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 - Class of 1953

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1-'.k.3 W .V V , - --- - , 1- v- i r I .. 5 I 7 W, ew I ' 1 ZW. M73 .,,, 55 , N- , .it ..,4 .gg ur. ,- . x'.f A-1 1. f"g,w Maj F31 - -if Ya. JH xg f iff .. 2, .QA A-f ' if: 3.. i. nys, mf fi .,. P: g9y'M0'5YRl QV, Y V x MW QPR J gf wwfm '-'Mp Q' 74? f ' Q ff! wa:-S723 is 5? ggi f?Zo5'E5I.T+2'3f?N lj 395 A ziyxulpvffq J, JP + w waz ,Q AV 1 ' -fr . . 1. ,, ,cgi gg' Wfcagyaf 54'-f iii? 524 if J if W fiiiff WW ' 21 . iff' SSW N 2 YW MM 31,1 Mmjxifm MW Mu'-uf .13 215. 2230 A W W Sf? , ,M Wx J! 9 ,dffpwbn wfi7EQii,'y, ,M gaww' Q-hyf Cigar! Zhu, , fgvfwgkfgjkm yfmffwff? 'S MW Mw f"a,:f2giMz7gw'f xv COW' . W W WMMM . SW' '44 W ,L yu gf A5519 657 VA '9f'gLEf"Vl CWM un K' ' 1 ' lv 'I 5 !" n mv 1' n Wuxi. . ,, ' if '... J.. It F Q I ,-iii fi i .QI V' itz A xi N' , Q. r . .n -. O ,4 rv Pl J" r w N : y, , ggi M ,A , X 1 ' 910: 15 . 1: 12 'nm K M, ' H" . v 1. Q v Si e V59 .1 .. in ni" In ,..n. mg, ' ii ., ur' - 'f .' A , ,wif .'L . -1 . En, 1 Q 11 Wm of 1953 . . . MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL MUSCATINE, IOWA Edifor . . . . PATRICIA HILTON Associa+e Edi'I'or . . MARILYN WARD Business Manager . . RONALD STURMS Assis'I'anI' EdH'or . . MARY KAY HARDER Adviser .... JOHN F. MCAREAVY DEDICATION lvlcwmbers ol lhe yearbook slall and lheir adviser. lvlr. John MCAFCGNJY, wish To dedicale lhis IQS3 AURORAN lo Cnplain Melvin E. Locke. Mr. Locke was The lacully adviser ol lhe AURORAN lor approximalely lwo years belore he was recalled lo ficlive duly wilh fhe lvlarine Air Corps. Known lo lhe slalil as Hlvlelu, he lell memories ol his coiirleev, friendliness, willing co-operalion, and underslandinq nalure. We wish lo express lo lvlr. Locke our apprecialion ol his conlribulion lo lhe AURORAN aclivily and lo our developmenl as individuals. To him we dedicale This l953 AURORAN as a Token of lhal appreciialion. Circulafion EdiIor Adverlrisimg EcII+or PI1o+ograpI1y EcIIIor Copy EdiIor . Sporfs Edi+or . Typing EdIIor . LOIS SECRIST , JERI TYLER . JOI-IN WEBER . DIANE EVANS JOI-IN ROBINSON . PATTY KING Page 3 ,xgafmzfnidralfion Page 5 CONTENTS SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL BOARD OF EDUCATION TEACHERS INTEREST COMMITTEE SECRETARIES 1 FACULTY CUSTODIANS CAFETERIA Page 6 SUPERINTENDENT Mr. ArThur A. Johnson, our superinTendenT oT schools, has The big responsibiliTy oT Taking care oT eleven schools in our ciTy oT MuscaTine. These range Trom primary schools To The Junior College. BeTore Taking over The posiTion ThaT he now holds, Mr. Johnson Taughe school and was also a coach. He TaughT social science, physics, and biology. l-le Took his under- graduaTe work aT Morningside College, received his M.A. aT The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa, and did posT- graduaTe work aT lowa STaTe College. Mr. Johnson is also guiTe inTeresTed in The game oT golT. Do you Think he could beaT Mr. Messenger? ThaT maTch mighT be guiTe inTeresTing. BOARD OF EDUCATION The members oT The l953 Board oT EducaTion Trom leTT To righT are Mrs. Van Snyder, George l-l. Jacobs, Treasurer: Corrine Marx, SecreTaryg CliTTord E. WorsT, President KenneTh Schreurs, RoberT l-lahn, and L. C. Krueger, Vice-President Those in The back Trom leTT To righT are Dr. RoberT AsThalTer, A. A. Johnson, and Fred Lange. Augus'T AlTenbernd was noT able To be presenT when The picTure was Taken. PRINCIPAL Mr. Fred G. Messenger, our principal, has fhe respon- sibilify of faking care of our large high school. This year fhere were 975 sfudenfs and 4I feachers under his direcfion and guidance. I-Ie has been on fhe high school sfaff for 28 years and has been principal since I93O-I93 I. Before faking over fhe posifion he now holds, Mr. Messenger faughf commercial subiecfs, social science, and was a fracls coach. I-Ie received his BJX. af Iowa Wesleyan. I-Iis fascinafion for fhe game of golf provides a background for many of his famous iolces and sfories. "Fred" is well-known and Iilced by all fhe sfudenfs in Muslcy I-Iigh. TEACHERS INTEREST CCJMMITTEE Members of This commiffee and fhe deparfmenfs fhey represenf are, seafed: Mr. Archie Marfin, hisforyg Miss I-Ieffy Kemble, Chairman, Miss Carolyn Liebbe, commercial sub- iecfs. Sfanding: Mr. Jim Maas, science: Mr. Gordon McLean, music: Mr. Lindley I-Ioopes, vocafional subiecfs, Mr. Tom Bruner, mafhemafics. Miss Mary Bielefeld, home economics, was nof presenf. Page 7 This year our sTudenT secreTary was EsTher Joan Grosslclaus. A Tew oT her duTies are: To Type TesTs Tor The various Teachers and run Them oTT on eiTher The diTTo or mimeo- graph machine: Talce dicTaTiong Type The morning bulleTinq wriTe adrniTsg sign work permiTsg and run The swiTchboard. She also aTTends Two classes. Page 8 SECRETARIES lvlrs. Marie RuThenburg, who is a helping hand To all lvluslcy sTudenTs, has been oTTice sec:reTary Tor TwenTy-eighT years: and beTore ThaT she +augh+ eighTh grade Tor Three and a halT years. l-ler main iobs are puTTing aTTendance on per! manenT record cards, averaging The semesTer grades Tor sTudenTs inTending To go To college. Every noon she collecTs The lunch money in The caTeTeria, as we see her and Ronald T-lavemann doing now. This will be Mrs. RuThenburg's lasT year as secreTaryp and alThough The sTudenTs oT M. l-l. S. won'T be seeing her as TreguenTly, They won'T TorgeT her lcind and undersTanding help- Tulness. FACULTY Ted Allen Biology Science John Baird Biology Camera Club Mary Bielefeld l-lome Economics Be++y Bisdorf English Guidance John Bready l-lisiory Thomas Bruner Algebra Economics Civics Max Collins Vocal Music Choral Groups Joye Davis Physical Educaiion G.A.A. 1 Miss Downer and Miss Bisdorf are perform- ing one of iheir regular duiies as Girls' Counselors. They are discussing siudenl records and grades. Along wiih a number of olher Jreachers, Miss Bisdorl will be leav- ing M. l-l. S. io become a housewife. Page 9 Mr. Edie and Mr. Ulum enioy The sun aT The souTh door oT The building while dis- cussing The evenTs oT The day aT Muslcie T-ligh. BoTh men Teach commercial sub- iecTs, while Mr. Edie helps wiTh The sopho- more coaching chores and Mr. Ulum is The Boys' Counselor. Page I0 FACULTY Eula Downer English MaThemaTics MaThemaTics Dean oT Girls Virgil Godfrey DramaTics Eugene Edie John Goudy Commercial Speech Coach DebaTe Mildred FogarTy Geneva Grace English Science Earl GanTenbein Florence Hahn Physical EducaTion l-lome Economics Coach ll'll-'P' FACULTY Parnik Hazarian Priniinq Pi-Type Club Mary Healy Spanish Lindley Hoopes Vocaiional Aqriculiure FFA. Jeanne Jahnlce Librarian Library Club Louisa Jericho Social Science i'leH'y Kemble Laiin English Curia Reqia Wal+er Kochneff Driver Training Coach i-li-Y Caroline Liebbe Commercial li seems +ha+ Miss Louisa Jericho, like many oiher siudenis and Teachers, has io aslc Mrs. Jeanne Jahnlce aboui reference boolcs and where 'ro iincl maierial io an- swer her quesiions. You can see a similar scene almosi any iime you peek info Mrs. Jahnlce's library. Page I I This allernoon our cameraman dropped around lo see Miss Mary Healey and found her showing Miss l-lelly Kernble The new Spanish boolcs. If we could hear whal lhey are saying, we rnighl also find lhem comparing 'rhe languages lhey leach, Lalin and Spanish. ll is all Greek +o rnosl of us. Righr? Page I2 FACULTY June Lingo English John McAreavy Geornelry Algebra Auroran Genevieve Mccandless English James McGarvey Physics Radio BeH'y McGillivray Commercial School Treasurer Gordon McLean lnslrumenlal Music Band James Maas Chemislry Algebra Coach Archie Mar1'in l-lislory Biology FACULTY Leonard Roggeveen Woodworking Evelyn Schulfz l-lome Economics Floyd ScoH' Visual Aids Charles Shook English Sociology L. A. Schnaclc Direclor of Aclivilies Assislanl Principal Edirh Sfocker Ari James Ulum Commercial Boys' Counselor Mearl Wood English Mr. Lee Miller is showing Mr. John J. Baird one of his Tesl unils. ln radio 'rhis helps +o illuslrale radio waves: in physics if is used lo siudy sound by showing dilzlerenl voice pallerns in The form of sign waves. "Mr, Baird, lhis complica+ed machine is called an oscilloscope. Sounds as bad as some ol Jrhose big words you use in your biology classes." Page I3 + 9' V6 Ha' W -Esf Jw. "i 3 X g . . v QwWf QQ' WST- 'K i ij ff 1 A v , VIS? .JA L. - 3. V. ,. -' 95- vs sf A' . f."'j" ' I ! l I 1 li!! b. scno0L 5I0P No ealinq eslablishmenl could operale wilhoul dishwashers Our cafeleria has Three boys who are very eflicienl in rhal deparlmenr Diclc Ware Warren Dickinson and Ron -lielge. CAFETERIA The caleleria proves To be a lol of hare worlc lor Mrs. Marlha Carlson, Mrs. Lida l-lildebrand, and Mrs. Alla Allen. Cllerw limes The sfudenrs do nel appreciale rheir ellorrs in preparing and planning a loasic meal, served To aboul l75 people daily. Mr. Schnaclc is in charge of rhe caleleria and. al The righr, he helps lhe ladies by dishing up a salad. Page I6 Cgtdfied xx Hn.. ..,g,,f,,,, wink KW Page I7 CONTENTS VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN REPRESENTATIVE BOY REPRESENTATIVE GIRL THREE POINT SENIORS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Salu+a+orian Esfher Grosslclaus, Salulalorian of her class, has a poinl average ol 3.67. Eslher was an aclive member ol Band her lirsl 'rhree years ol high school and became olilice secrelary her sen- ior year. She has received nineleen Ns and nine B's. l-ler schedule has included one year of Lafin, algebra, biology, boolclceeping, American his- lory, and economics: Two years of homemalcingg and seven semeslers of English. She also Jroolc shorlhand and fyping her junior year and received a credil for lhem her senior year as olllice secrelary. Page I8 Valeclicforian l.aVerne l-lubbard, who received lhe honor ol Valediclorian, has a point average of 3.75. LaVerne is one ol lhe charfer members ol Pi-Type, and an aclive member all four of his high school years. l-le received 21 AE and 7 B's. l-lis schedule includes one year ol American hislrory, geomelry, general science, biology, shorlrhand, Typing, and bookkeeping, 'rvvo years of algebra: 'rhree of prinling, and seven semeslers of English. Vernie, as he is called by his friends, vvas ac- cepled as a member of lhe Nalional l-lonor Sociely his iunior year. RepresenTa'l'ive Boy This year The sTudenTs oT Musky I-Iigh selecTed Marlin Eichelberger To be Their RepresenTaTive Boy. I-Ie was chosen Trom a Tield oT eighTeen boys who were all in The upper Third oT Their class. During his Tour years in high school he parTicipaTed in baskeT- ball and The I3uTure Farmers oT Amer- ica Club. "Ike" served as bafh a Treasurer and as a Vice-PresidenT oT The F. F. A. I-Ie was The Vice-Presi- denT oT his class during his sopho- more year. Marlin says ThaT his TavoriTe pasTime is sleeping and his hobbies are sporTs oT all kinds. I-Iis ambiTion is To be a Tarmer and now he works on his TaTher's Tarm. I-Ie is Tive TeeT Ten inches Tall. Marlin is one oT our shyesT and nicesT boys in high school buT he does have one peT peeve. ThaT is: People ThaT gripe abouT his driving. RepresenTaTive Girl This year The sTudenTs oT Musky I-Tigh selecTed Delores Nordeen To be Their RepresenTaTive Girl. She was chosen Trom a Tield oT TorTy-one girls who were all in The upper Third oT Their class. During her Tour years in high school, Doddee was quiTe acTive in Chorus. She was in Chorus all Tour years, Girls Glee Club her TirsT Two years. and Mixed QuarTeTTe her TourTh year. She was also in Amicae and I-Ii-Tri. She was The SecreTary- Treasurer oT her class during her Junior year. Doddee's hobbies are dancing and playing piTch. She now works aT Chaudoin's and her ambiTion is To be a good saleswoman. Delores is Tive TeeT Tour inches Tall. She would like To go To eiTher Junior College or Iowa STaTe Teachers College. Dod- dee was our T-Iomecoming Queen her senior year. She? is one oT The Triend- liesT and besT liked senior girls. Page I9 .A -'L 'iff' B ' 2 in ag. . A ,,,, fs sf ,QF M.: "" 1 m m f, "5 - Q ff: i - ..., : Zz f, W i w l ,,",., m f W -1. K ng 1 ' A ,Q agsg, HQ 6 .,,- 1, .,5, K Q.:,gnLL, ,. A , 3 1 he 41 .. W A x ,- f ., lg jg 4 U E Q-QM ' 1-: .,.. .V Q' ,, V 1 .A : "' aw ' I 44' 4 5 V Ss Ip 5 . x"i i ,x K -4 W L. Q V29 1 fi zu . ' SV? -2 -Q ' Z'- ',.::-V I . 'fl gg? Ss . ,g,fs+ ff HQ", 'i 5. ' . Nu i f , A - if - 1 9 1 ' L as .. -fm' A : I 'I .4 . , 1 - i QW 3' Q by :. . "3f. S V- ' V Q 1 N--,,.,. i f f' ' f--,gy A 1, V,-5,2 M., I I Q' Qy f x if Z " fi K I I 1, 'L . 4 ww , .X D, W isa' Q- AF Lx any aim! -513-if ' N Q J viii: tv E V,,, at -,V gg W ,L 4 ,Q i ' - W 1. .ff 1 , 4 1: E552 0 7' 'iisgiiiu ,. 45 ' H, 'Q f , ' ,.., Y , is 5 k,,,, f,,VA,W KVV: I.. ,,,.,,:., ,A ,-2, '11 , My A wwf-'f I - f - f 1 ww " g V W A N' A f , AVN, f :xii 5 iQ! ' i'V5u " Q' ,, 94 59.7 x -:5:'3f?-"- ., . , n m , 9 .43 , W M -.Vw 1 , ,, , . L,,..v,' P9 y we 'jj K A 2 AE? ' 7 ,-1 'f L .. V .-22:25-:ry ,. .. in , 4 Y, 1 z fiixfgg J Q , '.,, :-1: 9"""4 'iff Q ,, -,,,, M5359 - , . -"' ,, ,, 4, K' 42" '31 ,,m,, 35,1 wif' N? 1 -sf xx 5 -Q , A N px Wx 3 N452 V il V f J if wr - S A -'+R Q vm .,., ,.,,, ' e y HW ,.,,. ' f Sis? i f af, , S f' 4 7544, A ..,.,,,.: Al X Rf rv . , ' 1, ,X ' ,m., Q 'if3?Ei1',flf 45. Q . :5:"9."v ' B41 f'f-'ff3:'3 .IM- Gjffgfsi 4"l:'e:':N.5. .I "':'3:Z' .. -I 'Ulf ,'. ,.1,, unit H MM-.ishl . GARY ACKERSON, "Tv1innie"... Gary's TuTure plans are To aTTend S.U.I. where he will probably be as acTive in sporTs as he has been all Tour oT his high school years. I-le enjoys good classical music. Minnie-is TavoriTe expression is "You know" and his ambiTion is To coach swimming and Teach school, T-Ie Thinks The school spir- iT is The besT iT has been since he enTered high school and ThaT The sTudenTs are behind The Team. MAE ALTENBERND"lv1aebe" ... This brown-eyed senior enioys wriTing leTTers, reading, and col- IecTing Bible Tracls. She plans To become a regisiered nurse IaTer buT now she earns her spending money by baby-siTTing, I-ler Tav- oriTe expression is, lil like you Too, bur I'll aeT over iT." Ivlaebe be longed To El-l,A, her sophomore year. I-lei peT peeve is people who sTaiT To Tell her someThing and Then decide againsT iT. PAUL AIVICS "Wally' , , , Wallys TavoriTe pasTim0s, eaTing and sleeping, are Tamiliar To mosT Musky sTudenTs. His mind seems To run in one channelggirlsli I-lis hobby is daTing girls, and his rnosT exciTing momenT was his TirsT daTe: his Tirsf kiss was The rnosT embariasing Time OT his IiTe, and he enioyed his senior year inOsT because he had Tun wiTh The GIRLS!! Raul will probably be wearing bell-boTTom Trousers be- Tore lono. LCUISE ASI-T "Louie" ,.., Louie has been acTive in 6.A.A. all Tour years and parTicipaTed in noon in' Tramurals. She received leTTers in G.A.A. and chorus. Louie spends mosT oT her spare Time aT Hender- son's soTTball games. ATTer school she plans To work aT The Telephone oTTice and evenTually To g3T ma'- iied. Sheis anoTher "WhaT islll girl. Louise enioyed her senior year mosT because she knew she was Through sTudying. VELMA JEAN BARNI-IART "Jeanie" , . . Jeanie iusT wanis To gel married and make a good housewixfefhas she anyone special in mind? When This brown-eyed TarmereTTe isn'T slaving aT Kresgels she enioys playing The piano or going To The show. Julius LaRosa likes To "mix iT up" buf Jeanie likes To "run i1 over." She parTicf ipaTed in Glee Club her Treshman, sophomore, and iunior years, and in F.l-I,A, when she was a sopho- more. JACKIE BERRY "Horner" . . . Jackie-'s hobbies are reading and making a high school scrapbook. Jackie received a leTTer in chorus her iunior and senior years. Her plans, like many oTher girls, are To work a while and Then marry her one and only. Her ambiTion is To be a good wiTe. Jackie is kept busy working aT NieTzel's. I-Ier TavoriTe expression is "Very igg?" Her peT peeve is people who crificiz-2 TooTball and baskeTball players. LUIS ALLMANDINGER "Liz" ...Liz spends her spare Time play' ing The piano, colleciing poems and baby siTTing. She plans To aT, Tend nursing school, buT aT The presenT Time she is Mr. GodTrey's secreTary. lTyou should happen To hear someone saying, "Wouldn'T ThaT TrosT ya?" iT's probably Liz. This aTTracTive 5'4" senior's pel peeve is someone who raTTles pop- corn sacks in The show. Liz enioy- ed her senior year mosT. KENNETI-I ALTMANN "leIerb"... I-Ierb spends rnosT QT his Time reading WesTerns and hunTing. Kenny was on The SecuriTy Coun cil during his iunior year. Al- Though he has no deTiniTe plant he will ConTinue working aT The dairy. I-lc-rb's TavoriTe expression is, 'II didn'T know, you knowg so I ThoughT l'd ask. Ken liked his senior year because iT's his las! and he will be geTTino rid oT his peT peeve 7 "Gus," being a Teacher. LORETTA ARMSTRONG "Rach" . . . Whenever you hear someone say, "I don'T dig iT," you'll prob- ably Tind Rach somewhere near. She plans To be a privaTe secre- Tary, She parTicipaTed in 6.A.A. all Tour years and was awarded a leTTer all buT her Treshman year. WriTing IeTTers and having a good Time are Rach's TavoriTe pasTime'3. The enjoyed her iunior year mosf because she goT boTTer grades and "iusT plain had more Tun." JOHN BAKER . . .John is guifi? acTive in I3.F.A. and band. Thi, plowiockey won The SouTh EasTern Iowa Pioneer Corn Growers Con- TesT Through The E.E,A. During his iunior year he was The reporTei Tor F.F.A. AT Tair Time youill hear his name in connecTion wiTh prizes Tor showing calves, I'-Iis Tavorife expression is ill don'T know or I don'T care." John enioyed his senior year because his work was easier and he had loads oT Tun. DICK BARRY . . .This 6' 4' sen- ior's ambiTion is To be a golf pro. Dick has been a class officer every year buT his sophomore year and has leTTered in baskeTbaIl. Dickls TavoriTe expression is, "IT he hao a halT a brain his whole family would Tighf over iT." I-le likes his senior year besT because he is looking Torward To going To col- lege. When Dick isn'T sleeping or eaTing he is working aT The golT course. I uTur N im? u er ambihon ST 'LJ e a succ ssTul surgical I w NDAQBERRP' roofs' ,.Taais TIS ri T 'Arn V' I ein a J' ,W ZW Q V 9 -II .C I - K U Vs gigs j n ' H a s 'T'haT rallies a d lfglar i s av lielped To improve ii. , ,r your s ho 'spiriT. In her, reyitnan Ihlionld Ep more years sh Was ac- If T A ipre ID IL? n L Wi Au give. in ow n gfher junior iearrin Adilran. p Club, a d I-Ii-Tivdnd her se'nior year, - r fand I-liYTri, i MARIE BILRMAN "Rr-I ...Ruiz Invririlr- pasrirnr- is dancinq and In-infi wilh a cr-rlain boy al Iowa U. Liki- rrrany olhr-r qirls hc-r am bilirin is lf, lor' a qrrrfd housewile Hur hiibby is collr-rlinfl buller lliiis. ll you happen lo hear som-- flnff 'Hfly lIl'lVV IIQLIIIPH y4'lU knfPW llial Ri- if, around, ln Ihr: Iuluif shr- plans lri rriovr' lu Las Vefqas and lri igiel a iob. Re lhinks by havinfq parades and rallies, Ihr! HK llflfll HLJIIVII llYlplOVf7. FVELYN BRANSON Mhvir-" . . . Fvie is rrne: of our shorler seniors: she is only 5 Iool. She baby-sils and di1r23'.r:cif:lalial work lor exlra rririney. Lvir- plans lo be a ri: porlifr, and hr.-r anibilion is lo be surf:--,-.IuI in r-vs-rylhinrq slug- doe-s. Shf- is knr-pinii a -,rrapbook ol hc: siininr yr-ar and sho f-nioys playinq lr-nnis. Shi: parlicipalr-d in bolii Carw-ra Club and drarnalics when shc- was a sophomore, Evie fin irsyrid hr-r iunirir yr-ai mfisl, IDA BRLNDLL iildyu . . ,Idy likes lrs havr- lun! For Ihree years she wrirkf-d nl llir- A. Bc W. Roolbeer' Sland. Shir is very aclive in de- balr' and has earned a Ieller all Iiul hor lirsl year, and as a reward for hrfr sperich r-Ilorls she wrrnl ls, Brislrrn wilh a debalrf lr-am as a rfrprr-sr-nliilivfi nl Iowa. ldy is qo- inq lo lalrf- lf-arhfsrs lraininq and wh:-ri she qradufiles, if she is slill inlirrr-ali-d in law, she plans lo be- icirrir- a Iawyr-r. WAPRIN BROWN . . . Warren ir, a Sil Ii' srrnirir wilh liqhl brown hair and baby blue eyes. I'lri gwarliripalrid in lraik and Inalball li-llr-rinii in lriolball. ll woulcl only lie' nalural lor Warrenig hoblriy lo l'ir- walrhinrq Ioolball rin lr-levi-,ion. Warrrfnis mosl ex- rilinii rrimrris-nl was in lhf: IQBI Irrollifxll ui-asrun when we be-al Ml. Plrrasfanl al riur homc-corninii rianii-, This lad wanlr, lo ioin lhn Marin:--, and bricrrnirr a smfireanl. .IO ANN BURNS "Jo" . , . Jo has prirliripalfed in many aclivi- lif-s. Shr- was in G.A.A. her Iresh' rrran yifar, F.H,A. her sophomore year, and Pep Club and Drill Team hrrr iunim year. Her Iavorile pas lirrif' is rr-adinfl. Shri plans lo ri :',- I niarrir-d and hr-r arnbilion is lo be a qorid housewife. Jo is SIT' Iail and shew has brown hair and hazel eyes. I-lei lavorile color is blue, Shf- says "The sludenfs backed fha learn in a bid wayfi BITTY IOU BUSER "Dirnples" . . . . Dimpli-s does oul lor alhr lislirs in a bio way and says sporlc are hrfr Iayorilr' paslime. In G.A.A, i,hf. ruff-ivifd a lelle-r, a slale and local pin. Dimplos slands al live fool six inches and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Belly's favorile expression is. "Go blow." She hasnil any definile plans lor 'the Iulure, Sha halos lo see people think lhoy're sornelhirrq when lhey rr-ally arenil. BOB BOLLINGER . . . Bob likes lo spend his spare lime hunting, lishf inq, and noino lo lhe movies. Aller qradualion, Bob plans lo Go lo lvluscaline Junior Colleqe. His anfibilion is lo del a iob havinq Io do wilh being ouldoors---like workinq lor lhe Conservalion Corn- mission or beino a quide. He works al the I.G.A, markel, Bob likes lo collecl Indian head coins as a hobby. This 6' senior liked his lasl year besl, JEAN BRALINS iihflinniei . . . Minnie, a nickname lhal is mosl apprecialed oy Jean, has a Iavorf ile paslirne ol ridino around wilh a couple ol Pals that aradualed lasl year. Jean parlicipaled in chorus and Glee Club. She has no delinile plans lor lhe Iulure, bul will probably Q0 lo Jr. Col- Ieqe nexl Iall. Jeanie can be seen al Kresqes aller school and on Salurclays. She hopes some day lo be a oood wife for some Iarrner. KENNY BROWN "Brownie'i . . . Kenny has been aclive in sporlii and was in loolball and lrack all Iour years, His mosl excilinq mo rnenl was when he received 3 leller in lrack his sophomore year. Would il be Brownies Iasl name or brown hair lhal accounls lor his nickname? He spends mos? ol his lime sleepinq and ealinq, bu! in The Iulure he wanls lo work or ioin The Marines. Ken Thinks lhe school spiril is hiqh lhis year, BEVERLY BUNTENBACH "Bob- biei' . . , Bobbie is one ol vhs many girls who wanls lo becomi- a good housewile. When Bobbie isn'1 dalinci a cerlain boy she is playinq the piano or workinq as boakkeeper al lhe Aulomalic Bul- lon Company. Bobbie was in band her Ireshman and senior years and in Auroran her sophomore year, She enioyed her senior year mos? because il was nearer lo oradua- lion, Bobbie is heard sayinrq 'lcornf' GERALD BURR "Jerry" . . . Jerry doesnil seem lo be a very arnbilious boy. His Iavorile pas- lime is sleepinq. Gerald hopes lo lind a qood iob when he qels oul ol school. Hunlinq and Iiishin-7 are his hobbies, His Iavorile ex- pression is, "Whal is." Jerry's arnbilion is lo someday own a Cadillac converlible, He lhinkf- lhe school spiril has improved very much since his freshman year. Jerry found his senior year the mosl enioyable. BILL BUSTER "Willie" ...Willie is ralher Ihe lazy Iype, his Iavor' ire paslime is sleepinq. When he's awake you'll Iind him sinoino in chorus and Madrigal. Bill hasnil any special plans lor lhe Iulure buf his ambilion is aboul lhe same as a lor of olher boys-lo del a good iob and sellle down some day. This 5 Il. IO in. brown haired lad is found saying, "Whal do you wanl, a medal?" ROBERT CARLSON "Bob" . . . Bob is The mosT ambiTious guy in MHS-or is he? His TavoriTe pas- Time is iusT plain loaTing. Bob has been in FFA all Tour years. Bob plans To work Tor a couple oT years and Then begin Tarming: ThaT is, iT The Army doe-sn'T geT him TirsT. This brown-haired, 5'8" corn grow- er also collecTs Tirearms and old coins. Bob enioys his senior year because iT is his lasT year. NANCY CARTER "Nance" . . . Nance likes To spend her Time Talking. She is very acTive in speech acTiviTies. Her college plans will be along The medical line and her ambiTion is To Tind a cure Tor cancer. This 5'6" blonde enioys sTudying personal- iTies and arguing wiTh M. P. W. and J. J. B. IT you hear The ex- pression, "To each his own," iT is probably Nance. She enioyed her junior year mosT because oT bi- ology class and Mr. Baird. He makes Things enioyable?? RONALD CHANDLER "Ron" . .. Ron is one oT The shorTer senior boys. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He plans To go To college and he is seen quiTe oTTen wiTh T. H. which mighT be a de- ciding TacTor as To his TuTure, Too. Ron has no special pasTime or hobbies ouTside oT school, buT his sixTh periods are occupied by chorus. The mosT exciTing momenT oT his high school liTe was The Time he enTered a classroom wiTh his lesson done. DARRELL COONEY "Coon" or "TuTTy" . . .This senior's plans Tor The TuTure are going To J. C. and Then To l.S.T.C. and while coach- ing seTTIe down To home liTe wiTh A. S. Coon has had Tough luck Through his school days-The many weeks hobbling around on cruTches. TuTTy has had The honor oT being class presidenT his lasT Three years and secreTary in his TirsT year. Dar- rell says, "The higher The spiriT, The beTTer The school!" RONALD CORDER . . . Ron is a brown haired, brown eyed lad ThaT could TrequenTly be seen around The chorus room. He leT- Tered all Tour years. Ron is Think- ing abouT going To pre-medical school. IT you go To TrouTs you'll see Ron working There. His Tavor- iTe expression is "Who, me?" Ron's pasTime is eaTing and sleep- ing. Concerning sporTs, he be- lieves The success oT The Team de- pends on The spiriT oT iTs backers. MARION CUBBAGE "Cubb" . . . Cubb likes To spend his Time hunT- ing-when noT aT "Lillies Cigar STore." He also likes To be wiTh girls, especially 'red heads'. The Union Bus DepoT occupies mosT oT his aTTenTion. He plans To enlisT in Uncle Sam's Navy. This 5'lO", blue eyed chap Thinks some girls are "sTuck up", His TavoriTe ex- pression is, "ThaT's The way The ball rolls!" He believes The school spiriT is expanding every year, KEN CARPENTER "Doc" . . . "Doc" is Tive TeeT nine inches Tall wiTh brown hair and brown eyes. His spare Time is Tilled by "sleep- ing". His plans Tor The TuTure are To ioin The Navy. When in a crowd one can easily disTinguish him by his expression "WhaT is!" Considering all his years in good ol' M.H.S., he liked his senior year besT, chieTly because "Work isn'T as hard and Teachers ain'T as bad." MELVIN CHAMBERUN "Meli' . . . Mel's TavoriTe pasTime is dancing and lisTening To sporTs evenTs. Mel likes sporTs! He has played baskeTball, TooTball and baseball. IT you would go down To Red PainT sTore To buy painT you would probably buy iT Trom Mel. His peT peeve is people who Think They are beTTer Than anoTher. This seniors ambiTion is To be an Arch- iTecTural Engineer. Mel's TavoriTe expression is "Who doT7" DUANE CHELF . . . Well now, here's an unambiTious characTerl Duane's TavoriTe pasTime is spend- ing money and, his hobby is counTing money. He has no deTi- niTe plans Tor The TuTure, buT he is now kepT busy puTTing in his Time aT The Holiday Cleaners. Duane's ambiTion is a TavoriTe among many-he wanTs To see The world. His TavoriTe expression is "Why don'T you speak up when giving assignn'ienTsl" Maybe Tha' accounTs Tor his peT peeve-Teach- ers in general. BETTY CORDER "BeTs" . . . BeTs can be Tound in TronT oT a TV seT or playing records when she has a liTTle exTra Time. BeTTy's hobby is collecTing records. AlThough her plans are noT deTiniTe aT presenT, she would like To geT a good iob and Then geT married. BeTTy is kepT busy clerking aT WoolworTh's. Her TavoriTe expression is "Well, gee whiz." She has a common peT peeve-people who Think They're someThing They aren'T. GLORIA CROOK "Glor" . . . Glor's TavoriTe expressions are "You know iT" and "Dim bulb". EiTher going To college or geTTing a sTenographer's iob are Glor's plans Tor The TuTure. CollecTing maTchbook covers is her hobby. Her ambiTion is To hold a good iob and laTer geT married. Glor works aT Lincoln school in The oTTice aTTer school. Glor was in Library club and received a pin her iunior year. She likes To geT her dad's car on Sunday and ar nighT. LOREN CUNNlNGl-TAM "Snooks" Loren's pasTime is "sawing" away on his violin. This 5'6" boy has some deTiniTe plans. He would like To go To Bible school and sTudy Tor The minisTry. He is now a Journal carrier buT would like To be a minisTer. Snook's hobby IS model railroading. His Tavor- iTe expression is "For The love oT Mike." His peT peeve is people who Tease him abouT girls, es- pecially when he doesn'T like Them. MARGARET DODDS "Marg"... Maggie's peT peeve is To have someone call her Maggie lOhl Ohll. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and her Tavorife colors are green and brown. Marg enioys IisTening To 'pop' music. and her TavoriTe expresion is, "O chay. boy!" Her ambiTion is To be mar- ried. She Thinks The school spiriT is preTTy good. Marg's Treshman year was her mosT enioyable be- cause everyThing was new and dif- TerenT. WILLODINE DOERFER "Willie" . . . . Willie's TavoriTe pasTime is wriTing leTTers To ThaT cerTain sol- dier in Korea. She wanTs To go To J. C., To be a Teacher, and Then To geT married. Willie has an inTer- esTing hobby, receiving leTTers. Who Trom? This 5'2" senior's peT peeve is Teachers who conlinually persisT in giving daily quizzes. Willie has been in Glee Club and E.H.A, and leTTered in chorus Tor Three years. JIM DOUGHERTY . , . Jim is inTeresTr:d in radio work, He is working as an announcer and evenTually, he would like To own his own radio sTaTion. His hob- bies are colleciing and lisTening To phonograph records. Jim's mosT exciTng momenT was The day he sTarTed "The Jazz Beau" on KWPC-EM. He Thinks The school spiriT shows signs oT improvemenT. He plans To go To radio school and become a neTwork radio an- nouncer. PHYLLIS DUGGAN "Phyl" . . . Phyl spends her Time wriTing leT- Ters To an Air Force Base and wishing she were There. She re- ceived a leTTer Tor her acTiviTies in chorus and Madrigal. She also belongs To Hi-Tri. Phyllis is a clerk aT WoolworThs' buT in The Tulure she hopes To make a cer- Tain Airman a good wiTe. This 5'4" lassie likes To lisTen To popu- lar music and dance. l'This kid has goTTa go," is her TavoriTe ex- pression. KENNETH EGEL "Wiener" . . . Wiener hasn'T any college plans. buT he mighT consider becoming a Tarmer. Jusi Take a lisTen! He's been in E.F.A. all Tour years and This year Kenny is secreTary oT F.E.A. His ambiTion is To be a good FuTure Farmer. This 5'lO" senior plowiockey's TavoriTe pas- Time is sleeping. Wienerls peT peeve is slow people in The halls. He liked his senior year besT be- cause he received more honors. MARLIN ElCl-TELBERGER Hike" . . . Ike has been very acTive in F.E.A. He has held The oTTices of Treasurer and vice-presidenT. His paslime is sleeping and his hobby is sporTs. ATTer he graduaTes, Ike plans To keep righT on working on The Tarm, and his ambiTion is To be a rich Tarmer. When Ike was a sophomore. he was elecTed vice- presideni oT his class. His peT peeve is people who gripe abouT his driving. GENE DODSON "ShorTy" . . . Gene loves To lisTen To The radio or waTch Television. He works aT The Ronda BuTTon EacTory, buT he would raTher go hunTing or Tish- ing. ShorTy, wiTh a heighT oT 5'6", brown hair and brown eyes, plans To be a Tarmer. He was acTive in F.E.A. in his Treshman and soph- omore years. Gene haTes To be behind a slow person in The halls, His mosT exciTing momenT will be when he graduaTes Trom M.H.S. BOB DOYLE . . . This high school senior Tellow is raTher unambi- Tious. His TavoriTe pasTime is iusT loaliing. Bob spends quiTe a biT oT his Time Tearing around in his puddle iumper. His ambiTion is quiTe diTierenT Trom mosT oTher boys. He wanTs To live To be eighTy. IT you should see a 6' boy ToTing a gun down The sTreeT, don'T be alarmed, he's probably hunTing squirrels and rabbiTs: you see, ThaT's his hobby. BONNIE DRUMM . . . Bonnie is a 5'7" blonde. She plans To aT- Tend Junior College and laTer be- come a Teacher. Bonnie enioys playing Tennis and collecTing pic- Tures Tor her scrapbook. She was in chorus all Tour years. Bonnie's TavoriTe expression is. "Check ThaT!" and she enioys reading and Talking las many girls dol. She Thinks ThaT The school spiriT is im- proving. Bonnie believes ThaT The homecoming parade is helping Too. CARL EDGINGTON . . . IT seems ThaT Carl's TavoriTe pasiime is riding around in his ialopy during noon hours and aTTer school, Carl's hobbies are hunTing and Tishing. He belongs To The Pi-Type Club. He has big plans Tor The TuTure- To geT rich TasT. This 6' senior liked his senior year besT because iT's The lasT he will have To worry abouT. He'lI have To leave his peT peeve-Mrs. Jahnke, Too. Now Carl, was ThaT nice? RONALD EGGENBURG "Bunk" . . . , Bunk's TavoriTe pasTime is drawing war picTures. He has par- TicipaTed in TooTball, baskeTball, and Track. Ron now works aT The HuTTig ManuTacTuring Company buT his ambiTion is To become a minisTer. He would like To aTTend Bible college. A TavoriTe expres- sion oT his is, "You and me boTh." Ron liked his sophomore year besT because he was in more acTiviTies. RU EIER AN 'flfmpfesu . . . D' pes' Taffori bpasTirue is skaT- li ge Y nfcan Tfisd Thi 'Tm enior wor i e M 'd- 'T mp ef Tcyfgo To own 'Buswnes is !wr.,,ii- .Liz', .I lfglle ei You Qffen Mir RuTlhie T sayin "ThaT'Tl. be Tl1e'duy." Her peT peeve is T pebgile TTYL brag' rjand Talk fa ouj o herfs lRuThie . lik hf?'TreL!hman,1y gr- b9CULHSb ev. U41 nghw s new.!T5irnpIes was acTive i' l.lbrary'a'd Pep Club and leTAred in G.A.A. T DIANE EVANS "Deed . . . This 5'5" blue-eyed lassie spends mosl ol her lime driving her dad's car and wriling lellers. Dee belonged lo Auroran her iunior year and was copy edilor her senior year. Her lavorile expression is, "Check lhal": her lavorile color is blue. Diane plans lo go lo college lmaybe J.C.l or become a secre- lary. She plans someday lo gel married and her ambilion is lo be a good housewife, like so many olher girls. WANDA 'FARRAR "FH-sfiaef",.. This black-haired girl's lavorile paslime is dancing, l-ler plans lor lhe lulure are nol delinile as yel, bul her ambilion is lo become a housewile. Fredder ollen express- es hersell wilh, "Well, lor heav- enls sakel" She lhinks lhe school spiril has been very good lhe pasl lwo years. Wanda's senior year was her lavorile and heir pel peeve is people who lhink lhey are beller lhan anyone else. TED FINLEY "Fin" . . . Fin's la- vorile paslime is playing lhe pi- ano. l-le plans lo gel a iob play- ing lhe piano: his ambilion-lo become a greal pianisl or organ- isl. His pel peeve is rich kids who drive around in new cars. Maybe he wouldn'l mind il lhey were lire engine red, since lhis is his lavorile color. Ted is an F.F.A. member. This corn-grower liked his iunior year lhis lirsl year al M.l-l.S.l since he gol lo know so many kids. VIRGIL FREYERMUTH "Buppy" . . . Buppy plans lo go inlo mis- sionary work. l-le is going lo al- lend Baplisl Bible Seminary in Johnson Cily, New York. l-le was aclive in Library Club. l-le was selecled as edilor ol "Co-workers lor Chrislf' Virg's hobbies are music, handicrall, and arl. l-le can ollen be heard saying "Ye . . Ah" or "We ..el." Buppy is 5' 9" and has brown eyes. l-lis procras- linalive nalure is his pel peeve. ROBERT FURNAS "Bob" . . . Bobs lavorile paslime is riding around in his Crosley, which he does mosl ol lhe lime. He is quile aclive in Camera Club. Wilh all his abilily and inleresl in his hobby which is pholography -his ambilion is lo be an aulo- mobile designer-and nol lo be a pholographer. He has a iob oul- side ol school working in his Dad's shop. Bob's pel peeve is people who pul his car on lhe sidewalk. DARRELL GARVIN "Bud" . . . Bud's ambilion is lo be a pilol. Aller he graduales lrom Musca- line l-ligh he plans lo ioin lhe Avialion Cadels. l-le has been aclive in F.F.A. and chorus. Dar- rell's lavorile expression is, "l've had il," and his lavorile color is blue. l-le works al Fosler's Cono- co Slalion, Schwab's Shell Service, and al home on lhe larm. Buds pel peeve are smarl alecks. l-le enioyed his senior year mosl. 'N RONALD EVANS "Ron" .. .Can lhis kid singl l-le was in All Slale Chorus his senior year and re- ceived a division l raling in lhe slale music conlesl as a barilone salaisl. l-le was in mixed guarlel and boy's guarlel. Ron works al Foslerls Conoco Slalion bul he plans lo allend J.C. or ioin lhe Navy or Air Force. l-lis ambilion -lo make lols ol money singing or larming. Ronnie's pel peeve is all sizes and lorms ol resls. BEATRICE FIGS "Bebe" . . .This popular Musky maid's paslime is Jim. Could il be Jim l-lahn? Bebels favorile expression is. "Fairly lhe kills." l-ler ambilion is lo be a secrelary and her hobby is making a scrap book ol clip- pings ol M.l'-l.S. This brown-eyed senior liked her lreshrnan year besl because everylhing was new. She lellered in dramalics and was presidenl ol Rep Club her iunior and senior years. DARRELL FOUNTAIN . . . Dar- rell's lavorile paslime is walching lelevision. I wonder who walches lelevision wilh him? l-le doesn'l know whal his lulure holds bul he wanls lo make a lol ol money quickly. Darrell's lavorile expres- sion is, "You donll know, do ya?" This lad is live lool nine inches lall. l-le has brown hair and he says his eyes are grey. Darrell liked his senior year besl because il was his lasl. MARGE FRlEDRICK"Iv1adqe"... Madges ambilion is lo graduale lrom nurses lraining wilh llying colors and lhen lo gel married. l-ler lavorile paslime is shagging around wilh Lois and Sally. Margels hobby is keeping lrack ol Keilh. She is now a clerk in lhe houseware deparlmenl al Baller- son's. l-ler lavorile expression is. "This kid has golla go!" This 5'4' blue eyed senior's pel peeve is leachers who give long assign- menls. DORIS GARMON "Missouri" . .. This blue-eyed gal can be seen be- hind lhe lounlain al Cohn's. Miss- ourils lavorile paslime is lalking and her hobbies are skaling and sewing. Doris's ambilion is in lhree years lo own a new red Olds- mobile. l-ler pel peeve is people who eavesdrop on lelephone lines. Doris says she hopes lo gel a good iob in lhe near lulure and wanls lo gel' married somelime in lhe dislanl lulure. RONALD GAUCSER "Spike" . . . This Musky senior larmer isn'l loo ambilious. l-lis lavorile paslime is sleeping. Spike has been in F.F.A. all lour years, and was secrelary ol lhal organizalion his iunior year. l-le works on his lalher's larm and will conlinue lo do so aller he graduales. Spikeis ambi- lion is lo own a larm of his own someday. l-lis hobby is sporls. l-lis lavorile color is blue. Spike's pel peeve is slow people in lhe halls. MARILYN GORDON . . . Mari- lyn's TavoriTe paslime is being wiTh Bob and driving a car. Marilyn is working in The oflice aT Carver Pump. Her ambiTion is To be a good housewiTe. Any one special in mind? Her TavoriTe expression is "corn". Marilyn enjoyed her senior year mosT because The sub- iecls worr- easier. This 5'3" blue eyed senior leITered in band her TirsT Three years, FSTHER GROSSKLAUS "Jo" , .. Jo was very acTive during her hiqh school career. She IeTTered in band her TirsT Three years and was in Hi-Tri her iunior and senior years. Jo is sTudenT secre- Tary and was on The NaTionaI Honor SocieTy. If Jo isn'I daTinq Sherman you probably will Tind her playing The piano. She would like To aTTencl Penn or Iowa STaTe College aTTer qraduaTion. This brown eyed senior Thinks The school spiriT has increased The lasT Tour years. JIM HAHN . . . This handsome blonde was in chorus his Treshman and sophomore years, receiving honors There. He also parTicipaTed in Track and TooTbaII since his sophomore year. Jimls TavoriTe paslimo is sleeping. AIThough his plans Toi The TuTure are indeTiniTe, his ambiTion is To be a Tarmer. Now he works on a Tarm ouTside oT school. Jim's hobby is hunTing. This 6' hunk of man has blue eyes and his TavoriTe color is green. CLIFF HAMMAN "Eggs" . . . "Eggs" hobby is keeping a scrap- book on sporTs. He was in TooTball and Track Tor Tour years, receiving leTTers in Track. This lad is kepT busy. He spends The resT oT his Time Tarming. He was on The FFA parliamc-nTary procedure Team Tor Three years. CIiTT's ambiTion is To be eiTher a coach or a Tarmer. One oT his mosT exciTing momenTs was The pep rally on The river TronT Tor The TooTbalI players, NANCY HAYS "Nance" . , . Nance's TavoriTe pasTime is mosTly swimming, kniTTing, and reading. She received Two division one rafings as small group accompar1isT and all-sTaTe Chorus in l952. Nancy plans To aTTend nursing school and Technicians school in medicine, Her ambifion is To geT her RN and Technicians degree. She liked her senior year because all The kids realize The imporfance OT school spiriT and co-operaTion. PAT HILTON "Trish" . . . Trish was very acTive in Auroran her iunior year and was Then honored by being chosen ediTor her senior year. Her TavoriTe pasTimes are driving The car and dancing. PaT wanTs To geT a secreTariaI posiTion and Then have a good home. Trish's Tavorife expression is "I iusT abouT died!" Her mosT ex- ciTing momenT was when she was told she was To be ediTor oT Auroran. Her peT peeve-slow pokes in The hall. SANDRA GROSJEAN , . . Sandy is very musically inclined. She has been in chorus Tor Three years and glee club Two years. Sandra is debaTing on wheTher To go To J. C. or geT a secreTarial iob. In her spare Time you'll Tind Sandy roller skaTing or wriTing leTTers. She also likes To collecT phoTo- graphs oT her Triends. Her Tavor- iTe expression is "Holy Cow," and her TavoriTe color is green, Sand- ra's mosT exciTing mornenT was when she found ouT she goT in chorus. SHIRLEY GROTERS "Jeanie" . .. Jeanie's TavoriTe pasTime is rid- ing around in a car wiTh The gang or wiTh Floycl. She is now a sec- reTary aT The CrediT Bureau. Jeanie plans To go To Junior Col- legee and Then To Teach. Her am- biTion is To be a good housewiTe someday. She'lI be able To puT hobbies-sewing and cooking--in- To pracTice. She enioyed her senior year besT because oT more acTiviTies and The exciTemenT oT her lasT year. MARVIN HALLER . . . This blue- eyed Muskey senior's Tavorile pas- Time is being wiTh his girl. IT has been said ThaT Marv is an nu- misnaTisT lconsulTing Mr. WebsTer, we Tind he collecTs old coinsl. Marv would like To aTTend college somewhere, preTerably Drake Uni- versiTy. Marvis peT peeve is, "Girls who Talk Too much". This 5 TT. 8 in. lads TavoriTe color is blue. Here is a boy you girls mighT call handsome-you know, darls brown curly hair-buT, he is hooked! RONALD HAYES "Gabby" . . . Gabby is oTTen seen on The TooT- ball and Track field or on The baskeTball courT, His TavoriTe pas- Time is driving his broThers car aTTer he Tills The gas Tank. Is Tha? why he has so much money? This seniors TavoriTe expression is "indubiTabIy". Gabbyis ambiTion is To be a carpenTer and his hobby is girls and boaTs. He enjoyed his senior year mosT because The school spiriT was aT iTs height VALLK ILL '1, say gf Val" ,if . R sTy avor' is v4fiTTng g cerT S Val lplans To To D roifrij rn eling sch ol and r To a dr s d l L E ing I f s ho6. H gre'aTg1 arn ion 's,l' T I I a s had fe' do T Succsaais a 6d-el. I I' i re' cpllecing cor s an Iiirgjlvhq jZlGuyd l.!VT1IIQfOifq6f- ceTra. is 9 - i ga iS now e ,poyedhby QhyFe's.-S'he be- Iiev ourfs' hool iriT is The besT ,. , f up she has ever seenjf. DOROTHY HINES "DorT" . . . DorT is one oT Those girls who iusi loves To have Tun. Her TavoriTe pasTime is riding around wiTh a couple of senior girls. DorT is keeping a scrapbook oT her senior year. Her hobbies are kniTTing and crocheTing. She hasn'T any deTiniTe plans Tor The TuTure- iusf wanTs To geT married. DorT's TavoriTe expression is "Oh my gosh." She enioyed her senior year mosT because she knew more people. BURT HINTERMEISTER "Spud" Spud's TavoriTe pasTime is reading and his hobby is playing his guiTar. BurT's ambiTion is To be a greaT musician. He played in The inTra- mural volleyball games. This 5'I I" senior plans To be a Tarmer aTTer he graduaTes. BurT's TavoriTe ex- pression is "Jeepers." His mosT exciTing momenT was when he TirsT enTered M.H.S. because he was eager To see whaT high school liTe would be like. SARAH HOEKSEMA "Serie" . . . Sarie's TavoriTe pasTime is riding around in a green converTible. lMay we ask whose?l She re- ceived leTTers in G.A.A. and band. Sarie's ambiTion is To become a secreTary. Her hobby is "wriTing To someone across The way." She works aT Spurgeon's on SaTurdays. Her TavoriTe expression is, "WhaT isl", and her TavoriTe year aT M.l-I.S. was her senior because she knew more kids and iT was more Tun. LAVERNE HUBBARD "Hub" or "Vernie" . . . Hub's TavoriTe pas- Time is aTTending sporTs evenTs and his hobby is sTarnp colIecTing. He is a member oT The NaTionaI Honor SocieTy. Vernie belonged To Pi-Type club all Tour years. His ambiTion is To succeed in liTe. He works aT The Home Bakery. His TavoriTe expressions are, "Perish The ThoughT," "Check This," and "I clidn'T mind going To school, buT iT was The principle lpall oT The Thing." VIRGINIA HUGHES "Ginny" . .. Ginny's TavoriTe pasTime is wriTing IeTTers. We wanT To know who To. She works aT The Telephone oTFice buT aTTer graduaTion she wanTs To go To The Johnson CiTy BapTisT Bible Seminary. Ginny's hobby is coIlecTing do-dads Tor her dresser. Her peT peeve is someone who sTarTs To Tell someThing and Then doesn'T. Her mosT enioyable year was her senior year because she goT eighTh periods. BILLY JAMES "Joe" . . . Billy's TavoriTe pasTime is playing cards and his hobbies are callecfinq coins and religious books. Joe's plans Tor The TuTure are indeTiniTe aT The presenT Time: buT his am- biTion is To be a scienTisT. His TavoriTe color is green. This 5'lO" brown-haired senior liked his lasT year besT. IT was BiIIy's TavoriTe because he could Take more sub- iecTs ThaT he liked and noT so many ThaT he didn'T like. JOAN JESSUP "Josie" . . . Here's a girl who is handicapped buT doesn'T IeT iT geT her down. Joan won TirsT honorable menTion in arT aT The Des Moines ArT ExhibiTion. She plans To sTudy in Chicago To be an arTisT. Josie liked her Tresh- min year because her Triends were so willing To help her. Josiels hobbies are painTing, collecTing anTiques, and iiTTerbugging. She pdinfs sTaTionery and cards Tor Hallmark. ROBERTA HOBEN "BerT" . . . BerT is a hard-working cuTie who has an ambiTion To be a good driver. Her TavoriTe pasTime is be- ing wiTh Bill. She plans To aTTend one year aT Junior College and Then go To Ames Tor Three years. BerT's The ambiTious Type-she worked aT Joe's Bar-B-Q and aT Kresges. Her TavoriTe expression is, "I don'T dig iT," and her Tavor- iTe year was her sophomore be- cause she losT ThaT Treshman TrighT. JANICE HORST "Jan" . . . Jan had The honor oT being selecTed Tor The NaTional Honor SocieTy. She belonged To chorus Tor Tour years and CadeT Teachers Three years. You hear her voice each morning on devoTions. Jan plans To go To Ames and become a home economics Teacher. She spends her spare Time working in a denTisTIs oTTice. Jan enjoyed her senior year mosT because There was more school spiriT shown by The sTudenTs. VIRGIL HULL "BuTch" . . . Vir- gil's TavoriTe pasTime is working on cars. BuTch's ambiTion is To be a mechanicg he now works aT a service sTaTion. This E.E.A. mem- ber plans To ioin The Navy and see The world. His hobbies are Tish- ing and hunTing. BuTch liked his iunior year besT because he was sixTeen and could geT his driver's license. I guess he's"car-minded," especially brown cars, since his TavoriTe color is brown. KEN HUMPLEBY "Bumblebee" . .. Ken had quiTe an honor-he was elecTed a member oT All-STaTe Senior Chorus. He has been in chorus, mixed quarTer, and PrinT- ing club. His ambiTion is To be a good husband and To make a decenT income. Kenny is now working aT Benner 'lea Company. His TavoriTe pasTime is daTing his girl, Jan. Ken's mosT embarrassing momenT was when he goT caughT wiTh his parlTs down in gym-Tire drilll KENNETH JENNETT "Kenny" .... Kenny's TavoriTe pasTime is Tinker- ing wiTh his car. He belorled To band his TirsT Two years and E,F.A. all Tour years, hels Treasurer This year. Kenny's ambiTion is To be a Tarmer and have enough money To own a good car and pay his debTs. His peT peeve is slow peo- ple in The halls and Teachers who won'T leT you chew gum. His Ta- voriTe year?-senior, because he goT To know a cerTain blonde. MARY JONES COURTN EY "Jonesy" . . . Mary's TavoriTe pas- Time is wriTing IeTTers To Cecil and her hobby is collecTing IeTTers Trom Cecil. Jonesy's mosT exciTing momenT was on May 3I, I952, when she married The mosT wonder- Tul soldier in The world, she says. She plans To be a perTecT home- maker Tor Cecil, and work unTiI They can have The Things Theylve always wanTed. IT sounds like Mary is iusT Cecil-minded. LEON KARDUX "Goldie" . . . ApparenTlyl This 5' IO" senior goT his niclcname because his hair is blonde. ATTer he graduaTes, he would lilre To aTTend Iowa STaTe College. Goldie's TavoriTe pas- Time is worlcing on machinery. I-Ie worlcs al The lnTernaTional l-larvesT- er Company and also on his TaTher's farm, his ambiTion is To own a large Tarm. Goldie is mechanical-minded, I guess. I-Ie has Iwo Things in cornmon-his Tavorile color is blue and so are his eyr-s. MARK KEMPER "Omar" , . 4. He belonged To chorus and FFA all Tour years. He was presidenT of chorus and FFA his senior year, belonged To NaTionaI I-Ionor So- ciely his iunior year, I-lawlceye Boys STaIe, and All SIaTe Chorus his snnior year. Marlc plans To aT- Tend Iowa SIaTe College or Iowa STaTe Teachers College. I-Iis am- biTion is To own a Tarrn oT his own. AT presenl he drives The school bus and worlcs on a Tarrn, RON KING , . . Ron's ambiTion is To own a hereTord ranch in Texas, and enioy liTe. Ron has been in FFA Tour years and has been a TooIball player Tor Three years. I-Iis hobbies are hunTing and Tishing. Ron has no definiIe plans buT Ihinlcs he'd lilce To ioin The Air Force. Riding a rnoTor- cycle and going To The movies are Ron's TavoriTe pasTimes. Ron en- ioyed his iunior year because he had The honor oT going To Chi- cago wiTh Mr. Hoopes. MARLYN KRAMER "Milne" . . . Mille has a TavoriTe pasTir'ne ThaT's a liITle diTTerenT Than mosT .I-Ie lilies To hunT, buT he hunTs ground hogs. Maybe he also lilies Febru- ary Qnd. I-Iis ambilion is To be a Tarmer, ThaT could be why his acTiviTy is FFA and his job is Tarming. This 5'6" brown-haired, blue-eyed senior's TavoriTe color is blue. I-Iis mosT embarrassing rnomeriT was The TirsT Time he drove his car in Town. Wonder why? PAUL KOPF "Cohfee" . . . Paul's TavoriTe pasTime is playing baskeT- ball. I-Iis hobby is building Things. CoTTee has been in FFA all Tour years and was on The ParliamenT- ary Team his iunior year. I-Iis arn- biIion is To ge-T a college educa- Tion and own a 600 acre Tarrn. Paul wnrlzs on a Tarrn now. I'-le would lille To aTTend Junior Col- lege and The Iowa STaTe Universi- Ty. This 6' blond believes The school spiriT is much beTTer This year. ROBERT LITTELL "Bob" . .. IT you happen To pass The corner oT Sycamore and Second STreeT, don'I be surprised if you see him "holding up" The building. You see, his Tavorile pasfime is hang- ing ouT aT a popular place called LiIIy's. Bobs TuTure plans are un- decided. I-Iis peT peeve is having To be careTul when he wallrs down The hall Tor Tear ol' sTepping on The liTTle Treshmen. MARY KAUTZ "KauTz o'Babe" . . . Maryls TavoriTe pasTime is lceeping in conTacT wiTh Iowa U. I-Ier acTiviTies include chorus and Pep Club. She plans To aTTend nurses Training-now she works aT BaTTerson's. l'Ier hobby is lceepinq a scrap bool: oT M.l-I.S. Marys rnosT exciTing momenT was The Junior-Senior Prom, her TavoriTe expression is, "IT's iusT The lcillslu Mary remarlcs ThaT The school spir- iT sTarTed pepping aT lasT. PATTY KING . . . PaTTy's Tavor- iTe pasTirne is driving around. IWho wiTh?l PaTTy plans To grad- uaTe Trorn Moline Public School oT Nursing and Then laTer geT mar- ried. She now worlcs on SaTurdays aT Wardls. This 5'2" blonde hair, blue eyed senior enioyed her senior year besT because iT was more Tun. I-ler TavoriTe expression is "I-Toward". She worlxed in The oTTice aT The swiilchboard and was in Auroran her iunior and senior years. I-IAZEL KOEPPING "Blondie" . .. Wonder why her niclcname is Blondie? Could iT be because her hair is "sandy-colored" blonde? This 5'3" gal has blue eyes' which is her TavoriTe color also, Blondie plans To seTTle down and be a housewiTe. I-'ler ambiTion is To become a singer. I-Iazel's Tavor- iTe expression is "peachy liTTle devil". She parTicipaTed in all The acTiviTies in GAA. Blondie Thinlcs The school spiriT could be beTTer. TOM KORTE. . .This S' II", brown haired, and brown eyed lad worlcs harder when he is away Trorn school. I-Ie worlrs aT The Journal oTTice in The mailing deparTmenT now, buT plans To worlr in The composing room someTime in The TuTure. Tom's TavoriTe pasTime is driving a car-seems To be a TavoriTe among many. Tomls Tav- oriTe color is red. Torn lilced his senior year besT because he lcnew aT lasT he would geT ouT oT school. LU JEAN LAMP "Jeannie" . . . Jeanniels plans are To compleTe school and To have a happy mar- riage. I-Ier TavoriTe paslime is wriTing leTTers To a cerTain corpor- al. This 5'2" senior's pei peeve is sTudenTs who acT smarT. When Jeannie isn'T wriTing leTTers you will Tind her crocheTing. Lu Jean is also lcepT on The run wiTh her iob oT clerlcing ouTside oT school. IT you need a nurse, Icids, iusT call on Jeannie. SHIRLEY LARUE "Lulu" .. . LuIu's TavoriTe pasTime is riding around in a car. She wanTs To go To SUI To Talre nurses Training To be a surgical nurse, You probably wonder why Lulu wears green. ThaT is her TavoriTe color. She is oTTen heard saying, "WhaT we gonna do?" She has been in band all Tour years, and received IeTTers Tor her eTTorTs. Lulu en- ioyed her senior year mosT be- cause iT was a loT easier. MAURTCE LOFGREN "Mike" . .. Heres a Muskyis pride and ioyl Remember when he broke The I2O yard high hurdles aT MT. PleasanT his iunior year, and The Thrilling baskeTball and TooTball games? He is acTive in all sporTs. Mike plans To aTTend college buT is in- deTiniTe as To which one. His am- biTion is To be a coach, since his hobby is sporTs. This 6' handsome lad's TavoriTe pasTime is going To dances. He enioyed his iunior year mosT, RHILLIP LOTTMAN "Phil" . . . Phil's been very acTive during his high school career in almosT any- Thing ThaT's connecTed wiTh music. He has been in chorus all Tour years and has been in Madrigal one year, guarTeT Tor Three years. and was accompanisT Tor The mu- sical comedy. Rhil's ambiTion is To be a concerT pianisT and sTudv music. IT you can'T Tind Phil play- ing Tennis or his piano, you will Tind him slaving away aT eiTher The Palace or The Drive-in. BLANCHE McCULLOUGH "Bun" . . . Bun's TavoriTe pasTime is reading and waTching TV. Bun hasn'T any college plans, buT her ambiTion is To become a WAVE. Bun earns her spending money by working aT The E8iM Drive ln. She is oTTen heard saying, "bless Their soul." This 5'7" senior's peT peeve is people who don'T keep Their promises. Blanche enioyed her sophomore year besT because she liked all The subiecTs she was Taking. DENTS McDOWELL "Deny" . . Deny's TavoriTe pasTimes are sleep- ing and sailing. He has been in band all Tour years, and in Pi-Type Club Two, Three, and Tour. He has several iobs To occupy his his Time. He works Tor WalTman's MarkeT, The lndependenT School DisTricT, and H. J. Heinz, Deny plans To aTTend Michigan STaTe College, buT he has no special idea OT whaT he wanTs To be. His pef peeve is someone who laughs aT Their own iokes. HARRY McKEE "SergeanT" . . . SergeanT's plans are To go To J.C. and Then To The Air Force To be- come a piloT. Everybody, l Think will agree ThaT Harry has an in- TeresTing iobg and ThaT is keeping Marilyn Ward happy. You'll have To ask D. C. abouT Harry's mosT embarrassing momenT when They were aT Camp McCoy. You oTTen saw Harry running around The Auroran oTTice during school and aTTer school, Too. JOHN MEERDINK "Jack" . . . .lack's TavoriTe pasTime is working on his car. His plans Tor The Tu- Ture are radio, or mechanical en- gineering, John's ambiTion is To Tix a car like he would like iT. His hobbies are radio and cars. John's iob ouTside school is work- ing aT Park Lane. He was in chorus his 3rd and 4Th years. He Thinks The school is improving. His TavoriTe expression is "Holy Moly". Jack is 5 TT. Slfginy has brown hair and brown eyes. SANDRA LOGEL "Sandy" . . . Sandy's TuTure plans are noT deTi- niTe. She may go To beauTy school, buT evenTually she wanTs To geT married and raise a Tam- ily. Her hobbies are playing The piano and Tishing. The mosT ex- ciTing Time oT Sandy's liTe was when she was an aTTendanT aT her sisTer's wedding, She enioyed her senior year mosT because she Teels The same as many of us-by This Time, she's become acquainTed wiTh a loT more kids. DARRELL LYONS "The Lyon". ., Darrellis mosT exciTing momenT was beaTing The MT. PleasanT PanThers, The homecoming game. He is acTive in TooTball and Track, and he received a leTTer in TooT- ball. "The Lyons' TavoriTe pas- Time is driving a car or waTching TV. Darrell plans To ioin The Ma- rines, and his ambiTion is being a sergeanT in The Marines. His hob- bies are hunTing and waTching sporTs on TV. wfxmri Mecucioueri 'wise' . . . Ty1ac's TavoriTe pasTirh?i,s aT- T ndflng so?l Bu-ncTiovr9 Mac has .I A A ' e in ri,nTing club all Tur rs T , and baseball and bas - balf Two Hyears. Junior College seems To' be in Mac's plans 'or The TuTure. He hopes someday ol' become a successTul businessman. Wayne? Tav-oriTe. expfessio "How They go,in'?"' . Mac' like his iunior year mos! because he en- joyed having The seniors oT lasT year around. MARGARET Mcl-TARG "Maggie" . . . Maggie's TavoriTe pasTime is swimming and skaTing. Her hob- by is playing The French Horn. ThaT's whaT shes been doing To keep herselT busy. Taking care oT children is Maggie's iob ouTside oT school. Her TavoriTe expression is, "Oh, by jingle." This 5'5" sen- ior's mosT embarrassing momenT is when she spilled soup all over The lady siTTing nexT To her aT a church supper. BETTY MASSEY . , . BeTTy is a gal wl-io's been TooTin' her horn in band all Tour years OT Musky High. Her TavoriTe pasTime is abouT The same as oTher women-- Talking. BeTTy's honors consisT oT leTTeirs Tor each year she was in band. This blue-eyed baby-siTTer's TavoriTe expression is, "Geel" BeTTy's plans Tor The TuTure are all wrapped up in Nurse's Training aT The UniversiTy oT Iowa as her am- biTion is To be a nurse. DANIEL MERCER "Dangerous Dan" . . . Gang way when "Dan- gerous Dan" goes hunTing and swimming, his TavoriTe pasTimesl Dan wanTs To eiTher go To college or To The Air Force. He preTers The A.F. where he can become a ieT piloT, which is his ambiTion. His TavoriTe expression is, "l couldn'T Tell ya Tor laughing!" This 6'l" brown-eyed laddie won'T Tell us his mosT embarrasing mo- menT because "lT's a secreT." 4. ,NT .4 "' ALBERT MEYER "Whiley" .. . . Alberl, boiler lcnown as Whiley, says lhal his lavorile hobby is hunlinq and fishing, parlicularly rluring school lirne. Whiley has been in loolball lwo years. His favorile ambilion is lo lravel. Whiley can ollen be heard saying, "Whal is!" Whiley lilced his soph- rimrrrr- yrrar lhe besl because lhe lrrachr-rs were lhe nicesl lhal year. Whfil is wrong wilh our olher lr:ar.hers here in .H.S., Whiley? i. M I A Ml MR' ' , . is 1 'le pa ' e i Asling T an ,ping hhe It eeniseer r no ro l c l sc oo. dildo lcs ml gag sl ion and h' ob yi lin rin Qvilh cars. Al er lQfadualigjifK?r'ei'idoesn'l Pllamn 1 o ong e ore ioinrng l e lblvlarines. This seniorls lavorile ex- pression is, "Oh yeah!" His ambi- lion is lo be a success in life. Rich lhinlrs lhe school spiril was very good This year. LUCY MlTCHELL "Lucifer" . . . Lucy musl be inleresled in dra- rrralics. Shes been in il all lour years. Shri received a leller her junior year. Lucy lreeps hersell busy by keeping a senior nole- boolc. Luciler plans lo go lo Roclr- lord College and her ambilion is lo have a career and gel married. Her senior year was her lavorile because lhe seniors slarled the year oll wilh a bang by working logolher. lLlENE MULHENBURG . . . llienels lavorile paslirne is slraling and going lo lhe movies. Her plans lor lhe lulure are nol defi- rrile, buf she may decide lo go lo nursrfs lraining. Her ambilion is lo be successful in lile. The iob she chose oulside ol school was worlcing lor Dr. England. The ex- pression shr: uses rnosl is llOh you bugll' Her pol peeve is Brunerls lffiflfilhiv abou? WOTTTOU, en' joyed hor sr-nior year lhe rnosl. FRANK NELSON "Alom" . . . Alorrrls iavrrrile paslirne is hunling and lishing. Franlcs ambilion is lo be a denlisl, he plans lo go lo Uonlal Callrfqrf al S.U,l. This 5'll" brown-haired and brown- iryed senior enioyed his senior year nrosl because il was lhe mosl inleresling, and nexl year he can slarl lo college. Alom worlcs al Ronda Bullon Co. His lavorile color is blue, He lhinlcs lhe school spiril is improving. CHARLES NEWTON "Chuck" . .. Chuclcs lavoriln paslirne is lislen- inq lo hill-billy records, Charles was ollren seen oul praclicing lraclr. His ambilion is lo ioin lhe US. Navy and rnalre a career Ol il. This 5'4" brown-haired, brown- i-yed seniorls hobby is building model airplanes. This is his lirsl year al M.H.S., and he said lhal ho lhoughl this year would be his rnosl rznioyable ol his lour years in high srhool, 5 I A .e cii L rriyiifirinicrlfif " iigfiyr- . T35 c!leilWl'Q seqlr has wflhg ' and l bluei' eyes. She sp 6 sl of her lime lc ping f a erhln J.Cf sruferj cerhi Zgy, VF he plans l gel arrieg nd r e a ST11sll'l' ily Shar s fa - rilq exprestio life, 'yl4Yzzu lrnow'ill" and fwhal is!" She e oys lglonynq 'r fh ll brlfy a d 4 dr . . ' . U i 9K,ia'FSig,i5. lane ipanis S IS SA sch bJvl ,Zgllerylhan rl hai lcten, bul il could s+ill be im- proved. GLEN MINER , . . Glenls lavorile paslime is daling. He plans lo al- lend Bradley Universily and laler lo be a Cerlilied Public Accounl- anl. This senior lad is ellen heard saying, "Don'l be billeru or "You lrnow il girlie." Glenls mosl ex- ciling mornenl was in lhe baslcel- ball game wilh Ml. Pleasanl in which Muscaline scored lhe win- ning baslcel during lhe lasl six seconds. Glen was in chorus and Madriqal during his years al M,H.S. WAYNE MITTMAN "Muggs" . ., Allhough Muggs' plans lor lhe lu- lure are indelinile, he has a very good ambilion4lo succeed in life. His lavorile paslimes are driving around and loaling and going lo sporls evenls. l-le's lrepl busy by worlring al Ollo's Super Marlcel, Muggs is anolher guy who goes around saying, "Whal is!" Wayne lhinlcs lhe only queslionable lhing aboul school was lhe principle lpall. Muggs' hobby is collecling slamps. RONALD MUHLENBURG "Ron" .. . Rorr's lavorile paslime is linlc- erinq wilh molors. He plans lo be an Ace Pilol and lhen he wanls a small business ol some lcind, Ron's hobby is sleeping in sludy hall, Ron's lavorile expression is "See you in iaill" He lhinlcs lhe school spiril is good bul could be im- proved. You can eilher lind Ron worlcing on a larm or in a gas slalion. This senior said he enioy- ed his lasl year mosl. MARY NAC-BEL . . . Maryls lavor- ile paslime is lallrinq and driving. Mary wanls lo go lo nur'se's lrain- ing and become a good nurse, which is her arnbilion. Mary has a very inleresling hobby ol collecl- ing cups and saucers. Her lavor- ile expression is, "Oh, for cryin oul loud." This 5'4" blondes pef peeve is people who crack lheir gum. Her lavorile color is blue. Mary is one ol lhe girls lhal read lhe morning bullelin. JACK NIETZEL "Nilz" . . . Nilz can be lound eilher playing goll or worlcing al Slernemanls. l-le answers roll call in Hi-Y and chorus. Jack would like lo go lo college al Grinnell or Colorado. He would lilce lo be a public rela- lions man lo some loreian counlry. Nilz lhinlcs lhe school spiril could be rnuch beller. He is ollen heard saying "Whal is?" This 5'8" senior's anrbilion is lo be able lo mess up Gus Shoolcs hair. 'H - l ,rf DELORES NORDEEN "Doddee" . . . Doddeels iavorife paslime is "Jerry," Dodds-e has been in fhrirus all iour years and was our Hornecominq Oueen for l952. Doddee would like io qo 'ro J.C. or Siale Teachers Colleqe when she qraduaies. ll she isn'i workinq ,il Chaudoin's you rniqhi iind her danriinq or playinq piich wiih Naomi. Doddee enjoyed her' junior year besi. You will oilen hear her sayinq "You can never fell." .JOYCE OGILVIE "Ogre" . . . Oqels lavoriie paslime is wrilinq leiiers. Joyce wanis io go io a model and cloihes-desiqninq school ailer she qraduaies. Her hobbies are dancino and col- leciinq small iiqurines. 'oyce's arrrbiiion is ro oe? married in a lew years. Wlio's ihe man?? Or,ie's iavorile expression is "lsn'l if exciiinq?" Joyce said she en' joyed her freshman year' ihe mosi because everyihinq was so much diiierenl. ILA MAE OSBORN "Ozzie" or "Redi' , . . Ozzies lavoriie paslime is dancir-iq. Her plans lor ihe iu lure are io become a house- wife. Ozzie's rnosi exciiinq mo- rnenl was when she firsf siarled lo high school and everywhere she wen? happened To be the wronq place. lla was in G.A,A. and Glee Club her iirsr and seo ond years, Her favoriie expres- sion is "Come OH Thai." This 5'4" brown-eyed Musky qal enjoyed her senior year mosi. SALLY PATTON "Sal" . . . Sal is offen seen runninq around in The biq Buick wiih Marge and Lois. She wanis io qo lo nurses iraininq ailer she qraduafes from M,H.S. Sal is kepr busy wriiinq leilers lo a cerlain fellow in Chicaqo, She ollen says, "This kid has qoiia oo." This brown- haired. brown-eyed senior earns her money ai Bell Telephone Company. Sally's pei peeve is io be called "Canary"or"Munibles." MARILYN RANDALL . . . Marilyn spends many oi her hours workinq ar Cole's buf siill finds Time io wriie leifers io service men. She has answered r-all call in F.H.A.. Pep Club, and Auroran. Her hob- by is colleciing Guy Lombardo records. Marilyn's iavoriie expres- sion is "You said ill" This 5'4'f2" hrawn-eyed seniors pei peeve is people who consider ihernselves befler lhan olhers, Marilyn's la' vnriie color is red. NORMA REED "Gabby" . . . Gabby is a nickname Thai seems lo iii Norrna very well, for her iavoriie pasfime is ialkirrq. Nor- ma's only plan lor lhe luiure is io Gel rnarried. She has a hobby ihaf ooes alonq wilh her plans for The iufure, planninq Things io pul in her hope cliesl. Norma is seen workinq ai The Muscaline Cafe. She enjoyed her junior year niosi because she liked ihe subjecis she look and liked her ieachers. DENNY NORET "Den-Den" , . . Denny is a lypical M.H.S. seniorf you know, brown hair' and blue eyes, Jusl io prove lieis Typical, his lavorile paslimc- is sleepinq in his classes. He leilered in chorus and belonged io Madriqal, De Molay, and Hi-Y. Denny's ambiiion is lo be a sporls an' nouncer some day. Can you irri- aqine colleciinq rjirls. and pariiru Iarly blondes? This senior boyl: iavoriie expression is lil dcinll dia YG-" BOB OLSON . . . Bobs nickname is "Ole" His iavoriie paslimes are boarinq and huniinq. He iniends lo qo io J.C. for Two years. His ambiiion is fo be a Train dispaicher. The hobbies he enjoys rnosi are drivinri and iakinq care oi aulornobiles, His job oui side ol school' is a R. R, lelri graph operaior. The expression he uses rnosi is "Bio busfoflf' He en- joyed his freshman year because he had more ireedorn. MERLE PALMER "Merly" . . . Merly's iavorile paslirrre is wrilinq leiiers io a ceriain fellow in Chari- lon. Merle was M,H.S. Valeniine Oueen her sophomore year. Her ambilion is io be a qood house- wife someday, Merle works ar the US. Bakery. This brown-eyed senior is cilien heard sayinq "You ainlia kiddenf' Merlr-'s pei pee-ve is people who consider a pvrsonis backqround belorr- fonsiderinq fhenr as a friend. DON PHELRS "Susydoq" . .. Don may be seen al any iinre halfway belween here and Davenpori. His honors are beinq laie and absenf more ihan anyone in school. He wanis io aliend the Universily ol lowa. Dons aclivilies rnusl be School work, since his arnbilion is io qraduaie. Dons pei peeve is a hopped-up, Two-fone Chevy. This brown-haired lad now works ai Ronda Bullon Company. His lavorile expression is, "Say ini,- ierlu MARY ALICE RAUB "Pele" . . . Peiels iavoriie paslime is ridinq around in a blue Buick. She is al- so kepi busy keeping frack of a ceriain Bob. After Mary gels our of M.H.S,, she is qoinq io Ray Vogue School in Chicaqo. Maybe fou have purchased groceries from Pere for she slaves away ai Oqil' vi9'S I cmd T. Hel l'i',ililiiies ow wrilinq lo lhe "Bs" and dancinrj. Mary Alice's pei peevo is learhrlrs who qive long assiqnmenis. JACK RElFERT . , . Jacks favor- iie pasrime is being with a certain junior girl-Who could ihar be? l-le plans io go 'lo .l.C. and Then he is undecided aboul The Tulure. His ambiiion is lo own a house and a bio car and live in Oregon. Jackls hobbies are hunlinq, lishinq, and swinirninq, He earns all his money workinq al Eichenauerls Cigar Siore. This 6' seriior's pei peeve is iryinq io give an accepi- able answer io Mr. Shook. J AN' IFER "Jeanni " . . l an i siayfm p Ti is rev WA a w c r ea 1 i T . A as . ,Q - ' nd T, 4 , J' ,r . ou quiul f 's all .S is 5 " all, ha ark br lr and row eyes. Tav r' , rol is bl ou h . .. IT y p be rlrr-,ia al and yo ay r her uri ' oly C ' You may Tind, f J rw li .lr-ri nl lr-u s - n noT Th e wlrrr krrr + -. 2 ry 'ng lor ll. ii i airi,-, pfil pr-if 'r pe rf who ran make up lr r ni s. ALAN RIPRERGER "Al" , . . Alls Tavorilri paslirriif is cycling, He has hia plans for the TuTure. He in going To br- wiTh Uncle- Sam Tor a whilrv in The Air Corps. Alanis ambifion is Tarniliar--he in-.T wanls To gel oul of high urhcrol. His hobby is hunling. AT llrr- pri-sienT, Al is kepi busy work- ing rin the Tarni, This 5'lI" srfrrirrr'-, lavoriTe rolor is red, He nnioyr-d his senior yr-fir bcrsf be causr- il is his lasT year OT school. HARRY ROCK "Punk" . . . Now lri--if-is a guy Tor all oT you Tresh- rnan fiirlf.. Punk, one oT The srnall- :-r seniors, is 5'3" tall, has blond: hair, and blue eyes. You may Tind Punk working aT a Tilling sTaTion. lruT hurry because his only ambi- Tion is lo join Thr- Navy. His Ta avorihe pasTime is playing pool, and hunTing is his hobby. During his paul yr-ar he paiTicipaTed in library Club. Punk Thinks our spiril rrruld be a lol beTTer. UOLORTS RUTZ "DuTf,h" or "lori-rl' , , . Dufchlf. TavoriTe pas- lirvir' is lu-inrr wilh Bill. She an- uwf-rf-d roll call in band, Amicarf, .ind Hi Tri, Uolorrfs' plan is To be rl ni-fri-lary. Her arnbiTion is To lrrivrrl rand To be reeeal Thin. DuTCh i'. found working al Nic-Tzelis Drug Slow, lflui Tavorilr: expression is "Real Grvorrii-," llolorefs peT ,IVUVIT ll. Ijlqfllllff who flilifnl lfl llir- drinking lounlnin, and Then liirn rl rrli and on while you drink. BILL SCANNELL "Skimmer" . . , Skinnr-r'-, TavoriTr: pasTir'ne is play- inq baskelball. He plans To go To Junior Collage for a year Then go To Drake To sTudy To be a lawyer. Billls hobby is girls, and blondes especially. Skinnerls arn- l,riTion is To win an argurnenT wiTh Gus Shook. His TavoriTe expres- sion i-., "lT's so simple iT's paTheT- ir,il Skinner c-nioyed his iunior yrzar most because aT lasf he be- famf- an upper classman. DORTHEA SCHMALTZ "DorT" . .. L5orT's plans Tor The TuTure are working in an office. Her TavoriTe expression is, "Well, probablyf' lJnrT works aT The MuscaTine CaTe. If you don'T Tind her working aT Ihre rafrr, -.lie will probably be wiTh rr irirlain boy who drives a green Lord. Sha is 5'4lf7" Tall, and has lirown r-yr-s, Doil lhinks The school npiril is improving and The kids air: fir-Tlinq more inlf:ri'rsTed in The ririrriiei. MARY LOU RIEKE "Louie" . . . Louiels ambiTion is To be a privaTe secreTary. Her TavoriTe pasTimes are dancing and wriTing leTTers. Mary Lou enioys singing, and during her Tour years in M.H.S. she was in chorus, Madrigal, and sexTeT. Mary Lou's TavoriTe expres- sion is, "WhaT isl" and her Tavor- iTe color is red. This 5'8", blur-- eyed senior worked aT Junior Col- lege. Mary Lou enioyed her senior year The mosl. JOHN ROBINSON "Robin" . . . Robin has leTTered in baseball and baskeTball, He is also seen in The Auroran room. l-le plans To Take up sporfs-broadcasTing and some- day broadcasT a maior league game. His hobby is always speak- ing To Mr. Shook. Robinls peT peeve is someone who is always asking sfupid quesTions in class. You oTTen hear him saying, "Holy Cow." John says, and we quoTe, his TavoriTe color is "Hazel Bishop red orange." New color? JOANNE ROYAL "Puddin" . . . Puddin's TavoriTe pasTime is waTch- ing TV and driving a car. Her plans TorThe TuTure are To do secre- Tarial work. Ruddin's arnbiTion is To be a good secreTary. She makes her spending money by babysiTTing. Her hobby is read- ing, and her TavoriTe expression is, "Ya don'T say." This 5'5", brown-haired and blue-eyed senior Thinks The school spiriT is improv- ing each year. PATTY SANDER "Dimples" . . . Dimples' TavoriTe pasTime is laugh- ing aloud, and howl Her hobby is riding around in a green Truck. l wonder who wiTh? IT she isn'T working aT NieTzel's Drug Slore you will probably Tind her oui looking Tor' a millionaire since ThaT her greaT arnbiTion. This blond- aired, blue-eyed gal's TavoriTe expression is, "Thanks a heap!" PaTTy was aclive in Amicae and Hi-Tri. Her Tavorife color is green. JUANITA SCHAFEER "NiTa" . .. JuaniTa, oTTen seen Twirling in our school band, is 5'6" Tall. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and her TavoriTe color is blue. During drive-in-season JuaniTa is oTTen seen as a car-hop aT The E8rM. Her ambiTion is To geT a good iob and Travel. JuaniTa's TavoriTe ex- pression is, "WhaT is?" NiTa's Ta- voriTe pasTime is lisTening To The radio and waTching TV. She en- ioyed all Tour years aT M.H,S. BEVERLY SCHLOTFELT "Bev" . .. Bev's TavoriTe pasTime is waTch- ing Television wiTh a guy named Bill. She was acTive in sTage crew, make-up crew and Pep Club. Her hobby is keeping a scrap book oT her M.H.S. days. Bev is now work- ing aT Bellevue l-lospiTal as recep- TionisT. This 5'3" browneTTe has a beauTiTul ring on The Third finger oT her leTT hand, which is all con- necTed wiTh her ambiTion To be a good housewiTe. JOHN SCHOLZ . . . John's Ta- voriTe pasTime is making Trips. He is 5'8'f2" Tall, has brown hair and dark brown eyes. John's honor is being an exchange sTudenT Trom Germany. His iobs ouTside oT school are cuTTing grass and wash- ing cars. John's plan Tor The Tu- Ture is The sTudy of Theology in Germany. His ambiTion is To be a minisTer. John's TavoriTe color is blue. John's mosT exciTing mo- menT was his Trip To The U.S.A. ANITA SCHROEDER "NeaT" . .. This senior gal is The aThleTic Type. NeaT was in GAA. and received a leTTer and pin. Her TavoriTe pasTime is siTTing on The TronT porch wiTh D.C. She plans To be a secreTary while Darrell goes To college and Then become a house- wiTe Tor The Cooney-Schroeder clan. Now she is working aT NieT- zel's. Her mosT exciTing momenT was when she goT her TirsT phone call Trom Lilly's, lD.C. callingl. LUCY SHEPARD . . . Lucy has been an acTive member in band all Tour years oT high school. She is going To aTTend The UniversiTy oT MinnesoTa To sTudy nursing, bee come a R.N., and geT a B.S. de- gree. Her ambiTion is To special- ize in some phase oT insTiTuTional nursing. Lucy's hobbies are read- ing, Talking, and eaTing. She en- ioyed her iunior year mosT be- cause she knew more people, had more Tun, and liked all her sub- iecTs. PAUL SHOPPA "Red" . . . Red is a Tella wiTh a one Track mind- cars! You may oTTen see him ride ing up and down Second STreeT, or puTTing in his Time aT Dow MoTors. ln The TuTure you may deal wiTh him as a car salesman. Paul is 6'l" Tall, has brown hair, brown eyes, and his TavoriTe color is blue. Red parTicipaTed in F.F.A. Tor The lasT Three years and Li- brary Club Tor The lasT Two years. Red oTTen says, "Don'T do iT." SANDRA SMULL "Sandy" . . . Sandy inTends To be a TexTile de- signer or a Tood nuTriTion experT aTTer she Tinishes school aT J.C. and I.S.C. Sandy's TavoriTe hobby is swimming. She seems To make good use oT ThaT hobby. Sandra also likes To ride around in her TaTher's auTomobile. This 5'7" brown-haired girl's TavoriTe expres- sion is "ThaT's Tunny." Sandy liked all Tour years oT high school. Her TavoriTe color is green. Jllvl STECKMAN "STar" . . . Jim. oTTen reTerred To as "STar," is anoTher sporTs-going Tella. He spends as much Time as The season allows playing soTTball. Jim's am- biTion is To be a proTessional aThleTe. This 6'TooT, brown-haired, blue-eyed senior may be Tound working aT SwiTT's and you may oTTen hear him say, "ThaT ain'T The idea," Jirn's peT peeve is girls ThaT sTand and Talk and crowd The halls Too much. BETTY SCHRIEBER "Schrieb" . . . ATTer being away Trom school Tor Twelve years, BeTTy is now back wiTh us aT Musky High. She plans To aTTend Junior College and be- come an elemenTary Teacher. Schrie-b's hobby is bowling. She has a Tull-Time job ouTside oT school being a moTher To her eleven-year-old son. BeTTy's Tavore ife color is royal blue. This 5'7" senior, wiTh shorT brown hair and blue eyes, enjoyed her senior year besf. LOIS SECRIST "Sec" . . . Sec is anoTher gal who plans To marry a year or Two aTTer graduaTion, buT righT now she's Trying To saTis- Ty herselT by wriTing leTTers To a cerTain sailor in Japan. Her am- biTion is To live in a liTTle bunga- low in The counTry. Every Time Lois sees a pair oT scissors she iusT can'T resisf cuTTing her hair. Her TavoriTe color is navy blue. lWonder why?l Sec is oTTen heard saying, "Number, please?" DALE SHOPPA . . . Dale's Tavor- iTe pasTime is waTching some good TV shows or riding around in his car. His ambiTion is To own a big Tarrn or an auTo repair shop. Dale's hobby is working on his car. Dale is 5'9" Tall, has brown hair, and brown eyes. He was in F.F.A. all Tour years. Dale's peT peeve is assemblies ThaT are during The same period as his sTudy hall 'cause Then he doesn'T geT ouT oT any classes. RONNIE SIMMONS . . . Ronnie has a familiar career ahead of himg he wanfs To make The armed service his career. His ar'nbiTion is To become an oTTicer. Ronnie's TavoriTe pasTirne is riding around in his ialopy. This brown-haired. brown-eyed, 6' senior was ouT Tor chorus. Ronnie liked his senior year The besT because There wasn'T much work involved. One can see Ronnie was one oT our more arne biTious seniors. BETTY SNYDER "BeTsy" . . . BeTsy is 5'4" Tall, has lighT brown hair and blue eyes. You usually hear her saying The expression, "Boy you know iT." Her pasTime is going wiTh a cerTain fellow, al- Though she is planning To be an air sTewardesS. Her hobby is wriT- ing leTTers To her broTher in The Navy. Her peT peeve is To be called "Red," She enioycd her senior year because oT The new Triends she made. BILL STREAT "Willie" . . . Willie is 5'lO" Tall, has brown nair and grey eyes. You will usually Tind Willie playing baseball, Tor his am- biTion is To be a baseball piayef. He would like To aTTend collage and be a broadcasTer, baseball manager, or player. He is now working aT MuscaTine Pearl 'Norlfs His TavoriTe year in Muscfdine High School was his freshman year because he Tound ii easier and more inTeresTing. BONNIE STREAT "Bon" . . . Bonnie, beller known as Bon around our halls, is 5'3" lall, has brown hair, and rjrrevn rryrgi. Her lavorile rolor is blue, Il you hap- pen lo be looking lor her, you rnay lind her eilher readino sporl lirroks 'ir swimming. Bon rnay iillrrn lie hi-and saying, "I guess ilii. lm-.l." Briniriefs plrins lor the lulurr- arf- gr-llinrj 0 jolw, I-lor peel pr-i-vi: is people who lhink lhey are lfieller lhan anyone el,r?. RONNIE STURMS "Ron" ,. Ron was one ol lhe lew juniors elecled lo the Nalional Honor Sociely lasl yr-ar. He enjoys lalkina dal- inrj, and walrhing TV. This senior llrink-. he will allend callege, bul lie'-. nril -,ure where. His ambilion is lo ln- a successlul lawyer or businr-ssrnan, Ron can ollen be heard saying, "ll's killing," and his lavorilc- color is brown. His pf-l per-ve is people who ask slupid queslions. MARION SYWASSINK "Sy" . .. Sy is 5'3" lall, has Iiqhl brown hair, and brown eyes. The aclivi- lies which she enjoyed mosl were chorus, Curia Reqia, l-li-Tri and F.H.A, Her honor was beinq Secrelary and Treasurer ol lho sophomore class. Marion's lavor- ile rrxprri-.sion is, 'llsn'l lhal rornyf' Her Tavorilr: color is aqua. Sy's pel pee-ve is people who fall lheir lalher, "My old man." Her hobby is painling lig- urrnes. KATHY TERRY . . . Kalhy was a member ol band during her junior and senior years, Her lavorile paslirnes are leller' wriling and li-,lening lo lhe baseball games on lhe radio, Kalhy plans lo go inlo nurses lraining aller qradualion. This 5' seniorls pel peeve is poor sporlsrnan-.hip and her lavorile ex- pression is, "I lhoughl l'd die," Kalhy enjoyed her senior year rrrosl lar-cause she knew more kids and had more lun. HFNRY TQBER "Hank" . . . Hank is one ol lhe laller boys in school' he is 54" lall and has brown hair and brown eyes. His lavorile pas- lirne is spending money, bul he also likes lo hunl and lish, Hank's plans lor lhe lulure include eilher J. C. or the Navy, and his ambi- lion is lo become an engineer. Hi'-nry said he enjoyed his senior yrear mosl because lhere were less assignmrrnls and ruler lreshrnan rjirls. ROG,-PR TOMPKINS "Roper" . . . Roger has several arnbilions, slay- ing oul ol service, gelling a good job, and having a new rnolorcycle. His lavorile paslirne is loalinq al lhr- rnolorcycle shop or qoinq lo a cjood movie, Reading rnolor- ryrlr- hooks seems lo be Roper's lroblly. Roar-r's lavorile color is lrluri and his lavorile expression is, "All riqhl, you guys." He liked his senior year brrsl because il was hir. lasl yrrar. NAOMI STUMME "Norni" . . . Nomi is ollen seen around lhe chorus room. She has been in chorus lor lhree years. lvladriqal. and mixed quarlel lor a year. Nomils ambilion is lo be a good nurse. She plans lo go lo Sl, Olal College in Norlhlield, Minn. Il you qo lo Penney's on Salurday. Nomi will probably be lhe one lo wail on you, She enjoyed her june ior year rnosl because ol lhe lun she had decoraling lhe junior lloal. JANET SWANSON "Swany" . . . This blue-eyed, blonde-haired lass- ie spend mosl ol her lime playing her llule and parlicipaling in G.A.A, Swany's hobbies are rnu- sic, reading, and alhlelics. She plans lo go inlo nurse's lraining and specialize in pedialrics. You can always lind her on Salurdays clerking al Kresqe's. Her lavorile expression is, "Thern's lhe breaksf' Her pel peeve is band people who jusl won'l keep in slep. JUDY TEMPLEMAN "Cleo" . . . Cleo is 5'6" lall, has brown hair, and brown eyes. Chorus usually lakes rnosl ol Judy's lime since she belonqs lo lhe girls lrio. Her honors were a Division l raling in Slale Music Conlesl lor lhree years and being selecled lor lhe Honor Sociely. "Running around wilh the gals" is her lavorile pas- lime. Her pel peeve is "men," Judy enjoyed her Treshrnan year lhe mosl because everylhing was new. CARMA THAUREN "Carmie"... This 5'7" brown-eyed gal inlends lo gel married sornelirne in lhe lulure. I wonder who lhe lucky guy will be? Could il be a cerlain some-body who works al Walers loo?? Carrnie-'s pel peeve is peof ple who lry lo keep secrels. She is ollen heard saying, "Who me?" Carmie enjoyed her senior year mosl because il was more lun. Her lavorile paslime is jusl being wilh Rally during lhe week. DEAN TIECKE "Tick" . . . Tick's ambilion is jusl aboul like every- one's: lo have lun and enjoy lile. l-le inlends lo join lhe Navy aller he gels oul ol school. Tick is a kid ol 5'll" lall wilh black hair and brown eyes. Tick has a larnil- iar pel peeve, slanding in lhe lunch line. Dean has a hobby bul his is dillerenl lhan mosl peoples'g his hobby is Marion. l don'l im- agine we need lo supply lhe lasl narne. MARY LOU TOYNE . , . Mary's aclivilies have been Auroran and Curia Reqia. Her lavorile paslime is driving a car and walching TV. This blue-eyed seniorls ambilion is lo marry a larrner or go inlo nurses training. Al the presenl she is working al Woolworlh's. Maryls pel peeve is people whO lhink lhey know everylhing, bul really know nolhing. She is 5'5" lall and has blonde hair. Mary l.ou's lavorile color is red. ROBERT TRASK "Bob" . . . Bob's Tavo'riTe pasTime is hunTing and Tishing. His ambiTion is To be a commercial piloT, so his plans are To aTTend Junior College. Bob is 6' Tall, has brown hair and hazel eyes. You usually Tind Bob play- ing sporTs when he isn'T busy aT J. C. Penney's. "Well, I'Il be" is his TavoriTe expression, He en- ioyed his iunior year mosT be- cause he passed all his subiecTs. lWhaT oT his senior year?l JERI TYLER "Jer" . . . Jeri's Ta- voriTe pasTime is driving The car and wriTing IeTTers To a cerTain person. IWe wanT To know who.l Jer plans To aTTend nurse's Train- ing somewhere, undecided as yeT. and Then To geT married. She works aT GranT's ouTside oT school. Jeri handled The head- aches oT The ad sTaTT This year. Her Tavorife expression is, "You know IT!" This 5 TT. I inch senior girl has brown hair and brown eyes. RICHARD WALKER "Dick" . . . Dick's TavoriTe pasTime is riding moTorcycles. He plans To sTudy engineering aT Iowa STaTe, Dick's hobby is playing pool aT LiIly's. His TavoriTe expression is, "You Think so, huh?" This 5 TT. IO in., brown-eyed senior's peT peeve is To have someone Talk loud when They are righT nexT To you. His TavoriTe color is navy blue. Dick's ambiTion is To make loTs oT mon- ey and reTire young. MARILYN WARD "Mable" . . . Mable's Tavorile pasTime is mak- ing popcorn balls Tor Harry. She calls ThaT a pasTime? Marilyn be- longed To AURORAN Three years and was given The honor oT Asso- ciaTe Edifor her senior year. Mable's plans Tor The TuTure are To be a good secreTary To some lucky guy and Then seTTle down and be a good wiTe To a cerTain Tellow. MabIe's mosT exciTing mo- menT was when she received a long disTance call from H.M. aT Camp McCoy. JOHN WEBER ,. . John's Tavor- iTe pasTime is wrecking cars. John plans To aTTend Junior College and Then go somewhere To a Uni- versiTy. His iob ouTside oT school is working aT Al's Camera Shop. John's ambiTion is To be head oT a hobo Tribe. This 5 TT. 8 in. blue- eyed senior enioyed his senior year mosT because iT was his lasT. John's hobby is phoTography. His TavoriTe expression is, "OuieTl" John's TavoriTe color is blue. BARBARA WHISLER "Barb" . . . This cuTe IiTTIe senior girl is exacT- ly 5 TT. Tall. Barb says her TavoriTe pasTime is playing cards, buT I Think she also likes To be wiTh M.H, Barbara's plans Tor The Tu- Ture include nursing and some day marriage. She was acTive in radio speaking in her Treshman and sophomore years and in NaTionaI Forensic League in her senior year. Barb's hobby is painTing, and her TavoriTe color is blue. ELAINE TROXEL "Jake" or "Trox" . . . Trox's TavoriTe pasTime is dancing. Her plans Tor The TuTure are To marry a cerTain Tarmer wiTh blonde hair and blue eyes. IWho?l Trax works aT Esquire Dry Cleaners. Her TavoriTe ex- pression is, "Think I won'T." Trox's hobby is also dancing. She was in Cvlee Club and G.A.A. Trox enioyed her senior year mosT because she knew more kids and iT was her lasT year, She is 5 TT. 5 in, Tall. She has brown hair and brown eyes. JOHN VORWERK . . . This 5 TT. 7 in. senior has brown hair and green eyes. His TavoriTe ex- pression is, "Big Deal." John's ambiTion is To geT a posiTion wiTh Bell Telephone Co. His hobbies are hunTing and fishing. John works aT HoTel MuscaTine as a bell hop aTTer school. His Tavor- iTe pasTime is hunTing. John plans To ioin The Navy aTTer school. His TavoriTe color is yellow, He is in band and he leTTered in band Three years. DONALD WALTMAN "Don" . . . Don's TavoriTe pasTime is waTch- ing a good T.V. show. His ambi- Tion is To make a loT of money. Don was in TooTball, baskeTball, Track and baseball. This 5 TT. lOIf7 in. blonde haired, green eyed sen- ior enioyed his sophomore year besT because The B squad baskel- ball Team was runner-up in The conTerence, Don's honors were NaTional Honor SocieTy, Hawkeye Boys' STaTe, and Press oT Pi-Type Club. MARY WATSON "Hayseed" . . . Hayseed's TavoriTe pasTime is playing ping pong and waTching TV. Mary plans To go To Ames and be a MaTh Teacher. She works as a cashier aT TrouT's Su- per MarkeT. Mary's Tavorife ex- pression is "Doggone ET!" She is 5 TT. 3 in. Tall, wiTh brown hair, and blue eyes. Mary's peT peeve is people who Try To Tell her how To do someThing. Mary's hobby is collecTing and counTing money. RICHARD WEEKS "Dick" . . . Dick's TavoriTe pasTime is looking around To see whaT's new. His ambiTion is To be a dairy Tarmer. Dick's hobby is Taking care oT caTTIe. His TavoriTe color is lighT blue. Dick is 5 TT. 9 in., has brown hair and brown eyes. He has been in basketball and F.F.A. Dick enjoyed his senior year besT because, like a IoT oT oThers, iT is his lasT. He has no plans Tor The TuTure excepT To work Tor a while. BETTY WILLITS "Willy" . . . Willy's TavoriTe pasTime is danc- ing and laughing. Her ambiTion is To be an inTerior decoraTor, Willy works aT Hershey HospiTal ouTside oT school. Her TavoriTe color is blue. Willy is 5 TT, 5 in., has lighT brown hair and blue eyes. You can oTTen hear her saying "WaTch ouT" or "I'II crinkle you." Willy enioyed her senior year besT because iT's The lasT. She also was in Auroran. RICHARD WOOLSEY "Diclc"... Diclcs lavorile pasfime is loalinq. His plans lor lhe fuiure are del- inilely lo go ro college buf he is indefinile as fo where. His ambi- lion is lo go on and slucly music or dramalicsy and lravel bolh home and abroad. He worlcs al Bowman Brolhers, Hill-Top Drive- In, and lhe Palace, "Quid esf wilh +hou" is Diclcs lavorile ex- pression. Diclc's favorife color is emerald green and his hobby. tennis. HAROLD WRIGHT "Hal" . . . Hal's iavorile paslime is golf and bowling. He plans lo allend iunior college lor lwo years or Norlhweslern for all four years. Hal's lavorile expression is "Que es." His ambilion is lo be a law- yer, salesman, or a polifician. His iavorile color is orange. Hal is 5 if. 8 in., has brown hair and blue eyes. Hal enjoyed his soph- omore year mosl. He was in de- bafe and boys' prep bowling. Hal's hobbies are also golf and bowling. Senior Class Mello: lnro lhe lvlidsl ol Things Senior Class Colors: Royal Blue and While Senior Class Flower: While Carnalion ALICIA ZAHNlSER "Lish" . . . Alicia's lavorile paslime is search- ing lor anliques. Her ambilion is 'ro find her besl lalenl and de- velop il lo il's lullesf. Lish worlss al The Hilllop Drive-ln oufside of school, Her favorile expression is "No gurl." Lish is 5 ll. 5 in. and has brown hair. Her pei peeve is being absenl and miss- ing our on aclivilies. Her mosl exciling momenl was going afler The props in Mr. Godlrey's old car wilhoul reverse gear in 'the snow. During lhe year lhe seniors have a number ol Senior lvleelings. ln lhe piclure below lhey are discussing how lo raise money lor lhe Senior Banquet which was held April 9. I+ was decided lo hold Three bake sales: all were successful. ,.-fy: ,, .. , qi 1 K fi -1 .5341 552 ,, .,.., A,., N ,:.., 4.:., .,.. 5 ,1,: , , .,,. A , fs XY maggie, ft , X X Q 2 7356. in-V 3 Z I Z 'e W , ,, 5, 3 R Yr M K K 1 .. Q, A qyzfiffgiikaii- mf, ' .fa - k X , M 45" Q ' Els? ' 'V 'SQ-6 : Fi' 2-" HBTf5T. 5 s Zi: '3za':.f2' -- A -ff. Ae: -is ., few-W W 3555, . as , arf, .. V .as Y 4 4 ,E A .asv Q Q . -ww--w-f kfi . ' -'HX va 1 'ff L1 -5,4551 W, ,v,, he 535 Q . " sjjzi.i55N:fzp9fgi 'wlpqygf ,isff gg A.,, . ,K.,,,g 'Af'-'MQ ff f xi?" 2:21, ,,,5z55,gg,1,g1L yy, 3 'Ewa , fy sea 1, ,.. fx K kkkf , I V- ,k,V .i ,5,1,3,Lf7, 1,3 f ,tL" F ,M 4 ma' , ,- "H f-rv 2 alia? Q52 4 Xb' - 0 - "K' "vw : ' f x,j,N, 5,Q mXikil7 i , ,V K , V: .X V " , A ., ' K 55 V ,fm L Z Sig V,511i?i 3:l .ff . V35 QW gv -1 hAi3f,L.M k iz K ,V . Sy ,YU .JPE9'Z:- ,. A1 " 'ff' U .W ' 4- A M-fm WWW? A-Q. f x ' 5 1 V au- W'.. , . V V. -52" - f l,L,1:' : . .: ,.. ' . 5 YQ mb L ? as Www -z Fx F? M Row I: Joan Brigh+, Sandra Cox, Berry Chewning, Elaine Davis, lva Busler, Pal Courlois, Barbara Brase, Nancy Chap- man, Vivian Cunningham, Par Busch. Row 2: Susan Bunker, Linda Carlson, Florence Eis, Marjorie Derriclc, Mary Ann Banclcs, Mary Busler, Donna Bleadorn, Jane+ Crow, Joyce Andreas. Row 3: Lawrence Carlson, Fred Beckman, Louis Ash, Jim Baars, Sfanley Buckley, Loren Braun, Denny Brown, Kenny Brei. Row 4: John Brase, Doug Coder, Don Bun- lenbach, Jack Carler. JUNIORS Row I: Marilyn Furnas, Eleanor Floflmeyer, Mary Eiselslein, Dixie Frlcson, Mary Lou l-lahn, Mary Faulkner, Mary Kay Harder. Row 2: Glenda Franlcenberry, Bonnie Grimm, Sharon l-lobarl, Nancy l-lawlc, Mary Foley, Grace Ann Froeh- ner, Jane? Froehner, Janei l-lahn. Row 3: Andy Fosler, Harold Freese, Ray Gaddis, Marsha Fisher, Diane Fairbanlcs, Nada Fuller, Janel Hendrickson, Nancy l-lahn. Row 4: Richard Glalsrein, John Glidden, Russell Freers, Ron Gross- lclaus, Ron Havemann, Richard Fry, Ronald Greene, l-larry Glalslein, Don l-lechl. vx Page 40 Row I: Mildred Knouse, Rose Marie Kilver, Mona l-lorlon, Lois l-lyink, Carol Jensen, Marilyn l'lollz. Row 2: Bill Krise, Joyce Jones, Alyce Koever, Rulh Kile, Lois Kemper, Gladys Kemper, Sylvia Knoll. Row 3: Bob Janney, Bob l-lurlbul, Jolwn Hoopes, Paul Korsclwol, Bill Kepke, Gary Jackson, Denny l-loward, Richard Lane. Row 4: Dave Hoopes, Don Klebe, Fred Koepping, Mike Kaulz, Ken lssacs Don Hull, Ken l-lopkins, Jim l'loopes. JUNIORS Row I: Rose Morrisey, Virginia LaRue, Clara Olinger, Sandra Lucas, Belly Minder, Sybil Nelson, Joyce Miller, Pal Miller, Alleyne Meyer. Row 2: Evelyn Millel, Marilyn Nelperi, Darlene Lee, Elizabelli McCormick, Joan Marly, Jane Mcllralll, Anne Mercer, Jean Marlin. Row 3: Norman Perkins, Kennelln Miller, Slwaron Marlin, Lyndon Lord. Row 4: Dennis Lange, George Long, Donnie Mullen, Charles Morse, Don McCleary, Larry Noble, Jim Misel, Jerry McKinney. Page 4l Row I: Lois Randberger, Nancy Sellers, Rila Rebelslcy, Belly Scannell, Joyce Schmidl, Sandra Pulliam, Donna Pelly, Barbara Randoll. Row 2: Sherry Prior, Donna Schneider, Par Schroeder, Roberra Sornmerdorf, Nancy Smirh, Jane Slanley, Suzanne Schmidl, Mary Ann Richard. Row 3: Lois Russel, Virginia Schauland, Sue Shepard, Paul Plefl, David Ripley, Bernard Rolh, Edward Speiss, David Schrnarie. Row 4: Gregg Schroeder, Don Schmelzer, Roberr Spaulding, Don Shoulrz, l.aVerne Shellady, Don Rogers, Eugene Puclcell. JUNIORS Row I: Marie Wondlandl, Denise Viclcers, Joan TeSlralce, Carole Wull, Sandra Swengle, Nancy Sweilzer, Mable Tompkins, Jeanell Woodward. Row 2: Sheila Wilson, Bernila Zimmerman, Carol Tracy, Pauline Tonnplcins, Marlene Slrums, Charlolle Zuber, JoAnn Worsl, Mary Sleclqman. Row 3: Sandra Toussainl, Pauline Slender, Bonnie Welsh, Carlene Wilson, Joann Winlerrnure, Ann Wigirn, Carolyn Tomield, Joyce Tobias. Row 4: Allen Slerner, Sid Slarlc, Dennis Veller, Ronald Whirmer, Richard While, Roy Yealer, LeRoy Slubbe, l-larlan Ziegenhorn, Merle Slrause. Page 42 -Y , ...uav'i" y as-3 ix vu-0-rig. 4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS These rnischievious sophomore officers, Janei Pefersen, secrefaryg Don Duncan, Treasurer: Dick Ware, president and Jane? Flefcher, vice-president seem fo be having a good iirne. Pere and Flefch seem To be giving Jrhe boys froubie by puffing snow down fheir backs. Page 43 r vi L r Row I: Lorna Bruiblariidcarpenler, Kay Busfer, Janel Brown, Marayn B QrNIJanel Branson, Carol Boone, Thelma Buckley, Kalhy Bfrry. I w 2: Donna Brady, Lucille Brink, Belly Ball hgergonna Ballenger, Lois Chamberlin, Lynn Bauerbach, Sgfrgra Behdle, Ramona Blake, Rose Mary Carler, Alice Baker.: qw 3: Paul Bendel, Norman Bunn, Bill Chrisfense , lclarogfcarpenler, Lesler Brewer, Richard Brase, Ralphrmrr, Brown, Jerome Baillie. Row 4: Bob Bierm n, dney elf, J hn Allbee, Richard Brookharl, Bob Anderse G y BL,1fl'S, Gene Brookharl, Ronald Bosharl. . l X111 1 I ID N Y 0 Q f I 'J xl Fx W if P ' l X fl BOL i-ioMoREs X il Q by S l X 'A l X 2 1 Row I: Dorolhy Fosler, Phyllis l-lahn, Marilyn Forbes, Carol Day, Eslher Xl, Barbara Gilliland, Pal Essex, Janice Faulkner, Earlene Gaddis. Row 2: Leonard Egqenburg, Marilyn Cooney, Permelia Doyle, Judy Dillman, Rose Marie DuBurg, Fonfayne Coyner, Phyllis Garvin, Debby Fairbanks, Janel Froehner, JoAnn Diercks. Row 3: Elmer Freyer- mufh, Janel Cooney, Shirley Gray, Donna Fuller, Max Colberg, Mike Collier, Warren Dickenson, Jim Davis, Dean Garvin. Row 4: Jake Diercks, Glen Franklin, Dean Dahms, Don Duncan, Tom l-lahn, Charles Evans, Floyd Goddard, Sharon l-lahn, Glen I-lagy, Slan Gardner, Charles Chrislopherson. Page 44 Row I: Phyllis LaRue, Dororhy House, Toni Hansen, Jean Hammer, Marilyn Hoben, Marilyn Huber, Rosann Hill, Clela Hanslord. Row 2: Mary Hazelwood, Lida Kerschenske, Phyllis James, Carol James, Karole Kindler, Jean Kulcher, Karen Larson. Row 3: Darlene Jameson, Barbara Law, Elaine Heise, Ann Kramer, Geraldine Haller, Janice Have- mann, Wayne Huber, Richard Korle, John Hudson, Richaro Hidlebaugh. Row 4: Carl Kane, Ellison Kuhn, Roberl Hearsr, Marlan Hunler, Rodger Horsr, Dale Harris, Richard Herlein, Darwin Hohenadel, Bob Hines. r SOPHOMORES f' -, Row I: Barbara Marlin, Shirley Moclcmore, Par Mulenburg, Mary Nissen, Sandra Monlgomiery, Sandra McFadbn, Loris Missel, Marlene Lewis, Miclcey McCleary, Sandra Marsh Row 2: Shirley Jean Mar'rin,7Gail Legler, Jennie Mar- lin, Sharon Mirlman, Kalhryn Long, Peggy Mclnlyre, Nancy Oesl, Mary Luellen, Mary Ann Nelson, Dorolhy McClure. Row 3: Harlan McKillip, Bob Massey, Dave Pace, Bob Lee, David Miller, Ernesl Morgan, AI McCullough, Larry Misel, Merlyn Miner, Larry Lewis. Row 4: Ron Nichols, Eugene Moore, David Malone, Harlan Orr, Gary Merzger, John Noble, Diclc Maeglin, Don Morilz, Harlan Pace, Harry Marx. Page 45 " ' 1 . ' " U fyffuj 'O . . Row I: Janei Shield, Sharon Schmidt Nancy Polze, Joyce Smiih, Rosieila Rock, Leona Shoppa, Rosemary Sindtl Row 2: Bonnie Shoclc, Charlolle Pa++erson, Susie Rinnert Frances Reed, Janice Reed. Row 3: Bernice Richrer, Janel Pefersen, Shirley Rushing, Sanra Sonner, Kafherine Schuloick, Barbara Rann, Jane? Rebelslcy, Judy Smifh. Row 4: Dana Pelerson, Jaclc Reichert Don Schmidt Roberl Reed, Dean Schmoldt Thomas Smedley, Jack Richardson, Homer Snyder. Row 5: Earl Rohde, Bob Ralh, Charles Rehwaldt Dick Ralsfon, Jerry Schmidt Walfer Paul, Bob Richman. H 'fri kc ., - xg ' f ,, , J JC ,., I . i ff i? sfo , SOPHQMORES 1 f . 8, is G . "f '.ff'T,,,-, - .1 -. so ' fl I X Row I Agnes Truesdale Carol Whifmer Janel Terwis To gas ther c Merlene Walton Frances Weber. Row 2: Joyce Young, Donna Slender, Sondr Swei r, Paf Tyler, u y T , Marie Thuman, Mary Lou : , ' , . ' Li ' , i , , Speiss, Geraldine Weeks. Row 3: Joann Toyne, Cha e ocu Jenifetqiene,-Sync Thayer, Phyllis VanZandt Marilyn Sfark, Roberta Sloellc, Sandra Welsch, Donna Wie . Ro rence aysse, Richard Sirong. Charles Wult Ron Tielge, Vernon Wilson, Harold Trader, a ice ' er. Row . a o ward, Gordon Town send, Diclc Ware, Jerry Sulzberger, David Young, John Tim ,i erry ire, Don Yeaier. F W' 1 T. T 1 i 9' i Page 46 l sf V. Q .11 vig.. 1 ev. K t .7 'A' -f, 'wh A 'YQYA Q. wf, K is SX.. ., QQ 5.5: YI , Eg, auA.Qe: ,ff .X ' A I f 'xwkff ry if H V - K i if ,wx . Q--5? , Q2 K Qi' ,g Ms 3S4 - fe., 3 V , A 4 , is A , gi l ' V V I ..,x Vg 1 r X4 ie :A f ,ff ' .. I , L 2- 7 3, ws .W N. ,, -f 4 M K . , J .. V at F I . 1 A , . Q' X R n 'K' . f i if Z 'lj' U'?b'X9' , sg 'I . W W' I K 'Hy K I f- , I Q mg? it 5-fs vw' Q W3 ,S B ww H fr 4 F by 'L 7,41 Q s P -I A . .lf A Q. I v -Ag ww mf' E , , V- Yyfw Row I: Carol Bivens, Jackie Benninger, Judirh Brown, Julianne Boldl, Ardis Bigsby, Sara Baker, Marian Amos, Rose- mary Allmandinger, Carole Borcherr. Row 2: Gerald Bower, Beverly Benning, l-lelen Ash, JoAnne Bollinger, Beverly Beh, Ann Brodie, JoAnn Barnharr, Donald Bromwell, Jerry Baumgardner. Row 3: Jerry Alkins, Bill Brade, Don Blaes- ing, Charles Balser, Fred Brown, Roberl Anderson, Berne Brauns, Gary Allorechl. Row 4: Roberl Alhan, Charles Belknap, John Beard, l-lerb Barnard, Jim Barlenhagen, Don Ager, Les Allenbernd, Don Brown. 'QU V I 1 Milan FRESHMEN ,Mfg Row I: Shirley Cummings, Barbara Ernsl, Wilma Cole, Gaylie Dusenberry, Nancy Dusenbury, Sharon Eabrizius, Rulh Chapman. Row 2: Belly Daur, Rosalee Curlis, Judy Dillon, Loryann Eis, Donna Cameran, Mary Courlney, lvlelba Clelland, Janice Chapman, Row 3: Gerald DeVore, Roberr Edginglon, Ronald DeVore, Wilbur Dipple, Larry Carler, John Evans, Glen Epperly, 'led Downey, Charles Farrar. Row 4: Wayne Cubbage, Ted Essex, Don Chalupa, l.aVern Chell, Dick Canida, Gary Erickson, Ed Caliger, Bill Carler. Page 48 Row I: Mary Forbes, Doris Finley, Carol Ann Fosler, Dixie Garrison, JoAnn Hagens, Nina Herlein, Dorolhy Fosier, Audrene Finley. Row 2: Ruby Franklin, Darlene Holliday, Lucy Griffin, Gail Golemboske, Carol June Fosrer, Lorraine Haynes, Pairicia Henderson, Dolores Hermann, Barbara Hahn. Row 3: Barbara Hamplon, Gloria Figg, Gary Greie, Gary Holmes, Eli Glalslein, Frank Hahn, Larry Harroun, Donna Hain, Carol Gilliland. Row 4: Ronald Hein, Gail l-lorfon, Jerry Hafhaway, Gerald Garvin, Don Grillfilh, Gary Harier, Jerry Hocke, Bill Higgerson, Waller Fuller. FRESHMEN Row I: Georgia Lick, Shirley Lewis, Lois Knouse, Margarei Jensen, DiAnn Kyes, Gloria Kemper, Lyla Lee, Carol Lamperl, Evelyn Hughes. Row 2: Shirley Lloyd, Mary Lou Johnson, Mary Korlre, Donna Hoxsey, Shelby Lewis, Sandra Hunl, Peggy Hull, Nancy Kneer, DeAnn King, Mary Ann Kindler. Row 3: Ron Hurlbui, Edgar Kublik, Marvin Hunn, Garry Lee, Bill King, Lyle Kemper, Larry Lawrence, Fred Kaulz, Ronnie Hudnall. Row 4: Danny Li++ell, Royce Lane, Jerry Huflord, Gary Lee, Gerald Kirk, Jerry Kingery, Tom Hughes, David Knoll, Morgan Jones, Marvin Klebe. I l Page 49 L, Row I: Viola Munson, Claudelle Miller, l-lazel Newcomb, Diana Massey, Jacqueline McDaniel, Ruby McDaniel. Row 2: Prank Marlin, Lerena McDaniel, Mary Ann McNeal, Rosemary Nelson, Jane Marlen, Palsy McDonald, Elgie Mclnlyre, Virgil Murdock. Row 3: l-larry Kardux, Merlyn McKillip, Bill Mullen, Don Nichols, Tom Luiz, Morris Meeke, Don Kallenberger. Row 4: Clarence McKillip, Wesley Morse, Bob Meyer, Woodrow Nelson, John Morrisey, Lee Mauralh, Don Miller, Ralph Miller, Louis Kulp. FRESHMEN Row I: Bea Parrish, Jo Ann Reynolds, Sandra Reicherl, Delores Rada, Palricia Orr, Janice Plank, Donna Owen, Rulh Norel. Row 2: Susie Rinnerl, Mary Ann Norris, Barbara Pulliam, Janel Predmore, Mary Ann Oberhaus, Marg Osborn, Rose Ann Rickefls, Mary Lou Pagel. Row 3: Ann Ralh, Lawrence Rada, Jerry Pasdach, Ronnie Randberger, Roberl Rickells, Glen Pilsenbarger, Tony Pasdach, Myron Rillenhouse, Lucille Perkins. Row 4: Marvin Oberhaus, Merle Parker, Jerry Olhmer, Jerry Prall, John Pofler, Ed Reilerl, Gene Poller, Don Olson, Bill Nowyze. Page 50 Row I: Norma Schoenig, Miriam Slark, Pally Schmalz, Barbara Snyder, Charlene Slrauss, Opal Shaw, Delores Slreal, Ida Spilznogle, Hilda Spilznogle. Row 2: Belly Rohr, Pearl Lloyd, Clara Newcomb, Joyce Schmidl, Palsy Roberlson, Kay Slark, Nancy Slropes, Palricia Shoppa, Rose Marie Seligman. Row 3: Paul Schubick, John McKillip, Gary Schroeder, Jary Slandley, G. L. Rock, Roberl Roland, Leland Sohn. Row 4: Earl Schmelzer, Larry Shoppa, Gilberl Skidmore, Marvin Slolley, Marlan Slickrod, Carl Sallz, Jerry Shenk, George Schmidl, Slanley Mclzadon. FRESHMEN Row I: Carlene Willel, Rosalee Wakeland, Belly Shoemaker, Wilma Van Dyke, Jo Ann Thompson, Mary Lou Thomp- son, Bonnie Truill, Sharon Tumey, Shirley Toyne. Row 2: Wilma Windman, Jolene TeSlrake, Joyce Toussainl, Karen Weikerl, Cynlhia Timm, Wava Yordl, Lois Wacker, Waunila Wiese, Della Warner. Row 3: David Vargus, Keilh Wherry, Fred Tompkins, Ivan Tompkins, Larry Slumme, Bob Varner, Royal Trader, G. A. Sywassink, John TeSlrake, Ralph Zaehringer. Row 4: George Ruckles, Bob Woolsey, Douglas Wilson, Myron TeSlrake, Tom Whilman, Ronald Young, Everl While, I-larry Townsend, Wayne Iooman, Charles Zuber. Page 5I .!gCfil!ifl:8f5 Page 53 CCD Honor Sociefy Quill and Scroll Auroran Band Chorus F. F. A. All School Play Senior Play Amicae Camera Club NTENTS Curia Regia N. F. L. Deba+e G. A. A. Girls Glee Club Hi-Tri Hi-Y Library Club Pi-Type Club S+uden+ Teachers Thespians J .' ' L if ' 'Q ' .L 'X . , K 3.11-5 f 'X iii? Q-A .-...4-.N- .J wfmm x 2 M1202 5009? bv. ff Lx 5352? YQ- Q' VIL ,215..Ql2iQ,siv'?,f1 K . W . X X . K -t X XSSQQZJ :r ' ,X . gl X f' S .Xi i 4 .M , X -wa 1 4 1. ' uv , 3 PK vs? My i 'Xkxxqia ..1. Q '32, XJ S Q .- -1 ev-.. , ty Lv gg-swam.: - k f " K 1 h.7, -f Rfs,sf'z-- Ak Q ,f My ,. fx, Vi xv . f ,O f- ,V " . My V 'W xi .fgfw Q '-ima i ' M x. u. ' " , n. 'F 3 T ' . '4 .wh "4 Row I: Gladys Kemper, Sandy Cox, Janel Rebelslcy, Alyce Koever, Nada Fuller, Valli I-lill, Pal Hillon, Sandra Mcliadon, Wanda Berry, Mary Courlney, Mr. John McAreavy. Row 2: Joyce Miller, Diane Evans, Mary Lou Toyne, Pal King, Rila Reloelslcy, Donna l-lain, Marilyn Ward, Janef Froehner, Mary Kay l-larder, Carlene Wilson, Mary Ann Banclcs. Row 3: Beverly Slewarl, Dixie Erlcson, Jeri Tyler, Charlolfe Midlciff, Marilyn Randoll, Lois l-lyink, Mary Walson, Joyce Schmidt DiAnn Kyes, Eslher Swiclc. Row 4: Ron S+urms, John Weber, John Robin- son, Carma Thauren, Lois Secrisl, Donna Schneider, Fred Koepping, William Nowysz, G. A. Sywassinlc. AURORAN Diane Evans, Rila Rebelslcy, Pal King, Carma Thauren, and Janel Rebelslcy, members of fhe copy sfall, spend much ol fheir lime lyping lhe copy Jrhey wrile. Sandra Cox, Jeri Tyler, Dixie Erlcson, and Lois Secrisl sel up The adverlising for The AURORAN. rage 56 Mary Kay l-larder, Marilyn Ward, Ron Slurms, and John Robinson help eclilor, Pal l-lillon in choosing a cover for lhe I953 AURCRAN. Mr. John McAreavy gives some helpful advice +o George Sywassink and John Weber concerning The piclures 'ro be used for 'rhe yearbook. AURORAN This is a Jrypical scene al Jrhe AURORAN Chrislrnas Parly. These girls, Diane Evans, Mary Kay l-laroler, Pafly King, Carma Thauren, Pal l-lillon, Mary Walson, Jeri Tyler, Eslher Swiclc, and Rila Rebelslcy are enjoying lhemselves playing The garne "Monl4ey". Page 57 ,rl fl, ,Q ' as I 0- ! "x"fx 2' , W . ' Q ' R 5, 'HQ al. Y 'K " ' kr 'g Y ?,w.5,. Ls: ' 4 ' w 'x W Vf ' ', 4 SN, H . . 'IA . f 4 ' Q, T-' ya' - 'SJ- I-f 1 -f' 1 .Te 1 MQ' i4,1,g,g,ng, I ,f x 9 up I n .2 'dv -a w xxx ,Q fffffff. aw Q 'vt-1 1:-' , ""'Z 1' G -Q gggm CATX Row I: Miclcey Mccleary, Marilyn Burns, Jean Marln. Row 2: Denis McDowell, Frank Marlin, Pal Schmalz, Kalhy Terry, Margarel Mcl'larg, Karole Kindler, Gerald Garvin, Leland Sohn, James Smalley, Morgan Jones, Margarel Osborn. Row 3: John Balmer, Claudelle Miller, Georgia Liclc, Ray Gaddis, Jake Dierclcs, David Young, Don Bunfenbach, Wal+er Paul, Shirley Moclcmore, Sharon Schmidt Gary Allorechl. Row 4: Janel Kramer, Lucy Shepard, Dennis Lange, Earlene Gaddis, Paul Amos, Loryann Eis, Gary Aclcerson. Fluie Quin+e+: Nancy Chapman, Janel Terwische, Jane-+ Swanson, Mary Lou Pagel, Jane Slanley. Cornef Quin+e+: Morgan Jones, Waller Paul, Margarel Osborn, Gerald Garvin, Jim Smalley. ,,, . .. ,..,. ,, fi' ? My ,,,,,., i, ,C 5,17 K, f- ww M -0--N 5, A . . Q A A VK ,ywa png.. , ' V 5' if ,W M 'iff dm M, -W 4 Q is Q if Qui' ' 'X ' Qfiff Q if nk ,Q X -,X K Q" A? 4 l - my W' S .iz , gg? K 'ffm 1 , I ii 5 Nz rl if A K A4 i 'il X aw! Q' ff ww.-3 4 in or ii? A ' 5 A M ' 'Iv . , A ' N fs. N as 5 F 1 D VV , ' ' . ' ' 1.3 1, , N 9 K I .. Sk - ff ',', I - - f h - , S- -W X ws S K M In :Z N 6 Q - XTXff,fl-:QMSX K ' ' ky, ..,.., L 5 ' Q ,, I . W . T5',,,,5 . L K .wx gg l 1 i 3 , an S .. 'Y 12 'QQ 5 T. my 5.2-W ,, Lf' :L ,pw- 3,91 5 Y x I wh W? kg ig, Q wg we 1 - Q Q gy, fig ' Qs' ' 5 3' '. '35 Kia ,yisaw E I if ny V Q, Kai- - 1 1 YJ if , Q Q5 """",...m L i 'V' 'G 2 ' 'lun Gi l ' "T 'x"'4'l1 I ' .NS S ' if f M' T f A s' if I G. 14'-15' ,S W J' 0 G 1 , . f Iqyw g ,-T31 ' 1, .5 'U , v T ' I 4 fifg 1 ., . uv Q u Q , Q' , My . I as 'L A x. ,M I Q -3 , I X . Q-H fa 5 4 3 m.h Sf X , Af , E 3 W M W Q. if W we Q.. I TQ Q ,A 5 Q,- Q Q 5 iii? XX! L 'Vi,,!sS,L 3 if 'g sw: L- L r K I -F ,f -ig A3 'ga W ? fy: in ' - .:f sg "2 ',-x 'QK' ::.. -, A A ' al :AQZQ . is ,L 'M + W, if ,W ' ff' vi- ik ,. Q. ' 0 :ig Y W' v yy 5' f ! . :"f 1': S W Q S! 5' 4' ' N Kf gg 5 , . A 1 V. 5' r 7, Q ' S . 55' :Alf 22.15 Y 'Hr .asf '84 I f .J Aix ,, 3 .agi- 3 A 2 4 'Y' " SJ Q YI Q .ax , Lf'-J -asf This is a scene lrom lhe All School Play, Green Valley, which was under lhe direclion ol lvl". Virgil Godlrey. The characlers in lhis scene are Tommy Whilman, Fred Kaulz, Kay Schaul- and, David Knoll, Charles Balser, Kenny Isaacs, and Lucy lvlilchell. This play was aboul Eldon Berry and his lamily and lheir ellorls lo keep lheir properly lrom lalling inlo lhe hands ol lhe scrupulous Everheel. All School Play- GREEN VALLEY Row I: Lawrence Rada, Jane lvlarlen, Beverly Roberls, Barbara Roberls, Charlolle Zuber, Gladys Kemper, Kalhryn Long, Dick Ralslon, Mary Kaulz, Sue Shepherd, Glen Pilzenbarger, Cynlhia Timm, Joyce Toussainl Tony Pasdach, Fred Kaulz, Gerald De Vore, Ronald Whilmer, David Knoll, Bob Ralh. Row 2: Lucy Milchf ell, Jane lv1cllralh,Janel Hendrickson, Ruby McDaniel, Gail Golembaske, Rose Marie Duburq, Ardis Biqsby, Pal Essex, Lois Wacker, Mary Ann Bancks, Gloria Fiqq, Chad Rehwaldl, Ken Isaacs, Sharon Hahn. MoTher ls A Freshman was chosen as The annual senior class play This year. The scene our cameraman caughT was a very Tense mon'1enT involving a Tinal showdown beTween Abby. Barbara Whislerq Professor Michels, Bill Scannellg and Dean Gillingham, BurT l-linTermeisTer. Susan AbboT, Abby's daughTer, played by Mary KauTz, caused mosT oT The Trouble buT iT all ended happily aTTer she and Bobo Jackson, played by Ron Eggenburg, paTched up Their problems. Senior Class Play- MCTHER IS A FRESHMAN Cash Jeanie Brauns, Kenny JenneTT, RoberTa l-loben, Shirley LaRue, Lois Allmandinger, Virgil FreyerrnuTh, Mary Alice Raub, Barbara Whisler, l-larry McKee, Burl' l"linTermeisTer, Bill Scannell, Mary Lou Toyne, l.ucy MiTchell, Mary KauTz, Ronnie Eggenburg. Row l: Pal' Tyler, Carol Fosler, Di Ann Kyes, Sharon Tumey, Diana Massey, Palricia Orr, Jaclcie McDaniel, Frances Weber. Sondra Swcilzer. Janice Faullcnei, Karen Larson, Eslher Swiclm, Sandra Mclladon. Row 2: Ann Brodie, Merlene Wallon Donna l-lrixsriy, Jane? Predmore, Nancy Dusenberry, Carol Boone, Jean Hammer, Phyllis LaRue, Linda Tobias, Karole Kindl e-,', Drriolhy Schultz, Janel Branson, Rosann l-lill, Ann Kramer. Row 3: Miriam Slarlr, Sharon Fabrizius, Marilyn Slmlr, :ludy Dillon, Dorcdhy l-louse. Joyce Smilli, Rosemary Nelson, Cynlhia Timm, Mary Luellen, Charlene Yocum, Nancy Polio, Pally Essex, Sandia Monlqomery. Row 4: Lynn Bauerbach, Sandra Bendel, Carol Gilliland, Nancy Knier, Joyce Schmidl, Llruyrff Toussainl, Gloria Figq. Phyllis Vanzandl, Gail Legler, Jean Kulcher, Margaref Qrr, Janei Cooney, Row 5: P rri, rfirmry fexllrvrandindm, Margarel' Jnnsf-n, Ramona Blake, Shirley Gray, Carol June Fosler, Joanne Bollinger, Mary Ann Ola-ili.iiie,, Judy Dilrman, Alice Balmer, Donna Wcviss, Jane? Flelclwer, Debby Fairbanks, Judy Smilh, 7 ' . . I . I i w . AMICAE ' 1 ' fo 4 5 7 , 1 ar N i i . 1 ' i 1 V Amicae is an organizarion composed of fresh- man and sophomore girls. These girls meer every Two weelcs ar rhe Y.W.C.A. This organ- izalion sponsors a slumber parly every year. .Around Valen+ine's Day, Arnicae has a dance in which lhe highlighl is selecring a Queen of l-learrs. The ideal of lhis club is ro help girls become acguainrecl wirh one anorher. The olllicers are Mary Ann Oberhaus, presiclenl: Gloria Figg, vice-presidenrg and Jaclcie Mc- Daniel, secrelary-lreasurer. Page 66 Row I: Mr. Baird, Pafricia Orr, Gaylie Dusenberry, Janice Plank, Evelyn Hughes, Paisy McDonald. Row 2: Alleyne Meyer, Joyce Jones, Juani+a Schaffer, Joyce Schmidt Mary Korfe, Joann Winrer- mufe. Row 3: Sfanley McFadon, Garry Lee, Marvin Siolley, Gene Poirier, Fred Koeppinq. As Hs name suggesrs, Jrhis organizafion headed by Mr. Baird is insfrumenial in +he insiruciion of phofography. The club's primary inferesr is ro gain some firsf-hand knowledge in all Jrhe processes of phofoqraphy. Their firsf semes- ier oiliicers were: Jo Ann Winiermuie, presi- dent Alleyne Meyer, vice-president Joyce Jones, secrefary-ireasurer. Their second se-- mesier officers are: Fred Koepping, president Gene Poifer, vice-president Joyce Jones, secre+ary-freasurer. Page 67 CAMERA CLUB 4- if-9' ' 4 'Ili 1 x r-In -.Q--Qi ..- ,gf-.f A' Row I: Miss Kemble, Larry Slumme, Paul Schubiclc, Belhany Knapp, DiAnn Kyes, Rulh Norel, Carol Gilliland, Carol Fosler, Shirley Toyne. Row 2: David Dow, Charlene Slrause, Delores Rada, Mary Ann McNeal, Sandra Reicherl, Nancy Dusenberry, Belly Minder, Donna Cameron. Row 3: Gladys Kemper, Barbara Pullium, Palsy Robe-rlson, Rosemary Allmandinger, Sharon liabrizius, Mary Ann CNxxhaua Dokxes Hermann,Janel Kramen Row 4: EH GHaldeUL Charks Zuben Lance Lange Larry Lawrence, Jary Slandley, Charles Chrislophersen, Dick l-lerlein. CURIA REGIA This year Miss Kemble's Curia Regia club has chosen lor lheir ollicers: Nancy Dusenberry, presidenl1 Eli Glalslein, vice-presidenlg Carol Gilliland, secrelaryi and Jary Slandley, lreas- urer. The purpose ol lhe organizalion is lo make a more lhorough sludy ol Roman lilo. For lheir January meeling Curia Regia had an inilialion lor lhirly-one new members, ln April lhe club has an open meelinq planned, and lor lhe May meeling a picnic will be held. Page 68 Row I: Janel Predmore, Norma Schoenig, Delores Rada, Rose Ann Riclcells, Barbara Whisler, Denise Viclcers, Joan Brighf, Nancy Dusenberry, John Goudy. Row 2: lda Brendel, Sharon Falorizius, Sandra Toussainf, Frances Prochaslca, Jane Slanley, Sandra Swengel, Nancy Carier, Kay Schauland, Rosann l-lill. Row 3: Ron Whilmer, Dale l-larris, Charles Chrislophersen. Fred Koepping, Ronald Have- mann, Roloerl' Ralh. N.F.L. and DEBATE The members oi Muslcy l-ligh's championship debale sguad are piclured a+ righl. Row I: Mr. John Goudy, Coach: Jane Slanley, Nancy Dusenberry, Joan Brighl, Sandra Swengel. Row 2: Dale l-larris, lda Brendel, Frances Pro- chaslca, Charles Chrislophersen. These debal- ers began a very successful season by winning invilalional meefs al Coe College and Augus- lana College. They ended The season by win- ning second place honors al The slale Tourna- menl. Page 69 , L Row I: Alleyne Meyer, Donna Cameron, Nancy CarpenTer, Kay BusTer, EsTher Swiclc, Shirley Toyne, BeThany Knapp. Row 2: DoroThy SchulTz, Barbara MarTin, JaneT Swanson, LoreTTa ArmsTrong, Char- loTTe MidlciTT, Mary Ann Kindler, Iva BusTer. Row 3: Marilyn Cooney, Charlene STrause, Jackie McDaniel, CleTa l-lansford, Carole BorcherT, Vivian Cunningham, Bonnie Burns. Row 4: Mary STeclc' man, Louise Ash, Janice l-lavemann, Gerry l-laller, Carlene Wilson, Joann WinTermuTe, Joyce Jones. G.A.A. This organizaTion is The Girls AThleTic Associa- Tion and Their advisor is Mrs. Joye Davis. They have chosen Tor Their oTTicers: Nancy Thayer, publiciTy chairman, Kay BusTer, vice- presidenTp LoreTTa ArmsTrong, baslceTball chair- man: and Iva BusTer, presidenT. Their purpose is To have Tun and To develop slcill in diTTerenT sporTs. The special evenT oT The year ThaT The members oT G.A.A. loolc Torward To is The RoTary weelc-end ouTing when Their awards are given. This group also sponsors The annual Homecoming Dance. Page 70 .0 nv, 4 lv 4i'a ' l"6"'?li ,iff sfo B- Row I: DoroThy FosTer, Shirley Toyne, Wilma Wiwdman, Donna Owen, Mary Ann McNeal, Carol FosTer, Ann Brodie RuTh NoreT, Mary Lou l-lahn, Alice Preclmore, Sara Balmer, Frances Weber. Row 2: Mary Lou Thompson, Marlene Jessen, Audrey Toyne, JoAnn lioyne, Barbara Pulliam, Pa'sy RoberTson, MargareT Jensen, Linda Tobias, Judy Brown, Sandra Bendle, PaT Tyler. Row 3: Jaclcie McDaniel, Opal Shaw, Donna l-loxsey, Miriam STarlc, Geraldine Weelcs, Carol Gilliland CynThia Timm, Carole WulT, Sherry Prior, Janice Faulkner. Lynn Bauerbach. Row 4: Della Warner, Shirley Gray, Beverly Beh, Mary Lou Speiss, CaTherine Kemper, Joan TeSTralce, Carol FosTer. Row 5: Nancy OesT, Ramona Blake, JoAnne Bollinger, Mary Ann Oberhaus PaT Shoppa, Lucille Perkins. Jean KuTcher, JaneT Pefersen, JoAnn Dierclcs, Janef FleTcher, Debby Fairbanks. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Whenever you hear a good-sized group oT girls raise Their voices in happy song, iT's prob- ably The Girls Glee Club. ApproximaTely sixTy girls meT Twice a week in The music room To blend Their voices in harmony This year. They meT one sixTh period every weelc and were al- loTTed one period oT class Time a weelc Tor pracTice. The main singing evenT oT The Glee Club This year was singing in The counTry music TesTival which is held every March aT The high school. Page 7I Row I: Barhara Brase, Belly Scannell, Belly Chewninq, Nancy Sweilzer, Jane? Froehner, Denise Vickers, Parry Sander, Charlollrr Midkili, Jeri Tyler, Carol Jensen, Dolores Ruiz, Marie Bierman, Dixie Erkson, Row 2: Marsha Fisher, JoAnn Worsl, Sykril Nelson, Joan TeSfrake, Naomi Sfumme, Lucy Milchell, Mary Kaufz, Joan Briqhl, Jane Sianley, Wanda Berry, Jane? Hahn, Marilyn Ward. Row 3: Nancy Hahn, Linda Carlson, Ann Wiqirn, Delores Nordeen, Belly Minder, Mary Eiselslcin, Mary Alice Raub, Nancy Hays, Sally Pallon, Charlofle Zuber, Virginia Schauland, Eslher Grossklaus. Row 4: Jrian Marly, Sandra Toussainl, Merle Palmer, Mary Jones, Sheila Wilson, Bernila Zimmerman, Sherry Prior, Elizabelh McCormick, Mona Horlon, Sue Shepard, Judy Templeman, Pal Hillon. Row 5: Mary Ann Richard, Jane? Hendrickson, Lnry Shepard, Susie Schmidf, Joyce Miller, Bebe Fiqq, Frances Prochaska, Susan Bunker, Diane Fairbanks, Lois Russell, Mwry Lou Riekrg, Phyllis Duqqan, HI-TRI Hi-Tri lhis year consisred of approximarely sevenly girls of The junior and senior classes. Their advisor is Miss Lola Michaels. The Oili- cers elecred for rhe lirsr semesler were Nancy Hays, presidenlg Bebe Fiqg, vice-president Merle Palmer, secrelaryq and Doddee Nor- deen, Jrreasurer. During lhe year They sponf sored a fun-nile dance and invired rheir par- enls. The purpose ol Jrhe organizalion is lo develop lhe members socially and ro build beller underslanding. ...Hr-:--'W' " Page 72 Row I: Dick Ware, G. A. Sywassink, Fred 4auTz, Fred Brown, Merlyn McKillip, Tony Pasdach, l.esTer Brewen Rondd TETge,VVanen Dkkmsom Row 2: John VVeben HalVVdghT Danny LHTML CMH Hammann, Don Rogers, Ed Caliger, Jack NieTzel, Don GriTTiTh, Ellison Kuhn, Sid STarlc. Row 3: Lee MauraTh, KenneTh JenneTT, Doug Coder, Ken McDaniel, Richard GlaTsTein, John Robinson, Wayne MiTTman. Row 4: Ron Grossklaus, Myron TeSTrake, Mike LoTgren, John Meerdinlc, Harry Townsend, PMlLoHman,KXckVVookey,JohnSchoh,Kenldumpbby. Row R Bob Andemen,Jeny McKhmey Fred Koepping, Dave T-loopes, Denis McDowell, Ron BosharT, STan Gardner, Don HechT, Ron STurms. HI-Y This organizaTion is open To all high school boys. The main purpose is To creaTe higher ideals and build a beTTer sTandard oT living Tor The members, and also iT helps seT a higher goal in Their scholasTic sTanding. Mr. KochneTT is The advisor and The oTTicers chosen Tor The TirsT semesTer were: Philip LoTTman, secreTaryg Ronald STurms, vice-presidenT, Jaclc NieTzel, Treasurer, and John Robinson, presidenT. There were approximaTely TiTTy members in The or- ganizaTion This year. They sold coTTee aT The TooTball games. Page 73 Row I: Mrs. Jahnke, Mary Lou Thompson, Marilyn Slark, Joyce Smilh, Sherry Prior, Charlolle Mid- kill. Row 2: John Meerdink, Marlene Sfurms, Pauline Slender, Mary Courlney, Janel Cooney, Rose Morrissey. Row 3: Harry Rock, Virg Freyermulh, Charles Evans, Glen Franklin, Norman Bunn. LIBRARY CLUB This year's Librarian officers are Virg Freyer- mulh, vice-president Charlofle Midkirf, secre- Tary-Treasurerg and l-larry Rock, presidenl. Mrs. Jahnke is rhe advisor. These officers and Jrhe resl of fhe Library Club members have been very aclive in assisling rhe facully and sludenls in The use of our library. In lending Jrhis assislance The Librarians have spenl many hours shelving books, answering gueslions, mending books, and seeing Thar new books are circulaled. Library Club has also been making weekly displays wirh various Jrypes ol books. Page 74 Row I: Mr. Parnilc l-lazarian, Don Rogers AlberT McCullough, Dick Ware, Jerome Baillie, ErnesT Morgan Row 2: LaVem Hubbami Don VVdTmam Denk McDoweW Dennh VeHen Dean Uecke Row 3: Don McCleary, Carl EdgingTon, Tom Hahn, Don T-luTT, Ron T-lavemann. The purpose oT Pi-Type Club is To inTorm The members abouT The basic and Tur1clamenTal jobs oT a prinTer. They prinTed all The TooTba'l programs and T-lomecoming ediTion oT The Au- roran Newspaper. The oTTicers oT The prinTing club are Dean Tieclce, vice-president Denis McDowell. secreTary-Treasurer: and Don WalT- man, presiclenT. The highlighT oT The year was Their Trip in February To Chicago Tor a visiT To The Tribune Tower and Jahn and Ollier En- gravers. There are sevenTeen members in Pi- Type Club. Page 75 PI-TYPE CLUB Row I: Miss Eula Downer, Charles ChrisTophersen, Lucy MiTchell, Elaine Davis, Mary WaTson, Thelma Buclcley, EsTher Grosslclaus, Glenda Franlcenberry. Row 2: DoroThy House, Janice l-lorsT, Gladys Kemper, CharloTTe Zuber, CaTherine Kemper, JaneT PeTersen, Jane STanley. Row 3: Mary Ann Banclcs, Lois Russell, JaneT FleTcher, Frances Prochaslca, Nancy Hahn, Mary Ann Richard, Bonnie Drunwn,Barbara Ranm STUDENT TEACHERS 'Half I 'Tar 'TY ,z. ,' fy. ,R 'Z J g-',,iis,n. 5 sw? Cf The purpose oT STudenT Teachers is To give The s+uden+s who are inTeresTed in Teaching as a career pracTical experience in The classroom. Their oTTicers are Janice l-lorsT, presidenTg Jane McllraTh, vice-presidenTg EsTher Gross- ,X W, lclaus, secreTary-Treasurerg CharloTTe Zuber, re- porTerg and Jane McIIra+h, program chairman. Their advisor is Miss Downer. The sTudenTs subsTiTuTed in The elernenTary classrooms dur- ing The parenT-Teacher conTerences. There are approximaTely TwenTy-six members. Page 76 i Row I: Mr. Virgil Godfrey, Virginia Schauland, lvlerlene Walion, Lucy lvlilchell, Gladys Kemper Row 2: Glenda Franlcenberry, Kaihy Long, Margarel Dodds, Alyce Koever. Row 3: Ron Whilmer Dick While, Roberl Ralh, Chad Rehwaldl. This organizalion is a Nalional Honorary Soci- ely for sludenls ol dramalic aris. Mr. Virgil Godfrey is ihe sponsor of lhis Nafional Thes- pians Sociely-Troupe No. 585. Member- ship is earned by Ioarficipalion in lhe high school dramalics aclivifies. They have chosen for lheir officers: lda Brendel, presidenlq Ron Whilmer, vice-president They were inaciive +he iirsi semesfer, buf monlhly social meelings were held during ihe second semesler by ihis group of approximalely fourleen members. Page 77 THESPIANS J4fAL1ffw Page 79 CONTENTS BILL ROACH TROPHY PEP CLUB CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS TRACK BASEBALL COACHES l -y-r ww 1 5 1 .. 9, .Xk ,W.,. 51 ' .si We gif W if 'Suu 'Q f Q 2 g ' 'Q Hr X f X , 1 ,E K . ik 3 Y, in X if W iy i SQ . 2, ,. 2 :X Vzfgw 'zfg2,g'j:4- I QQ fw"'f!.. giyy,.'J rabbi' -n"U'N0n -1 , 5...- 'ix FOOTBALL FINAL LITTLE SIX STANDINGS W L Fairfield . . 6 I Burlinglon . . 5 I Waslwinglon . . 4 2 Muscaline . . 4 3 Ollumwa . . 3 3 Keolcuk . . . . 3 4 MI. Pleasanl . . I 5 FI. Madison . . 0 7 FOOTBALL LETTERM EN Head loolball coach Jim Maas and assislanl coach Earl Ganlenloein on Ilweir way oul Io Jefferson Field for praclice. Gary Aclcerson I-larry Glalslein Jim Hahn George Long Don Rodgers Don Sclwrnelzer Elberl Beverly Cliff I-lamman Milne Lolqren Jim Misel Bill Scannell Harlan Ziegenlworn FOOTBALL VARSITY FOOTBALL SEASON Scores Muscafine Opponenf I9 . . Easf WaIerIoo 32 0 . . BurIinqIon 28 I3 . . Keokuk 6 I9 . . Washing+on 6 I3 . . MI. PIeasan+ 9 I9 . . FI. Madison I8 I4 . . FairIieId 39 I3 . . Orfurnwa 26 Sophomore IooIbaII coach WaI+ Kochneff and assis+an+ coach Mike Edie discuss blocking assignmenfs on This play. FOOTBALL. LETTERMEN Warren Brown Kenny Brown Tom Hahn Ron Hayes Ron King Darrell Lyons Harry Marfin Bernie Ro+h Sid Sfark Charlie Morse, Mgr. Gregg Schroeder Dean Tiecke, Mgr X il 0 , f"u' I I 41 vw f . k ? UU .Q Q iiiiigsk PM 5,,...v+"'4' .pf-. 'E ff" ' ' .1-- ' ' K 'uni' jig, s gif? V55 S in w 'fm , if S as VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: Milce Lolgren, Ron Hayes, Ken Brown, Warren Brown, Don Rodgers, Don Schmelzer. Row 2: Bill Scannell, Don Huil, Harlan Ziecien- horn, Gil-gg Schroeder, Sid Slarlr, Jim Hahn Bernard Rofh, Gary Aclcerson, Clill Hammann, Ron King. Row 3: Bob Andersen, Jim Misel, Don Shoulfz, George Long, Harry Glalslein, Jim Baars, John Glidden, LeRoy Barlenhagen, Don Wallman, Ray Gaddis, Ron Kisner, Darrell Lyon-,, Toni Hahn, Elberf Beverly. LITTLE SIX CONFERENCE Baskefball Slandings W L Ollumwa . , I I 3 Muscarine . . IO 4 Burlingfon . . IO 4 Keolculi . . . IO 4 MT. Pleasanl . . 6 8 Washinglon . . 5 9 El. Madison 2 I2 Eairlield . 2 I2 X Before an oul-of-Jrown game, Dean Tieclce and Charlie Morse can be found in lhe locker rooms packing uni- forms inlo lraveling cases. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row I: Eired Brown, gtudenl manager: Ernie Morgan, Warren Diclcinson, Bob Massey, Gordon Townsend, Dick Ralslon, Ted Downey, Eugeni- Paudafh, Fred Kaulr, Gary Schroeder, Danny Liirell, Eli Glafslein, George Schmidl, Wayne Cribbage, Dave Dow, Row 2: Jerome Baillie, Burn.. Bmuns, Jerry Schmidf, Don Schmidl, Harry Townsend, Doug Wilson, Ellison Kuhn, Don Chalupa, Leonard Egoenburg, Charlie Zuber, ClurnnifiI'lirgi11Hi:,on, Rad Chell, Carl Slrouse. Row 3: Coach Wall Kochncll, Don Duncan, Ron Bosharl, Bob Andersen, Diclc Sirong, LaVern Cheli, Herh Barnard, Diclr Maeglin, Jerry Orhmer, Earl Rohde, Jerry Shenlc, Coach Milne Edie, Charlie Evans, sludenr manager. ,min---i--fn, I1 g 5 I V V I A 3, YJ , .E I .. ix I my ii yy il ,I ii I H fi X 's ig , - 1 1 1 rx I FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Row I: Horner Snyder, Jerry Olhrner, Earl Rohde, Dicl: Maeqlin, Ivyron Tegfralce, Jerry Sulzlserqer. Row 2: Ron Tielqe Dean Schmoldl, Gary I-Iarier, Douo Wilson, Diclc Ware, Warren Dickinson, Ernie Morgan, siudenl manager. 66 Iowa Cily . 37 Clinlon . . 44 Ollumwa . 48 Burlingfon . 52 Keolculq . . 70 E+. Madison 47 MI. Pleasanl 53 Eairiield . . 73 Washinqlon Before Ihe season, Ihe baslcelball coaches gel Ioqefher in order Io co-ordinale condilioninq programs. VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON Muslries Opponeni Muskies Opponen+ 36 Ollumwa . 40 6l Burlinglon . 45 7I Keolculc . . 58 49 E+. Madison 53 7I MI. Pleasanl 53 6I Eairiield . . 36 67 Washinglon 63 58 Clinlon . . 65 55 Davenporl . 52 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE RESERVES Row I: Marvin I-Iunn, manager: Ronald Roland, Harlan McKillip, Ei Glalslein, Fred Brown, Gordon Townsend, Gary Schroeder. Row 2: Don Duncan, Leo Mauralh, Lance Lange, Charles Zuber, Chuck Anson, Don Aqer, Mr. Edie, Row 3: Bolo Andersen, Phil Biyens, I-larry Townsend, Ron Bosharlr, Ed Caliqer, Tom I-Iahn. .ABCATMIL 1 o9sCA?'f.i f Sglriel SQCATO. I if QCAPQ, 1 cm-,f A f ce ff: 4 W 1 :ff sp R vm.. 1 f ,S .f ,W -.f Fyxqinfyf' 'iilfixttlg' gi J 0 , 1, if ab if are 1 W2 . .. H' ui A we ,yi I Q ff 2 G F5 '15 N..f , K W KX. V55 Q 1 X 4 if YV wg? 1' BASKETBALL SQUAD Row I: Mike Lolgren, Ron Haveman, Don Schnnelzer, Norm Perkins, Dick Barry, Harry Glalsfein. Gregg Schroeder George Long. Row 2: Don Wellman, Jim Misel, Don Rodgers, Ron Hayes, Darrell Cooney, Mike Kaulz, Don Huff John Robinson, Marlin Eichelberger. VARSITY BASKETBALL Dick Barry Darrell Cooney Marlin Ronnie Eichelberger l-layes Ronnie Don Haveman Huff BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Mike Lofgren George Long Norm Perkins John Robinson Gregg Schroeder Don Walfman rl Q.. 3 BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL Piclured af lhe lefl are ihe members ol lhe Inlramural baske-'rloall champions. Row I: Carl Kane, Marion Cubbage. Ken Carpenier. Row 2: Harold Fuller, Danny Lillell, Roger lhomplcins, Gary Aclcerson, Capl. The lnlrarnural val- leyball champions are Row I: Larry l-larroun, Ken l-lumpleoy, Capt: John lvleerdinlc, Virgil Freyermulh. Row 2: Dar, win l-lohendel, Ken McDaniel, Paul Kopl, Fred Koepping. INTRAMURAL The Auroran phofographer yisired Jrhe gymnasium one sixfh period and Jroolc 'rhese piclures of Typi- cal inlramural baskelball. The lwo reams in Jrhe piclure are lhe lvluscalrine l-ligh School lacullry members and rhe inlramural champions. Sludenis were released from Jrheir sludy halls ro walch lhe game which had much excilemenl and many laughs. Row I: Ron Roland, Mgr.7 Ron Tielge, Jim Misel, Don Rodgers, Elberl Beverly, Ellison Kuhn, Don Bunlenbach, Ralph Burr, Jerry Baillie, Bob Janney, Lance Lange. Row 2: Dean Tieclce, Mgr.: Diclc Maeglin, Eli Glalslein, Chuck Anson, Jerry Sulzberger, Warren Dickenson, Tom l-lahn, Ray Gaddis, Sid Slarlc, Jaclc Rieferl, Bernie Rolh, Cliff l-lamnfiann. Row 3: Earl Ganlenbein, Coach: Dean Dahrns, Ron Bosharl, Gary Aclcerson, Milce Lofgren, l'-larry Glalslein, George Long, Kenny Brown, Don Schmelzer, Jirn lflahn, Bob Andersen, Jim Maas, Coach, TRACK The Muslcy Traclcmen finished lourlh in The Lillle Six Conference indoor meel al lowa Cily This spring. Milce Lolgren, shown below, won The only firsl place for Muscaline by 'raking honors in The 6Oeyard high hurdles. Two weelcs laler, Milre finished 'rhird in The same evenl al The Slale meel. The lraclc schedule This spring included The Davenporl relays, Fl. Madison relays, and lhe conlerence ouldoor rneel. 'nl-. Row I: Diclc Ware, Jon Rakow, Jim Misel. John Glidden, Gary Ramseyer, Sid Slarlc. Row 2: Gary Weber, John Robinson, l-larry Glalslein, Bob Andersen, Dick Anderser, Ron l-lavernan, Leily Schnaclr, Coach. BASEBALL Jaclc Pulliam, lvlilce Kaulz, George Long and Dcn l-lull gel logelher lo admire Jrhe large lrophy which was awarded lo Muscaiine l-ligh for winning lhe l952 Lillie Six Baseball Championship. These four boys were absenl when lhe Jreann piclure was lalcen. 8l"l"glflfL6L 8145 Page 95 CGNTENTS HOMECOMING FUN NITES KINGS AND QUEENS ASSEMBLIES INFORMALS rf , X T I 'T This year's l-lomecoming Queen, The candidaTes and Their escorTs are: Merle Palmer, Ken Browng Judy Templeman, Ron l-layesq Doddee Nordeen, Milqe LoTgren3 Lois Ann Allmandinger, Dan lvler- cery Bebe Figg, Jim l-lahn. The queen OT The TesTiviTies is crowned in JeTTerson gym aTTer The homecoming TooTball game. HCMECOMING Delores Nordeen appears happy, and she has good reason To be so because she has iusT been crowned l-lomecoming Queen. The queen is selecTed by The maioriTy voTe oT The sTudenT body. As is The cusTom, lasT year's queen places The crown on The new queens head, and gives The TradiTional lciss as Barbara BoynTon is doing here. 5 :sf NE A , " f V l 'aw 'Q af, f R, -ff ' ' ' is . N, X N f, ff f xfxig V A Q , A:iA, A,E.. I -V My S4 up Y ff f Y L' zv.. E Ag xv A R' Y x Qi ff? f L 4 V I V i A ' A gL iff l d is Q - if V7 Q 3 5 t Q , W 5 kj x , 1 ' ' ,S , X B A - ' 1 -553-L . an 35' , ij fy, Q ff Q '21 V lx' :N a'1Q' '5 2 ,fm W -,.:j,x, v Af A 1 A 'Q Y fig K 3' 1 1' 5136 . 1 K iv ig -'xx ' - -ff' ,- L sag' W Q Q 3' 4, 2, 751535 ,Pi 3 E --2 ijt... W1 , - f Q A l T ,A F' Ex Nw 1 af NH -W x... A,-. i ,, 5 M, A, ,W 5, y 5 ,- gw H " ' L" adm 3 AK 4' nf .kgrg - ew' a A -K TH ff Y , 5 Q uv 'Q . F' ,. A, .MV if 1 fi ' A3 Q f 1 , 7' ,R uv 3 :QQ 5 , ,,- ! k 'f' ii 1.zf m we 'i1fi.5K-,M f K-,gf si Q 1 Y ., 5 f a -I 4, , QM 2. i ...M-M Q 1,1 ,find gg: is, f 1-fizwx.. QA LJ 1 'F-'Tw , ik ff Smit' 15 , ,wb ,M V . .-sir, 1 1 x 4 wi 115 7 KA A 1 1 v y Q. ,. J 4 n . qw j! ! -if y umm, A A 'f ,A M ws? X i Avy A 3 fl f ' ' LI ' 41, ' f V '39-?f t W 2 fafg 11 ' 7 4 H 'A ' 4535? , A ,ff . my Q 7' -3:34 'Y v my 5 ,J Q , 3,1 , -nv V hgifv-5 ag, ' 4 I ,ka x 'NM 35. 'Q i wg g- 4 tax , Q Ken and Warren Brown seem To have a hard Time deciding whe+her or noT To geT up in The morning, especially when iT happens To be a school day. lls ThaT such a hard decision To make, boys7l lT looks like iT's breakTasT Time aT Kemper's house! Mark, beTTer known as Omar, and his Two sisTers, CaTherine and Gladys, seem To be sTarTing ouT The day righT wiTh a good appeTizing breakTasT. MORNING Now here's a couple oT sisTers who look raTher ambiTious. Lois Ann and Rosemary Allmandinger seem To be enjoying The daily Task oT doing The dishes. lWould you leT Them do yours?l IT looks like one oT The English Teachers piled The homework on These Three Musky sTudenTs. Dixie Erkson, Beverly STewarT, and Marsha Fisher had To consulT Mr. WebsTer Tor help on Their assignmenT. . 7 I' qhkplj' if i 'fi F 'Ji' 'dj 1 ,am , if? .-r ...- .T 4 gg, 1' X ,wfiiw , A TT Z5 SW fffff K ,XZ fi, Q K . 4, SAE H.. N N, ,, k,,. , 14 ,. 5,3 -v, , , , ' ' 45 Q Wi 1 5 In ..., x ., sf, - 2.. iii W 'www' g, WH. ' - '34 X 1 1 1 wif? " 4. jf6gfwQQ, ,QYX L ffl' x , 1 Q -1? TM Vx A ,. 1 n an v iw ,EM .M- ,,. . we 3 : . 2 , gffii ,V ,FZ kk , X L as -U it .gi we V'-A V1.. 1 it -,R x ., V .Lk.v,. E 34 'H - .fi Q?" x i , 'E X S, ,. N.-.J A l lll lll " A 'vggf X, Almosl' any noon, righT aTTer dinner, you can loolc in The caTeTeria and Tincl Lois SecrisT, Carma Thauren, and PaT King using iT Tor a sTudy hall To sTudy Tor some hard Te . Kay Woodward, Carl EdgingTon, and Berne Brauns don'T wasTe Their noon hour sTudyingg The s 'T Tor a worThy cause- eaTing Their lunch. Yes, They are TUST lilce all boys. Their TirsT love ' ooy X x A . 'f 9 i f' 6 ,fx 'THQ' :V-,lj f NooN f' if f',.,! ij ' li Ju' I -f ' ff IT's noThing unusual To see Jeri Tyler head Tor The mail box when she geTs home aT noon. ExpecTing a leTTer Trom someone? Mary Lou Rielce is helping Jeri. PaT l-lilTon is geTTing impaTienT so she's noT waiTing on Them! Nancy CarTer, Joan Jessup, lda Brenolel, Sandra Swengel, and Alicia Zahniser can be Tound almosT any noon playing piTch and oTher games in The social room. ...WA NNN gk r 1 X x I In x g., , 5 x P 5 'M 1 ,F ig. ,, v , ,A1.1 4' 3 Q - K as jg, I ' x x AMW J 4 V , ENN 0 I si vfg L ml , f Mwwiwk ' , 3 2 Q 1 Q fx We Q' r M' 1 ,4 L X1 'Www 1 "WW-v,.. M " 1 Himayu Q !.,"..., -ff, my -1 xr' V . ,.. qi . ' xiw M 1 he X il I W- A Q f :Je ,KV 1. 5. xl ,,-f if ,a S' Lucy Griffin, Gloria Figg, Cynlhia Timm, and Frances Weber seem lo be having a lillle lrouble. Jus+ a 'rypical scene al one ol rheir slumber parlies when lhe bed fell lhrough. l-lere's a lively four- some aller one of lhe annual formals. Janel l-lahn is accompanying Jim l-lahn, Bealrice Figg, and Dick Barry as Jrhey sing some familiar lavoriles. WEE-WEE HOURS Darrell Cooney and Anila Schroeder ioin Marilyn Ward and l-larry McKee as They celebrale New Year's Eve. These heavy drinkers are slicking lo 7-Up This year. lsn'+ lhal a lillle slrong lor you, kids? Janer Froehner and John Weber are raiding fhe refrigeraror for an evening snack. Even Jane'r's dog, Bonnie, won'+ have +o go hungry. She is gelring in on fhe feasl, loo. ' NSWWVJ. , " " ff ,,,., A I x .xgc!uerIfiAem Page I07 CGNTENTS MUSCATlNE'S MOST PROGRESSIVE MERCHANTS AND JOBBERS August Alfenbernd Aslal?er's Book Slore Bamford Sfudio Barnard's Bar+on's BaHerson's Bazley Cash Marker Beach Lumber Co. Blake Radio Service Block Coal Co. E. E. Bloom lns. J. A. Bloom 8: Son Bowman Mofors Bowman Shoe Sfore Ron Brei Service Sfalion Brower Service Brownbil+ Shoe Sfore Cenlral Sfafe Bank Chaudoin Elecfric Chocolafe Shop Coca-Cola Coder Hardware Cohn's Connell Motors Cook's Music Shop Day Bros. Dairy Queen Denial Sociefy Dixie Cream Elder 8: Vaupel Eichenauer's Cigar Sfore Esquire Cleaners Evans Food Sfore Fairall Painf Sfore Fairbanks Fashion Shop Feugen's Jewelry Glass Smar'I' Shop Grain Processing Corp. Grimm Drug Sfore Hahn Bros. C. C. Hakes Hawkeye Lumber Co. H. J. Heinz Henderson's Garage Hershey Avenue Marker Hill Lumber Co. Holliday Cleaners Page I08 AURORAN ADVERTISERS Holel Muscaline Huflig Mfg. Ina Mae's. lowa Elecfric loway Record Prinfing Co. Johnny's Grill Kaulz Baking Co. Kemp'l's Jewelry Kenfs Feeds Kolpak George Kranz Xi CO. J. E. Kranz Florisf KWPC Lagomarcino-Grupe Co. Lamp-Rehwaldl' Laurel Beauiy Shop H. C. Lawrence Leslie's Leuck lns. Co. Leu Garage Leu 81 Son Leu Typewrifer Liebbe-Jones lns. Lilly's Cigar Store Luellen's Cleaners Lupfon 8: Toyne McColm McKee Buflon Co. McKee Feed 8: Grain McKee Sporf Shop Maeglin's lns. Maid-Rife Magnus Model Laundry Mar-Clare Shop Medical Sociefy Meerdinks Midwesl Transil Lines Mills Aufo Paris Works Min+on's ' Mofor Service Municipal Eleclric Muscafine Bank 81 Trusl Muscaline Bridge Corp. Muscaline Buick Co. Muscaline Journal Muscafine Junior College Nissen's American Petroleum Nobili+y Silverware Norfhern Gravel Oberhaus Bros. Ogilvies l 81 l Offo Grocery Paefz Grocery , Park Lane Counlry Club J. C. Penney Co. Pefers Producfs Pelerserfs Office Equipmenl' Phelps' Bros. Laundry Phil's Service Pla-Mor Alleys Poole's Lines Red Painf Sfore Reynold's Eleclric Richards Roach X: Musser Roberf Roach lns. Romann 8: Liebbe Rosa's Sfyle Shop Ro'lh's Service Company Sanilary Plumbing Xi Healing Shepard's Farm Supply Schmid+'s Auto Service Simpson's Moiors Sferck Prinling S. G. 81 P. Sfein Sfellrechf Shoe Repair Slernemans H. E. Smilh Coal Co. Spurgeon's Clolhing Siore Sfanley Engineering J. B. Sf. Clair Boffling Works TeSfrake Bros. Tilley-Fiese Mofors Tifus Loan and lnvesiment Troufs Supermarkel H. M. Vance Wareco Sysfem Weber Buffon Company Wesfer Drug Weslern Aulo Wilson Shoe Srores Wink Dry Cleaners George Wiffich Home Ralph Wiffich Home Yellow Cab Company Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Y -hi EVANS' FOODS 108 West Second St. Phones 3266 - 3267 QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS. VEGETABLES AND FRESH MEATS 133 W' 2d St' 211 E' ad S' WESTINGHOUSE RCA VICTOR Free Delivery on Orders of 52.00 Appliances Television Special Prices All Week YOUNGSIOWN ELECTRICAL Kifchens Confracfing l D lc B ry leaves his he1qht to 3 Senior couplee MINTON 1. E. KRANZ, flomsr The Finest "Fifty Years of Floral Service" In Gifts Telephone 122 217 Iowa Ave. Phone 1510 219 Iowa Ave. MUSCATINE, IOWA 4. Ouietesl senior q 1 3 5 P t H lt leaves her Auroran worries lo YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT BATTERSON'S MUSCATINE'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE Seen In Life. Look. Vogue. Seventeen, Colliers. Post. Esquire And Many More If It's New, You'll Find It At BATTERSON,S First Men's Q Boys' Clothing Housewares Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Fine Furniture Yard Goods Drapery Infants' 42: Children's Wear Men's Work Clothing Jewelry 6 Cosmetics Toys for Christmas 2. lim Hahn, Ken Brown, and Darrell Lyon l H l tb ll bl ty lo Page IO9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 'A' Best Wishes for Success and Prosperity - Nobility Silverware Quadruple Plate - Finest Quality For a Lifetime of Gracious Serving EDITH SCHMALZ 1146 Orchard Phone 2986 7 Iudy Templemcm leaves her singing ability to "' LEU'S GARAGE DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH 126 East Second St MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE ' FARM MACHINERY "The Store For , The Junior Miss" 810 E. second Phone sza 6 Il O L n 1 eaves her red ha to 8. Senior qirl with the pretti t l ANYWHERE - ANYTIME The Pause That Retreshes nmma , 1 Bnmfs W., Bottled Under Authority of PQ QQ t'-: '-f: -sfr- Coca-Cola Company by Ag --.-..,pV: Muscumf COCA-COLA ' .::: .' is BOIILING COMPANY -fp seds IS. Sex' D f f 53 V Page IIO ESQUIRE DRY CLEANERS STUP-' Acnoss FROM BATTERsoN's Gef U Cfme With a Curl on Top We Pick Up and Deliver MRS. I. I. LIGHTHALL Phone 3748 316 E. Znd Si. 1335 E, ghd phone 1245W 9. Naomi Stumriie leaves her poise to ll Sen with h b l When ygu think Qi , , , COMPLIMENTS OF. .. C 0 A L CODEH Think of . . . RE w. G. BLocK co. HARDWARE STO Fuel Merchants For Over 124 EAST SECQND ST, 65 Years 10. Diane Evcms leaves her boy trouble to 12 Senior girl with the prettiest hair-- LUELLEN'S CLEANERS AND FURRIERS FRIGIDAIRE FUR STORAGE 209 WEST 2nd ST. PHONE 6 Pg Ill TO THE GRADUATE Good Luck. Success cmd Prosperity HOME-MADE CANDY AND ICE CREAM GOOD FOOD AND GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASION THE CHOCOLATE SHOP XI GIFT BOX HARRY F. SICKMAN An Advertiser for 38 Years 13 I IO years Ida B del will be BOWMAN MOTOR CO. 219 East Front Street MUSCATINE. IOWA Phone 104 - Res. 3390-I 17. Semor with the funm t nickname-- HILL LUMBER COMPANY QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL We'd Welcome An Opportunity To Serve You CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1953 GRIMM DRUG CO. "Drugs of Quality' D PHONE 95 130 East Second St. Phone 196 14 N t I IB. Girls with the blondest hui CONGRATULATIONS - GRADUATES Your Friends Now cmd In The Future Hcrppiness and Prosperity Is Our Wish For You B E A C H L U M B E R AND SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 9 "Buy It From Beach" Phone 10 A -2 ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD 16. In IO B b C l on cmd Marlin Eichelberqer will be Page II2 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 1953 GRADUATES All through the year, Whether you call on us to deposit money, or to borrow ity to ask our opinion about a problem, or merely to bid us the time ot day-YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. MUSCATINE BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation This bank issues U. S. Savings Bonds as cr public service. 61 Ioyce Iones, Alleyne Meyer, and IoAnn Wintermute. HEINZ FAMOUS 57 VARIETIES 24663639 Have set the Quality Standard for fine American tables for more than 80 years 61963670 H. J. HEINZ COMPANY Makers of the 57 Varieties 50 Wanda Berry, Betty S yder, and Marie Bei l th ' "q ' q t dy" p bl t Page II3 CENTRAL STATE BANK MUSCATINE, IOWA - 1 Hi- MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION If IJ C1 cg qt I k yil a fl I p Ily "CHARGED" WITH CONVENIENCE The difference between wishing and havina is a charae account by which you can afford to own the treasured thinas that make for a fuller life. It takes only a few minutes to establish your credit here. You may arrange to pay weekly or monthly, at no extra cost. of Bgaufgul DMWMQ Jfw WW , E Qafvqzw FIU irff ,N S W' 207 East Znd X KWWYAV X? , I X or 1 f E G ' V 'E 51. ln 10 M ' Sy ' k d Dc Tiecke's favoriie pastime Page II4 ir FRESH REFRIGERA TED mifma.n 2 Czocofafed EICHENAUER'S PHONE 211 211 EAST SECOND ST. "Call '211' To See Who Won" BEjQNXjj:fS' Elder 6. Vaupel Farm Store BROWER SERVICE , 123H-1Sff11ifdSf- Phone 181 MASSEY HARRIS 21. BQBQ Fiqql eqves herl R NEW IDEA COMPLIMENTS or FAIRALL PAINT STORE ALLIS CHALMERS Farm Equipment O v 419 W. FRONT STREET 110 West Second St. Phone 345 Phone 2197 22. Iohn Vorwerk leaves 24 I 10 s Virginia Hughes cmd M 1 Rcmdoll Page H5 INA MAE's CAFE IQIN SERVING FINE Foon IN THE 403 W. Front St. Muscatine, Icr. S C GEORGE M. THAYER I M S' THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN! FASHION SHOP Ladies' Q Children's Wearing Apparel . ALSO MEN'S IACKETS and BOB FAIRBANKS ark, Don Schmeltzer, and Don Rogers. 3. Marilyn Ward and Harry McKee. HENDERSON'S GARAGE PONTIAC .Sales and CHEVROLET CADILLAC Service OLDSMOBILE 115 West Front Street Phone 3610 OK'd USED CARS 3rd 6 Mulberry-Front 6 Hershey Phone 314 OK'd USED TRUCKS 2nd and Orange Phone 4250 FIRESTONE TUBES AND TIRES Pg II6 HOTEL MUSCATINE Muscatine' s Only F ireproof Hotel EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP - OTHER MUELLER HOTELS - ALLISON .... Cedar Ra id I . p s, owa LA CROSSE .... La Crosse, Wisconsin MAGNUS .... Cedar Rapids, Iowa H. H. MUELLER, General Manager MUSCATINE, IOWA 5 FOR COATS - SUITS - DRESSES IUNIORS - Ifz SIZES - REGULAR SEE GLASS SMART SHOP GERTRUDE - RUTH 11 D HC y dN H OOH9 OH cmcy cxys. HAHN BROTHERS CO. Shippers - Receivers COMPLIMENTS OP HAWKEYE LUMBER 12, Amit Sh der. COMPANY Growers O PHONE 142 207 WEST FRONT 6 N y l-I wk. LJ .- IDI?IMUSCATlt'?Ex "-Uo ll 0' -ll ' Extends Heartiest Congratulations And Sincere Good Wishes For Success . Ann Wiqim. HERSHEY AVENUE MARKET Groceries QS Meats 0GlLVlE'S Fourth and Mulberry "Our Volume Guarantees Low Prices" Merle Palmer. W. SCHMIDT - E. TOBIAS Phone 2431 1060 Hershey Ave 32. with cr sense of accomplishment. TeSTRAKE BROTHERS M Ftnfo-PEP FEEDS 4 ilffffl Feed and Grain ' .L Custom Grinding BISKIT and Mixing ' MUSCATINE IOWA ' Phone 177 13. still arquin 113-117 West Third St Page MOTOR SERVICE CO HUDSON - OLIVER -- SKELLY SALES AND SERVICE -f-- ' - 401-411 MULBERRY AVENUE Phone 3536 RMIbH OUR BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 S+? GRAIN PROCESSING CORPORATION BIJ-1KE'S RADIO Sales and Service COHN'S For The Best In . . . Sundries -Magazines MOTOROLA - RADIOS Toys - Greeting Cards TELEVISION Candies - Smoking Supplies Fountain Service - Lunches 210 Iowa Ave. Phone 212 209 EAST THIRD ST. PHONE 107 9 S Sh p ol l6 ' h f CONNELL MOTORS HRY LEE SALES AND SERVICE 408 East Second Street Phone 660 COMPLIMENTS or BAZLEY CASH MARKET "Muscatine's Leading Market" 212 East Second St. Phone 520 l7. Dori Phelps tSusycl0qJ. BEST WISHES-SENIORS SEE US FOR FINE I ewelry - Watches Silverware EARXVARDTSA IEWELERS - SILVERSMITHS . sw. ure . 213 East Second Street Muscatine. Iowa. 22 h g l troubles to Doug Coder. For the 44th Year We Are Saying: CON GRATULATION S, SENIORSI Ori Attainirig Your Majority. You Are in the Third Generation of Those Who Have Purchased Their School Supplies From Us. HAPPY LANDINGS! E. E. BLOOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance A S T H A L T E R S 101 Central State Bank Bldg. BOOK STORE l4 l.. ' Allmanclinger and Denis McDowell. 24. will still be writing letters. Page II9 CONGRATULATIONS "HERE TO SERVE" 4336 LAMP-REHWALDT CO. YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER PHONE 333 IB. Sarah Hoeksema, Gloria Crook, and I S MUSCATINE. IOWA COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF B L 0 O M I S COOK'S MUSIC SHOP Complete Music Service ' POPULAR AND CLASSICAL RECORDS Listen to the best in records 221 East Second Street T Phone 137 PHONE 721 - 722 SU I et Froehner, Ianei Crow, and Ianet Hah 51. W11I siill be each other. C 0 M P L I M E N T S For Those "Special" Parties 0 F DON'T FORGET Aueusr ALTENBERND DIXIE CREAM CONTRACTOR D Q N U T S TELEPHONE 1770 206 WALNUT ST MUSCATINE. IOWA 26 h n. 2U Mark K Pg l20 TILLEY-FIESE MOTORS. Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH my Phone 4280 - 416 E. Third St. mr MUSCATINE, IOWA 'I' '- 'f "This May Be It" DEPENDABLE USED CARS Service Unlimited - Factory Engineered Parts Only DODGE Builds Job-Rated Trucks 19. Warren Brown, B111 Buster, Ierry Burr, and Paul Amo CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS 'ro 1953 CLASS THE CLASS OF '53 ' 0 BROWNBILT SHOE RON BRE1 STORE Standard Service 225 EAST SECOND ST. SIXTH AND MULBERRY 2 Rita Rebelsky. 27 lean Brauns will leave MHS LIEBBE-JONES INSURANCE C 0 N G R A T U L A T10 N S' "AGENCY" S E NIO R S 316 Hershey Bldg. - Phone 4388 BOWMAN BROS. SHOE STORE BILL LIEBBE OMER IONES K U Res. 1457w Res. 10341 The Home of Good Shoes "All Types of Insurance" 25 Ronnie Evans leaves 120 East Second St. Phone 3787 30. Iohn Weber leaves his to Page l2I Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Seniors! 'I' KEMPF'S I EWELERS 309 EAST SECOND ST. 23 Mary Lou Rieke and Esther Grossklaus will lea NATURAL GAS The Modern Cooking Fuel ir IT IS THE CLEANEST, FASTEST, AND MOST MODERN DOMESTIC FUEL KNOWN if IOWA ELECTRIC C0 34. Kenny Isnnett leaves his curly hair to C. C. HAKES 61 CO. INVESTMENTS REAL ESTATE FARM AND CITY LOANS COMPLIMENTS OF IOWAY-RECORD PRINTING COMPANY INSURANCE COInmerCiCI Printing Hershey Building Muscatine, Iowa 212 WALNUT ST. PHONE 190 33 G1 nn Minor gives 35. Nancy Carter passes the chatter box to KOLPACK AUTO SUPPLY CO. BEN KOLPACK, Prop. NEW AND USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS "Home of First Class Automotive Products" PHONE 1679 28. Lorretta Armstr q lll th h 1 bl t 509-11 MULBERRY AVE P I22 "WISE-HNG YOU A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE" MATT LEUCK INSURANCE AGENCY 36 Th I 1 wn of '53 BEST WISHES H. C. LAWRENCE STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME TAX SERVICE Bookkeeping Service 618 EAST NINTH ST. PHONE 2155 MUSCATINE, IA. 41. Ronnie Sturm 1 h ci cing ability to EAT IDEAL ICE CREAM FOR HEALTH It's Pure - That's Sure MANUFACTURED BY LAGOMARCINO-GRUPE CO. WE CONGRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 LUPTON 81 TOYNE, Printers Commercial Printing 224 IOWA AVE. PHONE 756 43. IoArm Royal will Ieav CON GRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! We Wish You Success and Happiness in Your Future LllLY'S CIGAR STORE 38. Willodene Daerfer has LEU AND SON Always The Best Whether It's Packages, Cones, Malts or Sundaes Fine Flowers For All Occasions Corsaqes a Specialty "Say It With F lowers' ' GEO. KRANZ 5: SON VERNON ts. MARGARET WALTERS Owners Open Every Day and Every Evening 312 SYCAMORE PHONE 202 Phone 4 122 East Second 39. ln IU years Phyll D qq will be 44. The boy tlk ly t Ceed- Page I23 CONGRATULATIQNS You Get The Best Quality SENIORS! And The Latest Styles MUSC ATINE When You Shop At BRIDGE CORPORATION ' 1 Laurel Bldg. S 29. Gary Ackerson, Cliff Hqmmfm, and Ron King leave . . . FOR . . . WOMEN'S APPAREL IVIUSCATINE BUICK CO. DRAPERIES Sales and Service AND Used Cars FLOOR COVERINGS 217 EAST THIRD sT. Phone 174 Znd and 3rd Floors Laurel Bldg. I aves 46. In 10 years Icmice Horst will be Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Students of M. H. S. McKEE FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY HAWKEYE FEEDS soo EAST SECOND ST. PHONE 740 40. Doddee Nordeen leaves her honor of b Pg I24 MILLS AUTO PARTS CO. DISTRIBUTORS OF Replacement Parts 2553 . . . PHONES . . . 2588 210 West Second SI. Muscatine, Iowa 48. The senior wolf l?i is EXPERT BEAUTY sERv1cE LAUREL BEAUTY SHOP ROBERTA IANNEY BERNICE MOORE. Proprietor Phone 1657 53 Dick Woolsey leaves CONGRATULATIONS COSSTQTEEATSQNS' GRADUATES KENT FEEDS ir LESLIE'S Ready-to-Wear The Store for Women and the Iunior Miss 106 W. Second St. Phone 364 "The Feed Without A F iller" MANUFACTURED BY MISSISSIPPI VALLEY GRAIN 8: FEED C0. 54. Icxck Nietzel will leave COMPLIMEN TS OF IOHNY'S GRILL 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 2607 49. Best dr ed seni boy- 55. Senior class crIis1- ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Both Office and Portable Machines , Reconditioned and Rental Machines Office Equipment and Supplies LEU TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE "Since 1903" 2lO EAST SECOND STREET MUSCATINE, IOWA 42. Sondra Smull leaves her job as life-qua d h l Page I25 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 OTTO R. MAEGLIN 207-209 American Bank Bldg. PHONE 2286 "Where Insurance ls A Business Not A Sideline" '56 Charlotte Midkiff and Ken Eq 1 h Cleaning and Laundry in the Years Ahead PHONE 3575 MAGNUS MODEL Laundry and Cleaners ART HOWE, President 208-212 East Fourth Street 58 Best dressed senior qirl MUSCATINE- The Home of Cheap Electricity and Pure Water MUSCATINE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC PLANT 57. Mary Ka I leaves her cute figure 1 SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING M A I D- R I 'I E copvmmn :sae-Mun-nn: Pnooucvs, mc. 4, :' gt-.4 r. -. .-A. rw 110 Cedar - 1033 Hershey Home-Made Ice Cream 60. Barbara Whisler leaves her walk to THE MUSCATINE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY "HEALTH - a blessing beyond price." -- Anonymous - MEMBERS - MUSCATINE D. C. Alitine E. L. Emerson T. M. Miller R. W. Asthalter R. R. Goad C. P. Phillips E. H. Carlson P. M. Iessup V. W. Swayze Wm. Catalona I. L. Klein G. A. Sywassink W. W. Daut R. F. Klein K. E. Wilcox L. H. Whitmer WILTON IUNCTION NICHOLS L. C. Winter 45. Thery tlklytbp d tfthl'lb H. Palmer Page 126 CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF l953 PARK LANE GOLF 6. COUNTRY CLUB Phone 2697 2223 MULBERRY AVE. 64 I h ear future Beverly Schlofelt w ll In PAETZ GROCERY COMPANY FOOD DISTRIBUTORS MUSCATINE. IOWA 68 Tallest senior girlse OBERHAUS MARKET 529 MULBERRY AVE. OT'I'O'S FOODS . . . "Tops" in Quality FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES "FINEST OF MEATS" We Recommend and Sell PHONE 401 Well-Known Brands "Grocers Since 1924" "Where The Best Costs No More" 65 Richard Walker leaves his qood looks to 19 I-GZiGSt S9I1i0fS- CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1953 MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES MAR-CLARE SHOP INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S SPECIALTY SHOP Ladies' Lingerie 102 EAST SECOND ST. 67 B t ll-around boy--M QUALITY - STYLE Griffon Suits Champ Hats Rugby Sweaters Wilson Sportswear Dresner Luqqaqe E E R D I N Clothing Co. "The Young Man's Shop" 25 his crooninq to Kay Woodward. Page I27 THE MUSCATINE COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY CONGRATULATIONS. SENIORS! 69. Marge Friedrick, Sally Patton d P tty S fl 1 ih 'd' g d ' th "B'q B ' k" t DR. L. I. DONOHUE Laurel Bldg. 34 B11Sh It DR. H. G. IOHNSON Laurel Bldg. 351. H1 DR. I. D. MCPIKE 2601 Mulberry 30. G. A. Sywassink DR. E. E. GOSS Laurel Bldg. 36R HY DR. I. B. HATHAWAY lll Cedar St. 39. Mrs. Ierome B DR. W. G. LEASE Laurel Bldg. 44 L Verne Hubbard. DR F. W. ENGLUND Laurel Bldg. 28 1 ky DR. I. M. WOODHOUSE Laurel Bldg. 46thqh1 DR. I. L. PEARLMAN 108 W. 2nd St. 37. lim Do gh ny DR. I. A. WAGNER Laurel Bldg. 38. lhep if tbl y DR. I. A. TREVARTHEN Hershey Bldg. 41 R G kl DR. I. W. POTTER Hershey Bldg. 27. with a smile. Page l28 GOOD LUCK, SENIORSi CONGRATULATIONSTOTI-IE CLASS OF '53 tg, McKEE BUTTON BOWIZING Is The Recrecxhon You Can From 7 to rGuS Shook to SOme silly . GLUE BENTWS PHELPS BROTHERS LAUNDRY RECREATION AND DRY CLEANING PHONE 340 315 ORANGE ST ...SEE US... FOR WASHED SAND - GRAVEL - READY-MIX CONCRETE CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS -ALSO- PORTLAND AND MASON CEMENT NORTHERN GRAVEL COMPANY Phone 193 ey can swipe it wi'hOui hi Pg IZ9 EYNOLD ELECTRIC SERVICE TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES The Store That Service Built 420 Mulberry Avenue Phone 94 29. the football field to next year's varsity team. NISSEN AMERICAN PETROLEUM CO. Gasoline - Heating Oils Bottled Gas 101 WALNUT STREET 53 h shoe salesmcmship to Gary lackson. BEST WISI-IES, SEN IORS "FOR ALL YOUR OFFICE NEEDS" PETERSEN 'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES Hershey Bldg. Phone 3387 40. the lucky gal who ll q t th t tl t year. O coMPL1M1-:Nrs or POOLE TRANSFER. INC O 54 p S cl Sweitzer lon ly dll IVIUSCATINE IUNIOR COLLEGE A Two-Year Accredited College ...OFFERS... l. Pre-Professional Education Medicine Commerce Nursing Engineering Agriculture 2. General Education Education Industrial Science Law Dentistry Home Economics 3. A two-year teacher training course leading to a standard elementary certificate. 4. Adult classes in any subiect for which there is sufficient demand. 5. G. I. Bill. Credits Accepted by Any Institution of Higher Learning 7U, Kathy T y l her h tor of being one of the smallest senio girls to Page I30 SERVING WITH YOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF THROUGHOUT THE WORLD 1844-1953 WINK DRY CLEANERS 9 I Y- M- C- A- 4th cmd Cedar Fisher. . Iohn Robinson. COMP!-IMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS WILSON SHOE STORE A N D MUSCATINE, 1owA 9 WARECO SYSTEM of IOWA "Since 1854" Eighth and Cypress St. BEST WISHES 19- I I Y oU'rH IN W omn C HRISTIAN A c'r1v1T1Es Friends - Fun - Fellowship Gym - Pool - Clubs 'Y" OF COURSE .QQ THE "HUB" OF 6 LEISURE TIME ACTIVITIES ve their Aurcrczn typing io Pg I3I COMPLIMENTS OF WESTER DRUG STORE 315 EAST SECOND ST. PHONE 400 itey Meyers. YELLOW AND CITY CAB COMPANY - Radio Dispatched - Phones - 80 - 931 211 Cedar Street Donna Petty. GOOD LUCK, SENIORS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 200 East Second St Phone 2227 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 RALPH 1. WIIIICH FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Bill Iones. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! TITUS Loan 6. Investment Co. 57. le! the iunior girls decide- .we can't. SIMPSON MOTORS "The Finest in Used Cars" Phone 4004 107 E. FRONT STREET oeder. Root Beer Squirt I. B. ST. CLAIR BOTTLING WORKS CARBONATED BEVERAGES 219 MULBERRY PHONE 1424 Double Cola Orange Squeeze 58. Mary Alice Ruub. COMPLIMENTS OF RED PAINT STORE 214 Iowa Ave. Phone 473 66. Lucy Shepard. Pg I32 TROUT'S SUPER MARKETS 220-222 Iowa Ave. 522-524 Mulberry Ave igzrue Murfiey .Z gffer Sauingd H Pg I33 I. C. PENNEY CO.. INC. DEPARTMENT STORE 101-105 EAST SECOND sr. -l ?- Ready-to-Wear - Shoes - Men's Wear Dry Goods - Infants' Wear - Notions Home Furnishinqs i- P-l- "A STORE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" lean Bamhart leaves her dark brown hair io Em. 977. kfiftich junmal Hama 5 HSS! L rf, - few SET' Phone 1260 I Pg I34 SANITARY PLUMBING 6. HEATING CO. E. I. SYWASSINK. Prop. 1323 EAST SECOND STREET PHONE 1106 67. Mike Lofqren. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 STARCK PRINTING CO. "Good Printing Quick" 205 WEST SECOND PHONE 935 59. Sybil Nelson. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS H. E. SMITH COAL C0. POPULAR-PRICED READY-TO-WEAR - DRY GOODS LINGERIE - CANDY Large Assortments on Hand son 'rononc Sp u lo e 0 I-'VS 712 E. 2nd St. ru: 'riuiurr stone COMPLIMENTSOF CONGRATULATIONS. C L A S S O F ' 5 3 I STANLEY S- Q5 3,135 SPN ENGINEERING COMPANY Hershey Building 309 Iowa Ave. Phone 7 MUSCATINE. IOWA 70. Mary Kay Harder. 62 y ne who likes to work hard. STELLRECHTS R 0 S A ' S LEATHER STORE "We Repair and Dye Anything Made of Leather" SHOE REPAIR ELBOW PADS AND ZIPPERS 122 East Third St. 52. Muscatine's most efficient secretaries. STYLE SHOP SHOP F OR THE SMARTEST IUNIOR CLOTHES 205 East Second Street Page I35 CON GRATULATION S. GRADUATES 935 HELEN BAMFORD STUDIO 106 EAST znd STREET Phone 832 their solns at lurlior College and Hiah School to .wo other secretaries. SCHMIDT'S AUTO SERVICE Car - Truck - Tractor Repairing Bear Wheel Alignment - Balancing Frame Straightening Wrecker Service Phone 298 325-329 WEST FRONT STREET MUSCATINE. IOWA S Iackie Berry, Loui Sh, Margaret D dd Pg I36 MERCHANTS Of MUSCATINE: Muscatine High School Iune 5, 1953 We, the Auroran staft, editors, and advisor, wish to thank you tor your generous and continued support ot our annual publication, This yearbook, which presents the memories ot our 1952-53 school year, would not be possible except for your traditional prestige advertising. This important source of our income supplements our budget to such an extent that our students can obtain their keepsakes at a minimum cost to them. li has been a pleasure to renew this association with you, in our 1953 Auroran. Sincerely, IOHN A MCAREAVY Auroran Advisor 69. Nancy Hahn, Io Worst, Mary Ann Richards, and Frances Prochaska. COMPLIMENTS OF ROTH SERVICE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF PETER PRODUCTS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 PHIL'S CITIES SERVICE ROBERT L. ROACH Life Insurance 202 Muscatine Bank Building MUSCATINE. IOWA Page I37 Sales - FRIGIDAIRE - Service HI G H G R A D E BROTHEQ1 MILLWORK 216 East Second St. Phone 69 W MUSCATINE, IOWA HOLLIDAY CLEANERS Phone 3883 We 1:33-Illgralgd Dellver Daily 8 M ,S",'Q,e'Q,Z1Y Sch g COM PANY KWPC AM-FM Broadcasting all Little Muskies Major Sports Events for the Fifth Straight Year ACKNOWLEDGMENT The yearbook editors, staff, and advisor wish to thank the following for their splendid cooperation during the production cycle of the 1953 AURORAN. This yearbook Was made possible only through your combined efforts. HELEN BAMFORD STUDIO, 106 East Znd Street, Muscatine, Iowa ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY, Iowa City, Iowa IAHN 81 OLLIER ENGRAYING COMPANY, Chicago, Illinois GOOD LUCK TO THE 1953 FOOTBALL SQUAD IAMES MAAS. Head Coach SCHEDULE Roosevelt, Cedar Rapids, here .... . Burlington, there Keokuk, there . Washington, there Mt. Pleasant, here Ft. Madison, there Fairfield, here . Ottumwa, 'here . September ll September 18 September 25 2 October October 9 October 16 October 23 October 30 STERNEMAN'S Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys C SINCE 1889 'Step Up the Avenue and Save Dollars" Page I39 ALWAYS ASK FCR F AMCUS RICH BRAND WIENERS AND HOLLAND S'I'YLE BOLCGNA Pk Pk Pk RICH BRAND LUNCH MEATS MAKE A QUICK AND TAS'I'Y MEAL LCOK FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE LABEL I40 CjfJf,E,iI,?DD3,5,21LEQJL?,SGS SHEPHARD FARM suPPLY co. LONGINES, WITTNAUER, ELGIN. HAMILTON 5. BULOVA WATCHES JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT H. M. VANCE 115 WALNUT IEWELER 116 E. Second sz. Phone 2314 Phone 492 MUSCATINE, IOWA , FORPHGH OUALWY Ro-L1-Co Brand Meats ATHLETIC GOODS SPORTING SUPPLIES Locker Service DURAQLE, TOYS CHOICE HARDWARE COMMENTS OF M KEE's SHPc3,R?gTEZ SARDWARE C ROMANN 6. LIEBBE CO, 327 E. zoo S+. Phone 2857 MUSCATINE. IOWA Open Six Days A Week DON'T SAY BREAD SAY HOLSUM BAKED FOR QUALITY M. KAUTZ BAKING CO. Page I4I vwnuwmmgg YZWWWI-18 W 9 Y 3 'gf f , A U F, 5 ' P-Wm.. ' am , ,. W .k,,.M,.,,.,A .D V. W--vfq TQQJSWH x S1 A -'fm New ., 'vii wb.. - f ,, ' Ww'v':',. "' 01" in 4 ,, ., I fvvn.'u.1.., , V ,N N 94 M. ' u .4 1 .,,, nl., H pf GK , I Y A , A L KX-x ts Even 6 Muscafine Muscafine Musca+ine Muscafine Muscafine Muscafine Musca+ine Muscafine Musca+ine Muscafine Muscafine Muscafine Muscafine Musca+ine Musca+ine Muscafine Musca+ine Muscafine l952-53 BASKETBALL SCORES Iowa Cify Ciinfon . O++umwa . Burlingfon Keokuk . Fi. Madison Mir. Pleasanf Fairfield . Wasimingfon Offumwa . Burlingfon Keokuk . E+. Madison M+. Pieasanf Fairfield . Washing+on Clin+on . Davenporf COMPLIMENTS OF WEBER 81 SONS BUTTON COMPANY, INC. Page I43 , X l Tip li ' X jahn Sl OQlier Again A familiar and reassuring slogan FAMILI An...ber:ause it has appeared in thousands of the country's finest year books Rsnssu specia servic pendalz wbam we worlz. with IAHN for the past half century. mNc...lzecause those years ol lized experience bring complete outstanding quality and de- le delivery to the yearbook staffs, + li OLLIER ENGRAVINC CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7 llltnoil l tx N ffigff X3 - QW 'ai ww-'H w , Y , . , , ,,.Ag....,, .Y An.. A .A .-,.. Y , H L Mfg'fYW ww 4j?bJ5yW W Q, 3 wifi ! ff Qi'f5g',fi5f'ff - as rr' - A ' Mun - - .gf F K 'wfrgif' QQTHN 4 -Q.. R dwg!! fp' f' rv fyjjlzb Q25 it fl? .i Wifpffiw if Iiwm .WX g,fw Q"9 1 f E Ji My 5924. WC jf Ali 1 W li X fl ff? " L C' ' -V -V N- -, . N w- fd. Mc- 'A QS'-V ' . , !'P'?- 'X FFS 3 f

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