Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA)

 - Class of 1944

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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1944 volume:

,.. n . H A Sr' ASL- E95 , 12. Qf . 0 f A N1 'ii 1 ', 6.4 I X f W Q ar . Q 1 'Z 4 'A N iv zagdhk 9?,gf.c.a'.j M ff' , ?!..,fn!',v., 5 in TU-vw ffl ' gr! .sn Y 1 :KJ - K W jd , W B. f' 1' nl, AJ ,. ,,-, -,qw . R 4,-.-., M. . i 'S-Q f Q 5 W I, I 4.1. W., gs ,' 45 .' x ' - ,. - fe. E ' --" . so is 2' L ,Mft 'L I 1 , , -z xx: I V 1 J 1. zgsig k I., ,lx .wt Q f -' g'i5'F??- . 1"t',5r. . -Y' H 'N -, X 4 s 5,, ' . 2' I ' 1, s , 4 -- . . A -3 NJ, M Q .aff ""3L4i , -X ' 'ww- R- .A Q ' .f1'. qu ,i kgfggg .5 .Q V sw, 1 g '. 1 QQ '. - ' ',j,"f 21 4, " i .M I ,51- 1' Q -f .. f-v-rw - Wy... , . i 'Q ,vm Axafg ,' 'S-31, I . ' , w 3 2 ' , J .V 4, , 5... 5 . - fc. ,-'4 ' Q "'-Vef' 9 ' 3, ii, I - ff ,rw ff ,, 'af H np. If ' , V ,Af 7 a' ' X .W fa-.yy udp ' A 2 .-' , : K 1 -- Ng: s 4 'Q f ill? Mfg, 9lQf"" . .X i 1, 3 ,V Y .. A 5 R, in 'f' 5 '- as A 4 IH ' , 4 A 5' 4 'w h K Q-1 ' 1 ' . 9 , X I Vg- W 'wg ,S N , Q - ' r A' :' A. Q s . A J 'i , V4 I ' ,A Vial' U H'-r,-'YP - 4' PM :ir :,r r Q A, .J .N A wwf -M A A ' 'x""'5rff 1 W 4 ' ,ffiffi A . ?? -. iff M M f,..,-.., J, A ' ""b - ww ff I"f4,':. 5455115 4 ' ,, X L t xx -if I- NK NS 1'-9 n.2 . gf ' if 2' .,.f 114' ' -v If ff s N '-1 1 ,, 15 Q 149 A 6 f -cA7,L,Z,,.4,w..J 501 WMWWLW-MQ N2 ? J .f0i1,..,fffgi,.-f-7,4, f,,,,,,,, Wx cf ,L,.,L.7 ,L,,UQ,L..,,,?,L.,4 Lb 64,400 QLHJQA6.,z.f ajimdfvl U ,.L,ea?o.,.JJf, L,z:1z,b?0Ma74,.,,,,.L z..A,zJ..,,ee 6A,.L7,,,.A,L,Loe,JL,F,i,,,WwLf,, JMU f'fU.,.,1,.,ffZQQZL,.V,,, l.174,.,,,4 LL., fL.,eZ44U,M....LJ,z,,.4i7 4,44 WML MWA 51404.-n,c.2! 7,1 CAG DJ fmMf,,,L.M.MzAU flL',.,f37L..,,f,MH,,,L.,,z, ZJLZMJ PM WJJQQJ ffffw Qfrk-Qfvx-YAVLZ 41 d 1-CZ .,oc,i-,Lg 6 1 ' A 1 I f 4.4.11-2-'6L.,! 5 -, 2 . r, f Z Y x YJ, ML '21 gl 7 7 'V' 1 rd! f N GJ' 1 sc! yd-4.4.2 f X -f ,.f4,fc,fL4k-4-'Aff' ,gl .1 ' ' . ff Ml.. 6,1 V, fynff XX v,4Y ' z2'rL,rfpvL4, cL'v'L.f ,, L. 2, ,f4,q,,fy1,2f - - M611 ,-744.Q,,.2 , ",frrl.4.Qr1A,4fg.2f 1 I ' J ' Q' M ' J -' A I Q ,V ' - 4 , ,ll -1 K 'K .. xi V -' -1 A -1 I F412 Aff! I o--f- -1 ' ffrufl, , .J ' fyvaff I -Q, f V, ' Q I . 1 Qfrr.4Zf frvfz, ,fr -f -17" 'df A ff S1-f f4'2' Zp.4,4.xZ'-1 - 5 r ix k- A 14-f ,J ..- 4121! 4, . 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Z I fy, 0-'rv affrf V I 1 1 ,, V, 5 ' fyafqgff-VU VZ1, Nt-Mfv,ZQf J ,414 ,002-cfv'LfLJ , fefbcfafrf ,LQ ' ' ' . if .J-,ug QA! 1 ' 'V ff ' I x,4,,,,4, ' .,f,u-,Lf cgfv'-,Lx .ftfvv . -Q' 6Lff'-'CZ ' va, .. ' 'WM' , K f 4 ..f .,4.,4,a.4.,o-v-1.1 Zfwc fycwfym ,ZZ-MAJ ,cfw,,z.,.,LA..,f,.4 .vwwwf A4i,.,4 QVL64, M.U.,z,4,,fpQ, JMMWM ff3z,U,a.,,W J- X R My f AJ Jawzzzwziaiwm, JMWVMMWAMQAJ 0AMM,,Aff,,.,?W,w Www ,WMM ,A4,Lm,,4a,z,cA',,,7JWW.,,fp Z,4M,J,,,,,,L,4,,,,,4,,.ZL,JLMM4,,zt!La,e.4 JM, Jgg,4,,,,,4,,Z,g,U:,,f6z,W,,t7uMJc7,,,m,,,542L,,ZLg,WV LWm,,.,,,f,,4 Juguaaw ,o5W.lQJ:A,,7eW.1 fafmMf.,vzt,Z,-,.,.,,.4.,.46 ,cA..,,4,f,.1,mJ,a,n,.,4 fflnwwmzff GWMMMLLI ,bump JUAVQLJLWVC Lax., f . ' ' ,Jf0vLf ,aus-Lfvglz I . , . 1 J ' 5 fa - 3 7 .lf 4-4,41-f 1 X I , Aff-f Cfvwavf, I VL, -QL. D Q -' If Q I ' O I' 1- an u ' X50-QZWL ff ,X .f -" 'VL H 1 2 , S.. . J QW, -Q, .J 3 Coach LeTTy Schnack duscusscd The use of The new playboard wuTh Murray Wuer whom The A Squad members eTecTed as The-nr capTaun aT The ond oT The ba TceTbalT season Wner brouqhT honors To The Team by placnnq on The corner oT Coach Bob Hanson desk as he recenved some pounTers Trom hrs menTor Funk ended The season playunq as a reserve on The A Squad I4 T Jack NorTh's all-sTaTe TErsT Team and The I. D. Pi A. TirsT Team.. Dave Funk, capTain of The B Squad, resTed on IJ Delplwy Bergenslce and Fred Hanlcrns lnsfened unlenlly fo some sound advice from Coach Slap Weber before a game Bergenslce and l-lanlcuns were chosen as co capfasns by llweur lcamrnafes al flue end ol flwe foofball season These lwo boys were also placed on +l1e fnrsf All Lnlfle Snx learn, and boflw receuved honorable men hon on +l1e l D P A leam Coach Bob Hanson had a man 'fo man falls wullw fhe caplaln of flue B Squad, Torn Bloom, before goung ou? lo llwe fueld for a praclvcc sesslon I 5 1 921' .EIW I R 3 r l X k ,W Q R bw - 1 l KJ f 0 K aflll lb I ll ' f ' fr - ,X I K, s I , BOTTOM ROW F ed Havemann AT M lle Fra lc Wh Teley Bob Lev TT Mu ay We Cha lo Mason SECOND ROW Marv Be n nger Bob Ba Tenhagen Mar Kr eger Jack Roelle R lph ProTTTT THIRD ROW Ed Echelbe ger Cha le R elc LeTTy Schnaclc Me le STur s J m OsT ande A Squad ls Muslcy Pride n .loy Green Muslues Amaze Huge Crowd by Defeahng Davenpori' 37 36 So sTarTed one oT The mosT successTul campaigns IH Mus caTune Hugh School baslceTball h1sTory The l.lTTle TNAUSRIGS wenT on To share The LlTTle Slx Comcerence crown wnTh BurllngTon and OTTumwa and To capTure The secTlonal and dlsTr1cT champion ships nn The sTaTe ellmlnahon TournamenT They losT To OTTumwa un The sub sTaTe TournamenT 22 20 The greaTesT achlevemenT was beaTlng Thelr perpeTual rnval DavenporT Twnce an The same year ATTerhav1ng losT eleven sTralghT games To The Blue Devuls The Muslcues came Through wlTh Two wuns by scores oT 37 36 and 50 37 The accompl1shmenTs oT The Muslcy Team Thus year were noT because an abundance oT good maTerlal was leTT Trom lasT sea son RaTher IT was due To a slclllTul blendung oT men who had never played TogeTher beTore lnTo a comblnaTnon ThaT was The TasTesT mosT aggressive and yeT smallesT Team Muslcy Hugh ever assembled on a baslceTball courT HenghT was The only qualuTy noT represenTed on The 43 44 aggregaTuon Because oT speed accuracy oT shoTs and an In domlTable Team spuruT Thus one dehclency was noT noTnced Musky Tans were wcll repaid Tor Thelr supporT oT Thus Team I 6 , r i r, n I , T , rr I r, rl . n I , r , vin I , , a i . rl I , , r m , I r r. ' l . . I - . - - I - i I - ' I I I ' ' I I ' I I - I . A . . . ' BOTTOM ROW B ll A msT o g J P OTTTT Ed Le Bob D e clcs Ca oll Go dy SECOND ROW Jack N clce so M Kolpaclc Bob H ghba ge Jack Eahv Mel E eese THIRD ROW Da e Eu li Bob Leach G e PaeT E ed E a e FOURTH ROW Bob Ha so Ed Mol s So y Ph II ps Tom Bloom B uce ST eTle B Squad TraIns Musky Athletes WITh only a medIocre season as Tar as wIns and losses were concerned Coach Bob Hanson Turned ouT valuable replace menTs Tor Muslcy sTars losT because oT graduaTIon or IoInIng The erable acTIon wITh Coach L A Schnaclc s A Squad and Dave Funk versaTIle hugh poInT man Tor The B Squad moved up To The varsITy Tor The posT season TournamenTs ln addITIon To These Two sophomore sTars were Bob Leach Caroll Gordy Bob DIerclcs BIII ArmsTrong Bruce STreITler and Ed LevIn who showed deTI nITe promlse oT malung TuTure Muslcy Teams powerTul Loolcnng Torward To nexT year s squad Coach Bob Hanson can expecT an experIenced aggregaTIon back ThIs group wIll be headed by Tom Bloom an all around player who sTarTed aT ev ery posITIon Tor The squad and Gene PaeTz a TIne deTensIve guard who played TIrsT STFIDQ parT oT The year OTher ouTsTand Ing Trosh were Sonny PhIllIps who played The sloT J R ProTTITT and MarvIn Kolpaclc lITTle ballhawlc Torwards and Ed Molls a rugged guard WITh Thus Team oT boys who have played To geTher sInce Junuor Hlgh days Muslcy Tans can expecT sTaTe champIons I 7 : I r r n , Im r I , vIn, I r , r r I r n, arvin , I r r, E, vIn r . en Z, r rzI r. 1 n n, I, nn II , Q Armed Forces. Bob BarTenhagen, rugged guard, saw consid- . . . I I I I I I ' I I I I ' I ' I I I ' ' , . . I T I .rg li C W2 ' S fb J k' 4 - 1 1 TF? Q ' 9 5' t ' 0 4 1 J-i' 1 Q 42 x 'F I . .Q i ' ' ,Zz Q 5 Ti ' H1 asom e fo Q 0 s a occ e o 0 Coach Lefty Schnack s A Squad Makes Good Record Nov Nov ec GC CC GC SC GC GD Davemporf Iowa Cnfy FT Madison Washangfon Keokuk Iowa Clfy MT Pleasanf Freeporf Burlmgfon GD :HH GH GU C G G G' G Qffumwa P+ Madison Davenporf Fairfield Washungfon Keokuk Mf Pleasanf Burlmgfon Qffumwa J Levi cmd M iumpld , r 'ha b 'wffh A nd B L4 V B V 1 .26 36 MJ-LS. 37 J . I4 .30 ' 20 MJ-4.5. 27 J .2I . ' D . 3 . ' 24 Ml-4.8. 29 J .25 Dec. IO Fairfield 38 M. P-LS. 46 J u 28 ' ' 0 .47 ' 26 rv1.H.S. 40 Pb. 4 - D-.21 ' I9 M.H.S. 43 Pb II D .23 ' I5 M.H.S. 4I b' 0 .28 . I7 MHS. 40 F -'5 -G 0 .30 28 Mas. 32 F b- V8 J . 7 ' 23 M.H.S. 2I Fb.25 -19- EOTICM ROW John McKee Fred Havemann Bob LovuTT Frank Whlleley Fred Hank ns Delphy Bergenske Charles Wrlley John OosTendorp SECOND ROW John STrasn Wnllarcl Mar ID HerberT Brnkcher George Brower James OsTrander ArT Muller Merle STurms Ralph ProTTzTT Jack Roelle Fred Klnzle THIRD ROW LeTTy Schnack Don CalverT Richard WalTrnan Harry Schnendcr Bruce STreuTler Clarence Whlsler Raymond DueTruch Charles Rnce Skap Weber FOURTH ROW John Jessup Wayne Eger James Curry Duck STegall Henry Maller Ball Goldsberry Ed Fuller Bob BarTenhagen Don Wenershauser Skip s A Squad Acquire Experience Rapidly The lvlusky TooTball Team Thus year connpleTed one oT :Ts mosT successTul cam palgns by Tnnushlng The season un TourTh posrTuon un Tunal conTerence sTandung and placlng Two men on All L1TTle Sax ConTerence Teams Fuve lvlusknes received hon arable nnenTuon on various all sTaTe Teams Thus year s squad was The mosT inexperienced ever Taced by Coach Skipper Weber aT The beginning oT a season WuTh only Two backheld veTerans and Two seasoned lanemen leTT Trom lasT year s squad Coach Weber s success was To be marveled aT Fred Hanknns Bob LevxTT Delphy Bcrgenske Fr nk WhnTeley 20 J r . 1 . . . TT .' T F Q T I .. , A T KN 4 All T' rsal "Ll L' TT A .cs C C if C in F bl TX J 'TIM I 0 WU! 1 I I I ,fs-I WI WI Indlvlduals Star on Musky Football Field Five members oT This season s Ivluscahne I-Ilgh School TooTbaII Team were hon ored by recelvlng honorable menTuon on all sTaTe TooTbaII Teams Two members were placed on The All I.ITTIe Six sguad Fred I-Ianklns Tullback Fred I-Iavemann haITback and Delphy Bergenske Tackle received honorable menTuon on The Iowa Daily Press ASSOCIGIIOD sguad and Bob LevlTT cenTer Frank WhlTeIey Tackle Fred I-Iankuns and Fred Havemann placed on Jack INIorTh s Des Moines ReglsTer Team Delphy Bergenske and Fred I-Ianklns were given poslTlons on The All I.lTTIe Six TooTbaII Team IT would have been Impossible Tor These boys To aTTa1n These honors IT They had noT had The valuable services oT The resT oT The sguad Clarence Whlsler Charles Wllley ends John QosTendorp Jack Roelle Ray DleTruch guards and Don Cal verT and John McKee haITbacks John played every poslTlon IH The backTleIcI and was awarded The Bull Roach sporTsmanshlp Trophy D I sy are se 2 af, P . X ,I l 1 T "F I K U ' L. X pi f - T. - NX 1 I.. A ' . ' . John McKee Chuck Iloy Jack Roelle Clarence his er Fred I-Iavomann Don CaIvcrT John OosTendorp Ray ieTrIch I I- T F c u cs C ill T 'Q 'll ' I r 4 .I ' I . . A I +I 4 V E 4 rl. V 3 . K' ' xx , ' 1 k , , l , ' Y-L ,Q I-, , .I x I , , . q I I - I ""' I fu Nw. V' 1, , ln lhe upper lell hand plcfure Coach Skup Weber explwlned a play lo lhe A Squad loolball leam John Qoslendorp and Fred l-lave mann sfood IH back From lell lo rlghl Bob l.ev1++ Clarence Whusler Chuck Willey Don Calverl Ray Dlelrlch sal on lhe back bench John lvlcliee Jack Roelle Frank Whlfeley Del phy Berqenske Fred l-lankans occupied 'rhe lronl bench Follow +he puclures down lhe page The boys decuded lo give Frank Whrleley a Dulch rub Those fha? can be rec oqnuzed are Bob l.evlH John Qoslendorp Frank Whlle ley Don Calverl Delphy Borqenske and Jack Roelle ln lhe boflom pnclure Don Calverl Coach Weber and Lefly Schnack walch d a bad lurn IU lhe S+ Ambrose game In 'rhe lop ruqhl hand pnc+ure l-lumpy l-lavemann and Frank Whrfeley dns cussed The oulcome of Jfhe foolball game l X Fred Kinzle, and John Slrain - l Qi ""S- BOTTOM ROW Ed Ma shal Mir n Kolpack Je y Pea son F ank Sha ks Bob Wellfe Ge e Gluba Mel n McK nley SECOND ROW Mel Freese Stanley E eyermuth BII Ostra der J m Beve I n Ralph Po ell George B ase Bob Strause TI-IIRD ROW Da n Welke Gene Paetz K h Kemp D ald Hend x BII Armst ong Paul Clark Wesley Ca tor EOURTI-I ROW Ed Mols Duck Cone Rchard Bodman Robert I-Ia son CaroII Gordy Jack Go don Tom Bloom B Squad Players Meet Tough Competition Coach Bob I-Ianson worked Ionq and late to develop replacements tor the sen tors on thus year s A Squad The B Squad record was one wan and two losses The losses came at the hands ot an older and more experienced Wapello squad and Ot the team Coach I-Ianson sand Several ot the sophomores wall make good A Squad maternal and the entnre treshman group looked better than usual Among those scheduled to move up next tall are Duck Bodman Jerry Pearson and Don I-Iendrnx sophomores at the tackle posutlon Melvnn McK1nIey and Jack Gordon at guard Caroll Gordy and Paul Clark at the ends Bull Armstrong at center and Melvin Ereese and Frank Shanks IH the backtaeld A SOUAD FOOTBALL RECORD LITTLE SIX STANDINGS St Ambrose I4 Burlington Keokuk Washington Mt Pleasant Ft Madison Eanrtleld Ottumwa Cedar Rapids Ottumwa Burlmgton Et Madnson Muscattne Ealrtteld Washungton Mt Pleasant Keokuk S H 3 I su. xl.. I Sr , -Z vm I :I rwi ry r, I ., neit I I U , ornl I ri ,W it the victory was over Junior I-Iigh. I . M. I-I, S. 6 W L Pt. ' 20 M. I-I. S. I3 6 0 I50 6 M. I-I. S. I3 ' 5 I I24 ' 7 M. I-I. S. I3 . ' 3 2 48 . 7 M. I-I. S. I9 ' 4 3 84 . ' 7 M. I-I. S. 0 ' ' 3 4 I I6 ' ' I4 M. I-I. S. 24 ' I 3 5l 20 M. I-I. S. I3 . 0 4 43 ' 7 M. I-I. S. 20 0 5 6 Schnack, Hanson Coach Musky Tracksters Y A593 24 , , . . 'f r. 9 ,X U 4 4,4 ., ug. '., . ,f ,viva-,,...7, 'fr - 'ff '- Jw' . ' . h,'-'f 1 2- . . 1, J" . f": 1 ,Q , ,. .,, yu, fx . - It's .lack Be Nimlole in .laclc Be Quick ln+l'1e early spring approxirnalely lilly boys wenl ou+ for lraclc. Cn ine opposiie page Jessup, Wnisler, l-lavemann, Williams, Miller, Wliileley, and McKee were on flue slarling line. Below ilwis piclure Mason aiiempied io belier luis record in vaulling. Coach Lefiy Sclwnaclc and Bob l-lanson discussed ine iraclwslers. On inns page llwe boys were doing +l'1eir daily calisllnenics B low McKee made a liigln lump 25 95 I jx 1- I ' fp 'sf 1 A . I g U A WW E 3. , , mf ' af'-if v,.N, ' W .2-'M' S gg 'f' QQMAWQW JWH.. aff-fgflf WW QLZLQZ afM4MfWff'f'-W5 WNWWWJ QZOWWMZ3 ,L4V77M,7 ,AMMV 47044, JJLVWM7 MJ 2422407 jllywl Aiwa A JZa,,v4,a,-.fd-fv-f4f+f.fAA,qx QZMAW QVQSLQJ, ,Ay,,V,4,z:V,MQ.,14fzLA1,fff 17,4 ,WML ,LAMLJJQMQMQ QGVLLML ,f,,.,c,f,U,,,.,..,f,e, d.,,M4Z'.,,,,.,,,.,e,4m-417 : X K'1 Q L. ,HA N39 X650 J fl 2175! 4 ,0'f,,M! , N JCI., J' b 5-fLA,A1,f1kJE, 0-fomff-X iff! cz, 4- ',lf-iz 4,11 0.1 - .1 4.42 X J Q ,CJ ' . ' P72 H , u . 1 AMW ,Z...,,7A,,Jf,Wz.,,vf,4,r,.,A pcb KQWMJJ Awww, 40Q,f,2M.,MM6.,7A,VMz' lf. 07!5Lf,MJ0LJ52f,zZfi,b Z2.,Z,.M,,6L,-r,L,.L 7,.,,,,.,,,,fQ.-64.,7,., f3A,A,.Z!,Ag7,,M: ,Lago fwfrfvfNQf?,r-..f,.f-nxJeA7v.f.,ZIl,a,yV.fL4,e 7-4MmIfunJZf17,,MM,zZffj4.,.,,Zu,,,, a,,,gg,n,7 ffxfffifwlv HW-fffwwmwfw-1 .7!Ja4,,,J4g,yzV,4,f,A.,..,.4 4,ML7M..,.W,,, JiWMJJ424Lzi,JVMVf,f1,Vz,MM,LfJcL4, -fzlvw-7e,Z-,1,f.,4,,a.,Z, QIM4-'ff-vw! gm, .AXVLJ V ,f -l.,42fzfM-Cf-L6 1 V frm, Y I 4 In I 5-,.l,4x9CflklZ f2'l.x.,4,v' Qfv-.Qfff-4.,cfr, -,cf f ' ' In f94'L Af - , ,lf-JL,4fi ,,4.,4,a.J. - fd 4 I ,l,0"'D-'Pl -K be! A 2 ' ' ' ! ' .AJHJ Iv 0-,nf-, . D , L lr ' 4 X! l P 1 -x ,jaw 'MI y P Muslcy Faculty Take Asplrm n Carry On Caroline Lrebbe Louuse Gaelcle June Lmgo Paul Ruolge Elnzabefh Smulh H Marqarel Komble Boloqy a h Mary Louise Bielefeld Edrfh Sloclcer Carl Benner? Marrha Goad 1 Eula Downer Malh Marlon Noble Corn 30 Harold W Weber Genevseve McCandless Louisa Jericho Roberl Hanson H o Vecla Cormclc Calherune Muller Comme c I Span h Charles Shook Mearl Wood q Enql sh 4 3 ra Nc xx h xfx l ' 4 H I 3 a 4 ,Q Y V0 Ay , M, 7 ' ft "1 V, o a X Comme-rclal Malhornaflfs Enqllsh Phyfif,alEducallo1 English I I M T omaflci Lffin Civics Isl ry Hom malrinq Arl cmalics r ia is Prlnling Civics vnercial En lish i rf I Muslcy Faculty Solve Growing Problems Mildred Slirlen Helene Haefner Librarian Lindley Hoopes Aoricullure Evelyn Sclwullz H rnema E q G. Bradford Barber Aeronaufics Lauren Frye Glwemisfry Berdella Welwrmaclwer Pl1ySiCS Leffy Sclinaclc Gaylord Archer Vifoodworlcinq Leslie Ballc History Willefra Srralwan Enqlusli -34 - Belly Willlwoile Speech Max Risinqer Band Mary Culhane Physical Educalion Barbara Burgess Claims Mildred Fogarfy nii Dollie Dulgar Biology Geneva Grace Science BOTTOM ROW? CliTTord WorsT3 Raymond Randlemang Omer Jones: Glen Barnard, Treasurer D ROW: AugusT AlTenbernd, vice-presidenT7 Julian Havercamp: RoberT Oalpin, presidenT3 J. Andrew Davidson. THIRD ROW: Fred G. Messenger, superinTendenT oT schools and principal oT high schoolq James Loper. assisTanT principal: Mrs. DoroThy Toborg, Board OT EducaTion secreTaryg Mrs. Marie RuThenberg, high school oTTice secreTary. School Heads Feel War Shortage School adminisTraTors had a very diTTiculT year owing To cir- cumsTances broughT on by The war. Fred O. Messenger again did double duTy as superinTendenT oT schools and principal oT The high school. WiTh The aid oT The Board oT EducaTion, he managed To Tind Teachers and supplies To compleTe The year, alThough he was hard-pressed aT Times To do so. War, illness, marriage H- all These led The School Board a merry chase This year. ..32.. . I f 'WU' x 1 1, I l im NU' VA! '54, 'xVQ,g,Qg:-21 4 1 Seniors Play as Well as Work Two familiar Couples ol M. l-l. S. read flue April Fool ediliom ol llwe bi-weelcly. They are Liz Maddox and Frank Wliileley, and Marian Plessy and Bob Levill. -33- . V, X S 5' 19? Ar Xt, ww '1 1'f f .5'?"x. 1 ref! YT, S A , T4 1 1 '. ,r rv. S 'hy' "-luv A - Q KA as D , fe 2 :fu y ,XL J url I wg x , 63 -4 -Q SALUTATORIAN, VALEDICTQRIAN e Doris Hevereamp, HHH 6 poirfr average of 3.85, and Dororrmy Walrer, wirrr an av- erage ef 4.00, Topped The greduarirrg class in seholasric arrairm- reeni Doris +0011 a eorlege preparafory course including one year of Larin and Two years of Spanish. Dororrmy srressed Com- ffgrf' F- Cf' - A 4 faifrrwg Mfg years of Typing and srworrrmend. -16- ' 7 1 '7T5'f"f ' r l ' 51-:eZT'3f5v " ' F445 " if ,.,.v xkyk,u W :Q514N - 4'f fy wirq H fn , .. j-.1-13-1 ,,.y ,T-1 Afq-,455 H s ' - ' ' x ug. 54 ,M x 1 ,. 15: . 12" - Huy? ,,-. -iff x . 'L-s. .,.- v,.-,N Q 4 ,rx f l'a .1 'K' .1 1' '.- .4 ' .-,l."4: ,, 1 -4. J' ,nuizl ,gaf ul'A - fL'. .4'xl". 05,0 vilr. .u'.,'.' 1 Si., ' .3 I' . . . .N pun 1 An:34 1441'- ..,.4. .1111 . ll' 4.4 .na y.: .v. ., Ig 4,4 .,. t ,,.r Y. 144' ,a:a ,na uf , , J- 4 .f vY vd' EN ALTHAUS Dc y u en AIlhaus7 She ao M d ra aes on as olhes Qonscaeus s eye en h Iped lh wand s ae p ra ar re e says a ms n y Kossaxes ar' ever as an wa n p ed up spare ala anqe r erkmy a alman s Grocery She wall be mas Inq nr xl r lo'n such well nown L. as e es H Tra an s ers u S a s rry he d dnl la e cha ma r A ES BEEDING DO lkes rle a l lry eul new lwarlanq lrm s ,purely eu anl orqel has lw rlanq has b-alon walh lh band al lhe baskelball and loolbal qam es masses M Freese and all as who are now an lhe Armed Forres bel hoppeo al Holel Musealarar and also w r ed al lhe Rock Is and Ar enal a ear n as so omoro ear e member ol Curra Reqaa He woul lkn lo qo lo Cornell Colleqe DELPHY BERGENSKE DI earned h nndanq ney l I DX se s non n nl a a o s es oarl Thelma Mallhaessen He k olball a our ear an was ee led ro aplaan ol lhe squad hvs senaor ear aced on l e c earn an e eave D P A henora rvenlaora Thus HI Y boy lurned dr m and pounded lhe Speech Arls qayel ha rea an hah se o 1 AUDREY BERNARD Llfle Aud cy an her brolher mosl as a resull ol lhe w r They planned l qraduale loqolher bul Uncle Sam cancelled lhose plans People remember Sas lor her porlrayal ol Dump es n e sen or Cass pa e loole an band lor lhree years and belonqed lo H ra er l ard year S e made a rapa yace presadewl ol Commercaal Club her senaor year Audrey r qrels nol lakaraq adyanlaqe ol lhe ayaalann course FII 1 MARY HELEN BISHOP I know you have nl lorqollen lallle Bash She dasplayeo her sweel charms an her porlrayal ol Flash lhe senaor class play Mary s one ol our lalenled arl sludenls and her drawanqs are lops She dad arl work lor lhe Annual her sensor year Sne belonged lo Arnacae A A Ha Tra Curaa Req a and us ke es Bash looled a claranel lor our years She was one of lhe smalle l lo wear a Musky band unalorm Senza ETHEI. LOUISE BRYANT Farmer has an husky you blonde haar and an ad rnaralann lor Lelly Sehnark Sh had s O un :ra Mr ooks orao ocy rass e ang aplaan ol G A A ba knlball learns pr aunaor an eraaor year an yare prf ad nl l lhal lule h r sophomore year s'rf-rglhrrfrd hor dnsarf If, hrfgmr -a phy afal fdufalaon lrafhrr Ellravl keeps up rorale by ffralanq lo member ol The A' fd Ecrres alooul pfrl, and ah mr' 38 PY ANDERSON ll I ILP, u lu oys Lndar' e a alraa a If U VVU o a 1 am M rns ranaaa an Mu ra an al ,a a u ae or fa sa lub me O O I n rl Paoqr U U F GL N AXEE orn H 'ae he adrna es I pfoll O O mode hm o sk 4 says ar 'lua VTT la V! I an sem 1 n a r Track ler l r A C ra r ludy ar omcl mfs a r l pera o w rk TV1 I ss lhe lv' RILYN BAUEBBACH M aralyn mas yeu b a v she s Cldlly a 1 l An ma 9 wanls l o r' a ru r an nr was ar v oaslanfg a Mwaalyn ruled on a glar nel n e fn ll o r on ad Mu rlle or n I mc rn w Amxrar r and Cura Reqla and L a au a I I BEAN BEACH Y u surrl a He loved arquana wlh Cxharles Shook and araqanq oul rn amp one H s a e pac yer 1 n a zrls v em Q 4 d on em especaally well n por H ran lou d lha Army Aar Corps and C a an qunr' s been advasrnq lr hmrn lo qel l ear essons rn when l 1 lem h rs ask lorl ern dee ral lha make you Iauqh7 r B TTY JANE BENNETT I onder l cal B Ily a bon ma She asks lreshmen p cal Belly man ner lo be more deral ol learhers e y was res lo lhe edalor page ol lhe c o a y member ol d S I I-I Ta an Musk lles r Sheoks Enqlash class was among If r la orales Bells was sorry she adnl lake Spanah A wecl smale a e lo her allraelavenes ' ! KENNETH LEROY BIERMAN Julrhman a uared rec. s A aslra por 1 era and ena a w hes he rou have liken wno rr year 0 Sparaash Kenny love lo l'aIk 'aboul sporls Bu r-ball as has lworllra illhouqh he aes foalball and bakrlball loo Ames as Kranrar'-lhs rhoarr lor rrallrqe He would Iakn lo play pro bafflaall allrr colleqe Dulfhfnan worked nl Hullaqs and boughl war bonds lo boosl lhe war elforl w-' JAC, fffr' L41 L LAURA BLAESING Bea worked al lhe Spanush Vulla lor her spendunq money Sha en oy bowlunq and dancunq Laura e ly bla k aur and la en lor r um C ewunq Sle musses you boys w o have qone lo war Bea us mol proud l our baskelball lcam and lhc qymnasuum an her lavorulr- fopuc ol conversaluon us gporl L ura vus es ur eu avc earned a school leller Her adfuce fo slu denls7 Have lun uds ll M DARLENE BLANCHARD Dolly bow: s ales and dances very wcll She engoys lalk nq over lormer dales Red admures Muss Slockrr and enuoyed her arl classes e wanls l alle a euuly cu u college un eulher Burlunqlon or Davenporl en she would luk lo work un a beauly p or e or l lo own one e en her f Three huqh srhoo year n nolcls Illunos and allended Mu ra tune Hugh School her senuor year ll f DOROTHY BOND Dol had lhal unusual abululy lo do fhungs syslemafucally She admured Mr Shook and enuoyed hus Eng lsh Vlll class Dorolhy worked al Hulluq S Manulaclurunq Company durunq lhe sum mer She would luke lo allend Moo y Buble lnslulule Dol musses some ol fhe leachers who have qone unlo lhe ervuce e was a member ol Grl Club er sophomore year and of Chemuslry Club hen she was a uunuor Sf II 1 11 GEORGE BRYANT Buddy claums hus lal e us sleepung un class and he enuo ed dounq ul He admured Roberl Hanson lhe mos? of all leachers Georoe earned hus money al lhe local bowlunq alley Because ol lhe war he mussed lhe assemblues and he proved hus palruolusm by buyunq war bonds Hus advuce fo freshmen us lo sludy f sly awake un suy as speaks from cxperuence Bud us uusfly proud of our school spurul 581110 FRANCES J BUSTER Frannue us lhe cule lullle blue eyed blonde whom Muskues wull remember lor her hugh spuruls and endless ambufuon She enuoyed mos+ walchunq lhe Muskues beal Davenpor+ a d she us v ry proud ol our baskelball learn Frannue wanls lo uoun lhe Cadel Nurses Corps and laler lo be an aur sfewardess She worked e olluce when u r a d un calelerua durunq her senuor year She could easuly be called Shorly E111 DON CALVERT Don lell fhal ul was hus palruoluc duly fo sludy hard lhus year He played loolball lhree years baskelball +wo years and wenl our for lrack un hus soph more and senuor years Don was proud of lhe coaches and lhe laculfy He saud 'fhal' he enuoyed fhe unlramural qames 'rhe fool ball season and lalkunq abou? sporls bu? lhese slalemenls are conlrary fo our know ledge of whal hus uruleres? really was A cule lullle classmale was usually near hum ANlTA BEITZ N la quuel .1 corrpelenl c sax, er u an lallr r u a y su rrr' un earn a r r o our r ar laqr w r sl u IU 'ly proud Juanu a was un Amucar chorus and Commercuau up She was f erled vure prc u r-nl ca err rls r r year an v1 a u r 4 1 cnuo Sh became a Naluonal The puan member ur nq her la r year I HERBERT L BRITCHER Hub has a rea hea of haur nd a cule srnule He col erls a lullle douqh by slunqunq 'leed around al Mclfce Feed and Gram Company Herb sh lr e lol abou? a cerlaun ur Hu wanls To qo fo an enquneerunq col leqe lor Seabees and fhen buuld aurporls on P rufc uslands He played loolball a 1 ophomore and senuor and wenl our l r 1 c hs lasl lhree ye s Hub enuo ed hus navuqaluon class mosl l f MARIAN LOUISE BROWN Pug was a lamuluar lgure on lhe loolball leld and as elball rl wul a alon 'lwurun around her head She has a cule fuqure an rnurh slyle Sunre she worked as an usherelle al lhc Uplown Thealre she kepf u on all currenl dales Her name a pear d on lusls or Amucae Commercua' Club and band Brownue hasnf deru ed abaul college pus? yel She mus ed Andy Kessuves rnosf because ol lhe war ' I RICHARD BROWN Dck had hs la + lurnes un Charlue Shooks Enqlush class and a school qames Hu laforule sporl us aseball and lhs shorlslop was mug ly dusapoounfed when The M H S leam was dusconlunued Boomer mussed Doc Beunerl and hus prunlunq class because of lhe war Duck was proud ol fhe freedom qranled un lhus school and aller qradualunq he plans lo enlusl un lhe Navy lo defend fhal free dom H s a very handsome ad 9 MARY ELLEN BROWN Mary us one l +hose gurls who know how 'lo make lhose lypewruler keys fly and TO Qel lhose col umns of luqures fo add up ruqhl She prac fuced her skull by keepunq books al Kunqs slore Thus mud year kepl up lhe morale ol a cerfaun solduer by wrulung newsy le? fers You could hear her cule quqqle f HuTru and Comrnercual Club She says fhal she adm red C-us Shook and she en uoye hs E dlush classes 94 CHARLEY BUTTGEN Chuck slaved al Hulluq s Manufaclurunq Company hall days lhus vear He enuoyed qounq lo foolball and baskelball games and he was mosl' proud of our baskelball leam Charley lukes lo lalk aboul aulomobules He seemed lo druve a duflerenl one lo school every day and almosf every day The car would have lo be slarled by a mob of kuds Charley musses all ol hus old lruends who have lelf lor fhe Army and The Navy 39 J all! LAURA MAE DAY Red us anolher ol LLlS CODER Pl! W u u n arl n d y c 'N 7 wil PJ' nalra ru s slam oarno a urlle aboul no l Vid rl C' C s Mus res B T Y CROW L ll 0 Belly ru o e l l and fudmur oruchos li c un a ae r ms al un o he opoos le s x r. Sh proud ol lhe ull e Muslue bu aluno u orl and ly no or u x r y oarlu u a Cd ur 1 xc sr mucae e ear N A wo ef horuus a our y 'us 1 sweel snuf I sung M s d UHF' very X WVU 9575 r POSEMARY CULLEN Rosemar, came lo usy lrl gh lrem Tr nlon M sscuru n er or year assunfx he hundred Nor r hand esl w her grea us a rnrru p ushmenl l-ler ulure plans ure rather n u e afo o e NO as Pas e eirnc- er sp nd no money r a a erscn s mu s p IVTY U10 O W F spare rnorneruls were spenl al Ccmmercual L. and on lhe F p Squad al Trenlcru 1110 C REN DALE Claren u employed lhr- Muscalure ournal He rnus es lalrunq puclures be ause ol lhe war l-le was shul cr bug lor lhe Auroran dur ng h lunuor year l-lus avorule lopuc o coruyer aluoru us aeronaulucs No won er he a mem ber ol The Army Aur Corps Reserves He us proud ol our school basketball leam aren lsls a mcsl palruou qes re us Year us purf ase o wur bond dn lamps wulh hu earnunqs S Ill MARIQN DANIELS B cncs lalenl playurug lne puano any game Maruo w nl u e n a larrr aller he ora u ales she would malce a qcod larmer The lollowung clubs elaufned her as a member durunq her lour years 1l hugh school G A A Annucae Muslcelles and H Tru She was lhe ol c al glee club chorus an lhe bowlung league ln G A A she won her slale and school award She helped 'he war ellorl by worlrung al l-leunz Scrum RAYMOND DlETRlCl'l Ray was ollen sf-cn praclucung and playung wulh lhe lool ball learn as a lunuor and senuor and he played a good game as guard Raymond us proud ol our school and our baslcelball learn l-le sper-l hus Chruslmas va aluon deuverung Chruslmas cards lor lhe pol ollufc Surfe he wanls lo be a pulol he u sorry he dudnl lalce more malh l-le plans lo allend lowa Unuversuly when he uS lhrough servunq wulh lhe Armed Forces 40 OTHY CA' VERT Dc' l sho cn O L ls mol ule w al Mo r u prou T a e o un o r u r ru 1 r rue whal lo r r su r u 1 lc oul w C' for aun whom sm has ad ur n e h uh sc oo n r po hs r' BETTY COHEN Vlforkunq n lhe ollure aud lhf qlory ol lhe Davenporl games were Urlly mosl pleasanl memorucs Bels was u f ncers un Hu r mosl pal uoluc geslure were buyunq war bends and lhe lacl lhal she was an R A yolunleer Belly wanl lo ma e no raphy r leac :ng urun her a reor Thus acluy brunelle was on hand or G A A Commercual Club An-urae and run r s ' l LOlS L COLE Seeuno Davenporl bealen s Coey mosl enuoyable memory lhus ear e ls lhal playung baslcel a vms her urnporlarul a complushmenl and he 'gol plenly of pracluce as a member of G A A her uunuor year Coley claurns 1 her real lalerul s puano playuruq an s s e has adrnr d Mr Shook mos un her lour years Her lavorule lopuc o con yersaluon s Meow' She was a Musluelle h r ua l lwo years ol sc oo I our Muslcy sludenls who apprecuale lhe baslcelball learn lru her lour years un hugh school she greally enloyed Mr Shoolrs Enqlush and socuolooy classes l-ler lavor ule lopuc ol conversaluon as popular dan e an s and he lulces dancung very murh l-ler mosl palruollc Qeslure has been wrul lo sc-rvure oy S e wushes she pau allorluon un class and advuses resh men lo lalce adyanlage ol school acluyuluos MARILYN DELAP Thus brunelle wulh lhe luslrous haur enuoyed dances and games Sho mussed boys and lrequerul assemblues a a resull ol lhe war Muclrey slayed busy by lreepung our Armed Forces well posled on home lown news and by earruung spend money as lhe secrelary lo a wel lrnowru lawyer Muclc was sporls wruler lor lhe Auroran un her sophomore and uunuor years and she was seen un Amueae Hu Tru and Commercual Club I 9 rl I DARLENE DlCKERSON Duclu belonged lo Amucae band Commercual Club chorus and G- A A She has mussed lhe boys around M H S lhus year because ol lhe war and has performed her palru Suruce Darlene she wull prob C She has a lalenl lor puclcung lhe boys fall darlc and spare change oluc duly by wrullnru lo lhem plans lo be a slenographer ably allend A l B or A l handsome She puclred up by clerluunq al Kresges PHY , --- ll clalnw hor lalu-nl DQR X, E ff ,. r alms uu : ul- rulklnuu. She -enlc .ed lluf M A ullrue -.ul ,ed lh, -horlhand and lyonfu len 2, 'urfrs 5-.u-r Dave pvc u 5, d wer prrud ol Sly- worked ul vrncfun, clerklr 'u nl rsur haslucelbuulu le rn, Ph 'll7s plans l al furwueryu Wfurd s. Do olhy As , d h l she lc-u cl Cod." Falls and lfuler la luv ux Vluuwol rf-u u-hed an .ducall n lo lalre on A l lllrg mirrv ll-'I' lhusorlle l-Ulf ol fo A -r. alluwr' .flh hu-r. D ul s lun'-rllv l upb' ul uorwrfrua lu Cf X. u. S: c . Phll lvt.+-ul f1el'.ve"-lu l:"l lu pl, "V ln-1 s-.'l'l1 llrg lvgndg ly alle.-.armies In say' ,fu Q os. S'-e claims. cle non, NNE-' Q f'll + my n ,l'nd , h , sly' l, ,d ll , ll , Lnfullsh luun lllluu- ,l ' boy! ls 'A .l W - 'uuu :qu-. Ph'l 2 o lh rrll u.ull l r her mlffrd d l fy her loury ars ful lc h l, las' lv-.T ue-ar' ln ke l,. Slw did 'l e ,L rl 2 arne. Sf1l'ffr.r IV I-I E T 7 i u, u o Qu yed ' A - 'f A i . u lnwu in lh qlrls' sex ur L Aed uw H u , , , ul. ' ful- ' pp r,l. Shi lsr: a I 'u Av. , uurur many lh' qs, bul moil l all 'L ' rnz ol lho besl lap da A M, l'l. S. ell . ci e ln service. C ls , f 3 r' A s ' LA l A sl e A Dry u . inp l l lhe LAllle SE llllu-, Q. , , ,. A lr B ell AcAp l ' In C u u Rf-1 Aa r ur slu: cu wr h' dan ,A .1 c - 'Q , A A Gr' y , Hf-lrl ' o ', . , . A A'e ' l. G. , A, l y urs, and flu ll lou '. . ,, A A , A. u y u Belly hu f ,e ,u'l v, l-li lri du' fu he hlgh fchool llle. -1- - S f Il i fu 2' .f I J -I u -- -f---W lVl'Rf 1 Q, u Q, guh 1 ' A A' lun? , P A. c l u f- d y, . Sh lee ' b ll shol l 'as lel c., - ff A cs ' , l' . l f , I s L A del'nil,, bul she l u rs lllc - rl: her . . . A A . A career, 3- .1 d h . e A A lhfl i ' u A d rluv lrlnf: l B ll .. She ' ed fuld sal, h le , l ' as'-3 bfles ,sl bec use ol lhuv ar, He . ' A l e u, , J , l ll .ll Cl ub , Q . u . ue ' s . h l. x f ' u-of 1 1 4 4 eeee LA. - . As , ' al -" " ' . , ' J . . A s A L A yw A A I V ig . . I A . . . 4 - . y . , f K Z . . . A l Q ' Q . d 4 , is - ' . A ' A c , ' ' . b cl , s A A K . Cl l s his E n 'S l'c L , lu ir-cu , A, b s. h ' had lh' , h' ' ah , l u f , s d Ad u A, A c A l - ' .l r' ' ff I' .u' I 9 'l sl wwf- ' - O , ' , ls - A A A ' . A or -. A n . ' A . a s lo l'y. o . s I d , A . A. ., lA . . l 41 A I A ing - l- on r l all , , d . ' A DORIS LUCILLE DRUMM Dorrm Iskes 90 remsnsscr aboul lhe good lsmes he had e shc was n hugh schoo Sludy a were specsal sources ol pleasure lo her and lhe audrlorsum was her specsal source of prsde Doss earned her spendsnq money gl Kresge and Muscalsne Pearl Works Looksng ba k over her hsgh school years She ss sorry she dsdnl lake more snleresl n clubs She helped Uncle Sam by pur chassfIQ war bonds and slamps SFIIIO PHYLLIS M DRUMM As assssranl olls e secrelary Phsl could be found sn lhe ollsce mosl ol lhe lsme where she qol valuable expersence lrasnsng lor her lulure career Phsl was a member 0 Cursa Reqsa a a freshman Sludenl Councsl as a lreshman and sophomore band as a sophomore debale as a freshman and sophomore and Muskelles as a lunsor and sensor A mem ber ol Hs Trs lor lhree years Phsl was pres sd nl as a lun r Y f 1110 MARCHETA DUGE The Navy wsll have a new nurse sn a lew years or so hopes Marchela She expecls lo lrasn al lhe Un verssly ol Iowa Chela ensoyed all our years olMusky Hsgh and she has mel many grand kscls sn lhose years She worked al Ballersons sn her spare lsme Her aclsvs A She was a member ol lhe slage crew all lour years She advsses lreshmen lo losn clubs and lo have lun Senzo CORYNE M EIS Coryne was among lhe roarsng crowd ol lans al lhe lsrsl Daven porl game and she clasrns lhss was deln slely her mosl soyous lsme One ol her grealesl accomplsshmenls ss lhe lacl lhal she became acquasnled wslh many new rsends whsle sn hsgh school Come wanls lu allend college sn Des Mosnes and lhen lo lake an ollsre posslson She had her lun 1 M S by allen A A a Commercsal Club meelsngs SFIIIO ROBERT EPPEL Epp ensoyed dancsng l Fun Nsles and playsng drums sn lhe swsng band Bob was very proud ol lhe baskel ball leam s lysng lor lhe Lsllle S X Conler ence lslle He was snleresled sn dramalscs hss sensor year as well as sn Nalso Thespsans and Speech Arls As a sophomore sunsor and sensor Bob belonged lo Hs Y and band clasmed hsm hss lsrsl lhree years He wanls lo allend lhe Unsverssly ol Iowa and masor sn enqsneersng Senfo ROLLAND FIX Fx ss a boy who loves lo sleep Hes one ol lhose larmer lads who had plenly ol gasolsne bul palrsolscally relrasned lrom waslsng sl by scoolsng around al noon Rolland ss sorry he dsdnl play loolball hsle sn M H S He would nave made a good lsneman Fsx belonged lo Fulure Farmers all lour years He was feporler for lhe club hss sensor year Rol land earned hss exlra spendsng money on hss falhers farm RICHARD DOERFER Duck gel arc-unc a l lor bernq a armer boy He was very ve rc upysng o :ces o porler Sludenl Councsl represenlalsve vsre pressdenl and ressdenl c drummed n band as a freshman and soph ornore gorged wslh lhe olher Hs Y boys as a sunsor and sensor and crrculaled lhe Auroran as a sensor When a car goes by lhe horn blowsnq Yankee Doo Ie you may know als Rschar I 9 4 4 LAVONA KATHERINE DREWES Blonde ss one ol lhose loyal band members who played all lour years She was on lhe band rouncsl her sensor year and was also a balon lwsrler The lhsng Vonnse regrelled mosl was lhal lhe band couldnl make lrsps lo leslsvals and oul ol lown games Vonnse hopes lo go lo lhe Unsverssly ol Oho She clerked al Ballersons lor spendsng money lhss year She was a la lhlul mem ber ol lhe Commercsal Club 1944 HAZEL WINIFERD DUSENBERRY Duzy spenl much ol her spare lsme al G A A She belonged as a sophomore sunsor and sensor and she was posnl keeper her sen sor year Hazel chose a relreshsng place lo earn her spendsng money lhe Coca Cola Bolllsng Company She was a mem sophomore Years and was program chasr man dursng lhe laller Hazel overcame much ol her bashlulness 1944 WAYNE EGER Wayne ensoyed playsng loolball parlly because ol hrs admsralson lor Sksp He enloyed buysng and resellsng lhe oldesl cars posssble Wayne hoped lo go lo college buf he conssdered lhe Navy as hss chosce when Uncle Sam snler lered wslh schoolsng He wsshes he had sludsed harder He had much lun parlscs palsng sn loolball lwo years lrack lhree years and Hs Y lhree years He also lound lsme lo gel snlo msschsel 1944 MARY LOU EICKMEIER Mary Lou es pecsally ensoyed advanced bsology class and she has mosl adrnsred Msss Dulgar Louse Iskes lo roller skale and dance and a cerlasn soldser could leslsly as lo how she wrsles lellers She pscked up her spare change worksng al lhe Hawkeye Bullon Company Mary ss sorry she ddnl lake more shorlhand and lypsng Her advsce lo lreshmen ss Make lhe mosl ol all four years and donl qusl school I 9 4 4 ROBERT FAHY Bob was a qusel boy sornelsmes He was seen oflen wslh a qang ol boys and he ensoyed allendsng oul ol lown games wslh lhem He Isked hss Enq lrsh VII class and was an ardenl admsrer of Mr Shook Bob earned exlra shekels lhrow snq lhe bollles around al lhe Coca Cola Bolllsng Company Roberl wanls lo follow lhe Army as a career He advsses freshmen lo begsn lo work lhesr lIrsl year and lo conlsnue worksng lhrough lhesr sensor year 4l ' ' 1 ' O . sw lf, ,' l -F , I I Whil - I ' I. h Ils aclI in F. F. A,, 1 c ' ll' , l re' . . . I A ' . V p . . D i ' , 's 2 I V I - A ,C . .' . . V . I 5 . - . ' I' d I , W, K' ' ,- Af .. ,A ,,,,,, A - ' ' Ac - I , I ' I I . I e I io . I . Tir- . , ' rx -4 I I. 5- V . .I I I I lies were Speech Arls. Hi-Tri., and G. AI ber ol Progress Club .her lreshman and 1.4 ' y- nf 11. 'rs . H. . - ding G. . . nd , '- . I -0- , ' rx -1- -.. F I G , If' 'I I' ' ' nal ' . ' . , I ' ,- J- .l - 5 ' .. ' - Y wl' A . . . . . - C'- MARY M FORD Irish earned her spend Inq money al The local owlmg alley a a waitress G A A claimed her as a mem ber for fhree years During her sophomore ear she was lreasurer of G A A an during her lunior year she served Ihr- club a prosidenl She as on roll call for H Tri and claims her laleni IS for bowling or skaring Marx plans Io aflcnd Iefva U and e p physical aining S e ke fo abou? sporls and io parficipale In Ihem FII A BETTY GALLAHER Berry spenr her high chool areer enioying borh Toolball and baskeiball She was a cheerleader one who was Inspired by a ceriain guard on the as keiball ieam Berry was also a member of G A A Auroran ull and Scroll Mus keifes Curia Reqia HI Tri Siudeni Coun cII Amicae and Fun Nile commiiiee was presidenr of Muskefles and Amicae presideni and secrerary of HI Tri and sec relaryireasurer of lhe sophomore class SFIIIU SOPHIA GARRETT So s a cule lrlfle lady who looked up fo Leily Schnack bolh Iirerally and figurarively She claims no raleni She doesnl' care for college buf p ns io go on wlih her rob al ihe e phone office Sophia belonged lo Com mercial Club her senior year and was sec relary Treasurer oi G A A In her lunior year Soph claims she mi ses The enieriam Ing assembles and fhe boys who ave gone io rhe Armed Forces FII! M PATRICIA GARVIN P I IS a llny gi I wifh Iois of pep garhered we suppose from rhe counlry n which she lives She admired F G M Being a Navy nurse s ys goal Shed Ike io on he U Cade? Nurses Corps nexf year and sludy fo become a Navy nurse She earned her spending money by helping ai home Since she likes ihe Navy her favorile ropic o conversafion IS sailors She belonged io Muskerres and chorus Sf ll 1 f EVELYN M GREENWALD She claims her nickname IS Windy. One of her mos? delighfful memories is ihe Davenporl game. Evelyn misses many of her old friends be- cause of fhe war. She was one of fhose pa- frioric lasses who disfribuied raiion books. Windy is a prospecfive srudenf of Cedar Rapids. She had much Tun af I-Ii-Tri and chorus. Evie earned h-r spending money doing office work ar HuHig's. She likes ro ralk abou? rhe Armed Forces. -- S e ll i 0 LOUISE GUEEORD-Louise says ihai her mosf parrioiic gesfure was wrifing io a cerfain cadel in ihe Air Corps, and we know fhaf she received her share of these morale builders in lhe refurn mail. Guffy enjoys movies. dancing. and popular songs. She had fun in her advanced biology class. Louise sang in chorus her sophomore and iunior years and affended Hi-Tri as a iun- ior. Don"r you fhink Gufiy is a chic nick- name? Guffy enioys gum chewing. K -42- N D ELITCFIER E s Il In e my now Elri h r ici ul o ihdi C s P wil If Ing caughi Hs c ii a y gels a workoul II I Inn 5 f' In I E' Q' I Ill I e new iires and lin I n ound Ihr r r shmar a yr-d n ihe and h op om ra e DI uw sware ercks EI Prof hner s grr r ' I ET I-REEBERN I rv Auro ember for four y s e ying a Ieaiure or h r lasi yr-ar Wlirn enio oved herself q irc II slaried n dramalics on rhe 'nike up crew Janei belonged io Ami ar- H ri an us ellos She w vi e ur e peech Arfs presidenl of Cur I R I 1 Ind serreiary of Naiional The pians h ce-Ived Il d S II h o h r n IO year e pariia lo 'rh Air Cor ' I IS FULMER D ri ie u kies who enloyed 'rhe Davenport games mos? Ihis year In her spare lime she cared or children and ushered al ihe Upiown I-Ier favonie TOPIC of ronver 1IIOI'I IS as keiball This Musky lass IS one ol rhe many admirers of Marion Edmonds She paid dues io HI Tri an Commercial Club Dori: I a ro pf-ciivc en? o A C a plans lo become an office worker he was one of lhe guiei senior girl r MARIAN RUTH GODDARD Rulh would like ro go io Graceland College ai La moni Iowa and be an angel of mercy She mssed ihe assemblie di nl ge? fhs year because of fhe war Juanila Beiiz IS The obieci of Rufhies admiraiiori Rulh Iikes lo ialk aboul one sailor In pariicular ends say her falenf IS n s Ing a Ime Ru hue parlicipaled n band er freshman and sophomore years and IU G A A her lunIor year ROBERT W GREENE Roberi ir ends Im reene. e I ver clever a maihemaiics. He enjoyed biology and ad- mired Skipper Weber. Roberl says he l'kes fo ialk aboul everyihing, bu? il' is observed Thai he enioys Iisrening more. He is proud of our school building and ihe freedom fha? rhe siudenfs have. Reber? wishes Thai he had laken chemisiry, and he lhinks rhai keeping up one's sludies is mosi imporfanf. His Teachers agree wiih him. 1944 --ee LUELLA GROTHE-I.ou ceriainly enioyed Charlie Shook's classes and iusf loved his surprising quizzes. She played a corner in rhe M. H. S. band and can swing if when necessary. Lou doesn'f care io go lo col- leqe: buf. because she has hopes of being a nurse, she wishes she had laken chemis- fry and Laiin. Luella belonged io fhe band four years, io G. A. A. her sophomore year, and To Amicae as a freshman. She admires Mary Ellen Brown. GEORGE I-IARMON JR B rg wanls l a larrrer F l hc was ex Ilc when IS drall card camr He IS mosl proud ol our ball and a fl a 'reams Junror rmssr-d Doc B n rls p rnlrnq class JUFIIOI' worlred al Hullwgs Inc bouqhl war bon s glgmps Th N Ivy Ind cnc rrrlaln q ma p up hrs lr prrs olfonvor alron Gr'-orqe wenl oul or oolball and sang In f oru IS advIce lo Muslcy Ire hmen Slu y hard and cnler porl Il JOYCE HAVEMANN Joyfe exrclled Spcefh w r sdes rea Inq lh B ble ev ery mormnq she was a member of debale hew ary dunno er unIor ozr She w presIdcnl ol CUTIG Roma durmq her sopho rrore yrar nd sho was on lhr- malce up new and belonqed fo Speech Arls chorus and hll-IVVI durunq her sophomore Iunror and semor yr Irs She engoyod allendmcg cul ol lown ba Irelball qarnn flllf Dons was lhe sec DORIS HAVERCAMP ond smarlel member o lhe class e worlred on lhe Auroran all lour years She was edIlor al wrIler as a sophomore and ,amor and mws o ror a r-nr A a lunIor he rc-rrIvcd ull and Scroll honors One lhrnq aboul her you can never lorqel hr-r beaulrlul pf-fnmanshrp Members o HI TrI an Spfarh Arl enlrusled her wrlh e relaryshrp ol' lheIr clubs Dramalrcs came In lor I fqoodly porlIon ol her lIme F1110 MARY I-IEALEY Heres a IIllIe qal who wanl lo allend MuscalIne Junror Colleqe and Iowa UHIVCFSIIY She was lcepl busy wrrlrnq lo her fhree brolhers In lhe servIce She llces lo daydream aboul lhe posl war world Mary IS very proud ol lhe lacl lhal she wenl lhrouqh hIqh school lIle wrlhoul 'une blessed erqhlh pemod Al Lells HIqh S hool Mary was In sexlel Glee u and G A A Commercral Club and Mus 0 cIaImed h r In M H F1110 TOM HOCKE Tom IS a lall QUISI lellow wrl a ready lrrendly smIIe He IS nole lor a capacrly lor worlr bolh In school and In exlracurrrcu ar aclIvIlIes where hIs lal enl lor ac Inq musIc and orqanrzalron have won admIralron He enloyed drama IICS rnosl durrnq hIs senror year an wIshes lhal he had lalcen parl rn plays all lhrouqh I c ool om was IH ban hrs run year and n Speech Arls as a senIor Tom IS an rmmaculale dresser .Senza PATRICIA HOFMAN Pal was one ol lhese modern arr mmded sludenls who hlfed her aeronaulrcs class basl of all She was a member ol Amncae durrnq her fresh man year G A A In her sophomore and IUVIIOI' years and CommercIaI Club durrnq her IunIor year She was mosl proud ol lhe baslrelball leam Pal earned mosl of her SDendIrIq money al Kresge's bul she spenl dn advenluresome summer worlunq In Wdshrnglon D C Iasl year D I-IANKINS anl payr- la rmq hrs If o mme a famma es eer ed Im r In man and mor years Hc u IH l c fri our yours an pay: Ja I I lhrre Fred wa uually ra IH lhf counlrr ID l alolrra bul hc wrqqled oul lo o I HI Y lor lhr r- ye Freddys lavorn e loprc of convcrsalron Is mecran rs Hrs ad mIralIon goo lo Slop Weber lor hrs pl n abIIIly lo roach loolbal ' f MARILYN I-IAVERCAMP Lynn po esses a lalenl or playrnq lhe drums By worlono al lhe lelephone oll ce she lrnanced her palrIolIc qeslure buymq bonds Marrlyn would Ilce lo allend Iowa Slale Tear ers Co eqe Clolhes were whal she lslcr-d lo drsruss and lhe qay prrIl whrch prevarled IU olher years was whal she mrssed She allended meelrnqs ol band Comrr-er ral Cu chorus Armcae GI A A and HI Tr MarIIyrI has Ionq beaulrlul eyelashes ' I LUCILLV HEUER Lucy IS lrue lo lhe Ma rrnes Her conversalron consrsls ol s hool GKIIVIIICS her Iob al Spurqeons and el lers lo and from a rerlarn Marme Lu III enloyed Mr Shoolrs Enqlrsh VII class he rs mosl proud ol our baslcelball leam She wIshes she had lalcen chemIslry AmIcae H TrI A A and Commerrral Club clarmed her a a member Lurys adv I wor ar ul lIII lo have a qoo lIme She adm red MIss JerI h 9 BETTY HINES Bels IS proud lhal she gol an underslandrnq of Enqhsh rn hIqh school Sh would IIIce lo qo lo Muscalmo Junlor Colleoe and hopes lo leach school Belly mrsses some of lhe boys who have oone lo war She has lend rnemorIes ol her Errq IIsh VII class She ollers lhe lollowrnq val ua e advIce lo lreshIes Pan whal you are qomq lo lalre up as a prolessron and prepare lor Il Belly has a lrlendly sn'IIe and a pleasmg personahly DELAVON I-IOFFMASTER Delavon was one ol lhe qureler young men bul hrs sub llc humor Irepl some ol lhe classes from becommq loo borrnq lr-IIs orrqmal Ideas always made hIs composmons among lhe mosl enlerlammq He Irlced lo drscuss mu SIC arl and Irleralure The chanqe he no llced parhcularly owrnq lo lhe war was lhe decrease In lhe enrollmenl ol M H S He would IIIce lo allend some Iarqe colleqe If Unce Sam doesnl qel hrm lIrsl I 9 4 4 DELORIS HOLLIDAY Dee besl enyoyed allendmq law class She earned her spend Inq money among lhe Ice cream and candy bars In Nrelzels Druq Slore DeLorIs Irlres lo lallc aboul sporls especrally roller slcal Inq Dee IS proud ol our school Irbrary She would hlre lo allend lhe UnIversIly of Iowa Shes sorry she dIdnl sludv harder In school and her saqe advIce lo Freshmen IS lo sludy hrsl Then sleep DeLorIs reporls lhal her palrIolIc qeslure was worlcrnq lE HOLT T s d c spe u monfy 1 wo u FCTI UTTK Noll 1 y l 1 r ook d lhc n u a e u r-sprfuully admur w 1, 4 o ru a d 1 lo d ou? w1 me rn r ol G al Throuqn hl 1h sr 1oo 1 LIAM W HURLBUT D l 1 l UF UO "'l'lUlW S pro IFXTTAT L nusses The pald assemblucs and rs 1uyun1 mps and bonds To 1 d 14 r n oycd l s m 1dc.rn problc ns a ualunq lo 1 r e an o v11n1 ua un an u ornobulc pl uni glayo ro a one year played a kell all lwo years f n ound Me rar 4 1 r n a ed un lhe band on: y I FLORINE M JAMES Jummuo cz uruled ra 'ron pounls her lalhers qrorery sore a f1 worke al he P la e lro1lur S e mo l proud ol our auduloruum and 1dnnures Glen Axel Jummue made many nn w lruend and enpoyed racunq l her lh d peruod c ass Thus prolossuonal qum rhu wcr rna Os uenvcrsallon abou? rnoyucs and puoplf he adyuscs freshmen lo work hard 1nd lo ave Url IFTTTTTIP I V orr xi nl lay un chorus lonr I S l JOHNSON L us hx lhe mos boaululul redd sh oold haur She reveled n thc la llhal wc beal Davenporl Loule was one of Muss Jeruchos modern problems ans and could lalk un class wulhouf beunq 1 lcd Lous plans fo allend school un Des Mounes and fake up socu1l welfare work Cuerkunq al a local drme slore earned a ew pennues for her Lous was a member cl Muskelles her uunuor and scnuor years n Muscalune H qh S hool FR D O KINZLE Fed us a fall do on a r lad vufh a lonq record of parfucupahon ln exfra urrufular acluyufues He was secr lary of H Y and Speech Arfs and look Carl un del:-ale and dramalucs He enloyed beunru sludenl manager of The loolball 'ream mosl Thus year Women are a lavorule loprc el conversalron lo Fred He waruled lo allend Ames buf he wull be un mulufary serfuce soon He lhrnks he rnuql-f luke lo e a herrnul bul hes nel lhe lype A 1' ll 1 o JUNE M KLEBE 'une a dark haured ex farmer:-'le worked un the offure suxlh per uods her uunlor and senuor years and en gc fed Query rmnule ol ul June lukrs lo lalk ahouf the Navy allhough she know, a lol arou? al branches of seryure She mussed 'he weekly Auroran June has arnbuluons 'lo ward 5'lpf7dlI'lQ a Des Mounes collr-qe and lzeromunq a pruxafe serrefary Sho has a warn' spol un her hearf for kundly Mrs Rulh rberu wdh whom she worked lwo Years 44 'PAN HOUSFMAN l '1 V 111110 111 A r 1 l 'IT' HU oar aouo TTU 0 VNlS 11.5 TU I YE Tll l T I F I f" 16 l RUS HL LYLF JAMFSON us rl f OUT li ll He u ou my ohlur f d Of N 'sl 1 U ln EC ST ci l f Vlrr F nllil was 1 D LORIS JFNS ller n v o so l'TT:lOll'Ill'1 1 no lhc rho Lu lhe pr ncupal o lne th ng l 1 'nrrcs or ld a na lruclcr and she l kcs To lalk abou? larununq Dulorus enloyr-d h r lypunq a s Sho w s Y fl If y r h C n h car 1 rnu um m nn ul lu Aulomalr Bullon ompuny horly 4 d nl our A O R KEMP Arlo was a chemuslry luend he enuoyed bolh class and lahora wor Ho woul s e lo qo lo Arr and lake up chernucal enquneerunq Arlo spc nl hus a lernoons fullunq shors on poo 11 er- al lhe Trade ome Slrur ssu s l s ormcr lea: hers w 11 are n e Armed Forces Arlo was a Fulure Farmer h fre hman and sophomore years H wfrns lursl ear luden s no o luke su ff crause hey fr ca FRED W KEMPER Freds a lad who plan n lo bf come a lawyer buf fhe war as delunulely unlerlered he s un lhe Army Aur Corps He qol' pleasure un allendlnq oul ol fown loolball and baskelball games Fred us proud of F G M because hes no? an od loqey Fred was vuce pre udcnl ol Freshman Club a member of debale hus freshman year and an edulorual wruler on thu Auroran hus senuor year Fred was an ofher of lhose rnucl years IQ!! MARIETTA KENNEDY Marlella lrkes lo luslen fo Muss Goad duscussunq economucs She musses lhe boys who are qone from lhe halls of M H S and she lukes lo lalk abou? when The boys wull be home aller lhe war Whule she was un huqh school Maruefla accomplushed overcomung an un lerroruly complex She was un muxed chorus as a sophomore and she reqrels lhal she dndnl qo ou? for dramalucs She lukes +o rook her own concochons TESS , - ug -, fznio,odpl.1yln1f1.1"w-N cf Af - Jr: :"Al- 1 ouuu- who ln 6. A. A. very much lhis year. lr-ssle ur-.ull-, u-nlf-,ed vlw- Df1.enzu ul 'ua-ruu,--,. lil- oarne l11r fnd4nq .. .1 ly VhAfN'1 rau u: ol lhf ur -nu: rl.fr1w zwy-, l . f'l"Il1ls al a lol al L1 1ry mffvre, l shu1 l1u1ff-'ww l1"v s an u1. Shu- lm u nf- auwwruq pal' Au fllu hom gl? war lwuvmls, lolz M . lvunulrurdw .-.lufu .mfr lvl- lauuuu-s lem,-u. lllr Sh , an u 1 frlendll ess ol Tell 'w-1 'ulu Hauler l4r1n Jer, . pl X fo 'luv lf' fallr- lr- in r1f1:'ls c r lh4nu1u Tess . 3 1 Aed. C'-4 R Sh-1 flerkeci al Ku'-sfzv 3 ln Sllrl' C1 'll lllo To allzfnd 4 ll.-uuug l Ala lhv 1l'm- cu ns r no 2--"uu1',fwr. J"-wiv A l 2 rxvn , an she has a career as 4 b4,lc:'qi-.1 lhal she had Dlfllmed lo t:u1- mmf- a r 151. all pirke .She fs a 3 he . A. Au I1 ar: and Con 1 urrcla Clul. fld,lY1'fJ h:r A. l xl 4u' .l l, an ua rmrrnlicr ln hluuh srl ml. V- Srliffrhr IU!!- WlL . lli is 1ruuu4 ol Sy ' , Rus uzfl a P a All. ' and porls r f . H 1 lh u'l out wl ll skolltuall loam lle'rlAV1q 1' . A 41 A l A 1 Frou,-porl, , l'Hl','lCS hh lnends who are in sla fl ll rl relurn. He 'ur-rylu cr and llkl-1. lo lalk alb l lhu: ll. S. e 1 ul r. 1 ru claw.. Bill Ar ll 2 plunes. He is prou that he hopes lo oo lo Nolro Dame and aller learned lo speak in modern prol1lrems rlass, qr d A le om, llifu: 1' Q-1 ,r Puw. u-nlwfed urh ml, lvul hr: -frlu--, hu: had V a l A 1 1 . Ho 1, ' cl lv l lakf,-n aluzelva. l"lu1 1-f rn-. lui-X nwvnu-y al llerg b ll , '. ls s N . , M wal' e Usel Cf M rkfl and expr: ls V1 ar l, r ,k on r sou '. 1'1, eu d luu lar: in ser ' - heh' e l , , Hu-ue pl y , A 1 ear. anolhu-r lad lhal had pr :lly eyes. - - S 1' 1 f U I' .f I 9 I -l A . - A A : .E --- of anc lher lilllu- aal i A ln ' 1' l lu h, 11 ' l4 k th l Il s ,l 1 2 . ,ol nf ,A d l a c.T..u 2. h is lol , l ' l' 1'--fun-fdl 2 , A A f .4 F. G, M. Sh ly' l s k ck luur dllvinu a . A 4 3 A Q 6 u , , i 1 4 , A A o Ir ' : A . '. . e A cl s. , a l . . , A , .1 r k, a um-unher of rh1rU'. hor 1, phounf r1 year. 1 1 4 , A1 1 r. Hou' one wish is lhal she had plauel fnky S 4 1 . f Tuul o ce. S e 1 ned ler sp: 14 1 fs ,y h , f . J' ', A5 ery s y lhfl she f l1 . Q, C f S 1 did ' s 4 . , uer. is pr lu r kuasku-lluall loam, e -ff-' S 1' lffzrf I9 Ill r LOI S. - of us l RL . - . ' . I . A . i ' - A 1 , - 1 f 2 1 , . 4 lory k, ld l'k, ves f , . , 3 . f X . , T I I i fs , A , , ' . pl.". lwl h vr. He 4 Af , . ml 'r 1l l 1 , h . i lh l A . . A , is I Q A , ', . e . ' A ' 1 A i 1 A -y s , l l l f , ll- 4 5 C . l: , l. 1 1 e 1 sy. -1 S f ll i f, 1' .1 I 9 -I -ul -f - - E . - r ' , b - . - ' A I .4 ' ' 4 ed . : , h ir XA ATA l O . . - I 4 . A . I I 'ly A A A 4 i IS. I OTIIYF YOIIPINV D I c 3 I Cum TLCJ F HI 5 INAPD I LI CWUATI VI N 1 J v IVS L r yncds HWII S N RMA LA RUL J 1 1 I A r Od aI I-IJIIII r Ju Q aI few Ifnum I fwfr IIIL gh S f 0 I 1 f 1 mu III I I f rr a adwuses IIIO rrsIIm I I ran Q 1 I F orwnfrfmI CII J dur 11 rw f IVIFRGARET LAUGIII IN IVIarqc1Im v V UI IIJI rIc r m K f 'J VY!! I HIGH I fy sfmcf p If v- I :J rd Q rw y founI r a guru 'un Ivor s Nl S V VI l CI CVS I D I rw u nfs Y F V' VI f V It TI I I f 4 1 WL, 0 S AC LEE lk 0 c f wq I pc rm VI If barred III1 som' HQ II xrfr' TIME u u 0 'rm I: Iomg d I I H d v I c L 4 I 1,5 Io and rom f- In Q-rua IH L. 0 IIWC I s as a Umor and s mm s rea 5 P I-If oxvrrame 1 ear Oarhors 1 I N 4 I r RUTH LICHTENWALD Blondlc- enloycd Iwomcmalflnq and Ind a IaIenI for IaIIcnnq fass e wor 4 Hu? s a uqIII war onds and sfamps WII1 C "OHV We earned RUIII spoke of a reriam AVWIY Ar Corus muy qufe oIIen She Q FOKI proud CI our cIIooI band Juamfa Bedz was IIIC OIDIUI of Iwcr admIraIlorI I?uII1IeIIsIrefsIwmen Io qcf II1e mosI ou? OI School She belonqed Io C5 A A Ihrce Years and Io Commermal Club one year AN VII Mu I IJ WZ' II VY NI 'YI I m1G HARD I-OLL D Ifn rn f I JK I on r'r'f1III Im fdf' I O 'TIIf3 lim f1IQYfT'IfI'I 0 bus f Q I I I G Q11 :Op V1 rjIfI1 O E S G l, ILVC I5 PXCU H IN ICOLPACK gona a m r na u If NfaIIfn:1IFcrL Lea ur' If rn an I TI I-Icr m 5 1 01:1 Iurn us Inuymq war sfamps and I v 1 Im wr I prom ew yuar gr Imrren I 0 Q0 ou Io af wr IOS qc? II1c.Ir Imsons and have much un , Mr Wco SIL. 5 Qs' al rw r yr- MARVIN J KRIEGER Marv IooIc mugI1 'md 1 In :gh sgIooI and wenI over Io Mu I r 0 er rformn fn rc HQ LH I Ira KD IIIQ Arrrv A r Corps In De en' U Marvmu nfedous sm e and cu Ir w ro prL5cr'I af Irar as a umor I 0 1 Mrro I0 and be IQQIIQQII QU nd 1II mu :srl I-If was Iroasurcr 0 rw HQ ako was on fha ur oran CIIQIIIISI s a oy Ic I I ROBERI 'EVITT TIII5 ruqqed lad playgd Q fr or Ihr- I oIIna I Ieaww confer or1I 0 baskcIIJQII team and ran around II1eIrack ab a oplwovworc Iumor and vemor He ad rmrr-d Skupovr Wcbvr and Leffy SrIrIacL B fId ad on 'Iwo AuroranII1cIr11Irco ara of Iuqh scI1ooI and served ceanI If arm and secrehary of HI Y Affcr ora uafuon B b II oIIow Ihr uclh e Navy V 5 IDIO WIIILII Iwe na: aIready een worn Maman Plmsy ww 0 Ion w III Im WARREN LONGHURST Warren emoycd CIIGFIPS SIIOQIIS EnqIlsI1 dass mosf of all I Q yfwr H requenIs The slcafmq rvn a 'aIc-min SI: or HQ IS prou o I e freedom wI1IcI1 we h ve an M H VVarrcn IS undecndeo abou? qounq Io coI Ie-qc buf IIC has chosen bakmq for Ins vocaflon He wishes II1aI he had IaIcc-rw Spamsh and advuses freshmen Io do lusf that Warren was a member of chorus during Ins freshman year 45 DOF? I . I ' .5 f IIIIIWI5 mu MAIN INff Wing ,I -1Iy Siu fr, Iucr IJ:-III, .IIIIII UQII SIIU wa, ww, wI.r, 0 IIIIU5 LGI I Grd mf, IH II.',rIcI if :III Iypf-s ff -,IIIIIIIH SIII: wan III-I Im, , ,Inf . In I.Iir Ir: Hn .,,Im:ILIIfrd'I-1IwII.vI11:I III G. A. Ag SIII- .II If, ' HI' 1 -, SpI:fII1II,' II I- gn In-III IIII- I'IfIIw',I11Ig IIIIII II SIIIIII-VI M I+" If III 3. el Inu-IIImrI. III II':.sI X, III :I I-'I xwv I I IIIII, IIII , III IM Im 'II II' III I ',1,IIIrI'q I1 1- IIJUIFI Ir: :I-PII f1I 1-:I Iurv ds .1 " 1-" II-I, 7 . Un I,v. ,I,IrII'I I, VV Iv,.',r:IIg, Mf Ifm Itcpffz Ip Im: hw VII!-I IIIL,":4-', CWI: .nv J III- .-.III Ifg 1 1' Hr' I 1 :fu LI If ,M oI I, II If ImIm'nI frm, .IIIwr IIIINIIIIIII W. II- 11- IIMI ,Hn 5IIffsfa I I u' SMI-.1Iv5I1I-III ,III-f .-,IJ-II H,II- ,I'I!, I-,I II fx II- :f III-I. IIIII- .-.IIrI,1 I I I, 'um 1-I III SMIIII f.1II.III:I1. di-In III PVIIII .If- HI .1I,I I .A. .XIffliu1',I I 9-I -I f rf' Y '- Q' I LIIIII- WIIIII- PIC ' - I1IcI'. III: deIr 0 .I III II IIf,n',IIIIIfArI IIr-Io III'-III PI:,'rIfwIII5 IIIIIII In III- III-, .1 .fm-IIGQ -Impcd Svmlf OI I,uI'1:,r, P1-yrvrlci., IIII 015, Inu I1 IImII,r. IIIA 1-IIIfw,I'd III: nf nIu In III- an nf-n,rmuIIffJI en.4IrIf:I-I I,,I,,yIrII,1 InImrwIulIII I1n'.II-IIIQII, UI WIIII II III: d In-II1u'v III: I5 a 'YIQIII dcmcrw, IIr: nd v.I1Sfi v.I:IZ. Ed I 13III4'df".f'JrlIV cf IIIS f,IvIf.S vlmcn Ir1fxIIr1Irfn Io QCI CII IIIQ . ,I .y CIM? Iwi aI'.fsyu r.aIf.f-II IIII' fIf155 Lwffrfarzff I I. DVI IQII a f1rC'I ad I II3 'Inf .,fI. VVIFIZQ v.I1vtIf. In IIIwIIfI NIIrII,.f.f:',If-Irx CImII1:a SIIr,f,I. HIS qrwufffzf Q I 1 I IIIIS Un' I-rIIy,1r'fisIII:I, I:II1'I1II.IIf'I1lIHv'f:f. ,war Lmmg Irmw vmIf,IIInq ur ' IQIIJ II H I v..I, can IIII- IIISIII-II .III I1-IW .mi ImfI In-mf Ivrmf D'w:rIpnII, I-Ie I,4fIIc.ff"2 III I Iv: Ifrfam .In Q1 IVIHIIITI III Imd 3' pI.f :' nn: uf 5I1r,v.'I'd III: qr -fI:',I ff1IenI In f arf- IIV RHI ,I I., fI1f,f,I, m'L' ' IIIQ III' I If bNII" III. . 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I I I I '- NLALE LONGSTRETH ST elch laims his O 'mrcver qmflinq himsc n f r er N e carne spe ng non or Inq aT The Palace Thealer and n 1 iv l To iim 1 c0r'npliShcd The ar? of arm VN U C an f XL e ri u H w m mbcr ol e ua is lun A To To 1 6 ELMABETH MADDOX L lam hr r ooan playinq an drarnahc a I in w ie is a a s w l rn beauTiTul one Lizzie presided al Nahonal Thespian meellnqs and did her share Amir ie Hi Tri Curia Rcqia Speech Arl ind STudenT Council L A Schnaclr Tops isT of Tea hers she mosl admires Lz e Andy K ss ve 4 Ire nmrchc pin The Ar S Ill THELMA MATTHIESSEN Thelma enloyrd M H S sporTs especially Toplball ow ver hr i eresT in To a ha inisned considerably and has Turned To vy V 5 since Del is in ThaT parl of service Thelma warbled in chorus qirls sexTeT mad iqal mixed quarTel and qirls chorus She was a rnember of Commercial Club Musl-reTTes Amicae and HiTri She w s presidenT of H Tri a a senior a d se reTaryTre1surer of he r sophomore rlass 61111 DON W McCAFl3REY Don was one f M H S s rnosT TalenTcd drannahsls He parTiclpaTed Two years in debafc and Na Tional Forensic Leaque Three years Speech ArTs and Tour years in declama Tron and dramaTirs He parlicipafed Two years in Auroran and chorus He believes his qreaTesT acromplishmenl has been in learning how To sTudy Don possesses real TalenT Tor arqurnenT and hopes To become a colleqe professor Sen 1 o JOHN McKEE J hnny is well lilced by cverycne His classmates elecTed him vice presidenf oT The class his Trsl Third and TourTh years and presidenT his sophomore year He was elecTed To STudenT Council all four years Washerwoman wenf ouT Tor TooTball and Traclr Three years and Tor bas lrefball one year He was elecfed secre Tary vice presidenT and presidenT oT Hi Y John hopes To sTudy chemical enqin e ring He received The Bill Roarh Trophy K -7'K 561170 LOUISA MILEM Louisa enioyed aero naulics all buf The seven hour Tesl She ad miTs To The habiT of mindinq oTher peo ples business Mary is really smarr she qof 33 crediTs in Three and one half years of hiqh school and she wishes she could have Taken every course offered She is proud of The wonderful slenoqraphical Training oTTered here aT M H S Louisa would like To go To lowa STaTe and Talre up scienlific farming 46 RJORIE LONGSTRETH M ii y arnbilirau enoqrwphcr d v s :usa S ll S Q W ll, l V1 nf alce C bc 1 u IU JUUIO O I lf n AT ycar or l lfllff iflfllil Tl 1 4 member ol G A A nd The Vi Tcr, Cr rpg Lrve s se rel C u MARGARET A' lCE LONGSTPUH Maq rw mu Q cum e en oyed arl and worm ronrim c a ses and Tr in seamsTress Marqarc-T can prilrle v Th my one when The subie T NT 1 woi 1 a c Muscahne Pc1llWork and penl her p re firm Trumr irq uifar Marqare-T vas on r A and Proqrrss uJ f 4 NORMAN MAXWELL Wornie en' yed aTTendinq Charles Shoolc r ond period rio ogy class H wuna oul on we 1 neT in and Tor Three ycars Wcrmic v r ouT mor Than his share ol' bowllnq slocs rolling excepfionally high rorrs Wormie s proud o our ba lrc-T all and To a Teams and llces To Tall: abouT sporTs H 5 inTeresTed in The Arnny Air Corps GeTTinq er hs b sh ulness was hi qrealel a complishmenT in high school BETTY JEAN NCMAHON B T een T Ten wilh a red haired senior She worlned half days al l-luTTiq s The TirsT emesfer und ouqhf war bonds whenever she could Mac engoyed The plays given by Muslry sTudenTs BeTTy found school very enioy abc buT she missc Teachers who ave gone o The Armed Forces Mac Tells Th shmen To Talce a real inTeresT n s 0 To enloy e as so ial rhairrra of G A A Tor one year 1944 RAYMOND H MEYN Porky enloys see one baskdball games and admires Slrp Weber He claims he can carry on an TelligenT conversahon abouTanyTh1nq Since he believes Teachers have The upper hand he advises freshmen T To Tall: b lr T Them Ray was especially proud o The equaliTy of M H S sTudenTs Raymond bouqhT bonds wiTh spending money he earned aT a local grocery slore To hasTen The reTurn of friends in The srrvire 1944 MARlLYN MlLLER CuTie is a Tall slirn poised blonde, and her ambfnon is To be a privafe secrefary She keeps qeflinq srnarTer and smarTer every year Marilyn was quiTe a goiner upper in high school she belonged To Amicae Auroran Cubs G A A and Comn'iuniTy Service she was Treasurer of Seco as a sophomore edilor ual and copy ediTor of Auroran, and sec refary of HiTri She was awarded Quill and Scroll as a lunior Y H- FW C i i MA ' i iuirif- ig lfilenl is Thal T Ti, 1 - v 4 ' '-ll' ver ' ' s. Sho wan?-, lu hw :line Q in DuTc'. He is anolh rr admirer nf Slrip sl: Q 'X , an -.he fn lin my law, A VVULT -. eal -- d his ' fndi 1 r 4-y l z pa sed h sr IQO 'md slriiil, ind lf-gl Lay w lr' '- - 0 wh4l f ste as sfill Tilleon. Slnl in gqiri-, she fa T. rm. AlThouqh he lA es 'n wn, he did ' T Tiv su oi fi1Ts eacl year. M we r l.' s he has L X, ' H A T: - cal' e ' ' r C llege is M4 ihcirl- ff ir' 3. l-'le ci ld lil: To alfr d l Jwa Slf l f f' - -,ch ,lin 1, Lilo: lil-i mism-i, ghf, Called' and To Tea: li figg 4c llurl-. e lil. cd 4 in Mi ' Edr ands. Mi lic rif' y. is a a Q N Th Track sq d h' ' ior 1 . , . .a 4 'f 1 i T , year and of F. F. . r ur yvari. Sh-- 5- d a 1 ary cl Prriirfg 3 l b, S'rliffr'.i 1944 7 7 -- iz is ous 1 L 4 X , hc- r ' d 4 ' bil'Ty. qif ould lilre To be a wif li-aclif-i' nd Sha will beqin her Trnininq as T1 "woman would love To allfrnd Williiiiwi P1-nn Cel, ' h'T " Th' T Il, nd he il alce a l ' I 2. Sh l - e 5 ' . 4 4 ' 4 ics l s , she is a malch nr 4 y 4 . ' ' . in . Q ' A f . ff s, 4- ', " X ' , f., s, , ' i-r is spi 2, Slif led f .i ...' T Th - A -T S f, and The 'lip l' c i . i lop s S a ' e s ri' A miss s o i s sinc: . , -d olf a q ' . - rizll cal lf G. To if my. A. . ' 3 Cl ll 4 - f--f -- Q ." io r J I J 4 - -- . , . , r i . H iv , ' 's uc . 4 e , e 'nT ' olb ll s dim -,of l , 3 e s Q Tl flr rl, ' ' ' ' , ' b ' 1 . N W -9 fe Na - ' ' ' The e A ' L .n , . . r' A ' , ' 4 i T 's , b I oth l . T A i i . e i a i ' i- 'i s ' n ov i a T V .V .s c- c - ,f At , , , 4 ' ' . . --1 f A S 4 f 7' 5 I 9 4 4 ff------'H . - o . A e is s . o- . - .V A 5 4 4 ' ' C' A I . , . . . X 1 Y . , , V S Q 4 ' , in b T , . ' 4' . ' I , ' -S , ii i o 4 V l . 'S A . Tre i i ,che l 4 . . . and i N iT. Sh w c' , ' T n l .' ' fi e -Z 1 O ' ' ' .- ' . A N n . . . . h 1 . i 4 ' i , 4 . . ' f ine . ' no nr o - . 4 T MARGARFT MQLIS Marquu was a 0 a r un a local drug STO e vnalTs were er Specualfy Her rnoT rherushcd memory us The nughT wc beaT DavenporT Curua Regua Ommcrruul Club Amurae ulru an 5 eTTus l rlaumed her as a mcm er u-que wrud l To aTTfnd SwfeT ruar or Lundenwood Thu Tall Her TuTure career 5 und c 4 scrve as vuce presu denT of Curuz Rc gun durunj hcr sophomore D ur ll TUS A MULLER Bll s brown eyed Tellow who claums a Mo el T r a depe-ndenT He reporTs ThaT e learned rrurh abouT people Through hus work aT MonTgomcry Wards and hus hugh chool assor uaTuons FourTh Dumensuon wanTs +0 aTT nd Ames where hc hopes To earn To bean acronauhcalenguneer Bullworked back sragc on year and debaTed Tour Hu leuor ucd To Speech ArT Tree ars nd N Tour yr S 1' ur 1 DOROTHY J OLDT-TAM Dat wanTs To be a nurse She eruuoyed The DavenporT games and us oroud oT our sporTsmanshup Trophy AT Mus aT ne Pearl Works DoT earne spendung money wuTh whuch she boughT war bonds Mcow says DoroThy us her av oruTe Topur oT conversaTuon DOT warbled un chorus Three years She admured her paTuenT Teachers and passung was her bg a complushmenT DOT regreTs noT havung enTered urTo more a TuvuTues 851110 JACK PAETZ Jummy goT Tuendush delghT our of holdung back Auroran copy Tul The lasT mruufe He wroTe sporTs copy or Three years Jackson pucked up exTra shek els loaf ng aT Gobbles Wholesale Com pany He plans To go To lowa STaTe buT le hasnT yeT decuded upon a career He was vuce presudenT of Hu Y hus senuor year lase admured Mr Fryes paTuence un ex plaunung chcmusTry He lukes To Talk abouT porTs He eruuoyr-d unTramural baskcTball Sflllf MARGARET PAGEL Perk was one oT Mr Shooks socuology Tans She possesses The TalenTs oTT lkunq and laughung MargareT earned her spendung money aT a local news sTand Owung To The war she mussed The beTTer assemblues and The weekly Auroran Shes a good bowler and a rueaT dresser Her mosT paTruoTuc gesTure us wruTung To saulors Perk advuses Treshrnen To make use of Theur sTudv halls and To uoun some club xTra uurrucular a Tuv Y 6 II 1 0 WALTER W FELTON Thus dark haured dashung young man enuoyed sleepung un s hool and dancung wuTh Shurley Thayer aT Fun NuTes Wally could make up wonder Tul excuses He spenT hus aTTernoons aT J C Penney lnc Walf expecTs To go To The UnuversuTy oT lowa and To sTudy med: cune uf The Armed Forces donT geT hum TursT He belonged To chorus hus uunuor year Remember hus good advuce freshmen and WalT should know Don'T sleep un classes YN MILLS Mully possc-ssc un ouT sTandung TalenT Tor wruTung poeTry She has a ways admured TudenTs who parTucupaTed u pa s and shc mu sed The cxchan e a s whuc rc noT guven Ths year Evelyn has always had a sc-crcT yearnung n an eleva or he wou e To Tend Mu caTune Junuor College Mully b longed To Commercual Club and G A A hcr gunuor year She kepT up The morale ol srrvucf mer' by sendurug Them guTTs 1944 VERDA NASH Srorchy has very becom ung red Tresses Verda loves To Talk abouT Marunes and a lad by TTe name of Brown Vuckue parTucupaTed n Tour years of dra maTuc work and Three years of chorus She belonqed To Hu Tru her sophomore and lun uor years To Commercual Club as a uunuor and To Speech ArTs as a uunuor and senuor She was vuce presudenT oT Tv1uskeTTcs her senuor year Scorchy would rrakc ver sTrukung Cover Gurl I 9 -I 4 HILDA NOERENBERG Hulda was seen mosT oTTen aT Leu s servung uce cream and makung sodas Her mosT umporTanT accom plushmeruf was geTTung As un homemakunq She belonged To G A A and Gurls Club The Thung she mussed rnosT on accounT oT The war was The paud assemblues Her mo T paTruoTuc gesTure was buyung war sTamps She admured Carol Meyers couraoe more Than anyThung else lT has been rumored ThaT she goes Tor farmers 194-I N Duck says he has a b sense oT responsubuluTy and beTTer IU gmenT because oT hus Tour years un hugh s hool He does have good uudgmenT when uT comes To puckung gurl Trends Duck has vusuons of becomung a naval oTTucer We have vusuons oT hum un ThaT unuform Ah mel Rucharcl clerked aT The Hershey Ave nue MarkeT and boughT war bonds To he o un The war eTTorT He wore hus blond haur shungled shorT hus senuor year 1944 MARLYN ODELL Marlyn us anoThc-r Musky sTudenT who mussed Andy mosT Thus year He earned hus spendung money workung on The raulroad He noT only admured Charles Humphrey BogarT Shook buT al so duscussed hum TrequenTly Even Though Marlyn says he would luke To be a lawyer u ould be rd ovsae s a good lookung chap before The bar Marlyn us a very good dancer He conTrubuTed hs TalenTs To The sTage crew for one year I9-I-I JOHN A OOSTENDORP Smulun John en loyecl goung on TooTball Trups Thus year He consuders The knowledge oT maTh he has gauned hus mosT umporTanT accomplushmenT OosTue loved To Tease and To arguc abouT posT war poluTucs He was acTuve un Hu Y N F L Speech ArTs and debaTe as a lun uor and senuor and un TooTball as a senuor He was on The nogahvo sude un debaTe He wull sTudy chemucal enguneerung OosTue was Auroran sporTs wruTer 47 7 'e s d EVEL - 4 -s 1 - i0 ll ' 7 ll. Y, 4 , 4 H ' . . W . I 1 I . . I .n I Y V i .S , a q C - 'K , ', ,, l'l' ', d pl y ' h we - 4 T ' . Mu k : fs l ' , ' ' b . - ' 1 4 Ma 'V , l ikff ' r : B' To ru , 'T . S , ld lik aT ' ' 's , s ' ' 4 . ' e- i ecld-d. Shy: fn CT 41- '- A p A 4 . . . year T hifulu fillifil. V ' 4 2 . l A I . r ' r S r' 0 I' J --ff JUS , 4 I ls a Tall, lim, . W , - - f 4 d - ' . fc , , , h ' ' u u. V V Y I , . , . . I Y T C Y F ' A V I . N I ' . . . years. ? 3 ?l lf 1 a , s h 4 . u f fu , yr- a . F. l. :arS. 4 V . 4 . -- f- fr fr Q 'r rx -'-- - h ,, v V.. I . f - . i , 4 ' ' ' . I I - E . , 1 I ""'-- .W 4 I' .u ' iff- - ' ' ' u RI ,JAP-RIE - ' E ,s T ' ' ' ' ' --Q ' 'J rx ie I ' ' ' " I 'u W ha 1 iu liz Thi f II: or e c ' c ' iTy. . --- L I ' rr -1- ALICE L PETERSON Pete declares she rea y gets a thrull out ot lute She as a wh z at shorthand and typnng and greatly terested nn secretarnal work Her date lst has been almost cntorely occupued by boys tram West Llberty Her tavorrte pastnme s so nal danclng She belonged to chorus onc year and to Commercaal Club two years Her advncc to treshmen as to study harder but to have a good tame too whsle they are goong throu gh school .Senza ARNOLD S PHILLIPS Arnne ns very anr m nded and he hopes to get unto the Arr Corps Arnold worked at the Des Monnes Regaster and Tribune othce and bought war stamps wnth hrs money Hts hugh school career taught hum to be at ease with peo pe Arnne lakes to talk about sports wnshes he had gone out tor them He ad vnses treshnes to work hard when they work pay hen they play He mnsses trnen s who are In the servlce 5 e Il 1 0 DARLENE PHILLIPS Dnmples as thus gals nnckname and does she have pretty brown eyes' You could have seen her at all the htgh school dances because her tavorlte been very patrnottc In savtng on gas and tures no carl Dnmples rs proud ot our gymnasuum and an admnrer of Mr Jensen She partucrpated an chorus tor three years and belonged to Amncae and Commercnal Club tor one year Senza MARIAN PLESSY It you have ever seen Mareans velvety brown eyes you could never forget them She uses them to great advantage on one ot our football and bas ketball players Plessy s beautntul voace real ly got a workout what wnth chorus glrls sextet madrngal and leadlng the Star Spangled Banner at basketball games Marnan Nas on roll call tor Amucae Curna Regua Muskettes and Hu Tru of whnch she was secretary her rumor year Senza JEAN POWELL Jeanne spent her spare tame rnnk skatnng She admured Mary Ford as an All Amerucan gurl Hamburgers nn the rateterla on Monday were what she most enroyed Jnnx us also a telephone op erator and though she doesnt plan to go to college at would be Iowa State t any She would lake to enter the WAAE upon her graduation Muskettes had her name on roll call as a semor She earned spare change clerkmg at a grocery store Senza MARY RADA Jerk enroyed attendrng ball games and tellmg moron stones She was an O P A student volunteer Mary s proud ot the faculty students and build ang She wants to go to school at A I C and then to become an ottnce worker She was a member ot Progress Club Commer cual Club G A A Vuctory Corps and Muskettes she washes she had taken part an even more actnvutnes Jerk advnses fresh men to study hard and to play hard 48 ANN PHILLIPS Annle was one ot our gay mud ycar students She has been lanth ul he band al nur car a IS one theur prnzc clarlnet players Ann mtsscs Q Chrome Room because ot war She trnotncally worked s a nu cs ald t e hospltal he-rf sht got bankground or tutun career as a surgncal nurse Ann longed to Cura Regna Hu Tr Muskettes Chemnstry Club and the Auroran She enjoyed playung brndgf I 9 4 -I BEVERLY JANE PIPPERT Bev was a hugh spnrrted athletnc tan Shc enloyed the Dav enport games most thus year and lS proud ot our basketball team Pup s tavornte toplc ot conversatuon as people an general bog an partncular She would luke to at en Iowa Unuverstty Her ambrtnon IS to 9 come a prrvate secretary She was treag urer ot Commercnal Club and H1Trn ana also belonged to G A A Auroran ana Muskettes She worked at Huttugs I 9 -fl 4 RALPH PRICE Ralph enroyed most hrs tnrst pernod physics class thus year He IS an excellent skater and an admnrer ot Charles Shook He worked at Dora s and at George cause ot the war Hts greatest achteve ment durrng h-gh school was maknng trnends He takes prnde In the sportsmanshlp ot the students at games He doesnt plan on col lege Has actnvutnes were Intramural sports tor three years bowllng one year I 9 4 4 BETTY PULLIAM Bet enroyed basketbal games and massed the usually good as semblues She says her talents must be hld den Betty helped nn the ratnonung pro gram and bought defense stamps She ns most proud of our basketball and football teams Acquurnng the skll ot shorthand and typnng durung her tour years was um portant to Betty She was a member ot Study hard and enter actuvutues Betty tells treshmen the Commercnal Club I9 4 4 SHIRLEY ANNE RANDALL Shtrley has admnred Sknp Weber most durnng her hugh school career She especlally enloyed play mg nn the band at the football games tor band as well as Muskettes clanmed her at tentuon as a rumor and a sensor Shurley advnce to freshmen IS to take the subyecti that wall be use ul n later late She would luke to attend Muscatine Junlor College and lllmons Unlversrty and be a lnbrarran She dated Don Calvert steaduly I 9 4 4 MARILYN RASMUSSEN Marnlyns mal' actuvtty was snngnng In mnxed chorus qlee clu madrugal and sextet her last twC years Mud was also an Auroran Cub he freshman year and answered to the roll o Amucae Curua Regla Muskettes and l'I Tr: Rassne had her best tume on week endi and earned her spendrng money at th dnme store Spook plans to take a stab at engmeernng at Iowa after a year a Muscatune Junuor College ll A 'A ' , ' 1 ' S x , S. . ' r A ls ln- to t I lc ya -, nd A of . . I ui i w. . X V . A . x th ' I . , pe. . ' . , A A A A a rs - ' A e a th I s CA A . ' A ,w . f : ' ' t he, 1 -' s s ' V be, . A 1 A I A , A- I, ?,- ,fri R U rj ffig..- , . . . - . t d l . A A 7 he A A . ' A A b . I W . I ' af 1 . . .Y , I ..--,,-.A T . I'-f ..-.1L. pastime is singing and dancing, She has Wittich's. Ralph misses the assemblies be- iill . ,'5 ...?.T. I 4 II I . I ,I . . . i . 1.- . .l.. . . ' ' t I ' . ..-.lit . l.,.1 . . . .A s b, ' , A IE RAUSH1 V +0 helm Ln 5 Q 111 Sm L I PUTHE M POND Hvflrl 14,11 S J 1 MYRLE PUCK quJr1o1 rf fx U J 5 U V3 Sxfn YOU L1 I HAROLD POSENBERG P 1 Q rc Auroran YY r wuz! 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RPEN NV ROTH D LQ r M 1 1 if 1 r 0 G Cd He a rw rc my nj Moda rn S arrcn mugs 111 GUV' a vce c rcs Pun r u ww u pen oc He wcrle 31 u 141 111 year and earned evcucxh mcroy 0 uy a car Warren masse qp11mq 1 Q101Vl'1L 10 d110r1d ou1o11own aslcrwbu qarfm He p1nns1o gown 1rc Com' Guar :1J.1r'0 a11e' Fc I9 3rac1ua1co 49 fu fk MAR ' 11115111 5117 1'f.1,1irw'u 1iU"1J11Tl. 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'4 1 d 0 i 4 RJCRTL SCHMIT T uri i ir i Auroran is Journ ri v rl Auroran ind QL y L S I il Lf IHS I Q L L SQHQEURS B 1 i ? e sports md T usLa im J we e Ar T L I Tn wir s e Tw ii a ou ur ers h r fu n urse C DS 1 u n r s Q oru dur M RILYN L SCHULTZ Lyn to Army urse l e C c rps She s e 0 ir rn 1 iu sinqers and used her voeal cerd lr quen' J orus 1 ri a in uar n e slale conlesf in in e annua sia ril,n e n d 'n reshman yeur Sh f r qui n een un N es IU in iuni f e vv lh r or uv n Q I AL ERT L SCHUMACHER Al nioy d ' r- ou? el lown qamies and he lille lo lalc a ou? lhc m md our baslcrlbal loam h re M lk Dfiry vas wneri r- s inl hc hard aber He is Droud f fhe fa thi' his hrqh sehoei educalien has provided hifn vv a kqround lor 1 4 err 0 med F rres er or r re Dame is hs chem el rolle but spenl n'u h fume in Don Poslen S com fny when h fs nc In r ss FRANCES SCHWLITZER anfe s 4 racluvf lue eye q r v l wqe dseni o humor. Spook Transferred lo M. H. S. from Sl. Malhias her junior year. She as worked for J. C. Penney Company. She ies To lallr abeul ShO0lc's 'oiieloqy ' raneer v uid 'Q lr allend college a . She was a member ef Commerr f uw H'- ', a Sega Ar: e - re was uroran exchange Q-dildr L d an Drfl En eclama ien and drama ies. - -Bruin LORRAINE SMlTHfRernember The fall, slim qirl wifh fhe lonq curls? They now Call her Bulchl Shes one of many who work al Woolvvorfhs buf she inlends lo become a U. S. Cade? Nurse. Burch yelled enfhu- siasrigally al fhe basl-refball qames To show her praise for lhfe leam's skill. Durinq her freshman year she belonqfrd ln Aniicae. her sophomore year to girls' gherus and the "Messiah casr, and her iunicr year lo Commercial Club. ..5Q.. A I HHMA Auroran V irr A L A ll 'he ly S un cidec rlcs l Ti Cen nw n ll T vli Wi 'cl F' r ' l nd Ann T T U i l' nfl UITTTTTCI' l C Lim ard Mus V1 VT HARRY SCHVIAQJL V r lhrr a s A f r C lhn f 1 ani .ff s 1 nmse n ISS FU f'T'll V ll iff llfl He is proud el lhe srho 'TLIVOOUFFJO Hade S UT CUIVT l DO JALU V SCHMIUT S n fy s a lillle duy rewn C rs He e 0 li pinq r ass me r 1 i lor on cu om i im Sl e Den dn nl r lo p a coll qu because he sau Q e L in wou ir one lo 0 C Lam I I fhr- w Den id es lreshnen lo sludy mar r an 0 sl: ep lonqer Don misses former we n r usses in wqh s no MARY LOUIS? SHOULTZ Louiei h S c e u i if e in 5 i or fhe Red roms. S e earned er spendinq money al Monfqomery Ward's .fn .ii "s nl a 3 Ou? her i.-mr. N enioycd Mr. S oo a her shorlhznd class lhe m st, ar says fha? she wishes she had sludied hard- ,r and advises reshmen lo e so. e fuanf: lo e ano er erenae Niqh inime and Train af Mercy Hesoilal in Davenpcnrl, Jayne- e PHYLLIS D. SHIELD-Phil is planning To become a lseauly eperafor and wanls To falre her Traininq in Davenporl. She ad- mires Miss Jericho and claims she enjoyed lalcinq alqebra wilh The freshmen very rnunh. Phil wishes she had sludied harder. Her advice lo freshmen is lo lalre subiedi lhal will he ol help. Phyllis was an arlivc member in Commereial Club her junior year and in Muslcelles as a senior. She' male a beaulilul cosmeloloqisl, DOROTHY MARI1 SIMPSON 11y wor C1 rm y 1 4 I I' u G I mr ed M I' rar a V514 y rrw M Fogar1y ep1 her pafrenc If 1 d I8 rrrssed err r f ppc sr1e sex Lcaur O 1I'rc, war 1 a Q00 lr wrr cr rlo 41 10 Amrrae H rr A A rhorus and Cornmc rrra u L ssrrlor bro r I' ll R ERT SINNETT Spook Ivra Franrrsl s u1rd 1or rnfellrgen r an re ra r d h ll evelo ed 1afn wr ry rerfarks he he had erga ed Wore rn euraeurrreular a 1rvr1re and e advrses 1re hmzn io seleel a good ac.1rvr1y n 1o respe 1 1he srnrors Bo wanf a11en r lleqe nf Ame and become a snr e 1r1 He was on 1he Auroran s1a11 1wo ear urra fra a ophomr re an 55 znror 851110 WARREN SISSEL Warren rs a husky Mus ky lad who enroyed s1udyrng agrrcul1ure He has m0s1admrred Lrndley Hoopes Hrs rngome rs derrved from 1he sale of rrops an lrve1OCk Warren pans 10 go 10 ro lege a1 Ames and he has chosen 1armrng 10r a voCa1ron A member o1F F A 1our y ars he has held 1he 011 es o1 presrden1 an vrce pre rden1 1 +ha1 organrza1ron Warr n was awarded 1he Iowa Farmer De Qr e as a srnror .S Ill DICK STEGALL Beagle enroyed playrng ball He clarrns hs only 1aIen1 rs src He played rn 1he band 1or1hree years an wr-n1101he s1a1e musre eon1es1 He rs o11en re1errcd 10 cS a second Brng Cro by Dunk worked a1 1he Hershey Avenue Mar ke1 Skrp Weber was 1ops wr1h hrm Go rng1o Ame and learnrng 1o1arm were hrs plans be10re the war Beagles danerng ompefes wr1h 1ha1 o1 Fred As1arre He mrsses Ja k Zerdlers Model T 1ruck Se ur 1 ALYS STROH Alys adnnrred Mr Shook 10r hrs sense of humor She der ved a qrea1 deal 01 pl a ure 1rom usherrng a1 programs Bordre clerked a1 a local drme s1ore on Sa1urdays She rlarms her grea1es1accom pIrshmen1 was mas1errng shor1hand and 1yp ng and she plans 10 en1er 1he busrness world as a secre1ary Alvs belonged 10 Ushers Club Hr Trr Amreae G- A A Comrrrercral Club and Muske11es She loves sewrng and rs an expe-r1 seams1ress Ni 11111 ROSALIE STROPES Rosle go1 much en lOyrnen1 ou1 01 helprng 1he governmen1 Through ra11onrng She has admrred Don M Ca11reys work rn declamahon She 'nrssed 1he weekly Auroran because of 1he v ar and her 1avorr1e 1oprc 01conversa1ron rS1he pos1 war world Rosre s 1alen1 rs play Ing 1he prano She earned her spendrng money a1 a local ca1e Rosalie rs proud 01 our 1eaehers wrllrngness 10 help s1uden1s She wan1s 1o be a nurse o QRQTHY C SCHNEIDER D r 4 Qydk I fl rr or u me u r n r- er1garne I s rr rf iaff W WOT S IU C I nnf c Q- a e ra rr ge1 em s rrre fu L wr rd h a r nurs rr 4 vcr w e lf lnrrgr 11 r rr fn mmf r al Clul o 1wr year I 9 4 4 NORMA J SLATER Sla1 u1c bond has a prra1r0n 1o1me0me in arr fewar e s sornf bgar r s1rra sr romed Arnreae and Auroran Cubs and hr became a regular Auroran 1ea1ure wrr1er as a sophomore and rumor She helonged 1o A A 01 hreh s e pres dem a a sensor and 10 Hr Trr durrng her sopho more rumor and senror years She ervcd as presrdcn1 J ommer ral Club wh e a rumor I 9 4 4 ROSE SOLONEN Rosre would lrke1c be come an arr s1ewardess She clarms al r 1a en1s arr- hrdden b 1she really a sw I ancer He os1 rrnpor1an1 acfomprrs rnenf was g h fseffconsrrou ness by u ograms arrd games Among 1e ae1rvr1res she par1rrrpa1ed n were A reae Commereral Club Muske1 1es and G A A Rose mrs ed exchange ys os1 s a reu1o 1e war e wou d Irkf- 10 a11end1he Un ver r1y r1Irwa 19 4 4 RAYMOND STANGE C rly rs 1 Il 1 1ure 1arrrer wr1h beau1r1ul eyelashes and an admrrahon for Lnd ey Hoooe He mrsses 1he 1 e of assemblres we use 1e have Ray elre es 1ha1 hrs rnos1rmpor1arr1 aehrevem 1 was Iearnrng be11c.r 1armrng me1hods 6.:d,B3,bf6S 10 a11end Ames and h amb on 1 become manager o1 a 1arm He advrses11reshres1o1ake rna1h and sp0r1s He belonged 10 F F A 1our year servrng as sergean1 a1 arm and presrden1 1944 KEITH STREET Ker1h rs a shor1 blue eyed smrlrng 1ellow Hs hrgh scholashc s1ar' rng rrakes hrm one 011he1eachers answer men He earned hrs spendrng money by farmrng Hrs 1avorr1e 1oprc o1eonvers11ron s 1u1ure scren1r1le developme:-n1s Ker1h wou Irke 10 a11end 1he Un1versr1y 1 Sou1hern Calr1ornra and learn 10 be an archaeoloqrs1 A member 011: F A 1or 1our years he clarms 1he drs1rrrc1r0n 01 1herr scholarshrp award several 1rmes 19 -I 4 MERLE E STURMS Merle clarms he has bu1 one 1alen1 bu1 he showed us dr11er en1ly whrle on 1he baske1balI faofball and 1rack 1eams In hrs spare 1rme Husky was seen workrnq rn a down10wn rnea1 marke1 Thrs black harred Musky mrssed hrs frrends who wen1 rn1o the servrce durrng hrs sensor year and he helped supp0r1 1hem by buy rng war s1arnps Merle rs proud o1 our ac 1rvr1y sys1em rn M H S and washes he had par1rcrpa1ecl rn r1 more 51 Luv LE VON SHIRLEY SWISHER Swush earned her spendung moncy aT Kresge s and Mus aTunu Prarl We k She musses Thc senuor oy who havc gone nTo The servuce an us buyunq war bond and sTamps o uuy Tlcur rr Turn L1 Vons TavoruTe To uc unvcrsaluon us The good Tumes she as Tad The pasT Tour years Swush us prou o our school band and The Team spuruT She 5CTvuSeSTreShrT1er1 To geT much ouT oT school and To sTudy She admured Peg WaTTers ffl 1 DONALD SYWASSINK ShorTys acTuvuTy been E E A all Tour years He ee 1 hs Taenls are havung Tun and arm nq and he en oyed The TursT peruod physucs class a qreaT deal EvudenTly he possesses The guTT oT qab Tor he lkes To Talk a oul everyThung Sy Teels ThaT passung Englush was hus greaTesT accomplushmenT and he regreTs ThaT he dudnT go ouT Tor more ac TuvuTues He has mussed assemblues because oT The war duTTuculTues un TransporTaTuon e ll 1 4 MARY FRANCES TERRY IT can easuly be erous laugh Thus rea has sense of humor She played a cIaruneT un Tne band Three and one halT years and Then quuT To work parT Tume as a TypusT aT The Unuversal Shell Company She admured Mr Frcese ATTer beung qraduaTed Mary ns To Th U S CadeT Nurses Corps and become a Navy nurse Her pa Tr oTuc qcsTure was wruTung To servuce men SZIIIII RICHARD THARP Ducks TavoruTe Toouc oT conversaTuon us The Navy Hes mussed many of hus Truends ThaT have gone To The Armed Forces Sleepung un class was hus TavoruTe pasTume ConTrubuTung To The war eTTorT Duck worked half days aT HuTTugs and boughT war bonds and sTamps Duck s sorry he dudnT sfudy harder Hus TaIenTs are unduscovered as yeT or uusT noT well known Uncle Sam wull qeT hum aTTer grad uaTuon STudy duIugenTly s hus advuce Senza EMILY VAN GENT Emuly claums she has no Talenf buf she was one of The beTTer shorThand and Typung sTudenTs She would luke To aTTend A I B un Des Mounes and work un a busuness oTTIuce aTTer her Traununq She admures Muss Jerucho and us proud oT our publuc address sysTem Amucae Ush ers Club I-lu Tru MuskeTTes Commercual Clu and G A A were her acTuvuTues Emuly earned her spenduruq money aT Kresge s STore Thus year MARY STUMP Mary kepT Track oT Musky daTes Through her uob aT The bo oTTuce of The UpTown Thealer She, Took a sTcno aphuc course un luugh ool ul she un ecudcd To whaf hcr uTure wul a Ter she us graduaTccI Dumplcs wushcs she had gone ouT Tor Auroran Cub n he res man year lThough shc a un drclann her Trsl year Shc was a member oT The bowlung Team Tor Threc years beung presu denT as a uunuor 94 GEORGE H SUMAN George enuoyed hs TursT peruod physucs class Beung a buT cher aT a local Tood sTore he always scu rncd To ave a buTchered 7 haur T He luke To Tell Tall Tales especually back sTagc He mussed good assemblues Thus year be ause oT The shorTage oT gas The Thung George besT accomplushed was as he says To sTay away rom women He wushes he hud re ceuved beTTer grades He was proud OT our baskeTbalI Team Thus year l 9 4 4 VERA M THEOBALD ShorTy hasn T grown can do a IuTTle oT everyThung She worked aT HuTTug s ManuTacTurung Company as her paTruoTuc gesTure Vera has mussed a cer Taun saulor because oT The war Shell make a cuTe luTTIe secrefary ShorTy regrc-Ts noT gounq ouT Tor dramahcs bT G A A chorus Amucae and Auroran Took up Too much 'fume ShorTy looked up really up To our Musky coach Skup Weber 1944 JOAN THOMAS Tommy worked aT JaneTs BeauTy Shop and you could Tell 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Topuc of conversa Tuon was sporTs especually baskeTbaIl He chose B Squad baskefball TooTbaII Track and sTage work as hus acTuvuTues Duck also claumed membershup un Hu Y durung hus IasT Two years Duck helped wuTh bond plays X: .X xl T, i -Q 4 X . cu. I ? A Jr Az. I ' I 2 . H ' ' 2 - TA - T - I I , d gr I . I I -,ch , b is she I I s T d I f as ' ' 1 T II be hum u-I r . 4 I I pI T I X . I Y I ' of ru - ' ' I h ' s I r M' - : . I I d T T h , a - w u I - . --f-AMS irru I 4 ' ' has . . . 1 . TI ls I I II I 1 . I ' - ThcT I fl ' I T Y , -3. 1 I f, ' , I I I h I. I I cu . I cl I I ' u u, - I - ,T is sg .I . . I I I I I I I I I I I ' - f- S If za .u H - Told if Mary is in The cgwd by her gen- a Ibif since she's beenjn high school. She . I IlTTle gal lly a I . A I . pla join e . . . I . nl .I I 1' J --ff - I I . I I . , . I in I ,.,,.i I . I , - Th ..,. , of , ' ' . ' . I 1 a . . . S Z I 4 4 -T I I . I l DOROTHY WALTER Four poanf senaor Auroran Manager swealer gurl' Who could forgel Decle7 And she wonl 'lorflel Lelly Schnark lhe persr n she has admared mosf n hgh school War fame meanl lhe loss ol Doc Be-anerl fo her Her clubs ncluded Speech Arlg Crmmc rcaal Club H Tru G A A and Sludrnl Councal Her honors were beang va edacloraan serrefary ol her class as a aunaor and senaor and uall a d Scroll appomlmenl as a lunaor S f Il 1 1, PEGGY WATTERS as le Iallle r was used lo runnang our an lronl' ol huge crowds lo lead cheers She led cheers dur an her sophomore unaor and senaor years Peg worked allernoon af a denlasl s olface She as plannang lo go anlo nurses lraananq and hopes lo become a urgacal nurse Chorus H Tr and Speech Arls had her name on roll call Peg enaoyed lakang Englash and socaoloqy under Charles Shook She as one ol The prellaesl graduales S f Il z 1 BOB WELSCH Bobby could be mosl eas aly remembered as rhe drum malor Now hes wearang a dllerenl unalorm fhal of lhe Navy Bob worked al Walsons Shoe Sfore before qraduafaon He washes he had faken par? an afhlelacs and he had all The heaghl necessary for baskelball Bob claams hs real lalenl Ives an slayang away from panball machanes He has admared all ol has leachers who helped ham Through has lour years of hrqh school Sf II 1 0 MURRAY WIER Grandvaew favored M H S walh a red haared guy by The name of Murray lo spend has senaor year here Duranq lhal one year Murray made a name for hamsell by hs brallaanl performan es on The baskelball courl Al Grandvaew Murray was on fhe baskefball leam an has freshman sophomore and lunaor years He holds much aclmaralaon for Coach Lefly Schnack and enaoyed bealang Davenporf mosl olall He was also a member of Ha Y qFlI10 BOB WILTON Trppy claarns he has a Tal en? for rhunkang up sally lhangs Has admar alaon goes lo a lallle garl whose name he would no? reveal Bob lakes lo falk abou? whal' he as mosl proud of our baskefball feam He would lake lo alfend Colorado Unaversaly and gel a rob lhal has some lhang 'ro do walh sporls Bob chose sporls as has aclavaly Iwo years of foofball bas kefball and 'track He advases larsl year Sludenls lo lhank abou? 'rhear sludaes RICHARD WALTER D ck a ml spo en lcllow who as an The Army now H rea lhe bullel n over lhe pu Ja addrfs syslem every m rnaraq He lhal W UVTT1 HG FUI ITT S T nd l V TVTTKFI l'T ar u e an efadr wl al u aa rfs e mosl amporlanf lo lhrm r N I r y r an chorus and Auroran lor Iwo years H admared George Gallaher 4 RUTH WEBER Pussy has kepl The Aurorasn and The Aroaran gang peppcd up lor lour years and now she as deserfang fhefn + sludf gournalasm al The Umversaly ol Iowa Auroran Cubs HaTra Auroran G A A Curaa Regaa Sfudenl Counral Those are lhe oroanazalaons lo whach she belonged Her lop honors were brang selecled lor uall and Scroll as a gunaor and for general manage of lhe brweekay Auroren as a senaor She massed Doc Beanerl 9 4 VIRGINIA WEBER Ganny hopes lo b anolher angel of mercy She wsll oo anlo lraanang nexl fall Mr Messenger as whom she has mosl admared durang hreh school Varqanaa s lraends lake greal delaqhl an Tool ang her for she as very gullable She was a member of Arnaca chorus and G A A She was secrefary lor Curaa Reqaa ad salesman for lhe Auroran and presadenl of Ha Tra of whach she was a member her sophomore aunaor and senaor years I 9 4 4 KE'TH WEIERSHEUSER Thas senaor ollen maslaken for Mackey Rooney as soon lo be honorang lhe Army Aar Corps unalorm Weary parlacapaled an band all four years as a frombone player Thus Ford owner earned has spendang money al a meal mar kel downlown Kealh says he doesnl have a lavorale lopac bul we ollen see ham wal a cure lallle brunelle' He look aeronau facs an has senaor year 'ro prepare hamsell for has 'lulure career walh Uncle Sam 1944 LAUREN WERNER Lauren agrees walh Mass Maller lhal a good slall educaraon as absolulely necessary Gup made af lhrough lour years of foreagn language and washes he had Taken more mafh He would Ike lo allend Iowa Unaversaly and be an ac counlanf Lauren claams has qrealesf ac complashmenf was ge:-Hang back from lhe baskefball game al Fl Madason Slage crew for four years Auroren Cubs Cura Regaa and Speech Arfs were has acfavahes nrora I9 HELEN JUNE WEST Helen was oulsland mg an declam and debafe She claarns fhal her only lalenf as lhe gall of gab She plans lo go lo Wheafon College and slucly fo be a speech Teacher Lake many ofher Muskaes shell never 'lorgel our vacloraes over Davenporf Helen June parhcapaled an declam debale dramafacs Speech Arfs N F L Nalaonal Thespaans Muslzefles Amacae and Ha Tra Declam confesls and Mrs Rulhenberg were fops walh Helen 53 L s Q f"-' :sa-H 'vn- X :Qi ru' 7-'Av' If as if ,lu ' i -r .iflfr li i ig 3 RICHARD WlETER-Wcrmy lisls Charlie Shook's socioloqy class as his source of en- inymenl and Charlie Shook as his source ol grealosl admiralion. Guess maybe he liked Charlie Shock. He lisls lhe war as his lavc'-file subieil ol conversalion. He says The one lhino he wishes he had done in hiqh school lhal he didn'l do is lbelieve il wr noll STUDY, His advice lo lreshmen is: "Take in all lhe aclivilies. Sludy. don'l loalfl Richard belonged lo band. ---- .Srzlzfirf CHARLES WILLEY-Chuck is a good lalker and much lun. His lavorile conversalion is hashing over pasl loolball and baskel- ball games. He has played laalball and baskelball lhreugh all four years ol high school. Chuck is proud ol lhe malh he has learned, and he will use il soon in mililary service. He gives freshmen lhis sage ad- vice: "Don'l lake snap subieclst don'l gel mixed up wilh girls." However, he doesn'l praclice whal he preaches. fee- S f 11 i o CA AI WlLLlAMS-Cooney spenl his high school years in lhe Blulls. high school, where he played bas- and baseball and during his sopho- more year was presidenl ol his class. His iunior year lound him al Mendosia, llli- nois, where he was secrelary ol his class. He played baskelball and baseball and won lrack honors. Hunlinq is his lavorile paslirne and conyersalion lopic. Girls are lascinaled by his slow Soulhern drawl. X4- Seuio BETTY A. WlLSON-Wilson enioys leas- ing Mr. Shook and dancing. She has ad- mired Miss Bieleleld very much lhese four years. Belly bouqhl war slamps wilh lhe money she earned al Kresge's. She liked going lo oul-ol-lown games, and she is very proud ol our baskelball learn. Belly would like lo allend a Des Moines beauly academy and slarl her own beauly shop. She was an aclive member ol G. A. A., Hi- Tri, Muskelles. and Seco. ----4 Seuio BOB ZOLLER-Buck was happy when he could lalk aboul airplanes or music, and he was happy when he was in Gus Shook's or Miss Gaekle's class. He was ollen seen bobbing up and down al lhe Y dances. Bob commilled himself on several lhinqs: he hopes lo go lo lhe Universily ol Iowa and lhen lo lravel: he made a delinilely palriolic geslure when he did nol gel a li- cense lo wear oul lires and burn up gaso- line driving needless miles. -A-- Senio NORWOOD BERNARD-Sammy was drall- ed in the lallg so he didn'l gel lo qrad- uale wilh his sisler. He always was a hand- some lad, wilh his black hair, dark brown eyes, and while smile. Since he has donned lhe uniform ol his Uncle Sam's Army, he is more handsome lhan ever. Nor- wood ale mealballs wilh lhe olher Hi-Y boys as a iunior and a senior. He was well known as a smoolh dresser and a good dancer. He has prelly dimples, loo. ...54-. RUTH LOUISE WHISLER- Vxfhis onioyed lhe superior lenling ffl beinw a senior. This piano plays-r admired Nlr, Shook mosl. Rulh worked al Trnulf. Super Markel and boughl war slamps wilh lhe money she earned. She missed lhe senior boys who have gone inlo lhe service. Whir, was an dclive member ol Amicae. Hi-Tri, G. A. A.. Muskc-lles, and Ushers' Club. She ad- vises lreshmc-n lo keep sludying even lhouqh lhey are nol going lo college. I9-l-if - -- PHYLLIS WHlTE--Phil plans lo be anolher angel ol mercy by ioining lhe Cadel Nurses Corps aller gradualion. She earned her spending money by lakinq care ol chil- dren. Phyllis proved her palriolism by help- ing wilh ralioninq and buying war bonds. She enioyed Muscaline's viclories over lhe Blue Devils lhe mosl lhis year. She claims her lalenl is whispering in class. She was on lhe roll call lor G. A. A. and Muskelles. Muskies remember her pleasing personalily. 19-14 -ff FRANK WHITELEY-P. J. has a decided lalenl lor blushing. He hasn'l decided on a career, bul he hopes lo go lo lhe Uni- versily ol Iowa. He earned money on his dad's larm and lhen burned il up lor gas lor his Ford. Frank played loolball lwo years and was in baskelball and lrack lwo years. He was sergeanl al arms, vice-presi- denl, and presidenl ol Hi-Y and a Fulure Farmer lor lhree years. Says Frank lo lreshios: "Sludy hard and be lillle angels." 1944 ----Q N HELEN MAY WHITLOW-Mac admired Miss Bieleleld, especially when she had lhe giggles, and she missed Andy Kossives, es- pecially when he would have led cheers. Helen did her bil as a nurses' aide al Bel- levue Hospilal, and she hopes lo be a nurse some day. The baskelball learn made up her grealesl source ol pride, and nurs- ing and hospilals herlavorile subiecl ol con- versalion. Her advice is: "Work al lhe be- ginning and you can enioy lhe senior year." 19-14-e4-- ROBERT ZlEL-"Sludy hard, make lriendsi become a good l'ellow": lhese words sum up lhe advice Wax leaves lo lreshmen. He pul himsell on record as admiring Skip Weber and liking lo lalk aboul lhe olher lellow's inleresls. Bob enioyed singing in lhe rninslrel show lhis year, and he leels lhal his grealesl accomplishmenl was learn- ing malh and acquiring sell-confidence. Mililary school and a business career would make lhe lulure look inleresling lo Bob. I9 4 4 WM-- ANDY KOSSIVES, PAUL SURBER-Uncle Sam called lhese boys belore lhey lin- ished lheir senior year. We wanled pic- lures ol lhem in unilorm, bul we couldn'l secure lhem. We'll always remember Andy lor his acling. cheerleading. and loolball playing. He was vice-presidenl ol his class as a sophomore, and presidenl as a iunior and a senior. Paul was mosl inleresled in aeronaulics, and could he build model planes! He was called lo lhe Air Corps. '- R. r 4 1 i ...w -.fn 4- ,mxv .4-4 , 4 ,, ,,...-WT ,, ,k.,..1 ,,.,, .- , ,, .r , A 1 J: if ,l,, A U' V "fff,'fH:-" , - .'lf6,,.b,Q4,ly!f Pfkrf 95: .r . ,,,31f'+"" -lu' If U " as .V , I, ., f' lvl fur. -. ',. ,N 5 'S .'i.,fQ x if V . 5, A I . - ui 4 L , , X, n , iii Q25 'QQQ .yQ,7'g Q.,.. , , . ff: f3'i V4f', Q' - xx, vag3,3"".1,,,h .K '. "ffl 5 ' nw. W J ,TW -was-A an-Q.. I ul "L V- ,, I . .-.3 1 .- ,. D . 5 .. 3 W 'Z'-f.:-fm fxfzf, , J Quinn 'F'-A 1 , Y 5 .J A I 1' 4 A -up-a F: :Lf V ,M .k, X, , . wa- ,T w. .. "Ev Ly- W 4 .4 ,I V M221 'L 4 , gig? P- fa, fu l Q T' - 1, 54793 La- ' sq, . , r. Y 'FE-2' ,Ei-Li . Y gy: . gf fzlin? ' 5 A' ' f'u.Ef in V f X. ,, '.1'3':tA Q:- - .gf 3 '- :ui -. 5xf":. 1, -f uv.,f,., y I 5.m:k',w1 ,.'L.f,ij,. , ..- W -. 2 'L e ang J -1. u--- I I, -'g:iwni-- D ' i ' in ' 5 ' '5 ' 5":-fc-f .Lg 3 . If wr.. Q J 'f ' wx ' G 1,,'f2??"' Q vu y ig x ' ' at 'D uf f fn .VA I 4 ' Xf ' N f - KA? 'lf A- I, , ' ,- , W' At., 1' Q ff ' 5 '- . '35 ' I , J if. -I ' V - A ' -- X-"A I A A A ' ' 'X .11 ,, Q ' ' I ' v - A A . O xx, J 5 sg!! I Q ' ' T1 in , W iv 4 Fi, -Q ' A 4 'L 5 1 'fig ' ' 'Wifi i ' fg .,-fm., Q 'y W ' Q f ..,:.'.f Q - . V A v Q1 4 'P Q , 1, I if f , L Q fi? ,' ' Q ., 3 I' 23? -. 5 5 , , V, , xy," '35, X X V' ' ' 1,55 H' .1 A . ' E ff J - "' ' N 'n N lfkz Y V , 21 6 T' - ' 5. I 4 K 3 ,ml X v-n...- r-w--' if .- X Z JUNIOR OFFICERS-Work and play brouqhT verieTy To The iuniors' daily rouTine. ln The picTure The presidenT OT The class, Fred l-lavemann, happily wiped dishes To help ouT The caTeTerie. Doris STormer. secreTary-Treasurer, and Dick Drake, vice-presi- denT, who aTe Their lunch aT The caTeTeria every noon, enioyed waTching Their classmaTe. -59- Junuors Add Pep lo Musky Halls UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Joyce Beulz Ellen Jane Allenbernd Belly Cooverl Darlene Brenneman Jeanello Boland Beverly Breu Darlene Ash Arlene Brudlkuhl Maxune Calverl SECOND ROW Marulyn Barr Phyllus Barry Pearl Cord well Juanula Brase Jacquelune Ballanger Donna Carler Dorolhy Dulley Donna Jean Cole Florence Drake Joyce Dodge THIRD ROW Rodney Drake Lee Brornme Marulyn Curlus Arlene Downey Shurley Dunker Mary Jo Colvun Marlha Alkuns Frances Benlon Maruorue Boehl Bob Dahlberq Earl Carslens FOURTH ROW Kennelh Brendel Byron Chanl Ruchard Alden DeWayne Behrens Marvun Bennunger Ed Chamberlun Harold Daul James Curry Gardner Dodge Bully Busch George Brower Duck Drake Marvun Connor LOWER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Jean Kelley Marulyn Harrus Rulh Hermann Marue Hollman Shurley Henke Maruon Freyermulh Dorus Hermann Belly Lou Erhardl Maruan Fabruzuus SECOND ROW Roberl Grullon Bull Gallagher Donna Fry Rulh Fuscher Belly Fosler Rulh Garmon Darlene Groll Garleen Green Duck Eus Daryl Kempl Howard Harkuns THIRD ROW Lyndon Fusher Jack Hulluer Bob Kerschenske Ed Euchelberger Jeanne Jackson Dorolhy Ford Duck Edmonds Clarence Kerschunske Irwun Frudley Bob Jacobs Raymond Heuer FOURTH ROW Duck Hauney John Jessup Max Jarvus Maynard Huldebrandl Edward Fuller Bull Golds berry Boyd Jordan Lorung Janney Roberl Hayes Fred Havemann Ray Grullllh 60 u l O - u u u Y u u u I u - - u u ' u u u u u u u P ' - u u u u u u u u u u - - u u u u u u u u u u u u - - u 1 u u u u u u - - u r u u u u u u u u - - u u u u u u 1 , . , , . . u u u u u ' u u u u u - Junlors Add Vlm lo Musky Teams UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Darlene McCullough Eunlce Pelersen Mar garel Rahll Jaclcue Muller Wanda Landon Ellarene Mlddagh Colleen Rexrolh Helen Mosher Margarel Leech SECOND ROW Jerre Lasswell Pal Rebelslcy Arlene Nickerson Florence Rernuer Dorolhy Raushenberger Roberla Robuson Carol Kung Lula Minor Evelyn Marlc Naomu Mallard Bully Malsenbach THIRD ROW Ed Rohde Bob Lollman Duane Poole Ruchard Pagel George Lundow Fred Paelz Arl Muller Marvvn McCoy Bob Rada Roberl Nelson Roberl Muller Ray Orr FOURTH ROW Charlue Mason Ralph Prollnll Waller Pulgram John Muller Gerald Marx Henry Muller Eugene Malden Bull Oeler CharlIe Rael: Fred Krell James Oslrander LOWER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Ruby Seydel Ann Snssel Dorolhy Umlandl Alma Snyder Marle Smllh Donna Secrlsl Carol Sywasslnlc Belly Thompson Shlrley Thayer SECOND ROW Arlene Sprung JoAnn Washburn Barbara Sllrlen Belly Lou Sabbalh lnez Smllh Belly Sllberhorn Rulh Schwarlz Norma Werner Geraldine Shield Faunnel Thomas Delores Terry THlRD ROW Louls Slaley Richard Swuclc Marvln Wnlson Emll Schulz Marlon TeSlralce Dorls Slormer John Slraun Bernard Shannon Blame Walson Don Wagler Dlclc Wellons FOURTH ROW Edward Sleun bach Durward Waclcer Kennelh TeSlralce Garry Woodward Clarence Whusler Glenn Shoppa Jaclc Schroeder Harry Schneuder Kennelh Swanson Roberl Townsend John Schroeder Bob Varnoy 6 I , L - . -M ,In 11 x g 0 T - I I ' I I I I I I - - I I I I ' I I I I I I - - I I I I I I I I I I I - - I I I . I I I I I I I - ' - I I I I I I I I ' - I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I - - ' I I I I I I I I I I , ' . 'T""' ,I .lv .P N ' . lin ,,, -4.- z - .AL - 1 R , ,. if. 4 x , VT, .- 'E-1, . .. .u"?. , 'il T- . ' S" S . '-" sr-.Hy U Q .4- jk K f -. if .illl H . -.,-nun-7-,vpw---3 - .-,A--,i - l N 'gy I il'--..nlll"':4-Typist! .., Sophomores Wan Scholasllc Honors UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Eugenia Boynlon Donna Dullueld Roberla England Janns Brandau Mary Benlon Relha Broolcharl Barbara Balchelor Norma Angell Joan Cham berlun SECOND ROW Corrnne Cozad Marlorue Day LaVada Carler Eloune Aye Shrrley Eosler Carol Bloom Richard Busler Dean Allrnanolrnger lra Brrd Ernesl Archer Rolella Behrens Belly Eanlyer THlRD ROW Blll Armslrong Gene Allbeo Dave Eunlc John Connor Roberl Busler Suzanne Barry Belly Jo Anderson Rulh Borgsladl Evelyn Adams Gene Busler Melvnn Ereese FOURTH ROW Bob Allbee Bob Barlenhagen Ereol Bullgen Bob Cash James Eullerlon Wesley Carler Rnchard Bodman Wallace Beason Bob Dlercks Allen Ben nell Marlyn Cunningham Vera Green Emma Lenz Mary Lengh Larson Lrllran Kerschunslce Barbara Lawrence SEC OND ROW Wilbur Helzler Laura Hoag Clara Garrison Beverly Hlnlermensler Maxnne McCullough Darleen Harlman Vlrgunla Hennug Marcelune Keller Sandra Glass Rlchard Honls THIRD ROW Dnclc Hubbard Bob Leach Sherwrn Glalsleun Beverly Hoplcuns Dorus Lucas Beverly Hull Norma Hcussner Clarence Lnclc Don Grensung Ed Levun Forresl Lollman I-OURTH ROW Jack Huddleslon Earl Hull Jaclc Gordon Waller Lucas Douglas McCon naha Arlhur Kerschlnslce Amyl Johnson Caroll Gordy Ed Kemper Gene Gluba 64 LOWER GROUP--BOTTOM ROW: Laura McClean, Belly Jens, Jean Leu, Lois Luplon. Sophomores Wm Afhlehc Honors UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Jean McFadden Carhermne Nuclclas Arlelle Nelson Rufh Mercer Vera Millard Rosalyn Olson Vera Morgan Loreffa Roclc Luculle Pelfon SEC OND ROW Marian Muffman Barbara Musser Jean Marfm Beverly Mclnlyre Ramona Mlddagh Jean Pafrlck Mary Meelcer Jo Mahurnn Roberr Malls THIRD ROW George Pulliam Melvrn McKmley Jaclc Romann Kennelh Pasdach Lawrence Mnlls Wayne Muller Roberl Mlnder Dave Muller FOURTH ROW Willard Marhn Jerry Pearson Roberr Rnffen Norel LOWER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Sue Whule Delores Rowe Marran Snsder Bonnue Fee Wlese Dororhy Snell Hamel Secrnsl Charlofle Schaeffer Helen Weggen Geraldine Schumacher SECOND ROW Dorofhy Woodrurf Delores Wumberly Margae Wnlluams Naomn Snyder Mary Ann Zummerman Roberfa Weber Lorrene Tnerge Beverly Walfman Roselee Smlfh James Tomasson THIRD ROW George Toyne Arlene Thompson Donna Wener sheuser Vurglnna TeSfralce Harruel TeSrralce Sylvia Timm Darlene Whnlmer Mary Wilson LeMoyne Safferrhwaufe John Snnder Bernard Seggerman FOURTH ROW Raymond Taylor Frank Shanks Aden Slroh Dean Welsch Roberr Whrfmore Davnd Slanley Roberr Wheeler Harvey Vance Bruce Sfrerller Charles Sfelnbach Paul Thomas 65 house, Clifford' McKillip, Duane Richardson, Don McGillivray,lClarlc Miller, Don Reed. Keirh J .-.r.... ,r m n-ov-, -. r-QQ-ipvvt qua!! is It :ff 5 Hg, 1-33 W 5 I I - Q 5. sf 921 Freslwmen Learn Way Around UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW lda Buclcley Beverly Brendel Ruflm Chamloerlnn Donna Bodman Rhea Chamberlan Evelyn Brown Beffy Busfer SECOND ROW Lnlluan Bromwell Margare+ Bradfseld Jacqueline Braasclw Elsue Alwrens Be'f'ry Aye Phyllis Broolclwarr Nina Byrd Helen Burns THIRD ROW Donald Anderson Melvin Bnrlchofer Anna Anderson Leona Adams Velma Bennelf George Brase Duane Brown FOURTH ROW Arlhur Brown Thomas Carney Landon Carllsle Harvey Alfmann Tom Bloom James Beverlun Dusenberry Mary Esrabroolc Eleanor Collurz Elnzabe+l1 Evans Mary Ellen Dillon Jo Ann Dale SECOND ROW Helen Daniels Shnrley EHer Leofa Eaullcnor Elouse Davuson Marolyn Danz Roma Connor Delores Davrs Donna Evans THIRD ROW George Cordwell Jack Fahy Rnclward Cozad Rnclward Curhs David Collms Duck Erclwelberger Louis Dapple FOURTH ROW Donald Day Cecnl Cruger Dnclc Cone Jaclc Dunbar Danny Dean 68 LOWER GROUP--BOTTOM ROW: Kafltleen Dodds, Cecelia Ferguson, Hallie Freshmen Furnish Fun Headaches UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Marlorle Grurlon Lorraune Hennlcel Grelchen Guenfher Belly Grolr Belly Genlzler Verna Freese Donna Hammer Phyllis Funclc SECOND ROW Roberl Hazen Donald Grlleland Wrnxfred Heuer Charlorle Gar rason Louise Fnfneld Edna Grolhe Carla Fry Joyce Grenslng Dale Gnrls THlRD ROW Bob Flsher Herbre Fosfer Ramona Garreff Goldie Haney Margaref Grsrron Paulane GOFF Slanley Freyermurh George Fugglns FOURTH ROW John Folsom LOWER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Juanlfa Klebe Ella Mae Huff Mary Ann Johnson Lois Krachl Rosemary Kung Anne++e Housron Beverly Johnson SECOND ROW Edwin Hogan Bnllue Keller Rosalre Huff Mary Hoclee Vuolef Learherman Charlene Kallenberger THIRD ROW Delmar Hull Joyce Kung Nancy Hnne Vnr gunna Isaacs Ray Jordan Roberf Hurhg Henry Kopf FOURTH ROW Keulh Kemp Marvm Kolpaclc Vernon La Rue Duck Hubble Bob Hrghbarger Rvchard Kemper I Kennefh Heuer, Alan Halhaway, 'James Gundrum,. Raymond Hefzler, John Healey. Freshmen Include Pretty Girls UPPER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Vrrgsnaa Marlin Wslma Mclilllnp Ellve Marlin Shirley Miller Twyla Maeqlln Vuolel Marlun Phyllis Lonqslrelh Belly Mccleary Lorraine Marlln SECOND ROW Harold Mnllaqe Wanda Lee Marlin Meyer Joyce McDaniel Dorus Mallhess Bob McMahon Bob McDow llel a Lee Belly Mnl Nadine Lord Jaclc Mercer Tl-llRD ROW Bull Marlc Ernesl' Lollrnan l-larold Marx Paul Muller Edward Marshall George McClean John Lenz Lorenzo Muller Lyle Meyer Pefer Lohr Edward Mlllell LOWER GROUP BOTTOM ROW Marqarel Ranoerger Darlene Rodgers Beulah Rohr Margorue Pennvslon Be ly Olunqcr Darlene Rlelce Lous Plell Marilyn Reed SECOND ROW Jam Prollull Bull Oslrander Geraldine Plank Dawn New on Jo Ann Moss Dorrs Noble lrus Prollull' Phyllis Orr Leonard Paul l-larlan Reddrelc Phnllups Allred Rrchler l-lenry Rahll Donald Oeler Gene Paelz Lewis Pclerson Jaclr Nickerson 4 'M' T I+ sf + -is-53 Ralph Powelll THHQD Row: Ed Malls, Neil Powell, Junior Roddick, slmwooa J D P . r X xx - 1 v 9 I f-2 - ' 4' ,.---T F . l 1 an 1 K Freshmen Include Smart Boys UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Adeline Slronaeh, Thelma Snyder, Marjorie Smull, Doris Rouse, Mary Sloan, Darlene Sizelc, Maxine Sluarl, Bernice Sindl. SECOND ROW: Harlan Rowe, Bob Slrause, Wilma Sehirrner, Myrle Schafer, Beverly Shield Berlie Lou Smilh, Wanda Swiels, Junior Sindl, Leroy Spaulding. THlRD ROW: Allred Smilh, Marjorie Shoullz, Beverly Sehullheis, Ollo Sehubfela Earland Sehullheis, Norman Sehweilzer, Joan Sywassinlc, Norma Rosenberg. FOURTH ROW: Fred Terry. Darrell Sharar, Bob Sywassink, Russell Smilh. LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Mary Helen While-ley, Arlene Van Dylce. Lillian Vickers, Wanda Weggen, Dorolhy Wilder, Dorolhy Zaehrneyer, Pal Van Zyle, Jane? Wilson, SECOND ROW: Harold Angland, Wilberl Thomas, Virginia Thomp- son, Rosella Thurslon, Irma Trader, Roiella Thurslon, Haroldyne Troxel, Mariorie Wellons, Belly Varney. THlRD ROW: Thomas Varney, Arlhur Weyanl, Clair Wrighl, Richard Thomas, Carl Tieelce, Bob Wieler, Donald Tie-lge. FOURTH ROW: Roberl Wellcer, Donald Walsori, Darwin Weller, Kennelh Wieler, Gene Waller, Earl Um- landl, Ralph Warren, Hall Woods. 3, , X ' , J-1-W'-V A' 4iq,a.,z,,, Jil LLAWM vfmoaa, ern., VAX VW Awww ,.,,7z:,.,,M,,.,a,r?,MU,A,,z: Wiwgaweewau Q,,,c:,6e,,.,,,f,.,M,,,L,4,.,,, YVZLVCQ 406 J A,-ffryz, C1147 yQ,,fJ,4,f-'yn ffvefa aff-f CAV,-f ,WAQK LWMVQMMLWMM1 gf Jai Zalfpc 3,01 I 9 4 94 ,A,4,f" J g 1 Qfw-iff W ,AL 1f'Lfv-off-4 I 4-A,c,4,,4.4 ff , l l ,J ' lic, X I V -f '- ,L67 J fax-if , ' . 0 ' J k -, ,Q 1 Lf' 'H-4, V s--L?r ocfklfl . f ' 6'2'1,e-free, .-X, - 1 fffbff I I 'lxv-v-'wry VL,f4.fL-- Q,yvz,p,kz,4x . , K ll --,- ,,4fC,4, '- ,zp ' -, af 121,01 k . L' , LX.. - ' X . 'V , f gr' 1 g ' V ., ,,f f3d,Zr'L,L, I , JZCQWXZWZ Vjf liivmf 7 WKAMQU Vfwzpwmx JQZWWMAZNMUL7 .U.fZL2,,,,Jf!L Iyer Zawya ,Lil 0'-ffffgf-L1f"0 QZWLL LMCJZSAJ, QLWWWZL aa JZ..yM,z:,, fjlbyfbkfu 4240 JLLL ,z:ALMMMfL MWQM, L7 Mmm WWVVLQ MWA 4,440 Z,4.,.,fffQLa,, ZfM7,.H,,z,4, X.4Af'?+ Zip.-f,4JC...fZf4, fda-nfiltfiff z,7,.,A,,JfW.,.MM,,A 41,944.7 Aiwa, X Q -Cf' - Af K 1' , I It I ' 61, ' . lfnofr.,-Gfrfrz. Z-IL! rf I . ..f,.., ,,,QO"4,i,f 51,0 V' LAL ' . 0 , X V , -,gjf2fvv,.1, J ' 0frL,2., J z -Cx ' .ff Q! ffL.,e,c,vf 0--r- , ' n -f ' j 1 I,L,4.J 40'Z,,-0"7k1'l,4Qv 25fl.4fLfd--1,11-gf1,CY I QJA-1:-.-4.x.fZx .fair - ? I 6 61- I 1 C. If H 7 ,f -X, . J X V ' ., , ff' f ,Qfy ' 4 V , 1 ., x ' -,, X . X l 1 ' ogg' I X, Ya , L, F0 I Leugh Larson Mary Blshoo Ellcn Jane AlTenoe nd Mary B n on 9h rley Randall Boyd Jordan THIRD RCW Fre BuTTgen Cen RaoTz Sylva Tmm Pnl plarla Audrcy Bernard Cecll Crg r Hwr y Schn I Bob To n send D1cl4 Cone Emma Lenz FCURTT-l RCW Srlrley M ll Velmw B nn TT l-T rr T Sccr1sT Sonny Phrllps DeWayne Behrens Barbara Musse Byron Chan .lacln Schro dc V nc nT Cae H U ck S eqall James Cundrcm Band Changes Moods With Music FuTTy Tnve members oT The band lcepT up The TraduTlonal prac Tuce nosses ThaT came Trom The noT so soundprooT bandroom on The Thurd Tloor oT M l-'l S Thus IS only The TourTh year Tor The Muslcy band buT :T has shown remarkable progress sunce 1Ts be gunning Thus rnsTrumenTal group pracTnced more Than lusT snxTh peruods DuTTerenT secTnons oT The band pracTnced aT yarlous hon s ThroughouT The day The musuc oT The STar Spangled Banner which The band played beTore each game sTurred all baslceTball and TooTball Tans B T The mood eas ly changed when Max Rusvnger durecTor rauseo hrs oaTon and The saxophones blared TorTh wuTh Boogey Wo o y Band a TavoruTe oT band members and sTudenTs 74 5- r ' I ' 5 f V . Q ' ' v-7 T 5 f ,ig b 24... ,lg X S f . 1 12.4 V ,L ' l' , X .,,,, T fe V 1 5 . s . 5, , ..... -. " f , , FIRST RCW: Shlrley l-lenlce, Marvin Krleger, Ray Crr, Bob Jacobs. SECCND RCW: Frances BenTon, Mary ' , " , X C v T 'r , e Tn , - P - ' L L . : d . e - . fi l , C. 'R , W' , ' Ie fr rare, , W , ' , . : f Iler, C C e , a le H ', ry f . T, . e er, I C TL f T , ' , . I , 7' . ' ll ll ' I . ' I . LJ T 'Q , I . . T . T - 11 xl ll ' C fi '-A V - J fmzff S FIRST ROW Ann Phillips Maru yn Bauerbach Douglas Meconnaha Mdruan Mullman SECOND ROW Jarnes Fullerlon Darlene Whulrner Edna Gro he Darlene McCullough Luella Grolhe Forresl Lollrnan Belly Jo Anderson Dlclc Dralx THIRD ROW Paul Mwller Ellzabelh Evans Harold Mullage Shirley Dunlcer Bob Fisher Barbara Lawrence Lavona Drewes Alan Halhaway Don Poslen Kellh Welersheuser Bob Lo lrnan FOURTH ROW Ernesl Lollman Emul Schulz Delores Howard Maxine McCullough Max Rusunger Joyce Bellz Bob Welsch Darlene Suze-lc Flhel Fowler Marsan Brown FIFTH ROW Bob Sywassnnlc Max Jarvis Roberl Hayes Band Practices Parades Plays at Games Mighty Marchmg MUSRIGS 75 I V X 4 U F M Xxx . f .9 , ' - "' 9 "' s U ' -.3 1 L . , ,uh ,Q ' F f F 1 . , r , , c . . . ' . A M I I ' 1 v v V , e. : ' , A . , , . . . A V I I V Y l ' I 1 I . Q 1 l ' , 9 I r ' I 1 V .. . v ' fx . BOTTOM ROW Cala E y BeTTy O llahe RuTh Webe B b a La e ce O eTche G enThe SECOND ROW Eu ce PeTe se Ed l.e Ge e PaeT R Iph P OTTTT Do oThy W lTo THIRD ROW Bob Cash e l-lae a A Mle ChaleMaso Joh c Student Council Feels War Too STudenT Council members had a comparahvely nnacTlve year largely ownng To conduTuons broughT abouT by war curcumsTances Even Though The STudenT Councul dad noT have so many duTnes a varneTy oT ways They appolnTed monuTors To supervise The halls durnng school peruods and organized The monuTor sysTem nn The honor sTudy hall One monnTor saT aT The desk To sign corridor slnps and Tour assusTanT mon1Tors saT un dlTTerenT parTs oT The lxbrary OTher acTlvlTnes oT The Council Thls year were sellung TsclceTs Tor The all school play and decoraTlng The goal posTs Tor The homecoming TooTball game STudenTs used a dlTTerenT sysTem Tor elecTang Their STudenT Councul represenTaT1ves lasT Tall Juniors and sensors elecTed Txve members Trom each class and Treshmen and sophomores elecTed Three OTTlcers elecTed Tor The year were John McKee presudenT Andy Kossnves vice presndenT and Eunice PeTersen secreTary Andy Kossuves vice presndenT receuved has draTT call In November and Toolc hus basic Tralnung un Camp Blandung Elornda ATTer a Turlough vusnT To MuscaTune an February Andy reporTed To EorT George Meade Maryland where he prepared Tor overseas duTy 76 : r r , a r, r, ar ar wr n , r : ni r n, vin, n Z, a r I , r a er. Er d v m nn, rT il r, rl n, n M Koo. . assigned To Them This year, The members served The school in T I I . ' . T . o ' I fiufu JA BOTTOM ROW John OosTendorp Charles WuIIey Marvun Krueger Fred Hankuns John McKee Byron Chanll DeWayne Behrens Wayne Eger Ike Lee SECOND ROW Jack PaeTz John STraun MeIvun McKunIey WaITer Pulgram Boyd Jordan Harold Rosenberg Duck Edmonds Bob Allbee Dave Funk THIRD ROW Duck Hub bard Sherwun GIaTsTeun Jerry Pearson Harry Schneuder Fred Havemann George Brower Merle STurms Harry Schmarle Duck Doerfer Murray Wuer Jack RoeIIe Bob Leach FIFTH ROW Ed Chamberlun Paul Surber DcIphy Bergenske Bob SunneTT Frank WhuTeIey Bob LevuTT Bull MuIIer Bull Guoldsberry Fred KunzIe Ruchard WaITman Charles Ruek Hu Y Boys Eat Much, Talk More Every oTher Wednesday The Hu Y boys gaThered Tor a noon meeTung un The socual room Here They aTe a hearTy meal and accumuIaTed enough sTrengTh To sTruggIe Through a busuness meeTung On The odd Wednesdays They had unTormaI meeTungs OuTsude speakers and movues Turnushed enTerTaunmenT Tor The members aT These noon meeTungs Somehmes The boys had specual duscussuons on sporTsmanshup The Hu Y creed and OT course sudeIune subuecTs Any Hu Y member could wruTe a book on The sTags The boys cooked up They dud break Ioose and uncIude Theur gurl Truends on some parTues a Tall hayrack rude and a March dance Honored wuTh oTTuces durung The Two semesTers were John McKee and Frank WhuTeIey servung as presudenTs Frank WhuTe Iey and Jack PaeTz vuce presudenTs Bob EppeI and Bob LevuTT secreTarues Marvun Krueger and BuII Muller Treasurers Bob LevuTT and Fred Havemann sergeanTs aT arms and Bull Muller and Bob SunneTT chaplauns 77 I ' , 'N ' 1. 1 ' g 7' Q T x ur' , l ArT Miller, Bob EpoeI. FOURTH ROW:' AIberT Schumacher, Charlie Mason: Ralph ProTfiTT, CIarence Whisleri Hu Tru ls OuT Tor Thruvung Club Hu Tru gurls sTepped up Theur pace Thus year under supervusuon oT Mrs O F Schauland and Muss Carol McKee Because oT The enTorcemenT oT The muss Three Tumes and you re ouT rule The gurls aTTended meeTungs TauThTully every weelc buT some Tumes The gavel had To be used mughTy hard by Vurgunua Weber and Thelma MaTThuessen The presudenTs Tor The Two Terms OTher oTTucers Tor The year were Marulyn Barr and Frances Ben Ton vuce presudenTs Marulyn Muller and Mary Meeker secre Tarues DoroThy WalTer and Beverly PupperT Treasurers and RuTh Weber and Becky Hulluer sergeanTs aT arms Borrowung an udea Trom The Hu Y boys The gurls aTe lunch al Though noT cuuuTe so much oT uT aT school every oTher Tuesday and Then wenT To a meeTung un The socual room The oTher Tues days un The monTh The gurls wenT To The Y W C A AT The begunnung oT The TursT semesTer The club voTed ThaT only TuTTy gurls could uoun Theur ranks IT was Tunny To see The rush on The membershup when The lumuT was announced More gurls uouned as Those less unTeresTed un The club dropped ouT BOTTOM ROW Sand a Glass Eugen a BoynTon Shu ley Henlce Gere KeaT ng BeTTy Gallaher Joyce Have mann Dorus Havercamp SECOND ROW Colleen Cozad Corrune Cozad Donna Fry ReTha B oolcharT Delores Ho ard Ga Teen Green Dors Fulmer Mary BenTon THIRD ROW Ma lyn Ba r Jans Brandau RoberTa England Fances BenTon Marlo e Boehl Phylls Drumm Mar an Klen FOURTH ROW Rebecca Hlluer Marlyn Harrs RuTh Herma n Norma Heussner Mary Ford Beverly Bre Dors Hermann Helen AlThaus A lene Do ney 78 O O U C - ll ' ' I ll - - - - - I - I , , . u T T u T I I I , . - 1 I - I Z r , T , 'r , -T T , , - u - 5 u u u V u w , r , u , . 2 ru r, u , , r , 'ri , T , T T. I I . T 5, U. . . T. T . . r w . . I ,W ., u' . " f 4 E 1 I T ' 'W' ' - 'F 7' , . A R - , I Hu Tru C-urls Have Socual LuTe A IumuTed roll call wasn T The only reason The gurls wushed To belong To Hu Tru Thus club was doung Thungsl In November The calendar uncluded a hayrack rude and a barrel dance Tor whuch The gurls Turned bold and asked Theur daTes The admussuon was a conTrubuTuon To The barrel Tor Thanks guvung baskeTs Thus was a success Kuds broughT poTaToes can ned TruuTs and vegeTabIes regardless oT pouruTs and Theur good wuII Everyone dressed un hus besT bub and Tucker To aTTend The Tormal dance on December QI The weaTher was weT ThaT nughT buT usn T uT aT all TormaIs7 No one should TorgeT The vaIenTune parTy All aTTenders wore cosTumes LII Abner Dausy Mae The Yocums and George and IvIarTha WashungTon were all There The hughIughT oT The evenung was The grand march In Aprul The gurls raused The Tunds oT The club s Treasury when They sold baked goods ThaT same monTh members Took advanTage oT leap year and Turned The Wednesday open house unTo a leap year parTy BOTTOM ROW Do oThy WaITer Beverly P pperT Helen Kolpack Ma y Le gh Larson Ca ol Sy ass nk Evelyn Ma k SECOND ROW V g n a Weber Do a We ersheuser Lo s LupTon DoroThy Koepp ng RoberTa Weber Jo Ivlahur n Ivla y Ann Z mme man THIRD ROW RuTh Webe Peggy WaTTers Mar an Plessy Dor s STormer Roselee Sm Th Ann Ph II ps FOURTH ROW Maru Schm dT Marlyn M Ile Thelma SchIuTz Em Iy Van GenT Donna Sec sT Jacko lvl Ile Ma a KrachT Thelma MaTTh essen 79 O . U . C - . . . . . 1 . . , . .. ,. . I I I I 1 r , I , I , r I , r w I, r. :IIrII , nn I , I , I, , I, r I r . 1 r, , I , I , I, II . : ' I, I Ir, , I . rI, I Ir, rin , I . BOTTOM ROW June Klebe Lorraune Heunkel Barbara Slurlen Eluzabelh Evans Jeanelle Boland Donna Secrusl Mary Anderson lda Buckley SECOND ROW Belly Varney Belly McMahon Sophua Garrell Pearl Cordwell Juanula Brase Wunulred Heuer llella Lee Lula Munor Wanda Swuck THIRD ROW Rolella Behrens Belly McCle-ary Lous Krachl Floune Aye Vurgunua Hennug Jackue Braasch Arlene Spring Haroldyne Troxel Burns Ruby Seydel Maruon Danuels Elhel Bryanl Dorolhy Snell Leona Adams FIFTH ROW Hazel Dusen berry Rhea Chamberlun Rulh Chamberlun Dorolhy Ford Mary Ford Barbara Tumm Marchcla Duge Beverly Hull Tessue Holl Janel Wulson G A A Leads lo Palhs ol Beauty Those Musky lassues who were energeluc and wushed more ex ercuse lhan lhal whuch lhey receuved un gym classes uouned lhe Gurls Alhleluc Assocualuon When Mrs Annabelle Chaney lell un December lo uoun her husband Muss Mary Culhane look her place as physucal educaluon unslruclor The gurls had lough ballles lhrough lhe volleyball baskel ball badmunlon and sollball seasons When a gurl possessed a leller ul sugnulued lhal she had parlucupaled un enough hours ol lun and lroluc lo earn luve hundred pounls An adduluonal luve hundred pounls meruled a slale pun Besudes lheur sporls G A A members had a rummage sale al whuch lhey sold all clolhung and uewelry lhal had been lell un lhe gymnasuum over a lwo year peruod and had nol been claumed They also enloyed a polluck supper and parlues Chosen lor presudenl was Norma Slaler Elhel Bryanl was vuce presudenl Dorolhy Koeppung secrelary lreasurer Hazel Dusenberry pounl keeper and Barbara Tumm socual chaurman 80 i ki N 1 . I bis' 4 T 1 :""' An - Darlene Rodgers, Louisa Milem. FOURTH ROW: Darleen Harlman, Dorolhy Koepping, Donna Bodman, Helen BOTTOM ROW: Frances SchweiTzer, Marilyn Barr, Joyce Havemann, Carol Sywass la El abe+h Ma o JaneT Freebern. SECOND ROW: Rodney Drake, Bob Allbee, Doris Hermann, Helen WesT BeTTy S lbe ho Doris Havercamp, DoroThy WalTer. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Harris, Shirley Dunlcer, Do STo e sse Marjorie Boehl, JuaniTa BeiTz, Jean Leu. FOURTH ROW: Fred Krell, Lauren Werner, D clc Es Do McCa e Bob Eppel, Marvin McCoy, Harold Rosenberg. FIFTH ROW: Garry Woodward Da d STa ley Rchad WalTman, Eugene Maiden, Fred Kinzle, John OosTendorp, George Suman, Tom Hoclce Speech Arts Lead To Future Fame Speech ArTs The club Tor Muslues inTeresTed in dramahcs debaTe and declam meT on The TirsT Thursday oT every monTh To TurTher Their dramaTic and Torensic inTeresTs AT The Novem ber meeTing a group oT Treshmen gave a play FourTeen which was dnrecTed by Mariorie Boehl AT The oTher meeTings declamaTlons debaTes and gunz programs Turnished enTerTain menT AT The iniTiaTion parTy in January Helen WesT and David STanley debaTed on The sublecT Resolved IT is beTTer To be a big Trog In a liTTle pond Than a llTTle Trog in a big pond The club saluTed leap year by an iniTiaTion sTunT in which Frances SchweiTzer Shirley Dunker and Carol Sywassinlc proposed To Tom Hoclce Diclc Els and Bob Eppel Delphy Bergenslce and Don McCaTTrey were presidenTs oT Speech ArTs JuanlTa BeiTz and BeTTySnlberhorn vice presndenTs Fred Kunzle and Frances SchweiTzer secreTaries and Doris Her mann and Eugene Maiden Treasurers Miss June Lingo Miss H MargareT Kemble and Mrs BeTTy WillhoiTe were The advisers 8 I BOTTOM ROW R cha d WalT Joyce Ha e a J F eebe EI beTh Madd Bob Eppel C D ROW BeTTy Slbe ho D s Ha e ca p Ma ly H a Boehl Hole WesT TH D ROW Lau e We e D clc E s F ed Krell Geo ge S M McCoy D McCaTT ey FOURTH W Ga yWood ad FedK I EgeeMade Joh OosTedop To Hce man, v m nn, aneT r rn, Iza ox, . SE - I' rn, orI v r m , rI n arrIs, Ju nITa BeITz, MarIorIe - , n , rn r, I I , r , r uman, arvIn , on r . , r Inze, u nf I n, n n r , m o li . . Q I ' I ' I . . . I II ' ' ll I I ' I - I I ' I I ' I I ' I I - I . . . ' ,, . . ,. . . . . I I ' ThespIans Appear In Muslcy Halls The NaTIonal ThespIan DramaTIc Honor SOCIETY a non secreT non socIal OFQGHIZGTIOH made ITs appearance In M H S Tor The TIrsT TIme ThIs year lTs purpose IS To creaTe an acTIve IH TeresT ID hIgh school dramaTIcs and To raIse The sTandards oT The plays produced AT The meeTIng oT The Thespuan Troupe on The ThIrd Tuesday oT every monTh The members parTIcIpaTed In dIscussIons and gave reporTs concernIng dramaTIcs AT The March meeTIng a group oT underclassmen enTerTaIned members wITh a one acT play FIreman Save My ChIld AT The TIrsT meeTIng The group chose ElIzabeTh Maddox pres IdenT Thomas Hoclce vIce presIdenT JaneT Freebern secre Tary and Eugene MaIden Treasurer MIss June LIngo Troupe sponsor appoInTed MarIorIe Boehl as reporTer and DOFIS Hav ercamp hIsTorIan MIss H MargareT Kemble and Fred G Mes senger are honorary members oT The Troupe The presenTaTIon oT plays and a TrIp To Iowa CITy To see JunIor MIss gIven by The UnIversITy HIgh School were spe cIal acTIvITIes oT The ThespIans 82 BOTTOM ROW Darlene R eke Ca la Fry V g a lsaacs BeTTy G oTT G e che Oue The Ella Mae l-luTT SECOND ROW Do s MaTThess Flor ne Cozad Cecelia Fe guson Sh ley M Ile Rosella ThursTo BeTTy M lls Tl-HRD ROW Rosema y K ng Els e Ah ens KaThleen Dodds Juan Ta Klebe Lo s K achT Phyll s LongsT eTh Amlcae Members Are Y s Girls Making Girl Reserves arm bands and beanies Traveling by means oT movies and lecTures sTudynng campung problems and eguupmenT honoring moThers an a MoTher s Day observance These acTnvxTnes presenT a cross sechon oT The Amncae program Tun1Tues Tor developmenT and service Besides making arm bands and beanies Tor The Girl Reserves Amlcae gurls made jewelry and oTher arT1cles nn Thear handucraTT class Through lec Tures and pucTures They Traveled To Alaska by way oT The SouTh DakoTa Badlands and YellowsTone Park and experienced lnTe on a dude ranch Amlcae gurls had a Treasure hunT and valenTme exchange an February and planned Tor hikes and camping Traps Tor sprlng and summer acTlvuT1es Amlcae a Y W C A organnzahon Tor Treshman girls had meeTnngs on alTernaTe Thursday evenings aT The Y W C A Advusers were Mass EThel NorThey and Mrs Edward Orlmm OTTucers Tor The TlrsT semesTer were Ella Mae I-luTT presudenT Verna Freese vice presudenT and Darlene Rleke secreTary Treasurer OThcers Tor The second semesTer were Darlene Rueke presldenT BeTTy GroTT vnce presldenT and Carla Fry secreTary Treasurer 83 I , ' Membership in Amicae oTTered The girls a varieTy oT oppor- EORTNMC PARTICIPANTS BOTTOM ROW Ann Sisscl Dcri I-Te rnann Joyce I-I vcm inn T-Ici ri Wesf M ir: Ba HLI W e an eu c ber o ri Dors ST rmcr Don M Cilfrey TI-IIRD RO J mhn O 5 en ro Fr d i uf r Dxvid STan Speakers Rise Early Tor Competition TransporTaT1on The Torensic deparTrnenT had a very successTuI season The deIoaTers coIIecTed a Trophy some very good raTings and The righT To compeTe in The sTaTe debaTe conTesT There The Team placed TourTh in individual raTing John OosTendorp received an exceIIenT raT ing Tor individual perTormance and David STanIey placed Third in exTernporaneous speaking The declainners had a consisTenTIy good season wiTh Don McCaTTrey receiving a TirsT place Iowa Nine award OTher Iowa Nine conTesTanTs were Ered Krell Bob Allbee David STanIey I-Ielen June WesT RuTh I-Iermann Doris STormer BeTTy Silberhorn and Marilyn Barr NaTionaI Forensic League oTTicers were Don McCaTTrey presidenT Doris I-Iermann vice presidenT Ann Sissel secreTary and BeTTy Silberhorn corresponding secreTary NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE BOTTOM ROW B TTy Jo Anderson A n S sc-I D rs I-T rrravn Helen June Wed Marilyn rr R ri rrnann SE OND ROW Roberf Allbee Shirley Fo Ter Jean Leu BeTTy Silberhorn Dors STorrrer Don Mcca rey TI-I RD ROW J hn O T ndorp B Muller David STanIey Eugene Muidfn Ered Krell :'Y.nh 84 I ' 4 T K Q . J N , X X , I R, ' , I 'M r, , aa f , -u . :Tn rr, "en Kclpcifli, SECOND RO : Bob Allbe , Joy L ,Bally Sil hr, if Q W, c' Q' , W:I . cl - do , if K'n1I-X, Bill M To, L ' Iey. O I O DespiTe having To rise early, To caTch crowded busses, and To endure inconveniences oT , I e , n is , oi e . i , , A Ba , u" I-Ie . C : ,, ' ' s , f , ' , , 5 i , TT . I : o oi f: , iII , ' f , f' 2 , - . To ii :T i I 9 f ffl fi 1 0 . , ig. ' 's ' Q X, I ,ff 's I ly i Y 1-7 g - -I B TOM ROV! E J Allcnberrud E Boynlrun M Hr lrran S Hcnlf H Kolpa P J H B G ll G K r auerburh J u C n D OW P Fun a an an A chn on u cnr en cue at rr l R ull V cs e yu vu ca e uz J B d B HI FOURTH R rry B dersnn C Ferguson L Cole S Fo fer u Qc- HFTH ROW J Brandau R B oolcharl A Brudllcuhl M Krachf M J C v Muskettes Beast Largest Membershup One lourrh of all The gurls un hugh school claumecl membershup ro The Muslcelles Thus was The largesl membershup of any organuzaluon un hugh school The ollucers were Belly Oallaher Marulyn Bauerbach presuclenls Verda Nash Marulyn Barr vuce presuclenls Juanula Beurz Mary E Hoclce secrelarues Carol Sywassunlc Roberla Weber 'rreasurers BOTTOM ROW D Sformcr M L Larson V Marlun J McFadden B Lawrence R Weber M Meelre J Mahurr' J Pal url: A Phu lups M Molus SECOND ROW A Sprung B Wulson R Mercer L Munor G Shield L Tuclge J Marlun R Solonon P S W Salle-rThwau+c M Raruberqer B Rohr S R nd II THIRD ROW A Thompson R Olson D Maflhe s I L H Mosh B Pupperl D Terry F Thomas B Sabbalh M A Zummerman B Sulbcrhorn l Srnufh A Nuclcerson H Whullc FOURTH ROW Wes? A Su use u e au nbcrger F uer u e ra e cr Van yle wa sun M Wuso FIFT R W H Weggen A Sfroh P Whule E Van Gen? J M l M Rada aolfer V Nash M Rahf crusl q un x u an T Sny an 85 l R if i f OT 1 . . - , . , . .5 , , A . C., . auernann, . a ahc-r, , eu Inu M. Bluump, M. B 1 , , .RC lifrr . SECON R 3 . clr, B. Aye, J, B lf' gor C. Camo, S. Glass, M. D 5 E. Lafimn, M, Hwluz M. . J. s , E. Bryunl, M. Darfels, R. B ' uns, J, K .L THIRD ROW: B. Bal'l lor, N, Hlrue, R. Bfwkngf. C. Burp u R. Berg- sfad. .H , .lsaa. , B. Brendel, D, Da 's, P, Gar 'ru, M. H l y, J. Bel, . clan , . El. ' OVV: D. Hfmf'-an S. Ba , .J. An , . . , . , . s ,J. Kung. P. Coder, L. Johnson, M. Barr, D. J. Cole J, Beilz, lj. Dr urur J. DOIJI . 2 , , . r . . , . , . , ol ln, G. Ouevluef, N, H-QJ snfsr, S. lmurlvu R, Hcrrnann, A. Downey, M. Freycrmufh, D, Hermann, J. Chamberlin, G. Green. . 'l',, '. 1. ',. ' .. ,, ' . . ' ,. ' ,.l'uielcl, V. f, '. . ,. .,a a. 3 , ,. . . 5. . ec, , cr.. H. J. ' f . 2.51, re, Wu! uf, M. WMC? yf D. R Suse ' ' , . ua..-uk '. s. rhsygf, D. wwacm' H. T ss 'u . c. Rev-dh s. Mill ,P. Z ,J. Su, s' lc, . 'l n. H O : . . . , . ' . . , . ifor, . , , C. Sch . . , . l . D. Se ' . T. Mae l' , C. Sy-.fass'nlr, T. Schlulz, M. Slo . . fdcr. l ' . l T U A 'T . Z' JE- ' - A Qf. I ' ,- .J t"'S ' Qu, al- I V. I . V li AJ 4 5 -n 4 ' a- ' 0 Li, .x ' V 'V .1 . , fy s - I . . V Pr--.nj Q I 1 I y 1 J . J 7. 44,4400 BOTTOM ROW Jean cF1dden Arlene BrudTIcuhI Maxlnc C1IvcrT Garleen Green BcTTy SabbaTh Jean Kelley PaT Van Zyle Ella Ma I-IuTT Jean Leu SECOND ROW BcITe Schrcurs Marlyn SchulTz June KenT Loss LupTon Shlrley Thayer Eugenla BoynTon Floune Aye Jerre Ldssx cll Mary Ann Zlmmerman THIRD ROW Beverly Bren Mary Jo Colwn MarTha A Icn Marx I-IoTTman Joyce I-Iavemann Marlyn Rasmussen Thelma MaTThuessen George Rulllam Bllly Mawsenbach FOURII-I ROW Donald Wagler Jaclc Romann Rlchard WaITer Don Grenslng Charl e Mason Mass Barbara Burgess Merle Roclc Bob Zlel WaITer Rulgram Bob Cash Mlxecl Chorus Say IT With Music Muxecl chorus was an organlzahon Tor sTudenTs who enloyed sungung and who could sung Sophomores 'unnors and sensors Tried ouT Tor membership an The Tall and Those who were suc cessTuI meT each Monday Wednesday and Thursday Tor prac Tice BeTore ChrlsTmas They deyoTed Theur chueT eTTorTs To prac Tice on I-Iandel s Messiah whlch They presenTecI aT ChrlsTrnas Time wlTh The and oT local singers and special soIonsTs Small groups sang In The m1nsTreI show aT a sTudenT assembly The nmporTanT daTe Tor sTudenTs In The muxed chorus was Aprvl 29 when Theur represenTaTuves wenT To VnnTon To compeTe un The sTaTe music conTesT and all made duvlsuon I raTungs Wlnners oT dlvssuon I raTlngs IU The pre sTaTe conTesT aT InpTon on April I5 earned The privilege oT compeTnTIon un The sTaTe conTesT aT VlnTon M I-I S conTesTanTs are IlsTed on The opposlTe page Mlss Barbara Burgess dnrecTor oT The chorus came To M I-I S IasT Tall She recenved her MasTer OT ArTs degree aT The Un: versuTy oT Iowa IasT year and her Bachelor oT ArTs degree aT Eureka College In Eureka Illlnous 86 km A I I 2 mlIVI c , , I " r ' , ' , ' , . , . e , . 1 'T X , I ' , , . 1 I. V . X . I Y Y I VE V . D I ', ' , Ti s, 'e . , I ' , Bob Dahlberg. I I I ' I I ' - I I - ' . I ll ' ll ' ' I I , , . . . , . BOTTOM RQW Ju1nlT1 Kleba Gr lrhpn GuenThar Ella Mie T-TuTT Dolores Dayl Bpyerly Brendel RaT Van Zylc Adeln Sfronach MargarpT R3hlT SECOND RGW Wllber Thomas Mary Ann Zlmmermsn VVQIUI5 lsaacs Darlene Rodgers Marllyn Danz Jacguellne Ballanoer Delores Terry Barbara ElTman RaTTy Garyln Donald TleTge TT-TIRD ROW Marg Wllllams Rosallp l-luTT Laura McClean Delores Howard Ma lan Plessy June KenT Eaunlel Thomas Jean McEadden Dorls Lucas Wllma SaTTerThwalTe EGURTT-T RCW CharloTTe Garrlson Marlon Danlels Marlon Erbye 'nuTh Dwrlene Rlelce BeTTe Schreurs Marllyn SchulTz Garleen Green Thelma MaTThlessen Mlss Burgess Marlan KrachT Norma T-leussner Shlrley Thayer Arlene BrudTl4uhl Mary Jo Colyln Glee Club ASSISTS ln Messlah Members oT The glee club meT each Tuesday and Erlday aT Ternoon To add Thelr blT To The swe-eT sounds ln M H S halls Freshmen sophomores TUUIOFS and senlors may Try ouT Tor places ln Thls organlzaTlon These sTudenTs worked on l-landel s Messlah and Three and Tour parT selecTlons They lolned members oT The mlxed chorus and local muslclans IH The publle presenTaTlon oT The Messlah ID December RepresenTaTlves Trom The mlxed chorus IH The sTaTe eonTesT were The boys guarTeT The madrlgal group and The Tollowlng sololsTs Thelma MaTThlessen eonTralTo Shlrley Jean T-lenlse marlmba and Jack Rornann plano The personnel oT The groups was as Tollows boys guarTeT George Pulllam Blll Malsen bach Don Wagler and Bob Cash madrlgal group George Pulllam Blll Malsenbach Don Wagler Bob Cash Marllyn SchulTz Arlene Nlelcerson Ellen Jane AlTenbernd Marllyn Ras mussen and Thelma MaTThlessen Barbara ElTman was The ac companlsT Tor all The groups 87 Jerre'Lasswell, Edward MllleTT, EIETH RGW: lCaTherlne Niclclas, RoberTa England, Norma Angell, Lois LupTon: ' ' XX ' ll .A- 90' QL w-2' B TTOM ROVV B C CW Bernard n V! u 1 Commercial Club Trams Secretaries Our Tulure busmess world may recognize some srudenls from The Commercmal Club Dorus Slormer presided al The meelmqs Audrey Bernard was vice pres: denr Belly Sulberlmorn lcepr The mmules and Donna Cole guarded The Treasury TQM RCW Fviller Um df L Sorwwor Srlwn d W lc Q n r Sllrrlworn Sm a balw Puppe H D OW R F on ucas eq eaw url FOURTH R W P row Rebe Solcrven lv1cCullouqlw Mllrran Nngxlas Tnompsorf FlFTl-l ROW R llf Slrolw V nOrrvl R O1 S blur? L DT rw Mwlil ssew Tlwav r 88 i . W Q-. , A T T ' 4 3 Q - H if -'- . .- , - - Q ' z a L If 4 T Y mx ' A N A L 1 ,. Q x I f .Q C , f A Q . - Hn Q I " Q 1 3 Q, Y Q f-'G Q 3 . T l " . 4 I 0 ' x fi , 1 - O 1 1' ,Fobr Dft--We, Calf- Frf','f:rr'xMr, Brudllulf, Greer. SECOND R D : C wad, Fry, Falwvlflus Cfxlwem . 4 Fulrvcr, KTCEQ. Tl'4lRD ROW: l'l':v1al.1 llzrhrrar' Lam.-.Q , Aug, Kerr' Gqwfrll Lu1r'l'f'f. LOURTH ROW: Bwlwrwvr., Anfgc,-ll, DQLap, Els Laraarf. D5 Lfxfsfr, KI 1. FWFTH RO : Orem, C llef, Evffmrwd, Cl"'rLf-fir, Duwlwer, Brci, Jer, Hill, O . I l l ' BOT 1 , I , iam frnz, f v , , nl er, Powell. SECOND RO 1 Sui rld, Tlurwma., M slm, i J: , illw, S b f , ' rf. T IR R 1 Ncji, , L . ,Ti 'YQ MQC5 , Mclfwlrc, M1 Ta, Pollen. O : QM: a T, X lslcy, ,, , I 1 , 'lr V . I 511 , , Q - , nur, C , u.rv, f TTY? , Ve. BOTTOM ROW Ma Tha Jean Hakes Delo es Davs Carla Ery lda Buckley Phyll s l.ongsT elh Be-TTy GroTT G eTchen GuenTher SECOND ROW Er esT A che Geo ge Pull am Rosal e HuTT BeTTy M lls Joa Sy ass nk Ma lyn Da z Phylls BrookharT Sh ley EosTe THIRD ROW Cecela Ferguso Joyce K ng Juan Ta Klebe Darle e R eke Sh ley M Iler T yla Maegl n Ma y An Joh son Gene PaeTz FOURTH ROW Joh Folso Gene Gluba PeTe Lohr Ella Mae HuTT Sonny Ph II ps KaThleen Dodds J m Gund um Bob H ghba ge CUTIE Regla Studles Roman LITe AncIenT Roman LITe l.ITe oT Caesar and LaTIn DerIva Tuons oT Our PresenT Day Language were some oT The TopIcs dlscussed In The monThly meeTIngs oT The Muskles LaTIn club CUFIG Regla AT The conclusuon oT The SGFIOUS dlscussnon and buslness meeTIng each monTh The group enloyed a socIal hour Nahonal l.aTIn Week May I 6 was a hIgh poInT oT InTeresT Tor The group AT ThaT TIme The club members sponsored an Issue oT The bI weekly Auroran In whIch They wroTe TeaTures and edITorIals abouT Thenr LaTIn InTeresTs They also had a dlsplay oT noTebooks In whlch members oT The group pIcTured and de scnbed varuous phases oT TheIr sTudy oT LaTIn In TheIr observ ances oT LaTIn Week The local sTudenTs dIrecTed specnal aTTen Tuon To The value oT a knowledge oT l.aTIn In presenT day IITG and ITs conTrIbuTIon To our language ThIs year Cuma RegIa organuzed In February and held meeT Ings only durIng The second semesTer FIFSI year LaTIn sTudenTs comprused The membershIp Twyla Maeglun was presIdenT oT The club Bob HIghbarger vIce presIdenT Ella Mae HIITT sec reTary and Darlene Rueke Treasurer MIss H MargareT Kem ble was The TaculTy advlser 89 1 r . r I , . , I 'ra , , r . 2 n r r, r I , I , I , n w I , rI n , I , Ir r. : I n, I , I , n I , Ir I , w I , r n n , . : n rn, , r , , I I , , I r , I r r. O U I l ll ' ' ll ll ' ll ll ' ' I I - . ,, . . . . . , . I , . I - I I I ' I I ' I , 4 . . ' BOTTOM ROW l-lar ey GTTO d Ed Kempe Wesley Ca Te Dclc Es Dck Ed ds l F dley Do ald McGll ay SECOND ROW Boo M II r Rchard BusTe Ge e BusTe Bob BusTe Ray G TFTTI Cha les e ce Ke neTh Zege ho a d T-Tale s L B T-loopes THIRD ROW Ken eTh S a son Rolland Paul SaTTe Th aTe Bla ne WaTson Warre Sssel Gene Allbee Bob M de Wlbu HeTzle Bob Allbee s nk D clc Doe Te Neale LonqsT cTh Ed Echelberqe B Il Bu ch F F A Boys Plan Future Farms FIeld TrIps demonsTraTIons and dIscussIons aTTorded VGFIGTY Tor F F A boys Under The dIrecTIon oT LIndley B T-Toopes InsTrucTor and advIser on The second and TourTh Tuesdays each monTh The boys had meeTIngs aT whIch They had parlIamenTary procedure and dIscussIons F F A boys lcepT IH Touch wITh The war ThIs year Through Talks aT TheIr meeTInqs by Tormer F F A members home on Turlouqhs or leaves Trom Uncle Sam s Armed Forces and Through leTTers whIch The chapTer senT ouT To Tormer members who are now IU The Armed Forces For TheIr SGFIOUS program ThIs year In addITIon To TIeld TFIDS and demonsTraTIons The boys had a gram show and a conTesT In whIch They vIed wITh each oTher IU The lcIllIng oT Tarm pesTs To prove They had lcIlled The anImal They broughT The TaIl The wIng or some oTher convenIenT parT To dIrecT These GCTIVITICS The boys had a seT oT OTTICGVS each semesTer Warren SIssel and RIchard DoerTer were presIdenTs RIchard DoerTer and Donald SyWassInk VICG presIdenTs Ike Lee and Ray STange secre TarIes Paul SaTTerThwaITe Treasurer boTh semesTers Rolland FIX and KenneTh Te STralce reporTers and Raymond STange and Glenn Shoppa serqeanTs aT arms 90 I v I r , r, r r, I I , I mon , rwIn rI , n I Ivr . Z ' I e , I r, n r, r, rI I , r M r r, n I n rn, T-low r r In, . . . 2 n w n , FIX, r w I. , I , n I , , In r, I r r, , FOURTH ROW: Glenn Shoppa, John MIller, KenneTh Te STralce, Durward Waclcer, Ray STange, Don SyWasf I , I r r, - rf , I r, I s . ' 7 ' . I li hs! BOTTOM ROW CI W ghT Lylealgfleye D ald WaT o l-le y RahlT Jack D ba Ja k N cke so SEC ROW Le ySpaldgRchadEchelbeg J es e a e LBT-lo s Tl-l RD ROW Ea l U la dT J Re ck Ray o d Fl T le Ge ge McClea Pa IM Ile Geo ge Fgg Greenhands Joun un Study n Play Oreenhand group worked To compleTe cerTaun reguuremenTs un order To aTTaun membershup un The senuor club They Too were under d1recTuon oT Lundley B l-loopes SmsTh l-lughes unsTrucTor The boys louned Theur FuTure Farmer broThers un a number oT good Tumes Thus year ln The Tall The older boys lnvuTed Theur daTes To a hayrack rude and In The wunTer The enTure chapTer louned un a roller skaTung parTy ln February The group had a parenT son bangueT un The hugh school caTeTerla ATTer The ban gueT The oTTacers oT The TupTon chapTer unuTuaTed The Greenhands who were eluguble Tor ChapTer Farmer Degree Vernon PausTson sTaTe F F A presudenT gave The mann speech oT The evenung For TurTher enTerTaunmenT The Greenhands waTched Theur Fu Ture Farmer broThers play baskeTball AT a WesT l.uberTy Tour namenT The F F A boys won The consolaTlon Tlnals and un a Y M C A TournamenT The boys placed second Members oT The TrrsT sguad were Ray STange KenneTh Te STrake Duck Doer Ter Warren Sussel Don SyWassunk Earl CarsTens Durward Wacker and Neale LongsTreTh The hugh FuTure Farmer award oT The year wenT To Warren Sussel who receuved The lowa Farmer Degree aT The sTaTe con venTuon oT FuTure Farmers aT Des Monnes 9 I 1 air ri , r, on s n, nr , Un OND 2 ro u in , I r I r er, am B verlin, Du ne Brown. Bll Kell l 2 r m n , unior -ddi , m n e z r, or V n, . . y Oreenhands are FuTure Farmers in The making. Boys in The The olwoloqraplwer cauqlwl Auroran fall m nwbers n varuou sluqes ol worlq and 3 If- lure Bolnliwlmllnerq was lfnelnq er in Annual and loallnq 1 us a cel on rlwalr vlwl Vera Tneobdld pa lenlly lypcd o L Annual corny lor me 113 enllw Mme flue second plchre pus y Weber Jwelue er Jwnel ree l'-larrwe debw cl owe if i e ly u ln a lweadllne lor llwe lealure page e plwoloq Holler Q aufyll DlCl4 Do lor and llar old Ro nberg as lney were lubl aboul fo qo rnad lrylnq To leqole e ll so would balance lorl da ln 'flue loo om plclure V1rglnnaWCb and Ann Plw I 5 lnslened lo llwe sage words ol llweur boss lvlarlScl1mucl+ as lwe helped llwem clwefla on ad sales made lor flue yearbook 3 Q 3. I Q ' 3 I X' Q plcy. ln the lop pf- ,I C N - q 1 ' ov . Qld lcf, u ll, lla , ' , J , c 3 C Lx . . em 4 . , . 1! Hnngiei " f 3, In 3 I y I .ff X , , r .5 X , C , l-'. - born. and lvlarllyn In CLC of wlwf six pe in use . V . Th . re 6 ' ', or , f - so f flu cas V llml ll ' ,Y l1e y. - ll . er llllp C , l ,' fx' 4 BOTTOM ROW: Marjorie Boehl, Mari Schmidt, Ann Phillips, Gerie Keating, Janet Freebern, Betty Gallaher, Betty Bennett, Jackie Miller. SECOND ROW: Frances Schweitzer, Doris Havercamp, Virginia Weber, Donna Fry, Beverly Pippert, Evelyn Mark, Dorothy Walter, Ruth Weber. THIRD ROW: Margaret Rahlt, Marilyn Harris, Ruth Hermann, Doris Hermann, Thelma Schlutz, Darlene Dickerson. FOURTH ROW: Bob Fahy, Richard Walter, Jack Paetz, Byron Chant, Harold Rosenberg, Dick Eis, Bob Dahlberg, Charlie Mason. FIFTH ROW: John Oostendorp, Bob Sinnett, Marvin Krieger, Bill Goldsberry, John Jessup, Bill Oeter, Boyd Jordan. Auroran Statt Struggle With War Shortages "We must not give up!" was the Auroran cry this year. War and priorities were not going to bar the Muskies trom having a newspaper and a yearbook. Ten students received the honor ot appointment to Ouill and Scroll, the inter- national honorary society tor outstanding high school journalists. OUILL AND SCROLL - BOTTOM ROW: Betty Gallaher, Ruth Weber, Marilyn Miller, Bett Bennett, Dorothy Waliter. SECOND ROW: Janet Freebern, Mari Schmidt, Jack Paetz, Harold Rosen- berg, Doris Havercamp. O .fax yi 1? ' sr I 31 -- fx w .J P A. WF? 6 41 gf. A .f 34 xv 3 an J' .. SN-AU. Aug. iffy? ,0 K, A 5,,,,,.g bo-J gil 'fo - WL is 4 ,Ve -. 435 ,x ,EA R ' 1 ffggfsl' V 1 Rx '.P' - 1 0. X ..A K os., ', .df A 4 ' g ' I lj' ,L ' 9 Q ' Hx, if - - A? S x W 'UT 115. I l . ' "-SIN ff Q 4 4 Pass I1 e AH1H1LlHltlOH T 1 L I k l K l L WINN IN l X 1 1f'f KI LUN L 5 X KWH IL 1 L 1 X f fu c Lllfftl r ff ll H IH 44 I 'U f ff z H fl 41 1 H11 T1 mm xxx X I , NN M lx wx HLLL X lm nn I Food I roduct 76 f o 0 Xu 111 Xr11'r'ipg1m111'ulrlglpwsltimltlmlmL1lllcl'11'rx1x Qml 1111111 um' slmlpx, plum-N, Lml l1lllli5Q lvut Ill was lm-lx lwm - um pst right imrn tlwlx Wm' lvl lgwlllg glm Lrlltllm rw rim lwy UllTl1L'llVl!lg lim: 'ffm mmf .mmf -iyffffzwff .Hflf fb' flux .fmf 4Lffi'1,,V my ffw IDf'ff.."fz,',f,?f,1f ffwfaf Wm '7.!.i'i!.l.ff' nf, zzwfff' wjl'f.,'.fi'ff .1'P!.f"i.l.l1lfl:ffif ffk.IH ffffflf. 'I'l1umL1r1rr'yK tlmkl p11-llL1util-11 in 14149 WL1NllXL' I " " gI'L'11l'I' Klum in 1434- Qml .ll pci' cum gl M' tl ' 10.35 .W11x'c1':1gc,lwurguzzlx fmt lW+4r:1ll fm' grill l1lI'QL'l' on pw f lwiggw tllgm lun' -xur lwun gn Wu. 7'fr',fr' ,!".1f.f fmum WR! ,f 'fhf f " fff ' ffm' lzfflf p1'ff,', .1f1,.' Mwnx lz.f'.w in -lm ffflg Af' fu ,f' 1' pmpfff 'xl 1 ng .HN f,f.f -:qlw lm' in .1 ,fwffil JH -tgfffvl' jklfl ffm' fm fnff ffw' If .f'.1"f1.f 'uf in gfhfu' flu! XYQ l thu fzxrrmw' fllL' lqllllkl HI' my lI',1IIlnl tlwsu vlm 1 um wwrk 1111 the fzxrm :mul in the fLlL'flJI'y ull umm wcltltf ir1y,tl1uy will "pm, rl -11r11ruL1x1itlm1" rlmr '. , "'5NllI'y ru X 'ln tlniw XV1lI'l1HLl lwlug -11 ' '. 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Suggestions in the Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) collection:

Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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