Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA)

 - Class of 1936

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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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VE! ff if iff fp? X T63 itbgx SJ Wu. as fNQ Xv X N1 l X vilsfggt' x mg, ff Q7 , V ' , X- X xg rk if A i, ,., A -5- I JN 4 X i 0 'TW W ll L03 'xx X Wifi x KA HA EN A I S 0 Q. X Q W - fj X fl ' 43' N Q1 ' X J , Xu Iwi jx ' ifabqux 2- 1 f I 3 + ff U iii I af X Xl fax J . 4 ' w X x XT X in Cm xxgm ' X QJE7 L N Us X LU 0 F ILQCEJ 625 uifawl Z' fbfxy fwx O4-'WA V VIX 642 f NVQ M X X R9 ff' W M J Z' 'x x ,l fx fx ef Eff is H X Milf A ,H 'VAA . ,x , 4 f -f' ! 3 f ' 1 f- , f ' f K? .A A 1 rg? ,gL rl E D yd W A if J f QQ 1 5 K 4" f, X +1 x JI Q I 11g,,'f 'lv QQ I qw fr x M ,X fl , T ' , L N , , - J 'A 'll Q" ' 1-Q' ' Kmx I 1 i A A- ff fx I f x CJ 915 ' 'W A 41 . H VK " I' - 'Fig 'X : "tx, Y. ' A 'Q 'f' PN, W J - X , N ,gk Q 5 Rs Q1 K -A r I IN .kg y ::.. 'J lips D f 5' ,A " XS-J V 'A- IL,--Q' - T Q - 'X L' if GMM Q N A 'yay JF' IIN A CEN! VK . 'K l-lore IS proof fha gurls car keep a seerel Wullw wuse glances and eoopera lon of slall and prunler we llne slag ol llwe 36 annual are able lnere lo secrelly dedleale llnus book To lbe brains belund 'flue produellon As a rule one has no ldea wlwal Hr lakes nn lime and energy lo produce a year lnas been working unfll all lmours ol flue nlglnl and lnas nol cea ed Lo worry unlnl llwe lasl llwnno has been oone on ack: eduluon True unleresl lnas Caused lwer 'ro lake on rlms ex ra work and al lwouglm sne exoeeis no so cial eredul we re sure a lnllle apprecualuon of lwer aceoropluslwmenls would repay all her eflorls and noi make flwem seem so In vam Wnllw due apologies for laknng advan age of lwer lwere and lor her unhrung labors we salule Genevueve MeCandless lacully adviser of 'llwe Auroran I YQ I I . + . I 1 . , f' ' , . l book. For years llwe "Lady" as we lnave come fo call ller, is r U A ' J - ' ' e i I . y e ' ' , ' . V . . + I . . . . n , I V r Cprintinq is the ,jnsc-zpdrflble ornpdnion of chleuc-:mc-:nt 0 for the 28th 'mme It has been our DFIUHGQG to prlnt the Annual Auron-1n CVS RB c ORD PRINTING COMPANY J Q J 1 N J J J "Xu jffff of ,m'i11fi11'Q ffm !1li"Q1' fm!! Hum' N111 ,ffzmffn THI1 WELL INPORMILD STUDENT lx not only vsell xelbed m all NYUQTILN but muxt uquzmt ments of the Cllk C130 THE MUSCATINE JOURNAL offers um x student, reg, ucllesb of ISL, both mfm m mon 'md entutunment RILXD ll DHI X Vi X i Vi Q L himself or herself with the rapidly Changing world-wide ' fa' af' ' ' 1' . Qboincgs Un Abou School f A , yr fx, I r , .3 N 1 L x 'w W 13. f xfwf N y , ! D TQ' f 2 fa- 'axes R L + ,'v' A V, W' JUsAT 'cjLNVQAF Tcpvvr-J Jw , uwvwgwxim Q q', , X Q ku - - . YWJQX Ep Wvfyvg I fx ff KT! XIX , fn U t 1 X "i MX ' 3 M j W J ff f X 3 L k ff ""' il? V 4 V if wb. VICC UI M S HXVIRC xml JRl Qlllflfj DRI xo f j c Uflflll S LO X LUI Nl I ST 14 RNFMAN S C LOTHINC CWUMPANY C I Ol HINC AND PURNISIIINC S W' 7 L A P 4 I,'ffmAf'fizfzf'ffm fj fnxi 51? lfiww I ..... xl Ifi-. .- ' Q L ' I ' 1 ,, . , , 1 S IC 2 1 . 1 3 ' Q5 ' ' X . 1 YULl,I'L'1lSNLlI'Cx1 uf getting all fh1'CC1lf 'Hi lf '15 ' YI? . If 1 1. ,5 ".N'1f'p lf 'l'ffw .li'f'um' um! Nu-iv' l f1ff1z1'.f" N 1 1 , N N N x, 1 4 y J I ,J 1 rw y 1 Y 1 V- 3 W A 4 I 4 L g jk IIN TOOTH PA F14 ADS WP R14 TR 1+ llzuv U Ullld B1 lezaw I zszi to the Denial Uffzu' 1 x L 1 xLW Q I Tl N IL1 i N 7 LN t K N x g 4 L L IN k lf xl.! if MUSCATI 1+ DP TAI SUCIBTY X F 'W N k J M 1 1 1 J 1 1 ,- V V 11. ,l SI igziii. xxmi'r mir iiviitzii iifwziw, iimi ll wriihi Hilfiuli uf IWICLIFZIIIT rusty, zihiizsixr llx'IiiJH,' lillxi iii figiiifiuuit ziiiiiuiilx iff 1lIlfi.'fTiLS wiiifr iiru -iit pi iiihuzi :uni tim hz ihw. 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I 1 X Il X X fig- I Y, ., 7X ffiffn h 1 ! i f , x X , 9 , fff X56 Vu School AdmIDlS+f6+I0n ky m y or m r ple l o c o -l mean barracrdxor some orh rgamc Type lhal you hc ir rromuncn vaca I nnsl raving aqoul The wer 4 c when rncnllonrr lo 1 rcs cn o Muscahne ally call lo mnno a Ure ol l al l o ol ba ke a game lhal le ve onc llke a wcl dash 1 n ver lc sozrll on gruolron cvcn hough everal louch lory lhe lasl our ol speed ln a m le run o llne spmrul ol a oebale argu menl Down lhrough lhe years Musky ha meanl chimp an one led o lhe o her Thc lrc phy case ol M H s here lo prove lhl w ere lheres llghl lhere hope e school lsell nd ul burn among lne lrees on lhe corner ol lxf and loww Avenue, and le lower wnlh :ls never rlgh clock have slood over many Muslfles and lulors snrce I896 and seen changes come an g ll had a nervous break down one year lrom over wok and dropped :ls walch cham lhrough P G Mcssengers cell remember7 Among lhe exchanges pardon lhe pun lhe lnrsl Lhal comes lo m nd us lhe newly unslalled swl chboard ol whrch Charles E Shook be amc lhe well known lclephone glrl Snllung an lhe lower rghl hand cor r e paper boy ol A When lhe Daily Trub or Regnsler comes IH lo her ll seems a goo reason or why lubraruans eave school On lhee shelves are lhe books which are kepl lrom colleclung loo much dusl by Mass Lofranne Johnslon Olherwuse decoralmg lhls page we land lhc orlnce lypusls who are +he yes women ol lhe olluce lhe secre ary lhe leachers around lhel bL,lle+ln board Hugh School Drs csplunaruan A A Johnson and lhe prlncmple ol lhe lhnng al hns esk l-le was slra ghlenlng hes papers ln preparallon for lhe plclure when our pholographer cllcked lhe camera Mrs Marne Rulhenberg, every body's Trxend and helper us an lhe cenler rlghl snap Mus' a mean po ' llgh lo so e neo , bu. l lh 1 slu 'enrs ol M. l . S., ll l' means llsh al all, ll X 4 5 6 - . ' Q s ff rf Q ' 2 i - l'o " s 5 ' V 'l l . d 'lf sell, ' f I :l , 6 'sd h l l ' Y, usu' Q s ' l picn " hf k'n 's lb II A A X5 1, ' - s ' I. rag. f e say " lhe ' " '- '- l s 1 - downs lle belvveen deleal and vlc- , , . . , ST l r . ' ' l ' s D 1, " ' I l r l . W J ff . . S. i f X a " h - Th E lll ' 'ed Sflh f f l h d o. l '- l ' l l ' . .i V '. . c S ne ls lh " " -24. . I . d - l " ' ' l . . 'I . . 4 A+ I , . ...V . ,, . d ' Girls Mechanical ArTs Tl y you hurry upl WT wanT To al heard T e phorog apher s cars whsle ThaT candy was belng cuT Two n'1lnuTcslaTerThc phoTogr1phcr dcparTed wlTh choco I Te s inns 1 ound hrs mouTh Tor av :ng oaud heed To The plewdung Cool: :ng maybe beciuse oT wTs close re la uonshnp wlTh appeTuTe as The TlrsT hwng ThoughT oT whcn The words ome Ec a m nhoned T-Ter T Tha Treshman glrls lcurn whaT Te wor Taulure means T TaT T always Thus buT waTch The Taces OT The gurls when They emerge Trom B 4 and you can Tell However coolcung lsnT The only place where one can Teel The prlclr oT success or Tal'ure Needles can do The l-Tome Ec career lTs more Tun Trying To make a neaT darn when you never have had The lrnaclc more Tun learnang To run an elecTrlc machine when all you ve operaTed IS a Treadle or vlce versa buT The mosT Tun IS rnppnng especnally when you ve goT a dress TogeTher and T doesnr TTT Pahence and T-lope may leave you ever Try To Thread a e le IH he darlc7 bT wuTh nvghTs sleep They reTurn and They canT lc ep you Tred wnTh amblhon Trom Tnnoshung IT And whaT a sigh oT rel1eT you heave when all vs done Then you sTarT all over A sense oT domeshc accomolushmenT Tunnshes Thrs course wuTh you WnTh Two leTTers added There s l-Tome Mech mechanrcs ID oTher words Washing To prove ThaT The boys aren T The only ones who can hnT The naul on The head The powers ThaT be esTablushed a Temporary course Tor The Tanrer sex Thzs year There were no grrls wuTh any very serrously smashed Tmgers euTher boys and Thevr luTTle wagons DID sTay TogeTher Bookbundnng symbolszed by The co p ous pasTe lar baslceTweavung some how remundTul oT a lug saw puzzle and wood Turning where The blocks go round and round and come ouT un mosT any model were Slmllafly scheduled as expernmenTal prolecTs Il2l . . . see wh iT lasles lilo," .h C 3 . K' T- ' G1 lf. cl' h ll - . xl C v . f + I l X. Trl re e A . e T Ts T l if ll d ' a . No h I 's ThaT very Thing in The oTher halT oT . V ' . . . iT's ' T ' . 1 . l . ne d T u a . G V 1 . . . V ' I I . ' ' .. A l ' . ' lr Boys Mecluanucal Ar+s Boys worlc boys worlc one lllelul and Hueo er on aboul luull B lu arc ruc luowever wlueru Huey sugn up for uny ol Hwe rneclu courses Across Hue e lrom lvl l-l S workshop or larmsluop wluere L B l-loopes spends many ol lus unslrucl ung luours BOHW of Hue boHom snaps ulluslrale wluu ome ol our lulurc armers lo lc llre un case you ve never seen oruc Il an Easlerner sluould read Huus well luave lo relcr luum lo Hue counlry lo see a cow Nexl up Hue lune are Hue lallues he Hu ngs wuHw He fools on Boys as well as gurls luavc Houblc un correclly wrappung Huemselves around Hwese con+rapu' ons Above Hus we fund somelluung Hua? was uru Hue oys course and nel Hue gurls ln case you nl fell luals ung 'rs process of re canung a cluaur one Hual lalces pauns palucnce and lumc al laclcung un a boys ma e p A lulHe larHuer up we land a per uoru ol Hue sluop Cro worc pzze l s lcnow Hual Hus m an lump ed lypc bul lo Hue prunler ul means Hue Auroran All Hual fupcr un Hue process ol luand loldung s lu Auroran THE prunler s nuglulmar By way ol explanaluon ul m glul b slaled Hual Huc weekly nol wealy Lroran goes +o press n Hu scluool prunl sluop New lype w added by way ol umprovemenl earx Huus year wluuclu someluow added someHuung lo Hue prunler s prude and brouglul more Houble lo Hue lueadlune seller Glu well Forms and programs lor Hue luuglu sclnool uuruuor college and board ol educa luon are oHuer 'obs lor Huus sluop To guve a new deal lo Hue boys also a mecluanucal drawung course was uns alled under Hue supervusuon 0 Mass Louuse Gaelcle pla ang luoolcey from Hue lunuor college lacully Compasses specual penculs drawung boards lexl books see lore ground ol ruglul snap malluemalucal gray maller a sense ol balance and proporluon and a quuclc compreluen suon are necessary lo succeed luere ll3I , . is en irey lu. l lr lu ...Hx iy f se. of - l all y . , . us' Hue P. P. A. l o l , ' ' + i ' , . fu , 'l . I ' . . b . ca ' w ' gel lon, I' Hue . . . u ' ' 'l u ,U , bul soon supplled. l' "pi" . ss- K l u l an I e. s I l . Q i 6 J ' 3 z cg J ly .5 'l Au u C luglu ' . as . Y yi .f ' .. ' . .1 Y' ' . u ' l . ' l, l Journalism 4 Th r cnlh e usl e wc TS e Troubl day TU n Auroran OPTCC Tour lc TTer were heard guTTe eTTen nldsl T er uproir T Tarn T 1 ncw w AND in rncn c Trs Ter w hlcc In crayy h1T s whsT Thc ncws edlTer and hcadl n wrlTers are usu by hc O r Pr d 1 KV mol non ye T cl in T I Tn T c h ad Tncs oT he wec :me T on John beT ff lmevn wgs r s on or 1 good nnny QT The n A nur cr e Thosc luTTle renmrl an The C r ners oT Thc paper were hunlc T e P rms O Por n sTance School Closed on March 7 ycah S1Turday hc sccond lc-TTer orTgunahTy a gualnTy ThaTs aclc I om Thms hors raln works Crug nah y as someThung TTaT Marge BosTen and her scr bes s ruye Tor on The TrenT page oT our paper IH The leTT cen'er ship you wall Tnnd The ones resraonslble Tor The news nr I our word we Tnd p Tn peep seelng Lynn WhuTe cepung rn The box ouTsu c c Auroran door lenT The Idea Ap peals TO geT sTudenT opun ons Tor o r second page broughT TorTh a varneTy oT answers parhcularly Trorn an un known auThor named SNOOP AND PEEP Y Y Y do we have To have a Auroran sTaTT7 Y Y Y do we have news sTorues7 And Y Y Y The noise n The Auroran ofTTce7777 ac Tuesday you geT The belaTed pro ducTs oT our labors Thus ends our llTTle sTory IU Thls annual summary P S AlnnosT Torgo The word ThaT ns heard so much ws COPY The Prlday nughT reason ThaT hlgh school lournalusTs gradL,aTe The COPY by The way eyenTually Tunds uTselT IH The hugh school prTnT shop an The hands oT Lawrence I-lull yard, TT-TE prlnTer, whose greaTesT grlef IS The weekly Auroran ll4I Trllay . . . whe c' TT he Th-.3 ThTrf TQ- r , Th T' TlTfh , . . '. Th V ' C I Tl C c . A lar ' The O h, T f 's f il'ar To .all T rilers . .. f, . - . ,. Th 1 1 T leT , eT This erd is Q I ' V , . . . f I' c 3 T H A , ' N 5 O ' 5 7 . , ally T - end T Th: T ay fTT3f ' ' schq sess' . TT u Tn f y hng 4 dizyy ' he e l' 5 T rlily, t bla E . lj T. as ' "Pinheadl' Te his oT5Tc.e ealsl Parlcs - ...he 1 ep,sfelef C C sr., nbe oT The ,ars . . . T - , C .S l ,, -O f up b h lTTTle a T b . T 7 , Y H Y H . . . 'C , C . ' T 'T T is No" as Tn 'ng Tr ' I auT I b I as IT . ' E 'T ' ' T f 1 ' Th' d 'n ' T " " as -' - pa ' ' H H Q 'de Th H . . f VT I T .Me .... E h L f . l . 1 . 4 x ' ' T . Speech Muslc sl of al olo rc for usrn eec usc Two o 1 rc s essary o rfrno c speech class but you sec rl lhrs way rhe ong wrnrr loke v uo oegrn ll o hoop n lhar o y one gooo prclure of lhe spcech classes found rl ell safely our ol lhc phofographer s clulche when mounl rn rme came uround speech should be we lrred lo malf rr appear on rhr mounl shorr and lo lhe pornl Norma Allcn oclulc sophomore rs Jrhc cenlrr alrraclron on lh s page snao course wc The a c racked o we speech course ar Hrs rolrmonl sky rockeled Proof srgnrly Ing orherwrse has srnrc been se lorrh bul rnreresh ID lhe course has nor grown lax To fe spe ch and musrc rogelhcr we mrghr use rho word noles for nores are essenrral lo borh Inlcnr on vocal no es rs C V Thomas wrfh glasses wrrh lhal you re wrong look rn hrs eyes Nor so loud caulzons our rhyrh mrcal Charles Shook ro a secrron ol rnsrrumenlalrsrs groups whrch we see rn varrous places on lhe mounr Oblrguely you arc gazrng ar our Iunror clas comeouan Raymond oodwrn d sgursrng hrrns I as xylophonlsl lnlrorng behrnd Jrhe from bones ar Ladd Srelnmelz and lvlrllard Mrlls who slrde our rhe ha rnonres as smoolhly as one glides down a long nn mu wrnrer Furure rz ren lers exercusrng rher rrghr arms are Roberk Kornemann Wahnrla lucus Dorolrhy Wrgoers Edson l-lorcfman ano Duck Folsom Speakrng of exercrsc we realrze Thar Jrhe orher rwo large groups are makrng lherr vocal cords do carl wheels and handsprxngs ro make Them lumber Musrc conlesls are lhelr goals don f fell anyone Hr s a secre+ seen rn rhe r eyes The number of srudenls parrrcrpal :ng rn soeech and musrc proves fha? 'rhey are among lhe ourslandrng exlra curricular aclrvufres ll5I Flr l, ao . gls ' g lhe Hole So h-lvl + . r h 10 look, are nec l ' ' rha . . . as l - ' lfd ' X sler .fo l ' l ' . s X e s nl ' g l' f . So, as a t . .S . . . C I . A " I r " as l b-l n rl . , ' originalion, and Ymmedlalely Hs en- , . . L . U I . . II . ' A . , . I of . .4 F l I. A G ' , I ' ' n 'nel a G . V 1 J . hlll ' 'd- ' . Fr? K 's- l , V , , I ' " I F 1 I. .V Biology General Science Poor Mrslcr Frog nr d Known wuo ndu rnscoo we crcilceo lvlos D Je lrnow lrog when lhey r vu only rugoogy s udcnls now crr s na rc l 1 rslhecc ccaseo slrelched our on hrs morgue lwlce slip ol paper lowel aboul l have has coal removed lnlere s hop hr woo r s w e appehlr s lor lrog legs al cr la com rng holler acguawnled wllh l er sourc ou re slull ng me rr owrd he lafroermwsl buf we rc nol slul rn you w n we ay Q new sclence ano ougouogy makc good loundwhons lor chemuslry and phys mC whrch haunl you when you re uoperc iss en we re nor promol wng lh clence course oarhcularly 6, er Cl course 1 lalccs a o year guaranleed memory lo carry your acgurred lcnowledge lrom lrosh o senmor year To lne ma only ol us blood may be only some hrng Tha lhe hearl pump lor lhough an The sprung somc lhlnlc lhal lhc hearl pumps lor ove bul o our young scuenlusls b od us lhal whrch has parllces whrch easlly move and change lheur relahve posuhons wrlhoul separalron o lhc ma s commonly lhe lunda menlal color apoearrng al lhe lower en ol he visible speclrum and louno rn lhe verlebrales cwrculahng lnrough he hollow muscular organ whwch lceeps up lhe curculahon Srll u plain bood Bul en lhrough mrcroscoplc rnveshgalron you dwscov r lhal whuch you never lrnow aboul unless you lalfe general scsence X errmens I l ue he senor ooes n chemrs ry are carrred on among 'rhe freshmen rn lhese classes Therr enrhusuasm durung one ol These IS somehow relreshrng buf when sludy perlod rolls around lhelr spurul wanes guvlng lhem lhal larnr resemblance lo 'rhose upperclassmen who gaze dreamulyoulol lhewrndows P S fXren'l you glad you're nol a 5097777 1 ll6l ' 'X l ll ' 3' l 'haf he o l Q Q. 'o' h l hed h. , fr earher. r peo- rl .. ' a , see une, l l , "HN l T X . lc ' his inn N vol 'u 1. hcl' , ll ' Y c , O C '- 1 . I ,' ing l ': lp' l gsl. on'f los. lhelr Q, ' 2 ln ,. - ' f ' ' hj "Y ' X E rho 'A ' al lno lop ol lhe page mlghl say lo 1 l ' ' , -' 1 ', g" f he s lhal Ae , fl . A n, . V- 3 ,Cp . V V , S! . A . lr no ... ' Y Ailhf . , "r ,l - l ur l E '. l l l . . . ' l ' ' lo ' ' ' l l a s, - d + Y .'. V ' ' ' . I ...js+,' l , ,seigil Ep ' i 'wus Il . E , I .y ., . Chemlsfry Physucs Youre nuls nl you lake chem: lr guolh lasl years sensor as e sadly gazed upon a D on has s rwcs ler swundle sheef lls lerrulc he adds cynncally By lhe way Iusl lhal Nol an fhe way you would n af lnrsl owever True l lough course for Those who loal +he hrs? sernesler and ry fo calch up on 'rlhe lasl semeslor bul vice versa lor +hose who learn equahons vjl ences and wenghfs lhe llrsl' semesler and relax from January lo June lo a corlaun exfenf No underclassrnon were nol lryung ro gave you bad Ideas as Henry l-lollzer may a+ lnrsl fear Bul compared wulh lhe amounl ol sludy pul IH lhe lrrsl hall ol fhe year fhe lasl hall us simple Youll never know whal lun lS n school unhl you ve smelled hydrogen sulphide In abundance rollen eggs lo you fellow sludenls unhl yoJ ve frued lo make soap and secured grease or unhl you ve slopped acud all over your be-sl shlrl and laken ul home for a dusl rag Each Tuesday you and your lab book lrol hopefully experlmenl whal your NEXT laulure wll be lmagme your drsmay when you land oul' you have a chapler on Me +ex+ lo lunush and musf galher around and hear lne end of +he leclure only lo have a fesf 'rhe nexr lab day Suc rs lhe darly life of a c m sludenl wushrng fha lhe permod of one hour and len mnnules would soon draw +o a close only lo wash he were back and s+ar+ung all over agaun allcr hes lelf has acids and bases behind Dnlro for Carl Lnebbe s muschnevous physucs classes Group glnmpses of physrcs lab B Rafcllfl measurnng c c s Slone dusfullung Kodak film charls surveyed by J Fsshburn I-I Rem sager M Van A fa scaling Rafclncl H Worsl decuphermg expern menls more dnshllmg byG Lewas B l-lolzhauer M Tyler D Mccal frey wafchung S Summers ful a lesl lu e whrfe coaled l-l l-lol zer walchlng Summers blow u :am usung longs l'7I Yr" ' ' f "B ,I , .,, ,, , Y L.R xr. ' . , il is fhilk " , rw . . 1 is 0 .l . l ' I - . l' ' info lhe lab, wondering IF you do an l . I l h ' A ' he, . ' ..'...f'Ef Ls . . . ' Y .A + U '. . . . B. P ll- BOOHCGGPIDQ Salesmanshlp fx U lw UGV-76 Vlffolq qaln :wcs priclnclng all man IU x 1 1 grciler mar e han any lor r les around Slclson hwls Red Cro shoc Arlhur Wclss drcsscs R mlnqron lyprwrulers Mo huw rugs ind Hoova r clc mer d vcrlnsung rcel Any llams lrom al l lcs loo lo ounlq loolh brush a e pul across by lhese sludenl sales 'non wulh shalcung knees und a sllghl slammer which one as nol supposed ro nohce C as unh :ls has wno lhen rhe lun heglns Thc greil classes aller some hard bouled cus omer has llnally wealcened D corahng rhe slore wlndows lor wullung lvluscahne m rchwnls afforded complfcahons for lhese sales people fo be Th y wrranged wlndow d plays al Slerneman s Clolhung Slore and Fnclcen s Furnurure Srore Besides ID Errglush classes and clv lcs where does one mosl ollen gel lhe wrulers cramp7'7 Or does one mos? lreguenfly gel' dizzy excluding blondes from loolslng ul lwnes seeing red and black and blue7 Boolqlcoep n would rae a maloruly lor n an wer lo lhalr we ll wager my donr rell 'r I lecred hum hir much Wrfh has head h arm s Mr Schoenug w o coudnl lwlce 1+ loss of sleep we re relerrung To Al Iofcrng asude boolclceepung and salesmanshxp becoming more and Peo e popular wnfh lvl l-l S srudenls are lwo suhlecls lundamenrally use lul aller graduahon If lugures ever bolrhered you nor as lhey dnd Florenz Zlegleld booklceepmng wulh Hrs aodung machune as rhe place lor you To go You re only 'ro use rl he adding machlne for bug hgures allhough Hr does lcnow Lhe answer +0 2 and 2 even If you dan + Sornelvmes :ls wnlere lung lo nole hose alumm +ha+ have made use of r r abrln y developed In Jr ese classes +o prove lhc why how whar and wherefore of fhese sludues ll8l ll's, lh, F Iler Brush 1 an . .. , 1' a, ' ...jusl a pupll ol F. J, HQ L . 'Q' his sf , :s . shy. ln B-l2 ve l':d C rf. ' kr l -, . . . 3 . ,f . es, H' f lc , f 2 X ea fa la - A H gs I X ' 3 he e 1' l I' , , r, A . . I . l-,..lh1l', 'l" 'lurn, I l ' I . A r - esl sighs ol relief come from lhese e f . , ' . . . G I - - r l k . il . - - . C I . IS' y . I . I . I g ' f I ' a s , ' . My, , ' us hal 'l al- ' l f . I ' ' on ls is . ' , h .. I . C .,. ' ' ' l ' l' ' - , ,I I l h L '- . I . . . I . . . . . . . ll I k . .. . S. fr . ' f hei Nl Y ' h Typnnq Shorlhand FII space Ill space Ill space lil who could m slalce Ihaf lor anvlhung b a lyplng cIass'777 I-Ier IS one 1ype ol class lhal should have a sugn oulsldc I-Ie who enlers here musl leave hms Iemper behlnd or more lun and more lypewrllcrs ruined Wouldn l some ol lhose poor lypewrulers be surprised and maybe embarrassed Il lhey could read lheur ley lappers mInds7 Aller a sludenl leaves lhal class lhere IS somelhmg unexplucable lhal malces hum wash he were back lhere bul he also remem bers how unhappy he was over drnlls I6 and 88 Speed lesls brung lorlh no one Icnows whal and In lhe larsl lew weels comnng oul mnnus us no uncommon cause lor embarrassmenl Somehow a sense ol pryzng Inlo whal IS a se rel ollen unlrugues slu denls unlo shorlhand courses They dream ol becomung prnvale secre lary lo some Randolph Vander I-lowe elc only lo land lhal sullu clenl sleep and spinach are needed lo Iceep llyrng lvngers n conlacl wllh acluve minds Those who really love commercual sublecls may some day Indeed lmd lhemselves In a business w rd lhal lhey can Icnow ony lhrough lhese sublecls Colleglale applxcaluons ol eu her Icnowledge may be made Shorlhand may be relerred lo In lhe lulure lor lollung down Ieclure noles rl enoJgh ol ul us relauned lor successlul lrans Iallon and lyplng lor lheme wrulung In lhe cenler ol fha page lhe ad verlnsung ol lhe Woodsloclc lype wraler and lhe Be sell hands was due more lo lhe posuluon ol lhe sun lhan lo nnlenlvonal seleclson By he way lhe good adverlusemenl lor a an olvon s Ma Ia Geller S hands poised so dellly above lhe Keys Scallered aboul lhe lypewrulers and shorlhand pads spealc lor lhem selves In ldenlnlynng lhe sublecls under observallon Mass Caroline Lrebbe and Miss Dorolhy Tyler wull be rccognrzed by lhe expressnons ol wondermenl al lhe sluden s conlunu :ng lo worlc belore lhe camera I I I y. ul I 6-D C , . . I I. ol I . . . L hell' I r +' 1' '- I9 Pay Assemblies Plays l forgof my acfuvufy fuclcef wluere luas fluuf been lueard before77 Monday Wednesday or any ofluer day of a pay assembly l-loruorable Marunus Jensen luears fluese words so many fumes fluuf lue doesnf even lus fen any more You see fluese luffle yellow recfangles wuflu suflucuenf pay menfs maruced mearuf admuffance fo suclu performances Anyway af Il OO a m af flue sec ond rung of flue fradufuonal fwo sluorf bells flue lualls seem suddenly fo full wuflu sfudenfs from nowluere e wuflu a common desfunafuon down fown fo flue Upfown Gee luow fluey luafe fo leave flueur classrooms fo luear rnusucuans speakers or see dancung or wafclu arfusfs paunfl l-laf un luand eufluer un a luurry ye u arruvun ou breaflu buf wuflu enouglu leff fo guve a speeclu as Senafor L J Ducucunson prospecfuve Republucan presudenfual nom nee wluo brougluf us a polufucal message l-loldung flue brds wang sluowung ufs fune feafluers fo Prurucupal Fred Messenger us flue frauner of Pamaluasulcas pefs Anfucupafung flue program or relueved af beung ouf of scluool on a sprung day we see mosf of M l-l S s lOOO populafuon enfer ung flue Upfown Tlueafer and flue same grouo refurnung fo flue buuldung affer a pep meefung on flue lawn Plays or prevuews of malor plays are desurable maferual fo sfudenfs for assemblues Off sfage geffung a sfufclu an fume us Lynn Wluufe buf ler un Beau of Baflu flue Non Pareul Luferary Socuefy play Nexf o lunu lue funds luumself agaun on sfage ln flue pucfure frame us EI ue D McKun ney and seafed us flue Mawsfer Paul Blean Suffung on flue runnung board of flue lunuor class play fluvver us Bull Maeglun flue sussy luero Sfand un us Mary Jane Van Dylce sweefluearf fo be Tlue boy beluund flue m lce s Junuor Molunsen announcer for flue Lafun club Roman assembly Sfudenfs as a wluole apprecuafe fluese surpruse duver suons from sfudues unless uf falces a sfudy luall and sfudenfs cry for more of fluem lulce Casforua 120 C .. I I I ' - I t ' -...yf fo lea or sf' "g f of E I .. . ' I' ', ' 1 - I ' ' '. u u 'g' I .,luis . I I . Halls Classes Sunce befween scx and seven hours of a sludenls day are spenf ln +he school buuldung eulher IH cla ses or hall If as only laur +o devole a page al leasl lo fhelr vnleresls In general Ollhand we fund The halls mosl lnler eshng as a rule fo 'rhe sfudenls anyway even lhough lhey are a des pair lo lhe lacully especnally on hall duly days Resulf l-lall monulors and A 25 and A 24 oflered as rendezvous lor conversahonallyuncluned nndnvud ua s Loolcung above we cafch a glimpse Jerry Powell sensor on e lraduhonal boys slanrs evudenlly leavmng school See lhe smule on his coun+enance77 Since lhe unslallahon of lhe monulor syslern nn fhe halls hall noises havenl caused much dns f bance I e excepl lhe cha+'rer and shghl giggles of lhe monulors lhemselves a+ unlervals SH ng an monulors chairs seemangly enloyung fhernselves we Trnd Elsie D lv1cKun ney and Lola Folsom Guess lhey dmdnf gel oul on fhe wrong side of The bed Down lhe mvddle slalrs xn nu7e Wall l-lendrnclcson and Ray Fnsh and olhers The cause of Elsie D s merrnmenl ss found headless b her sade somewhere above + al neclc as Bob Jehrungs grnnnnng vnsage Evrdenlly lhe only person presenl +o amuse Lola Folsom as fhe cameraman Pholographer Howe Pu? +wo and lwo fogelher Oul of fhe halls oul of mls cl no 7 geomelry and hlslory clwsses were on progress and sludenls dld nof seem a b1+ camera shy fhus we produce evudence of ambuhon Behind lhe sludenl deslc In honor slcdy hill IS a member of lhe Siu denl Council Kennefh Safferlhwaufe who IS applyung his pencil +o a corru dor permnl for Bob Barger Seem Inoly ryung o gann revenge on an llch we hnd an If'FGSISlIbl8 Informal Bob Jehrnng as +he name Behind The lxbrarlan s deslc fhe owner of desk Lorraune Johnslon check mg77777'7 7 I I I . Y B A of " " I . ' , l +h ur Y, '. ., . ' ' . I I ' lhe lhree-minule scramble we recog- 2l V 4 'grill' in J-xx A+hle+ucs M Mauor M lhal Purplc and Gold emblem found donnung lhe swearers ol many of 'rhe males per haps ur should be s aired he men l M H S AND some of 'rhe gurls uf Jrhey have +he courage lo dusplay lheur b l s emblems Le lers mughl also be descrubed as sofnerhung lhal comes un quarlers For ul us lhe hope of all alhlehc aspuranls lo guve em all lhey ve gol Jrhrough 'rhe recuuured number ol guarlers 'rhrough love ol 'rhe game lo gaun lhe rewards lhal brand fhem as alhleles +0 hero wor shuppung undergrads and serve memours lo Them of brealh lalcung shols or goals when They were un hugh school Abour lo ralce a hurdle us Curl Cromer a sen or who earned lelfers borh un loolball and rraclc Wurh hus h on ru 'rhe lace of he sun and defeal us Tullly Turner lcneelung ahead of hus squad a+ Ml' Pleasanl rhere was a game fhere by 'rhe way The head on lhe helmc-T be longs ro Ch clc Kaufz rhe face un lhe shadow us Bully Keahngs and under +he shadow of hue sun shueldung hand us +he physuognomy of Beer Holzhauer The cage shofs spealc for Them seves If you re wonderung ul he wonderung unless you have a good memory We Il all agree Though Jrhal fhe players are un hopeful a lu ludes Shel puller us 'rhal fall lanlcy Howe boy who proved a record brealcer 'rhus sprung A du++o copy of +he same boy us found wulh hus back +0 you uusl clearung fhe hu uump bar When we speak of hu uumpung M H S slu denls ummedualely lhunlc l a oo er orny w o clears hus heughr munus some few unches He us found unsude of lhe Jrraclc shoe goung over rhe pole un a record uump Jusf releasung hus hold on lhe pole and slcummung over fhe bar us a prac fuced vauller Tom Barry from lhe 35 squad Thus years men were unable +o be caughr un achon Af random Flashes from The Keo lcuk grud baffle l22I -uw . -- ' . l A l V - I l o 44 - ' . .' ' l - ' ' V I A l. yu s I ," 'f , . ' ' as ar I r I Y ,.-' 'war 'ln I nu un I - - .V l I . I+. "Tk, -xg 'I shols were good, you'll have To keep 9 -JW B usjgitgi--?vg:Q. .'.. :gh7:7z'.g4: l ' ' ' 1 lo H . six- ! f f , "C h ' 2 b .. . . I' x , -cu 3 ' f -' 5 GQPSTEIN xml ll W FURNITURE C0 ln Sl I I I X 1 MUSCATINE IOWA Ill ll l -L J C PENNTEY C 0, INC 111 IARIMPWI SIORI S JIS S X IN COC Lu ll DL X I omplzmenfs of J WX lliascmlx 6 Q M KXL F7 BARINC CP NTRAL STATE BANK NLXI Xl IO l23I , zd.'l",fCJ. ' l.l'NlI5l+QR1md Bl 'll,lJliRS Fl l4xl'1'l Rl' Rl cps IAI'XcJI,l mmf 5l'l'l'I.lliS swfmx IS lflalmmllal N M Mfi,j,,r, H I fl fy 'fi ' 1? r "Izumi, " f. H ,. . . ll ffl 11- 12 1A f If Idtph ml Xl. 9 1243 19.16 ' N 0 0 .L J 0 o 4: , VV r 1 I r 1 kyr 1 ' 5 I'lI'lUg I' KST rl"L'UXlJ Slf Rl'QXl7Y5l1O XYIQXR f QHC Xll",N'.' XYIQXR UIQ. 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'XRS ISI-I-'.,m1.I31:'I'lw Flwp A A I A In I A , , , , N 4, xx .X ,I,I?'XI'IzR JLL 1 ,. I4 j I W Q Uv. Iiwxixrzrrqmlc, flcwf' I I-II 'II "hr HL V V V h J r 1 Sq Sq x Ol IQXOI.I XII, A 1 J L A C,I'XIQ XNIIVIQS S l ,Avi l I Il, .Xgvllvj IDI' NIS I ZLYII, XX'II,III'R COLIN .HMI ' 9 ' lfwmnl-ixsrllox 111-1,xl,'l'r1 QII ws I .J J 1 N N X Y IMI IIIUII .IIIXI XXIIIIIUII XII'XlI1l-'ROI' I"IfIJIfIlXI, KI-'SICRX'I-Q SYS,I'IffXI XII'XIIII",R I-'I IJI',Ii.XI. IJI1I'lI5I'I' INFLYIQXXLII' LIOIiI'OR.X'I'IUN I v N I 1 N y I' In I I ' L IXIIVSLIXIIIINII, XSX l24l f-x., X'-rg... Www N! Alix CM 4 RO! 7 Q X XX Ui H' obkaife-ww HU M ,-f X -.,,gRKh X X fn -. cg ' ilvx MLK Mx r X v Q jj xf V W f 5 nz!! V.,,-- !L,A,,2'-t k L3 M -., xxx ,A- 4 Aufgok Z km V! L1 41010 '- - , J 'li,:f1 ,iV iff f 1 if Z' iv- WW ,I V X Z' X Lil! X FL ' I N-' x..,1 - f , x f" , -I fr S 1 f K 1 X b X C 5 ' X W 3 I ' ' f B .Q l S A 4 Z "fm 5-k XXX li, X 5!,5 5 X-x f Y 1 Vx -X ff xx f' O fl! 'Z HE A Tormer princ-pal oT M l-l S is li J l-lowe, who linds sTudfnTs inTeicsTing l-le is The bookkeep ng salcsmanshp insTrucT or, wiTh a greaT inTciesT in aThleTics For several years he has been chairman oT The advisers oT The senior class and had much inTlL'ence over1Ts youTh Mr l-lowe s aTcs 'The social TuncTions oT The mod ern hgh school are among Th mosT im porTanT oT lTs various acTiviTieS The senior parTy sTag line and all was The TirsT oT The sTring oT social evenTs1haT made a senior realize he was abouT To leave Tour years oT More l-lard STudy behind Twelve eyes were on The look ouT as chaperon prev nTing any possible mischieT These pupils belonged To Three seniors parenTs Mr and Mrs Glenn Barnard Mr and Mrs William KeaTing and Mr and Mrs Elmer STein meTz Mild decoraT1ons were carried ouT wiTh a SouThern Theme in mind wi sTars palm Trees and all ThaT goes wiTh Them as an inspiraTion Food ThaT s someThing ThaT no one has Time To Think oT aT a parTyl much was planned and sold Tor The beneTiT oT The lunior class by a commiTTee composed oT John Parks Clark Bloom MargareT Romig Fred Winn Lorraine SchmidT Bill Maeglin and PaT Nau Dancing cards circle dances ping pong and a program comprised The evenings enTerTainmenT Cn This pro gram DoroThy Federlein and Paul Welk presenTed Two readings boTh humorous selecTions KaTherine Farrier Tap danced To popular rhyThms Bill SylvesTer bass in The M l-l S chorus gave several vocal selecTions and l-loward WorsT presided as masTer oT ceremonies Senior ParTy 922 WC TpT A M qbg W M T' 27 :W A : . . . - Frank J. , C l - Howe E . . . . . .,, l I . . . I ii . ' 1 i ,, . . . . . . - s, e ' . I . A . I ' . . , . , , . . . . ' - ' i , , . . . , s s 1 I I ' . ' Above: I 36 rads and sponsors dancing aT Y. . . A. Billy SylvesTer. chairman oT cleanfup comrniTTec. Cc-nTer: Jean Van Dyke, Kenny Daniels. PaT i on, in charge oT Tinances. Bruce RaT- cliTTe. Ed hlT, Wilma KauTz. Ronnie iller, decoraTion. Below: Ellamae DomoresT, June Davison, Frances Hi h ar er, Howard orsT, Elwood Clark, enTerTainmenT. esdames Glenn Barnard, Elmer STeinr'neTz, William KeaTing. bef er halT of chaperori group. The MuscaTIne I-Ilgh School basIceTbaII Team experuenced a mednocre season IH I935 36 Coach RooerT M Knnnan s boys who won The LITTIQ Sax ConTcrence cham pIonshIp IH I934 35 wITh Ten sTraIghT vIcTorIes ended The l935 36 season IH The second dIvIsIon OT The I.ITTIe SIX dls playnng a Tunal record oT sux wnns and eIghT losses The Purple and Gold spIIT even In Tour non conTerence games buT won Three ouT oT Tour posT season Tour namenT games To close The year wITh a compIeTe record oT eleven wlns and eleven losses I:oIIowIng a 32 23 vIcTory over McKIn Iey HIgh oT Cedar Rapuds In The opener oT The season aT JeTTerson Gym The Muslcues seT ouT on a Tour oT cenTraI Iowa On The pre season Iourney The Kunnan men dropped a close I8 I6 decuslon To The crack Ames I-Iugh Team whuch IaTer won The sTaTe champIonshIp The Muslcues were deTeaTed by EasT I-Iugh oT Des Monnes 22 I8 buT closed Thenr cam paIgnIng when They won over Eldora 23 20 ReTurnIng home Tor The conTerence season The LITTIe Muskues opened The LITTIe SIX play wITh a convlnclng 24 20 wIn over MT PIeasanT and Tollowed up by TrImmIng FT M dnson 2I I6 Then on New Years Eve The FaIrTIeId Trolans wITh a barrage oT long shoTs upseT The Purple and Gold 33 3I Three more de TeaTs Tollowed QTTumwa 28 2I Keolsulc 29 I9 and BurI:ngTon 20 I9 The Muslcles agaun hIT Thelr sTrIde and WashIngTon was Impressuvely deTeaTed 4I 20 wITh a sTupendous Thlrd guarTer rally buT MT PIeasanT on Thelr home courT upseT Klnnans charges 35 30 Two vIcTorIes came nexT FT Madlson 30 26 and I5aIrTIeId 24I6 I-Iowever Keokuk and I3urIIngTon league champnon nuIIITIed These eTTorTs wITh vIcTorIes 26 I9 and 23 I9 respecTIveIy In he BasIceTbaII I935 36 A LTTI 28 I ' I I - I . ' ' - I I - I W g A I . . P - I . . . . . I - Q D , . . ' 5 . ' - . - ' , . . . ' I - I I . - - I - . - V - : I ' I I I - I I ' - A - I ' I I ' I I - ' ' I . 1 I ' . ' . ' ' I - I " ' I I ' ' I I I I l . Q I ' ' I ' I ' T I , 4- Above . . . II- I eASix-Con- Terence second Team: RoberT Nau. Edwin CornThwaiTe, Jim Holman. Below . . . EIecTed ouTsTandIng freshman-sophomore players: Warren Kurriger, Elmer Bloom, George WoIIeTT. RoperT M. Kinnan has served as The has I4eTbaII coach oT Muscahne I-hgh School Tor The pasT six years. During his own aThIeTEc career Coach Klnnan was an ouTsTandlng courT perTormer aT The Una versnTy oT Iowa In The I93O 3l season hrs TIrsT year aT Muscahne has Tearn won a conTerence TnTIe and wenT nnTo The sTaTe Tlnals w h a perTecT rccord I I934 35 hrs Team won anoTher LnTTIe S x T1Te Tanal garne oT The season QTTurnwa led by I-Iarold Packard was The winner 26 20 In The sTruggIe Tor The sTaTe champion ship The LlTTIe Muslcues won Th secTlon al TournarnenT aT Wapello smashung Through The Tourney wnTh vlcTorues over WesT L1berTy WunTneId and Wapello hrgh schools They were eInrnnnaTed BasIceTbaII I935 36 Ahov A Sgu md RWM rn rn' wa Ka 117 rrfln mcnT M an r I xrl Bro: Q I I I fl Cen r in Smwo n r Sou d iIJ if ncr 6 V1 o r W ur rqe o on L w I C ern r run ass If o un QV ms xr VJ M 'T Pcs Edron S n Couch P Turncr TTI UVTPVI Ton 29 I The dlsTrrcT Tourney aT DavenporT by Far leld 22 I9 AIThough Their record oT wan' and losses does noT show an ouTsTandung sea son The LnTTIe Muslcy reserve IoasI4eTbaII Tearn considering expernence and wnlhng ness enloyed a successTuI season Coach Paul Turner TooTI3aII menTor had charge oT The Purple and Gold yearllngs ' IT - . n bf-ff M ' 1 Y ' Kfnrmn - I - I I ll I ' - I. P. Tkgjsf re. NHL AT. Allan. E. Co .Ir III.-. R. a' , G. G fi , J. Holman. I3 .w 2: STI I- 1 .nge I. Blc-Iver, K. Rpp r , V, Bold? L. Crow, R. Icel. G, Powell, R. Pre -Se B. Bryan K, Barfell. Rm-.r 3: R. Barqer, C. Blown, W. Holz- rxauer, R, Bfylfrs, Cwch R. Kin an. , If-r . . , Frrshv' , rrl V rom a . . . Row I: D. BQ 'Wy d '. . Mi Ton 6. W IIQTT H, Co,hran. . K - r" r, E. Bi oh, M. MsC., r1?II. Ro 2: D. V'nfzr E. r. er, D. Ca Ter, T, D: ,I , , R. Brvfd ve, W, Do class I-I. Axel, RAN 3: B. B ' 'wr D. N5 Iv. A. Pix inn . QCII. e, I.. Jo,:,, B. do, Below . . . K' na , In a,- I I l Four major plays have consliluled Miss June Lingo's lwo years ol coaching al M. l-l. S. Training obrained al lowa and Norlrhweslern Universilies has been ape plied To each. She believes: "EducaJrional dramalics are a real lraining lor lile, leaching poise. promplness, and co-op- eralion. They losler apprecialion ol good lileralure and also furnish an infer eslnng and worlrhy use ol leisure lime Recipe lor enrerlainmenl lhoioughly cream lh shorlennng a perlecl sissy Bill Maeglin lne nervous wreclc and rhe sugar sweel young heroine Mary Jane Van Dylce logefhe Drop in a few drops of vinegar a foiled suilor George Un lcel The sherirl and break in 'rhe egg :rare lalher Lysle Nyweidel Add 'rhe pinch of seasoning Jrhe fresh young cow boy Jacob Liebbe and lop oll wilrh lh flavoring a gay hilarious bunch ol mixed up silualions in a pleasing Weslrern comedy This recipe was followed by Miss Jun Lingo direcror and lhe class ol 37 and a success was lurned our in The form of a lunior class play Baclc lo lhe plolr ilsell allhough lhe name didn l necessarily mply + ir was was somelhing new and dlllerenl along lhe class p ay lines in lha il was a Wesl ern slory no horses and callle FL,Sl' ers bul il did conlain a very rea islic llivvcr conslrucled on lhe slage by Miss Margarer Kembles slage crew When lhe play opened Sally Mary Jane Van Dylce had already decided Thar shed ralher run away from home lhan be chained lo Bob Wells George Unlcell lor lhe resl ol her lile Gerling Jrhe all ng nervous wreck Bill Maeglin lo llee wilh her in his llivver aller borrow ing gas Dillinger slyle being :red al a ranch Jrhe invalid lound he could sleady his nerves and won Tl-llf girl Junior Play Y 130 . V . . Y i My g N M - i ' .. l ll li' zi- . W . V I A ' . . - I . e l , a , , ,, MJ V ! . . . Y - l ' , . . . ' - J f, G ll, , I " l i D . J . . yan . I- I ' . 1 i . l . ' . G . 1 . e . I . I . . . . D l l g ii - I 1 ' II ' I ' llh' Il , , . . . . . . ' , . Arrive: A les' lor sfeady nerves and if-nggence ir The Nervous Wreclf. l Be ow left 'o rizliliz Mary Jane Van Dylfe, BPS Maryglii-, Play fad . . . Sland- inf: . . . Leroy Grin, Laurfzn Frrryerrnulh. .lfifrib Liffrvhf- Claude Gilford, Cecil Fosler, Lylf- Nj..-feidr: Bill Maerziin. Kreolinw . . . R ixrirvnd 6c:f:dv.'i'. Belly Leu Mar, Jfvrf: Vfin Dylfe. Huraid Brfinri-r cf flee sfaqf: . ew and an assislanl. Mary Jann Vw li lro, Bill Maeglin al penis nl brealz down. From The Wallace l-lom s+ead Publ: hng Company al Des Moines lhls year came E E Allleson a Grnnnell oraduale bruno: mo hrs abnlnly lo dared speech achvmes Xl h h m and lalclng over lhe reins of lor ens Q worl nn Muscahne Mr Allleson svales The co operaluon and lrnendly sy :nl hown me have made my hrslr year al Muscalnne a pleasure Three years ago lvl l-l S was hosl lr lhe lowa Nlne grls declam Jreams bul lhns year I+ lurned hosless lhns fume lo Jrhe Iowa Nine boy deela1mers lvluslcy I-hgh held Hrs own In branding lhroudh Jrr1 umphanlly a wmnner In one duvlslon John Fushburn was ahead on scores un lhe oralorleal dlvlslon delivering The 'l'ruLm verale of Crnme Da fenporl and Wash ngfon claimed Jrh ms lves 'rops In 'rh dramalue and humorous duvnslons speolsvely Lauren Freyermulh and Jael Folcen represenled M l-I S un lhe ofher lwo dnvusmons bulr rn: sed honors Rlch Girl and The Lallle Genlleman were lhe Wrles of Jrhelr respecluve readunqs BlllR1vkm up rlver lee proved has brllly In dramalxznng If l Were Kung avd our soulhern enemy from Washlnglon de lnqhled hls audience wnlh Da Shooo Slcovel In lhe humorous seellon Th Gurls Iowa Nane almosl bee me a yoke IU lhe number ol nfs poslponemenls Qld Man Wnnler lcepl Jrh roads lom belng lraversable Finally al Fanrheld Frames l-lnghbarqer orahng Qur Dano mg auqhlers me D lvlclinnn ramahznnq Scraleh h News oy s Dog and Dorolhy liederleln humoruz ng Brolheny Love larled Jro 'rrsumph The sfale series oar ned John Flshburn Lnlluan l-lnller and Jaclc Faelcen 'ro 'rhe sub duslrlcl Coniresl where lhey were elim: naled Malor Declam S., NVQ rv, If 11-'n' :ack .N rl In The Two years ThaT Cl1TTord V Thomas nas been wnTh The TaculTy here he has In deed made chorus and all vocal produc Tnons The Tallc oT The school l-le hlmselT us a singer having obTalned has Traunung aT lvlorruxngsxde College l-le sTaTes Music IH our school us rapudly becommg a dlgnlhed worTh whale sTudenT acTuvnTy l hope To keep :T Thus The sTory oT lVlarTha reminds one oT Cinderella only The heroine doesnT go To Tne ball she goes To The Faur and she usnT a poor gurl who becomes rnch she as a rrch gurl who dusguuses herselT as poor A pruncess decudes ruches are bore some and geTTlng chummy wlTh her mau decades To uoun her IH a plan To masquerade and geT a Thrull aT The Mar lceT Compl1caTlons aruse :ru The Torm oT Dan Cupud ATTer The princess us auc Tloned oTT as a servanT she discovers ThaT her masTer as oT royal blood They lave happlly ever aTTer SeTT1ng This sTory To noTes on Tlve lunes and Tour spaces The M l-l S sungers Trned anoTher specual arrarugemenT oT an opera Tor hrgh school presenTaTlon Ap proxnmaTely 225 voices Told oT The Trou ble and The Thrulls oT Thelr advenTures SolousTs were Lllnan l-luller CharloTTe Braun Marlorle BosTeru Evelyn Krueger LeTTy Sywassanlc JaneT Burzell EllzabeTh Fullgrabe and lrma Jane Schermer Qruly Thc TursT Tew monThs oT The year were devoTed To Thus produ Tron lmme dlaTely Tollownng Thus The group sTud1ed l-landel s lvlessuah and produced T lounTly wnTh sololsTs oT The clTy The lasT halT oT The year was Turned over To choral and glee club sangxng Opera MarTha T T- V Q 132 I - I I - T. lr I 1 . n w I , , ' " C lf, 'T V, Illmnms .T .T - - ' , ' . . . . . , . . I , , , . . . . . . , Y . ' . , . . . . 4 I n C I . . I I I I I . I I I a, , ' T - . . . . . . C , I - 4 . - I . I II ' II ' I l ll ll Above: Sfudcnls who prf:sr:nTcd concer- Tlzed vc-rslon oT 'TMarTha" al Jellerson Gym. Below: Boys chorus aT Opera ' AarT ,am rehearsal , . . Elynor Mucha, prompTer . . . C. 4 Thomas receiving chorus iff of baTon Trom Lola Folsom . . . "You'rc TlaT," shouTs Mr. Thomas To some mis- crcanT ln The corner. T N' 'f X110 NN Blll 1 WNI1 R MUIUR C U Mclxl 1 4459 1136111111 IIKRNJ Blu VS URRS X X J X101 VVAI IILR S Sl RVICI SFAIIOX X 4X1 Q X I I O PTO GRQCILRY COVIPANX X4 1 X HC ITSLLUNL ffl, f1Q,1'1'111,,111 3X5 C' gylf Q 4' '1..1.. O19 " , , 1 , , L 1" X1 ICJIQXIN 111,111 ' . 1 +3 '1 1 ' ' I D 131 11. 514111111 1,111'!1L'lf 1 ' as 6 EU I 5 5 ' I I . Y V C1 1 X U .IXU ON1 1'1-1,0111 V Y N 'X1..:xL.r.a1i11:1.:'- 1,1 A 1'1'XR1,L'1'1'Y11R'xX1J1f111Js 1-'uk 1'U11,'1'RY xx! :ww Qgngf coxcflz.-x'l'l'1,-wlcuxs, WAGNIQRS 5157 15 3111 11. 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Ahlf Wilma Barney l-larold Paul Blean Ray J Broclcway Theodore Allen Ralph Buller l-larold Bronner Charles E Brockway Curhs A Cromer Lyle Car+er Francis Flelcher Darleen C Cromer Bernard Dora Merle Fosfer Leo l-larl John Frshburn Kennelh P Frldley Harold l-l l-lennmg lrvnng l-leerd Wilbur Gremmel Elsie D McKinney Howard Grlfflfh Faye Hensley OdeH'e E Gramm Lucille Lnndley Marvel Gramm Clnflord Loveless 'I lf J Dororhy Arline Greenwald Irene Browning Bennie Burrows C Raymond Brown Thomas Bruner Chesler Bulls Louus P Callas Woodburn R Carver Emma Carver Elwood A Clarlc Richard Connor Sarah Colberq Eugene Chelf Dorolhy Marne Eederlenn Paul Co'r+rell Marguerale Cusfer Edwin Cornfhwalfe Wnlluam L Eahy Oluve June Dawson Kennelh Danuels Erna Marie Dlllmann Lola I Folsom Dale Eleld Roberf Greene Ellamae Demoresf Dorolhy A Feldman Vance Flefcher Jeanne Eengler Frances Isabelle Huqlwbarqer lvlyldred Jean Hermann Lllllan Hiller lvlarlyn Hlnlermelsler Edward Hull James Hawlcnns Grace Mae Horlron June P Holliday Paulune L Horsl Lyle Glbbs lrnlmoff Evelyn J Howenslune Basfl W Gluck Waller Hendrickson Roy Kung Elnzabelln S Jenlcuns Rlclward Johnson Wnlluam J Keahng Roberf C Kornernann Wnlma L Kaulz Barbara Jane+ Korneman Helen Le Fever Leona Odell Geraldune Rulla Kruder Doroflwy Legler Marlorne McElroy Marcella Madelyn Lewin George F Lewis vvcd l , Z l Arllmur Howe of ' -. V'-'Az W M cm '17 V 3' HUY. f5'0'i U ,-im 4 ff' Er: Sh VX, A 1 W " ' Rui, ' If 1 2- x M ww A F RQ. V 5 wt A 1 ,AX .4 Ruby A. Marlz Sophie Sue Mark Euslon Lonqlwursl Evereff E Longs+re'rl'1 Fern Malsenbaclw Doroflmy V Muller Maxine McKone Madelnne McNeal Lucule M Muller Dearrel Muller Gerald M Powell Marfha Jean Meeker Gene Morfurner Leroy Mefz Vnrgnl Manley Edward Mefz l.or Ha Mllls Grace Eluzabe+l1 Mufchell Vurglnla Molwnsen Roberl Nau Howard E Naeblmg Doroflny Neff Marie D PleH Marne Ellen Oosfendorp Beverly Pollock OHO Parker William Pulliam Marion Narvis S . 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T -1 nl n I 9 I . I . . . in . . . fs. C . . . . ' ,3 ' ' . . ' ' lirjzfu .S ' up by her name. OuTside . " ,S ThaT she had The mosT Tun ' . ' Q 4' jig . . ' . . . - I gi J T I X4 'J ' ,N Q c ' A . . - . . I - iw Paul Welk perhaps besT remembered Tor hus characTeruzaTuon oT enrod T e school play Tour years ago cashed un on The opTumusTuc sude oT hus personaluTy hus sense oT humor AlThough There us no seT deTunu Tuon Tor sense oT hu mor u can e when one has uT All you have To do us look aT Paul and you Tund uT personuTued Hus abul uTy as a comeduan Tound means oT cxpressuon p.ublucly un hus unTerpreTaTuon oT hus Twun role un The senuor class play The Charm School Bully KeaTung repre senTaTuve boy The number oT oTTuces ThaT Thus KeaTung boy held un hugh school ganuzaTuons alone would prove AlThough he us small aThleT ucs occupued The mauor parT oT hus Tume us a ThaT was noT spenT wuTh Hu Y Auroran sTaTT Non Pareul STudenT Councul Speech ArTs and NaTuonal Honor SocueTy In nearly every one oT These groups he was euTher presudenT secreTary or someThung As aToresaud somewhere WhaTl ls Thus Bully KeaTung agaun77 How ThaT kud raked un The voTesl Thus Tume he puled Them up un The elecTuon Tor The boy wuTh The mosT pleasung personaluTy If you ask any oT The boys Tor opunuons on whaT makes hum lukable and puT The answers all To geTher They wull spell swell Tellow He was acTuve ThaTs sure buT noT Too busy To be wuTh hus Truends and To have a good Tume whenever he TelT luke uT Hus besT TrauTs supplemenTed by Traunung aT NorTh wesTern are To be Turned unTo The com mercual Tueld Elwood Clark besT lookung boy There us a duTTerence un see ung Thus pucTure oT EI wood and seeung hum un The Tlesh Full len Th beTore you you would see abouT Tuve TeeT and nune unches oT aT TracTuve bruneTTe un sharp conTrasT To The Temun ne examples on The opposuTe page lvleduum buuld laughung eyes wavy haur and sparklung TeeTh com pleTe hus good looks Track helped To keep hum un conduTuon alThough a long wunTer ab sence ThreaTen d To prohubuT hus parTucupa uon un Thus book Track proved To be The besT ouTleT Tor hus abuluTy He dreamed oT IOO and 50 yard dashes unTul lasT year he pulled humselT up To un The 50 LasT Tall hus dreams almosT became a nughTmare when un a TooTball pracTuce he managed To geT an unsTep unuury whuch Torced hum To walk on cruTches Tor a monTh a mushap ThaT almosT pre venTed hus parTucupaTuon n hus TavoruTe sporT Thus sprung lncudenTally h duTy connecTuon wuTh Thus book was Tund handlung You dudn T know ThaT Paul Welk had a Twun broTher dud you77 NeuTher dud we buT evu denTly he has a Twun sude To hus naTure Pep and sense oT humor are so nearly synonymous ThaT uT us no wonder hus name heads The lusT oT boTh lT a Twunklung oT The eyes and a genuune boyush guggle sugnuTy p e p Then P sTands Tor Pep and Paul Muschuevousness an ouTleT To pep us Typ ucal oT Pauls make up ln club meeTungs hs presence can somehow be deTecTed wuThouT acTual vusuon Pauls pep however has led hum To popularuTy "P " in uu suu- ' ' ' T 1' u 1 s ' n - ' Q P yo T ll ' I ' ' u' . V U . . Or- 3 N ' . his acTivITy and his populariTy. al ,T The record level oT lvl. H. S. ' ' . . . ThaT ' , II V ' ' ' , , ' , is ' in ,, . 'D - - l A rr n l . u n - i. We re fhe Tops Hndung behund Ladd Sleunmelzs pluud coal Bob Barnard camera shy Blrdue Slckman lauled lo run las? enough 'ro escape Bully Keahng managed fo save dcsserl from The Hn Y robbers The coming evenl cashng has shadow belore hm Roberl Kornemann Lynn Whale knocks on wood somewhere under lhal slocknng cap as Shysler Evshburn Bulch Folsom exlend lng her lemunlne head above a whale collar Pal Tlplon musl luke lo rude bare back nl Arl Howe s leach ers are nn doubl aboul his sluduous ablluly look ere dldnl no Frances Hughbarger had a double chan Inside looking our as Myron Ja cobs oulsnde Lyle Bneber eo evudenlly Ellamae do snl know 'rhal Chrnslmas us over Ed Ahlf and Jack Encken are brules shovmg Bob Barnard In fhe snow lsk fheres 'rhal zuppy Keahng again lrowns make wrun Braun IH second chnldhood playnng wulh a Saul boal lhe :deal donl lump lhe gun Slrouse who al lracled lhe wlnsome smnles ol Doro lhy Eeclerleun lrene Deems Pele Sp1c+h7 arenl Marlon Narvls Dorofhy Leglers and Lorella Mulls backs nmpolu+e7 Basul Gluck exhal IU a gurl pholographer mrghl gel a smlle from Ed Vaupel Gurs IH While Dorolhy Greenwald Rulh Penrocl prospernfy :snr around lhal corner l'ha'r you re lrylng lo make Legler and Malls above Myldred Hermann us Lyle lmhofl Cupnd 'rheres a chance' Sophue Mark and Bob Garheld my Nar vas ns frying fo make Wulma Kaulz lake a swnm un lhe rock garden I93O Tuplon H IS ahead Edna Schulz no 38 Ger alcl Powell holding hands her own Sklp em Bud Nau has SUCH a long way lo school one hall block heyl Tom Bruner lhe camera clicks IS Hermann duck ang because fhe lnferurban was lale7 surviving sub zero wealher are Paul Coffrell and Ralph Freese 58 D .5 . n 4 i I " , h .. . 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A my 63.1 .QI SCI. 3, .Iu11Im's, .1 I s, 1 I " " If ' '. I1IL's XXX Xfguui my .1 Nm' mu 5L1pv:'I:1Iv:1IIL11Z ' fffi Willy nf UI' 5-IIMMI 3:1 X, IJ. XIrLNfr11wIm V W1 W 7 W 'Y N X W 5. x . 4g J 4 . fm -5,-J gf -X'U.'Hk fm' Q ..',Af1f.fff-.X .-1 yr 1 r 1 w 9 L J 4 n. -- -- X IOXIXIQ X I ll COXII XX x IIC X SX lJXls fb? 95 VX II QUN SHUI SIURI I C BROL D X III NDI RSUN S IIRUC SIORI Il XRI BP XUIX SHOP IIN. X 8. VV Smdxuch Shop Ix X JIXX U JXXILII XX 5fILx K un X rum TLOXI VVC BI OC K C O NH IIOI S IIPION 8 FII ION mx umm Hunk l6O A, lI" A A. "I: 4.lIQl,b'XX'Ill'l'l-1 IXIII PH., RI. 317' V 'C JN -' N I A lixl I Y IIE H: I,fw,', III ' ' III 'lil L- l5llI',5II XX' XIl'fIQ I'If XI'I, Iv I N Q HI 'I 'M INS A A L I V 1 X x1lfuxl'1x1I - mxw . t l . 1. X Lxfw1:1yIX2Q Ilia, H1 IimI..I.- .11x.I Fumffr. Q Y U Q XXQ .M mfzxlirxu .a:1.I .IIN-I.1pE11g. Llmmplurc IYIILIIIWIIICIII Tm' ' I I Xf'.'. if, 1-1 UI' I-'IMI .11 vm' I"mm1.aI:, IIIX. IS, I5 X5l'fHXI.l. sx T J w iv W . .. . . . JA J L A L xml Ixl I I I'.XII XI.I. N V Q X J I L 41 O wifi, Mlm, fm. I..,1.f,i.YWQ,Mf.Yrr 777e .Wore r 1 x r 1 Y fr 1 0 1 1 JJ I L 2 I L K' f T15 I':u'k Xu-. I4-U14 Xppwmt MIN IDl.I.IL'lHl'S CIIIL' 'I"fX. I'ISII XID ' - I S'l'IfXIx I IRS I'I1 nc Zyl! SXNI ' ' ICS 'VI' 'I XI.l."l'.' IN l'I RXI XXIXII' . . ,. . . N I X Q. Ni x.zux.RocJ1 ral-A1-,R xx' 11.. xu IXMI U1 Ilumij. Xmfl.. Ph my 21,511 110 If. Scmrmd Q ' - 'r f lllfrfi' ,x..,j,Q' XXI- 'UI7 I' Ii I AI, ri ri A ID I I . , I V Jr I I N N W ' 1,4 ' 'ICRS . J. 1 , A A . ,,, ,,, ,Xm 'Q 1 ' Bldg. lk, ,H J, V 1- I, 4- , , XILm.1IIm', Inu.: K I W Nw 3 K5 Q x Q ln' J :QQ LAK, swfff Xy fffsqxq 7? X1 1 4, s af2MJjf.4fi Xfdl ffi ff K Z3 K X bling KL! KXN Q Sv .V "' lfi, M.--A-.-'?a-,- -X I HX . K . I V K UW Q Q 3 , F - Q I x X4 X11 U Ll Qxkxxxjxfff tl L I L p JT , vi fi K, 'x "'fi'!i,1 i i- if V ff U V, I an U X - 1- 2.52 -XL if HA f fl V R K f ii h 1' 4 X X XXX , LJ f"' QQ, 9 ' " Nfig ,Nf1 fQJ 3jWUM5fQg '., ' X 'f QW: "' -X Q11 Nw' X X 1 X ' ,X H ,a.f:f' W "' - H X X A X, , E XX ji ,WX A fx wg Il I xlxl-girl Q L 1 1 1-lx X, P4 : KHH 1 .5 xl 9 A li X ' ,NQ fflh I ' A' 'JA "5 1 Zxxxf , I A xxx l I ,jx 5? I ' ' ," 1, K 7 X X y ff y X 1 I, ' K lo, K A . , 751 .1 A15-Z ' Hi I J v X f ff X fw fl A I f X K '5.Z'l"' ikl X -Q X QNXUU5' 1- 0:2 Clock-wise is Ihe way Ihal you musl QO- If Ihese sfudenls you wish Io know. Eilher planning on going inlo compefi- Iion wilh Joe E. Brown or being slipped some money on Ihe "q, I." for adyerfis- ing some ice cream or else iusl plain Iam- ished is Bill "PesI" Narvis-'spose he "heckIed" his luscious dish of frozen de- Iighl Irom some poor vicrim? Mr. Camera Lens, allow us 'ro infroduce 'ro you four feminine Pupils-Ihey are owned and operaled by Iwo Iassies who answer Io Ihe call for Eunice I-Ioag and Frances Jewell-'rhey may be cold glances buf whal else on a IO-beIow- zero day? . . . I-Iafless I-Iolman-wind rain snow sunshine-nofhing bul Ioolball could keep headgear on Jimmys head Ahlf Ihe s+reeI Ed you canl scare us besides :Is kinda chilly for an our door workoul ugh an Maxine IvIcKone lands safely in Ihe Truck Ihal "Irucked" Ihe chorus oI'I 'ro Ihe grade schools Io enlerlain Ihe kiddies- Iending Jrhe helping hands iusl before Ihe "ugh" are Ed Drafz and Wilbur I-Iarl . .. shooling wifh a camera isn'+ uncommon buf iI's a good Thing Ihal Ihe cameraman was up high when he Took Gerry SIein's picfure because if looks as Ihough Gerry were doing a Ii+'rIe hunling himself-wirh a broom . . . head cocked on one side, one hand on hip and wifh weighl on one Ioor Tallies 'rhe descriplion of Elise Thompson, one of M. I-I. S.'s seniors-+o- be, class OI I939 . . . "In a Blue and Pen- sive Mood"--Ed Cornfhwaire-is she "I.osI" or has she iusl IeII him "Alone" -or maybe iusl Somefhing Came and GOI I-lim in Ihe Spring' . . . In Ihis high school clock are Thompson Narvis Dralz and Slein Io r III s I-Iarl a IV I-Iolman a V Jewell and I-Ioag VI s IVIcKone and Cornlhwaire VIII s and Ahlf a IX Musky Clock X. Q' I II I I I I I I . ' ' ' I . ' ' ' I I I I I U I I . . . . . ' i I ' n 1 i 1 I 2 3- - d ' - ' ' Q ' ' ' I I I I I I , . ,gk qu l Vo ' A if Y X Iwi, .X Q ,Ng y i .Il I . 'ix I Y if ., A 'Every Minule of Ihe Hour" E' I ' I ' . X 4 il-Q. '- -, :ia I I , .V ' I.. Y F , I 1 VX. H,-.,',,A. , X rj, V' h Af,-'gg--'f', S , ' A so I .' . -, . - I X' Hx, . 2.425 V., I. .Jr ' ,za f Ill NDI RSON S C XR XC I XI C I 1 XI I X SIORI C RIINIINI DRL C CO X I C 1II99S 996 ORC I1 FIINIXN C ROC I IX 1 I NRX C DI ll Ol XNDI DRE C OODS SIIOI' L OSC XR C ROSSHI IM SILDIO ff 1 IL l 1 C OI I INS HII I I umbu' SLC 011 C 0 I6I i C1 C VIC, ,XF ,',:fvJ,I -jm- IAL I I 4: UIC r'I,1Sl'1I Xl 1'mw1'1x1 4' SIRXI 'I' C'IIl xlwli 1' xxla OI.IJSXIUlCII.I lI,XlI A I 1 INT SXIIS ,-ISI MIDI V . C I'Iw11- - I I5 XY. Ifwmm K 4' I ' I I I . "I'fff1f'Cf1'ffm1"' il IDI I.lC'IOl C A ' ' ' KVI III5 NIR Ol XI,I'I'Y I-'CJUIDS ,.wI I'RtJXIl'I' SIRI ICI' IOI XIXIX UIQ 1 ' Q' 'A , A ' SI IU ICI C Y I I tl Iss: 5+ Y axles S war, K I, , I " ' Y W1 R1 I C C I'IIE I- IIII. IIZ'v',-I'IIx1.1I1 num: I:1.xI:.rI.Ixx..Vv i b Q YW I, . m M AH Ili? Ix. 5uC'Ir1CI St. lf'-'1'II - SCJNIIICIXI' XIIFI' SI"I,I, 'I'IIIx I2I,'I'I'I'R IIIIXCQT4 SI li I' 1. 5' " 'I IOF --11 II ,V I'I.I - - N - - C Q Ql'x1.l'1'Y C Af I C C 1 V Q I H , A i V, Y Iul ll,1m1xc.N1.xll4,RlXI, K I :Im 'OAXI. K + S U.I!'f,'I'I,'.f Jwpw IfI1f1fw" , v W W W Crilllllf' l,!!'lfflKQi'I fI!l.f A 1 1 A C ' 1 1 I W '1 f"li' 1 A A 2 A . CJ-iw' FN I'm1i1f I'Im Q 95 fb Coachrng Sfaff A M Wb lvluscalrne l-lrgh School s alhlelrc de parlmenl has as rls members some ol lhe seclron s oulsfandrng alhlelrc rnlruclors l-leadrng Jrhe group as alhlelrc drreclor rs Arlhur A Johnson Mr Johnson assrsl anl prrncrpal has shown hrs abrlrlres along managerral lrnes by pullrng alhlelrcs on a payrng basrs rn fhe lvluslcy rns+r'ru'rron As head loolball menlor for Jrhe pasl 'rwo seasons Coach Paul Turner has a very commendable record Allhough +he foolball squad drd nor malce an rmpres srve marlc Jrhrs season Coach Turner brds farr +o burld slrronger elevens rn lhe fu 'rure Thar Coach Roberl M Krnnans bas lcelball leams durrng hrs srx years as coach have 'ralcen several l.rHle Srx Jrrlles and have always proved a lhreal rn slale crrcles spealcs well of hrs coachrng Jralenls Coach Krnnan also gurdes lhe deslrnres of lhe golf Jream and assrsls as baclcrfreld I6l coach rn Jrhe grrdrron sporl l-'larold Slcrpper Weber a former Muslcy alhlele relurned lo hrs home school and enroyed success rn hrs lrrsl year of coachrng l-lrs runror college bas lcelball 'ream had a larrly good season The enlrre baslrelball squad rs refurnrng for nexf year and Coach Weber should have an exceplronally slrong leam 'ro rep resen+ lhe local college l-le eslablrshed a good record as rornl hrgh school lraclc coach and B squad loolball menlor Frank J l-lowe fennrs coach enlered a drslrngurshed record +o +he sporl an nals when hrs leam +oolc lhe drs+rrc'r chem pronshrp las+ year Chesler Krng elemenlary school leach er has served as an assrslanl loolball coach for The pasl Jrwo seasons Coach Krng a former Muslcy a+hle're does hrs rnslruclrng wr'rh Coach Weber and +he B squad f f ar fl . 'Q Above: A. . Johnson, R. , Kinnan, P. Turner. Below: l-l, e er, C. King, F. J. Howe. I - I ' I I 5 FooTball I935 36 The A squad represenTlng The Muslsy unsT1TuTuon an The I935 season was unsuc cessTul In as eTTorTs To luTT lvluslcy l-llgh lnTo TooTball promunence When The checks were counTed aT The end oT The season TT was Tourd ThaT There was very l:TTlo To shouT abouT Playing The second year under he supervusnon oT Coach Paul ourner The Muslcles hung up The umm pressuve record oT one wun seven losses and one Tue Perhaps The brlghTosT po1nT oT The whole schedule Tor The Purple and Gold was The QTTumwa game The powerTul Bulldogs bowled over all opposnTron wnTh comparaTuve ease wlnnlng anoTher L1TTle Sax ConTerence champnonshup l-lowever agannsT The l.nTTle Muslcnes OTTumwa was able To eke ouT a mere 7 6 vucTory Th Turner proTeges TllTed The Ind oT The TooTball year aT JeTTerson Fneld w1Th P TTI a vncTornous buT unausplclous sTarT aga1nsT lvlornung Sun 6 0 Following Thus The Purple and Gold dropped a non conTer ence scrap To Keolculc by The same score ATTer Two warm up TulTs The l.lTTle Mus lcles opened The LnTTle Sax play wuTh a los ang eTTorT agamsT MT PleasanT 25 O On Thelr nexT sTarT agalnsT BurllngTon They were crushed again 26 O alThough They compleTed more TmrsT downs Than The Grayhounds ATTer dropping anoTher non conTerence baTTle To WunTueld I3 O The Purple and Gold played hosTs To The champion OTTumwa Bulldogs As sTaTed above The downsTaTers were barely able To deTeaT lvluscahne The lone conversuon doang The Trlclq ApparenTly The lvluslcues were gnven new luTe by Their sTand agalnsT OTTumwa Tor They wenT To Palrheld and held The Trolans To a scoreless Tae ln The Two Tunal T661 ,gas T . ,IQ L . V . I ' I ' ,W-4' Above . . . Elcclod ouTsTand- - Q ing B squad players: Elmer V T- Bloom, Jr., Brad Bryan, Sam ' Pip erT. ' V, 'l " ' f I Below . . , All-Li 9-Six-Cow Terence men: Los Schmclzor, Tom Bruner, Curl Cromer. iii my ' . . r ' .J X 'X ,:,:,vl:,e.!:sQ.-y.. ' Z- l Isa. N. V1 I . u ' I ' - 1 . .L E . . - 4 - ' I . . . . - L . ' ' l . .. . I - ' ' n T . . l I . u I s - I - l 1 I ' ' I ' v I T I . , . A ' . . - I I C games ol lhe season lhe lurnermen lell belore Fl. Madison, l3fO, and Washing! lon, 9-6. Al lhe complelrion ol The season's play, lhree Muslfy gridders were given recognilion on Jrhe annual Lillle Six honor lislrs. Lesler Schmelzer a guard was placcd on lhe lirsl All Lillrle Six Jream Tom Bruner anolher guard was lhe re cipienl ol a berlh on The second Team and Curlis Cromer an end oul ol com pehlion in lhe early season games was given honorable menhon All lhree boys are gradualing seniors Allrhough receiving less lanlare lhan lhe A sguad lhe l.i++le Muslcy B sguad experienced a successful season under lhe Jruloring ol Coach l-larold Skip Weber erslwhile Muslcy alhlelic slar Elmer Bloom Brad Bryan and Sam Pip perl lhree members of lhe B sguad were chosen as oulslanding among lheir males by a vole Jralcen of lhe B sguad players Themselves Foo+ball i935 36 A squad G c hwuor o r c i. fs u os r use oobild ora Ho min Mar cy Kaulz Slollrechl Row3 Assisl inf Coach Weber Burlor Cro 1 c ff au z 1 nmol Gui' arson Rocsr' S udonf Manager Biober Row Assislinl Couch Kinnin M lor .yallorlhwwil S 'ncl can wsu l-lc-rwio Bruner Schmid? Coach Turner Of ing und ing on no Kao ulc ,rudiro h o n os a 0 n B Squad w l Mun on im r r' Pipperl I hri 1 an r Row ash l'l1n1ns in Ma cs Gross Folsom Finch Roco-rs Row 3 Sfudenl Manager Bio er wa 'or Jones Mi or Crow Church Sfudonf Mana qor ovh Row 4 Coach Weber Bryan Bloom Hollman Cros Schauland Breedlove Kurrqor Assis am Coach King rm? 67 T Leller winners were Caplain Bulls Cromer l-lll Miller Freese Bruner Dora Schmidl Schmelzer Sallerlhwailc Lemlcau Kealing Slexnmelz Ralclihf Manley Buller Garfield and Sullles all seniors Underclass monogram winners were Theobald l-lolman Rueclxerl An son Gunnarson Slellrechl Kochnell and l-lolzhauer 0 N i - Cfx:.Tfs'r . . . I ' Ch-5 ur v Bu"5 f , . . Row I: arlield. l-l ,lr f ., Knh Oil, Rue lrnrl. B" . S Nl. F on , LC'Y'itiLJ. Tr 1 . Rav, 2: K-:2a'ih': D C, Hill, l 4 , ..l f iner. Rel li ' Ki l, Ansar-V S ei Z, .n , 3: lr, 4 Q 4 W fi, il ,, rf F 0, chi fm-r, Bl , Nr l, AJ, - . ' , 7 . Q Bl ,lc f laclcli . V, ' r , lc r' ' a while f e iilf ' . 4, .. .V , slci lalc, r'd, i 'lhe air, 1 - N ' q IK i ' 'va i ' U ' :aa ' i l . . . Ro : ' + . . 4 " lg ' Li. - 1-. r - 1 -- I-lailik. e iris. A i wi. A -M. - ' 1 Q.: Q 4 . - ti " . A A -ron, Jo, ni, S do. , 2: ' ' 1' ' - r N '. 5 i NW, mi y sea, iii, . .W4 H 1? 1 " . cu . -"si, . - .x ff v h 'N u i sm fi, B, ii i I 'R 4 . . I 1 i ' 4-af An eag r squad of approxwnafely sev enfy fIve boys responded fo fhe ca Issued by Coaches Paul Turner and Har old Vlfeber for Muscafme fraclc candI dafes ln fhs large group fhe Muslues were forfunafe IH havIng fen refurmng leffer men Keahng WhIfe Clark Her wIg Howe CornfhwaIfe Barger Mefz Broclcef and Holman Capfam ' Y Keafnng Trac l935 36 R w I Walfer Mohnscn rn es Messunger DeWayne Wel ons Bob Berger Bob Brced Iove Floyd Burneffe Leroy Grau anald IVHCF Kenny urcn lr foclc ng Roach John Kochrlc-ll Row 2 Maynard Vaupel Frcd Nesper Ar ur P grIm Bob Wa ers Wesley HerwIq Joe Hallcelc Arfhur Gross Ed Theobald Bll ozhauer Bob Broclcef 471 0 man arold Ble n a ur e R N 3 Clarence Wag ler LeRoy Jones Henry WIn so earrel M er Kenny Ranlmns Clyde Dorn Bob Bar gcr D6VId Leedy Don Berger WIlbur Harf CecIl Wolfe Far rel Honfs Bob Sander Row 4 Coach Paul Turner Edmond Mefz Sfudenf Managers Ralph Freese and Lyle Bueber Jaclc an Alfa Ed Rags Corn 'IIfe Waldemar Kraus arl Allmandmqer MarlIn Schaulund RIchard F lsom BII FIncl J Ior Kaufz Coach Harold Weber Turnermen af prachce Opemng fhe season fh LIffle Muslues compefed In fhe lIffle SIX Conference lndoor Meef whIch was h Id af fh UnI versIfy of Iowa FIeldhouse ln fhIs rneef he Purple and Gold fraclc performers fInIshed IW second place when fhey were nosed ouf by Ff MadIson 73 70 Ouf sfandmg record brealong performances were gIven by EdwIn CornfhwaIl'e and Arf Howe Corny sef a new record In lhe hIgh Iump by leapIng fIve feef nIne and fhree fourfhs Inches Howe creafed a new mark by pufhng fhe shof 46 feef one and one half Inches Muscafme agaIn senf 440 and 880 yard relay feanns fo 'rhe Dralce Relays Nenfher group was able fo gualIfy for fhe fIna s The LIffle SIX Oufdoor Meef fhe Sfafe lndoor Meef a dual rneef wIfh Daven porf and a fmangular affaIr were also on fhe I936 schedule l68l Q 3 I ' ' , o : V n . E - , T I , V ' I I Y W , , x ' H -I D V. I' Ch ', a S, I , Jr., Bill fh if ' ,' lf f 1 - II I , Fl , 'Jf - if l-l l , H a . R y B k . n- : - ' . - ' I Q, D l ill , A A 9 1 Q f I ' v , " " ' II. wq' , , E ' Q 4' o I , i ' I. uni A . . 3 J . - . e . . - - . . -. . , A - ' . G 3 .- , , 1 , . - 1 I , ' I I . ll II ' Y . . . . I . ' l . B'll 'I , - les WiThouT The services oT a regular coach, and The reTurning oT only one veT eran Trom The sTaTe championship Team, in The person oT CapTain Lynn WhuTe, The prospecTs oT a successTul season Tor The lVluscaTnne High School cross counTry Team were noT very brlghT BuT The un derclassmen on The squad soon developed and The Team engoyed a Tairly successTul season Univers1Ty l-hgh oT lowa C1Ty provided The only dual meeT compeTuT1on Tor The local Team and in The opening encounTer aT Weed Park The lvluslcues Toolc a close decision Trom The LiTTle l-lawlqs SmlTh oT lowa CiTy Tinished in TirsT place and was Tollowed closely by Ray Burlce In The second meeTlng beTween The Teams aT lowa CiTy Univers1Ty l-hgh emerged The vicTor in anoTher close race SmuTh oT lowa CiTy again won TursT place buf was pushed hard by Burke and Leedy who led The Muslues by Tunnshing in sec D. Whl ond and Third places respechyely Oslcaloosas crack Team copped The sTaTe cross counTry championship which MuscaTune had won in I934 lVluscaTine Tunlshed TITTTT LeTTer winners Tor The season were WhiTe Leedy Burlce Mohnsen D Berg er and R Berger Cross Country I935 I936 WT WI . I . . . . Ca 'ain . . LWB i e . . . . . ' V I ' A I . . . . ' - I K A Y F I 1 1 I - v - ' Row I: Waller Mohnsen, Tom Douglass. Harold Cochran, David Leody. Row 2: Ray- mond Burlce, Donald Berger. Lynn hi e, i bur Hart RoberT Berger. Harriers' worlc-oufs . . . ln The cc-nTer: Bob Berger crossing The line in The sTaTe meef. cada n In The TnrsT year ThaT Tennis was a ma lor sporT In Muscahne Th courT Team under The durecTlon oT Coach Izranlc J I-Iowe enyoyed a successTuI campaign Qpensng Theur I935 sch dule aqalnsT BurInngTon The Muslcles copped a 3 2 de cusnon Trorn The Grayhound neT squad Teddy Allen and CapTaun Langdon Wuns low played rrnpressuyely as They each scored a snnqIesTr1urnph and Then Teamed Togelrher To Take a doubles vucTory The hngh spoT oT The season came when The Ivluscahne squad copped The d1sTrucT charnpnonshnp on The UnuversnTy oT Iowa courTs CapTaln Wunslow de TeaTed Blandun oTGr1nneII 6 2, 6 4, To wan The slnqles crown Teddy Allen, anlrng Trom an lngury, was deTeaTed by Blandnn In The sen'1lT1nals The Tearn laTer Toolq TourTh place IH The sTaTe meeT aT Ames CapTaun Wnnslow Allen and Flshburn graduaTed Ieavung LarnberT Cross The only reTurnnng IeTTerman To The I936 season Cross was elecTed capTaun by hrs TeamrnaTes WlTh CapTa1n Cross Gerald Powell and Bob Jehrlng who had boTh had expermence Tormed The nucleus oT The squad AT The begnnnung oT The season Thus year Coach I-Iowe s Tennis players were Ioolcung Torward To a schedule Tor whuch They had planned pracTsce maTches wlTh The lunlor college dual rneeTs wnTh Rock Island BurIungTon Iowa C1Ty and Daven porT and possubly a I.nTTIe Sax meeT Tennis I935 36 D Ed6 d 70 I I I.a'hb1-rf 1 I I C'oss . ' r . . . S I . I Row I: George Griffin, Ger- ald Powell, Bob Jehrlnq, Rich- ard DauT, Row 2: Norman Kaufz, Simon STeIn, I.amberT Cross, Ed raTz, rimm, Coach Franlc I'Iowo. Wlel Inq raclcefsz Dauf, Cross. STanding on cgourfz Kaufz, Cross, Powell. I Go l935 36 lvluscahne l-lugh School Tor The TlrsT Tume IH :Ts aThleTlc hnsTory was repre senTed by a golT Team during The l935 sporT calendar Coach RoberT Kunnan Toolc charge oT The new sguad In The opening meeT ol The season The lvluslcy llnlcsmen Tell before a smooTh sTrolclng OTTumwa Team by a score oT 4 To O Calvin lvlannrng Bulldog sTar led The Tneld wnTh a low score oT 83 sTrolces To Th e:ghTeen holes Bob Greene Turned un a low card ol Q4 Tor The Purple and Gold The climax oT The season Tound The Muslcy golTers as hosTs To The TIrsT annual l.nTTle Slx TournamenT Keolnulc one oT The new members oT The conference walked oTT wnTh The Team champuonshnp l-leaded by CapTaun WalTer l-lendrlclc son Trve boys reTurned To Torm The nu cleus oT The IQ36 Team Jaclc lvlucha l7lI J3!""' Brad Bryan Glenn Nagle and Bob Greene along w1Th l-lendruckson were The veTerans ln The opening meeT oT The I936 season The hugh school Innksmen Turned nn a 3 I vucTory over Muscahne Junnor College aT The Mad Creek course Jack Mucha led The Muslcxes wlTh a card oT 46 Tor nnne holes CpT WlT IT- - :- ... J -4, X . l ' , ' I K 1 A: .-J XV- T-' l ' ' Bal, fwfr-'r, Nzlr' , .ll l T-As. ff .fr r J '- Tmzl fiufvw. Bl,-if K'-'rung f- T-3 fr "H H Q hall: Greene, hlundrlfksfzn. '4 l l,ea:rir1 rf rlucs: Nawlf' Br, , l ' l 1, Ivlucha. . xx: - 4 '-v..fQ2'f:a-F 25, A . . 4, ' - " ' X' 'Q-' A .:""f.Q,-'-.2,...:L',' -' Y' A F- N' 5'-' 1 I I I A I 1 ' I I r e ' . ' I I . . a ain u - a er u ' Hendrickson - 1 Gvlrls alhlelucs were laughl under lhe capable supervusnon ol lvluss Ollve Young physucal educaluon dnreclor ol lhe Y W C A Mlss Young recenved her B A de gree lrom IvlacMurray College Jackson vulle lllnnols Gradualnng In June wulh lhe class ol I935 she came lo lvluscalune un Augusl ol lhal year From lale Seplember unlul lhe laller parl ol November volleyball held lhe al lenluon ol approxnmalely lilly gurls who reporled lhree nughls a week lor prac lnce sessions Laler durung a lour week period an nnlerclass lournamenl was slaged aller school The lollowung leams parlucnpaled Tigers wnlh Jean Wugum as lhenr caplaun Freshman Bs Belly Ra kow caplaln Cadels Paulune Frye cap lawn Senuorlvl O l lvlaruan Rznnerl cap laun, G G , Auro Lockwood. caplaun, and lhe Terrors, Serena Lockwood, caplaun 0 O ll Clrls Sporls The Cadels emerged lhe vlclors aller live conseculnve vuc+orues On December lO V935 came lhe lnrsl call lor baskelball whuch was answered oy lhe prompl appearance ol approxu malely lorly glrls who were prepared lor lhe lorly lhree s sslons lhal lollowed Each gurl was reguured lo parllcupale In al leasl len hours ol pracllce belore she was elvglble lor compellllon ln lhe unlra mural lournamenl lhal was lo lollow Three leams lhal enlered and lhenr re specluve caplauns are as lollows G G s Serena Lockwood Tlgers Mary Ella Ful lnam and he Cadels Paulnne Frye who successfully led her leam lo lhe cham puonshup The coming ol spring broughl wulh ll dlllerenl varrelnes ol sporls Swlmmung was lhe program on lwo nughls a week, one nnghl lor begxnners and lhe olher lor l72l 5 3 X T x "T ' X -s XX I, 1 1 , '. .. L 9 , ' 0 ,Q 3 'W J l, X N ll - lx g . Q ly Al rwl--fVVlnnlnl1 v",1?'y'lnll -l 2 ' lf-mr fl? v-1 l: lvllljv'-cl SH llll. lla l VM, Pau frf- lrg,u Q1 -' ' adirfv Frye. Rfk.-.r 2: Ann Sl'-ln. jawn Kobe B'-ll-, J' "vs Ta B-rl f-VVfr'f'r1 l:l"'l1'l N 3 lea"--l?c.-.r l: l,1Lwrl- Fm" 0 'A Carvwr, Joanne Fur- :Mfr Frlf-du Q ,X "if S lwldf. ?: Aw' S"-lr. ' f Fauilno Frye, Mlldrrgd Smlfh, ' X X Geraldine Fryfg. 1, T Tix .Q wr Q , xx A Q X ' . ,f l A - ul . , . . , . s n n n - I T I T .- ' T 1 s T ' 1 - .9 T l ' . . . . T ' ' , ' I - . . . , . I . I I - v . ' L Y . I . I . . I , T . . . T 1 T ' I T 1 I T I . . .. , ' . advanced swummers Lule savung swum mung slrolces and duvung were pracluced by The advanced class whule Ihe begun ners were Iaughl Ihe Iundamenlals Recrealuonal sporls consusled ol shullle board declc Iennus and badmunlon whuch has been newly unfroduced Io Ihe gurls by Muss Young A pung pong Iournameml slarled Aprul 6 and Iasled unlul May I All gurls who parlucupaled un alhlelucs were eluguble Muldred Smulh successfully defended her champuonshup whuch she acguured Iasl year Each gurl who has earned IOOO pounls Through parlucupaluon un organuzed games reccuves a sfale Gurls Alhleluc Assocua Iuon pun She may earn Iour pounls lor each hours parlucupaluon un any ol Ihe desugnaled sporls baslcelball volleyball hoclcey soccer and baseball The alhlele receuves a Ieller aller she has a Iolal of SOO pounls nol over one Ihurd of whuch may have been earned un Gurls Sporfs Above Volleyball foams Row I V I-Iedruclc B Kne sch a o Johnson M u nam D Wane ard V Nco ay Row 2 A eun K ebe P Johnson G Frye Gu Osfrand uc unq B Marfun J Wuqm C Carver S Loclcwoocl L Ba chelor R w 4 I Doem Wurun A Breedlove Clarlc E Carver L Ofhmer S Dodq I-I Dr w Coach O Young L Muller M Runner+ Cenler Csurls af olay af Y W AUIFOFCU Fepofleft IYIICFVIQWS Coach Young Below Baslcefballeams Row M Wan S Young B ar Iun C Carver V Nucolay A reedlove R 2 I-I Drw E Johnson E Carver M Ful Iuam V I'-Iedruclc D Walceland G Osfrandef G Frye R u er Car Sfeun M Smufh L Bafchelor L Ofhmer P Frye Coach O Young I Lamb I 7 Co h Yeung one sporl I-Ier nexl goal us 500 addu 'ruonal pounls lor Ihe slale pun Ihe huohesl award un gurls alhlelucs Before she al Iauns Ihus goal however she musl have a slup sugned by her unslruclors slalung 'rhal her habulual poslure us good Slale awards were presenl d Io Ihe Iollowung gurls Muldred Srnulh lla Lamb Elna Fas I-Ielen Sulberhorn and Serena Loclcwood s F . 4 A . Olive - - 1 - - . . , . I J I u - 9 - I 2-. ' , . I Fi B. R I: w, E. , . F I- I' ., . ' I . . . ' I . I . SI ' , J. I I , . " 4 Frye. M. Smith, I. Lamb, B. I er. Row .31 Al Bp' Ih, 5: , ' Yo , . 4 , . 'Vi , - If . . I on : . I SI , M. A , . , M. 1 g . X K , . , . u . ' X 'ff'f':' Bow 5: . C. . C . . I du , H u .. uf . 'n, . , .M V Q B I I . ow I: . le ' 3: L. M'II , M. I In, A. - . 3I ' A 1 dd Honor Socie-Ty STudenT Council F l WhaT good would iT do me To geT in The NaTional l-lonor SocieTy anyway7 is oTTen heard ATTer iT is Tigured ouT The conclusion is reached ThaT :T is a nominal honor averaged ouT oT The sTu denT s ToTal scholarship leadership serv ice and characTer behavior in oTher words Previous To This year :T was The duTy oT a secreT TaculTy commiTTee To selecT various rumors and seniors Tor l-lonor SocieTy This spring each oT The insTrucTors had an opporTuniTy To express his views on The sTudenTs up Tor choice AbsenT Trorn The picTure are Tour sen iors John Fishburn Bill Fahy and Billy KeaTing who made The grade lasT year and LesTer Schmelzer, who received The honor This year T-l ghb g Th Since l93O iT has been The duTy oT The STudenT Council To lceep The honor sTudy hall Truly on :Ts honor a real Taslc l A 24 where The cornplainT and Trial sys Tern prevails ouT oT a daily roll oT 449 sTudenTs beTween 25 and 30 have been dropped during The year For Two years now The halls have also come under The STudenT Council s IurisdicTion in The Torrn oT The hall mon1Tor sysTem Corri dor permiTs and hall nnoniTors have been a source oT nighTmares Tor The TaculTy in one way buT on The oTher hand They have seT aside congesTion in The halls during class Time ln SepTernber The council's auThoriTy is placed in sTudenTs elecTed Trom each honor sTudy hall period T74 Row I: John Pfirlr., Carl: Blooni Lac SlQiVTV"CLY, W' iarn Pslliiifn, Lyle Biffbnr, R1-N 7: Ann STf-in Dc':r:"Thv Groenwiiid. Lon l:VlrfV"T Src-nyThH Roar-rvniind, Lillian Hiller, Wilrmi Barney. Rr.-.i 3: Ffxr --s Hi'1larnr':er Jus- Du' fr, Pvficin Tian n, Bird, Les EWU M Kilim, Ruta Cbnlsw. Row l: ArT l'-Towel Lynn White, Harold Bronner, Jaclr Ficlcen, Ladd STeinrneTz, Kenny Daniels, John ishburn. Row 2: Bud Nau, KenneTh SaTTer?hwaiTe, Billy KeaTinq, Basil G-liclc, Bill Fahy, Elwood Carlc. Row 3: Ann STL-in, June Daviwon, Frances i ar cr, Mariorie BosTcn, Wilma KfmuTz, Mary Elda STfrin, Birdie Siclnnan, Doro y Greenwald. ' . . ' ' ' , ' . . . . n 1 l s u I - ll ll ' Qnly The brave can survnve Thus club s Tamed lnnTnaTlons Paddlangs even worse Than Those recezved nn chxldhood are en dured In order To be onc oT The 45 males who consTuTuTe Thus organ1zaT1on Once The boys geT In however They Tsnd ThaT The luncheon meeTlngs are worTh Theur suTTersng IT rs on Wednesday noons ThaT someTlmes aTTer a meager repasT They relax To near some MuscaTsne busnness man or Teacher spealc To Them In durecT conTrasT To The boys I-Ir Y as The grrls Y W C A organrzaTuon I-In Trl I-Iere The group as unIumuTed as Tar as membershrp rs concerned A specual lnducemenT To remain a worlcung member In Thrs club was The an nual Tnve raver cuTy I-In Tru conTerence ThaT dropped IH on MuscaTune Tor Two days ID Aprnl VusuTors here during ThaT Tame Included grrls Trom slmular groups IH Dav enporT Rock Island CInnTon and Molune ow I I ar 1 u I a a F L e C au ord c o sorr 1 cyrc- 1 rcn e C Johr oc neh Norman KauTz Lynn Vsfhxl P ul Kr T I Mio IU mu Wellr R w 3 Bold B rnard Ly I Nywcw Ed Ahlf Tod Brorlrway Ladd STc1nrneTz J hrlnq BTI afrng 1 1 Krnno NT rT waz Junlor auTz Brad Bryan wc ard crgsT o d a I ar om Ma n chauar HIY w I zer rrmrr' nc man I-In rqer Narvl T rrass n Tr 'npscn Qampbel ermc y a slr :oder ST r rc r rr Pow ocx Seams er cer 3 d Le Fovr-r r on r' Solonz n Colbe 1 Dom Massc Fullara C em SnnrTn R w3 Van v Roach Lcu Romug Schmld K abc H aly ATR nson Broad sTon Rosr-nmund Derms GCTTMT RnnnorT Mfelcer KTII Lnndley I-IowcnsTlno Rov-14 I'IorsT s o G :Cla Bloomer aTsTcwn Nwcolay Os runocr u Rarn Hlfchcoc M on T rchrwl r Jchnscr a WwdT M K wr rcs c nnry raur Mucha oe mc M B de Wecer I on Lamb Schumwcher T-I s css r c I7 cr F lsrm MuTTn"an arT1 Sa TcrThwauTn E glurd Rogers Thr npson F I urn D M Legler Vorn Ice 0 MrCuI oug orh ad Fr ncr Hu Trl 175 , . .... . . R 2 Mil d M'IQs Pa I W"IhITo, Lyle Bloltcr, I-Tarold Blcfn, J coo i ET:-2. I de Gi? , DE In F I . Lf M Lew wc . Rr,-.' 2: Bernard BaTTey, Bruc RaT:'ITT, , , K h ', , , 'u, a fwp, BIII Roach, Elmer Bloom, Bil e gl' , P1 I . o : a . so fde, , , , , -' . BOLD e A , 'I Ke ' , Basil Gllclf, Bill Ff hy. Row 42 J Th Sf FT I1 'T4:, I K , , R4 h B r rl I' Bill Iplcrzhauer, ArI I-Iowe, Harm I3 'Torx Vlrgil Boldf, CI' Ir Blo , Bob Schrcuri, fri S ' 'I rd. Ro : I'TeTI , G' ., S, In , Aghha J , As c - , rv , hor , . N I I, Sch Tr, S w sf ,Ir Wiggors, Kr' J , cr .e B T.-.c:r, Row 2: G: ir' T, II '. I . Grf. .wr , ', , B irqor, Jchrts ,Lcwl ,, f , r,, IQI, I b . ST ' , A '. ff 2 D Ice, , 1 , I . . A Y, I -, e , I , - Mill, BI clr, IA , , GI J , ' ', ff ' , L fus, , ' Ie, LN ,K I, e' f re, z T ,, PI TT. Sch ' , c Ilrlp, Src 'aly oef. Row 5: Demo T T. M KI rf, B , . Shin, M rfhfrad Plu Sharp Mcrfirner, r r? I- . H'lT , , , , C , cs, Pre lc, S hwaxp. Row 6: Tp ., rf T , ' , , M' , T 1 f :, n 'T , , rr , If. 1, Jf os, Fonoler, Van ylce, ills, T , IQ N I , I L T-, Mo e , 'Tr n '-, e maine group wulhun whole Combrnahon of lhe A B L Dra Club and lrhe Forensuc Lerler named Speech Ads has d1v ded rrsell aqaln and yer remarns a Thar sounds lrlce a paradox buf Hr 1sn Jr fkccordrnq ro an rdea advanced by lvllss lvlargarel Kemble one ol Jrhe club advrsbrs members elasslhed lhem selves rn 'rvvo lachons dramahc and for ensrc buf mel lounlly on lhe second Thursday of each monrh Plays and sel parnhng were seleefed prolecls Cn The Auroran Sfall lhe magor olllnces are oleelrve vores berng cas? by The slu denr body Remarmng vacancues are lrlled wrrh appolnlees named by lhe pub lncahon eommnree several sfahl mem bers plus four unslrucfors of 'rhe preced ug ye r Laclc ol lournalnsm and arf courses rn lvl l-l S malces 1+ dnclncull lo seleel 'rhose besl adapled lo lall Jrhese posmons Respons1b1l1+1es of lhe sfarl are numerous w1'rh bolrh lhe annual and The weelcly braun ch1ld To eonlrol w P1 1r o n 1 ro r n 1rr1s Mary 1 11n rn W rl w 1 o o 1 1 Ann cm W r o lu L 'n Syw ssr urcpl 1 n r p IU Vun Dyke Dorolh Leqlc r W1 VFG u Z ,lard K rnemun oph 0 Mark larvae D r1rrsT Bull Roach Kenny 1 s Harold Blean Bob .lehrrng Arl I'-lowo Ladd Srernmelz Bar Gllclc Harland l-lefzer Auroran fv n urr' alrrq Ed Ahlf Jar Frrlcen Lynn Wh le T d Bror wa C Pa Rrusr' n er gr Wlfra Barne Mwrorro os? r' e ary Jane Van Dylce Bel y lou n E1 re D Mclfrnn 1 luf P f 3 Paynnon oo wrn harlolle raun reno Brownrnq Frances l-lrqhbara r Anna Srclcrnan Grenyfhe Rosenmund Paullne Hors? June Davnson Dorofhy rl. nwa Row 4 Cecl Fesler Bll Sylvcsrcr Palrucra Trplon Wllrna Kaulz Lolly y a C som cro er rrmr' a o nsen o a s r- rvr P 5 Gforqe Llnlc l l-larold l-lennnno l-larod Bloa Leroy Gmu Harold Bron er ur Wow C r' nofrw aur royer urn Chvlbs Mucna l Maeql Clau Qnfrord Paul Well: Speech Ar+s l76l Th - ' . . . 1 ' - ' f Q K Q ' . A G . . . . I ' I .n G y . . Pm I: J.11l4 Flalrerr, Bill 4 hy, M1 1-urn: B slr- , P11l'ir,Ia TQ lwn, Marlo N. V, Lldf S+o7n, Bi" Ke. 1' .1, Lv hl rr. Ro 2: Lol1 Pls N1, R 11h Ol'-mn, S? ' 1 Dorofhy aber. Lirr11Ir-f- Wills Ml d r- Er1i:1 no, Be-v:rly Sch Idr, lfflfy ' a 'nlc, Mg wk Lfrwin. Row 3: Joh Pa lcs, Bob Bisho . Jr-1 1 ' 1, y c -, 'l 1 Ka l, o f 151 7 , E em, 1 '. Row 4? ' , , 1 Dan' 'o' , , l " A 1 1 -' , s'l ' , l . Ro I: Jah Fishb , Billy Ke A 1 l 1 .lc Q , l , e ,lc y. Jairb Liobbe. Row 2: Dorulhy Fodorlofn. ' e f '10 ba q -, 11111 y, f ', B en. .lea Van Dyk . M, ., - ' , , Lillia l-lillor, 2' . , ' cy, W1l'nl'a . pus. Ov : 1 d G d ' , C Q B . l 1 . ' 1 G10 .lr 'll, ,i D- ' ,IA ,l S- wasi'nk, Lo F l, . , D1 lhy Legl , V14A1i M h , L roll Mill, Marlo1 Na '51 Bill Palm. ow 1 5 C. ' , l' n, - 4 , n , Arfn l , Q, J 1l'1. T, 1 - 2, L on F , 77 Y, f 1 1 , Bll . 1in, de Junlor M M rr' n J Arra S sl r f u m w r r ulus Kll admr arlman w rrran au 7 Curia Regla r rn c ur r ug ul yr Wow Marorlc n 4 r r 1 C er A lla S a r s der arm S vrh Los Mrlzac '1 crpn ucu rco n qlurd xr M K c Lorv 1 no WT l s Dorolhy Mcfiauqhcy Dcrolhy re sslcr ow u n F h Jcun Thompson Bob l-lo Tmwn rc par ere Fr ln W Molh s r :cr C c 1 r n l n I ur ir Q m r Qqvf ll seems only narural Thar parallel To one of The oldesr languages In lhe world should be The oldesr club an Jrhe hugh school a club organized around one of 'rhese languages The Larun lll and IV slu denrs who compose 'rhus Senare of Kings develop Jrhelr programs around The sludy of ancuenl Rome and Romans To exchange lhesr knowledge garhered along Jrhese l nes and 'ro enloy brlef social evenings members meer on The lhlrd Thursday of each monrh l935 marlced The bumullenuum of l-lor ace Greek poer and gave Curua Regla marerual for an assembly program I7I Parrerned afrer rhe busuness men s ad club rs The M l-l S Junior Ad which 'ralces Info Hrs organuzaruon rhose who plan careers an lhe buslness world +ha+ us Jrhose who rake commercual sublecrs Problems 'rhar arfecf fhe business world ar large are dnscussed among lhese bus: ness men ro be Adverhsang dusplays and rhe ups and downs of busmess are examples of ropucs under observaruon The Muscarnne Ad Club members were guesrs of 'rhe hrgh school club af a lunch eon where 'rhe program nncludung speeches and discussions was provided by 'rhe yourh bofh boys and gurls Ad l Fm-. l: M1'1fblrf,- CNC-al Erie D. f,K'nr1ey, Lucne Mfllcr, Fe . Maize bah . cl- ' ri", M 1' zuf,-riff: Cu Lola Folsom. Rev 2: R lh ME?'me , Lil ian Hi ,Q, Elmer Mucha, WI'v'lr lmvrf-y, Drrrolhy F'-dffrlcin, A b N ' 3 H Rc. 3: Billy Kfgahng, Boll Barnard, Bill Fahy, Ed Ahll. No 1 Ka 'r, Lyle: Blebcr. Row I: Ma y A Bl ck, Mr' C Wzs-fnrgr, Bdly Rufho b rr. Kahry. '5 'X Johnsen, Jea Reins, Gcadrc Vkfeirfunrz LSO Frochrar, Nrrmf Aflen. Row 2: Uorolhy W b . nA rendu Ma umm' Cr 'cn rl, M fa if T' , 7 , f do . Fl,-cf:L s.Mlld-'Er l,Cfr,, KCY ll. Trl, ' ' , ,X ' F 2 -, R 3: Pu l W'lllwii1:, Rulle 7s , w X. ., s 5 C , F d Klrgpf rr, M l vs br, fuller 5 Jo f-ph Ervrlfrbrc-lion Rff G Eh l. Row 43 Mrlsrd Mlls, Gr don Rovers, BMT Rfrufh, Ar N Sm7'w, Bi'l Maoqll W'lh H, Y, John Th mas, Dlflf Kvlcghl, Conf Wo'Tcv Ll rr Bl . ' - I I ' I A 7 l fl L OO CS F l ord N Cfflp !YYTlOY7 lQ,VVY'lf'l W V FFA ne Nussbaurr Lwuren FrnyermuTh T d Brock a V n ir r c-Mfwea Since much oT The TuTure oT The coun Try Ines w1Th :Ts culTnvaTors The responsn bahT1es oT The Tarmers To be are numer ous In The ag deparTmenT oT The hrgh school snnce I922 L B T-loopes has been Teachxng prmcuples oTher Than Those OT The Three R s To The boys who wush some day To shoulderThese responsnbnlmes OuT oT such envaronmenT grew The presenT F F A FuTure Farmers oT Amerlca organlzaTlon an I929 To gain The ranlcs oT F F A a oy musT advance Through The Greenhands no relaTuon To green horns on The pornT basus TwenTy enghT have success Tully secured Their membership ID Thus chapTer As can be gaThered Trom The name Judglng Teams The prnncupal arm oT These boys us To galn experience by ludg ng The relaTnve worTh oT luvesTocl4 grams and The lulce come under Thelr lurlsdncT1on aT The lowa I-hgh School Agra culTural ConTesTs aT Ames These boys also serve as represenTaTuves Trom The local chapTer aT The annual lowa Con gress oT The F F A lnTanTs oT F F A m:ghT describe rnes irfc-rw 1 lau rc-ro N enn Garvnn John H lTz R loh Sv mu rrruT'w T Nu sba 'n Judging Teams I79l Row I: Adwfsrgr Li dlvy H p Dclbrrrl Brmlcnarl, Cwil Fosm-r Vlrql BM 12 Claud- GVTT , cal K- , R, d BW Q . Ro 2: Go dm Slrouwr, Greer 1-- Unlf-l, Ken Th ' , Q , , 9 w ,g ernc Rf oln Mr: le Blorl Row 3: Glenn Garvin, Ellis CarTor, Harold Henning, Gecrzqe Lewis, Ralph Syfvassfnlr, Vurl FlolTz, Lv 1 ' l, David Allenoernd. I ll ll ' , . . , I ' u n - ' l . , ' . . . b - ' ll ll ' ' Row l: E T BQ hfizer, Vffver Shlwc, GfXVff'7' Srrozcr C so GF' l. Ro 2: Gl A , C , a T masslrk, L: ron Freya- T, Konmfv 3 u , Greenhands r nor racr xy 'a Hcnhn .lo n W gn r n n o n ara 2 John G-ra a N rrran Bu n Harlfy Houscmaaa an c rusa acr ca r rge R lph Mcconnaha Haro r s r Car Shangc cc r FrncsT BJrTen aurn Wa cr e J n H Z ncnpul L c ukc Wnd 4 ar H The Greenhands By compleTang some Tarm shop well known across The alley aTTachmenT prolecT a youTh auTomaT acally becomes a member oT Thas group He Then promoTes hamselT ouT oT Thas club waTh The earnang oT enough poanTs To be anaTaaTed anTo F F A These TarsT semesTer sTudenTs spend mosT oT Thear Tame an The shop learnang pracTacal Thrngs cemenTang carpenTry blacksmaTh work an conTrasT To The older sTudenTs classroom work an Takang care oT crops and lavesTock Thas organazaTaon as a sTeppang sTone by whach The sTudenT may conTanue hs work along These lanes aTTer has regular course has been compleTed Cups good Tor someThang besades drankang purposes wall always brang memoraes To cerTaan F F A boys oT Thear hagh school Tarmang experaences T Lauren FreyermuTh a salver cup wall mean has Corn Growers Trophy To KenneTh Nussbaum aT wall mean a Travelang award presenTed To ham Thas year Tor has success an The annual corn show Glenn Garvan all recall has andavadual Traumph an The corn huskang conTesT r' u nr 6 'a ur cyermuh l79I Trophy Wanners Ruff I1 Bla! 'Tw Tx, Chfvl:-S Cox, Dunn Ca: ra ,, Ra mf, d - .I g, h .1 9, Rhi c-laarl Mel dorm, J h T gy, Row 3 h rn, ra ra , 5 , a - , Edw' All ak :, Rok a T H aa lay, Lysle Elcheluu r, ea , ld G 0 0, Era l Jr:wmrTT. Row 3: l ' fl -d Elie, , - r ah :JJ , lf - Shi ld, oh olf, Edr , a ', elvluyne H ac a 0 ell Fulltr Ch les oag. D U I .- . . . . O I l l 1 ' . . . Kon uTla N Q-abau , lem Garvin La cn Fra T . v Durmg lhe second peruod 'rhree fumes a weelc lhe sleady lap lap fappmg on Jrhe audnloruum lloor us nolhmg buf fhe fume lseepmg feel of he mslrumenlalusls al rehearsals Rehearsals for wha+7 Nolh mg un parhcular excepl To accomplish 'rho alms of 'rhe orcheslra lo develop an Teresl an good musuc lo Increase co oper allon and To learn how lo follow a dn reclor xrgucrz ul umm A slands for A Capella B slahds lor afon C ns lor chorus D s or Dlreclor C V Thomas E could be lor excellcnl The way lhey sung ppl nl really spells superior lhe way l o chorus boys and gurls glee clubs Doro lhy Znegler hom solomsl and Leo l-larl lenor ramlced al l3urlmg+on IH lhc duslrlcl music conlesl yMo room wld 4 C lor r lc .vcr-dallww Sw ass rlf lg s vu 'w C- e B My 1 L4 re M r ur 4 5 Mar M1 w Mavrorc M Llr C iS V LP 'I 'W O F 'S U Wu m vc cr w r V Max rcwcr a G 3 Gfi w lvm Harp BOL Wls h P a 'W r Nash C rad Scar- r Chorus w I ro x nies on o we ao QW Nf4XLX1.x tucxcw U69 6 OPC' CK V' 3 UV' 3 Hoopes Ruchard R evcs cw. y P r rw c 1 1 fri a Wrs ma lv' a cz Sle awe rr alcll hard avvw ro G f ff ff! Q Orchesfra l30l , v b . . . ' . . . I l - . + . . A I i . V . I ' . , . I l 1 1 I Riva l: Bf"'y.f Rilo.-., Lo 1 Fc -F", Eclfii CTF", lu- KrV- :'- lr"-1 cl S "frm -, Mc , N 'Mr C -, er, M. f L- McKor'o B1-vc-rl gy:-: -.13 Ma "" .1 Q'-av M 1'fA- -r, Dari" . G wp . Row 2: Dlrvcior lff d Thomas, Llllim l-li or, Elmo lv' 'ima .l-,nah Riser, G a l ,wc E- Dorothy Wlgers, L H, Sy,-.c si L, W ry-rh., lifxi"-rs Vwrof Rf. mold , Du 'ally r, e Mrs, 1 ,lla Mhs Fc", Mas "Mvh, Selly Var Cmmzi Rf.-. 3: hd ed Erflard, Java' B Zell, lx ,xr Elf: Fl,llF.1'Y', Co ri "-' Efiiu' D ' 'lm '53-'f'-W L Bfilxxl' ."'l?l Grlnxw J5'l4fl Ki'-ndrvtlu RVFN ..'v1 in ll,-rl-HQ! lx-I' Mn "0 " lv C' ou. Dorollw Zlc-zlnrr. Rn.-.r 4: Rat f-rf Bak: Gr-v'g13fr'f2 VVA- 9 L." :, E' :X Alllms, BM, Syl 'wsl' Rflard Poly, Rcxzor Galle Pall S"-'vf lr-lsr mil llff': C ll lord Lo Gloss, B X X, J clr Mgcwra hr, Rum-rl F flc, Leila Miller, Loo Hari. RQ: 5: 'C ' ,lov lv 'l o . Edward Dfnh, Ar co Sam-r l-larolo BWr5':r, Slanlfw Janes, VVIDU l-l rf, oar w . . Pts'--' Gene M?r'l"'-3' l2e-!1'Q-'N R,1."',i:', Ha ll W , Ha old l-'lrfrrrq 5" Eo"':ros:'r, lNla"a'w NVQ-J, L+, '- L' ' 'fs' Ro 1 Do lh WQL r Eds lol if mf. Ge' llc eclcsurwo, Holoic- Soul" Kerry Da I Q.. Elv S' l , DI' Folio . Wrhrlla Lucas Ncrmao B rx Row 2: C31 May , l e N, B 'Vl' :wocln Alce l-li l, Ureglo Clarloz Sliol, MJ, Gels 'eff V',Er-I I low, Thol . Suzi Mlrzla Slamm Vrrl l-lol':. Ro.-V 3: lVf'1't'Cl fls, f P Lcd' Trmc-'z W, O Edw-.a'd Jehhsce, Ere Karremvr, Rlsay Rear: Ease , E R '45, Blalr liorux. REQ . Crow, R C coowfh. , 1 fl f 1 ,W cfm fl lf fl GAA ry rvrfa a ver M xn Runncr+ Coac lrvrw Young r for fry a l 'r n r Lora Mac Rc 1 2 Dorofhy Wa c- mn B ly Knrlsrh Bclly Rjkow Belly Leu Wahnula Lurus Jean Klebe Dorofhy Press o 1 vu R w Vorla Nvco ay Edna Johnson Ena Es Be y a 'ln can W m Ca rlne Carver ah Mnruc Younc Ann Siem Lorrawne Mule cs e er r lrm J r h rfner l-lolen Te hrnnllcr Jan Korremar' la L mb Jean Van Dyke L3 Verve Olnrre Fr cda Schmidt l-lelcn S1 er horn Florence Lucus Serena Lockwo d Non Parell Row I Lynn Whrlo Bully lxeuhng Bob Kornemann Ted Brockway L1 Moyne Lawrence Row 2 Lucnlle Lundlev Elynor Mucha Vlslo D M Knnney Dorofhy Weber Geraldrnc Wecksung Lorravnc- Mlller Hecn Svberhorn Mlldred G xrk Norma Tomasson Phyllls Thompson Row 3 Marqarct Roach Mary Ann Block Laura Mae Bowloy Thelma Gluck Marqarc-1' Alfenbcrnd Belly Van Camp Doroihy McGuuohey Carol McKee Lorraine Wnlxs Tryung lo rebuild +he lalerary socnely Info whal 1+ ns supposed lo sland for was lhe lask shouldered by Non Pareul whnch re organrzed Info a successful club lhls season Shorlly afler 'rhe re organlzallon of Jrhe group several adduhonal members were admnlled who are nor In rhe pnclure Paul Blean Marlorse Bosren Kennelh Daniels Jack Facken Basal Gluck Dorolhy Green wald Leo l-larl Joe l-lallcek Marcella Lewin Ronald Muller Beverly Schmudl Ann Solonen Bull Slwrlen Bull Sylvesler Howard Worsl, and Beverly Pollock. l8lI Sporrsmanshup rhe hugh :deal ns Jrhe morlo Thar guides The Girls Alhlehc Assocuahon The hlslornes of lhe various magor sporfs such as baskefball volley ball and swnmmmg were sfudned and dlscussed a+ Jrhe monrhly meehngs Many hmes Jrhe gurls nol only covered 'rhenr subgecls verbally buf aclually parhcu pared In baskelball games wen? swam mnng and played pang pong as a parf of lhelr social program ln May a play day feshval was held on .Jefferson Fleld Wapello, Burlnnglon, and lowa Culy senl delegafes Pr fu lf Mldrvfd Smllh, pclljllfvf F "e E1 ' Cfr- f, farlf ' ., h OA , , Ld la C , ,, M: EH Fulfa , Geraldi c: F ye, , ' 2 Lee. N : k - lr d, of . - , , - f , , - ' , , , - lor, Marlori W'nn. Syl 'a Blake. o 3: ' l , , l I , H M rf , J f, Pol . flhel , Sar f '- g, ' ll r, Lu , Satchel ,, M'ldred C ark. Row 4: ra a re Sc, er , , ic., ' -, ef , l ' ,, I a , , f ' ' . r, lf ' . 3 'lb - . . . . 1- . . . ,, . . . . - . . . . . . I . . SomeThIng In whIch one TIghTs round aTTer round wIThouT physIcaI Inlury noT excludmg menTaI however IS de baTe For years IvIuscaTIne has had some Top norch spIeIers IhIs year s debaTe squad expemenced someThIng new In beIng The TIrsT Trom lvl I-I S To QGVIICI paTe In The InvITaTIonaI meeT aT Roclc Island I-Iere They exhIbITed Themr respIra Tory power as well as TheIr abIlITy ID com Ing Through SIX oT Thc Ten rounds Dur Ing The enTIre season They won QI oT TheIr 54 debaTes QT ThIs ToTal The negaTIve s balance was I3 losT and I4 won The aT TIrmaTIve Team IcepT ITs head up wITh 7 won To 20 dropped LeadIng her TeammaTes IH repIIes and rebuTTaIs To The quesTIon Resolved IhaT The several sTaTes should enacT leg ISIGIIOD provIdIng Tor a sysTem oT com pIeTe medIcaI care avaIIable To all cITI zens aT pubIc expense was Frances hw I-hghbarger negaTIve reTurnIng IeTTer wInner In The hIsTory oT our InsTITuTIon oT learnIng Frances IS The only sTudenT To be The proud QOSSCSSOI oT a Tour bar malor TorensIc IeTTer Among Those who ravaged The IIbrary and scanned TheIr mInds Tor maTerIaI on ThIs medIc quesTIon were John FIshburn Claude GITTord Ba II Ghclc Frances I-hghbarger CharIoTTe Braun BII Ivlae gIIn BeTTy Leu WahnITa Lucus John Thomas BIII Roach CecII FosTcr and Florence Lucus John FIshburn was ranlced The besT oT The IvIuscaTIne debaTers when The averages Tor The season were com pI ed IfxTemp also made ITs debuT Tor The season aT BurIIngTon In The Iowa IXIIne League The Two lvl I-I S conTesTanTs drew TopIcs wITh closed eyes John Thomas and Frances I-IIghbaIger In The TInaIs Frances speech raIsed her To ThIrd ri ATI-I 3 :1 I I82 , II - II I - I - F . w u A - ' S ' C - I y I - . . 3 - - I - , . I NaTIo'TII Forcnsvi LI:fIc1uI:-- I?I:.f.I I: I,IIIffIn I-TI 'I-r, Dwrof 'Gr I',f I'nw.Id Lon FTII Ir, Fmncb- III WITH' I"I', B -'ly Leu, CnarIofTe Braun, Row 2: Claude 6ITford, Basil Gllclc T-Taro-d Brenner, John FI-'Irrurr BI, MIIf:In, WahnITa Lucus. Ivlfslor dcrbiIT-3-Row I: Claude Gfiford. Basv Glick, Frances T-Ilqhhnroer, Jflsn Flshburr, BIII Iflacvzln. Rv.-.' 2: BTI Roafih. CharIof"r Braun, CfIfII Fosfer, John Thovws. Florenre Lucus, Bwrf, LMI, WIrwr7'II Lu us. Cevfe' ::I.I'ye--Row I: BIT Sw ves'-r BII Mfwrzlln, Flarcll Blean, I r ew: JI-In Van DJ I, Gp-nyT'w RI Hr' rrund. Row 2: Raymon' Geeczwfr. I.orI.:"a lvI'Is, BeTTy Leu, Dlclc Folsom Leriy C-mu, CWI' A- Ivfy. 'a, 3'-1 erly SchmIdT, Jack Fialcen, Mlnor dI:cTam-Row I: Johr' Tho'rIIs. Cecil FosTer, Harold Bean. Row 2: Pau' WI.-I, Flmfa' Fernnj, Ii.Iy mond Goodwm. I I In The TOrensIc TIeId ThIs year E E ATTle On Tound hIs hands Tull wITh debaTe declam OxTemp OrIgInaI OraTOIy and Speech f'XrTs Club I-IIs InTeresT In debaTe has held Over Trom college where h was On The VGVSIIY debaTc Team Tor Three years and assIsTanT In Th speech deparT menT In IQ34 he ObTaIned hIs Bachelor s Degree Trom GrInneII A I place Cn May 6 I-IarOId Bronner IVIIIIard IVIIIIS John Thomas WahnITa Lucus Bev erly Schm dT Frances I-IIghbarger WIIma Barney and DOrOThy Ivlcgaughey ad IIbbed agaInsT Iowa CITy In a dual meeT The younger brOTher OT maIOr declam IN The TIrsT OT The bOOk IS represenTed by mInOr declam whIch cOnsIsTed OT dual meeTs wITh DavenpOrT In The I935 36 season On December I8 and agaIn On December I9 cOnTesTanTs Trom Daven pOrT I-lIgh were able TO come OuT ahead OT I-IarOld Blean John EIshburn John Thomas CecII EOsTer I-Iarold I-Ienmng Jack I:Icken Raymond Goodwm and Paul Welk WhIIe declam IS The subIecT under Ob SGVVGIIOH IT mIghT be well TO menTIOn The counTy Trophy whIch wIII now Take ITs per manenT resTIng place In The lvlusky Trophy case havIng been won In The cOunTy con TesT Tor TIVG successIve years by Musky represenTaTIves The COunTy Schoolmas Ters Club donors OT The Trophy plan TO see ThaT a new award IS purchased TO be placed In The counTy race The casT OT The one acT play The Wonder I-IaT succeeded In presenTIng MIss June LIngO coach wITh a cerTITIcaTe OT excellence as TheIr raTIng In The sTaTe play conTesT In Iowa CITy ThIs Spflng In dIvIduaIs execuTIng The I-larlequm ploT I8I were I-Iarold Blean BIII Maeglm ArT I-IOwe Jean Van Dyke and GrenyThe Rosenmund anoTher TIFSI acT Tor The I936 grads TO be proud OT ReguIremenTs Tor wInnIng IeTTers boTh maIOr and mInOr have noT cOnTOrmed TO any parTIcuIar rule ParTIcIpaTIOn IU a maIOr conTesT has meanT a maIOr award and sImIIarIy In The mInOr cOrITesTs A bar IS placed On The Purple and Gold Qld EngIIsh M Tor each year OT DGFTICI paTIOn IH TOrensIc evenTs The TOIIOwIng sTudenTs were presenTed chenIIe rn blems Tour bar maIOr Frances I-IIghbar ger Three bar maIOr John Fnshburn LII IIan I-IIIIer Two bar maIOr EIsIe D McKIn ney CharIOTTe Braun I-Iarold Blean ma Ior Lauren EreyermuTh Jack EIcken DOrOThy Eederlem Wulma Barney Claude GITTOrd BasIl Ghck BIII Maeglm BeTTy Leu WahnITa Lucus Paul Welk ArT I-Iowe Jean Van Dyke GrenyThe Rosen mund and John Thomas mInOr I-larold I-Ienmng CecII EOsTer Qaymond Good wIn and Leroy Grau SInce I93O ChapTer 28I OT The Na TIOnaI FOrensIc League has been In ex IsTence In lvl I-I S There are Tour de grees aTTaInable on The pOInT basIs Degree OT IvIerIT Degree OT I-Ionor De gree OT Excellence and Degree OT DIS IIUCTIOD 5 I I T I T I , 3 i . . S F . . , ' Eds' E I TT . I I I g I I I I ' I I . . . II- II I , I , . . . II , . . ,, . . . i ' I ' . , , I 'I I ' - D l -- A I I . e - I I I I - ' - . : - I . - ' I I I ' I I I I ' I I I I I I ' I I I I I ' - ' I I I I . . I - I I I ' ' , . II . . . - I - ,, . . . . , . . . ' , , . . . I I ' . ' I ' fXneIenI Rome and IIS COUI'ITVy"T'ICI'I are Ihe nwo IInIeresIuwq oI SubIeeIs Io A455 EI hAargareI Kenije eonseouendy she ehose Lahn as a nmnor Iowa VJedeyan qranIed Iwer B A and II1e UnIyersIIy oI Iowa herIw IA VVhenIAws Keniie be came a rnemoer oI II'Ie M H S IaCJIIy Iorenmes Inwneduahdy eaughI Her eye SneeIhaIIwneshe hasadvaneed h3Ihe D ree oI ExeeHenee ID N E I. as a coach Speech Depar'rmenI' Dafa NATIONAL EORENSIC LEAGUE Pre-sIdenI H1roId Brenner Record ng Secrerary HI CF Correspondvnq Se refary Doro+IIy GreenwaId DEGREES HONOR CIIIIO d E AII'Ieson DISTINCTION E Hughbarger C J Elshburn B GIQI4 H M Kemble L HI r C Braun EoI om Greenwald MERIT B eu CAST OE CONTEST PLAY TITE WONDER HAT H un H1roId BIean Pmrro BIII MaeqIln unCIwIn Aff Howe Counnbuna Jenn Van DyIce Margo' Greny III, Rosenmund ERESHMAN DECLAM CONTEST Drim3I C TII rem G1II1IIer IrsI Vrqmnn Husuns TIIIrd Humorous Burn Romwnr' WSI Pnehard RueeI4erI Second Rom I6 Tu II TI1Ird W LUCUS CAST OE SENIOR DLAY H Bronner THE CHARM seHooL Al,sIIn Bevans Ladd Sfeunnnelrz INDIVIDUAL DEBATE RANKINGS Eluse Beneoo I LoreIIa MIIIS yr W Davud MICK nzue TQCI B oekway OS on George Boyd MarIyn HIn"errneIsI'er J Eushburn I: Hxghbarger B GI ck C GIIlIord B IVIGGQIIO C Braun C EosIer W Lucus B eu J Thomas B Roach E Lucus Jam Snmpkuns Paul WeIIc Turn SIn'IpIcIns Jack ElcIcen Homer JoI'In Lynn WIIIIe MISS I-Iay Erinees Hlgnbarger M ss Cur I Mirlorve Bosfen SaIIy Boyd Eae Rau Inenberger Muruel LoIu Folsom EII'1e LIIIan HI er Aux Brdue Slckman LIIIan EIsIe D MeKInney Madge Jeanne Eengler Do sue Dor-oIIIy EederIeIn I84 A. I - ' I f I I ' ' I I I . Y 1 T I T - hifi . . . yy MV-S H. I I - - Marta' -I ' IQIIIIIII.. eq ' ' ' 'I ' Lmafm 'III 'fafbq N 5 1 C I I P '. I 3. o I I I I I I I I - I ' C c f I B I EXCELLENCE B- MGOQIW Jane EIOWICIE smna ' L S I I -C Ii- . I . . ' D. I , 'I I . F' X .CII IIC' I . 'IIe . L' L I I ? ' T ' . ' ., . , I I I4 ' ' ' . ' 7 IO ' ' " ,, , . ' . I .. ,. .. I3 7 ' 5 ,. ' . ' ,. , I6 6 ' ' 3 , Q. ' ' . I ' 6 6 I Vs E ' ' . . , I2 3 ' , 5 . . O I ', , , E . I I I , . I ' 'II . L .... 4 O I' I ' ' . , . I O ' I ' . ' . , ., .. .. I O .,. . . . .. ... I O I' , . ' I MCJNIC ONII R3 NX XRD 8 C CJ Cmnu 1I NILILII IIICIISL C 'NC 'I','I'lcj. CI BRCJVINISII I SIICJI SICJRI ,CII X VS ICC NIL SC XIINP CCD MII I WCDRIQC RCJACH ZR MUSSILR CICJMPANY SICJRI4 CONC XI IC 5 1 C u I IH!! I 5 4, Y Cu ,lexlllx nw, I I1 I 1 A ww, .Iss .A ' I . A Q ' 4: ....q. 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IIXII 111111 SIIIII5 ICIIIXIICIIJ viziaswsiifl-' III Rl I I' ' I1111I,-I,.1 .Z r 1 i Q 3 A xl V 1 ' RL V N X wr i z' fr Afkffi' .J"1'r1 1!I.r .1 ,x A 4x ',"..4If'Hf- ,!If1!.I!I'IU. SU' f 1 .XXII IXYI".S'I'IXC. XYIIII IIIIV, IfC2I'I'I"XI3I.I", I.IlfI-ICJI1' fli ' Y II'Ii II11' gm-zlt H11g111fI:1I 111st1t11f1 TII -um' uf thy Izuycst I11 tI11- 1x'111'I1I R-f 11II'C"s ll W1 I - 'z11'Icr1' uf 111sL11'L111C'c 1111CI 11111111511 11I:t11s 111 III YI1' lIC'C'CI51'I'I1iJIII IIIIIII! 1111 I 11ICI. XVII 'NCIIII ISIC IICJIC I3I'.'I'XII,SZ 1 r 1 Y 4 J- - A I,XI RIII, III II. IXCQ 'Q I .R .' I -v 5z1I's:111I Q '1' 'irc -AR 'I'I'II'I' Xl'l , XNI91 J L.: w v r 1 , 11 - Y 3 L L '-' 5 . . E' 3 I11 II1C' II1111111.111 IILIII.IIIIAQ 2 , I'scCI Cars I'I11111c ISHN L4 2 Ii Elf :I QI 1 Cici'11Q1'11I JXULIIL 111 I il -Q Rc11:111'I11g LIIICI 5L'IjX'I 'Ing 9 bp"1 11 g 111 Iimk- 5"X'IC'C z111I Xl t ' IL111 ---up I IIINJHC IIIIIII 7 I I I 1, I 1 I J XII SC XI NIA N NIC II XI I+II4C IRII PI ANI Drmk I I X Sod 1 VK ltu' S C I B01 II INC WORKS 4 BROWP R OII C O u1xHxcoPRoDu IS Serum If zflz a Smzlf I'Imm I S I 1731 Ihud Nt 87 X14 IJIIIIQXIZIA mama IICJXII' 1 ' 'f My KI+mIifl1gIX'fII1 I',IuII'IUIy Srr, I ,.' L' 2. ' V1 h XII Hu' 'I'1'L1u:1mI 'llmy I-'Im A X H .4 I .. V H .Ill!.'l.1'Hi!r Ilufffr' ul: :W :IAlA I fjfffrflfffn - - wr 1 1 .I. B. I I. , ,AIR ir 1 v y , I . 1 1 , 1 1 1 I fn Ai J ' V W K il' ' ' 'I A A ' ' I'Iwm' I 24 III? XILlII1L'I'I'I' X 1 1 1, 1 1 1, 1 J 1 J A A 14 I XIL.-1.p'5,. . lI.v.,. X w J .1 1 . f 1 1 V 1. 1 1, 1 1 4 A A , I A L, 1 ,I -2 V. I . , COL I 14614 EDLCAI ION L L THIH MUSC ATINE UNIOR CULLIAC I+ 88 Hlalllx Xlil' UNIV, l'IICll'NXNl7 IJOILXRN ICJXXV UH? W Olrll N 1 N 1 1 y N r 1 A J J 1 1 J J W Ll will I'L'CL'fXL' isuiixidxmaxl llfftllfimrll fmm urruprrvrmt irmNrrL1Lm1'.. 1'-Jitr will M' lixx'L'VfL'ui in imy urn? xurfry. i w J 1 i N 1 1 I J H 2-4'-'Y-si X" XX-my Q4 Lf X fx us -.. I I yy XSLMI' I U C7 U 1 ffffflfbj vii' K Q I QQ f' X451 f gg, . X i xff v'fV V ,....--,.,..-.,, -.,i-1i- gYL.....,Q 1' X K' N 6? R IOM 1 Q, I XXV X xv' .f "' 6 ' K ' . f i'Z'? f - L77 Xxx . fjyf fl ff if 1 J X Q9 ZX X X J Lx --I I fl F 4 L y 1 'QQ If, fx .e QV ' 1, W L M XX 2' Qiifb SHUI! . C3 X 4 N X is ' i L j X X X Nvffqx D I XX J N 4 1 - .C - A25 IRKAUJA, Belng a presldenf rnghf off fhe baf as somefhnng for Roberf l. Ripley fo look Info buf If s nof so unusual as If appears on fhe surface when fhe freshman class presldenf Bull Naryus us fhe sublecf under observafron A rose among fhorns mughf descrrbe Rufh Romann s posrflon as vlce Class of I939 M presudenf Geffang a sfarf an afhlefrcs as well Marvne McConnell secrefary found hsmself a guard on fhe freshman sophomore baskefball squad lf seems fhe freshman class planned on playing safe wufh :fs frnances fhe sheriff s son Fred Nesper was elecfed freasurer Class of 938 Sophomore officers The Three lvluskyfeers Presudenf Elmer Bloom has puf hrs hearf and soul nnfo afhlefecs and yef hns grades come up smnlnng a mod ern miracle Vice presldenf Bob Bishop who came from Sf Mafhuas spends mosf o hrs fume nn fh ark developmg W pucfures many of which are found In fhus book Paul Wnllhufe secrefary younger brofher of fhe wary alumnus Rusfy hernfed fhe same characferusfuc red haur and also his elder brofher s cheer leadnng lob Social problems are ID fhese officers line of dufy Class of l937 L On fhe lunuor class fell fhe plannnng of fhe Junuor Sensor work Af fhe class day exercuses fhe Key of Knowledge was handed fo Ann Sfeun presndenf Wufh fhus she unlocked her way Info fhe sensor class pleasure John Punhead Parks vuce presldenf besrdes being responsu l9ll ble for mosf of fhe decorafuons af fhe Junior Se-mor was always around In case somefhxng happened fo fhe presudenf ln charge of fhe finances and record keeping of fhe class of I937 was Jacob Llebbe who makes use of his vocal chords an fhe chorus V, Q D BI,l Narvls, Rufh Romann, ' Marvin cconnell, Fred Nesper. f f f Elmer Bloom, Jr., Bob Bishop, Paul Illhlfe. ll ll ' ' - . I ' ' - - - I - ' 1. ll- in- ' . . I . U . . . , f ' ' ' e d . . . ' . in B 1 I -3 Ann Slain, John Parks, Jacob Iebbe, B ow I ar' H 3 C me D amms owrey Gr J man J Cook m C uerman Row 3 M Ay P I VI rq r NA r' r D Conrcr E ur r- e 'w W aIIaI'wer L Ha nm r D Crrfm r esnnq S Dwdqc D Vr A GI F V eorqe B CN 1 F w son E Bum Gerarc H Goss 1 :J L C doqm Hams A Greavgs R E f ci rn H arrxer w Lf A C-Icruse Class of I939 w I rw W vu gm rv or R Mi ndors R M xpI0II'1or 0 esI1 r R C J M w R I-IuIoI: wus J I-Iafcvca wo M Mr convoy C I D 3 McCor1r'uI1a I Moore K G I-Ionoru McGvr ovsrw ylwi e MI o Mofon C Mwxfn I J warn Las um' w J Km 1 M Of 'I Ison E r r I ran us ms Me I Neg Q M M C r w II L Mnod E Johnson onr D G M C rr M rw 6 VV V' 1 V or for r' 1 fn n LIIIIIQ wa m.I5cIv E H I f I 1 S Jones Row a 1 w om LV ou D Jaw J Ho M R 1 R. B .QI R. Bmarges E. Brasf? '. 51.96 If. '3 r J. G:L3f'oI VJ. fnqlvwss, R, H' I' . E. D ', E. Fc-Ver, C, Dorn, D. DfvIIvi: R. nfo. ow Y: J. Gf1I'fW1, J. BND", J. DTIVIIJHOVT, R. FUIII , . . L. , B. FI'!T"?f7IlV' M. Eff.-.rm R. Errflws, E, Borrw-" PI. Bmw C. -1 A, 5r.w.n, V. B' . : . fr V. Cwfk M. AMIWM. M. E. UII'..m, I .Gwio I, F? Izf:Ibf: Vu. I. Bar - ha I, . . . .Bar'f:'LG?f'?r E. Gfrvwf E. Dmfz, E. BFQWQIQI, K. Ch CH D. AW L f d. Ro 4: T. G , , C M, B. Gro 'rm J. B50 mfmn, M. Lf'cIcc:y, B, E50-., B. I5rf.saI', . J 'r, M. Bla ' , . I. . :, .Atkirson Q. Do AGS, . K. Drwrb-., M, I'Iar""'x R".-f 5: C. our wr. J. G , . Q JCIQTQO, M. PICK J. B1-mfr zfrf, A. Bw. -'1. 1'VV6?, E. DQJS E. FIV'-f, M. L. .lJ""' d , , ., N. ', , '.-inf, I-I. BIoLfm, I-. BrcCIco', A. Dm Law. Rf.-.1 6: R. Cfxf'15If:.I, . is rf , B. A ' , . ' N. . rio , J. Aswan, F. BIUQW. M. Blrd, L. L. DQP -C?S', ff. G-ffrvrr. f. Ayn: K. F ' . Ro 7: D. Carfer, N. Casio., D. Ev.:-vs, R. FaI'y, VV. Go-IQII, J. C' 'Is E. If , L. Eafcn, A. Burroughs, VV. Drwfm, N. Bruemrwer, L. Bfcwn, M. Bfwm, F. Dfmz M. CoIo'vwem. Ro 3 L. Lupfo , . HAIIQII, K. Hfmdcrson. H, I-IL sf a F. 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Messenger Things we could do wifhouf . . . fhe faculfy. THE STUDENTS. Doing away wifh fhe faculfy could hardly be accomplished, however, if any knowledge were fo be gained, and fhal' is fhe main reason for affending school . . . fhaf is, if is fo me. Nearer in asso- ciafion fo fhe sfudenf fhan anyone else, save fhe sfudenf's high school friends, are fhe members of fhe faculfy. On fheir abilify fo mold minds successfully hang fhe fufures of many youfhs. lmparfing lcnowledge is only half of an insfrucfor's life. The ofher is spenf in being a pupil, and enjoying a brief vaca- fion. Advanced worlc is sfill in progress in many cases. "Experience is fhe besf feacherf' fhe saying goes, buf ifs firsf cousin is fravel. Trips will feafure fhe vacafion of a number of fhe faculfy. Row I: Clarlc Brown. manual arfs: Caroline Liebbe. commercial: Eula Downer, mafhemafics, dean of girls: Marie Rufh- enberg, sc-crelary: Arfhur Johnson, assisfanf principal, social science: Margaref Kemble, language: Louise Gaelrle, manual arfs: Dollie Dulgar, scienfe: Clifford Thomas, music. Row 2: Genevieve McCandIess, English: Mildred Slif- len, home econafwicr: Charles Shock, English, social science, music: Marinus Jensen, mafhemafics: Edson Affleson, speech: Esfelle Heezen, language: Dorofhy Tyler, commercia E. A, Lichly, social science, mafhemafics: Lawrence Hillyard, manual aris. Row 3: Marfha Gvoad, social sci nc Emma Howe, English: Roberf Marlc, English: Elizabefh Smifh, mafhemafics: Paul Turner, coach, social science: Ryan, language: Henry Holfzer, science: Louisa Jeri- cho, social science: Geneva Grace. science. Row 4: C I be, science: Franlc Howe, commercial, dean of boys: Roberf Kinnan, coach, social science' Harold Weber, c e ial: Lorraine Johnsfon, librarian: June Lingo, English: VI ll' ' I... I"..I'.L. I' II II ' ' ' "cies, Smifh-Hughes. T X! ,..- f! jk., H .L yi Faculfy T li :f .u 22 fl. Candid Camera Calches Cram-agenfs. I mi I I The guesflon fo which fhe answer ns fo Five years ago 'rhe sfudenf body losf as nfs prnncnpal one of fhe mosf friendly men If had ever known l-l Van l-lef fvnga The ease wnfh whxch he sfruclc up acguarnfances and formed frlendshnps made him a marked man Today M l-l S again buds hlm farewell fhns lme losing a supernnfendenf wlfh fhe same en fhusuasfuc personalufy Au revonr and good luck lvlr Van l99l be found In fhe school board membership Whaf as one of fhe mosf fhanlcless 'obs ln fhe cufy7 Yef fhere are fhese men In lvluscaflne who are wsllung fo sub Iecf fhemselves fo some of fhe mosf se vere crufucusm un order fo perform some good for fhe public educafuonal sysfem The elecluon fhus year fermunafed an choice offhree newmembers Ray Dunlcer manager of local Wesferr Union presenf presudenf of fhe board Julran l-laver camp drugglsf and Augusf Alfenbernd confracfor Along wrfh fhese rs Glenn Barnard leweler who was named fo full fhe vacancy leff by Carl Gunzenhauser freasurer For fhe lasf I6 years fhe rec ord lceeplng secrefary has been l-felen Ahlschlager Charles Kern has been fhe fruanf offrcer for fhe lasf 26 years pGl School Board is: " ' . ' : . Above-Row l: Raymond Randlornan, Rollle Scholfen, Ed Asfhaller, Charles Kern, Ray Dunlcer. Row 2: Augusf Alfenbernd, Harold Law- rence, Julian l-lavercarn , cnn Barnard, Helen Ahlschlager. ln Muscafine business houses and offices . .. x N IL 1 I 1 '31 131 x N x KX QQQ I mu S3 00 O I'I IIE IXC'IIIX'I'I'Y 'I'ICIkII'I' 'IUI I 1. C I I. - X111 I'.1VI:fPLIfwzm .zmi ,IIIIIIINXIWII t.+ Nun T-IwIImx':r1.4 in r3x913w,1r1If I-Lzmiiwrmv flu-:c5L1I.1:'Iy NEIL-IfL1Ip'Q ITFI,-III khzmtwts, TIIIIIIIWLLII, I11!XI4L'IIvL1II, INZLIIQ, IIllN"II.III, gIxITx,11!lII TIIIIIIN. , I XIII LUIIYLNIS. VMI 'INXL'IIIIIIIL'. Hgh N,I11wI pI11yx I III up NLIINL VIptfI111 11+ Tm' XHQRII XLII"1I'.1!I. x-IMIII piwfy. IIIIN rikku Emlukh- :1II IM- L1XL1.1I zlhxirk' xILlI'IIIQ NIMIIII yum' ' wpt TEM XIIIILIAI 'ILlT'HI'.UI. 3 ' w I . . II.I'III 'II 'I I I IIN: 'I II . "- II.. 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' s' ...lo ' -' Sex- . f B J. .. ..-L L L . l 5... D 1 - . -b - Auroran Index if 'W 1:02 , W K ' ' 1 , ff f 'z ' rw. FJ, "W R. M, 79 A Y . 47 N. M in H " Qlfi' 5, fx ' wi L.-mu' H7 , , M f -. .Y Y ci-M ww ' ' 'HH' 3 -'A' 3154. C-1'-fmwtf, , fv at- , GH 56 57 K-M fi " J Bev: 99 :F f 41 55 A7 S,-YA," p' H , ,, gb iw Saemol Q H- in in ,f : CH, 94 95 'f ,j,w:N.,n AV, .. 76 V C fzrif- 74 if! Y 79 , ,fm L KO WV Nw. V. 57 V! V, - 63 If fy 15", Vfrmi 3 79 7w ' 75 . . M JH exif",-1" L75 Q7 'fq' L-i9""Wji P42 r'V 'f 'W 4 I, 69 77 96 Q7 1V'A1.'V4, Owivfl 73 ,-- 43, X .I xv n , i-7 If is EQ fam X fx XNPQQ Xiu Q? XL N09 bil I JM 1 V llxjmw ff ' Q f J w 0, I J QX fxlljff ,pc X QQ!! X Lxlx A CSXQQL XS, X X E, UW f, 9 f W2 , X 1 Agyx. BQ H '- K ' Xi L J - " AJ N-A I ' " ' 'X x n z x, f X! "' 1 X W WWW I r A I 7 7 , X ,' f 'M A wx J' X if ix V " N, ' 1 N is 'W f- AJ,1,'?1 1 x Y X' ' V ' tis: :Q 135, V7 4' - "ff f X' W . '11 Y! n J ,Ai-Nr if K , f ---- , X . X 7 KK - ,, 'Y Qjq, xi ix fb.. M1 - , , C' 'X 7 1 I lx Q NSN Dy ,ii 4 I .Mrk ,, 6 6:31 ' X ' kj Q tw I ' 2 7' t I' X rx XO'-X, f' f V' 1 A fl-I f Xk ,W y X v I 'Xi f 'j -.K J .Xxx U f: u If - iv , E 'iUf1" L Q! 3 5 Ax I g . fr" 'IK N fi- J , ff f'. -X N' y.,9L,' ,5.4f4?7"W 4 Vx YA U , if A. f 1 f. N I fuk- x ,K - .iv 534 A, ' : A YA' b - U ' ff 1 , A H . 3 Ah 1 47 Q3 5, g ' A -J-f JP ' I ,- ', w ' X K ci 3 , X X "'QQ,'L, 0 X ,. 7 I ,f-3 1 MA X X! -I K -X x X If-If .' In X X X X xx.. NU-,4"' 74, .ff K I , X ,y. 3:1 6 y K A ' f f J X " I.- I lie, Lk 9-L N F, f bs X, XJ f" X G I 1 'Q C24 if A '--5-fi.. - Qf LQ VlX wg fv ffwx X, M fk lpfl J K Q U suv, fm QQ x VKK-fw C lf: a f ff QD ,jg W WN 1 XX I Y V , L g -f swf iT I Y 1 15 ,l.N! j X X My 4 , f M bg' Eff FW f - 51 M711 54?

Suggestions in the Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) collection:

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