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SEPTEMBER -"Variety is the Spice of Life." ln the midst of sunshine and rain we all come back to school. -Trouble already. Seats are changed in Study Hall. -Still raining-but "lt ain't a gonna' rain no more." Auroran Staff meeting. -The Songbirds gather again. Wonder why Maxine Carver blushes every time anyone looks at her left hand? -Will wonders never cease? The sun shone all day. Curia Regia holds meeting at Annex. Orchestra re-organized. . -Hi-Y boys hold their first meeting. Agriculture Club elects officers. -Boys' Clee Club tryvout. Honor Society holds First meeting. 25-Girl Reserve membership drive. -Girls' Glee Club pause from their weekly music to listen to others try-out. -The strains of music come forth from the assembly room. Orchestra practices. -The three Literary Societies are organized for the coming year. -Ask Tommy Dilley if he's going to train his baby sister to be a Basketball Star. -Clee Club continues to fill the air with sweet QU music. The Dungan family increases from two to three. -Cir! Reserve picnic at Weed's Park for all new members. Senior Class meeting. Election of officers. The Honorable Paul Fischer heads the Worthy Seniors. OCTOBER -Ye!! leaders chosen. "Kenny" Lemkau and Viola Durkee show us how to use our lungs. -Pep meeting. Seniors sell most football tickets. Harry Weigand "steps out" with Miriam Diercks to the show. -First football game. "Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink." Wilton, 0: Muscatine. 0. -Dramatic Club try-out. Would-be performers perform. Aeolian initiation. -Staff meeting. Wonder how "Dot' and "Bud" liked "The Coast of Folly?" -Literary societies meet. Alpha B. makes a date with Bernard H. for l2:30 A. M. Scandal! -Slouch Day! The "kids" take charge. We attend a wedding. funeral, concert and football game. Stanley B. has the embarrassment of having to ask Mozelle Ashby to borrow her dress. The Senior girls would like to know who gave "Howie" Kautz his beautiful flowers. -Football game! Little Muskies fall all over Tipton. "Buck" shows and does his "stuff" Tipton, U: Muscatine, 33. I3-!4-Girl Reserve Benefit show at the A-Muse-U. "Not So Long Ago." -French Club initiates new members at the Annex. -Dramatic Club meets. Ask "Bob" Zeidler to give you a sermon on "Pi!!s". -Cir! Reserves meet. They attend "Not So Long Ago," some with escorts and some without. Assembly! "Bob" Z. presents the picture of the class of !925 to the school. The Orchestra gives us a demonstration of their talent. Dr. Renda!! speaks to us on the subject of "!mpressions". -Swastika holds initiation. C. C. holds first meeting. -Rain, rain! Football squad trains in B-!6. -Burlington vs. Muscatine. We got beat, I9-0. Hard luck! -Assembly! Mr. Richman tells about Columbus and the discovery of America. Curia Regia receives its new members with violent force. -Hi-Y Club meeting. -jerry and Lillian go without their dinner. Do you suppose they are reducing? -Football game with West Branch-6-0 in our favor. -Senior Girl Reserves entertain ,lunior Cir! Reserves at a Hal!owe'en Party. Mrs. Little tells us about Alaska. -Pep meeting! Hallowe'en parties! Spooks. ghosts! "The Goblins will git you if you don't watch out!" -Old Cold and Purple is defeated by the Blue and White fCol. -!ct.j 20-0. NOVEMBER -Auroran's out! Bright green covers startle Seniors as we!! as Freshmen. -Older Boys' and Girls' Conference at West Liberty, lowa. Many M. H. S. pupils attend, among them Harold Froehner and Vada Corriell. -Weekly Assembly! Musica! program by the Orchestra and "us", Cir! Reserve Recognition service. -Literary societies meet. lrene C. and Johnnie P. stand in the ha!! and talk. -Sub-teachers greet us with smiles and plenty of work. Sam L. is not in training any more. He keeps late hours with Henrietta H. -Football squad goes to lowa City in "Clean Towel Service Truck". -Girl Reserve Vesper service. -Auroran staff meeting. Glee Club sings "The End of a Perfect Day". -L. H. F. presents a pageant, "Keeping the Faith," before the assembly. Pep meeting! Dramatic Club meets at the Annex. -Armistice Day. No school! Big game-Parade--Lots of excitement. Boys put up good fight, but we lose-7-0. C. C. holds special meeting. Hi-Y Club meets. "Kenny" Allbee and "Buck" Mclntyre come to school with scratched faces. Friday, the thirteenth! Ooh-! True and false tests-short-hand tests-all kinds of tests! Senior Girls hold conferences. -Chorus meets. Sam H. and Sam L. get their shoes shined. -Orchestra practice. Normal Training Girls present pageant before Assembly. Curia Regia members congregate at the Annex. -Viola Durkee goes walking with "Kenny" l... and Virgil Barrows. -Pep meeting. Our "Eashful Captain" takes the back seat on the platform, as usual. Ch, what a "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teetlinl Report cards are out. -Football game at Davenport! -Virginia V. and Edwin Willis monopolize the radiator on the third fioor. -Swastika gives a Thanksgiving program before the Assembly. -Thanksgiving! No school! Turkey dinner and football at West Liberty. -No school. -Howard Kautz and Edwin Willis represent the Auroran at Madison, Wis. -Boys' lnterclass Basketball. Frosh. l2: Sophs, 23. Juniors. 2!: Seniors, ll. DECEMBER -Basketball again. Frosh. 53 Seniors, l9. Sophs, l3g Juniors, l4. -junior-Faculty game, I8-20 in favor of Juniors. -Auroran staff sends eight delegates to Grinnell. The girls find out the side- walks are rather hard in Grinnell. We wonder when Bernard H. is going to Marshalltown. "Bob" Z. is presented with a horn and music box from Grinnell. Girls' lnterclass Basketball- Frosh, 45 Sophs, 8. juniors, IS: Seniors, 20. Mozelle Ashby and Mason Potter go coasting. -Basketball continued. Frosh 2-juniors l9. Sophs 2-Seniors. 36. "The Gypsy Trail" given by Dramatic Club pleases large audience. Too bad Sammy H. couldn't use his two tickets. -Assembly! Orchestra and Boys' Glee Club gives musical program. Lillian C. and Edwin Willis give talks on press conventions. G. R. Supper meeting. -Current romances are: Guessregen-Potter, Corrie!-Froehner, Hagerman-Hohen- adel. Hiller-Latham, Tobias-Ogilvie. Shaw-Mclntyre, and ,lamison-Leu. lf any changes are made further notice will be given. -First basketball game. Muscatine vs. Letts, 32-2. -Glee Club practices Christmas Carols. -Basketball. Durant vs. Muscatine. -Glee Club entertains the students in assembly. -Basketball boys go to Burlington for First Little Six game. Members of the Worthy Senior class gather for a party to entertain the football boys. -French Club party. -Assembly! Aeolian gives a play, "The Whole Truth". End of school-for a while. Christmas vacation. "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" is heard through the halls. -Hello, Santa Claus. Did you bring all the M. H. 5. students some nice toys? JANUARY -All good things must end. Vve return to school. -Pep meeting. Two thrilling basketball games. Muscatine girls, 18: Washington girls. ll. Muscatine boys. !5: Washington boys, l4. -Orchestra practice. Y. W. cabinet meeting. -Hi-Y meeting. Four M. H. S. teachers are seen walking into a jewelry store. Do you suppose their Christmas presents don't fit? -Honor Society installation. Dr. Ensign of the University of lowa addresses the school. C. C. meets after school. Of all strange sights! Miss Thompson and Mr. Elliott sit on the steps of third floor and chat. Boys go to Mt. Pleasant Qto the school, we meanl and bring home an IS- I 6 victory. -Boys all escape and arrive safely home. -Mr. Messenger's Civics class goes to court fthis doesn't mean courtingl. They all enjoy the trial of an insane man. Dramatic club holds an interesting meeting and elects new officers. Oh! that lemon pie. -Bank Day! Miss Liebbe's class banks 10051 again ancl receives the cup. Muski Fellas meet at Y. M. Happy Birthday, Miss Liebbe! Who sent you the pretty Flowers? -Girls' team goes to Columbus junction for basketball game. -Boys' team goes to Ottumwa. We hope they will win, but then, of course. they will. because we expect them to be National Champions this year. -French Club meet at the Annex. Glee Club plans operetta. -Four little dignified Senior girls sit in the alley and eat popcorn and "peanuts that you crack." -"Cliff." F. ought to eat more "Pep" for breakfast, so he can stay awake in study hall. -Fairfield vs. Muscatine. End of semester. Some of us have completed our four years of high school, but you can't get rid of all of us yet. -Beginning of new semester. Lillian and Orville converse a great deal. -We all get accustomed to our new books, teachers, study halls, etc. -Assembly! C-irl Reserve meeting. -Auroran editors on a strike. No records are kept. -Burlington Basketball team comes to Muscatine and all basketball fans hold their breath when the game ends in a tie. Overtime period ends in our favor, 20-!8. -We meet and conquer our old rival, Davenport. 22-2!. FEBRUARY --Auroran's out. Honor Society elects new ofhcers. -Annual Y. W. Banquet. -Bank day! Dr. Rust speaks to girls in an assembly. Declam. contest held. -Seniors flock down to Chamber!in's studio and watch the little "birdie". -The alarm clock fails to awaken Leland H. and john B. at Wilton and so they miss their train and come loitering to school in the afternoon. Boys beat Washington 22-!4 and girls take out Letts, !6-9. Assembly is held and a moving picture, "The Romance of Silk," is shown. Mr. and Mrs. Dungan entertain the Auroran staff at a party. -Muski boys revive old fad and come to school in blue denim overalls. Radio fans are privileged to hear M. H. S.'s Honorary Clee Club over KTNT. Mr. Brown, a Y. M. C. A. secretary in japan, speaks of his work. -Dramatic Club holds meeting. New members put on a mock wedding. "Johnnie" Potter in lrene's coat and hat. makes a darling bride. while "Bud" Fisher plays the part of a jealous groom very well. Girl Reserves are escorted to a banquet by their Dads. -Senior girls look like "little kiddies" rather than "dignified young ladies" Hair ribbons adorn their bobbed hair and aprons cover their frocks. -Lincoln's birthday celebrated. lowa Nine Declamatory contest is held here. -Mt. Pleasant comes to Muscatine. -French Club and Glee Club meet. -Davenport vs. Muscatine. -Alpha B. forgets her glasses and asks a Freshman the way to assembly. -Basketball! Ottumwa demonstrates its ability to play basketball. -George Washington's birthday is celebrated. No school! -Curia Regia furnishes the program for Assembly. -Muscatine plays Fairfield. -April Fool! There ain't no such day! MARCH -March comes in like a lion, bringing plenty of rain and snow. French Club meets at the Annex. -Seniors start collecting pictures of their many friends. -Bank day. Orchestra practice. Crville and Lillian enjoy the "Vanishing American". -Tournament continues. !Vl. H. S. is dismissed at 2:45 to see the games. Little Muskies wallop University High, 32-9. -The eternal rivals meet once more. Davenport takes us into camp, 20-!9. What a weeping and wailing follows! -Pupils parade through Second Street. School bond issue goes through. -Dramatic Club meets. "Shorty" Cirossklaus gets his fortune told. -No assembly. Cir! Reserves meet. -Hi-Y meeting. -Girls' tournament begins. Muscatine wins first game. -Some more tournament. Columbus junction wins championship. -Glee Club practices operetta, Miss Thompson seems to be fond of butterscotch pie. "Tee" has a date, per usual. -Hi-Y and Girl Reserves hold St. Patrick's Party. Oh,"The Wearing of the Green!" -We all go to bed early. so we can go to the party tomorrow night. -Literary Societies hold joint party. -First day of Spring arrives. Now watch the grass grow. -Glee Club members raise their voices in song. --We begin to think of ten weeks' tests and report cards-and shudder! -Junior C-ir! Reserves entertain Senior Cir! Reserves at a "kid" party. -Esther, were those apples good that you took out of Ruth's locker? -Happy birthday, lrene. Auroran's out. -Spring vacation begins. "Oh, boy, ainit it a grand and glorious feeling?" APRIL -April Fool's Day! l wonder how many of us got fooled. -Easter Day! We all wear our new Easter bonnets and join in the parade. -School begins again, after a stormy vacation. Clee Club continues their work. -"April showers bring May flowers." Senior Girls hold conferences. Auroran staff meeting. Chorus meets. -Cir! Reserve cabinet meeting. Many see Rex Tucker as the newly-wed husband in "Go Slow, Mary". -Assembly! Aeolian members give the stories of many familiar songs and then sing them for us. Professor Wise of Parsons College talks to us about "The Advantages of a College Education". Bernice H, and Walter T. enjoy the show very much. -Wai! and be whaledl Report cards are out! -We return with our fatal report cards. Members of the Senior class try out for Class play. Senior meeting. Pictures of classes are taken. -This is the thirteenth, but it's not Friday-Thank goodness! "ln Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" fill Many couples enjoy the sunshine and warm weather by going riding and walking. C. C. Benefit show. "Lights of Old Broadway", begins. -Orchestra practices. Girl Reserves hold supper meeting at Y. W. and elect officers for next year. Many M. H. S. students attend the Benefit show. -Literary societies meet. Cast for "Loan of a Lover" practices in North Hall, 7th period. Loud avowals of undying affection are wafted to our ears. Romance Language Club presents program in assembly. -Christian Endeavor Convention begins. Track meet-Durant, Wilton and Mus- catine compete. -Dress rehearsals for the three plays. Happy Birthday, Lillian. -Dramatic Club presents plays before a large audience. Assembly. Dr. E.. M. Emery, President of York College, Nebraska, gives the students a wider view of life. Curia Regia meets. Staff members continue to work hard on the Annual. -Seniors put on program in Assembly. Sophomores hold party. Members of Track team go to Des Moines for Drake relays. -Bernard H. celebrates his birthday. -An epidemic has broken out in M. H. S. Manv students have been aflqirted. Prominent authorities say that vacation is the only cure. Puzzle: What is the disease? -Literary Societies meet, Moonlight excurision. No M. H. S. students went f?l. -End of April. Only one more month until vacation. MAY -Oh, this is the merry month of May! Track team goes to Burlington. Senior girls hold picnic at Weed Park. Don't rf-I! anvone, but were guilty of using the slides and swings, which are "for children onlv. -Culee Club presents operetta, "The Feast of the ! ittle Lanterns." -"Sammy" Hohenadel celebrated his birthday. Happy birthday to you! -Senior Class presents play, "The Varsity Coach." -Track team goes to lowa City. -Baccalaureate sermon. -junior-Senior Banquet. Good eats, good program, good music and good dancing. JUNE -Class Day! -Senior picnic. -Alumni Reception. -Commencement! Good-bye. Seniors! We hope you're as illustrious in the wide world as you were in M. H. S. Last clay of school ti!! next fall. U m U .D her OVCS 1 -o r: KU uf J U U U1 O .c 3 .5 ..: o ... -u 5-4 KC 3 0 Fl W 2 .2 Va lv U P U U L1 5 .. IU Z P' ,Y .., .. L. Q 4, . C- - fx 4, : , x w-ficgmxifz X , .QQ-, ,4Qf,",Qfj-'t'F4 ' N , uf 1, 'H+ ig W 5 N6?1Q'ffr,'3i 4 , - -wsu --1 - . A .K 4 . , Q, -av I 5' 4 Q2 ,H 'ffl 9? We ' Y ii59,6f1:'.:' 17 x . X is . - ,- V y , .k -Q N H 4, Q ff, 2. Y : 1N,g.Ag'3x , ,KJ vg . K-ZTW: . 'X ,. g49,atWx:5gNg" .Ig xi - "gf, ws' -'gif' ' 3? Q X 4 N . , , , . 'L I , .fs ' X5 Q, :N L, . . A' 2 -A 'A .rQ4f:'.x f .-1. - : 'Y ,mm A .- Y v., 4. . .y -, 5?i6"'5" -fix 'L wil 'W 5 fe-X' X 'mugs y 325' , , .V X - A-Qf:"+ X - e f gf- -"- k 7 "1 1 N XR ' H. ' ' gsf" ' ff - . Q" - , we l , Q f 'w ' , al' 5 1 Evil I", , ' X. LX ' Q,-4 A .1 xrhff ,J .. l fx, ,A-ff . ' .5 - , " if .5 1 x Q.ga5"z---2-, . W ' E xx --N. " e 3' 5 -fi -K I ,ex V rg' x A N ' . -Y J . f 'A wwf- - -. -N, gn. w " . 1 ' ..-:- Ui. - Q- . - f Msrmzws I ,I 1 ,. K. , iii ,., A . 1, W -- . - .f.. .,. , .4 5: ,. i 5 ffrnpfnf fron: 'fi-l-ffllll, llifffrrl L., VV.fxlil-wxrr., fry ,ffn'4'.f.1f pf'ru1l,f,r.frm of U'1'f'1'v l'11frf,'fMr1g Lu., Nl. Pnnf, fllfrlrlf-mm. Enkvn sinh Aim A Certain Rich Man ...... Old Rose and Silver .......... Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ..... The Thr Man of the Hour ....... ee Musketeers ....... Dream Life ........ M. H. S. LIBRARY ............Nobody .......,lunior Class Testrake W.. Paul C. and Tommy B. .........................................Vacatlon The Doctor .,.......... ...................,... T homas Beveridge The Little Minister... ............ Thomas Dilley The Crisis ............. ....... R eport Card Day So Big ................ .... ......... H erlbert Freese Snow Bound ........ Peelis Bad Boy ............ Peter Pan, .......... . ........... .......Our Spring Vacation , .............. Howard Kautz .........Mozelle Ashby The Shoulders of Atlas ..... ............... M r. Nicolaus The Crossing .................. ...... C oing to the Annex just David ......................... ........ D avid Sywassinlc Oh, Moneyl Money! ....... ................ B ank Day Contrary Mary ............ ........ M ary Luellen Mistress Anne ......... Age of lnnocence .......... The Three Little Pigs ,................... ..... ......... .............................. A n na Shield Year Geraldine Foster, Lillian Cochran, Zelma Funclc What Every Woman Knows .................................................. ...... .............. C 0 quetry Up From Slavery ................................................,. ..... ................... S u mmer Vacation jack and jill ......,............,.......................................... john Potter, lrene Cuessregen Little Lord Fauntleroy fSee "The Gypsy Trailnj ...................... Sarah Marie Cook The Perfect Tribute ............................................... ............... D iplomais The Man Without a Country ........ ............. T he Flunlcer The Sporting Chance ................. ....... M atching Pennies The Secret Carden ...... ............... F aculty Meeting The Celebrity .......... ........ C lifforcl Freyermuth Under Two Flags ........ This Way Out ................ The Uncrowned King ....... Discarded .......................... Unc le William ,.............. ....... Come Out of the Kitchen. .... .. he Half-Year Student ...............The Front Door Hayes Report Cards ......................William Howell Home Economics Students The Turmoil ........................ .......................... B etween Classes Spreading the News ................ ........................................... The Auroran The Romancers .................................................... Edwin Willis and Virginia Votaw The Amazons ........,......... Alpha Braunwarth, Beryl Davidson and Myrtle Whitmer Prisoners of Hope ...............................................................,...................... All of us The Burden of Mankind ............... ........ T cn Vfeeks Tests What Some People Call Pleasure... ...........,...... Studying Laughing Last ...................... ........... Joke Editor Memory Lane ...., ...........lowa Avenue Harold ...................... ....... Harold Froehner On the Heights ................................ ................ S enior Year Far From the Madding Crowd ....... ....... P rincipal's Office The Silent Places ....................... ...... T he Study Halls The Merry Men ........ ......... M uski Fellas The Tenor ............. ....,....... ....... S t earns Howe . ,L,,, She: "Why, oh. why, did you ever marry me?" He: "Yea, l'llbitc. Why?" i - "" :M W .KQV ' ..ff' - 'E , W5 Twwf' S ' - Wi ,, A 1 ,K W A. iS3' ,Wqi:i5: . x 1:2 ' lm wg Hg 'if Qjsxzx 'V f" .1 ,- L Eng, I-BF? S i rfbf m g ,, ,, y Mi . + A y . Qw' 5,1 , X ,N .X ' -., t M- xg , V 1 1 5 26 2 .x ' - x -sq-:tv H Q. Akai ig J isnt' 'x,' 'Q " wi: W M 'NPAV 'll 4 'ff 'xi-3. 5-' ..- -., ,HK gli ,Q am Q , .fag 2 sem' R' 'f r 1' -' A- ' 'ff. fs.'etf :fu K A 5 .K-3-rg' k--, ,'- ,.:',f:- if -h :.:3-he V. .,-h .Q E13 Q, . Hq.Xx.vxY,yX Q E H, Qi, , -rf k' Sfy. , ,SW 'E Q 1-:M 1 . 'xx Y -5 ggi-x X 351- xlj NN - . I: X , -1 1 - " 'f 1 4 ' -1, .M 1 " . 5 -gg ' yf?Q5f5'Q Kffigiffgf .-fp 5 fd Q, 1 3' Q 15 ' Sgg55QSf,'4Q,,'f,:. f'-www a ' 753 'xv -Q1 N' Q . - A ' i f if W, AO 3 " f Qbf' :QQ X WnE'Q5XJX.'irm.', xmn 1 K' y' ' M ' FF A Q W' H 'M ' HH- Wi- ' ii F I Q E, ' , aw , L, ge,.f , :gf ' V fggg 1 l ' . .Ag ' 33553:1311M,,w.: AL.g E f - 9 UM L.. In ,g f ' QQWNK Jan:--,: gf ' Q L" -" 4f""" " T "" ff-53' '- : Q - " 34 v, L 4, R11 . ' lv 'br ' vgy 32 'x' ' T" -, ' ---wSW"x' "" 1'7fL::aS3' - L 'J 1 -' i"Q" 5' i" "i , ..,, h . . ,, . - J A , t ..: ., , 1 , . . 4 I "W -,, . 59 , . A' . ' f Q , .. W '--," 5 "ii -I . V - Q, x fx '-A' -.Vx Y , Ne W , ' K . -i -QM15-ia Ie: .V ' b .xA. ,. . .-.x I Z L ,i f A F F " A R Q1 ' ' l -' - ' 'PJ f f - ' i 1: , ' ' Fx TV' 2 ' ' f --A ' .ef ... -f X A 5, - . by Q .gg lr, ,,, Mil me N , 2 1 . is .4 - M "' 1 6' 2 3: ' 4 f r in uf5:f-'f,,2r?Q1f"'Qs55- . , v 1.,."N'k ., ' , QA, - '-"m A ' V-as m y X ig., -1 -3' . ' 't' M 'L W . - "'- , A' I :-.F rl " gs '.'f: - :J ,L-'yi - 7 V 3, 55' .,., 1 ,.,, Q' 'V ..,' "xA Vw' f-,QQ - M, ,-,W .,., .Qi X sv, . v "Q-5 Q -xv ,- six ,Q?S:gs'gx3g.: A ia w. 5 .. , X. 4 Q r - . m " S ix HAL.. ' ip ' 1'gef', 'W ,-,- , A E1121f2,"f?f-"fi4?5?3"?''if ' urgff- -, - f in-Y"'f5'P 355 if i4i?"IfI ?ET' 1' I A-31.5 A. I '41 3 .v ,L 1- V- -' : , ' ' 'P M, 'a :V 1' W , 1-H1 V-. x sa Phwnci 122 CIFCCIIIIHLIQCI N. Cedar St. J. E. KRA N Z I+'I,ORIS'I' IVIwIc4.1Ic .md RL-t.1iI I7c.1Ic1 in Cut Iflmwn. Fluml Dwugn- .md .XII KimIw1f Plantf ,N,,,. .. V 'I' If-wx Mc IXILb-.X I ISI., IOXI .X LOOK! .X Look if IVMII1 .1 'IIIIOLIQLIHCI XXYONI41' Comm in .md 1,0014 .xt the FASH' ELECTRIC XVASI-IFR DETTHOF HDVV. CO MEET ME AT THE ccYaa Y. INI. C. A. FURNITURE CO For I'ILll'l1IfLll'C, R ugs, fluff Iinolcums CASH .IND IXS,I'.XI.I,KIIfN'I'S J. W. Dowxm' RESTAURANT TRY OUR II.XIXIIIL'RGI'IRS Hur I,uncI1cs SCI'YCxI I'cIL-phone 1032-R 11170 IIerQhcy' Ave. - -.Xl.I, NI XIxI'.N OI4g 'IIYI'I",XYRITIQRS Sold, Rcntcd, :md Rcpnircd I7iQt1'IIWL1IrwI' Rcmingl K111 I'm't.1IvIc C. H. LEU 21111 uvul SUUHMI Sl. AILIw'.lIIl1L', I3.XSIiI3.,XI,I, TICNNIS Th0mps0n,s Hardware Store SPORTING GOODS li,X5lilf'l'II,fXLI, FOOTBQXLI Lillian Becker CTO gallant shop assistantjz "ls this color fast and genuine?" Clerk: "As genuine as the roses on your cheeks." "Lillian: "Well-er-er-er-show me something else." ii, She: "l showed father the verses you sent me." He: "Wht did he say about them?" She: "He was very pleased. He said he was so glad l was not going to marry a poet. .4iQ.,, SIGNS OF SPRING Eighth period detention. Slack studies. Junior and Senior feud. Yellow Admits. Bright colors. Cray suits. Seniors and juniors playing marbles. Girls without coats and hats. Boys without coats and hats. .g se Small boy fat the zooj: "Mother, that ape sure looks like Grandpa, doesn't he?" Mother: "Hush, dear, you shouldn't say such things." Small boy: "Why? Can the ape hear?" ..,-y, . . WHAT'S IN A NAME? ls Thomas a Beveridge? Whom does Norma Chase? What does Arline Daut? ls Paul a Fischer? When does Herbert Freese? ls Maynard Gray? ls Clifton a little Lamb? Can Sarah Marie Cook? ls Edith a Berg? ls Betty an Appel? ls Dorothy a sly Fox? , ,,,,, , ,W EXTRACTS FROM A CHEMISTRY NOTE-BOOK I. Nitro-lime is made by mixing lime and nitrogen. When mixed with listerine and axel grease it forms nitro-glycerine. which is used as a seasoning in biscuits and pancakes. 2. Suspension-when a fine is imposed on a man for driving a Saxon while intoxi- cated. and his fine is suspended, and he is suspended instead. 3. The Law of Combining Weights-When a man puts bricks in his sack of rags, this is known as combining weights. 4. A candle Hame burns because it is inflammable and is lit. 5. Combustion is an uncontrollable reaction, as sneezing, running nose, kiss in the dark. 6. Coal is made up of one-quarter coal, one-quarter rock. one-quarter slate and one-quarter ?-which is unknown to anyone but a coal dealer. It burns occasionally and is not soluble in water. - ,mc Mary M. Petersen flistening to very effective violin sololz "lsn't it just dread- ful the way that fellow abuses his violin?" Mildred Riemcke: "Yes, indeed, no wonder it wants to crawl up under his chin." Cjhe Qflurordn THE YEAR BCOR OF MUSCATINE HIGH SCHGCL Volume XIX - 1926 P bl I d by THE STUDENTS of MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL MLTSCATIN I WH wish to use this space to thank the High School Stud- ents for your patronage during the past year. E. 1. ASTHALTER 223 Iewn Avenue Res. Phone 2256 Office 2 an AUTO PARTS REPLACEM ENT COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF Automotive Replacements Parts 210 YVeSt Second Street IXIUSCATINIC - IOWV.-X PARRY AUTO CO. HUPINIOBILE 229 IV. Ifront St. Phone 841 LANGE 81 SI-IELLABARGER GARAGE 211-215 VVest Front Street STAR FOURS mmf SIXES Phone S66 Hflforol tSf1'r'ife ibut St1fi.ffizff" CHAUDOIN 133 Wwest Second Street Ski WN WIRING - MOTOR XVORK RADIO HQUIPMIQNT THANK YOU M. H. S. STUDENTS YOLII' QCIICTOLIS PLIITOIILIUC IIAIS . 1. C' x been much appreemted VVIC ARIC SURIC OUR COURTLEY HIGH SUITS as well as our young fellow? H.-ITS amz' FURNISHINGS have more than pleased rou. ANSON CLOTHING COMPANY 4 -2 'Q 41'-w w- QM' A A fr AW? 3,7 W7 xl 5 I . . 3 - 1 tk ,N , , 7:5 ,K ' :gil . , , 'N 'lgejjgf V' :- ' ' Q - -':,5.,g, --,,4Qy . 5, t ,S K -J b ' , Qfi- g" "5 ' " ' 'N I ., ff M: .rw ' '-1 '. s, f I :Qty 1 .I P -.CA , "H:-. ' . .. ,. . - ,ix-.,: :wg i' I fx , ' ":rk.1,,: ' ,, .4 ffgm. dlvqdfzvk fling P-A .LMI AM :ww-14 7? , , 'ff J LP,gf -,aw-.'-1 '- iff -xii 'f:f.iff"' 4-15" imr. , - '-gfw' v f , ' wwf. 4 mb . K J' Fw' E253 he' it I ,V wg .rj FOR YOUR GRADUATION SUIT Bogard Clothing Co. HOTEL M USCATINE 125 ROOMS 100 with Private Bath C x IARLES R. XVANNISR .xlllllllg 61' IT? liffirfr in Sz'.!.!i!ltQ QUALITY GRUCFRIIQS 'fur J- - REASONABLE PRICE - AND -- G R 0 C E R Y CASH .mn calekx' -H3 I',.15t Second btrucl T. H. Q,tQII,Yll-Q, l'rffp. MUSCATINES BIG DEPARTMENT STORE I 7. ' . SX A- fs - 5 ' 1 I H xx , D- .- ffcv 1 v wx , CL' ff .2 ' J :NL ,I X- A I .vfxffj 1 l "V, ' Tq" " ' I Q? my C ... P1 I , ' BTPMTT . . :V -, 5 V V N , f gasiilu W - - -qpfsge 3, ..-I - - I ,fa -' f- I .--- NT 3: jf -e-s f-1 YOUR STORE A111 Imfilzztiozz You Have E'1'c'l'.X' Refzxofz fo be Prom! of. 5 w I r r W1 OUR CAFETERIA wi XVe invite you to inspect our white- enameled sausage and cook- ing rooms. V , Y b C. E. RICHARD gl SONS BEEF AND PORK P.-XCKERS BUTTER WASHINGTON STRFFT T V T NL 1 YOUR GROCER BREAD CALL 295-296 "Rizf1 fix Bllffcgl' Steffi as 41 Nu!" FOR QUALITY FOODS ,mn PROMPT SERVICE GEC. EITMAN Riffzefiezz Camzeff C0015 yRLcxnnuJ3Co. lNCORPUR.'X'I'lilD WHOLES4-XLE GROCERS X112 'Zi ng lllfi-l Il XV. FRONT STREET Waltman 8: West Most Up-to-Date MEAT MARKET in the City EATMORE LEUS DELICIOUS ICE CREQUI IT IS SAFE Mazda from Pastcurizcd and Homogcnized Cream Phone lllf STYLE SHOES OF QUALITY MONTGOMERY SHOE GO. Hia GOOD TO YOUR CAR USE MARATHON OILS AND GREASES --BEST IX T115 LONG Rm", BOVVSER IMPLEMENT COMPANY INICSC,-X'I'INE COLUNI BUS J' UNCTION 1fIOw1cRs FOR ALL OCC,xs1ONs CORSAGES A SPECIALTY Sizri if II lrb Ffmzfu GEO. KRANZ OC SON Plimici -If "lf'ue1'vff1i11g f for Ei'e1'x'b0Jx"' THE GLATSTEIN STORES G ENERAL MERCHANDISE am! HOUSE FURNISHINGS BUY LIFE INSURANCE 'WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG Qu MAEGLIN Sc DIERCKS .lxgfffli fm' lfff .Yf,1'!f1::'f,vlff'11 .11'lllll,If I'I1wm' NU-II lil, .XIIIUI'IL'.llI Iimk Q l K 'roe-GERY SHOP N II-I Ifast Sucomi Struct You Iwught zz great many gmdua tion suits from us this year. Tfmnkf, ice fzpplwuifztefz' your 17l1f1'OlllIgE SUPPLEINIENT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL with training IOI' HIGHER .fXCCOI.'N'I'ING IICSINICSS I-XDINIINISTR.-XTION Or S1iCRIi'I'.-XRI,-XL SERYICIC --ni- BROWN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE YOUR IIOTXIIC SCI IOOI. PICTURE ONE-BIRTHDAY PARTY. Find Alice Harbaugh, Sarah Marie Cook, Adele Mark, Margaret Brannan, Edith Jayne, Dorothy Fox, Helen Heidel, Esther Robbins, Eleanor Zeicller and Elizabeth Benham. PICTURE TWO--JACKSON SCHOOL, GRADE 5. Included here are Adele Mark, Anna Wigim, Ruth Meerdink. Marion Meeker, Beryl Davidson, Helen Heiclel, Eugene Magnus. John Potter, Ray Qthmer. George Pitchforth, Gladys Fetterhoff, Pauline Shaw. Donald Lranson, Dorothy Howe, Nvalter Wigim, Harold Timm, john Luellen, Albert DeCamp, Sam Cirossklaus, Lois Bowser, Wilbur Umlandt, Thomas Beveridge, Paul Crosslclaus. PICTURE THREE-WASHINGTON SCHOOL, GRADE 6. See who are here: Pauline Smith, William Fishburn, Francis Honts, Dorothy Fox. Francis Stoker. Kenneth Lemkau, Irene Cuessregen, Sarah Marie Cook, Esther Chamberlin, Ruth Bilkey, Molly Crlatstein, Eunice Chamberlin, Elizabeth Wiahl. Shirley Schomberg, Edith Jayne. PICTURE FOUR-BASKETBALL TEAM. On this picture are: Harry Wiegand,V james Figg, Samuel Crosskiaus, Paul Crossklaus, Walter Wigim, and Clarence Dilley. PICTURE FIVE-FRANKLIN SCHOOL.. CRADE I. Among these are: Marguerite Sling, Lillian Cochran, Kenneth Huber, Dorothy Tobias, Howard Kautz, Herbert Freese, Verle Nietzel, Pearl Holghauer, Orville Schauland, Norbert Liebbe. . ,.,,. . The following is a list of commodities and their principal uses: I. Doors ..............................................................., To slam. 2. Paper .................................. To be cast about the halls. 3. Erasers-fa, Rubber .................................... To chew. fb, Chalk .... ............ ............ T o throw. 4. Books ......................, ........ T o fill lockers. 5, Fountain pens ............... To lose. 6. Pencils .......,.... .......... T o break. 7. Pennies ....... ........ T o match. 8. Grass ........... ..........,. ....... T 0 mow. 9. Sidewalks ..... ................,........ To paint. IO. Offices ........ ................. T o send pupils to. II. Teachers ..... ....,, T o send pupils to the office. I2. Pupils .,............. ....... T 'o be sent to the office. I3. Study halls ....... ...... ....................... T o sleep in. I4. Studies .......... ........................... T o take up time. -,- ,4-,,, Maynard Fischer fenters the room: sits down hurriedly, then leaps upl: "OuchI" Harry Tiecke: "What's the joke?" Maynard Fischer: "The joke is on me, pick it oft please E,-,,,,,. Miss Howe: "How many in this class are typewriters?" T, HE ,lohn Potter, trying to keep up the party spirit: 'iDicI you ever hear the one about the man who said he had two skulls of Columbus-one when he was a boy and the other when he was a man?" Zelma F.: "No: what was it?" -W .-, WE Teacher: "You should eat only cereals that develop the cranium." "Square" Freese: "I suggest noodle soup, head cheese and cocoanut pie." A group of Mnlscatirme High School graduates now at IOWA WESLEYAN CQLLEGE -Here's lfze Lisl- RICII.-IRIJ KIIIIENIIERGER CHESTER KING ICIIN,-I rIIIES'1'RAKE VERNA HAGERNI.-XNN AVARREN BENTZINGER XVM. XYELLONS BEIIIAII H.-XGERNIIXNN XVILNIA BAKER IQAYNIOND XVERNER ROBERT LEWIS MARX' HOWE MAE BENTZINGER CI.INToN IVQOD These are all glad they Came and you'll feel the same way. XVrite for Catalogue. Registrzltion, September 13, 1926. I-'RHSHMFN XVERK OPENS SEPTEMBER 10th FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMP Sept. 6th WHAT TH Albert Kemper ........ George Pitchforth .... Miriam Diercks ........ John Luellen ........... Alpha Braunwarth... Lillian Cochran ........ Paul Fischer ............. Walter Testra ke ...... Bernice Hagerman... ESE STUDENTS IN M. H. S. ARE NOTED FOR length excuses .......Her basketball ability ........His gum chewing speeches Her executive ability many dates Howard Kautz .......... Samuel Hohenadel... john Earger ........... Arthur Busch ........ Edwin Willis ....... Helene Haefner ,.... Leland Horst ...... Herbert Valett ......... Dorothy Hagerman.. Margaret Hawkins .... Elizabeth Brown ....... Geraldine Foster... Henrietta Hiller ........ Esther Chamberlin... Maynard Eckhardt... Howard Bierman ...... Thomas Dilley ....... Elizabeth Barrows .... john Mueller ......... Virgil Barrows ....... Mabel Uhr ....... Lysle Mason ....... Anna Shield ....... Robert Zeidler .......... Mozelle Ashby ......... Clifford Freyermuth ...... Bernard Harper ....... Betty Hempstead .,... Zelma Funck ............ Dorothy Striebel ...... William Howell ........ Eugene Magnus ..... lvan Lockwood ........ Pauline Jamison ....... Harry Wiegand ........ Herbert Freese... Marion Musser Dorothy Howe Mabel Uhr Maxine Carver lrish: "l'm going Swede: "5oami." L ,Q ,L home." .,.,... His ability to miss cars by an inch .......Her bookkeeping His "Photo Plays" ......His silence in class .......His auburn hair ......His arguments ..........His Virginia .........,Her long hair .........His good nature .....His athletic ability ....Her innocent looks music .......................Her VOICE ......Her habit of thinking Her notes from Sam good resolutions His running and jumping ability heavy weight curly hair readings ........His work for the Auroran ........His slumbers in all classes ........Her Charleston exhibitions .......His skull and cross bones giggles ........His fatherly advice ................Her "Abie" ........His entertainments jokes attitude ....Her committee meetings ...............Her high grades . ............. His friendly ways His latest styles in men's clothes balloon trousers . .......... Her late arrivals .......His late song hits ........His bicycling ......Their skipping assemblies Mrs. Cohen: "Dis lifeguard saved your life, lkeg shall l give him a dollar?" Mr. Cohen: "l vas half dead when he pulled me out. Give him fifty cents." flifuscaiine Hzgh School Song AO,- We're loyal to you, Muscaliricg we're purple and gold, flluscalmc We'll baclc you to stand 'gainst the best in the land, For we know you have sand, Muscatine. Rah! Rah! 'lihen armed for the fray, Mr1scaline,' we'll banish dismay, flffuscalme Our School is our fame protector: on boys, for we expect A victory from you, Muscatine. Fling out the dear old flag of Purple and Gold, Lead on your sons and daughters, fighting to hold, Like men of old, in giants placing reliance. shouting Oslci. Wow-w'ow! l Amid the broad green fields that nourish our land: For honest labor and for learning we stand. And unto thee we pledge our heart and hand, Our High School of llluscatinc. defiance PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. DR. H. O. IOHNSON T. WARDTUOMEY DENTISY' D.E.N'Tl.S'7' PIIOIIQ: 2499 Lzlurel Building l'hOnu: NO. SU Nuitc ill-If Laurcl HuilIllIIg NIL'SC.XTlNIi, IOW.-X l DRS. LANGE CSL HOVVE lJA'.x'1'1.x-vw bullu alll: l..1urcl lilllg. lXlLl5C.X'lllNl'l. lOXV.X HOURS: 9 IO ll Ll.Il1.Q2IU 4p.m.g T1O9p.m. DR. W. VV. POTTER NIUSC.-X'l'lNl'l, IUXVX Tulcplmncs: Rcf., l 190-XVg UHICQ Oil 1".W.ENGI,UND 1nL'.x'1'1sT llllsmlw, RLQZ 2234 Otlicc: lOlI'l-XV ONS I..Iu1-cl lilklg. DR. R. lNI. AREY llll Xvcxf Second Street DRS. l3l'lVlIlRllXllf SL HQVVR OHS l,.lLlI'Cl Hlklg. DR. A. I. OLIVER l'lIOncsI Rus., 153g OHICQ, lil 203 Ii.XS'l' SICCOND STRISTIT OUR COMIC DEPARTMENT Tillie, the Toiler-Twila Anderson. Harold Teen-Joe Bosten. Mutt and jeff--George Pitchforth and Casey Wells. "Chick" Gunn-Glenn Ogilvie. Andy GumpiMaurice Ditmon. "Boob" McNutt-Who shall we say? "Moon" Mullins--"Square" Freese. Kayo-john Kammerer. . ig., Mr. Atkinson: "Virgil, do you want to leave the class?" Virgil Bowlby: "l wasn't talking. l was writing." Mr. Atkinson: "Well, don't write out loud, then." L, .Y Lillian C.: "Alpha, feel my finger and see how sore it is." , LL, W7 Sam Metzger: "ls the King of England any relation to the first king?" Messenger: "ls the King of England any relation to the first king?" Sleepy Voice from back of room: "Shirt-tailln fray . .. Miss Homan fin Psychology classj: "Howard, what makes you talk so much? l'm sure I don't know." Howard K. fatter deep thinkingj: "l know, Miss Homan: l was vaccinated with a talking machine needle." , ,,,, ,Y FAMOUS FAIRY TALES The brakes wouldn't hold." l am going to study next semester." Uclad to see you." "l think l'll graduate pretty soon." "The world is growing better." "just let me have it for a minute." 'Tm just crazy about Bill Shakespeare "l can beat that train across." "Yea, l'Il buy a ticket tomorrow." "l always used to get high grades." L, ,, Kenneth L. fin Economics classjz "You save everything you don't spend." . WL, , H Mr. Dungan: "Let's all do some work: wade in deep--" Thomas B.: "Come up for air." Mr. Dungan: "That's just what weive done. Now we'll dive again." , , LLL., George P. fexplaining his mistakes in mental testsjz "l knew thcm. but l thought they did, too, so l didn't put any answer clown for them." . , ,L Rex Tucker: "l'm getting all wet." "Bud" Fischer: "Yeal That's why l don't like to take a bath: just look what water does to iron." , ,, , Mr. Kloos fin Bookkeeping classl: "lf you were keeping books for a local merchant and you found that you had S2 more cash than the amount shown by the cash account, what kind of entry would you make for the SZ?" jim Lange: "Pocket entry." Iggy PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY W. STIERS, M. D. DR. L. KLEIN Pf1I'SlC.'l.-IN, SL'RCIL'UX A UHE U L.zuz'cmT II SU Phono: 272 DR. A. J. GREINER DENTIST DR. W. S. NORTON 129 Init bccond btrcct - OH1cc Phone: 64 I I l 3' American Bank Bldg. HIGH GRADE MILLWORK IN ALL THAT THIS NAME IMPLIHS ROACH Sz MUSSER CO. MAKERS OF HIGH GRADE MILLVVORK MUSCA'I'lNl'1, - IOXVA MUSCATINES MERCHANTS CAN SERVE Y O U B E ST Rlf.'XD THICIR ADS IN THEJOURNAL GRADUATES and UNDERGRADUATES See us for style, comfort, and prices on all kinds of shoes and oxfords ".S'!z0f.f for .flfl Ou'a5i01z.f" Broud's Shoe Market II4 Iowa Avenue E. 1. ZEIDLER DRY GOODS STORE Imdles' and Nllsses' RIQADY-TO-VVEAR Rngx am! DI'df'FI'IfJ' Pl.-KNOS NIUSIC,-XI, TVIERCHANDISE T PHONOGRAPHS STUDIOS NIUSCAFI INI1 MUSIC HOUSE lmm Voive Violin 2l9 lows .-Xvenue X HARMONY nuff TI-Il'.ORY ML'SC.X'I'lNIi - IOVVQX xy I I5U,U,,e,l. Aww. Phone. -, 403 I,.lllI'CI Bldg. Phone 658-R HAHN BROTHERS CO. -XYl1olesz1le- FRUITS AND VI'lCli'IABI,PfS Sam! and Gnziwf lil, XX est l'ront Street fXIL'SC,Yl'lNlf - IOXYX MUSICAL Instruments Supplies Instruction ZIEGLER'S MUSIC SHOP 410 Hershey Bldg. A minister was staying at a boarding house over night. ln the morning he was awakened by the housekeeper singing, "Nearer, My God. to Thee." When she brought his breakfast to him he expressed his gratification. She replied, "Oh. heavens, that's the tune l boil the eggs to-three verses for soft-boiled and five verses for hard-boiled." m, V , You asked me why l'm mad at jack- l guess you haven't heard, He promised not to kiss me- And the poor boob kept his word. ...W .97 ,, My love has flew- He done me dirt: l didn't knew He were a flirt. To them unschooled Oh, let me bid, To not be fooled, Like l was did. 7 .,,.. Mr. Atkinson: "Walter, what makes the stars and planets shine at night?" Walter Rock: "The street light on those particular pieces of rock." ,,.s Q ,,, Mr. H.: "Dorothy, l will change your seat if you don't stop talking to him." Dorothy H.: "l only asked him one question." Mr. H.: "Yes, one question right after another." 1,.,m. Tick: "We'll have to be good now." Tack: "How's that?" Tick: "Oh, the janitoris putting in an electric switch." ,Y . Y., me Bud F. in Senior class meeting: "lf we intend to give a curtain. we'll all have to get behind it." m ,mg HEARD IN FLORIDA "You're going to elope with me," he cried. "Mi-am-il" she replied. ., , W-, The English VII class had just finished passing a rule of conduct. Thomas Beveridge: "According to the laws of lowa, that law will go into effect in ninety days." d,,,,,,,1 Tongue-tied city guy: "Whoa! Wanna' ride?" Country girl: "Yes." City guy: "Dittinl Diddapl Dive me a tiss?" Country girl: "Noi" City guy: Hwhoal Dit outl Diddaplu , 5, ,m A negro minister. wishing to end his sermon, said: "All those who want all the whiskey, wine and other liquors thrown in the river, please come forward, and the choir will sing an appropriate song." The choir responded by singing, "Shall We Gather at the River." OUR CONGRATULATIONS Some time when you are in our vicinity, won't you come in, let us offer our congratulations in person, and place at your dis- posal the service we will, at all times, gladly extend to you? "Our Fiffv limit' l'farur.rl lfffnn' 1 N- - - ii . .-'lZ'e' Ibn' CHUIWIHIIIX MUSCATIN E STATE BANK IOWA AYl'fNL'li inn! SECOND ST. WHAT THE GRADUATE EXPECTS .4 i1'.iTcf1, or COURSE! That is the gift most frequently given at graduation. That is what your boy's or girl's older friends received a year or two ago. kVhat wonder that your own young graduate looks forward to it now. Give the expected gift and avoid disap- pointment. And if you wish to give added pleasure, make the watch a GREEN. For the Crufu name carries with it a prestige which the young graduate will be quick to appreciate. There is plenty of variety to meet every taste, and the prices range widely. 'it Q qgliini QEwnL sli "Say it with a New Home" VVEIS PRINTING CO. 5- Ground Floor Hershey Bank Building lfntrance on Third Street gbfxs lg , W H , -,Aw , EEN. QUALI Ti' PRINTING 5:29 Zim ff --- -- - s Q - qggmp COIIIIIIEITIIIX am! Sorzefv I .wig al F- 1 ful V.: nl, gfmi' ,,H ....,, , 'Egli 1 N: Em- Engraved Stationery -- Announcements - CT'g:lZj71ffi5Q1 ll' 1..gl1 WHT., "liiiilI-Ell-ll- Name Cards, Etc. -IIIEIHIB.-: ill lin ill' 'tl 1 . .I Y, -lp ul EL--liTFMl Hoofr'zlffllE-CihIIUIKO if Big Enough N . '1 V 'T H: , 4 1 TL - v .t , h w ! H. .. .. J: - W, SICIC US FOR PLANS .NND BL'lI,DlNG TNI.X'I'lCRlfXLS BEACH 8: STORTZ LUMBER CO. -THE- IOWA PANITORIUM Fruit: .hL'I,I,, Prop. DRY CLEANING PRESSING Ere. Y l Suit.: Alatle 10 Order los Iowa Avenue Phone lllb AT GRADUATION FRESH- WATER TIME The Seniors who now make up the Class of 1926 realize the importance of money' at Graduation time. .f Clothes, invitations and numerous other Y necessities of this happy' season cost money, but available to one who prepares in advance. hlanufactured lax' I A ' kluniors now, hut the class ol next year will do well to start saving for their own graduation expenses. S I I 0 These banks will help. o a o MUSCATINE, iowa FIRST NATIONAL BANK FIRST TRUST 56 'fSIiRYICIii-XBLE BUTTONS" SAVINGS BANK .RWE Iowa Ave. and Third Street "WE BUTTON THE GLOBE" HRW LINE fr 0'5" "A+, QL F fn A , ,cu : . , . ATM- Buffose HAWKEYE PEARL BUTTON COMPANY Virgil Barrows fwatching john Luellen scratch his earl: "H-m-ml l see you're breaking up ground for spring planting." 1,1 "Prof." Kloos: "Stop that noise." Burton Marla: "That's Verle Nietzel's new sweater." 191 Mrs. Huftalen: "What did you say, lvan?" Ivan Lockwood: ul was talking, but l didn't say anything." 1911 Miss Liebbe: "ls Mable Uhr here?" John Potter: "Yes, she just left." 11,51 1 Freshman: "Say, Edith, what does jlohn Petersen look lil-ce?" Edith Hopkins: "l don't know him from Adam, only he surely wears some clothes." 1,1 AN EFFORT One frosty day in August ln the middle of July: When the snow was raining moth balls, And the ice stood six feet high, l went to take a little walk Down by the railroad track, But a "Copper" saw me take it- And made me put it back. U. R. Crazy 1,1 Messenger: "What was the first form of government?" Norbert Liebbe: "The Mayliower compact." Messenger: "We have different kinds of compacts now, don't we?" Norbert L.: "I don't believe we still have the same one." 1,1 The door opened and the study hall became quiet. Don B.: i'Gee, it sounds like a grave yard!" 1,1 Miss Thompson: "You all know what profit-sharing is, surely." Robert Jarvis: "Sure, gum wrappers and green stamps." 1,1 Glenn Ogilvie ftrying to get out of "Slip" Harper's Fordl: "Give me a can- opener, Rex." 1,1 Abie: "The noise you make with that soup is horrible." lssle: "Vell, vot do you expect of soup? Grand opera?" 1,1 GETTING FLYS "Oh, Mal C'mere quickln "What is it, Mary?" "l..ookl Johnny ate all the raisins off that sticky brown paper." 1,1 john Potter: Miss Liebbe, what are you going to wear to the High School party?" Ellnreuxnrh illgaiu has a gmt nf srhnnl bags in mlI5f2IflHB Qiltgh Lirhunl passeh bg, auh ine hupe it has hem heemrh p1'nfifal1lP bg all parlakers aah nulunlaers. llliheu ine haha enterrh tht paths of lifr, inhclhrr rnugh nr hurherrh iuith lllnssnms, ning this Hinsteeuth Quutual Aurnran F215l a glnining light upmt the mrmurivs nf nur hzrppg srhuul bags auh former rumrahvs- Tliehi Best Shine in the City SHOES DRY CLEANED and DYED HIGH CL.-XSS VVORKIVI.-XNSHIP -THE- IOWA SHINE PARLOR STOKER BROS., Prop. Purity Pharmacy G. B. EMBREE, Prefcription Druggist 110 W. Second Street IVIUSCATINE, - IOWA PIANUS LOTSPEICH Sc CO. BRUNSWICK PLUMBING VICTROLAS amz RADIOS HEATING 200 'West Second Street Phone 375 PLAYER ROLLS I RECORDS LOHR and CHASE A from from McC0l11z'5 HAVE YOUR NEXT SUIT MADE BY -THE- CLASGOW TAILORS 400 Patterns-All One Price 527 SERVE PEARL CITY ICE CREAM At Your Next Banquet-1'r1S PASTEURIZED PEARL CITY ICE CREAM CO. We Furnish Lollypops for the Cafeteria Phone 1819 FAVORITE SAYlNCS Mr. Dungan: "Order, please!" Mozelle Ashby: "Where's Abie?" Howard Kautz: "Say, pipe down, over there." Mr. Nicolaus: "Why were you late?" Zelma Funck: "l'm so angry l could crush a grape!" Geraldine Foster: "Keep quiet: l'm trying to think." Myrle Engel: "Don't talk to me. l want to study." Mabel Uhr: "So's your old man." Miriam Diercks: "l'm so angry at Harry." Clifford Freyermuth: "How do you do. folks?" Bernice Hagerman: "l fell asleep studying last night." Sam Latham: "Have you seen "Hilly"?" Henrietta Hiller: "That isn't the kind of a boy l thought you werel Orville Schaulandz "l'm the champion prize-fighter." Eugene Magnus: "Now, is that nice?" Lillian Cochran: "Where's the dummy?" . Q ,Y HAVE YOU EVER HEARD- Whafs our lesson? Have you a comb? May l use your compact? Loan me a pencil, will you? l know, but l can't think of it now. Can you lend me a nickel? l lost my paper. They omitted my study hall, so l couldn't get my lesson. May l get my sweater? My pen's dry. Someone took my book. May l sharpen my pencil? l need an admit slip. What time is it? The lesson was too long. l didn't get it finished. l don't understand that question. l lost my locker key. Who were you with last night? Did the two-minute bell ring? l studied so hard last period. l wish the bell would ring: l'm so hungry. Wasn't that test awful? l held my breath all period for fear he would call on me. -. . y,,, l rose and gave her my seat- l could not let her stand: She made me think of mother, With that strap held in her hand. .1.,m "What is an optimist?" "A man who carries a cork-screw!" .-mm Teacher: "ln what states is carbon-monoxide to be found?" "Bill" Fishburn: "Pennsylvania, California and-" Teacher: "Sit down." WATER SYSTE M HE , VND: O ,,,,.. .... .,,.. . . . 4 - ke f 1 . M""wa" a f t A 7:-i:::1f-" ' l" oln::1rnoM1 wr l. ' ,, .4 " ii num AG E NTS SANITARY PLUMBING 84 HEATING CO. To life Grmizmle- May we wish you joy, happiness, and prosperity as you step out of good old M. H. S. ,7,, Phone lllio 2211 YValnut Street lNIL'SQXI'lNlf, IOXV.-X lf. D. Hoksr lf. Sywsxssrxx AMF N NCKMAN GR.-XDU,-XTION 11R1asEN'1's wiv HAVERCAMPS DRUG STORE COMPLIM ENTS OF S. S. KRESGE CO. 5 55 10 Cent STORE SHOES- :citlz llze 17141511 of Siffeezz .-lzzleffaf .-Xll flower-like in their heauty, new shoes now step gaily into the sunlight, and, of tourse, the loxelie-t of them all are always found here first. Daylight Shoe Store Send Your Phofogaaph lVhen did you last send your bear friend your photograph? Surely, there is no bet- ter time than now to visit our studio. 'We are ready to show you the newest styles, and the prices are most reasonable. u , Chamberlin Studio 121 YVest Second Street I A Home, like an liducation, Built of Good Nlaterial, is Always Lasting- COLLINS-HILL LUMBER 81 COAL CO. fXIL'SC.X'1'lNli, -- IOWA A MODERN BANK .IILERT .ICCO,IlI.IIOD.eI TING PRQGRESSIVE XVe invite business and personal accounts, with the assurance of cor- dial, attentive service HERSHEY STATE BANK Oppofife ffm Gilt' -Huff TIES THAT BIN D The ties you make early in life have great inHuence over your future. Especially is this true of your banking ties, for your bank stands as close to your financial alicairs as your doctor to your physical being. Tia up icilfz fflfj l'1'ng1'ex.fi1'e Bunk AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK "S.If'If TY 1111.1 .N'lfRI'ICF,' McKEE FEED Sc GRAIN COMPANY ITLOUR, GRAIN A N D If If If D l PHONES: 234-339 500 East Second Street lXII.'SCATlNI'I, IOXVA FFLLOVX S-- TRY OUR M.-XLTED MILKS ee our New "Flaming Youflz D Blonde Oxford-56.00. E IQHENAU1-3R'S 018871 sfzfrlznl-iff Ilze berries T 211 Fast Second Street XVe also carry a full line of Muga Nlen 5 Silk Hose-SOC zines and Box Candy. WHY THE ENGLISH VIII CLASS WAS SO DEAD Arthur-Thinking of new arguments. Mozelle-Making up sleep of night before. Howard-Placing thumb taclcs. Esther-Waiting for lunch time. Ruth-Planning the next Auroran. Kenneth-Humming, "Show me the way to go home." Betty-Laughing about nothing. Bernard-Telling funny stories. Mr Dungan-Showing students the door. ohn-Perpetual talking. Pete "Forgot my book." Dorothy-Drawing pictures. Radio" Timm-Dropping books, pencils, etc. Zelma-"One minute yet before the bell rings." The Auroran extends to the following couples ance of their present affairs: sincere wishes for t John Potter .................................................. lrene Cuessregen Mason Potter .,.. Harry Luclce ........... William Fishburn ....... Walter TeStral-ce .... Kenneth Allbee... Samuel Latham ...... Orville Schauland ...... Harry Wiegand ....... Edwin Willis ........ Verle Nietzel .....,. Louis Hartman ....... Eugene Magnus ...... Robert Maurais .......... Cordon Schoemalcer .... Harry Kern ............... Lysle Rummery ......... Samuel Hohenadel ....... Harry Tiecke ............ Carl Schomberg ........ Ralph Leu .............. Byron Beitel .............. Weldon McKnight ........ ........lVl0zelle Ashby .......lVliriam Diexcl-is ............Vada Corriell .......Bernice Hagerman ........Florence Healey ...,....l'lenrietta Hiller ......Lillian Cochran ......Dorothy Tobias ......Virginia Votaw ...........Myrle Engel .......Florence Hughes ..........Ruth Stocker ........Plooma Shires .......Dorothy Kiefner .......Dorothy Howe .......Elnora Othmer ....-........Zeln1a Funck .......Dallas Lawrence ........Ctenevieve Phillips ........Pauline Jamison ......Dorothy Hagerman ........Gladys Crossley he mainten Good' Bye and Gooa' Luck F55 'LJ 3' -v- f , r. To the annual staff that has made this splendid book possible, we extend our hearty congratulations. May Good Luck be yours and may the future unfold an abundance of happiness and continued success. We have enjoyed the privilege of working with you and trust that the same friendly relations may be perpetuated, no matter what line of endeavor you follow. TRU-ART ENGRAVERS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Iofwais Premier College and High School Engrafvers Comgrazfaffiaiiamffs I0 the Graduating Class of 1926 Ci, HRU the years that lie ahead, Dear boys and girlsg May the future hold in store for you, Many pearls. Where'er your thoughts direct, May your lives reflect Happiness, Success and Nohleness. RQQQWQ PLFUUHUUUUQI QZQUUUIQQJHUQV Hinia Evhiraiinn In films E. ililurgarrt livmhlr ilu apprrciz1iinu zmh rscugnitiuu nf Iyrr f12Il1I21l'llP srrhirrs in 11411553- iinr giigly Mgrlynnl lmily in ily' rlzxss- rnum :mb in the nuts-ihr: 2IL'fif'lifiP5, im: rrspcrifullg hrhirntc flyis Kinr- trrutly 3111111211 g5t1lI'L'l1'2IlI. 4? .A, eb ' . 5 u L , 13 V,l 1 K 'A V 'WH Pl K., . VR UA I p wiv N 0 7' "I" "Vw V -I' -'-111 ' 2 :IV1".-rw. ,V 'ff m,s"'! 1" fa. Jr. 4 -V- 41. Q 3 'QV' fGi,11' ry. - , ' ij II! V.. .. I 5 0 . , ' '." G. 3. 4 lg "' .'. ,' MI VV- if 9--I. I- " " r ' ' 1-N "'t- Ir 3- 3. gm- V, JA,-K! af? , jf. .3 V Vw " iff' U' 4 r. '." " 15. H . 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Q?Y. fx-Q g il , , C EI' ,ii '- w ' 1 . -V5 - ,, r. . -- Y:Mgv?,y X I wp Q . if , iii, lyk :? bQ1,,, A ,EJ 5 13 -E Q x ix 3- far lovelie r. ks I' W0 's ture 113 but art. f SO mic work 'Lovely, indeed, the ml Svvninrn Seniors CLASS OF 1926 -400- PAUL FISCHER , .,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, P regidenf l'lOWARD KAUTZ ...,... ,,.,, V ice-Presidenz WILMA CROW ....,, ,,,,, S CCI'CfGl'lJ THOMAS DILLEY ,,... ,,,,,,O T reasurer IVIOTTO "Rowing, not Drifting" FLOWER Tea-Rose COLORS Blue ana' Tan ,O,i PAUL FISCHER "Bud" Science jefferson Class Pres, fill: Dramatic Club f4J: Aeolian KZ, 3, 'Hg Hi-Y 13, 42: Muski Fellas UUQ Athletic Ass'n: Senior Class Play. "He possessed a peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever he did or said." HOWARD KAUTZ "Howie" Commercial Franklin Class Vice-Pres. 141: Auroran Staff 141, Delegate to C. l. P. A. 141: C. C., B'd of Governors 141: Muski Fellas, Vice- Pres. 141: lnterclass Basketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Baseball 1l. 21: L. H. F. 131: Hi-Y 12, 3, 41: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "Happy am l, from care l'm free: Why aren't they all content like me 7" . .4 .. WILMA E. CROW "Willie" Commercial Rural Class Sec'y 141: Dramatic Club 13, 41: Swastika 13, 41 , Director 141: Chorus 13, 41 : Girl Reserves 11, 2. 41: Athletic Ass'n. "She finds theworld forever fresh and new." L .am THOMAS V. DILLEY "Tommy" Commercial jackson Class Treas. 141, Pres. 131: Basketball 1l, 2, 31: lnterclass Basketball 1l, 2. 3, 41: Track. Captain 131: Letter Club 12, 3, 41: Hi-Y 131: Aeolian 12, 31. "What he attempted, he performed." ., , ZELMA M. FUNCK "Susie' Language Lincoln Class Vice-Pres. 131: Auroran Staff. Delegate to l. H. S. P. A. 141: Honor So- ciety, Vice-Pres. 141: Glee Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y 131: Dramatic Club 141: Girl Reserves 1l, 2, 3, 41, Repr. to Oko- boji 131, Pres. 141: Swastika 12. 31, Treas. 1311 Le Cercle Francais 141: Musky Pep Machine 13. 41: Athletic Ass'n. "I opened the doors of my heart, and behold There was music within." ,, LAUREN GODDARD 'Smith-Hughes Rural Class Treas. 131: Honor Society 141: Auroran Staff 141: "Ag" Club 12, 3, 41: judging Team 121: Track 13. 41: Letter Club 13, 41: lnterclass Baseball 12, 3, 41: Athletic Scholarship Society 141: Swastika 13, 41, Vice-Pres. 131: Hi-Y 141: Muski Fellas 141: Athletic Ass'n. "He has the strength and honesty that show the man, And with it he's at every point a gentle- man." Lai. FLORENCE MOZELLE ASHBY "Mose' "Rebecca" Language Cantril High Basketball 13, 41: lnterclass Basketball 13, 41: Dramatic Club 141: Girl Reserves 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "With vim and snap to make things go, And worth that makes you like her." ROBERT ZEIDLER "Bob" Commercial Jackson Class Pres. 121, Treas. 1l1: Auroran Staff 12, 3, 41, Delegate to C. l. P. A. 121: Dramatic Club 13, 41: C. C. 13, 41, Repr. to Muscatine Ass'n of Commerce 141 : Swastika 12, 31: Muslci Fellas, Pres. 141. "Bid me dfscourse: l will enchant thine ear." , nam LILLIAN COCHRAN "Lilly Anne" Language Franklin Honor Society 13, 41, Vice-Pres. 13, 41: Class Sec'y Vice-Pres. 1l1: C. C. 12, 3, 41, B'd of Governors 13, 41: Auroran Staff 13, 41, Delegate to l. H. S. P. A. 13, 41: Curia Regia 12, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. 121: Dramatic Club 13, 41: Girl Reserves 13, 41 , Treas. 141: Swastilca 12, 31: Director 121: Le Cercle Francais 141: Glee Club 1l, 21: Musky Pep Ma- chine 131: Athletic Ass'n. "lf greatness be charged by accomplish- ment, Then she will be famous." , . mm, ORVILLE SCHAULAND "Gus" Manual Arts Franklin Football 13, 41: Letter Club 141: Hi-Y 141- "A labor I delight in-athletics." . .,. X ESTHER CHAMBERLIN "Essen Language jackson J. C. C. 12, 3, 41, B'd ofCovernors13, 41: Class Sec'y 1l, 21: Curia Regia 12. 31, Sec'y121, Pres. 131: Cilee Club 1l, 2, 3, 41 , Pres. 141 : lnterclass Basketball 1l1: Auroran Stall: 141: Swastilca 121: Girl Re- serves 141: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n: Senior Class Play. "My heart is true as steel." , y.-,,- REX TUCKER "Herc' Language jackson Class Pres. 1 I1 : Auroran Staff 121: Dramatic Club 141: Curia Regia 12, 31: Swastilca 121: Track 131 : Tennis 12. 41: Muski Fellas 141 : Senior Class Play. "Here is a lean fellow that beats all conquerors." W +777 Y Y BERYL DAVIDSON "Davy" Commercial jackson Honor Society 141: C. C. 141: Au- roran Staff 131 : Girl Reserves 1l, 2. 3, 41: Class Vice-Pres. 1l1: Clee Club 1l, 21: Aeolian 13. 41 g Le Cercle Francais 13, 41: lnterclass Basketball 1l, 3, 41: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Association. "There is sunshine in her smile and music in her voice." SAMUEL HOHENADEL "Sammy" Manual Arts Garfield Football f2. 3. 41, Captain I41: Pas- lcetball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Basketball fl, 2, 3. 41: Baseball fl. 2. 3. 41: Track 131: Letter Club f3, 41: Athletic Scholarship Society Q41: Hi-Y K3, 41. "The combined quality of a man and an athlete." LQTL RUTH HAZLETT "Ruthie" Language McKinley 'Honor Society f3. 41: Sec'y f3. 41: Auroran Staff C3, 41, Delegate to l. H. S. P. A. f41: Dramatic Club f3, 41: Cnlee Club Cl. 21: L. H. F. f2. 31: lnterclass Basketball f41: Curia Regia fz, 3, 41: Athletic Ass'n: Senior Class Play. "There's nothing ill can dwell in such A temple." T... -T DOROTHY STRIEBEL A Science jackson I Honor Society f41: L. H. F. KZ, 3, 41. Sec'y f31: Chorus fl, 2. 3. 41: Science Club K31: A. R. T. Club, Serg't-at-Arms, Treas. CI1: Athletic Ass'n. "A prudent scholar who conceals her power To grasp the purport of each fleeting hour." T.,.,.- STEARNS HOWE "Steenie" Q Language Wilton H. 5. Letter Club f3, 41: Football 131: Clee Club 12, 3, 41: Hi-Y QZ1: Curia Regia 121. "I uz bawn wid a talent fo' de ladies." ,1 MILDRED MURDOCK Normal Training Lincoln N. T. C. Q3, 41: Romance Language Club 12. 31: Girl Reserves f41: Chorus U1- "And still to her charms she alone is a stranger-her modest demeanor is the jewel of them all." AGNES BJORK '-Aggie" Normal Training Tipton H. S. N. T. C. f3. 41: Girl Reserves f41. "Methodica.l, cheerful and busy-these are her traits as we see." MARGARET ELIZABETH VICE "Marg" Normal Training Garfield N. T. C. 13, 41: Basketball 141: lnter- class Basketball 1l. 2, 3. 41: Swastika 141: C-lee Club 1l. 2, 31: Girl Reserves 131: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41. "Good temper is like a sunny day: it sheds its brightness everywhere." MM SAMUEL LATHAM "Sam" Manual Arts Garfield Football 13, 41 : Track 131: Letter Club 13. 41: Hi-Y 141: Aeolian 141: Musky Fellas 141: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41. "Describe him who can, An abridgment of all that is pleasing in man." MLM MYRTLE L. SMITH Normal Training Washington Dramatic Club 13, 41: N. T. C. 13, 41, Treas. 141: L. H. F. 131: Curia- Regia 121: Girl Reserves 13. 41. "She is rather difficult to become ac- quainted with, but when you know her, well-" ,LLL CARL SCHENKEL "Red" Commercial Franklin Football 13, 41: Basketball 12, 41: ln' terclass Basketball 1l. 2, 31: lnterclass Baseball 1l, 2, 3. 41: Letter Club 13, 41. "Thi1 clever, bright fellow with shiny red air Makes all the fair lasses in M. H. S. stare." MLM DOROTHY FOX "Doro" Language Washington Honor Society 13, 41, Sec'y 141: C. C., Repr. to Muscatine Ass'n of Com- merce 141: Dramatic Club 13, 41 : Aeolian 12, 3, 41, Pres. 141: Dramatic Club 13. 41: Curia Regia 12, 3. 41 . Vice-Pres. 131: Cirl Reserves: Nlusky Pep Machine 13, 41: A. R. T. Club, Vice-Pres: Senior Class Play. "Serene and resolute, yet gay and self- possessed." LL.. ...- STANLEY SOUTHALL Commercial Fairport, la. Hi-Y 1l, 2, 3, 41. "Happy am I-it's time to rejoice, My opinions in class rooms no more will l voice." JOHN POWELL Smith-Hughes Rural "Ag" Club 13, 41, Pres. 131, Sec'y 141: J. C. C. 141: Clee Club 131: Hi-Y 141: Athletic Ass'n. "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth." . ,.,., BESSIE B. HEMPSTEAD "Betty" Language Waverly H. S. l... H. F. 13, 41, Pres. 131, Vice-Pres. 131: Girl Reserves 13, 41: Clee Club 141: J. C. C. 13. 41, Board of Governors 141: Nlusky Pep Machine 13, 41: lnterclass Basketball 12. 31: Athletic Ass'n. "Small in size, but great in that which makes for character." ..,., STANLEY BAKER "Stan" Science Lincoln 1. C. C. 141: Auroran Staff 141: L. H. F.12, 31. Pres. 131: Hi-Y 12, 31: Nluaki Fellas 141: Dramatic Club 141: Senior Class Play. "A variation from the ordinary." -.,,,L PAULINE SHAW "Pat" Normal Training jackson Dramatic Club 141: Swastika 131: Glee Club 131: N. T. C. 13, 41: Chorus 121: Curia Regia 121: Nlusky Pep Machine 13, 41: Senior Class Play. "Her laugh rings out the live-long day." HAROLD FROEHNER Language Franklin J. C. C. 141: Dramatic Club 13. 41: Aeolian 12. 3, 41: Curia Regia 121: Hi-Y 131: Muski Fellas 141: Nlusky Pep Ma- chine 131 : Athletic Ass'n. "Mischievous to say the least." ,L mmm SARAH MARIE COOK "Sari" Language Washington Honor Society 13, 41 , Pres. 131: Aeol- ian 12, 3. 41: Romance Language Club 13, 41: Declam. Winner 121: Auroran Poetry Prize Winner 131: Auroran Staff 141- "A face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles, by human kindness bred." :R WMS' gal'-ff' Cin' 'lv' 4.1" vi 4' in '95 .ff ,""+i,x ' .If -5' Ag, ,V RUTH FREYERMUTH Language White Oak. lll. L. H. F. Q3, 41: Curia Regia 12.3. 41: Girl Reserves f41: Musky Pep Machine K41: Athletic Ass'n. "Of gentlest manner, unaffected mind." .141 VIRGIL L. BARROWS "Virg" Commercial Rural Dramatic Club K41: Swastilca f41: Nluski Fellas "I have immortal longings in me." +-1 DOROTHY BOSTEN "Dot" Normal Training Jackson N. T. C. K3. 41: Swastika, Director K41: Curia Regia f21: Glee Club 131: Chorus f21: Girl Reserves "Of me you may write in blaclcest ink: I mean what I say and l say what I think." .T.+L.- BERNARD HARPER "Slip" Language Jackson Swastika K3, 41, Pres. 141: Auroran Short Story Contest Winner K31: Auroran Staff, Delegate to l. H. S. P. A. 141: Ex- temp. Q41: Dramatic Club, Serg't-at-Arms f41: lnterclass Basketball fl, 2, 3, 41: Tennis Club f2, 3, 41: Hi-Y f2. 3, 41: Muslci Fellas. Seciy Q41: Athletic Ass'n. "E'en tho' vanquished, he could argue still." LLQT. HAROLD METZGER "Skinny" Science Lincoln Aeolian f41: Hi-Y "He may do something sensational yet." LWL41 HELEN HUNT HEIDEL "Hi" Language Jackson 1. C. C. K3. 41: Aeolian K3. 41. Sec'y 131, Vice-Pres. 141: Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41: Special Orchestra Q3, 41: Girl Reserves K41: Curia Regia f21: Nluslcy Pep Ma- chine f3, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "Her heart is in an ocean wide and deep, Where whirling waves of friendship sweep." ERNEST JAMES "Jesse" Commercial Garfield Hi-Y C415 Orchestra Q3, 41. "Quiet men are at times most surprising." .-.i,,, . THERESA L. McGEE Normal Training Davenport, la. N. T. C. 13. 41: C. C. 141: Girl Re- serves "lf there's any mischief brewing, she's at the bottom of it." ,T4 RAYMOND OTHMER "Ray" Science Jackson Curia Regia IZ, 31: Muski Fellas K41: Hi-Y K3, 41: Muslcy Pep Machine 13, 41. "Ah! there is a man with a contenance really pleasing-open, intelligent, frank and sincere." ey, FLORENCE C. HEALEY "Flossie" Normal Training Rural Dramatic Club QB, 41, Pres. f41g N. T. C. Q3. 41: Romance Language Club f21: Athletic Ass'n: Senior Class Play. "A coquette to the end of her fingers, l'll stake my last farthingf' fiyi CLIFFORD FREYERMUTH 'Cliff" General Washington Hi-Y K3, 41: Basketball 12. 31: lnter- class Basketball f2, 31: Letter Club 13. 41: Muslcy Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Asefn. "What is the end of studying, let me know?" .T,,,. DE VERE KAMMERER "Dee" Commercial St. Mathias Chorus K41: Muslcy Pep Machine f41. "With her roguish eyes and charming smile, who can refuse her anything?" pr , 9 GLADYS FETTERHOFF Normal Training Jackson N. T. C. 13.41. "A contented spirit is the sweetness of existence." ,,L. PHlLlP DE CAMP "Pete" Commercial Garfield Hi-Y 141: Football 1415 Baseball 12. 3. 41: Letter Club "He likes everybody and everybody likes him." .1. BERNICE HAGERMAN "Bee" Language jefferson Chorus 1l, 2, 3, 41: Girl Reserves 13, 41: Nlusky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "They are never alone who are accom- panied by noble thoughts." .igi IRENE R. GUESSREGEN "Snooze" Language Washington J. C. C. 13, 415 Dramatic Club 13, 41, Treas. 131: Curia Regia 121: Glee Club 1l. 2, 3, 41, Pres. 131: Swastika 12. 3. 415 Girl Reserves 1l, 2. 3. 41: Musky Pep Machine 13. 41: Athletic Ass'n. "A ready tongue, a ready wit: Ah, who has not felt the touch of it?" . ,T, MILDRED RIEMCKE "Molly" Commercial Jefferson Girl Reserves 1l, 2. 31: Swastika 131: Chorus 1l, 21. "Her eyes are stars of twilight fair, Like twilight, too, her dusky hair." TL LL ERWIN PETERSEN "Pete" Commercial Rural Le Cercle Francais 13. 41, Treas. 131, Serg't-at-Arms 141: Baseball 13, 41. "True worth is in being, not seeming." MAYNARD ECKHARDT "Eels" Smith-Hughes Rural lnterclass Basketball 1l. 2, 3. 41: Foot- ball 141: Track 13. 41, Captain 141: ln- terclass Baseball 1l. 2. 3, 41: C-lee Club 131: Letter Club 13, 41. "Greater athletes may have lived but we doubt it." ?e, MIRIAM E. DIERCKS "Mickey" Normal Training Franklin Swastilca 121: N. T. C. 13. 41: Curia Regia 121: Clee Club 1l, 21: Orchestra Accompanist 141: Girl Reserves 141: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41: lnterclass Basketball 1l. 2. 3, 41: Basketball 12. 3, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "A light heart lives long." , ,,7, - LOMAX CHAPMAN Commercial McKinley Swastilca 141: Hi-Y "I remember a mass of things, but no- thing distinctly." L.. -., JOHN PETERSEN f f' "Pete" Manual Arts Jackson Hi-Y 13, 41: Muslcy Pep Machine 13, 41: lnterclass Baseball 1l, 2, 3, 41. "Write me as one who loves his fellow- men." -W Y my 1. JOHN POTTER "Johnny" Language Jackson Hi-Y 1l, 21: Dramatic Club 141: Aeol- ian 12, 3, 41, Serg't-at-Arms 131, Pres. 141: Football 141: Muslcy Pep Machine 141: Curia Regia 12, 31: Senior Class Play. "My heart was completely tinder, and was eternally lighted up by some goddess or other." ,LL,9 LOUISE WHERRY Normal Training Rural N. T. C. 13, 41: Chorus 121: Romance Language Club 12, 31: Girl Reserves 121. "A lass with quiet ways." .xcf KENNETH LEMKAU "Kenny" Science Washington M. H. S. Cheer Leader K41: Nluski Fel- las K41: Musky Pep Machine f3, 41: Glee Club 12, 3, 41: Le Cercle Francais I3. 413 Hi-Y fl, 2, 3. 41: Science Club 121: Ten- nis Club f2, 3, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "None but himself can be his parallel." ,T VIOLA DURKEE I "Vi" Commercial ' ' McKinley Nl. HQS. Cheer Leader f41': Declam. fl, 2, 31, Winner C31: Clee Club fl, 2, 3. 41: Girl Reserves fl, 2, 3, 41: Swastika f2, 3,'41: Le Cercle Francais f3, 41: Or- chestra fl, 21: Musky Pep Machine f3. 41: Athletic Ass'n. "The very room, coz she was 'in, Seemed warm from floor to ceilin'." .l.,,, ERNA KLEIN "Blackie" Language Wartburg Academy Waverley, lowa Nlusky Pep Machine I3, 41, Pres. K41: Extemp. "What l do not know, does not bother me." . 5 WILLIAM FISHBURN "Bill" Science Washington , L. H. F. 13, 41: Hi-Y 13, 41: Muski Fellas. Treas. 141: Musky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "I often tell myself that there is more in me than people think." ...,..i. PEARL JOHNSON "Pal" Commercial Jackson Chorus fl, 21. "Favors to none, to all she smiles ex- tends." -,L,q. MYRTLE LONGSTRETH "Myrt" Normal Training Lincoln N. T. C. 13, 41: Chorus fl, 31. "When she will, she will, you can depend ,ts Whellil she won't, she won't, and that's the end on't." LAWRENCE GREENWALD "Mallard" Commercial McKinley Hi-Y 131: lnterclass Basketball 1l, 2. 3, 41: lnterclass Baseball 1l, 2, 3, 41: Science Club 121: Athletic Ass'n. "There must be some good hard work in him-none has ever come out." mm FLORENCE WHITMER "Flo" Normal Training Jackson N. T. C. 13, 41, Pres. 141: Honor So- ciety 141: C. C. 141: Romance Lan- guage Club 12, 31, Treas. 131: Nluslcy Pep Machine 13, 41. "Here is a maiden without pretense, Blessed with reason and common sense." .m, LAWRENCE MILLER "Larry" Smith-Hughes Rural "Ag" Club 13. 41 , Vice-Pres. 131. Pres. 141: Judging Team 131: Horticulture Team 141: Swastika 131: Atheltic Ass'n. "A thoughtful mind directs his willing hands." m,.... CERALDINE R. FOSTER "Jerry" Language Rural ll. C. C. 141: Auroran Staff 141: Swas- tika 13, 41, Pres. 141: Curia Regia 12. 3. 41 , Vice-Pres. 141: Girl Reserves 1l, 41: Clee Club 131: Chorus 121: Niusky Pep Machine 13, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "A merry heart goes all the day, A sad tires in a mile-a." mm. KENNETH HUBER "Kenny" Commercial Franklin Aeolian 13, 41: Hi-Y 141: Orchestra 13, 41: lnterclass Baseball 1l, 2, 3, 41. "He is one of that lcind of people no one knows anything mean about." mm.. PLOOMA SHIRES "Polly" Commercial Rural Dramatic Club 13, 41: Aeolian 141: Curia Regia 121: Chorus "A wee, small maid, but dear to all who know her." 'Q gx.Q,' fi, 'eh MILDRED RAUSCH "Micky" Language Buffalo Prairie, Ill. l... H. F. I3. 42: Girl Reserves fl, 2. 3, 42: Curia Regia f2, 32: Chorus fl, 223 Muslcy Pep Machine Q3, 42: Athletic Association. "Colden are her tresses, ancl as fair are her thoughts." i,T VIOLET M. TOOMAN Normal Training Lincoln N. T. C. QZ, 3, 42: Crirl Reserves ll, 22: Curia Regia Q22g Chorus CI2: lnter- class Basketball fl "Boys, not merely books, Beauty, not merely looks, Are my aim." .y.l HOWARD BIERMAN "Pod" Language Washington Athletic Scholarship Society 142: Letter Club 142: Football 13, 42: Hi-Y 142. "His devious way is lined like the Mis- sissippi river--by bluffs." .lyi- MARGUERITE BURKE "Marg" Commercial Jackson Nlusky Pep Machine Q3, 423 Chorus 12, 32: Girl Reserves fl, 2, 32. "I never say much, but that's no sign I clon't think." WILLIAM HOWELL "Bill" Science Rural Swastilca1"f3, 421 Hi-Y 1323 Football C32: Basketball 1325 lnterclass Basketball 12. 3, 42. "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to bluff, let us bluff." T., ANNA SHIELD "Ann" Commercial Rural Swastika QZ2: Musky Pep Machine Q3- 42 5 Girl Reserves fl "A good cure for the blues." ALPHA K. BRAUNWARTH "Al" Language Lincoln -I. C. C. CZ, 3, 4,, Pres. 14,3 Honor Society, Pres. f4,: Dramatic Club K3, 4,3 Aeolian f2. 3,, Pres. f3,: Curia Regia f2, 3, 4, , Vice-Pres. f3,: Auroran Staff K3, 4,, Delegate to l. H. S. P. A. 13, 4,5 Girl Reserves f4,g lnterclass Basketball fl, 2. 3, 4,5 Basketball 12, 3. 4,1 A. R. T. Club. Vice-Pres. Ql,: Musky Pep Ma- chine f3,: Athletic Ass'n. "Of their own merits, modest souls are mute." l.+ VERDA MAY COVELL Language Jackson Le Cercle Francais f3, 4,1 Chorus f4,. "For she was just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies." ,LL HAROLD TIMM Commercial jackson "A shark in a class of his own." -L, CLARA M. VANCE "Tommy" Commercial Lincoln L. H. F. 43, 4,1 Girl Reserves f4,: Chorus 13,3 Musky Pep Machine 13, 4,3 Athletic Ass'n. "l never run out of smiles." LL,- MAYNARD FISHER General Columbus jct. Track "A gentleman, well-bred and of good name." .,,, DOROTHY L. TOBORG "Dot" Normal Training Carlield N. T. C. 13, 4,5 Swastika f4,: Glee Club IZ, 3,: Chorus fl,: Basketball 143: lnterclass Basketball fl. 2, 3, 4,1 Girl Reserves 13, 4,5 Nlusky Pep Machine fl 4,. "Modesty is one of woman's best adorn- ments." 2 -1 , . i . e f 1513.5 'Q F7 ' 'Q li , . i F ,ii 2 M ri 1 XS? S3315 : Q! -' "M has Hema ' S - A ' . 1 Q r V rm I AY .L ' . G iff' fwi G 'Q sl V .Bi is -1 Li - J. BURTON MARK "June" "Burt" Commercial Jackson Swastilca 141: Hi-Y 12, 41: Muski Fel- las "One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span, I Because to laugh is proper to the man." mm GEORGE PITCHFORTH, JR. "Hi" Science jackson "Stately and tall, he moves in the hall." mm GERTRUDE SEXTON "Cert" Commercial Franklin Romance Language Club 1313 Chorus 121. "Howe'er it be, it seems to me 'Tis only noble to be good." LLL PAUL HOAG "Hog" Smith-Hughes Rural "Ag" Club 13, 41: Agriculture judging Contest 1415 Science Club 121: L. H. F. 131: Hi-Y "l'm sure care's an enemy to life." mg? ARLENE DAUT "Pat" Language Jefferson Dramatic Club 13, 41, Vice-Pres. 141: Swastika 12, 3, 41 , Treas. 131,Sec'y141g Curia Regia 131: Clee Club 1l1: Ciirl Re- serves 13, 41: Muslcy Pep Machine 13, 41. Athletic Ass'n. "A maiden bright-eyed, brilliant-cheeked and quick of tongue." mg? CLARA HOAG Normal Training Rural N. T. C. 13. 41: L. H. F. 13. 41: Cirl Reserves 1l, 2, 3, 41: Chorus 121: Ro- mance Language Club 13, 41: A. R. T. Club 1l1. "Her hair is not more sunny than her heart." DOROTHY TOBIAS "Dot" Commercial Franklin Swastika 12, 3, 41: Romance Language Club 13, 41, Vice-Pres. 131: Clee Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y 121: Girl Reserves 1l, 2, 3, 41: Declamg 121: Nlusky Pep Ma- chine 13, 41: Athletic Association. "She can talk French and dance and act: She's clever and bright-that's a fact." .......y.l NORMA E. CHASE Language Washington Honor Societ Dramatic Club 13 41:L.H.F.131:GleeClub1I.21gAth: letic Association. "She needs no eulogy-she speaks for herself." T,T, LYLE OMER MASON General Albia, lowa "Would that men could know how truly great I am." 1,1 JEANETTE PEARLMAN "Jean" Commercial jefferson Aeolian 12. 3, 41: Basketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Basketball 1l, 2, 3, 41: Glee Club 1l, 2, 31: Musky Pep Machine 13. 41: Athletic Association. V "She's just as pleasant as she looks." A ANNA E. HUREVITZ "Ann" Commercial jefferson Orchestra 1l, 2, 3, 41: Special Orches- tra 13, 41: Curia Regia, Treas. 121: Clee Club 1l, 2, 31: L. H. F. 12, 31. "Quiet in appearance, with motives little known." ...,,-A A. CLIFTON LAMB "Hiram" Language Garfield Football 13, 41: Hi-Y 141: Track 131: lnterclass Basketball 1l1: Declam. 121: Athletic Scholarship Society "To be a well-favored man is the gift of fortune, but to write and read comes by nature." Mat ALBERT KEMPER "Long John" Smith-Hughes Rural Basketball 1l. 3, 41: lnterclass Basket- ball 1l. 3. 41: Track 131: lnterclass Base- ball 1l. 2, 3, 41: Letter Club 141: "Ag" Club 13, 41, Sec'y 131: State Champion judging Team, Highest lndividual judge of State 121 : C. C. 141 : Hi-Y 13, 41 : Vice- Pres. 141: Science Club. Sec'y 1l1: Muski Fellas 141. "Hia size should assure him a high place in the world." , LOUISE KURZ Commercial Lincoln Chorus 13, 41. "Sincerity is in this quiet maiden." .i., CATHERINE WOLLETT "Katy" Commercial Rural Chorus 1l. 2, 31: L. H. F. 131. "As merry as the day is long." m,i LLOYD GODDARD Smith-Hughes Rural Swastika 141: "Ag" Club 13. 41 , Treas. 141: judging Team 131: Track 141: Hi-Y 141: Nluski Fellas 141: Letter Club 141: Athletic Ass'n. "lt becomes a man to be modest, loyal, dependable and real true blue." . , ADELE S. MARK "Del" Language jackson L. H. F. 13. 41, Vice-Pres. 131, Pres. 141: Curia Regia 121: Clee Club 1l. 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. 141, Treas. 131: Nlusky Pep Machine 141: Athletic Ass'n: Senior Class Play. "Thy studious mind is ever evident." -Q,.i MAE VETTER Commercial McKinley Swastika 13, 41, Sec'y 141: Girl Re- serves 1l, 2, 3, 41. "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind, the wisest hooks." DOROTHY KING Normal Training Rural N. T. C. f3. 41: Dramatic Club f3, 41: Chorus QI1: Curia Regia 121: Athletic Ass'n. "She strove the neighborhood to please With manners wondrous winning." . , VIOLET SMITH Normal Training Lincoln N. T. C. 13, 41: Romance Language Club f2, 31, Sec'y 131: Orchestra "To myself do I owe my fame." .,.., IVAN LOCKWOOD "Skee" Commercial Garfield "You would not believe it, but I can work when I want to." ...,.,1. ESTHER BENNINCER "Est" Commercial Franklin Ciirl Reserves 141: Romance Language Club f31: Chorus Q3, 41: Nlusky Pep Ma- chine Q3, 41: Athletic Ass'n. "The hand that made you fair hath made you good." ..,, LOUIS HARTMAN "Pater" Commercial Franklin J. C. C. 141: Curia Regia 12, 31: Cilee Club fl. 2. 3, 41: IVIusky Pep Machine Q31: Swastika I31: Dramatic Club, Treas. 141: Auroran Staff 131: Interclass Base- I:aII fl, 2. 3, 41: IVIusIci Fellas 141: Senior Class Play. "A merrier man Within the limits of becoming mirth I never spent an hour withal." . ,, IVIABEI. BARTENHAGEN Normal Training -Jefferson J. C. C. 141: N. T. C. 12. 3, 41: I... H. F.13. 41: Curia Regia "Knowledge is power, and there my aim." MAURICE P. DITMON "Ditty" Language Lincoln 43... H. F. f2, 3, 45: Le Cercle Francais i "Soon he will awake and astonish the world." ,.i JEWELL FISCHER Commercial McKinley Romance Language Club f3j: Chorus 13. 41. "The flower of meekness on the stem of grace." ,1 MAE SHEPARD "Maisie" Normal Training Rural N. T. C. 13. 41: Curia Regia fll: Chorus fz. 31: Girl Reserves 1415 Musky Pep Machine "lf silence were gold, l'd be a million- aire." .L , GORDON SCHOEMAKER Science McKinley Hi-Y OH. "And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place." , FRANCES B. WARMAN "Bea" Commercial Pine Bluff, lll. J. C. C. UU: Swastilca 13. 45, Treas. UU: Le Cercle Francais Q3, IU: Girl Re- serves f2, 4,5 Nlusky Pep Machine f4J. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low-an excellent thing in woman." 1.91 CLARENCE CHRISTOPHERSON "Christie" Commercial Lincoln Science Club CZJ: Hi-Y "He is a man who does his own think ing, and needs little advice." MARGUERITIS SLING "Margie" Commercial Franklin C-lee Club 141: Chorus 12, 37: Ro- mance Language Club 12, 3J. "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are." .my .. 1 HAROLD TE STRAKE Smith-Hughes Rural Hi-Y 1415 "Ag" Club 131. "He will be more fortunate in business than in love." W..,5 0. RUBY LAMB Commercial Rural Girl Reserves 1213 L. H. IT. 131. "Good nature and good sense must ever join." .mm INA PAUL "Peg" Normal Training Rural N. T. C. 13. 4l: Le Cercle Francais 141: Chorus 12. 41: Orchestra 13, 473 Declam. 3 Nluslcy Pep Machine 147. "I..iIced here, liked there, liked every- where." ,.-,, M CALISTA VIRGINIA CARPENTER ucarpieu Normal Training Garfield N. T. C. 13. 4,5 Musky Pep Machine 14,3 Girl Reserves 141: Chorus 1I, ZH. "Reproof on her lip, but a smile in her eye." M, Q ,YL ARTHUR M. BUSCH "Art" Language McKinley Curia Regia 12J: Musky Pep Machine 13, 4M Hi-Y 14,5 Athletic Ass'n. "An argument, an argument! Ye gods! I'm starving for an argument." w-"-1 C "T-1 V' ' 'f .r 'Var ff M., " M. -VII rii...qe5,.f ""' wie' Jw' ASA Class Poem -400- The road which seemed so long has turned at last We stand upon the hill which seemed so high: Before us is spread out the world so vast. The time has come when we must say good-bye. The old road is behind us. fDo not sighll Cur new road winds ahead, and in the light Its dust is turned to gold: the ev'ning sky Now glows upon the altar of the night. The years will never dim the glory of this sight. Now we must shoulder well our pack of dreams, The road is not all paved with fairy gold: It leads through forests and by dismal streams Where still lie hidden beasts and robbers bold: And on the heights are ruins grim and old. But if we bear the lamp of love. the slime. The sorrow, and the pain can not with-hold That they are mile-stones on the road of time: And thru their ugliness there shines the light sublime -501011 Marie C0015 I fl. v Class H isiory -0604 'Twas in the year l92l that some of us, the world's most renowned seekers of knowledge, entered the portals of this stately old building of higher learning. ln Room A-l, synonymous with a brand of oleomargarine that bears that same insignia, we first opened our eyes to view the grandeur and splendor of our new surroundings. "Those were the good old days." lt was here we learned that upperclassmen had no more respect for eighth-graders than for those lowly Freshmen, and we were disre- garded, much to our mental and physical anguish. Time sped on. and, after the lapse of a year, we replaced the well-worn ranks of that low order of intelligence, the Freshman class. Our numbers increased, due to the incoming rural students. To fortify ourselves against the surging masses of upperclassmen, we organized into a regiment-some one hundred twenty strong-ably led by Rex Tucker. ln the course of another year. the Sophomore class had dwindled to a motley crew of six or eight strugglers, who seemed determined to enter the confines of our class. So we, the erstwhile Freshmen, were duly elected to ascend the lofty heights of intelligence which the Sophomores had previously held. For a time Clifford Cus- tafson headed our troop. but upon his departure from Muscatine. Robert Zeidler became our captain. At this time one class, the Seniors, became so envious of our position that they decided to withdraw at the end of the term. Much weeping and carrying-on took place, but we, as sympathetic Sophomores, disguised our triumphant feelings with a mask of complete composure. Then the juniors suddenly became Seniors, and we, by unanimous approval, decided to fill the vacancy left by them. Tommy Dilley sat upon the throne of honor as president. We entertained the two basketball teams at a party, and the departing Seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. Speeches were offered by many. but accepted by few. The class deemed it a total success, because the affair had been financed by it. Many students became ill and failing in health from the effects of removing this capital from their aneamic wallets. lt was in that year that a Chapter of the National Honor Society was installed in our school. Four of us became charter members. Altogether, this year was the best that we as Juniors had witnessed. ln September, anno domini l925, we, as stately Seniors, returned to pay homage to the school that had just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. No longer was the semi-intelligent look engraved upon our countenances. lt had been replaced by one that bore semblance of hardship, misery and dignity-mostly dignity. Such a worthy, noble and dignified group, needing a dignified leader, chose Paul Fischer as president. To relieve the strain of over-work, the annual Slouch Day was proclaimed. Due to the untiring abilitv and the endless caprice of the Senior Class, the event was one that surpassed all others heretofore given. or probably which ever will be given. Mr. Hayes was so overjoyed at our success that he let his emotions get the better of him. and accordingly gave us the entire afternoon off-quite an uncommon occurrence. The class entertained the football squad at the Odd Fellows Hall. Several members of the class became so entranced by the music that they discarded their looks of innocence and took on the role of Arthur Murray. fFor more particulars of this occasion, please see Harold Froehner or "Gus" Schaulandl. Again, due to the originality of the Senior class, the first All-School Party in fifteen years was a complete success. It was during this year we welcomed another honorary society into our midst. It was called the Athletic Scholarship Society, and had as members letter men with more than the common average in scholarship. Of course, Captain Sammy was a member. Then the time for the junior-Senior Banquet again assailed us, this time given in our honor. We presented "The Varsity Coach" as our Senior Play and Commence- ment, too, drew near. Time flew bv on airy wings, and at last. after four busy but happy years, we said good-bye to old Nl. H. S. and were received into outstretched hands of her alumni. ,--1 sn., ,1 ., ,ii-nv"' ' ' ' ' ' . fn if V ' K . Q i Y 5 1 g ' ' N Q, 'F' f i :Q X X A i 1 ff X K l s "' ,I ' 4.-'59 . I' 4 ' , . L1 y ' ., " A . -1 1 ' 1' . " ' '1USCR , Class Wz'Il -,O+, Know all men by these presents that we, the Class of l9Z6. of the Muscatine High School, City of Muscatine, State of Iowa. being according to our own judg- ment, and in the opinion of the faculty of said school, of sound and highly intelligent mind. and about to pass on from this to another world, do hereby publish our last will and testament and declare all wills made previous to this null and void. Our many great gifts of wisdom and virtue, so sadly lacking in the Underclass- men, we bequeath as follows: Mozelle Ashby-l leave Mason until we meet again. Stanley Baker-My last name to the Domestic Science students. Virgil Barrows-My school-girl complexion to Gertrude Reed. Mabel Bartenhagen-My spit curl to Herbert Valett. Esther Benninger-My business-like attitude to Maynard Gray. Dorothy Bosten--My seat in Assembly to a Junior. to have and to hold. Howard Bierman-My text books to the junk pile. Agnes Bjork-He has gone before. fE.ditor's Note:-We wish she could leave her poetic giftj. Alpha Braunwarth-My Auroran keys to my successor. Marguerite Burke-My ability to use the soft pedal when speaking to George Fuller. Arthur Busch-My expert Ford driving ability to Kenneth Honts. Calista Carpenter-My quiet way to Grace Varney. Esther Chamberlin-The manuscript of my "masterpiece" to Mason Potter. Lomax Chapman-My locker to anyone who wants it. Norma Chase-My long hair to Jane Williams. Clarence Christopherson-My winning way to Verle Nietzel. Lillian Cochran-My ability to get along with Mr. Kloos to Glenn Ogilvie. Sarah Marie Cook-My poetic nature to james Lange. Verda Covell-My reputation as a vamp to Dorothy Howe. Wilma Crow-My love for the teachers to the Freshmen. Arlene Daut-My "Tiptop" job to Nola White. Beryl Davidson-My height to Orlean Wellons. Phillip Decamp-My deportment grades to John Luellen. Miriam Diercks-My basketball ability to Lucille lsaacson. Thomas Dilley-My desire to become a preacher, to Simon Rosenberg. Maurice Ditmon-My wasted hours in study-hall to Walter Testrake. Viola Durkee-My attractive personality to Ruth Stocker. Maynard Eckharclt--My jumping ability to Ferris Warman. Gladys Fetterhoff-My permanent wave to Kathleen Fabrizius. William FishburnflVly pamphlet on Slow and Careful Driving to the M. H. S. furnace. Jewell Fisher-My demureness to Myrle Engel. Maynard Fischer-My good looks to lrwin Hocke. Paul Fisher-My genuine humor to Nina Hughey. Geraldine Foster-My good nature to the faculty. Dorothy Fox-My curls to June Garrett. Clifford Freyermuth-A bar of soap for someone to slip through M. H. 5. as l did. Ruth Freyermuth-My knowledge of Latin to Thomas Beveridge. Harold Froehner-My dignity to Ray Tucker. Zelma Funck-My many "crushes" to the Junior girls. Lauren Goddard-My ability to Charleston to Vesta Hise. Lloyd Goddard-My numerous volumes on Making Love, to Edwin Willis. Lawrence Greenwald-My perpetual-motion talking ability to Esther Rolfe. lrene Cuessregen I John Potter f Bernice Hagerman-My long hours of study to some foolish Freshman. -What have we to leave? Bernard Harper-My gracefulness to Maxine Carver. Louis Hartman-My "line" to Joe Eosten. Ruth Hazlett-My place in the Honor Society to Francis Stoker. Florence Healey-My dramatic ability to Kenneth Allbee. Helen Heidel-My place in the special orchestra to Bruce Chase. Betty Hempstead-My never-failing cheerful disposition to Mr. Kloos. Clara Hoag-My silence to Goldie Brower. Paul Hoag-All my old books to the highest bidder. Samuel Hohenadel-My bashfulness to Herbert Freese. Stearns Howe-My diligence in study as a shining example for the Freshmen. William Howell-My last name to any dog that wants it. Kenneth Huber-My patience to the Typing l Class. Anna Hurevitz-My musical talent to Esther Pearlman. Ernest James-My saxophone to Ralph Leu. Pearl johnson-My shorthand "speed" to Maude Brody. DeVere Kammerer-l have nothing to leave: he is waiting for me. Howard Kautz-l leave the electric lights, since the school will need them when l leave. Albert Kemper-My place on the basketball team to john Butler. Dorothy King-My ponies to my little sister for her High School days. Erna Klein-My bright remarks to Anita Vice. Louise Kurz-My timid modesty to Mary Luellen. Clifton Lamb-My ability as a reader to john Heidel. Ruby Lamb-The nature of my last name to C-lenola McElroy. Samuel Latham-I leave Henrietta to the faculty's loving UD care. lvan Lockwood--My Oxford bags to Lillian Becker. Myrtle Longstreth-My ambition to become a teacher, to Susan Hempstead. Adele Mark-My desire for long hair to those numerous bobbed juniors. Burton Mark-My "Camels" to Mason Potter-he needs 'em. Lyle Mason-My skull and cross bones emblem to Robert Schlunz. Theresa McGee-My experiences as a schoolma'am, to Faith Stamler. Harold Metzger-My little brother to the protection of Miss Grace. Lawrence Miller-My namesake of the Sophomore class to continue to glorify the name. Mildred Murdock-My raven locks to Beatrice Vetter. Raymond Othmer-My college sweater to Maurice Bausch. lna Paul-My country beaux to Virginia Votaw. Jeanette Pearlman-My full skirts to Marion Musser. Erwin Petersen-My French knowledge to Robert Jarvis John Petersen-My shy ways to Paul Grossklaus. George Pitchforth.-My nickname to "Cy" Peck. John Potter-See Guessregen. John Powell-My short pants to Eugene Magnus. Mildred Rausch-l'm going to carry everything with me. Mildred Riemcke-My admit slips to the waste-paper basket. Orville Schauland-My football ability to the underclassmen who are going out for football next year. Gertrude Sexton-My friendly ways to Lyell Vanatta. Pauline Shaw-My Civics knowledge to next year's class. Mae Shepard-The conservative color of my hair to john Barger. Anna Shield-My make-up supply to Avis Rabedeaux. Plooma Shires--l leave Robert to Mrs. Huftalerfs care, Gordon Shoemaker-Alas. I must leave Dorothy for a time. Marguerite Sling-My artistic taste to Maxine Carson. Myrtle Smith-My attractive appearance to john Mueller. Violet Smith-My long locks to Edith Stocker. Dorothy Striebel-My grades to Paul Duncan. Stanley Southall-My earnest devotion to anything I take up, to Marie Van Tryfle. Harold TeStrake-My red sweater for hall decoration. Harold Timm--My collection of fountain pens to the office. Dorothy Tobias-My late hours to Mary Bendle. Dorothy Toborg-The worries of my care-laden mind to a worthy junior. Violet Tooman-My ready-made speeches to Mabel Uhr. Rex Tucker-My popularity to Eugene Warman. Clara Vance-My dimples to Harry Wiegand. Mae Vetter-My bachelor-girl beauty to Neva Harper. Margaret Vice-My school-teaching ability to Genevieve Phillips. Frances Warman-My "specs" to Mr. Liebbe. Louise Wherry-My straight hair to Katherine Cunzenhauser. Florence Whitmer-My interest in the "Little Preps" to my sister. Catherine Wollet-My "wallet" to anyone who needs it more than l. We hereby appoint that vigilant and wide-awake man of duty. Mr. Atkinson. the executor of this last will and testament. ln witness whereof we do hereby set our seal, this wildest and windiest day of March, I 926. N0ldl'y Public-- I. CHARLES TON. Robert Selby ......... Ruth Moore .....,...... .... Miss Serena Selby ....... Mrs. Moore.. ......... Mousie Kent ......... Genevieve Allen ....... Howard Dixon ....... Daisy Doane ......... Dick Ellsworth ........ Chester Allen ........ Ethel Lynn ....... Signed- CLASS OF 1926. Wiinesses- Class Play "THE VARSITY COACH" Four-Act Comedy CAST I. M. DUMB. ELLA XXATOR. ISADORE OPEN. IVAN IDEA. .........Paul Fischer ......Florence Healey .........Rurh Hazlett ........Dorothy Fox ..........,lohn Potter ..........Pauline Shaw ................Stanley Baker .......Esther Chamberlin ..........Louis Hartman .......Rex Tucker ......Adele Mark Class Prophecy AO,- Timc: l940. Place: Muscatineis famous radio station KTNT. "This is Station KTNT, Muscatine, lowa. Robert Zeidler announcing. We are pleased to announce that Stanley Baker, the multi-millionaire deep-sea fisherman, who has recently bought KTNT, is broadcasting a program from the reunion of Class i926 of the Muscatine High School, held tonight at KTNT. The First number on our program is a selection by the Fox Trot Whiz Bang Orchestra, which has just arrived on the last boat from Vienna. The personnel of the orchestra is Gordon Schoemaker, famous saw soloist, Ray Othmer, tenor comb player, Mildred Rausch, l. M. b Saxophone, Erna Klein, G. U. R. ,lew's Harp, and Dorothy Fox, tickler of the ivories and leader of the orchestra. 45 ff- QI- if PF 95 l am sure you have all enjoyed the orchestra selection. Vile have just received telegrams from members of the Class, wishing us good luck. Here's one from Dorothy Tobias, who owns a beauty parlor in Central Africa. l-lere's another from four members of the Class. john Powell, Beryl Davidson, Sarah Marie Cook and Albert Kemper, who are touring the world, advertising the long and the short of it for Mutt and Jeff Rubber Bands. The next number on the program being broadcasted from Station KTNT, Mus- catine, Iowa, are selections from Philip DeCamp's books, "How to Overcome Bash- fulnessn and "The Peculiarities of Women," given by the famous Chautauqua entertainer, Dorothy Bosten. 4 PF 95 3' 4 ,F We have just received a telephone call from Mr. Schauland, editor of the Fruitlancl Daily, that he will be unable to attend the class reunion because his limou- sine got stuck near the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Potter, who own a poultry farm near Fruitland. Speaking of Orville, reminds me that l have a letter from Lillian Cochran, who sends her best regards to all. She is at present excavating among the ruins of Rome and Pompeii. :F PF 'Y 44 '15 Y' Here are some more telegrams. One from Agnes Bjork, the owner of a cattle ranch in Wyoming, and another from Rex Tucker, the leading fashion creator of Paris, and his two models, Florence Healey and Pauline Shaw. Now we have a treat in store for you. Miss Norma Chase. the renowned opera star, will sing for you "My Own True Love," composed by Harold Metzger and dedicated to Mildred Murdock, his favorite movie actress. She will be accom- panied by Paul Hoag at the Chickering. as as as nr- as as We thought you might be interested in knowing some of the celebrities present. As I look around, l see Viola Durkee, champion typist and gum chewer of the world: Paul Fischer, general manager of Heinz Co. in Pittsburgh: Ruth Hazlett. who has but recently swum the English Channel in record time: Howard Bierman and DeVere Kammerer, fancy roller skating champions of the world: Kenneth Huber, manufacturer of safety pins and a member of the Safety First organization: and Alpha Braunwarth. the famous horticulturist who originated an odorless onion. The Eureka Stock Company, owned by Harold Froehner, will now present a one-act play. "Romey Owed and julie Et," by Erwin Petersen. The cast includes Maurice Ditmon as "Romey," Arlene Daut as "julie," and Howard Kautz as the villain in the tragedy. a 4 -if ff- an a Here are some late arrivals-just got in on the Hollywood aeroplane, driven by that daring aviatrix, Ruby Lamb. Among them is the famous movie sheik. Lauren Goddard. His first, second. and third wives were formerly Ina Paul, Dorothy King and Louise Wherry. With him came Mae Vetter, who is doubling for Pola Negri, and Violet Smith, one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties. 4 -ir -ir -it 4 fr- Here are some more telegrams. folks. Here's one from way over in the Sahara desert from Lawrence Greenwald, who owns a plant there which makes ice especially adapted for use in carrying ice cream cones to camel drivers. His private secretary, Miss Helen Heidel, also wishes us good luck. Here is one from Jeanette Pearlman and Miriam Diercks, who are up in Greenland, teaching the Eskimos how to play basketball. Here's another from Violet Tooman, who is a Lite Saver at Miami. We are sorry that the next number on the program broadcasted from the Class of '26 Reunion at KTNT, Muscatine, lowa, cannot be seen by all those listening in tonight. Louis Hartman, owner of the Hartman Circus, has brought several members of his troupe along, who will present a number. Those taking part are Marguerite Burke, snake charmer, Florence Whitmer, acrobate and tight rope walker, Mozelle Ashby, the strong woman, and Betty Hempstead, bareback rider. it P6 N- I- 'F -I We have just received a request from Marguerite Sling. Wilma Crow and Clara Vance, joint owners of New Era's largest department store, asking us to broadcast setting up exercises by that second Walter Camp, Samuel Hohenadel, Harvard foot- Coach. Well, well, better late than never. Here come some more celebrities-lllinois Senator Lloyd Goddard, from lllinois City, and his secretary, Frances Warman: Clifford Freyermuth and Zelma Funck, members of the Russian ballet: Samuel Latham, world champion high diver: Geraldine Foster, six-day bicyclist: and Verda Covell, author of "The Way to Tame Wild Men." 4 1- 4 4- a 4 Hcrc's a telegram from Bernice Hagerman, prominent scientist. who is at prescnt star-gazing in the Alps, requesting short speeches from some class members. Say, that's a good idea. l'm going to have the live people standing nearest me introduce themselves to you. Now, step right up--don't be bashfulf' "Esther Bcnninger, State Superintendent of lowa Schools." "Bernard Harper, editor of Harper's Monthly." "Mildred Riemcke, New York nerve specialist." Thomas Dilley, president of the M. Longstreth Detective Agency." "Adele Mark, secretary of the M. Longstreth Detective Agency." x The next number on our program has been requested by Anna Hurevitz, M. H. S. Latin teacher-an organ solo by Gladys Fetterhoff. -1 -14 if' if- 45 Pf- Here are some more telegrams. One is from William Fishburn, who is selling Chryslers in Africa: another's from Esther Chamberlin, the first woman explorer ever to climb the north pole. We are very sorry to announce that the factory of Clarence Christopherson, the Fairport pop king, caught Fire, but through the gal- lantry of Lomax Chapman, fireman, it was kept from utter destruction. Here is a telegram from Jewell Fisher, Clara Hoag, Calista Carpenter and Ruth Freyermuth, chorus girls in Zeigl'ield's Follies. 96 PI- -14 96 X- P5 The next number on our program is a debate, "Resolved: That men are happier married than single." The subject will be affirmed by Louise Kurz, known as the "Pickle Queen," Dorothy Toborg and Margaret Vice, partners in a gold brick manufacturing company. It will be denied by Arthur Busch, famous states- man and long-distance talker, Kenneth Lemkau, tennis champion, and Clifton Lamb, renowned orator. The judges will be Stearns Howe, discoverer of a new hair restorer. Lawrence Miller, chiropractor, and Dorothy Striebel, author of How I Killed My Twenty-two Husbands. 'F 3 if 95 -Y- -'S We have just had a telephone call from Pearl johnson, daring steeplejack, requesting a saxophone solo by Ernest james. Lyle Mason, missionary to lndia. has sent us a baby monkey, which we have just received and entrusted to the care of our operator, Harold Timm, We wish to thank him for remembering us in this way. A cablegram has just reached us from the Bachelors' Association at Borneo. Prominent members in this organization are William Howell, Harold TeStrake, lvan Lockwood, and Virgil Barrows, all famous crocodile hunters. The last number on our program will be a song by the Howling Four. con- sisting of Catherine Wollett, Senator from lowa. Mabel Bartenhagen, cub reporter for the New York Sun, Mae Shepard, and Theresa McGee, manufacturers of Red Hot Mamma Henna Hair Dye. as ws is as as ir- We regret that some illustrious members of our class were unable to be present tonight. They are Gertrude Sexton and Maynard Fisher, winners of a Charleston contest in Sing Sing, China: Maynard Eckhardt, Olympic running-high-jumper, who has recently set the world record of l l l5-I6 ft.: Burton Mark, concocter of Mark's Miraculous Complexion Cream: Stanley Southall, compiler of Southall's Abridged Dictionaryg Myrtle Smith, attorney-at-law, who won prominence in the famous breach of promise suit between Anna Shield, artists' model, and John Petersen, art collectorg Plooma Shires, hypnotist and magician: and Carl Schenkel, collector of antique chinaware. 5 PF 3 it if ii This is Station KTNT, Muscatine, lowa. We hope that you have enjoyed the program we have broadcasted this evening, and we are now signing off at ll:59." ilver. 0fS va ll T .4 -C .TZ 3 m N P1 4- 's n roofs the whole 00 cloudy m 0 .C E' 011215525 THE JUNIOR CLASS Juniors CLASS OF l927 -,OL WILBUR UMLANDT .... .. MARY LOTSPIECH .., ,, VxRc1NlA Vomw ...., Lois BOWSER .....,. ,................,, . ,,,.,,v Barger john Bendle, Mary Beveridge, 'lihomas Bowser, Lois Brannan, Margaret Branson, Donald Butler, john Diercks, Werner Eberling, Arline Fabrizius. Kathleen Grau, David Grosslclaus. Paul Hiller, Henrietta Bennet, Paul Boldt, lrvin Bowen, Sidney Bowker, Charles Brody, Maude Carver, Maxine Cohn, Herman Corriell, Vacla Cromer, Ruth Crossley, Gladys De Camp, Albert Downey, Helen Duncan, Paul Eclchardt, Wayne Engle, Meryl Fuller, George Garrett, june Goddard, lvan Gray, Maynard Haefner, Helene Halstead, Braunwa Harbaugh, Alice Hilton, Donald Hise, Vesta rth CLASS MOTTO "Dog dflllif dodge" CLASS COLORS Old Rose and Silver CLASS Vll Honts, Francis Honts, Kenneth jones, Lamoyne Kincller. Fern Liebbe, Norbert Magnus, Eugene Maurais, Robert Meeker, Marion Meerdinlc, Ruth Metcalfe, Eloise Montgomery, Violet Ogilvie, Glenn Othmer, Elnora CLASS VI Hoffmeyer, Everett Holzhauer, Dorothy Holzhauer, Pearl Horst, Leland Houvenagle, Lloyd Howe, Dorothy Jamison, Pauline Kern, Harry Kiefner, Dorothy Koester, Florence Lotspeich, Mary Luellen, John McKean, lra Maxwell, Lorena Minder, Ralph Montgomery. Cathari Nietzel, Verle Pace, Maude Rankins, Alvina Reay. Bernice Reed, Gertrude Rolfe, Esther Rummery. Lyle Rumsey, Julianna he .....,,..,,Presidenl Vice-President ......,,Sccrelary ..,,, Tl'CdSUliCT Rehmel, Hugh Rosenberg, Sara Schlung, Robert Schreurs, Clifford Smith, Frances Stelzner, Ruth Townsley, Velma Umlandt, Wilbur Vanatta, Lyell Votaw, Virginia Wigim, Anna Willis, Edwin Sander, Donald Schreurs, Herbert Seay, Bernard Seay, George Smith, Mabel Soll, Ruth Stamler, Faith Stamler, Paul Stocker, Ruth Sywassink, David Sywassink, Gertrude Te Strake. Walter Tiecke, Harry Toussaint, Raymond Uhr. Mabel Valett, Herbert Vanatta. Ethelyn Van Lent, john Van Tryfle, Marie Varney. Grace Wellons, Orlean White. Nola Whitmer, Myrtle Wiegand, Harry THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomores CLASS OF I 928 .,0+- WILLIAM MCINTYRE ...,,. HERBERT FREESE ,..... MARION MUSSER II.,.. JANET GRIER ..,.,E,E Bauguess, Lyle Berg, l:.dith Boiler, Lucille Bosten, joseph Brower, Goldie Christiansen, lrene Crow, Thelma Dale, Wilbur Day, Donald' Doan, Blanche Eversmeyer, Bernard Eversmeyer, Bernice Funclc, Leroy Goddard, Sini Gray, Pearl Heussner, Harold Hoefflin, Lucille Adams, Lucille Anderson, Twila Axel, Florence Baker, Richard Bartell, Arnold Larton, Cecil Beitel, Byron Berg. Helen Bill, Lester Bowser, Marjorie Brown, Fern Burton, William Callaway, Dorothy Chapman, Erma Conlcling, Ruth Cooley, Elizabeth Cooley, Helen Cotter. Paul Cox, Gladys De Camp. Edwin Drucker. Ethel Fasterla, May Fisch, Lyman Fischer, Helen CLASS V Hughey, Nina Hunn. Walter -lahnlce, Minnie Jarvis, Robert johnson, Alvin Knott, Elbert Lange, james Latham, Charles Leu. Edna Leu, Ralph Lockwood, Audrey Luellen, Mary McDaniel, Weldon lVusser, Marion Nyweide, Dorothy Paul, Evyline Pearlman, Esther Phillips, Genevieve CLASS IV Freese, lleibert Froehner, Weldon Goddard, Jessie Grier, janet Harter, Robert Hebard, Clarence Herr, Harry Heussner, Elmer Hoclce, lrwin Hughes, Florence lsaacson, l ucille Kindler. Dorothy King, Helen Lorber, Lenz Lovitt. Raymond McDowell, Rov McFadden, Lucille Mclntyre, William McKnight, Weldon Massey, Bvron Maxwell, Ernest Metzger, Melvin Miller, Richard Mills, Earl Mozer, Lucille ,I.,,.,...PI'esi1I'enl Vice-President .....,.,SCCI'Cldl'y TI'easuI'eI' Pitchforth, Yvonne Reichert, Elmer Rogers, 'lhomas Ruckles, Chester Schomberg, Carl Schultz, Laura Singleton, Alera Snyder, Grace Stocker, Edith Stoker, Francis Thompson, Madeline Uhr. Marvin Washburn, Ona Wells, Clyde Wigim, Walter Zeidler, Eleanor Zeug, Ray Peck, Cy Price, Herman Rabecleaux, Avis Reesink, Ruth Richardson. joseph Sauer, Florence Sawyer. Lucille Schmarje, Clarence Sharer, lris Shepard. Violet Shield, Helen Simons, Agnes Spickler, Dorothy Spickler, Julia Stark, lvan Stein, Thelma Tucker, Ray Tuttle, Chester Umbanhowar. Orval Vetter, Beatrice Warman, Ferris Weiss, Martin Westrate, Herbert Wittich, Lucille THE FRESHMAN CLASS LELAND BAKER ,,..,,,, MARGARET HAXX'KlNS ,,,, ,.,,, Aitken, Genevieve Albright, Merwin Allbee, Kenneth Ashton, Ruth Bartenhagen, Dora Becker. Lillian Blake, Vesta Bowlhy, Leota Boydston, NVarren Bray, Flora Chamberlin, Margaret Chandler, Franklin Chaudoin. Helen Daedlow, Edna Denton, Rose Dora, Florence Drucker, Max Durst, Camilla Fairall. Kenneth Field, Maxine Figg. Helen Fitlll. James Anderson, Mildred Appel, Betty Asthalter, Margaret Bagnard, Mary Baker, Harriett Baker. Leland Barton, Bernice Bausch, Maurice Beeker, Kenneth Boiler, Raymond Boldt, Lucille Bosten, Anna Marie Brown, Carl Elizaheth Brown, Bunn, VVilliatn Chase, Bruce Uolman. Leona Connor, NVilliam Corriell, Lester Coyner, Mark Danner, Lura Davis. Clara De Camp, Agnes De Camp, Doris Dittman, VVilliam Douglas, Olive Eger, Iris Albrecht, Evelyn Barrows, Elizabeth Barry, Florence Barry, Evelyn Bauerbach, Clark Beitel. Marguerite Bennett, Esther Blakely, Josephine Boise, Vivian Borcliardt, Charlotte Bodling, Margaret Bowlhy, Virgil liatnpbell, Clinton Cracker, Howard Christiansen, Flossie Conley, Imogene Criger, Cecil Custer, Ralph Davison, Bernell De Lap, Alene Duncan, Kenneth Doerring, Helen Elliott, Edwin Elliott, Xvilliam liustler, Bernice Ewing, Jane Fitzgerald, John Freese, Leola Frogge, Nola Freshmen CLASS OF l929 s Prexzdezzr Bitvci-1 L,,llASli , H Vire-Pretiflezlt MARGARri'l' :kS'l'llAL CLASS lll Fischer, Cedric l'owler, Leona lfranzen, Bernice l'-rieden, Minnie George, Lyle Gertenhach, Roland Gi-igg, Herbert Hagermann. Dorothy Havemann. lVilliam Hawkins, Margaret Himes. Lozetta Hintermeister, Herscliel Huber, Marion Hughes, Helen Hulse, Verna Johnson, Vivian Kyes, Leslie Lambert, Velma Lemkau, Harold Lemkau, john Lewin, Max Lindee. ,lnzinita CLASS Eichenaner, Virginia Eliot, Jeanette Evans, Albert Fragge, Dorothea Fryherger, NVayne Frye, Ruth fiertenliach, Grace Gertenbach, Ralph Gillette, Gertrude Godfrey, Virgil Grady, ,lames Greene. Ruby Grifhn, Robert Griftitll. Helen Grunder, Albert Hagerman. Charles Harker, Richard Harper, Neva Hartwig, Ruth Heidel, John Hempstead, Susan Henderson, Cleo Hoag, Helen Holzhauer, Zelnia Honts, Dorothy Honts, Kermit Hopkins, Edith CLASS Frye, Lillian Gacta, joseph Gauler, Vernol Gaylor, Ruth Gibbs, Vivian Grady. Melvin Grifiith, Frances Gunzenhauser, Katherine Halliday, Josephine Hankins, Leon Harper. Harold Hoffman, Miriam Holmes, Ivan Holzhauer, Verna Havernann, Louise ,la-ihnke, Mertie ,larck, Edward Jarvis, Fonda johnson, Stanley Kannnerer, john Kammerer, Maybelle Karr, l'arra Kemper. Dorothy King, lona Kingery, Grover Krider, Carroll Lamb, Raphael Lange, Everett Lewis, Marie Lucke, Harry McCloskey, XVilham McElroy, Glenola McElroy. Vaughn McKee, Harry McKillip, Alice McTurk, Margaret Mark, Dorothy Maxwell, Edith Meerdink, Earl Meltzer. Sant Metz, Melvin Millett, Anna Mitchell. Alice Moomey . Fred Naber. Fauna l'luinh, Ruth Priester, Leo Reed, Grace Reeves. Madeline Richardson. Harriet ianiple, Scott Hunn, Paul ,lohnson. Madeline Keller, Eunice King, Evelyn Kleist, Norman Knox. Helen Kopp. Phillip Rretzchmar, Alma Kretzchmar, Margaret Kurz, Felton Lorenz, Harry Lukenbach, Lyle McElroy, Virgil McGinnis, Bernanline Martin. Olive Martin. Ruby Meyers, Dorothy Middleton, Edwin Millage. Erma Miller. Carl Montgomery. Virgil Mueller, John Negus, Harold 0'Dell, l.ucy Powell, Eva Price, Dorothy Reed, Walter Lindsey, Maxine Long, Bernice Lotspeicli, Ruth Loving, Miriam McElroy, Earl McGinnis. Dorothy McGuire. Mary McKene, Beatrice Malone, lona Meerdink, Charles Metzger, Gerald Millhone, Cecil Mills. Edward Mills, Ralph Moore, XVilliam Murdock, XVilbur Nicklas, Frederick Nyenhuis. Blanche Oukeu, Kenneth Urwitz, David Orwitz. Goldie Othmer, Melvin Pace, Hazel Pitchforth. Vivian Potter, Mason Roby. Robert Rock. lValter Rolfe, Queenie Sanders, Richard 'HCR , ,-l.f.r'l Ser.-Train. Schauland, Helen Schoenig, Helen Schreurs, Marian Schwandke, lVantl,t Sghwertfeger, Theron Selman, Lilan Sharer, Eloise Shay, Francis Smith. Gernedonalee Smith, Naomi Stigers, Vernon Taylor, Frank 'l'imm, Harold C. Tobias, Flora Toborg, Ralph XVal-teland, Myron XVarman, Eugene lVatson, Vivian lVinegai'd, XVilma Voting. Te-rrill Reichert, Delphine Reichert, Dorothea Rogers, Thelma Rolland. Irene Roschinsl-ce, Adolph Rosenberg, Simon Sclmtelzer, Violet Shepard, Arthur Sher-ard, ,lames Shield, Harriet Smith, Harold Swain. Gladys Swisher. Merle Talkington, Genevieve Van Horn, Irene lValter, Edward XVashburn. Lee lVeiss, Francis NVQ-isiniller, Virgil XVil ox. Olive lVilliants, Howard XVilson, Donald Voung. Alvin Voting, Dorothy Zeller, Melva Zeller, Merwin Sattertliwaile, lValter Se-Crist. Clarence Settlemire, Naomi Sltoppa. Raymond Sissell, Fort-st Sissell, Gladys Snider, Mildred Stcahr, Elmer Steinmeyer, Ernest Stelzner, Nina Stewart. Dorothy Strain, Urval Stroll. Frances Talkington. Harold Tennyson, Lucy 'l'e Strake, Ralph Letzlof, Arthur 'Fll0Il'l2lS, L'linton Tlionipson, Alice 'l'iedeman, Violet Valett. Thelma Vander Ploeg, Floyd Vetter, Delvan Vice. Anita XValker, Beatrice lVickey, Eileen XVigim. Mildred XVilliams. jane Zeidler. Miriam Ser.-T1'ei1f. W 1' ." :W P0010 by C1 uJ,fh:'fu1 "Natural How mighty, how majestic are thy works." Snrivtiw Acz'z'viiz'es a,O,g We believe that our activities are one of the important parts of our education. It is through them that we learn to mix in a social way, gain valuable instruction, and learn not to fear to face an audience. 'lihey are divided into the following classes: honorary, executive, literary, dra- matic, forensic, departmental, and musical. Having such a Wide range of choice, each pupil is able to select the club which sponsors work on the subject in which he is especially interested. All are under the supervision and instruction of teachers in- terested in that line, so all are well planned and carried out. We are certain that our activities are becoming better, as pupils are no longer required to have membership in them, but do so of their own free will. We hope they will continue this improvement when we are no longer able to be members of them. Horzor Sociefy Top Row-Norma Chase, Dorothy Striebe-l, Alpha Braunwarth. Florence Whitmer, Beryl Davidson. Ruth Hazlett, Edna Schultz, Dorothy Fox. Hazel Brei, Ruth Snider, Alma Kindler. Middle Row-Sarah Marie Cook, Zelma Funclc, Lois lfowscr. Lillian Cochran, Meryl Engel. Mary Lotspeich. Helene Haefner. Bottom Row-Lauren Goddard. Edwin Willis, Robert Zeidler. Donald Branson, john Barger. Not Present-Wilma Baker, Eunice Chamberlin. Eunice Lake, Robert Lewis, lrving Nietzel. Esther Robbins. Charles Urclangcn. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester SARAH MARIE Coox ..r... ..,.e.. P rcsiflcnl e.e.eeeee eeeeee, A LPHA BRAUNWARTH Lu.i.iAN Cocieimm ,,,,,, ,e,ee I 'ice-Preridcnz ...,,ee ...e,.....e., Z ELMA FUNCI4 RUTH HAZLETT ,.e,ee r,, S ecrctary eeee,. .....e D oRoTm' Fox Junior Chamber of Commerce - - , , ,V , . t, 1 OFFICERS ALPHA BRAUNWARTH ..,....,.eee...,eeeA..,... .......,... P resident VVAYNE ECKHARDT.. ,..e, ......,..........., I fice-President MYRTLE WHITMER ,,,,,, ,...,... S ccrctarp and Treasurer MR. Hows Senior Class- Harold Froehner Betty Hempstead Junior Class- Lamoyne jones Myrtle Whitmer Sophomore Class- William Burton Beatrice Vetter Freshman Class- Betty Appel Madeline Reeves L. H. F.- Harry Kern Anna Wigim Agriculture Club- Albert Kemper john Powell H ,,,e,,..,,....,,...,,........ Adviser Dramatic Club- Sarah Marie Cook Stanley Baker Curia. Regia- Mary Lotspeich Edwin Willis Le Cercle Francais- Charles Bowlcer Beryl Davidson Swastika- Geraldine Foster Frances Warman Aeolian- Lois Bowser Paul C-rosslclaus Girls' Glee Club- Esther Chamberlin lrene Cuessregen Boys' Glee Club- Wayne Eclchardt Louis Hartman Orchestra- David Crau Helen Heidel Normal Training Club Mabel Bartenha gen Florence Whitmer A uroran Staff- Alpha Braunwarth Howard Kautz Honor Society- Lillian Cochran Dorothy Fox Agriculiure Club W-'ag ee sr QQ JS 35' as 6- 'F' OFFICERS PAUL STAMLER .., . ...,.,.......,........,. A.....,.... P 1 'esidenl PAUL HOAG ,,......,,. ...... V ice-President HAROLD C. TIMM ,v... ...... S ecrelary LLOYD GODDARD ,,L.........,...... .L.L, T reasurer MR. HOOPES, MR. BROWN ,..,,,. ....... A dvisers Allbee, Kenneth Goddard. Lauren Negus. Harold Bausch, Maurice Godclarcl. Lloyd Powell, john Bieber, Kenneth Hintermeister, Herschel Shepard, Arthur Bill, Lester Hoag, Paul Shepard. James Boiler, Raymond Kemper, Albert Stamler, Paul Corriell, Lester McKee, Harry Testrake, Harold Cotter, Paul Miller, Carl Timm, Harold C. Elliott, William Miller, Lawrence Weiss, Martin Gertenbach, Ralph Nlincler, Ralph Zeller, Merwin Montgomery, Virgil xg-, -iff iff, 1-1 A. B. L. Dramafic Club First Semester I-'LORENCE HEALIZY .... . ARLENE DAUT ,,,,,,, VIRGINIA VOTAW .,...,.., ALPHA BRAUNWARTII... Miss THOMPSON, Ashby, Mozelle Baker, Stanley Barrows, Virgil Berg, Edith Beveridge, Thomas Eraunwarth, Alpha Carver, Maxine Chase, Norma Cochran, Lillian Cook, Sarah Marie Crow, Wilma Daut, Arlene Eclchardt, Wayne Miss OFFICERS ..,,Pl'CSidC71l......,. Vice-Presidcrii ...... .,..Sccrclarp...,., Trcasurer..... KEMBLE ....., Fabrizius. Kathleen Fischer, Paul Fox, Dorothy Froehner. Harold Funck, Zelma Crossklaus, Paul Cuessregen. lrcne Harper, Bernard Hartman, Louis Hazlett, Ruth Healey, Florence Horst, Leland Howe. Dorothy Second Semester ...,..PAUL GROSSKLAUS , ....... ETHIZLYN VANATTA ......,,.PAUI.INE SI-IAW ...MHTHOMAS BEVERIDGE .........Ar1viscrs King, Dorothy Ogilvie, Glenn Potter, john Sander, Donald Shaw, Pauline Shircs, Plooma Smith, Myrtle Stelzner, Ruth Tucker, Rex Umlandt. Wilbur Vanatta, Ethelyn Votaw, Virginia Wellons, Orlean Dram aiic Club Plays 54 "THE GYPSY TRAIL" CINDERSH "PRESENT-DAY COURTSHIPH "THE, LOAN OF A LOVER" The L. H F Liierary Sociefy First Semester ADELE MARK ......,..... ALBERTA COCHRANU. HELENE HAEFNER ,.,, HARRY KERN ,...vA,.,.A.. Miss HEEZEN, Baker. Richard Bartenhagen, Mabel Bendle, Mary Bowen. Sidney Brannan. Margaret Carver, Maxine Corriell. Vada Crossley, Gladys Crow, Thelma Ditmon, Maurice Doan, Blanche Eberling, Arlene Engel, Myrle Everameyer. Bernard Eversmeyer, Bernice Freyermuth, Clifford OFFICERS Second Semester or ,..,,,e, President eeeeeee ..... P AULINE JAMISON .......Vice-Presidenl..... ,....VADA CORRIELL ......Secrelary ee .,..........,....THELMA CROW ..,,,,r,........,...TI'CU5L1I'CI',,,,t MR. ATKINSON eeee,e Freyermuth. Ruth Garrett, June Gray, Pearl Haefner, Helene Harbaugh, Alice Hempstead, Betty Hoag. Clara Hoag, Paul Horst, Leland Hunn, Walter Jamison, Pauline Kern, Harry Lamb, Ruby Lange, james Leu, Ralph Luclce, Harry ...WUBERNARD EVERSMEYER ,,,,...,,,,.,,,AdUlSCI'S McKean, lra Mark, Adele Montgomery, Catharine Othmer, Elnora Rausch, Mildred Sander. Donald Schomberg, Carl Stamler, Faith Stamler, Paul Striebel, Dorothy Sywassinlc, Charles Sywassink, David Sywassink, Gertrude Testrake, Walter Vance, Clara Wigim, Anna The Aeolian Liferary Socieiy avi "'- e-- r First Semester DOROTHY Fox AA JOHN BAROER ..,.OOOO HELEN HEIDEL ..,.AO. DAVID CRAU ,.,.,,..A..O....OOO.O, ........4.OO Miss GRACE Barger, John Bosten, Joseph Bowser. Lois Davidson. Beryl Fischer, Paul Fox, Dorothy Froehner, Harold Grau, David Crier, Janet Grossklaus, Paul Heidel, Helen Herr, Harry Hiller, Henrietta Hise, Vesta Hoffmeyer, Everett OFFICERS E,,,,,P1'esidcnl..,,,,, Vice-Presia'cnle,,,, ..,,,,Scc1'ela1'y....,,i Treasurer ,...,, , Miss HAHN ,.,eEE. Huber, Kenneth Jarvis, Robert Latham, Samuel Metzger, Harold Metzger, Melvin Montgomery, Violet Musser, Marion Ggilvie, Glenn Pearlman. Jeanette Peck, Cy Phillips, Genevieve Pitchforth, Yvonne Potter, John Reichert, Elmer Schultz, Laura Second Semester ,,,i,,,JOHN POTTER e.m..HEx.EN HEIDEL .........lVlABEL UHR ,,,.,,,-JOSEPH BOSTON ,,r..,..Advisers Schwanke. Wanda Shield, Helen Sharer, lris Shires, Plooma Tiecke, Harry Tucker, Ray Uhr, Mabel Umlanclt, Wilbur Vanatta, Ethelyn Vetter, Beatrice Votaw, Virginia Wellons, Orlean Willis, Edwin Swasfika Liferary Socieiy First Semester BERNARD HARPER ..e,e MARGARET VICE ...,, ARLENE DAUT ,...,e MAY VETTER ...,.. WILMA CROW ....e....,... Miss DOWNER, Barrows, Virgil Bauguess, Lyle Berg, Edith Berg, Helen Bosten, Dorothy Burton, William Chapman, Lomax Crow, Wilma Daut, Arlene Downey, Helen Field, Maxine Foster, Geraldine Goddard. Lauren OFFICERS ...,..Presic1enl..,.,. Vice-Presiclcnl... ..,...,Sccrclary,,,.,, ......Tl'CUSl11'Cl'...... ,.,..,.........Dircclor.,,,... Miss LIEBEE e..,...,.,, Goddard, Lloyd Guessregen, lrene Harter, Robert Hilton. Donald Hoemin, Lucile Howell, William jahnlce, Minnie Kindler, Fern Lambert, Velma Latham, Charles Luellen, john McDaniel, Weldon Maxwell. Edith Mark, Burton Second Semester GERALDINE FOSTER ..,...LLOYD GODDARD ....HE1.EN DOWNEY ...UFRANCES WARMAN . e.,.. DOROTHY BOSTEN ......Aa'viscrs Meeker, Marion Meerclink, Ruth Peterson, Erwin Reed, Gertrude Reesink, Ruth Sawyer, Lucille Stelzner, Ruth Tobias, Dorothy Toborg, Dorothy Umbanhowar. Orval Valett, Herbert Vetter, May Warman, Frances Wherry, Louise Orchestra Top Row-Howe. Huber Second Row-Metzger, Drucker, Froehner, Tolnorg, james, Vetter, Hawkins. Bor- chardt, Schwertfeger. Soll Third Row-Rosenberg, Rolfe, Hurevitz, Dierclcs, Heidel, V. Smith, Berg, Rankin Fourth Row-C. Smith, Moore. Bohling, Linclee Director ....., ,. ,, li. xl. Howe Piano .,....,.,,,,7,,,,,,,.,.,,77,,7...7....,.....,.,,,7,,,,,,,,.,A,,.,,..,.,,.,,,,,,7,7,,,7.,,, lVlll'l3lTl Dierclis Violins 7.,. Helen Berg, Margaret Bohling. Max Drucker, Helen l-leiclel, Kenneth Huber, Anna l-lurevitz, Juanita Linclee, William Moore, Alvina Rankin. Esther Rolfe, Gerneclonalee Smith. Violet Smith. Saxoplwnes ,7.,..,,,,,.,,,o,,........,,,,,..,,.,, Ernest James. Ralph Toborg, Beatrice Vetter Flutes ....7..,. ..,.A,, M argaret Hawkins, Theron Schwertfeger Bells ....,..... .. ..., Melvin Metzger Trombone ..., ,.... W elclon Froehner Celloo ,,,,,. 7A,,,,,.,.,,,,,,o,,7o,7,..,.,,,o,,to,..., R uth Soll Clarinels ....... ,,,,7, C harlotte Borcharclt. lna Fay Paul Camels .....,. ,,,o,,, F . Howe, Simon Rosenberg Le Cercle Francais 'Sf' NOLA Wuma ...,,. MYRLE ENGEL , . CARL SCHOMBERC. LYELL VANATTA L Miss RYAN ,.,,.,.,, Benninger, Esther Bowker, Charles Cochran, Lillian Covell, Vercla Davidson, Beryl Diercks, Xverner Ditmon, Maurice Durkee, Viola Engel, Nlyrle OFFICERS Funck, Zelma C-oddard, Jessie Harbaugh. Alice Hocke, Erwin Isaacson, Lucille lahnke, Minnie Petersen, Erwin Pitchforth, Yvonne Rolfe, Esther President Vice-President ....e,,,7Sccreiary .,... Tl'6G5Ul'Cl' ..,,,Adviser Schomberg, Carl Sling, Marguerite Smith. Frances Tobias, Dorothy Vanatta, Lyell Van Tryfle, Marie Warman, Frances Wherry, Louise White. Nola Declam and Exiemp PAULINE JANIISON, '27 Pauline, reading "ln the Palace of the King," a dramatic selection, won the right to represent us in the lowa Nine Girls' Declamatory Contest, which was held here. BERNARD HARPER. 'Z 6 Nl. H. S. revived extemporaneous speaking this year. Mr. Atkinson was coach. Bernard represented us in the lowa Nine Contest held at Clinton. His topic was "British Rubber Monopoly." ,.,,O, .. Iowa Nine Girls' Declamafory Confesfanis Top Row-Mary Louise Kelley, lowa City: Vera Haffay, Grinnell: Suzanne Chase, Clinton: Mary Walling, Oslcaloosa. Bottom Row-Verna Law, Ottumwa: Virginia Wingert, Davenport: Pauline lamison, Muscatine: Grace Drum, Burlington. Not Present-Eileen Ulrich. Fairfield. Hz'-Y V H ever' LELAND HoRsT ..,,.. ALBERT KEMPER .,.. GFFICERS WALTER TESTRAKE ,..... DAVID SYWASSINK ,..,., MR. ATKINSON ..,..T Bierman, Howard Boldt, lrwin Beaten, -loc Branson, Donald Busch, Arthur Butler, john Chapman, Lomax Christopherson, Clarence Cohn, Herman Day, Donald Decamp, Philip Drucker, Max Duncan, Paul Fishburn, William Froehner. Harold Fuller. George Goddard, Lauren Hebarcl, Clarence Herr, Harry Honts, Francis Horst, Leland Hovenagle, Lloyd Huber, Kenneth james, Ernest johnson, Alvin Kautz, Howard Kemper, Albert Kern, Harry Kyes. Leslie Lamb, Clifton Leu, Ralph Lovitt. Ray Mclntyre, William McKean, lra Magnus, Eugene Nlarlc, Burton Metz ger, Harold ,.......,...Prcsident Vice-P1'csia'enl ....,,,Sccrclary Treasurer ....mAa'viser Ogilvie, Glenn Othmer, Ray Petersen, -lohn Powell, john Reichert, Elmer Rehmel, Hugh Sander, Donald Schlung, Robert Schoemaker, Gordon Schomberg, Carl Seay, George Sywassinlc. David Sywassinlc, Charles TeStrake, Harold Testrake, Walter Tiecke, Harry 'l-oussaint, Raymond Umlandt, Wilbur Vanatta, Lyell .-4 Senior Girl Reserves ZELMA FUNCK ,4,. to PAULINE JAMISON .e4e. OFFICERS ELEANOR ZEIDLER, ,... . LILLIAN COCHRAN ,A..... Mis: HOMAN .......eee.....e...eV.,,.,,e,,,,,,AA Miss DOWN ER, Mis Ashby, Mozelle Benclle, Mary Boiler, Lucille Bowser, Lois Berg, Edith Braunwarth, Alpha Bjork, Agnes Corriell, Vada Carpenter, Calista Crow, Wilma Carver, Maxine Cochran, Lillian Chamberlin, Esther Dierclcs, Miriam Davidson. Beryl Daut, Arline Durlcee, Viola Fox, Dorothy 5 MCCANDLESS ,,....,,,,,,, Funck, Zelma Foster, Geraldine Freyermuth, Ruth Hoag, Clara Harbaugh, Alice Heidel, Helen Hempstead, Betty Holzhauer, Dorothy Howe, Dorothy Jamison, Pauline Kindler, Fern Lotspeich, Mary Meeker, Marion Murdock, Mildred Othmer, Elnora Rausch, Mildred Rumsey, Juliana Reay, Bernice W.........,,Presidenl Vice-Presidcnl c..,,,..,Secretary ...,.,.,,,..,,Treasurer .,,,,..,,CCHCl'Gl Adviser .Committee A dvisers Smith, Myrtle Stocker, Ruth Tobias, Dorothy Toborg, Dorothy Townsley, Velma Tooman, Violet Uhr, Mabel Vvigim, Anna Warman, Frances Wellons, Orlean Vanatta, Ethelyn Vance, Clara Van Tryfle, Marie Vetter, May Vice, Margaret Votaw, Virginia Zeidler, Eleanor Cuessregen. lrene xg-, -iff iff, 1-1 Curia Regia l ' :. First Semester THOMAS BEVERIDGE.. GERALDINE l'iOSTER.,, Lois BOWSER w. ..V.. OFFICERS ..,....,Presic1cnt,.nm ..,,.,,Vice-P1'esidenl,...,, Tl'Cl15Ul'CI'.,.r,, IRWIN BOLDT A,..,,.. .. ..,....... ...w,.. Secretary . ,. Miss KEMBLE, Anderson, Twila Barger, john Beveridge, Thomas Boiler, Lucile Bowser, Marjorie Bowser. Lois Brannan, Margaret Conlcling, Ruth Fabrizius, Kathleen Field, Maxine Miss THOMPSON oo.,oo Foster, Geraldine Fowler. Leona Freyermuth, Ruth Goddard, Sini Crossklaus, Paul Hagerman, Dorothy Hazlett, Ruth Lotspeich. Mary McFadden, Lucille Mitchell, Alice HONORARY MEMBERS Second Semester ....,.joHN BARCER LLL,Lo1s BOWSER ..,,L....,,..jULrA SPICRLER HERBERT WESTRATE a'visc1'.s Montgomery. Violet Sawyer, Lueile Smith, Mabel Spickler, julia Vetter, Beatrice Warman, Ferris Warman, Eugene Westrate, Herbert Willis, Edwin Wittich, Lucile Braunwarth, Alpha Cochran, Lillian Special Orchesfrcz Top Row-Metzger. Fox. Heidel, cm, Howe. Bottom Row-Vetter, Snll. Hurevizz, Smith, Director ,,,,,,,,A F. Howe Piano ..,. .,...,,........,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,........,,..,.,,,,,..,,.. D orothy Fox Violins ..,,. Helen Heidel. Anna Hurevitz, Cerneclonalee Smith Saxophone ,,,, ,,A,.,,,,,,,,,77777,,.77,777...A,..,...oo,,.,,......,..,7, B eatrice Vetter Bells -,,, ....,,,, M elvin Nletzger Cello A,,., ...,Vtt,t,,,..,,., R uth Soll Flute ..,..., ,....,,, M argaret Hawkins Clarinet ..,..... ..........,.. D avid Crau w C ornel ......... Howe Musky Pep fllachine ERNA KLEIN , .. Aitken. Genevieve .-Xjrpcl, llrlty .'XSlllItliC'l', Mzirgziret Baker. Leland linker, Richnrrl Becker. Lillian lienninger, Esther Berg, Edith Berg, Helen lieveriihze, Tlwinris liarry, livelyn Hosten. Anna Marie Rnsten. Joseph Burke, Marguerite Busch, Arthur lleitcl, liyron fhllxiwzty, lmrntliy l':irver, Maxine l':irpenter. fzilistu L'liLnnl1erlin, listhel' L'l1riNtizmsen, lrene llvrriell, Yzulil lJ:1ut,,-Xrline llora, l"lorenL'c Imy, llminlnl lJet'ziinp, Agnes llellnnp. .-Xlhert lliercks, Miriam llurkee. Yinlzi liherling, Arlene lfnxlel. Myrle lfislilinrn, XYilliLini Fisher. .lewell Fox, llimmtliy' Frye, Ruth lfreyerniuth, l'litTurd Fuller, George lfunek. Zelma tirier, Izmet Gray. Pearl tlueseregen, lrent' l'l2t!l'C'l'll'lLll'l, llnwtliy Hzig'erinan. Bernice llarlmugli, Alice Harker, Richard llznrper, Neva llurper, Bernard Hempstelul, Hetty Henipstezul. Susan Herr, Hurry Hiller, Henrietta Hise. Vesta Hntfinzin, Miriam Hi,-lliilay. .lnsepliine Hnwe. llc-rotliy lszizicsmi, Liicile Klein, lirnu Kleist, Niwinfili Knnnnerer, lie Vere Kztntz, Huwziril Kuester, Florence Lnurence, lmllas l.enik:in, Kenneth l.:itl1am, Sznntiel l.:itl1an1. Charles Linilee, Juanita Leu, Rfilph l.uellen, john Mark. Allele Klurk, llrgrotliy Blclilruy, tllenoln Blclntyre. XYilli:un Kleerflink, Ruth Xleerilink, lfzirl Miller, Henrietta Mniitgmiiery. L'11tl1:irine Blusser. Marian tfizilvie, Glenn llllllllff, Ray Pearlman, Jeanette ,....Presideni l'e:trln1:in, lfxther Petersen, -l-ihn Phillips. llcnexieve l'itcl1fur1li. Ywmne Prieeter, Leu Ralietleitux, Avis Reichert, lilzner Scllwuinlke, XY:iml:1 Sliqixr, Pauline Sliepziril, Blue Shieltli llelen Shields, Annu Sqhreurs. Nlzirizin Tieeke. llzirry Tlnuiliivzirni. Xlxilleline 'llulml'2' llinwitliv vllulmrg, Kltlpli 'l'ulvi1iQ, lliriwlliy lllif, Blnlvel l'hI'. llnrvin l'lnl1tnmlt. ltillrni' Yule-tl. l'lerlwerl Yurney, tlrziee Yzin 'l'ryHe, Miirie Yauizittn, lithyln Yettcr. llezitrice Vice, Xl:tl'g:irct Yulilw. Virginia XY1ilker, lleulrice xYJtl'l'l'l1tll, lfrzincee XY:u'inuii. Ferris lYeis. Francis lYig1iin, Anim Xllileux, Ulire XX'iilignns, llilwziril XYineg:iril, Xxllllllll XYhite, Niwlzi hYl'llllllt'l', Myrtle xYllllI'l'lEI'. Florence Zeitller, Eleanor Girls' Honorary Glee Club ESTHER CHAMBERLIN ....., .,..Y.,,... P resident ADELE MARK ,,.,,,,,,,,, .,7, l f'tCC-PIiC,Stt'1C11t DOROTHY N YWEIDE ,.. .. , MARGARET ASTHALTER ..., VlX"lAN joHNsoN,,. , Miss HINKEL ..A4... Aitken. Genevieve Baker, Harriet Bartenhagen, Dora Brown, Elizabeth Chamberlin, Esther Chamberlin, Margaret Colman, Lorna Crow, Thelma Doan, Blanche Funclc, Zelma Gray, Pearl Cuessregen. lrenc Hawkins, Margaret Hiller, Henrietta Hoag, Helen Hoet"Hin. Lucille Hughey, Nina lohnson, Vivian Kiefner. Dorothy Mark, Adele .Vlaxwell, Eclyth Maxwell. Erma ?,,,O, OPERETTA The Feast of the Little Lanterns ,H,,tScc1'etary Treasurer ..,...Pianist ,, ,... Director Maxwell, Lorena Nlillage, Erma Mitchell, Alice Naber, Fauna Nyweide. Dorothy Pace, Maude Rosenberg, Sara Smith, Gerneclonalee Van Trytile. Marie White, Nola Zeicller, Eleanor i CAST Princess Chan ........ .......,............ ....,,.... Z e lma Funck Mai Ku ............. .,...... E lizabeth Brown Wee Ling ,,,,,,, .......... N ina Hughey OW Long ........ ....... l rene C-uessregen Boys' Glee Club Top Row-Stearns Howe, Braunwarth Halstead, Henrietta Hiller, Mr. Hoopes, Sidney Bowen. Botlom Row-Charles Sywassink, Bernard Eversmeyer, Francis Stoker, Donald Sander, Kenneth Lemkau. Not Present-Wayxie Eckhardt. Louis Hartman, Weldon McDaniel. jasper Pulliam NIR. HOOPES ,,,,, ,,,ii ,,,,,,,,,,,,, D i reclor MR. LIEBBE ,.,,...,...,,. ,77.,,, S ubslilule Director HENRIETTA HILLILR aa..., aaa,,a,,aaa,aaaaa,, P ianisz Junior Girl Reserves lWlNNIE JAHNKE LUCILLE MOSER ee,...e HELEN SHIELD RUBY GREEN E.,,EE Barry, Florence Bosten, Anna Marie Brower, Goldie Christiansen, Flossy Cooley, Elizabelh Cooley, Helen Decamp, Doris Eichenhaur, Virginia Easterla, May Freiden, Minnie Frye, Ruth Frye, Lillian Green, Ruby OFFICERS Grier, Janet Harper, Neva Hempstead, Susan Hoag, Helen Jahnke, Mertie jahnke, Minnie johnson, Madeline Lotspeich, Ruth Kemper, Dorothy Martin, Olive Martin, Ruby Moser, Lucille Orwitz, Goldie Hprcsidenl Vice-Presirlenl , Sccr'clflrjJ Trcasurcr Price, Dorothy Reed. Grace Rolfe. Queenie Sauer, Florence Shields, Harriet Snider, Mildred Stocker, Edith Tennyson, Lucy Warman, Franc Wittich, Lucille Wigim. Mildred Zeidlcr, Miriam C8 Normal Training Club First Semester FLORENCE WIa1iTMER,,o OFFICERS ,.,t..PI'C51C77C71l....,..., Second Semester ,FAITH STAMLER MAUDE PACE .ee,eeee,eeeee, e,.ee I 'ice-Presiclcnl ....... EEE,,, M AUDE. PACE. MABE1. BARTENHAc,EN..o, .. ...E. Secrctary,.,,., MYRTLE SMITH ..EE.,. Bjork, Agnes Bosten, Dorothy Carpenter. Calista Diercks, Miriam Eberling, Arline Engel, Myrle Fetterhoff, Gladys Healey, Florence Hoag, Clara Howe, Dorothy Jamison, Pauline Jenkins. Mary Kindler. Fern King, Dorothy Longstreth, Myrtle Tl'CGSUl'Cl',,..,, McGee, Theresa Maxwell. Lorena Meerdinlc, Ruth Meeker, Marion Metcalfe, Eloise Montgomery, Catharine Murdock, Mildred Pace, Maude Paul, lna Reed, Gertrude Sliaw, Pauline Shepard, Mae Smith, Frances Smith, Myrtle Smith, Violet ..,,,,l:IZRN KINDLER ......lVlYRTLE SMITH Stamler, Faith Sywassink, Gertrude Toborg, Dorothy Tooman, Violet Townsley, Velma Vice, Margaret Xwherry, Louise Boiler, Lucile Doan, Blanche Harbaugh, Alice jahnke, Minnie Lockwood, Audrey Paul, Evyline Singleton, Aleta Girls ' Chorus Miss HINKEL AA..,,, Adams, Lucile Ashton, Ruth Benninger, Esther Bowlby, Leota Covell, Vercla Crow, Vvilma Daecllow. Edna Easterla, Mae Eichenauer. Virginia Fisher, Jewell Certenbach. Grace Hagerman. Bernice Hartwig, Ruth Hughes, Florence Kammerer, De Vere King, Evelyn King, Dorothy Kretschmar, Alma Kurz, Louise Luellen, Mary Murdock, Mildred ,.,,.,.DiI'CCl0l' Othmer, Elnora Sauer, Florence Sawyer, Lucile Schreurs, lV'arian Schultz, Laura Smith, Naomi Stelzner. Ruth Srriebel, Dorothy Townsley, Velma Wittich. Lucille Eg -1. ,Q x Q x Q3 Q Q S Q L bridge. aged IITI hangs the age, im f S rd the sky B OW clear. t L- 0 .Z L- as -C ... .E on Z! O '5 E 0 I I: P Copizd from Mfhilillll, Gilburl L., WAHFENI-iii, by ,ffurial fn'r'v111 mn uf Ufrflb l'11HifM11g Cu., Sl. Paul, lllfrlurxnla. Athlvtirn jf 4 EDLLIBHIS all Coaches LEO D. NICOLAUS Hilfkrlfhln llfrfrlw' ffl' .-llfzlt-fnfr Mr. Nicolaus will not coach next year, because of having so many other duties. He has turned out one of the most successful teams in the history of M. H. S. FRED G. MESSENGER I rin k A-I N! 1"fmlfmfl Out of inexperienced ma- terial, Mr. Messenger, during the last two years, has built up a track team to be proud of. -,OE GEORGE R. KLOOS FflUf!711H :INV Brzxkrrfmll Next year Mr. Kloos will coach both football and bas- ketball. Mr. Leo Schmitz will assist in the latter. We are fortunate to have as capable a coach as Mr. Kloos to take Mr. Nicolaus' place. CLADYS M. DULCAR Cfrlx' lJ'a.vkrlImH Miss Dulgar accepted the coaching position at the resig- nation of Miss Kneuppel, and succeeded in continuing the good work started. , .J H CAPT. CNPT-ELECT Cxpvr SAMUEL HOHENADEL. '26 HERBERT VALETT, 'ZB MYR-I-LE WHIIYMER ,Z7 Fiifilfurff 1-'iififlmlf Kwik- A.lV,,V,!VI,Vw ' "S:iii1l115" wzi- xi rl.iNIiy 1-nil. "HH lx" wg N Hu, 11,11 giumiil A Vi V V V V V HC' i'liU'l'4l U "K'fl'l5' IMHW' "iilwi'Unllli'iiih Ihr limit' Ni-:viii lmlyiiljf 1'V','Ir"" thrmmhfim thc NNHUU' Hb Hill UVU1 mm 1" hkml th' ilkiiiii' 4iwii'k' limi xluiivn thi! shv L:i':i1Iu:ituni nimiiix qi grezn hi.. U, ,H il,,v..,,Qli ,I ii.1i-riiiiix H N VlL,wl.x.H'm lm, Cuntailmwp in :ill thc Ahitilirluf- in fithlcluw --iii, If ,Al I V ,, , H , V,',1N ui Klliivzitxiiv High Fchiiiil, MISS!! 'l1V1VVVi:'UVlulV::H M x ' V CAPT. WILLIAM MclNTYRE, '28 Hilifff lfmfl "Huck" is :A inet H-mi' iiifui and an UYCCHt'l'lf Qhnl. Hi- wqix given :i pmiliini mi thc I,inIv Six i'mifvrvm'v tvzuu and thx' Scctimial ,XII - 'l'iiurn1inicii1 team. CAPT-ELECT WALTER TE STRAKE, '27 lf.iiAwfl1.ill "'l'm'c" hui hvcli ll uiniiixfrlil 1-lzivm' who rviuhl hc ilvviciizlcil upiin In :Iii his sliarv. H0 rc' rcivcwl limni1':ililC liwntiuli in thc' lliiifi-i'm'1in'c' :mil ii piisitmii fin th iczun. c Suu 'ml .XIlfI'nui'ii:m CAPT. MAY NARD ECKHARDT, '26 lf.i.k Uurlmz Hur tw-i Ni-ne-iiis .il trxivk. "l'f4k" hfix hcrn hiuh pnilit niziu in Ihv ninjiwity .it thc iiirvlx, Hi' hui piwivc-l himec-It Il czilmhlv lv:i1ivi'. Alhlefic Scholarshzp Sociefy Top Row-Clifton Lamb, Howard Bierman. Bottom Row-Kenneth Allbee, Herbert Valett, Samuel Hohenadel. Not Present-Lauren Goddard, Robert Mark. Still another honor has been conferred upon M. H. S., that of being granted a chapter in the National Athlectic Scholarship Society for Secondary Schools. Only letter men can belong. Membership is based upon the ability of the student to main- tain for three consecutive semesters a higher average than the general average of the school for the same period of time. Leffer Club Top Row-Walter TeStrake, Herbert Freese, james Figg. Coach Nicolaus. Clifton Lamb. Samuel Hohenaclel. Seconcl Row-Albert Decamp, Stearns Howe. Carl Schenkel. Albert Kemper, Samuel Latham, Ray Toussaint. Philip Decamp. Third Row-Howard Bierman, Glenn Ogilvie, William Nlclntyre, Kenneth Allbee, Herbert Valett. Not Present-Maynard Eckhardt, Orville Schauland, Lauren Goddard, Thomas Dilley, Maynard Cray. OFFICERS THOMAS DILLEY w,..eeee... eeeueueu., P resident IVIAYNARD ECKHARDT vereee ...e, I fice-President WILLIAM MCINTYRE A..,,,e ..,.., S ec'p-Treasurer Boys ' Baslcefball Top Row-Coach Nicolaus. Figg, Horst, Freese, Herr, Ass't Coach Kloos. Middle Row-Swisher, Butler, Barger, Kemper, Schenkel, Goddard, Wiegand. Bottom Row-Hohenadel, Valett, Capt.-elect TeStrake, Capt. McIntyre, Ogilvie, Cray. SEASONS 32 Muscatine SCORES Letts ........ Muscatine .... 30 Durant ....... Muscatine .... 24 Burlington . Muscatine .... 25 Wilton Muscatine .... I5 Washington . Muscatine ,... I8 Mt. Pleasant Muscatine ,... I0 Ottumwa Muscatine .... 24 Fairfield Muscatine .... 20 Burlington . Muscatine .... 22 Davenport . Muscatine ..., 22 Washington Muscatine .... I9 Mt. Pleasant Muscatine .... I5 Davenport . Muscatine .... 23 Ottumwa Muscatine .... 21 Fairfield Muscatine .... 3I "U" High Muscatine .... I9 Davenport . Total ....... ....... 3 70 Opponents . Football Top ROWTCOBCIT Kloos, Ass't COEICII MCSSCDQEY. Second Row-Funclc, Connor, Seay, Nietzel, Diercks, Lorenz, Latham. Lamb, Petersen, Luellen, Seay. Third Row-Schenkel, Freese, Figg, Capt. Hohenadel, Bierman, Toussaint, Schauland. Fourth Row-Eckharclt, Capt.-elect Valett, Mclntyre, A. Decamp, Allbee, P. DeCamp, SEASONS SCORES Muscatine ....... ...,,,.,.., 0 Wiltoii 0 Muscatine ....... ,,,7, 3 3 Tipton t..., .Y,,, 0 Muscatine ,.77,7, ,,,i, 0 Burlington .....,, ,7777 I 9 Muscatine .....,. ..... 6 Vlfest Branch ......,, e,,,, 0 Muscatine eie,, 0 Columbus junction ....,, ,.... Z 0 Muscatine ,ee,, 0 Washingtoil ,A.e...,.. 7 Muscatine ,.,,, 0 Davenport ,,,, e..,, 3 O Muscatine ,...... ...,e 9 West Liberty ,..... ...., 0 Total ....... ,,,,,,48 Opponents,,,,n .....76 Girls ' Bczskefball Top Row-Crossley. Braunwarrh, coach c. Dulgar. Isaacson, Varna,-. Second Row-Hempstead. Diercks, Capt. Wbitmer, Wigim. Pearlman. Third Row-Vice, Ashby, Toborg. SEASONS SCORES Muscatine ,,., ,, I I8 Letts ,.,77,,.,. ,A., I 0 Iviuscatine ,,., ,,.,,,, I 6 Letts .......,...,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 Muscatine ,7,, ,,,.... 3 3 Columbus Junction .,,,. ., 25 Muscatine ,,,, ,,.t I 8 Columbus Junction ,... .15 Muscatine ..,t ,,,,.,. 2 6 Washiligton .t,,,, ,.., I 7 Muscatine ttt, ,it, I 7 Washington I0 Muscatine ,.,, ,,,,,,. 2 0 Newhall .,,,.,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, 3 0 Muscatine .... ,....,, 2 3 Columbus Junction ,,.,,.,. .32 Muscatine ,,., ,,,.,,, -I 2 Grandview .,,c.,.. .,.,,.c,. I 9 Total ....,,, .,.,,c.2I3 OpponentsV....,., ,,.....l67 Track Top Row-Barger, Lorenz, Capt. M. Eclchardt. Coach Messenger, Lauren Goddard, Sywassinlc. McDaniel. Second Row-Nietzel. Umlanclt, Allbee, Nlclntyre, Peck, Bosten, Fuller, Lloyd Goddard, jones, Valett. Third Row-Branson, Horst, Reichert, Drucker, Luellen, Fisher, Reed, Schwertfeger. Fourth Row-Grau, l. Goddard. Burton, Bennet, W. Eckhardt, Funclc. SCHEDULE April I6-Durant, Wilton and Muscatine, at Muscatine April 23-24-Drake Relays. May I-Little Six Meet at Burlington. May 8--District Meet at Davenport. May I4-I 5-State Meet at Des Moines. May 29-Invitation Meet at Muscatine. 5 L2 P Q Q 1. hemlocksf' the g pines and urmurin lTl he primeval: t st OTC his is the f "T

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