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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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Gbn . 1!S s VI ■ ' ■-- ,.«► ¥ S|W " :v;V ;; -: " - ' ft» urn 6- fee • J ■ f3 -». «8f ' 5 H ti i i I f I ■ @ ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBBARV w 833 01234 3759 .-•■J SSs5l :-- | GENEALOGY 77.702 971MHS I1928 1 iP : SfSis Si 1 ...v. v. ' f ' " «fe 4»$ ' GSSBMSOfe 7 T 0 ( f zx- hfW 4 v 3 • fi£ frrvJ 6 " S yJi Qo u uM ' 3 $ •vV 1$ 4 Janet T. Grier Edilor-in-Chief Dorothy Callaway Business Manager ♦- ♦ Designed and Engraved by TRU-ARTS ENGRAVING COMPANY Cedar Rapids Printed and Bound by RF.CORD PRINTING COMPANY Muscatine Photography J. A. CHAMJSERUN Muscatine MUSCATINE The ' Pearl Qity ANNUAL AURORAN 1928 ■ ? g p g g , gp . p , a w a ? g a£Ur I AS AN APPRECIATION to our . mothers and fathers, who have made possible the completion of this step in our education, and who have encouraged, guided, and cared for us during the past creative years, we wish to dedicate this nineteen twenty-eight Annual Auroran. Wk£C P J P - y- FOREWORD ' THE FUTURE is constantly unfolding into the present, just as the present is ever revert- ing to the past. All too soon our high school life will glide into the land of memories. It is our desire that through this book this land of memories be one of sunshine rather than shadow. If, in the future, so full of opportunities and adventures, we realize the gratification of our ideals, let us remember the foundations of these ideals originated during the years we spent here. Therefore, we have attempted to record and portray such events and scenes as will afford the choicest memories of this past year. 3 ? P P gP gP gP ? $ CONTENTS SCENES ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS FORENSICS ATHLETICS STUDENT LIFE D P P P O gP .- ? £? £? i ' " . Ui - " S ' ■■ : - ' iiiiiwi ' iiifeiilil ' ' ' ' ' " " I ' |I " " PT ■- £MM0PW PF M SB )(Cf e»i « , - , c wfcJ ' Hfl S,?- St " " ' ' . A ' ra w wS fi " . ' - ■ . ' c - wBftj £ JjljJjiL . ii • ' r ' ■ ' • ' gw m ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION Charles C. Haoermann President Gustavus Allbee Vice-President Helen Ahlschlager Secretary L. C. How]-. Maynard L. Thompson A. R. Tipton P £P P ) gP PJ P J ..y ?r ? r1 E. A. Sparling , Superintendent of Schools B. S., Kirksville State Teachers College Iowa " U " Chicago " U " ? Z = 3 g ?.. ? ? ? Mrs. Harry Rininsland Music Grinnell College Northwestern University Charles Kern Truant Officer Miss Belle Connor Penmanship Palmer School of Penmanship Mrs. MTXTBarr Continuation School Director l p p p p gp p p f a ? £L± F. J. Howe Principal M. I ' eil., Greer Armour Institute Leo D. NicoLAfs Assistant Principal li. S., Iowa " U " Mrs. Marie Ruthenberg High School Secretary Mary B. Ryan Adviser of Girls II. A., fowa " U " D P P Z A Helen Jenista IS. A., Iowa " U " Head of Social Science Department Emma Howe «■ i State Teachers College University of Iowa Commercial Carl Liebbe )!. A., Carthage College Science Eula M. Downer i li. A., Cornell College Mathematics Mrs. Sarah Huftalen. M. A., Iowa " U " Norma Training Critic William N. Atkinson . IS. A., Iowa Wesleyan College Science, Mathematics DoLLIE DULGAR 15. A., Iowa " U " Science H. Margaret Kembi.e li. A., Iowa Wesleyan Latin P P gP PJ ? P P, Z Mary Gladys Thompson ' ]!. A., Giiiincll College Latin, Public Speaking Lelia Linter 15. A., [owa " U " Home Economics George R. Kloos H. S., Iowa " U " Physical Training Coach of Football and Basketball Lindi.ey B. Hoopes - R. S., Iow:l State Head of Science Departmen t Smith-Hughes A gricul litre F.STELLA HEEZEN ' 1!. A., Iowa " U " English Edna Hinrichsen 11. A., Iowa State Teachers Colic English Geneva Grace I!. A., Iowa " V " Science Marie Hahn I ' ,. A., Oberlin College History 3 P Z P P J f? X J Caroline F.. Liebbe " " Martha Daeschner Iowa " U " Peru State Normal School, Peru, Cedar Rapids Commercial College Nebr. Commercial B. A., North Central College, ■ Naperville, Illinois English Mrs. Gladys Bailey 11. A., Iowa " V " Mathematics Fred Messenger 11. A., Iowa Wesleyan Social Science Ada Chalmers Chicago Normal School of Physical Training Physical Training Mrs. Dorothy Carlton H. A., Iowa " U " Commercial Flla B. Obermeier B. A., Iowa " U " English Elizabeth Smith Ph. I!., Penn College Mathematics P O g gg.JW P ? mz ? gp Rachel Lucille Harned Simpson College Home Economics . Ralph T. Othmer Iowa State College Stout Institute Washington Technical School Head of Manual Arts Department Florence Hahn 13. S., Iowa State College Home Economics Genevieve McCandless 1!. A., Nebraska " U " English Leo E. Schmitz Stout Institute Manual A r s Walter Brown ' li. S., Iowa State College Smith-Hughes Commercial D P P P P P P..t r? P -i P CLASSES SENIOR CLASS SONG There ' s a school that shall live on forever, As the years fade away in the gloam. Yet its mem ' ries grow dearer and fairer, As away from its class-room we roam. No poem could be more inspiring Than the sight of that stately old school ; Just a spot in my heart that ' s undying That Muscatine High that is mine. Tho ' we must say goodbye, a lingering adieu, To your pleasures and spirit, too, Musky High we all love you; Just a song from the hearts of the class of ' 28, No other class so large is known. ' Till we come back to you — old school — to you, We ' ll dream of your friendships good and true, But now it ' s farewell; God bless you and keep you safe Until we meet again. CLASS MOTTO " Operate and co-operate " CLASS COLORS Rainbow CLASS FLOWER Sweet Pea Valedictorian — Ivan Starke Salutatorian — Harold Timm ) CZ 2 ?..S«gy Z 3 ? f rl RAY TUCKER XCM . " Ramie " Jackson Language Class Pics. (1, 3, 4) Interclass Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Interclass Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Basket- ball (2, 3, 4) Aeolian (2, 3) Lc Cercle Francais (3, 4) Auroran Staff (4) Hi-V (4) Letter Club (4) Athletic Ass ' n (4) Musky l ' ep Machine (2) " One accomplished hi many things, including the art fij bluffing. " SMIfsRH Lb n| Hr . ' - : V, V; . " ' ■ Hr flFTraifi aft ff M MPfe ®! IVAN STARKE " he " Washington Language Class Treas. (3, 4) J. C. C. (4) Athletic Ass ' n (I, 2, 3, 4) Bus. Manager (4) Ass ' t (3) Honor Society (4) Letter Club (4) Track (3) Del. to Rotary Club (4) " tie lias a strength and honesty that shores the man. " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ray Tucker President Julia Spickler . . Vice-President Ferris Warman Secretary Ivan Starke Treasurer JULIA SPICKLER " Julie " Rural Language Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) Curia Regia (2, 3, 4) Sec. (2) Chorus (1, 2) Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Aeolian (3, 4) ]. C. C. (4) Honor Society (4) Oratory (4) Debate (4) Class Vicc-PlCS. (4) Senior Class Play " .-1 brilliant mind, A manner hind. " FERRIS WARMAN JLoeU- " Betty " Rural Language Girls ' Chorus (I, 2) Musky Pep Machine (2) Girl Reserves (1) Curia Regia (2) Aeolian (3, 4) Dramatic Club (4) l.e Cercle Francais (4) Sec.-Treas. (4) Debate (4) Honor Society (+) " l v chief •virtue — a happy disposition. " ? Z P P gP PJ P .. ? ? ? P 5P 30° " ARNOLD BARTELT ' Amy " Franklin Commercial Basketball (3) Captain (4) Interclass Basket- ball (2, 3, 4) Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Hi-Y (3) Letter Club (3, 4) Del. Rotary Club (4) " He does not seek greatness, but has it thrust upon him. " DOROTHY CALLAWAY " Dot " Jackson Commercial Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Girl Reserves (1, 2) Auroran (4) Commercial Club (4) " Always smiling, she couldn ' t be sad. Happy-go-lucky, that ' s her fad. " BYRON BE1TF.L " By " Birmingham Commercial Dramatic Club (4) Hi-Y (3, 4) Sec. (4) Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Commercial Club (4) Treas. (4) Debate (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Forensic Letter Club (4) Extemp. Speak- ing (4) " Docs she really love me? 11 S HELEN F1GG Jackson Musky Pep Machin Pres. (4) Dramatic Club " Babe " Commercial (2) Aeolian (3, 4) (4) Commercial Club (4) Pres. (4) Home Economics Club (4) " Some think the world is made for fun and frolic — and so do . " CY PECK JL cju- xJL " Cy " Hyde Park General Basketball (2, 3) Track (2) Interclass Basket- ball (2) Aeolian (2, 3) Tennis (3, 4) Runner-up in Tennis (3) ' often tell myself there is more in me than people think. " BEATRICE VETTER a " Bea " Jackson A e CiX 3-CyC Language Orchestra (1, 2) Curia Regia (2) Musky Pep Machine (2) Aeolian (2, 3. 4) Pres. (4) Dramatic Club (3) J. C. C. (2, 3) Le Cerclc Francais (4) Auroran Staff (4) Girls ' De- clam. (4) Honor Society (4) Vice-Pres. (4) Junior Class Play (3) " She can speak French, dance, and act, She ' s clever and bright — that ' s a fact. " JOSEPH DAVIDSON n " Joe " Jefferson L A4VG 2o( Language " A great man is made up of qualities that meet and make great occasions. " JANET GRIER Rural Commercial J. C. C. (1, 3, 4) Civs Treas. (2) Aeolian (2, 3) Sec. (3) Musky Pep Machine (2) Girl Reserves (2) Junior Class Play (3) Dramatic Club (3) Dramatic Club Play (?) Lc Ccrde Francais (4) Editor in Chief of Auroran (4) Honor Society (4) " It ' s nice to he natural if you ' re naturally nice. " P P D P D .. CECIL BARTON " Cece " McKinley Commercial Musky Pep Machine (2) Hi-Y (3, 4) Or- chestra (1, 2, 3) " Happy am 1, from care Vm free. Why aren ' t thes all content like me? " A FLORENCE AXEL Franklin ' Commercial Commercial Club (4) U A disposition as sweet as her voice. " NED CONROW Manhattan, Kansas Agriculture " A nice, unparticiilar young man. " EVYLINE PAUL Lincoln Normal Training J. C. C. (4) Normal Training Club (3, 4) " A sweet, shy girl with roses in her heart. " " Jimmy " Commercial JAMES FIGG Jackson Hi-Y (2) Musky Pep Machine (2) Aeolian (3) Letter Club (2, 3, 4) Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Football (2, 3, 4) Track (3, 4) Base- ball (1, 2, 3, 4) Del. to Rotary Club (4) Interclass Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) " When basketball anil ill ties clash, I let my ditties go 7o smash. " PEARL GRAY Washington Commercial Glee Club (3, 4) L. II. F. (3, 4) Commercial Club (4) " Modes£ t simple, and sweet. The very type you want to meet " Q J OA HARRY HERR Lincoln fixc U i ' Ben " fyw jCtedkLiov Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Football (3) Letter Club (3, 4) Treas. (3) Basketball (1, 2, 3) Hi-Y (3, 4) " Strongest mhitls are often those of whom the noisy world hears least. " AVIS RABEDEAUX " SaraA " Jackson Commercial Dramatic Club (3, 4) L. H. F. (3, 4) Trcas. (4) Girl Reserves (4) Prcs. (4) Junior Class Play (3) Commercial Club (4) Girls ' Inter- class Basketball (1) " We think she was bom to be a good friend to everybody. " rfZr P r Pr- 3 ..? XZS P P SP WILLIAM BURTON " Bill " Rural . ' Science Swastika (2, 3, 4) Prcs. (3) J. C. C. (1) " Up in his studies and always alert. Be sure, he never takes time to flirt. IRENE CHRISTIANSEN " Pai Washington Conunercial Girls ' Glee Club (1) Girl Reserves (1) Bas- ketball (1, 2, 3) G. A. A (3, 4) Vice-Pres. (3) Swimming (3) Tennis (3) Musky Pep Machine (2) ' ' She ' s a eork that can ' t be kept under many minutes at a time. " A Sniith-Hughes MARTIN WEISS Zion Lutheran Aeolian (4) Vice-Pies. (4) Dramatic Club (3, 4) Auroran Staff (4) " Ag " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Prcs. (4) Hi-Y (4) Junior Class Play (3) Livestock and Grain Judging Team (3) Honor Society (4) " To be content, his natural desire. " MAXINE FIELfc " Tommy " Jefferson Language Auroran Staff (4) Le Cercle Francais (4) Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) Girl Reserves (1, 2) Swastika (1, 2, 3) Curia Regia (2, 3) " Her eyes are a song without words. " EDWIN DeCAMP Jackson Commercial " Men of f etc words are the best men. " V HELEN KING Lincoln Commercial Dramatic Club (4) Pies. (4) L. H. F. (3) Vice-Pres. (3) Commercial Club (4) Junior Class Play (3) Senior Class Play (4) Dra- matic Club Play (3) " She has a personality all her own. " y, CEDRIC FISCHER " Bit. Garfield Commercial Track (4) Football (4) Letter Club (4) Interclass Basketball (3, 4) " He has the gift of being eloquently silent. " GRACE SNYDER Washington Commercia Girls ' Glee Club (1, 2) Musky Pep Machine (2) " Cheerful, and happy, and friendly is sh P eO P P gP P ' Eel " Z ? ? ?. ? f 3 ) , LEROY FUNCK JU xudi " Orv " Washington Science Football (2, 3, 4) Track (2, 3, 4) Letter Club (3, 4) Auroran Staff (3) Ass ' t Editor (4) Delegate I. H. S. P. A. (3) Quill and Scroll (3, 4) Hi-V (4) Treasurer (4) " For he ' s a jolly good fellozc. " BERNICE EVERSMEYER " Bernie " Jackson Language L. H. F. (3) Dramatic Club (4) Le Cercle Francais (4) G. A. A. (4) Rep. to Girls ' Iowa Nine (4) Basketball (1, 2, 3) Junior Class Play (3) Honor Society (3, 4) Auroran (4) " Witty j clever, talented, And the best of scouts. " JAMES LANGE " Jim " Franklin Commercial Interclass Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Football (3, 4) Basketball (3, 4) Letter Club (3, 4) L. H. F. (2) " To zoork or not to work — that is the question. " LEOTA BOWLBY " Le " Zion Lutheran Normal Training Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) L. H. F. (3) Normal Training- Club (4) " It is now her intention To win her a pension By teaching in school so they say. " dhxa ii " WILLIAM WITTICH Columbus Junction Science Hi-V (3, 4) Swastika (3, 4) " There ' s a lot of fun in this world if a ■person onl knows where to find it. " BLANCHE DOAN Jackson Language Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) J. C. C. (3) L. H. F. (3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) Pres. (4) " A sweet face and a steed disposition is sufficient for anyone. " BYRON SWAIN Walcott, N. D. Normal Training " Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet. " dUyCje e a M JESSIE GODDARD Rural Normal Training Le Cercle Francais (3, 4) Swastika (3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) J. C. C. (4) Girl Reserves (2, 3) " There lies a great deal of deviltry beneath tftaf calm exterior. " WALTER HUNN " Wdllie " Jefferson Commercial Musky Pep Machine (2) L. H. F. (3) Dra- matic Club (3, 4) Declam. (4) Commercial Club (4) Junior Class Play (3) Forensic Letter Club (4) Senior Class Play (4) " loved once for three whole days. " HELEN SHIELDS Rural Commercial Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Sec. (3) Girl Reserves (i, 2) Sec. (3) Dramatic Club (3, 4) J. C. C. (4) Sec. (4) Junior Class Play (3) Com- mercial Club (4) Vice-Pres. (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) " Her manner is gentle, Her face fair to see, And sweet are her words As a woman ' s should he. " ALBERT DeCAMP jj " A! " Jackson dUU AosuK Science Football (4) Letter Club (4) Hi-Y (3, 4) Musky Pep Machine (2) " A. tire hut himself can be his parallel. " VHELEN BERG " Jack ' ' Franklin Commercial Dramatic Club (4) Swastika (2, 3, 4) Vice- Pres. (4) Commercial Club (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Orchestra (2, 3, 4) Girl Re- serves (3, 4) Vice-Pres. (4) " What I do not know does not bother me. " PAUL DUNCAN " Dune " Lincoln Commercial Football (4) Letter Club (4) Baseball (2, 3, 4) Track (3) " Someone will be lonesome no7t. " DOROTH Y SPICKLER Rural Commercial Girls ' Chorus (1) Le Cercle Francais (4) Aeolian (4) " Silence is one great art of conversation. " MAX DRUCKER " Menny " Jefferson Science Orchestra (1, 2) Hi-Y (1, 2, 3, 4) Sec. (4) Vice-Pres. (4) Track (1, 2, 3) Football (4) Basketball (3) Musky Pep Machine (2) Ath- letic Ass ' n (I, 2, 3, 4) Letter Club (4) Tennis (3, 4) Science Club (2) " A little of everything is my hobby. " DOROTHY KINDLER " Dot " Jackson NormalTraining Normal Training Club (3, 4) " She does things, and without much noise. " L P P P P 3 P P P ?. ? ? i P T? j P j, MARVIN UHR " WhiUy " Rural Commercial Aeolian (3) Hi-Y (4) " His hair is curly, His figure trim, •He ' s a real heart-breaker, Look out for him! " LOUISE JOHNSON " Irish " Davenport General Swastika (4) J. C. C. ( + ) " Life is short, so why not make the most of it? " ERWIN HOCKF. " Hook " Jackson Language Le Cercle Francais (I, 2) " Ag " Club (2, 3) Swastika (4) " When ignorance is bliss, ' Tis folly to he wise. " LAURA SCHULTZ Garfield Commercial Girls ' Chorus (2, 3) Girl Reserves (1) Aeolian (2, 3) Commercial Club (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) ' ' Quiet, zee admit, but she gets there just the same. " DONALD DAY " Don " Washington Science Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2, 3, 4) Hi-V (2, 3, 4) I ' res. (4) Basketball (3) Aeolian (3) Tennis (2, 3, 4) Baseball (1, 2) Musky Pep Machine (2) Ass ' t Adv. Manager Auroran (4) Science Club (2) " My hair is white, but not hum zeorrying. " VERMA MAXWELL Rural Commercial Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Commercial Club (4) Girls ' Chorus (1 ) " A good heart is zeorth gold. " roy Mcdowell Jk e M . " Mac " Franklin Commercial Intcrclass Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Basketball (3, 4) Letter Club (4) Ili-Y (4) Intel-class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) (( am not in the roll with common men. " •, WANDA SCHWANDKE " Swanda " [ackson Commercial Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Vice-Pros. (3) Dramatic Club (3, 4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Junior Class Play (3) Girl Reserves (1) Auroran Staff (4) Senior Class Play (4) " Of me you may write in the blackest ink I mean what I say, and I say what I think. " £ P D P . J P HERBERT WESTRATE " Herb " Washington Language Curia Regia (2) J. C. C. (3, 4) Class Sec. (3) Dramatic Club (3) Cheer Leader (3, 4) Adv. Manager Auroran (4) Ili-Y (4) Junior Class Play (3) Honor Society (4) Musky Pop Machine (2) Science Club (2, 3) Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2, 3, 4) Delegate to Grinnell (4) " All great men are dead, and I ' m not feeling well. " EDNA DAEDELOW " Eddie " Jackson Commercial Girl Reserves (1) Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) Swas- tika (2, 3, 4) Dramatic Club (4) Sec. (4) BERNARD EVERSMEYER " Beany " Jackson Language Le Cercle Francais (4) Vice-Pres. (4) L. II. F. (2) Treas. (2) Curia Regia (2) Hi-Y (4) Science Club (2) Glee Club (1, 2) Dramatic Club (3, 4) I ' res. (3) Junior Class Play (3) Dramatic Club Play (3) Athletic Ass ' n (2) Football (3, 4) Track (4) Tennis (3, 4) Letter Club (4) Auroran Stall (4) Auroran Rep. to Iowa City. Lincoln Essay Contest Winner. Senior Class Play. " A man among men is hc t Hut with women lie would rather he. " GENEVIEVE PHILLIPS " Geef Washington Language Curia Regia (2) Aeolian (3, 4) Vice-Pres. (3) Dramatic Club (3, 4) Vice-Pres. (4) Le Cercle Francais (3, 4) Pres. (4) Junior Class Play (3) Declam. Contest (2) Auroran Start (4) Hon... ' Society (4) Senior Class Play " Here is a fair maiden with a bright little smile, And a nice pleasant way that makes life worth while. " WILBUR DALE " Bill " Lincoln Commercial " No one zvottld suppose , hut I am naturally quid " LUCILLE SAWYER " Cile " Jackson Language Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) Girl Reserves (1) Curia Regia (2) Swastika (2, 3, 4) Junior Class Play (3) Dramatic Club (3, 4) Sec. (4) Le Cercle Francais (4) Honor Society (4) Senior Class Play " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " LEE SHIELD " Pike " University High Language " Still ' later runs deep. " LUCILLE HOEFFLIN Washington Commercial Swastika (2, 3) Le Cercle Francais (3) Glee Club (2, 3, 4) " silence is golden, she is indeed wealthy, — — ? = P P 3 P 3 y J .Z Z J P g ELMER HEUSSNER " Slim " Jackson Commercial Lc Cercle Francais (4) l ' rcs. (4) Dramatic Club (4) L. H. F. (4) Oratory (4) Debate (4)Extemp. (4) Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2, 3, 4) Honor Society (4) Forensic Letter Club (4) " A little foolishness now- and then, Is appreciated by the best of men. " LUCILLE McFADDEN ' Mac " Rural Language Curia Rcgia (2, 3, 4) Aeolian (4) G. A. A. (4) " Who said small packages didn ' t have superior values ' 11 LESLIE KYES Rural Commercial Hi-V (3, 4) " Everything will come out O. A . " RUTH CONKLING Lincoln Language Curia Regia (2) Aeolian (3, 4) Le Cercle Francais (4) Honor Society (4) " The greatest satisfaction in life is to do good work " WELDON FROEHNER Franklin Commercial Orchestra (2) Hi-Y (3, 4) Commercial Club (4) " Ah, Die I Fin sure my heart is affected! " LUCILLE MOZER Rural General Gill Rescues (2, ?, 4) " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, tind low, An excellent thing in a woman " HAROLD LF.MKAU Lincoln School " Lemy " Science Swastika (3, 4) Sec. ami ' Fleas. (4) J. C. C. (4) Le Cercle Francais (4) " The more I sludy, the more I discover my ignorance. " THELMA STEIN Hornell, New York Language fi Here is a maid without pretense t Blessed with reason and common sense. " ;? ? ? .. j ? HAROLD TIMM " Timmy " Zion Lutheran Smith-Hughes " Ag " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Sec. (2) Pies. (3) J. C. C. (3) Aeolian (3, 4) Dramatic Club (4) Hi-V (4) Honor Society (4) Pies. (4) Ass ' t Eili:or Auroran (4) Senior Class Play Salutatorian " dare do all that may become a man, Who dares do more is none. " THKLMA CROW Shotsie " nr.jjtvi.-i ckuw ., t,notu Jackson (ySl-cJi- X ai i Language Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Curia Regia (3, 4) Sic. (3) Pies. (4) L. H. F. (3) Sec. (3) J. C. C. (3) " Very clever and oh y so small, Bui she ' s a senior after all. " RALPH TOBORG " Toby " Washington Commercia 1 Orchestra (2, 4) Track (3) Football (3) Aeolian (4) Ili-V (4) " Quiet men at times are most surprising. 1 ' LUCILLE WITTICH St. Mathias Language Girls ' Chorus (2) Curia Regia (2) Girl Reserves (2, 3, 4) " Good nature is the most precious gift of heaven. " RAY ZEUG Ocheyedan, Iowa General " remember a mass of things Hut nothing distinctly. " ETHEL DRUCKER J) " Et " Jefferson U e - Xommercial Musky Pep Machine (2) Commercial Club (4) " Just as pleasant as she looks. " CHESTER TUTTLE " Chet " Washington Science Ili-V (2, 4) Junior Class Play (3) " Thou art a fellow of good respect. " BERNICE FRANZEN Rural Commercial Cirls ' Chorus (3) Aeolian (4) " She is a silent, efficient teoman. " S P P P P 3 gP J P P iJi SK2 S ? P P MELVIN METZGER " Mel " Lincoln Science Football (4) Basketball (4) Aeolian (2, 3, 4) Interclass Basketball (1, 2, 4) Letter Club (4) " He is speedy, he is clever, and though not so -eery tall. He ' s a champion -player of basketball. " l TWILA ANDERSON " Tillic " McKinley Language Curia Regia (2) Le Cercle Francais (4) Economics Club (4) J. C. C. (4) Girl Re- serves (1) Basketball (2, 3) Glee Club (1) Musky 1 ' ep Machine (2) Senior Class Play " am so happy ami free, Life is all a joke to me. " WILLIAM McINTYRE " Buck " McKinley Commercial Aeolian (3) Hi-Y (2, 3) Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2, 3) Interclass Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Interclass Baseball ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) Football (1, 2, 3, 4) Capt. (2) Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Capt. (2) Prcs. of Class (2) Letter Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Track (2, 3) Tennis (1, 2, 3) " The pride of his father, the hope of the town, and a jolly good fellow with never a frozen. " EDITH SI STOCKER " Eddie " McKinley Commercial " In fellowship Cecil can she laugh and chatter. " WELDEN McDANIEL. " Wellie " Franklin J2j c-e a OJtJL Language Glee Club (1, 2,) Track (3, 4) Interclass basketball (3) Letter Club (3, 4) Le Cercle Francais (4 ) " Describe him zeho can; A combination of all that is pleasant in man. " AUDREY LOCKWOOD " Bunny " Visalia, Calif. Normal Training Curia Regia (2) Normal Training (3, 4) Girl Reserves (4) " Of all the zcords of tongue or pen, Audrey likes the little teord l m-e-n. t " t HERBERT FREESE " Square " Franklin Commercial Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Football (1, 2, 3, 4) Letter Club (3, 4) Class Vice-Pres. (2) " Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. " LUCILLE ISAACSON " Lucy " Jefferson Commercial Interclass Basketball (1, 2, 3) Basketball (2) Musky Pep Machine (2) Commercial Club (4) Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2) Le Cercle Francais (2) Girl Reserves (I, 2) Girls ' Chorus (1) " Laugh every time you feel tickled, And giggle once in a while anyteay. " 7 rZ P p P p pj a P g . ?) ? P P KENNETH JONES " Kenny " Jefferson Commercial Irterclass Basketball (1, 2, }, 4) Interclass Baseball (1, 2, 3) Musky Pep Machine (3) " Everything comes to him who waits. " RUTH REESINK Rural " Rut iie " Commercial Swastika (2, 3, 4) Girl Reserves (3) Dra- matic Club (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Commercial Club (4) Sec. (4) " Quiet ttiiti joll — zthat a happy combination. " ALVIN JOHNSON q " Fat " Jackson cQjl£JL aJ K, Science Debate (4) Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) Science Club (2, 3) Extemp. (3, 4) Forensic Letter Club (4) " Never start an argument with htm. He ' ll be going strong when you are through . " " ESTHER PEARLMAN " Est " Jefferson Commercial Musky Pep Machine (2) Interclass Basketball fl, 2, 3) Girls ' Chorus (1) Girl Reserves (1) Commercial Club (4) Athletic Ass ' n (4) " She keeps her thoughts to herself. " HERMAN PRICE " Mike ' Rural Science " Ag " Club (2) " Speech is great, but silence is greater. " HELEN COOLEY Rural Co mmerciai " is the little duties well done that make up the heroism of life, not the one great deed. " ELTZF.R ri t, Mich. Comniercial SAM MELTZER Detroi Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Football (3, 4) Basket- ball (4) Interclass Basketball (3, 4) Track (4) Hi-Y (4) Letter Club (4) " Happy am I — it ' s time to rejoice, My opinions in ' class rooms no more will I voice. " GLADYS COX Rural Commercial Commercial Club (4) Girl Reserves (4) " There is a charm in her very quietness. " D P rCD , P P gP. i P P P. g? J ? g-P P , mmmm smmmmmmmmBmasm OR ' AL UMBANHOWAR " Orv " Jackson dU c mdL Commercial Swastika (2, 3, 4) Serg. at Arms (3) Treas. (3) Football (3) Track (3) Le Cercle Francais (4) " Maidens were his smallest care " DOROTHY HAGERMANN " Dot " Jefferson Language Girls ' Chorus (1) Musky Pep Machine (2) Curia Rcgia (2) Aeolian (4) Cirl Reserves (3, 4) " Dorothy is lively and gay, She expects to be a ' steno ' they say, And earn a high salary some day. " CLARENCE SCHMARJE " Smy " Garfield Commercial Aeolian (4) Commercial Cluh (4) Dramatic Club (4) Debate (4) " The worth of a man cannot be denied. " DOROTHY NYWEIDE " Dot " McKinley Language Glee Cub (1, 2, 3, 4) Sec. (2) Pies. (4) Le Cerc ' e Francais (3, 4) Scc.-Trcas. (4) Honor Society (4) Special Orchestra (3) Auroran Staff (4) " To obtain perfection it is not necessary to do singular things, but to command things singularly zoell. " LENZ LORBER " Lenex " Jefferson Science Hi-Y (4) Science Club (3) Pies. (3) Swas- tika (4) " will improve with age. Just nozo I am a beginner. " VIOLET SHEPARDd2ee s » KjL " n " Lincoln Normal Training Gills ' Chorus (1, 2, 3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) Bible Class (4) " A gentle mind by gentle deeds is shozen. " V FRANK TAYLOR " Hank " Garfield Commercial Hi -V ( ' , 4) Commercial Club (4) " Each mind has ' its ozen method. " FLORENCE SALTER " Flossie " Rural Normal Training Gill Reserves (I, 2) Girls ' Chorus (1, 2) Normal Training Club (3, 4) Swastika (3, 4) Honorary Glee Club (4) " Her smile is so gay, We ' ll miss her when she goes away " rp D P P P gP PJ p - ?. ?J ?r THOMAS ROGERS " Tommy ' Hillyard, Wash. Commercial Hi-Y ( + ) " Science is like virtue, Its own exceeding great reward. " VIOLA TIECKE " V? Wartburg Normal Commercial Academy Commercial Club {4 ) " A laugh is worth a hundred, groans in any market. " BERNARD SEAY " Bern ' Garfield General Football (3) " Blessings ever zcait on virtuous deeds " HELEN FISHER McKinley Commercial Girl Reserves (4) Le Cercle Francais (4) " Quiet but cheerful and good natured. " ALDEN ROBBINS Jackson iece 4 General 7dt££ o£ " He keeps his counsel anil rocs his tatty. ' LILLIAN BECKER " Lillums " Jefferson Commercial Girl Reserves (1) Commercial Club (4) Musky Pep Machine (2) Gills ' Chorus (1) " Were it not for an occasional joke I would die. " CLARENCE HEBARD " Hel " £ -s» ! -Commercial Jackson Auroran Staff (2, 3) Ass ' t Adv. Manager (2) Adv. Manager (3) Student Member of Ro- tary Club (4) Athletic Ass ' n (1, 2, 3, 4) Honor Society (4) Quill and Scroll (3, 4) Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) Dramatic Club (4) Debate (3, 41 Forensic Letter Club (4) Musky I ' cp Machine (2) Extemp. (3) Senior Class Play " On the other hand, Ladies and Gentlemen, we find — " " WILMA SCHWEITZER " Sis " St. Mathias Normal Training Orchestra (3) L. II. F. (3) Girl Reserves (3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) " A friendly heart with many friends. " P P P P ?.. ? ? ? MARTIN SCHOLTEN Jackson Language Orchestra (1, 3, 4) Special Orchestra (1, 3) Swastika (3, 4) Curia Regia (3, 4) ]. C. C. (4) Dramatic Club (3, 4) Debate ' (4) Forensic Letter Club (4) Honor Society (4) " A man of many lines. " MAY EASTERLA (jbuX X McKinley Normal Training Girls ' Chorus (2, 3, 4) Normal Training Club (3, 4) " A maiden never bold of spirit. " CARL SCHOMBERG " Chi " Jackson (QAsOZ-J- - - Language Orchestra (3, 4) Special Orchestra (4) L. II . F. (3, 4) Le Cercle Francais (3, 4) Dra- matic Club (3, 4) Hi-Y (4) Science Club (3) J. C. C. (4) " He puts all his troubles in the bottom of his hearty sits on the lid, and smiles. " MARJORIE BOWSER Jackson Language Curia Regia (2, 3, 4) Aeolian (4) Girl Re- serves (4) " Speech is silver, hut silence is golden. " WILLIAM HAVEMANN " Bill " Lutheran £i2-Cti- »-aii tommercial Football (3, 4) Track (3) Baseball (3, 4) Letter Club (4) " To In- or not to be, that is the question " ERMA CHAPMAN McKinley Commercial Swastika (2, 3) il Quiet ways bespeak a modest mind. " BYRON MASSEY " By " Franklin Commercial Swastika (4) " The great end of a reasonable education is to form a reasonable man. " DORA BARTENHAGEN " Dodo " Rural Normal Training Girls ' Chorus (1) Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) " My otcn thoughts are my companions. " rVfrr ? gp pj y .. y P - ? p 3? LESTER BILL " Bill " Rural Normal Training " Ag " Club (I, 2) Swastika (3) Normal Training Club (3, 4) " All things come around to him zoho will but wait. " ' - " ALICE MITCHELL Franklin Commercial Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Curia Regia (3, 4) 4iLa-- mntic Club (3, 4) Uja i iut i C l ub Play (3) " Laugh and the zoorld laughs with you. ' HENRY KRUEGER " Pete " Mil ford, Neb. Commercial Orchestra (4) " Quiet Mid unassuming. " GOLDIE BROWER " Gal " Jefferson Commercial " Just please listen to my advice — take nobody ' s. " " Dicky Science RICHARD MILLER Jackson Science Club (3) Sec. (3) Treas. (3) Swas- tika (2, 3, 4) f Anyone can talk, but it takes a genius to be listened to. " CLYDE WELLS Rock Island " Casey " Commercial ' ' Once caught studying, hut he almost lived dozen the disgrace. " EARL MILLS Language P P D tt- j CLASS PROPHECY Tzurla Anderson. interrupted by tin win sat next Donald Day, the famous criminal lawyer, approached the magnificent two million dollar theatre o ned by Herman Price. After gazing at the brilliantly lighted sign advertising Julia Spick ler ' s vaudeville circuit, he entered the theatre. He recognized the ticket seller as Dora Bartenhagen, his old classmate. After inquiring about the quality of the show, he was ushered to his seat by Maxine Field. It seemed almost mythical to meet so many friends at once. She told him that Louise Johnson and Marjorie Bowser were ushering in the tenth balcony. In a few minutes the electric sign announced Jimmic ' s Jazzy Jazz- Hounds. As the spot-light was flashed upon the orchestra, he recognized James Lange as the leader. Looking through his opera glasses, he saw Wilma Schweitzer playing the fiddle, Blanche Doan at the Baldwin, Richard Miller at the Caliaphone, Cecil Barton saxing his saxophone, Wei don Froehncr sliding the trombone, Frank Taylor pounding the drum, and Leslie Kycs stretching the accordion. The orchestra ceased playing, and on the screen were flashed the ads of the prominent mere li ants: Becker ' s Bran Biscuits, The Taste Tells the Tale Come to Tillie ' s Tea Tavern — ozc-ncd and operated by At this point Donald ' s reveries of school days were him. " By any chance, " she asked, " arc you Don Day r " " Yes. Why, you ' re Helen Figg ! " " Helen Hunn, " she corrected him. " Here ' s Walter. " Their attention returned to the screen. Mangold Monthly — put out six times daily by editor, Janet Grier Davidson " Isn ' t it simply scandalous the way Joe lives off Janet ' s income: ' The next ad read: F ' gg ' s Famous Fig Bars — Freshmen cry for ' cm " Did you know that Dorothy Callaway and Jimmie have married : Their attention was again drawn to the screen. Ride in Solid Comfort Taxis — F. Warman and B. Vctter i Inc. Noiseless Alarm Clocks — Detahr, Melvin Mctzger Eat and sleep at the Spitz Hotel, owned by Byron Swain. Famous Orval Umkanhowar Artistic Interior Decorating done b B ron Bc ' ttel " You know, he decorated Mr. and Mrs. (nee home, " said Walter. The next ad to attract their attention was : Chew Bartelt ' s Stickless Gum. " They say Wanda has helped make his fortune by licking the labels, " added Donald. Drive a Hispauusooeeza — Saves oil and water. Runs on Buttermilk. Manufactured by Max Drucker. Self -denouncing Dictionary compounded by C. Hebard, Webster ' s only rival . Publisher Be mice Franaen. Over-size, Over-loud Sweaters for Cheer Leaders, made by II. Wcstrate Wives! For undisturbed slumber put snoreless sleeping powder in your husband ' s coffee. Salesman Alden Robbius Love Gas assures everlasting slumber to those disappointed in love. Dealers Leroy Funck The footlights flashed on, and the well-known vaudeville troupe, Merry Using his opera glasses, Don saw several of his old M. H. S. classmates among the players. Thelma Crow and Herbert Freesc presented a clever strong man act and Grace Snyder and Cy Peck danced a minuet. Then Dorothy Hagermann sang the latest song hit, " Henry Made a Lady Out of Lizzie. " The following vaudeville act was presented by Goldie Brow er and Edith Stocker, who appeared on the stage dancing the latest clog. The next act was an indoor circus owned by Clyde Wells. Alvin Johnson was scarcely recognizable as Phe living skeleton. Playing opposite him was Edna Daedclow, the fattest woman on the earth. Ned Con row, champion sword sw allow er, performed blood-curdling acts, and Lucille McFadden was a great success in a tumbling exhibition. The curtain closed, and the title, " Advances in Science, " flashed on the screen. Miss Gladys Cox has recently discovered fir el ess matches. Two daring women, the Misses Avis Rabedeaux and A lie the very top of the South Pole. At last! Xo more broken arms or legs! A slipless banana anil Esther Pearliuau, by crossing a cactus and a banana. ' said Helen. " asked Helen. for its eatable eats — cooked by Helen Berg) Schomberg ' s new quadrillion-dollar Welden McDaniel, Midgets, appeared. climb tnwtng In Mitchell, have succeeded peel has been cultivated by Ethel Drucker D P S Z Z P ?.. r r . Columbus theory is disproved by Earl Mills, who walked around the edge of the earth. lie narrowly escaped the death of falling into space. The quick wit of his wife, Florence (Satter) saved him. The invention of non-spillable ink by William Wittich and Ralph Toborg has proved to be valuable to school teachers. Harry Herr, professor at Oxford U. t highly endorses it. Professor Clarence Schmarje, L. L. M. N. O., and his helper, Lee Shield, are the co-inventors of the process of making diamonds out of disabled ink bottles. Science has found a second Burbank in Ruth Coukling, who has cultivated red blue-bells. She is ably assisted in all her undertakings by her gardener, Edwin DeCainp. The next division of the program was a news reel, " Sees everything, knows nothing, " filmed by Sam Meltzer. NEW YORK CITY. Wilbur Dale, well known orator from Iowa, won an endurance test for public speakers by talking five days, twenty-six hours, sixty-three minutes, and sixty-two seconds. He was timed by Florence Axel, experienced time keeper. LEIPZIG, GERMANY. Dr. Bernard Eversm-eyer, famous for mending broken lady fingers, visited in Leipzig yesterday. Leota Bowl by is his co-tvorker in the hospital. HAMBURG, GERMANY. Convention of world-famous authors met here. The notables and their best sellers are: Irene Christiansen — My Plans for Leap Year; Lucille Isaacson — Creepy Stories for Bookzcorms; William Have man n — Why a Tire Gets Flat Only on the Bottom; Viola ' Tie eke — A Spinster ' s Outlook on Life; Berm ' ce Eversmcyer — Hozv Long is a Piece of String? NEW ERA, V. S. A. Thomas Rogers and Byron Alassey battled tor the heavy-weight champion- ship. They fought for twenty- five rounds, at the end of which they were both knocked out. The judges, Richard Baker and Roy McDowell, gave the decision of " Not Guilty. " WILTON, U. S. A. Terrible Train Wreck on the Wilton Plug Limited, the world ' s shortest rail- road, owned by Ray Tucker, wealthy railroad magnate. The accident was caused by the carelessness of the station agent, Albert DeCamp. Among those injured were: Erzvin Hocke, conductor; Helen Cooley, fireman; and Chester T tittle, president of the Anti-Balloon League. FRUITLAND, U. S. A. Big uprising among the natives over the distribution of the potato bug crop this year. Pearl Gray, Laura Schultz, Dorothy Kindler, and The! ma Stein, who joined the navy to see the world, and who are now stationed here, received medals of bravery for quelling the revolution. MUSCATINE, U. S. A. The largest high school on this earth and any other is now being built by the Lenz Lorber Construction Company. Elmer Heussner has ra ' tsvd himself above the level of common men by working on the scaffold of the new building. The next division of the show was entitled, " People in the Limelight. " Helen Shields is the first person to extract the square root of lemon extract. Kenneth Jones, now a famous criminal scientist, is studying cells at Perm College. Ruth Reesink is the founder of a home for cross-eyed cats and dogs. Bernard Seay has been appointed the new ambassador to the Shetland Islands. Harold T ' tmm won the World , s Championship Endurance Test when he typed for five days, after which he fell unconscious and had to be revived b Dr. Paul Duncan. Mr. Timm used Erma MaxzvelVs Mistakeless-Mile-a-Minute Typewriter. Martin Weiss and Mrs. Weiss (nee Geneviez-e Phillips ) are the newly elected senators from Iowa. Mr. Weiss, aided and abetted by his wife, was influential in passing the bill for the cultivation of Iowa ' s golden dandelions. Harold Lemkau and Henr Krueger are at last successful in finding the reason for Postum. Violet Shepard, Lucille Wittich, and May Easterla, three spinsters, are making a cross country hike, selling portable lockers for freshmen. William Mclntyre is the present coach of the I. W. W. (I Wonder Why) Society at Harvard. Ivan Starke, world ' s greatest financier, just bought the J. P. Morgan Company. Mr. Starke sailed yesterday for Europe on the battleship, Linoleum. The coming attraction was then flashed on the screen: Herman Price ' s High Priced Theatre Presents Coming Attraction : Lester BUI versus Evyline Paul in " Nezv York at Noon. " The comedy, " When Mothball Takes the Air, " was then presented. The cast included: Ma Moth- ball, Erma Chapman; Pa Mothball, Ray Zeug; Grandma Mothball, Dorothy Spickler; Little Mothball, Lucille Mozer. And at last came the feature of the evening. It was entitled Her Thirteenth Husband. " The cast contained: She — Dorothy Nyweide; He — Martin Scholten; It (the villain) — William Burton; The Other Woman — Jessie Goddard; The Other Man — Marvin Uhrj His Mother-m-Law — Lucille Sawyer; Her Mother-in-Law — Lucille Hoefflin; Little Sister — Helen King. As Donald settled back in his seat to view the famous production, he complimented himself on choosing a show in which he learned the destinies of so many of his old classmates. P Z P ) g3 ?J P P .- y ? P P £L SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the class of ' 28 of the Muscatine High School, being of sound and disposing minds and memories, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby expressly revoking any and all other testamentary dispositions by us, at any time heretofore made. We direct that all our just debts and the expenses of our last books be first paid by our underclassmen. We hereby bequeath the following: NAME WILL LEAVE TO WHOM Ray Tucker His class presidency Kenneth Bieber Gladys Cox Her " seriousness " Gene Aitken Harold Lcmkau The remains of his much-used history book Miss Jenista Lucille HoefHin Her friendship with Miss Heezen .Some future student Martin Scholten His blush Ralph Mills Lillian Becker Her " natural " rosy checks Fern Siegel Ray Zeug His bookkeeping- knowledge. . Charles Hagermann Pearl Gray Her vocal talent Earl Jones Twila Anderson Her long hair Gladys Reeves Thomas Rogers His enormous strength Jerry Hathaway Helen King Miss Thompson Future adherents William Wittich His ballroom dancing William McCloskey Herbert Freese His last name ' An Iceman Welden McDanicl His unassuming ways Clark Bauerbach Florence Sauer Her conscientiousness " Ed " Riemcke Cecil Barfon His chemistry ability John Haef ner Maxine Field Her eyes Anna Mac Sanders Lee Shield His school spirit Freshmen Helen Figg That " borrowed " J. C. C. pin Some future member Florence Axel Her quiet ways Phillip Kopp Bernard Seay His old books Fred Williams Marjorie Bowser Her Latin book Anyone who will have it Clarence Hebard His forensic interests Franklin Chandler Richard Miller His deep voice T. B. Holcomb Alden Robbins His chemistry knowledge Francis Stoker Byron Beitel ■ . , His ability to " locker-gossip " Clifford Harbaugh Dorothy Nyweide Her control of the " ivories " John Lemkau Avis Rabedeaux Her matronly ways Vema Holzhauer Lester Bill His height " Bob " Glasgow Lucille Sawyer Her trodden trail Her Brother Arno Bartelt [ ,„ „ , . • .• c . , „,,„,,, i Well what is there tor us to leaver. Wanda Scnwandkc j Alice Mitchell Her ability to characterize Dramatic Club Herman Price His old pencil stubs Kenneth Duncan Beatrice Vetter Her ability to wheel around a " Stude " Jack Asthalter William Mclntyre His mental ability Margaret Chambcrlin Dora Bartenhagen Her height _ Velma Storms Lenz Lorber Queenie Rolfe To some fortunate junior Ethel Druckcr Her raven locks Helen Hoag Herbert Westrate His " rahing " Franklin Chandler Ruth Conkling Her French Henry Black Burns ' Admirers Genevieve Phillips Her collection of class rings Beatrice Walker Paul Duncan Vivian Mercy of the teachers Alvin Johnson His gracefulness Flossie Christiansen Martin Weiss His corn trophy Next year ' s judge Edith Stockcr Her clog dancing Marian Schreurs Ned Conrow His old books . . . ., Waste paper basket Donald Day His Saturday bath ' .Lorraine Warner Leslie Kyes His broad smile Ruth Hartwig Thelma Crow Her musical talent Madeline Johnson Dorothy Kindlcr Her Ford Paul Figg Dorothy Spickler Her place in French club Ed Walter Harold Timm His agricultural success Bruce Chase William Burton His knowledge Dick Baker Bcrnicc Eversmcycr Her tumbling ability Betty Appcl Albert DcCamp His musical talent M. H. S. Orchestra Henry Kruegcr His restaurant knowledge M. H. S. Cafeteria a P P P . P gP P P P fP ' P . NAME WILL LEAVE TO WHOM . , „ ' . ' , ' ' r ■ ■ ■ .Their noon-hour booth at the Tip Top Some other hungry couple Joseph Davidson 1 r r s ; r Orval Umbanhowar His wad of gum Mildred Wigim Erma Chapman Her typing speed Scott Sample Lucille Isaacson Her out-of-town basketball sweethearts Bessie Becker Clarence Schmarje His classroom forwardness " Pete " Stirlen Viola Tiecke Her characteristic carriage Merwin Zeller Helen Cooley Her persistent ways Mary Welsh Marvin Uhr His college clothes Clarence Secrist Louise Johnson Her severe bob Marie Hahn Edna Daedelow Her study hall behavior Betty Brown Weldon Froehner His wit (?) Auroran Joke Box Wilma Schweitzer , Her frankness of opinion Juanita Lindee James Lange Beatrice Walker His " Kid " Brother Erma Maxwell • Her locker key Her Sister Violet Shepard Her patience Gladys Swain Earl Mills His side burns Leo Shaw Thelma Stein Her pleasing personality Teachers Carl Schomberg His permanent wave John Mueller Clyde Wells His rosy cheeks Susan Hempstead Blanche Doan Her timid modesty Harriet Shields Grace Snyder Her laugh Ernest Steinmeyer Edwin DeCamp His habit of not speaking until he is spoken to Adelbcrt Criger Sam Meltzer His pleasing personality Harold Sparling Bernice Franzen Her class conduct " Curly " Swisher Cedric Fischer His speed Orville Curtis Ferris Warman Her fondness for alumni Some future senior Elmer Heussner His Irish wit Delvan Vetter Frank Taylur His dark hair Florence Barry Walter Hunn His feminine ways Joe Butts Ruy McDowell His basketball position Johnny Barko Audrey Lockwood Her cosmetic box Lucille Boldt Byron Swain His dirty locker Janitor Erwin Hockc His Fords His one and only little Dorothy Melvin Metzger His baskeball career " Joe " Blakely Helen Fisher Her shorthand book Some unfortunate commercial student Esther Pearlman Her curly hair Katherine Gunzenhauser Ralph Toborg His dimples . . . . . Theron Schwertfeger Helen Shields Byron Massey Irene Christiansen. . James Figg Dorothy Hagermann Ivan Starke Chester Tuttle Helen Berg Dorothy Callaway Bernard Eversmeyer. William Havemann Kenneth Jones Lucille Mozcr Ruth Retsink Harry Herr Julia Spickler Her car Max Druckcr ■ ■ ■ His English grades Her beautiful complexion Dorothy Little His conservativeness Delorus Page Her slenderness Olive Wilcox His football ability Wayne Fryberger Her old books Poor cousin Chas. His business managership Leo Priester His profile Donald Allbee Her prima donna ways Agnes Paul The Auroran account books Leo Shaw A good Burlington address . . . Anyone who likes to write letters His football ability Merwin Albright Beulah Herbert Grigg . . Her extreme height Genevieve Talkington Her typing " Fat " Fairall His reckless driving Clinton Thomas Future " I lens " " Si " Rosenberg Leota Bowlby Her flapper ways Margaret Lillibridg Laura Schultz Arthur Shepard Catherin e Her tumbling ability Norma Garrett His bluffing ability His brother Leroy His journalistic ability J°hn Heidel His artistic ability Maxine Glasgow Her studiousness Virgil Weismiller Eugene Pappenheim Miriam Hoffman Lucille McFadden Cy Peck Leroy Funck Wilbur Dale Lucille Wittich Goldie B rower }h r eloquent speeches May Easterla Her lone skirts Jessie Goddard .... Her good grades Virgil Bowlby In Witness Whereof, wc set our hand and seal, this fifth day of June, 1928. Witnessed by: Alma Mater, Ann Uall, Emmy Chess. L P P P . gP PJ P P ?. P -J P P ggL. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY " Among Our Souvenirs " It was snowing and blowing outside, but Julia Spickler and Ferris Warman sat. comfortably beside the jircplace in Julia ' s home. " Do you know, Ferris, that it has been seven years since we graduated from Muscatine High School? I surely wish just thousands of times that I were back, struggling- and blurring my way again. " All this from Julia, who sat with a reminiscent look on her face. " Yes, " sighed Ferris, " we certainly had some wonderful times in dear old M. H. S. However, we didn ' t realize it then. Why, Julia, sometimes when I ' m home alone I get out my memory hook and look over all my souvenirs from my high school days, and the memories they bring back are worth a fortune to me. " " That has given me a bright idea ! I ' m going to get out my box of high school souvenirs, and we ' ll look through it. " Julia hurried away and soon returned with a large box, " chuck " full of ribbons, paper caps, clippings, pictures, and favors. " What ' s this: " Julia stooped and picked up a little piece of white paper. " Oh, yes, it ' s my schedule slip for the first day I was in high school. That was in 1 92+, w as n ' t it: Will you ever forget that miserable feeling of being so dumb and, at the same time, feeling quite grown up? And did I get into the wrong rooms that first day ; The blunders I made were positively dreadful ! " " Oh, dear, " laughed Ferris, " can you remember our first Slouch Day: Did you e er see so many crazy outfits in your life: Why, here ' s your fa or from the freshman party — our first high school party — how we worked to make the Old Woodman Hall look presentable for the big event. Remember the little play some of the girls gave, in which Twila slipped into profanity, and " Sis " Musser had to learn to talk with a corn-cob pipe in her mouth ? " " Ray Tucker was our class president that year, wasn ' t he : " " Yes, and Buck Mclntyrc was our sophomore president. " " Oh, look ! Ferris, this is my napkin from the first all-high school parly. Didn ' t w e have a good time at the Armory Hall that night: Say, wasn ' t it in our sophomore year that all the boys wore overalls to school and the girls put on aprons and hair ribbons: The high school looked like a country school. " " I know something else that happened during that year. We joined the literary societies — ' and what " cruel " initiations we were given ! See, here ' s my Aeolian pin. That seems to be-all of my souvenirs from my sophomore year, so let ' s go on to our junior year. Ray was president again, wasn ' t he: " " Oh, yes. I lere ' s your program from the Junior Class play, ' Miss Somebody Else ' — a roaring comedy well given. That was something new introduced into the school to make some money so the expenses for Junior-Senior Banquet wouldn ' t be so grca . It certainly helped out a lot. " " Oh, look! " Julia exclaimed. " These are the clippings from the newspapers telling about the State Basketball Champions. Will you ever forget what a wonderful basketball team we had that season : We were the Little Six champs that year, too. As long as I live I don ' t believe I ' ll ever forget all those thrilling games, and the final celebration. We had a parade in the afternoon and the big bonfire and the dance in the evening. " " Oh, Julia, here ' s your favor and dance program from the Junior-Senior Banquet in ' 27. How we worked to make the ' Circus ' a big success. I think everyone had a good time that night. Do you remember how lovely the dining room at the Elks ' Club looked with all the balloons, little tents, aid streamers of all colors: It did look like a big circus tent, didn ' t it : " " Now for our Senior Year. That was by far the best year of all, wasn ' t it ? What wonder 1 ul times we did have that year. The senior class of ' 2S was very congenial. Everyone seemed to be everyone else ' s friend. Wasn ' t that last week wonderful: It will hold its own in the heart and memory ' if every senior. " " The night of Baccalaureate all the seniors marched in, looking very solemn and w rt ery. Remember? " " I ' ll never forget that. And here ' s your program from the Junior-Senior of ' 23. The juniors certainly showed us a good time that night. " " Everyone seemed to have a good time at the senior picnic that year, too — and what good eats we had. " 11 Is this rose from your corsage : The one you w ore to the Alumni Dance : " ' ' W-s.. That ' s the one. " " Last of all came Commencement. How sad everyone looked that night. Our high school days were over and thoughts of the future prevailed in our minds. We were all setting sail upon the sea of career that night. " " That completes my collection of high school souvenirs. I wonder where all the seniors of the Class of ' 28 arc and w hat they are doing now, " mused Julia. THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class Play, " The Hoodoo " , was a three act tarce centering around the approaching marriage of Brighton Early to a young heiress, Amy Lee. Amusing complica- tions developed when Early ' s only relative, Professor Spiggot, came to the wedding party and gave as a present an old mummified beetle, which was said to have the power of bringing good to the owner, provided it was buried in the ground twenty-four hours before being worn. Brighton disregarded the instructions, and the disfavor of the great god, Osiris, fell on the members of the household. More trouble was forthcoming when Dodo, an actress and an old " flame " ot Early ' s, showed up and threatened to expose him if he did not give her thirty thousand dollars. To top all this, a burglar appeared and had the entire house- hold in a commotion. The amusing situations, coupled with an air of mystery, tended to make " The Hoodoo " an excellent comedy and a laugh provoker. ♦o« " THE HOODOO " Brighton Early Bernard Evcrsmeyer Billy Jackson Walter Hunn Professor Solomon Spiggot Clarence Hebard Hcmachus Spiggot ■ Martin Weiss Mr. Malachi Meek Harold Timm Mr. Dun Byron Beitel Miss Amy Lee Helen King Gwendolyn Perrington-Shine Helen Shields Mrs. Perrington-Shine .■ Bernice Evcrsmeyer Dodo DeGraft Beatrice Vetter Mrs. Ima Clinger Lucille Sawyer Angelina Julia Spickler Miss Doris Ruffles ' Wanda Schwandkc Mrs. Semiramis Spiggot Twila Anderson Eupepsia Helen Berg Miss Longnccker Ferris Warman Lulu Ruth Reesink Aunt Paradise Genevieve Phillips ? « g gf ?-ifP £P r P , . ? yifej 7 Z Z gD PJ J .-J . P P g) JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kenneth Bieber President Naomi Smith Vice-President Herschel Hintermeister Treasurer Marian Schreurs Secretary Edward Walter Sergeant-at-Amis COLORS Blue and Silver FLOWER White Rose MOTTO ' Not at the top, but c tf Prt P rfjg g - g .J JUNIORS Aitken, Genevieve Albright, Merwin Allbee, Kenneth Appel, Betty Ashton, Ruth Asthalter, Margaret Baker, Harriet Barton, Bernice Bieber, Kenneth Boice, Vivian Boiler, Raymond Boldt, Lucille Boston, Anna Marie Bowl by, Virgil Braun, Carl Brown, Elizabeth Bunn, William Chamberlin, Margaret Chase, Bruce Colman, Lorna Cornell, Lester Coyner, Mark Danner, Lura DeCamp, Doris DeCamp, Dorothea Dora, Florence Douglass, Olive Eger, Iris Eichenaucr, Virginia Fairall, Kenneth Fowler, Leona Freese, Leola Frybergcr, Wayne Gauler, Vernol Gertenbach, Grace Gertenbach, Ralph Godfrey, Virgil Green, Ruby Grigg, Herbert Hagermann, Charles Hartwig, Ruth Hathaway, Jerold Healey, Irene Heidcl, John Hempstead, Susan Hintermeister, Herschel Hoag, Helen Hoffman, Miriam Holzhauer, Zelma Honts, Dorothv Hopkins, Edith Huber, Marion Hulse, Verna Johnson, Madeline Johnson, Vivien K eller, Eunice King, Evelyn Griffin, Robert 7 ? Z P g) ? P P ? J g ? ? ? . A Kopp, Phillip Kretschmar, Alma Kretschmar, Margaret Lange, Everett Lindee, Juanita McCloskey, William McKee, Harry McKillip, Alice McTurk, Margaret Mark, Dorothy Martin, Olive Martin, Ruby Maxwell, Edith Mecrdink, Charles Metz, Melvin Miller, Carl Mueller, John Naber, Fonda O ' Dell, Lucv JUNIORS Powell, Eva Priester, Leo Reed, Grace Reed, Walter Reeves, Madeline Reichert, Delphine Rodgers, Thelma Roland, Irene Rosenberg, Simon Sample, Scott Schauland, Helen Schoenig, Lillian Schreurs, Marian Schrodt, Ivan Schwartz, Earl Schwertfcger, Thcron Secrist, Clarence Selman, Lila Sharer, Eloise Shepard, Arthur Shepard, fames Shields, Harriet Smith, Harold Smith, Naomi Swain, Gladys Swisher, Merle Talkington, Genevieve Tobias, Flora Vetter, Delvan Walter, Edward Warm an, Eugene Watson, Vivian Weis, Francis Weismiller, Virgil Wilcox, Olive Young, Alvin Zeller, Mclva Zeller, Mcrwin P P P. ? ? P ? ?. ? ? ? g- AsthaltJer, Mildred Asthalrcr, Robert Axel, Bernice Baker, Betty Barry, Florence Bartenhagen, Iva Bates, Kenneth Baucrbach, Clark Bender, Amelia Biebcr, Bernice Bill, Forrest Blakely, Josephine Bohling, Margaret Borchardt, Charlotte Busch, Harry Carlson, Paid Chapman, Juanita Chastccn, Beulah Christiansen, Flossie Clapper, Neva Cochran, Frances Conley, Imogcnc Connor, Howard Coon, F.sther SOPHOMORES Cox, Vera Cfesswell, Mildred Crosslcy, John Crew, Ruth Daut, Lois Davison, Burnell Demorest, Ruth DeVore, Ivan Doering, Florence Duncan, Kenneth Dunker, Harvey Eustler, Bernice F.wing, fane Fairall, Glen Fitzgerald, John Frye, Lillian Glasgow, Maxinc Grau, Esther Grossklaus, Walter Gunzenhauscr, Katherine Halliday, Josephine Hankins, Leon I larper, Neva Havemann, Louise Hendriks, Gertrude Hcussncr, Mildred H ighbarger, Elizabeth Holzhauer, Verna Honts, Edna Houvcnagle, Villa Hufford, Chester Humpblebv, Rev Hunt, Melvin Hyink, Donald Jenkins, Alice Johnston, Lorraine Johnston, William Jones, Lester Justice, Loretta Kammercr, John Kammcrer, Maybelle Karr, Carra Kemper, Dorothy King, lona Korschott, Rosabel le Krueger, Marie Legler, Morris 3 .tff£?, H? f1 - P . gPj P P SOPHOMORES Lillibridge, Margaret Lindsey, Maxine Lotspeich, Ruth McElroy, Minnie McGinnis, Bernadine McKone, Beatrice Miller, Ethel Mills, Ralph Montgomery, Doris Moore, William Nyenhuis, Blanche Orwitz, David Othmer, Melvin Pace, Hazel Petersen, Paul Phillips, Gwendolyn Predmore, Rita Redman, Frances Reed, Margaret Reesink, Jennie Rehbehn, Florence Rensink, Constance Rcnsink, Paul Richards, Margaret Rolfe, Qucenie Rosenthal, Charlotte Runyon, Alva Sattcrthwaitc, Walter Sauer, Harriet Sauer; Hazel Schcnkle, Hallie Schmarje, Hilda, Schmer, Velma Schmidt, Donald Settlemire, Naomi Shaw, Leo Shoppa, Raymond Silberhorn, Edward Sissell, Forest Sissell, Gladys Smalley, William Smith, Elouise Snider, Mildred Snyder, Van Burton Steinmeyer, Ernest Stelzner, Nina Stuart, Ronald Stirlen, Harold Strohm, Frances Stroh, Fred Strouse, Twila Sweet, Helen TeStrake, Helen Tctzloff, Arthur Thomas, Clinton Thomas, Velma Ticdemann, ' iolet Townsley, Elizabeth ' Wander Plceg, Flovd Vanatta, Clifford VanZyle, Fred Viner, Violet Walker, Beatrice Wedekind, Marie Welch, Mary Werner, Dorothy Wigim, Mildred Williams, fane Zeidler, Miriam Zeug, Marjorie l P fi t r k C tl t t r FRESHMEN Adams, Virgil Allbee, Cecil Allbee, Donald Allen, Leslie Altekru e, Irma Anson, Georgia Axel, Charles Axel, Harold Baker, Clarence Barnard, Fenton Bauer, Robert Becker, Bessie Beitel, Dorothy Beliel, Frank Bender, Alexander Bill. Russell Boice, Sherwood Boone, Clifford Borgstadt, Millar Brayton. Lemvood Brill, Frieda Brown, Donald Brown, Gertrude Bowlby, Genevieve Buchele, Davis Hut ts, Joe Carpenter, Hazel Carter, Raymond Corwin, Donald Corwin, Marjorie Cowitzell, Earl Criger, Gladys Cubbage, Herman Curtis, Doris Curtis, Orville Dale, Elaine Dallas, Janet Danner, Wilma Davison, Curtis DeCanip, Ruth Deems, Margaret DeMean, Dorothy I bttinan, Ralph 1 tollman, Bernice Dollman, Edna Downey, Ruby Durst, Margaret Dutro, Inez Eger, Muriel Elliott, Dorothy Elliott, John Elliott, Lucille Emlet, Ida Etter, Ruth Eabrizius, George Eaulhaber, Melva Eigg, Paul Fisher, Wilbur Fislier, Lorraine Eunck, Jean Gains, Carson Galpin, Martha Gamble, Donald Games, John Garrett, Muriel Garrett, Norma Glasgow, Robert (ioddard, Dorothy Graham, Grant Gray, Jean Greiner, Mary Gremmel, Norma Griesenbrock, Milton Griffith, Marguerite Grosjean, George Haefuer, John Henry Harm, Bernard Hahn, Edward Main, Caroline Hampton, Margaret Hartman, Bert Hase, Emily Hathaway, Minnie Henick, James Herman, Glen Higgerson, Everett Hilton, Ford Holeomh, Benton Houseman, Robert Hoyt, Gerald Hudson, Harold Huber, Lloyd Hume, Zella Jefferson, Clifton Jenkins, Kathryn Jenkins, Myrtle Johnson, Phyllis Jones, Alice Jones, Earl Jones, Ruth Kaufman, Lucille Kemper, Walter Kent, L T na Kindler, Margaret King, William Klahn, Ruby Klahn, Verona Klebe, Sophia Kleist, Viola Knouse, Leslie Knox, Dorothy Koepping, Roy Krell, Richard Kuehl, Frederick Lamprecht, Wilma P SP P P gP PJ 3 . ? -p P P FRESHMEN Lange, Henry LaTourrette, Ruth Adele Lawrence, Charles Legler, Marjorie Leu, Harold Liebbe, Robert Lindley, Ellsworth Little, Dorothy Litz, Naomi Lutz, Verdetta Lydy, Bernice McCarty, Margaret McElroy, Isabel McElroy, Robert McFadon, Ira McGrew, Harry Mahair, Frances Mardock, Norma Mark, Sherwood Martin, Marvin Martin, William Marzolph, Frances Meeker, Geraldine Mentink, Mabel Mentink, Mildred Miller, Hilda Miller, Raymond Mills, Laura Moore, Robert Mucha, Isabel Naber, Genevieve Nash, Florence Nelson, Elsie Neubauer, Myrna Neubauer, Sylvia Nussbaum, Clifton Nyenhuis, Florence Nyweide, Charles Nyweide, Helen O ' Dell, Wilma Orren, Howard Orwitz, Bernard Overton, Lennah Pappenhehn, Eugene Paid, Agnes Penrose, Louvae Pressler, Richard Rabedeaux, Gertrude Rausch, Margaret Reinsager, Mary Jane Reynolds, Ruby Rienicke, Edward Robison, William Roland, Naomi Ross, Ernest Russell, Jean Sample, Katherine Saxton, Rollie Sawyer, Wilfred Schaefer, Florence Schmidt, Marie Schoemaker, Kenneth Schoemaker, Russell Schroeder, Frederick Schroeder, Lowell Schultz, William Seidler, Ida May Sharer, Benjamin Shepard, Helen Shields, Ellis Siegel, Fern Smalley, Shepard Smit, Grace Smith, Doris Solomon, Nicholas Sparling, Harold Spickler, Charlotte Spring, Marjorie Stamler, Fred Stewart, Dorothy Stohr, Robert Storey, Bennett Storm, Velma Stump, Weldon Sywassink, Harry Talkington, Eva Taylor, Ina Taylor, Ruth Terry, Thelma TeStrake, Doris Timm, Albert Toyne, Ralph Trout, Chester t ' mlandt. Bernice Wakeland, Bernice Walker, Marjorie Warner, Lorraine Weber, Harold Wendlandt, Erma Wilhite, Kenton Williams, Frances Wilson, Dale Wilson, Dorothy Wilson, Gerald Wilson, Lysle Wishart, Verna Wood worth, Chester Wyman, Charlotte Zirkle, Lillius P P P gp P ) P a P. xy ? , P P j P M MID-YEAR FRESHMEN Asthalter, [ack Baker, Rue Barko, John Blaesing, Marvin Brawner, Velda Brown, Virginia Callaway, Gertrude Ghamberlin, Marian Chapman, Verla Cochran, Juanita Conner, Donald Davidson, Alice DeCamp, Iva Dollman, Albert Dutro, Lawrence Elliot, Lilah Kibble, Vivian Figg, Harold Fletcher, Robert Frecrs, Edward Frecse, Albert Froehner, Kenneth Gains, Jean Gravvatt, Bcrnice Halbfass, Lowell Hanson, Robert Harbaugh, Clifford Hinkley, Vernon Hintermcister, Maynard Horst, Melvin Humphries, Chester Husen, Flora Janes, Forrest fohnson, Betty Jones, Ear] Klatt, Adolph Kautz, Harold Klein, Clifford Lambert, Shirley Lee, Edward Lee, Maxwell Lorber, Herbert McKee, Lee Mathes, Roberta Mills, Frank Minder, Erma Minder, Gene Moomey, Ernest Ogilvie, Frank Page, Delorus Pearlman, Sam Peck, Lcroy Redman, Louise Reed, Margaret Ryan, Glenroy Sander, Anna Mae Schmidt, Orville Schmidt, Robert Schoemaker, Ruth Schultz, Catherine Schwalm, Ruth Schenck, Christian Snavely, Kenneth Snyder, Alice Snyder, Alton Springborn, Dorothy Sywassink, Bessie Temple, Pearl L ' plcy, Raymond Vanatta, David Vanderhorn, John Vctter, Andrew Williams, Fred Worst, Clifford Wright, Fred Zimmerman, Lucille ? Z P . P- gP PJ P P p J. p p p p ORGANIZATIONS HONOR SOCIETY Fame lies not alone in doing deeds. Membership in the National Honor Society, of which the Honor Society of M. H. S. is a chapter, is the nation-wide recognition of such high school students as have shown themselves worthy in character, service, leadership, and scholarship. Such an analysis marks the student with a future. The following are the pres- ent representatives of the M. H. S. Chapter: President Harold Timm Vice-President Beatrice Vetter Secretary Genevieve Aitken Bernice Eversmeyer Dorothy Nyweide Genevieve Phillips Herbert Westrate Clarence Hebard Harold Timm Ivan Starke Martin Scholten MEMBERS Janet Grier Beatrice Vetter Julia Spickler Ferris Warman Lucille Sawyer Elmer Heussner Martin Weiss Ruth Conkling Genevieve Aitken Ruth Ash ton Margaret Chamberlin Margaret McTurk Margaret Asthalter Bruce Chase Betty Appel John Heidel £n?P y fl 3 i P P P.. = P P P . JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICERS President John Heidel Vice-President Twila Anderson Secretary Helen Shields Treasurer Leo Priester Senior Class Twila Anderson Herbert Westrate Dramatic Club Kenneth Bieber Helen Shields Auroran Staff Janet Grier John Heidel Orchestra Carl Schomberg Virginia Eichenauer MEMBERS Junior Class Genevieve Aitken Leo Priester Normal Training Clitb F.vvline Paul Jessie Goddard Agriculture Club Herschel Hintermeister James Shepard Girls ' Glee Club Margaret Chamberlin Vivien Johnson Aeolian Julia Spickler Ivan Starke L. H. F. Lester Corriell Alma Kretschmar SWASTI KA Louise Johnson Harold Lemkau Curia Regia Dorothy Werner Martin Scholten ? 2 P g ?J P P p g ..iu g P r? P g , AEOLIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Semester President Beatrice Vetter Vice-President Genevieve Phillips Helen Figg Secretary Genevieve Aitken Treasurer Harry Herr Sergeant-at-Arnis Melvin Metzger MEMBERS Helen Figg Bernice Franzen Esther Grau Dorothy Hagermann John Heidel Harry Herr Helen Hoag Phillip Kopp Dorothy Mark Melvin Metzger Lucille McFadden Clarence Schmarje Marian Schreurs Wanda Schwandke Genevieve Aitken Betty Appel Margaret Asthalter Harriet Baker Byron Beitel Anna Marie Boston Marjorie Bowser Carl Braun William Bunn Dorothy Callaway Flossie Christiansen Ruth Conkling Olive Douglass Glen Fairall Second Semester Helen Figg Martin Weiss Olive Douglass Phillip Kopp Theron Schwertfeger Theron Schwertfeger Naomi Smith Dorothy Spickler Julia Spickler Ivan Starke Ralph TcStrake Harold Timm Beatrice Vetter Ferris Warman Martin Weiss Ralph Toborg Marjorie Zeug Helen Shields D .tf «gHP figP P g.r p P « ?, r P -r L. H. F. LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Harry McKee Herschel Hintermeister Vice-President Olive Wilcox Alma Kretschmar Secretary Doris DeCamp Olive Martin Treasurer Avis Rabedeaux Melva Zeller Sergeant-at-Am s . Jerold Hathaway James Shepard — »-o-»— MEMBERS Florence Barry Jero]d Hathaway Delphinc Reichert Bernice Bieber Herschel Hintermeister Helen Schauland Josephine Blakely Verna Holzhauer James Shepard Raymond Boiler Alice Jenkins Nina Stelzner Flizabeth Brown Evelyn King Flora Tobias Frances Cochran Helen King Edward Walter Lester Corriell Alma Kretschmar Mildred Wigim Doris DeCamp Olive Martin Olive Wilcox Dorothea DeCamp Harry McKee Melva Zeller Virginia Eichenauer Lucy O ' Dell Kenneth Bieber John Fitzgerald Avis Rabedeaux Eva Powell Pearl Grav P dP P gP gP P ? P SWASTIKA LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Leland Baker Edward Mills Vice-President Helen Berg Ruth Lotspeich Secretary-Treasurer Scott Sample Harold Lemkau Sergeant-at-Arms Francis Weis MEMBERS Mildred Asthalter Harold Lemkau Florence Sauer Bernice Barton Dorothy Kemper Harriet Sauer Helen Berg Lenz Lorber Hazel Sauer William Burton Ruth Lotspeich Lucille Sawyer Esther Coon Richard Miller Walter Satterthwaite Edna Daedelow Edward Mills Lillian Schcenig Ruth Demorest William Moore Martin Scholten Florence Dora Minnie McElroy Velma Schmer Lillian Frye Beatrice McKone Ivan Schrodt Grace Gertenbach Fauna Naber Harriet Shields Leon Hankins Hazel Pace Genevieve Talkington Neva Harper Ruth Reesink Vivian Watson Elizabeth Highbargcr Jennie Reesink Dorothy Werner F.rwin Hocke Thclma Rogers Francis Weis Miriam Hoffman Quecnic Rolfe Miriam Zeidler Dorothy Honts Scott Sample f P y P- CURIA REGIA OFFICERS First Semester President Betty Appel Vice-President Miriam Hoffman Secretary Josephine Blakely Treasurer Charles Meerdink Second Semester John Heidel Margaret Asthalter Elizabeth Highbarger Robert Asthalter Betty Appel Margaret Asthalter Mildred Asthalfer Robert Asthalter Bcrnicc Bieber Charlotte Borchardt Marjorie Bowser Frances Cochran F ' .sther Coon Orville Curtis Lois Daut Ruth Demorest Martha Galpin MEMBERS Esther Grau Walter Grossklaus Katherinc Gunzcnh; John Heidel Gertrude Hendriks Phyllis Johnson Lorraine Johnston William Johnston Lorreta Justice Rosabelle Korschott Wilma Lamprccht Lucille McFadden Florence Rehbehn Constance Rensink Margaret Richards Charlotte Rosenthal Alva Runyon Martin Scholtcn F.louisc Smith Julia Spickler Frances Stroh Helen Sweet Dorothy Werner Elizabeth Highbarger ? g P P g P- y r P i P Sg LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Genevieve Phillips Elmer Heussner Vice-President Bernard Eversmeyer Twila Anderson Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Nyweide Ferris Warman Twila Anderson Genevieve Aitkcn Ruth Ashton Margaret Chamberlin Ruth Conkling Bernard Eversmeyer Bernice Eversmeyer Helen Fisher MEMBERS Janet Gricr Ruth Hartwig Lucille HoefHin Elmer Heussner Harold Lemkau Welden McDaniel Dorothy Nyweide Genevieve Phillips Lucille Sawyer Marian Schreurs Dorothy Spicklcr Orval Umbanhowar Beatrice Vetter Eugene Warman Ferris Warman P D 3 J SJ J Q A. B. L. DRAMATIC CLUB — ♦ — OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Helen King Virgil Godfrey Vice-President Walter Hunn Marian Schreurs Secretary Lucille Sawyer Edna Daedelow Treasurer Vivien Johnson John Heidel —»- ♦ MEMBERS Betty Appel John Heidel Clarence Schmarj e Byron Beitel Elmer Heussncr Martin Scholten Helen Berg Helen Hoag Marian Sdireurs Kenneth Biebcr Miriam Hoffman Wanda Schwandkc Josephine Blakcly Walter Hunn Helen Shields Edna Daedelow Helen King Julia Spicklcr Olive Douglass Phillip Kopp Harold Timm Virginia Eichcnaucr Lucy O ' Dcll Edward Walter Bernice Eversmeyer Genevieve Phillips Ferris Warman Helen Figg Avis Rabedeaux Martin Weiss Virgil Godfrey Ruth Recsink Vivien Johnson Clarence Hcbard Lucille Sawyer 3 ? p j p ?. ? ? ff r DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY " Martha by-thk-Day " Martha Slawson Sam Slawson . . " Ma " Slawson . Cora Slawson . . Prances Slawson Frank Ronald . . Genevieve Phillips Harold Timm Ruth Reesink . Josephine Blakely Julia Spickler . . . . Virgil Godfrey Mrs. Allen Sherman. Claire Long Shaw (butler) Amy Pelham Steve Lundy . . Lucille Sawyer . . . Helen Shields . . . Martin Weiss . Edna Daedelow . Elmer Heussner -♦ ♦ JUNIOR CLASS PLAY " The Whole Town ' s Talking ' Henry Simmons . . . Edward Walter Harriet Simmons Marian Schreurs Ethel Simmons Miriam Hoffman Chester Binn,ey Kenneth Bieber Letty Lythe Olive Douglass Donald Swift Phillip Kopp Roger Shields Virgil Godfrey Lila Wilson Margaret Holding Sally Otis Vivien Johnson Annie (a maid) Betty Appel Sadie Bloom Lucy O ' Dell Taxi Driver John Heidel Mrs. Jackson Naomi Smith p ° p gp g . ? ? P P . w i i Will! AGRICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Morris Legler Raymond Boiler Vice-President Kenneth Bieber Ralph Gertenbach Secretary William Smalley Albert Timm Treasurer ■ Benton Holcomb Benton Hoi, com b MEMBERS Kenneth Bieber, Forest Bill, Russell Bill, Raymond Boiler, Raymond Carter, Lester Cornell, Robert Fletcher, Ralph Gertenbach, Herschel Hintermeister, Benton Holcomb, Walter Kempfcr, Morris Legler, Harry McKee, William Martin, Clifton Niissbaum, Paul Rensink, Arthur Shepard, James Shepard, William Smalley, Ronald Stuart, Albert Timm, Harold Timm, Martin Weiss, Merwin Zeller. Left Morris Legler Winner of the Smith-Hughes Grain Trophy for 1928 Right Herschel Hintermeister Winner of the Junior Corn Grozoers Trophx for 1928 7 ? Z P .. j ? M. H. S. BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS President Helen Figg Vice- President Helen Shields Secretary Ruth Reesink Treasurer Byron Beitel FJorcnce Axel Lillian Becker Byron Beitel Helen Berg Goldie B rower Dorothy Callaway Helen Cooley Gladys Cox Florence Dora MEMBERS Ethel Drucker Helen Figg Weldon Froehner Viola Tiecke Walter Hunn Lucille Isaacson Helen King Edith Maxwell Erma Maxwell Margaret McTurk Avis Rabedeaux Ruth Reesink Clarence Schmarje Lillian Schoenig Eloise Sharer Helen Shields Naomi Smith Olive Wilcox = ?«i£? rf gg g?= = = = = rSD . s g P J NORMAL TRAINING CLUB — ♦ — OFFICERS President — First Semester Blanche Doan President — Second Semester Florence Sauer Vice-President Lester Bill Secretary May Easterla Treasurer Flora Tobias Harriet Baker Florence Barry Dora Bartenhagen Lester Bill Margaret Bohling Charlotte Borchardt Leota Bowlby Virgil Bowlby Elizabeth Brown Lorn a Col man Imogenc Conley Doris DeCamp Dorothea DeCamp Mav Easterla MEMBERS Leona Fowler Jessie Goddard Louise Havemann Irene Healey Carra Karr Dorothv K-indler Evelyn King Iona King Alma Kretschmar Margaret Kretschmar Alice McKillup Olive Martin Erma Millagc LucyO ' Dell Hazel Pace Evyline Paul Madeline Reeves Florence Sauer Helen Schauland Wilma Schweitzer Clarence Secrist Lila Sclman Violet Shepard Mildred Snider Bvron Swain Flora Tobias : P p p gp P P ±€Z .-± Z ± .. 1 - ' -.-. SECO CLUB OFFICERS President Marjorie Legler Vice-President Louvae Penrose Secretary Mary Jane Reinsager Treasurer Jean Gray Twila Anderson Anna Marie Boston Dorothy Beitel Virginia Brown Esther Coon Marjorie Corwin Frances Cochran Iva DeCamp Ruth Demorest Ruth Etter Helen Figg Melva Faulhaber Jean Gray Bern ice Gravvatt MEMBERS Esther Grau Gertrude Hendriks Betty Highbarger Myrtle Jenkins Kathryn Jenkins Lucille Kauffman Viola Kleist Marjorie Legler Ruth Adelc LaTotirette Geraldine Meeker Margaret McCarty Mable Mentink Labelle McElroy Laura Mills Florence Nyenhuis Helen Nyweide Genevieve Naber Louvae Penrose Mary Jane Reinsager Jean Russell Ruby Reynolds Gertrude Rabedeaux F ' ern Siegel Doris Smith Marie Schmidt Ruth Schwalm z rz j .z Z j s ? mz £ ORCHESTRA VIOLINS Edward Hahn Carl Schomberg Verno] Gauler Ruth Crow Gladys Sissel Helen Berg Agnes Paul Wilma Lamprecht Helen Nyweide Pin His Johnson William Moore Bruce Chase Mr. Howe — Director Doris DeCamp FLUTES Theron Schwertfcger Carson Gains PIANO Virginia Eichenaucr CORNET William Johnston CLARINETS Clifford Worst Louise Havemann Charlotte Borchardt Gene Minder Elsie Nelson Jean Gains Charles Lawrence Dorothea DeCamp SAXOPHONES Ralph Toborg Martin Scholten TROMBONE Harold Sparling BASS Everett Lange P J P .- J GIRLS ' HONORARY GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President Dorothy Nyweide Secretary Genevieve Aitken Treasurer Dorothy Mark Pianist Vivien Johnson Director Mrs. Rininsland Genevieve Aitken Mildred Asthalter Charlotte Borchardt Elizabeth Brown Margaret Chamber] in Lorna Colman Thehna Crow Ruth Etter Martha Galpin Katherine Gunzcnhauscr Susan Hempstead Lucille HoefHin Vivien Johnson Margaret Kindler Wilma Lamprecht MEMBERS Dorothy Mark Edith Maxwell Erma Maxwell Miriam Zeidler Geraldine Meeker Genevieve Naber Florence Nash Florence Nycnhuis Dorothy Nyweide Hazel Pace Louvae Penrose Margaret Richards Charlotte Rosenthal Helen Schauland Florence Saucr Grace Smit Mary Welch Dorothy Stewart Velma Storm Charlotte Spicklcr Helen Sweet Eva Talkington Genevieve Talkington Flora Tobias Bernice Umlandt Dorothy Wilson Dorothy Werner Lorraine Fisher Mildred Mentink 3 ? P P P gP PJ P £P Z J SJ Z ? P P HI-Y — ♦ — OFFICERS First Semester President Donald Day Vice-President John Heidel Secretary Max Drucker Treasurer Leroy Funck Second Semester John Heidel Max Drucker Phillip Kopp Leroy Funck MEMBERS Donald Day John Heidel Byron Beitel Leroy Funck William Johnston William Moore Leon Hankins Martin Weiss fames Shepard Edward Mills Hcrschel Hinteimeister Mclvin Othmer Bernard Eversmeyer Max Drucker Virgil Bowlby Bennett Store} ' Carl Braun Phillip Kopp Franklin Chandler Lloyd H uber Harold Sparling Robert Moore Car] Schomberg Herbert Wcstratc Thomas Rogers Lester Corriell Kenneth Bieber Clarence Baker Clifford Vanatta Lenz Lorber Morris Legler Wayne Frybcrger Ralph TeStrake Lester Jones Howard Orren Grant Graham Jack Asthalter Harold Timm Earl Jones Clarence Hebard Gerald Hoyt Fred Van Zvle Edward Walter William McCloskey Glenn Fairall Donald Brown Chester Tuttle Walter Satterthwaitc Howard Connor William Martin Alvin Johnson Francis Weis Carl Miller Francis Gray Virgil Godfrey Marvin Uhr 3 P P P P gP P J P P P . g ? .j P P 3P SENIOR GIRL RESERVES President Avis Rabedeaux Vice-President Helen Berg Secretary Ruth Lotspeich Treasurer Lorna Colman Marjorie Bowser Betty Brown Helen Berg Gladys Cox Margaret Chamber] Lorna Colman Lura Danner Doris DeCamp MEMBERS Dorothea DeCamp Helen Fisher Ruby Green Dorothy Hagermann Ruth Hartwig Vivien Johnson Eunice Keller Evelyn King Juanita Lindee Lucille Mozer Eva Powell Avis Rabedeaux Delphine Reichert Gladys Swain Mildred Snider Lucille Wittich Irene Healey Virginia Eichenauer Ruth Lotspeich Queenie Rolfe Olive Wilcox Lillian Schoenig Harriet Shields ♦O JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES President . . . . Vice-President Florence Barry Frances Cochran Secretary Esther Coon Treas. . .Elizabeth Hichbarger MEMBERS Mildred Asthaltcr Esther Coon Florence Barry Frances Cochran Marian Chamberlin Ruth Demorest Martha Galpin Esther Grau Bernice Gravvatt Elizabeth Highbarger Carolyn Hain Marjorie Legler Laura Mills Margaret Rausch Jean Russell Gertrude Rabedeaux Helen Sweet Katherine Sample Dorothv Werner 7 ? Z P l J .t . ' ; i AURORAN STAFF TOP ROW — Donald Day, Ass ' t Adv.; Wanda Schwandke, Jokes; Gertrude Hendriks, News; Herbert West rate. Advertising. SECOND ROW— Ray Tucker, Athletics; Beatrice Vetter, Calendar; Dorothy Nyweide, Exchange; Martin Weiss. News. CENTER— Janet Grier, Editor-in-Chief. THIRD ROW — Leroy Funck, Second Ass ' t Editor; Genevieve Phillips, Literary; Harold C. Timm, First Ass ' t Editor; John Heidel. News. FOTJ RTH ROW— William Bunn, Art ; Dorothy Callaway, Business; Bernice Eversmeyer, Organizations; Bernard Eversmeyer, Circulation. P gp P P P P PJ P.- SP Ps P g). r fr T 1 FORENSICS john HAEFNER ' 31 EUGENE PAPPENHEIM ' 31 BEATRICE VETTER ' 28 ELMER HEUSSNER ' 28 o+ FORENSICS For the vear 1927-1928 M. H. S. has participated in more forensic contests than ever before. We have been represented in all Iowa Nine contests, in the State League in debate, and in four minor contests with Davenport. On this page are the pictures of those con- testants who appeared in the oratorical, declamatory, and extemporaneous contests of the Iowa Nine. The Oratorical Contest was held at Muscatine this year. John Hacfner, a freshman, represented M. H. S. with the oration, " I am an American " . He won fifth place. Eugene Pappcnheim, also from the class of ' 31, was our representative at the Boys ' Declamatory Contest at Ottumwa. He gave a humorous reading, " At the Swimming Pool " , and placed eighth. Beatrice Vetter, ' 28, reading a dramatic selection, " The Pencil Seller " , represented us in the Girls ' Declamatory Contest, held at Fairfield. She won fourth place. Elmer Hcussner, ' 28, was Muscatine ' s contestant to the Iowa Nine Extemporaneous Speaking Contest at Burlington. He placed ninth, speaking on the subject, " Lindbergh " . P P. g — r = i , ,, r Tfc P r R ,- n fc First Row: Spicklcr, Schmarje, Warman, Asthalter. Second Row: Johnson, Hebard, Hcussncr, Scholtcn. DEBATE IOWA HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE LEAGUE Question: Resolved: that a Federal Department of Education should be established with a secretary in the President ' s Cabinet. Affirmative Martin Scholten Ferris Warman Iowa City 2 — Muscatine 1 Negative Clarence Hebard Julia Spickler Davenport 3 — Muscatine IOWA NINE Question: Resolved: that the Philippine Islands should be given their independence at once. Affirmative Margaret Asthalter Alvin Johnson Clarence Schmarje Davenport 3 — Muscatine Negative Ferris Warman Elmer Heussner Clarence Hebard Burlington 2 — Muscatine 1 7 Z P gP gP P J P P P P.. Top Row: Kopp, Heussncr, Leu. Second Row: Warner, Hendriks, Hunn, Green. Third Row: Rolfe, Zeug, Schwandke, Hartwig, Spickler. MINOR CONTESTS— DAVENPORT vs. MUSCATINE Oratorical Contest Julia Spickler Ruth Hartwig Elmer Heussner Davenport 19 — Muscatine 44 Girls ' Dual D Boys ' Declamatory Contest Harold Leu Walter Hunn Phillip Kopp Davenport 10 — Muscatine 11 Wanda Schwandke Marjorie Zeug Lorraine Warner Davenport 18 — Muscatine 45 ECLAMATORY CONTEST Gertrude Hendriks Ruby Green Queenie Rolfe Davenport 7 — Muscatine 1 + Extempore Speaking Contes Harold Leu John Haefner Byron Beitel Clarence Schmarje Davenport 47 — Muscatine 61 c? p p gp go p j p p p ?.: ? ?Z4 p j . FORENSIC LETTER CLUB Previous to 1928 Muscatine High School has entered various contests, but heretofore there has been no local organization. However, this year has seen great advancement in our forensic work. The Forensic Letter Club, to which all those having either major or minor literary letters may belong, has been organized. The purpose of this organization is to pro- mote forensic activities and to stimulate an interest in them. John Haefner Eugene Pappcnhcim Beatrice Vettcr Elmer Heussner Clarence Hebard Walter Hunn Phillip Kopp Helen Hoag Julia Spicklcr Elmer Heussner MEMBERS MAJOR LETTERS Alvin Johnscn Julia Spicklcr Ferris Warman Martin Scholten MINOR LETTERS Ruth Hartwig Harold Leu Wanda Schwandke Marjorie Zeug Lorraine Warner Clarence Schmarjc Margaret Asthalter Bern ice Eversmeyer Helene Haefner Gertrude Hendriks Ruby Green Queen ie Rolfe Bvron Beitel 7 ? Z P P g? P Z Z s Z ? P P 3P fe y) ATHLETIC FOOTBALL SCHEDULE George (Zip) Kloos Football Coach Muscatine 26 Muscatine 6 Muscatine 19 Muscatine 2 Muscatine 12 Muscatine 7 Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine 13 Wilton Mt. Pleasant 7 Wapello Washington Columbus Junction (I Fairfield 13 Iowa City Burlington 28 West Liberty FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row: Coach Kloos, Schoemaker, McDaniel, Lorcnz, [ones, Metz, Curtis, Asthaltcr, Weismiller, Higgcrson. Second Row: Ass ' t Coach Messenger, Rosenberg, Jones, Drucker, Funck, Capt. -elect E. Lange, Zeller, Fisher, Reed, Stirlen. Third Row: Havemann, Bowl by, Metzger, Capt. Allbce, J. Lange, Mclntvrc, Meltzer, Ricmcke. 3 ?.«i£? «f «r r - - Leo E. Schmitz Ass ' t Basketball Coach BASKETBALL Muscatine 24 Muscatine 26 Muscatine 21 Muscatine 21 Muscatine IS Muscatine 19 Muscatine ... .22 Muscatine 20 Muscatine 38 Muscatine 22 Muscatine 23 Muscatine 21 Muscatine 22 Muscatine 24 Muscatine 20 Muscatine 24 Muscatine . . .19 Muscatine 24 Muscatine ... . 38 Muscatine 21 467 SCHEDULE Grandview 14 West Liberty ... 1 5 Wilton 6 Fairfield 23 Fostoria, Ohio ... 16 Burlington 30 Davenport 10 Mt. Pleasant 10 Washington 14 Ottumwa 7 Fairfield 21 Burlington ... 28 Mt. Pleasant .... 18 Davenport 28 Washington . 1 5 Grandview 14 Ottumwa 33 Winfield 11 Mediapolis 1 S Wapello 22 350 Back Row: Schmitz, Ass ' t Coach; Barko, Jones, Griffin, Hyink, Shaw, Coach Kloos. Third Row: Mclntyre, Lange, Asthalter, Tucker, Bauerbach, Meltzer. Second Row: Stirlen, Allbec, McDowell, Swisher, Metzger. Front Row: Hahn, Fabrizius, Captain Bartelt, Figg, Weber. 3 P P P 1 2J1®« Captain Kenneth Ai.luee Fred Messenger, Coach TRACK SCHEDULE Drake Relays . April 27-28 Clinton May S Davenport May 19 Grandvicw May 4 Burlington Mav 12 Ames Mav 26 Only one veteran, Captain Allhee, returned to the cinder path this spring for the initial workout. Coacli Messenger ' s men were all freshmen and sophomores. I lowcvcr, Messenger whipped these men into shape, and they gave a good account of themselves. Captain Allbee went to the National Jnterscholastic Meet at Chicago and brought b;ick a gold medal. He placed first in his section. The men that were out this year should be seasoned material by next spring and will probably turn out some good records for M. H. S. Tor Row — M.irk, Secrist, Jones, Bowlby, Asthalter, Williams, Butts. Second Row — Jefferson, McKlroy, Hartman, Schrocder, Mills, Weber, Corwin. Third Row — Barnard, Jones, Coach Messenger, Rosenberg, Stirlen. ? ? P P . gP PJ z Z J z?.t± Z P -sx P j . LETTER CLUB The Letter Club is composed of men that have gained the coveted " M " by virtue of participation in the various athletic fields. The letter, a six-inch block, is made of purple chenille on a gold background. The major letter is, in most cases, very hard to earn. It takes months of work and train- ing, and yet it is worth far more than that. To earn a letter in basketball the possessor must plav five halves in five Little Six games. In football he must play over half the games on the schedule, and in track he must place in any one meet. William Mclntyre William Havcmann Harry Loren . I ' aul Duncan Kenneth Allbee Ray Tucker Roy McDowell Arnold Bartelt Melvin MetEger LETTER CLUB MEMBERS Harold Stirlen Merle Swisher Edward Riemcke Harry Herr Merwin Zeller Virgil Bowlby Welden McDaniel Max Drucker Albert DeCamp Everett Langc James Lange Leroy Funck Bernard Eversmeyer James Figg Sam Meltzer Cedric Fischer Herbert Freese P ? £P P P g?3 P P P ?.. P ? P SP 3P GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Flossie Christiansen Josephine Blakely Vice-President Irene Christiansen Anna Marie Boston Secretary Edith Stocker Marjorie Zeug Treasurer Florence Dora Naomi Smith MEMBERS Florence Barry Lois Daut Beatrice McKonc Bernicc Barton Ruth Demorest Thelma Rodgers Josephine Blakely Florence Dora Queenie Rolfe Anna Marie Boston Bernice Fversmeyer Naomi Smith Goldie Brower Lillian Frye Violet Tiedemann Flossie Christiansen Maxine Lindsey Mildred Wigim Irene Christiansen Ruth Lotspeich Melva Zeller Mildred Cresswell Lucille McFadden Marjorie Zeug GIRLS ' ATHLETICS The following activities were conducted under the supervision of the Girls ' Athletic Association: a sectional round-robin volley ball tournament and a M. H. S. girls ' swimming meet the first semester ; a sectional round-robin basketball tournament and swimming meet the second semester. The volley ball tournament was won by the Lucky Lindys team, captained by Ruth Lotspeich. The basketball tournament was won by the Sport Models, captained by Josephine Blakely. The first semester swimming meet was won by the Gold team, captained by Bernice Eversmeyer. Marjorie Zeug was high point winner of the meet. All-school first and second teams were picked from the eight teams participating in each tournament. D ?« ? ftgp rfp r ip r ? ? -fy. ? ? p g . GIRLS ' VOLLEY BALL TEAM Violet Tiedemann, Ruth Demorest, Melva Zeller, Lois Daut, Flossie Christiansen, Florence Barn-, Ruth Lotspeich, Josephine Blakely, Marie Schmidt, Louise Havemann, Florence Dora, Miss Chalmers. 7 ' hose not in the picture: Lillian Schoenig, Ida Emlet, and Lillian Fryc. ♦O-c GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Lucille McFadden, Marjorie Legler, Josephine Blakclv, Ruth Lotspeich, Naomi Smith ; Dorothy Knox, Flossie Christiansen, Florence Dora, Louise Havemann, Miss Chalmers. Those net in the picture: Bernice F.vcrsmeycr, Mildred Cresswell, and Wilma Schweitzer. ? £ SZ? fi P ? £f gP ± „ Z Z J Z J STUDENT LIFE fi ffi£P « r a Az Z 2 X ? CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 6 — Hello everybody ! Football practice began! 9 — School was dismissed at three o ' clock because of the heat. 1 3 — Still hot. School started at eight o ' clock. 23 — First football games of the season. Who was victorious? Little Muskics, of course! OCTOBER 1 — Football game! We lost to Mt. Pleasant. 6 — Once more " Ramie " was elected to lead the class of 1928. 8 — Little Muskics walloped Wapello. Twila had a time getting up F.iselv ' s hill. 14 Merchants beheld the students staging a pep parade. Talk about school spirit! 15 — Little Muskies tied Washington, 0-0. 21 — First number of J. C. C. Lyceum course. 29 — Little Muskies defeated Columbus Junction, 12-0. NOVEMBER 5 — Brr! but it was cold! Little Muskies were defeated by Fairfield. 9 — New romance. You ' ve noticed Harry occupying Julia ' s coupe! 1 1 — Armistice Day.. Muskies held Iowa City Hawks, 0-0. John Haefner represented Muscatine in the Iowa Nine oratorical contest. 18 — Report cards came out! " What price glory " now? Oh! why didn ' t we study? 19 — Muscatine-Burlington game. Betty Appel went down. 22 — First Annual Fall Festival. 24- — Thanksgiving. Defeated West Liberty. 28-29 — Intcrclass basketball games. DECEMBER 5 — Faculty-Senior game. Seniors won! 9 — Eugene Pappenheim represented Muscatine in the Boys ' Declani. at Ottumwa. 13 — Muscatine-Grandview basketball game. 16 — Muscatine-West Liberty game. We won! 2 1 — Junior play, " The Whole Town ' s Talking " . 27 — Little Muskies defeated Fostoria, Ohio. 30 — Burlington defeated us. JANUARY 3 — Muscatine defeated Davenport, 22-10. 6 — Muskies defeated Mt. Pleasant, 20-10. " Buck " and " Arnic " " stepped " out after the game. 9 — Junior Class play repeated. 10 — " Buck " and " Arnie " were out " stepping " again. 12 — Morris Legler won a silver trophy at the annual Smith-Hughes Show. 13 — The team went to Washington. Defeated them, 38-14. 14 — Debate squad went to Davenport. 20 — The last day of the semester. Ottumwa-Muscatine game. £? fT«P Pr P PJi P P A P ? I P P 5P FEBRUARY 2 — Girls ' Declam. team went to Davenport. Ask Marjorie Zeug where she got all the addresses. 3 — Little Muskies journeyed to Burlington. 6 — J. C. C. Lyceum number tonight. 9 — Dramatic club held a partv for the members of the Honor Society. We defeated Mt. Pleasant. 16 — Beatrice Vetter represented us in Girls ' Declam. at Fairfield. Mr. Nicolaus bade us farewell. We defeated Washington. 1 8 — Muscatine-Davenport game. 21 — Muscatine played Grandview here. 24 — Muscatinc-Ottumwa game. MARCH 3 — Little Muskies lost the tournament to Wapello. Where was " Arnie ' s " inspiration? 4 — Harry Herr is rushing some freshman girl. 6 — Dates. Jane Williams and Weldon Froehner, also Ferris Warman and " Boots " Tiede- mann. 9 — Negative debate team lost to Burlington, 2-1. Affirmative team lost to Davenport, 3-0. 27 — Dramatic club presented " Martha by-the-Day " . 30 — Orchestra and Glee club present program. APRIL 1 — April Fool ' s Day. (Martin Scholten has a birthdav!) 1-8 — Spring vacation! Easter, too! 10 — I heard " Phil " Kopp asked Ruth Reesink if he could take her home. 1 1 — Charles Meerdink and Miriam Hoffman stepped out into society. 13 — Friday, the thirteenth! " Such a troubles " . 14 — Marjorie Bowser added another year to her life. 17 — Moonlight excursion. Margaret Lillibridge, Weldon Froehner, " Buck " out " step- ping " again this evening. 20 — Elmer Heussner went to Burlington to represent Muscatine in the Iowa Nine Ex- temporaneous speaking contest. MAY 2 — Have you noticed Helen Shields ' diamond? Wonder who the luckv man is? 3 — Big moonlight excursion tonight. 24-25 — Senior Class Play " The Hoodoo " is presented. 30 — Memorial Day. No school ! JUNE 1 — The seniors ' last day of real school! Smiles and tears! 3 — Baccalaureate Service delivered by Rev. Shontz of the First Baptist Church. 4 Senior Picnic. 5 — Junior-Senior Banquet. 6 — Seniors presented their Class Day program. 9 — Alumni dance. Soon one hundred and twenty-three more will be added to the ranks of the Alumni. 10 — Commencement exercises. The Class of ' 28 is gone. It can ' t be possible that these four years spent here are over forever. L P P P P £P PJ P ?. P ? -JX P P A MODEL SENIOR BOY Hair Marvin Uhr Eves William Wittich Complexion Harold Timm Mouth Walter Hunn Teeth Roy McDowell Physique " Buck " Mclntyre Carriage Arnold Bartelt Height Harry Herr Clothes Joseph Davidson Nose Martin Scholten Eye-lashes , Sam Meltzer Dimples Chester Tuttle A MODEL SENIOR GIRL Hair Julia Spickler Teeth Grace Snyder Eyes Lucille Isaacson Smile Florence Sauer Complexion Helen Shields Clothes Ethel Druckcr Height Laura Schultz Carriage Helen Figg Mouth Irene Christiansen Nose Twila Anderson Eve-lashes Maxine Field Dimples Edna Daedelow :a P P p p = p j p cp -p P- p ? iG P jx RAY TUCKER, Senior Class President, says, " 1 have worn Meerdink ' s suits as long as I can remember and they have always given perfect satisfaction. " The high school fellow wants snappy, bright and colorful suits — he wants styles that are espe- cially designed for youthful fig- ures, that give expression to his youthfulness. He doesn ' t want old men ' s styles that are shy on class. Every one of our suits bear the " Nottingham " label. They embody all the desired essentials. They are made by skillful tailors that are especially trained to do each part of the work in an expert way. Every model designed by collegiate designers — every pattern se- lected by cpllege men. M EERDIN The Store for Men K 3 P Z P P P P P P P P..- ? j P P £ _ Congratulations We have been making it hot for to you people for 40 years Dignified Seniors We ' re for you Let Us Heat Your Home with Show us your " stuff " BLOCK ' S HOT FUELS i J . HERSHEY STATE BANK W. G. BLOCK CO. Opposite the City Hall Fuel Merchants for Forty Years GRADUATION GIFTS Our stock of gifts is now com- Build a Home First plete and ready. No matter how little or much you wish to spend we can serve you. This should be the ambition of every young person starting out in life. Let us aid you in making your gift selections. COLLINS-HILL BARNARD ' S LUMBER and COAL JEWELRY STORE COMPANY 2 1 3 East Second Street Phone 95 807 East Second Street ? z P p: 3 gAa. " g. ?j ) P P WHAT THESE M. H. S. STUDENTS ARE NOTED FOR Betty Appel Her arguing ability Ferris Warman Debating ability " Herbie " Westrate Collegiate clothes Ruth Hartwig Typing ability Marvin Uhr His many wrist watches Beatrice Walker Her admirers Ralph Toborg His studiousness Edith Stocker Her long hair Walter Hunn Oh! That line Bernice Eversmeyer Her dramatic ability Wanda Schwandke " Ear ache " " Eric " Bartelt His ability to get to bed early Ivan Starke His importance Virgil Godfrey His inferiority complex Martin Scholten His vocabulary Bob Glasgow His stature Leo Priester His miteness " Square " Freese His red and white (form)-al Roy McDowell His gum chewing ability " Buck " Mclntvre His crushes Ray Tucker His grouches Kenny Allbee We all know Harry Hcrr His carriage (walk or otherwise) Elmer Hcussner His ability to imitate " Don " Orval Umbanhowar • His " maid-rite " coat Dorothy Callaway Dates with Figg Lillian Becker Her coiffure Helen Berg Her quietness William Wittich His ability as a Beau Brummell Helen Figg School secretary Gladys Cox Her cleverness Twila Anderson Her circus day cars Madeline Reeves Her track medal Maxine Glasgow Her boots Sam Mcltzer Giving advice to the lovelorn Kenneth Bicber His many dates Carl Braun His grades Joe Davidson His typing ability John Fitzgerald His musical ability Edwin DeCamp His noisiness Lucille Isaacson Her " come-hither " look Thelma Crow Her height Alice Mitchell Her teaching ability Eugene Warman His wise cracks May Easterla ■ Her knowledge Bernice Franzcn Questioning ability Helen King Ability to lose books Dorothy Kindler Her alibis ♦ One morning Wiggers milk truck figured in a smash up at an intersection. Goldie Brower, observing the milk streaming from the truck, threw her hands in the air and ex- claimed, " Oh, if we only had a cat, we could save it. " ? P P Z P J P P P P. y ? P P P THE PEARL CITY Complimentary to the Class of 78 Hawkeye Pearl Button Co, Automatic Pearl Button Co. MANUFACTURERS FRESH-WATER PEARL BUTTONS MUSCATINE, IOWA FRESH- WATER S Mr PEARL BUTTONS MANUFACTURED BY U. S. BUTTON COMPANY MUSCATINE, IOWA are " SERVICEABLE BUTTONS " 3 Tf .«i «r , ,- THE PEARL CITY PENNANT PEARL BUTTON COMPANY , Muscatine, New York Hannibal, Mo. Iowa Pearl Button Co. A Good Place to Work MUSCATINE IOWA " These non-stop ocean flights are like taking Prussic Acid — one drop and you ' re gone. Gerald: " Dorothy you ' re sitting there with ycur mouth open. Dorothy G.: " I knew it. I opened it myself. " Jimmy Figg (to Tilly Anderson): " Hey, General Lee. " Tilly: " Whaddaya mean General Leer " Jimmy: " Generally speaking. " (Now will you behave, Twilaf ) TRY OUR MALTED MILKS EICHENAUER ' S CIGAR STORE 2 1 1 East Second Street We also carry a full line of Magazines and Box Candy Phone 2 1 1 for all Sporting Events ?« ? 4ti rf Pr Pr P f rPrfir P ? , ? ? r P r£l GIRLS See our new College Square Toe and Square Heel Pump. Adjustable Blond Tie and only $5.50 at WILSON ' S SHOE STORE 127 East Second Street LOOK! A Look Is Worth a Thousand Words. Come in and look at the EASY ELECTRIC WASHER DETTHOF HDW. CO. E. J. ZEIDLER DRY GOODS STORE Ladies ' and Misses ' READY-TO-WEAR Rugs and Draperies To the Graduate — May we wish you joy, happiness, and prosperity as you step out of good old M. H. S. CHOCOLATE SHOP AhLF SlCKMAN COMPLIMENTS OF S. S. KRESGE CO. 5 AND 10-CENT STORE ■•••Hs iiDOsH-- HAHN BROTHERS CO. WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES Sand and Gravel 207 West Front Street Muscatine, Iowa Phone 122 Greenhouse: N. Cedar St. J. E. KRANZ FLORIST Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cut Flowers, Floral Designs and All Kinds of Plants 217 Iowa Ave. Muscatine, Iowa Have your Summer Films developed and printed by experts — at MORGAN ' S DRUG STORE 107 West Second Street 7 ? z P 3 pj ? g aaigg P ? P OUR CAFETERIA DISTILLED WATER ICE Made in Muscatine Quality, Full Weight, Service HtpiRiTAN Ice fo. Phone 999 205 Green St. Your Grocer CALL 295-296 FOR QUALITY FOODS AND PROMPT SERVICE GEO. EITMAN Richelieu Canned Goods Meat is a healthful and invig- orating food. C. E. RICHARDS SONS Dressed Beef and Pork Packers East Ninth Street CALL 5—6 FOR GOOD THINGS TO EAT Prompt Service HINKEL FLANNERY EAT MORE LEU ' S DELICIOUS ICE CREAM It Is Safe Made from Pasteurized and Homogenized Cream Phone 202 EAT KAUTZ ' S BUTTER NUT BREAD " Rich as Butter Sweet as a Nut " l P dP P ..t P ? CHAUDOIN 133 WEST SECOND ST. WIRING MOTOR WORK RADIO EQUIPMENT FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRICAL REFRIGERATION MUSCATINE ' S MERCHANTS CAN SERVE YOU BEST READ THEIR ADS IN The JOURNAL Makers of Hi h Grade Millwork Roach Musser Company MUSCATINE IOWA STERN WEAR Brand CLOTHING FOR YOUNG MEN STERNEMAN CLOTHING CO. WHOLESALE and RETAIL " Step up the Avenue and Save Dollars " 3 ? P ? P ) ?.. ? ? ? ? . FAVORITE SAYINGS Mr. Atkinson " Don ' t forget the margin. Miss Liebbe " I leave you on vour honor. Miss Grace " Not now. Mr. Messenger " Don ' t let it occur again. Miss Heezcn " Why, William! Mr. Liebbe " If not, why not? Miss McCandless " Put your gum in the basket. Mrs. Ruthenberg " No, there hasn ' t. Mrs. Huftalen " Let us have quiet. Beulah Chasteen " Why, Kenny Jones! Ivan Starke " Going to the game tonight? Janet Grier " Gotta go make a dummy. " Herbie " Westrate " Sorry I haven ' t any candy. Twila Anderson " Honest? Me too. " Bea " Vetter " Such a troubles! Miss Kemble " Say ' Charcooooaaaal ' . Wanda Schwandke " Ohhhh such a dollink! Jimmy Figg " I ' m just a cave man looking for a cave. " Arnie " Bartelt " Got your geometry? Lillian Frye " Pipe down ! Melvin Othmer " I ' m about half mad. Miss McCandless " Has anyone seen Janet? Queenie Rolfe " Don ' t talk, I wanna study. Viola Tiecke " Got any gum? Edward Mills " ' At-a-boy. Miss Smith " Nine chances out of ten. Mr. Messenger " 14- nights in the detention room. Ethel Drucker " Have we any transcription today? Pearl Gray " What ' s our assignments? " Buck " Mclntyre ' " Aw, pipe down you ' se guys. Miss Hahn (reading from a new History): " Where have we heard of Sophia before? " Hankins (in a loud stage whisper): " In the parlor. " Mr. Messenger: " When was the crisis of the American Colonies? " Sammy Meltzer: " Wasn ' t that when all the soldiers got drunk? " Mr. Messenger: " Guess there must have been several crises. " Mr. Liebbe: " Will seme one use the word ' specific ' in a sentence? ' Ed. Walter: " Specific ocean. " ♦ — Bernard E.: " You talk so much, I ' ll bet your jaws get cramped. " Steve S.: " If that ' s the case, you ought to have lock-jaw. " (Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu). ♦ Heard at a basketball game: " Buck is being abused awi Lilly. " Second Person: " Don ' t worry, Buck is capable ot holding his own. (Yes, and others, too.) The first American radio was when Paul Revere broadcast on one plug. gn?P P tiP S3 P 3 P ?. £P J ? ? T? 5P Z- PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. W. S. NORTON 129 East Second Street Phone 135 DR. R. M. AREY 1 1 West Second Street DR. A. J. OLIVER Phones Res. 153 Office 151 203 East Second Street DR. J. L. KLEIN DR. G.A.SYWASSINK Phone 272 THE MUSCATINE CLINIC 608 Laurel Building MUSCATINE, IOWA Dr. T. F. Beveridge Dr. E. K. Tyler Dr. L. C. Howe Dr. W. W. Daut Dr. C. P. Phillips p z p ) p ?j ? ) ?.. : r ? PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DRS. PEARSON PEARSON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Office Phone 1133 404 Hershey Building Muscatine, Iowa DRAKE WILSON Attorneys- at-Law Muscatine State Bank Suite 203 MUSCATINE, - IOWA Frank F. Drake Harold E. Wilson MATTHEW WESTRATE Attorney-at-Law 613-615 Laurel Bldg. MUSCATINE, - IOWA G. ALLBEE LAWYER Muscatine, Iowa NICHOLS, TIPTON TIPTON 303-309 American Savings Bank Bldg. MUSCATINE, - IOWA E. C. Nichols I ' .. R. Tipton R. G. Tipton R. S. JACKSON LAWYER Suite 501 Laurel Bldg. Muscatine, Iowa Hen Loui ry Krueger (disgustedly): " My gosh, you ' re nothing but a gold digger. " se Johnson (sweetly): " But I ' m not eighteen yet, I ' m only a minor (miner). " " A nation without wemen would certainly be a stagnation. " Mr. Ivan Liebbe: " Name three Water plants in United States. " Starke: " Pond-lily, cat-tail and water-cress. " (Ohhhhhhhhh Ivan ) ?,« ? , £p 3 g3 . P ?. ? P P P i The personal health can not be maintained in its highest decree without good teeth Without good teeth there can not be thorough Mastication Without thorough mastication there can not be perfect Digestion Without perfect digestion there can not be proper Assimilation Without proper assimilation there can not be Nutrition Without nutrition there can not be Without health what is Health Life? Hence the paramount importance of the teeth. MUSCATINE DENTAL SOCIETY J. J. BOMKE M. P. BoMKE F. W. Englund E. E. Goss A. J. Greiner V. K. Harris H. G. Johnson Lange Howe A. M. Lingo J. T. Martin F. A. Neil P fvP y ?j P rz i .i Z2 ±£2 ±4 £ P P P P £P gP P P. ? pJ ? r THANK YOU Helping you Build M. H. S. STUDENTS Your Future Your generous patronage ha? The FIRST NATIONAL BANK and been much appreciated The FIRST TRUST SAVINGS BANK find especial pleasure in many WE ARE SURE OUR pleasant connections with young men and women who are just starting out on COURTLY HIGH SUITS life ' s road to success. as well as our young fellow ' s Possibly we can assist you, too, in plan- ning for your college education or di- HATS and FURNISHINGS recting your efforts toward establishing a business opportunity. have more than pleased you Feel free to come in and talk to us at any time. We shall enjoy knowing you. ANSON CLOTHING And we hope you ' ll like us. FIDQT TRl)ST SAVINGS BA NK Midi NATIONAL BANK COMPANY MEET The Batterson Store Your Friend Muscatine, Iowa AT THE " Where Your Dollars Go the Farthest " uyjj DRY GOODS I READY-TO-WEAR MEN ' S FURNISHINGS HOUSE FURNISHINGS R? FURNITURE, DRAPERIES FLOOR COVERINGS 5 and H Green Discount Stamps Y. M. C. A. L on All Cash Purchases P f£? « g ?J 3 ..t Z ? . ? P 5P GRADUATION PRESENTS HAVERCAMP ' S DRUG STORE PARRY AUTO CO. HUPMOBILE " Six of the Century " 229 W. Front St. Phone 841 The Best Shine in the City SHOES DRY-CLEANED, DYED, and RETANNED High Class Workmanship THE IOWA SHINE PARLOR Stoker Bros., Props. —THE— IOWA PANITORIUM Fred Aull, Prop. DRY CLEANING PRESSING, ETC. Suits Made to Order 208 Iowa Avenue Phone 1116 ZOLLER ' S For GIFTS THAT LAST THOMPSON ' S HARDWARE STORE SPORTING GOODS FOR ALL SEASONS GOOD SHOES For Every One FISCHER SHOE CO. 1 1 2 East Second Street • See GRIMM DRUG CO. 130 East Second Street MUSCATINL, IOWA l P P Z P gP PJ P P P. g ) ? P P P P«iTf ? H? « i ? « -P.. gy ? ? P g BUILDING MATERIAL SERVICE We are specialists in supplying materi- als. Our connections with manufactur- ers in scores of producing centers, our experience in merchandising, our equip- ment for delivering goods when and where wanted, and our years of experi- ence in the business are assurance of ability to render the kind of service and deliver the quality of material you desire. Estimates gladly furnished — without obligation, of course. BEACH STORTZ LUMBER CO. Phone 9 Muscatine, Iowa Ties That Bind The ties you make early in life have great influence over your future. Especially is this true of your banking ties, for your bank stands as close to your financial affairs as your doctor to your physical being. Tie up with this Progressive Bank American Savings Bank " SAFETY and SERVICE " s N T O 1 B U G H R A G HEITZ C K T D A E Y TEXACO l GAS ItlllJil AUTHORIZED AUTO RE-FINISHING STATION - 1 ) MOBIL OIL PHONE 105 11 1-1 lr i i :ast th 11 W ST. Pounds MEIVfeWEAR MUSCATINE ' S SATISFACTORY CORNER IOWA AVE. at SECOND ST. AN OUTSTANDING STORE IN A GOOD TOWN Br£? ? TfigP P £? P, P r P g .. P t ? P P 3P Our Reputation In Muscatine is in the hands of our students and Alumni from there — 3 Ask any of this large group of graduates from YOUR HIGH SCHOOL their opinion of IOWA WESLEYAN COLLEGE First College in the West James E. Coons President ? P ? P 3 P P J .± Z 4 P P- FAMOUS LAST WORDS " Well, well, I wonder if it ' s loaded. I ' ll look down in the barrel and see. " " Which one of these is the third rail, anyway? " " That firecracker must have gone out. Guess I ' ll have to light it again. " What a funny noise that snake makes. 1 think I ' ll step on it. " " I do. " Elmer H.: " I think all pretty girls are conceited. " Margaret L. : " I don ' t think I am. " Some of our report cards certainly will look like a " Melody in F " . The only way to play " hookey " from a correspondence school is to send in an empty envelope. AND ANOTHER THING Miss Hahn: " It was just one thing along with several other things — that caused the American Revolution. " Leola Freese: " I wonder how many men will be made miserable when I get married? " Gertrude Callaway: " I ' ll tell you better when I find out how many you intend to Roy McDowell: " I have a splinter in my finger. " Frank Taylor: " You should have more sense than to scratch your head. " Neva Clapper: " I hate revolving doors. " Esther Coon: " So do I. You can ' t slam them when you ' re mad. ' Miss Jenista: " Where was Caesar killed? " Ruth Crow (sleepily): " On page fifty-six, I think. Miss Heezen: " What did Homer write? " Elaine Dale: " He wrote the ' Oddity ' and the ' Idiot ' , didn ' t he? " " Absence makes the heart grow fonder — of staying out of school. " Mr. Liebbe: " This plant belongs to the Begonia family. " Florence Axel: " Oh, Mr. Liebbe, I think it is awfully sweet of you to keep it for them while they are away. " Joke Editor: " Do you know, Miss Heezen, I dreamed of you last night? " Miss Heezen (absent mindedlv): " I ' ll bet you were thinking of jokes. " (That ' s just the trouble. The joke editor can ' t think of any jokes.) Edna Daedelow (all out of breath) : " Come quick, Mrs. Ruthenberg, and look. The cat ' s gone to sleep and left his engine running. " s P P P P J P P ?. P ? -JX P If you want new Records and Up-to-date Sheet Music see DIERCKS MUSIC CO. 219 Iowa Ave. Muscatine, - Iowa Radio — Brunswick — Portables Mrs. Lane ' s Beauty and Gift Shop ESTABLISHED 1908 i 215 Iowa Avenue FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY " Say It With Flowers " GEO. KRANZ SON Phone 4 3 XV3HJL 3DVTVJ •ssaoons noX to ipua §ui -IjSIM 3-I 4 3j¥l U-U33J 01 UMOp 3pisdn ijooq siip Suiujnj jot s ucqj SUPPLEMENT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL with training for HIGHER ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION or SECRETARIAL SERVICE BROWN ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE Your Home School A fine line of Kodaks and Sup- plies. First class developing, printing, and enlarging. Fine sodas and candies at HENDERSON ' S DRUG STORES PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Makers of High Grade Photographs for over Forty Years OSCAR GROSSHEIM STUDIO Established 1886 3 1 7 East Second Street S P P P P 3 P 3 3 J ?.. ? ? ? P g. ....... . 3 irfr? mf P - " ggp aga sa P. s?)j ? ? P L PHOTOGRAPHS— of real merit J. A. CHAMBERLIN Official Photographer for the Auroran Muscatine ' s Big Department Store An Institution You Have Every Reason to be Proud of 3 P g P p f y , € ' £? McColm Company DAINTY SILK FROCKS These New Frocks are fashioned in exclusive patterns of printed chiffon, georgette, flat crepes and beautiful pastel shades of Tub silks. Long sleeve models Short sleeve models and the new sleeveless models that are to be particularly popular among the younger set for the summer season. 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TIMM SATISFACTORY AUTOMOBILE SERVICE PHONE 548 Corner Third and Walnut |. STELLRECHT SHOE REPAIRING TO SUIT 207 EAST THIRD STREET The Place to Have Your Shoes Repaired. We Repair Anything Made of Leather. n P T rf , , ..-. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF— The school burned down? Vcttcr flunked a test? Buck got " A " in deportment? Mr. Howe wore a red necktie! ' Madeline went without Kenny? Miss Hahn got a trim haircut? Miss Thompson didn ' t attend all the basketball games? The seniors were not dignified: Irene Christiansen grew up? The sophomores were not bright? Miss Smith was six foct tall? Dorothy Nyweide became excited? The freshmen were blue instead of green? There was a law prohibiting studying? Miss Heezen had a violent temper? Byron Massey ' s feet grew without him? Mrs. Bailey was a clinging vine? No one flunked in school? Santa Claus didn ' t come? The bovs didn ' t mock the girls ' " You ' re a big stifl, " said the undertaker, as he laid out a six-ioot man. Wilbur Dale: " I have a terrible headache. " " Al " DeCamp: " Not at all strange. Illness always breaks out in one ' s weakest spots. " Leslie Kyes: " I hear Ah in Johnson has a habit ot talking to himself when he is alone. " K enny Jones: " I ' m sure I don ' t know. " Leslie Kyes: " I thought you two were intimate friends. " Kenny Jones: " Yes, but I was never with him when he was alone. " Cedric Fischer (playing the part of a toreador): " Oh, Senorita Jessie, tonight I steal beneath your balcony and sing you a sweet serenade. " Senorita Jessie Goddard: " And I ' ll drop vou a flower. " Cedric: " In a moment of mad love? " Jessie: " No, in a flower pot. " Lucille W.: " What is the best thing to put in apple pie: " Violet S.: " Your teeth. " Teacher: " Name three kinds of nuts, Blanche. " Blanche Doan: " Peanuts, chestnuts, and for-get-me-nuts. " Walter H.: " Some people don ' t know the war i over. Bill Wittich : " What war? " Harold Lemkau: " Did you ever take chloroform? " Edith Hopkins (freshman): " No. Who teaches it? ' P ) 3 P P .. ? ? ? P J3ig Chief Brands Black tiaipk Brands §=■ Qreat IDestern Supply Company MANUFACTURERS AND JOBBERS JANITORS SUPPLIES 218 WEST FIRST STREET DAVENPORT - - IOWA %A We specialize on Liquid Soaps, Scrubbing Soaps, Disinfectants, Sweeping Compounds, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Floor Brushes, Mops, and all Cleaning Materials for Schools, Public Buildings, and all Institutions. P D P g£ gP P P P Z £?.2 £ J £- fi P«tf5? 3 ?J P P . y ? jj T? 5? V7 " OU BOYS will have the " spotlight " on graduation day; you ' ll want to be dressed for it, too. You ' ll want a let of style and you ' ll want it at a reasonable price. We can help you. We ' re showing the authentic university models in the correct shades of blue, grey, and tan, that sell as low as $25.00, $30.00, and $35.00, with extra pants. We invite you to come in and see them. You ' ll recognize their exclusive style the minute you lay eyes on them. Also the last word in Hats, Shirts, Ties, Hose, etc. BOGARD CLOTHING CO. UNITED PRODUCTS COMPANY MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS SANITARY SUPPLIES SPECIALIZING IN Bristle Floor Brushes, Threaded Handle and Spring Handle The Celebrated QUEEN and VASSAR Mops 5418 WOODLAWN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL. r? ? ir rf - r J d gyrf Miss Hcczen: " Name some of the men who have been buried in Westminster Abbey. " Phillip Kopp: " I don ' t know of any. " Miss Heczcn: " Anyone in the class? " Phillip Kopp: " No, everyone in this class is alive yet. " Miss Dulgar: " Why is the North Pole unpopulated? " Cecil Barton: " Because no people live there. " • OUR BOOK LIST Sweet Auburn Thclma Crow The Queen of Hearts Audrey Lockwood Dignity and Impudence Miss Smith, James Lange An Old Fashioned Giri Miriam Hoffman The Crisis Ten weeks Exams The Declaration of Independence Graduation Soft Cushions Study Hall Seats? The Poor Nut ' ...???????? The Clown Leo Priester The Missing Link You fill in this one The Bells : Julia, Ferris and Bea Captains Courageous Kenny A. and Arnie B. Poor Richard Richard Miller Alice in Wonderland Alice Davidson Dora : Dora Bartenhagen Vanity Fair Marjorie Zeug Our Countrymen Martin W. and Harold T. I ' ll. lie, the Toiler Twila Anderson Hour of Reckoning Monthly Exams We Are All Gamblers Recitation Periods : Lester Bill: " She has a very difficult part in the play. " Leota Bowlby: " Difficult? Why, she doesn ' t say a word. " Lester Bill: " Well, isn ' t that the supreme test of a woman ' s ability? " Lucille Hoefflin: " Why are vou wearing vour socks wrong side out? " Walter Reed: " Oh, my feet were hot, so I turned the hose on ' em. " ♦ Marjorie Bowser: " Now what ' s the matter? " William Burton: " 1 washed a dirty piece of ice in hot water and now I can ' t find it. " ♦ Miss fenista: " Hand in vour outline before the end of the week. " Virgil W.: " Which end ' ? " « Don Day (after working the wrong problems in Chem. assignment): " I just heard vou say to work live problems . " Mr. Atkinson: " And then you went back to sleep? " Herman Price: " I got something out of English class todav for the first time. " Harold Lcmkau: " What ' s that? " Herman Price: " I found a dime on the floor. " ? frZ?4f£P P . p gp gPJ P P P P. g) ? ? P 3P 0ur (Congratulations to the Muscatine Qraduating Class of 1928 whose efforts have made this splendid book possible. " May Good Luck be yours, together with an abundance of Happiness and Success. " T IE HAVE enjoyed working with you and trust that we may deal with you often in the future. Our facilities, with ex- pert trained men to advise and assist you with any piece of advertising that you may be planning, are at your service. Record Printing Company ' Printers of Distinctive Advertising " MUSCATINE IOWA . i-frPrtfP tf i r- - - ' - 1 HE Tru-Art Corporation has kept abreast of the progress in College and High School Annual engraving and design. It is a real mark of distinction to have Tru-Art creation on your year book TIW-AKT CORPOlWriON C C om p e Service for Advertisers EDAIV KA.PIDS IOWA YOUR Y E A R B O O K DESERVES T R U - A R T S E R V 1 C E mmW : . ■ , ' ;■ " . ' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ' „ " ■ ' .« i %m mm Us mm $$ ■ e© Ti ' ■J I to .« I| SSra i ' ■■ sSs, ■ " it- " mv tus »;;: ' . " ' ' iiiwSfcJ, " .- !i$t ' TiU r : ' . ; . Heckman___ " B 1 N D t K " I N C. 1 Bound-To-PlL-ase i JAN 01 N . MANCHESTER. INDIANA 46962 j

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