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H RHIC X 'x 'if CAPTAINS BUNNH RABEDEAUX "ROX" DeWEESE "BOB" LEWIS CAPTAINS-ELECT r U "SAM" HOHENADLE, "MYRT" WHITMER "BUCK" IVICINTYRE V ll :warm 'Q GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Muslcy Girls have had a most successful season in which fourteen of the games scheduled were victories. They finished the regular program without a defeat and then received further honors by winning the sectional and district tournaments. The girls won the first two tournaments of the three which they attended. The championship won at the sectional tournament at Stanwood netted them the right to rep- resent M. H. S. at the district meet at Columbus junction. After playing off a tie, as champions of Southeastern lowa they went to the state tournament at Perry. There the Muskies were defeated two games out of three in spite of their clever playing. The state title resulted in the joint championship of lda Grove and Aplington. The girls have brought home more honors than any other teams have ever won for M. H. S. and they have laid the cornerstone for a glorious future in Muslcy athletics. SEASON RECORD Muscatine .... ......... 2 9 Muscatine .... ...... 3 9 Muscatine .... ...... 3 9 Washington West Branch . Durant ......... Muscatine .... ...... 2 3 Brighton ....... Muscatine ,,,, ...... l 9 Washington Muscatine .... ...... 5 8 Durant ......... Muscatine .... ...... 7 0 West Branch . Muscatine .... ...... 2 0 Stanwood ..... Muscatine .... ...... l 8 West Branch . Muscatine .... ...... 2 2 Lisbon ........... Muscatine .... ...... l 9 Corydon ....... Muscatine .... ...... 2 2 Crawforclsville Muscatine .... ...... 2 2 Brighton ....... Muscatine ..... ...... 2 4 Corydon ..... Muscatine .... ...... 2 7 Perry ............. Muscatine ..... ...... 2 2 Aplington . .... . Muscatine .... ...... l 2 lda Grove Total ...... ...... 4 S5 Opponents I IVRHR ... . xx' BOYS' BASKETBALL Top rowt Butler, Howell, Eckhardt. Dierclcs, Coach Nicolaus, Kemper Testrake Wiegand, Valett. Bottom row: Freyermuth. Hohenadle. Capt. Lewis, Dilley, Rabedeaux. SEASON'S BASKETBALL RECORD Wilton ....,..................... 22 Muscatine Ottumwa .,.... ...., 2 0 Muscatine XVashington ..,.. ..... 2 0 Muscatine Fairfield ........ ..... I 9 Muscatine Burlington .... ..... I 5 Muscatine Mt. Pleasant ..... ..,.. I 5 Muscatine Ottumwa ....,. .. ..... I4 Muscatine Washington ..... ..... 2 0 Muscatine Davenport ..,. ..... 2 2 Muscatine Fairfield .,... ..... I 6 Muscatine Burlington .... ...,. 4 4 Muscatine Mt. Pleasant ,.,., ..... I 4 Muscatine Davenport ,... ,.... I 6 Muscatine TOURNAMENTS West Liberty ...... ..... I 2 Muscatine Wiltoii ............. ..,.. I 7 Muscatine Burlington .......... ..... I 5 Muscatine Opponents' Total ...... 281 Muscatine' s Total ...... 2 Q Hum: ix 'mpg Eckhardt, Coach Messenger, Valet. Funck, Allbee, Lamb, Goddard, Dilley. Nlclntyre, Tucker, Mark, Kemper, Latham, Hohenadle. Baker, Drucker, Bosten, Umlandt. TRACK TEAM OOO A track team for Nluscatine High School is something new, as the last track team existed about thirty years ago. Although our boys are inexperienced, they have represented Muscatine in meets against the best teams in the state. As a result of excellent coaching and hard worlc they have established a record of which the school is proud. Some of the meet scores were: Wilton ....,....r,,,,...,,,,,,,...,,.,,,. 47 Muscatine ,,,, ,,,,, 5 3 Durant ...,.......,,..,,,,..u,,,,..,.. 31 V2 lVluscatine .....,.,........r...,.c,r,,, A. 63 In the Play Day meet at West Liberty, lVluscatine took the county champion- ship, the score being: Muscatine, 20: WlltOl1, 195 Conesville, I7. ll fffllx' lx 'iffy' FOOTBALL SQUAD i' f"q-'lt fi: 1 gin, Eziwsq -1 Top row: Seay, Tucker. Lamb. Kammerer, Werner, Ccach Tillinghast Son Bloom Kautz, Weber, Gaines, Connor. Bottom row: Burke, Schenkel, McLain, Howe, Capt. Rabecleaux, Hershey Bandy Freeze Capt.-Elect Hohenadle. SEASON RECORD Lone Tree ..... .... 2 7 Muscatine Burlington ..... .... 2 6 Muscatine Davenport ..... .,.. 5 3 Muscatine Vvashington .,.... .... 6 I Muscatine West Branch ...... .... 6 Muscatine Fairfield ......... .... 5 8 Muscatine Wapello ...,..... .... 6 7 Muscatine Col. junction ,.... . .... 7 Muscatine West Liberty ..........,... 6 Muscatine Opponents' Total .......... 31 l Muscatine' 0 0 0 0 .. 6 .. O .. O .. O 7 s Total ........ l 3 - . . I lI:,1lr', LETTER CLUB OFFICERS LEROY BARNARD .......,, .. , A ... ,,,, BURNELL RABEDEAUX .. RAYMOND WERN ER .,,, THOMAS DILLEY , .... Allbee, Harvey Bancly. Russell Barnard. Leroy Bloom. Virgil Burl-ce, William Dilley, Thomas Fordham, Forrest Freese, Herbert Freyermuth. Clifford Gaines, Carleton Hershey, Vaughn Hohenaclel, Samuel Howe, Stearns Kammerer. Nlelxin Kautz, Charles ,,,,r.....Presic1'enl Vice-President Scaretary-Tmasurcr Hislorfan Lewis. Robert Nlclntyre, William McLain, Wilbert Rahecleaux, Burnell Schenkel, Carl Stone. Dwight Weber. Edward Werner, Raymond Hlx'Hl"lN""'3i - '. ... "Mollie must be a pretty wild girl." "Why?" "l heard her father say he could hardly keep her in clothes." ll. ll. i Ashes to ashes. Dust to Dust lf the others won't do it The joke Editor must. ll. li- 5. The moon doesn't affect the tide, but l-ather the untied. hi. H, S. Where there's a will there's a relative. Di. H. S- Miss Kemble: "How many missed the last sentence?" Several hands flew up. Miss K. "Well, what's the matter?" Glenn O.: "l didn't have the right answer." ISI. II. . Number, please? Bunn R.: 8l2 Green. Al. l'I. -. Roxie D. "No, sir. l never drink coffee in the morning." jean P. "Why not?" Roxie. "It keeps me awake all day." KI II '. The best jokes are not printed. They walk around on two legs. AL H. 5. The question on "how to bluff successfully," can be answered splendidly by Ed Diercl-Ls. Al. ll. S. A senior went to Hades once, A few more things to learn. But Satan sent him hack again. He was too green to burn. ll. Ii. S. Ruth H. "What is an important thing that we didn't have fifty years ago?" Harvey A. "lVle." Xl. ll, 5 Teacher-After a fierce argument with Forrest Bechmann. "Forrest, this class knows ten times as much as you." F. B. "Ten times nothing is nothing-U fw f' N ,.N Q5 Q X M' X 2- fx! L My 5QQ f jf Q' O4ffu .1 IIWY. 5f!7f JV 717 2 X I! 'xx X f A N f 455:5- . K Vw", 'I J Y A c U k f - . . . X 'L X Q I -f . g o 7 3 ' ' Z :F . X-' N A fl I Y x l V 7 f .54 . . Q - , Q ,,. 3 -.,,-1 -- A-- .H hlilm IN -..yi K V '1' 'X if: X , ff J I xg If ' 3, :Q A q B' C "- Y- 1 A J . U, Qq . ,- x XX ? , 2 i f Rf' D ww I x ,, Q, ., BEN ' Lv Timm H 11 5' I S ' ' . .WqQ,,, - y . . Q. 62 1 Y' A 20 Zi? RECOGIXHZE ,EN ? ,- A A T T AEQQQERQSNQQ 1 A H E 1 T T THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF Muscatinns High Scclnmcoacol 1 , VOLUME XVIII, 1925 Y T 1 I PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL l ll I-.'Hli'l'N 'Q' FAVORITE SAYINGS Bob Lewis-"Going out Mulberry?" Marion C-alpin-"Golly Moses." Charles Urdangein-"Now l ask yah, diclja ever?" Pinkie Kinzle-"Gimme just one more." Robert Fairbanks-"Um plenty hot." Eleanor Vanatta-"Wait a minute, Ethelynf' -lean Petersen-"lsn't he awful?" Zelma Funck-"Oh bean soup." Norman Daniels-"Have you got your Ceometery?" Bob Mark-"But l don't see how." Harvey Allbee-"Now was that nice?" Frances Otto-"Try and get it-" Vaughn Hershey-"l'm macllu Rex Tucker-"Aw shucksf' Bob Zeidler-"How much does it cost?" Mr. Dungan-"Quietf Quiet!" Edna Schultz-"Chl Boy." Bill Burke--"He sure knows his onions." Thomas Dilley---"Ch, l got too much business." Lillian Cochran-"Have you seen my key to the Auroran office?" Mrs. Tillingltast--"Now, you can't argue with me." Mary Howe-"Have you got any gum?" Thomas Beveridge-"Lookout, brother." lV'iss Kemble-"Well, you folks can't get credit for what you don't do." Dan Cotter-"Well, listen here." Verle Nietzel-"Don't you see? Mr. Axtell-"What you'se kids laughing at?' Mr. Messenger-"just a minute, now." Miss -lenista-"l see there are still some babies in here. Esther Eunn-"Hey, Abieln Frances Brandt-"lsn't that the berries?" Miss C. Dulgar-'iCan't you folks settle clown once without being told?" Roxie Deweese-"Oh really?" Ruth Snider-"Honest?" Alpha Braunworth-"Now, that ain't a bit clever." Edna Belle Shepard-"l clon't care." Miss Thompson-"Nine chances out of ten." Edwin Willis-"Razzberries!" Wm. Kistler-'Oh' that's exquisite." Eunice Chamberlin-"ln Chemistry this morning-in Mr. Nicolaus-"Any absentee:-i?" Cliff Freyermuth-"How are you getting along with your work?" Vincent Duggan-"Now, just supposin'." Per S. B. D OvO .Jn Motor Cop fon dismal roadj: "VVhy were you parking here so long Youth: "1 have a little Miss in my car." Xl. ll. S. Fond Parent' "I tell you, my boy, whoever gets my daughter gets a prize. Youth Hopefully: "My. what an inducement!" 11.11. 5. They say a cat has nine lives, but that's nothing. A frog croaks every night. I IH1.'u1'iN" 1 . . . "WE BUTTON THE GLOBE" .gAw,r 4lNF. . ,gamut Nat' fi Agfa Qeffspafifg A 1 6 e WL su'r'YO'A HAWKEYE PEARL BUTTON COMPANY A Home, Like an Education, Built of Good Material, is Always Lasting COLLINS-HILL LUMBER Sc COAL CO. M USCATINE, IOWA ,is -5' 2 4 3 3 W' : vu gfgx E+ 'l-fe! s R ZX v I4 A . ' -L 25 ,Xu 4 gnu pg :i ff if ,E i i , :Q- E T' L- 'T af- salg .iikx , . .2 Lp ,' -omg --- ,K - 45.43 A ' . 45-,Fr 5, .... .r - ihgmhwlw MilWEEEq 1 I-iff?-' fi ,wat sa: as Haw 'i:'5 ll 'l.umu "ru: ,J 5 . E. 13 Illnllliu ll Li- f- .,, W-,.., - ---MT.. 4 --1i 'Q . .ai A ka HOMESWEETHOME Bc it cvcr so humble thcrds no place like home-if it's your own you get more joy . . ... . , from it than if it were a king s palace. ITM' Nor Ocwz Yom' Ocwl Home? BEACH oc STORTZ LUMBER COMPANY HHOIIIE Bzzilzleff' .ullmR.x.x' '23 as an Pinkie K.: "ls your face for rent today?" Cliff F.: "No, why?" Pinkie K.: "lt has a vacant look." xi u "l threw a kiss at her today." "What did she say." "Said l was the laziest man on earth." M. H. .. Mr. Messenger: "Marion, are you talking again, yet, or still?" 31. H. 5. Thomas B.. "ls your Watch going, Mr. Liebber' Mr. Liebbe. "Yes." Tommy: --HOW mn?" M .. lrresponsible Freshmen. lrrepressible Sophomores. lrresistable Juniors. lrreproachable Seniors. lrritable Faculty. ' KI. H. 5. Biology Teacher: "Why does a dog curl his tail?" Pupil: "So the fleas can loop the loop." YH. H. 5. Bill: "Have you seen the new toboggan slide?" Lil: "Why', no, l haven't been to a dance for ages." M. H. s. Mrs- Tillinghast: "Who was Demosthenes?" Ab. Othmer: "He rode from Boston with two lanterns and hung one on Bunker Hill monument." M. H. 5. Ruth S: "You clidn't act a bit nice last night." lrving N.: "Sorry but its the best l could do." Nl. ll. S. Miss Kemble: "When did Caesar die?" Verle Nietzel: "He died the day he was l-:illedf M. H. 5. Myrtle W.: "My hair is awful. l can't do a thing with it." Alpha B.: uxvhat would you do without it?" KX. ll 5. lf you can't laugh at the joke of this age, then laugh at the age of these jokes. CHRI N I H HHH IX 'LEW Jean P.: "Oh, myl We've been waiting a good many minutes for that mother of . vw ITAIHO. rest.. Vaughn: "Hours, you should say!" Jean: "Ours, oh Vaughn, this is so sudden." BI. H, S. DEFINITIONS Freshman-An object that doesn't know that it doesn't know. Sophomore-A d esce ndant from Adam who doesn't know but thinks he does. Junior-A person that knows but doesn't know that he knows. Senior-A superior being that knows and knows that he knows- Il, H. 5. Patron: "Is there any soup on the bill of fare?" Waiter: "There was, but I wiped it off." Nl. H, S. Nlozelle A.: "l was told the other night that I was an awful flirt." Betty H.: "Never mind, all you need is a little practice." BI. H. 5. A goat ate all the jokes And then began to run: "I can not stop," he softly said, "I am so full of fun." Q zu. 1-1. .. UI kissed Boh last night." "Is that right?" "No, but it's so." M. H. s, Fresh: "What cloes a man lose hy going to college?" Soph.: "SIeep." Xl H "Don't go bathing after dinner. ..XVhy?.. "Because you won't End it there. HI. H. .. Clarence Harper: "You're a mighty fine singer, Dan, I heard you ahove all the Dan Cotter: "Yes, it's because l'm taller." Bi. H. 5. Mr. Nicolausz "What is the Liberty Bell?" Norman D.: lt's the one at the end of the seventh period." Rm: V H RUR KN 'IS "You don't seem to he on speaking terms with your neighbors." remarked the first radio fan. "I should say not," snapped the second ditto, "Why, they have nothing but a crys- tal set." ll. H. 5. ln the early days of advertising a certain medical company distributed hymn books to rural communities. One song contained these words: ul-lark! Hear the Herald An- gels sing-'Potters pills are just the thing.' " Nl. H. 5. l asked her if she rolled her own, She said she never tried. just then a mouse ran swiftly by, And now l know she lied. XI. H. 5. Teacher-"Remain here after school." Pupil-"Aw, all right, l'm not afraid of a scandal." M. H. S. Miss Hinkle-"Altos, hold that note until you get to 'heaven.' " li. H. S. Mr. Liebbe-"How does heat travel?" Paul C.-mln straight wavy lines." Xi. H. 5. lnterestecl lnquisitor-"Who is the editor of that book?" Lillian C. fThinking of Latin as usual,-"Oh, Virgil." 11.11. S. HAVE you ever heard?- l lost my fountain pen. Can you lend me a dime? What's today's assignment? ls my hair all right? l took the wrong book home. l know what it is. but l can't say it. Are you chewing gum? May l use your compact? Where were you last night? Anyone got a pencil? l lost my locker key. Gimme an admit. Why don't you get your lesson? Why. this lesson isn't hard. fFacultyJ. Bl. H. 5. Marion G. fin Virgil,-UABHCBS. Cl"CY'eY'n Nliss Thompson-"Stop, to err is human." Ill HUH.I.X A Compliments of PARRY AUTO CO' T. P. FAGAN HUPMOBILE CHIROPRACTOR 209K East Second Street 229 YV. Front St. Phone 8-H CHAUDUIN PENNANT Y I N 133 Wfeil becond btreet PEARL BUTTON VVIRING MOTOR XVORK QU NFW YORK M USCATINF, IOVVA RADIO EQUIPMENT HANNIBAL, Mo. BE Gooo TO YoUR CAR OUR AIM Use M3fHfhOl1 Zllld CWCZISCS To make well .md trade fairly. H , . U To Proilt not .llone in dollars, but in the ben H! ME LW-ff RMI good will of thow with whom we deal. To correct our errors. '--' To improve our service. BOWSER IMPLEMENT Co. The Chocolate Shop ML'sCA'1'1NE coLL'Mm's jL'Nc'r1oN AHLF 8 SICKMAN lrross 'from fVIfC0Zn2'.v ? xr 1.-:mix TRY OUR HAVERCAMPJS MALTED MILKS DRUG EICHENAUERS CIC,-nz S'roRE Zll l'f.1st Second Street STORE - UP tlfm n1z'r-v iz fn!! fine nf flfrlgtlzizffx inn! Box Cmnfv W Miss Heezen-"'s hear what meter your poetry is 1 " Bernard H.-"Well, my feet aren't alike." Teacher: "William, what does the seiitgrilee, 'l sent him to the oflicef e p 3 William: "Trouble." Once upon a time there was a man vtfiholillhew "The Star Spangled Bannerf He was Frances Scott Key. LOHR and CHASE 1 - Fl hrough the Mirror PIANOS of the Eyes BRUNSVVICKS liICTROLAS A clever photographer search- RADIOS es Otlf the true expression of hrs sltters. Q lt's a study-not Z1 knack or N chance. Many years of ex- 5HEET MUSIC perience and a record of thou- Y sands of sittings have taught PLAY ER ROLLS Us how' RECORDS Prrnzil Ili fo nztzlw yuz lrxr phologrtzphrf LUHR and CHASE CHAMBERLIN STUDIO 121 VV. Second St. -. v- A. C. SPRINGBORN Ill lf. Third Street 111,Lts1BtNCs',m,z ... HEATING ... Iifijfjjffg l U'h'Ulx'.rl N' '23 W'--'li-' MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL SONG We're loyal to you Muscatine, were purple and gold. Muscatine, We'll back you to stand 'gainst the best in the land, For we know you have sand, Muscatine. Rah! Rah! Then armed for the fray, Muscatine: we'll banish dismay, Muscatine Our School is our fame protector: on boys for we expect A victory from you, Muscatine. Fling out the dear old flag of Purple and Gold, Lead on your sons and daughters, fighting to hold, Like men of old in giants, placing reliance, shouting dehance Oski. Wow-wow!! Amid the broad green fields that nourish our land: For honest labor and for learning we stand, And unto thee we pledge our heart and hand. Our High School of Muscatine. ' ' v.,.. l ll Rffff lx ...i , Glen O.--7'-lqhe Romans were quite advanced." Edna Belle S.-"What makes you think so?" "Glen-"There it says: 'Caesar found a ford in the Rhinef " RI. II. 5. Teachefr: i'Which travels faster, heat or cold?" Bright Pupil: "Heat, of course: anybody can catch cold." HT. ll. N Paul Grosslclaus, with a great big gun. was standing in the road. "What are you hunting, bub?" asked a passerby. "I dunno," he replied frankly. "l aint seen it yet." Xl. II. 5. "When the eyes are shut, the hearing becomes more acute." says a medical au thority. We have noticed folks trying this experiment in some classes- KT. H. S. Mr. Dungan Cholding a discussionjz Wake up, there-how can you give an opimor when you're asleep." The pupil: "Sleep, sir, is an opinion." KI. ll. S. Senior: "What is the most common meaning junior, who takes Physics from Mr. Tillinghast: Rl. Il. S. or use of heartily?" nHave a heart Tilly." Oliver: "Why do you always sing in the bathtub?" Nlesenger: "Because the bathroom door won't lock." Nl. ll. 5. Nllr. Liebbe fexplaining color phenomenal: "You will notice that the green grass is a deep yellow." Rl. H. . T. A. fto friendj: "Last year l had Latin Friend: "Did it pain you much?" in the annex." Nl. ll. 5. Bang! Bang! A hundred years ago today A wilderness was here A man with powder in his gun Went forth to hunt a deer. But the times have changed now They are on a different plan: A dear with powder on her nose- Goes forth to hunt a manl MUSCATINE IOWA -1 R THE CDRNEB i MDURE Ctommc C SNAPPY CLOTHES - FOR i YOUNG MEN 0. l.ic'1mn,i,x 11.1 I Serve PearI City Ice Cream At Your Next Banquet-IT'S PASTEURIZED PEARL CITY ICE CREAM CO. Phone 1319 HENDERSON 'S LAGOMARCINO-I DRUG sToRE GRUPE CO. KODAKS and SUPPLIES Dcvdoping, Printing and Enlarging MUSCATINE, IOYVA II'hofm1le 1 I'RL'i'rs, VVEGETABLES, ICE CREAM am! SPECIALTIES Phones: 636-637 DR. H. C. JOHNSON F A NEIDIG D1-:N'r1s'r IIS EAST SECOND STREET PHONE: 2499 LAUREL BULDING XVALL PAPER BOOKS 1. M. GOBBLE CO. l11ro1'pm'r1fef! 'WHOLESALE CROCERIES 109-I ll Wlst Front St. MUSCATINE, IOWA BUY LIFE INSURANCE XVHILE YOU ARE YOUNG MAEGLIN oc DIERCKS .-I grim' for fbi .Yw'thfc'z,i'ff1'11 fllzzrzmf Phono S99-W 207 Ainericzln Bank Hh'HIt'lX'Q',1 Bernard Harper: "Why all the puffing?" Rex T.: "I'm all tired out. There was a fight up the street and I ran to prevcnl it." Bernard H.: Ulvho was fighting?" Rex: "Just another fellow and I." II. ll Abie: "Mamma, vot do cows live on?" Mamma: "Fodder, Abief' Abie: "Oi, I didn't know Papa was so generous." Xl. ll. 5. Virginia Votaw: "Why is history so hard?" Helen Heidel: "Well we've had the stone age, iron age ,and bronze age, but now we're living in a hard boiled age." KI. H. .. Boob Kautz: "Father, can you write your name with your eyes closed?" Father: "Yes, my son." Boob Kautz: "Then sign my report card." NI. H. S. David Grau: "Say, Paul, I hear you're driving a new Ford." Paul G.: "I don't drive it, I coax it." NI. H. 5. Harold Froehner is so unlucky that if it were raining soup he would he there with a pitchfork. NIH Pinlcie K.: "Why the muzzle?" Bob Fairbanks: "It isn't a muzzle but a hairnet. He washed his mustache anrl can't do a thing with it. Xl. H. S. Harold Cross: "I wonder how long a man can live without brains?" Molly C.: "How old are you?" I I I I I: U 'I I I it Iv 1' I i I ' ' I I3 si X- Pan? 'QRUEN Perxtaqon FOR THE GRADUATES- .gn for many years this store has acted as Gilt ii'-fjlfulfrv -1j-- ,, . HIIUIQIEIIIE llllllll counsellors to the people in this coinmunity. W'ith coninicnccmcnt at hand, we are better pnparud than ever before to serve you. For the Iaoj' or girl graduate, no gift can quite equal a Grucn watch. XVQ invite you to come in now and make vour selection. Xi, f ' , swf ' - . Jzwm. gl .- X QJRE- AURORA N Y U 11 HHH IN' 'l.'., ALL MAKES OF TYPEVVRITERS Sold, Rented, and Repaired Distributor Remington Portnb1e C. H. LEU 200 West Second Street Nluscatine, Iowa A. VV. MORGAN PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 107 West Second Street MUSCATINE, IOYVA -ASK FOR-- BUTTER NUT BREAD Sofd by af! Groferx M. KAUTZ BAKING CO. L O O K I A Look is VVorth ll Thousand Words. Come in and Look at the EASY ELECTRIC VVASHER DETTHOF HDW. GO. SUPPLEMENT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL with training for HIGHER ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION or SECRETARIAL SERVICE E1'E7'yZlZi7Zg in the Ioiler goods line, especially flze new lhingr. BROWN'S BUSINESS GRIMM DRUG COMPANY 130 E. Second St. YOUR HOME SCHOOL AUTO PARTS REPLACEMENT COMPANY N ew Parts for M os! M cakes of C nfs 210 YVest Second St. Phone 2553 AXLES, PISTON PINS and RINGS, GEARS, BRAKE LINING. Muscatilmc, Iowa THE A-B-C OF THRIFT AfAccumu1nte fthnt is, savcw H--Bank what you have saved. C-Compound the interest on your savings by leaving them on deposit. Sfarf a mvizzgx arfowzt at thif bazzk-keep ir grofcifzg-learzz the thrift lemon and profff by if! FIRST NATIONAL BANK FIRST TRUST 8z SAVINGS BANK Iowa Avenue and Third St. , . . 1 I HRHh' 1X'!.7I , r I l I V i Y I 1 l N , A I W 5 I F 1 l X IIlx"lx HIGH GRADE MILLWORK In All That The Name Implies ROACH 6: MUSSER CO. MAKERS OF High Grade Millwork MUSCATINE, IOWA MCKEE FEED 6: GRAIN COMPANY FLOUR, GRAIN, A N D F E E D PHONES: 284f339 500 East Second Street MUSCATINF, IOWA DISTILLED-WATER ICE COAL AND COKE PL'R1'1'Y-FULL vvrilum'-s1eRvn'r3 ., 1' 4 I ,Umm let Co. ff Phone 999 203 Green St We lieliew in Selling QI.'AI,I'I'Y GROCICRIICS All :I Rlf.-XSUN.-XI'ILI'1 PRICIC AND GROCERY CASH AND CARRY 413 East Second Street T. H. Oc411.v11:, Prop. 962.1 RUHJN '' I 3 ' 'E EEF X"",5fL'! x - 5. 'P'-gk 9 53 F '-Q ,i1i?,',i .af ,- 3- '54 WHO ARE THEY? Qkey on next pagej - - .H'RUR.1.N' '23 ' --as YOUR STORE 0116 of l0'll'tl,J' Fiflerf 'CTR C HT 5. ' 541W 5 .1 -Q -- --gil-T7'iit"i5'i 'lx ' Sf if' ffj2,"fj1-'Fl-Pfjfll fly 1 '- Wfier- L 'Z-N "" '- - -' tl, L- ., .gig , -s '25 4 " 'iH,l I., ' all y?,.,'-J-ilu? i I 414 at K I 44 S C 1 Lal l XJ 'l V l xx! H9""isi -3' 43 " . IH 55, 4 I' I 'E 1 Jl 14 1 I ,hsexurll Q, JL' DI' ,nl 1 .. NH -Ll-,'.'L'L A " ' -A-Li . .- if QL. . :rf -- L- -5 In E .gigs :FQ U that-Tzu X' X i ts ..iKsls4.t-fi , QM S we ' N - -"T-2i?k"' X There is no element of chance in huving at l this Big Storeg no matter what vou choose N ' ' you may he sure of selecting fashions that F. F. FLLIOTT are correct, distinctive and honestly priced. xi Good School Alan LEARN NOW AMERICAN that interest is the best servant and the hardest i T master in the world. lf vcu save and interest works for vou, it will f do much to help you succeed. If you spend and run in deht, intrest is the hardest task master there is. It will hound you :F ..-X GOOD BANK., and pursue you unceasingly. .xxu MaX'e Yourself live Mtzrtez' of Izzfrrfrf HA STRONG BANK.. lf Your Clothes Come from West's THlfY'Rlf RIGHT Q , 4 n Right in Style-Right in Price- fr-OGGERY SHOP' e. Right in Quality Phoenix Hare l1Edd,7llt1I'fFI'.f NOW L0cai.i0n-131 W. 21111 536615 For Tbirfzeu Yemzf KEY TO PICTURE ON PRECEDING PAGE l. Verle Nietzel. 2. Vaughn Hershey. 3. Gilmore Shenk. 4. Edwin Willis. 5. Jefferson School-Grade Six. This picture contains the following High School stu- dents: Alice Aitken, Mable Bartenhagen, Arline Daut, Paul Fischer, Cecil Hopkins, Kenneth Jones, Robert Lewis, Robert Mark, Lovenia Moclcmore. Irving Nietzel, Erma Orris. Mildred Riemcke, Anna Rosenberg, Gilmore Shenlc, Florence Whitmer. 6. Lillian Cochran. 7. Robert Zeidler. 8. Dan Cotter. 9. Carleton Gaines. -ss - .H'lculm.N' '33 nrefunrh me hzllme rnmpleieh zmuiher ehenlful gear nf gi:llI5E2IlllIP Qfligh Lgrhuul, Iuhirh fue lrusl has lreen entirelg sniisfnrtnrg in the eges nf The iuurlh, zmh lllllfllalllg ln-nefirizll tu all rnncerneh. Zlf, in after gears, iuheu this ,?k1I1l112Il is re- lmiefueh, ii helps in rreaie ur hring lmrla mem- nries uf this gear, zmh in lllllllllillll 21 glufu nf refzerenre mth prihe fur nur lmeluheh srhnul muh an zxrfifxe interest in nur felluiu siuhenls iheu fue, the ,QAIIIUIHII staff, iuill feel that our effuris hzxlxe lxeeu fuell refuarheh- L ll HHH l'X 'gr "Rastus, who is dat solvent looking gentleman speculatin' up an' down de aisles wid do gold obstacles?" "Don' you organize him?" "No, ah don't organize him. Ah's never been induced to him." "l'se franchized you don' organize him. Heis de most confiscated man in our whole diaphragm. He's cle new pasture at our church." INI. H. S. FIRST LIAR AlN'T GOT NO CHANCE Rex Tucker: "Why, when lowa was a territory the grass was taller than a man sitting on horse-back." Clayton Reeves Cnot to be outdonej: "That's nothing, why, the sand storms are so bad in Arizona you can see prairie clogs digging holes twenty feet up in the air." IVI. H. 5. lst Senior: "What college are you going io?" 2nd Senior: "Shoe College." lst Senior: "Never heard of it." 2nd Senior: "lt's a little higher than Oxford." XXI. H. S. Miss Heezen: "What is the purpose of the last line of this poem?" Robert Zeicller: "To end the poem, of course." ISI. H. S. A few co-eds used dumbells to get color in their cheeks. A few more used color on their cheeks to get dumbells. RI. H. 5. Mr. Liebbe Qin physicsjz "Your answer reminds me of Quebec." Cliff Freyermuth: "Why?" Mr- Liebbe: "Because it is built on a bluff." Rl. H. 5. Bob Lewis: "Maxine, when you're away, l have your picture in my mind.' Maxine C.: "Oh, Bob, how small you make me feel." BI. H. 5. Miss Heezen: "ln memorizing a stanza study it hard for I5 minutes-then for- get all aboiqf it." Rl. H. 5. Edna Belle S.: "How did you come out with your quarrel with Lillian?" Alpha B.: "As usual l apologized for being right." RI. H. S. Flora May Fisher-ln bookkeeping: "Oh, look what I done." Junior: "Done-and a senior!" r . .l 1 II.Il1lx"IX I I I I WILSQN SHOE STORE THE TIP IOP u fXI'OLLO C.-XNIDIICS Girls, we our Huw "IDI-1,-XL'X'II,LI'I" CONI-'IQC'I'lONIfRY FOR YUU Patent Cut-Out S.1mI41Is I'I'I1u Yury Latuftj DIIIIICIOLYS RI'II'IRI'ISHIXU'INTS and onIy 15.00. LIGHT LLINLHIIAE IfI"FICIICN'I' SICRYICII HOSIISRY, 51.110, all Colors. - , W , llw Inst bccumI bt. S. G. GL P. .I F. RICIINIAN uj. RICIINIJXN fXIL'SCqX'I'INI'f, IUXVA RICPINI,-KN 84 IQICHNIA-IN L FOR FURNITURE I RUGS and I LINOLEUNIS I I Iiu.1I Itfmtu, Rc.1I Itslalu Loan, Firm IIVLIIZIIICC I I Cash mm' Izzsffzffllfwzfx If- F- RICHMAIN' -I'fn""f',V-Jf-LAW I I1fI1f!ym1f'ff1'f for II'f'ff1!i11kg Unfjiff I , HAHN BROTHERS I WHOLES.-xI.E , X , DRS. BIQVERIIDCJH 8: HOIVF FRUITS AND YI:1GIfTABLIf.b I UIIS I,.1ux'cI I3IkIg, I ZIIT WVcst From Strcct I M USC.-XTINIC, IOYV.-X I AN INvEs'1'MEN'r IN ' G1-Hon Clothes PURITY PHARMACY I Eagle Shirts Seig Caps cs. la. ICNIBRICIC, lm.,-,Ifffff,,, DI'II4QlQi,ff I Cheney Cmvats JIYELIIIJ' A111 lfmeflffzefzf in Gam! A-I f7f'FdI'cIllf't' I Ill XV, Sucfmd St. INIL'SC.X'I'INI'I, IOXVAX ? H mu: ix '33 She: "ls Jack a loud dresser?" He: "ls he? You should hear him hunting for his collar button!" 31, H. 5. Tell us not in mournful numbers, Getting lesons is "the bunk," For the one who sits and slumbers Finds his grades are "mighty punk." RL H 5. All those who think our jokes are poor, Would straightway change their views Could they compare the ones we print, With those that we refuse. Rl. H. 5. Breathes there a kid with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, I hope my teacher's home in bed? Breathes there a student with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said l hope l live to see the date When little l gets to graduate? Nl. H. S. Harvey A.: "Shall we waltz?" Mary: "lt's all the same to me." Harvey: "So l noticed." Xl ll Senior: "What did you say?" junior: "Nothing" Senior: "l know. but how did you express it?" 1Vl.lI. 5. A southern mammy calls her little son "Prescription," "What an odd name," said someone, "Why do you call him that?" "Ah calls him dat, becous Ah allus has such a hard time gettin' him filled." Ri H. 5. Pins and needles, needles and pins, When you're a senior your trouble begins- M. II. 5. Lois B.: "How dare youl Papa said he'd kill the first man who kissed mel He: "How interesting! And did he?" RI. H. S. Clifford F.: "l wish to ask you a question concerning a tragedy." Mr. D.: "Yes, what is it." Cliff: 'Wvhat is my grade?" .,, H 'E .H ICUK IN SEASONABI,li and RHASONABLIQ VVEARING APPAREL at thc BOGARDC1LHTHNG1Xl Hrfme of .X'm'fc'l'X' Bmw! pfnf CLOTHCRAVT CLOTHES M ANHATTAN SHIRTS, STIQTSON HATS, SUPERIOR UNIDICRWHAR, Etc. MUSCATINES ME RCHAN TS U. S. BUTTON COMPANY Tx1Z1I1LlPL1CfUI'Cl'S of . , V If rcsh XX alter Pearl CHI1 SCVVC N best BUTTONS fXIL1Qc.1Iinc, Iuwql D.1xu1pfn't, Ifmil Y GL1tlu11Iw1'g. Irnvn llullux uc, Imxxx rcnd their Adi in Ngw Yurk, N. Y. THEJOURNAL UJIIIIINOIU, NIJ. S1111 Francisco, Calif. IURURAN '25 Hlh'u1i'l Xl'1.1i 5 S. D. FOLSOM PHYSICIAN :Ind SURGEON Ollice: American Bank Building MUSCATINE, IOWA Y. W. C. A. CAFETERIA HOME COOKED FOODS AT NIODERA'I'Ii PRICES lll Per Cent Discount to High School Boys and Girls Corner Third .ind SYCJIIIUI' t IF YOU PLAY BASEBALL TENNIS VOLLEY BALL GOLF OR USE Guns and Ammunition Fishing Tackle You will find our store fully equipped to care for your needs. THOMPSON'S I-IARDXVARE STORE IF IT'S DONE XVITI-I I-IEAT You Can Do It Better -With- GAS IVIUSCATINE LIGHTING CO. Operzllul l-v the Lnlteil Light .N l'-fuel' bu. Phone 114 222 lmxzi Ave. YOL' CAN BUY ONLY GOOD APPLIANCICS HERE EAT MORE LEU 81 SON ' DELICIOUS ICE CREAM It is Safe Made from Pasteurized and Homogenized Cream Phone l l 17 ASTHALTER BOOK STORE lIenClLiu.1rters lor everything the +tuIlent: need in 'IC'l'iffl1iLf 11mfez'ii1!.v, fflllllfdfll pew, piipfrfrifi, riibferf, fvflffiff, eff. E. ASTIIALTER Phone 20 lc:w.1 Avenue HIRURA N '25 . 1 v . ""' 'f .1l'RUH.l1N .fn HINKEL 8c FLANNERY SOLE AGENTS -fofl CHASE 8 SANHORNS TICAS AND COI"F1i1iS Phones S and 6 114- W. Second St. LANGE 8 SI-IELLABARGER GARAGE 211-213 ww 1-11,111 sf. STAR AND DURANT CARS Pl 11111 Q sm, -z11f,1f,1- .vm 11ff1 f 1,1111 5u11f..y1,f,." RIEMCKE'S DRUG STORE YOUR HEALTH SERVICE S'II.A'I'1ON 413 IVIu11wrrj' Avenue :1f':c'11y.f Remfy to Sslvr 1'1..ow1cRs 1'oR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPIiCIALTY "SJ-1' if Wifb I'!ff:4-flu" Geo. Kranz Sz Son Phone: 4 DR. A. J. OLIVER, M. D. PHONE-Res. 153 OHice 1 S 1 203 East Second Street Y. M. C. A. u.71lC't'f me 111 ffze 'Y' " PIANOS MUSICAL MERCHANDISE PHONOGRAPHS MUSGATINE MUSIC HOUSE 219 Iowa Avenue MUSCATINE, IOWA W. BURNETT, Mg1'. Phone: 77 DRS. LANGE 81 HOVVE nEN'1'1s'1's Suite S1111 Laurel Bldg. ML'SCA'I'IN1i1 IOWA ll Ifdlit' 'fo She stood before the mirror, And her eyes were shut up tight: She wanted to see the way she looked When she was asleep at night. IW. H. 5. lVl.'. Tillinghast fin Chemistryjz "Rain water tastes 'Hat' ' lrving N.: "lt probably came off of a Hat roof." 51. H. 5. "My son. you must stop using such terrible language." "Shakespeare uses it, Mother." "Then, you have to stop playing with him." IH. H. S. l shot a pin into the air, It fell to earth, l knew not where: And furthermore l did not care, And so l turned and set me down, And there l must let it be known, l found the place where it had flown. BI. H. S. He: "Do you care if I smoke." She: ul don't care if you burn." hi. H. S. Pearl Grey: "You remind me of Venus De Milo." Paul D. "But, l have arms." Pearl: "Oh, have you?" NI. H. S. Clayton R.: "This paper says we are what we eat." Norman: "Then l barely escaped being a bad egg this morning." Rl. H. S. Bob Lewis: "That train smokes a lot." fuck Mc.: "Yes, and choos too." Ikl. H. S. Glenn Ogilvie fin Caesarj: "Hic in Callium, importamus. Hike into Gaul: it's important." A dead letter Miss Kemble: Verle Nietzel: Miss Heezen: RI. H. S. is one you gave your best friend to mail. 'M. H. S. "What kind of a clause is "qui morantur? "A 'qui' clause." RL H. 5. "Can you spell homicide?" Betty Hempstead: "l can make a stab at it." . il rcmcix BE PREPARED Destructive windstorms give little warn- ing. From their very nature they sweep across-or rhrough-your property at tre- mendous speed. The coming of a tornado cannot he fore- seen but the need of protection against tor- nado damage may be. W F. BISHOP 8: CO. 101-102 First Nat'l Bank Bldg. MUSC.-XTINE, IOYVA J. R. 'TlHOMPSONTS0I1t'ifO1' Phone 441 CHARACTER and POWER Character, stripped of all its trimmings, usually is a matter of strength, moral strength. Money doesn't make character but in that part of living which is material it is the :ounterpart of character. 1t's what you save, not what you earn, that counts. The tremendous power of Niagara was useless till harnessed by the brain of man. And the energy and earning power in every dollar hill are useless till harnessed hy a man's hrain. Your dollars in this bank give you that power. MUSCATIN E STATE BANK A good store in which to huy does not DCCCSNII ily carry the largest stocks. Large stocks often contain "shelf XX-IYIULIS - undesirable goods, left-overs or shop-worn. Our stocks are completely replaced several times each year-spic and span new goods are almost Constantly Coming in and going out. This is what the merchant calls "turn-over"'- the nwre times he can turn his stock each year the healthier his husiness is. F'1"1UfH! "turn-overl' insures new, up-to-date, re- lighle goods at all times. Thus, the Store Depend- a Ie. .QD G. EAT STEIN'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Try Our Lznzulzes 212 Iowa Ave. Phone S1 HEAR OUR CAMEO RECORDS Perfect Double Disc Play on all Phonographs 35 each-3 for 51.00 S. S. KRESGE CO. 109 lf. Second St. Muscatiiie, Iowa 19. YV. ENCLUND DENTIST Phone. Res.: 2234- 608 Laurel Bldg. Office Phone: 1610-VV f' ZR f. ,wfeoR3mf2e5 he Eehiwtiuxt 'Qin b gfltizlrg Qtigmi Bghu, bg her untiring mth cnustzmt efforts, has helpeh put the srhnnl nn 21 higher stzmhnrh mth fnhnae uuhle mth ahmiruhle rhzlrzicteristirs hahe funn fur her the highest esteem zmh regarh nf stuheuts, ine fuish in this niamier tu shniu mu: ztppecizxtiun Ing hebiczxting this eighteenth zzmuial Qxurnrun- ll RUR LN' '31 - Miss Kemble: "What vehicles were used in ancient times?" Edwin W.: "Mules." M. ll. S. Some people wash their faces Each morning at the sink. l use a drinking fountain And do it while l drink. ISI. li. 5. Mr. Liebbe: "George, give a definition of density." George F.: fsilencel. Mr. Liebbe: "I said a definition and not an illustration." XI. II. 5. Miss Thompson: "When is your vacant period?" Dan Cotter: "just before dinner." XI. ll. Girl: "l'd like to try that hat on over there. H Clerk: "l'm sorry but that's a lamp shade. INT H. S. Rex T.: "You cheater." Dan C.: "WhyP" Rex: "You put down a foot and take up Fifteen inches." ll. H. S. Ed Diercks: "Where did you get the hat?" lrene G.: "Oh, at the shoe store, of course." Bl. ll Q Mr. Liebbe: "What is mercury?" Myrtle L.: "Mercury is a liquid solid." TH. Ii. S. Clerk: "This book will do half the work." Thomas B.: "Give me two of them, then." RI.1I.5. "The Spring is here," cried Bunn as he took the back off of his lngersoll Rl. ll. 5. Tell us not in mournful numbers. Getting lessons is "The Bunk," For the one who sits and slumbers Finds his grades are "Mighty Punk." .ll RuR.l.N' '23 e --ef -- ' is ,s v 2' 1 I Q WI W H+ L L IZ. ll? J -' V5 X- , , , ' lf - , - , 7 '?':'Zff'5 ' --f' - 'lf nl E"'- ge , ' 1 . L f fe .,-. . 4 4- 1 1- a- f li 5 J Q N f g " lr RH - M i . : , 5552 ST ' i ' .jj ,, ! 'Eff'-i 6 e -7' ' N 4- i' . W Q. l, , i s - '-Ni 25 5.2 Ve- it .az 1 .--1 Pi . w HSM E 4 ' EN , i q V E . isgkl f " w Eg -s Q U i 1 y g i Fl a! i ' . ' . i .' if ' ati ri if 1 2 1 71 , M Ev' .rat ' l 25. . - W ill l I i f g r I it ll P Bald i Q-F ' 'e ll s " ELI lib v 005 ' 5 1 , , ' L' 1 51' W L 1 V1 'M' ' 72 " ' L, 0 --: I i ii! u - . is 1 i J ahn and Olller A am g g gl, I J Q- , 3' if largest personal service school annual engraving house ' , , wgiqg m Arnerica. More than twenty years of successful experi- , 9 Q ,, ence in Year Book designing and engraving. Three hundred I 'jx craftsmg-rn, specially skilled in Annual production. Over 40,000 X f , li square eet of operating space in our own fireproof building. ' f i' X ' ,ig specially organized system of production that insures indi- f ,g i .3 vidual attention to each Annual, efflcient manufacture, and 5 5 i" f,f1, on-time delivery. The personal co-operation of a creative and J, 5 - . 5 Nf l ,Q Q: research service department with a reputation. ll ? W SW THIS Anno.-it gsoru-vga av X w g ! l JAHN fa OLLIE ' r R ENGRAVING CO. , , ,A i. A ' X, .-5 L V -. 9711010 fagners. Artists and Makers of 1 - ,j Q 1 ii - 0 f7ne f1ntfngP!cztesfJfB!ack or Golory ggi . 4 y 817 Waslun ton Boulevard-Chzca o f 1 ' .0 ge if 1 x .gfcon GREEN svj ' 9 If! . jg Q L 5' f Tw - . f - -iff " 'l1E'gEE'.. -':i f- 'E . . 4 l . . fe r -. - 5 3 ' I 7 if" ' f V 1" : Y R Q E We at uw? -gas: , f - . f 1 , ,jee:Fa.. . f - - -- -- 4----F - - --q e ' .mimic ix 1-1 Q e Glenn Ogilviez "XVere there any trains in Caesar's day?" Miss Heezen: "No, of course not." Glenn: "Then why does it say 'Re-enter Caesar with train?' " KI. H. 5. Senior: "0nly fools are positive: wise men watch." Freshie: "Are you sure?" Senior: upositiveln Il. H. 5 Norman D.: "Gosh! I haven't slept for days." Bob L.: " 'Smattein sick?" Norman: "Naw. l sleep nights." xr. za. s. Ray T: "How long did it take you to learn to skate?" Rox: "About a dozen sittings." Nl. ll. 5. Dan C.: "What kind of watch is that?" Harold C.: "That's a wonder watch." Dan: "How's that?" Harold: "Well, you see, l look at it and wonder what time it is." BI. H. 5. The ancient Greeks enjoyed a hlessingi Their trousers never needed pressing: But to their joy some glooms attach- They had no place to strike a match. XI H5 Pauline S.: "The idea of working eight hours a day. l never would think of it.' Alma K.: "I didn't either, but the boss did." Rl. ll. 5. Mr. Liebbe: "How far does sound travel?" Miriam D.: "Scandal, l,00O yards per second: Hattery 500 yards per second: truth ten yards per second: alarm clock, hardly one foot." M. ll. 5. Miss Grace fin Biologyl: "What insect lives on the least food?" Alice A.: "The moth. lr eats holes." : Il HHH IX E. 1. ZEIDLER DRY GOODS STORE Ladies' and Misses' READY-TO-VVEAR Rlzgf tlllaj Drtlfmrief YOU GET clean gasoline and oil- courteous service- honest measure- BROVVER OIL CO. TE XACO PRODUCTS M USC.-XTI N E, IOWA Phone: I22 Greenhouse: N. Cedar St. When you think of Quality Printing, Filing Equipment or Rubber Stamps, think J. E. KRANZ of FLORIST VVEIS-LUPTON PRINTING Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cut , Flowers, Floral Designs and All Kinds of Plants 217 Iowa Avenue MUSCATINE, IOVVA IIERSHEY BUILDING Ifntramee on Third Street MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SUPPLIES-INSTRUCTION ZII'iGLFR'S MUSIC SHOP X SCHOOL -I-16 Hershey Bldg. GEORGE EITMAN YOUR GROCER FRICSH i'r:GRTABL1cs and RICHICLIFU Foon PRoDUCTs Telephone 295-296 III6 VVest Serond St, LOTSPEICH SC CO. IILUIVIBING AND HEATING 200 West Second St. Phone 375 MCKEE Sc BLIVEN MUSCATINE, IOWA .llRURA.N"133 - - - -e+eei-s- "Hello" may be highly respectable but when you say it over seventeen times the " gets on the wrong end. Nl. H. S. Miss Grace-"Look, there's an airplane." Voice-"Don't let her touch it." RL H. S. LATEST SCANDAL Two Senior girls and one Senior boy skipped-All the way to school one morning We saw them. BI. H. S. jones ftrying to sleepl: "What's that guy next door playing?" Wife: "That's a baby saxaphonef' Jones: "Well, it will be on orphan if he doesn't stop pretty soon." RI. H. S. The teacher was giving a drill in the meaning of words and their opposites. "Now tell me," she began, "what is the opposite of misGry?" "Happiness," said the class in unison. 'And sadness?" she asked. "Gladness." "And the opposite of woe?" "Ciddap," shouted the enthusiastic class. RI. H. S. Harvey Allbee: "Our business manager is an awful tightwaclf' Lillian C.: "How do you mean?" Harvey: "He won't even tell a joke at his own expense." KI. ll. S. F-orgot the assignment: L-ost my book: U-sed up all my paper: N-ever stayed home last night: K-new it once, but forgot it: Spells it every time. RI. H. S, John Barger: "Where you been, you smell like smoke." Thomas 3.: "To a fire." john B.: "What was the matter." Thomas B.: "lt burnt." Xl. ll Teacher, taking the roll: 'iwill all those who are not here say so." Q1 fieafrf -251 Swcwss is the Wish of ' tune RQefc4ord plnillfillg Qfonnnpmuny of Musfcatinuc, Howal, L60 like younng HiH4IHflfES 611161 nmfem mf dive Mmnsfclag Wfimfe Mlflgln Scluofou Grmfdls Ulilllfillllg Glass of ' May their future Hume as SUICCCBSSEILHH as their sfchofou Hlfamysc. ll lem: IX ' . -- . WHAT THESE STUDENTS IN M. H. S. ARE NOTED FOR. Dan Cotter ............ ,,,,,,,,,,, H is Feet lohn Powell ............ ...... H is Shortness Howard Bierman ........ ............ H is Weight George Pitchforth ......, ...... H is Knowledge George Fuller ........... ..............., H is Grades Stanley Southall ...... Grace Varney ..... Herbert Freese ........ Tracy McKee ,... .......... Clifford Freyermuth ....... William Howell ....... Roxie Deweese ........ Albert Kemper... Esther Bunn ........... Bernice Barton.. ...... Melvin Kammerer. Leo Priester ....... Charles Kautz ..... Dorothy Tobias.. William Connor ........ Charles Urdangen... lrving Nietzel ......... Eugene Kintzle ...... Robert Fairbanks .... Vaughn Hershey ..... Marion Calpin ....... Frances Otto ......... Sarah M. Cook ...... Myrtle Whitmer .... Dorothy Fox ....... janet Crier ............ Twila Anderson ....,... Edna B. Shepard ...... ........His Many Dates Wilton Boys .......His Ability to Bluff Teachers ........His Noon Entertainments ...........,.. His Way With Women Basketball Ability His "Fatherly" Advice to the "Frat" ...........Her Ability to Chew "P, K.'s" Eyes ......His Flivver-Driving Ability Voice "Line" .............Her "Darns" in Typing ......His Visits to the Beauty Parlor Iowa City Styles .......His Slumbers in English .........His Latest Hair Cut Married Life ......uSavage Arms" Voice ........Her Ability to Prompt Altitude ................,....Tennis and Basketball ........Talking Out Loud in Economics a Secret Curly Hair .......Her Long Windedness Wanda Schwandke. ................................... "Rosy" Cheeks "Rosy" Daniels ..,..... ....,. H is 3 Hours' Sleep Before I2 P. M. Alice Aitken ,............ ..................... H er "Come Hitheru Look Dorothy Callaway... ...... .............. l t's a Secret, Too Carl Schenkel ........... ........... ...... H i s Auburn Hair Orville Schauland ....... ..... 9 .........,.,.,.... His Ambition Howard Bierman ..... Viola Durkee ....,.... Mary Howe ......... Miriam Diercks ...,.. Mary Luellen ........... "Bob" Fairbanks .,.. .. Ralph Leu .......... Slight Build ......Her Pretty Bobbed Hair Gus ,...........Her Notes Giggles ........His Ambulance Calls Many Girls 5 5 I' UDF. . u f"',.ov . ew g-f.,,:,., N ICJMTJEJRWFJUMQXJEQ s 5 z"' l1.,'. 'Q uf. -X ' W' -' 4 11' .,. . W fx vw ,...k p,v m . A -A: :lx A iq. 4 1 .-, 5 H., , : Hg N ,' N .. H - , 'ui wi,,,,3gs'.-ML - , , , yi, v pw. . ll W, X. , Lx 1 xik A..n ,I '- y- Q x 1-sf. x iw.-.J ' ' nv, ' .. '. . ff, . ,J v' ' . ' X . .. M 4 ' . " 1 I YY " . 1 f.. ., 1 -,gg h. 4- 4. 4.1. ,1 , Y ' '.' JN. . U .' ',.r' 'A-4.4: L .4 45. W' .' " -1' -' ' ' -y'. .. L ., . wk" 'vf--.wc ' --I 5.2 14 'W' . . ' -. .. 4. 'F C. ---1..- .,,. ,I-.. . , Q --.P ,,.. ,V .1 .,, V ,V . wwf D. , . -:,'5f- f ,-y.- ""5'f Hp' . uw 'L ., v- .144-J-M'-' 4' - A." 'x ' - . ff, 1'-' - 4- 7'-'NU A ',,x.' -, 4 4' - -'r 'w--,41.-: ' .-. v ,4'- f..-4. um-- Q Vg.. , -A K,-V .4 A H.. 'I ,JV .1 U .. , 0 .3 I . . 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M 'X YH", - ' ln i ll Hfllt' IN ff THE AURORAN'S IOURNAL ofo SEPTEMBER Baclc to school, but no final exams to worry about. Girls' Honorary Clee Club. Boys' 'Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Eighth Cirade Chorus, and the Orchestra enrolled for the year's work. Assembly! A fine start! New members accepted by the Girls' Honorary Cilee Club. l7. Oh joy! No heat! No school. Curia Regia organized for the year. Another Assembly! That was doing well. Athletic-boosting organization held initial meeting. Not so good. Our football boys met defeat at Lone Tree, 27-O. Romance Language Club reorganized for the year. Drive for Auroran subscriptions started.. The new organization was christened the "lVluskie Pep Machine." Burlington defeated the little Muslcies, 26-0. Nluslcie seconds defeated Wilton seconds, 7-0. Girls' Glee Club held election of offcers. Would-be actors and actresses tried out for Dramatic Club membership. OCTOBER Davenport defeated Muskies, 5I-0. Tough luck. Free entertainment in Muscatine. lVl. H. S. held annual slouch day. Curia Regia initiated new members. Assembly again! The Cotton Blossom Singers offered vocal entertainment. Muskie-West Branch scores, 6-6. Romance Language Club tried to scare out new members by a stiff initiation. Aeolian did the same for its new members. Fairheld defeated us, 58-0. Ouchl 28. Pupils enjoyed themselves while the teachers attended institute. Senior Girl Reserves ente-rtained the Hi-Y boys at a l"lallowe'en party at the Y. W. C. A. NOVEMBER Columbus junction defeated Muskies, 7-0. Armistice day! Muscatine met defeat at Washington, 6l-0. Wapello was even more cruel and defeated us 68-0. Awful! junior Class organized after school. Assembly! Latin Club presented a clever one-act play entitled, 'ilra Nymplmarumf' Thanksgiving day indeedl A holiday and the first victory of the season. Musca- tine, 7: West Liberty, 6. r , 5 A 1 z 1i6i2 Qx N '25 fl , wVa- w "1 I P 5 I MARY B. RYAN i I fl -.. H '....-V, ' ! ,!l'HHh' KN 'JIS A very good day for rest after the violence and excitement of the day before. DECEMBER Seniors entertained the football boys at a dance. Assembly! A Y. M. C. A. secretary just returned from six years in China and taught us how to eat soup with chop-sticks. Wilton seconds lost to Muskie seconds in our first basketball game of the season. lVluskie's first lost to Wilton's Firsts, 22-l l. Assembly! We found out what a real live sheik looks like because one talked to us awhile. M. H. S. mourned the death of Frank Boney. i juniors and Seniors defeat Freshmen and Sophomores in girls' interclass basketball. Senior girls win championship by one point. Sophomores defeated Freshmen in a run-away game. Santa Claus visited the Romance Language Club. Hurrah! No more school till January fifth. Merry Xmas! JANUARY Happy New Year! Nluskies beat Washington, 21-20, while ,aria defeat Washington girls, 29-9. Pack to aahaai again.-cfaaa.. Assembly! Speech. Class entertained. Musky Girls defeated Brighton. 23-!4. Boys lost to Eurlington, I5-9. Much agitation in the halls. Report cards were out. C-irls went to Columbus Junction without Roxie and struggled to a 7-6 victory. Muskies won at Mt. Pleasant, !7- l 5. Muskie seconds defeated Davenport seconds, l4-lo, but Davenport Firsts won I6-I l. Ottumwa defeated Muscatine, I4-S. Muskie girls at home again, defeated Columbus Junction. FEBRUARY Croundhog day and he saw his shadow! Muskie girls and boys brought a double victory home from Washington. ll. P. A. Thelin gave entertainment each evening in the form of pictures and talks of Alaska. Muskies defeated Fairfield, 23-I6. while girls crushed Durant, 39-5. Assembly! Romance Language Club presented "La Marraine de Cuerre, a one- act comedy. Burlington defeated our boys, 44-14, but the girls came back from Durant with a 58-II victory. joint Literary Society party held at Woodman Hall. Ottumwa lost to Muscatine and the girls beat West'Branch with Roxie breaking the state record with a score of 70-5. MARCH March entered like a lion. l 1 ll RUR XX 'l.'.. 6-7. Boys' basketball tournament in Muscatine. Wilton won in class A and Grandview in class B. I3-I4. Boys' basketball tournament at Mt. Pleasant. I3. Friday the thirteenthl No wonder Musl-cies were eliminated in the first round of the tournament. I4. Girls came out victorious in the Stanwood tournament and received an aluminum cup from the sports of Stanwood. l6. Assembly! Mr. Robert Bruce, a full blooded lndian, entertained with trumpet solos. 20-21. Girls' basketball tournament at Columbus Junction. Nluskies tied with Corydon for first place. 23. Everyone went to Columbus junction to see the girls defeat Corydon to win the tournament. 27-28. Girls' tournament at Perry. Nluslcies lose in last round. 3l. Dramatic Club presented to the public two one-act plays, "The Wonder Hat", and "The Playgoersf' March passes like a lamb. APRIL l. April Fool! 2-3. Teachers' convention. 2-S. Spring vacation! Long may it live! IZ. Easter Day-the day of new bonnets, dresses, coats, and slippers. I7. Juniors entertained the basketball boys at a party. 21 Romance Language Club presented a play to the public, "La Poudre Aux Yeuxf' MAY 26. Senior class play will be presented in the assembly. 28. Junior-Senior reception. 3l. Baccalaureate services will take place. JUNE 2 Class day program to be presented. 3. Class of 1924 will give a program. 4. Alumni reception will be given. 5 Commencement exercises will make Alumni of the great Seniors. .Xl A IHP111 nf Mg 16251 Zlhivnhz IX' f Q2PLQ,?5zifffa2 ' Shnmdb ,,,1,70a,4,c,afQ!,Xf'.Q'7 K w K4 ' 1 .Ji , ,, f Z1 Qf' M'-ML' flfvi C +"'3l.A.5'f E 6' ' ' fff'ff7'7ff JJHJXMZ fav 1 rg ' 01 v 7' 7' I Y Luv! 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I ' 'fix , 131 ,ii I vf fl, I 4- ,- ,Ci If . , A , 1 , Y 41.1 lfeif' ,. 1' 1 - -f "' ' . f ' ' l 'H Q I , ff , .ffffffcf1'fv il., Y I 4 I fy X wr" I., f ' J X- , ff, . , Q . ' ll , A 1- ' II Hamill.. '. J f ll :mn xx 'Xi' A IHPHI nf Mig E251 iHri.vnim AURURAN '25 l I 'Xl A 359111 uf 111314 18251 Elfrivnhz N I E 1 , H R ,ummscnol I WIS f X1 4 XX X"'QAssocuMN0 X 1" A?" 1 5 1-. Q 4. 6' be -P H f J,1,. N 'f J U W 3 A fn ' , a 1' Q L n - r n ,. e., 1. ,, 1.-5. 41 N, H, ,Hr 'P' ' Z' ,Wig ff .' 'V 0 1 ,, 1 'it' ff? ' , " .51 ,,u Q ja.- -- -...,., . .. 7 .VR Af" ng J I v , .1-. O . SJ 'a -0 .f -, . v-S: f-, ' .fffsix q--ew an ,,:., H35-5 4 .'3-WR",- ..., ., ' .U .. -4. . - ,xv 1,12 at f ' A "2.Ei:i"".f"E ' 4:4-.. ,dn :S V , sf? L Q 1-mv ' H511 1 1 , v 1 H mm xx Q 53 ' u THE AURORAN STAFF 1 I '.' 1, , ' 1,2 . ' ff, 6 ' A nf' U1 x, . V 35,1 x 1 .z.. f ,gf , -, L,-,...5 , 1 is A--:,. in J ' F, . 1' I v h , . ff- -, H., .5 , 1, "n ' V H 1 7 r , ,I - 4 . vw-.. ,A 4' -, -j,',f K -K.-.L ff AI f x '-1 . 3-f xv . ,tr n I .' y' ,rl "C . f . ', 1 , V, ---I , A -i .1 1. J X ' xl 'z ,1 L. ,K 1 S . ML ' , M, ,'r,x "1 9' r . XII' X 43.1 . ' 1 H. fl! '1X ww P, ,A .o I 1. , ,Jx . , , MU! fl I I 0 1 ",,lI W: mxvipv K: 1 ' L wi N Hfa. iff A Qu' . H 1. nv i' li' l ? 1 P? ' if ' " H", 'M .r,. ,,.x,, n 5 ff. W- A 11' N tw ' J r., + I 'bp Y In l ' 4 . Hil- " '44:""'tP 'MM I f M 1 ' .I 1 Mg l' x'1?, 1,415 4 1, .11 .Mu- 0 Y '-fm rfliix 'Sn ifkiiffi + H 4 . Y V mm -SYM-, K! A ' ' A ' A ,fu . , q., 1 '. I ' X ,P A I ,,.- .- -is .fwffv 'C ' v .'Q- .D 111 A , QQ, V 1 ' 4 - , -Q .. L. A55 aqui! .f.,A:+- 'faxing Q wiv.: M nil 'v Q 1 .rv ,u ! 'Hu s "4 ' A' N fer h.! tV .,'., M'.f.Ti . .I ' fn X ,MY , 1 L -. 'H Vi. , J ""'?i,k7 Bu' ' 3 ,Wm ," V ' K ' ,ff ' gi F-' , "' 'I .' gn" N ' ' ' ' " 1,1 -A-1" , ,wx v I F - AI nv.. -4,-abut? ,L J, I ,V -V .1 'T I I , I I . ' F' v 'nk Y . r,0,,-l'. fi wy'l . '-1 "iff . Vu .1..,n ,Q , . ll "ln f V ' M . v , ,, " . ,I XI" IR' ' ' . ln!! .-- ,JL 'Z' ' ' a,.y,f I. 3, Q ' V 1 I ,x . ' 1'.I -'f , gh s I yu.. fi, ,. 1 Af: . .11?f' gg!-V. H, J, I' I I Y 'Z...v 4 4 1 w ,I .1 yu gg5h,gg.m'5fz::Fairs' :jf 1-jf 1j'.,gLgQ 5, -.gag 5 21:11 1.13-Lf 9 ,n'1'-,7:,":1 14'-.u.-g1..51 w.-uf.: f.Ml!,'i,5', gg, ,,.,.. 1 af J.: ...'...' 7 It y,,..i.,J, ,,, . 1. . HL.: .: .1 .Q-...U ....Mm-ff 5,1 ., ,. ....f--4-. 4 415. ,.-... .. ,... . f .. r'.M5x.n.'-M..-.1 ,If rr-pf" ,ml-P .'... z.,.,,.,.:.,,,.ftg-.M .L up-g.,,4 . ...... 1,1 'rv ...... ...,K ......M-.,,-. .-A fr ' ,gg 5,M,,.w f. . -1 '- -"'41'..,gx-:'. .. M, .- 5.. m 1,,-,,f,..-...fn-...4f,l,I 14' 5... . -:'. ....f w,..,..f,.-,mx-- ,rg gn., IZ... .-4.1-... 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I . -.lvwl 1-1'-f.l'l I - w Q. -- --F-LA-A cIt'tmt:.Ix ' .j THE AURORAN STAFF HARVEY ALLBEE, Editor-in-Chief WILLIAAI KISTLER, lst Assistant Editor RUTH I-IAzI.ETT, Znd Assistant Editor ROBERT ZEIDLER, Business lllanagcr ALMA KINDLER, Advertising Manager EDWIN WILLIS, Asst. Adv. Manager EST!-IER ROBBINS, Circulation Manager' ROBERT MARK, Adv. Mgr. Six Montli O40 RUTH STIRLEN, Literary Editor LILLIAN COC!-IRAN, News Editor ALPHA BRAUNWARTH, Exchange Editor LOUIS HARTMAN, Athletic Editor BERYI. DAVIDSON, Calendar Malfer' THOMAS BEVERIDGE., jolge Editor MARION GALPIN, Art Editor MR. I- F. KRAEMER, Printing lnslructor MR. EUGENE DUNCAN, Teaching Editor .H'RHR,1 N"L33 CUSTAVUS ALLBEE. Vim'-Prrxiffufll HARRY HAHN CHARLES Pnxvflfrrll HAGERMAN A. R. T1PToN E. J. ASTHALTER MAYNARD THOMPSON L. C. HOWE, ..x1'Ru1e.1.x":s ---A---- ---- A-1 AA C. K. HAYES HELEN AHLSCHLACER CARL GUNZENHAUSER Sn'1':'lm'y Tnuzmrrr CHARLES H- KERN MARGUERITE HINKLE Trfmfzl ifxq .,., BELLE CGNNOR MRS. M. A. BARR JEANETTE HART Ax: inf' ,ls x xl' 3111 fHPl1IUI'iZII1I LOYD ROWLAND FRANK BONEY Elm lllDIIIL'lI'LI uf hun fine gnxmq mm iulgnse uu- timrlg hcutlgs rams-sh EI lgvurtfvlt lnss in their muug friruhs in glqltsrzxiiltv Hiqly Srlgunl. ?i,.,ufn1 , 3 qs I 1 W KFC n V a lk' x . 9 - I LKLSJ3 f Q , n Q Q, L1 Z IA gf . , l . .5 G ff' . ' ' 'wx fiyfwwz mmm - Y, "Q: MV, -vnrcms I A K 'A QGIK-f Q 'IEW 0 f IYWK I X of fc W V I 9 ,V V Q v l M , 'fvlmnvhxtffjhkflf44,-mQ7,4 r iz FAQMMY 1 hp' :LI I, ,vs '-"1 IIII 1 1 K 1 pI 1 I 1 -x 11 .11'.I-I 1 . 11 1 V1-"N .. .'. , . 1 1 1 1 1 . 4 1 .11 1 1 1 11 1 ,., f 1 1 I ' A I . . .1 ,, 1 1 , . 1 11.11. ,1 1 '-'Q11 11 E! 1 ff 1I' .I.I 1 I 1,13 1 ,,I I 1 ..'.gff.' . "' Th-15' 1y'.1 ,.. 1 V' V 1 Y .191 .'1' 11:1 1 1 ' x X ' . K I I .I' ' ,I,, ' SE' 11521, I ' '. 1,11 'idigfy . VII 1, II. - .11 III , .1 Y In 1 1 -.III 1, - 1 1 1- 1 gg I, . ' - -,M 1 1'-' 1.1 11. . 1 1 111 - x I - I., In I.III. II5Q:.III1,II I I I II II .I1II 1 . .I I 1.11.1 -am.. ,1 . ...14 1. . 1- - . 1. I If I Q 'DI-lx' .1,11' I,-1' "i'C- .R . - ',,. - Q"' ,' rj .1 I - ' N-7 I .I ". II I- , .I' .11 .1 '31 3, .1111 ' "1 1 I . . I I. , II II.. I 1 I . -1.I,.,, ' " ' V' ' ' .. .N , ' " 1 .1 1 1 . I 1 . 1 1 1. 1 "' I1- 1 I ' , 111373 .I ' Y. 1 ' L . ' , 'I Mg' I I. I11 I .1I ILIIIIII.I.. 11 .' 1- ' '1 -.,1. 1 I np, x I ' ' ' .I1Ig-REI I J , I II I . 1 .I -4111211 .' Iv'. , I I j-,. I1 ' 1 1 ' : Q I, 111 " I f1I ' II 1.11 '1 .' KI 1111 ,JJ 1 - tv "1 -11 1 1.-1 .. -' ., ' 1, .. 1II 1 - 1' ,11I11, 11 I 1 . . 1 111. " 1-11 ,11 ' 1 , sk I ' '. 1II' 1 I1 -I.I-1111-1I-1'::.11'p 11' 1 - 1, . 1. I 1' 11 1.1, .I3I1.1:1 I1 .1 ' ' 'W1'-1"i9.1' 1I,. 1. 'I:11' :.1-I I - 1 I 1y.,.I-1 ,1 I 1 - .I MII. .I 1- ,'II .-.--11 . 1 .1-111,,,1 21 11- ., yi ' , q - I' ':ff'f11f .,-:JI ' 'f A 1.1I'2-. ' " 1' 5 '- '. . 1312 1 1 ' "" 1-.-.1 -1' ' Xi 1 . .I 1. A!.1f'e" - 1'f1'1 II' 'Y k"1I11 I1,jf ,I 1.1151 I.-I,I'f11':a II I"II,II-11: 11 ww-1 1.-T1 11.' 1'-Q1'W'Y.xf '- 1 -aw.-.'. - -' 1 1. 113411 -1 I I I. I 1I1II.I'.II,II ,1I.IIIII..1III. II. IfI ts I II'I .Irv 1 I.1'-111 .I ..I 1 .,'1 .. 1. 1 1' -1 .1 'f IM l1.C 'H ' ,. "'1.1 ' 1'-' - fir."-, 1 1 Fifi- 1 Y '.1'f1 -A 1' .. .1 ' .1 ,V 4' 'I 1 " 1 Q., . .NSY IJQQ 'Ifj ' I I I ' 1 ,I I1,-I,11,.1 ,P11-II I III,I.1I , I .111. ,1I-II. -I1 . . 1I , II:.IrI',I ,IM 5.I ,.,.I 1!,I .JIIIII II1, I1 IIRQIIMW- - .I -I-I 1 Q1-5 1 .,1f1 1,1 I 1 af, '+I-111' 1 H211-p 1"I, ' , I1 1 1-1 1.1, 3 --I ,1: 1 I. . II. 1:,1 -I I1 ' I .1 1 -1: ' 1 1' n.I11.1' ps ' - ,71 ' 1 .1 1 'Af . - -111,5 ' '.'fT'ff" 11 '1 if 1 I. I , II .'.-Q,,I,.II11f 1I1.II1kI I,.g-'III I , .1-I 1 1 ..,, 1,,II Inf, .11 .,Ig 1 I lgQI1..I, 1 '1 11' ,'n'.' 1 1f "M-f , 1 I. ,1gxI1,, f. .15 I -1 . I 1 I . .I I 11 I .I , IQ I A 1' 'I.j"':" 11' "rf '-1-1'i1l1f"':1,"If '-.x'-'- Diff 1,I.I I- , 1. . -1 I -31, ...ig .I.I1 -1..I11.,'.I.1-,1 . -,,1.I.'.-'-- .' ',,1f- X561 1-7 1 ,,' 1.1 . F3 1', 1 1 -'Q 1.1 1 I 111, . 1, - II, .Ig 4.1II.1 1" -- 11 '- 1. . ' -H11 19 1 11, FH E1. '1 MI, 1 IIIIII I. I .IIIII I1,I,. 1I Ifr 11-1 : 'A-"1.w.'1,-1 II.II II I I .MMIII II.IIII1I.l .1,. f-X..1-1..II 1.31 .4 5 13 - I 11 .1 I It ,I1f' I,1,- ,I I. 12 -' - - . 1 1' :fn I1II , . . ,au ,A . ,III I. , 1 I ,. N ' 1x 'lk 1' ' 11 1 1,1 11, , 1 -. pg.. . 1 1 Sf. i 1 1 1, 1,1 1 fm,!' 1' U1. fx 1' 11 14r A ? XVHQH-' XX' LEG D. NICOLAUS FRANK J. HOWE :I ffl. 1'f,'m,-fmf lJ,v,7lA,fluI1' SADE. WILSON MARY B. RYAN High Xfffunl NrL'rrfm'x' .'lJ'z'f.w1 ffl ffjrly "W+A'E' .Nl I 'RUR .1 N '25 LINDLEY HOOPES EUGENE DUNCAN EULA M. DOWNER ELLA OBERMEIER ESTELLA HEEZEN HELEN JENISTA FRED MESSENGER MILDRED STIRLEN DOLLIE DULGAR -W -L If fRzmiCf5.s ' -E L CARL C. LIEBBE X GENEVA GRACE ESTHER KNUEPPEL RALPH T. OTHMER GENEVIEVE MQCANDLESS VIRDA HOMAN HELEN GRAY IRVIN F. KRAEMER H. MARGARET KEMBLE 'xrzmvcxxn-1E MARY C.. THOMPJON CAROLINE E. LIEBBE W, IVAN AXTELL ADELE BLACKWELL CHARLES TILLINGHAST MRS. GLADYS TILLINCHAST GLADYS M. DULGAR HELEN WINN LELA DILLON 1 1 n I xc mm xx i N 4 W I LUCRETIA TURKINGTON EMMA F. HOWE MRS. IVY WILHITE LULU RADEBAUGH MRS. SARAH HUFTALEN MRS. MARIE RUTHENBERC 1 I 4 1 u X GERTRUDE HOWE r MARIE. LEMBERC-ER I , J. A. LINDLEY .fll7RUR.f1N '25 ' 04-0 F. J. HOWE Principal Nl. Pecl.-Greer. Armour lnstitute LEO D. NICOLAUS Basketball Coach B. S.-University of lowa Asst. Principal SADE WILSON High School Secretary MARY RYAN Language B. A.-University of lowa EUGENE ALVIN DUNCAN English Nl. A.-Haverford College, Penna. B. A.-Penn College, Iowa L. B. HOOPES Smith-Hughes Agric. B. S.-lowa State College EULA M. DOWNER Mathematics B. A.-Cornell College ESTELLE E. HEEZEN English B. A.-University of lowa ELLA B. OBERMEIER Spanish B. A.-University of lowa English HELEN S. .IENISTA History IVIILDRED STIRLEN FRED MESSENGER DOLLIE DULGAR GENEVA N. GRACE CARL C. LIEBBE ESTHER KNUEPPEL B. A.-University Thomas B. A.-lowa Wesleyan B. A.-University B. A.-University B. A.-Carthage B. S.- of lowa Home Economics Technical institute Civics, Norm. Tr. Agri., Manual Arts Science of lowa Science of lowa Science College Home Economics lowa State College ' .ill'RUR.AlN '25 e - C-E.NEVlEVE. McCANDLE.SS English B. A.-University of Nebraska R. T. OTHMER Manual Arts Washington Technical School Stout lnstitute lowa State College VIRDA E. HOMAN B. A.-Des Moines University I. F. KRAEMER Normal Training Manual Arts Stout lnstitute University of lllinois Home Economics HELEN E. CRAY lowa State College HETTY MARGARET KEMBLE. Latin B. A.-lowa Wesleyan CAROLINE E. LIEBBE. Commercial Drake University Cedar Rapids Commercial College MARY G. THOMPSON Public Speaking B. A.-Grinnell College Latin W. IVAN AXTELL Commercial Simpson College CHARLES TILLINGHAST Science B. S.-St. Lawrence University ADELE BLACKWELL English B. A.-Oberlin College, lowa MRS. QGLADYS DEACYJ TILLINGHAST Eur. l-list. B. S.-University of Missouri Civics HELEN WINN Commercial B. A.-University of lowa GLADYS M. DULGAR Mathematics B. A.-University of lowa LELA DILLON Mathematics B. A.-Coe College Y! lifflr' IX EMMA HOWE English Iowa State Teachers' College Eighth Grade University of lowa LUCRETIA TURKINGTON English B. A.-lowa Wesleyan MRS. SARAH HUFTALEN Comm. Law, History M. A.-Iowa State University Econ., English B. A.-Upper lowa University LULU RADEBAUCH Arithmetic B. A.-Iowa State Teachers' College Eighth Grade MRS. IVY RYAN WILHITE History, English Post Normal Training Course Eighth Grade MRS. MARIE RUTHENBERG Arithmetic, English lowa State Teachers' College Eighth Grade CERTRUDE HOWE History lowa State Teachers' College Eighth Grade SUPERVISORS MARIE L. LEMBERGER Physical Training Chicago Normal School of Physical Education J. A. LINDLEY Physical Training Louisville Turning School BELLE CONNOR Penrnanship Palmer School of Penmanship JEANETTE HART Art School of lnclustrial Art, Chicago University of Wisconsin University of Indiana MARGUERITE N. HINKEL Music Grinnell College Northwestern University ,if ,Q -5 I 5 , . fn ' 113611, L u 30- S K . ,xx . ,A RQX 7, X ffyf X X A ff, econo N f H 9 H X WMLD5 me lg -1-Z' 'X 17 X, XX A if J 'wr 2 V2 H W J Q 5 5 Q w 5 W g A f mx -:1a- 'I I .- X - EIA - 1 ff x X . fcmf. oar so I 'f 4 . +R -. , 4sL, N 4 Q ' 9: X 0 f 0 o . I f . og 0 one oo m ms EE AuR6iiAN CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT LEWIS, President NORMAN DANIELS, V ice-President ALICE AITKEN, Secretary-Treasurer MOTTO "Do your duty, come what may." COLORS Emerald Green and Silver Cray FLOWER Pink Rose IIFRORA N '25 - RHEA CRICER "Rec" Commercial Lincoln 5 Aeolian CZ. 31: Romance Language Club C3, 41: Girls' Chorus C3, 415 lnterclass Basketball C2, 31: Girl Re- serves: Modern Pkoblems Club C41: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion. "A light heart lives long." O40 . ROBERT LEWIS "Bob" Commercial jefferson Swastika C215 Boys' Glee Club C21: Basketball C2, 3. 41, Captain C415 Football C415 Letter Club C413 Honor ' Society C415 Romance Language Club C315 lnterclass Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 41: ' lnterclass Baseball Cl. 2, 31: Hi-Y. C211 Class President C2, 3,41. "If thou dost play with him at any game thou art sure to lose." OK? SANFORD SCHMALZ "San" Commercial Franklin Modern Problems Club C413 Basketball Cl1: L. H. F. Cl1: lnterclass Basketball fl. 21. "How poor are they that have not patience." OOO WILLIAM H. T. WELLONS "Bill" Language jefferson jr. Chamber of Commerce C415 l-li-Y C41: Dramatic Club C41, Secretary- Treasurer C41: Curia Regia C21: Orchestra Cl, Z, 3, 415 Aeolian C2, 3. 415 Science Club C315 Athletic Asso- ciation. "It is the mind that makes the body rich." O+O LEO WILLIAM ALBERS "Shorty" Commercial jackson L. H. F.: Modern Problems Club "I often tell myself there is more in me than people think." our LILLIAN FERGUSON "Fargo" Commercial Washington L. I-I. F. C2. 3. 41: Dramatic Club C31: 5 I Nloclern Problems Club C3, 41. "For her own person, "T ' lt beggared all description." AURURAN NORMAN ELLSWORTH DANIELS V "Rosie" Commercial Franklin , Class Vice President Q45: Nl. H. S. Yell fl Leader C45: Aeolian QZ. 3, 45, Ser- - geant-at-Arms 135: Dramatic Club Q3, 45, Sergeant-at-Arms Q45: Hi-Y f3, 45: Muslcy Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- . tion. "A little nonsense now and then "Is relished by the best of men." we .V HERBERT BENDLE "Doc" Commercial Illinois City, lll. Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 45: Science Club Q35: Aeolian Q35: Hi-Y Q3, 45. "He wears the rose of youth upon him from which the world shall note something particular." 040 ALMA M. KINDLER Commercial McKinley Jr. Chamber of Commerce C3. 45: Culee Club fl5: Girls' Chorus Q25: Swastika Q3, 45, President I45: Romance Lan- guage Club K3, 45, President Q45: Auroran Staff Q45: Girl Reserves Q45: Honor Society 145: Nlusky Pep Ma- chine: Athletic Association: Modern Problems Club 145. "Serene and resolute yet gay and self- possessed." 0+o EDWARD DIERCKS "Ed" Language Franklin -lr. Chamber of 'Commerce 145, Pres. 145: Dramatic Club f45: Swastika Q3. 45, Vice Pres. f35: Curia Regia Treas. f25: Basketball Squad Q3, 45: Nluslcy Pep Machine 145, Vice Pres. Q45: Athletic Association. "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure a business." OOO VERA NEGUS "Shorty" Norrnal Training Rural Girls' Clee Club fl, 2. 3, 45: Normal Training Club f3, 45 : Science Club "Small in stature but not in brains." O40 ETHEL CASSIDY Commercial jackson . v L. H. F. qs, 49. Girl Reserves 135: Curia Regia f35: "Speech is great but silence is greater." ,. RUR 1 ! N ' Lf i LOVENIA MOCKMORE Commercial jefferson Romance Language Club Q3, 41: Girls' Chorus fl, 2, 3, 413 Modern Problems Club UU: Girl Reserves fl. 3, 433 Athletic Association. "Be not simply good-be good for some- thing." O+O STUART E. OGILVIE "Duke" Language Washington Curia Regia KZJQ L. H. F. f3Q: Science Club QZDQ Hi-Y fz, 3,5 Cadet Corps C l I : Athletic Association. "Vitality is the measure of success " O00 HARVEY GUSTAVUS ALLBEE "Gussie" Language Jackson jr. Chamber of Commerce 13, 4,3 Auroran Staff UU: Class Sec'y i313 Dramatic Club UU: Football f2, 31: Letter Club fl 4j: Swastika C3, 4jg Curia Regia ffl, 3. 41: Athletic Asso- ciation: Senior Class Play. "They are never alone who are ac- companied by noble thoughts." OOO CLARENCE W. HARPER "Curly" Manual Arts Rural Aeolian f3, 4l, S-arg't-at-Arms C415 Science Club f3Jg lVlusky Pep Machine. "We all like him, we just can't help it." ooo EUNICE MAXINE. CHAMBERLIN "Eunie" Language -laclcson Swastika KZ. 31: Curia Regia f2, 3l: Girl Reserves fl, 2. 3. 45: lnterclass Basketball fl, 2, 3, 4l: Nluslcy Pep Machine: Athletic Associationg Honor Society "Exceedingly well read." O'O PEARL MARIE HANK "Mickie" Normal Training Lone Tree, la. L. H. F. f4D: Dramatic Club 14,3 Girls' C-lee Club fll: Cwirls' Chorus KZI: Girl Reserves 141: Curia Regia f3D: Normal Training Club Q3, 45. Vice Pres. UU, Pres. UU: Muslcy Pep Ma- chine: Athletic Association. "A pearl of great price." I II lffllx' r WALLACE NYWEIDE "Wallie" Commercial IVlcKinley Hi-Y f41: Swastilca f21g Modern Prob- lems Club f41g Musky Pep Machine. Athletic Association. "Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice." , O40 ESTHER BELLE ROBBINS "Bobbie" Language jackson Auroran Staff f41g Class Sec'y fI1: Basketball f2, 3, 41, State Allrilqourna- ment Team Q41: lnterclass Basketball ll, 2, 3, 41: Swastilca f2, 3, 41, Vice Pres. 131, Director Q31: Honor Society 141: Curia Regia KZ, 3, 41: Girl Re- serves fl, 2. 3, 41, 5ec'y Q41: Nlusky Pep Machine. "On the basketball floor she has won great fame "By playing her hardest in every game." OOO WILLIAM KISTLER "Bill" Science Buffalo Prairie, Ill. lr. Chamber 'of Commerce 13, 41: Honor Society C413 Dramatic Club f41g Auroran Staff C3, 41: Swastika Q2, 3. 41, President f41g Class Treasurer fI1: Hi-Y fl, 2. 3, 41, Sec'y 131, Vice Pres. f41: Declamation f41: Science Club f31g Athletic Association, Senior Class Play. "A brilliant mind, a manner kind." O+O RUTH BILKEY "Rufe" Commercial jackson Girl Reserves fl, 2, 3, 41: Modern Problems Club C3, 41. "Joy arises in me like a summer morn." O40 WILLIAM D. BURKE "Billy" Commercial jackson Football f41: Letter Club 141: Hi-Y f3, 41: Tennis Club f2, 319 lnterclass Basketball f21: Aeolian Q3, 41: Ro- mance Language Club C3, 415 Nlusky Pep Nlachineg Athletic Association. "I am sure care is an enemy to life." O+O ANNA C. ROSENBERG "Curly" Commercial jefferson Aeolian fl, 3, 41: Girls' Cilee Club fl, 2. 31, Girl Reserves fl, 2, 3, 41: ln- terclass Basketball C315 Modern Prob- lems Club Q41: Athletic Association: Nlusky Pep Machine. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." ll'lHiR,elN '25 H A A Roxla F. DEWEESE '-Rox" U' Language Rural 5 Aeolian 13, 41: Jr. Chamber of Com- merce 131: Science Club 131: Girl Re- serves 1l. 2. 3, 41, Treas. 111, Vice Pres. 131, Representative to Okoboji 31. Pres. 141: Musky Pep Machine 141, Pres. 141: Honor Society 141: Curia Regia 131: Basketball Team 1l, 2, 3, 41, Captain 12, 41: Captain of lnterclass Basketball Team 1l, 2. 3, 41: Stanwood All-Tournament Team 141: Southeastern lowa All-Tournament Team 141: Athletic Association. "Best of all amongst the rarest of good ones." O'O ROBERT W. FAIRBANKS "Dusty" Science Western Military Academy, Alton, Ill. "The gentleman is learned and a most rare speaker." O40 IRVING NIETZEL "Nietz" Language jefferson Class Pres. 1l1: L. H. F. 1l, 21: Auroran Staff 131: Honor Society 141. "All I ask is pleasant company to while away the time." O+O WILMA G. BAKER "Willie" Language Rural Aeolian 12, 3. 41: Romance Language Club 12, 31: Girls' Glee Club 141: Or- chestra 13. 41: Special Orchestra 141: Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Bas- ketball 1l. 2, 41 Science Club 131: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion: Honor Society "So many worlds, so much to do, "So little done, such things to be." evo WARNER BRIDGES "Connor" Commercial jackson Modern Problems Club "A fool may talk but a wise man speaks." OOO FLORA MAY FISHER "Flora Dora" Commercial Garfield Declamation 141: Girls' Glee Club 1l1: Girls' Chorus 12. 3, 41: Girl Reserves 131: Modern Problems Club 141: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion. "Moderation is the pearl chain running throughout all virtues." .-IIIRI. IR DWIGHT STONE "Stoney" Language Conesville, Iowa Football K3, 41: Letter Club Q3, 41: jr. Chamber of Commerce Q41: Swastilca f41: I-Ii-Y I3, 41, Treas. 131, Vice Pres. 141: Musky Pep Machine. "They're only truly great who are truly good." OK? CHARLES URDANCEN "Chuck" Commercial jefferson Honor Society 141: Dramatic Club Q3. 41: Aeolian QZ, 31: Curia Regia KZ, 31: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic As- sociation: Senior Class Play. "Genius is the infinite art of taking pains." O+O HARRIET STENINGER "Hattie" Commercial Jackson Girl Reserves CZ, 3, 41: Girls' Glee Club Q3, 41: Girls Chorus IZ1: Muslcy Pep Machine: Moclern Problems Club. "The load becomes light which is cheer- fully borne." ooo VICTOR MILLER "Vic" Manual Arts Rural I... H. F. fl 41: Science Club "I dare do all that may become a man: "Who dares do more is none." O00 EUNICE LAKE "Pe Rural :gym Commercial 141: Honor So- Club CI1: Girl Problems Club Swastika I41, Director ciety Q41: Girls' Glee Reserves 131: Modern I41- "Liking all, but intimate Ofo with few." WILLIAM G. LEASE "Bill" Language Jefferson Aeolian f3, 41, Pres. 141: Curia Regia Q 2, 31: Jr. Chamber of Commerce 131: Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41: Dramatic Club Q41: Science Club 131: Hi-Y 141: Interclass Baseball QI1: Muslcy Pep Ma- chine: Athletic Association. "A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute." lX "H ALICE AITKEN "Acey" Language jefferson Class Sec'y-Treasurer Q4Jg Class Vice President QU: Aeolian f2. 3, 4H, Sec'y-Treasurer f3Dg Romance Lan- guage Club QZ, 3, 45: Dramatic Club f4Dg Girls' Clee Club fl, 2, 3, 4j: Nlusky Pep Machine UU: Athletic As- soclati-on. "Fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky." CD+G RUSSEL EANDY "Rus" General West Liberty H. S. Football fl 413 Letter Club 13, 41, Boys'-C-lee Club KZJQ Hi-Y 13,5 Musky Pep Machineg Senior Class Play. "His glory is to subdue men." O+O HAZEL BREI Commercial Rural Curia Regia QZ, 33: Modern Problems Club Q3. 455 Honor Society C451 Swastika CZ. 3, 415 Dramatic Club fill: Declamation fl. 2, 413 Science Clufu f3jg Senior Class play. "A fair exterior is a silent recommenda- tion." OQO MARION CALPIN "Crappy" Language Lincoln jr, Chamber of Commerce CU: Curia Regia 12, 3. 45: Auroran Staff f4jg Girls' C-lee Club f2J: Aeolian CZ, 3, 41, Treas. 1319 Boys' Cilee Club Accompan- ist f2, 3D: Orchestra Pianist 13, 45, Special Orchestra Pianist f4D: C-irl Re- serves f3Jg A. R. T. Club, Sec'y-Treas. 121: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic As- sociation. "seeming to promise something wonderous OOO CILMORE SHENK Language jefferson great." Curia Regia "Hast thou named all the birds without a gun? "Loved the wood rose, and left it on its stalk?" OOO FORREST FORDHAM "Cupid" Science Rural Science Club QZ, 31: Boys' Clee Club f3jg Football 133: Letter Club 1331 Nlusky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion. The Auroran stands on its own two feet, But this man puts it upon the street. I if mm MARY ELEANOR HOWE "Mai-ny" Language jackson Jr. Chamber of Commerce 1415 Girls' Glee Club 1I1g Girls' Chorus 121g Curia Regia 1215 Aeolian 12, 3, 41, Sec'y 141, Vice Pres. 141: Girl Re- serves 1l. 2. 3, 41, Treas. 1414 Athle- tic Associationg Muslcy Pep Machine. "My own thoughts my sweetest com- panions are." O+O CLADYS MCCUNE "Glad" Normal Training Centerville, la. -lr. Chamber of Commerce 1414 Normal Training Club 13, 41, Treas. 1415 Ro- mance Language Club 12, 31g L. H. F. 1413 Qasketball Team 1l, 2. 3. 41, Captain 1315 Musky Pep Machine. "Of softest manner, unaffected mincl, "Lover of peace and friend of human kind." OOO CHARLES A. DeCAMP "Pete" Commercial Franklin Swastika 1414 Modern Problems Club 141. "He thought as a sage, though he felt as a man." OOO LOLA MORSE Commercial Lincoln A. R. T. Club 1215 Modern Problems Club 13, 41. "Good sense is the master of human life." O40 FORREST BECKMANN "Becky" Manual Arts Lincoln "My mind to me an empire is." O00 MARY JENKINS Commercial Fairport, lowa Girls' Chorus 12, 3, 41. "Says but little but is as good as she is silent." Rurfmv '25 SHIRLEY M. SCHOMBERG "Peg" E Language Washington Aeolian 1l, Z, 3, 41, Treas. 131, Vice Pres. 141: Dramatic Club 13, 41, Pres. 141: Curia Regia 121g Girls' Glee Club 1l, 2, 31: Girl Reserves 1l. 2, 31: Senior Class Play. "She is known for the friendly spirit which she ever carries with her." O40 EDWARD SPIETH "Ed" Commercial jefferson Hi-Y 13, 41: Moclern Problems Club C49- "Studying at night maketh a man sleepy in class." OOO ERMA ORRIS "Dot" Commercial jefferson Swastika 141, Sec'y 141: Romance Language Club 13. 41: Girl Reserves 13, 415 Modern Problems Club 141: Musky Pep Machine: Girls' Chorus 131: Athletic Association. ' "Her very frowns are fairer far 'fThan smiles of other maiclens are." O40 MARGARET MCFADDEN Language Letts High School Curia Regia 13, 41, Pres. 1415 Girls' Chorus 121g Girls' Glee Club 1411 Swastika 12, 3. 41, Vice Pres. " 'Tis only noble to be good." O+O DANIEL P. COTTER "Dan" Commercial Rural Class Treas. 131: jr. Chamber of Com- merce 141: Science Club 13, 41, Serg't- at-Arms 1413 Boys' Glee Club 13, 41: Hi-Y 12, 3, 415 Modern Problems Club 141: Musky Pep Machine 141: Athletic Association. He is a man, take him for all in all l shall not look upon his like again. OOO KENNETH HARRY SCHREURS "Hampy" Commercial Franklin Aeolian 1415 Moclern Problems Club " 141: Track "Every man is a volume if you know how gi. to read him." 1 - AURI DR LEROY BARNARD "Fat" Commercial jackson Hi-Y 13,5 jr. Chamber of Commerce 13,3 Letter Club 1l, 2, 3, 413 Football 1l. 2, 3, 41, Captain 131: Modern Problems Club 1319 Basketball 1ll: Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion. "Panting time toiled after him in vain." O00 FRANCES BRANDT "Babe" Commercial Jackson Swastika 141g Orchestra 1l, 2, 31: Girls' Glee Club 1l, 23: Girl Reserves 12, 3. 455 Tennis Club 12, 3,3 Mod- ern Problems Club 13,1 lnterclass Bas- ketball 1l, 2, 3Jg Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Association. "The noblest mind the best contentment has." O40 ROBERT MARK "Bob" Language Jefferson Auroran Staff 13, 4,3 Dramatic Club 14,3 Swastika 14,3 Hi-Y 14,3 Track 14jg Basketball Squad 141: Athletic As- sociation. "I would rather be right than be presi- dent." O+O FRANCES M. OTTO "Fran" Commercial jackson Jr. Chamber of Commerce 14,3 L. H. l". 13, 4l, Treas. 1313 Dramatic Club 141. Sec'y 14j, Vice Pres. 141: Curia Regia 12,1 Girl Reserves 12, 31: Mod- ern Problems Club 141, Pres. 1431 Musky Pep Machine: Athletic Associa- tion. "Those eyes, whose light seems rather given "To be adored than to adore." 0+O ROBERT STRAJACK "Bob" Commercial jackson Aeolian 14Jg Modern Problems Club f4l- "0n their own merits honest men are dumb." OOO ETHELYN TUCKER "Doll" Commercial jackson Romance Language Club 13, 4l, Pres. 14,5 Modern Problems club 14,5 Girl Reserves. "As merry as the day is long." RUR 1 .Ni 'lf .1 EDNA SCHULTZ "Etch" Language Garfield Curia Regia f3, 4b. Sec'y f4J: Honor Society 145: Aeolian f4J, Treas. C413 Normal Training Club "You, know I say what I think and noth- ing more nor less." O+0 EDNA BELLE SHEPARD "Sheppie" Language Rural Jr. Chamber of Commerce Q3, 41. Vice Pres. UU: H. S. Representative to the Muscatine Association of Commerce UU: Dramatic Club f3, 41. Pres. f4Jg Swastika f2, 3, 41, Pres. f3jg Curia Regia f4Jg lnterclass Basketball 1413 Girl Reserves Q2, 3, 41: Musky Pep Ma- chine: Athletic Associationy "To be merry best becomes you." OOO VIRGIL BLOOM Commercial jefferson Football f3, 413 Basketball f3Dg lnter- class Basketball fl. 2, 3, 43: Letter Club Q3, 4,5 Swastika QZD: Modern Problems Club UU: Athletic Associa- tion. "lVly ancestors were excellent people, But l'm better yet." O00 JEAN MARY PETERSEN Language Jackson Romance Language Club 12, 3, 45, Pres. 131: Swastika CZ. 3, 45, Treas. f3J: lnterclass Basketball fl. 2, 41: Girls' Glee Club fl, 2. 3. 413 Class Treas. f2J: Girl Reserves fl, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y QBQ. Vice Pres. f4J: Nlusky Pep Machine. "I resolved that, like the sun, as long as my day lasted, I would look on the bright side of everything." O+O WILBERT MCLEAN "Wibbie" Manual Arts Franklin Boys' Glee Club CH: Football f3, 41: Letter Club f4J: Athletic Association. "They laugh tl-,wt win." O+O OMRI TAYLOR "Bum" Commercial Garfield Modern Problems Club. "A good heart is worth gold." E ll HHH ciicu. J. HOPKINS "H0ppy" Language Jefferson Swastilca C314 Boys' Glee Club C411 Ro- mance Language Club "There's a lot of fun in the world if a fellow only knows how to find it." O40 HAROLD TIEDEMAN "Boots" Commercial Lincoln Swastika 141: Boys' C-lee Club Pianist f41g Modern Problems Club 13, 41. "The blush is beautiful but sometimes ii convenient." OOO ANNA HAVEMANN "Ann" Commercial Garfield Aeolian Q3, 419 Girls' Chorus QZ, 31: Girls' Glee Club f41g Modern Problems Club f41g Nlusky Pep Machine. "Extremely busy but qufet about it". O40 RUTH P. STIRLEN "Pinkey" Science jackson Auroran Staff 13, 415 Dramatic Club f41, Vice Pres. C413 Girl Reserves fl. 2, 3, 413 Swastika f2, 3, 41, Director QZ1: lnterclass Basketball fl, 211 Musky Pep Machineg Athletic Associa- tion. "With thee conversing I forget all time." O40 ROBERT H. HAHN "Bob" Language Washington Science Club f31g Curia Regia 121: Swastika f2. 41. 5erg't-at-Arms C211 Hi-Y fl, Z, 3, 41, Sec'y Pres. f41: Athletic Association. "Confidence imparts a wonderful inspira- tion to its possessorf' O90 GLADYS JUNIA SISSEL "Giggles" Normal Training jackson Normal Training Club f3, 41, Sec'y f41, Dramatic Club Q41g L. H. F. f41g Girls' Chorus Q3, 413 Musky Pep Ma- chine. "It's better to wear out than to rust out." H RUR. xx' 'A'- I H ,, l --. e--?....-,Ls Ei BEULAH MCGINNIS Commercial Buffalo Prairie, lll. Aeolian CZJ: Romance Language Club C3. 41: Modern Problems Club C453 Athletic Associationg Senior Class Play. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." O+O ANDREW JOHNSON "Andy" Commercial Jackson Modern Problems Club C4j. "Manly in appearance and action always.' O40 PAULINE SMITH "Polly" Commercial Washington lr. Chamber of Commerce C452 Ro- mance Language Club C3, 4l: Girls' Clee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41: Class Vice Pres. CZQ: Swastilca C2, 3, 41. Treas. CZD. Director C4J: Girl Reserves Cl, 3, 41: Modern Problems Club C455 Muslcy Pep Machine. "Diligence is the mother of good luck." O40 ELEANOR C. VANATTA "Charlie" Commercial Lincoln Orchestra C2, 3, IU: Aeolian C2, 3, 41: Girls' Clee Club CID: Girl Reserves C4J: Modern Problems Club C4jg Nlusky Pep Machine: ,Athletic Asso- ciation. "Next to virtues, the fun in this world is what we can least spare." O40 EUGENE KINTZLE. "Pinkie" Language jefferson Aeolian CZJ: Boys' Clee Club CII: ln- terclass Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 43: Span' ish Club C3l, Pres. C313 Hi-Y C33: Muslcy Pep Machine. "Laugh and the world laughs with you." O90 BALLARD B. TIPTON "Tip" Language Lincoln Aeolian C3, 4,3 Science Club C3J: Athletic Association. "Very rich he is in virtues, very noble." '1-'-------- .x 1 'mm ELMA RUTH KELLER Language lllinois City, Ill. L. H. F. 141: Romance Language Club 141. "Great talkers are never great do-ers." O40 BURNELL RABEDEAUX "Bunn" Commercial jackson Hi-Y 12, 31: Football 12, 3, 41, Cap- tain 141: Basketball 141: lnterclass Basketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Base- ball 12, 31: Modern Problems Club 141: Letter Club 13, 41: Swastika 141 Nlusky Pep Machine. "He proved the best man in the Held." O+O ESTHER BUNN "Bunnie Commercial McKinley Girl Reserves 1l, 2, 41: Modern Prob lems Club 141: Athletic Association "A merry heart maketh a cherry counten ance." OOO RUTH SNIDER Commercial Rural jr. Chamber of Commerce 141 : Swastika 12, 3, 41, Treas. 141: Drama- tic club 13, 41: Honor Society 141: Modern Problems Club 141: Science Club 131: Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41: Athletic Association: Senior Class Play. "Virtue is her own reward." OOO RAYMOND WERNER "Ray" e L u t Commercial jackson Football 12. 3, 41, Letter Club 13, 41: Modern Problems Club 141: lnterclass Basketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Baseball 12, 31: Hi-Y 13-41: Tennis Club 12, 31: Musky Pep Machine. 'Character is a diamond that scratches very other stone." O40 EROY THOMAS "Fat" Commercial Franklin Boys' NGlee Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Boys' Trio 141: jr. Chamber of Commerce 141: Hi-Y 141: Modern Problems Club 141: Athletic Association: Senior Class Play. Give me a standing place and l will move he world." n N HAZEL RITTENHOUSE Commercial Lincoln A. R. T. Club C211 Modern Problems Club 43, 45. "Content to do her duty anzl finifng cluty a full reward." OOO ETHEL KHONE "Kitty" Commercial Rural Girl Reserves f2, 3, 41. Girls' Glee Club fl1g Girls' Chorus QZ. 3, 413 Aeolian f41g Muslcy Pep Machine. "There's nothing so kfngly as kfnzlncss, "And nothing so royal as truth." 4 O+O FLOYD BONEY "Reggie" Commercial Aleclo, lll. Dramatic Club Q3. 413 Hi-Y fl. 2. 3. 41, Treas. f41g Nloclern Problems. Q3, 413 Swastika "Words are women, deeds are men." OOO DAROTHEA G. DANKERT "Dot" Language -lacl-:son Curia Regia CZ, 3. 41. Swastika 12. 3. 41. Sec'y C215 A. R. T. Club QI1, Pres. U13 Girl Reserves fl1g Senior Class Play. "Look, then, into thy heart and wri e O00 EDWARD WEBER "Ed" Commercial Jackson Football Q41. "Fair, honest play in all hfs work." OOO CLARENCE M. KINDLER Commercial McKinley Aeolian f41g Moclern Problems Club 141: Athletic Association. "I would rather excel in knowledge than in Power." - I .H HHH LILLIE McGlLLlVRAY "Pete" Commercial Rural Girls' Chorus 1l, 2, 3. 413 Modern Problems Club 143: Athletic Associa- tion." "We would not have her otherwfsef' O+O ARDATH MANN "Peggy" Normal Training Letts, lowa L. H. F. 14Jg Normal Training Club 13, 41: jr. Chamber of Commerce 1413 Girls' Glee Club 13, 41. "As proper a Mann as one shall see in a summer's day." O40 CARLETON C. GAINES "Bucldie" Science Wilton. lowa L. H. F. 13. 41. Serg't-at-Arms 131, Treas. 1415 Football 13, 43 3 Letter Club 141g Orchestra 145: lr. Chamber of Commerce 1455 Dramatic Club 143g Science Club 13J: Senior Class Play. "Nothing is impossible to a valiant heart." O40 VAUCHN HERSHEY "Fritzie" Science Fairport, lowa Football 141: Letter Club 14, : Swastika 14,5 Science Club 131: Hi-Y 12, 3, 4jg lnterclass Baseball 12. 31: Athletic Association. "Time wasted is existenceg used, is life." 040 VINCENT DUGCAN "Monk" Language St. Mathias l... H. F. 1l, 22, Sec'y 121: Athletic As- sociation. "ln laboring to be concise, l become ob- scure." O00 J. H. CROSS "Hiram" Language Rural Science Club 1413 Athletic Association. " 'Tis deeds that win the prize." .f.464T'3m5?"""' N 1 5,-MP' ,ff f ,lffvf--. " ref' -ws..3"..1,tKi,.,7f".f', N 3' vf ""' "---. ..-.38 ,, ..f' .1 ,M 'V " J' f . 1 Lg. 4' , ,. 0 I 1. ,.., .ff -f ,,,, A. M ' v '.Y., ,.A,,,l'-,.,.. -f---' K ' . Awwhx iff. nm g N k . NM? iff X , 5 .- i ' l 1. " """W-whom X " -'piigl L QQ ,j"" . 0 M' . v ' "."""'0'nnn V' gp-OMX f l"1'v4vruun-.u1gg!!iAQ' 1-.,f f-gi, V" A 'W' 5- fi. .m J-iff ., .3 Wx A 4 4 i . K ' If A 1. rifExf5?"'g E I V . I. , I L1 . x AQ .' gf - I . 2 :5 -. ' 1 - u'Rnlm.N' '25 -- A M. JEWELL SCHROEDER "Colleen" ii Normal Training Washington Normal Training Club C3, 41, Pres. f4J: Jr. Chamber of Commerce UU: L. H. F. 13, 4l, Vice Pres. f4lg Curia Regia 13,3 A. R. T. Club CZD: Girl Reserves f3Jg Athletic Association: Muslcy Pep Machine. "A jewel well worth a man's taking." O+O CLAYTON REEVES "Tut" Commercial Venice Union Polytechnical School, Venice, Calif. Dramatic Club Q3, 4,1 Swastika UU: Aeolian f3jg Cadet Corps flj: Mod- ern Problems Club C3, 415 Athletic Association. "A very fountain of enthusiasm." T O+O CHARLES KAUTZ "Boob" Language jackson lnteirclass Baseball fl, 2, 3, 41: lnter- class Basketball fl, 2, 3, 4,3 Tennis Club K l , 21: Football 1413 Swimming fly: Letter Club f4l 5 Athletic Asso- ciation. "There must be some good work in him for not so very much has ever come out." 0+O MOLLY ESTHER GLATSTEIN "Molly" Commercial Jefferson Aeolian QZH, Vice Pres. QZJ, C-irls' Clee Club fl, 2, 3, 41: Muskie Pep Machine: Athletic Association. "And still they gazed, and still the won- der grew, lx "That one small head should carry all she f knew." OOO Senior Class Play V "COME OUT OF THE KITCHEN" Cast Olivia Dangerheld ........ ............... ......... S h irley Schomberg Burton Crane ............. Randolph Weeks ..... Thomas Lefferts ......... Paul Dangerfielcl .......,... Elizabeth Dangerfield ....... Charles Dangerlield ...' Mrs. Falkner .............. Cora Falkner ........... Solon Tucker .... Amanda .......... ..............Harvey Allbee ..........William Kistler ........Carleton Gaines ........Russell Bandy .................l'lazel Brei ........Charles Urdangen .......Darothea Dankert ......Beulah McCl.innis .......Leroy Thomas ........Ruth Snider ,.- ..v. -M..,, ,. --, -- ,HVlfUli',tN '25 SENIOR CLASS POEM O40 The time is here! And with it brings, The sunshine, Howers and song, To us it means just one thing more, That our High School days are gone. It's like the evening of the day, Vlfhen all is hushed and still, Like the glorious beauty of the sun, As it sets behind yon hill. I can hear the evening church bells rin Telling the day is o'er, That another hard day's work is done, That OUT class has reached the Door. To some it will give Worldly fame, To others work and strife, Because, behind, lies everything, Behind this Door of Life. But whatever it may give to us, Whate'er behind it lies, We will "Do our duty come what may, We "The Class of '25." JEAN n PETERSEN 'llii'UIi'1N 'gill SENIOR CLASS HISTORY O40 It was on a bright September day, four long years ago, when our Principal, the late S. A. Potts, called for candidates for the 1925 football team. One hundred and thirteen people turned out-by far the largest squad ever enirolled in Muscatine High School. We chose lrving Neitzel for captain and quarterbackg the rest of the back field were Alice Aitken fvice presidentf, William Kistler ftreasurerj, and Esther Robbins fsec- retaryj. During this season our team managed to hold their own against our friendly enemies, the teachers, and we won out against the upperclass men when we held our party at the Armory. The next year we started out determined to win the championship. When the call for candidates came, ninety-eight veterans reported. With such a nucleus as this, we could not help making a record. For the back Field "Bob" Lewis was elected captain and quarterback and still holds that position. "fob" put up such a good fight that he was chosen by the entire school to be Athletic Editor of the Auroran. The halves were Pauline Smith fvice presidentj, and jean Petersen ftreasurerl, while Eugene Kintzel held down the fullback position. The class party this year was a success, even though our enemies, the upper classmen, tried to steal the "eats," We came to school in the year i923-24 resolved to win the honor in everything We again chose "Bob" Lewis for captain and quarterback, H-lo" Hanley fvice presidentl. and Harvey Allbee fsecretaryj, were the halves, and Dan Cotter held down the fullback position ftreasurerj. ln our many victories those given honorable mention, by being placed on the Auroran Staff, were: Irving Neitzel, Ruth Stirlen, William Kistler, and Robert Mark, Josephine Hanley also won distinction and represented M. H. S. in declam. We chose "DO YOUR DUTY, COME WHAT MAY", for our motto, and Emerald Green and Silver Grey for our colors. The greatest event of that year was the feast held at the Y. W. C. A. after our "Turkey Day Game", usually known as the junior-Senior banquet. Again the mighty class of '25 entered M. H. S. determined to "kill off" all their opponents. With "Bob" as Capain and Pilot, we were almost sure of a victorious year, but when "Acey" Aitken and "Rosy" Daniels were elected to assist him, we were positive of it. To begin with, we put twelve men on the school football team: Captain "Bun" Rabe- deaux, "Bob" Lewis, "Boob" Kautz, "Ray" Werner, "Tony" Kammerer, "Buddy" Gaines. "Wibby" McClain, "Ed" Weber, Hershey, "Russ" Sandy. "Verge" Bloom, and Bill Burke. Others in our class who belong to the Letter Club, are H. Allbee, Stone, Fordham and "Fat" Barnard. "Fat" is our only four-year football man and he was last year's Captain. "Bob" Lewis and "Bun" Rabedeaux were basketball letter men from the class of '25. On the Auroran Staff we were certainly in great numbers. Harvey Allbee, fEditor- in-Chiefj, William Kistler, fAssistant Editorj, "Bob" Mark, fAdvertisingJ. with Alma Kindler as an assistant, Esther Robbins, fCirculation Managerj, Ruth Stirlen, fLiteraryl, and Marion Galpin fArtl. Again the class of '25 showed its stuff by putting one of its members, Esther Rob- bins, on the All-State team of girls' basketball. Roxie Deweese. Captain of the Champions of Southeastern Iowa, is another member of '25. This is Roxie's fourth year at basketball. Ciladys McCune was a very important cog in the machinery of our Champs, and of course she belongs to the graduating class. After doing such things in the activities of our school, and showing what we could do, we stepped back and let the Juniors give us a banquet. Then we jumped back into the limelight by presenting to the community our class play, "Coming Out of the Kitchen." After that we entchftained ourselves by having a class picnic. And then came the beginning of the endithe Baccalaureate Sermon, next Class Day, Commencement, and finally the the Alumni Banquet. We are received into the great Alumni, but we will always remain the Great Class of 1925. 1 ll HHH IN 'fi SENIOR CLASS WILL O'O KNOW YE ALE MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, fthe Class of l925 of the Muscatine High School. City of Muscatine, State of Iowa, being, according to our own judgment, and to the opinion of the faculty of said school, of sound and highly perfected mind, and about to leave the domain of our last four year residence, do hereby declare and publish our last will and testament. possessing, as we clo, many great gifts of wisdom and virtue, which are sadly lack- ing in the Underclassmen of aforementioned school, we do hereby bequeath said gifts to the Underclassmen, as follows: SECTION I We bequeath to the Junior Class the eighth period and the detention room. said articles to be used in the most advantageous manner. SECTION II We bequeath, to the Underclassmen. our esteemed faculty, who have so ably assisted us to obtain the knowledge which we now possess, to be used by the Under- classmen for the betterment of the condition of their minds, SECTION III All personal property, good, bad or indifferent we bequeath as follows: Aitken, Alice-l will my chewing gum to the one who made the sign in Study Hall. Albers, Leo-l leave Agnes "till we meet again." Allbee, Harvey-My job as Editor-in-Chief to anyone in Nl. H. 5. who is fool enough to take it. Baker, Wilma-My talent as a musician to the orchestra. Bandy, Russell-My "goggles" to Viola Durkee. Barnard, Leroy-My gracefulness to Eugene Magnus. Boney, Floyd-My sheik haircut to "Bob" Zeicller. ' Brandt, Frances-My curly hair to Dorothy Callaway. Bechmann, Forrest-My collection of ties to Verle Neitzel. Bendle, Herbert-My "thinker pose" to anyone who wants to appear wise. Exggi-?gr,REgl,g W-hat have we to leave? Bloom, Virgil-My rolled socks to Virgil Barrows. Brei, Hazel-My assortment of clever speeches to anyone who can handle them. Bridges, Warner-My lumber jacket to Paul Grossklaus. Bunn, Esther-My sketching ability to Mr. Axtell. Burke, William-l'll leave all the girls who don't follow me. Cassidy, Ethel-My winning way to Adele Mark. Gaines, Carleton-My smile to the whole school, to use some rainy clay. Galpin, Marion-My ability to "tickle the ivoriesu to Cliff Freyermuth. Hahn, Robert-My locker to someone-l don't want it. -we-----li,tl'ltnlt ix '25 -- Harper, Clarence-My permanent wave to Dorothy Fox. Havemann, Anna- My speed in shorthand to Melvin Kammerer Chamberlin, Eunice-My grades to George Fuller. Cotter, Dan-My imposing stature to ,lohn G. Powell, jr. Criger, Rhea-My knowledge of the Tip Top to Ted Luellen. Cross, Harold-My suspenders to Mr. Dungan. Daniels, Norman-l will all of my girls to anyone who is capable of taking care of them. Dankert, Darothea-My date book to Mary Luellen. Decamp, Charles-My physique to Leo Priester. Deweese, Roxie-My book on how to shoot baskets to Jeanette Pearlman. Robbins, Esther and Diercks, Edward, leave their notes to-well, who wants to read them? Schroeder, Jewell-My desire to become a school teacher to Marion Musser. Schultz, Edna-My Latin knowledge to Lillian Cochran. Shenk, Gilmore-My pretty bow tie to any other sheik in M. H. S. Shepard, Edna-My dimples to the person who really wants them. Sissel, Gladys--My "giggle" to Dorothy Streibel. Smith, Pauline-Arthur Busch to my little sister. Snider, Ruth- My latest cook book to the Cafeteria. Speith, Edward-My speed on the typewriter to Dorothy Tobias. Stenninger, Harriet-My business attitude to Conie Wells. Stone, Dwight-My star football playing to my brother. Strajack, Robert-l have not decided what to will. Call later. Taylor. Gmri-My last name to some ready-to-wear shop. Thomas, LeRoy-My singing to Harry Wiiegand for the noon entertainment. Tiedemann, Harold-My ads to the advertising class. Mockmore, Lovenia--My good nature to Albert Kemper. Morse, Lola-They might use my last name in telegraphy. Hank, Pearl-My diplomatic ways to the teachers. Otto, Frances-My last name to Henry Ford. Petersen. Jean-My collection of compacts to anyone in high school with a shiny nose. Rabedeaux, Burnell-My array of M's to john Butler. Rittenhouse. Hazel-Nly common sense to Helen Hankey. Rosenberg, Anna-l will my height to someone who is even less fortunate than l. Sclzmalii, Sanford--My high grades to Ruth Hazlett. Schomberg, Shirley-He is gone and l wouldn't will him anyway. Schreurs, Kenneth-My activity in track to "Painter" Hartman. Mann, Ardath f My normal training text book to Molly Glatstein. Mark, Robert-l'm a poor man and can't afford to leave anything. Miller, Victor-My first name to the future football team. Negus, Vera-My silence to Grace Varney. Nietzel, lrving My membership in the Honor society to Kenneth Lemkau. Nyweide, Wallace-My school girl complexion to Vesta Hice. Ogilvie. Stuart-Sam Meltzer may have my wardrobe. Orris, Erma-'My bobbed hair to Eleanor Zeidler. Tipton, Ballard-My chin to Andy Gump. Tucker, Ethelyn-My popularity at the dances to Betty Hempstead. Urdangen, Charles-l have a good assortment of sweaters that l will to anyone who will wear them, but l keep my red shirt. Vanatta. Eleanor-My little sister to Edwin Willis. Weber, Edward-My knowledge of the button industry to Wilbur Umlandt. Wellons, William-My wit to the funny papers. Duggan, Vincent-My book on bluffing to George Pitchforth. l""""" """"' ' " ' V----A-Q--A -A My .xzfimle iw 'LIT good Fairbanks, Robert-My swagger walk to Ralph Leu. Stirlen, Ruth-My coquetry to Virginia Votaw, if she will have it. Fisher, Flora-My ready-made speeches to the speech class. Ferguson, Lillian-My curling iron to Alvina Haefner. Fordham, Forrest-My nickname to Dan Cupid to use. Hershey, Vaughn--The "Frat" house to Bill Howell. Hopkins, Cecil-My sideburns to "Buck" Nlclntyre. Howe, Mary-My collection of notes to Nlr. Elliott to be used as fuel. jenkins, Mary-My reputation as a vamp to lrene Christiansen. johnson, Andrew-My correspondence dancing lessons to Anna Shields. Kautz, Charles-A bar of soap to someone to slip through High as I did. Keller, Elma-My demureness to Wanda Schwanclke. Khone, Ethel-My voice to Alpha Braunwarth. Kindler, Clarence-My modesty to Helen Figg. Kintzle, Eugene-My poetry to the Auroran. Kistler, W'illiam-My painting talent to Nlozelle Ashby. Lake, Eunice-My preference for red hair to lvan Goddard. Lease, William-My freckles to Mervin Albright. Lewis, Robert-l'll leave Maxine to the care of the teachers. Mccune, Gladys-My self-control as a guard on the basketball team to Anna Wigim. McFadden, Margaret-My quiet way to Virginia Vanatta. lVlcGillivray, Lillian-My text books to the junk pile. McGinnis, Beulah-My dancing talent to Alberta Cochran. McLain, Wilbert-My love for the teachers to the Freshmen. We Wish to express herewith our hope that the Unclerclassmen will carry on the work which We have clone and will keep up the marvelous record we have here made. R. U- D1PPEE, I. M. SANE, ART E. FICIAL. I. C. STARS. , urmnix y SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY O+O Mrs. Vaughn Hershey, fnee Jean Petersonj loitered at breakfast one bright spring morning in I940, her gaze wandering over the spacious grounds of their beautiful country place. where they had resided since the phenomenal success of the popular breakfast food, 'iHershey's Health Hay." She saw the Western Union telegraph boy, Cecil Hopkins, jr., swing in at her gate. and a few minutes later the butler brought her the telegram. Open- ing it, she read the following: Dear Jean: Will arrive in Fairport on the FireHy at 9:30 Friday, l3th. RUTH. . "That is today and it's almost time for the train. That will just give james time to meet her at the station." Fifteen minutes later as her car came rolling into the grounds, she rushed down the steps and clasped in her arms her old school. mate, Ruth Stirlen, now wife of Dr. Irving Nietzel, famous nerve specialist. "lt's so good to see you again. l have seen so few of the old class since l left school. Whom have you met? What do you know? l feel ready for a bit of gossip right now." "Oh! so many questions right off the bat when l haven't been here two minutes. Well, to begin with, l met Forrest Fordham on the train going to Davenport, where he expected to sell a big order to Clarence Harper. who has a hotel there. As you know Forrest is traveling for Wallace Nyweide's cheese factory in Kansas City, Mo.: and. by the way, Forrest told me that Esther Bunn was running a beauty parlor in the same city and that she was making a fortune on heir famous Beauty Buns. Vvilliam Kistlei: is making use of his artistic ability by painting the new Paris faces on her patrons. They have quite a partnership."' As they walked to the house. Ruth said, "But you know about some of the old class. l don't want to do all the talking." "Ohl yes. l hear about some of them quite often. Charles Kautz is running a doughnut factory in Muscatine: he sells the holes to Ruth Snider, who is operating a reducers' school in lllinois City. l..eRoy Barnard and Russell Eandy are running a toy factory in Fruitland. Mary Howe is their typist and bookkeeper. Their specialty is mamma-dolls." "Speaking of factories. that reminds me that Eleanor Vanatta and Ethel Cassidy are the owners of a new bottle factory: baby bottles, you know." UNO? Eunice Chamberlain and Erma Orris are running a factory on the Muscatine lslancl to extract honey from watermelon seeds." "That reminds me of the time l was in Denver. I saw Floyd Boney. He is running a bus line up to Pike's Peak. l talked with him for a while and he told me that Victor Miller and Charles DeCamp were operating a silver mine near there. While l was there, l visited Lillian Mccillivrayis Rest Cure sanitarium, and met Ethelyn Tucker. She was just recovering from a nervous breakdown caused by a fall from a donkey down into a canyon. She had been in a party of tourists who were making friends with the wild animals. She said that Margaret McFadden and Flora May Fisher were in the party." "OhI Ruth, of course you have heard all about the wonderful lawyer Harvey Allbee has turned out to be?" "No, l have not heard. what has he done to make himself so famous?" "l might as well tell you the whole story and let you in on all of the news. Darothea Dankert has become cuite a vamp, She is accused of the killing of Stuart Ogilvie, the great artist. Harvey is her lawyer and it looks as if she would be acquitted." "Fine: l'm glad to hear it. Have you any old papers in which l can read the account?" "Robert Mark is reporting the trial very interestingly in the Herald, and there may be some in tonight." fs llIHlh'lX'11 "Did you have a nice trip this summer in California? You only wrote me a line. you old bear." "Ruth, l had a lovely trip. Heard about some of the old class, all along the way. Ruth Bilkey married Raymond Werner and they are living in Flagstaff, Arizona. Sanford Schmaltz was teaching for the summer term in the Normal School there. l-le's a High School Principal in Louisville, Kentucky. And, oh, yes, Edna Belle Shepard runs a big pickle farm for Heinz in the reclaimed land of southern Arizona: and back at jefferson City, Mo., was Dwight Stone, a chiropractor. Guess whom we met in his waiting room- Jewell Schroeder. She and Edna Schultz run a diamond mine in Rhodesia. Edna writes essays on the uses of diamonds and Jewell bosses the miners. She was pretty well tired out." "l see you have a radio, Does it work well? l love them: they are so much company." "Yes, it works finely. Vaughn got it from Burnell Rabedeaux, who works for the Edward Speith Radio Electrical Company. just yesterday l listened in at noon to hear New York and you can't imagine whom l heard speak-Dan Cotter." "Yes, l have heard that he has become a great oratorg he is famous all through the country." "We are going to listen in on Chicago tonight. as the paper says that Wilma Baker of the Grand Roar Opera Company and Marion Galpin, playing an organ recital, re- casted from Pittsburgh, are on the air." "l have heard that Eugene Kintzle is playing for the Queen of the Shetland islands: and l have had the pleasure of hearing William Wellons and Herbert Bendle playing in the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra." "Have you seen any good plays lately? I saw one the other day written by Alma Kindler called 'india lnk.' Frances Otto played the leading role." "The last play l saw was in the east, but l do not remember the name. l do know that Alice Aitken and Pauline Smith were playing in it. It was a comedy, and l must say that it was very good. You know that Frances Brandt and Gladys Sissel are dancing in the chorus of the Zeigspielt Follies. They say that they make quite a good team. Harriet Steninger and Anna Rosenburg are producing a play: l did not even know that they were writers." "While l was in California l saw Robert Fairbanks making his new picture, 'Fairy Banksf You will have to see it when it comes. l also saw Edward Diercks and Carleton Gaines. They are raising sour grapes and red cocoanuts on their farm in Pasadena." "Excuse me a minute, Ruth, while l go into the den. l have a letter l want you to read." Upon her return, she found Ruth reading a book which had been lying on the table. "You want to read that book. It is a scream. Forrest Bechmann is such a good writer. That is his latest book." "l did not know that he wrote books. This one sounds very interesting. Oh! the letter is from Shirley Schomberg, and from Florida. What has she to say?" "Read it and find out." "She says that Robert Strajack is a Doctor of Bibical Research, and his assistant is Omri Taylor .... They have gone to Egypt to read Hieroglyphics .... Oh! jean listenl Andrew Johnson is assisting Arthur Murray in teaching dancing lessons, can you beat that? . . . She saw Gilmore Shenk the'other day .... and he was just back from a trip to South America, where he has been tracing a new species of butterfly, lt is just like him, isn't it? . . .Vincent Duggan and Charles Urclangen are running a new drygoods store in Tampa . . . and she has just bought curtains for 'her new home there .... Oh! listenl Of course you all remember Norman Daniels-Well he is now on the Presidents new baseball team. How natural! She has. not written to me for a long time, but the last letter said that she had just run across Roxie Deweese and Esther Robbins, coaches in the College of Athletics at Palm Beach. Do you remember them in the Crawfords- ville game at Columbus Junction? Oh, that reminds me-l have heard that Ballard Tipton's plans have been accepted for the new high school building, and they include a el El IJJAIJIN '35 --e marvelous gym. Ground will be broken for the building on Commencement Day. "How perfectly lovelyl We shall see him then while you are here. We were in Muscatine just a week ago Saturday. Ardath Mann and Lovenia Mockmore are teaching there. Gladys Mccune is the new basketball coach and it looks as if they ought to have a winning team next year. "Don't you want to unpack your suitcases? We can talk up there just as well." During the process of unpacking, -lean reached into a suitcase and drew out a gown and holding it up exclaimed, "What a lovely gown! Ruth, where did you get it?" l bought it at Lillian Ferguson and Vera Negus's Fifth Avenue Style Shop. Clayton Reeves is their designer and Hazel Rittenhouse and Lola Morse are models." "When were you in New York? You didn't say anything to me about being there." "About a month ago. Had a nice trip, too. l saw the Hudson River bridge that Warner Bridges built. You know he is building them out of rubber and egg shells. They are said to be great: and l met Leroy Thomas: he is a broker by day and sings for the Salvation Army at night. l visited the Woolworth building and there l met Leo Albers, who is running one of the elevators. And l met Mary jenkins, she is working in the Woolworth home oH:lce." "Some of the old class have got into politics. Pearl Hank has just introduced the new bill into Congress to try and 'make all bachelors marry-you know she is also con- nected with the Old Maids' Home. Kenneth Schreurs is in the Se-nate and is said to be doing a lot of lillibustering to defeat it. He isn't married." "Yes, Elma Keller is now governor of Texas and they say that she makes a good one: and the President has just sent Harold Tiedeman to the Philippine Islands to put down a riot. They killed their last governor: 1 hope Harold has good luck." "William Burke is the owner of the famous ice cream factory at Nome, Alaska. He has worked up quite a big business, freezing it in the back yard at night and sleeping all the next day." "Hazel Brei and Ethel Khone are missionaries on the Fiji Islands, trying to teach the natives how to keep attractive homes. Eunice Lake has published a book on the same subject and they are using it in their work. Smell my new perfume. l bought it from Anna Havemann. She ,is traveling for Rhea Criger. Her factory is in New Mexico. She gets her Flowers from Clarence Kindler's farm in Arizona." 'ivaughn was over to see the big league games in Chicago and he said that Virgil Bloom is the star player on the Cubs. Edward Weber plays with them, too,-l don't know what position. Oh yes, he said, too, that William Lease had a perfect drove of boys wearing badges 'Bill's Boysf selling peanuts and crackerjack in the crowd. Say, do you work cross-,word puzzles? We do all the time. The hardest ones that l ever got were Harold Cross's Cross Word Puzzles. They are terrible! He made quite a fortune on them." "Does Robert Hahn run the wholesale company in Muscatine yet?" "Yes. Do you know, we have gossiped about the class and we haven't said a word about our president?" "You mean Robert Lewis? Why he is manufacturing hip boots in Butte. Montana." ul wish that we could all get together for a reunion again, for we sure were the most wonderful class old M. H. S. ever graduated." f v IV Q s . 4 Y M 1, W HM 1' .-" v K , ,- , A I 1 'Y E' rq- 1 NPC 220,32 .-- Y' . O .. .. ' 1 'f ,r' "f f ' , '. 3 Qs, ' .F-" "3:f'??:-2. ' . 1 . 37A f If 9 - rr I v. 'I 71.21531 - ,T ., - : X , ff at I Q f X -R5J'215..q3f5 "Lrg, ' 0- gb G G Q ' x YH: n,'g ' N 5 - Q' :fa . . . 5 XSS P"""fkf Q Q rw G- N A-li 1 C? Q9 Ln 1 . X Q Q-- 5 0 Cf? " 67 x X X N 41 -... , 4" B Q 'lli . JUMHUH .K 1 QL'- J.,. ..L-alma' . .M A -I K x....Auhl 5 V 4 Z - V ' 51' 'EY . r,. V, ,':5 5 U, nc ,.. 'ML' ,VV1:,'c-.vga my l ,yn w, I Q .g. WL.,- Y -1 ' 1 V ,.V, H JV 1V 44' V V . - Vili, ', '1 . I " . 4, Y V ' ..: ' 1, ,. V. .. - ' ' 1 ,I . NVQ? V I 4 V V -VQ','., Al, . ,V x V . -. I 3 'V+ Vw .J ' V V- V V Y VV . U, , ' v- 4 V. -:' ' "f '5"1..'M.f ' . ' ' u.f fi 1, --MV-,V':-I . N V l A V . - , . .V 3 f . , - ,' " . 1 . 1- , ' .- V 1 V'.1 V' V V " ' ' '- V' .I 1 V .xt .1 ' V' . 'V 'I L4 V V " u I . ,, 1 V if '-l .V 4 5 ..V .-1-. -'T ." '4"'f '. -1'V.1f ' ' "F, ini" ' J" V ' I -V -' .c'--gv,.1"V-V V -- '- . A . . V ' ' in Vx' I V ' '. , 'V .4 Vf 1. :VV .SEV x, "-V. ,,1VV'. ' x' V'l. ,n tl .til sf it-if ,vw-.I Va ' V 'fy " A-. I M f11T.1V4:f g. -. ' ,J .H Qt' 15 il, 'i.f,H,'A-N V '. A s- 5V""wf 1. ' '- ' ' ' - '- V V' 'r1V'.'. x? N 5 - V -- VW' ig, .KV . V . V . -c '- ' .r 'TV A 1 .'."j5 - ,, , '- V Q V q 1. V1 J, A u..-'pg-1 V' ' V. Rf. '. V '7,'.' " 4 . ' 1 .' UA" ' ' '.1 - V ,- . -. V, V . --4 v ,V . Q, V lu. V , , QL V - J . ... , 1- '.-u-'1. ..- Vx. K. . . A l -V V11 2 Vj V , 'I . I .A . V 1, . V A , V5 , Q 5: . . '-- . g, V 'V x v' '. -V V J' JLV., V ' 'V .V V . . ,a ' 1. ,., 1 V ' - I . V , . V : .ff , . .' it 42,2 V :A U .4693 . "-4 7- ',.. , - 'VV-' -A .V JV: . V I All . -1 V , FK " .'.'W'f"-.4' 1 ' ' TA.. dm .fl v 4 wax MV I ...ff f ,-' 'fifmjf' - JV Vufsrwrl 9 th f- HfRUR.'l N 'LZ 7 I926 OF CLASS II HHH IN 'LTI THE CLASS OF 1926 THOMAS DILLEY ....,. ZELMA FUNCK ......., LILLIAN COCHRAN ....., LAUREN GODDARD ..,.K Bartenhagen. Mabel Benninger, Esther Braunwarth, Alpha Burke, Marguerite Chamberlin, Esther Cochran, Lillian Cook, Sarah Marie Daut, Arlene Dilley, Thomas Durlcee, Viola Ashby, Mozelle Baker, Stanley Berry, Harold Bierman, Howard Bjork, Agnes Bosten, Dorothy Erannan, Margaret Carpenter, Calista Chapman, Lomax Chase, Norma Christopherson, Clarence Covell, Verda Cromer, Glen Crow, Wilma Davidson, Beryl DeCamp, Phillip Dierclcs, Miriam Ditmon, Maurice Fetterhoft, Gladys Fishburn, William Foster, Geraldine Freyermuth, Clifford Freyermuth, Ruth Goddard. Lauren Goddard. Lloyd O+O OFFICERS MOTTO Rowing, noi Drifting" COLORS Blue and Tan CLASS VII Fisher, Jewell Fischer, Paul Fox, Dorothy Froehner, Harold Funck, Zelma Guessregen, lrene Lemkau, Kenneth McKee, Tracy Mason, Lyle Pearlman, Jeanette CLASS VI Greenwald, Lawrence Gunzenhauser, George Hagerman, Be4rnice Hankey, Helen Harper, Bernard Hazlett, Ruth Healey, Florence Hempstead, Betty Hoag, Clara Hoag, Paul Hohenadel. Samuel Hoopes, Fred Huber, Kenneth Hurevitz, Anna James, Ernest johnson, Pearl Kammerer, DeVere Kammerer, Melvin Kautz, Howard Kemper, Albert King, Dorothy Kurz, Louise Lamb, Clifton Latham, Samuel Longstreth, Myrtle . .,,..,..... President , ..... Vice-President ....,....Sec1'eta1'p . .... Tl'CUSUl'Cl' Sexton, Gertrude Shields, Anna Sling, Marguerite Smith, Violet Southall, Stanley Tucker, Rex Vance, Clara Whitmer, Florence Zeidler, Robert Marlc, Adele Metzger, Harold Miller, Henrietta Miller, Laurence Murdock, Mildred Petersen, Erwin Powell, john Riemcke, Mildred Schaulancl, Orville Schreurs, Clifford Shaw, Pauline Shepard, May Smith, Myrtle Striebel, Dorothy Te Strake, Harold Timm, Harold Tobias, Dorothy Toborg, Dorothy Tooman, Violet Vetter, Mae Vice, Margaret Warman, Frances Wherry, Louise Wherry, Louise Wollett, Catherine 1 .TL -9 .A c if 3 9 J" I 7,11 . Y - J! r w ' .Vg ' ?'fZff'..f7..7 n f mf' vi Ag , A 4"', mga W J" ff-ZW V, A. W0 ,I K "' . if','JL!X 5 X02 :!- ,, 1, z..,.,, X I Ei'lUl3FJ33flU?WU1JEQJ5i 927 CLASS OF I THE. i ll RUR LX' '23 THE CLASS OF 1927 EDWIN WILLIS.. GLENN OGILVIE LOIS BOWSER ,,,,.. VERLE NIETZEL .,... Barger, john Barrows, Virgil Bendle, Mary Beveridge, Thomas Borchardt, Katherine Fowlcer, Charles Eowser, Lois Branson. Donald Busch, Arthur Butler, john Caple, Granville DeCamp. Albert Dierclcs, Vlferner Eberling, Arline Eclchardt, Maynard Fabrizius, Kathleen Fischer. Maynard Fuller, George Grau, David Grossklaus. Paul Hartman, Louis Hays, Sophie Bennett, Paul Blagg, John Boldt, lrwin Bowen, Sidney Prody, Maude Carver, Maxine Cochran, Alberta Cohn, Herman Corriell, Vada Crossley, Gladys Davidson, William Downey, Helen Eckhardt, Wayne Fngel, Nlyrle Felix, Edwynne Garrett, june Goddard, lvan Gray, Maynard Haefner, Helene Halstead, Braunwarth Harbaugh, Alice Hetzler, Eva Hiller, Henrietta Hilton, Donald Hise, Vesta O-'O I OFFICERS CLASS V Heidel, Helen Honts, Francis Honts, Kenneth Howell, William lay, Kathleen jones, Kenneth jones, Lemoyne Keller, Norton Kindler, Fern Klein, Erna Liebbe, Norbert Lockwood, lvan McGee, Theresa Magnus, Eugene Mark, Burton Maurais, Robert Meeker, Marian Meerdink, Ruth Metcalf, Eloise Montgomery, Violet Ogilvie, Glenn CLASS lV Hoffmeyer, Everett Holzhauer. Dorothy Houvenagle, Lloyd Howe, Dorothy Jamison, Pauline Kern, Harry Keifner, Dorothy Lotspeich, Mary Luellen, john McConaghy, Emma Minder, Ralph Montgomery, Catherine Naber, lrene Nietzel, Verle Othmer. Albert Othmer, Elnora Pace, Maude Rankins, Alvina Reed. Gertrude Rolfe, Esther Ruckles, Chester Rummery, Lysle Rumsey, ,lulianna Sanders, Donald ............President ...,,,,Vice-PI'esirlcIIt ..........SCCl'ClGl'y Trcasurm' Othmer, Raymond Paul, lna Petersen, John Pitcltforth, George Potter, john Rausch, Mildred Reinsager, Luella Rosenberg, Sara Schenkel, Carl Schlung, Robert Schoemaker, Gordon Seay, Bernard Shires, Plooma Smith, Frances Stelzner, Ruth Townsley, Velma Umlandt, Wilbur Vanatta, Lyell Votaw, Virginia Wigim, Anna Willis, Edwin Schreurs, Herbert Seay, George Smith, Mable Soll, Ruth Stamler, Paul Stocker, Ruth Stoker, Francis Sywassink, Charles Sywassinlc, David Sywassink, Gertrude Talkington, Harold TeStrake, Gertrude Testrake, Walter Tiecke, Harry Toussaint, Raymond Toyne, Raymond Uhr, Mabel Vanatta, Ethelyn VanTryfle, Marie Varney, Grace Weiskotten, Robert Wellons, Orlean White, Nola Whitmer, Myrtle gg .A '- N ."-I ,, f- '5 -v Q H 0. 0 . fl Q "' NHJ .-lg 9 - ,B FSM , N '! f J Q' - -v A gzggdd mug! 7-nh! EFJEQJSWSEJETEJNT il-- UWRURA N '25 1928 OF THE CLASS l .ll Rule tx '33 THE CLASS OF 1928 OFFICERS RAY TUCKER ..... ...................... ........... P r csidcnt MARIAN Mussea ..... Vice-President ROBERT HARTER ..... ......... S ecretary WAYNE LYON ..,,.. .............,.. ..,. T 1 'easurcr CLASS lll Bauguess, Lyle Berg, Edith Boiler. Lucile Bosten, Joserh Brower, Goldie Carleson, Roy Christiansen., Irene Day, Donald Doan, Blanche Duncan, Paul Eversmeyer, Bernard Eversmeyer, Bernice Funck, Leroy George, Leona Goddard, Sini Belle Goetz, VVillard Adams, Lucile Anderson, Twila Axel, Florence Baker, Richard Bartelt, Arnold Barton, Cecil Becker, Lillian Beitel, Byron Berg, Helen Bill, Lester Bowser, Marjorie Brown, Fern Burton, XVilliam fallaway, Dorothy Chapman, Erma Cochran, Louise Conkling, Ruth Cooley, Elizabeth Cooley, Helen Cotter. Paul Cox, Gladys Dale, W'ilhur Decamp, Edwin Denton, Rose Dilley, Clarence Drucker, Ethel Fasterla, May Field, Maxine Figg, Beatrice Aitken. Genevieve Albright, Merwin Alderman, James Allbee, Kenneth Ashton, Ruth Bartenhagen, Dora Bellows. Alice Berry, Clarence Bjork, Edith Blake, Vesta Bowlhy, Leota Boydston. Vliarren Brown, Daniel Chamberlin. Margaret Chandler. Franklin Connor, XVilliam Crone. Maude Daedlow, Edna Daedlow, Ella Davis, Clara DeCamn, Agnes Dittnian, VVilliam Dora, Florence Downer, Esther Drucker. Max llurst. Camille Filer. Iris Figg, Helen Heussner, Harold Hoeftlin, Lueile Holzhauer, Pearl Honts, Elizabeth Horst, Leland Hughey, Nina li inn. xV2lllC2' Hyink, Clarence Jahnke, Minnie Jarvis, Robert Johnson, Alvin Knott, Elbern Knotts. Roberta Koester, Florence Kranz, Rhoda Lange, James Latham, Charles Leu, Edna Leu, Ralph Lockwood. Audrey Luellen, Mary McDaniel. VVeldon McKean, Ira Maxwell, Erma Meyer, Carleton Musser. Marian Nyweitle, Dorothy Paul, Evyline Pearlman, Esther Phillips, Genevieve Reay, Bernice CLASS Il Fischer, Cedric Fischer, Helen Fish, Lyman Fowler, Leona Freese, Carl Freese, Herbert Froehner, Yveldon Gertenbaeh, Rollin Cockley, Ozetta Goddard, Jessie Gray, Pearl Grier, Janet Grigg, Herbert Grosjean, Bernice Hagermann. Dorothy I-Iarter, Robert Hebard, Clarence Herr, Harry Hcussner. Elmer Hinrzst, Lorayne Hoeke, Erwin Hughes, Florence Isaacson, Lucille Kindler, Dorothy King, Helen Kyes, Lesley Leinkau. John Levin, Max Lorber, Lenz Lovilt, Raymond Lyon, VVayne McCormack, Irene McDowell, Roy McFadden, Lucile McIntyre, VVilliam McKnight, Vlieldon McNallie, Madeleine MeNallie. Margaret Mann, Elsie Martin., Clarence Massey. Byron Meerdink. Earl Metzger, Melvin Miller, Richard Mills, Earl Mitchell. Alice Mozer, Lucile Price, Herman Rabedeaux, Avis Reesink, Ruth Reichert, Elmer Reinsager, Lyle Richard, Joseph Riemeke. Kenneth Rogers, Thomas Sawyer. Lueile Schenkel, Henry CLASS I Figg, James Fortune, Erma Frauen, Bernice Freers, Alice Frieden, Minnie George, Lysle Grady. James Grossklaus, Samuel Haeerniann. Charles Hartwigf, Ruth Havemann. Charles Hawkins. Margaret Height. Florence Hempstead, Susan Hintcrmeister, Hersc Honts. Dorothy Honts, Kermit Huher. Marion Hughes. Helen Hulsei, Verna Hunn, Paul Johnson, Cleda Johnson. Vivian Kleist, Norman Kurz. Felton I.:unhert. Velma Law. Everett Lemkau, I-Iaroltl hel Lindee, Juanita Lucke, Harry Lukenhach. Lyle McElroy, Glenola McElroy. Vaughn McKee.Harry McKillip, Alice McTurk, Margaret Maisenhach, Dorothy Maxwell. Edyth Meeke, Harry Meltzer. Sam Metz. Melvin Meyers, Dorothy Millage, Erma Millet, Anna Moomey, Fred Moriarty, Louise Naber, Fauna Nefrus. Harold 0'Dell, Lucy 0'Keefe. Thelma Pettv, Joseph Phillips, Velma l"lunih, Ruth I't-iester, Leo Reed. Grace Reed, Margaret Sauer, Florence Schomberg. Carl Sehomberg. Sherwood Schultz, Laura Siciliano, Mary Snyder, Grace Stocker, Edith Thompson, Madeline Chr, Marvin Valett. Herbert XVashburn, Orva XVells, Clyde Xkiieeantl. Harry Young, Ray Zeidler, Eleanor Sehmarje, Clarence Scholten, Martin Sehwandke, Nllancla Schwartz, Earl Seiler, Iris Sharer. Iris Sliepard, Violet Shields. Helen Simons, Agnes Smith, Gerned Onalee Spiekler, Dorothy Spickler, Julia Stark, Ivan Taylor, Lyle Toborg, Ralph Tucker, Ray Tuttle, Chester Tjmhanhower, Orval Vanatta, Virginia Vetter, Beatrice XV'akeland. Myron XVarman. Ferris NVeiss, Martin VVestrate, Herbert lVilliams. Mary W'ine1:arcl, XVilma NVittich. Lurille Young, Terrill Reeves. Matlline Rohy, Eunice Rock, XValter Royster, Elwood Samnle, Scott Schauland, Helen Schmeltzer, Violet Seltoenig, Lillian Schrenrs. Marian Sehivertfeger, Theron Sharer. Eloise Shay. Frances Shields. I-Iarriet Smith. Naomi S-tigers. Vernon Stone, Gordon Taylor. Frank Tinnn, Harold C. Tobias. Flora XVarman. Eugene NVashburn. Lee XVatson. Vivian XVells. Fred XVichers, Anna XVilliams, Howarul XVishart, Zella lVymer, Charlei Young, Alvin 5 Q f 37 -k: TS ,, fm-A -Q5 fifiw-H 5 Aka? M IIMIIZ 215 av- , J . x ' 55 'Ax ' wx.: X 1 g A , 5-an , XN51 , I 4: , IIA' X.. A. xx X4 jj' ' f -as .1310 - I Lu I! W Tx Q X Qixgxxxxy 'f' f -, -. ' ' . 5 ' x I .Z -1 I 'Q f M A 57' fs Z A - W ,A 3 Sf 4 f-K , w K 3' ff 4 QL1 - 'Z-7 ...Q fi , f Q 17' f 1 7 K' fn 'N if ' ' , ff, 1 , '-H , 4, I ., 1.1 ff, fa ,I 4: fff-f ,H I f gk 4 1 ' 'f, rv 'A '-,,,fW ,II 3X 'L :2- , "X N Q V- . ,,,, , ' , 1 1 ,f 1 , 5 . 4 V . . . . . , . 7 1 5 ' ix t S 1' .1.f,,.w 'L gil-E ECSQEMXHUJUSZ THE EICHTH GRADE CLASS Albrecht, Evelyn Anderson, Mildred Appel, Betty Ash, Carl Asthalter, Margaret Baker, Leland Barrows, Elizabeth Barry, Evelyn Barry, Florence Barton, Bernice Beitel, Marguerite Bennett, Vera Bieber. Kenneth Boice, Vivian Boldt, Lucile Borchardt, Charlotte Bosten, Anna Marie Bowker, Myrtle Eowlby, Virgil Braun, Carl Buikema, Howard Bunn, William Campbell, Clinton Cassidy, Kenneth Chase, Bruce Christiansen, Flossie Colbert, Vera Conley, Imogene Coyner, Mark Criger, Adelbert Criger, Cecil Curtis, Clifiord Ralph Davison, Burnell Custer, DeCamp, Doris DeCamp, Dorothea Dillon, Agnes Douglas, Olive Duncan, Kenneth Eckhardt, Hazel Elliott, Jeanette Eutsler, Bernice Ewing, jane Fitzgerald, john Freers, Dorothy Fryberger, Wayne Frye, Lillian Frye, Ruth Godfrey, Virgil Graham, Fred Green, Ruby Griffin, Robert 1 ' i 'i i Q if lt'Ult,lfN' '33 te- aaa- --f-,M-4,--e- EIGHTH GRADE OOO Ciriflith, Frances Griffith, Grace Gundrum, Albert Cunzenhauser, Katherine Halliday, Josephine Hankins, Leon Harper, Neva Hayes, Arthur Hazen, Robert Heidel, John Heuer, Viola Hoffman, Miriam Hopkins, Edith Houck, Sylvia -lahnke, Mertie Jarvis, Fonda Johnson, Madeline Kemper, Dorothy Kemper, Elmer Kirk, Ulah Knox, Helen Koll, Clifford Kopp, Phillip Krider, Carroll Lamb. I... Raphael Lanfier, Mabel Lewis, Marie Long, Bernice Lorenz, Harry Lotspeich, Ruth Machlan, Atala Malone, lona McGuire, Mary McKillip, lrene McKone, Beatrice Meerdink, Charles Metzger, Bernice Millhone, Cecil Mills, Ralph Mooney, Edward Moore, Edward Moore, Ernest Moore, Esther Moore, Ruby Mucha, Glen Mueller, john Murdock, Wilbur Nicklas, Frederick Nobedrick, Max Nyenhuis, Blanche Ogilvie, Edna Onken, Kenneth Orwitz, Bernard Orwitz, David Othmer, Melvin Pace, Hazel Potter, Mason Price, Dorothy Roby, Robert Rodgers, Thelma Rogers, Fred Roland, lrene Rolfe, Quenne Rosenberg, Simon Ross, Hattie Satterthwaite, Walter Saunders, Charles Saunders, Richard Schenkel, Roland Schlack, Verl Schnedler, Georgia Shoppa, Raymond Sissel, Forrest Sissel, Gladys Smit, Anna Snider, Mildred Steahr, Elmer Steinmeyer, Ernest Stewart, Dorothy Stormer, june Strain, Oral swab, Mary Louise Swisher, Merle Talkington, Genevieve TeStrake, Ralph Tennyson, Lucy Tiedeman, Violet Thomas, Clinton Tomasson, Alberta Tyler, Carson Valett, Thelma Vetter, Delvan Vander Hoin, Peter Vander Ploeg, Floyd Walker, Beatrice Walter, Edward Weiskotten, Theodore Weismiller, Virgil Wigim, Mildred Wilson, Olive Williams, James Witte, Harold Zeidler, Miriam Q K X Ili fx nl' 2 f 1, .. ff-S.-9? 4'- ,fv wif" X ,N ,i,,2q, EGM ig? Q-if 51:5 l f! -I 2111-4:4 HIGHS? EEJSLJF DRESS - A' ,ii :mum 'zzz Top row: Irving Nietzel, William Kistler, Robert Lewis, Charles Urdangen. Middle row: Esther Robbins, Roxie Deweese, Eunice Chamberlin, Dorothy Fox, Ruth Snider, Eunice Lake, Alma Kincller, Hazel Brei. Bottom row: Wilma Baker, Edna Schultz, Sarah Marie Cook, Ruth Hazlett, Lillian Cochran HONOR SOCIETY SARAH MARIE Coox ,,v... ..,...,..eoeo P resident LILLIAN COCHRAN 77,,, ..... L "ice-President RUTH HAZLETT ...,... eeeoeeee S ccrelary MR. NICOLAUS ,,,,,,, .,... T rcasurcr Nluscatine High School has achieved another attainment in obtaining a local chapter of the National Honor Society. Members of this society are chosen because of their clesire to serve, excellent scholar- ship, growing character ancl worthy leadership. Membership in this orzanization is the highest honor that the school can give. Service Leadership Character Scholarship H HHH XX IUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EDWARD DIERCKS, OFFICERS EDNA'BE1.1.E SHEPARD ...... Lois BOWSER ,........ MR. Hows ...... Senior Class Dwight Stone Mary Howe Junior Class Robert Zeidler Betty Hempstead Sophomore Class john Barger Lois Bowser Freshman Class William Burton janet Grier L. H. F. Carleton Gaines Frances Otto Dramatic Club Harvey Allbee Ruth Snider Curia Regia Thomas Beveridge Alpha Braunwarth Romance Language Club Alma Kindler Pauline Smith Swastika Edna Belle Shepard Edward Diercks Aeolian William Wellons Edwin Willis Science Club Daniel Cotter ...,.,,,,,,P1'cs1deni Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer .,,,.,,,,...,...,..,MHAdviser Girls' Glee Club Esther Chamberlin lrene Cuessregen Boys' Glee Club Leroy Thomas Walter Testrake Orchestra Helen Heidel David Crau Normal Training Club Ardath Mann Gladys lVlcCune Auroran Staff William Kistler Lillian Cochran HHH1i'l'X" X x , THE AEOLIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Semester ALPHA BRAUNWARTH ,... ...,.,..,.,............ SHIRLEY SCI-IOMBERG ....... MARY HOWE .,,.,.....,..... EDNA SCHULTZ ......,,....,........,..........,.,. Second Semester WILLIAN1 LEASE ....... ......,.,...,..,....,..,.. MARY HOWE ,.,...,...... PAUL GROSSKLAUS ..... PAUL FISCHER L....,..,.,....,.............. Miss G. DULGAR, Miss GRACE ....,... Aitken, Alice Fischer, Paul Baker, Wilma Fox, Dorothy Barger, john Beveridge, Thomas Bowser, Lois Braunwarth, Alpha Burke, William Cook, Sarah Marie Criger, Rhea Daniels, Norman Davidson, Beryl Deweese, Roxie Dilley, Thomas Froehner, Harold Galpin, Marion Grau, David Harper, Clarence Havemann, Anna Heidel, Helen Hiller, Henrietta Huber, Kenneth Khone, Ethel Kindler, Clarence .....,,,..Prcsidcnl .....Vicc-President ........Secrclary Treasurer ..,...,.,,PI'CSldCl1l .....Vice-President ..........Sccrclary .......TfCdSUfGl' ..,..,.....Az1visers Nietzel, Verle Ogilvie, Glen Pearlman, Jeanette Potter, john Rosenberg. Anna Schomberg. Shirley Schultz, Edna Strajack, Robert Tipton, Ballard Vanatta, Eleanor Votaw, Virginia Wellons, William Willis, Edwin ----A----A .ufzmrmx , ""' THE L. H. F. LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS BETTY HEMPSTEAD ,,,,,, ,v,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,-,,EE.,,., P , -esideng ADELE MARK ....f........, .....,. V ice-President DOROTHY STRIEBEL ,,,,,,, ,,,.,.,.AA 5 CC,-em,-y ARDATI1 IVIANN ,,,,,,A.T,,E,,,,,,, , ,,,,A,TTA,T,,,,,,,,. ,,,.,,.,.,,,., T ,-easu,-W MRS- TILLINGHAST, Miss MCCANDLESS ETET, ,,,,,, F aculzy Advisers Baker. Stanley Bartenhagen. Mabel Blagg, john Erannan. Margaret Beauguess, Lyle Carver, Maxine Chase, Norma Corriell, Vacla Cochran, Alberta Crossley, Gladys Ditmon. Maurice Engel, Myrle Fishburn, William Caines, Carleton Garrett, june Haefner, Helene Hank. Pearl Hazlett, Ruth Hempstead, Betty Hoag, Clara Hurevitz, Anna Jamison, Pauline Keller, Elma Kern, Harry Kiefner, Dorothy Lamb, Ruby Liebbe, Norbert Lotspeich, Mary Magnus, Eugene Mann, Arclath Mark, Adele McCune. Gladys Smith, Myrtle Stamler, Paul Striebel, Dorothy Sywassink. Charles Sander, Donalcl Vance, Clara Wigim, Anna Wollett, Catherine .IIImm.I.x' xml THE SWASTIKA LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Semester WILLIAM KISTLER ,...,EATTE...,.............,...,. MARGARET IVICFADDEN TE.,EE, JEAN PETERSEN .ATE,,,v,T,E,,,Y RUTH SNIDER T,,.., PAULINE SMITH I,,,.. ,III,I,,I,,.,..,,I,.......... Second Semester ALMA KINDLER ..,..,,..,.......,....,.,,.LI.LL.I.. LAUREN GODDARD .....,, ERMA ORRIS ............ ARLENE DAUT ...... ..... EUNICE LAKE LLLL,,,.........,,,.,....,,.... IVlIss DOWNER, Miss JENISTA ......,LL,....... Allbee, Harvey Brei, Hazel Brandt, Frances Cotter, Dan Cochran. Lillian Crow, Wilma Diercks, Edward Daut, Arlene Dankert, Darothea DeCamp, Charles Durkee, Viola Funck, Zelma Foster, Geraldine Cluessregen, lrene Goddard, Lauren Hartman, Louis Harper. Bernard Hershey, Vaughn jay, Kathleen Kistler, William Kindler, Alma Lake, Eunice V Luellen, john McFadden, Margaret Mark, Robert Miller, Lawrence Orris, Erma Petersen, jean e,,,,,.,,..PI'eside1Ii Vice-Presiderit ....,.,.,,.Secrela:p .,,,.Tl'CGSUl'Cl' ,,n,..DirccioI' .....Y........PI'CSiflCl1l Vice-President ,,,,,...,SccI'claI'y ,.,.,Tl'CU5LII'CI' ..,.........,.LL.....Dil'CClOl' ,Faculty Advisers Petersen, Erwin Rabedeaux. Burnell Reeves, Clayton Riemcke, Mildred Robbins, Esther Shepard, Edna Belle Smith, Pauline Snider, Ruth Shaw, Pauline Stirlen, Ruth Thomas, Leroy Tiedemann, Harold Tobias, Dorothy Zeidler, Robert -I H H4 H6 Fiji, ROBERT HAHN ,... DWIGHT STONE .,., WILLIAM KISTLER ,...... FLOYD BONEY ..L,..,..,I Baker, Richard Baker, Stanley Barrows, Virgil Bendle, Herbert Beauguess, Lyle Boney, Floyd Boston, joseph Burke, William Conner, William Cotter, Dan Davidson, William Decamp. Albert Dilley, Thomas Duncan, Paul Fischer, Paul Fishburn, William THE HI-Y OFFICERS Fordham, Forrest Hahn, Robert Harper, Bernard Hershey, Vaughn Hoopes, Fred Horst, Leland Kemperh Albert Kern, Harry Kistler, William Lease, William Lemkau, Kenneth Leu, Ralph Mark, Robert Maurais, Robert McKnight, Weldon Nyweide, Wallace ...........P1'esia'enl Vice-President .....,,,Secre!ary Treasurer Othmer, Raymond Reeves, Clayton Schomberg, Sherwood Southall. Stanley Spieth, Edward Stone, Dwight Sywassinl-c, Charles Sywassink, David Tesftrake, Walter Thomas, Leroy Tiecke, Harry Toussaint, Raymond Umlandt, Wilbur Wellons, Vvilliam Werner, Ray Willis, Edwin H HHH IN' 'Let ,il-L THE NORMAL TRAINING CLUB OFFICERS JEWELL SCHROEDI-:R ..,... ..,,..... P resident First Semester PEARL HANK ,,.,,,,,...... ...... P resident Second Semester GLADYS SISSEL ,,...t... ........,.,,.,.t,tt,.t..,,, S meta,-y GLADYS MCCUNE ...... Bartenhagen, Mabel Bjork, Agnes Bosten, Dorothy Carpenter. Callista Diercks, Miriam Elaerling, Arlene Fetterhoff, Gladys Hank, Pearl Healey. Florence Hoag, Clara jay, Kathleen Kindler, Fern King, Dorothy Longstreth, Myrtle Mann. Ardath Mccune, Gladys McGee, Theresa Meerdink, Ruth Meeker, Marian Metcalf, Eloise Murdock, Mildred Negus, Vera Paul, lna Schroeder, Jewell Treasurer Shaw, Pauline Shepard, Mae Sissel, Gladys Smith, Frances Smith, Myrtle Smith, Violet Toborg, Dorothy Tooman, Violet Townsley, Velma Wherry, Louise Whitmer, Florence Wood. Mearl A ,H'RHR.l.N" 4. t THE A. B. L. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS First Semester EDNA BELLE SHEPARD ........,.....A.BBBBBBAA RUTH STERLIN ..............,, FRANCES OTTO .,EEE..,,.. WILLIAM WELLONS ....LL EDWARD DIERCRS .............,.....,.,..,....,.L.,L Second Semester SHIRLEY SCI-IOMBERC. ,.,...,,.,.......L...,,v,,,.. 1 FRANCES OTTO ,,,,..,.....,,,, .,...,........,.., WILLIAM WELLONS ,...EL IRENE CUESSREOEN E,EEE, NORMAN DANIELS ..,.....E...,.,,..,LLv... ,. MISS THOMPSON, MISS KEMBLE ..,...,...,. Aitken, Alice Allbeek Harvey Boney, Floyd Braunwarth, Alpha Bi-ei, Hazel Chase, Norma Cochran, Lillian Cook. Sarah Marie Cotter. Dan Crow, Wilma Daut, Arlene Daniels, Norman Diercks, Edward Fabrizius, Kathleen Fox. Dorothy Froehner. Harold Gaines. Carleton Cuessregen, lrene Hank, Pearl Hazlett, Ruth Healey, Florence King, Dorothy Kistler, William Lease, William Mark, Robert Ogilvie. Glen Otto, Frances .,..,......,.P1'esifle1I! Vice-Presfclen! ,.,,,,,..,,,,Sec1'eiaI'p .,..,,,,.,,.,,,Treasurer ,,..,,,Sergeani-al-A rms .E,...,...,.P1'esident .....Vice-President ,..,.,.......SCCl'CfGl'y Treasurer .,,.,E,SCI'gCGHf-Hf'AP7115 ...,...,.....,AfIviscrs Reeves, Clayton Schomberg, Shirley Shepard, liclna Belle Shires, Plooma Sissel, Gladys Smith. Myrtle Snider, Ruth Stirlen. Ruth Stelzner, Ruth Urdangen, Charles Votaw. Virginia Wellons, William Zeidler. Robert .xzrlenniw 'cs a DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS u 7 1 THE WONDER HAT Harlequin ....... ............ H arvey Allbee Pierrot ......... ...... L .... W illiam Kistler Columbine ....,, ...... E dna Belle Shepard Margot ........,,.,..,........... Shirley Schomberg Punchinello .................... Charles Urdangen TI-IE PLAYGOERS The Master .... .......... R obert Zeidler The Mistress ........... ........ L illian Cochran The Cook ..................... .......... R uth Snider The Kitchen Maid ........ ...... F rances Otto The Parlour Maid ............ Florence Healey The House Maid ....... .. ............ Pearl Hank The Useful Maid ........ ....... P looma Shires The Odd Man .......,.. ......... D an Cotter Hh'HHl'N'1.' n . , . l. . i ir -- X THECHRL9 HONORARY First Soprano Aitken, Alice Felix, Edwynne Funck, Zelma Clatstein, Esther Gray, Pearl Kiefner, Dorothy Mark, Adele McFadden, Margaret Nabdr, lrene Negus, Vera Steningur, Harriet Shaw, Pauline Toborg, Dorothy Van Trylle, Marie Whitmer, Myrtle Second Soprano Baker, Wilma Borchardt, Catherine Chamberlin, Esther Doan. Blanche Foster, Geraldine Garret, june Havemann, Anna Mann, Ardath GLEE CLUB Mann, Elsie Mitchell. Alice Nyweide, Dorothy Sling, Marguerite Vice, Margaret Alto Bosten, Dorothy Crow, Thelma Field, Maxine Cuessregen. lrcne Pace. Maude Rosenberg, Sarah Smith, Cerned Onalee Miss Hinkel-Director Ruth Froehner-Accompanist .RH RUR, nw A - . ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB OFFICERS First Semester ALMA KINDLER ..w, ETHELYN TUCKER .,,A,, VIOLA DURKEE .4..,..,. .......v,,Presic1cnl Vice-President ...,..,...Secrelary CHARLES BOWKER ..,,........., . .............. Second Semester ETHELYN TUCKER .,,.............,....... DOROTHY TOBIAS .,,.... VIOLET SMITH .....,.., ERWIN PETERSEN .,,.., Miss RYAN. Aitken, Alice Barrows, Virgil Benninger, Esther Bowker, Charles Burke, William Cook, Sarah Marie Covell, Vercla Criger, Rhea Davidson, Beryl Dierrcks, Werner Durkee, Viola Engel, Myrle Fischer, Jewell Harbaugh, Alice Hoag, Clara Hoag, Paul Hopkins, Cecil jahnke, Minnie Kindler, Alma Keller, Elma Lemkau, Kenneth Treasurer ...npresicienl Vice-President .....,.......Secreiary ,,..,..,,,.,,,,T7'CdSUl4Cl' ,.,...,, ..........FGC McGinnis. Beulah Mockmore, Lovenia Murdock, Milclrecl Orris, Erma Petersen, Erwin Petersen, jean Schomberg, Carl Sexton, Gertrude Sling, Marguerite Smith, Frances ulty Adviser Smith, Pauline Smith, Violet Tobias, Dorothy Tucker, Ethelyn Vanatta, Lyell Warman, Frances Wherry, Louise White, Nola Whitmer, Florence Williams, Mary , H HURXN ':- , THE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA F. J. HOWE, Director O00 VIOLIN-Wilma Baker, Helen Heiclel. Kenneth Huber. Anna Hurevitz, Alberta Cochran, Eleanor Vanatta, David Crau, Eva Hetzler. William Wellons, William Lease, Herbert Bendle, Cernecl Onalee Smith. John Fitzgerald, Juanita Linclee, Carl Schomberg, Ernest Moore SAXOPHONE-Louise Cochran, Beatrice Vetter, Martin Sclxolten, Ernest james. CORNET-Carleton Gaines, Mr. Howe, Cecil Barton, Simon Rosenberg. CLARINET-Theron Schwertfeger. Ina Paul, Merwin Albrecht, Robert Griffin. DRUM-Lysle George, Lysle Rummery. CELLO-Ruth Soll. TROMBONE-Weldon Froehner. FLUTE-Margaret Hawkins. BELL5-Melvin Metzger PIANO-Marion Calpin. , ,., , , . !.u'fm:e.xx '35 DECLAMATION VIOLA DURKEE. Dr.w.u1l.'4' U,ff'f,x' U'iz111rf Ozwr ,ill ALBERT OTHMER WILLIAM KISTLER Il,,my,f,,,,5 Dznzvlalff Buys' H'.7r1m'r O-zmr ,-111 GENEVIEVE PHILLIPS GRACE. VARNEY Illmzorunx Omlur'1'ml 1 U Ix"FfC Vx 1, o X -Z fb' l f EX-LIDHIS , f NWN ll M r nl, lull IW' ll ,H 4 - G , V ff I 'Q , x ff N E C' v ' 1 2.1157 ,, 'PW f Q N .H 0' Q ' ,u', I, ef Xxx it X Q VL 0f: ' 1: 6 : -L 1. . - N .1 ,?Q 1,4 QS' Q ' . k lsr E' ! N , Mlwg ,,,,,,,,,,,.V , ,VV,Y 1. ,,,, ,,,,, I lri1lm1.'ix':: A l CURIA REGIA OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester ESTHER CHAMBERLIN ...... ,..,,.., P resident MARGARET MCFADDEN.. ....,... President DOROTHY Fox eeeeeeeeeeee,eee V ice-President PAULINE JAMISON ..,..,..,, V iee-President EDNA SCI-IULTZ ...... ...e,e,.e., S ecrelarp SOPHIA HAYES ....,....,. .. ,.,..... Secretary EDWIN WILLIS... Beauguess, Lyle Beveridge, Thomas Boiler, Lucille Boldt, lrwin Bowser, Lois Brannan. Margaret Braunwarth, Alpha Brower, Goldie Busch, Arthur Chamberlin, Esther Cochran. Alberta Cochran, Lillian Daut, Arlene Allbee. Harvey Burnside, Boyd Dankert, Darothea Treasurer THOMAS BEVERIDGE ..,.,.. ....... T reasurer Fabrizius, Kathleen Felix, Edwynne Foster. Geraldine Fox, Dorothy Freyermuth, Ruth Funck, Zelma Galpin, Marion Garrett, june Goddard, Sini Grosslclaus, Paul Halstead, Braunwarth Hartman, Louis Hayes, Sophie Hazlett, Ruth Hicks, Margaret Hiller, Henrietta Howe, Dorothy janiison, Pauline Lockwood, Audrey Lotspeich, Mary McFadden, Margaret Oglivie, Glen Othmer, Raymond Phillips, Genevieve , Reed, Gertrude Rumsey, Juliana Schultz, Edna Shenk, Gilmore Shepard, Edna Belle Schomberg, Sherwood Montgomery, Catherine Sywassinlc. Ce rtrude Montgomery, Violet Nlusser, Marian Nietzel, Verle HONORARY Dierclcs, Miriam Diercks. Edward Bosten, Dorothy Froehner, Harold Froehner. Ruth Cuessregen, lrene Heidel, Helen Lielabe. Norbert Tiecke, Harry Wellons, Orlean Willis, Edwin Potter, John Rausch. Ruth Votaw, Virginia AlVl1'lIl6.1.N' 'Z GIRLS' ' CHGRUS Adams, Lucile Aitken, Genevieve Ashton, Ruth Benninger, Esther Boiler, Lucile Brody, Maucle Burke, Marguerite Chamberlin, Margaret Corriell, Vacla Crossley, Gladys Crow, Wilma Easterla, May Fisher, Flora May Fisher, Jewell Freers, Alice Hagermann, Bernice Hagermann, Dorothy Hartwig, Ruth Hawkins, Margaret Hetzler, Eva Hughes, Florence Miss HINKEL ..r.,. VIVIAN JOHNSON ...... Jamison, Pauline Khone, Ethel Knotts, Roberta Koester, Florence Kurz, Louise Linclee, Juanita Mark. Dorothy Maxwell, Erma McConaghy, Emma Mcflillivray, Lillie Miller, Henrietta Millet, Anna Moclcmore, Lovenia Montgomery, Violet Naber, Fauna O'Dell, Lucy Othmer, Elenora Reay, Bernice Reeves, Madeline Sauer, Florence Sawyer, Lucille Schreurs, Marian Schultz, Laura Sexton, Gertrude Shepard, Violet Shires, Plooma Sissel, Gladys Spickler, Dorothy Spickler. Julia Smith, Naomi Striehel, Dorothy Sywassinlc, Gertrude Testralce, Gertrude Townsley, Velma Vance, Clara Warman, Ferris Washburn, Orva r White, Nola Whitmer, Florence Wollett, Catherine Zeicller, Eleanor ,.,....Dil'CCl0I' ...,..Accompanisl lIHUh'1N""Z BOYS' CELEB CLUB Bowen, Sidney Cotter, Dan Cross, Harold Eclchardt, Wayne Hartman, Louis IVIR. HOOPES ,, ,,.,, O+O Hopkins, Cecil Lemlcau, Kenneth Luellen, john lVlcDaniel, Weldon Sander, Donald HAROLD TIEDEMAN .,leee Schomberg, Sherwood Sywassink, Charles Sywassink. David Thomas, Leroy Wiegand, Harry ,,,,,,,Dircclor ..,,Pianisl AGRICULTURE CLUB Bill. Lester lVlcE.lroy, Vaughn Stamler, Paul Goddard, Lauren Miller, Lawrence Stigers, Vernon Goddard, Lloyd Minder, Ralph TeStrake, Harold Hoag, Paul Powell, John Timm, Harold C. Hintermeister, Hersldel Price, Herman Weiss, Martin Kemper, Albert Schwartz, Earl Williams. Howard jUDGINC TEAM HARQLVD TIMM Ralph Mincler Lawrence Miller ll'."r1m'r nl! Srfdlh-1Iz4gK'f,f Cmirz Trophy, 1925 Lloyd Goddard MR. HOOPES .,,.... ...,ra A dviser al ,IVRUR lN""1 SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Roxua DEWEESE ASSSSS SSS..S.,,..... P resident JEAN PETERSEN... ,. ...... Vice-President ESTHER ROBBINS ....... ..,....,. S eeretary MARY HOWE .,.......... ...... T reasurer Miss MCCANDLESS SSSAA,. .....S A dviser Mlss HOMAN ...4S..SS .. ..,.........., .. Ashby, Mozelle Baker, Wilma Berg, Edith Eillcey. Ruth Boiler, Lucille Bowser. Lois Brandt, Frances Bunn, Esther Carver, Maxine Chamberlin, Eunice Cochran. Lillian Corriell. Vada Criger. Rhea Crossley, Gladys Davidson. Beryl Deweese, Roxie Brower, Goldie Chamberlin, Ma Durkee, Viola Fabrizius, Kathleen Fox. Dorothy Froehner, Ruth Funck, Zelma Guessregen, Irene Hagermanny Bernice Hank, Pearl Hankey, Helen Harbaugh, Alice Hempstead, Betty Hoag, Clara Hulzhauer, Dorothy Howe. Mary Jamison, Pauline Lotspeich, Mary MISS WINN .,.,.,.....,.., Committee Adviser MISS D. DULGAR ....... Committee Adviser Miss JENISTA ..,.......... Committee Adviser MISS DOWNER ...,,,.,,., Committee Adviser MRS. T11.LINcHAsT..,Commi1tee Adviser General Adviser Mcconaghy, Emma Meeker, Marion Mockmore, Lovenia Montgomery, Violet Orris, Erma Othmer, Elenora Petersen, -lean Rausch, Mildred Riemcke, Mildred Robbins, Esther Rosenberg, Anna Rumsey, Julianna Shepard, Edna Belle Smith, Myrtle Smith, Pauline Snider, Ruth FRESHMAN GIRL RESERVES Hawkins, Margaret rgaret Hempstead, Susan Fortune, Erma jahnlce. Minnie Harper, Neva Stelzner, Ruth Steninger, Harriet Stirlen, Ruth Stocker, Ruth Tobias, Dorothy Tolzzorg. Dorothy Tucker, Ethelyn Uhr, Mabel Vanatta, Eleanor Vanatta, Ethelyn Van Tryffle, Marie Varney. Grace Vetter. Mae Vice, Margaret Wigim, Anna Zeidler, Eleanor Johnson, Vivian Lindee, Juanita Stocker. Edith Tobias. Flora .ll'l1'H!1'.lN 'Q . MUSKY PEP MACHINE OFFICERS Roxui DEWEESE .A ...........,,..... ..., ...... ,,, P 1 ' e sident EDWARD DIERCIQS .,,,,,, ....,....,,., D 'ice-President EDWIN WILLIS ,-,,,,,,,, .,,.... S ecrelary and Treasurer Aitken, Alice Ashby, Mozelle Baker, Wilma Bancly, Russel Berg, Edith Beveridge, Thomas Bilkey, Ruth Bloom, Virgil Boiler, Lucile Bowser, Lois Brandt, Frances Braunwarth, Alpha Burke, Marguerite Burke, William Busch, Arthur Carver, Maxine Chamberlin, Esther Chamberlin, Eunice Cochran, Lillian Cook, Sarah Marie Corriell, Vada Cotter, Dan Criger, Rhea Daniels, Norman Davidson, Beryl Daut, Arlene Deweese, Roxie Dierclcs, Edward Diercks, Miriam Engle, Myrle Fabrizius, Kathleen Fishburn, William Fisher, Flora May Foster, Geraldine Fox, Dorothy Froehner, Harold Funck, Zelma Calpin, Marion Glatstein, Esther Grossklaus, Ciuessregen, lrene Hagerman, Bernice Hank, Pearl Hankey, Helen Harbaugh, Alice Havemann, Anna Heidel, Helen Hempstead, Betty Howe, Dorothy Howe, Mary Hunn, Walter Jamison, Pauline Kautz, Howard Khone, Ethel Kincller, Alma Kintzle, Eugene Kranz, Rhoda Lease, William Mann, Ardath McCune. Gladys McElroy, Clenola Miller, Henrietta Montgomery, Violet Musser, Marian Naber, Irene Orris, Erma Othmer, Elenora Otto, Frances Petersen, Jean Phillips, Genevieve Rausch, Mildred Reay, Bernice Robbins, Esther Shepard, Edna Smith, Pauline Stelzner, Ruth Stirlen, Ruth Stocker, Ruth Stone, Gordon Tiecke, Harry Tobias, Dorothy Tucker, Ethelyn Uhr, Mabel Uhr, Marvin Umlandt, Wilbur Vanatta, Eleanor Vanatta, Ethelyn Varney, Grace Votaw, Virginia White, Nola Whitmer, Florence Whitmer, Myrtle Wigim, Anna Willis, Edwin Zeicller, Eleanor Belle ri 1 flcifffiin "'M 'i V MODERN PROBLEMS CLUB Albers, Leo Benclle, Herbert Billcey. Ruth Bloom, Virgil Bridges, Warner Brei, Hazel Burke, William Cotter, Dan Decamp, Charles Fisher. Flora Nlay Clatstein, Esther 040 Havemann, Anna Kincller, Alma Kincller, Clarence Lake, Eunice lvlccillivray, Lillie lVlcGinnis, Beulah Miller, Henrietta Nlockmore, Lovenia Nyweicle, Wallace Orris, Erma Rabedeaux, Burnell Rosenberg, Anna Schmalz, Sanford Schreurs, Kenneth Smith. Pauline Snicler, Ruth Tieclemann, Harold Thomas, Leroy Tucker, Ethelyn Vanatta, Eleanor Werner, Ray MR. .AXTELL eeee. e..e..e A cfvzsei up - Q in ' f X' K x . f N Y. Fi f Q' 'P N "zzz" j 1 ' O ' , M , Q X . JZ ix-:ff 'J xc Y C I Taool Y ,X Y, , 8 9 ff ...-1:1 . f .'gx:.-vilusgzagq 'ingnvfii 49 - .-1',,--:t- .. ,- in Q x ' .- ': L " 1' X E J. ' I '1 W W ' , X 1 A ' .ffwzfff ' K 1 u . . . 3 ei- XN ,af . . ..wW' X dwg! ff ilwfvwf ,- ' f Q .EXTHIL-,ELJFJEES 3 . - A.4'.,:' .,J, Sl Wx ' - Q 'i. w.: , - -ny . A , . xr .h A- AJ -1

Suggestions in the Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) collection:

Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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