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Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical High - Flame and Steel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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YL, . 4, F : V , s ,, 'J : vw if. 1, -, ivy, ,. Lfmgo. ' ', Q. 5 . 15 fp A-, L, v L, ' . 5 ,-. .U . ,, V i 'Jr' ai, '34 g 2-Ei V ' 'B' -. . '. W. .i 7 9 ZJQ .lt-' ,1'."' . , 3"',f, QT ifjvrfff 'L 1 4 I Wfv D "Ax L 4. ' AA 5 nf' :Mfr me QU 231 ig: . 1 . . .1414 xfh -,Q Q 11" .,-',1f- '.,, ' fa, r.,.,yf5',.g . ':1'3'15.fA7l N !,.M4,,. ,,,. V 1' , V.,:?53':-,gf-. -.Q . "-,u4fi",' KD' k'f i 'T' , ' fu' V EQ: l .1 Q1-.ff ' - 'rv Q 1,594 'f-"1 as, 7 , H , 4 r . ,,,g,41,,,, J in ". ., , A Ef45W?4yf, ngg X , . 911, A ' ' NL -. ' r PM if-fx YF 31. ff X --. x .t ,, .L 'jg gi65fv:a'A','a' .. J "fx SEQ' Zi, . . K A ff' .lfyif-. V--:sh .ff - 4 '.'1:, '- ' ,Lux x, O. f J' Q 'Ag' . , Yu. . fl' ,BMW ,1 vyvvh 1. fs. , 1-ug I+, ,- 145 1 Mx -,.x2'-"fy-.x M 'TLQQW 1:3 'Q 5,25-iii' ' S f-1. 5. ' V , .' .ff -. ,, ' 3 A A' ' 3,1-f'f'2'f,r' H 1 5'.I,.:f A. ' . 542 4 fha. . 1' J ENT-fsg ' JL Y -ff. 5 3 ' dk is- wg eq " , iff 'gf-f2x'i!' . ', K . X. . X -,W ' J ,.- Y, Q, I 2 r5,,i', gxi-gf, W: Q, V W! JI -1 vp ,'., R .Q r K 1- A v L-- .A , K , 1 'H K X . I K' 'i 'w ' ' 3534. x f 3 f ,H A 4 , . . 'C' ':. , +V, Q' .. ., ,. , ' -i .' N" . My -f 1135" ' - -we - ,4 .f Cf, fs'-it-,ill ' 'fy ,n . 142' .5 'gk 2 x. - , Q , . j 4 . X , ' 1 , . ,a.",' I C r 'J ak ffl . K . V , Q , . J- f 1 fe NW W, , Q-N. ' 4 L, ., , ,An zu.: Q , 433, -A . Vw VP.. J :Tk ' Q 1'5,3"v,5g-W A I, -.-. 'f gm, -pw --.1 W , 1 j,'55:': , gvpugl ff - ww - Q42 ' 1, 'n2'f'-- Jf,'j,?. .. L ,1""r' ' J , :f1ff:',Wu H . 5,3 Ur-,""'f5 " HK iw - 4 Y. , - .if ,fin-,-A J , Lin. M qw! 'T 1 7545,-.. :'. 3, A-1 1:53 -'za -' , 1, fi. . ff IX.. 'lk L.: ,.. 'M ah V .Q-.-1 sf rf :F ' mv. - TL' 1 63 lg? .sf . ,.,-y ,,. W '1 - .. cf . ux S Z fi Y l. Qi E 4 sf 3 4 5? , ,. J 9 N I , ,, .3 Q1 ffl- 5 , 'Y ' , 44 ,I .gpg IV ' ' ' w - ' ' g...! V1.3 f ' g ,. ' U 4 L V ,. "' "." V. ' K . v -K, V if X, , , 1' 'f' lm 'Q ' ' . 'I ' ...H , f ff 4 f 1 .f f- wi, ,,, K " - f uf. -,-1 , ,L H ' u Lf w 'W -M. 1 . ' ..W .- X -rv ' if ka' , , -Q K , 2 .'.' 1 ' Y J, Ai , .. , V ,y 1 , Q, 'Z xx ,,, V, k , w Xi' -W ,S . 2 - , .4 -14.13 4: ff k m , P-K 1- af H. xi sk 5- 1, .,,: 1 ,V ic . sgffifq in . ia. LV . iw , w V i -,L , . , I , 52 ., .Q-" ' '. :cj 4' :wx-' , J w us 1. 5 - . F , ,,X. A. -w. 'M , , . fn-A: TL NINULL N muzw. C NIINL QISTIVIILL ouousuzo nv mg su Nlonz cuxss Yuan unou sc11ooL X FCREWORD N Shaker, we are fortunate that we may say the students are truly the school. The student government, honor study halls, student assemblies, extra-curricular activities, and several sports are, to a large extent, under student operation. The l939 Gristmill has been prepared to give this school, so uniquely student-op- erated, a picture of its life-its leaders, its clubs, its accomplishments, and its spirit. We have not tried to overdo this picture. We have presented it as it is, with the stu- dent predominating. We have tried to epitomize Shaker, growing, changing, im- proving. This year has found the school with its first varsity wrestling team, a more efficient student council, improved and vi- talized pep-assemblies, a record-high budget sale, and a growing school spirit. lt is our sincere hope that this Gristmill may serve as a tangible memorial of our three years of high school days and ex- periences which have helped the student and the school to live and grow. DEDICATION N recognition of his untiring efforts as or- ganizer and departmental head of the music in the Shaker High School his record as one of Americas outstanding choir directors, his loyalty to the interests and welfare of Shaker, his unselfish devo- tion in furthering the ambitions not only of the group but also of individual students, and lastly his ability to mould real men and Women, We, the Senior Class of l939, deem it an honor to dedicate this Gristmill to Mr. Griffith I. lones. TO THE SENIORS . from Mr. Patin AM inclined to reminisce a bit today-to think of former seniors who now occupy positions of trust and influence in world affaitrs. There are a college professor, an actress, an artist, lawyers, doctors, leaders in many professions and vocations. Yet Shaker High is but a trifle over two decades old. As I recall their names and faces, it seems to me that most of those who have succeeded did not attain their high positions by bril- liance of mind alone, but rather through hard work and their ability to adjust to new situations. In spite of depressions and other economic ills. it is still possible for you to achieve in this Democracy of ours. Application, hard work, and sacrifice are fundamental virtues and count more than accident of birth or inheritance. You who have chosen your vocations are fortunate, for that has stimulated your accomplishment. You who have not yet determined your field of interest will do well to get a broad cultural background. No one can tell what the demands of the next decade will be. You need to turn your efforts to account-to capitalize on an investment in education. Tlie Class of l9'59 will long be remembered in Shaker for its contribution to the life of the school. Senior leadership in the student council and in music, dramatics, and journalism has been outstanding. You have made your deliberations felt in a reorganized curriculum, Come back to see us often. Give us the benefit of your experi- ence in the light of mature thought. Tell us what could have been done differently-to have given you a better preparation. To each and every one of you I wish the best that life can give. I shall be proud of your successes and hold you to a high standard. Affectionately yours, R. B. Putin .LHL ' I ' l ' A 9 Af T' . l'i' Rott: Mr. Iircnfh. Mr. Lmwcs. Miss Iril-lonkili. omi: Mis. Gunn. Mr. Patin. .Stioml Rott! Mrs. Caiothcrs. Aliss Gcigcr. Dr. Dillcv. Mi s I,aitcm. Nliss XVicIswiru. Miss .IacIsson. Mrs. Marlon 1 Aliss I almcr. lhiru' Roux' Miss Mcifracltun. Mrs. Lommcn Miss I1lv. Miss Johnston. Mrs. Stiit. Mrs. Harhourt. Mrs. Smiii Mrs. Bishop. Miss Bowen. Dr. Myers. lourlh Row: Mr. Thraillsill. Miss Blair. Mrs. Sacha. Miss Andurson, Miss Graham, Miss Sullurs. Miss Carruthvrs fl M I7 rk. ff. ' I . r. Moritz. Mr. a lifth Rott: Mr. Ilcniv. Mr. Millvr. Mr. Harhourt. Mr. Staigcr. Mr. Trovan. Mr. Starr. Mr. Ratvld. Mr. - M Mr Storms. Mr. I'rancis. A r s U U DR. FACULTY A. K. Loosus Supl-rirmfmlmz MR. R. B. IJATIN Prrnfipcil DE ANS Mr. XYax'nr Iircnch Miss Iouisc M. Hollon Mr. Charles Hams Mrs. Iiorotliv R. Gunn SECRETARIES Miss Virginia Isadluls Miss Ilclcn Rock TESTS AND MEASUREMENTS Mrs. Alice Mcsnicls LIBRARIAN Miss H. .Iran Amlcrsuft ENGLISH Mrs. Iitlith S. Caiothcrs Miss Gram Graham Miss Mariorit' .Iaclsson Miss Louisr Mcifraclwri Miss Agncs Palmer Mr. Ciroigc Ci. Starr Mrs. Harrict Strcla Aliss Qialc AXIIflsXYII'C SOCIAL STUDIES Alrs. Alatilda Bishop Mr. John Harbourt Miss Louisc M. Hollon IVIr. .Iaclsson XV. Rafclcl Mrs. Ruth Sacha Mr, I.. R. Thrailltill MATHEMATICS Miss Alma Bowun Mr. M. If. Millrr Mr. O. T. Park Mr. Iiarl B. Prior Mr. Harold Storms SCIENCE Mr. XVas'nc Iircnch Di. Ilvcrctt C. Mwrs Mr. .I. Norman Staigcr Mr. Patrick Trovan LANGUAGES Miss Ruth Blair Dr. M. Ifvclvn Dillux' Miss Isathrvn Cicigur Mrs. Dorothv Ciunn Miss Cicrtrudt' XV. .lahzi Miss Hclcm' I aiicm Miss Pauline Sellers Mrs. I,va Mac Smith COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Mr. Alvin Amcs Miss Crystal Carruthvrs Mr. Liui' I7. Henri' ART Miss sisiwi iii,- Alrs. In M. Siitt MUSIC Mr. Ruvnolfl Iillis Mr. .lack Igvans Mr. Cirifhth .I. .Ioncs INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Charlcs Hancs HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Dorothca Marloxi Miss Thcrcsa .Iohnston PHYSICAL EDUCATION Alrs. Rosa' Burlu' Miss Pcarl Dorscv Mr. Arthur Ci. I-rancis Mrs. Dorothx' S. I.omniLn Mr. Howard Ci. Moritz 1 Xl long I .ml IO, Tcn shunf, omcnls I ikc Thix ll. Coming or Going '7 Prelude to .1 Iiisx ll. After thc Game lx Ovcr I. fight On 4. Ywudc .m Ifdumtion 1, .HIICYIUIIQI .lanmluorcc 3, Almg Mgmg 3. XVhcrc in thc XVorId fm. Huh SW FEBRUARY CLASS OFFICERS l'rI-sfklenf I WAIIACE ADLER V ml- l,l'0Sl-dl'T7l MA RJ OR I I2 GU NDIQRSON SL'CI'L'Il1!'g-'I1I'CllSLII'CI' J ACR SINCLAIR Social Chairman VIRGINIA HITRRICK Prmdem DUGALD PIQARSON Vice-Presidenz DICK PIJIREQUIN Secretary BOB SIBBISON Treasurer I VIRGINIA Boos Soclal Chczirnvan , BOB WEINIIURTNIER JUNE CLASS OFFICERS I, , 10 FEBRUARY CLASS ICICI! Allen Boys' Glee Club 123. 133: Orchestra 123: Driving Club 133, 143: Travel Club 123: Science Club 133. 143: A Cappella Choir 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 123. 133, 143. William Allsopp Student Council 123 : Glee Club 123 : Li- brary Page 123. 133. 143: Library Club 123, Vice-President 133, President 143: Driving Club 133. Treasurer 143 1 Radio Club, Secretary 143 : Booster 143 : Water Polo Champions 143: Honor Study Hall 123,133.143. Peggy Barkley Miriam Stage League 133, 143: Shakerite 123: Annual Board. Feature Editor 143: Scribblers' League 133. 143: Radio Script Club, Vice-President 143: Booster 133. 143: Badminton Championship 133: Book Club 133, 143: Ping Pong Club 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 123. 133. 143. Mariorie Baron Miriam Stage League 123. 133. 143 : Travel Club 123, 143, Assistant Recording Secre- tary 133: Driving Club 143: Dean's As- sistfnnt 143: Honor Study Hall 123, 133, 14 . Joseph Bender Band 133, 143: Shakerite. 'Treasurer 143, Assistant Sports Editor 143, Sports Editor 143: Booster 123. 133, 143: Travel Club 123, 133: Driving Club 133: German Group 133. 143: Shaker Art Club 143: Honor Study Hall 123, 133. 143. Betty Buchanan Transferred from Lakewood: A Cappella Choir 133, 143: Glee Club 143. Librarian 133: Miriam Stage League 133. 1433 Metronome Club 143: lirench Club 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 143. ll Wallace Adler Student Council 133, 143, Committee Chairman 133: Class President 133, 143: Assistant Booster Captain 143: Driving Club 133, President 143: Intramural Bas- ketball Championship Captain 123: Track 133: Congressional Club 143: Chess Club 123: Library Club 123. 133: Open Forum Club 133: Honor Study Hall 123, 143, Advisor 13 3. Thalia Carter Miriam Stage League 123, 133, 143: Genonkwenon 133, 143: Student An- nouncer 143: Travel Club 123, 133, 143: Metronome Club 133. 143: Honor Study Hall 123, 133, 43. Arlyne Chertoff Miriam Stage League 133. 143: Booster 133, 143: Esperanto Club 133: Travel Club 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 143. Norman Colquhoun Student Council 123, President 133, 1431 Congressional Club 133, President 143: Student Court Judge 143: Assistant Booster Captain 123, Captain 143: Annual Board, Sports Editor 143: Shakerite, Sports Editor 143: Committee Chairman of Student Coun- cil 143: Travel Club, President 123, 133: Driving Club 123. 133: Assistant Track Manager 123. Manager 133: Honor Study Hall 123. 133, 143. Iune Corey Girls' Glee Club 123. 133: Miriam Stage League 133, 143: Dramatic Club 123, 133, 143: Boots and Saddle Club 123, 133. 143: Travel Club 143: Ping Pong Club 143: Shakerite 143: Book Club 133, 1432 Deans Assistant 123, 133, 143. Charles Cox Band 123, 133. 143: Boys' Glee Club 143: Driving Club 133. 143: Booster 143: Science Club 143: Honor Study Hall 123,133. 143. Robert Crawford Rhea Day Miriam Stage League, Welfare Chairman C45 3 Girls' Glee Club C25 3 Travel Club C25. C35, C45 3 Boots and Saddle Club C25 3 Book Club C45 3 Ping Pong Club C453 Hockey C25, C353 Baseball C353 Volley Ball C25 3 Basketball C35, C45 3 Dean's Assistant C25, C35, C45 3 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. Ethel Dempsey Miriam Stage League C25, C353 Dramatic Club C25, C453 Travel Club C35, C453 Driving Club C453 Dean's Assistant C35, C45: Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. Leila Dorer Miriam Stage League C25, C35, C453 Dra- matic Club C25, C35, C453 Travel Club C25, C35, C453 Driving Club C453 Fenc- ing Club C45 3 Honor Study Hall C35, C45 Florence Eisner Miriam Stage League C25, C35, C453 Dra- matic Club C25. C35, C453 Travel Club C25, C35, C453 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45- Evelyn Ellis Miriam Stage League C353 Dramatic Club C25, C453 Boots and Saddle Club C25, C35, C453 Travel Club C25, C353 Girls' Glee Club C35, C453 Driving Club C452 Dean's Assistant C352 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. Carol Garden Girls' Glee Club C45, Treasurer C25, Sec- retary C353 A Cappella Choir C25, C45, Secretary-Treasurer C352 S, F. A. A. C453 Metronome Club C35, C453 Miriam Stage League C453 Dean's Assistant C453 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. August Geraci Cheer Leader C25, In Charge C35, C453 Boys' Glee Club C35, Librarian C25, Treas- urer C45: A Cappella Choir C25, Librarian C35, Treasurer C45 3 S. F. A. A. C35, Vice- Presiclent C453 Shaker Trio C35, C45 3 Honor Study Hall C25. C35, C45. Lawrence Golden Band C25, C353 Travel Club C25. C35, C453 Booster C25, C353 Football C253 Honor Study Hall C35, C45. Marjorie Gunderson Class Vice-President C35, C453 Dramatic Club, President C25, C35, C453 Metronome Club C35, C453 Stage Crew C453 Driving Club C253 Honor Study Hall Ad- C35 C45 visor , . Virginia Herrick Miriam Stage League C253 Class Social Chairman C451 Girls' Glee Club C253 S. F. A. A. C25, C35, Treasurer C451 A Cap- pella Choir C25, C35, C453 Cheer Leader C452 Boots and Saddle Club C35, C451 Sharcs Club C453 Basketball C253 Baseball C25, C353 Hockey C25. C353 Volley Ball C253 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45- Ward Huber lack Jennings Booster C353 Hockey Manager C453 Travel Club C25, C352 Driving Club C25, C35, C453 Science Club C35, C453 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. Peggy Keelor Nliriam Stage League C453 Dramatic Club C353 Travel Club C25, C35, C453 Honor Study Hall C25, C35, C45. Lucille Kemeny Miriam Stage League C453 Boots and Saddle Club C453 Esperanto Club C453 Volley Ball C453 Hockey C453 Basketball C453 Honor Study Hall C25, C45. 12 Olive Kihorny Miriam Stage League 135, 145: Girls' Cilee Club 125, 135: Dramatic Club 145: Boots and Saddle Club 135. 145: Travel Club 135, 145: Driving Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. Mary Kirby Miriam Stage League 135, 145 : Travel Club 125. 135. 145: Dramatic Club 125: Boots and Saddle Club 125. Norman Kyman Booster 125, 135, Assistant Captain 145: Track 135 : Hockey 135, 145 : Wrestling Club 125 , Treasurer 135 1 Wrestling Team 145: Intramural Sports 145: Debating Club 135: Boys' Glee Club 125. 13 5. 145 : Honor Study Hall 13 5. Assistant Advisor 145 . Ruth MacNab Leaders' Club 125, 135, President 145: Hockey 145, Team Captain 125, 135: Volley Ball 135. Team Captain 125: Bas- ketball 135. 145, Team Captain 145: Baseball 125. 135: Miriam Stage League 145: Girls' Glee Club 125. 135, 145: Honor Study Hall 135, Assistant Advisor 145. Leonard Marks Basketball 125. 135. 145: Booster 135, 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Shirley Marqowslry Miriam Stage League 135, 145: Travel Club 135. 145: Stage Design Class 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145, Bob Miskell Booster 135. 145. Assistant Captain 125: Shakerite 125. 135. Associate Sports Editor 145: Vice-Chairman of Student Court Committee 125: Driving Club, Secretary 135: Open Forum Club 145: Football 145: Basketball 1255 Intramural Sports 125. 135, 145. 13 Robert Pietrowlki Football 125, 135, 145: Booster Captain 145 5 Archery Club 135 : Honor Study Hall 125,135,145- Ralph Rosenblum Booster 135: Travel Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 125, 135, 145: Stage Design Class 135, 1451 Band 145: Honor Study Hall 135. Sherman Sackheim Chess Club 125: Travel Club 135, 145: Science Club 145: Shaker Art Club 145: Shakerite 125, 135: Honor Study Hall 145, Advisor 125, 135. Alice Sapp Dean's Assistant 135, 145 g Girls' Glee Club 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 145: Honor Study Hall 135, 145. lack Sinclair Booster 125, 135, Captain 145: Student Council 125: Class Secretary-Treasurer 145: Track 125, 135: Football 125, 135, 145, Captain of Team 145: Basketball 135: Wrestling Team 145: Wrestling 135: Varsity "S" Club 135, President 145: Congressional Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 135, Treasurer 145: Honor Study Hall 12511351141 1251 Club Betsy Small Travel Club 135, 145, Secretary 125: S. F. A. A, 125, 135, 145: Girls' Glee Club 125, 135, 145: A Cappella Choir 125, 135: Accompanist 145: Boys' Glee Club Accompanist 135, 145: Boots and Saddle Club 125, 135, 145. George Sowers Band 125, 135, 145, Junior Manager 125, Manager 135. 145, Vice-President 135, President 145: Orchestra 125, 135, 145: S. li. A. A. 145 : Public Address Technician 145: Booster 135: Physics Laboratory As- sistant 135, 145: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 145: Orchestra Club 145. Florence Stetlenfeld Girls' Glee Club C25, C35, President C45: Club Travel Club C25, C351 Metronome C353 Miriam Stage League C25, C35, C453 Booster C25. C355 Ping Pong Club C25: Honor Study Hall C25, C35. C45. Margaret Trope Girls' Glee Club C25: Dean's Assistant C355 Booster C45: Chairman of Operetta Costuming C45: Honor Study Hall C35, C45. Howard Tuttle Student Council C45 3 Chess Club, Sergeant- at-Arms C25: Travel Club C35, C455 D1-iv. ing Club C45: Stage Design Class C45: Assistant Stage Manager C45: Honor Study Hall C45. Ruth Van Akon Miriam Stage League C25, C35, Presiden C45: Booster C25, C35, C45: Travel Clul C25, C35, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms C45 Girls' Glee Club C25, C35. C45: Hono Study Hall C35. C45, Assistant Adviso C35. Bill Wilson Booster C35, C45: Art Club C35, C45 Track C35. C45: Intramural Sports C25 C35. C45: Honor Study Hall C35, C45. Betty Zinner Book Club C35. C45: A Cappella Choir C45, Girls' Glee Club C25. C35, C45, Vice-President C35 : French Play C45 2 Honor Study Hall C35. C45. TO '39 One day as I sat lost in idle thought, And pondered over unimportant things, With sudden clarity my fancy caught A glimpse of that mysterious road that brings The future. Pausing then to look ahead, I wondered what would happen to my friends While following the lengthy path that led Great leaders to their goals, yet always sends An equal number to discouragement. This class, aglow with youthful hopes, now rests Prepared to walk the road that many went Too carelessly. They soon will face its tests, I look at these, my classmates, and I know Success will come, no matter where they go. Peggy Barkley 14 SENIORS CNO PICTURE1 JUNE CLASS lane! Bair Transferred from McKinley High. Canton C41: Basketball, All Star Team C41. Ellie Boxdolr Travel Club C315 Driving Club C31 : Girls' Glee Club C41: Booster C31: Tumbling Club C21: Intramural Sports C31: Honor Study Hall C21, C31. Eleanor Boxdok Girls' Glee Club C41: Honor Study Hall C21, 631- C41- Anihony Darata Wrestling Club C21, C315 Wrestling Team C41 : Football C41 : Honor Study Hall C41. lack Dempsey David Donaldson Sam Hall Shaker Model Wing Club, President C211 Model Airplane Club C41: Honor Study Hall C31, C41, Gladys Nyo Travel Club C21, C315 Driving Club C21, C31 : Tumbling Club C31 : Girls' Glee Club 131- C41- Mary Oster Shakerite C21: Book Club C21, C31, C41: Baseball C21: Hockey C215 Scribblers' League C41: Fencing Club C41, Charln Pavoy Band C21. C31, C41: Orchestra C41: Dean's Assistant C31, C41. Sam Peritore A Cappella Choir C21. C31: Boys' Glee Club C31. C41: Fencing Club C31: Archery C31. C41: Intramural Football C21. C311 Intramural Basketball C21, C31. C41. Wilborl Plot! Intramural Basketball C31, C41: Intramural Football C31: Archery Club C31. C41: Rifle Club C313 Hockey C31, C41. Ward Tolan Transferred from Heights High School C31 : Football C419 Booster C31, Captain C41: Honor Study Hall Advisor C41: Boys' Glee Club C31. C41: Wrestling Club C31: Met- ronome Club C41: Honor Study Hall C31. C41. Clifford Whih Football C21, C31, Co-Captain C413 Basketball C31, C41: Track C31, C41: Wrestling Club C311 Boys' Glee Club C21. C31, C41: A Cappella Choir C21, C31. C41: Booster C21, Assistant Captain C31: Varsity "S" Club 421, C31. C41: Honor Study Hall C21. C31, C41: Intramural Sports C21, C31. JUNE SENIORS lean Albers Miriam Stage League 125, 145: Shakerite 125, 135. Columnist 145: Travel Club 125, 135, 145: Driving Club 135. Sally Alcorn Dramatic Club 125: Miriam Stage League 135, 145: Shakerite Columnist 125, 135, Front Page Editor 145: Travel Club 125. 135: French Book Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125' 135, 145. Leonard Allen A Cappella Choir 125: Student Council 125: Boys' Glee Club 135: Booster 145. Betty lane Allison Shakerite 135: Travel Club 135, 145: Driving Club 145. William Anders Orchestra 125: Open Forum Club 135, 145, Treasurer 125: Boys' Rifle Club 125: Travel Club 125: Debating Club 135: S. F. A. A. 135, Secretary 145: Booster 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145, Annual Board, Financial Manager. Charles Anthony Basketball 135, 145. Lois Ahlman Girls' Glee Club 125 : Boots and Saddle Club 125, 135, 145: Booster 135: Miriam Stage League 145: Dean's Assistant 135, 145: Cheer Leader 145: Travel Club, Secretary 135: Driving Club 135. William Barner Booster 125, 145. Elizabeth Barrett Miriam Stage League 12 5. 135, 145: Dra- matic Club 125: Travel Club 125, 135, 145: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 145 : Girls' Leaders Club 125, 135. Barbara Bayless Miriam Stage League 135: Booster 135: Boots and Saddle Club 145: Budget Ticket Committee 145: Girls' Rifle Club 125, Sec- retary 145: Travel Club 135, 145: Dra- matic Club 135 Q Biology Club 125 3 Hockey 125, 135: Basketball 125, 135, 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Arthur Bazeley Band 125, 135, Treasurer 145: Orchestra 125, 135. Treasurer 145: S. F. A. A. 125, 135, Treasurer 145: Student Council As- sistant Treasurer 125, Treasurer 135 : Com- mittee Chairman 145: Booster 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Patricia Bell Girls' Glee Club 125: A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Library Club 1451 Dramatic Club 145. Helen Bernstein Miriam Stage League 135: Dramatic Club 125, 145: Travel Club 125, 135, 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 16 Betty Bieber Miriam Stage League C23. C331 Travel Club C231 C331 Dramatic Club C33, C431 Driving Club C432 Ping Pong Club C431 Booster C431 Honor Study Hall C23, C331 C43- Douqlas Bishop Track C23, C33. C431 Football C231 C431 Water Polo C331 Wrestling Club C23. C331 Booster C231 Intramural Sports C231 C331 C431 Badminton C231 C331 Varsity "S" Club C231 C331 C431 Boys' Glee Club C231 Stage Design Class C433 German Stu' dent Exchange C33. William Blahd A Cappella Choir C432 Travel Club C431 Vocational Guidance Committee C431 Fenc- ing Club C43: Tennis C431 Intramural Sports C431 Honor Study Hall C23, C33, C43. Catharine Blair Studio Art Club C23 1 Shaker Art Club C33. C431 French Club C231 Dramatic Club C232 Intramural Sports C23. C33. C431 Open Forum Club C332 Shares Club C331 C431 French Book Club C431 Stage De- sign Class C431 Annual Board, Art Editor C43. lean Blotscher Miriam Stage League C23. C33. C43 1 Travel Club C23, C331 C431 Dean's Assistant C231 Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor C431 Honor Study Hall C231 C331 C43. William Bletscher Booster C33. C43 . Virginia Boos Girls' Rifle Club C231 Girls' Leaders Club C331 C431 Shares Club C331 Travel Club C331 Class Treasurer C33, C431 Chairman of Budget Ticket Committee C43. 17 Edward Bosco Football C23, C33, C43: Track C231 C3Dv C432 Basketball C331 Wrestling Club C231 Vice-President C331 Wrestling Team C431 Fencing Club C33, C431 Fencing Team C331 C431 Varsity "S" Club C33, C431 Honor Study Hall C231 C331 C43. Marion Boyd Travel Club C231 Dramatic Club C231 Girls' Glee Club C231 A Cappella Choir C431 Booster C23. Edwin Boynton Transferred to Shaker C431 Fencing Club C43. Gladys Breen Dramatic Club C231 Hockey C23. C431 Miriam Stage League C331 Shakerite C331 Club Editor C431 Driving Club C431 A Cappella Choir C331 C43 : Scribblers League, Secretary C431 Annual Board, Club Editor C432 Honor Study Hall C231 C33, C43. William Brett .Assistant Basketball Manager C33. Manager C431 Science Club C231 Biology Club C232 VVater Polo Team C331 Candid Camera Staff of Annual C331 Travel Club C431 Rifle Club C331 Fencing Club C431 Intra- mural Sports C431 Honor Study Hall C43. Arthur Brockway Orchestra C23. C331 C431 Archery Club C23. C331 Badminton Club C43. President C331 Booster C431 Vocational Guidance Committee C432 Intramural Sports C43. Robert -Brown Band C23, C33, C431 Booster C33. Deborah Burton Miriam Stage League 125, 135. 145: As- sistant Booster Captain 12 5, 135, 145 1 Cienonkwenon 13 5. 145 : Dean's Assistant 125, 135, 145 2 Travel Club. Secretary 125, Treasurer 135 : Driving Club 135: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Robert Burton Student Council Secretary 135, Committee Chairman 145: Student Court Junior Ade visor 135: Student Court Judge 145: An- nual Board, Editor-in-Chief 145: Central Committee 145: Booster 125, Captain 145: Chairman of Pep Assembly Committee 145: Alternate Student Announcer 145: Congres- sional Club. Secretary 135, Vice-President 145: Sbakerite 125, Sports Editor 135: Dean's Assistant 135: Dramatic Club 125: Track 125, 135: Driving Club. Secretary 125: Travel Club 145. Secretary 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Hugh Byrd Intramural Sports 125, 135, 145: Ping Pong Club 135: Boxing Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135,145. Mary Ellen Byron Dramatic Club 125. 135: Travel Club 125. 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145, Iohn Chapin Sbakerite. Assistant News liditor 135. lidi- tor-in4Chief 145: Annual Board. Assistant Sports Editor 145: Handbook Committee 135: Travel Club 125: Library Club 125: Booster 125 3 Honor Study Hall 125. I Helen Charpentier Student Announcer 145: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 145, Advisor 145 : Driving Club 135. Vice-President 145: Travel Club 135. 145: Dramatic Club 145: Dean's Assistant 125: Booster 135: A Cap- pella Choir 145: Tumbling Club 125 2 Honor Study llall 12 5. 13 5. 14 5. Norma Ciraci Biology Club 125: Boots and Saddle Club 125, 135. 145: Book Club 125. 135. President 145: Esperanto Club 135. Marvin Cohen Cheer Leader 125 , 135. 145 : Boys' Glee Club 125, 135: A Cappella Choir 125, 135: Stamp Club. Secretary 125: Open Forum Club 135: Intramural Sports 135 . Edward Collisteir Band 125: Sbakerite Business Staff 135, 145: Track 125. 135, 145: Hockey Man- ager 135. 145: Football Manager 145: Booster 145: Rifle Club 125. 135, Presi- dent 145: Science Club 135. Vice-President 145: Biology Club 145: Radio Club 135. 145: Open Forum Club 135. Iames Conners A Cappella Choir 125. 135. 145 : Boys' Glee Club 125, 135: Football 125. 135: Driving Club 135 1 Archery Club 145: Hockey 145: Badminton Club 145. Helen Conroy Leaders' Club 125. 135. Secretary 145: Travel Club 125: Dramatic Club 125. 135. 145: Intramural Sports 125, 135. 1452 Miriam Stage League 135. 145: Intramural Championship Volleyball Team 135: Capf tain of Baseball Team 135: Girls' Varsity Basketball Team 135: Senior Hockey Cap- tain 145. Sally Crafts Girls' Cilee Club 135: Travel Club 1352 Art Club 145: Fencing Club 145: Booster 145. Iosephine Cryer Miriam Stage League 125. 13 5, 1452 Girls' Clee Club 1 3 5. 145: Travel Club 125 : Championship Baseball Team 135 : Championship Basketball Team 13 5. Frank Culek Science Club 135. 145: Travel Club 135. Attendance Secretary 145: Track 125, 145: Championship Intramural Football Team wo. 1-iw. 18 Eileen Cxerny Miriam Stage League 125, 135, Treasurer 145: Girls' Leaders Club 125. 135. 145: Honor Study Hall Advisor 135. 145: An- nual Board. Associate Editor 145: Noon Dance Committee 145: Travel Club 125: Driving Club 125. 135: Baseball 125. 135: Volley Ball 125. Championship Team 135 : Hockey 125. Championship Team 135: Basketball 125. Girls' Varsity Team 135: Captain of Championship Swimming Team 145: Dean's Assistant 145: Archery Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Adeleen Darrah Miriam Stage League 12. 135. 145: Dramatic Club 135: Booster 125. 145: Travel Club 125: Ping Pong Club 135: Championship Basketball Team 135. Vincent Dattilo Wrestling Club 125, 135: XVrestling Team 145: Football 135. 145: Driving Club 135. 145: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 125. 145. Barbara Davis Girls' Glee Club 125. 135. 145: Dramatic Club 125: Travel Club 125: Hockey 125: Boots and Saddle Club 125: Miriam Stage League 135. 145: Skating Club 135: Radio Script Club 145: Championship Swimming Team 145. Evelyn Davis Miriam Stage League 125. 135 . 145: Dramatic Club 11 5. 135 : A Cappella Choir 135 : Ping Pong Club 135 : Bad- minton Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Iean Davis Dramatic Club 125. 135. 145: Shaker Art Club 135. 145: Studio Art Club 125: Stage Design Class 125. 135: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Raymond Davis Band125.135.145:Orchestra125.135: Assistant Drum Major 135, Drum Major 145: Booster 145 2 Assistant Captain 135: Wrestling Club 125 : Hockey 135, 145: Archery Club 125 1 Stage Design Class 145 : Varsity Club 145: lntramural Sports 125: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 1-15, I9 Ruth Davis Dramatic Club 125. 135: Book Club 135. President 145: French Club 145: Scribblers' League 145: Dean's Assistant 145. Iosephine Deliziosi Mariorie Denby Travel Club 125. 135. 145. Faye Dubin Dramatic Club 125 : A Cappella Choir 125. 135 : Girls' Cilee Club 145: Miriam Stage League 135 1 Travel Club 145 1 Biology Club 125 : Honor Study Hall 14 5. lack Dunbar Transferred to Shaker 135: VVrestling Club 135: Basketball 13 5. 145: lntramural Sports 145: Driving Club 135. 145: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Hall 135. 145- Ieanne Duncan Dramatic Club 135: Driving Club 135: Dean's Assistant 14 5. Alice Edmision Miriam Stage League 12 5. 1 3 5. 145: Travel Club 12 5. 135: Booster 12 5. 135' 145 2 Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 13 5. Betty Emrich Transferred to Shaker 145: Travel Club 145: Dramatic Club 145: Girls' Badminton Club 145: Honor Study Hall 145. Robert Ettinger Dramatic Club 125: Travel Club 125. 135, Secretary 145: Booster 125, 135. 1451 Intramural Sports 12 5, 13 5 3 Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145: Honor Study Hall Assistant Advisor 125. Bernard Falcovich Band 125, 135, 145: Orchestra 125. 135, 145: Badminton 145: Football Champion- ship Team 145 2 Intramural Sports 125, 135, 145. Roseann Payne A Cappella Choir 125, 135, 1453 Girls' Glee Club 125, 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 145. Harry Feiclr Band 125, 135: Class Ping Pong Champion 125. 145 : School Ping Pong Champion 135: Ping Pong Club Secretary 1355 All Sports Club 145. Thomas Felber Dramatic Club 125. 135: Stage lilectrician 135, 145: Projection Crew 145: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 145: Travel Club 145. Daniel Ferris Transferred to Shaker 145: liencing Club 145: Dramatic Club 145: Biology Club 145: Swimming Team 145. Bluma Fertel 'Transferred to Shaker 145: Open Forum Club 145: Scribblers' League 145: Dramatic Club 145. Richard Fielding Vvfrestling Club 125, 135: Wrestling Team 145: Booster 125, 135: Track Manager 125 2 Basketball Championship Team 135 : Football Championship Team 135: Driving Club 125. 135, 145. Patsy Findley Miriam Stage League 125: Dramatic Club 125: Sharcs Club 125, 135. Treasurer 145: Esperanto Club 135, 145: Travel Club 145: Ping Pong Club 135. Frances Foley Dramatic Club 125, 135. 145: Travel Club 125: Open liorum Club 135, 145: Esf peranto Club 135. 145: Booster 125. Grover Foster Student Council Committee Chairman 145: Annual Board. Class Editor 145: Shakerite 125. 135: Booster 135 1 A Cappella Choir 145 : Track 125, 145 3 Archery 145 3 Science Club 135. Secretary 145 3 Biology Club 125: Driving Club 135. William Fox Student Council 125, Committee Chairman 135, Vice-President 145: Student Court Judge 145: Congressional Club 1451 Honor Study Hall Advisor 135. Assistant Advisor 125: A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Booster 125: Track 125. 145. Track Manager 135: Varsity "S" Club 145: Driving Club, Secretary 135: Debating Club 135: Metro- nome Club 125. 135: Library Page 1455 Library Club 145. Iean Free Miriam Stage League 135: Shakerite 145: Studio Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer 125: Shaker Art Club 145: Esperanto Club 135: Travel Club 125: Ping Pong Club 135: Tumbling Club 125. 20 Harry Freedman Transferred from Glenville High School 435: Travel Club 445. Annette Freeman Miriam Stage League 435. 445: Girls' Glee Club 425. 435. 4453 Travel Club 425: Boots and Saddle Club 435. 445 : Orchestra 425. 435 : Girls' l.c-aders Club 435. 445: Championship Basketball Team 445 : Honor Study Hall 425. 435. 445. Leonard Friedman Howard Fromson Shakerite, Assistant Advertising Manager 425: A Cappella Choir 435. 4-45: Boys' GICC Club 425: Radio Script Club 435, 445 C Open Forum Club 435. Vice-President 445: Debating Club 435: Dramatic Club 445: Iixtemporaneous Speaking Team 445: Scribblers' League 425: Intramural Sports 435: Honor Study Hall 425. 435, 4-45. Eva Garbo Travel Club 125. 435: Ping Pong Club 435: Honor Study Hall 445. Byron Gates Dramatic Club 425 : Travel Club 425, 435. 445: Track 425: Intramural Sports 425. 435. 445. Iean Gibbons Miriam Stage league 4 3 5. 445 1 Dramatic Club 435: Boots and Saddle Club 425 : Girls' Glee Club 425. 4353 'Travel Club 425. 4345: Driving Club 445: Booster 425, 435. 21 George Glass Aero Club. Vice-President 425.- President 445 : Travel Club 425. Stage Assistant 445: Fencing Club 435, 445: Fencing Team 435 . 445. Ruth Glowe Miriam Stage League 435. 445: Travel Club 445. Mariorie Goodman Shakerite 425. Feature Iiditor 435. 445: Dramatic Club 425. 435. Treasurer 4453 Boots and Saddle Club 425: Radio Script Club 445. Robert Gorman Travel Club 425, 435. 445: Golf Club 425: Driving Club 445: Dean's Assistant 4255. 435: Intramural Football Champion- ship Team 445. Mary Louise Greene A Cappella Choir 42 5. 435, Secretary- Treasurer 445: Scribblers' League 425. 435. President 445 : Shakerite 425. Secretary 435: Band 435, 445: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 435: Annual Board. Girls' Sports Editor 445: Volley Ball 435: Basketball 435: Baseball 435 : Badminton Championship Team 435: Badminton Club 435. 445: Girls' Leaders Club 445. Warren Gressle Student Council 435. 44 5, Committee Chairman 435 : Central Committee 445 L Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 425, Advisor 435 1 Congressional Club 445 : S.F.A.A. 445: A Cappella Choir 445: Operetta 445 1 Intramural Championship Football Team 435: Basketball 445: Honor Study Hall 425, 435. 445. Louise Grossman Boots and Saddle Club 425, 435. 4452 Girls' Glee Club 435. 445: Travel Club 435. 445: ACappella Choir 435. 445. Shirley Grossman Boots and Saddle Club 123, 133, 143 1 Girls' Glee Club 13 3, 143 I Travel Club 133, 143: Driving Club 143. Sonia Hagenbuch Miriam Stage League 123, 143: Honor Study Hall Assistant Advisor 133. Advisor 143: Girls' Rifle Club. Range Ofiicer 123, Assistant Secretary 143: Radio Script Club. Secretary-Treasurer 133. President 143: Esperanto Club 133: Library Club 123: Dean's Assistant 133: Booster 143. Barbara Haggard Miriam Stage League 133. 143: Genonk- wenon 133. 143: Central Committee, Secre- tary 133, Chairman 143: Girls' Glee Club 123: Girls' Leaders Club 123, 133. Secre- tary 143: Travel Club 123: Book Club 133, Secretary 143: Band 143: Honor Study Hall 123. 133. 143. Betty Haber Dramatic Club 123: A Cappella Choir 133, 143: Travel Club 123. 133. 143: Girls' Glee Club 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 123.133,143. Peter Hale Booster 123, 133. 143: Track 123. 133, 143: Intramural Sports 133: Varsity Club 133. 143. lane Hall Miriam Stage League 133: Boots and Saddle Club 123: Dramatic Club 123: Library Club 133, 143: Travel Club 123, 1332 Book Club 143: Iirench Book Club 143: Deans Assistant 143: Honor Study Hall 123.133.143. Paul Haynam Booster 133 3 Biology Club 123, Vice-Presi- dent 133: Intramural Iiootball Champions 123, 133, 143: Intramural Basketball Champions 123. 133, 143: Intramural Badminton 133: Honor Study Hall 123, 133. 143- 3' swf 3' Rhoda Hecht Girls' Glee Club 123. 133. 143: Driving Club 123: Booster 133: Honor Study Hall 123. 143. John Hersey Football Manager 133: Basketball Manager 133: Golf Team 133. 143: Rifle Club 123. Secretary 133: Science Club 133: Varsity "S" Club 133. 143: Track 133, 143: Honor Study Hall Advisor 143 : Booster 143: Honor Study Hall 123, 133. 143. Tom Hoqen Boys' Glee Club 123, 133: A Cappella Choir 133. 143: Booster 123 : Science Club 143: Driving Club 133. Doris Holt Shakerite Columnist 123. 133, 143 3 Miriam Stage League 133, 143: Dramatic Club 123 : Travel Club 123. 133: French Boo-k Club 143: Honor Study Hall 123, 133, 143. Dorothy Horner Miriam Stage League 12 3. 133. 143: Travel Club 133. 143: Mixed Badminton Club 143. Marion Hubach Dramatic Club 123: Miriam Stage League 133: Open Forum Club 133: A Cappella Choir 133, 1431 Driving Club 143: Fenc- ing Club 143: Hockey 123: Honor Study Hall 1723, 133. 143. Virginia Huntley Girls' Glee Club 123: A Cappella Choir 143: Miriam Stage League 133: Dramatic Club 123, 133, 143: Travel Club 123, 133: Driving Club, Secretary 143: Cheer Leader 143: Booster 123: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 133 : French Book Club 143. ZZ Marvin Iacobson Archery Club 125: Open Forum Club 135: Dramatic Club 135: Shakerite 125: Radio Script Club 145. Mary Ann Iakes Miriam Stage League 125. 135 : Travel Club 125, 145: Shares Club 145: Driving Club 145: Hockey 125. 135. 145: Volley Ball 125. 135. 145: Basketball 125. 135. 145: Baseball 125. 135: Championship Swim- ming Team 145. Thomas Iohns Transferred to Shaker 125 : Dean's Assistant 135: Booster 145: lisperanto Club 145: Wrestling Team 145: Track 135 : Open Forum Club 145: Honor Study Hall 135. 145. Alfred Iohnson Boys' Glee Club 125. 135. 145: Travel Club 125, 135: Esperanto Club 135. 145. Clifford Kampp Travel Club 125: Boys' Olee Club 135. 145: Driving Club 145. Margaret Kelly Miriam Stage l.eague 125, 135. 145: Dramatic Club 135: Girls' Ping Pong Club 135: Girls' Badminton Club. Vice-President 145: Travel Club 145: Booster 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145. Daniel Kilmer Booster 125. 145: Science Club 135, 145: Open Forum Club 135: Model XVing Club 125: Fencing Club 145: Travel Club 145: Intramural Sports 125: Honor Study Hall 125' 1351 145- 23 Edward Kilroy Booster Captain 145 : Congressional Club 145:Football 125- 135. 145: Track 125, 1351 1452 B-2Sk6Ib-ill 1453 lntramural Football Champions 125 : Intramural Bas- ketball Team Captain 125 , Championship Team 135 : Driving Club 145 3 Honor Study Hall 125- 135. 145. Iames King Plflfl POHQ Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125 135 143 Mollie King Shares Club. President 125, 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 125. 135: A Cappella Choir 125: Girls' Tumbling Club 125: Mixed Badminton Club 145: Book Club 135: Booster 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125.135.145. Bealrice Klausner Band 12 5, 135: Boots and Saddle Club 135 I Driving Club 145: Orchestra 135: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. lrene Klausner Art Club 135: Boots and Saddle Club 1353 Driving Club 145. Ierome Klein Tennis Team 145: Vhestling Team 145: Student Council Treasurer 145. Marian Kluqe Boots and Saddle Club 125: Travel Club 125, 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 125, 135, 145 2 Driving Club 125: Girls' Cilee Club 135, 145. Allred Koestel Travel Club 125: Driving Club 145: Intra- mural Sports 125, 135, 145. Ioan Kochmit Sharcs Club 125. 135: Miriam Stage League 125: Boots and Saddle Club 1353 Driving Club 125: Studio Art Club 125: Shaker Art Club 135: Mixed Badminton Club, Secretary-Treasurer 135. 145: Arch- ery Club 145: Girls' Leaders Club 145: All Sports Club 145: Exercise Club 1357 Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. lane Koptis Dramatic Club 125. 135, 145: Travel Club 135. 145: Miriam Stage League 145: peranto Club 135: Booster 135: Ping Pong Club 135: l-lonor Study Hall 125, 135, 145 Iecmne Kossick A Cappella Choir 125. 135. 1453 Girls' Glee Club 125, 135. 145: S,li.A.A. 125. 135: Travel Club 125, 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 125, 135, 145. Ruth Kossick A Cappella Choir 135: Girls' Glee Club 135: Dramatic Club 125 3 Studio Art Club 125: Stage Design Class 135: Travel Club 125. 135, Iames Kovanda Biology Club 125 : Shakerite 135, Headline Writer 145: Track 135, 145. Richard Krause Transferred from West High School 1353 Fencing Club 145. Patricia Laclcamp Miriam Stage League 125, 135. 145 2 Dramatic Club 135 : Boots and Saddle Club 125: Travel Club 135: Booster 135, 145. lack LaMond Boys' Glee Club 125, 135, 145: S.F.A,A. 125, 135: A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Driving Club 145: Ping Pong Club 1353 Intramural Sports 125, 135, 145. Warren Langer Band 125, 135, 145: Orchestra 125, 135: Locker Supervisor 135, 145: Booster 145: Archery Club 145: Badminton Club 145. Bernard Larsen Boys' Glee Club 135: Rifle Club 135: Travel Club 135, Secretary 145: Driving Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Ann Lathe Dramatic Club 125: A Cappella Choir 125: Dean's Assistant 125, 135: Hockey 125: Baseball 125, 145: Basketball 125, 135. 145: Travel Club 125: Honor Study Hall Advisor 145: Gym Assistant 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145. Walter Laughren Wrestling Club 12 5, 135, 1451 Football 125. 135. 145: Track 135. 145: Boys' Glee Club 135: Shakerite, Circulation De- partment 145: Travel Club 125, 135, 145. Marjorie Lawson Travel Club 125: Miriam Stage League 125 : Esperanto Club 135 3 Movie Apprecia- tion Club 135: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145- 24 Elmer Lens Goodwin Leifer Boys' Glee Club 135: Honor Study Hall 145- Virginia Leslie Travel Club 125. 135. 145: Miriam Stage League 135: Dramatic Club 125, 135: Driving Club 125: Fencing Club 135: Library Club. Vice-President 145: Girls' Badminton Club, Secretary-Treasurer 145: All Sports Club 145: Booster 135: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Fred Lemr Student Council 125. 135, 145: Booster 125, 135. Captain 145: Shakerite, Circula- tion Department 145: Stage Design Class 145: Stage Crew 145: Football 125. 135. 145: Fencing Club 135, 145: Travel Club 125. 135, Stage Manager 145: Honor Study Hall 125. Allan Lewis Transferred from Heights High School 125 : Hockey 135, 145: Football 135. 145: Badminton Club 135: Archery Club 1451 All Sports Club 145: Intramural Sports 135: Booster 145: Driving Club 135: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Hall 135, 145. Robert Lewis Wrestling Club 125. 135: Band 125. 135: Driving Club 125 1 Booster 125 , 135 : Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Henry Lipuma Booster 125: Boys' Glee Club 125, 135. Vice-President 145: A Cappella Choir 125. 135, 145: Wrestling Club, President 125, 135: Wrestling Team. Captain 145: Intra- mural Football, Team Captain 125, 135. 145: Intramural Basketball 125. 135, 145: Archery Club 145: Shaker Trio 135, 145. 25 Ernest Lockwood Dramatic Club 125: Art Club 125, 135: Driving Club 125, 135: Student Council 135: Scribblers' League 145: Debating Club 135: Intramural Football Champions 135: Senior Play 145: Prince of Peace Declamation Contest Winner 145. Barbara Lowensiern Travel Club 125, 135. 145: Miriam Stage League 125: Dramatic Club 125, 145: Studio Art Club 125: Shaker Art Club, Secretary 135: Book Club 135, 145: Scribblers' League 145: Open Forum Club 135: Shakerite, Business Staff 135, Adver- tising Manager 145: Honor Study Hall 125,135 145- Isobelle Lox Travel Club 145: Golf Club 145: Boots and Saddle Club 145: Honor Study Hall 135: 145. Ieunne Lybarqer Girls' Glee Club 125, 135, Treasurer 145: Miriam Stage League 125. 135, 145: Boots and Saddle Club 125, 135, 145: Travel Club. Sergeant-at-Arms 145: Honor Study Hall125,135,1-15. Arthur Mack Debating Club 125: Dramatic Club 125: Chess Club 125: Scribblers' League 135, 145: Open Forum Club 135, President 145: Esperanto Club, Treasurer 135, In-- structor 145. David Mcrclure Fencing Club 135. Vice-President 145: Junior Rifle Club. President 1351 Senior Rifle Club 145: Booster 135. Mariorie Main Miriam Stage League 125, 135. 145: As- sistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 135: Band 125, Junior Secretary 135: Shares Club 125. Vice-President 135: Dean's As- sistant 125, 135, 145: Shakerite 135, 145: A Cappella Choir 145: Ciirls' Cilee Club 145: Book Club 135, 145: Baseball 125. 135: Hockey 125: Basketball 125. Rodger Marous Wrestling Club 121. 131: Travel Club 131: Booster 121, Assistant Captain 131: Intramural Basketball Champions 1311 Intramural Football Champions 131: ln' tramural Basketball 141. Ralph Marshall Student Council 121. 131 2 Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 131 : Booster 131 : Science Club 121 : Travel Club 141- Iean Martin Miriam Stage League 121. 131. 1411 Dramatic Club 121. 131: Travel Club 121. 131, 141: Driving Club 121: Hockey 121, mg Basketball 121, 131: Booster 121, 131: Honor Study Hall 121, 131- 141. Charles McCord 1--Iockqy 121, 131: Travel Club 121- 131: Honor Study Hall 131, 141. Willis McCune Band 121. 131, 141: Booster 1412 Honor Study Hall 141. Nancy McVay Miriam Stage League 121. 131. 141: Open lforum Club 141: Travel Club 121. Nom- inating Committee 131: Book Club 131: Annual Board 141: .Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 121, Advisor 131: Booster 121, 141: Honor Study Hall 121, 131. Richard Meikle Boys' Glee Club 121: Travel Club 131: Radio Club, Vice-President 141: Intramural Sports 141: Honor Study Hall 121. 141. Iames Mellman Boys' Cilee Club 121: Orchestra 121, 141: String Ensemble 141: S.F.A.A. 121. Social Chairman 131. 141: Booster 141: Pho- tography Club 141: Honor Study Hall 121, 131, 141: Tennis Team 141. William Metzenbaum Rifle Club 121: Wrestling Club 121, 1311 Hockey 131. 141: Varsity Club 141: Intramural Football Champions 121 : Travel Club 131, 141: Student Council 141: Booster, Assistant Captain 131 3 Honor Study Hall 121. 131, 141. Virginia Meyer Transferred from Shaw High School 131: Miriam Stage League 131, 141: Boots and Saddle Club 131. 141: Driving Club 141: Dean's Assistant 141. Allan Miller Student Council 121: Booster 121, 131, MoX'ic Booster. Captain 141: A Cappella Choir 131, 141: Boys' Glee Club 121, Secretary-Treasurer 131, President 141: Honor Study Hall Advisor 121: Honor study Hall 121, 131, 141. Maryon Miller Miriam Stage League 121, 131: Dramatic Club 121. 131: Travel Club 121, 131, 141: Library Club 141: Driving Club 141: Shakerite 141: Badminton 121, 131: Honor Study Hall 121, 131, 141. Iames Millican Student Council 121 3 Booster 1412 Shaker- ite 131. Headline 1Vriter 141 : Science Club 131, President 141: Wrestling Club 121. 131. Vice-President 121: Intramural Foot- ball Champions 131. 141: Intramural Basketball Champions 131, 141: Driving Club 131: Library Club 121: Honor Study Hall131, 141. Thomas Mooney A Cappella Choir 131, 141: Football 121. 131, 141: Hockey 131, 141: Wrestling Team 141: Intramural Sports 121, Cham- pionship Basketball Team 141: Track 131: All Sports Club 141: Driving Club 121: Model Vvling, Club 121: Travel Club 121: Airplane Club 141: Stage Design Class 131, 141: Dramatic Club 141: Honor Study Hall 121, 131, 141. 26 Evaiean Moore Transferred to Shaker 145: Badminton Club 145: Travel Club 145: Library Club. Secretary 145. David Morgan Booster 125: A Cappella Choir 125. 135. Librarian 145: Boys' Glee Club 125. 135, Librarian 145: Hockey 135, 1452 Wrest- ling Club, Secretary 125: Golf Team 145. Captain 135: Archery Club 125. 135: Varsity "S" Club 135. 145: Stage Design Class 145: Shaker Trio 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135,145. Iohn Morrow Booster 145: Student Announcer 145 1 Spring Play 145 : Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 145 3 Honor Study Hall 12 5. 135, 145. Becky lane Murphy Miriam Stage League 125. 135. 145: Boots and Saddle Club 125, 145: Travel Club 125, 135, 145:C1irls'Glee Club 135. 145: Dean's Assistant 125: Booster 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Perry Narlen Booster 125: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 135, Advisor 145: Rifle Club 135. 145: Driving Club 135: Hockey 135, 145: Intramural Sports 125. 135, 145: Captain of Championship Homeroom Iioot- ball Team 145: Track 135, 145: Science Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145. Denison Neale Transferred to Shaker 135: A Cappella Choir 135. 145: Student Announcer 145: Scribblers' League 145: Honor Study Hall 145. Carl Nethrer Dramatic Club 125: Assistant Stage Elec- trician 135. Chief lilectrician 145: Projec- tion Crew 135, 145: Public Address Tech- nician 145: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 145: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Halt 125,135.1-15. 27 Richard Nelson Driving Club 125, 135: Travel Club 135, 145: Science Club 145: Photography Club 145- Albina Nendza Transferred from Richfield High School 135. Robert Netherton Rifle Club 125: Travel Club 135, 145: Hockey 135, 145: Varsity "S" Club 145: Booster 135, 145. Mary Newhall Miriam Stage League 125. 135: Travel Club 135: Dramatic Club 135, 145: Driv- ing Club 145: Dean's Assistant 125, 135, 145. Charles Norlin Science Club 135. Treasurer 145: liencing Club, Treasurer 135, President 145: Es- peranto Club 135: Archery Club 13 5, 145: XVrestling Club 145: Tennis Team 145: Track 135, 145: Fencing Team. Captain 145 : Vy'restling Team 145 I Aero Club 145: Intramural Sports 125. 135. 1451 Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Robert Norwick Science Club 135, 145: Travel Club 145: Driving Club 145: Booster 135, Captain 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135,145. William Noss Biology Club 135: Rifle Club 145: Travel Club 145: Intramural Sports 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Gerard Novario Wrestling Club 125: Football 135. 145: Track 145: Boys' Glee Club 135. Ioanne Otte Travel Club 125: Dramatic Club 125, 135: Miriam Stage League 135: Open Forum Club 135: Student Council 135: Driving Club 145: Fencing Club 145: Scribblers' League 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Marcella Pasek Miriam Stage League 125, 135. 145: Dramatic Club 125. 135. 145: Travel Club 135, 145: Fencing Club 145: Driving Club 145: Hockey 125. 135. 145: Volley Ball 125, 135: Basketball 125, 135. Championship Team 145 : Baseball 125. 135, 145: Dean's Assistant 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. lane Patterson Girls' Glee Club 125: Miriam Stage League 125. 135: Travel Club 125, 1351 Dra- matic Club 135: Art Club 125: Dean's Assistant 135, 145. Dugald Pearson Student Council 135. Chairman Budget Committee 145: Honor Study Hall Advisor 125, 135: Class President 145: Assistant Booster Captain 135, Captain 145: Con- gressional Club 145: Annual Board. Asa sistant Class Editor 145: Chairman of Wrestling Committee 145: Track 125, 135, 145: Hockey 145: Varsity "S" Club 145: Intramural Football Champions 135: Junior Rifle Club, Treasurer 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Gladys Pelunis Miriam Stage League 135: Dramatic Club 135, 145: Travel Club 135, 145: Booster 135: Honor Study Hall 135. 145. Sylvia Perlberg Miriam Stage League 1352 Dramatic Club 125, 135. 145: Travel Club 125. 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Richard Petrequin Booster 125. Captain 145: Honor Study Hall Advisor 145: Congresional Club. Treasurer 145: A Cappella Choir 125, 135, President 145: Boys' Cilee Club 135: Class Vice-President 145: Football 125. 135. 145: Track 125, 135, 145: Golf 135. 145: Hockey 145: Archery 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Donald Pierce Transferred to Shaker 145: Booster 145: Track 14 5. Priscilla Plumb Miriam Stage League 125. 135. 1451 Genonkwenon 135 : Dramatic Club 125: Travel Club 12 5, 135, Secretary 125: Booster 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, Advisor 145. LaVerne Pohorlak Dramatic Club 125: Travel Club 135, 145: Driving Club 135: Girls' Glee Club 135: Booster 135. Melvine Pollack Dramatic Club 125. 135. 145: Travel Club 135, 145: Miriam Stage League 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. William Prior Boys' Glee Club 125, 135: A Cappella Choir 125. 135. 145: Movie Booster 145: Intramural Basketball 125. , Dick Ruger Booster 125, 1353 Track 125, 1351 Intramural Sports 145 : Budget Ticket Com- mittee 145 : Driving Club 145 : Honor Study Hall 125. 145. . 28 Isabel Randall A Cappella Choir 135: Girls' Glee Club 125, 145: Dramatic Club 125: Library Club 125: Travel Club 145. Alice Reed A Cappella Choir 135: Girls' Glee Club 125: Miriam Stage League 135. 145: Dramatic Club 135, 145: Travel Club 125. Teller 135, Sergeantfat-Arms 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Lenore Reed A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Girls' Glee Club 135: Miriam Stage League 145: Travel Club 145: Honor Study Hall 135, 145- Iamos Reid Football 125, 145: Intramural Football 135: Basketball 135, 145: Booster 145, Robert Richardson Dramatic Club 125: Booster 125: Shakerite 145. Susan Rieley Dramatic Club 125 : Travel Club 125, 135 : Scribblers' League 145 : Girls' Bad- minton Club 145. William Rodgers Boys' Glee Club 125: Track 125, 135, 145: Football 135- 145: Varsity Club 145: Booster 125: Swimming Team 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. 29 Iames Rogers A Cappella Choir 125. 135, 145: Boys' Glee Club 125: Football 125, 145: Track 125, 135, 145: Basketball 135. 145: Varsity "S" Club 145: Water Polo 135: Rifle Club 125, President 135 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135, A Leonard Rosenberg Biology Club 125: Science Club 125: Driving Club 125, 135: Photography Club 145. Sylvia Rosenberg Miriam Stage League 125. 135, 145: Dramatic Club 125, 135: Travel Club 125: French Book Club 145 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135.145. Marcia Rosenberqer Miriam Stage League 125, 135, 145: Travel Club 125, 135. Sergeant-at-Arms 145 1 Dramatic Club 125. 135, 145: Honor Study Hall Advisor 145: Dean's Assistant 135: Hockey 125: Honor Study Hall 125. 135' 145- Alan Rosenblatt A Cappella Choir 125, 135, 145 3 Dramatic Club 125, 135, 145: Senior Play 125, 135, 145: Boys' Glee Club 125. 135: 145: Annual Board 145: Student An- nouncer 145 : Chess Club 125 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Donald Rosenblum Booster 125, 135: Dramatic Club 125, 135, 145: Senior Play. Property Manager 1353 Travel Club 145: Chess Club 125: Photography Club 145. Shirley Rag: Travel Club 125 1 Miriam Stage League 125. 135. 145: Dramatic Club 125, 135, 145: Hockey 125: Booster 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Helen Rownd A Cappella Choir 1 3 5. 145 : Boots ant: Saddle Club 135. 145 3 Girls' Glee Club 125, 135: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. David Ruse BOOSIU 1 Z 5 5 135 3 Boys' Glee Club 12 5. 135 3 Aero Club 125: Rifle Club 135 3 Football 125. 145: Swimming Team 145. Edgar Ryan Assistant Booster Captain 1.7. 5. Captain 135: Honor Study Hall Advisor 145 3 Congres- sional Club 145 : Varsity HS" Club 13 5. 1i45CFOOIbJll125. 135. 145: Track 125, 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Calvin Sanborn Science Club 145: Driving Club 125, 1353 Booster 145 3 Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Doris Sands Miriam Stage League 12 5. 1353 Dramatic Club 125, 135. 145: Boots and Saddle Club 12 5. Secretary-Treasurer 135: Book Club 13 5. 145 3 Girls' Glee Club 135. 145: Travel Club 145 3 Booster 135 3 Basketball 125. 135: Hockey 125, 1353 Baseball 12 5. 135: Honor Study Hall 12 5 . 135. 145. Lee Sanfillipo Transferred to Shaker 135 : Girls' Glee Club 135. 145: Baseball 145: Honor Study Hall 135. 145. Stanley Sangdahl Booster 135: Dramatic Club 1253 Bade minton Club 135. 1453 lntramural Sports 125. 135: All Sports Club 145 3 Archery Club 1453 Tennis Team 145: Travel Club 1453 Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Robert Saul Dorothy Schilling Dramatic Club 135: Travel Club 125 135. 145: Girls' Glee Club 135, 145: Baseball 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 135 145. Evelyn Schmittendorf Transferred from John Adams 135: Girls' Glee Club 145: A Cappella Choir 145. Eleanor Schonitzer Girls' Glee Club 125. 135, 145 3 Mirian' Stage League 145 3 Metronome Club 125 1353 Driving Club 125: Travel Club 125 135. 145 3 Book Club 145: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 12 5. 1353 Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Patricia Schwab Transferred to Shaker 14 5. Roslyn Schwalb Travel Club 125 : Miriam Stage Leagui 1351 Dramatic Club 135. 145: Girls' Glen Club 135: Driving Club 145: Booster 135 Eugene Schwarz Booster 125. 135. 1451liootbJll 125- 135 145: Track 125, 135, 145: Wrestling Club 125. 135: Vxlrestling Team 145 Basketball 135. 145: Varsity Clul 135. 1453 Intramural Sports 125, 135 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 1.35. 30 Ruih Seaman Dramatic Club 125. 135. 145: Art Club 125. 135: Stage Design Class 145: Travel Club 145 : Driving Club 145 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Harold Shade Transferred from Lehmen High School. Canton 135: A Cappella Choir 135: Boys' Glee Club 135, 145: Swimming Team 145: Wrestling Club 135: Championship Water Polo Team 135: Travel Club 145. lack Shadelr Boys' Cvlee Club 12 5, Librarian 135 3 Booster 125, 135 : Basketball 135, 145: Track 125. 135. 145: Football 1451 Varsity "S" Club 135. 145 : Intramural Basketball 145, Harriet Shea Transferred from Savannah High School 125: Dramatic Club 125: Miriam Stage League 135: Boots and Saddle Club 145: Travel Club 135: Booster 135: Dean's Assistant 145. Robert Sibbison Class Secretary 135. 145: Booster 125, 135. 145 : Assistant Honor Study Hall Ad- visor 145: Shakerite Business Staff 125: Open Forum Club 135: Driving Club 135. 145: A Cappella Choir 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. David Simon Dramatic Club 135, 145. Treasurer 125: Shakerite 135. News Editor 145: Open Forum Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145. Alyce Sinnott Miriam Stage League 125, 135, 145: Dramatic Club 125. 135: Driving. Club 125. 145: Studio Art Club 135: Fencing Club 135: Travel Club 135. 145: Booster 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Sl Donald Skove Band 125. 135. 145: Orchestra 145: S.F.A.A. 125, 135. Controlling Board 145: A Cappella Choir 135. 145: Intramural Sports 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145- Dorothy Skove Dramatic Club 125. 135: Hockey 125: Open Forum Club 135: A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Driving Club 145: Miriam Stage League 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135- 145- Winifred Smith Miriam Stage League 125: Dramatic Club 125, 135, 145: Boots and Saddle Club 125, 135. 145: Archery Club 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Elizabeth Spangler Miriam Stage League 125. 135. 145: Travel Club 125. 145: Honor Study Hall 135. 145. Eleanor Speaker Dramatic Club 12 5. 135 : Girls' Leaders Club 125, 13 5, President 145 : Hockey 125, 135. 145 : Basketball 125. 135. 145 : Miriam Stage League 135: Dean's Assistant 135, 145 : Driving Club 145 2 Annual Board. Assistant Club Editor 145 3 Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Leonard ig Booster 45: Assista t Ca 'ri 1 5: Arch- ery Clu ' ll .135. Iean Steigerwald Miriam Stage League 125: Dramatic Club 125: Boots and Saddle Club 125: Sharcs Club 125, 135. Secretary 145: Girls' Leaders Club 135. 145: Badminton Club 135: Archery Club 145: Hockey 125. 135, 145: Volley Ball 125. 1351 Basket- ball 125. 135: All Star Team 135: Base- ball 125. 135: Captain of Winning Hockey Team 135: Booster 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Marshall Stone Shakerite 125, Advertising Manager 135. Business Manager 145: A Cappella Choir 135, 145: Boys' Glee Club 125, 135: Science Club 125. 135 : Esperanto Club 135: Scribblers' League 145: Radio Club 145 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Iuanita Strock Miriam Stage League 125. 135 : Travel Club 125. 135. 145: Dramatic Club 125. 135: Boots and Saddle Club 125: Girls' Bad- minton Club 145: Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 13. 145. Miriam Stromberg Orchestra 125, 135: Band 125, 135, 145: Booster 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135. 145- Gloria Sullivan Dramatic Club 125. 135: Studio Art Club 135: Miriam Stage League 135, 145: Girls' Badminton Club 135: Fencing Club 135 3 Travel Club 145 : Booster 145 : Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Iean Swan Dramatic Club Secretary 125, 135: Boots and Saddle Club. President 135, 145: A Cappella Choir 125. 135: Travel Club 125: Skating Club 135: Girls' Cilee Club 125: Driving Club 135: Archery Club, Secretary 145: Shakerite, Columnist 145: Honor Study Hall 125: 135, 145. Daphne Thobaben Dean's Assistant 125, 135: Main Olice Asa sistant 145: Miriam Stage League 125, 135: Travel Club 135, 145: Dramatic Club 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Blaine Thompson Annual Board, Business Manager 145 : Foot- ball 135. 145 : Basketball 135 : Booster 135: Debating Club 125. Lloyd Thompson Football 125. 135. 145: Wrestling Club 125. 135: Basketball 125, 135. 145: Var- sity "S" Club 135. 145: Track 125, 135, 145: Boys' Glee Club 135, 145: Booster 145:GolfTeam 135, 145. Garth Thornton Band 125, 135. 145: Tennis Team 125. 135, 145: Badminton Club 135, President 145: Varsity "S" Club 135. 145: Mixed Doubles Badminton Championship 135: Ping Pong Club 135. Madeline Tierney CviflS' C1100 Club 125, 135 : Boots and Sad- dle Club 125. 135: Miriam Stage League 125: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Herman Tobin Boys' Glee Club 125. Librarian 135: Foot- ball 125. 135. 145: Wrestling Club 125 135. Team 145: Intramural Basketbal Champions 125. 135: Intramural Sport: 145: Booster 135, 145. Gladys Toth Travel Club 125, 135 : Miriam Stage Leagui 125, 135, 145: Booster 135, 145. Haskell Torrence Student Council 135. President 145: Stu dent Court, Junior Advisor 135: Centra Committee 135: Class President 135: Con gressional Club 135, 145: Booster 125: 1 Cappella Choir 125, Secretary 135, Presi dent 135: S. F. A. A. 135, 145: Drivin Club, Secretary 135: Intramural Footba 145: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. Frank Tully Junior Rifle Club 125: Fencing Club 135 Open Forum Club 135: Booster 145 Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. 3 Robert Tuneberq Fencing 133: Honor Study Hall 143. Linda Unger Drarnatic Club 123. 133. 143: Miriam Stage League 143: Travel Club 123: Shale-- erite 123. 133, 143. Feature liditor 133: Honor Study Hall 113. 133, 143. Daniel Vaughn Booster 133, 143: Annual Board, Assistant Business Manager 133: Dean's Assistant 133: Science Club 143: Travel Club 133, Treasurer 143: Driving Club 143: Foot- ball 133: Track 123: Honor Study Hall 123.133.143. Iohn Vilas Rifle Club 133: Science Club 143: Hockey 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 143. Susan Wadden Transferred to Shaker 143. Martin Wald Band 123. 133, 143. John Walker Transferred from Heights High School 133 : Bgoster 143: Rifle Club 143: Football 1 . 33 Shirley Wallace Band 123. 133. 143: Orchestra 123. 133: S. F. A. A. 133, 143: Honor Study Hall 123.133,143. lack Ward Boys' Glee Club 123. 133. 143: Open Forum Club 123. 133: Driving Club 143: Science Club 143: lntramural Football 143: Booster 143. lane Ward Girls' Cilee Club 123: Studio Art Club 133, Secretary-Treasurer 123 3 Driving Club 123: Miriam Stage League 133, 143: Dramatic Club 133. 143: Ifencing Club 133 : Travel Club 143: A Cappella Choir 143: Booster 133: Honor Study Hall 123. 133, 143. Herbert Warden Booster 133, 143. Assistant Captain 133: Student Council 123 2 Assistant Honor Study Hall Advisor 143: liootball 123, 143: Hockey 143: Travel Club 143. Kenneth Waterbury Booster 123, 1331 Intramural Sports 123: l'ootball Manager 123, 1335 Basketball Manager 123: Golf Team 143. Captain 133: Scoreboard Engineer 143. lames Watt Booster 123, 133: Honor Study Hall Ad- visor 143: Driving Club 123. 133: Score- board Engineer 133, 143: Honor Study Hall123.133, 143. Carol Weddell Miriam Stage League 123. 143. Vice-Presi- dent 133 : Genonlcwenon 133: Class Vice- President 133 1 Central Committee 133, 143, Secretary 133: Studio Art Club. Presi- dent 123 : Boots and Saddle Club 123 : Radio Script Club 133: Dramatic Club 133 : Honor Study Hall 123, 133, 143. Robert Weiniurlner Student Council Committee Chairman 145: Assistant 125 1 Congressional Club 145 3 Class Social Chairman 145 : Travel Club, President 145: Driving Club 135, 145: Golf Club 135: Badminton Club 135: Wrestling Club 125, 135: Boys' Glee Club 135: Varsity Club 135, 145: Track 125. 135. 145: Hockey 145: Booster 145. Ruth Werba Miriam Stage League 125, 135, 1-1-55 Travel Club 125. 135. 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135, 145. Clyde Wheeler Science Club 125, 135, 145: Stage Elec- trician 145g Projection Crew 145: Cheni- istry l.aboratory Assistant 145: Intramural Basketball Champions 125. Eugene Whitman Football 125, 135. 145: Travel Club 135: Assistant Stage Manager 145 1 Dramatic Club 135, 145: Fencing Club 135. 145: Air- plane Club 145: Wrestling Club 135. 145, Varsity Club 145: Stage Design Class 145: Booster 145. Robert Williams A CZIPPCH-1 Cl'10ir 125, 135. 145 1 Booster 125: Basketball 125: Honor Study Hall Advisor 135: Driving Club 125, 1353 Model Wing Club 125: Band 145: Track 135. 145: Spring Play 145. Doris Ann Wright Transferred to Shaker 135: Miriam Stage league 135, 145: Dramatic Club. Secre- tary 135: Cheer l.eader 145: Skating Club 135: Shakerite 145: Booster 145: Honor Study Hall 135, 145. Kathryn Wyman Dramatic Club 125: Miriam Stage League 135: Travel Club 135, 145: Dean's As- sistant 145: Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145- Ruth Yarris Girls' Glee Club 125, 135, 145: Miriai Stage League 145: Travel Club 145 Honor Study Hall 125. 135. 145. Ruth Zaas Dramatic Club 125. 145: Travel Club 125 135: Miriam Stage l.eague 145. Hans Zachmann Student Council Committee Chairman 145 Congressional Club President 145: Assistan Booster Captain 145: Boys' Glee Clul Secretaryflnreasurer 1253 Class Sociz Chairman 135: Basketball 125. 135, 145 A Cappella Choir 135: Esperanto Clu 135: Honor Study Hall 125, 135, 145. William Ziechmann Assistant Booster Captain 125 : Assistan Honor Study Hall Advisor 125, Adviso 135. 145: German Studentllfxchange 135 German Club 135. 145: Honor Study Hal 125. Sheldon Zimmerman Dramatic Club 125, 135. 145: Driving Club 125, 135: Radio Script Club 145 Ping Pong Club 125: Fencing Club 145 Basketball 135: Track 145. Tom Zucal Airplane Club 125. VicefPresident 145: Shaker Art Club 135: Booster 145: Honoi Study Hall 135, 145. Lois Bellanger Honor Study Hall 34 .-- K Jw--.1ngfwjr:' g.,,'c 'r is --,.,g,.Sn -if - 1 - mymi. . W. Y . . . H.. , . .. V . ,. H.. .1 .' SHAKER DATES September Dear Graduate: 7 I promised to write you a monthly letter- School's started again, so maybe I'd better. 16 Girl cheerleaders didn't help, it appears, For Hay beat Shaker, the first time in years. 30 Our budget went over the top today: We join Mr. Thrailkill in shouting, "Hurray! The football score: seven to two. Bedford was beaten: sad UD but true. -Still Struggling n October Dear Grad: 3 We listen to try-outs and vote to select The P.A. announcers who sound most correct. 7 We lost in football at Shaw tonight: Seven to nothing. It doesn't seem right! 8 Mr. Wayne Morris got questioned by two Of the Shakerite's female news-gathering crew. 10 Our new Mr. Ellis arrives to direct The music department: he's good, we suspect. 20 A detective was scheduled to talk today: He got the wrong date, so we sang time away. 21 When the scattered students had been collected, 'Phe year's class officers soon were elected. 24 Open House: Mother and Dad are there. I pace the floor and tear my hair. 27 The Junior High Carnival yields me a prize And brings back the days when I was that size. 28 God bless the N E O T A For giving us this holiday. 29 Heights is tied with a rousing cheer In the football climax of the year. 31 We saw "You Can't Have Everything", The first noon movie shown since spring. -S. S. November Dear Grad: 5 Thirty-three to zero: we're licked by Lorain. This losing in football becomes quite a strain. ll As we quivered and shook and got a bit paler We took an exam at the fluoroscope trailer. -22 My budget meets a complication: The Community Fund gets a big donation. 18 "Resentment's ridiculous," Zona Gale said: Which excellent motto should put us ahead. 23 The seniors successfully tried to entrance The rest of the school with an afternoon dance. 25 Hockey today: the first of the year. U. S. had hopes, but did they disappear! 27 Had my senior picture taken. I'm sure I looked a trifle forsaken. -S. S. Dear 7 13 15 16 17 21 30 Dear 3 12 15 21 26 28 30 Dear l 6 7 December Grad: Basketball season opened tonight. Berea went down beneath Shakers might. Parents, teachers, and pupils discuss What education should offer to us. Got the proofs for my pictures today. I hope I don't actually look that way. Our huskies look about and beam, For Shaker has a wrestling team. The Congressional Club gave a dance: we remain For it after the basketball game with Lorain. Time for Santa Claus at last. CDon't worry--vacation will soon be past.j Heights was licked at six to one- We prove that in hockey we're second to none. I missed you at the alumni dance. You should have seen the Old Boys prancel John Adams skates off with a one to one score: It's the Hrst game we've tied, so why demand more? --S. S. January Grad: We start the new year feeling fine, Grimly determined to rise and shine. The speaker on temperance shocked all the teachers, But he did us more good than the usual preachers. The Candlelight Service was given for us By our excellent A Cappella chorus. "Metz" got socked with a hockey stick, But the Collinwood boys were the ones who felt sick Band concert at school tonight: Our budding musicians were really all right. Our staff announcers read a radio play Presented on the air today. Exam week comes with mournful gloom. The school awaits impending doom. The hockey game was perfect heaven- Lakewood lost, zero-eleven. The new l0B's arrive to earn Diplomas via "Live and learn." Patronize and help us boom Shaker's modern social room. -S. S. February Grad: Another Senior class got through. I sometimes wonder how they do. The classes of '39 met and conferred On the Annual dedicatee they preferred. The Annual Board passed questions and took The seniors' opinions to put in their book. 9 10 ll 17 18 20 22 24 25 29 Dear 2 4 ll 17 18 21 31 Dear 5 l l We heard about our capital city: The talk was good and the slides were pretty. These question sheets make me simply furious! For this one the "Shakerite" staff was curious. Three cheers! Hurrah! I won my bet! We beat East Tech, our hockey threat. The assembly on sight-saving left us agog With its information and seeing-eye dog, Today Allan Lewis got hit on the head- But the hockey score left Shaw in the red. We skipped today, though teachers raged: And saw the "Folies" the Palace staged. Washington, father of his nation, Handed us this day's vacation. This occasion really merits a wreath, For the basketball score left Heights underneath The Congressional Club lived up to its fame And we danced to our victory after the game. Our hockey boys are still ahead. The eleventh win, as you may have read. A Shaker alumna is on the make: The movies gave Dorothy Humel a break. Oh gee! This date was an accident. lt must have been next year l meant. -S. S. March Grad: I didn't know they had talent until Our musical genii showed us their skill. Our hockey schedule's long enough! This time East High found we were tough. And still another hockey game: Today our team met Holy Name. The Lake Erie League had another event: Our extemporaneous orator went. "The Mad Hopes" rose and fell tonight As our acting stars shone clear and bright. St. Ignatius and its hockey team Was the last on our schedule, it would seem. We all let our voices loudly ring In the season's first assembly sing. The calendar tells us that spring is here, But so is spring fever, 1 sadly fear. Spring really came for us today, When spring vacation came our way. -S. S. April Grad: This is vacation, but l'm still pretty busy: Picking my college is making me dizzy. We put our nose to the wheel once more. School in spring is an awful bore. 28 The operetta was on tonight. I cheered our stars with all my might. 31 Duke is the college I finally chose, Though why I did nobody knows. -S. S. May Dear Grad: 8 Next fall l'll go to Ohio State. The Duke idea got the gate. 9 The "Sharcs' Club" gave a water show, And I'm certainly glad I decided to go. 18 I've decided to go to school in the east. Then I'll acquire an accent, at least. 24 Student politics came to school, But our candidates stuck to the Golden Rule. 29 Again our cheerful warbles rise, As assembly singers shake the skies. 30 No school today: a holiday for Memorial day and the civil War. -S. S. June Dear Grad: 2 And now again I'm all at sea. What college would be best for me? 5 Every Harry, Dick, and Tom Showed up tonight at the Senior Prom. 7 And now, at last-my graduation! And then-oh bliss!-a long vacation. -Just Another Ex P.S.-We did have good times: school really was fun I'm beginning to realize it now that we're done Please read these letters carefully, Then put them all away: And tie them up with memories Until some later day. I hope, that in the years to come, If things are looking bad: These pages will bring back to you The high school fun you had. l-gr.l5n -xvg' ll h IW, Ncw H'l'.ll'4S I W lb. Doop in .1 IEXCJITI .Al-'nut ' I-4. Pick on So111cl1od1' Your I'. fjlllI1llIT1lWCZt'd 'v'nA"l,vv-'nu Own Sin , . - . Ib. lhawxc C,UI1QlIISTlHQ 1, 1 13. XVl1uw Is Shu? Hcrucs Ai 5- X Q' , X , Af' --' X 5 I0 O. I. mhgt gavux Sax! - po 's S, H. S. ll. 51.1515 .md S1m'1a's I GU for 'I-hm 171, l'rom 1X1ph.1 11101110 V V , L 24. 01111151 Mx' XV.1v' Drunkxng :Xg.11r1' 517.11110 '7 on You .5 Srrvicc with .1 SHHIL' is ft' lla Helen Conroy Ruth Davis so L Sally Alcorn H, Eleanor Schonitzer Gloria Sullivan so Marian Boyd Jean Gibbons , Jane Ward LL Helen Charpentier Carol Piercy LLL Barbara Davis Carol Weddell Jane Patterson Jean Swan ss Frances Foley , Thalia Carter , Debby Burton L Barbara Haggard Priscilla Plumb L Margee Main Alice Edmiston Carol Garden L, Marion Hubach Ginny Herrick , Virginia Boos A Senior Says His Alphabet Athletic Ability Brains so Jack Sinclair George Sowers Character , , Dick Petrequin Dancing Ability D, Ward Tolan Eyes Dave Morgan Figure W Jim Rogers Generosity' James Millican Hair gage so , Ed Kilroy Individuality Y Bob Sibbison Joviality so Kindness Leadership 7 , Lloyd Thompson Norm Colquhoun Haskell Torrence Mouth so Ken Waterbury Nerve sa, 7 , ,,Denny Neale Qratory es. ,,Ernest Lockwood Personality ,, , Bob Weinfurtner Quietness W ,, Perry Narten Reliability D so Sophistication , Tact ,S Y, , Understanding Carl Nehrer Hans Zachmann Dugald Pearson ,L Grover Foster Voice , as Warren Gressle worthiness ,Lo L S, S, SLHL, Wally Adler X is the unknown quality Yumph LH, W aa Goody Leifer Zeal L , LLAllan Lewis AN ANNUAL EVENT T last! My suspense would soon be over! I had waited patiently these many months, and now I would know for sure. I had merely to open my Gristmill and turn to the Travel Club page to see whether I really had been yawning when the picture was taken. Feverishly I grabbed the book. Then. realizing that the middle of the hall was scarcely the place for quiet meditation over photographs, I clasped my precious Annual to my chest and ran for the nearest secluded nook. After a bit of difficulty, I finally found an empty chair far from the maddened crowd. Gently, but determinedly, I opened the book, The first thing I found was the section of senior pictures. Then, quite suddenly, I was seized with my annual Gristmill fever. Perhaps it was the sight of all my classmates staring at me so solemnly from their pages that first inflamed me: whatever it was, I felt that I must see every picture and read every page. The girls' hockey team! I was in that picture. I remembered quite dis- tinctly, because the fire bell had rung while we were putting on our gym suits. Literary-Sports--Clubs-where in the world was the hockey picture? Oh, under sports, of course. So I leafed back through the pages one by one until I chanced on the girls' sport page. Basketball-volleyball-hockey! And then I saw myself as others see me. Was my gym suit on backwards, or had the camera been upside down? After another moment I tore my eyes away from the picture supposed to represent me, and progressed to the Book Club. At least I started to hunt for the Book Club, but along the way I stopped to look at the football team. It's too bad they can't print the Annuals in color: our boys would look so cute in their little red uniforms. But I was looking for the Book Club picture. I sped past the Will and the Calendar with the fleeting thought that I must come back and read them. And so I progressed forward to-oh, the Travel Club picture! Now to see if my mouth was open! Let's see-I was in the sixth-or was it the fifth-row. and-then I stopped. amazed. There I was, or should have been. But all I could see of me was two ears and a curl. The girl in front had taken up my share of the picture, too. After such a disappointment as that, I was prepared for anything. I must read the literary efforts. And the Composite Senior! I'd forgotten about that. Now where were those features? I'd passed them a few minutes ago. Were they before or after the senior pictures? Oh! I hadn't looked at my senior picture! Ah, there I was! Not a terribly bad photo: in fact rather good! And quite a tidy block of activities. Travel Club, Book Club,--oh oh! I hadn't ever found my Book Club picture. On the way. I unearthed the Prophecy, and stuck my finger in the page for future reference. Book Club-but suddenly I remembered. I'd been absent the day the picture was taken, and they hadn't been interested in taking it again for my sake. I sank contentedly into a dreamy half-hour of absorption in artistic en- deavors. I read the Calendar, Prophecy, and Will, and argued with myself over the Composite Senior. Then I decided to start right at the beginning and go stfaight through, taking in sideshows and all. So I proceeded, going slowly at first, but gaining conndence and speed as I went on, and at length even losing my reluctance at seeing each new page for fear it would have a picture of me in an "off moment". Finally I looked up. It was getting late. Going through the book page by page had taken time. If there had only been some order in the book! I had wasted so much time finding the pictures I wanted to see. Well, only a few more pages. Turning the next page, I was confronted with a beautiful, unused index. I stared at it with a feeling of frustration. Why hadn't I been warned? When I graduate from college I shall start a drive for putting the index at the beginning of a book, instead of at the end. CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT We, thc great Senior Class of l939, being momentarily of sound mind and perfect mem- ory, do make and ordain this, our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking any and all XVill or Wills by us heretofore concocted, in manner and form following: ITEM I: To the incoming seniors, we bequeath the extra breath needed for three flights of stairs after the fresh air maneuvers in the field across the street. ITEM II: To the future juniors, we leave forgiveness for all trespassing into the realms of the mighty and dignified seniors. ITEM III: To all the petrified sophomores, we will a faculty whose nerves have been shattered by three years of lofty cakers. . ITEM IV: To the faculty, we leave a school that is definitely lacking-having lost the Class of '39. ITEM V: Wally Adler leaves his "stand-in" with the faculty to "Red" White, who probably needs it more. ITEM VI: Marge Gunderson leaves her sense of humor to Jane Gentholts. ITEM VII: Ken Waterbury leaves his lollipops Csuckers to youlj. ITEM VIII: Bob Burton leaves his spirit of co-operation, as well as his ability for lead- ership, to Franklin Morse. ITEM IX: Priscilla Plumb would be glad to leave something to Patsy Komlos: but, after all, Pat has everything. ITEM X: Denny Neale leaves, unconquered by local lassies. ITEM XI: Norm Colquhoun leaves his unrequited love affair to John Krum. ITEM XII: Lois Ahlman leaves her steadfastness to Betty Hodge. ITEM XIII: Ruth Van Aken leaves her genuine affability to Doris Alburn. ITEM XIV: Bill Brett leaves his 'iNoon" dancing to any lad who isn't afraid of first degree burns. ITEM XV: Haskell Torrence leaves his enthusiastic support to the legs of the cafeteria tables. I , ITEM XVI: Jean Martin leaves her chatter-box to Barbara Brown. QNO winding ncededj ITEM XVII: Rose Ann Fayne leaves her Girl Scout uniform to Helen Ayers. ITEM XVIII: Alcorn, I-Iolt, and Reed leave their close friendship to the three stoogcs EBee, JayYee, and JayZee. ITEM XIX: Eleanor Schonitzer leaves her ability to break dates to any of you who can get them in the first place. ITEM XX: Sonny Kyman leaves his Wrestling holds to Bob Adams. ITEM XXI: Thalia Carter leaves her "busy line" to Jean Allen. ITEM XXII: Hans Zachmann leaves his "inferiority" complex to Ed Sinnott. ITEM XXIII: Dugald Pearson leaves his ever-pleasing personality to Fleming Blair. We direct that all our just debts be paid as soon after our decease as possible, and nomi- nate and appoint Mr. Patin as i'executioner" without bond of this, our Last Will and Testament. IN VVITNESS WI-IEREOF, we have hereunto set our hand to this, our Last Will and Testament, at Shaker Heights, Ohio, this 7th day of June, 1939. CLASS PROPHECY OB MISKELL was sent to cover a typical day at the l9-15 Worlds Fair by his editor-in-chief, John' Chapin Qthis story is exclusive with Stone Syndi- catej. He took along Ginnie Huntley, chief snoop and cradle snatcher. who, after all. knows Moore about it. Their Guidebook of Outstanding Places to Go and Lines to Sling has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Editor Chapin from the Patterson Press. XVe wish to reprint a recommended list. If you want to get around, try l.eifer's rubber-neck Wt 'l' ' bus. .'i N Q v t S! ,yi 12 X r'5Qp. 'k' ja- i Among the places to eat: if Moderate Prices: N X Pl A if f Anders' Automat-specialty, pie a La Mond 'W 0 l f c Je Crawfords Milk Bar , y ,A f, XX ,g Novario's Nook-"Maestro" Morgan sings Art sh' ity! 3 Ji, af' Mack's "Free" , 'LJ la 1 '43 l2 Horner Hubbard's-where you can get that - 4 delicious Crafts Chocolate 'if '.,, E W g, f More expensive: e . l fmt A "- l-ackamp's Sea Food-Prior's Band Q L ' Rager's Restaurant-as escorts are necessary here l I H may we suggest Weinfurtner's escort service f I F , , . i- AQ Rv or an evening s entertainment: ai X 'Q N Fox Follies-starring Miss Marian Boyd and the I, Lg Q R ff Hersey Hotchas lily my Be sure you don't miss: 1 'V u Watt's Wonders wr' , , i ' Two-Line Tolan--Life Saver at Garden Wait- ins P001 01,4 ,,g:ffSfi '31 Wizards, Glass and Laughren Vxo:ft'A ' I Shade demonstration-world champion typist NHQYXQCY V, " Q' Style show by Beck and Beck-Misses Alice Reed 0 - A e and Jeanne Lybarger, models B Swimming exhibitions by King, Czerny, and 3 I3 A i 1 Findley , H 'A by , 'N Miss Helen Charpentier's lecture on 'AAround the ' Men in Seven Ways." 6. f " igt. 1 Mix, In the "Hail" of Fame: - lx ,. Peggy Barkley's Pulitzer Prize for her winning je ' A play ' ' Surrealistic Sketches by Sinnot ' if Xt f V if E ,. s, , ul . 15:-be .L it fa - "'l'ffQ-W, ' A 5,1992-J, " ' W 'X ,Vg tt?-:V . 1 Q ii., 4? 5' V A1 ' Y .,- if ff , " h ..s7 Q , , f- ' . fi I., as I K 2' V, 3, 4531 , 1: I it ' an A .fi ff .iz 1- Q - :,- ' ' Mi- Mo 'fri . ' r ' hiiiiil' ' Nehrer for his theory on the Fifth Dimension Dr. Richard Petrequin for his treatise on 'AThe Cure for Paper Plague" Sinclair. coaching tactics at Hale University Alan Rosenblatt, radio announcer over George Sower's powerful little 5 watt-er Herb the Warden at King-King Prison The entire guide book for all interested may be purchased at any of the Davis Book Shops for a nominal fee. DORIS ALBURN. JEAN ALLEN. THELMA ARNOLD. HELEN AYERS. ALICE BACON. XVILl.IAM BAIZKIKLIQR. JAMES BAI- 1,liY. VIRGINIA BARBER. WILLIAM BATSCH, SALLIE BAUS. JOHN BAZELEY, WARREN BEMIIN. JEAN BIINIQDA. DORO- TIIY BENIQS. ROBIERTA BLACK. FLEMING BLAIR, VIRGINIA BLOSS. ROBERT BOHER, DONALD BROCKWAY. HARRY BROWN. MILTON BROWN. ROBERT BRUNNER, JAYNE BYUS, ELIZABETH CAMEROTA. DOROTHY CARD. DRURY CAR- GILL. MARGARET CHUTE. MARGARET CLARK. ROBERT CLARK, JACK CLAWSON. ROBERT CLEMENTS. BARBARA COE, MANUAL COHEN. FRANK COLLISTER, DOROTHY COLMAN. ROBERT COOK. ELSIE CORRIS, BETTY DANEORTH. MAR- .IORIE DANEORTH. NORMA DAVIES. EBLEN DIBRELL, CASPER DORER. JACK DOXEY, FAITH DUERR. JOSEPH DULA. DIANNIQ DUTIIIE. JAMES DYAS. JERRY ENSIGN. ERNEST ETTINGER. EDWIN EUDY. ROBERT EVANS, GLORIA FASSEN, GLORIA FABER, BLOSSOM FELDER, JACK FITZGERALD, NEvA FOLEY, FRANKLIN FOLTS, ELAINE FRANKFL, HERMAN FRANKEL. PEGGY FREEDMAN. MARY GADUS. JOSEPH GAGLIONE, BENNET GAST, BARBARA GERACI, NIAGDALENI5 GERACI. MERCEDES GERACI, MARJORIE GIBBONS. MORTON GOLDER, IRA GORDON. GRETCHEN GRABLF. LORETTA GRAY, WILLIAM GRISSINGIER, PATSY GROVES, ROBERT GRUND. SUSAN GUYER. HELEN HAAS. WALTER HAAS. lVlAR!ON HAGGERTY. ALVIN HAMBURG, RICHARD HANASEK. SHIRLEY HARDMAN. JOHN HARRISON. DOROTHY HART. PHILIPPA HAWUOOD. WILLARD HEISS. lVlARGARET HEXTER. ROBERT HOEE. JEANNE HOLLANDIER, NAT HOLT, LILA HORN. ROBLRT HORN. FRANKLIN HOVORE, ROBERT HUBBARD. EIEANOR IGNAUT. CARL IOFREDO, EARL JIRUS. GWENDOLYN JONES. RUTH JOSEPH. JOANN JULIEN, JANE KARNOSH. HEBERT KATZEL, JACK KINNEY, JANE KOHN. SYVILLE KOHN, PATSY KOMLOS. HELEN KONTFR. lRENE KONYHA. HOPE KRAMER. NIIRIANI KRASNOEE. PAUL KYSELA. l.liIGHTON LANCI2. NANCY LANG. JOHN LATIIE. FRANK LAzELLE. PAUL l.I1CHNIfR.I JACK LUDWIG. RICHARD LUT- TIfN'I'ON. RITA LYBARGIZR, MARY MCCAIIEERTY. DAVIQY MCCALL. 'AY lWCGARRIfLL. GORDON MCGAW. JANl5lVl1TKlfF, 11 A GIRLS IDDEN among the girls of this class are future May Queens and operetta leads. Here. also. we have our largest cheering section for next year's football games and players. But more Obvious than their hidden quali- ties are changes that even the most unbiased of observers can easily discern. such as their gradual increase in sophistication and make-up while in training for the approaching day of third floor eligibility. Already many of them have evidenced deep interest in the third floor hall. The attraction, no doubt. must be Mr. Harbourt, who spends a sizable Slice Of his busy, busy day impressing the importance of the Sherman Act on receptive junior females. Or is it that they come to see the other senior swains? 11 A BOYS LONG about the llA, the boys begin to acquire a more nonchalant. blase manner, and to wear their purple shirts and pink neckties with an air. They begin to wonder vaguely what college to attend and what sort of job they want. Surprisingly often you even find many of them study- ing, and some of their recitations are startling. considering that the student never read his assignment. 'l'hey're fine fellows though, all of them. and they're proud to belong to the Class of lf?-10, Occasionally they spend a little time on the first 'floor to revisit the scenes of their childhood or the library, but for the most part they stay aloof in their dignified position of belonging to the upper half of the school. RoIII-RI' MANIII-IM. NANCY MARTIN. ARI'llL'R MAR'IINsoN. CllARl.O'l"I'l' MAs'I'I4Rs, Vx'lI.l.lAM NlAL'. LII-RALIIINIA lVlAYl'RS. .IoY lNll4Yl'R. IEIILI-II lVllI.l.l5R, DoRIs MooRI5, FRANKLIN MoRsIf. ANN MLILQAIIY. ELIiANoR MULLANI-Y. lil.ORllNt'l4 NAIDISON. CoNs'I'ANr:If NARwoLIv. JACK Nlilll-. .lIZANNli NI1I,soN. CARoL NoIILIi, DORIS NoRI4s. MARY l:l,I.l-N NooN, I5IuwARII NYI4IaNoIfR. RoIsI1R'I' NYIILNGIIR, MARY ALICI5 OARLI-Y. Iis'I'I-LLI5 Omlss. .lAN1lfS O'NlilI.I.. .IIIAN OswALo. IQDWARD OWIIN. KATIIIQRINIS PALLIMBO. JoIIN PA'1"lliRSON, NANCY PAY'I'oN, RoRI-RI l3lfN'l'l.ANI7. AI.RIfR'I' Pl4RI.l5lfRtl. SUZANNIS PlE'I'l5R, .IIEAN PIIARIS. lfI,lZABl2'l'll POND. AlDl5l.lH4R'I' l'7ONLiR.MiZ. NI-LsoN l7OR'll-R. llI,l.IAN l7OL'l,lDl5S. RL"l'lI PRIENTICI5. l2l.liANOR PULIN. GRACL RAITII. lfARl.lf RAMSIJIILI.. Vvlll,l.lAM RANI-Y. BAR IIARA RIfI-sI1. .lANli RlilNllARD'I'. JIIAN RFID, RUIII RIIQII. BIi'I'sY RoBLR'I's, ROB!-R'l' RoIsI2R'I's. .IANII Rom: BAR Nlflvl' RosIlN. l'lAROI.D RosIaN. NANCY RosI2NIsLATT, IfLoRIfNciL RussI1LL. PALJL RLf'I'Il, liRliIJ SANos. lNll'RRll, SANDS, RICIIARII SCIIIlI.I.IfN'I'RAoI1R, XVARRVN SCHAIIII. NIIAL SfiIINAI'Is'I'I4R. lVlARN'lN SCllL'l.'I'Z, .IIIAN Sl-I'IIl. XVINI l3RlfD SIIII1LIus. .losIfIAII Sll-Cil.l5R. HARoLu SlI.l,. RUTII SINuI5R, EDWARD SINNo'Io'I'. ALAN SRI5L'IoN, l1Jll'l"IY SAIIIII. .lI5ANlf'l"IAl- SAIIIII, l3IlYl.l,lS SAIITII, SIIIIRWIN SAIITII, RALPH SAILILO, RoIII1R'It SRIJNCIQR, GRACI5 SIAIRA. DoRo'IIII-A SIfRAouIf. SlllRI.l-Y S'I'l5IN. lfRNlQS'l' S'I'I4vIaNsoN, MARY EI,I.l5N SULLIVAN, VI-RA SL'vA. KI-NNI-'I-II 'l'lfl.lORlJ. Ron' lfR'I' ,lil-l.l5ORIJ. .IVAN 'I'IIoAIItsoN, VIRtIINIA 'I'IIoRNIf. DoNAI,o TRl'I"l'ON. JoIIN VARc1o. lVlAR.lORllf VLciIII4R, .lt'NI4 VoNIIRIciII, ANN YoRI'I1. JIIANNII VRooMAN. l,L'Nll'l'AI'A WAI.KlEli. HLLLN Vw'."kl.SH. BI-'I'I'Y Vw'AI.'liliR. VIRc1INIA VJARD. liDl'l'lI WARNIIR. MARoARIa'Io XVARRIEN. l2I.Ml5R WIQIZIQR. Kl5NNli'l'lI XVVLLS. MoI,LY Vsllllll-. NAN1'Y RAIA XVlll'I'lf, Pifocn' XX'III'I'I'LIfsI-Y. DAYIIY WILLIAIxIs. JAVK XVILLIAMS. RoBIlR'I- Vs'INCflll-I,l.. .1L'NI- WINsLow. l7A'l'IY XVISI5. Cl.lIil-ORD XVIITI-R, lVlARIAN Vs'Ol,l:. ROHIERT ZAl.L'D. RALIIII BAIZIIR, MAR.IoRII2 Bl?RNS'l'liIN, l2UNIIlli BISSETT. NANCY BLAU. lfARl, PYRANDI-s, lfRliD BRANDT. lVlABl5l, GAMIQRON, VRANK CAMIQROTA. ANGITLO GAssARO. GARRY CHLERTOITF. SHI3LDoN GLARR, ROHIQRI' CONNOR. BIQTTY CRosIsY. QUlfN'l'IN DAVIQNIJORT, EDITH DIQNNIS, I.oIs DIatI'I'sCH, RICHARD DYI3. HIZRBIERT liRWIN, lVlAR.IORIlf l3RUIlf RINca, ADl5l.lNli GALIIQR. I,LoYD GINN. l5RliD GOI,DsTIsIN. lVlliRRll.l, GRAY. GliNNlEI,I.lf HARIVION, CARL HII,DIfIsRAND, RoIsIfRT KNIQIHT. WALTIQR KNIGHT. GERALD KoIaRNIiR, NlAR.IORllf KRALIs, JOHN KRUM. AN'I'OlNliT'l'l2 I.ONoo, DAVID l.ooMIs, IsAPYIfI.I.I1 LOX, THOMAS lVlAROT'l'A, RICHARD MARous, RUTH lNllEISSlZR. GI5oRc3Ii Moon. 'I'IIIlODoRI4 l"AS'I'OR, CllARl.l3S PAVIQY. lVll?l,VINl' POLLACR. ROITIQRT SAUL, BIQTTY PROCHASRA. ELIZABIQTH RODGIERS. RICIIARD Rosil, GLORIA RLicaoI,I5s, GIaoRc3IiNIs SALOAIION, VRANcIQs SCHACHTIQL. JIJAN Sc:III2ctIITI2R. JIQAN I.ouIsI2 SCIILIQICIIIQR, lVlARCflfl.I.A SIEIDIEI., XVARD 'I'oLAN, THIELMA TWIQLED, lVlAR.IORIli VANIIK. lfl.lNORlf XVARRNN. NANr1Y WIQAVIQR, RUSSELI. XVHISMAN. CLIIIITORD WIIITI2. MAROARLT NVIIITING. .IANII WIRI2. BIQN XVll.l.IAlNlS, RADI-ORD Vv'Il.l,IAMS, .JIAAN YAIIRI2s. .ll-AN ZARNIIY. Gl5ORC1lf SZATMARY. 12 B CLASS OU can tell them from the underclassmen with little difliculty. Although still a year from graduation, they're nevertheless seniors, and they know it. Reveling in their senior privileges, they cheerfully climb three flights of stairs, walk haughtily past waiting juniors and sophomores after assemblies, and uncomplainingly serve as examples of behavior for the rest of the school. They silently endure various odors from the chemistry lab and constant sound from the music room. T'hey'll make their mark in the world, these l2B's: you have only to note the perfection of their "skipping" and the finesse of their 'icakingn to realize that. But despite its up and downs, its Ks and its Ninths, you can make no mistake in saying that this class is going places. f V Q -.f mi A ffff of 11 B CLASS Hli llB's spend most of their idle hours looking seornfully down the stairs at the sophomores. and wondering if they were ever as childish as those little tenth graders. In their exalted rank as juniors, they Seem to XX , apply themselves more seriously to their studies: and ll IS at this stage of their X 'I-' education that the teachers pets and true students reveal themselves. ' A 1 - .. lf you should ask one of this class what grade he's in, he'll say Ukjunioru. Q 1. kand hope you won't learn that he'll still be a junior in the fall. And you are dl ' '--supposed to take it for granted that these llB's have brains, and not inquire ,I 1 'hack into their pasts to discover that they each skipped a half-year of kinder- N if 0 - 'garten. ,Q I xii: -C I-'ll . :V N N ay X . 'Ili l 1 ,. ., It ' Q14 JOHN AI I INI-. l?I,IzAIsI-'III ADI-I,l,. JAMES ADlfI.l,. BILLY JEAN ANDERSON, JANE ANDREW, ANDREW BAcIc3AI.IfY, JACK l'rlfNlJl-R, DAVID BIINEDICT, CAROL BIEL, TED BLOOMVIIELD. HELEN BOOOIS, LARRY BRENNAN, PI-GGY BRIfT- sciIINIfIDI4R, ANN BROADBENT, ANNE BURFORD. FLORA MAI? BURGER, MARY' COHN, DICK COLLISTIER, JAMIYS CORY. ROl5lfR'IA COWAN. DXELBIERT DEMSEY, RALPH DONALDSON, MARIAN DRAKE, JANET DRESSLER, RICHARD ljLI.IOTT. .IAVK lil.I.WOOD. NEAL ERDMAN, DORIS FELDMAN. CHESTER ITIRSHOW, TOBY FIEISHMAN, SHIRLEE FRANKEI-, ROB- VRT IIROLKING, JANE ANN GENTHOLTS. PAUL GOLDBERGIER. SANIIORD GOl.lJl5ARlS, lfVIfI.YN CiO'I"Il'Rll4IJ. lll-l.l'N GREIIN, ALLAN GROSSMAN, BEVERLY HARRIS, ROBERT HARRIS, DONALD HARVEY. JEAN HERTZ. LOIS HIRSCH. BIITTY JANII HODGE. ROBERT HODGES. KATHRYN HOLMAN, DOROTHY HOWARD, JACK HOWE, WILBERT HUBBELL, l'L'NlCl4 JOHNSTON. MIXRIAN JOHNSTON, EVAN JONES. ERNEST JOSEPH, JOHN JUBELL. JOHN KI-I.I.OtIta. CIIARLIQS RINO. JULIA RRAUSLICH, ADISLI5 KUNKLIL JACK l.lERNIER. RICHARD LOWE, ROBERT MCCAY. RUTH MCDONALD, lNlARll.YN MAII-R. SUSAN MARBLE. BEVERLY NIASCIH. GLCRIA MILNIER. THOMAS MURPHY. FRANCIS NlfVlI,l.l5, HARRY NIQWMAN. FRANK OPATRNY. SCOTT PARSONS. WILLIAM PATTERSON. CLYDE PATTERSON, WILLIAM PECK. BI1'I'TY PIIERCII CARMAN PISTILLO, NAOMI PLATT, ROBERT POST, THOMAS RANEY. MARION RIIZBE, JOSI-PHINIE Rllfll JANET ROIIERTS. MORTON ROSEN, GLADYS ROSENBAUM, YVILLIAM ROSENBLUM, JACK Ross. lil,ORlfNCl4 ROTIIVN- BIIRC. JIMMY SAVAGE. NEIL SAWDEY, lfI.AINli SCHONMEHITR. LOIS SCHWALB, ARNOLD SCHWARTZ, JACK SCliWAR'l'Z. ROY SIIAMBO. .lACQUl5l.INlE SHAW, FFROI. SMITH. HARRIET SMITH. MAR.IORIIf SMITH. SALLY SMITH. MORTON SOKOL. Iituta.-YR SIIIXIII.. IIVI-I.YN STARNIER. ADELI- STISRN. STERLING S'I'l'RN. lYlIRlAM STEVENS. RUTH STRONG. SlllililVl.'XNshl""44 THOMAS. .lL'I.lAN TULI.Y, JANE? VlESl:I.Y. l5l.ORlENClf WAIIACE, JLAN WEISIYR. ISZRA XVlflNTRAL'l5, St'zANNIa Vvlllllli. , A..-Q Y l"R.XNli kXIl.l-ORD. lklAR.IORlli XVISIZ JOHN 7llftll.liR. NANCY ZUPNIK. 'II ANN ABELE, ROBERT ADAMS. LOUISE ADLER, ADRIENNE AILES, BERTHA ALLEN. .IANET ALTMAN, IRLNE , QNDT, ROBERT AUI5DERHEIDE. BARBARA AVERY. NANCY BAKER, ROBERT BALLUS, IVIARILYN BAUER, MARIAN ARBER, EVIELYN BELL, FRANCES BELL. THALIA BELL, DOROTHY BENDER, PRISCILLA BENNE'I"I'. PATRICIA BITTEL, RICHARD BLOOMI3IEI,lJ. ROBERT BOTLEY, SUZANNE BOTLEY, JAMES BOWKER, MARION BOYKIN, BARBARA BRADLEY, ROBERT BRANDGARD, BENSON BREITMAN, BARBARA BROWN, PIIYLLIS BRUCE, JAY BRUNNIQR. JACK BURKHOLDER, IHIIOIEBIJ BURROWS, SARAH BURT. .IANICE CADDY, JEAN CARLOZZI, JANE CARTER. CHRISTINE CASSARO. HAROLD CI'N'I'INI, I.ILLIAN CERMAK, PATRICIA CLAPP, MILDRED COIIAGAN, SUZANNE COHEN, JAMES COLLISTER, ELSIE COOK. PIf'I'IiR COTICCIIIA. JEAN CRAM, HENRY CRYER, CLAIRE DAINTON, HARRY DARATA, BARBARA DAVIDSON. MAX DAVIDSON, VIRGINIA DAVIS, JOHN DE HAMEL, THOMAS DENBY, JEAN DEUCKER, THOMAS DEURING, JANICE DIAMOND. CHARLOTTE DICK, PAUL DIETER, RALPH DITTOE. DONALD DOWLING. HARRIET DOYLE, JAMES DUFFY. IVIARGARET ENELL. AMIE EUBANKS, MARTIN EVANS, ROBERT FALLS, BILLIE ELAINE FEDDERY, SAMUEL IIEDERMAN, .II-,ROML IJEINBERG. RAYMOND IIERGUSON. RAYMOND FERRELL, WALTER FIDERIUS, BRUCE IIIIIDING. HARVEY IISIII-R, GEORGE FLORA, DOROTHY FORRESTER, VJINIFRED FOSTER, MARGARET FREELAND. DONALD FREEMAN, DANNY ERIEDMAN, DAVID GARVIN, HELEN GEDDES, ANNA GEMMELL, KATY GERSTENBIZRGER. DOROTHY GIVEN, ITRANCIS GLOWE, .IAMES GRAHAM, JEAN GRAVES. BONNIE GREEN, SHIRLEY GREENWALD, DAVID GRIESE, ROBERT HAGERMAN, BEVERLY HALL. HERBERT HANOUSEK, BARBARA LOU HARRISON. PEGGY HART, DORIS HEIIJLER. BETTY HELMINK, PHYLLIS HENDERSON, WILLARD HERTZ, RHODA HIRSCH, FLORENCE HORN, KENNETH HORTH. VIRGINIA HOWI-S. WAI2RIiN HRACH. HARRY HROMADKA. MARGARET HUDGEON, CARL HUNTLEY. JOSEPH IOEREDO. .IAY JAEEE, GLORIA JAKAB, ROBERT JASTER, SHIRLEY JIRUS, CATHERINE JONES. GENE KABER, CAROL KAMPP. HARoi,o KARK- I.IN. CARSON KENT, CHARLES KILROY, CHARLES KIRALY, ROBERT KLAUSNER, JANE KOCHMIT, PHYLLIS ROLLER, IVIARVIA KOVANDA, .IEANNE KRAUSE. BETTY KREPPS. DORIS KROHNGOLD. AILEEN KYMAN. IILORENCE LA IVIARCA. 10 A CLASS TILL basking in the delight of not being the lowest class in the school, these IOA's of ours move confidently about their business. Already they are beginning to demonstrate their influence in every branch of student activity. They take their wonderful first-floor window-seats for granted, and never realize how fortunate they are. Sometimes they think with longing of the heavenly regions above fthe second and third Hoorsl, but they console themselves with the thought that without those 47 steps to climb, they can arrive a full two minutes later each morning. 10 A CLASS HEYRE in their stride now, and have become an intimate part of our school. You see them everywhere, from the biology room to the base- ment. and you're glad to know they're your schoolmates. One of the larger classes, they have their full share of outstanding members, and all Ol' them are Shakerites, worthy and true. You dont hear much about them as yet. but in a short while they will be the pulse of the school. and for this re- sponsibility they are preparing by observation and study. ln two years, when the members of this class take over our school, we need have no fear as to the fate of our beloved Alma Mater. ANN l.l-I.ll'VRl-. l:l.ORA LL' l.OCKNK'OOD. Hl'l.l-N LONARIDO, ANTIIONY l.ONc3O. JAIQR l.OOxIIs. lVlAR'IlN I,O SCIIIAVO. IIRANCINIAJ Lox. SIANTON l.Yl5ARtllfR. KllNNl5'l'll l.YNN. JOIIN lVlACil.AClll.lN. XVll.l.lAM MARTIN. ALICIS lVlAS'I'NY. MARJORIII Nlfllilfli, VIRGINIA Mc:l.AUt1III,IN. BIIRNICII lVl!ENK. elOSl'I'll lVlIl.l,lZR. l,UCIl,l.l5 lVlll,l.l4R. MURIIfI. MIxIiR. AUSTIN lVlOORlllfAlJ, ADlll.AllDll lVlOR'l'ON. BISTTY JANI5 MORTUS. SIIIRI.IfY lVlOSllAN'l'Z. l.OIS Mt'I2I.I.IaR. JOSIIPII NASII. JANIET Nl?WlZl.I.. 1iI.IzAIsIfItII NlfWIlAl.l.. VIQRA NORLIN. ROBIIRT Noss, l,oIs ORIQRRIAN, ROIII-RT OLSON, ROBlfR'I' PARYZISR, ANNIQTTIQ PASIIR. lRX'lNG l7AS'I'l5R, ROBERT PAKARIZK. RONALD PIERRIN, XVll.l.IAM PICKIYORD, lVlARGARlf'l' ANN Pl.L'NKlf'l"l'. l7l.ORlfNCl5 POIIORLAR. RUTII lVlARlli POLLARIJ. HARLAN POMIIROY, BILL PORTER, lfl.lNORlf PRAOO. JAciR l3RIN'I'lCl2, ROIsIfRT PRIOR PATRICIA QUllil.l1Y. JANIE RAMSIJlil.I.. JULIANA Rl5lfSl5, BRUCIE RI4I1sII. CAROLYN RUTII RIfIssIf. JAMIQS RIEIESI5, lfl.Slli RIEICKLI5. RUTII RIQINIIARIJT, IfII.III2RT RI2YNOI.IJs, 'I'IIOMAs ROOIIRS. ROIIIIRT RUTII. SALVATORI' RUsso. GIQOROI5 SACRI5'I"I'. RORIQRT SANLEDAHI.. LIQX SQIIOONOVISR. ARTIIUR SCIIUIQNAMAN. JOsIlIHII SIEIJLAS, ANTIIONY SORO. MARX' SIIAOL, RII'I4A SIIAIIARMAN. JACK SIIIfIAI-RO, Nl-'I"I'A SIIfcII2I,. IZIDWARII SIIltII.I2R, MARJORY SILI.. lVlARll.YN SINOIQR, lVlA.R'I'llA SlKlAl.l,. WlENON.All SMITII. Vv7II,l,IAM SMITII. MARY .lANlf SNIIIIfR. JOANNI5 SNOwRIiRcI, JOIIN SowI5Rs. MARILYN SPIQLMAN. lVlARIl.YN STANNARIJ. ANNIQ S'I'liL'l5R, AIJI5I.E STI1x'IaNsON, HART S'I'O'l"I'lER. DONALD STRACIIAN. JACK STROIYIIQ. lVlAR'l'llA S'I'RUcacaI.Iis. COl.I.Ii'lA'l'A SzA'I'MARY, ROB- l'R'l' TAYLOR. lVlURIlil. THOMAS. ANNIE TIIOMPSON. RUVH THOMPSON. JOHN TURNFR. RICHARD UIll.lli. BYETTY .lANlf URsciIIIfI.. AUSTIN VANDIQRIIOOII. LOUIS VAROA. lNlARTllA Vflilili. WAI,I.AciI4 XVIAII.. l3RANKI,YN XVlflSl5l,A'I'. lVlAR'I'llA NVIIITNITY, DARIUIIN WllI'l'NlZl'. l3AYli Vwlllilflililfli, RALPII WIIJNIQR, RUTII Wll.I.lAFKlS. JOIIN Vw'OI.l', MAR- .IORII9 WONIII-RI.IciII. lfI.IZAPslf'IiIl XVOODRL'lflf. RUTII VVREYIPIE. ROIaIfRT WRIGIIT. lVlARll' ANNI1 ZAAIISRA, PAUL ZAR' I'l-RT, BIITTY ZAvIfI.soN. RUTH AMMERMAN. LEE AMSTER. PRISCILLA ARMSTRONG, HERBERT ASCHERMAN, STANLEY BARACH, JOSIZPII BARTUNIEK, Wll,l.lANl BFHRFNS, JOSEPH BERICK. ETHEL JEAN BOTTOMLEY, GLORIA BOYD, ROBERT BOYER, JEAN BOL'Gli'l'ON. CONSTANCE BRAILIQY, JAMES BRODIE, RUBY BROWN, SELDEN BURTCH, CHARLES CARMANY, DORO'l'llY CARIAIINTIQR. ROBERT CHUTE, LOIS CLARK. JEANNE COOK, ROBERT DANACEAU, HILLIARD DANGLER, MARY' DIT- TOIE. l.OIS DODD, NANCY DUBIN, ROBERT DYAS, ETHEL EMANUEL. DORIS EMERSON, ELAINE FISHER, JACK FOLEY. MILTON IIROMSON, SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN, GRANT GOODMAN, MORTON GROSS, PATRICIA HARMON, HELEN HARRING- TON. JACK HARRIS, LAURA HECHT, HAZEL HIQINTZ, IONE HINSDALE, DORIS HOTT, MARILYN JONES, LA VERNE KASSOLTI5, SIDNEY KATZ. GLORIA KELLY. OLIVER P. KIMBALL, CHARLES KING, RALPH KOVANDA, PAUL KNIGHT. RICHARD LAIRD, RICHARD LARSEN. RUTH LAWSON, ROBERT LEHMANN, WILLIAM LISTER. VINCENT MARROTA, DORIS MISLLMAN. MARY' MILLS, LOGAN MONROE, MARILYN MURPHY, ARTHUR NEWMAN, JOHN NORLIN. KEN- NETH NOVAK, lVlARY OPPENHEIMER, YVILLIAM PASCHALA. FRANCES PERCIVAL, PHYLLIS PERCIVAL, FRANK PI5I'I'I Io. JAMIS A, ROBlfRTS. DAVID ROTH, MAURICE ROTH, DORIS ROUBICEK, BARBARA RUIAE. DAVID RLrsSIaI.I.. JIQAN SCIll'l.l.liN'I'RAGliR, ALICII SCHULTZ. ROBERT SHIEA, SALLIE SMITH, HARRIET SMITH. JAMES SPIQAKIAR, PHYLLIS STIQINBIIRG, JACK STRICKISR. WARREN STRONG, LEE SWANSON, DICKERSON TEISHER, ROBERT THOBABEN, DAVID THRAII,KII.I.. BERNARD TOBIN. ANGELA TRENTANELLI, ISAAC TULL, MYRON URDANG. JOYCE VOLTZ, ROY NVAR- Hl.'RKI'ON. GEORGE WEBSTER. BARBARA WHITE, MARGARET YVHITE. MARJORIE WILLIAMS, ANN XVRIGHT, FRANK ZAPIJALA. LORE ZIECHMANN, 10 B CLASS UR lOB'S seem to come in larger sizes this year than formerly, and give promise of glorious football and basketball teams of '42. And with its potential artists and literary genii besides, this class is preparing to lead Shaker to a better and greater future. A triHe awed by it all at present, in three short years they will be at the end of their high school career, with many Successes behind them. They are feeling their way carefully now, looking about for the Helds of activity which will give them the most profit and pleas- ure. As soon as each of them has discovered his own place in the Scheme of 'llhings here at Shaker. We'll be hearing from all of them. After taking everything into consideration, of all the mid-year IOB classes Shaker has received, it can safely be said that this class is definitely the class, I - Nvcet"l""'+'5 4-'lf 2 VX keel 'Hobor c, ' 10 X Ng 1 If Ii 'K ,al on First Row: Jerry Fnsign, Bill Fox, Haskell Torrence, Jerome Klein. Second Row: Bob Roth. .Ioann Julien. Helen Green, I.ucille Miller, Virginia Howes, Ann Mulcahy. Barbara Bradley. Third Row: Franklin Morse. Bill l.ister, Bob Post. Neil Sawdey, XVarren Beman. Bob Falls. James Dvas. Bruce Fielding. lfourlh Row: Jack Foley. Bob Roberts. Hans Zachmann. Arthur Bazelev. Fred Brandt, Dugald Pearson. Bill Metzenbaum. Fred l.emr, Jack Turner. Mr. Thrailkill. l'ilif1f7 Row: George XVebster. Grover Foster. Bob Vwfeinfurtner, Fleming Blair, Russell XVeisman. John Krum, Robert Burton. Dick Collister, Don Freeman. Sherwin Smith. THE STUDENT CGUNCIL OFFICERS President do LL . . c HASKELL TORRENCE Vice-President , , ,L ,,,,, - ,,,, , , M L . L BILL FOX Secretary W, H, L ,,,,,c,,,, L ., .,,,,,.IERRY ENSIGN Treasurer , , LL, 7 , , H ,H LLJEROME KLEIN Sponsor . L L S L MR. THRAILKILI- HE Student Council, composed of a representative from each homeroom, provides the students of Shaker High School with a chance to participate in self-government. The Council has been active this year in organizing an efficient booster force, providing dances and movies during the lunch periods for interested students, and administering the sixth period activities program. The Social Room has been established through the efforts of the Council, while the budget and assemblies for next year have been planned as well as the handbook for new students. 52 liirst Row: Dugald Pearson. John Krum. Norman Colquhoun. Jack Sinclair. Bob Burton. Second Row: Hans Zachmann, XVallace Adler. Fleming Blair, Dick Pctrequin, Mr. Miller. Third Row: Warren Gressle, Ed Ryan. Jerry Ensign. Bill Fox. Not in Pl't'lL1t'8I Herbert Ervin. Edward Kilroy, Franklin Morse. Haskell Torrence, Bob XVeinlurtner. CONGRESSIONAL CLUB OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester NORMAN COLQUHOUN - - President HANS ZACHMANN ROBERT BURTONL.- Vice-President WARREN GRESSLE JOHN KRUM..- - Secretary .L FLEMING BLAIR JACK SINCLAIR - .Treasurer .. ....DICK PFTREQUIN MR. MILLER .L .. .Sponsor L .MR. lVlILLl2R UST how would Shaker get along without this very important club whose purpose is to promote school activities in co-Operation with the faculty? Can you imagine our school Without any basketball dances. pep rallies or ushers at school functions? Thus We owe a great deal to the Congressional Club which has in the past year sponsored basketball dances, helped supervise football games, pep rallies. and wrestling meets. and ushered on all necessary occasions. Membership to the club is invitational and is based on scholastic achievements, participation in school activities, and qualities of character. BOOSTERS HESE guardian angels UI of our school, numbering about ninety, are entrusted with the task of keeping the halls clean and orderly every period of the day. and of seeing that students passing through the halls have permission to do so. 1Woe be unto those who haven't-ninth periods are very crowded, but can always hold morel. Boosters are chosen by the period cap- tains and confirmed by the deans. The booster captains, who are chosen for their leadership ability. manage the individual forces each period in the day. Several times a month the captains meet with the council president to discuss and take action on problems that have arisen concerning boosters. CAPTAINS First semester Second Semester I DUCALD PEARSON I DUGALD PEARSON II EDWARD K1LRoY II ED SINNOTT III NORMAN COLQUHOUN III JACK SINCLAIR IV WALLACE ADLFR IV BENNET GAST V JACK SINCLAIR V ROBERT NoRw1CR VI FLEMING BLAIR VI EDWARD K1LRoY VII JERRY ENSIGN VII JERRY ENSIGN VIII ROBERT BURTON VIII ROBERT BURTON lfirst Row: Jerry Ensign, Bennett Liast. Dugald Pearson. Bob Norwick, Bob Burton. Second Row: XVallace Adler, Fleming Blair, Ward Tolan. .lack Sinclair. Norman Cola quhoun. lid Kilroy. First Rott: Mrs. Gunn. Helen Ayers. Barhara Haggard. Mary lillen Noon. S'et'om1' Row: lileming Blair. .lohn Krum. .lean Xarnev, Holi Burton. kk'aii'en tires No! in Pztlure. Carol XVedtlell. CENTRAL CCMMITTEE HE Central Committee has complete charge of the Honor Study Halls. The members appoint the advisers and assistants, and check absentees. Acting as a court. they judge Honor Study Hall misdemeanors. lt is in this latter capacity that some of us have come in Contact with the Central Committee. HONOR STUDY HALL ADVISERS HESE are the eagle-eyed girls and boys who control our Honor Study Halls. They check the attendance ltoo carefully sometimesl and report any "nuisance-makers" to the Central Committee. They are chosen for their positions by the Central Committee and hy the sponsor. lfrrxl Row: Mrs. Ciunn. Ann Burtord. Sally Baits. Marjorie Vanek. .lean Bletscher. Helen Charpentier. Sue Peters. Second Row: Dick Petrequin. lien XValerbury, llileen Cverny. Olive Kihorny, lilivabeth Barrett. Marcia Rosenherger. Ruth lVlacNah. Marjorie Gunderson. Boh Clark. Dick Vieltling. ilihirti Row: Clary Chertoff. kk'aid Tolan. Russell klfeisman. Perri' Narten. lid Ryan. Herb lirviii. lfred Brandt. .lack l:lllgC!!IlLl. Jim XVatt. No! in lJlt'fllf't'f lfranklin Morse. Vfarren Beman. lfirsl Row: Norman Colquhoun, Bill liox, Robert Burton. Second Row: lfranklin Morse, Jerry ljnsign. STUDENT COURT HE Student Court is a body of three senior judges and two junior advisers elected by the Student Council to handle the cases of students who have gotten off on the wrong foot in their attitude toward the school. This body affords the opportunity for these people to learn what other students think of their actions: thus it is able to give a kind of advice that the deans cannot give. RADIO ANNOUNCERS AND ENGINEERS HIS year the announcers of Shaker gained fame ibut no fortunel when they presented a safety play over a Cleveland radio station. Every morn- ing the bright and cheerful voices of these privileged seniors greet the sophomores and juniors over the P. A. system. lFew senior homerooms are quiet enough that early in the morning for the voices of fellow classmates to penetrate fogged senior mindsl. l'ilvI'Sf Row: .lack lNlorrow. 'lihalia Carter, Helen Charpentier, Denny Neale. Si-com! Row: Cieorge Sowerx, Alan Rosenhlatl, Mr. Staiger, Bob Burton. Carl Nehrer. AEROPLANE CLUB vat. e .fa :re 'll' Hrs! Rott? Marion Vx'oIl'. .lane Karnosh. George Cilass. 'Iiom fucal. Rita Lyharger. Marge Danforth. Suomi' Row: I'rank Collister. ildelhert PUIIQYJCI, Ilerhert Iiallel. Bob Iloll. Marvin Schultv. .John de Hamel. lihiird Row: lid Owen. 'liom Mooney, Sam Hall. XVari'en Ilracli. Mr, 'I'rox'.in. HAKER students are evidently too far above the clouds lthat's probably the trouble with usgif the faculty has ever wonderedl to remain long without an aeroplane club. for the Model Wing Club of two years ago was replaced this year by the Aeroplane Club. Members are all intensely interested in aeroplanes and spend their leisure time lthere are several people who End a little once in a while between home- work and sleepingl working on aeroplanes, many with gas motors. An excit- ing contest was held between the members. with each one hoping his plane to be better than those of the others. Second place in the Cleveland gas-model contest was won by Sam Hall. a member of the club. STAGE DESIGN CLASS AND LIGHTING CREW HE members of the Stage Design Class and the Stage Electricians are the "men behind the scenes" in all our stage productions. NM: often forget about the time spent by them in preparations for the spring play, operetta, and other school productions because we see only the actors. For weeks before any presentation on the stage, members of the Stage Design Class can be found underneath the stage or in the art room working just as long. or possibly longer. hours than the actors themselves. larsl Row: Howard luttle. Bill Batsch. Carl Nehrer. 'l'om Ifelber. Seroml' Rotux Miss lily. Shirley Margowslsy. Catherine Blair. Iililaheth Spangler. .lean Pmeneda, Iihlen Dibrell. Third Rott: Mr. Iirench. Iired I.emr. Douglas Bishop. Rav Davis. Iiugene XVhitman. Davis Morgan. No! in Picltire: I.arry Brennan. Clyde NVheeIei'. 57 MEMBERS DRIVING CLUB DFFICERS President L L , L L , L WALLACE ADLER'dent L ,LHELEN CHARPENTIER Secretary to L L , , L, NLBOB POST Asst. Secretaries LL L ,L l VIRGINIA HUNTLEY I RUSSELL WEISNIAN Treasurer aa ,L L L eeee eeee L -LL ,BILL ALLSOPP Spongofg Y W Y STORMS 1 lVlR. HANES HIS year, with a larger membership than ever before, the Driving Club has continued to help pupils to drive safely and to prepare for the state drivers' license test by teaching the fine points of automobile operation. These objectives are reached through speakers, movies, discussions, outside reading, and tests. You will for at least shouldj in the future find that Shaker Heights' best drivers have belonged to this organization back in their dimly remembered high school days. Bob Adams Betty Allison Jane Andrew Janet Arnstine Thelma Arnold Bill Baeckler Dorothy Benes Marjorie Bernstein Nancy Blau James Bowker Gladys Breen Ann Broadbent Harry Brown Milton Brown Jay Brunner Dave Burdick Flora Burger Jack Burkholder Phoebe Burrows Mabel Cameron Jim Cargill Harold Centini Bob Clark Jack Clawson Marvin Cohen Bob Cook Jean Cram Henry Cryer Marge Danforth Harry Darata Vincent Datillo Edith Dennis Lois Deutsch Paul Dieter Sylvia Dittman Casper Dorer Leila Dorer Don Dowling Jack Dunbar Dianne Duthie Edwin Eudy Bob Evans Bob Falls Gloria Fassen Elaine Frankel Herman Frankel Peggy Friedman Marjory Gibbons Sanford Goldfarb Bob Gorman Evelyn Gottfried Gretchen Grable Merrill Gray Bill Grissinger Sylvia Grossman Patsy Groves Bob Grund Susan Guyer Bob Harris John Harrison Nlargaret Hexter l ois Hirsch Betty Hodge Bob lloll' Jean Hollander Annette Holt Robert Horn Marion Hubach Virginia Huntley Mary Ann Jakes lfarl Jirus livan Jones John Jubell Herb Katzel John Kellogg lid Kilroy Beatrice Klausner Irene Klausner Gerald Koerner Alfred Koestel Betty Krepps Dale Kunkle Jack l.aMond Bernard l,arson John l.athe Dave l,oomis Jack Loomis Dick l.owe Kay McGarrell Virginia Mel,aughlin Marilyn Maier Bill Martin Joy Meyer Virginia Meyer Maryon Miller Mary Monnett Austin Moorehead Joe Nash Elivabeth Newhall Mary Newhall Bob Norwick Estelle Odess Joanne Otte Annette Pasek Marcella Pasek Gladys Pelunis Bob Pentland Betty Pierce Naomi Platt lilinore Pragg Patricia Quigley Dick Raegar Grace Raith Jane Ramsdell lflsie Reichle Marian Riebe Bob Roberts Janet Roberts Elizabeth Rodgers Thomas Rogers Morton Rosen Merrill Sands Jean Schechter Dick Schellantrager Neil Schnaitter Marvin Schultz Rosalyn Schwalb Ruth Seaman Joseph Sedlak Marcella Seidel Anthony Sgro Mary l.ou Shade Roy Shambo Allan Skelton Netta Siegel lid Sinnott Dorothy Skove Sherwin Smith Ralph Smulo Mary Snider Morton Sokol lileanor Speaker Shirley Stein Marian Stevens Ernest Stevenson Vera Suya Howard 'liultle Thelma Tweed John Vargo Helen Vlalsh Jack XVard Virginia Vx'ard Bob Weinfurtner Wallace NVeil Russell Vvleisman Kenneth VVells Margaret Vslhiting Darden XVhitney Ralph Wiener Bob Winchell Patty Wise John Wolf Bob Zalud Paul Zappert SHAKERITE HE Shakerite staff, in addition to its main purpose of publishing our school paper, has this year been more active in other ways than ever before, Several speakers, Mr. Mullaney of the Cleveland News and Mr. Crawford of the Cleveland Plain Dealer among this number. have been obtained for the club. A trip was made in the spring to the printer of the Shakerite. new this year, so that members of the club would understand more fully just how a paper reaches its final form. Mr. Starr took over Miss Palmer's work as sponsor of the Shalzerite the second semester of this year. First Semester lidizor-in'Chiet' JoHN CHAPIN News Editor DAVE? S1MoN Front Page Editor DAVIS LOOMIS Second Page Editor SALLY I-XLCORN Sports Editor NORMAN COLQUHOUN FOLll'lhPLIQL'Edl'lOI' MAR1oN KNESA1, Literary Editor HELEN AYERS Club Editor G1,ADYs BREEN Girls Sports Editor EL1NoR lVlUl.l.ANEY Exchange Editor , XVILBFRT HUBBE11 Feature Editor MARt1oRY GOODMAN Art Editor FRAN1iL1N lVlORSlE Headline lVrilers KJIM MILLICAN fJ1M KOVANDA lfacttltg Advisers lM155 PALMER IMR. HARBOURT Second Semester ECll4lOF-ICH-Chl-Cf. JOHN CHA111N fDAvE S11w1oN , , , IFRANRLIN NlORSl' E1dllOl'lLll BOUIYII :I-IFLEN AYERS lJoE BENDISR lkSA1,LY ALCORN fDAVY lVlCCAL1- Ed,',Or,4u, IJACR Doxs12Y Assistants lHERB ERVIN 1WAL'1'15R HAAs lE1.1zABE'rH Ro1JoERs LED S115oLER Faculty Advisers lMR- STARR llVlR. l'lARBOUR'lA Business ManagersilXflARSHALL S'1'oNE. EZRA WE1N'1'RAu1s, RUss1s1.1. W1Q1se MAN, WILBERT HUBBELL. BARBARA LOWIENSTFRN. Secretarial Stall-JOE S1EoLER, ISABIELLIS Lox, KAY lVlCGARRlSI.l.. Reporters-BETTY An121.1,, JEAN ALBERS. JANE ANDREWS, ROBERT BRUN- NIER. DRURY CARGILL. D1CR COLLISTIER. JUNE COREY, JEAN FREE, JEAN HIERTZ, Lois HIRSCH. KATHRYN HOLMAN. JEANNI? KRAUSE. DALE KUNKLE, FRANCINIE Lox, MAR11.YN MURPHY, HARRY NEWMAN. Bois R1ci11ARnsoN. JAoL1E1.1N1a SHAW, MARY ELLEN SLvL1.1vAN, lVlOl.l.Y W111'1'E. Bon W1NC11E1.1,. DoR1s ANN WRIGHT, lv 'Q' 'N Nh JUNIOR-SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS l'rt-sidt-nz Maimoiziii Citwoiinsox Senior St-miitii-if Snntiiiv Roni iltmmr Sec:-mir-if l.I1.I.IAN Potuaoiss 'I'i-eti.st1i-tr M A iw om' Goomi AN Sptmsor MR. Sraioiiia HIS year. the Junior-Senior Dramatic Club, composed not only of promis- ing Bernhardts and Barrymores hut of everyone interested in drama. has again attempted to further this interest in the theater by presenting several plays and hy having outside sneakers. Mr. Crawford Wriglat of the Cleveland jplayhouse was prominent among the latter. Several one-act plays have been R given by the members during the year. A great deal of the success of our annual of Spring Play, "The Mad Hopes." was due to the efforts of this club. Doris fllliurn .lean Allen Helen Ayers Sally Haus Patricia Bell .lean Beneda Margie Bernstein Dorothy Card Helen Charpentier Bob Clarlv Helen Conroy lfvelyn Davis .lean Davis Ruth Davis lidith Ann Dennis l,eila Dorer .limmv Dyas Betty limrich Gloria lfalier Blossom lielder Dan lferris Pvluma lfertel MEMBERS Mariory Goodman Marjorie Ciunderson Dorothy Hart Virginia Huntley lfleanor lgnaut Patsy Komlos .lane Koptis Hope Kramer Miriam Krasnofl' Marjorie Kraus llaul Kysela lired l.emr Barbara l.owenstern Ruth Meisser lidith Miller 'l'om Mooney Mary lfllen Noon Marcella Pasek Sylvia Perlherg Albert Perlherg Nlelvine Pollack l.illian Poulides Cierry Reslve Alan Rosenhlatt Don Rosenhlum Shirley Roth Doris Sands Roslyn Schwalla lfrances Schachtel Ruth Seaman Dave Simon Neal Schnaitter Phyllis Smith Grace Spira Dot Sprague Bob 'lielford linda Unger Marjorie Vlchelt Nancy Vfeaver liugene Vwlhitman Dave Vwlilliams Patricia Vslillson Ruth Zaas Sheldon Zimmer: 11.1 I1 RADIO SCRIPT CLUB OFFICERS Presidem . . Soma HAGIQNBUCH Vice-President . . up at . .C B. B PEGGY BARKLEY Secretary-Treasurer C DOROTHY HART Sponsor . B . C Miss JACKSON HE primary purpose of this club, which grew up along with our public address system last year, is to be of service to the school in preparing material for use over the PJ-X. The Community Fund and Gristmill sales campaigns and Lincoln's Birthday, were all occasions which brought a call to the Radio Script Club for help. A script written by Peggy Barkley, called A'Show Them the Way," was heard over WHK on a certain Saturday in January by those of us who weren't in a movie at that time, Peggy's script was chosen to compete in this district for the National Radio Script Contest. First Row: Miss Jackson. Molly XVhite. Sonia Hagenbuch, Barbara Davis. Second Row: Dorothy Hart, Ruth Meisser, Ann Vorpe. Peggy Barkley. Cirace Spira, Marjory Goodman, Third Row: Howard Vromson. Walter Hubbard. Ralph Wiener, XValler Haas. Benson Breitman. Harry Brown. Not in Piclrires Marvin Jacobson, Shirley Stein, Marilyn Murphy. SCRIBBLERS' LEAGUE President . MARY LOUISE GREENE Vice-President E, , H .. DAVY MCGALI- Secretary v, .. - E,,E . . use .GLADYS BREEN Treasurer ,E ,,.,, . ,,E,., - EEE, NANCY ROSENBLATT Sponsor . Miss WICKXVIRIS HE Scribblers' League is Shakers Glub of future Dorothy Thompsons, Carl Sandburgs, and Pearl Bucks. fThey hopel. The first semester of this year was spent in pursuing a study of the field of advertising aided by an outside speaker. The second semester was not devoted to any individual field, each member working on whatever he wished. with criticisms on his work given by the club. Meetings at which an outside speaker furnished the program were held once a month during the spring at various homes. During the year two nation- ally famous authors have been entertained by the Scribblers' League at teas: Ridgely Torrence, poet and playwright, and the noted novelist, Zona Gale. Rosenblatt, Second Row: Barbara l.owenstern. Ruth Davis, Peggy Bretschneider, Kath- Iirx! Row: Miss XVickwire. Gladys Breen. Davey McCall. Marv l.ouise Greene Nancy ryn Holman. Susan Rielly. Mary Oster. Third Row: Peggy Barkley. Joanne Ott: Janet Dressler. Bluma liertel, Marshall Stone, Patricia Schwab, Denny Neale, Ernest Lockwood. Gordon McGaw. No! in Picture: OPEN FCRUM CLUB OFFICERS First Senvester Second Semester AR'rHt'R MACK ee pl"0Slid0f'II,,,, e JOHN HARRISON JERRY ENSIGN Vice-I'residem JERRY ENs1oN Lois SCHWALB Secretary-Treasurer Lois SCHWALB HE members of this organization are the "thinking minority" of our stu- dent body, those who have visions of leadership and wish to be well- informed. critical. and open-minded on the timely issues of the day. They are able to enlighten you on the pros and cons of every current problem. lAt least so Mrs. Bishop hopesl. Of course the work, which is presented in the form of informal discussions. panel discussions, and debates. must not be too "thin." tSee Mrs. Bishops ex-pupils for explanationj, Hrs! Row: Helen Haas. lirances l5oley, Adelee Stern. Aileen Kyman, Doris Krohngold. Mariorie Vv'ise. l,ois Schwalb. Bluma liertel, .Second Row: Mrs. Bishop. Bernice Menk. Albert Perlberg. lllra XVeintraub. David Vv'ilf liams. Marvin Schwartz. Bill Anderson. Gloria Fassen. Jack Elwood. Merril Sands. Third Row: Bob Ballus. Alvin Hamburg. Jeanne Vvleber. Jacqueline Shaw. Nancy McVai'. Barbara Reese, Donald Strachan. Neal Schnaitter. Jack Doxsey. Bob Harris, lfourfh Row: Bob Cowan. XVilliam Anders. Bob Miskell. John Harrison. Richard Bloom- field. Jerry linsign, John Jubell. Robert Brunner. Jack Fitzgerald. Bob Roberts. Ifirst Row: Bill Martin, Harlan Pomeroy. James Collister. Charles Norlin. lid Collister, James Millican, Grover Foster. Neil Sawdey, Dick Dye, James Adell. Second Row: Mr. French. Jack Bender. Delbert Dempsey, Sherman Sackheim. Bob Botley, Milton Brown. Dan Kilmer. Jack Elwood, Dick Nelson. Jack Prentice. Bob Horn. Third Row: Jack Jennings. Ed Norwick, Frank Culek. Charles King. John Vilas. Jack Ward. Calvin Sanborn. Thomas Hogan, Fred Goldstein. Bob Aufderheide. Ralph Donaldson. Fourth Row: Dan Vaughan. Barney Rosen. Harold Rosen. Charles Cox. Jack Allen. Perry Narten, Clyde Wheeler. John Kellogg. Dick Lowe, John Jubell. Not in Picture: Salvador Russo. Richard Shellentrager, Ed Siegler. Julian Tully. Q -xlpl' o :Nm l 'Li-A lk SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President .Coco ,- o-c,,c-.-,o.- oo JIM MILLICAN Vice-President W ,o..o.... C . ..oaCo -ED COLLISTER Secretary -do D occ o.,o,o cnc , .NEIL SAWDEY Treasurer aaa,,.,....,a-....., ,DCI-IARLES NORLIN HE Science Club is primarily that club which forces Mr. Erench's home- room into the "lab" Cmuch to their disgustl every Thursday. Second- arily it is a club for those superhuman Qto the non-scientiiicj individuals who understand the difference between an atom, electron, molecule, and ion. LXVe ordinary mortals have enough trouble understanding what we can see. without even attempting to fathom that which we can'tl. The boys in the club may be interested in any Held of science-'not only in electrons and ions. Speakers. of whom Mr. Jones of the Electrical League was prominent. movies. and student demonstrations consume the one period a week. A field trip each semester. one of which was to the American Vvfire Company this year. completes the activities of the club. First Row: Miss McCracken, .June Corey. Nancy Blau, Norma Ciraci. Barbara Haggard. Helen Ayers. Second Row: Molly White. Doris Alburn. Rhea Day. Geraldine Reske. Barbara l.owen- stern. Sally Bans, Mary Oster. 'l'h1'rd Row: Doris Sands, Margee Main. Peggy Barkley. lilinore Vvlarren. Dorothy Col- man. .lane l'lall. Belly Zinner. Ruth Davis. BOOK CLUB OFFICERS Firsz Semester Second Semester NQRMA CIRACI. D.- President... D RUTH DAVIS BARBARA HAGGARD Secretary-Treasurer,DORIS ALBURN NANCY' BLAU .Program Chairman-.,ELINORE WARREN Miss lVlCCRACKEN ..,Sponsor .D Miss MCCRACREN EMBERSHIP in this club of "bookWorms" Cor. with the name-calling device to create prejudices in mind, possibly we should say Hbookf loversul is by invitation. One of the members reviews a book at each meeting and sometimes the entire club reads a certain book and it is then discussed. The latter procedure was followed with the best-seller, The Yeurling. this year. and Miss Anderson discussed the book with the girls. FIIFSI Row: Miss Sellers, Barbara Bradley, Marilyn Spelman, Andrew Bag' galey. Margaret Warren, .lean Phare, l,ucille Kemenv. Second Row: Claire Dainton. Catherine Jones, Ann l.e l,ievre, Helen Haas Patsy lfindley. Helen Konter, Margaret Plunkett. 'l'h1'rd Row: .lames Cory. Jack lilwood. Kenneth Telford. l.ex Schoonover Sterling Stern. Bill Patterson. Neal lirdman. Sonny Johnson. ESPERANTO CLUB President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor .BARBARA AVIZRY MARGARET WARREN . ANDREW BAGGAI EY lVlARIl.YN SPELMAN Mtss St2t.t.ERs HIS club. in its second year, is furthering the enlightenment of our students in the "international language," Esperanto. A member of last year's club. Arthur Mack, ably assisted by Helen Haas, has attempted HJ to teach the members this language, renowned for its simplicity. Miss Sellers tby her own admissionl knows nothing about Esperanto, so all progress made by the club this year is due to Arthur's and Helen's teaching, lfirst Row: Miss Ijly. Jane Karnosh, Marion Vvlolf. Mary Ellen Sullivan. Barbara I.owenf SICFII. Second Row: Sally Crafts. Catherine Blair. Jean Davis. Jean Beneda. lilivabeth Pond. Dorothy Hart. Third Row: Sherman Sackheim. Joe Bender. NValter Haas, Franklin Morse. Bill Vwlilson. Not in Picture: Betty Ilmrich. Jean Iiree. XVinifred Shields. Patricia XVilson. SHAKER ART CLUB HIS club, composed of the more honored classes of our school, the Juniors and Seniors, is a more advanced group than the Studio Art Club. Work is planned by each member according to his own inclinations. Opportunif ties for painting, carving, modelling, and the crafts are offered to the members. XVatch this club for budding Rembrandts or Raphaels. HIS club is open to sophomore girls and boys who do not necessarily have talent but who have a real interest in art. Each member chooses his own individual project, which may vary from clay modelling to cartooning. I-'irst Row: Mrs. Sift. Sarah Burt. John de Hamel. Claire Dainton, Janet Altman. Second Rowr Marian Barber. Muriel Ihomas. Ihalia Bell. Janet Arnstein, Phoebe Burf rows, Neita Sieeal. 'l'hirz1' Row: Margaret Plunkett. Martha Vlebb. 'Ibm Denby. Bob Prior. No! 1417 IDI-i'flII'l'f Bill Martin. STUDIO ART CLUB 0 Ifirsl Rott? Virginia Leslie. XVinii'red Shields. Bill rkllsopp, lllinore XVarren. livaiean Moore. Marilyn Bauer. Stxtvzvti Noir: David Ciarvin. Norma Ciraci. Neva Lolev. lklargaret XVliiting. llelen Haas. Ann Steuer, Janet Newell. Klarvon hliller. .loliii Lathe. Vlifflvftl Row: Grover Foster. liaf-'e XVideberg. Ruth Marie Pollard. Rutli Anne Abele. Helen Geddes. Patsy Groves. .lane Hall. .Yot in Pzclure' Nancy Ciuyer. Mary Gadus. Patricia Bell. Marion Johnston. .lean Duncan. LIBRARY CLUB HE Library Club is a select group of students interested in the many sides of that important institution of our modern life, the library. These are the Sherlock Holmeses who. in caring for the Honor Study Hall slips, discover our attempts at skipping. However, the members of this club do aid us greatly by carding and shelving books properly so that we don't Hnd "Thackeray" next to A'Bailey." This year the club visited the National Library Bindery and returned with an increased appreciation of the care of books. UR candid camera fans Qthere are still a great number although the art is slightly passel and also the more honorable amateur photographers of our student body felt extremely slighted because while there was every other sort of club imaginable, there was none in which they could unite in fellowship with brother photographers. Thus through the efforts of several of this number the Photography Club was organized in November. Frequent movies and speakers have formed the program of the club. I-Yrs! Row: Miss Johnston. Barney Rosen. Leonard Rosenberg. James Mellnian. Dick Dye. George Sacket, St-com! Row: Harlan Pomeroy. Dick Nelson. Catherine Jones. Betty Krepps. Pretty New' hall. Jack Prentice. Tom Raney. , ,. If , ' .- , "hr ' Third Row: Harry Rosen. Bob Klausner. Dick Lowe. .lohn Harrison. Scott Parsons Bill Anders, Merril Sands. Xol in Pricltzrex Dave Loomis, Merril Gray. Bill Jacobson. Allan Grossman. .lack liender PHCTOGRAPHY CLUB TRAVEL CLUB OFFICERS Presidenz c . c s c Bois WEINl3UR1'NER Vice-President L L ALLAN LEWIS Secrelary L, L, , , HELEN AYERS Treasurer-in-Chief , , DAN VAUGHAN Stage Manager . . .L L L ,FRED LEMR Movie Operazors L L Tom EELBER. CARL NEHRER Sponsor , L LMRS. E. M. SMITH LL the work of the school's largest mixed club is carried on by com- mittees, this accounting, perhaps, for the necessity of a group of oflicers as large as most of the clubs themselves. QSomething you've possibly wondered aboutl. Guest speakers who illustrate their talks with pictures or slides, furnish the main attraction of the club's program. The best known speaker this year was Theodore Andrica of the Cleveland Press, who spoke on Czechoslovakia. The entire student body was invited to hear Mr. Andrica and to see his superb colored Elms. An effort was made this year to bring back former students of Shaker to tell about their travels and to encourage the present students to share some of their experiences in traveling. Kenneth Swartwout and Ellis Persing were among this latter group. Lois Ahlman Jean Albers Betty Jane Allison Jane Andrew Thelma Arnold Helen Ayers Alice Bacon Virginia Barber Elizabeth Barrett Barbara Bayless Evelyn Bell Jean Beneda Dorothy Benes Margie Bernsteen Helen Bernstein Carol Biel Eunice Bissett Bill Blahd Jean Bletscher Virginia Bloss Bill Brett Ann Broadbent Flora Mae Burger Robert Burton Mary Ellen Byron Mabel Cameron Helen Charpentier Margaret Clark Sheldon Clark Dorothy Colman Elsie Corris Daphne Thobaben Vincent Datillo Jean Davis Norma Davies Barbara Davidson Delbert Demsey Marjorie Denby Lois Deutsch Eblen Dibrell Sylvia Dittman Casper Dorer Faye Dubin Joe Dula Jack Dunbar Dianne Duthie Betty Ann Emrich Neal Erdman Bob Ettinger Ernest Ettinger Edwin Eudy Bob Evans Gloria Faber Billie Elaine Feddery Blossom Felder Patsy liindley Chester Firshow MEMBERS Toby Fleishman Elaine Frankel Herman Frankel Shirlee Frankel Peggy Freedman Harry Freedman Mary Gadus Bennett Gast Byron Gates Barbara Geraci Magdalene Geraci Mercedes Geraci Jean Gibbons Margery Gibbons Frances Glowe Ruth Glowe lra Gordon Bob Gorman Evelyn Gottfried Gretchen Grable Loretta Gray Jean Graves Louise Grossman Shirley Grossman Patsy Groves Bob Grund Susan Guyer Betty Haher Gennelle Harmon Willard Heiss Jeanne Hertz Bob Hoff Nat Holt Jeanne Hollander Dorothy Horner Jack Howe Mary Ann Jakes Eunice Johnston Margaret Kelly Dan Kilmer Marian Kluge Bob Knight Walter Knight Jane Kochrnit Gerald Koerner Phyllis Koller Patsy Komlos Jane Koptis Marcia Kovanda Marjorie Kraus Hope Kramer Miriam Krasnoff Florence LaMarca Nancy Lang Bud Larsen Walter Laughren Natalie Lefton Ann LeLievre Fred Lemr Jack Lerner Virginia Leslie Allan Lewis Bud Longo Antoinette Longo Barbara Lowenstern Francine Lox Isabelle Lox Jeanne Lybarger Marilyn Maier Ralph Marshall Alice Mastny Geraldine Mayers Mary McCafl'erty Virginia NlcLaughlin Kay McGarrell Jane McKee Marjorie McKee Bill Metzenbaum Edith Miller Maryon Miller Muriel Mixer Doris Moore Evajean Moore Adelaide Morton Lois Mueller Ann Mulcahy Becky Murphy Constance Narwold Jeanne Nelson Bob Netherton Elizabeth Newhall Doris Nokes Mary Ellen Noon Bob Norwick Bill Noss Mary Alice Oakely Jean Oswald Bill Patterson Nancy Payton Gladys Pelunis Bob Pentland Sue Peter Sylvia Perlberg Jeanne Phare LaVerne Pohorlak Melvine Pollack Lillian Poulides Ruth Prentice Grace Raith Isabel Randall Alice Reed Lenore Reed Jane Reinhardt Ruth Reinhardt Marian Rielie Josephine Rife Ruth Rife Betty Jane Roby Gladys Rosenbaum Marcia Rosenberger Don Rosenblum Florence Russell Doris Sands Stanley Sangdahl Jimmy Savage Jean Schechter Jane Schleicher Dorothy Schilling Eleanor Schonitzer Marvin Schultz Ruth Seaman Marcella Seidel Jean Seith Winifred Shields Dave Simon Alyce Sinnott Ruth Singer Harriett Smith Marjorie Smith Phyllis Smith Sally Smith Mary Jane Snider Dot Sprague Elizabeth Spangler Evelyn Starner Sterling Stern Juanita Strock Gloria Sullivan Verna Suva Anne Thompson Jean Thompson Gladys Toth Thelma Tweed Marjorie Vanek Dan Vaughen Jane Vesely Lunetta Walker Helen Walsh Betty Walter Jane Ward Herbert Warden Elinore Vlarren Nancy Weaver Bob Weinfurtner Russell Weisman Ruth Werba Eugene Whitman Kathryn Wyman Jean Yahres Ruth Yarris Bob Zalud Jean Zarney MIRIAM STAGE LEAGUE OFFICERS President at Loot t RUTH VAN Amir: .Set-z-ezury JEAN ZARNIEY ,I1!'t'CISUI'Gl' EILEEN CZERNY Sponsors t Miss Hot,t.oN 2M1ss GRAHAM Hli Miriam Stage League is composed of members oi' the lair sex of our student body. The club has carried out its motto which is "Service to the School and Community" this year through helping at various dinners, luncheons, and teas. The League has also aided the Spanish Welfare Drive and given aid to needy families at Thanksgiving, as well as held teas and lectures for its members. MEMBERS Louise Adler Lois Ahlman Doris Alburn Sally Alcorn Alice Bacon Sallie Baus Elizabeth Barrett Frances Bell Eunice Bissett Jean Bletscher Sarah Burt Deborah Burton Mary Ellen Byron Jayne Carter Arlene Chertoff Margaret Clark Josephine Cryer Mary Cohn Helen Conroy Eileen Czerny Barbara Davidson Barbara Davis Rhea Day Barbara Dickenson Janet Dressler Gloria Faber Roseanne Payne Blossom Felder Vkfinifred Foster Carol Garden Jane Gentholts Dorothy Given Francis Glowe Ruth Glowe Loretta Gray Barbara Haggard Genelle Harmon Barbara Lou Harrison Sonia I-lagenbuch Doris Holt Dorothy Horner Virginia Howes Joanne Julian Margaret Kelly Lucille Kemeny Marian Kluge Marian Knesal Joan Kochmit Phyllis Koeller Miriam Krasnoff Hope Kramer Marjorie Kraus Jane Koptis Patsy Komlos Antoinette Longo Jeanne Lybarger Margee Main Shirley Margowsky Charlotte Masters Edith Miller Muriel Mixer Nancy McVay Elinor Mullaney Janet Newell Doris Nokes Mary Ellen Noon Mary Alice Oakley Annette Pasek Marcella Pasek Nancy Payton Sue Peter Melvine Pollack Priscilla Plumb Ruth Prentice Alice Reed Lenore Reed Jane Reinhardt Ruth Reinhardt Carolyn Reese Josephine Rife Ruth Rife Sylvia Rosenberg Marcia Rosenberger Shirley Roth Florence Russell Ruth Singer Betsy Small Betty Smith Margee Smith Phyllis Smith Dorothea Sprague Adele Stevenson Martha Struggles Jean Thompson Virginia Thorne Gladys Toth Linda Unger Ruth Van Aken Betty Walter Jane Ward Ruth Werba Sue White Ruth Williams June Winslow Doris Ann Vylright Jean Yahres Ruth Yarris Ruth Zaas Jean Zarney Hrs! Row: Norman Colquhoun. Eileen Czernv. Bob Burton, Catherine Blair, Blaine Thompson. Second Row: Eleanor Speaker, Peggy Barkley. Nliss XVickwire, Nancy McVay, Gladys Breen, Mary louise C rttm lo Meyer, Miss Palmer. Thirti Row: Grover Foster, Dugald Pearson, Alan Rosenbatt, Mr. Ames. Bill Anders. Franklin Xlors: ii Chipii ANNUAL BCARD Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor 7 Business Manager Financial Manager Art Editor Art Assistant 7 7 7 77 777777,7777-a777-77777 7 Feature Editor 7 7 Assistant Feature Editors Club Editor 7 7 ,77 a...,, 7777--...---- Assistant Club Editor Class Editor 77 7 Assistant Class Editor 77 77 Boys' Sports Editor Assistant Boys' Sports E Girls' Sports Editor Index Editor Camera Staff Aff Business Literary Literary ditor FACULTY ADVISORS CONTRIBUTORS Bob Burton Eileen Czerny Blaine Thompson William Anders Catharine Blair Franklin Morse Peggy Barkley Nancy McVay Alan Rosenblatt Gladys Breen Eleanore Speaker Grover Foster Dugald Pearson Norman Colquhoun John Chapin Mary Louise Greene Virginia Boos Joy Meyer Virginia Meyer Miss Mabel Ely Mr. Alvin Ames Miss Gale Wickxxfire Miss Agnes Palmer Mr. R. B. Patin Mr. Howard Moritz Typing Department Student Council Representatives all kinds of music has been offered to the Choir members this year. A CAPPELLA CHCIR President aa ,W Vice-President as Secretary-Second Period ,. Secretary-Seventh Periods, Treasurer-Second Periodaa. .M Treasurer-Seventh Period . Manager Sponsors OFFICERS E Dick PETREQUIN aaa A a..-JoHN KRUM -MARY LOUISE GREENE E.-. . .CAROL GARDEN MARY LOUISE GREENE . E Gus GERACI . . E .Ct-tt2t1 WHITE MR. JoNEs. MR. Et-t.ts HE A Cappella Choir. stunned by the loss of Mr. Jones in the fall. never- theless rallied under Mr. Ellis' able leadership to present Christmas music for the school and for a program at Heights Christian Church. After this the Choir worked hard under Mr. Ellis' tyrannical Nl leadership to prepare for the annual Candlelight Service and to participate in the annual Lake Erie League Choir festival. Mr. Jones was welcomed back to help in the direction of the annual spring operetta. The Bo'sn's Bride. Valuable experience in singing Bob Adams Jack Allen Virginia Barber John Baleley Patricia Bell Jeanett Beneda Roberta Black Bill Blahd led Bloomneld Marian Boyd Anne Boykin Ciladys Breen Betty Buchanan Jane Byus Helen Charpentier Bob Clark Bob Clements Mary Cohn .lim Connors Bob Cook lflsie Cook Betty Crosby Janice Diamond Roseau n lfay ne MEMBERS Grover lioster Bill lfox Annette Freeman Howard lfromson Mary Gadus Carol Garden Gus Geraci Magdalene Cieract lra Gordon Mary l,ot1ise Greene XVarren Gressle l.ouise Grossman Betty Haher Dorothy Hart Helen Haas Marion Hubach Virginia Huntley lfleanore lgnattt Bob Knight Helen Konter Julie Krattsliek John Krttm Norman Kyman .laek l,aMond Henry l,ipuma Charlotte Masters Bill Matt Bernice Menk Allan Millet' Mttriel Mixer George Mogg 'liom Mooney Denny Neale Mary Alice Oakley lfstell Odess Albert Perlberg Dick Petreqttin Ruth Marie Pollard Bill Prior l,enore Reed Ruth Reinhardt Betsy Roberts Jim Rogers Alan llosenblatt llelen Rownd .lean Schechter Anthony Sgro Bob Sibbison lVlarilyn Singer Donald Skoye Dorothy Skoye Betsy Small Betty Smith lferol Smith Sherwin Smith livelyn Smittendi Phyllis Steinberg Marian Stevens Marshall Stone Ceorge Slatmari Bob ilielliord Julian 'liully June Vondrieh Jean Vrooman .lane Vwlard Margaret Vw'arren Kenneth NVells Cliflord XX'hite Nancy XVhite lfave XVideberi1 Bob XVilliams llatricia XVilson 5 BAND President B HGEORGE Soweins Vice-President RADFoRD YVILLIAMS Secretary ,, FRANK OPATRNY Treasurer ARTHUR BAZELEY HE pride and joy of Shaker High, our Band, has again this year dis- tinguished itself in many ways. The members deserve a great deal of credit for their Hne performances at the football games, several of the hockey games, assemblies, and the annual Band Concert. Like the red-coated'Canadian mounties, members of the Shaker Band always get their 'inotef' MEMBERS Arthur Bazeley Robert Brown Robert Danaceau Ray Davis Tom Deuring Marion Drake Jim Dyas Dick lilliot .lack Elwood Bernard Falcovich Sam Vederman Dorothy lforrester Helen Harrington .lack Harris Philippa Hawgood lirank Hovore Bob Jaster Gene Kaber Carson Kent Vk'arren Langer Stanton Lybarger Susan Marble Beverly Masch VJillis McCune .lane McDonald Bernice Menk l.ucille Miller Gloria Milner lfstell Odess lfrank Opatrny Robert Paryzek Charles Pavey Clyde Patterson John Patterson Robert Pekarek Bill Porter Ralph Rosenblum Robert Roth .lack Shepherd Donald Skove Vvlilliam Smith .lohn Sowers George Sowers lfdward Spizel Miriam Stromberg .lack Strome Bob Thobaben David Thrailkill Isaac Tull Martin XVald lilorence VJallaee Shirley XVallace George NVebster Sue VJhite Ben XVilliams Bob Vylilliams Radford Vwlilliams ' S. xv' " ' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President cc E cecc cas scc,FLoRENcE STETTENPELD Secretary cccc -acc and Dececco ..,.,JANE GENTHOLTS Treasurer as eeeee S cc ,,.-Y,,JEAN LYBARGER Librarians our ,co EE coo- W, lB-ARBARA DAVIS 2 ANN MULCAHY Sponsors DCE E , 7 ,,,,,i MR. JONES 3 MR. ELLIS HE Girls' Glee Club has received valuable training in harmonizing, ex- pression, and all branches of choral singing. Under the leadership of Mr. Jones and Mr. Ellis Cthose lucky fellowsj the chorus joined with the A Cappella Choir to present the annual Candlelight Service. I.ouise Adler Bertha Allen Nancy Barrett Sue Botley Marian Boykin Barbara Brown Betty Camerota Jane Carter Mary Cohn Elsie Cook Josephine Cryer Betty Danforth Barbara Davis Janice Diamond Harriet Doyle Faye Duhin lfaitli Duerr Marguerite Encll Amie Eulmanks Roseann Vayne Toby lileishman Annette Freeman Carol Garden MEMBERS Magdelene Geraci Katy Gerstenberger Louise Grossman Marian Haggerty Betty Haber Barbara Lou Harrison Rhoda Hecht Jean Hertz liunice Johnson Gwen Jones Marian Kluge Julia Krauslick Nancy Lang Natalie I.efton Jeanne Lybarger Ruth MacNab Margee Main Alice Nlastny Nancy Morton Shirley Moshontz Ann Mulcahy Becky Murphy Carol Noble Jean Oswald Florence Pohorlak lsabel Randall Jean Reid Betsy Roberts Florence Russell Lee Sanfilippo Evelyn Schmittendorf Eleanor Schonitzer Dorothy Shilling Marilyn Singer Harriet Smith NVenonah Smith Joanne Snowberg Florence Stettenfeld Ruth Strong Colletta Szatmary Ruth Van Aken June Vondrich Ann Vorpe Martha Webb Marjorie Wcnnclerlich Ruth Yarris BOYS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President L ALLAN MILLER Vicevpresidenl and Treasurer GLS GERACI Secretary L BILL GRISSINCER Sponsors MR. JONES, MR. ELLIS ITH the same objectives as the Girls' Glee Club, the only difference in the organizations being that one is of course a great deal noisier than the other, the Boys' Glee Club has met twice a week throughout the year. The members of this club are eligible for A Cappella Choir membership after completing at least a semester in the organization. MEMBERS Bob Adams Bob Aufderheide David Benedict Ted Bloomfield James Bowker lfarl Brandes Robert Clark Jack Clawson Bob Clements Manuel Cohen Bob Cook Pete Cotticchia Charles Cox Hilliard Dangler David Garvin Gus Geraci William Grissinger Sonny Johnson Clifford Kampp Norman Kyman Leighton Lance Henry Lipuma Dick Luttenlon Kenneth Lynn Arthur Martinson Allan Miller Jim O'Neill Irving Paster Sam Peritore Anthony Sgro Hal Shade Morton Sokol Cicorge Szatmary Lloyd Thompson Ward Tolan Jack Ward Clifford Vvlhile S. F. A. A. OFFICERS President U ,,JANE WIKIE Vice-President U ,AUGUST GERAC1 Secretary ,WBILL ANDERS Treasurer . ARTHUR BAZELEY Sponsor ,, W.. MRS. GUNN HIS is Shakers after-school music club which provides the musical mem- bers of our student body With a chance to join with fellow musicians to develop and appreciate this important field in our cultural life. Each spring a production, this year cleverly arranged in the form of an after-dinner recital on board a ship, is presented to the entire student body. At the regular Tuesday meetings of the club. several of the members perform, after which tea is served. During Christmas vacation members hold a party with alumnae. at which the latter perform. The nation's great musicians of the future will undoubtedly be former members of Shaker's S. F. A. A. First Row: Virginia Herrick. Shirley Wallace, Edith Warner, Jayne Byus, Margaret Warren, Betsy Roberts. Carol Garden. Jane YVike, Mrs. Gunn, Second Row: Radford Williams. David Benedict. Donald Skove, Arthur Bazeley. Gus Geraci, Benson Breitman, William Anders. Third Row: George Sowers. Robert Brunner. Davy McCall. James Mellman. Warren Gressle. Ted Bloomfield. No! in Picture: John Bazeley. Betsy Small. Haskell Torrence, Ruth Reinhardt. Bernice Menk. 1. 1 , f 1 1 FOCTBALL Shaker 7 John Hay 12 September 16, 1938 Shaker opened the 1938 season against a lighter and supposedly weaker John Hay team. However, the Bookkeepers turned out to be a better team than was expected, and upset the Raiders in their first start, 12 to 7. Shaker was handicapped by the fact that the entire starting backfield was inexperienced. Most cheering aspects of the game were the promise shown by Carl Iofredo, new junior quarterback, and the courageous play of Captain Jack Sinclair in the line. Iofredo scored Shaker's lone touchdown late in the fourth period. The score was a result of a belated Shaker passing attack. Shaker 7 Bedford 2 September 30, 1938 Despite the John Hay setback the Raiders traveled to Bedford as the favor- ites to meet their old Eastern Conference rivals. Bedford's light but plucky line held the heavier Shaker backs at bay for three quarters of the game. Bed- ford was awarded a touchback in the second period when Jim Rogers stepped out of the end zone as he was punting. Carl lofredo saved Shaker from a second upset when he returned a Bedford punt 38 yards for a touchdown in the final minutes of play. Shaker O Shaw 20 October 7, 1938 Hoping to avenge their disputed defeat of the year before, the Raiders met Shaw under the new lights of Shaw Stadium in their nrst Lake Erie League game. The razzle-dazzle passing attack of the East Clevelanders again proved to be too much for Shaker, as Shaw scored on three long runs to win Z0 to O. Shaker made more of a game of it than the score would seem to indicate. Shakers linemen performed brilliantly throughout the game. Red 'White and .lerry Ensign were particularly outstanding. Shaker 0 Lorain 33 October 15, 1938 The Lake Erie Champions swept over Shaker on the home field when the Shaker defense suddenly Went to pieces in the third period. A fine passing attack carried Lorain to two touchdowns in the second period and three more in the third period. Denfensively Shaker was equal to the visitors in the first and fourth quarters. The inexperienced backs had no success in bucking the aggressive forward wall of the Lorain squad. One bright spot of the game was the moment when Ward Tolan ran 60 yards for an illegal touchdown. Shaker 12 Berea 6 October 22, 1938 The Raiders won their second and final victory of the season when they downed a hard-fighting Berea team. Berea scored after a tricky passing attack had carried the ball to Shaker's one-yard line. Shaker tallied on a pass from Warren Schmidt to Lloyd Thompson, and on a plunge by Carl Iofredo. The victory gave the squad new spirit as it prepared for the traditional battle with Cleveland Heights the following week. Shaker 6 Heights 6 October 29, 1938 A crowd of 5,500 watched the same Shaker team that had been playing sluggishly all season suddenly come to life as the surprising Red Raiders flashed an old-time Shaker offensive to outplay a greatly favored Heights team in gain- ing a 6-6 tie. Shaker was clicking in all departments for the first time this season. Dick Petrequin's sustained gains through center and Warren Schmidt's dashes around end kept Heights on the defensive throughout most of the first half. Eugene Schwarz and Dick Petrequin were impregnable in backing' up the line. Outstanding star of the game was Jack Sinclair, not only because he snared Schmidt's pass for a touchdown but also because he kept the spirit of the whole team at a fighting pitch with his inexhaustible pep. Elyria 33 Shaker 7 November 5, 1938 Elyria's powerful team won a rather easy victory over Shaker at Ely Stadium in Elyria. The speed of All-Ohio Tony Wolodzko and the bruising plunges of Brubaker and Yanke were more than the Shaker line could handle. Lloyd Thompson caught a pass from Schmidt to give Shaker her lone touch- down. Ed Bosco preserved Shakers unsteady defense with his brilliant play in the line. Shaker 7 Lakewood 7 November 12, 1938 Flashing the same smooth attack they had shown in the Heights encounter, the Raiders gained their second tie in league competition. It was a battle for the door-mat position in the Lake Erie League, since neither team had won a league game. Carl Iofredo, Warren Schmidt, and Dick Petrequin all showed that during the course of the season they had become really fine backs. Shaker scored on a sustained drive climaxed by Petrequin's touchdown plunge. Eugene Schwarz again impressed the onlookers with his dependability in backing' up the line. Besides being the last game of the season, it was Dads' Day and many of the fathers were on hand as Shaker closed the season with two wins, two ties, and four defeats. wwrm., NM WR ,, X-KN,,,f'g 'Wm ff J AHEQQ 'K' E M" YY' Show' X R A 'C A 3 2 H X 1 5 X V X x 1 t :VQ k f ' K ' xx L!k? Fw:+Qe?fM A f A , S XXX : yi Y J L' KQM A ..: SL 2 I li 4' 2 ' 235 E J 90 f A ' WL xx -1 Q V 5 XV lSi"m,m.....,,.-.-gawk' y Cf -A X E QL N A in-1 Q 'YK -WX h i -lj O 5 C, O A , N x A 'W V : til?-E, X J K X 'A'- 12-.wr-'X Q .. k. MVVw qu BJ 7 i 3: x V 1 W X fe' - 16 XNEE fi" m.5'iAQf'kY:-S K' :ggi . A , A X Q 5-', , N ' , f. Q x-- ix fr X X0 'b ' e K- 'X ' '4 J LL -, 1 . . ,W , in 1 ' QQ 2, RQ ww tb' Wil 'X Qi t H m J X ,f, Wi 'bkb wk: E .M X x . k 'v Q Vx Algf ,- X 3r 1 W BASKETBALL HAKER experienced a rather disastrous cage season this winter, winning four and losing nine games to win the dubious honor of last place in the Lake Erie League. Brightest spot in the season was Shakers surprise vic- tory over her perennial foe, Cleveland Heights. in the last game of the season. A new feature of the 1938-39 season was the Sophomore squad which replaced the B squad of former years. Under the new plan. the sophomores get the valuable experience of playing in actual games. Although the team won but three of its twelve games, many of the boys showed promise of be- coming valuable players next year. A 25-21 victory over Berea in the opener offered encouragement to cage fans here who had viewed with alarm the fact that there was only one returning letterman. Especially inspiring was the play of sharp-eyed Hans Zachmann, who, with five field goals and two foul shots, tallied twelve of Shaker's twenty- Hve points. Thompson and Jack Dunbar were next in line for scoring honors with six and Hve points respectively. As they entered league play. however, the scene did not look so rosy, the Raiders dropping five straight games before pulling out of their slump. The scores ran as follows: Lorain 30-Shaker 22: Shaw 32--Shaker 19: Elyria 43-Shaker 21: Heights 27+Shaker 24: Lakewood 31-Shaker 24, Bright spots in this era of depression were Thompsons long shots which accounted for ten points in the Heights game. and tall, red-headed Cliff White's nine points against Shaw and eight against Heights. February 3 was the time and Lorain the scene as Shaker snapped its losing streak by nosing out its hosts 32-28. "Red" White led the Shaker scoring with nine points while Zachmann, Joe Dula, and Chuck Anthony followed with six apiece. The following Tuesday the Raiders edged a fighting U. S. team to the tune of 30-29, Dula was the hero of the game, tallying an in- dividual total of 15 points. Shaw's quintet, on its way to the league championship, set Shaker back in the losing column to the tune of 49 to 24 on Friday, February 17. The Red and White fell victim to the Rangers of Lakewood by a 49 to 31 count the next Tuesday despite Du1a's eleven points and White's ten. The climax of the season came on February 24, when Shaker played host to its traditional hilltop foe, Cleveland Heights. Scoffers at Coach Francis's prediction that Shaker stood a good chance of winning its second league victory held their breath as the lead seesawed back and forth all during the Hrst three quarters. and burst into cheers as Shaker broke loose in the fourth to win. 24 to 16. Thompson with ten and Anthony with eight points were high scorers for the game. 1' - . '-' nxukrt-A' LN-A SOPHOMCRE SQUAD .Q QQAKEH X- ' 4 5 A 1 I 13 h i ccc 1-...caw 9-45' . " 'X .fw'fiNL:izgfQ Q A 3,5 ,Q T -5 - f' - 'JW A -A if ' ' K 1,-LM... Mk-,i..fg,.:f 5 .M gf A X I . 533- .Q N: LL 2,3 .- 44.w51' w-M hi . ii f if L , .. .. .. " 1 Q by :H .Mm A. K. K K ! ji . - .MAKE V V Shwi .X .. L XX I -NN' f :XV N ' WRX 54? .I 1 X A if wx 5 f I 'xef' My of .f-'Ji i 5215! 3 Mis' X 'Rf X 5 1 I M vii we if Nxt X QR L i My ,Q Q lk il. . ,X is it Y 'SYN X ,K c XX V S 3 3 f is S X R 1 .ff lie f ik, X A, is A us: XX'xxMW-,Q kk'k X f ,. if in R .Q Q 'V I .Y I ii . . . x Q Q . . KL pri. -W2 .. -, X 6 lx 6 L 7. A . I A A -'nf' 'AN gi A X i . f -Qi-l:. TQQQQWTQ 5 .Q-.g A I N7 Y 1.44 ,V'5v,.L":g1:,gq::-,Q . ii ' as ,ic -- " ' M "'k?'f"- f SHA I: 5 L 'ff 3 K' iff V iff-?"':5.iiig?' . 1 ,Q-ff'-f i ' ' fgjgrf:-' ' Q ? iii. ' 9. N . -4 f- L L W 'E on i igfffaliff q 1 ' s',"Q X ' x pf' Lf - kwzf . Ji f Q 4. 3 A A- - ' is ci . - .P 'Q in ,il K L Y ' ' ia K l. Eugene Schwarz 2. Dick Uhlig 3. Jim Rogers -4. YVarrcn Schmid 5. Chuck Anthony 0. Sam Salullo 6. Hans Zachmann IO. John Patterson 7. Joe Duia ll. Lloyd Thompson 8. Jack Dunbar IZ. Cliff XVhiic goal, the game ending Shaker 2, East l. HOCKEY NDEFEATED. only once tied, scoring 65 points to their opponents' 41 A'Doc" Myers' raging Raider ice sextet copped the city title for the second straight time this year. And this despite the fact that a A'Shaker lcer Injured" headline seemed to follow every game. Bill Metzenbaum, Allan Lewis. and Bob Netherton being the victims. The lone tie marring the record was avenged in the first game of the playf offs as the Rebels of John Adams took a 6-O clrubbing at Shaker's hands. Lewis, with three goals: Bud McCord, with one: and John Vilas and Bob Harris with assists led the Shaker attack with Ed Bosco and Fred Brandt, next year's captain, backing them with some splendid defensive work. East's Gill Rannigan and Shaker's Bill Metzenbaum on a Lewis-McCord assist scored goals in the second game that kept it tied up completely through the regular playing period and the first overtime. The ensuing sudden death overtime saw the massive form of goalie Tom Mooney time after time stop swift East shots that would have automatically eliminated Shaker from the playoffs. The Blue and Gold defense held equally well until, with less than a minute to play. Lewis skated through their entire team to put in the winning Upon the rival, Cleveland hero's role once Shaker came out approach of the championship game none other than our old Heights, appeared as the other finalist. As Lewis played the more with three goals on solo dashes and an assist to Harris. on top with a 4-O shutout. l9 38-HOCKEY RESULTS-1939 Shaker 2 7777 ,,,, 7 7777777 77 U. S. 7 0 Shaker 6 7 777 Lincoln 7 O Shaker 5 7 7 Shore O Shaker 2 7 Heights 7 77 l Shaker 2 7 7 West 77 77 0 Shaker l 7 7 Adams 7 77 l Shaker 3 7 77 West Tech O Shaker 67 7 777777 Collinwood 77 77 l Shaker l l 7 777 Lakewood 7 0 Shaker 3 7East Tech 77 0 Shaker 4 7 77 7 Shaw 7 7 777 77 77 O Shaker 5 7 77 777Cathedral Latin O Shaker 3 77 East 7 7 7 7 77 O Shaker 10 77 Holy Name 7 7 0 Shaker 2 77 7 777 Saint Ignatius 7 7 7 1 I. .Luk Simms 5. Dave Morgan V, Jim Connols 3. Bud mcimf "- Wd B""'1'h no, Allan Lewis 1. Bob 11.1.-I-ix 7' lid BOW ll. Ifmi cagmman 8. Tum Moomx .md 4. Bil! AlL'l7CI1b.llllN Perry Narrcn ll. Bob Ncllwrlun 'k A Qx XY 5 Y U z .+- V r A its -W' ' X . , VX . , A A . 5 1 1 xkpcf W 'X 3 E if fi S ' 5 NX l ' ,f Nr id -Q U I 3 ID -"iw, ' Q H W- 9 v Y V . V " pq f i TRACK HE 1939 track season was opened successfully when Shaker's only entry in the Arena Relays, the two-mile relay team, won an easy victory. Roger Marous, Dick Petrequin, Pete Hale, and Ed Nyfenger gave evidence of po- tential strength in the mile and half-mile runs. Besides the above mentioned quartet, there are eight other returning letter- men. Doug Bishop demonstrated his ability in the discus with an early season throw of 149 feet. Lloyd Thompson, Garry Chertoff, and Marvin Schultz were expected to be point winners in the 440 and 220 dashes at the time the book went to press. Coach Francis said that this year's squad stood a good chance of being the best in the district if any capable hurdlers or pole-vaulters could be found. Jack Shadek, Chuck Anthony, and Thompson had shown the most promise in the hurdle events. Jim Rogers promised to be a point winner in the javelin throw. Last year's track squad won all their dual and triangular meets, won the Public Hall Meet, and finished second in the Lake Erie Meet. This year's squad, at the time of this writing, shows promise of duplicating this record. TRACK SCHEDULE At Home March 31 ,, L, John Hay April 11 ,Garfield-Orange 1 April 18 LLLL Painesvil-le May ZLL LLLLLLLL Lorain May 13L-Lake Erie Meet May 16.. .LLL-..-.L Shaw Away March 3 ...LLLCLL .-eEast Tech March Z4-25 LLLLL . Hall Meet April 22 LLLL Mansfield Relays April 26 L. Bedford-Maple Hts. April 28LCleveland Hts. Relays May 6 LL LLLLL A Salem Relays May 19-ZOW-.. L. District Meet June 3 LLL, . Hill Top Meet WRESTLING TEAM NTERSCHOLASTIC wrestling took its place among Shakers varsity sports this year. The wrestling club achieved its aim of the past several years when it was converted into a recognized varsity team, with Pat Troyan as wrestling coach. The squad won, but two of their eight meets, defeating Euclid Central and West High. The wrestlers lost to such mat strongholds as Parma, U. S., XVest Tech. and Garfield Heights. Outstanding members of the squad were Henry Lipuma, Vincent Datillo, Herman Tobin, Tony Darata, and Dick Fielding. The squad was weakened noticeably by the graduation of Jack Sinclair and Norman Kyman at mid- semester. I HAKER was invited to enter the Lake Erie meet this year despite the fact that it has no organized swimming team. A group of the outstanding boys in the swimming classes won third place in the league meet. The squad lost dual meets to Heights and Shaw. Bill Porter and Jim Rogers were outstand- ing in the short distances. Roy Shambo and George Mogg starred in the breast- stroke. SWIMMING TEAM TENNIS TEAM I-'irxt Row: Bill Grissinger, Bill Mau. lVlr, Harbourt, Joe Nash. Second Row: Garth Thornton. Bob Harris, Charles Norlin, Sanford Gold- farb. Jack l.erner. 'Third Row: .lim Connors. Jim Mellman. Jerry Klein. Jack Jennings, Winning two matches and dropping three, the tennis team wound up fourth in the Lake Erie League fall season. Defeats were administered to the Shaker netters by Lakewood, Heights, and Lorain: but the locals emerged victorious in matches with Elyria and Shaw. The team was composed of Garth Thornton, who was runner-up for the city championship last summer, at first singles: Jim Connors at second singles: Marvin Schultz at third singles: Sandy Goldfarb and Bob Harris at first doubles: with Bill Mau, Jerry Klein, Bill Grissinger, Joe Nash, Stanley Sangdahl, Jack Lerner, Jim Mellman, and Jack Jennings playing at second doubles at various times. The spring season had not opened at press time. With all four of last year's lettermen returning, the golf team this year looked forward to an even better season than last when they finished third in the district qualifier. Captained by Ken Waterbury, the team also included Dave Morgan, John I-lersey, Lloyd Thompson, and Dick Petrequin. lfirsl Row: John Hersey, Dave Morgan. Ken XX'aterbury. Second Row: Dick Petrequin. Lloyd Thompson. Jack Shadek. GOLF TEAM ,z PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN DEPARTMENT For his sustained interest and achievef ment in the intramural activities ol' the Physical Education Department, we dedi- cate this year's Boys' Intramurals Section to Paul Haynam. T is the desire of our physical education def partment each season to develop personal interest and ability in at least one sport. Homeroom and physical education class teams are organized to compete in team and indi- vidual contests-all pointing toward our big intramural games after school. This type of organizing succeeds in furnishing to any boy an opportunity for good, clean, close competi' tion. Baslcetball: Basketball still tops our years sport parade as the most popular intramural and class sport. Captain Weisman headed the winning team of our annual school-wide tournament in which close to fifty teams competed. They have the honor of being the best physical education class team of the year. llomeroorn Basketball Chmnpions: Basketball reached a new high this year when every homeroom in school entered a team to play regularly once a week throughout the sea- son. Perry Narten's team from 312 outscored Jack Doxseys champion junior homeroom team to win first place among thirty-four home- rooms. Football: More interest was shown in intramural foot- ball this year because of ideal fall weather and evenly matched teams. Pictures from top to bottom: l. Paul llaynam 2. l7il'ty-teant BAK-l'xCllH.1ll Tutirnament Cilmmpitms 3. Junior Homeroom l'aasketh.1ll 'liuurnament Cfhampions -l. Senior and School liomeroom lhslwtlmll 'lournanient Champions 5. XVeelxlv .flrcherv llarticipants Paul Haynam and team won the play-off game from Warren Ciressle's team after both had ended the season in a tie. A high spot of the game was when our School President, Haskell Torrence, intercepted a pass and sprinted seventy yards to a touchdown-and exhaustion. Sam Peritore led a very strong team to vic- tory in a forty-six team tournament. This team usually won by large scores because of their individual ability and team play. Badminton: This year we present to the Gristmill three new badminton champions. Advanced and school champion: Stanley Sangdahl. Second year-Harry Feick. First year--Harold Karklin. Ping-Pong: A new ping-pong champion has risenf A lowly sophomore defeated our senior chama pion. Joe Miller, with the best defensive game ever seen at Shaker High, dethroned our last year's champion, Harry Feick. Sophomore champion, Joe Miller: Junior champion, Herman Frankel: Senior champion, Harry Feick. Archery: Regular weekly archery meets between six organized clubs made archery a very popu- lar sport this year. Members in competitive scoring order are as follows: Plott, Lipuma, Katzel, Schellentrager, Norlin, Ferrell, Con- nors, lVlacLaughlin, Rosenblatt, Foster, Sang- dahl, Perrin, Spitzig, Kochmit, Cook, Bowker. Czerny, Smith, Nimnger, and Langer. Jean Swan is secretary. Pictures lrom top to bottom: l, Ping-Pong Finalists Z. Sophomore Homeroom Basketball Tournament Cham- pions 3, Forty-sixA'l'eam lioolball Tournament Champions -l. Badminton Finalists 5. Physical lZLlllCJllUI1 Class Football Tournament Cham- pinns GIRLS' SPCDRTS AW8fdSl An addition to the award system was made this year. If a girl comes out lor enough after-school practices and games, she receives a small, colored piece of felt with a White letter representing the sport on it. This year the hockey color was orange: volleyball, black: and basketball, red. If she earns four of these awards, she will get a small letter "S" signifying 400 points, and a large letter "S" for l0 awards, or l000 points. Fifty points may also be earned for skating, riding, fencing. or swimming. Numerals are pre- sented to those girls who win a place on a varsity team. The varsity team, picked this year for the first time, includes the following girls: Barbara Bradley, Margaret Chute, Betty Danforth, Marge Danforth, Mary- l-ouise Green, Shirley Hardman, Eunice Johnston, Carol Kampp, Jean Nelson, Eliza- beth Pond. "Jimmy" Savage, Netta Siegel, Eleanor Speaker, Jean Steigerwald. Hockey: Girls' hockey reached a new high in en- thusiasm this year, probably because of inter- scholastic victories at the Arena. Both Mrs. l-ommen and Miss Dorsey asserted a new high in playing ability was also reached. The winning team captained by Betty Dan- forth includes the following girls: Ruth Mary Joseph, Gwen Jones, Jane Roby, Patricia Willson, Marge Danforth, Charlotte Masters. Margaret Chute, Shirley Hardman, Margaret Warren, Elizabeth Pond, Nancy Guyer, Mabel Cameron, Mary Ellen Sulli- van, and Marion Wolf.-Oh, woe to all others next yearf Here follows a plug for the up-till-now omitted seniors, of whom four from the Girls' Leaders Club took the written National Hockey Rating Test and passed it nicely. Their remarkable brains should make up for their lack of brawn. As for tests, do all you girls realize that you have the honor of being in one of the very few high schools that "offer" exams on all sports? In fact you can't even dodge 'em by taking golf, tennis, badminton, or any other minor sport. My, what with tests and the gym department becoming so strict about skipping and showers and making up classes, things are almost unbearable! Volleyball: The sophomores gained a big victory this year by winning the volleyball champion- ship. lt was a fiercely contested tournament: for the rest of the classes, and especially the seniors. didn't enjoy watching the sopho- mores carry off high honors. The team in- cludes the following girls: Evelyn Gottfried, Betty Mortus, Betty Helmik, Florence Burt, Janice Diamond, and Gloria Milner. Basketball: Basketball was. as usual, the most im- portant season of the year. A junior team won the intramural contest, and played the all-stars. The winners, captained by Jane Roby, include Lila Horn, Gwen Jones, Mar- garet Chute, Nancy Guyer, Jeanne Nelson, Magdaline Geraci, and Mercedes Geraci. The season closed on March 22 with the all-star game, from which the varsity team was picked, and a game between some of our more energetic faculty members and a chosen team of girls, Modern Dancing: ln addition to the classes of badminton, still one of the most popular sports, there was introduced this year a class of modern dancing. About 90 girls now take this course, the purpose being to develop grace and co-ordination. Swimming: Mrs. Burke reported that about 250 girls substitute a period or two of swimming for gym each week. Those who wish may take Senior Life Saving lessons and anyone quali- fied may help Mrs. Burke with the after- school swimming, The classes participated in two big events the first semester. ln the fall they gave a program for the Open House, consisting of water formations, diving, relay races, and just races. The really big event came on December l3th: in short, the inter-class swimming meet. An unusual thing hap- pened in that the seniors won the meet with 38 points. The juniors trailed far behind with 29 points, and the sophomores were just visible with 18. Senior fishes were as follows: Eileen Czerny, captain, Catherine Blair, Patsy Findly, Mary Ann Jakes, Molly King, Marion Kluge, Harriet Shea, Betsy Small, Jean Steigerwald. GIRLS' BADMINTCN CLUB HIS club was added to our list of activities last fall to give the girls a chance to perfect their skill in the game of badminton, which has become increasingly popular in the last few years. This sport is not easy, but a great deal of fun and profitable exercise can be derived from chasing the 'ibirdf' So those who continually talk about losing weight but never really do anything about it had better take heed and join this club next year. First Row: Betty Emerick, Dorothy Howard, Virginia l,eslie, Mary Cohn. Second Row: Norma Davies, Nancy Payton, Jimmy Savage, Susan Reiley, Evajean Moore, Ferol Smith. No! in Picture: Margaret Kelly, Elaine Schonmeyer. I,ois Schwalb. Netta Siegel, Juanita Strock. I-Hrs! Row: Dave Maclure. Marv Joseph, Chuck Norlin. lfliiabeth Pond. lid Bosco. George Glass. .X't't'om1 Rout: Vvlaller l.aughren, Margaret XVarren. lfred l,emr. Ken 'l'ell'ord. liugene XVhiI man. FENCING CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl Ciiaiuafs lXlORl.IN Vicefpresidem DAVID Macituiui Secrewrg l31-1ZAts12'1'ii PoND Treasurer EDWARD Bosco Sponsor MR. Haiznouiw LARGE number of fencers have sprung up from among our ranks this year to augment the Fencing Club to its present size. Fencing is a sport which accents agility, suppleness and co-ordination of muscles lalso sore musclesl rather than brute strength. The college system of giving school colors to the victorious fencers has been introduced. Fencing meets with other schools, Cleveland Heights among this number. have been planned to add a new interest to the club. Ifzrsl Row: Dr. Ross. Helen Vwlalsh. .lean Phare. Juliana Reese. Marion llubach. Cirace Spira. Annette Paselt. Adrienne Ailes. l.eila Dorer. Marv Oster, Second Row: Sally Crafts. Mary lillcn Sullivan. Jimmie Savage. Ruth Vwlrede, Marcella Pasek, Marilyn Spelman. Barbara Reese. Margaret Plunkett. Ronald Perrin. Third Row: lid Siegler. Ken Horth. Bob tlaster. Dick Bloomfield. .lim Bailey. Harold Rosen, Dan Kilmer. Ted Boynton. Joanne Otte. No! in I'r't'lure: Mr. Harbourt. sponsor: lid Peck and llarl ,IQTASICL instructors: Don Dowling. Bob Botlev. Rad XVilliams. Rav l'errell, .lack Norlin. Bob Chute. Swanson. First Row: Grace Spira, Dorothy Howard, Nancy Baker, Lucille Kemeny, Mary Cohn, Marjie Bernstein, Jane Kohn. Shirley Hardman, Marilyn Stannard. Second Row: Miss Jackson, Becky Murphy, Anne Thompson, Janet Altman, Dorothy Hart. Jean Swan, Netta Siegel. Mabel Cameron, Anna Martha Gemmell, Peggy Hart. Third Row: Harriet Shea, Marilou Shade, Olive Kihorny, Lois Ahlman, Jean Graves, Florence Horn, Dale Kunkle, Betty Urschel, Phyliss Henderson. Iiourfh Row: Edith Dennis, Ruth Wrede. Ann Lelivre, Evelyn Ellis, Elinor Mullany, Bonnie Greene, Marian Johnston. l,ouise Grossman, Lucille Miller. Not in I'z'cture: June Winslcauf, Patricia Clapp. BGOTS AND SADDLE CLUB OFFICERS President e JEAN SWAN Secretary-Treasurer H, ,,-s,, ,, , JANE KOHN Sponsor e or D so Edo D ,r or Miss JACKSON HIS club gives our horse lovers a chance to communicate with their beloved horse brethren and to improve their riding technique so that Cunlike us inexperienced ridersj they can sit down in comfort on the day following a trip to Sleepy Hollow. When the weather permits, every Thursday finds these horsewomen perfecting their style and maybe that of the horse. GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB OFFICERS Ftrs! Semester Second Semesler RUTH MACNAB President EI,I2ANoR SIaI2AIcIiR VIRGINIA Boos Vice-President VIRGINIA Boos HIQLIEN CoNRoI' Secretary-Treasurer HEI.IfN CoNRoI' MRS. l.OKlMliN Sponsor MRS. l.oxIxIITN O become a member of this club, a girl must excel in gym work, leadership. and good sportsmanship. The Leaders assist in classes, oliiciate at after- school sports, and participate in play-days with Bedford, Garfield Heights, and Cleveland Heights. The one large social affair of the year is the annual Christmas Alumni dinner. The club sponsors a basketball game in March be- tween the All-Star and Champion teams. You won't pass up these girls with their "fire-engine red" suits without a second glance. tNeither would Ferdinandj. First Row: Mrs. l.ommen. Jean Steigerwald. Jane Roby. Ruth MacNab. Helen Conroy, Barbara Haggard. Eleanor Speaker. Second Row: Mary-Louise Greene, Eileen Czerny, Gwen Jones. Betty Danforth. Alice Bacon. Shirley Hardman, Annette Freeman. Third Row: Marge Danforth, Dorothy Howard. lllizabeth Rodgers. Betty Adell, Mar- garet Chute. Mary Alice Oakley, Joan Kochmit, Ruth Joseph. Not in Picture: Virginia Boos. SHARCS CLUB President be B so or MQLLY KING Vr'ce-Presidenz to be ,,,,lVlARGARET CLARK Secretary e r at r WJEAN STEIGERWALD Treasurer or are PAT FINDLEY Sponsor as MRS. BURKE UR Sharcs resemble the genuine animal only in name and in agility in the water: the danger is missing, for our Sharcs are quite harmless fisupposedly, at leastl. The girls in this club are expert swimmers who have passed the lifefsaving test. In addition to improving their own already proficient skill, the members help supervise and teach the younger children who swim in the pool after school. This year the club sponsored Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced swimming meets among these elementary school children. The annual inter- class meet of high school girls, which was won by the senior class with second and third places taken by the junior and sophomore classes respectively, was likewise sponsored by the Sharcs. The club climaxed the year's activities this spring with a water pageant which was in the form of a Mother Goose fantasy with music, art and acting. dom Q,X: Mjshh-5' Ro aw k , -1' Xor-'DN' 5a-4 . Xiu.-N" First Row: Patsy lfindley. Marge Danforth. Jane Reinhardt, Jane McKee. Jean Steiger- wald. Molly King. Second Row: Mrs. Burke, Mary Ann Jakes, Elaine lirankel, Catharine Blair. Charlotte Masters, Barbara Bradley. J K wi. Aeroplane Club .......... A Cappella Choir ........ Activities Division Page ---- Annual Board ......... -...- An Annual Event ......,. Band .................. Basketball Sophomore Squad - Basketball Individuals ...... Book Club ......... ..... Boosters and Booster Captains PAGE INDEX Boots and Saddle Club -T ............. Boys' Glee Club ..... .- ............. 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Clark, Sheldon ------46, Claws on, Jack -- ,-----, 44, Clements, Robert 74 71 Coe, Barbara ----- KYHH AA Cohagan, Mildred --- Y---C4115 Cohen, Manuel -- ..------ ----44, 74. Boos, Virginia ---------- -- . ---- 10, 17, 93, Bosco, Edward --------- ,, 17, 80, 81, 82, 87, Botley, Robert ------ 65, Botley, Suzanne ------- Bottomley, Ethel Jean Boughton, Jean ---- Bowker, James ----- Boyd, Gloria ---- - --- - Boyd, Marion ---17, Boyer, Robert ------ Boykin, Anne ------ Boykin, Marion ----.-- Boynton, Edward ------ Bradley, Barbara ---- --- ---- 48, 52, Brailey, Constance --- Brandis, Earl ------- - - Brandt, Fred -46, 52, 48, 77, 50, 43 48, -17 88553, PCC-545655 86 Cohen, Suzanne - ------ Cohn, Mary ------ -- ----47, 72, 74, Colman, Dorothy --- 7565 -44 Colquhoun, Norman 42 54 50, 53, , 56, 60, Collister Richard ------ --- Collister, Edward -------- 18 60, 65, 80, 86, 88, Collister, Frank --44, 57, 80, Collister, James - ------- 48, Conners, James .- -------- - ----18. 74, 86, 87, 90, 46 , Connor, Robert ------ --- Conroy, Helen --------- - ----18, 40, 61, 72,93 Cook, Elsie .. ------- 48, 74, Cook, Jeanne --------- --- Cook, Robert ---- 44, 74, 77 Corey, June ----- 11, 60, 66 Corris, Elsie ----, ------- 44, Cory, James -------- ----- Coticehia, Peter ---- -48, 77, Cowan, Robert ---47, 64, 80 Cox, Charles - ----- -11, 65, Crafts, Sally ., ------ 18, 68, Cram, Jean , -------- ----- Crawford, Robert --------- Crosby, Betty --------- 46, Cryer, Cryer, Henry ------ - ----- Josephine ---- 18, 72, Culek, Frank ------ ..---18, Czerny, Eileen ---------- 19.55, 72, 73, 91, 93, v , Brandgard. Robert ----- --48 Breen, Gladys -17, 60, 63 73 Breitman, Benson --- 62, Brennan, Larry -------- 47 Bretschneider, Peggy - 47, Brett, William ------ 42, Broadbent, Ann -------- 47, Brockway, Arthur ----- 17, Brockway, Donald ------ 44, Brodie, James ----------- - Brown, Barbara --17, 48 Brown, Harry ------ ----44 Brown, Milton - ----- ---44 Brown, Robert ------- --17, Brown, Ruby ------------- Bruce, Phyllis ----- - ----- - Brunner, Jay --------- ---. Brunner, Robert --44, 60 64 Buchanan, Betty -------- 11, Burford, Anne -------- 47, Burger, Flora Mae ---- ---47 Burkholder, Jack ------- - -- Burrows, Phoebe ----- - 48, Burt, Sarah ----- 48, 72 Burtch, Selden --------- --- Burton, Deborah ---- 18, 40 Burton, Robert -- 18, 42, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 71 Byrd, Hugh ------------ - -- 71 Byron, Mary Ellen --- Byus, Jayne -------- 74 v Dainton, Claire -----48, Danaceau, Robert ------- Danforth, Betty --44, 76 Danforth, Marjorie ----- ----------44, 57, Dangler, Hilliard --- ---- Darata, Anthony --- Darata, Harry ---- ,-- Darrah, Adeleen ------- 71 Dattilo, Vincent --19 v Caddy, Janice ----------- -- 9 3 Cameron, Mabel --46, Camerota, Elizabeth ----. Card, Dorothy --.- ------ 44 Camerota, Frank -------- 4 6 44 44 Cargill, , Drury --------- , , 1 Carlozzi, Jean ---- ----. ---- - Carmany, Charles --- ---- Davenport, Quentin -------- Davidson, Barbara ---48, 71, Davidson, Max -,48, 80. 84, Davies, Norma -----44, 71, Davis, Barbara ---------,. ----19, 40, 62, 72, 76 Davis, Evelyn --------.- 19 Davis, Jean ---- -19, 61, 68 Davis, Raymond ----19, 57, Davis, Ruth ,-19, 40, 61, 63 Davis, Virginia -- ..,. ------- 1 , r 'QL w, ,., Day, Rhea ,......... 12 DeHamel, John ..... Deliziosi, Josephine Denby. Thomas LL48, Dempsey, Ethyl LLL Dempsey, Jack LLL Demsey, Delbert ..... 48, 'eva-'si' LLLLLLGL 47, Denby, Marjorie .h.W,.. Dennis, Edith ,..... Deuring, Thomas LL LL Deucker, Jean .... 46, 48, Deutsch. Lois ,........ Diamond, Janice .... Dibrell, Eblen ...... Dick, Charlotte LLL Dickenson. Barbara Dieter, Paul- LL .... LL Dittman, Sylvia .,,, Dittoe, Mary .....D, 48. 44, Dittoe, Ralph ...,,,v... 48 Dodd, Lois ....A. Donaldson, David L LLL , LL15 65 Donaldson, Ralph ,,Y... Dorer, Casper ....,,,..e 44 Dorer, Leila ...L.-.... Dowling, Donald L Doxsey. Jack .LLL 44, A6F0T C61 G Doyle, Harriet ,...,..... 48 Dowling, Donald ,..... Drake. Marian ,L,,,.. LL47 Dressler, Janet .,..,, 47, 63 Dubin, Faye .L.,,,.. 19 Dublin Nanc , y ..... Duerr, Faith LLL LLLLLLLL44 Duffy, James ....LL, Dula, Joe ...L,., 44, Dunbar, Jack ..,. 19, Giiqil' 71 Duncan, Jeanne ....L... L Duthie, Dianne LLLLLL ,LL Dyas. James .... 44, 75, Dyas. Robert .....L... Dye. Richard .....,. 46, Edmiston, Alice ..L,... Eisner, Florence .... L Elliott, Richard ......, Ellis, Evelyn ........... Elwood, Jack .,.,,. , L.-. 47, 64. 65, Emanuel, Ethel .LLLL Emerson, Doris ,..,. Fi 75 Emrich, Betty L20, 61, 68 71 Enell, Margaret ,,..Y..L 48, Ensign, Jerry ..... 53, 54, 56, 64, Erdman, Neal ,..... Ervin, Herbert LL46 Ettinger, Ernest .-.. L44, 52, 82, 88 47, 53, Ettinger, Robert ........ 20 Eubanks, Arnie ....,.... 48 Eudy, Edwin .......... Evans, Martin ..... Evans, Robert ....,,,, 44 61 Faber, Gloria ...L Falcovich, Bernard ..,,,. Falls, Robert ...L,.. 48, Fassen, Gloria L-..LL,.,. 44 Fayne, Roseanne ..v,-.... LLLLLL20, 42, 72 . 74, Feddery, Billie Elaine Lv.. 48 Federman, Samuel LLLL. Feick, Harry ....,,,. L LL Feinberg, Jerome LLLL Felber, Thomas .LLLL Felder, Blossom LL44, Feldman, Doris LLL Ferguson, Raymond 48, 20, 61 Ferrell, Raymond ,,.,. LL Ferris, Daniel ......, 20 Fertel, Bluma LLL 20. Fiderius, Walter LLL 61, Fielding, Bruce ..-.,...L 48 5 5 Fielding, Richard ..., Findley, Patsy L20, 67, 20, 71, Firshow, Chester LLLLLL ,.,,e,,,V , J Fisher, Elaine ............. Fisher, Harvey ..........,.. Fitzgerald, Jack -.... Fleishman, Toby L... Flora, George ,......... Foley, Frances ...... Foley, Jack .........,.. 50 Foley, Neva .......... Folts, Franklyn ,....... Forrester, Dorothy ...... Foster, Grover .L,L-,.... 20, 40. 52, 65, Foster, Winifred ,....... 48 Fox, William L20, 52, 53 56 Frankel, Elaine ,..... 44 Frankel, Shirlee ,,.. Frankel, Herman ,..... L Free, Jean ,..L..... Freedman, Peggy LLL Freedman. Harry LLL Freeland, Margaret LL Freeman, Annette L2l, Freeman, Donald LLLLLLLL 48 Friedman, Danny LLLLLLLL 48 Friedman, Leonard LLLLLLLL L Frohring, Marjorie LLLLLL LLL Frolking, Robert LLLLLLLLL LL Fromson, Howard L L Fromson, Milton LLLLLLL L 50 Gadus, Mary LLLL 44, 69 71 Gagliene, Joseph LLLL Galier, Adeline L LLLLLLLLLL L Garbo, Eva LLLLLLLL Garvin, David LLLLL Garden, Carol LLLLLL 7 2 LLLL12, 40, Gast, Bennett LLLL 44 , 54 Gates, Byron LLLLLLLLL Geddes, Helen LLLLLLLLLL 48 Gemmell, Anna LLLLLLLLL 48 Geraci, Barbara LLLLLLLLL 44 Geraci, Gus LLLLL 12, 74 77 Geraci, Magdaline LLL LLLLLLL44, 71, Geraci, Mercedes LLLLL44 Gentholts Jane L L , 42, 47, 72 Gerstenberger, Katy LLLLLL 48 Gibbons, Jean LLLLLL 40 Gibbons, Marjorie LLLLLLL 44 Ginn, Lloyd LL LLLLL Given, Dorothy LLLLLLLL Glass, George LL,wf.L 21 Glowe, Frances LLLLL Glowe, Ruth LLLLLLLLLL Golden, Lawrence LLL Goldberger, Paul LLLL Golder, Morton LLLL Goldfarb, Sanford L LL Goldstein, Fred LL46, Goldstein, Shirley LLLLLLLLLL Goodman, Grant LLLLLLLLLLL Goodman, Marjorie LL LLLLLLLLLL2l, Gordon, Ira LLLL 44, Gorman, Robert LLLLLLLL 21 71 Gottfried, Evelyn LLL Grable, Gretchen LLLLLLLL 44 Graham, James L LLLLLLLLLL L Graves, Jean LLLLLLL Gray, Loretta LLLLLLL 44 Gray, Merril LLL LLLLL LL46 Green. Bonnie LLLLLLLLLL 48 Green. Helen L LLLLLLLL Greene, Mary Louise LLLLLL 74 93 LLLLLL21, 63, 73, Greenwald, Shirley LLLLLLLLL Gressle, Warren LLLLLL L LLL LLLL21, 40, 53, 55 74 Griese, David LLLL LLLLLL LLL Grissinger, William LLL44 77 Gross, Morton LLLLLLLLLL LL Grossman, Louise LLLLLL LL LLLLLLL21, 71, 74, Grossman, Shirley L LLLL ' i5'WfI, f L'5e:1-,327 f 2 Grossman, Allen LLLL... Groves, Patsy LLLLLLL 44, Grund, Robert LLLLLLLLL Guyer. Nancy LLL44, 69, Gunderson. Marjorie LLLL LLLLLLL10, 12, 42, Haas, Helen LL44, 64, 67, Haas, Walter L44, 60, 62, Hagenbuch, Sonia LLLL 22, Hagerman, Robert LLLLLL Haggard, Barbara LLLLLL LLLL22, 40, 55, 66, Haggerty, Marion LLLLLL Haher, Betty LLLL LLL71, Hale, Peter LLLLLLLLLLL Hall, Beverly LLLLLLLLL Hall, Jane LLLLLLLLL 22, Hall, Sam LLLLLL LLLLL Hamburg, Alvin LLLLLL L Hanasek, Herbert LLLL 48, Hanasek, Richard LLLLLLL 9 3 Hardman, Shirley L44, Harmon, Gennelle LLL46, Harmon, Patricia LLLLLLL Harrington, Helen LLLLLL Harris, Beverly LLLLLLLL Harris, Jack LLLLLL LLLL Harris, Robert L47, 64, 86 Harrison, Barbara Low LL LLLLLLLLLLLLLL48 Harrison, John LLLLLL 44 Hart, Dorothy LLLLLLL LL LLLL44, 61, 62, 68, Hart, Peggy L LLLL LLLLL Harvey, Donald LLLLLLLL Hawgood, Philippa LLLLL Haynam, Paul LLLLLLLLL Hecht, Laura LLL LLLLLLL Hecht, Rhoda LLLLLLL LL Heidler, Doris LLL. LLLLLL Heiss, Willard LLLL .LLLLL Heintz, Hazel LLL LLLL- Helmink, Betty .LLL LLL Henderson, Phyllis LLL LL Hersey, John LLLLL LL22, Hertz, Jeanne LLLL 47, 60 Hertz, Willard LLLLLLL Herrick, Virginia L10. 12, Hexter, Margaret LLLLLLL Hildebrand, Carl LLLLLLL Hinsdale, Ione LLLLLLLLL Hirsch, Lois LLLLLLLL 47, Hirsch, Rhoda LLLLLLLLL Hodge, Betty LLLLLLLLL Hodges, Robert LLLLLL LL Hoff, Robert LLLL 44, 5 7, Hogen, Thomas LLLLL 2 2, Hollander, Jeanne L LL44, Holman, Kathryn LLLL 47, Holt, Annette LLLLLL Holt, Dons LLLLLLLLLLL Holt, Nat LLLLLLLLLLLL Horn, Lila LLLLLLLLLLL Horn, Florence LL LLLLL Horn, Robert LLLLL L 44, Horner, Dorothy LLLL 22, Horth, Kenneth LLLLLLLL Hott, Doris LLLLLLLLLLL Hovore, Frank LLLLLLLL Howe, Jack LLLLLLLL 47, Howes, Virginia LLLL48, Howard, Dorothy -47, 94 Hrach. Warren LLLLLLLL Hromadka, Harry LLLL 48, Hubach, Marian L- 22, 40, Hubbard, Robert LLLL 44, Hubbard, Walter LLLLLLL Hubbell. Wilbert LL LLL Huber, Ward LLL LLLLL L Hudgeon, Margaret LLLLL Huntley, Carl LLLLLLLLL Huntley, Virginia LLLLLL LLLLLLL22, 58, 59, Ignaut, Eleanor LLLLL 44, Iofredo, Carl .... 44, Iofredo, Joseph ,.g,,A Jacobson, Bill ...... Jacobson, Marvin am., Jaffe, Jay ,,,,,,,.,, Jakab, Gloria 2 ,.,H. 2 Jakes, Mary Anne 222 222222223, 59. Jaster, Robert 2222222 Jennings, Jack ,,,,,, Jlrus. Earl 222222222 80, 81 48, 80 222225- 222248 71, 93, 48,75 12, 65, 22244, Jxrus, Shirley ...A...,... 22 Johns, Tom .,,.... Johnston, Eunice 24 7. Johnston, Marion 222 Johnson, Alfred .,,,, Jones, Catherine 2 .,,, 48, Jones, Evan ,,,.. 2 22 Jones, Gwendolyn 244, Jones. Merilyn ,,,,, Joseph, Ernest ...... Joseph, Mary ,,,... Joseph, Ruth .,.,.,, Jubell, John ,,,, 47, Julien, Joanne ,,,A... Kaber, Gene 2. ..,,.. 2 Kampp, Carol, ,,.... Kampp, Clifford ,,,.. 23, 88, 71, 47, 69, 23, 67, 67. 22247, 76, 93 22244, 59, 65. 44,52 222248 22248, 22223, Karklin, Harold ...3,,,, 48, Karnosh, Jane ..., 22 44, 76, 57, Kassouf, La Verne A.....,.. Katz, Sidney ,,,..., Katzel, Herbert 2244, Kellog, John 3,,. .222 Kellor, Peggy ,,.... 52, 47, 59, 59, Kelly, Gloria ,,2...,.....Y Kelly, Margaret 2222222222 222222223, 71, 72, 92, Kemeny, Lucille 2212, 67, 72, Kent, Carson .,....,,, 248, Kihorry, Olive ....., Kilmer, Daniel 2212, 12, 65, 71, Kilroy, Charles ,,.,,, 22248, Kilroy, Edward ,,.,,.,. 23, 40, 53, 54, 59, 80, 82. Kimball. Oliver ...,,.... 2 King, Charles 247, 50, 65, 80, King, James 2222 ,,...,,2 22 King, Mollie 2222 ..ff4 223, Kinne Jack y, ,M,,,,, 44, 8 0, Kiraly, Charles ...,,2. 222 Kirby, Mary 2 22 Klausner, Beatrice 22 22 Tfffif Klausner, Irene ,..,,2, 22223 55, Klausner, Robert 2,.22 . 2248, Klein, Jerome 2222222 23, 52, Kluge, Marian 223, 71 72, 76 Knesal, Marion 22222222260, Knight, Paul 222222222-- 22 Knight, Robert 222222 46, 71, Kni ht, Walter 222222 S Kochmit, Jane 22 48. Kochmit, Joan 222222 Koerner, Gerald 22222 Koestel, Alfred 222222 Koller, Phyllis 222222 71, 48, 22224, 46, 59, Kohn, Jane 222222222 2244, 22246, 72, 22224, 71, Kohn, Syville 22.2 222222222 2 Koller, Phyllis 2222222 22222- Komlos, Patsy 242, 44, 61, 71 Konter, Helen 222222 44, 67, Kongha, Irene 22222222 22222 Koptis, Jane 222224, 61, 71, Kossick, Jeanne 222222222222 Kossick, Ruth 22222222 22222 Kovanda, James 22222 222224 Kovanda, Marcia 2222222248 Kovanda, Ralph 22222 222222 61 71 72 Kramer, Hope 222 , Krasnoff, Miriam 22 44, 61, Kraus, Marjorie 2246, 61, Krause, Jeanne 222222 Krause, Richard 22 2222 Krauslich. Julia 2 2 222 47, v 71' 71, 22248. 74, Krepps, Betty 222222 48, 59, Krohngold, Doris 2222222 48, 59 60 Kunkle, Dale 2222 47, , Krum. John 2246, 52, 53, 55 Kyman, Aileen 222222 48, 64 Kyman, Norman 213, 48, 64, Kysela, Paul 22222222222 44. Lackamp, Patricia 2222222222 Laird, Richard 222222222222 La Marca. Florence 222222 48, La Mond, Jack 2224, 59, 74, Lance, Leighton 2222222 244, Lang, Nancy 222222. 44, 71, Langer, Warren 22222 24, 75, Larsen, Bernard 2224, 59, 71, Larsen, Richard 22222222222 Lathe, Ann 2222222222222 22 59 Lathe, John, Jr. 22222 44, Laughren, Walter 2222 24, 71, Lawson, Marjorie 2222 2 2222 2 Lawson. Ruth 222222222222 LaZelle, Frank 222222222222 Leas, Elmer 222222222222222 Lechner, Paul 2222222222 44, Lefton, Natalie 222222222 71, Lehmann, Robert 2 222222 222 Le Lievre, Ann 2249, 67, 71, Leifer, Goodwin 22222 22 25, Lemr, Fred 22222222 25, 52, 57, 61, 70, 71, 80, 82, Lerner, Jack 2 2222 22247, 71 Leslie, Virginia 22225, 69, 71 Lewis. Allan 2222222 2, 2222 -25, 40, 70, 71, so, sz, Lewis, Robert 222222222222 Lipuma, Henry 2222222222 222222225, 74, 77, 89, Lister, William 222222222 50, Lockwood, Ernest 22225, 40, Lockwood, Flora Lu 22222222 Lonardo, Helen 222222222222 Longo, Anthony 249, 71, 88, Longo. Antoinette 22246, 71, 59 60 Loomis, David 22246, . Loomis, Jack 2222222 49, 59, Lo Schiavo, Martin 2222222 222222222249, 80, 88, Lowe, Richard 22247, 59, 65 Lowenstein, Barbara 222222 66 68 222225, 60, 61, , Lox, Francine 222222 49, 60, Lox, Isabelle 2222 25, 46, 60. Ludwig, Jack 2222222222 22 Luttenton, Richard 222222 44, Lybarger, Jeanne 225, 71, 72. Lybarger, Rita 2222222222 44 Lybarger. Stanton 2222222 49 Lynn, Kenneth 222222 49, 77: Mack, .Arthur 2222222222 25, MacLachl'an, Jon 2222222 49, MacNab, Ruth 22213, 55, 76 Maclure, David 222222222 25 Maier, Marilyn 22222 47, 59, Main, Margee 225, 40. 66, 72 Manheim, Robert 222222222 Marble, Susan 2222222222 47 Margowsky, Shirley 2257, 72 Marks, Leonard 222222222222 Marotta, Thomas 2222222 46, Marotta, Vincent 22222 2 22222 Marous, Richard 22222222 46 Marous. Rodger 222222222 26 Marshall, Ralph 22222222 26,' Martin. Jean 22222222222 26 Martin, Nancy 222222222222 Martin, William 222222222 22222249, 59, 65, 68, Martinson, Arthur 222222245, Masch, Beverly 222222222 47 Masters, Charlotte 2245, 72, 74 Mastny, Alice 2222222 49, 71 Mau, William 222222 45, 74, Mavers, Geraldine 2222222 45 McCafferty, Mary 2222222 44 v , v , 1 1 r v ,2 McCall, Davey 22222244, 60 McCay, Robert 22222222222 McCord, Charles 222 2222 2 26 McCune, Willis 22222222 26. McDonald, Jane 222222222 46 McGarrell, Katheryn 222222 222222222244, 59, 60, McGaw, Gordon 2222222244 McKee, Jane 2222 2222 44, 71 McKee, Marjorie 2222 2222 49, McLaughlin, Virginia 249, 59, McVay, Nancy 222 22222 22 222222212, 26, 54, 64, Meikle, Richard 2222222222 Meisser, Ruth 222246, 61, 62, Mellman, Doris 22222 2 22222 Mellman, James 2226, 69, 78 Metzenbaum, William 2 2222 222222226, 52, 71, 86, 45 59 Meyer, Joy 2222222 22 , Meyer, Virginia 22222222 26, Miller, Allan 2222 2 2226, 74, 61 Miller, Edith 2222 45, , 71, Miller, Joseph 222222 49, 80, Miller, Lucille 22249, 52, 74, Miller, Maryon 2226, 59, 69, Millican, James 2222222222 222222226, 40, 60, 65, Milner, Gloria 222222 47, 75, Mills, Marilyn 222222222222 Miskell, Robert 222 2 22222 13, Mixer, Muriel 22249, 71, 72, Mogg, George 222222 46, 74, Monnett, Mary 22 22222222 2 Monroe, Logan 222222222 22 Mooney, Thomas 22 2 26, 57, 61, 74, 80, 86, 87, Moore, Doris 2222 2 22222 45, Moore, Evajean 2227, 69, 71, Moorhead, Austin 222249, 59 Morgan, David 2222222222 222227, 40, 57, 86, 87, Morrow, John 22222222222 Morse, Franklin 242, 45, 52, 53, 55, 56, 60, 68, 73, Morton, Adelaide 2222222 49, Morton. Nancy 222222222 2 Mortus, Betty Jane 222222 49, Moshontz, Shirley 222222 49, Mueller, Lois 22.2 222222 249, 52 Mulcahy, Ann 22245, , 71. Mullaney, Elinor 245, 60, 72, Murphy, Becky 2227, 71, 76, Murphy, Marilyn 2222 50, 60, Murphy, Thomas 2222222 47, Nadison, Florence 222222222 Narten, Perry 2222222 2227, 40, 55, 65, 86, 87, 88, Narwald, Constance 22222 45, 49 59 Nash, Joseph 2222 , , 89, Neale. Denison 2222222222 42 222227, 40, , 56, 63, Neel, Jack 222222222222222 Nehrer, Carl 2227, 40, 56, 57 Nelson, Jeanne 22222 245, 71, Nelson, Richard 22.22 27, 65, Nendza, Albina 2222 2222222 Netherton. Robert 227, 71, 86 Neville, Francis 222222 2247 Newell, Janet 2222222 49, 69 Newhall, Elizabeth 249, 59, 69 Newhall, Mary 222222 222 27, Newman, Arthur 2222 2 .2 2 Newman, Harry 22222 47, 60 Noble. Carol 22222 222 2245 Nokes, Doris 222222245, 71, Noon, Mary Ellen 2222 .22 2 22222245, 55, 61, 71, Norlin, Charles 2222222222 222222227, 65, 89, 91. Norlin, John 2222222222 50, Norlin, Eva 2222222222222 Norwick, Edward 222222222 Menk, Bernice 49, 64, 74, 75, 1 f . .Q q- - , , ,ff 'm,.-,e-w- M? 'f 835:13 lg. 15 ' 1 N 'Z'l'Yi'f . P, Q Norwick, Robert -27. 54, 59, Rager, Richard ,.,....., Savage, Jimmy Y,.. Noss, Robert ...... -49, 80, Raith, Grace ....,... 45, ..... . --47, 71 Noss, William ......... 27, Ramsdell, Jane ......... Sawdey, Neil ----47 52 Novak, Kenneth ---,------- Ramsdell, Earl g,..........a Schochtel. Frances --- Novario. Gerald ........ 28, Raney, Thomas a....... Schechter, Jean ---- Nye, Glgdyg ------,,,--, W Raney, William a--a Schellentrager, Jane - Nyfenger, Edward ..,a... 45 Nyfenger, Robert ........... Oakley, Mary Alice ,.,h... 7 72 74 -------45, 1, . Odess, Estelle' .... 45, 59, 74 Oeberman, Lois ...w........ Olson, Robert ....a.....A.. O'Neill, James ........, 45, Opatrny, Frank ........ 28, Oppenheimer, Mary ......... 63 66 Oster, Mary .... .... , Randall, Isabel --- - WEB' P7P Reed, Alice ,,.,, 29 Reed, Lenore ..., 2 9 Reese, Juliana -- ,,,,, - v 42, 71 1 Schellentrager, Richard --. 45, 59. 65. 80. 91 71 76 Schilling, Dorothy ---- 30, , Reese, Barbara - ..,,, 45, Reese, Bruce .2....,..,... . Reese, Carolyn Ruth ...w. 49 Reese. James ..........., -- Reichle, Elsie .......... Reid, Jean ...,..,,a.aa Reid, James .... -- Reinhardt, Jane -- 4 5, Oswald, Jean ..,.A.. 45, 71 Otte, Joanne W--28, 59, 63, Owen. Edward . .... 45, 57 Palumbo, Katherine ......... Parsons, Scott ---47, 69, 88 Paryzek. Robert a..w, 49, 75 Paschal, William - '---579'-ii' Pasek, Annette ---49, , Pasek, Marcella - - -. ..a, -28, 5521572 Paster, lrving ..-. ---49, 77 Paster, Theodore - Patterson, Clyde - ...w. W47 Patterson, Jane ....a.... 28 Patterson. John ,A..w 45, 75 Rose, Richard .,..,.......a Percival, Frances -. .......... Patterson. William ---47, 67 Pavey, Charles ...., W--46, Payton. Nancy ---45. 71, 72 Pearson, Dugald ---10, 28, 40, 42, 52, 53, 54, 73. Peck, William .......... --- Pekarek, Robert ........ 49, Pelunis, Gladys ,.... 28, 59, 45 59 71 Pentland, Robert - , . Reinhardt, Ruth --- -------49, 71 A -7Al- 72' V - 7574 v Reske, Gerry ..,..,,,a., Reynolds, Pilbert --- Richardson, Robert ...,.. 29 Riebe, Marion Gail ---47 59 Rieley, Susan .....,, 29, Rlfe, Ruth -w,,,,,,a 45 47 Rife. Josephine ,.,, Roberts, Betsy ---45 v 74a Roberts, James ......... 50 Roberts, Janet ,,.,, --- Roberts, Robert ,,.., 45, 71 Roby, Jane - W--45, Rod ers William r 1 v Schleicher, Jane .... Schmid, Warren --- ----45, 80, 81 Schmittendorf, Evelyn Schniatter, Neal --45 Schonitzer, Eleanor - -------30, 40 Schonmeyer, Elaine - Schoonover, Hewitt Lex Schuenaman, Arthur Schultz, Alice ..... Schultz, Marvin --- 45, 57, 59, 64 Schwab. Patricia --- Schwalb, Lois ..... Schwalb, Roslyn --- Schwartz, Arnold --- Schwartz, Jack - ..,, Schwarz, Eugene --- -------30, 80 Seaman, Ruth ---31 Sedlak, Joseph .... . Seidel, Marcella ..... g , ----29, Rodgers, Elizabeth -46, 59, Rogers, James - ,,,,,,,.L, 85 88 29, 40, 80, 82, Rogers, .Thomas ---- Rosen, Barnett ...W. - v Rosen, Harold .,,,,- 45, Rosen, Harry --- - Rosen, Morton - --, 47 Ruse, David ..--W - Percival, Phyllis - Peritor, Salvatore 556-15 'El 5 Perlberg, Albert --45, . Perlberg, Sylvia ...., 28, 61, Perrin, Ronald ---49, 86, 91 45 55 Peter. Suzanne --- . ,7l 50 Petitto. Frank -, . w..,.. - Petrequin, Richard ------10. 2 sf-iofszf 55, 74, 80, 81, 82, 88, Phare, Jean -----45, 67, 71 Pickford, William -------4-i- Pierce, Betty ...z. ,..,,, Pierce, Donald ...,z...,L., Piercy, Carol ............. Pietrowski, Robert ......... Pistillo, Carman ......--, W Platt, Naomi .......,,.. 47 Plott. Wilbert ............. 42 Plumb, Priscilla --28, 40, Plunkett, Margaret ,,..,.. ----------49, 67, 68, Pohorlak, Florence Jean --49 Pohorlak, LaVerne ..,,., 28 Pollack, Melvine ........z -------28, 46, 61, 71 Pollard, Ruth Marie --49, 69 Pomeroy. Harlan ..., 49, 65. 93 Pond, Elizabeth --45, 68, Pongracz, Adelbert ...... 45, Porter, Nelson .z......,, W- Porter, William ..... 49, 75, Post. Robert ...,L,, 47, 52, 61 Poulides, Lillian ..... 45, Pragg, Elinor .... ------49. 65 Prentice, Jack ....,.- 49. Prentice, Ruth ...... 45, 71, 68 Prior, Robert ....--z 49, Prior, William ............ 1 1 , Prochaska, Betty - Pulin, Eleanor --- 555515 Quigley, Patricia --- ---- Seith, Jean ....-,..... 45, 71 Sgro, Anthony ---------- 49 7 80 88 , 59, 74, 7, , Shade, Harold -31, 77, 80, , , 89 Shade, Mary Lou ---.49, 59, 96 89 91 83 Shadek, Jack ....... 31, 80, Rosenbaum, Gladys , ,.,. - Rosenberg, Sylvia - Rosenberg, Leonard ,,,,, - Rosenberger, Marcia - - ---------, 29. Rosenblatt, Alan -- W-- 61, Rosenblatt, Nancy ,--- Rosenblum, Donald .W -----, 29, 56, 555.741 , 29, Rosenblum, Ralph - - ---- Rosenblum, William Ross, Jack ,--- - Roth, David ---. Roth, Maurice - - - W- Roth, Robert ...,, -- Roth, Shirley W-- W Rothenberg, Florence '5 2557575 24, Roubicek, Doris ,,.... L- Rownd, Helen' - ,.W,W.,,W 30 Ruggles, Gloria ffau -------- Rupp, Barbara WWWWWLLL . Russell, Florence -45 I Russell, David WWW,W,WWW. 50 Russo, Salvatore ..... 65 Shafarman. Rifka -- Shambo, Roy ..... Shaw, Jacqueline --- Shea, Harriet ...... Shea, Robert ...... Sheperd, Jack ---49 Shields, Winifred -45 10 Sibbison, Robert - Siegel, Netta ,49, 59 Siegler, Edward .... -------49, 60 Siegler, Joseph ,.... Sill, Harold ...,W. Sill, Marjorie ----- Simon, David ---31 60 61 Sinclair. Jack --10. 13 53, 54, 80, 81 Sinclair, James ----- Singer, Marilyn ---- Singer, Ruth ------ Sinnott, Alice ------ Sinnott, Edward --- -------42, 45 Skelton, Alan ------ Skove, Donald ---31 Skove, Dorothy ---- , Ruth, Paul --W, ------ -- 55 Ryan, Edgar ,30, 53, , Sackett, George - ----------- 65 Sackheim, Sherman ---13 Salomon, Georgene -------- Sanborn, Calvin ------- Sands, Doris ---- 30 v I Sands, Fred ------------- -- Sands, Merrill ----45, 59 Sanfillipo, Lee ---------- Betsy -13, 72, , Martha -----------. Betty ------- 45, 72, ---------47, ---------71, 49 74 Ferol ------- 47, 74, 94 50 76 45 Jeanette --------..-- Marjorie ----- 47, 71, 72 61 71 72 ---45, , , Sallie -----------... ----------47, n -45, 52, 59, William --------- 49, Winifred -------- 31, Small, Small, Smith, Smith. Smith, Harriet Smith, Harriet Smith, Smith, Smith, Phyllis Smith, ' Smith, Sally - Smith, Sherwi Smith, Smith, Smith, Smulo, Ralph Snider ------45, 59, 50 71 74 XVenonah ---.----49, 76 ' ' 75 91 92 71 Nlary Jane ---49, 59. Sangdahl, Robert ------- 49, Sangdahl, Stanley ---- ---- -------30, 71, 90, 91 Sapp, Alice .. ------------ - Satullo. Samuel ----------- Saul, Robert --- ---30 Snowberg, Joanne --- Sokol, Morton ---- Sowers, John Tyler - Sowers, George ,....,.... 75 LLLLLLL13, 40, 56, Spangler, Elizabeth LL31, Speaker, Eleanor .e.-..A- L 93 -------3l, 59, 73, , 97 50 Speaker, James ,a,,.Aa, --MY Spelman, Marilyn .... 49, 67, Spencer, Robert ,v-,-A--- LLL, Spira, Grace L45, 61, 62, 95, Spitzig, Leonard LL Spizel, Edgar LLL Sprague, Dorothea L 45, 61 Stannard, Marilyn ..E,., 49, LLLL47, , ,71, 95 45 96 LLLLLL31, 91 75 89 72 96 71 Starner, Evelyn ,......, 47, Steigerwald, Jean ,.....E,. L45, LLLLLL31, 91, 93, 97, 98 Stein, Shirley LLLLLLL45, 59, 62 Steinberg. Phyllis E,,.... 50, 74 Stern, Adelee .v,....... 47, 64 Stern, Sterling LLL47, 67, 71, 88 Stettenfeld, Florence ..,.. 14, 76 Steuer, Ann w......r,,. 49, 69 Stevens, Miriam ,.,.. 47, 59, 74 Stevenson, Adele .....,.. 49 72 Stevenson, Ernest .E,, 45, 59 88 Stone, Marshall LL32, 60, , 74 Stotter, Hart Y... 49, 80, 88 Strachan, Donald v..... 64 Stricker, Jack -.-.r,v---, ,LL50 Strock, Juanita ...., 32 94 Strong, Ruth ....22... 76 Strong, Warren ....,-H...,, 50 Stromberg, Miriam ,,,... 32, 75 Strome, Jack .... 49, 75, 86, 87 Struggles, Martha ...... 49, 72 Sullivan, Gloria ..,.. 32, 40, 71 Sullivan, Mary Ellen ...... LLLLLLL45, 60, 68, 93, 95 Suva, Vera ......2, 45, 59, 71 Swan, Jean ...2. 32, 40, 91, 96 Swanson, Lee ...w...... 50, 95 Szatmary, Colletta .....2 49, 76 Szatmary, George ........A LLLLLLL46, 74, 77, 80, Taylor, Robert ........A.2, Teisher, Dickerson Telford, Kenneth ,2., 45, , Telford, Robert LLL Thobaben, Daphne LLL45, 61, 89 49 LLLLLLLL50 67 95 74 32 Thobaben, Robert ....,. 50, 75 Thomas, Muriel .....,,, 49, 68 LLLL49 Thomas, Sherman Thompson, Anne LLLLLLLLLL47 LLLL49, 71, 96 Thompson, Blaine LLL32, 73, 91 Thompson, Jean .... 45, 71, 72 Thompson, Lloyd L32, 40, 77. 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 88, 90 Thompson, Ruth .......... 49 Thorne, Virginia ....L., 45, 72 Thornton, Garth ..A,,.,. 3 2, 90 Thrailkill, David LL ..L. 50, 75 Tierney, Madeleine LL .,,Y. 32 Tobin. Bernard L,,, .,,, 5 0 Mr. Ames L ,LLL 7 Miss Anderson , LLL7 Mrs. Bishop LLL LL, 7, 64 Miss Blair LLLLL LLL LLLLL7 Miss Bowen ,...,,,,,,,-... 7 Mrs. Burke ,,,..,.. ,,,,, 9 8 Mrs. Carothers LL ,,.,... L7 Miss Carruthers LL ,,,,,.A, L7 Miss Dilley LLLLL ,LL,,,.. LL7 Miss Ely LLL ,.,., LLL7, 57, 68 Mrs. Ellis L .,.,, 35, 74, 76, 77 Mr. Evans LL. ,...,,,,,.. 75 Mr. Francis LL .... 7, 80, 88 Mr. French LLL, LLLL 7, 57, 65 Miss Geiger LLLLL ,,,-. LLL 7 Miss Graham LL ,L,, 7, 72 Tobin, Herman ..A.. 32, 80 Tolan, Ward -..L,- LLL-4O, 46, 55, Yi '50 Torrence Haskell ,...,... L 20, 32, 40, 42, Toth Glad s , y ,.,... Trentanelli, Angela LL 52, 53, 32, 71, Tritton, Donald ,....... 45 Trope, Margaret .,,, Tull, Isaac AY,,..-,,,-- Tully, Julian ,,,,,., 4 7, Tully, Frank ...,,, Tuneberg, Robert LLL Turner, John L,,w 49 75-567 v v Tuttle, Howard ..,.. 14, Uhlig, Richard ....., 49. 57 Tweed, Thelma ..... 46, 5 9 80 61 Unger, Linda ....... 33, Urdang, Myron ...LL Urschel, Betty Jane L LLLL 49, 42 72 Van Aken, Ruth L14, Vanek, Marjorie LLLL 46, 55, Vanderhoof,- Austin L Weisman, Russell LLL46, 52 55 5 59 , 8, ,60, 71, Weizer, Elmer LLLLLLLLL Wells, Kenneth LLLLLL 45 Werba, Ruth L34, 71, 72. uuiofi 65 1 Wheeler, Clyde LLLL L 3 4, White. Barbara LLLL White, Clifford LLLL 15, 46, 74, 77 White, Nancy Rae LL White, Suzanne LLLL White, Marguerite LL Whiting, Margaret , 46 49 White, Molly LLL45, 60 Whitman, Eugene ,L 34, 57, 61, 71, 80 Whitmer, Martha LL Whitney, Darden LLL Whittlesey. Peggy LL Wideberg, Faye LLLL Wiener, Ralph LLLLL Wike, Jane LLLLLLL Wilford, Frank LLLLL Varga, Louis LLLLLLLLLLLL L Vargo, John LLLLLLL L, 45, Vaughan, Daniel LL33, 65, 70 Vesely, Jane LLLLLLL Vlchek, Marjorie LLL Vilas, John LLLLLLL LLLL47. LLLL45, LLLL33. Voltz, Joyce LLLLLLLLLLLLL Vondrich, June LLLL Vorpe, Ann LLLLLLLL 45, Vrooman, Jeanne LLL Wadden, Susan LLLL Wald, Martin LLLLLL Walker, Lunetta LLLL Walker, John LLLLLL Wallace, Florence LLL -LLL45, 'ffffiii LLL45, LLLL33, LLLL47, Wallace, Shirley LLLL 33, 75, Walsh, Helen LLL45, Walter, Betty LLLLLLL 45, Ward, Virginia LLLL Ward, Jack LLLLL 33 Ward, Jane LL33, 40 Warden, Herbert L33 1 59,65 71, 72 71, 80, 50 Warburton, Roy LLLLLLLL Warner, Edith LLLLL Warren, Elinore L46, Warren, Margaret LL LLLL45, 67, 74 Waterbury, Kenneth LLLLLLL33, 40 Watt. James LLLLLLL Weaver, Nancy LLLL LLLL45. 66, 69, 78, 93 42, 55, LLLL33, L46, 61, 68 Webb, Martha LLLLLL 49, Weber, Jean LLLLLLL Webster, George L LL L50, 52, Weddell, Carol LLLLL 40 Weil, Wallace LLLLLL Weinfurtner, Robert L 40, 52, 53, 59, LLLL47 L33, 10, 34, 70.71, Weintraub, Ezra LLLL 47, 60, Weisblat, Franklyn LLLLLLLL Williams Williams Williams Williams Wi-lliams Williams Williams. Ben LLLLLLLL David L45, 615 Jack LLLLLLLL Marjorie LLL LL Robert LLL ,34, Radford L46, 75 Ruth LLLL LL L L Willson, Patricia L6l, 68, 74, 62, 59, 71, 71. , v I FACULTY INDEX Mrs. Gunn LLLL LLLLL 7, 55. Mrs. Harbourt LLLLLLLLLL 7, Mr. Harbourt LLLL LLLLLL 7 Mr. Haines LLLLLLL LLLL7, Miss Hollon LLLL LLLLLLLL 7, Mr. Henry LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Miss Jackson LLLLLLLL 7, 62 Mr. Jones LLLLLLLLL 74, 76, Miss Johnston LLLLLLLLL L7, Miss Laitem LLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mrs. Lommen LLLLLLLLLLL 7 Dr. Loomis LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mrs. Marlow L LLLLLLLLLLL L Miss McCracken LLLLLLLLL 7 Dr. Meyers LLLLLLL LLLLL7 7 Mr. Miller LLLLL LLL LLLL v Wilson, William LLLL Winchell, Robert LLL Winslow, Jane LLLLL Wise, Marjorie LLLLL Wise, Patty LLLLLL Witter, Clifford LLLL Wolf, John LLLLLL . Wolf, Marion LLLLL Wonderlich, Marjorie Woodruff, Elizabeth L Wrede, Ruth LLLLLL Wright, Doris Ann L LLL LLLL LLL 3 4, Wright, Robert LLLL Wyman, Kathryn LLL Yahres, Jean LLLLL Yarris, Ruth LLLL34 Zachmann, Hans LLL 34, 40, 42, 52. Zamiska, Marie Anne Zappala, Frank LLLLL Zappert, Paul LLLLLL Zarney, Jean LLLL 46 Zaas, Ruth L LLLLLLL Zalud, Robert LLLLL Zaverson, Betty LLL Ziechmann, Lore LLL Ziechmann, William Ziegler, John LLLLLL Zimmerman, Sheldon Zinner, Betty LLLLLL Zucal. Thomas L LLLL Zupnik, Nancy LLLL Mr. Moritz LL L L L Miss Palmer LLLL LL Mr. Park LLLLLL LL Mr. Patin LL LL LLL Mr. Rafeld LLLLLLLL Dr. Ross LLLLLLLLL Mrs. Sacha LLLLLL Miss Sellers LLLLLLL Mrs. Smith LLLLLLL Mr. Starr LLLLLLLL Mr. Staiger LLLLLLL Mr. Storms LLLLLLL Mrs, Stitt LLLLLLLL ill Mr. Thrailk LLLLL Mr. Troyan LLLLL 7, 5 Miss NVickwire LLLLL , f X L , .fx X X 1 1 L 1 v f I wx 1 - I ,- 'Y' -' 1' 4 . . . , ' ff, I... :, f wr 455, wr X, 1 if xw -fiat

Suggestions in the Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical High - Flame and Steel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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