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Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical High - Flame and Steel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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QF ,V M W ,' , H z- ,?51?4fffi?'f:51Hif' L-iizgflfii-" 5 Alma Mater Alma Mater Ligwegvgw 'QS 4w,g?f? W?jWdiQ?3g2mb42QQ 2 by VJ qfjw, ig-ii, 25 K Y Affvwgra 'gina A gm 3 fm M, Wiifglil E 2 if 'mffffb ,WAWTSQQRI g ,i Eg f.Q9,Q2z,w?fwf0fwSlS?5y Mg! T 9 7 +1f' . . .- ' - ' J-W"-f-24 ' -Q, if Q ,-Wu , ,W dn ' 0-el-4 197.4 . WS' Q i x 'Y ,' - . C 3 . n 4644W Ai INV "WX 9 5' 22-A-221 , V3 . 'gf Mig Myra I p X V , ' . XS -F .3 xu .y. . O A , , f H M79 , 'G to ' ,LQ 4-iq 'NSY 6? og? . l?"""?Vg" . . , F R t Nr f-'mf .8 ' H ix N5 xii . MQ . 54,6 I 0 "TW f ' f Q Q A 1 la, -'27 V,iVg,4 QW ad uf - , ' 4' ' ' ' ' xiii 2 W 'i 'Q' ' ' . ew 4315 GL ' ' C w ,ll sf" - QW? .ff 'p t Q . oofw, A-R H' f ,I fix' , gal! A Jilcivuztligwwau vgwzgvp Av: an it 1 'fp' 6? I -g' . 43+ M4 9 S: " " r-V -P,-"v"6Q.S ' ' 4' 9. '-W' 424.2 ' ie., . ' ' 1-2.7.1 qw i , 'qw-44 RC? ml QA.. . If' 2 X l - iv' A 'M d QF - E E .7 - Jaan' ' N f' I ,7 V Q """, Q6 RJ yy f b vB'6'?54-Q - - Q ,, ' 'Tj A' hK-. G-J-A '97 X Sw EQEQMQLMWVJQJW WNW?-J g23? flmidgiffm Ain fn Q? emssov A wWQi JUNE 1956 ig ff:-ffl-Q,:,f2 M3164 Haig? ff" 1QW V4 ,xzwy 2-JL jwwgwgwijffzwgwggfwga .XX qfiwfmiiwwii Uwfwwy ww We pledge our love and loyalty I956 I957 FLAME IINII YTIIEI I IIIIIIIELL IIIIIIIIIIS I'III.I'l'lIIIIL TEIIIIIIIIL SCIIUIIL I . W o Q n I I J Lf. XVIII! I Y R1 1 I 1 Q I I ll . I LI I . . I ' fy TWENTY-SECOND STREET AT LEHIGH AVENUE o PHILADELPHIA o PENNSYLVANIA Lf? Lffii' J,-,IJ T I MQLL zzaffsi P129 -.1 612 Qi 1 5 y 40 XJ x Vofl E ii, i 'Q 'vim im, f 5""" I ' z' DDLOFES Roaeas -XJ Do b D et? n on r rw n D bb ns r ni MlliiwI1dmlli'iiIs 1 Q P Y L' vm B I L Smith Eg g Sy! ul. iii i i 5 fi I ii iii f 5 1 I iq T i Q i N . Q I X, N W ii ' ,hd Q Wim 3 I , , il ii ,QI i ' i V vows +i in 1 f 53 Vii i i i ' ' i E Q i 1 5 M1 i i i i i . "' 5 .N ", A. Q ii :C g X , if 'J Qiagug fi P 7 E X 'AQ' X i ' sw Wd., A i -F S s ,Q f Q WY, I ii A 1 N X ii mx X i 5 i i' I ,f ' 1 ,L 21" Q' 4 2' A lux .- ,i i Q -1 M A -A i ff fr D 'g b ' Art Typ ig dP'itig 'Pi1'gDp1e1 , Y' i I ' Ph ii S s C ver cmd Binding N t' mini Publish g C p y F1 Z1 If nfl? ! ll W bf 37 r V ,A Y NM W Q., 3 WK!-H " l A Illlllm 2... 1956 oss o cmuo y 1957 r on zo o Athletics 10 Wan n DllDm A Lolltcnts ll-6 ly" M V l ,ff 64 X 6 ' I 1 Qfffj K7 Aol 334- 0- 4, X ll Y l lll Q 2' l 3 l 1 All l L ! l J! L IE L' l il l l l l 1 mi l 41 M l Ll l l W 6 1 X5 W N Y V 'X L l l l l gl l l l . l l llll 'l ..-,J 'l l ,, 1 6 l l I A l 1 l A ll Cb l Ji it wif? 1 6 l l l l 'QE ,yllmv 4 J l Q Q, , l 4, 6 J. i Q iLy 6 lx 4 L 'KW 1 " 'J . V 1 ,qu f l 1. ,, I G X - l 6 ,fr -1 l y 'I W . of f' 5 x l U J 6 l 5 OM ' l A A '46 f 1 A l -X V X i simian' ' RNx x x - Mft' A k l 56 ' X ' l l 5 ' P'- ' S Adminislrcati 6 Faculty 10 Class of June 24 l 1 Cl f.J 64 Og i ti 96 ' 1 9325519 115192150533 Zllrna Mater, Qllina jllllater, we plehge nur lube anh lupaltp. Behntehlp, tpe'll stanh hp thee, Qnh praise thp name eternally: Qnh as the pears are guing hp well raise puur luftp banners high well keep it real, Zlihe flame anh Steel, jfnreher in the slap. will keep it real, The jflarne anh Svteel, Jfur pau ine'll hu ur Die! -I ll . V 52,5 .JA . --4 u pau knutn . how our treasured Alma Mater came Into bemng" Do you thunk of It merely as a song or IS It a preclous memoir? What do the words and phrases mean to you? Whlle enterung into dlscusslon wlth members of the class about these questnons we were sorry to End that only a few could barely recite the Alma Mater We decided to do a llttle but of research and hope we have found some previously unknown unformatuon for you In October of 1943 a headlme appeared un the Dobblns Ink Spot wrltten by Mr Moses the head or the music department lt read Alma Mater Song Needed For Dear Old Dobbins Mr Moses went on to say Thus ns a call for all loyal students of Dobbnns We have a Fught Song and a Victory Corps March but now we need somethmg by whuch the school 5 ff can be remembered If you have any ndeas for words or muslc please see me In room 601 Two months later a now dlmly remembered gave Mr Moses the words for a song Mr Moses ser the words to musuc and at has been heard ever snnce echonng across cold football flelds at halftume fll mg the crowded audltorlum at all important occa suons and especually has ut been heard at commence ment time lt ns now tame for our commencement and soon we wnll leave Dobbins for a new future But we shall not forget thus beautlful hymn and all that It repre sents In chernshed memorues As you turn the pages of your yearbook both now and IH the years to come may the words of your treasured Alma Mater be kept ever new and shlnmg In your hearts The Staff z ls? 4, it , 4' . L. l X , my Nik , 4 ' ' 1.3.3 3 , , . . x . 0 0 . . . . . . ,, . , . I . . . . , I - - Automobile Mechanics student, Anthony Colangelo, . I . . . I . . . , 1 " a I - I . I . . . . I . . , . . . , . , ,, . . . - . , . ,, . . . 11 - - ' . ' , - , . ' I I MR ELMER H BRIGGS Admlnlstrator Teacher Friend ln appreclatlon for your snncere belief an vocatnonal education your unturlng labors for Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical School your devoted Interest un us as mdxvlduols We the l956 57 Flame and Steel Staff dedicate our yearbook ot Alma Mater Memorles to you 6 llevotedly well stand by thee JB QSTZYX - QX. W XX 1' LQ.- ,S QI Z N j K r w? v Q 91 W el I .17 X, f .riff X N. 'J 9 7 7 A Ex fx I ' S X Xp- -Qi ' V: 4535?-A?w" ' I 31 :Q f Q f I i A15 ' Q I ' J r VI xg ' 'E 'Q vWz3i'NiRY?Zb!I7?'NvXT AA w u 'v - I - V v M N., 7 M W Q 5 if m b ' Q2 M J' l F4 A A ?f V ax ' K w'::,5:ga:wca,n , 2 ' ,I 'f lv 1 TQ N ' a as' NW fx L 'I 'f 'A " ' ., ' A ' . 4 ' 4 - w 7 f f V ffo'QMaW A X Nh N! 9 , 6 N z 4 N 1. X 'G K V, J gl Vg, 5 4 X ky I L W , , .4 1 Cx Q 'K Y. -QGf.wz.zZ2s3 XV X2 ff 4 q Q Ee , W ff J fa W 5! , J 2" 'f K! L lxnv X Mu? rj- L . NJ .' uf ' F Q X -mx f ' if 5 ' fxl I IIUII PIIIIIJIPAL Ml Itllggs :O OUR GRADUATES You are graduating In an age when the need of lndustry calls for well trained employees young people who can with a mlnlmum of addltlonal trcunung ecome speclallsts In the particular 'ob to whlch they may be assigned To be sure of success ln your chosen Held you must possess many desirable attrnbutes The abrlnty to work well with others enthusiasm for your work loyalty to your employer and a desire to make good mxght be Included In this lust Equally Important In your life IS the use you make of your 'ensure time Be a aood cltlzen accepting as a prnvllege your right to vote and to take some Interest n the government of our country Engoy your friends and neighbors and work wuth them to make your commumty a good place In which to Inve Our best wishes go with you ELMER H BRIGGS C 0 0 1 . I ..- l I I ,N . . . . . . . La . , - I I . . ,, ,, . . . . . , . . . , f I . I'IllE-PIIIICIPILC TO THE GRADUATES: THINK BIG When a thought comes to your mind about advanctng yourself In lute dont let It pass THINK BIG The bugger on thnnks the bugger are things llkely to become for everythnng rs lust about the way we thunk of It Thtnk bug about everythmg about your plans your 'ob your happiness your ltfe Thnnk bug about the services you can render Your future will be determtned by your plans your skulls your satlsfactlons and your successes By bxg thanking deep fauth and large concepts all you hope for will be accomplished Elmer E Vosburg UL. TO THE GRADUATES You have completed a part ot' your nfe wuth thus graduatuon and have acquired that prectous saleable skull a tlade Yet to complete the cycle that tracle must be put to work the principles you have learned must be recognuzed and applied H1 every day sttuatlons You are a member of the technically trauned personnel so necessary nn todays complex lute Keep abreast of the changes about you by work thoughtful pa tucn patlon and contnnued educatlon There IS not only loy and satlstactlon ID the fulfilment of the task that lncs behind you but there can be a contmutng succes slon of such pleasures from accompltshrtent an the future Best wnshes G Wnlluam Donovan 8 . . . , . 1 - . ' e ' , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 g6Q1g,,,,M,,, A 4 . 1 I - ' I V' ' I . , - a at ' ' ' gr -t ' ' . I 1 ' ' 4 g I . . . u, 1 - QQ.. J 1 ' fr , O V ' ' i , . , 7 ' I I f' 4 Coleman Chauncey, Lawrence J. Lipp, John J. L. Gross, Helen F. Walgran, William Youlton, Harold Bostwlck The coordinators gave us the first glimpse of the school we now call our U "Alma Mater." They came to our Junior l High Schools and told us of the many opportunities that Dobbins, as a Voca- tional-Technical School, could offer. We listened attentively to what they said, because we knew that we would have to make our way in the world upon graduation. We took their advice and selected Dobbins as our High School. While we were here at Dobbins, the coordinators continued their services by keeping us in closer contact with both the school and the community. They super- vised the purchase and use of trade equipment and supplies that we, as Dobbins students, used. They checked carefully to see that we met the standards for grad- uation. They gave us advice concerning our choice of trades. When we were about to graduate, they studied the requirements of employment in the community, and the qualifications of the employer. Then they helped to place us in industry. The graduating classes of June 1956, and January 1957, have experienced much help from the coordinators, and want to express their gratitude for those helpful years spent at a wonderful school. Without our coordinators, we would not have been able to derive the utmost from our education here at Dobbins, and might not have been ready to take our places as useful, productive citizens. Z7 Q Edward M. Bangs, Nell Cramer, Ruth Weaver, Perc M. Andree Our counselors at Dobbins have been 1 X v 1 y a great help to many of us. In order for , I us to be ready to step into adult life, llll lt lllillllt many problems had to be overcome. We often encountered obstacles that seemed insurmountable. lt was then that we us- ually turned to our counselors for help. We found that there was much more to "becoming educated" than just acquir- ing factual knowledge. Learning to understand ourselves as well as others, and learning how to get along with our fellow students, were very important parts ot our education. Many times, not knowing the reason why, we went astray in our actions. This iuvenile behavior, although not thought so iuvenile at the time, was analyzed and carefully considered by our counselors. Sometimes we had to accept penalties for what we had done. As we look back, we realize that the counselors were here to help us. They were concerned about our school advancement and about our welfare in general. Whether our problems were minor, such as getting out of school early for a nec- essary reason, or major, such as low shop marks or family difficulties, we knew we had someone to whom we could turn for help. By accepting their help, we have become more mature in all we think and do. Words cannot fully express the appreciation and thanks that we feel in our hearts for all that the counselors at Dobbins have done for us. And praise thy name eternally yin I e x ,' 'I ' ef f x MQ! I Q! I1y i I -1- 'li 4 f' I RM MK ,. C ff .--4' 'E 1 M 5, il? if , 1 Q .4 . wi i 'i I rg W 'Kit V N -.ff V 6:4 Qx L? ' 1 KJ Q-9 'S-KX Seated: Standing: f,'f??' V if at iv :Wk " 1" I , I 'P 15 Maude Hastings INurseJ, Henrietta Elgart, Ada Silverberg, Earnest Mowbray, Ann Schweifzer, Anne T. Heron LNurseJ Joseph Einsiein, Donald Easfburn, John Joseph Mafza fDriver Educatiom Qggo lIE1L'l'lI K l'IIYUICAI, EI! MA '1 1 V 'E - ,rt ,fy f E , .gy I f . 4' , , r.,'f' rm'-1 K J: K -xu.' 4 I , HWWYI' " v , ' 2 D P -V1. , i . ,Aa I 'I V 3 X , . 1 I 3 Q - " "' J G D' ,. 7? 4 , aff? Qi 5 X Q, U C V-If nf 5 'J f 121 L 'S A '1 FLM if 'f I 'Liar' .1 Y ' 7 2 E Q2 x 7 Ma 3 xv K ga J if V It f :If -J f f 5,,,,, 1 , fl W, ,Hy i 11011 V K gill i f' 'ia251g f f Q3 A yi., 'fx ,, N, 4 2' l 4 5.2 171' DA I ,- 4 ' t rg - I 1 f Q 1 1' 'S ,X f 'Apu x - 1 A H Q?- ,4 if 9' Y Lf- , ,W 'if 5' if Q 5, "FW k ' .4 3 nv , 'fi A Ei' f 1 I 2 1 Y ,Q-Q, ai, -, KH? ' i 1 ,Z A 5 3 2 114' if Wg 1 1 fr Q! k1,L , 'f MX K , A . fix .Www ,, , ,W K ew i ,L mfg? -A Jw vs .L nu? f Q'-A, X! fx , , V , fs' , J - L n y o . Q 'gang Q af Q Q QQ! 'Wai' ag K iii A , , 1. I 1 X' U' r, l r F fix? J 1 -gg 5 x Q1 9 .,V 4' 65955, i p if-1 in 94 Nagy HW.: .,.. , .1 X ' ' GQ-u 1 S, 5 -kviff 2 41 5 'im' Tm IWW 4 Q 1, 1 Liza' A , L.,.,.w, ww Viyfg, W L .A 1 V ,W , ' i ' yy V 'Y mar! an Vx ,aff . U? X' 1, ' , 7 -P 1 ' A mb f 7 In W- , nz' A2 , 'pi ' Wig: Ak I vw A . q . V. W !':k I 1 , A A ' y 0 1 ' f f'. , I . i a s 1 I ' I, i, D , . .1 A 5' 4 5 we ff wvb w .Q ,qt fann- f N I Faculty llif Guard ,A ,il Bt , H ' -q. 4 Q U , r' 'iv' , K , , f Q f ? f' "U 2' LK I 5 Q If - ww xiii V f- 1 A f ' is . X -- .. ,- 1 ' wi W ' ' ' ffl: I rj I I jg 1 , . ' I - , . . , . A D 4, J 3 I k 'ft rv 4.7 I . jr- I s M ' " 1 .4, fn, A L f. . K- ' 'M 52147 ro . 7: V , 2 ' r L, , Vg 4 rf li. 1 1"'?'W C., A ' YY 'x V , 6 3 -AOJRQ H K f g. Vi H' 4 , E z, I 4 3 ll JL f ! 9 . ., 1 0, 'f : -2 .4 . 2 W wa" ,1 , 4 A I , , .331 I ar... fi 5'-9 'S ' XS "N-.E 1 fm 'W 71 :inu- fill ll f'P""F 4- And as the years are going by WK? I P0l 0R llDlMNNL RY L 0l J lE 36 MAR ARET JACOBY Pres dent FRANCIS TUSCANO Vice President To the Class of June 1956 A half lifetime ago when l left high school l bore with me the Impression that class sponsors were pompous creatures who stalked our audi toruum handing out advice and counsel thundering voices How could I possibly have dreamed then that one day l would be a mem ber of this exalted Iordly group' Well l made it and now l must candidly say that my sponsorship of your class has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life In four years and less l have seen scores of indifferent diffident and sometimes even helpless adolescents grow into maturity. I am happy to have participated in the process of your education and your coming of age and trustfully hope that you will consider me your friend as well as erstwhile sponsor. Keep alive your pleasantest memories of youth and keep in touch with us in the years to come. May peace health and happiness be yours always! BERNARD S. STERN Sponsor MADELYN TEAGUES Secretary JANE DALEY Treasurer ,sm in .6 I oi" IKENE FLORANCE ABEL Scrubs 1525 N 24th Street Commercual Art Atxvttues A A Rep Glee Club Monitor 5th erm EP Wrtlw personaluty tl-ats se :cus and stable es not only Iltng but y a e l. LORRAINE ALLEN Chubby 263 N 13th Street Home Economncs Actuvutes Gym Leade .l V Basketball Volleyball Sh s not cx plaln .lane She s that v ell aressed Lofra ne ' ESTHER MAE ANDERSON Dlmples 1632 N Patton Street Beauty Culture 1-ctnvrtt s Monutor Volleyball Wuth us she s always been a hut And oft rnnstalcen for Eartha Katt MARRIOTT ANDREE Cuple 7821 Ardleugh Street Beauty Culture Actuvutues Swummmg Club Yearbook Staff Monitor A A Rep A sparklmg smule and bug blue eyes Marrlott s a gurl who s clever and wuse JUINE 19:1 GARY DAVID ANSZIS Anno 1602 Brentwood Road Foundry Practice Actuvltues A A Rep lntertrade Sports A very tune fellow and lots of fun If you want a mce smile he s the one BOOKER BAILEY B0 1640 Parrnsh Street Machme ShoP Actlvltles C Football J V Traclc Intertrade Basketball Monltor S A Rep A qunet boy who knows has place A crednt o the human race RAY JOE BALLIET Flash 1-126 Blcvts Street Pnntung ACYIVIYIQS Swimming Team 'labe Tennis Glee Club A Capella Chour Tennus Gym am A A ep A Always ready wltlt sornethlng to say Never quiet always gay CHARLOTTE BEAU' Stuff -1636 Brown Street Commercial Practtce Actnvttues Giee Club A Capella Cltolr Dance Worli shop Intertrade Volleyball Guudes Club A frlend luke Charlotte ls hara to fund She dances smgs as sweet and kmd 3 26 MARY KATHRYN BLARHALTER Mare 7532 W Oakdale Street Beauty Culture Activities Dramatlcs Club Mayorette Swim-mr-g Club Mary corn s from rar up state And we think she s really great LAURA CECELIA BEECH Mousse 1844 N Leithgow Street Beauty Culture Activities Monitor Although in size she s not the tallest ln achievement shes far from the smallest ROBERT RICHARD BENDER Chief 2810 N Swanson Street Arch Drawing Activities Monitor Comm of Seven A A Rep Ink Spot Dramatrcs Club Leadership Club Dance Comm steady worker always driving A dramatics fan forever striving JOANNA C BERLIN Josie 3343 N 21st Street Co-nmercial Practice Activities Math Club Honor Pin Society She has blue eyes and a very fair skin And is mighty proud of her silver pin .IUINE 1956 BARBARA ANN BILGER 3644 N. 3rd Street Beauty culture Activities: Swimming Club Monitor Bobs is a red head who is quite sweet Her looks and manners cant be beat. WILLIAM JOSEPH BLACK 'I i I 2235 N. Hancock Street Machine Design Activities: V, Football, V. Track, N. Swimming, A. A, p. In Sports he may be a star our minds hes best by far. JAMES M:CHAEL BLACKETER 'im' 1938 Sparks Street R0Id'0'VideO Activities: Intertrcxde Sports .lim has finished his days at school, At fixing radios he knows the rule. AMELIA LILLIAN BLASSENGALE "Butchie" 1821 N. 27th Street Commercial Art Activities: Basketball, Skating Club, lntertrade 'Volleyball An artist who also sews and slcates, So very popular, she never lacks dates. 27 'ill mi? is FRANCIS D BLISS Frank 626 E Stratford Street Machine Shop Activities J V Cross Country V Cross Country Mgr Monitor When he tries to show al he knows He proves that he s up on his toes LESTER A BLIZZARD es 600 l: btafilord Street Baking A tivitles S A R p Gym Leader 5th Term Rep ln sports and games he may be great In our book he sure does rate CELESTE MAY BOEHNNGER Cee 3914 N Delhi C feet Beauty Culture Activ ties Monitor Ink Spot Bowling Club S A Rep ovimming Club Calm serene doing her best To keep D V T up with the rest ELEANOR L BONETT T750 W Allegheny Avenue Dental Assistant Activities Swimming Club 5th Term Rep Inter trade Volleyball Her warm sweel smile snows teeth white and pearly And her pretty hair is naturally curly lm JUNE l9a6 GLADYS BOUKN'GHT Boultie T623 N, l8th Street Commercial Practice Activities: Math Club S. A. R p. Listening to recomls she likes to do And we all bet she dances too. RONALD ALBERT BOURRILLION ro 1839 North Stret Restaurant Practice Activities: Class Rep, lntertrode Baslcetball Cadet Football S. A. ep. Ronny may have a quiet so.t of way But he sure can handle that R. P. tray! THADDUS BOWMAN l206 Fairmount Av nue Electrical Activities: Track Monitor, Swirrming Team My friend Bowman is a sleeper, But when gi'ls are around heh a peeper, WlLl.lE BRADLEY "Brad" i536 N. 25th Street Baking Activities: Cross Country, Junior Glee Cl.ib Inter- trade Sports Any record with a red-hot beat Can get this jazz-lover up on nis feet. 28 STEWART BRUCE BRANAM 579W ATO N 52nd Street Refrlg and Heotmng A wmes A A Rep S A Rep V Track V Cross Count y Monltor 5th Term Rep Relay Champnon of The Flying Four Wuth hralns a d personaluty galore CAROL A BRUDER Cab 61 E Brmghurst St et Commer tal Art Actuvntues Roller Skatmg Club Wstn her frle ds she hugh does rate On rlnk or Ire a real good skate RAYMOND A BRUNNER ul 5802 Weymoutn Street Machune Deslgn ACTIVITIES Intertracle Sports Raymond s a quite boy and klnd A 'lner friend you II never find DIANA MAE BUCHER Dee W Byberry Rood Somerton Beauty Culture Actuvmes Monltor Shes a cutle h hour style rs sweet She dresses to match so careful so neat BERNARD WALTER BUHL Bernie Belmont and Monument Aves Industrial Chemlstfy Actuvltaes V Foo ball V Gym Team Track A A Rep A Capella Choir V Club Gym Leader Hes a quarter back who cant be beat And on the tra k team he has flying feet EN ELYN BURREl.l. ve 154 N Salford Street Commercial Practsce Actlvltues Glee Club Chour lntertrade Volleyball S A p lovely personality and mighty pretty sn'lle All school affairs she attends un style CHARLES THEOUORE BURTON Chuck T102 C Reno Place Cablnetmakung Actlvntles V Traclx J V Cross Country Monitor Cadet Track Cadet Cross Country 5th Term Rep Fnfth Term Trade Rep and Cross Country Ace He worked and played wlth a smile on has ace HOWARD BYRD Tweef 'I709 N Wnllmgton Street Prmnng Actnvnttes Cross Country lntertrade Basketball Momtor Hts name ns Byrd whuch us real neat That IS why we coll htm Tweet 29 11 11 ct : . . ., . . .1 . 1 - Y . . , , . . 11 - 11 1 ' n . 11 11 C ' fe C ,. . Q . I - - 11 11 11F 11 , . . , . . 1 - 1 11 11 1 - 1 , . B . . I 'r I 1 , . - ,, . get v Y ' 1 , 1 Y is 11 - 11 . .. h 5 . . 1 , . , , . - -1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . - r c . 1 11E 11 : I I I . . Re . l I - 11' 11 1 . , . . , , 1 1 ' - I ' ll II - 1 1 1 ' ' Il lf bw 'US In '16 69 Q JEANETTE CAKAN 9 2103 McKinley Street Commercial Pioctice ivities S A Sincere and etllcnen he pful cnd kind A pretty Ittle lfcly sweet and rel1ned CAROL CAPECF Sandy -119 N Myrttewcod Strut Ccnimercicil P octice v ties e R p lntertiode volley ull n o r skotcs with r ION blond :Jr s 1 s 1 te of ou most u c ir VlRC:lN'A MAY CARTER Gnny l W Hanes Street DIESSITCIRIHQ Activities Modern Dancing Gym leucler nny s swim ting is the est e ulvoys does it full ot Lest JOAN ADLLE CATINI 2915 W Cleorf1eld Street Commercial Practice Aetlvittes Swimming Club Monitor Bowling Club A dorx eyed beuuty whos perky ond spry One who is olwr ys willing to ty IUNP 1956 BARBARA RUTH CAUTHORN Bobie 125 W Dnvol Sheet Beauty Culture Activities S A R p House 8. Grounds Comm Prom Comm Comm of Seven Sub Comm Eiection Comm Publicity Comm Yearbook Stott Monitor 5th ond oth Term Rep. Advisory Comm. Somewhat quiet! Somewhot shy! Because of willingness Bobie's sure to get by. JEANNE MARCIA CAVEROW 'Pixie' 3553 N. Morshull Street Beauty Culture Activities: Skating Club, Yearbook Steiff Monitor, S. A. p. Brown-eyed Jeanne is very uttroctive, At dancing and skoting she's very octive. TATRICIA LAURA CHAMBERS Peanuts" 2866 N. 8th Street Child Core Activities. A. A. Rep., S. A. Rep., Swimming Club, Skating Club, Volunteer Child Cure Work Pots work is olwuys well done, She s sweet, lively, and full of fun. ROBERT LOUIS CHANIN "Flush" 5351 Hnzelhurst Street Auto Mointenonce Activities: Monitor, Tennis Robert is nice ond likoble too, He'll do onything he con for you. 30 ROSE M CHUN oe 2931 N Marshall Street Industrral Chemrstry Actrvrtres Monrtor Glee Club Chorr Jolly and happy all the day Let us hope shell stay that way ELIZABETH PATRICIA COHEN Z I836 Rrdge Avenue Commercral Practrce Actrvrtr s Swrmmrng u Thus blonde harred grrl wrth eyes of blue Has reol oersonalrty a sense of humor too LAWRENCE H COLFLESH Flesh 5850 Cedar Avenue Cabrnetmokrng It rvrtres S A p Larry s so smart he s called the brarn We dont lfnow how he can stand the strarn RICHARD GORDON CONANT Duck 436 E Comly Street Machrrre Shop Actrvrtres Monitor In hrs lrttle hot rod car Drck s sure to go very for JUNE I9ah WARREN CONNELLY a IOO4 B Erre A enue Prrntrng Actrvrtres Football Basketbal Swrmmrng Track 4th and 5th Term Rep S A Rep Tennrs Bowlrng Warren rs Interested rn thrngs of all sorts Hrs brggest rnterest are rn grr's and sports THOMAS R CONNER Tom 4315 Ludlow Street Arch Drowrng Actrvrtres Glee Club Chorr Dramatrcs Club J V Soccer Hammond Organ V Soccer When Tom plays the organ hes rn the groove But at trrg test trme hrs hand wont move WALTER E COSTELLO Srck 2924 N Van Pert Street Patternmakrng Actrvrtres S A Rep Class Rep Intertrade Basket ba Slrck Costello lrkes to srng And all rn all he sounds lrke Brng WILLIAM W CRAIG Bean IO24 Wagner Avenue Prrntrng Actrvrtres Cross Country Bowlrng 4th Term Rep 5th Term Rep Track Tennrs Happy go lucky rn hrs way Takrng thrngs as they come each day 31 sniff 1 emu fv 5 i PICHARD A CDEECH ic 2922 N 22nd Street Radio JICJEO wrties det ootball J V foo al V Base I hr Ease a n irauv fe low we hear rom reports IVQ as 9 N Cl H1 ONSlANCE A CUMMINGS Connie 2505 N Myrtlewoofl Street Beauty Culture Activities Monitor She s cr beauty hard to surpass Wen liked oath in and out of class ANGELINE ELAINE DALESSANDRO Angie zOlO W Mayheld Stieet Commercial Practice nvrtres A A A R p Glee Club xe cutive Rep An mt lligent charming socrable lass Well liked by everyone rn the class MARY JANE DALEY Janey 7358 N lOth Street Commercial Practice A rvltles A A Rep SA Rep Swimming Cub Monitor Class Tresurer We see our money very rarely Because our treasurer rs Jane Daley J JUNI' 1936 GLORIA MAE DASH Dash 1523 Dauphin Street Beauty Culture Activities: J. V. Basketball Monitor She's gone through school with the greatest of ease Just call her Dash if you please! GLORIA VENUS DAVIS 'Gloria 4513 W. Gordon Street Dressmalcing Activities: J. V. Basketball, Volleyball Glee Club Gym Leader Intertrade Volleyball Although she may be quiet you see, Shell always be a pal to you and me. ALBERT EDWARD DAY ' ' 547 E. Alcott Street Carpentry Activities: Dramatic Club, June '56 Executive Comm., J, V. Soccer, S, A. Executive Comm., V, Soccer, Guides Club Hes pretty neat, a little shy, All in all, an all right guy. FRANCES DEMPSEY "Fran" 6458 Henry Avenue Dental Assistant Activities: S. A. Rep., A. A. Rep., Swimming Club, lntertrade Volleyball Naturally curly honey-brown hair, Crowns a smiling face with complexion fair. 32 WILHELMENIA FRANCES DENBY "Peachie" U34 VI. Girard Avenue Commercial Practice Activities: Glee Club, Bowling Club, Skating Club She's smart, she's nice, so full of swing, We wish her success in everything. GLADYS E. DEUBEL "Glad" 2712 N. Croskey Street Commercial Practice Activities: Club, A. A. Rep., Bowling Club, Monitor, Intertrade Volleyball She s sweeter than honey nicer than ple And sure is attractive to tne eye RUTH E DILLMAN Rudy 3810 N Delhi Street Commercial Practice Activities Intertrade Volleyball Bowling Monitor Swimming Club She s real attractive and very demure Her future will surely be quite se ure ROSE MARIE DISANTO Rose 2023 W Indiana Avenue Commercial Practice Activities Swimming Club This good little dancer with sparkling brown eyes Has a big sense of humor for a gurl her size JUINE l9 6 LOUISE MARIE DOLDERER ou A03 Doggett Street Commercial Practice Activities S A Rep Bowling Swimming Club Executive Committee Sweet disposition smile lovely and warm An intelligent girl mth femme charm GRACE FLORENCE DOLT Tiny 2430 N 4th Str t Commercial Art Activities Art Editor of Yearbook Staff Sincere in friendship and talented m art Quiet In disposition with a happy heart JAMES EAKINS lm 65 W Garfield Street Machine Shop Activities lntertrade Sports He has a big body and a very good mind With this combmotnon he shall never fall behind CLAIRE ECKLER DoDo 3244 N Goodman Street Commercial Practice Activities Dramatic Club World Affairs Council Swimming Club lntertrade Volleyball Bowling Club Fun at a party likes Rock n Roll Big brown eyes reveal a fri ndly soul Q V 4 K Je, IEONARD EHASZ Tiry 4346 Freeland Avenue Refrsg 8. Heating Actlvltles Soccef Swimming Gym Team lntertrade Sports With his collar turned up high He comes trudgmg to Dobbins High WILLIAM ENTRIKEN 964 N 66th Street Radio Video tvnties J V Ba ketball lntertrade Basketball Ar basketball hes pretty cool And with the women he s 'mo fool JOHN CARTER FAREIRA Long John 6l3l Boynton Street tr y Actnvstnes V Track A A Rep Monitor We grant although l'e has much wut John s quite shy of using it CARL R F NK or oelmont 8. Mowument Avenues Baklng ivntles J Ba ball Ba ball V G Team V Gym Team A A Rep Although In size he s not the tallest ln achievement hes far from the smallest If l95r BARBARA JOAN FINN Bobbi 5725 N Lambert Street Child Care Activities Glee Club A Capella Choir Swimming Club Skating Club Guides Club S A Rep Leadershup Club Yearbook Stat? Monitor World Affairs ouncll Small cnd snort :ms she nay be e sure is full of vital CLARENCE FISHFR Jimmy 304 N 45th Street Welding wines S A R 4th .erm e I shy :nd hard to meet once in t he can t be e GROVER FITZGERALD 'Sonny" 2149 N. 32nd Street Auto Maintenance Activites: Intertvade Sports A stack car rliiver lwe wants to e, better racer you ll never see. JANICE F, FLOOD " an' E22 N. Etting Str t Commercial Practice Ac ivities: Color Guard, Skating Clu , Choir, Ir-t r- trade Volleyball Happy go lucky, looking for fun, One of the liveliest under the sun. .f 34 6 MARY JANE FOX 2520 W Sterner Street Corrimer ral Practice A zvities S A ep Pretty as a model oth'eti as a boy May your life be happy and Filled with 'oy GEORGE FREEMAN Georgie 811 N 48th Street Eectrical Activities S A Rep Monitor George we re sure will go quite far With or without his convertible car' HENRY FUCHS Har 734 W Russell Street Auto Main enance Activities Intertrade Basketball lntertrade Track Skating Clul This boy s a mechanic and ons o the best Any car he fixes will pass the test FRANK JOHN l'UHR ranlco i820 N Waterloo Street :lectrical Activites Bowling Team Tra k Class Re light Crew Cant Monitors Frank really has a lot of brains And his interest is model trains JUNE 1936 ROBERT FRANK GARTNER 'Bob" 5858 N. Newton Avenue Machine Shop A ivities: A. A. ep. Robert is happy all the while He always greets you with a smile. EDWARD HARRY GELBARTH "Ge" l265 N. 29th Street Printing A tivities- S. A. P p. Intertrade Basketball If there is fun Eds always around- When theres work he might not be found. MARGARET GERSTENBACHER ' uu" 4576 G Street Dental Assistant ivities: S. A. Rep., A. A. R p., 5th Term ., lntertrade Volleyball, Swimming Club Active and friendly, helpful and wise, Love ot lite shines in her big blue eyes. ANTHONY JAMES GlANNATTASlO 'Tonyu 2006 N, 4th Street Plumbing Activities: lntertrade Sports A popular athlete, witty and gay, Sociable, helpful, at work or at play. 35 412-1 ff CHARLES GIBSON Hoot 3933 Barmg Street Refrrg B. Heotmg Actuvutnes V Trak Cross Country Team S A Rep A A Rep Executuve Comm m Leader Prom Comm n mnnd Chorne has but one thought To no himself of school books he hos bought AZALFE P CNLMOR: 98 N l5th Stre Beauty Culture Actwn ues SWIINDIIHQ Club Boslfetball Monntor A1alee s os quret as a mouse Shell moke some mon o nnre qulet spouse MARY ANN THERFSE GLOD Babe 4239 N Sydenham Street Pre Nunsmg Actlvltles Swimming Cluo A A S A Monltar Of her awards she sure could boost Cause Mary Arms really the most' EDWARD J GOLDSMITH Goldie 86 E Russell Sreet Foundry Proctlce A uvutues S A ep Qu: lr wuth a loxe smooth os con be We ve found 0 true friend tn our Goldie CHRISTINE UEANNA QRAHAM Snoolxs !265 N Lambert Street Contmerclcll Practice Actnvntles Glee 'lub Intertrode Voleyball Pasket boll A Copellu Chou She s o be bop gurl from woy woy bo ls e s Cool she s pretty on she s on e rnght trock CARL GRANDE Clown 43l4 N 'lrd Street Machme Shop Act vutles untertrode Sports When the day IS neorly dore Ove t t C S r' t vt YATHLEEN R GRAY Kay V74 N Wnlton Street Dressmokmg ACYIVIVIES lnter rode Sports Ka ns smart Kcy us ga S e 5 full of fun IH her own quiet way NORMA l GRHNWOOD F4936 N Oth S met Commercncxl P octlce Acrmntles Guldes Club Orchestrx Itorchmg Bond A A p A toll dlgnlhed gl l whose frlendshlp IS sincere S e earned o Iver pun for school servrce thas year 36 . . - V, ' ., Gy I his ' l' , . . . ' 'l. ' l-173 . et ' N : ' A l, . . Rep., . . Rep., 0 . 1 ' ct' ' ' : . . R , J U N E l 9 5 6 ' ' - C , l , - A Sh " ' , d ' th Le i o ull to to he fu . - Y ' ' ' Y, h ' ' . . , ' 'Jo . . Re . 'h si ' ' ' ROBERT N GRICFITH Gri 700 Chomplost Avenue Machine Design Activities J V Boske ball Intertrode Basketball Roberts a boy tail and .lark Wno thinks that life is one grand laik ARTHUR J GROSS Artie Vtll N 7th Street Machine Design Activities Guides Club Arthur is ready willing ard able But he sure hates to get up tom the table BARBARA JANE GWYNN Bobs 132i N Paletho p Street Commercial Practice Activities 4th Term Rep Publicity Vice Pres Ink Spot Member A A R p lntertrode Volleyball Her graceful dan ing could win a prlze Vice President Bibs with pretty greew eyes LILLIAN HADLEY 2836 W Gordon Street Home Economics Activities .l V Volleyball Glee Club A A Rep Intertrade Volleyball 5th Term Rep Shes always outstanding in music and sports Ana a pleasure to see on tne volleyball courts JUINE 19.36 KATHLEEN HAIRSTON U7 2435 N Park Av nue Home E onomi S Activities J V Volleyball Glee Club lrttertratle Volleyball S A Rep 5th Term Rep Her sports ability is hard to beat As other athl tes find when they compete PHILIP JULIUS HALL 2546 N Bouvier Street Arch Drawing Activities Cadet Football Cadet Cross Country A gay fellow a good chum He makes friends with everyone GERALDINE HAMERLY Gerry 1507 N. Myrtlewood Street Commercial Practice Activitiesz: Orchestra, Music Appreciation Club Concert Rep., Moth Club, Swimming Club, Yearbook Ink Spot Guides Club . A. . Soft low voice, heart-warming laugh An efficient men be of the Ink Spot Stott. ERICH EDWARD HAMM Ear-Ache B05 S. Vodges Street Industrial Chemistry Activities: Band, Cross Country V. Gym Team A. A. Rep, Glee Club Choir Dance Band, Monitor Gym Leader Wherever music you know hes around Though not from heaven, "s melodious sound 37 4'-"" N A 'cffiv'-. ,J 1' fr IHOVIAS F HANNIGAN Hines 2747 :zonsall Strc' t roundry Practrue A rvrtres V Sw mmrng Team V Sw rnmln an A He works rn tre foundry v th lots of applronce He studres har.: and has self relrance JOSEPH LUGCNE HANUSEY oe 44 G rcrrd Avenue Qadxo Vrclea Act vrtres Football Cadet Football J V Football A In football he grves the crowd reat 1 as a frerrrl e ca rt be ea .IOANN BETTE HARING .5420 N oth Str re Nursrng Actrvrtles Interlrade Sports Lrghtheorted pleasent always gay Shell never qo her separate wav KENNETH R HARMON Professor r609 Rrclge Avenue Ccrnmercnal Practrce Actrvrtres Track Cross Country Monitor Squad Leader Dan rng and grrls are all Ken can see A real sharp dresser youll all agree IINI' l '36 JOSEPHUS HAPRIS oe 7310 Stewart Street Cabrnetmakrng Arrvrtes J V Basket a We cal lrrm Joe h s srx feet tall He sure can hardle a basketball' PATRICIA E HARRIS Cl l82O A N 25th Street Commercial Practrce Actrvntres Lrbrary And Dramahcs Club Dance Workshop Intertrode Volleyball Swrm mrng Llub Grrls Advrsory Comm Beautiful drmple but never a frown Appeors on 'he youngest dance teacher rn town THOMAS JOSEPH HASIAK Tom 772 N Toney Street Machrne Shop Ac rvrtres S A Rep A A Rep Monrtor We know he 5 always good at a test At other work he trres hrs best VNILLIAM HEADMAN I r Rrver Road Auto Marntenance Actnvrtres Swrmmrng Tcam A A Rep Gym Leader If brarns were an alloy as Iastrng as gold We k ow tlret B l could never grov o 38 NANCY CARROL HECK 2535 N Opal Stre t Commercial Proct e Actavntues Guudes Club Plays the ptano and ln-ces to draw ne of the sweetesv we ever saw' JUNE D HEDGEPETF July 28-16 N Marston Street Comftercual Pra txce Acttvntues lntertrade Volleyball Bowltng 1 'tt ming Club Monitor Pretty to look at ready to go A nncer trtera youll never krow GEORGE HEINZELMANN Hemz 230 W Kennlworth Avenue Patternmaknng A IVIYIES J V Soccer V Soccer Band Morwtor Orchestra Intertradc Baskketball George Hfmzelmann as rt our school bond Hts rnusncal talent ns 'nuch nn demand FONNIE J HENDRV-KSON an 3124 N Rosevvooa Street fomn ercnal Practmce c lvuttes Yearbook S aft S A Rep Electron Comm Prom Comm Publtcuty Comm A sweet little gurl vuth eyes of blue In cu neat lntle package lust tive foot two Il1lNF 1910 JOSEPH HENKEN Buddy 4611 N Mervlne Street Refrug 8. Heatnng Actnvutnes V Cross Country V Track Monntor Chou Joes a trac-4 star who ure can run When the race as over he has usually won MARGARET IDA HENSHAW Peggy 4409 N Orlonna Street Chuld Care Actlvltres Skating Club Swtmmlng Club Yearbook Stal? Skating Swumrmng and the Yearbook Staff Kept Peggy busy and ready wtth a laugh GERARD HESDON Jerry 7040 Chew Avenue Patternmaklng Actuvntues lntert ade Sports Always folly and full of pranks In our esteem my how he ranks' THOMAS HESDON Tom 7040 Chew Avenue Sl-reef Meml ACfIVIfI9a JV Soccer V Soccer A llttle nonsense now and then ls rellshed by the best of men 39 605 X' M DAVID C HESS Dave 2012 68th Avenue Machme Desrgn Actwltles J V Bowlmg Team He rolls them fast he rolls them low You should see the ten ptr-s gc BARBARA F HICKEY hltchy l332 E Homes Street Beauty Culture ACYIVILIES Morwtor Advisory Comm A wxllung gurl wnth a helpmg hand Dear Barbs us ready on demand PUTH E HIGGINS Chlclue 48 W Sharpnaclc Street Commercial Prachce Actnvltres World Affairs Counccll Bowling Drama tlcs Skatmg Club Hygiene Rep lnter trade Volleyball Sunny dlsposutvon could wan a pruze For thus willing lrttle worlier with bug blue eyes 'UDlTrl M HOFFMAN Judy 3036 W Page Street Commercial Practrce Actlvltles Chou Orchestra Skating Club Drama tucs Mon-tor Loaded wuth laughs bright as a llght Our gurl Judy IS qurte all right JUNE 1956 KATHRYN E HOlNKlS Kitty 2068 E Monmouth S feet Commercual Proctuce Actwrtues lntertrade Sports Popular musrc and her bronze school pun Gave her the br ght drsposutlon she s always In DONALD WILLARD HOLLAND Don 2328 N Woodstock Street Auto Mauntenance Actlvrtues lntertrade Sports A master mechanlc :z yet l-e s not But wuth the g r s he lwts the spot JAMES HOLLOMAN u 65 N 44th St: et Commer na' lla? e Actnvrtles Gym Squao Leader A A R p He takes on work of .my o m He s wnuf we carl a real bralnstrom JOHN HUHN Jock 1942 N Darren Street Auto Malnter an ce A txvnt s vym Leader Monitor Cross Country en o kung on c John really grea He always muses sure rm work rant a e 40 EDlTH J HUNTER Edie 1215 Germantown Avenue Home Economics Activities lntertrade Volleyball Prettiest brown eyes we re ever seen Smiling as she works at the power machine DONALD JACKSON Scotty 4640 Westminster Avenue Machine Shop Activities V Bowling V Cross Country V Base ball V Swimming In the sport world he will go far Because Don is an all around star MARGARET K JACOBY Marge 1901 W Sedgley Avenue Commercial Practice Activities Pres Class of June 1956 lnk Spot Staff Swimming Club Cl'-arming intelligent weet and serene As beautiful as a movie queen WALTER E JACONSKI Wally 3041 Hutchinson Street Printing Activities A Cappella Choir Glee Club Dramatnccs He came to study he came to learn wot into dramatics and pleased Mr Stern JUNE 19.36 DOROTHY JOHNSON D07 2243 RN. Sharswood Street Commercial Practice Activities: lntertrade Sports She plays the piano, sings in the church choir, And has the kind of character we all admire. FRONIE MARY JOHNSON "Mae'f 2620 N. 18th Street Home Economics Activities: lntertrade Volleyball, J, V. V0liPYbUll Sings and dances, loves new clothes, Has the sweetest smile and the cutest nose. JUNIUS JOHNSON "Little John" 2002 N. 21st Street Welding Activities: Cadet Basketball, J. V. Football, V. Foot- ball, J. V Basketball, V. Basketball, V, Baseball He loves to eat, he loves to court, But basketball is his favorite sport. JOHN JUDAK "Johnnie" 947 N. American Street Machine Shop Activities: Cadet Tracls, Cadet Baseball, Cross Country, Varsity Track Johnny's a boy who is quite quick, And never does he miss a trick. 41 , rf 3 ,txrwvffi A 7 , Q io 'GUN xi LAWRENCE V KANEVSKY Larry 4733 N Warnock Street Mochune Desugn Actrvutles V Debatmo Team Inkspot Reporer Larry s your man at you re In a debate you need a reporter he as Flrst vate L,AVID A KATZ Dave A310 Rorer Street Raduo Video Actsvntnes Monitor Sound Crew S A Rep H bng strong and cant be eat ccess e can ay afely mee HFRDCRT KI-IZ Herb 5147 N Hutchur on Street Prmtxng Actuvntles Chour Monitor Damotlcs Club Gym Leader Hls studxes are hard but never dismay He bs wxllmq may will save the day THOMAS M KFEl.rY Tom 7132 N 9th Steet Machlne Deslgn Actlvntves V Swlmmnng J N Soccer lntertrade Baslretball He does has best I0 the pool or out He s cu swxmmmg champ there IS no doubt 6 1: : 4 LS JUNE 1956 JOHN W KEHRES Professor I726 Wtngohoclung Street Patternmalung Aclvvtles A A ep When It comes to using tackle and bolt John can catch as many as clght JOAN KEIM onl l53l E Walnut Lone Commerclal Practice AC'IVlll9S lnk Spot Staff Yearbook Staff Prom Comm lntertrode Sports S A R9 Pretty blue eyes IH a baby doll race A head full of brains and o form full of grace ANTHONY E KENNEDY Doc 2745 N Gratz Street Carpentry Actlvutles .l V Cross Country V Cross Country Cadet Baseball To be a carpenter as one of hls alms He also ploy s I1 our baseball games VIRGINIA F KENWORTHY Gln '30l W Clementine Street Commercuol Proctnce Actlvltles Math Club Monitor Bowlnng Club She ts tall wuth eyes of brown And wears her charm lust like o crown GISELA KESS'ER Gug- ?6l9 N Franklin Street Commercial Practice Actnvmes Swtmmnng Club S A R p Debahng Cluo Ath Terr-n R p Brown eyes 'lashing hair neatly curled I he cutest lttte ac ent In the wor ESTHER A KIEHN N Ilth S r 1 ustrnal Cher-11 try Acttvntes Bowlmg Club Slcatnng Club Momtov hers quot IH ner own cute w But nr stul ma ages to have her say VIQRNE KINGMAN Ace Hulntevttle Bucks ounty Refrlg ,Incl Heatmg Actlvltles Gym Tefrm Intertradr. Sports WIII1 his cycle tolling off like cr gun He s alled the .error of Hlghway 101 CAROL MARIE YIRCHNER Chuck 2248 N Delhi Street Home Ecot mics Acttvltles lntertrade Volleyball Attractlve and neat wtth an Intetllgent ook Carol as seldom seen wnthout a book IUINE 1916 EDITH MARIE KOCH Cane 3149 N 7th Street Chuld Care Actlvutues ulee Club A Cappella Cnnor Monutor Gentle brown eyes voice soft and sweet Slncere thoughtful frlend with all vnrtues complete THERESA CATHERINE KOLODY Cathy 330 N Lawrence Street ommercual Prachce AC1IVlTlPS Intertrade Sports Mod st ana shy as a vlolet This dainty drmpled gurl vxe wont forget JOSEPH KOVACS oe 6119 Lawndale Street Mochme Desugn uvltles V Swlmmmg V Tennls J V Tra Tame an lufe to Joe means a lot That s why he comes to school on the dot RICHARD CHARLES KRUG Ric 702 Garland Street Prmtlng Actuvmes Cadet Basketbal' Cadet Baseball J V Baseball J V Football Thouah Rtchard Isnt very tall He IS lust light for baseball 43 x .ws V W' 1 9' '37 I i IM QD- FRED KRUMBOLDT Boldt H26 N Union Street Machine Shop Activities Cadet Cros Country Cadet Baseball J V Baseball V Football Monitor Class R J V Bowrng Freddie rs ready to help indeed And we all know he will suceed JAMES F KRUMM Cookie 2711 Chalmers Avenue Carpentry Activities J V Baseball Jimmy rs a pleasure lad Cor with him are lust a a MARIE LEDERER 5002 N l2th Street Commercral Practice Activities Girls Bowling Team Hazel eyes and a figure slrm Has our Marie who can bowl and swim BARBARA LEE Bobble 3l4 N Darren Street Commercial Practice Activities J V Volleyball .I V Baslsetball Monitor A A Rep Skating Club Jr Glee ub Neat little figure and sweet sunny smile Send BObbl9 through life rn the happiest style JUNE 1956 JOAN LYDIA LEISNER " " Nest Port Royal Avenue Dre.smalring Activities: Editor of Ink Spot Monitor, Cheerleader, Swimming Club, Asst. Editor of Yearbook, Advisory Club S, A, ep. Quite a girl I must say, Her lowest mark 's but an A, FOSEMARY E. LENHART 'Rose 636 W. Tusculum Street Commercial Practice Activities: Skating Club, World Affairs Council, lntertrade Volleyball tall, a ractive g'r is S , As well as a lriewd and good company, CAROL D. LESSIG "Caral' ?l9 W, Arizona Street Commercial Practice Activities. Typist for the lnlc Spot A frie-'rd sincere with a helping hand, If there s a problem she 'II understand, STANTON M l.E'-'IN 'Stan' 5823 Delancey Street Radio 8- Video Activities: Gym Leader Where there is fun, hell be in itg If there is none, he'll begin it, 44 STANLEY LEVY "Stan" 2450 S. 6th Street Foundry Practice Actlvltles J V Football lntertrade Sports Trade Corp Pres A J V rootball hes the est Count on hrrn for a llvely lest A LEWIS T854 N 2lst Street lndustrual Chemrstry Actxvutnes Cadet Basketball J V Basketball V Basketball J V ootball V Football Track S A ln every spot he IS the best He gets along wnth all the rest GAIL JUDITH LEWIS Gal 3232 W Norris Street Commercual Practnce Actnvutnes Guucle Club Chour Glee Club Monutor Gym Leader Yearbook Stat? To succeed nn business IS Gauls ambntuon lm sure she v ont spend her lufe an a kntchen HELEN LORETTA LEWIS Chunk 2232 N l6th Street Commerclal Practlce Actnvutues A A Rep lntertrade Volleyball Monitor Progressuve 'azz I5 lust the sound That Helen lkes when she s around .Il NE 1996 RUSSELL LEWlS Russ Belmont 8. Monument Avenue Auto Maintenance Actnvntnes J V Football Momto: Gym Leader Always a smrle never a frown Anxrously awcltlng hrs cap and gown DON LICHTENSTEIN Animal T7 l YN 33rd Street Auto Maintenance Actlvutles Monutor Sensor Class Comm J V F07 ball lntertrade Sports S A R p A car to repalr or a trouble to mend Dons always there when we need a trlend ESTELLE BERNICE LIPSCHUTZ Angel l803 N Marshall Street Commercial Practrce Actlvltes lntertrade Sports Guides Club Bowlnng Club Smrnmlng Club Exe uttve omm Popular vuvaclous dark eyed beauty Wuth character cha nw and a sense of duty JOHN LOJZOS Lat Jo n 5647 Walton Avenue Electrical Actrvmes A Capella Choir Momtor Lrght Crew John has a way wuth an electrical cnrcult If a thmg ns mechanl al he can work at 45 we an 1 an 4 -x W 5 57,34-5 9 1222, -af' wi' 3' 1 '1 X EMILIA V LOSHNOWSKY Amy G52 N Fronxlm Stn-et Commercrol Prcctuce A trvrtues S A Rep Slcotmg flub Momtor my I cute and lots of un Rc rely sts quretly oways on the run JAMES JOSEPH LOWE oe E Nlsnart Stve Prxnttnc, Ac rvrtle V Soccer V Swlrnmlng Joe s not bug and certalnly not small He loves to swrm lu la twat ELEMENT M LUPTON Cem 2316 N Beechwood btreet Cornmercucl Art Actrvltles Swimming Team Caaet Football fr uh A A Artlstlc talents you cannot excel Smart as a wlwlp and sharp as a bell IOUIS GILBERT LYONS ou 2324 N 29th Street Cabmetmokmg Actrvnne V rn eam Trac Team Bowling V Baseball ete s n ere rs n ne he begun ,IUNTI1 19.96 WlLLlAlvl LYONS 2423 N Gratz btreet Industrial Chemistry Actrvrtles nnts LT ss C un r Tennls J V Tabletennls V Tabletennls Cadet Basketball Momtor Band If clorng nert scnool work set the pace Lyons would alx nys wan the race RAYMOND ANTHONY MANCINO Tank T910 N Mascher Street Electrrcol rvrtrs-s J Foot a Track Monrtor Cass Rep Ltgrt crew wot Ing the spot lglrt h rs grea Srnce TX he bc never been ate AARBARA MANN Babs H525 Bloyd Street Comrnercral Pructlce Actlvltres Yearbook Staff, lnteltrade Sports A A Rcp Bug brown eye and dark brown harr Axd a beautrtul sm le beyond compare RONALD MARRA Ramps 6l28 Klnqsesslrg Avenue Arch Drawrng Acvrvrtres J V Baseball Cr de' Football To'ent I som:-tlurfg that Rornps has got Wlnrlw he never lncles ond IS easy to spot 46 PAUL MARSALA 1332 Farrrngton Rd Auto Morntenorrce A rvrtras V Footho V Foot a may t get an A rn every rn s on o est NAZARIO A MATINO Chrck 1900 Bonrtz Street Ealsma Actrvrtres lntertrade Basketball Gym Leader B Inq s hrs morn concern A vellpcrrcl rob we know hell earn HARVEY W MAUGEL J 3805 N Archer Street Actrvrtrest Monvor As a monrfor hrs worn rs good He :seeps thlnqs clean lust like he JOHN A MAURER 5945 N Mcrrvrne Street Actrvrtres J V Gym Team trrcal should John Carpentry John rs a carpenter whos fast rn pace years to come h ll take h RICHARD B MAXWELL r44 N Dore' Street plc: e Duck Prrntrng Ac rvrtres J V Baseball lnterrrade BG KET 'I A Always a grqgle always a laugh s only a part of hrs better a JOHN J MCARTHUR Jack 2760 N 28th Street Auto Marntenance Actrvrtres Monrtor Gym Leader J V Footbvll lntertrade Sports John rs smart John rs gay s full of fun rn a quret wa JOSEPH McCREADY 5805 Chenault Street Actrvrtres S A R p lntertrade Sports Rep ln Lrnotype he serves hrs trrne For hrm we coulcmt Gnd a rl'yme FRED JOSEPH MCDONALD l004 B Erre Avenue oe Prrntung 5th Term Howdy Prrntung Acr rt-es o et Football V Footbol CG 91 as etloall ntertrade Sports S V Swummln Baseball Sports actrvrtres he has galore They keep comrng more and more 47 ct' "- : J, . II, . ln ll He no ' fesf, But ' his hop he's e f the b , ak' i. ' ' , ' . r.. "Bill" . ' , Ele: ' In e' Es c . jvwll "'1l,4,,1K JUNE 1956 Er ' l . A A ,- ' : ' I I J b ll, A, . Rep. I S ' h If. He" ' ' y, HJ ,, ' ' ' : . . e ,, , tl" A : C d , . l, CJ B k ', I r- , A A Rep., . A, Rep., J, , ' ' g, J, V. pi, tu- QU lit: 'ROBERT C McGlNNIS 50 2552 N 'iartarn Street Radro Vldeo lvltres S A A wnlllng worker who never drd stop He plng our school to be on the op IANICE E McNEEL On 63 N 26th Street Commercxal Proctnce Ac nvrtnes Monitor B -flung Cu e and wntty rea ly brnght We sure thunk that Jan s all rught ETHEL MELAMED Terry 2210 N Natrona Street Comrnercral Practrce Ac rvutnes Momtor Yearbook Stat? S A ep Gym Leader Terry s smart cu c and md A better frnend you could not flnd E GORDON MELRATH Gordle Trevose RD Somerton Machrne Shop Actwrtues Cadet Football J V Football S A Rep 4th Term Rep Gordans hooby us to race hrs boat lets hope he always stays afloat ,IUINE 1956 ROBERT MELSO Bob 2169 N Darren Street Auto Maintenance Acttvntnes Cross Country Gym Team S A Rep Gym Leader Skating Club Greasy Hngers greasy hands An auto mechannc wuth many fans KATHLEEN A MERGEN Kaye 5345 Belfleld Avenue Cammercual Practuce Actuvrtles Editor rn :href of Yearbook Trade Rep Cholr Leadershup Club Music Comm Shes cute and sweet and sophxstucated To top ut oft shes well educated ALAN PAUL MICHELBACHER Mrke 142 Meehan Street Machrne Shop Actrvntues J V Baseball Band Orchestra In related classes hes rather qunet But behrnd a machrne hes quxte a not WALTER CHARLES MILKE Walt 3010 Rawle Street Plumbmg Actrvltres lntertrade Sports eautnful eyes barrel o n Always helpful when there s work to be done BENJAMIN E MILLER en 2815 N Bonsall Street Radio Video Activities V Bowling Class Rep J V Baseball Cadet Basketball V Baseball Bens reports ore always swell Hes a boy who should do well ESTHER E MORRIS 632 W Huntingdon Street Commercial Practnce Actrvutles Swimming Club lntertrade Volleyball Treasurer of School They say that beauty and brains dont mix But we thunk Esther has turned the trucks RlCHARD JOSEPH NAVE Shadow 6615 Leeds Street Machine Shop Actlvmes V Baseball J V Cross Country Richard doesnt mlrd strain and stress We hope someday hell be a success MlLTON NERENBERG Mlclcey 144 E Walnut Park Dr Auto Maintenance Activities Monitor lntertrade Sports Hes got a head of hair growing on top Tho! hates to get caught in a barber shop JDINI' 1956 una WALTER GEORGE NEUMAN Noodle 575 Anchor Street Printing Activities lntertrade Sports Walter IS a fellow with a good straight eye ln mtertrade sports he makes the balls fly STANTON H NEUMANN Stan 84l Drsston Street Bakery Activities Soccer Rep 5th Term Class lnterrrade Basketball Gym Team Tennis Gym Leader As a gym leader he sure does shine The gurls all say Wish he was mme JO ELLEN NORVELL 2l38 Arch Street Commercial Practice ACTIVITIES Swim Club Trade Rep Jo Ellen s a wonderful gurl to know Always very active and on the go. DOROTHY EMMA PALMATARY "Dottie' 28l3 N, Darien Street Commercial Practice Activities: Bowling Team Monitor Debating Club . A. R p. A. A. R p. Maiorette Slim as a reed and full of grace An intelligent little lady with a friendly face. and fx kb 47 49 1 if NICHOLAS JOSEPH PALUMBO Nrck 2821 W Popla Street Radio Vudeo crvutues Monster S A Rep A A Rp Soun Crew Movie Crew Hts marks will always stay hugh Thats because hes wnlllng to try MARIE DORIE PARIS Re Re 309 W Cleartield Street Restaurant Practrce Ac lvllles 5th T rm p all the shops she p cked R A good worker she wull always be FATR CIA KIRK PATTERSON a 854 N Beechwood Street Commercnal Pratlce Actuvntues Guudes Club Execuhve Commlttee S A Rep Yearbook Stal? Monitor A cheerful smite a quuclc hello Hen thoughtful pranses wall make you glo MERVYN PERKINS Mackey me x 2915 W Norms Street Rodeo Vxdeo Actnvt ISS Swing Bancl In tome wmth the band he keeps good rhythm m slc abulrt will aways be wntl- rm Q fl INI' lima THEIRA M PETERKIN FYUIIS 2614 Jessup Street Commercnal Art IACIIVIIIES Bowling Club Glee Club She s quuet and neat and loves to rea'l Her hobby IS fxsh that she likes to breed TONY JOSEPH PIMDINELLO laughmg Boy 4418 N Franlclnn Street Machine Shop Acnvutues A A ep Tonys a boy whos full of un Whose truclxs are known to everyone ROSALIE MARIE PlROl.l.l oe 4319 H Street Dental Asststonl Ac IVIIIQS Swurnrmng Club S A Rep 5th Term Class Rep lntertrade Volleyball Bug brown eyes and clear complexuon orn th s g rl w o re perfe ct o JAMES E PRETLOW Pret 6 N 2 s Sl Welding Actnvutnes Basketball Bas etball Cross Country We see thct sports s hs clesare We hope to see hum go even hugher 50 VINCENT A PROZZILLO Vmce 532 Hugh Street RG'-'AIO V'd90 clvrtues A A Rep A He s ready for fun wnllnng to go Clear the way here comes Prozznllo JACK M RABIN JGClK 6638 Lynford Street Radio Video Actwutres Monrtor Sound Crew and V h su e IS a w A real flne fellow thats what he rs' JOHN RAE .lack 1422 N Robunson Street Radlo Vldeo Actnvutues J V Ba ketball lntertrade Basketball Gym Leader At basketball hes almost great And wnth the gurls he does rate INNISE V RAINEY Candy 2229 N l5th Street Beauty Culture Actnvutues Basketball Momtor Swrmmmg Club Her nlcknarne rs Candy and most agree lnnase rs as sweet as candy can b lUNIL 1936 El.SlE H RAMSEY BOI'Cl9f1S 2248 N Mutter Street Commercral Practrce Actrvltlesj V Volleyball Monutor A A R p Elsle s always ln a hurry Shell make an excellent secretary STEVE .l RATAJCZAK Rats 1605 St Marks Square Machnne Shop Actlvltues Cross Country V Track J V Swlmmrng V Swlmmlng Intertrade Basketball A nrce fellow a good chap In athletics hes quite apt CATHERINE MARY RENEAU Kitty 42l'l N Falrhlll Street Commercial Practlce Actwmes A A Rep Bowling Team Capt Monutor All the vnrtues an Krtty bend A student a worker a loyal friend ROBERT RAYMOND RlCCl IC 218 Morton Ave Broomall Pa Machnne Deslgn Actlvmes Intertrade Basketball Softball Hes mce to know thats one true thmg He gets good mark rn everythrng Us 51 g MARY E. RWERS "Betty" 1823 N. l5th Street Home Economics Activities: Jr. Glee Club, Sr. Glee Club, Guides Club, J. V. Volleyball, Monitor A talented seamstress, she also sings, Her charm and personality are pleasant things. KENNETH R. ROBERTS "Ken" l6l3 W, Toronto Street Printing Activities: Yearbook Staff, lntertrade Basketball, 4th 8. Sth Term Rep., S. A. Rep., Skating Club Ken can dance most any step, He's a lad who's really hep. DONALD GORDON ROBINSON "Don" 4343 Benner Street Food Merchandising Activities: Monitor, Choir, A. A. Rep., Class Rep. As a singer Dot has great renown We hope his fame will spread through town. JOHN RODRIGUEZ "Chico Activities: Intertrade Sports 1 R 'iii 495 N. 4th Street Machine Shop John is in Dobbins' Machine Shop, ' We hope that he will reach the top. I JUINL 1936 ALEX J ROGERS 7934 N 24th Stre t Auto Maintenance Activities Monitor Gym Leader J V Football lntertrade Sports very fond of a can As an Auto Mechanic hell go very for DOLORES JEAN ROGERS Jean 2023 W Oxford Street Commercial Art Activities S A R p Asst Art Editor ot Yearbook Made Yearbook sketches designed our class pin Anything Dolores does is sure to win HILLIARD A ROSEN 6662 Lincoln Di ve Electrical 'IVIlf"S A A Rep Mon: r O to Drex l ve know hell go X And there his success w Il surely grow -i EDWARD J RUDDY 3225 c AicMicnml Street Printing Activities V Tal le Terms lntertiade Basketball Refined and quiet loct friendly oo ood luck cl ys in wh never you o 1 so ,., , ,f E Num ,tum . J' f J 13 f ' r , .. 'lit ,nlvfb ,, , . UAV, . e ' ii Al is ', If 11 u X I I l 4 C . . B ., I , l V ' ' A "Hill" A Ac' 'i.. S. A. Rep, . . ., 'to -7.15 H e . ' , -, ' '. f . , ,' , , Ed" N Y Y A . . E . . X A 'Q Q ' ' ' 1 . r . - ' , - s F , ' , 9 . 3 , A A G i ci ' . CJ . 6 ts iii E2 5-aff ' ' . ' '.'f7Y f:... W F .4 WI' ..- . 'V asses s , 4 sk. , mf. '35 sc' g , E I ftgril . I :.'vb 445. ft! Y' 1 .. S' '37 , . :ff ' ' A 1- 4. i 'ffm 15 ig? 52 1- ' ' 'fp 2. 1' 1 , 55 as 4 -gr 3 1?5:a. f " l . .Q ft WILLIAM MICHAEL RUDDY 3125 C McMnchae' Street Machme Shop tvutres V Te-mms S A p J N Basket a ltke sp rts hes lots of tJr' oo all his fre cl he II always be true MARY ANN RUPPERT Mar 2947 N 7th Street Chnld Care ACYIVIYIES Skating Cluo Volunteer work for c I care When charm and humor were handed out Mary was pr sent wuthout a doubt' L EORGE N SAHI Mole 601 Magee Avenue Machlne Shop c rltues In ertvcde Basketball S A Rep G m Team A gay fellow a good gl-mm He makes friends with everyone ANNA DOLORES SANDERS Dee 835 C Warnock Place Beauty Culture Actlvltles Swimming Club Volleyball Monitor Library Ande Basketball She represents us on the volleyball team In any sport shes on the beam JUINI1, 1056 JAMES JOHN SANDMANN -lIf11l'1'll9 236 E Sheldon Street Prmtmg Actnvltles Cadet Football J V Basketball V Basketball A basketball player all night and all day Hes eatlng hrs wheotnes and doing O K ELEANOR SASSMAN George 216 Rlpka Street Home Econormcs Actxvntses Swnmmmg Club lntertrade Volleyball Wavy brown haur soarkllng eyes of blue A very sweet gurl fun to know too FDWARD W SATTERTHWAIT ?'32 VV Huntingdon Street Arch Drawung Actuvntues lntertrade Sports us In the Atcnutects tra e We know that h has made the grade JOHN H SAUNDERS Jack 56 9 Malcolm Strnt Machme Destgn Actavutles J V Basketball He can shoot and he can druve For our bask lball team he ll struve 53 'Bill' , - . 4 . Act' ' ' : . . ', . . Re ., . '. . 'b ll Bill ' S 0 , ' I . t , To ' 5 n 5, ' 4 ' " : ' ', ' h'lcl fl ' 1 It A 1:-" 2 v , V , I ,I Y svn" "Hui, - ity Y xg-A Y t ,,Ed,, Ed ' ' "' ' d , e , 3 t i ,e ' A - NANCY CAROLYN SCHADE Mouse 3967 Elser Street Commercial Practice Actlvttle Math Cl.1b Monitor Bowling Club V Bowlmg As one to another shes a real swell mate Double or single sloe su e does rate IRENE P SC4AEFER 1344 Newlurk Street Commercial Practice Activities Choir Glee Club Monitor Math Club Bowling Club One of the vocalists in our cluss Her alto voice is hard to surpass JOAN MARIE SCHUBERT DHI 7546 N Third Street Commercial Practice Activities Swimming Club lntertrade Volleyball .loan has cz big srnule and a ready wrt She earns good grades and IS proud of it MERLE N SCHVw-ARTZ l9?7 Stanley Street Industrial Chemistry Activities School Organ st Night School Organust School Store Aide World AHUIYS Rep S A R p Glee Club Swimming Club Dramatrcs A ready smile a cheerful word Her name will never pass unheard JUNE 19o6 JESSIE MAE SEAWRIGHT Jess 3613 N l8th Street Dressmaklng A tnvltles S A Rep Guides Club Skating Club Volleyball Swimming Club A A R p At skating and swimming she cant be beat At sewing she s clever and very neat STANLEY J. SETLOCK Stan 2901 W. Lehigh Avenue Arch. Drawing Activities: J. V. Soccer School Bond Class Rep. Stan can lcick a ball pretty for Thats how he became a soccer star. ROSEMARY SHARPE ?22l Thompson Street Dressmaking Ac ivities: Glee Club S. A. ep. Rosemary is nice and likable oo, She'll do anything she can for you. ROBERT W. SHAW ' ' " 3532 Sunnyside Avenue Carpentry Activities: lntertrade Sports Even though Robert likes to hsh, lo be a carpenter is his wishl x, 5 4 54 HELEN JOAN SHEALEY Sheol 7508 W Firth Street Commercial Practlce Actlvrtres Glee Club A A Rep Guldes Club lntertrade Volleyball Slngnng rs Helen s arm an lnfe She also wull make a perfect wrfe JANE ANNE SHORT Shorty 3919 N 10th Street Commercial Practice Ac lvltues S A Rep Typlst for Ink pot Jane rs never blue or lonely Someday shell find her one and only WALTER FRED SIEWERT Walt 6603 Detman Street Bakmg Actlvlt es lntertrade Sports In class work hrs brain will never falter A whlz rn chemlstry IS our friend Walter SHELDON H SILK Srlky 7422 N 32nd Street Prmtmg Actrvltres Intert ade Sports At the prmtmg press he works qurte fast To be ot the very head of has class BARBARA JEAN SLOWICK Bobble 2536 Swann Street Commercnal Practuce Actrvltles Gurdes Club Skating Club Swimming Cub Full of laughter full of fun She has a poke for everyone JOE W SMITH 'imrtty 2178 N 29th Street Plumblng Actrvltues lntertrade Sports All I can say ns what I hear Smitty wall be a Plumbmg enguneer JOHN THOMAS SOKORAI Jack 4530 Baker Street Prlntrng Actrvltres J V Football Intertrade Basketball A A Rep Gym Leader Sports he lo es as one can see But a prrnter ns what he wants to be MINNIE SOWELL an T326 N Toney Street Beauty Culture Actrvrtres Monrtor Volleyball Dramotrcs Club Mlnnle rs a singer one of the newer She sounds something like Theresa Brewer H 1, 1 , - - 'r f f H rt I 1: . . ., S , , 1, ff 1 ,, . ,, . . . . , . ff - If . .. . r - - t " frm'-" H - H Z I ' I ' 1 I rf - H 1 n H : . . , , . . ., U - r 1 up H : I I I 1 -CN V THOMAS E SrRlNGS Shuek 3834 Olu e Street Auto Mruuntenance Acrvutues Cross Country V Tack A A Rep n r trade Basketball S A R p S u lc s unterest us avuatuon He may end up a bug sensatuon CLORIA STANTON Go 1001 Morrus Street Commercial Practuce Actuvutues lntertrade Volleyball Glee Club She sungs wet wuns prizes at dances Ana recueves many admurung glances JANICE MAE STANTON Jay Jan 6055 N Phulup Street Beauty Culture Actuvutues Swummung Club Monutor Jaruuce s nice with a cute little ace Her baby blce eyes cant be replaced WILLIAM CHARLES STARRETT I 3452 Duvusuon Street Machine Shop Actuvutues V Baseball V Football A A Rep To the gurls hes a real dream He s the backbone of our football team it IUINE 1956 DELORES ANN STODOLNY Tootsue 213 Green Street Commercual Practuce Actuvutues Yearbook Staff Guudes Cub Bowlung Club Swimming Club Honor Pun Socuety Lubrary Aude Shes a real nice gurl wuth style and grace Blond hour blJe eyes and a pretty fa e ANDREA STREICHERT 'Andy' lO27 W. Cambria Street Industrial Chemistry Activitues: Orchestra Marching Band She's rarely absent, rarely late Ard in the band she sure is great. JOSEPH STRZELECKI Polock' 2664 Livingston Street Retrig. 8- Heating Activities: Intertrade Sports Joe has a name that's quite hard to say, That won't keep him from earning good pay! ANNET SUBER "Net" 2308 W. Firth Street Dressmalxing Activities: Glee Club, Girls' Advisory Comm., 4th and Sth Term Rep. Nettie has a lot of poise, Which makes her attractive to the boys. q se CATHERINE E SWEENEY Betty 2730 N Opal Street Commercial Practice Activities Intertrade Sports Sweeney is fun and likable too Shell do anything that she can for you MICHAEL G SNIDER Mllce 4137 Lauriston Street Machine Shop Activities lntertrade Basketball Football Monitor A A ep Milne is such a pleasant one Full of mirth and full of 5 ARTHUR SZILAGYI Gary 4715 N Broad Street Auto Mount nance Activities J V Cross Country Hls shoes set the style Hes always got o smile IRFNE BARBARA SZWEDA 1950 Brunner Street Commercial Practice Activities lntertrade Volleyball All that is lovely in miniature Doll like beauty and spirit pure .JUNE 1936 ANTONIO E TAPIA Tap 5304 Market Street ctrlcal Activities Monitor Glee Club J V Tracll V Cr0Ss Country J V Cross Country A gay fellow a good chum He makes friends with everyone MURRAY EARNEST TAPPER Tap Tap l229 W Lindley Avenue Industrial Chemistry Activities School Band Cadet Football J V Track .l V Cross Country Monitor A A ep Orchestra Dance Band J V Swimming He plays a trumpet thats always in tune Unfortunately his playing ends too soonl CHARLIE MAE TARVER "Mae 5522 Cambridge Street Commercial Practice Activities: Guide Club Monitor Intertrade Volley- a Youre never glum you re never blue Its really been worthwhile knowing you. MADELINE CAROLE TEAGUES 'Madge 2934 Westmont Street Beauty Culture Activities: Skating Club, Dramatics, S. A. Rep., Monitor, Sec. Class of June 56. She is sometimes quiet, never cross, Always willing, but never boss, 57 'W I Qs 'bs n X PREVA TERRY Preva 'I7 N llth Str t Dressmaknng nvntues Ink Spot Stat? A A Rep J V Bas et ball Bowling Club Always a leader and full of fun Ready to work If there s work to be done JAMES THOMAQ Jrmmle 2600 C Ridge Drlve Commer ual Art Actwntues V Cro s Country Cadet Basketball Inter trade Sports J V Football Chour Glee u S R A A Rep Momtor Success should follow wherever you go For you are a fellow we re all glad to know WILLIE THOMPSON 2433 N 20th Street Radlo 8. Video Actuvutues Class Rep S A Rep Cross Country Tennxs A handy man to have around For llttle 'obs that are always found ALGERNON TINSFLY Tlns 2544 Oakford Street Pnntlng Actnvutues Cross Country Intertrade Sports Momtor Tins ns qulte a loyal frlend On hum everyone can depend ,IUlNln 1936 JOHN JOSEPH TROENDLE Jack I67 W Huntmgdon Street Machme Design Actuvutles S A R p Intertrade Basketball Inter trade Softball He studies hard he likes to read John s one boy who wlll succeed FRANCIS D TUSCANO Tusc 734 E Haines Street arpentry Actrvntues A A Rep Nice Pres Class of June 56 You should see Frank when hes In actson Slttlng ln class hes qunte an attraction EDWARD VAUGHAN Eddue 1903 W Monument Avenue Commercial Art Actnvutles Sketch Club Swlmmlng Team Stage Crew Never a mmute dull or dreary Wtth Eddae every moments cheery RONALD VAUGHN On 1605 W Stlles Street Commerclal Practuce Actlvntues lntertrade Sports Hes always calm and ut has best He trues hrs hardest durung a test 58 JANE VENABLE Jean 56 E Earlham Street Beau y Vulture Actxvltnes Monltor S A Rep A A Rep Volleyball Jeanne IS quute a c.:te lxttle trrrk As a beautuclan she s mighty sllc TULLIO VIANELLO 2924 N Lambert Street Commercnal Art Achvutn s V Soccer A Cappella Cholr Cheerful slncere always gay Cant descrlbe Tullno any other way MARYANN C VITALE Muckey 2218 W Indiana Avenue Commerclal Practlce Actuvltues Swlmmmg Club Monitor Bowlung Club A Rep A A Rep Guides u A sparkllng smlle and bug brown eyes She makes a hut wth all the guys ROBERT HOLT WADE BQ 3lO4 D Abbottsforcl Avenue Food Merchandlslng Actnvltles Monitor Cholr 5th Term Rep Bob 5 amblt on IS to Ioan he Navy Oh how he ll yearn for has mom s beet and YUV JUNL 19.36 BETTY JEAN WALKER Red TOP 2943 Westmont Street Beauty Culture Actlvmes Gym Leader Monitor J V Volleyball J V Bnsk t all We know that Betty tries her best And someday she will top the rest NORMAN KENNETH WALKER Norm 221 W Sedgwuck Street Actlvltles A A R p lntertrade Sports The lught of lute the llght of day Has shone on Norm to show hum the way JERRY WASDICK Polock 2lO3 N 4th Street Prlntlng Actlvntnes J V Football V Track A A Rep Jerry s a boy who IS quite tall A loyal friend to one and all PHYLLIS A WASHINGTON Phy 3920 Reno Street Dressmakrng Actlvltles lntertrade Sports At makmg dresses shes careful and neat appearance and charm she cant be beat t ' " : ' , . . ., . . ., . ' I ' I . . , , . k , - - . . .Q 4 . L . . , V ' ' I I , . . H - ff I I D 1 . I S. . ., . , ,, ' CI b f ' E . 1, bn I ' I . r . 1 . , . . . A . . , f . , 9 Y- rnu' Wu, :' 0,0 1 1 5 W 2 i f Er 5,1 l' Html' ,, ,f , .. 1 I I h ' ' H h , H H ' ' ', : . . e ., , . , . ll H : . . , . , . . . , . . , U 'H - I I 1 ln , ' , 'UW gf Y MARY E WATSON May 1439 N 28th Street Dressmalung Acttvntues Glee Club As a dressrnaker May s very good Sne does her worls the way she should BETTlE J WEISENBORN e 2946 N 3rd Street Chuld Care Acttvttes Volunteer Work For Chtld Care Glee Club Guldes Club S A Rep Monltor Shes very sweet and very lolly She rides to school on the 54 trolley STEPHEN WEST Steve 247 W Wellens Avenue Auto Maint nance tvtttes J V occer S A ep A A On the soccer fleld Steve IS a wh z And he gets good grades ln a classroom qutz BARBARA WHIPPO Barb a429 Germantown Avenue Cornmercual Practice ACIVIYIES Monutor Skatmg Club Attractuve swee and wears her cloth s we She has what lt talses we all thunk she swell JUNE 1996 ANDREW FRANKLIN WHITMAN Andy 414 W Olney AvenJe Refrug 8 Heatlng Actrvrtues Cross Country Tennls Table Tennis Wuth a flare wrench he knows what to do But when he smells sulphur he turns blue JACK NELSON WICKERT Wlcli 634 Allengrove Street Machine Shop Actlvttxes Cadet Baseball J V Baseball Not too shy polite and gay All the alrls fall hrs way ALBERT WIDMAIER l229 N Hollywood Street Refrlg 8. Heatung Acttvlttes Band Dance Band Orchestra He mlght b little but he must be strong To hold hrs accorduon so very long FRANKLIN THOMAS Wll.HlTE Wtllte .45l5 S 3rd Street Retrtg 8. Heatlng Acttvttnes lntertrade Sports Frank Whllhlte IS a real nice guy Y around the gurls hes ettle s y SAMUEL WILLIAMS Sam 1929 N 19th Street Sheet Metal Actrvtttes A A Rep Cadet Football V Foo ba J V Basketball Champton Hugh Jump team V Basketball A slender well coordtnated lad Among the best Coach Mowbray s had' DONALD WILLIAMS Don I8 1606 W Fontaln Street Ma htne Des gi Acttvtttes Cro s Country team lntertrode Sports Class Rep Machtne Destgn s hs It e Fo htm we couldn flnd a rhyme ELLEN E WILLIAMS Dtmpes 1348 N 57th Street Dre smalung tvttt J V Volleyball Gle Clt.b Ban Orclwe tra V Volleyball Music to her IS nothing new Stngmg and desrgntng she can a so do JOHN F WILLIAMS Johnny 650 E Hermttage Street Raclto Vrdeo Acttvtttes School Orchestra S A Rep If your radto d esnt c G ve tt to Johnny hell o the truck JUNE 1916 LEE RICHARD WILLIAMSON 7466 Oxford Avenue Sheet M91CIl Acttvtttes 5th term Rep rs manner ts peasant appearance IS neat Hts work tn shnp tus' cant be beat META F WILSON RECIS 2616 N 17th St eet Dtessmakrng A tvtttes A A ep A ntce gurl sornettmes qu et But get her started she s a not HARRY WINICK H9S'1 910 N Frankltn Street Cabtnetmalung Acttvthes lntert :de Track 5th Term Rep To pass or not to pass that lttte questton Always grves Wtr-tck acute tndtgestton HELEN A WOOD Splinter 2045 Conlyn Street Commerctal Pao ttce Acttvtttes Guides lub Bouvltr-g Club Svnmmtng Club A 'oppela Chotr Although her books tllled her arrrs It never had her grace and charms 61 10 ALEXANDER J YOUNG Sandy 5241 N Marshall Street Prmtrng uvutles V Football V Basketball A A A R p A A Vuce In football and basketball AI does ry To lceep our scoring very hugh IRMA J YOUNG Jaclue 5545 Walnut Street Dressmalunq Actlvltles Orchestra J V Volleyball Glee Club e best of 'nusl Ions In her cass Her vlollr playing IS hard to surpass WILLIAM G YOUNG Slnck Wullne 0244 N 20th S rcet Electracal ACYIVIIIES Band Orchestra Dance Band Monltor Playing lI'l the band he IS the best Because he wouldnt settle or less' WILLIAM HENRY YOUNG 169 W Roselyn Street Machnne Desugn Actlvutles Baseball lntertrade Baslcetball Inter trade Softball Because he cor petes an many a sport We thunk Brll s the athletic sort JUINE 1936 DOROTHY EVA ZURAD o 875 N Lawrence Street Commerclal Practnce Actuvutnes Swlmmmg Club Bowlmg Club Guides Club Monitor Always ready to answer In classroom we know Her charm ana 'manners constantly show M alt 1-I 1 ,filthy w Q lllll rl Furry' f WW? 4 5 1. 1 I ., Act4"-:v.' , I , . .Rep., S. . e ., . . ' Pres. Th L . lc- I' l I , 'faauf' I it I Y F HD ,ft rf N ' -, , "QL f 4 4 My I7 K, I-qq V t , ff 216' V I ' Q! l I: ll fd I All fhmgs come round to hm- who vv II ou? on Lorwgfe ow , v iz- J WFS? N W' 2' Dull " 1 W Q GLAOSTQN 1 MIM. if 'XQ A horse' A horse' My klngdom for a Oh when can CII ihee knnghf Iarms? norse' Shakespeare John Keats FBQ QD il v x.lg"' 7: V R- '11 -QQ 3 v1 om Jog.: firm , X jffq The donnng Pa" ho' 5'mP'Y much mghf not thus believe wuihout Th renown se wslble and true avouch of mme own By holdlng out to hre each other s' Shakespeare down Ohver Goldsmith llalmv Fruslratmns J Z fl ffwuwvf Wnl' opolognr-s io Thomas Gray The cu fevs Iolis the end of our prom Hay We Dobbins sensors home ard plod our weary way W '11, V43-L 1: 6 Jig 6 at 2' 4' Y. ,- ' if 5 v - N ' .. my a1'n'b"' 1 Well reuse thy lofty banners lugh fl f P0l'0R AND UFFIUERC CLl" 0F lAlUAHY l937 K- To the Class of January 1957 The tlme for graduation has arrived and l can t help thlnkmg that many fine thang wh cn Dobbuns had to offer you were euther taken for granted or ugnored completely Too many good things become greatly apprecuatcd when nt us too late In future sntuatlons try to benefit from worthwhile experuences whale they are happenlng for when they pass you by they are gone forever A few years from now hugh school wull be a warm happy memory of people ana ever ts What place In lufe the future holds for cach of you us a questnon tnme will answer How ever as you thunk back I hope that you wull try to understand and apprecnate the great role thus school played In helping to mold your future I suncerely wash every one of you a most successful healthy and above all happy lufe STANLEY L ABRAMS Sponsor ALPHONSO CANNON P ent DONNA WHYTE V ce Pres cle t Mt RNA FRATI Secretary MARLENE FRATI T easu er Y ll 9 4 ' . resid. t E- in , . . . F z, 3 I ' x . , I I I ' . , -a . . . A I ' ' I I I I I ' ' ' r r JXM S 4 -x 1 ANNABELL ADAMS Ann 1930 Darren Street Commerclal Practnce Actrvntles lntettrade Volleyball Her grades are good and she s lots un Annabell rs 'Iked by everyone JOHN W ALLEN 2622 N 6th Street Printing Actnvltles A A p John s success wull not come late For as a friend he s really great JANET D ARCHER an 57 N 57th Stre t Dressmaklng Actuvttues Swumrnmg A A Rep 4th Term Rep Malorette Glee Club x lmmmg e goo a the ros And on her face real beauty shows QHIRLEY J ASHMAN Shir 2047 N Fronklln Street Fommercnal Practuce A tnvutres S A R p Intertrade Volleyball Bowling Shurley bowls ana plays volleyball And many rnends answer her happy call ,IXNUARX 1994 HERBERT MICHAEL AXENROTH 707 W Brustcl Ctrept Auto Malntenance A wntues J V Basketball J V Foot all An athlete as Herbert who knows the facts And all hrs classmates call hom Ax ESTHER BANKS 5 2436 Harlan Street Beauty Culture c nvltues Glee Club J V Volley a Bowllng A Dolng the Cha uha rs engayed by Est And het hair styling ns rated the best WILLIAM BAPDOL 3550 N l5th Street Restaurant Practlce uvntues J V wl g V o A A Bowling Football and Track No talent dad thus athlete lack VARL T BAUMER ISO Parkswle Aycnue ectrlca Actlvutnes Chonr A mtgthy tme fellow hell be loyal and true To hns classmates the Nafy and the Red Whute and Blue . . I I ,, , ' off . y ' " I , , Re , l A fl I ' 4 ' ' J J T' , Q ' At s rv' ' sh is d s p , ' . ' I" c ' ' : . . e ., , 1, . . My X' A , ' - 5 - "f, K X 3 U E 7 v -v - 3 'EN .A 1 J . . . Zi JA ' Intel' ,,Ax,, ct' ' I : . . f - - b 7 i ' .fr , , .4 HE th . I VE, I - ,n ',,g Af-m ,., bn, ', 'L ,I , fps, A L ' . S. . Rep. V 4 H54 ' K, ., ' ' F I ' , .Q " 545 V E E V , , . "- 'L " J W' sf ' K-XJ if I 4 ,Mtv qz 4 6 . . ax ' ' - N 11BiIlrt Act' " 1 . . Ba ln , J, V, Track, J. . F ot- ball, , , Rep, . . 73 A1 ' 'H El ' l I, h ' t I 1 f ' 'ff A f: 66 HERBERT BAUR Herb 4131 N 7th Street Electrlwl Actlvntnes lntertrade Sports Gvrls are hrs hobby fso he has stated But hell be glad when he has graduated CORA B BETHEA Dolly 3916 Pennsgrov Street Commercnal Practxce Atlvltnes S A R p Publrctty Comm When Cora smrles her pearly teeth show When she laughs her brown eyes glow ROBERT W BIGHAM 872 N 25th Street Actuvntres lntertrade Sports A very good printer In tl'e trade And ct wonderful frtend as he played 'AMES D BLACK 1729 N Croskey Street AC1lVlfIES lntertrade Sports Bo Prlntnng worked and nm Welding With college hmrcut and three button sunt All the gurls thtnk hes mrghty cute J A IN U A R Y 1 9 D 4 HENRY BLACKMAN S40 Brrqhton Street Food Merchandlsrng Actlvltles lntertrade Sports Food Merchandlsrng IS has trade That IS a wlse cholce that he made SIDNEY J BLACKSTON 239 N Alden Stre t Food Merchanduslng Actlvntues lntertrade Sports On the dance floor Std s a whuz When drplomas are grven hes sure to get hrs WILLIAM L BOYD Hoppy 939 Amerlcan Street Cabmetmakmg Actlvltles V Track Cross Country S A R p At dancing he s a lltterbug at heart But In class hes pretty smart ROBERT PAU' BRACIS7EWSKI Murphy 2009 Favrmount Avenue Pruntrng Actlvltles lntertrode Sports J V Bowlrng A A Re J V Baseball Qulte an athlete sometimes shy Really handsome rates sky hrgh 67 pf-Q 5' '71 MM all 'ws WILLIAMJ BRACKMAN I 6251 N Lawrence Street Machune Shop Actuvutues J V Soccer V Soccer Pres of Guudes Club Moth Club Dromatucs Club S A ep Wuth bow and arrow he has great skull Soccer and Dramatucs both unterest Bull CORNELIUS JOHN BRADLEY Satch 1220 E StaFtord Street Auto Mauntenance Actuvutues lntertrade Sports ere us any fun he S If there us none hell beg n t JUNE BROADBENT Pug 2655 N Sth Street Dental Assustant Actuvutues lntertrode Volleyball Yearbook Staff Skatung Club Class Rep Gym Leader June s a gurl whos nuce to be near And always on the go we hear l"A1'RlClA ANN BROWN cu 519 E Penn Street Commercual Produce Actuvutues Guudes Club Lubrary Aude Warm and fruendly wuth shunung blond hour Your troubles and Ioys she will always share JANUARY 195 THEODORE C BROWN Teddy 1851 N Vanpelt Street Auto Mauntenance Actuvutues J V Tennus Ted played tennus ond kept hus sptruts hugh And some day soon he hopes to fly RONALD JULIUS BRYCE 2340 VV Stewart Street Electrucal Actuvutues J V Basketball ln basketball hes quute a star Wuth thus un hus favor hell surely go far DOROTHY MARIE BUDZICHOWSKI Dolly 2441 E Huntungdon Street Commercual Practuce Actuvutues Lt of Color Guard, Bowlung, A A Rep, lntertrade Volleyball, Guudes Club, Gym Leader Dolly us always full of fun, That's why she s luked by everyone ROY EDGAR BUNKER 'Atel' 5223 Woodland Avenue Pruntung Actuvutues lntertrade Sports Roy always dressed well from hrs shoes to hus tue, But around the gurls, he was a luttle shy 68 HORNELL BURNSTEIN Prof l99Y 5311 Berks Street COfT1mefC'0l Aff Actlvltles Tennis Team lntertrode Sports In tennus he was hard to beat For he was swift fwhen on hrs feetj EDNA E BUTLER Spreod 2533 W Turner Street Comrnerclal Pructuce Actsvrtles J V Volleyball Class Rep Monutor Glee Club Gym Leader Edna Butler I5 an attractive one Keeps us laughing shes so full of fun AGNES Y BYUS Yvonne '409 N 'l7th Street Commerclol Practnce Ac nvmes A A R p J V Basketball Monltor Volleyball Team Mgr Yearbook Staff Musuc Appreclatlon Club V Basketball Here her smile cannot be seen Its lust lake strawberrnes topped wnth cream GENEVIEVE l. CAMMAROTA Cammy 6l3 W Montgomery Avenue Commercial Practice Actlvltues Gundes Club Bowlnng Club Glee Club Yearbook Staff A Cappella Chour Math Club Monntor Band Manager Sr Prom Comm Genny IS a sweet and helpful gurl Her frlendshlp IS valuable as a pearl JANUARY 1957 ROBERT EDWARD CAMPBELL Hommel 8639 Thouron Avenue Auto Maintenance Actlvltles lntertrade Sports Success and good fortune always attend This qunet worker and loyal friend ALPHONSO M CANNON T311 Mt Vernon Street Auto Maintenance ACfIVIlI9S S A Rep A A Rep Fourth Term Pres Fourth Term Rep Debating Team Just ask hum a favor hell do It wlth speed Wlth has talent and looks hes sure to succeed WILLIAM LEONARD CAPERS Sowell 1046 N 46th Street Weudmg Actuvutnes V Track V Cross Country V Gym Team S A Rep Cadet Football Varsnty gymnastncs track star fleet When nt comes to basketball he cant be beat ALPHONZO CARR T525 Flora Street Panntnng and Decorating Actnvutles V Track J V Cross Country Monltor Marching Band Boys Advlsory Class R A A Rep S A ep J V Cross Country and Varsnty Track Monitor Band Al had the rlght knack 69 Qf 115 'WZ if 89' ,Q I 01' 51 Q1 FLORENCE CASSEL Floss Q55 N 29th Street Comrnercuol Proctuce Actuvutues Bowlung Club Frrst we meet then we port Thous the sor ow un Flosss heort ALICE AlNNAMARu: CERINO 2126 W Induoruo Avenue Commercuol Proctuce Actuvutues Bowluwg Teom Swummung Club When ut comes to smules Aluce olwoys hos one Bowlung ond swuruuuuung wth her hos been fun MARY LOUISE CHAFFINCH Weese 4355 Wcuyne Avenue Commercuol Puoctuce Actuvutues Gurls Boy-lung Teom Moth Club Swum mung Club Mory us brught quuet ond demure Shell come out on top you moy be sure VIRGIE L CHRISTIAN ee 5110 Arch Street Pre Nursung Actuvutues Guudes Club J V Volleyboll V Volley J uf Boske boll A Rep Mu u Club Boton Twurlung Shes smoll ond wutty but somewhot shy She twurls o boton ond catches every ye ,IUNUARY 19a CECELIA .I COFFIELD 7632 N 18th Street Comrnercuul Proctuce uvutues S A p 8. Sr Club Guudes Club Boton Twurler Sweet ond chorrnung thus oce of gurls As goy ond groceful os the boton she twurls FLORENCE J COLES Sherru 1829 N 12th Street Beouty Culture Actuvutues 1st Term Rep Jrd Term Rep Monutor Dependobl olwoys when needed shes there A cl ver beouutucuon ot stylung hour GLADYS LOUISE COLQUITT Booble 1930 N Comoc Street Pre Nursung Actuvutu s Guudes Club Musuc Club J V Volleyball V Volleyboll S A R p Bcuton Twurler Thus young lody knows how to pleose Whenever you see her youll lund her ot eose HELEN DELORE9 CONNER Helen 1719 N Vlth Street Cornmercuol Froctuce Actuvutues Musuc Apprecuotuon Club ln :loss Helen us very quuet But outside boy Whot cz ruot' O if . 1 I I u u , , 5.3 - - A u u Q HT ,u A u bcull, , ' . t , A. . ., s'c 1 ' e . 5 Y- ......-- - A , .. 1 Y nv 1- A ' 'Eh A- A , 4 Act' ' ' : . . Re ., A. A, Rep., Jr. . Glee fe , ' , e . , . . A . . ,Q : , I . y 4 D I . , . , e ., ' u l ' ' A l . , . A I 7 wnue R. COPELAND "Cope" l632 N. loth Street Machine Design Activities: lntertrade Sports Our very best wishes go out to you, As a baseball player and a student too. HARRY CORBETT "Happy" 3149 N. Hartville Street Electrical Activities: Locker Crew, Swimming Team, Track Team A wonderful athlete in swimming and track, A sincere personality that nothing did lack. MARVA l.. COUNCIL 'fSmiles" 55l7 Sprague Street Commercial Practice Activities: Volleyball, Maiorette, Basketball, S. A. Rep. Sweet disposition, faithful friend, May your luck and good fortune never end. HOWARD M. CRANE 'Hawien 2508 N. Sartain Street Printing Activities: lntertrade Sports, Monitor ln sports he always likes to take part, He was always for Dobbins from the start. JANUARY 195 NICHOLAS CUPO Nick 442 W Ontario Street Food Merchandising Activities Marching Band Orche tra Dance Band Dobbins Dobbins open the gate' Here comes Nickle to graduate EDNA l.EE DANIELS Tootsie 667 N Brooklyn Street Beauty Culture Activities Glee Club Swimming Club Edna is a beautlclan at heart Everyone knew It from the start ROBERT EDWIN DAVID Bob 33ll N Bouvier Street Auto Maintenance Activities Intertrade Sports Always happy when behind the wheel He repairs and drives his automobile IDA VERNITA DESPHY Samm 'l0'l3 B Brown Place Commercial Practice lvltles J V Volleyball A A Rep Dancln Club Glee Club Monitor S A Rep In many activities Ida was seen She sang like an angel and looked like a queen 4-mc .S ilk 1 x J . it K 1 -x-W Qi X5 ff-7--sm.- ' v M QQ, IE A ' ' ik , ' JOY LOUISE DEIBERT 7907 W Girard Ave ue Commercial Practice Activities Bowling l om Swimming Club She is chcirmmg ond sweet cmd not very toll But he is liked by one onfl oll 'OAN D: SANTO 6324 Surnmerdoie Av nue Commercial Practice Activities Bowling A A R p Swimming She s dainty ond sweet ond full of porse Ancl oh how ottroctive she is to the boy MARNCL MAN E'l8 W Stelno St eet Activities Bowling feom DITTMAR Marnie Commercial Prcrctuce Morne is leur ng ro keep occounts So none of her checks will ever bounce VOLFGANG P DOLLMAN Wolf 1439 N Fronklln Street Radio Video Activities Soccer Tennis A A Rep In varsity soccer and table tennis All his opponents found u rriencice ,IUNU 57 ROY R DOTTS e 2006 Luv eer Street Auto Mointenonce A turtles lntertrcidc Sports A pleasant boy whos never sod He recilly is ci clever od. DOROTHY MAE DRAKE 'Dottie 5003 Vrlfxkefielu Street Commercial Practice Activities: Guides Club Glee Club Monitor Dottie always looks stylish ond neat. Shes quiet smcirt ond very sweet. RUTH RACHEL DRY 3245 N. l5th Street Comrnercio "Ruddie' l Practice Activities: Choir, Glee Club Swimming Club Ruth con sing those high notes, In o populority contest she'd get our votes. HtLENE MARGARET DUNN 'Ler1ie" 4716 Ashville Street Commercial Practice Activities: lnrertrode Sports Sincere ond sociable us o girl con be, With eyes thot shine os emerold os the seo. 72 DANIEL J DUNSAVAGE Dan 2014 W Thomp on Street Auo Maintenance Actnvutxes Intertrade Sports May stcce s ana good Tort n follow yoJ On the 'ob t vaur play whatever you do BARBARA DUTTON Mooch 1946 N Darren Street Commercual Art Actlvltaes Intertrade Voll yball Sunny dnsposntlon and the sweetest smlle All your friends at Dobbans ltke your style DONALD C ELFVIN Don 169 Harper Avenue Auto Malntenance Ac'nvuhes lntertrade Sports In appearance he rs always very neat And In hxs shop work he cant be beat LEONARD RICHARD ELKINS Duckfoat 3128 Page Street Prmtlng nvntles S A Rep A A Rep Chonr Dramatic Cadet Basketball Board of Durectors frade Rep Dramatvcs chour prmtmg rade rlrs name at Dobbxns wlll never 'ade JANUXRY 1931 JULIUS l. ELKO Butch 725 W Lycom ng Street Machme Shop Achvmes A A R p In hrs tield ne s sure to lead Because he has the wall to succeed KEITH J ELLIS 1746 N Wrlton Street Industrial Chemistry Actlvmes J V Cross Country V Basketball To become a Chemical Engmeer IS has atm Varslty Basketball was his game 'URl.EAN ELLISON Peaches is 2519 W Dauphm Street Dressmalung nvlhes Glee Club S A Rep A A Magorette She s f1ve foot seven eyes of gray Always happy always gay HARRlE1' A EMSLEY Hap 2723 N 29th Street Commercial Practice Achvmes School Store Alde In the front row :ts Hap you ll see Concentratng so thoughtfully WED' 749' JUDITH DENA ENGEL Judy 2733 N Croskey Street Commercuol Practice Actnvltues Intertrade Sports Sunny smlle laugh so gay Her personallty wll tok her a long way STEVEN D FAlI7rlELD Steve I-135 N Robinson Street Auto Maintenance Actrvltnes Intert ode Sports Steve works rn on auto shop Everybody knows hell reach the top CONNIE l. FALCONE Weenie 4926 Pulaskl Avenue Commercial Proctrce ACIIVIIICS A A Rep Intertracle Volleyball She s never bold she s never cold She always does as she as told PATRICIA FARRELI. a 6305 Dntman Street Commercial Practlce Aftlvrtues Color Guard Bowling Intertrade Volleyball School Store Arde Monltor Our Pats a color guard tus true Shes pretty and shes popular too DELORES GWENDOLYN FAULKNER Dee Dee l539 N 22nd Street Commercnal Practice Actlvutles lntertrade Sports Through the years we re sure well see Delores become a good secretary tARLINE FELDER Cherry 343 N Beechwood Street Beauty Culture Actnvrtaes Monltor A A R p Earlrne as p ppy arxd socrable too She always knows the rrgnt thang to do JUDITH ANN FINLEY Judy 3824 N Percy Street Beauty Culture rvrtues S A ep A A We know that Juay lukes to nowl And as a beautrcran shell reach her goal LEANOR RETTA FOKD 924 N 27th Street Commercial Practice Actrvrtuc-s Glee Cnuo Carrls Bovtlnng Club Eleanor has great typing speed And trles to help ol' those In need rt 1, ' i e . . ,, ,, rr - rr ' 5 ' f up 'rr , I ' : c , X A , 1 , JANUARY 1957 'K C II ll r , I , - , 1, rr 2 . . ' " z ' , . . e . . . e I I . I Act' ' I : . . R ., . . Rep. , . . E ' "EI" 74 WILLIAM FRANCIS "Billy" 1229 S. Bonsall Street Industrial Chemistry Activities: J. V. Cross Country, Monitor, A. A. Rep. Bill's trade was Industrial Chemistry, He also ran on Cross Country J. V. JAMES MACKIE FRANK "Jim" 4036 N. Darien Street Sheet Metal Activities: J. V. Swimming, V. Swimming, S. A. Rep. A sheet metal worker, is a swimmer too, Jim our hats ore oft to you. ELMIRA A. ERANKS Myra 312 N Holly Street Commercial Practice Activities Math 'lub V Volleyballj V Basketball Intertrade Basketball Her dress styles are the latest And we think shes the greatest MARLENE MARIE FRATI Twin 1516 N Robinson Street Dressmaklng Activities Sr Glee Club School Store Aide Capt Color Guard S A Rep Ink Spot Asst Editor of Yearbook Treas Guides Club Bowling Swimming Club Comm Seven Girls Advisory Comm Treas Grad Class 57 Marlene has activities galore They keep coming more and more' JANUARY 1954 MYRNA MARIE FRATI Twln 1516 N Robinson Street Commercial Practice Activites Sr Glee Club School Store Aide Capt Color Guard Ink Spot Guides Club Swimming Club Bowling Health Comm Girls Advisory Sec Grad Class 57 Her popularity cannot be beat We all thunk that shes very sweet FANNIE LOUISE FULLER Fannie 2318 N Beechwood Street Beauty Culture Activities Basketball Monitor Dancing Group She now is malormg In B C We hope thats vhat she turns out to TYRONE PAUL GAMBLE oe 720 N Umon Street Machine Shop Activities Cadet Basketball J V Baseball A A QP Generally early seldom late Tyrone is determined to graduate FRANCIS R GERVASIO Fran 2531 N 10th Street Commercial Practice Activities lntertrade Sports An efficient secretary for some lucky man Will be our charming quiet Fran ' In is PUTH ELLEN GIBBS Rusty G23 N Pennack Street Commercral Practice rvrtues G rl s Bowlmg J G e u Rustys vorce IS quite a treat and shes the prrde of Pennoclr Street 3 EVELYN GOEKE Ge 2914 W Lehrgh Avenue Commercral Practrce Actlvltles Skating Club lntellrgent studert attractuve too We "cpe sxfess crowns all you do ARNOLD H GOLD Goldre 5232 N 10th Street Machine Design Actrvmes Intertrcxde Sports Though Goldles trade wull be M D He also lvkes photography NORMAN GOODIS Porky 2730 W 77th Qtreet Radio Video Actnvnrres Glee Club Cholr Dramatrcs Cadet Basxetball A A R p Swlmmmg Club He made our cadet ba ketball team And as a momtor he was supreme JANUARY 195 vlRGlNlA GRAY Grnny 6024 Osage Avenue Commercnal Art Actuvrtues Monitor A A Rep A friend luke Vnrg ma rs lard to find She s talented loyal sweet and kmd FLORENCE M GREEN Dolly 3434 N Mascher Street Commerclal Practice Actrvrtres Glee Club Orchestra Guides Club A Rep Mamtor Dance Band Mgr In the music lrne Dolly I5 great We re sure a musncran wrll be her fate EDITH M GREENE Edre 1831 N Ettmg Street Commercial Practuce ACYIVIYIES Malorettes Club Guides Club Member of the guides club and a malorette Edrth ns a good rrlend we shall nc-t forget 'OAN D GUENTHER 2 2 N Marst 1 Sweet Commercial Proctrce Actuvntres Bowlrng Club .loanles personalrty rs the best Intellrgent too shes passed every te tl 76 f . x I , 1, n . E 5 A V Art' 'A : i ' ' Cl' b, le Cl b 4 1 ' A W ,, k, A ' I ' I I M' I I l 4 ' . ,, . H 1 ,. t, L' ' , . . e ., ' ' fr 5 I L-:J - 1-sql 5 'EDN ' F' Y 3 . - Q 4 ill NG .,,,,,.. 1. .. ,t . ,r : I , . . . ' ' E ' ' . , I- I I I ' ' , ,, t, ' ' ' : , , ' , S. . ., . I . I . 1 . 1 re L, M, af , ,, . ,, I . ' . t 5 '83 . or t ' ' A . , I I , - s . JAMES S, HACKET1' "Jim" 2241 N. Reese Street Printing Activities: S. A. Rep., A. A. Rep., Homeroorn Rep., J. V. Bowling, V. Bowling, J. V. Soccer, Intertrade Sports, Monitor When you are a friend of his, You really know what friendship is. DOLORES MARLENE HALL "Dee" 1858 N Uber Street Commercial Practice Activities Intertrade Sports Dolores is dependable no need to mention To graduate from Dobbins is her Intention POBERT H HAMPTON Bob 1507 Cabot Street Commercial Practice Activities J V Ba eball In baseball he is quite a star With this in his favor hes sure to go far HERMAN R HARDWICK Bob 6261 N Lawrence Street Pate having Activities Intertrade Sports Weight lifter boat racer pattern malrer This boys a worker not a taker IANUARI 19:17 GERTRUDE H HARLAN Trude 3549 N Marvlne Street Beauty Culture Activities Monitor She is pleasant and not too tall Her dancing ability is known by all EDGAR MARTIN HARMON Eddie 1.103 N Marshall Street Auto Maintenance Activities Track J V Low Hurdles Low hurdle track star with disposition sunny Edgar kept us laughing wth his remarks so funny ELIZABETH H HARTLEY Betty 2502 W Silver Street Commercial Practice Activities Intertrade Sports Best wishes and happiness without end Go with this charming loyal friend FRED C HELBIG Fred 545 E Alcott Street Rad o Vceo Activities Weather Club Gym Leader When you see that Fred is not around ln the Weather Club is where hell be found 77 '1- f .rv- ffl 1 5 ii 'K' 4-.B-ey-Q wa' is ,ev 5- E 'OSEPH T HILL e 1508 Champlost Avenue Prnntrng Actnvttres Intertrade Sports Neat appearance mtellngent head Has thus prmter our friend Red KENNETHJ HlMES Ken B734 Earlhom Stre t Carpentry Actlvrtles Class Rep Ken vs a happy go lucky fellow Hrs dusposltron IS always mel ow ELEANCR A HINSON Frenchy 3712 Wallace Street Beauty Culture Actnvntres S A Rep Glee Club Momtor Swlmmlng Club Transportotnon Comm Swxmmmg Monitor Glee Club too Are some of the things Frenchy used to do EDWARD W HOHLFELD 1104 Bloomdale Road Commercual Art Actuvttles lntertrade Sports Heres a boy who really can dance And looks well dressed In cz panr of pegged pants JANUARY 19:34 FRANCIS J HOUCK Franny 1308 W Cambua Street Sheet Metal Ac nvttues Capt of Monitors Guides Club Weather Club S A Rep Electron Comm Froncus IS a shy and quiet boy Who wuth gurl s affections wnll never toy JAMES W HOWELLS nm 2246 Yelland Street Food Merchandlslng Actlvltues Cadet Football V Football J V Bowl :ng V Bowling J V Baseball V Baseball A A R p When he s on the football team You can always tell hes on the beam JOHN P HUBER Tex B5 W Spencer Street Plumbrng Actmvutres lntertrade Sports We know that John IS no newcomer We re sure he ll be a topnotch plumber KENNETH J HULLER Gung Ho 2620 N Taney Street Foundry Practrce Actrvnt-es J V Gym Team, V Gym Team Track, S A Rep, A A Rep On Varsuty gym team and also un track, Gung Ho Huller never held back 78 BARBARA A IRBY PSCICFICS 1223 W Cumberland Street Commercial Practice Actuvntnes Glee Club Dance Group Muslc Appre clatlon Club Malorettes Club A A Rep ln stenography Barbara can excel In Glee Club and Danclng thus Malcrette 1 we JUDITH A JACOBS Judy 2730 N 28th Street Commercnal Practlce Actlvltnes Moth Club Bowllna Club Swrmmlng C ub She always does her best Cooperatnng wlth the rest EUGENE GENE JASPER Eugenie 1715 N Wnlltngton Street Commercial Practlce Ac lvltues V Tenms J V Cross Country 3rd G 4th Term Rep lntertrade Sports A popular athlete and good sport Running cross country or on the tennls court DONALD JOHNSON Don 1220 W Gurard Avenue Auto Mauntenance Actlvltles Cadet Football Cadet Basketball J V Tennis Tennls basketball and football too Hes a good sport to all of you' JANLKRX 19.3 FRANK E JOHNSON Frankie 2414 N Hollywood Street Auto Malntenance Activities S A Rep Cadet Football Gym Leader A A Rep Monutor Frank Johnson knows how to repair a car ln his trade he wnll go ar MARLENE NORMA JOHNSON Dukue 2019 N Alder Street Commercual Practuce AClIVI'lES J V Basketball Bowling Marlene was always bright and sweet Always helping always neat KATHRYN M JUNGLING Kay 2955 N Stillman Street Restaurant Practuce Actlvltles lntertraae Sports To manage a restaurant us her goal And her favorite rnuslc IS Rock and Roll ALLEN ANTHONY KEARNEY Kearney 4013 Brown Street Restaurant Practice Actlvltues V Track V Football J V Cross Country Indoor Track May you succeed as a general rule As well as you did in all sports at school. 79 IW" is ARRETTA EDNA KEEPER 2522 N Garnet Street Commerc al Art Actrvltres Cholr Math Club Vorce Class Math Club Voice Class Artist Choir May you always have your hearts desrre SHAARON D KEEPER 1522 N Garnet Street Commercral Ar Actlvltres Guides Club Choir Math Club Vorce Class All our best wnshes we send To thus versatule gurl and good frnend LINDA KING De b 1634 N 8th Street Commercral Pro trce Actuvltles J V Basketball Lmcla doesnt seek world fame To be a prrvate secretary IS her arm EDWIN W KLUMPP 2959 N 12th Street Cammerctal A t Actrvrtues Table Tenms Ink Spot S A R p Good looklng talented and smart Thns fellow gets ol? to a very good start JOSEPH P KOSLOSKI Ch cl. 1005 S 46th Street Parntung and Decoratr Actrvrtves Glee Club Choir Pres Weather Club Boys Advrsory Comm S A Rep Mgr Track Team Monrtor Presndent of weather club member of choir Wnth so much energy he never seems to ture JOHN KRAUSZ Mouse 3712 N 7th Str Actrvltres J V Soccer Monitor V Soccer Guldes Club ee Prtntvng John s a good athlete that we all know Hrs skull and good looks wrll always show LOUIS KUNTZ 528 Thelna Street Radro Vrdeo Lemmel Actrvntres Ink Spot Sports Edntor Mgr V Football Monntor Class Rep Tennus Team Honor Pm Socrety As a sports reporter he rs the best On the tennrs team he met each test CHARLOTTE LANCASTER Letty 1811 N Judson Street Beauty Culture Actnvntles Monrtor Letty s dependable and very sweet Her personality as hard to beat 80 1 A . l ' t " 'Q ic" . New 4, " ' "h: ', , . . e . ' . K. V . l JANUARY 1957 , I ' ' "tg 'OAN D LANIER Joni 2528 N 18th Street Commercual Practnce Actsvltles A Capella Choir Glee Club In the choir you wlll hear Jon: smgmg loud and clear JOHN R LAWTON ev 2019 Brown Street Machine Deslgn Actlvmes lntertrade Sports John wnll keep rn has memory The thlngs he learned whale In M D DELORES LEE Bootsle 105 E Haines Street Beauty Culture c avmes V Volleyball J V Baske ball A Rep Monitor Bootsle was looknng for recognltuon She turned out to be a good beautucuan ERNEST R LEITENBERGER Ernie 4426 N 18th Street Radio Vrdeo Actlvlhes Ford Arts Award Contest Ernue IS In the trade RV We hope he gets to work on TV .IAINLARY 19.37 WILLIAM LOUIS LEVINE I 1828 Orthodox Street Prrntlng Actrvltles Monitor Concert Master School Orchestra Gym Team Guides Club Played un the Orchestra sang In the chorus And wlllmgly ope ated the sound protector for 'IHURMOND N LEWIS Nate 2211 W Sedgley Street Painting and Decorating Actlvrtles Glee Club May success and good fortune come your way As a contract pctlnter some happy day ALICE M LIKE Blondie 5512 Westtord Road Dental 'X s stat' Actrvltles S A Rep Gym Leader Guides Club lntertrade Volleyball Editor In Ch ef Cf Yearbook Skating Club Glrls Advisory Comm She s sweet she s smart we luke her name As a Dental Assrstant shell soon earn fame DOROTHY VONDELEE LINDSAY Von 2038 N Woodstock Street Commerclal Practuce Actlvntres S A Rep Bowlnng Basketball A A eP Always actuve rn every sport Dot always had a good report 81 11 -11 .1 . 5 1 1 11R 11 1 11 - 11 A t' " : . , . . t , . A. -1 11 - 11 - - - 1 11 - 11 - 1 f f ' Q1 L .V I 5 11B-H11 7 1 I I I 1 1 . . r . US. 11 11 1 11 - 11 ,- 3 I : . z . . ., , , , - - : . . , . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 ,, 11 : . . ., , , . . 1 PERMAN L LONG rlerm '12 Lewwonte Str et Prmtnng Actlvltles lntertrade Sports Herman Long was a printer by trade Hls name at Dobbms wtll never fade CAROL ANN LOWENTHAL oe 411 W Delphlne Street Dental Assnstant Actuvm s Cheerlead s Swmsmwng Dramatncs Caron ls c frnenfl we all hold dear And she can really lead a cheer ROLAND EDWARD LUCIER Redhead 2726 N Taylor Street Auto Mauntenance Actrvatles lntertrace Sports Roland ns sure to be a success For he checks all hus work doesnt on a guess EARL STANLEY LYNCH Stan The Man 3424 Sydenham Street Auto Manntenance Actwltues Cadet Football Cadet Basketball Earl played football and basketball as a cadet And hell make a good auto mechamc we ll bet JANUARY 199 WlLLlAM MACK Mack 2515 W Arlzona Street Cablnetmakmg Actuvntnes Cross Country Gym Leader He lakes to play the saxophone He makes It cry he makes at moan ROBERT E MANNING Bo 205 S 60th Street Radio Vndeo Ac uvltles S A Rep J V Baseball Ca et Base ball Dance Comm Swlmmmg Team Because hrs kmdness never ends Hell always have a thousand rlends IRA JOHN MCCLAIN Johnny 119 W Annsbury Street Arch Drawing Actnvmes Cross Country He ns a success nn has chosen trade To hrs school he s been a helpful and EDWIN FRANCIS MCCOY Eddie 1508 W Cayuga Street Auto Manntenance Actuvmes Band Orchestra S mg Band All Cnty Orchestra Ld McCoy wrth trumpet n hand Hopes someday to have hus own band 82 11 3..- . e ' ' 111 1 . . ei er I . I . l . .. . , 1 , 1 - 11 11 . .. , 1 - 1 - 90 11 1 3 1 1 1 - 1 , . , 1 5 T "' F, 'g h . 4 H, ,s 'J1111-41' 11 11 3 1 1 , . 11 b1, t : . . .1 . . , d 4 I 'I I 1 1 I 1 - . 1 . 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 5 1 JAMES W McGOWAN HowdY 941 E Pruce Street Auto Momtenance Actwmes Intertrade Sports Jlrrmy llkes to have some fun Thats why he s Iuked by everyone CHARLES A MCKELVY K9PPY I527 Montgomery Avenue EISCNICGI Actlvltnes Intertrade Track lntertrade Basketball A trackman and electrlcnan neat Whose pleasant dlsposltuon cant be beat BARBARA E MEDFORD Babs 2324 W Stewart Street Commercial Practice Actuvltues Gym Leader Intertrade Sports We know that Barbara Ink s o skate As a secretary shell always be great ELIJAH RONALD MEDLCY Sknppy 1436 Brown Street Machme Shop Actnvutnes Marching Band Dance Band Orchestra Class Rep Skippy can blow and toot and ploy And drive our troubles all away LILLIAN E MEIRIS 2928 W Clementune Street Commercual Practnce Actlvltlcs Bowlmg Club Intertrade Volleyball School Store Monitor Luls a wonderful gurl polite and sweet When you get to know her you re un for a treat MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL Betty 3806 N 'l5th Street Home Economncs Actuvmes Glee Club Vocal lessons Mary wants to acquire more knowledge We wush her luck In gomg to college THEODORA ARCEILA MITCHELL Tom 2020 W Dnamond Street Beauty Culture Actuvutles J V Volleyball Glee Club Gym leader An athletlc gurl wlth vigor and vlm Full of the pep that helps teams ID gym MICHAEL MOFFETT Mlke 247 Lawrence Road Machme Desugn Actlvltles lntertrade Sports Mike IS an enthusiastic sports 'fan Who hopes to become a good draftsman .' . D , 1 - 111 11 : I .. I . .. , 1, 1 : I 'et , ' . : ' , , 1 . I .-,cv It 'MQ -- 5, "1 JANUARY 1957 -11 'IW ,,-, vb Q 1,LiI,1 : . I I I . ., . ' . I , . , . 1, 1, Z I ' I 1, -1, : I I I I . . . . . , 1, - 1, . . . . I 83 'IU' Ii I :- lf: E 2' I iff' Q .rf GEORGE ELWOOD MORTON Smiley 247 E Garrett Street Auto Maintenance Activities V Tra k V Cross Country J V Cr s Country A A Rep Gym Leader V Indoor Track Member of Flying Four There s a happy look on Smiley s face When he comes through and wins the race CATHERINE G MUSE Do 2617 Roberts Avenue Beauty Culture Activities V Volleyball J V Basketball Glee Club A ep Catherine is witty gentle and md A truer friend would be hard to find MAXINE O NESBITT Max 2016 N l2th Street Commercial Practice Activities J V all Vo e ball Basketball S A Rep Glee Cl b Success crown your eftorts wherever you g Youll make a good ecretary we all know JOHN W NEWBERT Jack 7020 N Stillman Street Auto Malrtenance Activities J V Foot all V Foot al J V Swm ming Team In football and swimming at was Jack wed see Keeping the potlight on old D V T I JANUARY 195 KLAUS T. OTTE 32l7 W. Susquehanna Avenue Radio-Video Activites: lntertrade Sports Mastery of hi' destiny Is this sturdy fellow of R. V. WILLIAM A. OVERHOLT ' ' 2026 W. Atlantic Street Machine Shop Activities: J, V. Swimming Bowler swimmer machinist clever We hope good luck will leave you never. MADELINE A. PAGE "Medio" 5405 N. Front Street Restaurant Practice Activities: S. A. R p. lnk Spot Dramatics Club Ink fpot, mrcmotics, Waitress neat This little girl is mighty sweet! YAUL C. PALUBA 'Chip I52 W. Linton Street Printing ivites: . V, Cross Country, V, Cross Countr , V. Gym Team, Cadet Track, V. Track, Gym Leader In Sports he never lags behind, A better athlete we'II never hnd. 84 WILLIAM D. PENNA "Rock" 142 Heather Road Machine Design Activities: Intertrade Sports As a friend, he is a wonderful one. He always likes to have some fun. DOUGLAS A. POINDEXTER "Doug" 2811 North 9th Street Machine Design Activities: J. V. Football Douglas is an M. D. and football star, Hes a boy who s going JOHN G POLLIS Johnny A006 Creston Street Machine Design ivities Ink Spot S A ep A A Rep Leader Cadet Baseball John I qu et and a very good rnend Who never quits early but sticks to the en ANTHONY E PORTER Tony 1733 N 28th Street Machine Shop Activities J V Baseball Cadet Basketball V Basketball Monitor V Football Anthony is leon and rather tall Just right for playing basketball ,IANUKRY 195' MILDRED POUGH Millie 1900 N 17th Street Beauty Culture Activities Monitor Volleyball Girls Advisory Comm Library Aide A smile bright as a bruno new penny And as for toults sne hasnt any FRED E RAUPP Freddy 4229 Hellerman Street Plumbing Activities J V Cross Country Cc1c,etTracx V Cross Country V Gym Team V Track S A Rep A A Rep Gym Leader J Swimming In sports he is great' Never absent and never late JOHN REDMOND Jack 719 S 60th Street Machinc Design Activities Intertrade Sports We know that John rs very brngnt A an M D he 5 usually ri ht JOHN A REPASH Ray 273 Lemonte Street Mach ne Shop ivlt es A A cp S A Loyal friend to everyone Always smiling and full of fun 85 I .1 ,F xv. Q29 SJ 2-.hs tlzisrm l.ONNlE E RICE Rlcey 242 N Salford Street Arch Drawung Actlvltles Cadet Basketball 1 V Basketball J V Baseball Hrs sportsmanshrp I5 clear to all Arfd he IS good at basketball RUSSELL l. RICKERT IC 444l N Uber Street Machune Shop Actlvxtres Cadet Baseball Guides Club A Rep A A Machinist Gusdes Club wavy haired Ric Never found a problem he couldnt luck BARBARA J RILEY Bobby 29 N lthan Street Beauty Culture Actuvltles lntertrade Sports Shes the one who makes hour look good Bobs styles halr as an operator should THEODORE RISNYCHOK Teddy 3l04 N Bambrey Street Machlne Design Actnvmes J V Track Team We know that Teddy ns has nickname He hkes to flsh and hunt for game MARTIN ARTHUR RITTER Marty Maple Avenue Davlsvllle Machlne Shop Actlvltles S A R p lntertrade Basketball Martys goal as a tool makers hugh pay And hell succeed nn an efhclent way DONNA CLAR: RlTTlNG Don 2710 W Jefferson Street Commercuol Parctuce Actrvmes Guldes Club A Capella Choar Secry of Color uuard Comm at Seven Bowling Swlmmmg Club Glee Club Donna wnll be o success youll see Because of her rxne personality PEARL F ROBB Butch 2534 W Ingersoll Street Commercuol Pracnce Actlvltles S A Rep Gym Leader Pearl IS sweet and very mce She knows just how to break the Ice BARBARA l. ROBINSON Robbie 2llO N Diamond Street Commercnal Practnce Actrvmes lntertrade Sports Robbre wull be a secretory soon B cause her hopes are pinned an the moon . , HR' " S. . ., . I. Rep. E, -we l--- JANUARY 1957 ' ' ' : . . e ., ' f 1 . ', - , 1 gl Il: 86 GcORGE ROBINSON OSCGY 6027 Vine Street Machine Shop ctnvrtres J V asketball S A p A A George is fast and light on his feet Thats why In basketball he cant be beat IEANNE GLORIA ROBINSON Murphy 6950 Germantown Avenue Dental Assistant Activities Orchestra Marching Band Glee Club Concert Band Yearbook Staff A pretty me nber of the Marchlna Band And to the Yearbook she ler-ds a hand SYLVESTER PRESTON ROSE Mobest 705 Alder Place Restaurant Practice Activittes Cadet Basketball J V Football Gym Leader Basketball and footoall kept him an condition To be a master chef rs this boy s ambition GAIL PATRICIA RUSSETT Rusty 3146 N Park Avenue Dental Assistant Activities A A Rep Capt of Intertrade Volley ball Yearbook Staff Skating Club Gym Leader Her popularity makes her well known Her sincere sweetness is always shown JANUARY 1957 MARYANN SARNE.rE Sneeze 2640 N Franklm Street Commercial Practice Actrvutues Ink Spot Yearbook Stat? School Store Aide Generous heart intelligent mind An excellent student always kind GEORGE HAIG SAUDALIAN The Kid ' 740 S. 57th Street Baking Activities: S. A. R p. Cross Country Band Orchestra Cross Country team member of the band A personality we think is grand. JAMES SAUNDERS Jimmy 2006 N. Bth Street Auto Maintenance Activities: S. A. Rep. In class he s always quiet and smart But as o person he has a big heart. FANNIE SCHOOLFIELD Penny 5515 Master Street Beauty Culture Activities: Volleyball Intertrade Sports Sincere and friendly to young and old Fannie s heart is as pure as gold. g 87 X '-t. . twrzgai XJR., ff. puff' in l 'NCHARD W SCHREINERT 1245 Bunglwm Street Actlvltl s Locker Crew Class Rep Rich rs on the locker crew He rs rn th Electra: Shop oo FRED A SCOTT 466 l: Rsttenrtou e Street Bcxsk tool Actlvrtles Swrmrnlng Club Volleyball Florence Searle rs always gay swf' Jackte s the gurl who lrkes to draw RIC Electrrcol ep Sonny Much 're Shop Actnvrtres lntertrade Basketball Track Codet Bas etboll wus what he liked to pay He hopes t -love has own shop some ctoy VLORENCE HAFY SEARLF: Floss 7933 Stillman Street Child Care Her rnarks help her to stay that way ERNEST'twr: JACQULINE SEARLES Jackre 2147 N 21st Street Commer tcu Ar Activities Volleyball Basketball Monitor Her work comes out wuthout o flaw JANUARY 19a V Track Actlvltles Bowling Swlmmlng ALBERT L SHANE Actnvutres lntertrode Sports fOBERT W SIMMONS 195 W lrnton Street Activities lntertrode Sports Our Bob s qurte o wlnrz I J ROBERT SEIDMAN Bo 1307 Kerper Street lndustrlol Chernustry Actnvmes J V Cross Country V Cross Country Hrs legs are not long hrs wand rs not short RUI1I'1Il'1g cross country us hrs 'fovorrte sport' ANNA MARlE SrO1'TS Julie Gibson 4035 Poplar Street Home Economrcs A wrllmg worker well above por Ou Anne rs destined to go quote for 5624 Mo vrne Street Rodro Vrdeo An Eleatromc Te hntcron some day he e r ls arnec well the course In R an Bo rnntrng Hed come out on top rn Cnty qutz 6 88 rr . . ' ' f' ' h" ' ' 'P 1 1 , ., S. A, R . - ' f ' ' e ' ,t . 5 ,lc 1 I . " l , 1X f: I ' ' . o V I ll ll I , A H ' S l l 13 A l A .3 ? I ' A l. I 'A' . c' l t I ,. vp' '- " Wm, A A ' LIU ,nA,l..x lb .i.i.. ,, bl, as G.. ... . , A A . "Al" I : ' ' 'll b , Fo .e le ' ' ' . d V. ' Q A Af br A 5' c A P' ' . xi i ' y CATHERINE SINGLETON Cath 1512 N 8th Street Commerclal Pra tu e Actnvttles J V Basketball May you have a successful career By making good use or all you learned here ROBERT WESTLY SMALL Bo 1017 W Nevada Street Auto Mauntenance Acttvtttes Track Chotr V Football Glee Club lnk Spot Cadet Basketball Momtor A A ep Bob played football and baske ball And was a fnend to one and all JOHANN D SMITH 2856 N Hancock Street Commercnal Practtce Acttvltles Glee Club Lo Aide Band Mgr Malorettes Band Manager Mag rette Library And Johann can be proud of the record she made ROBERT W SNYDER Bo 3410 Vaux Strect Machine Design Acttvltles lntertrade Sports Success good fortune to thus machlne d signer There Isnt a better worker or a person f1ner ROSLYN SPECTOR az 3229 W Fontatn Street Commercial Practlce Actlvltues Bowlung Club Yearbook Staff Roslyn s smlle IS oh' so wide Her sweet dnsposutlon helped IN all she tried RUTH N SPEECI: Ruthle 7349 N 4th Street Commerclal Practlce Actlvltves Yearbook Sta? Glee Club Skatung Club Momtor Llb Aide Xmas Prolect Ruthie whos on the yearbook staff Always tells lakes whtch make us laugh WALTER SPENCER 1.995 2301 N Lambert Street Machine Shop Acttvttles V Truck Cross Country Walter often talks real fast Well remember htm tll the l t JOE LOUIS STAFFORD oe 6013 W Master Street Auto Mamtenance Actlvltles .1 V football Glee Club Cadet Football A Football player and member of the chotr A good Auto Mechanic for anyone to hire 89 M' . 'f bf' R . C' . "Jo" , 'G , ' ' Q. . ' I " b" + S It 1 Q 9" "'-1,15 k ' 4 Q , I , 2 JANUARY 1957 Us F 1 5 UR ,, . . . 1 . , 6 ,, V 1 , ' ' i as. HJ H . . . . .L Q S. . Rep. l I J . , , . X Y' , J hwy CARMELA STODUTO "Mel" 3002 N, 2lst Street Commercial Practice Activities: lntertrade Sports She's a very sweet girl, full of fun, Who was well liked by everyone. "Fred" FREDERICK R. STRIET 2842 N Warnock Street Cabunetn .xknng Actnvrtes lntertrode Sports Hes your truend and mme Who wull nelp us any tlme RICHARD C STROHM Rttter 642 Mans Street Prmttng Actnvntnes Swummtng Cholr Glee Club Intertrade Baseball Rutter I5 happy all the whale And always greets us wuth a smule ROSEMARY DOROTHY TATNALL Rosy 2243 N Reese Street Commerc al Practice Actxvltles Yearbook Staff Skating Club Glee Club Swimming Club Moth Club Bowling She s a qulet worker most sincere We all wall mass her when she s not here JAYUARY 1957 BARBARA ANN TAYLOR Weenie 4332 N 15th Street Commercual Practice Actlvltles lntertrade Sports A good secretary she s bound to be For she has the skull and personaluty CHRISTINE M TAYLOR Chris 'l'l05 E Rosalie Street Commerclol Practlce Actlvltles Band Orchestra Glee Club Monitor Yearbook Staff Skatlng Club Llb Aide We thunk shes sweet we thunk shes grand She IS the smallest un the band DANIEL C TAYLOR laylor l542 Dover Street Raduo Video Actuvmes Cadet Football V Baseball A regular all round school athlete In sports thus fellow cant be beat ROBERT TAYLOR Bllnkers 1230 N Toney Street Prnntmg uvntles S A p R J V Foot V Football ln football qulte a talented sprmter On the 'ob a top notch prmterl JOHN JOSEPH TERESKUN on ny 022 N Lawrence S reet Machine Shop Activities V Football A A Reo A first class machinist John .iv I be When he add some experience to his ability CURTIS THOMPSON 2611 W Gordon Street Foundry Pra tice Activities J V Track You never know when Curtis is around But when he s needed he can always be found THELMA B THOMPSON Stnrty 3410 N Fairhill Street Commer ral Practice Activities Yearbook Staff lntertrade Volleyba Gym Leader Monitor Monitor Gym Leader on the Yearbook Stott Always ready with a clever word or a laugh LORRAINE E TRANSUE Lorrie 5500 N 6th Street Home Ecconomics Activities Bowling Club Guides Club Glee Club Library Aide A quiet intelligent miss is she An elticient dietitian she wants to be JANUARY 19.3. U PHILIP G TRENDLER I 1027 W. Stella St. Machine Shop Activities: lntertrade Sports A boy who was always neatest and cleanest An intelligent worker is this machinist. LEONARD K. TRlPlETT Chick 5513 Blakemore Street Auto Maintenance Activities: Cadet Track V. Track J. V. Football V. Football, V. Basketball, S. A. R p. At football Leonard is great, His classmates think him first rate. DOROTHY ELIZABETH VAN HORN " ot" 2849 W. Clementine Street Commercial Practice Activities: lntertrade Sports Dot's cheerful, friendly, and full of knowledge, She's sure to be o success in college. Al.VlN VAUGHN "Al" 1605 W. Stiles Street Commercial Practice Activities: A. A, Rep., Cadet Football, Cadet Basketball, Gym Leader A good athlete, a loyal friend, A wonderful disposition, that will never end, 91 85 1 -vi , vc i 1 , 4 , s I if ,411 X I 4 5 xfnvl c L, 'E ' , -'fl is '- E l X 1 '. x 1 Y A I ' l ELAINE MARCIA VOLB '5 2718 N Opal Street Dressmalung Acttvtt es Glee Club School Store 4th Term Rep Elonne us qutet ana ombtttous And she s also superstmous DORIS ELIZABETH WATSON Dot H28 W Nevada Street Beauty Culture Actlvltles Monitor Library Ala .l V Volleyball J V Basketball Glee Club Guides Club An all sound gurl we hear from reports Actnve In classes as well as In sports ALTHA WATTS 1215 W Oxford Street Cornmercual Puactcle ACYIVHI95 lntertrade Volleyball .l V Volleyball Altha as a quiet one Who always gets her school work done DORIS A WEIL Dons 1247 N Hollywood Street Con-tmerctol Practuce Artuvuttes Glee Cuh Momtor Chotr Math Club Sxatlng Club Darts ISlC1lKlt1g a course In C P An efftclent ecretcry hes gotng to be HERBERT C WENERD Herb 2927 S Dewey Street Prlntung Acttvttles V Bowlung Monltor Gym Leader S A Re J V Baseball Full of fun full of fught He ll do hus best wuth all has might ROBERT PAUL WLRNER Bo u-108 Knorr Street Sheet Metal Actlvmes Track lntertrade Sports Class Rep Bob s a boy wro Is truly a :own Things really pop when he s around MARLENI: ANN WH TE Mar 23 8 N 'l8th Street Commercual Practtce Actuvttles Glee Club Basketball Mgr Ink Spot Asst S A Rep Monitor Library Aide Clever and frendly a very sweet gurl Whose actlvttles always kept her In a whirl SARAH MILDRED NNHITE Hlps A N llth Str Child Care Aclvltres V Volleyball A A Pep Monltor 4th Term Rep Monitor and vorstty volleyball Are memorte she can recall . HS- tt f 1 '- . .. A .1 I . I .I I 5 JANUARY 1957 p., . , H b,, i . ' l , O - I . . l , V , l9Ol . ee! ' . 92 RICHARD WAYNE WHITNEY Whlf 5532 Westford Road P mtmS Actwutres J V Soccer J V Bowlung Class Rep lntertrade Sports Wnlt played on the bowhng and soccer teams To own a punt shop IS one of his dreams DONNA B WHYTE Donnie 212 W Duval Street Pre Nursxnq Acnvltles V Volleyball Swmg Bond Sr Class Vace Pres Orchestra Guides Club Marchlng Band A perfect lady sweet and aura A better nurse we couldnt fhd LARRY E WILDASIN Pee-Wee 4417 N Franklnn Street Machine Desxgn AClIVlfIeS Sw mn'-mg Team 4th Term Rep Gym Leader He gave swummmg and the gym team a r And hopes the Arr Force wall let hum fly JOSEPH WILLIAMS oe 1521 N 11th Street Auto Maxntenawce Actlvntles S A R p In class he s quuet as can b In shop h s qulte o Gr ase Monkey ,IAINUXRY 1901 MARY E WILLIAMS K-tty 2123 N 30th Street Commercnal Practlce Actrvltles Monntor Intertrade Volleyball J Volleyball Ink Spot Momtor Volleyball lnk Spot work Thus popular gxrl would never shtrk WILLIETTE WILLIAMSON Mltzt 1909 N 21st Street Beauty Culture Actrvntles Homeuoom Rep Monitor Mltzu IS bashful and oh' so petnte Everyone lakes he because shes so sweet JAMES R WIMS Jimmy 2440 N 25th Street Carpentry AClIVI1I9S Dance Band Marching Band James blows a beautntul hauntnng tone Out of his gleaming saxophone ANNE WINTERBURG Wnnnle 742 W Master Street Commer nal Practuce Acttvltles S A Rep Bowling lntertrade Volleyball Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue Thats becan se Anne ts over there too 93 ,, Y. . I . 1 1 . . 1 'I .1 1. - 1 11 - 11 : . , , , -1 1 1 x I. . 1 - ' 1 11 11 : 1 , , ,, TY1 11J 11 I . . 9 . , . Q -1 S1 - 11 A 11 111111 SN 1, 10,1 1 ....., N, , 5 . 7 s 4 f '1 ' S lf V s 11111 11 . 11 1 , , .v. 1 1 1 1 11 - -11 I ' 1, 1 1 1 - 1 r . 11 - 11 2 1 1 1 11 - - 11 . C : . , ., 1 , 1 1 1 I - 7'- DONALD WOOD Woodle 1052 N Darren Street Prnntmg Actwmes J V :occ r lntertrade Sports Woodue played soccer on our J V An Offset Prmte: as what he wants to BARBARA ANN WURSTER Wclly 2914 N Burnbrey Street Commercial Practice Actnvmes Bowlmg Club 'ntertraoe Volleyball very sweet gtrl who lllxes to bowl To be a pnnvate s retary as her goal KENNETH R YEAGER en 2855 N Gorr-et Street Refrlg and rteotmg Actlvltle lntertrcxcle :ports A slulled mechomc who will wun success Because he trues for perfection nothmg less ALAN JAMES YOUNG Mungle 3110 N Ro ewood Street Prnntmg Actsvmes J V Football Chour Sr Glee Club S Rep Dance Band Orchestra Very attroctwe ts hrs style Verv good looking IS has smlle JANUARY 195 JOHN DONALD BARINKA Jack 6567 Woodstock Sheet Auto Ma ntenance ACYIYIUE Gym Leader V Swlrvmlng lntertrade Sports Jack s ambxtlon ns a stoclc car driver And as a svxlmn er he s a perfect diver A E 5: 515' I N33 , . - ,- '.f' - l -"--'gfilil 9. - -"3 6? cm 94 A?" , Lx . ,V c so .,.' 1 .- , wvunms "" ' Lv ,I xl 8' 4 .x', J I H9 - rl' K ' e. V XFN A -: ' fi '- ff X Q - QA . f 4 1 f 14 'A e is Q1 1 "H 43"3'+gA ' " L5 A J K A u ' ' , ML ' I 1 ff.. 1 4' ' v 3 n ' ffgr af A. ff f ' f '71 A -N, 14:4 . I 5 -A xx 4 5 4 , 4 ,ii Aman in uf is 4 A ,. nl A 'BRL 1 6 ' x Y I ' ,. ,, .rr- N 4 y A Qkagffitgbfn- N ,, I 'V 1 7 ' 5 ok f A I O mu. ' 3' Y I R . vw5,g1.g.f':'11 ' ' ,G I' 1 4nvaa will SCHOOL SHOW -Q. qs, EVM DENTAL CAPPING Ewnls ol' IIN' hfar . . . F, x 1 .wa 'cf 'ESQ ' af Y -ith PLACE INQUIRER MEET FORD AWARD :union mon - 3 fi an fy au- S. A. OFFICERS LUNCHEON DAY 96 Well keep It real the Flame and Steel forever ln the sky XE iq Ffh MV , o o 0 0 0 H. - ' X x W7 N QW' ix, saw '-+ , 3 , We 0. 4 , ' Q , V. e K 7 H - b digg-4" Xxx -J xviiX ,Q x . di.-1-'?'7"":iY X a I, - we ' LA e1'l"'T'7' 5. r-.iT f.-- We . ,gi --,sf 4, , W. X I f lc M -. V 1 A A f 'A lr r 1 f 'pm.I5'RCl56D BB PRINTED AND UJBLVC I 'V PQECS CI B OF MUHE L' F094 C TKNNI-Y TEC'H1CAL SCHOOL 1 H51,l'ilH -ll 1 X Har: lu nu 1 1 11,1 d .nr af v. 1 We r 1.111 Ur XNx1'w41 rx 1 1 T1 lhbb 1111 1 111 111 nw I1 nn Nah Nlluh nh I xref Dlbbnf, 15' U Q r hx! 4-rlufmxnn rwlmred A1 fr 11 1111111 11111 1-.exe A Q 1 an s Thvu 1 1 il' H Hfuhhtr 1 1.11 A1 C1 lc! all I ber! H F lm Ihr ru w J Plank K 501171 r1 x v K P1 llrk Y XR R Mn 11 Ubuqlla A Calhcun HRVFV 11 11. 11111.11 11111.11 Blocker 1111111 1 111: ,M R1111.-1, 1,1111 11.111111 11.11 we br pmud ol 11.1 fur wr Kmd 11 1:1 wh haxe Enle Pd lb! 11111111111 1111111 11111 11111w1s111a-1 S A News The S A TY.msp0ItBl1cn Commllur hu 1111 work ng un m 11-affic hgh! for 111111111111 1-1111.11 1111111y 11111 11-mgnnuon Du-rn 111 ma 1 trams hgh! ut Srdgty A11 n It Mr Emxlun hu surted a House and r11,1.11d, 1311111111111-f Both 111.11 1111.1 gm. wxll be z.n the commnltvt they w1l1 have badges svn: ng 11-ur aumhomy Their 1119.161 1111. 101 11-1.1111111115 11112 11111111111 .re 141 Fluwuu potted and wx fo malls and moms tm assxst momwxs m unchroom whenever needed fd mc mm 1111- 11.11w.ys 1111 try by any means xo spread a :vim of school pnde 111. 111111 mem, 15 poster-S. O11 the wung marhmu in .Im-.u rw uhm-e wxll be four ways mggesud on how student: shou d ull S A s xn Sep lm-ruber 1956 The utudrnl btvdy wil! bw naked to 'vow on lhs therefore 11 ns neceuary to xhmk carefully about the-e pomu before can ng a vnu The fum' wnyx .fe 111 0111 system zo mm and chnmy drives u meds! W7 Old wyilem. with 1 Unxu-d Cnmnbuum ae wording to thc consnence ol the gwwr lc1Pruen1gy1f:mbuy2wo50een1 urlnu mllud of l 511119 dvlhr 5301 fd, wntmue UN gy-nam. 2nd Row J Kelm, M r Raw J c1Beli 11 1 Q 1- :hr-neil 16 1 merv d1.111e1gc. 14.111 cc d m .11 11:1 1- lh Lhu 1 11 11 1 A .vers ndA1aPr1 v.1 p rl 1 1 114111111 11 Q B Ill 1.4 Dunn mln hroup lsr ow Mrs Lathe Wenss QSPODSOYJ M Whnie E Romsey, B Gwynn, I Prodoruth, M Varoumus Sarnese M Fruh, B Thomas, G Hamerly Le efre, J Poll D Capers, S Macx 01 Fllldlllflh u 1141 5111 w11dmrf1 1,1 4 me be U. LJ' 1.11 Q111 ng 1.111 1 111 1 1 A11 Tu 11 r md JH 12 11 1.-r 1 1 1 1 11111111115 11, 111-11 1 1.1 1 .1 1.1 KPAICNY SLOREB TVN PXHST IWNNNS W L. 111 1 1 1 1 1111 111..1d 1 1-xx 1 .Q1 1. 1.111.141 111 1 1.111111 1 .1 111,11 In-n Q 11 111111111 110 1.111 111.1111 11111 -.1 11 11111, 111 11 .11 1 11 x1111.1,11 .111 11 X11 1 1111. 111 11111111 11 1 .11 11 1 11-11111 11 1111- 1 The orgcmlzahon whlch plays cm Important part un keepnng the student communnty an ' formed IS the Dobblns Ink Spot All ihe work, 1 nncludlng the prmhng IS done here at school 11 :pf 1 11 11 The paper was under the excellent sponsor 11111 1 The .1 111111 11111115 .-111-1 .11 19 11 1-11,11 11 111. 1. 1111 1111, 111 shup of Mrs Lothe Gordon WCISS, who handled 111.11 1 11 the wrmng The prunhng work was done by 111 up 11 unh 1,1 war lui YG Mr Grcnzow Under the able gu1dor1ce of these two faculty sponsors, the Ink Spot mode ' cn very good showmg un the Columbm Scholcs hc Contest, where 11 placed thurd cmd fourih 1 among papers from all over the U S 1: fn cms :nn 1-1 211. class .11 .1.1.11...... .11 1.11, 1 each winnmg tum recened Ween! cn-edu nn gym for then gud! It is plarmed in have than ummng team: from nth Um dur combffe in l :nun-mmsm alter ndmool The rm! sundini umm will rvcelvo A Iek D letter as a lpsdll awnrd. ax the Fur! Pemsw wma Bmkm, and 'rum company 111 the C111-9111.111 Tam 131.1111111111111 Pu 11.11 mm, bobbxes 0111- of 1.11 111 11 amfmg 1111111.21 gomg 10 all the 11151 111011121 .114 111.111 111011111 111211411111 1111 shock car races 1415 uf '11 h Lt 1 n d 1 lrral E great 11 v-Io 1 1.411 tu rv hz 1 1.11115 11111111, 111 .11 111 11111 111 Q1 mnnxarv school umchmz Hom-eau umbkau hnve den-mu:-ed Pats -m medllte future P11 1,111 11.11.11 111 111,101.1 1111 am became she 14 11 ns:-1enuau1 cwperauve mdplusnt Cents U11 New i nun 1 1 11 11111111 .1 1 311 1111111 11111 1111. 1 1 mf! ard 2 'Im An 1' 111 11111141 mc 11, 11 111.1 1,1 1 111- 1 1111 11111: U11 1111111111 1.11 111 l UK .1812 of 1 1 111 11 so 1,1-1 13 mem: 1 PM '10 U0 pu 1.-4111 1 YL 1111 S11u1l15Ls 1-1 11111.14 1111111-1 11111 1111 011111, 1,1-11111 an mddv trymg 1.4 lurn whether an 11:-n mm lfh 11v1 as-num um 1.11 .11,. .1 . 1, 1 111111 111 1111 gr 1m 11 011. I1 ng nghx 1114411131 palm 1 11 11 1 111111- 1111 1.111p11.111-11v 1101 a in J wn 111 c-Hur! The March uf Dimes 11.11 ,ra 1611111 y1.1111 Q1111111111. owe 11. .1 A 111111 .1111 11, 111-111-11111911 .11 you 411 I he Nhlh I lub T10 N1 111 Club 15 m.1x1ng ohm fox 1h1f mw num Future munbenhup vnll 111 1111111.11 11 1:11111-1114 of me X pmgrun 11 1 m md 111 lun one year 11 11 .m A urlBandwhn 11111 1f1 111111p11-gm pmve lad: Be Fun Y 111 don I have to KMYW 1 111 m1 kv mmh puulrs lo mm 1111 nn Imam by atundmg lhth C uh an h ve a lo! nf fun lndklnm 1n 1 .411 71 14 1111 nm 111 1, few to rack your 111-11111 A 5.11-mera na: ran up m use Winch was seventy leei md du-ee Eveq any he 1-em up 'mm E1 ery 11111111 1-.11 wm don. mm Tcl! mr' If he did n vt drop Vs hen his led would Rich ml WD. Dxd you 11111111 there 11 . pm: um 1 equals 2' 3 Did you wer fugur! out haw 2 and 2 eq1.1uLs 10" 11 you have me above qnmnudmu and would like fn know tbl true Ahlltll to me-fe puzzlen and many mmf wma in 1411111 C11111 the 11111 11-my A ua new term at 315 uclock SvnmmmgTmm 'I'het:amhas hudlftwmiill 1.1111111112 a few dnbculde. RBQQ 11 g1me1-venubmwryvukinshsn. hwuId11kemhnnmarlTX.l1ti 1-cmd term boy: nun. Kwai :mm me well theeolchivllili seexuuou! 111ev.eun1s1:h1dlymndnupd'l'l. 6rstand:emndtz'rmboy111bi furdusyearunotahkhidbk p11b11f1.ag1a lmdnuudnnnyr mddxetolhvhlyur duh-situ' bcyxduthvlconldlt- I ,f .' - .7 ...HEL E' Ti.. . .- .U .. .1 -Z N, '1'CCF..'--.' W- E. '1'1,l X"IIIfN11 4 pm , ' . . 1-.- 1 l . .' ., I x 1, V11 , 1 I ,..,, , VV . . V1..V K , in -I V A YK .1' . If 1 1. 1. " :'1"""-' 1. .I A, .M , .. - 1:'1:': 11.1151 7 ,, 11:.. 11111. .V1VC1...-1. , . A 1, .' 1- ' 1.. A--11.111 V 4, V' ff ' 1.1. 1 1..-11.1.-,, 1 1 -1 V. lp. 111 L:V,.1 1111511 11.- 1 1, 1, , A s .. :.1 111111. . -,-, -, , .,1 111' L7 111 - 1 . 1. ..111.1..11.,1-.11 1. , I ,, .111 11.1 1 .. , 1 I, 11141 1 1 , 11' Q11 11,11 1111- .1 -1,1111 ...1,11 V .1 1 1. 1 ,.,,I h. , , ,.,.. ,,1.,.. , 1 1.41. . V. 11 1 .111 1.111 111- 3 ,1 --1 1.1: 1.111111-.flvn1r1.111 . . , H311 1' . xfr- n H 2 1 1 .., .1 11.11. 1. 1.1.1 1.1 1. ..1 . 1 1.1.11 1.H,.11 .ff-x1 1. , 1-1 1 1 .111 1 1 1 I , 11.". , 11.11 '1' 1'1'l'A 1 .1 1'-"1111l,1uJ . . 1 ,V .1 1.11.1 .1. 11 -1-111 1111111.11111 V - ,1.- VV 1 1,-,, ,1,,, I-11.1.1 .,..11V,. ...M . -11 1..,1,11.1 ' ' " :-111.111, '11 1-1 4 4.111115 11.1 'Ill . . 1,.. 11.11.111 , 1 A1 1111. 1 1, 1 , ,1,,1., ML, 1111 111. ..111V , 111' 1 ,1 1.11 11 xs'.V.11f1, H- f.. 1 V 1.1 111 11 111 1 !1.2. 1. , 114.1114 4 -11. 1x11 11 111.11 11' 1 1 'mv 1 .1111 A111111 111.1111 .15 thu' .-my 14 11 11.1.V- 11.1 11 1 .. 11.111111 . .. .111-1. R . . . - . . '-1 11 - 1 .1 11.111111111111111 .. 1111112 11111. 111 3 1 1 - 1 - H " 1' '31 '- 1-1 . 111.111-1 1.1111 11.1-11 w 1 .1 , 1 . . V - , 1 .1111-.V1 11.11 111 M..-11 1,11 .11 111111. 1, ' l ' ' . - 1 . 1 1 1 111 . 1 1,111-111111 11- . 1 V 5 . . , . ' . . , "' ' "' ' ' " 5' 1. ..1..-11 1...1,1-- 1.1 2 1111 1. 1VV x.1V111.1, 1 - 1 ,, ,,,,,,,, 3 d ' : . I. 9, P. F ' . as , , 01-11.11111 11-1. 1. , .1 . 1 1 Furlm-r Ilnlrbins Graduatv- ""' ' "H" "UQ HW PP- f 1' 1..11, 11111 1.11 1111. 1-1-1.11. 1--111 ' ' " 4' '- x -. I- . . f. YU? - I - -Wk :ff Mustangs Down . ..11.. 1... 111111. .111 11.1, , , . x11.V1 115111 .11 1 , '. 114 - ' A ' ' M I ' . 1 W 201 1-Ulf' 1-f--M21 -WV - " ,A ' . N. V ' 1 ' ' " , ' 1'1,1V 1 1 1 1.1 H '.. ' I ' -' -I-1 -'-H1-2 V 'ff f . - 1 .1 -1..1V , 11:1 1. .. 1.11 11.1111 ' ,' V1111 ,,.,m .W A :H H, , , M' , ,nfff U.fL'B,l1,f,,M, F, -11. 111,11 E U , .1..1..111111.1.11,1 11. , 11. 2 Lfzrr M W N M ,Hmm It A, mb Un ri 1: Y, U qi U 5, M :V ,H aqui A 1.11 1 11 W- 1.1 1.1.11.,. 1, .,, f.,, 11-11.1. .11..111,...11.1 1.11 .1 . v .-11f1 1.1, .11 11111 - V , mg., A ,,,1,,,,.1,,,, y,,.1.111 1-11111, V 7.1, , . Ml, K, -1-1,, 11111.11 111111 ,i T11., 1.-.1 - . f A A , 2 '.1...11- 11- 1. H. .1:11 D -12 T.11.11.111 1-1 11.11 ..1.1111 1. 11.1 I'- '11 1 111 rw 1 f 1:1 'Q 1 f"q'i' 1 A-"K - ff'V':" ' ' ' V , , L, 1 11. 1--. A 1-1.11-111. 11, 1: 1-111 . ,, 1 , 1 1, .,,.1,.,1.1 11.,. 1M,,!m, 1.11 11. 1.1 1, - 11. 1,-1-. -- 1 -- 1-111 11 - - - 1 , . , A1 1 1 1 .-Ik., 1 ' 1... . 11 .1 111 111.-1 1.1 x1111,,11. "X"""' -11111 11,131,111 ,,,A,,,,, ,R ul. , 1. 10111, 11..- 1 -1 11 iff -B . . 1 . 11.1 11.1 11 1,.- 11 1111V111..1 ll 1--111.11 m M I h ' - - :H rivvxw A H W AN: my p I 11, V1 ,,,,,1. 11..V- .1 111. , 11.11--11 1-1 111.111, 11111. 1. 1: rg. 1 . . , . 1 11' K- ' -' W'-' --f ""' 1 ' 'W' f., .-1, 1 , 11 .1 1 111 . . . U -U A . V . 1 . - ,. ..1 1111V.111,.1.11.1. .. V 1.-hr HH lr I A ,. L., , I A I A I ' P I -11. 111.11..11.1. 111 1.. V1.1. 1 nd ". ' ' ' ', 11, 1 A 11 - . 1 . . . . 1 Y., , . . -- 'f +12 j P., 1. .1 - ' ' 1' ' 1,11 - ' ' ' ,, , 1a i"'M '-" A:1. ' - ' 1 1 1 . Q , ' E' " ' ' . 1 V ' V , I 111.11 . , A V Tl . . . . . , ' A ' 1 . ,, 1 - Th 1 - ' L , ' 1 ,,,,1 i I I A 2, V I ' . U Vx . . , - ' A 1 ,i . U . . . . 1' I r , 1 ' I TN . . U - I v p1.-1 - . ' - fig . . . " . 5, - . . . ' 1 ,, I. me . . . " ' A ' 31 I . Y ' U t ' ' , ,,. 1,1 1.-..-..,, . ',., .,,, . .. , 1. . ,, - 1 ' . STUDENT ASSOCIAUON FAU. 1955 lst Row Barbara Gwynn Publrcrty Vice President Patricia McGowen President Mr Robert Sparks lSponsorJ Al Day S A Vuce Presldent SPRING 1956 lst Row Barbara Robinson Asst Treasurer Esther Morris treasurer Mr Robert Sparks Ksponsorb Alex Young Presrdent Myrna Frat: Publlcnty Vlce President 2nd Row James Frank S A Vrce Presvdent Paul Palnba A A Vu: Presudent 98 1 T Y 1 . , , . . ' . ' 2nd Row: Alex Young, A. A. Vice-Presidentg Esther Morris, Treasurer 'lst Row DITTIIYYOH lofton Upchurch Bethea Hairston Plrolll Mr Robert Sparks lSponsorl Duva Varoumas Nottingham Smon Brubaker 2nd Row McCllntock Hamerly Flnn Hendnckson Brown Samuels Houck Bender Cauthorn Stubbs Schwartz Mack Capers Martun Greene 3rd Row Florek Page Lmdsay Carr Stafford Young Palumbo Smuth Belton Reed Marmarou Elluson Sharp 4th Row Glbson Rock Gloqumdo Delucca Frattlm Hanchey Elson Roller Nolen Sloan Kelly Headung the many Dobbms school actnvltues ns o very actuve orgamzatlon T the Student Assoclatlon Its chief arm IS to promote a better relatlonshlp bet veen school government the Dobbins students are provided with an opportunity to really practuce the democratnc way of llfe There have been a few changes made nn the Student Assocratuon un the pa t year Mr Sparks became the new faculty sponsor Mrs Wnlson had been with the Student Government for many years donng an outstandung 'ob In promotmg SA actuvutues both at Dobbuns and throughout the Phuladelphla area Durmg the past year the SA has been very busy on several new prolects Of creat Importance was a complete revusuon ofthe Constitution ofthe Student Com munity of Dobbuns A student handbook was also prepared The book will contain mformatlon about the shops extra currucular actnvutues rules of the school plus other general unformatlon helpful to the students Several committees were started to and the officers In thelr duties The Electron Committee assumed the responsl bullty of the ballotmg In the school electrons A Socnal Commuttee began 'Func tlomng by sendmg get well cards to students who had been absent from school for more than tive days because of Illness Our Alma Mater through nts Student Government has certamly pounted the way for us to follow as active cltuzens In our democracy I ' I x' X T the students and the faculty. Through our l , , . . . 5 , I V I -' . . I . . . . I I I I lst Row M Page F D:Dno S Kauba R Hnggens H Wlnneker S Moteles M Varoumas 2nd Row A Dcy H Katz R Balllet D Houck V Wert 3rd Row Mr Arther Hanson lStage Deslgnerl J Lonzas W Jaconskt Mr Bernard Stern lllizlllzlllb ltltllt One of the finest shows ever performed on a Hugh School stage was Christmas Around the World lt was a typical top notch productlon by the Dobblns corps of stars and starlets The show Included ballet choruses comedy rellguous music and the syncopated rhythm of our Dobbins Swing Band The Roman Krd performed In June T936 fol lowed closely nn the wake of our tTrst smash suc cess of the season It was a one act rornantnc comedy about an Amerucan sports writer and a lovely young archeologlst who met ID the fasc: natlng clty of Rome Some stellar performers among the gradual :ng sensors were Ray Balluet Pat Horns Walt Jaconskn Al Day Ruth Huggnns and Madge Page Thank you Mr Stern for your wonderful con trnbutuon to the growing fame of Dobbnns 100 gs if' .l Q I bn -'-f .-v, .. K , lg' at i 3 l l l T l l L . , I I - , , . , ' lst Row 2nd Row 3r Row 4th Row 5th Row lllllllllllllll RA ll At seven tharty almost any mornnng durung the football season the martual strains of band musuc can be heard echosng from the held behlnd our school It us here although few of us reallze It that sparklung half time shows are created and perfected by our marchmg band In three short years the sptrlted leadershlp of Mr DePolns has glven Dobblns a marching group unequaled IH local school circles Many band members have received their entlre musxcal ed ucatlon at the hands ofthe Dobbins Music Depart ment on school owned Instruments All of thas hard work has not gone unrewarded Because of nts excellence our band was chosen to represent the Phaladelphla Publnc Schools In several clty parades Thelr dlsclpllned musacnanshnp mllltary preclslon, and orlglnal formatuons have attracted wlde acclaim throughout the Phlladelphla area Our Alma Mater IS proud of the 'ob the stu dents and Mr DePolus have done 101 Mr Joseph DePohs KConductorl Romaska Myrna Frat: Buflznchowskl Flood Farrell Rlttlng Marlene Frat: Hemberger Green Robinson Jones Cupo Thorpe Graham Smith Taylor Wldmaler Coleman Medley Wtms Murphy Hedlund Hams A Strelchert Savdalnan Lanoza C Strelchert Wussert LaBance McCoy Trapper Meyers Nottage Carr Whyte Hemzelman Smith Lyons Shaw Gable Grlftlth Peek Young Hamm Dnllar Cammorata : . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 : . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I I I I ' I 'lst Row S Henry A Wudmauer E Medley N Cupo J Coleman J Wums P Jones A Young Mr Joseph DePolus QConductorJ 2nd Row D Whyte G Heunzelman P Dufty E McCoy M Tapper S Peek N Gable W Young Wllllhlll In the sprung of 'I954 under the leadershup of Mr DePolus Dobbuns gave burth to uts first swung band Publuc recognutuon came early to the musuc makers when they captured first place un the sponsored by the Phuladelphua Junuor Chamber of Commerce The trophy us puctured un the panel at the left Sunce the contest our band has enluvened many of the school s shows dances and musuccul programs Theur servuces also have been un de mand for specual occasuons at Conventuon Hall Gumbels Lower Menon Hugh School Benlamun Franklun Hugh School Franklun Instutute and raduo statuon WIP Our swung bands achuevement us another example of Dobbuns leadershup un Phuladelphua scholastuc musuc Wuth pardonable prude we can say that our Alma Mater boasts one of the best swung bands un the Cuty' 102 : . , . ' ' , . , . , . , . ' , , , I ' I H1955 Bands of Tomorrow" contest which was 1 I u I I . . . I . , . . I . . I I . , . . . , . . . . l 6 W, ' D' , ef- ff' ,, 'fa' . ' , ,,. J: ': ,A -QW 1, N1 lx , , ,kg ' I :- w , E f w N513 fi 1 I ix y I A i X Y Q r ,ff 5 J Y' 4 W ff f - nf f ' Zf2M,eJ,' 29 rf 1 lg! V K3 Q42 18 3 ma L' E fi if 2 fi Q f vi' Ep 'K I Q, , ' , X - , 4 - gf' ' 1 2- xx Q XX x. 1 F1 . X . : if , R 4- if 4. d Q iii, , Xe? FQ Kiyff - 5 ,I 8. x '- 1 3 ". 1 K ' ' 1 W - ' 1 ' 25 -J' --v "' ' Q5 - 74. x . V TJ, P 4. lv I ' ' jf. Q7 W N Q J'1i:j!E5 1' "M MDQME , W 3:9 E K 'MB 3 l' 6 Ml- 3 Q' 'sa ll Q., , ,,:. NW , Y W .15-. 2 X-1' J 1 A , Qw 9 U! .2 !!'! , ll i . ,aL 'Z 1 K 1, 'P 'Ist Row M Teagues M Jacoby F Tuscano J Daley R H gg 2nd Row E Ramsay B Caurhorn J Hedgepeth B Gwynn R D If an J DlSamo G Deubell C Gnbson A Day Mr Bernard Stern Sponsorf l I4 JUNE 1956 M Sianley Abrams Sponsor n Row P Bow rnese Mew wwc V' Coffweld 'Z Speece 106 ' , , . , . , . , . ? ins Z . , , , . , . ., . I 'Y' , . , W N X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' X J . J J N J 151 Pow: J. Dieberv M Council, Y. Byw, P Robb, C Taylor, G, Cammorota, .1 XID 1- . . . J J 2 d - r 11, M Sa , P, Farr-eil, L, 'ig ,'A W'iI'1me, , , I. G UI . 39135 'lf If in fgfiv 3 e L - , , :"I' gx KA: ,rvgtaa Q 'EEA-in 3 ' ,, A AWK. , 4 e85Q4 E , Q5 3 5 -aff W 4 5 4 J f 'w-vw' Y U ' WL.. fd 7 ' ' WW 'ZW 000 N . . 1 n av ll N Q. 9 ., K, in A ff. fy. 1 5 . 'J Q, 'I 'IC lst ow 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 51h Raw Matt Krumboldl Howells Sandmann Norton Jacksor' Kovacs mall Hesdon Day Hnenzelra Glass Gnloiple T Young Johnson Bowman Fulv Paluba Wllllarne r1crmor' Burfon Balnlef Keeley Clnoda Nave Rc pp Roialczak McDonald Capers Trlpple? Curry Frank Ferrna Kearney Donnelly A Young Newbert Spa occo Blaylocx ITl f'- rx nv Q7 fd, 3. gleam fx ff N1 , Helen Dain, Elaine Volb, Maryann Sornese, Lillian Meiris, Merle Schwarlz ' 1 ' 1 1 Q Marlene Frcnfi, Myrna Frat: k K 109 Z 8,0 'S 1 1 C 4 f g .,. m : 0 Q v " 4 IJ 5 "' , .y ' ' Q 5 Q i 9 9 I fp Qi ui- 3 , f ', I V ' T 5 1 'lf 'H 4 'f s rg 'yi' b ar .ws A E . ! 2173 in fi' F x are fm 'W ' f Mg, 1. V16 '42 5 :tying my ' 0. ,. , , if' ' 1' 1 gr f fi md 2? 5, , S 21 5 'O ef ,ko , in ,gf if " I 'P 'sv 9 . 'llgg f Q Well keep it real, the Flame and Steel ler you we'll de er die! , fl 1,74 I XX i L C? is Q u X l l lip R f X Xgmm K fb . X ff I I X X x lvl X . y Q ve lvffi XX. X l ll l 1 5 X Sl: xxx ' X X : r aw W, l x' N Aww Q4 'v J E fgfw XX 'ff ' 5, ,T llwlw ' ' ' N' Z' . 1' -7 A -K A ' 1" J QS ' :Z fffg - l ls, 7 QQY-, A,,'- - ' "" mm Ig 1""vfHqy A AY!! llaitrff-ell. ' - N. e Zfffffffn l K "Hs,-,-AX? 1 X - N WV, J X lx Xxx e .Fifi X5 1 f e X X x ilf sff' , , . X . 'lst Row Kay Huthmacher 42nd Ltj Mane Pastore CCaptj Rene Caleux Clst Ltj 2nd Row Joyce Bradford Kay Velylus Gwen Wyatt Ruth Land Joan Letsner Carol Lowenthal Joan Martun Sandra Hatela Alberta Abrams The hard work and undaunted spnrut of the Dobblns Cheerleaders was an lnspur ation to both the team and the spectators thus past season Under the able leadershnp of Mr Peter Mursch several new cheers were Intro duced Cartwheels at the goal posts and partucupatuon at half tume exercuses were unnovatnons that contributed a great deal more zest and color to our foot ball contests The cheerleaders dnd not dlscontlnue their actlvltles at the close of were very close at tumes and the gnrls with theur endless energy kept the crowd cheerung gnvlng the boys the encouragement needed to garner the wmnnng ponnts Our talented cheerleaders were always avanlable to pep up the tradutuonal pre qame rallies In the assemblies Skuts were put on to bolster the sole of AA tlckets and to encourage attendance at the games They also anded an the sale of buttons for the lnlured Athletes Fund Dlrectlng the gurls this year were Captain Marne Pastore and the Lueutenants Rene Caleux and Kay Huthmacher Under thenr tutelage the cheerleaders practiced three times weekly These actuve gurls are the ones who set the example for devoted school splrut and good sportsmanship Our teams mught not have broken any records but through vtctory and defeat nt was the cheerleaders who kept encouragung loyal Dobbumtes to do or due' l l ' the football season, but continued through the basketball campaign. The games ' ' ll ' ll Top Offensive and defensive starters comblne for an lmpresslve llne up Left Center Young Q2-0 convoyed by Wllllams through several Rught Center Overbrook players Lower Left McDougal Taylor Schwelker and Carlson clalm u Lower Rught ln the fmal analysis VARSITY FOOTBALL Date e Sept Sept Oct c Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Ball carruer Newbert 1215 tack ed by Over brooker as Wnlllams C813 comes up to help Quarterback Buhl leaps to pass behind muscular 1955 They Cheltenham 13 Gratz 18 Central 0 Mtllvllle 20 Overbrook 7 Germantown 6 Northeast 53 Bok 13 Mastbaum 0 112 l l l ,,,,,, : ' ' ' : ' l an " - U fumble. l I I : wall of blockers Dorut, Comroe, and McLaughlin. O . 1. W . 23 12 . 29 0 . 6 0 ' O 7. 15 0 ' ' . 20 0 . 3 7 . 10 7 . 17 6 . 23 25 lst Row 2nd Row 4th Row 5th Row llllll l'l'Y l'll0'l'BALL ball but they were repeatedly stopped " W new Buhl Lee Mclaughm Levoe rCo Captl Starrett lCo Captl Newbert Kearney Slmklns Mr Frank Bonettl lAsst Coacnl Axelrod Donohue Deluca Donnelly D Taylor Howells Schwelker MacDonald Black Hunt fManagerb Mr Joseph Matza fAsst Coachj Tereskun Small R Taylor Young Dorat Schmidt Chlodo Krumboldt CManagerJ Mr Warren Conrad CCcachJ W Taylor Trlplett Ray Schneider Johnson Dietz Porter lMgr Once agaln the Dobbins footballers provided us with many spine tingling moments Playing against previously un beaten Central our plgskmners display ed tremendous defensive power From the beginning Central had control of the by the Dobbins forces On one occasion we held them for four downs on our sux unch line In the closing minutes of the fray, the Mustangs made a desperation play which put them on the Central 15 vard line only to find time had run out The game finally ended In a O O tue The Germantown contest was a thrilling upset Germantown drew first blood and led at half time 6 O ln the third quarter Buhl passed to Johnson who went over for a Dobbins touchdown Buhl quickly plunged over the goal for the extra point Towards the close of the contest with Germantown threatening Starrett stole the ball In a thrilling game saving maneuver Dobbins garnered the vnctory with a final 7 6 score The Mustangs defeated their traditional rivals Mastbaum 25 O With the Baker Trophy at stake the boys played with rekindled determination Graduation will take such standouts as Starrett Buhl Lee Johnson and Black Bull Starrett was the team s bulwark on defense his sterling play being rewarded for the second time by selection on the All Public Hugh Football Team Coach Conrad s hopes are hugh for the coming campaign because of the return of experienced starters Kearney Newbert McLaughnn Levoe Trlplett Curry and Tereskun wh "". ' , " I JA- "ww ity yet x one ,V V X- : , , ' , l - - , - - , , f ' ' - . ' : . . , , 1 , , - , f . I I I 3rd Row: Williams, Curry, McDougal, Matt, Poindexter, Ferentz, Marsala, Carlson, Comroe, Moore fMgr.J I . v I I I ' I I I . I ' I : . , - , ' , , ' , , ' , -J I . I - I I l I ' u - ' ' I I ' I I I I ' ' , . I I I I ' , . . . 1 , . . . I I I I I I 1 LL , H lst ow McCarty Wayns Young Schmndt DeLucca Lees Davns Wood Stark Blocker Wagenhoffer 2nd Row Lawhorne Davis Batty Gredone Garry McGowan Butler Daly Boyle Norton Seeburger Kung 3rd Row Bardol Hanchey Barry Shine Rose Jordan Brown Berry Aquino Covington 4th Row Mr Ernest Mowbray KCoachl Joyner West Vernltsky Slngleton Lutmon Denardo Drye Reckard Woltlen Jones Mr Joseph Elnsteln CASS? Coachl 5th Row Cubblns ODonnel Even though the Junlor Varsity Foot ball team IS not as popular from the J v spectators vlewpolnt as our Varsity Team It IS an Important part of the Dobbins athletuc program It IS here through sheer hard work and repeated drnll that the fundamentals of the Dobbins system are learned Although the teams won lost record dad not measure up to last years the season was by no means dlsappomtmg The final totals read two wuns 'Four losses and one tue The most excntung contest for the players and viewers allk was the uphnll wln over Overbrook Our Mustang Jayvees were losing by seven points as late as the third quarter yet rallued thrllllngly to earn a declslve 20 " victory Two outstandlng contests that brought recognntuon to our footballers were non league scrlmmages agamst Cheltenham and Lnncoln We won both of these competltnons by scores of four touchdowns to the opponents three The scrnmmage wuth Luncoln stood out as one of the hugh spots of the season because they pre vlously had been cuty layvee champions Some ofthe more nmpressuve lmemen were Blocker Wood Davns and Hanchey Outstandmg backtleldmen were Schmudt Wagenhoffer Cubbms and Lees The coach Mr Mowbray very detimtely feels that these boys are all potentnal varsuty standouts K' A R - 1 1 1 1 , . , , , , , 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - . ' ' 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . I ' I , . I ' I I . . , . . . . Q I ' wr , -1 I l I ' 1 1 1 - I ' I lst Row Passanante Cnscl Stewart OToole Hart Vanderstem Rever Thomas Somerer 2nd Row Roach Ellls Fastnch Frazer Day Butler Delaney Antonelll McGulgan DlBlanco Jones 3rd Row McSwam Meadows Clark Garrln Council Neff McCann Gresko Dmuchowslu Zurad Nevlson Tlmoschuk Conolley Dlllon Ryan Mr Edward Magllocco CCoachl Coach Edward Magluocco s cadet grud sters tlnlshed the 1955 campaign wlthout reglstermg a victory Thelr record of two tles and four defeats does not however F0 tell the entire story A few breaks at the difference, smce the cadet team was outclassed only by Overbrook The Cadet Mustangs forward wall made up of Ellls, Zurad Frazer Delaney Dlllm, and Butler was a lme about which Coach Edward Magllocco could really boast They played with a ferocity and a tenaclty that resembled wlld mustangs After losing to Mastbaum s sux footers 6 0 they came back at the end of the season to hold the same team to a scoreless tue Tame ran out on the cadet team In the Olney game C6 61 and also an the Central battle U2 l8l with touchdown marches In progress The Northeast game K6 131 was a gruelllng struggle In which the Trade Exploratory boys displayed the courage and determmatuon that marks all Dobbins teams Mr Magluocco expressed the oplmon that the llnemen will someday represent the varslty He also had words of praise for two of has backfleld men, Thomas McGulgan and Anthony DlBuanco All un all thus was an eleven that showed rare flghtmg sprlt throughout a season that mught well have dlscouraged any ordlnary team 5 1 l -1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 5 1 ' 1 l 1 1 1 1 - 1 .1 i 1 ' I 1 : ' 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1 1 1 '1 1 l I l I I . I I ' ' . , . I I right moment could have made a big , . I I I I ' I ll ' ll ' I Q I ' ' 1 . . - ' I . . . , ' I Upper lefl P ellow passes to Waddell Upper ghq johnson blocks Young 5 sl-,og Lowe left Coach Mo bray a alyzes cn play Lowe rnghl Williams taps un a rebound Date Dec Dec Dec Dec on on on on an an an e e e e e l terrllw team t tabulation VARSITY BASKETBALL 1955 56 8 6 They Olney St Thomas More Haverford Hugh Cheltenham Bartram Overbrook Central Luncoln o Franklin Gratz Overbrook Gratz Roxborough Franklin Germanlown 53 Kneelung Mr Ernest Mowbray lCoachJ G Glo s A Young S Wulluams L Truplett J Johnson K Ray Standung G Savdaluan CMgrD T Seeburger CMgrJ L Norton uMgrl J Pretlow R Bruce A Lewus A V'ulgosas J Saunders R Waddell L Armstrong J Sandmann A Porter The 762 average the varsuty basket ball team compuled thus season was the best un the hustory of the school Suxteen games were won only five were lost BA The Mustangs were able to wun theur first eught games before sufferung theur first setback Competutuon was keen Many of the best quuntets of the Delaware Valley area were played In the strung of eught consecutuve wuns the team was Delaware The varsuty team attauned fifth place un the suxteen team Phuladelphua Publuc Hugh League It was only one game behund the play off posutuon Fuve games were lost only after the squad was plagued by unlurues to uts key players Three members of the varsuty five won Honorable Mentuon un the All Publuc Hugh basketball selectuons They were Sam Wulluams George Glass and Alex Young Sam Wulluams broke the Publuc Hugh League sungle game scorung record wuth a total of forty four pounts A noteworthy accomplushment also was the defeat of Overbrook Hugh on uts own floor 70 55 It marked the first tume un nune years that Mr Ernue Mowbray varsuty coach and former Overbrook Hugh basketball player saw hus own team defeat Overbrook Hugh the perennual league champuon Thus year Dobbuns us especually proud of uts basketball team not only for uts skull un basketball fundamentals but because of uts reputatuon un the laegue for beung gentlemen even un defeat able to beat Conrad High School, the 1955 high school champion of the state of . . ,, - ,, . . . ' 11 - ll - - - Front Row Mr Warren Conrad lCoachJ Ed Washlrgton Joseph Petrella Wayman Ray CCo Captl Tom Llckfueld CCo Captl Andy Geuger Robert Minor Buck Row Ray Dolt fManagerJ Fred Johnson Leonard Jordan Wlllam Pruce Joe Soreth Alan Fxsl-ner Joel Azeff Carl Fannmg fManagerJ The Dobbms Junlor Varsuty Basket ball team flmshed nts schedule with a record of five wms and nme losses Two of these wms were agamst strong Cath BA ollc and Suburban League competutlon Although this showmg was not as lm pressnve as last season s the boys played lust as hard and battled spurltedly an every game rlght down to the last whnstle ofthe many Important Dobbms teams whnch helps produce better varsity maternal n Coach Conrad s opunlon co captams Wayman Ray and Tom Luckfleld both wuth two more years to play are excellent prospects for the varsity team Great um provement throughout the season was shown by Joe Petrella and Tom McKinnon These boys along wnth a very good ball handler Andy Gneger are also potentual varsuty players The Mustangs netted sparkling league vuctorles over Gratz Bartram and Rox borough Two of thenr losses to Lincoln and Overbrook were by the very close morgan of one poant These were hard contests to lose but both provnded tense actlon rlght down to the last second of playing tame Thus talented aggregation although not the smoothest comblnatlon ever de veloped at Dobbms was well coached by Mr Conrad When they move up to the flrst team the Mustangs wall be guven much needed strength for developnng a strong varsuty squad JI vi - ' . , . . . . I Jay-vee basketball is not as well known as some ofthe other sports, but it is one , , . . . . . l 1 ' I I ' ' I l I . I . . . . I I - ' D I I I ' I I . I lst Row Gleason Facchuano Butler Day Permlnt Roach 2nd Row Rlley McCarty Kung Chavls Haus Johnson Jackson 3rd Row Cnscl fManagerJ Kosmon Manns Gibbs Nothum Frazner Berry Mr Byron F Reed CCoachl Games won or games lost are never the yardstuck by which a successful cadet season IS measured The prlmary purpose of the cadet team us to try out to teach the fundamentals and to gave experuence to as many boys as possuble, who are xnterested an playing the sport At the begmnnng of the season we had approxnmately 35 boys on the squad a number which llmlted lndlVIdUGl playung tlme to two or three minutes per game Thus was not sufficient to glve each boy a real opportunity to see what he could do or to develop coordmatlon and skull Consequently only two games were won out of the flrst fifteen Near the end of the season after the varsity and lumor ICFSITY had completed thelr schedules the cadet team was cut to only ten or eleven players Thus enabled the average boy to play one half a game or suxteen minutes As a result the boys were able to wln theur last four games The teams that fell vlctlms to thus late season wlnnmg spurt were Frankford, Central Llncoln and Glrard College The best played games however were agannst a team that defeated us twuce These ended In scores of 65 62 and 62 60 both un favor of Northeast Mr Reed feels that at least three to flve members of the cadet team wlll be varsity maternal In the next year or two 5 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I . . . .7 ' I - 1 X . . 1 ' - . , . ' I I ' I 1 ' . - I . Uppe left Dollman executes a left footed Center Ohanlan headl g the ball towo d Upper right l'-ghtlng for the ball agalnst pass the B Frcnklm goal Gratz Middle left Bllenlu dnbbles past Golgon Lower left A loose ball Lower rught Goal tender Plekarsky In Doy and Vlanello action And at the seasons end VARSITY SOCCER 1955 Dare sept 26 sept 29 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov They Bcrtram 0 Central 6 South Phila 0 Franklun 1 Gratz 0 Lincoln 1 West Phila 1 Bok 1 Roxborough Mostbaum Olney 2 Germantown 1 Frankford 2 7 . We . V 10 . 1 . 7 11 ' . Oct. 10 1 Northeast 5 .17 3 ' .19 7 .24 0 ' .29 5 ' . .31 3 . 2 3 1 . 7 0 1 .14 1 .16 2 .21 1 lst Row Vianello Sosdorf Ohanian Kuropas Schletter Heuntzelmann 2nd Row Mr Thomas Hruslmski lCoachJ Hoffmann Dollmann Piekarsky Spatocco Brackman Sacks lManagerJ Coach Tom Hruslinskl faced a re building task at the very start of the fifty five season Nme players with var sity experience were unable to compete for various reasons and Mr Hruslmski had planned to build a team of champ lonshlp calibre around these nine seasoned players One of the boys on whom he had counted heavily was Tommy Hesdon an All Public High choice in the fifty four season Hesdon was lost to the team due to an appendectomy However Hrusllnski s revamped Dobbins booters finished on the winning side of the ledger for the third time in as many seasons The Mustang s record was eight wins agamst six defeats Four games were lost by the margin of one goal North east and Central were the only teams to defeat Dobbins decisively Wolfgang Dollmann and Nicholas Ohanian led the team in scoring The Dobbins offense scored forty eight goals during the season as opposed to twenty two goals by their opponents The powerful offense of the Mustang s ripped Bartram to shreds 10 0 ran roughshod over Southern ll O and trampled Gratz 7 O The backfield consisted of six players Victor Hoffman William Galgon Bohdan Kuropas John Krausz William Brackman and Albert Day The forward line was composed of nine players Nicholas Ohanian Henry Szaldecki Wolfgang Dollmann Samuel Chappell Tullio Vianello George Sosdorf and Walter Bnlenki The goal was ably defended by Albert Plerkarsky and Gene Spatocco. Twelve of the boys are expected to return to coach Hruslinski for the fifty-six season. This should give Dobbins the strength it needs to win a championship. lst Row Leonaud Hoffman Henry Clark Muchael Farallu George Telepko Bernue Brandspuegel Dueter Ammann 2nd Row Joseph Tarquunu Phul Kandel CManagerJ Thomas Raupp lManagerJ Stan Neumann Francus Neumayer Alfred lsothum Andrew DAntonuo fManagerJ Mr John Mursch fCoachJ The Junuor Varsuty Soccer Team for 1955 was unuque un that only sux of the J v twenty seven members of the squad had played soccer before Thus was due to the fact that the 1956 uayvee squad moved up almost enturely to the varsuty lnexperuence however proved to be no drawback to these young and eager to learn Junuor Mustangs By season s end they had amassed a wunnung record of five wuns three losses and two tues The toughest contest to lose was a close 3 2 edgung at the hands of the uayvee champuons l.uncoln Hugh Thus season Coach Mursch concentrated on defensuve rather than offensuve tactucs Thus can best be ullustrated by the fact that only nune goals were scored agaunst thus team whule they un turn scored fifteen agaunst theur opponents One of the most unusual thungs about thus team was that they played theur best games un the raun Every game that entered the wunnung column took place on a wet or muddy field We were fortunate to have such outstandung players as Bernue Brandspuegel Henry Clark, Stan Neumann, Alfred Nothum, Steve West, and Henry Szczurek They acted as the nucleus of the team, and helped to develop and encourage all the new players who wull bear watchung un the future Our compluments to Mr John Mursch for turnung out a uayvee team of whuch our Alma Mater can well be proud. lst Row Mr Edw Dunn fCoochb Herbert Wenerd Donald Jackson Benlamnn Muller James Howells Fred Krumboldt 2nd Row Frank Fuhr Richard Camel Robert B aclszewskl James Hackett Jack Howells Say there pan boy' Set em up' Dobbins Bowling Teams are here' Although our varsity didnt place first F in the Public Hugh School League our boys made a commendable showing against Bartram Frankford Central Northeast Mastbaum Germantown Olney and Lincoln Their highest score of the season was posted In the game with Mastbaum In which 882 points were cored The best individual average was 167 made by James Howells Other top scorers were H Wenerd Ben Muller and D Jackson At the end of the season Our layvees however took first place In the Junior Varsity Bowling Cham pionshups This achievement was not without its heart stoppmg moments After hours of competition it was the very last game bowled that turned out to be the deciding factor Members of this crown winning five were J Hackett R Bracls zewskl T Wood C Dupple and Jack Howells brother of the varsity star All games were played with team effort rather than individual effort which contributed greatly to the success of the season The final 'ayvee record read 27 wins and 5 losses a fine showing for any squad With most of the experienced bowlers mentioned above returning to do battle next year Coach Ed Dunn has hugh hopes of bringing the varsity championship to Dobbins for the first time since the sport was inaugurated . , . . . , . . , l 1 , . I I I I I I I . Q . . . . I . . . S , . . . I I . I . I . 1 I our "tenpin downers" had a record of twelve wins and twenty losses. , , A , U, s I . I I . - , , , . , .Q i goin, 'Y sg' Upper left Starrett wlelas hsdeadly bat Upper Rlght A snappy double play combination lower Left Coach Shadle g es u few pomters Lower Rught Johnson fires one of hls fast ones Tho soasons soorohoard VARSITY BASEBALL Date e A fl Aprll April Aprll April May May May May May May May May May June 7 9 'IO 'l2 'l6 19 24 26 l 4 4 2 4 3 6 8 3 'l 955 They Cheltenham Franklln 6 Northeast 2 Lincoln 6 West Philly 4 Roxborough 8 Olney 19 Mastbaum 0 Gratz 1 Germantown 3 Bok 5 Central 5 Bartram 4 South Phully 'll Overbrook 5 'I24 IIIQ flllllll Q?" 125 PM "J up auf lst Row Bill Starrett Eddie Rankel Frank Jordan Richard Hennes Carl hnl' Bobby Dusch lCo Capty Ed Viall 2nd Row Mr Phil Shadle lCoachJ Richard Nave CManagerD Murray LeVoe Wm Shuttleworth John Gill Junnus Johnson Willie Taylor Mike Whitmore Dave Thomas Wm Toll lManagerJ The crack of the bat and the cry of the umpire to Play ball opened a fairly successful 'I955 season for the Mustangs Our Dobbins nine ended the season with VAR WY BA EBALL a five and ten record The team was made up almost en tlrely of new players Only two boys were holdovers from the previous campaign Nevertheless the usual fine coaching of Mr Shadle shaped the candidates into a smooth playing high spirited combination Among those sporting top batting averages last year were Carl Fink Bull Starrett and Dave Thomas Junuus Johnson could usually be counted on for a sterling performance on the mound and Starrett turned nn consistently fine lobs behind the plate The game of the season that will long be remembered was one of real sus pense Playing against our traditional rivals Mastboum the Mustangs came up with a rare no hut no run game Mike Whitmores outstanding mound work allowed only four Panthers to reach base lt IS a general belief that the team would have done a great deal better if their -tar shortstop had been able to see action. An unfortunate leg inlury, sustained during an exhibition game kept Ed Viall on the bench throughout the entire league season. Returning for this year are seven well seasoned varsity players. Several talented boys from the iayvee team will be competing for first-term berths. All indications point to a strong well-balanced aggregation of championship caliber for the coming season. L 1 'lst Row Tyrone Gamble James Dorsett Richard Creech Allen Fisher James Howells William Gable Richard Krug 2nd Row Lewis Allen Jack Wlckert Robert Hanchey Ronald Marra Ben Muller Donald Jackson 3rd Row Mr Joseph Emsteun lCoachl Fred Krumboldt Fred Reeves Gene Spatacco Robert Dougherty Barry Lees Robert Duffy Last year our layvees with Coach Joe Emstem at the helm came up with an other better than average season With J v eight hard fought victories to thenr credit our Mustang lumor nine notched a tue for fifth place In the Public Hugh League Of course all cant be glory We lost a heartbreaker to Olney by a two run deficit the final score bemg 5 3 Now that you have the bad news we will make at brighter by saying Olney went on to wan the championship The most thrilling victory of the year was earned at the expense of Bartram The wlnnng tally which made the score 5 4 wasnt pushed across until the final inning of play Rivalung this conquest for excitement was our slaughter of Bok Spotting the opposition five runs ID the very first mnmg Allen Fisher behind the spectacular hitting of team mates Marra Howells Hanchey and Muller went on to wrap up his second wln of the season by the score of 18 to 5 The layvees con tmued their winning ways by trounclng Northeast l2 2 edging West Philly 7 6 and smothernng Roxborough 7 l Special recognition for a terrific season In the shortstop position should be accorded Gene Spatacco On the mound Jack Wnckert proved to be a consistent standout A great deal of credit goes to Mr Einstein for his fine coaching Under his guud ance the layvees received valuable experience which surely will be utilized when this hard slugging nine moves up to the varsity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . C O E ' 1 , . 1 '- 1 .. . - , . 1 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 '1 - 1 1 1 - 'lst Row Ken Johnson lynn Reeves Tom Wood John Judak Jack Howells John Pollls Moms Galltz John Aqumo Frank Bridges 2nd Row Mr Edward Magllocco fCoachD Larry Balty John Stark William Drye Robert Murray Robert Manning Daniel Taylor Joseph Singleton Wlllue Laster Earl Shaw fManagerJ Cadet Baseball was inaugurated at Dobbms during the 1955 season with Coach Ed Magliocco at the helm Mr Magllocco and the boys opened this first T campaign by winning three out of the nme games played In spite of the loss The Cadet Mustang s first wan came after a thrilling seven mmng ball game with Central In which the outcome was not decided until the very last mmng The score was five to four two were down and the bases were loaded Central was at bat Then Coach Magllocco who had already used four pitchers, called on Kenny Johnson to put out the fire The little south paw flinger fired tnree fast balls past the Central batter to end the game Following this triumph the Cadet team slaughtered Bartram ll 6 The ball game was won in the very first mmng when Robert Murray and Larry Batty hut home runs to account for five runs As the Innings went by three Bartram pitchers could not stem the tide as Dobbms pounded out twenty eight base huts and scored a total of eleven runs In the eyes of Coach Magliocco, the maunstays of the team were Bob Murray, Larry Bauty Jack Howells and Tom Woods As this book goes to press, another group of hopefuls have reported for the new season and are aspiring to fill their shoes of their first five games, they improved steadily with each contest. . . . I I - t 0 ,pqunf C u 0' V .,,....5 3, 1 Upper Left Carr comes down Pole Vault runway Upper Rught Sprunt relay team on theur marks Alle Jan 20 Mar l9 Apr 23 Apr 29 Publuc H Date 20 27 May 4 Apr Apr May ll May I8 Lower Left Flyung Four medal wunnung relay team lM0l'f0N BVYUV' W Johnson K90"neYl lBronam D Turner Morton Hackettj Lower Rlght Truplett follows through on o shot put r the la t meet GREATER PHILADELPHIA AREA HONORS Inquurer Meet Splked Shoe Meet Brudgeton Relays Penn Relays ugh School Champuonshups We 7812 4912 67 40 72 lst Place un Mule Relay by the Flyung Four lst Place un Hugh Hurdles by J Seney 'lst Place un Pole Vault by V Donohue 3rd Place un 50 Yard Dash by A Kearney 2nd Place Ih Mule Relay by the Flyung Four 'Ist Place un Greater Phuladelphuo Area Hugh School Mule Relay Champuonshlp and Phuladelphua Publuc Hugh School Conference Champuonshlp 'lst Place In 440 by S Branam 'lst Place un Pole Vault by V Donohue 'lst Place In Team Hugh Jump by C Hemphnll, S Wllluoms K Ray, R Waddell LEAGUE MEETS They Frankford 3512 Fronklm 25, Germantown 5812 Overbrook 4l12, Gratz 4'l Central 6012, West Phuladelphna 50, Lincoln 4312 Northeast 53, Bortrom 37 Bok 65, South Phuladelphua 46, Olney 37 ... R , ' 1 , 4 , - . . , . i ' Q I v 3, , v A 5 V ln fu U A Q i. X -- I- .J . ,A , 5 -:vi 'U I , 'f:,.vL- u M ' A H ' ,pf A. f . fu . ' Ur? ' . . I "Q .. , .,-4 . ,F S 1 U A F . A j H -- ' ' - n ,, , . , . : ' , - ru - 1 ' ,, . . u, . . . - , I 1 - u I - 1 1 ' : ' - s 0 ' ' - fu - uu ' ' ' ll ' Il 'Ist Row D Turner Taylor Bryan Hackett Kearney Morton Hoffman tCo Captl Branam lCo Captj Hemphull F Robun son Sumpkuns Fareura W Robunsan 2nd Row Mr Eastburn CCoachJ M Turner MacDougal Shurley Capers Battles Raupp K Harmon D Johnson B Wulluams Tapua Ogburn Henken V Harmon Gubson Burton Mr Taggart lCoachl 3rd Row Wrught Houston Mathus Donohue Fuhr Auken Elson Buhl Small Cubbn Davus Rusnychok Mancunellu Daly lMgrJ 4th Row Gubbuns Montague Ratauczak J Wulluams Glenn Black Thomas Truplett Waddell Seeburger Carlson J Young Bowman 5th Row Archer Comroe McDonald Trub W Young Johnson Corbett Blalock S Thanks to the tureless coachung of Mr Donald Eastburn and hus able assustants Mr Joseph Matza and Mr Vuncent Taggert and many hours of hard work by our boys the Dobbuns track team contunued to be a domunant power un Greater Phuladelphua scholastuc track competutuon After swampung twelve teams and losung to only one durmg the season s tru angular and quadrangular meets the Mustangs placed an excellent thurd un the Publuc Hugh Track Champuonshups As evudenced by the honors lusted on the opposute page, the publuc league conquests do not tell the enture story of the teams wudespread and successful actuvuty The famous Flyung Four mule relay team alone added at least four new trophues to our school s growung collectuon Wuth a group of such suze and versatuluty ut us duffucult to acclaum all of the unduvudual stars However the followung eught were consustent standouts Branam un the 440 and 880 runs Donahue un the pole vault Fareura and Hemphull un the hugh lump and hugh hurdle Kearney un the 100 and 220 sprunts Taylor un the hugh and low hurdles Turner un the 440 and Sumpkuns un the broad lump The team co captaun, Ted Hoffman was responsuble for encouragung many of hus team mates to attaun record breakung marks un the fueld events Thus well balanced team wull lose a few through graduatuon but a formudable squad wull be back next year to brung the Champuonshup to Dobbuns - 2 . , V , , , , 1 - -, - -, f - ' , ' ' , ' , - ' - 2 . - , - ' , . , , I ' I ' I ' . I I . I I I ' I I I ' 1 ' , , ' . . , ' , , , , H , , , ' ' 1 l ' I ' I I ' . I I I I I I , - I , - 2 , 1 1 , - , , , , Williams, Toatley, Ray, Schweiker, Carr, Simpson. I I I . . . , . I 1 - - ' 11 - Il - . , . . I I ' I . , : 1 1 1 1 I I ' - I ' I lt w A'ston Scott Blalock Mathis Capers Ray Branam lCaptJ Raupp Robmson Tapsa H nnen Josie 2nd Row Fannlng R Brown Savdallan Wllllams Morton Sulcot Farelra Cross Petvella Tlnsley Gibson Burton 3rd Row Mr Don Eastburn lCoachl Brownstem Gaul Dunham Archer Allen Montague Jefferson Byrd N Brown Haus Senderoff Mr Vmcent Taggart CCoacht Dobbins hull and dolers with Captain Stewart Branam nn the lead finnshed wnth fourth place honors un the Publuc League Champuonshlp Meet tn Fairmount Park Out of the fourteen competing teams West Phllly captured flrst place Northeast squeezed unto the runner up posutnon wuth thnrd place Overbrook fnushlng quute a few points ahead of our spuruted team The Mustang harrters outdrstanced Luncoln Central Bok Vocatnonal Gratz Germantown Bartram Olney Frankford Franklin and South Phllly Captain Stewart Branam flnlshed srxth out of one hundred and snxty four startlng runners thus breakmg the exusttng Dobblns record wlth an excellent 12 mnnutes and 28 seconds for the course As far as Dobbnns runners were concerned Capers and Ray placed second and third tlnlshlng not too far behind the fleet Branam Others who deserve speclal mentlon for helpnng to make this an above average eason are Fred Raupp Clarence Blalock Paul Paluba Antoma Taplo Joseph Henken Wllbert Roblnson James Scott Ruchard Mathls Lonnle Josle Jet Alston and Bliss Mr Vance Taggart who has been ably coachung our cross country team for many years feels that our prospects for a topnotch team next season are excellent he malorlty of the varsity squad will be returning Bolstered by some crackerlack runners movtng up from the layvee and novnce teams maybe 'l957 wull see Dobbins wearlng her flrst cross country crown JRC:-1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 , . '3 1 ' I' I I I I 'I I I I I 1 3- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'I' I I I ' ' ' 1 l tl Y 7 ' 4 1 1 . . . . , . - I t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 - 1 , . C . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . -,- . .... . I . - 1 X ogg 'Q' ff' we 'fum' TH 1st Row G Morton C Blalock A Tapna B Wnlhams W Capers J Scott J Farenro 2nd Row T Fields R Smith J Franklin T Harland R Montague R Clarke J Johnson C Cross J Harns R Stuart W Robmson C Thompson P Jefferson E Mathews Mr Don Eastburn lCoachj Forgnng constantly ahead to an out standing positron In sports the Dobbins trackmen succeeded In ellmnnatmg Lun coln Olney South Phllly Bok Frank ford and Bartram In the quallfymg heats at Conventnon Hall In the Indoor track f1nals In the tough competutlon which followed the Dobbins board runners took fourth place In the f1nal events Partlclpatlng an the 1000 yard event were Clarence Blalock and James Scott both of whom flmshed with the leadlng runners l llll0ll 'lllllllll Leadung Dobbins un the mule relay events were Wllllam Capers Wlllnam Sump son, George Morton and Stewart Branam The fast tume of 3 38 9 brought these boys across the tape only three seconds behund our tough competutors West Philly Overbrook, and Northeast These schools had trackmen who covered the dlstclnce nn record breakmg tame The team wlll feel a great loss wnthout veteran trackmen Wllluam Simpson, and Stewart Branam, who were lost In last January's graduatlon Branam won the Public Hugh School Quarter Mule Champuonshup which took place last June By means of the Indoor campaugn, all the athletes are kept In top condntuon throughout the winter months It also offers the boys the uncentlve of performung before a large and enthusuastlc audience at Convention Hall Mr Eastburn, the coach of thus outstandmg team, IS very proud of has boys and beams when he says that Dobbins IS the only hugh school entered In the annual lnqulrer Games, the other competltors being college men 131 I f.2:3"f ,. - 1 f ' - K, ,. 1 1 I . f M r 'g .5 G 0 ' Q N ' v I f f ,ly wfcfl Msg 2 A -Y V A. A Y 1,41 if . A 1 f f V 'fi' 5. .v 'A f .T ' 5 ' V321 7 , ' 1 ., '-V ,., y - , ' - 1 . - N, . 5 1 t 7 K . n , In Q A . , U f W f 14, I I . . ' l ' ' f t 'f p ' 3 , , - Q, V I lf, Q .I 1 : . , . , . ' , . ' 1 , . , . , . ' : . ' , . ' , . ' , . , - I - 1 - f - I . 1 , . , . 1 , . , . , . , . I I I I I ' I I ' - ' - - ll 11 . , ' , . I . , . I . I 'lst Row D Thomson R Young E Hamm F Raupp G Sahl W Schwenker 2nd Row Mr Don Eastburn CCoachJ W Hagy A Carr S Ratalczak B Buhl L MacLaughlln L Ehasz V Kingman F Bliss D Williams A Flolo W Carlson C Davis fMgrJ For the fourth straight year the gym nasts were coached by Mr Don Eastburn who is a former member of the nation ally ranked Temple University team A Coach Eastburn has done a commendable Iob of teaching this difficult sport and IS responsible for the enthusiasm for this activity at Dobbins Many painstaking hours were spent training and practicing before and during the season All members of the team competed on the various pieces of apparatus mcludlng many strenuous and difficult exercises on the Rings the Horizontal Bars the Parallel Bars the Horse and the Mats They were also taught the finer pomts of the sport from tumbling to giant swings The team hugh score for the campaign was 7882 pomts recorded In a meet against Southern and Northeast During the season the Mustang Matmen were victorious over Franklin Southern and Northeast This years commencement will take P Paluba F Raupp E Hamm and B Buhl all of whose feats on the bars and mats will be remembered for a long time to come Fortunately however most of them will be able to perform for the first half of the commg season Around this nucleus of experienced personnel Coach Eastburn expects to build a strong well balanced team We are looking forward anxiously to next year and the strong possibility that our boys will capture the first place honors that have eluded Dobbins too often In the past 'lst Row Morrlson Brown Wollauer Thompson Fastrlch Cubblns Strecklalr Meadows 2nd Row Bockol Frank Colluns Olernnck R Whutman Davles ODonnell Flolo 3rd Row Waldman Bannka Young Kovacs Keeley CCaptamJ Hanmgan A Whutman Ratalczak Mergen Raupp Mr Vuncent Taggart fCoachD Led by theur captaun Thomas Keeley who was undefeated an the 50 and 100 yard free style events durnng the season G the aquotuc Mustangs finushed Hfth nn the Public Hugh League The Dobbins tankmen splashed to umpressuve confer ence vuctorues over Lmcoln Olney and Frankford Patalczak who flmshed second and fourth respectlvely an the Public Hugh cham plonshnps at the Umversuty of Pennsylvama Other boys who gave o good ac count of themselves during the campaugn were Thomas Hanmgan and Andrew Whitman un the free style events Joseph Kovaks and Thomas Collms an the breast stroke dlvlslon and Paul Mergen Damel ODonnell and James Frank In back stroke competutuon In addmon to the Public League teams the Dobblns mermen swam agamst the Archbishop Prendergast and Bnshop Neuman schools of the Catholic League ln Surburban competntuon the team met Abington and Cheltenham Germantown Academy of the lnteracadem c League rounded out a very lengthy and arduous schedule Mr Taggart thenr coach expressed an opmnon that the 1956 57 team wull be much stronger He has a large group of talented Trade Exploratory boys who wlll become eluglble to compete In varsity competltlon next season when they are first termers 1 , I . . . I I . There were two outstanding divers on the team: Thomas Young and Steve ' F . . . . . . , . ' 7 , , I , . 1 ' I I ' l Kneelmg Joseph Kovacs QCo Captaunj Martm Cossrow Chester Herbert tCo Coptalrl Wllltam Ruddy Standnng Mr lawrence Mmer CCoachJ Myron Ferentz Stantow Neumann Ronald Clarlte Eugene Jasper Andy Whitman Ted Brown Ronald Shore Charles Fanning Although the tenms team as not an organlzatuon centered rn the sportllght tt IS fast becoming a popular Dobbms GCTIVITY Mr Mmer the teams coach dad a wonderful 'ob nn 'I955 wuth hrs compar court to call nts own makes the team s achlevement even more noteworthy Wtth luttle fanfare and even less acclaum Coach Mmers racquetmen earned shutout 5 0 vtctorles over Frankford and Roxborough When the season ended they had placed stxth out of the fourteen teams an the league wlth a record of 29 wms and 31 loses Chester Herbert co captam of the team played exceedungly well agaunst the first men of opposing teams These Included several of the best lunuor tenms players In the state of Pennsylvanua Another star on our up and coming tenms court ns Martin Cossrow He has a record of etght wms and four losses Mr Mlners problem luke that of all school coaches wnll be the loss of many boys through graduatlon ln splte of thus we are qulte confident that Dobbms wall have another fast movung team agaln next year Hats oft to our latest sports orgcmzatron . , . atively new players. The fact that Dobbins is a central-city school, with no tennis . , . . . , . . Ed Feinstein Tom Sloss Leonard Hoffman D eter Ammann George Griffith L Cohen H Jaster L Vermtsky Vic Hoffman Bodan Korupas Bernie Brandspiegel Mr Larry Miner fCoachJ George Wright John Belsnto Table tennis was organized at Dobbins a few years ago as a club This was nn accordance with the philosophy of the gym department to oFFer our students an opportunity to take part in as many sports possible They have now achieved the status of a full fledged team and are entered in the Public Hugh League where competition is fast and keen How did they fare? Read on and you shall see' town and Frankford also met defeat at the hands of our paddle swinging boys with identical scores of 10 3 But ofcourse we can t always boast of victory We lost to Central with a score of 10 'I Oops' Almost forgot to mention that Central has held the championship for sixteen years It is difficult to say who is the best man on the team because all of them play very well Andy Whitman the team s captain has performed outstandingly well Lesley Armstrong Ed Ruddy and John Belsnto have proven to be able team mates In all the contests Mr Mmer their coach has done a commendable lob of developing individual player ability For his dedicated interest that has given our Alma Mater table tenms and tenms teams of which we can be proud we extend our sincere thanks' ' ' . , , 5 , ' ' , as ' . , Dobbins upset Northeast, our instinctive rivals, with a score of 'I0-8. German- . . . , . ' 1 I I a . , . . , , - , , . lst Row G Davus V Chrustuan O James J Coffey D Whyte E Davud E Franks 2nd Row J Wells CManagerJ K Haurston V Wyne Muss Anne Schweutzer CCoachl A Sanders Y Allen B Lee lManagerJ Although not many vuctorues were achueved thus season our gurls volleyball W team turned un theur usual number of commendable performances The squad was composed of many unexperuenced gurls but wuth the excellent coachung of Muss Schweutzer they showed tremendous umprovement by the end of the year Teamwork and consustent use of fundamentals were both very much un evudence throughout the campaugn The best game of thus season was our vuctory over Kensungton Hugh School The some good kulls on theur opponents Some of the other aggregatuons they faced were Olney Bok Wulluam Penn Roxborough Gratz Bartram and Luncoln The Volleyball Jamboree was held at Dobbuns agaun thus year and a new plan of play proved to be very successful The event was a play day affaur wuth no unter school competutuon Instead representatuves from each school were placed on teams Thus season end sports actuvuty not only brungs together the best un the cuty but also acts as o socual event un whuch gurls from varuous teams loun un an afternoon of merrument In order to provude experuence for the top varsuty players new captauns for the Mustangs were chosen each week The umportant task of managung the team was handled very capably by Barbara Lee and Joan Wells Wuth some of the experuenced squad members returnung next year we are hopeful that a real wunnung combunatuon can be assembled : . ' , . ' ' , . , . , . , . ' , . . . T I I , . girls played with enthusiuasm and determination. They served well and put across ll ' II ' ' I I ' . I I I I . ' , n . . I I . I I I 1st Row K Tuppence J Hyzer D Watson A Wulluams K Haurston B Branch E Wulluams 2nd Row M Wulluams J Palmer B Porter T lloyd L Sllaralew l. Hadley 3rd Row J Wells V Harrell B Walker B Stewart J Wundle Muss Ann Schweutzer fcoacht D Coston l Young A Watts B Bonner B Lee ln keepung wuth the Gurls Athletuc Department polucy of affordung the most opportunuty for the largest number of gurls to partucupate un sports posutuons on the layvee volleyball team were ro tated contunuously throughout the year Whether we were losung or not Coach Ann Schweutzer felt that none of our gurls should be bench warmers whule the standout performers had all the fun Thus often means that Dobbuns must be satusfled wuth somewhat less than what us commonly known as a wunnung season However we need not make excuses for the showung of thus past year s squad ln one of theur first away contests wuth Bartram they went down to defeat only after two rather close and hard fought games 15 9 and 15 11 The Dobbunettes quuckly rebounded by subduung Gratz After losung the f1rst game 1215 our gurls dusplayed real flghtung teamwork by notchung a 15 13 wun ln what proved to be the most excutung afternoon of the volleyball season Dobbuns captured the uhurd and decudung game from Gratz by the close score of 15 14 The flnal vuctory for our uayvees came late un the season at the expense of Ken ungton Hugh Cnce agaun the contest went the lumut of three games wuth Dobbuns comung out on top two games to one Muss Schweutzer can well be proud of the enthusuasm and flne sportsmanshup dusplayed by our lunuor volleyballers throughout a very successful campaugn :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. 1. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. :. ,. ,. ,. ,. , ,. , . . . , . Jo 0 I I ll ll ' ' ll' ' ll . . , , . I I - . , - ' I I - . , , . 'lst Row Eduth Davud Elmura Franks haruuett Gubbs Marguerute Dugas Yvonne Byus 2nd Row Marlene Whute lMgrl Barbara Bonner Loretta M Laughlun Thomasuna Wrught Mrs Henruetta Elgart lCoachu Mary Donahue Joyce Wundle Barbara Branch Jean Wells CAsst Mgrb Barbara Lee lMgrl The gurls varsuty basketball team ended the season wuth cu record that was not too umpressuve but one that wull BA be a mark of unspuratuon for the teams to come Although wunnung us the goal of all teams and organuzatuons losmg us a real test of good sportmanshup and four play Under Mrs Elgarts supervusuon the team practuced hard and long all through all the gurls only two were carry overs from the last years team Some of the qurls had never played before but wuth determunatuon and repeated drull they turned out to be varsuty materual Probably the outstandung game of the season was the heartbrecuker wuth Wulluam Penn Hugh School The gurls were well matched and good passes and team play were dusplayed by both sudes The lead changed hands many tumes but Wulluam Penn finally came through to wun by the score of 41 to 31 The outstandung forwards were Davus Franks Donahue and Coffey Gubbs at guard could always be counted on for steady dependable play Through gradu ation the team wull lose Davus Byus Franks Coffey and theur managers Barbara Lee Marlene Whute and Jean Wells Wuth layvee prospects as promusung as they are Coach Elgart us lookung for ward to a wunnung season next year . , . , , , . . . the season, and developed skill, speed, and accuracy as they went along. Out of ' II II I , 1 I ' I - , . . I I I ' - I I I ' - ' l . I I I I l I I . l t Row Brenda Stewart Charlotte Fretz Marlyn Farley Barbara Jackson Barbara Porter 2nd Row Gwenzetta Wheeler Josett Dullard Yvonne Fendrux Fawnue S hoolf1e'd Dolores Coston 3rd Row Lous Rotchford Barbara Lee Marlene Whute Jean We'ls Mary Wulluanus Mrs H E gart KCoachJ The uunuor varsuty basketball team thus year was composed of many first and second termers who had never played the sport before Thus no doubt was one of the factors that kept thus season from beung a successful one as far as vuctorues were concerned Coach Henruetta Elgart had to work hard to shape together a team from thus green materual but the fight and spurut dusplayed by the gurls overcame many weaknesses as the season progressed Our lunuor Dobbunettes gave us a glumpse of theur potentual power un a contest wuth Bartram Hugh After a slow start they came back to earn a hard fought 24 21 vuctory Thus was undoubtedly theur best game of the season Because of the emphasus placed on team play and Coach Elgart s desure to have all squad members goun experuence ut us dumcult to pount to any standout stars However ut us expected that Brenda Stewart Joyce Wundle Marlyn Farley and Lous Rotchford wull qualufy for the varsuty team next year Whule Charlotte Fretz Josett Dullard Thomasune Lloyd Barbara Jackson and Grace Spratley uf not strong varsuty contenders wull provude the uayvees wuth a nucleus of experuenced performers The umprovement and uncreased skull shown by all of our basketeers us sure to make utself felt un gurls court competutuon next year 5 3 1 I 1 1 u , , . ,, : ,, . .1 , , , u, , Jo lo ' f I F . . .. . 1 ' I . , . I , . I I I l ' f I I I f ' f . . . , .. lst Row Darla Snyder Nancy Schade Marnel Duttmar Dolly Budzuchowskl Aluce Ceruno Florence Green Joy Duebert Mary Chaffunch Judy Jacobs 2nd Row Marge Resta Hunda Wunnuker Genevieve Cammarota Judy Harrus Dorothy Abt Muss Finke CCoacl'ul Donna Ruttung laMae McClay Florence Cassel Sandy Enders Ruth Gibbs Something new has been added to the Dobbins Sports Scene ln addutuon to the Gurls Bowling Club the Dobbunettes now have a full fledged bowling team G After school on Tuesdays the gurls practice at the Glenwood Bowling Alleys 'lhose bowling the highest scores ot thus time are automatically entitled to partu cupate In the game the followung week Both the varsity and the layvee teams ore chosen un thus manner thus afTordung each gurl interested un the sport an The team was captauned by uts highest average bowler Aluce Ceruno Other standouts were Marnel Duttmar Dorothy Budzuchowsku Mary Chaffunch Joy Duebert Florence Green Nancy Schade Donna Ruttung and Florence Cassel They turned un consistently fine performances against such opposutuon as Olney Germantown Kensington Overbrook Mastbaum St Johns and Frankford On Aprul 'l5th our gurls bowled at Glenwood un an all cuty meet Out of the many hugh schools and parochual schools taking part un the tournament we cap tured fifth place Florence Green who also doubles as manager of the team finished a hugh fifth out of seventy bowlers to net unduvudual honors Thus active sports group so ably coached by Miss Hester Finke has originated an annual Bowling Ball dance to earn funds for equipment As a result next eason wull find them resplendent un new red and gray uniforms Wuth a most successful first year behind them we want to wush our Alma Mater s newest team continued good luck' Z , , , 1 1 r : , , , 1 1 . . I . I T , equal opportunity to partake in team activities. . I . .I . I , D , I , u , . I . - , , , , . , S . . . . . . . , , jf , is 712, ' ff? 9 ' Q fi' 4 E .. I' an 4J'W1!Q1:v'Mf f W N, A ' , ,, ' : f . 1 ff ,W ,m ,m a m VZ? W W F f 5 I y r 9 L is A ,cr lElHBO0K STAFF co-EDITOR Alice Like, Class of January T957 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Marlene Frati, Class of January 'I957 Joan Leisner, Class of June T956 JANUARY 1957 STAFF sett, T. Thompson, C. Taylor bent, J. Robinson, Y. Byus, D. Ritting, R. Speece, R.Specior T42 Seated: G. Cammarofa, G. Rus- Standing: R. Tatnall, J. Broad- YEAHBUUK l l 'TlFF flf Q cosmtoa Kaye Mergen, Class of June 1956 . V., 1 fm .ff ART EDITORS Dolores Rogers, Class of June 1956 Grace Dolt, Class of June 1956 Tn77"""' JUNE 1956 STAFF Seated: J. Caverow, G. Lewis M. Anclree, B. Cauthorn Standing: P. Patterson, E. Losh nowsky, M. Jacoby, M. Hen show, B. Finn, G. Hamerly, D. Stodolny, B. Mann, J. Keim K. Roberts, C. Henrickson ll Farewell llma llatm' We have heard the three flfteen dxsmussal bell forthe flnal tame We rxnt through your portals with earnest enthusiasm eager In the knowledge that you have equupped us wnth the vocational skulls and the social awareness so necessary to a full lute nn our modern nndustrral world 14 l t . 5 i ,-.,. WA , , . xy f : ,wa A M Za, r 4 ., QW- l 6 S l 'N l g . . l 0 : . . . I . ilmu Mawr, Hmzl Maller V .... We pledge our love and loyalty... 5 549 i5??b2e?O"'mfe'9 mwewfffwmw 4341 e T lp QQ 5- og x-we' "P-ef" M277 9,0 2? l fewwewwife. if G 3' 'fl or W gi 4.1.4 T Nfeeifgij ee: Q? Z? ee 'Q . fi? .5,lbel?E.eWmffg5fgeee.. le ff W' 5 fy be Q-J ibgi- Q?k3E,iggi ,EF ffxl -g mmm. 4... Y"'f.Q lo l5MQ5WiRfl S AMW. Q eelss el Qygjwgwe Q. JANUARY 1957 ejiefwe S. egewwgwigg l E? QfQM?wZWWf GM 'W .1 -9 I - ' . . M' ' ' - .L n . . ' f rl f ee f ge Q K Gy ' 4. ""'f" ab, - .6 W '9 ' . ' '3' f pa fv' . . ,' '31, " 3 'QefM.w QQ f2e2 e lee elf. Q Q..-QfSe. wee ew Ke QJ. i Q' ,I M- M'2f""i."" ff 0 . is 5 '?"'a""'LMMwf'? -U ' Y L. 3 . . . w ' I . E- 1- 1 ZW w1",f.f W 1 5 ll l' will X' - N ,A -, ...Q ff, t ,-Es xv. L l 29' I GM ,E islam , X Q' -'-A -S 3' K.. , -1 ex D E . elxleieee M mf sf ' F' . hhargfjl 'I Q .' 11197. If .jffbg . 'F ami'g-we Z! ff f e me e f eff? few? . .4fP"Lw f N. 1 . N--1 , , , A new-.,Rl" 'ev' j ,ef 0 -- ' e NLgcgv 135, 55 we

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