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Q I N : ' ' ' I ' , . 2 S' ' . r . - ' ' ' ls ' ' ' ' ' , , - X - I W l ' , ' 5' h E ' f , -.-,, , ' T -E ' 'ET' Q- ' . -"4 n- ' 4. 'V LUCI 21 LQ-11235 A s '- 'b A f ' ' ' Eg . -8 A L' in l s - 1 ilx--.-'lil-1----zu Q, ' - l I 5, ' .' , ' . . I . 3-fb -- . . - Q a l. 'U , - , , 5 . ,V , Y J Y X . . I V. 'VV' ,, , , x . ! ' f ' X - , f x , . 1 . . .. . I i A 1 . ' Q - 5 x . -,'.'n Ix . P 1 1 x .X .x, - - , . 1 . . L WL ,L .q.-. 4 ,...L....... F., 1 5 ....4 I "1 J ' L I 3 L. x '11 4" 4" I v - ll . , f . S J" " " H ' f 'Q, '11 p ed f ' mlmm muumuu M-"WI . .1 . 1 1 1 1 i v , Y 4 V A 9.-v 41..- Wm--. -.-mm-W .M ., ,, f W! wi. --X .,,w,., ,KM V ' """JUF'wf f V- H - fmf-rwwgvgsmmlsw--,H,..M,.,,,W,,,,,, 1 ru - :QQ V . . ,- ' I' .4 I - 4x45-.n I :f..A,..i. .. 'LQPf"'L'3 '- ..... '--11' -.N 1 .. .3 Ti x 1 , -g.. . ..V-V, X G-:'k' Xi If " 1 . . 2:9-5' -we-L, "H-. - 1' - "-gl. my-1 1 . . . H. 1 - 4. .ap . --wmug,-,sr , - , - rl: ggi ':4n4:,, Jug." f , ,. .:.z. " 1'-2: -fa' 12 'QQ' ' ' ' 1' ' ".J1,A. -- 1- , - 4.1.1 , M E HQ, ' - Jai- - -' 'fu' l , 3 -' "'+'12jr:' ,pu I. ,dm V--1::,1?-,ii 6" - - ..-1 , .gy 1 G .-rfrf.-25", ,, -' " '-.'7'1i?. . EX LIBRIS EDITGR Jean Downlng ASSISTANT EDITOR Juanlta Wecksung BUSINESS MANAGER Stanley Howe ADVERTISING MANAGER Phyllis Eltman Publnslmecl by Muscatine Hugh School Muscatine Iowa VOLUME XXXIII DY The enTrance To The audiTorium became Tamiliar To lvluskies and oTher lVluscaTine people Through The increased number oT inTeresTing programs. The dedicaTion, The lecTure-concerT series TeaTuring disTin- guished speakers and musicians, The all- school play, The producTion oT l-landel's "Messiah," The homemalcing carnival, and assembly arTisTs were among The highlighTs oT The performances presenTed. One im- porTanT advanTage oT The new audiTorium is iTs seaTing capaciTy oT I378 people. -4- TI-IE Through The Cedar STreeT en- Trance oT lVluscaTine's halT-million- dollar high school building, a Thou- sand sTudenTs enTered Tor The TirsT Time lasT SepTember. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors - all were on The same plane as They wandered Through The maze oT un- Tamiliar classrooms and halls. AURCDRAN Tor :Quo As F. G. Messenger unlocked The door To The new building, he opened The way Tor addiTional acTiviTies made possible by The improved equip- menT. ThroughouT The school year The principal was aT The helm To supervise The "goings-on" and To solve The problems oT The school. STudenTs will long remember him Tor his abiliTy To Tell jokes in assemblies and Tor his willingness To cooperaTe wiTh The sTudenTs in curricular and exTracurricu- lar acTiviTies. S.. Marinus Jensen supervised Jrhe school caleleria, in which as many as 'rwo hundred lvluslcies purchased lunches daily al a minimum charge. The audilorium foyer ioins Jrhe main hall on second floor, where sludenls ollen slopped al lockers lo discuss lasl nigh+'s dales and lhe Teachers' long assignmenls. l , , l SEATED: Mrs. Glen Downing, Muriel Hammer, Pauline Reynolds, Eslher Schullz, Gladys l-lelzler STANDING: Jean Downing, George Parks, Mr, Clyde Parks. IN BACKGROUND: Palricia Johnson Lucille Sleinmelz. DEDICATICJN The l94O Auroran wishes lo honor lhe parenls and laxpayers of Mus- cafine, who offered lo lvluscaline l-ligh School sludenls Jrhe pleasure and opporlunily of a beauliful new building. To lhem we dedicale lhis book, in which we endeavor 'ro piclure some of 'rhe oulsranding leaiures ol lhe building and record lhe slory ol Jrhe school year. As represenlalives of srudenr parenls lhe Auroran slaii inviled Mrs. Glen Downing, Jean's molrher, and Mr. Clyde Parks, George's falher, To Qin lhem in a visil lo various paris ol lhe building. ln offices, classrooms, laboralories, library, gymnasium, social room, lillle lhealer, and audilor- ium, our guesrs wilnessed srudenis making use ol lheir new half-milliorv dollar home. In showing our school lo lhese parenls we wish lo express apprecialion To all parenls and Taxpayers for The opporlunilies presenled lo us. -7.. lvl. l-l. S. acTiviTies naTurally divided inTo Tour secTions: adminisTraTion, by which The TaculTy exercised supervision over The sTudenTsq clas- ses, where individuals perhaps learned Their lessons: organizaTions, in which lvlusldes spenT Their spare Time proTiTablyq and sporTs, in which sTudenTs made use oT exTra energy. F. Gr. Messenger and lvlrs. lvlarie RuThenberg, assisTed by The oTTice sTaTT, worked ouT semesTer class schedules. BoTh chemisTry sTudenTs and building visiTors Tound lab experimenTs inTeresT- ing as well as educaTional. The parenTs and sTaTT members pic- Tured were perusing a weelcly Auroran as The camera clicked. Bob Kinnan, basl4eTball coach, dia- grammed a diTTiculT play Tor The par- enTs, sTudenTs, and oTher coaches. Administration Principal Fred G. Messenger showed Mrs. Downing and Mr. Parks a young iv1usky's idea of a good excuse for absence. cc 9, fi l Parent Guests Visit Ottices Ot M. H. S. Administration Student executives ably assisted "the powers that be" in managing school attairs during the i939-40 school year. ln the upper picture, F. G. Messenger, principal, discussed plans tor an all-school party with the Student Council otticers. From lett to right are Curt Deems, vice-president, Syd- ney Thomas, president, and Jean Downing, secretary-treasurer. ln the second picture trom the top, Mar- inus Jensen, assistant principal, explained the many advantages ot such enterprises as the activity ticket, cateteria, and athletic program to Mr. Parlcs, George, Jean, and Mrs. Downing. Upon Jens tell the responsi- bility ot supervising these various undertak- ings. ln the illustration third trom the top, Miss Eula Downer, dean ot girls and sponsor ot l-li-Tri club, advised Ruth Weiersheuser and Marian Thomas concerning the type ot pro- gram which is interesting and entertaining tor the organization's members. Marian was president ot the club the tirst semester, and Ruth, the second. Bob Kinnan and Miss Louisa Jericho, in the lower picture, showed the parents the taculty bulletin board, where the adminis- trators posted announcements ot interest to the teachers. The bulletin which claimed the attention ot the group was a pamphlet advertising the annual play series presented by dramatists at the University ot Iowa. SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS The school board officers, Ray Dunlcer, presidenf, AugusT AlTenbernd. vice-presidenf, and Glen Barnard, secrefary, evidenced Their capabilify of direcfing The ciTy schools by Their re-elecfion in March. ln privafe life Mr. Dunlcer manages The local branch office of WesTern Union. l-le is serving his second Term as presidenf of The board and his fourTh year as a member. MuscaTine people are familiar wiTh his friendly, genial personaliTy. Augusf Alfenbernd, a well-known conTracTor, has begun his sevenTh year on The board and his Third Term as vice-presidenf. Mr. AlTenbernd execufes his civic duTies as Thoughffully and carefully as he does his business worlc. Glen Barnard holds an imporTanT posiTion as Treasurer of The govern- ing body. l-le supervises all Transfers of school funds, checlcs The funds aT The bank, and submifs a monfhly financial sTaTemenT To The board of edu- cafion. Mr. Barnard began his fiffh year as Treasurer in March. Glen Barnard AugusT AlTenbernd Ray Dunker ..ll.. CONTENTS Board of Education Muscatine High School Faculty Faculty Candid Sl'1ots 1t2.. TOP ROW: Julian I-Iavercamp, Raymond Randleman, Principal Fred G. Messenger, Robert Galpin, Superintendent Arthur A. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Rollie Scholten, August Altenbernd, Bob Toborg, Ray Dunker, Ralph Bloom, Glen Barnard. Tt-IIRD ROW-Board members and secretary at work and at home: Secretary Bob Toborg, Julian Havercamp, Raymond Randleman, Robert Galpin, Rollie Scholten. ADMINISTRATORS School Directors Complete Organization For Activities in New M. H. S. Building During the I939-I94O scnool year the board ot education aided Superintendent Arthur A. Johnson and Principal Fred O. Messenger in establishing the order ot attairs in the new building. As a result ot the annual election held on March I I, Julian I-Iavercamp, Ralph Bloom, and Raymond Randleman will each serve tor a term ot three years, and Glen Barnard will execute duties as treasurer ot the board tor two more years. Last tall members ot the board telt a great deal ot satistaction when the new M. I-I. S. opened its portals tor the tirst time. All their long hours ot caretul planning had materialized into an actuality. they laid aside completed, tor new and weighty problems demanded consideration. The students ot Muscatine I-Iigh School owe a great debt ot grati- tude to the school board. Members ot that group put torth the idea ot a new building, convinced the citizens ot its necessity, and then carried torth its plan. Miss Louisa Jericho discussed American problems wi+h her hislory sludenls . . . Waller Sallrerlhwaile ser up an experimenl . . . Miss Veda Cornick checked Iyping errors . . . Bob Kinnan read world hislory papers. MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY TOP ROW: Clark Brown, B. S., Iowa Slale Teachers' College, manual arlsg Carl Liebbe, B. A., Carlhage College, malhemalicsy I-Ielen Reuling, B. S., Iowa Slale College, vocalional homemakingq O. Bradford Barloer, B. Ed., Weslern Illinois Slale Teachers' College, M. A., Universily ol Iowa, speech, Roberl Kinnan, B. A., Universily ol Iowa, hislory, baskelball coach, Edna I-Iinrichsen, B. A., Iowa Slale Teachers' College, M. A., Llniversily ol Iowa, English: Roberl Fenlon, B. S. C., Universily of Iowa, commerce. SECOND ROW: June Lingo, B. A., M. A., Universily of Iowa, English, dramalicsq Evelyn Schullz, B. A., Iowa Slale Teachers' College, homemakingg Louisa Jericho, B. A., Iowa Wes- Ieyan, M. A., Universily ol Iowa, American hisloryg Veda Cornick, B. A., Universily of Iowa, commerce: Lindley Hoopes, B. S., M. S., Iowa S+a+e College, vocalional agricullureq Waller Sallerlhwaile, B. A., Muscaline Junior College, Coe College, chemislry, senior science. TI-IIRD ROW: Carl BeinerI', B. S., Sloul Inslilule, prinlingg Elizaberh Smilh, Ph. B., Penn College, malhemalicsy Eslelle I-Ieezen, B. A., M. A., Universily of Iowa, English, French, Charles Shook, B. A., Iowa Wesleyan, sociology, Louise Gaekle, B. S., Drake Universily, M. S., Universily ol Iowa, malhemalicsq Emma I-Iowe, B. A., Universily of Iowa, English, Elden A. LichI'y, B. S., Norlheasl Missouri Slale Teachers' College, M. A., Universily ol Missouri, American hisI'ory. MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY sludy supervisor: Mildred Slrirlen, B. A., Universily oi Chicago, Universiiy oi Iowa, home ec- onomics: I-I. Margarei Kemble, B. A., Iowa Wesleyan, M. A., Universily oi Iowa, Lalin, Eng- lish: Dollie Dulgar, B. A., M. S., Universiiy oi Iowa, science: Marinus Jensen, B. A., Morning- side College, M. A., Universily oi Iowa, assisiani principal, alhlelic clirec+or:Geneva Grace, B. A., Universily oi Iowa, science: Cliriord Thomas, B. A., Morningside College, music. SECOND ROW: Joanne Van A+Ia, Muscaiine Junior College, Universiiy oi Iowa, librar- ian: Eula Downer, B. A., Cornell College, M. A., Columbia Universiiy, English, malhemaiics, dean oi girls: Belly Brossari, assislani oi-lice secreiary: Mrs. Marie Ruihenberg, oI'iice sec- relary: L. A. Schnaclc, B. A., Ceniral College, governmeni, sludy supervisor, assisiani coach: Elmer Nelson, B. A., Coe College, M. A., Universiiy oi Iowa, government modern problems. 'II-IIRD ROW: Caroline Liebbe, B. A., Universiiy oi Iowa, commerce: Ediih Sioclcer, Chicago Ari Insiiiule, Universily oi Iowa, Llniversily oi Chicago, ari: Mary Smilh, B. A., Universily of Iowa, English: I-Iarold Weber, B. S., Universiiy oi Iowa, commerce, iooiball coach: Genevieve McCandless, B. A., Universily oi Nebraslca, Universilry ol Souihern Cal- ifornia, English: Leslie W. Ballc, B. A., John Flelcher College, M. A., Universily oi Iowa, his- Jrory, sociology: Frank J. I-Iowe, M. Ped., Greer, Armour Insiiiuie, commerce, dean oi boys. Elmer Nelson Ieciured on governmeni problems . . . Eranlq J. I-Iowe lislened Io a siudeni s sales Ialk Miss S+irIen helped a Muslay wiih a Jrroublesome Iesi queslion . . . Miss Grace diagrammed gameles for her biology siudenls. -15.- FACULTY FACES CAMERA Candid Artist Shows Mighty Muslcy Mentors In Varied Poses-Serious and Otherwise TCP: Miss Elizabeth Smith, Miss l-lelen Reuling, Miss Louisa Jericho, and l-larriet Glatstein were trequent diners in the cateteria . . . G. Brad- tord Barber compared debate notes with the Iowa City coach . . . Dayton l-lowe, Miss Eula Downer, Miss Veda Corniclq, and Miss Caroline Liebbe concentrated on the program at the Junior-Senior Ad clubs' luncheon in the social room. CENTER: Miss l-lelen Reuling and Miss Joanne Van Atta were two ot the taculty who enjoyed bowling at the alleys . . . Charles Shoolc's tingers otten glided across the keys ot the new electric organ . . . Marinus Jensen's smile was tamiliar to many Muslcies. BCT- TQM: Bob Kinnan sioolce to the crowd at the dedication game . . . Bob Eenton aimed tor a strilce . . . Lindley l-looloes explained tarm machinery to his class. -16.- Clas Miss Caroline Liebbe, commer- cial ins+ruc+or, showed Hwe parenf visifors a group of Musky Jrypisfs af work. S9 Auroran Guests Visit Students At Work in Classrooms, Labs Mrs. Downing and Mr. Parks, accompanied by Jean and George, tound students study- ing industriously in classrooms and labora- tories. The parents made interesting com- parisons between the building where they attended high school and the new Musca- tine l-ligh School. , When the group visited the home me- chanics class Mr. Parks recalled his high school training in this subject. Clark Brown, the instructor, and his boys looked on with interest as Georges tather operated the lathe. For a tew minutes the shavings tlew as Mr. Parks demonstrated his almost tor- gotten knowledge. Bernard Campbell and Vernon Leonhard, who made up and printed the weekly Au- roran, explained some ot the tine points to the parents and students, who thoroughly investigated the printshop betore continu- ing their tour about the building. Miss Evelyn Schultz, home economics in- structor, showed Mrs. Downing and Jean the caretully stitched seams ot one Musky's dress. Many ot the girls taking the course discovered the savings in making their own clothes. The interest ot the students in their work impressed Mr. Parks and Mrs. Downing as they visited the biology lab. Musky biolo- gists observed various specimens ot animal and plant lite through microscopes and then wrote summaries ot their tindings. E i MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOGL LIBRARY The library, one oi Jrhe highlighls of The new building, accommodaled l6O siudenis each oi lhe six periods oi ihe day. Wilh lhe assisiance oi Miss Joanne Van Alia, high school librarian, Jrhe Siudeni Council super- vised The honor sludy hall. The room, declared by many lo be The mosi allraclive and usable parl of 'rhe building, iealured highly polished Tables and chairs, excelleni lighling equipment Venelian blinds, and curved walnul walls. Of The l2,000 books in The library shori slory and Ticlion boolcs were The mosi popular, bui sludenls also read publicalions on presenl-day ailiairs. The school subscribes lo iiily magazines. lvluslcy lavoriles Jrhis year were "Time," "Good l-lousel4eeping," "Popular Science," "Popular Mechanics," and "Newsweelc." CONTENTS Senior Class Officers Vaieciictorians Representative Girl Representative Boy Outstanding Seniors Seniors Underclass Officers Juniors Sophomores Freshmen CurT Deems Derrine Bieber Sydney Thomas The execuTives oT The class oT I94O ably direcTed senior acTiviTies during The school year. The oTTicers were CurT Deems, president Sydney Thomas, vice-presiclenTg and Derrine Bieber, secreTary-Treasurer. Each oT These sTudenTs was ouTsTanding in school aTFairs. CurT, who was class presidenT as a junior also, parTicipaTed chieTly in aThleTics, play- ing in sTraTegic posiTions on The TooTloall ancl baslceTball Teams. Sydney and Derrine were boTh insTrumenTal in The success oT The debaTe Team. SCHOLASTIC LEADERS Derrine Bieber, Jean Downing Tie Tor ValedicTory Honor WiTh 3.97 averages, Derrine Bieloer and Jean Down- ing became co-valedicTorians oT The senior class. Each OT These Two sTudenTs received perTecT reporT cards ThroughouT her high school years wiTh The excepTion oT one grade. Derrine received a B in chemisTry one se- mesTer, and Jean, a B in l.aTin. Derrine maiored in debaTe Tor Tour years. l.asT year she was anrrerrrber oTclJne squad whTch enTeredTTJne Nal 's T Tional Speech TournamenT aT Beverly I-lills, CaliTornia. Jean parTiciloaTed in iournalisTic acTiviTies, being a TeaTure wriTer Tor Two years and general manager oT The l94O annual Auroran. She was secreTary-Treasurer oT The STudenT Council This year. ...2l.. OFFICERS OF CLASS OF 1940 J E A N D O Representative Senior Girl Heads Publications Jean Downing. representative senior girl, was an outstanding member ot tier class. Among tier many tionors were ttiose ot being ttie co-valedictorian ot ttie graduating group and tier selection tor Quill and Scroll and National t-lonor Society. Students and teactiers alike noted tier striking resemblance to Judy Garland. l-ler triendly, democratic attitude toward everyone was probably responsible tor tier pop- ularity. Stie greeted trestiman and senior alike witti a warm smile and a ctteery "t'li." Jean was general manager ot the l94O yearbook. lvluskies associated tter witti annual subscription drives and student pictures. Mrs. Downing's little girl wrote clever teatures and columns tor ttie weekly Auroran tor two years betore becoming editor. Stte was also active on ttie Student Council tor two years. During the t939-40 sctwool year stie balanced ttie books tor ttiat governing body. In ttie results ot ttie representative senior girl election Jean tiad ttie satistaction ot ttie evidence ot student appreciation ot tier ettorts during tier tour years in tiiglw school. S Y D N E Y ,T H O M A S Representative Boy Excels in Speech Competition Sydney Thomas, representative senior boy, was a leader in the I94O graduating class. Since he was popular with his classmates, he held a number ot important ottices. t-le was vice-president ot his 'Freshman class, secretary-treasurer ot his sophomore class, vice-president ot his senior class, secretary-treasurer ot l-li-Y, and president ot National l-lonor Society, Speech Arts, Curia Regia, N. F. L., and Student Council. All ot his associates knew that they could depend upon him to carry out his under- takings. Whether Syd merely served on a committee or headed an organization he tultilled his responsibilities expertly and thoroughly. Syd participated chietly in speech work. During his tour years he competed in de- bate, declamation, and extemporaneous speaking. ln I939 he was a member ot the team that entered the National Speech Tournament at Beverly l-lills, Calitornia. ln all ot his activities, curricular and extracurricular, Sydney won the admiration and respect ot his tellow students, who honored him with representative boy selection. -23- GUTSTANDING GRADUATES OF 1940 Class Officers Curtis Deems-President Sydney Thomas Vice President Derrine Bieber-Secretary Treasurer Valedictorians Derrine Bieber Jean Downing Representative Seniors Jean Downing Sydney Thomas National Honor Society Seniors Derrine Bieber Jean Downing Phyllis Eitman Betty Eroehner Lorma Gallaher Margaret l-leitz Gerald l-letzler Dayton l-lowe Archie King Elizabeth Knox Annette Lewin Carolyn Ruthenberg Evelyn Smalley Sydney Thomas Betty Timm Marian Van Gent Eunice Wagner Robert Weber Marie Weikert Ralph Weis DERRINE BIEBER-BeauTy plus brains . . . DebaTed Tor Tour years . . . Shared valedic- Tory honors . . . ParTicipaTed in NaTional Speech TournamenT aT Beverly Hills in '39 . . . Member oT Speech ArTs, N. F. L., and Hi-Tri Tor Three years . . . PresidenT oT class when a sophomore . . . SecreTary-Treasurer oT senior class . . . NaTional Honor SocieTy . . . SecreT ambiTion is To become a lawyer. PHYLLIS EITMAN -- Phyl is very popular wiTh The girls and especially so wiTh The boys . . . Sang in girls' glee club and chorus Tor Three years . . . AdverTising manager oT Auroran in her senior year. . . OTher senior honors were Quill and Scroll and NaTional Honor SocieTy . . . AcTive in Hi-Tri and Jun- ior Ad . . . She would like To become a pre- school Teacher. GERALD HETZLER-This young lad is liked by everyone . . . Called Gary . . . Claims girls are his peT peeve . . . 5 TeeT 7 inches Trom head To Toe . . . Member oT F. E. A. Tor Tour years-Served as secreTary-Treas- urer and presidenT . . . CirculaTion manager oT Auroran Tor Two years . . . NaTional Honor SocieTy and Quill and Scroll in senior year . . . AmbiTion is To Travel abroad. ARCHIE KING--JusT plain Archie . . . AbouT 5 TeeT ll inches Tall . . . ls ambiTious To become a successful elecTrical engineer . . . An A-I debaTer and declaimer . . . A member of Speech ArTs, N. F. L., and Chem- isTry Club . . . NaTional Honor SocieTy in senior year . . . Sang in "Rose oT The Dan- ube" . . . ls a sTudious, likeable Tellow who doesn'T care much Tor The girls. SYDNEY THOMAS-Syd, The inTellecTual genius and human encyclopedia . . . OTTen heard saying, "Now, TheoreTically speak- ing-" . . . RepresenTaTive senior boy . . . PresidenT oT STudenT Council and vice-pres- idenT oT The senior class . . . Member oT Speech ArTs, N. F. L., Honor SocieTy, and Hi-Y . . . A debaTer and declaimer . . . Ex- pecTs To enroll in The UniversiTy of Iowa. EUNICE WAGNER--Eunie is a deTiniTe good-looker . . . JusT 5 TeeT llfz inches +all . . . Always concocTing plans Tor a good Time . . . A member of Hi-Tri, Speech ArTs, and Camera Club . . . AcTive in play work . . . Became member oT NaTional Honor So- cieTy as senior . . . Has dogs, painTing, mu- sic, phoTography, sporTs, kniTTing, sewing, and reading as hobbies. ROBERT WEBER- Bob was one ol: The ouT- sTanding all-around bovs . . . CapTain oT The JEAN DOWNlNG- PersoniTicaTion oT Judy Garland . . . DeTiniTely democraTic . . . EdiTed The l94O yearbook . . . Weak- ness Tor dogs . . . SecreTary-Treasurer of STudenT Council . . . A Tormer debaTer . . . Freshman class oTTicer . . . SelecTed Tor NaTional Honor SocieTy, Quill and Scroll . . . Always had a good Time . . . STill had Time Tor hard sTudy . . . Maybe ThaT was why she was co-valedicTorian. oT her class. ELIZABETH FROEHNER-BeTTy has a very sweeT, Triendly personaliTy . . . Pre- Terred sociology above The resT oT her sTudies . . . Sang in The operas . . . A member oT Seco, Hi-Tri, Speech ArTs. ChemisTry Club, and Junior Ad . . . Na- tional Honor SocieTy as senior . , . Her hobby is dancing-She really can dance, Tool! . . . ExpecTs To conTinue her sTudies aT M. J. C. nexT year. DAYTON HOWE-DaTe lacks one-halT inch oT being a six-TooTer . . . STudiouS. Triendly, well liked . . . A member oT Hi-Y, Speech ArTs, Junior Ad, NaTional Honor SocieTy. and STudenT Council . . . ln sophomore and iunior plays . . . Col- lecTs sTamps in his spare Time. . .A news wriTer and copy reader Tor The Auroran . . . Quill and Scroll honors as senior... A likely prospecT Tor M. J. C. nexT year. ANNETTE LEWIN - ShorTy is iusT 59 inches Tall . . . Always in a hurry and always worrying . . . Never sTarT an ar- gumenT wiTh her because The odds are againsT you-She's debaTed Tor Tour years . . . Member oT Speech ArTs, Hi- Tri, N. F. L., and NaTional Honor SocieTy . . . ArTisT Tor The Auroran . . . Will aT- Tend The ArT lnsTiTuTe aT Chicago. CAROLYN RUTI-IENBERG-Carolyn has large, appealing eyes, a nice smile, and preTTy blonde hair . . . A member oT Seco, Junior Ad, ChemisTry Club, and Hi-Tri . . . Belonged To Curia Regia when a sophomore . . . Chosen Tor NaTional Honor SocieTy in her iunior year... Her TavoriTe color is blue . . . She plans To become a nurse. MARIAN VAN GENT-Marian is a pros- pecTive sTudenT Tor The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa . . . Tall, slender, and red-haired . . . Fiddled in The orchesTra Tor Two years . . . A member oT Hi-Tri and Seco . . . Member of NaTional Honor SocieTy as senior . . . The sorT oT girl who will always make The besT oT Things . . . Fa- voriTe song is "SouTh oT The Border." MARIE WEIKERT--A quieT, sweeT young miss . . . AbouT 5 TeeT 2 inches Tall . . . CURTIS DEEMS - Call him CurT or Blondie . . .An especially well-liked mem- ber oT The class . . . Maybe ThaT's be- cause he was always promoTing a dance or some oTher good Time . . . ParTici- paTed in TooTball Tor Tour years . . . Cap- Tain oT baskeTball Team This year . . . Member oT Hi-Y, Junior Acl, and STudenT Council . . . Class presidenT in his iunior and senior years. LORMA GALLAHER-l-Ier middle name is Louise . . . A very Triendly, likeable personaliTy . . . SomeTimes caughT hold- ing The bag, Tor she was Treasurer oT boTh Seco and Junior Ad . . . Member oT ChemisTry Club, Hi-Tri. Speech ArTs. and NaTional Honor SocieTy . . . Sang wiTh chorus in senior year. . . Her plans Tor The TuTure are noT yeT deTiniTe. MARGARET HElTZ- HeiTzie was in ev- eryThing . . . Has a very sunny disposi- Tion, loads oT personaliTy. and pep . . . Sang in chorus, glee club. and operas Tor Tour years . . , Member of Hi-Tri, Speech ArTs, G. A. A.. and Nafional Honor So- cieTy . . . ln freshman, sophomore, iunior, and all-school plays . . . Will enroll in Cornell nexT Tall . . . Superior raTing Tor conTralTo solo in pre-sTaTe conTesT. ELIZABETH KNOX-l-las preTTy blue eyes . . . STudious and raTher quieT . . . Sang in chorus during her Treshman year . . . NaTional Honor SocieTy in senior year. . . Likes To wear blue . . . Consid- ers enTering The new school The ouTsTand- ing evenT oT The year . . . Took a com- mercial course . . . Hopes To become a sTenographer . . . SpenT many hours in clerical work Tor speech deparTmenT. EVELYN SMALLEY-Evie knows how To powder her nose properly-She was on The make-up crew Tor The plays Tor Two years . . . Member oT Hi-Tri, Junior Ad, Speech ArTs, and NaTional Honor SocieTy . . . Sang in "Messiah" . . . Member oT G. A. A. Tor Two years . . . Member OT chorus in her senior year . . . AmbiTion is To become a kindergarTen Teacher. MARY ELIZABETH TIMM -'Known as BeTTy . . . A girl who did a biT oT every- Thing . . . Member oT Hi-Tri, G. A. A., chorus, ChemisTry Club, and Speech ArTs . . . NaTional Honor SocieTy in senior year. . . MusT be easy To geT along wiTh. Tor she says she has no peT peeves . . . Likes all sporTs-Especially enioys camp- ing and swimming . . . ls an avid sTar gazer . . .Will aTTend M. J. and S. U.l. TooTball squad in his iunior year . . . OuT Tor TooTball, baskeTball, and Track all Tour years . . . Member oT Hi-Y, STudenT Council, LeT- Termen's Club, and ChemisTry Club . . . Chosen Tor NaTional Honor SocieTy when a junior . . . Hopes To become a TooTball coach . . . Will aTTend S. U. I .... Bill Roach Trophy award. A Hi-Tri girl Tor Two years . . . In dec- lamaTion work Tor Three years . . .Joined NaTional Honor SocieTy in senior year . . . Likes horseback riding, hiking, and music... Plans Tor The TuTure aren'T defi- niTe buT sTenographic work looms up as a possibiliTy . . . AssisTed in high school oTTice during her lasT semesTer. -25- RALPH WEIS-Big Slim is 6 TeeT 2 inch- es Tall . . .A promising sTudenT Tor Ames . . . AcTive in TooTball, Track, Speech ArTs, and ChemisTry Club . . . ParTici- paTed in sophomore, all-school, and ex- change plays . . . Claims he has no hob- bies . . . A True ladies' man . . . Hopes someday To become a chemisT. MALETA AYE-Lee is lhe young lady's nickname . . . She is 5 leel 8 inches lall . . . Somewhal ol an alhlele--Played volleyball during her freshman and iunior years . . . Enioys hunling, hiking. and reading . . . A member ol Hi-Tri, Chemislry Club, and Curia Regia . . . Her vocalion will be nursing. HAROLD BAUMGARDNER-Bummer-A very alhlelic young man renowned lor lhe bumper crop he displays on his chin . . . Parlicipaled in loolball. baskelball. and lrack . . . Co-caplain ol loolball squad in senior year . . . Hi-Y in iunior and senior years . . . Wanls lo become a capilalisl. MYLES BEITZ-Myles is ralher small wilh dark wavy hair and brown eyes . . . A Thespian in lhe lreshman, sophomore, and iunior plays . . . Served on slage crew ol alleschool play . . . A member of Speech Arls . . . In F. F. A. lour years . . . Served as vice-presidenl ol lhe organizalion in his junior year. ROBERT BOHM -Carne lo M. H. S. from Dubuque . . . Is known as Bomber . . .f On loolball and lrack leams for lhree years . . . Says- his favorile ealing place is home-His molher musl be a good cook!-Bul he can cook lool-In lacl, he claims cooking was his lavorile subiecl . . . Would like lo ioin lhe navy or lhe army. M. H. S. SENIORS RICHARD ALBERT-This lad has a leaning loward sciences ol all kinds . . . Came lo M. H. S. lrom Sainl Malhias . . . Has unruly hair plus a mischievous smile . . . Member ol Chemislry Club . . . Dick's hobbies are model airplanes, scoolers, radios, and gasoline engines . . . Plans lo allend an aircrall Trades school. KENNETH M. BERRY-A small boy . . . Ralher quiel . . . Has mischievous eyes . . . Kenny has been aclive in F. F. A. work lor lhree years . . . He goes hunling and collecfs malch-book covers in his spare lime . . . His secrel ambilion is lo lly high some day-lo become an avialor. JAMES BERNARD BELL--Benny has large brown eyes, wavy hair, and lhe much-needed gray maller . . . Expresses his inner- mosl leeling by a lusly "Jirniny crickelsl" . . . Would like lo become an archileclural engineer . . . A member ol Chemislry Club. . . Skelches as a hobby ...Will haunl eilher M. J. C. or Iowa U. nexl lall. JOSEPHINE ELLEN BLAIR-A previous inmale ol Davenporl High . . . Transferred lo M. H. S. lor her senior year . . . lm- medialely became a member of lhal unique Chemislry Club . . . Likes lo skale and swim when she isn'l busy reading . . . Jo is 5 leel 4If2 inches fall . . . Expecls lo enroll in Cedar Rapids Nurses' Training Hospilal. BETTY BABBITT-A quiel lillle miss who lels olhers do lhe lalking . . . Towers exaclly live leel lall-so, well earns her nick- name. Shrimp . . . Dislikes people who chew gum and lalk aboul olhers . . . Her hobby is collecling piclures . . . Favorile subiecl was sociology . . . Hopes lo leach social sciences. SHIRLEY BERGENSKE-Much pep is lied up in lhis brighl- eyed miss . . . Friends call her Red . . . Belonged lo Hi-Tri in her junior and senior years . . . Chemislry Club member when a senior . . . Claims her pel peeve is chemislry . . . Will lake up nursing , . . Plans lo sludy al Iowa Lulheran Hospilal in Des Moines. VICTOR BILL-Jusl call him Vic or Bill . . . A Smilh-Hughes sludenl . . . Aclive in F. F. A. four years . . . Aboul 5 leel 9 inches . . . Likes molorcycling, fishing, and hunling as hobbies . . . Blue is his lavorile color . . .Reads "The Enlhusiasl" in his spare lime . . . Vic plans lo make agricullure his vocalion. GLEN BLOOM+Tall and slender . . . Likes lo swing oul on his sax . . . Slarred in baskelball all four years . . , Also aclive in baseball and lennis . . . A member ol Hi-Y lor lhree years . . . Parlicipaled in Chemislry Club, Lellermen's Club, and Junior Ad when a senior . . . Plans lo go 'lo M. J. C. 26- I MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1940 ROBERT BRADY-Bob is a polenlial busi- ness man . . . 5 leel 8If2 inches lall . . . Ouiel, bul usually knows lhe righl answer . . . Believes in praclising whal he preaches ...His lavorile subiecl was bookkeeping . . . Likes yellow . . . Bob believes lhal gradua- lion is lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe year. ROBERT BOSCH-Noled lor his abilily lo have a good lime . . . Red agrees wilh Presidenl Roosevell on lhe issue ol music- He likes "Home on lhe Range" loo . . . His hobbies are slamp collecling and phologra- phy . . . Prinling was lhis well-known lad's la- vorile subiecl . . . Plans lo become an agri- culluralisl. MARJORIE CHAMBERLIN - Mari is fall and slender . . . Has a lurned-up nose and prelly eyes . . . Belonged lo Hi-Tri in her junior and senior years . . . A member ol chorus when a lreshman . . . Her hobby is roller skaling . . . Would like lo become a beaulician . . . Will probably allend Thomp- son Beauly School. FRANCES BURROUGHS-Her lriends call her Honey , . . Anolher live-looler . . . Has a pleasing manner . . . Member ol Curia Regia in her sophomore year . . . Collecls piclure poslcards as a hobby . . . Dislikes chewing gum . . . Her ambilion is lo be- come a privale secrelary . . . Expecls lo allend a business college. MARGARET CURTIS-Margarel is a very prelly girl wilh a sweel smile and a pleasing personalily . . . A chorisler in her lreshman and sophomore years . . . Also one ol lhose Hi-Tri girls . . . Anolher person who doesn'l like "I lold you so'sII" . . Eilher business or Sammy will claim her aller gradualion. H3AB'ELIi D7R'v'I'5-A who as lull ol vim, vigor, and vilalily . . . Fiddled lor lhree years in lhe orcheslra . . . Helped lo cos- lume M. H. S. dramalisls 'lor lwo years . . . Hopes lo spend her lulure making ladies beaulilul . . . Has a secrel ambilion lo be able lo skale as well as Sonia Henie. GERTRUDE BROMWELL-Called Gerl by her lriends . . . Exaclly 5 leel 4 inches lall . . . English was her lavored subiecl . . . Anolher person who prelers lo do her ealing al home . . . A very likely prospecl, boys. lor her hobby is collecl- ing obiecls lor her hope chesl and her one ambilion is lo become a good house wile. BETTY CALLAWAY- Corkey-A very prelly brunelle . . . Sang in chorus her sophomore and iunior years . . .A mem- ber ol Hi-Tri lor lwo years . . . Also par- licipaled in Curia Regia and Junior Ad . . . Belly's ambilion in lile is lo lravel . . . Callecls loy dogs as a hobby . . . Plans lo enroll al Ames nexl year. PAUL WILLIAM DeCAMP-Here's an- olher fellow wilh plenly ol gray maller slored upslairs . . . P. D. is aboul 5 leel 8 inches lall . . . Blew a bil in orcheslra lor a year . . . A member ol Chemislry Club lhis year. . . Dislikes iillerbugs and calchy lesl queslions . . . Will enroll in M. J. C. LORRAINE BRUNSON - Larry previous- ly allended Franklin Junior High al Rock Island . . . Has a charming and sweel personalily . . . Sang in "Rose ol lhe Danube" and "Fausl" . . . Member ol Hi-Tri in her senior year. . .Also bowled . . . Claims her pel peeve is slaps on lhe back . . . Hopes lo become a nurse ARTHUR CAUSEY- Mr. Causey's son has blue eyes and lighl hair. . . Is ambi- lious lo lravel and become a second Frank Buck . . . Six leel fall . . . Used his heighl lo good advanlage in loolball, baskelball, and lrack . . . A Non Pareil member . . . Prelers lo hunl and lish in his spare lime. DONALD DAVISON-Don is a sweel Ii'I lreckle-laced lad . . . Reads..'.'Esq,ui,re" . . . Slriclly a man's man . . . Incidenl- ally, he's also a lady killer . . Don and Richard Klink ioined lorces al Hi-Y meel- ings lo secure an exlra share ol mealballs . . . An occasional slamp colleclor . . . A lulure M. J. C. sludenl . . . Phone number 2708. ..27-. MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS CDF 1940 DUANE EGEL-Known as Dewey . . Tall, wilh lighl hair and blue eyes . . . An aclive member of F. F. A. for Iour years . . . Goes hunling and horseback riding in his spare lime . . . Wenl lo grade school al Maple Grove School . .. Anolher young man who plans lo +ill lhe soil as a vocalion. MILDRED FISI-I--Called Midge or Fish .. . 5 'feel 8 inches 'Iall . . . Has a friend- ly personalily . . . She will make someone a good wife, lor cooking was her favor- ile subiecl . . . Parliclpaled in Seco dur- ing her senior year . . . Her ambilion is lo own a beauly parlor. JEAN FREERS-Always friendly and usu- ally smiling . . . Member ol Non Pareil and Seco . . . Likewise Hi-Tri . . . Cook- ing and sewing are her hobbies . . . Her iavorile ealing place is lhe Tip Top . . . Favorile sublecl was modern problems . . . Wanfs lo become a beaulician . . . Will sludy in Des Moines. DEE DOUGLASS-Everyone associales handsome Iealures, wavy hair, and sky- blue eyes wilh Dee . . . This cer'l'ain lillle lad declares girls and show-offs are his pel peeves . . . Maybe lhal"s why he's learning 'lo cook . . . Dee's hobby is slamp collecling . . . His Iavorile subiecl was geomelry. RICHARD FIGGE-Nalurally he's called Dick . . . Has lighl hair, blue eyes . . . A member ol: mixed chorus lor lhree years . . . Sang in "Carmen," "Rose of lhe Danube," and "Messiah" . . . Dislikes baby lalk and enioys all ouldoor sporls . . .Would like 'ro become a Ford repre- senlalive-Plans lo allend lhe Ford Mo- lors School. EDNA ANNA FREESE-Her nickname is Freeze . . . Homemaking is her liavorile subiecl . . . A member ol: Seco in her senior year . . . Has lhe Iascinaling hobby of collecling perfume bollles . . . And here's sornelhing novel-Her ambi- lion is To own a 'Iaxi company . . . Will allend A, I. C. in Davenporl. .. 128.- DORIS DRUMM--Dorey is 5 feel 8 inches high . . . Has large, friendly eyes and a prelly smile . . . Belonged lo G. A. A. in her iunior year. . . Hi-Tri when a senior . . . Her ambilion is lo become a leacher . . . Expecls lo allend M. C. and Iowa Slale Teachers' College al Cedar Falls. BEN FINLEY-A friendly grin-a brighl red swealer-a cheery "Hi" will be memor- ies of Ben . . .Transferred here from Cones- ville High School . . , Wanls lo be a 'travel- ing salesman . . . For lhree years Ben was oul for baseball. baskelball, and lrack . . . Likes "Careless" . . . Failhful reader of "Life" magazine OTIS FREYERMUTH-Has Ihe ralher un- usual nickname of Slugger. . . Aboul' 5 feel 7 inches 'fall . . . A quiel, reserved sorl ol person . . . Aclive in F. F. A. for four years . . . Was secrelary ancl 'Ireasurer of The or- ganizalion . . . He claims he dislikes all girls . . . His ambilion is 'Io play ball like Dizzy Dean. JOHN ELLIOTT-This senior has an unusual ambilion--He wanls lo become a successful housemover . . . John lacks one inch ol being a six-Iooler . . . ls a very good lislen- er-a lrue arl . . . His hobby is drumming . . . Ailer gradualion he plans l'o allend Ames. BETTY FOSTER-A quiel, sludious miss, 5 feel 3 inches lall . . . Dislikes people who laugh when fhere isn'l' anylhing lo laugh aboui . . . A member of I-Ii-Tri during her junior and senior years . . .Sang in "Rose oi lhe Danube" when a sophomore . . . Will conlinue her commercial sludies nexl year al A. I. C. in Davenporl. WINFIELD SCOTT FRYE-Scolfly or Small Fry-Take your choice . . . Has allained The aslounding heighl ol: 5 feel I inch . . . His favorile song is "Indian Summer" . . . Eighlh periods and advanced assignmenls are Scol- ly's pel' peeves . . . A reader of "Life" and "Look" . . ., Noled for his sense ol: humor . . . Liked sociology. M. H. S. SENIORS LUCILLE FULLER-Whaf else could her nickname be buf Lucy? . . . Has a preffy smile . . . Abouf 5 feef 9 inches fall-Claims her heighf is her pef peeve . . . Sang in chorus during her fresh- man and sophomore years . . . Belonged fo Seco in her senior year . . . Lucy's ambifion is fo become a sales clerk. GERALD GERTH-Known as Jerry . . . Abouf 5 feef 9 inches fall . . . Sfrong, silenf fype . . . Prinfing was his favorife subiecf . . . Dislikes gossip and fhose who gossip . . . Repairs cars in his spare fime . . . Considers fhe homemaking carnival fhe oufsfanding evenf of fhe pasf year . . . Would like fo affend York College. HERMAN GRAVERT--A good-looking blond wifh blue eyes . . . One of fhose sfage hands . . . Wonder whaf his reacfion would be if fhe scenery collapsed during fhe performance of a play . . . Herman affended Lincoln Grade School . . . Offen seen abouf fown in a coupe wifh a cerfain iunior college sfudenf. MARIBEL GREEN-Mary's nickname is Belle . . . Has rosy cheeks and a preffy smile . . . Enioys keeping a diary-Her classmafes would undoubfedly enioy if foo . . . Acfive in Hi-Tri and Seco for fhree years . . . Sang in chorus one year . . . Also a bowler . . . Hopes fo enfer nurses' fraining af Iowa Cify nexf year. MAXINE FURNAS-Her friends call her Mac or Pickles . . . Has large blue eyes . . . A good Iisfener . . . Presidenf of Seco in her senior year... Belonged fo Hi-Tri when a senior. . . Sang in "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . Domesfically inclined, because fancywork is her hobby . . . Her single ambifion is fo become a housewife. GLADYS GEIRSE-Jusf call her Leffuce-nofhing else Though, because some nicknames of hers are pef peeves . . . Ouief, friendly, and good-nafured . . . A former Nicholife . . . Gladys fook a commercial course . . . Hopes fo use fhe fypewrifer someday for a business execufive . . . Wanfs fo go fo Muscafine Junior College. JOHN GRAHAM -Towers six feef fall . . .John has belonged fo F. F. A. for four years . . . One of fhose pofenfial brainfrusi' members who like fo work crossword puzzles . . . Mighf be heard whisfling "Oh, Johnny" abouf The halls . . . Reads "Popular Mechanics" religiously . . . Will probably go fo junior college . . . Ieikcs blue. i ELIZABETH FULLIAM-Alias Lizzie . . . A cufeiliffle miss who is full of pep and energy . . . Saw her iusf once when she wasn'f in a hurry . . .A member of Hi-Tri, Seco. Junior Ad, and Speech Arfs . . . On sfage crew for plays . . . Sang in chorus and' operas for fhree years . . .Plans fo become a nurse. CLYDE GABRIEL, JR.- Known as Junior . . . A iovial, friendly fellow . . . Had a bif of old-fashioned hard luck lasf year. buf refurned fo M. H. S. beffer fhan ever. . . A member of Hi-Y for fhree years . . . Acfive in play work and Junior Ad . . . Presidenf of Speech Arfs in senior year. . . Hopes fo sfudy law af M. J. C. and Iowa U. DONALD GRAYeDon fo all his friends . . . Has a nice disposi- 'Hon . . . Preffy blue eyes . . . Member of I-Ii-Y in his junior and senior years . . .On fennis feam when a iunior-Sfudenf manager in '39 . . . Reads liferafure on aufomobiles in his spare fime . . . Plans fo become an accounfanf . . . Will affend A. I. C. in Dav- enporf nexf year. VIRGINIA GREENWALD-Virginia is abouf 5 feef 3 inches fall . . . One of fhe preffiesf of senior girls . . . Rafher quief . . . Belonged fo Seco and Hi-Tri in her senior year . . . Spends her spare fime keeping a diary . . , Also collecfs picfures of baskef- ball players . . . Her ambifion is fo become a nurse. -29 JANET GROSJEAN -Jan is 5 feel' 7 inches fall . . . Afhlefically minded and afhlefically builf . . . Wears her clofhes well . . . Always smiling . . . Acfive in G. A. A. for four years . . . Member of chorus when a freshman and sophomore . . . Hi-Tri in her senior year . . . Her favorife color is brown . . . Likes phofography . . . Hopes fo become a physical educafion insfrucfor. I MUSCATINE HIGH SCHGCL CLASS OF 1940 EMMA GROSS-hJusT called plain Emma . . . Has a pleasing personaliTy . . . Un- like mosT girls she has naTurally curly hair ...Sang in "Rose oT The Danube" in her Treshman year. . . Claims her peT peeve is smarT alecks . . . CollecTs maTchebook covers as a hobby . . . ExpecTs To become a secreTary. T 1 LAUREL HARMS-A very preTTy girl . . . SomeTimes called Lolly . . . Has naT- urally curly hair . . . Belonged To Hi-Tri Tor Three years . . . Auroran circulaTion assisTanT , . . Her hobbies are dancing and chewing gum-She can derive doue ble enioymenT and save Time by combin- ing Them . . . Hopes To become a pri- vaTe secreTary and Then marry The boss! JEAN HOEKSEMA-Jean Tormerly aT- Tended iunior high school in CaliTornia ...AbouT 5 TeeT 4 inches Tall . . . Blonde hair-Hazel eyes . . . Member oT Jun- ior Ad, Speech ArTs, and Hi-Tri . . . On permanenT sTage-Turnishing crew Tor plays . . . FavoriTe eaTing place is The Chrome Room . . . Hopes To become a secreTary. FRANCES GROSSKLAUS-Frannie is a cuTe girl wiTh a cuTe giggle . . . Some oT Those preTTy kniT sweaTers she wore were her own handiwork , . . Sang in "FausT," "Rose oT The Danube," and "Messiah' '... A member oT Hi-Tri Tor Two years . . . Frannie's ambiTion is To Travel . . . ExpecTs To aTTend Ames or The UniversiTy oT Iowa. RUTH HEALY-5 TeeT 8lf2 inches Tall . . . Has a Triendly smile Tor everyone . . . Sang in "FausT," "Rose oT The Dan- ube," and "Carmen" ...Superior raTing Tor vocal solo in pre-sTaTe conTesT . . . Also a member oT chorus, girls' glee club, and The mixed guarTeT . . . Hopes To Tur- Ther her knowledge oT music by aTTending The UniversiTy oT Wisconsin. ' JOYCELYN HEUER-Joycelyn is only 5 TeeT 3 inches Tall . . . Would like To be somebody's secreTary . . . Took a com- mercial course . . .Her TavoriTe subiecT was shorThand . . . This young lady be- longed To Seco Tor Three years . . . ln her spare Time Joycelyn reads and hikes . . . Demure . . . Reads "LiTe" magazine. MARY GUILE-ShorTy is 4 TeeT 8 inches fall . . . Has blonde wavy hair and a sunny disposiTion . , . CollecTs recipes . . . Likes To roller-skaTe . . . Has hopes oT becoming a kindergarTen Teacher , . . Will aTTend M. J. C. nexT Tall . , . PeT peeve is conceiTed persons . . . Likes The color blue . . . STud- ied a commercial course. WILBERT HETLAND- Bill is 5 TeeT 8 inches Tall . . . Uses his spare Time collecTing sTamps and milk boTTle caps . . . WanTs To be an inTerior decoraTor . . . Dreamy eyes . , . His TavoriTe subiecT was prinTing-- Wonder if he ever dropped a case oT Type? . . . Reads "Home Mechanics" . . . During his senior year he was ouT Tor Track. MARTLYN HEUER-Five TeeT fall . , . One oT The TiniesT girls in her class . . . As such, chosen Tor one oT The assisTanT cooks in The Treshman play . . . A member oT Seco and G. A. A .... BesT-liked subiecT was English . . . Her TavoriTe songs are "ScaTTerbrain" and "ChaTTerbox." JUNE HANSEN-June came To M. H. S. Trom WilTon High School . . . Their loss- M. H. S. gain . . . A sweeT girl wiTh a Triend- ly smile . . . Her TavoriTe song: "SouTh oT The Border" . . . FavoriTe color: blue . . . FavoriTe subiecT: Typing . . .Took a commer- cial course--Plans To become a sTenog- rapher. BETTY HESS-Should make an ideal nurse -Lovely voice. sweeT smile, charming per- sonaliTy, and deTiniTely goodelooking . . . AcTive in music work . . . Belonged To chorus lasT Two years . . .This popular maiden liked chemisTry . . . AT one Time or anoTher on The roll calls oT ChemisTry Club, Junior Ad, Curia Regia, and Hi-Tri. FRED HTNTERMETSTER-This senior lad Towers 6 TeeT IV2 inches Tall . . . Called Freddie . . . Has large brown eyes . . . DeTiniTely The silenT Type . . . Liked eco- nomics beTTer Than any oT his oTher sTudies . . . AviaTion is his hobby . . .FavoriTe song is "SouTh oT The Border" . . . Plans To aT- Tend M. J. C, nexT Tall. M. H. S. SENIORS RUTH HOA6- Rulh is a soulhpaw . . .Ouiel and sweel are lhe adieclives lhal besl describe her-Sweel smile, prelly eyes . . . A member ol Seco in her senior year. . . Keeping scrapbooks is her hobby . . . She hopes lo become a rural leacher and will conlinue her sludies al Cedar Falls. LORAINE HOLLIDAY-Her middle name is Burdelle . . . A dainly, quiel young miss . . . 5 leel I inch lall . . . Known as Squirl . . . In her junior year she belonged lo Hi-Tri . . . Mem- ber ol chorus in her lreshman and sophomore years . . . Claims lhe oulslanding evenl ol her senior year was serving, lwelve eighlh periods. RUBY HOUSEMAN-Rube is aboul 5 leel 3 inches lall . . . Has prelly hair and eyes . . . Took a commercial course bul en- joyed laking cooking mosl . . . Ruby claims her pel peeve is lhe lacl lhal lhere is no lalking allowed in lhe school library . . . Her hobby is ealing . . . Expecls lo allend a beauly school nexl year. JEANNE JOHNSON - Small, blue-eyed. peppy, and mis- chievous are all adieclives lhal describe Jeanne . . . Jusl a home girl al hearl, lor home economics was her lavorile sub- iecl . . . Parlicipaled in declamalion work and Hi-Tri when a lreshman . . . Says her hobby is ealing . . . Plans lo become a beaulician. MARTEN HONTS-Now here, my young lassies, is a lad who likes all lrish songs . . . Bul don'l ask him ridiculous queslions- He claims lhey are his pel peeve . . . Parlicipaled in loolball and lrack lor lwo years . . . Aboul 5 leel 9 inches lall . . . Claims he has no hobby . . . Single ambilion is lo do somelhing worlh while. MARGARET HOOVER-Margarel is nol a relalive ol lhe lor- mer presidenl . . . Middle name is Lorella . . . Ol medium slal- ure . . . Her lavorile subiecl was shorlhand . . . Considers lhe Diagonal dedicalion game lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe year . . . Would like lo become a courl reporler . . . A prospeclive sludenl lor A. l. C. ol Davenporl. DOROTHEY HUBBARD-Her pals know her as Do . . .Almosl 5 leel 7 inches lall . . . Served as caplain ol girls' volleyball leam one semesler . . . Enjoys sporls ol all kinds, especially kil- lenball and volleyball . . . Favorile expression: "Why shore!" . . . Favorile song: "Alexander's Raglime Band" . . . Would like lo become a beaulician. PHYLLIS LUCILLE JAMES- Has lhe unusual nickname ol Pudie . . . A quiel girl wilh prelly hair and a lrue schoolgirl complex- ion . . . Aboul 5 leel 3lf2 inches lall . . . Anolher girl who likes lo cook- Bul says her pel peeve is dishes-Why nol lry paper plales, Phyllis? . . . Hopes lo do some lraveling in lhe lulure. -3l HELEN MAE HIDLEBAUGH -Sis is one ol lhe lew young ladies who are smarl enough lo lel lhe olhers do lhe lalking . . . A member ol Seco lor one year . . . Anolher girl who lavored home- making . . . Collecls pholographs ol movie slars . . . Claims her ambilion is lo be a laxicab driver!! DONALD HOUK-Doc plans lo become a velerinary . . . Aboul 5 leel 9 inches lall . . . Has dark hair and eyes . . .A member ol Curia Regia and Chemislry Club lor one year . . . His hobby is raising chickens . . . Ol his science course he enioyed chemislry mosl . . . Will enroll al Ames nexl lall. MAXINE JACKSON-Has lhe llowery lirsl name ol lris . . . Her lriends call her Pug . . . Aboul 5 leel 3 inches +aII . . . Ea- vorile subiecl: cooking . . . Favorile color: green . . . Favorile song: "Dardanella" . . . Collecls words ol songs lor a hobby . . . Ambilion in lile is lo lravel abroad . . . Will probably allend a business school. LEOLA BESS JAMES-Alias Lullabye . . . 62 inches lall . . . Has prelly hair and eyes . . . Sang in "Fausl" and "Rose ol lhe Dan- ube" . . . Claims lhal some ol her nicknames are her pel peeves . . . Plays piano and skales in her odd momenls . . . Blue is her lavorile color . . . Hopes lo become a slenographer. MAVIS KOEPPING-Alias May . . . 5 feel 7 inches 'laII . . .A Typical Musky glamour girl . . . Belonged lo G. A. A. for Iwo years-Secrelary-Ireasurer of 'rhe I939'4O club . . . Sewing was her besl'-liked subiecl . . . May sludied a commercial course . . . Coniidenlially, Though, she'd love Io 'rravel . . . Mighl be heard declaring, "I ain"r fussy." RICHARD KLINK--Known as Burch . . . Dark hair and skin . . . Full of pep . . . Possesses a good sense of humor . . . Member of Hi-Y. Chemislry Club, and Junior Ad . . . Sporfs edilor of The Auroran . . . Chemislry was his pei peeve . . . A slamp colleclor . . . Will allend Muscaline Junior College nexl Tall. MAXINE KEMPER-Mac is 5 leer 7 inches 'fall . . . A member ol G. A. A. in her senior year . . . Sewing and reading are her hobbies . . . Favorile ealing place: home . . . Favorile magazine: "Look" . . . Favorile color: red . . . Pei peeve: Keeping awake . . Her ambilion in life is Io make olhers happy. BETTE LAMB- A girl who was always yelling her head oh! for M. H. S.- Was a cheer leader for Iwo years . . . Called Lambie . . . Has a good personalily and much pep . . .A member ol G. A. A., Pep Club, Ushers' Club. and Seco . . . Enioys wriling Iel- 'rers and riding a bicycle. M. H. S. SENIORS DOROTHY KEMPER-Doddy 'ro her friends . . . Jusl' a sporls- woman al hear?-Likes lo ice-skaie and swim . . . Her pei peeve is hearing someone boo al a baskelball or Ioolball game . . . Dorolhy should make an excellenl wife for some lucky Tel- Iow--Her iavorile subiecl was cooking . . . Wanls lo lravel. LE ROY JONES-One of lhe Jones boys . . . Known as Doke . . . Aclive in Toolball, baskelball, Track, and baseball . . . Served as capfain of bolh baskelball and Ioolball squads . . . Chosen as all-slale guard on I. D. P. A. Team . . . A class officer in '38 . . . Doke will allend Iowa U. or Iowa Wesleyan . . . Hopes 'ro be a coach. LAWRENCE ARTHUR KORNEMAN-Claims he's called Bob . . . Has large blue eyes-A slow, easy-going manner . . . An ardenl golf enlhusiasl . . . When he's nol al The golf course, he'lI probably be found bowling wilh 'rhe Korny Keglers . . . Favors Iowa U .... His hobbies are collecling slamps and coins. LEO KOSSIVES-Known as Curly . . . Has black eyes, prelly Ieelh, and a pleasanl smile . . . On Ioolball B squad for Iwo years . . . Parlicipaled in Track for lhree years . . . Chemislry Club member . . . His arnbilion is lo be able io relire al Ihe age ol 35 . . . Will allend Muscaline Junior College. WARREN JOHNSON--John is fha? good-looking addilion lo The senior class who Transferred from Le Mars High School . . . Oflen heard exclaiming, "You ain'l a kidding" . . . Considers sfarling school al M. H. S. The oulsianding even? of 'rhe year . . . He expecls Io sludy engineering al Ihe Universily of Wise consin. FERYL KENT-Coon is almosl 6 'Feel fall . . . Dark eyes and dark hair . . . On baseball leam in his iunior year . . . Claims cooking was his Tavorile subiecf . . . Disliked any kind ol sludy- ing . . . Is a 'rrue ladies' man . . . A philosophical soul. for he says he expecfs Io allend 'rhe school of life. OLGA KOCHNEFF-Olga is 6IIf2 inches from head 'ro foe . .. Allended grade school al Jackson . . . Took a general course al M. H. S .... Favorile subieci was crealive wriling . . . Olga served as head of make-up crew in her senior year . . . Likes Io dance and roller-skale . . . Will enroll al The Burlinglon Beauly Academy. CLINTON KURRIGER - Babe is 5 feel 8 inches from The ground . . . Took a science course . . . Pariicipaled in baseball for one year . . . Anolher sramp colleclor . . . Likes lhe song "ScaHerbrain" . . . Clinlon musl be a 'rhinker--AI leasl he's nol a ralker. 32- MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1940 BERNICE LANGE-Known as Bee. .. Has dark skin, large, appealing eyes . . .Allend- ed iunior high al Pasadena, Calilornia . . . A member ol Hi-Tri in her iunior and sen- ior years . . . Auroran lypisl when a senior . . . Claims lyping is her hobby . . . Took a commercial course and hopes lo become a slenographer. VIOLA LONG- Has lhe nickname ol Susie lor some unknown reason . . . Possesses large dark eyes . . . 6I inches lall . . . A good dancer and roller skaler . . . Belonged lo Hi-Tri and G. A. A. in her senior year . . . Considers vacalion lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe year , . . Would like lo allend lhe Slale Universily ol Iowa. WILLIAM MARTIN-BiII's middle name is Davison . . . Almosl 6 leel lall . . . Parlici- paled in lrack and lennis in his sophomore year. . . Sang in "Fausl," "Rose ol lhe Dan- ube," and "Messiah" . . . An address col- leclor . . . Likes lhe song "Anchors Aweighw . . . Dislikes eighlh periods . . . His ambi- lion is lo be able lo relire rich. WILMA MARDOCK - Willie is aboul 5 leel 5 inches lall . . . Has a cule, ralher Soulhern drawl . . . A nice complexion . . . A cheer leader lor lwo years . . . Belongecl lo Seco and Pep Club... Did a bil ol sing- ing in "Rose ol lhe Danube" . . . Dislikes blond boys . . . Likes "Scallerbrain" . . . Her lulure plans are indelinile, HAROLD LICHTENWALD- Laciiiy is going lo devole himsell lo saving souls-He plans lo become a minisler . . . Aboul 5 leel 7 inches lall . . . Ouiel and reserved . . . Debaled in his iunior year . . . Edilorial wriler lor lhe weekly Auroran when a sen- ior . . . Likes lo nickname his lriends . . . Collecls slamps . , . Will allend Norlhwesl- ern Bible School. ANNA MAE MARTIN-Sis is 5 feel 8 GERALD LANFIER-Jerry is a round- laced, rosy-cheeked lad . . . 5 leel Il inches fall . . . Used lhis heighl lo good advanlage on lhe loolball squad lor lour years . . . In chorus lor lwo Years . . . Oul lor lrack lor one year . . . Collecls coins as a hobby , . . Plans lo allend lhe Slale Universily ol Iowa. MORRIS MAISENBACI-I N Pele is known as lhe Casanova ol lhe senior class . . . Tenor soloisl for lwo years-Superior raling in pre-slale conlesl . . . Belonged lo mixed and boys' quarlels . . . An ac- live parlicipanl in chorus and dramalics lhroughoul his high school career , . . Belonged lo Speech Arls. Chemislry Club, and Hi-Y. DOTTIE McCULLOUGH - Dollie's real name is Mariorie . . . A very aclive girl JUNIOR LANGE-Has lhe very odd nickname ol Birdseed-A good lhing il's nol Squirrel Food . . . Tall. dark, and handsome . . .A valuable member ol lhe loolball leam . . . Parlicipaled in lrack lor lhree years . . . Says his pel peeve is Harold Baumgardner . . . A goll en- lhusiasl . . . Wanls lo become a capilal- isl. JACK HAROLD RICHARD McCONlXlA- HA-Jack lound many lhings Ibesides Evelynl lo keep him busy . . . Parlici- paled in Speech Arls and Junior Ad . . . A chorisler lor lour years . . . Has a winning smile-A mischievous lwinkle in his eyes. . .Targel praclice is his hob- by . . . Will allend Muscaline Junior College nexl lall. BETTE McGINNIS--Belle is iusl called Belle . . . A very sludious girl . . . Has inches lall . . .Sweel and likeab-le are lwo words lhal besl describe her . . . Sang in "Fausl" and "Rose ol lhe Danube" . . . A member ol Hi-Tri during her senior year. . . Was counly presidenl ol 4-H Club . . . She will allend Slale Teachers' College al Ce- dar Falls nexl year. . . . Belonged-lo Seco. FIi7'I'ri, Non Par- eil, Speech Arls, Ushers' Club, and Chemislry Club . . . Parlicipaled in speech work lor lwo years . . . Her la- vorile color is blue . . . Her lavorile song, "Blue Orchids" . . . Dollie's ambi- lion is lo become a children's nurse. a pIeasin'g'p'e1sonali'Iy . . . A Seco, I-Ii-Tri, and Chemislry Club . . . Likes lo dance and skale . . . Also likes "Billy" . . . Enlering lhe new high school was lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe year lor her . . .She plans lo become an ac- counlanl. JAMES IRWIN METCALFE-Bud will have many dealings wilh lhe dead if he fulfills his ambilion lo become an underlaker . . . A member of Chemislry Club in his senior year . . . English was his favorile subiecl . . . Has lhe worlh-while hobby of collecling pennies . . . Likes lo do his ealing al lhe Chrome Room. ERNEST LE ROY METCALFE-Percy-Sileel 8 inches +aIl . . . Wanls lo manage a firm , . . Maybe lhal's why he look a busi- ness course and is planning lo allend a business college . . .iOne of lhose rare specimens of humanily who like malhemalics . . English was his favorile grouch . . . Red is his lavorile color. FERN MITTMAN- Barney has sparkling brown eyes as well as a sparkle all her own . . . Acled in lhe iunior class play . . . Uses lhal exlra energy in swimming and bowling in lhe girls' league . . . Fern's favorile subiecl was salesmanship . . . Capable of pulling herself across anywhere . . . Belonged lo Non Pareil and Speech Arls. ' WILLIAM MOOMEY-His pals call him Bill . . . Anolher six- fooler . . . Came from Lincoln Grade School . . . Sludied a gen- eral course bul preferred sociology . . . Favorile color is blue . . . Likes ealing al home besl . . . A very lalkalive lad who always has a big grin for everyone . . . Would like lo become an avia- lor. LT. , ,, M. H. S. SENIORS MINNA MEHLIS-Alias Sil . . . Anolher of fhose sweel li'l blondes . . . ls planning lo be a beauly operalor . . . Her hob- bies are reading and collecling recipes . . . Homemaking was SiI's mosl inleresling subiecl . . . Promoled from lhe Zion Lulh- eran Grade School . . . Oflen heard humming "Soulh of lhe Border." DOROTHY MILLETT-A very good-looking blonde . . . Called Joe by her friends . . . Will be a good housewife some day, for homemaking was her favorile subiecl . . . Aclive in G. A. A. during her junior year . . . Likes lo read . . . Jusl 62 inches high . . . Ambilious lo become a lelephone operalor. ARTHUR MITTMAN-People are always asking Arl how lhe wealher is 'way up lhere- I-le's almosl 6 feel 2 inches lall . . . Parlicipaled in baseball and baskelball . . . Anolher alhlele whose favorile colors are black and blue . . . Member of Hi-Y . . . Presidenl of Chemislry Club . . . Only ambilion is lo be- come a success. MARGARET NASH-Marg has one of lhe mosl fascinaling laughs in lhe class . . . Perhaps her good humor will help her in her chosen field of primary leaching . . . Wanls lo go lo Drake Universily . . . Nice brown eyes . . . Sang in "Fausl" and "Messiah" her freshman year . . . Belanged lo G. A. A. ALICE METCALFE-Her associales know her as Sally . . . A very quiel girl . . . Has a nice complexion and lhe prelliesl blue eyes . . . A member of lhe school orcheslra for lhree years . . . Her pel peeve is secrels . . . Her single ambilion in life is lo make lhe worsl beller and lhe beller besl. ROLLAND MILLS- Pele is a lanky lad, 6 feel lall . . . Has dark brown eyes and dimples . . . A failhful member ol chorus for lhree years . . . l-le sang in "Faust" "Rose of lhe Danube." "Messiah," and "Carmen" . . . His hobby is pholography . . . Frequenlly heard saying. "ls lhal so?" . . . Favorile song: "Scal- lerbrain." GENEVIEVE MEYERS-Gen has large brown eyes and a friend- ly smile . . . Previously allended Jackson School . . . Sludied a commercial course al high school bul preferred sociology . . . Praclical iokes are her pel peeves . . . Her hobby is drawing . . . Gen plans lo sludy nursing al lhe Lulheran Hospilal in Des Moines. LEVI ODELL-Mr. Odell's young Caruso is called Andy . . . Parlicipaled in chorus, boys' quarlel. and mixed quarlel . . . Oul for foolball for one year . . .A member of Chemislry Club . . . Hopes lo make a place for himself in lhe music world . . . Makes model airplanes in his spare lime . . . Favorile expression: "l bel ya." 34- MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1940 HAROLD OETZEL-Junior is a characler who deserved lo be elecled class clown . . . Served as presidenl of Hi-Y and Junior Ad . . . Member ol Sludenl Council, Chemislry Club, and Auroran Slall . . . Ouill and Scroll honors . . . A dangerous person, loo, lor his hobby is collecling swords and guns. ELVIN PHILLIPS-Twinkleloes is 5 feel' 6 inches lall ...Has curly hair, blue eyes... Well known lor his remarkable dancing abil- ily . . . A member ol 'rhe loolball squad lor one year . . . One ol lhe "girls" in lhe chorus review al lhe homemaking carnival . . . Cooking was his lavoriie subiecl' . . . His ambilion is lo become a pilol. WILBUR PROFFITT--Buck enioyed his cook- ing class mosl ol all-Food 'Iasles good any lime . . . When Buck begins his career as a salesman maybe he'll sell food . . . One ol lhe aclors in frhe minslrel show ar lhe home- making carnival . . . Played loolball his jun- ior year . . . A coin colleclor. JOHN EDWARD OHLSEN-Beller known as Jack . . . Has blond hair, blue eyes. and a lriendly personalily . . . Member ol Hi-Y, Speech Arls, and Chemislry Club . . . A Thespian loo-Acled in lhe iunior class play, The all-school play. and lhe exchange play . . . His ambilion is lo become a doclor. ADALINE PERKINS-Her middle name is Franky . . . Has nalurally curly hair . . . A nice disposilion . . . A member ol Non Pareil, Chemislry Club, and Junior Ad . , . Parlicipaled in G. A. A. lor lhree years . . . Hi-Tri lor Iwo years . . . Sporls wriler For lhe weekly Auroran . . . Considers iunior-senior prom lhe oulslanding ever,l of The year . . . Will allend Coe in Cedar Rapids. FRANCES RAGAN-Frances was a member EVELYN ORR- Her 'Friends call her Evy . . , Aboul 5 leel 5 inches lall , . . Has light hair, blue eyes, an up-'lurned nose . . . A member ol Hi-Tri lor Iwo years . . . Belonged lo Seco during her junior and senior years . . . Sewing is her hobby . . . Plans lo become a slenographer and an office worker. DOROTHY PACE - Dorolhy has lighl hair, a nice complexion. and prelly dim- ples . . . Jusl 5 feel' 2 inches 'fall . . .A member of Hi-Tri in her senior year . . . Sang in "Messiah" and olher presenla- lions during her iunior and senior years .., Plans To become a dielician ...Will enroll in Ames nexl fall. DOROTHY POWELL--Pow-wow wanls il' known 'rhal she is nol an Indian . . . A debaler lor four years . . . Served as secrelary of Speech Arls and N. F. L. . . . Belonged l'o G. A. A., Hi-Tri, and Curia Regia . . . Dorolhy is usually found bowling if she isn'I busy dancing or read- ing . . . Her vocalion is undecided. RICHARD OSTRANDER-Some call him Ossie-Olhers, Dick . . . Parlicipaled in loolball and lrack . . . Also a member of Chemislry Club . . . Ollen pops upwilh lhe queslion "How can ya fell?" . . . Pholography is his hobby , . . An ardenl reader ol "Popular Science" . . . Dick plans fo enroll al Ames nexl' fall. PAULINE PARKER-Blondie is anolher feminine aflraclion of lhe senior class. Parlicipaled in G. A. A. for lour years . . . Sang in chorus lor one year . . . Ollen seen dancing or skaling . . . Jusl 63 inches lall . . . Her favorile song is "Blue Orchids" . . . Plans 'Io become a lypisl in an oflice. WILLARD RANDLES-Toad . . . Occa- sionally gave oul brillianl answers in civ- ics class . . . Allracls Ihe girls wi'Ih Ihe dimple in his chin ...One of lhe Fulure Farmers of America for four years . . . He wanls lo become an agricullure lhis iavorile subiecll inslruclor . . . As a freshman Toad played baseball, . . Pre- lers blue. of Seco-So she musl know somelhing aboul cooking . . . Jusl 5 feel lall ...A cule lillle girl wilh a cule way aboul her . . . Likes dancing and swimming , . . Biology was her lavorile subiecl . . . She will conlinue her commercial sludies al a business college nexl fall. -35- MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1940 DOROTHY BERNICE RAY- Dollie is known as Freckles . . . Has honesl-lo- goodness nalurally curly hair. . . Usually lels olhers do lhe conversing . . .Ol her commercial sludies she prelerred shorl- hand . . . Greels her lriends by a lriendly "Hi, Kid" . . . Ambilious lo become a successlul slenographer. RAYMOND REXROTH-Rex came lo M. H. S. lrom Willon High School . . . Lacks one inch ol being a six-looler . . . Commercial geography was his lavorile subiecl . . . Economics was his pel peeve ...Slill likes lhe lune "Beer Barrel Polka" . . . A second Wimpy because Maidrile slands are his prelerred ealing places . . . Would like lo ioin lhe navy. HAROLD RIGGS-6 leel 2 wilh eyes ol blue-And oh, whal lhose six leel can do. especially on a baskelball courl . . . Al midsemesler he look over a regular iob as cenler on lhe Purple and Gold quinlel . . . Translerred lrom Canesville ...A Glen Miller lan . . . Prelers blondes . . . Fulure avialor. MARY IDA REED-Likes lo be called M. I.-lvlusl like lhe song "M. I. Proud?" . . . Previously allended school in Illinois . . .A Hi-Tri girl in her senior year . . Parlicipaled in gym when a iunior Has alriendly "Hiya" lor everyone... Favorile paslime is making scrapbooks . . . Hopes lo become a lelephone oper- alor. CHARLES VVILLIAM REIFERT- Has lhe dislinclive appellalion ol Buller . . .Took a general course, bul preferred science lo his olher subiecls . . . 6 leel I inch lall . . .Shows his disgusl by an exasper- aled sounding "NulsI" . . . Reads "Lib- erly" in his spare lime . . . Would like lo become an avialor. JANE RICHMAN-Sawdusl came lo M. H. S. lrom Maquokela High School . . . Small, dark-haired . . . A Hi-Tri girl lor lwo years . . .A member ol Seco during her senior year. . . Parlicipaled in G. A. A. when a iunior . . . Likes sewing and roller skaling . . . Her ambilion is lo be a good housewile. DOROTHY REDMAN -Dol is a pianisl . .. Has a prelly smile . . .Sang in "Rose ol lhe Danube," "Carmen," and "Messiah" . . . Anolher I-li-Tri girl during her senior year . . . Her hobby is music . . . Likes "Sunrise Serenade" . . . Green is her lavorile color . . . Plans lo enler business aller gradualion. CHARLES RHODES-Chesler's lwin bro- lher . . . Says his nickname is Dusly . . Aboul 6 leel 2If2 inches lall . . . Sang in "Rose ol lhe Danube" and "Carmen" . . . Charles and Chesler are lhe cause ol many a leacher's headache-They make lhe leach- ers lhink lhey are seeing double . . . Pho- lography is his hobby . . . Plans lo be:ome a bolller. RUTH RHODES-Rulh is one person in school who can lell her brolhers aparl . . . Her middle name is Marie . . . Almosl 5 leel 8 inches lall . . . Sang in "Rose ol lhe Danube" . . .A member ol G. A. A., Seco. and Hi-Tri . . . Collecls malch-book covers as a hobby . . . Hopes lo become a beau- lician. GILBERT REINIER - Buck previously al- lended a rural school . . . Al M. H. S. he sludied lhe Smilh-Hughes course . . . A member ol F. F. A. lor lour years . . . Likes lhe Iowa Slale song . . . Il lhe F. F. A. ball leam would ever win a game. he claims he would consider lhal viclory lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe Year . . . Hopes lo become a prosperous larmer. CHESTER RHODES - Chesler claims his nickname is Dusly, looll . . . Lacks one inch ol being as lall as Charles . . . Like hall ol America, Chesler collecls slamps . . . Be- Iongecl lo lhe Slamp Club lor one year. . . Likes lhe song "Blue Hawaii" . . . Goes hunling and fishing in his spare lime . . . Like Charles, he plans lo become a bolller. HAROLD ROBINSON -Translerred lrom Lone Tree High School ... I-larold's lavorile subiecl was prinling . . . Ralher quiel in his classes, bul he usually knew lhe righl answers . . . Collecls slamps . . . He wanls lo be a mechanic . , . A lulure iunior college slu- denl . . . Likes lhe song "Soulh ol lhe Bor- der" . . . Partial lo navy blue. M. H. S. SENIORS WILLIAM ALDEN SCHREURS-Bill found many fhings fo keep him busy . . . Sang in chorus four years . . . Bofh Curia Regia and Hi-Y claimed him as a member for a year . . . Sfage elec- frician for fwo years . . , His pef peeve is smarf guys . . . His hobby is cars . . . ls ambifious fo become a lawyer. EDNA LEONA SCHILDBERG-Her friends call her Onie . . . 5 feef 4 inches lall . . . Formerly she aflended school af Illinois Cify, Illinois . . , A I-li-Tri girl for 'three years . . . Enioys swim- ming, hiking, and fishing . . . Dislikes secrels . . . Leona plans fo confinue her sfudies nexl' fall af A. l. C. in Davenporf. SHIRLEY SHIELD-A good-looking bruneffe . . . Jusf 5 feef 3 inches 'fall . . . Shirley was a member of G. A. A. during .her junior year . . . l-ler favorife subiecf was senior science . . . Goes horseback riding in her spare fime . . . Will enroll af Cedar Falls nexf fall. VERA MAE SCHMITT-Vera Mae is anofher fall Musky gal . . . Known as Ticky . . . Liked shorfhand beffer fhan her ofher commercial sfudies . . . A member of Hi-Tri and G. A. A. for a year . . . Offen pops up wifh fhe quesfion "I-low can you fell?" All kinds of sporfs are her hobbies . . . Likes fo read "Look." ANNE SCI-IMARJE-Anne is slender. blonde, and rafher fall . . . Anofher good prospecf, boys-Homemaking was her favorife subiecf . . . A member of Seco in her senior year . . . l-las 'rwo pef peeves-Feryl Kenf and sfudying . . . I-ler favorife song is "Rosalie" . . . She also hopes fo devole her fufure fime 'ro making women beauliful. KENNETH SHOULTZ-6 feef 2If2 inches of brawn . . . Kenny was a member of F. F. A. all four years . . . Acfed as sergeanf al arms for lhe local chapfer . . . Parficipafecl in foofball and baskefball . . . Shiffed scenery wifh fhe sfage crew . . . Kenny was always willing fo help where he could . . . Wanfs fo 'reach or 'lo farm. WALTER SHIELD-Walf is seldom seen wilhoul Virginia . . . Has large brown eyes and dark wavy hair . . . Secrelary and freasurer of F. F. A. during his freshman and sophomore years . . . Likes "Careless" . . . Sfuclied a general course . . . Abouf 5 feef 8 inches fall . . . Wall' plans fo make farming his vocafion. KENNETH ROSS-Kenny is well liked by everyone . . . He is 5 feel IO inches fall, has blue eyes. and-well, you can see for yourself . . . On fhe foofball squad all four years . . . Sfudenf manager of baskefball and baseball . . . Belonqed fo Leffermen's Club and Chemisfry Club . . . He plans fo sfudy medicine af 'rhe Universify of Iowa. LAURENCE SATTERTHWAITE-Take your choice of eifher Maud or Worry Warf.. .Came fo M. H. S. from fhe mefropolis of Wilfon . . . Someday he may be a successful chemisf , . . Parficipafed in Chemisfry Club acfivifies-Served as secrefary-freasurer of fhe organizafion fhis year . . . Develops and prinfs picfures-one of fhese blackmailers. ROBERT SHOEMAKER-Bob is kidded aboul his lasf name, buf he doesn'f mind . . . Parficipafed in foofball for fwo years . . . Also a member of fhe sfage crews, Hi-Y, Speech Arfs, and chorus . . . Likes fo eaf af his girl's house . . . Will sfudy engineering af GAIL STAFFORD-Gail came fo high school from Alexis Grade School . . . Has an unique hair sfyle . . . Favorife subiecf was cooking . . . Our for foofball in his freshman year . . . In his spare fime he prefers fo Tinker wifh machinery . . . Rafher quief and reserved . . . Avialion is his ambifion. -37 the ci.Lowa. LESTER SMITH-Now here's a young lad who fhinks fhe person who invenfed swing oughf fo-'cause swing music is his pef peeve . . . Answers fo The name of Les . . , From his general course of sfudies he preferred sociology . . . Swimming is his hobby . . . Considers fhe junior-senior prom fhe oufsfanding evenl of 'rhe year. - I ELIZABETH WILMA SYWASSINK-Don'l ever call her Sy or Lizzie--These names are her pel peeves . . . A fall, slender girl . . . Previously alfended counlry school . . . A member ol Hi-Tri for Ihree years . . . Likes lhe song "God Bless America" . . . Col- lecls piclures ol: movie sfars as a hobby. VIRGINIA THIRLAWAY-Ginger is noled for her oulslanding dancing abilily.. . . Her lavorife song. incidenlally, is "ln 'lhe Mood" . . . Also sings-She was a member ol The mixed chorus her Tirsl lhree years . . . Prelly brown eyes . . . Virginia collecls Indian pollery . . . Senior science was her favorile subiecl. SHIRLEE THOMPSON - Pee Wee is 5 feel 2 inches lall . . . Has a cule Turned-up nose . . . A member of Hi'Tri and Curia Regia for one year . . . Parlicipafed in freshman Sludenl Council and in lhe freshman class play . . . Sang in chorus Iwo years . . . A very good dancer and roller skaler . . . Hopes 'lo become a slen- ographer. DORIS VETTER-Dory is by no means a dumb Dora . . . Aboul 5 feel 4 inches fall . . . Has very dark hair, snappy black eyes . . . A prima donna-Sang in chorus all four years . . . A Hi-Tri girl, loo . . . Claims her pel peeve was her locker combinalion . . . Plans fo alfend Thompson Beauly School. M. H. S. SENIORS HELEN STEVENSON-A small girl wilh large brown eyes . . . Known as Sfevie . . . Sang in 'the operas "Fausl" and "Rose of lhe Danube" . . . A member of G. A. A. in her freshman year . . . Dislikes unnalural people . . . Likes 'ro dance . . . Hopes someday 'ro be able lo lravel lar. JEANETTE TEEPLE-Jackie is small and full ol pep and energy . . .One of lhe prellier girls of lhe class . . . A member ol Hi- Tri and Non Pareil . . . Served on make-up crew ol plays lor Iwo years . . . Belonged lo Seco lor one year . . . Will allend Des Moines School of Cosmelology nexl year. CLARENCE VANDER PLOEG-Clarence has lhe unusual nick- name of Sparky . . . Popular wilh lhe ladies-Maybe his 6 leer Ilfz inches of heighl had somelhing 'ro do wilh lhis . . . Has pholography for a hobby . . . Economics and English were Sparky's pe? peeves . . . "Sca'rlerbrain" is his favorile song. CHARLOTTE WALKER--Her lirsl name is Jeanne . . . Came lo M. H. S. from Davenporl . . . Sang in chorus when a sopho- more . . .A Hi-Tri girl lor Iwo years . . . Edilorial wriler for lhe Auroran . . . Says her pel peeve is Jack I3 lo I his lasl name is Summersl . . . Expecls 'ro allend A. I. C. al Davenporl nexl lall. JEAN SWICKARD-Swick is a young miss who look M. H. S. by slorm . . . Transferred from Nichols High . . . Tall, slender, friendly. and nice-looking . . . Elecled Homemaking Queen by vole of sludenl body . . . A member of Hi-Tri, G. A. A., and chorus. . . Will enroll in M. J. C. nexl fall. MARIAN THOMAS-Is ambilious lo become an aclress or a leacher . . . Has reddish hair, ivory skin, and hazel eyes . . Member of Hi-Tri. Speech Arls, and girls' glee club . . . Auroran Iypisl . . . Was in sophomore and iunior class plays . . . Will miss her Hi-Tri aclivilies. WILLIAM TOBIAS-This 6 fool I inch specimen ol: manhood claims lo be called Hi-Pockels . . . He uses his spare 'lime lo quile an advanfage--He collecls coins and malch-covers . . . His lavorile subiecl was sociology . . . Proud of being in 'lhe firsl gradualing class of 'Ihe new building. CLARENCE WAGLER-This young man is called Wag . . . Exaclly 5 feel 6 inches lall . . . Came lo M. I-I. S. from Jackson School . . . "Dark Town S+ruHer's Ball" is his lavorile song . . . His pei peeve was English . . . His ambilion in lile is lo become a drallsman . . . Will enroll al Muscaline Junior College nexl fall. 38- MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1940 GEORGE WOLLETT-SIeepy's pef peeve was fhe facf fhaf school sfarfed foo early . . . 6 feef fall . . . Played on baskefball squad a year . . . Also parficipafed in base- ball . . . Prefers green ...Came fo M. H. S. from Lincoln School . . . Likes fo hum "Soufh of fhe Border" , . . Ambifion is fo become a pilof. ROBERT WEIS-Buck capfained fhe Mus- kies' bowling feam fhis year . . . Played bas- kefball and foofball as an underclassman . . . Sfudenfs associafe Bob wifh fhe coke deparf- menf of game sales ...A Hi-Y member his junior and senior years . . . Abouf 5 feef IO inches fall . . . Well liked . . . Prinfing was his favorife subiecf. MARY WEIKERT-Ouief, sfudious, and ra- fher shy are adiecfives fhaf besf describe Mary... She came fo M. H. S. from Aflan- fic High School af Aflanfic, Iowa . . . "Mex- icali Rose" is her favorife song . . . Sfudied commercial course and hopes fo find a posi- fion in fhe commercial field . . . Likes fo swim and hike. MARGARET ANN WYATT- Peggy former- ly affended Leefon, Missouri, Consolidafed Grade School . . . Modern problems was fhe favorife sfudy in her general course-lnfer- esfed in currenf affairs . . . Likes fo read and fo collecf sfamps . . . Peg definifely likes red . . . A fypical senior, she's looking forward fo graduafion . . . Lofs of fun. IONE WELSCH - Baloney is forfunafe enough fo have nafurally curly hair . . . Abouf 5 feef 4 inches fall . . . Well known for fhe special brand of giggles she can pro- duce wifhouf a single warning . . . Member of Curia Regia in her sophomore year . . . Her plans for fhe fufure are nof definife. ROBERT WEIERSHAUSER-The lad wifh freckles and reddish wavy hair is Bob . . . ESTHER WICHERS-One of fhose quief girls who always seem fo know fhe righf answer. . . 5 feef 6 inches fall . . . En- ioyed her fyping classes . . . Esfher would like fo be a clerk . . . She's among fhe many who look forward fo vacafions . . . Wonder if she recalls happenings in A-3 during her freshman days. NORMAN WEIS - A small lad who doesn'f seem fo worry abouf a fhing . . . Anofher person who's always yelling for M. H. S.-A cheer leader for fwo years . . . Parficipafed in Chemisfry Club and chorus... In charge of ediforial page of fhe weekly paper . . , Quill and Scroll award as senior . . . Plans fo sfudy aero- naufical engineering af Purdue, EILEEN WELSCH-Her friends call her Shorfy . . . Came fo M. H. S. from Cal- umbus Juncfion High . . . Jusf 5 feef I inch fall . . . A very agreeable person- Says she has no pef peeves . . . Con- siders Musky-Diagonal dedicafion game fhe oufsfanding evenf of fhe year . . . Ambifion is fo become a nurse or an air hosfess. JOHN WETZEL-Lighf hair and blue eyes . . . Made more fhan one feminine hearf beaf fasfer . . . He has beaufiful dimples . . . Johnny always enioyed periods in various classrooms . . . Mr. Wefzel is a fluenf conversafionalisf . . . Muskies will remember his indiviclualify for a long fime. CHARLES WEBER-Everybody calls him Wink . . . Has red hair and fhe femper fhaf goes wifh if . . . Member of Hi-Y, Junior Ad, Chemisfry Club, and Leffer- men's Club . . . Served as sfudenf mana- ger for fhree years , . . Likes fo go hunf- ing and fishing . . . Will enroll in Musca- fine Junior College nexf year. Rfe meafkills af-Hi-Y for a year--Sfill sur- viving, fool! . . . An enfhusiasfic reader of "Popular Science" . . . Likes "My Wild Irish Rose" . . . Model airplanes are his hobby . . . Orchid is his favorife color . . . Will enfer fhe field of air condifioning as his vocafion. 1 I -39- MUSKIES ENJOY LIVING Students Often Manage To Have Good Times During Working Hours, Outside Activities TOP: Frances Grosslqlaus was a model in the style show at the mother- daughter banquet sponsored by the l-li-Tri Club . . . A. A. Johnson fthe little man who wasn't therel congratulated l-larold Riggs, captain ot the basketball squad, as he received the trophy tor tirst place in the district contest . . . Bob Weber received the honor ot winning the Bill Roach I trophy tor I939-40. The award was based on sportsmanship, leadership, perseverance, and school spirit. BOTTOM: Elmer Nelson's modern prob- lems class, including such students as Alice Metcalte and Bernice Lange, listened to an outside report. . .Jean Downing and Juan Wecksung were otten in the darlc . . .The social room's radio provided entertainment tor James l-lawley, Arlene Fox, Shirley Essex, and Beverly Miller. -40.. M. H. S. UNDERCLASS OFFICERS Musky High Class Leaders Direct School Activities Upon the shoulders ot the iunior class otticers tell the task ot planning and tinancing the iunior-senior prom. George Parks, president, Albert Goss, vice-presi- dent, and Muriel l-lammer, secretary- treasurer, spent long hours over the de- tails ot the annual party. These execu- tives also managed a skating party tor iuniors ot the school. , The sophomore class otticers, Bill Block, president, Joan McKee, vice-president, and 'Marv Keating, secretary-treasurer, also rented the local rink tor a class skat- ing party. All ot the three were active in sports. Bill tavored golt, and Joan splashed about treguently at the swim- ming pool. lvlary was a tamiliar sight at the bowling alleys. Three boys directed the activities ot the treshman class ot lvl. l-l. S. George Gallaher was president: Clittordean Col- lins, vice-president, and Joe I-loopes, secretary-treasurer. George was active in sports, playing on the treshman-sopho- more basketball and tootball teams. Clit- tordean debated at various tournaments and Joe beganggthe Smith-l-lughes course, which his tather teaches. TOP: Muriel Hammer, Albert Goss, George Parks. CENTER: Bill Block, Joan McKee, Mary Keating. BOTTOM: Joe l-loopes, Clittordean Collins, George Gallaher. T -41- 4 I V Juniors ENIIERTAINV 19-49. GRADUATES I f ,Qp.?f'i ,, UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Beverly Church, Berry Carler, Helen Beckmann, Berry Broadslon, Berly Cusler, Lucille Burke, Elma Danner, Juanila Embree, Geraldine Dunker. SECOND ROW: Dorolrhy Epperly, Calherine Anlhony, Fern Beaham, Glenna Bennelr, Barbara Brown. Dorolhy Crow, Roy Bieri, Dean Eichelberger, Oliver Benlly, Richard Busch. THIRD ROW: Belly Eppel, Farene Egel, Genevieve Crow, lvlargarel' Drumm, Maxine Davis, Clara Louise Bloom, Shirley Bloom, Darleen Carler, Herschel Allensworfh, Jack Dankwardr. FOURTH ROW: Delores Drahaus, Lillian Davison, Rulh Axrell, Lorraine Busch, Verna Babbill, DeLores Dywiak, Harrison Barry, John Barnard, Eddie Barlell, Clilzlord Bleadorn. FIFTH ROW: Bernard Campbell, Richard Cracker, George Burrows, Charles Colvin, Herberl Brudlkuhl, Wayne Eichelberger, Kennelh Duncan, Leo Erickson, Roberl Barry, Clillord Chandler, Weldon Collrell. LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Roberra Farrar, Jackie Goelz, Dorolhy Glar- slein, Be++y Klink, Marie Fahy, Hazel Heuer, Iona Huber, Berry Holman, Lucien King, Richard Kingman. SECOND ROW: Berry Kern, Darleen l-louseman, Marilyn Fisher, Edilh Fuller, Alberl Goss, Slanley Howe, Paul Hanson, Ray Houseman, John Hender- son, James Hawley. THIRD ROW: Richard Kidd, Jackie George, Anna Koepping, Elaine Irwin, Bonnie Gabriel, Ivlarian Kaulz, Gladys Helzler, Waunila Farrier, Cecil Houseman, Ray Henning. FOURTH ROW: Palricia Johnson, Rosa Anna Klebe, Rulh Figg, Arlene Fox, Shirley Essex, Jackie Freers, Dorolhy Knighl, Rulh Grolhe, Jane Gless, Harold Gerard. FIFTH ROW: Edna Kieseweller, Doris Haihaway, Laura Mae Feldman, Eleanore Fullerron, Paul Griffon, Virgil Green, Harold Griffin, Vernon Holl- man, Earl Jago, George Kammerer, Forresf Fulron. .IUNIORS CHOOSE COUNCIL MEMBERS UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis Reclor, Edna Rollins, Juanila Norlon, Evelyn McCallrey, Irene Pellon, Rozella Roysler, Rosella Ludman, Mary McConnell. SECOND ROW: Erancis Peyerl, Maura Nyenhuis, Elva Miller, Belly O'Brien, Donna Long, Dorolhy LeOualle, Laurella Landon, Jeane McCuIley, Mary June Lemlrau. THIRD ROW: Darrel Miller, Douglas Randleman, Perry Sallz, Clyde Lucas, Dean Odell, Beverly Roland, Carol Marlin, Pauline Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Gale Nelson, Roberl Lee, Harvey McEale, Roloerl Milem, Ed Meerdinlc, Joe Meeker, Vernon Leonhard, Harry Marlin, Maxine Romig, Virginia Rosenlhal. FIFTH ROW: Gordon Powell, Jaclc Raushenberger, Eugene Myers, George Parlcs, Bill Mull, Ross McGlolhlen, Edward Paulsen, John Kopl, Gordon McLean, Rolaerl Leedy. LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Sherwood Samuels, Paul Werner, Eloyd Tierney, Claire Slreel, Lois Warner, Erances Sallerlhwaile, Mildred Vance, Shirley Winlermule. SECOND ROW: Pearl Wren, Iris Taylor, Audrey Schuessler, Ella Mae Yealer, Irene Schrnalz, Evelyn Wagner, Darlene Soll, Marguerile Schmidl, Lucille Sleinmelz, Eslher Schullz. THIRD ROW: Slanley Werner, Paul Washburn, Helen Yorlq, Irene Tisor, Margarel Tracy, Eileen Tiedemann, Rulh Weiersheuser, Marlorie Van Alla, Juanila Weclcsung. FOURTH ROW: Verle Sywassink, John Tillie, Mary Welendorl, Marjorie Walceland, Marion Worlcman, Helen Woods, Lucille Vlfeiersheuser. FIFTI-l ROW: Jim Van Alla, Elmer Slone, Thomas Walson, David Werner, Herberl Toussainl, Phil Willis, Jim Van Camp, WiIlred,Werner, Roberl Schlipl, Phillip Warren. if 'L I' 1 I " E - 0 ', I - sg, ,p "i 'fy if .MJ J FAB- W, 6 SOPHOMORES HAVE STAR ATHLETES UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Bellryiane Church, Edilh Chalfield, Rulh Axlell, Mary June Fischer, Helen Ellioil, Laura June Duncan, Mary Downe , Virginia Ballenger, Marion Bierman, Delores Adams. SECOND ROW: Belly Brown, Shirley Allgood, Hazel Esrabrook, June Fabrizius, Marie Bieri, Belly Essex, Gla Busler, Marie Brown, Helen Bryanr, Theresa Brown, Rulh Cannam. THIRD ROW: Miriam Brown, Jimmy Burke, Charles Drake, Ronald Brei, Loraine Bryanlr, Mariorie Bleadorn, Virginia Dooly, Mae Brossari, Elzella Brace- well, Virginia Allen, Norma Benninger. FOURTH ROW: Mariin Edwards, Raymond Bronner, Raymond Burk, Leo Baker, Eldon Davis, Don Bird, Don Carver, Bill Block, Eugene Coder, Leroy Beason, Arnold Afkins. FIFTH ROW: Milion Carlisle, Waller Berg, Royce Davis, LeRoy Coon, Donald Cawiezell, Kenneih Bunn, Wilbur Dickerson, Harold Davis, Pal Barry, Frank Alberl, Norman Drew, Don Finley, Richard Boldl. LOWER GROUP--BOTTOM ROW: James Klein, Richard Jones, Waller Kleisi, Roberl Froehner, Frank Flickinger, Roberi Jarreli, Billy LeCornu, Raymond Haynes. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Hubble, Hazel Frye, Maxine Jehle, Carol Fisher, Miriam Kopf, Virginia Heuer, Shirley Houk, Frances Fosler, Frances Hines, Doris Kile. THIRD ROW: Donna Freyermulrh, Anna Marie Helzler, June Flelcher, Mary Keaiing, DeLee Jones, Mary Ann Hakes, Shirley Kemp, Willie Mae Herron, Lelah Mae Howell, Maxine Fuller. FOURTH ROW: Helen Lick, Ode++a Hansen, Belfry Hoffman, Be++y Goddard, Eihelyn Johnsion, Don Kranz, Herberi Helzler, Paul King, Wesley Humler, Raymond Gauler, Richard Fosier, Marvin Heizler. FIFTH ROW: Howard Lewis, Loren Hermann, James Graham, Bruce Heezen, Richard HaroT'T, Carl Lange, Donald Lange, Don Jacobs, Richard Forle, Clilfford Hinlermeisier, Lysle Graham. -44- CLASS OF 1942 HAS SKATING PAR'Y UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Jean Molis, Wanda Miller, Agnes McCoy, Mary Ellen,Pelerson, Kalhleen McCallrey, Doris Paelz, Eslher McKillip, Hope Markham, Nevada Monlgomery, Belly Mohnsen. SECOND ROW: Marlha McCIeary, Shirley Miller, Jean Miller, Virginia Miller, Thera Mae Pallerson, Margarel McConnaha, Cleora Millard, Florence Nyenhuis, Verlea McCormick, Karen Manley, George Olson. THIRD ROW: Marlha Pruill, Eugene O'Brien, Richard O'Brien, Joan Maisenbach, Belly McCulley, Rulh McGlolhlen, Mary Jean Rankins, Lorella Oelzel, Merle Pulliam, Gene Middagh, Arlene Miller. FOURTH ROW: Bob Nyenhuis, Don Poole, Earl Pulliam, Joan McKee, Belly Maiden,Gloria Rahll, Josephine Marlin, Elizabelh Melz, Janel Moore, June Mosher, Alice Nash, Bob Phillips. FIFTH ROW: Schuyler Prollill, Arlhur Lucas, Leonard Rada, Russell Longhursl, Frank Olish, Clarence Morse, Cecil Mickey, Roberl Orr, Bob Pearson, Edward Lorber, Fred Messner, Merle Plell, Calvin Purdy, Fred Marzolph, Kenny Mclnlyre. LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Mary Woods, Thelma Schaller, Gladys Vinlon, Jac- queline Spangler, Rulh Shield, Anne Torres, Mary Louise Slocking, Nadine Zimmerman, Lou- ella Ralel, Margarel Shallnil. SECOND ROW: Lora Mae Warner, Annabelle Swanson, Ida May Slone, Almeda Schmoldl, Ray Simpson, Thomas Young, Shirley Rexrolh, Darlene Was- son, Mary Spaulding, Shirley Thompson, Margarel Ann Wagner. THIRD ROW: Mildred Vlfheeler, lVlargareFT5bias, Jeanne RFFhenberg, Marjorie WullfLavona SisselfDarlene Slor- mer, Maxine Sadel, Mary Wilson, Belly Veller, Edna Veller, Helen Sywassink, Anila Schmidl. FOURTH ROW: Richard Wilson, Shirley Sloneking, Dick Schreurs, Waller Ryder, Alan Swisher, Roberl Vance, Frank Seidler, Donald Theobald, George Shield, Maxine Sleckman, Pauline Roskup, Clillord Welker. FIFTH ROW: Charles Smilh, Bob Sharar, Keilh Thomas, Ira Temple, Donald Slange, Bob Reynolds, Don Sprouse, Jack Toussainl, Donald Rode, Roberl Tilus, Roberl Sleller, Kennelh Rummery, Roland Rausch. -45.. MUSKIES PRIMP, PLAY, WGRK Dismissal Bell, Game Sales, Carnival, Assembly Relieve Overworlcecl Youth in M. H. S. Classrooms , TCP: l-lelen STevenson added The Tinishing Touches To JeaneTTe Teeple's coiTTure . . . Bob Behrens and Kenny lVlclnTyre concocTed a con- cocTion in cooking class . . . Nile Kinniclc, iowa TooTball sTar, spoke in an M. l-l. S. assembly . . . Lorraine Brunson glanced up Trom ThaT imporTanT senior science Theme . . . Shirley Bergenslce smooThed her neighbor's curls. CENTER: IT was Tood Tor hungry lvluslcies . . .JuaniTa Weclasung, Auroran sTaTT member, aslced The genTleman how many cokes . . . Muslcies waiTed Tor The dismissal bell. BOTTOM: STudenTs oTTen smiled when leaving school . . . AnoTher basl4eT Tor The lvluslcies . . . l-larold Baumgardner, Leo Erickson, Phil Willis, RoberT Bohm, and Elvin Phillips rehearsed Tor The spring dance aT The homemalring carnival . . . Darrel Miller laughed aT JeaneTTe Teeple's surprise To see a cameraman. -43- Crganizalzions Marian Thomas, Be-Hy Kem, Bef- fy Timm, and Jackie Gvoefz con- ducfed Jrhe candlelighf service af Hi-Tri inE+ia+ion af fhe Y. W. C. A. -49- Muskies Utilize Spare Time In Extracurricular Activities lvluskies had many good times participat- ing in the extracurricular activities ot the school. Clubs, music, dramatics, and speech work comprised the chiet activities during the sixth period. l-li-Y boys were renowned tor their un- believable appetites at noon meetings. Darrel Miller, Jim Van Atta, Bob Weber, Wink Weber, Date l-lowe, Sydney Thomas, Tommy Young, Jack Ohlsen, Doug Randle- man, and Gordon McLean were stowing away the meatballs as the camera artist snapped them ott guard. The Junior Ad Club entertained the Sen- ior Ad Club, composed ot local business men, at a luncheon and program. Betty l-tess, Bob Weber, Wink Weber, Arthur R. l-lowe, Kenny Fairall, and Jackie Goetz listened to the program. Members ot the host club enjoyed presenting radio skits over the loud speaker tor the group. At a crucial moment in the production the cameraman snapped Jack Ohlsen, Harold Oetzel, Phyllis Eitman, Dayton l-towe, Dorothy Glatstein, and Jack lVicConnaha. The Student Council sponsored a conter- ence tor surrounding schools. The council members conducted the out-ot-town visitors through the building, entertained them at a luncheon, and conterred with them on prob- lems ot student government. George Gal- laher and Curt Deems explained lvlusky en- terprises to the guests sitting near them. MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOCL AUDITORIUM Mrs. Glen Downing and Mr. Clyde Parlcs considered 'rhe audiforium one of lhe finesl in rhis secfion of lhe srale. Wiih a searing capacily of I378, comforlable opera chairs, and lhirly-four aisle lighls, lhe audilor- iurn offers fhe lines? of facili+ies To lvluscafine audiences. Lighfing is borh arrraclive and adequale for school needs. When all lighls are on in 'rhe audirorium proper, 20,360 walls are in use. Conlrac- 'rors have achieved excellen+ acouslic properfies rhrough The use of Acouslone on lhe side walls and Quielone on Jrhe ceiling. In numerous programs borh school and public groups have urilized lhe grearly improved slage equipment The slage is lorry-four feel across lhe fronr and lwenly-eighl feel ar Jrhe grea+es+ deplh. Large produc- lions, impossible in lhe old building, are quile praclicable wilh The in- creased size of rhe srage. 1 -51- 1- CGNTENTS Student Council National Honor Society Junior Ad Chemistry Club Curia Regia Seco Hi-Y Auroran Staff Future Farmers Hi-Tri Drama Music Speech Arts National Forensic League Debate Declamation -52 STUDENT COUNCIL-GOVERNORS BOTTOM ROW: Jean Downing, Elaine Handley, Donna Weber, Jeane lvlcCulley, Jeanne Ruthenberg. SECOND ROW: Richard Kidd, DeLee Jones, Joan McKee, Ruth Weiersheuser, Dayton Howe. Tl-llRD ROW: Albert Goss, George Parlcs, Curt Deems, Sydney Thomas, George Gallaher, Harold Oetzel. Student Representatives Elected by Each Class Group Promote Welfare ot Muslcy High in Varied Ways Each class group ot the student body chose representatives to make up the Student Council. Seniors elected tive, iuniors, tive, sophomores, three, and treshmen, three. With the help ot l.. A. Schnaclq as taculty adviser, this group exercised legislative powers throughout the year. Still retaining the idea ot an honor study hall as in the old building, a committee tormed rules to control and govern the library. This year, however, the council conducted no trials. This governing group also had iurisdiction ovor the halls through the hall monitor system, the order ot procedure during assemblies, and the school dances atter games. They promoted school spirit by designating an "M" day, at which time they sold purple and gold badges to Musky students. On November 27 this group ot students acted as hosts to council rep- resentatives trom ,ten surrounding schools. The principal spealcer ot the N g X day was Dr. l-larry K. Newburn ot the University ot lowa, who gave an interesting talk on student activities. The otticers ot this group were all seniors: Sydney Thomas was pres- identg Curtis Deems, vice-president, and Jean Downing, secretary-treas- urer. ...53.a NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Thirty-three students obtained the highest possible school honor by being chosen members ot the National I-lonor Society. The teachers selected iunior and senior students who ranlced in the upper tourth ot their classes scholastically and who were outstanding in character, leadership, and service. The eight graduates who received the honor during their iunior year were Sydney Thomas, Robert Weber, Carolyn Rulhenberg, Evelyn Smalley, Lorma Gallaher, Dayton I-lowe, Annette Lewin. and Margaret I'-leitz. This year the taculty chose lwelve seniors and thirteen iuniors tor membership in the organization. The seniors selected were lvlarie Weilcerl, Eunice Wagner, Belly Timm, Archie King, Derrine Bieber, Jean Downing, Phyllis Eilman, Belly Eroehner, Gerald I-lelzler, Elizabeth Knox, lvlarian Van Gent, and Ralph Weis. The iuniors were Lucille Steinmelz, George Parlcs, Stanley I-lowe, Jeane McCulley, Belly Eppel, Laura Mae Feldman, Dorothy Glatslein, Albert Goss, Clara Louise Bloom, Juanita Weclcsung, Richard Kidd, Jaclcie Goetz, and Belly Custer. Ollicers tor this year were Sydney Thomas, president, Carolyn Rulh- enberg, vice-president, Evelyn Smalley, secretary: Lorma Gallaher, treas- urer, and Robert Weber, historian. Twelve Seniors, Thirteen Juniors Get Recognition At Candlelight Initiation During Class-Day Program BOTTOM ROW: Clara Louise Bloom, Eunice Wagner, Phyllis Eitman, Annette Lewin, Jeane IvlcCuIley, Betty Eppel, Dorothy Glatstein, Evelyn Smalley. SECOND ROW: Derrine Bieber, Elizabeth Knox, lvlarie Weilcerl, lvlarian Van Gent, Jackie Goetz, Lorma Gallaher, Laura lvlae Feldman, Juanita Wecksung, Betty Custer, Lucille Steinmetz. THIRD ROW: Albert Goss, Stanley I-Iowe, Betty Timm, Bob Weber, Carolyn Rulhenberg, Margaret I-leitz, Betty Eroehner, Jean Downing. EOURTI-I ROW: Gerald I-Ietzler, George Parlcs, Archie King, Richard Kidd, Ralph Weis, Sydney Thomas, Dayton I-lowe. JUNIOR AD-BUSINESS GROUP BOTTOM ROW: Jackie Goetz, Margaret Curtis, Betty Froehner, Marian Kautz, Dorothy Glat- stein, Phyllis Eitman, Evelyn Smalley. SECOND ROW: Betty Hess, Betty Callaway, Adaline Perkins, Elizabeth Fulliam, Jean Hoeksema, Carolyn Ruthenberg, Lorma Gallaher. THIRD ROW: Esther Schultz, Betty Kern, Juanita Wecksung, Elaine Irwin, Bonnie Gabriel, Richard Klink, Harold Oetzel. FOURTH ROW: Stanley Howe, Jack Ohlsen, Glen Bloom, Curt Deems, Bob Weber, Jack McConnaha, Dayton Howe, Charles Weber. Muskies in Business Club Establish Precedent By Acting as Hosts to Alumni of Past Two Years Junior Ad Club set a precedent this year in their meeting on Novem- ber I7 by acting host to the alumni ot the past two years. Harold Oetzel, president, gave the welcome speech, and Catherine Carver and Dorothy Weber, two ot the past presidents ot the club, gave the responses. Betty Eppel presented a humorous reading, and other members 'Featured a "man on the street" program. Junior Ad members were guests ot the Senior Ad Club at the Hotel Muscatine on January I7. Later they returned the courtesy by entertain- ing the Senior Ad Club here at school. For entertainment Phyllis Eitman and Margaret Curtis gave a sales demonstration, and other club members presented a radio program made up ot a drug store skit and an ex- change department skit. The students who comprised this Junior Ad organization were those interested in going out into tive commerciahwortd ardsecurinrgiobsflltret :: - otticers tor the two semesters were Harold Oetzel and Charles Wink Weber, presidents: Carolyn Ruthenberg and Bob Weber, vice-presi- dents: and Lorma Gallaher and Margaret Curtis, secretary-treasurers. FSJ. Howe, Miss Caroline Liebbe, and Miss Veda Cornick were taculty a visers. s -55.- CHEMISTRY CLUB-SCIENTISTS BOTTOM ROW: Claire STreeT, Jack Ohlsen, Sydney Thomas, Richard Klink, Leo Kossives, Rich- ard OsTrander, I-Iarold OeTzeI, AIberT Goss. SECOND ROW: Adaline Perkins, DoTTie Mc- Cullough, Lorma Gallaher, FlizabeTh Fulliam, Carolyn RuThenberg, Eunice Wagner, Shirley Bergenske, Derrine Bieber, Josephine Blair, MaIeTa Aye. TI-IIRD ROW: BeTTy Timm, BeTTy I-less, BeTTy Froehner, Laurence SaTTerThwaiTe, Norman Weis, Charles Weber, Morris Maisen- bach, Bob Shoemaker, Archie King. FOURTFI ROW: Paul DeCamp, KenneTh Ross, Dick AIberT, Bernard Bell, Levi Odell, Irwin MeTcaITe. FIFTI-I ROW: Lucien King, Rolland Mills, Glen Bloom, ArT MiTTman, Bob Weber, Ralph Weis, DayTon I-Iowe, Donald I-Iouk, I-Ierman GraverT. Acids, Bases, Explosives Hold No Fear for Muskies In Prof. SaTterThwaite's Group of Brilliant Chemists The members oT This club were Muskies who were in The midsT oT all The "mix-ups" in school. Led by ProT. WalT SaTTerThwaiTe, The chemisTry class Tormed This organizaTion, which held iTs meeTing on The TirsT Monday oT each monTh. Previously The ChemisTry Club meT in coniuncTion wiTh The Camera Club, buT This year iT became a separaTe organizaTion. A.T The monThly meeTings Mr. SaTTerThwaiTe gave various demon- sTraTions oT experimenTs. The remainder oT The Time The members Them- selves mixed concocTions. These acTiviTies were The source oT The odors Thar permeaTed M. I-I. S. halls. As Albie Goss says, "I-I2S, made by The acTion oT 2I-ICL on FeS, is slighrly heavier Than air, colorless, TasTeless, poisonous in a heavy concenTraTion, buT boy, whaT an odorI" Many pranks and puns had Their origin in This group. The masTer minds brighTened chemisTry hour by such remarks as "I know where CarbonaTe buT where did Iodine?" "Who discovered America? " "Columbium." LasT Tall The club held a parTy in The social room Tor Their Triends and Their daTes, and in May They had an ouTing aT Wild CaT Den. The oTTi- cers Tor boTh semesTers were ArThur MiTTman, presidenTg Carolyn RuTh- enberg, vice-presicIenTg and Laurence SaTTerThwaiTe, secreTary-Treasurer. -56- CURIA REGIA-LATIN CLUB An impressive candlelight initiation ot Twenty-Three new members began The year's activities ot Curia Regia, The Latin club. Under the su- pervision ot Miss l-l. M. Kemble, Latin instructor, various committees ar- ranged interesting programs tor the monthly meetings held in The social room. At the November meeting DeLee Jones, Richard Graham, and Leo Baker presented "Pyramus and Thisbe," under the direction ot June Mosher. At The Christmas meeting The program teatured a history ot The Latin Bible and readings Trom The New Testament in Latin. Later in The year members Turned Their attention To The study ot Roman slavery and The lite ot Caesar. Thomas Young reported on "Slav- ery Among Romans" and Loraine Bryant reviewed The boolc "A Friend ot Caesar." The otticers who served as leaders during The Two semesters were Laura Mae Feldman and Jean Miller, presidents: Betty Kern and Shirley Kemp, vice-presidents: Ethelyn Johnston and Agnes McCoy, secretaries: and Jack Toussaint and Leo Balcer, treasurers. Curia Regia is The oldest club in high school, having celebrated its Twenty-eighth anniversary This year. The purpose ot This organization is To turther an interest in Latin. Curia Regia Club Members Present Varied Programs To Further Students' Interest in Study ot Latin BOTTOM ROW: Doris Kile, Jean Miller, Margaret Ann Wagner, DeLee Jones, Martha Pruitt, Mary Keating, Virginia Miller. SECOND ROW: June Mosher, Darlene Stormer, Mildred Wheeler, Shirley Kemp, Maxine l-lein, Shirley l-loulc, Agnes McCoy. THIRD ROW: Loraine Bryant, Jean Molis, Betty Kern, Thomas Young, Richard Graham, Laura Mae Feldman, Mary Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Dooly, Cletus Schweitzer, Jack Toussaint, Leo Baker, Ethelyn Jo nston. I - ..57- SECO-HOMEMAKERS' CLUB Seco began this year's activities with an initiation of twenty-four new members. Aprons, rolling pins, large hair ribbons, and red S's on fore- heads have all become a familiar sight to Musky students on initiation day. After initiation, however, Seco members turned their attention to more serious activities. The club aims to further the knowledge of girls inter- ested in homemaking. This year the girls learned and profited much from talks and discussions on such subiects as personal grooming, styles, and household furnishings. Jack Ficken, interior decorator, and Shirlee Glatstein, manager of a local dress shop, were both guest speakers. The club held its regular meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. In December they had a Christmas party. Later they took advantage of leap year by having a true "Sadie Hawkins" party. The officers who led the cIub's activities throughout the two semesters were Maxine Furnas and Dottie McCullough, presidents: Carolyn Ruthen- berg and Esther Schultz, vice-presidents: Lorma Gallaher and Jane Rich- man, secretariesg and Mary June Lemkau and Maxine Romig, treasurers. Miss Mildred Stirlen, Miss Helen Reuling, and Miss Evelyn Schultz were sponsors of the club. Unique Initiation Opens Program for Group of Girls Interested in Problems of Successful Homemaking BOTTOM ROW: Marion Workman, Maxine Furnas, Helen Hidlebaugh, Frances Ragan, Betty Klink, Lillian Davison, Maxine Romig. SECOND ROW: Waunita Farrier, Darlene Soll, Pauline Reynolds, Hazel Heuer, Mildred Fish, Joycelyn Heuer, Carolyn Ruthenberg, Elizabeth Fulliam. THIRD ROW: Dottie McCullough, Maribel Green, Jackie Freers, Betty Froehner, Edna Freese, Anna Marie Hetzler, Ruth Hoag. FOURTH ROW: Alice Nash, Anita Schmidt, Virginia Green- wald, Darleen Carter, Rozetta Royster, Lorma Gallaher, Esther Schultz, Mary June Lemkau. FIFTH ROW: Betty Vetter, Evelyn Orr, Anne Schmarie, Jean Freers, Marian Van Gent, Lucille Fuller, Bette Lamb, Ruth Rhodes, Gladys Geirse. , . 77IP""'W -58- Hl-Y-HIGH SCHOOL Y. M. CLUB BOTTOM ROW: Richard Kidd, Glen Bloom, Bob Froehner, Bob Jarrett, Frank Seidler, Harold Oetzel, Dayton Howe, Jack Ohlsen. SECOND ROW: Don Davison, Tom Young, Paul Hanson, Bob Nyenhuis, Don Carver, Charles Weber, Morris Maisenbach, Paul King, Fred Marzolph, Don Theobald. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Lemkau, Robert Weis, Albert Goss, Robert Shoemaker, Donald Gray, Oliver Bently, Herman Gravert, Bill Schreurs, Richard Klink. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Randleman, George Parks, Feryl Kent, Harold Baumgardner, Richard Harott, Kenneth Duncan, Jim Van Atta, Robert Weiershauser. FIFTH ROW: Bill Mull, Jack McConnaha, Junior Gabriel, Jack Toussaint, Curtis Deems, Bob Weber, Bob Pearson, Art Mittman, Robert Behrens, Sydney Thomas. Y's Hi-Y Members Follow Interesting Weekly Round Ot Speeches, Educational Trips, Parties, Meatballs Hi-Y boys and their appetites were the cause ot much rush business in the cateteria once a week. Every Wednesday noon Hi-Y members gathered in the social room, ate their noon meal, and then held their reg- ular meeting. At one ot the meetings Harold Skipper Weber spoke on health, and at another S. G. Stein gave an interesting account ot his trip abroad. Other guest speakers were the Reverend Vance Webster, Dr. G. A. Sy- wassink, and Warren Allen. In March the club held its meeting at the Y. M. C. A., at which time they initiated thirteen new members. Last December, the organization sent two delegates, Harold Oetzel , and Dayton Howe, to Cedar Rapids to attend the Eastern lowa Older Boys' Hi-Y Conterence. ln December the club members went on an edu- cational tour to Fort Madison, where they visited the state penitentiary. Y OTWETS torihe two semesters were Harold-Oetiel E he5 ' ' i Thomas, presidents, Charles Weber and Richard Kidd, vice-presidents, l Dayton Howe and Albert Goss, secretaries: Richard Klink and George Parks, treasurersg Arthur Mittman and Richard Harott, sergeants at arms. i Ben Gallaher, secretary ot the Y. M. C. A., and Elmer Nelson, taculty member, served as advisers. -591 AURORAN PUBLICATION STAFFS AURORAN STAFF-UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Kidd, Lucas, S. I-Iowe, Weis, I-lelzler, Kern, Embree, Toussainl, Eichelberger. SECOND ROW: Eilman, Johnson, Schullz, Eppel, Glalslein, Kealing, Wagner, Lewin, Oelzel, Mosher. Tl-IIRD ROW: Downing, Weclcsung, Romig, Johnslon, Mardoclc, Ivliller, Perlcins, Lange, I-lalqes, Kaulz. FOURTH ROW: C. L. Bloom, S. Bloom, Wallcer, Crow, Eeldman, Oelzel, Klinlc, Werner, Eullon. EIETI-I ROW: Parlcs, I-Ielzler, Mull, I-larms, Jones, Lichlenwald, D. l'Iowe, Pearson, Babbill, Thomas, Leonhard, Campbell. AURORAN CUBS-LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Web- er, Nyenhuis, Spangler, Kleisl, Glalslein, Knelsch, Handley, Ereers. SECOND ROW: Edmonds, Lawrence, Glass, Kidd, Boehl, Pruill, Broolcharl. TI-IIRD ROW: Eosler, Weis, Rode, Dooly, lvlahurin, I-Ianson, Benlly. FOURTH ROW: Leedy, Bailey, Samuels, Sywassinlc, Brade, Gallaher, I-Iawley. Filly sludenls, headed by Jean Downing, general manager and Juanila Weclrsung, managing edilor, lin piclure al lelll published lhe weelcly newspaper and lhe annual Auroran lor Muslcy sludenls. The members ol lhe slaicl received much val- uable experience in wriling copy, composing headlines, and reading prool. Under lhe supervision ol Phyllis Eilman, Iwo slalzl members, I-larold Oelzel and Clara Louise Bloom, sold ads lor bolh Ihe weekly and lhe annual. Slanley I-lowe, lhe business manager, lcepl lhree sels ol boolcs and conducled all The business allairs. l-le also made lhe blueprinl lracings and lhe mounls lor lhe l94O Auroran. The Auroran Cubs sludied iournalislic wriling and praclised wriling news slories in order lo be eligible lor nexl year's slall. i l Six Auroran Seniors Receive Quill and Scroll Honors I l For Outstanding Achievement in School Publications Six senior students received appointment to Quill and Scroll, the inter- national honor society tor high school journalists. In order to quality tor Q this honor a student must rank in the upper tourth ot his class scholastic- , ally and must have two or more years ot outstanding work on the annual r or weekly statt to his credit. The secretary ot Quill and Scroll at North- J western University approved the local recommendations tor membership. Each member received a pin and year's subscription to "Quill and Scroll," the otticial magazine ot the organization. Phyllis Eitman was advertising manager ot both the weekly and the annual. Qne ot her main assistants was l-larold Qetzel, an ad statt mem- ber tor two and one-halt years. Jean Downing was a teature writer on the weekly tor two years, and this year she edited theyearbook. Atter writ- ing news stories tor two years, Dayton l-lowe read copy this year. Gerald l l-letzler completed his second year as circulation manager, and Norman Weis served as an editorial writer and editorial page manager. l TQP-Auroran ottice workers and visitors-FRQNT: Phyllis Eitman, Harold Qetzel. REAR: George l Parks, lvlr. Parks, lvirs. Downing, Jean Downing . . . Exchange editor, lviary Ann Hakes, and assistant, Q Margaret Ann Wagner . . . Copy editors, Juanita Emloree, Esther Schultz. BQTTQM-QUILL AND l SCRQLL-SEATED: Phyllis Eitman, Jean Downing. STANDING: l-larold Qetzel, Dayton l-lowe, Gerald i l-letzler, Norman Weis . . . Circulation manager, Gerald l-tetzler, and assistant, Laurel l-larms. l i QT K, l -ei- FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 413 n I v wa FUTURE FARMERS-UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Smirh, Ryder, Henning, Jarrerl, J. Hoopes, Van Camp, R. Houseman. SECOND ROW: Peyerl, Vance, Randles, Middagh, Drake, V. Sywassink, Marlin, H. Helrzler, C. Houseman. THIRD ROW: Reinier, Meeker, Ple-I+, Kranz, Walson, Shield, Coon, D. Eichelberger, L. B. Hoopes. FOURTH ROW: O. Herzler, Nelson, Lange, W. Eichelberger, Shoullz, Brudlkuhl, Egel, Bieri, Freyermulh. GREENHANDS-LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Henke, M. Hoopes, Brus, H. SyWassink, Drumm, Trader. SECOND ROW: Richardson, Coder, Cole, P. Carrer, Moorhead, Le-Cornu, Fosrer. THIRD ROW: L. B. Hoopes, Jewell, Folck, Richman, Tomfeld, Nehas, Yealer. FOURTH ROW: Goldsberry, W. Carler, Colvin, Davis, Charler, Purdy. Members of Ihe Fulure Farmers of America organizalion are Ihe ag- ricullurisrs of Iomorrow, who believe in sludying Iheir vocalion From Ihe scienlilic angle as well as from The praclical. The Greenhands are F. F. A. members in Ihe making, For Ihey musl complele one year of Iraining be- fore Ihey become enlilled Io membership in F. F. A. Ollficers of Ihe club were presidenls, Gerald Helzler and Olis Freyer- mulhg vice-presidenls, Myles Beilz and James Van Camp: secrelaries, Olis Freyermulh and Verle Sywassink: Ireasurers, Joe Meeker and Donald Slangeq reporlers, Dean Eichelberger and Viclor Bill: and sergeanls al arms, Gale Nelson and George Shield. -62- fr. WY ,- Future Farmers, Greenhands, Sponsor Club Exhibits Compete in Rodent Contest, Have Corn Test Plots The pictures on the mount below illustrate some ot the activities ot agriculture students. Each year the vocational agriculture classes hold an exhibit ot the truits and vegetables they have raised on their home tarms. They sponsored the attair this season at the time the new building was opened to the public, thus enabling the parents and triends ot the boys to see some ot their work. One ot the visitors was Fred G. Messen- ger, to whom Lindley B. l-loopes displayed a platetul ot tempting apples. The boys divided into teams to compete in a rodent and pest ex- terminating contest. They earned points tor each rat, mouse, gopher. groundhog, Starling, and crow they killed. The losers in the contest had to turnish the retreshments at an ice-skating party. Another annual attair was the corn test plot experiment. Each ot the boys cultivated several varieties ot corn on a ten-acre plot at his home tarm. Thomas Watson won the corn grower's trophy, and Gale Nelson was the winner ot the corn exhibition trophy tor l939. TOP: Fruit and vegetable show-ln center ot picture, Robert Vance, l-larold Davis Edwin l-lays Merle Plett, Thomas Watson, Harry Martin . . . Walter Ryder. L. B. l-loopes, F O Messenger BOTTOM Captains in rodent contest--George Shield, Gilbert Reinier, Myles Beitz, Gale Nelson Dean Eichel berger, Verle Sywassink, and Thomas Watson . . . Corn test plot exhibitors-Richard Busch Ray l-louse man, James Van Camp, Gale Nelson, Thomas Watson, Merle Plett, Cecil l-louseman Dean Eichelberger -63- HI-TRI GIRLS SEEK WIDER HORIZONS T ,4,' an, UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Orosiean, Jaclcie Ereers, Essex, EosTer, Eurnas, Green, Greenwald, Bieloer, Hoelcsema. SECOND ROW: Grosslclaus, CurTis, Callaway, Lewin, Ealorizius, EleTcher, I-IeiTz, Bieri, Johnson. TI-IIRD ROW: Kern, Crow, Earrier, EiTman, Brown, Irwin, Gabriel, Klinlc, LeOuaTTe, Long FOURTH ROW: GoeTz, I-Iopewell, CarTer, Jean Ereers, EullerTon, Bergenslqe, Eroehner, Lange, Brunson EuWam,Eddman EWTH ROVV:Downmg,Doow,Johndon,Houk,Aye,Hedy,Chambedm,A.hAaHm Drurnm, Gallaher, I-Iarrns. LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: C. MarTin, Soll, Perlcins, McCullough Weil4erT, Pace, Orr, Reynolds, RoysTer. SECOND ROW: Smalley, Schildberg, Miller, MeTz, Ranlcins Torres, Spangler, Tobias, Warner, Wasson, PruiTT. TI-IIRD ROW: STocl4ing, Reed, A. SchmidT, SpraTT McCulley, Wagner, RaTel, Schmoldlr, M. Schmidt Schmalz, RosenThal. EOURTI-I ROW: Wallcer, Red- man, V. SchmiTT, Van GenT, B. McCulley, C. RuThenberg, Powell, Mosher, Romig, STeinmeTz, SchulTz J. RuThenberg. EIETI-I ROW: Rhodes, Thomas, Timm, Woods, R. Weiersheuser, Nyenhuis, Swickard, L Weiersheuser, Weclcsung, E. Sywassinlc, I-I. Sywassinlc, Bloom. This year's I-li-Tri acTiviTies cenTered around The Theme "Wider I-Iori- zons." The girls developed Their Theme idea in a varieTy oT rnonThly pro- grams. In OcTober Miss EThelavis, Tashion experT, spolce on The Tunda- menTals oT proper dress. The ouTsTanding evenT oT March was The moTher- daughTer banquet and in April The girls had a vocaTional guidance rneeTing. Miss Eula Downer, dean oT girls, Miss I-lelen Reuling, and Miss Veda Corniclc were advisers oT The club. The oTTicers oT The Two semesTers were RuTh Weiersheuser and Marian Thomas, presidenTsg DoroThy SpraTT and Muriel I-lammer, vice-presidenTs: MargueriTe SchmidT and BeTTy Kern, secreTaries: and Jeanne RuThenloerg and BeTTy Tirnm, Treasurers. 164.- .A,"'x""im m I DRAMATISTS PRESENT COMEDIES ApproximaTeIy I400, The IargesT crowd ever To aTTend a MuscaTine I-Iigh School producTion, wiTnessed "Growing Pains," The all-school play, which Miss June Lingo direcTed. The pIoT oT The Three-acT comedy cen- Tered around The adoIescenT problems oT George McInTyre and his sisTer, I Terry. The Two young McInTyres became involved in a very compIicaTed siTuaTion when They enTerTained some oT Their Triends wiTh a game oT "Murder." AT The close oT The play, however, The siTuaTion again became normal and Mr. and Mrs. McInTyre compromised wiTh George and Terry on some oT Their misundersTandings. The one-acT conTesT play, "The Dear DeparTed," also direcTed by Miss Lingo, received a raTing oT good aT The Iowa CiTy play TesTivaI. The reIaTives oT The well-To-do Abel MerriweaTher believed him dead. They preTended To be in very deep sorrow and anxiously sTarTed dividing his possessions. All wenT smooThIy unTiI Abel MerriweaTher enTered The scene as well as ever, and They had To change Their plans. The play ended by AbeI's announcing his decision To marry a young widow. "GROWING PAINS" CAST-SEATED: AniTa SchmidT, Eunice Wagner, Jackie GoeTz, Evelyn Gun- drum, Lucille STeinmeTz. STANDING: Gordon McLean, Jack Ohlsen, BeTTy Tirnrn, Jack ToussainT, Fern MiTTrnan, Bob STeITer, MargareT I-IeiTz, Laura Mae Feldman, Shirley Eger, Jack McConnaha, Junior Gabriel, Morris Maisenbach. "TI-IE DEAR DEPARTEDH CAST-SEATED: Jaclcie GoeTz, Marian Thomas, Ralph Weis, BeTTy Eppel, Jack ToussainT. STANDING: Junior Gabriel. I I I I I I I I I I I I -65- 7 FESTIVAL CHORUS BOTTOM ROW: Spaulding, M. Wagner, Plessy, Miller, Church, Gundrum, Gabriel, Irwin, Parsons, Bracewell. SECOND ROW: Coder, Korneman, Eger, Hays, Reynolds, Hess, Fulliam, Gallaher, Smalley, E. Wagner, Heitz, Noret. THIRD ROW: Clarlc,Goddard,GremmeI,Vetter, Dywialc, Custer,Timm, Hoopes, Maisenbach, McFate, Bob Liebbe, Paetz. FOURTH ROW: Steinmetz, Connor, Hanson, Schreurs, Lichtenwald, Odell, Batchelor, Valley, Emmert, Bill Liebbe, Rosenthal, Hoelcsema. FIFTH ROW: C. V. Thomas, Hunter, DeLap, Mills, Butcher, Frye, Figge, Shoultz, Lange, Boldt, Thompson, Swiclcard, Healy, Roberts. Muslcy Hi Songsters Directed by Clifford V. Thomas Receive Superior Rating in Pre-State Music Contest A superior rating in the pre-state music contest in Muscatine was the achievement ot the Muscatine High School chorus, under the direction ot Clittord V. Thomas. The high ranking entitled the chorus members to competition in the state contest at Fairtield, but they did not enter. The plan tor state music competition was somewhat ditterent this year. Con- testants earning superior ratings in the pre-state elimination contests competed in one ot tour state contests, one in each section ot the state. On May 2 the chorus went to Iowa City, where they participated in the music testival conducted by the University ot Iowa. M. H. S. soloists and small vocal groups also took part. Nationally lcnown critics judged the music ot the outstanding Iowa high school groups who appeared at the testival. The chorus made several public appearances at schools and churches. With the assistance ot tormer chorus members and other interested adults, the chorus presented Handel's "Messiah" in the high school audi- torium on December I7. They contributed to the beauty and ettective- ness ot the high school Christmas assembly and Good Friday services. l PRE-STATE MUSIC CONTEST WINNERS Sludenls who loolc parl in music worlc during lhe I939-40 season may remember il as one ol lhe mosl successlul music years M. l-l. S. has ever had. Six soloisls, lhe girls' lrio, lhe mixed guarlel, lhe girls' sexlel, and lhe madrigal group a'l won superior ralings in lhe pre-slale conlesl held in Muscaline in March. Their viclory allowed lhem lo compele in Hue slale conlesl held al Eairlield. The soloisls were Rulh l-lealy, mezzo-soprano: Margarel Jean Roberls, soprano: Morris Maisenbach, lenorg Jaclc Bulcher, bass: Margarel l-leilz, conlrallo: and Lucille Sleinmelz, piano. The girls' lrio consisled ol Doro- lhy Korneman, Rulh l-lealy, and Belly Connor: Hue mixed quarlel, ol Rulh l-lealy, Margarel l-leilz, Morris Maisenbach, and Jack Bulcher, and Hue girls' sexlel, ol Dorolhy Korneman, Shirley Eger, Evelyn Gundrum, Gloria Gremmel, Belly Connor, and Belly Norel. Twelve voices comprised lhe madrigal group-lhose ol Dorolhy Korneman, Doris Veller, Belly Cusler, Virginia Rosenlhal, Elaine lrwin, Margarel l-leilz, Evelyn Gundrum. Gloria Gremmel, Richard Eigge, Jack Bulcher, Morris Maisenbach, and Bill Liebbe. ' The soloisls and small vocal groups enlerlained al school assemblies, service clubs, and churches. All lhis experience plus long hours ol prac- lice probably accounls lor lheir success. Musky Small Vocal Groups, Vocal Soloisls, Pianisls Win Right lo Stale Compelilion by Superior Ralings BOTTOM ROW: Dorolhy Korneman, Belly Norel, Gloria Gremmel, Belly Connor, Shirley Eger, Evelyn Gundrum. SECOND ROW: Margarel l-leilz, Doris Veller, Belly Cusler, Virginia Rosenlhal, Elaine lrwin, Bill Liebbe. THIRD ROW: Lucille Sleinmelz, Jack Bulcher, Richard Eigge, Rulh Healy, Margarel Jean Roberls, Morris Maisenbach. I l u T u u i i -67- SPEECH ARTS-DECLAM, DEBATE, DRAMA Students who have participated active y in speech and dramatic work are entitled to membership in The Speech Arts Club. Miss June Lingo, Miss I-I. M. Kemble, and G. Bradtord Barber, Taculty advisers, make The recommendations concerning membership. The club held its regular business meeting on the second Thursday ot each month. Besides These meetings and a social gathering once a semes- Ter, The organization had several other important Tunctions. IT helped sponsor the all-school play, "Growing Pains," and The exchange play, "Fireman, Save My Child." i The exchange ot plays between Iowa City and Muscatine was one ot The outstanding projects ot The year. M. I-I. S. dramatists gave Their pre- sentation beTore Iowa City students, and in turn Iowa City presented "The Pot Boiler" betore Musky students. The Speech Arts group Then entertained The Iowa City visitors aT a banquet in The social room. OTTicers Tor The Two semesters were Dayton I-Iowe and Junior Gabriel, presidents: Margaret I-Ieitz and Archie King, vice-presidents, Eunice Wagner and Dottie McCullough, secretaries: Jack Ohlsen and Betty Eroehner, treasurersq and Annette Lewin and Elizabeth Eulliam, recording secretaries. Declaimers, Debaters, Dramatists Join in Activities To Produce Future Roosevelts, Deweys, Barrymores BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Knight, Lucille Steinmetz, Virginia Rosenthal, Anita Schmidt, Doris Kile, Annette Lewin, Evelyn Smalley, Eunice Wagner. SECOND ROW: Eern Mittman, Doris Vetter, Jackie Goetz, Betty Eppel, Dottie McCullough, Laura Mae Eeldman, Jean I-Ioeksema, Lorma Gallaher, Derrine Bieber, Dorothy Powell. TI-IIRD ROW: Betty Timm, Margaret I-Ieitz, Betty Eroehner, Elaine Irwin, Bonnie Gabriel, Elizabeth Eulliam, Sydney Thomas, Albert Goss, Thomas Young, Marian Thomas. EOURTI-I ROW: George Parks, Bob Shoemaker, Morris Mais- enbach, Paul King, Bob Stelter, Gordon McLean, Leo Baker, Erank Elickinger. EIETI-I ROW: Ray I-Ienning, Richard I-TaroTT, Dayton I-Iowe, Ralph Weis, Jack McConnaha, Jack Toussaint, Junior Gabriel, Walter Berg, Archie King, Jack Ohlsen, Darrel Miller. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE BOTTOM ROW: Doris Kile, Annette Lewin, Betty Jane Reddiclc, Shirlee Levin, Dorothy Powell, Derrine Bieber. SECOND ROW: Betty Eppel, Clittordean Collins, Walter Berg, Sydney Thomas, Archie King, Thomas Young, Esther Schultz. THIRD ROW: Dale Goss, Leo Baker, Paul King, Gordon McLean, Albert Goss, Allan Anderson, Franlc Fliclcinger. Speech Students Advance by Accumulation of Points To Degree ot Distinction in National Organization Students who participate in interschool competition in humorous, or- atorical, and dramatic declamation, original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, or debate are entitled to membership in the National Forensic League. As its name implies, it is a national honorary speech organiza- tion. Since the installation ot the Muscatine chapter ot the National For- ensic League ten years ago, its membership has been steadily increasing. As the various students advance in the organization they receive the degrees ot merit, honor, excellence, and distinction according to the num- ber ot points they have earned. One hundred titty points represent the degree ot distinction, one hundred, the degree ot excellence, and titty, the degree ot honor. Five members ot N. F. L. received the highest degree attainable, that mot oliStinct'ronfTheytwerewDerrine BteberTAt1netted:ewicn, AlbentwGoss,a Sydney Thomas, and Dorothy Powell. Ot these tive only Albert Goss, a iunior, has a year ot remaining competition. The otticers were Sydney Thomas, president: Archie King, corre- sponding secretary, and Annette Lewin, recording secretary. Faculty ad- visers were l-l. Margaret Kemble and G. Bradtord Barber. DEBATE-ACTIVITY FOR THINKERS BOTTOM ROW: Doris Kile, Annette Lewin, Betty Jane Reddiclc, Shirlee Levin, Dorothy Powell, Derrine Bieber. SECOND ROW: Dale Goss, Clittordean Collins, Walter Berg, Sydney Thomas, Archie King, Thomas Young, Franlc Fliclcinger. THIRD ROW: Leo Balcer, Paul King, Albert Goss, Allan Anderson. Trip to National Tournament Serves as Inspiration For Achievements by Members ot 1939-40 Squad Four ot the outstanding members ot the I939-40 debate squad who participated in the national tournament at Beverly I-IiIIs last June served as an inspiration tor the achievements ot this year's team. Derrine Bieber, Annette Lewin, Sydney Thomas, and Albert Goss, accompanied by Mr. and Ivlrs. G. Bradtord Barber, made the western trip in a month, spending eight days in Calitornia. They received a superior rating, debating the question, Resolved: That the United States should torm an alliance with Great Britain. The question the debaters studied and discussed this season was- Resolvedx That the United States should own and operate the railroads. They debated this question at the Iowa Nine, N. F. L., district, and annual girls' tournaments. They also traveled to Davenport and Galesburg and to Augustana and Coe colleges to talce part in some heated arguments. Each ot the seventeen students participating in this activity has taken part in at least six debates, and all are members ot the National Forensic League. Besides debate, some have tound time tor original oratory. extemporaneous speaking, radio spealcing, and declamation. The original orators competed in the district contest held at Muscatine on March I8 and in the state tinals at Iowa City on Iviarch 29. The varsity team won a total ot 58 debates out ot 7 I. The treshman- sophomore team claimed 39 victories and only I4 losses. 170.- yf L L e DECLAMATION-ACTIVITY FOR SPEAKERS Muscatine l-ligh School students who participated in declamation, or- iginal oratory, and extemporaneous spealcing won many honors Through- out The year. At the Boys' lowa Nine Sydney Thomas received an excel- lent rating Tor his oratorical declamation, "America's Medieval Empire' Jack Toussaint and Gordon McLean also competed in The same contest, both receiving good ratings. Derrine Bieber, l-larriet Glatstein, and Anita Schmidt won excellent ratings at The Girls' lowa Nine with Their oratorical, humorous, and dra- matic declamations. ln The annual National Forensic League district con- test held at Waterloo, Muscatine won Two second place ratings, Two Third, and one Tourth. Betty Eppel placed second in The humorous dec- lamation division with "The Widow's Mites" and Sydney Thomas earned The same rating in The extemporaneous speech contest with "A Third Term Tor Roosevelt." Albert Goss and Archie King won Third place ratings in extemp and oratorical declamations respectively. Walter Berg earned a Tourth place rating in The oratory division with The selection "The Big Parade." Since G. BradTord Barber was district chairman oT N. F. L., Muscatine was entitled To enter one contestant in The National Speech Tournament at Terre l-laute, lndiana, on May 3, 4. Members oT The local organization selected Albert Goss, who represented Them in The extemp division. Archie King also attended The national contest in The capacity oT a stu- dent senator. Second, Third, Fourth Placings Comprise Records OT Muslcy Speakers Entering Declamation Competition BOTTOM ROW: Anita Schmidt, Jean Willcens, Marie Weilcert, Shirlee Levin Derrine Bieber SECOND ROW: l-larriet Glatstein, Sydney Thomas, Archie King, Jack Toussaint Betty Eppel THIRD ROW: Dale Goss, Walter Berg, Gordon McLean, Albert Goss ' -7I- CLUBSTERS EAT, TRAVEL, TALK Organization Members Entertain at Banquets, Sponsor Conferences, Plays, Debates, Sales TCP: Tex Kidd, George Parks, and Albie Goss showed some ot the council delegates what true Musky appetites are like . . . l-li-Y otticers listened to a guest speaker . . . Principal F. G. Messenger, visitor, A. A. Johnson, and Sydney Thomas sat at the head table during the Student Council luncheon. CENTER: l-ti-Tri girls entertained their mothers at a banquet . . . F. F. A. group teasted at the annual watermelon picnic . . . Archie King and Sydney Thomas helped G. Bradtord Barber load betore starting on a debate trip. BOTTOM: The cast ot "The Dear Departed" sampled some ot the tea . . .Agriculture students iudged sheep at a tarm . . . Dayton t-lowe and Jean Downing sold cokes at the Auroran stand. -72... thl Coaches Bob Kinnan and Skip Weber showed Mr. Parks and George how To operafe ihe elec- Jrric devices af Jrhe officials' fable in Jrhe gymnasium. eti i -73- L., Athletes, Directors Responsible For Successful Sports Seasons Wink Weber and Kenny Ross, student managers, assisted the athletic director, Marinus Jensen, in his various duties. These three otten held consultations during sixth periods and betore and atter school. Musky athletes always welcomed Wink and Kenny, who brought them water and towels at vari- ous intervals. Art Causey connected with a torward pass. The student body thrilled to the ex- citing plays in last tall's tootball games. The Musky team tinished third in the Little Six Conterence. Sports authorities stated that, owing to a bad start, the team was much better than their record indicated. Basketball squad members, Glen Bloom and Kenny Mclntyre, looked tor an opening to retrieve the ball trom Sergeant Blutt in the state preliminaries. The Muskies de- teated Sergeant Blutt and Waverly to ad- vance to the state semitinals, where they were deteated by the Mason City outtit. The Purple and Gold quintet snatched the coveted Little Six basketball championship. "ln the spring a young man's tancy-" turns toward track and spring sports. Coach Skip Weber started a group ot lads along the cinder track. Muscatine boasted an un- usual number ot tast men this spring. Track- sters participated in such contests as the Little Six Indoor Meet at the University ot Iowa tield house on March 29, the triangular meet with Burlington and Ft. Madison, the county tournament, and the district meet. MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL FIELD HOUSE Coaches Bob Kinnan, Skip Weber, and Lelry Schnack examined a bas- kel in Muscaline High School's new lield house. By lar The besl in 'rhe Lillle Six Conference, lhe gymnasium ranks among lhe oulslanding in Jrhe s'ra+e. Wi+h a +o+al sealing capaciry of 2500, Jrhe field house has a bal- cony exlending along lwo sides. The bleachers, which may be folded back under Jrhe balconies when noi in use, are approximalely four feel from lhe oul-of-bounds line of Jrhe courl. The playing floor is lorry-six feel by eighly-four. Girls in lhe homemaking deparlmenl made banners for 'rhe eighf LiHle Six schools and displayed lhem on The walls of lhe gymnasium. The girls used lhe colors ol Jrhe schools in making Jrhe banners. -75- CONTENTS Coaches Football Basketball . Golf Baseball Track Pep Club G. A. A. Girls' Sports M. H. S. COACHING STAFF Bob Kinnan Letty Schnack Skip Weber Bob Kinnan, Lefty Schnack, Skip Weber Produce Cheers On Musky Football Field, Basketball Court, Track The successes and tailures ot Muscatine l-ligh School athletic teams lay in the hands ot Bob Kinnan, Letty Schnack, and Skipper Weber. Long hours ot coaching and watchtul waiting predominated in the work ot these men. Bob Kinnan has completed his ninth year as head basketball coach tor the Muskies. l-tis state-wide reputation tor tine teams speaks well ot his superior coaching. I-lis superstitions, his nervous antics during close games, and his being just one ot the team make Bob a typical coach. I-lead ot the gridiron and cinder paths was one Skip Weber, tormer iylusky pertormer and Iowa U. letterman. Skipper has tour years ot coaching tor the Purple and Gold to his credit and an impressive record. With good material returning next year, Skip will be gunning tor his tirst Little Six tootball championship. g gfxs an assistant to Bob and Skip, Letty Schnackgolayed no minor part in the successes ot the M. l-l. S. athletic program. We may sately call Letty the right arm because the question ot tuture material lies wholly with him. The main iob ot Schnack was to teach the rules and tundamen- tals to the up-and-coming stars who composed the so-called B squad. Coach Schnack assisted with baseball and had complete control ot the tootball and basketball B squads. -77M FOOTBALL-A SQUAD An all-stater, several all-conterence men, and a great Tield ot pros- pects Teatured the Turnout at The beginning ot the Tootball season last Tall. An impressive victory over Lone Tree opened a season which looked Tavorable to the Webermen. The game at Keokuk the tollowing week proved that too much contidence isn'T a good policy. Battling a high- pitched bunch ot Chiets, the Muskies emerged onthe short end ot a I4-7 skirmish. Seven days later The Muskies and the Trojans Trom Fairtield bat- tled to a scoreless Tie at Jetterson Field. Not Tully recovered trom the tray ot The previous week, The Purple and Gold took The only hard blow ot The season Trom Burlington. The Grayhounds ran and passed all around The Muskies to win 20-6 on The Burlington gridiron. Finally hitting The stride that was to be expected, the Webermen Turned on Tull speed and Trounced Mt. Pleasant 37-O aT The Muskies' tield and a week later ran over The FT. Madison Bloodhounds 3 I-O aT The Prison City Tield. , Beating Ottumwa lthe score 6-Ol was The one goal above all others that The Muskies wanted and obtained This year. Showing a desire and The heart to win, The Webermen tinished Third in The conterence standings. Coach Skipper Weber's Team Completes Season In Third Place in Little Six Conference Ranking BOTTOM ROW: Curtis Deems, Ralph Weis, Junior Lange, Harold Baumgardner, LeRoy Jones, Robert Weber, Kenny Ross, Kenny Mclntyre. SECOND ROW: Dick Ostrander, Elvin Phillips, Richard Kidd, Harold Manley, Clitt Bleadorn, Harry Hindahl, Kenneth Duncan. THIRD ROW: Bob Froehner, Oliver Bently, Ross McGlothlen, Phil Willis, Robert Bohm, ArthurCausey, Donald Gray. FOURTH ROW: Coach Robert Kinnan, Marten l-lonts, Kenneth Shoultz, Donald Sprouse, Arnold Atkins, Coach Skipper Weber. .-78... FOOTBALL-B SQUAD BOTTOM ROW: Richard Sadel, Jack Vtfeiershauser, George Gallaher, Edward Latham, Earl Pulliam, Kenneth Rummery, Art Lucas, Donald Bird. SECOND ROW: Milton Carlisle, Don Carver, Fred l-tankins, Don Kemble, Douglas Watters, Don Bently, Bill Block, Jimmy Burke. Tl-HRD ROW: Bob Newton, Bob Phillips, Bob Richardson, Clittord Welker, Norman Drew, Bill Ernmert, Andrew Taylor, Grittith Goddard. FOURTH ROW: Keith Thomas, Richard Jones, Walter gochnett, Ed Lorber, Coach Letty Schnack, Bill Schmitt, Harold Davis, Oril Carlisle, Don Na er. Coach Letty Schnack's Freshman-Sophomore Team Meets Tough Competition in Season's Schedule The B squad, composed entirely ot treshmen and sophomores and coached by Letty Schnack, tinished the season with a .500 average. The team won three ot their six games ot the toughest competition available. Two games trom Columbus Junction and one trom the Mt. Pleasant B squad constituted the wins tor the season. The Musky B's were turned back as they met such contestants as Davenport, Tipton, and lowa City. The main scorer tor the Schnackmen was Oril Carlisle, a treshman plungeback. Other star pertormers tor Coach Letty Schnack were Earl Pulliam, a pass expert and sophomore, and Art Lucas, the receiver tor Pulliam's passes trom his wingback post. As a midyear treshman George Gallaher showed great promise at his eenterepesmene. Rurnrneryjand rtor .e . guard and tackle positions respectively. Buck Sadel and Jack Weier- shauser were promising players in the backtield at the haltback positions. Walt Kochnett and Keith Thomas held the end positions under control. M. l-l. S. will remember these boys tor the ettorts they put torth to develop tundamental skills which they will use later on the varsity squad. COACH WEBER'S 1939 MUSKY MACHINE CLICKS l Team Cooperation Brings Many Victoriesf Ken Duncan Named To Lead Tor T940 Season TOP ROW: Kenny Ross, ArT Causey, Kenny Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: Junior Lange, Ross MCC-5loThlen, Elvin Phillips, Kenny ivlcInTyre. Signal-barlcers, ball-snappers, pigslcin-ToTers, and s+alwar+s TeaTured The Musky machine This year. A reliable subsTiTuTe and capTain-elecT Tor l94O, Ken Duncan will lead The Team nexT year Trom his cenTer posiTion. Ken Ross, a sTalwarT senior guard, did himselT proud This year. SubsTiTuT- ing aT The wingbaclc posT and receiving passes were ArT Causey's respon- sibiliTies. ArT was also a senior. Junior Birdseed Lange, a senior, was a pass arTisT and punTer Tor The Webermen. C5raduaTe Elvin Phillips did his parT by replacing The plungers and blockers. Ross lvlcGloThlen will be baclc nexT year perTorming aT The Tackle posiTion. Ken lvlclnTyre, The pass- receiving experT aT The wingbaclq posiTion, is anoTher hopeTul Tor Coach Weber's squad nexT year. -gon l l i i l l l i l i i i l i l l lA i FOOTBALL SQUAD MEMBERS RECEIVE HONORS Co-Captains Named on First Conference Team, Jones All-Stater for Second Straight Year l I TOP ROW: Bob Weber . . . l-larold Baumgardner, LeRoy Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Clit? Bleadorn Harold Manley . . . Curt Deems . . . LeRoy Jones. Receiving the honor ot being elected an all-stater tor the second con- secutive year, LeRoy Jones advanced trom the second to the tirst l. D. P. A. team. Jones established the record ot being one ot the toughest and roughest guards ever to represent Muscatine. Co-captains Jones and Baumgardner, who led the Webermen through a successtul campaign thisvear, placeobon thectitstwll-conterence teamtat guarclwrnd errobpo- sitions respectively. Others placed on the tirst Little Six team selection were Deenns, a taclcle, and Manley, a baclc. Bob, brother to Coach Web- er, placed on the second all-conterence team. Clitt Bleadorn, the hard- blocking back and only returning letterman ot this group, made the list ot honorable mention. BASKETBALL-A SQUAD BOTTOM ROW: George Parks, Glen Bloom, Arthur Causey, Don Sprouse, Kenneth Mclntyre, Harold Manley. SECOND ROW: Charles Weber, Kenneth Ross, Vernon Hottman, Harry Hindahl, Phil Willis, Paul Hanson. THIRD ROW: Coach Bob Kinnan, Arthur Mittman, Curtis Deems, Harold Riggs, Robert Weber. Kinnan's Muslcy Cagers Progress to State Semitinalsg Win Undisputed Little Six Conference Championship "One ot my best teams as tar as all-around pertormances and coop- eration are concerned," said Coach Bob Kinnan ot this year's team. Win- ning the tirst six games was encouraging to the team ot veterans. Atter losing a game to Mason City the Kinnanmen added another string ot eight straight victories to their record. A let-down which almost proved tatal occurred about this time and the Muskies bowed to Ottumwa and Fair- tield in succession. Still in the running, the Muskies downed Ft. Madison and clinched the Little Six championship by beating Mt. Pleasant 37-27. Advancing through the sectional to the district tor the tirst time in several years, the Muslcies began to get their courage baclc once more, and tollowers ot the team began to rate it as one to beat in state com- petition. From the district, held here at Muscatine, the Muslcies ad- vanced tothe state meet at lowa City. Winning over Sergeant Blutt and Waverly, they again met Mason City in the semitinals, which they lost 34-30. This game was really the climax ot the tournament as shown by the enthusiasm ot some 8,500 spectators. All in all, Muscatine tans will remember the Muslsies ot '39 and '40 tor their courage and will to win. -32- BASKETBALL-B SQUAD Inexperience was The basic reason Tor The poor showing oT The Musky yearlings aT The beginning oT The season. During The TirsT monTh oT par- TicipaTion They were held To a lone win ouT oT six sTarTs. Learning TasT wiTh experience and The guardianship oT Coach LeTTy Schnack, The Musky B's Tinished as runner-up To WesT LiberTy in The counTy TournamenT. Los- ing To The LiberTy guinTeT I8- I 2 aTTer winning over some real compeTiTion marked The Schnackmen as an up-and-coming Team. ATTer The Three- game Tourney The Ivluskies wenT on To win I2 ouT oT The nexT I4 games, losing only To Grandview and The Team oT veTerans Trom WiITon. WaIT KochneTT, The cenTer and leading scorer as well as an ouTsTand- ing perTormer, was The mainspring in Coach Schnack's Team oT Tresh- men and sophomores. Don Carver, The scrappy Torward, was valuable as a scorer. ArT Lucas and Earl Pulliam were oTher mainsTays oT The B squad aT The Torward and guard posiTions respecTiveIy. A TuTure prospecT, aT a guard posT is one Jack Weiershauser, husky deTensive arTisT. OThers alTernaTing aT diTTerenT posiTions were George Gallaher, Treshman cenTer, Bill Black, a guard and sophomore, and Arnold ATkins, a guard. KeiTh Thomas, PeTer Koslow, and Red Naber were all reliable subsTiTuTes. Coach Schnack's Cagers Pick Up Speed To Finish In Second Position in County TournamenT Ranking BOTTOM ROW: WalTer KochneTT, Bill Block, ArThur Lucas, KeiTh Thomas, George Gallaher Donald Carver. SECOND ROW: Fred I-Iankins, PeTer Koslow, Arnold ATkins, Jack Weier- shauser, Earl Pulliam, Richard Sadel, Coach LeTTy Schnack. THIRD ROW: RoberT Eroehner RoberT Phillips, George Shield, Donald Naber, Richard I-IaroTT, RoberT NewTon, Ray Miller MUSKIES SET SPEEDY PACE IN BASKETBALL Purple and Gold Quintet Deteats Opponents In Sectional, District, State Competition The candid photos show some ot the memorable actions ot the Mus- kies this year. They occurred in such games as the one at Qttumwa, a loss which almost proved tatal to the security ot the Little Six champion- ship, the sectional games at Durant, the district games held here at the new lvl. l-l. S. gym, and the state tinals at Iowa City. TCP: Riggs iumped center. . . Bloom laid in a set-up . . . lviclntyre shot a one-hand pushshot at lowa Field l-louse. CENTER: Team with coaches and managers posed atter the sectional championship. BOTTQM: Riggs, No. 38, was ready tor the rebound . . . l-lindahl, No. 39, waited to get the rebound at Ot- tumwa . . . Bloom, No. 32, and Lange ot Wilton lumped center. BLCDGM MAKES I. D. P. A. FIRST ALL-STATE TEAM Mclntyre Places on First All-Little Six Team, Hoffman Named Second All-Conference Guard Kenny Mclnfyre Glen Bloom Harold Riggs Vernon Hoffman As fhe leader of fhe feam in offense as well as in defense, Glen Bloom placed on fhe firsf all-Liffle Six feam and also on fhe firsf l. D. P. A, all- sfafe feam af a guard posifion. Jack Norfh of fhe Des Moines Regisfer named Glen Bloom on his second feam selecfion. Ofhers fhaf were ouf- sfandinqamongwflwea iviuslciervaanobreeeivede +ioneffeiee44ePfi1v4eln-A A fyre, a forward, who made fhe firsf all-Liffle Six feam, and Vernon Hoff- man, a second all-conference guard, a lad lcnown as Leffy for olovious rea- sons. The fasf-passing cenfer, Harold Riggs, received honorable menfion for his performance wifh fhe Iviuslcies. The Purple and Gold squad elecfed him fheir honorary capfain. GOLF, BASEBALL COMPLETE YEAR GOLF-UPPER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Bob EenTon, WalTer KochneTT, Richard BoldT, Bob Pearson, Bill Blockl, Edward AsThalTer, KeiTh Thomas, Bob Barry. SECOND ROW: Don Schmidt lra lv1aThes, Rolland Howe, Bill Liebbe, PaT Barry, Bob Phillips, John Barnard, Edward MonTgomery, Tommy Young, Bob Liebbe, CliTTordean Collins. BASEBALL-LOWER GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: LeTTy Schnaclc, Don Sprouse, lKenneTh MclnTyre, T-larold Manley, Vernon l'loTTman, l-larry Hindahl, ArT lviiTTman, Bob Kinnan. SECONO ROW: KenneTh Ross, Billy Nordeen, Earl Pulliam, Schuyler ProTTiTT, Arnold ATlcins, Edward BarTelT, ArThur Lucas, Edward Lorber. The diTTiculT problem oT Tinding a Team oT golTers To represenT lvl. l-l. S. Taced Coach Bob EenTon This spring. The Barry boys, Bob and PaT, along wiTh Richard BoldT, Bill Block, KeiTh Thomas, and Bob Phillips, repre- senTed The greaTer parT oT The sTrengTh. lvluslcy golTers compeTed in The Li++Ie Six Tourney and played maTches wiTh Teams Trom surrounding ciTies. Gaining more 'sTrengTh and inTluence as The seasons roll by, The old game oT baseball is becoming a maior sporT in lvl. I-l. S. The l94O season opened wiTh several veTerans reTurning and wiTh several piTching pros- pecTs who Turnished Coach Bob Kinnan wiTh reasons Tor expecTing a suc- cessTul campaign. BeneTacTors To The lVlusl4ies were ProTTiTT and ATl4ins as The mound sTaTT, Sprouse, caTcher, and Babe T-loTTman aT TirsT. OTher sTars were Nor- deen, second baseman, Manley, shorTsTop, and l-lindahl aT Third. ln The ouTer gardens were Lucas aT leTT, Pulliam in cenTer, and MiTTman in righT Tield. TRACK TEAM GAINS SPEED One junior and Three senior leTTermen reTurned To Coach Skip Weber Tor acTion on The cinder paThs This spring. Bob Weber, senior, perTormed as a weighT man and ran on several relay Teams. AnoTher senior, Dick OsTrander, was a dash man, who specialized in The 880 yard dash. The o+her senior leTTer winner oT lasT year was The disTance runner, Bob Bohm. Bleadorn, The pole vaulT and high iump specialisT, compleTed The lisT oT leTTermen ThaT reporTed Tor service. Jack Weiershauser, Gril Carlisle, and John Thompson are all under- classmen who have brigh+ TuTures ahead as dash men. Wayne Eichel- berger, a iunior, compeTed in The 440 yard dash. Hopewell, a Treshman disTance runner, has greaT prospecTs, as has NewTon, anoTher disTance man. l-leiland, a TirsT-year man and a senior, parTicipaTed as a disTance runner. AnoTher iunior picTured as a TuTure hopeTul is one Ross McGloTh- len, a weighT man. The TirsT meeT oT The year was The LiTTle Six Indoor, in which Musca- Tine enTered several evenTs. OTher meeTs ThroughouT The season includ- ed duals wiTh Rock lsland and New BosTon, The counTy meeT held aT The M. H. S. Track, and The Triangular meeT wiTh FT. Madison and BurlingTon. BOTTOM ROW: Frank Olish, Jimmy Burke, GriTTiTh Goddard, Delphy Bergensky, Andrew Taylor, RoberT Bohm, Jim Van ATTa, Morris Hoopes, Harold Davis. SECOND ROW: RoberT Vance, Gene Middagh, Cecil Houseman, STanley Werner, RoberT Morris, Melvin Brus, Thomas WaTson, Harry MarTin, George Shield, Fred Hankins, George Olson, Bob Froehner. THIRD ROW: RoberT Barr, Dean FleTcher, Carl Lange, RoberT Lee, Harvey McFaTe, CliTTord Bleadorn, Richard Duncan, RoberT NewTon, Ed Goldsberry, Frank Flickinger, Oril Carlisle, Don Finley. FOURTH ROW: Don Jacobs, OTha Johnson, WilberT Heiland, Richard OsTrander, Sherwood Samuels, Wayne Eichelberger, Jack Weiershauser, John Thompson, Glen Folck, Charles Mc- Bride, Richard Sadel, Skip Weber. FIFTH ROW: Lucien King, MarTen HonTs, Ross McGloTh- len, Earl Jago, Bob Weber, Don McNeal, Melvin Frye, Floyd YeringTon, Don SchmidT, PaTrick Hopewell, ClayTon Havemann. -37- MUSKY ATHLETES HAVE VARIED SCHEDULE STudenTs Troop To Track, Links, Diamond To Relax from Problems of Schoolwork TOP: CliTT Bleadorn pracTised his pole vaulTing. Bleadorn is also acTive as a broad iumper . . .Coach Bob FenTon gave lessons To his undersTudies, Bob Barry and Bill Block, aT The local Mad Creek GOIT Course, The siTe oT many hard-won maTches . . .The piTching ace oT The lvlusky baseball Team, Arnold ATkins, burned one down The cenTer. A sophomore lasT spring, wiTh Two years oT compeTiTion remaining, ATkins is a boy To waTch in The TuTure. BQTTOM: Jim Burke, CIETT Bleaolorn, and Bob Weber were mem- bers oT The Track squad warming up. Burke and Bleadorn reTurn nexT year . . .Jim Burke and Bob Bohm led a pack oT TracksTers on one oT Their es- senTial warm-up laps. SPRING BRINGS SUN-TAN SPORTS TO M. H. S Baseball Fans Report to Diamond for Practice, Golfers Develop Swings at Mad Creek Course TOP: Arnold Aflcins, flue classy sopluomore performer, burned anofluer one across . . . Lillian Muclua, in flue background. wafclued Ollie Benfly, bowling capfain, as lue splif flue pins al flue Pla-Mor Alleys . . . l-larry Hin- clalul posed before a pracfice session . . . l-lindalul was a relief pifcluer and lueldiiown flue luof corner for flue lvlusliglasf siii iBOTll:CiVWiTlueG i i ofluer lualf of flue pifcluing slaff of flue Muslcy baseball feam, Scluuyler Prof- fiff, was in acfion . . . Pal Barry, leff foreground, and Bill Block ridiculed Bob Barry for nof luiffing flue ball-Many a Muslcy will recall being in a similar sifuafion . . . Versafile Leffy l-loflman, flue oufsfanding firsf base- man, refurned a fasf ball fo luome plafe. -39- MUSKY PEP CLUB-CHEER LEADERS BOTTOM ROW: Carl Paetz, Margaret Swickard, Betty Mohnsen, Darrel Miller, Wilma Mar- doclc, Belle Lamb, Norman Weis, Marion Edmonds, Harriet Glatstein, Herman Griesenbroclc. SECOND ROW: Frances Parsons, Virginia Freers, Viola Knetsch, Donna Weber, Betty Kern, Virginia Rosenthal, Elsie Jean Titus, Dorothy Henning, Rose Green, Delores Kleist, Idabelle Davis. THIRD ROW: Paul Carter, Elaine Handley, Eleanor Lawrence, Maxine Sadel, Marilynn Pilgrim, Marie Broadston, Patricia Johnson, Belly Farrar, Lois Brissou, Clair Yorlc, Robert Lamb. FOURTH ROW: Herbert Toussaint, Josephine Hazen, Beverly Glass, Belly Hottrnan, Alice Nash, Gertrude McOmber, Anita Schmidt, Marjorie Van Atta, Jaclcwyn Tieclce, Patricia Arey, Frankie Lou Kidd, Warren Hammer. FIFTH ROW: Edward Goldsberry, Norma Benninger, Jeannette Mucha, Lorraine Hubble, Mariorie Rode, Patricia Mahurin, Bill Marlin, Maxine Romig, Verna Babbitt, Barbara Weis, Ruth Sylvester, Dorothy Spratt, Hermann Pagel. Pepsters Organize To Promote Better Cheering For Encouragement ot Athletic Trophy Winners Fitty-seven Muslqies organized the Pep Club with the idea ot stimulat- ing more enthusiasm in the student body and developing new and better yells. The group occupied one tull section ot bleachers at the basketball games, adding much color and pep tothe scene. They participated in or- ganized yells under the direction ot the tour cheerleaders, Belle Lamb, Wilma Mardoclc, Darrel Miller, and Norman Weis. Underclassmen who aided in leading the cheering were Carl Paetz, Margaret Swiclqard, Belly Mohnsen, Marion Edmonds, Harriet Olatstein, and Herman Oriesen- broclc. Throughout the year the club held scheduled meetings in the gym under the supervision ot Miss Louisa Jericho, who served as taculty adviser. This year the high school cheer leaders helped organize a pep club at iunior high school. Possibly these seventh and eighth grade students will be the ones to lead the cheers lor Muslcy athletes in tuture years. Some ot the cheer leaders traveled to the sectional basketball tourna- ment at Durant and the state bout at Iowa City to help Muslcy tans in en- couraging the boys. -90- GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION "You must go forward and not stand still. for if you stand still you will slide backward" was the motto which Miss Bernice Petersen, sponsor of the Girls' Athletic Association, kept before the group this year. Miss Petersen directed the girls in a program of health-building games, exer- cises, and good times. Outstanding pleasures of the year came in participation in three out- of-town events. A group of the girls went to Washington, Iowa, where they took part in the annual Cowgirl Round-up. Members of the organi- zation were guests of Burlington girls at their annual G. A. A. play day. Girls interested in swimming and diving accepted the invitation of the Seals Club of the University of Iowa for a day of exhibitions and contests at the university field house at Iowa City. G. A. A. members ioined in a local program of swimming, hiking, pic- nicking, and sports. They cooperated as captains and leaders of basket- ball, volleyball, tumbling, and deck tennis groups at the Y. W. C. A. Among these girls were a number who were active in urging the introduc- tion of a girls' physical education department in the high school. Officers of the Girls' Athletic Association were Betty Timm, presi- dent: Margaret I-Ieitz, secretary, and Mavis Koepping, treasurer. Musky Girls Share Interest in Sports of Various Types In Club Devoted to Promotion of Physical Welfare BOTTOM ROW: Inez Phillips, Marian Kopf, I-Ielen Baars, Marian Bierman, Willie Mae I-Ierron, Margaret Swickard. SECOND ROW: Marie Brown, Almeda Schmoldt, Jean Jones, Jean Swickard, Gertrude McOmber, Dorothy Knight, June Fabrizius, Maxine Sadel. TI-IIRD ROW: Betty I-Ioffman, Margaret I-Ieitz, Pauline Parker, Lillian Mucha, Betty Timm, Janet Grosiean, Ruth Rhodes, Margaret Jean Roberts, Idabelle Davis. 19l.. ,,,,,,,,, ...-li GIRLS DEVE-OP POISE, GRACE BASKETBALL-UPPER LEFT-BOTTOM ROW: Krider, Dollman, Fisher, Green, Bierman, Thompson, KopT, Her- ron, Baars, lvlaisenbach, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Mohnsen, SpraTT, HoTTman, Fabrizius, ShaTlniT, IvlcOmber, McCaTTrey, I:ounTain, Co++reII, Davidson, Sadel. THIRD ROW: Powell, KnighT, BabbiTT, Lamb, lvlucha, Grosiean, HeighT, GoeTz, STocking, EIlioTT, Rhodes, Ballew, Heuer. BOWLING-UPPER RIGHT-BOTTOM ROW: Gabriel, Lange, Wecksung, Mucha, Handley, Weis, McOmber, Green. SECOND ROW: Irwin, VeTTer, IvliTTman, Powell, RoysTer, CarTer, Grosiean, RuThenberg, CurTis, Perkins. TUMBLING-LOWER LEFT-BOTTOM ROW: IvIonT- gomery, Jorgensen, Brown, STropes, Davis, Campbell, Lawrence, Kingman, Dollman. SECOND ROW: Geirse, VeTTer, Kidd, Krider, EosTer, B. IvlcCulley, Perigo, EounTain, CoTTreIl, Davidson, lvlcCaTTrey, J. lvlcCuIley. THIRD ROW: Powell, Oldham, Woods, Grosiean, Ivlucha, Phillips, HeighT, Davis, lvlucha, Hazen, Ballew, SchIichTing. VOLLEYBALL-LOWER RIGHT-BOTTOM ROW:Tobias, Thompson, Fisher, Hubbard, Baars, Maisenbach, Herron, KopT, KnighT. SECOND ROW: Church, Eabrizius, SpraTT, Parker, HOT-Tman, McOmber, Campbell, Green, Kingman, Ragan. THIRD ROW: STocking, Grosiean, Arey, BabbiTT, Mucha, Lamb, Rhodes, Bierman, EllioTT, Phillips. lvliss Bernice PeTersen, girls' physical educaTion direcTor aT The Y. W. C. A., devoTed The sixTh period and The hours aTTer school To MuscaTine High School girls who wenT To The Y. W. C. A. gymnasium. Ivliss PeTer- sen, whose home is in Boone, Iowa, is a graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oT Iowa, where she maiored in physical educaTion. During The school year she coached Musky girls in baske+baII, volleyball, and Tumbling. Class members divided inTo Teams and played a baskeTball Tourna- menT To deTermine The champions. The lvluskies, capTained by BeTTe Lamb, won TirsT place, and The Zippers, capTained by MargareT ShaTT- niT, won second place. The Buckeyes, led by Karen Ivlanley, and The I-1oTshoTs, headed by Ruby FounTain, ended The season in a Tie Tor Third p ace. Volleyball games and The developmenT oT skill in Tumbling were also Tavored proiecTs oT The girls aT The Y. W. C. A. The girls oT The volley- ball Team had Their greaTesT success oT The season in The game in which They deTeaTed The business girls' Team. Girls who were Tond oT bowling divided inTo Teams and played a Tour- namenT aT The Pla-Mor bowling alleys. Jeanne RuThenberg Tinished The season by rolling The high single-game score oT 205. Jeanne Tinished wiTh The high average oT I I9, and lVlargareT CurTis ranked close behind wiTh an average oT I I8. ..92- Y. W. C. A. SPORTS CALENDAR VARIES The piclures below show some lavorile aclivilies ol lhe lvlusky girls. TCP ROW: A Paul Revere's dive was lhe allraclion lor Anila Schmidl, Belly Col- lrell, Lillian lvlucha, and Alice Nash. Divers were Janel Grosiean, below, and Adaline Perkins, above. .. Playing volleyball were l-lelen Baars, Dorolhy Knighl, and Mary Louise Slocking in lronl ol lhe nel, and Belly l-lollman, Belly Col- lrell, Shirley Thompson, l-lelen Ellioll, Joan lvlaisenbach, and lvlargarel Shall- nil behind lhe nel. CENTER: Praclising landem swimming were Janel Gros- iean and Adaline Perkins. BQTTOM: Girl lumblers lrembled as lhey wailed lor lhe click ol lhe camera. Forming lhe base ol lhe shaky pyramid were Lillian Mucha, lvlary Louise Slocking, Belle Lamb, lvlariorie l-leighl. In lhe second lier were Violel Dollman, Gerlrude McOmber, and Verna Gerlh, and in lhe lhird, were Belly Collrell and l-lelen Campbell. Forming lhe lop was Norma Jean Ballew . . . Swimmers were lvlary Louise Slocking, Dollie lvlcCul- lough, Jeanne Rulhenberg, Josephine l-lazen, June Fabrizius, Wilma Mardock, Phyllis James, and Alice Edwards . . . Players in lhe inlerclass baskelball game were Palricia Arey, Maxine Sadel, and Belly l-lollman. l -93- MANY MUSKY MAIDENS MAKE MERRY Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis Techniques Otter Ditticulty, Pleasure to Girl Athletes Musky girls had tun and gained skill in oasketba , vo leyball, and deck tennis tournaments at the Y. W. C. A. They raisec their bowling scores at the Pla-Mor Alleys and lowered their golt scores at twe Mad Creek Gott Course. TOP: Willie Mae l-lerron, l-lelen Baars, Betty l-lottman, Carol Fisher, and Ruby Fountain battled over the oal in a tast game be- tween the l-lot Shots and the Zippers . . . Jeanne Ruthenoerg, a leader among M. l-l. S. girl bowlers, attempted to roll a strike at the Pla-lvlor Alleys. BOTTOM: Phyllis Eitman was intent on her game as she teed ott tor her tirst spring drive . . . Glen Bloom coached Pat Johnson in serv- ing technique as Genevieve Crow and Muriel Hammer watched her try out his suggestions . . . Sis Bloom had her own troubles as she blasted out ot a sand trap on No. 9 at the lviad Creek Gott Course. .-Q4.- BUSINESS MEN BACK ANNUAL NO. 33 Musky Students Spend Their Money At Business Places ot Advertisers Muscatine merchants attracted the attention ot students by the use ot Auroran ads. TCP: Stewart Narvis, ot the Record Printing Company, showed Esther Schultz his Miller Cylinder Press . . . Marla Gettert, sales- woman at Penney's, attempted to interest Muriel l-lammer in new spring tashions . . . lylarian Kautz opened a savings account at the Central State Bank. CENTER: Byron McKee and Warren Allen, ot the Muscatine Banlc andillrust Cotnnpanynzttscusseobthe basketball season witt'rBabe4-lettman. A BOT-l'ClV1: Qliver Bently, manager ot the Pla-lvlor Alleys, explained bowl- ing technigue to Juanita Weclcsung . . . Phyllis Eitman, Auroran advertis- ing manager, checked in money to Stan l-lowe, business manager. . . Jim Van Camp, taking no chances ot running out ot gas, stopped at the Brower oil station. ...QB- TLSSZOS We salute you! May your future be bright and success be yours RECORD PRINTING COMPANY P h o n e 1 9 0 THE SPANISH VILLA "The good place to eat" 44. Harold o t 1 DETTHOF HARDWARE CO. HENRY G. DETTHOF, Prop. 124 East Second St. General Hardware and Electric A ppliances 25. N man YVeis C. C. HAKES 8: CO. 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BEVFRIDGE Ofver Seventy Years 0 f Dependable Serfuice Telephone 1260 um.: 1-hi-Ag? FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY "Say it with jiowersn GEO. KRANZ 8: SON STELLRECHT'S HARNESS SHOP 207 East Third St. HAVE YOUR SHOES REPAIRED HICRI We repair and dye anything Phone 4 made of leather. 11. Harold Oct l 7 VVI I b is the best actor? OGILVIE9S E. E. BLOOM I 8 I INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 574 '- Corner Second 8: Walriut MEATS and GROCERIES Our Volume Guarantees Low Prices 10. Jean Down g GENERAL INSURANCE 101 Central State Bank Bldg. Muscatine, Iowa 5 Wh 1 b is the be nusician? -104- VISIT GUR BANK 'We'll be glad to take you thru the bank at any time and explain how and Why We 'fdo things." -fw- Reineinberf No 'Seniplesn gifven oul. ......,E...., MUSCATINE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY so Syd y T1 C. B. FULLER'S QUALITY c3RocERY R59 "Fnlleif's for Fine Food Since 1857" VVIYVE YOUNG IDEAS! 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Which sen l l l I f h Muscatine's OBERHAUS Young Men's Christian BRQTHERS Association 529 Mulberry Ave. "Engaged in making men" Ph n 401 O C MAKE IT YOUR HEADQUARTERS NRG Sm 19249, 706875 U6 16 X g' ' T1'l Z3 Wh 1 ' boy is h IOSC likely to succe d? J. C. PEN N EY CO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE 101-105 EAST SECOND ST. A.,.f4g...A READY-TO-WEAR - SHOES - MEN'S WEAR GENERAL DRY GOODS 10VNl1 1 l d g hd -IO6- MONTGOMERY WARD Sz CO. 117-121 West Second St. SHOES '- ""5q""'P' RADIOS CLOTHING STOVES BLANKETS HARDWARE FASHIONS IOWA REFRIGERATORS 9 Which senior boy is the most d t g I d J. A. BLOOM 85 SONS CON GRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1940! MQM. QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES . . Muscatme MUSIC House Mqhqi "Only Music H ouse ln Phone 721 Muscatine County" g t Heitz "Step U p The Afvenue And Save Dollars" MQW... I STERNEMAN'S CLOTHING COMPANY CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 35 Syd y Th -IO7-- Eat Ideal Ice-Cream for Health The Cream of the West 7 "1t'.v Pure A Tlmfr Szzrev O Mzinufactured by Lagomarcino-Grupe Co. 36. Dorothy Powell 40. Y PROPERTY INSURANCE AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE ACCIDENT 8: HEALTH INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE 8: ANNUITIES ROBERT L. ROACH LAUREL BLDG. Vliieh senior girl has the best personality? EVANS' FOODS 215 VVest Second St. Phone 66 QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS, and VEGETABLES Our Special Prices Continue During the Week Free Delivery on Orders of 52.00 45. Margaret Heitz L. L. LUPTON TYPEWRITERS At Wveis-Lupton Printing Co. ROYAL - REIVIINGTON CORONA - L. C. SMITH New and Used Typewriters and Adding Machines for Sale or Rent 39 Vlhieh senior boy has the best personality? QUALITY - STYLE GRIFFON SUITS LA SALLE HATS CROSBY SQUARE SHOES BRADLEY SWEATERS WILSON SPORTWEAR ..L.,.g.,... X M E E RD I N K CLOTI-KING C0. "The Young Mlz11's Shop" Wear Clean Clothes Congratulations to class of '40. A. A. Nickerson Store your apparel in llluscetinelv Only Garment Cold Storage Vault. we E ' ,Ill 4 fl AI2,.gS5' ' . 209 19. VVIiieh senior boy is the the most el 41. Sydney Thomas -IOS- Robert Weber, second in choice of senior representative boy, reads THE MUSCATINE JoURNAI.. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Of the heights to which any girl or boy may ascend in his or her chosen walk nowadays! However, as you are aware, you must have a substantial foundation of knowledge, not only the knowledge you may acquire through your teachers' guidance or from your textbooks, but a knowledge thoroughly grounded in everyday facts of just what is happening in this rapidly moving world of ours. The best possible method of acquiring such knowledge easily is to form the habit of being - A Daily Reader of - THE MUSCATINE JGURN AL Every event of consequence is recorded there. Toloe "dumb" ma"W e '7gismpamo1mbk i.nJhis y modern age. VVhich senior boy has the best se of humor? -lO9- o Compliments of Compliments o f 1 McKEE BUTTON COMPANY , MUSCATINIC, IOWA BOTTLING COMPANY . rgaret Heitz 0SCA1g1f35XI?ISgHE1M OONNOPQS CORNER Z3 FRESH MEATS - VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS 53 Years of Dependable Photography Phone 948 We Deliver ' ' 1 is the most likely t d? S'd1ey Thomas TEXACO GASOLIN E - YOU BUY ONE - YOU GET FOUR - Texaco Fire Chief Circle Car Service Registered Rest Rooms Utmost Courtesy i.,.g.,..-.. BROWER OIL COMPANY "Service with it Smile" Phone 181 123 East Third St. Which sen -HO- O C on gmlnlntions, S enio rs .I BEACH LUMBER and SUPPLY CO. LUMBER and BUILDERS' TITUS LOAN 85 SUPPLIES INVESTMENT OO. PZ - . on Serfvzce . 1- Telephone 9 Z8 NI VV k t Z4 II B b MCKEE J. M. KEMBLE FEED 8: GRAIN CO. LAW, RICAL ESTATIQ, INSURANCE OMAR FLOUR of all kinds IVIanufacturcrs of ICSTATES SICTTLFD PEARL CITY BRAND FEEDS FOR POULTRY AND HOGS 211-12 Hershey Bldg. 51 VII 1 ' g' l ' h It mbitious? 4 VXI I or girl has the prettiest Smile? - Dfmlff HENDERSON'S St. Clan' s Soda Water i' CHEVROLET - LA SALLE All the true and tasty Havors PONTIAC - CADILLAC including Orange Squcczc and DoubIe Cola "A Muscatine-Made Pffoniucf' SALES and SERVICE 1- -IRQ- J' We Newer Close BOTTLING TE T WORKS T TT A A AP Phone 1424 219 Mulberry Ave. Phone 175 115 West Front sm yTh 18 VXI 1 ' gl' tl muff -III- QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL Compliments 0 if and COAL .Www ,,e,,e,,Me,, R. J. WITTICH FUNERAL HOME HILL-GOETZ Lumber 8: Coal Co. 216 WEST THIRD Phone 95 Syd , TI mwhachs by1 th p If I '17 WHITMAN'S and Compliments of SAN-MAN PENNANT BUTTON CO CHOCOLATES L o , + Makers of - EICHENAUER S , , , H HI-GRADE PEARL ART ICLES Phone 21 I 211 East Second St. 2 NI garet H itz 46 VII1 I I y th b t g MUSCATINE, IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION XYI1icI1 I., Ih I I -II2- REMEMBER WHICH! THE NAMES GooDRICH CONGRATULATIONS, TIRES! TIRES! TIRES! SENIURS! Sefuenliezfh Anniversary +T GOODRICH MODERN ELECTRIC SILVERTOWN STORES SHQP HERBERT LEU, Mgr. 109 Sycamore St. Phone 517 221 East Second St' 12 llcrrine Bieber 40- Jean Swickard Compliments of AUTOMATIC BUICK CQ. BUTTON COMPANY SALES at SERVICE 0 MUSCATINE, IOVVA 217 East Sf. PhOI1C 105 50. Which seni boy is the most ambitious? 8. Margaret Heitz BECOME EDUCATED THE MODERN WAY . . GO TO A JUNIOR COLLEGE . . ---e-- Educational authorities are beginning to recognize the many advantages of the junior college for development of youth. They know that it provides an economical educationg that it olfers opportunities for greater participa- tion in school activitiesg that it permits closer contact between Students and inStructors5 that it furnishes a Wholesome type of Social life5 and that, in general, it is an excellent intermediate step from high school to university or college. TVIUSCATINETJUNOIOIT COLLEGE A 33VNll Iltlittty -Il3- NATIONAL LAUNDRY GEO. HUDSON GARAGE Th Band BOX lsr Cleaners MUSCATINE V OFFICIAL BENDIX SAFETY CLINIC t D Sales and Service We Guarantee Phone To Please You QD GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING 219 East Front St. 706 Monroe St. Phone 1208 MHSCWHC, IOWH 20. Jean Swickard 41. Which seni b y is the most courteou 42. Which IF TOOTH PASTE ADS WERE TRUE There would be fewer visits to the dental office. Slogans won't cure dental disease, and a combination of pleasant taste, abra- sive action, and insignificant amounts of antiseptics won't prevent pyorrhea and toothaches. The honest, ethical dentist can do a great deal for you. Visit him regularly, accept his advice, follow his instructions. Your dentist is able to contribute to your health and comfort only if you cooperate with him. general health requires that you place yourself in the care of dentist. Oral and an ethical "Do as Yom' Dentist Tellf You." MUSCATIN E DENTAL SOCIETY sen g 1 th most court -lI4- FOR ENTERTAINMENT YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON SEEING ONLY THE BEST AT THE UPTOWN THEATRE ONE OF IOWA'S FINEST THEATRES AIR-CONDITIONED AND COMFORTABLE HOTEL MISSISSIPPI VALLEY MUSCATINE GRAIN 8z FEED CO. GRAIN st FEEDS -Qu-. Gooal Place to Meet and Eat ' H. H. MUELLER, Mgr. 49 Fern Mittman 38. Olga K h ff B O VV L -"W" THAT,S THE WAY TO FUN, For EXERCISE, AND HEALTH While bowling you have no NORRIS thought of anything- You just can't Worry. EXQUISITE CANDY Bowl for Recreation- -. Try ,- Bowl for Health C. M. WEBER PLA-MOR ALLEYS M.,.g.,.M 17 XVI h b y ' I most talk Zq. VVhich senio g I ii the moot f -Il5- N AX. W ynykiipftf ,rig if ,M X N X 'xc STN X, Nr N , N AND 0LLI ER Q JM i Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 8- Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. Sl. Jean Downing -II6- -,-v - - 1. , . . 'Fr 'Fug kV V ,,.", VV . -Vyiu, ,.'.-f-J,A1J,, ., V , ,yy-VV ,Sai M.. F ,.V. , -,nfv-V1 , V V, VV, . -VVV .,, , . ,'ij'. 17,"'. " .'1., .:-an 'uv-, Ln- ., V V V , - .. ,1r,1,.k V ,V . VV Q, . M3 up .-H-f .,...1, , W, ., .. , .4 , - MM- - w w V -'-- ,.,,g...:,.,gM' 1-' ' " V--fm F ... M -,HM Y. -ff 1 fm.,-,,,,, ,..,mgh-5-Q 2-5.45 Q-. q f ' I51'HE' ' 'V W1 f':'V'i-?f:f :- u fl 4' " Qff'53'm 4 HSI-e f.: .ff":'f'3?"" fav in f' ,ww " 51 fi 1:91 Rf if --' 1 ' " A F-4 ' , V 1--- . f . H J ' .. ' ,v g 1. V, A V :,..- V., . yn' ,- I, ,V -. f - - - ' ' -' ' ., N a 1' .gn 3559 . ' ,. V. . 1 -X -V ' " , 4, , , -. VV, Q45 " " '. - 4"' V V ff v' ff ' if . 5 Y ,fazg ' 1' "4 . '75 M, V w X-:ge f ,V,, ,, nixflgf , :1a,.' R"-515 mg in , V :QQ 1. we N 3 ' N f 'Di , v .,V V, V, . Q ' 1 37' ' VV, rf: ., .1 ' J 1 ,. M11 .f f f , V . '1 . - ..f.A?,5x 1'-50" , - k ' V ..gLf,'5li?7':f '- , -. , " -M ' :Q 'V . ' , f..Qfr- ,7 , ., X f ' . vm: V. , , :iw . g,fm25?M.QV, Ziff, -'vi v a 4 ..,-,X J..-V ', .v fy ., ' lf' Y Y Y ,Q , ' w-. ., 1, - v- -,f. .q1k. ,,Vn W1 ,Q ,U - A,, ,VM ,. .3 L.H ,H V,A .VM V M,,.,, V ., xr ,A ,X -VL f ,, e, . HA ' . Mr. ' -- , V VV .V

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