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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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??wW V-wi f v .Q . w X Q S' X W X ,,,., fi- ' X X- x.... N ff2:. wif' . 5 X K 5 -Q-P' 1 1 . x ' -, b X N' ' ...pix S' Q - Q X ' . ' X , K , V. NK? ,.,.. - Q U H W U ' ,xl M, V55 ., '1' ' ' ' ' - b g.. , ?'f'IX,, 1 .1 , N' 5' 5 'EEF -D fm' A 1 5 - - N "" S ., T , ' : , , N N .1,,.,- wg 5 .5 Q .:-Z.: NNNMW - ' . . fm -G.-. .- + Q X x Ik NN N .ge . ,- . t -W 2 Q Q, tfbxxvswi S Q A 5: 3 , g , mg. .,. Q"- U 'Rf , - 3, Q U N .iii Zfv. ' ,Q ' E9 L X -5 ' .M "NN, ' "1 X3-:V Nw. ' VR S A ' , 21:2 " 1 5.1 ,, D . N X Q New M . in Z Nmgmwuwi N 1" Q. A, Q :xg Q it gg :, ,bwvx K X S X, Q ' ' ' 7 V' -. 'f , N- as ' , N 'Ki ' ' '5'i"b X ' P, X4 . Aw' ' . ' 2: - ' , ' 53,55 ,. V . ,I Z . I Q Q K ,numb t A3 Q- N .1. Stx:vf5?gzF : l c . t ' Y vii , 5 " 1 . ., s 2 3 .' : 1 L2E15EfE.: .... " P , , ' fx ., -fi. si 1 " "ff F" irq - .- "', U as, " A - A 'L iw "WWI, A ia Q N ' ' - , , x 'N : '- f f' ,, :X-xg ,-,- f ff? 2 I . -, 'RS ' ' 3' ' X I , www , .iw ., ,, .N vu, M A 2 is I Q N . ill. . i' V, I xy, miQ.:1,ey 'ggi' -4:ri 4. Q3E5g 3, , , V A - .NLQYW ,9'-QQ i-13335-gn.. - " f 9 X V' '- - ..,. ,N I-4.2: , t 'Z - 4 1 -vm- I gt: . lx - if '. Q x . N an - 3. , 3 lit ' f- - ' f, If -P mf. ' Q . s.,f',f'.-,x . as :- Z N v . -.'. N ml- ml, A Ich.-4 Q uv K ' 4, if lv iff K A 3' in Q Q I , A I if A mi fs 2 ' 5 4 1 . FQ at :fail- ,ef ' ' , lf, w M I. fi. lulx ,, :J .w. ,1:.- 4 Q Tx., , . N mx ,W Qi.?"r'ggg' In ww: xg A may ws 7,, vm X -ft . Q-,am V . vs - -n. A! 5. 1 x 4 i x. ,u , X Q.. ' n 4 4 47- W 4. J 1, 'v In .f , . 1. , ,w IW . , 5 . :w 3' -1 gf. 1 . w - 4 ..yv,, Q-K ,. 0 JI. I 1 Ja , ' - f a . 'kg ' s Wx W Q. 1 4 4 Y 1 g.-v X if l.-I I I THIS IS THE AURCRAN PCR I9ltI I It is the yearbook of Muscatine High School at Muscatine, Iowa. The Auroran was written and pro- duced by Juanita Wecksung, editor, .lean MiIIer, as- sistant editor, Stanley Howe, business manager, and Clara Louise Bloom, advertising manager. The readers of this book will informally reIive the experiences of Musky students and faculty during their second year in Muscatine's half-miIIion doIIar highschooI building. The pictures and copy wiII show the 449 boys and 547 girls enroIIed at M. H. S. re- citing in classrooms, practising with the football squad, discussing current topics in the halls, playing in the newIy organized band, dancing at schooI parties, and even working at local places of business on Saturday. INough said-Iet's turn the page and begin the story of the 1940-41 schooI year. LIFE HAS GIVEN US, THE STUDENTS, THE ROLE OF BEING THE LEADING CHARACTERS IN THE DRAMA OF HIGHSCHOOL LIFE AND ACTIVITY --.4 , The AURGRAN for IQLLI PRESENTED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL AT MUSCATINE, IOWA VOLUME XXXIV -5- UR SCI-ICDCL O Muscatine High School is typical of thousands of high schools in America. livery schoolday the aver- age Musky tumbles out of bed, Washes the sleep from his eyes, dons his clothes, downs his breakfast, and arrives at his first period class by 8:40 in time to spend four hours in recitation and at least two more in study and extracurricular interests. Our school directors organize all students into four general groups-freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the Auroran, however, classifies Muskies in the yearbook's various divisions according to activi- ties: the scholars and honor-winners, the musicians, speakers, and debaters, the athletes, and the miscel- laneous activity groups. Now that the reader has a rough idea of the gen- eral types of people that make up our school's enroll- ment, let's examine a few general views of the build- ing. -6.. .1 W i Nl ff 'Ad df f M I , 1 . I ! 1 Ur U V AJ 3 WJQJJW 'YE f 5 Wx M J A JW 4 fa HEQQLHZ fn ' 7 H' W .1 ., ll ....-D -7- BUILDING Gym Seats 2500 O Having three floors, our build- ing is built in two main Wings at the corner of Cedar and Ninth Streets. The gym seats 2500, the auditorium accommodates 1387, the cafeteria is equipped to serve 200, and the library holds about 160 students. So much for statistics. lt's required over a year for the school's inhabitants to take full ads vantage of the improved facilities of their new home. Students have formed better study habits in the modernistic library, classrooms, and laboratories, the athletes have ex- perienced the thrill of playing in a streamlined gymnasium, the dra- matists and musicians have learned to utilize the auditorium, the little theater, the band room, and the practise chambers, and the organ- izations have made special use of the social room. To the right is the trophy case in the auditorium foyer. This isa section of the auditorium. I 0 This is a favorite corner of the social room. Most everybody man- aged to look into the recreation room at least once a day to listen to popular recordings on the comhina' tion radiosphonograph, and to diss cuss the latest happenings. During the noon hour industrious students studied lessons or read popular mag- azines in this cheerful atmosphere. XVhile the intellectuals pondered over chess lmoards, the Nluskies with extra pep engaged in spirited games of ping-pong. Yerdant freshmen lost their self- consciousness and learned social ease hy lwecoming informally acquainted with poised upperclassmen. :Xll stus dents learned to improve their mans ners and appearances with the result that many of them have lwecome more versatile individuals. I 'Ito the casual passerhy the exf terior of M. H. 3. presented a trans quil picture of industry. That is, unless he walked hy at I I 2511 or at 3:55 when students were dismissed from school. 4 .l l i r- Basketball players, the male ballet in the homemaking carnival,and the lfun-Niters helped to cram this year full of red letter days. Cur past year at Muscatine created 0 Many exciting events which occurred between early September and late May served to liven up the 194-ll--l-1 school year. During the basket- ball and football seasons our athletes occupied the spotlight of student attention. Assembly entertainers also basked in the lime- light when they appeared before the student body in the highschool auditorium. Among the most outstanding speakers and concert artists were Rubinoff, a Well-known violinist3 VVilliam VVright, a basso-baritone3 Bob lfeller, a big league baseball pitcherg the Fraunfelder family, Swiss yodelersg Captain Theodore Stern, lie-de- tector demonstratorg and Captain Corley P. lVlcl7arment, aviation lecturer. About the biggest thrill of the year came when the school board appointed Harold lfreese as band director. A tireless worker, he has organ- ized Nluskies into one of the most promising highschool bands in Iowa. Another big event happened during spring vacation when "the powers that be" installed the new address system. The debaters, the dramatists, the journalists, the agriculturists, the declaimers, the musicians, and the athletes attended contests and conven- tions which added to the year's highlights. -l0.. ,ltllc NlL'l'ChilIlfS1 Iwly pI'0Ql'1lIUS,llI1L1 thc lmmi stand nur :umuug thc hugh l"csrix':1l, 115543111 llghts of um' LIL' YIYIUCS. o o many excltlng events . . . Studunts uftcn llSkL'd JSSCINIWIY artists fm' :ultugrzlphs . . . llclxltcrs wzxtchcd NIV. Burlwcr post dccisim -lg- TRANSPORTATION Muslcies Arrive Casually 0 Nluskt' t'utirtteu:tm'es tmliteu reteztletl the tmimls In which their ttwm-rs were imlutetl :ts they guilt' lttr tllllL'I'XVlSL' J ttttltsptmrtetl ll1L'INSL'lX'L'SltlyL' ttltlt' Xl. I l. 5. lt's :ut 1tt't't1rttte guess thztt the hut' with the hrieht eyes :tml :tlert lmtlq htttl eitiuyetl at gguml eight wr ttim' htturs tal' sleep the night he lvt HT. lu iluutl wt-qttlter rmmre thatu httlt ul the stu tlt-ut lttntlt XY1Ill'lL'LllH5t'lll?Ul. ,lihe reutztimler rmle uit ltitttlt--X :tml ittt1ttu'.'t't'les, or iii t':trs, ltusses, :tml txtxis. l'it'ery srltmtltlgtt' imtruiug :tt :thtmut H Qt. vit. the strt-:tm til stmleitts lteettit ttt ttrrite lrum itll itztrts til Nlusrzttim- :tml the sttrruumliite ttlLlIIfI'X'. Um- tml the must pittttrestltte ertmutts In :trrite wits the ltit'tt-lers. llhey uruztlly trztreletl in pair ties el' three ur l'ttur :tml pztrlcetl their hikes iii lung rtttrs uutsitle the httiltliutg. I he rztrs ul rurztl srutlt-tits lwetxtttte littutiliztr tu Lietlztr Street resi tleuts sime they were pztrketl uit this street twist' ul the tlttr. Huskies whti qtrrtvetl ht hus hzttl teu ttr hlteeu ittututes ttt tltsttttss their Aitwlts :tml other Y -tmleitts tlttres. Xlhittiit Nluuitlt, Vltittt' ll.u--iu.utu, .tml Xl.uVt I.: hull tmlltttl iii .html .tlimtt t-trip lilllllllllll. lf-Ihti llztwii -utilttl .t- lit .uritt-tl .ll -tlttitil . . lltiltut LxI.ltI.Ill -ilitt-tt tt.ttiuiti,'t'tl th. l-us lines . . . , . V lun ll.ittlt-t vt-til lttttut' ti.t ititttttixttlt ,., lmttlers inirltt-tl tht-it tthitlt- ut haue it-tt-. lu im'leim'itt NVL'Illl1L'l'SlllklL'lll5 exrltztueetl cus ttimztrt' cluthiue :tml mmles ttf trzttel fur more suitttlwle wztys :tml im-zttts. lhese latrts will he iuterestitttg tu future tgelteiittitiits. Ott rztiity tlztts Xluskies cztrrietl tutthrellzts, wtmre ruhlters :tml rtumrtpes ur the reversiltle cttztts th:tt were su pttpulztr this teztr. Mothers ltumlletl their tmllspriites snugly iitttt ht':tt't winter watts, urershues, hztts, tuny' eztrmulls, :tml wmtleit gloves. I he hus mmpztities r:ttt extrzt ltusses lur the t'uttt'eitit-me tit liieltstltmtlers. liieyeles :tml muttur scmmters teittpurztrilt' tliseuittittttetl their sert'it'es, which helpetl tu rush the math tlrivers. Ott tutsettstntxtltle tlztys the cztleterizt line wats luutger. Nlure stutleuts gzttheretl iii the hztlls tlur me the ttmtit huur. Our st'ltmil's :tltseitt :tml tttrtly lists tmttuttetl etmsitletxtltly un these tlztys. -IQ, OUR SCHOOL These Are the Scholars and I-lonor-Winners 0 This is not the section for "apple- polishersn but the division for schol- arly Muskies who were outstanding in character, leadership, industry, and popularity. No matter how indifferent to school a student may appear to be, he almost always seems to have the secret amliition to some day, somehow, . he included in this group. This year very few people disputed the choice ofthe student hody and fac- ulty in selecting the individuals for memhership in the various honorary organizations of M. H. S. In this stage of the game everyone's pretty anxious to evidence their appreciation of the efforts of school leaders. The M1L.YA'J' ieiffz mJw'agc in- lefligemie who applies lzimself I0 M5 lexsom frequwlfly .tur- pzzims fha b1'igl1lm'.vluzlenl who is mo i7I!fOlt3Hf In study. 113+ SCHCDLARS, HONGR-WINNERS Minority ot True Scholars, Facsimilies Try To Substitute 0 just like other schools, M. H. S. has a minority of true scholars, and a majority of mediocre students. The true scholars of our school have better-than-average mentality and honestly apply themselves to their schoolwork. As well as achieving the highest scholastic awards, this group has earned membership in the honorary organizations of our school. The students who aren't doing so well are many times not succeeding because of their lack of pure application to their studies. lfive of the chief types of scholastic failures are the "drips," who study continuously and accomplish little, the "apple polishers," who try to impress their teachers and not their lessons, the "clock-watchers," who watch clocks instead of books, the "borrowers," who never bring their own equip- ment to class, and the "bluffers," who monopolize the classs room conversation in order to keep it off the track. Very few times did a facsimile successfully deceive the teachers in our school. As a general rule the top-flight schol- ars Were the high ranking leaders in extracurricular activities. lfor this reason there are many duplications in the personnel of this section. X gggg i T, ii i wxx , n La Q UV R gy iii f UU HU f li m- is, 9, 'iif l , l. s gg lllll - l-lllll Eu: i' l l ll f . i Eli 1 'j' - -14- ,f f 1' Lf' 4' f ff ,K .Q f f,lL fl 1 CLASSRUUINIS Musldes Learn by Doing 0 Six lwmx Ll llqmy , flu' xllIl51l wccla, lmn' wccks vm-lm mmmllm, Illllk' lmmtlms ll yflll' all tlmt tlmu stkulrrllsull mlLlI'sQl1uvl spcnt lu ylglsslmmzlms. XVl1ilQ Ill tlwwu ulzmwsmmm, stullcuts lllllllitkl Icsts, mzulc HX" grgulw, stulllul lflm-mm, snug lfrcnclm wugs, mlxul up rln-xwmlwtry wrnpullmls, trams lgm-ll K1lL'SLll', 111' Llul gum uumlwr ul rlwmgs m K-lmlul un tlu' lYl'UQI'11lI1 ul mmlrrn uluczxtum. llwlllvs ilu- lmllrlwy unnwirllllllwl stuulcnts llwuml xpulzll ylgzxs pmklu-Is lIIlL'l'L'SllIlg Zlllkl xxm'tl1xx'l1llc. N-Ullllg lviwluglsrs lxwuml ncw lil-Ids ul' irm-Vwt wpwm tw tlwum wlwu tlwy' LllILlQl'luuli . , - , - . l ilu' .mlwwrlmxg prqln-cts ul LKIVIIIQ lm' gupplcs, rmlllrmliug Iwlnul SlK'k'lIllL'Il5, m'n'XLlr11l11l11g lwqlcrwlzx X11 imlum-imlg laiulugy stullwnt lm! lmurxulll umlw Ilw lmxx'w'l-Lll rxmiumwuwpc. in lNlLxl'USLllllWlL' l'L'SCZll'Lsll wurla. lln- gills lu umlgillg ylglm-SIL-111-m-Ll ru11111kcc1'cz1111y icing to mp LlCllL'lUll5 llwwllu mlxu. Outmlw ul Ll.1n pu mulls tlwx mxulu use ul rlwn' ulllmzlrx' nrt lwy pu-pL11'1r1g111ulsurxlrlg Illtlllb tw tlwlr lz1x'm'1tc lzlculty nmnlwrs. Nh-clmn lull Llltlwmng ulglss luuml tlw lmys L'l1L'ClilIlg thc cmlstrllctlml plums ul Ll lll4lnlL'l'lI mxaku ul' mmginu. llu- lwllfllll' lulslrlcssmcn :xml wumun spcnt class timu lczlruing lmw In 11-wul lunsim-as trzllmszlcrimls. llwcn tlwy nppliud flu' Ilmturlqll tlu-3' lwgul lim-m-ll lwy kccping thc lmulqs of :um llllllglllllfy firm. Mig-- CLASSROOMS Muskies Stucly, Concoct Compounds, Tickle Type l'Ul': L'l1cr11ist1'5' stutlt-nts wmlLnt'tctl zm ox 0 'l'lM'1lYL'I'1IgL' stutlcr1t's tlzlycmmslstctl ul four PL'l'lI1lL'I1I. BCH IOM: l'1'mtcrs sct lIP1ll71lQC. clzxsscs :mtl two stutly' lmlls. Of ctm1'sc, tlwrt' wclx- tlmsc ltlckyst-11itm1's wlw haul thu privilcgt' tml VLIIIINIHQ ztmtlml the lmlls zlltur ll1L'lI'HI1L' tn' twu clzxsscs xvuru twcr. XYl1ilc sums clztsscs wart' lL'IlVI1lI1j,jll1llfL'YL'I'y SCIIYCIICL' l1IlSill lL'll5ll7llL'SLll1lL't'T ztml um' wrlw, ur rcattling ztll ztlwuut Nztptmlculfs wrxqtlcst, wthcr clztsscs wt-tc lt-:u'r1i11g lwy' llfllllll tltming. flu-l11ist1'y' stutlunts fuuml tlmt thc lm-st wztx' of L1mlc1'st:1mli11g sum' of thc nmrc tliHi"ult CllL'INlk'11l tlwumlt-s was tw try' stmmc L'XlWL'l'll11L'Ill tlmt woultl slum' tlwc wl1y's :mtl XVl1L'l'L'lIl1'L',S. lhwwn in flltjPl'llll5l1tlp,ll1L'SlLILlL'IIlSlL'1ll'l1 fL'lllIlg tvpc. llmcy lcztrm-tl alll Qllmut thu tlif tcrcnt silt-s zmtl stylus of twpc. yllmmg with stutlying tht-su p1'im'iplcs,tl1c lmys cspc1'ic11t'L-tl strmu ut thc trials tat typcscttcrs wlmcn tlwy mist-tl up thc typc inttu :1 laig pic. IISSISLIIIUCIITS, L-x'c1'ym1c ttmuml sumc cxccllcnt t' ' ' IC1lLllIlQ mnrm-ml m the nmztgztmm' rtmrn :mtl L k 'l'l1t- plcturc lat-luw slmws tht' stutlcnts in thc UN fl1Q lWUliflWL'lYC5- 'Nw 5fUKlU'lf L1UU'lfll lilw:11'y' tlurirmg Il sixth pt-riwtl study hull. WI'U'Y1SCsl N115 Sfllkll' llilll- ness ul thu fumlztmcutztls of tlwc trzulc lwy llffllillll' .Nt lL'l15l unc pcvlutl ll mlm' stlltlcrlts Wcnt to thc l1lu':1ryttwstL1tly. Xltlmugh tlu' lIlWI'1ll'y wats spcciticzllly ll plztcc to PI'L'P21I'L' thu ncxt tl:1y's TOP: Here is ll seene from the l:1ll'lN shop. Cl'iN'l'l'iR: Clzirk Hrown's hoys hountl hooks. HO,l"l'ONl: Sewing girls stitehetl :ilong "sofso". 0 The eurrieuluin nowzulziy s inelutles so Nlillly suhieets other thzin lessons lezirnetl from xi texthook. l,1lyllflL'l'Ll1ly Nluskies fountl thenif selves looking forwzirtl to some elaiss thzit tlif vertetl their energies from the pglins of hookf lezirning. L lfzieh :intl everyone of the stutlents liketl zi elziss that olleretl him gui opportunitx' tor using his erezitive iiliiliry or ai elziss that more or less :illowetl hiin to work :it his own pziee. These were the inziin rezisons why elzisses sueh :is honie ineehzinies, tgirin shop, :intl home eeononiies were so populiir with Nlusky stu tlents. The eountry lzuls tiountl the suhjeet of fzirni shop worthwhile. liven ll few of the eity hoys enrolled to see whzit went on hehintl the scenes of future fzirniers' vzirietl zietivities. 'lihe zigrif eulturzil elzisses lezirnetl :ill sorts of things thzit ll tzirnier shoultl knows-how to keep fzirin iniplenients in repziir, how to operzite tlihferent types of fiirni inziehinery, how to judge lives stoek, zintl lziets zthout soil erosion zuitl erop Vtillllltlll. llonie nieehzuiies proved to he the plziee where hlusky lzuls enrolletl to leqirn the nrt ot wootlworking :intl :ill thzit Went with that zirt. llvery so often, though, they took gi little viii ezition from the ortlinzlry' line ot. work :intl trietl their hzintl git hookhintling. t :Xnyoiie who is fzunilinir with the lziyout of Nl. ll. 5. knows thzit on the hottoni floor in the Cetlzir Street wing, rooms llll to Ill inzike up the honieniziking tlepzirtnient. 'lihey know that here is where the future hoines nizikers ohtziin ll lot of their trziining. Right in the niitltlle of the tlepzirtnient is the sewing renter. liuring the p1ist yezir :ill the young sezunstresses from freshnien girls up, ini-- provetl their sewing skill. Besides lezirning how to inzike wearing 1lW izirel thex' hrzuiehetl l 'N T out :intl lC1ll'IlCkl the eorreet wziy to ppiint, stziin, :intl vzirnish furniture, :is well :is how to inzike siinple pieees ot furniture troni orginge erzites. .Xlliert floss :mtl Stanley Howe coiisitleretl heing scholzisticzilly high at happy event. CO-VALEDICTORIANS Albie Goss, Stan Howe Win Top Honors 0 l7Cl711fCl' vs. jouriizilist zigziiiil lfor the second successive year at Nlusky tlehztter :mtl 21 Musky iouriizilist hzlve tiecl for the title of vziletlictorizui of our grzicluzitiiig class. XYith grzicle point ziverztges of 3.89, Aiouriizilist Stanley Howe :incl tlelizlter :Xlliert floss tiecl for the highest possilile scholastic ziwzuml, ezlch having received three H's cluring his four years of high school. Since freshmzm clztys, hoth .Xlhie zmtl Stun have set excellent examples for their clzlssmzttes. 'lieuchers LlCPCIlLlL'Ll on these two for the right ZIIISNVCVS to clillicult questions :tml for top grades in tests. lfiiitliiig the hoys con scientious in czirryirig out respoiisihilities, their friends elected them to many eflices in the Ul'glUll7.lIflUHS of our school. .Xlthough hoth hoys pzirticipzttecl in clillereiit zictivities, each mzicle :ui exceptional recorcl in his chosen lielcl. Mllilizttecl with flurorzui OI'QZllllZ2lfl0IlS for three years, Stzui kept three sets of hooks :mtl pLll'1llL'l1flUIl fuiicls meticulouslyg he :tlso worked out mauiy importzuit techiiicztl cletziils of the 1941? :mtl I9-ll fxllllllill .-Xurorzuis. 'Xlhie ClJllCCllfl'21fCkl on speech work for the past four years, earning the Degree of Distinction and ranking fourteenth in the country in the iiumher of points ii1N I' I 4 -ig-- REPRESENTATIVE GIRL, BOY Lu Steinmetz, Vern Hoffman Electecl 0 Our student body elected two outstanding leaders of the senior class Lucille Steinmetz and Vernon Holjfman, for the honorary titles of represent- ative girl and hoy. This is the supreme recognition a Musky may receive for his ellorts to become an ideal student. Lu is a talented musician and actress. As Well as winning top national honors as a pianist, she accompanied vocal groups, acted in school plays, ranke ed third scholastically, and composed music for the Nl. H. S. dance hand. Lucille is noted for her friendliness, dependahility, and efliciency. Vern's admiralwle traits include courage, honesty, loyalty, and sportsman- ship. Responsible for much of the high morale of Musky athletic teams, he captained lwoth the lwasketlvall and haselwall squads. Vern helped to direct senior activities in the capacity of class vice-president. I,u and Vern are prohahly the most likely to succeed in the senior class tor they have mastered the att of getting' along' with people. Lucille Steinmetz and Vere non Hollman will prohahly climh to new heights of achievement after gradua- tion. ilfji 7 ., . . U... ... ,. . ,,....e ...,-....,.,, .,.,.. . .....e, , , ,, ,,,,, , ll , Iicltie Cioetn. Dorothy Sprall. SIQCUND ROVV: Lucille Steininelz, Jeanne Ruthenberg, Laura lylae l k'lxlIl1.Il1, lflht-lpn Johnston, Vlfiunila l".n'rier, Dorriihy Knight, BettyCustel',Del,o1'es Dywialt. THIRD RUNV: Jean Miller, Juanita xveflisllllg, Marian Kllllll, Maxine Roinig, Clara Louise Bloom, Patricia Johnson, lieiieyit-ie Crow, lfsther Schultz. l"UL'R'l'H RONV: Bernard Campbell, .-Xlbert Goss. Stanley l owe, George larlts, Jaclt Toussaiiit, Leo Baker, Toininj' Young. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Faculty Feels These Students Rate 0 This particular group of honor-Winners achieved little as a group, but as individuals they led the student body in both curricular and extracurricular activities. The faculty selected a percentage of the upper scholastic fourth of the Junior and senior classes to stand for the schoolls highest ideals of schol- arship, leadership, service, and character. The thirteen senior members of National Honor Society elected their junior year were Lucille Steinmetz, George Parks, Stanley Howe, Jeane lVIcCulley, Betty Iippel, Laura Mae lfeldman, Dorothy Cilatstein, Albert Goss, Clara Louise Bloom, Juanita VVecksung, Richard Kidd, Jackie Goetz, and Betty Custer. Completing the list of honor students in the graduating class, XVaunita lfarrier, Dorothy Knight, DeLores Dywiak, Nlarian Kautz, lVlaxine Romig, Patricia Johnson, Genevieve Crow, Fsther Schultz, and Bernard Campbell proved their right to membership during their senior year in the estimation of the faculty. The nine Nluskies selected from the Junior class were lith- elyn Johnston, Mary Ann Hakes, Tommy Young, Jack Toussaint, Joan Mcliee, Dorothy Spratt, Jeanne Ruthenberg, Jean Nliller, and Leo Baker. The seniors of two years standing initiated the new members at a candle- light service on class day in the traditional manner. -, Q0- STUDENT COUNCIL Honor System Ranks High In Iowa 0 VVe're reztlly proud of the honor system we hzive in our school. Our honor study hull in the lihrzlry is considered one of the most successful in the stzite. Of course, all the students :ire responsilile for the success of this system, hut our Student Council members :ire student directors of the plzui. As they have done other years, the Student Council supervised the lihrnry, mzinnged the hnll-monitor system, nnd dezllt out punishment to the ruthless. Like every other orgzinizaition this governing hody hzts the prolis lem of linnnces. To help themselves along this line the Student Council conducted at school pencil snle. Some of this money was indirectly remitted to the students through free dances they sponsored utter the gzimes. This yezir, with I1 view toward making students of our school more conscientious in studying, the Student Council puhlished study-help forms. Muskies glued these forms on the Hy-leaves of free texthooks. The forms listed the correct wziys to study, the right hzthits to use while preparing les- sons, the Wzzys to 2ll'l'11llgC work :uid to memorize mnterizil, :uid the types of hooks to use for reference work, The oflicers for the year were Tex Kidd, president, Alhert Cioss, vice- president, and Stanley Howe, secretziry-treasurer. llU'l'TUNl RUVV: George lhirlts, Tex Kidd. Kenneth hlclnlyre, George Ciqillnlier, .-Xlliert Goss SECOND RUNV: Holi l"rochner, Ngiry Keating, lflgiine llazndley, Donna NVeher, Phyllis Druinm Ruth Vlfeher. THIRD RUVV: Dc-lice Alones, Stgniley Howe, Ricli.ird Vlvuller, -login Mcliee. ..2I+ NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Our Speakers Earn Special Degrees I N. l". I... is a short alnhreviation for a tall meaninge-National lforensic League. On its roll of members are the outstanding people in the speech department of our school. This organization is an honorary society for high schools that are especially active in interschool forensic contests. Our local chapter, one of the oldest in Iowa, is eleven years old. The memhers of this group have earned special degrees to signify the amount of competition experienced. Allnert Cioss, I,eo Baker, XYalter Berg, Dale floss, and Shirlee Levin attained the degree of distinction in our chapf ter. Alhert has a total of -H7 points, which is more than anyone in Nluse catine has ever earned. At the national contest for N. lf. I.. chapters at Lexington, Kentucky, April 2 to May 2, the chapter of our school received the distinguished ser- vice plaque. This plaque, the hrst ever to he presented to an lowa high school, honored our chapter for distinguished service in furthering the work of the national organization. The officers of this division for the past year were .Xlhert Cioss, presie dent, Leo Baker, vice-president, Anita Schmidt, secretary, and XX'alter Berg, recording secretary. Miss H. Margaret liemlile and Ci. Bradford Barber served as faculty advisors of this group. lIU'l"l'UM RUXV: Betty lfppel, Doris Kile, Harriet Glatstein, Shirlee l,eyin, -lean NYilLc-ns. SICCONIJ RUNVZ llelen Kolpaclt, Clifliordean Collins, Dale Goss, 'l'honias Young, lfranlt lfliclyinger, .XI1ll.l Svliliiicll. llllllll ROVV: Fred liinfle, Gordon lVlcl.ean, Richard VV.1lIcr, l,.llll King, .Xllan ,Xntlt-rson, l.eo Baker, .Xlherl Goss, Claire Street. ,221 IiU'I"l'OM: Genevieve Crow, lVlarian Kaulx, Clara Louise Bloom, If thu Sthu SECOND RONV: Patricia qlohnson, Juanita Wlxcltsung, Maxine Roniig e i IHIRD R Bernard Campbell, Muriel Hammer, Shirley Bloom, Stanley Howe. QUILL AND SCROLL Journalists Learn Dependability O These are the honor journalists of lVl. H. S., who learned more than just the definitions of the words dependability, initiative, aggressiveness, accus racy, and hard work. ln order to receive appointment to Quill and Scroll, international honor society for highschool journalists, fourteen of the grad- uating group ranked in the upper scholastic fourth of their class as Well as had two years of outstanding Auroran work to their credit. As a junior .Iuanita VVecksung edited the weekly newspaper and during her fourth year on the staff she was responsible for the '-Ll Annual. Stan Howe served in the capacity of business manager and Annual technician in his junior and senior years. lfor two years Juanita limbree and lfsther Schultz spent long hours editing copy for both publications. lVlanaging the advertising for both the weekly and Annual was the duty of Clara Louise Bloom. Tex Kidd wrote the sports sections of the '40 and '41 Annuals as well as supervised the weekly sports page. Patricia johnson and Marian Kautz were co-managing editors of this year's weekly Auroran. Betty Kern, news editor, Genevieve Crow, editorial editor, and Maxine Romig, feature editor, assisted Pat and Marian in getting out the weekly. Bernard Campbell, make-up man, Shirley Bloom, circula- tion manager, and Muriel Hammer, feature columnist, also earned member- ship to Quill and Scroll. -23- Elven the most industrious Muskies took time out for fun. llcurgcl'11I'lis:1ml lXl11l'lIlIl liilllll. wt-rc wt-II known wtutlcnrs who tlzltul lm' qm-rmtly for sclmol pzlrrlcs. 4 Scholars Bowl, Date, Reacl, Play lnlormally rlllll' laowlinw wllux' W'lS1JIlL' of ilu' mos r- ' populzn' plxlucs lm' stutlcnts zxltcr srlmol lOl' lu SYLIIHNLIX xx lx LIL ulu lmsltl . 4 A 'Ill "LQ 1' N" H1 tlw llw-lm-lmool Cnrls' l,u11gL1uor1 l lmrs 5- tlzly 1lllL'l'llIJllll . . . llcl K llwrzltlng lJYL'l' ilu cl1cclcu1'lw:111l 111 the wcrxl mom ww '1 com mon occLl1'1'cm'u with l'ctc lioalow. CICN llfllz lfstllcl' Schultz :mtl lizllwu llullmzm XVL' rc usmg flu- llc-tlctucrm' to tmtl wlnulm ul thcm was pm-x'111'lc:1tlr1g. l3O'l4'l'UNl: lfoot l . um uns tlmmlung lull nxprun lxumx llun tl11'ouf'l1 tlwc pwca ol 1"l llL'N IN'll"l!lHL' 'lx L-. 5 V tllc L'1ll1lL'l'1l Z1I'l1Sl ullwllt lnm ull guzuxl . . uzm Xx'L'CliSLlIlS,1 nm , .bl t. l ll1Il'l'X' lllmlzllwl N11 .I . , .1 hul flu- Illlllll' stmlcnrs who took walks Ilmut tllc sulwol tlulmg tllu noon lwur. OUR SCHOOL Az-vhlh -. new ig 16626 wigs: ll Q . .TJ--'ll .qu 44 ' H -iii-I . R A .45 ll ' . -1 4 These Are the Artists . . is .:Q1,- V wig, , , . OOO t 1 ' e our 'w w 4- 'iz ,"" 'K-Mfr.-J , -g,qL.m.',f- ' M- .f it Ti r if ,-.-: . ' ,Ak -:wan ,Ji - No.1 '5!'5:?rzfi33ihf?4 'tc 1 ' ' -. - ld! . 4,'O- .J 'fs ,Z "1 41- 4 ii . ixaim. mat. ., fys t. K' Qp!lf:x:. in 81158 ' 1 , l lvoil: -WM. 'gf "'-t, Y ' .-"lrl't,oY.'f'kl ...251 0 By rights these speakers, musicians, and dramatists of our school should be temperamental. They seemed to be able to practise for long hours, endure criticism, and to assist in filling out a program at the last minute without having any serious nervous fits of ar- tistic temperament. Maybe they have learned something within the walls of M. H. S. that a lot of people in the professional world either never knew or have forgotten. Through the care- ful guidance of the directors, Muskies in these activities have learned much of sportsmanship, cooperation, and self-confidence. Another important lesson this type of person learned was the importance of dependability. ,'Wu.ri1'al, drafmzfir, and foren- Jir arlifuities do more Io fle- -velop inflivsirlual pefzronalily and ease before an aurfianw lfzan any ollzer uclivily in our school. ' MUSICIANS, SPEAKERS Community Cooperates To Raise Funds for New Band Uniforms 0 A band equal to the musical organizations of other schools has long been the dream of the people of our town-high- school students, the faculty and the school board, civic- minded individuals and business and professional men, as well as various county and city organizations. The city taxpayers provided a beautiful, modern new building with adequate facilities for a band, the school board hired an efficient, talented director, and bought a number of the larger, more expensive instruments, Musky students, anxious for places in the band, began long hours of practice. Soon, however, it became clear to all that the acquiring of uniforms for the band was an urgent need. Community leaders were sympathetic with the project put before them, and immediately began carrying plans into effect for the raising of funds. Under the direction of Har- old l"reese the band has been making splendid progress and the realized funds stimulated the desire to advance even more. There is a definite feeling of satisfaction that the commu- nity groups are behind the school in its various undertakings. No school is complete without school spirit, and certainly no town is complete without its civic pride. This project should convince the minority of individuals who criticize that the entire community can cooperate in anything it undertakes. i g i' '?i, QE! XX ll c IIE I ' . rt l l 4 it llii i i ii i l l I I L in lllllliim! i !Mh!Ll- SPEECH ARTS Artists Win Points for Membership 0 The roll call of this club consisted of the participators in declam, debate, and dramatics who had earned enough points to enter. The second Thurs- day of every month found this group assembled for their meeting. At those gatherings which were generally held in our social room, they had the or- dinary business meeting and some type of a program. The programs some- times were reports on the trips that some members had made out-ofetown either to a debate or declam tournament, or with a play Cast. One of the old and famous customs of this group is to sponsor exchange plays with Iowa City. Iiaeh year Iowa City brings a one-act play to our school for presentation at an assembly program and then Nluseatine returns the favor. The evening of the play the Clramaties department gives the visiting cast a banquet and an evening of entertainment. Late last fall Miss .lune I,ingo's group of Thespians presented "The Lady VVho Ate an Oystern before an Iowa City audience. I.ast March Iowa City repaid their obliga- tion by giving M. H. S. a presentation of Thornton VViIder's "The Family Travels." Speech Arts otiicers for the two semesters were .lack Toussaint and I,u- eille Steinmetz, presidentsg jackie Goetz and Dale Goss, vice-presidentsg Betty Ifppel and Bob Stelter, secretariesg Wlalter Berg and Leo Baker, treasurersg and Richard Iiarott and Anita Schmidt, recording secretaries. l4O'l"I'OM RUXV: VVheeler, Rile, Glatstein, l,evin VVillxens, Mohnsen, Roberts. SICCUND RU Gabriel, Rosenthal, Feldman, Nash, Wettengel, ' -l, Sehinidt, Goetz, Knight. THIRD ROW Iloult, IJ. Goss, Miller, Irwin, Steinniell, Ita ', Young, Collins, lVlosher. I"ULlR'l'lI ROW Henning, lNIel,ean, liuseh, Coon, King, Iam r, Iflicltiiiger, .-X. Goss. I"lI"'I'II ROVV: Grahi vlaeobs, Stelter, Tonssaint, IIarolI', .Xnderso r. O was this year's biggest thrill . . . ur Band lHJ'l"I'O'Xl i N , RUW'1M.1ry' i.L'L'iilIl1lL'l', Lilwlwit- i'oiNLi,X'i1gi11it1 Ill:-.b11aIi.fI,limimu-U!-m,t'.uI l'.1vlf,, llcrlm-rl SyW'.1wi11L, Nlll'I1l.ll1 iXi.lXXN'L'ii, Finirit-5 Vlixm-M-iiylui, Mm Vlmiliip-, HMM StI1l11.1rju, l,0I'llil1L' iilfkllll,l.Ul'I'.liI1L' iillxfil, lh-xcrivy Cimurulu, SVCUXIJ RUXY: Iii. ilii Swim HIUIY, xi.lI'XiH Kl'iL'fQL'I', iNi.11'j' Vliurrj, ixidfiifll l5.1L1u1'iw.ul1, Riri1.1imikIvuv-,liulimiy Xidixxmlwi Rimlmlnl iiI'HL'ixCI, ljflllgilix R11miiun1.1n, ll.u-I.m lit-mlm, L'f1m'.1.i IM-Im, I1-Vwn'x ' iinupw, Liiifliuldi Qiwhlxi. 'VIIIRIJ RUXVZ l'.1l1i ii.lHtIII1, lri ' ' lfiliull, i"Ill'I'L'4l Vullrm, Kuilh XVCiL'I'Ni1L'lI4L" ixllili, xV.lIIAL'Il Ria'ix.l1ui4zm11 4 fNi.u'f'1l'- ' i i .v i-.ri.i1, Xl-viii X l.1yiw1, ilcivu ifiiiwll, ki.liXII1 1, .XHA11 .X11.ir1'Xm1. Rwii YI Yzmv, iii-limi iillhil- , Rlk'il.ll'xi King, Vliilflllll llmkv, i.Llt'ii.1 Cimilit ,,. Ll Nxukmi. l"Ut'R'l'H ROW: Yirgixiii llmnix 'Xi i,1lL'I'iix'l', Hun kl.ltUiW4, i,gnm141 D11-ww iiKlI'iIlI1 'Xlnit li.l7v11, Elm' iimmlwr ijl Hilti U IUi1l1fiUiLIlillIY i , Xuliw Kimi V, . .1i'Q.11vI v ' N - V , in ' . i K K A H 1:m.m, N Mm XXVJQIIAI. Riilmiil mm, liill Xillii,Rl1IiIfiw , Lum l"iuu'l1v1'. l"ll"'l'il i I, iilllllixi i'iI'L'L'4k', Rmiwrl 'V lxmglul, llirlcm' S1111 R" iiitllti. 'il' K Viiiiil ROW: lluvui- Ihxi, IM11 l..1mL-', tppvi, Ii.lI'iW.I!'.l WX-i-, Xiuilnxu il.zwu.1my, Uuiwllux , lLil.lI'xiSIcg.lii. BAND Muskie O I his YCLII' oui sthool io through ll'lYHIQ the ple tsuie 111d oppoitunitv ot 1 5 1 the llrst time in the histoiv ot Nl Il 5 school, stude elose ot' the footlmll sextson when they were suliieientlv sehoo V- ed topl:1v11t the hn11l gznne. Our hzint ketlmll g11n1es. Their versatile direeto', 1 ' hezirsed the hind in 1ll tvi 1 i Hl1lI'L'l1L'S, 11nd Mr. lf reese l1L'Q1l . l sn 1 wlitd enteitnninent 1t pi lLl'lL tllv s Plan Colorful Uniforms ' ' se to higher levels of achievement t ' '1 Q " 1 ' i I' 1 hand lor ' - . . . The first weeks of nt innsieinins rehezxrsed eontinuzillv until llf the Q ll 7 ' ' 1 '1' '1 ,'11llthe h11s- 1 Iluold lfreese, re1 1 ' 1 I' ies ot inusie: overtures, ehorzlls, X swing The week preceeding spring' vziezition L n instructing them in l112lI'Cl1l!lQ fornizttions. ' t the hind w1rtieip'1ted .Ns well 11s presenting ll spring eoneer ' 1 It 1 X ll11rold l'reese ' ' W K N - "1 3 'lihe live schools repre- in the eountx testiv 1l on Intl sented, XX'ilton, XN'est l.il1ertv, Nichols, fXt11liss11, lllltl lXlllSL'Zl- tine, presented ll IHIISS eoneert in the evening. Q Um- twiki di,-C1-f1,,-v 1111,-Old XX'e're going to he espeeiully proud of Ulll' h11nd next 't11ll l"1'fL'w- if "L'5l'U'l5ll'lf l'f" lllf 'Tfllt' when thev get :ill decked out in their new uniforms. 'l'hev're llilfltm Ol fhs' tl"U?1fNSUl Ml'5Ull"'lC going to h11ve red eozits with gold Clfilfitlll cords, ltlileli trousers l'l"'lllC- flfl Qtiflillwflf lv11dw', Nl"- with red 11nd gold stripes, hl11ek 511111 Browne helts, hl11ek ties, l'lVCUSf' CH1f'C'lllF' ilml flllmlllgllll' XY1-st Point Shztko h11ts of the s11n1e color with 2111 eightfineh fY'4l'15lQ"mUl il 'QWUI' Of 5fWlU'lt5 hl111'k ostrich pluine, white gloves, Illltl hl11ek shoes. "WP Slilllul 'm'51U1l"5- illl1L'klI'llHl inxriors, he11ded hy Holi XVelsh, 11re scheduled to People like lfreese 11nd lfreese WUJII' L'I'L'1lIH llIlll'tJl'INS trinnned in gold lH'ZllLl with red s11tin likes people. Students who h11d 111ils11n1l red stripes on the trousers. To complete their out- never fllliCI1 p11rt in lilly outside IIC' tits they will h11ve white fur hushies, red plumes, 11nd white tivitv lC1ll'lK'Ll the VllllllllTlL' experiw gloves. 'llhe haiton twirlers will we11r hlztek skirts, white enee th11t C1111 he gztined through hlonses, illlvl white shoes. The Iilllfflllllg unit's eolor guard p11rtieip11tion in z1n L'XlI'llL'Lll'I'lClllil! will eonsist of two rifle l3L'1lI'Ul'S lllltl three Hug heurers. interest. Muskies let olof ste11m in LI worthwhile eh11nnel when t ' hlew tron1l1ones11nd hziritones in the h11nd. -29- hey CHORUS Max Risinger Reorganizes Vocalists 0 Seventy-seven voices of all pitches and qualities hlended together to make our chorus of M. H. S. which Max Risinger, our new music director from Jessup, Iowa, who replaced C. V. Thomas, organized the second semester. Not every voice in the group was exceptional hut those that were outstanding formed the smaller vocal groups for special competition. The soloists-Margaret jean Roherts, soprano, livelyn Ciundrum, mezs 7,o-soprano, Betty Noret, alto, Rohert lfischer, tenor, .lack Butcher, hass, and Marion Pantel, pianist-entered suhsstate competition along with the small groups of the madrigal, mixed quartet, and girls' trio. The madrigal group consisted of Rolvert Nyenhuis, Richard Boldt, Mar- garet .Iean Roherts, Shirley lfger, lfvelyn Ciiundrum, Ciloria Ciremmel, Betty Noret, Betty Connor, -lack Butcher, and Rohert Valley. The four voices that comprised the quartet were Dorothy liorneman, Betty Connor, Richard Boldt, and -lack Butcher. The girls' trio was made up of Margaret .lean Roherts, Gloria Ciremmel, and Betty Connor. By virtue of winning first place in their respective groups at the national contest last year, the girls, sextet consisting of Dorothy liorneman, Shirley liger, tiloria Ciremmel, livelyn Ciundrum, Betty Noret, and Betty Connor, and pianist Lucille Steinmetz received the privilege of going directly to the national contest again without hrst competing in state contests. BUT TUM ROW . Snn vson, Li I "ow, lfrye, li. Miller, Titus, Shallinit, Dunlter, Vl'c-her, lfitnian. Slif- Y UND Rt NV: Roy sler, VVheeler, Ciundrum, VValiers, l antel, llilllglllill, MeCleary, Schultz, Liliurch, I'.n-- SUITS. VV.H'neI'. TlllRlP RUVV2 llhillips, VValI7,, Boh l,iel1he, Ciriescnln'oelt, Bill l,ic-lwhe, fllcfallirey, - t 1 - lamnghursl, Lolci lciiill l,eQu1ilte, lJ.llllL'lr. FOl.'R'I'H RUVV: Sclireurs, lf. TXl.llXL'IllW.lkill, Cirillith, , iireniniel, Rolwinson, Multlizini, Selnnoldt, lVT.lillllL'SSL'l1, Norel, Maisenhacli,, latlersrm, l'll' l Il RUXY3 llays, E ones, Nyenliuis, Honls, Rock, llullield, Timm, Galvriel, Rullienlverg, ll,fX1illt-r, l s ..,, .tv , l'lessx, SIXTH ROVV1 liorneinan, lfger, Kossives, Criger, Smith, Yan .-Xlta, Sissel, lrwin, Steinmelz, Lonnor. Sltl l'.lN l ll RC TW: Boldt, Rolwerls, VVelsh, ltininerl, Butcher, Talley, lVlcl'ale, Welker, Max Risinger, director il. - 30 -. Val! J. 1 1 1111 R 1 R011 11111'1'1- 1911-1-1" 1-11 11"1"'l' 1111111111111 N1 1 11111 ' ' ' 1 .x . . 1 2 . 11111. . k'1'1', 111-111 1211111-1. R11'11.11'11 1111111 1111 1111 11111 1.11'1111- 11111-171 111111 511-111-1'. 1.1111-'1'1R GR111,'1'2 U51-11-11 51-11-1'1" 111-1 5'1'.1N17- 1X1 III 1 11 R11 1I'l" R11'11.11'11 11.111111 111111 111111' 1111 111 ' N ' ' , , . 4, . -1 -1'11111g, --. , 1:1 1 -11-1, 11111 11111 11111 111 N111 1,1111 '11 L111111 N1 111-13: 11111111-11 11111-1-11-1, R11111 11111-1'-111-1111-1', 111-111 1111l1Il1xL'1l, 11.11'1'11'1 111.11- 1111 1 111 11111 111111 N 11111111 11111 N111 1111 1111 1111111111511 .11 1,5 "1.-,. AQ." '. L"X. IJR1-1MAT1CS Too Bad Actors Aren'1 Paid by Hour 0 N111sky111-1111111t1s1s w1111111 110 1111111l7111111'CS if 111g11s1'1111111 L111111111 1111111- 1111111-1 1111- 11':1g1- 111111 1111111' 1.z1w, 1TLl1 1i111l11.'111Q 111111 11 L111L'S11,t1 w1-11- 1111- 11111111-1'1z1f 11111111f11L 11111111111 1 1 ' - ' 1 ' '-5 1S111C'1' 11-1111t1z1111'c 1111' 111JL11'S 111111 11111113111 work. ,1111L' 1111I5l11'r1111t plays 111 f11L' ycau' wcrc thc 1111fSL'11lJU1 131111, USQ11-11 Sis- Y lk 1 1, 11-rs' g 1111- 1111111-sr 151111, 11111 rc 19111-11 4 111111 1111- SQ111111' 1'1:1ss 111111, "l'11c 11'11111u ,11O1VI11S,112l11i1I1g'.N 1 ,311 DEBATE Debate Blamed for Soliloquy I Many of the students will reineniher this group's most outstanding per sonality hecause of the way he talked to himself. .Xlhie Goss attrihuted tor hlainedl this hahit to his four years of dehate work. lt seems that a good dehater asks and answers for himself a lot of questions while his opponent has the floor. But whether dehate develops this soliloquv or not is iininaterial - the niain thing is that it is one of the most active groups in our extracurriculzn' program. The dehate calendar has crammed this past year from the heginf ning to the end with hoth decisional and nonsdecisional tournaments here in Nluscatine and at neighlioring cities. By the lirst of Nlarch the squad had participated in ninety-tive dehates. ln Novemher two negative teams and two zittirniative teams went to work against the Mt. Pleasant teams in a series of nonfdecisional dehates. Practis cally the entire group saw action in the two duel contests with lowa City. M. l l. S, won ten, lost nine. hehruary found the teams preparing for the largest event of the year-the tournament at nlugustana. Our representatives came through with eight victories, four losses. lfollowing the .-Xugustana contest were the dehates at the Coe 'liournament in Cedar Rapids where Muscatine Won tour, lost two. 'lihis year the first aH:irniative tezun was l,eo Baker and Shirlee Levin, the tirst negative was the lirothers, :Xlhert and Dale floss. llttllllillhl RONVL lloris lille, llelen liolpaclt, Shirlee l,evin, .lean vv'airt-ii., Phyllis l7runini. SPL'- UNIJ RUNVI llilltlllhls Young, Lilillioideaii Collins, Claire Street, lfred liinnle, lJ.lleCioss,.Xllie1'I Goss. 'l'llIRl7 RONVZ Ritliartl XV.tllvr, lfred lieniper, Nlarvin Krieger, llill Muller, .Xllan Xntler-en, lao llaltci, l"i.lnlt l'ilieltinger. l l5O'l"l'UlNl RUVV: Shirlee Levin, Dorothy l,eQuatte, Dc-l.ores Diwiali, lean VVilltens, ll.n'riel l lu N stein. .'lfLfUNl7 ROXVZ .-Xnnahelle Swanson, llorothy Sprint, .-Xnita' Sfllllliell, Ralph 'l'rimhle, 'l'll ROW: Dale Goss, Gordon Mcl.e:ni, Richard Roll, .Xlhert Goss, Don lx'lL'CJllliI'L'f'. DECLAM Sophomores Star in Class Contest 0 Oratorieal, dramatic, and humorous speakers - M. H. S. had them all, and the sophomore class had the hest of all these. The sophomores proved this when they walked away with one of the most important declam contests of the year, the interclass declamatory contest. .lean VVilkens, Shirlee Levin, and Harriet Cilatstein, who won the decision when they Were freshmen, proved they knew how it was to he done, and so the sophomore class had the Kiwanis trophy for another year. Of the six Musky lasses who entered the Annual Girls' Invitational Con- test at Davenport, Anita Schmidt was the most outstancling. She represented Muscatine in the dramatie section-her selection, "Beyond the Last Mile," earned her second place in that division and hrought our school its only high rating in the contest. The Boys' lleelamatory Contest had Richard Roll, Ralph Trimhle, and lion lVleCaFfrey as Muscatine representatives. Richard entered the orator- ical division, Ralph, the dramatic, and Don, the humorous. Musky declaimers also participated in the Boys' Iowa Nine in Deeemher, the Clirls' Iowa Nine in lfehruary, the Preliminary Round of the State De- elamatory :Xssoeiation Contest, and the N. lf. I.. District Tournament at lfair- field. -33- Muskies devote sixth peri- ocls and after schooltime to music and forensic work. :Xrles BL'L'kllllQ,.li1ClC illousf sztint, :ind Betty lippel reheztrsed :1 scene from the gill 'school plzly, "Sevf en Sisters." Musicians, Actors, Speakers in Action TOP: Bl7lTl,iL'lWl5C1lI1LlcilUI'l11cil'CI'l1l11Cl enf joyed donning old-fashioned clothes for 11 student ztssenihly in the auditorium . . . Mz1rgzn'et lleztn Rolierts Zlllkl Dzlllzts fimf merniztn personified .'xl5I'Ill1Z1IN I,ineoln :ind his wife. CI'iN'l'l'lR: lt wits :1 drum seren- :Ide for .losephine Hazen, lion ulzxcolws, Nlztrilyn Ilzlvercztmp,:ind Bzirlvzutt XYeis . . . Betty Noret, Nlztrgnret Shzdifnit, Yirginiu XYelier, Zlllkl BZll'l5Zll'Zl iliillllll held II high note :tt chorus practise. BU'I"l'UM: iliheii director, Nlztx Risinger, inztintziined order in the most informal of positions . . . Mate neuvering ll spotlight occupied the ztttene tions of Chztrles Drake :ind Lelloy Coon. OUR SCHOOL These Are the lAklIl"Il9lZGS I Our athletes leacl the student hotly in sportsmanship, leadership, ancl school spirit. Although Musky ath- letes come in all sizes ancl shapes- husky, lanky, short, muscular, large- lwonecl, and squatty-in many respects they are alike. The chief similarity is that they all learn to play the game, and play it fairly. This year Muscatine has chalked up a successful record in every sport ex- cept in the important matter of games won. ln the long run, though, every- hody agrees that liuilcling incliviclual character is of more lasting importance than winning a state championship. The coaches who sit on the bench are responsible for the sportsmanship, the attitude, and the training of the hoy who enters the athletic contest. This year the Bill Rodrb Iro- plfy was cz1gn11'e1l 'ltlflh lim name of R055 MIi:Glo1hlen, Il fWu.fky alhlele ounrnmzling in 5por1.mmmlzip, lemiefxfhip, school spirit, and pe1'5e'L'e1'ance. ATHLETES Handicapped Griclmen Retain High Morale, Sportsmanship 0 Before going any further let's pause to consider the grid- iron situation at our school. Skip Weber, our football coach, teaches a sound brand of football with just enough punch to keep it in the modern category, and still make it entertaining to both the trained and untrained eye. In recent years, how- ever, injuries have been abundant in the Muscatine High School football camp while other schools are sailing along with a minimum of casualties. Why does Muscatine have all these injuries? Bud Fairall, a local columnist, sums it up well when he tells his readers that bad holes on the football field account for the injured ankles that laid many of Coach VVeber's boys low last season. Have you ever fallen, while running at top speed, on a pave- ment? If so, you know just how Muskies felt when tackled on the pavement-like surface of our football held last fall. The law of averages was sure to catch up with Muskies who took these falls every afternoon of the week with the excep- tion of Sunday. In order to have a well-rounded athletic program at M. I-I. S. we should have a gridiron well matted with a good stand of grass. An inadequate field, nevertheless, has had no effect on the training, sportsmanship, and attitude of our boys. I , W i - I ! lHi,- I ' -c l i -c J I I L j 'H I i - j llg' --ggi I Iii ti. li -- E UHR lllll " ml ' lm l- e - I- ll 'mlm mill lliliriiliiilgiill- Skip Wbhcr i.uiil'x' Sciiiinrk lioh COACNHES Bob Kinnan Resigns Position Here 0 Ont- oi tht- rcgrcttcd highlights of the 'Mi :uid '-H yczir :it Nl. Il. S. was thc LiL'P1lI'iLII'L' of our hclowd hziskcthnll cozidi, Hoh liinnnn. Kinnzui dcpzirtcd for thc Southiguids to tzlkv over his new position :it XY:1shington lhiivcrsity in St. l,ouis, Missouri. llc wzis wcli rcpiziccd hy his former nssistzlnt, Conch l,. X. Sciiiiatck. .Ns hand hziskcthqdl cozuh for M. Il. S., Sciiiinck did ll wonf dcrfui ,ioh this your :uid his cndczix'ors throughout the I9-HI'--I-I sczison indi unite than thc tuturc silcccss ot Purple Lind Ciold tunnis is zissurcd. ,Ns wcil ns hcing ll supervisor in other cxti'z1cL1ri'icLihu' activities, Conch Schnzick scrvcd :is ht-iid co:u'h in hziskcthnll Lind hzischzili. 'lhc prohlcni offinding11c1lp:1hiL'Coz1L'h to till thc x'z1cz1iici'crczltcd hx' thc itlvziiiucim-iit of Sthniick wats thc ncxt prohlcni of thc powers-th'1t hc 'Tho scivctioii ot' Holi I lauison was indccd gin zissct to thc cozuihing stziii of N1.H.S. i3oi1scl'YL'd in tht- c w ' i ss' an :icity ot ziqgistzult couch to In A. in hztskcthnil :ind i5IlSC- hziil. Cozuh Skip XYchcr coniplctcd his iifth yt-:ir :is ht-nd in toothnll zind truck tor Nlusczttuic High in grczit tzishion. By tncing thc prohlcms that confront rt-J hini throughout the yt-nr, Skipper cnrncd 11 rcputntion tor gzuncncss :ind 1 IICYCI' s'u"dic spirit . t . . n Dt tin Yern lllill-llhlll Don Sprouse ATHLETES Seniors Typify Muslcy Sportsmen 0 'lihe seniors that are pictured in the ahoye photos signify three hranches of the athletic curriculum at Muscatine High School. 'lihey are typical of the athletic heroes that paraded the gridiron, hardfcourt, and the diamond throughout the year for the sportsmanship and entertaimnent that was se- cured hy their ellorts of participation. liach of the ahove seniors served as examples to their teammates. lien Duncan was that hard-smashing' center who served so well as captain of the Purple and C iold gridders. Considering the had hreaks that faced the VVeher- men through the 'sill season they did an amazing joh of upholding the true Musky spirit that is so Well known throughout the state. Vernon Hoffman, through his endeavors at his regular guard position, upheld the old Muscatine prestige on the hard-courts. Not necessarily a flashy performer or a headliner every time, hut one of those stalwartsg Bahe was as iinpregnahle as Ciiihraltar. How well we reineinher his defensive ahility and those fast passes from the punt side. lfor the second consecutive year Hahe earned a position on the second I.ittle Six all-conference mythical team. Don Sprouse was a triple-sport athlete for M. Ii. S., participating in the three major sports-foothall, haskethall, and hasehall. Don was the other half of the great guard comhination for the hardscourters and played an out- standing' game at his guard position on the foothall team. :Xs captain of the hasehall team of '-I-1, lion performed from his position as catcher. Ahove all, emphasis is placed on the outstanding sportsmanship displayed hy the teams of Nluscatine High throughout the year in all sports. Glory and honor showered on many stars, hut this is a minor point when comparing it with the experience that each participant received hy his every ettort to show sportsmanship and cooperation. .-X SQUAPXIL- llO'l"l'OlVl ROW: Frank Olish, Arnold .-Xtkins, .lack Wtni llunt Floyd 'l'ierney, Robert liee. SECOND ROVV: Rob Froehner, liennc h HIIIILIX llc: lfugene Myers, Griffith Goddard, Douglas Randlcman. 'l'l'llRlJ ROW t in L ut s lfddie llartell, Clifford lileadorn, lfarl l'ulliam, Harold Davis, l"OCR'l H ROX Don Npiou c lxclth Thomas, Richard tlones, llob Phillips, Phil VVillis. Fll"'l'H ROVV: lV.1lt lxot inc l o Mc! loti cn klack Butcher, Rob Orr, DeVVayne Schmitt, George Gallaher, Coach Skip X5 cbci FOOTBALL Lady Bad Luck Enters Musky Camp 0 Several huskies and a few lettermen returned from last year's squad and reported to Coach YVebe:' at the beginning of the football season. Every- thing was as normal as day and night until old I.ady Bad Luck ventured into the Musky camp to make it her haven for the rest of the season. Right from the hrst pre-conference game with St. Ambrose, injuries pre- doniinated on the Musky squad. lnjuries are to be expected on any football squad, but the Purple and Ciiold representatives had enough to last for sev- eral seasons to come. Cliff Bleadorn, a hard-charging fullback, was one casualty that set the Muskies back on their heels. It was late in the season before Cliff could even come near to regaining his ability. Husky Ross lVlcClothlen, a defensive stalwart at a tackle position, was a mainstay for the VVebermen. Ross completed his second year as a regular tackle for M. Il. S. Liked by all and a quiet leader, he was always in there bustling. Ross received the Bill Roach Memorial Trophy, the highest honor that a gridder of M. H. S. can attain. livery season has at least one highlight, and the one this year was the game at jefferson lfield against the VVilson High of Cedar Rapids. By this time of the season, the Musky injuries were patched up to the extent that the VVebermen bowled over the XVilsonians to the tune of a 7-O score. FOOTBALL Players Block, Tackle 0 ,-X s wr-II :ls Sl1HXVlllQ PI'1lCllSL' scssimms, the cul- umn nl plmrus ru thu right show thc hluskics in 111114111zlgilhmsruppmwllts. 'l'Ol': Nlusky hluckcrs 5 Hamm- xyzly fm' :1 plum-r in ll night gums against rm Hlililllltllf in thc hrst picrurc .... 'Xt unc of thc alll rmplmrtzlnr przxftxscs thu XX chcrmcn rzm Ilmvlwlm Pl1lYS1ll lcllcrsmm lfichl . . . lhc third 5 1 . , . . prcturc lmm thy mp W11ST1lliCI1llSl,l11l VhIlllS wus mrklr-rl till thc Qlilll lim' during that lmcctic gums wrth Xyilsrm lligh uf Cbkllll' Rlll5lLlS. ,l1l1lSfULlL'l1- L kllbXYH llllll Tlll' LIITCINPI llll' ll1C CXll'1l Pkllllf NVZIS mzxrgm cmmuglm tu give thc Purplc :md Ciuld 5 ffruhlurs :1 yicrmy in thc lzlsr umm' of thu scxlsnm. lam lem xl ' . : - 3'l'llL'llSC rlrill Z1f.lCH:L'I'SlJIl lfichl :ls sr-ru lqrmn thc lihrnry wimluw. 'lhcsc pictures wsu- mzulu pussihlc hy thc lllL'l'fIlL'SS of thc .lrlrwwqlrx plwtwgrzlplxcr. Ihr- '-Ml sczlsml wus Illllllllfkl mth rhrllls :xml pzlckul wlth zlctmrl to thc h VII ish. My: l halt hunk ulxlCTt.'l'lNl!111fh1ll llllklLlCSlI'CflJkllSpl1ly thc highusr lurm ul sprwtsmzulslmip is XVVITTCII on HIC llft thuuwh lmrhpcrul hy mzmy lll-lLll'lL'S thc Nluskws 1 5. s ul thc ilhm Q Nl. ll. 5. gllnlxlcls. :Xl- nl -HI will hr I'L'll1CII1l1Cl'Ckl hy rhch' QLIINCHCSS :xml truu tu hczirt lighting spirit. Many umlcrs Cl1lNNH1L'H Llcyclupcrl tlmmLlglmLlt thc yczu' to thc uxtvnr that :1 suuucsslul rczlm is zu1tic1pg1rcd for HCXI XCLUX By turning back four of thc scvcn strong ops poncnts thcy mct, the ycarlings dcyclopccl fun- damentally to thc cxtcnt that scvcral of thc stars on thc squad arc cxpcctccl to till thc shocs of thc vacancics crcatccl by graduating scniors. llopcf wcll, llavcmann, ancl XVattcrs wcrc mainstays in thc linc and clircctivc clcfcnsivcly. In thc backf licld Thompson, Nabcr, Bcntly, ancl Kossiycs arc cxpcctcd to protlucc morc linc pcrformanccs. Many gamcs wcrc won by thc forward pass combination of Nabcr and Thompson. 'lihompf son was cspccially cliccctiyc in opcnsticlcl running. Sincc thc squad was composccl almost cntircly of freshmen and sophomorcs a grcat futurc is an- ticipatcd for thc football tcams of M. Il. S. 'llhc B squadclcrs scramblcd with such oppon cnts as Columbus junction, Mt. l'lcasant, XX'apn cllo, Tipton, Davcnport, and Iowa City. This ycar's cxpcricncc was thc initial of somc grcat carccrs. Musky griclmcn began practising for thc I9-I-ll scason cycn bctorc thc first clays ot school. Many of thc participants wcrc grccn as to thc rcal stull that composcs a football playcr antl thc 0 'lihc Purplc anclfiolcl ycarlingsof'-lilattainccl sacrihccs and cooperation that is cxpcctctl from glory and honor unclcr thc ablc supcrvision of cach. Since thc tcam as a Whole was a succcss, a I.. A. Schnack. Unc of thc bcst B squads in scvs grcat clcal of crcclit shoulcl bc giycn to l,. A. cral scasons, thcy linishccl thc campaign with 21 Schnack for his cnclcavors to tcach thc funclaf rcmarkablc pcrccntagc. mcntals. ll SQL'.XlJ liU'l"l'OM RUYV: ll-lphy licrgcnslic, Clayton ll.ot-mann, liob Barr, Douglas Wallcrs, Hon Ht-nlllx, lhll llopcwcll. SIQCUNIP RUXVZ hlcrlc Slurms, llarrlx Lhlllstf, Ht-1'm.m Gricst-nlu'oclt, Hob Nlorris, llctc lioslow, l.awrcncc l'rotl'itt. 'l'lllRlD ROVV: .Iimmic lfosu-1', Cyril llonls, Cabin lXloorl1c.xtl, Hon Calxcrl, l.loytl licc, lsfllllllllll RUXV: Charlcs Wlillcj, hlatlison llllllllltlxl, llob Rll'll.lI'nlNl?H. Roy Wllis, .Xntly liossixcs, Coach la-lily Fchnaclt. l"ll"'l'll RUXV: lliclt l,aiigc,W'ay1ic Car- rcr, l'Xlu'.ml iloltlslw1'rx', llcln' Richman, llill lfmmcrl, lohn lliompson. 6' z-"' -- "1- BASKETBALL Our Quintet Has Successful Season 0 Coach Lefty Schnack hegan his career as head hasketliall coach for M. H. S. this year and led his understudies to a successful season. Several letter- men and a gallery of prospects featured the turnout at the heginning of the season, hut the one prohlem of Coach Schnack was to find sufficient height to cope with the competition that was to he met. The return of the great guard comhination of Hoffman and Sprouse was indeed an asset to the success of the '-HL'-H season. George Parks was ane other veteran who upheld the laurels throughout the season hy furnishing the offensive punch. I One of the hest finds of the season was the Hashy perfiormer and high scorer, XValt liochnefjf. VValt did a wonderful joh for the Nluskies this year and finished second in the individual scoring race of the conference. He has two full years of competition remaining. The team of the '-HJ-'-ll season Was often referred to as the team that was Hone for all and all for one." This characteristic was prohahly the hasic reason for such a successful season. The Schnackmen finished in undisputed third place in the final standings of the Little Six. il 5QL'rXl3 fHU'l"I'OM RUVV1Harry Hindahl, Vernon HiJlTil1lllI1,lllll Block, W'alI lioclineflilieorge l'.irLs. SFLQONID ROVV: .lack VVeiershauser, George Gallaher, Rohert Froehner, Art Lucas, Keith Thonias, Paul Hanson. THIRD ROW: Don Carver, Arnie :Xtltins, Coach T.. .'X. Schnaclt, Don Sprouse, lfarl l'ulli.nn. , -42- ft li SQU.,Xl7-l30'l"l'UlV1 ROW! Allin Foster, Robert lVlorris, llob Newton Don Nibcr Dougli Witter SECOND RUVV: Pele Koslow, Fred Hankins, Robert Lamb, .Iunior ilotlt Nlcilc Nturin Ric llfl lirmvn. THIRD RUVVI Uon Calvert, Keith Foster, Coach Bob Hana TVTIIXIII lxritgci Liir cs XVillej'. B Squad Wins County Championship 0 As basketball coach at M. H. S for the first year Coach Bob Hason began an encouraging career by producing a championship team. The Musky B team won the county tournament at Nichols by virtue of downing the Cones- ville and Nichols quintets. In the first round of play the Purple and Gold representatives drew a bye and then on consecutive nights downed their op- ponents by the scores of 38-23 and 26-25. Pete Koslow made the winning point against the Nichols High quintet to clinch the championship. The squad was composed entirely of freshmen and sophomores. Many of the stars of this team will be performing for the varsity next year. Among those likely to advance are Pete Koslow, Keith Poster, Buck Sadel, and Don Naber. The underclassmen met the strongest opposition available throughout the season playing such teams as Iowa City, Davenport, Letts, Buffalo, Grand- view, Conesville, and Nichols as Well as opposing the Little Six freshman and sophomore teams. The future success of the varsity squad indirectly depends on the up-and- coming stars of the B squad. Under the guidance of Coach Hanson the year- lings developed amazingly during the past season and many of the B stars are expected to do great things for the varsity in the next two seasons. BASKETBALL Thrills Fill Season O Nlqmy thrilling: lHL'1'ltJI'I1llllIL'L'S wcrc tlisplxtyctl Ivy tht- hzirtl t'tJllI'IL'I'St'lxl,ll.S.LIlll'lIlQfIlCP1lSf wziwii. Xutitiii :ts su-ii IIII'tllls,1l1 thc luis uf thc Xtimittri t':iim'i'zi will rcmiiitl fzuis of the thrills wiiiit-N-tl tIllI'IlIQ thc 'III '+I cztnipnigii. IOP: Xt tht- liuml raising Nlcrcliziiits' lfcstivzll, thu gggimt- lit-twt-L-ii thc pztmuliiztl st-Imtils of Nlusczttinc xml NI. ll. S. wupplictl ciitt-rtziirinicnt ftJI'fI1tJLl' Nitlltls til' Qmlciit Inns. allways hustlirig for the Iwqtll, sgtwiiig zit L'YL'I'l' iipptwttliic mtmmcnt, :mtl Lllt'i'tliL'rsm1 tlclic11sc11t'i.':l ft-wuftlic I'C1lStJI1'S why lim-liricll, I':t1'l4s, :tml lltiffmzin mccivctl ll plztcc tm tht- gill k'lIIIl4L'l'L'IIL'L' mytliirzil tczims. illhc cnf tlt-giwi-5 tif thcst- plziycrs :irc ctmiilhriictl hy thc plitittiw tu thc right. .Xlmvc :tll clsc, the ziii' of Nptwtwiiizirixliipwztwtlicprctlumirliltccl1z11':1t'tci'istic til thu Tuitlti 11-gziixllt-ss il tht-y Inst tn' won, ui' il thvy wart- lit-gitlliiit-is tn' lit-mlm wzirmcrs. 'Ilhis XLXII' tht- lmxs tlitlift mzilcu it tu thc stzitc tmzils hut thnx hgitl tht- stull tu thrill our lzms timc llllll IILLLIIII. I txipiitity ti-.mtl tlimrigctl tht- new licltlliutlsc litii' tht- highlight til thc scztsmi when thc Muslim Citi Nltiligiwks, thc Il?-III stzitc clizim is Imwctl to - . . I I tht' Nluxlut-s hy ni swim- til .IH 34. lhu plziycrs pitttiiul gilwtm- :tru typical ul thc IIIULISZIIMIS of l11rls11ItL'1'tl11s lit-t-titigziiiiu. IlU'l"I'UlXI RUIV: Franli Ulish, klimmy Burke, Herman Griesenhroclx, l"red llanltins, llerhert Ilrilchet Richard Heuer, ll.n'lan lieacli, Harold Blake. SICCOND ROVV: Marvin Hetfler, Paul Ring, Paul Ca1'tei',AIack Roelle, Uril Carlisle, ROI7Cl'lx'ill'l1L'y, Richard O'Ilrien, -lannes Koslow. THIRD RUXV: lalclt I,.lL'If, .Iohn I hompson, .Xrlhur IIl'lfL'IlL'l', Richard VVallman, Ralph 'I'rimhle, Carl lianee G- " - Sl i ld , gorge lie Harold Davis. l"OL'R'lllI RUVV: slohn McKee, lfdward Iloldsherrv, Ulha Iohnsoii, Rich4ird Sadel lnrilhth Gotltlard, Roh Koller, Gordon Rowell. l"Il"'I'II ROVV: l,erin' Iewett, :Xian Swisher, Kenneth Ruinmery, Ricliqnwl Illoom, Gene Midtlaugh, Richard Crziclter, Richiird I"o' e, Ross Mc llothl -n g, it C L SIXTH RUIV1 .lack xVL'IUI'SIlQlLISL'I', Charles Smith, DeIV4n'ne St-lnnitt, Roh liarr, Coach Harold VVL-her Don McNeal, IValt Roehnelli, Patrick Hopewell. TRACK Unclerclassmen Shine for Weber 0 VVith mostly underclassmen reporting for practice, Coach XVeher and Cape tain Carl Lange led the Muskies to a fairly successful season. The Purple and Cold representatives met such opponents as Davenport and the Little Six schools and entered in the Drake Relays. A veteran and positive point-getter was Ross lVIcGlothlen. Ross perform- ed as a field events man, putting the shot and twirling the discus. Captain Lange and George Shields were effective in the distance races as were Hope- well and Ken Rummery. All were milers, except Lange, who ran the 8813. A gallery of underclassmen and future stars composed of YVeiershauser, 'l'hompson, Carlisle, Hankins, and Sadel were entered in the state indoor meet at Iowa City in April. The hurdles attracted the attention of McNeal, Goldsherry, and Barr. As first-year men with another year of eligibility these Nluskies are hopefuls for the '42 campaign. Don Schmidt performed with the shot and discus and promises to de- velop into a real showman hy the time his career ends. Sophomore XValt Kochneff was the sky-Wiper for the Muskies during I9-ll. He was the pole vaulting and high-j umping entrant for many of the meets and duels. 145- V: lid l,orl1e-r, lim Foster, l'e1e1' Koslow, Hob Mileni, l,11w1'ence Prollitt, Gene Nordeun, lie-1111e11 RON B111 3O'l"I'OlVI RONV: Don Sprouse, l'fddie llnrtelt, .lack Raushenberger, LeRoy l'iLiglIlgl0l1,xVlli1I'Ctl Wei er .'X1'1l1111' I.11c11s SCl1llVlLJI' l'roH'itt. SECOND ROW: Perry Sziltx, Herschel .'xllCllSN'UI'll1, on 1e11l1:1ld, .lack Skjilllilllklil, liob Knelwler, Ray Simpson, Albert' Logel, Clifford Caxinpbell. TH 111, Coach li. .-X. gClll12lCli. l"OUR'I'H ROW: Clayton H:1ve111a1111, lfnrl l'ulli:1111,Arnold .-Xtkins, 111 lNewto11, Clarence Morse, Richard llrow11, liob Leedy. FIFTH ROVV: Don Calvert, Bob I1LlIl1l", XVLITINJH Htlfiildlilll, Bill Mull, Harry Hindahl, Harold Davis, Delphy Bergenske. BASEBALL Seven Veterans Lead Musky Players O L. A. Schnack becan1e the head coach of baseball i11 19-ll due to the de parture of former Coach Kinnan. Seven VCTCTZIII letterme11 returned dong with ll squad of hopefuls to give Coach Schnack reaso11 to look foiwud to 1 lHL1I11pCI' year of victories. Captain-elect for the '4-1 SCLISOII was the star catchei , Don HPIOLINL Don was exceptionally efficieiit at his positio11 and l1is batting skill lT1ILlL opposing, pitchers I11lSCl'1ll3lC. A natural at his first base position, H1l1e 1"IUH:IUlll di played skill throughout the year i11 big-league fashion I eftv, IS B1l1e 1 ofte11 called because of obvious reasons, established 11 b1 llll 111t th1 ee ye ll 1ec ord for lVl. H. S. fxlllltlitfl' veteran membei' was Harry Hlllkllhl H 11ry w1s 21 regular third baseman, but was Offtlll called to pCI'f0l'lU 1el1ef duties fo1 the M. H. S. pitchers. He also was effective at the plate, 111d wx IS the llllmlitf four hitter. Others Who l'CfLll'l1CCl were Arny Atkins, Art Lucas, I 11l 1 Llllllll1, 1nd lid Bartelt. These veterans occupied the outfield positions but Xtkins took his regular fLll'll o11 the rubber. Don 'llheobald and hchuvlei Pioffitt weie welcomed i11to camp as the star rookies this year and both held Itglll 1r duties as infielder and pitcher respectively. Nluskies played regular games against Davenport, Bufftlo, VN 1pello Grandview, Letts, and VVilton. -. 46 - SPRING SPORT CANDIDS Warm Weather Calls Muskies Outside 0 .Ns clnnrs were swung npen ancl trees hegan tn hucl, the howling halls, gym suits, ancl haskethall shoes were laici asicie to make way for the gulf cluhs, track shnes, anti hasehall equipment. The ,Xurnran phutt:gi'aphci' was on the spnt tn catch the spring hiring Huskies at play in their various liehis of enclcavur. Un the .Ietiersnn track Heh Barr was seen acl-iusting the hurciles iust he ture his trip nver the tiinhers . . . During spring fnuthall Skip XX'eher was utten seen giving the iiuntiainental tactics to his hnpefuls fur the cnniing sea sun ...i lihe new prospect Dun ilihenhalci was snagging a hut liner un the cliannnncl as the Purple and Cinlci worked nut in preparation for the cunning campaign . . . l5U'l"l'UNl: Schuyler l'rulJtitt, the climinutive speetlfhall exe pert, hurns nn clown the iniclclle in an elicurt tn limher up his pitching arm . . . .Iininiic Burke hzirely nnsecl nut Paul King' in one uf the warm-up sprints cluring track this spring . . . Husky Harry Hinciahl, the harcifhitting pitcher nl' Nl. ll. S., posed for the picture at a practise session. 'lihese athletes nt Nl. Il. S. all contrihutecl in their particular liehis to make the year nt athletics at Muscatine High an uutstanciing one. GIRLS' ATHLETICS Lovelies Bowl, C3011 O 111 1111 111111 U11 Xllll 11111111 11 111 x1'K'l1111L'1- w1-1-1- 111151 1111- 1111, 1111- 8131118 111 S111'1I1i 11-11 N1:111111'111 was 111111t11g1':111111-11 111 1111ys11'111 c1111--1 111111 1111155 1W11l1'1I1Q 1111s141-1111111 . . . L':111r11111 1311111111- N 4:11 111111 1111- 1111111r11s111 111111 1111K1 1111111c11s1 II 1111111-L'L'11111l111 11-11111 1-x11'y11111-. 1015 1,111 1K1 11111N11LK1 1-11111-11-1 111 1111- XX 11L1K1'11 1111w11111 I1-'1111 121111 1-11 111 1111- 11111111XY11lJ11Il1'111'1111l11'1I1 1111115151111 . . .1111111111 xxvL'15L'1' W1-111 111111 111111111 1111 1111- 111lI'k1 1-11u1't llf 1111- 1lL'1111 1l1115K' . . . 1501 IOM: 1X'1lI1'Y 1XCllfl11Q was 11111--111 111 11111- 111 111-1' 1111 11111111Ll11tS 1111 1111- Q1111 5 1111148115 5111- 11111111-11 1111- 11:111 .... -X 111111-111 115111. N111111- x1-1-11 t1'1:1111111g 1111- K117111-FC was 1'111111111s1-11 111 1 ,1L'11H 1Xl11115v 114'111'L',1U11l'N MINT 1V'1lT11lQ1 111111 11111311151 s1-111'1- 111-1-51-1111-11 1111 111111111-111 fkl N1111'Q:11'1-1 .xllll XY:1g111-1'. V1411L'SL' gi1'1s 1-1- 11-1-S1-111 t111'c1- Nluskx' 1111-1 1111w11-1-5 1-1111111- 11111111-11 1 1 1 . 3' V . I 1111- Nl, 11. 5. Q1111 11-11111. 1UC1'1,1, t111L'1i1C 1'1'L'L'1'5,1111x1 1g1111111L' 11:1111'1c1. 1 OUR SCHOOL These Are the Miscellaneous Types O This section is comprised of the farmers, journalists, chemists, home economists, linguists, Hi-Tri girls, Hi- Y boys, and commercial students. As well as learning from books, they learned by actual doing. These miscellaneous interests pro- vide an outlet for the energies of Muskies who are interested in lines of work which may some day help them find a job. Perhaps some day the news . N editor will write stories for a Chicago ' paper and maybe one of our school's chemists will perfect the rocket ship. w. on , . In any event they will have learned to assume the tasks of leadership, and to develop initiative, and aggressive- X . . X ness as well as to develop certain skills. s This lype of flluslcy enjoyed rhasing ads for file Annual, judging lifueslozfk, and baking frfzkes. x YQ- N-'tn "Kiss a -491 MISCELLANEOUS TYPES Muslcies Write Stories, Usher Crowds, Plant Seeds 0 The groups in this section should really go into ditterent divisions since each organization performs a different service for our school and each group derives a dilterent benefit from taking part in the particular activity. lfor example, the Ushers' Club assists in handling the crowds in our auditorium, whether or not the program is spon- sored by the school. Performing this service for Nluscatine people develops poise and self-confidence in the students and teaches them to appear before a large gathering with a min- imum of self-consciousness. During the course of time it takes to publish weekly :Xu- rorans and the yearbook, the journalists of our school learn initiative, aggressiveness, and dependability. These lfourth Iistaters are on a par with the lrfstaters ll"uture lfarmersl when it comes to learning skills which will someday help them in their chosen vocations. judging from the example Hi-Y and Hifliri set for the rest of the student body, the members of these clubs achieved more than fun and frolic at their gatherings. junior Ad and Chemistry Club taught Muskies more about their special in- terests in the fields of commerce and science. lf' if L Ll iii , USHERS' CLUB White Coats Symbolize Quiet Service O Now here's an orgaiiization that really proved a benefit to the whole com- munity. It didn't make a bit of difference whether it was a simple task of taking tickets at a second period assembly or of showing the patrons of an evening lecture to their seats, the Ushers, Club was on the job. The students who joined this group performed so many public services that in the opinion of the audiences of the community affairs of Muscatine their white coats were a trade-mark of quiet, courteous service. The group ushered at the all-school play, "Seven Sisters,'3 two one-act plays, "Hoy Meets l"amily" and "You're lfiredng and the junior college alav. They hel ved at such outstanding school events as the basketball tames . 1 u 0 I Q ts E . and the graduation services. They served at both the afternoon assemblies and evening performances of the special lecture programs, at "Hits and Bits of Broadway," and at the concert given by Rubinoff. Belonging to the Ushers' Club offered the individual student a splendid opportunity for developing poise. lt made him able to appear before a crowd without becoming self-conscious. Assistant l'rincipal Marinus -Iensen acted as faculty advisor. The officers were Marilynn l'ilgrim, presidentg jean Schumacher, vice-presidentg and Dorothy XVhisler, secretary-treasurer. l3U'l"l'OTXl ROXVZ .lack Hillicr, Richard Heuer, George Kleist, Ralph Trimble, liob Delalp. Charlc N Rice. .'l'iL'ONl7 RUTV: slack Zcidlcr. .-Xnita Schmidt, Virginia lfrccrs, Ruth Vl'l1islcr, Si li ia lirooltliarl llorothy Wliisler, l"orrc-sl llrady. THIRIJ RCTXVI Harold Rosenberg, .-Xlicc Nash, -lean -Ioncs, Yirginil lirown, -lean Schumaclicr, Norma lienninger, Marilynn l'ilgi'ini, VV.irreii ll.nnmcr. l"UL'RTll ROW ' iu lcncn litllIILL ln lznl Mui Hob l,anib, Carol .Min lioclll, Dorolliv rigcr, Nlarii s b lamuise Stocking, XXYJTHL' Schau li., t, 4' n M i V if X itll-fx . t -511 Xl'R URXN SI Xlflf L'I'I'I'iIl liRUl'I' IlU'I"I'UIXI ROVV: Ruinig,C. IIh:niii,Iieri1,5eIiiiIlf.,Ii.iiiif, I in Ifilinrnitl--. Iih-ixl. SICCONIJ I-IUYVZ If. Iiithh II1intIIei, hIiIIei', Keating, II.1Ite-, I,.IVil'L'Ilk'L',KIIJW, fXIuNIiei, elit-in IIIIRI3 ROXV: Ifinhree, ii. IIL'If,IL'I', Crnw, Heuer, IXIUIIN, I"I'L'f'L'l'IIIllIIl IJ ilitxiein, lulinxnn. lUl'R'l'H RUXY1 fXI.xIiiii'iii, fXI.1rf,uIl1I1, I"L'IxIIlI.lI1, GUM, I".ii'i'ier, C.iini1heII, II, Ilelxhi ItniIi, fXIiIIei'. I.ut.1X-. III"I'II RUXY: Cnuii, I.eniiIi.ii'iI, Roth-, Ilfiwe, 4lnIiiiXtcni, Ii. Iiithl, W1-eIviiiig.g, QILIIIIIILI N Iihminn, II.nninei', I lI'I'v. Xl'IU7R.XN L'l'II5 I,UXYI'iR KQRUUI' IIU'I"I'UIXI RUVV: I7eI,.ip, Speielier,Ii1'itI"i', 5I.iter, Neylrniii. II.ix- i IIIIII' Krall'-it-Ii, II.ift-n, SICCUNIJ IQUYVZ I'.iel7,, Miller, Iileift, Meliee, VI'.1Itei', Wveher, NIiIein, l"i'eehei'ii. I IIIRIJ RUXYZ Iieeiling, hI.nItIoX, IIOLIIX, II:n'ert'.1ini', fi.lII.1hei',Si'IiiiiiiIl,-Iuilex, fXIeLN.iIIii'ei. I'IUL'R'I'II RUVVZ I null, liiixt-iilit-ng, I.eiilt, lliile, Slit-Ilgnly. Ilmiiiiikwii. AURORAN STAFFS Muskies Learn Journalistic Aims Q lhese :ire the inenihers of the hi. II. 5. Ihurth listzite. These Huskies I'e:itIeLI hy lluzinitzi XVeeksLine, yezirhnok etIitm'g :ind I,1lfI'IL'I1l -lwliiisnii :intl Nlzirizin Iiziutz, newspaper inzniziveiiig editers, Ie1n'netI tim erezite news stnrie 2lIIkIZ1I'IlLl1lI enpx' hy pLihIi:1hing the Weelzlx' :Ind iXnnii.iI .'Xlll'UI'1lI1S. In x':n'x'iiii degrees the piihliuitinii stuff zilsn learned the true 'inn . P s nf vIULlVIlZlIiSINI truth hiyzlltjr, I'riemIship, Iezidership, enlightenment, nppnrtunity, :ind initiative. i The .'XUI'Ol'2U'l Cuhs were the uLI1lI'IiI1gSn nf Ronin 122. I"LiIIeI'IeLIgetI stain nienihers were quick tn nhserve and eiienurzige the tzilents nf these novice Ainui'nziIists zis they Ieairned the tricks nf the trzide. -52- Statt Completes Semester Without Chief O Hy tan' thc nutstzintting Qituiiiiplishnicnt nt thc JXLIVKJVLIII stzitlr this yugir was tninplctirig thu V741 Xnnnzil Xnrnrzin :ind pulitishing thc wcckly' iicwspgipci' thc scrniitt suincstt-1' withnnt thc cxpcrt :iid nt Miss Cicricvicvc ixlL'Li1ll1kHL'SS, thc tigmilty 1ittx'isci'. lgttti' has ciittczimtt lwitst-it to thc stnttcnts in nin' suhnnl thrnnyth hw' trnc iiitcrust in th-xx-lnpiiig tht- cltzimctci' :ind thc inurnzilistit' ziliility nt' tht- Nluskius "uxpnst'tt" tn hw. ln ni'ttci'tnt11kcnii thc cxtrgi wnrk :intt wnrry nt pillilitxitinris she hats s1it'l'it1tui itfl' hczitth :is wctt :ts ht-r pcrsnnztl plt-zisiircs. Stzitt gitinnni f1'L'llLlCtlIiy'QtYL' l.:ittyt'1'L'tiit tm' ht-lping thcin tn dis uwt-i' tht-ii' pntt-ntizit pnwt-i'sg1iitt giving tht-in thc ttCk'C5S1ll'y CIIUILII'lIgL'INL'ltf. Owing In l,1nty"s ttinrniinli fl'lltIltt1Q,fi1L'SfllH wats ztlilc tuc:1l'1'y' nn when 3- shc wats tniwctt In tuqixu sclinnl in thc http' winter. l hc stzitt lItCINItL't'5 who lit-Itl thc H111-itil'ptwsititmltsthisyuxll'WQI1'-lllilltitzl XXX-rksiiiig, guru-rail lnzinzigcrg 1 .Icgin iXltHK'I',1lSStNIZlttfQL'tlL't'1tl inzinzigvrg l 1lft'tL'tZl-IUIWIISUII gintt Nlzirizin Kqiutz, niqinziging utitnrsg Nlzniy Xnn tlgikt-s,41ssist1int Iltlltlilgtttg L'kitfLH'g.lLl1lIttI1llfltt Inu' :intl l'iSfi1L'I'5kiItlIIf!, win' utirwsg licriizmt Liziinplwll ilttki X1-riinii I,t-un h:i1'tt,ii1gil4L' up t-ttnni-sg In-tti lxt-rn, news cthtnrg fiL'tIL'Y1L'YL' Lmw, t-ttitnimil utitnig Mgixint- Rnniig, iiC1Iflll'L' utiturg 'licx Kitht, spnrts utiturg Stzinlcy' I lnxw, linsint-ss ingnizigcrg L't11i1i l.nuist- HIUUIH,1lkiYL'l'ftStIIg1 inznizigcrg Shirley lilnnin, L'tl'killIIltIl'tl iiiziiingcrg :intt XX Linnitzi l'11ri'1c1', tnp Highr tyinst.,ttlnni--. XM-tltsiing, It-.infXl1tlvi ..,5pni1--tttnni. ltx lxi It U ini in Q tilnl VII Inlnistni, Xin bln--i, lit-llx txt-tn . . . kwin Ctillftle, In.1nn.i l,llII'I'L'L' .intl I Iliti Nhntt lxiit U .n1n1l.l I'.lII1k'I. '--ff N1 F. F. A. Farmers Are Active 0 Lezirning to heeonie good farmers is the pro- -iect ot Husky hoys who enroll in the Slilifli- Hughes course ot our school. ln order to ziccoin- plish this :iiin I,indley H. lloopes, agriculture instructor, teziches his clzisses inodern methods of rziising crops :ind curing for livestock. Xlthough the lfuture l'l1lI'lNCI'S studied text lioolis, they gained much knowledge from zictuzil experiments. Un the inount :it right are some of Nlr. lloopes' hoys in zietion. 'l'Ul': A group of :iericulturists judged ll clziss of yezirling Shorps shire rnuns :it the lloltx fairin . . . Myles Heitz, WH, deinonstrzited cztponizing New llzunpshire Red eoclcerels for the agriculture clziss. . . ln the czindid third from the top lN,ll1l'VlI1 lletzler, .loe l loopes, I.e-Roy Coon, zuid llzirold llzivis sucked potatoes froin the first potzlto test plots in the history of the hlusczitine chzipter. HU'l"l'OlNl: Ran' :uid lion Stsuige were preparing their puref lured Duroe gilts for the stzite fziir. More than oiite ll Nluslci' hats ezirned xi hlue rihhon with his pri ii ect. Tl ln the picture :ihove Ll12lI'lCS Lolvin :ind I,e- Roy Coon were helping Don lirxuw. husk his ten tures of test plot corn. Many ehzipter nieinhers received recognition tor special proiects. Mr. lloopes helped the lfuture l'l2ll'IT1Cl' hoys to pres pzue seientiliczilly for exhihits :it various fairs. -54- -..I .1- Agriculfurists Judge Livestock O Ulu' Iuull In In X, CIIAIIWICI' IuI thu kJI'Q1lIII7.11fIUllSUI' thc an-Imul IH ZICIIYL' K mas. I,lll'lI1g thc suzmm-r mm1tI1s thc g1g1'1cL1ItL11'1srs sc1cl1tlIlu1IIx' pVL'p:1ruI lim-srmkglml amp pm-Icutsfm'cxI1iIwItIm1s:1t the fairs. L Im-I wcmI cwuts wcrc thc mIIc1' Skllfllll' mrtx' thc zllumm mu- wrum 'W I Y K . :1mI IIIL- pzzrcnt sun ITLIHLILICY. UIIWQQVS Im' tI1c x'c111' wcrc ILIIIICS Yam QILIIIIIW' I7m1:1ILI 5f1llIgL', pl'csuIc11tsg IIUIIIIIII SITIIILLC, Im' Nlcckcr, vice vm-sILIL-xmtsg L . I Cicmgc SIHQIII, IIIIIUIHLIS XVIIISUII, SL'L'I'L'IllI'IL'Sg .loc Hacker, IIurIw1't I31'L1IIt I4uI1I fI'L'ZlSlll'Cl'SQ IIIIIUINLIS XXIZITSUH Cicnc NIILILIQIQII scVf'c:u1ts11t11111154 1 w I 1 5- I In-1'Iw1't ISVLIQIIIQLIIII 4xmI I IQVIHL-l't IIurf.Icl', l'L'INJI'IL'I'S. lIII,R1.RUlI I'I ll RI: I'.XIlNII',Il5 IIUI IUIXI IlCIXI1I,m.IIIxI1.II-mln K III I III XIIIXIII III Ivl,IJ.1IcI'1urlmLllI1.iwu1"'u5I1luIII,I.n-Rm Lwm Ii1vI1.l1II III:--II1 LII 11'Iv IJIIIk,II1IV lx II N ' 5 ' , , . . x SIfL'UfNI3 IQUIYZ k'I1.11Iv- SIIIIIII, I5s1n.1III Iilxllxf, IMI I X- A , QI ' X I .g IIILIIIHIII Kun 'XIIIII I1,,XIxm IIIIII IKIIIL N Isl RUM-rl,I.x11x1l,L.zIxm I71'11l11m, IXII-Ixm Inux, INIm'1'1NIIImpu, IIIIRID ROW i,.zI 'XII In I Iu11I I II I'k'I'l-X, lilflwrr Mmm, IIL'II'L'l'I IIcI,'IL-V, I'.1uI LI.ll'IL'IA, IIIIHIIIIJI II'.1Iw11, Iiulx IIILII, XIJII1 nm IIHIIII I I XI In Ihflw IiIkII.lIxIXlUII, I.L'wvX BIUNVII. I"UI'R'I'II IQUIYZ II.llI'-I IXI.1:II11, IYIIILI III-IIIIL IIIIIIII MII: ml rm IIKDIYVCN, Ixfztxm-Lfll'lc1',L'I1.x1'Iw L'uIxi11, IIk'I'I'L'II II1'mIlIXllI1I, Ixflym IfIrI1vIIw1gv1', um I ln K :ml I III M II'.z xvkv ink, I,t'.ll1 IfIII1vIIu-rgvr. I.UII'I'fR KQIQUVI' lQRI'II'fNII XNIJS l!U'I"I'UNI IQOXX IIII I K mm: XII In-mp, II.l1'1un N,-wl, I',.Ig.1l' I,wwIN, I,.ll1I 5.1llcrlI1xx.1Ilc, I41'.u1IXIIIm1IuIL.x, LIIIIMI I 5tI1lII RI III I NIIII I R1 IXIIK-I1flImIwx1. 5I'.LUNI7 ROW: IlvcIm.1lxI I'ur'IL', IMI. LuIu, IUIIII IrIIlv, Ii11II.m.I Im IU rw L I I II mx XK.1I1,f, L.1xmII IXIIIALQIIIJII, I,.xxx1vm'v II1ul1x.m11, Im-rlI1Nlwl, Rr-I.m.I llmxv. IIIIIQID KONI Xl Ixm IM Ixmm SIN NI-.zIuI,ul1gXI1utI1,Il.1.N5l.1a1gv,.I4v.nI1Iu1 I.n'l1!,.I.lx'IxIlIgg1N,RIIILIMI I7rnrIU', Ilxhxg llm I1Im Url II I II IMI IM-,I,i11.IIq IIIIIIIWI-. ,' ,C Af' y , , - ,1f 1 , 'X I IUTIII I III YIUIIOIXI IUTIV1 IIL'l!,Iul', II. IQIinIX, .X. I'.47XIL'l', hICL'Ic:1I'j, Kulnp, IXICLNUI, If, I"rwsIn'I', II. NInL'LlI- I i, Ili-ti-iLIi.iii, fJ.1In'it-I, SICCONID IUJXVI I'iIlll1.ll1, Y. I"I'L'L'l'N, INIcL'ni'iiiia'IX, hI.n'tin, IM-rn, Isingnmn, lin-vxi, I,ti,1,QQ1,,i.i,-IH, Ixlt-i.l, I". Iilinls. IIIIRI7 ROVV: Lf Illnrnn, l'.Alolnisoii, I'i.IIVI'I!ILlN,'Il. IIi'nnn, I'i.1lui1,IQ1n'IsvI1, I , , , ,.. ,, . I Innintl, I. Iii:-nn, Mt-iws, I.t-Qlmltv, Lnmt, Irwin. I'UI RIII ROW: Ixmn'nuin.n1, Iaggt-ig IIuI+IwIu, I,lIllIst'I', I II1I'Iu', I'.!I'lH'l, fXIiLuIIci, lapptfl, html, I'uIIt-rtirn. I'lI1 I II RUN 1 Curt-ii1iin'I, Lonnni, L.nlt'i', IIIIIUVI, I9in'r.iIt, lint-hl, II.1nnn -V, NI.iInnAni, Ir1Ini-Inn, L.1IIumIci', I7.n'ison. I ROI I' Ii NUI IUTNI ROW: Rulniisnii, I.lIIxlI1gIlJll, II.lI'NtJl1r,XX.lNHtlIl, Ronng, NY.1tsfrn, Upa-It, IninIvhI, TNI. N Inniih, Riiiln-iilwi'g. SIfL'UNI7 RUNV1 .X, St-Innith, ZIIIlIl1L'I'Ill.lll, VI'IiisIci', Y. fXIiIIvr. Ii. Nlilh-i', NL'fsII'17Il1. it-IJ, 'I'n:'i't , IH-It. n, Mnhn t-n, IWIIXL-ii--. IIIIRIJ RUIV: VII-llciigul, Suprii-nii, 'IM-it-IIi.iii, 5t'Inn.1If, Srhu- lIllkIIL'I, NiIfIXIIl'I', Iik'fIlUIxI', 5'fII, RnIwl'tIt'c, RIJf'slL'I', VVuI1':l'. I"UI'R'IiII KUIY1 Sit-in1m'l!,, RLTIIIIX 5nitIt.n'tI, X ish, 5li.inggIi-i', Fplllll, 5Il.lIII1II, 5-x'IlllII7, R' st-nlIi.1I, IXIUIY., I'r:IsIq'. lllll I II RUWI xXflI'IxI1I.lH, I'iIgi'nn, IlntIt', I' fXIiIh-1, W1-2, XX'i'it-islittils' V, hILnIi.t, Nlnznx-, INIiIIul', Il.ihII', xKvL'k'InllIIQ, Nam-1, I'.xnlt-I. I HI-TRI Club Sponsors Conference, Fun-Nites 0 Being hostcsscs for thu Ifivc Rivci' Cities' Coiifcrciicc, Scptcinhui' ll and ll, wzis gi fitting waiy for our Hi!I'i-i cluh to hugin such xi full yc:n'ofspIcmIitI work. Iliflii sponsored lfun-Nitcs on I"I'ILIlly nights :ls wcII :is :ln cvcning party and 21 spring' picnic. :Xt Christnizis tiniu the cluh ClIfCI'IZ1Il1L'LI pool Itiddics nit ll holiday pzirty. Uflticcrs for thc two scincstcrs wcrc l,:iui'1i Nlzu l"chIni11n :ind XYIIUIIIILI l"zn'i'ici', prcsidcntsg Hctty licrn :ind .Iciuiiic Ruthcn lit-rg, x'iccepi'csitIcrits3 I,uciIIc Stcinnictz and Iflziinc IIz1mIIcy, scci'ct:n'ics lithclyn .lohnston and Dorothy Spmtt, ti'czisui'ci's. .-56g AMICAE Freshman Girls Discuss Problems 0 lfreshman girls love to have a chance to get together with other girls their own age and to talk over the prohlems they have. They like to have a good time at parties and picnics. The rlmicae Cluh was organized for just these purposes. After the recognition of fiftysone girls at services, Novemher l 1, the cluh hegan its regular work for the year. hor the Decemher meeting, Amicae had a Christmas party for youngsters. liach girl presented her little kiddievguest with a pair of mittens asa Christmas gift. The programs in .lang uary consisted of group discussion, on january 27, the topic of the discussion was girls' hohhies. Valentine's Dax' the 1-irls had a food time at the Valentine l"lin t that . s s I s they sponsored after the Ottumwa-Muscattne haskethall game. .-Xt the regf ular l"ehruary meeting family relationships termed the hasts for the program. The tirst meeting in :Xpril covered a program on at-X Ciirlls XVorld." 'lihe meeting of April 2+ commemorated the sixtieth anniversary of Ciirl Re- serves. May ll was a spring' party, May 26, ll quiz on the duties of a hos- tess. lfarly in .Iune the cluh sponsored a picnic for the junior high girls who will enter high school in Septemher. Oliicers of the .Xmicae Cluh were Betty Ciallaher, president, Marion Daniels, vice-president, fierie Keating, secretary, and Shirlee Jamison, treas- urer. Misses Martha ,lean Meeker and Lorraine Rauh sponsored the cluh. ROI IOM: Ntcltols, heating, lxlctn, lV.tlter, Darts, l".tt'rar. SHCUND RONYL Solonen, 'l'hcolw.tld Brown, Cohen, ll.1uerh.tcli, Bishop, Simpson, llelatp. 'VHIRIJ ROXV: W1-st, W1-her, Slater, llanitl Wt-her, Heuer, Nlgnntson, l'l'L'L'l5L'I'Il, lirothe. POUR l H ROW: Holman, l'l1ill1ps, Schultz, Reynolds llonseman, Wliisler, Maddox, ll.n'creatnp, Kolpaclt. l"ll"'llll RUVV: Martin, Sn-oh, Smith, lltrrcll llatercamp, llickerson, Ciallalter, Speicher, Houk, hlatthiesscn, SIXTH RUNV: ll.nctn.tnn, Yan Cie llttllic-ld, l'r.tnltlnt, Vi httlow, liettx, Rasmussen, lnnm, Shelladt, Schmidt, Nash hlolis. lim! -,4-1 -57- JUNIOR AD Members Present Speeches, Papers 0 These are the future commercial leaders of Muscatine. ,X few years from now graduate memhers of junior Ad Cluh will hang out their shingles down- town and make use of their knowledge of salesmanship and husiness gleaned from the hi-monthly meetings of this husiness organization. I". I. Howe, advisor, used his infIuence with local husinessmen in order to secure their services as speakers. Cluh memhers also took their turn at taking part in the program when they prepared speeches and papers disclosing the landings of individual projects. This isnIt a social cluh hut an organization composed of students of here terethan-average intelligence who have taken at least one commercial suhject and have heen elected to memhership hy virtue of their interest in learning more ahout the husiness world. They came to know the local husinessmen hetter when the Senior Ad Cluh joined the .Iunior Ad group at two Iunchf eons, exchanging the roles of host and guest. The alumni of junior Ad received invitations to the cIuh's annual alumni reception, a newlyfhegun tradition of our school. This cluh had two sets of oflacersz George Parks and I'auI Hanson, presi- dentsg Betty Kern and Mary VViIson, vice-presidentsg and Stanley Howe and Darlene Soll, secretary-treasurers. Ili I'I"I'lIINl Rfluvi Iacltie Cioelf., Ilarlene Soll, Dorothv iilalslein, lVIilI'I.ll1 Ivanll, Ifslher SCI1LIIl!,,.'xI1II.l Stlnnidl. SIICUND Iicjxslvf Iletiv Ivlinlv, Iiellv Kern, Mary Wvilson, I.iIIian Ilavison, Marjorie VVnII', Ilonnie tmlwit-I, -Inna Marie Iletller. TIIIRID RUVV: VVannita Ifarrier, I'.iuI Hanson, .Xlhert Goss, Ia-o Ilalter, .Iuanila Vvecltsung, .-Xliee Nash. IIOURTII ROVV: Genevieve Crow, NVaIler Ilerg, Stanley Ilone, -loe IxiIL'L'IxL'I', Ilean Itichellwerger. I'II1 I H ROW: I'auI Ixlng, George I'arIvs, Qlaclv Ioussgnnt, Roh X Ihvllips, Iames Ilan' F IW' HUI IOM ROW: Dorothy lxnighl, lVl41xme Romig, llc-tty lxern,l1c-neiiexe Crow, Dorothy kil.llXIL'lIl lXl.ll'l.ll1 KLIUIZ, lfsther Schultz. SECOND ROVVZ lnsle XVLIIIUVS, liill Nordc-en, Kitty .Xnn Vvelleiigel hluriel ll.nmnci', Clgiixi l,ouise llloom, l,.llll'.I Mae l"eldm1m, Gladys Ht-I7,ler. 'l'lllRl3 ROXV: Roller!, ,lohn lillie, Douglas R.Il1LllL'l1l1lI1, Pillll llimson, llerhcrt lOll4Mlllll, Perri 5.lllf,, lsorresl l'ulton, Rr ht-it Nlilem. l"ULlR'l'H RUXV: l'hil W'.irren, Gordon Nlcl,, lfdw.n'd Lee, -lim Y.m Mtn, llnriei lXlcl".ite, Slierivood F-.nnuc-ls, St.m llowe, Clill' l4llk'llS. l"ll"'l'll ROW:H41roltl Cirilliin, Ross lXlcUlollilcn xxxlfllk' lficlielhe1'ger, xlohn Hopf, 'llex Kidd, lfdivtlrd l'.iulsen, George l,.ll'l'iX. CHEMISTRY CLUB Musky Chemists Cloud Atmosphere 0 lfor some time now people have heen making' predictions zthout how scif ence is going to sztve us time in ezitings our meals. One of these dzivs we won't have to waste several hours 11 day chewing' thick steaks :md creamy mashed potatoes :md hrown grzlvv. 'l'heyclz1im that chemists will develop Z1 little pill that will provide us with :ill the energy we need-if they ever get around to it. Perhxtps thzit wats the rezison thztt the people in our school were usuztlly tolerxint with Musky chemists when they clouded the atmosphere with some unsavory concoction like hydrogen sulphide. lflxperiments like the thermite homh test performed hy Prof. XV:1lt Szttterthwziite, were ll common occur- rence :tt Chemistry Cluh meetings. The faculty advisor mzide an interesting test for ions :tnd their conductivity :ind :tlso performed un electrolysis experiment for the club memhers. At one meeting' .lohn Kopf and l'lLlVV11I'Cl l,1lLllSL'lI conducted at test of ztnimztl :md vegetzihle lihers in which the hzises dissolve vegetzthle :md the ztcids dissolve lllllllllll tihers. The memhers of this orgztnizution, hezlded hy Betty Kern, presidentg listher Schultz, viceepresidentg :md Mony Schmidt, secretziry-trezisurerg esf tzthlished the reputation of 1llVVL1yS having ll good time :it their meetings for they livened up the sixth period conclzlves with clever puns. Outstanding' social events were 21 pzlrtv in llecemher and ll picnic in hlay. 159- a a v I4U'l"l'O?X1 ROVV: Dorothy YVhisler, Violet Dollman, Sylvia lirookliarl, lfvelyn iiundruin, ll.1rrit-I 1 latstein, Alosephine Halen, Beverly Glass. SICCUNIJ ROVV: VVand.i, lic-tty Norel, l'il.lil1L' ll indley, Yiiian Clark, Betty Upelt, glean Schuinaclier, l.ihl1ie Sandra Polslo, Shirlee l,eyin. 'l'lllRl7 ROX V1 Marion l'.intel, lloris Milholin, Gertrude McOnilwer, Carl l'aetv, Clilliortlean Collins, l"i'.iin'us l'n'sons, l'ilc-.inor l.awi'eiice. l"Ul,lR'l'll RUVV: Dorothy Kornenian, Mari lree Hunter, Nlarliorie Rode, l l l,llI'Ikl.l Mahurin, Larol .Xnn lloelil, Don lientlj, Huh lnelvlue. l'll' l ll RUN 3 vlanies li.iit'helor. lnll felt, l.eo lialter, George c3.lll.lltCI', Richard King, liolv Newton, Bill l.ielvlwe. Club Studies Wonders of World 0 The majority of people will never get to see the Seven XYonders of the XVorld, hut what to do about it? A group of students in our school who were interested in these famous Works of art decided that the least they could do was to learn about them. So Curia Regia spent two of its meetings studying the facts ahout them-first, the pyramids of ligypt, the walls and hanging gardens of Babylon, the Pharos of Alexandria, and the temple of Diana at ltiphesus. Next there were speeches on the otherthree which were the statue of jupiter hy Phidias, the mausoleum at Ilalicarnassus, and the Colossus of Rhodes. During' the year the clulv studied Roman lifeisocial positions, marriage, style of dress, calendar, and the architecture. ln llecemlier the group made their meeting appropriate for the season lay having a program on the Roman Saturnalia. After a report on this ancient Roman religious custom, they sang the two most famous Latin carols, "fXdeste lfideles" and 'Yrldorztnius le." The oflicers for the two semesters were 1,eo Baker and Patricia lNlahurin, presidents, Marion Pantel and Rohert Newton, viceepresidents, liyelyn Ciiundrum and Sylvia Brookhart, secretaries, and George Ciallaher and Bill Block, treasurers. -g,0- llO'l"l'UiXl RUXV: l,.llll, L'l1.111tller, l". S41lterll1w.1ile, SiLllL'I',cil'L'L'l1, lirown, Reynoltls, ll. llrown, Slrouse , X Q . . . , . . . , lxol1.1cls. 1 l'.L0lXll ROW: l'.lI'I'lL'l', letter, l'.Il1lWl'L'L', l,llllllL'I',lllll1lWlL', Kritler, l'ilt'llL'll3L'IigL'I', Neystroni lxl.lll, l7t-I,t-t-tm. llllllll ROW: lxssex, l'1rster, PLIVYIIIIS, W .ignt-r, lxleisl, R.1tel, Churcli, Klinlt, VVl1isler W . h.1t1e1'll1wq11te, ll ilson, lxlelwe. l'0l'lQ l ll ROW: lorres, Cltirlt, li. llunlter, Szxll, Stone, ix1k'Clllll11lllAl Rtl4l4lL'l', li. lluiilter, iXI.lIllL'l, lleuer, R51llYllC11lWL'I'gL'I', lJI'LlII1IT1. l"ll"'l'll ROVV: Phillips, Ziinnierniqin lim-ls1'l1, 511o11st-, llensinlt, l'ow.-ll, liitltl, lirey er111uIl1, Rnhlli, l'il1.!1l.ll1tl, li.llWl1llI, Sllilllillll, Scliinoltlt SIXTH RK NY: llrissou, llrissou, llolli1l.1y, lletfler, Orr, Romig, Schultz, l,I'Lll1JlLl4, llnison, xVUI'liHl.lll Nloorv, Niilliolin, Nliller. SliYl'iN'l'li ROVV: Sclnnitlt, Goetz, .-Xxtell, lVeis, Nash, Dywinla. Kennedy ll. Miller, klohnston, Qlones, 5. Miller, Carter, l'i.H'I'iH'. SECO Eighty-Five Maidens Answer Roll Call O Of :ill the cluhs in our school, Seco hats grown the most rztpitlly. Lust yezu' the cluh wits consicleretl l1lI'gC when it haul ll memhership of forty girlsg this yeatr it haul ll still larger membership. The 19-ll Seco Ol'glIlllZllflUll haul zihout eightystive Musky mzutlens ztnswering its roll call. hvl11If,S the cause for this sutltlen interest in homemztkingi VX'ell, frzuikly, we tlonlt know. The higgest shztre of Seco meetings were huilt lli'tJLlllkl the itlezi of helps ing the girls with some of their prohlems which hother them now and will trouhle tl1en1 lztter. Beauty cure is something that :ill girls are interested in, so Miss Clnrzi lNl1lXSUll,lCl'tHll the Mztxson BeautyS:1lon,g':1ve:1 talk on heztuty treatments. Max Risinger, the music instructor, discussed "Music in the Home" nt one of the meetings. 'lihen there wats the time that they hzul the tlemonstrnition o11 H1llIlHL'I'S when o11e uL'1lfStJLll'.n Along the line of fun there was the Cliristnizis pztrty, the lmrn kl1lllL'C, and the picnic for senior Seco girls. The oliicers for the two semesters were listher Schultz :incl Delores Drai- l11lllS, presiclentsg .-Xnnzt Nlztrie lletzler :intl -lean Miller, vicefpresidentsg An- itzi Schmidt :intl llurlene Soil, secretziriesg and Rozettzx Royster and l'lI'L1IlCCS l"oster, trezlsurers. Q61- Y's Boys Lead Wednesday Cafeteria Line 0 lfor years meathalls have heen synonymous with llifa' so this time we won't even mention them. livery NVednesday the Y hoys harge in the cafef teria and demand first places in the waiting linefand what's more they get them. lfor this reason they have time to parade to the social room, eat, and hold their weekly meeting. VVhat do they do after they get down there? Nohody seems to knowe- exactly. lt seems as though they do a little hit of everything. 'lihey have a husiness meeting-the secretary calls the roll and reads the minutes of the last meeting, then comes the treasurer's report, and all that goes with an ordinary husiness meeting. lluring the first semester the cluh took an educational trip to Rock Island, which was the highlight of last fall's meetings. On l,incoln's hirthday, the Reverend Henry C. Schneider spoke on the life of .Nhraham l,incoln. ln Nlarch Charles Nleerdink led an interesting discussion on menls styles. Two meetings were devoted to talks on vocation, one having heen led hy Ben Cial- laher and the other hy A. A. -lohnson. ilihis year lli'Y joined llifliri and two other service cluhs in planning' and executing devotional services for Holy Vveek. 'l'he oflicers for the two semesters were Richard liidd and Cieorge Parks, presidents3 -lack 'lioussaint and Roliert lilischer, viceepresidentsg Oliver Bente ly and Stanley l'lowe,secretariesg Douglas Randleman and Rohert l"roehner, treasurersg and Rohert Pearson and lidward Lorher, sergeantseat-arms. llUil"l'UfNl Rilllf l"rot-liner, Foster,'hhe, Phillips,Tierney,l'aeI7,,l5.1rr, hlcla-.m. SIQCUND RUNVL lilt-in, ll. llenllj, llaltcr, Ciricsenhroclt, Young, klarretl, U. llenlly, lat-lihe, Collins. 'lllllllll RUYVQ lilt-atlorn, Ll.ll'KL'I', Miller, 'l'ln-ohaltl, l,ec-dy, l'l.lllf', ll. floss, l,ucas. l"UL'R'l'll RUXVZ Sc-idler, Samuels, - . , - x . . .., 1 Nlcluute, .Xlht-rl, .X. Moss, llanson, lNycnhuis, larks, llawley, Davis. l'll' l ll ROW: ll.lI'l1.lI'tl, Odell, XX'L'l'llk'l', ll. llarri, Clallalier, Randlenian, Yan fltla, ll. Daxis. SlX'l'll ROW: lfricltson, llarotli, 'l'ous- Nlllll, l.orher, llearson, Kidd, llowe, ll. llarrj. -62- Class Groups 0 All the many types of people in our school organized into faculty and class groups. No matter what his interests in school might be, the student receives the title of freshman, sophomore,jun- ior, or senior according to the number of years he haspassed successfully in M. H. S. Our teachers serve as ad- ministrators of the enrollment of our school and consequently keep abreast of modern trends in education. The idea that the student who makes friends with his teacher is an "apple- polisherv has changed with the .dis- covery that collaboration between the teacher and the learner spells success in the higher development of the student. Om' fmfzrlfy lxzrakes zllfotczzfzces for Me permfml idea.: nm! idi- o.fy11f'1'r1.vif:.r of .vrmfezfzls ccillz ffm- rexull fha! our LQ'l'IlCll1!1fU5 are 11716 indifvidmzls imfezm' of i1lc'l'c'Z 3' fOl'Il7'5 lr1befe1f"Se11io1"'. FACULTY and CLASS GROUPS Muskies Progress Physically, Mentally in Four Years O Progressing with a typical student through four years of highschool life will help you readers to understand the peo- ple in our school. To the verdant freshman, faculty members are gods when he first begins to learn the routine of life in the maze of unfamiliar halls and classrooms. At the end of the year he has lost his self-conscionsness enough to smile at the crushing remarks of the older students and to make friends easily. Concentrating on his studies, the sophomore enters the doors to new interests in our school held open by his teachers. Having learned how to study elliciently he finds time to participate in a few extracurricular activities. During histhird year at M. H. S. the average Musky tends to go off the deep end in activities and tends to become polished, poised, and self-confident. He learns to know teachers informally as he works side by side with them in accomplishing some project. During his senior year he begins making plans for his fu- ture vocation and with this in mind, he applies himself to the school curriculum with added fervor. Studying, however, doesnlt prevent him from leading the school in its goings-on. l 2' !Qr X ..--"WIT IEIIIE IIH as U Q X. I I T H P S ' U 'IFF-seei- iu U -, E UH i 1 " ii me inuulm I! l IIP II ml-,U ll , L' llllllg! - !li-Elilngi - Y - l-.Clunvnbu-l,,, SCHOOLBOARD Ten Local Men Direct Muscatine Schools Capably I Muscatine people :ire iustly proud of their Superk intenclent of Schools. XYell over six feet tzill, A. A. .lohnson makes il striking impression upon his fellow nienihers of the human raice with his handsome feu- tures, his genial personality, his hooining l2lLIgl1,lUlk'l his strictly !xlNCI'ik'1lIl iClCl1S :incl iclezlls. Many of the plains for our new huilcling were the result of his genius. XVhen lN'luskies come to him for ziclvice he is never too husy carrying out his ecluczltory duties to solve their prohlenis. Many of this YCLIIJS grzicluzltes renieniher when he held clown the Nioh of zlssistzlnt principal :incl consequently put them hack on the right truck when they erred during their freshman clzlys. O On the mount helow :ire the meinhers of the schoolhoalrcl. After fllliillg cxire of the ZlH:l1iI'S of their inclivicluzil husinesses, these men turned their atten- tions to directing the activities of Muscatine schools. Our new school huilcling serves :ls at trihute to this group who initiated the iclezi of zz new huilcling, con- vinced local citizens of its necessity, and then carried torth its plain. 11 liO'l"l'UlNl ROW: Rayinontl Rzinclleinqni, AIllli.lll Hqirercznnp, Roh 'l'ohorg, Ralph Bloom C lcn linnutl N UND RUXV: August .Xllc-nherntl, Rollin Sk'llK!llL'Il, Rohert linlpin, Ray Dunlter. -65.. Cur School is proud ol: its most efficient One of our principal's Welle known abilities is telling jokes in assembly. 0 Our principal is one man who has a responsif bility that a lot of people could never handle. XVhether it was the task of supervising a class party or helping to install a loud speaking sys- tem, Fred Ci. lVlessenger was right on the job. lfor ten years now he has been principal in our school and everyone feels that he is just the man to hold that position. He commands the respect of all the people with whom he comes in contact. No one can realize how big this building is until he tries to keep track of l". Ci. M. Before any important event he uses his nervous energy worrying about little details that might have been forgotten. teaching staff PRINCIPAL OF MUSCATINE I-IIGI-I 0 Once in a while a person forgets that a teacher is a human being like anyone else. lt is easy to look at a teacher as j11st something that every school must have to be a school-that's true, but teachers are real human beings with individual characteristics. just like the st11dents this year the dillerent members of he faculty divided into their own little friendship groups and each group had their own ideas of what constituted a good time. Some of the faculty considered going to a movie an enjoyable way to spend leisure hours. Others would be bored with the suggestion, for nothing, in their opinion, could beat an evening of bridge. Some teachers could have an ideal time by going to see a good play at some outfofftown theater. lfach teacher has some hobby that he is espe cially interested in-philately, knitting, collectf ing something, some sort of sport, or maybe itls just reading-they like to do that particular thing. 'l'hat's another qualification that makes them more human. lCveryone has to work-what would the world be without work--and the work of the faculty this year was to see that students got :1 proper amount of Ctlllfllflllg. They saw that their p11pils were getting all that they sho11ld o11t of their op- portunities for life, and thzt th' ' l more than the three R's. 1 cy vycic earning They always seemed to realize that it was awe fully hard to make students studywso they tried to make them want to learn. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes they didn't. lt was all in a day's work. -56- IIV IXL'l'l'I'X' 1' ' ' A ' ' N ' I :UI IUIXI RUXX 5 L.u'I Im-Iwlu-, Im. .X., n141lI1um.1Iu'sg Cv. 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S1f,L'UTXl7 140112 1'1LI11.1l' 111111.-1, 1111111111 1111111, 1111111 . , CQ .1 111s11'1', 1Tc1111'111 .X11.1111s, 31.11111 111111111, 111-111 X1111, 1",1,'1'1l.1 11131111111-11, N1.l1Ik ' 1 . 11.1111--, .1lII1L' 1'l.I11I'1!.IllX, 1x1.l!'f -111111' 1"1s1'111'1', R,111111r1111 111111. R111 111-.1-1111. 1"U1'R'1'11 R ' ' ' '1 111 111111111111 XY ' 11-11 111111-1 R11111111111 111'1111111'1', 11111 121111, 1111111 111' 11111, 'g . 1 V, ,l11l'I 1lL'1!, 1,lIllI11 111111, N111111.111 1311-W, 171111.1111L.11'11'1'. l'll' IH ROV. 1,1111 L.11111-,'1'11, 11.1111111 1,.lX1x, 1IlIl1x 11111-1l, 1'.111'11'11 11.lI'If, VV.11111s 111111111, 1i1'11111'111 11111111, R111 11- 17.111s, 11111 11111111, 1.1-R111 1511111 11111, XI'I11b1l1,X11x1I1X 1.01V1f1il11lUl'1' 11O'1"1'U1X1 ROXY1 1111-1111 1111111111-. 1,Hl111.l 1'411'.11'111111111, 1114511111 111-111-1',51111'11'1 1i1111111,k11111: 1"11-111111, 1X1.lY1l1L' 1911111-1, 'X1.11.1 X1111 11.1111-X, 5111111-.1 1111111x. .xlllll N1.11'11' 111'lf11'1', -1L'.lI1 ci1lL'1f, S1'1L'ON13 RUXY1 101111111111 c1.ll'N111, 41.111112 R11-111, R111111 1"1'111-11111'1', 11.11.11 1"l11', 1"I'.ll1L'L'N 1"11slu1, 171111s R111-, 1111111- 111.11 111111111, 11111 1,1-C1111111 x1.l1X1I1 11k'1f1L'1'. '1'111R17 ROXVZ 1J.111- 1"1'1'11'1'11111111. 1'1l.lI11x 1'1111'1x111.Q1-1', K11111111111 11.11111 1i11111'1'l 111111, 1X1.1X1111- 111111-, 1X11I'1.lI11 IX1111, R1111111 1.11'1'1'11, 1'1.1111'1's 111111's, U111ll.1 11.111111 I 1 l"0l'R'I'II RUXV: 1.1111-11 111-:111.11111, 1311111111 1X1'.Illf', 111-1111111 111'1,'11'1, L.111 1..111g1', 1111111 111111, 1'1I111-1111 -11:1111sI1111, 171-1.11 k111111s, 1X1.lI'f 1Xk'.l1I1l1.1, R1111.11'11 1'11sl1-1, 1l1111.11'.1 i11'.1111111 1"11"'1'11 ROXVZ 1,1111 -1.11'1111s, 1,.lLl1 1i111g, 11.1111 1111111.1111, 111'111'1- 111-111-11, 1V11s11'1 111111111 R11'11.11'11 1I.11'1111', 111111'.11'11 1,1-wif, R111111111111 19.11111-1', 1.11111-s i1I.l1I.ll11. .. 68 -, 111111111 1 1 11L'1L'l1 11l'X.l11l. 1441111 1,1'R11X Q111111, L1l1lI'1L'N 151111113 KJIKY1 1'1-1l1'I, 1101111 MXN Juniors Participate in Activities ,,,4. . ,, ,,,,, .A . . , . liii.R MRUII I,Ul IOM Rami lim-pliiiu' TXIJIYIH, XX.lIlxi.l Nliliii, Ianni Kim-ilu-, Xgm TXIQLUVN, -Iium Xiiiivr, ,limi Mvixuu, itiinilwlii ML-If, -limp Hwiivi', i.UIL'il.l UQ-Ifni, Xiiu- Null 5l'fk'UNl7 RUXY1 iivui'gv Uiximn, iXl.lI'f ifiicn l,L'il'I'Nt'lt, l,uL1uil.1 Kilvl, ii.lI'L'tt iXi.1iilr4x, iXk'xi.lxi.l Muni QHIITUIAIN, xUt'iL'.l xix'LUl'II1lliix, Liwuxi Miiinixt, ltslliur Nirixiliiy, X Ityltthl Milivr, 'l'iiui'.i Kim- ii.lllL'ltUtt . . 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Htl Rlii ROW: Im-it iXi.ll'!,riiI'ii, hum- ixilxixi.lQil, I.k'Illi.ltxi R.lil Ruwul i,lIltgi1ltl'Nl, liuxmiii ionic, Rulli ixlkiciiltliltll, its-Klux fXl.1iiti-11, 4iirri'i.i Kliiiti, Sliiricli Miiiii limit I,it-lilw. lfIl"'l'tI RUXY2 Ktllltvlit ixiciiilyiv, i'i.lI'i ltuiiiim, i'ixiN'.II'xi Mriyixii, i'ii.mlt Uiiwli, l'iii i'u.1m+i1, i'.iiXX.ll'si l,m'lwi', Ruin-rl Uri, Liyiu l.1lc.1X, Ruimti Kliiwii, limit Piiliilli--, Ruin-rl Ntk'ItiIllt i.UNYl'iR URUVI' ISUVIUVUM RUXY1 Nmiim' ZiI1iI1tn'I'ltt.lll, lit.i My Slrmv, Fiiirtij R4-xii,ii:iiu XYUHL, Klart XYiif411i, i,.ll'ik'I1Q' Wfiwiii, Nl.xi'i Simiuitiiiig, iXi.ll'f 5liuil.ili.ii'gri', iivtlf Yvltsl -i.Ik'kllIk'iiItk' Sihiiiyia-i'. SICCUNID RUXY2 Unmliij' Spixxlt, l3.11'ii-lin Slorimi, .Xiiiiw 'l'm'i'w, M.: 1 IILI Mm XX.ig1ici', i,ur.1 Kim- XX.lIiItL'I', .Xni1.llwiic FXXQIHNUII, iXi.ll'g.lI'L'l 5il.IiiIltl, Iinxiim' iilliilk'l1iN'I'Lf, lfuii IIIL' Ritxixlllt, Ni.xi'.x Wumix, Ruth Siiiuiii, iXliLlI''L'I lwiwi-. 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I L3 ' I 'Q Freshmen Regard Teachers As Gocls l'l'l'liK iiKOl'l' IlU'l"l'UKl ROXY: lylllillllll Kill-mvilig, Sliirlul' llcwis, IDL-lol'is Alun-, l,.lll'lL'l.l IIUI-111.111, NILIHL Iill-lil-, NlJl'IH.l l..1Rlll-, .Ik'.lI1 lllvllsl-111.111, Nl.II'l.lll lill-ill, lluriu lilxllilig, Ill-ll-li Iilmlpllcll. SICCONIJ ROW' xllL'll l..ll'4l'il, Ihll- llmils, Rulwrl lllllill-l', llmmlll llrmllilllly, NflI'lll1l IlL'L', Sllirll-ll ,I.lH1l-fill, .XI'lL'I1L' Ifll'QL'IIXL'lI, I ' I Llull IXII mm I lxullml llllllll ROW K l llllllil' kflllvx, .r ig . , .IIIILN s V. 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LUXVICR GRUFI' llU'I"l'UNl RUXV: lil.: lXlum'l-, lflinlllwlll .xllll lllnllllux, Lw.1I'Ul Meier, llcllj Ntwlllll, lXl.ll'g.lrl-I l,.Igl'l, l,.iRlll- l'r.1ll1ul', Ill-lly lXl.llill-jg Ill-l'cl'ly' l'ippurl, .Xml llliillips, NIL-.lm-llc l'.llllfL-ii. SECOND RUXY: hlllllllbl' lXl.l1'lill, kI.ll'll l'.ll-lf, Iulm fXll'Iil-c, l,ullis.l Mill-111, Ilullil' I'l1lli.llii, lxl.lI'l.Il1 I'll-ssl, L'l1.1rlsl-v l'ill, 'Xl.llg.1ll'l lxllllllv, lXl.lrly l'.llllsl-li, Rllllll-ll.l NIL-1'l'll.llil, Uplll Milll-l'. THIRD KOVV: Illlllllik' Millur, Cll-iilllls 'Xllkolllil-ll, Ralpll III'Ik'L', l7.lI'll'Ila' Plilllips, llll.l.1 NllI'x'l1lWL'I'g, lXI.ll'f' R.ill:1, Nl.lrlg.1l'l-I Nllllis, lluris Ml-lfgl-l', l7.ll'll'l-11 lXIUL'IxIl14ll'k', ,Ilxm l'lml-Il, .Xliuc llulcl'sl1li. l"UUR'l'H RUNV2 limi Pllllic, IQNCIXH Mills, lflllwll lXl.xMlmll Rllpli lXll'L'lll', 'l'lll-llli.1 lXl.llllliussl-ll, lfllilli Nichols, llillllllal lilgcl, Dil-L fylgI'lL'Il, Rayliiulill lX'IL'lYIl, lr.: Nl.IIlIL'N. l"ll"'l'll ROW" ll 5 ' ' ' ' ' . lm K UNll'llxlUl'l', Rolu-rl Nllil'SL', l,c11'l-llql l llllllps, lXfl.1l'lllli Klilll-r, xvL'I'xl.l Nmli, lVillii.l Micllcx, IllL'l Pliillipf, Dtlflllllll Ullllmm, lil-rlrllllu Nll'Ul1ilwl-l'. SIXTH RUVV'1 Lflliill IxIUlJI'llL'.lkl, Kljlllulill lXlillv'l', R.1lll1ln1 lxlillcll, Hill Nllllll-r, lllnmlll N.lllL'IA, NUIWILIII lXl.lxul-ll, lfllmlvii lxllll1lglJlllL'I'f. FRESHMEN First Year Stuclents Learn To Stucly Efficiently l'l'l'l",ll iilifllil' liU'l"l'UlXi RUXVZ Riiyilic Strwpu-, xviltlhl S.lllCI'IlttK.lita', lfmirritllf lilmii, lilitli ll.l.l.1, l'liylli-- Nitin-lil, lk-trim 5ItIlllt, Muiu R.lllNltCl1lWCI'gCl', .Xly Slmli, vl'llL'lItt.l Sxllltllf, llimiilii Simi i-'i ii. Siff- UXU RUXY: Ricligiril limits, ML-rlu Sturinx, liill Smith, Cliarlw Rive, kI.nlx Si.itt'i:r.l, 'Ink lliivllr, lit-itll Slit-ill, liItllk'l'l.l Slriiiur, Rim- Srilmiun, Nurina Slnlur, lluwlliy Rrwlx. 'Vlllllll RONY1 iii-riipu Suinm, Aliinniiv Rr-til, liriim--1 Iii-L-iw, .Xllwrt Sk'ltlllII.lkiltL'l', Nt-it Si-liulwii-k, llmmlil Skiltlllixll, Rutlir lla-yiiulile, Klxriljn 5illL1ll.', lJ?lt.lllIl' Slllllll, llimilllf Srlim-iilui', lit-llc S.'lll'L'LlI'S. IfOUR'l'It RUXVZ lirilwrt Sittlttll, l'liflliX Flrmn- lt'-in line lftlivl- iiriiiw Rullinx, fNl.iri Imiiixi- Sltitlllll, Mari' Runfink, lNl.1ry Stuinp, iiixxu- Spuiiln-ig Xlarilin R.i-inn ii, .limi Slit-ll.1ily,'ic HL-limiili,'I'k'lt Sixwl. l"ll"'l'll RUNVI lluiwlctl Kip, l'.1ul Rqnnlil-. l",i'm-ei llruv, ll.ii'ii SKilIlIt.ll',iL', ll.ii'rilil liwuiilm-ip, Slnininur, Paul S.lllL'I'llHY.lilk', Nurl Rffblx, liwlwri IQ:-Init-. SIXTH RUNV2 Rwnnlil llwlii-ri-, Rinli.iril bn-gall, llniiimiiiil Nniigu, l'4iul .llI'l'l'Ii, lliixiin N-.iiiiiiiin llinivn Rulli. l.UlYl'fR iiRUl'l' liU'Ii'liUlXl RUXV: .Xllwrrgi YL-.iluig lnlxiillt Sui-licr, Kline Wiltiiin, Mi.: 'l'li-ulmlil, lil-Iii Klan- liil--ini, llcxmlliy' il'crrill, Ciiriiul Vlvumlx, Rutlt WL-lwr, llririmtlij Wfillvi, ixl.Ii'i.t1t Xyvnill, 5l"L'UNl7 IQUVVZ l..iixi1-iiw ilillllllhllttt, li.irry, RlL'l11lt'1l 'l'li.ii'p, .Xl'lL'tIL' XVi1rlq. l'irgini.i WX-l-ui, fll.llliilli' 'l'iiui-. l'i-ggi lY.itIui'X, lip-tty Wnnkq, licttf' Vliilwii, lNl.lI'j' 'l'licwliultl. llllllll RUWVZ lit-illi uit-it-iXliL'L1wi', Inh- Z.Ik'lll'ltllLfL'i', liwlw'tlL'f, l.i-rin lV.lIn'I'N, liurlmi Vliust, Clmrlw Vliilluy, lltnry xxnlllf, llr-lin Xin NVliitlmx', Rillli W'lii-lvr. l"Ul'R'l'll RONV: Rilpli llirimlwli.-, tillig Wiilxmni, klimn 'l', lfinili Yin cifltl, Klcril Slxixm-iiilx, Lil.IlI' Yiirlx, liill illvinplc, Rin'li.iril XV.1llcr, liimlv Ziul, llcllwrl 'lliyl ir, Riilmril xiii-li-1. l"ll'vl'll RUXYI'i-ll Wvliillmmvlx, lfilwntxl Syitiiiiumlx, Itch-ii plllilt Win-xt, l,.1xlllI1.l V-wilun, l'li.xlli- lliliilv, li.ii'li.1i'.i limiii, lflx-in lullur, liulw fcillvr, Rnlwrr Wvrvii. SlXl'tt RUVV1 l"I'.lItlx uiltilulct, liiig--ny NYliii.ilwi, .Iulin ililifrinlixriii, lliilw XK'illun, Rulwrt Wg-Lili, lliinalil Syxxiilvlllli, RiLillHt'ul5Y.lllIU.lIt, liili--rt W'cillurI,l.111i3lii1 Yixitui. i 1, f Iii' of V dh , I -1--T 951 I A . ,741 CLASS OFFICERS Muslcies Admire Students 0 'l'l1I'L'C 1111-111hc1's of 1-111'l1 1'l11ss were t11rt1111:1tc 1-111111gl1 111 hu 1-lc1'tc1l ru sc1'1'c 11s clzlss lc111lc1's. lhc I'L'ilLlL'I'5 ht this h1111k p1'11l111l1ly111'c w11111lu1'i11g why ut thc l111111l1'c1ls of st111lc11ts 111 clusscse thcsw p111't11'ul111' st111lc11ts W1111 thc ClCCfllJIlS. Ut L'UlIl'5L', it WZIS thc 111l11111'11ti1111 that UflTL'l' st111lc11ts h111l lwlll' th1-111 th11t c111'11c1l thcm the pluccs th11t thcy 1'c1'c11'u1l, hut thc 11111-st11111 is: KYhy do thcir Cl1lSSIt11lIL'S llkllllllll' lltL'Il1F Bill Block, 131111 L'111'x'c1', 11111l fic111'gcCi11ll:1l1c1' won the 1'cspc1't wt thclr t1'lc111ls hy their p1'o111f lsing Work 111 11tl1lcti1's. lr w11s f1'ic111lli11css, tl111ughrt11l111-ss, iltlxl 1'1111s11lc1'11r11111 that 111111lc thc stunlcnts sclcct -lllllll Nlclicc, 1311111111 lVchc1', l'fl:1l111- ll1lItLllL'y, Lltlkl llllltlltlil hl11ttl1icss1:11 LIS L'lIlSS ltL'1lklS. Ri1'l1111'1l Null llltul .I11h11 hlclicc h111l thu 1111IL11'11l l1'111lc1'sl1lp lltlkl cxc1'11tl1'c nhlllty that llfllL'l' hlusklcs 1'c111l1ly 11-1'11g111zc1l. .XII 111111' wt thcsc stL11lc11ts were active lu 1111 s1'l11111l l:llIlLkflUItS. lt thcrc wcrc 1111 cxt1'11-spc1'111l t11sk 111 hu 1l1111c, 111m of these 1111liv11l1111ls wus thc1'c to 1l11 it. :Xs is ZIlVS'IIyS true thc st111lc11ts clcct s11111c1111c who is k'UtlSfllIlfly 111 thc public cyc 1l11c 111 thch' :11'l11ux'c111c11ts. Elected to Offices SOl'IlUlXlORI'Q CIASS Ol-'l"lCl-IRS: lD111111.1 1.11'1'-11c.1s111'1'1'1 l'.l.11111- H.1111llu, 1111--111'1's11l1-111, .lltxl K Gatlldltcf, prcshh-111. l any ufal Ll, but 1111 lllllflx, YtLk'-Pl'L'rl1lL'tlIg -l11.1l1 lX'lL'lQL'L', -L's't'L't.ll'f 'll'k'.lFLll'L.I .1111l U1111 C.11'x1-1, p1'csi1lu11l. I-'Rl'fSIllXl.XN C111-XSSOFt1'ICI'2RS:-1111111 NIQKQ1-, 111-U-111-1-si1l1'1111 'l'l11-1111.1 TXl.111l1i1-ss-1-11 LK 1.11'1'-111-.1s111'Q1'1 .1111l R1cl1111'1l Kult, p1'1'si1lu11t. -75- STUDENT EMPLOYMENT Muskies Sell Dresses, Fill Tanks 0 ll11- 1111'1'11l11111rs11l 11111' town l111vc 1111111- 111 thu 1'11111'l11s11111 H1111 1'111Iwlm1111 st111lc11rs i11 rlwirpl111'1ss1mfl111s111css1s11s1111111l i1lc11. N111 1111lx'1l11 thnx' llllllllll lllgllSlklllJiJl t1':11lc, lwut they 1'c111lily lc111'11 1111y julw f1'11111 selling rickcts 111 rl1c11rc1' lmx 11Hi1'c to w111'k111g l1cl11n1l 11 Sllklll f111111t11111. l"ccl111grl111ttl1c1'c111l11s nl vl'lTL' .'X111'1m1'1111 might lm ll1fL'I'L'SfL'Ll 111 SL'L'lHQ sr111l1'11ts ill tl11'11' jnlws, l"1'11l 1 . NI111'x11l11l1, .'xllI'1ll'1lIl I5l11JfU2,1l'IlPllL'l', 111111lc ll lTI'lL'l flllll' 111 tl11- mwn 11111- l11t1 S11r111'1l11y 11fr1-1'111a1111. 'l'Ul': B11I1Ny1-11h11is w11s11111111t111g 11111 1'l11111g1c 11111 p11r1'l111s1-11111111111111112 151-1113 SI1111' . . . l31'l11n1l the 111111-lty L'llklIlfL'I' Ill XX'kJ1llXVliI'll1'S, Hurry L':11't11 spent ll typ11111l 511t111'1l11y . . . Cl1c1'k111g111'l1c11t's111'1'111111t was 1111 r1'1111l1l1' 111 11ll lm' I7111'11tl1y f1l11tstc111, WI111 helps 111 thc UHW11' 111 flu- l'111'111t111'1' Nl1lI'T . HC YIUITJFNI: lux Kidd, Mr. Nly1'1111 BI'UXVL'1',S st111't1111kel1ll1'1', was 111 11 1111111 sc1'11111s 1n11111l than 11s11:1l wlwn lu' L'lC1llICkl tl11s p111'r11'11l111' 1'11sr111111'1"s XYllltl sl111-l1l...5cx'1'1'11l lxlLlSlilL'S sct1111111115111H111lw11wl111g11ll1-3'1l111'11111tl11'11'sp1111 r1111c . . . l.1ll11111 l511x'is1111, 1191--1l11ty 111 thc L'l11'11111c R1111111, was l1-111'11111g llll :1l111l1r SI1lll'gLlllll'5 new spring 1l1'csscs fmrn Ruth XYClCl'Sl1L'LlSL'I'. -761 OUR SCHOOL These Are the S9I'1lOl'S I These graduates of our school won't be coming back again to the good times and activities of M. H. S. next Sep- tember. Seniors, who had the reputa- tion of being anxious to finish school, are beginning to wonder why all the rush. 'S funny how you spend twelve years looking forward to graduation and then are sorry when it comes. Seniors are beginning to realize that what they do after graduation will decide the success or failure of their lives. Such a decision causes a momen- tary stage fright. The question is: Are our seniors ready to exchange adolescent highschool life for adult problems and situations? Things are a lot different outside the walls of M. H. S. Ufe label ffm i1tn!it'i1!Lml.v in llzix section 1101 higfzsclzonf gnzrlmzltes buf erluczzied people experiencefl in living' peace- fully and happily 'wilh oflzers. Gracluahon Time Brmgs Hopes, Doubts to Seniors 0 Until the last half of their senior year young people are in such a hurry to be graduated and out in the world. Then they begin wondering if thev're readv to face those terrible trials of life that their parents and teachers have Warned them about Yes, 1t's about graduation time that students begin wondering gust what that pretty engraved paper is going to really signify for them In our school s senior class are all kinds of individuals. Some of them are hard workers, some of them don't like to do any more than they are required to do and others don't care much about anything in regard to school Some of the fellows and girls that are graduating didn t make much of a record in M H S either good or bad Some of those people who 1ren't listed on the debate squad or lxlflflllill Honor Society are going to college to be more outstanding than our senior class ofhcers. Nobodv seems to know whv these people don t develop until further on in life. In any event the peo- ple who go out and work are sure to get further than their lazier brothers who specialize in procrastination. , . . But that s enough said for what s going to happen in the future. Fach senior was exposed to four years of coaching and advice and fun. On the next page are some of the "big shots of our school. , 12 - IQIIQ it l 'WWII 'Ii HIIEHF S ull I I imnlul Ill IIIIIIP ,.. ll ' lllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllliut - Y L-Cfiunhrlm SENIOR CLASS OF 1941 2 ig,-, X " IlI""l li - SI!! X ec' 'Wicke d' S N --1 :NT-'T so ' ie s 178- lmys tu lt-:ul thum iii tht-ir liiizil ycxii' of gt prcsitlcrit, wurc wutstqiritliiig iii thc gitlilmrit- pzirtinciit, lwth hciiig mi thc first string nt Ilit-st-iiitii-si-1 tht- silltiivl lt-.l lllx' sltitlt-iii liutlx in it iimiix .ltllilllw in tht- tll.IIII.lIlt', Illllslmlll, lmt-iisit' .IlIl'lxlllllIl.ll, .ilhlt-Iii, ki-1tii:i.ili-lu, .mtl s-pt-ri.1l vlulw .lm Ili lllbx. 0 lhu Ql'1lLlllililIIg tlziss of Iflll t-it-tml thrcc tht- L-yrs uf tht' stutlciit lmtly fruiii St-ptciiilici' tu luiic. iiuiiigu, Lil1lSS pix-sitlt-lit, giiitl lizilic, vim' mskt-rlmll squzitl. 'l'ht- flziss SL'CVL'flll'X'ffl'L'1IS ' lllhl times :it Nl. ll. 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Your highschool education is hnished-now comes "TOlVlORROVV" The World is 'our Classroom now-and 'ou must be "u " on the outside Y World or you Wlll not "pz1ss". l....w.g,.., A SUGGl'ISTlONtREAlJ THE MUSCATINE JOURN AL "Your romzllmzily paper" T951 HAHN BROTHERS CO. E SIIll'l'liRS A RI'1CIilYI'IRS SPANISH flRfIXVl'l,RS I-J l'hm1e l-L2 207 XVest lfrmmt lmpruvetl Speed limle uwff' -WW!! PIU'-'I I" Ulf" C. C. HAKES 8z CO. lNX'l",S'l'Ml+lN'l'S Rlikl. l'1S'l'.-X'I'lC I".-l RAI .md CITY 1.0,-INS INSUR.-XNCIQ Hershey Buildillg IXILISCJIIIIC, luwn DETTHOF HARDWARE CO. H1 NRI' G. IJ!-'l"I'llUI-', Prof. I2-I lfust Second St. Gefzenzf 1111111-:a'111'f' um! l:'fm'l1'ir .lppfizlzlfwx N.'X'l'l IRAI. GAS - THF, NIODICRN COOKING lfUI+'.L 'A' It is the cleanest, fastest, and most modern domestic fuel kmmvvn. 'A' IOWA ELECTRIC CO. McCOLM'S ld amtl flrtl l'lours l..1urel llltlg .Qfzllifjf - Jfafff' - Url!!! You're assured of getting ull three uf these :lt lNflCCUI,lV1'S ll Cozlzplinzenls 0 f THE BATTERSON STORE .Xl"l'HI'IN'l'lC S'l'Yl.liS H IGH QU.-XI,l'l'Y STAND.-XRDS AIJICOLT.-X'I'IC .'XSSOR'I'MlCNTS 'l'R.'XlNlCD I'l'IRSONNl'1l, - A'I'l'R.-XC'l'IX'lC PRICES ' Make your trading here Z1 pleasure. 'HV 11m1li11v'x I,l1l'KQt'5l Iirparlzzzcvzf Sion!" AUTO PARTS COM PANY l,lSfI'lDllIOI'S oi RIQPI ,:XC1'IM1f2N'1' l':XR'1'S YXlusc.1tinc, Iowa Phone 2553 210 XVest Second POPULAR-PRICED RICADY-'l'O-W'I'1.-XR DRY GOODS LINGICRIIC CANDY A Lirgc nssortincnt of wash frocks always on hand SPH 13,SiE5o9.N 'S CONCQRfY11lTI,.'X'I'IONS, SIQNIORS ON .X'lVl',XlNlNG YOUR M.'XkIORl'l'Y! You qirc tht- liliI'I.X'-Stftllhi class that hm bought school Qupplics ill tilt Rook Sturt. ..,.- AS'fHALTER'S 213 Iowa .-Xrcnilc VVhen you think of C O A L think of W. G. BLOCK CO. 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KRESGE GO. l"lX'li AND 'l'l'IN CENT STORIC I CUNGRATTILATIUNS, SI'lNlORSl -W Courtesy of fe- ORRIE GLATSTEIN'S FURNITURE MART Kl'Il,YlN.AX'I'OR Rl'IFRlGl'1R.AX'l'OR BICNDIX HOME I..-XUNDRY FURNITURIC RUGS STOVES H6-l20 lf. 2nd St. Arrwx frnm Ihr ffimr xru 'f HIGH GRADE MILLWORK ROACH 81 MUSSER COMPANY T EXACO GASOLINE - YOU BUY ONE - You GET FOUR O Texaco Fire Chief Circle Car Service Registered Rest Rooms Utmost Courtesy . - O BROWER OIL COMPANY "Se1"Uii'e with ll Smile" Phone 181 123 East Third St. CONGRATULATIONS, I9-I-1 CLASS . 1-1As'1'M,xN, A-xizcsus, ziciss BROWNBILT C.-XMICRAS ima SLTPPLII-IS SHOE STORE ei 225 East Second St. 130 Fast Second St. CONN OR'S CORNER WEIS 85 LUPTON JOB PRINTERS FRI-YSH hflf.-X'l'S - YI'iGl'i'l1.-XBl,l'iS FROZEN FOODS 1-is-x'1'oN's HM: s'i',x'rioNiQRY Plain or Printed A just the thing for Ll Phone 948 VVe Deliver gmduuOOn gift 199, QUfXI,l'I'Y Bl TILIJINCI NlA'I'l'1Rl,fXI, fff1111pfi11lf'11f.f Of and COAL PENNANT BUTTON CO ". lfisa-vs ffupwlffzzblfp HILL-GOETZ Lumber 8: Coal Co. TXT.lLL'l'X Ut' III-CIRNIDIC I'Ii.XRI. .XR'l'lL'I.liS Phunc 95 L'ONCiRxX'l'lVI,,'Yl'lONS, CIUXSS UI" I9-H Y f.'Olllf7!flllt'llf.Y of ' R. J. WITTICH McDANIEL'S DRUG FUNERAL HOME STORE 7 -Hn W lbl IHIRIJ l I5 lf. Scfolnl Sf. CENTRAL STATE BANK MUSCATINE, IOWA MICMIHCR l"ICIJICR.'XI, RICSIIRYIC SYSTICM MICMHICR l"l'YlJIiR.'XI, lJlCl'OSl'I' lNSl,'R.'XNCl'I CORPORAXTION -lOO- Cmzfpfizzfwzzx of AUTOMATIC BUTTON COIVIPANY ML'SC.X'l'lNlC. loxxzx lint Ideal TCC-CTCHI11 for Health 'l'lu- Cruuu ol' thy XYcs1- H 1 , v V. ,', lf A Inn lfml ,l .hill . fXl.111L1l.1L't1l11-Il hy Lagomarcino-Crupe Co. MUSCATINE BUICK CO. SALES 84 SHRYICIQ 7 East Third St. Phone 105 CONCQRATI TI ,ATI ONS, SICNIORSF W, ,,,,, 7 MODERN ELECTRIC SHOP 221 I",:1st Second St. EVER TRY THIS ONE? Ilqlllitf your housc uumlncr, Lloulnlc ir, zuld hyc, multiply hy fifty, zuld your own 21210, :uld thc uumlvcr of Llzzys in thc your, sulmtrnct 615. Of thc rcsult, thc lust two hgurcs arc your zxgcgzuul the othurs arc your house numlwcr. l1'.v a f7!t'!l5lll't' In f-fwpwulff -:cliff l .W lmvzfifzff .rllnfwllxf-ffm foufiffl. MUSCATINE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY -:ou--I MODERNIZF YOUR Homr BY cooxnsio wrm FUNERAL HGME 1+:LL:e'rR1c1Ti' . GEO. M. WITTICH FLOYD A. DOXVNFY Q THOS, F. HICYICRI DCF Electricity is the key to better living conditions - Use it abundantly. Over Seventy Year.: of lleperzffabfe Service O MUSCATIN E Q MUNICIPAL 'lelephone 1260 IF TOOTH PASTE ADS WERE TRUE There would be fewer visits to the dental office. Slogans Won't cure dental disease, and a combination of pleasant taste, abraf sive action, and insignificant amounts of antiseptics won't prevent pyorrhea and toothaches. The honest, ethical dentist can do a great deal for you. Yisit him regularly, accept his advice, follow his instructions. Your dentist is able to contribute to your health and comfort only if you cooperate with him. Oral and general health requires that you place yourself in the care of an ethical dentist. "Do aw Your Dentisl Tefls You." MUSCATINE DENTAL SQCIETY -IO2- FOR ENTERTAINMENT YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON SEEING ONLY THE BEST AT THE UPTOWN THEATRE ONE OF IOVIfff1'S FINEST THE.'1TRES AIR-CONDITIONED AND COMFORTABLE J. M. KEMBLE mw. RICAI, l'fS'I'.-X'I'lC, INSURANCE BEACH LUMBER and SUPPLY CO. LUMBER and BUILDERS' of all kinds SUPPLIES 1iS'I'.AX'I'1'IS S1'Z'1"I"L1iD PZWEWE 211-12 Hershey Bldg. Telelne 9 1 - Drink - H EN DE RSON S . , St. Clalr s GAR Soda Water CHEVROLET - OLDSNIOBILE 'A' PONTIAC -- CADILLAC SALES and SERVICE A11 the true and tasty flavors including Orange Squeeze and Double Cola "A Muscatine-Mafie I'r01lm'l" ii.5s.,.i 'A' I we- l. We N F1 ' C J. B. ST. CLAIR Ei BOTTLING WORKS Phone 175 115 VVest Front phone 1424 219 Mulberry AVC S. G. 811 P. STEIN CONGRATULATIONS, cLAss or 1941! MUSCATINE MUSIC HOUSE l'I.-XNOS - ORGANS SHICICT MUSIC I'I.eXlNI MUN IJ SULUYOX Phone 72 AN INYIi1S'I'lNlIiN'I' IN COlNII"OR'I' 'LII' -- .. li . , U F M U S C A T I N1 LEJ ug QIl:XI,I'I'Y COMBIN.-XTION DOORS j ,lik -Yfllll' flllllflfl' 1!f'!l!1'l' OTTO GROCERY CO. FURNITURE CO. Congratulates you, Class of 19-ll fXIL'SC.YI'INIf, IUIYX CZK l"111'11it111'c - Rugs -I.in1le11111s - 51' Knlisoii and I' 1 lgIsl.lII'L' "1'lI11m1ri11f'.f Zllfuf 2Ww,!r'f1 ann! Sfzuifari F"""J Ailllmffii l'.lecI1'1c Rel1'lge1'.1ro1-. -F ---v - . . . 'ilu wh! firm Ill if gum! ffffcw 206 East Second Phone 31 11454-1041 BECOME EDUCATED THE MODERN WAY . G0 TO A JUNIOR COLLEGE . . ,,fQ....? Educational authorities are beginning to recognize the many advantages of the junior college for development of youth. They know that it provides an eco11omical education5 that it oilers opportunities for greater participa- tion in school activities5 that it permits closer contact between students and instructorsg that it furnishes a Wholesome type of social Iifeg and that, i11 general, it is an excellent intermediate step from high school to university or college. MUSCATINE JUNIOR COLLEGE -IO4- HOFFMAN FUNERAL CHURCH ELECTRIC APPLIANCES of all kinds and ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR G. A. CHAUDOIN 133 VVest Second St. J N01 the Best, But Com! S I G N S AND PAINTING 10... H. MILLER 1907 Lincoln Blvd. Muscatine's Compliments of Young Menis Christian ROMANN 8: LIEBBE CO. Association Ro-Li-co BRAND Puonuers "Engagf1f in making men INIAKIC IT YOUR HICADQU.-XR'I'1iRS Live better - Live cheaper Rent a locker J. A. BLOOM 8: SONS QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIFS -,...,...1. THE GLATSTEIN STORES FURNITURIC - RUGS - STOYICS COIVIPLI'1'I'I'i HUIVIIC FURNISHINGS HARRY R. GI..-'I'I'S'I'liIN Phone 721 423-429 E. Second St. Phone 10 NATIONAL LAUNDRY The Band Box Dry Clezinerx QD IIQ2 fiilllflllllff' To l'f1.'11,rg You 706 Nlonroe St. Phone 1208 QUALITY - STYLIC GRII-'I-'ON SL'I'I'S IA S.fXI,I,Ii II.YI'S CRC ISIIY SQL.-XRIC SIIOI'1S ISR.-XDI,IiY SVVIi.'YI'IiRS WI LSI DN SPC 7R'I'WIi.XR ?.,.M,,..- M E E RDI N K CLUTI--KING CU. "Thr 370117118 .Iflafzlv .X'!mp" OGILVIE'S AND - FOODS "Our volume CQUARANTI'iIfS low prices" R. L. ROACH INSURANCE AGENCY CUIVII'I.I'i'I'I'i INSL'R.'XNCI'i 5I'iRYIK.'I'f 5U-I I,uu1-el Building ML'SC'X'I'INIi, IOVVX Telephone IXSI DONVI' SAY BR ICAD SAY HOLSUM "ffm Hrllw' Bzlkwf B1'Ptl1P, 0 KAUTZ BAKING CO. STELLRECHT'S HARNESS SHOP 207 East Third St. II.iXYI'i YOUR SIIOICS RI'iI'.XIIlIfI7 III'iRIf II? repair um! dye 1171-Yfflfilg 11111115 of !f'l1ffI6'l'. Thcrc are quality :md style fwomplimpms of in cvcry box of 1,OWNl'1Y'Sz1nd BcJU1.14:xxxR1u IOWAY PRINTING GO. CHC JCC JI ..fX'I'l'1S coMM1QRc1,x1. ,mo CO. SOCll'1'l'Y PRINTING PI - 22 mm' I 309 East Third St. Phone 99 XW1olQf.1Iu .xml Rclall XVhcn in sc:11'cl1 of anyone, go o BROTHERS LEU'S 529 1WL1lbcrry Ave. Phone 202 or 1762 Phone 401 312 Sygglynorg "G1'0r'c'1'5 Sfilfr' 1924" J. G. PENNEY CO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE 101-105 EAST SECOND ST. F.1.,.fQ,,.T READY-TO-WEAR - SHOES - MEN'S WEAR GENERAL DRY GOODS -IO7- MONTGOMERY WARD ZY CO. 117-121 West Second St. snows -o"5"o" lunlos CI,O'lIIIlNG S'l'OYl'fS RI..'XNKl'I'I'S , , , . I HJXRDVV.-XRIQ Ib , ' F,-XSHIONS A RI'fI4'RlGI'1R,-X'l'ORS E. E. BLOOM EVANS' FOODS INSURANCE AGENCY 215 XVc:st Second St. Phone 66 'I+' QU:XI,l'l'Y GROCICRIICS, FRL'l'l'S. cslcN14:R,x1, 1NsUR,xNc1 W V"7U"3'VWI"'75 WGA' O Sl l Priccs Ccmtinuu During the Wlm-k 101 Central State Bank Bldg. .- vw 1. MUSL'ilIIl1C, Iowa Frcc Dcliu-ry on Ordcrg of 53,011 "Step Up The xifuenue plml Serve Dollars" .T.,fQ,.,.., STERNEMAN'S CLOTHING COMPANY -W- CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS -IOS- VVHAT MUSKIHS M AY BECOME john Barnard-Adniiral in U. S. navy with two girls in each port. Ollie Bently-King of bowlers land loafersl. Lillian Davison-Owner of a Chain of drive-in stands. Kenny Duncan-Owner of a cotton plantation. Robert Barry-'I'oast of Broadway- the second Lawrence Olivier. Leo lirickson - Leo the Lion for MGM. Shirley Essex-Veteran dish-washer. Lloyd Beatty-Painless dentist in the firm of Beatty, Bieri, and Barry. Herschel Allensworth-Inventor of the lireckle Destroyer Cream tPat. No. 4-44-I--I-IMD lr has been found to be a reasonable certainty that very few big jobs are held by men who honk and honk in a trafiic jam. 0 Robert W. Fairbanks " i V A3 E 537 Q V A nousta- LUCKY wtoomc RINGS Fclewelerjs-Opticians C-5:19 "If it'5 new, we fume il" Complifmfnls of BOTTLING COMPANY WHI'1'MAN,S MUSCATINE and SANNMAN PEARL woRKs CHOCOLATES MT EICHENAUERS Phone 211 211 East Second St. High-Grade Pearl Buttons and Novelties LIBERTY! Every student in Muscatine High School should be thankful that he lives in the ONLY country in the world where this vvord means what it says, and a Free education is available. Be proud you are an American and be ready to guard this sacred heritage left to us by our Foreliathers. RECCRD PRINTING COMPANY Zlli Chestnut St. O --lIO- CIIIII-plilIlb'llf,Y 0 f SBRCHJD,S O "The Sfore for EfveryborZy" FLOWICRS FOR ALI, OCC.-XSIONS CORSAGICS A Sl'l'lCl.'Xl,'l'Y "Say il will: fIo1cer.v" GEO. KRANZ 85 SON Phone -I- GEORGE EITMAN GROCERY BIRDS ICYIC FROS'l'liD FOODS RlCHl'1I,lIiL' C.-XNNICD FOODS FRICSH INIICA-X'I'S Call 295-296 o C0ng1'al11lali0f1.v, Senior.: ,' TITUS LOAN 8a INVESTMENT CO. BOWLING LEAGUES ARE MORE FUN If you missed out this year, be sure to sign up for a team for the 1941-+2 season. X. .1 ., K figs I BOXVLING--A great game for a great country. OLLIE BEN TLY'S PLA-MOR ALLEYS Wear Clean Clothes Congratulations to class of '41 A. A. Nickerson EQ? Store your winter apparel in Luellen's Cold l"ur Storage Vault. R59 LUELLEN Cleaners-Furriers LEVITT'S MARKET M4391 IVIIIIATS CIQOCICIQIIQS For :md YI'IfiI'I'I'ABI.IfS NORRIS l'llONlf-FOR--l"OOD I'hoIIc 479 Sycamore at Tenth EXQUISITE CANDY BON TON E Try - RHAIIY-'IIU-VVIQIIR AND MII.1.1NI41IzY C. M. W EBER INC. IIQLI I5 VVcst Second St. Ncxl to XVAIVLIIS ,gh THE MUSCATINE COUNTY MEDICAL SQCIETY "ln I Q I I. It IIIQVIQRIII I Ix. II. LAIzI,sfw VV. W. IMIPI' It. I.. I',MIiRSl7N II. I',. I'.VI'ZRSMI'1YIiR T.,-I Ihr ffff! of 0hJ'f'l'f'u'fi0ll, rharlrf fI1f'm1f Ullff' I rhe mimi rchirh i.r pI'ffm'ffl." -- IA FI I I1 W - MEMBERS - IVIUSC.-XTINF R. R. GOAD I.. C. Howl-i I'. M. II-LSSUP AI. I.. KIIICIN, SR. L. IxI.I:IN, AIR. In. II. I'lIl,I.IAIVI, QIR. G. G. I,IfI'I'II WILTON -IUNCTION I.. H. WIIITMHR L. C. WIN'FER NICHOLS V. O. MUI1:NcII R. F. MILLER T. M. MII.I,IrR Ii. O. IVIIIIIS C. II. I,IIII.I.IP' G. .-X. SYWA INIX H. P. INIASON -Il2- J. E. KRANZ CO. FLOWER SHOP I". T. D. Florists COIII 1DlilI'I87lf.S' 0 f p FAIRALL PAINT STORE "ll'i.w' men ,wild jYoic'f'l'.v,' "Wg" lfhmw 122 217 lgyvvgl Avg, I I0 VVest Second Phone 345 - .il SIn'1'tvj5l'l111br-v FOR TI-IIC BIGGEST TIRE BUY .I "'fRF'i 11rf1ir1'mf nmrf' .'f-1-ffifqfi:-',. I wzsifhv -with ll -' WY 1 P771 Row! Tx'pffiu'1'i1w'. ' ' THE B. F. GOODRICH . I congratulate the class of I9-1-l . L. LUPTON, Typewriters SILVERTOWN STORE Cum' Hurfronn, fllgr. 109 Sycamore St. Phone 517 McKEE FEED 81 GRAIN COMPANY IVl21lIUfllCfUl'CI'+Blg 3 lVliner:1llZed Hog Supplement Big -L Baby Beef and Steer Supplement Ultra-Life Poultry Feeds Distrllmtor-SWlft's Tnnkage C:n'ey's Salt Omzu' Flour GRAIN BY RIVER, RAIL, TRUCK FIELD SEEDS Phone 7-I-ll NI uscntine, Iowa --ll3- E. F. RANDLEMAN 8: SON GROCERY 419 Grandview Phone 783 QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS, and VFGI4ITABI.I+IS HOTEL MUSCATIN E lVIuscatine's Only First Class Ifireproof Hotel .+- Good Plate to Meet and Ea! II. H. INII.'I9l.l,I-iR, Mgf'. o Compfimenls of PHOTOGRAPHS . . . The most valuable and personal of all McKEE BUTTON keepsakes. COMPANY A MUSCA'I'INIC, IOWA , STUDIO CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! one o'om,a IJRIQSSICS - LINGICRIIC I-'AMOL'S "SIXTY-NINI'IR'S" HOSIICRY C. H. LEU Typewriter Exchange New and used typewriters sold, rented, and repaired Om' ofcw expert J't'l'f'I!'t'-Yfllll' 01471 any termf. Specialists for over 3, yen CONGRATL ILATIONS, CLASS OI9 '41 STANLEY ENGINEERING COMPANY CI'fNTR,XI. STATIC HANK BLDG. ML'SCA'I'INli, IOWA XVIAYVIQ YOUNG IDEAS! Girls' School Sport Clothes our specialty-Sizes 9-20 Ladies' Ready-to-W'e11rgINI il Iinery--Accessori BEE GEE SHOP 120 Iizist Second St. -Il4-- -,r'1'1n.ig M , 154: iw f 1 ' V- RSE wi 4 'N N 3 KX ix X Q A - wil Q-if ,ii X-N gix.+i'5 5,9 iii? d 4.1 ifgffti i -iffy? -- - 1 R, S13 ix QCIAHN AND OLLIER AGAIN"2 N. i f ' Ep ik QA In A , 'ii ,QI X X, if if Z X xx X Xw xy Q in, ff Y,,.X,W x X Nkkilix H 1 M, 1 i - . in 1. I. J. Ni 'ii i ul Vt NFA l Repeofed cccepionce by discriminating Year Book Board: has inspired and xusfcined 'he John 8. Ollier slogan that gcvhers increox- ing xignificonce with each succeeding year, --'IIC--A INDEX Advertisements . 95-115 :Mnicae . . . A . . 57 Auroran Staff, Cubs 52, 53 Athletic Coaches . , 37 .Xthletics lG'irls'J. . , , .-I-8 Hamid ,,. ,.,. U23, 29 Baseball , . , 46 Basketball . ,-F2--H Chemistry Cluh . A 59 Chorus , 30 Class Ofiicers . , Y . 75 Co-Valeclictorians . , , I8 Curia Regia . 60 Debate , . 32 Ueclani , . C 33 Dramatics . 31 lfaculty . , . 67 I". lf. A., Creenhancls 54, 55 lfoothall . . . . .39--H lfreshmen . 72s7-l General Classes . I5fl7 Hi-Tri 56 Hi-Y , , 62 johnson, A. fl. junior Ad juniors Messenger, I". CQ National Honor Society' w N. In L.. Outstanding Events Quill and Scroll . . , , Representative Girl and Boy School Board . Seco .... Senior Officers Senior Opinions , . Senior Panels . Snap Pages. Sophomores , . C Speech Arts , . . Spring Sports Candids Student Council Student Iimployment Student iliransportation , Track A , .. Ushers' Cluh 65 58 69 66 20 ZZ I I 23 I9 65 6I 79 Sl 94 I-F 71 27 -F7 ZI 76 I2 45 5I alll.:- 4 1 ,- .. .. J , 1 .J ' , 1 o ,X . V he Q ,, ..,, g , t yr' P' . X . -V ' .. H 1-N M -- L N 7 rw- xx aa I "" '1a X 'J' W -, xo 'W N an W M ix my w J X as Q E' 5 AMW W , .4 . . K 4' at - -.4 . ix ' 1 W' 9 ' fri: 2 5 a. -sr as - ' .. .' 5 , L A - : aj ---' i -E-fe ' g, ' if, af 335 aw 5 Q 9 .. . W . . g.v f 1 ,. A, Q 1,25 Q, 2, , If Q Q X . A' 5 . v I" : -.zriw Zyl' V :"Bw 953' ' , . - ' ' 4 x, 2- A Ywegmrjg, , I, M Q 7 P- . sg! if I, - 1 il- ,Q-. . ' C55 V Q X 'Ji ' f , V- rvu ,, 5 f, . . . M -ffvw' 16 8 is fu, . ' ! as V X " 4 . H 6 . - ' ' es. .fa zrkx , MQ is 'A -.1:. i K Q? Q.: 4 54 , -- , .Ma -:A " ' ' SQ -55 s ,,,, . :.,5, AV bqg. .fizpym ,gig-, J.. 4 1,-1, . .:. . Q ,K Q, . . . 3. . ,. ,. .. .,, . ., . .M , , .S Q. . ,.s.,.., , :5s A M, , 'I' .s1:35.:s.-.52 M 255. , , ,. , . 'I'5E:f-,1:q.- "ug ' E1 it .,-- '-," 5: - 3. -z 'Em ,.,. 4 ..,1, , . W 4...:- ' 5 if 3 .X s. . e, X ff M . , ,,,. .,.,: Q is ,H . Q it A 1m- ' 13: is 2 ,- 5 -2, , E' ' . .9 .. .A WF v. ' I : 4, :V r , W- V: ' fm. I me Si' Q' , ew gg " riwg du.. sv aiu fb H V' KY sf 4, V ,. ,Q 5, 1 on 4 K Qs' 'wiiffffayxr sa .Wil .,:1 . - ,- , .V .... 15, ,,,. 1 v QF H., ,,,., , w xy W -, 'K A x X' W 1 . Hb x,,. :,. , N E -1' h.n " ' K . .Q 'X A 1 ,w .1 af fi W X, , P ... - 5 R , 1-.Hx . V N0 Wm , ,,...,, 4 , , 35,555-, ,,:,:,:,,w4::,.::: A I ,. .33 . A K S nifty ' I

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