Murry Bergtraum High School - Montage Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1988

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Murry Bergtraum High School - Montage Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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NW diff? 'VW ff? N Q4 x xp 5 My 4 .l A ti ""'v-Q - l"' . if .9 rx- 2 'g',' - in E ' . . V fify X Y gf. ' , -f K ' Q ' ew -' Vi' 34212. . Ya-Y-A1 , Ewia 5 QW, 1 ' 'fgil r We al ig, 1 5 . 1., 725 'i f if, :in rg . ,. ' 1 'b L n-'44 Wifi I Q ' an- un.. :rn m.-new .gn-in 'fl ' je WF, x.,, Nfwt iw, X T ' wg-fg-1 ---f ,xv-'.ff:.f-v Q. .. 1 ' 2fQ"'f:fifY'QX fl- V l ai- Heist-4 A X Ng: A K ikiwx 13:1 .X . ui f A at - " . . k . x x x x N i V.. MN... - ru. an . 1... 4 ' xnxx-1-.n 1. 3 p mx -vw' L.5..' x x ,,.....f..,.v--v-rw X' N, .....,.N-w ,mf . v 1111: ' , Y,x ffh1?-' - " h , 2 gf: 113' Q R 'ANM,,,.....-e-f' ,. H ' ii' x f - Q25 I '94 ' 4 ""'f'l-'QQ' ",, IQZVQ ii?."f?:i2qLQ..,lL Y ,fi 5 " 5 fs ,, ?f'9'ffA , Q' . V.: ,g 5. - V' .DA U ,7 ,wg -17-.'Z, ..1, 7,-, "Z ,3g'i,f7, ' , , fl '.i .15',IiT'IZ'?f 'VG' 1 V? 224 11137, .Q gg ' ' f '?f',1,f1f,, '7'F'5.A T' ' 3, .'l?4:?i'4'-v ' A " I "L 1 ' f' , ' 77' IT!7!f:1p'J'7':1"" ' if fl if .. fw-51.4 . L. M. A Mawr 4 43.22 ' ' 4"""f""' ,2,1ifngj4Q, ...,m-w.w , 119' iifjfj - . , " f - Q f'3gf"'4 " f x " 'fiJ" - ' . W ' .gf W - ,iff " W ' , ' 5, igi1Q j3, W,wM:-5 gif-333 if 13?-L5?9g3..g.a:Q55-EQZQ593 1 ' , I 1 gv ' za f .,2,,,, ,.,, 1 V -g-- V g . , ' gggfp ,Z """""'A7" Tw? 1, Q bbw. 'K paw, ' , . U f ,. , , f ,,,.f , nf- . .W fyfy . M ,M .. . wail , X V ,Zyl W, , I ,, 71, 5,2 l ,Z , ,.H, Y f, -xy. K LV4- 1.1 A Q .V .L,::kkji.w-.i,l,:t:,, 45 H ' . ' ' V f ' ., , new "" , " , - f Q 1327 'f " , f , 2 ' 'V ' 1 7 , ' k ffffw- " 'Af H 'ff' " " EH 17 ffllf kf:,,, ' "4nL"Z7. ff :F .1 , ' ,W jg, '11 if , ' 'f.' ,wi f' K 1 f ' . 3 K mm ' 5,44 "51:f2 " fgi ' , ' 'S f, YZ ,X Nj M "WM" ,. 4 Q.I431f4'9'il""'fW I 'iggj-5'h.fE 1 ,, , ., - 1: 44 'aff 4 f ' J ,I .V " ' 5.-1. Q,a,w A K zz ,f, K. ,, ' jf: - '12,-f"'Q,gjfirE H I , all VI if A f i 3'-'fa ' ik' 3 17V".1W'f' 'Q' 'K . 5: 'fr 9117 W , vw fi 3 Wg . b 34, : ff W . 'g'g"iLLJK ,.' , r ,.,. fi ' ' ' 'ff -' 1. 3 ,Mfw ff 1, f . -hw-N -, I' 1+-'M ' V .A , f 1 ' ' -, 1 -, , . , V, . H jflm , , H f, fn! 1 g em. , 4 ez.. H 4,7 ,,.V IM, ff, xg . I ykrv! I 2 ' 7 j I , -f Ii, gmf ' 3:3134 I ., ' 15 if f V 5 H J f , 3 ,V I , ,,,, ,M :V , ..,a-14041 ,Q -4 4-,A 7 V, ., 0, ,Q iw, '-- 424, Y K, ,I ' n M, , ' -1 ' ' , ,,.. ,p.f,...aa,w'.S2 , ' I I I I I I - S, A ' Vb.. 15 ' L A X ,fe K x X ifffw -ff 2 3 TA Presenting The Class Of 1988 Barbara L. Christen 411 Pearl Street Principal New York, NY 10038 Change comes at an ending and brings forth cz new beginning Official Classes Administration 8: Faculty Clubs Sr Or anizations Athletics Student Activities IW--- .1,,-L...,. MONTAGE ESTABLISHED 1981 Co-Editors Katiana Guzman Kasandra Pantoja Faculty Advisor Ms. Donita Ellison Technical Advisor Ms. Susan Picker Photography - Layout Editors Billy Chan Jenny Chan Copy Editor Lucille Whitelock Office Manager Marisol Santiago Advertising Manager Christopher Torres Photographers Colleen Brown Blanca Chalen Stacey Grange Kiesha Owens Karen Richburg Lilliam Rivera Christopher Torres Layout Staff Rosa Calle Natasha Carter Toya Pigford Iohn Davis Guillermo Feliciano Nicole Thomas Zakeha Gooden Karen Maull Copy Writers Lalyba Dawson john T. Hamilton Deidra Drayton Evelyn Hernandez Mitchell Malpica Hadyla Mendez Christina Moloney Erica Smith Office Administration Tisha Montgomery Frances Rivera Yvette Rodriguez Eileen Velez Shannon Williams Marisol Zapatero Michelle Rios 3 fl, CAM 0 7988 ear ra uafeo 6 an-ge COI7le5 af an en Ln? an FLYL95 orf CL new eglflfllflg. 0 many f Lflg5 are ell Lil? yOu? L9 5C 00 CLy5 9044? C L y0bLl' ,9 CLC? LULf LII CL 5fI'LLCfLLI'e paffern f af CL5 eflf Ol' QI' fo y0bLl' J A . H, 50 many are QQLYLFLLVL9 C0 eg? careero new l'L2I'L 5 L,95 new ,96Lllf6l'l'L5 BW lU6Ly5 of g 9 L COI'l'Le 5 f 656 C 6171965 ffl 6 P CLC? Lf L5 900 fo P6 ecf OI' CL PL9 fllfle 0I'L Wlldi WL flfleafl LVL g0llI' LU25 Ll'5i 0 G f ey IYLECLYL f af y0bL CLUQ C0l'l1,9LtQCJ Wlfh 5LLCC655 CL QIVLCLIL LVL? pl'0gl'6Ll'YL 0 0 uCCLfL0l'l 011 CLUE peraevere GLN!! clone we CCOIQJ y f ey I'l'I,eCLI'l t df yOU, WL! 2gLI'L fo f 0ll f af 5LLCCe55 an 6Uef0,J Kllfille Lflf0 CLCLZQVL5 CCLIJCLLA 0 6L55LLl'7'LLl'L9 l'e5,90l'L5LLL Lty f 20156 veo all U ao Ol' of 6 5 OM. WL 6gLI'l fo C0l'LfI'L ufe fo f 6 50CLefy f af C45 l'l,LLI'fLLI"2 5014 ,JCL fLCL,96LfLfl U1 Lf5 eC0ll0l'l'LLC e pe you o Ana fy an uno zcza y fo yet' w ere you are :ve flzan 5 fo f em fo your feac era menfora an uamefm aaaocaaieo n f e afnraf an w ac L' ey yave fo you gave fo L' oae Lelunol you e rea y fo reac ouf fo a vue fo cnofrucf fooe w o come a fer you f geryf aum an fo yuzale flzem a ony f e way aa you ave Leen yuuleal Keep an mana, fllaf cw: zzahon ca A or cooperafzon f e very eaaence o aucceaa u zvmy L6 aa my mn f e y fo na olefori an A arealfoy nof e a ra: fo ywe Ln a waya fo i oae w o come a fer you ollzlfe flue ,anoenax a new L e rz5e5 on f e ea o L' cl .145 you y eef your new L e ao you move rom en fo eyznnzny eep wzf you f e eaoono earne ere af eryfraum eaaona L af fauy f you f e Lynzfy o wo f e Joni, J ymfy A55ll'Lg5 g0 Wlf yOu SNCGPQ y dvmfmen o e f as QJ , HA J Jeff, L'-" .SD If J' , lfll ll KJ , IJJILOOJ, f 'lf J AAJJ af-4,44 A-nff, , J' JA-, ,W -f we . AAI. Lf,--Jfffz-W -J - J- 51- ,ffm A A - J J JJ -.yn J M5 A4 1, -n- LJJ 1, JJ r- -- f - --J for 1, f Jf,f1Lf.y-Jr .4 A -114 J Ly r.. .g.. . Efe' .145 you refdzcf on your fime llere af geryfraum, Leep in rnincl file many ,mapa wlzo llave HJ ,J-J J ff--J, A .Q 4 L, ll, JL' -.,9!,"'lf,flL ,' It ' :L J ll , J', - 1, 1, J C, ,J J ' f ll 1, - .J ' - EL J, F2 J JA -.gba Af-J -- J 1, A f . aol: flzeof. r f .1 A - - ,zz -1. Af f JL J? , J A 1. AJ- ,WJ ancllz ofi '. OWL ' 'L - . fy SENIOR COUNCIL The Senior Council is on a mission to bring about change. The purpose of the Senior Council is to establish policy and organize the activities for the senior year. The representatives meet at least once a week, collaborate on various ideas and establish committees putting these ideas into action. Activities such as senior prom, trips, senior day the blood drive, and various fundraisers are the result. Without them our senior year could not be as special. The graduates of 1988 thank the Senior Officers, Senior Representatives and most of all Ms. Barbara Esmilla, for their hard Work. I f. x - , . .i '1 D ""' 59? . lint T WTT ,. W Officers Cleft to rightbz Top Row: Benjamin Davis -- Treasurer, Ms. Barbara Esmilla - Senior Advisor, Iohn Hamilton - President. Bottom Row: Michelle Rios - Secretary, Kasandra Pantoja - Vice President. Top Row Cleft to rightbz Ms. Barbara Esmilla, Ienny Chan, Nydia Gonzales, Renae Campbell, Monica Fernandez, Althea Iohnson, Shirley Coke, Dena Lynch, Lashonda Blassingame, Katiana Guzman, Shawnya Patton, Denise Green, Michelle Rios, Lorinda Rodriguez, Tamikia Severwell, Nyesha Davis Bottom Row: Lyba Dawson, Crystal Dailey Charisse Todman, Charlene Gayle, Tisha Montgomery Bonnie Blair, Iohn Hamilton, Benjamin Davis, Lucille Whitelock, Christopher Torres, Toya Pigford, Marisol Zapatero, Lubabat Alabi, Tonia Roach, Udean Mars, 8 Kasandra Pantoja, Tonya Loadholt. lr 6 l Officers Cleft to rightlz Steven Diamond - Treasurer, Zabrina Wright - Vice President, Mr. Robert Sinclair - Advisor, Tanya Marie - President, Iennifer Howard - Secretary STUDENT ORGANIZATION The Student Organization is one of the most important in our school. It maintains and fosters clubs, teams and activities which are already in existence such as the drama club, basketball team and the talent show. It also sponsors trips and fundraising activities such as the day trip to the Amish Country in Pennsylvania as well as the Valentine's Day Flower sale. The SO's important source of communication is its representatives. These representatives make sure that information gets to the official classes correctly and efficiently The SO sparked school spirit with various entertainments and had its most successful year. Mr. Sinclair, SO officers and SO representatives are to be commended for a job well done. Top Row: Cleft to rightlx Tina Canteracus, Althea johnson, Ramon Coriano, Iason Nanton, Antoinette Lett, Aisha Henry Myra Vargas, Iennifer Howard, Sheniqua Branch, Bottom Row: Yaquoi Moore, Corey Williams, Toya Pigford, Ambrose Outten, Steven Diamond, Wayne Fraser, Lucille Whitelock, Tanya Marie, Zabrina Wright, Kiesha Owens, Mr. Robert Sinclair x CFFI wQQ nm9 5 . . ,M -N, ., u WM4 325 2 qyjgx gggLgQM '.5,i- ' ','vv, ., 4-5-5 41.54, 5150, I ' , , f+hQ Nur G :fi A W ' , O O 0 W , is MP Awww? -xx 1 ' A A-.Mlm if lk. -4. ,r w:KaF? 'M " iEffg.:F'-AL-13,3 'e 4: .f ,F 5. , 5.x . 4 My x X ww. -.Qf:':a:. ,v , 4,1-, , , f V !v fi4F's , 5599 p,wMf' -Yffffg ,ff .ff-Y.,--.fn,..g ' r QQQLQQQ x 5 1 XwN1ck 5'2fef 1-14 :M,g::c,1 ,gf ,lggww , .,4,.,,, ,M ,4,,,,,4 4.., M4 ,4 , ,M f , , , f , fm., W, 'ff -. ,. w,,l.,., ,wif M C AL CLASSES H fggggqrygl .., ,.....,. . ,. , .. .4 . Q.. , ,. .. .QL -4' -V . .-.. f"'!-- e-f.Q,. -H Q' 3' . - - 9-r-'-:gf RX ' 3 5 iw , .Y N.. ,. . W . .W . . Q, fix. . i 11: - .Q ' jx. 5:16, .. . .,, ' - ,K,fL .qfg-.. X-,5 .5--Q , K Q..- .Xv,x . , A .. Q5i,s'q.5.F "L, f-1: -. .gf -'i 1 A A -- - .V ,fx Q 1: 5 -.3 X 3, Fw? 2.5 C S SN?-A - . N. iX.,XL.,,., .. . . : iL..N?. ,.3.,.,...3i..V Lxsir S - w -,,X Wf,:-.f . .. 4,-.fu 3 WSW ,, ...fx--b .v -. .M . ,, X. M' Q. - g..Qg35,, 'S-L - xi .' SN" .f .gg .gy gr-rl, -K ' A ' - ' S' '. 2 2 ' , ..,4,, . ,,.,, ., .,.. f ' -'VN ' Az.. -.1 W 'X '7" " 'W ' 'i .,..:z4.:: - '. .... S 5 i Q1I.,.Q.l,Eifgii,l1 "bf-.f,,4e.,.,f fa-fy-Awgfmrk ---- .. S' . fe. 1. . Y-wwf.'Q,. . - -rf .2r..fF-S45 mx ' x Q? - ' .SS. . , ., ,,.. ,, 4 f, f 'iw -' .,...,.,.,-,..,..f.4 A+ .. ,-f , , ,L,,,. ,V ,V ,. , LA Z ...,.,8X!l, S,+..Ql-r f 1- f 'Nf"'?"f--vp +-,.:,.... , A r 1 ,, , ,7,,?,,,,,1, 4,1 hw -- .w..--' ...... pa Top Row Sabrina Smalls Nelson Rivera Derrick Steele Iohn Davis Nathaniel Hall Pamela Williams Stanley Chang Middle Row Michelle Rios Charisse Todman 5 : ,-Q . f'+ 'E S- ,X Paul Deiana Stacey Grange Stacy Andrews Nicole Rhodes Lashonda Blassingame Katiana Guzman Ieanette Acevedo Bottom Row Ms. Noreen Begley Rita Rodgers Shukmei Lee A class 1n 1tSC1f, striving for the best. fit I I L I -1 I wifi Reis Mi" ' L.,-3 , Sandra Ioann Scretchen Stacy Thompson Valeshia Dobson Hadyla Mendez Susanne Aballeira Erica Denise Smith Not Present Ioanne Molina Ioanne Rella Brenda Sylver --..Lh f--w.-...... y R MX L xi, This is only the beginningp the best is yet to come. LQ! 11,5 9 Top Row Ramzy Mohamad Ambrose Outten Sondra Gist Christina Moloney Anna Perez Yvette Rodriguez Not Present Shirley Coke Charles Gaillard Tanya Theophilia Guillermo Feliciano Middle Row Ana Mendizabel Crystal Thompson Veronica Brown Mary C. Harrigan Bottom Row Ms. Manuela Quiala Marisol Santiago Marline Hope Elizabeth Graham Nancy Negron Ioanna Kellman Brenda Taylor Trevor Green Mercy Wilson Iamel Iones Maribel Roman O2 Vf'f1r?'i 'iw :ffi 6593 U? if A fra, -Q Being in school in any type of weather makes 8803 a class that will always be together. Top Row Lawrence Galloway Ir. Sheldon Ellison Brian Moore Middle Row Nicole Williams Tracy E. Thomas Anita Moffett G Rose Cantelmi Makita Lee Bottom Row Ms. Iudy Mark Altagracia Ozuna Iulie Rivera Nancy Carcamo Rosa Morales Yolanda Cartagena Not Present K. 'ix Topea Haynes Yun Li Viola Sally Madeline Valle Iacqueline Johnson N X ' 133 Top Row Tonia Roach Karen Maull Alberto Rodriguez Thomas Waldon Monica Fowler Ngozi Osaenwete Zaileen Washington Jose Guilfu Natasha Carter Anthony Walters Sharlene Huggins Warren Daughtry Alice Ng Robin B. Williams Bottom Row Middle Row Ms. Sylvia Buxbaum Eileen Velez Rosetta Smith Nancy Fong Linda Hailey Angela Clasp Carmen L. Ruiz Toni Laureano Shinese Macklin We've come a long way Frank Hernandez Rodney Benson Renae A.M. Campbell Vanessa Brown Lim Siet Leng Jimmy Barcia Not Present Shamwatie Adhin Gillian Haynes Alicia Montalvo Taisha Laclson 0 4 l ll Top Row Kai W. Ng Dianne Thomas Pedro Rivera Oswaldo Arvelo Iames Shepard Damon Siu Robinson Benzan Middle Row Dona C. Mitchell David Chan Jesus M. Delgado Paulette Robinson Christine Stork Detra Foster Triniece Summers Antoinette Lett Michele Gaskin Keesha S. Ogburn Iudy Seto Bottom Row Mr. Michael Lypka Fazela Brasse Diane Lopez Marica A. Mcgill Ines Salas 1-3 abt i'it 2-2"' .ff f liwfflf The world is our stagep now it's time to act on it. ...M Ieffrey Falto Monica Fernandez Renee Ford Vanessa DelaCruz Juanita Menzies Sabrina Mcbean Liz Cobena Andrea Noel Not present Yui M. Gong Sherlon Ligon Ioan McCormick Eshwardeow Roopan +I, ,, 4, .W , fi img. ""f"wnn...k Top Row Karen Mack Daniel Lee lan Wescott Marisol Zapatero Leslie Barclift Middle Row Evelyn Hernandez Pui Hai Lo Andre Ramos Michael McNeil Tara Hunter ig . Delphine Fawundu Fei Shirley Wong Bottom Row Ms. Maureen Christie Landia Chung Tak S. Yung Mimi Cheng Hon San Wu Pei Pei Le Tarin Washington Not Present Griselda Antigua A Ioe Bernard Nancy Huertas Kwong Y Lam Yu K. Lee Latoya Maturine Charles Nichols Marcus Wilkins Angelina Mandracchia Kamri Hopkins Moving on to bigger and better things. 88 I O O I I ,' F ,. A ' 14 W. l 4 1 4 l Top Row Benjamin Davis Donna Slack Steven Diamond 8807: In a Class By It- self 18 wggE'N:v- W-- Andrew Brown Richard Montgomery Marie Guillaume Kenneth Miller Middle Row Denise Green Desiree Crawley Mike Gutierrez Margaret Burgess Tabitha Ross Max Ruiz Victor Lee Frances Rivera Rosemarie Patton Bottom Row Mrs. Dian Bailey Alicia Paschall Nicole Thomas Suzette Peters Sandra Vigo Delisha Ligon Dianna Gonzalez Alvita Iackson Kenclell Burroughs Renee Grant Not Present Wai Ching Chong Daisy Wong E . .. ,s s.. A-'xx 4 TOP ROW Marivel Placeres Diana Mack Ianis Stewart tiiliiihiitifaies gZIQfO1?'ag2jfafjn Gregory R' -Payne Francine Willock Lucille Whltelock Jared Walker Tanya Wheeler Deanne Wilkerson Ana SOUHHO Middle ROW Bottom Row Althea Iohnson MT- David Chase Shawnya S. Patton Angle Phlfef Carla Morgan Carolyn Rowe Rhonda L. Reid Ramona Semilia Iennifer Pena Michelle S. Roman Not Present Iudith Perez Iulie Trieu When we're good, we're bad. When we're bad, we're better. 88 19 Lil Top Row Pamela Phillips Iennifer Green James Flannagan Kalung Chan Michelle Pitcher Leslie Hercules Eric Morales Middle Row Annmarie Studley Lisa Ramos Ieneen Gregory Tonya Gomez Lubabat Alabi Tanya Baum Angela Diaz Bottom Row Mrs. Alice Ioyce Blanca Chalen Lorraine Guidice Angelica Adonia Melissa McClam Taunya Butler Sandra Feliciano Not Present Lalyba Dawson Kasandra Pantoja Alice Colon Darrin Garcia Devlin Ponte Efrain Camacho ann 3--we 8809 - WAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME! Numero uno, ,yoga F 'ffglfiiil We won the race - 8810 is getting out of this place! ,J L gg Top Row Thomas Roberts Heather Banyai Chung Ha Velvetta johnson Ho-Ngan Li Suppachai Bharksuwan Desiree Shields Showaun Lowther Gus Davetas Hongzhuan Hu Jenny Chan Wayne Fraser Sau Kwan Cheung Kin Yin Ling Wan Wah Kam Nydia Gonzalez Sandra Wilson Aisha Lucas Yuk Yin Leung Not Present Terry Ng Bottom Row Victor Albelo Middle Row Irma Olivo Tiancai Fong Lisa Hui Amy Wong Ms. Myrna Rodriguez Todao Tran Joanne Santiago Causandra Smith Sue Chung Paifei Kong Ken T. Cho Li Wen Mo 5 slvixl Top Row Crystal Dailey Towana Miles Teddy Lee Colleen Brown Wendy Bernhardt Myriam Collazo Gary Taylor William Powe Ronald Reid Ioel Alvarado Angel Badillo Terri Harris Lee Pabon Arshale Pierce Kimberly Crawford Millie Sotomayer Lilliam Rivera Shannon Williams Bottom Row Middle Row Mr. Ioseph Large Lily Wun Rosa Calle Maxine Robinson Marie Lucas Tara Basdeo Tasha Butler Natasha Fields Yolonda Yates Carol Burkharcl Darlene Ienkins Vicky Vazquez Starlet Hunter Michael Ablaza Not Present Astred Clarke aw 'it 2 "Veni Vidi Vinci" - Julius Caesarp "We came, we sam we conquered!" Top Row Cathy Bruce Vernice Massey Gwen Gathers Sydney Moshette Freddie Torres Jacob Weinstein Dionne Pickering Middle Row Rui-Wen Lee Karen Richburg Isabel Cacho Roslyn Ramirez Kitty Wong Wendy Gutierrez Not Present George Colon Marc Fisher 1,u,,,f., ., ..,.. , ...,,.. ,Y ...vrrr W 88 Since we came here we had to show and prove we passed our classes and fell into the groove. Top Row Toya Pigford Ali Iones Iohnny Wong Elsa Knibbs Iason Morales Ianine Larnrners Cora Nelson Middle Row Taris Poku Elizabeth Chew Rosanna Lau Ianet Sewell Eric Pagan Mitchell Malpica Michael Ng Lisa Santiago Teresa Dunbar Lourdes Fernandez Trina Walcott Karen Ioseph Hilda Pacheco Belinda Medina Bottom Row Not Present Mr. Stewart Davis Lizzette Pagan Patricia Vazquez Theresa Rosado Lily Hum Minnie Smalls Stacie Matthews Brian Wright We're all about business. r N i z i TOP ROW Dana Richardson limmy WOI1g 5tePhaHi9 Weston Richard J. Arnalfitano Nyree Brown YaquOi MOOIG Michelle Touzalin Sherese L. Robinson Dana Frazier Cesar Marte Corran Givins Twana Best Niqgle Baiiey Lisa Bell Michael King Tonya Loadholt Laurie Cortijo Milton Otero Jeannette R, Igseph Rosa Larraz Kong H. Chan Eiiida Lopez Evelyn Gonzalez Middle Row Bottom Row Not Present Pamela Chin Mi, Riehafd Levine Nancy Almanzar Crystal Leon Eveiyii Ffancg Addis Davis Hilsia Hernandez Anjelica Rivera Iohn Dixon l 1:15521 D . 5 1 1 1 .t Top Row Yvette Mendes Nigel Pitts Richard Go Thomas Hunter Iudy Oliver Ianine Eiley Zakeha Gooden Middle Row Kysha Iones Cathy Barker Michelle Henry 3 Iacky Tran Renee Serrette Charlene Gayle lkett Davis Chi Wai Woo Michelle Mussenden Bottom Row Damaris Carrero Siu Ping Young Olivia Arthur Anica Antolos Cynthia Roman Erricka Williams Martha Grant Winnie Ip Amy Hong Not Present Damarie Acevedo Michael Colon Bernard Hall Iae Hyopp Lee Edwardo Lopez Mr. Ronald Menist We've only just begun - the best is yet to come! I 25 'SW -ui' Top Row Karla Glenn Marlene Saez Chiu Hong Kong Sam Daniele Alice Ho Samuel Liu Ricardo Pinnock Sherise Chapple Anthony Torres Nancy Yu Cherie Washington Robert Duncan Milton Gwar Nyesha Davis Steven Roldan Oneida Nieves Maria Colon Christopher Archer Bottom Row Not Present Miguel Fernandez Dr, Phyllis Krasnick Udean Mars Middle Row Dawne Griffin Elizabeth Montanez Evelyn Martinez Dilenia Hernandez Gladys Perez Myra Matos Mercedes Garcia Clement Sealy Michael Cumberbatch Nobody does it better. 88 16 27 i s 2 'ti S LI ttll , , Wi' Top Row Dena Lynch Tyra Simmons Iason Shum Sean Porcher Lai Wong Kwong Chu Hung Long Chan Middle Row Io May Tsang Aileen Lam Cindy Lee T x Wilbert Adams Noelle Winnengham Lai Yee Chen Marcus Padilla Ramon Arroyo Catherine Ma Bottom Row Pamela Sweat Iudy McMillian Carolyn Culzac Wanda Matos Chia Lun Huang Michael Parrilla Debbie Lew Sheila Washington Not Present Chanique Ansaar Louise Chin Sandra Mitchell Yuen Gon Ms. Barbara Cortes V "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step" - Lao Tzu n-mamma--. Top Row Lynnett Brooks Dewey Gong Ioseph Pastor Maria Rosario Christopher F. Torres Tanya Marie Kiesha Owens Christine Lugo Iohn Hamilton Middle Row Bela Patel Maria Medina Wendy Figueroa i vmnmq Elizabeth Pienczykowski Bernadette Carter Nadia Cheung Alan Hom Corey Williams Kane Lee Ericka Blackwell Where everybody was somebody we made the difference. Jennifer Howard Denise Seegobin Beverly Daise Bottom Row Ms. Margot Iohnson Lisa Lanzi Eva Hernandez Gislene Perales Hadyla Mendez Billy Chan Wai Ping Chang Monica Diaz Patricia Appel Theresa Tan Mr. Allan Vogel Seated Denise Cruz Erica Smith Not Present Deidra Drayton Helen Cheng r 4 P ii" "ef'. . , ss I 29 you LU 111- f""' I success! Top Row Brenda Albaurn Yolene Pierre-Louis Sharon Prince Elleanora Barber Lisette Cruz Middle Row Monique Padilla Corinna Choy Antoinette Mason Sharyn Belisle Kim Barrett Bottom Row Tiajuana Weeden Magaly Torres Wai Yee Chan Back Row Vivianna Rivera Iustine Monsen Damaris Marrero Betty Collazo Deidrea Woods Sabrina Bugett Front Row Robbin Flake Chris M. Chi Wendy Colon Lorinda Rodriguez Blanca Cosme Ana Anchundia Yuet H. Lo Lorena Mojica A brighter sufcess in 'OG Not Present Tracy Au Yeung Marcus Bailey Neil Barrow Michael Belifore Kenneth Cameron Ernestine Cates Brian Cruz Aaron Gonzales Patrick Halpin Ianet Hernandez Yolanda Lacquer Marcellous McCollum Kimberly Tate Cindy Walters We work harder for our future! 82 88 ,- f Mrs. Ruth Brown Ricardo Bourdon Not Present Nadira Parboo Amalia Hilas Larissa Andrews Anthony Tirado Ir. Ms. Jane Eisen i , ,, i 2 s 32 L WHERE ELEVITQ fffg, 1 , , X3 A n 4:1 1. .".j, . L' V fn .V ., LI ,f v- 1 'Q ' 1 fy' 1,41 , . ff . I 5521, nf' ' ,M fa, L f 'f iffp ,m.,,.f,,,,.0,.,,.mwf.-'-- , ff , I 1 , J X , if I , ' 4 , QA r I I 5, 4 1 Q , ERGTFIAUFVL W rj 'M M --ff 1' , 1 f f V: 1 f . - 'pf 5 M-.I -W J' 9 1 ,,, " ..... 33 A9 J x I :J c. C7834 1 N ff gg QS? 12: w 1 Q55 .,. : qw 5 fffs fff fe--,F 'Ty ' ff ,igifrvhg X AD MI FACUL N TY I TR T10 TURN WE UW I ,- ff' J img, , ' ,. QL Af . nf.: .Y , f ff f ff, ' f , ,f,g I-M , , V ,,,, ., ' :f4f'.4.g Q W,-, , , . , v,,,k', V ., , - mf, f, f H ' 4 ' ' ' ,QL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Eileen Petruzillo Interim Principal Fall Term Dear Seniors, TO DO IS A DIFFERENT VERB FROM TO BE TO THINK TO FEEL TO BELIEVE TO UNDERSTAND TO HOPE ' LANC-STON HUGHES said: HOLD FAST TO DREAMS FOR WHEN DREAMS GO LIFE IS A BARREN FIELD FROZEN WITH SNOW Be involved in your own life, in your community Be doers but hold fast to dreams for it is our dreams which make life exciting. It is our imagination which sets us apart from other living creatures. It is our determination and perseverance which turns our dreams into realities. Dream and do and know that I join the faculty of Bergtraum in wishing you a world filled with love and fulfillment. I enjoyed being part of your Senior year. Cordially y ,. 1 xg- f 7. errant, ixtffacqtrtev 36 l I ff' I v Ronald Pollack Assistant Principal-Supervisor Iack E. Cohen Organization F r Lester D. Zimmerman Charles A, Gibson Activities and Development Pupil Personnel Sefvieeg Lester Zimmerman, advisor, teacher, Assistant Principal and still so much more. Mr. Zimmerman has been friend and helper to the students of Murry Bergtraum for ll years. Rushing through the halls in a lightning quick stride, stopping and scolding a student for loitering and the next day helping him solve a problem, Lester Zimmerman is a great and caring man who means a great deal to the school, but even more to the students. He has dedicated 20 years to the educational system, and we the students of Murry Bergtraum High School are grateful he did. It has given us the opportunity to meet a man who never gives up, and has instilled in us that same determination to succeed. We will miss you Lester Zimmerman, more than you will ever know, Although you are retiring, in our memories and in the lessons you have taught us. vou shall forever linger on. ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Frances Adler Special Education Nia X Barbara Budner Secretarial Studies Information Systems Technology P154 A . , 2, ,A ,, Alun xi' Edward Berg Social Studies ' as . 'J fn X ,fmf ' f-,gr 1 'if sf.f.:q,. I s f-' 5,35 .V v A ,-,, -fi 3'-Ii MW A W X 5 A S' BX' Peter Eisen Gail R9iSi11 Accounting I Marketing! Art X Music EHgliSh Securities Sz Finance 37 'f-ar' V' ll x"3"f K' .rs f f' X , f"8e X ' X X S Fred Hakim jean-Pierre Halioua Physical Education Foreign Language COORDINATORS Sandra Lausier Hearing-Impaired Y Martin Rosenman Antoinette Seandel Grace Julian Mathematics Ar i' 'Y ,Ci x 'G i , JOSE-Iph Spadaro Science Special Education Computer Science x '- px GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Donna Cartelli Barbara Krauser Seymour Sheren Sheila Stamper Anita Walker Claire Weinberg '67 .-...zuqw ' ff f f,wf'f " ' J ffwf? f fr' ff wma ,M ., " Stephanie Aiges English X Mary Bernstein Mathematics far ' " T' ,4 xr l J 1, - -A -LLL, Etc h , t wp. A ' -" 1 lie. ' v e , - Afltflf' je'?'l 5,2 as-ff -1 113 ., ' V' l ' 1 'S g, ,f r 'X fi-I' Y J' ' 7 A I I 1 5 P Sylvia Buxbaum Computer Science Maureen Christie Secretarial Science 40 l l 1 Q a me . x , M1 , ., f F K, f xx N 7 we, H! ' f Q if e 4, S. 1 asf!! f-Nw x - A M ,,1,v' V! I I It 1 f X- I ,Nr X XX C4 54 i ' I X 4 x get I f Ioseph Annunziato Laurie Arbeit Dian Bailey Social Studies Special Education ML1SiC V ' ""502f'7?ff'??f?H gif- za. - - , Jwwf 'br L., ""?f' ' - ' 3, -t ,H YQ, . . . If ,,,f,14 4' 4 , ' 'fm , 3,,,?4,. , , Ii ., -, I f, V3 I , -P ' w-,ff 2' ,W 4 S a ff riff? ig ,J-'vi' 1 Q, e H, 5, ,- f A ffm 3 3, f 4 ff ,.-1-"X f 9' I fi' " 7 t f K iff , f f , , ll Melissa Berthel Secretarial Science tn r J I n 'IF' Qin- X fy, f'a V f f it A. Hx- V X . E ' sf 1 XX ,FX aft-'N',w'.-' . .' m ,ff V ' j f Barbara Boorstyn Mathematics ,,,.c":-1 Margaret Boutin Art , ,,,,..,,.. M Jacqueline Banks Special Education 1-K, Ruth Brown Hearing Ed. Services xx ' Rosemary Cato Amy Chan David Chase Carmela Chirico English Secretarial Science Mathematics English f' Christine Coakley Barbara Coates Kathleen C0rr Science Computer Science Health and Physical Ed. .-Q ll JR- Martin Deas Social Studies joseph Cummings Stuart Davis Social Studies Mathematics Judy Cucinotta Computer Science lf Jane Eisen Hearing Ed. Services Mary DiServio Secretarial Studies Ruth Dorfman Social Studies as ff? I f Donita Ellison Betsy Escobar Barbara Esmilla Barbara Factor Art Physical Education Physical Education Computer Science '-sf F B ,J s, ' e.. gl - V, up I lx iff. , , V ' i ss Fred Fielman Mildred Fishman Phyllis Friedenberg Phyllis Gabel Legal Studies Secretarial Science T.V Production Secretarial Science fOr Nilsa DeLaLuz Secretarial Science john Elfrank Social Studies 'V' F' jack Feintisch Computer Science 'W' 3" Z, my '42 , , ' 'i'?55ggf?5 'ui , V , f., I iii iff 1 Iermaine Garden Science 41 ll. A ' ,r3E'.: Robert Gentile Accounting Larry Gutman Mathematics I 'L Mack Hunt Accounting , .i I I Q l iz' 7' l6"F lf N 1 I K Q , , - 4 I 53,64 fl lx' If g ax I n 3' fists- Q. f ,W . K 'EL ' Likf 9 K 9 ' 4 K- K If 3.1 9 Sonya Kleinhenz Special Education 42 g, - f?b- ,z v 'K la Leslie Gerchick English Ioan Hazzard Computer Science .ffl Z6 -Q.,-X ,UT me Irene Gianacoplos Gregory Gubitosa Idealina Guerra Secretarial Science Social Studies Foreign Language Edward Helig Special Education W '- f". P? "' 'f , 4 1 E' qmvri f 1 , , x Sandy Hiller Gloria Hoffman Accounting English Margo Johnson Maria Karambatsakis Alvin Klein English Para Professional English '-H36 ' 'ff 'Rei .g, 2 E v f J ' " 'f' l ' , J ,,.., ' 53 2 X , ,i,, i f yy Y In lk X 2 i,,4 ' it i fl , V fl Vkwk Dr. Phyllis Krasnick George Latimer Richard Levine Claire Lipschitz English English Marketing Special Education :Q Mai Ling Liu Connie Lupo Michael Lypka Foreign Language Secretarial Science Computer Science PS1 fav - f Judi Mark Health and Physical Ed t'ae t 2415" ' ' . 'E 'YT' V , i aaci , I 6 if 2 , ! ts 152 ' jf' 1 'Pu ff , if ' if ',-, 'Egg , 5 viii' V27 5 liffg. . ,,,, ,I ,, shi? 2 I 1 sz ef: 'Sol , ,, , ffl F' 2, ,gwjlyjfff , I: 15324 , h is f ,,,,,,,,,1,,, ,,,,, 'rp gf., 414, gf 5, 5 41, 2 if ,, ,gg 1' 4nf,:11:,fc 4 L. 5111541 :Mu L joseph Negri Music ft sa 17"- if 1 ii l M K Ronald Menist George Millman Social Studies Accountingflnvestments Ted Nellen Bethann Oxendine English Special Education Diane Mannarino Special Education 1 aff, pptr 1 , Tara Mohammed Health and Physical Ed. Philip Panaritis Social Studies HN Michael Piane Susan Picker Diane Plusch Foreign Language English Physical Education janet Marcus Health and Physical Ed N Phillip Mott English rf . I, Q Eleanor Phillips Secretarial Science f ff ff 'J 'f f :H',,' 1" ' '777',W"7' :'.f"z'f:1vi7z's:'f ,WM 21412 - a EJYEK9'fllf,'i25fL-1' ,f 7 - Qlyflvfflifl ' '97 V f , 4, .41 ,v4f f'J ' f ' ' :L J. if f,f2?! , f fff f Z If I james Pointer Special Education 43 M 11 Manuela Quiala Foreign Language Leida Rosenberg Mathematics .H ,,5.f, 1 ' , f ,X as ,, ,, , Y J, ii!!- K fu, X Michael Serif Norman Shleifer Mathematics , 5 .fn l,,,,f' Accounting ' A' f'j gj,,g ii fu mini- ' A i ,.weiwV . ,.. 4- 1. -1.2 'tal' Saga 4 , ' if I B, Q ' .rv 'E :y M F' w na v ,,, .N , . tx is L7 David Sucher Social Studies Barry Spielvogel Physical Education -.-2 ! l I if. 2 Sheila Toma Robert Tomberg Accounting Accounting 44 XXV' I In ? M FE fig' : 1 , . N , Z f .S Q X p GN: f ' A S 4 f YI ii ?J4 S I David Salvador William Savarese Stephen Sebba Foreign Language Special Education Mathematics I Robert Sinclair English 15 '1f,.J' Mary Sullivan Secretarial Science Natalie Tucker Special Education Aix : E x-lux "z..7' Gloria Solomon ACCOuI1tiI'lg Science Hedda Spector ,U , tttt S at t w,wvf.,y- fa! 9 gvgwef . ' A gf g W? '?::! f ' Peter Swanson Howard Taubman Accounting Mathematics 4 'ilu Xp.,-f-0 TORX Ufano Alan Vogel SCIENCE Legal Studies -.1 - , . it L .. -1, K . i l il i l if .. 1 w K wg'-li: K a i L t. 0 5? y , --459' xx 1 K Z .iN-.' I 1 ,,f 5 r T , -, l 1 I c r ' S - 'T . A i I l . ff! :xx ' N 1 . l -.1 Z' . 1 Bergtraum's very own mild-man- nered physics teacher, Mr. How- ard Schott, searches for the for- mula for everlasting youth 1 which has eluded science for cen- turies. Leaving no stone un- turned, he even scrutinizes stu- dent homework!! ff 1 0 1' ' ,, g , sf , ,,,, L., '- y 5: P. I 11 'faux M Throwing all caution to the wind, defying scientific method, and ravenous for his morning coffee, Mr. Schott courageously of- fers himself as the experimental guinea pig. I 'il 2 :gud-Q I Convinced he has finally ar- rived at the REAL formula, Mr. Schott carefully mixes the chemicals. ?'?gfzyLL1LLiLg.J' " K if af., .....,. E . f .. Q 5135? E ' ""1., www li . Z1 V. " , . , . , It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. if , g . . iff. H - it .. . ,.. , "' 'gf 2 ii U 5 'fi' 5' We 2 :f" ' . I " 1 'def ga K rj t 'fig my Anticipation rises, as the chemicals react with each other. -may We ...Q I I 5 . A , f, W 12.5, na Oops, back to the drawing board . . . james Wakeham Social Studies Faye Smiley-Walsh Secretarial Science Lynn Weinstein Special Education Ben Wong Real Estate Toby Yaroslawitz Special Education Joe Yoen Science Ellen Zablow Science gm 8 2'--U F:- 'Um 5: Sa mm'-l KPU mid WPT' UOOHw l"F"'-H-ICD f 'f 1 745 Librarians Milton Steyskal Betty Schlissel and Glen Natkins Laboratory Specialist i School-Based Support Team: Annabel Brodie, Frank Dody, Larry Lingard Roberta Finke, Lee Feurstein In a class by himself." Anna Bell Paraprofessional Carolyn Robinson job Counselor Catherine Henihan Laboratory Specialist and friend. ,, fgaggx ' -5-ww WW ' V Leslie Selbst Science Teacher Rosemary .Burgos Paraprofessional Gordon Ashley Manuela Castillo General Office Marilyn Kovat Secretary to M11 Cohen Connie D'Addona Secretary to Mr. Gibson WHO KEEPS BERGTRAU GOI Clare Kelly f A e an y fl ' fi Estelle Hoffman Kathy Keindl Secretary Secretary Secretary i 1 Marilyn Leiman Denise Lunetta Sylvia Meyers Secretary School Transportation Secretary to Mrs. Christen M 414 Dorothy Rescigno Marcella Santo Evelyn Vaccaro Susan Vaccaro Secretary to Secretary General Office Payroll Secretary Mr. Zimmerman G. Ruth Nelson School Attendance Keeping Us Healthy Gloria Savage Health Aide G, Custodians: Frank Pedretti, Benny Roman, Danny Brick, Marty Giove, Glenn Thompson, Bill Garrison Keeping Our Halls Immaculate john Rabuse Custodial Engineer Keeping Us Safe And Secure Clarence Williams 1' ,, F 'l-5-'ta-u-Ptk nf? f .-L ., Q4 Jeanette Chisolm 3 , K M Abdul Karim Rashid Happy To Serve You Cafeteria Staff: Charles Davis, Ruth Bailey Grace Rosiner, Steven Cortez, Barbara Ortiz, Sarra Gelberg, Fabiola Murissi, Iudy Keys, Melina Falletta, Iackie Robinson Q Last Will and Testament li llii-TT rr J .. ."ii'l. I E the students of Murry Bergtraum High School being of sane mind and body do declare this our last will and testament. We hereby will our heirs the instructors of our high school and its future students the following: . Schott - A junkyard sale and an unlimited supply of coffee. . Escobar - A lifetime supply of plain M8rM s. . Elfrank - A new set of drums. . Toma - New College Accounting books. . Plusch - Free Time! . Ellison - A lifetime supply of Peanut M8:M s. . Aiges - A couch . Sobel - Unlimited credit at Bloomingdale S. . Esmilla - An unlimited supply of Charms Lollipops. . Millman - A companion for his dog. , . Marcus - A class that can keep up with her. . Garden - An unCUT supply of film. Zimmerman A speedometer Mrs Cortes Happiness with baby Mrs Picker Prfectley writen copy Boorstyn A squared circle Stamper Five interns instead of Three Levine A Pen that doesnt make zeroes S1ncla1r An organizer Rosenberg A Mets jacket Cohen A third hand Mrs Christen A school swimming pool' M B H S Aworking PA system and a working heating and ventlla tion system Also a copier that doesnt break down To Future Students GOOD LUCK' Future Montage Staffs Awordprocessor a working typewriter and a Xerox machine May these gifts be used in good health and joy' With love and thanks THE CLASS OF 1988 -2 Mr , Ms ' Mr Ms Ms Ms ' Ms Ms ' Ms MI' l Ms I Mr Mr. ' - . Mr. Sherwin - Sneakers that don't wear out. ' 'D Ms. - ' . A Ms. - ' ' ' . Mr. ' - ' ' . Mr. ' ' - ' . Ms. - ' . ' Mr. - ' . 1 q WW MEM. saw K . M2 AN ZATICNS au" ,gm ,,. V-., 'Wf- , I 'X W Hag V' QQ?" "IQ" 414, , Tw ' W . 15, ' grifif' QA ' f f K4 wv Afyw gf 991 'W ,ff ' -X,'-wiv' fmQQ,3W 494505, ff- fmfbfuo -fu ., naw , 5 f, "-WV ,441 " ,"'V"!'4"., ' "fff 'ff' Aw ' "ff,f4'+,, x ,1?+2+m,,f Www gimp f ,W f iw, 'Gf44Q.,,0, ' , ' 5. j, ,Q f4Q4,,f4,,f:,': If P421 mfg 7 .. 9 1y7W4g:,,ff',' WV, ,,,,,',, ,,..,ff,. , 1, ,St A X W... f A - ,,.,.,,,,,,aQQ-ffufuwfwm ,' , K ' , .,,g..w,f-,.u:4' , 3, 1-,,,yns.A-aw X 's-WW' "W"-m"f""'f' ,,.,,.,.-fmmswswffwgewf ' A .,,,,.mawlnf", ,: , ws:4?4jf'f,:"',,,n,,,,,,,,,,,g?3f-1ffz11bMfv""' . W. .qfwspfragi-wg: -f""N""' Q .-g -I ' U - 5,4 , .Jag J. 4 V 5 , . Y . -- ' 5.454 ,,,,,,.,ww-.ffrk-V? '-Y - V ,,,.,,,,.M,,,Q,..,,', ew, .. f . .,h,:,,.,,,,,,,'-fiff .. 7' 4 gxffgfn . I ,MM - ,v,..,.w f , v an ,Q 1.1 ., , wmfr'-1-W ' V, f'm"'g V, K VW,..A.,,,1.., ,,,..,,, 3 , ' , T f , , k'km3?'T6 .J "My" ' V . , - f, 1awl,7,'?fVf' f 'A' ?':,iw"",'3'-'MH ,V ' ff-f'Nf7""' I ' ' -7 , .,W,4.a.. ' , L ' , ,. Q " ,,,.,, ,NWN I--'N " ' 1 1 -M +V- - A' ..wM,.. ,iff N, ,. , -ww ,' ,, W, K I , , W .. -Q 1,-nf-ff'-' ' " K' " , ,, ' ' ff , 1-ffffff ,, xaa,,w2l ' Lwwm , v '-"" A' M .. ' , ' . vwf"+"2'I?f" wwffifw 'f Q11-affix . X.-RW., ..,, ,,..,,,,MM1w - , ,Quran V , fy ,mil . W, ,,M,.,-wwf , ,, f- -h 1 ,,, ,,Q:wWf"bqg,., ff K -. ., ,3,,,.wQ',:4f,3 " W ,,,,,,,,.,- ,f ,.4,, - ' ,. " ,M f f t ,., rf fri w .J , ,,:,.,-f""' " f ,,,,,M,w1,:f.,.?,WVW f- ,,,,.,.4,,y,f--fs'-'H+' ,W ,Z ,., - Wx-,,,.,wwwvf? ri,'.,.,,Mv--ww" 'fs 'hr '- , Rx, . Q, W' '-f.,,,fw' - ,, ,f A I 4, , w- -,mef.':'..fMg ' , ., - ,,,,,,. , ,,.,.,.,m+n1 '- , , , M., ,z ,L 1 ,, , fvwfffv'jg,,,,wfv-,f,g,:,.,,,, A ' ""'x""'W 'V x ,rw-: wifi f2??4Zlf9'1f'f:i'1Ifi'ff5"'w'TT""' V Q'-4 J ,LZ51-fzifjfbft. ::.Aifl:wvP"' . ,,,,ww"f"'W "' . f A -- jf, L ,, "L ' ., V " ' , ,,,, ,, Q ,,.,.mf,wW-X , Z...1,,4.v-Wffffl ' 1' ' ,pvr'nF"'W""Y' ,,-.'-"'7"f'f1' -1 ,, ,V , M , v,,,,.,M , , ,-sr ,f,,,fW-asv" W .. L,,,,,wff"" , , ,.,.g:,44Pf'f:wzY+i::'v" ,-N M' 'llixww :www A--ffff L' ' ,,.,n-ew, "" XMNHY ., .k.r I A I . :mv ,.,.. . , kxnx X "-1. X ,. I WA M ,,,, , , f if , A. - --., N - ,rw X' .M '52 ' ' ' 2 .,,ZZJ-K , , ., ffm, -, , .W Q- A Q9 am -, M yy , M. 47 , ,,, ,, MW, f 1 ,, ., -43 , , ,, ,, i ,,,, , f fa ,,.. , wff.. Mm ,' waz. 'Y f vaff,y.33, , i ,f ai 11 , +':,:, ,, , -I f 4. "vw, f f v:1gq,":-f1QAgW,,,,j ,- , f4g,w,,,, ,, VV f ,yvfl ,z Z ,, g 4y,,V,4 .,,,:ef,, -W png, , , , ,,",,, , 044, ' Wa. f, 1' ,A fin gb, xy, K' fep,'-fm, 4,5 f '25 2, ffl mn-W 44. f ,f Q WLM ' Will WW: '- 'f ,','7v'f ,,, , j g , ,V ' 'WWA . A 17fA.0L,?' 'i'V'-iffy, 'YZMQM' '.y WM' 'Wm 'M, 'fm 5 ,vrvhf ' 2?f4,1jw,a In Q 4' 75, w,,5j1,W ua' gm, , 452'-77Tm4, w, . 3,?m,, f W4 ,vw ,WW ,.,,47z,1,w, , "'Mg,,,,ff'4gp,,,194Q!, ,, JM, ,' 'Wa ,f W, fa, ,,, if 44 v. ,,, 'wfwy I um, my J jaw wzify, ' , ,fd WI ,Q f ,4 4 Qwifn, W, -14:31 WV-,X ' ', ,f 'f wg ,' 1 V 'X , I ,Qfyv H, MW if ,g,',K'4'w,. l , .vm J-'f.v,y,y,'9H' 4 '?u,' "Pu, Q, "' J!4Ww',-f- 0 ,f War: W4- ., aj ,M in., fn-u., ,fm S64 ' Zzgghn .,..w-f-f .,,.n-w' '4' ' . ,A t, Mgifwif , , ,,,f: .qw .umm ,, .,,- - f' 51 Top Row: Ms. Leida Rosenberg, Carlos Serrano, Ion Christensen, Iavier Mateu, Rajendra Victor Gangararn, Christopher Torres, Nelson Rivera, Alan Hom, Michael Henderson, Bottom Row: Bela Patel, Eeron Redhead, Leslie Barclift, April Barclift, Maritza Lie, Not Pictured: Ioanna Zagulska ACADEMIC OLYMPICS For a taste of mental gymnastics, it's Bergtraum's ACADEMIC OLYMPIC Team. Coached by Ms. Leida Rosenberg, the team presently holds a respectable record. Meeting twice weekly for academic workouts in February and March, f our team competes with other city high schools matching knowledge and wits and having a great time. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Merit, scholarship, leadership and character. The NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY stands for these qualities and strives for them. Always cooking up something, the society held a bake sale on parent-teacher night which helped fund the "Alumni Homecoming." O They are also involved in activities outside of the school, such as joining in the March of Dimes Walkathon. Top Row: Suzy Chen, Shukmei Lee, Leslie Barclift, Charisse Todman, Kasandra Pantoja, Christina Maloney Arnaldo Veloz, Antoinette Lett, Nancy Fong, Elizabeth Pienczykowski, Tera Vinson, Elizabeth Chew Robert Valentin, Wai Ping Chang, Third Row: Nelson Rivera, Rose Cantelmi, Gon Yuen, Suppachai Bharksuwan, Roxanne Gabriel, Miguel Fernandez, Ian Wescott, Serina Hunter, Samuel Lui, Richard Go, Dana Frazier, Lucille Whitelock, Milton Otero, ChriS Torres, Second Row: Katiana Guzman, Ramona Semilia, Karen Ioseph, Sui Ping Young, Kitty Wong, Pamela Sweat, Bela Patel, Pamela Chin, Denise Seegobin, Weelang Theresa Tan, Renee Grant, Yuk Leung, Io May Tsang, Debbie Lew Veronica Casado, Mimi Chang, Bottom Row: Kane Lee, Yu K. Lee, Betty Li, Hadyla Mendez, Diana Gonzalez, Ines Salas, 52 Pui Hai Lo, Chi Wai Woo STUDENT LIFE CLASS Row 1: Roxanne Gabriel, Lorrie Sinclair, Khansa Jones, Yvette Rosado, John Lau, Chonda Gilmore, Julia Small, Nellie Quiles, Row 2: Alma Franco, Bill Lyong, N evja Smalls, Angela Peter- kin, Darrell Goode, Mr. Rob- ert Sinclair, David Wun, Bil- ly Gomes, Javier Mateu, Kathy Lugo, Connie Rivera, Camera Shy: Tamara Cruz, Melikssa Andujar, Giovanni MacDonald, Alexandra Quinteros, Denise Lightner, Jenny Chan, Kevin Otero. BERGTRAUM AMBASSADORS The BERGTRAUM AM- BASSADORS: they travel far and Wide in search of the future! What future? The future of Murry Berg- traum! Visiting as many ju- nior high schools as possi- igyg ble, they speak to the stu- ? dents about the value of a Murry Bergtraurn High School education. J -, - - .Lx , Isl ary- . I ' ' ' k, Ron Reid, Core Williams, Janine Eiley Billy Gomes, Christopher Ilgniellnlgggvia?VgijfgglgliggossZlNIilllle'dC3uIile1s1?claciz Cobena, Jimmy 5Garcia, Veronica Casado, Sandra Vigo, Connie Rivera, Kfaiza Jones. Michelle Rios, Lorrie Sinclair, Debbie Lew Angie Phifer, Amy Hong, Row 2: Mr. David Sucher, Chonda Gilmore Danielle DeLosa, Alma Franco, Mitchell Malpica, Taris Poku, Jennifer Howard, Hadyla Mendez, Gislenenljerales, Patti Appel Julia Small, Row 3: Angela Peterkin, Sherese Shepard, Astred Clark, Renee Khoury Eric Pagan, Bonnie Blair, Kathy Lugcl, Lynette Brooks, Stacey Grange, Nevja Smalls, Udean Mars, Cora Nelson, Yvette Rosado 53 ' I Mr. Ioseph Large BERGTRAUM STUDENTS NAMED On December 14, 1987 twelve of our Marketing Majors were honored by New York City Affairs Commissioner, Angelo I. Aponte. They were appointed Honorary Consumer Affairs Commissioners at a special Marketing assembly CL-RJ Tyrone Cuthkelvin, Iudy Hsu, Tara Cheeseboro, Mrs. Eileen Petruzillo Clnterim Principal, Fall Termj, Diana Pardo, Mr. Angelo I. Aponte, Yvonne Chiu, Chiu Ng, Doris Chow Sarah Morning. 54 Ml- PEER GROUP TUTDRING The Peer Group Tutoring Program, coordinated by Mr. joseph Large, helps students to improve in Math and Science and also prepares them for the English RCT's. The program establishes a confidence and trust between tutor and student. The participating tutors are Anthony Aparicio, Ericka Blackwell, Miguel Fernandez, Samuel Liu, Bela Patel, Nelson Rivera, Denise Seegobin, Ramona Semilia, Carlos Serrano, Thomas Waldon, Diane Wong, and Ioanna Zagulska. This program will be very successful in helping students to progress further in their studies. Special thanks to Mr. Large. ' .De HONORARY CONSUMER AFFAIRS COMMISSIONERS Q Jligf 2"'7T ZZ.. The school paper was often a cause of action and reaction. It raised controversial questions that sometimes got answers. The B-Hive discussed issues that were on everyone's mind. It tried to represent the students' point of View The ladies in Bergtraurn will continue to wear hats when they choose, there is now privacy in the students' bathrooms, and other changes were made through the pa- per. This B-Hive staff did their best and showed that the students have a voice and that it can be a powerful one. Top Row: Ioseph Pastor Gillian Haynes Ianine Eiley Leslie Hercules Karen Maull Nicole Bailey Miguel Fernandez Bottom Row: Ericka Blackwell Brenda Sylver Marie Lucas Lilliam Rivera Not Present: Andrew Brown Linda Hailey Tara Hunter Taisha Ladson Crystal Leon Christopher Torres Q ...p .,-51 e efliiile' Wants . o Know 1 tudentp f TheMonthe Only For senior Citizens BAND The BAND has been a part of Murry Bergtraum High School for many years under the direction of Mr. Joseph Negri. It meets five times a Week and its purpose is to bring musical enjoyment to those who hear it. The band has become the official band for City Hall assemblies. Our band also performed for the senior citizens at Saint Margaret's House at the South Street Seaport. The Bergtraum Band recently merged with other students to form Bergtraum's first MARCHING BAND!! Under the coordinator efforts of Ms. Judy Mark and Mr Ne ri the marchin band In t eefisfleflkv - S f S represents all grades and many talents, including pom-pom dancers, twirlers, flag bearers and of course, a majorette. This new band wants to build school spirit. W it 56 JK YOVK WVW yOl VI W X ' V ' imt.,,,.o. Jennifer Acosta, Tawana Adams, Leslie Barclift, Reginald Brown, Sean Butler, Wilson Chung, Jon Christensen, Karen Citron, Melitza Cuevas, Kariba Eccleston, Bernalda Espinal, Guillermo Feliciano, Mellissa Fowler, William Gomes, Elsie Jimenez, Paul Johnson, Jeanie Lane, Lee Feliciano, Maritza Lie, Bernice McCarthy Clathina McMillan, Nelson Questella, Oneida Nieves, Jasmin Perez, Claudia Ramsumair, Nelson Rivera, Cynthia Roman, Vilethia Rush, Michelle Santos, Sherese Shepard, Timothy Smith, Nicole Tillery Man Denise Trot, Yu Tung. Marching Band Captain of Twirlers - Julie Acevedo, Co-Captain - Yesenia Acevedo, Captain of Flag Bearers - Lizette Morehead, Line Leader - Maria Casanova, Captain of Dancers - Dana Richardson, Co- Captain - Venitra Dockey Majorette - Hady Mendez 00 P-fi x Ex fl-'Q 7V 1' N .s.We 1' 'J X523 O ' 41.1 -X ll J Q9 6 '57-9' Q, sis! T' OF Q ,K 4 YK i Q ' 5 iam? if ik ,SRS Y is X' lisp . 1, 4 X X -A, - Q Y a' 'if 4 5 1 , f 1 ,, . ,1,-1 1 1 1 fi: '. 5 , , - ' 1 wh- V N, c, A.: 1--1 CHORUS Iulie Acevedo, Lisa Anderson, Latisha Andrews, Noreen Ash, Emily Banks Rhonda Bell, Pamela Best, Kenyetta Boyd, Margaret Burgess, Helena Burnett, Renae Campbell, Bernadette Feliciano, Cindy Gonzales, Dardi Gonzalez, Arthurlyn Hawes, Eliel Iiminez, Khansa Jones, Sandra Lugo, Cynthia Lui, Evadney McCurdy Clarinda Mercado, Nancy Mercado, Alexander Negron, Esther Nieves, Mercedes Ramirez, Lakeisha Ransom, Prudence Robinson, David Rodriquez, Vicky Rodriquez, Tania Roman, Tiffany Ruiz, Kathy Anee Spence, Brenda Sylver, Carol Todd, Kathy Tsang, Marisol Vega, Aldonia White. MURRY BERGTRAUM HIGH SCHOOL Student Organization 1 5 Pr rs qw C i ' A msiueffanme suN fag' Director: Carlos J. Serrano Assistant Director: Blanca Chalen Stage Manager: Blanca Chalen Stage Crew: Maxine R. Robinson 8: Zaileen Washington Lighting: Maria Rosario Makeup: Janet Diaz 8: Miriam Rivera Faculty Advisor: Ted Nellen CAST A g M What happens to a dream deferred? Ruth Younger Kasandra Pantoja Does it dry up Travis Younger Damian Redman Like 6 f6iSif1 in the SUD? Walter Younger John HamHton O' faster 'ike 5 Sore '- Beneatha Younger Dena Lynch ' ADC' than mn? Lena CMamaD Younger Lucille Whitelock Does 't sunk "ke rotten meat? . . Or crust and sugar over - Joseph Asagal Gregg Simmons Like a Sympy Sweet? George Murchison William Morales Maybe it just Sass Karl Lindner Joe Bernard Like a heavy load. Bobo Jose Gonzalez Qr does it explode? Movers Maxine R. Robinson 8: Zaileen Washington Langston Hughes kd INTRGDUCING MS. IUDY MARK 8: CO. .-gxeif ovi .Q . Q: .VJ ,X ., . f l f n Q . v . '- 58 Top Row: Samantha Luiz, Karen Maull, Paul Johnson, Timothy Smith, Middle Row: Colleen L. Brown, Maxine R. Robinson, Ms. Phillis Friedenberg, Clainda Mercado, Hon,San Wu, Bottom Row: Debbie Lew Maria Rosario, Kalung Chan, Dewey Wong, Not Pictured: Zaileen Washington, Astred Clarke, Zakeha Gooden, Billy Gomes, Margarita Lugo, Ion Christensen Lights! Camera! Action! It's the STAGE CREW! The behind the scenes talent that has made pro- ductions such as the Tal- ent Show and "Raisin in the Sun" a success. Doing the lighting, working the audio equipment, and setting the props, their hard work guarantees that the show always goes on! ss Q 5 Ji! Astred Clark and Zakeha Gooden Maxine Robinson Karen Maull Hon San Wu, Debbie Lew and Samantha Luiz X832-Y .11S:qdH!,-,-.':Fl5g"'- , ,- ,M 'X 23 N ',i,.Yw,ge,s, ,ix pf., I wt... .. X , . N ..,,,!..,, N ...X . I, Maria Rosario 59 ASIAN CULTURE CLUB ... Camera Shy Sally Ng Iennie Lee Richard Tom See Mee Kwan Iae Lee Chai Ling Chu Janice Wong Rosabelle Tong Susan Lee Cynthia Chin Victor Chu :lil 5 359, ED 60 Bottom Photo Kneeling: Terry Ng, Lily Hum, Amy Hong, Rosanna Lay Lisa Lui, lst Row: Wai Ping, Debbie Lew Iennifer Leung, Doris Chow Lisa Hui, Cathy Ma, Kitty Wong, Winnie Ip, Mei Mei Qui, Pei Pei Le, Io May Tsang, Ms. Naomi Shore Cadvisorj, 2nd Row: Billy Chan, Katie Chan, Pui Hai Lo, Eva Hernandez, Kin Ling, Landia Chung, Stanley Chang, Betty Li, Mimi Cheng, Shirley Wong, Cynthia Roman, Sau Yee Chung, 3rd Row: Lisan Tran, Sau Kwan Cheung, Suppachai Bharkswan, Karl Ma, Christopher Torres, Kalung Chan, Elizabeth Chew Lai Yee Chan, Ioanna Lee, Nadia Cheung, Kane Lee if? Tule Khuu Long Chan Ieanette Eng Wai Yee Chan Lisa Lanzi Corinna Choy Roszana Sorrentini Irene Chow Pai Fei Kong Susan Abelleira rnnzn w ii l Dfficers: Rosanna Lay Vice President, Lily Hum, Secretary, Amy Hong, President, Lisa Lui, Co-President, Terry Ng, Treasurer SHAKESPEARE RECITATION CUMPETITION The New York City Recitation Competition for high school students was held at Bergtraum on Thursday March 24, 1988. Over 500 students from close to 70 participating schools in New York's 5 boroughs competed in the preliminary stages ofthe program. New York actors Sam Waterston and Moses Gunn, actresses Elizabeth McGovern and Lily Lodge, and scholar-publisher Robert Giroux judged the 5 borough champions for the citywide title. The city champion, Dana Surena, won 51,000 and advancement to the National Shakespeare Recitation Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. The New York City Shakespeare Recitation Competition was sponsored by the Reed Foundation. Bergtraum sends our congratulations to Dana Surena. We wish her luck in Cleveland. The city Wide winner, Dana Surena from Stella Maris High Mr. Robert Sinclair proclaiming March 24th as Shake- School in Queens. speare in NY SHAKESPEARE RECITATION CGMPETITION ca KRT ,. 1, af 1l.,Lpf'.L.ll L K T n 'U ,- 5 L,kT1,fu.?t' f -pc wif' If 'if FKNALS judges: Elizabeth McGovern, Sam ," ' Waterston, Maurice Chaney. f , If ' Moses Gunn, Announcing the winner, Dana Surena. TM' l3'11'gf1,iff-.Sumfiling LTIZOII 61 . A , ,A , 4 A A3 0 NMC. soAnD OF EoucATaoN H MURRY BERGTRAUM H.s. Fon BUSINESSQCAREERS ATHLETIC FIELD svousom eoucmuoum. 1 CoNsTnucTnoN Funo EQ . fri? Q SPOR RECRE Q v3 77' W I 1. Y S TIC f. w, ada. . ,, X.. .. .- - f -V4 - ,--5 wr. y-Bw, .L..:,.,A..fx-W.,, .4 Y. ,A .x N..,:u,,,vyg, we Girls' Varsity Volleyball The Girls' Varsity Volleyball team completed a most successful season. They captured the Manhattan Di- vision. The girls for the second straight year made it to the city playoffs and finished 3rd, Their hard- Work, loyalty and dedication gave the 1987-1988 varsity team a most unforgettable season. Thanks to seniors Jenny Chan, Katiana Guzman, Monica Fer- nandez, Lashonda Blassingame, Susan Abelleira and Yau Lee for their endless hours of time effort and dedication. We accomplished our goal: D31 Manhat- tan Division. Top Photo - Left to Right: Yau Lee, Katiana Guzman, Julie Acevedo, Ana Chin, Lashonda Bllassingame, Susan Abelleira, Jenny Chan, Manager: Eric Gonzalez, Coach: Barbara Esmilla, Nicole Williams, Jackie Caraballof Kathy Lugo, Lily Chang, Mercedes Ramirez, -Monica Fernandez. Right Photo - Left to Right: Captain - Lily Chang, Co- captains - Jenny Chan and Katiana Guzman, Coach - Barbara Esmilla. -"fl, W., L. , gg, I' film 1 V. :rn f K f 4 xnxx via Q as ' ff ,J They re good, but we re the best. eff "Up, Up and away" "Two points!" X1 o oo ' ' "'- 5- ' o, o ..,, a o " o wgo ., .oo. M f """' , Qf2jgg5gQ1Effg252if5?4 , gqsievffgyjlgf jigj Fifa? VN. 5-H, wwf? ,WZ- I Q n 1 of ,I f ' Behmd door 31' o,.,., ,, 1 " "Whoa!!!" vgnlfff-' ii J "I got it, I got it QI hope!J." Pass, Set, Crushsh! W 55 af? GIRLS' IUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL A place to begin and learn easily describes the junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Team. Consisting only of freshman and sophomores, the team is coached by Ms. Betsy Escobar. They learn the basics of volleyball and compete with other junior varsity teams in Manhattan. Top: Melitza Cuevas, Alicia Murray Alberta Eng, Yari McDonald Bottom: Caridad De La Luz, Ianet Giron, Ms. Betsy Escobar, Clarivel Rosa, Griselle Angeles n.. 1 .Wd BOYS' BCWLING Bergtraums Boys' Bowling Team, coached by Mr. Fred l-lakim, is a team full of pride and effort. They finished the season with an equal number of wins and losses. The team's split season shows that the Bergtraum boys can bowl a good season with strikes to spare. it 2 is ' Top: Thomas Waldon, loel Cedeno, Steven Chiu, Tony Gong, Coach Mr. Fred Hakim. Bottom! David Ng, Anthony Aparicio, Wayne Frazier, Greg McNeill, Ricardo Rodriguez. Not Pictured: Ieff Iohert, Shawn White. GIRLS' BOWLING ,f ff Bottom Center: Maxine R. Robinson, Middle CLeft to Rightj: Christine Colon, Nydia Gonzalez, Wendy Bernhardt, Marisol Zapatero, Colleen L. Brown, Amy Hong. Top: Hope Ward, Miriam Rivera, Iustine Hungreder, Christine Santos, Beverly Daise. DIVISION CHAMPS wwf- Q35 rw ,, ,, V e If' "1 Q L fy, ., I ' gig? , KH , C gi: it 1.13. I la J is A, 5 , A ,L 3 t 1 , G3 . 5 F' 4.- lin R' ff 3' ,., ,,.-,,.. .g1...-Q.Q...- 'Iii ff? if ?' if if-ESD C gy iii -H T if ..,i.i,, 'Lag 2 5 R A 1 5 . if K- 0 X f EAN , :H-VW sip. fic q :fy G-4 N945 gil, li, Q,l,,YLof,il,igg,, if 4 ,Q , , . f . ' l f K L3 , 61. Wendy Bernhardt Coach - Mr. Cohen The bowling team rolled off to a great season. They are involved in a league that consists of Manhattan teams. Their season record is 10-2. They are Division champs for the second year in a row. With Mr. Cohen's expert coaching, this year was a success. Future plans for the bowling team are to continue having fun, be a successful team, and to go further in the playoffs. Anyone can join, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The bowling team meets a few weeks before the season begins, gets in a few practices, and is ready to start off the season with striking success. M ,., ,AA A, -LMW X ,, ,ff W Beverly Daise It 'ii .,-i Q f .tt 5' 1 E Captain - Marisol Zapetero 67 SOCCER TEAM N, ..-P' DY . i I. t . 'vip f Coach, Barry l 4 Spielvogel with captains: Hector Nieves, Sam Daniele, Iason Morales. . 5. iii i nl Usa: I f L ll 2 Li, ll ll' ill Row 1: Iohn Gomez, Iason Morales, Sam Daniele, Hector Nieves. Row 2: Ian Crick, Cody Mui, Daniel Rodriguez, Manuel H, Guzman. Row 3: Eliel Jimenez, Rene Ugalde, Alex Delucen, jamie Mui October is the season for Soccer. Mr. Spielvogel, the coach, has done a terrific job in training the team, which now is in its second consecutive year. the captains, Sam- my Daniele, jason Morales, and Hector Nieves have shown themselves to be fine players. When the team played citywide against La Guardia High School, Sammy Daniele and jason Morales contrib- uted to the win by blocking several penalty kicks. When asked their opinions on the formation of a gir1's Soccer team, their response was a mutual, excited, "Yes" Thanks for a wonderful year and may you succeed in your future goals! 68 First Row: Crystal Dailey Zabrina Wright, Vera Iones, Rose Chevallier, Verneca Kelley julie Acevedo, Maria Martinez, Tasha White, Charmaine Gihon, Second Row: Yolando Thorne, Kischa Acevedo, Aisha McLauchlin, Lazette Murell, Ms. Betsy Escobar, Third Row: Chantille Davis, Denise Trotman, Renee Sistrunk. CHEERLEADERS With a Wave of their pom-poms and a stomp of their feet, the CHEERLEADERS are out to raise your spirits. Coached by Ms. Betsy Escobar, the girls perform stunts and cheers during Basketball Games, and make sure you have a good time, Whether the team Wins or not! 69 BUYS' BASKETBALL This season the Boys' Var- sity Basketball team finished 4-18 overall, C2-10 league, 2-8 non-leaguej. Their record is very deceiving. They played good competitive basketball but weren't cohesive enough as a team to accumulate more wins. My first year coaching boys basketball in the PS.A.L. has been a learning experience that has enhanced my knowledge of the game, This will help me establish a Winning program by re-evaluating and correct- ing my errors. The high- lights of the season were the Park West and Norman Thomas games at Murry Bergtraum. -Mr. Larry Lingard, Coach Top Row: Mr. V Larry Lingard, Roscoe Evans, Robert Duncan, Kevin Keaton, Thomas Hunter, Richard Montgomery Alfred Gurnbs, Wayne Fraser. Bottom Row: .- Melvin Tse, Neil - -'B Barrow Iohnnie LeGrande, Micheal Williams, Antione Nyvancli. Not Pictured: '-- Leon Graham, William CAD Williams, Reggie Ienkins, Durrell Iackson, Derreck Steele. 70 GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Girls' Basketball Team has once again given their all, and in return are now the Division Champs, Manhattan Division Champs, and are the second best team in the city Coached by Mr. Barry Spielvogel, and captained by Deanne Wilkerson, the team Works and plays hard to achieve their goals, and looks forward to next year's season. Marcy Kornegay, Cindy Rugbart, Nicky McCrimmon, Dee Posey Deanne Wilkerson Captain, Gabby Bozier, Eddwena Wright, Coach Mr. Barry Spielvogel. Coach Spielvogel 8: Captain Wilkerson Bergtraum's Boys' and Girls' Track Teams are running as well as ever this year. The girls, coached by Ms. Mary Bernstein, and the boys, coached by Mr. Larry Lingard, look forward to a good year in '88. Standing: Jennifer Green, Bonnie Blair, Susan Lindsey Lauri Sinclair, Delphine Fawundu, Kneeling: Francine Willock, Marlin Ponte BERGTRAUM TRACK C0 Captains: Ambrose Outten Clndoorl, Chung Ha, Devlin Ponte fCross Countryb and Freddy Torres Cnot picturedj. 72 ff 'i Kneeling: Ian Crick, Ioel Cedeno. Standing: Devlin Ponte, Chung Ha Bernard Pillot, Ambrose Outten. Exclusive Interview with The Athlete: BERC-TRAUM'S OWN WINS GOLD? ,L-' 2 f ,.. milf? mils ' : i M t,t 1,,. 3 , V f ' 1 :mask lzwfsa muah as at 75'v'3f?f-Qlfzll-rwifvf--M -... A.: et. ,.e:,..,-C if LQXTZXL.: W. ,P ,Z T f... ' K !...',,,, , Q , ' -'f r lf ' M - ragniiiliaimxe Beg .- -.V'2.mar?1fig:5gw 55.- a 2 " Q1 I 'riff -f- H-.J -fvafg v'-..-1-47.0 , '-L- 'J , . ...4 3.4, , , Y ...T Y.. :2J'Z3'3u, :.f4:.4,1L.: LOUAQEUQQJC 3 4 - ,+.,.. ' Reporter: Here we are at Murry Bergtraum H.S., Where We find our latest Olympic Gold Medalist, Bonnie Blair. So tell us Bonnie, how does it feel to Win the gold? Bonnie: I've told you a million times, I've never been on skates!! 73 74 if BUYS BASEBALL Q ir' Standing: Mr. Richard Liu, Assistant Coach, Alberto Rodriguez, Iesus Delgado, Iason Morales, Ioseph Pastor, Steven Roldan, Ernie Silver, Robert Matos, Hector Nieves, Ramon Arroyo, Mr. William Savarese, Head Coach. Kneeling: Ieffrey Falto, Iesus Merced, Arnalio Vera, Willie Adams, Randy Ayala, Alex Rosa, Ken Cho, Sam Gerena, Aaron Radcliff Cbatboyj Iason Morales, Hector Nieves, Steven Roldan rut 44. 3' Ioseph Pastor Ieffrey Falto GIRLS' SOFTBALL The Ciirls' Softball Team is like one big family Although we have our differ- ences, we've always stood together. Mr. lack E. Cohen is more than a coach. He is a father of this family with his caring ways and guidance. When you put these things together you get a winning team on the field as well as off the field. Good Luck to the senior teammates: Lorraine, Wendy Millie, Maxine, Colleen, Monica, Nydia, and Liza. Top: Mr. Iaclc E. Cohen, Coach, Liza Ramos, Colleen L. Brown co-captain, Wanda l. Hernandez, Alice Pak, Myra Rodriguez, Debbie Ryan, Marisol Rodrigues. Middle: Yayayra McDonald, Esalete Ponte, Myra CChristinel Vargas, Lorraine Guidice, captain. Bottom: Millie Cuevas, Maxine R. Robinson, Millie Sotomayor, Nydia Gonzalez, Wendy Bernhardt. 9 x TIF' -is M . ., 3 Wanda Hernandez Coach Cohen with Captain and Co-Captain Lorraine Guidice and Colleen Brown .LZ 4. fs' H3 - . ,. 8' ,, Lorraine Guidice GIRLS' TENNIS Who's that girl just walking down the court singing "DoWadittee ditteedum ditteedoo" while playing a Tennis Racket? Why it's Bergtraum's Girls' Tennis Team of course. Working out and having fun, the girls compete against other high schools. They are coached by Ms. Mary Bernstein, and have proven themselves to be a group of determined and tough competitors. BOYS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL The Boys Varsity Volleyball Team, coached by Ms. Noreen Begley and captained by Eric Gonzalez, celebrated its second year of existence in Bergtraum. Determined and hard working, the team began the season by winning its first game. Yet win or lose, the boys team has shown that they never give up. -'v-STN 76 -, ,.g,,..x., Top: Betsy Hernandez, Natasha Dyce, Alicia Murray Tracy Hill, Patricia Berdeja. Bottom: Ms. Mary Bernstein, Cindy Pino, Claudia Ramsumair, Carmen E. Soto, Caridad De La Luz, Alberta Eng. , B Standing: Coach Ms. Noreen Begley Melvin Tse, Nicole E. Williams-manager, Suppachai Bharksuwan, Ccaptainb, Alex Delucena, Henry Laureano, Robert Duncan, Thomas Gonzalez, Wayne Eric Gonzalez Ccaptainj, Kevin E. Otero, Napadol Yamsiriwang, Camille L. Way Pene- manager. Kneeling: Douglas Crawford, Jamie Mui, Victor Chu, Manuel H. Guzman, Christopher F. Torres, Michael Williams. 7 5 Kneeling: Miguel Brito, Oscar Pichardo, Danny Rosa, Ricardo Pinnock CCO-Captainj Standing: Bernado Pilot, Miguel Quitto, Eric Pagan fflaptainj, Sean White, Mr. Fred Hakim fCoachJ. tb,-F., as ?f Btlmlm 5516 QIMU5, 'Will miriam eftitlitllm Kneeling: Tami Wilkins, Alexis Lybrand, Sheria Iohnson, Iisbel Baraba. Standing: I-Iilsia Hernandez, Iazmen Benitez, Shymeen Waite, Ms. Leicla Rosenberg CCoachD, Julie Medina, Tashema Knight. BUYS' HANDBALL TEAM The Boys' Handball Team is coached by Mr. Fred Hakim and led by Captain Eric Pagan and Co- Captain, Ricardo Pinnock. After losing a couple of members from the year before, the team has recruited new members. This team has the talent to be outstanding in their division and hope to be awarded the championship. Coach Hakim With Cap- tain Eric Pagan and Co- Captain Ricardo Pinnock. GIRLS' HANDBALL TEAM I, ,fem 4 IQCFQN lsr? 77 ffV"y.,4kK5f Student , ,,. ..,1 fiisiletxns CH 'L xx W by 3' 'C i ,,g, lv. R 4 , 1: 4. it -.. cti itie ,gw , g P J UVER THE RIVER AND . . . Through thick traffic, thicker Woods and barren countryside, did our Seniors struggle to arrive!! Where? PINEGROVE Dude Ranch! For 3 days and 2 nights, the Seniors forgot about classes and classrooms as they spent their days horseback riding, skiing, snowmobiling, swimming, and making new friends. The nights were spent dancing the night away in the disco, or even playing some touch football in an open field. Yet the best was saved for last: a Toga contest, and a "Who's that Girl?" competition that made the Seniors' last night out, one to remember! . , , AW, . u. L - pd :gn A 80 'WS , 5f17!lgi 3- it 3 i 'P rf f"""4h, 4 Qne dark Ianuary night, the STARS came out in our annual TALENT SHOW! Under the direction of Ms. Phyllis Friedenberg, these stars not only twinkled, but they danced, sang, rapped and even modeled for our enjoyment. They brought light and laughter into our lives, and in return, these "stars" which looked strangely like Bergtraum students, shone even brighter. Blood Drive: It takes all types!! Iii. STN 3 V ' Ye? Paging Count Dracula!! Over 50 students and fac- ulty participated in Berg- traum's annual Blood Drive on Ianuary 12, 1988. All kid- ding aside, donating blood to give someone else a chance at life is something We all respect. Thanks ev- eryone! Remember, Blood is Life - Pass it on. 'r:'ff.'E,- - . i V st.. ..,r .,.! i . . , J .- it -- 43' Sv J, S-wx S' ex, Q3 L 'V' A sl, o i .f -,gg ff , I W' 4 ' 5: l:i'4:if1., jf- x. ' ' ' 1 FF Y WM, !.,i ,, - " n , , ' ' f B l - 'U' 84 X H gigs, Q, , e S , .Ji Q69 ' -rs 1 EQ ,bidi ggtai,-3,144E-ggjfgrigxggjxggggg, . , IV - z fi? . 4zx .,,,x24 5 :QSM-1: A.2i?n.-3- T 53?-PLEBJ? Q 7 111 g,2f,Sg1t, ,,, JHf'- a, .- z i ,sf 'was 5 ,gre ri, s if , ,Z ,Z 1 ,hi J ffgxegg-5 1 ' .fre , . e ., fn " M" f. i ,T 545' 1-1 ' f ' 'Q-',sr'f"g 1 w'aF'1'1g"A'g2 - I - its 'ffigiggggb' fgiif -P , A .1 is mx.-1-f , s f .-J 1- ' A'-P+ 4-vl-fv7'- fs- " 'ir I aff 5 f 'Rin y' v ' ' fzzlij f- ' if 1 v gf' mtg 1 SEQ? f.aE?,Qiz:f,-'fit iw" W 'W 2 F ' " A " 5,?f?F'-ii ' f"Sa.1E,LIi If 3'1" 'if ig ,,' , i f A , Ii lefty-f,av'2J . A, Q 4 7, , M H , ,,, ,l,,, , ,,f . , W- i, f:,,.5,,,.'v , V , 1 fx. , wjf- :Ang --Lvl-1:-givin 1 ' S it ,'n,,,',fv,4q-74-:'f5 rg'-1'w4g3'pf" . " ' ,.,l J -P'ys,,5K, 1: 1: N 111'-L wwf! f?1,?w.i5335 1 - f. ifwaizz i .iiufu iii:--5- . L,41h1..,.7f". .-Sw-fx,-gf V'i,e2'wp'f'1ftv. vi-itf,1,1gw23ff.1wfZ:f.nv,gWgsi- we uawsf . viPw"'.?A.51,i,:f?"?Wl'ff'.g'kf.Qfvf,'if ur. .-. :'2f,.n:-1j.": V, Cctfawigz Jfrgfiz-f?'w 35'?f4Z5f4f?+f,.gg22g2?,s?.,1'z:5i4gfy-q1y?'.z:et- he ygqisggg gag:-1 ,Ref-ffgyfsff i- 31-:gif "z",,ff3if us. A ,, f2- faEf.4,J 3: :S ..-14,1 ,,,L-spar--'15 -:.r,3y3n55:'.1:A -1,35 533 im..-2w'gr 5 u T 7 . " i fi ' I ia?" , -- xfvlf- 5ifTf'rf,l53 iff' I if 'LP A'l'fr'tE?,2 Q6 EZ ' if S5 ,gxilfnf jg 11 The Senior Council took time away from their busy schedules to visit the set of "The Morning Program" on November 17, 1987. The show was hosted by Rolland Smith, Sandy Hill and Mark McEwen. Visiting the set of the show were students Iohn Hamilton, Marisol Zapatero, Christopher Torres, Toya Pigford, Crystal Dailey Lyba Daw- son, Colleen Brown, Udean Mars, Dena Lynch, Shirley Coke, Kasan- dra Pantoja, N ydia Gonzalez, Althea Iohnson and Tamikia Savorwell. The students enjoyed themselves, and learned about early morning "live" TV V-E-R-Y early morning TV They were on the set at 6:45!! 'ic yxitaow GE: 11 if liar? Ld' 1. 1 G-' may s. .Ji 'x if l ' Q ' . f A lv. ly. A49 .f., w.-4 - ---gMf- 45' V gtk! kt , i 'San-:yvf 1 ,, T E' A S v I . J 227 16 it 'ggi B zabo WFHCU P-l N -A in - 'L Illkll -M .fi M U3 K G r-1 '11 I H O C The George Washington? Right? No! The Man- hattan!? No?! Must be the Verrazanno? Yes! Er, Wrong! From our very own school this side of the Brooklyn Bridge it's the physics class gone wild! Students in Mr. Howard Schott's physics classes are making bridges out of toothpicks! Don't un- derestimate these works of art. They are tested for stress, weight, endurance and durability - just ask Bonnie Blair, pictured below This year's winning design was constructed by Richard Amalfitano. His bridge survived a rigor- ous week's testing in the physics lab. The award winning bridge, weighing only 59 grams, sup- ported 16,500 grams of water. Congratulations! f i T 1 l 85 The memory and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Ir., was celebrated at Bergtraum with the help of Iudge Bruce H. Wright, and the Fish and Loaves Theatre Company With moving words, Iudge Wright renewed in us the spirit and cause of Dr. King's struggle. The Fish and Loaves company through their acting, presented to us the Wisdom of the past, and instilled in us an enthusiasm for the future. H E L I V E D F O R P E A C E l l' if ' M ,Q ,,,,r, L or r q T -b -1 as in x-,.."..i 86 5 1 --ff ' .-... I , was . Li V a . l v.,.,,,.ua4. ,." if 5- M ' 1 Q W, . 41 I fam M In 1 -4 7 - , ,.. .ann-q lm., ,V V. A , ,rxfl .M W Harm 2 T Eg' 9 The Time of Universal Peace Is Near William Shakespeare 4, 5 A if 5 ' ' I ' J ,. ' U I' S31 3 ,Ar A :D sf'-"A H 1 ID IQNY 0U fe-C A ongundmge I1 ,fx A on12oHMus tra And CARR Egawn AJLTEMJ HPbufs.M--- Lxusfxw YORK .QQSUE Massive huntfai L...... RIC .3 T' 'Q' Ho ward Beach Uk 1592241 DREAME BUD Q30 D THANKS SAF WHILE Hd f rdan arm Une J. U IFN WQRHQMG A if I O 1-:LY uuAi.1TY The jungle Bros. was formed 2 years ago by Bergtraum Senior, Nathaniel Hall and 1987 graduate Michael Small. Nathaniel, "Afrika Baby Bambaataan and Michael, "Mike G", both produce and arrange, as well as sing vocals. They are joined by disk jockey Sammy Bourwell, "Sammy B". "Our purpose", Nathaniel said, "is to make enjoyable music and at the same time teach about life. We're using music as a tool to bring about peace and unity We want people to understand, be happy We want to show people that just because you're into one thing that doesn't mean you can't be into another. just because we're into R Sz B or Rap music doesn't mean 'we can't do club music or soft rock. just because you're black or hispanic or white doesn't mean you have to be around people of your kind all the time." The philosophy of the jungle Bros. is to "be universal, be worldly be unified." Quest, formed by Bergtraum Seniors Ali jones "Ali Shaheed Muhammed" and john Davis, "Q-tip" will soon be produced by the jungle Bros. Montage wishes them the very best. flcuhzcdffp sg!! A MESSAGE FROM jUNGLE BROS. Mike G., Afrika, and Sammy B. judged by both my race and color Don't you know we need each other I need you and you need me And if not now you soon will see My complexion has no meaning lf you think so you're still dreaming Wake up, wake up, wake up Theres no time for us to break up 90 A person is a person not blue or purple Living in the jungle is like a circle Round and round we all will go Where we'll end up I don't know Listen to me if you will Your fantasies will get you killed Reality is what is real The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth PEACE THRO GH UNDER TA DI It is not enough to say "We must not wage war." It is necessary to love peace and sac- rifice for it. We must concentrate not merely on the eradication of war but on the affirmation of peace. So we must see that peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody that is far su- perior to the discords of war. Somehow we must transform the dynamics of the world power struggle from the nuclear arms race, which no one can win, to a creative contest to harness man's genius for the purpose of making peace and prosperity a reality for all the nations of the world. ln short, we must shift the arms race into a "peace race." If we have the will and determination to mount such a peace offensive, we will unlock hitherto tightly sealed doors of hope and bring new light into the dark chambers of pessimism. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Ir. "We are trying to understand each other better." With this purpose, our discussion with Boris Karloff and Alex Rudakos, two representatives from the Soviet Union began. Their visit was arranged through the U.N. and Mr. Iohn Elfrank of the Social Studies Department. They visited our school to meet American teenagers and to erase some of our misconceptions about their country They showed us that there is "not a wall between Russians and Americans." Instead, Mr Karloff felt that "Americans and Russians are very much alike." Msrs. Karloff and Rudakos displayed politeness, knowledge, and also a sense of humor. Through our discussion we found out about the many things that our two nations have in common. They enlightened us about the way of life in the Soviet Union and said they "did not feel the difference between us." More such visits should be arranged in this new era of Glasnost and Cooperation. 91 .Cl ti .Q as -4 Teresa 7. ill 3 cu .-CZ LJ .-Ci -C-I an .-D rcs N ..-4 .-4 LI-I uillermo Feliciano 16. . G 15 Torres her Q-4 O -B-I CID w: .-CI U 'IH v14 cn E3 ru 2 CU -cz fi 3 . on 111 C1 if cvs .-CI LJ cvs LJ CI cu V-4 CD oi V11 CI O -4-' 5-w cvs F-4 Q ru 5-4 72 an Q r--4 I-1 C2 ..-4 CU -A.: UD .E cu 3 .Q O LJ ru P? 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IND 3 The thing I will always NEVER FORGET ALWAYS REMEMBER Something I will never forget about Bergtraum is the way this school prepared me for things in the real world. Charles Nichols Something I will never forget about Murry Bergtraum is the elevators: OFF is ON and ON is OFF. Colleen Brown Something I will never forget about Bergtraum was how it made me realize who I was and gave me a goal to strive for. Ioel Alvarado The thing I will always remember about Bergtraum was the computers and typewriters. They always broke down when a job or project was due. Liza Marie Ramos 94 Something I will never forget about Bergtraum is the bell system we had. Unbelievable. Frances Rivera Something I will never forget here at Bergtraum was the climbing of the stairs from basement to gym class on the 5th floor. I-Ion San Wu One of the things I will remember about Bergtraum was learning about others, the good in them and the bad in them. Blanca Chalen Something I will never forget about Bergtraum is a person. Her name was Ms. Brown, one of the security guards here in 1986. May her soul continue to rest in peace. Crystal Thompson I'll never forget my first day here at Bergtraum. It seemed as though nothing went right. Now Bergtraum is like my second home. Nyesha Davis remember about Bergtraum was the time I was with Mr. Sucher and friends in the Student Articulation program. It was warm, friendly and terrific. Iimmy Barcia M y it I I -. n . NSN --lg IT 2 TITTTTI frm: -I f1lZQl.l Ll ll LJ J I 3. Xxx!! I would never forget Mrs. Shore, my English teacher. She helped me a great deal in Bergtraum through my hardship. Kalung Chan Something I will never forget about Bergtraum is it's triangular shape. Rhonda Reid ,il One thing about Bergtraum that I will never forget is the Senior Class Trip to Pinegrove Dude Ranch. All of us had a great time. Elleanora Barber , IT'S SHARED - f fd' , 14. I - and this thought can grow Q. ,- L.. even greater ' 1' I ,J . 5 ' r. 1 I y ' '- ,H ly A Yrj .g . ' C nf if M A f I, if 5 i' " Q ' , ,J .WA V . .. .L :. - - H, 1 ' LJ- is-7.4! . J if h lgfzli E , -all Q! M? 98 1+-x .4 ,f I ww ,vu MW M nu-nw me-ww Qi r,, V, Us ? 99 y 1988 ,V .1 V Q, ., V. V, ,V ,' .fifff 'viii V. gf,',,, 'A ' -1 1 ,fm Q + ,fm 1f'.Vf'm,iV1fm-61' ff'-V . 35 'wiffff , 'Aff'if".e1,V 'wwf QSVQ.. wwf' I ' QW Qgvg72f' 4 ,Ly V' 2 N A ffvwx'-Q gmyzw ,V1"ff S, . ' .,,Wf,L4,: 'yjjfrvn JK fp WTTf,r9'f7iQ4'x7'i ,,j,, WP, ,gy if luv, 1 V 44-'4 :,,,, ,mt "- ' 557' Vwiif , ' me ,, ' ' P1-?Qg5.f'?fV"" 'Wed Q "i3??'V ,1,"V5f7,4, my 1-'yy V ff V Q "4 'WWQZQ f'1,V,gg:j?4f',, V W- ' ' ,uVmfVpG':, ,U ', Q- V M Y V-gag ef- ,' 4 , HV, 1Vf , I XV .V ' k,,W,,, ,V ,X gy Q ,V if VVYV4, qgffwxgfyg, ,wwf MW? V -V: -vw f .QWVLM 2, f, Mg' f' "fp .VVff,Vf.",fVV '-'iw ,Vw f V V ' f www V 'ff' 27 . 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Bernard Wendy Bernhardt Computer Science Computer Science "QU l Ericka Blackwell Bonnie Blair Secretarial Studies Information Systems Technology Ricardo Bourdon Fazela Brasse Lynette Brooks Business Computer Scxence Accountmg K. Colleen L. Brown Computer Science Vanessa Brown Securities and Finance X 1' " .j In V 5' 1-,J X , A 'ifff j 4 " M B ,mi I ff Cathy Bruce c Secretarial Studies oi N355 Xb X Q-QL Nix of OX Oasgwfigil- XX f A wt 0505 pfxjsfff ee U P I w Q 0 93525 r ' 106 S ?XO2,S Dogs ov g- cf A 69 aiu M 6 It 9 in - I S- A 1 'li , . ' 1 , ' , 45, 1 I W, I 1 1 0 'S 5. 4? , . . F VA in-xx Carol Burkhard Securities and Finance Taunya Butler Secretarial Science Renae Campbell Accounting .. Damaris Carrero Marketing Kendall Burroughs Accounting Ar. Isabel Cacho Secretarial Science ,.f Q Rose Cantelmi Secretarial Science 7? Yolanda Cartagena Information Systems Technology 1 x . A . I . 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Viola Sally Secretarial Science if Q'-if' tf ,Q Q XXX Marisol Santiago Information Systems Technology Renee Serrette Securities and Finance F -exi A rv- vw M X 'x If Max Ruiz Computer Science KS' W5 an .15 A ,F I 5 Teresa Sanchez Marketing iw Xxx X 'fy Q' an Sandra Scretchen Accounting X 4' Iudy Seto Accounting i 0:9 'F fx -V XXX pt J W R -,Lt 4 Marlene Saez Computer Science fax fo 5 A I Q' - r' I X ,H kk Q X , E Joanne Santiago Computer Science Denise Seegobin information Systems Technology 12 xf Ines Sales Secretarial Science Lisa Santiago Computer Science AN Q. , 2 la Ramona Semilia Computer Science Janet Sewell Computer Science Gregory Shaw Marketing . 4 laura Shaw Accounting tl N , Q 1, Q L f . , , I '.e-113-Ey e 'Z 3 1 J - g, ,pg I , . W Melissa Simmons Computer Science Minnie Smalls Accounting Erica D. 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Corey Williams Accounting Nicole Williams Information Systems Technology f 'z Z fy' 6 Aww? in 7 Zwilgqn But if we didrft have the "no hats" rule, you wouldn t W uAQf01mf1ng See fhem - 4- , W, I , , f,,f,f, , ,V , ffffy f x ' Qfwf, I Q9 30 V 5 Sandra Wilson Computer Science Noelle Winningham Computer Science ID ""' 1 Y 4 fw- UQ, 9 - a... Sv 'l ' A .,. -, I 4 , Amy Wong Computer Science Fei Wong Accounting v e 1 J Ha Man Wong Iimmy Wong Information Systems Computer Science Technology Kp ' M57 -H 1' fix w-3 -. ,3, I i' Q.. ' Lily Wun Yolanda Nicole Yates Computer Science Secretarial Science i '43-' "" '13 Gong Tung Yuen Marisol Zapatero Computer Science Computer Science Chi Wai Woo Hon San Wu Computer Science Computer Science Siu Ping C. Young Computer Science i ' In 1- 0 ff Y 7"- ? 4,-,sv ' - 'se Beata Zygnerska Marketing Nancy Yu Computer Science fffaf YV F' Sgt? . a C , req 0,535 Lia '535PIi'Qg3 QD Unforgettable Zygodaetyl Knowledge Technologies f '88 U FORGETT BLE pr' IA Victor Albelo Joel Alvarado Stacy Andrews Rodney Benson Long S. Chan Wai Ching Chong Derrick Cragg Tyrone Dandridge Addis Davis Iohn Dixon Marc Fisher Tiancai Fong Charles Gailland Darrin Garcia Kelvin Glover Yiu Gong Elizabeth Graham Denise Guyton Mario Hernandez Allison Isaac Wan Wah Kam Aileen Lam Cindy Lee Jae Lee Victor Lee Kin Yin Ling Catherine Ma Angelina Mandracchia Damaris Marr9rO Cesar Marte I Eliffriigii r CAMERA SHY Computer Science Information Systems Computer Science Accounting Computer Science Accounting Marketing Computer Science Marketing Accounting Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Accounting Computer Science Accounting Secretarial Science Computer Science Securities and Finance Computer Science Computer Science Accounting Accounting Computer Science Securities And Finance Accounting Secretarial Science Clerical Office Skills Marketing Ana Mendizabal Iuanita Menzies Iustine Monsen Elizabeth Montanez Brian Moore Eric Morales Nyarki Mungin Wendy Nevarez Anna Perez Gladys Perez Iudith Perez Marivel Placeres Sean Porcher Collet Reyes Ioanne Sanabria Clement Sealy Carlos I. Serrano Steve Stancil Daniel Swiatkowski Iacky Tran Julie Trieu Jared Walker Sheila Washington Tanya Wheeler Marcus Wilkins Pamela Williams Daisy Wong Iohnny Wong Deidre Woods Brian Wright Tak Sing Yung Secretarial Science Securities and Finance Clerical Office Skills Marketing Accounting Marketing Marketing Clerical Office Skills Secretarial Science Marketing Securities and Finance Securities and Finance Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Accounting Accounting Marketing Marketing Accounting Computer Science Marketing Marketing Accounting Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Clerical Office Skills Computer Science Accounting "AND, WE QUOTE" Elizabeth Abbot Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Grandma - Anthony I Love You. Susanne Abelleira "lt is okay to dream, as long as you keep reality" Michael R. Ablaza Great thanks to the special people who believed in me: Mom, family and friends. Ikechia Abrams I would like to thank Ms. Weinberg, my guidance counselor, and all my dearest friends who helped me through these years. Jeanette Acevedo "Yesterday is already a dream, Tomorrow is only a vision, but today makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope." Wilbert Admas I would like to thank my family for their encouragement throughout my high school years and special thanks to the Rooney family Angelica Adonia I sincerely express my gratitude to Bergtraum for opening the gates of the future for me. Brenda Albaum "In life ou will meet man enemies as well as friends, so tr and make Y Y Y your enemies your best friends." Richard I. Amalfitano Thanks to my teachers and friends at Bergtraum for their help and support. Ana Anchundia "If you want something, reach for it, you will get it if you try hard enough." Stacy Andrews To all my friends: I just want to thank you for being there to cheer me up when I needed it. I'll miss you all. Anica Antolos Thanks to Murry Bergtraum for giving me the best education possible. Patricia Appel "These are the times to remember for they won't last forever. These are the days to hold on to because someday we'll have to go." Olivia Arthur I would like to thank Ms. Bailey because she taught me a lot about life. Oswaldo Arvelo Thank you Mom, Dad, and all fellow Bergtraumites. Angel Badillo I would like to thank my parents, Florence, my co-workers, friends, family and God for making this possible. Lucy Baglivo Thanks to Mom and Dad. Nicole Bailey Thanks to my mother and my friendly teachers. Thanks and good-bye, my friends. Elleanora Barber Live each day to its fullest. jimmy Barcia I'm here!!! Mis gracias para mi querida familia, Barcia, Cabadiana, Pinto y Sotalin. Look out Marines and college, here I come. Thanks to my friends. Leslie A. Barclift Thanks to my teachers, for giving me an excellent education!!! Cathy Barker Thanks to my mother and grandmother for their support and encouragement. Special thanks to Cheryl, Teresa, Regina, Annee, and Lesliep I love you all. Kim Barrett Thanks to my sisters, without you I don't think I could have made it. 138 Neil Barrow "When times got bad, when times got rough, I pushed to the end and that's a plus. Tara Basdeo "Big things come from small packages." Tanya Baum "Every debit equals a credit", that's why I love accounting. Sharyn Belisle If you try your best in anything you do, you'll be the best. I would like to thank my best friend - Thanks Mom. Robinson Benzan I thank all my friends and my parents for helping me through my sometimes hard years in high school. Joe A. Bernard Ioe Bernard: He's not a personp He's a personality! Wendy Bernhardt Twana Best "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Suppachai Bharksuwan To my friends, wishing you a lot of luck in college. Always remember, the memories you had here will never die. Stay well! Ericka Blackwell "There were times when I forgot who I was, then there were my good friends to remind me." Bonnie Blair I would like to thank myself for graduating on time, but a special thanks to all the people who supported me. Lashonda Blassingame I would like to thank my Mom for being there, and also my sister and friends. Ricardo Bourdon Keep smiling - Like me! Thanks Iune 27, 1988! Finally after much hard work, I am finished with Bergtraum at last! Fazela Brasse I thank my teachers and friends in Murry Bergtraum for making my three years here very memorable and enjoyable. Lynette Brooks I would like to thank the Student Life Class of 1987, lah, family and friends, especially Lyndi for making this a special year. Colleen L. Brown "Laugh . . . life is too serious to take it seriously" Vanessa Brown "If you trust and believe, then when you ask, you shall receive." "What can I say. . . " Cathy Bruce Thank you Mom for the many years of support. Sabrina Bugett I thank all my teachers. Special thanks to Bishop Fuller who started me, my grandmother who made me go, and Pastor Grier who encouraged me. Margaret Burgess I would like to thank Ms. Bailey for tolerating me and for giving me encouragement in everything I did. She was an outstanding school mother. Carol Burkhard Thanks to all the special people in my life who made the difference. Kendall Burroughs Sheridan Burton Tasha Butler I thank all my friends in Bergtraum. My future goal is to become a success in whatever I do. Taunya Butler I'd like to thank Murry Bergtraum for everything, especially my diploma! Isabel Cacho I thank my parents for helping me with my accomplishments. Rosa Calle I thank my Mother dearly because if it wasn't for her encouragement I wouldn't have made it this far. Renae Campbell Many thanks to my parents, my friends, and that special person who gave me more than I gave myself. You're the best! Rose Cantelmi There is a past which is gone forever, But there is a future which is still our own. Nancy Carcamo Education is the seed on which I base my future. Yolanda Cartagena I'm glad I'm out of here. Thank you! Bernadette Carter I would like to thank the most important people in my life - my parents. With all my love. Natasha Carter What lies before us and what lies behind us is nothing to compare with what is within us. Blanca Chalen A true friend walks in where the rest of the world walks out. Billy Chan Personal success is within every individual hidden in the three L's - Love! Luck! Life! David Chan Ienny Chan When things go wrong and your dream seems farther away be patient. Take one step at a time and your dream will become a reality Ka Lung Chan Thanks to the teachers who helped me through the hardships of high shcool, especially Ms. Shore. Kong H. Chan Never be afraid to try Wai Yee Chan "Mind over money" I'd like to thank all my teachers for these past years. Vanessa Chang Wai Ping Chang "Years of hassle, just to get a tasself' Sherise Chapple I would like to thank my mother, father and all my friends for their support throughout my high school years. Hei Mimi Cheng The future seems not to be a unified dream but a mince pie, long in baking and never quite done. Helen Cheng There are many things to do in life, so go out and explore different places and different faces. Nadia Cheung The secret to my success . . . If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore! Elizabeth Chew . The object is to try, try until you succeed! Thanks to my friends and teachers. Pamela Chin Always try your best and you will reach success. Corinna Choy . Thanks to all my friends, teachers and my family for their support. Landia Chung I want to give thanks to my parents, teachers and friends who helped me through my high school years. Astred Clarke But, it was the "A" train! I hope to become a CPA at Coopers and Lybrand. Angela Clasp As you walk along that road to success, always remember to do your best. Liz Cobena Its' not where you're at, but where you're going. Shirley Coke "One's real life is often the life that one does not lead." - Oscar Wilde Myriam Collazo Happiness is Graduating! Maria Colon I would like to thank my grandparents, parents and friends for helping me through the years. Remember DTFB, PIC and Virginia. Michael Colon Always have faith even in the face of the impossible. Wendy Colon I want to thank my family for helping me through my years in this special school. Laurie Cortijo Times were hard, but we made it. Now it's time for us to strive for our goals and conquer success. Blanca Cosme I give thanks to my teachers and fellow classmates. Kimberly Crawford You can do anything if you believe. I would like to thank my mother, my sister and all my good friends. Desiree Crawley I thank my parents for standing behind me, friends for making me laugh, and my teachers for giving me a chance to learn and apply myself. Denise Cruz My future plans are to get married to David and become a successful business Woman. Special thanks go to my mother. Lisette Cruz Each day is a precious gift from God. Carolyn Culzac Thanks to Mrs. Robinson for being there to listen to me when I needed to talk to someone. Michael Cumberbatch To the faculty of MBHS: I'd like to thank you for your patience, love and understanding. Crystal Dailey The saying out now is "We can do this", to put it simply "I DID IT!". Beverly Daise Many thanks to my family friends, and most importantly God. Sam Daniele I'll always remember the great moments I shared with my friends in Murry Bergtraum. Gus Davetas Thanks Murry Bergtraum for the good times and my learning experience. john Davis I only wish my father could see me now. Nyesha Davis Remember the past, live in the present, and trust the future. Lalyba Dawson What others think of you is not as important as what you think of yourself - Remember that line ma? I owe it all to you! Paul Deiana What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expect generally happens. Vanessa De La Cruz Jesus Delgado It was a year to remember and look back on. Thanks Ma, for your support. THANKS FOR THE CAR TOO!!! Steven Diamond My goal is to be a partner of the Diamond!King Accounting Firm. Thank God for weekends and Macy's. 139 Angela Diaz What do you mean "Where's your homework?" Thanks to all the teachers who have helped in futhering my education. Monica Diaz Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting me throughout the years. I FINALLY DID IT! Valeshia Dobson I would like to thank everyone who helped me through my four years in Bergtraum. Ventra Dockery I would like to thank my mother, my family and God. Maria Donofrio Thanks Mom and Dad, and to all my family and special friends who helped me make it. I want to become a casting director. Maureen Dowe Deidra Drayton I would like to thank God, my family and friends for their support throughout my high school years. Brenda Dumas Thanks to my family for their support, love and understanding. My future plans include joining the Air Force. Teresa Dunbar One should enjoy every moment of their life, for that moment will never be lived again. Robert Duncan Janine Eiley I plan to be successful at whatever I do. Sheldon Ellison A friend who has so many friends and loved ones and not one enemy Love Shelbonious. Adriana Escobar I want to thank everyone, especially my friends for making it a wonderful year. Long live fun, love, and Rock 6: Roll. jeffrey Falto Thanks Bergtraum for three wonderful years. Also, I thank all of the people who helped me reach one of my many goals in life. Delphine Fawundu Guillermo Feliciano Live all your days as if they were your last. Sandra I. Feliciano To my supporting friends and helpful teachers, I express my most sincere thanks. God bless you all. Lourdes Fernandez This is our first step to the passage of success. Miguel Fernandez That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Monica Fernandez I want to thank my family friends and teachers - especially Ms. Escobar, and Ms. Plusch for helping me through the years. Natasha Fields Born to Succeed! Wendy Figueroa I'm who I want to be, original, sentimental, and crazy Proud to be in the class of 88! Robbin Flake Life is too short to sit around and watch things happen. One should possess determination and motivation because they are the keys to success. Renee Ford I would like to thank my parents and the class of 88. Detra Foster Monica Fowler Dreams can become reality when you have faith. Evelyn Franco When on this page you chance to look, just think of me and close the book. 140 Dana Frazier I wish to be remembered by this: "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Nicole Gabriel Thanks to my Mother of putting up with me and my never-ending expenses. "Happy days are here again . . . It's time to graduate!!!" Lawrence Galloway jr. Larry Latino Lover. The Flirt! Michelle Gaskin I would like to thank all the people, especially my parents, who helped me to be the best I can be. Gwen Gathers My thanks goes to Ms. Esmilla for pushing me to strive harder. Phyllis Elaine Gathers I would like to thank my late grandmother, Elizabeth Stallings, and my Mother who has been there through all the difficult times. Sondra Gist Good luck in your future goals and remember - what the mind conceives, you can achieve. Corran Givens The most sincere thanks to my family for their love, patience, devotion, and encouragement. Best wishes to all. I love you! Karla Glenn I thank my fellow classmates for making my years in this school memorable. Thanks Mom and Dad. Richard Go No gain without pain! To those special friends I have come to know I wish success to you all. Dewey Gong I'd like to thank the faculty and all my fellow students for making high school bearable. Dianna Gonzalez "Brevity"said Shakespeare, "is the soul of wit." Unfortunately I have not mastered it yet . . . Evelyn Gonzalez To my closest friends: When looking back upon this place, just remember I will always be there for you. Nydia Gonzalez Thanks to my family and friends for encouraging me and being there when I needed them. Zakeha Gooden After conquering Bergtraum, I can take on the world. Stacey Grange I would like to thank God, my parents, my family and my dearest friends for their love and support. Martha Grant I thank Iah, my mother and Willie. Renee Grant Perseverance is the key to attaining any worthwhile goal. Denise Green I'd like to thank God for giving me strength, my family and friends for being there and my teachers who helped. I love you all. Iennifer Green I won't stop until I reach the top. Thanks to my parents and teachers who helped to lead me in the right direction. Dawne Griffin Success is there, all you have to do is find it!!! Lorraine Guidice Get the most out of life and enjoy it. Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you! God Bless. Marie Guillaume Thanks to God, my parents and the special people who helped me throughout the years. Wendy Gutierrez I thank all the teachers who helped me through the years, Katiana Guzman As l0r1g as a person has friends, she is never poor: Thank you my friends for making me a very wealthy person. Linda Hailey I would like to thank my family my friends, and especially my mother for being there and believing in me. Nathaniel Hall I would like to thank my Mother and Father for raising me right. John T. Hamilton "All that I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen." Thanks Mom, Dad, friends, and especially GOD. Mary Harrigan I would like to thank my mother and father for helping me through, and my teachers as well. Terri Harris Thanks to my family and myself for a job well doneg much success to the Class of 88, and good luck in your future. Gillian Haynes The power of the press is infinite. Leslie Hercules Que Sera, Sera. Thanks for the memories. Dilenia Hernandez The friends I met here and the good times we shared will always remain in my thoughts and my heart. Eva Hernandez Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old, wealth to the poor and an ornament to the rich. Evelyn Hernandez If you love something let it go. If it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was. Hilsia Hernandez "Friendship is more than just knowing someone, it's caring and sharing with them too." Amalia Hilas Thanks Bergtraum for a good time here with hearing-impaired and hearing friends. Alicia Hippolyte Always remember: The heart listens if no one else does. Alice Ho Thanks to my teachers and counselors at Bergtraum for their support. Alan Hom Aimes ca que tu ne veras plus jamis - Love that which you will never see again. Amy Hong Thanks to my family and Toby I made it. I love you. Lisa, best friends forever! Jennifer Howard Remember my smiling and happy face and you'll remember me. Thanks to my Mother and my family for all their support. Nancy Huertas I think we should all live to the fullest and enjoy whatever comes our way Sharlene Huggins In my hands I hold today. . . In my dreams I hold tomorrow. . . In my faith I hold forever. Lisa Hui Going to Bergtraum is the first step toward entering the business world. Lily Hum I thank the friends who have supported me and made me laugh. I thank the teachers who have encouraged me to learn more. Mortessa Humes . . An education is a success if you use it: the opportunity is here. Starlet Hunter Thanks Mom and Dad for your support. I love you. Thanks to Jehovah, family and friends. I love you Jerry Tara Hunter It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. Winnie Ip The best to be will always remain. Best wishes to all for a successful future. Grace Iturralde Alvita Jackson I've enjoyed my stay here at Bergtraum with all you crazy nuts! I'm going to miss you all. Darlene Jenkins Believe in whatever you do and you will make it in this world. Lovina Jennings I thank all who pushed me to see this day especially Mom and Dad! Velvetta Johnson I want to thank my mother and father for their love and support throughout my high school years. Ali Jones Thanks to God, my parents, and my teachers. Jeannette Joseph Thanks to my parents for all the support, without them I wouldn't have gotten this far. I love you both very much. Karen Joseph I'd like to thank my teachers for giving me the knowledge I now have, and my family and friends for encouraging my studies. Regina Kearney Thank you Mom, I love you. Michael King Thanks to my parents and family for helping me through the years. Thanks to my friends in Bergtraum. Elsa Knibbs My future plan is to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy and to try my best at everything in life. Chiu Hung Kong My thanks to my friends, my Mother and my teachers who supported me through my years in high school. Pai Fei Kong I hope college will work out well for me. Taisha Ladson During this most important time in my life, many thanks to my teachers and friends for your support. I plan to LIVE and LEARN! Janine Lammers When I reach for something, it'll be the best it could be: The Stars. Thanks everyone, for that extra push that kept me going. Lisa Lanzi Mom and Dad, thank you for your love and support. Tania, Michael, Anna, and Anthony you've all been great. Rosa Larraz To my scandalous friends, may we always be together. Pei Pei Le Opportunity is not always waiting for us, we have to go out and seek it. Kane Lee Thanks for all the second chances. I plan on living a free, liberal and meaningful life. Makita Lee Rui Wen Lee Just do your best, don't make any mistakes and then you will be successful. Shukmei Lee To my three closest friends, Joanne, Winnie and Anne: Thanks for being real friends. Teddy Lee It was the best times, thanks for the memories. 141 Yau Lee Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Susan and Iames for all the help you gave me. Yu K. Lee All I can say is congratulations to the class of 1988! It's been a pleasure knowing you all. Crystal Leon I'd like to thank my friends who stood by me every step of the way I plan to pursue a career in psychology Antoinette Lett Reach for the stars and catch them. Yuk Leung I am glad that I chose Bergtraum as a place to acquire my education. I learned a lot from the students and faculty Gary lewis I want to thank my teachers for their tutoring and guidance these past four years. I intend to continue my education in computers. Ho Nan Li I plan to go to college. Delisha Ligon Leng Siet Lim "Educational abilities bring success in life. Success would be more difficult without them." Kin Yin Ling "Success is counted sweetest by those who near success." Samuel Liu Life is Gods most precious gift. Thanks to my parents, teachers, and friends for making this senior year the best. Pui Hai Lo I want to say thanks to my parents for being supportive and my friends who made it so enjoyable in Bergtraum. Mark Loadholt Supreme greatness is in store for the future. Thanks Mom and Dad for being there. Tonya Loadholt The lady with the claws, style, and grace. Thanks to my parents, friends and teachers for their love and support. Showaun Lowther "Most likely to succeed." Aisha Lucas I thank God who helped me get where I am today and where I'll be in the future. Marie Lucas Do the best and be the best person you can be. Strive harder each day that you live. Christine Lugo Thank God, I'm free: no looking behind me. Best wishes to all seniors. I thank my family and close friends. Diana Mack Special thanks to my family friends, and God, Karen Mack I want to thank God, my parents, and Murry Bergtraum, they have taught me a lot. It is because of them that I made it. Shinese Macklin I thank God, my supportive friends, and my Grandmother. Mitchell Malpica Tanya Marie Believe in yourself and your dreams will become reality Damaris Marrero I thank my mother for being patient and loving. She's the best! Where there's a will, there's a way Udean Mars No limits nor bounds can stop me. Thanks to my parents, those teachers that cared, and my real friends. Cesar Marte I thank my parents from start to finish. 42 Evelyn Martinez Thanks to my family and friends who have supported me every step of the way Special friends will never be forgotten. Vernice Massey I came, I saw I conquered. I left the rest to the best, to follow me to more success! Migdalia Matos I want to thank my friends, relatives, and above all, my parents for giving me love and support throughout my high school years. Myra Matos I'd like to send my thanks to my family best of friends, and of course, Ramzy for the help you've given me! Wanda Matos Thanks to all my teachers and friends, especially to my mother. Mami, Te quierro, Gracias! Latoya Maturine Life is what you make of it. Karen Maull I thank God for strength, my family for support, my friends for understanding, and my teachers for knowledge. Melissa McClam "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." Ioan Kisha McCormick "Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, do your own thing and be yourself!! Marcia A. McGill Thanks to those who have made my four years enjoyable ones. Judy McMillan I thank Monica, Stephanie, and Amy for all the fun times we've had throughout our three years together. I love you all. Michael McNiel "See ya later, Gator, because I am out of here." Belinda Medina "Friends are a real treasure if they are friends like the ones I've gained at Bergtraum." Maria Medina "A long journey has come to an end . . . with the help of many friends." Best of luck to everyone. I love you Mom. Hadyla Mendez "Thanks to my family and some very special friends. God bless you all. S.L.C. IS THE BEST - Love Ya! Towana C. Miles I would like to thank the people who stood by me through thick and thin. Kenneth Miller I thank my family my girlfriend and all the other people who make my life pleasant. Sandra Mitchell Gymnast of the 20th Century" Anita Moffett I feel good when I come to school, though it takes me long enough to get there. Ramzy Mohamad I'd like to thank all who have helped me through these years - my mother, my friends, and especially my girlfriend, Myra. Christina Moloney "Lifes but a walking shadow a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." - Shakespeare Alicia Montalvo All that work paid off in one graduation afternoon . . . Life goes on! Cora Nelson I thank God, my Mother, and my friends for helping me make it this far. Terry Ng Thanks to all my friends who made my high school years years to remember. Charles Nichols To all my fellow students, "Farewell and good luck." Hector Nieves Thanks to my family friends, Ms. Escobar, and Ms. Esmilla. Oneida Nieves I appreciate everything my parents have done for me. Susan Nintzel Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I am afraid it's time for goodbye again. I plan to become a writer. Keesha S. Ogburn I would like to thank my parents and friends for the guidance, love, and respect they have given me throughout the years. Irma Olivo Thanks to all my friends for their support and their friendship. I also want to thank my parents and my teachers for their encouragement. Ngozi C. Osaenwete I give my deepest thanks to the teachers who were concerned and sincere. Milton Otero To all my teachers: "I'll be back!" Thanks to my friends and teachers. Ambrose A. Outten I'd like to thank God, my parents, sisters, and my best friend Devlin, for giving me the courage to say "Yes, I can do it." Kiesha Owens Remembrance is not in the mind, but in the heart. Altagracia Ozuna Sooner or later, the person who wins is the person who thinks he can! Lee Pabon Thanks to all my friends for making school a joy to attend. Hilda Pacheco I am the one who you remember when times are hard: I made it through. Monique Padilla To reach the top you don't have to be tall, just go for it! Eric Pagan I thank God, my family and my friends. I finally made it and please know that I love you all. Lizzette Pagan Thanks to Mom and Dad, you have given so much. In return, I want to share my love and success with you until eternity Jacqueline Panchana Kasandra Pantoja Ain't nobody's business how I live my life, I'll learn myself whether it's Wrong or right. "World freedom begins when Apartheid ENDS!!!" Nadira Parboo Thanks to Carissa Andrews, who was there to help me with my vocabulary work. Ioseph Pastor Thank you Mom and Dad, you've been great help. Kim, thank you, you've made it a special year. Bela Patel Don't conform to the norm! Rosemarie Patton I'm moving on, my friends I won't forget, but graduating from Bergtraum, is something I'll never regret. Shawnya Patton All things are possible if you believe. Gregory Payne I would like to thank my friends for all thier kindness and support. jennifer Pena In reaching for my goal I see my dream come true. The best of luck to all. Gislene Persales "Fair is foul and foul is fair." - Shakespeare Anna Perez Never say never until you try Iudith Perez Each soul is potentially divine: what we must do is manifest its divinity. Suzette Peters I plan to do the very best that I can and to succeed in everything that I put my mind to, Angie Phifer I would like to thank Tracy Larry Harold, Tina, Eric, and the rest of the Miles family for their support. I love you. Pamela Phillips I would like to thank Bergtraum for all its taught me. Dionne Pickering "Thanks dudes, I made it!!!" Elizabeth Pienczykowski "One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness - it is usually returned." Yolene Pierre-Louis My thanks go out to my parents, and most of all to George Ritchie for getting me where I am today Toya Pigford "If thou search for a friend, there is one within thyself. For that person shall never leave thy side nor deceive thy trust." Ricardo Pinnock In God I trust. Good luck fellow seniors, I hope you achieve your goals. Michelle Pitcher Thanks to Bergtraurn I-I.S. and all my friends who made this year fun. Nigel Pitts Thanks Mom for always being there and helping me. Taris Poku I would like to thank my Mother for staying behind me to make sure I kept up my grades. William Powe The only accurate measure of progress is success. I would like to thank God, my family and supporting friends. Sharon Prince I would like to thank Bergtraum for teaching me the skills I need to enter the business world. Milton Quan A student who never gives up. Thanks to my teachers. Roslyn Ramirez I wish to thank my family friends and teachers for their encouragement in my future career as a CPA. Best Wishes class of 88! Lisa Ramos We are future leaders, so it's up to us to make the world a better place to live. Rhodna Reid I plan to major in Psychology in college and become a child psychologist. Ronald Reid I'd like to thank all the graduating class. Joanne Rella Thanks Mom, Dad, Liz, and Will for all of your love and support. M Sr I . . . I love you. Nicole Rhodes Do what you want to do, not what you're expected to do. . Dana Richardson . Quick-stepping, talent show terrorizor, Apollo performer with the popular Trevor. Thanks to all who came and supported Bed-Stuy Ecstacy at the Apollo. Karen Richburg Keep your face ever towards the sun and let your shadows fall behind you. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Michelle Rios I made it Mom! I love you for seeing me through. To my honey Cesar, thanks for being there for me. I love you! 143 Anjelica Rivera I thank everyone who pushed me to realize you need an education to be the best . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. Armando Rivera Be yourself if you want to be somebody. Frances Rivera "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu julie Rivera I would like to thank everybody for making my four years in Bergtraum as successful and enjoyable as they were. Lilliam Rivera The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just war. Nelson Rivera The secret to getting ahead is getting started. With faith, perserverance, and confidence in ourselves, we shall strive toward success. Pedro Rivera I would like to thank everyone who has helped me reach my goal. Thank you Murry Bergtraum. Vivian Rivera Nothing is impossible if you REALLY try. Tonia Roach Thanks to the Almighty for creating us all. Maxine Robinson I thank my teachers and peers. Without your help my graduation day would not be complete. Sherese Robinson Hoping it will never end, Holding on . . . never say good-bye!! Rita Rodgers If you can dream it . . , you can do it, all will be yours! Live, Love and Laugh. Alberto Rodriguez An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity" Anthony Rodriquez I would really like to give thanks to my father for standing behind me and believing in me . . . Hey Dad, Thanks! Loreinda Rodriquez I thank my family and friends for their support and love, but most of all their respect for my accomplishments. Yvette Rodriquez Thanks to my friends for having faith in me, and special thanks to my dear Mother. Cynthia Roman "I am not what I am supposed to be, I am quite another thing . . . Michelle Roman Mom and Dad, thanks for pushing me to do my best. I couldn't have done it alone. I love you. CI love you too, Derrickj. Teresa Rosado I thank the Bergtraum Staff for theri encouragement and understanding throughout my high school career. Maria Rosario I give thanks to my parents and the other half of M 8: M for showing me what the world really is. Tabitha Ross Believe in yourself and God and anything can be achieved. Carmen Ruiz My future plans are to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks to my parents. Max Ruiz To succeed in life and to succeed in making money Marlene Saez Mom, thank you for everything. I couldn't have done it without you. Arlene, thanks for putting up with me. Ines Salas Thank you Mom and Dad for your guidance and support. Good luck class of HSS". 144 Joanne Santiago - I would like to thank my parents, friends and teachers for their encouragement. Special thanks to Nydia Gonzalez. Lisa Santiago - I want to thank my family for everything. I especially thank my sister, Annie, who is not here to see me . . . I macle it!!! Marisol Santiago I want to thank my Mom, family friends, and God, for guidance, encouragement, and having faith in me. Denise Seegobin Our arguments often prove nothing but our wishes. Ramona Semilia Always looks towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. Carlos 1. Serrano Thanks to the people who make everything possible. In the future I want to become a playwright, screenwriter and director. Renee Serrette Watch out, the best is yet to come. Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you. Stacy you're great. Judy Seto I would like to thank all my friends for making my three years in Bergtraum very wild. janet Sewell Life is short so party while you can. I would also like to give thanks to my teachers and friends. Laura Shaw I would like to thank my parents, friends, and God for giving me that extra push towards success. james Shepard Desiree Shields I thank God and my family for all the love and support they have given me throughout the years. Special thanks to my Mother. Tyra Simmons I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Donna Slack Being the best at what I do. That's what counts. Minnie Smalls Inquiring minds want to know, I especially want to know. Sabrina Smalls I would like to thank my teachers and especially my family for their support during my four years of high school. Byrcese Smith I wish to thank my Mother, Auntie Diane, Brenda, Uncle Nathan and Butler for being there for me. Erica D. Smith What lies ahead of us and what lies behind us, is nothing compared to what's within us. I love you Mom, Dad, Val and Wiz. Milagros Sotomayer Thanks to my family and friends, who helped me through Bergtraum, and special thanks to "The Breakfast Club". Richard Stackhouse Ambition knows no bounds. Special thanks to my Mother, Grandmother, Ms. Shore and Ms. Cato, my English teachers for their fine encouragement. Steve Stancil Peace to everyone and best wishes to all in life. Derrick Steel "Too Black . . . Too strong" - Malcom X Janis Stewart Thanks to my parents for their support, and special thanks to Cod for giving me the wisdom and the knowledge to succeed. Christine Stork "Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack. Have a Duckie time!" Annmarie Studley Be true to yourself and you can fulfill your dreams. To my parents, brother and sister: Thanks for all your love and support. Triniece Summers To my fellow classmates: My sincere wishes for continued success in all your endeavors. Peace!!! Pamela Sweat A successful person is able to overcome each of life's hardships by maintaining positive thinking about life and oneself. Brenda Sylver lwould like to say thanks to all my family and friends for the love and support they have given me. Daniel Swiatkowski Remember me for who I am, not by a line I quote. Thanks goes to my parents for their support. Theresa Weelang Tan It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But, above all, try something. Gary Taylor Never forget where you came from! I owe thanks to God and am blessed by parents who helped me! Tanya Theophila I thank the staff members of Bergtraum for their unforgetable support through our years of high school. Diane Thomas Stick to your goals and achieve them. As for me, I will be the computer programmer I always wanted to be. Nicole Thomas Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. Thanks to my family and friends. Tracy Thoams My thanks go to my Mother and my teachers. Crystal Thompson In Central Park, there's a tree which says, "Remember Me". Further down, there's a rock which says, "Forget Me Not." Stacy Thompson I would like to thank my family and especially my Mother, for their support during my high school years. Charisse Todman I would like to give my best wishes to the class of 1988. Remember, by working diligently you can achieve your highest goal. Christopher E Torres I thank you Mom. Without you, writing these words would be impossible! I love you Mom and Dad. Freddie Torres Rebel without a pause. Magaly Torres Friends and family always see the best in you! Thanks. My sincere thanks to everyone in my life, especially Mom and Carlos. Millie Valentin I want to thank my parents for getting me through these four years. I also want to thank my boyfriend, Edgar, for caring and being at my side. I love you all. Madeline Valle Iwant to thank my Mom and Raul for the support and love they have given me. Patricia Vazquez "Remember yesterday dream for tomorrow but live for today" A special thanks to my mother and my friends for always being there. Vicky Vazquez Good-bye everyone! I would like to thank my family and God. Eileen Velez I would like to thank my parents, my sisters, and yes, my boyfriend, for all the love and and support they've given me throughout the years. Sandra Vigo The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. I thank my parents, sisters, and boyfriend for their encouragement and support. Liliana Villamar Live your life to its fullest, as if there might not be a tomorrow. Plan your future as if you will last forever. Trina Walcott I thank my parents and friends for making these four years the best possible. Thomas Waldon Diamonds are forever. jared Walker I would like to thank all of those who helped me through the hard times. Anthony Walters Thanks to my family and a special girl who knows who she is. Tarin Washington Nothing is beyond the reach of determination. Tonya Washington It's not where you're from that counts, it's where you're going. I'm headed for a dazzling future. Zaileen Washington Life is short . . . so make the best of it. Tiajuana Weeden My utmost thanks goes to God: I didn't forget you Granny! jacob Weinstein College now. . . a rich executive later. Ian Wescott Hey - Thanks for the memories. Stephanie Weston I want to become famous and see my name in lights. Lucille Whitelock I would like to thank all who had faith in me and all who believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. Corey Williams Much was given me: it's time to give it back to society Erricka Williams I want to give thanks to my Dad, who is not in this world to see me graduate from high school. Robin Williams I'm on the road to success, nothing can stop me now. Shannon Williams May U live 2 see the dawn. To Tito: Forever in my heart, God bless you. Francine Willock The best ship, friendship, should sail forever and never sink to the bottom. Mercy Wilson Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. Hon San Wu "Free"! Lily Wun Thanks to my friends for believing in me. Yolanda Nicole Yates Thanks to my mother and father and family. I couldn't have done it without them. Siu Ping C. Young Oh I need that romance, the one love that's strong, when it's got no chance. Nancy Yu "Dori't ever stop loving. Don't ever stop believing. Don't ever stop dreaming your dreams." Gong Tung Yuen Marisol Zapatero Thanks to Mom, Dad, Ir., B, and everyone at Bergtraum who made my stay memorable. Your guidance will help me become a success. I love you. Beata Zygnerska You never know until you try Thanks to my Mom, my friends, and Ms Spector. 145 Brenda Albaum I 12121341-5902 l me E 5903 , 5 Wendy Colon Gyff 2 ' Blanca Cosme 3 5 TANLEY E. R Yso 2 . 1 5 G A N --1 Irene Coker Commissioner Personnel, Inc. Office of Financial Services 475 Fifth Avenue ' New York, New York 10017 - 17 h ,N Y k,N.Y 10038 Io nStreet ew or K212J725-1666 l TRAVEL , M3225 RELATED SERVICES An American Express company SHARYN D. BELISLE American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. ""f'l.'L"' American Express Tower World Financial Center New York, NY 10285 Robbin Flake Customer Relations Manager Moody s Investors Service 99 Church Street X New York, New York 10007 ' 212-553-0475 IIB a company of The Dun 8: Bradstreet Corporation janet Y. Lo Chris M. Chi Dewey Ballantine, Bushby Palmer 8: Wood Y.. 140 Broadway New York 10005 12121820-1100 Direct Dial Number 12127 820-1855 mv! Kim Barrett b Marine Index Bureau, Inc. Telephone 12121269-1200 17 Battery Place Teletype 710-581-6111 New York, NY 10004 Telex 12-5139 lx 73" ' 's:l'f""'r 1 11h ' - 7 Magaly L. Torres Lorena Mojica IULES TAYLOR, JR. Burson'Marste1ler 230 Park Avenue South Payroll Tel, 212-243-5622 New York, NY 10003 Discount Corporation Fiffyfight pine Street 212-614-4255 of New York New York, New York 10005 42129 422 1765 SABRINA LOVE BUGETT Lorincla Rodriguez Assn. Typist C, Division of School Buildings I AY H TANENBAUM QW 28 jgeauofgesigrfl th " - ueens aza or ATTORNEY AT LAW 0'-if" Long Island city NY 11101 110 Wall Street ROBERT D. IEFFERSON, R.A. 16th ROOT New York, NY 10005 Chief of Review 17185 706-3483 Immigration Law Clerical Office Skills HYMAN ABRAMS In the COS Alternate Week Co-op Program, ATTQRNEY AT L AW we earn and learn at the same time. We are gaining valuable skills in the working 277 Broadway world and we are on the road to success! 2121227-5220 New York, NY 10007 - At Chambers Street Suite 503 JENKINS ELLNER COHEN I I fi Z E .54 , Corinna Choy TRAVEL 122335 REIATED """ Industry Marketing - SERVICES ' I Service Establishment :'n'2m"""e""'2i'i"""' Division American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc f"""" American Express Tower World Financial Center pf ' New York, New York 10285-3500 12121 640-3102 F""I '- I 'T l A fy 'fig L I L ' 1' il Y I 'f I' "T "Q Mobil I LISETTE CRUZ f""""' v-'M--. ,---S., 1 I l I l---- L-....., , T EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION 2 L CLVTIIHIS DISTRICT ATTORNEY Ana Anchundla THE CITY OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER PAYROLL DIVISION Wai Yee Chan Executive of Administrations COUNTY OF NEW YORK Burson'Marste11er New York N Y 10013 C2123 553 9000 230 Park Avenue South Elleanora Barber New Yofkf NY 10003 212-614-4000 VARIED INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS The Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers continues to develop and to maintain effective linkages with the private and government sectors. Each year several hundred Bergtraum students go forth into the World of Work to demonstrate and to refine in a "real" setting the skills and competencies they have acquired at school. This also provides the interns with a first-hand look at what their career goals may be. These partnerships with the busi- ness sector successfully bridge the gap between the theo- retical training at school and the demands of the increasing- ly complex World of Work. In this way our curricula be- come more relevant and responsive to current job skills requirements. Our very first partnership with the private sector was effected by the first Chairman of Bergtraum's Business Ad- visory Council, Arthur Humphrey Ir. a Chase Manhattan Bank Vice President. Today the Chase Manhattan compo- nent currently has a minimum of fifty juniors and seniors who are assigned as student interns throughout Chase's corporate structure. Periodic seminars conducted by Chase Human Resource personnel and Lester Zimmerman, Ad- ministrative Assistant Principal and the school's liaison with the private and government sectors provide the in- terns with an opportunity to render oral progress reports, share information about their assignments with the other interns, and to receive interim evaluation from their super- visors. Seminars are always held at a Chase location. Ioining the ranks of our VIP sponsors are: Marine Midland Bank Financial Women's Association of New York New York Stock Exchange U.S. Department of Health 8: Human Services land othersj Much of the success of our program can be attributed to our Business Advisory Council which continues to provide opportunities for our students and support for our pro- grams. For information about the VIP Programs contact Barbara L. Christen, Principal, 411 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10038, C2125 964-9610 3 X -4' I Y Q , Q5-7 ' s T ' nv-Q, 1, 'eint F, N fgix Z . If . 4- S' i L' xy A ' K--V fi H, ' I 148 E J 5 , , in 1 Manhattan High Schools Superintendent addressing students and guests at the dedication ceremonies of the Financial Resources Library '11-f L, -.dry-1tdgOia:.' -f ,gs fe in JA 7 1 ., Above: Commissioner Samuel Ehrenhalt, U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Keynote Speaker at the Bergtraum Business Advisory Colm' cil's luncheon meeting. Left: Luncheon meetings of our Business Advisory Council provide faculty mem- bers with the opportunity to interface with business executives. Eleanor Phillips, Coordinator of Bergtraum's Information Systems Technology Program, discuSS- ing program goals with Ed Graves, Industry Analyst, Standard and Poors Corpv' ration. Seated at left is Barbara Coates, Coordinator of the Co-op Work Experience Program. ,,. ffl My n WWH4 fff, , ,, if 'fi ff, V WAC, V! 7: mf f , Wy 4, ,pf f la, W'9' qv , ,3. ' 1? 5, f? ' x x. o 'M . 'jfl AM, Zfigf ,ff , Q w gm? 4 ,3 , sl i V ma, QZQVW fhh , wQW6M 'ZQa, ,U I W ...,, 0,5 QE wrfigg, Au, Sf. gf 1 Q ,, uf 0 K- bw wg, K , .. . fy s,m,..- 3: 3. .1-1' nf 1- ..,f fx Lf-Q , ' . cz ,W .,'A ws, . . A A ,." ,ff K, YM-sincss Y i y Liaisons ' I X A: ,,l. , W kzglgizf f Q H 'sg ef Top: Business Advisory Council members chatting during a brief recess. Left to right are Iustin I. Murphy President, Downtown Lower Manhattan Associationg Barbara Christen, Principal, Thomas Richmond, Council Chairman, and Yvonne Harris, Vice President, the American Stock Ex- change. Directly Above: Lester D. Zimmerman discussing curriculum matters with Advisory Council member Lee Webb, District Manager, Computer Operations, New York Telephone. Hosting the Advisory Council lun- cheon meeting, Star Cole, Manager, Education Programs, New York Tele- phone Company. 150 . 'W -.Jr l-y -gh-L-Q--l 1 i i t L i N ll Iustin I. Murphy President, D.L.M.A., Advisory Council membeig speaking sl with Senior Class President Iohn Hamilton. 3 4 K .1 V 1 55 'mx fiiiflf' X 3 'J ,... . 1 M 0 K .7-li' s "4 WHS.- 1 "Q'a,l urr Bergtraum High School's Varied Internship Program Left: Doug Fuller, on the left, Vice President, Olympia and York, listening to Commissioner Ehrenhart's presentation at the Council's luncheon meeting. Looking on, right, is Walter Akana, Training Manager, Apple Savings Bank. Below: Money and Banking class participating in MENTOR in Banking Program sponsored by Marine Midland Bank. Accompanying the class are teacher Bambi Sobel and Assistant Principal Lester D. Zimmerman. 7 I 151 . 'R " ' 'Q 17-,N J!!-a? -I A Xu, ff, 5 My J I gf il? K' ' r V X 3' 1 lim -r A 'Q' 'A t X ,,k f - . X I .Za- -,. ' ju 97 MEI L ,. 'fly 1 6 E455 A . AK ggi?" A . wi'- IC fi' ff' 'fr ff' A-A' 'fe 53 WX, '. 1-ff? I I :Ng I I 'Q' ,lg s Q-0 f f I I ' K ?'ff7's' ' 4 . 4 Xi g ' '. C. X A5 YN 1 K0 5, W 1 '- N.,-fx,-fx-f . S-"PK -v , 'K A - , - '- 'ffwf-.f7'..'x . by A' ,S , Xg YSQ?517 ' N 'B ' . . J- f 4 1 ' .13 ' J ,' , V . J Q., 1 5 f QL gfkpf X! wfbnufn O , , ll rf' I6 1 1.4. 5' f 'W f , , K N!H?hi.i::l'r4" , V ' I N s K r A 1 N L 1 I annum 1 f X THE N WYORKI 5 l,lx- x,, I ,xv I Kill' LN, iff' D471 ,fYx X' X 4 ' ., ,ff 4' x NN AV "f 125 ' '-'5nnifXN5 ffz L' N Xxi ,. -ff! fl RVN 4 'lff1VfN 4 xff- x, 21' f A. -A' ff? IA, NA Tiwxw-Q +2,b.qW7 THE EHNGLE5 I mH..lff1l!,, :Wx f X , E 2 wALK LIKE ANEQYPTIQE i 4 K A frvfgf W7f77l'IyNlYYYXX Jfx Q 9 fwfr W gWs QTL "' Y 'Q 6 Mg? X Z 'ag I v W I I ! I If X M MH .ELT Alf ll . lb I I l U . . it lilwll ijlbl O X th' J 5 tl K wi UMD Qlnwtiwc NTAGE 1988 Being the faculty advisor of the Montage is a learning experience I am glad to have. It gives me f th's book, the feelings and experiences of the graduating class of Bergtraum and to try to represent, in the pages o 1 every senior and of the class as a whole. I hope the 1988 Montage has succeeded in this purpose. ' t 'nto this book, for your patience and understanding To the entire staff and faculty of Bergtraum, for your inpu 1 with all our reque ' ' ' k we sa thank you. It was all for the students. ' ' ' P ' ' al Mr. Lester Zimmerman for all he has done Montage wishes to take this opportunity to thank Assistant rmcip ' h Mr Zimmerman all the best on your retirement and hope that the in support of the yearbook. We wis you, . , Montage will provide you with many good memories of your years at our school. I want to express my gratitude to the Montage staff for its dedication to making this book the best it could be, for the long hours of hard work, and for the good nature each of you maintained under pressure! I thank each of you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Because of you, I love my work more than ever. I hope that in the years to come, your work on this book will be a valuable asset to you, and one that you are proud of. The Montage staff congratulates the 1988 Graduating Class. We hope this book will enable you to look back with pleasure and gratitude for the friends you have made and the education you have received in your years at Murry Bergtraum High School. Sincerely Ms. Donita Ellison Faculty Advisor a chance to know sts, memos, cancellations, retakes, rewrites, late passes, and mista es, y fv'-49 -X Ml 71 n, - Qlol lj X fl I It WM H.-4 I 57 Yr The Yearbook represents not only the memories of our years at Murry Bergtraum, but our hopes and dreams for the future. Working With the yearbook has given me a rare insight into the school and its students. The Class of '88 is a group of intelligent, ambitious students, who have taken advantage of all that Bergtraum has to give. In turn, the school has embraced and encouraged our initiative. Leaving anything familiar is always difficult, even more so if the last four years of your life have been dedicated to it. Yet leave Murry Bergtraum We must. It is not a time of sorrow though. We have learned from our school and We are now moving out and on to better things. For many this may mean college, for others Work. Yet Wherever we go we will carry all that we have learned in Bergtraum, about ourselves and about people. To the Class of 1988, may you find happiness and prosperity Through determination and strength We of the senior class have made changes in the school and made a difference here. I expect that this will also be true for the future of our World. - Katiana Guzman, MONTAGE Editor Sitting: Rosa Calle, Lilliam Rivera, Ienny Chan, Billy Chan, Blanca Chalen, Erica Smith, Nicole Thomas, Ms. Donita Ellison, Natasha Carter, Katiana Guzman, Kassandra Pantoja, Colleen Brown. Standing: Yvette Rodriguez, Christopher Torres, Marisol Santiago, Chi Wai Woo, Eileen Velez, Tisha Montgomery, Karen Mack, Kiesha Owens, Lalyba Dawson, Leslie Hercules, Stacey Grange, Toya Pigford, Iohn Hamilton, Zakeha Gooden, Marisol Zapatero, Michelle Rios, Karen Maull, Frances Rivera, Hadyla Mendez, Deidra Drayton, Guillermo Feliciano, Not pictured: John Davis, Evelyn Hernandez, Mitchell Malpica Christina Moloney Shannon Williams. 'bww' .5 wy- MO TAGE ll T ll ,Jil We've got to get organized! Zakeha Gooden, Layout Committee Next year, WORD PROCESSING! All work and no play . . . Jenny Chan, Layout Co-Editor Everything's under control Of Course, we'll get the book on time. 44 S Marisol Santiago and Eileen Ve tarial Assistance Committee 158 IEZ, Secre- More baby pictures? Qtarev Crancve and lnhn Davis Meeting of the minds. . . John Hamilton and Lalyba Dawson L A , ,Y ., . -, V , , , . - .av . , -,V . . . 2 -fi,--' A ,. , , -. -' V 2 z ,afar nf ,cw ,Jaffe - Q . '-tray . . , , QQ Q A x I 4 15 Q X ff 'fav' 415353. ew- , .um nw- A T .. , J w I Q- I 0 I ll' +V f rf-at-3 1 l s 1 , ., 1 A Karen Maull and Natasha Carter, Specialty Pages Christina Moloney Page Design If this picture is worth a thousand words and we slice it into twenty pieces , . . '3 Mitchell Malpica Layout Des 1 !f V Deadline? What deadline?? mn Maybe if we try it upside down. Does anyone have Frances Rivera, Erica Smith Page Design Yearbook photographers go to great lengths . . . The theme? Sorry it's TOP SECRET. O KX '09, OF G36 639 qcbqa Q0 GOO 6X 2,1 '39 cat? 0640 xvqvz 1 59 1 A .R. DRILLI G COM A Jewelers Top the Senior Class 97-45 Queens Blvd. Rego Park, N .Y 11374 275-6900 To COS - Brenda, Ana, Elleanora, Kim, Sharyn, Sabrina, Wai Yee, Chris, Corinna, Wendy Blanca, Lisette, Robbin, Yuet, Damaris, Antoinette, Lorena, Iustine, Monique, Sharon, Lorinda, Magaly and Deidrea, To summer PREP assistants - Katiana and Bela: Thank you all for making me happy to be a teacher! Warmest wishes for your future success. Congratulations to the Class of '88! ' Ms. S. Picker Compliments of SUPERIOR FLORISTS New York's Leading Florists 828 Sixth Avenue New York, N .Y 12125679-4065 Good Luck From Your Neighborhood Deli F R U I T S f " I. ? -1. 1 A N D PETER We wish you good luck, good health and unlimited successes in all your future undertakings in life and may all your dreams and wishes come true. HARMON AND MARKS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW IEFFREY I. MARKS AND DAVID H. HARMON 299 Broadway Suite 1305 New York, New York 10007 212-732-3665 We trust that we can help you legally in all types of legal problems. Les deseamos buena suerte, buena salud y un buen exito sin limites en todo sus futuros empenos de su vida y que sus suenos y deseos sean realidad. HARMON 8: MARKS, ABOGADOS DE LEY IEFFREY I. MARKS DAVID H. HARMON 299 Broadway Suite 1305 New York, New York 10007 212-732-3665 Confiamos en que le ayudaremos a legalizar todo tipo de problemas legales. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR PROM! Best Wishes From The Management and Staff of Tower Suite 33 Atop the Time 8: Life Building 1271 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10020 C2125 586-5618 Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1988 from Dan Ross SCHOOL COLOR STUDIOS INC. 530 West 207 Street New York, N .Y 10034 942-7270 Well Done, Sharyn! We Are Very Proud Of You. Congratulations And Much Success ln The Future And In Your Career. Love Always, Mommy 8: Daddy "Whatever the mind can conceive, it can definitely achieve." Wishing the Senior Class of '88 all the best. Love, Sharyn Belisle To Sharyn: God has great compassion for you. You exemplify the fortitude and determination of America's youth to achieve lasting success despite ever present obstacles and confrontations. Sincerely Geralden Webster fGodmotherJ To Sharyn Belisle, Congratulations on your scholastic achievement. Wishing you much success always. Sincerely, Iune Manzella American Express, Travel Related Services To our Wonderful darling granddaughter, Sharyn Belisle: We Wish you the best of luck upon your graduation. Congratulations, Mr. 8: Mrs. '11 Belisle tGrandma 8: Granddadl 'si r w.f.ffV2f" . ,, l at "MY FRIE D" I've been scarred and battered. My hopes the wind done scattered. Snow has friz me, sun has baked me. looks like between 'em They done tried to make me Stop laughin' stop lovin', stop livin' - But I don't care! I'm still here! The best of luck to the class of '88. Special thanks to all my friends. I'll miss you all! Nicole - Oh my goodness! Oh my God! there's NO WAY OUT. I guess I'll send out an SOS because I can't stand losing . . . my grandfather. That's the ticket! To the beat Y'll 'cause this is the pic- ture. I want to thank Nicole for being a sincere and honest individual who was always willing to care for the elderly Iustremember what your wise old grandfa- ther once said, "Angela Bofill is better!" NYU and Co- lumbia watch out. Will - Thanks for being a true friend. You were always there for me whether you knew it or not. Don't go too far - I may need your shoulder every now and then. Sweetie, what am I going to do without our walks? I guess you really are grown! tThe first grade - OOO Childj I'll miss you and "This IS True." B - Thanks for stepping in my life when the rest of the world stepped out. I love you. Tone - Girlfriend, we made it. You stood by me through IT ALL! Thanks, I love you! FREEDOM!! Benji - Don't leave me! I'm going to miss you sooo much. I hope your father buys you a green car. HA! "I hate Real Estate, he does too . . . " john - Thanks for being you! "Oh, Walter Lee!" Michelle Gertrude - I don't care what you say - I'm wearing black to your wedding. fsmilej The Girl's Vol- leyball Team - "Who wants to go to a volleyball game?" OOPS! I love you all! Yau - I'm going to miss your mouth! Eric - Thanks for everything, Sweetie! Marlene S. - The original "Chico Fernandez" Love you. Mari - "What do you expect, she's a Scorpio!" Jude - He that falls in love with himself has no ene- .- -- V5 l.sL,,p:fi,5,?r.A:-3.714 , Gif Q3 . ,M . 1 f Q ef ' r ' , Q' ga cu.. - -if ss .I - Langston Hughes mies. I love U2. Fred - You'1l always have a special place in my heart. john D. - What ifI buy'the earring? Gigi and Corey - DURONY!!! Devlin - You better come see me up at Temple! I'll miss you, Mr. GQ. William Powe - The second weekend in May 1998 - don't forget! Lyba and Tanya - Bye Chuck! "Hi. Hello. Hi. Hello." Michael - Bye-Bye, Doll-Face. Steven - Good Luck in Virginia. To the class of 1988 - We are Liberated!!! Special thanks to Hilary P lease! A Clrnit it, C azzie! E xcuses! Excuses! Nicole - Ah man, me just can't grow. Shirely - Buy wool it's worth it, because Coke is it! Benji - Don't stand so close to me because you're a legal alien. Karen - "Karen! What? Karen! What? Karen!" Rich - I thought I was your wife. Devlin - GQ is waiting! Rich, john, Al, Ioel - Bye almighty Horsemen. Greg - Bye my brother! Michael - Mickey go back to Disney World. Dana - Those dancing feet! Robert - Bye HB from FL. BUBU - So what you're grown-you ain't BIG! Phil - Go back to the jungle. Africa is calling. Charisse - Oh, I don't know Charlene - "You made it on time!" Corran - She don't play that. Judy - I graduate. U2? Thomas - "You, she, and he, what you gonna do, baby?" Lucille - Go sit on a horse! Marsha - Bye my little Marsh-en. Alvita - "Ask Ms. Buxbaumf' Lyba I'll take you to the prom! Tanya Marie - Trinr is Irie. 41 N! X -l L! M ii HSCANDALOUS FOREVER" THE TIMES THAT WE'RE TOGETHER WE DRIVE EACH OTHER INSANE, BUT WE'LL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER TOGETHER WE'LL REMAINI!!! THE GOLDEN CHAIN OF FRIENDSHIP N3 - Helen Steiner Rice I ,f-' 1 . WV ,J ,wff , wb Friendship is a Golden chain f ff ,W QP, " The links are friends so dear, Xilf . And like a rare and precious jewel Ml , f, G, It's treasured more each year . . . U tx sg Evil? ,N It's clasped together firmly X All Y F Xp, With a love that's deep and true, np - gy K' ' A A And it's rich with happy memories ' 1 I fi And fond recollections, too . . . E J ' at Time can't destroy its beauty Q.-- ,,,. -- veete -'A-e - -----P' - -HD -X X X , For as long as memory lives, ex QX l WN Years can't erase the pleasure X Q4 will Ned? - That the joy of friendship gives ,IH A 1, W WX I For friendship is a precious gift ,Jigga 6 ' Sp gl That can't be bought or sold, if X ' A of TR But to have an understanding N 16 Ylc .X X Friendship is Worth far more than gold . . . A f 5 'Yi And the Golden Chain of Friendship Q F. A X459 x X? - V -it Is a strong and blessed tie K Ay ,f 4 qt 'i." fi Binding kindred hearts together ff V 5 5 ,yn ff' R' - As the years go passing by YD' if I -N V fb C 4,0341 1 l at s,,, f , A "ii n,il4g,2f,.rL,,,r,,f ,,.f'Tfh' at as J F 2-fafrigm 167 mea 019 gfix Q1 I- The School DAZE of '88 ff qw: . 1' ' . ,, rf gi ,1 ? ':fgfj ga Q VW"-: f fly? 5 1'u L F5377 A 'QW . ? A 1 y . V.-Q.. .5 ,Iii ,ir mfg: 1 imma. ., . .. ., ,,., ,,, w ,., , . ,, V. qw, . f f ffrf .1 i aim, 4,4 . .401 nba! M L ia, gl 4 i . I " ,l V fiwgg '35-Qviifi-,i Y-U2 5 V ' Q, .4 f,,, MW, Wh' ,HJ .1-, L J- . , , gf P? A lf? ,'3- V mtv, V. 4 . 'FIB' . K f 57 f:"',1.,. L M- 5, -- ww 'S vi rw' - , V' , nf 4 my our 'EF -s 0' , Egg VA A In 3 . Mg i. Q M K ug, .z. .W zz A ' To my teammates, During the time we've spent to- gether, I've grown up and learned so much. You've shown me what good friends are really like. Thanks to those of you who helped me out when I needed someone. Please know that I am always here if you need me. To "B", Ican't find the words to express my gratitude. Thanks for giving me a shoulder to cry on and for helping me keep my world to- gether when it seemed to be falling apart. Thanks "B"! With all my Love, Susan To my dearest Volleyball team, I often wonder how and why time passes by so quickly . . . it seems like only yesterday that you came to me as young and somewhat impressionable young teenagers and now you are departing as mature young adults ready to conquer all that lies ahead. So now how do I sit here and express my true feelings . . . I could write and write forever or I can just simply state "thank you". Over our last few years together we have been faced with many challenges. These challenges made us stronger individuals and somehow helped us stay together as a cohesive group. Our accomplishments made us believers in ourselves because we proved once again that success can always be accomplished through hard work and dedication . . . and so our over- whelming 3rd place finish in the city for a 2nd straight year, and our most treasured Manhattan "A" division championship will always be most special in our hearts . . . And so my dearest Seniors, Jenny Kat, Sue, Monica, Lashonda and Yau I leave you now with these fine memories of our days together and I thank you sincerely for the years of dedication and loyalty that you have given me. You have given the remainder of "our family" a fine Varsity It was a great season. In such a short time we've grown very close. This friendship means a lot to me. Let's remember the good time that we had to- gether. "B" We came in MAN- HATTAN CHAMPIONS for you as well as ourselves. You've been a great coach, you deserve the best. Teri thanks for all that you've done, I love you. Here is a poem for you guys: I have been blessed to have, a friendship like yours. You have seen me at my worst and best. You've held me when I was in despair and laughed with me when I was happy Our friendship has truly been blessed by God. Because it is unconditional, I love you and will always. I treasure the word "FRIEND" because of you. With Love Always, Jen example to follow and for this I will forever be grateful. I will end - not by saying good-bye - simply farewell, until our lives once again cross paths . . . The volleyball team was more than a team, it was an experience! Yet it was the people on the team that made it so great. Better than team- mates, they were friends, who didn't lose touch after the season was oven To the oldies but goodies, Monica, Jenny Lily and Susan, thank you for being there, and for teaching me about more than Volleyball. I don't know where or what I'd be without all of you. To my coach, confidant, and friend, through all the problems and foolishness, you were there, never giving up, always caring. Thank you for that strength when I most needed it. No goodbyes, only until tomorrow! Love Kat - With much love - I forever remain a friend - IIB!! To the seniors on the volleyball team. This is not good- bye, this is just a new beginning in our relationship. When we leave Bergtraum we will start a new life for ourselves but, we will never forget' each other or our memories together. To a very special person in my life. B. I first want to thank you for all you've done for me. I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I also want to thank you for believing in me when no one else did. You have given me so much. I wish there was some way to pay you back. There are so many things I want to say but it would take up all of the pages in this book to say what I feel inside. The only thing to say now is that I care a lot about you and I hope our friendship continues to grow. I especially want to thank the rest of the volleyball team, Mari, Colleen, Nydia, Max, and the gang. Love always, Monica fSpacecadetJ "B", Eric, Lily Jenny Monica, Kat, Nicole, Lashonda, Katiana, Susan, Anna, Mercedes, Julie, and Jackie. I wish you all the best of luck. I thank you guys for the fun we had during our volleyball games, practices, sit- ting at the beach and the times that we hang-out together. This year has been the best year I've had in High School. Thanks for being there for me throughout my hard times. Yau 1 169 E V5 Y Best wishes for success, For four years you have added to our school. For four years we have added to your success. Now the REAL task , . .do your part to make your life, and America, work, You can do it!! God Bless. - Mr. Berg John Davis, Angela Clasp, Benjamin Davis, Iames Shepard, and Elizabeth Chew Thank you for all your help. Best wishes. - Catherine Henihan Congratulations and Good Luck to a wonderful class! - Gail Reisin We play those eighty-eights For the Class of Eighty-Eight. I hope it's not too late To wish each one good fate! - Ted Nellen To all my students including Debbie, Cyndi, Elwood, Eric, Frank, Gillian, Grace, Gus, Hector, john, Jo May Larry Monica, Nydia, Rosa, Sam, and William. With love and thanks, remembering and praying for your futures. - Mikki's mom CMrs. Shorej To Alan, Bela, Carlos, Chris, and Denise - The Academic Team will miss you! Good Luck. Your Coach, Ms. Rosenberg I would like to thank Mr. Zimmerman for all the help and guidance along the way - Patty Appel Carol, Iudy GiGi, Denise, Corey BiBi - Thanks for being there. - Patty To the Clique: GiGi, Patty Sz Denise. It's been great! Love Ya. - Corey To my touchstone, Patricia, ' 'Congratulations my friend, you've made it!! Lot of love, Carol Thanks "Clique" for the great memories. I love you very much. Remember L.I.A.B., but just for now Csmilel. - Gislene Thanks for the support GiGi, Patty Corey Iudy Rose, 8: Bela. - Denise Good Luck to Lyba, Alvita, Tanya, Toya, Stacy Delisha, Bonnie, Mortessa, Starlet, Carol, Arshale, Kim, and Pam. The first five fand myselfj are really going to need it! - Love Crystal Alice and Lily: RPG couldn't have been more fun without you guys! Best wishes! - Siu Ping Hum-Ho: Thanks for all your love and support. - lenny To my friends: Thanks for being there! Love, Ericka Blackwell 170 Daddy: thank you! Eric Green, I love you! Classic Crew thank you! Love Jennifer Green, Student Life Class '87 To the T.B.B.'s fRosa, Angie, Debbieb Thanks for being a true bunch of choches! I love you gals! - Chris K3rd BJ To Mr. Swanson's seventh period class in Room B151 BOY ARE YOU GUYS REALLY DUMB AND UGLY!!! Congratulations to the Senior Co-op students of 8819. We hung in there together and I will miss you. - Love Monique Padilla, 8819 Dear Debbie: Don't worry I won't tell anyone that you've got the hots for "No-Neck", "Turtle- Neck", and "The Iapanese Car". - Your Crazy Pal-Cat To all of my friends, family co-workers, teachers, students, and even the administra- tion who helped to make Bergtraum "unforgettable" I Love You All! - Gislene Good Luck to all of my friends in the Senior Class of '88. It's been a lot of fun and hard work, but we made it! - Kim Barrett, 8819 Friends laugh at your silliest jokes, put up with your worst moods, go along with your craziest ideas, and ALWAYS see the best in YOU . . . GOOD LUCK to the Senior Class of '88. Magaly L. Torres flvlaggieb Sister Stacey Thanks for helping me get through it all. I wish you years of "tropics" and happiness. No one will ever fill your place in my heart. - Gislene Dear Billy: You've really got potential in becoming a modern dance teacher!!! GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE!!! Love Cathy Patch Kid SARA YOU'RE THE ONLY GIRL WHO CAN FILL MY HEART WITH LOVE AND IOY. Lov1No You ALWAYS, JEFF Paul, Thanks for being there. Love Ya, - Susan Dear B, You won't ever know how much you've inspired me. You're a great role model. Thank you. Janine E. Corey - You are a true friend and brother. We'll both succeed in life, no matter where we are. You will always be very special to me. Love Ya, "Perales" 8815 - You 'R' UNFORGETTABLE. Good Luck. Ianine The only thing worse than a nightmare is one you can't wake up from. - Werewolf To Mr. Cohen, Ms. Brescia, and Mr. Sucher, Thanks for the support! Love, Dilenia Mom, have trust in rne and I will succeed. I will make you proud of me! I love you, Gislene. Mary and Shirley I love you both very much. Thanks for putting up with me all these yearsi - GiGi Willie, I'll always keep my "Boo Boo" in my heart and with me always. See ya when you're "grown" fsmilel - GiGi To Amy You are my closest friend and I don't ever want that to change. You've always been there for me and I'll never forget all that you've done for me. I hope all your dreams come true. Good Luck 6: Best Wishes in College Love, Lisa Maria-la, I'll never forget you and always treasure our memories. Love ya always. Gig-a-la Burn in Hell coat robbers of Bergtraum High - From M.A.E DENISE LOVES DAVID DAVID LOVES DENISE HUSBAND AND WIFE FOREVER. Dearest Marisol and Marlene, Congratulations and Good Luck! Love, Christine Hey whats shakin' Moni Moni? - Dino Ela-Dziekuje, ze jestes moja najlepsza kolezanka - Mona To GiGi's Guy Cazzie, Marlene, Susan, Katiana, Paul, Sharlene, Karen and Carol - You're the Best! - GiGi Kat, Our friendship bloomed late but I cherish it. - Susan B, Esmilla, B. Schissel, G. Natkins: I thank you for your time, effort and devotion. Thanks for having me. God Bless! Love, Siu Ping Mom - this diploma's for you!!! Christine that Christmas present is coming in handy! Hey Chris, Don't forget Mr. Potato Head!!! Thank you Mrs. Spector for opening my eyes - - Love Ya, BiBi Hey Gillian, Lilliam, Leslie, You guys are the greatest . . . after me. - Ianine Corey Thanks for the fun and friendship. Love Ya, Susan Lisa Lanzi, You're a great friend! Love Always, Me To Mr. Serif, "Every debit loves a credit and that's why I love accounting . . . Debit-Credit". Dewey Gong Dear Mom Sz Dad, Thanks for all your love and support. You have made my dreams turn into reality With All My Love, Ines Best wishes to Ozzie from Irina. Hope we'll stay friends. Dear Papito, Mere words cannot express how much I appreciate your love and support. I will always be in love with you. Love Always, Nena I'm a woman, phenomenally phenomenal woman . . . that's me!" Yours truly Bernie Latimer, Thanks, Ianine Freddie, Too bad! Take care, Ianine Class of '88 - Congratulations! - Janine Eiley Here I go out to sea again The sunshine fills my hair And dreams hang in the air Gulls in the sky and in my blue eye You know it feels unfair There's magic everywhere Look at me standing Here on my own again Up straight in the sunshine - Black To Nelson, Elizabeth, Ramona, Rose, Ricardo, Paul, Carol, Patti, Dewey Beverly Katiana, Lilliam, Iude Cespeciallyj, and everyone else! - Love, Alan "We dance 'round in a ring and suppose But the Secret sits in the middle and knows." - courtesy of Robert Frost Congratulations! To 8819: We finally made it through the year! Your friend, Elleanora Barber Lee, How can I thank you? You were the best! Good luck in RR. I'll love you always and miss you dearly - "Geege" To My Dear Friends at Bergtraum: Friendship is an invaluable gift That cannot be bought or sold, And I will always be thankful for this gift Because its value is far greater Than a mountain of gold. - Love Always, Dilenia Hernandez loanne, We have been good friends for twelve years. Let's stay friends forever! Love, Amy joel, I hope you find that special someone. You deserve to. Love ya, GiGi REMEMBER THEM: U2, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Mission, UK, Ministry Love and Rockets, Skinny Puppy Smiths, New Order, The Damned, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy Husker Du, Sigue Sigue Sputnik. To My Parents and Friends: I Thank You All For Your Love Sz Support Love, Oneida Iay Tea, Want you, need you, love you. - Sweetness B, Words can't express my gratitude. Love Always, Sue Lisa, We have been Best Friends since we first met! Remember the great times we had! Best Wishes for the future! Best Friends Forever! Love Amy To my family fMom, Grandma, Aunt Rose, Sis, etc.J and friends. Without all your blessings and prayers I would not have come this far. Most of all to my Uncles Bobby Lewis and my Godmother Pat, it was all of you that helped me decide my career goal, I love you. - Stacy Katrina Andrews C8801D Many thanks to the teachers who educationally advanced me. Thanks, especially to Mrs. Shore, Mr. Sucher, Miss Friedenberg, Mr. Levine, Miss Corr, Mr, Wong and Mr, Schott! - Debbie Lew To All My teachers, friends, and classmates of my shorthand and business classes: Thanks for making this my best year. You're beautiful!! I love you all! Your Friend Always, S. Liu 171 Mr, Large, The Tutoring Crew, and The "Tutees": I thank you sincerely for all the good times you've given me. Nothing brightened my day more than seeing you guys at the end of each day! lN'e've had good times, bad times, rough times, and tough times, but we've finally made it through. We must admit, however, that it's time for us to go, and forthe next generation of tutors to take our place. I iust want you to know that if I could, I would do it all over again. - Sam Cathy, "Keeping a licking, so it keeps on ticking. STRAWBERRY!" - IYILD 6: CRAZY!!! -- Amy Amy, Have you had enough raspberry ice, yet? - Crazy Cat Girls Varsity Volleyball, It was a year to remember. Love Sue Liza, You're incredible. I hope we never drift away from each other. I Love You, Gina Dear Chi: You've got great legs! Best Wishes to Xa! - Cat To All My Scandalous Friends: Friendship is a golden chain That links are friends so dear And like a rare and precious jewel, lt's treasure more each year . . . Times can't destroy its beauty: For as long as memory lives, Years can't erase the pleasure That the joy of friendship gives . .. The Golden Chain of Friendship Is a strong Sz blessed tie Binding kindred hearts together As the years go passing by. Love Forever, Oneida Special Thanks for my Parents ' Sisters. Ms. Ellison: Billy Says: 'Thanks for everything!" Counselors, Administrators, teachers and Mr. Zimmerman: Thanks! Mrs. Reisin, Dr. Krasnick, -r Ms. Gerchick: Thanks for making me feel Academically High! Hiya Honey I love you! Sammy Totun, lat, Wanna, Debra, Anny ' Jackson: All the best times! Remember: The Bold and The Beautiful, As The World Turns, - The ioung + The Restless! Chi: SOHCAHTOA! Bela: Passion Control Pill, Biwa? Need me to hold any books? Weelang: I-Ioi Nam Gai Fon! Hai -' Nadia: Xou owe me gum ' candy! Nancy: Xu could do it, Don't give up! PB-lUGo2Bed. Trust me, it helps! Cathy: April Fool, you're one year older! Christopher: Arroz con Pollo! Dewey: Let me think. Rosa + Lily: Remember Computers A Chinese Food! Liliam, Yvette, - Leslie: "Life Is A Meaningless Nightmare Of Sut'ferings!" - Woody Allen. Milton: Remember Rainbow-Man! Kane, Terry, Debbie, Mimi, Iudy: -r other Asian Club Members: It's been quite a "Dynasty". Suppachai: Sawadika Corn Mude! 1988 Montage Staff! jenny, My "Spiky" partner! How did I ever get Modern Dance twice? Miguel, Richard, Chi, Christina, + Erika B.: "Run, Run, Leap!" Thanks: Dr. Ruth, Power 95, 20.120, NBC, 'I' NY Yankees! FourByFive: Diana - Thanks!, Debbie N. - "Ya Mod!" Elementary + IHS pals wherever you are - Congratulations! Miracles Do Happen! "Thanks For The memories!" "Best Wishes for the 1988 Graduating Class!" TI-I-TI-I-TI-I-TI-I-TI-IAT'S ALL FOLKS! Billy Chan I-Iey Curly lt's the REAL thing. LET'S DANCE!!! - I-lady ES NIAFIINE NIIDLAND BANK K Lets work it out together. Marine Msoiana Bank, NA 172 Member FDIC To my favorite friends: lou know who you are - Take care and remember. due to the psychological affect . .. - I-lady To Blame Daddy and mv sisters Thanks tor all of your love and support. Slay God always keep us happy. healthy sate. and together. I love .-Xl and Dee! I-lady Nicki. I love you and I always will! . . . 19957 Who Knows!!! 3-Z3-S7 - Loudy Bergtraum did not give Francine personal days. so she took them. Best Wishes! Francine. Marline. Kimberly. Nicole Yickv, lvendv - A l - Cathy Bruce Susan: It's the perfect time to wish you happiness forever, - Mom S: Dad Susan: The warmest, fondest memories will always keep near. - Mom Susan: Know what makes me happy? Having a sister like you. Sara Seniors. I hope you all achieve what you want. - Goodbye to some ofyou and to others - GOOD RIDDANCE!! - Diana Mack 'Le doy gracias primeramete a Dios. a mis padres Ivi y Luis. y a me hermano Luisito por su amor. apoyo. y carino. Sin su ayuda mis suenos y aspiraciones no fueran posible. Muchos besitos. su hiia hermana - Sandra Ivette Feliciano Montanez - deseenme suertef' tau - Thanks for always listening! I love you! Thanks - Marlene From Stephanie Aiges to her Senior Psychology Classes - 'lou Knock Me Off Of My Feet' LBOOBD Thank you to all my friends and family for all the support and encouragement you have given me. Good Luck to you all. - luet Lo SS-ll. 8512. 8813. S-S14 and others: Congrats! Donna Cartelli COS. Wishing you the best of success and happiness. lou deserve it. I'll miss you. Damaris Marrero Mom. Tharile for your support and encouragement. Without you these years would have been difficult. I Love Eou. ioure the best!!! - Damaris Mariero I thank all of my friends at Bergtraum tyou know who you arel. I love you all and will miss you dearlv!! I 1 - Lori f . 5 55-. It 4, Amy. We have been friends for twelve years, lets stay friends forever. Love. Ioanne Nami. Te quiero, Te amo. Te adoro. Gracias! - Tata All the money and success in this world means nothing, unless you have someone to share it with. - Robbin Flake jf! Utotsofif KZXUGW A mi familia espiritual le quiero dar las gracias por todo: especialrnente a la familia .-Xcosta y Gori por toda su ayuda y por sencillarnente estar ahi para rni cuando he necesitado hablar. Sabre todo gracias a ti Iehova porque me has ensenado para mi beneficio y me has hecho pisar en el camino que debo andar. Isa. -15:17 Con amor eterno. Maria Hanks are gonna take it! Manhattan College - Here l come. To my Ioshie Babe. What can I say? Te quiero. - Sugar Hady and Maria. IVhat a DIS! - C.T. P.S. lou're welcome! For Our Daughter Elizabeth Ann: Here you are graduating in the class of 'SS. From buttons and bows To Satin and lace. Our sweet blue eyed beauty has finished the race. We could not ask for a sweeter daughter than you Hou have showed us over and over and Well always be so proud of you! Love. Mom 6: Dad To Mari Zap - Good luck! Eoure the greatest! Even though we've went our different ways - all you have to do is call! I'll be around! Love and Friendship Always - Marlene To the Girls - Bergstraum was the move! lou are the best! Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Dont let this be the end. but the beginning! Thanks for putting up with us 'B"! Love always tour Friend - Marlene To Peanuts. What can I say? IVe've come a long way and we've been through ups and downs. Even though we'll each go our separate ways, I want you to know I love you. lou've been a great friend. Thanks for that. Take cane and go all the way: I have no doubt that you will make it. Love, Me tStarbu.rstl To Mom and Arlene - We've been through a lot together. Xo matter what we'll always be together in heart and spirit! I love you! I promise I'll call! Always - Marlene To the best parents in the world: I'd like to thank you for everything you have given me and say that I love you. To all my friends and fellow graduates I wish you the best of everything and I'll miss you all. - Brenda Sylver Thank you. to all my friends and family for all the support and encouragement you have given me. Good luck to all. - Yuet Lo Dewey. Were gonna get you! Love and Kixes. Hady and Erica 173 Dey You knocked it before you tried it, so you lost it! - TOO BAD - - H.E.M. I want Rick Cerone's BODY!! 'lb all my friends: Thank you for four wonderful years. I'll always remember the good times, friend- ship, and memories we've shared. You're all one of a kind. Good luck in the future and follow your dreams because the world needs you! I'll miss you all! Love, Dev Ms. Aiges and my psychotic friends: MISS YOU ALL! - BOOM! - CPT 8818 - Signing off! To Chi fGarfieldJ, Lily Billy and all my friends. I'll miss you, KEEP IN TOUCH. It's been fun trying to survive Lypka's class! Love Always, your friend Rosa "B" and Cohen: In our hearts you are the BEST. You have taught us to be optimistic and you'll remain dear to us forever. Love, Colleen 8: Mari To The Senior Office "gang" . . . Treasure the memories. . .VB division champs. . . "another meetingu? . . . Gerty. . . "I knew that". . .a starving actress. . ."Pump Up the Volume". . .Chinese bookends : .. the Bank of Tokyo . . . "I donft believe you" . , .and then you woke up , . . OK gang, "you are my life even though "B" ain't nobody... " Thanks for all ... Love ya - "B" I want to thank all my friends in Bergtraum H.S. Special thanks to Nydia, Mari, Colleen teven though I haven't known you longJ, Irma, Marlene, and Jeffrey, Special, special thanks to Monica for standing by me for the last ten years of my life. Also for my good friend Lorraine. Love you all Joanne Senior Office, Girls, we finally made it, Thanks for all the fun times, Facy-fut, thanks - for everything. - Mari Ma, I still remember thinking H1988 - GEEZ, I'LL NEVER MAKE IT!" Thanks for helping me through it all! Love Ya, Chris "B" I haven't known you for long, but I think you are a great friend. Don't ever change! Love You! Joanne To Juan CYou know who you are!J1 I'll miss you. Keep in touch. Thanks a lot, I would've been lost in RPG II without your help. CYou're so Cute!!!J Love Always, Rosa Jiminita, "Oh Jimmy Jimmy. . . !" From Chris 6: Bill: "YUCK FOU!" . . . GOOD LUCK Senior's of '88! To Vinny, I'm glad we got to know each other so well, and got to be friends. I was hesitant at first, but everything worked out at the end. It doesn't feel like a year went by Love Always, Guess Who??? S.L.C. '87: fAlan, Bela, Bernie, Beverly Billy, Christine, Corey Denise C., Denise S., Deidra, Dewey Elizabeth, Erica, Ericka, Eva, GiGi, Hady, Helen, Jennifer, John, Joe, Kane, Kiesha, Lisa, Lynnett, Maria M., Maria R., Monica, Patty Rina, Tanya, Theresa, Wai, Wendyj I Love You All! I have no doubts that you will all succeed. Love, Chris Nancy: I'll miss you and Chemistry! Te queiro! BiBi: Don't Worry!!! I won't forget Mr Potato Head. Christine: "BYE CI-IRIS!!! - Quack!" Tanya M.: Just read the picture. Stacy: "I got a secret: I won't move in with a blond or brunette." Toya: Bye Babes! Oneida: ORIDA . .. Love Ya ..: Miss Ya ... Caz: I'll never forget Seaport life. Susan: Thanks for remembering 7-29-70! Angie: College . . . Baruch ... ? Billy: How 'bout a sangwish? Garfield: EGG-FOO-YOUNG? Suppachai: Volleyball? Mona Sz Rose: Ciao . . . That's all the Italian I know EXCEPT for the OTHER word... 174 Don't worry Rose, 1 won't say it! Rosa: Chi-Chi's? Wee Lang: How about some TANG: remember: it's not just for breakfast anymore! Nadia: Three dollars??? Jude: I admire your ambition! Roslyn: Thanks for being my postmaster in Ilth grade. Ian: I'll NEVER forget debate class!!! Miguel: How about Biology? Boy did you know the lN'S Sr OUT'S of it! Bela: Yes, it sure was a tainted love! Love Ya C.T. Monica: I enjoyed our fights in Dewey - Great Adventure? Elizabeth: Could this be? . . . 6 years? GOOD LUCK Maria M.: Thank you for all the help in computers. fHa-Hal Brenda: Albaum: Thanks for your friendship! Gayle: Thanks for understanding me sis. I love you! Kat: No words can express my gratitude for your friendship! I love ya! Ms. D.E.: Thanks for helping me learn a lot about life. You've shown me that an individual can succeed in anything he puts his heart to. Mike: Good luck at NYC. Tech! Still Jacko???! KEEP IN TOUCH MY FRIENDSIH!! Love, Chris JoAnne Sanabria: Our friendship goes beyond words. Best Friends Always ' ' 'MUFFIN Dear "B": I know this will probably be the 50th booster you'll read, but I think I speak for all when I say you're the greatest! Sorry for letting you down in the beginning, but hey the advice you gave me came in handy! Thanks for your friendship! - Chris Escobar: Miss Ya . . . How about some Volleyball? - Love, "Elvis" I Love Joey I Love Joey I Love Joey! Colleen D - This german won't forget you! I love you! - M I don't believe it! We finally made it girls! Thanks "B" for everything. Love ya, Frances To Colleen, Maxine, Nydia, John, Ben, Marisol, Jude, Carol, Billy 8801, Cazzie, and the Senior Class of 1988. Thank you for your friendship. May the future surpass your fondest dreams!! Love always, Katiana Thank you Lord for the JORNADA movement - It made a difference. Good Luck to all the Class of "88" - But to those added "little" people . . . Jennifer and Michelle - How many years has it been -too many! I know that keeping in touch constitutes no problem so I'll just say it's been fun! Crystal, Tonia, Toya - It's done! Caz and Ben - Chuckchuckchuckchuck! To all the "Senior Office" Regulars - It's been fun! And "B" - What do I say? You've been a real friend. Thanks. Love Lyba Colleen, Monica, Nydia, Mari I ll never forget the times we spent together. O'well, M8:M. I'm sorry Love always Maxine ,,B,, Please don't forget me. Get tough! Love Maxine Dear Ms. Ellison, Thank you for your patience and knowledge, and for your strength even when you thought you were weak. Love - Katiana Congratulations to my daughter Tanya A. Marie and her graduating peers. Tanya, you have been an extraordinary individual. May success and challenge be with you. Because you're a winner. Happy Graduation '88. Love Mommy Ms. R. Marie Thanks mommy Believe me when I say that part of me being an extraordinary individual comes partly from you. Love Ya Toni To My Family: Thanks for all the encouragement. Love Toni To all my friends and acquaintances, Good Luck, Tanya Marie To my Teachers Thank you Tanya Marie To My Forever Snuggly Teddy bear, "You're mine, Yes you belong to me-e-e!, Yeah, you belong to only me. For Eternity!" - We belong together. I love you very much! "You hold the key to my happiness!" Love and kisses, Forever and Ever Amen, Your Honey Monica, I'll never forget your strength, your craziness or your friendship. Especially since I plan to keep in touch! Never lose hope, never give up, for you have friends, for always. Love Kat Jenny Quiet and shy boy were they ever wrong about you! fjust kiddingj Thank you for your wisdom and support, but most of all your friendship. Love Kat To all my crazy friends: Frances, Mari, I-lady Marlene, Julie, Jenny 8: "B", You crazy boogas. No words can explain all the fun and joy and smiles we've shared. I'll never forget it, and I'm sure we'll never lose contact. This is not goodbye! I love ya all! Michelle To Jennifer 6: Lyba: What can I say? We made it! I lived through all these years with the both of you? I must be a good friend! I love ya! Michelle To Joseph: There's something you should know: It may make you feel low. You have no reason to be vain You'd have to be insane! I'm sure you're happy to have made the team - finally It was about time: Three strikes would've been an out! From your friends who love you. KHA-HA-HAD Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan. What can I say Not goodbye anyway You've been there during the roughest parts of my life, and helped me get through them. You're "unbreakable" and more, you're a friend for always. Love Kat Rose, You've helped me learn about myself and others around me. Through every difference of opinion, we never lost our friendship. May time and distance allow that friendship to grow. Love Katiana To Allen, Ramona, Elizabeth R, Ricardo, Bela, Diana, Beverly and Denise: Remember the good times, remember our friendship, and remember to keep in touch. If I can, you can too. Love Katiana Many thanks to you Wai Ping, for being there at times when you were most needed! Best wishes to you always! Dear Kitty Nadia and Rui Wen, Good Luck Always! Billy Don't worry you'll grow just try jumping more often in college. fl will do the samej! Love Always Wee Lang Theresa Special thanks to: Marisol, my intern, Colleen and her camera, Katiana for her time and work above and beyond . . ., Billy for the Verrazanno Bridge and the "Chan I" Computer, John for his seriousness about the "Joke of the Day", Guillermo for changing his mind about movies, Chris, Chi, Lyba, Blanca, Leslie, and the 1988 Montage staff. Good luck to: Dilenia, Alvita, Milton O., Anthony Elizabeth, Maxine, Francine, Ian, Elsa, John D., Jose R., Rose, Richard, Jennifer H., Tonya L., Gus, Robert, Ambrose, Joe, Devlin, Sheldon, James, Victor Teresa D., Monica, Charles N., Phyllis G., Lorraine, Nathaniel, Brian M., Jason, Altagracia, Roslyn, Marlene, Pamela S. Congratulations to all '88 seniors and to all the students in my Advertising Art classes. Thank you for making me glad to be a teacher. Ms. Denita Ellison J 175 Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. - Winston ChurChill WH' .,. 3, . t"' f rf i lt is the policy of the New York City Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of race I d . . . . . . . , co or, cree , national origin, age, handicapping condition, secual orientation, or sex in its educational programs, activities, and employment policies, as required by law. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against should contact L d Ch in a in, Local Equal Opportunity Coordinator, Division of High Schools. Inquiries regarding compliance with appropriate laws ' l d T' ' , mc u ing itle IX and Section 504, may also be directed to Mercedes A. Nesfield, Director, Office of Equal Opportunity, 110 Livingston Street, Room 601, Brooklyn, New York, 112013 or to the Director, Office of Civil Rights. United States Department of Education, 26 Federal Plaza, Room 33-130, New York, New York 10278. ,ww W3 -QQOQXXUOK 6 X QHOH .LW Naggflfivqkyidog Uvfpylmjz X WMM M- QMWUM' jQMJQ0W6WfOM Qmjifywijfgwfg iff wx M45MW , QLMM'w f WgfMfW 0WdW Wswwvmm W W WW WH ix A WWW - I ul' ' 5 4 3 - 1 4 fs rv- "Q ' an ,af 1, A, Y..- guqffn MP' ,W fu A 5 ,,,,:' as . ' sf f 1 ' """v- di F121 ' Aiffl . , te, v W 'v E' ' n 9 X ",,-W pr. ' . 1 . v ,WM-W 'AQ X4 .- ,.- . ff va '14 A .A ,Q 1 I .f4,,':,. Q,-.Lg M ' x ,L " .1 -H1 1 wg: Q Q ' ' 5, VM ' 12s.,,. ' ' 5 W P fa Wiihn 4+ Y ff'-fl " 2 , .., -Q, , z'f'. -A., ' ,, ,gm JGZ, , V' r 04495 ' Y' Am ,, .4 5' H 4- , fl f' . f' N' P' wwnvmwvww-amvmfmwnw 1 "-" ,vnvgvf N.-Mr, f. MWA- .MA , Q ,I p. , ,K 9 ' ' - ,, . .C Hgh . -- . ,. ,,, + 34 , 1 , Q4 1 is 1' ' -1 f N' .eg 1 ' 4 - ,. A f 1 V v Aw... 4. 'Qs "xl ,,. T' 1 xi-W ' " M ,. A . 1 'Q ' V V, V' Q W 4 A ,,g 1 4' , 4,',. , -' , , ,. 'j 1 2" , ' ' ' K 'L W VZ:- 12' ' fi'?'+fr1ff,Qj'Z95f443'1'if 1' k ' 1 " ' X' ' V V V 7 1:77, :T ,727 .pw ,,,, X .V A . .M M A A :I 4, ww' in .4650 K V4 .h A V , '. if ,t,. I mn ,.gi,,,,g, 4 X3 , " . gf ',2,J"'5,ff 'P ff ': 5'5"'fv , , f,:i5'f2' f. , ' L f .' '15 -V' f, "' .f "' 1, , -wg.. X, ., - k f 4 , k 1 k, 1 ' A , SE AM ,.,,, W.. Jw . .W V , V . -Q .1 iw' 4' 4 VW? 41' fy H nw 4 .:f.n, f,, ,, i.,',"vQfmf:1'Wmgrv5a.f4.,L1 , f L W V Q f. -f 1,-,, ,'g,,'n,:ff4 mp, ,,:!v'w',f,,m fm A ' ja K, 5 J ,"ff'wfQx '54 ,, A I ,,,,V, mx 'j , , f ' k ,p,,,, ..: ,- , W - - ,f 'L-gff'f41f" f ' ,,f:4,, '- ,v 1' " A I f f-Q 'gfm ' F5 . , K- W ' .. -' -5 A ' V 4. 5 fx -A. :2' f '5 f, ?735,mfc- 1? ly. -'H 7"," 55, " - 1. ' J '?yjff4yzivg,4,f,,,,,!4yw,ff' wg, '1' M :,,,g W? FV: U in-4, J , " 'L ' ' L " ' f 'X' wx -' , -4 f , 1 .- M M.-..,,. V- ,.-' vim . ,, f., -,., ,, ,, , - . ,.,, , V. f - "vp, :Q " f A I I 726 ,HW

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Murry Bergtraum High School - Montage Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 34

1988, pg 34

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1988, pg 27

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1988, pg 68

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1988, pg 74

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1988, pg 129

Murry Bergtraum High School - Montage Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 8

1988, pg 8

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