blue eyes and brown harr IIM HOOPES Thrs five foot ten rnch senrors favorrte pastrmer chasmq women rm has been very actrve rn F FA durrnq hrs years at Musky Hrgh He can often be seen workrng on hrs Dad s farm out srde of school rm doesnt plan to attend colleqe and hrs plan for the future 'ire rndeflmte rm enjoyed hrs senror year the most because rt was the easlest and he had more trme to loaf NANCY HAWK "Red" Red spends much of her trme workrng at the telephone office as a long drstance operator Nancy says she enjoyed her sophomore year most because she knew more people and could find her way around Thrs cute senror gal stands 5 feet 5 rnches and has blue eyes and red harr After grad uatron she rs gorng to work at the telephone office but later wants to qet married IA N E T HENDRICKSON Sam Sams favorlte pas trme rs swrmmrng She wants to go to college and become an art rnstructor and some day to be a well known commercral artrst In her spare trme thrs senror lrkes to make a scrap book of her senror year Sam s pet peeve rs the real short fel low around school Ians fa vorrte expressron rs Father dear and her favorrte color rs yellow KI W rf AREN H EY MEISTER Karen rs a new Musky lass She came here durrng her jun ror year from Farrfleld She plans to attend Iunror Colleqe for one year and then become an arrlrne hostess Karen s hob bres are readrng and skatrnq Thrs flve foot two rnch senror s ambrtron rs to become a good housekeeper An expressron used often by Karen rs What happen? LLEANOR HOFFMEYILR Eleanors hobbres mclude read Thrs 5 3 senrors favorrte pas trme rs wrltmg and her ambr tron rs to become a successful author Eleanors favorrte color rs lrght blue and she can often be heard saylng What 1s7 Eleanor says she enjoyed all four years at Musky Hrgh She has been on the Auroran News paper her junror and senror years DAVID HOOPES Dave Dave s favorrte pastrme rs sleep mg especially rn class Thrs srx foot one rnch senror plans to study electrrcal engrneerrnq at Ames Dave earned two let ters rn chorus and was rn Cam era Club Dave s most excrtrng moment was when the chorus went to Des Mornes and sanq for the leqrslature Thrs sen rors pet peeve rs people who block the halls wrth only a rnrnute to get to class IOHN HOOPES ohn rs very deflnrte about one thrnq he wants to be a farmer Thrs Musky lad also lrkes huntrnq swrmmmg and showrng h s horses Iohn can often be heard sayrnq Beats the devrl out of me' Hrs most embarrasslng moment was hrs flrst date ohns pet peeve rs grrls who thrnk they re better than some one else Iohn rs a 5 foot 10 rnch quy wrth brown harr and brown eyes U 4' A ' A ,IB AQIQL7 Q 1 u - f I D I ' is. H ' . . '. ' I ' ' is reading books, and if she is ing. drawing, and needlework. . - - 1 n - ' - 1 ff - . - A I " j, " " . . . , j 4 U- . ' . V . . I . . ,Q - l I. . AB . , . ' I. v K AH A ' ' ' FE , j I ' . ' ' . I V KENNY HOPKINS "Hoppy" Thrs 5 8 brown eyed senrors faxorrte pastrme playrng pool at the Temple Hoppy also lrkes musrc Thrs Musky guy can be found after school hours workrng at the Farrall Parnt Store Hoppy seems to thrnk that hrs most embarrassrng moment would be now rf he told us what rt was If you ve heard any ex plosrons from the chemrstry room rts been Hoppy practrc rng to be a cbemrst DON HUFE' Puffer Don one of the members of the 1954 State Champron term has been rn basketball all four years rn MHS When Don rsnt workrng rt hrs fathers store you mrght find hrm watch rng televrsron or at a game Puffer s ambrtron rs to be 1 pro fessronal baseball player coach You often hear Don sayrng Ya know that7 LOIS HYINK Cookre Thrs pert Musky lassres 'rmbr tron rs to retrre young If you find a way Cookre tell he rest of us Cookres favorrte pastrme rs drrvrng a car Thrs five foot liwernch senror can often be seen clerkrng at Kres ge s on t t can often be heard when Cookres around Her most embarrassrnq moment was when she was cookrng a supper for the fac ulty and she put 2 tablespoons of sugar rn the gravy GARY IACKSON Stony Gary rs another one who s favorrte pastrme rs holdrng up the post at Lrllys corner If you dont find hrm at Lrllys you wrll probably find hrm try rng to sell shoes at Brownbrlt Garys hobby rs lrstenrng to jazz records Stony thrnks that rf M H S students Want better games that they had better start showrnq 1 lrttle school sprrrt CAROL JENSEN Carol s favorrte pastrme rs watchmg TV and gomg to shows Thrs 5 3 brown harred senror gal would lrke to go to Iunror Col lege for two years and become an elementary grade school teacher Carols ambrtron rs to become a successful teacher and after college qet marrred She works part time at Kres ges Carol rs often heard say rng Crazy mrxed up krd CHARLES KAUTZ Mrke Mrke lrkes to hunt and fish and on rare occasrons go wrth grrls' Thrs tall lad has lettered rn basketball both hrs rumor and senror years Hrs ambrtron rs to broadcast the Chrcaqo Cub games wrth Bert Wrlson Mrke rs also xery forgetful rt seems he once went to school wrthout hrs sbrrt Mrke stands srx feet one rnch tall and hrs blue eyes rnd brown harr X, MONA HORTON Mona's favorrte pastrme rs gomg to all the games and she has been very actrve rn Hr Trr and Pep Club After graduatron she would lrke to go to Beauty School Monas ambrtrons are to be a perfect wrfe to some certarn rndrvrdual She rs often heard sayrng What rs7 Thrs 5 5 brown harred senrors pet peeve rs krds that dont show any school sprrrt at the games ROBERT HURLBURT Bob Bobs plans for the future to get a rob untrl he drafted rnto the Army Thrs 5 8 senrors ambrtron rs to finrsh hrgh school as soon as possrble Was there some doubt as to the number of years requrred7 Bobs job outsrde of school delrverrng Des Mornes Regrsters Thrs brown harred lads hobby rs musrc Bobs most embarrassrng mo ment was when he was late the first day of the senror year KENNETH ISAACS Ken ner Kenner has been ac trve rn Dramatrcs and Camera Club He can be found after school hours rust rr rng around Kenner has only one hobby and that rs Grrls bu hrs ambrtron rs to become mrllronarre If you succeed Kenner tell us how Thrs 6 2 Musky lad can often be heard sayrng What rs? Kenners pet peexes are some certarn teachers BOB IANNEY Guns If Guns rsnt sleeprng he s sure to be watchmg televrsron Hrs plans for the future are to rom the Navy and see the world T rs 5 7 Musky lad as brown harr and brown eyes Guns has a pet peeve common t us all gettrng up rn e mornrng Bob thrnks hrs most excrtrng moment wrll be the nrght he recerves hrs drploma and that rs why he enroyed hrs senror year the most IOYCE IONES Ionesre onesres plans for the future rnclude gorng to Mason Crty I C She was rn Camera Club her first three years and the Auroran Newspaper her senror year Ionesres ambrtron rs to marry some lucky guy 171 and be a good housewrfe Her rob outsrde of school rs workrng at Wrntermutes Thrs 5 5 sen rors favorrte expressron Farrly the krlls GLADYS KEMPER Happy bottom Happybottom s faxorrte pastrme rs talkrng and workrng math puzzles She really enjoyed geometry and belrexe rt or not she would lrke to take rt agarn Gladys was made a member of the Na tronal Honor Socrety and had been rn many other actrwrtres the most outstandrnq of whrch were Drrmrtrcs rnd Student Teachers Her pet peeve rs gum rn the water fountarn LOIS KEMPER Louie Louies favorite pastime dancing Her plans for the fu ture are to get married and her ambition is to be a successful housewife Louie works part time at Spurgeons This 5 7 blonde enjoyed her senior year most cause it was her last Louie enjoys collecting salt and pepper shakers Her pet peexe is people who think they are better than someone else DONALD KLEBE Don Don s mind seems to run in one channel girls irls girls' Af ter graduation on plans to qo to Ames or join the Air Force When Don isnt working his farm he s out on dates He can often be heard saying Check that little jewel Don s most embarrassing moment was when his girl friend found him with another qirl SYLVIA KNOTT Syl Syls favorite pastime is read ing Her plans for the future include going to Iunior College and later teaching elementary school Syls ambition IS to qo out west This 5 9 blue eyed senior enjoyed her senior year most because she had more fun Sylvia s pet peeve is those people who slam other people s lockers shut Syl is often heard saying Oh you kids' ALYCE KOEVER Al Als favorite pastimes are rid ing around and talking After qraduation she plans to attend nurses training and then meet some handsome intern At the present time Al csin be found workmq at Kresqe s This sen tors pet peexe is teachers who dont gixe part of the period foi work Her hobby is listen inq to popular music BILL KRISE Shorty Shortys plans for the future are to join the Air Force or to qo to Iowa State College This five foot senior s ambition is to become a mechanic Shorty thinks the school spirit is good except for the kids who do not enjoy sports W at 1s7 often heard when ths ld around His fax orite pastime is hunting and fishinq DENNIS LANGE "Mouse" . . . Mouse is interested in only one th'ng and that's radio. He helps with the radio equipment 'it school and after school hours he works repairing '- dios and TV sets at Schreur's. This Musky lad stands six feet, one inch and has blue eyes and brown hair. Mouse can often be heard saying. "What is?" BILL KEPKE Willie Willie says his favorite pas time is standing on Lillys cor ner with the rest of the gang He plans to attend college but doesnt know where Willie enjoyed his senior year most because there werent so many books He is often heard say ing What do you want a me al7 Willie is 5 ll as brown hair and brown eyes He thinks the school spirit could be improved BETHANY KNAPP Shorty Shortys plans for the fu ture include Iunior College and going to school at Bethel Col lege in Denver Colorado This five foot blue eyed seniors pas times are singing and playing the piano Shorty was in chorus all four years She can often be seen on Saturdays clerkmg at Woolworths Her favorite expression is Oh a couple of times' FRED KOEPPING Pooky This Musky lad has only one thought in mmd keepinq a certain senior girl happy Pooky is going to attend the State University of Iowa He plans to become an Architec tural engineer Maybe Pooky will be designing our future homes He can often be heard sayinq More fun' Pooky stands six feet two inches has blue eyes and blonde hair PAUL KORSCHOT Kork Kork s plans for the future are to go to I C and then to Ames He has won two letters in dramatics This five foot six inch seniors pastime is spent riding his motorc cle and just plain loafing ork can b found working at a lumber yard His most exciting mo ment is when the report cards come out and he Finds he has passed exerything RICHARD LANE Rocky Rocky has been xery ac tive in F FA all four years at MHS His plans are to join the Naxy after graduation This five foot nine inch senior s ambition is to become a success ful radio and television techni cian Rockys job outside of school is working on his dads farm His most embarrassing moment was when in his sen ior year he was assigned to a freshman English class DARLENE LEE Dolie You can find Dolie after school hours listening to Nat King Cole. her faxorite recording star. This 5 3 Musky lass has no immediate plans for the fu- ture, but would like to study to be a dressmaker. Dolie can often be heard saying "Bless you." Her pet peeve is people who a ree with everything she says. olie has kept a scrap- book of her senior year, Dar- lene thinks the school spirit was very good. IO ANN LEU "Io" . . . los favorite pastime is driving that "little jewel." This gal wants to be the secretary at her fath- ers garage but wants to get married right after graduation o lettered in chorus for two years If you hear someone sa Fairly g look for for she is around This five foot six inch senior thinks that her most exciting moment was the night Muscatine beat Dav enport GEORGE LONG Gorgeous George Gorgeous George is one of our sports minded boys He is going to college to study physical education and some day be a coach George was one of the quintet who helped make the Muskies the 1954 Champs H IS al o known as a great singer H thinks the school spirit towards football and basketball IS great BOB LUCAS Luke Lukes favorite pastime is sit ting on Lillys corner This senior plans to go to a chefs college and then some day be a chef in a big hotel Luke earns his spending money driving cars for Henderson s This sen lor stands five feet ten inches has blue eyes and dark brown hair His pet peeve is teachers' KENNETH MCDANIEL Mac Mac has been in many activities The outstand ing were F F A football track and HiY His plans for the future include starting to farm Y blue eyes and brown hair He can often be heard saying Dont do anything that I wouldnt do Kenny s favorite pastime is being with a certain girl Macs most embarrassing moment it seems 1S too bad to e IERRY MCKINNEY lake akes favorite pastime is driying around in his car This Musky senlor lettered in chorus and was active in Hi Y ake s plans for the future include go mg to college and becoming a lawyer His hobbies are girls and collecting records lake can often be found working at Coder Hardware Store This 5 ll senior enjoyed his junior year most HARRY MARTIN Homer Homer has been seen on the Musky football Held many times He lettered his junior year This Musky lad is work ing hard to complete his ambi tion finish high school in four years Homer stands 5 feet IO inches and has hazel eyes and brown hair He likes the color blue and the expression Beans Harrys pet peeye is lipstick He enjoyed his senior year most because he is s happy to graduate BETTY CHEWNING LIN- COLN . . . Bettyfs favorite pastime is writing letters to Marv. Betty is just happy be- ing a farmers wife This sen iors hobby is music Her pet peeve 1S people who sit behind her in an assembly and rattle paper eat candy or talk She stands 5 3 ha brown iair and brown eyes Betty thinks that we haye a lot of room for improvement in our school spirit LYNDON LORD Buck Bucks fayorite pastime is rid ing around This fiye foot seven inch seniors plans for the future include joining te Navy Buck thinks that te school spirit is just about ha of what it should be His a b1t1on IS to own a convertible Bucks favorite expression is What 1s7 and his favorite color is red This Musky lad worked at Hemzs this summer ELIZABETH MtCORMICK iz This Musky gals favorite pastime is writing to a certain guy in Grandxiew has been in Amicae for one year and in I'IiTr1 for two years In her spare time Liz works at Grants She can of ten be heard saying What is7 Liz plans to attend a Paris Beauty Academy in the future Will you do our hair free L1 7 Liz likes the color blue IANE MCILLRATH Mac Macs favorite pastime is eating She would like to go to college and then later get married Macs pet peeve people who state something and brown eyed girl has been actiy her four years at M H S being in Dramatics lxational Honor Society and Senior Class Vice President ane was chosen as an exchange student to Ger many her junior year RONALD MARSHALL Butch Butch s favorite pastime is like most other boys Watching girls mostly one cute little junior Butch s great est honor was cleaning the pen cil sharpeners in the Library His ambition is to become an owner of a business so he can loaf Butchs faxorite color is light blue He enjoyed the last half of his junior year the most because he wasnt her IOAN MARTY loame oames fayorite pastime sleeping This 5 8 senor as lettered three years in chorus Her plans for the future include being a good secretary and housewife Ioanie s hobbies art buying clothes and writing e ters to a certain guy e Army Her job outsldt school is working is onq distance operator omit joyed her freshman year tt most because it was new I . . . VL I I . . Y. " j I 10. , , -. . ' . h .. . . . . If T I . I s . . V m- . e ' s , . . , ' ' ' . e ., . ., . ' i' ' 4 , ' . ' is This Musk lad is six feet, has then won't finish. 'This 91' t ll. ' 5 Y I ' j A , , ' . ' ' " , i hx' ' , , ' ' in th ' r ' , . ' ' of jj ,, V V 41 Q ' ' ax u l 3 , J . A -li'en- Q ' I ' , i "2 h' o - , ,- ANN MERCER Merce Merces fayorlte pastlmes are skatlnq SWIITIITIIDQ and rldlnq around wlth She would llke to go to I C or marry a IIlllllO1'131I'E Merce IS always yelllng What ya say7 Anns ITlOSt excltlnq moment was w len she started to hlqh school Merces pet peexe people who ask too many questlons She enloyed her senlor year most because If was the last Kfs NN H Man astlmes g VV a Cl r wha UUYIHQ7 plan f are to 1 Earl f ser mo l alrassl w en u l ou if enn ac ers lk n o y y ac ltlo ETTY MINDPR Bets Bets fayorlte pastlme ls llsten lllq to good records After qraduatlon Betty plans to work l few years and then get mar rled lnd ralse a famlly You can often helr thls gal saylnq Wasnt that a scream' Be tys hobb es are playlng the plano and accordlon Betty stands 5 2 has blue eyes and brown halr Thl Musk al proyed durlnq her junlor llld senlor years R C S E MORRISSEY Roses fay OFIIC pastlme ls read IIIQ Maybe that ls why her spare tlme lI'l school I9 spent H1 Llbrlry Club Rose s plans for the future are to qo to unlor College and become a teacher Thls five foot four lnch senlor has blue eyes and brown halr Rose can often be heard saylnq What ls7 Thls qal enjoyed her freshlnall year the lnost be cause eyerythlng was so new and dlfferent Her hobby needlework DON MULLEN Moon Don s fayorlte pastlme IS SWIITI lnlng Don would llke to qo to C for two years then spend two years at Iowa Unlyerslty Thls brown eyed senlor boys e peeye IS Glrls' Don IS often heard saylnq Greetlnqs prlncess' He thlnks the school splrlt could be lmproyed Don has lettered ln chorus three years and has been ln the Boys Quartet SYBIL Nl'l.,SON Slb Syblls fayorlte psastlmes ln clude readlnq books and wrlt lnq letters Slb lettered her freshman year III chorus and ln Madrl a Her an for the future IS to qo to Coe Colleqe ln Cedar Raplds Thls flye foot flve lnch senlors fa yorlte color IS yellow You can End thls gal worklnq at NlLfZClS Slb IS stlll waltlnq for her most excltlng moment to come ALLEYNE MEYER Nean Neans fayorlte pastlme ls drlylng around ln a Bulck wlth a certaln person She would llke to go to Mason Clty un lor College Nean s ambltlon 19 to become a housewlfe Thls flxe foot SIX lnch blonde loyed her junlor year best be cause there were so lnany thlngs to do Alley nes hobbles are eatlng and sleeplng She 19 often heard saylnq Thats dan y just dandy' IVLLYN MILLPTT EXIC EXIQS faxorlte pastllne IS llstenlng to records and rldlnq around Th1S Hye foot four lnch blue eyed senlor gal s am b1tlOll ls to get marrled befor B M does Eyle works at the telephone office as a lonq dls tance operator Her pet peeye IS for teachers to glye lonq as slqnlnents E ICQ plan 19 qet marrled and llye on 1 farm IIM MISEL Schno y lms fayorlte pastlmes are playlng tennls and datlnq Hls ambltlon IS to haye a qood personallty so that he may haye lnlny frlends lm plans to qo to Iowa State ln the future Hls hobbles are women and eatlnq lce cream' lm 19 often heard say lnq Boys you know we ar llpstlck CHARLES MORSE Charlle Charlles fayorlte pastllne l playlng the plnball machlne at Lllly s and hls ambltlon 19 to buy a new Cadlllac Thls SIX foot senlor IS student manager of the l..ltt'e Muskles Charlle works at Sherwln Wllllams Pllnt Store and after gradua tlon he would llke to be trans ferred to a CdllfOFI1li bl an h of the company Tllls SCIIIOI' IS often heard saylng You dont know do youf SAM NAGEL Sams fa yorlte p3Sflm9 IS ClOll'lq ally thlng that can be done outslde He IS one of the boys who had the honor of QOIHQ to Boys State Sams plans for the fu ture are to attend Iowa Stale College at Ames and hls dmbl tlon I9 to become a forester Thls flye foot elexen ll1Ll1 sen lors fayorlte LXPFCSQIOII l Oh you tl-lnk so Saln en yoyed hls yunlor year the most because that was the flrst year he entered an 3Cf1X1Iy VIOLET PARKS Vlolet s fayorlte pastlme rl lllq around IH a green Plymouth or watchlng tClCXlSlOH After qraduatlon she plans to qc to Rlty College IH Long Beach ClllfOrH1H You can find VIO let worklnq at Woolworths but some day she wants to be a prlyate secretary ThlS 5 5 senlor gals pet peeye IS stu dents who constantly boo at a game and who do not cheer wlth the cheerleaders W , C N. - l V K. '- f Y V , . l ' af I ' - ' v' ,F ,' Io- 1 4 . . . I 5. ' - - 5 A ' - . ' -' en- .! x 4 I ' . ' v ' ' v - A , Y - B Q v 1 A L' s V . ' . Q V ' . . yu - - A -- . H . n , ' l '. L ' 1 - ' ' and ng'lj h . l- 'A 'A e ur ' in - ' ' - , V - Q1 c o F . e. ' . - ' .' ' J - ly ' l "f eni ' 1- ' ' '. ' ' e 02, . t H I W , H A H .- , B. , e ' y' ' f s f. if 2 l 'J- 'l f d e l f 'hi ' . ' ey' m . t 1 1 ' ' 4 :- p y' i. . o gf f l g - , .. V' . ' I to A ' ts t ov e l ' A ' ' . e . i 'z 2 ' ns. . E V .sq 2 . ' ' - 1 V ' 7 'z z ' .' ' , 5 , - f ' i . 2 ' . ' , A A V A ' ' - A Y it"" Hfis V et' ll l' wh' thinks the school splrlt has IIN- ' j PCC 5 9 V5 0 , - l ' A E "2 5 . ' . : ' " . 2' . ' 2 2 - . ' . is ', ' pr a " ' v y 1 ' '- .fb 4 . ' , N - 7 v V Iv' ee J! 1 A ' e e 1 ef' .Ill " I iS 'df was ' e 'gz l. pl' n ' ' ' , ' I . s 'B A 2 ' ' A f . ' lx, 4 ' s,' L ' 'lf E, 5 l 'Q NORMAN PERKINS "Beans" . . . Beans is one of the taller boys in our class. This six-I foot, eight-inch senior is one of the boys who helped bring home the l954 State Championg l trophy. Beans' ambition is to get away with sleeping in class and still pass. His pet peeve' is when he gets behind some slowpoke in the halls This seniors most embarrassing mo ment was when he got caught' playing hooky LARRY PRICE Larry s plans for the future are to join the Nayy and after that go to Ames His fax orxte pastimes are hunting and fishing Larry is often heard saying That s the way the ball rolls He enjoyed his junior year most His pet peeye is people who are always talking about someone else Larry stands SIX feet two inches has blue eyes and brown hair SANDRA PLILLIAM Push Pushs fayorite pastimes are listening to records and playing solitaire She was in chorus her freshman and sophomore years Pushs plans for the fu ture are to work in an ofiice This 5 2 senior thinks the school spirit isnt very good and could he improved Push enjoyed her junior year be cause she got more out of her classes and she had more fun BARBARA RANDOLL Barb Barb s fayorxte pastime is riding around in a Buick Her plans are to go to St Louis and work for a year and then join the WAC s Barb is 5 feet tall has brown hair and green eyes She enjoyed her senior year best because she got to know more people Her hobby is writing letters to a certain seryiceman Barbs pet peeve is people who cant take a joke WILLIAM DAVID RIPLEY Daye This Musky lads fayorite pastime is fiymg his Dads airplane His actiyitles for four years were chorus and FFA Daye likes the color blue and the expression N kidding This senior 15 really undecided about his future H either wants to he a farmer a pilot in the Air I'orce or Navy or a commercial pilot Daye thinks the school spirit at M HS is pretty good pretty good M A R Y RIDENOUR Mary s fax orite pastime driying a motorcycle She has been in the hand all four years ind receix ed her letter and four chex rons Mary has had the honor of haxlng two poems published through a high school poetry contest Her plans for tht futurt are to moxe to Cali forma to lu. This lite oot two inch senior gal s ambition is to be a good housewife DONNA PETTY HAYES "Pets" . . . Pets' favorite pas- time is writing letters to Art. This 5-ft.. 3-in. senior gal's ambition is to become a teacher and to have a successful mar- riage. Pets works at Grants on Saturdays. but she plans to go to lunior College for two years. Donna's hobbies include play- ing pitch and being with San dra and Ida She thinks the school spirit is a lot better than last year FRANCES PROCHASKA Dede Dedes favorite pastime is just having a kill of time' Dede has been in drama tics and debate Her ambition is to get through Iowa State and then get married' Wonder who' You often hear this 5 foot 7 inch brown eyed senior saying Fairly the kills Dede hopes the school spirit contin ues to build because it makes school a lot more fun LOIS IEAN RANBERGER Penny This Musky gal s ambition is to become a secre tary She has been in Drill Team and Pep Club Pennys plans for the future are t marry a certaln character who has blue eyes brown hair and 15 left handed She can often be heard saying Alrighty Pennys pet peeve is people who start to tell you something and dont finish RITA REBELSKY Reets Reets favorite pastime IS just riding around She was in Auroran her junior and senior years and was copy editor her last year Reets hobby is writ mg letters to a certain sailor This 5 2 senior plans to get married in the future On Sat urdays this Musky lass can be found working at Kresges say they ll do something and then dont M A R Y A N N RICHARDS Mud Mud s fax orlte pas time is finding out whats new She lettered in chous all four years Mud s plans for the future include going to college This fiyefoot eight inch sen iors hobbies are music and horseback riding An expres sion often heard when Mud is around is What a kill' She thinks the school spirit is good but could still be improved IOHN RIPPERGER Clem Clem has been in MHS since his junior year You might see this senior riding around on a motorcycle after school Clem works on a farm but he likes to collect arrow heads in his spare time Clem stands six feet has blue eyes and brown hair This seniors pet peut is people who boo the refutes at a ball game when they disagree with the way they calls the plays I - l l . Q l .. . V . - 0 . . . I Y I I , - ' - r rr - I " ' . '. Reets' pet peeve is people who I , . . y. . V ' . ' A ' .I v ,- L' V " 0 . . . , . .x . . j Y I ' I -j I - , - A e . .A . . .p - V 7 A ' H I ,, 2 ' ' ' 'Q i " ' -f , ' ' " - ' DON ROGERS Rodge Rodge IS one of the boys IH M H S who lox es to play foot ball Don plans to take up en glneerlng or forestry at Ames ThlS 5 9 senlors ambltlon ls to play college football When thls senlor lsnt worklng at the Haw keye eParl Button Co you ITIIQIII find hlm rldlng horses Rodge thlnks hls most excltlnq moment was when MUSCBIIHC beat BUFIIHQIOH for the first tlme on thell- field LOIS RUSSELL LOIS has been ln many 'XCIIXIIICS They lnclude chorus QIYIS sextet student teach rs lnd Hl Trl LO19 was elected to the Na IlODdl Honor SOCICIY Her col lege plans are one year at C and then to go to the Unlxer slty of Iowa to study lnuslc Lols plans to hue a happy lllarrlaqe whlle she IS teachlnq hlqh school muslc She can often be heard saylng Sklp VIRGINIA SCHAULAND Kay Kay s faxorlte pas tlme 15 readlng plays Her plans for the future are to qo to the Unlver lty of Iowa and mayor IH dramatlcs Her most excltlng moment was when she was chosen exchange student to Greece for the summer Kay ls heard saylng Icky crud T ls 5 foot 5 lnch brown halred SCDIOFS pet peeye IS people who cannot keep QUICI durlng assemblles Kay works for KWPC DONALD SCHMELZER Smelly Smelly s fayorlte pastlme IS just trylng to get out of work Maybe that IS why he sleeps ln class' Don got two letters ln football and track Thls senlor plans to go to college and solne day own 1 IXLISIDCSS of hls own Don stlnds 6 I has blue eyes and brown halr You can find hlm WOFKIHQ at B I' Goodrlch Hls pet peeye I9 people who tell hlm how to drlye SULANNE SCHIVIIDT Sue Here IS a glrl that e dont thlnk anyone wlll forget Her favorlte pastlme IS eatlng and haylng fun Sue IS plan nlnq to go to nurses tralnlnq and then get marrled but at the present IS a nurses ald at Belleyue Hospltal You wlll often hear thls blue eyed senlor saylng You better bellexe lf Sues pet peexe IS people who qrlpe about the way she drlses GREGG SCHROEDER Abe Abe IS one of our star ath letes Crafty Schroeders most excltlng moment was belng ca taln of the l954 a e Champs Thls popular 6 2 senlor s plans for the future are to go to college and take enql neerlng You can find Gregg earnlng all hls money lt Brldge Mlrket Abe w IS our cl lss presldent hls llrst three years BERNARD ROTH Bernle Bernle s favorlte pastlme IS rldlng around town and belng wlth Sandy After graduatlon he plans to go to C or IOIH the Alr Force Bernles ambl tlon I9 to be an electrlcal engl neer He IS often heard saylng alrly rnle I9 5 9 has brown halr and gray eyes Hls pet peexe I9 people who take hls penclls all the tlme BETTY SCANNELL Bets Bets plan for the future IS tc qet lnarrled We wonder lf lt ls a tall guy named Mlke Betty was a candldate for Homecomlng Queen and Track Queen In her spare tlme Betty ls maklng a scrapbook of M HS and worklng at Wool worth s on Saturdays Bets can often be heard saylng I dont dg It Her IBVOFIIC pastlme ls golng to dances wlth Mlke DAVID SCHMARIE Daye Daye has been actlye ln chorus letterlng all four years After completlon of hlgh school he plans to attend the UHIVQT Slty of Iowa and study to be come an englneer Thls 5 9 senlor can be found worklng at the Ronda Button Company on Saturdays Dayes hobby lnaklng model alrplanes Hls lnost CXCIIIHQ year was hls sen lOl year IOYCE SCHIVIIDT Slnltty Smlttys IHVOTIIC pastlnle IS WFIIIHQ long letters to a sal or Wonder who7 oyce was ln band her freshman and sophomore years ThlS senlor stands 4 ll has blue eyes and brown halr You can find thls gal worklng at Kresges IH her splre tlme and her pet peexe IQ people who thlnk that they are better than anyone else Smlttys plans for the future are to qet marrled md ralse a falnlly DONNA SCHNEIDER Donnas fayorlte pastlme watchlng TV or qolng to mov les wlth Bob Her plans for the future are to qet a job and later qet marrled Donna ls 5 4 has blue eyes and brown hllr Her pet peexe IS people who QOSSIP about what other people do She 19 often heard saylnq You dont say7 Don nas anlbltlon 18 to lllarry a farmer and trayel through the Unlted States PATRICIA SCHROEDER at Pats favorlte pas tlme l wrltlng letters to a cer taln sallor Wonder who7 Her plans for the future l clude WOTKIHQ ln an office and QQIIIDQ marrled Thls 5 6 sen lor enloys QOIHQ to dances and ICG skatlng Pat can often be heard SBYIHQ Come on George She enjoyed her sen lor year the most Pat belleves thlt the school splrlt was not IS qood as It could be 1 , - ' ' ' . . ' V ' V , , . , - - - . F '. Be . ' " tall, . f '. f L . e ., 2 '- I I - -' , , - . e . - - tv ' ' V' ' V lt. . ,V . V V' V . V V VV V .V . s' ' ' ' , . . , ,, 4. C A . 1 l I h'. - , -' , ' . l . IS .. A V.. - V , H A 1 . ' ' V V . ' -4 4 . C I , . . . ' ' w' ', f ' ' is . V. V , . V V V V. . V . V 1 m V V - I H . V 'Q I e , , . . 7 ' v' , ' . , , ' . . I V, e , - I c " S A ' .. ' ' ' A . "P " . . . ' ' .- ' ' ' V - ' -S l I . ' . ' . 'n- 'p' Sr r V . . V V . I . V . e h , v C Tx -H 1 I x 1 , . . V H VV 1 e . . e . 2. Q ' . R I C H A R D SCHROEDER Curley Curleys favor ite past1me IS hunting His plans for the future are after graduation to join the Air Force His ambition is to fly a saberjet You often hear him saying You tell em Curley stands six feet has brown hair and brown eyes and works at Benner s in his spare time Cur ley was active in football at both Muscatine and West Lib erty LA VERNE SHELLADAY La Vernes honors while at MHS include lettering band all four years He plans to go to unior College and then join the Naxy His favor ite pastime is hunting This 6 5 seniors ambition is to be come a mechanical engineer La Verne can be found work ing at Holliday Cleaners in his fice time He enjoyed his sen 101 year the most DONALD SHOULTZ Don Dons favorite pastime IS sleeping and napping This senior has been in track foot ball and F FA Don has great plans for the future just be1nq a bum and then to marry a millionaire This senior stands five feet elexen inches has brown eyes and blonde ha1r This senior enjoyed his junior year most because he made more friends Don is another one of the boys who likes to hunt ROBERTA SOMMERDORF Bert Bert can either be found talking with the QIYIS or working at Woolworths Her plan for the future is to be come an Occupational Thera pist Bert can often be heard saying Big deal Berts pet peeve IS teachers who require notebooks This five foot six inch blue eyed senior enjoyed her junior year the most be cause there wasnt so much to EDWARD SPIESS Ed Ed has been active in I'.F.A. and chorus while attending M.H.S. His favorite pastime is riding around during the noon hour. After graduation he plans to work on his Dad's farm, This five-foot seven-inch sen- iorf. varied hobbies include model railroads and watching television. Ed can often b heard saying "T at's . breaks." SID STARK . . . Sid has a different pastime just watching girls walk! Sid has played football and baseball all four Vears and was secretary of our freshman class. Sid plans to qo to college and to some day be a sports writer. This seniors hobby is watching the stars at night. Wonder who star-gazes with hin1. You will find Sid washing cars or filling gas tanks at his dads station. NANCY SELLERS Nan cys plan for the future IS to get married In her spare time on Saturdays Nancy works at Woolworth s This Musky sen iors ambition is to become a qood housewife She can often be heard saying You dont say and likes the color red Nancy liked her junior year the best because of the friendly seniors Nancy stands 5 4 tall has brown hair and brown eyes SUE SHEPARD Sues faxorite pastime IS attending football and basketball games and going to Fun Nite Her plans for the future are to at tend Iowa State Teachers Col lege Sue has read the morning bulletin for us both 'ier junior and semor years She also h d the lead in the all school play Green Valley In her spare time Sue keeps a scrapbook of her junior and senior years at Muscatine NANCY SMITH Nance This Musky gal s mind runs in one channel Music' She has lettered in band all four of her years at MHS Nan prac tices the bassoon piano and saxophone and likes to listen to records Nancys plans for the future include attending Coe College and majoring in instrumentals Her ambition I5 tc play in a large orchestra ROBERT SPAULDING Bo Bob has been hon ored by being made treasurer and reporter of FFA which he has been active all four years This Musky lad has many favorite pastimes in cluding girls and sleeping Bobs ambition IS to make a few million and settle down to a luxurious life of ease After school hours Bob can be found working on a neighbors farm IANE STANLEY If you hear someone saying If tn t doesn't beat ya." lane is mOSt likely to be near. After gradu- ation, lane plans to go tx Iowa State College and study psy- chology. You can find this gal working at Barton's or playing a flute in the band. a' was our Valenjre Queen her soph- omore year. This 5 6 brown haired senior enjoyed her .oph- omore year the most. MARY STECKMAN "Ning- .ie" . , . This gal is like most girlseshe wants to get mar- ried and be a good housewife. One of Maggies hobbies, be- sides her fella, is keeping a scrapbook of important hap- penings during her four years of high school. This 5' 7" hazel-eyed senior's favorite ex- pression is, "Oh no!" Mary's pet peeve is people who won't do a favor for you when you have gone out of your way for them. PAULINE STENDER Paullne has been actxye m L1 brary Club and recelyed a pm ln her jumor year Paullnes plans for the future are to at tend the Omaha Blble Institute After school and on Saturdays Paulme can be found worknnq as a cashler at Benners Super Market Paullne llkes the color blue and the expressxon Dont worry about lt Paulme thlnks the school splrlt has xmproxed MERLE STRALISE Mouse Mouses actlvltxes at M HS xnclude playing ln the lntramural basketball games Hts plans for the future are to go to college to study medlcme He can be found workmg t the Rmk Grocery when he ns not nn school Mouses fayorne pastlme xs trylng to keep hls eyes off the glrls Thls 3 7 seniors mam hobby IS trying to keep hxs Modern A fMod el AI ln runmng condltlon MARLENE STURMS Marlenes favorlte pastlme bemg wxth a certam guy from umor College Her ambxtxon IS to become a farmers wxfe In Marlenes spare txme shes a long dxstance telephone oper ator Marlene has been ln Amt cae Library Club Pep Club and Glrls Intramural basket ball She can often be heard saymg Falrly the kllls Thls five foot four mch semor lxkes the color blue Nans favorxte pastxmes are dancmg and cooknng Thus gal has been IH chorus for four years Nan IS goxng to college and then get married and ralse a large famlly You can find thus Musky gal earmng her money at McColms She says she enjoyed her semor year most because she llked the studles and had more fun Nan ns often heard saymg My land and her fayorlte color xs llqht blue IOAN TLSTRAKE I Thls semor gal has many pas tlmes but we want to bet her favor1te IS datmg a certam guy nn e avy IS mng to go to Callforma some day mn the future and then get marr1ed Her hobby IS keeplng a scrapbook of her semor year In os spare tlme she works it Woolworth s She can often be heard saymg You dont know do you7 o thmks II wont hurt you to yell at the games CAROLYN TOMFELD Car re Carrles fayorlte pas tlme 1s smgmg and playing the pxano Her plans for the fu ture are a year at Iumor Col lege then elsewhere malorxng xn Muslc Educatlon Carolyn ns often heard saymg Fanrly the k1lls She ns five eet seven xnches tall has blonde haxr and blue eyes Carrle has enloyed mus1c bemg ln chorus madrlgal and sextet Her pet peeve IS teenagers who do not support the school ALLEN STERNER Al Al has been actlxe all our year ln I' FA bemg reporter and secretary of that organlza non Thls 5 5 brown eyed semor s ambltxon xs to own hrs own farm After he grxdultes fron MHS he plans to go to work on his father s farm Al s pet peeye IS someone who thinks he ls better than some one else because ha qets all A s LIHROY STLIBBIL LeRoy s favorxte pastxme I9 huntlng H can be found worklnq at Hexnz s durlng hns spare time H1s mam actlynty IS bemg ln the Niyal Reserxes LeRoy s most txcltlng moment wa when he got hls fathers car on New Years Eye ThlS D 9 semor thlnks that the school shows school sp1r1t only when there ls an excltmg game to go to LeRoy enjoytd his IUHIOI' yelr the most because he got a car SANDRA SWENGEL Sweeney Sweeney s fa yorxte pastlmes are attendmg the ball games md danclng Her amb1t1on IS to wrlte an un confus1ng economxcs book Sandy says that her most m barrassmg moment was when a certam freshman pulled chalr out from under her Mr Woods class Thls semor enyoyed her semor year because of Gus Shook' Sindy l1kes to BOB TANNFR BT Thls semor hls spent only one year at MHS He has par tlcxpated m football baseball swlmmlng and band BT s plans for the future are to qo to the Unlversxty of Mlnnesota and become a hlgh school foot ball coach Bob IS often heard sa mg Son of 1 gun stands sxx feet tall and has brown eyes and brown haxr Bobs pet peeye IS people who gripe about hard work IOYCE ANN TOBIAS Thxs gals fayorlte pastlmes are dr1y1ng 1 car and watchlnq lelevlslon After graduatlon oyce plans t go to umor College and maybe become 1 physlcal therapist and make a lot of money She stands J 9 has blue eyes and lxght brown halr In her sp are tlme oyce keeps a scrxpbook of her semor year She earns her spendlnq money workxng at King s Store oyce lS often he ard saylng So what7 MABEL TOMPKINS Mabels fxyorlto. pastimes art watchxng TV md readmq books She was ynce presldent of the Library Club her yunlor and semor years After com plctlon of hlgh school she plcms to get m xrmd md settle down Thls Hyefoot thrcelnch sen 1or s hobby xs keeptng a moyle star scrapbook Mabels most embarrassmq moment was when she and 1 frxend broke a wm dow xn the school lobby ' ' ' A . 1 ' z z .' as ' 3 ' ' ' z . . . - z .- A - - I I I ' ' '. ' . e ' ' ' A D l . 4 x .uv , 4 5 Q . ' ' ' is .1 - V- 1 ' A ' .1 E s - ' ' ' H ' 1 2 ' . l - V ' . e - , n L ' ' . ' Z1 5 ' " - ' " in I . 2 ' ' , NANCY SWEITZER 'Nan collect records and swim, r . A t K. . Av 'E' ' . : y' , " 4 He n I . ' . B I ' V ,S ' 'L 1 s . ' o . . . ' ' ' . ' . 7. K V . ' th N . Io ' plan- D ' ' Q I .' o I ' ' 2 1 ' ff y i , ' Y I ' I' , ss 5- - 5 2 s B ' A I . k 1 . y .. I. he tl . l ' 'B Z 1 ' 1 is ' - s - ' ' A . . z ' '.' V' K -I' l 1 N I I . l N I 5 C A' f v 2 'e 2 : ' . . , ' r , 1 ,' 1 , . - Af C I ' V' - PAULINE TOMRKINS Pat Pats fax orlte pastlmes are runnlng down to Carols and readlng letters Wonder who they are from After gradua tlon she says she wlll probably just get marrled Pat stands 5 2 has blue eyes and brown halr If you eat at the El PBIIO at noons Pat mlght be the one who walts on you Thls sen lor IS often heard Saylng Mon ster CAROL TRACY Carol s faxorlte pastlmes are QOIHQ to show and to ball games Her plan for the future IS to get marrled Carol belleves that the school splrlt IS very good but It could be lmproved ThlS 5 foot 4 lnch senlors hobbles are SGWIDQ and wrltlng letters Her ambltlon IS to become a successful beauty operator but she works at the Geneva Coun try Club ln her spare tlme DENISE VICKERS Vlckl Vlckls faxorlte pastlme IS Wrlllng letters She was actlve IH debate and declam work at M H S when she was a sopho more VlCkl plans to go to Callfornla to llye for a year or so after graduatlon Thls flye foot two lnch senlor can b found worklng at Ioes Bar B Que When VICRI IS around you can often hear Klnda make you wonder MARIE WENDLANDT pastlme s keeplng company wlth P A Marle llkes to see how many tlmes she can play hookey wlthout gettlng caught Punch has a great 3mblflOH To loaf all her llfe ID a man slon on a hlll Thls senlor gal stands Hve feet two lnches has blue eyes and brown halr Ma rle thlnks that our school splrlt could be lmproxed much more RONALD WHITMER Splke Splke has been ln Dramatlcs all four years He llkes to spend hls fifth perlod study hall ln the llbrary sleep lng After graduatlon Ronnle plans to attend Grlnnell Col lege After school Splke works at Hendersons Drug Store ThlS senlor stands 5 feet 8 lnches has blue eyes and brown halr He says he enjoyed hls junlor year most because h had Gus for Soclology CARLENE WILSON Freckles Freckles has been actlye ln GAA CUTIE Regll lep Club Auroran and the school paper After school hours and on weekends Car lene can be found worklnq at Nletzels Drug Store Freckles llkes the color blue and the ex presslon Iupers Her plan for the future IS to get 1 good job as a secretary where the boss IS slngle and good looklng SANDRA TOUSSAINT Sandy Sandy s favorlte pastlme IS belng wlth a certaln football player Wonder who7 She was ln Dramatlcs and earned a letter her thlrd year Sandy plans to go to I C and then on to Iowa Unlxerslty to traln to be a klndergarten teacher You can often see thls blue eyed gal worklng at Grants on Saturdays Her hobby IS keeplng a scrapbook DENNIS VETTER Denny Dennys plans for the fu ture are to attend C and then become a mllllonalre In hls spare tlme Denny IS elther huntlng swlmmlng or worklng at Browers Texaco SCTVICQ ThlS Musky lad has been ac IIVQ ln PFIHIIHQ Club all four years of hlgh school Dennys favorlte pastlme IS golng to the show and just rldlng around BONNIE WELSH WOUHIE Belsh WOHDIQS favorlte pastlme IS rldlng around IH the Blue Goose Her plans for the future are lndefinlte but she mlght go to Blble School Thls 5 8 brown eyed senlor can be seen on Saturdays work lng at the B St Clalr Bot tllng Works WODHIQS pet peeve IS for someone to start to say somethlnq and then not Hnlsh It RICHARD WHITE Fmqers DlCkS favorlte pastlmes dates HIS ambltlon IS to be come a travellng salesman but at present he can be found W0fk1HQ at the Bowman Bros Shoe Store IH hls spare tlme Dlc stands 6 2 and as brown halr and brown eyes He plans to attend C HIS pet peeye IS teachers who make you go to classes early He IS often heard SZYIHQ I It t able? ANN WIGIM Annle Annles BCIIXIIIQS at M H S haxe been yarled and many She has been ln chorus for four years Madrlgal two years ln the state chorus and was sec retary of chorus thls year Af come a secretary Thls 5 7 senlors hobbles lnclude collect lng flgurlnes md keepmg scrapbook SHEILA ANN W I L S O N lee Wee I ee Wee llkes to read and dance Her plans for the future are to go to C then to Ames to become teacher lee Wee IS 5 5 tall has hazel ey es and brown halr She llkes the color naxy blue Pee Wee has been actlxe IH Hl Trl and her pet peexe IS when people start to tell you some thlng and nex er flnlsh II Shella enjoyed her sophomore year most . . . ' I l j H H . . . H. h ' , A l . . , j . V - 'Ir y . I ' V . . . , j -- ,H . . . , , N , vc . . . . I V ' ' - 1 H - . . . . y H - V , -- - 9 D I. . . - I - 4 . . . r . "Punch" . . . Punch's favorite are eating, sleeping, and having . - A ' k I fr h l ' f , ' , " s ' ea - - . I' . ' 'V ' ' , z ' t a I A e . . A '- u " 9 , - 5 'ss C . ' . . . IOAN WINTERMUTF I Io has been very ac ive at MHS She has been in Pep Club three years in GAA for two years in Prep Bowling two years and editor of the Auroran Newspaper her senior year os favorite pastime is writing letters to a certain per son in Colorado Her plan for the future is to get married Y u can find this 5 6 l working at Woolworths on Saturdays IO ANN WORST I o has been a very actxxe stu dent while at M HS She has been in chorus all four years took I rating at state vocal con test and was on the honor so siety After she graduates she plans to take a commercial course at SUI Her ambition is to be a good lawyers secre tary Wonder who this lawyer will be Io enjoyed her fresh man year the most ROY YEATER Dick Dicks hobbies are just plam loafing or else playing basket ball He has been active in FFA all four years of hiqh school Dick plans to join the Navy this summer This Musky lad has two favorite colors blue and gold Dick s ambition is to own a farm of his own some day He stands fixe feet eight inches tall has blue eyes and brown hair Senior Class Motto: Honor Carries Responsibility Senior Class Colors: Coral and White A Senior Class Flower: Gardenia IEANNETTF. WOODWARD Blondie Blondie wants to be a stenographer and then get married Her most exciting moment was the first time she drove her brothers Cadillac Blondie likes to say I made a boo boo and the color blue is her favorite In her spare time she likes to play the piano Blondie is five feet two inches tall and has blue eyes and blonde hair Blondie s pet peeve is singers who try to imitate Iohnny Ray CAROLE WOLFE Car oles activities include Latin Club her sophomore year and Girls Glee Club her junior year After she graduates from MHS she plans to attend umor College Her job out side of school is working as secretary at umor Colleqe Carole can often be heard say in Lauqh I thought never' This 5 2 blue eyed seniors most exciting moment was when she passed her drlv ers est HARLAN LIEGENHORN Nick Here is another one of our boys you will see on the football field Nick also is in track and FFA He won letter in track and football and was vice president of F F A He often has been heard saying Thats the way it qoes This popular Musky lad stands five feet nine inches has blue eyes and brown hair Nick plans to go to Iowa Uni verslty next fall and then be come a farmer BERNITA ZIMMERMAN " ip" . . . Zip has been active in Glee Club Hi-Tri ep Club and Camera Club since her freshman year. Her plans for the future are to go to n- ior College and then get mar- ried. In Zip's spare time she writes letters and works at Woolworth's on Saturdays. This five-foot five-inch senior has brown hair and brown eyes 'md likes to say "No." Zip's pet peeve is people who talk too much. ,322 f t, Q 2??:'fi.v , ,Ai ,x 5 ..,A 'V 735' ' ,T ' M g ' 4 'fr 45 M, rf rf, , F 2 1441 LN, 5 2 v x J . ,gig X., M, ,. H ., W ' g4i7c'f-an xi' 'A' QQ 0P.M'T 22 , 5 14 1, M' I JGQ ? A ,Zigi 'Z ,Mv gm 'Q XX i 'gf 1 , iii? 'AR if Witli the passing of Iune llth, the halls of lVl.H.S. are once more empty and silent. To the senior this is the beginning and the end-the end of four years that will live forever in their hearts and minds. the beginning of a new adventure on which they will embark for the first time as adults. And so, we conclude another school year with the hopes that some of your most priceless moments are captured for you in this, the l95-I Auroran. qw K7 v AURORAN I VV U ADVERTISERS LU 5 Q 1 W 1 W '.:..' Q' H 11, 11 E11 ':1': "-' E - 3' f 'f V., NH- ,1 EW11: rf.: r-4,"1j Mi, '1 f". ' 451 1- . 1111111 W1 M111 . 111' 1 n'.- , ..11'1,f .1 P1' ' s'.' M 1 ' :W Awrw, IV111- ' i.1'11 1 1 E, '1 ff V-11, lf, ,, . -. ,' , - rkvny 3' "4" V fl' " fl I fi 1 Q 2 15, 1 ,y1'A 1- 1- . 1 .. 1 vi frfv, 14 11 , 111 M .1 AU., fy " 1 V.111i 1 1 , 111 L' ' l"- . lv' 1 " V S' 1- 91: VM' Uv f S' . -' 51- 11 V111 'Ci '- ," W "f 51 .-.rr ."- S" . E Y11'1.1F 13 9' '111 'Q-"1: X':', - fi'- 111- :1 5 1' X1 V, TQ' -11-1 ' F1- FVV.C r rw' F' 1' V1-,l 1 1'1 1' I 111 vvwyfv 11 551.411 7' 11' 11111111 P9 lf-Y 5.1 Q 114f 1 f1": R1-11.-.111 I' 1 51,31 55,11 QQ 11' H1 1.-.11 lm' Y P- 131, S'gL 3' " 1 L1-1.1M C1 C ,,'f -' 5- 5-F1 r-1, C, L1.- .',-' f1"'11,1'.:1'r",:S. r-V C 'v' ,H-1,1 Q'-11111. 53111 SALT . .VX 1- 1.1 L1 .1 - W' , fi. 2711117 FMA" Sf. 1 '11- .vi ' 1-111311111 S P1141 . L' V. 1 L1 LA X1 S111 '1' . 5111. ' S' 1' .11. E1 U11 H111-f fv"1-' 5111 P Vv1"'1v 1 Q-"V: 5 '-'. 11142 1 1 'J "5 S. ff. X1 j' 'P -H N 'P 3,1 'V 3', C. 111 S' ff 1- H Rr.-11 . . Q .1 LL, 1 'i ,.,,, ,,,: E ., :,,,,,1 4 1 V ' . 1..r1' r X1 T , '--, 4. '. " " A 1 fr. . .1 S M 'Q 11- 1,1 . .WN1 J 7. " 1 1 Q' L 1.11-1 29 X1.'1,.:- M1KH41 fum- 1 QM '1'11'--V, 111.11--1-fi" . Uf 'w,- V1 w.'f' - C411 S' 1 M1141-1: F --f- 5 81 M11 1 J. B. rf. '1111Bf1ff1w E,11..'v- Cnp- My-1111" V. T1'11 Pr'-, fy111,L 1 Mfr? "'- T:',L'1.'1, ff: F: 1 ' - M11111 M 111 .1.' r , V1 i' L-111- 'fu' Q11 V 1, 1:'111 L M11 'qi 11'1- Q' 1 1. 1' 5 FMD' SL ' Q14 M1-f1'f11 S rf, Y11:'-i1r11'1'- Sr S' - F1'121i5"-11 S"r' Mm-fff1r'r, H. M, Vw. Ck "1' "11' Fm ",',. -- MIA 1-f v1::"' Y" WU11- 11 S, 311 11" 1 S' 'F M211 Aw ',1' VV' z '1 B1.""C', .5 1 ' ' ' . -ix 1 M ' -NV ' 1 ' 1 . 1 ff. - v ,,11 11 , 1. V 1 A 1 5' '1'1 ,1.. f' 1, WH.. iiww X1 11, ' -'17 111 f 1' X1 AJ' P-411'v' M -,"111f'- 5,41 C VV ' C11 'NA' F! 1 C H,... Mu!1,1111r11 VV ' V S21 f- H 1.-J 1-,1- lm: 'QW M11-, 1'1rv- 111.1111 Xv'v'I11P H11, 11,1111 H M U11 M1 11' 1"- 1.1 xr. 1: 1 1:1 VV 1 W 1 4111111 1 3111+ M11 1'1"'1 '1 11 W - 911' JV" P H 11- ,.4 ,,,- . VE. 5. V N J.. A., f, L, 'AV .1., r-1'-' Aw-'.E M1 --' Ni: S .--1. - .aw YY1 Cm' Q""I1", H "'. '11-1 , N "'1-11' 15 1.'- Y, M.C.f51. H1 1 1." Q Ur-11'11. P Y' CK' .A C265 Mori " Wuscalghe grzzrzzfzl For Those "Special" Parties DON'T FORGET DIXIE CREAM DONUTS 206 WALNUT ST. MUSCATINE, IOWA 7. 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R I , TL' , K' 17. l l, years lvlnrle W1-rrcllcrrrli will lzff l4. Three Musketeers if ' I ,Er ,,.s, ,H ,.v -r-v avr-9 f to 5 grosze M , fxo Don rv rl , THE ME . 1,1-I5-I-9: 5' i, I fyrr Tcznferal l'-'xv--s :gr ' iq rg 'zl l tA 2 5. Senior qirl with the pr,tliesl smile COMPLIMENTS Fine Flowers For HETZLER DAIRY All Occasions HOME OWNED , AND Corsaqes ct Speclalty HOME OPERATED 1700 ISETT AVENUE ' M 'ly Fumcxs leaves hm qmqlr- tw ffsay Floujers!! Overhauling Repairing . SKELLEY SERVICE STATION 'nh AND MULBERRY GEO. KRANZ 6. SON MAKE YQUR CAR XERNON 5 MARGARET WALTER PROBLEMS OURs OWNERS Car Washmq Servlcmq PHONE 4 122 EP-ST 2nd SCHMIDT S AUTO SERVICE Car Truck Tractor Repcurrnq Bear Wheel Alrqnment Bctlcrncmq Frame Strcuqhtemnq Wrecker Servlce Phone 298 325 329 WEST FRONT STREET MUSCATINE IOWA I A S 1 54. Fustrst tolkel 42. Seniorl with the dup- t O' I I I I I I I I ' 1 ff fiivlxllil Lry win, umm :1q,T1x.T1wi1h .1 iwtizfxml '1 - MW W4 . xt' 4 S' 2, S' Q B. E. Richard 81 Sons, Inc. 'k i' 'k 'k to tx Jax! O wk MEAT PACKERS MUSCATINE 1owA Makers of those famous RICH BRAND Meat Products Rlch Brand No 1 Wreners Wrth the Red Whxte 6 Blue band Rlch Brand Holland Bologna The frnest rrng bologna made rn Iowa R1ch Brand Old Fashloned Omon Loaf Heat and serve for a qurck and easy meat loaf Rtch Brand Ch1l1 Stlcks Ch1l1 l1ke Grandma used to make Rtch Brand Old Fashloned Hlckory Smoked Hams 6. Bacon Smoked and cured l1ke they were 50 years ago to keep that dellcrous flavor that Rich Brand Hams and Bacon have X When thznkmg of meat, thunk of Q those Rlch Brand meat products, ldentlfled by the RED WHITE, and BLUE label ll ll . - , ' . . Q 0 . . . E A. W I ' x J ,v Q' -N 1 Q z' is ' " ' X NN N t, .. . iid' ' , QW gh . . . . if .. ' . 'x xl X3 'Y ' P lx' xx P Yrqfxxz' ' X . . . Q o tk if ' ' 'k 'k CON ES MALTS TASTEE FREEZ T33 W. 2nd Si. 211 E. 3d ST. WESTINGHOUSE RCA VICTOR Appliances Television '0'lT+EEI2WN 252153295 SUNDAES QUARTS Across from Roach's bl Fzlwxt HuITluT,Ti1fci l5fvi11s,GI1d Bal lflllilf y. 45. TCIITW Mvilmil f ' .' .. l': '. TO THE GRADUATE Good Luck, Success and Prosperity 1 E HOME-MADE CANDY AND ICE CREAM GOOD FOOD AND GIFTS FOR . U ANY OCCASION F "Y Y ' THE CHOCOLATE SHOP 81 GIFT BOX ARM F SICK: AN Ad 3 MUSCATINE IOWA Telephone 122 217 Iowa Ave You RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT BATTERSON S MUSCATINE S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE Seen In Llie Look Vogue Seventeen Colhers Post Esqulre And Many More lts New, You ll Flncl It At BATTERSONS First By Clth RdytW Bddgd'zL dG td'2C 'ISU W O -1. Z ly I " 1 ears of Floral Service" IT A , A ' An uertiser for 9 Years ' 76. M y Ami Bmmk., -. GT.: TT ly. I I I I I I I I I I I I If I , ' , ' Men's :Q o s' o ing Housewares Ladies' ea - o- ear e in s inens Yar oods rapery lnfan s' l1ildren's Wear en's Work Clothing .lewe r Q Cosmetics oys for Christmas Ladies' Lin erie ceans o o ions S. 1 K' ,Ed Sf 1'-'55, Q ' 1151, fc. T3 :, 1, N11 Tf3.x,'1i F ff 5 ' I .Ai C: 'E ll Kiyfi'-. WE CONGEATULATE TI-IE SENIOR CLASS OF I954 O ff F LUPTON 81 TOYNE Prlniers Commerclal Pr1nt1nq 224 I 76 M hn CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 RALPH IWITTICH FUNERAL HOME WISI-IING YOU SUCCESSFUL FUTURE MATT LEUCK INSURANCE AGENCY NISSEN AMERICAN PETROLEUM C0 Gasollne Heahnq O1ls Bottled Gas 101 WALNUT STREET BEST WISI-IES SENIOES FOR ALL YOUR OFFICE NEEDS PETERSEN S OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES y Bldg 3387 COMPLIMENTS or POOLE TRANSFER INC ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Both Otfrce and Portable Machrnes Recondrtroned and Rental Machrnes Otfvce Equrpment and Supplies LEU TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE I 903 ZIO EAST SECOND STREET MUSCATINE IOWA K ur O ice is No urfher Than Your Telephone O I . Q . 0 owa Ave. - Phone 6 - usca ' e, Ia. 31 In ten years Donna Schneider will still be 20. Senior wolf-- ll ll . . I 1 27. Don Slfioultz leaves his good looks tc 31. Seven dwarfs of '54 - , O ff 1, I 1 0 Hershe . Phone Zo. I t ri years Marsha Fisher will he 24. Girl most likely to succeed "Since " I l?. Glenda Frankenberry leaves he-r notorious h ' ACKNOWLEDGMENT y b k I I p d g t y l I th 1954 AURORAN Th P ly th Q HELEN BAMEORD STUDIO IO6 East 2nd Street Muscatine IAHN 81 OLLIER ENGRAVERS ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO PRINTERS WM InBkeyPdcts Always Th nk of KAUTZ S We Carry A Complete Line Of Party Goods Phone 123 Or Visit Our New Bakery At 207 East 2nd St M KAUTZ BAKING COMPANY The ear oo editors. staff, and advisor wish to hank he following for their s lendi cooperation durin he production c c e o e . is yearbook was made ossible on rou h your combined efforts. O I 1 I 'I When You Think of The Tops ,faire a r ro u 'e--l 3 II: . - It -, 'IQ' . I I 54. 'G H-,fI,Q1sky. I26 , COMPLIMENTS OF ROTH SERVICE COMPANY STELLRECHT'S LEATHER STORE "We Repair and Dye Anything Made of Leatherv SHOE REPAIR ELBOW PADS AND ZIPPERS 122 East Thlrd St COMPLIMENTS OF 3 '5..!':.'?.,..?I.F"' SANITARY PLUMBING 6. HEATING CO E I SYWASSINK Prop 1323 EAST SECOND STREET PHONE 1106 309 Iowa Ave Phone M YRCI Hao 977 Uztfzch .?.ll.l'l.QhdfJf0I1'lQ THOMAS F BEVERIDGE O W Phone 1260 63. B,y . 1k,lA I5 - A .edfx .mflzukzzf 44. M t tlletxc girl o - N 4 ' ' ' ' l I I 4-. G1 h 4,1 f. rl. T7, 1 Ive years or ie '1lb, O O I I . , wner 'f o ffs ..- ,Y K: 521. - liege' 1 ' W, Lrhi K 71. IOAIH1 VV " lf-1 .-' hy.-'lo C, et. xg' ee ' q A rf- x THE MUSCATINE CCUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY atulfluon cons DR BYERS Grxmm Bldg L I DONOHUE Laurel Bldg DR H G IOHNSON Laurel Bldg DR I D MCPIKE 2601 Mulberry DR E E GOSS DR I B HATHAWAY DR W G LEASE DR F W ENGLUND Laurel Bldge DR I M WOODHOUSE ln Servlce DR I L PEARLMAN 108 W 2nd St DR I A WAGNER Laurel Bldg DR I A TREVARTHEN Hershey Bldg DR I W POTTER Hershey Bldg - 5 J' . 1' ' eqlofs DR . . . . . . . . Laurel Bldg. lll Cedar St. Laurel Bldg. Wlslung You Happmess cf: Success OLD MILL ICE CREAM 419 Mulberry MUSCATINE IA OIIICG Davenport Ia HERSHEY AVENUE MARKET Grocerles 6. Meats HMIDT E VOBIAS Phone 2431 1060 Hershey Ave We Buy the Best We Sell the Best TASTY PASTRIES Not Just as Good But Better 417 E. Second St Phone 4543 Open Wednesday Afternoon And Every Evenmq Congratulatlons to Semor Class COLE S DRIVE IN 1207 PARK AVE DOW MOTORS MUSCATIN E IOWA YOUR FORD DEALER Buy Now From Dow COMPLETE BODY REPAIRS TRUCK SERVICE Cf i S p W. SC . ' ' - I l 60. Lczi- t iriiors '11, S, ' r qiri tiikeiy to make thef y p p . AT . 3 54 'I I I 64. D" if Fairbanks leaves ixelr poise to 46. D S i lzer ienves his reckless 1 ' ' qi. I 66, .GIUIIAPYI I 1, pyy 1 Q Sify: .D 7 .B 'H ip f. il ,y PARK AVENUE MARKET FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES CHARLES AND VIVIAN MCDANIEL PHONE 21701 1503 Park Avenue Muscatine Iowa CONGRATULATIONS, 1954 CLASS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE 225 EAST SECOND ST OBERHAUS MARKET 529 MULBERRY AVE PHONE 401 1924 b YELLOW AND CITY CAB COMPANY Radio Dlspatched Phones 80 931 211 Cedar Street h Q CONGRATULATIONS TO RON BREI Standard Servlce SIXTH AND MULBERRY th GOOD LUCK SEN IORS' WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 200 East Second St Phone 2227 GOOD LUCK SENIORS BOWLING Is The Recreatlon You Can Enloy from 7 to 70 OLLIE BENTLY S PLAMOR RECREATION DAIRY BAR BOWLING CLUB 5 KYH I30 15. Senior class t' t 4. N ncy Hawk leaves her red hair to "Grocers Since 16. R G sklausl s h' Ci ' q 'l' y 2. N ri Perkins leaves his ei ht to I THE CLASS OF '54 O ij, I 8. El' la McCormick's favorite pastime- . . I l2. Loren Braun leaves hi' 'f l' h ' to 6. lu ten years Ma , ardei and Sandra Cox THE MUSCATINE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY 1 U1 lb P' "I I 1 Q 2 cu 93 2 : UQ c- N Y o :1 9-. U I O Q i 3' :1 o :J '4 3 o s: CD M E M B E R S MUSCATINE D C Alitxne R W Asthalter H Carlson Wm Catalona W W Daut E L Emerson R R Goad P M Iessup I L Klem R F Klem L H Whltmer WQ40'-'1 M Mlller P Phxlhps W Swayze A Sywassxnk E Wllcox WILTON IUNCTION NICHOLS L C Wmter H Palmer COMPLIMENTS OF CODER HARDWARE STORE COHN S B Sundnes Magazlnes Toys Greeting Cards Candles Smokmg Supplles Fountam Servlce Lunches 209 EAST THIRD ST PHONE 107 Elder 6. Vaupel Farm Store NEW IDEA ALLIS CHALMERS Farm Equlpment 419 W FRONT STREET Phone 2197 I3I Cl ' ' Q, E. . . . . . V , Girl who has lots f f ' classes Cespeci Hy Sh k' 5- O 124 EAST SECOND sr. MASSEY HARRIS 48. Best dressed senior boy -- I - For The est In . . . . - . ' 30. Semztr class clown 35. M. H. S, md' m CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES WARECO SYSTEM of IOWA Eghth d Cyp POPULAR PRICED READY TO WEAR DRY GOODS LINGERIE CANDY H d Splll' 000 S HIGH GRADE MILLWORK ROACH 81 MUSSER COMPANY INA MAE S CAFE SERVING FINE FOOD 403 W Front St Muscatme GEORGE M THAYER FASHION SHOP dChl ALSO MEN S IACKETS and STORM COATS Wi dt IOIN IN THE SAFETY CAMPAIGN THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN! BOB FAIRBANKS I32 i an ress St. id. I 1-I qeid Icrinflis. Large Assortments on an - 7 3. Mozy Lou Hahn, Florence Eis, rind Siiiiley Mathias. .8. I I Glidden ond Cieqq Srhnwdm, I . . ' . Ia. . . ppily nioirioii. Ladies' i dren's Wearing Apparel . I 101 es Secon S . 41. pui . SO, Isyce Tobias. HENDERSON'S GARAGE CADILLAC Sales and OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET Service PONTIAC 115 WEST FRONT STREET OK'd USED CARS ard an MULBERRY 119 EAST FRONT OKd USED TRUCKS znd AND ORANGE CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Ready to Wear The Store for Women and the Iunlor M1ss 106 W Second St Phone 364 EVANS FOODS 108 West Seco d St Phones 3266 3267 QUALITY GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES AND FRESH MEATS Free Del very on O ders oi S2 00 Spec al P :ces All Week CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES' We W1sh You Success and Happmess m Your Future LILLYS CIGAR STORE I33 I 63. N d F ll ,B M' fl ', d E .l M'll,ll. . l ' ' q ' dy problems lo I n . ' k i r . i r' lO. L 's Russell leaves her walk to I I 23. Don Rogers leaves l p, . . l' l8. Girl with largest selection ol sweaters MUSCATINE PEARL WORKS MANUFACTURE PEARL BUTTON and NOVELTIES LUCKYDAY BRAND WESTERN TIRE 6- AUTO 323 East 2nd Full Lme ot SEAT COVERS TIRES TOOLS ACCESSORIES MOTOROLA TELEVISION 6. AUTO RADIOS G TILLEY FIESE MOTOR Inc nonef PLYMourH X Phone 4280 416 East Thud S1 'R f " MUSCATINE 1owA This May Be It" DEPENDABLE USED CARS SERVICE UNLIMITED FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS Only DODGE Builds Job Rated Trucks CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES SENIORS Grahams Drug Store D A BAUERBOCK CEDAR 6. SECOND Mql LEU AND SON Always the Best Where Its A Handy Place to Stop Open Every Day and Every Evenmq 312 SYCAMORE PHONE 202 KOLPACK AUTO SUPPLY CO NEW AND USED PARTS Fon ALL CARS "Home of First Class Accessories cf: Automotive Products" PHONE 1679 50911 MULBERRY AVE. 16 Kay Woodward I34 I ' . I A -7, plqmllufh gil? 3' ' - JF u::un . 7 ,, 1 , 42. I. ' Ash. fl ' 27, Stan ardner S. D mis Lcmqe. I 23. D' k ae in. 20. Gary Iackson. O CONGRATULATIONS HERE TO SERVE LAMP REHWALDT CO YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER PHONE 333 MUSCATINE IOWA EYNOLD ELECTRIC senvlcs TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES The Store That Service Built 420 Mulberry Avenue Phone 94 COMPLIMENTS OF RED PAINT STORE 214 Iowa Ave Phone 473 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' TITUS Loan 6. Investment Co EXPERT BEAUTY SERVICE LAUREL BEAUTY SHOP ROBERTA IANNEY BERNICE MOORE Propnetor Phone 1657 I35 ff Q, 1 I I 21. In ten ye-urs Dede Proch ska and Mary Arm R' I ri 'll t'll I ff 52. Most unpredxctuklf, ' I y 19. In 40 years Germ B ' q 'Il I 0 0 lf.. T: 4 ' 2 mf Li" 43. L' d C 1 on leaves ner cute fiqu ' I HAHN BROTHERS CO Shlppers Recelvers Growers PHONE 142 207 WEST FRONT MAR-CLARE SHOP INFANT S AND CHILDREN S SPECIALTY SHOP LCId1eS L1nqer1e 102 EAST SECOND ST FOR COATS - SUITS - DRESSES ' - X SIZES - REGULAR SEE GLASS SMART SHOP GERTRUDE RUTH PHONE 3575 MAGNUS MODEL Laundry and Cleaners ARTHOWEP dt 12E tF hSt SEE US FOR WASHED SAND GRAVEL READY MIX CONCRETE CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS ALSO PORTLAND AND MASON CEMENT NORTHERN GRAVEL COMPANY Phone 193 I36 0 I I n 1 n n O G W ulf H Stanley leaves he. grades tn mng and Laundry 1 Years Ahead Iumors 12 , resi en - 208-2 as ourt reet . In ten years Denny Vettex will still be 28, Senior class chemists O O O O O O 72. A1 ,' E f ' ' fi , 3 'V SIIIQIIIQlIiCI'16HlI5I!'y'If, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 1954 GRADUATES All through the year, whether you call on us to deposit money, or to borrow ity to ask our opinion about a problem, or merely to bid us the time of day-YOU ARE ALVVAYS WELCOME. MUSCATINE BANK TRUST CCJMPANY Member Federal Reserve Sy stem Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation This bank issues U S Savings Bonds as a publrc service BEST WISHES SENIQRS SEE US FOR FINE Iewelry Watches Sllverware BARXVARDS M LEHS HRV LE!-2 213 Eat Seco d St i M t E E BLOOM gullussmrcnns INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance SALES AND SERVICE 408 East Second Street 101 Central State Bank Bldg one 58. wondering how he qraduated. 'U - sim :nw - 5 S ll fee usca ine, Iowa GU. lim Hoopes. 34. loyce Iones. l2, B'll Sch altz. I37 CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1954 PARK LANE GOLF 6. COUNTRY CLUB Phone 2697 2223 MULBERRY AVE P C C HAKES 61 CO INVESTMENTS REAL ESTATE FARM AND CITY LOANS INSURANCE Hershey Buxldmg Muscatine Iowa TeSTRAKE BROTHERS 'N Q uf' FUL O PEP FEEDS Feed and Gram 0 Custom Grinding KIT and Mrxmg T'-UE Ns Phone 177 113 117 West Thlrd St CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 OTTO R MAEGLIN 207 209 Amencan Bank Bldg PHONE 2286 NtASdI ySt MUSCATINE IUNIOR COLLEGE A Two Year Accredlted College OFFERS Pre Professlonal Educatlon Medicine Education Commerce Industnal Science Nursing Law E Dentrstr nqmeennq y Agnculture Home Economrcs General Education A two year teacher tra1n1ng course leading to a standard elementary certrhcate Adult classes 1n any sublect for whrch there IS suthcrent demand GI 111 Credits Accepted by Any Insututron of Hrgher Leammg I38 O O I 45. Girl with retticst legs 26. Best dressed senior qui V ., 3 I gg , , 1" ' 0 !S,!s . . "Where Insurance ls A Busi PN. "Gif ' X NT. X o i e ine" 56. Senior qiil with 1 nqest hair'-V 70' 1 t Y LSR ubbc WAN b I l O I l I O 47. Ii y A F 1 y nd Maiiciie Derrick leave tint-ii slioxtlitimi woi 'es to Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Students of M. H. S. McKEE FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY HAWKEYE FEEDS 500 EAST SECOND ST PHONE 740 MUSCATINE BUICK CO Sales and Service Used Cars 217 EAST THIRD ST PHONE 174 BEST WISI-IES H C LAWRENCE STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME TAX SERVICE k P 618 EAST mmm sr PHONE 2155 MUSCATINE IA You Get The Best Quality And The Latest Styles When You Shop At MCCOLM S WOMEN S APPAREL DRAPERIES AND FLOOR COVERINGS d 3 1 q I39 60. Competitor in the '58 Indianapolis speedway classir w' e o ' I Q. , " 'morein . ...FOR... I 0 o Book ee ing Service , ' 2nd an rd Floors Laure Bld . .. 5 . ' ' ' r qirl 50. Mrs, Iahnkes best h HOLLIDAY CLEANERS Phone 3883 We Puck Up and Delzver Dazly 24 Hour Servxce or Same Day Servlce At No Extra CHARGE tty L BEST WISHES SENIORS' BROWER SERVICE 123 East Thxrd St Phone 181 ROBERT L ROACH L1Ie Insurance 202 Muscatme Bank Bulldmq Muscatxne Iowa COMPLIMENTS or FAIRALI. PAINT STORE 110 West Second St Phone 345 FRESH REFRIGERA TED W Lfman, 4 KAOCOLQ5 EICHENAUER S PHONE 211 211 EAST SECOND ST Call 211 To See Who Won Y l40 25. B incoln and Donna Hayes are still 't' q t 40. Senior with manli t l d---- o v 53. Ch p' knitter- -V 39. Alleyne Meyers leaves her ability t q b t A. 1 I If C I 2? 67. IOAIHI Worst, N Hahn, and lanet Hahn leave their cheerleading to COMPLIMENTS OF IOWAY RECORD PRINTING COMPANY The Modern C ooklng Fuel 212 WALNUT ST PHONE 190 IT IS THE CLEANEST FASTEST FUEL KNOWN HENDERSON S R exal l Drug Store Th Drugs Cosmetxcs Sundrles IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY PHONE 71 OGILVIES and FOOD MART Remember This Hugh School Students The Future of Muscatine Depends on Youv HAROLD OGILVIE I Ei.-'1'fT.fCNff In BRYANT t f"'Pf.3.RE ff' f. '.1'EElTf.f0I3F AND MOST MODERN DOMESTIC I EE T i IOn e Cornerl EE, BlttySCc1nr19fI. 3, E, Q SC':11Cit. Cf ' ' T 1 I4l SERVING WITH YOUTH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD 1844 - 1954 YMCA COMPLIMENTS OF PETER PRODUCTS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF IOHNY S GRILL 24 HOUR SERVICE 2607 MILLS AUTO PARTS CO DISTRIBUTORS OF Replacement Parts 2553 PHONES 2588 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS H E SMITH COAL C0 BOB TOBORG 712 E 2 d St CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 STARCK PRINTING CO Good P ntzng k 205 WEST SECOND PHONE 935 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF STANLEY ENGINEERING COMPANY H h y Buxld g MUSCATINE IOWA Ro L1 Co Brand Meats Locker SGIVICG COMPLIMENTS or' ROMANN 6: LIEBBE CO O O I O O 0 I Ph one 210 West Second St. Muscatine, Iow O O O . " ri ' Quic " . I1 . '5 4 - - ers e ' in O OUR BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS CF 1954 GRAIN PROCESSING CORPORATION Musczmnf lowA MUSCATINE PROCESSING CORPORATION Museums IOWA Il MISSISSIPPI VALLEY GRAIN AND FEED COMPANY MUSCATINE IOWA Q60 D639 QKQBIODCQUQ Q63 I D639 ESQUIRE DRY CLEANERS ACROSS FROM BATTERSON'S We Pick Up and Deliver Phone 3748 316 E. 2nd Si. 43, Ionet Peiersor. 1866 - LN -- 1954 Extends Heartiest Congratulations And Sincere Good Wishes For Success 7t,. P I Muhlerlburq. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 GRIMM DRUG C0 Drugs of Qual: y' 130 Eas Second Si Phone W t COMPLIMENTS OF HAWKEYE LUMBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Your Fnends Now cmd In The Future Hczppmess and Prospenty Is Our 'Wlsh For You BEACH LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 9 Buy It From Beach Phone 10 ....,:,11-2'-YE!" 'T H-fi WWA Li E Y ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD W d I44 . 0 KC 't 9 i . 196 57. IoArm in emut . 4. Clurlein Yocum. ff !! 'A' ' ' - "" 1: '---..,cu-'--- A .. , M it '7fJ .,i"'6f .... E 'T ' L. ' 15 1.1: ff? f "" 11..g,.zf :',-q4.,I'..If.'I :H -- ..... if 5 I . 32515 54 2 55252 ""Q""f'M ff. 'R ,,,. , L. -4 501,35 -f -1 Ylggs-g Ln fm. Aj 3.ij,'-' I 5715-ff H I .1-- .. ' 'IE 5' . . -,x...e.. M1 .- A ,,,,, ' 12.221 - 37. Iecunelle no wmu, S d Ta xszxim, and lan-et Frcehner, HEINZ 57 VARIETIES H J HEINZ COMPANY LUELLEN S CLEANERS AND FURRIERS FRIGIDAIRE FUR STORAGE 209 WEST 2 d St PHONE 6 HAVE SET THE QUALITY STANDARD FOR FINE C ES FOR MORE S M00 Dew I O a ers o t e 7 Varieties L1 4 ' :': . ', r1riHiq?1il:lT'2Cl, I 11 . ll. Glzsys KQIILQJVI fHcppyE.2It:,1u'. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD WISHES WILLIS CABINETS AND FLOORING 227 East 2nd Phone 64-I 72. Icmei Crow. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 PHIL'S CITIES SERVICE R Whitmer. BLAKE'S RADIO Sales and Service MOTOROLA RADIOS TELEVISION 210 Iowa Ave Phone 212 ROSA'S STYLE SHOP SHOP FOR THE SMARTEST IUNIOR CLOTHES 205 East Second Street I C PENNEY CO INC DEPARTMENT STORE 101 105 EAST SECOND sr Ready to Wear Shoes Men s Wear Dry Goods Infants Wear Notrons Home Furmshlnqs - A STORE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY I46 33. feeding chick s. 5. Pat Schroeder, O O Ol O --Q1 . I 1 1 l I - ll ll 66. . F. C. Iff.p E1 Ken Mlllorg T. Syivm Knott: I KPVIIIQIII Hcpkxrisp D. Elaine DFTVISQ I. Don Kleiwe. W. T. GRANT CO. ALWAYS KNOWN FOR VALUES 123 W 2nd St Muscatme Iowa C ongratulatlons Grads of 54 DR I SONNER OPTOMETRIST W l MUSCATINE IOWA CONGRATULATIONS To The SENIORS ' GLATSTEIN STORES 2 d AND MULBEERY COMPLIMENTS OF WESTER DRUG STORE 315 EAST SECOND s'r PHONE 400 COMPLIIVIENTS OF THE NEW MUSCATINE CAFE NVALTEP LOJISE KLEIST Home COOklnq Our SPGCIGIIY TRY OUR SUNDAY SPECIALS 305 East 2nd Street Phone 2154 I47 iil'1-1-1 0 O I fi. F11 1 Sn- ,k, K AB y, fi P' T I-.. J I O ' 210 a nut Street n Furniture 0 Floor Coverings 0 Appliances 70. Af ' lin the U.S.N. 44, I B r, , 51 I 1' ,Pin if fiorww m, 7. Harry Glfztstein, EAT IDEAL ICE CREAM R001Bee' Squiff FOR HEALTH I. B. ST. CLAIR lt's Pure-It's Delicious CARBONATED BEVERAGES 219 MULBERRY PHONE 1424 co. Double Cola Orange Squeeze MANUFACTURED BY LUMBERHI1-ICISMPANY M I N T O N QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL The Finest W dWl Opp f In Glfts S v PHONE 95 Phone 1510 219 Iowa Ave ANYWHERE ANYTIME The Pause That Retreshes nmma fm' R Q' BUIIIIS Bottled Under Authorlty of Coca Cola Company by Museum: coct cout It somme commw 71, the lucky qirl next year. 46. Jerry Sulzborqor. e' e come An or unity To er e You Zo. livma in California. 6. 'll ff- edltols of the New York Tmxes. X 'X ig i E lla 'B UIQ uS.PA1orr F ' "'5,.. E5.-E: ..V A . ' 'ef ' Xi n I . -125555 F eV. . . 62. A, 1-' ll d, T 2 N. I .Hd .,f ci D r.r.y Lntell. l48 BLOOM'S Dependable Food Service 0 PHONE 721 - 722 CONGRATULATIONS to th 1954 sEN1oRs l MANHATTAN GRILL 221 Iowa Pho e 2609 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 Best Wlshes for Success and Prosperlty 126 East Second St The Store For The Junior Miss OF COURSE HERE FRIENDS l MAKE FRIENDS OME ONE I COME ALL LWAYS STRIVING FOR HAPPIER l DEVELOPMENT GYM POOL FELLOWSHIP Where We Learn to Llve-By Living I49 64. Ale: Boker. I e Il 40. Bolt Lucas. BARTON'S SHOP A CLYDE I I If , ' ' ,, Al. ' Oli bugs. IU. Plyl' V Z ii. EOSNE COMPLIMENTS OF n LATEST RECORD HITS EACH WEEK ADMIRAL DUMONT PHILCO RCA VICTOR TELEVISION 6. RADIOS HIGH H PHONOGRAPH WE GIVE AShHMg3IE1EN STAMPS S C H R E U R S G1 ve Us A Rm When you th1nk of ufssf Jones INSURANCE CUM AGENCY Thlnk of 316 Hershey Bldg Phone 4388 W G BILL LIEBBE OMER IONE Res 1457-W Res 10341 Fuel Merchants For Over When You Cant Attend the Game KW PC AM FM FOR MUSKY SPORTS EVENTS 684 Dgvg Cozine, 51. Ionet Fleicher. ff ' ' L9 l 0 f f 8' - ll ll ' ' - s O O S "Au Typ f 1 65 Years f. ,ll Q bed-ti - Q. her Hhttle 'eweh I 1 19. r. ' ' I JI 11 I50 Congratulations Class of 1954 IOES BAR B Q SANDWICHES MALTS ROOT BEER CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES' Keep up with your favorite sports m the SUNDAY and DAILY DES MOINES REGISTER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 S S KRESGE CO 109 EAST SECOND sr Muscatlne 1-hah School Iune 4 1954 MERCHANTS OF MUSCATINE We the Auroran staff edltors and advlsor w1sh to thank you for your qenerous and contlnued support of our annua1 pubhcatlon Thls yearbook Wh1ch presents the rnernorles of our 1953 54 schoo1 year would not be poss1b1e except for your trac11t1ona1 prest1qe advertlsmq Thls unportant source of our lncorne supp1ernents our budget to the extent that our students can obta1n thelr keepsakes at a m1n1rnum cost to them 1t has been a pleasure to renew th1s assoc1at1on wlth you tn our 1954 Auroran Slncerely IOHN F MCAREAVY Auroran Advlsor I 39. Ioan Marty. Q i O T 0 0 1 53. N y Swietzer, 13. 1anetShie1f1s. I I l I I I I V I - , . I I 4- , 'tt,.111q k't. l5l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES 9, Iohn Hoopes and Davrrl Ilacpcfs ln Ion years .ll ' SHEPHARD FARM SUPPLY C0. JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT 115 WALNUT Phone 492 'C G I Wu.. the prettiest eyes PAETZ GROCERY COMPANY FOOD DISTRIBUTORS MUSCATINE IOWA SELECTED DISTRIBUTOR COLUMBIA DIAMOND RINGS LONGINES WITTNAUER ELGIN HAMILTON 6. BULOVA WATCHES H M VANCE IEWELER 116 E second sr Phone 2314 MUSCATINE IOWA QUALITY STYLE Grltfon Sults Champ Hats Ruqby Sweaters Wllson Sportswear Dresner Luqqaqe E E R D I N Clothing Co The Young Man s Shop Sales FRIGIDAIRE Servzce DAY BROTHERS RUSSELL FLOYD 215 East Second St Phone 690 MUSCATINE IOWA SANDWICHES THAT ARE IATIIFYING 110 Cedar 1033 Hershey Home Made Ice Cream I I I o 0 I . Ursula Grundnran leaves her English trouble F 58. In te years Ronald Marshall will Inc ., , I I I - Ill. Irrn, lflrsffl, Dan Hull, Rm: Ilavrrrrann, n covvmonr l934-MAID-RITE Pnonucrs, mg, 0 0 If I Q! Fr-d Kceppinq and Ioan BriqI1'. 22 arrygne wha. :ras nerve erfouqz. IL tal-ce cnernisuy. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1954 TRADEHOME SHOE STORE LOWEST PRICES For QUALITY Shoes 105 W Second Phone 1067W LEU S GARAGE DE SOTO DODGE MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE FARM MACHINERY 810 E Second one Q For the 45th Year We Are Saying CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI on Aiiairiinq Your Maloriiy Those Who Have Purchased Their School Supplies From Us HAPPY LANDINGS' ASTHALTERS BOOK STORE Noblllty Sllverware Quadruple Plate Fmest Quahty For a Lifetime of Gracious Servmq EDITH SCHMALZ 1146 Orchard Phone 1146 CENTRAL STATE BANK MUSCATINE IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 65 t I i I53 I . O . , Ph 523 67. ???? 48. Dou Coder. 1 - I You Are in the Third Generation oi - - A - . . . 36. Harry Martin. 9. Ianice Faulkner. I +--11.31-l 195354 BASKETBALL SCORES MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATIN E MUSCATINE MUSCATIN E MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE IOWA CITY CLINTON ST AMBROSE BURLINGTON OTTUMWA WASHINGTON KEOKUK MT PLEASANT FAIRFIELD FT MADISON BURLINGTON OTTUMWA WASHINGTON CLINTON KEOKUK FAIRFIELD FT MADISON DAVENPORT COMPANY INC . . . 62 . . . . . 68 . . . . . 65 . . . . . 55 . . . . 51 , . . . . 62 ., . ' . . . 62 . . . . . . 77 . . . . 56 . . . . . 47 . . . . . 48 . . . . 58 . . . . . 65 . . . . 58 . . MUSCATINE . . . 79 MT. PLEASANT . ' . . . 69 . . . . . . 56 . . . . . 73 . . . . . 50 . WEBER 6. SONS BUTTON I ev G ,L ,af I:T , H1 Z', -1' 1 FIw'f 11511 "1y1 Quallty Flshlnq Tackle Complete Lme of Guns 61 Ammo Speclallsts m Athletic Umforms WILSON MCGREGOR SPALDING VOIT FREDS SPORT SHOP SI Congratulahons and Best Wlshes To The Semors' KEMPF S MUSCATINE The Home of Cheap Electrlclty and Pure Water MUSCATINE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC PLANT I EWELERS 309 EAST SECOND ST GOOD LUCK TO THE 1954 FOOTBALL SQUAD Sept Sept Oc Oc C OC Oc Nov M IAMES MAAS Head Coach SCHEDULE 1 Roosevelt H1qh Burhnqtorr Ft M d CI rso 1 Fcurheld 8 Washrrrqtorr 1 Keokuk 2 Mt Pleasant 2 Ottumwa 6 Moosehart 111 I STERNEMAN S Clothlng and Furnlshlngs for Men and Boys SINCE 1889 S ep Up he Avenue and Save Dollars ere Here There Here Here There Here There There I 52. sm mr. I 24, S d S lqel. l5, IGIISIH d'k , . O ' Th . 17 ' Sept. 24 . ' rr ,L . . I. ' O t. 5 T. 2 . I. 9 I C' t t Q, 39, S d iq nery. COMPLIMENT5 OF Cong atulatons Clas WILSON SHOE STORE of 54 MUSCATINE IOWA S REXALL DRUG STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PHELPS BROTHERS CLASS OF 54 LAUNDRY AND MCKEE BUTTON DRY CLEANING COMPANY PHONE 340 315 ORANGE ST CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES HELEN BAMF ORD STUDIO 106 EAST 2 d STREET Phone 832 r i s 1 O 'fsfnce 1854" 114 E. 2nd Phone 550 I n flow-fb LJ I -ix fiVvlMJ7f! 727'-'W fq ifxcttf Qifflfjfjffff 7 ffl 'WM NBW5 PA, ,V M Ja, ' af 5 i - ,Q X 1 r V I in XX . ff X cl L! f,'L '. ." r l -' ,0 jf Y .A . L, 76, , 1, f-4.241 A , 6 A '1 ,E VV 1 , ,, . -3 ' Ll-A X ' A I . x . ! - ' - -P' s l 1 N U: , ' r '1 x .I ,x 1 L, F

Suggestions in the Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) collection:

Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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