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FF: . e-' 41 Y 'f?.. AG'--'1 '-'- g-LXM.-UE. .J IH.: .w.f'. 125 ,.',".1, 'ful' , Q'.:1.. .Htl .fi ,. - --' +L -ri "1-.ff , gm. -.2 ..,1, - Wh:-.. '- - .yn-W , by '..c1.a:..'-'. .- ' 4 , -AL 14 lui' 's' Q.,-J"".vfS.:'5'.f,g'.g - .h....Ag, 15:-. Q pf' ' ffi,.'l'1:f V ,"f 1. .-: na'-.. ..'4,,w,:, 10- Qu' .r -. -M 4' J f :Q5-L',T ,Z ' , -.. . ilfufif 4.4 -. 1 . I CT 3.9 ."'k-i'f'g,' - 1 . 'fi' ag i s-f-wr. , .. -.,- - , w V --.Q .rv ' ,VA .h . " 5249" ' Y.. V .,., V -. .N- 4, . . - GJ- Y'- . - ,:.f, W. , ,, V :, -1--g., 415, . V - fm. ' 'K . 9, , - V. ,VV 1... L , --. . 41 :wi A " . .Kava ' . ' . 15131 1 ...rf- r 1 " Q '31 , ' ' 531. Q . - .KL -. r '-vw-11-Y, - - r ' . ' - '17.:'."-.135--' f-14 A I' - i.'3'i,Q2fi -' 1' ., Aff 1. , - Q' S'F:T4f.l " f',':"' - .. " 1' 'Q V ""-Q - ' Q. W I 'J Ik?-fi' 1? ' L1 ' ' ' U - - f JI., I . . fa?-P' A, , V -v 14, . a- - ,". - ', I f -7 555- -f, . ' fi, 71 U 4. 11 "' -f Lii ' J -. ,, 5,1 - ' v' . k C ' I - ., I ' 4 'TL-,T -. ' ' 'g y.f.1:- 1 ,. N :- A w. ,V 19- ' f2.,,i,'.L' , ,.- F A " .Vx . 1.52 - . ,- .5 .-VU? Q ,L .5 1 .Q-.J ' --.xr . . ".. , J'1' ..w, .x,. 1, .H 'V I". . .. .Ain 'Ax-si: ..--hfy. ., M.. .Lf .,. -4,-MA ,.2,. Q , hm.. AW" -A . ..- .-.v ...- .-,gq.x.., .F .v 'N' .-1 pail.. .. . '.lM,.f 1:--'I-, . Q ' -2. N 4' -' nf -14, -.- ,ff Q '-' , ff , . . 'x ' Q, Q ,,g,.-3 -, E -fs: . I t nh... . 1- J... . .4 " . . yy- s . ,U . .Q ,,,!,,v :.' 1" . ,. - M.. -ff. .4 -.1 -.,:' .-"1 N. 1 1: .". w"3?r, -Q. .- ' Lff'f..',xf W' IPFCQ -' w. .- "Fg,.'JA.g,Qg3ff'f'rf'-- I -1 LSL-- 'Q imwk' f1f""' 'I '.11.?'5' x xl-". -'QQ .f 45.-Qin... - -...Q ' .add-R," -, LSL , .. V1 ,-.-ASL' .,,,-'.. ...J ,. -, f -- a .4 . .A H. 1 MUR' QNIAN 1+ Jf122gL,, ,f"" 44 . " 'xYaf- s ,7 - ' Ng-- Al' if I' . I i ei 5421-QQ! Ml ev , 1 ' A k .. g .. 'CQWVJI ' .I il: 1 y .n J X Xa' ' ' ls! -'jrx y fslr 'JA' 1 '. "3 F' 5. "' . f "":'f'2T"g' .Rlfav ' 1 . ,ii 1. f 'g - ' ' -"2 f Published by The Associated Student Body Of the lmrtaugh High School D 255 8135 GDN we the students of Murtaugh.IEgh School wish to dedicate this annual to our new superintendent, E. H. Ragland, who though handicapped by joining us in midterm, has given his unceasing efforts for the betterment of our school. He has been espe- cially helpful tq the editors of this publication, 17217212520 am l QTLHX S. 'A x O X I ,x. if uw R I 1 cfm. 55: , 0 I' 1 , I c 1 I J XX X! ,.,b I- Z? - Xl--f S Xxx, X X. BOARD OF EDUCATION This page is devoted to the worthy cause of making favorable comment on and about our board of education. It is against our schoolboy instincts to do so, however the most valued praise is often grudsingly given. These gentlemen have been chosen to protect the taxpayers' pocketbooks and keep an eye on the mental growth Cif anyb of the students. A matter of dollars and sense no less. But the Student Body is most grateful to our present board for their every effort in our behalf and we say to all UThanksN. members of the board at the present time include: Grant Bates----Chairman F. V. Morrison---Clerk Glenn A. Bessire Shirley L. Pickett David G. Moyes Hubert A. Syverson FACULTY One rather unusual characteristic of our faculty this vear was variety. All teachers of the High School and Junior High School were either not employed at the start of the year or were forced to miss school by illness or some other reason, Csuch as Mr. Walker's potato cropl. The teaching staff includes: SUPT. E. H. RAGLAND: M . Ragland attended Albion State Normal, graduated from Southwest Mo. State Teachers' College, Springfield, Mo., and has extension work from the University of Idaho. He replaced M . C. G. Busby who resigned Jan. 7 th. In addition to administrative duties, he taught B ology, Sth. History, and Physics for a time. M . G. H. GALLOWAY: Taught Algebra I and II, Gen. Science, Trigon- ometry, Physics and World Geography. He received his education at Albion State Normal and Utah State Agricultural College. He had been recently discharged from the Army Air Force when he was engaged soon after the opening of the school term. MISS VIVIAN BARTON: Miss Barton was educated at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, also attended McCune School of Music at Ogden. She taught last year at Lava. She has quite a heavy teaching schedule. Rvervday she wades through English I, II, and III, U. S. History, Speech, Band and Art. MRS. ESTER BLEI: Yrs. Blei attended Albion State Normal and Twin Falls Business University. She is also an experienced scretary. She commenced teaching in the high school at the be inning of the second semester. She replaced Miss Nancy Pilchard who resigned to continue her education. She teaches Typing I and II, bookkeeping, and shorthand. MR. MERRIL GALKER: Mr. Walker is another Albion Normal graduate. Mr. Walker taught part-time last year in our Junior High. This year he handles the eighth grade and High School boys' athletics. MRS. MFRRIL WALKER: M s. Walker also taught in our Junior High last year. This year she teaches both the fifth and sixth grades. She is a graduate of Albion State Normal. MRS. MAXINE BREWINGTON: Mrs. Brewinfton taught in Lava last year. She has the seventh grade and also coaches the high school girl's athletics. She deserves special mention in the latter in as much as she had made a very creditable showing with a IOOM inexperienced group. She is a graduate of Albion State Normal w' 3 Miss Barton English rl" 'Q 155. Mrs. Brevrimfton Girls' Coach Mr . Ragland Superintendent lr Mr . Galloway Mathematics f "L Q FWWGM I ' v - , 1 K ff! 1 3 1 Mr. Walker Boys' Coach 'Cr Q , 4 Mrs. Blei Commercial Skk Mrs. Walker Jr. High FIRE? SEMESTER I TIETSJC Yimzsw L io 3 E' ' 172312, EI Jcffszessczz Q in Eligii EE? -1? Q Burl Eflfrfsw J: 1 RUSS-S21 E?1ac:!f:Tgf1zz'Y1 'vw v ' f mlfwiff' flow L to lg 1f'f213"'jf Lam Turion 1 112.319 f34SiiiS22532g' Eiemzkafth Eirifjggs 1 Clifigorzi P5?F?vi,if!S 1 YEHIEQEF Eialbsrt iqgkggyh 'i'E!!3.!!" I mg! Y l I ini . -I I STUDENT COUNCIL I Front Row L to R Kenneth Briggs Francis Hill Jack Fuller Aileen Barkes Back Row L to R Nancy Halbert Cecil Adamson Dick Tolman Norma Hill Arlene Hoffman SECOND SEMESTEF' I I I I I I I I I I L I f I I I STUDENT COUNCIL This year our student councils for both semesters were very suc- cessful. Platforms for both parties were carried out as far as pos- sible. we believe our greatest achievement has been the purchase of Bell and Howe sound projector. with this projector much can be done toward m re and better assemblies. The High School Student Councils for 197.15 and 'h6 were as follows First Semester: Second Semester: Burl Egber President----Jack Fuller Russell Blackburn-----Vice Pres.----Aileen Barkes Leota Willhite---- ----- Secretary1----Nancy Halbert June Peterson--------Treesurer-----Frances Hill Phil Johnson-------Adv. Man.--Cecil Adamson Nike Stastny--------Senior Pres.---Kenneth Briggs Veeta Ward-----------Junior Pres.---Dick Tblman Mary Lee Barton------Sophomore Pres.-Arlene Hoffman Clifford Perkins------Freshman Pres.--Norma Hill Kenneth B iggs-------M-Clu Dick Tblman Barabara Littlefield-----Pep Club-----Frances Hill Class Advisors Seniors 1 1 s 1 1 M . Galloway Juniors 11 1 1 --11 1111- 11 111--1111s1 Miss Barton Sophomores 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 Mrs. Blei Freshmen 11 - 11 11111111 1 1 111 1 1M . Ragland During th year the Student Council has sponsored two very suc- cessful parties, one on Halloween and the other on the last day of school. Most of the High School attended both parties and a good time was had by all. The student body officers directed the school assembly program. MURTONIAN STAFF We think the annual staff this year was one of the best the Vurtonian has had for years. However we may be a little predjudice. Here we go bragging about ourselves, but, if you don't believe us Just read on and see who did make up this great staff. Editor fee - 1-a-s 1W - a-Kenneth Briggs CSeniorJ Assistant Edito -- ---- ---Aileen Barkes CSeniorl Sports Editorzs--ssii-S-:ss-1-see-ia-Frank Morrison CJuniorJ Assistant Sport Editor----------Arlene Hoffman CSophomoreD Art Editorisaa ages-fi---+ Cecil Adamson CFreshmanj Business Manager-------- Assistant Business Manager Chief zgfpiseaefffa a-asia ---- ---- -Mike Stastny CSeniorJ -------Bob Daniels CJuniorj Snap Shot Editor--------------- Burl Egbert CSeniorj sss -Mary Lou Turner CJuniorJ Staff Typistzaf---fa-af -----1 s--L--'eFrances Hill CJuniorj Senior Editor------------- ---- --Anonymous QSeniorD Junior Editor"a1:-s - ---- -fa:---fs--Betty Wright CJuniorj Sophomore Editor-------- ---- ---- Freshman Editor--------- Fea ture llfri ter--..-----.--1-----.- Humor tOI"1' L--f f-L'--'-:"'1L--11: - 1 Faculty Advisers--------------- -- ---- Oril Tblman CSophomorej Barabara Baker CFreshmanj Hal Walker CJuniorJ Phil Johnson Cvreshman Mrs. Blei and Mr. Ragland Special Mention must be made of our business managers who's fine work enabled us to finance a better type annual. Editors Note: The editor did not write this page. He had a stool pidgeon do it for him. The Idaho Department Store S In a Spirit of Sincere cflppreciation and 'Pride in the Schools and School Systems and Activities of our Famous South Central Idaho Area Wishing the S Class of '46 '- A Happy Future R C' O 1 CSL CJ jewe ers POCATELLO TWIN FALLS, IDAHO IDAHO FALLS O. P. Skaggs TWO COMPPETE, MODERN FOOD STORES AT . . . 347 Main Ave. East And 226 Shoshone East COLD STORAGE BOXES KL Complete Locker Service Cutting and Processing At 347 Main Ave. E. f W' 221260 Q '35 gl Q 29 N ,X Q 5 542' gciff Xf 4 .jf QD - L Y x 75 171 x .1 X Bef- C12 Si -, Q ,I X X ..., 5 -- ., X, HISTORY OF YE SENIOR CLASS In the month of September in The Year of our Lord, Nineteen hund- red and forty two, the annual crop of freshmen entered Murtaugh High School. This class was much like all other Freshmen classes in as much as they gained the reputation of being the stupidest and wildest on record. The upper classmen even accused them of intemperate habits. The boys all surprised themselves by surviving the football season. Some doubts had been aroused when Burl opened his mouth and someone put their foot in it. Thats how dentists make their living. The freshmen ran the funhouse at the carnival. we didn't make much money but boy did we have fun. Our class presidents for the two semesters were Pauline Walker and Burl Egbert. we started with 23 members, during the year we lost Betty Earl, 'Ihea Egbert and Cremporarlyj Lloyd Davis Jr. June Peterson join- ed us. At the start of the Sophomore year we were depleted to fifteen in number. Delbert Thompson, Art Kockerhans, Truman Blie and Russell Buker had either moved or been driven away. Painful memories of our own in- itiation were eased by the delight of turning tormentor. 'me main pastime that year was anoying our English teacher M ss Hart. we learned a good deal about aeronautics, inventing about six new types of paper aircraft during English class. Junior Davis, back for a short stay, sometimes mystefied our teacher and part of the class by blowing smoke rings out of the inkwell in his desk. New members arriving that year were Barbara Littlefield and Helen Whitaker. Lulu Reed dropped school and Lou Ann Lincoln moved back to Texas. The boys didn't m ss Lou Ann so much. They finely agreed that there was no object in committing mass suicide. Class presidents were lhrk Arstein and Jim Perkins. we walked into our Junior year with the swager allowed that class though there were but ten survivors. Over the vacation Rosemary Rees and Helen Whitaker had transferred to Twin Falls and Burl Egbert to Burley. we had acquired two new members, Frances Cole and Norma Lee Taylor. we reigned supreme over the carnival securing for our-selves t e rich loot of the Bingo concession. With generous amounts of blood, sweat and tears we blew our earnings on our Junior Prom. Presidents that year were Frances Cole and Barbara Littlefield. Another vacation and at last emerged the majestic senior class. There were but nine. Jim Perkins was in Twin Falls, Frances Cole in Kansas, and Bill Snow in the Navy. Burl Egbert was back from Burley. Our new member was Aileen Barkes from Longview Washington. we set about to put the polish to our education and to impress the unimpressed Juniors. we were destracted by the loss in quick succession of Berna Egbert, June Peterson, and Norma Lee Taylor. They left us for California, Jerome, and matrinony respectively. Barbara Little- field completed her work and did not attend school the last semester. But the valient six carried on. Carnival, Senior Play, Pie Social and Senior Ball were but trifules to them as they stood on the threshold of graduation and the selective service. Presidents for the final year were Mike Stastny and Kenneth Briggs. SENIOR ROGUES GALLARY Be it here by recorded the official deeds of the members of the Senior Class, Murtaugh High School, A.D. l9h6. ARSTEIN, MARK--Class president23 Basketball l,2,3,h. Football l,2,3. Baseball 2,3. 'Ihat Crazy Smith Family hi Class Vice President hi ll Club hg "Drums of Death" h, Band l,2,3,h. BARKS, AILEEN--Attended R.A. Long High School, Longview, Washington, l,2,33 Board of Control 2,3. Assistant Editor Murtonian hs Senior Class Secretary h. Pep Club Secretary h, Student Body Vice President h, "Drums of Death" h. BRIGGS, KENNETH--Student Body Treasurer 2, Football 2,3,h3 Basketball 2,3,h3 Student Body President 33 Murtonian Sports Editor 33 Murtonian Editor hg "let Me Out of I-Iere"' hg Baseball 3,h3 "M Club" officer h3 Class President hg Band l,2,3,h5 Valedictorian. EGBERT,BURLr-Class president3 Class Vice President 33 Basketball l,2, 3,h3 Attended Burley H. S. 33 Football l,2,h3 Band l,2,h3 "M Club" officer hs Student Body President h. LITTLEFIELD, BARBARA--Attended Pocatello H. S. z Class President 3- nlet M Out of Here' 33 Murtonian art editor 33 Pep Club President h3 "That Crazy Smith Family" h. PERKINS BOB--Football3 Chorusg Athletic Manager 3, Class Sec. and Treas. hg Uihat Crazy Smith Familym h. STASTNY, MIKE--Football 2,3,h3 Basketball 2,3,h5 Class Vice President 33 Baseball 3,h3 Class President hi Murtonian Business Manager h. HM W Blub hs HThat Crazy Smith Famdlyug WDrums of Deathn h. Salutatorian. PROPHECY I just finished a trip around the world and guess who I have seen. I met the now famous lawyer, Mr. Kenneth B iggs, from Glendale. He is known all over the world for loosing the majority of his cases. I also met M . Mark Arstein, the famous farmer. He grows a bigger and better crop of weeds than anyone. Can you guess where I found Mr. Burl Egbert? Well, he isteaching music, he teaches all the disccrds. I saw Mike Stastny teaching Judo to the Japs. Bob Perkins is quite the ladies man now. He is the general Manager of Harolds Place,Reno, Nevada. Barbara Igttlefield has become a great artist and handles adver- tising for Earl Carrol's Vanities. CEditors notej The author of the above, the former Aileen Barkes has settled down on a farm to raise football players. 'w SEN! QRS ,ang , Y' f 'tink' N fl 'as ' 4. L' 4 Q W V L I ' 1 L L L ' f J ' :- , x ES xii., X "ww A Q O B me ' x Q. XUX Mark Arstien Barabara W I Ai lean Llttleflcld ,iike Sta sney l33.1"k8S TXXOR : B f A N ,mf ff" l 0 X an J, 1 ffwjwe Garlaon Bob Daniels Vaughn Dewr Jack Fuller We f, ff I . f. ff IQUWQ ftfih uw . Q Y . l"l'l g 9 W A Q XX Xxx X . R . VXA LA" X' N . D: NN! I Nancy 'X I 'fl 'lr' f f QW M M 4,11 4 , fy. i . ..,,.. .A ,.,.. ,. , .,.,.,. , .. :Z ,. ,-.- 1. 1 1 as ,, My 'P if ' it ' N G is-:ss . 1' U N 'U 'v Q .ti A-q.X".,.g,4++++ gba H.. V 'f "'d'0'e we vw Qliflwila . Qrviille Krgigxhton 1 Frank Morrison Mary Lou Turner . fp ' 5? Q Q ' 'A A pw- sf -, wi , 1 Tx X K' ::. X if A, Q ,W M Utzahna Taylor . Ji ck Tolznan Hefty Tix-i gm: 'Vesta Ward , Hal Walker JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Joyce Carlson-No matter hon' many times life knocks her down shelll always EQ back up. Bob Daniels-He's a happy lad always re-Joyce-ing. Vaughn Demer-A large and quiet young man who plans to settle down in Oakley. .lick Fuller-The "Sage Brush Kid"-our choice for senator from Blackfoot. Nancy Halbert-Very active in sports. Her favorite? Berling Ruthe Herbert-Deceases. She entered the grave of Matrimony. Frances Hill-A delicate little girl with a yen for men. Orville Knighton-Immigrant from Hazelton, holder of the royal order of the skunks. Frank Morrison-Quiet, quick tempered, in fact every night he sees Red. Utahna Taylor-Immigrant from Oakley, rough and tuff and all that stuff. lhry Lou Turner-Can always be depended on for anything. Hal Walker- Hels always going Eid teaching. Vesta Ward-"Who said something about Arkansas! " Betty Wright-A gift with a Q2-my future. Dick 'Dolman-'Ihe Bible refers to a wolf in the fold. Well? Any resemblance to people living or dead is an insult. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Sophomore class started this year with Mary Lee as President .9 Arlene as Vice President and Larry as Sec. and Treas. we started with twelve members. Dick Barkes was the only new member. He transferred from Longview, Washington. we initiated the Freshmen the second week of school. we gave then an initiation party the following Friday. It wascpite successful and every one had a good time. The Sophomores had the food and the fish pond at the school carnivalg we cleared thirty dollars. The Sophomore assembly was extra good in fact we think that it was the best. we had some good numbers on it and we found out that the Sophomore boys all have very good voices. COf course we lou1dn't be prejudiced any. we all moaned and groaned when the semester exams came along but most of the class came out on top, Cor rather in the middlej. Second Semester we started out with Arleen as President, Oril as Vice President and Barbara as Sec. and Treas. we lost Betty Jo Reese at the end of the semester as she moved to Twin Falls. One member of our class, Arlene Hoffman, represented the school at the district speech contest in the original oratory division. we had a class party the second week in April at the river. The whole class turned out and had a good time. we also went to Banbury's the last week in April . we had a wonderful time. we have enjoyed our Sophomore year very much and are looking forward to being Juniors. . ni 4. 0 ' SDP!-IMO? E5 I' .7 .3 , mil 'I'-al .rm dh no 7, Yi an 3,1' 44 Q id Iar'r'y 'lzsqri U: Jn 1st.LSn 'exif-r' I reuu1-:fmt TI SUFU 5,51-ji' L00 .'9,z'f.OY1 'lice l'I"'Si!1F!Ylt fu-lem Iiof'i'rvzx lu-'cy'fM.u:"' 7' 'VFNH T.u"r1' lsen ,Il ,: Q, ..- .... .lx X , I , '. -lt K Mr A154 , LI Lair Dumer -V- K I :FA ". .Sr- :'fr"' " o':i':. . 0, E M1tt,y Iianublm ,F my ' vu -wu- W ki V-'i LJ 1.513015 V w ,Y-,Int Jw, 924711 1- f, yew 4-,ws-4' -S I-XIQBHS 340111-win 'tary me flfxrfrvn 'fs v "" .:. mary Lois Dudlfay fiadialymlv Chai A rx FR ESH MEN ' .Ifzrry EI! 1:'fff,1r'2?1 X P xx QEnKy s AN Frances Breeding Ar 4- IVR ,..-v' f sf :Sonny Lee QNX Q Dick Barkes CF. ,EiZE'l1i3 QUTE SGi'I9S'fmi'I' President Arlgme Hoffman Vice Fresident Ori! Tolman Secretary.: X: Treasure Barabara Peterson x 'afzwara Fe new-sfm X 3 ly e 2' X X A iff 55' v QQ 'Fig . a Q iewm izfilmte Cecil Adamson 5 ,crtm ,gl-, Parbzara Baiffil' .1 J . Jw .... ,wx , "N , VR 'fx . ' . l lb M ,A ' - x wr 5 i ' X , . 0 5 mis 3'3"-IU' Clisfforci Perkins Dick Fferkins Phil Johns on ,'Z"IH Q Q U lTH f J Q X tim "" TH 5 'fi-1 FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY On the first day of school, August 214, 19145, there were seventeen members of the Freshman Class. About two weeks later, we underwent the punishment of initiation. 'Ihe girls had to come to school with no makeup and straight hair. They wore logger boots, short skirts, blouses wrong-side out, and they had to bow to each Sophomore they met. That night when the initiation party was held, each Freshman was required to perform a consequence. When the party was over, the Freshmen had to do the dishes. Our class officers of the first semester were elect- ed as followsg President, Clifford Perkins, Vice-pres., Leota Willhiteg Secretary, Norma Hill. For the second semester we elected President, Norma Hillg Vice-pres., Madolynne Christensen and Barbara Baker as Secretary. In February of l9h6 the Freshmen gave an assembely. Some of the numbers were: a skit by Philip Johnson, a song by the Sophomore boysg a solo by Oril Tblmang a duet by Jerry Ellsworth and Barbara Bakery and numerous other numbers. At the school carnival Norma Hill was elected queen for the Freshman class. we have been very happy in our first year of High School and we hope to have many new members in the years to come. JUNIOR HIGH SOCIAL ACTIVITIES The eighth grade has not done much toward a social life this year. So far only three events have taken Pla ce e During the first six weeks of school the eighth grade had a party. They played games and ate refresh- ments in the lunchroom of our school. The second party was a skating party at the Murtaugh Lake. They had hot dogs and cocoa. M s. Walker and Mrs. Moyes did the cooking. The third party was a farewell party for Lloyd Thornton who moved to Eden. M . Walker supervised all of the parties. On May 3rd. the eighth grade is planning a trip to Boise. They will take the school bus, leave the after- noon of the third and come back the night of the fourth They plan to visit the penitentiary, park, Historical exhibit, museum, Children's Home, and Gowen Field. The seventh grade had a valentine party and served refreshments lice cream, cake and sandwichesl. we playh ed games in the room. we had a party for Mrs. Brewington March 27th. we bought a set of book-ends and a picture and presented them to her. we had an Easter Party for the eighth graders April for selling the most magazines. We played games and had an egg hunt. we played softball and had races. Prizes were given for finding the most eggs and wining races. A booby prize was given for the one for not finding many eggs. Faculty members attending were Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Brewington. 1 8 Thorue's Grocery Groceries f Meats f Hardware Pop - Candy Papers - Magazines For Prompt, Courteous Service TRY US! Idaho and Qrpheum Theatres The Place To Enjoy Yourself! The For Better CLEANING Vogue And FINE 'TAILO RING SMART CLOTHES See Babbel's 134 Sh h St. E . . . OS one ast Clothing Chmc Twin Falls, Idaho True- Friend of the Farmers Stores also at Jerome and Buhl Phone 842 Twin Falls CONGRATULATIONS FROM PLANTS AT 3121 A X 'rwm FALLS Q CALDWELL, IDA:-no 5, ,....- E FANCY sasos ,Jr Alll 0 BAN':ZZDMfffs'll2DDEuNms E Sf 'UWSIN FALLS 1DAHo BU F!! oe 411 Y SO 1 Make This Your 'Trading Place for Y G sEEDs and FEEDS Always in the Market for Clove-r Seeds and Grains ZAZQZLQ Q 'r'C E Q 110 ,..ff ", N1""f wp efan5 vvgmfg Qgf Q f Z an JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS The boys and girls had teams in both basketball and softball. Basketball was first. The teams were picked out of the seventh and eighth grade. George Blackburn was the boys' captain. The players for the boys were Norman, George, lewis, Bill, Blaine, Jack, Bud, Monte and Stewart. T The boys' first game was at Eden. There the boys beat Russell Lane the first night and Eden and Hazelton the second night. Eden and Hazelton had vanquished Greenwood and Dickson the night before. Our team had a doubly hard time because they had to play two games in succession. The ohter boys' games were at the invita- tional tournament. The first night Murtaugh beat Filer, Kimberly beat Hansen and Eden beat Russell Lane. The second night Murtaugh beat Eden and while the boys rested the girls played their only games with Kimberly and won the trophy. Christine Wiedenman was captain for the girls. The players for the girls were Emma, Wynne, Barbara, Kay, Frieda, Arleen, Christine and say Lue. In softball the boys chose as manager, Georgeg for the captain, Lewis. The girls elected Wynne Fuller as manager. They elected two captains once a week. These captains chose their team each time before they practic- ed. The boys and girls hope to play other towns in soft ball also. BASKET BALL 19116 'h6 Season With seven lettermen returning from last year, this was a fairly successful season for the Red Devils and Coach Walker. we defeated Hollister, Albion, Richfield, and Wendell. Close defeats included, Rockland, 1 point, and Eden 2 points in the second overtime with 6 Murtaugh players fouled out. There are very good prospects for a much improved team next year as there are only three graduating lettermen. They are Burl Egbert, Mike Stastny and Mark Arstein. There can also be much credit given to the second string for winning more than fifty percent of their games. Many of these players were Freshmen. The first string line-up was as follows: Mark Arstein----RF----Leo Turner Russell B1ackburn--LF-----Bob Daniels Vaughn Demer-----C----Larry Olsen Bu l Egbert-----IB-----Dick Tblman Hal Walke RG----Mike Stastny Dick Barkes was chosen as an alternate to go to the Sub- District Tburnament. During the Sub-District Tournament we were defeated by Castleford and Hazelton. RED DEVILS 0 QLUQQQ r,xUmAUQf1 L? C1341 1: P Z 2 E Q r.-,r1.LA 3 30 'HD KH .f CD S22 M was 5-4 CTD CUP was U1 H0 S1131 C3 5'-4 E3 v- xx 'IT bd be ca P-f :-4 ZA U. . A fffsgg , gh 5 V , Z 2 as xx QQ, , mf x xy' A X N x x x x W I small: U1 210 EZ! M1-4 '151 OJ -N.-. 'O O A Q - Xa' 14" ,f-Q 0 SH 5 f+ to :J 'M 4 A 575 1,15 my Q. lk! PKI? :Y vw' P3 Ui x 4 ' xx' f J K J P45125 F54 T5-1 Er' fl 16. mm x ,, Q :,. ,,. E5 wc: mv' HQ 'mm N1 ff 4 Fi Lf Y' Ld .,i C2 wg F7 . 3 Q 4, , Y M P15 ' A . HX Ya, A ru! QQ. il! NJ H fb Pi fn LH Ui CU FOOTBALL 19115 'I16 Season With the co-operation of the boys and the work of Coach Walker, the Red. Devils came up from the bot- tom this year to gain three victories. We defeated Eden, Albion, and Richfield. We can all be proud of the way our team fought. Some of the teams that do- feated us were Paul, Hazelton, Dietrich and Heyburn, all top-notch ball clubs. Heyburn played the champ- ionship game of the Potato Bowl and the others were among the strongest contenders in this district. The line up was as follows: Vaughn Demer--Left End-----B111 Wilson Dick Berkes---Right lmd------Sonnv Lee Dick Tolmn Center -r e s Leo Turner Mike Stastny--Quarter Back--Hal Walker Russell Blackburn-Half Bac Bob Daniels Burl RUBTV-1'-'lhlll Bac Larry Olsen 'lhe lettermen that are leaving this year are Burl Egbert and Mike Stastny. GIRLS' ATHLETICS Under the coaching of Mrs. Brewington, the girls Went into competitive sports this year for the first time since 1936. In the fall we participated in softball. The teams we played against were Kimberly, Albion, Eden and Dietrich. we defeated Kimberly and tied with Eden. During the winter we played basketball. Out of the fourteen scheduled games we defeated Kimberly and Hollister and tied with Eden. Some of the other teams we played were Hazelton, Paul, and Dietrich who were all strong contenders in the District Tburnament. By defeating Kimberly in the sub-district play off we were able to compete in the District Tournament, only to be defeated by Hagerman and Carey. With so many now experienced underclassmen we feel confident in predicting an outstanding season next year All of our players will be back but Aileen Barkes. Much of the credit can be given to Mrs. Brewington for the splendid work that she has done all through the year . K' Mary Lois -Q :stty ,Vwycg hnufer Oril Nancy T " S 4 U A U 6 A llecn Madolynne hry Lee Cantain Norma Q HTL. Brewington Couch Triple "P" Brand Idaho Potatoes Service . . . 'Plus finality We Pack We Pe k And Ship All Donna Mi P rf t Size Bag SS P k Dependable and Prompt Service S. 'Steve' Perkins Wire or Phone: Gffice No. 1 - Res. No. 2 BASEBALL Although there Was a hundred percent turnout,, the baseball squad did not quite live up to expectations this season. As We go to press, no games have been Won as yet, but there are two more scheduled games this season. So far we have been defeated by Eden, Kimberly, Acequia and Hazlelton. 'The positions played were as follows: Russell Blackburn Catcher .......... Dick Tolman Vaughn Demer .... Pitcher .,.......... Alfred Lee Leo 'Turner ............ lst Base Bob Daniels ........ 2nd Base - Mikie Stastny ........ 3rd Base Frank Morrison Short Stop, Cliff and Dick Perkins Larry Olsen ........ Right Field -- Cecil Adamson Hal Walker ...... Center Field ...... Dick Barkes Dick Tolman ...... Left Field ........ -- Bill Wilson We are rather disappointed inasmuch as this is the only sport in which We did not improve our record. Last yeawr baseball season Was our most successful. Foul Weather interfered with game and practice ses- sions. f wflfff 77 - "' :QQ 5 X SQQQX I Xu xxxw, My U XXX ' QW 'W x OE, 5 X WX 32 ff QXXU JUNK ll' 'NJ r X SA?-af E 'ix EN? f W ' -V 'w --- 'xQ'55'xX ' X: W ALL SCHOOL CARNIVAL Our all school carnival was a big success as far as financial progress and fun was concerned. 553471.70 net was taken in, of which 101 was given to the student body. The Junior Class had the largest returns with S180 net. The play room was the location of the event. Booths, strea.ers, confetti and people were all over the place. Bingo, roulette, baseball, shooting galleries and fish pond, beauty-traps, fun-house and cafe were all given a very busy time. An estimated 250 people attend- ed, spending about 32.00 apiece. Concession most liked by the children was the fun- house, and for the adults there were bingo and the base- ball throw. The hilarity went on until almost one o'clock. The food was naturally enjoyed by all. The queen contest at a penny a vote was won by Miss Betty Wright. She was crowned by Miss Barton. The recreation room was the scene of the fun fest and was by far the best decorated to date. Bigger and better carnivals are anticipated in the future. wa wish to thank everyone who attended for their active and beneficial co-operation. l SPEECH ACTIVITIES Our speech class this year was definitely a success. The three plays presented were enormously entertaining. The first NThat Crazy Smith Familyn was presented at both Murtaugh and Eden. The proceeds of this production was used to completely redecorate the stage. Paint and Kalsomine were every where in evidence. Number two UDrums of Deathn was also a success. The proceeds went to the Senior Class Sponsors. nLittle Womenu is yet to be produced. Proceeds are to be used for new stage curtains. In the District Declamation contest three Mhrtaugh representa- tives won the right to go to the state contest. They were: Kenneth B iggs, Original Essayg Frank Morrison, Humorous reading, Dick Tblman, Extemporaneous speaking. Others who competed were Mark Arstein, Dramatic Reading, Arlene Hoffman, Original Oratoryg Jack Fuller, After dinner speechg Burl Egbert, Poetry. A debate team las formed though no competition was entered it had gratifying results. The entire speech class wishes to express its gratitude to the entire student body for there helpful co-operation and especially to Miss Vivian Barton whose constructive sarcasm and CCatch your breathl able hands guided our classes toward per- fection in the lines of Oral communication and appreciation of the arts. JUNIOR PROM k SENIOR BALL The Annual Junior Prom was by far the most beautiful Promenade every beheld in Ye Old Murtaugh High. The extravagant decorations done in blue, greens and pinks conr plete with mermaids and King Neptune captured the eyes of the very large crowd who attended. In the center of the floor a huge castle dominated the scene. Queen Joyce Carlson, reigned over the evening. The Grand March which included all members of the high school was a colorful spectacle. Ernie fieed and his orchestra furnished the dovmbeat and the couples glided 'neath the waves. nUnderseaN being the theme, everyone was overwhelmed with the beautiful decorations. The eighth grade girls took charge of the refreshments. Two weeks' preparations were necessary, and a great deal of work was involved. The Junior Class offers it's profound gratitude to the faculty and all others who co-operated in this effort. Two weeks later the Seniors staged their Annual Senior Ball. The Junior Prom decorations were again used. The Seniors are also indebted to the Junior High Girls' who served refreshments. Bob Bai1y's orchestra provided the rythm. HOME COMING Murtaugh's first Homecoming was a gala affair that lasted an entire day. The morning was a busy time of preparation and people scurried about the halls and grounds at a furious pace. A tea started at 1:00 and lasted until h:O0. All form r members and all present pupils' mothers were invited. Refreshments were served and a program was presented. During the remainder of time the tradi- tional occupation of women prevailed. A softball game played between Eden and Murtaugh girls ended in a tie so everyone was happy. The girls' uniforms sparked the boys in the gridiron battle which followed. At 2:00 a football game between Eden and Murtaugh started its slow and muddy course where one player was indistinguishable from another except for the color of his coat of mud. Rain poured down but failed to hamper the enthusiasm of the cheering onlookers. Murtaugh emerged victorious with a score of 13-0. The day had a good start. Six o'clock rolled around and a banquet for the two teams was presented by the Girls' Pep Club. The menu consisted of tender breaded veal and mashed potatoes, smothered in mushroom gravy, complete with asparagus and vegtable salad. Ice cream and cake composed the dessert. Bicicarbonate of Soda accompanied the finger bowls. The dance at 9:00 was also sponsored by the Pep Club. Ernie Reed and orchestra provided the motive and our feet did the rest. The decorations under the direction of Miss Barton were composed of huge hill-billy scenes and comic characters reaching clear around the wall. Miss Nancy Halbert was chosen queen. TQ up N Pep Club 42 Rah Rah, Nancy Rah Rah, Mary Lou if M- C 1 'Lib Q1 '-fx fi: x 'W 'Y . 4" . --42 Q59 5 4 Q M, ,Ex A, 4 x Q all ,f ff az ,A ,Egg , . , 'Q Q . Em W FA K, 'gamma 221259, Q i . m,,Mmm K - aff mv , 7 'sf R 5 N , 5-H:'7x'S?,. , ,,.. . , 'il 2 5 X H ,un 'T rhfx ' 'Aw wi fm' 'T xx n , A ,i ,. A me elf! ,NX 'S wffyy' ,mf D . X 'EX fc ,ff ' 4 ,V 5,1 . my fu- . gg: Q!!! H: 'g N, ,, 5 , . 1 x 4 Yu. V -A Wap r 'EQ Q. , CJ' its f XIX ff V3 fefw J Q39 gm ,929 6 422-9 J weay I mix fy iw PEP CLUB The girls' Pep Club this year were excellent boosters of all school activities. Colorful torch light snake dances and pep rallies were only a small part of their activities. They financed and decorated the Homecoming and S1reetheart's Ball. Such an organization should be continued through the years to come. Officers for the first semester were: President---Barbara Littlefield Secretary----Aileen Barkes Officers for the second semester were: Presidente---Frances Hill Secretary----Joyce Carlson nW'CHB The UMW Club or Letterman's Club was a well organized group this year. TWO new members were admitted, Dick Barkes and Bill Wilson. Initiations were rigid but not fatal. An WMV Club assembly presented and participated in by all members was hilarous success. Officers included Dick Tblman, Kenneth Briggs, Burl Egbert and Frank lbrrison. H.H.S. BAND This year's band was the smallest for several years. There were twelve members at the start of the year but the steady migration of the population to points other than Murtaugh finally left us with only eight. Fortu- nately we had a fairly well balanced instrumentation. One reason for the lack of members is that for the first time it was composed of high school students only. All years previous Junior High Students made up a large percentage of the band. The band played at one football game and several basketball games. After one Joint practice session at Eden, the combined Eden and Murtaugh bands played at the Sub-District basketball tournament at Kimberly. The Murtaugh band also appeared at the Junior High tournament held at Mnrtaugh and also at several school assemblies. Final membership of the band is as follows, Barbara Peterson, clarinetg Joyce Carlson, saxaphoneg Kenneth B iggs, French horny Dick Tblman, baritone, Burl Egbert and Frank Morrison, trumpetsg Mary Lou Turner, snare drums, and Nancy Halbert, bass drums. Other students not taking band but who played with them on special occasions include: Emma Jean Halbert, trumpet, Mark Arstein, baritone, and Bob Daniels, trombone Much credit goes to our director, Miss Barton, who will probably remember her stay with us as UThe Discord in B .U W. B. Savage Co We Buy and Sell PQTATUES and CDNIGNS Congratulations to the Seniors of '46 For the Best Prices See Iohn Savage Phone 5 Residences P Dennie's Place SOFT DRINKS BEER CIGARETTES CANDY Wishing the Seniors of '46 A Happy Future Wright Brothers Service Station LUBRICATION GASOINE TIRE RECAPPING BATTEIES RECHARGED TIRE REPAIR OIL OIL CHANGES ALL STANDARD Products FREE AIR AND WATER BEST WIISHES PTO THE GRADUATING CLASS of '46 LIBRARY Our school library this year under the able direc- tion of M . Ragland made many improvements both in the system and the quality of the library. New books and up-to-date magazines and newspapers were welcome additions. An able staff under Betty Wright, who is the head librarian, is making the library a quiet place of study. This staff includes M ke Stastny, Larry Olsen, Bob Perkins, Hal Walker and Norma Hill. Hats off to this efficient system! ASSEMBLY PROGRAVS This year Lyceum entertainment was cancelled be- cause of the anticipation of a moving picture projector. Thus when no projector arrived we devised the system by which we provided our own entertainment. The assemblies were highly successful. Programs were scheduled for every class and club and excellent entertainment was the outcome of each attempt. Mrs. Brewinston, M . and Mrs. Walker directed their class assemblies and recreation was also provided by the WMU Club and the Pep Club and a speaker from the State Dept. of Education, Mr. Fowler, save Hvocational Guidancen to high school pupils. The assemblies were highly entertaining and even with our attempt for a projector should be continued at least in a supplementary way. ' ROAD OF LIFE As I was on the road of life, It branched to the left and right. One trail ascended the highest peaks, And the other wound out of sight. It didn't take long for me to decide, The trail that I would take. The one that led down, was easier, And not near as hard to make. I slipped onto the low road, And was fully unaware Of the sorrow and the misery That were waiting for me there! When I found my self a sli ping From the bounds of His great lbve, I turned to retrace my foot stepsg But, there was no trail above. The path I had left behind me Would be a lone, hard train to win, But I'd have to scale this barrier To escape the wrath of Sinl I struggled for a hand hold, And fought within the night, To save from utter destruction A living soul, still white. Now that I've gained a footing, I have a better view Of the hell I'd have had to endure If I'd followed the last road through Again, I stand at the cross roads, Roads on the left and right, But now Ifll strive for the high road And a journey within His light. Cecil Adamson zffvzffafng L. 1 , ,, :gl gf in Q . l' MH U' X 535 ' 2, L 5 1 4 Ng I Na V! its 3- E V1 "A - 1 'V ' V iw . 1. f w w X uv! ,xi Q . 1 i A in 5 5' 'I :I M , w HW W 'E i x H A..--AQ HK gi g7,:'z5 mAi lr yy TH M Hs- QQJ! - ,- W fl mars' .fi w imc. X X Q QA ,q HvvfRT0'5"7G- sf ' i 'f CHEAP fi! A'1 ' , I .' fir 'N KL G 5 sc, V X " 'SD Z I -3 NX if A-f ,.f'-' ig- "' 5' 5 Q Howard Tractor Company 121 Third Ave. W., 'Twin Falls Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Farm Madhinery New Ide-a Farm Equipment Fox Hay Cuftters Hardware Corneli Seed Co. Incorporated Wholesale Seedsmen Garden Seed Production Dept P. 0. Box 931 'Twin Falls, Idaho Williams Y ' D ' Ollllg S HITY Tractor Company J. I4 CASE Distributors Pasteurized DAIRY PRGDUCTS Twin Falls, Idaho All Sizes of 'Tractors and Combines Full Line of Farm Machinery and Repairs O. 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In 1812 "Old Hickory's "men' fBrought back from their country's wooded glenj One hundred and fifty Texans fought alone, Anonymous. At the Alamo in old San Antone QTill three thousand Mexicans killed every one, One hundred and fifty Texans fought alone, Anonymous. When we had to fight for our great Southwest, KAt the time of Tay1or's Mexican conquestj Some of our men gave their ultimate best, Anonymous. When Lincoln set the nigger boys free, CAnd Southern states didn't quite agreej died too, Hundreds died at Gettysburg, with Grant and Lee, Anonymous. In a harbor off Cuba the battleship "main", CProtecting our Southern shipping lanej Explode, and two hundred and sixty were slain, Anonymous. In World War I, in a muddy trench, CSick with death and the dead men's stenchj Pershing's men died to save the French, Anonymous. Now, 'Neath an Egyptian stray plam strand, CMarked by a white cross stuck in the sandj An American lies dead for his native land Hels Anonymous. Richard Perkins THE MURIAUGH INSTITUTION I SAID IT AND I'M GLAD As I entered the Murtaugh Institution for the Frightening of Little Children, I found it was UFullerH than usual because they had plenty of NJackN to run the joint. In the torture chambers below we saw a man with a very UBlackburnH and we had to HRussellH to escape his screams. Then a woman whose clothes looked Iike she canefrom HRaglandH and her shoes showed she was a "Walker" came "Barks-int" down HFTEII3 she thought she was a dog. We almost decided we Hvaughn-tedn to go home, when we heard a roar that sounded like NLeoN the Lion, But it wasn't. It was a man who wanted to "Mary LouTT"FIe knew this was impossible, so we decided we Hwilhiten, Her in the attic, but it was too conspicious, so we hid her behind the nHillN. And then we found a WTaylorH, who told us to NReedN a book on good clothes. We asked him what Ee was doing here? He said he was nJohnsonH and was put in this Hwardw, and Nmorrisonn, was put in the NLittIeIiejdU where the HSonnyHweatEer was. I then found a character standing on my footg I said aet HHoffmanH, but he said, UI'm HPetersonH and I don't have to.H When I asked his first name he told me, HNapoleon,H I asked him, NHow much iron in the , bars?H He declared, NAbout a HBartonH. A pretty girl came along and sat on my uStastnyH and said over and over HAhl that wonderful HBrisgsU. I put her Hack in her cage and went on. I then found another man who was an H01-sen-ern and wasn't worth "Knightin" so we "'Dolman" to throw him out. I was so mad I played my " e" and sin'E'7'ffTn dying of going the "Galloway" and drank about fton" of beer, and re-"Joyce"-ed abou't'1KEHole thing. Then I felt the HLois-tn. I had felt all dav and went to HBleiH a new hat, then I rea1'iT5'E'v7erything w sn't "'fIrifzht" and decidedin is well with HEllsworthH and went and jumped oyer a HCliffN dedicated to NPerkins Bros.U 3 Blasius Cyclery Aulthorized HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sales and Service Bicycles Locksmiths Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls Feed and lce Co A. M, Sande, proprietor P. 0 Box 903 Twin Falls, Idaho ABBCTTS Rowlesflvlack PLUMBING 8: APPLIANCE Company Farm Pumping Systems Water Softeners GOOD CLOTHES Oil Heating EDI. Radiant ,Heating Stokers Furnaces Plumbing Electric Appliances Twin Falls Gooding MEN AND BO-YS Twin Falls, Idaho Warner Music: Company Band and Orchestra Instruments MUSIC ACCESSORIES RADIOS RECORDS Conn Band Instruments Twin Falls, Idalho Doss' Exclusive Cleaners 232 2nd St. East Twin Falls, Idaho LUSTERIZED CLEANING STA-PRESS PRESSING Krengel's, lnc. HEAVY HARDWARE Industrial Plumbing Electrical Supplies Fairbanks Morse Pumps 210-220 2nd Ave. S. Twin Falls, Idaho H. C. 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TO 'THE HOSPITAL Blacksmith We Do Dee Pace WELDING AND Sales Company GENERAL REPAIR WORK MURTAUGH, 1DAHo BARGAIN TOWN l' I ' Ster lng Jewe ry Covey s COII1p21t1y A Coffee Shop Bank and 'Trust Building TTY OUI' Twin Falls, Idaho CIHICKEN ' and Hamilton Silverware SPUDS Bulova Registered Elgin Diamonds Truck Lane Gruen Keep Sakes Twin Falls, Idaho x G A G S In the first place the author should he wearing them instead of telling them! Girls, when they went out to swim, Once dressed like Mother Hubbard, But now they have a different whim, They dress more like her supboard, ---Whose C0m1Jlaining?l- Sk Sk Ik DICK BARKES SAYS- Stealing a. kiss may be petty larceny, but "Oh Sometimes It's Grand." Ik 8 :lf MR. GALLOWAY: Now. pupils. every morn- ing you should take a cold bath. That will make you feel rosy all over. Any Questions ? MARK ARSTEIN: Yeah, teacher. tell us more about Rosie. 1' lk Dk LADIES SKIP THIS The following is unfit for publication. I asked the editor to destroy it or lprint it upside down, Z. OHM SSHI10- 'pfeaq .leq uo pums 01 peq aus 11 'MOIIQUIOS 'JHO 11. DUB p,6qS THI11 AABIIX GM 'peel Ap'ee.x1e S811 aus Iueod sgql leqg, AA:-aug!! H 01 lien 12 ieq mm em MON 'moqs go pupi lseel exp .laq ent? nod JI 'MOQSIIIOS mo 11 p-up Hens will lei una uoj fmouli 01 1011 lqino aus Butqqeuios S31 'uemom B Seg.1.IoM 112111 Suiqleuxos s,e.Ieq1 gr il li i Here's some "parting" advise. folks: "Put some water on your comb." Ill 1' 41 Nolw, folks, here is the best one yet: JERRY: The next best thing to being loved is loving. All work and no play makes Jack, period. 41 Sk Ik Heaven ,protects the working girl, But heaven, I fear, is shirkingg For who protects, I'd like to know, The fellow she is working? -MIKE. It Il ll HINTS TO YOUNG MEN: Remember, the stork is the bird with the biggest billg The only two that can live as cheaply as one are a dog and his fleag Love makes the world go round, but then so 'does a. good swallow of to- bacco juice. -BOB DANIELS. IF 'll 1' The gal who thinks no boy is left good enough for her may be right, but she is more likely to 'be left. 4 1 8 Whatever trouble Adam had, No man could make him sore, By shouting, when he told a. joke: "I've heard that one before!" ek 11 Si NANUY: You'd better watch your arm! BURL: Don't lworry, it knows its way around. il il 4' It's hard to part with those we love When our hearts are full of hope. But its harder still to find a towel, When our eyes are full of scalp. McVEY'S McCormick Delering Farm Operating Equipment Sales and Service Repair Shop MOTOR TRUCKS Phone 17 7 Twin Falls, Idaho RECORDS You'll find your Favorites at our Large and Modern Record Department: POPULAR CLASSICAL WESTERN Claude Brown Music Sz Furniture Co. M A X Wool Bags P l K Fleece Twine Ranch Wool Twin Falls Idaho The BUICKSALES AND SERVICE Sawtooth Co. Miles Browning Minneapolis Moline Inc. Farm Machinery Successors to BRQWNING AUTO CO. Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls, Idaho For Prompt and Courteous Service See Twin Falls Bank and Trust Co. Member F. D. l. C. Egbert Seed CSL Supply Co. DISTRIBUTOR OF Building Materials Phosphate Feeds Seeds Coal DEALER IN BEANS GRAIN SEEDS Murtaugh Grocery Variety Store SCHOOL SUPPLIES SOFT DRINKS FOUNTAIN SERVICE GROCERIES MEAT LOCKERS MEATS CANDY ond GUM ' COSMETICS For Better Service f- Try Us! Mrs. S. J. Perkins, prop. Phone 23 Detweiler Brothers EVERYTHING T0 MAKE THE HOME MORE PLEASANT G. E. Appliances Phone 809 Twin Falls, Idaho Electric ' Thanks. Bakery 'The Class of '46 QUALITIY . Wishes to SERVICE Thank the Advertisers SATISFACTION Twin Falls, Idaho wlho have helped to make this Annual a Success JU TO QJMPHS ,CQ .r- 1 - 1 4 :ills .f me-f g.5ffi1f: f -!'!'vr.',"'. 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Sa... r'-:Ji ff'-,,-7: fa 1' 15-:wif .1 , s -gf. -- f . . . -. A, X . .4-.51-,J . , hav- ' 'V W- - - ffr-2 K-1:1-F1-f .1 r ,. Y Y .. '54 , P ,-, , 7- ,-.1.,,.L , . ,,.-. ,. .7 K ,v W , A. . . 4 I ,

Suggestions in the Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) collection:

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 83

1946, pg 83

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 80

1946, pg 80

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 6

1946, pg 6

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 82

1946, pg 82

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 71

1946, pg 71

Murtaugh High School - Murtonian Yearbook (Murtaugh, ID) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 59

1946, pg 59

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