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Text from Pages 1 - 122 of the 1971 volume:

POW WOW MUSCATINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE 152 COLORADO STREET MUSCATINE, IOWA TABLE CDF CQNTENTS HIGHLIGHTS ACTIVITIES . FACULTY . . . STUDENTS . . SPCDRTS ..... STUDENT LIFE 4 X seem k .,.m:fxSW'nbns Seven-thirty classes are sometimes just a little too early for everybody ww. .. W my 'Wuqhmml 7 8 9 an if 55 25 E One of the main events of orientation was the bonfire and chicken roast after the mixer Sophomore officers briefed new students on what would be expected of them and what they could get away with. ma, 1 -w"a'Q -,f. ff lg 3 A X yflxwb I I t ,Q :gg .ss , 4 QQ. E . It 5 F S' 2' ' 1 ...Q-f Q arf ,Hamm -A , eil M ' '-,Q . fA,f" I '-,.'lk If W '05 'Hop E IXERS Weekend activities started early at MCC when mixers were held on Thursday nights. Many people found that they slept so well after the parties and dances that they never made it to their early morning classes the next day. Flashing lights, Lefty and the Spinners, pounding music, long hair, the Free Choice, blue jeans, and sneaking in the back door or else scrounging up a dollar and a quarter were all part of the dances, For the most part everyone had a good time except the poor suckers who got roped into picking up the beer cans in the parking lot after the dance. .,. X 5 if R1 1 vi P1 Z5 23 X 'X af se 25 E fe H2 2 5 K, ai .2 X vs X Q HOMECCDMI A preliminary game with Boone, a pep assembly, a queen crowned, a mixer, a party at Izaak Walton, the Homecoming game with Centerville and the semi-formal dance all teamed up to make Homecoming '71 a real success. Those who attended some or all of these activities have memories to last a lifetime. To help you along, we pro vide the following pictures--and hope you enjoy them. . uAT5.f'- 3 gi.-:ru--f' mv AAF 3 . L3 -I V. -3 -r , ' 16 F Q5 . i is . M 'Qgvfi 'M xy 1 Q 2. i an 'T A ,,'5 -A gi' gd? 'Q ,R Bm, -fa, ,xi IZAAK WALTON 20 xl, . I AQ EE 'M f K Waiting and still more waiting. But with every step--and with every passing second it comes closer . . . That very special Magic Moment . . 22 IS CROW ED When a queen is born . . . :fi R And begins her reign over a new year A QUEEN Photography by AND HER CCURT Helen Bamford Studio vis. ll' -if if 'W 28 T Under the leadership of Coach Lee Wise MCC's wrestling Indians traveled to eleven different meets and tournaments and participated in three meets here in Muscatine. Members of this year's team were: Steve Birkholder, Pat Greene, Tom Moffett, wamevlaawmm John Dotsun, Allen Rose, Ron Ven Horst, Rod Kleuver, Dan I-Iorras, Chuck See, Ed Berry, David Kubler, Ken Kranz, Dave Skeevers, and Steve Van Waus. 30 4 1 6 31 -1-HHUIXW BASKETBALL lu. Ernie Galloway--Center Willie Anderson--Guard, Fwd. 36 Bob Off icer--Guard Rocky Hunt--Forward W W' i 1 Q- 37 john Wantiez- -Guard Doug Roe11e-- Guard 7.1 MM WMM K 38 -:ln msn H- Us 'lk w-wkW'W' iw, kr-x. Z Steve Schaff--Center joe Au11--Forward 39 W My if B if af- fm- X - fW?MM,Uf M W - ,.QqgzL:3gu , Z . . .Lv, wx. , f 3 v Q ,yi :W W , -Q.. 1. 3 gfx me 3 . 'K ,,,1. Mr' ww , v. ,.-..-.- M. 'MQ wwwnf -my-ww ,W ,,m.4- v ff Q 'Yr' STUDE T COUNCIL Highlights of this year's student council were mix- ers, orientation bash, Crow concert, and home- coming, Freshman class of- ficers are: Tammi Zinger, Pres., Jeanne Ven Horst, Vice-Pres., Connie Smith, Sec., Reena Rasmussen, Treas., Silvin Reed, Rep., Sophomore Class officers are: Mark Johnston, Pres., Ron Clark, Vice-Pres., Diane Bunker, Sec,, Beth Ratcliff, Treas,, Mile Koester, Rep., Ed Berry, Rep., Ken Kranz, Rep, unfh fmfemm ww ff r" I Ws.....Q-1 MCC CHORUS Chorus Steering Committee: Director, Karen S. CowmanQSTANDINGj. SEATED, left to right: Connie Kurringer, Treasurer, Scott Hendricks, Vice-President, Rodney Weiss, President, Nancy McGill, Secretaryg Sally Bunn, Student Council Representative. E v MCC CHORUS: Director, Karen Cowmang accompanist, Connie Kurriger. ROW 1 fleft to rightj: Dianne Mar- ley, Sophia Medina, Nancy Ward, Marlyss Winn, Sally Allison, Nancy McGill, Deena Collins, ROW 2: Pa- tricia McCormac, Mirta Perez, jackie Reed, Renna Rasmussen, Frank Reed, Norm Arn, Bill Rueckert, jim Newberry. ROW 3: Patricia Tiecke, Claudia Sprouse, Lily Toye, Steve Connor, Terry Nyenhuis, Kent Ober- mann, David Hanson, Scott Hendricks. ROW 4: Jeannette Mitchell, Sally Bunn, Patricia Proffit, Rodney Weiss, Ernie Peniston, Ron Clark, Terry Beckey, Ray Bonnichsen, 46 Cl-IURUS HAS A BUSY YEA A busy year was planned by Di- rector Karen Cowman and the chorus officers, The main project for the year was paying for the new blazers which the chorus acquired. This was done by holding bake sales every week Also, the MCC singers--a small group comprised of chorus members--per- formed for various local industry and service club luncheons, In so doing, they raised a significant amount of money which was applied toward the cost of the blazers, From December 7 to December 21, the MCC singers were touring. The Christmas Concert, December 13, was the start of the tour schedule for the full chorus, On March 22 and 23, the chorus traveled to Mason City for the Iowa junior College Choral Festival. PGW WO Above: Sue Platt and Mary Rankins, one of the co-editors, ponder one of the POW WOW's numerous problems. 5'5- imx ., .L,V, 7,. Above: Photographer Jim Newberry consults with staff over pictures. CALUM ET 51 This year's national political campaign, highligh of the year for most political organizations , campus YD's busy. Members participated in telephone cam- paigns and lengthy consultations with their sponsors, Mrs. Lowthian. Young Democrats were also respon- sible for the appearance of Ed Mezvinsky, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives. YCDU G REPUBLICAN5 Members of Muscatine Community Co11ege's Young Republican Club also participated in this years elections. Working with their sponsors, Mr. Ohlendorf and Mr. Koch, they distributed posters and conducted a door to door campaign. Y.R. also was partially responsible for the appearance of Congressman Fred Schwengel. 'rib PLAY PRGDUCTIU Lute Song--in all its splendor and beautiful oriental costuming--as the production finally appeared. ask any member of Miss Keel's Play Production crews! In addition to actors, there are set designers, costume makers, publicity personnel, make-up artists, and a host of "extras". 54 Much work and talent goes into any amateur play-- WURK STUDY Work Study involves students in a variety of jobs on campus. Secretarial work is just one of these. S.I.S.E.A. The Christmas Party is one major event in the yearly life of the Student Iowa State Education Associa tion--known as SISEA. Lyxm Schweitzer and her "brood". 56 .un Mfg 22:2 ,iw f.k,' A- .rw W -,-'.1- i W ? 1 2 wa-if n W - -Q -Q fra, 'f- '5- . xnx- M, CHEERLEADERS aw HMM The line-up. Nice pose, Jeanne! JP? ,sf BOTTOM ROW fleft to rightj: Jeanette Mitchell, Ieanne Ven Horst, Midge Lenker. TOP ROW: Sandy Hafner, Annie Rex, Pam Underwood. PCDREIGN STUDE TS This year Muscatine Community College has played host to five foreign students. Our students come from a wide variety of places including Africa and South America. Foreign students take a signifi- cant role in the life of MCC--as with Genie Shyu, who played one of the leads in "Lute Song". 59 ALPHA MU SIGMA Alpha Mu Sigma is a national organization for smdents involved in agri-business courses. Muscatine Community College was one of the first four col- leges in the nation to have such courses in a voca- tional-technical program--and the first college in Iowa. Students are involved in both classroom work and on the job training. Significant field trips are also a portion of the overall curriculum. F 60 Lf 4 ox IE., him , M . 1. Eff' . 4:-sr .. t 1 Q im 155 qv., LD ,at Q ' an ,. , A 4.f.,g1A T " ", f., , , ... WML A Q, ., ' 1 'lm A gm - --:.gg1..g11g53-:,. M,,A,, Tiff , "!fE?Ej: A A V ,:, ., .,,. 176' at 5 3 I DMINISTRATICD 5 595 , Q A Y in W. Floyd Scott, Dean of Muscatine Community College--B.A Cornell College, M.A., University of Iowag additional graduate work, U. of I. jock Lockridge--B.S., Central Mo. State Collegeg M.A., Central Mo. State College wlwwzlz mx ,lgmmm it .. L . 952513 6535523 .45 ii' - felin- ::.h is 1,25- i i by Q ,A ,i5EiW'5' 1111.32 -s f ' J ' ' ? , S fb 'H if ez if 1 , - 1' 2 M ,J- BOARD OP DIRECTGRS Board of Directors, Eastern Iowa Community College District. Merle Strouse--board member from the Muscatine area ponders a point of interest at regularly scheduled board meeting 65 5 2 -ff E 3 QP i s 1, QE E SZ il 5? E 'Q 3 as Q s , g '9' If ,L L,-, , V . an--uf 1 . 'ff - i Dr. Orville Carnahan--President E.I.C.C. District CCDUNSELQRS - - f f - Pete Rewalt--B.S. Northeast Missouri Stateg M.A., Northeast Missouri State Wayne Sterrett--B.S., Northeast Mo. Stateg M.A., Northeast Mo. Stateg Additional work, Loyola Univ.g I11. State Univ. 66 Phyllis Coram- -secretary SECRETARIES ff' f R?gZ.3ai4zgil5f25Y1.:4?S .... Q AGM 953' 1 Mrs. Myrtle Hecht--secretary for Dean Scott Linda Lichtenwald--secretary for Mr. Lockridge Deanna Raub--offi ce secretary Mrs. Marie Roggeveen office secretary Mrs. Mildred Wiegard--office sec. LIBRARY 'Thomas Hanifan--B.A., Northern Illinois Universityg M.A., Northern Illinois Universityg addi tional work, U. of I. uw., Loren Stoneman--B.S., Northwest Missouri State Collegeg addi- tional work, George Peabody--Kansas State Teachers College Maxine French-- library sec. H in Keith W. Larson--B.A., Univ. of Iowag MA., Univ. of Iowa I-IUMA ITIES . .U J , , anaasn . V lg., Robert Lehrman--B.A., Tufts Univ.g M.F.A., University of Iowa Carol Lowthian--B.A., University of Delawareg M.A., Univer- sity of Pe nn. Carol Forte--B.F.A., Univ. of South Dakotag M.A., Univ. of Iowag addi- tional work, U. of I. Xli as l 'i ry K . i Katharine Phillips- -B.A., Free University of Paralee Norman--B.A., University of Missourig M.A., Drake Berling M.A., Free University of Berling addi- Universityg additional work, University of Iowa tional work, England, France, and Scotland Sally J. Ihne--A.B., Western Col- lege for Womeng M.A., University of Wyomingg additional work, Ox- Ken Nordstrom- -B.A. Augustana College' - - - - M.S. Ed., Northern Ill,. University , izljnunlverslty and Umverslty of 70 ,soma-W Nancy Keel--B.A., Wartburg Col- legeg M.A., University of Denverg additional work, Kansas State Uni- versity Antonie Madden--B.A., Univ. of Iowa William Lawes--B.S.M.E., Western Reserve Univer- sityg M.M., East Carolina Universityg Ph.D., Univer- sity of Iowa l I Catherine R. Miller--B.A., University of Iowag M.A., Univ. of Iowag additional work, France, Univ. of Kansas City, Univ. of Michigan, and Latin America Karen S. Cowman--B.S., Univ. of Missourig M.A., Univ. of Missourig additional work, Drake University and Colorado SGCIAL SCIENCE Ron Hansen--B.Ed., Wisconsin Stateg M.S., Univ. of Iowag additional work, Drake Univ., Univ. of Colorado, Univ. of Oregon, and Univ. of Iowa Terry N. Bullock--B.S., Northwest Mo. Stateg M.A., Univ. of Arkansasg additional work, U. of Mo., U. of Ill., and Northwestern Univ. David L. Tjarks--B.A., Bradley Univ.5 M.A., Bradley Univ.g additional work, U. of Iowa Charles J. Rosmann--B.S., Northwest Mo. Stateg M.A., University of Iowag additional work, Univ. of Minnesota and Ohio University Richard Wagner--B.S., Wisconsin State Univ.5 M.A., Univ. of Wis.g additional work, Univ. of Iowa E il X1 Leonard I. Au11--B.S., Univ. of Notre Dameg M.A., Univ. of Iowag additional work, University of Iowa Evelyn Fordyce--B.S., Parsons Collegeg M.A., State Univ. of Iowag additional work, Univ. of Iowa ,1e-' 1 ,IQ I ..:- -1 .4 Bill J. Bonnstetter--B.A., Univ. of Northern Iowag M.A., Univ. of Northern Iowa - I' Q . I , fa ah. ki? 5 ,M 4, fy VL LKV, at. ., . ws .Jw f 1133255515 Lvkgzi g,-,L-5 ,Vg ..,,X,Lf, , lgx -.f. I , Qamww 1- 7, . 5, 9. Q : ' Ierry Gazaway--B.S., Upper Iowag M.S., Brigham Young University Lee Wise--B.A., University of Northern Iowag M.A., University of Northern Iowa 73 SCIENCE- ATI-I Mmnw Vernon Ohlendorf--B.A. Au stana Collegeg M.A., Univ Merle H. Ihne, jr.--B.S., Univ. of Wyoming, M.S., Univ. of Wyoming, additional work, Univ. of Iowa I Su - of Iowa, additional work, Texas A. and M., U. of Kansas, Bucknell Univ., and Argonne Nat. Lab. Gerhard F. Koch--A.B., Earlham College, M.S., Univ. of Iowa, additional work, Iowa State, Reed College, and U. of Montana Theodore Allen--B.S., Iowa Wesleyang M.S., Univ. of Iowag additional work, Utah State, Univ. of Minnesota, and Iowa State Louis M. Swain--B.A., Central Collegeg M.S., Kansas State University, additional work, Univ. -. of Iowa 74 David Q. Porter--B.S., St. Cloud State C01- legeg M.M., U. of S. Carolinag additional work, U. of I., U. of Northern Colorado and St. Cloud State Sue Lorber--director of secretarial pool Kirb Kleffman B S South y -- . . Dakota Univ.5 M.S., lxjlissouri State AGRI-BUSINESS Everett L. Clover--B.S., Iowa State Universityg M.S., Iowa State Uni- versity Floyd McKibben--B.S., Univ. of South Dakotag NLS., Western Kentucky Univ.g additional work, George Peabody College Walter Mitschele--B.S., Univ. of Missourig M.S., Iowa State Univ.g additional work, Iowa State Univ. and University of Iowa Ronald I-Iougas--B.S., Univ. of Illinoisg M.Ed., Univ. of 111.3 additional work, U. of I. and Univ. of Illinois LeRoy Wiizel--B.S., Iowa State Universityg addi- tional work, Drake University and Univ. of Iowa Robert A. Barnes--B.S., Iowa State Univexsityg additional work, Univ. of Iowa Beverly Freyermuth--Agri-Business secretary ? W 1 .5 ,,:, . ww' 53 M N ., - 'ug it s Wk' 5245. .. Wt J 5 v We QE a ag X 1 X L 'Ds an-'Q K ,L-', -,'M V 22 M-wM.a.f W W B ,.,..,,, A-,A , V -. SOPHQMORE5 The Sophomore class began this year by intro- ducing the Freshmen to their new school at the Orientation bash. Taking the lead through the stu- dent council in the next big event, they sponsored the Crow Concert with the three groups Crow, Enoch Smoky, and Mason Proffit. Although not as large as the Freshmen class they do a great amount of work. Most of the responsibility for the various organizations lies with them. In most cases, it is handled very well making 70-71 to a very good year. W 4. A " A 3 Q 11834534-vP.Si'!2:Flz " al.3,.2,,,.wg ff , , ' Sify 5 F l Quill, as rf as M A5 Q' 53 AAF 3' at dll'- K , Www, Il fl f fx Sally Allison joe Beckey Q Norm Arn Bill Arnold Karen Batchelor Dennis Bellinger Ed Berry Dave Bird E an ' - 1 if n - 5 ' gf a K :Q " wwf ww '2 T 515 W- Y5k,,uf3wPf,'?2f- Hin" ' J '53 E: ' em -, , 'L joe Blaesing Dave Bower Larry Bowman Rick Breon Kathy Brown Sheryl Brown Margaret Brugman Eugene Brus Linda Brus Patt Burr Kay Buser Ann Byrne mm mr' im 1 l ' . f -f W if Peggy Cambell Dave Chamberlin Ron Clark Gordon Collier Deena Collins Richard Corwin Tony Cruz Bruce Dagel jim Daufeldt Glen Davidson Bob Davis Sue Denning William DeVore 83 A Y 9-4 qt QW- ..,.. f :wir eQ'zwi2e1W"Si 9 2 ' gl i ' 15155355552 ae if Z., H eQ,,,fa,, ig. r. 2 , A - - -me :Q .V .. .,,, .V 2:wE5.Qkas5v5Zm, : ' qi5,35QL5b1g.3,L1f ggi! may iigggiei- ,- sz .. r, Q sw SNK if , F , xp 2, gr V . 2 14 .1 5:21-.V', if Qi? - fs- Emssfgggp,iwi?agi Gi f - as " 'fixes sexi ,XA id 1-eff 4 V ,f Wigiiiiiiir me is Y G ri, Tim Ervin Judy Fisher Debbie Eichelberger Barb Elder janet Finley Keith Feverbach Herman Ferreira Cathy Fletcher Roger Flambeau Mark Flanders Pauline Foor Retta Forbes 84 M""'Ulm 'li' ,fri f-f"f Rick Roust LU fffb E 'Ei fi? 3 A iigqii , M fir: :ff H155,Swf'I:x2:?'f2-fi55"'i':?fE'ze::'f5'5 if.. ' Zr5"'k :4":'.?i1:1'?"CQ"' 5f'5r" ' ' ""H - -rzl:-515555: :f: V231 :,?:'. ' 25" . x SXMW3 ii ' :.'I 515 "Z:':5,. :mm Yfiizz "f?f' f "5.:'i'iE1E1'i::f':2. 5- .. . aww gm -4- - my L-H-S? '. 'ev 5' .:5:1'E:1iEi:i5f:.'f5: - 5?i?i'5:J5:Lx f H !E 5.2ELfE:ffs.'1'x'-2' 5g2gtfiw,f V 7 ' - if :fe M A ta. R ,te ,- gn it ,ffltg I Sue Gaskey Steve Fox Mike Freese Cecil Fuhlman Mike Gaeta Tomy Gaeta Harold Gaffey Brian Garrett Larry Goyer Mike Grady Kim Griesenbrock WN a,nn-f-W' Cindy Grosjean Randy Gruemmer Scott Havens Kim Hall Dave Hanson Willard Hawkins Greg Hawley Scott Hendricks Linda Henke Dain Hill Ray Hill Janis Hintermeister -My 'wo fx Dan Horras Kris Horst Denise Hutchison Mark Johnston David jurgens Linda Kappeler Nancy King Wendy King Richard Kleindeck Rod Kluever Larry Koch Mike Koester Stanley Koller jim Kramer Ken Kranz Connie Kurriger Denny Kurriger Susan Kurriger Don Lenz jan Loftus Linda-Sue Lohse Mary Malzahn Doug Maxwell Ed Maxwell Jane Mclnally Larry McKillip Trish McCormac Diane McCullough Tom McLeish Norma Meyer Dave Miller Patricia Miller Ronald Miller Carol Mills Richard Moeller Mary Kay Montgomery ' it L xi :ff 2 S E W 2 W Q QQ, - ws 3 fa Q Charles Moser Cheryl Munday jerry Murphy Lynn Murphy Steve Nielson Wendy Norton Kelly Nugent Peggy Oakes Keith Ormsby Betty Osborn Tux Paboy Pat Pagel Marla Parsons Chip Paul Mike Paul Nancy Paul Sylvia Payne Ernie Peniston Bill Phelan Pat Proffitt Larry Pitcer Jeannie Peippert Barbara Radda Beth Ratcliff Carolyn Saltwedel Steve Schaff 92 Gene Rathgen Frank Reed Craig Regennitter Velma Rich John Richey Carolyn Rinehart john Robbins Barb Rogers Nancy Rowe Scott Schilds Marcia Schmidt Pat Schomberg Gary Schult Pat Sc hwending er Carol Scott Tom Sehnert Don Seline Roger Sessler John Shield Tim Sissel Allan Smith Peggy Sneddon Claudia Sprouse Willie Stammer Dean Stange Iurgen Strode David Sullivan Steve Suman Charles Summers Fred Swin Bill Tate Lee Thoensen Pat Tiecke Robin Tomfield Rusty Townsend Lily Toye Robert Trullinger Ken Wright Ron Ve Depo Ron Ven Horst Terri Waltman John Wantiez Nancy Ward Bill Weber Tom Welk Rodney Weiss Anne Wheeler Tamara White Glenda Winder Gary Workman Brenda Wynkoop Ruth Yakle Steve Zaehringer Steve Ziegenhorn 'cms Freshmen class officers fLeft to Righty: Tammi Zinger, Jeannie Ven Horst, Connie Smith, Renna Rasmussen, Sil vin Reed. PRESI-IME 97 ? W 2, Kathy Albrecht Laurie Alexander Rebecca Allender Randy Amhof Leo Anderson Dana Arp Doug Arp joe Aull Janet Axel Steve Babington Mark Barden Caroline Bartlett jim Baxter Carey Beatty Terry Beckey John Beukenhorst Robert Beutler Ron Birkenholtz Steve Birkenholder Thomas Bishop Penny Bixby Les Blake Ken Bland Tammy Bodman Ray Bonnichsen Debbie Briggs Dave Bright Lanny Brinning Louise Brockway Bruce Brown Gary Brown Rose Brown Steve Bryant Steve Budelier janet Bunn Sally Bunn jeff Burger Judy Burmeister Us Buddy Busch Doug Buster john Calderwood Judy Cary Rosemary Chown Lynn Claussen Betty Cleffman Ann Cline Steve Connor Kathy Cottrell Dennis Cox Tom Curtis ,nm.a"'M.,,,,,s " 'rf ,gli Don Daufeldt Vaughn Davisson Randy Dieckman Dave Dierickx Cindy Dirkson Carmi Dougherty Dave Downs Steve Edmondson Ron Ehlers David Eichelberger Bob Einfeldt Bob Elvidge Diane Fahy Lila. Failyer Jolynn Fisher Randy Flambeau wi Q. t , . 1 .r .lx 15 Q? 75 El ie 5 ri' Brad Fear Gary Fisher Sue Flanders Larry Fowler N W . v..,- . . K,,., q,kv , , .. N , w K I Sway M " W LL,, f-h- A. ., ,.,h ,, K, , , ,Nm y , y -fm.. , . ,,., -ew-f wg V, ,, xxx R ,fs X' 3-,X Jenni French Mike Fuller Ernie Galloway Albert Garlisch Steve Garrett Sunday Gaul james Gerot Steve Gerth Perry Gorsuch james Graham joe Grant Pat Greene Wally Grimm Jim Guy Judy Guy Greg Hankins Mike Hartsock - K P' H3315 .E': :. I , I L , 5 .. :..,:, 1 1 A H: , '6"iQf'w .:' 5. if I A 4 :fm ' ' 2 ' 5' wa- - : ' . 'GL 5 - Y, ,A fx' g f V, A -.Sew Dave Green Gary Green mum -- ..ew::.,- .. A a, :- -1 ---- M- - . M .fwfr gr "Fi iii? ff W illfils' ?'z?12rm 1 ' - , W -W ,aa Tvs: , KL Z rrwgwgalg . - .A gf gy 151 T. 'P Q xi? ,- f?1H2x'1mg!Q5ust? s' f- f - 2 Asa: V mg V+ Q S H 3552 5, Wfs55'1'?f,,fg 1 M SQESM Q r in wr ,S QW x J fs? -xg,-5 1 s. ', AL i e',,e V nan. - Rifiegffgsfkf f mi? ' ' 1 fwm- i 5: .essex is 4 3 Q 5 1 Ya X 1 H- I 3, is M55 M - jfs Z-N552 K f V ' 4 2- QQ X if K K mfg SE 1 hx Bs , Mr fa M fa, 'im Wm 5 49? xi Q z ?'fEKS' 95528 Q Q fffli K 95,8 K A :I ,wigs ,Q k M A ,Hag X, z N : ' W' 5 ,fM,r E v,--:, . 7 MQSQQQ 2 Q M5 .3 ,VX A. M... Connie Hayes james Heeran Gary Hepker Dan Hiatt W, ,WV 1-97. janet I-Iippe john Hocking Mike I-Ioekstra jim Honeyman Lynn Hopp jim Hoppan jim Houseman Gary Howe Dave Hubler Gary Hucke Tim Hunter Diane jackson Karen Kaeding Sarah Kautz Dianna Keig Gary Keppy Don Khan Kent Kistenmacher Doug Kleckner Steve Klehn f""""""x ',,,.-naman kh'W'0-nunnggi QC' lm. WNW' Chris Koehler Foday Kromah Janette Kmriger Frank Lambert Steve Kolpack Roger Krueger Debbie Lamb Carla Landon IO9 1, ig' is ,E 'tit ,xii - ,'.A A -.A:. sw 1' w ' ..:r:. V-g -mwi' '- - .51 " -, j' 'zf g 555, Y" fi f " :",-:-,::.1l" .-ii' I , in ilffii i- z gt . .,., ' -zf2f5'w??ff1L5fi5w':i 222515 L.w:q3Y71kf3'g5--S?F..gfiifgsj' . f 'eilsfkigrf-' gQ"f'i3 NT..-5z1'.5fQ. Z': "5EiIif."15' - ,. is ', ,am f- T Wgigfw 11 iwyey . 5 f f jg .35 Ji ' ffik ! if '15-, .: EE-23 HO Linda Laser Dennis Latimer Mike Lee Steve Lehenbauer Midge Lenker Dana Lewig Tom Lindeen Debbie Longhurst Kirk Luchman Mark Mabers Bonnie Martens Gary Martin ff M"N"""'? 5 Nia. 2 Jim Masterson Dennis Maxwell Steven McDona 1d Glen McElroy Dave McG1othen Jody Mesch Paul Meyer Dennis Miller Kent Miller Norman Miller Sharon Miller Steve Miller ll ,7- Y N 4, All l.. Kathy Minder john Moeller Lynn Moellers Myra Moellers Tom Moffitt jerry Mohr Ernie Moomey Dave Morgan Karen Morrison Sue Mortenson Cynthia Muhs Mike Musser fl ZAU: - eeee e Joe Myers Bob Naber janet Nau Pete Neeld Francis Palmer Pat Peppel Mirta Perez Eric Peters Randy Pieper Shelly Pierce Sue Platt Kathea Poole Richard Porske Jessie Powell Paula Powell Mary Rankins Renna Rasmussen jackie Reed Steve Reeves John Renken Annie Rex Don Rife Cathy Rigdon Barb Rinnert S, Gilbert Rock Gary Rohret Allan Rose Bill Rueckert Fred Sambdman Donna Sand Linda Sandburg Connie Saunders jane Sayre Gary Saunders Wayne Schaafveld Cliff Scherrer 'L Wayne Schmidt ' 9, D Ron Schnack W , if um 1, 'W Les Schneckloth an ,. M E Mary Schnedler Gary Schroeder Clare Schu.macher Lyn Schweitzer Mike Seamer Rex Sheetz nf' M ' Debra Sissel William Small Gary Smith Er X X-X. Marilyn Smith Marvin Smith Willie Smith Howard Snider Judy Soppe Bob Speirs Herbert Spies Marty Squires Jim Stark Tim Stelmer Helen Stegner Cliff Stevens Fred St1eg1etz Jack Stockton -rbi- QM Dennis Striegel Paul Striegel Glen Swanson Daniel Swiger Rick Sywassink Linda Talkington Randy Taylor Larry Tedrow f, . we . 'Vik 5 39 il 1 if 5 ,.A. H9 Mike Thomas Paul Thomas Clark Tiecke Paul Tillie Ed Todd Tim Tromblee Mike Umlandt Pam Underwood Jana Vander Ploeg Bill Van Sickle Steve Van Waus Randy Veach X jim Venard Jo Ann Voss Marvin Wagner Bob Walker Larry Waltman Catherine Weber Kevin Weierhauser Anne Weiskamp Regina Wendt Reena Wentworth Gary Whitacre Don Wilder was-ygf 5? Allen Wiese Marlyss Winn Ed Yolmg Betty Ziskousky Barbara Williams Phil Williams Gail Wilson Jim Wolford Marcia Wolford Tom Workman Tanya Young Bob Zeidler Tammi Zinger 121 ME CDRIAM All of us associated with Muscatine Community College were saddened by the death of one of MCC's Freshmen students, Robert Kaufmann. Bob was born December 3, 1951 and died in an automobile accident December 27, 1970. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Kaufmann of Wilton. 122 .-ex . , q S v l Kg , 1 V'

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Muscatine Community College - Pow Wow Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 27

1971, pg 27

Muscatine Community College - Pow Wow Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 122

1971, pg 122

Muscatine Community College - Pow Wow Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 91

1971, pg 91

Muscatine Community College - Pow Wow Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 107

1971, pg 107

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