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We've Only Just Begun gl.--+ sf.,-f K' W 11. M Q. .:,W"' "iw Mr 'Q 9 ,Qi M.-,,.,, MM ,,,, .. ... .,,k , W ,.,l X, -fm. f -'Q1I'z13'-:' Vb 1 fa,gy,gg.gwT.Lz11.f'5'. W '.k' ' - f 1,3-j 5 W'Xjffgk2Al3fsgiii?igf5'1 K X 5 g ekfqaffpf M . - ' ' W ' 371'-g 4 , ,, ww: - W , ' , ' a ' iam Q. i 'afrriltug '- "' "' LUUL ll. IILIIIKIII A , vo I Q. ki'-,.,..M if il.: m M 1 5, 1 K? if A. f 8 1 E . R213 st? 5 I Q- ff 'if f2: ."'Wa-.3 ' -- 'ff fur! f: I 13253 'ff F. '11 f grjqi Sf. - -6. ,f img irfff rig: riig :wp - A " i . . A A .,. , . f '5- f 1 5 A-if i A V ,, . if ,L 5 . f , ,a,gegr ,5 Af , zaruwf 1 w . If ' R- x ' :im ,T , , ,V 2 fm., -, .nf :ei ' 555 ' N ,Tk + 5 fiv lwin -W J g4siIL'1,f, , +I. fi' - 5 fp w 1 1' i ff gf'5gf,,.,. 5, fl -' ay-,Wi 3 ,rf 255: ,W-,, J 9 L A 4 lg H u? S,i?.W:,fV: I V, ,fr 3:5435 gf . YN ' ,, , . fb" 'ff' '5Y4W'5f??fi45 '. wwf 'W F14 ' if ff? 'W W f ,V wav, I V, ,,,.,, , 4 If , iw, 5,5 K, em , ,, l 1 ,:g"j' ,L ,J 3, ww , I " i 1' if fi?a?f3?wL?Qf ' ' V A i P gr 'S .dan ,W , ' K' 1':":, L,: .tv , , ' -rf , ff W . v ' ' 'ffl 4 51' ET ,?, r 5 3 .. C V' 1 b 5 ' 1 nM :-f'W'fsgJ Ht f f i ' ,L K2 gs: Wwe as ww, t ? r. wwyigf tk? Stu I, , .rv - 4Z'f,i,-, 1, Q ' ,4 ,g E 1519 ,SW wqfj f ' . I f 4..- J- 4 ,533 ',,f-,,,w1a's f' E '3??,3513fi?Fi,L'i' H ' - 5523 5 ' ' ' ' ' 3 A 355' ,I Q, 1' 'mf PF 125' H ,ff I .iijiffif wt, gf, 1. iff' M - , ,Ig b 2. f ' ' fi fi. QL, zfsff 21, 1 wp ww. an fr' was 'mil- -Hmm ' 'Ki ff,,. g 1, ,gu fw if H 2 ff , gh, 7, f-U.-iw f K f,f+', ,J , -v-I ,.4,,ii,. -M: 13 i k,,'S 2-2 1 2176 Ins H , , ,fu , 32 ix.. 'fx 15 ?L'z, ,: 9,- 1 'f-rf , H ., .f 1 fi?" ' 4' - . Ag: 1.1. A: V 55 + 3 to live our lives . .. x 1 u1kx x QV " up .513 - w xx V MN 4, 4 w .KN 'ir J' Y 9 . . ' un ' Q V 'V fx L Wm 4, 'iffy , , ,"lbvawf""'l I F, 5 to learn thethings we'II need to know . . . F i eg, . fi. w W . ' Wk ' 0 5 a xx . A , 21 Ky X Q Q aa a+""" sz' NE' ,V ,. .1 I Sv w 4 -if' . m'.' Z- 4 5. f. . x I AE A y ' :sf ,,.5w' , V M 3 2. if ' 2 f 2 EY, 2 K . V 102.25-1,, g mggfw 4, M, ,,Z,i,w Lfg 41 VY Y ,, 4 P AAALQ , . ark X .L W1 Y ww 'X aixxi 5-X F Ai .- 3533? . wg. 4 L.. "'f-'L' g X- v . ,. 'B N5 Yr .. R 4f 5-N egg: 'Y x , Q X 4 'Wu Q, QQ.-,mfgh T' x 5, ' A ' 4 9' kv 'S:'f 4 W k-Qiwf. Q , 3 i iQ 'Y' 3- in QW ACADEMICS 1 1 1 le' 0 Y , 1f.'3f?:5 .gqxizx f, Qffk ' C af 1. s Q M N1 - --. Y. Xxx . .gf . ,N A I v 'Ek A Qs ,tv Qtr, fi 'If' 5 SUCKIID -fs I .Qt . -z :51m:f1f2f.1z - 4 ' W, P35515 , W, f2,5,,,, .- -. ,:,,.,,.1..,f ,L W: 1. ' - f ,ffl my-fl' .:f,,fy,,, Q 'fzfgffwfvfif :mf wwx 1131 wg . W gigsfi-1, W 4, ,i ., . . ....- .4 E 4 . . . ,A Q. .. Q ' '37 . " .. J - xN5,,N.,35 rm .,L . A .i,,:,? it ,, ,NF .. ..,.?A,,.. K . , 4 , H .. . . . , ,, , I ,, - , ,Q 4 . 453-ggi M sw- is Kiimis IVl-W's Administration directs our growing population Mr. Robert Boyce, our principal, extends the handshake to All Fox, a graduating senior. Principal Robert Nl. Boyce shoul- ders the responsiblity of keeping our large school complex running smoothly. To add to the normal problems, the teachers' contract dispute and school construction complicated the year. As chief administrator, lVlr. Boyce determines school policy based on the needs of the student body and then delegates authority to see that it is enforced within reason- able limits. Ably assisting lVlr. Boyce with this task are Mrs. Armistice White, lVlr. Paul Richards, and lVlr. Gene Frey. IVl-W's administration contributes vitally to our maturing and planning. bs. 0 x ff' K IVlrS. Mattie Snead Mr. Paul Richards Mr Gene Frey Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Asslstant Principal Department heads assistour administration MR. ROBERT DICKERSON, Health MR. WA LTER MINES, Science MRS. CO RA EUBANKS, Home Economics MR. ROLLAND PAR ooNNE'r, Industrial Education Counselors advise 5? MR. BEN BAZMORE 18 MRS. ROSE BERMAN MR. WARREN MERCHANT ai' yr V ' ii i MRS. WILMA HENRICKSON, Social Studies MRS. DORA RU BENSTEIN, Mathematics MRS. RUTH LONG, Industrial Education 5 , 133 11 ,gf K, ' Abd , Ay , 5.. - Q 95 " L ,g .qw 'N' 'eu f "1 -.-.- lfhslftgiz 4 E on . R MISS EAT HER STR IC K LAN D, Business Education MRS. MAVIS MCKENZIE, English MR, JAMES TATU M, Music and Fine Arts IVI-W's growin o ulation SDD MR S. A LBERTA GR EENARD . I m my my ,ff 1 . ' f i . in. it MRS. NAN JOHNSON MRS. GWENDO LYN KIAH MISS JUDITH MR. DONALD MRS. GWENDOLYN MITCHELL TRUPIANO WALKER Learned faculty imparts knowledge MRS. GWEN BA LA Nos, English MRS. QUEEN BEENE, Business MRS. MAR Y BU FFINGTO lxl, Industrial Education MRS. CAROL cocKRlzl., English MR. DONALD DRAIN, Mathematics MR. DOU GLAS CAMPBELL, Mathematics MR. PHILLIP R. COHEN, Special Education MR. GEORGE DUNCAN, Health MISS CARO LYN BRISCOE, Home Economics MRS. BER NICE CANNON, Industrial Education Fw., , f ' - - 4. Q, Q., Q7 R A 1. MRS. HILA CO LLINS, Social Studies MR. BRUCE J. FAR LEY, Industrial Education MRS. AUDREY L. BROWN, Business MRS. JULIA H. CARR, Home Economics MR. ROBERT DOOLEY, Health - .. f L MRS. IVIARY BROWN, English 19" KVN MR. DENNIS CHER NEY, Special Education MR. GARY J. DOUGLAS, Industrial Education MRS. GLORIA FIN LEY, Business MRS. JEWELL FIS HER, Business 19 MRS. NANCY GO LINKO, Health MRS. DORIS HODGE, Reading Coordinator MRS. LILLIAN R. KING, Librarian ZO MRS. ANNA GREEN, Industrial Education MRS. LINDA JOHNSON, Fine Arts MR. EDWARD K0 RT MAN, Mathematics L. -. if Ag' mi' - 4 MR. ERVIN D. HARE, Business MRS. SARA E. JONES, Mathematics MR. JOH N LATH ERS, Mathematics MRS. EMMA HENRICH, Librarian MRS. CHRISTINE EVON HARRIS, Home Economics X . .5 .. 1 " fi:a"S r fl S, ,F MR. STER LING MR. MELVIN JONES, English KANER, Industrial Education MR. CLAUDE E. MRS. CHARLOTTE LONG, Protective LYNAH, Mathematics Services MRS. MARY HALL, Industrial Education Here are faculty members Mr. Donald Drain lIN THE BACK- GROU NDI, Mr. Doug Kosley, and Mr. Donald Stevenson hamming it up in the Teachers Lounge. MRS. BARBARA J. Mc CUIN, English MR. JOHN MERENDA, Science MR. DONALD OLEKSINSKI, Social Studies MR. EUGENE REPKA, Industrial Education MRS. HELEN J. McDONA LD, Business MISS MARY V. MOORE, Industrial Education MRS. SHEILAH PAR KER, Librarian MR. WILLIAM McGO WA N, Spanish nv 35 MR. JOSEPH MO NT GO MER Y, Mathematics if -: . 11 uh . aims' ' -2 A 'Zig MR. JOHN PENN Industrial Education Q f za 5.1. 'm fl: , 2.6: MR. CHAR LES MA LLORY, English f la G .x V f x vf . -f MISS YVONNE MYRICK, Science it .zz ' AD MR. NELSON REAU ME, Industrial Education 5.15 - bi MRS. AUDREY J. MATTOCKS, English MISS GRE'I' CHEN OLDS, Business W MR. TRUMAN H. REED, Science Doing a native Greek dance is Mr. George Sirdenis. Watching with the students is Miss Glenna Ross. 21 Discussing the day over Iunchroom delicacies are Miss Briscoe lL. T0 RJ, Mrs. Harris, and Mr. McGowan. Mrs. Beene lL. T0 RJ, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Finley, and Mrs. McDonald discuss the Superir'rlendent's Achievement Report. Football game spectators are Mr. Korlzman lL. TO RJ, Miss Briscoe, Mrs. Berman, Mr. Sirdenis, Miss Myrick, and Mr. Pringle. IH ' if iff: ii i f 5 , u .:ii.mrlA .1 Lw'.l x.alh.yx MR. SY LVESTER ROBES, Social Studies MRS. THERESA D. sMrrH, Health MRS. COLLEEN C. TOPOUS, English MRS. ANNA WIL LIAMS, English ,.,,,,, , ,. M R S. R H ETA RU B E NST EIN, Mathe matics l l., AN I fr. w : "Q-at 'I I . '- . Y 3't?:f'i'p MR. ALVIN M. STERNS, Industrial Education MR. A LBERT WAGNER, Industrial Education V A I MRS. JUNE WILLIAMS, Music MRS. LY NDA JOYCE SCA LES, Science K. MRS. MARILYN L. STEWART, Business MR. ROBERT WALKER, Industrial Education Mirfffll MR. PER CY WIL LIAMS, Industrial Education MR. GEORGE SIR DENIS, Social Studies MISS JOYCE M. TIBBS, Home Economics MISS JOAN WALTON, Home Economics MRS. THELMA F. WILLIAMS, Business Mrs. Cora Eubanks lLEFl'l qiveS valuable advice to her student teacher. MRS. BLANCHE SM1'l'H, Industrial Education MRS. PATRICIA A. TILL, Industrial Education MRS. CAROLYN WEBER, Industrial Education 23 IVI-W English students still decipher the 'Nlother Tongue' RIGHT: Mr. Mallory make the characters come alive for Kenneth Stansbury and Arlene Patterson. BELOW: According to Melody Braggs, we have all missed the author's point. Listening patiently are Ruth Dunlap, Freda George, Nazarriene Perrien. 24 Poetry, Nlass Nledia, Afro Lit, Language Skills . f S , YHA. p Noel Aquino copies the definition for the word 'plagarism' Irene Williams is the group's dis- cussion leader. Being led is Q Bernadine Adams, Robbie King, Eve Lynn, Vernita Dyson, Ali Freeman, Shandra Davis, Diane Smith, Irene Mayberry, Jeffery Walker, Leon Smith, Renee Thom as, Jill Johnson. There is Robin Scandrick lleftl telling her friends Cassandra Creek and Jeanette Howard about how she is late AGAIN for Mrs. lVlcCuin's College Prep English class. 25 Library is really IVlulti-Nledia Center ABOVE: Using the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature Mary Ragland. BELOW: Among the student staffers are KSEATEDD Carol Gibson, Mattie Hobbs, Wendell Miles. STANDING IL. TO RJ are Perry McGee, Miss Dandridge iteacher assistantl, Charlotte Nettles, William Darren, Linda Perkins, and Alonzo Travis. RIGHT: New Books for Terry Moore. is ,L 2, pail Mrs. King KLEFTI assists Sharisse Edwards and Donna Washington with the Vertical File. ' R7 ABOVE: Roosevelt Gentry checks the film QW ' ff- catalogue. ,f JS A kv - LEFT: It's names dates and places in the Q , L.:-1 547 ,I 5 encyclopedia for 'Sharon' Bridges. l 27 Mixtures of Oui, Si merge I i a. ii Qi rs. Sl 'WS z. f' 'I A P For Mr. McGowan's Spanish students, it's a make-believe bull and Olay. lmi is ,Q A 28 511 . 9 L ,. K W ,, W ' For Mrs. Robes French students, it's dreams of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Drama Class a place to exp Larry Watson, Reginald Dew- berry, Shelly Johnson Commercial Foods Anyone for Seafood Mousse? Mrs. D. Cannon oversees students who operate the schooI's Coffee Shop. e Sharon Stewart KRIGHTJ is the server and Christine Crownley and Linda Davis, the partakers. 30 A 1 , ".' 1' 3523. ,W ,....wt.a, 4-pmau we Curtis Royster KCENTERD receives some words of encouragement from Mrs. Jones, a teacher assistant, and Mr. Williams, one of two teachers in charge of the Commercial Foods operation. -XXX l 'ff'-N, , Assuming the role of baker is Delores Gamble. -Q 'Lf Good eats and good times! 31 The sound of music fills our ears x And the band plays on. IVlr. Tatum directs as vocalists sing in 'perfect' harmony. 'Us Music students recently accepted an invitation to play at the Olympia Stadium Art students focus on the real and the abstract X ff AJ' Kathy Clark atop the table poses for her fellow art students. They are lL. to R.l Robin Freeman, Mary Barber, Robert Bruce, Pamella Gallman, Denise Carriker, Laura Killibrew. ,M-"" f -,AL , -V ' - 1 'A -1 .. .L W... L.,-.r.w, .em Keith White Winston West Watergate and the Energy Crises are the topics in Social Studies ABOVE RIGHT: For Larry Webb it's more news about Halde- man, Erlichman, Mitchell, and Dean. ABOVE: Sheila Hoskins, Katherine Esters, Rhonda Rogers, Debra Byrd, and Kismet Winn are reading to find out how inflation manages to continue in spite of the unemployment trend. RIGHT: Gee Whiz, Golly. Robert Slaughter KLEFTD can re- cite the names and capitals of our fifty states. Displaying their approval are Linda Rhodman KL. TO RJ Al Fox, Linda Goddard, and Podres Simon. 34 ,gf News, News, News .Ne Mr. Wagner's Economics Test is today and Juanita Williams, Anita Dorsey, Bonita Dunkin must read the chapter and then study. 35 The "wiggly" arouses minds of young scientists Miss Myrick lsecond from the left? let us learn the art of dissection by doing. Among the anxious and the reluctant are Anthony Gray, Anita Baker, Al- phonso Ward, Dale Patton, Vickie Mitchell, and Sheila Osborn, and the "wiggly " 36 Same old math, but new approach 100' Geometry is a challenge for Pat Williams. To save her time and sanity, Lori Cherry checks her prob lem for accuracy, Strictly business for these IVI-W students Pam Willis KLJ and Pat Watson attempt to learn the princi- pals of Business Law. 38 ?,,ff- Mastering the debits and credits in bookkeeping are Sharon Brown, Renita Joseph, and Jimmy Fells. pn-no-an-Pwr' -lf' Business Co-op student Cathy McQueen works as a switchboard operator. , I-,1 '--- ,M N ' .-: ' -rxn 3 1 1 , s - Q 2N'i o ' 1 Janice Goss, Mrs. Finley, and the art of shorthand. Comments from the background come from Jody Bazemore. Our proficient typists are Lynell - Potts 41.9 and Debra williams. 39 Future auto mechanics learn the business ...J - IVIr. Repka checks a damaged engine. Student team gives car a tune- up. Student checks car electronically. Here students check brake drum, r These students engage in carburetor repair. Specializes trades comprise Construction Tech program ,fp 4 Yi- Q ha. sf' - f s A ff : fy gg .1 if C - , . 1,1 , , f N- - ' fl . l FRN, i l . .mi W- ,,.... s,...,a Michael Smith works in the tool room. 42 Students perform lathe operations on southbend lathes, I l Performing a milling operation on the vertical mill in Industrial Tool Fabrication is Howard Daniels. Y V l Welding students involve themselves in a project. James Thomas performs a drilling operation on the radial drill press. Derrick Webb makes a straight cut on a lathe Our Cosmetology students are our beauty experts 1 Z N 1 e ,f-"a" I g , , 2 1 5 i ., K3 k E9 , Q . Our two wig stylists are Mar Whigham. fyfm, , ,sq-.La,:. ' n.,- 'XL' ff garet Haynes 11.3 and Dedreana Gracie Lucas gets a hot press. Her hair stylist is Naomi Webster. Health Service trainees eye medical profession Nurse-to-be Josephine Ramos checks Mary White's vital signs Lillie Smith CLD and Janise Johnson practice the oral hygiene procedure 46 f si' A i X' , . ,W X X X Nurse-to-be Lysandra Lawson bathes her patient Ilean Burnett. The simple task of preparing a hot water bottle is performed by Diane Hannah. Our acting nurse aid is Vera Long. She is learning to make a patient-occupied bed. Our acting patient is Patricia Lewis. 417 I- lVlore trades - welding, drafting gl electrical xx i V fl V ' ff L fi 3 I- A fs ...,.,Q.,gs-eq W xx ' x 1 , '-P,-' A fr '-If 7 ' ' . - ' 'r' ' 'ff' ff 12' - ' -Y w K V. f .wr ' x , M ,- we N. . 1 ' , , , .,., , A 3, Robert Oliver learns the skill of cutting and Tommie Walker makes a Western Union splice stripping electrical conductors. Drafting students find architectural drawing challenging. 'N X Arthur Miller learns the art of welding metals. Terrence Jackson strips electrical wires for installation in a circuit. Michael Hall solders electrical conductors Protective service trainees learn atggla Devon Ponce Rccrumng 2244333 Theresa Franks and Janice Verdell, two future policewo- men, have Iearned that 'being a cop is more than just a gig-' .4-Of' pf? These potential police cadets Jarel Nance, Richard Lake, Charles Carter, and Daryl Poin- dexter prepare themselves for a test. 'IVlod Squad' techniques W i i - ' i ,. - T ali iiii"ai i'iU.r "T ,h i f T i ....... X Trainees learn the art of judo. THOSE IN THE KNOW ARE KKNEELINGD Ailene Gill- more and Diane Smith. Standing are Phranschar McPherson, Darryl Poindexter, Leon Boyd, and Richard Lake. fads?-S s 1:-E f . These PS students take time to smile for the photographer. Child developmental laboratory trains The lVl-W Child Laboratory is a training center designed to give students an opportunity to learn to work with infants and pre-schoolers in an actual child care center setting. Here, the emphasis is on partici- pants observing child behavior, developing techniques in guiding children in play and learning activities, and entertaining children. Students who successfully complete this program are encouraged to im- plement their learning and experi- ence through the center's work- study program. A number of our students are employed at child nurseries around the city. Student Ruby Bevele is in her role of Child Care Assistant. Q fg-N ., child care assistants wily Children work. Children learn ,A 'fkf X 'N I ' v Children play. Qlff I Children explore. Patterns, recipes and family living 'Lua F' .g l 2 . Y' -.V - l 1 Q -4 l , 'Q ,- ji: .,. H l E ,WV ,Q Vlrr I 4,- , Y ,, , It tk , 5 , A, Wu. W . 'W M , 'Mf'W'i"M'2W' i eiii 1 .. , LEFT-In Creative Foods students such as Sharon Johnson, Ed- wina Smith, Darlene Lanier, and Druscilla Walker become gourmet chefs. Sometimes, however, too many cooks spoil the soup. ABOVE--Edwardina Walker is a young lady who questions Ken- neth James equal right in the kitchen. ABOVE RIGHT--In Commercial Clothing skillful seamstresses like Deborah Smith are provided co-op job opportunities around the city. BELOW RIGHT-- Regina Waller, Robin Baker, and Iris Smith are three young ladies who are interested in Ieaming how to sew so they can make outfits for themselves. FAR RIGHT--Cynthis Thomas, Jill Johnson, Jennifer Duhart, Darlene Roper, and Vanessa Pace comment on a marriage ar- ticle they have just read in their Home and Family Living Class. t,- Participants in Phys Ed develop ABOVE--Is it soccer or kick ball? LEFT--Girls, it is automatically a jump ball. ABOVE RIGHT--Peggy Jordan is in a guarding position. ABOVE FAR RIGHT--It is a game of volley ball for Alan Goldsby, Reginald Booker, and Johnny Rouse. BELOW RIGHT--More volley ball for the fellows. BE LOW FAR RIGHT--Phys Ed classes bowl once a week at the nearby Twenty Grand Lanes. muscle tone, coordination .li Staff keeps school running smoothly MRS. LINEL L A L LEN, Clerical Specialist MRS. JOYCE C LARINGTON, Secretary MRS. OCTA VIA BACO N, Secretary , xx ' Ai . T -lf. NIR. SEIGEL C LORE, Engineer MRS. BERNICE BEASLEY, Secretary MISS FRA NCINE SAVOY, Secretary MR. WIL LIAM CART ER, Engineer MRS. MA R GAR ET STEVENS ON, Secretary MRS. AU NE L WIRTANEN, Secretary X MRS. MISSOURI BELL, Teacher Assistant MRS. JEAN SIMS, Teacher Assistant Community workers serve school MRS. HE LEN CR AWFO R D, Teacher Assistant MRS. LOUIVRE SMILEY, Teacher Assistant 'N' MRS. REBECCA GILMORE, Teacher Assistant MR. C LA RENCE STRAU GH N, Teacher Assistant MRS. DOROTHY JOH NSON, Teacher Assistant MRS. EVA THORPE, Teacher Assistant , . : W A4 Mrs. Esther Carter, our M-W bookkeeper, relaxes during her lunch break. MRS. DOROTHY KU HN, Teacher Assistant 39 SPORTS 1 3 4 w - Football team unable to Surmount tough odds. ,655-' . '73 FOOTBALL TEAM. ROW 1--A. C. Wood, C. Mc LeMore, J. Smith, M. Parker, G. Whitfield, F. Chambers, C. Johnson, D. Sykes, D. Johnson. ROW 2-R. King, R. Womak, O. Steward, M. Fountain, K. Brooks, D. McDanieIs, C. Grace, W. West, W. Burts. ROW 3-Coach Robert Dooley, H. Watkins, 0. Martin, M. Rochelle, M. Thomas, C. Brac ken, A. Jones, S. Stanford. Despite the hard practice and long hours put in by the players, the gridders ex- perienced a heartbreaking season, win- ning none. Coach Dooley attributes the team's performance to lack of experience in playing organized formation football. This season's campaign revealed the problems the '74 team will have to correct. 62 Ostell Stewart has the ball, Sammie Sanford r ' F d Ch b guard, Ike Brooks blocks. uns' re am ers pulls On the scene...Winston West, Chris Johnson, George Whitfield. Edmond Parker, Derrick Mc Daniels lthe Quarterbackl, Dennis Sykes, Ossie Martin, and Sammie Sanford all have their eyes on the football. 4- ' 4' ,. In hot pursuit of Michael Wilborn with the ball is a tackler from Chadsey's team. 63 Cagers post disheartening .250 season , Z' BASKETBALL TEAIVI: ROW 1: Dwight Thomas lStudent Managerl, Dwayne Carter, Ronnie Hill, Rodney Knuckles, Coach George Duncan, Nayrvfl lVl0f1k, Kevin Willis, Jeffery Cannon. ROW 2: Rickie James, Ollie Freeman, Derek Webb, Fred Anderson, Robert King, Lucius Brown, Michael Davis, Joseph Daniel, Robert Slaughter. The basketball team experienced a heart-breaking season, winning four and losing twelve. However, the team had great spirit despite the rough season. The strain of upholding last year's regional championship record and the drain of experienced players combined to push our Pilots out of contention. But, according to Coach George Duncan, our cagers are already in the process of preparing themselves to become a powerhouse next season. Ali Freeman lLEFTl and Rodney Knuckles . . . 64 Kevin Willis lL. TO RJ Robert King, Nayron Monk, Kevin Willis nu VU! Robert Slaughter CLEFTJ and Rodney Knuckles lnexperienoed Baseball team faces tough opponents 3. Q 4. ff' x S 'lf Qt pltltrt 5 1.7 BASEBALL TEA Nl: FIRST ROW: Dwight White, Derrick McDanieIs, Kevin Willis, Anthony Dean, Gregory Owens, Arvin Jackson, Jose Diaz. SECOND ROW: Joe Daniels, Thurston Hardin, Dana Poe, Rupert Diaz, Marvin Fox, Winston West, Mu chael Hill, Roosevelt Gentry, Enrico Barker, Johnny Gentry, Vickie Miller, Coach George Duncan. The '73 squad was an inex- perience one, feeling a great loss from last year's gradua- tion. Coach Duncan hopes that several outfielders from the junior varsity team will hold the key to this year's success. 1973 Baseball 'Team Record M-W Opponents 5 Western 7 5 Central 1 O S'Western 6 3 N'Western 5 4 Chadsey 6 1 Western 9 8 Central 0 3 S'Western 6 2 N'Western 7 1 Chadsey 2 Wins 2 Lost 8 66 Kevin Willis. . .the big catch, Winston West. . .getting the sign ifr YW, t -,,,.,.-.--'M xi M ti 3 "bw ABOVE LEFT: Derrick McDanieIs. . .preparing for the wind-up. LEFT: Anthony Dean. . .checking his glove. ABOVE: Joe Daniels, . .posed to field the ball, 6 Piol 68 ettes tough contenders in State Tournament In the action . . . Sharon Goldsby, Debra Hoye, Monoletha Perry, Shirley Howard, Willodean Harris, Annette Ingram. This season our Piolettes strengthened defense and offense and conse uentl for Ci Y, the first time in Nl-W's history, dribbled their way into coveted State Tournament play. For this maneuver, the team was awarded the Good Sportsmanship Trophy in their division. ln Tournament play, the Piolettes were narrowly defeated by Cass Tech, 37-42 Players dominating the team were Colby Lewis, Willodean Harris, Brenda Johnso Theresa Middleton thigh pointerl, and UI King. Theresa and Ula were voted All-City. Due to circumstances beyone our control, we were unable to get pictures of our win ning team in progress, only, pictures of our winning team during scrimmage play. Please forgive us Coach Roberta Wishart and champion players! Fl H Willodean Harris, Debra Hoye, Wanda McDuffie Venessa Kellogg . . . A Wanda McDuffie, Annette Ingram Annette Ingram, Donna Spears, Monoletha Perry, Inez DeJesus, Wanda McDuffie, Sharon Goldsby, Shirley Howard, Willodean Harris. '73 Field Hockey Team is Southwest Division Champs ll! i5 ,eine R ffffqf ' ei N 'lu 4.09 -f -. M ..- . ,1 . , W -an rose ,,'.-, s 'Q ,, , , , ,,.. A 1 A ,W , ,, Our girls say "hello" to Chadsey before the game. It WaS a t9I1S2 game, but we won 1-O. Q ' .ia fs. 3 ,. 2 ' ' 4- , ' P ef' 4- 4 N 3 Q ff so ,Y - i s ie if ,7 - ,V ' -, We-a-1' - .iv Mviqx- ' f A 1 ' .ft xv W I r rf ' 7 32' rfq, ix ' Q! 'XX X .4 -ex ,A A vi. , ,g 1' H' 1 2' X 3 'J ' 4 f i 5' A VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY TEAM: FIRST ROW CL-RJ is f Deborah Evans, Brenda Anderson, Beverly jefferson, Anita Mobley, Annette Sanders. SECOND ROW: Bessie Bass, Cynthia Moore, Nanetta Vifhite, Jocelyn Rickard, " ' A ' COHDY Lewlsg MW King, R?ne Beiflefy Rhonda Rogers, JR. VARSITY: FIRST ROW: Katherine Talbert, sharon Theresa Smlth fcoacmf Bemta Gnbsby' Goldsby, Gail Staton, Colby Lewis, Ruth Dunlap, SECOND ROW: Avery Givens, Edna Snipes, Theresa Smith fcoachj, and Wanda Williams. 70 Autographs Compliments ot IVI-W's own 'Superstars I . ""-- f 1. I r lx? - x .gf ,W X ,fin if '?"MN L , W .2111 :J- IVI-W has its own Billie lean Kings . i I- n,,, ,y Hint? GIRLS TENNIS TEAM. ROW 1--Mary Pryor, Jahmal McCant, Theresa Middleton, Tracilie Smith, Sharon Golds- by, Cynthis Moore, Sharon Redmond. ROW 2--Pamela Crawford, Mary White, Donna Hayes, Anita Taylor, Dar- lene Henry, Anita Gordon. Not pictured is Mrs. Theresa Smith, Coach. . and Bobby Riggs' BOYS TENNIS TEAM. ROW 1-Dedric Butler, Wendell Miller, Alphonso Ward, Daniel Howard. ROW 2 David Thomas, Perry McGee, Alonzo Travis, George Whitfield, Coach Robert Dickerson. Not pictured is A i Freeman. Thinclads hope to better '73 performance The track team looked promising during their practice sessions. But, for various reasons, when the regular season started, the sparks set to rouse them to vic- tory failed to ignite properly. Our runners ended up placing third in the division. Coach Dooley and the team are not discouraged, for this season's efforts revealed the problems that the '74 team will have to correct. 19 73 Track Team Record lVl'W Opponents 12 Western 38 35 Central 69 54 S'Western 42 43 Chadsey 54 80 N'Western 4 Wins Loses 3 74 Walter Howard. . .clears the high hurdles Andre Jones. . .manages the shotput. David Chappel. . .leads in the quarter-mile. , , 3 John Stafford. . .the 880 Relay. TRACK TEAM '73: ROW 1: James Long, Eugene Williams, Ray Weicker, Ed Susalla, Corneal Mc Lemore, Austell Stewart, John Stafford, and Jack Bostic lStudent Managerl. ROW 2: Joe Smith, Theo Woodward, Don Watkins, Don Sisco, Ray Chapple, Rick Jagars, Andre Jones, Michael Wil- bourne, D. Powell, Alanie Baldwin. ROW 3: Charles Grace, Alford, Gregory Taylor, Micheal Le- Surerur, Walter Howard, Haywood Glenn, Harold Holmes, Coach Robert Dooley. Cross Country Team competes in mud, rain gl sleet 1 i N i Harold Palmer, Ricky Taynes, Michael Davis, Joe Daniels Rickey Taynes Michael Davis N 7 Harold Palmer Joe Daniels Harold Holmes Our Cross Country 'Superstar Our Gliders show potential GIRLS SWIM TEAM: ROW 1: Antoinette Lipscomb, Kathy Clark, Darlene Henry. ROW 2: Elizabeth Watson, Tencie Collins, Denise Carreker. ROW 3: Joyce McCurry, Debra Hoye, Terry Robinson, Antha Williams, Micha Williams, Linda Perry, and Darlene Spells lcaptainl. NOT PICTURED ARE Ruth Dunlap, Nadilyn Pippins, Gladys Bermea, Lachelle Griffin, Marjorie Green lTimerl, Ginger Anderson lStudent Managerl, and Mrs. Theresa Smith tCoachl. Because M-W does not have its own swimming pool, our swimmers practiced their strokes in Northwestern's. Fortunately, at the present tim busy workmen are in the process of putting in a pool. Construction should be completed before the fall semester. Despite this frustration, our gliders, as indi- viduals, gave creditable performances and pro- vided opponents with stiff competition. 78 er BOYS SWIM TEAM: SEATED lL. TO RJ: are Willie Gip son, Gil Flowers. STANDING lL. TO RJ are Curtis Foxx, Jerry Little. .. 15 ,I .4 ,ur it A. , 4 "W, 1 Ar ffl ,TFL .xc Curtis Foxx . . . treading water Gil Flowers . . . the push off. I-je. 7 ur". . iff' 'mr' ,scam-.1542 " lL. TO RJ Willie Gipson, Jerry Little, Gil Flowers . . . the butterfly stroke. 79 If you can't step on the Nloon Daryl Poindexter KL. to RJ, Nlr. Dickerson lcoachl, Calvin Carter, Riley Lehan. Rlley IVIcLehan 80 try the Green Daryl Poindex "Everyone for Nl-W stand up and holler!" From September to April, our energetic cheerleaders practice many hours to perfect their cheers and routines. Their performances on the field during football season and in the gymnasium during basketball season are always 'superb'-- "the best in the west". 82 ia IN FORMATION ARE THE VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. FAR LEFT is Terry Barnes. FAR RIGHT is Denise Wheeler. CENTER FROM TOP TO BOTTOM is Lachelle Griffin, Cynthis Hughes, Michelle Burnette, Barbara McElroy. I IN FORMATION ARE THE JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. FAR LEFI' is Kathy Winston, FAR RIGHT, Anita Williams. CENTER FROM TOP TO BOTTOM are Sandy Watson, and Kathy Tolbert. Barbara NIaElr0y LaChelIe Griffin C0'CaPtaif1 Co-Captain db Deb0l'ah Bllfd Terry Barnes Denise Wheeler Carolyn Funderburg Cynthis Hughes Michelle Barnette Debra Ellis UNDERGLASSMEN ,f X M Your Junior Year shapes your Senior Year Nj And shows what you have done QA, A MM A ' 0urFreShmaH wlll Shape ' K V h dswilltllus-what I F 'TQ ti S 'ea 'ii eed to know. - - ' 1 . - g f R 4 Vimi' --M... LEFT: My homework never takes over 60 seconds. BELOW LEFT: Eany, meany, miny, mo . . . Hat or education? rofr A-v"'f' BELOW: We WILL attend class after our classmates - have graduated. 'fb I 0urSophomore yearshapes - , -+3 gf RIGHT: Now ws time fonfriends and good conversation. BELOW: . . . good friends and good food. . 90 Y- zz Q XIX V Z1 4Q , . LEFT: books and the zeal to learn more. N '7' A BE LOW LEFT: help from the teacher. ..-nl ff' BE LOW: . . . an old fashioned study session. gf.. ,. W 'KL -' YL... -1 .., ,MM viz z,9l, Mft 3.4 l W .WM -' W- 7 ,.,k yygiyzifz- .V ., - , A k1zxfs.ggf2'ZZ' -U '21 'gf .t . - , -I -3 gf , ,Mig5.?2,iQxafjjf'f xffkgggwzgizfzgtr we I ., , , ., , , - f - 1 - -IL, 5 , ,-1 - .,-fa " W lv'E,HM:' V 'nm ew " w -. , ,1. W A B x ,, 5 ,K g B ,, A 'gf Q5 224 ,, , ,I , EW 5 ,,':,m1,, . . .,Mfi2v,, ,, .1 'af , iraq, " ,, 2 ,Mm M ,f ,,1a-1-,Jagg ,,,f2g,,, f 'Z' ,lm-. . ,-fw 4, .11 , .xgmzkaxv-g.,-q . vY" .fi-qzviyglifgfs-pr .W g,g1QS,wL+g1pYi1fm-,g.'ff52:?q3'mg- K:,X-A9.v:izzy'ggy.fx1,sw-ls' Wytizgmyizfzf'QW+1,,Cggme13i'1m, Gr :1?zm2.gqgiff:f-g5w'frfff5.,gf3:wff,1,y wean. , :e.agQg2zg,51, . ,ig :,M5,if,i,gM: ' .,g,pMaf2,,?affx'f5lwf wqgw. f ,,-X, iz .,421,iiizff-'2z2wws.:1Q5f:,wnfgzg ,M 2e5Wf1ixLm2i,ffg,g'. Nb. ,nffam Amrs.,,i,,L,,gw,1i23 119,zaC.2ege5r ,ug -,r 'Aly nf -X 1125. If ww 1,,.,ig:1n :X ,4 ,A,f-.-gf: 'g1,.1f:U aQF.,if'1ii' 1-11 gggwy bm1."::1M:1-:4'q: .fgqvv 1 ,ry-.1f.1:'f.f wx,-H vw .L fs.-.wi -sq X fy my Q Q f 5, A ff - -' f ,zzgyyw fb Q, ff ,. 5 1,3 zz , . f1,.:f55b U . V, J . X 'A Q 1 'i QQ :12?i2g1i X .if 'iii H , ,,.,,, ,. ,J 1 ,, W 3 .L I -fl z.. 1:3 W X ,, X ' 'ii' g'f+ff?'2M1 .1 w 5 2: if . -' 1 NIS- 'E-ZT ,. . 'E 111411111 ,z, :txt 3 ' Q wgq:1qw- 1,.gzzff,qf,3- X . ' ,- , M . f fy 1 ., ziiiiip 1g . . I ' , lgililifg' I -. ww, ' X ' 7' 2,51 I K K K .wQL,a2., N U- mix, , , X .. infiwss-'fs '-...- ff ff, W Darlene M-fn .2 c J ,I K X V .WV .s- . M, ...B 5,.Q,,e.., ' 4 1. .,,, , . ,.,. iw, :fm w -w1w,,,,.w..v , ..Lm,Q-,H,,g.fz' , 'z - .2 .a ,f,u.f7,Sf.-1, f 'Ally-my ' we ' N K , A fiffiifg ' . Johnn Rouse ,M 71' isa4Ax?"f2'i?1S1ias,-is . ,z . ,il " ' mf as S K 'L , 52 wav . EW, " Q. ACTIVITIES QLD, LJ J . 1 ff A u.,.h 'So Bal 'Os 'wh WN uw W . Us 'mi 'Of-vvu-4,.. Q' n 0-vf--vw -Q 0 '04 uf--y-..-Q.. ' 'A ' ' 4 no ' ' '-'Q o . Xi 1 v. ' s Q f 4 A gms 1' NSW I. W W-we in '74 Student Government answers call for action -5 STUDENT GOVERNMENT--ROW 1--Henry Anderson, Clarence Bunch, Edna Snipes, Colby Lewis, Apolon Bernard Sandlin, Mary White, George Whitfield. ROW 2--Fred Anderson, Christopher Jones, Vegas Webster, Nadine Erwin, Debra Hoye, Rose line Smith, Darlene Kilfore, Denise Evans, Vivian Briggs, Karl Woodward, Ali Freeman. ROW 3-- Larry Beck, Ilene Gil- more, Alvin Mathis, Alonzo Travis, Mayda Taylor, Arnett Thomas, Valerie Mitchell, Micheal Shannon, Kim James, Henry Williams. Not pictured is Mr. Sterling Jones, advisor. ln the interest of school improve- ment, the members of the Student Government set up committees to tackle problem areas around the school. The group tackled such problems as the student exchange day controversy, teacher-student attitudes, and general school appearance. By the end of the year it was evi- dent that the slogan, "Student Government Lives" was true. Mary White, M-W's WJ LB Soul Teen Repor- ter, prepares to introduce U.S. Congressman John Conyers to an assemblage of students. 96 4 4 3 r In its beautification drive, the Student Government sponsors a Clean-Up Session. The entire school pitches in to help beautify Murray- Wright. JW During this Student Exchange Day our visitors are from Libby High in Toledo, Ohio. SG hosts and hostesses are Kathy Lee, Wynetta Lucas, Mary White, Shandra Davis, and Bernard Sandlin, SG president. 97 5553? A fashion extravaganza mm., 5' ,,,,,,,,, . -fe, af --- wfrlfsmezvmwar , 'l TW: :swim 1 Zim an. , - I me if 15? la ' ' i' 11 , Ml f , 'Q V 'il 'M eig s If ffm Q A i f , ' X' A ' ' A 7 ' . "ffxX'h+'- ' " L . f " 2, vffl vik, .,-, Model Glenn Gilcrest Model Cynthia Moore Model Barbara Kelsey In memory of IVIr Norman IVloKee Instructor, the late Mr Norman McKee, who Our models for "Soulful Fashions of '74" were Rhonda Cain, Cynthia Moore, Sheila Hinkle, Ginger Ander- son, Willodean Harris, Sharon Golds- by, Claude Wright, Rosalind Massey, Carolyn Erni, Shirley Howard, Bar- bara Kelsey, Regina Walker, Debra Cherry, Beverly Clark, Theresa Rob- inson, Donna McCurry, Cassandra Whitfield, Lorraine Johnson, Janice Myles, Janetta Boyd, Victoria Burt, Robin Baker, Denise Lawson, Doro- thy Gardner, Carstella Lavender, Zebbra Stuckey, Elijah Perry, Glenn Gilcrist, Phyllis Greene, Sharon Den- nard, Bonita Green. Our commenta- tors were Theresa Roberson, Theresa Baisden, Deborah Simpson, Teacher sponsors were Miss Casey, Mrs. Murray, Miss Garavaglia, and Miss Briscoe. Q JOTS earn as they learn A SHIFI' JOTS: ROW 1: Gloria Wilson, Delores Hunt, Denese King, Patti Powell, Arneata Crawford, Bernice Goldsby. ROW 2: David Walker, Concenetta Coats, Delphine Horton, Terry Lee, Maxine Lyons, Cynthia Johnson, Terry Moore, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Coordinator. NOT PICTURED ARE Anthony Hall, Leonard King, Anthony Robinson. B SHIFT JOTS: ROW 1: Sarah Reid Davis, Arlene Patton, Angela Moses, Rhonda Rogers, John Ross, Ned Jenkins. ROW 2: Kenneth Stansberry, Cynthia Johnson, Sharon Richardson, Ruth Dunlap, Yvonne Rodger, Thelma White, Brenda Ives, Sharon Bridges. ROW 3: Kim Henry, Anthony Hall, Leonard King, Mattie Hobbs, Valerie Lawhorne, Darlene Wells, and Mrs. Thel- ma Williams, Coordinator. NOT PICTURED ARE Demetrius Hale, Vicki Hall, Kim Stewart, Vivian Thompkins, Marilyn Phillips, Sharlene Hopkins, Ricky Jaynes, Gloria Sanford, Conslzine Bradley, Carolyn Crandol, Joseph Darby, Gwen Brown, Judy Bonner. 100 more JOTS v 45' "P HA LF-DAY JOTS: ROW 1: Elizabeth Malone, Sherry Glenn, Pat Watson, Kent Jordan, Treasurer, Lise Brooks, President, Renee Reed, Veepp Sharon Adams, Secretary, Bancroft Malone, Veepp Shirley Vick. ROW 2: Pamela Willis, Pat Patterson, Dorothy Walker, Shelia Davis, Cynthia Thomas, Charles Page, Rosie Dancy, Sharon Brown, Eleanor Clay, Victor Rogers, Yolanda Fields, Shelia Osborne, Mrs. Audrey LaSalle Brown, Coordinator. ROW 3: Shelia Davis, Gregory Aaron, Carol Hill Rosaland Berry, Cheryl Brown, Sarita Bellman. NOT PICTURED ARE Cynthia Blackburn, Claudia Clarke, Rupert Diaz, Pamela Petty, Marilyn Reddick, Kim Robinson, Robert Slaughter, Al-Von Stoudemire, Renard Thomas, Curtis Walker, Juanita Williams. 101 Cherished moments, special events recorded by '74 Yearbook Staff. Terry Barnes Kathy Bentley Melodey Braggs 'Q ., ,, .qi , ' . . ,li 4 . Albert FOX Carolyn Linda Godda Lach Funderburg Griff' Romain Johnson Larry Maholmes Victor Rogers Crystal Reese Bancroft Malone Podres Simon ff -if-ef 5 'i Tr re" , J Larry Watson Denise Wheeler Pat Williams :L ' fy A : Ai Ray McClintock Robert Slaughter .GX-. .S y Linda Rhodman if , n' ' Myron Tucker Z' Kismet Winn Michael Wilbourn if :tw dll? QM Pat Williams lLEFTl, Kismet Winn, and Kathy Bentley alphabetize senior pictures for the '74 Pilot. DECA chapter attracts future retailers DECA. ROW 1- Diane Coleman, Lori Cherry, Renita Joseph, Vanessa Cornelius, Kathy Lee. ROW 2- Alonzo Travis, Dennis Baker, George Whitfield, Jodi Basemore, Clifton Shaw, Fred- die Dandridge. DECA, the Distributive Education Club of America, is a youth organization operating through the public schools to attract and pre- pare young people in careers in marketing and distribution. lVlurray-Wright's chapter, by now, is well-known over the state of Michigan for winning the Chapter of the Year Award the past couple of years. Classroom learning, coupled with actual on the job Koo-opi experience, has made D.E. a re- warding and meaningful experience for many of our students. Ili Chess Club . . the advoctes of concentration S--. CHESS CLUB. ROW 1--Joseph Darby lpresidentl, Mr. Donald Oleksinski ladvisorl, Valerie Guinyard, lVlr. S. Robes ladvisorl, Watson Henderson. ROW 2-- Larry Pettway, Deborah Ben- der, Zollie Clifford, Michael King. 4 ewgw ii' CHECKMATE! Future homemakers of America establish Nl-W chapter FHA. ROW 1-Mrs. Julia Carr ladvisorl, Felicia Long, Sharon Redmond, Sherilynn Davis, Elijah Perry Cpresidentl, Nadine Benson, Gloria Tims, Rochelle Martin. ROW 2-Mrs. Christine Harris ladvisorl, Edith Martin, Curtis Beamon, Vivian Briggs, Mildred Solomon, Phyllis Greene, Corinnie Davis, Michelle Martin, Georgenna Solomon. Not pictured is Miss Carolyn Bris- coe, advisor. 106 i Library Club serves school .Ar W 2, . LIBRARY CLUB. ROW 1-Mrs. Lillian King tLibrarianJ, Robert Weaver, Perry McGee, Wendell Miles, Alonzo Travis, Mat- tie Hobbs, Roderick Green, Jimmy Fells, Debra Hand, Lucy Munoz, Mrs. Heinrich lLibrarianJ. ROW 2- Rosie Lyons, Chery- lynn Seals, Charlotte Nettle, Demetrius Scarborough, Angie Jacobs, Judy Dandridge, Loretta Dunn. Not pictured are Adrena Young, Sharon Monroe, Daniel Howard, Quanitia Mills, Barbara Sanalin, Mrs. Shelia Parker lLibrarianJ. 107 .......----...... v--.. -.. -....... Y-Teens -- a fun experience if M. r Y-TEENS. ROW 1--Mrs. Gloria Finley lAdvisorl, Yvette Johnson, Pamela Diamond, Linda Burton, Marjorie Greer, Gale Eaddy. ROW 2--Sharon Richardson, Melody Braggs, Pat Williams, Ruth Dunlap, Anita Curtis. 108 Medical Careers Club explores the intricacies of life MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB. SEATED: Jackie Shufford, Regina Shobe, Leon Millage, Sharilynn Davis, Sarah McMiller. STANDING: Podres Simon, Denise Evans, Charles Wells. Not pictured: Mrs. Linda Scales. --.. ..... ,,,, .- ,-1.- F--.-. -- Booster members have plenty school spirit I vug.,n V427 'law Cheryl Maldin, Yvonne Butler, Tara Gay, Ida Ford. The cIub's purpose is to get stu- r dents involved in activities galore. This year's activities included bake sales, dances, rushes, attendance at school events, and a trip to Cedar Point. Adviser to the group is lVlrs. Colleen Topous. Yolanda Williams. .f-"""' Anita Hart, Mary Moore, Yvette Woodland, Karen Walton. Debra Maccox, Thelma Parks BOOSTER C LUB. ROW 1--Mrs. C. Topous, Advisor, Lawana Eaton, Monoletha Perry, Yvonne But- ler, Carmen Walton, Pat Jackson, Carmen Goble, Jenette Howard. ROW 2--Kathy Clark, Sylvia Ma- yo, Deborah Maddox, Thelma Parks, Cathy Jones, Anity Dorsey, Nadine Benson, Carol Smith, Ida Ford. ROW 3--Mary Moore, Anita Hart, Rita Snodgrass, Carolyn Williams, Karen Walton, Christine Mansfield, Tara Gay, Tracie Jasper. 111 Drama . . . more than just a class Drama is opening night and you are scared. Drama is being able to scream at someone when you are calm. Drama is being yourself showing the different sides of you working hard laughing at your mistakes getting to know other people like yourself sharing good feelings building up your courage holding your temper doing what you do best developing hidden talents and strengthening others understanding and learning to appreciate different forms of art from Beethovan to Deep Purple from a flower to a statue from Shakespeare to Super Fly Drama is engaging in an old-fashioned "Laugh-In". "DRAMA"-- ROW 1- lL. T0 Rl Joseph Nlartin, Pat Johnson, Larena Ware, Shelia Oliver, Wanda Hall, Michelle Martin, Yvette Woodland. ROW 2-Mrs. Linda Johnson, Drama Teacher, Katrina Woodard, Gloria Knott, Shelly Johnson, Gregory Brothers, Denise Dee Evans, Demetrius Scarborourgh, Crystal Reese ROW 3 Darrlck Shaw, Diane Hannah, Larry Watson, Watson Henderson, Regina Dewberry, Fred Anderson, Lawanda Eaton, Darryl Kelly Drama is having lots of fun. Drama is developing character--maybe your own. Lettermen recognize athletic achievement SEATED: Wendell Miles, Charles Grace, Milton Fortune, Lorenzo Thomas, Kevis Willis, Fred Chambers, Jerry Smith, Derrick Butler, Daniel Howard, Perry Williams. ROW 2: Joe Smith, Arnold Holmes, Christopher Johnson, Robert King, Winston West, Demetrius Scarborough, Charles Wells, Rodney Knuckles, Raymond Chapple. ROW 3: Robert West, Cornell McLemore, Wil- lie Burks, Ike Brooks, Andre Jones, Marcus Rochelle, Tim Adams, Gregory Poindexter, Harold Watkins. NOT PICTURED IS Mr. R. Dickerson, Advisor. Afro-American Club stresses unity ,HV it -' . 5 U . , it xi- . .4 NM J.-il., Ewa! avr so THE AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB: The advisor is Mr. Charles Mallory. 114 A National Honor Society Iauds academic scholars V . ,Kita-7, - Y SEATED: Deloris Hunt, Sharon Adams, Podres Simon, Bernice Goldsby, Arneata Crawford. STANDING: Delphine Horton, Verlene Farm, Carlotta Porter Aurora Munoz, Deborah Simpson, Mr. McGowan, Advisor. NOT PICTURED ARE Charles Page and Arretha Forbes 115 Z Within our midst- holiday mirth and cheer -M... Mr. Tatum and the Beginners Choir ring out with the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. Eggm"BsfE5TiNt.i: Our band led by Mr. Wodkowski strikes up 'Here Comes Santa The Choraleers sing a medley of holiday tunes. CIaus'. 116 .- Mrs. Alberta Greenard, one of our counselors, guest solos with the Concert Choir. Our drummers...Larry Beck and Delilah Mitchell. Our trumpeteer...Richard Etter Twiggy go home X l 1 Tijuana Davis Laura Powell ,Q f" fl 4 Reginald Dewberry and Shelley Johnson w l l .vw ,, v ff 0 ll A I Reginald Dewberry and Barbara McElroy Fred Anderson 84 Reginald Dewberry Laura Powell Shelley Johnson Dance Troupe performs around the city M-W DANCERS: SEATED ARE: Diane Hannah, Frances Brown, Debra Edens, Arline Patton. STANDING: Janice Dukes, Mon- ica Barnes, Mrs. Nancy Golinko CDance Teacheri, Betty Harris, Tymonia Stenson, Nadine Irwin, Anita Curtis. SEATED AT THE PIANO IS Mrs. June Williams, Accompanist. Frances Brown and Arline Patton 120 VW!! Janice Dukes, Tymonia Stenson, Frances Brown pun Betty Harris, Nadine Irwin, Anita Curtis, Monica Brown, Debra Edens SENIOR i 25-wi February '74 graduates recall golden memories Podres Simon Terry Moore President Vice- President Rhonda Rutledge Stella Lawson Wendell Miles Secretary Treasurer Sgt. at Arms 1211 'SR , 9 V x f.,g1 E-Q2 I - Z ' LMP- , TIMOTHY RODNEY ADAMS HARVEY ANDERSON CALVIN ARMSTRONG MARY E. AUTREY PERCY BANKS RUDY BARKER CHERYL BASS RICHARD BENTLEY, III LUCIOUS BROWN JR. LUCINDIA BRYANT CLARENCE BUNCH ANTONIO VICTOR BUTLER LILLIE MARIE CALDWELL ROSE CATO JACQUELINE CHESTNUT ALAN THERON COBB CASSANDRA CROOK FREDDIE L. DANDRIDGE LINDA DELPHINE DIXON ANITA C. DORSEY BONITA ANN DUNCAN KATHRYN ESTERS JIMMY FELLS GLORIA FIELDS CLARENCE FINLEY 125 ARRETHA FORBES WARDELL FUQUA EUGENE GARLAND LINDA GODDARD JANICE GOSS BRETT HALFDAY DOROTHY MARIE HALL MICHAEL HARPER INAN HART MICHAEL HILL DANNY T. HOLIFIELD HAROLD HOLMES DELPHINE HORTON SHEILA HOSKINS BRENDA LOUISE HOUSTON JOHN JEFFERSON ANDREA JOHNSON CHRIS JOHNSON CYNTHIA JOHNSON ERICK JOHNSON CARLOTTA FAYE JONES STEPHANIE KELLOGG VANESSA E. KELLOGG DENEISE LAWSON PAULA NELL LEAPER 126 if Q I .. , ix -Q, x 90 .3644 .gg s , , , - ,gb-5..,, ,L Lzxse .f""" 1, W is tr 5. .Kaya 1.4. Behind we leave our experiences Sg t ' i an 5 Yff?33'f f 9- " ' xv Oh, Happy Day! Teddy Bear and all. ., 1,4 . be A 4-4 wx life A Irv DEBORAH LEWIS MAURICE LITTLE DANNY LONDON MARTHA LUCKETT MAXINE ELISE LYONS LOUIS MCCANTS JR. CONSTANCE MCKEA BONNIE MICHEAUX VICTORIA MILLER PAT MITCHELL SHIVON MOTLEY DEBRA MOTT GLORIA NELSON VINCENT NEWMAN AERON B. NIXON HAROLD PALMER EDM OND PARKER TERRY DENNIS PARKER RITA PENNY BETTY JEAN PERRY LINDA RHODMAN JOHN PIPPEN HERBERT POLLY 127 DEREK A. REUBEN DEBORAH RILEY RHONDA ROGERS SHARON ROGERS RUTH SAMUEL CLIFTON SHAW RUTH ANN SIMMONS DEBORAH SIMPSON ROBERT SLAUGHTER DEBORAH SMITH DIANE SMITH RONALD SMITH STANLEY SMITH EDWIN LEE STAFFORD DELORES STEVENSON 128 QQ 8 N'-. Dressed Down! The current senior rage With us we take our memories .fi 'T Some of us at our worst are at our best. gi, EMMA STRAITS PATRICIA WATSON ROBERT WEAVER LARRY WATSON JOYCE WHITE SIDNEY WHITE EDDIE WILLIAMS JUANITA WILLIAMS WALTER WILLIAMS PAMELA WILLIS BRENDA WILSON KEVIN WILSON KAY YOUNG 129 Bake sales, parties 81 mock elections highlight senior year Larry Watson and Kathryn Esters voted Rhonda Rutledge voted 'Miss Pin- Debra Mott fcenterl voted 'Miss Clean-Up Lady 'Mr. and Ms. Nlurray- Wright.' Up.' np. "- L.. r-f jf Lillie Caldwell voted 'Ms. Large Afro.' Roland Smith voted 'Mr. Large Afro.' 130 Our lives andtimes at IVI-W T '. ii iN.rl Rudy Barker voted 'Class CIown.' Brenda Wilson voted .4-4 'Class CIown', and 'Most PopuIar.' 3' f. 3:13 Vicki Nliller CLEFTD voted 'Ms. Chatterbox Cassandra Crooks voted 'Ms. Mod.' Freddie Dandridge voted 'Mr. Mod.' 131 Many activities supply seniors with change of pace Podres Simon KCENTERD voted 'Most Liliely to Succeed', 'Most Handsome', and 'Nlost Popular.' Sr ., ,, If QQ JA' ,I V z Deborah Simpson voted 'Most Likely to to Succeed.' Mary Autrey voted 'IVls. Small Afro' and Wen- Paula Leaper voted 'Ms. Best Dressed.' Harold Palmer voted 'Mr. Pin- Up.' dell Miles voted 'lVlr. Small Afro' and 'NIr. Not pictured is 'Mr. Best Dressed', Ro- Chatterbox.' bert Slaughter. 132 Imagination of seniors contribute to class' creativity ' rg' 25 S f ,. .A ,,,3'ENM,f we i . Gloria Nelson and Percy Banks voted 'lVlr. and Lucius Brown and Shelia Hoskins voted 'Mr. and Ms. Slim.' Ms. Shy.' 0 1 5 dl" 'ffl I I ik Harold Holmes voted 'Mr. Talented.' Arretha Forbes voted Ms. Talented. l W on 1. A Demetrius Scarborough voted 'Mr. Class FIirt.' Not pictured is 'Nls. Class Flirt', Dorothy Hall. 133 4 Our school's first co-ed basketball game gets under way. Refereeing is Ali Freeman. On the baketball court Senior girls upset counterpartsg Senior males upset huffin' puffin' faculty men Our school's annual Senior-Faculty basketball game finds play gl g f p t The culmination of endless routine and excitement Rochelle Mitchell lLEFTl is overwhelmed at being the first place prize winner in the M-W Senior Lottery. Pro ceeds were used to buy Class of '74 gift to the school. 'Anxiously awaiting to present the second place winner with his booty are Linda Rhodman Linda Goddard, Arretha Forbe Rudy Barker, and Rhonda Rutledge. I sl Q , A I 2 I photographer as she poses i 'ff for her semor portraits. 136 Anticipation becomes a reality . . . Graduation! i i CHARLES PAGE BONCROFT F. MALONE W President V i ce- President i X .. SHARON ADAMS RODNEY KNUCKLES Secretary Sgt.-at- Arms iiNot Pictured: Denise Evahsp Debofah Ford smues for the ADRIENNE ABRAMS BERNADINE ADAMS CINDY ADMAS BRENDA ANDERSON HENRY ANDERSON EUSEBIA AQUINO SHARON BAGLEY DENNIS BAKER GREGORY J. BALDRIDGE DEBORAH BAR LOW TERRY BARNES JODIE BASEMORE KATHY BENTLEY ROSIALAND BERRY JUDY BONNER LEON BOYD I37 Class looks ahead to future goals MARIE BRADFORD CONSTINE BRADLEY MELODEY L. BRAGGS LISE M. BROOKS JUDY BROWN SHARON BROWN ILEAN BURNETT TERRY BURNETTE DEBORAH BYRD FREDRICK CHAMBERS RAYMOND CHAPPLE DEBORAH ANN CHEATHAM VALERIE CHEESEBORO LORI ANN CHERRY .ELEANOR CLAY CONCETTA COATS 1.3 5 :gt -11 XL--,fix ,W rf, Anthony Dean tCENTER7 and Sarah Coleman KRIGHTJ discuss their senior picture orders with Miss Nast, the photographer studio's representative. QD ll x F i 'Q N DIANE COLEMAN VALERIE COLEMAN LaSANDRA CORBETT ANNIE CORN VANESSA CORNELIUS ARNEATA K. CRAWFORD FELECIA CRAWFORD PAMELA D. CRAWFORD EDWINA CROOKS DIANE CURENTON ROSIE LEE DANCY TERRIE A. DANIELS CHANDRA DAVIS MARVIN A. DAVIS SHELIA DAVIS Melodey Braggs CLEFTJ says "cheese" for Big Daddy, the photographer. 139 40 Energetic seniors display school spurnt SHARON DAVIS ANTHONY DEAN SARAH COLEMAN INES DeJESUS RUPERT DIAZ DOREEN DILLARD STEPHANIE DOBBINS JENNIFER DUHART RUTH DUNLAP VERNITA LaROSA DYSON ELLA EAR LE LAIWANA E. EATON VASTI EDMONDS PATRICIA ELLINGTON DEBORAH EVANS HARMON EVANS A group of us gather for fun and entertainment. '54, 3-1 49 ll .. f' '. VER LENE FARM CHERYL FLENIING WILLETTE FLOWERS DEBORAH LOUISE FORD IDA FORD ISAIAH D. FORD VERNITA FOREMAN SHARON FRAZIER ALBERT FOX THERESA FRANKS ALI R. FREEMAN CAROLYN FUNDERBURG KATHY GARNER FREDA RENEE GEORGE SHERRY GLENN BERNICE GOLDSBY Joycelyn Rickard CSEATEDD shows the '73 yearbook to these visiting students from Kettering High. 141 Trips lure seniors to Nlontreal and Montego Bay JOHNNY BONITA GREEN ODIS GREEN LACHELLE GRIFFIN MARVIN GRIFFIN JENNIFER GULLEY DEMETRIUS K. HALE JACQUELINE HALL VICKIE HALL MICHAEL HAMILTON SHARON DENISE HANNAH BETTY HARRIS VENIAS HARRIS SANDRA HARTSFIELD TAV ETA TEWAN HAYES DONALD RAY HAYNES 142 Having fun are Al Fox lLEFTl, Sharon "Peaches" McReynolds, Bancroft Malone, and Pat Williams. 'XC' 'WD' 1 jg, I e-f-ilk DONNA F. HAYNES MARGARET HAYNES JANET HENDERSON KIM HENRY WILLIAM C. HERBERT CAROL HILL DARYL HOBBS SHAR LENE HOPKINS DANIEL HOWARD ELTON HOWARD FELTON HOWARD GALE HOWARD JEANETTE HOWARD CYNTHIA HUGHES DELORES HUNT DWIGHT HYATT 44 Picnicking seniors have tons of fu n RICHARD T. JACKSON NED JENKINS DEAN JOHNSON JILL JOHNSON ANDRE JONES YVONNE DELORISE JONES KENT JORDAN RENITA JOSEPH LAURA KILLIBREW ALLISON DENISE KING LEONARD KING ROBBIE KING SHARON KING LYSANDRA LAWSON MASHELL LAWSON KATHY LEE fi ,' 'ff ef 'W 'gg f H, ...- --' ...--r ,...-- ,...-- . gi -v ...Y -el f-rr ,,,..--- ,,.,...--- '51 TERRY T. LEE COLBY D. LEWIS JENNIE LINDSEY VERA LONG SONJA LOVING EVA LYNN RAYMOND McCLINTOCK GWENDOLYN MCCREARY DEBBIE McCURRY PHRANSCHAR MCPHERSON KAREN MADDOX SHIRLEY MADISON LARRY MAHOLMES KAREN MANSON OSSIE C. MARTIN IREANE MAYBERRY Sarah Reid ILEFTD, Kim Henry, Sharon Richardson, and Robin Scandrick engage in conversation and laughter. 14 46 Seniors do their 'Thing' during Senior Week. i MARIE MILLER MELVIA MILLER NADINE MILLER DELILAH O. MITCHELL ROCHELLE MITCHELL SHARON MONROE TERRIV. MOORE RITA MORRIS AURORA MUNOZ SHIRLEY MURRIE CYNTHIA NELSON VALEN NETTLES TERESA NEWELL DEBORAH NIMOX RALPH ODEN VANESSA PACE Carolyn Williams KLEFTD, Ruth Dunlap, Freda George. . . Si. . 'lf - mu? I A .I . is 155 , ? awry? w-' .1 sl ' I , , A, V 1- 7 ' -r f' 9' I AX 1' my +, 5 Qi 35' 1113! 5 FREDERICK PATTERSON PATRICIA PATTERSON AR LINE PATTON NAZARENE PERRIEN ELIJAH PERRY STEPHANIE PERRY PAMELA PETTY BERNADETTE PHILLIPS MARILYN PHILLIPS CATHY ANN POLK CHAR LOTTA PORTER LAURA POWELL PATTI JO POWELL MARVIS PRINCE MARY PRITCHETT . . .Isaiah Ford, Arline Patton, and Angie Moses discuss the novel, THE SPOOK THAT SAT BY THE DOOR. 147 48 Memorable prom held at Veterans Memorial JOSEPHINE RAMOS MARY RAGLAND DELORES REDMOND RENEE REED DENISE REESE SARAH REID SHARON RICHARDSON JOYCELYN RICKARD ANNEICE ROBINSON ANTHONY ROBINSON KIM ROBINSON MELODEE ROBERTS VICTOR ROGERS DARLENE ROPER JOHN W. ROSS KEVIN SAMUEL Hereeeeeee's Diane Curenton. GLORIA SANFORD ROBIN SCANDRICK MARK SCOTT DARRICK JAMES SHAW JANICE SHIRLEY CAROL SHOBE GINA SIMPSON JOSEPH SMITH EDNA L. SNIPES JANICE SPATES KENNETH STANSBERRY DENNIS SY KES CRAIG TAYLOR CYNTHIA THOMAS RENE THOMAS MILLICENT THORNTON Nl-W days speed byg future is near ALONZO TRAVIS MYRON TUCKER SHIRLEY C. VICK DAVID WALKER DOROTHY WALKER EDWARDINA WALKER JEFFREY WALKER NIANFORD WALKER TYRONE Nl. WALKER REGINA WALLER JAMES WESLEY DENISE WHEELER DaDRENA WHIGHAM NANNETA WHITE YOLANDA WHITE GEORGE WHITFIELD 150 534' 'la if I Il Q, ' A sk xii:-"suAf'f! fi sq! ,.-'gf l Q 3 Q Q W . A lr, Serious seniors discuss. . . T wf - I' A A , he at Ii T101 l r '- I WW world problems with U.S. Congressman John Conyers. MICHAEL A. WILBOURN KAREN WILKES CAROLYN D. WILLIAMS CONSTANCE WILLIAMS GLORIA WILLIAMS HENRY WILLIAMS JUANITA RENEE WILLIAMS PATRICIA A. WILLIAMS DEBORAH WILLIAMSON KEVIN WILLIS GLORIA ANN WILSON LAVONNE WILSON KISMET E. WINN KARL WOODWARD THEADASTUS WOODWARD ROGERS WORTHY 151 Senior Nlockslll fi Theresa Middleton 84 Terry Lee Ray McClintock 84 Kathy Bentley Class Tall 84 Short Mr. 84 Mrs. Murray-Wright if l if Karen Manson ltopl 84 Al Fox Mr. 84 Mrs. Afro -- 1,4-1' L: sd., Myron Tucker 84 Kim Henry "Peaches" McReynolds 84 Ray Chapple Most Talented Chandra Davis G Bandroft Malone Most Jive Most Mod gg' - 1 ,Wx --:l,a.,, Deborah Byrd 84 Michael Wilborne Class Couple za. if ' Denise Wheeler 84 Michael Wilbourn Mr. 84 Mrs. Greedy ,N S Sharon Iflannah 84 Charles Wells Patti Powell 84 Bancroft Malone Rene Thomas 8: Rodney Knuckles Class Fllrts Best Dressed Most Sophisticated , i fi C -"""' "- m- r- '-ighq.-1 C, lawn. N Ali Freemon 84 Lachelle Giffin Most Likely to Succeed fs. IVlore Nlocks!!! JOE Smith Colby Lewis Class Athlete Class Athlete Kismet Winn Class Pin- Up Cathy Pol k Nlost Shy as :V my ..,,... Pat Williams Richard Jackson Most School Spirit Nlost Handsome Ossie Martin Vernita Dyson Most Dangerous Most Dangerous 4 Lawana Eaton Class Clown .-,J' ' r. 7 fr v , , I I l "x i U4 '11-'.: -5 .X Kevin Willis Class Short Anniece Robinson Class Hall Walker .. l1m.1sl al ADVERTISING Kb as ,p ONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF JULY 1974 from M-W'S PARENT-TEACHER-STUDENT ORGANIZATION Demon Busmess msrlrurls 115 State Street Detroit, Michigan 48226 962-6534 Executive Secretarial Legal Medical Key Punch Specialist Business Admmlstration Accoumlng BEST wrsHEs FROM A Management Marketlng FRIEND College Work Study Program PATRONS Best of luck from Lynda Scales George Prmgle Best of luck from Ed Kortman Robert M Boyce Best of luck in the future' Best ofluck from E McGowan C E Long Omega Chi Happy Days to all from Miss Johnson Tempus Fugit from Mrs G Hall Best of luck much love 8: plenty of success from Miss Casey Best Wishes from Crystal Reese Congratulations from Maria Mohammed Congratulations Doreen from your parents Virginia and Charles Dillard Helen Crawford Congratulations to our daughter Diane Currenton Audrey Mattocks Mom 8: Dad' Congratulations from Gwen Walker Best of luck graduating seniors - Mary White of JM mal? FRIENDS COMPLIMENTS of COMPLI MENTS OF M W S SNOOPY'S DUG OUT Joy ls When Murray Wrlghl S DECA Club Opens Snoopy s Dug Oul To Sell Fresh Chaps Popcorn Pretzels Doughnuts .1ndCandy MILLS 1410 Gratiot Detroit Much 48207 WO l 5463 Varslty And Dress Sweaters And Jacket Lettermg HARDY SHOE STORE 110 Monroe Detrort Mmhlgan 962 3594 DETROIT KNITTING x ga, 1,2 . ' , ,Y 'V 4 1 wi. ,-'9'f'a4"" W , ' -',, Q -v. N ' 1 1' fits' , 1 a ' 5 Illilf ,ll my A-J' 'Z mi A 4 H P FEA! ,ni We my be6'Fi ou serve EBSUYG right Hi 5 Pilot ,LA , Q , i Y., 1 . f fi ' F v 1' jg. . 0 f "Whig, ,, i,.:Q,,g' ,?Tg I 3,111 .kai 'b A X? 'arf' V. ,A L . .X ., I ' . is ' 4 "M '1'--" 0 'fNE"3'l'UDIOS 4 M, M., " .El ' ing as i 164 ef - . I 4 Since l9l9 t Suite 305 David Whitney Bldg. Q 3 1553 Woodward 963-4030 ' 53 ' I D . "1 0 ,AA . , 1 S Q 4' 5 We've Only Just Begun 4-4, f '- ff" 'f - , 15"-.v?"" ff' --1--.-'A'-21:.."" -w .. 4' , -4'-ff"-g,-..."1 ,af ., .1-q...ff--,. -. " -' 2 ' --15. - r-H -M " . Q1 mn --f-..f1 ,1 z, H . .f, f---. A- Mg. fr? ii R: - ,.5vH,44qszv. --Y :,. . f-Q. - EQ" ff p.,- .v A 4,2 u. ' 5. A QQ, if,

Suggestions in the Murray Wright High School - Pilot Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

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1974, pg 151

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Murray Wright High School - Pilot Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 153

1974, pg 153

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