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 - Class of 1966

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I, -ll Qfef : I In 'bl ", k ,J ' ' K.-K ' ,' ,,"5e. f I. 1 I ' 1 0 H .. .5 iii., 4 U A 'Q-fi I. ' 1 9 ' -, . 1. l u .- L , - I V, . -155 .- b r. . -' . u , ' ' .UW , s ,-.5 , -V . n ? V ji , - ', ' 4 3 f -' V , I ,. w, T. ' 5 A ' 1 1 Q m. 5, T 1 . , , av" ' . K. U 1 '4 vs V! I . '.- 5' 5 1 ' . . ' u . A ,Q , . A Q- D A . o .gl n . 3' Q' 1 , Q , ,ygg f, ' . 1 '55 .wie 7 W A ug 'ff 4. ,- -V - I " ' ' - H-J G , ' ., - 'TG' ' ' " 'Q' -A ff " 221 4' ' iff I ' ,, .: . ' ,Q . ' A174 . - x 5 u 4,.-:- -1, ff ,' 9 :,"g', ,.:,, ' ' Q ,th 21265 1'4" ' fs, f, W- . 3. 3 ' S' ,sf , 0 q km." ' 'h . ' 1 v n 4 U .-6-f -N, --,- ---V4-V - 1-- , -- 'r AWN- +--f-15-nun' - - 1"f-ann?--naar S .33 -4 L 1. M A ,a K ' 4 . .r u, J, V ay n,., r i A Lp - w 1 ,Q vip-.-W ,ff . .., .g . K. . " Qs .,, .2571 ,A nf, , ' . . . , 4. , , f . , - .. uf .ff 'A - 1 - W4 A Q. ' 1- L " 1' ' 4, , ' if ' N -3 11 f. , R W, 1 I f , .' . ,P f 4-4 . , - ' 1. 1 . ' ' .g'7ijf.g ff ' 5 , 15.4 U L - 4 ' - . . iz xg Eff? . Q ' . - . if gg f 91" ' ' , , ' f- f ' ' .3 . 145 f . . ,,. f , H 4 H v Q' 1 4 f . Rf .L 4 44 " ' 9 , ,S-I -' ,v 1, 4'. Q X :. g ww . + . . ,. r.. ? r ' 'mg :ip I A-we . , , ' ' 3.5" W.. Q' L . 'M - . -,sf H4521 ' , . ' gr ' 'P ' .swf 1' 4 ' f w ,E-, x,,, 15.37 1- , , ,L ,w.i,3,, Y A fn . , ' 2':r.7'QL Cy. ' ,- " -' M 1. , ' .-' . '. '9n1.3g,? ' , ' .vt ' .5 , ,au 1 A ,. 'gf ',3,V X ' 451 . ' .0 , . , x .V , - in g- .xt , .X X h 5 1, ,. H Q , W ,.. in M . . . L- v. ' ,. , ' Q. - A., er' . f , fi-f'7',','.-+A" .W V. . ' Q. I I 'i , Q.: 2f.g?,v:'f - . ffffg: I-W . mf'.'f,,.g3 Q. , I, 3 Y . ,H Q 3. W, , , .fee . ffpgji v , ' " s, . ' F ' N" 1 1 4- F ' ' i l 1 - . ' I if Q ' ' . 43 , 'fffw?'-. .,. ' ilgflflz' 'f . 1 3.33 ? ,- - K F yy. 7" . wwy:g2T:?9', N: , 5 TQQQ 1 7 :H vw' , Wf gy '. f, , 38, ..- ' Y' ' 1' -T 'Y' ' f- . .QQ 15. 5' 372 , ,.f:'.l' 4-- A 11.4, LH " , .. V 2 .Vw . .. f Q11 ' 4 ' V 2+ L, if .. . , A ' ' :x . , l 1 1' 6, 4.53.1 , - -, .. . 4 , 19. - . -'l ' ' ' H. in ,. ,L F ,, ' jf' v ,., W, gg. A K . .-ggQ.1'.'1W-.A.. P. ' wwf- -Y - ffl? g i . A t .53 w Q ' ,, N .V . V , 4 -. ' ,f5fq:.1-, 1 'A ,I ,. Z is 1 ,M . ' W, ' .v Mi H 4 '5 ' 3 ' ' 5" A ,. Q gy . ' 1' .3 ab - m' .' ' ' . gl- F -., f b- . v w rv V: M, .W 4 Piyfg . A -. .- . i i - -ui -1' ' ' V 4. . 1.""n 'Es 1333" ' 0' ' ' ' eg 1- .Tj ' fy . - 2,5 r 'iq 'lv W.. I- . -A - I, - ,. 4, ,I - I ,- . .m"Lf V J- - -- ' ' . . ff - Q -.,fs,-e-- yrkryf-' Q . - . X . tw . L-534 -'mm I . 252' ' f -.,.,-,-.15f,,,,,,Q is Xf'.,i.g,g-V: ' v ' A , . . . W 5 9 k a 5' " 1'-"' , ' .V . '- f -.Lf Qfgg ' it ' vt 1 -, x , , -- 44, 4 , . F' q A ' 'ti 5 1 I . 5 ,. 91, x . " A K, MWF? " , wi ' .: ,ex V , 1. N .A xx. . 31 . f.. 0 1 If . fe ' 2 ' X., -'91 . jv: I ., , .. . .. 2, .. 5- f? . . . 2 ,za " 3" 'I ' A A , MURRAY STATE COLLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY ' amor - RALPH BURCHETT Business Manager ' HAROLD N 1 ,, 7 This is fhe year fhaf was . . . Thaf is fhe monfh fhaf was, fhe day fhaf was, or fhe hour fhaf was. If was fhe year of five schools, a Judicial Board, fwo new dormifories, an all-fime high enrollmenf, new professors, fuforing commiffees, losses of foofball games, Kenfucky Lake, bond issue, fwenfy years of service given by our disfinguished leader, fhree in a room, and draff cards. lf was fhe day of elecfions, regisfrafion, and lecfures. Then fhere was Parenf's Day, Homecoming Day, graduafion day, Senior-Send-Off day, drill day, College News day, and Derby Day. H' was fhe week of finals, fhe week of Spring Vacafion, Greek rush, educafion week, and "Campus Lighfs" week. Then fhere were fhe nighfs-nighfs af Ben Woods, language lab, a blankef parfy, open dances, fhe library, 7I6 Elizabefh Hall, fhe baskefball game, fhe unfinished floaf, and College Farm Road. If was fhe hour of a calculus fesf, fhe Kingsfon Trio concerf, a blind dafe, a 7:30 class, submiffing an applicafion, a cheerleader fryouf, a club meefing, or I2:3O on Safurday nighf. Yes, fhere were hours, days, nighfs, weeks, and monfhs fhaf divided fhis, fhe year fhaf was. To some fhe year was iusf anofher year, buf fo many MSC sfudenfs fhe 365 days hold a mulfifude of memories-memories of fhe fime spenf playing bridge wifh your besf buds, drinking Cokes in fhe Huf, lisfening fo fhe froubles encounfered by your roomie, scoring 96 on a pop quiz, dancing af your favorife parfy, cheering fhe feam fo a glorious vicfory over Wesfern, walking fo Wilson Hall in fhe rain, sfudying English unfil fhe sun peeks up over Woods Hall, laughing af leffers from home, falking fo fhaf special friend on fhe phone, waifing in counfless lines, hoping for a dafe for fhe weekend, sleeping 'fil noon on Safurday, singing af Chrisfmas fime, winning fhaf covefed frophy, or crying on fhe lasf day of school. All fhe memories of fhis, fhe year fhaf was, will never be forgoffen. Each will fade and will be colored again by fhe dye of fime. Sfudenfs will remember fhaf Murray Sfafe played a large role in fhe producfion called life. Each fall begins a new life af Murray Sfafe wifh fhe moving info dormifories and fhen in fhe summer packing up fhe old fennis rackef, souvenirs from dances, and a fon of ofher obiecfs accumulafed fhrough fhe year, all fhe while hoping we haven"l' leff anyfhing behind. ln a sense, our lives as collegiafes are much fhe same. Every fall we move info fhe hearfs and fhoughfs of all fhe people around us, sharing fheir problems as if we had known fhem all our lives. Then comes summer, and we pack up our memories and again feel as if a parf of us is leff behind. Buf life af Murray Sfafe cannof be freafed as a pair of old shoes. We can'f go back, pick if up, and forgef fhe whole fhing. Memories are all we have of fhis shorf inferlude of life. Whefher fhis inferlude be four years or more or less, we discover opporfunifies as numerous as fhe number of hours spenf here. We mafure, learn, express, and accepf. We develop and formulafe ideas fhaf will lead us down fhe pafhs of life. We live fhrough roufines and love a change of pace. We never grow fired of fhe frue rewards of a shorf college life. And when our college days driff info fhe pasf, we are forever reminded of fhe monfh, fhe week, fhe day or nighf, and fhe hour fhaf made up I966-fhe year fhaf was! Whaf makes you feel more needed and wanfecl fhan anyfhing? Parficipafionl And whaf makes you Feel deieded and lef+-ou+ more +han any+hing? Lack of par+icipa+ion, of course. This is one of +he mos+ impor+an+ phases of college life-par+icipa+ion. No+hing boos'I's your morale more +han being asked +o par+icipa+e in some funcfion. There's iusf no+hing like i+. A+ Murray we have a chance +o parficipafe in church ac+ivi+ies, in all our courses, and in oufside ac+ivi+ies. Truly some of +he mosf valuable words ever spoken +o a fellow s+uclen+ are "Come on over," or "loin fhe group." PARTICIPATION I HLQO an H.-af' ,,,..-. M' 2 ,,.,,. M--H Good grief! There's so much +0 do. This is 'l'he Familiar lamenf of +he college sludenf from lhe 'Firsf day he arrives un+il +he day he leaves. Firsl' +here's moving in--wha+ a chore! Then +here's buying books and selling books, and going +o class and s+udying hard. Bui' This is all a par+ of college par+icipa+ion. Every day is filled wi+h exci+emen+ and fhere is rarely a dull day. Sfudenfs can parficipafe in imporfanl' evenfs, such as vo+ing and going oul' for rush. And in be- lween all +he "big" evenfs, some 'Find Hme For doing laundry or washing cars and such necessifies. Where else can you do so much in one day or in one year bu+ college? 44 all SOPHOMORE5 VOTE HERE ACTI ITIES The mos+ ac+ive ones are offen said fo be fhe happiesi' ones-s1'uden+s +ha+ is. Every available minu+e is filled wi+h collegia+e "busy-ness" and running here and lhere in order fo fulfill one more ac1'ivi+y. The life of a s+uden+ is no+ an easy one because of +he mulfiple ac+ivi+ies, nor would if be an enioyable one if +here were limi+ed ac+ivi+ies. From +he fime +he 'Freshman arrives unfil +he senior gradua+es, fime is speni' af weekend dances, foofball games, club mee+ings, and even in caFe+eria lines. All are a par? of an "ac+ive" you. 'Wig me . 41 vs , W , " ' ws g, W W1 'W . N we-5 5 . 9 . 125' M ks. .M .. 'M A ., in . 121. Wiz" ' in ,nk ww. HEP? 1 , Mir' wx 'nv 5151553 V Wx, ,E , lc 115. A x ',, , .,, 1 -.. WW 'MO' 1 bi. , vw , . .aw . 1 5' 19 L ' '- Jw it Q K' ' 5 Q . W , :J I f ' , ,Q 21, H 4 4 ' ,k ff + fi 5 Y may Q 'WA WWW? Mm K' ,': ,, e fy V Q 1 Y ' T5 1 4 .L 1., . 6, 'E , M A lhggm,-g.,.q,wm.,,.,,. -- V 5 V -L ' ,JW , ' A -- , A iff . 1 m...Q.. '71, -f ,M , I H A 1 m!pww I . -" ' X: ' ' . V',v..'.,fM. , - v,.,,ff?f3qf5"?f??-'.Qv ff H--. ' ,, 4- ,w..,...':e1,:.N. ,4 Q -'W :g"if:y11,'wI iw vi- 5551?-J" Q, . n Evfhffiwwi 1""'j:' ' 'Tf-.:- ff,x,,'-i',3'iQ.a4y A, , ,. 1 V ' 'f -' 2- "J I' ?',..w:-,,.Q5f2f ,,'iV, I 1' , f IWL1 .w':w'L"f"' -"" , L ' ,ly , " ' ' 1 A A M , 4 , , , -,352 'Q 'eww my T' W, ,,,f..' A -- ,1 A i Y'- --'1,W'lwv-' E , , 1 u.,s,f mf 51117, ,,, , Q , - ,A .',w'fQ?,?19y L51 - 5 , -E X' W V M , , I ' ' ' H 4 'Q 1"-:MEQIYJ-NX , H , u ' V ' M ' 'M ' , Af!" 'KW-M-TFW Y 22 ' ' ' A mmm" 's "win n:g,,.5'Tl " IX . " V, ,f 5. 1, Q, pf, Q ' F? . .dw "Z wwf H u Wssf' W vi Aw ' 'Mp 5 ,2-SME r , 5 F y,,.v'f-ff? , 1 " " hi' Q. W 4 iw,,..... ' YA ' A w ' - K, x M .A "1 w 6. '?'w1w.- ' ., ' f , 1'lI,I, F MW" W ' - ' up 5'5,5.z'mn:PmQ0?W V . 9257! " "e. W ' f"' 'f' A 'VN wa . M ' U W ' , "1N p igfilgiliff' , 3 -W: tv V ,N-in s I 3 . My 1 There are walks fo class, in spring +ime rain or win'l'er snow: 'l'here is fhe rush 'lo fhe boolcs'l'ore fo purchase fhaf needed' "used" boolc, a blue book for a fesr, or a small fruclc load of ar+ supplies. Throughoul +he year, s+uden+s 'Find 'lhemselves involved in hundreds of campus ac'I'ivi+ies. From in+ramural spor+s, +o a corridor mee+ing, fo wearing The lafesl' fad, we find ourselves sfriving fo be ac+ive. Af limes 'lhere is no sleep and no eafing for fhe ac+ive, bui' whelher we're helping our neighbor wi+h an algebra problem or helping our bes+ 'Friend win an elecfion, ac+ivi+y reaps fhe rewards. MM..-W 95, Wgw mmm 5226 THE YEAR THAT WAS nELAxATloN Ah . . . 'fis +he end of class, fhe end of fhe week, or +he end of The ferm. This means relaxafion. All cares and' woes are pu+ away for an hour, a day, or a weekend, and s+uden+s seek a way 'lo spend fhis covered leisure 'I'ime, so desired by fhe scholars. Many ease fheir 'lensions by migra+ing fo fhe Lake fo soak up some of +he rays. When 'I'his is impossible, o+hers find relaxafion in snowball fighfs when 'l'he campus is blankefed in whi+e. Bul whelher relaxalion is playing oul'-of-doors or iusl lounging around inside, if has proven +o be one of fhe favori'l'e pasrimes. an I VV af' 45 Wo In ,, ifwh wtf! ,N MK! fs . My it K . A fg div.- I4 Someone once said, "Res'I' is nof quiH'ing fhe busy career: res'I' is fiH'ing of self fo ifs sphere." Murray s'I'uden+s fif fhemselves fo fheir sphere by shoofing a few games of pool, wafching "Ba+man" or anofher favorife TV program, or faking a dip in 'ihe pool. We all have our favorife mefhods of spending leisure minufes, whefher if be iusf siHing around faking a deep look af fhe campus or cafching up on fhe lafesf gossip in fhe Huf. Whafever our presenf occupafion may be and however crowded our hours wifh affairs, we do noi' fail fo secure af leasf a few minufes every day for refreshmenf of our inner life. I5 There used 'fo be a game we all played as children called "Does 'lhe spiril' move you?" Remember if? A+ fhe 'rime we probably didn'+ know whal' spirif was, much less whe'l'her i'I' moved us. Bu+ as college s+uden+s we are moved by spiri+s everyday-fhe spiril' of 'lhe campus. We offen feel +his spiril when we wallc befween fhe buildings on campus, or when we cheer fhe Racers +o vic+ory. Then fhere is +he spirif of 'I'he seasons, from +he golden colors of fall, +o snow of win+er, +0 bu'r+ercups and singing birds of fhe spring, fo a shady 'lree al' lhe firsf of summer. This is fhe frue spiril' of Murray Sfafe. I8 I9 PERFDRMANGE Thai' was +he performance +ha+ was-from fhe 'Follc singing of fhe Kings1'on Trio fo +he love songs of +he Le'H'ermen, 'From +he four of Europe by fhe MSC choir +o +he Chrisfmas convocafion, from fhe ringing nofes of +he marching Thoroughbrecls +o The well-known band of "Campus Ligh+s," and 'From fhe infelligenl' words of S+. John fo a rousing pep rally. These performances and many more, from +he mosl' insignificanf parl' +o a major role, are presenlecl +o creafe a variely of renewed or original evenfs for The college sfuclenf. M . ..,4 fi ,, So liH'le done, so much fo do. This is fhe cry of every sfudeni' who enioys a frue performance during his college career. The arf of doing is rewarding fo each individual in his own way. Some of fhe varied performances encounfered are infellecfual, mechanical, culfural, esfhefical, and pracfical. The classroom is fhe focal poinl' of many achievemenfs which are climaxed by final grades or complefion of differenf proiecfs. Yef ofher rendifions require an innafe abilify such as lcnifiing 'l'ha+ cabled sweafer or porfraying your favorife characfer in a campus producfion. No maffer whaf fhe performance, every individual likes fo fhinlc fhal' he has done if himself. 23 --.W w , . .K 4' 15 ,W wma uonrn:......-- 'W' 53V EQ 'w wwf' as gf 'wf' ,M my Q, , , Xu Y ' rf Fx w V , M, :Aw N ' ' W KHWMHFWA VWeMwfM A AWS p'EVm+63f knMkU 'MWf", W, ,YM f Q ww, WJ, n V WW" ,Y-.M 4.5 - , iii! , I 1 L, nm, ,W3:,.iU ,vQQ ff,1L , ,W K M IQ v ,V ' jff' ew ' .M f' 'N f gif 'fy , WV , ,, HMV wx QW , A wi' '11 1,1- . NM uf -sm 4 S 1 W m 4 Y 4: x .4 f W Q P im- -W w A ' , S 5 mm 1 ' mm. 'yi ' 21,5 K, N H Q QW 14 ,wKg,ff W?J' VAST? Iii +5 - J ,Aff ,,,,h -www-W' dk W - Q L 'W ,A ' M ,Nik Q' 'W 1 mid, 'vw a K. 5 as mf- tif? W we ma r ' Av. 5' 1 A M r A W vm 3 97 I., WV . , L O K zu' ' . Jmgi W W 'MMI' ' FQ i Nj 22' Q ,ga W V Nw L ,W Av :wm- AIJMINISTRATI AND mcuuv .4 They were the leaders. They met our needs and encouraged us to push on, learn more, and stay with the grind-the faculty and administration. They endowed us with knowledge required of a college student. They kindled our minds, refueled us with ambition and reburnishwed our tools for thinking. The MSC faculty and administration have been led successfully for twenty years by Dr. Ralph H. Woods. Because of their capabilities and experience Murray has made great strides in every department. The per- 'sonality of the college has been sparkled by the qualifications of its staff. X The staffers are truly furnished with the secret of successful teaching-accurateness, thoroughness, and earnestness. This imparts interest to instructions and awakens the attention of their listeners. Many students who leave are often indebted to teachers for the in- sights educators give. 0 ,,,7i?i,.n i ef 5 , , War, LS? .. .A 2 -fi ' 'i l "Sif t sf -. i aggfgn . xx.. it '5 AWN W -vm Q- N-4 An' wmv. ,es i3'M:fQsf'fif sf R DR. RALPH H. WOQDS President PRESIDENT Dr. Ralph H. Woods, in his 2O+h year as Presidenl' of Murray Srare, has guided Murray Through years of progress. ln I948 Dr. Woods said, "We shall pulr forih every eflorr lo rhe end rhal' MSC may conrinue +o grow in ei- fecliveness, in friendliness, in beaury, and in keeping wiirh The loesl educalional paH'erns for schools in our day and generarionf' Wilh his guidance, Murray has become one of rhe mosf eflecrive educarional insriruiions in fhe area: ils srudenrs are well known for Their genuine friendliness: Murray's campus is +he "Sou'rh's moslr beauiifulf' and our new buildings and equipmeni are cerrainly rhe besl' ol: our day. Dr. Woods has shown digniry and wisdom in his leadership, and will lead Murray on lo grearer progress. ,T ASSISTANT T0 THE PRESIDENT AND SECRETARIES Dr. Ray Mofield, Assisfanf fo Dr. Woods, came fo Murray in I964. Since fliaf fime Dr. Mofield has worked very closely and coopera- fively wiflri Dr. Woods in making MSC one of ffie finesf campuses in flwe Souflw. Also worlcing very closely fo Dr. Woods are his secrefaries, Mrs. Pafsy Dyer and Mrs. Clwarloffe McDougal. They spend many liours af flue fyloewrifer or on flrie feleplwone faking care of all flwe correspondence and personal af- fairs of flue Presidenfs Office. All working fogeflwer in a friendly and under- sfanding manner, Dr. Mofield, Mrs. Dyer, and Mrs. McDougal are essenfial fo flue Presidenf's Office of Murray Sfafe College. BOARD F TRUSTEES GOVERNOR AND BOARD HON. EDWARD T. BREATHITT Governor DR. HARRY M. SPARKS Chairman, Board of Regenfs ii I B"" ff AWAY 'Qi ,,,...o-"" Seafecl: George Hart O. B. Springer, Max J. Blyfhe, C. H. Hall, Pafsy R. Dyer. Standing: Harry M. Sparks, J. Ernesf Fall, Jr., Bob T. Long, R. H. Woods. 30 WILLIAM G. NASH Dean of College Throughoui his lwenly-six years of service, Dean Nash has conlribuled greallv lo Jrhe developmenl of Murray Siale College. Dean Nash, who received his Ph.D. from lhe Uni- versily of Kenluclcy, capably adrninislers one of ihe rnosf dilficuli iobs of lhe college. l-lis duiies include deciding upon Jrhe schedules of Jrhe curriculum, handling class culs, and co- ordinaling lhe various deparlmenls, Dean Nash explains some correspondence lo his sfudeni' secrelary. Dean Nash helps a sfudenf sfraighfen oul' a mix-up in his class schedule. MRS. SARA PANZERA Secrefary DEAN DF COLLEGE MR. IRA KEMP Campus Police MRS. RUBYE POOLE Secrefary MRS. DOROTHY NANNEY Secrefary DEAN 0F STUDENTS Dean Sparlcman cliciales +o one of his sludenl secre+aries. mx -,.c,wNm V X,NQMmj,,,ef J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean of S+uden+s J. Mall Sparlsman, as Dean of Sluclenls is a decisive, capable adminislralor. The Dean is always willing lo help sluclenls wilh lheir problems and lo advise lhe Sludenl Coun- cil. ln acldilion, he worlcs wilh l'he many social organizalions and supervises lheir aclivllies lhroughoul lhe year. l-le is nol only responsible lor, buf also inlereslecl in The welfare and characler clevelopmenl of Jrhe sludenls ol Murray Slale. Dean Sparlqrnan has a very difficull job loul one which he lulliills very well. A coed lisfens as Dean Sparlcman explains +he Nalional Defense Sfuclen+ Loan. 1 DEAN 0F WOMEN lvliss Lillian Tale, Dean of Women, serves as counselor and advisor lor lhe many women sludenls al Murray Slale. Her iolo is lo lcnow and lo advise co-eds on and off campus, counseling lhem wilh any problems lhey may have. Also in- cluded among her responsibililies is lhal ol lhe supervision ol lhe girls' dorms. Dean Tale capaloly and compelenlly carries oul lhe dulies ol her posilion. The underslanding which Dean Tale has displayed in handling lhe problems ol sludenls who have soughl her guidance, Coupled wilh her lundamenlal failh in lhe advance- menl ol learning have made her a greal assel lo lhe college communily. MISS LILLIAN TATE BARBARA BAYLESS MARY BARRY Secrelary House Direclor Woods Hall 5'- "QA "'N,- 'E-'f-5" INEZ CLAXTON House Direclor Ordway Hall MARY FRAl'll.lCl"l House Direclor Dean of Women yi: O fi, K , . 1 f Elizabelh Hall .,f"' if J I --..,,-JZZ' ' ,Ho 'D- CJ' BEULAH DOWELL House Direcfor Woods Hall EXIE Hll..L House Direclor Elizabelh Hall VIRGINIA SLATTERY WILLENA TILLMAN House Direclor House Direclor Wells Hall Wells Hall it Miss Be'H'y Ferguson Mrs. Ellen Harrell Miss Pauline Johnson Mr. Wilson Ganlr, Regislrrar, has one of Jrhe mosl' Ieolious iobs a'r Murray S'I'a+e. His main responsibilify lies wirh 'rhe organizalion of The regisrralion programs along wilh drawing up schedules and overseeing admission policies. New equip- meni has done much +0 ease his iob and ro help keep Ihe records more accuralely, buf Mr. GanH' and his siaff slill have much responsibilily Ihal' no machine can do 'lor Them. M R. WILSON GANTT Regishar 45 Mrs. Nell Masfera MRS. CAROLYN EDWARDS Assisi-:ni Regishar Mrs. Dor+ha Sfarks MR. WILLIAM ADAMS Dafa Processing Su pervisor Mr. Adams and Mr. 'GanH prepare 'Io use fhe IBM sorfing machine REGISTAR MR. M. O. WRATHER Direcior PUBLIC RELATIUNS N MR. LEROY ELDRIDGE MR. JOE TOM ERWIN Publicify Field Services mg V M,,..--- Carolyn Durden Mar'rha Guier Dorcfhy Holland Laura Webs+er Mr. Eldridge shows fwo high school seniors around fhe campus. Proieciing 'rhe image of Murray lhrough various forms of communica+ion-publicily and publicaiions, college-com- munily relalions, and alumni affairs-is 'rhe purpose of ihe Public Relaiions Depar+men+. Through ihe various phases of Jrhis deparimeni, Jrhe public is lcepl abreasi of The college programs. l-lomeiown news, campus coverage of evenis, and feafures fell lhe Murray Siale siory in newspapers ihroughoui The sfaie. In addilion, ihe deparimenl operaies as a cenier for iob opporlunilies 'lor graduaies. l X ..,,m , L. ew, 7 119553 uv d'Z"""" C""W"li 1uw..,.w-1 in ,agar MR. JAMES A. ROGERS Mrs Sally Namciu Mr. Charles Oulland Mrs. Ann Page Miss Cafherine Purdom Mrs Naomi Rogers Mr. Drane Shelley Mrs. Fay Sledd Mrs. Nancy Tacke'H' Mr Rex Thompson Mrs. Lucille Thurman Mrs. Marcia Wells Mrs. Shirley Williams BUSINESS OFFICE Managing lhe financial and service programs of lhe col- lege is i'he lunciion ol lhe Business Office, direcied by Mr. P. W. Ordway, Business Manager. The Presideni looks io 'rhis office lor ihe aclminisiraiion and coorclinalion of all phases of Jrhe business aciiviiies oi MSC. Some of ihese aciiviries include direciing lhe colieciion, accouniing, budgeiing, and clisbursenfieni ol all funds. Also purchasing and accepiing all equiprnenl for The college is anoiher responsibiliry of The Business Qllice. MR. P. W. ORDWAY Business Manager Assisfa nf Business Manager BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS MR. JOHN WATERS Assis?an+ Superin+enclenf l ix MR. JAM ES ARMBRUSTER Superiniendenf of Buildings and Grounds Buildings and Grounds is in charge of upkeep of all +l1e plwysical facilifies of l'l1e campus. Wi+l1 ine aid of landscape specialisis, Professor Amos Tackell of Hrue Agricullure De- parimenl has done mucln lo improve and loeaulily llwe "Sou+l1's lvlosl Beauliiul Campus." Buildings and Grounds, employing many worlcers, is ably guided by Mr. James Arm- brusler. Consfrucfion of Hari' Hall is symbolic of flie many new buildings added +0 our campus each year. A sTudenT nurse checks a sTudenT's blood pressure. An inTirmary is provided by The college Tor The purpose STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE OT proTecTing The sTudenT's healTh, The infirmary, locaTed in Wells Hall, is supervised by a local physician. College nurses aid The physician as well as give care and assisTance To The sTudenTs who are in The inTirmary. The service is provided by a healTh Tee paid by each sTudenT during reqisTraTion. The Tee enables The sTudenT To receive heaITh care aT any Time during The semesTer. DR. DONALD HUGHES 'College Physician MISS RUTH COLE MRS. GRIFFIN STudenT HeaITh Service Direcfor Regishered Nurse fbi. S.. XXX, MR. BUDDY HEWITT Direc+or of S+uclen+ Union Building SPECIAL SERVICES Planning wholesome meals, providing sluclenls willw com- lorlable and pleasanl' homes, lalcing care of college mail, direcling llwe use ol flue SUB, and managing llie boolcslore are a few of Jrlwe jobs lriancllecl by Jrlwose malcing up Special Services of MSC. Worlcing logellier, 'rlwey make Murray Slale a more pleasanl, lwealllwlul, and convenienl place for sluclenis +0 live wlwile aiiencling college. ,slr f 'emu ur'-A ff fl... ipiigljgg MR. NORMAN LANE W lqf, ,.s, , ,. S Qs jj Direcfor of Men's Dormiiories xi and Married Housing Mrs. Rober+a Ward Mrs. Louise Jellison Winslow Ca'Fe+eria Sfudenf Union Cafeieria ,.k" MR. T. SLEDD Manager of Book S+ore i I 1 Z MR. GLEN JEFFERY College Pos+mas+er MRS. MARGIE ARMBRUSTER Die+i+ian of Winslow Ca'le+eria L MRS. A. L. Houei-4 Die+i+ian of Sfuclenl' Union Cafeferia i 5 f f 9 I - SCHOOLS 0 INSTRUCTIU Education is often referred to as ,the apprenticeship of life. It teaches us how to make a living and how to live. Students at Murray are obtaining their knowledge from the five new schools-the,School of Business, School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Applied Science and Technology, and the Graduate School. These schools are vastly important in today's highly competitive world, Here a student makes a change from a student to a professional. Excellent training is offered in all vocations of life. Programs are estab- lished to help a student achieve adequate competency in general education and special instruction in his chosen field. The five schools provide thousands of people with an education that could lead to a substantial place in the working world. GRADUATE SGHUUL The Graduaie School is regarded as an exfension of rhe professional and general educaiion received on The under- gracluaie level wiih parlricular emphasis upon such fields of siudy as would resulr in improved classroom insfruciion and school adminislrraiion. I+ will represenr a combinaiion of pro- fessional and subieci-mailer Training of maximum benefii fo a pariicular siudenl. DR. RALPH TESSENER Dean of Graduafe School The growing graduaie program has caused fhe necessify of fhree ad- diiional siories fo fhe preseni four-year-old Educa'l'ion Building. ill 'L l' is rr ' ilQl'Q Mrs. Ralph Tesseneer el l, llll V , 1 S + la we ii lvl All i , i 2 .li qu we 'HY Mrs. Maurice Chrisfopner l Secreiary eww'-"W" W, .-, . , M ,, , , 'Wi ' ' A A Y. M-gg"E ...L 15 - '- r- f, rfvgwg.-Y A ' , -. g M J ,W , . ,. A A Y ' g , v,ldy53,iQl,g4l,.,,w,' A ' Z A ,gf . ,A Q, J ' ' ' ,, ' .. , I K, 1, 'rf 'rump fj"J'u,i3if:',- -1' ,Z ' 14. .Q H- fa ' M-. - .. . lf w . -- r- vm, if : 4-qw ' x5,,gig,,gh,g. V., 42 MQU Dr. 'Gordon and Dr. Blackburn observe flue iechniques of a Clmemisiry Graduale s+uden+. Bill Ryan and Ed Burlon, Graduafe s+uden+s, work wi'rl1 one of +l'le ma- chines used in Gradua+e School. A is W lim A r f":'f"1 ' 5 W .,,., :,,.w-S555 , io Q WW W I . 'gf'-5 L ' Trl graduale s+uden+ clueclrs lhe graduafe l::ulle+in board. fx K lg fo Elissa Biggs A Secrefary The School of Applied Sciences ancl Technology symbolizes The mulri-purpose of Murray Slale which believes a slaie- assisled college should explore all aspecls of eclucalion. The school requires 'rhal ils sluclenls receive rhe same broad, general eclucalion required of all Murray Slale sludenls, buf il also requires lhern 'ro become Trained Jrechnologisls for America's induslrial sociely. DR. HUGH L. OAKLEY Dean, School of Applied Sciences and Technology The newesi' classroom building on campus is lhe Applied Ar+s and Sciences Building. THE SGHOUL 0F APPLIED SCIENCE AND TEGHNULUGY lndusirial Arls is a chance lor lhe sludenl lo work wilh his hands and his mind, lo creale and recreafe, lo demonslrale his inlelligence and dexlerily in a praclical and essenlial arl form. ln classes of mechanical drawing, lhe sludenls prepare lor iilure careers in lhe fields oi archileclure, designing, and engineering. Courses in woodworking and general melals give lhe siudenis praciical, crealive experience. Sludenls are 'rhus equipped lo be of greal value in Jrhe Jrechnological progress of our civilizarion. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Joseph Cowin Mr. Frank Fazi Mr. Rober+ Jones Dr. Cliffon Lemons Mr George Lilly .Em L 494, Mr. Paul Lynn Dr. Eugene Schanbacher Mr. Kenne+l'1 Winfers Precision and accuracy are manda+ory for indushial ar+s drawings. DR. H. L. OAKLEY Chairman MR. E. B. HOWTON Chairman AGRICULTURE The Murray Slale College Agriculrure Deparlmenf is housed in a beaulilul new building-excellenlly equipped for a broad program in agricullure and ils rela+ed fields. The college farm is lhe scene of many school and communily aclivilies Jrhalr give sludenlrs valuable lirsl-hand experience. Well-Trained specialisls provide Jrhe inslrucfion and direcl slimulaling work in lhe class room and on lhe farm. Graduales of lhe deparfmenl' are greally in demand +o fill a wide range of posilions available in lhe fields of agri- cullure and induslry. Sludenlrs are usually employed in ad- vance of gradualion wifh Jrhe demand far exceeding The supply. Mr. William Cherry ir , Mr. Roberf Hendon Dr. John Mikulgik An agriculfure sfudenr performs a feed analysis fesi' in ihe nu+ri+ion lab. hair. Sco'H and fwo of his s+uden+s prepare an angus bull 'for a caH'le s ow. Mr. Arlie ScoH Mr. Amos Tacke'H' 46 ' qw' i MISS RUBY SIMPSON Chairman A Home Economics maior proves her skill af ihe sewing machine. HUME EGONDMIGS I1's more 'rhan a house: i+'s a home. Each major wifrhin is a scieniisi in her laboraioryy skillful, hands praciice +he arf of preparing nurriiiolus meals, managing ihe family budget and designing cloihes lo meei her lcnowing, buf criiical, eye. Such are The skills of 'rhe praciical homemaker, acquired ihrough four years of research, lecfures, classrooms, and praciical experience. For ihe home economics maior, neces- siiy becomes comfort -BN 51" ...Av""' sf, Miss Frances Brown Miss Jewell Deene Ellis Dr. Foniella Kimball Elilggeglfoalfdevllay Miss Mary Alice Ramer Miss Rufie Lee Williams NURSING A four-year curriculurn for +l'ie preparaiion of professional nurses is offered. Upon connplerion, +lwe graduaie will receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing ancl is eligible To become a Regislered Nurse. Siudenrs pursue courses in gen- eral eclucalion and nursing llnrouglioui flue four years. Clinical experience is secured in various liealiln laciliiies in Murray and Weslern Keniuclcy. MISS ,RUTH E. 'COLE Chairman M rs. Pafsy Forresi' Miss Doris J. Mariin 'il 5 xx! 'ie Mrs. Anne R. Roney Mrs. Eva E. Schuler Nursing sfudenfs gel' clinical experience in 'Hwe Murray-Calloway Couniy Hospiial. WILLIAM G. NASH Dean, School of Ar+s and Sciences The school of Arfs and Sciences is Ihe core of The Murray Slare curriculum. The school is made-up of I2 deparimenis and regardless of a s+uden+'s course of sludy he will Take many courses in lhe school for if is here Ihal rnosi of lhe 45 hours of required general educalion are found. Also, Jrhose sludenls inieresled in Ihe liberal arls will concenlraie +heir sludy in Ihis school as well as 'rhose enrolled in pre-medicine, pre-engineering, pre-law, and mosl olher pre-professional courses. The Carr Heallh Building is fhe home of Healfh, Physical Educefion, and Recreafion. ff' SCHUOL 0F ARTS AND SCIENCES Miss EVelYn Cole Dr. Harold Eversmeyer Dr. Hun+er Hancoclr Dr. Gordon Hunier Mr. Wesley Kemper Mr. W. J. Pilman Mrs. Jane Sislr BIDLUGY The aim of The Biology Deparrmenr of Murray Sraie Col- lege is 'ro irain srudenis in ihe basic concepis of ihe origins, funcrions, and preservaiions of basic forms of life on our planer. The basic scieniiliic skills rransmilied by 'rhis depari- meni' provide a general background for siudenis pursuing a liberal aris program and supply a foundaiion 'For rhe special- ized Training given in i+s upper division courses ro rhose siudenis enrolled in professional and research programs. DR. A. M. Chairman Dr. Liza Spann Dr. John Williams WOLFSON Ronald Brandon examines fhe organic s+ruc+ure of a frog. Mr. M. P. Chrislopher Mr. Armin Clarlr Mr. Howell 'Clark ,M 'X M rs. AnneHe Gordon i'T"' Dr. Karl F. H'ussung Dr. Bob 'McClellan Dr. Pele Panzera The purpose ol lhe Chemislry deparrmenl is lo prepare sludenls for a career as Teachers, qraduale worlc in Jrhe 'Fields of chemislry, in medicine ancl employmenl as professional chemisls. Chemisls are able lo manulacrure many producls we use in our everyday life, such as gasoline, lubricanrs, and many Jrypes of plaslic conlainers. The belief of rhe deparlmenl is Jrhal a close Jreacher-sludenl relarionship permils lhe inslruc- 2. Eu Miss Roberfa Whifnah Dr. Marshall Gordon Q Dr. William Zuber CHEMISTRY DR. WALTER BLACKBURN Chairman for To recognize individual needs and capaloililies. Worlring in chemisfry lab requires accuracy and conceniralion. Dr. Melvin Henley DR. GUY A. BATTLE Chairman ENGLISH The purpose oT The English DeparTmenT is To promoTe sTucliousness and To bring abouT an aoleguaTe level oT liTeracy. The deparTmenT Tries To geT sTudenTs To Teel The imporTance oT liTeraTure as boTh an arT and idea. They also Try To inTeresT The sTuClenT in English as a language, such as The varieTy oT meanings Tor one word. They hope To become a parT oT a conTinuous insTrucTional program Tor sTudenTs Trom ele- A new addifion To The English Depar+menT is The availabili-Ty of records To help sTuden+s wifh differenf English problems. rnenTary Through college level. Miss Carlsie Abel Mr. Charles Ainsworih Miss Jane'He Anderson Mr. Douglas Bolling Miss Sue Brown Miss Joy Goode Mr. Larry Griffin Mr. Ben Hall Miss Mildred Hafcher Mr. James T. Hayes Mr. A. L. Hough Miss Maxine an Mr. Fred McDonald Mrs. Annie Marlcham Mr. Thomas Morgan Dr. Clell Peferson Mr. Joseph Price Miss Esfher Rigby Mr. Roberf Roulsfon Mrs. Helen Roulsfon Mr. Hun? Smock Mr. Roberf Usrey Miss Mary Williams 51' 415: ii- f E, Jxiiz " iq- 5 1' .5 I 'F ff 3 . , by if 'nw if iii? S Miss Anne Shaver Dr. Ralph Slow Mr. Hayes picks up his mail from fhe new deparfmenfal mail box. i l Broadcasiing siudenfs learn fhe iechniques of proper radio procedures. Mr. Edmondson ins+ruc'rs an advanced edifing lab. iifIi5a2f5E?i55Ti1ffk5i5f'1g mfwwwf, fszqzfeffsgsfifs ' ' DR. RAY MOFIELD Chairman COMMUNICATIONS The Deparimenlr of Communicarions began operarions in Seprember. Hs purpose is ro provide insrrucrion in rhe ef- fecrive use of such communicarion media as public speaking of all Types, radio, relevision, newspapers, and magazines. Boih Teacher Jrraining and professional insirucrion in rhese disciplines is provided. lnlercollegiare speech, Tl-lE COL- LEGE NEWS, and Jrhe Thoroughbred Hour offer rhe berrer srudeni' pracrical experience. The Jrhree divisions: Journalism, Radio-TV, and Speech, also prepare all srudenrs io be inrel- ligenr lisreners, readers, viewers, and effecrive communi- carors. Mr. William Bonham Mr. L. H. Edmondson Dr. Clyde Faries Dr. James Fee Dr. BeHy Hinron Mrs. Emma Sue Huison Mrs. Shirley Johnson Mr. Bax+er Mellon Mr. Alberi Tracy he Mr. Rex Alexander Dr. Jim Franlr Mr. Bill Furguson Mr. Bailey Gore Miss Nifa Graham Hb .wpldif Mr. William Hina Mrs. Dew Drop Rowleii Mr. Don Sl1el+on Mr- Tom Simmons HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATIUN, AND RECREATION l-lealih educaiion focuses aileniion on rhe healihful 'Func- iioning of ihe eniire organism, inieraciing wiih 'rhe physical and social environmeni, Physical eclucaiion has as iis aim ihe clevelopmeni of physically, menially, emoiionally, and socially iii cifizens ihrough ihe medium oi physical aciiviiies. Recrea- iion is concerned wiih ihe saiisiyinq use of an ever-increasing leisure. This cleparimeni is dedicaied io achieving 'rhese obieciives. DR. CHAD STEWART Chairman Mr. William Holi' Mr. Cal Lu'l'her Mr. Benny Purcell Miss Brincla Smi+l1 Mr. Roy S'iewar+ Mr. Bill Wells VW 5 1Q,-,', Qi. Q. . i 425553 Y ' L "F' R iqwi, V. ., , La W sss. M 4- . ,. ' ' fic, f.,,.f4i, f- - . Av, , - A A Y A f , - M v These Fine Aris s+uden'Is fesf fheir slrills al' sculpfuring. FINE ARTS The Fine Arls Deparlmenl offers To The sludenls of MSC lhe iradilions of liberal aris wifh emphasis placed upon 'iunclional and vocalional sludies. The sludenl' is given unique opporiunilies which encourage individual accomplishmenis in The fields of arf, music, and drama. The music sludenl is lrained in voice or inslrumenls. The ar+ sfudenl is iauqhf +o-recognize beauly while lhe drama sludenl' learns To porfray efleclively his role and com- municaie wilh his audience. MR. RICHARD FARRELL Chairman Insfrumenfs of all fypes are available in 'lhe Fine Aris Depar+men+ for s+uden+s fo challenge fheir +alen+s. Sfudenfs maioring in drama learn +o communica+e and porfray +heir roles effecfively. Mr. Roberl' Baar Miss Clara Eagle Mr. Leo Blair Mrs. Beafrice Farrell La rrie Cla rlc Harry Furches Dr. Josiah Darnell Mr. David J. Gowans Miss Susan Daylcin Mr. 'Gerald DeSchepper M,-I Robe,-+ Head Mr. Roberl' E. Johnson .-eP?f""i Dr. Eula McCain Mr. Neale B. Mason Mr. Eric May Mr. Carl S. Rogers Mr. Paul W. Shahan MY- Ffedefklf Sl'eP'H"d 1r.'Charles Simons Mr. Thomas Spoerner Mr. R. W. Terhune Mr. Thomas Walsh Mr. John C. Winler Mrs- Emilv' Wolfson Dr' James P' Woodard Mr. Wilson explains an equalion fo Bob Seifferf. DR. MAX CARMAN The Deparlmerfr oi Malhemaiics aliempis To provide op- Chairman porlunilies 'For siudenls who wish +0 become professional maihemaliciahs or ieachers of maihemaiics, for Jrhose who wish some acquainiance wilh ihe field as a perl of Their gen- E 0 S eral eclucaiion, and for Those who expeclr io use ii as a fool in some phase oi applied maihemalics. Mr. Rodney Bell Mrs. Hazel Cowin Mr. Harvey Elder Mr. Thomas Forresl' Mr. John Gill Mr. Jerry Helm Mr. Gaylord Hoyi' Miss Evelyn Linn Mrs. Chrisiine Parker Mr. Jack Wilson Dr. Wayne Beasley Mr. Kennelh Harrell Dr. lvan Lubachlro Miss Alice McCampbell Dr. Donald Neal ,al4 ,wife in my av 'Chuan 'iwdwue Dr. John 'Nelhers Mr. Charles Porler Dr. Palriclr Sowle Dr. James Slarll Mr. Lew Wallace HISTURY The Brilish l-lislorian A. l.. Rowse has wrillen, "Bound as our lives are lo lhe lyranny ol lime, il is lhrough whal we know ol hislory lhal we are delivered lrom our bonds and escape-inlo lime .... ll is a subiecl lhal rids you ol il- lusions, one in which you grow up and become adull." ln an age and counlry sullering lrom lhe guanlilalive DR. FRANK STEELY Chairman emphasis we make no plea lor hislory on ulililarian grounds: ralher we would submil lhal in lhe linal counl il is lhe qualily ol lile lhal malces il worlh living. Mr. Harrell leclures lo one of his European hislory classes. MILITARY SCIENCE Behind fhe shined buffons, immaculafe uniforms, and polished performance of army organizafion is a rugged course of inspecfions and drills. Baclcqround fo fhis prepara- fion for nafional defense musf be fhe sfudy of weapons and small-unif facfics, courses included in fhe fwo-year program required of freshmen and sophomores. Many oufsfanding cadefs choose fo seelc fhe commission fhaf follows advanced sfudy and graduafion. ROTC develops cifizenship and lead- ership in preparing one lo serve his nafion in whafever pro- fession he chooses. 'sn' .,. ' COLONEL LANCE E. BOOTH Dean Lyn ww Capfain Capiain Maier Sergeanf Firs+ Class Sergeani Firsf Class Major Joseph Fournier Roberf T. Garman H. Neely Henry, Jr. James T. McMiIIon James M. Miller. Joseph E. Palumbo Rifle and marlcsmanship was one of Ihe imporfanf face+s a+ 'Ihe ROTC summer camp a+ Indianiown Gap, Pennsylvania. .. . Q, .W ima FAQYQBLTQNCES y Nw Nr'-Q LLS The cade+ core par+icipa+ed in 'I'l1e American Legion Armisrice Day program' Lieufenanf Colonel Capfain Sergeanf Firsf Class Sergeani Firsi Class Sergeanf Maior Masfer Sergeanf Brandon L. Parker James I. Perkins Paul H. Sappingion Harold J. Showman Frederick L. Tobey Ernes+ S. Webb Capfain Fighburn addressed +l'1e cadefs on his retehl' 6SSl9l'1men+ In Cadef 'Colonel Roberl Wl'1iHon presenfs Brigade sweefhearf, Miss Sherry SQUH1 Vienam, Jones, fo fhe ROTC cade+s. .nu--. -vu n I - ,f me ,W rf, .4 . 77, , MR. JAMES PARR 'Chairman MGDERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES The Language Deparimenr aims io exeri a humanizing influence on Hs maiors by permirring 'rhem 1'o experience vicariously as much of our European lirerary and aesl'he1'ic herirage as Jrhey are capable of absorbing. The superior slu- deni' is afforded The opporiunify io sfucly in 1'he original language worlcs by many of Jrhe grearesf wriiers of Wesiern lireraiure, among whom we couni Volfaire, Goeihe, Dosro- evslcii, ancl Cervanies. Mr. Jon Beelrer Mr. John Ferguson Dr. Rolf King A880 EL RSF' A -"Siva a Wm. A mi ,- ini i- f? ww- , as SL M sims ,, vig 'Q me-M away Mwiwi t..,,,.uq 1 Two coeds check fhe Foreign Languages bulle-lin board. A fhiriy-posifion, audio-acfive labora+ory plays a lcey role in elemen'l'ary and in+ermedia'I'e language insirucfion. Mr. Boris Schiel 62 Miss Doro'I'hy Wooding Mr Buford Anderson Dr Lynn Bridwell Mr ArdaTh Canon Dr. James Kline Mr. William Taylor DR. WILLIAM G. READ Chairman PHYSICS The Physics DeparTrnenT sTrives To sTimulaTe sTudenTs To Think creaTively and To provide Them wiTh an underslranding of The physical concepTs of our scienTiTic age. To This end, The recenT expansion of The deparTn'ienT has provided Tor an improved Teacher To sTudenT raTio, Tor The conTinuaTion of an unclergraduaTe research program, and Tor addiTional scienTiTic equipment including a Twelve-inch re- TlecTing Telescope To augrnenT sTudy and research in asTronomy and asTrophoTography. SCCII-IL SCIENCES Mr. Rue L. Beale Mr. David Irwin "The proper siudy of mankind is man," in . . . his relaiions Io olhers involving Ihe sarisiaciion of his daily needs for food, rairnenr, and shelrer: ECONOMICS. t . . . his relarions 'ro earfh, his home: GEOGRAPHY. . . . his power relarions wiih his fellow man: POLITICAL SCIENCE. . . . his relafion Io Ihe culrural herilage of Ihe race: SOCIOLOGY. . . . and how he is relaled, in idea, Io his universe: PI-IILOSO'PI'IY. Difltr bv- 'l.".Z' DR. C. S. LOWRY f'r7' f ' '"Qg4o..g,..,,.s,.I,Q,,Q,j' ' ' 1 ' Chairman Mr. Lynch inslrucfs a s+udenI' in map drawing. Mr. William Franlrlin, Jr. Mr. 'George Lynch, III Mr. Saeed Nizami Mr. Wayne SI-ieelcs Mr. W. A. Smi+I1 Mr. Auburn Wells 64 Miss Bobbye McCar1er Mr. Phillip Smiih The microfilm machine makes if very easy for siudenis fo read back- claled newspapers. The Library is ihe cenrer of Jrhe Murray S'ral'e College campus. lr is dedicalecl lo rhe preserving of ihe viial re- sources which are essenrial for research, reporis, or general inlormalion. lnvaluable assislance and advice is lurnishecl by 'rhe courleous and capable library slafl which is reinliorcecl by siudenf assisranrs. Mrs. Mamie Anderson Mrs. Mary Frances Brown Mrs. Edna Darnell Secreiary MR. AMBROSE EASTE:RLY Chairman LIBRARY Miss Ann Herron Mrs. Laurie llcercl 19" 99' Paisy Peebles places borrowed books back in fha sfacks Miss Marilyn McFadden Miss Mayme Whifnell Miss Jean Wiggins sm Mrs. Jacquelyn Harrison Mrs. Marilyn Barrel? Secrelary Librarian In The lasi ren years, ihe number of siuclenis specializing in business ai Murray Siaie College has increased from 342 'lo II377 a new building was conslrucled lo house business siudiesg and ihe Deparimenl of Business was made info The School oi Business wiih deparimenls of Business Eclucaiion and Office Aclminisiraiion, Accouniing and Finance, Business Organizaiion and Management ancl Markering. In aololiiion +o len diflereni four-year curriculums in busi- ness, iwo associaie oi aris iiwo-yearl programs are available in Secreiarial Science and General Business Aclminisiraiion, and a rnas+er's degree in Business Aclrninisiraiion. The new and compleiely modern Business Building. asv- DR. THOMAS B. HOGENCAMP Dean, School of Business is c RX.. MR, GEORGE LIGON Chairman Dafa processing is essen+ial in fhe managemenl' curriculum. MANAGEMENT AND URGANIZATION The basic obieclive ol The Managemenl program is fo provide lundamenlal knowledge and slcills needed for suc- cessful managemenl' of modern business organizafions. The program is planned +o give lhe sludeni an underslanding of lhe principles and praclices which represenl professional managerial lhinlcing-broad underslranding, deep reasoning and obieclive lhinlcing. Emphasis for lhe Business Organizalion program is placed on lhe 'lundamenlal concepls underlying business acliviiy. ralher 'rhan on The more specific 'rechniques of business prac- 'rice. Sludenls develop an awareness of lhe many laclors Thai enler info lhe adminislralion of business affairs and The decision-making process. The Business Depar+men+ urges i+s s+uden+s +o mainfain a neai appear- ance af all limes. Mr. Eugene Hurn IPX was-g 'in Mr. George Sfoclrfon Fx Mr. Charles Oberl' Mrs. Frances Richey Mrs. Jane Wells 199'- USINESS EDUCATIUN AND OFFICE ADMINISTRATION The DeparTmenT of Business EcIucaTion and Office Admin- isTraTion is one of four cleparfmenfs wiThin The School of Business. The obiecfives of The DeparTmenT are To prepare high school Teachers of business, office personnel, and office man- agers. Modern office equipmenT and facilifies add To The effecfiveness of a well-rounclecl program of Training. Proficiency, culfural enrichme-nT, and economic unclersTancl- ing are The ulTimaTe goals of The DeparTmenT. Dr. AIber'Ia Chapman Mr. Esco GunTer Mrs. Verda Happy eu.-5...-. Mr. Roberl' McCann Mrs. LaVerne Ryan Mr. McCann insTrucTs The use of The EIecTronic DicTaTing Machine To his shorThand class. MR. VERNON ANDERSON Chairman Advanced Typing sTudenTs learn To use The IBM SeIecTric TypewriTers DR. JOHN W. DEVINE Chairman Sfudenfs maioring in business learn io use many differeni lypes of office machines. 'H 'H Mr. Parker explains book enfries 'For his advanced accouniing class. ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Graduaies in Accouniing are prepared for posiiions in indusirial, governmenral, and public accounring. Srudenis obiain rhe academic preparaiion required of applicanis 'ro sii' for ihe Ceriified Public Accouniing examinarion. In ad- dirion, graduares may pursue Tax careers in s'ra+e and federal infernal revenue posilions. The Finance Curriculum is designed To provide an under- sfanding of The financial processes of ihe presenl'-day eco- nomy and a knowledge of The problems, merhods, and policies of 'Financial operaiions. Employmeni opporiunifies include posiiions wiih corporaie financial offices, commercial banks. insurance companies, savings and loan associarions, brokerage and securiiies firms, and various governmenial agencies. Mr. John T. Ferrell Mr. Vernie W. Parker Mrs. Kafhryn Carman Dr. Howard Giles Mr. Johnny Reagan Mr. Henry Towery MARKETING DEPARTMENT The American business firm has embraced The "r'narlce'iing concep+"-ii is cusiomer orienied, The purpose of 'rhe Marlcering Deparimeni ai Murray Sfaie College is io give ihe business siudenr a sirong foundaiion on which io build a business career. Consider The role of 'rhe following aciiviries in our economy: Proclucr development packaging: pricing: adveriisingy selling: marlcei research: wholesalingg reiailing: sales managemeni. These are some of ihe iunciions of marlceiing and marlceiing as a process is iniegraled wiih all business acfiviries. MR, WILLIAM SEALE Chairman Mr. Seale aids a markefing sfudenf in seleding research maferial. The Business Building houses a complefe library of business references and periodicals. DR. DONALD HUNTER Dean Murray Slale College Library. Mrs. Edna Knighl Secrelary The primary purpose ol lhe School ol Educalion is lo pro- vide prolessional experiences lor sludenls who plan lo leach in elemenlary or high schools. All sludenls who wish lo qualily lor high school leaching musl have al leasl I7 hours in lhe deparlmenl lo be cerlilied. The required courses are super- vised sludenl leaching, human growlh and devlopmenl. lundamenlals ol secondary educalion, and lhe American public school syslem. To qualify lor admission lo leacher educalion, a sludenl musl have an overall C l2.0l average. SCHOOL 0F EDUGATIUN a C in bolh lreshman composilion courses, and a 2.25 aver- age in lhe subiecl he plans lo leach. l-le musl also have al leasl I8 hours in his leaching subiecl. The requiremenls in educalion are lalcen during one semesler llhe professional semeslerl ol lhe sludenl's senior year, Nine weeks ol lhe semesler are spenl in course worlc, lhe olher 9 in sludenl leaching. Sludenl leaching may be done al College High School, which is on lhe Murray Slale campus or al olher co- operaling schools in lhe area. iw'- EDUCATION AND PSYCHDLDGY Today, more young Americans are aTTending school Than ever beTore, and lilcewise demand Tor more and beTTer quali- Tied Teachers is ever increasing. ln an eTTorT To meeT This demand and provide a suTTicienT number oT gualiTied Teach- ers, emphasis has been placed on EducaTion. The sTudenTs oT This deparTmenT sTudy classroom Techniques Tor Tour years and Tor nine weeks during Their senior year They apply whaT They have learned in acTual pracTice. The Psychology DeparTmenT helps The sTudenT undersTand how The process oT learning Takes place. Two Elemenfary Educaiion maiors sTudy a map of VieTnam. DR. DONALD HUNTER Chairman X 71wias,i,fw..s,, W, ..,, if ii ,: 5, RoberT Alsup Miss Lynda Beemer 52" Dr Edward Brunner Mr. William Chambers Mrs. Billie Downing Dr. Franklin FiTch Mr. Harlan Hodges Dr. EThel Muller Dr. Charles W. Moore Dr. Hugh A. Noffsinger Mr. Roberi W. Rowan Mr. Eugene Russell , . Qyamw Mr. William J. Ryan Dr. June Warden Smiih Miss 'Rubie Smiih Mr. John Wells Dr. Fiich demonsiraies ihe use of a 'leaching machine fo an educafion sfudenf. iiil ,. Q if A group of elemen+ary educaiion siudenls discuss 'lhe solar sysfem This Library Science maior prepares a library bullelin board. LIBRARY SCIENCE Todays need for research, invesfigalion, and inquiry necessilafes a broad use of The library and ils many iacefs. The courses offered by 'rhe Deparlmenr of Library Science are designed To give prospeciive librarians a knowledge of library needs and procedures lo make lhe library a con- Jrribuling parl of ihe school program: 'ro organize and ad- minisrer a library program elfeclively and +o develop and mainiain salislaciory relaiions wilh ofher members of ihe slaff and wilh fhe sfudenls. Mr. Thomas P. Scholar Library Science gives fulure librarians a worlcing knowledge of library procedures. MISS REZINA SENTER Chairman fiifz:-I 1 x wr- JH? . Mrs. Melva Poffg Secrefary College High, fhe hearf of lvl.S.C.'s feacher fraining program, offers a curriculum from kindergarfen Through high school. The fhree-prongecl program of College High serves ifs pupils, fhe sfudenf feachers, and college classes inferesfecl in approaches fo 'reaching and in human developmenf. Working closely wifh fhe college faculfy, fhe school af- fempfs newer approaches fo eclucafional problems as 'rhey prove helpful fo fhe progress of sfudenfs and sfuclenf feachers. Murray College High, MR. VER Diredor NON SHOWN J MURRAY COLLEGE HIGH Mr. Garreff Beshear Miss Sue Fairless all S-Rm Mr. Richard Flefcher Al uw Miss Vanda Gibson HUW' NM' ....v"'U1Q, Mr. Roland Goodgion Miss Wilma Hayes 1 .-QQ my-ucv.-,Q 'hu 'Sn- bf' -wg--f lg. 'S--, ,M Mr. Harom Pierce Mr. William O. Price Mrs. Joe Nell Rayburn Miss Venona Rogers Mrs. Mary Ryan Mr. Lawrence Suffil MURRAY COLLEGE These pupils lisfen alfenlively as fhe siudenf feacher reads a poem. Mr. Whilmer explains a sheef of music fo his sfrings class. pig-Q,v .i ., Jig.:- .f-, h t :fig . ,MN mx .XX X X Xp 5 if .-ff fx, 7 x ' Miss Janice Hoolcs Mrs. Jo H. LoveH Mrs. Lillian Lowry Mrs. Mavis MoCamisl1 Mr. Don 'Pace Mr David Payne ,gpm fffy .. Mrs. 'Golda P. Waiers Mr. Leonard Whiimer Mr. Wayne Williams Exercise and play are an imporfani' parf of five elemeniary school day. 'I 77 FEATURES Q I S H I E LD 0 U E E N JWGS Baflafa Cpaines 55 555 12 5 I ' I MISS JOYCE MATTESEN MISS PATSY LAX MISS PATSY PEEBLES MISS KAY MINOR SHIELD QUEEN ATTENDANTS "L ,f mx' ,, . gf M5 V "SW "Y as 3 ,-A 2 ,Wea MISS MURRAY STATE fgs fmlcy Cunning am HOMECOMING QUEEN iss Qfdnnlgod 5 1966 MOUNTAIN LAUREL REPRESENTATIVE miss gnffmifyn Chfflfon IDEAL FRESHMAN GIRL miss Madge gmc Collum A v r gm Q WW , 1 ., ,ff , -as ' ,mi .1 We i 'Nei E 'l p ,f NS v. 5 . .,, A Q 5 35 V R, wr tm ,R 1 R2 gg QUE E ff Um.. 5 'Y M Las' MRS. MURRAY STATE LM Juwfel, 1965 MUUNTAIN LAUREL REPRESENTATIVE gfwiss 04m CAGYVH . 5 3 , 4 - f Q a 5 ' ' i I T 3 K 'fig BRIGADE SWEETHEART iss Shefifones 4? FIRST BATTALIUN SWEETHEART miss ,lgargara JQain es SEGUND BATTALIDN SWEETHEART miss qQoxanne Apursley 3 CAMPUS FAVURITES JUDY SLOAN JILL BUVRKEL PEGGY WEEKS .Nt . gg., PATTI REID ,fg lL ANDREA SYKES SUSAN KONEICY KAY POINDEXTER 4 90 U PRAY COLI MAC ANDERSQN JOHNNY ROSE MEN UN CAMPUS EDDIE GROGAN lg JOHN WADSWORTH DAVE HOIRNBACK MIKE REID BILL CUNININIGHAM EDDIE TROTTER URGANIZATIU -4.55 5655 'L rw-my f?'?X vw L 42 A 1 A A wk Nb HQ v-N W., ..., A-W4-x 1., x 3 'X WRT XX. Q-.... y. MN .pi Mx 72 f, , .,.W" im Q, cow 'SW V, xrgwfa it Y fa 'LQ 'J' xv' ff -H,,,,,.,.--1' GOVERNMENT AND PUBLICATIONS my - " IO MIAIA , 'ffff-iiNi4asx1xxx xusxsm ",vmvr'm1 in s AXm,f I II RIN RALPH BU RCHETT Ediior I966 SHIELD RALPH BURCHETT ...,,. . ,..., ...,.. E diror HAROLD SHOEMAKER ,... , ,.,,. Business Manager DIANE SATTEREIELD .4,....., ......... C o-Assisfanl' Edilor STEVE OUINDRY ..,..,.... ,.., .......... C o -Assislanl Edilor TONY SCHMIDT 4.........,... ,.. ,. ,Assislanl Business Manager CODY JONES 81 PHIL STURM .. ,,.,...,..,, ,.Pho'rographers LINDY Sf CINDY NEWCOMER .. ,..EacuIIy and Adminislralion Sfeve Ouindry and Diane Sallerfield, Co-Assis+an+ Edilors. - 1 , MR. VERNON ANDERSON Faculfy Advisor A yearboolc means many Things Io differenl people. To rhe Shield slaff, il' means hours upon hours of Iedious work, rears and swear, lack of sleep from worrying aboul' an ap- proaching deadline, and lime Ialcen away from siudy, Then in May, when Shields are dis+ribu+ed7 pride, safisfadrion, relief, and conlenlmenl are fell by Ihe slafl members as Jrhey walch The sludenl body's faces glow wilh surprise, while Ihumbinq Ihrouqh Ihe pages and commenling on a iob well-done. STAFF FRANCES ARMSTR YVONNE TROTTER DANA DYCUS A COOKIE HOLT , EDDIE TROTTER .. ONG 81 KAREN ERICKSON , , , , . ,Classes Orqanizalions ,....Feafures .....,.Copy ......SporIs PAT BROWN, JOYCE HILLEBRAND, KATHY REAGAN ..,,.. Typis+s 'lil I -5 R, J. v. ,f -1'1" f . , ,f-, ,CQ - Y f lf 2? - , A A X ' . ' ' , i n X 1, 4. jx K . ,- 4 if , f 1 -' 5519 , 'Ex !, 1' . W f" ' 2' x 'V ' X , A ,, - ,' . , . w I x A . J - U 1' E x, x N If f . K , ,X 4 R mx X f x'ff A U MN--.mmm-,rw Y A f wx 2 L V jf' 4 N 5 in , Lx A f 1 ,LP Tai M 5 H . .L U A 3 1 ff' ,L ' -' Q - ,mx V ' x s . 3 W , Mg Q, X, ,A A is fiaiggg N-1111:-uf We lv K A. 'Q i i c Seafedz Lindy Newcomer, Yvonne Trorfer, Cindy Newcomer. S+anding: Frances Armsfronq, Dana Dycus. K i 5 E r 5 1 5 Y wiv , , ' Phil Sfurm and Cody Jones, Phofographers. Seafedz Par Brown, Joyce Hillebrand Karen Erickson r ' 1 i S+anding: 'Ka+hy Reagen. U li Cookie I-iol+ and Eddie Trorfer. COOKIE HOLT Ediior CULLEGE NEWS THE COLLEGE NEWS is flwe official weekly newspaper of fhe college. lfs purpose is fo incorporafe currenf acfions, affifudes, acliievemenfs, and ideas of MSC info a concise and facfual reporf. Since I926 THE COLLEGE NEWS has been serving flie college cornmunify in flwis efficienf capacify. STEVE STORY Business Manager THE COLLEGE NEWS is wriffen and edifed by journalism sfudenfs and is supervised by Professor L. H. Edmondson. Pracfical experience in The newspaper media is provided by THE COLLEGE NEWS for sfudenfs inferesfed in iournalisfic careers. The 'College News Sfaff. Nancy Sfrow Feafures Edlror Joanne Fore Woman's Edifor. Mike Kefzis, Ad Soiicirory Sieve Sfory, Business Manager: Torn Soliciiror. 99 Gene Murray, News Edifor: Mike Driscoll, Sporfs Edifor The I965-66 Sfudenl' Council. Once a year, fhe S+uden+ Organizaiion holds an open session so slu- denfs may see wha? happens in a regular meeiing. .X iiiiiiifiiilwsecmggg A Xxx N STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Sludenf Governmenl of Murray Slale College is com- posed of The Sfudenl Council-Jrhe execulive body, Class Assembly, and fhe Judicial Board. Members of The Sludenf Council and Class Assembly are elecl'ed annually wil'h Ju- dicial Board members being appoinled each spring by The Presidenf of 'rhe College from applicarions submilled by The Srudenl Council. Members of The Sludenl Governmenf acl as inlerrnediaries beiween The siudeni body and adminislra- lion. The Sludenf-Paculfy Commihree, Concerl Commilree, Lecfure Commiffee, Library Commiflree, Cafeleria Commit iee, Campus Beaufificafion Commillee, Invesfigalion Com- mi++ee, Sludenl Opinion Commillee, Judicial Cornmiflee, Human Righls Commillee, Publicily CommiH'ee and Com- millee on Charilry Drives are The sfanding commilfees of The Sludenf Council. Programs sponsored by fhe Sludenr Governmenl are +he Sfudenl Boolc Exchange, Slrudenlr Ambassadors, Tuloring Direclories, Organizalion Seminar, Jam Sessions, Social Calendars, Reqisrrarion Board and various ofhers. General officers for I965-66 are: Bill Cunningham, President John Wadsworfh, Vice-President Peggy Weeks, Secrefaryy and Jim Johnson, Treasurer. Founded in l936 +he Slrudenl Gov- ernmeni celebraled' iis 3O+h anniversary lhis year by inili- aling several new programs in order To adiusl fo Jrhe progress of Murray Srafe College. The l965-66 Judicial Board. The Class Assembly. Peggy Weeks, Secrelaryg Jim Johnson, Treasurer: John Wadsworllw, Vice-Presidenl' BILL CUNNINGHAM Presidenl an Eve, , ., 4-fi Y , 6 ,E rf' ,- ,fe -A "vw-...X 'iliac' tn Chuck Baccus, John Burrus, Mike Cherry, Dale Collie, Don Fields, Dan l-larelson, Richard HurT, Bourke ManTle, Michael Rundle, Jack Vaughn, Charles WeTzel. INTER-FRATERNITY CUUNGIL PAU L GTREENWELL Presideni '15 9' 09' Mr' .,,-.x Larry Lozowski, Vice-President Charles Rice, SecreTaryi KeiTh McCloud, Treasurer: George Gowin, SgT.-aT-Arms. The l.F.C. is composed oT members selecTed from each oT The social TraTerniTies on campus. IT governs rush, pledgeship, social acTiviTies, and conducT oT The TraTernal sysTem. The pasT year has been one oT The mosT successful in The hisTory of Greek organizaTions aT Murray STaTe College. For The Third year in succession, The Murray l.F.C. has received an award Tor academic excellence Trom The NaTional lnTer- TraTerniTy Conference. Only a small percenTage oT The col- leges and universiTies in The naTion receive This award each year. Greek Week, The annual homecoming dance, a ChrisTmas parTy Tor an orphan's home, and inTer-TraTerniTy sporTs are sponsored by The l,F.C. each year. In addiTion, The council parTicipaTes in many chariTable proiecTs in The surrounding communiTies. The l.F.C. sTrives To improve The Greek sysTem. IT pro- moTes social and academic acTiviTies which will produce a college graduaTe capable of The needs and require-menTs of The business world. lTs maior goal is To promoTe an image showing a True picTure oT TraTerniTies and Their work To The uniniTiaTed and uninTormed. Two AGR's call on a Murray residenl' for fhe lnierfraiernily Council sponsored Hear? Fund Drive. Dean Sparlrman presenis flue Nafional lnferfraiernily Scholar- ship Award fo Paul Greenwell, Presidenl of I.F.C. George Gowin malres a repori before 'lhe weelrly I.F.C. mee+ing. I03 The Three sororiTies on The campus here aT Murray STaTe College are guided and governed by The Panhellenic Council. The Council has Three main obiecTives: To TosTer friendly relaTions and a spiriT oT cooperaTion beTween sororiTies, To inTorm non-sororiTy members OT The principles, ideals, and acTiviTies oT social sorori'I'ies, and To regulaTe and supervise all sororiTy rush acTiviTies. An aTTiliaTe oT The Senior Panhellenic Council is The Junior Fanhellenic Council. This Council, organized in The spring of l96l, is made up oT represenTaTives Trom The pledge classes oT The Three sororiTies. Their close associaTion wiTh The Senior Council enables Them To realize The True spiriT oT being "All- Greek". FRANCES ARMSTRONG Presideni PAN H E LLE N I C G 0 U N 0 I L ElIioTT, SecreTary-Treasurer. Randa Johnson, Vice-President Sheri Sylvia Clark, Carolyn Fresen, Carolyn Graddy, Sue Green- wood, Sandy Harris, Marilyn LoveTT, Joan McGinness, Dianne Marshall, Andrea Sykes, Kaye Wallis. I04 The Wells Hall Council, eIec+ed by +he residenls, is Ihe governing body of The dornnilory. II allempls Io make The dormilory a happy and beneficial parl' of The college wornan's life. The council sponsors a Halloween ancl Chrislmas par+y, ancl an "Old Sou+h" open house. SHERRY LOCKE JAN BODY ....... PAM BEASLEY ,... ROSEMARY PAGE KAREN CLANAHAN ,.,. CINDY CATE ....,... .... MRS. WILLENA TILLMAN MRS. VIRGINIA SLATTERY OFFICERS ......Presidenf . .Vice Presidenf ......Secre'rary .. .,..Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman .House Direcfor .House Direclor WELLS HALL CUUNGIL Sherry Locke, Jan Body, Pam Beasley, Rosemary Page, Mrs. Virginia SIaH'ery, Cincly Cale, Karen Clanahan, Mrs. Willena Tillman. WOODS HALL COUNCIL In Jan Malone, Barbara Hanlcins, Sandy Cummings, Marlen Eagle, Brenda Edwards, Jennifer Sreigner. The Woods Hall Council is rhe governing body of rhe dormirory. The council slrives To provide a pleasanr, con- genial, and unired environmenr for rhe girls living in rhis dormilory. The council sponsors various evenls Ihroughouf The year, such as ihe annual Chrisrmas Open House, dorm parries, and Jrhe Chrisrmas parry ar which rhe "Ideal Freshman Girl" is presenred. OFFICERS MARLEN EAGLE .,..,. Presidenr SANDY CUMMINGS ,. .Vice Presidenf JENNIFER STEIGNER .. ,..,,., Secrefary BRENDA EDWARDS , .. ..... .,.Treasurer BARBARA HANKINS , . ..... .Social Chairman JAN MALONE .... , . ,. Assislanl Social Chairman MRS. MARY ERAHLICH . . . . ..... House Direcior MRS. BEULAH DOWELL . ..,. House Direcfor A..,n.h.n,,.. - , ,- . ..- W .rf 13,11-f'fx'r,' as ,- 11-4 - f . -f 4 ' 4 pl , r. ri'fa.',7'.w,4rf?'-1' gf,-,-,,f,',, Q --as , ,.M,' -f , W -' ' f - ,- X A fs, vm 4.,-gf - A N -' iw- 1 . -A , wr ,, '- r 'gf'fz.z'.sf Q 1 A .:,,1.,,N s J H- W- ' , Y v , 2, -- . ..-,.' 1-CMJ.- :wa ELIZABETH HALL COUNCIL The Elizabefh Hall Council is +he governing body of Ihe newesf girl's dormirory. The Council lends +o prornofe honor, self-resrrainr, con- siderarion for Jrhe maioriry and a spirir of cooperalion. Throuqhoul Ihe year, many luncrions are sponsored by The Council, such as Halloween and Chrisfmas parries, Open House, parricipafion in Homecoming and ofher campus acfiviries. MADELYN RATHBUN ..,. .. SHERI ELLIOTT JANE HUBER KAY HART .,.. KAREN BEATTY HEATHER RANSON MRS. MARY BARRY MRS. EXIE HILL . .i,.,..Presidenf ..Vice President ... ...Secretary . . . . . , .Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman .House Direcfor .House Direcfor .L , A..i.fN l Seafecl: Joanne Russell, Marlene Barrow, Sylvia Rowland. Sfancling: Mrs. Inez Claxfon, Ann Cherry, Janie Roberfson, Lynn Williams. URDWAY HALL COUNCIL The Ordway Hall Council is Ihe governing body of 'rhe dormilory and slrives Io creafe a more unified and homelike afmosphere among Ihe girls. I+ plans and sponsors evenlrs of inferesf and enioymenf +0 all Ihe girls such as homecoming 'Float Halloween parly. Chrislmas parly, af which lime Ihe "Ideal Freshman Girl" is presenfed, open house in March, and olher such aclivilies. JOANNE RUSSELL MARLENE BARROW ,... SYLVIA ROWLAND . ANN CHERRY .,.., LYNN WILLIAMS , JANIE ROBERTSON MRS. INEZ CLAXTON OFFICERS ..,. . . Presidenf ,.Vice Presidenf ... .Secrelary , . . . , . .Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman ,I-louse Direcfor gee, Ed Carry, John Malringly, David Miller, Keilh McCloud, Mike Reid, Waller Srefanski, Mike Wriqhl. The Clark Hall Council is The governing body of Clark Hall. H makes lhe rules and dererrnines Jrhe policies of +he men's dorrnilory. The Council works under 'rhe supervision of +he House Direclor, Norman Lane. They furnish leadership in conforming lo regulafions, and seek +o promole +he besl inleresls of The residenls. Clark Hall represenrs a dignified sludenl residence for genllemen. THOMAS WRIGHT, JR. MR. NORMAN LANE Head Counselor Dormiiory Direcfor CLARK HALL COUNCIL Eddy Bulloclc, PresidenT: Bill DeTriclc, Head Counselor. Price, l-lous e DirecTorg Ron FRANKLIN HALL GUUNCIL WiTh The passing oT The Fall Se-mesTer, The Council evolved inTo Two disTincT groups oT which The TirsT is elecTed by The residenTs, consisTing oT eighT wing represenTaTives, and The second is appoinTed by The l-louse DirecTor, consisTing oT eighT counselors. The TuncTion oT The elecTive group is To provide an aT- mosphere where each residenT may Teel ThaT he is a member OT a group raTher Than iusT anoTher sTudenT. This has been aTTempTed Through acTiviTies such as dances wiTh The women's residence halls, a ChrisTmas parTy, and The collecT- ing oT money To purchase some small necessiTies Tor The soldiers in VieT Nam. AnoTher aspiraTion oT This elecTive group is To TosTer a closer link beTween The residenTs and The adminisTraTion. SiTTing: John DiLusTro, Bruce Goebel, Richard SmiTh, Bill Hendrix, David Mann. STanding: Jaclc Hibbs, Joe Taylor, Ed Dull, MarTin Kady, Barry Roper, l-l. lvl. Harned, Jirn Zieren. The Richmond l-lall Council consisls of six sludenl coun- selors ancl The direclor, Mr. John Narnciu. The council is selecfed on leadership, and genlilily qualifies. The council works lirelessly To creale an orderly, yel warm and friendly, almosphere conducive lo sludy. Residenls are encouraged lo seek Their assislance. JOHN NAMCIU FRED NIEHAUS House Direcfor Head -Counselor RIGHMDND HALL COUNCIL Chuck Wuerlzer, Torn l-liler, Bob Frilsch, Ed Funk. HQ Qc LARRY STEWART Head Counselor SPRINGER HALL COUNCIL Thomas Crouch, Alan Curfis, Charles Hall, Glenn Proclor, Alfred Rickman, James Williams, Sammy Workman. Springer Hall, Murray Slale College's mosf modern men's dormilory houses 3I8 residenls. H was named for Mr. O. B. Springer, a member of lhe Board of Regenfs. The Springer Hall Council consisls of 'ren s'ruden+ counse- lors under The supervision of +he House Direcior, Mr, Roberl Hines. The Council sfrives To make The hall a friendly, orderly, and congenial place fo live wifh fhe purpose lo promofe an almosphere conducive 'ro sludying. Residenls are encouraged To seek fheir assisfance. HONORS DANNIE HARRISON Agriculfure BONITA S. LYKINS English and Hisior Y R X MARY MACKEY Biology and Chemisfry WHO'S WHO AMUNG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN CULLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ELLEN ROSE MASON French and His+ory AN DR EA SYKES Hisiory CHARLES PASCHALL Chemisiry and Ma+h SANDY LILLY RUDEE RUDD Ar+ Biology and Chemishy BRENDA TICHENOR RUSSELL HOSP Hisfory and Biology ,LLM Home Economics ROBERT BEARD Chemisfry and Ma+il RONALD JESSUP 6v7VA DAVID FIELDS Physics and Mafh Physics II5 A E 5 i Z 5 4 P SANDY HARRIS Elemenfary Educa+ion SUSAN HARTUNG Business Educa+ion THOMAS VI-CK lndusfrial Aris 'KAREN BRYANT Music DAN HARELSON Business Adminisfrafion ilk-Qin MITCHELL ROWLAND English HAM PTON BROOKS Agriculiure 3 JENNIFER STEIGN ER Elemenfary Educafion JIM JONAKI NS Physical Educafion FRANCES ARMSTRONG DON GREENYVELL Business Educaiion M-1+h and H'5+o'Y JAMES MOYNAHAN Biology ff. JANICE B. WALKER Physical Educafion and His+ory II7 rg f M DANA DYCU S Physical Educafion -K+' ANDREW HUTCHINS Music Educafion "N -my f ,Q 'Eg-S wi DIANE R. SMITH Elemenfary Educafion JAMES FRANK WILSON Physics and Mafh Q. ,hge WHO'S -IISTORY STEPHEN SHAIRBER Hisiory WHO... PATSY SPAN N Elemenfary Educaiion vii' DIANE LARSON KATIE WRIGHT Hisfory and Library Science N Firsf Row: Janel Anderson, Mac Anderson, Eddie Grogan. Second Row: Jennifer Riley, Bob Saiierfield, Sarah Smed- Chrisrine Haines, Richard Hurlr, Kay Poindexier, James Ray. ley, James Smirh, Sieve Tirsworfh, Roger Warren. Dedra Henderson, Secrefaryp Sandy Lilly, l-lisiorian. Bela Bera Bela is a narional honorary socieiy for srudenfs of The biological sciences. H endeavors 'ro encourage scholarly arrainmeni in Jrhis field by reserving iis membership for ihose who achieve superior academic records and who indicare special apriiude for biology, The socieiy desires +o cullivare in+ellec+ual inreresf in ihe nalrural sciences and 'ro promoie a beirer appreciaiion of rhe value of biological siudy. Wirh rhese goals in mind, Bela Bela Beia emphasizes a Jrhree-fold program: srimulaiion of sound scholarship, dis- seminaiion of scienfific knowledge: and promolion of bio- logical research. BETA BETA BETA RUSSELL HOSP Vice-Presidem' scholas+ic sranding, buf also on characler and a sincere in- Epsilon Pi Tau is an honorary professional lndusrrial Arfs and Vocafional lnduslrial Trafernify. H was founded by Dr. William E. Warner in l929, af Ohio Sfafe Universi+y and The Bela Gamma Chapler was esrablished af Murray Sfafe College in June, I956. The Traferniry has grown from a small group of men To an organizarion embracing members in Torfy nafions, sixly-one campus chaplers, five inrernarional chaplers, and Tourfeen field chaprers. The purposes of Epsilon Pi Tau are +o recognize The place of skill: +0 promole social and professional proficiency: and To Tosrer and reward research and To publish and use i'rs resulrs. Requiremenfs for membership depend nor only on high R-ODGER PETERSON Presidenf EPSILUN PI TAU Teres+ in lndusfrial Arls. sv i f 'R My f l"f 1 -f .,.r. T ili ' , George Glover, Vice-Presidenlg Thomas Vick, Secrefary Billy Lassirer, Treasurer: Dr. Hugh L. Oakley, Trusfee: Mr Paul K. Lynn, Co-Truslee. OFFICERS RODGER PETERSON ..... .,.... , .. , .4.,.. Presidenl GEORGE GLOVER .,. ..,. Vice-Presidenl' THOMAS VICK ....... .Secrefary BILLY LASSITER .. FRED SCHMTTTLER ,... DR. HUGH L. OAKLEY . MR. PAUL K, LYNN ...,, , , . . . .. , .Treasurer Publiciiy Chairman .. ...Trusfee . . .... Co-Trusfee Fourfh Row: Jerry Anderson, John Bel+, Gary Bennelf, Joseph Benson, David Bragdon, Wendal Chambliss, John Cochran, Davis Cunningham, Caroll Davis. Second Row: Leon Devlin, David Disney, Ray Douglas, Joseph Esies, Frank Eazi, Clarence Herndon, Philip Hocker, Cody Jones, Roberf Jones. Third Row: Arfhur Lake, Cliffon Lemons, George Lilly, Owen Lovell, James Miller, James Newron, John Oliphanr, Charles Powell, Roberl Ragsdale. Four+h Row: Joel Reed, Charles Roberls, Harry Savells, Eugene Schanbacher, Sieven Smifh, Jerry Spiceland, Thomas Sreele, Roberl Slogner, David Wells, Kennelh Winrers. , '55 . :T 5' P Q ,,' mii e - ,, , , , T, ' T , 'T ii '.., T +5 , E LTT: I L 'Y T ' , L E , T f . 5 T L T T W g s C, H y i',, , -sa ., , ,Qu b we 321 s s' ' 2 . Q Q K A ,V . N ,, .,,. . .. A A i In -Q Ki . ' ii . K l A . . , ' , Q A V, -i"' , " ' ., k E Z R 3 I' I A Q f .1 2: , Y 'r .-f. T 1 ygy , L 1 " ls . . f- " " L ,Z g 3 , f E f Q... if Firsf Row: Terry Arndf, Chuck Baccus, Ken Brown, Floyd Carpenfer, John Deem, Ronald Hall, Bill l-life, Ben Hogan- camp. Second Row: Ken Humphreys, George Long, Tim Miller, Gary Mize, Tom Morgan, Dan Oafes, James Peach, Bob Lagow, Vice-Presidenfg Paul Beck- wifh, Secrefary. The Efa lofa Chapfer of Alpha Kappa Psi, a nafional pro- fessional business frafernify, was insfalled af Murray Sfafe College on February 20, I966. Alpha Kappa Psi is fhe oldesf business frafernify, having been founded af fhe School of Commerce, Accounfing, and Finance of New York Universify on Ocfober 5, l904. In addifion, Alpha Kappa Psi has inifiafed over 63,000 mem- bers, mosf of whom are business execufives, has insfalled over I46 college chapfers and 4I alumni chapfers, and is one of fhe 20 largesf college frafernifies. The obiecfives of fhe frafernify are "fo furfher The indi- vidual welfare of ifs members, fo fosfer scienfific research in fhe fields of commerce, accounfs, and finance: fo educafe fhe public fo appreciafe and demand higher ideals fhereinq and fo promofe and advance in insfifufions of college rank, courses leading fo degrees in business adminisfrafionf' 1---, hw--Q 'IN W' 5- ar' Mike Sanford. Third Row: Tony Schmidf, Paul Seafon, John Tanner, Edward Thomas, Roberf Weixler, Bob Willeff, Bill Wooffen, Julio Zuniga. ALPHA KAPPA PSI DON GOLIG HTLY Presidenf ALPHA GHI SANDY LILLY Presiden+ The Kenfuclcy Alpha Chapler of Alpha Chi, nalional honor sociely for scholarship, was inslalled al' Murray Slale College in The spring of l965. The official slalemenl ol: purpose of Jrhe sociefy is "+o encourage sound scholarship and devoiion +o +he lrulrh, nol' only among i+s members buf among all The sludenfs on campuses on which fhere are chapfers. I+ is opposed lo bigo+ry, narrowness, and discriminalion on any basis olher fhan Thai of genuine merit" Alpha Chi shows +ha+ Murray Slrale College is meefing The Tesl of grearness by fos+ering +he infelleclual spiril and honoring academic excellence. Dana Dycus, Vice-President Jean Sowell, Secrefaryg Don Greenwell, Treasurer: Dr. Clell Pelrerson, Sponsor: Dr. James Parr, Assislanl Sponsor, Dr, Gordon l-lunier, Sponsor. Aww " 9' 1 ' l22 Firsi' Row: Jean K. Auslin, James L, Barnes Judilrh Bean, Roberi' Beard, Mau- rice Bondu ra n+. Second Row: Barbara Bullard, Danny Carver Wayne Clark, Maura Corley Cecelia Crossell. Third Row: Sandra Cummings, David Fields Charles Finnell, Sfephen Frifz Judi+h Griffifh. Four'I'h Row: Mary Alice l-learn, Diane Larson, Sarah Phillips, Ralph Rheinecher., Kalherine Richardson. Fi'H'h Row: BeH'y Roloerls, Charles Roberlson, Sharon Rowland, Rudee Rudd. Diane Salrlerfield. Sixfh Row: Roberi' Safferfield, Donna Sea- ford, Diane R. Smilh, Rebecca Travis, Anna Walden. Seven'I'h Row: Lilly Wallis, Peggy Weelcs. DELTA LAMBDA ALPHA MARGARET ROSE BRYAN Vice-Presideni Firsf Row: Alice Allen, Karen Beswiclc, Linda Dibble, Sharon Dixon, KrisTie Kem- per, Frances KieTTer. Second Row: Linda LoTTus, Marcille Mahan, Janice MerediTh, Mary Jane Perry, Kay PoindexTer. Julia Shemwell. Third Row: Janice SmiTh, Judy Sloan, Beverly Son, Becky STewarT, Sandra Whis- Tle, Sharon Wilson. Ann Bradley, SecreTaryg PaTTy Horn Treasurer. OFFICERS DARLENE FIELDS ,. ,... , ,.... . .,,.,. ..PresidenT MARGARET ROSE BRYAN .. , ..,... Vice-PresidenT ANN BRADLEY ,....,..,.,. ......., S ecreTary PATTY HORN ....,. .... ..,.,. . . , .. ...,......., Treasurer DelTa Lambda Alpha is a Treshmen women's honorary TraTerniTy and is based upon The scholasTic average of a Tull course oT sTudy Tor one semesTer. The grade average musT be halfway beTween The Two Top grades oT The insTiTu- Tion. The Bible, whire candle, shield and whiTe carnaTion serve as The symbols oT The organizaTion. These in Turn represenT puriTy of ThoughT and oT deed, high resolve, and accomplish- menTs. AcTive membership comes in The laTTer parT of The Tresh- man year and The sophomore year. I24 Kappa Pi, a nalional honorary arl' liralernily founded in I9I I, was eslablished lo honor 'rhose sludenrs aH'aining ex- cellence in scholarship and disrinclion 'lor lheir achievemenls in lhe field of visual axrls. Alpha Alpha Chi chapler of'Kappa Pi was charlered on The Murray campus May 20, l95O. The purpose of Kappa Pi is fo promole arf in+eres'r and apprecia- lion among college sludenfs and lo slimulale higher scholar- ship and qualify of work. Each year Kappa Pi in coniunclion wilh l'he arl division sponsors an arf auclion wilh all proceeds donaled +0 'lhe scholarship fund. Also a Chrislmas sale is held yearly in which ihe individual sludenls oblain lhe profils from lhe sale of 'rheir own worlc. OFFICERS CGNSTANCE DAVIS .,......,.....,... ............ P residenl MARTHA ROBERTSON ...,. ,......... V ice-Presidenl SUZANNE WARREN ........ ........ ' Recording Secrelary Pl-IYLLIS BOLDEN KETZIS ..., ..... C orresponding Secrelary ALVIN C. MIX, JR. ..,... ., ........ Treasurer PAUL PLATIS .,..... .,... P ledgemasler MARTHA ROBERTSON KAPPA PI Firsl' Row: Michael Bowman, Mirchell Bryan+, Danny Carver, Charles Cale, Mi- chael Cur+in, Bobby Falwell. Second Row: Clemenl Laird, James Lawlon, Richard McClin'l'oclc, Alvin C. Mix, Jr., Berry Moreland, Belly Peder- sen. Third Row: Rudee Ann Rudd, June Smirh, Gloria Speck, Diane Larson Sylces, Philip Wakeman, Anrhony Zaleslci. ww wr Firsl Row: Cynlhia Aplin, Bobbie Lee Boyd, Pal Branlley, Miller, Joe Nell Rayburn, Venona Rogers. Third Row: Donna Frances Brown, Karen Bryanl, Inez Claxlon, Linda Durham, Seaford, Rezina Senler, Ruby Simpson, Diane Smilh, Rubie Vanda Gibson. Second Row: Margarel Giles, Donald Green- Smilh, Palsy Spann, Judy Slahler, Andrea Sykes. well, Owen Lovell, Bonila Lylcins, Mavis McCamish, Dr, Elhel KAPPA DELTA PI JENNIFER STEIGNER Presidenl Nancy Garman, Vice-Presidenl: Judy Grillilh, Secrelaryi Dr. Edward Brunner, Sponsor. Kappa Della Pi is an Honor Sociely in Educalion. ll aims lo losler high slandards lor leacher educalion and en- courages a closer 'lellowship among lhose who have allained excellence in scholarship and dislinclion lor lheir achieve- menl as sludenls and leachers. Kappa Della Pi was lounded lvlarch 8, I9! l, and lhe Della Omega chapler was inslalled al Murray on May 3l, 1939. "Pi Omega Pi, a nafional honor socieiy for business edu- cafion sfudenfs, was esiablished al Murray S1'a're College in July, I953, as 'rhe Gamma Upsilon Chapier. High scholasiic slanding and credi'I' requiremenls are only a parf of membership requiremenls. To become a member, a s+uden+ rnusl have aiwell-rounded life because Pi Omega Pi coniribules fo campus life as well as io high sfandards of educafion. The Gamma Upsilon Chapfer has many varied proiecis Jrhal cover school, communify, regional, and nafional areas each year. i The purpose of Pi Omega Pi are To encourage, promofe, exfend and creale inlreresi and scholarship in business and professional life, and +o ieach lhe ideals of service as a basis of all worihy enlrerprisef' MARVIN ALBIN Presidenf ..,52gji Mary Belh McCan+s, Vice-President Marlene Barrow, Re- cording Secrelaryg Judy Bean and Frances Hulse, Cor- responding Secrefaries: Jennye Long, Treasurer: Joyce l-lillebrand, l-lisiorian. Firsf Row: Frances Arms1'rong,Jayne Crisp, Carol Ann Davis, Second Row: Kaihy Reagan, Marilene Rice, Judy Ryan Sally Griggs, Susan Harfung, Roger Jones, Sue Phillips. Be'rsy Sprunger, Kaye Sievens, Sue While, Judy Wilson ' 'f Flrs+ Row: Brenda Duncan, Parricia Fain, Laura Holi, Kay Rudee Rudd, Judy Spahler, Phyllis Thompson, Brenda Kennedy Jane Lamberih. Second Row: Charlorre Lee, Tichenor. KAPPA UMICRON PHI WL SHARON ROWLAN D Presideni Janice Harrison, lsr Vice-President Judy Higdon, 2nd Vice- Presidenfy Naomi Slice, Recording Secrejraryy Pa'r Branfley, Corresponding Secreiaryi Miss Jewell Ellis, Sponsor. The Alpha Sigma chapler of Kappa Omicron Phi, nafional honorary home economics fraferniiy, was esrablished af Mur- ray Sfaie College in May, l96I. Home Economics majors or minors who have complered eighr semesrer hours in home economics and have a 3.0 slanding in home economics and a 2.5 over-all sfanding are eligible for membership. The goals of Kappa Omicron Phi are 'ro develop women wifh higher ideals of sane living, wifh deeper appreciafion of The sancliry of The American home, and wilh broader social and higher infellecfual and culiural a++ainmen'rs. Alpha Phi Gamma, nalional honorary iournalism frarernify, was founded al Ohio Norlhern Universily in I9l9. The Mur- ray Sl'a're Gamma Theia chapler was eslalolished in I96l. .The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is 'ro "recognize indi- vidual abilily and achievernenr in iournalisfic pursuifs in col- leges and universiliesg fo serve and promole rhe welfare of lhe college lhrough iournalismg To esiablish cordial relarion- ships befween sludenfs and members of The profession: and +o unife in a iralernal way congenial sluclenfs inleresred in iournalismf' Alpha Phi Gamma sponsors fhe "Glamour Girl" con'res'r each spring, In addifion, i'r also publishes 'rhe Fuze, a humor magazine, which goes on sale when 'lhe Shields are dislribured. 'Q' Marilyn Allen, Vice-President Cookie l-lol+, Secrefaryp Nancy Sfrow, Treasurer: Gene Murray, Bailiff3 Mr. L. H. Edmond RALPH BU RCHETT Presidenf ALPHA son, Advisor. - P H N G A M M A Firsf Row: Frances Armslrong, Chuclc Baccus, Hugh Barlcs- dale, Karen Beswiclc, Joanne Bore, Karen Erickson. Second Row: Jerry Heinzman, Gerald Lush, Baxrer Mellon, Sue Phillips, Tony Schmidt Sreve Srory. Third Row: Cheryl Sweet Eddie Trolrer, Cheryl Wiley, Wilson Woolley. Q, ,.,, L' r X SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma is a nafional physics honor sociefy for oufsfanding physics sfudenfs. The local chap- ber was esfablished in May I963. Ifs primary purposes are fo award disfincfion fo fhose of high scholarship in physics by elecfion fo membership, fo promofe sfudenf inferesf in research and fhe sfudy of advance physics, fo promofe fellowship among fhe sfudenfs and fhe faculfy in physics and closely relafed sciences, and fo sfimulafe inferesf in physics among fhe general collegiafe public. OFFICERS vEiRNoN GATNTT Presidenf KEN HAU P'TLl Vice-Presidenf MATRGAR ET OR! DER Secrefa ry Firsf Row: Margaref Cricler, Vernon Ganff, Ken Haupfli, Ed Franlc Jeffrey. Second Row: John Pasco, Mr. J. Alberf Tracy. OFFICERS DAVID E. FIELDS Presidenf CHARLES ROBERTSON Vice-Presidenf SYLVIA KAY ROBBINS Recording Secrefary JOSEPH RICHARDSON Treasurer DELTA SIGMA RHO-TAU KAPPA ALPHA Delfa Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha is an honorary speech frafernify for sfudenfs af Murray Sfafe who have excelled in bofh speech acfivifies and scholarship. The organizafion is a member of fhe Na fional Associafion of College I-lonor Sociefies and has been under fhe direcfion of Professor J Alberf Tracy since I947. LAMBDA IOTA TAU Lambda IoTa Tau is a naTional honorary liTerary TraTerniTy Tor ouTsTanding sTudenTs inTeresTed in lan- guage and IiTeraTure. IT is The purpose of LIT To TurTher inTeresT and promoTe excellence in The sTudy of IiTeraTure. STudenTs elecTed To membership musT profess a major or minor in English or a Toreign language and musT have aTTained high sTandards in scholarship and wriTing abiliTy. OFFICERS STEPHEN FRITZ Presideni' PATRICIA BRANTLEY SecreTary-Treasurer KATHLEEN 'HAMMOND EdiTor SANDY CUMMINGS CommunicaTions Chairman OFFICERS JIM JoHNsoN PresidenT PAT CAM PBELI. Vice-Presidenf J U DY MASS EY SecreaTry-Treasurer DR. CHARLES MOORE Advisor PSI CHI Psi Chi is a naTional honor socieTy in psychology, Tor sTudenTs majoring and minoring in Psychology. The purpose of This organizaTion is To advance The science of psychology, and To encourage, sTimu- laTe, and mainTain scholarship of The individual members in all Tields, parTicuIarly in psychology. Psi Chi was Tormerly The Psychology lvlaior's AssociaTion, buT was iniTiaTed as a chapTer of Psi Chi, The NaTional I-Ionorary SocieTy in Psychology and an aTTiliaTe of The American Psychological Associa- Tion, in The Spring oT l965. 'vii- 4 GREEKS M, x W. 4 'Q ' Q, 3 im wk if ,F wm- ik. ik fs 132 ...- x Q ws, ' , , 4. 'wo CAROLYN FRESEN Presiden+ ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigma Alpha, founded in I9OI, a+ Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, was insfalled Be+a Nu Chaplrer ai Murray S+a're College in I946. "Aspire, Seek, AHain," rhe mo'r+o, besr describes The ideals of 'rhe sororify. The four- fold aim is +o esfablish a sisferhood which will confribufe +o 'rhe developmenf of each of Hs members in rhe physical, in+ellec+ual, social, and spirifual aspecfs of life. The nafional philanihropic proiec+ is aid 'ro excepfional children. This is accomplished fhrough 'rhe giving of scholarships for siudy in This field and personal work done by all of 'rhe chapfers +hroughou+ ihe Uni+ed S+a1'es. Be+a Nu works wiih exceprional children in Murray. Classes are locaied in Aus'rin and Roberison Elemeniary Schools. Aiding in hand work, class proiecfs, and serving as homeroom molhers by giving parfies a+ Chrisimas, Valen'rine Day, and Easfer are a few of ihe acrivifies Bela Nu unclerfakes each year. This proiecf helps each member fo live up 'ro The cardinal principal of Alpha Sigma Alpha-"ro serve-no+ fo be served." A few of Bela Nu's fradiiional ac'rivi'ries include ihe Back +0 School Dance, Misfleioe Ball, Bermuda Blast weekends a'r The Lake and Senior Send-Off. By working and serving fogefher, Alpha Sigma Alpha's have found fhai sororiiy mem- bership develops each one of fhem in many differem' aspecrs of life and adds much +o +heir college days. Sue Greenwood ViceP 'd 451924 'O T! 39 lgffn 61 V 5 Q ' Q i A A Q Q , X -19 D f 'LJ A Y . . - res: ent Je 'f R fh F - . Sreigner. Secrefaryi Glenda Jones, Treaggieiii U Ulliersonl Memberslqlp Dlrecior' l33 ,M tv-9 r'r""f -'ww if. Q ,W 7 J Q. gf x M 'P' s V . 1 ii af 5:1- Q19 hr' gow.. ,N 59' 7"-Q. Qc all' ,X 'D fit: " -v 1 , M 5, gi HQ, 1217 '1 if . Q is 'E 9 sn.,- ii N ,N "' ax K , , 5 E 3 4 ,,,.y ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Firsl Row: Mary Dean Alcorn, Frances Armslrong, Bobbie Lee Boyd, Judy Brown, Sylvia Clarlc, Mary Dempsey. Second Row: Pal Dou las Karen Ericlcson Jill Esres Q - . . Linda Gardner, Lynn Gnuslce, Carla Green- well. Third Row: Charlorle l-leina, Pally l-lorn, Pal Jones, Arlene Lewis, Lucy Lewis, Marilyn Lovell. Four+h Row: Jane Mclnleer, Jan Malone, Monica March, Joan Mallhews, Lynelle Marlhews, Leslie Mercer. Fiffh Row: Diane Morrison, Polly Nash, Donna Sermer- sheim, Nancy Shaw, Mary Lou Srnilh, Yvonne Troller. Six'l'h Row: Dianne While, Sue While. The Spring Pledge Class. x MQ:-Q ' iT.,-'.+1'i,1Qe Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha place lheir creed on fhe sororily room wall. l35 Q 090 qsgqims eve? 'grooves 9 29? me meals' N, 0 .g as ,. 4 ff,-' : i 4 04: 1 '. . v, Q vw A A s 'EI Carolyn Graddy, Vice-Presidenfp Sally Kennedy, JOAN McGIN N ESS Presideni ALPHA UMICRUN PI Alpha Omicron Pi was founded in i897 af Barnard College of Columbia Universify in New York. The Delfa Omega chapfer was insfalled on Sepfernber l8, l96I, making if fhe newesf sororify af Murray Sfafe College. Sisferly love and mufual inferesfs bind fogefher 'rhe 35,600 AOPi's fhroughouf fhe Unifed Sfafes and Canada. Alpha Omicron Pi is based on simplicify and seeks fo develop individualify in each member. Alpha Omicron Pi recognizes fhe imporfance, of social acfivifies such as fhe annual Red Rose Ball, Baclcboard Ball, Spring Roundup, Parenfs' Banquef, Founders' Day Cele- brafion, picnics af fhe lalce, and inframural sporfs. College and Frafernal acfivifies are imporfanf, however, AOPi realized fhe essenfial value of philanfhropic endeavors. Nafionally, Alpha Omicron Pi is responsible for fhe Social Service Depf. of Fronfier Nursing Service. Locally, each member of Delfa Omega chapfer is a "big sisfer" fo an orphan af fhe Paradise Friendly Home. Delfa Omega helps wifh various charify and civic proiecfs fhroughouf fhe communify. A special proiecf of our chapfer is fhe cerebral palsy drive. Graduafion does nof bring fo an end fhe friendships made in Alpha Omicron Pi. A sfep info a broader field of sisferly love comes wifh inifiafion info alumnae chapfers fhroughouf fhe Urfifed Sfafes. The alumnae chapfers bind fogefher a life-fime experience of sisferhood. cording Secrefaryg Linda Durham, Treasurer. Corresponding Secrefaryg Jennye Long, Re- W I I36 Joyce Mafleson and Nancy Willmile pasfe some piclures in +l1e AOPi scrapboolr. Joan McGinness and Jane+ Moiheral proudly display 'their Coopera+ion lrophy. The Spring Pledge Class. l37 ALPHA OMICRON PI Firsf Row: Marion Belole, Judy Bogard, Jean Bullard, Jill Burlcel, Cafhy Campbell, Judy Cunningham, Judy Bell Cunningham, Carol Ann Davis, Margarel' Davis. Second Row: Sheri Elliof, Wanda Frankum, Marlha Ellen Hayes, Joleen Heiberr, Laura Holi, Sara Hughes, Genevieve Humphreys, Susie Keilholfz, Dianne Larson. Third Row: Andrea Lassiler, Befiye Lirchfield, Anne Lucas, Joyce Mar- Teson, Mary Lou Mobly, Cafhy Morgan, Janei' Mofheral, Jane McLain, Gail Nance. Four+h Row: Nancy Nash, Elizapelh Phelps, Marlha Jean Phillips, Norma Poynler, Linda Sharp, Julia Shemwell, Nancy Shuff, Judy Sloan, Palsy Spann. Fif+h Row: Nancy Slrow, Judy Sullivan, Jan Swearingen, Donna Vaudrin, Ann Violerl, Kaye Wallis, Sherry Walls, Nancy Wilhire, Kirfy Wray. 'Nr ,4-Q wits eq: auf fin. if 1 Un' if av' g -cf-"-"' Iii' 6'7" 'N-. , i"'P' 'hir' ,naw- 1l9"'A' KK 3 .af 71 b"N if ELA Ari C""lvn- 1:2 Qty E Nw hwy 'auf' Qin 'f""-1 ww .Im uv-x il" he-4' ', . i A 9 9 o iffy gms? 99 99349 99 5 gk ,' 1 ,Q oi? ik Q 6 1: I 'Ts g U SANDY 'HARTRIS Presidenf SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA A Tri Sigma girl symbolizes sororiTy. She smiles, and in The warmTh oT her smile one sees Triendship, love, and sisTerhood. This sisTerhood began April 20, I898, aT Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Belonging To Tri Sigma adds To The purpose and happiness oT college years, Tor each member learns The True meaning oT loving, giving, and sharing. Tri Sigma spiriT shines Through The eyes oT every girl who is a member oT The Alpha Chi chapTer which was insTalled aT Murray STaTe College in l942. The naTional social service work oT The sororiTy has long been cenTered around "Tri Sigma Serves Children." Alpha Chi chapTer sponsors an annual ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children and also provides a local Tamily wiTh Tood and cloThing each year. Tri Sigma members aim To conTribuTe To college acTiviTies and do so Through spon- soring The Sadie Hawlcins Dance, The ValenTine Dance, and WinTer Wonderland Dance. Each year Tri Sigma observes Founder's Day in April wiTh a banqueT and a closed 'Formal dance. AT The end oT The school year, Tri Sigma says good-bye To The senior members aT Senior Send-OTT. This is noT The end oT membership, buT The beginning of a new liTe as an alumna. Membership in Tri Sigma and The Triendships Tormed lasT Torever. Andrea Sylces, Vice-PresidenT: Karen BryanT, Recording Sec- Weeks, Treasurer: Marilyn Moyer, Keeper of Grades. reTary: KaTie WrighT, Corresponding SecreTary: Peggy I40 Sigma collegiafes and pledges show fha? Tri Sigma spirii in cheering lheir baslreiball feam on lo vicfory. 1 Four Tri Sigma sis+ers proudly display fheir 'Nafional Ouf- sfanding Pledgeship Program Award. Spring Pledge Class. I4l SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA F-irsI Row: Kay Anderson, Mariha Arensrnan, Jeannie Baird, Riia Ball, Ann Bradley, Vicki Brown, Margarei Rose Bryan, Jeanerre Calhoun, Mary Gail Cochran. Second Row: Sherry Curling, Linda Dibble, Barbara Dowdy, Mary Furrell, Margarei' Giles, Judy Goodwin, Palsy I-Iendon, Pai' Herring- i'on, Judy Howard. Third Row: Randa Johnson, Marrha Dean Kelley, Barbara Miller, Frances Kieffer, Barbara Lacy, Palsy Lax, Milly Lesier, Linda Lofrus, Bonira Lykins. Four'I'h Row: Diane Marshall, Mary Beih McCani's, Barbara Miller, Janei' Miller, Donna Morgan, Jean Morris, Janice Paschall, Parry Pasco, Palsy Peebles. Fif+h Row: Kay Poindexrer, Pai Rankin, Pairicia Reid, Carla Rondy, Diane Sarlerfield, Barbara Shouse, Sarah Smedley, Beisy Sprunger, Becky Siewari. Sixfh Row: Sandy Sioll, Gay Trigg, Dana Vaughan, Vicki Wallace, Sherry Wolff. ,WA .,-M., .,...,.1-A 5. an Q-Q. ,av-1+ N- "Q-1. nf "--Q., ,p-A fin QV. wvw 1' 'C' SP ...M-1 s....f Rik os u- ..- Vg 'Ks .ov-. 95 an iv-X AR 40"-vu 'SS vu. S--k..' 'cv-,.. , Hifi' WA 'fx'-A KAREN BRYANT Presidenl A scene from "Campus Ligh+s," presenfed annually by Sigma Alpha lofa and Phi Mu Alpha. ,.!Jf "'f S fir - 'VX .4019 f l 1 .09 or X4 .!fw I X, lo L I L 'Z , , I , 6 70" 4 A -If SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ln l903, on June I2, ai' ihe Universiry School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sigma Alpha lola, women's professional music fraiernify, was founded. I+ was insralled on 'l'his campus on February 3, I939, and from lhal' lime on has slrived +0 uphold and furiher lhe musical developmenl and scholasiic slandards of iis membership. lora Bela pariicipales in many of 'rhe campus and musical acliviiies during ihe year, a few of 'rhem being: 'rhe sponsoring of an "All-Campus Sing", presenfing "Campus Lighi's" and an "All-American Concer+" in coniunciion wirh Phi Mu Alpha: co-sponsor- ing ihe "Fes+ival of Conlemporary Ar+s" wilh +he Fine Ar+s Deparimenig and presenfing monfhly musicales. Every year lola Bela Scholarships are awarded 'ro oulsianding freshmen women and an annual SIOO "Pop" Doyle Scholarship is awarded fo an upperclass woman. As "Daugh+ers of a Greal and Singing Na+ion" loia Bela has been ihe "Ou+s+anding Chap1'er" of ihe province for rhe pasl several years. "To sfucly and praciice ihe goodness of life, The beauly of arf, lhe meaning of music . . . This is To be our Symphony." Paula Treadwell, Vice-President l-larrieila Wheeler, Secre- Jraryg Bobbie Lee Boyd, Treasurer: Cyn'I'hia Aplin, Edifor: Anna Long, Chaplain. , .s,. , S V Q iw! l L.. K I44 :js sfifi if-X if Ye was x sis Hn' s I 2 ,, rris f is y -L - sw -V , A ,,fs,sie,f5. . ', WV' , Q sgef' 2: fQ1S -Yf V X R K A Q E f-.M 1 E --1 iw his ,N S ,, f or V- -- 'Q f ll . W , I45 l Firsi' Row: Alma Allcock, Alice Allen, Joy Allen, Rila Ball, Janssen Barham. Second Row: Nancy Bralcher, Jean Bullard, Gwen Carlfon, Suzanne Carlelon. Vicki Chumbler. Third Row: Pam Dallas, Sara Dixon, Sharon Dixon, Suzanne Harvey, Karen Howarcl. Four+h Row: Sandra Hughes, Karen Jenkins, Norma Joiner. Lorraine Kiclcl, Diane Marshall. Fif+h Row: Joan MaH'hews, Jean Morris, Dar- lene Morrow, Donna Rigsby, Linda Shirk. Sixfh Row: Jeannie S'rey+ler, Vicki Wal+rnan, Mary Warlord, Mary Wilkey, Joyce Yarbrough, Paulefle Yar- brough. 2. w BOURKE MANTLE Noble Ruler ALPHA GAMMA RHO On April 4, l908, sixleen men mel in lhe Claypool l-lolel in Indianapolis, Indiana, and founded Alpha Gamma Rho. From lhis humble beginning, over 25,000 men have been joined in brolherhood. As lhe world has seen many changes in lhe pasl lilly-eighl years, Alpha Gamma Rho has seen many changes, also. Physically 'rhe lralernily has changed in many ways, buf ils goal has remained lhe same. The goal of Alpha Gamma Rho, in harmony wilh The goal ol lhe college, is 'ro provide lraining and discipline ol lhe individual who, in seeking an educalion, desires lo make of himself a uselul member of sociely, possessing knowledge, lrained skill, and capacily for accomplishmenl. As a group organizalion, Alpha Gamma Rho seeks lo leach men how fa live and work logelher, slriving by precepl' and example lor lhe personal cle- veiopmenl ol lhe individual in lhe lraining of mind and body, We carry forward lhe lundamenlal purposes of educalion, adding a lralernal influence for correcl living and individual clevelopmenl. Ben Guyol, Vice-Noble Ruler: George Gowin, Secrelaryg Dave Kimbell, Treasurer: Mrs. Rose Ann Childers. l-lousemolher. rv, i'j 'Q- -of I46 CNROL AUSTIN Sweefhearf Alpha Gamma Rho's mascof is always seen ai' fhe 'looiball games. Alpha Gamma Rho brofhers qalher around fhe fron? of iheir 'frafernify house for a Hoolnanny I47 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Firsf Row: Ron Barflebaugh, Hamp Brooks, Larry Buferbaugh. Larry Conway, Lee Correll, Mike Cosby, Dennis Cox, Jeff Cralle, Jack Foley. Second' Row: Paul Franchini, Dale Gallimore, Rendell Gibson, Larry Gun- Ter, Dannie Harrison, Dan Helfsley, Wayne Herndon, Ted Hopkins, David Howell. Third Row: Joe Dan Howell, Doug Jones, Kennerh Keown, Mike Kelzis, Virgil Kimmel, Charles Klaber, David Levin, Bill Oldham, Kennerh Oliver. Fourfh Row: Larry Parker, Larry Riggs, James Rudolph, Phillip Rudolph, Henry Smilh, Jim Sfull, Jack Vaughn, Tom Wells, Roberl' Willell. Fi'F'I'h Row: John Williams, Dan Winiers, Buddy Winlsch. 'hr' c g A 5 Owl SVLX 'SLN 125' - --5,-MMV W JOHN BURRUS Presidenf ALPHA TAU DMEGA Brofherhood is nof achieved by owning a pin or sewing a cresf on a blazer: if is nof found in a rifual or secref handshake: brofherhood doesn'f happen overnighf when fhe pledge buffon is swapped for an acl'ive's badge: if isn'f a Monday nighf meefing. Brofherhood musf be earned-individually. lhe price may be humilify, selflessness, or disregard for personal gloryg fhe ingredienfs are honesfy, infegrify, respecfg 'rhe cafa- iysf-love of ones fellowman. When our individual pins gafher The dusf of fhe favored corner of fhe affic iewelry box, and our whife brick room in Wilson l-lall remains buf in phofographs, we shall sfill be reaping fhe benefifs of A.T.0. When The music of a Thousand "Swee'rhearf Songs" has guiefed, and fhe calm pursuifs of business life replace fhe fraumas of exams and class cufs, we shall sfill use fhe lessons offered us by our frafernify foday. The faces of presenf Taus musf inevifably ioin fhe composife occupied by previous graduafes of Murray. Our presenr day evenfs will one day become memories- memories fha? will be clearer because we were A.T.O.'s. We serve our brofherg we serve our fellowman. If is our desire fo make college life a beffer life in order fhaf we may one day beffer serve bofh. Jimmy Sfory, Vice-Presidenf: Billy Joe Rayburn, Treasurer: Senfinalg Bob Hawkins, Sgf.-af-Arms: Dr. Roberf Alsup Tom Madison, Keeper of Annals: Ja Harf, Scribe: Ken Sfoll, Sponsor. han ue., Jbfx Tux 'Er-if I50 DELIGHT McLEOD Sweefhearf ww P Egg w- - i N UMB? POTATOES ix A51' 3755 d xeuvmcuan IIA!! 60 Alfifdlffi M6 ,g WMM ZW fl6!Lf!V!E Lg KI ffl. KKK 4 gl es, Dean Rodney Pancake Day was a big success as Tau's served hundreds of cusfomers The Spring Pledge Class. l5l ALPHA TAU OMEGA Firsl' Row: - Mae Anderson, Preslon Barber, Thys Bax, Al Bochman, Bob Boles, John Boslic, Tim Bresnahan, Harold Brown, Ken Brown, Pal' Bryan, Jim Burlon, Ralph Burche'H'. Second Row: David Carr, Ken Coleman, Joe Davis, Gene Dillingham, Mike Dyer, Frank Emmons, Don Fisher, Tom Eilzparrick, Bill Eoulk, Dwighl Fugale, Jeff Gagnon, Sieve Gines. Third Row: Kirby Gordon, Tom Grayson, Earl Hall, Ron Hall, George Hanrahan, Jack Haskins, Neil Haynes, Jerry Heinzman, Billy Joe Hodge, Dave Hornback, Furgie Hunler, Terry Irwin. Fourfh Row: David James, Sidney Law, Jack Liclenberg, Ron Like, Pele Looney, Larry Lozowski, Frank Miller, Jimmy Milligan, Ken Milligan, Larry Mullen, Bill Myers, Bud Nall, Fi'F'l'h Row: Warren Nanney, Jimmy Nix, Dan Oales, Dickie Paschall, Sieve Quindry, Terry Riddick, Carroll Rich, Danny Ryan, Mike Sanford, Augie Schiller, Jack Shell, Rich Sides. Sixfh Row: David Earl Smilh, Garry Smilh, Sieve Smilh, Milch Sommer, Glen Slangland, Tommie Sreele, Larry Slewarl, Sieve Slory. Larry Sweazy, Joe Swift Slassen Thompson, Par Tierney. Sevenfh Row: Jack Tinsley, Eddie Troller, Jim Turley, John Wadsworrh, Bill Wesl, Dumas Wiercioch, Terry Wilkinson, Jim Wrighl, Rick Wynkoop, Jim Yosl. 'RTN I53 MIKE CH ElRiRY Fall Presidenf MICKEY MARTIN Spring Presidenf 3 v Jiiimfffc WS . PI KIIPPI-I ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha, nafional Greek social frafernify, was founded on 'rhe campus of fhe Universify of Virginia by six young men dedicafed fo frufh, honor, friendship, and loyal- fy. Today Pi K A numbers I4-5 acfive chapfers on campuses everywhere in fhe Unifed Sfafes. Pi Kappa Alpha al' Murray Sfafe College, Epsilon Lambda, was fhe firsf nafional frafernify on a Kenfucky Sfafe College campus. Epsilon Lambda has excelled in all phases of college life fhis year. The men of Pi K A again won fhe Dean Nash Scholarship Trophy, named for fhe Dean of fhe College who has iusf celebrafed his fiffiefh year as a member of Pi Kappa Alpa. The Pikes also won fhe Homecoming Floaf compefifion, fhe School Spirif Confesf, fhe Nafional Pledge Training Award, and placed sixfh in over-all proficiency in compefifion wifh all ofher chapfers. The undergraduafe years as a Pi K A are, indeed, rewarding. Buf, perhaps more re- warding is a Pike's refurn visif fo his Alma Mafer. lf is fhen fhaf he knows fhe meaning of "Once a Pike, always a Pike,:' for fhis frafernify is one bound fogefher by fhose qualifies which cannof be weafhered by years. As sfafed in fhe Preamble fo our Consfi- 'lufion, "For fhe esfablishmenf of friendship on a firmer and more lasfing basisg for fhe promofion of brofherly love and kind feeling: for fhe mufual benefif and aclvancemenf of fhe inferesfs of fhose wifh whom we sympafhize and deem worfhy of our regard: we have resolved fo form a frafernify . . Gary Keller, Vice-Presiclenfg Eddie Grogan, Secrefary: Ken Bisig, Pledge Masfer: Dean William Nash, Advisor. Lifchfield, Treasurer: Bob Kincheloe, Sgf.-al'-Arms: Sfeve l54 PATSY SPANN Dream Girl "KI ififf PiKA's garher around +l1eir 'Fire fruclr The Spring Pledge Class. I55 PI KAPPA ALPHA Firsf Row: Jim Adams, Buddy Albriiion, John Barr, Harold Bequeiie, Bob Bivin, Walrer Blackburn, Tom Blue, Fred Brown, Ernie Brumbaugh, Harry Byrd. Second Row: Jim Chambers, Alan Curiis, Joseph Day, Michael Donini, Dave Douglas, Jerry Duncan, Eddie Farmer, Les Fowler, Ron Gibson, Jerry Gorrell. Third Row: Mark Graham, Lee Green, Robbie Gregory, Charles Groves, Jimmie Harrison, Kennerh Harrison, Mike Harion, James Hay, Woody Herndon, Ken Hill. Fourfh Row: Richard Huri, Marlin Johnson, Barry Johnson, Gene Jones, Larry Jones, Larry Kaler, Ronnie Kaler, Tom McConnell, Thomas Morgan, Ron Moss. Fiffh Row: John Neubauer, John Orr, Jerry Over+on, Burch Procior, Jerry Pulliam, Junior Reed, Mike Reid, Charlie Rice, Tom Ryan, Don Saunders. Sixfh Row: Paul Schroeder, Ronnie Scruggs, Jon Sigh+s, Sfeve Simmons, John Skellion, Lee Somers, Max Spillman, Ken Sfadelman, James Tacke'r+, Charles TerreH. Seven+h Row: Gary Thompson, Terry Tolberf, Roberi' Trouiman, John Turn- bow, Bob Whirron, Sreve Williams, Billy Wilson, Norman Woodward, Mike Wrighi. fs 0 Q' -vu CHUCK WETZEL Fall Presidenf F I SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi was founded I I I years ago af Miami Universify in Oxford, Ghio, Today, 'ihe fra lernify embraces over lO0,000 members in over l4O acfive chapfers and fhrough- ouf fhe world. Af Murray Sfafe, Sigma Chi evolved from ifs local chapfer, founded in 1948, fo fhe Epsilon Tau chapfer of Sigma Chi in April of l959. Through Sigma Chi, college men find expression in many areas of Greek life. Among These values are brofherhood, service, fellowship, social and exfracurricular life and ofhers. Sfanding foday on over a cenfury of fradifion, Sigma Chi is proud of The facf fhaf if has more alumni chapfers and fhe highesf percenfage of dues-paying alumni fhan any ofher frafernify in fhe world. This is indicafive of 'rhe spirif of brofherhood fhaf fran- scends graduafion and confinues fhroughouf life. Sigs in all walks of life and in every geographic locafion sfill remain acfive in frafernify life and work and refain fhe benefifs of membership. A virfual gianf in fhe Greek world, Sigma Chi offers fo every college man fhe oppor- funify fo sfrengfhen and amplify fhe benefifs of college life in order fo form a fufure life of service and dignify. Flrsf Row David Parker Vice Presidenf George Shafio, Core ond Row: Paul Beckwifh, Ediforp Wilson Woolley, Hisforian: responding Secrefary Sfeve Tifsworfh Recording Secrefary: James Jones, l-lisforianq Dick Farrell, Sglzaf-Arms: Dr. R. B. Dalfon Boyd Treasurer Thomas Miller Pledge Masfer. Sec- Parsons, Advisor. l58 JEANNIE PHILLIPS Sweefhearf These Sigma Cl1i's admire ihe fropllies +ha+ are placed in +l1eir newly redecorafed room. The Spring Pledge Class. I59 SIGMA CHI Firs+ Row: Ron Anderson, Russell Anderson, Sieve Ball, Bill Boone, Bruce Brackmann, Floyd Caprenier, Garland Cerfain, Bill Claggefi, Larry Cools, Sieve Cravens. Second Row: Bill Cunningham, Ron Delrick, Julian Dismukes, Darrel Dixon, Carmen Donolrio, Derrell Elkins, Jim Erickson, Ari' Fields, Ed Funk, Richard Gardner. Third Row: Sam Gardner, Don Golighrly, Paul Greenwell, Randy Hall Gary Hammer, Dwighr Hawkins, Jack Hawkins, Kean Heck Harry Hina, Ben Hogancamp. Four+h Row: Sammy Housden, Gary Hunt Ed Frank'Jeflrey, Dean Jo- hannes, James Kelley, Lynn Kull, Jay Lipscomb,James Liffle- iohn, Bruce Long, George Long. Fif+h Row: David Lusk, John Mearns, Charles Mircnell, Mark Mundy, Tom Murphy, Tom Norlfson, L. W. Pafrerson, Donnie Pride, Larry Prow, Lenny Pyle. Sixfh Row: Dan Reilly, Fred Rigsloy, Ron Riley, Dave Sellrle, Ken Russell, Bob Salrlerfield, Siu Serine, Joe SeHle, Bob Sims, Bill Solo- man. Seven+h Row: Dwighf Swann, Edward Swinerron, Larry Tillman, John Tanner, Harvey Tanner, James Thomas, Bill Wheaicroff, Tom Winkler, George Yares, Roger Yaies. my sf' IF' 4-S' Bun L uw 1 .inf "TW- 953 KW! 751 Q..,, t"'7 if-A is 0- 'TCT' N-mfg 95:7 L?-G 'Wk Qs' k i. 'iv-xx- '58-...... M.. 19"-9 124. . wa.. K-5 gf fm S' Q' 'il' N-..,. f I Q bf" ."'A 'QW T' Ibl 1 CHUCK BACCUS Presiden+ TAU KAPPA EPSILUN Zera Chi of Murray Slare was founded in rhe spring of I959. Tau Kappa Epsilon ol- lers college men a more complele life rhrough parlicipalion in all phases of social life and afhlelic compefilion. This pasr year has added 'ro our rich hislory wilh anorher rra- dilional Red Carnarion Ball, The new Parry Murphy Dance, and The Sound of Viclory Dance. A+ preseni we are defending our righl lo relain The fralernily all-sporis frophy for anolher year. Our founders broughl lorlh our lralernify because They found lhe need for a new fralernily, a fralernily fhal would selecl i+s membership on lhe lrue basis of characler ralher Than on The arlilicial one of rank, posiion, or weallh. "Finally, above all else, l'his lralernily slands lor Men. We believe in 'rheir equalily in lhose 'rhings which The Crealor has decreed They should equally enioy. We consider no man from The sfandpoinl ol Those qualilies and advanlages he as noi' aflained by per' sonal effort We sland for men whose manhood has wilhsfood +he 'resl of frying condi- lions. We deem slerling characler and slaunch uprighlness lo be necessary qualiiicalions lo membership in lhis lralerniiy. All else, fhough desirable, is secondary fo These." We would like io dedicale our few pages in The I966 SHIELD 'ro our lafe Fraler Bob l-lunyadi, who died +his summer in a boaling mishap on Lalce Michigan, His memory we will always cherish. Slephen Sharber, Vice-Presidenlg Tony Schmidt Secrelaryp Bayer, Chaplaing Tom l-linderling, Sergeanl'-al-Arms, l-lowie Bobby Lagow, Treasurerg Mike Kownaclci, l-lisforiani Glenne Jones, Pledgemasfer. 'N' if Tie vs., I62 V. ,4 , W U KN hx K., TKE's prepare 'their bell for i+'s regular appearance al' all flue home foofball games. PATSY HEN DON Sweelhearl The Spring Pledge Class. I63 TAU KAPPA EPSILUN Firsf Row: Andy Azzarello, Bob Brafsafolis, Joe Clolhier, Don Cook Don DiBello, Denny Dukes, Glen Edwards, Rich Fagan George Fallon. Second Row: Don Fields, Carl Fors, Jim Gordon, Larry Green, William Greenwell, Chris Hansen, Bob Hopkins, Chuck Hornung, Bob Jones. Third Row: Bill Koenecke, Bill lanklorcl, Wall Leahy, Bob Lenl, Gerald Lush, Keirh McCloud, Sieve Mikulka, Dave Miller, Sonny Minor. Fourfh Row: Jeff Moler, Frank Pappalardo, Ray Pelley, Phil Pelro, Joe Police, Rich Robbins, Sieve Ross, Jack Shepherd, Dave Smifh. Fiffh Row: Nick Spadafino, Sieve Tricarico, Viro Vascassenno, Alan Walker, Bryan Walker. xxx,-Q 'G--....,, 'Jie f-q-aux is-...ff ,,,K., fhlv 74511 419' 'MKII'- nov" :Q 4, clue-vu insepa- .lilN"' Richard Kahn presenTs Bruce Palmisano, The winner of The annual Ugly Man on Campus conTesT, wiTh The non-group sponsored plaque. KAREN ERICKSON SweeThearT JOHN C. OTTER'BA'CH ER Presidenf ALPHA PHI OMEGA WiTh The close oT The Spring SemesTer, Xi Omega ChapTer oT Alpha Phi Omega, "NaTional Service l:raTerniTy," concludes iTs Third year aT The home oT The Thorough- breds and loolcs wiTh pleasure upon The college's TransiTion To universiTy sTaTus. IT has been said +haT "service To humaniTy is The besT work oT liTe" and ThaT "no man is an island," We in Alpha Phi Omega are convinced oT The TruTh in These sTaTemenTs and have endeavored To TulTill our purpose by conTinuing To serve The youTh and com- munity, The sTudenT body and TaculTy, The naTion as parTicipaTing ciTizens, and The members oT The TraTerniTy. How is This service demonsTraTed: by an annual ciTy-wide door-To-door CloThing Drive which is conducTed in The Tall Tor The Appalachian area oT The counTry: by our Film FesTival, which provides a double TeaTure program oT award-winning Tilms on Friday, SaTurday, and Sunday evenings aT a modesT price Tor The sTudenT body: by consTrucT- ing a reviewing sTand upon which The adminisTraTion, parade judges, and queen candi- daTes may view and iudge The Homecoming Parade, and The seTTing up oT The parade on Homecoming morning: by providing The manpower To sTaTT and operaTe The sTudenT organizaTion elecTions: by sponsoring a Touch oT The "Old SouTh" in our annual Rebel Ball in The spring: by operaTing a Boolc Exchange where The sTudenTs can sell and pur- chase used TexT books: by opening The yuleTide season wiTh The decoraTing oT The col- lege ChrisTmas Tree: and by oTTering The Alpha Phi Omega membership such TuncTions as The Fall l-layride and Spring Picnic, as well as several closed dances. WhaT does a man geT ouT oT a TraTerniTy wiTh a Theme oT service? This is diTTiculT To answer, buT aT presenT over 90,000 men in over 390 chapTers since The incepTion oT The TraTerniTy in i925 aT LaFayeTTe College in EasTon, Pennsylvania, have bonded TogeTher under The inspiraTion oT The "good Turn" oT The scouTing movernenT in an aTTempT To develop The characTerisTics oT leadership, Triendship, and service. James STahler, FirsT Vice-PresidenT: Ralph Kern, Second Vice- STeplco, Corresponding SecreTaryg Barry Roper, Treasurer: PresidenT7 Richard Burgess, Recording SecreTary: George RoberT Weiss, SergeanT-aT-Arms: George BriTT, Advisor. .AQ Al Firsi' Row: Sfewarl' Bergmann, Eddy Bullock, Raymond Donham, Allan Epsfein, Robe r+ Fra ngione. Second Row: Roberi Gamble, James Harris, Thomas Harwood, Mike Heimer, Don Hoover. Third Row: Greg Hopkins, John Juriga, Rich- ard Kahn, Marvin Koonfz, Ronald Leiser. Fourfh Row: Sluarl Lesohinsky, Arfhur Marx, James Morgan, Louis Parker. David Preslup. Fif+h Row: Philip Pufnam, George Rehmus, David Russell, Branr Taylor. DONNA SERMERSHEIM Sweefheari if-f A ff, in V x iw. M W f 2 + ' A Kiwis xl ' ix i..- fllllllli lillhllwl fc: , sw, rl- '1 yi i r A 'I 3 pil l tvs Ygl iff vi' 'TM' il A " " , ff' will ll N'-'L-,.,....', ' " -Lg .LE DALE COLLIE Presiden+ LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was Tounded aT BosTon UniversiTy on November 2, l909. By The end ol: l9l2, The new TraTerniTy had grown To six chapTers. Today, Lambda Chi Alpha has over 96,000 broThers wiThin iTs bond in The UniTed STaTes and Canada. There are no accomplishmenTs more worThy Than The birTh of ideas which have The qualiTy To inspire men To finer acTiviTies and bind Them TogeTher in a noble cause. Thus, we celebraTe our Founders Day. March 22, as The birThday of our TraTerniTy's riTualisTic Teachings raTher Than The acTual Tdunding oT our TraTerniTy. The dedicaTed goal of Lambda Chi Alpha is To help The college man, To Teach him, To inspire him, and To insTill wiThin him The ideals oT a well-rounded characTer. Perhaps, This aim can be besT expressed by our open LaTin moTTo Vir Quisque Vir, meaning Every man a man, and by our open Greek moTTo Calepa Ta Kala, meaning NaughT wiThouT labor. WalTer STeTanslci, Vice-President STanley Dulin, SecreTary: Lawrence BeaTTys, Treasurer: Dr. Franklin FiTch, Sponsor. l68 Tiki in-....,, -W-A ., 1' 45919 W M-fax 'ir' ' :ZS ,gm H95 Q sf h Gs. .--f....,, sf 'iffy q ' I69 Fronf Row: David Bradley, Michael Brashear, Thomas Brown, Paul Danfic. Seven'l'h Row: Dean Gauch, Dan Harelson, Thom- as Hiier, Richard Kline. Third Row: Thomas Kremm, James Lewis, Den- nis McGadden, Daniel O'Neil. Four+h Row: James Reising, Michael Rundle. Jeff Spalin, James Taylor. Fiffh Row: Julius Teslce, Michael Toes, Roberi Warren. hw in JOAN McGIN'NIS Q' MITCHELL ROWLAND Presidenf Sweefhearf we ts- J I' faq'-'igiuI'nl Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional men's music frafernify which is dedicafed fo . V music and music sfudenfs, and membership offers much for friendship in and ouf of :g ppfffgig F music. Sinfonia has been called fhe "Who's Who of Music." Brofhers sfrive "fo advance ,AQ 41f'fQQ,"i'71f:1'fTff51fi' KQV' fhe cause of music in America, fo fosfer fhe mufual welfare and brofherhood of sfudenfs as -f N fy, . -,, ' of music, fo develop fhe fruesf frafernal spirif among ifs members and fo encourage UTY' N Qj l lf f fh Alm M f r" we! oya y o e a a e. James Cox, Vice-Presidenfg David Babbs, Secrefary: Charles Dan Sfeely, Hisforiang David Berry, Warden: Tom Mefcalf, Hufchins, Treasurer: Howard Harlcins, Alumni Secrefaryq Parliamenfarian. Lua... W-.-. "N--n I70 Firsf Row: Barry Adams, Herberi Adams, Gerald Bayless, Keiih Cash, Eddie Clark, William Criswell, John Dar- nall. Second Row: Darryl Davis, Jerryl Davis, Edmund Duhy, Jerre Duncan, Don Good- ing, Joe Grani, David Gusravson. Third Row: William Hancock, David Henne James Holmes, Daniel Holi, Wes- ley Hoover, Joseph Hoy+, Joe Jackson. Four+h Row: Raymond James, Richard Jones, Ronald Keilholiz, Roberi Kraiz, Richard Lassirer, Dan McDaniel, John Mason. FiF+h Row: Gary Masse'r+o, Gary Moore, George Murphy, James Noles, Ramon Pappalardo, Roberr Perino, Morris Ransdell. Six+h Row: William Reynolds, James Rhem, Gary Roberfson, William Runyan, Louis Sariego, Joseph Seqree. David Shaner, James Sims. Seven+h Row: Lee Somers, Thomas Srewari, Thomas Sruck, Lawrence Thee, Byron Toney, Terry Van, Donald Whiiis, Ted Williams. THE RELIGIOUS CUUNCIL The Religious Council is an organizalion whose members Council's purpose is lo promole various religious aclivilies represenl all of l'he various organizalions on campus whelher such as inspiralional and worlhwhile programs. religious, service, or social. Non-denominalional in nalure, The OFFICERS 3 5 az if 3 MARGARET cRiDER President Roe-ER HERRON Vice President gvis Bossie LEE BOYD 3 if ' Q Secrefary 1 Sus 4 l E j ,- CAROLYN LAMB 5- L Treasurer l I . f 1 -3 is LINDA EDWARDS Publicify , is i. f I Q L' DR. FRANK STEELY 3 Advisor 3 3 OFFICERS RICHARD SMITH Moderalor JOHN BRADFORD Vice Moderalor PATRICIA HENRY Clerk H EWITT HAR NED Acfivifies Chairman WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Our purpose as we unile in Weslminsler Fellowship is lo become such complele disciples lhal we will discover God's will for our lives and do il. I73 UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY Seafed: Ann Bradley, Kay Wallis, Dana Dycus, Carolyn Lamb, Charlolrfe Lee. S'IancIing: Judy Broach, Nancy Black- ford, John Pasco, Ed Frank Jeffrey, Viclor Lonnon, Jackie Jones, Jane Wyman. fgsfs,f5,fz.s1-2. , ,.,,,, 93. The Uniied Campus Ivlinisfry, formed during The summer of I965, is fhe non-denominalional union of Ihe Chrislian Slrudenf Cenfer lChris'rian Church, Disciples of Chrisfl and The Wesley Foundalion llvlelrhodisrl. Welcoming all members of l'he Murray campus, U. C. M. provides an almosphere in which persons may experience spiriI'ual growlh 'Found on 'lhe college campus. Hs aclivilies include Sunday nighl worship services, Wednesday Iuncheons, Wednesday nigh'I forums. noonday devofions, various seminars, and informal fellowship for all. COLLEGE CHURCH 0F CHRIST The College Church o'fChris1' These sfuclenfs 'found a place for worship and service. I75 l E 'T lb ,rs T . l-13 Sealed: Lynn Williams, Jean Sullivan, Carla Greenwell, Pam Rui, Donna Sermersheim, Joan Malringly, Don Greenwell, Milce Richard Evans. Dr. Milcaleulc. '?,zi'f I Sullivan. Sfandingz Falher lngrasia, Waller Slefanslci, NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club of Murray Slale College is organized lo provide religious educalion and assislance for Calholic sludenls. During This pasl year, The Newman Club has moved info ils new Calholic sludenl cenler, Gleason l-lall, al Twelflh and Payne Slreels. The Newman Club has a Jrhreeliold purpose: religious, inlelleclual and social and il alrlempls +o presenl a varied program +o achieve These ends. The Murray Slare Newman Club in ils meelings slrives lo give lhe sludenls inleresling speakers, religious educalion and social aclivilies. The Newman Club welcomes all sludenls and encourages parricipalion in all campus acfivilies. The Newman Chaplain is Farher Marlin Ma++ingly and lhe facully advisor is Dr. Pele Panzera. OFFICERS DON GREENWELL ... C... .... . .Presideni PAM RUF .... ....,, . . ...,...,, Vice Presideni DONNA SERMERSHEIM ..,... Recording Secrelary JOAN SULLIVAN .,.. .,.... ,,.. C o rresponding Secrelary MIKE lN6RASlA ....,.... .... . , ......, ,,.,,, T reasurer FATHER MARTIN MATTINGLY .. ,... Chaplain DR. MIKALEUK ..... , ,.... ..... A dvisor BAPTIST STUDENT U NIUN The Bap+is+ Sfudeni Union is an organiza+ion for Bapfisi and Bapiisf preference siucienis in insiiiuiions of higher edu- caiion. I+ seeks 'ro prornofe spiriiuai developrnenf Through devo+ionai services, discussion groups, mission proiecrs, sacred music and social acfiviiies. OFFICERS CHARLES POWELL ., . MARGARET CRIDER JUDY ADAMS . ., . MR. JACKIE FORTUNE .. The Execufive Council 'For I965-66. T 5 s I i . i 3 L 5 E E . - 1 E A 2 L i 5 s QQ-i' iii QE 1 i , T i . ,. .President Vice-Presidenf . .Secrefa ry . . Direcior 'I The Bapfisf Siudenf Cen+er zz vsivv az f .1 Q1 Q 'L-- af zz -521. IY-:EFF 2 3? -Q fa? -kA. 1 5 S ' 151 iil fl ' i A T1 xg I Vin' fi M1155 SHA SL, I-gl, " k Y 2 M. ' I 1 ' ,S-, Y Q, 45 M A ,R+ 3?LL- CLUBS INTERCDLLEGIATE DEBATE Each year all oT The colleges oT The UniTed STaTes agree on a debaTe Topic Tor The year. From SepTember To April re- search is concenTraTed in This area. The maTerial is organized, and each debaTer and Team works To excell over his op- ponenTs in knowledge, rheTorical skill, and eTTecTiveness in responsible speaking. This kind oT Training Tor TuTure leader' ship in The naTion and The world is lnTercollegiaTe DebaTe. This year The TwenTy members OT The Murray STaTe debaTe squad Took parT in approximaTely one-hundred inTercollegiaTe debaTes7 spoke beTore TorTy-Tive high schools oT Tennessee, KenTucky, Missouri, and Illinois: sponsored an on-campus de- baTe workshop Tor area high schools, and an lnTernaTional debaTe wyi+h Teams Trom The BriTish UniversiTies. AbouT eighTeen hwousancl people lisTened To Murray STaTe debaTers in acTion. The college program is direcTed by ProTessor J. AlberT Tracy, and is recognized as one oT The besT speech- Training programs in The naTion. Members of Murray STaTe's Debafe Squad prepare To leave for a mee! wifh anolher school. JOYCE BINFORD Presidenf ALPHA BETA ALPHA Firsl' Row: Vicky Brown, Sylvia Clark, Marqare+ Crider, Judy Garrell, Pal Herrinqlon, Carolyn Lamb. Second Row: Jennye Long, Judy lvlaflock, Judy Miller, Brenda lvlcKeel, May Pearce, Genevieve Schwager. Third Row: Kalie Walker, Ann Wafson, Kalie Wright Epsilon Chapler of Alpha Bela Alpha was inslallecl af Mur- ray Sfafe College on January I7, l953. The purposes of fhis lralernily are +o furlher Jrhe professional knowledge of ifs members, lo promole fellowship, and 'ro serve as a recruifing agency for librarians. "Books, People, Service, Life," is 'lhe fralernily mollo. The official flower is l'he while rose: l'he colors are while and royal purple. We DANNY STEELEY Vice-Presidenf 'st' A.- is "The Sock and Buslcin drama club was founded in l925 and is The oldesl organizalion on The campus. The purpose of 'rhe club is ro creare, develop, and promole in+eres'r in drama. Members gain experience borh in acring and producfion while worlcing on Two arena producrion, Children's Thearre and one-acl plays which are direcred by srudenr direclors. Those wishing 'lo become members of Sock and Buslcin musl go Through a period of apprenficeship. During This period They become familiar wilh differenr aspecls of lheafre. Each Spring 'rhe club holds a banquel a+ which awards are presenfed To The besl aclress, besl acror, and oulsranding parlicipanr in The club." F- R857 Mary Thomas. Secre+ary7 Par Walls, Treasurer: Carol Emery, Sergeanl'-ar-Arms. Firs'I' Row: Ann Barqer, Vicki Byrum, Hepsie Crawford, Pal Ellis, Rosemary Goad, Dennis Hill. Second Row: Leslye Mercer, Dianna Minlon, Gail Nance, Sherry Richardson, Ron Smifh, Jaclcie Swanson. TOM JONES Vice-Presidenf OFFICERS TOM HAYDEN, Senior .,.,..,....... .. . ,.... Presiclenl' TOM JONES. Junior ...., .. .,.,... . . ,,Vice-Presidenf MARY THOMAS, Sophomore ,,..,.,.. Secrelary PAT WATTS, Junior . ,, . ,,.. ,..Treasurer CAROL EMERY, Sophomore ...., Serqeanf-af-Arms DONNA Pl-llLLlPS, Sophomore . . .. . . l-lisforian "R" UN, fix., Kink' be-' Elf' --,:v'r"" W- s aaa THORUUGHBRED HOUR Two members of The Thoroughbred Hour sfaff prepare for 'Their nighily broadcast The Thoroughbred Hour is an informaiion and service iunciion primarily for ihe siudenls of Murray Slaie College and secondarily for The Jrownspeople of The ci'ry of Murray. The Thoroughbred Hour serves also as a workshop for slu- denls who are inreresred in Jrhe field of radio broadcasiling. The nighrly program is produced and marraied by The sfaff from The sludios in Wilson Hall. The Thoroughbred Hour slraff is headed by The s+a+ion manager wiih The aid of fhe faculry advisor. ,',V In Qggxgloifr gf lllmyf l lllllllllllllf if 42 "The Women's A'rhle+ic Associalion has as i+s purpose 'rhe sponsorship of a recrealional sporis program for women slu- clenls, Jrhe provision of co-recrealional aciivilies, ancl lhe promo'rion of group spiril in afhlelics, Membership is open lo all women sfudenls. Among Ihe aclivifies sponsored by I'he organizarion are "The Sea Mis+s" lSynchronized Swim Clubl, ihe women's inlramural program, high school Playclay, and The annual Wafer Carnival." The purpose of 'lhis organizafion is 'ro liurlher, support and promofe an inreresl in wafer aclivilies al Murray Slaie Col- lege. The See Mislrs presenr The annual Wafer Carnival. W 2 OFFICERS TRUDY Russm Presidenl' Vice- Presidenf I MIKI SCI-IUMAKER SU-E PINE Secrefa ry l PEC-'GY KOCH Treasurer CAROL BRYANT Publicify Chairman PHYIQLIS SANDERSON Working Poinls Chairman RUTH ANN MORSE Aclivily Poinls Chairman ATHLETIC ASSUCIATIUN OFFICERS '1i1gfg1,gfkQfii MARLEN EAGLE ' Presiclenl I SUSAN KONIECY I -H Vice-Presiclenl' 5 i BARBARA OSTERDOCK Secre+ary MARTHA ROBERTSON Publicily Chairman ss, 1- SEA MISTS ,4 I woMEN's J Y AGRICULTURE CLUB Fronf Row: Dennis Cox, Sherell Olive, Phillip Rudolph. Back Row: Mr. Roberi "The Agriculfure Club obieciives include Ihe develop- rneni of boih leadership and scholarship among sI'uden+s in agriculiure and Jrhe mainfenance of close personal relarion- ships beiween ihe siudenls and faculiy. Hs annual program of acfiviiies, calling for a broad base of membership par- Jricipaiion, coniains 'rhe Field Day 'rhai brings 'ro Ihe MSC campus some 500 Io 700, high school boys for a day of worlc and visifafion, a club banquef and numerous oiher social even+s." OFFICERS DENNIS COX .. . SHERELL OLIVE . PHILLIP RUDOLPH CARL SMITH .. MIKE THOMAS .. GEORGE GOWIN MR. ARLIE SCOTT ... ...Presiclenf , . . Viceelnresidenf .......SecreIary . . . .Treasurer . , , .Reporier . . . . , Sfudenf Organizafion Represenfafive 31 MR. ROBERT HENDON . ., .... Advisors r 5 5 11: , ...R ii I .,,. .ws- I .ww vis, if wi as fm I Hendon, Carl Smifh, Mike Thomas. fs? I f . Q. 5 . , . , 1 I is 1 1 . I I fm 2. M- 91 35 K X I Q ig z I -W-4 mm sw, 2 f 1 r Q- ..s,fs.2 g ' ":L,Ei?iE?5L .. , .1 .J ..,.. f3E??Z?gm WET, .X , ms.. HUME EGBNUMIGS CLUB The Home Economics Club is a professional organizafion affiliafed wifh lhe American Home Economics Associafion and fhe Kenfuclcy Home Economics Associafion. Among ifs purposes are fo develop professional affiludes and inferesf by providing opporfunifies for worlcing wilh faculfy and sfudenls of our college, meefing and lcnowing people who are successfully pracficing fhe profession, pro- viding opporlunifies for fhe developmenf of leadership abilifies, faking fhe firsl sfep foward professional recognifion, and seeking an undersfanding of all peoples. This club granls a scholarship each year fo an oufsfanding school senior girl who wishes fo furlher her fraining in home economics. BRENDA TICHENOR SANDRA BREEZE ... RITA THOMPSON .. MADELYN RATHBUN BUNNY SHAEFFER . OFFICERS .,,.....,Presidenf ..,.Vice-Presidenl Secrelary ...,.....Treasurer Publicify Chairman Sealed: Brenda Tichenor, Miss Alice Ramer, Sandra Breeze Slanding: Rifa Thompson, Madelyn Rafhbun, Bunny Shaeffer 1 2 i- --Y One of fhe purposes of Phi Be+a Lambda is 'Io IurIher a sfudy of busif ness and business educaiion. ED THOMAS Presideni PHI BETA LAMBDA Phi Bela Lambda, nalional business fraiernily, was founded on February 3, I942, as a par+ of +he Furure Business Leaders of America. On June 15, I958, Phi Bela Lambda was eslablishecl as fhe College Division of FBLA. Today, Ihere are more Jrhan 300 chapiers 'rhroughoui Jrhe Unired Siaies and Canada. The Delia Gamma Chapier a+ Murray Sfafe College was charfered in l96l. Membership consisrs of siudenis in all fields of' business. The purposes are 'ro furfher a sludy of business and business educaliong ro Iurfher undersfanding of Ihe business world: and +o work for a higher sfandard of eihics in all fields of business. Phi Bela Lambda is sponsored by The Nafional Business Educaiion Associaiion. PAUL HERRON TIM DETRICK NANCY BLACKFORD LINDA FARLEY JETTA CULPEPPER Vice-Presideni' Treasurer Secrefary Reporfer-His+orian Parlia menI'arian I86 CN- Firsi' Row: David Adams Sara Allison Russell Anderson Judy Bean Ken Boerner Gillis Bridges Bob Brorhers Second Row: Marion Burnam Karol Burlclow Karl Calhoun Belly Cardwell Gary Chandler George Clemenfs Charles Confor Third Row: Mary Dempsey Phyllis Dowdy George Duralcis Ron DuVall Eddie Farmer Joe Finlcelsfein Don Gamblin Four+h Row: Roberl Hall Gary Hammer Dan Harelson Bill Hendrix Linda Henry Marfha Hogancamp Kaye Holding Fi'F+h Row: Margarer Hughes Jack Holmes Frances Hulse Lorin Klemp Bob Knighr Tom Koon Willard Lappe Sixfh Row: Carolyn McNeely Bill Moye Paul Mullins Nancy Nash Joanne Newcomer Lucinda Newcomer Melinda Newcomer Seven'l'h Row: Dan Oares Charles Palrerson Cheryl Prowse Gary Riney Barbara Raines Richard Rideoul Jean Sloan 'viary Schwiderslci Eigh+h Row: Tom Smirh Margaref Tuclcer Ronald Tucker Carolyn Unger Rodney Wafson Dianne Wes? Sue Willingham Tom Wyman ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 3 cloud drown Ice crystal droplet cloud in-9. Sealed: Joan PruiH', Cynfhia Thresher, Carroll I-IiII. Sfandings Tony DiPauIo, Roger Neal. Murray Slare College Associaiion for Childhood Educa- Iion is a branch of The Associalion for Childhood Educalion Inlernaiional. The members of A.C.E. are individuals whose common inleresl is The welfare and educafion ol: young children. The branch provides channels Through which These individuals can exlend Their in+eres'r in various ways and ai The same lime prepare, as a Teacher, To aid in The solulion of problems relaied Io children. ROGER NEAL . , MARY BETH HAYES JOAN PRUITT ,....... TONY DIPAULO ,... CARROLI HILL ...,... CYNTHIA THRESHER ,,,, OFFICERS ............,Presidenf ,...Eirs+ Vice-Presidenl .. , .Second Vice-Presidenf , . , . .Third Vice-Presidenf ....,...,..,SecreI'ary . . . . .Treasurer ,uifM ,wmivmw INTERNATIDNAL RELATIUNS CLUB The ln+erna+ional Relalions Club, oldesl organizalion on campus, was founded for The purpose of promoling belief underslandinq of inlernalional affairs. This is accomplished by a monlhly discussion of currenl inlernalional, as well as nalional, problems. The year's aclivilies began wifh Jrhe annual picnic al Dr. Sowle's home. During Jrhe year visilors and faculfy speak To lhe group on lopics of inleresl parficularly lo social science maiors. OFFICERS RUSSELL HOSP .....,..,. ...,... P residem' KENNETH CRAWFORD .... .4... V ice-Presidenl' ELLEN ROSE MASON ........,............ ,.... S ecrelary DR. JOHN NETHERS 81 DR. JAMES STARTT .... ..... A disors Sea+ed: Ellen Rose Mason, Russell Hosp. Sfandingz Dr. James Slarll, Kennelh Crawford. 5 The Murray Sfale College Dames Club is an organizafion for The wives of sfudenls and Jrhe married women who allend college. The club has been affilialed wifh Jrhe Narional As- socialion of Universify Dames since Sepfember of I958. The obiecr of 'rhe organizalion is Io provide social, recreafional, and culfural opporiunifies for Hs members and es+abIish among Jrhem a spiri+ of good fellowship. Since l96I Ihe Dames Club has sponsored The Mrs. Murray S+a+e Conf Iesl. A+ Ihe annual Spring Banquet Ihe mosl oursfanding member for The year receives Ihe Jrille of "Ideal Dame" and a silver bracelet Mrs. J. Mail Sparlcman has been Ihe sponsor of The Dames Club since if was eslablished. OFFICERS DARL I-IER'RCN ., . , , ...,..........,...,... Presidenl JODY COOPER . .. ,,............ Vice-Presidenl EVELYN MILLER ... ,... Corresponding Secrefary LINDA I-IILL ......, .,..,. R ecording Secrefary PATSY GREEN ...,.. ,,,.,,,........ T reasurer ANNIE STEPHENS ..... ,..,. P ublicily Chairman SUE CUNDIFF ..,,,.... . ........ Program Chairman BARB GWALTNEY .,.,,.,. .... C o-Program Chairman MRS. MATT SPARKMAN .,. ................ Sponsor DI-IMES CLUB Seafedz Evelyn Miller, Darl I-Ierron, Palsy Green, Mrs. Spark- man. Sfanding: Barb Gwalrney, Linda I-Iill, Annie Sfephens Sue Cundiff, Jody Cooper. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS TI-IOMAS VICK . . ..,PresidenT JIM MILLER ,.,, ..... V ice-PresidenT JOI-IN STECZAK .. . ...., Treasurer Pl-IILLIP HOCKER .,. ...4..,,..... SecreTary PAUL GOODLEY ... ..... PubliciTy Chairman MR. G. T. LILLY ,... ............ S ponsor SeaTed: John STeczalc, Jim Miller, and Mr. CliTTon Lemons. Sfandingz Mr. George Lilly, Phillip I-locker, Paul Goodley. and Thomas Vick. The lndusTrial ArTs Clubs primary TuncTion is To develop professional growTh in each of iTs members. In developing This growish, The club annually sponsors Tield Trips To sTudy indusTry, aTTends professional convenTions, and holds a pro- grammed meeTing each monTh. In addiTion, The club awards a cash scholarship To The iunior sTuclenT deemed mosT ouT- sTanding. and also recognizes an ouTsTanding senior each year. In The Open Exhibi+ of The IndusTrial ArTs DeparTmenT, oTher awards are presenTed Tor superior worlc ThaT has been consTrucTed ThroughouT The year. ,L an 2 N if E Q 5 2 OFFICERS LESLIE PRITCHNRD Presideni' I I LINDA MORGAN 5 Vice-Presidenf JOYCE FRAZIER Second Vice-Presidenf DIANE CHAMBERS Recordino Secrefary BRENIDA LEWIS Correslaonding Secre+ar1 BETTY CURTIS Treasurer GAYLE ANDERSON Hisforian GENEVIVE HUMPHREY I-Iisforian MISS DORIS MNRTIN Sponsor STUDENT NURSE ASSOCIATION I The sfudem' nurse associalrion is a professional orqanizafion for s'rudenIs enrolled in nursing. The orqanizahon forms The dise 'rricf associafion of The Sfare Sfudem' Nurses Associa+ion and Ihe NaIionaI Sfudenf Nurses Associarion. The purpose is Io aid in Ihe prepararion of sfudenr nurses for +he assump+ion of professionaI responsibiliries. LX Sea'IecI: LesIie Prifchard, linda Morgan Diare Chambers, BeHv Curfis. Sfanding: Gayle Anderson, Mary Jane Perry, Miss Marfin. OFFICERS GUS COOK .........,... ,,..,. P residenf JIM HAY ...4.......,... ....,. V ice-Presideni JEANIE SOWELL .......... ..,....,.... S ecreiary WALTER BLACKBURN, JR. ............,,.....,. Publicify Chairman DR. MARSHALL GORDON, DR. W. E. BLACKBUNRN. MR. MAURICE CHRISTOPHER ,,...,..,....,... ..... S ponsors The Siudeni Affiliaies of fhe American Chemical Socieiy undergraduafe siudenis enrolled in course worlc leading 'io- The purposes of ihe organizaiion are +o provide an op- in various phases of science or relaied subiecisg io provide and execufion of chapier aciiviiiesi and io provide a chance chemisiry. is a program of ihe American Chemical Socieiy for ihe ward a degree in chemis'rry or chemical engineering, poriuniiy for members ,fo hear guesi speakers who are experis an opporiuniiy To develop leadership 'rhrough ihe planning To develop a professional spirii and pride in ihe field of S.A.A.0.S. Seaied: Gus Cook, Jeanie Sowell. S+anding: Jim Hay, Walfer Blackburn. S.N.E.A. BOBBIE LEE BOYD ,,,. MARY LOU MOBLEY JUDY THOMAS MADURA ELLEN ROSE MASON DR ROBERT ALSUP ..., DR. EDWARD BRUNNER OFFICERS ,.,,PresidenT Vice-Presidenl ....Sec:reTary . . . ,Treasurer ,, . .Co-Advisor . .Co-Advisor SeaTed: Ellen Rose Mason, Mary Mobley, and Judy T. Madura. Sfandingz Dr. Brunner, Bobbie Boyd, and Dr, Alsup. The STudenT NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion is The pre- proTessional associaTion Tor college and universiTy sTudenTs preparing To Teach. A member OT STudenT NEA is a sTudenT member oT The sTaTe educaTion associaTion and The NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion, wiTh all The righTs, privileges, and responsibiliTies oT associaTe membership in These proTessional associaTions. Th'e responsibiliTy oT The STudenT NEA program To iTs indi- vidual members is To provide opporTuniTies Tor personal and proTessional growTh: developmenT oT leadership skills: under- sTanding oT The hisTory, eThics and programs aT sTaTe and naTional levels: and parTicipaTion in proTessional acTiviTies aT local, sTaTe, and naTional levels. A My -Y, A In WWW ww , 'W -fwsfag, S.N.E.A. programs consisi of many guesf speakers. wi' 1- ,X .lnsvfsf S.N.E.A. honored ihe MSC faculfy during Nafional Educaiion Weelr by sewing pie and coffee in flue Faculfy Lounge. I97 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is made up oT sTudenTs who have an inTeresT in The language and culTure oT Spain and Spanish-speaking localiTies. MeeTings are conducTecl concerning The Spanish eclucaTional sysTem and oTher Things Tha+ lend To The undersTanding and enioymenT oT The Spanish language and people. Egl 2 1 i 1 E 2 : OFFICERS VERNON GANTT PresidenT ROGER OMER Vice-PresidenT ELLEN ROSE MASON SecreTary 'T NORMA JEAN POYNTER Treasurer MR. B. R. ANDERSON Sponsor MR. WILLIAM B. TAYLOR Sponsor GAMMA BETA PHI Gamma BeTa Phi is an organizaTion Tor all Murray STaTe College sTudenTs who were members oT BeTa Club in high school. lT is The purpose oT The socieTy To promoTe scholarship and leadership, as well as To be oT service To The college and The communiTy. The chapTer was charTered The Alpha chap- Ter oT KenTuclcy in January I'-765. I98 NW ,AQ ,tp VETERANS CLUB "The Murray Sfafe College Velerans Club consisfs of former members of rhe Armed Forces. The Club was organ- ized in I946 by Velerans who were iusl rerurning from World War ll. The purpose of rhe Ve+erans Club is +o aid servicemen, who are srarring or refurning lo college, by offering a social almosphere 'rhal is conducive ro The adaprafion of fhe re- speclive Ve'reranfSl'udenl' 'ro college life." OFFICERS JAMES W. GREER ,.., ...,... P residenl' MORRIS CRACRAFT .... ..,. v iCe.PreSrden+ WAYNE MILLER ,... Secreiary JOHN GRIFFIS ii,,, ..r.. T reasurer JANITH GREEN ii..,.... .,.,. s weerhearf MR. KENNETH HARRELL , ,. ...... Advisor Seaiedz Mr. Kennerh Harrell, James W. Greer. Sfanding: Morris Cracrall, Wayne Miller, John Griffis. 200 VIIIABE CLUB Vivace, one of Ihe oldesl clubs on Murray's campus, was organized in I933 for Ihe purpose of bringing Iogefher Ihose whose common inI'eresI' was music. Cn Ihe morning of each Homecoming Vivace's presenl members gafher wiI'h i'rs grads al Ihe SUB for a Homecoming Brealcfasf, which has become a Iradiiion. Vivace recognizes worlh by placing Ihe name of Ihe Music Deparlmenfs oul sfanding boy and girl on a plaque in Ihe Recilal I'IaIl of The Fine Ar+s Building. OFFICERS An. TED WILLIAMS Presidenf JOI-I N DARNALL Vice-Presidenf BOBBI E LEE BOYD Secrefa ry-Treasurer MR RICHARD W. FARRIELL Facully Advisor RUSSIAN CLUB The Russian Club is composed of sI'uden+s who have an in+eres+ in The Russian language and cuII'ure or Ihe rising impor+ance of Russian sciences. The mee+ir'gs are concerned wi+h Ihe Russian educafional sysfem and Ihe social-polifical life of Ihe people. The club also occasionally sponsors films in Russian. 20I OFFICERS THOMAS Ri HENNE Presideni' SHAWN G. BUCY Vice-Presidenf KATHY BROWN Secrefary SOCIOLOGY OLUB The Sociology Club is To keep 'rhose persons wi+h an inferesf in sociology aloreasf of advances and changes in The field and To spark furlher inferesl in sociology among fhe sfuclenf body and alerf fhem 'ro career opporluniries wilhin The field. OFFICERS STEPHEN J. Blslie Presidenf JOHN REICHERT Vice-Presiden+ GERRY SHAFFER Secrefary CLARA WEST Treasurer SPONSORS MR. W. A. SMlTH MISS BOBBYE MCCARTER JUDO OLUB The purpose of 'rhe Judo Club is +0 develop ir lhe sfudenl' all oi The men+al. moral aesrhefic, and physical aspecfs l'ha+ Judo presenfs. 202 WOMEN'S DRILL TEAM The Murray Sfaie College Girls Drill Team is sponsored by The Pershing Rifles. They compefe wii'h o1'her girls drill 'reams all over The Unifed Siales. Their bigqeslr meef is a+ Illinois Universify, where fhey received 704 poinis of a possible I,OOO Jrhis year. Marie Ruddle, a member of The drill Team, was selecied as sponsor of +he Green Berefs of Viefnam. She is one of fhe very few women in ihe Unifed Siafes +o receive This honor. S.S.A.I.P. The Murray Chapfer of +he American lnsiiluies of Physics' oloiecfives are 'lhe encouragemenl' and promofion of inferesf in physics and relafed fields. H is open +o all s+uden+s wi+h a definife in+eres+ in physics. 203 EUCLIDEAN MATHEMATICS CLUB The Euclidean Marhemafics Club is made up of oulslanding sludenrs in marhemarics who are eager To Iurrher Iheir educarion in areas of mafhemafics and applied fields noi covered in Ihe classroom. In Ihe pasl' The programs have varied from srudenf presenfafions Io visiring Iecfures from differenr parrs of 'rhe counrry. Club meerings, parlies, and orher ac+ivi'ries help Iosrer a closer relafionship among Ihe members. Also, an annual award is presenfed by 'rhe club Io Ihe oulslanding senior in marhemafics, OFFICERS DAVID DOUGLAS Presidenl' EDDIE GROGAN V-Pres. 8: Social Chairman PA M BEAS LEY Secrefa ry-Treasurer CNRLA GREENWELL Religious Council ReDresenI'aIive SPONSORS DR, ROLF KING MR. BORIS SCHIEL OFFICERS ROGER OMER I Presiden+ I BEIRNICE DEW I Vice-Presidenl GLENDA JONES Secre+ary-Treasurer SPONSORS I MR. HARVEY ELDER MR. JACK D. WILSON GERMAN CLUB The German Club was founded for sIucIen'rs inleresled in Germany. The club presenfs a variely of programs designed I'o develop an underslanding of German cullure. They include lecfures, discussions. and films. Each year I'he German Club sponsors a Chrislmas parry and a "TheaIer-in-I'he-Round" in I'he spring in which all classes 'rake parI'. 204 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Old srudenfs never die, Jrhey iusf fade away-nor so wifh Jrhe Alumni Associarion members. Graduares rerain a linlc wiih Murray Sraie College ihrough lhe Associarion. All aciive members receive THE COLLEGE NEWS and all alumni publicafions. Along wirh promofing fhe inleresi of Jrhe college, rhe organizarion offers scholarships To oursfand- ing high school graduares. Class reunions, as well as regular meelings, are held during Homecoming and spring gradu- arion exercises. Alumni members enjoy 'falling over old fimes af fhe Alumni Banquet Dean Sparlrman chefs wl+h Dr Mofleld and an Alumni member Hour upon hour of praciice is a familiar parl of The music maior's daily rouiine. i Murray SI'a'Ie CoIIege's A Cappella Choir. MUSIC ACTIVITIES A maior aclivily al Murray Slale College is music. Through lhe various groups and organizarions, +he music cleparlmenl provides a wide variefy of musical experiences for Murray Srale College sludenls. Groups such as 'rhe Marching Band, Concerl Band, Symphonic Orcheslra, Slring Orchesrra, Brass Choir, and A Cappella Choir furnished The college and surrounding area wilh high caliber music programs. Through concerl performances and Tours, Jrhe groups from Jrhe music deparlmenfs are "ambassadors of goodwill" for Murray Slalre College. 4 The music deparfmen+ emphasizes close coopera'rion befween sfudenf and insfrudor. . I ff . , :sag 4 ,L 1. . . f ' - ff "- , f ' 5 "' , ' f A - V?+i'x" nw K H inf ' Y, , - 215 'fi wn,f,f1 r,g,,, L. Y fri U A Y ., ,. ,-5 'Q , A my ,L . 14 V 4 X L '24 ' tix Jg"A.- -- " iff' Ljiag, Kuff - L ' f f , . 3-fixes isa t x , Si f-:,,fz-igiwggf Q in in ' f pf, ff 3f,,53jS'. Eff' ' , ', 7i-.m A. f 7 V K J 5, ' I , 1. . fy - - , . ,-X . r f . x 1 1 f -1' A , Jw., az , 4 , I .V K1-. RA yn I ky N A ,El . M1 v 1 A A: f f -' -A "inn . ,, A 1 A.,,w.Q,,1g 1-. 5-Q. 9 I A, Q , , . , V K ,. , J X ', V UQ 1 ' :,, ' JI? I' ,' 'Fi' s . 5: A 1 ' g 0 A ' ur ,..... f 1" Us . ef "s , ,g ,,, . ry, ,Y f 2. ?",?-aw saw K!-K "-. I s LX' Sify, ' 1" 159' ' f Ruff?-'A-f-W QV' gas ...Nm ami Mr. Winler aids a piano sfudeni' in lhe final polishing of a recilal number. ..... Jean Bullard accompanies a violin siudenl' in rehearsing for a recifal. -5 xv, HJ' ff.. 5 .1 M. i L' 'sk f .gk . 1, 8 P- .:. X, W ,, V Q., I 1 ,. 5 , i ' , .5 Y .Q 4 W f 1-gggdl A A 'ii C , 4154! Q? ,vw kv , gg.g,g I pw' A iq, A l , L' E A W ig' m 4 ,Sn my ,Q mu .1 f" V KH A ' W-r 5' H Thehgrand 'Finale marked The close of The I966 producTion of "Campus Lig Ts." CAMPUS LIGHTS This year's "Campus LighTs," clirecTecl by John Darnall and David Henne, TeaTured Suzanne CarleTon as Rosie, a Typical young American girl on her TirsT Trip abroad. While on The ship Travelling To Europe, Rosie meT Goldbricker. played by Gary Bell, a secreT agenT in search of Dr. lvlordi- ciah Flinch. OTher ouTsTanding performances were given by Karen BryanT as Amanda and by Chris CarTer as Lisa. "l-laTs off" also To Jill Burlcell for her ouTsTanding iob in choreogra- phy and her dancing numbers. Superior casTing, sTaging, and lighTing helped To malce This year's "Campus LighTs" one of The mosT ouTsTanding performances ever presenTed. E if While aboard ship, Rosie begins her search for a man and meefs up wifh secreT agenf Goldbricker. 209 MILITARY SEI ,c The Murray State Military HScience Department strives to serve as a complement to the education of the college student. With completion of the advanced course, a college graduate is commissioned as a uc- ond lieutenant in the U.S. Army. A complete program is offered by the Military Science Department with something of interest to all students, both male and female. Extra-curricular activities range from military societies to flying instruc- tions, and from a coedodrill team to rifle teams. The Murray State program is full of activity with enough for everyone. 4.5 A Q . iid. 5' Z':::.' 7 EW if if Eid- . it , . w i" 'Y a J, x ,ge- wg . VK-1 Wf f . Ffzf , '-: wif? :ggwlfl yll- my ii Q ng .4 'V J W M , The PirsP baPPalion sPa'F'F and company sPaf'fs for Phe spring semesfer - -weaknes- BRIGADE AND BATTALIUN COMMI-PNDERS As a laboraPory for Phe milirary science insPrucPion drill is one of Phe mosP impor'ranP aspecPs of Phe advanced corprnan's learn- ing, a cornplefe brigade is seP up wiPh caclelr officers and noncoms. This Praininq is valuable Po Phe newly commissioned sec- ond lieuPenanP when he eniers Phe Army. Kirby Gordon commanded Phe firsi' bai- Palion during Phe fall semesPer and is shown here wifh his sfaff. For 'Phe spring semesfer Bob Whi'P'Pon was cadef colonel, commanding Phe enPire corps. Charles Paschall, le'fP, and Dan Harelson commanded Phe firsf and second baP'Palions, respecfively. Fall semesPer found Don Cunningham as second baPPalion commander, shown here wiPh his sfaff. We we 1- 1--W N F - '-2 ,y ' ' . -- ..-1' LL., ., P, , c,s'o Assembled here are Phe bafhalion company sfaffs of 'Phe sec- ond baffalion for Phe spring semesPer. 4 Y , .agp ,,,,.....Q-- FIRST BATTALIUN C Company-Firsi' Row: SFC Gene Emmons, Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Capi. Ed Trofler, Commander: Pal Herringron, Company Sweerhearr. Third Row: L+. John Williams, Plaroon Leader: L+. Roberl Bean, Plaroon Leader: and L+. Vick Beal- rys, Plafoon Leader. Fourfh Row: lv1Sg+. Don l-lorlacher, Firsrl Sergeant Headquarfers Company-Firsf Row: John Harrison, Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Charles Paschall. Company Com- mander: Carole Rolfe, Company Swee+hear+. Third Row: Gary Rundle, Plaloon Leader: Len Pyle. Firsr Sergeanii and John Riley, Plaloon Leader. A Company-Firsi' Row: SFC Fred Leidy, Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Capl. Bob Beard, Commander. Third Row: L+. Bruce Day, Plaroon Leader: L+. Richard Sides, Plaloon Lead- er: and Thomas Willingham, Plafoon Leader. Fourfh Row: lvlSgl'. Tom Wriqhr, Firsl Sergeant B Company-Firsi' Row: SFC William Amberg, Guiclon Bearer. Second Row: Capf. Joe Davis. Commander. Third Row: LT. Charles Hurchins, Plaloon Leader: and Bill Myers. Plafoon Leader. Fourfh Row: John Davidson, Plaroon Leader. SECOND BATTALION C Company--Firsf Row: SFC Carl Vullo, Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Capt Larry Slewarl, Commander: and Wanda Franlcum, Company Sweefhearr. Third Row: L+. Clinion Rick- man, Plaioon Leader: L+. Howard Bushman, Firsi' Sergeanr. Headquarfers Company-Firsi Row: SFC Ross, Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Capi. Dale Collie, Commander: and Charlorie Heine, Company Sweerhearr. Third Row: L+. Rob- eri' Frirsch, Plaioon Leader: L+. Sammy Lucas, Plaioon Lead- er: and L+. Wayne Kaizer, Plaroon Leader. Fourfh Row: MSq'r. Sieve Bisig, Firsl Serqeanf. A Company-Firsf Row: SFC Johnson, Guidon Bearer. Sec- ond Row: Capr. Richard Anderson, Commander: and Jill Burlcel, Company Sweelhearl. Third Row: MSg'r. James Gor- don, Firsl Sergeant L+. Larry Lozowslci, Plaioon Leader: and L+. Alvey, Pla+oon Leader. B Company-Firsf Row: Sgr. Hyman. Guidon Bearer. Second Row: Capi. Dan Hare-lson, Commander: and Sue Fleming, Company Sweelheari. Third Row: L+. Larry Conway, Plaroon Leader: L+. James Sievens. Plaloon Leader: and L+. Mike Keizis, Plaroon Leader. Four+h Row: MSq+. Buddie Baldree, Firsl Serqeanr. A rugged physical iraining fesf. including grenade fhrowing, was insfiiuied af MSC 'For lhe MS lll's in prepara+ion 'For summer camp. R.0.T.0. Members of +he advanced corps supervise drill for fhe basic corps. Colonel Boolh, righf, and Sergeanl Maior Tobey inspec+ -the newly acquired self- propelled anfi-ianlr weapon which fhe milifary science depar+men'l' acquired fo 'fire ai refreaf. CHARLOTTE HEINE JILL BURKEL SUE F-LEMING Headquarfers Companv A Company B Company Second BaHalion Second Baflalion Second Baffalion WANDA FRANKUM C Company Second Bafialion CAROLE ROLFE Headquarfers Company Firsf Baifalion GUMPANY SWE ETH EARTS PAT HERRINGTON C Company Firsf Baffalion Colonel Booih presenfs second bafialion commander Don Cunningham a frophy signifying his posifion in fl-ie cadel' corps. Preseniafion of ROTC Sweefhearfs is one of fhe higl1ligh+s of 'Phe annual mili+ary ball. K' b G d ' 1' h f C l l B fh 'Fo h's 'ob as firsf l:aa'Halion ciL,1:,'anSl:,n recelves a wp Y rom cone oo r l l The cadre enioy fhe miliiary ball as much as lhe caclels do. M952 S Q sl 'Y lx DUTSTANDING CAD ETS Each drill day The baTTalion commander selecTs one basic corps cadeT Trom The winners oT The company award as his cadeT oT The week. AT The end oT The year one cadeT Trom each baTTalion is named To compeTe Tor The brigade TiTle. LasT spring, Charles Reed was selecTed Tor The brigade honor. MiTch Somer was runner-up. These eighT 'freshmen and sophomores were selecfed as 'lCadeTs of The Week" for Their excellence exhibifed on The drill field. Q96 Nine cadeTs parTicipaTed in The ROTC's FlighT Program. They were, FronT Row: John Williams, Ed TroTTer, Dan Harei- son, Edwin Griffin, and Vick BeaTTys. Second Row: Richard Sides, Larry STewarT, l-larry WesT lnsTrucTor, James William- son, and Charles Paschall. FLIGHT PRUGRAM One of The mosT popular parTs of The ROTC program is TlighT Training. This year nine cadeTs Tool: TlighT insTrucTion. The class oTTers The sTudenT wiTh enough insTrucTion To obTaie his privaTe piloT's license. Charles Paschall goes over his pre-Tlighi check prior To Takeoff on a supervised Flight Capt James Moynahan, Lt. Donald Smith Lt James Yost, Sgt. Joe Morris, and Sgt. Joe Segree RANGERS The Rangers at Murray State College was the tirst unit in Kentucky to be organized under the U.S. Army's counter- querilla training program. Prerequisites tor selection to the Ranger Company are a high scholastic average and a rugged physique. Once se- lected,a Rangertramee undergoesintendve haimng coven ing the ditterent phases ot counter-guerilla tactics. This special training together with mental stability and physical stamina are the prime ingredients in the making ot a Ranger. It's a proud organization: each man has earned the right to wear the distinctive beret and be called a "Ranger." OFFICERS CAPT. JAMES MOYNAHAN ....... ..Company Commander LT. DONALD SMlTt-l ......... ......,... P latoon Leader LT. JAMES YOST .... ....., P latoon Leader SGT. JOE MORRIS .... Platoon Sergeant SGT. JOE SEGREE .... Platoon Sergeant The Murray State College Rangers. PATSY LAX Sweefheari of Scabbard and Blade SCABBARD AND BLADE The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is fo unife in closer relafionship The milifary deparfmenfs of American universi- Jries and colleges: fo preserve and develop 'rhe essenfial qualifies of good efficienf officers: fo prepare ifs members as educafed men 'ro falce a more acfive parf and fo have a greafer influence in ihe miiifary affairs of The communifies in which 'rhey reside: and, above all. fo spread in1'elliqen+ informafion concerning fhe milifary requiremenfs of our counfry. Charlef Paschall Larry S'l'ewar+ Andrew Hufchins Larry Fleener CBPTGID Firsf Lieuienanf Second Lieufenanf Firsi Sergeanf Scabard and Blade's homecoming 'floai placed firsi in ihe non4GreeR division. Firsi' Row: Buddie Baldree, Lawrence Bealfys, David Carr, John DiLus+ro, Arr Fields, Carl Fors, Charles Hall. Second Row: George l-lanrahan, Dan Harelson, Don Horlacher, Wayne Kaiser, Sandor Kefzis, Carlos Loflus, Larry Lozowslci. Third Row: David Miller, James Moynahan, lvlarlc Mundy, Dan Oales, Leonard Pyle, Charles Reed. Four+h Row: Carroll Rickman, Sleve Sharber, Donald Smilh, John Sfeczalc, Edgar Troller, John Weaver. Fif+h Row: Roberf Whirfon, Thomas Wrighl. 'lr' +-...wk V mf- K xk.. ,A giwuWH""' John C Hodge Andrew J. Hefriclr Donald E. Wilson Richard G. Ciccolella James D. Toler Donald E. Cunningham David Mann H Michael Carrigan EXQCUIWQ O'H'Ce" Adluiini Public Informafion Operafions Supply Charge of DGIBIIS Finance Pledgemasfer PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a Nafional Honorary Sociefy for lvlilifary Science Cadefs. If was founded in I894 by General John J. Pershing in order fo promofe and mainfain a high degree of slcill and leadership on fhe drill field. Since fhe beginning, Pershing Rifle unifs have creafed a feeling of brofherhood and cooperafion in almosf every large college and universify from coasf fo coasf. For fhe pasf fhree years. Company G-3 has held The dis- fincfion of being chosen Honor Company of fhe'Third Regi- menf. Company G-3 is one of fwo companies fo ever hold fhis honor, fhree years in a row, in fhe hisfory of fhe Third Regimenf. The Company provides a color guard for fhe foofball and baslcefball games. They also mainfain an acfive Milifary Proficiency and social program. EDWIN N. GRIFFIN Commanding Officer Pershing Rifles Sweefhearf Andrea Sylres and Affendanfs Gloria Wesfer field and Donna Vaudrin. , J Q W"' ,sf-'X L.,,,,,f"' -an is-..., 'h.,,,n 'Und Firsf Row: David Bashore, Roberr Bergdoll, Leonard Bouler, Roberl Cavanah, James Clark, Slanley Crocker, Brian Darling. Second Row: Arlin Dickerson, Richard Evans, Dana Gelz, Michael Hamillon, Ronald l-lamillon, l-lewill Harned, Roberl Herndon. Third Row: James l-lowland, James Hurt Roberl Hurchinson, Phillip Jenkins, Rodney Jones, Larry -3' qv' P' Dm "' 'vu-A ga Kirkland, Dane Ligon. Fourfh Row: James Maillerl, Thomas Mills, Darwyn Nelson, Joseph Newron, Tom Read, Joe Rogers, Charles Smirh, Donald Smilh. Fif+h Row: Charles Slanlield, Clyde Slunson, Roger Sullon, Jack VanSand'r, William Vauqhl, Dean VerVoor'r, Malcolm Walker, Richard Werlz. we'-0-, K W l 4 ATHLETICS 5. he if in ZS' ,K 9 45. dsl 2 gm mf ..,., .eg Athletics at Murray State is synonymous with championship. Murray State varsity teams have a rich legend as champions, both on and off the playing fields. Long will be treasured the moments of greatness which Thoroughbred teams have experienced in the past and for years Murray fans will be cheering athletes yet unborn. Athletics is a dynamic aspect of the college's program, changing through the years to meet the needs of the students and in the process building the name of Murray State College. 1 sigh ' R i -5 i W i". t . - fr Y .4 4 ,PY 'T Q' 4 K 3 I 1'3" . A V s 'sg fthjiizsgff 1 1 " 5 it 4? . 'Q it , A wi iflfw . W -,gm Q' . , , f Q if Q M 4. c 1 "" " f ' ' in X Q, . .5 3ff'ff 1 A M in .Q M f J ,. t vw si if f , if , 8" W t af? 22 f W - f, , ff?- wr: ffmif-' -e - J. f ' . u ' .Q . at . sm ., i '1 'S if Y.-'Elf 1, 1' a t ' , ',"e ,jew .,,Qf?2- ' a N e.'. -iw-L , ' S . Q, -5 way., j K., .fair gs-is , 1 f M J A e X t , y 4, c .Ag.,g. .. c A . 'iff ,V . 3 ,. fi ' .': i' Y" - f 5 , c ttte , . f ,.-A--gr. e - ,, Q v - L U- . e 1 ' f te? A fs ', A ."' -L af, y' . - 1, ng' if Y.. 1 gi ai 5 I K 4 2 sv ww! I-inn , f 1 ' lf 5,133 Q s ' 'A t-iiwg , ii!-Q., . I ' , . W Y may is ' f v"sf'f,. A . 3' f . , 3 ff f , -Inf' A ' V 7 ' ' ' 5 N gr- .5 .V ,sf ug, , ' 4 e an ga. if A A o on rg -- Q ' ' . Y , ' 1 e is c e of is is it A F 3 2 faie A A I fa. " 1 1 M ,V-f is . rw -- ff 1 ,, AL M ...yi gi P i ' ,M '- 3 V. ,Q .J 'S 1 gi 1, -Q. -514 af, Z gf l , .N I f' J , u I L -5 5' f , Y 1, kg' ff." 1 ml' f.. L ' fag. 5 A . f . 7 hymvm. f 1' ygwm ,Viaf y 'lk 'X l f F? m, .5 Mr. Roy Sfewarf, direcfor of afhlefics, has given Murray Sfai' 'fligh+ feams for several years. e lop- Baseball coach, Johnny Reagan, one of 'lhe mos? successful meniors in fhe naiion, signals +o his players as +o his inienfions. Reagan has won fhe conference championship 'l'he pas? 'iwo years. wi Don Shelfon, head foofball coach, discusses offensive facfics wifh quarferbaclr Charlie Forrest end John Waison, and halfbaclc Buich McKee cluring fhe Wesiern Kenfuclcy game. Track Coach Bill Furgerson falks over +he form necessary for winning broad iumps wifh 'Cal Mallory, a promising aihleie. HARD WORK PRUIJUGES WINNERS Buddy Hewiff prepares To launch his golf year by geHing his Team off wi+h The righf aH'iTude. Hewiif has consisfenily produced Topflighf golf squads. Cal LuTher suffers wiTh his Team during Murray's game wiih Ausfin Peay on The 'Govs home floor. Lu+her's wasn'T in pain long as his Racers com- plefely crushed The Tennessee Team. Murray STaTe has long produced TopTlighT aThleTic Teams. IT is by no accidenT ThaT Racer Teams have succeeded so well againsT some of The TinesT compeTiTion in The naTion. Through hard worlc on The parT oT The coaching sTaTTs and The Tull co- operaTion of The aThleTic direcTor, Mr. Roy STewarT. Mr. STewarT has builT The program so ThaT iT is compleTe. No sporT dominaTes The scene aT Murray, buT They all TiT TogeTher To make The picTure Tull. The coaching sTaTTs are made up of The TinesT caliber of people. Each places winning high on his Iisf oT reguiremenrs, buT above all. The building oT a championship person is The imporTanT aspecT oT The Murray STaTe aThleTic program. Through hard worlc and' long hours oT planning and de- liberaTion These men have produced rich resulTs. Murray STaTe has won Two, oT The all-sporTs Trophies given by The Ohio Valley Conference and is usually in The Thick oT The race Tor Third. Quarferback Charlie ForresT gefs off a pass againsT Middle Tennessee in his record-breaking performance in Murray's Homecoming game. WiTh high hopes of one of Their TinesT seasons in recenT years The Racers embarked upon The T965 campaign buT soon Tound Themselves on sTormy waTer. The Thoroughbreds Tin- ished wiTh Two wins, six losses, and Two Ties Tor a mosT disap- appoinTing year. There were some brighT spoTs in The season, however. John WaTson seT Ohio Valley Conference records in pass receiving lasT season. AgainsT Middle Tennessee The senior end caughT I6 passes Tor 209 yards, seTTing a game mark Tor The conference. He also seT a league record Tor pass re- ceiving in a single season's play. Charlie l:orresT, Murray STaTe's "do-everyThing" quarTer- back, also seT an OVC record in The Middle Tennessee game, compleTing 25 of 42 passes good Tor 268 yards, The Thoroughloreds made a Tremendous showing in The Middle Tennessee conTesT, holding a lead over The naTionally- ranked Team on several occasions. The season marked The end ol: TooTball careers Tor Charlie ForresT, John WaTson, Fred WhiTe, George Trumbo, Charlie MiTchell, Clyde Adkins, Jim Biggs, Charles "BuTch" Hina. Jerry GranTham. and Neil Haynes. The Tie wiTh WesTern in The lasT game of The season gave The Racers a one-half game edge over The HillToppers Tor The year good enough Tor a sixTh place Tinish in The OVC. EAST TENNESSEE 27 MURRAY STATE 24 Taking advanTage of Tour Murray miscues, The Buccaneers of EasT Tennessee downed The Racers in The TirsT game of The season, 27-24. LARERY TILLMANN QuarTerback . 452, is If ix M5 f has ssa.. s fi T ,mf s rr- ss gi lg , , , 73, S . A f , , ,. . 4 -T ,. A -W 5, HARRY HINA End FRED WHITE Halfback .- - rf. 4 F ,WW if -.R ,. ,,y sag a' l,f'lLl ...-,, Q ,..1 T 'ij . . is i i" -. 5 ., , is TO'BY THOMASON Quarferloack Rus, N. A . Yfiiifl' E, ,ww S iss ' 'Y A if I . . . ,. Y semi, iii' , ig fe V- lf V x A. V .V - pxfl W l - Q if t' I ' A I CHARLIE FORREST Ouarferback HARVEY TAN N ER Halfbacl DAVE PIKE Fullback WAYNE WILSON Halfbaclr JOE MEADE Fullbaclr CLYDE ADKINS Cornerbaclr Charlie Forres+ scored firsf for Murray on a 27-yard field goal. Murray picked up i+s firs+ louchdown of 'rhe game when Toby Thomason passed lo Wayne Wilson in fhe end zone. The ball was deflecfed info John Wa+son's hands 'For +he score. Murray's orher Two louchdowns were on Tom Gianninfs +hree-yard drive and Forres+'s 2l-yard run. John Wafson, MSC's all conference end, snags a pass agains+ Middle Tennessee. The I9b5 Murray Siafe Fooiball feam. M11 5 if :isa wool Z ,1Mar1a a 4 ea si gi sql 9 Cornerbacl: Harvey Tanner and end Jerry Granfham Team up To sfop a UTMB ball carrier. AUSTIN PEAY 23 MURRAY STATE 6 The Governors of AusTin Peay erupTed in The second half oT This crucial OVC conTesT To dash Murray hopes of an upseT win over The Tennessee school. Scoring Two Touchdowns in The Third period and adding anoTher in The TourTh The Govs scored Their second consecuTive vicTory over The Racers. John WaTson scored The lone Tally Tor The Thoroughbreds laTe in The game on a pass from Toby Thomason. MURRAY STATE I7 EASTERN KENTUCKY I7 A missed conversions aTTempT againsT EasTern cos? The Racers Their TirsT vicTory of The season. Charlie ForresT missed a laTe exTra-poinT kick giving Murray STaTe iTs second con- secuTive Tie wiTh The Maroons. Murray's TirsT score came on ForresT's 30-yard Tield goal. ForresT laTer connecTed wiTh Wayne Wilson Tor Two Touchdowns of 32 and 35 yards. John BryanT played one oT his finer games picking up I28 yards rushing. MURRAY STATE I3 MOREHEAD STATE I2 Tom Giannini's Two Touchdowns spoiled Morehead's home- coming TesTiviTies as The Racers scored Their TirsT vicTory of The season. IT was also Murray's TirsT vicTory over Morehead in Three years. The Eagles had a perfecf OVC mark going inTo The game. Giannini also carried The ball for I09 yards in The game. aurcl-1 McKEE if ,ii,,i Jy i ' Halfbeclr I ' ' " 1 M vi .M 5. , 'Tw 'W I 'I' 1 v T sk Q EEK f 1 .1. la' aiu. einem Halfbaclr Tom GINNNINI i I I I gr.' V T i Tailback if if sg BENNIE SHOLAR s 'fy I ' ii "' Q as Y T 3. s V. rw TOM GROTHJAN iw CWB' ,-.r : .fi . ' iff! 1 NEIL HAYN ES Cenier 4-'-"- UTMB I7 MURRAY STATE 7 Murray Sfafe in losing ifs fhird game of fhe year wenf down for fhe firsf fime in ifs foofball hisfory fo UTMB. The lone brighf spof in fhe Racer showing was fhe running of full- back John Bryanf. The husky iunior ran for I66 yards in 27 carries. Murray's lone score came when John Wafson iumped on a Racer fumble in The end zone. TENNESSEE TECH 23 MURRAY STATE I4 Affer faking a I4-O lead fhe Racers fell before a Tech rally which resulfed in fhe fourfh loss of fhe season for 'rhe Thor- oughbreds. Terry Croom, who ran for 98 yards, scored firsf on a one-yard plunge. Toby Thomason added fhe second Murray fouchdown on a five-yard keeper. Buf fhen fhe Gold- en Eagles scored on drives of 70 and 64 yards and were never headed again. ARKANSAS STATE 27 MUR'RAY STATE I3 Murray Sfafe's bid fo upsef homecoming plans af Jones- boro were fhwarfed by an Arkansas Sfafe feam considered one of fhe school's finer squads. The Racers scored early when Forresf passed fo Jerry Granfham for a 42-yard fouch- down. The Indians roared back and fook command of fhe game. Forresf ran for I I9 yards in fhe confesf. MIDDLE TENNESSEE 28 MURRAY STATE 24 Playing fheir finesf game of fhe year 'rhe Racers came close fo defeafing nafionally ranked Middle Tennessee. The Raid- ers, conference champions, had fo score Iafe in fhe game fo provide fhe winning margin. All-OVC Iackle Charlie Mifchell closes in on a fearful Wesfern Kenfucky quarferbaclt. -RS .s . W -:'il'53-inf . y ,7's ,.cg.w , SV' in '. 4, Lrovo I-mais aurcv-1 BLAKELY roNY sums CGHTGI' Cenfer Guard Charlie Forresi breaks info Ihe clear affer fullback Joe Meade opens fha hole. M In L ' E ., s :IQ ' eisey Q M-+ I 'fzk ALVV Q MIKE MARUCA JOHN BENNETT CHARLES "Punch" HINA Guard Guard Guard 23I I GEORGE TRU M BO Tackle ' 1 i V iiz Q Ti if hi V - --1' - ' 4 M T 4 , , as ws'-is ,4rr""4h DENNIS FISC-HER Tackle JOHN WATSON End DICK HNRGRAVE Tackle T 1 K S 4 Q lg . ,K S M .f 2 E ff? -an V1 ai 1, mi 'fini I ans - Q, . A g N,7A a sis T W' mg. ' ,Q V..: CHARLIE MITCHELL Tackle JIM HU NTER End Wirh Teddy Morris leading The way The Tennesseans scored Two quick Touchdowns and iT looked as if iT mighT be a long game. The Thoroughbreds had oTher ideas. Though. WiTh Charlie ForresT and John WaTson Teaming up The Murray squad scored Three sTraighT Touchdowns To Take The lead. l:orresT hi+ Wayne Wilson Tor The TirsT Racer score. l:orresT Then capped a 46-yard drive, sneaking over from The one. Murray's Third score came on ForresT's 28-yard Touchdown pass To John WaTson. Morris led The Raiders back To Tie The-game, 2I-2l, buT a 25-yard Tield goal by WaTson gave Murray The lead again. A laTe Touchdown loy Middle Tennessee spelled deTeaT Tor Murray. Taking a piTchou+ 'From Charlie ForresT, Tailback Tom 'Giannini finds several Evansville players blocking his way. Joe Meade slips around The righT side of Murray's line for a long gain againsi Middle Tennessee. Two OVC records were esfablislned by 'rhe Tliorouglnbreds in flue game. Warson cauglwl I6 passes for 209 yards and Forresf compleled 25 of 42 passes good for 268 yards. MURRAY STATE 26 EVANSVILLE 0 Burch McKee scored rwo louchdowns on passes +o lead 'l'l1e Thorouglmbreds +0 'rlweir second viclory of The season. McKee scored on pass plays of 48 and 8 yards. John Wafson esrab- lislied an OVC season pass receiving marlc in +l1e game when he nabbed seven passes fo rolal 44 for Hue year. Joe Meade and Harvey Tanner scored Jrhe o+l1er rallies for Murray. ?,-- LAN. af' . ,gg .e,ee,,. . W we' " i 4 4 X ww f, JERRY GRANTHAM End LESLIE MALLORY End John Wafson malces a circus cafch on his way +o an OVC pass caiching record. My N-uv Joe Meade sfruggles To escape flue cluiches of lwo Middle Tennessee iaclrlers. 233 "Punch" Hina. 'Charlie Mifchell, and Neil Haynes feam up +o pounce on an Easfern Kenluclcy quarierbaclr. George Trumbo pulls down a UTMB ball carrier as "Punch" Hina and Harvey Tanner rush in lo help. En ,Y ,. ff-f A My ' I :as , :X V ,L-Q2 . 5 ilkfy ig W. .f-- V-.V :Zi Yi: .gary ,wi-,j "k' II., DISK GAULT JIM BIGGS End The view 'From lhe bench Charlie Forresi eludes a would-be Evansville faclrler +o gel away a pass in Murray's 26-0 win over +he Aces. MURRAY STATE I4 WESTERN KENTUCKY I4 Murray S+a're held off a laie Wesiern drive 'ro preserve a I4-I4 He in 'iheir final game of Jrhe season, good enough To earn 'rhem fiffh in ihe OVC, one noich above The l-lillioppers. Murray scored iirsf on a 66-yard pass from Charlie Forresf +0 Burch McKee. Tom Giannini punched over from ihe lhree- yard line for ihe oiher Racer iouchdown. Linebacker Tony Sims slams a Weslern runner fo 'Phe ground as fwo Hillioppers find fhemselves helpless. Coach Don Shelion and quarferlaaclr Charlie Forresi discuss game sfrafegy in fhe Wesfern combai. fy , 'ul RI-TCERS PLACE THIRD IN CONFERENCE STewarT Johnson eludes WesTern defender Clem Haslrins To score Two poinTs againsT The HillToppers in Murray's loss To The conference cham- pions. Big Diclr Cunningham crams The ball Through The neT, a TeaT The 6-9 sophomore repeaTed several Times during The season. lnexperience Told on The Racer baslceTball Team as They compiled I4-I2 record overall and 8-6 in The Ohio Valley Conference, placing The Racers Third in The loop. IT was a disappoinTing year Tor The squad which had been Tabbed a darlchorse candidaTe Tor The conference TiTle. Herb McPherson led The Murray scorers wiTh a 2l.2 average. The 6-4 junior seT a new school record Tor poinTs scored in a single game as he poured in 44 poinTs againsT Middle Tennessee To brealc Bennie Purcell's old marlc oT4I. Dick Cunningham was The leading rebounder on The Team averaging l5.8 Tor The season. Cunningham was also The leading shooTer on The Murray Team, hiTTing on 5l.2 per cenT oT his shoTs. The 6-9 sophomore played well Tor his TirsT sea- son oT varsiTy acTion. STewarT Johnson, Murray's 6-8 cenTer, Tinished a brillianT career wiTh The Racers. Johnson was named To The all- conference Two years while playing Tor Murray STaTe. John- son scored i275 poinTs in his Murray career, ranlcing TourTh in Racer records. The general Tloor play oT guard Don Duncan exciTed Thoroughbred Tans. Duncan made almosT unbelievable passes and hif exTremely diTTiculT shoTs. Driving Through Taller compeTiTion, The speedy iunior college Transfer scored a greaT parT oT his poinT ToTal close To The baslceT. He was The second leading scorer Tor MSC wiTh a I5.7 average. MilT PiTTs, The smallesT man on The squad, was The Racers "ace in The hole" on several occasions. The 5-IO, I54-pound sophomore, averaged l3.8 poinTs, mosT oT which came on long, highly arched shoTs. Riclc Miller, one oT The sTrongesT sixTh men in The conTer- ence, showed ThaT he could play wiTh The besT. Eddie Ford, eligible Tor The second semesTer only, Turned in an ouTsTanding season averaging 5.8 poinTs per game. The prospecTs loolc good Tor nexT season wiTh Tour reTurn- ing sTarTers. McPherson, Cunningham, Duncan, and PiTTs will all be back as well as Miller. The Racers sTarTed The season oTT wiTh a resounding vicTory over Parsons College oT lowa, lOl-88. The Tollowing nighT Murray held on beTore a Hardin-Simmons rally To win 92-8I. Traveling To BuTTalo, New York, The Racers meT Tough Canisius. The GriTTins proved Too much Tor The KenTuclcy squad as They downed The Thoroughbreds 87-8l in a hard ToughT conTesT. Upon Their reTurn home The Team was meT wiTh more bad luclc as Abilene ChrisTian upseT Murray STaTe, 82-78, aTTer coming Trom behind. The Racers goT back on The winning side wiTh baclc To back wins over San Fernando STaTe, IlO-79, and EasT Carolina STaTe, IO4-84, and iT looked as if The Team mighT be ready Tor sTiTTer compeTiTion. MeeTing Bradley UniversiTy on Their home Tloor The Thoroughbreds had a cold nighT Trom The Tield losing To The naTionally ranlced lndians by I6 poinTs, 78-64. Going inTo The TirsT game oT The Ohio Valley Conference TournamenT The Thoroughbreds carried a 4-3 won-losT record. ln The TirsT game oT The compeTiTion MSC sTopped Middle Tennessee, 86-65, seTTing a conTerence record Tor Tree Throws shooTing in an OVC TournamenT. ln The second round as - i 5' K R 2' J K,5 nw leg, if . -'L' I t it ,V,,,,,i , I Q. '- in .Q . iii WSW QQ? Q ww Ffggw V ms f w vawgf' W? ' ii 5321? WMM 5 . 5 sswlias ? QE ' ififgw M :M .'-:.,,f-f 'N-... -Xi bfi ,QB if JQAHF A A ' ' Lg ,J i . Q 1 gi ,f 533' 2 43 W! W Af GSL? H , avg 4. DIICK CUINNINIGHAM DON DUNCAN ji' UNI' ir K k Diclr 'Cunningham ouTIeaps The Abilene ChrisTian rebounder To Tip The ball back in The hoop for 'Iwo Murray poinTs. Surrounded by Middle Tennessee players, STewar'I Johnson scores on a long iump shoT in The Racers' vicTory over The Blue Raiders. game The Racers were nipped by EasTern KenTucIcy 79-73 in The IasT seconds oT The conTesT. In The TirsT conTerence game oT The regular season Murray deTeaTecI Middle Tennessee. 89-73. Then, againsT Easf Tennessee, Murray was upseT by The Buccaneers, 74-72, aTTer The Racers had held a 2 I -poinT lead. The loss was one oT The mosT dishearTening ThaT a Racer Team had suTTered in several years. IT was The TirsT oT several more To come. The rebounding againsT Morehead by The Murray squad deTea+ed The Eagles on Their home Tloor, 86-79. In Their sec- ond game oT The road Trip Murray edged EasTern KenTucIcy, 79-78. IT appeared as IT The Racers were on Their way back. MILT PITTS EDDIE FORD gl! A' 1- , 'fx' Q-, , - fax ,M ' ,,., ,N - 3, A ,gal -Q' K M. X 1 W +V, :www-2' s 'G 'R xx! 15? Qswfiilk wi iw M1 W V 5,3-fy.. .- ,,., MQ if 3 if 'NGQ 5' f ,ap Q' 41- ,W A Qi ff' may fi:-145 l i l , . . x A1 ,a i 211' I ,i Swag? 2 Q.- Q A ig, Q... . WASH? R W Q W-lilnuuawi -.L 55 sn .g 6.?fw Q41 f 5 :S QV They connecfed on 24 of 24 foul shofs. Don Duncan led The scorers wiTh 30 poinTs. The sfage was Then seT for The WesTern Kenfuclcy game which was supposed To decide The conference championship. Before a capaciTy crowd aT The Murray STaTe Sporfs Arena, The l-lillToppers made a compleTe shambles of The game as They hammered The Thoroughbreds, lOl-84, affer leading by 41 poinTs aT one Time, The nexT Monday The Thoroughbreds flew To DayTon, Ohio, To meeT UniversiTy of DayTon. The Flyers Took The game, 99-86. AfTer ThaT sefbaclc The squad reTurned To Murray and Trampled Middle Tennessee, I07-81. Herb McPherson seT a new school record in The game as he scored 44 poinTs. On a swing Through Tennessee, The Racers losT Two con- secuTive games, and were in The Thick of The race for second place in The conference. Tennessee Tech sToppd Murray, 83- 76, and Two nighTs laTer EasT Tennessee did The honors, To The Tune of IO4-94. AT home again The Racers scored Their second vicTory over EasTern KenTuclcy of The year, IOO-91. Morehead upseT Murray, 83-94, and The Racers were slip- ping from second place. In The second encounfer wiTh WesTern KenTuclcy, The Racers played one of Their finesT games. Leading by five poinTs aT one Time in The second half The Racers fell before a Wesfern rally which spelled defeaT for The Murray Team. 7I-59. ln The final game of The season Murray sfopped AusTin Peay, 80-73, which proved good enough for a Third-place Tie. re, :QP-5 ff.:-T -are ii' Rav- AIA x lf T KEITH LAMBERT BRUCE BRACKMANN Rick Miller baTTles wiTh an Easi 'Carolina player for a valuable rebound in The Racers' game wifh The Team. Dick Cunningham iumps high over The head of a Middle Tennessee player To shoe? one of his few iump shofs of The season. Jim Sloclrs drives in for a layup agains+ Middle Tennessee and Riel: Haversloclc and Jim Perdue look on. FRESHMEN FINISH SEASON STRUNG Compiling a 7-8 won-losl record 'rhe Murray Sl'a+e fresh- man showed promise of producing some of 'rhe finesl' loaslcel- ball maierial around. Riclc l-laversloclc was l'he high scorer for 'rhe learn. Jim S+oclcs, a 6-7 cenfer, was lhe 'l'eam's leading rebounder and was second in scoring. Ron Romani and Gary Wilson also played well enough io be considered a definile assei 'ro +he varsiiy nexl season. Tom Perdue. a mighiy mile, was The yearlings' playmalcer. The squad finished Their season on 'lhe winning nole as 'rhey defealed Weslern Ken'ruclcy's freshman ieam, 64-62, and The Ausiin Peay freshman squad, 92-67. One of 'rhe highlighfs of 'rhe season was lhe play of Orrin Maine. ihe fans' favorife player. Maine broughl back memories of Len Mahoney, anolher crowd favorife several years ago. Rick Haversfoclr eludes a Paducah Junior College defender as he scores lwo easy poinis in fhe freshman +eam's narrow loss io fhe Indians. The I965-66 Murray Sfaie freshman baslcefball feam. Jim S+oclcs, lhe +eam's leading rebounder and second scorer, hiis for +wo affer leaving +he PJC player sfandmg. ,f kim., Ron Romani shoois and is quickly engulfed in Paducah players in fhe 'freshman game wi+h The Indians. -M-wwiinV,L.fmeW,e:Amwmwae.,W-my-mmnw -vm-nm' mnnf f,-www w f-w-www -ff- . ,iff ,1 fm - nun'-imwfwmwfe-wawmwqzasf-wg-1 f QW-frwevwf ,,., W mein., .,Wff2m:v --Vf wwaemmmmvwaimxwume Bsmf M gg Mu QKLVY' Mu Q nd? The I965 Murray Sfa'I'e baseball Team, Ohio Valley Conference cham- pions. BASEBALL TEAM WINS CUNFERENCE TITLE Compiling a 26-4 won-losT record The Murray STaTe base- ball Team won The second and Third games oT a Three-game championship series Trom EasTern KenTucky To win Their sec- ond consecuTive Ohio Valley ConTerence championship. Six Thoroughbreds were named To The all conTerence Team. Jerry Anderson, piTcher: Ron Anderson, shorTsTopg WalTer Andzel, ouTTielderg David Darnall, caTcher: George Dugan, piTcherg and Mike Ward, TirsT base: were all named To The OVC honor Team. Darnall was named The Team's mosT valuable player Tor The season. The husky caTcher hif Tor a .420 average To Top The squad in baTTing. The highlighT oT The season was The piTching TeaT oT Jerry Anderson and Dugan. AgainsT AusTin Peay The Two Teamed up To give The Governors a solid Trouncing. ln The TirsT game oT a doubleheader Dugan shuT The Govs ouT piTching a no- hiTTer To win l-O. ln The second game, as if To go Dugan one beTTer, Anderson led The Racers To a I7-O vicTory over AusTin Peay wiThouT allowing a single runner To reach base Tor The TirsT perTecT game in Racer hisTory. Milne Ward beaTs The AusTin Peay piTch To second base in Murray's doubleheader win over The Governors. T Milne Ward, Murray Sfafe's all-conference firsf baseman, swings info an Ausiin Peay piich. 'George Dugan 'finished his career for Murray Siaie in l965. The Ii'Hle soufhpaw was ranked as one of The 'finesi collegiafe pifchers in fhe naiion. 245 I965 BASEBALL SEASON RESULTS Murray Sfafe Murray S'ra+e Murray Siaie Murray Srafe Murray Sfare Murray Siaie Murray Srare Murray S'ra're Murray Sfafe Murray Share Murray Siaie Murray S'ra+e Murray Siafe Murray S'ra're Murray S'ra're Murray Siaie Murray Sraie Murray Siare Murray Siaie Murray Siafe M urray Siaie .,.. Murray Slare Murray Siale Murray Siaie Murray Siare Murray Sraie Murray Slare Murray Sraie Murray Sraie .... Norrhwesrern . 4 . Norfhwesfern . . . Purdue .,.. '. . Purdue ........ Norih Dalcofa Norih Dalcoia .... Norih Dalcoia .... Middle Tennessee Middle Tennessee Taylor .......... Taylor ..... Taylor ....... Ausiin Peay ..... Ausiin Peay ..... Souiheasi' Missouri Middle Tennessee Middle Tennessee Wesiern Keniuclcy Wesiern Keniucky Memphis Srare .. Memphis S'ra1'e . Ausiin Peay Ausrin Peay .... Lamburh ..... Lamburh ......., Souiheasf Missouri Easiern Keniucky Easiern Kenrucky Easiern Kenrucky The buni is one of fhe sfrafegic plays of baseball. Here The Mur ray runner 'fries 'io compleie 'I'his play. BASEBALL Ward led rhe 'ream in fielding for an infielder. The sopho- more firsl baseman had only 9 errors in 210 purouls and I6 assisrs. Ward also led rhe squad in home runs wirh five. The ream played some of 'rhe besr ball a Murray squad had for several years. Afrer losing 'rheir firsl' rwo games of 'rhe year. The Racers recovered and losr only ro 'rough Mem- phis Srare, Soulheasr Missouri, Ausrin Peay and conference runner-up Easrern Kenrucky. For rhe nexr season rhe only major problem which was evidenr was rhe lack of pirching due 'ro lhe loss of Dugan and Jerry Anderson lhrough gradualion. in ' is f old' 7' ,L 'Ma , , : f '.sy w '-M li 'R Figs, ,iw f"in+z.' ' ' , . i ' 1 A rx ' ' A 'fi' . A ' 'AW 'P 'xqiwmi . ,kr,2, U Q ,.s, ssf.,U Q, 1 ,wif Q V Nig ga L W, T15 KY K It V- K V? T .V si f Yr K . was ,A U , -' N K is gags- iv ix- :qi 3 fe r If wg: sf. .f 5. f k : I- y my ff - lu i Vs? si , Q ,Elf 5 1 , ' - We ' ' Q- 1 '-if A 351, A , " mf . gffdg' K ' if' K ,' fi g its, ,',ifH-'Vis "5iB'Y4A,::z 1 314. 'P - .Mit 'wrfgf' , 3 ,a Ph, 4 'i..fQK3L i2'. uq'- .- .4 -as V ixg ixh i, 'Q '+I -1--A 'xl .. 7- .'. ' J 'H' 'ning' -' J- ' -H" 'Le' - - - - if " ' Third baseman Michey Mariin races home for ano+her Murray score. George Dugan and Mille Ward 'leam up fo pui' an Ausfin Peay runner ou+ a+ first es. EQ The home run. fhe biggesl' af+rac+ion in baseball, is always greeied wi+h happiness by players and coaches alike. Here Dave Boyd is con- grafulaled by Coach Johnny Reagan and piicher Jerry Anderson for his home run. mf 'sr' .. , . -nf? ,,v xg., fa- My V ff , .- 4.-..e.A ex 15 i -' f - -A--Nr.,-wr N ,., LJ-,ar TRACK SQUAD fe'F'u'Wwwww:uew-wwMWm,wM.w-m- A.-f y.. . SECOND IN OVC Selling scluool records in I6 of I7 evenls Hue Murray Slale lraclc squad enjoyed one of Hueir ufinesl seasons. A dropped balron in Hue 440-yard relay cosl Hue Racers Hueir sevenHu conference HHe in eiglul' years. AHracHng nuosl of Hue aHenHon for Hue year was sensa- Honal sprinler Jinu Freeman, wluo won Hue Oluio Valley Con- ference IOO-yard daslu in 9.4 seconds. Bob Do+y nips-a Wesfern Keniucky runner a+ Hue fape in an eliminalion One of Hue higl'vligh+s of Hue fraclr year was Jim Freeman's vicfory over 'ace 5+ 'fhe Ol"'0 Vall9Y C0f'fe"enC9 meef- Ken+uclxy S+a+e's Craig Wallace in Hue I00-yard dash. Murray Sia+e's l965 fraclr leam. Bob Gross se+ a school and OVC record in The 440-yard dash lasT year as he was Timed in :47.9. RACERS SET 16 The conTidenT Treshman whipped some of The sTiTTesT compeTiTion in The naTion. He nipped KenTuclQy STaTe's Craig Wallace, considered by many The besT in The SouTh. Freshman Dan Needy also gained naTional recogniTion as he ran The 880-yard dash in l:5O.2 To seT a school and con- Terence record in The OVC meeT aT Morehead. Needy suT- Tered a lcnee iniury early in The season buT came back sTrong. Charles Allen, named "mosT valuable" scored more poinTs Than any oTher member of The Team. Allen won The confer- ence 33O-yard inTermediaTe hurdles in record Time of 37.3, 'Finished second in The high hurdles wiTh a Time of l4.2, a school mark, was second in The Triple jump, Third in The long jump, and was a member oT boTh relay Teams. Charlie Allen comes ouT of The s+arTing bloclrs firsi in The conference meet , 1 W S f , ww mf g M M W' '94 - .W J' W A i k ul V A..,. V . -'1if4s'v' NEW SCHOOL RECORDS Bob Gross won rhe conference 440-yard dash in :47.9, a school and OVC record. The long-legged runner was also anchor man for Jrhe Racers' mile relay Team, which sei a school mark of 3:l3.6. ln 'rhe pole vaull, Wendell Webb sei a new school mark of I4-V2 +o lopple one of 'rhe older records on 'rhe books. Augie Schiller broke his own school and conference records af Morehead. The lanky high-iumper cleared 6-IO 'l'o win rhe rifle for rhe rhird siraighi year. Freshman Nick Spadafino sei' a new school record in l'he iavelin as he rossed ihe spear 209 feel' and one inch 1'o break 'leammaie Jack Haskins' old mark. Jim Freeman, affer 'faking fhe bafon from Bob Do+y, sireaks away for Thoroughbred viciory over Kenfucky S+a+e. 'O' ,mvisr Charles Allen, school record holder in several evenis, finished his career and was named "mosf valuable" for his performances. Dan Needy races in alone fo win +he 880-yard dash in record +ime. The speedy 'Freshman won fhe eveni' in I:50.2. . :,p:,'L.,.1 , F:-H . . ii, , a.kk ,,,, ar K6 ... TENNIS TEAM RULLS UP 22-0 SEI-TSUN MARK The Murray STaTe Tennis Team compiled The TirsT unde- TeaTecl season in Thoroughbred hisTory as They won 22 games during The regular season, buT Tell To an inspired WesTern KenTucl4y Team which nippied Them Tor The Ohio Valley Con- Terence TiTle. Nick Barone, a Treshman, won The OVC number I cham- pionship deTeaTing high-ranked Jackie Cooper oT WesTern KenTuclcy in The Tinals. Team capTain Ron Underwood won The conference No. 3 Murray STaTe's Tennis Team which 'Finished 22-0 for The reguar season r,,. 4 HURRHX STRTE MERRY TiTle. Jim NoviTslcy was second in The conference aT No Z aTTer Tinishing Theregular season undeTeaTed No. 4 Tor The Racers was Larry Niemeyer No 5 was Randy I-lall, and No. 6 was PaT Bryan. Playing in The doubles compeTiTion Tor The Racers was Barone and Underwood aT No. l, Don Greenwell and NoviT slay aT No. 2, and Hall and Niemeyer aT No 3 The 22-game sTring included wins over Bradley SouTher Mississippi, Mississippi STaTe, Louisiana STaTe and Alabama HUF 9 Ra IU STQTE 250 BTW? .v f f-'F-'-..'-5"-f, 1 . 1 M., N , , osavaswf 'ww W' ' ,,-a,,f,-Qgezawu .: W- -f ie, foam-,!za,,, -:naw A K -f o U feyzgfu-w5gQw'.:.1-f f M 1 ,fi , .alfa 5 X S - ..V ,,,. rf ae' 'Q S 3 Freshman Nick Barone won fhe Ohio Valley Conference No. I rennis spoi' as he nipped highly foured Jaclrie Cooper of Wes'rern. Jim Novi+slry, undefeaied in fhe regular season, los+ in ihe OVC final, for 'Phe No. 2 posifion. -fue ,,?'LlL'w-5131 f if-..,-f.a-:Vg-wfzgtzr ana Maw! --1 OVC champion ai No. 3 was Murray's Ron Underwood, feam capfain 25I CRUSS COUNTRY TEAM FINISHES SECOND The Murray Srare cross-counlry leam, a'H'er a disasrrous dual march season, venfured To Morehead and placed a surprising second in The Ohio Valley Conference cross- coun+ry meer. The Racers were paced by Bill Boyd who finished firsr for 'rhe Murray Team. Easrern Kenruclcy won rhe conference crown while co-favorile Wesrern Kenruclcy 'finished a hapless sevenfh. The Murray Siaie cross-coun+ry feam for l965. Hard worlr is necessary +o win in ihe grueling spori of cross-counfry running. ,-c..c,,s,-gl rrsc as T Larry Ringer finished second on fhe Murray squad in fhe conference meel' and was a consislenfly fine player all season. The Murray Sfafe linlcsmen, paced by freshman sensafion Ron Acree, placed second in fhe Ohio Valley Conference Golf Tournament Acree shoi a I43 fofal fo finish firsl in fhe conference mafch. The Racers were edged oui' by Wesfern Kenfuclcy by only 'lwo sfrolces. buf finished ahead of defending champion Mid- dle Tennessee by fhe same margin. Fred Lancasfer and Larry Ringer also fired fine rounds for fhe Thoroughbreds. Lynn Newfon, Gary Flowers, and Bobby English rounded ouf fhe firsf six for The Racers. Commenfing on fhe l'eam's efforf, Coach Buddy I-lewiff said i'ha'l' fhis was fhe "finesi' feam effori' in fhe five years we have had golf here." Loolcing fo fhe coming year, fhe Racers seem fo have a fine Team lined up wifh Acree, Newfon, and Larry Mullen back for 'lhe Murray squad. The I965 Murray SIa+e Golf Team. MURRAY GOLFERS FINISH SEGUND IN OVC Freshman Ron Acree gefs some advice on his golf game from coach Buddy Hewill. Acree won fhe individual championship a+ +he Ohio Valley Conference golf Iournamenl. ,-was 71, J W Q 5""""A f s E i LT. Col. Brandon Parker congraTulaTes Bob Beard, Murray's ace shooTer, I Tor his brillianT showing over The pasT Tour years. The Murray STaTe riTle Team enjoyed anoTher Time season lasT winTer. CapTained by All-America shooTer Bob Beard, The Racer marksmen won The NRA SecTional Rifle MaTch. The Team probably did The TinesT shooTing of The season in ThaT maTch. OTher members of The Team besides Beard were Dale O'Daniel, Richard Sides, Joe Davis, Don l-lorlacher, Thomas HarringTon, John Schuler, ArThur Bailey, and Joe Waska. The Team deTeaTed such schools as KenTucky, Mississippi STaTe, Middle Tennessee, Xavier, CincinnaTi, and Missouri. ConsTanT pacTice is The key To The success which The Murray STaTe riTle Team has enioyed This year. The squad was ranked as one of The naTion's finer riTle Teams. The Murray riTle Team shows The Trophy which They won 'For placing in The Kansas STaTe InviTaTional RiTle MeeT. Ti 1-rx 1- T m.r.s,,,s,,s W.fwH'f"r"MWWWTwAMW4m RIFLEMEN ENJOY ANQTHER GREAT SEASON Q. Kneeling: Becky Slewarl, Pam Dallas. Middle Row: Palsy Spann, Linda Edwards, Jean Anne Keslerson. Top Row: Shorly While, Debbie Johnson. A dance isn'l complele wilhoul a band, a class isn'+ complele wilh- oul' a professor, neilher is sporls complele wilhoul cheerleaders, Wiih- oul' cheerleaders, ihere would be very liH'le spirii' al a foolball or baslcelball game. They always manage lo keep enlhusiasm high wheiher our 'ream is ahead or behind. Al MSC, lhe cheerleaders plan all sorls of aclivilies 'ro help build up school spiril including pep rallies, bonfires, spiril' lrophies, and olhers. ll' is This group lhal leads Jrhe Racers on lo many viclories. DEBBIE JOHNSON Va rsily Ca plain 'x 51 il lui E M i me E K, I ., - sffkfr I K ky?i?.M...: 4, fi flslrqqgl' , ,'.L.'g, f5!"rlH55w J H 1,541-iiS,,k 3, A X ,. , , ., . A f A 1, if A in ful' f 17" K- .HWS ' Km, X, tiff!-ni" ff' 3 ,al X54 'X it-X Freshman Cheerleaders: Diane Canup, Janice Loclcwood, Sandra Wallace, Carol Rolfe, Nannelle Solomon. CHEERLEADERS Alpha Omicron Pi, iniramural foofball champions. INTRAMURALS Handball is one of the favoriie sporis of Murray S+aie. 'Compeiifion is held each year fo de+ermine 'Phe campus champion. 'K Kal Sigma Chi's pifcher Fred Rigby grimaces as he leis go wi+h a pifch in a 'frafernily soflball game. Darrel Townsend and Tommy Higgins direcfed lhe inlramural program +l1is year. , - V "'i'fl"T M., in 1 I YN, V 1 ,, , . 'iw' . r,,'1iw" s f , , .Msg ,V ,F . M ' D Am.'e..,,l,, , K in, ,,.,,i'1 ,,xg,,., ,, ,,,,,.,,,,j'1,M ,l ,ii, ycwi . 3 , M1 ,Q Sludenls conducf 'lhe complefe inframural program. Sfudenfs organize, play, and referee in campus iniramural sporis. lnrramural sporls fill a void in rlwe life of rhe college slu- denr who was used lo compering in inrersclwolaslic arlwlelics in high school. The comperirion is keen and line caliber ol play relarively good. Tradifional rivalries soon spring up and flue fun and excilernenl of sporrs is enjoyed ro Hs fullesr. The Murray Srale inrramural program encompasses many sporls. Foorball, baslcerball, Jrraclc, soffball, swimming, bad- minlon, cross-counrry, handball, and several women's sporrs are iusr a parr of ir. The program was direcred by Tommy Higgins and Darre' Townsend. Srudenrs parlicipaled in 'flue acliviries in record number lasr year, one of fire mosl successful yer. 4 rm t . , rl 5 . ,A ,. .,,, , fri 5 -. .r -1 , , ...viiw , .,,, ., , as J, ,,r.,.,,r,r..a,c f , .es , , ,W ,.., ,.,,.,,.,.,.R.r ,xfrgworfswe cigi, ,Q , I . V. 4. 1 A wild scramble for a rebound resulled in fhe TKE-ATO baslre+ball game in +he fra+erni+y +ournamenf held a+ fhe end of fhe season. David Recfor leaps high +o pass +0 one of his +eamma+es. Foo+ball is one of 'I'he more popular sporfs in lhe inframural program. Ken Coleman rushes +0 help a +eamma+e as he fries +o inlercepl an opposing feam's pass. A 'Q Y al eggs' he mi' 5,3 F M K ' ,J 9 rf' wa me 4 " l' wa,,,.., ,, ,.:: W' ix ' W, ' "iz WML: fir fl? mm , ,Q 23.5755 Jw? , , f, w'?l'1Ei,isfx Ly "E ," as A f A f f HL fy-5ssfEw? A K .W f . ,W 5 W' V55 5. E 3, 1: Qs, 'if ,N ,, Tau Kappa Epsilon's Tom Hinderling cafches a well placed elbow on his chin in a foofball game, as Lynn Edwards slips by for a gain. 1 5 Inframural basketball is fhe biggesl' sporf on campus by parficipaiicn. Eigh+ leagues were 'formed 'lhis year. 'Garland Cerlain 'fries in vain 'lo escape lhe grasp of Furgie Hunier. Hun+er's 'leammafes quickly rushed up and grabbed his 'Flag +o play. end fhe iwii 'Z W . , Aff. g , . .-ii, K F .. A CLASSES I . , w ' xl 1 1' 2 2 - ,t at KW . 1 5 x , , .5 1 3 f 4 .. . L 7 ,t t , r X 4, img! gl '42-.N . w-f if . ' i '. ' ' . A 6 Q, ,, . 1 it 'K f Tit ' . i ti i X b .in-.W V, 4',x AK KN' Q ' in-z, g , 2 1 w ,lf A ' ' 1, Q Q , , fe . 2 . 1 , , . ,ggfr - 1- ,, . , K xr. K -K K ,K iv s Q , KW.. A ' ' Liu ig ff' ' -' 2 me f 'aft ' -Q ' ' 5 . X 231 .4 it Z KK .9 ,favs-is K K Q KK KK . ai?jN7fii ffezf ' fm' 1. 253' f it . K K' K4 K 4 ' ' Ks ' K 'T Q sjh',KKKg1 , l,fK Q 1,53 . .vig fl! . ' KVM! .1 , gf. :W L-sy' t L. W QE s KK K Q Kar if 1 it K V Q , aff, 12 My f 'WZ , g ' is . , ' KK, K A - SKK ti 2' il V, K - , s. K x' K Q J , T ,il ,. mf lei' ' art Fig. ' .2 21: " Q E it KK it H V gxivq 4-K Z. K Q 4 . . in It I 5 ug K Ki F 'ati ,-s +1 b' . i T f M L Q gli?'1g ,gi gr-3?', ,igtt I W 1 it lil, K!'4'VHz I 4 , ,, V I y , A F , .4 yt ff y 1 +4 gut , .W i s f ". f ' . .1 ,ff 5 i . . at X KKMQ H K 1, fig. Kg 15612 5221 + wg.-'RK 0 s f li fy'itgKvHtQ,ztl,L:,KqK?KK w , ' '.iiQ:ii5?fQ.f 'Vg' , it s e e , H 44 ' F 3, , ,, A 41 if Q A Fri we ' ' f-Q 1,2 f H K. . K. in ' vid: has 2 K Kid-ingw, ,...,.,u .if , K5 ,K ,ia J YK . , ' K A 4' Q 2 3 if it Q91 .K i f .l f . - t. xL : : , 1 1 f L 1 Mais? .3 3 f' at - A . 4. T 6 'X ' ' ' :"' 'Z' ' f, "-, KKK? A KK KKKK4 K KK K K KK Qzu KK K K .. . KKKK T fi-is K K K K x-x. K, .KKK KK . KK, . .MK K. 11 31, A im. .fee .rf , 6 Y f 1 .JK 'N A ' i . Murray State has continued to thrive and expand through the efforts of the students who have popu- lated its campus year after year. The freshman enters this new world unaware of the vast opportunities now placed at his feet in the academic, creative, and social spheres. The sophomore, now broadened and enlightened with a year's knowledge, holds within his grasp an understanding and appreciation of college life The lumor feellng that graduation IS fmally within reach, works to make that dream a reality And the senior now looks back on the many happy memorable years and aheadoto the future. All are part of MSC, and there is a part of Murray State with in all of these students. All have worked, played, and contributed to the development of our college. These students have traveled the path and lighted the way to a place in the world. Wa, M, 4 XX . . . K,,,i it H W 1 ini 4-we , V ef. . 'ft l,"tT,,n.,ffr-' ,....,, J . .gf , , 'K , . i , ,LQ , wifi? if . -- . ..g . W ,r Q ',' W 7- .W f ' . . 5 , Arif f +w'i"1If'i i .T, Q e t Mr. - Q iw.. ff' sting . ff, e ,2"',5,f5Lg, If-' 'SI'-zfigk 'kgs' Y 'ff"f":r ', fi3.'.Q, -if 5. X-fn A 4 'f..fgZ'g22 3 -Y 51" x... ,. If , s J , 'fe is:- -fs-4 We H fy," Y' 'U' " "ff" 'iii ff' -...M fer - ,. V, Ku, . ...KJ if .F "-45.-1655-'.vw 4 ff' 1 LY K KK , rv, KQ-KK., ay, r. 5-:gary owls K KK, ., ,K..,KR1K,,Ki,, if K 1 fha Q 4 K f we K .Km . ga, gs A , KK ' k gwg,,5vk, K Ki' ' K' 'irzrg .J-'gf' Sv' .lf5"fy, .- 'vie NVQ . 'A' W ff ,Knczi ws. 1 ki . f Y., , K K ,w,4-- Q ,if J K u K 'af . t + f t. 1 Q if Til 4' 1-Vw 'viz' if -'i"if: ew" e' WL., fn 'fm .17 "W-'f" . Magi. A 'ix 'nf was .1 Q 'ai-2... af. f Fifi - if 4 .ff -z in .. 4.-."?f" B", t'f"i-2wAf1.f- - ff QL, ' . ,Z-tr, v ,. 41, ff' V , ,AK f :Qu ,mir KKKQgf,,rK2'd MK. , Hymn, K at .sf KK 'iyyffaa-,'f' , W, 4, f My -fr 7 ,V ,segw 1 , . tw K .-.lf 4 aug., ...ft .. l9.y'QSfi-5. if ., L 'sf ' , ,Y gs W, 1 I 1 a ,f Q f ' f'4.4-J' 5 df ' f A J '- ,1 uf QA he New fi' .S 1 cz' 'fo .. -if. f J 1' Q .3 y " 'Qi if 0 ,Q xx nge nw, , .KK, , 9' hm . ' i'KfKQ.K.- .4 KK f 4 'rf A 'Q 'if' ' K fy-5 -:.fq,,.,y g ff., f, ,L Ki, . 3 we.. -f 1 .Ji ,.'.gw1 . - as - we-L ze- of fs 'a , -' gets., ff .'q,,,,,..r, ggi. an-,Kf.4"g1fQ-43-Wig if ff-g?e . . fr fdfe.f, .4 ' ' . "iff 4' W T , ' ,V 5 +3-f. f". f' , . ' 'V "N" f , - f -V " ..f"'i - ' s .Lit ii.-f...L fi."5-Or' ' 4. Ja-3 few-"' ff. -M M 62" GRADUATE COUNCIL Jerry Counce, Jack Madura, Dianne Sims, Marfha Redden Bill Ryan, Chairman. Firs+ Row: HUGH BARKSDALE CLETA D. BEGGS. .. JOHN BELT , Second Row: DARLENE BRINDLEY EDWARD BURTON.. MARY BUSHART Third Row: PATRICIA CALKIN, C. H. CAMERON. ,. Rocky Ford, Col .FuI+on, Ky ....Murray, Ky ...MayfIeId, Ky ...Providence, Ky .....FuII'on, Ky Burnf Prairie, MO. ....Prince+on, Ky. JOHN W. CORCORAN .,.. , , New Hyde Park, N.Y. Four+h Row: JERRY M. COUNCE. . DAVID LEE CURROM, . ELSIE DABROWSKI FIHI1 Row: DAVID A. DARNALL DAVID RAY DISNEY FRED F. FOX .,,Murray, Ky. .,RocI'1esIer, N.Y. ,.WickIiffe, Ohio ...Ben+on, Ky ..,.Murray, Ky. .,..Rrcyidence, Ky Firs+ Row: DONNA FRETER .,... MARY HUMPHREYS. SUSAN KAUFMAN .... Second Row: MATTIE KEN DALL ..... JEWELL KING. JOSEPH KNOTH ,.,, Third Row! JAN'ET LAN DOLT ...., JACK MADURA.. JUDY T. MADURA., Fourih Row: KENNETH MEREDITH .. DAVID MILLER... ALLAN MORRIS.. , Fif+h Row: VICKI MORRISON ROBERT NEWCOMB JOHN OLIPHANT ....'Murray, Ky. ..LouisviHe, Ky. ....Herrin, Ill. ....Dania, Fla. ...,Mayfield, Ky. Grand Rivers, Ky. ..,.Murray, Ky. ,.,..Chicago, Ill. .,..Murray, Ky. ,.Bee Spring, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. .,...Louisville, Ky. ....lsland, Ky. .....Puryear, Tenn .....Cadiz, f Ky. 'Jia qv- ,.g fx flirv YW'--v "mr is A--.5 W.- YR An .-L1""5'K A A v-ff' 'Q-...,.. ur-H +ve' ,., -,,. 264 LW GRADUATES iv. 13' 3 'Q Eirsf Row: BETTYE A. PEDERSEN ... MARTHA ROSS REDDEN HELEN M. RHODES.. Second Row: CHARLES E. ROBERTS WILLIAIM T. RYAN, .. BURNETT R. SASSEEN, ,, Third Row: OUAVA SMITH ,,., ROBERT L. STEELE EDWARD THOMPSON.. Eour+h Row: PATRICIA ANN TROTTER.. . ERNEST VAUGHN. ., G. RACHEL WAI-IL ..... . FIHI1 IRow: B. DIANNE WALLACE . LAURA WEBSTER . McKenzie, Tenn. ...Murray, Ky. Owensboro, Ky ....CIIr1+on, Ky ...Murray, Ky ...PacIucaI1, Ky ...Murray, Ky ,..Miami, Ha ....Paris, Tenn . ..DexIer, Mo .Provide-nce, Ky ...,Murray, Ky ...SIurqis, Ky . . . .Dawson Springs, Ky BARBARA WILLIAMS. .. ,Murray, Ky Lefi' fo Righh Larry Mullen, President Dave Hornback Treasurer: Karen Bryant Secreiaryg and Tim Bresnalwan Vice President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS , wk I: ak 7 .I J.. ". 4- I' i 'W ms... ,,, 3 is... -aa.-ff' Ng .y pea PVS Kb- 5735 xv S bf- lb' Q...-f' ,v-' 1-ug. 267 Firsf Row: BILLIE MARIE ADAMS .,..,.. . .. Murray, Ky. B.S. Elemenfary Ed. HERBERT H. ADAMS ....,.., . . . . ,.Jaclcson, Tenn. B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha. MARVIN L. ALBIN ,. , . . Sacramenlo, Ky. B.S. Business Pi Omega Pig Gamma Bela Phi. Second Row: ANNETTE WARD ALEXANDER . , , . .Murray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. CHARLOTTE MARILYN ALLEN .. .. . ..Arling+on, Ky. B.S. English Chi Della Phi: Lambda Iola Tau, Alpha Phi Gamma, Vice-Presidenlg B.S.U., Execulive Council, College News, Sociefy Editor, Feafure Edifor. JAMES DWIGHT ALLEN .,.. .... Cadiz, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Agricullure Club. Third Row: MEKKI M. ALfSAADl .. . .... .... .... K halis, Iraq B.S., Bus., Speech Foreign Sludenls Org., Presidenrg MSC Speakefs Bureau, I.R.C. JANET ELAINE ANDERSON . .. . . ..Owe-nsboro, Ky. B.S, Biology, Mafh. Bera Bela Bela, Young Democralsi S,N.E.A. JERRY L. ANDERSON ........ . ...Paducah, Ky. B.S. Ind. Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. Fourfh Row: RONALD KENNETH ANDERSON ........ . .,Chicago, Ill. B.S. Physical Ed. Sigma Chi. RUSSELL LEE ANDERSON , . . .. . .. ...Ben+on, Ky. B.S. Bus. 81 P.E. Phi Bela Lambda: Sigma Chi. CYNTHIA BOYD APLIN ....... ,... , .,..,. B andana, Ky. B.M.E. Music Sigma Alpha lolag Kappa Della Pig Wesley Foundalionq Campus Lighlsg Vivace Club. Fif+h Row: DAVID W. ARANT .. ......,..., .. ..., Paducah, Ky. BS. Malh DAVID L. ARMSTRONG ..,.., .... .......... M a dison, Ind. B.S. Bus. Adm. Foofball, Track, Sfudenl Council fHancver Collegel Young Democralsg Intramural Sporls. FRANCES M. ARlvlSTRfONiG .,,,. . . ..Lynn Grove, Ky. B.S. Bus. Ed. Gamma Bela Phi: Al ha Phi Gamma, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurerg Frosr Eidefily Award, Parihellenic Council, Presidenfg Phi Bela Lambda, Vice-Presidenl and Sec., Shield Slaliy Typisf, Faculty 81 Adm "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities". Co-Edifor Classes Co-Edilorg "Campus Nolableup Reader's Thealerg First Row! TERRY ARNDT .. . .....,..,...... ..... L a Porte, Ind. B.S. Bus. Adm. Sigma Lambda Iota, President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda. ARTHUR ALAN ARNSON .,.,.,.....,........ Washburn, Wis. B.S. Biology and Eng. Student-Faculty Committee, Lutheran Student Assoc. ANTHONY JOSEPH ASCHETTINO ...,, West Long Branch, N.J. B. S. P.E. and Sociology Sociology Club: Newman Club: Young Republicans Second Row: DENNIS K. ASHWORTH .,....,.. ,.,, M t. Vernon, Incl. B.S. Agriculture Agriculture Club. DANIEL FRANK AUSTIN .....,,........,........ Paducah, Ky. B.A. Biology Spanish Club: Biology Maior, Vice-Pres.g Wildlife Society. ANDREW AZZARELLO ., . . ..,Syracuse, N.Y. B.S. Bus. Ed. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Third Row: CHUCK O. BACCUS .. ...,,. ,... K arnalr, lll. B.S. Bus. Adm. Alpha Phi Gamma, President and Secretary, Sigma Lambda lotag Inter- traternity Council, Shield Stall, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President and Secre- tary, Historian, College News, Editor, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, Circle K International, Board ot Directors. DONALD lvl. BADGLEY ,,................,, Grand Chain, Ill B.S. Math and RE. ERNIE ROB BAILEY .... .. . ..........,. Murray, Ky. B.S. History and English A Cappella Choir, College Band, Spanish Club, Religious Councilg S.N,E.A Fourth Row: JOHN L, BAINGO ........, ..,,,.... . ..Leyittown, Pa. B.S. Industrial Arts LEIE WILLIAM BAKER ....,.. ....,....,. .... C a nton, III. B.S. Psychology Psi Chi. JOHN STEPHEN BALL .,......,,,....... Henderson, K B.S. Industrial Arts Sigma Chi, Assistant Football Trainer, Industrial Arts Club. Fifth Row: SONDRA KAYE BALLEW , ....,....,.. .... M aytield, Ky B.S. Business Home Economics Ciub. JOHN ELVIS BARNWELL ....,...........,......... Nebo, Ky B.S. Social Science and History International Relations Club. GEORGIA MARLENE BARROW ..,.,,., ... ...Barlow Ky. B.S. Bus. Education Pi Omega Pig Phi Beta Lambda: SNEAj NBEAQ Ordway Hall Council, 1 ., wi Tn?-Hass 'flur- 'nv ...g Mme an-rw 855- -E -:V .s c IW' Q"K Sf- Nqr, 268 'aww ...uw .im Firsf Row: GLENN M. BAYER .... . . . . Hunlingburg, Ind. B.S. Business Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hypopheles. GERALD K. BAYLESS .,..... ,..,.. . , ,....,. Decaiur, Ill. B.lv1.E. Music Phi Mu Alphag Phi Mu Alpha Dance Band. BOBBY J. BAZZELL . .,.,,., . . , , . Murray, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Agriculfuie Club, College News Slall. Second Row: JUDlTH ANN BEAN . .. ,... .,,, , . ..Paducah, Ky. B.S. Business Ed. Pi Omega Pig Phi Bela Lambda: SNEA. ROBERT D. BEARD .. .....,.,.. , .....,.,..,., Bardwell, Ky. B.A. Chemislry and Malh. Varsity Rifle Team. SAACS, LAWRENCE V. BEATTYS . .. .,.,.. ..... . Louisville, Ky. B.S. lvlalh Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas.g Scabbard and Bladeg Distinguished Milifary Sludenl, Third Row: JOSEPH BECK . .. , ..,. Louisville, Ky. B.S. Chernislry PAUL A. BECKWlTH ..., ...... ,.,. .... M a s ury, Ohio B.S. Bus. Adm. Sigma Chig Sigma Lambda lola. CHUCK J. BEHRLE ., .. ,,,...., ..... .... M 1' .Vernon, III B.S. Balh and P.E. Fourlh Row: HARRY L. BELL . .. ,.. . ... . . Pewee Valley, Ky. B.S. Physical Ed, STEPHEN C. BELL . ,.......,.... , .. HMT. Vernon, Ill. B.S. Malh and Soc. Science Baskelball Slafislician. ALAN D, BENEDICT .... ..,...... ..,.. F u Hon. Ky. B.S. Biology Fif+h Row: KELLEY E. BENNETT ........,. .. .. .Murray Ky. B,S,Chemis1ry Sigma Chi. IVA JEAN BERRY . .. . . . , ,,Morganfield, Ky. B.S. Social Science CHARLES D. BERTETTO .. ...... ..,. Lewisfon, Ill. BS. Social Science First Row: JAMES EDWARD BIGGS ....,.......... .,... H enderson, Ky. B.S. English M.S.C. Football. JOYCE BINFORD ..,.....,....,...,,.,,,.., Water Valley, Ky. B.S. English and Library Science Alpha Beta Alpha, President, Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. ROBERT WARRIEN BIRCH .......,...,.,........ Rosiclare, III. BS. Chemistry and Biology Second Row: ROBERT A. BIRD .......,.. ....,,,.. .,.. L o uisville, Ky. B.S. Business Adm. MARCUS GLENN BITTICK .,........, ...Manhattan, III. B.S. Education ROGER D. BLACKBURN .............,...,.. .... C lay, Ky. B.S. Biology and Agriculture Third Row: KENNETH WALTER BOERNER ....,.........,.,. St. Louis, Mo. B.S. Business Adm. Phi Beta Lambda. TONI BURCI-IETT BOI-IANNON ..,.....,,......,.. Murray, Ky. B.S. Elementary Ed. Freshman Cheerleader: Shield Queen, I964g A.C,E, KATHY L. BOWLAND ..,,...,...,.............. Paducah, Ky. B.S. English Freshman Cheerleader, Freshman Treasurer: Sock 8: Buslcin, Thoroughbred Hour, Fourth Row: MICHAEL SHORT BOWMAN .,...,.,.., Sandy Point, Maine B.S. History and Art Kappa Pi Art Fraternity. DALTON LAMOUR BOYD, JR. ,......... ...,, M aytield, Ky. B.S. Accounting Sigma Chi, Treasurer. DAVID A. BOYD ....,........................ Paraqould, Arlc. B.A. Physical Education Baseball Team. Fifth Row: ROBERTA LEE BOYD .,........,....,,. Bachelor ot Music Ed. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary, Sigma Alpha Iota, S.N.E.A.j A.C.E., Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, Religious Council, Secretary, Vivace Club. MIKE E. BOYER .... ........,........ ..., K a nsas, Ill B.S. Education Pistol Team Intramurals. LEONARD THOMAS BRADDOCK .,...,... ..... C lay. Ky B.S. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. ,....HoplcinsviIle, Ky. 45- iis... E? v,k. - 1 c . , ,.,,. K- . . K qi fl Winer. gi, si.: f,-- ' 5:22, 1159332 pi'-K vrv""3" YZ11' in:- - I' "'N---an N... VF" Wm. f'--W... L d""" in-..-1 we 27l Firsl' Row: JOHN BRADFORD . ., ,... .Murray, Ky. B.A. Mafh and Speech DAVID LARRY BRAGDON .. . ,,,,...,. .,.. M arion, Ky. BS. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. PATRICIA M. BRANTLEY ......, .. ,... Marion, Ky. B.A. English Kappa Della Pig Chi Della Phig Lambda lola Taug SNEA, Treasurer lHoward Jr. Collegel Lambda lola Tau, Treasurer. Second Row: DANETTE M. BREEDEN .. .. ........,,.. .... M urray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. A.C.E. HARLAND E. BREEDEN .... ...,., ......., M u rray, Ky. B.S. Malh Malh Clubg Thoroughbred Hour: Sigma Pi Sigma. TIMOTH E. BRESNAHAN . ..,........... Soulh Whirley, Ind. B.S. Education Alpha Tau Omega: Senior Class Vice-Presidenfg Class Assemblyg Debale Team. Thircl Row: SHIRLEY ANN BRINDLEY . . ..... .. B.S. Elemenlary Ed A.C.E. ALBERT EUGENE BROOKS .........,. B.S. Social Science l-IAM PTON W. BROOKS .... .......... B.S. Agricullure Agricullure Club: College CB Club, Pres.g A Fourfh Row: ROBERT A. BROTHERS B.S. Business Adm. lpha .....Mayiield, Ky. ...Benlon, Ky. ......Murray, Ky, Gamma Rho, Pres. ....Evansyille, Ind. Phi Bela Lambdag lnrramural Foolball. ANITA RUTH BROWN .,.. .......... Walled Lalce, Mich. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. Special Ed. Clubg A.C.E.g Young Democrafs Club. HAROLD P. BROWN ....,. ,.. ... ..Camargo, lll. B.S. Business Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: JOHNNY M. BROWN .. .. .... Carmi, lll. B.S. Math HARRY LEROY BRUBAKER, JR. .. ...,, Penn Run, Penn. B.S. Aqricullure Pislol Teamg Agricullure Club. KAREN S. BRYANT ....,.. .. . .. . Herrin, lll. B.M.E. Music Thoroughbred l-lourg Vivace, Sec.: TKE Sweelhearlq Jr. Class, Sec.j Sr. Class SeC.j Shield Queen Semi-Finalisrg Campus Favorileq Sigma Sigma Sigma: MSC Choirg Campus Lighlsg Sigma Alpha lola, Presidenrg Della Lambda Alpl1agVrginiarine Malcomb Scholarship Winner, Firsf Row! EDDY S. BULLOCK, JR. , .. ,, ,..., ..... l-I azel Park, Mich. B.S. Malh Alpha Phi Omega, Presidenf l963-653 Franklin Hall Council, Presidenl. RALPH E. BURCHETT ,....,,.,.....,.......... Princelon, Ky. BS. Business Ed. Alpha Tau Omega, Shield Slaff, Edifor, Assisfanf Editor, Faculty and Adminisfralion Edilor, Typislg Alpha Phi Gamma, Fresidenl, Gamma Bela Phi, Phi Beta Lambda. RICHARD N, BURGESS .. ,. , ,...,,.. ,.,. A rlinglon, Ky. B.S. English Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Debate Team. Second Row: MARY M. BURKEEN ........, ,........... G rand Rivers, Ky. B.S, Elernenlary Ed. A.C.E. WILLIAM E. BURNETTE ..,,....,.......,... .... E ullon, Ky. BS, Hislory and Agricullure JOHN H, BURRUS ..,.... ..,..,,...,....... V illa Grove, lll. B.S. Social Science Alpha Tau Omega, Presidenlg Junior Represeniafiye, Siudenl Org., Man on Campusg lnler-Fralerniiy Council, Secretary, IRC. Third Row: DOROTHY J. BURT ,,,., ..,, .,,.,,..,.... S I . Joseph, Mich. B.A. Elemenlary Ed. JAMES E. BURTON .................. .... E ulfon, Ky. B,S. Business Alpha Tau Omega. PATRICIA L. BURTON ,. ...,,..,. .... L ouisville, Ky. B.S. English Fourlh Row: JAMES W. BUSHART ..... ..... .......... .... E u I lon, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arls KARL E. CALHOUN ,,,.. .....,..,....... B allle Creek, Mich. BS. Business Adm. Phi Bela Lambda. ROBERT W. CALLIGI-IAN .,,...,....,.,,........ Sferling, lll. BS. Speech and P.E. Debaie Team, Thoroughbred Hourg Track. Fif+h Row: NINA FRANCES CAMERON ...,..,,... ...Gracey, Ky. B.A. Elemenlary Ed. PATRICIA D. CAMPBELL .....,.............,.. Broomall, Pa. B.S. Psychology and Biology Psi Chi, Vice-Presidenlg Woods Hall Council. PATSY J. CARDEN ,. .., . ,..........,..,,, Cresiwood, Ky. B.S. Library Science and I-lislory IRC, SNEA. JOHN J. CARR .........., .. ,... Clay, N.Y B.S. Social Science DONALD E. CARTER ....... . . Jvlelropolis, III B.S. Busine s MARY A. CARTER .......,... . ,... .,... . Murray, Ky B.S. Elernenlary Ed. Freshman Cheerleaderg A,C.E.j Home Ec. Club, Secrelary. Second Row: DANNY E. CARVER ,...,..,. ,.,...... . .. Fullon, Ky BS. Ari Kappa Pig Oufslanding Arl Educalion Sludenlg Sludenl Chapler ol NAEA, PAUL X. CENT .,,.......,,, ........... ,.,.... B e nlon, Ky. B.S. Business Adm. Phi Bela Lambda, Wesley Fcundaliong Preshing Rilles. W. GARLAND CERTAIN . .... ...,. . Slurqis, Ky B.S. Malh Sigma Chi. Third Row: ROBERT G. CHANDLER ..,. ,.,.......,,.. .... B a rlow, Ky. B.S. Business and Hislory Phi Bela Lar'nbda1 Vel's Club. JOHN M. CHARUK .,......... ........,...... T renlon, N.J. B.S. Biology Naluralisl' Clubg Biology Club. MICHAEL E. CHERRY ...... .. ....,.... .,.. P rincelon, Ky. B.S. Hislory Pi Kappa Alpha, Presidenl. Fourfh Row: VINCE J. CHRlSTOPHER . .. Long Branch, N.J. BS, English and Hislory RAY W. CHUMBLER ..,.... . ...,., .,.. B enlon, Ky. B.S. Aqricullure Aqricullure Club. SYLVlA J. CLARK . . . , Hardin, Ky. BS Librar Science and Hislory - - Y Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain: Alpha Bela Alpha, Trees.: Panhellenic Council SNEAg Marching Band. Fiffh Row: WAYNE E. CLARK ....,....., ..,...... .... E s Ther, Mo. B.S. Chemislry and Malh RlCHARD D. CLASEN . Chesler, Ill. B.S. Business GEORGE Cv. CLEMENTS .. . , . Paducah, Ky, B.S. Business Phi Bela Lambda. Firsl Row: DORIS A. CLORE ...... ......,.... . .. . .Creslwood, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. BRENDA M. COBBS ..., .. .. .. ,..,. ..,... M ounds, III. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. ACE, Weslminsler Fellowship. Special Educalion Club. THOMAS M. COCHRAN . .. ...,,.. ...EIizabelh'rown, lll. B.S. Business Adm. Second Row: MARION L. COEEEY ..,... . ..., ., ...Hamillory Ohio B.S. Physical Educafion DALE L. COLLIE .....,..... ,....., ....... B e nlon, Ky. B.S. Chemislry Scabbard 8: Blade, Pershing Rifles: Lambda Chi Alpha, Presidenfy I.E.C. Represenfalive, SAACSQ MSC Agaleur Radio Clubg Richmond Hall Head ounselor. LARRY O. CONWAY ...,.. . .,.., Kevil, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Gamma Rho, Agricullure Clubg Pershing Rifles. Third Row: GUS T. COOK .. . ....,, .. , ,,.,..... Hickman, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Physics Sigma Pi Sigrnaj SAACS, Presidenf. RONALD D, COOPER .... . . .. . .Robirison, III. B.S. Business and Malh LINDA S. COPLEY .. ., . ..,... .... M elropolis, Ill. B.S. Business Ed. Fourlh Row: MARION CORRELI. ,,..... ....,, . .. ...Noble, Ill. B.S, Agricullure JAMES L. COX ..... .. . . ... .. .... Paris, Tenn. BS. Music Phi Mu Alpha, Vice'Presidenl, Pledgemaslerg "Campus Lights", Band, J. DENNIS COX .......................... Fredonia, Ky. B.S. Agriculfure Alpha Gamma Rho: Agricullure Club, Presidenf. Fiffh Row: NOLAN E. CRANE ..,,. .. , . ....,., S+. Louis, Mo. B.S. Psychology and Hislory Psychology Maiors Assoc.g Psi Chi, KENNETH CRAWFORD ....... .. ....... .... P aduach, Ky. B.S. Hisfory and Polilical Science I.R.C.g Young Kenfuckians. MARGARET R. CRIDER , ,..... .. ..... Murray, Ky. B.S. Speech and Library Science Alpha Bela Alpha, Pledge Mislress, Publicify Chairman, Della Sigma Rhoelau Kappa Alpha: Sock 81 Busking Thoroughbred Hourg Religious Council, Sec., Vice-President, President, Speech Assoc. of America' SNEAQ Debale Teamg B.S.U., Secrelary, Vice-Presidenf. is dbg 'TP' hr with-rw Hb' -Gluc- 274 I 5 eff" is iv N wi' vr""' 's.,,,- si., .. 5',,a. h,., Willa if . Aw K.. -Q..-1 . 'ilu-4 'hr 275 Firs+ Row: JAYNE c. CRISP .. .A,. . .. AV,. Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Business Educalion Pi Orvieqa Pi. CECELlA W. CROSSETT .. . ...,.. ..... M urray, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Deifa Lambda Alpha, Trees.: Kappa Omicron Phig Home Ec. Club. CAROLE G. CROUCH ....... ........ . ..,Murray, Ky. B.S. Elernenlary Educalion A.C.E. Second Row: MARY L. CRGUCH .,.,.... . ..... .Middlelowm N.Y. B.A. English and Social Science l,R.C.g SNEA. DAVID R. CROWLEY .,....,.. ,.,............,. M urray, Ky. B.S. Physics and Ind. Arls. Alpha Phi Omegag Mafh Clubg Physics Club: Ind. Arfs Club: SSAIP. PAUL E. CRUCE .....,.. . .. .... Marion, Ky. BS. Social Science Third Row: BILL CUNNINGHAM ...... . .. ....., .,...... B enlon, Ky. B.S. Social Science Sigma Chig Sludenf Councilg Class Assemblyg Young Democrafsg l,R.C.g Sfuderif Organizafion Presidenlg Sophomore Class Presidenlg Man on Campus. JUDlTl"l A. CUNNINGHAM ...... ........ M ayfield, Ky. B.S. Malh Miss Murray Slalej Alpha Omicron Pig Young Democrafs, Secrelaryg Lambda Chi Cresenf Girl Allendarilg Malh Clubg Sludenl Council: Senor Represenlaliye. JUDY B. CUNNINGHAM ...... . ..... .. Murray, Ky. B.S. Elernenlary Ed. Alpha Omicron Pig SNEAQ A.C.E. Fourih Row: LESLIE D. CUNNlNGHAM .... ..... . . ..Princelori, Ky. B.S. lnd. Arfs Epsilon Pi Taug Ind. Arls Clubg American lnduslrial Arls Associalion. MICHAEL W. CURTIN .. . . La Salle, III. B.A. Ari Kappa Pi, Treasurerj Chi Psi. DAVID B. DALTON ...... .. . .. .Bell Cily, Mo. B.S. Business Adm. Fiflh Row: HELEN B. DAME . . .. .. Madisonville, Ky. B.S. Home Ecenomics SNEAj Home Ec Clubi Woods Hall Council. EUEL N. DARNALL ............................. Benlon, Ky. B.S. Malh and Physical Ed. JOHN J. DARNALL .... .... . .. . Murray, Ky. B.M,E. Music Phi Mu Alpha: Concerl Band: Slaqe Bandg College Orcheslra, A Capella Choir: Campus Lights Direcloi. Firsl' Row: DAVID E. DAVENPORT ..,. ,....4.....,.. E afon Rapids, Mich, B.S. Business Educaiion GEORGE S. DAVENPORT ,,.,,....... .... C linlon, Ill. B.S. Biology SAACS. ANN l-l. DAVIDSON ......,... .,.. .... C amden, Tenn. B.S. Business Educalion Second Row! LINDA G. DAVIS . . ...,., .... ...,.,..4..4 E d dyville, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion SNEAQ ACE. JOSEPH M. DAVIS ,.........,......... ..... A rlinqlon, Ky. B.S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega: Rifle Team. ROBERT B. DAY ... ..,.. ,.. ,...... Alexandria, Va. B.S. I-Iisiory Track Team IPurdue Uniy.l Third Row: JOHN L. DEEM , .. .. . ,. .,,.. . ., Geff, III. B.S. Business Adm. Sigma Lambda lofa, RONALD J. DETRICK ...., .,..,,.... ..,.. N e w Albany, Ind. B.S. Speech and English Sigma Chig Thoroughbred Hour: Debafeg Dorm Counselorg Inlramural Sporlsg Speech Assoc, of America. TIMOTHY L. DETRICK ,. ,, ,..,..,,..,., New Albany, Ind. B.S. Business Adm. Phi Bela Lambda, Treas, Fourlh Row: BERNICE G. DEW . ..,.., .. ,.....,... .... W Ingo, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Mafh Malh Club, Vice-Pres.: SAACSg SNEA. BILLY C. DeWEESE .....,., ,,......... .... C l inlon, Ky B.S. English Lambda Iola Taug SNEA. J. ROBERT DiCl-IIARA ,. , . ...,,.. , ..Darien, Conn B.S. Business Adm, Fif+h Row: KENNETH E. DILLINGHAM ,. , .....,,,... Cenrral Cify, Ky B.S. Chemislry Alpha Tau Omeqag SAACS. JOI-IN P. diLUSTRO .,.,..,,.,......,........., Palaline, Ill B.S. Business Adm. Pershing RillesQ Scabbard and Bladeg Franklin Hall Counselor. GERALD DNOLA . , ,. . .Q ...., ...Nulley, Nu B.S. l'lisiory 'X -Jim mlvd R 433 'N fm.. 'N--.. 1 --Que... I --mf 276 i ,g..-..- THOMAS N DUNCAN . , .Fairfield 'NH JAMES D.NoLA ,Pine Brook, Nu ACE SNEA lniramural Fooiball Baskefball Baseball, Track. PALMER R DOMENICO ,Jameslowm N,Y RAYMOND O DONHAM .... Bicknell, Ind MICHAEL A DONINI ..,. Cerilralia, Ill Wariamassa, N.J ....,Murray, Ky Club. ..,..Almo, Ky, ..,.Trenion, N.J. GERALD J DUNCAN ...Wixom, Mich Pi Kappa Alpha Soph Class Treasurer S+udeni Organizafion, Jr, Rep. JOHN H DUNN .. Murray, Ky ROBERT B DUPRlEST ,..Ledbell'er, Ky SNEA IRC Wesley Founclallon AQFICUlTUVC Club. M GEORGE V DURAKlS Melrose Park, lll JOHN W DURDEN .4,, Kuflawa, Ky. ARTHUR DURFEE .. Dover, Tenn. First Row: RONALD F. DUVALL ...,,,.....,,....,....,,. Detroit, Mich. B.S. Business and P.E. Phi Beta Larnbdag SNEA. DANA A. DYCUS .......,..,...,,...,,. .,., P aducah, Ky. B,S. Physical Education Delta Lambda Alphag Psi Chig Sigma Deltaq United Campus Ministry Co-Presidentg Religious Councilg Shield Statfg W.A.A.g Wells Hall Councilg Student-Faculty Committee. CHARLES A. DYE .........,......... . ..Paclucah, Ky. BS. Math and Physics Second Row: JOHN M. EASTON .,...,., .....,..... .... B i clcnell, Ind. B.S. Industrial Arts GENTRY B. EAVES ....,.....,.......,...... Farmington, Mo. B.S. Biology and Physical Ed. HOWARD L. EDGIN ......................... Louisville, Ky. B.A. Biology and Chemistry SAACSQ German Clubg Pershing Ritles. Third Row: GLEN D. EDWARDS . .... ..... .......... E llchart, Ind. BS, Business and Physical Ed. ' Tau Kappa Epsilon. LINDA F. EDWARDS ................... . ...... Benton, Ky. B.S. Elementary Ed. Cheerleaderg Baptist Student Union Councilg Wells Hall Councilg A.C.E. SUSAN M. EDWARDS .... ..,............... E . St. Louis, lll. B.S. Elementary Ed. A.C.E.j Special Education Clubg Westminster Fellowship, Fourth Row: GEORGE T. ELDRlDGE .... ........... .... E . Chicago, Ind. B.S. Accounting ERlC W. ELLIOTT ........................ .... D ayton, Ohio B.S. Geography and P.E. Geography Clubg Freshman Basketballg lntra-murals. BARBARA J. ELROD ........... .... S ymsonia, Ky. B.S. Business Fifth Row: FRANK G, EMMONS .. .... ............. N eptune, N.J. B.S. Elementary Ed. and Geography Alpha Tau Orneqag Varsity Rifle Team: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Bladep Geography Club: SNEAg A.C.E. BARBARA L. ENGLE , ..........,. ..,......... D enver, Colo. B.S. Physical Education and English W.A.A. BOBBY D. ENGLISH ....... ..... ..,. .... G i l bertsville, Ky. B.S. History and Busines Varsity Golf. ABR. ui ,X A. 1? 1 . wr V Xxx .i e sr he K L.,- 'Hire ""Nh-1... 5'--..- tif, bf.. 'Ui fi ,pin-W its 'QSM 278 I 'ar' .,,-...:s Firsi' Row: JAMES G. ERICKSON ..... ..,,, ...,,,.. C o raopolis, Pa. B.S. Physical Ed. Sigma Chi: Pershing Riiiesg Scabbard and Blade. JOSEPH K. ESTES ,... ....,.......,,.. ,..,. P a ducah, Ky. B.S. Indusirial Aris Alpha Tau Omegag Epsilon Pi Taug lndusfrial Arts Club. JOYCE M. EVANS ..,,.... ... .. .. ,.... ...MaylieId, Ky. B.A. Physics and Malh Second Row': MORTON EVANS ,,....,., . . ,... ..... T renfon, N.J. B.A. Chemislry and Biology Lab Assisfanlg Nafuralisfs Clubg Veferans Clubg Maccabees, Co-Founder, BILLY P. FAIN ............. . , .,... ..... M urray, Ky. B.S. Elemeniary Ed. PATRICIA s. PAIN ....... ................. Murray, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Kappa OI-nicron Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Keeper of Archives. Third Row: BOBBY R. FALWELI. ...,,. .. .......... ..... M urray. Ky. B.S. Ar? Tau Kappa Epsilong Kappa Pi. RICHARD V. FARRELL ....,. .... . ...,. . ..Murray, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Hisfory Sigma Chi. JAMES D. EARRIS .....,..,......,. ....,... E arminglon, Ky. B.A. Chemisfry and Mafh SAACS. Fourlh Row: THOMAS M. FAUGHN .. . .. ...,,,... Anchorage, Ky. B.S. English and Hisfory FRED D. FEILER .,...............,....... .... P aclucah, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Ed. DENNIS J. FERRY .......,,..... ,. ....... Trenlon, N.J. B.S. Biology and Chemislry Newman Clubg SAACS. Fiffh Row: DAVID E. FIELDS , .......... . , .. ,, ...... Hickman, Ky B.S, Physics and Malh Alpha Chij Sigma Pi Sigma, Presidenig SSAIPQ Maih Clubg Russian Club Pisfol Teamg Rangers. DONALD W, FIELDS ...... .. .. ., . ...... Paducah, Ky B.S. Chemislry lnfer-Frafernify Council: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Presidenfg SAACS. PETER J. FISH .... ..,.... ............... ..... A I ID any, N.Y B.S. lnduslrial Arls Indusfrial Avis Club: Iniramural Sporlsg Newman Club. Firsl Row: DAVID G. FISHER ,......,...,. , ...,.,.,.....,.. Chicago, Ill. B.A. Chernislry and Malh Malh Club, SAACS. JUDITI-I C. FITCH ,...,....,,,....,,,......... Paducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. ACEQ SNEA. ALVIN L. FLOWERS .....,....,.......,.. 'Chicago Heighls, III. B.S. Malh and Psychology Math Clubg Spanish Clubg l.R.C. Second Row? GARY N. FORD ,,.,...,.....,..,.,.,......... Paducah, Ky. B.S. Sociology and I-lislory Psi Chip B.S.U.7 I.R.C.g Sociology Club. STEPHEN C. FORD .......,...... ..... B enlon, Ky. B.S. Business PAUL C. FRANCHINI ....... ..., ......,. B e echhursl, N.Y. B.S. Agricullure Newman Clubg Ag Club, Alpha Gamma Rho. Third Row: LORRAINE A. FRANK .......,......,,.... Cenlral Islip, N.Y. B.S. Business Ed. Phi Bela Lambdag SNEAg Newman Club. WANDA J. FRANKUM ........................ Paducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. Alpha Omicron Pig A.C.E.g SNEAg ROTC Company Sponsor. CAROLYN S. FRESEN .,......,........... .E. Sl. Louis, Ill. BS Elemenlar Ed . . y . Alpha Sigma Alpha, President A,C,E., President SNEAg Lufheran Sludenis. Fourlh Row: Ky. REX R. FRETER ....,....... ,,.... ..,. . . lvlurray, B.S. Business and P.E. ROBERT G. FRITSCI-I ...........,....... ...Louisville, Ky. B.S. Business Adm. Pershing Riflesg Richmond Hall Counselor. STEPHEN E. FRITZ ..,...................,,..... Freeburg, Ill. B.S. Hislory and English Lambda loia Tau, Presidenl. Fif+h Row: DWIGHT D. FUGATE .......,..,....., .... E asf Prairie, Mo. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Tau Omegag Agriculture Club. RUTH B. FULKERSON ...,..................., Almo, Ky B,S. Elemenlary Ed. Gamma Bela Phi: A.C.E.g SNEAg Alpha Sigkma Alpha, Philanlhropic Chairman, Membership Chairman. OWEN W. FUNK ....................,. .... A lwood, III. BS. Business Adm. 'Fin 'iw-. was 280 Firsi' Row: MARY M. FUTRELL .......,..,..,..,,.,... ...Maylield, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Ed. Sigma Sigma Sigmap A.C.E.g SNEAQ Young Democrarsg Freshman Class Secrefaryg Alpha Tau Omega Sweelhearl' Affendanf, RONALD G. GALEMORE ....... .......,.... C harleslon, Mo. B.S. lnduslrial Arls lndusfrial Arls Club. MlLTON D. GALLIMORE .............. ,.... P uryear, Tenn. B.S.Agricul1ure Alpha Gamma Rho. Second Row: MARTHA K. GALLOWAY ....,........... .,.. M urray, Ky. B.S. English and l-lislory ROBERT B. GAMBLE ..........,,,............... Chicago, lll. B.S. Business Adm. Alpha Phi Omega, Isl Vice'Presidenf, Treasurer. VERNON W. GANTT .......................... .Murray, Ky. 5.5. l-lislory Delia Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, Presidenfg l.R.C.g Gamma Bela Phi, Presidenfg Varsify Debafe Team, Third Row: SAMUEL J. GARDNER ....... ....,.......... C larlcsville, lnd. B.A. Chemislry and Biology Sigma Chi. PAMELA B. GIBSON ,...... ........ ..... W i nler Park, Fla. B.A. l-lislory l.R.C. BRUCE E. GIELOW .................., .... M alloon, lll. B.A. Pre Med Fourlh Row: JUANITA GILES .. .,.............. ..... B enlon, Ky. B.S. Educalion RAYMOND E. GlLTNER ............,... ...Broolcporly lll. BS. Malln and P.E. STEVEN L. GlN'ES ..............., b ..,.,...., Washinglon, lnd. B.S. Marlceling Alpha Tau Omega: Sigma Lambda lola. Fif+h Row: LARRY D. GIRE ....... ............... ...... S + . Elmo, lll. B.S. lnduslrial Arfs and P.E. Industrial Arts Club. DAVlD GLAZEBROOK ...,,......,...... Morganfield, Ky B.S. Agricullure Aqricullure Clubg SNEA. GEORGE E. QLOVER .. ......,........... .... M ayfiela. Ky. B.S, lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. Firsl Row: BETTY GOHEEN .......,....,....,,...,.... Calverl' Cily, Ky. B.S. English and Speech DONALD L. GOLIGHTLY ,..,...,..,.. ....,... P aclucah, Ky. BS. Business Sigma Chi, Sigma Lambda lolag Young Kenfuckians. RONNIE W. GOODMAN .,......,..,.... ,... P aducah, Ky. B.S. Social Science Second Row: M. KIRBY GORDON, II ....,..,.,,........... Louisville, Ky. B.A. I-lislory and Polilical Science Alpha Tau Omega, Sfudenl Council, Dislinguished Mililary Sfuclenl. GEORGE GOIWIN ,,.,...,.,........, .,.. A nchorage, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Gamma Rho. CAROLYN L. GRADDY ..,,.....,........... Ml: Vernon, Ind. B.S. Speech and English Chi Delia Phi, Lambda lola Taug Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Presidenlg Religious Council, Panhellenic Council, Thoroughbred Hour, Wesley Foundation, College Newsg Debafe Team, Reader's Thealre. Third Row: MARK L. GRAI-IAM ..........,,.....,..,... El. Wayne, Ind. B.S. Physical Eclucalion Pi Kappa Alphag Baskelball. LOUISE C. GRASSHAM .....,...,........ .,... P aducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion JIMMY L. GREEN ...,.....,.....,,,..... ..,. E ullon, Ky. B.S. lncluslrial Arls Fourlh Row: LARRY N. GREEN ................,...,.....,.. Waverly, III. B.S. Hislory and Physical Eclucalion Tau Kappa Epsilon, PATSY B. GREEN ....,.........,.,........, .... M urray, Ky. 5.5. Elemenlary Educalion Dames Club, Treas.g A.C.E. DONALD L. GREENWELL ............ ..,...., H ialeah, Fla. B.S. Mafh Malh Club, Treas., Presidenh l.R.C.g Newman Club, Treas., Presidenlg Varsify Tennis Tearng Who's Who Among Sfudenfs in American Colleges and Universifies. Fif+h Row: PAUL E. GREENWELL . ......... ...,........ B ardslown, Ky. B.S. Biology and P.E. Sigma Chi, Inler-Fralernily Council, Presldenl. WILLIAM Z. G-REENWELL ..,......,... Morqanlield, Ky. B.S.' Business and P.E. Tau Kappa Epsilon. EDWIN N. GRIFFIN ,....................,... ..., K evil, Ky. B.S. Malh and lncluslrial Arls Pershing Rifles, Capfain. Firsl' Row! JOHN T. GRlFFlS ....,.. .. , , . .. ..Murray, Ky B.S. Business Adminislralion Vef's Club, Treasurer. JUDITH P. GRIFFITH ,...,., . . VV. .. Hickory, Ky B.S. English and Business Kappa Della Fi, Secrelary. GARY C. GROSS .,..,.......,. Elizabelhlown, lll B.S. Business Phi Bela Lambda. Second Row: ROBERT J. GROSS .........., ,....,,,. , Farmingdale, N.Y B.S. Hislory and P.E. PETER R. GUDAUSKAS ..,,. ,.,,......,,, C incinnafi, Ohio B.S. Business and RE. DAVID B, GUSTAVSON .,,,.,,, ...... , , .James'fown, N.Y B.S. English Phi Mu Alphag Campus Lighfsg Marching Band. Third Row: GEORGE B. GUYOT .................,,,........, Noble, lll B.S. Chemislry and Biology Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice Noble Rulerg SAACS. SUSAN J. HAGELBERG .. ..,........,., ..Harpursyille, N.Y B.S. Social Science l.R.C.g Sociology Club. CAROLYN W. HOLE ' .........,.,,...... ..,., M ayifield, Ky B.S. Elemeniary Educalion A.C.E.g SNEAg Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. Fourfh Row: JAMES E. HALLIDAY ....,.,,..,.. , .Cadiz, Ky B.S. Aqricullure ANlTA K. HALTER ............,........ ..,., V incennes, lnd B.S. Elemenlary Educalion GILBERT F. HAMILTON ....,.....,..,... . , Easr Gary, Incl B.S. Physical Educalion Alpha Tau Omega: lnlramural Sporls. Fif+h Row: GARY J. HAMMER ......... , , .Lancaslen N.Y B,S. Business Junior Class Vice-Presidenlg Acquafic Club: Class Assemblyq Sigma Chig Sigma Alpha Della Chiy KATHLEEN HAMMOND . , , ,Paducah, Ky B.A. Spanish Spanish Clubg Lambda lola Tau. DAN P. HARELSON ..........,, .. . ., Paducah, Ky B.S. Business Adminislralion Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Pershing Rifiesg Scabba'd and Blade: Lambda Chi Alphag Phi Bela Lambcag Firsl' Row: J!MlMY D. HARGAN .......4......... .,.. M aylield, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Agriculiure Club. DOROTHY LOUISE HARGROVE ....., ....,.. L a Cenler, Ky. B.A. English Lambda lola Taug Philosophy Club, lnfernalional Relalions Club, S.N.E.A. KENNETH C. HARPER .............,... ..,-,Cadiz, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Second Row: SANDRA SUE 'HARlRlS ..,.....,......,....... Memphis, Tenn. B.A. Elemenlary Educalion Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Panhellenic Council: A.C.E.g S.N,E.A.j Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. DANNIE EDMOND HARRISON ............,,... Murray. Ky. B.S. Agricullural Economics Alpha Gamma Rho, Agricullure Clubg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. JANICE ALEXANDER HARRISON ...,..,..,..... Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Kappa O'micron Pi, Firsf Vice-Presidenf, Kappa Della Pi. Third Row: LaRALEYN V. HART ..,,,,...,.,........,,. Des 'Moines, lowa B.S. Physical Educalion W.A.A.j S,N.E.A, OSCAR ROY HARTMANN , .....,....., ..... S +. Louis, Mo. B.S. Malh Ranger C.O. SUSAN HELEN HARTUN6 .,..,...,.....,,.. Smi+h+own, N.Y. B.S. Business Educalion Newman Clubp Pi Omega Pig Girl's Volleyball and Baskelball Teamsg lnlramuralsg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. Fourlh Row: ORVILLE JACK HASKINS ...............,.... Falconer, N.Y. B.S. Physical Eclucalion Alpha Tau Omegag Track Team. KENNETH W. HAUPTLI .,............,..,,... Louisville, Ky. B.S. Speech Della Sigma Rho: Tau Kappa Alpha: Varsiiy Debaleg Lulheran Sludenl Fellowshipg Young Democrais, JACK K. HAWKINS ....,,.....,.,,.....,.. Elizabelhlown, B.S, Marlcelinq Sigma Chig Baseball, Fiffh Row: JAMES V. HAY .....,,............,....,... Owensboro, B.A. Chemislry Pi Kappa Alpha, S.A.A.C.S. ALBERT N. HAYDEN .......,.....,.....,........ Murray. B.A. Chemisfry and Biology S.A.A.C,S. MOLLY K. HAYDEN .....,,...,.,.,....,.. ..... M urray. B.A, Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E. W. X-an K"""i' 284 Firsf Row: NEIL RAY HAYNES ...,..,... . .. ..,,. Brucelon, Tenn B.S. Biology Alpha Tau Omeqag Varsify Fooiball. MARY BAZZELL HAYES .,.,, ..., . . .A... Murray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Della Lambda Alphag A.C.E.g Special Educalion Club: S.N.E.A. JOLEEN N. HEIBERT .,.....,, .. . ..,.. , ...Louisville, Ky. B.S. I-lislory and English Alpha Omicron Pig S.N.E.A.g I.R.C. Second Row: JERRY LEE HEINZMAN ,.......,...,.,....., Chrislopher, III. B.S. English Alpha Phi Gammag Alpha Tau Orneqag College News, Assisiani' News Editor. BETH GAIL HEISER ,..... ..,...,...,.,..... P hiladelphia, Pa. B.S. Hisfory and P.E. W.A.A.g Elizabefh Hail Council, DEDRA MORRIS HENDERSON ,. .. ..... Lynnyille, Ky. B.S. Biology Bela Bela Befag B.S.U. Third Row: ROBERT L. HENDERSON .. ...,.......,..,.,.. Orleans. Ind. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion JOHNSON GARY HENDRICKS .,........,. .... C adiz, Ky. B.S. Heallh ancl P.E. WILLIAM EAIRL HENDRIX ,...,......,. .... C incinnali, Ohio B.S. Marlceling Phi Bela Lambda. Fourfh Row: MARTHA LOUISE HENRY ..., ,...,,. .... M u rray, Ky. B.S. Ari S.N.E.A.g N.A.E.A. PATRICIA MAUREEN HENRY ....,.,,..,,...,.... Murray, Ky. B.S. English and Hisfory Lambda lofa Tau: S.N.E.A.g l.R.C.q Wesiminsfer Fellowship, CLARENCE WOODROW HERNDON, JR. ....,....,.... . B.S. lnduslrial Aris Epsilon Pi Taug Pi Kappa Alpha. Fif+h Row' ROBERT CARROL HERRON ....,....... . . . ..Clay, Ky. B.S. Chemisiry and Malh Sigma Chi. PATRICIA ANN HERRINGTON .,.....,...,.... Louisville, Ky. B.S. Physical Educalion Sigma Sigma Sigmag Alpha Bela Alphag Company C. Sweefhearfg Sigma Delta. PAUL NEALINGTON HERRON ......,,, . .... Murray, Ky. B.S. Business Eclucalion Phi Bela Lambda: S.N.E.A. Firsl Row: JERRY P. HIBNER ,..... ......,.......... F arminqfori, Mo. B.S. Business Aclminislralion JANET L. HIETT .. ,,.,....,..., ......., .,.,, B e nfon, Ky. B.S. Elemerilary Educalion JUDITH A. HIGDON .. ..,,.......,....,.... Mayfield, BS, Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi, 2nd Vice-President. Second Row: JOE A. HIGHTOWER ...,,...,,...,,.,.. ..,P6dUC6I'I, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion KENNETH R. HILL ,.........,.,.,,.... .,... P aducah, Ky. B.S. I-lislory Pi Kappa Alpha. LEWIS E. HILL ......,,...,.........,..........., Dalfon, Ky. B.S, Biology and Chemislry SAACSy German Club. Third Row: MARION D. HILL . .. . . .... ....., B eaver Dam, Ky. B.S. Imduslrial Arls and P.E. Sigma Chi, Baskefball. W. THOMAS HINDERLING ....,. . .CoalesviIIe, Perm. B.S. Aqricullure Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pylorfesg Agriculture Club. WILLIAM J, WHITE . ...,..........,.. ...Paducah Ky. B.S. Accouhlinq Sigma Lambda Iola. Fourlh Row: MARY E. HITFR . . .,,,..,...., ..... B enfon, K B.S. Elemenlary Educalion PHILIP D. HOCKER .,... .. . .....,,...,. Arlinqlon, Ky B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. DANIEL T. HOLT .......,......,............ W. Chicago, III. BS. Social Science Fiflh Row: JERRY W. HOLT. ..,. . .....Paducal1. K B.S. Malh DAWNE W. HOOK . ..... .. ,.......,.. Paducah, Ky B.A. English and Spanish Chi Omega PHYLLIS L. HOOKS .. . ............ Princelon, K B,S. Elemehlary Educalion A.C.E.g SNEAQ Wells Hall Councilg Special Education Club, Reporler. ag., 'VS bs. fl"ww.v. aan.. Q-.-s..., 5 QA "--Y' fins GW-Q. igvxa. 'KK' 286 'U 5 'Q-If My j fi-q.,...J 1-nf . V -, Y' 'Phi i We Lf' 1 he--0 'Qmq ,pn-wg. :vs 'if' 'aff' .sy -www to .-ug., QQ,-. 287 Firsf Row! WESLEY L. HOOVER .. ,. . Louisville, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Phi Mu Alphag Campus Liqhisg Slring Orchesfrag A.C.E.g S.N.E,A. DAVID MARTIN HORNBACK . Charlesfon, Mo. B.S. Social Science Alpha Tau Omegag l.R.C.3 S,N.E.A.g Sociology Clubg Senior Class Treasurer, Class Assembly Treasurery Man on Campus. CHARLES G. HORNUNG Louisville, Ky. B.S. Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilong Inler-Fralernily Councilg Thoroughbred Hour, Slafion Managerg Wesley Foundation Council: Young Kenluclcians. Second Row: SHARON HUFF HORLACHER Cape Girardeau, Mo, B.S. Ari Kappa Fig N.A.E.A.j Dames Clubg Alpha Chi Omegag Varsity Cheerleaderq A.W.S.7 lSoufheasi Missouri Sfafej. JOSEPH RUSSELL HOSP . . .. , . Union, N.J. B.A. Biology Bela Bela Befa, Vice-President, l.R.C., President DAVID LYNN HOWELL . . . . Fullon, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Gamma Rho. Third Row: JOE DAN HOWELL . ,. . ,. Benfon, Ky. B.S. Agriculiure Alpha Gamma Rhog Aqricullure Club. THOMAS N. HUBER ...., , . ....,,....... Louisville, Ky. B.A. Social Science Iniramural Track: Newman Club. DONALD E. HUCKABA . ...... .. . .. Murray, Ky. B.S. lnclusfrial Arla lndusfrial Arfs Club. Fourfh Row: JESSE KENNETH HUDSON . ,, .,... . .Benlon, Ky. B.S. Malh and Physics FRANCES R. HULSE .... . . . .. , ,,Murray, Ky, B.S. Business Educafion Pi Omega Pi. KENNETH J. HUMPHREYS .. , Hlvlurray, Ky. B.S. Business Adrninislrafion Pi Kappa Alphag Phi Bela Lambda: Sigma Lambda lola. Fiffh Row: RICHARD D. HURT ..... ,.,, . . . Maisy, Ky. B.A. Chernisfry and Biology Pi Kappa Alphag Freshman Baskelballg lnrer-Frafernily Council, ANDREW C. HUTCHINS . .. ....... Oak Ridge, Tenn, B. of Music Educalion Viyace Club, Secrelary-Trees.: Scabbard and Blade: Phi Mu Alpha, Campus Lighlsg Bandg Men of Note Band, YVONNE HYMEL . . .. .. . ..,. ,. .. Bonne Terre, Mo. B.S. Physical Educalion W.A.A.g Home Economics Club: Sociology Club. Firsf Row: JAMES M. lDDlNGS .. , .. . . .. ,Broakllelcl lll. B,M.E. Music A Cappella Choir, Viyace Clubg l.R.C.: Opera Workshop, TERRY lRWlN .. . .. ,,... ...Princelon, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arls Alpha Tau Omega. El.SlE M. IVY .. ,. ,...... .,.,.... ..... M u rray, Ky. B.S. Elernenlary Educalion A.C.E. Second Row: STEPHEN R, JAEFE .. ., .. . ,, . ..., New York, N.Y. BS. Physical Educalion lnlrarriural Sporls. JOE N, JACKSON .,... . .....,..,. ,.... , Danville, Ky. B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha, Secreraryg Campus Lighlsp Dance Band, DAVlD W. JAMES . . ...... . ..l-liclcrnan, Ky. B.S. Business Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: RAYMOND S. JAMES . .......... ,, ...Hunlsville, Ala. B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha, Bandg Orcheslra, Viyace Club, Men of Nole Slage Band, Campus Liqhls, Band, Lighring Direclor. FRANK L. JENKINS .. .. . ,,...,... .,.. V ienna, lll. B.S. Aqricullure Agricullure Club. RONALD E. JESSUP . .. ,, ,...... .... B enlon, Ky. B.A. Physics Sigma Pi Sigrna, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. Fourlh Row: JAMES H. JOHNSON . . . Niles, Mich. BS. Psychology Psi Chi, Presidenl, "Man on Carnpusug Sludenr Council, Treasurerg Junior Class Oilicerg "Campus Nofablemg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Varsiry Cross Counlry, Class Assernblyq Psychology Maiors Assoc., Vice-Presiclenlg Inter-Fralernily Council. NANCY S. JOHNSON . . ,, ....,. .... , .Robinson, lll. B.A. Spanish Alpha Larnbda Dellag Kappa Della Pig Spanish Club: Russian Club, Sec.-Treas. RANDA D, JOHNSON . .l,..,..,..... ., .Paducah, Ky. B.S. Physical Educalion Siqrna Della, Sigrna Sigrna Sigma: W.A.A.g SNEAg A.C.E. Fifth Row: JlM W. JONAKlN , .. .... ,Memphis Tenn. BS. Physical Educalion Scapba'd and Blade' Tau Kappa Epsilsong Della Siqrnag Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. ClNDY A. JONES . . ..,.. .. Syracuse, N.Y. BA. Socfoloqy Club. CODY E. JONES . , . ..... . . Murray, Ky B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau, 2nd Vice-Presidenfg lnduslrial Arls Clubg Shield Stall, Pholoqraphers. Wim..-.. Qu... df' :vm 774 QV' GT' fi Mm 'WW Firsf Row: EDWINA F. JONES ....,, . . . . .. B.S. Elemeniary Educalion Kappa Delia Pig Lambda lola Tau. GENE P. JONES .. ..,..,. .. . . . B.S. Business Adminislralion Pi Kappa Alpha. ,..Vienna, Ill ...Paducah, Ky GLENDA M. JONES .,......,...,.,.., . .... Murray, Ky B.S. Chemislry and Malh Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairmang Euclidian Malh Clubg Sfudenl Aililiales oi the American Chemical Society. Second Row: HELOlSE JONES .,...... .,,. . .. B.A. English and Sociology HORACE D. JONES ,.,.,.,., . . .. B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Gamma Rho. JOHN W. JONES ...,.......... .. B.A. Business Third Row: MARGARET ANN JONES . ..... .... . B.S, Elemenlary Educalion Dames Club. MARRY J. JONES ...., .... ....... ...... B.S. Elemeniary Educaiion A.C.E.g Home Economics Club. PATRICIA P. JONES .,...... .,.......... 5.5. Elemeniary Educalion A.C.E. Fourfh Row: PAUL A. JONES . ,..... ..,.... . B.S. Social Science ROBERT L. JONES ... ...... . . .... B.S. Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilong I.R.C.g Geography ROBERT KALER .. .. . B.S. Malh Pi Kappa Alpha. Fif+h Row: GEORGlE R, KATZEL .. .. . B.S. Elemenlary Educalion . Paducah, Ky. ..Winslow, Ind. ....Murray, Ky, ....Murray, Ky. .Broolcporh Ill. ...l"lardin, Ky. Syracuse, N.Y. Painfsville, Ky. ub. ..Paducah, Ky. Paducah, Ky. RONALD l.. KElLl'lOl.TZ . .l-laqersiown, Md. B.M.E. Phi Mu Alphag Viyace Clubg College Bandg Drum Maiorg ROTC Drum Maiorg Campus Liqhis. SUSIE KElLl-lOLTZ ..... . .. . San Maleo, Calil, B.A. Psychology Psychology Maiors Associalionj Campus Liqhlsg Religious Councilg A.C.E.q Alpha Omicron Pig Panhelienic Deleqale. Firsl' Row: MARTHA DEAN KELLEY ,....,.............. Madisonville, Ky. B.S. Physical Eclucalion W.A.A.3 Religious Councilg Sigma Sigma Siqmag Sigma Della. JAMES P. KELLY ........,.,..,....,..,.....,... Eldorado, Ill. B.A. Chemislry and Biology Sigma Chi. ROY E, KELLY , ..,...,.,,.......,,, .,.. O alclon, Ky. 5.5, lnduslrial Arls Second Row: KAY A. KENNEDY ..,.,...,....,......... ,,... P aducah, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phig Home Economics Club, Presidenl, Secrelaryg Ordway P-lall House Council. WlLLlAM K. KEOWN .,...................., Madisonville, Ky. B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Gamma Rho: Agricullure Club: lnler-Eralernily Council. RALPH D. KERN ........................... Ml. Sferlinq, Ky. B.S. Business Aclminislralion Alpha Phi Omega. Third Row: SANDOR l. KETZlS .,.... , .,.......,... Cambria Hls., N.Y. BS. Geography and Speech Alpha Gamma Rhog Pershing Rillesg Scabbard and Blade: Throughbred Hourg SNEAQ College Newsg Geography Club, Vice-President Amafeur Radio Club, Vice-Presidenlg Macczbees Co-iounderg Dislinguished Military ludenl. HENRY D. KIMBELL ....,....,......, ..,. C linlon, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Gamma Rho. BURVIL D. KINCAID .......,.... ..... E lora, lll. BS. Business Fourlh Row: BETTY R. KWCER ..... ......,.,.....,. . .. Hickory, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Educalion CATHERINE N. KING .. ............ ..,.. M urray, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E. JERRY L. KING , .... . ...,... . ...MaylielCl, Ky B.S. Aqricullure Agricullure Club. Fiflh Row: JUDY M, KING . ..... .. ,... ...... E nglewood Cliffs, NJ B.S. Physical Educalion W,A.A. CAROLE KIRCHNER .......................... Buckhorn, Ky B.S. English and Hislory Shield Slafl, Copy Edilor. LORIN S. KLEMP .......,.............,..... Farminqlon, Mo B.S. Business Aclminislralion Phi Bela Lambdag Bapfisi' Sludenl Union, ,GW 1 X is: 3-RW 'iw ts-my gif Firsf Rowf BETTY P. KNIGHT ,.V,,,.. . , T.,.,,... . Wkobafds, Ky VAT I B.S. Elemeniary Educafion .W fi. ROBERT T. KNIGHT ..,.,,,. ....Murray, Ky B.S. Business AdminisI'raTion A ' Phi Befa Larhbdag VeI's CIub. V ROGER L. KNIGHT ...,. . ...., ., .ML Vernon, Ind I I B.S. Aqriculfure Agriculfure CIub. 'nv Second Row: . , ggi S SONA W. KNIGHT ...... , ... ,.,.. ...MayfieId, Ky B.S. Home Economics N, Horne Economics CIub. ,FN . WILLIAM A. KOLMER .... ,.... ...,. C arIyIe, III W-if du' B.S. Social Science CARL T. KOON ..........,......,..,......, HopIcinsviIIe, Ky BS, Business Adminisfrafion Circle K Club, Secreharyg Alpha Kappa Psi: Phi BeIa Lambda. ge- HRT'- ilW""u WK Phi Mu Alphag Band: Vivace CIubg A CappeIIa Choirp Campus Lighis. B.S. EIemenIary Educahon Phi Mu Alpha. 41 -,IV Wir' Fourfh Row: four.. JAMES R. KRUEGER , .. . .Chicaqo, III. B.S. Mafh and Physics 'Z' PAUL G. KUSTERA ..... .. . ..... ..Bronx, N.Y. B.S. AqricuIIure WILLIAM H. KYLE ...,.... .. ,.,.. Shumway, III. B.S. Educafion Fif+h Row: JAMES S. LADD ..... . .CacIiz, Ky B.S. AqricuI'rure 'Qrrf' Kappa Pig Tau Kappa ED5iIon. 29I Third Row: MARVIN A. KOONTZ .. . .. .,.. .... F airfieId, III. B.S. AqricuI'I'ure Alpha Phi Omega. ROBERT N. KRATZ ...... .. ......, .... L ouisviIIe, Ky. B.M.E. Music FRANK J. KRAUTHEIM .,..,...,,, ..PoirTT PIeasan+ Beach, N.J. JANICE E. LADD .......... ,. . ...,...... Newbern, Tenn. BS. EIemenTary Educafion A.C.E.j SNEA. CLEMENT LAIRD ..... .... ..,. . . .,MadisonyiIIe, Ky. BS. ATI Firsl Row: CAROLYN S. LAMB . ............. Owensboro, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Bela Alphag United Campus Minisfry, Co-President, Christian Sfudenf Cenlerg A,C.E., SNEA, Religious Council. DOUGLAS C. LANCE .... ...,..... Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. B.S. Hislory and Sociology Sociology Club, l.R.C.g lnlramural Sporls. WAYNE A. LANDER , , , .,.,.. . ..,, Hammond, lnd. B,A. English Sludenl Facully Commilfee. Second Row: KAREN D. LANDES .,.... .......,,.... .... P a ris, Ill. B.S. Social Science Chi Della Phi: I.R.C. WILLARD W. LAPPE .... ,,,...............,... M urray, Ky. B.S. Business Adminislralion Phi Bela Lambdap Newman Club. CORDELIA D. LARSON . ...,......,, ..Murray, Ky. B.S. Ari Della Lambda Alphag Alpha Ornicron Pig N.A.E.A.g Kappa Pi. Third Row: BILLY E. LASSlTER . ..,.., Collage Grove, Tenn. B.S. lnduslrial Arfs lnduslrial Arfs Club, Epsilon Pi Tau, Treasurer. LEONARD l. LAVINSON .. . ....,, .,,. Trenlon, N.J. B.S. Psychology CHARLES A. LAWRENCE, JR. ,.......... .,.. S ilceslon, Mo. BS, English and Social Science Fourfh Row: JAMES L. LAWTON ... .. . ..,. ...Louisville, Ky. B.S. Arf Kappa Pi. CAROLE A. LAX .... ...,... ,...... . . Buchanan, Tenn. B.S. Physical Educalion Gamma Bela Phig W.A,A. NANCY E, LEATHERS .. ...,...,........,.. .Murray, Ky. B.A. English and Hislory l.R.C.g Newman Club. Fiffh Row: LElLA M. LeCORNU ..... ..,. ....,.... W a Ter Valley, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Chi Della Pi. CHARLOTTE lvl. LEE .....,,,., ........,.. W inler Haven, Fla. B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Treasurer: Kappa Ornicron Phi, Guard, Uniled Campus Minislryg Religious Council. DANlEL D. LEE . .. ., ..,........ Avon-by-The-Sea, N.J. B,S. Hislory and Physical Educalion Sigma Chi. 'hu-y iv QQ' Qs' gp-uw 'lbs' 292 wd"f"9- sag 'ww fe-ab..,.'c . e K 'FN 1 'f-me i.. , 475' ft: 'L w......, Sir' if! 5 kb' eg.:- bv wg-my tw- .9--w fs.-I 293 Firsf Row: JOHN L. LEONE ., .. .. . .. . , .. .Wanarnassa, N...l. B.S. Elemenlary Educaiion and Hislory ABRAHAM L. LEVIN . . , .. .Tren'ron, N.J. B.S. Biology DAVID J. LEVIN , ....,,. M, ... . . ...CahoIcia, III. B.S. Agricullure Alpha Gamma Rho, Treasurer: Inlrarnural Sporis, Agricullure Club. Second Row: curr A. LEWis l.,V....... ..,,4,,,. ..,,,.,. . I Murray, Ky. B.S. Social Science and English Lambda lofa Taug Kappa Della Pi. JAMES F. LEWIS ,.,.,. ,..,.,....,. ....., C o Iumbus, Ohio B.S. Business Adminislralion Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Republicans. JACK W, LICI-ITENBERG .,.. , . , ., . Cincinnari, Ohio B.S. I-Iislory ancl Physical Educalion Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: RONNIE H. LIKE ,................... ..... M urray, Ky. B.S. Agriculfure and Business Alpha Tau Omega. LUSANNE C. LILLY ,...,..... . ............. Murray, Ky. B.A. Chemislry and Biology Bela Bela Bela, Historian: Alpha Chi, Secrelaryg Who's Who Among Siudenls in American Colleges and Universiliesg Della Lambda Alpha, Vice-Pres., German Club, Vice-Pres., S.S.A.G.O.g SAACS, Sec., B.S.U. JAMES W. LINDSEY ...,......,.,., . ...JellersonvilIe, Ind. B.S. Pre Law Fourfh Row: EDDIE R. LINK ..,....... .,................. S laughlers, Ky. B.S. Business Adminisfralion SCOTT O. LINK ................,... ..... ..., E r anlcfori, III. BS. Business Adminislrafion RAYMOND P. LIPPERT ,. .......,. ,..... . ..KarnaIc, III. B.S. Malh and Physical Educalion Fiflh Row: ROGER W. LISANBY ....... ....... . .. .. .EcIdyviIIe, Ky. B.S. Chemislry Sigma Pi Sigma: SAACS. BETTYE LITC'l-IFIELD ......,..,........... . .... Marion, Ky. B.S. English Alpha Omicron Pig Psychology Majors Assocq Alpha Tau Omega Sweel- heari Ailendani. SELLA R. LITTLEPAGE, Il . .... . . ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. B.A. Chemislry and Biology A Cappella Choir. Firsl Row: SHERRY L, LOCKE ,........................ Royal Oak, Mich. B.S. Speech Wells Hall, Presidenf. MARTIN A. LOMBARDI ..,. ......,,..,... W esl Orange, N.J. B.S. Business and Malh Vel's Club, Malh Club, Newman Club. ANNA B. LONG .................,....... ,,..Murray, Ky. B.M.E. Music Sigma Alpha Iofa, Chaplain, Campus Lights, A Cappella Choir, Vivace Club, Opera Workshop. Second Row: PETER B. LOONEY ...,..,........,...... New Bedford, Mass. B.S. Hislory and P.E.. Alpha Tau Omegag Track Team, Cross Counlry. RONALD J. LOVE .....,..,.........,. .... N orlonville, Ky. B.S. Social Science MARILYN W. LOVETT ...,............,...,. ,..Benfon, Ky. B.S. English and Hislory Alpha Sigma Alpha, Assisfanl Edifor, Lambda lofa Tau, Gamma Bela Phi, SNEA, Junior Panhellenic Council, Panhellenic Council. Third Row: OWEN A. LOVETT ,,,..........,.....,..,... ..,Murray, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau, lndusfrial Amis Club. LAWRENCE R. LOZOWSKI .....,..... ........ P aferson, N.J. B.S. Malh and Business Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Omega Pi, Scabbard and Blade, lnfer-Fraternity Council, Vice-Presidenl. MIKE L. LUMPP .............,..,...,..,. ...Lincoln, lll. B.S. Business Adminislralion Fourfh Row: BONITA L. LYKINS ..........,,.......,......., Mayfield, Ky. B.A. English and Hislory Sigma Sigma Sigma. MARY B. McCANTS ......,...,,., .......,... P ickneyville, III. B.S. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Presideni, Sigma Sigma Sigma. MARTIN E. McGOWAN .,......,......,...,... Oak Park, lll. B.S. English and 'I-lislory Inlramural Sporls. Fiflh Row: JOHN B. MCCLANAHAN ...,......... .... C arulhersville, Mo. B.S. Agricullure Agricullure Club. RICHARD S, McCLlNTOCK .,,.,.......... Johnslon, Cily, lll. B.S. Ari Varsily Foofball, College News. BARBARA E. MCCUISTON ..,........... .... M urray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Eclucalion ,maifgzftn -1 fi Q FVMMW... hmm 294 Firsl Rowi DENNIS W. MCOADDEN ., . .. ,, . Lowell, Mass B.S. Social Science Lambda Chi Alphag l,R.C.: Sociology Club, Intramural Sports, JOAN C. Mc6lNNESS ....,, ,. ..... Hickman, Ky B.S. Hislory and Malh Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Presidenr, Presidenlg Phi Mu Alpha Sweelhearl SNEAg Math Club, l.R.C.g Campus Lighlsj Woods Hall Council. SUE Mcl-IANEY . ..,.,.. ..,,.,,, . , , Melropolis, lll B.S. Elemenlary Educalion B.S,U.g SNEAg A.C.E.g Young Republicans: Special Educafion Club. Second Row: BRENDA J. MQKEEL ..... .. . Waler Valley, Ky B.S. Library Science and Business Alpha Bela Alpha, Pledge Mislress. JAMES D. MCKEEL ,..... . .. ., ... .... Murray, Ky B.S. Psycholoqy and Business JANE MCLAIN .....,. ,. .,..,.... ........ P aducah, Ky B.S. I-lisrory and English SNEAg Spring Carnival Queen, Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: DELIGI-IT MCLEOD .. . .,,., . . .,.., Lalce Worfh, Fla B.S. Elemenlary Educafion A.C.E.3 Alpha Tau Omega Sweefhearr. DONALD G. MABRY ..... ..... .... P aducah, Ky B.S. I-lislory PATRICIA MacDONALD ,.. ......,. , ... B.S. Secondary Educalion Alpha Chi Orneqag SNEA. Fourlh Row: MARY A. MACKEY ,..., . ,..,., , . , ,.... Calhoun, Ky B.A. Biology and Chemisfry Bela Bela Belag Della Lambda Alphag Kappa Della Pi. BETSY R. MADDOX ............. .. .,... Brucelon, Tenn BS. General Business Sociology Clubg Wells Hall, Presidenl. WILLIAM V, MADDOX ..,...,...... ....., O wensboro, Ky B.S. I-lisfory and P.E. Fif+h Row: RONALD T. MADRICK . ..... .. . ,. . .Chicaqo, Ill B.S. Hislory and P.E. Varsily Foolball. BETTY J. MAGNUS .. ..,.. , , .l"lenderson, Ky B.S. English College News Staff: SNEA. MARY A. MAIORINO .. .. . Nlrenlon, N.J B.A. Educaliow S.N.E.A. Firsf Row: EDWARD B. MANTLE .....,............ ,.... B ardwell, Ky. B.S. Aqricullure and Business Alpha Gamma Rho, President, House Manager, Social Chairman Pledge- maslerg lnler-Fralernily Council, Presidenig Agricullure Club: lnlramural Sporls. JOHN D. MARKHAM . .. .. ..,,,. Slurqis, Ky. B.S, Business Adminislralion HELEN C. MARKUS ...,. . ,..,.......,..... Melropolis, lll. B.S. Home Economics Kappa Ornicfon Pi. Second Row: MICHAEL J. MARSHALL ., . , . .. Scheneclady, N.Y. B.S. l-lislory and English BEVERLY K. MARTIN .,......... ,.......... C alverl Cily. Ky. B.S. Hislory and English MICHAEL K. MARTIN . . ..... . Evansville, Ind. B.S. Malh and Physical Educalion Pi Kappa Alpha, Presidenlg Varsily Baseball. Third Row: MlCl-lAEL. A. MARUCCI . . ......... Jamesfown, N.Y. B.S. Physical Educelion and l-lislory ELLEN ROSE MASON .... .. . ....,.......... .BoaZ, Ky. B.A. French and l-lislory Della Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pig Gamma Bela Phi, Secrelaryg SNEA, Treasurerg l.R.C,, Sec.-Treasq BSU., Executive Councilg French Clubg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. RICHARD B. MATTA ....,......,........ ...... M urray, Ky. B.M.E. Music Campus,l.ig'hlsg Orcheslrag Marching Band: Concerl Bandg "Men ol Nole-", Leader. Fourlh Row: JOHN W. MATTINGLY . ..........,.. louisville, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Malh ALBERT R. MEADOWS ..... . . .. . ...Paducalm Ky, B.S. Biology JOHN M. MEARNS . . .. , . ..,.,.. Oalchursl, N.J B.S. Business Adminislralion Sigma Chi, Fif+h Row: THOMAS W. MECUM . ., , ...,.. . Syracuse, N.Y. B.S. Psychology and Sociology JAMES V. MEOLA . .. ...... ,,..... Asbury Park, N.J. B.S. lnduslrial Arls Sigma Chi. JAMES MEENAN .... ..,. ...,. . . . ..,Chicago, Ill. B.S. Business Adminislralion ,ferry .gf N Qu ""'2"'.1p-i nrkudiv Gm' --sn., S10 -awww... 'G-w xi if ilr' E .gn- 'PSS .. swf mwvlfm bu Sv' Cx... Wk- W'-JC' -an-p, if 296 bmi 12 Firsi Row: DAVID E. MILLER .,..,., ,... . .. ,..,..,,, E. SI. Louis, III. B.S. CI'1er'nisIl'y and MaII'1 Scabbard and Blade: Tau Kappa EpsiIong Clark HaII Counselor. JAMES T. MILLER ,,.,. . . .. . Murray, Ky. B.S. Indusirial Arfs EpsiIon Pi Tau, IndusrriaI Arts Ciub. MARSI-IA L. MILLER .....,. . . , . . MI. Vernon, Ind. B.S. EIemen+ary Educafion A.C.E.1 SNEA, Second Row: PAULETTE MILLER .....,....,.. .Cambria I-Ieighfs, N.Y. B.S. Educafion RUTH A. MILLER ..,.....,..... ,.. ...., Owensboro, Ky. B.S. Biology THOMAS I. MILLER ..,,, .., . ....,.., EIizabeII1I'own, Ky. B.S. Business Aciminisfrarion Sigma Lambda IoIag Sigma Chig Varsity BasebaIl. Third Row: CI-IARLES E. MINOR ..........,.,..,,.. Cape Girardeau, Mo. B.S. Indusfrial Ar+s Tau Kappa EpsiIon, M. REZA MIREAKI-IRAIE .......,..,. ,,......,.. T ehran, Iran B.S. AqricuIIure and Social Science CHARLES MITCI-IELL .,,.,..,.. .,. ...., ,,.PrinceIon, Ky. B.S. Business Sigma Chip Varsity Foo+baII. Fourih Row: LINDA S. MITCHELL ...........,,,,............ Paducah. Ky. B.S. Elemenfary Educafion A.C.E. ALVIN C. MIX, JR. .. ............,,. .... M arion, Ky. B.S. Arr Kappa Pig PhiIosophy Club. FLOYD A. MOON .............,..........,,. Syracuse, N.Y B.S. Business Adminisirafion Fif+h Row: DAVID E. MOORE .,.... .....,......,.... E Iizabefhfown, Ky B.S. Business Adminisfrafion EDWARD MORELAND ..... .........., .... C u ba, Ky B.S. CI'1emisIry S.A,A.C.S. CATI-IY A. MORGAN ..,,............,, . ..., Benfon, Ky B.A. English and I-Iisfory Chi Delia Phi, Ediforg Lambda Iofa Tau, AIpha Omicron Pi, Rush Cnair- rnang I.R.C.g French CIub2 SNEA. Firsl Row: DONNA K. MORGAN ......,.,,.......... ,..PaduCal'1, Ky. B.S. Elernenlary Eclucalion Sigma Sigma Sigmag W.A.A.g SNEAg A.C.E.g Young Democrals Club: Campus Lighls. DOUGLAS T. MOIRRIS .......,....,....,.... .... C adlz, Ky. B.A. Social Science and German THOMAS B. MORRISSEY ...,,..,.,...... ....,, M urray, Ky. B.S. Social Science I.R.C,3 Newman Clubg Young Democralsg Thoroughbred Hour. Second Row: MARILYN MOYER ......,.......,,...... ..,... M urray, Ky. B.A. French Sigma Sigma Sigmag A Cappella Choir, Last Resorfg Campus Lighls. LARRY T. MULLEN ..,.,,..,.,....,.,,.. .,,,. P aducah, Ky. B.S. Physical Educalion Alpha Tau Omegag Senior Class President, Varsily Golf Team, JAMIE MuLLiNs .........,..,....,........,., Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Business and P.E. Alpha Gamma Bela Phi, Third Row: SUSAN P. MUNDAY ........,,................,, Murray, Ky. B.S. Geography and P.E. l.R.C.g W.A.A., Fublicily Chairman, Geography Club. PAUL E. MURPHY ....,.........,.. ...,.... C Iinlon, lll. B.S. Agricullure Agriculfure Club. CAROLYN L. MURRAY ....,..,....,........,.,.... Elcron, Ky. B,S. Psychology ancl Sociology Wells Hall Council: lnframural Sporlsg B.S.U. Fourfh Row: WILLIAM J. MURRAY .,,.... ......... N ewlown Square, Pa. B.S. Biology and English WILLIAM D. MYERS .....,.....,........... New Madricl, Mo B.S. Physical Eolucalion Alpha Tau Omegag Scabbard and Blade. JOHN A. NANCE .............,....,......,,,., Murray, Ky B.A. Social Science Pershing Rifles, Pershing Rifles Alumni Company. Fiflh Row: PAUL W. NANNEY ............,........ .... E ul'ron, Ky B.S. Business Adminislralion Alpha Tau Omega. DENNIS A, NASON ...............,,...,...,. Louisville. Ky B.S. Psychology and P.E. Psychology Maiors Associafion. ROGER A. NEAL ............................. MI. Vernon, Ill B.S. Elemenlary Eclucalion A.C.E., President Firs+ Row! DON V. NELSON ,,.,,.,... ,.,,..,, , .. Benlon, Ky BS. Chernislry and Malh Malh Club: SAACS. JEAN R. NEWCOMB ,.,. ... ... ,. Flal River, Mo B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E. LUCINDA C. NEWCOMER . , . ..,, Bloomlield, Mo BS. Business Educalion Phi Bela Lambda: SNEAQ Shield Slally Faculty and Adminisfraiion CO Edilor. Second Row: 'M. MELINDA NEWCOMER ., . , Bloomfield, Mo B.S. Business Educalion Phi Bela Lambda: SNEA3 Shield Slall, Facully and Adminisfrafion Co- Edilor, Typisf. DAVID L. NEWMAN ..,.....,,. .... , ..Paris, Tenn. B.S. lnduslrial Arls LYNN R. NEWTON ,... . ,,.,,, ...FuI+on, Ky. B.S. Social Science Golf Team: Sociology Club: Psychology Club. Third Row: KARL T. NIEDT ....,..,. .. . . ,,.,.....,, Trenfon, N.J. B.A. Chemislry and Biology JIMMY W. NIX ,,...,. . . .. ,,.,......,..,,. Murray, Ky. BS. Geography and Hislory Alpha Tau Omeqag Geography Club, Presidenf. MAX W. NORTHERN ....... ,.., ,,..,. . Trenlon, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arla Pi Kappa Alphag Industrial Arfs Club. Fourlh Row: JOSEPH R. NOTO ...... . .,... ...Richmond I-lill, N.Y. BS. Physical Educalion and I-Iislory HENRY O'DANIEL .,..,..., .. .. ...Mayfield Ky. B.S. Business Varsily Rifle Team. ROMAN R. ODWAZNY .. ,...... 1 ...,,..,. Winnipeg, Canada B.A, l-lislory and English Alpha Phi Omegap l.R.C.g SNEAQ Newman Club. Fif+h Row: SHERELL B. OLIVE . . . .. ..FulIon, Ky. B.S. Agricullure JOHN P. ONACILLA. JR. .. .............. Long Branch, N.J. B.S. I-lislory and P.E. MARCIA ONNYBECKER .. .Benl'on, Ky. B.A. English and Hislory Lambda lola Tau. Firs+ Row: JOHN C. OTTERBACHER ..........,.,..... Carclinglon, Ohio B.S. Business Adminisiralion Alpha Phi Omega, Presidenl. SANDRA L. OUTLAND . . .,..,,.,........ ,... M urray, Ky. B.A. Hislory and Mafh Russian Club, Maih Club. MADELINE C. OWEN .,,,.,,. ,...,...... . ,.Arlinqlon, Ky. B.S. Elernenlary Educalion Second Row: JOSEPH J. PALERMO .......,,v.......,.... Jameslown, N.Y. Newman Club. B.S. Business Aclminislrafion EDWARD J. PALUMBO ....,.....,.. .... T renfon, N.J. B.S. Biology VICTOR S. PAOLA ..,., .,.. ,......, , . .Cincinna+i, Ohio B.S. Hislory Sociology Club, l.R.C., Throuqhbred Hour. Third Row: DAVID H. PARKER ....... ...., . . ...... .... M urray, Ky. B.A. Biology and Chemisfry Sigma Chi, Vice-President, Tribune, Hisforianp SAACSQ lnframural Sporfs. SANDY J. PARKER .................... .,... S l. Louis, Mo. B.S. Psychology WALLACE L. PARKER ....,.... ........., .... M u rray, Ky. BS. Malh and Physics Alpha Phi Omega, Parliameniarian. Four+h Row: CHARLES H. PASCHALL ..,., .............. E arminqion, Ky. B.S. Chemisfry and Mafh Scabbard and Blade, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. JOHN J. PASTORE .... .................... W alervlief, N.Y B.A, Physical Educafion and Hislory CHARLES G. PATTERSON ......... . ..,, Mayfield, Ky B.S. Business Phi Bela Lambda. Fif+h Row: SHARON R. PEARCY .. . ,. ............ New Albany, Ind B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E.g Young Republicans. SARA H. PENDLETON ........ .............. M onhcello, Ky B.S. English and Hislory Della Thela Mug W.A.A.j Dames Club. SARA A. PENRY ......,.., , ...Paclucah, Ky B.A. Malh .7-pw, Que Huy' -, YT., 'Nr' N-Nr' ---no-nw w---' . Q L fc:-M" tk. S-M., ffvfsizwr 300 hw iw 1'-in , Q .guna-N it iv- 'lik vw-H" 30I Firsl Row: ROXANNE P. PEREILlO .,,. . ., .,,. .. ...Sharpsville, Pa B.S. Elemenlary Eclucaiion A.C.E.g SNEAQ Newman Club, ROBERT C. PERINO .. .,,,, . .. ., .. ., ..Virden, Ill B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club, Campus Lighls Band, "Men of Nofe" College Orchestra, College Band. DORIS A. PERRY ,. .. , ,, , . . Camden, Tenn B.S. English ancl Business Second Row: RODGER L. PETERSON ., .,... ,,....,,,,,.... R obinson, Ill B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau, Presidenlg Industrial Arts Club. CHARLES E. PEYTON, JR. ........,.. . ...Louisville, Ky B.S. Chemisrry and Biology SAACSQ lnlramural Sporls. SARAH S. PHILLIPS ..... .,... . .. ....,,... Louisville, Ky B.S. Business Educalion Della Lambda Alpha, Alpha Phi Gamma, Pi Omega Pig Shield Slaif. Third Row: JOSEPH R, POLlCE ,.,... .,....... . ..Lonq Branch, N.J B.S. Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilon. BILLIE J. PORTERFIELD .,.,. .,.. .,....... , . .Mi Erie, lll B.S. Hislory and Geography Geography Club, l.R,C. SHARON L. PORTERFlELD ..,. .,.., ,.... P a ducah, Ky B.S. Malh W.A,A,g Drill Team. Fourfh Row: CHARLES E. POWELL ....,........ .... . . ..Pernbrolce, Ky B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau, Scabbars and Blade: Distinguished Milifary Siudenl Bapiisl Sfudenl Union, Presidenig Dorm Counselor. NORMA J. POYNTER ...,, .. , . ,........ Owensboro, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Ornicron Pig A.C.E.g SNEAg Gamma Bela Phi, Treasurer DAVlD M. PRESTUP ,...., ,. ....... lrvinglon, N. J B.S. Speech and Hislory Alpha Phi Omegag l.R.C., Maccabee Club. Fiffh Row: BOBBY W. PRICE ........ . .. .... , .,.Slauqhlers, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Educalion and P.E. S.N.E.A. DONALD M. PRIDE .... ,. ......... , .. . .Murray, Ky B.S. Elemenfary Educalion Siqma Chi. JUDITH D. PRITCHARD ..,.. , ..,, . Benlon, Ky B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A,C,E.Q SNEA. Firsi Row: MARSHALL D, PRlTCl'lARD ..,...,,...... B.S. l-lislory and English LARRY J. PROW .. ..,. .........,...., . . B.A. Chemisiry ancl Biology Sigma Chi. JAMES D. PRY .,.,.......,...,...,. .... BS. Business Adminislraiion Second Row: LEONARD R. PYLE ...........,........... BS. Hislory Sigma Chig Scabbard and Bladeg Pershing Rifles: Chig Inlramural Sporls. ALFRED M. RAFFAELE .........,...... B.A. English ROBERT L. RAGSDALE . .............. . B.S. Induslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. Rosiclare. Ill. ,......Murray, Ky. ...Bloornfield, Mo. .Manasquam N.J. Sigma Alpha Delia Sfamlord, Corin. ...Marion, Ohio Third Row: KENNETH L. RANDLE ..... .. ...... ..... E . Sl. Louis, lll. BS. l-lislory and P.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAT A. RANKIN . ....................... Dayfona Beach, Fla. B.S. Elernenlary Educaiion Sigma Sigma Sigmay A.C.E.g Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. BILLIE JOE RAYBURN ..................... ...lviurray, Ky. B.S. Business Adminislralion Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer. Fourfh Row: LYLE B. READ .. .,............... ...... .... L i ncoln, Ill. B.S. Physical Educaiion Lulheran Club. JOEL W. REED ......... ............ . ,.'Mayfield, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. O'llS REED, JR. .. ..... ,.................. H odgenville, Ky. BS. Social Science Fifih Row: WlLLlAIvl L. REYNOLDS . . .. .... Ml. Vernon, lll. B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha. RALPH L. RHEINECKER . ........ . B.S. Agriculiure Sigma Chi. JERRY L. RHODES . .. .... .. . B.S. Biology .Cullen lll ..Owensboro, Ky Murray, Ky. . .Ful'fon, Ky. Qepreseniafive, . Murray, Ky. . Robinson, III. KAREN L RICHARDS Columbus, Ohio ,,,, Home Ecorwonmcs Club Enzaberh Hai! Councr! Wornen 5 Afhlefic Assoc. CURT RICHERSON Benfon, Ky. JOSEPH M RICHARDSON Pleasure Ridqe Park, Ky. KATHERINE E RIC!-'ARDSON . Paducah, Ky. ALFRED C RWCKMAN ...KeviI, Ky. Paducah, Ky. N.C.T.E, . Carden, VH. Memphis, Tenn. Bombay, India Fufron, Ky, Murray, Ky Firsl Row: REBA C. ROBERTS . .. .. .,..,........, ,... B enlon, Ky. B.S. Malh and English CHARLES S. ROBERTSON .. .....,....,...,.,..,, Murray, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Malh Sigma Pi Sigma, Treasurer, Vice-Presidenlq SSAIP, Treasurer: Malh Club. HASKELL J. ROSS .....,................,..,... Decalur, Ala. B.S. Physical Educalion and Sociology Second Row: WILLIAM R. ROUSE ,...,,....,,....,. Paducah, Ky. B.S. Social Science JOSEPH ROUTON .. ..,. .,,....... . .. Paris, Tenn. B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alphay Campus Lighlsy Vivace Clubg Orcheslra, Slrinq Orcheslrag B,S.U. MlTCHELL G. ROWLAND, JR. . ,,., . , Madisonville, Ky. B.S. English Phi Mu Alpha, Presidcnl, Vice-Presidenfg Scabbard and Blade: Lambda lola Taug Religious Councilg Campus Lighlsg B.S.U.g Who's Who Among Colleges and Uniyersilies, Third Row: SHARON S. ROWLAND ., ..., ., . . Owensboro, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phig Kappa Della Pi. RUDEE A. RUDD . .. . ,.,.,.... ..,.,.,. C adiz, Ky. B.S. Arl Kappa Pi, Corres. Secrefary, Kappa Omicron Phiq Della Lambda Alphag Campus Liqhlsg Spanish Club Presidenlg Home Economics Club: SNEAg N.A.E.A. JAMES A. RUDOLPH .,.. .,..,,...... ...,... P a ducah, Ky. B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Gamma Rhog Aqricullure Club. Fourfh Row: Pl-llLLIP L. RUDOLPH ,. . ., Paducah, Ky B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Gamma Rho, Chaplaing Agricullure Club, Secrelaryg Inlramural Sporls. THOMAS G. RUNDLE .. . . .,........ Benlon, Ky BS. Chemislry and Biology Rifle Teamg SAACSg Marching Banda JOHN C. RUNYON .... .... . . ....... Valley Slalion, Ky B.S. Psycholoqy and Biology Pershing Rillesg Phi Bela Lambda. Fiffh Row: GEPTRUDE T. RUSSELL .. . . . . .. ,. ..Jacl1s0n, N.J B.S. Physical Educalion and English W.A.A,, Presidenlg Wafer Carnival Direclorg Homecoming Queen: Infra- rnural Spcrlsg Swim Clubg Newman Club, WlLLlAM RUSSELL .. , ...., . .. Murray, Ky l3.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Taug lnduslrial Arts Club. ranuooipn K. RUTLAND . , .. Hapkimyille. Ky BS. Business Aclminislrafion Phi Bela Lambda, -rv ,.. I any ' C 0 anew... Qtr--s--. 1511 .-Q' 195 CW K-br' -sa owl ,LL Y -lvl 'Flin 'C'Mav.,. if' in if Us... Wm. 4-'lv' 11.1 . ,aus- 'Nr- ,fi F' Sf, 'QM-r 'Sva- 304 'bi' .ga-:uv K., .-is 995 ,pub-. 'll- if his-' 305 Firsl' Row: GLORIA M. RUZISKEY ,. ,, .....,.., Slraiforcl, Conn. B.S. Elemeniary Educalion A.C.E,g SNEAQ Young Democrats Club. JAMES A. RYAN ..,,.,...... , . .. ..Cairo, III. B.S. Agriculiure JUDITI-l I-l. RYAN ..,... ..,., . . .., ,..Blanclyille, Ky. B.S. Business Eclucalion Pi Omega Pig SNEA. Second Row: WILLIAM D. RYAN ,.......,........ .......,.. W iclclille, Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Malh Alpha Tau Ornegag SAACS. HENRY G. SAAM, Ill ,. ..........,.. . .. Louisville, Ky. B.A. Biology Pisfol Teamg Fencing Clubg Philosophy Club. RUSSELL W. SANDEIRS ....,... . .. ...Milburrm Ky. B.S. Biology Wesley Foundafiong SNEA. Third Row: GARY L. SANDLING ....,,.... ..... . . .,FuI'ron, Ky. B.S. lndusfrial Aris lnduslrial Aris Club. WANDA D. SANDLING .... ...... .,...... . , Eullon, Ky. B.A. Maih and Social Science Dames Clubj Malh Club. TERRY L, SANDUSKY ......... .. .... ...., M I. Vernon, lll, l3.S. Biology and Psychology Psi Chi. Fourlh Row: DIXIE R. SATTEREIELD .....,,.,.. ,...... . , .Princefom Ky B.A, English and I-lislory DONNA J. SCARSDALE ....,., ..... Park Ridge, N.J B.S. Elernenlary Eclucaiion Wells Hall Councilg Reader's Thealer. WALTER S. SCI-IERING .,..,...... .. .,.,.,.. LaPor1e, Ind B.S. Chemisfry and Maih Sigma Pi Sigmag SAACS. Fif+h Row: AUGUST P. SCI-IILLER ., ...,. ......, , ..CoIlinsyiIIe, Ill B.S. lricluslrial Arls Alpha Tau Omega. JERRY SCOTT ...,...., .. ....,.., , ..KuI'lawa, Ky B.S. Physical Educalion THOMAS A. SCOTT ,, . . ,..... .,,. M adisonyille, Ky B.S. Psychology Psi Chip Phi Gamma Delia. Firsl Row: WILLIAM SCULL .....,.. ,,.... .,.. B i ngharnlon, N.Y BS. I-lislory PAUL M. SEATON .,.....,,,,... , Kevil, Ky B.S. Business Sigma Lambda lola, ISHAM E. SELLERS ....,.........,,.. ,.., ' Robards, Ky B.S. Science Second Row: LARRY W. SEWARD ,....4,,.. ..,.,,. ,.4.. P a ducah, Ky B.S. Agronomy JERRY SHAPIRO .,..,., .,... , , .... ,Asbury Park, NJ. B.S. I'lislory l.R.C.g lniramurals. STEPHEN B. SHARBER . .. ..,.........., .... ' Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Hislory Scabbard and Blade: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President I.R.C.g Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universiiies. Third Row: EDWARD D. SHARP ,... ,,,, . . ,......,,. Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Business Adminislralion Phi Bela Lambdag Young Democrais Club. LINDA K. SHARP .,,,......,. ,. ........,. Owensboro, Ky. BS, Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Ornicron Pig A.C,E.Q SNEAg Panhellenic Delegafe. NANCY R. SHAW .. ..,,.,,.,,.,.....,.. ,... H iclrman, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Sigma Alpha, Gamma Bela Phig SNEAg A.C.E. Fourlh Row: JACK B. SHEPHERD .....,....,. ....,.. , Bloomfield, Incl. B.S. Business Adminislralion Tau Kappa Epsilong Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Bela Lambda: Young Republicans. LINDA D. SHUCK ,. ...,, ......,,...,. ,,.,, P e oria, Ill. BS. Elemenlary Educalisr SNEAQ A.C.E.g Young Republicans Club. LEONARD G. SIATTA ..,. .. . ....,.. .,,CaIume+ Cily, Ill. BS. I-Iislory and P.E, Tau Kappa Epsilon. FiF+h Row: BART SICILIANO ...... .. ..., Asbury Park, N.J. B.S. Social Science Inlramural Sporfsg lnlernafional Relaiions Club. RICHARD G. SIDES ......,.., A .,.. ...Ambler, Pa. BS. Biology Alpha Tau Omega: Band: Rifle Team. EDWIN K. SIGEL .,.. ,......,. , ., ...,.. Syracuse, N.Y. B.S. Business Adrninisiralion i - fiirnws, ,,..-- Wm. 306 'Du khan dNL.N V--V.. 'Vu-r its-a 'bv' pit .AK- .,,,.,.- Via.- .afifn C5 ' ..i 'L 'Amo 'Qs'-...Ar 'N' 120 Inn! W- '4-C XX ifram- Cv '07 Firs+ Row! JON I-I. SIOI-ITS . , Robards, Ky. B.S. Bioloqy and P.E. Pl Kappa Alpha. MICHAEL P. SIMPSON .. . .. Mallooh, Ill, B.S. Enqllsh and Hislory CHARLOTTE A. SINQLIEFIELD Paducah, Ky. B.S. Arl Second Row: DAVE J. SMITH ..,...,...,. .. ., .. McMurray, Pa. B.S. Aqrlcullure Tau Kappa Epsllong AqrlcuIlu'e Club. DAVID E. SMITH . . . . . . .,......... Calverf Clly, Ky. B.S. Induslrial Arls Induslrlal Arls Clubq Alpha Tau Omega. DENNIS K, SMITI-l .... .. . Ballle Creek, Mich. B.S. Business Slqma Lambda Iola. Third Row: DIANE R, SMITH . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Elemehlary Educafion Della Lambda Alpha, Secrelaryg Kappa Della PI, Who's Who Among Sludenls In Amerlcan Colleges and Universlliesg A.C.E.g Dames Club E. JUNE SMITH . . lxllcholasville, Ky. B.A. Arl Kappa Pi. GARRY M. SMITH .... .. ,.... .. . Puryear, Tehh. B.S. Physical Eclucalion Alpha Tau Omega: Geography Club, Treasure Fourlh Year: JAMES W. SMITH . Murray, Ky. B.S, Buslrwess Educallon MICHAEL H, SMITH .. . . ,. .... ..EvahsvilIe, Ind. B.S. Marlcelinq PAUL L. SMITH ..,.. . .. Arllhqlorl, Ky, BS. Chemislry and Malh Bela Bela Belag Wildlife Socleryj SAACS. Fiffh Row: RAYMOND E. SMITH . Syracuse, N.Y. B.S. Psychology STEVE K. SMITH . . .. . Cocoa Beach, Fla. B.S. Irlduslrlal Arls Epslloru PI Taug Alpha Tau Omeqag Induslrlal Arls Club, RI'le Team. THOMAS G. SMITH . . Murray, Ky BS. Business Admlmislralioh Phl Bela Lambda. Firs+ Row: RONALD W. SNODGRASS .. . .. .. .. . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Marlcelinq DONNA M. SNYDER ..,..... ,,,,.....,. , .. Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Arl Sludenl Nalional Ar? Educalion Associalion. LEE SOMERS .. . .. . . .Paducah, Ky. B.S. Music Second Row: PATRICIA A. SPANN .... ...... .. . .Murray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Kappa Della Pig Alpha Omicron Pig Cheerleaderg A.C.E.3 SNEAJ Royally Ball Queeng SAACS3 Young Dernocrafsi Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girly WI-o's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universities. IRIS C. SPEARS . ..,. .. . ...,,.. ..,... . Paducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion JERRY L. SPICELAND . .. .. ..,..........., ,Murray, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arfs Epsilon Pi Taug Indusfrial Arls Club. Third Row: NITA L. SPRINGER . . . . . Morqanlield, Ky. B.S. l-lame Economics SNEAQ Home Economics Club. Tl-ICMAS E. SPRINGER . .......,.. ...Morqanfield, Ky. B.S. Hislory KEN E. STADELMAN . . ...,. .,........,.. V ill Park, Ill. B.S. Business and Speech Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Secrefaryg Thoroughbred Hour: Senior Class Vice-Presidenfg Pi Kappa Alpha "Man of The Year"g Lufheran Siudenlsj Reader! Thearreg SNEA. Fourfh Row: BETTY S. STAVELY . .. .,.. . . Paducah, Ky. B.S. l-Iorne Economics Kappa Ornicron Phi. MITCHELL L. STAPLETON . .................. .Clin'ron, Ill. B.S. Biology and Chernislry Wiidlife Socielyg SAACS. JO'-IN M, STECZAK .. , ..... .....,.. ..Berlin, Md. B.S. Induslrial Arls Scabpard and Bladeg Canlerbury Club. Fiffh Row: JOI-IN K. STECZYK .. . .. . ....... Ferdinand, Ind. B.S. Enqlish and Aqricullure TOMMY E. STEELE . .. .. .......,.. ..Murray, Ky. B.S. Induslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Taug lnduslrial Arls Club: Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES D. STEELY . . . . . .... ..,, M urray, Ky. B.S. Library Science Alpha Bela Alpha, Vice-Presidenlj Phi Mu Alpha, Hisloriang Campus Lighlsg Band. gps. 'Nami lub' www? 3"""K io-I Nv- it-0' bs...,,.,r" Nu-av' . egg, Cn ' Huw K law an-0... 'QV' -:mf M! ,gr-M. fd? 308 GLM 'QQ v-.W 3' L . ef .Q -.53 4.- fm' N., 1f"'N. iw- A Q'--, if bf' 'EJ' bw ukmisn 15? 'We Wy af. 309 Firsl' Row: WALTER J. STEEANSKl ..,,., . . ,. . B.A. Pre Law ..Binghamlon, N.Y. Pershing Rifles: Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Presidenlg Newman Club, President, Russian Club, President, l.R.C.p JOHN K. STEINER ,..., .,,, , B.S. Physical Educalion JUDITH A. STEPHENS .. , , , .. S+. B.S. Elemenlary Educarion Mafh Club. . .,Melville, N.Y. Clair Shores, Mich. S.N.E,A.q A,C.E,g l.R.C., Sociology Clubg Special Education Club. Second Roxif: RONALD B. STEPHENS .........,... ...,. ..,.Carbonclale, lll. B.S. Business Adrninislralion Phi Della Thefa lPurdue Universifyl. GEORGE STEPKO ..., B.S. Social Science ,lndianapolis, lnd. Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secrelary. JAMES L, STEVENS ,... ,,... . , . Dawson Springs, Ky. B.S. Physical Educalion and Social Scabbard and Bladeg l.R.C. Third Row: CAROLE L, STEWART .... ..,. .., . B.S. Physical Educalion Gamma Bela Phi, W.A.A., Dames JACQUELINE STEWART .... . , ,.,. . .. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A,C.E. LARRY N. STEWART ...., . ....,, , B.S. Chernislry and Malh Science ..,Buchanan, Tenn. Club. ...Hopkinsville Ky. .Beaver Dam, Ky. Scabbard and Blade: S.A.A,C.S.y Alpha Tau Omega: Springer Hall Head Counselor. Fourfh Row: DANlEL J. STISLITZ, JR. ......,,..,..... . B.S. l-lislory and English WlLLIAM STINSON ......,,.,..... B.S. Pre Pharmacy KENNETH E. STOLL ..........,.. , ... B.S. Social Science Alpha Tau Omega, Worrny Usherg Sociology Council. Fifth Row: SANDRA D. STOLL ..., ,....... . , , B.S. Business Educalion Sigma Sigma Sigma, Dames Cl JAMES R. STORY ,..... . . ..... ., BS. Agricullure ,,....Louisville, Ky. Louisville, Ky. . Farmingron. Mo. Club, lnfer-Fralernify . Hlzarmingfon, Ky ub. .....Murray, Ky Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-Presidenlg Agricullure Club. JEAN B.STULL ,. .., ... . Clay, Ky B.S. Hislory and ElemenlaryEduca1ion S.N.E,A. Firsf Row: JOAN A. SUGALSKI ,....,................... Langhorne, Pa. B.S. English and l-lislory JERRY L. SUGGS . ....,,. ,,,. Delroil, Mich. B.S. Business LOUIE T. SUMNER ......,.,., 4,., . ..Paducah, Ky. BS. Social Scienc Second Row: JAMES O. SUNDE .,......,,, .......... F arrningdale, N.Y. B.S. Marlceling Cl-lERYL W. SWEET ...,..... .. ..... .... O werisboro, Ky. B.S. English Alpha Phi Gamma, Ordway Hall Council, Social Chairman: College News, Sociefy Edilor, Assislanl Fealure Edilor. G. VVAYNE SWEZIG . ..... ..... .,.. W i nchesler, Ohio B.M.E. Music A Cappella Choirg Band: Thoroughbred Hours: Campus Lighlsg German Club. Third Row: JOSEPH A. SWIFT . .. .. .. ...., . Dayron, Ohio B.S. Social Science Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-Presidenlg Religious Council. THOMAS H. SWINK ........,. ............ E armingion, Mo. B.S. Business Adrninislrafion Newman Clubg Ve+eran's Club. EDWARD T. SWlNNERTON .. ..., . ., Princelon, N.J. B.S. English Sigma Chi. Fourfh Row! DlAN SNYDER . .....,.. . ...... Louisville, Ky. B.S. Home Economics ANDREA SYKES .... ..,.. ...... ..........,... M u r ray, Ky. B.S. l'lislory Sigma Sigma Sigrnaj Vice-President, Keeper ol Grades: Della Lambda Alpha, Presidenig Religious Councilg S.N.E.A.g Sfudenf Council, Freshman, Sophomore, Senior Represenlafives, Secrerary, Campus Favorileg Ideal Freshman Girly Miss Murray Slale Shield Queen Semi-Finalisfg Ten Besl Dressed Sludenfs in American Colleges and Universiliesg Pershing Rifles Sweefhearf. JAMES H. TACKETT ........ .........,..... M aclisonville, Ky. B.S. Chernisiry and Biology Pi Kappa Alpha. Fi'f'lh Row: THOMAS W. TALBOT .. ..... . . ..Paris, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Pershing Rifles. JOE TANENBAUM ..... . .. .,........ Napa, Calif. A.A.S. lSlaTe Univ. al Farmiriglon, N.Y.l JOHN E. TANNER ...... .. .... .. . ...Benl'on, Ky. B.S. Business Aclminisirafion Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Chip Phi Bela Lambda. .3-.s. nw' ,p-M ,AK i -Z . I .. ' N 1 ' ,Y an-N .-Q. 95. S 'F'---A -rs. of' .gg 8" 'EPEM "'bQ.V' 3I0 Firsl Row: F-REEMAN TAYLOR . ,....,.,...,......,....., Neplune, N.J. B.S. Geography and Hislory MARVIN N. TECKENBROCK , .,.. ..., M elropolis, lll. B.S. Agricullure Agricullure Club. CAROLYN Y. TERRY .......,,. ,... ..., . . ., ,Marion, Ky. BA. English Young Democrats, S.N.E.A.3 Sock and Busking German Club, Secrelary, Treasurer. Second Row: JUDY C. THACKER ...,...,,.....,.. .. ..,,. Lifchifield, Ill. B.M.E. Music Campus Lighlsg Sigma Alpha lolag Vivace Club, JANICE M. THERIEN ,... .... ..... . .,.,,. . P aducah, Ky. BA. Hislory and Chernislry l.R.C.g Young Republicans: S.A.A.C,S.g Canlerbury Club. JAMES H. THOMAS ,.., .........,.., . ..,,., M ayfield, Ky. B.S. Chernislry and Malh S.A.A.C.S.g Malh Club. Thircl Row: MlTCHELL THOMPSON ......,.......... ..., B enlon, Ky, BS. Elemenlary Educalion PHYLLIS A. THOMPSON ............., .,..... P aducah, Ky, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Kappa Omicron Phi, Secrelary, Keeper 0' Archives. THOMAS L. THORP, JR. ......,..............,. Maylield, Ky. B.S. Malh and Physics Fourfh Row: CAROL S, TIBBS .............,... ...., C linlon, Ky. B.S. Business ROBERT D. TIDWELL ......,................ Sl, Charles, Mo. B.S. Biology and Chernislry lnlrarnural Sporls. PATRICK F. TlERNEY ..................... ...Ne-plune, N.J. BS. l-lislory and Geography Alpha Tau Ornegag Pershing Rifles: Varsity Rille Tea:-ng I.R.C., Geography Club, Fiflh Row: SHIRLEY A, TlTSWORTH ,.......... .... P aducah, Ky. B.A. English JAMES TOCCl . ..... .. ..,........ .,.. C hicago, lll. BS. Social Science CLINTON R. TODD .....,.,.. ., .,,.. . Henderson, Ky. B.S. lndusfrial Arls sigma Cha. Firsl' Row: WINSTON D. TOOKE ,.,..,........... .,... C adiz, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Agricullure Club. DARRELL TOWNSEND 4.......... .... C rossville, Ill. B.S. JlM'MlE L. TOY .. ...,,....,.. .... S I. Francisville, lll. B.S. Business Second Row: REBECCA C. TRAVIS , ,...,,..................,, Murray, Ky. B.S. I-lislory Della Lambda Alpha, Secrelaryg Alpha Chi: l.R.C. PAULA E. TREADWELL ...,...... ....,....,., S polcane, Wash. B.M.E. Music Sigma Alpha Iola, Vice-President Vivace Club, Wells Hall Council, Secrelaryg A Capella Choirg Campus Lights. STEPHEN J. TRICARICO ,......,........ ...,Jaclcson, N.J. B.S. Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilong Inter-Fralernify Councilg Geography Clubg Sociology Clubg lnlramural Sporls. Third Row: CAIROLYN B. TRIPLETT ,,,...., ,......... .... l'I i Clcman, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion EDGAR P. TROTTER, lll ....,.,,......... .. .... Philpol, Ky. B.S. Malh Alpha Phi Gammaj Scabbard and Bladeg Alpha Tau Omegag Sludenl Councilg Shield Staff, Sporls Edilorg Man on Campus. ROBERT A. TROUTMAN .... .....,,.......... P aducah, Ky. BS. Business and l'-lislory Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourlh Row: MARILYN A. TUCKER .. .,.. . ..,......,.. Farmingfon, BS. Elemenlary Eclucalion A.C.E. JIMMIE G. TURLEY ....,. ,,,..,,,,.... .... S I aughlers, Ky. BS. lnduslrial Arls and Business Alpha Tau Omegag Induslrial Arfs Club. DONNA W. TURNER ....,... ..,.,..... .... M u rray, Ky. B.S. Business Educalion Phi Bela Lambda. Fiflh Row: GLENN M TURNER .......,.,,...,......... ..., M urray, Ky. BS. Business Adminislralion Pi Kappa Alpha. MALCOLM G. TWITTY ......,.,,............., Lombard, Ill. B.S. Business and Hislory VITO R. VASCASSENNO .... ,,....,...... O rcharcl Lalce, Mich. B.S. Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilong Sociology Club. ilu'- 9lm,4.-v' . W2 'letrra -ny' ...-.a-Q fig! q95,pN,...? 3l2 yi' sa? waives Firsf Row: GARY lvl. VAUGHN .,..,..,.. ,....... .... C a iro, lll B.S. Physical Educalion THOMAS B. VICK ......... ,.,.. .A,,..... W e sf End, N.C. B.S. lndusrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau, Secrefaryy Gamma Bela Phi: lnduslrial Arfs Club, Presi- denf, Treasurer: Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universities. LEROY VOGEL, JR. .......,.....,,,,, .,.. E lberon, N.J. B.S. Marlceling Sigma Chi. Second Row: LORETTA M. WADKlNS ...,........, ...,. ,.,. B e nlon, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club: S.N.E.A. CAROL A. WADSWORTH ..,,,..,......,.. Haddonfield, N.J. B.S. English and Drama Cheerleader: Dorrn Counselorg Sock and Buskin, Presidenlg Alpha Tau Omega Sweelheari. JOHN B. WADSWORTH ......, ,,,..,..,. H addonfield, N.J. B.S. Physical Educalion and Biology Alpha Tau Omega: Varsify Trackg lnfer-Fraternity Councilg Junior Class Presidenlg Sfudenf Organizaiion Vice-Presidenfp Class Assembly President Third Row: NANCY K. WAGNER ....,.....,.. ,.,....,,, M elropolis, Ill, B.S. Elemenlary Educalion S.N.E.A.g Lulheran Sludenls, Secrelary. CAROLINE L. WAHL ......,,.........., ,,,. P aducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E. PHlLlP E. WAKE'MAN .,..,.........., ,... A nchorage, Ky. B.S. Eine Arls Fourlh Row: ANNA R. WALD'EN .........,.,...,,.,,. ..,. P aducah, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion JAlNllCE B. WALK'ER .,..,........,........... ...Cadiz. Ky. B.S. Hisfory and Physical Educalion Alpha Sigma Alphag Who's Who Among Sfudenls in American Colleges and Unlversifies. JAMES G. WALLACE ..........,... .... ..,.. M i lburn, Ky. 5.5. lncluslrial Arls and Business Fiffh Row: LILLY E. WALLIS .,.,...,,..,..........,. ..... M urray, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion Della Lambda Alphag Kappa Della Pi, HARVEY L. WARREN ,...,.,...,....,.... .,,. Y orlc, Pa, B.S. Elemenlary Educalion ROGER D. WAR'REN .........., . .,......., Norlonville, Ky. B.S. Malh and Biology Bela Bela Befag S.A,A,C.S.g Malh Club. Firsl' Row: JAlMES W. WATKlNS ..........., .. .,... Benlon, Ky. B.S. Malh ANN H. WATSON . ........A....,,...,.....,.. Murray, Ky. B.S. Library Science Della Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pig Alpha Bela Alpha. JOHN E. WATSON ........,.. ,......,.... M acclenny, Fla. B.A. Physical Educalion and Biology Sigma Chi. Second Row: FRANK C. WATTS ..,. .. ...,. .... ...., H i clcman, Ky. B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Phi Omega: College Bandg Aqrlcullure Club, EDGAR v. WAUGH . .. ..,, .. ,,.., Murray, Ky. B.S. Agricullure JANlS R. WAYMlRE . .. .. . ..,.....,..,,. Vincennes, Ind. B.S. Elernenlary Educalion Third Row: HUGH lvl. WEAR ..... . ..... .,,WiclcliTrle, Ky. BS, Physical Educalion and English HELEN C. WEAVER ....,..., ...,,, ,...,. . . .Murray, Ky. B.S. Business and English ROBERT WEISS ,.... .... . . ...,.. ....,,. .... A n na, lll. B.A, lnduslrial Arls and German Alpha Phi Omega, Sgr.-al'-Armsg German Clubg lndusfrial Arls Club. Fourlh Rowl GERALD WEITZEN . .... ,.... . ,,,. ...,,,.. B r oolclyn, N.Y, B.S. Heallh and Physical Educalion DAVlD M. WELLS .,,..,.,.............. ...Murray, Ky. B.S. lnduslrial Arls Epsilon Pi Tau. THOMAS R. WELLS .............,.,,. ..,..,, W ickliffe, Ky B.S. Aqricullure Alpha Gamma Rhog Agricullure Club. Fif+h Row: DEN M. WESELOH ..,.. . . .. , . . . ...Edgewood Ill B.S. lncluslrial Arls lnduslrial Arfs Club. CHARLES H. WETZEL ....,........ ..... . Mlndianapolis, Ind B.S. Business Eclucalion Phi Bela Larnbclaj S.N.E.A.g Sigma Chi, Presidenf. JACK WHALEN ....... ....................... C hicaqo, lll. B.S. Business Adminislralion Alpha Phi Omegag Phi Bela Lambdag Inlrarnural Sporls. 'Q-.. for ...A "--Q. f yy.. '--.-4-- fy Q32 us.,,g "B-. X adn rfa. lea div M Daiwa if -gag-.wand f s ESi374.fQ. 1.-aw' . ....L::..,,-gf,.a:c::- 'l"7. .4 in .W ,in.sini?i,s..u,.. l'5iE!:?.1423EE?5RhEaE? 55' f f .,,4 'sc '11 gps--A 3l4 'bf u-e"M"+-p- it 99'- iv 1' -Q., 1-Af .fl I 'QL-r is -,N Q' Av' va ' fv. mg .. -Q, GUN fsmf ul ,Quan Nu-.ff gas.. li.. W 453' ogm dlp Win-P 3I5 Firs+ Row: BILL I-I. WI-IEATCROFT .,.. .,,,,,... . ...... C owlinq, III. B.S. Biology and Chemislry Sigma Chi. EDWIN W. WHEATLEY .. .,.. .. . .. . B.S. Induslrial Arls DIAIXINE WI-IITE . . . . . . B.S, Malh Alpha Sigma Alpha, Corres. Secrelaryg Math Club, S.A Bela Phi. Second Row: FRED E. WI-IITE. .........,.,. ,. , . .K B.S. Physical Educalion and I-Iislory Varsity Foofballg Varsily Track. ROBERT T. WHITE . ,.,. .,.. ..., , B.S, Social Science ELSIEL.WI-IITTON.. ..... B.S. Elemenlary Educalion . Murray, Ky. Paducah, Ky. .A.C.S.g Gamma inqsporl, Tenn. Paducah, Ky. ...Murray, Ky. A,C.E.g Dames Club, Program Chairman. Third Row: ROBERTW.WI'lITTON.. . ., B.S. Business Adminislralion . Murray, Ky. Pi Kappa Alpha: Scalabard and Blade, Pershing Riilesg College News, Sporls Edilorg Dislinguished Military Sfudenl. DUMAS M. WIERCIOCI-I ,,,. ..,.. . , ......,. Paducah. Ky. B.S. Chemislry and Malh Alpha Tau Omega. ALBIN C. WILCENSKI ......,......,..,.,..... Cranbury, N.J. B.S. Business Adminislralion Phi Bela Lambdag Newman Club. Fourlh Row: CI-IERYL WILEY .. . ..,,,,,,..........,. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion S.N.E.A.j Shield Sfaffg Alpha Phi Gamma: Dam .LouisviIIe, Ky. es Club. ROBERT L. WILLETT ....,.........,..,...,. ...Paducah Ky. B.S. Business Adminislralion Sigma Lambda Iolap Alpha Gamma Rhog Newman Sporls. ALICE F. WILLIAMS ..., ........,, , , . B.S. Elemenfary Educalion Fif+h Row: JO C. WILLIAMS ....,,........... . , ,. B.S. Hislory and Spanish JOHN W. WILLIAMS ..,.....,.. ..,.... . . B.S. Imduslrial Arls ROBERT S. WILLIAMS ., . B.S. Business Pi Kappa Alpha. Clubg Inlramural Paris, Tenn. . . .Murray, Ky. .Mayfield Ky. .Murray, Ky. Firsf Row: TED N. WILLIAMS ......,..,,...... . .... Newporf, Ky B.M.E. Music Phi Mu Alpha, Vivace Club, Presidenlg A Capella Choir, Campus Lighlsg Band, Orchesirag "Men of Note" THOMAS K. WILLINGI-IAM ..... .,......... A Ilenhursl, N.J. B.S. Physical Educalion Scabbard and Blade: Sigma Chi. BETTY K. WILSON ,..........,...,,......, ..,. B ardwell, Ky. B.S. Elemenlary Educalion A.C.E. Second Row: DOUGLAS A. WILSON .,...., .,,. Boaz, Ky. B.S. Agricullure EDWIN J. WILSON ,,......,..,... ,... B elmar, N.J. B.S. Science Golf Team. JAMES F. WILSON .... .,,,,.,,....,....,,... M urray, Ky. B.S. Physics S.A.A.C.S.g Sigma Pi Sigma, S.S.A.I.P.g Pi Kappa Alpha, Recording Secrefary. Third Row: .JUDITI-I E. WILSON ...,,,....,..,.,.....,.,..., Paducah, Ky. B.S. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pig S.N.E.A.g Phi Bela Lambda. DAVID W. WIMAN ..........,..,..,....... Fayelleville, Tenn. B.S. Physical Educaiion S.N.E.A.g Psychology Club, Varsify Tennis Team. JERRY W. WINEBARGER .......,... .,., P aducah, Ky B.A. Social Science l.R.C. Fourlh Row: HAROLD S. WINELAND .................... .... I: Iora, Ill B.A. Social Science Phi Della Thefag Varsily Fooiballg Tribe of Ill., IUniv. oi lIl.l Young Democrafs Club, I.R.C. JAMES W. WINN .......... .. ....,.. ..... M ayfield. Ky B.S. Physical Educalion DOUGLAS M. WINSTEAD ............ .... D ixon, Ky B.S. Agricullure Ag ricullu re Club. Fiffh Row: LESLIE W. WINTSCH ........ .,..,... ........ . . Newark, N.J B.S. Biology and 'Ma+h Alpha Gamma Rho, Alumni Secrelary. JOANNE WOODS ....... .,,, . . ...... ...KirIcsey, Ky B.S. Business Educalion JAMES L. WOODYARD ............... .... S alem, Ky B.S. Biology plmx gpva-ra. ,ru-L ffhm This hr' 3l6 we 2 'WH' ,,i-4-14 'gay-. 4-wx 'sp..0'f" mug, yin-4 3I7 Firsf Row: WILSON W. WOOLLEY ......4......, Colorado Springs, Colo. B.S. English and Polilical Science Alpha Phi Gammag Sigma Chi, l-lisloriang l,R.C.g Newman Club, College News and Publicity Photographer. CHARLES W. WOOTTON .... , ........... Elizabelhlown, lll. B.S. Business Adminislralion Sigma Lambda lofa. TEDDY D. WORK ........ .....,,., M adison, His.. Mich. B.S. Business ancl Hislory Second Row: SAMMY L. WORKMAN ...,..... , .... Hickory, Ky. B.S. Agricullure Agriculture Clubg Springer Hall Counselor. JOHN D. WOlRLEY .................. .... D exler, Mo. B.S. Hislory ANITA K. WRAY ,,..., ,.,,, . ., ....... ,Gleason, Tenn. B.S. Business Aclminislraiion Alpha Omicron Pig l.R.C.g Young Democrals Club, S.N.E.A.g A.C.E.g Sociology Club. Third Row: KATlE J. WRIGHT ......,...,.,,..,...,..... Brucelon, Tenn. B.S. Library Science and Hislory Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corres. Secretary, Alpha Bela Alpha, Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universities. CHARLES R. WUERTZER ...,,.......,......, Jarneslown, N.Y. B.S, Heallh and Physical Educalion Alpha Tau Omega. ROGER L. YATES ,........, ........,.,,...., M li Vernon, Ill. B.S. Physical Eclucalion and Business Sigma Chi, Fourlh Row: NANCY A. YOUNG ,,,.,.,.,..., . ,. ,... Princefon, Ky. B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club. RUSSELL D. YOUNG ..... , ,, .. .... Manheim, Pa. B.A. German BENNIE ZUKOWSKI, JR. ....,,. .. ,... ,,. ..., Gary, Incl. B.S. Hislory lnlernalional Relalions Clubg S.N.E.A.g lnlramural Sporls. Fiffh Row: JULlO M. ZUNIGA ....,,.., ....,. ,...,... C a rnaquey, Cuba B.A. Business Adminislralion Sigma Lambda lola. ' x . .W,.I5w' Q9 -f Vf 4 1 X 3 W ----w+NALf,A..11..,,,h,Q-.....gN, ,.M,,.m W 4' N ' QL, M' ' K ,Ea - - , X K ,fi Lf 5 i "U"'1" ' L 'V " . H ? , A ,V V 5 I g ' E , Q f E , ,mf ,J 5 5 : 1? 1 Q I 5 , ' K I Q 2 'S " 7 g .34 : L 2 . 4 3' 3 5 4 ,K X Vs! 1 sAqF y, - . ? , A ,gk fm: ,.,. K ,F a p --,www 3 QQ xgW,,,.,, V K, 1 A 'A ' ' :- X 1 'X vf vfq' , 3 A fe: ff' M k " ,wg- X " ' 1. 1 gms ff , vu' G1 ' 3. ' , ' m?,W,N,xWv,w'? I ' . 'l .w 1 xi ,,,,,a ' Mr, mm. . 2 ky - 2-:S Q .-153353, "H ' " X W w.5,ff',g51 ' f A . . 'Nw f ' M - .MWA Q.Lf,' X Firs+ Row: THOMAS R. ABRAMS . BARRY T. ADAMS ,... DAVID R. ADAMS .. JIMMY L. ADAMS , . Second Row: JUDITH A. ADAMS , . ROBERT J. ADAMS .... RONNIE G. ALEXANDER EDDIE ALLAMEH .. Third Row: ALMA J. ALLCOCK ,, ANTHONY ALLEN .... JOHN B. ALLSWORTH .. WILLIAM I'I. AMBERG . Fourfh Row: BRIAN L. ANDERSON . GAYLE E. ANDERSON .. JUDITH R, ANDERSON . MAC ANDERSON .. .. Fiffh Row: FRANK ARGENZIANO . HILDA D. ASHLEY BILLY W. ATKINS ,... JAMES E. ATKINS, JR. .. Six+h Row: GARRY L, ATTEBERRY . JEAN K. AUSTIN ., ,, GORDON AVERBACH .. RICHARD C. BAAL . Sevenfh Row: DAVID G. BABBS , . GLEN T, BAILEY . GARY A. BAKER JAMES R, BAKER , . VVacIsworII'1, Ohio .. ., ,EuI'ron, Ky. ..Greenwood, Ind. , .Murray, Ky. ,..Murray, Ky. ....Bonnie, III. ....BoonviIIe, Ind. , ...TeIwran, Iran ., Princefon, Ky. ....Cornir1q, N.Y. .,...Peoria, III. .. Hickman, Ky. .. Rockford, III. , .,.Murray, Ky. HMI. Vernon, Ind. ....Tren+on, Tenn. ....HiIIside, N.J. ....Sweeden. Ky. .....Murray, Ky. , .GreenviIIe, Ky. ,,...M+. Eme, III. ., . .Bemm Ky. .Rego Park. rw. Hpomfiac, MICII. , ..S'I'urgis, Ky. SI. Pefersburq, Ela, CIarIcsIon, Mich. , MayIIeId, Ky. Firsi' Row: JAMES Q. BAKER .. LINDA s. BAKER BUDDIE BOLDREE . GEORGE R. BALLART .. Second Row: BARRY N. BANISTER . JERRY R. BARBER .,,, PRESTON W. BARBER .. FRED BARNETT Third Row: JAMES L. BARNES .. LAWRENCE J. BARNS JOHN E. BARR . . . DOYLE E. BARRETT Fourfh Row: WILLIAM R. BARRETT, JR. PAUL D. BASENBER6 ..., HENRY BAUGHMAN . . RONALD W. BEALE Fif+h Row: KAREN BEATTY . KAY BEELER .... GARY O. BENNETT JOSEPH S. BENSON .. Six+I'1 Row: HAROLD T. BEOUETTE . DAVID E. BERRY .. . . ROBERT A. BERRY, .. RONNIE L. BERRY . . Sevenih Row: JOHNNIE W. BERGANT . .,.. . RICHARD P. BERGER LAWRENCE L. BERNHARDT GERALD A. BERTONI . FI. Lauderdale, Fla ........Ben'ror1, Ky, ,.....Boaz, Ky ....BickneII, Ind. . ,... Princefon, Ky Universi+y Cify, Mo. ..Union Cify, Tenn. ...I-Iickman, Ky ..,.HopIcinsviIIe, Ky ......AI+amon+, III. ....Owensboro, Ky. . ,..BerIIon, Ky ..CaIverI Cify. Ky .....AmbIer, Pa ....S+anford, Ky .....BenI'on, Ky Eddyville, Ky .....LOuaSvilIe, Ky ....BIoomIieId, Mo ....SIaugI'mI'ers, Ky , ...Murray, Ky ....Mayfie-Id, Ky .. .LaCen+er, Ky ..Newfon, III Dawson Springs, Ky ......PeekskIII, N.Y ..,..BrooImIyn, N.Y . IvIeIrose Park, III Firsf Row: CAROLYN BERTRAM .. MOHAMMAD BEYRANEVAND JOHN P. BILICKI .,........, PAUL D. BINZ Second Row: WILLIAM E. BIRNEY .. JOHN P. BIIRT ...... GEORGE W. BLACK .,,.. WALTER E. BLACKBURN . Third Row: JOSEPH L. BOCCHINI .. ALBERT E. BOCHMAN PHYLLIS S. BOLDEN .,.. CHARLES A. BOLTON .. Fourfh Row: BARRY W. BONDURANT .. . MAURICE C. BONDURANT JOHN E. BONNER .... .. BILL S. BOONE .... FIHI1 Row: D'ANN BORK .. JIMMY L. BOSTIC . RONALD J. BOSZAK GORDON R. BOTTS Six+h Row: BRIAN D. BOUCHARD .. PAUL E. BRADFORD PHILIP J. BRAMSON .... ROBERT A. BRATSAEOLIS .. Sevenih Row: BARBARA A. BREWER .... DARLENE E. BREWER CHARLES K. BRIDGES .. REBECCA A. BRIDGES .. ....Lexing+on, Ky ..Summi+, N.J ....AIbany, N.Y .Tren+on, N.J . Barlow, Ky ....NiIes, MICI1 ....SmiII1vIIIe, Ark .....Murray, Ky .... Trenfon, N.J New Bedford, Mass ...Dowagiaa Mich . . Farmingwn, III .. ...EuI+on, Ky . . .HicIcman, Ky .....PuIasIci, N.Y ...BIyI'heyiIIe, Ark ., Mmockfofd. In .....MayIieId, Ky ....Tfen+On. N.J ....wOOd5+OCI. III . Royal oak, Mich ..cfy5+f,r cwy. Mo . Urfeehold, N.J ....KeyporI, N.J Puryear, Term . .Paducah Ky .... CadIz, Ky .CerroII+on, Mo Firsf Row: CHARLES H. BROWNE, JR JUDITH 6. BROWN ..., KENNETH E. BROWN . VICTORIA BROWN Second Row: PATRICK W. BRYAN . . DONALD W. BUCKLEY .. JOY M. BUCY . . SHAWN G. BUCY Third Row! ROBERT J. BULKLEY JEAN BULLARD . VIVIAN C. BULLARD JILL A. BURKEL . FOUFII1 Row: MARION T, BURNAM .. JAMES W. BURNS . PAUL BURRIS .. HOWARD M. BUSHMAN Fiffh Row: LARRY C, BUTERBAUGH JOHN M. BUTTS .... TED M. BUZBY JOE D. BYERS . Sixfh Row: WILLIAM H. CANE .... PAUL R. CANNON CATHRYN J. CAPEL DAVID L. CARLSON Sevenfh Row: CHARLES B. CARMAN .. DAVID S. CARR . .. THOMAS J. CARROLL .. CHRISTINE W. CARTER ...Murray, Ky. ,....BardweII, Ky. Toledo, Ohio ,...DaIe, Ind. . ..EIora, III. ....Tampa, EIa. ....Murray, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ......GriIIin, IncI. . ..Henderson, Ky. ...I-Ienderson, Ky. .. .LouisyiIIe, Ky. . .... Princefon, Ky. .,.Wa+eruIIeI, N.Y. ,..Henderson. Ky. Umversify Cify, Mo. . .CIymer, Pa. ....FrankIin, Ky. .. .PaImer, AIasIra . Bedford, Ind. ....TiIusvIIIe, N.J. ....SiIces'ron, Mo. , ..I-Iarrisburq, III. Bemus Point N.Y. Morris Chapel, Tenn, . .IrvinqIon, N.J. .. Paducah, Ky. . Murray, Ky. - . if vu..-V 17' 'hr' GN 'in-ig. ,rf ,Q y ur ,.,- 'dw if 323 Firsf Row: KENNETH D. COLEMAN . JOHN P. COCHRAN . JOLYNN CLYMORE .. GLORIA B CLOUD Second Row! JEFEERY J. CLARKE , TEDDY R. CLAIRK , MARIA A. CLARK . JOSEPH I. CLAAR Third Row: WILLIAM W. CHUMBLER DONNIE L. CHUMBLER MARK J. CHITWOOD JOSEPH L. CHILDRESS Fourfh Row: DAVID W. CHANCE WENDAL W. CHAMBLISS RONALD L. CERRITTO . JOHN M. CENTKO Fiffh Row: JOSEPH E, CAMPBELL SANDRA K. CATHEY CHARLES CATE JOSEPH J. CASCONE . Sixih Row: EDWARD M. CARTY GLENN T. CARTWRIGHT RICHARD A. CARTON . ROBERT P. COMBS Scv:n+h Row: LARRY H. Coors . CHARLES N, CQNTOR , JAMES R, CONROY GEORGE D. CORQETT . .Pdncefc-n, Ky , . Marion, Ky ...Paducah Ky .Corydom Ky . . Sherrard. III . . Murray, Ky ..,...BardweII Ky .Easf Freedom. Pa ..MayIieId, Ky . KeviI, Ky .PhiIadeIpI1Ia, Pa . Silcesfon, Mo Radcm. Ky ME vemm, III .. .PIain+'ieId, N.J .. Decafuf. III .Princefom Ky Paducah, Ky Springfield, Tenn Hauppauge, N.Y wwe Plains, Ky Mayfaerd, Ky .,Ayon, NJ chdfuegown. Beaver Dam, Ky PonIIac, Mich Cairo, III SiIver Sprims, Md Firsf Row: KAREN R. CORK . . MAURA CORLEY CAROL T. COLLINS ., DONNA S. CORNELIIJS .. Second Row: EDWIN G. CORY . HALSEY D. CORY ...., MARSHALL A. COSTA CYNTHIA L. COVERT .. Third Row: CHARLOTTE I. COUGHLIN DONALD R. COX ,.,., DONALD L. CRABTREE .. JAMES M. CIRABTREE Fourfh Row: JEEEREY J. CRALLE .. ROBERT S. CRAVENS KENNY M. CREEKMUR .. WILLIAM CRISWELL .... FIHI1 Row: PAUL I. CROSBY BRENDA CROSS .. WILLIAM A. CROSS, III ALICE L. CROUCH ..,.. Sixfh Row: JERRY A. CRIDER ,.,, RICHARD G. CRIJMP . JERRY B. CRUTE .. THENA B. CULLEN Seven+h Row: SANDRA L. CLIMMINGS . JOHN D. CUNNINGI-IAM ALAN CURTIS . JOHN S. DADE ....Paducah, Ky. ....,Marion, Ky. .....EaIIs Church, Va. .I-Iarrodsburg, Ky. ..,.BeImar, N.J. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. .Treasure IIs., Fla. ...Vincennes, Ind. ,.,.PacIucah, Ky. NMI. Vernon, III. EIIzabeIh+own, Ky. Henderson, Ky. ..OIney, III. .IndianapoIis, Ind, ...PrInceI'on, Ky. E. Brunswick, N.J. ..Buchanam, Tenn. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. .Wilminqrorm Del. .,Ei+chviIIe, Conn. ArIinqIon, Ky, Miamisburg, Ohio ....Paducah, Ky. . BardweII, Ky. .,.....CaIro, III. .HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. ....LaCenIer, Ky. .HopIcInsviIIe, Ky. What U00 5-up-1 Qpwy A-Q.. . mw- 324 ,giving ou, ,Q f I giai., wg... hs....,,., , 1 4' ' , , 5... f W 45' .ana dang '33- 'iw--. .5 , 51:11 -flu v."Q.l QI. tb 2? Q-Q., -Q Mme 'Os vu... 325 Firsf Row: CAROL A. DAVIS JOYCE L. DAVIE LARRY W. DAVIDSON , WILLIAM J. DALY ., Second Row! JOHN A. DAINO .,.., . BARBARA JJDOUGHERTY DON W. DOSS DON H. DORON Third Row: DEVIN A. DOMBROSKE SARA E, DIXON DARREL G. DIXON .. JULIAN DISMUKES, III Fourfh Row: HOWARD W. DIMTER . BRENDA L, DILES . . CHARLES R. DIXON ., TONY S. DIPAOLA Fiffh Row: EDWARD M. DIETZ DONALD A. DEBELLO LEON DEVLIN . MARY H. DEMPSEY Sixfh Row: ALAN R. DAWKINS . PHILLIP H. DAVIS .,,, LANCELOI D. DAVIS , JERRYL DAVIS Sevenfh Row: DARRYL DAVIS .. DANA E. DAVIS .. CONSTANCE S. DAVIS CARROL D. DAVIS . .Loui5viIIe, Ky ....HicIcman. Ky . ..,, BicIcneII. Ind PhiIadeIphia. Pa , ...Syracuse, N.Y BaIIIe Creek, Mich ,. Hopkinsville, .. , Murray, KY Ky ...LiverpooIe, N.Y Dawson Springs, Ky .., ,.Ridgway, III ,,,.Paducah, Ky , . Langhorne, Pa ..MeIropoIIs, III . Fuim, Ky .. . Murray. Ky . .Chicago III . Murray, Ky ..,,Murray, Ky Greenville, Ky Royal Oak, Mich Owensboro, Ky SI. Pefersburq, Fla .HopIxinsyiIIe. Ky HopIcinsyiIIe, Ky .FuII'or1, Ky . . Miami, Fla Dawson Springs, Ky Firsi' Row: DAVID L. DOUGLAS . PATRICIA A. DOUGLAS RAY E. DOUGLAS ...A JAMES K. DOWDY Second Row: EVA M. DOWNS .. ,. DAVID C. DRENNON . WANDA S. DRINKARD PAUL L. DRISKILL ,. Third Row: ERED vV. DUDLEY , EDMUND J. DULY . STANLEY L. DULIN .. ED DULL Fourih Row: MARY L. DUNAWAY .. BRENDA C. DUNCAN . DONNA M. DUNCAN , JERRE D. DUNCAN Fif+h Row: JERRY D. DUNCAN . . NORMAN L. DUNCAN TONY I-I. DUNIGAN .. DONALD R. DUNN SIXII1 Row: LINDA J. DURI-IAM MICHAEL O. DYER .. MARLEN J. EAGLE VIRIGINIA L. EASON Sevenfh Row: KAREN A. EBERLE C. M. EDOLO .,,, BRENT O. EDWARDS . DON EDWARDS ,,.. . . .. Karnak, III. ... Lizfon, Ind. ,...KirIcwood, Mo. ....MayfieId, Ky. ......AImo, Ky. .,,.LaTuna, Texas , ..I-Iickory, Ky. .Grand Rivers, Ky. . . Sanford, .. Lake Park, , ..I.ouisviIIe. FIa. Fla. Ky. MI. Vernon, III. . ...... Murray ...New Madrid, .MorganfieId, Wes+ Palm Beach, .. .Murray, Ky. Mo. Ky. FIa. Ky. ... MI. Carmel, III. ... ..BenIon, Ky. . ..OwensI'Joro, Ky. ...I-Iopkinsville, Ky. ...Princefom Ind. ...,RocI1esI'er, N.Y. ....MempI1Is, Tenn. ..,..SIIex, Mo. .....TrenI'on, N.J. ....Be-nfon, Ky. . Sebree, Ky. gk: I O ' tv 'I 4-.... g of f af' 6 IW ,,.v" Y""v 'w+...k, ,,,- '1-Q gv T3 3 79m .LPN vw... hiv .--... --.. O' 326 wg-Jr Ki can gf K . . . if'::1 Firs'r Row: TOM C. EDWARDS ., JACK C. ELI ...., DERRELL ELKINS SHERI L. ELLIOTT .... Second Row: STEVE D. ELLWOOD BRUCE ENGLAND .. GEORGE R. ERBER '... KAREN R. ERIGRSON Third Row: SHIRLEY J. ERICKSON RICHARD A. ERNST . . JAMES L. ERWIN MAX C. ETCHASON Fourfh Row: BOBBY G. EVANS .. GARY L. EVANS . . . RICHARD N. EVANS , ROSEMARY EVANS . Fiffh Row: JAMES M, EVERETT .,.. EDGAR T. FARMER .. SUSAN FAWCETT .. RICHARD P. FEATHERS . SixII1 Row: GLEN L. FERGUSON SHERRON R. FERGUSON ARTHUR P. FIELDS . ARTHUR W. FIELDS .. Sevenfh Row: VIRGINIA D. FIELDS JANE FINCH .. JOSEPH M, FINKELSTEIN LANNY G, FINLEY . .. ....DecaIur, III. Uprinceforw, Ky. ...BenIon, Ky. .... FuIfon, Ky. . Peoria, III. .Fancy Farm. Ky. Wonder Lake, III. WiIIougI'1by, Ohio Bend, Ind. Micldlefown, Ohio .....Murray, Ky. .. Edgewood, III. ......MUffay, Ky. .Farmingfom Mo. FI. CampbeII, Ky. .....AsI1IancI, Ky. .. .I-Iickman, Ky. .,LouisyiIIe, Ky. . .Murray Ky. .Troy, Mich. Champaign. III. ....Iv1urray, Ky. . . .Venice-, III. Washingfon, Mo. . ..Winqo, Ky. .CruIcI1IieId, Ky. .WI'miIesIone, N.Y. ..Nor+onviIIe, Ky. Firsi Row! C. RAY FRAZINE . . JOYCE L. FRAZIER ... .... JANET M. FRANKENSTEIN ...... DENNIS M. FRANKENBERGER ,... Second Row: ROBERT L. FRAGIONE LESLIE O. FOWLER BARRY L. FOWLER ANDREW A. FOTTA Third Row: JUDY A. FORT . CARL E. FORS DELORES FORESTER .. KEITH M. FLORY . . Fourfh Row: ERMAN L. FLORA THOMAS FITZPATRICK JAMES E. FITZGIBBONS MICHAEL C. FISCHETTE .... FIHII Row: CHARLES E. FINNELL . WILLIAM J. FREEMAN JOE W. FRENCH .... RICHARD R. FRISBIE . Sixfh Row: RICHARD FROELICH . . JIM M. FUSCO ,...... SANDRA R. GALLIMORE DONNIE W. GAMBLIN Sevenih Row: LINDA L. GARDNER . ROBERT L. GARDNER JUDITH R. GARRETT .. FRED E. GASDIA . ....MeIropoIIs, III. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. .....DeIrOII, MICI1. ...LouisviIIe, Ky .......Murray, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. . Mayfield, Ky. ,....ManviIIe, N.J. .. LouIsvIlIe, Ky. ....AI+on, III. .. . ..BenIon, Ky. ...FredericIcsI:urq, Va. .. Louisville, Ky. .CIemen+on, N.J. . ..ROCIfOfd, III. . ...sfookfym Nm ...Murray, Ky . . FIin+, Mich. . ..PainIon, Mo . , . .Wesfporh N.Y Syossef, N.Y. Chicago, III . .. ..HazeI, Ky .. .EarIInqIom, Ky .clafksvalla Ind . .Adairvill-e, Ky . Mpadmlq. Ky enguismowm, NJ Firsf Row: WYNEMA J. GATEWOOD RICHARD P. GAULT ..,, DOUGLAS E. GALYEN . JEAN M. GERVICKAS . Second Row: LARRY A. GIBSON .. RONALD R. GIBSON .. WALLACE N. GIBSON .. JAMES L. GILBERT . . Third Row: MARGARET A. GILES RICHARD D. GLASS .... J. BRUCE GOEBEL BEV GOLDENBERG Four+h Row: ROBERT G. GOLDSBERRY JOHN GOAD .... JUDY K. GOODWIN .. JAMES R. GORDON .. Fiffh Row: JOE D. GOSSUM . . MAIDA L. GRACE , CYNTHIA Z. GRANT ,. WILLIAM C. GRANT , Sixfh Row: NATALIE GRAY .,.,...., ANNA S. GREENWOOD LEE GREEN , ,,.. LEO E. GREEN, JR. Sevenfh Row: KATHLEEN E. GREHAN SALLY F. GRIGGS . . , ROBERT H. GRISWOLD EDDIE L. GROGAN . .. PoIIarcI, Ark. ..MaIworne'r, III. . .GreenviIIe, Ky. . . Miami, FIG. ,HebbarrIsyiIIe, Ky. ...Owensboro, Ky. .. .MayIieId, Ky. ...Muway Ky .....LouisviIIe, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. .,....LincoIn, III. Miami Beach, Fla. . ..Henderson, Ky. .....CroIIon, Ky. . ..Lyndon, Ky. ,.CIIn+on, III. ....Maynaa, Ky .. .Hema,HI ,..Murmy, Ky .. Denan,KnCK ..WadsworII1, Ohio .. .E. PraIrie, Mo. .. .HIcIcrnan, Ky. . . Paducah, Ky. . Bordenmwn, N.J. .. Lowes, Ky. Green Pond, N.J. ,.. Muway Ky Firsi' Row: DALE O. GUNKEL WALLIS M. GUYNN .. SHARON E. HACKETT CAROL E. HAILE .. Second Row: TAWFIG W. HALAWA . BRENDA C. HALE ..,. CHARLES T. HALL .,.. J. DOUGLAS HALL Third Row: JOYCE L. HALL NATHAN HALL .... ROBERT E. HALL RONALD W. HALL . Fourfh Row: BEVERLY A. HAMAN PAMELA A. HAMER JOSEIPHINE HANCOCK WILLIAM E. HANCOCK FIHI1 Row: GEORGE R. HANRAHAN RICHARD L. HARGRAVE HOWARD HARKINS .... H. GARY HARTWIG ..., Six+I1 Row: JOYCE L. HAWES ROBERT J. HAWKINS .. PATRICIA R. 'HAYDEN .. CHRISTINE M. HAYNES Sevenfh Rowi NANCY C, HEADY KEAN HECK ....,.... RICHARD A. HEFLIN BUD M. HEIDER .. ......I'Iardin, Ky. ,..Sacramen+o, Ky. Valley Sire-am, N.Y. .....I.ouIsvIIIe, Ky. ...NabIus. Jordan ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. ......WIcIcIIII, Ky. .CI1es+erIand, Ohio ....MeTropoIis, III. ..WinIer Park, FIa. .....ArcacIia, Fla. ..MadIsonvIIIe, Ky. .......EuIIon, Ky. ..SouII'Iga'Ie, Mich. ....,FuI'ron, Ky. .,.PowderIy, Ky. .....LaCenIer, Ky. ....BicIcneII, Ind. ....GreenviIIe, ....BurnsIde, ...Paducalm ....FairTieId. ....Ku+'rawa, .....Macon, Ga .......SI'urgIs, Ky ...CarmeIIon, Ind ....PaducaI'1, Ky ....McNabIs, III 'wr Ulm Xl 4057 -on Rh 'ld LL :BQ . Viv is if an-.-fp .. F ii :N v W vw, 1:1 -. ,.. ,., . L, ,ii .f 33I Firs+ Row: MICHAEL W. HEIMER . CHARLOTTE HEINA .... DANIEL S. HELTSLEY RAYMOND M. HENCKEN Second Row: JOHN V. HENDERSON ROBERT T. HENLEY . .. DAVID W. HENNE .,.. TOM R. HENNEBERRY .. Third Row: DONALD R. HENSON .. HAROLD W. HERNDON ROGER G. HERRON JOYCE HILLEBRAND . Fourfh Row: PATRICIA W. HINES . JAMES E. HINMAN GREG L. HODSON SUSAN A. HOLCOMB .. Fif+I1 Row: JACK M. HOLMES .... MADELINE L. HOLMES . LAURA R. HOLT .. RONNIE S. HOLT .... Sixfh Row: ROBERT M. HOOKS JON G. HOPKINS .... ROBERT W. HOPKINS .. PAUL W. HOPPING Sevenfh Row: DON R. HORLACHER . THOMAS M. HOIRSTE .. KAREN R. HOWARD . . JOAN A. HUGHES Warrensville, Ohio LouisviIIe, Ohio .HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. ....TreriIorw, N.J. ..MayIieIcI. Ky. ....PaducaI'm, Ky. ...May+'ieId, Ky. ....SI. Louis, Mo. .Grand Rivers, Ky. .. ..... Mayfield, Ky. .....Hanson, Ky. .. Mefropolis, III. Hardinsburg, Ky. .......FIora, III. ...Harrisburg III. ....MayIieId, Ky. Miridianapolis, Ind. .St Marys, Mo. ...Arlingfom Ky. ....ArIinqIon, Ky. . .Fredonia Ky. .MacIisonviIIe, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ..CincinnaIi,'OI1io ...Murray, Ky. ....GrayviIIe, III. Georqeiown, Ohio . ...M+. Carmel, III. Firsf Row: SANDRA W. HUGHES .... ROBERT G. HUGHES .. LINDA J. HUDSON .. GWENELL HUFFINES ... Second Row: EURGIE S. HUNTER .,.. JOE R. HUTC'HENS .... KENNETH R. HUTCHISON ROBERT L. HUTCHISON Third Rowi VINCENT G. INGOGLIA ROGER IRVAN .. MARY M. IRVINE . ROBERT L. ISAACS Fourfh Row: AUDREY JACOBS .. LARRY L. SARVIS GAIL W. JASPER .. STANLEY M. JEFERESS .. Fiffh Row: JANETTE IVI. JENIXIIINIGS . PAMELA J. JENKINS ..... . DEBBIE A. JOHNSON .. DOUGLAS E. JOHNSON SIXII1 Row: ALICE L. JOHNSTON JAMES T. JOHNSTON . DANIEL E. JONES . DONALD W. JONES . . Seve-n+I'1 Row: ESSIE D. JONES . . HOWARD W. JONES .. PATRICIA JONES . . THOMAS V. JONES . .....GuII'1rie, Ky. ...Murray, Ky. ......DeKaIb, III. ....BeII Cify, Mo. New Madrid, Mo. .. ...HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. .Calverf Cify, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .. Brooklyn, N.Y. ...Benfom Ky. . ..BuIIaIo, N.Y. ....LouisviIIe. Ky. , E. Paferson, N.J. ....PacIucaI1, Ky. ...Gary, W. Va. ....FuIIon, Ky. .. ..PacIuc:aI1, Ky. .MadisonviIIe, Ky. .WadsworII1, Ohio ....Murray, Ky. ...PacIucaIw, Ky. .....PacIucaI1, Ky. ....JamesIown, N.Y. ...PrinceIon, Ky. ..TrezevanI, Tenn. ..KeniIwor+I1, N.J. .......FuIIon, Ky. .Madisonville Ky. Hrs? Row: JOHN O JURIGA .. SAUROOD N1. JYAWOOK RICHARD sf KAHN WAYNE A. KAISER .. Second Row: MORRIS J. KAUEHERR . JOHN C. KEANEY KENNETH L. KEEL OARY L. KELLER . Third Row: MARY L. KELLER . ROBERT O. KELLER .. E. DALE KEMPV JOHN D. KEMP Four+I'1 Row: KENNETH H. KENNEDY . SALLY A. KENNEDY . .. JOHNNY W. KENDALL . THOMAS D. KESTERSON Fiffh Row: VERGIL O. KIMMEL f WILTON L. KIMMONS . ROBERT Q. KINDER .. JOHN P. KING . Six+h Row: MICHAEL KING . WILLIAM D. KING CHARLIE KLABER RICHARD F. KLINE . ., Sevenfh Row: ROBERT D. KOCH . JIM C. KOMLOSY . . WILLIAM H. KORNECKE MICHAEL T. KOWNACKI .BImqI'IamIOv, N.Y. Sprimqfield, III. . Brooklyn, N.Y. . .Murray Ky. . .FlusI1inq, Mich. SOUII1 POr+Iand, Maine . ...Murray, Ky. Ke++Qfing. Om , .AIIe-m Park, Mich. Hchampaiqn, LII. .,PaducaI1, Ky. ..Murray, Ky. ....Cadiz, Ky. .....MayIIeId, Ky. . ..SprinqviIIe, Tenn. . ..MayI:IeId, Ky. .. ThOmpsonviIIe, III. . Briqhfon, Term. ...Corydorm Ind. .. NIIes, Mich. . ..ParIs, Tenn. ...Paducah Ky. Ealmoufh, Ky. ..,.IrOnI'On, OHIO ... ...Mayfield Ky. UnIversIIy CiIy, MO. .Murray, Ky. H aroer Woods MICI1. Firsf Row: LOU N. KRAUTI-IEIM .. BARBARA S. LACY . JACK J. LACY BOBBY R. LAOOW . Second Row: STEDHEN T. LAKE JANE A. LAMBERTI-I . . ROBERT D. LANDOLPH . DAVID A. LANIER Third Row: ANDREA L. LASSITER .. THOMAS V. LATTA JIM A. LAWRENCE . DAN R. LEE Eourfln Row: ROBERT J. LENT KAREN S. LENTS . PHYLLIS A, LESLIE .. KENNETH L. LEWIS .. . Fifflw Row: PHILIP D. LEWIS . JAMES D. LIOON SANDRA E, LINN . BARBARA A. LISANBY . Sixllw Row: KENDALL D. LITCHEIELD JAMES L. LITTLEJOHN . CARLOS W. LOFTUS . JENNYE E. LONG . Seven'l'l1 Row: VICTOR L. LONNON . NANCY LOVETT . JANICE LOY . SAMMIE H. LUCAS . . Dawson Sprinqs, Ky. ..Owensboro, Ky. . ..Vincermes, Ind, ...Mi Carmel, III. .. .Me+cl1en, N.J. ...Maclisonville, Ky. .. .Broolclym N.Y. ... Siurqis, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. . .... Eulfon, Ky. Easl Peoria, III Barlow, Ky . Wanfaqlw, N.Y ... .Benfom Ky ...I-ienderson, Ky .....Princelon, Ky . .Horse Cave, Ky .. .Sl'wively, Ky , ...Ben'Ion, Ky .....Prince+on, Ky ...l"loplcinsyille, Ky .. Upaducali. Ky ...I-loplcinsville, Ky .Paducalm Ky . .. Louisville, Ky .....Murray, Ky Fairfield, III .. ..Marion, KY Firsf Row: EVERETT .A. LUCKENBACH, Vv'ILLIAM J. LUNSEORD JEAN A. LUTHER . . MARYJANE LYLES . Second Rowf STEVEN M, LYNCH . BETTY F. LYONS . .. . THOMAS A. MADAY JAMES E. MADDOX Third Row: THOMAS R. MADISON . JAN M. MALONE . . . RICHARD A. MARRAZZO DIANE Y. MARSHALL .. Four+h Row: BOBBY C. MARTIN . . MARVIN N. MARTIN RONNIE W. MARTIN BEN F. MASON .. . Fi'I"+I1 Row: GARY L. MASSETH DENNIS W. MASSIE JUDITH K. MASSEY CORINNE M. MASTEY .. Six+h Row: JOHN H. MATHESON, III . JUDITH A. MATLOCH .. DAVID J. MATT .,.,..,. JERRY M, MATTHEWS ..,. Sevenih Row: JAN R. IVIAYES .....,.. DONNA F MAYEIELD . DAN T. MQBRIDE .. . 'GARY W. MCCLARD . JR. ....EorI Knox, Ky. ......Peoria, III. ....AIIoona, Iowa .....BenIon, Ky. .. . Troy, N.Y. ......Murray, Ky. ...AIber'Ison. N.Y. ...Owensborcg Ky. ....PacIucaI'1, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ......SaIem, N.Y. .Riviera Beach, Ha. ...Providence, Ky. ,......CIay, Ky. ..CunningI1am, Ky. ..,.OIms+ed, III. ....Herrin, III. ....MI. Erie, III. ...,PaducaI1, Ky, ....PonIiac, Mich. ,..PorIIamcI, Maine ....Paduc:aI'1, KV. ....Syrac:use, N.Y. . . Murray, Ky. .Fancy Farm, Ky. ,Owemsborcm Ky. . ..BenIom, Ky . , . .AImo, Ky Firsf Row: KEITH A. MCCLOUD .. JAMES R. MCCLURE LUBIE D. MCDANIEL .EDDY T. MCDERMOTT .,,. Second Row: WILLIAM R. McGEE JERRY B. MCGREGOR . WILLIAM N. McLEMORE JERALD B. MCNUTT ,,.., Third Row: LARRY H. MEDLEY BRENDA M. MEDLOCK. DEAN MELTON ...... KENDAL F. MELTON , Fourfh Row: LESLYE M. MERCER LOUIS P. METTLER STEVE M. MIKULKA CAROLYN MILES Fiffh Row: JACK N. MILLER JUDITI-I K. MILLER PAMELA E. MILLER WILLIAM G. MILLER , Sixfh Row: JAMES M. MILLIGAN . JANICE K. MILLS , .. WILLIAM B. MILLS GARY W. MIZE ,. . Sevenfh Row: JIM MIZELL ,..,, .,,., . MOHAMMAD R. MODARRESSI .. SAM H. MONARCH ...., . . CAROLYN E. MOORE .. ....CecIar, Ind .....DecaIur, Ga .. , .Murray, Ky , ...Paducah Ky ...Lexinqfom Ky ....PaducaIw, Ky .. . .Murray, Ky ....Murray, Ky ..Garden Cify, MICH CoIIage Grove, Tenn .....EyansyiIIe, Ind ...Benfom Ky , .... Sfarke, EIa ,...CIarIcsIon, Mich ... Bronx, N.Y ....IVIL.IVl'dy, Ky ...Long Island, N.Y ....,,.OImey, III .....Henderson, Ky . SI. Pefersburq, EIa .....TrenIon, Tenn . ..RicI1mond, Ind , ...CIwicaqo, III , ...CIeaIon, Ky . .,.Me+ropoIIs, III . . ...Telwrarm Irar ,.,HardInsburq, Ky .Paducah Ky Firsf Row: DAVE M, MOORE GARY D. MOORE .. BETTY C. MORELAND . DONALD O. MORGAN Second Row: ELLEN R. MORGAN . . JAMES T. MORGAN .. KIRK D. MORGAN .. . RANDALL E. MORGAN Third Row: RONALD E. MORGAN THOMAS O. MORGAN THOMAS W. MORGAN JOE S. MORRIS . Four+I'1 Row: BILLY R. MOSLEY . . RONALD MOSS . . JANET L. MOTHERAL MARK MUNDY FIHI1 Row: BILLY L. MUNGER MARY L. MURDAY .. GEORGE R. MURPHY . THOMAS R. MURPHY .. , SIXII1 Row: GAYLON MURRAY .. LINDA M. MURRAY THOMAS MYLES .. . FREDERICK J. NAAS . Sevenfh Row: NANCY J. NASH . POLLY A. NASH DENNIS P. NEARY DAVID A. NELSON . DamyIIIff, Ky. . Me+rQpoIIs, III. . Murray, Ky. .. my Ny .. Uma. Ky. ....CI1Icaqo, III. .. LouTsviIIe, Ky. . Paducah. Ky. ...BenIon, Ky. HopIsinsyiIIe, Ky. ..PacIucaIw, Ky. ArIinqIon, Ky. .. AImo, Ky. HopkInsviIIe, Ky. ..LymnyiIIe, Ky. ... BeImar, N.J. Sikesfon Mo. . .. Avon, N.J. FaIIs Church, Va. .Por+Iand, Maine . EddyyIIIe. Ky. . 5ummeryIIIe, SC. .MOoresIown, NJ. Dayfom, OHIO MiIan, Tenn. Eenkm, Mo. LaPorIc- Iwd. Paducah Ky. Firsf Row: JUNE NELSON ,.,.... RAYMOND E. NELSON ROBERT D. NELSON JOHN C. NEUBAUA Second Rowi JAMES W. NEWMAN .. JIM NEWTON .,.4,.,. BUDDY L. NICHOLS ..,. TED E. NICHOLSON .. Third Row: FREDERICK M. NIEHAUS JIMMY NIX .....,..... JUDI K. NIXON THOMAS J. NORTON . Fourih Row: DONNA K. NUNN ROBERT J. NYOARD GARY D. OAKLEY DAN L. OATES Fif+h Row: ISSAC L. OGBU ,,.,. IVAN D. OLINSKY .... DONALD W, OLIVER ,. GREGORY O. OLIVER . SIXII1 Row: JIMMY L. OLIVER .... JOHN E. ORR ........ OLENDA K. OSBORN ,. JOY OWEN .....,.,, Seven+h Row: JUDITH E OWENS ..,.. MICHAEL A. PAGLIARO PATRICIA N. PALMER ,. FRANK A. RAPPALARDO .....PaducaI1, Ky NMI. Vernon, Ind CI'1aIIanooqa, Tenn. ,...,..CI1Icaqo, III ..,..CI1icaqo, III .....I:uIIon, Ky. .,...PrinceIon, Ky. ,,CunninqI1am, Ky. ,..,VIncennes, Ind. ....Murray, Ky. ....CrossviIIe, III. . Easf Orange, N.J. ...Mariom Ky. .,.,SI'1usIwan, N.Y. ....BenIon, Ky. .. .EyansyiIIe, Ind. ,....PI. I-Iarcourf, Nigeria ... .,TrenIon, N.J. ,...IvIurray, Ky. ....PaducaI1, Ky. ,...EddyviIIe, Ky ...,..Vienna, ..McLeansIJoro, III. ,. .KuIIawa, Ky ....CI1ampaIqn, III . Easf Orange, N.J ., ,HoIIywood, Fla .,..Me+Iwuen, Mass IN' if ,.,-ff F"'x addy Q1 Qpvv 'F 'I '5- S... 'Qwki hr-1-al 'inrf mr- f Firs'r Row: SHARON L. PARK ..,, KENNETH M, PARKE BILLY T. PARKER . DONNA K. PARKER Second Row: SAMMY J, PARKER THOMAS E. PARKER .. THOMAS H. PARKS .. JANE D. PARIS .. Third Row: SHERRILL A. PARMLEY STARR R. PARMLEY . DOUGLAS D. PARRISH STEVE PARSLEY . Fourfh Row: JANICE G. PASCHALL . RICHARD L. PASCHALL JOHN O. PASCO , PATRICIA L. PASCO . FIHII Row: JOHN T, PAUSE .. JAMES L. PEACH .. MAY M, PEARCE . PATRICK A, PEARSON , Sindh Row: JAMES R, PELHAM RAY L, PELLEY . . PETER A. PELLICANE ., ANTHONY B. PERILLO Sevenfh Row: CLAUD E. PERRY . RONNIE G. PETERSON PHILLIP E. PETRO . . LARRY D. PHELPS . .Paducah Ky Eorf Myers, Fla Murray, Ky , Paducah, Ky ,,Murray, Ky . Paducah, Ky Wesf Trerwforw, N.J Prmcefon, Ky LouisvIIIe, Ky , Murray, Ky , BeIIeyiIIe, III Brownsv?IIe, Ky . ,Murray, Ky ParIs, Term .Murray, Ky Mwray, Ky Crown Point Ind HoIIaday, Tenn , Wexford, Pe New Albany, Ind Hopkrrgyxrre, Ky Kerwrey, III Richmond HIII, N.Y MI. Carmel, III WInno, Ky Decafur, III Oradew N.J CaIyerr CIW, Ky Firs+ Row: JOHN J. PHILLIPS MARTHA J. PHILLIPS . MIKE T. PHILLIPS .. DAVID R. PIKE Second Row: DENNIS M. PILCHER FRANCES B. PITTMAN JESSIE E. POOLE, JR. GLENIDA G. POWLEY Third Row: BELINDA J. PRINCE . GLENN A. PROCTOR JOAN C. PRUITT . CHARLES L. PIRYOR Four+h Row: PATSY B. PURDOM PHILIP L. PUTNAM STEPHEN QUINDPY . GARY QUINT ,... Fif+h Row: TOM J. RABEN .. GARY E. RADISH .,,,... .. . .....GreenviIIe . ,,.....,. Marlon, . .Peoria Heighfs WesI' FranIcIorI, . . . , .Edgewood ....MayIIeId, ...LouisviIIe, .... ....I-Iopkinsyille, .....MayIieId. ...MI. Vernon. .....CIinIon, ...SIurqis, ....Mumy, . , . .FuI+or1, . ...Fairfield ...Balknap ... ..RIdgway, Pompano Beach, SONDRA J. RAMAGE .. ........ Paducah, LARRY D. RAMSEY Sixih Row: MORRIS K. RANSDELL MADELYN E. RATHBUN JAMES H. RAY ...... KATHY L. REAGAN .. SGVGDII1 Row: CHARLES E. REED LINDA S. REEDER .. . . JOHN CLINTON REICHERT FRANCES N. REID .... .. III. Ky. , III. III. III. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ind. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. III. EIa. KY ....GranIsburq, III ....HopIcinsviIIe. Ky . ..BoonIon, N.J ...MeIber, Ky .....I'Ierrin, III ....CIay Cify, III ....,.PaducaI1, Ky ....Grand Chain, III .. Louisville, Ky f-wav .4 . f if Q'S'f'.- 'f ff. ., . Q. liz 1Q..'::. ' wEl4Q'1f- 'W ',..i.iXi1ffi1:... zgggiig 9 Q..-gr I , B in ARAB? vx if 1-...If XR' Nw f 419. kwin it V'x Q-uv ""'X 'ZZ' I 34I Firsf Row! PATRICIA K. REID . RICHARD C. RENDLEMAN JOHN M. RENEROW . . ROBERT W. RENSHAW . . Second Row: JEROME P. RESSETAR JUDITH R. REXROAT .. MARK P. REZNICH .. MARILENE J. RICE Third Row: CARROLL R. RICH . WILLIAM L. RICHARDS DONNA E. RICKMAN MARY Y. RICKMAN Fourfh Row: TERRY RIDDICK DONALD H. RIEEEL . LARRY D. RIGGS . JENNIFER E. RILEY . Fif+h Row: SARAH L. RILEY ,. LARRY R. RINGER .. . GARY F. RINEY .. . JOSEPH RINGHOEER Sixfh Row: RICHARD J. ROBBINS JANIE ROBERTS . . KAREN ROBERTS .. MICHAEL A. ROBERTS .. . Seve-nfh Row: MARTHA R. ROBERTSON PENNY M. ROBINSON .. REBECCA B. ROBINSON JLIAN J. RODRIGUEZ . . Symsonia, Ky. . Paducah, Ky. . .CarmI, III. Carmi, III. LInCoIn, III. Lebanon Jundion, Ky. .HamIramcI:, Mich. . Mefropohs, III. Sfurgis, Ky. . Chicago, III. PaImersvIIIe, Tenn. Hickory, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. .. Dayfon, Ohio . Owensville, Ind. Paducah, Ky. . New Madrid, MO. .. LaPIa+a, Ma. ..waShanq+an, Ind. .selleyxnna III. Mahwah, N.J. ..CIInIon, Ky. . Sfurqis, Ky. .GranvIIIe, N.Y. LouIsvIIIe, Ky. Harnnrpn, AIa. Paducah. Ky. GLIaIernaIa Firs+ Row: BERRY E. RORER . . CURTIS M. ROYSTER M. LENA RUSCHIVAL ANN RUSSELL . .. Second Row: JO A. RUSSELL . JOHN P. RUSSELL . . KENNETH L. RUSSELL .. WAYNE M. RUSSELL , Third Row: GARY S. RUST BILLY C. RYAN J. RHETT SALYERS SANDRA H. SAMS Four+l'a Row: JOYCE A. SANDERS .. PATRICIA SANDERS .. CHARLES W. SANDMAN DIANE SATTEREIELD Fif+l1 Row: ROBERT G. SATTEREIELD DONALD SAUNDERS ., ALBERT R. SCALES .. CAROLYN L. SCHAEEER Sixfh Row: MICHAEL M. SCHARDT ANTHONY SCHMIDT CHARLES E, SCHMIDT . ALBERT J. SCI-IRIVER . Sevenllw Row: ROBERT SCHROERLUCKE MARVIN 6. SCHROTH GENEVIEVE SCHWAGEL . MARY B. SCHVVIDERSKI ...Eulfom Ky. ....Coryclorw, Ky. Louisville, Ky. .. Mayfield, Ky. , Russellville, Ky. ......Keyil, Ky. ... . .VVac:o, Texas ..Sprlnqdale, Conn, .. Henderson, Ky. . Sikedom, MO. .. .Newlom III. ... Bardwell, Ky. ... . .COLJLL Ky. ....CenIralia, Ill. . Loulsvllle, Ky. ... Princefon, Ky. . Owensboro, Ky. .Oak Park, Mlclw. . Chandler, Ind. ...LoLIisyille, Ky. ...Kellerinq Qlwlo ...,M+. Vernon, N.Y. .....Bellcnap, Ill. Buffalo, N.Y. Valley Slalion, Ky. .. Decamr, III. Eorl Plain, N.Y, . ..I-Ienry, Ill. HQ' G. if Q.,- dv-1 G- as 465 I 1 QS- Firsf Row: FRANCIS SCOTT RUPERT A. SCOTT . . RONALD E. SCRUGS DONNA C. SEAFORD Second 'Rowz RICHARD A. SEFICK .. JOSEPH W. SEGREE .. JUDY S. SELLERS RICHARD SERINO Third Row: GERRY SHAFFER . GEORGE R. SHAFTO . PHILIP SHAPIRO .. BENNY M. SHELTON Four+h Row: DAVIE A. SHEMWELL LINDA K. SHIELDS SARAH N. SHUFF .,,, ROBERT L. SIMS . . Fif+h Row: KENNETH R. SINCLAIR GENE C. SINGLETARY Trenforw, N.J . SedaIia, Ky HopkinsyiIIe, Ky Murray, Ky Kearwsbury, N.J Hopkinsville, Ky Leximq+or', Ky LIyirIgsIor1, N.J CoIIIeryiIIe, rem .. NepI'une, N.J erfzabm, NJ Maynard, Ky . Murray, Ky ...Paducah Ky .'HIcIcman, Ky ArIinqIon, Va Murray, Ky Murray, Ky GARY W. SINK Newporf News, Ve BEVERLY SISK ., . ..I-IopIcInsvIIIe, Ky Sixfh Row: JOSEPH L. SKELTOINI . .CaIverI CIIy, Ky BERNARD E, SLATE .. .. . ..AIexar1dria Bay, N.Y JAMES M. SLAUGI-ITER . . Farmland, Ind JOY L. SLIG-I-I . .. ..... Highland Park. III Sevenfh Rowf WILLIAM H. SMALLMAN Paducah, Ky SARAH L. SMEDLEY . Paducah, Ky KENNETH SMITH .. LeDITA G. SMITH , , , Pruwcefon, Ky LouisyiIIe, Ky Firsf Row: MARY L. SMITH MICHAEL E. SMITH .. RAYMOND E SMITH ,. THOMAS L. SMITH Second Row: ROBERT C. SMITHSON .. WAYNE P. SMITHSON MARGARET A. SOLOMON JEANIE C. SOWELL .,.. . Third Row: JUDITH A. SOWELL GLORIA SPECK ,. MAX G. SPILLMAN ..... BARRY A. SPRUNGEIR .. Fourfh Row: MARY E. SPRUNGER DANA L. SPURRIER . JAMES H. STAHLER JUDY A,STAHLER, ., Fiffh Row: JERRY M. STEVENS KYNDA K. STEVENS .. JOHN J. STEWART THOMAS R. STEWART . Sixfh Row: JEANNE E. STEYTLER .. BONNIE L. STICE NAOMI STICE ..,...,. KYROUS D. STREETER ..., Sevenfh Row: ELIABETH A. STRONG THOMAS F. STUCK JIM STULL .......,. DWIGHT E. SWANN .,..Murray, Ky, ....BridgeporI, III. ....BeIIcnap, III. ...Murray, Ky. ...I-Iopkinsville, Ky. , .... Mefuchen, N.J. ...,Bem'on, Ky. ..,.BenIon, Ky. ,...PacIucah, Ky. ., .FIa'I Rock. Mo. ....MayfieId, Ky. ....DeKaIb, III. .,..Murray. Ky. ....Marion, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. .,..TrenIon, Tenn. .........KevnI, Ky. . . . .Dawson Springs, Ky. Chula Visfa, Calif. ,,...HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. .....PainesviIIe, Ohio ....CaIverI Cify, Ky. ....BrownsviIIe, Ky. ...,,PainIon, Mo. ....Paducah. Ky. ....KeIIerinq, OhIo ........,CIay.Ky. .... GIIberI'sviIIe, Ky. .. Firsf Row: SUSAN SWEENEY WAYNE SWEENEY ....., JUDITH A. SULLIVAN .. RON F. SZWEDA .. .. Second Row: ELIZABETH J. TARTT , . BILL E. TAYLOR . ., JOIHN M. TAYLOR ..... CHARLES W. TERRETT ., Third Row: JULIUS TESKE . HENRY A. THEISS .. , GARY C. THOMAS ,. LOWELL L. THOMAS . Four+h Row: STEPHEN L. THOMAS GARY W. THOMPSON , RITA M. THOMPSON RUBY C. THOMPSON .. FIHI1 Row: SHARI D. THOMPSON TOMMY THOMPSON ,....OrIando, FIa. . . .PrInce1'on, Ky. . ,.,. MadisonviIIe, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ..PacIucaI'w, Ky. . ..FairfieId, III. ,.....Joppa, III. .....I-Iickman, Ky. W. Keansburq, N.J. . ,.,WoodI1aven, N.Y. , . , . ,WaverIy, III. ..I-Iarlinqen, Texas . .Miller Ci'ry, III. . ..HampIon, Ky. ,..FuI'ron, Ky. .....Ben+on, Ky. .....Miami, Fla. .....Paris, Tenn. JANET R. THORNTON .. ....... Dix, III. PATRICIA L. THURMOND .... Murray, Ky. Sixfh Row: BRENDA C. TICHENOR ....... Calhoun, Ky. JACK B. TINSLEY ,,.. . STEVEN H. TITSWORTH ... SAMMY C. TODD .... Sevenfh Row: TERRY W. TOLBERT ., COSTELLO TORIAN .,.. STEVEN F. TORZEWSKI .. MARTHA K. TOSH . . ....EIizabeI'II+own, Ky. ......Murray, Ky. .....BarcIweII, Ky. ...PonHac, Mich. ...HopIdnsviIIe. Ky. . ..,.. IncIianapoIIs, Ind. .....Sfurgis, Ky. Firsf Row: JOHN C. TOWLE ELIZABETH A. TOY . . GEORGE TRUMBO . RONALD J. TUCKER .. Second Row: STANLEY E. TUCKER . GALE L. TUMAN .. . JOHN D. TURNBOW ... DON W, TURNER . Third Row: GORDON L. VANCE ..,, . JOHN R. VAN HOOTEGEM CAROL L. VAUGHAN .. DANA R. VAUGHAN .. Fourih Row: DARRELL R. VAIJGHN . JACK L. VAUGHN MARSHALL E. VEAZEY WILLIAM D. VIED .... Fiffh Row: KENNETH L. VINCENT HOW'ARD D. VOSS .... CARL C. VULLO BETTY A. WAGAR ..., Sixfh Row! ROBERT J. WAGAR ... KAIREN O. WALKER .... NANCY K. WALKER PAM WALKER ..... Sevenfh Row: LINDA K. WALL . VICKI S. WALLACE .,.. JOHN E. WALTON ..,. LARRY W. WALTZ .Harrisburg III. .Fancy Farm, Ky. HocIgenviIIe, Ky. . .Carmi, III. . .I.ouisviIIe, Ky. ....Chicago, III. ...May'IIeIcI, Ky. . .. IBeIIrnap, III. Murray, Ky. Park Forest III. ..De+roif, Mich. Paducah, Ky. ...BenI'on, Ky. .FaIrIieIcI, III. MudisonvIIIe, Ky. ..FrecIor1ia, Ky. .Acushnet Mass. ...BeII Cify, Mo. Jamesrown, N.Y. .....Murray, Ky. .,..Paducah, Ky. ..MI'. Vernon. III. ...Paducah, Ky. ....Rockford, III. .OwensI:voro, Ky. ...Symsor1ia, Ky. ....Paducah, Ky. Norwich, Ohio 9" an-'J-f' rw. 11,1454 'Www .5 'n-.M +6- 1 if Ev' '4'2:a. N-an nr'- 'JZ' 346 .Er 'Q-1' 1-...... it-f W Firsf Row: MICHAEL W. WARD .., JOHN E. WATSON . .. WILLIAM E. WATSON . JOHN L. WEAVER Second Row: LEEROY WEBB DAVID K. WEBSTER ANNETTE M. WEDER PEGGY L. WEEKS . Third Row: RONALD D. WEEMS WILLIAM H. WELLBORN SHERRY R. WESELOH . CLARA A. WEST Fourfh Row: WILLIAM E. WEST ,... BASIL J. WHITE, III .. . DONALD LEE WHITIS .. JANICE L, WHITE Fiffh Row: PATSY WHITE ,. .,.,. .. NANCY S. WHITTAKER JON M. WIELDI' ....., ANTHONY B. WILCENSKI Sixfh Row: CAIROLYN F. WILEY . .. SHIRLEY WILFERD .... J. TERRY WILKINSON . HARRIET L. WILLIAMS .... Sevenih Row: sus c. WILLING-HAM JAMES H. WILSON JAMES O. WILSON , RONALD c. WILSON .,. ,I-Ienderson, Ky H, Macclenny, Fla . .,I-Iarrisburq, III ,PaducaI'1, Ky ,FIa+ River, MO . .Murray, Ky . .Highland III Princefon, Ky , Bonne Terre, Mo .E. Prairie. Mo Denver, COI Paducah, Ky ..CIinfOn, III ,.MempI1is, Tenn , .Mayfield Ky . Louisville, Ky ,.....SaIisbury, N.C , .BaIIs+On Spa., N.Y ,. . ...FIOra, III ....Murray, Ky . . .Nebo, Ky ...Murray, Ky . Arlinqfon, Va .. . LeE+chfieId, Ky ....RIdqeIy, Tenn , .,...... Paris, Tenn .,.,.New Concord, Ky Richmond I-IIII, N.Y Firsf Row: LLOYD T. WINKLER MAX J. WORKMAN RICHARD WOODS .... STEPHEN R. WOODS Second Row: JOHN C. WOODWARD A SHARON A. WOOTEN .. JEFFREY W. WREN .... ALICE J. WRIGHT Third Row: MICHAEL L. WRIGHT SARA E. WRIGHT ...., THOMAS E. WRIGHT .. , RICK V. WYNKOOP Fourih Row: LAR'RY B. YANDELL .... . F, PAULETTE YARBROUGH , JOYCE K. YARBROUGH DONALD G. YATES .,.. Fiffh Row: JAMES D. YOST ...,... RICHARD J. ZAKRZESKI ANTHONY ZALESKI CAROLE J. ZARECOR . ,.,,.Dale, Ind. ,,.,..Murray, Ky. ...Mcleansboro, Ill. .,..Me+ropolis, Ill. .....Vienr'Ia, Va. ..Mayfield, Ky. ,. . .Somerset N.J. ,.HopkirIsviHe, Ky. . , . . Louisville, Ky. . ...,. Liberfy, Ind. ,,New Brighfon, Pa. Parma Heiqhfs, Ohio ....S+. Charles, Ky. . .Columbian Tenn. ..,,.Murray, Ky. ....Bardwell, Ky. ....F+, Rucker, Ala. ...,.Syracuse. N.Y , ..,., Newark, N.J ....HumboId+, Tenn X rw.: -Q, Mike Sanford, Vice-President Judy Sloan, Secrefaryg Ben Hogancamp, Treasurer: and Ed Frank Jeffrey, President ED FRANK JEFFREY . Pfesgdemr MIKE SANFORD Vice-Presfderwf JUDY SLOAN gecfemry BEN HOGANCAMP H Treaswer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS X35 5515932 4 'sz .z,.xM:L 5 15,-.wmib M 15 M wr -gy is-rwngg ! A, SOPHUMURES Firsf Row: BEN ADAMS ,.... CAREY P. ADAMS ,. NANCY C. ADAMS JAMES L. ADAMS ..,. Second Row: ROBERT W. ADAMS .,. TERRY L. ADAMS ...., .. MARILYN K. ADDINGTON DONNA M. AGNEW , Third Row: JOSEPH AIELLO .,. ... JAMES E. ALBRITTON .. MARY D. ALCORN ,,.... RONALD D. ALDERDICE Fourfh Row: ALICE A. ALLEN .. ERNEST A. ALLEN , , JOY D, ALLEN . , REBECCA B. ALLEN . Fifth Row: RON O. ALLEN . ,,... , THOMAS L. ALLENSWORTH CAROL ALLISON .......,. SARA J. ALLISON , Sixih Row: FRANK ANDREULA ..., KAY B. ANDERSON . THOMAS F. ANTONSON ... MARTHA K. ARENSMAN .. Sevenih Rowl VIRGINIA C. ATNIP DONNA B. ATWILL JOHN A. AUSTIN ..,. NANCY C, AUSTIN ,... Eighfh Row: MICHAEL W. AVERETT .., PATRICIA D. AYER ..... BARBARA 6. AYMETT WILLIAM G. BABBITT Ninfh Row: JUIDITH D. BAILEY JEANNIE BAIRD . DAVID L. BAKER ,... ,., HARRIET E. BALDRIDGE ., .DecaIur, III ., ,..Robinson, III ,.,..HopIcinsviIIe, Ky , ..Hickman, Ky . ...,. MayTieId, Ky ,..M+. Clemens, Mich ,,.,BooneviIIe, Ind ,. Decafur, III Ulrvingfon. N.J ,.,.MayIieIcI, Ky ...Carbondale III .. .LynnviIIe, Ky . Bowling Green, Ky . ...,... Murray, Ky , BowIinq Green, Ky . .,FranIrfor1', Ky . . , .Owensboro, Ky .....BridgeIon, Mo ,,..Murray, Ky ..,..GuII'1rie, Ky .....I-Ioboken, N.J ......LouisviIIe, Ky ....,Mar'rinsvIIIe, N.J .....Me+ropoIis, III .,..Ben+on, Ky .,..,Murray, Ky ......RocI'1esI'er, N.Y Cof+cge Grove, Tenn .....,..Parrna, Mo ...,.MadisonviIIe, Ky ...,..BenI'on, Ky .....GreenvIIIe, III ..,.PaducaI1, Ky ......,..Sfurqis, Ky CampbeIIsburq, Ind . ...., Hickman, Ky SUPHUMURES Firsi Row: LARRY R. BALL .... RITA BALL ...,...,.,.. DALMAS W. BANIDY . . MARY L. BANKS , . Second Row: SHIIRLEY A. BARE. ,. . ROBERT L. BAREFIELD .., ANN H. BARGER . JANSSEN D. BARHAM . Third Row: ELAINE BARKHAUS . . BARRY W. BAIRKS LYNDLE BARNES, JR. .. JOE P. BARNETT , Four+I1 Row: SARAH M. BARNETT . NANCY BARNIREUTHER . PHILLIP R. BARROW .,., .. JAMES I-I. BARTI-IOLOMEW Fiffh Row: RONALD L, BARTHLEBAUGI-I CHERYLE D. BARTON .. ,. LOUIS H. BARTON .. DAVID B. BASHORE Sixfh Row: JOSEPH J. BASILE .,... CYNTHIA D. BASSETT MATTHYS BAX ,....... CATHEY L. BEACH Sevenfh Row: PAMELA BEASLEY ,,. JOHN M. BEATON .. BRUCE B. BECK . .. GILBERT L. BECK .., Eighfh Row: RONNIE L. BECKNER . .. MARION BELOTE ..... SARA D. BENNETT PETER D, BEREZLIK Ninfh Row: STEWART E. BERGIVIANN . WAYNE E. BERNAL MICHAEL B. BERNASEK RONALD W. BESI-IEAR ,...LouIsvIIIe, Ky ....Carydon. Ky .....GreenviIIe, Ky ....PrInceIon, Ky ..,..LouIsvIIIe, Ky ,...Symsonia, Ky ....GoIconda, III ...Kenneft Mo ....KoIcomo, Ind ...Sanford EIa ....LouIsviIIe. Ky . ..Murray, Ky ...Paris, Tenn ,.PaducaIw, Ky ., ..BarIow, Ky Sikesfon, Mo .....,.,CIymer, Pa Winfer Garden, Fla ....FI'. Lauderdale. FIa .,WasI1inqI'on, D.C ...JamesI'own, N.Y ..HebbardsvIIIe, Ky .......Carmu, III ...CI1icago, III .....EIcron, Ky ..,..PaducaIw, Ky . . , . .Blue IsIand, III ..,...FIora, III ..,.PrInceI'on, Ky ......Murray, Ky ..Wa+er VaIIey, Ky ......Depeu, N.Y ,..BIngI1amfon, N.Y .. EasICI1icaqo, III . . Sparta, III . Mprincefon, Ky SUPHUMURES Firsi Row: KAREN A. BESWICK ROY A. BIRDSONG FRANK BIRCHOEF ..., WAYNE L. BISMNRK Second Row: ROBERT L. BIVIN ,,.,. JAMES E. BLACK, JR. .. ALICE H. BLACKBURN .. WILLIAM H. BLACKBURN Third Row: NANCY S. BLACKFORD DONNA J. BLAKE ,,,. . DAVID K. BLAKEY ..,... DANIEL R. BLANKENSHIP Fourfh Row: JULIA M. BLUE . .. JANET R. BOEIHNE JUDY C. BOIGARD ,... MOLLY M. BOGGESS , Fi'F+I1 Row: WILLIAM C. BAGGESS .. GARY D. BOGGS ...... BENNY K. BOHANNON JAMES T. BOLDEN ...... Sindh Row: ROBERT V. BOLES JIM BOLEY ...,... MALY A. BOOTH ..... E. ROSEMARY BOPP Sevenfh Row: JOHN R. BOSTICK , JOHN M. BOURNE ELIZABETH A. BODY PAMELA A. BOYD Eighfh Row: SHARON L. BOYD ..... BRUCE A. BRACKMANN ANN R. BRADLEY . . . DAVID BRADLEY .... Ninfh Rowi DONALD R. BRAME RONALD I-I. BRANDON PATRICIA L. BRANTLEY . STANLEY G. BRANTLEY . JeffersonviIIe, Ind. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. .., Hamler, Ohio .,..LincoIn, III. ....PaducaI1, Ky. ....Iron+on, Mo. ,...FordsviIIe, Ky. , Nprincefon, Ky. ..I-Iopkinsville, Ky. ..HopIcinsyIIIe, Ky. ..HopIcinsviIIe. Ky. .Beaver Dam, Ky. . . SIaugI1+ers, Ky. ....EyansviIIe, Ind. ....Murray, Ky. .I-Iardin, Ky. . ., ..Wingo, Ky. ..,.Coving+on, Tenn. .......Ben+on, Ky. ..Dowagiac, Mich. ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. ...Lei+cIwfieId, Ky. .....FairdaIe, Ky. ,..Owensboro, Ky. .Wafer Valley, Ky. .....,HicI:ory, Ky. ....EII:+on, Ky. ,...MayfieId. Ky. ....SI1eridon, Ky. ..,..EImI'1urs'r, III. ..,.BenIon, Ky. ...Fredonim Ky. .Hopkinsville Ky. .,..Prince+on, Ky. ....EarIinq+on, Ky. ....,CIay, Ky. 3 V, I L fx m . .X hh YF' M 56: 4 'TT' V L- .R ..-,H tn.- Q QQ ms. 3, A cr 1 E' T 'K R., z. Yzw SUPHUMDRES Firsf Row: MICI-IAEL D. BRASI-IEAR NANCY E. BRATCI-IER .. SANDRA A. BREEZE ,... GILLIS A. BRIDGES Second Row: GLENNDA K. BRIGHT ., JUDITI-I A. BROACH . . MARY L. BROOIE JOHN S. BRODSKY ..., Third Row: BEVERLY R. BROOKS .. BILLY BIROWN .,..... . FREDERICK R. BROWN . JOHN C. BROWN , . Four+I1 Row: THOMAS L, BROWN ERNEST I-I. BRUMBOUGI-I MARGARET R. BRYAN CAROLE S. BRYANT .. Fi'F+I1 Row: CAROLYN L. BIRYANT .. MITCHELL L. BRYANT .. JOSEPH B. BUCHANAN JOHN E. BUCHI-ION .. Sixih Row: CAROLYN A. BUCY .... KENNY J. BUGS ...., GEORGE W. BULEY .... CONNIE J. BUNTAIN , Seven+I1 Row: KAREN R. BURDETTE MILDRED E. BURDETTE .. BRENDA cz. Burzes GEORGE J. BURNETT .. Eigh+h Row: JUDY K. BU'RNETT LYNNE 'I-I. BURNETTE ROLLO D. BURNETT ,.., MARCIA L. BURPOE Ninfh Row: BILLY J. BURTON . ., ROBERT T. BUSBY HARRY L. BYRD. . PATRICIA J. BYRN ., ...,BrooIrviIIe, Ind ..,,.Owensboro, Ky. .,...Mf. Vernon, III. .,..MorganI'ieId, Ky. .....Prince+on, Ky. ....,PaducaI1, Ky. . ..Owensboro, Ky. .. ..Lansdowne, Pa ..,.,Murray, Ky. .. ..... Mayfield, Ky. Pleasure Ridge Park. Ky. . ..PaducaI1, Ky. ...,..FuI'ron, Ky. ....Norway, Mich. ....Murray. Ky. .. ..LouisviIIe, Ky ...PaducaI1, Ky. ..,.,.Cadiz, Ky .. , .Royersford, Pa .,...Vincennes, III . ..New Concord, Ky ........CIin+on, Ky ... . .Champaign III ...,Lawrenceburg, Ky .,..S+. Louis, Mo .,,..Owensboro, Ky ....,MayfieId, Ky ..,PaducaI'w, Ky .....Granfsburq, III .......FuI+on, Ky ....Me+ropoIis, III ....Murray. Ky ..,..Providence. Ky ,.....I-Ienderson, Ky .Dawson Springs, Ky. ......MayTieId, Ky. SDPHUMURES Firsi Row: GERALD J. CAETA . .. WILLIAM G. CALDWELL JEANETTE CALHOUN . . BETTY J. CALLOWAY . . Second Row: JANET S. CAMPBELL ..., MAIRLENE L. CAMPBELL . ANN CAPELLE . .. BETTY J. CARLSON .. Third Row: GWENDOLYN E. CARLTON FLOYD W. CARPENTER .. HARACE M. CARRIGAN JESSE J. CARTER . Fourih Row: CARROLE A. CASEY . BARBARA J. CASH . BEVERLY L. CASH . MARGIE A. CASTLEMAN FIHI1 Row: JUDY E. CATHEY . . . ROBERT A. CAVANAH . MICHAEL L. CAVANAIJGH CECILIA E. CAVITT .... . Sixfh Row: DIANE CHAMBERS .... JAMES C. CHAMBERS JOHN W. CHAMBERS . .. M. ANN CHERRY ,,... Sevenih Row: WILLIAM T. CLAGETT . KAREN M. CLANAHAN .. BARRY C. CLARK AA.... EDDIE CLARK . .. Eighih Row: MARK W. CLARK NANCY E. CLARK ... PATSY L. CLARK .. JOHN P. CLAXTON ... Ninfh Rowi WILLIAM M. CLAYTON . LOUIS E. CLEMENTZ . .. JOSEPH L. CLOTHIER .. HARRY G. COLEMAN .Jamesfowm N.Y Alfamonf, III . .Cadiz, Ky .Owensboro, Ky Vincennes, Ind . ..BenIon, .Owensboro, Ky , .Paducah McLeansboro III MI. Vernon, Murray, . . , Boaz. Ky Paducah, Ky , CIarIcsyiIIe, Ind , .LouisyiIIe. Ky ...HIcIcman, Ky . Murray, Ky Princefon, Ky .Foresf Hills. N.Y .....Murray, ... Benfon, ....BenIon, KY KY KY .JacIcsonvIIIe. III ...Dover, Tenn EIizabe+I1fown, Ky ...BrownfieId, III . ...Bremen, Ky ... Paducah, Ky .. ..Cadiz, .IndianapoIis, .Wingo. KY Ind Ky. .....Cairo, III ..Owensboro, Ky. Massapequa. N.Y ...RadcIiTIe, Ky .....LouisviIIe, Ky .ff SUPHOMURES Firsi Row: MARY G. COCHRAN CAROLL L. COLLINS JANICE F. COLLINS WILLIAM A. COLLURA Second Row! BOBBIE J. COMP PHILIP S. CONNER . BARBARA A. COOPER . SHEILA COOPER . Third Row: HOWARD COPELAND MIKE E. COSBY MARY L. COTHRAN . . ANDRE COTE Fourih Row: BERNARD COX LEA COX . . , MORRIS W. CRACRAFT SHIRLEY A. CRAVEN .. Fifih Row: GARY L. CRICE .. THOMAS W. CROUCH PATRICIA A. CRLIMP THEDA F. CRUSE Sixfh Row: JETTA C. CULPEPPER . .. SUZE A. CULTRA ....,. SHER'RY A. CURLING .. BETTY L. CURTIS .... Sevenfh Row: BONNIE L. DALLAS . . PAMALA J. DALLAS ... STEPHEN DALZWELL ..,, . PAUL T. DANTIC .. Eighfh Row: ELIZABETH A. DAPOGNY BRIAN K. DARLING .... MARY A. DARNELL .... DEBRA A. DAUBENHEYER Ninfh Row: WANDA L. DAVENPORT BETTE D. DAVIS .. . JOHN S. DAVIS MARGARET A. DAVIS .. , . ..MayIieIcI, Ky. ...DaIIas, Texas .....Murray, Ky. Borderfown, N.J. .Pemberfom N.J. .....Cadiz, Ky. ..De+roI'f, Mich. . Murray, Ky. .CIinIon, Ky. Bardwell, Ky. .... Benfon, Ky. .LacI1ine, Canada .Owensboro, Ky. Madisonville, Ky. .,...BenIon, Ky. .LouisviIIe. Ky. ...LaCen+er, Ky. . .WickIiffe, Ky. ...MiIIIown, N.J. . ..PaducaI'1. Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....RIves, Tenn. ...PrInceI'on, Ky. ..LeiI'cI1f'ieId, Ky. ... Eldorado, III. ....'DanqoIa, III. ....Newman, III. .Owensboro, Ky. . ..SIrea'ror, III. .S+amIord, Conn. ,..PrinceIon, Ky. .W. Helena, Ark. ,...MayIieIcI, Ky. , ,Malden Mo. .Paducah Ky. SomeryiIIe, Tenn. SOPl'!0MORES Firsf Row: PATRICIA G. DAVIS WAYNE D. DAVIS . ,. WILLIAM M. DAVIS ., WILLIAM R. DAVIS . Second Row: JOSEPH M. DAY PATRICIA A. DAY . ., STERLING L. DAY, II .. JOYCE DEASEL . Third Row: JOHN R. DePLORA .. ALICE J. DeI'IAVEN .. JANICE DeLUCA . BETTIE S. DENHAM . Fourih Row: LEROY A. DENSLOW ,. DEAN I-I. DESPIN EARL L. DEVINE LINDA K. DIBBLE Fiffh Row: M. IMOGENE DILLINGHAM JAY D. DIVINE SHARON J. DIXON . , LUTHER E. DOOM . . Sixfh Row: WILLIAM A. DOOM ... SHERYL J. DORR .... KERIRY G. DORTCH .. BARBARA S. DOWDY .. Sevenfh Row: VALERIE J. DOWIE JUDY G. DOWNING . BILLY E. DRISKILL SYLVIA L. DUBREE eagmh Row. DENNIS A, DDKES . .. Joe W. DDNIQAN cARoLE J. DUNN ..,. RONALD D. DUNN Ninih Row: JOSEPI-I A. DURM DOUGLAS I'I. EADS LINDA A. EDMONDS . . WILLIAM L. EDMONSON . .Paducah Ky. . .,Pana, III. ....PaducaI1, Ky. .....LouisviIIe. Ky. .. ...Nebo, Ky. ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. . . Paris, Ky. ...Me+ropoIis, III. Lindennursf, N.Y. QI-IardinsIourg, Ky. .Red Creek, N.Y. Princefon. Ky. New London, OI'1io .NorwicI'1, Conn. Grand Rivers, Ky. .Murray. Ky. . ,.May'IieId, Ky. . Bremen, Ky. ...Springfield III. ....Smi+I1Iand, Ky. .,P'aducaI'r, Ky. . ..RocIcford, III. ....I'IarI'Tord, Ky. ....Ben'I'on, Ky. ....IrvingIon, N.J. ....Ben+on, Ky. . .,BenIon, Ky. ,.CIoyerpor+, Ky. ,...I"Ioopes+on, III. ...Ben'ron, Ky. ......FuI+on. Ky. ...Owensboro, Ky. . ..NiIes, Mich. Louisville, Ky. ,. Murray, Ky. ...Provide-nce, Ky. SUPHUMURES Firsf Row: CAROLYN B. EDWARDS .. JAMES W. EDIWARDS . JOHN B. EGBERT .. SHERIRY Y. ELLIOTT .. Second Row: CAROL L, EMERY .. ALLAN J. EPSTEIN ANITA L. ESCH . SARA J. ESTES Third Row: RICHARD FAGAN .... PARVIZ EARADJI ... LINDA K. FIARLEY .,.. JAMES E. FARMER Fourfh Row! ALFRED A. EARRELL ,,.. WILLIAM W. FARRELL .. STEVE G. FEEHAN . JIM W. FEELEY Fiffh Row: MELVIN D. FERGUSON .. WILLIAM A. FERGUSON FREDERICK H. FERNENGEL DON 6. FIELDS .......... Sixfh Row: ROGER L. FIELDS ... MARY F. FILER ..,., ROBERT D. FISHER .,.. VIVIAN C. FISHER ... Sevenfh Row: PATRICIA A. FLEENER BOBBIE T. FLEMING SUE FLEMING ,........ LAWRENCE M. FLORA .. Eigh+h Row: DAWN U. FLOWER .. NANCY L. FLUITT ..,.,. CORNELIUS F. FLYNN .. MICHAEL P. FORBES Ninfh Row: CHARLES 'W. FORID ,... JEANNE A. FORE ..,.. JOANNE W. FORE RONALD P. FOSTER .... ..,....,Ben+on, Ky ...Burnf Prairie, III ....Prince+on, Ky ... .Paducah Ky .....Herrin, III ...IrvIngI'on, N.J ....EI'fingI1am, III. , ..Owensboro, Ky. AI'Ian+ic Hlds., N.J ,... ..Summi+, N.J .,..,..Murray, Ky Hlndianapolis, Ind ....S+amI'ord, Conn .....MaI'awan, N.J . . .Jersey Cify. N.J . .WiIme++e, III . ,..Providence, Ky .....PaducaI'1, Ky ,.,..PacIucaI1, Ky ....Ben'I'on, Ky ....MayfieIcI, Ky ....CI'1ampaIgn, III ...,SII:esI'on, Mc ....May'IIeId, Ky ....Murray, Ky .. . . .G-ufhrie, Ky ..,.Owensboro, Ky ,,..LouisvIIIe, Ky . .Jefferscnfowm Ky ....,,PaducaI'1, Ky .,...Paw+ucIceI', R.I ......MarIon, III . . . .MayfieIcI. Ky ....WayIancI, Mo ....WayIancI, Mo ....HazeI, Ky SUPHUMORES Firsf Row: WILLIAM M. FOULK . DIANE M. FOWLE . WILLIAM G. FOX . ALECIA FRANKLIN Second Row: DAVID IR. FRANKLIN .. LYNN G. FRASER STANLEY R. FROM BERT D. FULLER Third Row: ALBERT K. FULTZ . EDWIN J. FUNK JAMES S. FUTIRELL .. JEFFREY M. GAGNON Fourfh Row: ANNA F. GALLOWAY . BEVERLY M. GALLOWAY JOHN M. FUOUA . . . LUTHER L. GARDNER .. Fifth Row: RICHARD P. GARDNER GERALD R. GASTINEAU DEEN C. GAUCH . JUDY E. GEGG Sixih Row: ORDON T. GERMAIN . . VAI-IE G. GI-IAZARIAN BETTY R. GIBBS . BETTY D. GIBSON . Sevenfh Row: PAUL A, GIBSON . RANDEL C. GIBSON . SUZANNE GIRARD . . BOBBY R. GISSENDANNER Eighfh Row: DAN L. GLOVER . LYNNE M. GNUSKE .. RICH A. GODDAIRD NANCY J. GOHEEN Ninih Row: I-'IECTOR M. GONZALEZ AL C. GOODWIN . .. DON A. GOODING .. PAUI C. GOODLEY Wes HacIresIsIown, N.J. Jackson, Miss. ..EarIinqIon, Ky. .Eas+ Deiroif, Mich. ....PrinceIon, Ky, ...EarIingIon, Ky. Hirvingfon. N.J. . Vincennes, Ind. ....Ben+on, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. Mayiieid, Ky LindenwoId, N.J. .... Murray, Ky. Farrninqfon, Ky. FarrninqIon, Ky. .. . Paris, Tenn. CIarIcsviIIe, Tenn. Herculaneum, Ky. I Manchesfer, Ohio MI. Prospect III. ..., Dakoia, III. .. Baqdad, Iraq .McLeansboro, III. , .. ,Murray, Ky. . ..Cen+raIia, III, .....MeIber, Ky. .......MayfieId. Ky. ..Eas+ Orange, N.J. ....Wingo, Ky. .....SI'rea+or, III. ....Urbana, Ohio . .Paducah Ky. . . Louisville, Ky. ..,Eas+ Prairie, Mo. .Spring Lake, Mich. . Henderson, Ky. ifgf . ,Q an 5, U94 9'-av 'iv 6 . b--V IN BU SJ Q ' ,ff 1:2 p I 'K 1? C .,. T -II he y swf-'ff . B 'Sf' 358 www: fr -Il. I 14+ . J' 'Uu- -sw., i af ,X .if . 'aww 755214, 'Ia f 359 SUPHUMORES Firsf Row: JERRY L. GORRELL . . DENNIS M. GRACE GEORGE R. GRAF ..,. JOHN W. GR'AI-IAM Second Row: DALLAS I.. GRANT BOBBY M. GRAY .,,, JILL A. GRAYSON . TI-IOIVIAS P. GRAYSON Third Row: JOHN B. GREANEY .. ROBERT H. GREGORY . . . JANITI-I K. GREENE .. WILLIAM R. G'REENE ... Fourih Row: CARLA S. GREENVVELI. ANNA J. GREER ..... JAMES W. GREER . LEE E. GRIDER . Fifih Row: GORDON S. GRIFFIN .... ..... ELSIE J. GRIGSBY SI-IEILA P. GROGAN .... JOHN W. GROSS .... Sixfh Rowi CHARLES R. GROVES JOI-IN W. GU ETTERMAN DIANE L. GUNN .,..... LARRY P. GUNTER Sevenfh Row: JANET L. GUTI'-IRIE WAYNE K. GWALTNEY PAT L. I-IACKETT ,,... BARIRY W, I-IAGAN Eighth Row: CAROLE I.. HAGER ... DAVID E. I-IALE ... DURAY HALE .. .. DONNA R. I-IALI. . . Ninih Row: PI-IILLIP J. HALL SUE I-IALL ,...... ...,.. . . ROBERT L. I-IALLMARK . JULIE C. I-IALOSKI . .... Elkfon, .MiIIer Cify, ...MayfieICI, . . . ,CadIz. .. ..... Marion, Dawson Springs, .. ..CovIngIon, .. .CovingIon, .....Cairo, ...I-Ienderson, . . , .Murray, . .MayI'ieId, ....I-Iialeah, .....I-Iiclrman, ..,WI1eaI'croff. .....,KeviI, Ky. lu. Ky. Ky. III. Ky. Ky. Ky. III. Ky. Ky. Ky. Fla. Ky. Ky. Ky. Cliff Island, Maine . ..,.... Cadiz, ...Murray, .,..OuIin, .,..SiIcesIon, Ky. Ky. Mo. Mo. .....Cairo, III. ....BenIon, Ky. FuI+on, Ky. . .Murray, Ky. ....OwensviIIe, Ind. ......KuH'awa, Ky. . , . .O'wensboro, Ky. ....Vincennes, Ind. ....Oak Grove. Ky. .....I.ouisvIIIe, Ky. ....Burna. Ky. .......EuIIon, N.Y. ..CaIver+ Cify, Ky. ....Owensboro, Ky. .Downers Grove. III. SOPHUMURES Firsi Row: BRENIDA K. HAMILTON CAROL S. HAMPTON ... JOHN W. HANES ,,.. ROGER L. HANEY Second Row: CHRIS N. HANSEN BRADLEL C. I-IANSON .. CHAIRLES G. HARGROVE .... THOMAS M. HARIGROVE Third Row: ALAN W. HARMS ..,. HEWITT M. HARNED .. DONALD E. HARRIS JAMES W. HAERRIS .... Fourih Row: JIMMIE L. HARRISON . JOHN M. HARRISON .. KENNETH R. HARRISON JANET K. HA'RT ..,,.... Fif+I'1 Row: MARIE C. HART ..... ROBERT M. HARTON SUZANNE G. HARVEY .. THOMAS V. HARWOOD Sixfh Row: LUKE Z. HAVERG'AL ....., .. DWIGHT G. HAWKINS .... . DORRIS G. HAYES ...., MARTHA E. HAYES ,,.. Sevenfh -Row: CAROL A. HAYNES ,... JAMES D. HEATER EMIL E. HEBIBEL .... BECKY S. HEELIN EigI1fI1 Row: TIM HEIRNE ,.....,.. BONNIE F. HELSLEY .... PEGGY IJ. HELM ,....,... .. CAROL A. HENDERSON Ninfh Row: DEBORAH A. HENDERSON ROGER L. HENDERSON PA-TSY D. HENDON ...,. CLARA S. HENLEY . . , .WIcIcIiffe, Ky. .New Albany, Ind. ........FIora. III. ...Harrisburg III. Ludlow FaIIs, Ohio ....E. Moline, III. .....PaducaI1, Ky. ....MayfieId, Ky. Rio Hondo, Texas ....I:ranI:for+, Ky. .....PaducaI'1, Ky. ....Lemon+, III. ,.....FuI+on, Ky. ..FarmInqfon, Ky. ...,Ben'fon, Ky. ....Dexfer, Mo. ....Prince+on, Kyf ....PaducaI1, Ky. ....PembroIce, Ky. . . . Fulfon, Ky. Seneca, N.Y. ......BenI'on, Ky. . . .RusseIIviIIe, Ky. .....Henderson, Ky. . ..PaducaI'1, Ky. ......Ben+on, Ky. .Milmonf PII., Pc. .... Paducah, Ky. Wilmingfon, Delo. ...Hendersom Ky. .......Nebo, Ky. Wa+er Valley, Ky. . .Beaver Dorn, Ky. ,....TuscoIa, III. ....Murray, Ky. ...Me+ropoIIs, III. 360 SUPHUMURES Firsf Row: DAVID W. HENNE .. DAVID A. HENRY LINDA K. HENRY .,... ANIDREW J. HETRICK .. Second Row: DONNA M. HIIBBS MARY E. HIGGINS ..., STEVE B. HILAND .... CAROLE K. HILL Third Row: LINDA C., HILL ,,.,. ,. ....Mayfield, Ky. ...De Sofa, Mo. ....Murray, Ky. ..BeIl'1leI'1em, Pa. .ProvicIence, Ky. ......HazIe+, N.J. ....BenIon, Ky. ..BarClsl'own, Ky. Providence, Ky. BARBAIRA D. HENSON ..... Russellville. Ky. BEVERLY HINSON .... THOMAS Y. HITER Fourih Row: ROBERT J. HODGE .. JESSIE L. HODGES .,... RONALD S. HOFFMAN BEN T. HOGANCAMP . FIIII1 Row: KAYE E. HOLDING ....... .... JACOUELYN HOLLAND BENJAMIN HOLLOWAY ..., .. JOSEPH R. HOLLOWAY ..... Sixlh Row: JAM ES HOLM ES ....... SHARON A. HOLMES L.. .. CHARLES H. HOLTZ .... .. JUDY HOODENPYLE Sevenlh Row: TEDDY R. HOPKINS PATRICIA A. HORN .... SAMMY HOUSDEN MARY J. HOUSMAN .. Eighih Row! DONALD B. HOWARD .... .. JOHN M. HOWARD .....Eas+ Alfon, III. .FairdeaIInq, Ky. Fancy Farm, Ky. . .LaCenIer, Ky. ..MeadviIIe, Pa. , ..Murray, Ky. .Mlm Vernon, III. .....Paris, Tenn. ...LouisviIIe. Ky. .....Wingo, Ky. Madisonville, Ky. ....SenaII'w. Mo. ..Ma'rawan, N.J. .....Ful'fon, Ky. .. . .ClinIon, Ky. ....ElI:Ion, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ,. .MayfieIcI, Ky. .....BenIon, Ky. ..Dycusburg, Ky. JUDITH K. HOWARD ...... Murray, Ky. PERRY W. HOWARD .. Ninflw Row: DAYTHA D. HOWELL PHYLLIS R. HOWTON .... .. WILLIAM C. HUFF ...... .. KENNETH W. HUEFMAN Providence, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ..,Marlin, Texas . ,.PaducaI'1, Ky. ..RIcl1mond, Incl. SUPHDMURES Firsf Row: G-ENEVIEVE HUMPHREYS ..,. GEORGE W. HUMPHRIES CLETIS O. HUNT , ..,,. . ELIZABETH HUNT . . Second Row: GARY S. HUNT . .. JOHN W. HUNTER ...... ELIZABETH A. HUNTLEY JESSE E. HURST .. Third Row: ELSIE E. HUNTER ,... JOSEPH N. INGRAO ,,.. PATRICIA IRVIN .. ROBERT R. JACKSON .. Fourfh Row: SUE E. JACKSON ., .. WILMA J. JACKSON MARSHA JARVIS .,.. ED E. JEFFREY .. . Fifih Row: KAREN S. JENKINS ..... NANCY S. JENKINS PHILLIP L JENKINS I-EE T. JENNISON .... Sixfh Row: BOB T. JOHNSTON CLYDE A. JOHNSON .. . GARY W. JOHNSON R. BARRY JOHNSON ..,. Sevenih 'Rom MARTIN C. JOHNSON NORMA 6. JOINER ,... CORA A. JONES ..,. DANNY L. JONES Eighfh Row: JAMES E. JONES ... JUDITH D. JONES .,.. LARRY T. JONES MARY L. JONES ... Nin+lw Row: RODNEY W. JONES ROGER D. JONES KARON KALER ...... RONNIE R. KALER .... . . Murray, Ky. ,...'Cadiz, Ky. .....Marion, Ky. . .Marion, Ky. . . ..Paducal1, Ky. ....Ral1way, N.J. ....Spar+a, lll. ....P'orIland Ind. . ...Owensboro, Ky. .....James'Iown, N.Y. ....Mayfield Ky. .....Arlingfon, Ky. . ..Providence, Ky. . ..Paducah, Ky. ..Symsonia, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ....ML Vernon, Ill. ....BarberIon, Ohio Campbellsburg, Ind. ...Madisonville, Ky. .......Ben'ron. Ky. .....Birminql1am, Ala. .....,Ben'ron, Ky. .....PaduCal'i, Ky. ....Paducal1, Ky. ....Paducal'i, Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. . . .Princefon, Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. ....Bragg Cify, Mo. ....Mayfield Ky. ....Symsonia, Ky. ....Paducah Ky, Qr' ' fee s. 363 SUPHUMURES Firsf Row: WILLIAM T. KARCHER CURTIS E. KEEN ...... ROBERT W. KELLAR .... DAVID C. KELLEY Second Row: DANNY R. KELLY , . RHEA J. KELLY .,.. KRISTIE A. KEMPER .. ROBERT L. KEMPE ,., Third Row: JERRY L. KENNEDY GARY W: KEOWN . . JOE H. KERR. JR. .. . KENNETH H. KERRICK Fourfh Row: JEAN A. KESTERSCN FRANCES K. KIEFFER .. JANICE L. KIDD .,... MARILYN C. KIMBLE Fifth Row: LORNA J. KING ,.,... MARGARET H. KING . BARBARA L. KINGERY BARRY C. KINGTON . Sixih Row: PATRICIA KITCHEN BRUCE E. KOIHARIAN . FRANK J. KOLB, III SUZANNE S. KONIECY Sevenfh Row: MOSTAFA KOWSARI THOMAS W. KREMM . KATHARINE L. KRENNING ., .. WILLIAM J. KRULL Eighfh Row: LYNN A. KULL KATHY M. KYLE ,..., MARY L. KYRACHER .., .., DONNA LAIRD ,.... Ninfh Row: ARTHUR R. LAKE . SHARON S. LAMB ....,. DOUGLAS C. LAMBERT MARTHA L. LANCE ,., .,,. .......Cairo. III. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ....BarberIon, Ohio .. Providence, Ky. .....OaI:+on, Ky. ..,.ArIingIon, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ..,.James'I'own, Ky, Forf Lauderdale, Fla. ...MadisonviIIe. Ky. ....Ran+ouI, Ky. ....EIi1cbe+h, Ky, ..MayfieId, Ky. .,..M+. Carmel, III. . . . Livermore, Ky. ...McdisonviIIe, Ky. ...Brandenburg Ky. ........Ben+on, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. ...MadisonviIIe, Ky. .....I-Iempfon, Ky. ....Por+Iund, Maine ..,,.MayfieId, Ky. ....Warren. Mich. ..Iran ,..,.CIerdon, Ohio .,........Cciro, III. New Brunswick, N.J. ....AII'amon+, III. .,..,.,Murray, Ky. ..PIeasan1'viIIe, N.Y. ...WaI+onviIIe, III. ....Mcvern, Pa. .,..EvansviIIe, Ind. ........Murray, Ky. .Ft Lauderdale, Fla. SDPHOMURES Firsf Row! SEYMOUR L. LANDAU . JOHN T. LANE ..... BILL A. LANKEORD . ARVED M. LARSEN .. . Second Row: SHIRLEY A. LASTER BARBARA J. LATTUS . JON D. LAVELLE .. DAVID G. LAW ..., Third Row: SIDNEY IH, LAW ..... . MICHAEL K. LAWLER PATSY M. LAX ....,. LAU'RA A. LAYMAN Fourfh Row: PAUL F. LEAHY ..., WALTER J. LEAHY . LARRY W. LEATH RICHARD A, LEIDEORD Fifih Row: BOIB LEE . ., DONALD H. LEE DONNA LEE JAMES G. LEE Sixfh Row: MICHAEL W. LEE LINDA G. LeGRANDE FREDRIC R. LEIDY DONALD LEISER Sevenih Row: WAN DA JO LEMONIDS .... JAMES L. LEONARD STUAIRT E. LESCHINSKY MILLY R. LESTER ,...., Eighfh Row: ADAM T. LEWANDOSKI THOMAS L. LEWELLYN ARLENE C. LEWIS ,... BARRY M. LEWIS Ninfh Row: BRENDA K. LEWIS LUCIANNE LEWIS ... JUDY K. LIEVERS JUDY A. LINDER . . . . .New York, N.Y ,..,HopIcinsviIIe, Ky ....SiIces+on. Mo ...Durham, Conn ....HicI:man, Ky .,..Hickrnan, Ky . ,....... Union, Ky Redondo Beach. Calif .,..ChaH'anooga. Tenn ,,,.Mound Cify, III .,...Murray, Ky ....Memphis, Tenn ...Rock Island, III ,,..,RocIr Island, .......Wingo, .,..Cadiz, Ky. ..Win'rer Haven, Fla .,...,Lei+chfieId, Ky ....Mon+gomery, III .,,..Owensboro, Ky .,...ArIing+on, Ky .,.,,BoonviIIe, Ind .....NiIes, Mich .....Jamaica, N.Y ...,.Buchanan, Tenn ....Owensboro, Ky ....PhilacIeIphia, Pa ...,.Ben+on, Ky .. . . . Keyport N.J .....BoonviIIe, Ind .....Owensboro, Ky ...,Tonnwandn. N.Y .,...Prince+on, ....GreenviIIe, .....Prince+on, Ky ....Covingfon, Ky 'Qu 2 at-7' I I ,..'I .. Q' I ....,. N... . 40- If-nu. A r -I if we-Q ' ... If fy., fin-. in I K. 1. 416' sr' SOPHUMDRES Firsi' Row: PAULETTE LINSMAN .... DONNIE H. LINVILLE JAY LIPSCOMB ....,.,, RICHARD L. LITOHFIELD Second Row: LINDA H. LOFTUS MARK LOGAN BRUCE O. LONG GEORGE E. LONG Third Row: ANNE L. LUCAS ,. MIKE A. LUCCKIN . .. GERALD R. LUSH . MICHAEL L. LUTES Four'I'I1 Row: JOHN R. MCALISTER .. MICHAEL D. McCARVER LUCILLE MCCAULEY . BARBARA J. MCCLAIN Fiffh Row: HOLLY W. MCCLENDON DOROTHY F. MCCLURE . THOMAS A. McCONNELL STEVE A. McCOY ...,.. .. .. Sixfh Row: DORIS K. MCCUGH .... ANNA B. MQCUISTON .. ..Puryear, Tenn. ..,.BucI'1anan, Tenn. ....Marion, Ky , ., .... Blackford. Ky Hopkinsville, Ky .,...Carmi, III ,..RockI'ord, III ,..,Ben+on, Ky .Owensboro, Ky W. Seneca, N.Y ...CaII1our1, Ky ....Scopus, Mo ,.,..FuII'on, Ky ME. Prairie. Mo. ...Hickmom Ky ...,ParIs, Tenn ...MayIieId, Ky ....Murray, Ky Hopkinsville, Ky ,...Murray. Ky Hodgenville, Ky ...,Murray. Ky RICHARD C. MCENTEE .... ..... N ewark, N.J. JAMES P. MCGUIRE .... Sevenfh Row: JANE M. MCINTEER ...., STEPHEN A. MQKENNA .. PAT J. MCKINNEY .... DANNY R. MCKINNIS . . .MayfIeId, Ky Horse Cave, Ky ....Murray, Ky ....MarFon, Ky ...HicI:man, Ky Eighih Row: DENIS J. MCLELLAND .... ..... R oselle, N.J DONALD P. MCMAHON ,... .... C Iarkfon, Mo LINDA MCPHERSON .... LEWIS F. McROY Ninfh Row: MARCILLE MAHAN ..... CHARLES C. MAHER, JR. MONICA M. MARCH KENNETH L. MASSIE ...May'fIeIc.I, Ky ..,.Cairo, III ...PaducaI1. Ky ... .... S. Lansdowne, Pu. ,........PaducaI1. Ky .. ,Newporf News. Va I I SUPHDMURES Firs? Row: Carol J. Marfin .. LIZ D. MARTIN .,.., .. MICHAEL A. MARUCA ARTHUR L. MARX ..,. Second Row: TAZ L. MASON ......,. JAMES P. MATARAZZA JOYCE A. MATTESON . JOAN L. MATTHEWS Third Row! MARY L. MATIHEWS ., JANICE M. MAY ..., JERRY W. MAYES ,.... RICHARD L. MELHORN Fourfh Row: ROIBERT J. MELLON ,, . JEANNE L. MENSER .... JANICE R. MEREDITH .. PETER C. MESSINA ,. Fifih Row: THOMAS METCALF ROBERT D, METZ RONALD G. METZ ARCHIE C. MILLER Sixih Row: BARBARA H. MILLER ..,. FRANK E, MILLER JANET L. MILLER MURRAY R. MILLER Sevenih Row: WILLIAM M. MILLER ,..... . KENNETH H. MILLIGAN SUSAN A. MIMNAUGH JOHN A. MINTO ..,. Eighth Row: DIANNA L. MINTON .. ALLONA K. MITCHELL . . Frankfort III. BRENDA G. MITCHELL .... .... EDWIN D. MITTENDORF .... Ninfh Row: MARY L. MOBLEY JEFFREY A. MOLER ,..... . ELIZABETH A. MONROE BONITA L. MOORE ....,,. .'Wa+er Valley, Ky. .,..,..SIurgis. Ky. ,.,.......SIarI:e,FIa. Kew Gardens, N.Y. ,......Kirksey, Ky. .Schenec+ady, N.Y. N. Madison, Ohio ....HencIerson, Ky. ,.,.Owensboro, Ky. .....Har'npIon, Ky. .,Eancy Farm, Ky. .Jeffersonfowm Ky. ,.RoCIcy Ford, Colo. Dawson Springs, Ky. . .. .Cadiz, Ky. , Hamden, Conn. .,.Peduc:ah, Ky. .....Medina, N.Y. ...KendaIIvIIIe, Ind. ..W. Paducah, Ky. ...E. Defroif, Mich. . . , MIddIe'rown, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ...PhiIadeIphIa, Pa. ..,SIamforcI Conn. . 3 I 5 .....Tren+on, Tenn. El T ' ..PIeasan+viIIe, N.Y. Tobinsporf, Ind. ....Henderson, Ky. .....MeI'ropoIIs, III. ...BarberIon, Ohio ...,CharIes+on, III. .,...HIcIcory. Ky. Princefon, Ky. .MeIropoIis, III. ga 'Q' IG' 'NF!""" 5-on 'ON .14 5X 'gv Loo L- 'x x.. 1r"Q' V-.ff Q.. 60" - 'ITV' . .Ls ri? wr' iv? I-s , N 1"" J' xx F fi 9 a lb lux ??fQ1f2w 367 SOPHOMDRES Firsf Row: R. CORBIN MOORE STEPHENS P. MOORE . JAMES H. MORGAN ,. JON A. MORGAN ..,. Second Row: KAREN D. MORGAN LYNDEL G. MORGAN .. SEAN J. MORIARITY ,. ROBERT E. MORRIS .. . Third Row: ANITA D. MOIRRISON .. DARLENE M. MORROW .. RITA J. MORSE ....... RUTHANN MORSE ..,. FOUTIIT Row: TERRY G. MOTT ...... KATHRYN L. MOWINSKI WILLIAM N. MOYE D. ELLIS MUELLER . . Fiffh Row: PAUL D. MULLINS , .. BETTY J. MURPHY .... DONNA K. MURPHY .,,. MARY A. MUIR PHY ..,. Sindh Row: TIMOTHY L. MYTZ .. .. REZA NADDAFDEZFULI .,.. BONNIE J. NALL ...... WILLIAM NALL, III Sovenfh Row: NANCY G. NANCE SANDRA G. NELSON DAVID A. NESBITT MAX A. NESS Eighfh Row: JAMES G. NICHOLS .... JIMMY R. NICHOLSON LARRY R. NIEMEYER DEANNA L. NIPP ,... Ninfh Row: CATHY A. NOBLE .... JUDITH A. NORENE ...... JOHN M. NUCKOLLS, III JOHN T. NUTTER, JR. ...ForI' Myers, Fla. ,..CI1arIesIon, Mo. ...,James'rown, N.Y. ....,.,U+ica. Ky. ......Murray, Ky. ...Owe-nsIJoro, Ky. ...MeII1uen, Mass. Lincoln Park, Mich. . Louisville, Ky. ...SpoIswoocI, N.J. ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. ....KeyporI, N.J. .Grand Rivers, Ky. .NorI'I1fieId, Ohio ,...ArIing+on, Va. .SpringdaIe, Conn. . , ,Wingo, Ky. ....CIinIon, III. . , . . Murray. Ky. ....KeviI. Ky. ,,,.ViIIa Park, III. ......AI1waz, Iran . . .Owensboro, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....SIaugI'nIers, Ky. ..CIarI:sviIIe, Tenn. ...,PorI Mcnmoufh, N.J. .. .. ..GaIion, Ohio ......PrinceIor1, Ky. ., ..... Cunningham, Ky. ....SI. Louis, Mo. .,..HicI:man, Ky. ....PaducaI1, Ky. .,..LouisviIIe, Ky. ....Gary. W. Va. ....Murray, Ky. SUPHUMURES Firsi Row: KENNETH E. OAKLEY ,. . DIANE M. O'BRIEN ,...,, NICHOLAS E. OBUIIANICH WILLIAM IR. O'DE'LL ...., Second Row: GLENN A. OLDI-IAM . WILLIAM J. OLDHAM ., KENNETH L. OLIVER .. RONALD W, OLWER . Third Row: ROGER W. OMER ..... MARJORIE E. O'NEAL ,. PHILLIP V. O'NEAL .... MARY L. ORGERA Fourfh Row: LARRY A. ORR . LAWRENCE F. ORR . RANDEL D. ORR , ROY E. ORR Fuffh Row! BARBARA S. OSTERDOCK . TERRY L. OSTERMANN .... JERRY L. OVERTON .... BRENDA J. PAGE ,... Sixfh Row: ROSEMARY A. PAGE .. . FRANK RAPPALARDO .. DOUGLAS C. PARISH RAY PARMELEE .. Sevenfh Row: DANE R. PASICOE DAVID L. PARKER . ,, JOSEPH M, PARKER ..., LARRY W. PARKER ... Eighth Row: RAY H. PARMELEE ,. . PATRICIA A. PARRENT L. W. PATTERSON .,.. SHERIE PAYNE . Ninfh Row: FREDERICK J. PEASENELLI PATSY PEEBLES ... JIM PEELER . ., MARIAM L. PENDLETON ,...Gracey. Ky. ..,Capiaque, N.Y. .,..AIfred, N.Y. ....Ina, III. ...EarIing'I'on, Ky. ...,PrirIceI'on. Ky. . .HiCIiory, Ky. .,.Fredonia, Ky. . . . .SI'urgis, Ky. ....Marion, Ky. ......Bremen, Ky. ...SIamforcI, Conn. , .Mariom Ky. .CampI::eII, Mo. ....MayfieId, Ky. .Oak Brook, III. A. . . ..PaducaI1, Ky. .....ChIcago. III. .,...I-Ienderson, Ky. ....MayI:ieId, Ky. ......Grocey. Ky. ..Lawrence, Mass. Grand Rivers, Ky. ,,,.,Murray, Ky. ....NorI'I'1fieId, Ohio .,...HicIlman, Ky. .....PaducaI1, Ky. ...I-Izannson, Ky. .,..Murray, Ky. ..CampbeII, Mo. .,..Murray, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. Sfomford, Conn, ,, MeIropoIis. III. . . Paducah, Ky, Louisville, Ky, SUPHUMDRES Firsf Row: RAYMOND D. PENDLEY . PATRICK J. PERRAULT .. ARTHUR N. PERRAULT . MARY J. PERRY .... .. Second Row: SANDRA G. PERRY . . VADOR A. PERRY .. ,. ELIZABETH A. PHELPS . JOHN A. PHELPS ..... Third Row: DAVID I... PHILLIPS . DONNA C. PHILLIPS ,. WILLIAM J. PHILLIPS RICHARD V. PICKERING Fourfh Row: DEANIE PIPER . MARY A. PIRTLE .. PAUL E. PLATIS ., .. SARAH E. PLUMMER Fiffh Row: EUGENE C. PNIEWSKI .. ELEANOR K. POINDEXTER DARRELL W. POOLE CECILE POWELL ..... Sixfh Row: PHYLLIS F. POWELL . .. SYLVIA W. POWELL JUDITH T. PRATHER .,. THOMAS S. PRIEST ... Sevenfh Row: JUDITH M. PRINCE LESLIE J. PRITCHARD ... SARA J. PROFILET ,. CHERYL J. PROWSE ... Sevenfh Row: JERRY R. PULLIAM .... CHARLES K. OUILL JUDY C. RADFORD ..., DONALD L. RAHM Eighih Row: BARBARA A. RAINES JAMES E. RAQUE , EDWIN E. RAY SUSAN K. REAGAN ...Owensboro. Ky , .... Donners Grove, III ....BrocIdon, Mass .....Marion, Ky ...,.Winqo, Ky .......AImo. Ky . ..'CaIver+ Cify. Ky ..,...PaducaI'1, Ky ....S'r. Ann, Mo ,..,.LouisviIIe, Ky ....GreenviIIe, Ky .....Cobb, Ky .....FarmingIon, Ky. .. Smifhlund, Ky ...,...RanfouI, III ...,.Dyersburq, Tenn. ....Irving+on, N.J. ....RusseIIviIIe, Ky. .....Maceo, Ky ,.,.Marion. III .....Herdin, Ky .....Benfon, Ky . ........ Dex+er, Mo .....CI1esferfieId. Mo ..,..Farmingfon, Ky ......Wingo, Ky .........Cairo. III ....Madisonville, Ky .....Owensboro, Ky .....LouisviIIe, Ky ....,...C-adiz, Ky ....MarbIe HIII, Mo . ...Union Cify, Tenn .LouisviIIe, Ky . .,..... Murray, Ky New Brunswick. N.J SDPHDMURES Firsf Row: DAVID S. RECTOR NANCY G. REDDEN .. VICKI REESE ...,. ., MICHAEL C. REESER Second Row: GEORGE A. REHMUS .. NORMAN C. REHWALD HOWARD M. REID ., . JAMES A. REID . Third Row: JOHNNA R. REID STEPHEN L. REID DANIEL J. REILLY JAMES A. IREISING , Fourfh Row: CAROLYN RETTIG .,.., THOMAS R. RHEINECKER HOSSEIN RIAZI ,...,...., STEVE L. RICHARDSON . Fiffh Row: CLAUDIUS V. RICKS, III . PHILLIP R. RIDDLE ..... RICHARID M. RIDEOUT . C. PRED RIGSBY . .. .. Sixfh Row: DONNA H. RIGSBY RONALD G. RILEY ANGELA RIPPERDAN CHARLES E. ROBERTS, JR. Sevenfh Row! ROBERT W. ROBERTS .. BARBARA J. ROBERTSON CHARLES D. ROBERTSON .... EDWARD A. ROBINSON Eigh'I'h Row: SUSAN J. ROBINSON CRAIG L. ROEDER JOSSIE A. ROGERS .,.. EUEL M, ROSE .... Ninfh Row: JOI-IN F. ROSE .,.. SANDRA W. ROSS STEPHEN C. 'ROSS .... CARLA M. RONDY .... ....Barber+on, Ohio ...,.O'FaIIon, III. ..,.PicIcneyviIIe, III. . ..OwensI:aoro, Ky. ....Madison, III. .....VIncennes, Ind. .. ...SyrnsonIa, Ky. Cape Girardeau, Mo. . .,.. Paducah. Ky. . . . . . . .Symsonia-1. Ky. ...WesI Orange, N.J. .,...,EpisoIon, Iraq ....Murray, Ky. .....Cu+Ier, III. ....,Tehran, Iran . FI. Branch, Ind. ...JacI:son, Tenn. .....BardweII, .....I-Ienderson, . ....Murray, Ky. Ky. Ky. .....CooIceviIIe. Tenn. .,,...LouisviIIe, .,,.Brandenburg, .....LouisvIIIe, .,...I-IouIzdaIe, .....Paducah, .....KuHawa .....BeIhpaqe, .....Owensboro, ...,Bremen, ,. . .CadIz, ....Murray, . . . .Murray, . .... Decaiur, Ky. Ky, Ky. Pa. Ky. Ky. N.Y. Ky. Ind. Ky. Ky. Ala. .....CenIraIia, III. ..,.BarberI'on, Ohio 'fx ,- Q-...N is f Q. in .fw- es is : .ff YT'-5" SUPHUMDRES Firs+ Row: ROBERT C. ROWLAND SYLVIA A. ROWLAND BOBBlE J. RUDOLPH . JOHN T. RUDOLPH . Second Row: PAMALA J. RUF ..... MICHAEL T. RUNDLE ANN RUSSELL ..,. . ANTHONY J. RUSSO Third Row: LO'RRAlN D. RUSSO . MARY L. RYAN ,,... THOMAS W. RYAN ... ALVIN C. SANDBERG . Fouriii Row: ANN SAND-ERS ...... DELORES G-. SANDERS SANDRA A. SANDERS ROBERT M. SANFORD Fif+h Row: RUTH A. SANGER S-ALI SATTARIPOUR LINDA L. SCHAEFER . KAREN B. SCHATZ .. ... ..... Henderson, Ky. , ..... Madisonville, Ky. ... ,........ Salem, Ky. ....Paducah Ky. .....Louisville, Ky. ...,Oak Grove, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ....Hobol:en, N.J. . ...Hunfinqiom N.J. ....Barber+on, Ohio .....Barberl'on, Ohio ,..,Roselle, N.J. .....Murray, Ky. ,......Bcrlow, Ky. .,,. .....M+. Vernon, Ill. ,... .....Barber+on, Ohio .....Hicl:man. Ky. . ..... Telwran, lran .. .... Ml. Vernon, Ind. Copiague L.l., N.Y. Sixfh Row: PAUL C. SCIHMITZ ,....,. Pena, lll. ANNE L. SCHNURR ........ ..... L ouisville, Ky. EDWARD C. SCHUCH, JR. .. ........ Cairo, Ill. LINDA S. SCHWEIKARTH .... .,... O wensboro, Ky. Sevenfh Row: DAVIS L. SCOTT, III SUZANNE SCUDDER ... CHARLES H. SEARS PAUL W, SEDLER .....Louisville, Ky. ..,..Marion, Ill. . . . . .Mcyfield, Ky. ,....Darien, Conn. Eighfh Row: PAULA A. SELTSAM .... Soufhgaie, Mich. STUART N. SERINE ....,... ...... D eal, N.J. DONNA E. SERMElRSl"lElM ... ..... Louisville, Ky. JOE E. SETTLE ........... ....... l nc, lll. Ninfh Row: JONATHAN D. SETTLE .. ....... ina, lll. JAMES L. SEYMO'RE .. ........ Dalion, Ky. BUNNY SHAEEEER ... .... Carufhersville, Mo. MARK SHAPIRO .... Siamford, Conn SOPHDMDRES F-irsf Row: BARBARA N. SHOUSE . , JACK H. SHELL ,.,... BEVERLY S. SHELTON ,,., DIANA K. SHELTON Second Row: JULIA L. SIHEMWELL . THOMAS G. SHEPHERD ... ROBERT M. SHERRY .. GREG S. SHERWOOD , Third Row: LINDA C. SHIRK .. JERRY G. SHORT ,... .. ABDOLHOSSEIN M. SHOSHTARI MICHELE J, SHUMAKER Fourfh Row: ANTHONY A. SIEIGERIED .. DANIEL B. SIGLER . HARRY K. SIMCOX . STEVE SIMMONS Fiffh Row: JAMES W. SIMS .. JAMES L. SINQUEFIELD, III .. BEVERLY J. SISK . .... MYRNA M. SIXBEY Sixfh Row: JOHN E. SKELLION JUDY K. SLOAN ., JEAN E. SLOAN .. .. . GLENN H. SMETHWICK , Sevenfh Row: SHIRLEY A. SMETHWICK .. ARLENE SMITH .. GEOIRGE E. SMITH .. HENRY SMITH .. Eighfh Row: JACQUELINE Q. SMITH JANIS SMITH .,.,,..,. MICHAEL SMITH .... RICHARD SMITH .,.. Ninfh Rowi RONALD K, SMITH SUSANN SMITH ,.,,. ANN D. SMITHSON ROBERT T. SNIDER .. ,....S+urgis, Ky . , . ,LuIesviIIe. Mo ,....MayfieId, Ky . ...MayfIeIcI, Ky ..,...Wingo, Ky .,.HopIrinsviIIe. Ky ..,.,SiIces'ron, Mo .,...Elgin, III .....MeI'ropoIis, III MI. Washingfon, Ky . ., Murray. Ky ..,..O++awa, III .....,Prairie, III .Princefom Ky , ..CI'1icaqo, III . Symsonia, Ky ,,,CIarksviIIe, Tenn ......Paducah, Ky ....HopIrinsviIIe. Ky . .Jamesfowm N.Y ,,..,Paducah, Ky. . . .Covinqfom Tenn .,.Covingfon, Tenn , PaImersviIIe, Tenn ..PaImersviIIe, Tenn . . .MeI'ropoIIs, III . . . .SIra'rforcI, Conn ...,LouisviIIe, Ky ..,..LouisviIIe, Ky .....BruceIon, Tenn ,.,.EvansviIIe, Ind .....NormaI, III ..CaIver+ Cify, Ky ,,.,,CoIumbus, Ind ......PhIIpo1', Ky ,,..Owensboro, Ky .hkfiiinxiafzuzzncnnuauirziii . W ve' 31552221 45411. , ,sam ., ...B 372 RMP' ..,, wwf . K, Rl., we A .. .A Lad f ,. I 'ii SUPHDMDRES Firs? Row: LINDA K. SOLOMON WILLIAM H. SOLOMON MITCHELL F. SOMMER .,,. . BEVERLY J. SON .,,,,. Second Row: JANIS SOUTI-IWARD .. NICK J. SPAIDAFINO JEFF C. SPALIN .... SUSAN N. SPARKS Third Row: CAROLYN G. SPEEGLE ..., BRENIDA N. SPEES ...,.. THOMAS R. SPEISER CRAIG B. SPELLINGS .... Fourfh Row: MICHAEL W. SPENCER ... THOMAS N. SIPERRY .,.. BUEL E. STALLS, JR. ,..... , ...... ... GLENN B. STANGLAND .... .. .. Fifth Row: TED L. STARNER . ...,.. . CHARLES L. STEPHENS .,.. JAMES R. STEPHENS .... GILBERT R. SIWOBODA' .... Sixfh Row: LAIR RY E. SWEAZY .....,.. JANICE L. SWEARINGEN RO DGER E. SWATZELL .... NANCY M. SUTHERLAND Sevenfh Row: HARVEY SUNDMACKER JOAN T. SULLIVAN JEAN L. SULLIVAN ....., DORATHY J. SULLIVAN Eigh+h Row: WILLIAM L. STUBBS .,.. NANICY L. STROW CHARLES S. STORY .... ANN V. STORY Ninfh Row: JOYCE D. STOKES ROBERT B. STOGNER ...GiIber'rsviIIe, Ky. MMI. I'IoIIy. N.J. .,. ..RocIrforcI, III. .Bowling Green, ,Murray, Ky. Ky. ..,Jersey CiI'y, N.J. .,.S'ramTord, Conn. ., , , . EranIcTorI', Ky. .....RosweII, N.M. ..........Boaz, Ky. New London, Conn. ..,.,.AIamo, Tenn. ....CanneIIon, Ind. .....DayI'on. Ohio M urray, Ky. Columbia Cify, Ind. .........Murray, Ky. ..WaIer VaIIey. Ky. ..WaIer VaIIey, Ky. ...,....,Cairo III. ...,.CIinI'on, III. .. . .Levi'IIown, Pa. .....CeruIean, Ky. ....CI1arIesI'on, Mo. .....BrooI:porf, III. .....Deca+ur, III. ....,Deca+ur, III. . . . . .WicIcIiffe. ....,MarIon, .....OIIawa, ...,.Murray, ....Murray, Dawson Springs, .......LouisviIIe. REBECCA S. STEWART .... N. Springfield, LUIS A. STEVENS ,...,.. Dawson Springs. Ky. Ind. III. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Va. Ky. SOPHDMDRES FirsI' Row: CONNIE J. STEVENS RICHARD L. TANNER .,,. WILLIAM H. TANNER JAMES TAYLOR ,... Second Row: TERRY J. TAYLOR LAWRENCE E. TI'IEE DAN THOMAS .. EDWARD A. THOMAS Third Row: JAMES THOMAS ,,.,. MARY H. THOMAS MICHAEL J. THOMAS .... SELDON E. THOMAS .... Four+I'1 Row: WILLIAM P. THOMAS .. CARL S. THOMPSON ..., GAIRY W. THOMPSON .. JANE E. THOMPSON .. Fif+I1 Row: LESLIE A. THOMPSON ., JANICE THORNTON .... CYNTHIA W. TI-IRESHER .,.. JOHN D. THRESHER SIx+h Row: LARRY E. TILLMAN .. LEE E. TOBEY .... LEE T. TODD .... JAMES D. TOLER Sevenfh Row: MICHAEL TOMS ....,.. JOHN S. TORRENIGA ,... RONALD A. TOWERY KAYTRAVIS Eighth Row: PAULA J. TIRENT GAY L. TRIGGS .... VIRGINIA Y. TROTTER .,.. WILLIAM E. TRUNNELL Ninih Row: JAMES L, TURNER WILLIAM R. TYSON ..., CAROLE S. UPSHAW SIZANNE VANDERHOOF ...,,Owensboro, ...,RoqersvIIIe, ....,S+arIre, ....CIInI'on, .,..Owensboro, .. .PaducaI'I, .....CadIz, .....Murray, ,...LudIow Falls, .....LouisviIIe. ....EvansviIIe, . , , . .CadIz ....HopIcinsvIIIe, . . . . . EcIdyviIIe. .....BenIon, ...Vienna Ky. Ala. Fla. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. III. KY Ind. , Ky. KY KY KY . III .,,.Riverview, Mich .,....Murray, .....E. Prairie, ....E. Prairie, Ky Mo Mo San Bernardino, CaIIf ....,McLeansboro, III ..,.EarIInqIon, Ky ....,Owensboro, Ky ....I'IopIcInsvIIIe, Ky ....PIainfIeId, Ind ,....Princefor1, Ky ....CaIverI' Cify, Ky ,.,.Vincennes, Ind .,..Tamaroa III ...., .PhiIpo+ Ky ....,Owensboro, Ky .....LaCen+er, Ky .....NorIoIIc Va I .....Cairo, III ....MaI"roon, III 4532? 3 sw., XT.- 5.-. SOPHOMDRES Firsf Row: JIM J. VARAY ,...... DONNA M. VAUDRIN GARY L. VAUGI-'IN ., DIANE VAUGI-IAN .... Second Row! WILLIAM W. VAUGHT DEAN R. VERVOOIRT .. PATRICIA R. VIA .... CHERYL A. VIOLETT .... Third Row: .S+raI'ford, Conn. Barberfown, Ohio .....Decafur, III. ....Murray, Ky. ....P'aducaI'1, Ky. Spring Lake, N.J. ......EuIIon, Ky. ... . . Marion, III. DANNY VOJT ,........, .... I rvinq+on, N.J. KATI-IRYN I. VOSHEI.L .... .. CAROLYN J. WAGNER ALAN S. WALKER ..... Fourfh Row: BRYAN J. WALKER ... DANNY L. WALKER .. KATIE WALKER ......., . KENNETH E. WALKER Fiffh Row: MARTHA K. WALLIS . SHERRY L. WALLS .... LARRY L. WALSTON ,. ARTHUR L. WALTERS . . Sixfh Row: VICKI G. WALTMAN . JERRY L. WARD ...... MARY D. WARFORD . EVERETT M. WARMAN .... .. Sevenfh Row: SUZANNE B. WARIREN REBECCA G. WASHBURN . LEE C. WASHBURN ,. TERIRY W. VAN ..... Eighfh Row: JUNE E. WATKINS .... SHARON W. WATSON NANCY K, WATTS ...... ..Ri:IIey Park, Pa. ...EreeI'1oIcI, N.J. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. .Red Bank, N.J. , . .LaEaye'rI'e, Ky. ......FuIIon, Ky. ..EarIInqIon, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .....MadiscnviIIe, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....PaducaI1, Ky. ....Tamaroa, III. .....Murray, Ky. .MadIsonviIIe, Ky. ....'CIInfon, Ky. ,...P6dUCdI'1, Ky. .....Benfon, Ky. Granife Cify, III. .....Paris, Tenn. .,..Marion, Ky. .....WInqo, Ky. PATRICIA A. WATTS .... Evansville, Ind. Ninih Row: MICHAEL L. WEATI-IERFORD .. LETA G. WEBB ........ ....CIInIon, Ky. ..,..Murray, Ky. DENNIS C. WEBER .... LIncoIn CIIy, Ind. JARRY L. WEBBER .. ...,. Paducah, Ky SDPHUMURES Firs+ Row: CI-IERYL L. WEILAND ROBERT I-I. WEIXTER, JR. JUDITI-I I-I. WELLS . KAREN L. WELLS Second 'Rows TERRY R. WELLS , .. EDWARD R. WALTE . EUGENE J. EWSOLOWSKI CLARA J. WEST . Third Row: SANDRA A. WHISTLE . P. SUE WHITE . .. . WILLIAM M. WHITE .. JAMES E. WILHELM . Fourfh Row: NANCIE N. WILHITE . MARY M. WILKEY . ARTHUR R. WILKINSON JANICE WILKINSON Fifih Row: ROBERT G. WILLI ANNA L. WILLIAMS . JAMES I-I. WILLIAMS .. JOHN S. WILLIAMS . . Sixfh Row: JACKIE R. WILLIE BILLY R. WILSON ., BYRON T. WILSON ... CAROLYN J. WILSON Sevenih Row: DIANE E. WILSON JACKIE M. WILSON LARRY A. WILSON RAY C. WILSON .. Eighfh Row: SHARON L. WILSON . RICHARD A. WINDELL .. DANIEL WINTERS .. ROBERT A. WITHERSPOON Ninfh Row: GEORGE M. WOLFE , SHERRY E. WOLFF ,. BARBARA J. WOOD .. ROBERT J. WOOD . Salisbury, MCI. . .Murray ....BarcIweII. Ky .La Grange, III .....,..SaIem, Ky .,..MI. Vernon, Ind ..LemonI, III . .EvansviIIe, Ind .. .I-Ienderson, Ky .. .Murray, Ky . .I'IopIcinsviIIe, Ky .. LouIsvIIIe, Ky ..I-Ienderson, Ky Dawson Springs. Ky . .Bement III , Murray. Ky MiddIeI'own, Pa , ..,.., Cairo, III ....MI'. Vernon, III ,..S+urqIs, Ky ....Benfon, Ky . ..... Murray, Ky Jeffersomtown, Ky .......Murray, Ky .....I'IicI:ory, Ky ....Ferming'ron, Ky ...,CIInI'on, Ky ....EuII'on, Ky . ,,ManIIou, Ky ....Corydon, Ind ,.,.BridqeviIIe, Pa .,WaIer VaIIey, Ky ....MempI1is, Tenn . ..LouIsviIIe, Ky . ..SI'. Louis, Mo .. .ZIonsviIIe, Ind. 41- E V lr 1' KJ 'fn fm? . on ' I k Q I 2 . Aa 'IQ' Lp- ey-1 L... ...ww 1-1-f ir- N-M, 376 bf' ,Ma .V SOPHOMORES Firs+ Row: SHARON K. WOODARD SUSAN M. 'WOOIDRUFF TERRY L. WOODS .. ALFRED M. WRIGHT ,. Second Row: JAMES L. WRIGHT ., CAROLINE J. WYMAN GEORGE M. YOPP ,. RONALD B. YOIRK .. Third Row: RICHARD ZANETTA . . Cape Girardeau, Mo ..,....,,..Cadiz, Ky . ..LouisviIIe, Ky ., ..RusseIIviIIe, Ky ....BismarcIc, Mo . . . .New Berlin, III ..PacIucaIn. Ky . ,.BenIon, Ky .. .Jarnes+own, N.Y M'k"""'--.M R XLAN, VAAN N iqNssh""'X-W Tom Gilliam, President Kay Minor, Treasurer: Jana Sargent Secreraryg Mike Griffin, Vice-President FRESHMEN GLASS UFFIGERS FRE Firsf Row! BRADLEY R. ADAMS DONALD W. ADAMS . EMILY ADAMS .,,.. . JAMES ADAMS . Second Row: JUDITH A. ADAMS MARK ADAMS ,.,,,,. SHARON A. ADAMS .. CLAYTON W. ADAMS .. Third Row: KATHY J. ALIDERDICE .... WILMA B. 'ADAMS ..,.... DONNA K. ALLBRITTON LARRY G. ALEXANDER . Fourfh Row: JOE H. ALLBRITTIEN ISAAC B. ALLBRITTEN . PAULA K. AILLBRITTEN . CHARLES M. ALLEN Fifih Row: JAMES W. ALLEN . . MICHAEL G. ALLEN ROBIN E. ALLEN TOMMY ALLEN Sixih Row: JIM P, ALMAND ,..... THOMAS E. ALMON ,. KAREN S. ALSTAT PHILLIP ADKINS ,,.. Sevenih Row: RUSSELL J. ALDRIDGE BENNY L. ALVARADO .. GLEN R. ANDERSEN ROIBEIRT C. ANDERSON Eighth Row: ROBERT R. ANGEL ..... BETTY A. ARMSTRONG ... ..., Carbondale, III. DAVID C. ARMSTRONG .,... . WILLIAM R. ARMSTRONG .... Nin+h Row: JANICE F. ARNOLD ...... .... RAYMOND C. ARNY. JR. .. ROSS ARTERBURN ...... JOHN C. ASBELL SHMEN Valley Sfafion, Ky. .......Dex'rsr, Ky. ....HicI:man, Ky. .....ReacIinq, Ohio ....LouIsvIIIe, Ky. ...CoIumbus, Gu. ....Murray, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ...Smi+hIand, Ky. .. .'.WicIrIiffe, Ky. ....S+eeIe, Mo. .....PaducaI1, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ...,Murray, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. .....FuII'on, Ky. .......BarIow, Ky. .Elizabefhfowm Ky. .....LevonIc, Mich. .....AIamo, Tenn. ....CIarId'on, Mo. ...EarIIngI'on, Ky. . . . .Mound Cify, III. ...Hendersom Ky. .George'rown, Ohio ...MempI1is, Tenn. .......Hayfi, Mo. ...Prince'ron, Ky. ......Marion, III. .......'CIin+on, III. .CenIraI Cify, Ky. .MadisonvIIIe. Ky. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. ....LouisvIIIe, Ky. ....OaIcfon, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: SI-IEILA A. ASHLEY ,.,.. MARCIA K. ATHERTON . JOSEPH L. ATWILL . COY H. ATWOOD . Second Row: WILMA J. AVERETT . RAY R. AUKER DARA J. AUSTIN . JUDITI-I L. AUSTIN . Third Row: SUSAN L. AUSTIN PAULINE C. AWE ,..,., ROBERT 6. AYDLOTTE .. PATSY R. AYER ,....... Fourfh Row: SHIRLEY BABB .... .... MARGARET E. BACON .. BRENDA K. BAGBY . . JENIFER L. BAILEY .. Fifth Row: PAMELA A. BAKEHOUSE HAZEL D. BAKER .....,. LYNETTE BALDWIN BONNI A. BALX .. SIXH1 Row: MANOUTCI-IEHRE BARATI PHIL O. BARIBER .,...... ROBERT R. BARCLAY SHIRLEY A. BARD .... Sevenih Row: BARBARA J. BARE .... LYNN BARGER ,. .,.. BEVERLY A. BARKER ..,. LEE J. BARKER ..... Eighfh Row: MARY E. BARMORE .. RONNIE E. BARNARD JERRY E. BARNES .. JIM BARNES . Ninfh Row: LARIRY G. BARNES .. . TANNY G. BARNES .. ALDEN W. BARNETT ., RALPH E. BARNWELL ., . . . Louisville, Ky. ...Cenfral Cify, Ky. .. ..Murray. Ky. ,. .SymsonIa, Ky. ........DexIer, Mo. Sou'II'1 WI'1IIIey, Ind. . ..... Murray, Ky. .. . . Nebo. Ky. ...MayfIeIcI, Ky. ......EIIrI1ar'I, III. ....TrenI'on, Tenn. ......UIica. Ky. ....RocIcIord, III. . ..HicIcman, Ky. .....CanTon, Ky. ....GaIIa+in, Tenn. ...Temple HIII, III. ....MancI'1esIer, Ky. .......Dex+er, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. .....Murray. Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ......MayfieId. Ky. ..WaIer VaIIey. Ky. .....LouIsviIIe, Ky. ,....GoIconda, III. ....S+amford, Conn. .....IgnacIa, Colo. ..Pewee VaIIey, Ky. ...Poplar BIuIf, Mo. .....McI-Ienry, Ky. ....Hous'ron, Texas ...LouIsvIIIe, Ky. .. , . .Murray, Ky. ....,.LouIsvIIIe, Ky. ..New Madrid, Mo. :gd 453' fa., I uw - bw 'lf' Q E . ' 'I g I zz. FRE Firsf Row: LINDA E. BARR ..,,. SHARON J. BASDEN .. JOHN R. BASHAM . LARRY J. BATES .. . Second Row: JANICE E. BATSEL ,. GARY W. BATTS ,.... . RICHARD J. BAUMGART DANNY M. BAZZELL . Third Row! ALLEN D. BEAN ROSEMARY BEASLEY ... RICHARD K. BECKER .. ALMA V. BELL . .. Fourfh Row: CAROLYN BELOTE ,. JOHN W. BELT . . D. 'CHERYL BENDA . . BRENIDA C. BENNETT . Fiffh Row: JO ANN BENNETT , JOHN S. BENNETT LARRY W. BENNETT RUTH C. BENNETT ,.,. Sindh Row: SANDRA D. BENNETT . ROBERT G. BERGDOLL CATHERINE E. BERRY . DIANE E. BERRY ..... Sevenfh Row: NANCY A. BERRY JQANN BERTRAM ... JOHN W. BESHEAR LARRY D. BETH . ... Eighfh Row: JAMES F. BEYTEL JOHN BIANCHINI .. RITA D. BINFORD ..., ROBERT N. BIRDSONG Ninfh Row: BRUCE C. BISHOP . GARY H. BISHOP .. GEORGE R. BISHOP BILL A. BLACK ...... ......LouisviIle, Ky. ....For+ Worlh. Texas .........Maceo, Ky. . ..Cl'1arIesIown, Ind. ,...CemIral Cily, Ky. ., ..Wiclcliffe. Ky. ...M'r. Carmel, Ill. .,. .Murray, Ky. ....PaducaI'n, Ky. .. ..Ekron, Ky. . .. .Dover, N.J. , ..Louisville, Ky. . ,,MayIield, Ky. . . , .SI1eridan, Ky. . Louisville, Ky. . Fulfon, Ky. ,....Murray, Ky. .......Murray, Ky. . . . .Colverf Cily. Ky. . . . . Louisville, Ky. .....Louisville, Ky. .....Louisville. Ky. .....Murray, Ky ....Louisville, Ky .. .Owensboro Ky .....Lexinq+on, Ky .......Princefon, Ky .....Gilberfsville, Ky ...,Union Beach, N.J . , ,FL Campbell Ky . . . . .CruIcI'lfieId, Ky .....Louisville, Ky ...Dawson Springs, Ky .....,Sanford, Fla ....PaducaI1 Ky ....Corbin, Ky Firsf Row: FREDERICK M. BLACK ,..,,. ....Newpor+ Ark .. ' . ...F-Pk '97 . ,m,A.h,, . 'x1f"?Ibi-A I , :-amz... - FRESHMEN RICIHARD A. BLACKSTON .... ERIC R. BLAKEMAN ........ .. RITA N. BLAKEMAN Second Row: LORELEY A. BLANCO .... .. JOHN' B. BLANDY ...... LURA L. BLAKENSHIP ,.... DEBORAH S. BLUM ..,.. Third Row: GAIL A. BOATRIGHT JUDY C. BOAZ ..... MARY A. BEGARD SHARON A. BOLING .... Fourfh Row: BARBARA A. BOLTON STEPHEN R. BONE .... BARBARA A. BOST GLORIA J. BOTTOMS . Fiffh Row: LEONARD L. BOULER, JR. .. OTIS R. BOURLANID ..., JOE E. BOYD ...,.., KATHRYN L. BOYD .. Sindh Row: MARY J. BOYER ....,.... JANE C. BIRADBURY .,.,.... .. JACOUELINE X. BRADLEY ,.., .... JAMES M. BRADLEY ...... .... Sevenih Row: PAM ELA BRADLEY ..,. GARY L. BRAME ,........ GREGORY BRANSFORD .... . JEFFREY L. BRAUER .,...., Eighih Row: MARICIIA L. BRAWNER CAROL A. BRICKEEN ... LINDA C. BRIGHTMAS .. ALICE K. BIRITT .,..... Ninfh Row: EARL W. BRIZENDINE ..,.,. CAMELIA JO BROADBENT SUSAN K. BROCK ........ BOBBY J. BROOKS .....PaducaI1, Ky ...I-Ienderson, Ky .,..Louisvi-Ile, Ky ..MiddIe'rown, Ky Lawrenceville, III ....Kewanee, Mo .....FesIus, Mo , .,., Marion, III. ...,PrInce'ron, Ky ..,. . .Murray, Ky ..,Owensboro, Ky ,.,.PaducaI1, Ky .Wa'rer'forcI, Mich ,.....Cen+raIia, III ,,.LouIsviIIe, Ky ....Murray, Ky .....Tray, III ....,.Murray, Ky ...CampbeIl, Mo ......Pofose, Mo ...I-Iogenville, Ky ......SedaIia, Ky Clarendon HiIIs, III ...,LouisviIIe, Ky . , . .KirI:sey. Ky ...,,HicIrma.n. Ky Nepfune Cify, N.J ....,...MayfieId, Ky ...Dawson Springs, Ky ....Providence. Ky ...,May'FieIcI, Ky ..FranI:Iin, Ky ..I'IopIcinsviIIe, Ky ....Marion, Ky ,,.,.EIIr+on, Ky ,J . :.. 7 'S qv' r -11 ww 'xsav .,' .. ..f,:.j-I, iv . . Mu 1 Q KC: vw .... ALVV I Q- . M if 2... I I in Psi'-:E' . .i siwgfm ' 1 QQSRISHQ-Bam. -u,4..: ' - 55? 'W' FRESHMEN Firsi Row: SUZANNE BROOKS ., DORA J. BROIWN ,..... HARRIETT E. BROWN . KATHERINE T. BROWN Second Row: LLOYD T. BROWN .. . MARTHA L. BIROWN . PATRICIA A. BROWN . ROY M. BROWN .. Third Row: WILLIAM E. BRUCE FORREST A. BRUTON .. JANE E. BRYAN NANCY L. BRYAN .. Fourih Row: DOWIS W. BUCHANAN MYRA J. BUCY ......, KEITH E. BUGAR . VERA J. BUGGE . . FEHI1 Rowi NANCY A. BULLARD .. TINA L. BURGESS .... KAROL L. BURKLOW MARTHA L. BURKS ..., Sixih Row: ALAN J. BURNS , . ANN L. BURNS ...,,. MARTHENA R. BURR . H. RONALD BURTON . Seven-Ih Row: JOHN R. BURTON BECKY J. BUTLER .... EDDIE H. BUTLER ...., MICHAEL J. BUTLER .. Eighfh Row: MICHAEL P. BUTLER .. THOMAS W. BUTLER . BARBARA A. BUTTRUM JAN K. BUXTON ....... Nin+h Row: SARAH E. BYERS CAROLE A. BYRD .... MARY R. BYRD VICKI L. BYRUM .... ..Madison, Tenn ...PrInceIon, Brandenburg, . ..MayIIeId, ....PaducaI1, .,..Hanson, ..Prince'Ion, ....BardweII, Cenfral Cify, KY KY Ky. KY Kv Ky, Ky. Ky ..BarsIown. Calif ,,.,.Murn-ay, ... Paducah, ....I-Ianson, New Concord, ..MayfieId, KY KY KY Kv KY Jamesburg, N.J . .... Henderson ....ArIingI'on, Calve rI' Cify, . . . .Horse Cave ....DanvIIIe, . .... LouisvIIIe, .....EranIcIIn, ...Edgewood ....EIwood, . . . .Paducah .......Marion ..Owensboro, KY KY KY KY KY KY KY III nd KY Ky KY Hauppauge, N.Y ....GrayviIIe, III . . .Brown1'IeId, ....Murray, .....CIInIon, Madisonville, ....MayIieId, ....LouIsvIIIe, III KY KY Kv KY KY FRESHMEN Firsf Row: KATHY BYWATER ,,.. JUDY A. CAC-LE DARRY R. CAIN .. WILLIAM M. CAIN ,. Second Row: CURTIS T. CAIREL .. WILLIAM L. CALL ..... DONNA L. CALLOWAY WANDA D. CALVEN ... Third Row: DAVIS L. CALVIN ..,,. JAMES C. CAMOOSO . DIANE CANUP .,. ... BETTY S. CARDWELL ,. Fourih Row: DAVID R. CARLSON .. ROBERT S. CARLTON .., JANICE F. CARNAL .. PAUL L. CARNEAL .. Fifih Row: JOAN E. CARIRELL ,.,.,. BARBARA J. CARROLL KATHY A. CARROLL LAUREL J. CARROL Sixth Row: JOHN D. CARSON JENNIE M. CARTER ,,... KENNETH G. CARTER ...,., JOHNNY E. CARTWRIGHT Sevonfh Row: DAVID M. CASH .. DAVID R. CASH ..., HOWARD K. CASH . .. MONZELLE CASH ... Eighfh Row: PAULA J. CASH SANDRA J. CASH ALAN D. CATO ..,.... SHARON K. CAUDILL . Ninfh Row: SHARON V. CAUDILL ,. DWAYNE E. CAVITT LARRY D. CAYS ..... DAVID C. CENTKO ,., ..,.. Hickman, ....LouIsviIIe, . Hickman, . . . . ,Ower1sboro, Ky .....Marion, Hprovidence, Ky ..,.LouIsvIIIe, Ky ..,GreenviIIe, ....LouisviIIe, Ky .Asbury Park, N.J .,,.MayfieId, Ky , .,.McnIIou, Ky .James+own, N.Y ....Syrccuse, N.Y , . ..PooIe, Ky Paducah, Ky . . . .ZeIIwood, Fla ....ArIInqIon, Ky .,HopIdnsyiIIe, Ky ....,Hardin, Ky ....LouIsvIIIe, Ky .ShepI-Ierdsville, Ky .,.,LouisviIIe, Ky ..,.Cobb, Ky ....MayfieId, Ky ....MayfieId, Ky .MadIsonvIIIe, Ky ....LouFsviIIe, Ky .,.,MayfieId, Ky ,..,...FuI+on, Ky ,.Providem:e, Ky .. ,.MarIon, Ky .,.,LouIsvIIIe, Ky . ..,... Anna, III . . .Cres'rwood, Ky .,., .DecaIur, III is up 4..-Q Q--f W. S 6 Q- : 5 5. v's lb' in J E FRESH Firsf Row: JOHN B. CHAFFIN .. ANNA M. CHANDLER .. LINDA J.CHAPMAN MARILYN A. CHARLTON Second Row: CARL E. CHESTER CHERYL A. CHESTER LARRY R. CHILDRESS .. KAREN J. CHINAULT . Third Row: SARAH A. CHOATE ., RHETTA G. CHOICE .. BONITA K. CHRISMAN RAY L. CISSELL . . Fourih Row: ROBERT A. CLAIBORNE . BRENDA JO CLARK ... LINDA FAY CLARK .. ROBERT L. 'CLARK Fiffh Row: THOMAS C. CLARK .,,. JOHNNY M. CLAYTON ... LINDA G. CLAYTON PATRICIA O. CLAYTON Sixfh Row: DANNY CLEAVER PEGGY J. COBB ...,... MILDRED K. COCHRANE WILLIAM D. COLKRELL .. Sevenfh Rowl GEORGE P. COFEEEN PATRICIA COLE ...... JERRY W. COLEMAN CLAUDE C. COLLER Eighfh Row: STEPHEN D. COLLETT . ROBERT E. COLLIE SARAH H. COLLIE TERRY L. COLLINS . . Ninfh Row: HUGH G. COLTHARP, JR. .. CLARK S. COMBS ....... RANDY R. CONGDON . . WILLIAM F. CONLEY , Paducah Robards, CIewis+ow, . Winqo, . .KirIrsey, ....,..Ben+on . Hprovidence, ...BrancIenburq, . Louisville, .....PaducaIw, . . I-IazeI, . ..LouisviIIe, . . , Hopkinsville ......Cadiz . ...... Murray, . .,CaIverI' Cify, KY Ky EIa KY KY Kv KY1 KY Ky KY Ky KY Ky. Ky. KY Ky. .....Grand Chain, III. .......Paris, Tenn. ........KeviI. Ky ...MadisonviIIe. Ky ....Murray, Ky. .. . .,... MayfieId, Ky. Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. ,...Wesf Paducah Ky. ..,.GiIberIsviIIe, Ky .. . . .SI'urqis, Ky. .....LoIa, Ky ...Loroin, Ohio ...Hunfinqburq Ind. ......Ben+on, Ky. .. .BenIon, Ky. .....SiIresI'on, Mo. ... .Paducah Ky. , ,.CIcrIrsI'own, Ind. ...HopI:insviIIe, Ky. . .AsI'1Iand, Ky. FRESHMEN Eirsi Row: LARRY J. CONRAD .... VeLOYCE 6. CONRAD CAROLYN G. CONWAY JOHN T. COOK ..,.... Second Row: THOMAS E. COOLEY .,.. JAMES F. COOPER .... MARCUS E. COPE .,.. JOE P. COPELAND Third Row: PATSY I. COPELAND .. STEPHEN H. CORLEY ... DONALD L. CORNEAL . JUNE A. CORRIDOR Fourih Row: WANDA L. CORTNER .. DONNA G. COURTNEY . NANCY L. COWIN . . GLENN D. COX . Fif+h Row: KEENAN P. COX . LARRY J. COYNE .... GAIL M. CRADICK MARYLAINE 'CRAIG .... Sixfh Row: PHILIP C. CRAIG ,.... ...Harrisburg III. .....Rumsey. Ky. ...Fredonia, Ky. ....MayfieId, Ky. ....l-liclxman, Ky. ...TayIorvilIe, III. ... ..BenIon, Ky. Wafer Valley, Ky. ..PaducaI'1, Ky. ....Marion, Ky. .....Hanson, Ky. .Sl'amIord, Conn. ..PrinceIon, Ky. ......SaIern, III. .....Murray, Ky. ..l-lenderson, Ky. . . . .. . .Cairo Ill. ...Princelorm Ky. ....LouisvilIe, Ky. .Fi Worlh, Texas ..Camden, Tenn. SANDRA K. CRAVENS ........ ..... P rincefon, Ky. HEPHZIBAH E. CRAWFORD .... ..... L ouisville, Ky. RICHARD N. CRECELIUS ..E. Prairie, Mo. Sevenfh Row: HARRIET G. GRIDER .... Melburn, Ky. MICHAEL L. CRIDER ...,. .... F ulfon, Ky. STANLEY C. CROCKER .... SANDRA J. CROCKETT ... Eighfh Row: STEPHANIE J. CROOKSTON . MARY P. CROSBY ...... JAMES A. CROSSLIN .. BRIAN CROWDER .... Ninfh Row: STEPHEN W. CROWE ... ... CAROLYN S. CROWELL SHARON K. CROWLEY ... .. LEE D. CRUMP ...,... ....Ironfon, Mo. .. .Mayfield, Ky. .....Muncie, .Carlisle Blcs., ...Mayfield ..Columbus, Madisonville, .. . .Gracey. ,.Henderson, ..Owensboro, Ind. Pa. Ky. Ind. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: HANS L. CRUZE ...... JIMMY W. CULPEPPER . .. LINDA S. CUMMINS CARY D. CUNNINGHAM Second Row: HAVRRIETT L. CUNNINGHAM KEITH CUNNINGHAM ,.,., MARY V. CUNNINGHAM WANDA CUNNINGHAM Third Row: FRANCES T. DADE WILLIE S. DADE .JAMES DANFORTH . . JOHN C. DAILEY .. FourII'1 Row: DENNIS G. DARLING .. . JAMES H. DAVIDSON .. RONALD M. DAVIDSON SANDRA A. DAVIDSON . Fiffh Row: DON W. DAVIS DONNA R. DAVIS JOYCE D. DAVIS .. MARION A. DAVIS Sixfh Row: PHYLLIS K. DAVIS .,.. RUSSELL H. DAVIS SHARON A. DAVIS SHEILA DAVIS ...... Seven'II1 Row: BETTY A. DAVISSON .... LENORA L. DAVISSON . BETH N. DAY ,...,..,. SUZAN K. DeBORD Eighih Row: SUSAN L. DEETS .,.. JANICE K. DEES ..., LINDA A. DEEVI-PRS ,... MICHAEL E. DeFIELD Ninih Rowi CHARLES W. De-HAVEN, JR. .. ALBERT W. DEMPSEY ...,. . SUSAN F. DEMPSEY JANE A. DEVINE .. .. .LouIsviIIe. Ky. ..,.Murray, Ky. .. .EdcIyyiIIe, Ky. . . Mayfield, Ky. ....MayfIeId, Ky. .,....PrInceIon, Ky. ..EIIzabeII'1+own, Ky. . .. .Cadiz Ky. , ...HopkinsvIIIe, Ky. .. ..HopIcInsvIIIe, Ky. Soufh Forfland, Maine .. .Bay Village, Ohio .Garden Ci+y, Mich. Dyer, Tenn. .Mariom Ky. . .LouisvIIIe, Ky. ..WhiIe Plains, Ky. ..CaIver+ Ci+y, Ky. ,Dawson Springs, Ky. ... ..MayfieId, Ky. ,...EdcIyviIIe, Ky. .....,LouIsvIIIe, Ky. ....CaIyer+ Cify, Ky. ....ProvIdence, Ky. ......I.ouIsviIIe. Ky. ....WacIswor'rI'1, Ohio .Wes+vIIIe, III. , ..,Prince+on, Ind. ,..,..LifcI1IieId, III. .,...CaIverI Cify, Ky. ....BrenIwood, Mo. ....CI'1arIes+on, Mo. ., .Owensboro, Ky. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. . ...Greenfield Ky. .. Bremen, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: CARL M. DICKEN ...,.,. .... F redonia, Ky MARTHA V. DILLIHAY .... ..., D rakesboro, Ky LOREATUS P. DINWIDDIE ,... Hickman, Ky JAY D. DIVINE ..... .,.. B remen, Ky Second Row: ROBERT E. DORSEY LIncoIn Park, MICIW YVONNE K. DODGE ...,.. ,.,.. P rInceIon, Ky CHARLOTTE A. DODSON ,, .,.Murray, Ky WALT E. DONALDSON ..COIumbus. Ga Third Row: KEITH B. DONES .... ..,. L ouIsvIIIe. Ky JANE G. DORGAN . ..BenIon, Ky SHIRLEY T, DORON ,. .... Murray, Ky ROGER W. DOIRTCH ..... EcI1oIs, Ky Fourih Row: DONNA E. DOSSETT .... ..CeIverI' Cify, Ky CATHERINE L. DOWDY ..., MacIIsonvIIIe, Ky JENNIFER J. DOWDY ..HopIcinsviIIe, Ky VIRGINIA S. DOWNEY . , Upuryear, Tenn Fifth Row: JUDITH A. DOWNS .. ,Murray, Ky LIN'DA K, DRISKILL DENNIS A, DRIVER GARY R. DRIVER .,., Sixfh Row: SHARON K. DUBLIN DAN DUKE ....,...,.. LINDA K. DULIN ........., , DOLORES A. DUNAWAY .... Seven'I'I1 Row: JANE C. DUNCAN ROY E. DUNCAN ......., TERRY D. DUNCAN ., .... .. MICHAEL D. DUNSINZER EigI1'II1 Row: MITZI DUINIK ,...., JUDY L. DUNCAN .. MARY E. DUNCAN ...... RICHARD J. DUNCAN .... Ninih Row: VICKII D. DUNKERSON PATRICIA C. DUNN ,,.. AUBREY J. DURHAM GLORIA J. DURRETT .... ..,. TiIine, ..CaIverI CIIy, ..,..,Robards, .,,FarrningI'on, .....,HarcIin, .....LouisviIIe, ,Jef'IersonIown, Dawson Springs, ,...,..OIafon, ....OaIc Grove, SI. Pe+ersburg, KY KY KY KY KY KY KY KY Fla ....LemonI', III ,...PrInce+on, Ky ...FairIieIcI, III ....WIxom, MICI1 .....Paducah, Ky ..,.MayfieId, Ky ..,..CrofI'on, Ky .,...PaducaI1, Ky 'Y' 388 FRESHMEN Firsf Row: PEGGY L. DWYER . BARBARA J. EDWARDS DIANNE EDWARDS .,,,. JANET S. EDWARDS . Second Row: KENNETH R. EDWARDS . NANCY L. EDWARDS . NORA K. EDWARDS ,, RONNIE J. EDWARDS ,. Third Row: DONNA S. EGBERT ..,,,.. PATRICIA A. EGGENSPILLER CATHERINE M. EGNER ., JANET M. EICHER . . Four+I1 Row: DAVID D. EISON MARY A. EISON HARRY E. ELDER . CARLOS R. ELKINS . FIHI1 Row: SHERRY D. ELLERBLISCH DORIS J. ELLIOTT ,.... FARREL K. ELLIOTT .. LAL ELLIOTT, JR. .... . Sixfh Row: PATRICIA A. ELLIS .... VICKI S. ELLIS ..... . SANDRA S. EMBRY .,.. LINDA R. EMERSON Sevenih Row: EUGENE V. EMMONS . CINDY H. EMRICH GARY EMRICK ......, ANTHONY L. ENGLISH .. Eigh+h Row: DONALD L. ENSOR LINDA L. ERWIN ..... SHARILYN B. ERWIN ..., MARY A. ETTENSOHN ... Ninfh Row: DARRELL C. EUBANK .... DAN J. EVANS .,,..... JOHN B. EVANS, Ill BETSY G. EZELL . . ..Owensboro, Ky. .. ..BarIow, Ky. . . . .MayfieId, Ky. .,Cyn+hiana, Ind. . ,.,, Burn? Prairie, III. ...,..,Anna, III. ...,PaducaI1, Ky, ,. .Murray, Ky. ..,LouisviIIe, Ky. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. Calverf Cify, Ky. , ..LouisviIIe, Ky. .Ledbefien Ky. ...LecIbeHer, Ky. ....SaIem, Ky. ...Paducah Ky. . Meiropolis. ....Winqo, Ky. ...Mayfield Ky. ......LoIa, Ky. ....N. .Murray, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ..Henderson, Ky. . . . . Murray, Ky. ...Nep+une, N.J. ,...LouisviIIe, Ky. . ..,MiddIefon, Ohio ..,.....Ben+on, Ky, ...LouISviIIe, Ky. Toms River, N.J. ..,..Murray. Ky. .. ..PacIucaI'1. Ky. . ..CaII'1oun, Ky. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. . ...CIinfon, Ky. .,LaEaye+Ie, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsi' Row: GARY L. EZELL ........ THEODORE P. FADLEIR RONALD S. FAILLACI . DANNY E. FALWELL Second Row! SAMMY K. FARLEY STEPHEN A. FARMER BRENDA L. FEAST ..,. LINDA M. FELDPAUSCH Third Row: GLENDA F. FENTRESS . DIANE FERGUSON .. ROBERT R. FERRIS .. JOAN E. FIRSTER Fourfh Row: JUDITH P. FIELDS NATHAN S. FIELDS . DENNIS J. FISCHER LARRY C. FLADLAND Fiffh Row: JACK B. FLANARY KAROLYN S. FLEENOR ROBERT A. FLOOD .. CAROLYN A. FLY Sixih Row: JACK FOLEY ...... KATHE FONDAW ..,. SHIRLEY J. FOOSHEE . .. ....,... Cadiz, JAMES D. FORBEY .,.. .... Sevenfh Row: .,,..Louisville, . .,.. Murray, Ky. .....Rocl'1er, III. ... ..... Slamford, Conn. . ...... Crozel, Va. .....Murray, .....Marion, . ....Paducalw, Ky. ... . ..Owensboro, Ky. .. ..., Hopkinsville, Ky. .. . . Kuilawa, Ky. .....Louisville, Ky. . ,Washing+on, Mo. .,,.Louisville, Ky. ....Louisville, Ky. ,...MalI'a. Monf. ..Rose Hill, Va. ....Paducal'1. Ky. ...Mayfield Ky. ....Ful+on, ....,Fairfield, III. .....Barlow, Ky. .Cl1arlesI'on, Mo. KAREN L. FOREST ..... ...New London, Conn. DANNY K. FORESTER ....... Mayfield, PHILLIP W. FORESTER ., ...MayIield, Ky. ROBERT E. FORSEE ..... Murray. Ky. Eighfh Row: MARY E, FOWLER ..... Marion. ANN FOY ,............. ......... M ayfielcl, WILLIAM I-I. FRALICK .... .... D awson Springs. JAMES D. FRANKLIN .,.. .... Ninfh Row: KAREN K. FRANKLIN .... ........, KATI-IIE L. FRANLIN ..... FI. Sa TERRY R. FRAZIER .... ....... GARRY L. FREDERICK .I-Ioplcinsville, . .....Marion, Ky. m Housfon, Texas Indianapolis, Ind. .....Corbin, Ky. eip. "FH film. fn iw.. . 9 7 ' Q5 .. .f wwlff? 4.2,-.15-a2.s4FiIm ffm WWE: 42 s2' jiS3ff+x 'HU' ies-W5 , it 39I FRESHMEN Firs'I' Row: ANNALOU FRENCH .,..,. JOSEPH G. FRERICHS, II . MYRA J. FRIEND ........ JAMES A. FRYE ,. Second Row: NORMA J. FRITTS .... LINDA K. FRY ,.,...,. GWEN S. FULKERSON .. ANITA J. FULLER . , Third Row: GARY D. FULLER ,,,. PHYLLIS S. FULLER .... JOHN C. FULTON VICKI A. FUNK Fourfh Row: BETTY J. FUTRELL ,..,. CATHERINE A. GADE HENRY W. GAGE .,.. JAMES M. GANON Fiffh Row: CHRYSANDRA ALLOWAY LINDA F. GALLOWAY .. GARY A. GANAS ...,. .. CHARLES E. GANTT .... Sixfh Row: ROGER L. GAMERTSFELDER LARRY F. GARDNER ,,.,.. ROBERT P. GARDNER, II GARY G. GARLAND ..... Sevenih Row: LARRY J. GARLAND .,,. PAMELA K. GARLAND KAY E. GAR'ROTT .... .. . ELAINE L. GERAGI-ITY Eighfh Row: JOHN L. GERING .. CHERYL R. GESKE DANA A. GETZ ..,......... MARYANN J. GIACCHINO Nin+h Row: ANN GIBSON . LINDA M. GILES ,.,.. SANDRA K. GILES MICHAEL L. GILL , . .Mill Shoals, III. ....Louisville, Ky. ..,.,Louisville. Ky. HSI. Pe+ersburq. Fla. ..Oak Ridge. Tenn. . ..l'Ier1derson, Ky. .....Almo, Ky. Blaclcford, Ky. . . . .Cobb, Ky. .....LynnvIlle, Ky. .....LouisvilIe, Ky. .,.Owensboro, Ky. . . .,... Cadiz, Ky. .Valley Sfafion, Ky. ...,PaducaI'1, Ky. Linclenwolcl, N.J. . .Murray, Ky. .....BenIon, Ky. ......Sanford, Fla. ....MacIIsonville. Ky. ..,.Sidney. Ohio ......Cayce, Ky. ....GreenviIle, Ky. .,CalverI Cily, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ....Alexandria, Va. ....PawfucI:e+, R.I. .....LouisvilIe, Ky. ..,...QuIncy, III. .....PrinceIon, Ky. ....Levi+Iown, N.Y. . .. Louisville, Ky. .,...I'Iiclcman, Ky. ...HopIcinsville, Ky. ....GrayvIlle, III. FRESHMEN Firsi Row: CAROL R. GILLMAN ,. DAVID T. GILLIAM ...... DEBORAH M. GILLIAM .. HARVEY R. GILLIAM .. Second Row: TERIRY L. GILLIKIN .. JIM O. GISH ,,.... LYNNE GNUSKE ROSEMARY GOAD Third Row: LARRY W, GOFF BETTY I. GOHEEN ......, CHARLOTTE A. GOLDMAN BEVERLY A. GOODE ....., Fourfh Row! BONNIE S. GOODMAN IRA L. GOODSMITH ...., DENNIS R. GOODWIN MICHAEL K. GOODWIN Fiffh Row: BELITA M. GORDON .. ROGER S. GORDON MICHAEL W. GOUGH E. DAVID GOURIEUX ,. 'Sindh Row: JOHN C. GRAHAM .... JOE W. GRANT ,,.. SUE A. GRANT .. ELIZABETH A. GRAY Sevenih Row: MARGARET M. GRAY .... BRADLEY K. GREEN .... KAREN GREEN ....... SUSAN R. GREEN .... Eighfh Row: CARL W. GREENFIELD DAVID L. GREER ,,.., JAMES T. GREER .. MICHELE A. GREER Ninih Row: CHARLES E. GREGORY RANDALL E. GRIEF .... JANICE K. GRIFFIN MICHAEL G. GRIFFIN .,.HiIIsboro, Mo .,,..Ben+on, Ky .HopkinsviIIe, Ky .,..MayfieId, Ky ...NepIune, N.J .,....Reed, Ky. .....SIreaI'or', III SprIngfieIcI. Tenn Owensboro, Ky . . .Murray, Ky ,...GrayviIIe, III .,.Murray, Ky ..,HicIcman, Ky . ..FIusI'1inq, N.Y ...Princefom Ky Dukedom, Term ...Lexingfom Ky ....Murray, Ky ..,.Maced, Ky ...,PaducaI1, Ky ...,DanviIIe, Ky ....LouIsviIIe, Ky ....HarI'ford, Ky ....LouisvIIIe. Ky .....Cadiz, Ky ..,.Lapor+e, Ind ....HIcI:man, Ky ..,.LouisvIIIe, Ky ......Ben+on, Ky ..RusseIIviIIe, Ky ...,.AImo, Ky .....S'rurqis, Ky CenIraI Cify, Ky ....PaducaI1, Ky .HopIdnsviIIe, Ky ....MayfieId, Ky iv! nv, ii-sv' 'il' E. 'G- I in ws if FRESHMEN Firsf Row: THOMAS V. GRIFFIN .. DON W. GRIFFITH .. . GARY S. GROGAN . ROY J. GROS , Second Row: PAUL G. GUESS .,,.... UNA L. GUTERMUTH MARVIN E. HAAGEN .. JEWELL D. HACKER .. Third Row: MILES P. HACKER D. KEITH HACKETT ROBERT F. HAGEL DALE HAGER .. Fourfh Row: EMMIT E. HAGGARD .... SHARON A. HAINES .. ABDOLMAJID HAKIMI DAVID G. HALE . Fifih Row: CAROLINE P. HALEY SUSANNE B. HALEY ,.,. HARRY D. HALL .... HUGH R. HALL Sixfh Row: RENA F. HALL .. STEWART F. HALL WILLIAM S. HALL TERRY L. HALLER Seven+h Row: JUDY L. HALTEMAN JOE L. HAMILTON MICHAEL E. HAMILTON RONALD G. HAMILTON Eighfh Row: SHERRY J. HAMLIN .. JERRY E. HAMM ..... CLAIRE G. HAMPTON CHERYL R. HANCOCK Ninih Row: BUFF W. HANDLEY J. C. HANKINS ....,.. MARGARET L. HANSEN THOMAS J. HANSEN . ...KeviI, Ky. ....BuIIaIo, N.Y. .... ......'FranI:Ior+, Ky. Pod Washingfon, N.Y. . .KuI'Iawa, Ky. . LouisvIIIe. Ky. .......CIyrner, Pa. . .Cincinnafh Ohio ..GIen EIIyr1, III. .....McKoesporI, Pa. ....MaysIanding. N.J. ...LouIsvIIIe, Ky. ..... ..ZeigIer, III. A .CincinnaI'i, Ohio .....TeI1ran, Iran ....Murray, Ky. ......BenI'on, Ky. .......EaIrbury, III. ....CaIverI Cify. Ky. . . . . MayfieId, Ky. . . . .Calverf Cify, Ky. ....Hanover, Ind. ....Henderson, Ky. ....CeIverI' Cify, Ky. .. . .WicI:IifI'e. Ky. .......KeviI. Ky. ....S. FuIIon, Tenn. ....Sparfa, III. ....MayTIeId, Ky. ....MayfIeId, Ky. ......LouisviIIe, Ky. .....CI1arIesIon, S.C. ........PaducaI'u, Ky. .Dawson Springs, Ky. ........PaducaI1, Ky. .....GaInesviIIe, Fla. FRESH Firsf Row: RONALD P. HARDISON .. GEORGE L. HARGROVE . SUE C. HARINEK ,,.... STEVEN L. HAIRN Second Row: JULAINE HARPOLE ..... MICHAEL P. HARRINGTON NANCI J. HARRINGTON , DONALD K. HARRIS .. Third Row: DONALD W. HARRIS HATTIE O. HAIRRIS .. JAMES M. HARRIS ..... BLAINE A. HARRISON ..,, Four+I1 Row: KARL S. HARRISON JAMES C. HART, JR. ,. RICHARD D. HART .... LINDA R. HARTMAN ,. Fiffh Row: PAMELA K. HASTINGS JAMES G. HASWELL DANNY R. HATCHER ..,. LINDA I.. HATEIELD .... Sixfh Row! RICK HAVERSTOCK ..., CAROL J. HAWES ..,..., MARGARET S. HAWES .... DOLORES J. HAYDEN .... Sevenfh Row: PHILLIP G. HAYDEN BOBBY H. HAYES .,... PATRICIA A. HAYES ..... PHILLIP M. HAZLEWOOD Eigh+h Row: DENNIS R. HELM .. ELSA C. HELM ...... JOHN J. HELTSLEY .... JANE E. HENDERSON .... Nin'II1 Row: MARY A. HENDERSON .. CAROLYN A. HENDON .. MARSHA A. HENDON .... PATRICIA A. HENDRICKS . . . .May'FieId, Ky. . . .WicI:Iiffe, Ky. ....MaHoon, III. Madisonville, Ky. .Farminq+on, Ky. CaIver+ Ci+y, Ky. ..ForI' Knox, Ky. ....May'IieId, Ky. .......LivIa. Ky. ......FuI'ron, Ky. Springfield, Tenn. ..FarmingIon, Ky ....BenIon, Ky. ...Murray, Ky. ....CeruIean, Ky. ...CiIIinsviIIe, III. .CoIumbus. Ohio ....LouisviIIe, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....Marion, Ky. ....Can+on, Ohio ....Bremen. Ky. ....Murray. Ky. ... . Ufico, Ky. ,...Paducah, Ky. .. . . Kuffawa, Ky. ....MarsIon, Mo. ....wiCklsffe, Ky. ....CIin'ron. ....MayfieId, ..,EarIinqIon, Ky. ....Mounds, III. ....MayfieIcI, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....Murray. Ky. ....PaducaI1, Ky. '53- FRES Firsf Row: JUNE L. HENDRIX HELEN F. HENRY ...... MARGARET A. HENSLEY KAY F. HENSON .,...,... Second Row: JANET M. HERGENHAN ROBERT M. HERNDON ALPHONSO HERRERA . EVELYN J. HESS ,..,,.. Third Row: KAREN M. HESTER .. MARILYN HICKS TERESA A. 'HICKS .., ERKKI A. HIETALA ,... Four'II1 Row: WILLIAM V. HIGDON .... DARREL C. HIGGINS MARIAN E. HIGGINS MARILYN L. HIGGINS . Fifth Row: RONALD J. HIGGINS . DENNIS A. HILL .. LARRY J. HILL ...,.,.. ROBERT M. HILLYARD . Sindh Row: ALMEDA B. HITEIR .... BILLY J. HODGE ..,, CRAIG E. HODGE LYNN M. HODGES Sevenih Row: LYNDA G. HOGAN ...,.. MARTHA HOIGANCAMP CHARLES M. HOGG .. SANDRA K. HOLLAND , Eighth Row: STAN K. HOLLAND .. JOHN J. HOLLIS .. NORRIS R. HOLLIS JOE C. HOLLOWAY Ninfh Row: JUDY W. HOLLOWAY . SANDAR K. HOLMES . BRENDA G. HOOKS DON W. HOOVER .....GreenviIIe. Ky . . , .New Madriqd, Mo ,...LouisviIIe. Ky .....PaducaI1, Ky ,...'River Edge, N.J ....,Murray, Ky ,,...CI1Icago. III ....LouIsviIIe, Ky ,...,,,LouisviIIe, Ky ....Brandenbury. Ky ,,..,...PaducaI1, Ky .,...BaIIsIon Lake, N.Y .....PaducaI1. Ky .,..Fredonia, Ky. .,,S. FuIIon, Tenn ....S. FuII'on, Tenn ...BenIor1, Ky ....PaducaI1, Ky ....HarcIin, Ky .....EnfIeId, III .,..Ben+on, Ky ....,.Murray, Ky .....Medina, OI'1io .....PacIucaI1, Ky ...,....Cairo, III ....BardweII, Ky .....CI'1icaqo, III ..,..FairdaIe, Ky ...,BenIon, Ky ......LouisviIIe, Ky .....MadIsonviIIe, Ky , , . . Mayfield, Ky .....EranIcIin, Ky. .....HicIcory, Ky ....PrinceIon, Ky. .,MayfieId, Ky FRESHMEN Firsf Row: SAUNDRA S. HOPEWELL KENNETH D. HOPKINS .. CAROLYN M. HOPPER .. HARRIS L. HOWARD Second Row: WILLIAM D. HOWELL . , JAMES F. HOWLAND .... ELIZABETH A. HOWARD PRESTON F. HOWLE Third Row: DENNIS A. HUCKABA . ANITA K. HUGHES ..... MARGARET J. HUGHES THOMAS E. HUGHES, JR. Fourih Row: VICKI C. HUGHES ..., TONYA A. HUGUELEY DAVID C. HULL , , BENJAMIA C. HUMPHREY Fifih Row: GERRI HUMPHREY NANCY K. HUNTER .,.. WILLIAM D. HUSTON LARRY E. HYDE ..,,... Sixfh Row: JERRY M. HYMAN .. KENNETH C. IMES ....,. JAMES M. INGLE .,....... MICHAEL A. INGRASSIA Sevenih Row: JOHN H. IRWIN DUANE J. ISBELL ....... BRENDA R. JACKSON .... DELBER A. JACKSON .... Eighfh Row! JACOUELINE JACKSON . JIMMY A. JACKSON .... DIANNE L. JACOB ....,. ,... .....VaIIey Sfafion, Ky ..FarrningIon, Ky ....MayfieId, Ky .Morqanfielci Ky ..MempI1is. Tenn ...LouisviIIe, Ky .. .Mayfield Ky ..,WiCIcIIfIe, Ky ..CampbeII, Mo. .. ..Murray, Ky. ...,Marion, Ky . ,... Princefon, Ky. Lynn Grove, Ky. Ruflwerford, Tenn. .,..Murray, Ky. .Murray, Ky. ..Owensboro. Ky. New Madrid, Mo. Harrodsburg, Ky. ...Dawson Springs. Ky. . . . . Louisville, Ky .,..AImo. Ky .....Hay+i, Mo .....HIIlside, N.J .....Benfon, Ky .....MayfieId. Ky .,.,.ArIInqIon, Ky .....MayfieId, Ky ..BucI'1anan, Tenn .,,..BardweII, Ky ....PrinceIon, Ky EDWARD J. JAKUBIELSKI, JR. ..... Norwich, Conn Ninfh Row: JANE E. JASPER ....,. JUDITH A. JENKIN . LILLIAN E. JENKINS ....C-ary, W. Va ....BarberIon, Ohio ....LouisviIIe. Ky ROBERT A. JENNINGS .. .,.., Madisonville. Ky FRESHMEN Firsf Row: DAVID H. JESSUP LYNN A. JESTER .... CHERI L. JETT ..... DAWN E. JETTON ..., Second Row: BARBARA B. JEWELL WILLIAM A. JEWELL .. DONNA JOHNSON ..A.A. ED'VVA'R4D L. JOHNSON Third Row: JANIS A. JOHNSON JOHN C. JOHNSON . ROLLEY E. JOHNSON .. RONALD S. JOHNSON Fourfh Row: SYDNEY L. JOHNSON .. TERRY J. JOHNSON BAXTER L. JOHNSTON CHARLOTTE K. JONES Fifih Row: DENNIS J. JOSEPH .. . GWENDOLYN A. JONES HELEN C. JONES ...... JAMES M. JONES Sixih Row: JAMES T. JONES JOHN W. JONES LESLIE C. JONES .... MARTHA K. JONES Sevenfh Row: PAMELA A. JONES PATRICIA G. JONES .. ROBERT A. JONES .... ROBERT B. JONES .... Eighfh Row: SHIRLEY A. JORDAN .. Madisonville, Ky. ....Cowden, III. .....SaIem, III. ..Livonia, Mich. ..Sf. Louis, Mo. ...MayfieId, Ky ....CIin+on, Ky. . .....FairfieId, III. ,...Murray, Ky. . ..., Keyporf, N.J. ..,.Burna. Ky. ,.,..Carmi, III. , .WickIiIfe, Ky. ..,..KarnaIc, III. . . . . Murray, Ky. .....Herrin. III. Benion, Ky. ....Murray. Ky. .,..Murray, Ky. ....Murray. Ky. .,,PacIucaI'1, Ky. ...Paducah Ky. ....ViIIa Grove, III. . .,.... Joppa, III. ,...Anchorage, Ky. , .,,..... Dexier, Ky. oak Ridge. N.J. ,..,LouisviIIe, Ky. . ...,LouisviIIe, Ky. TONI JONES ....,.. ....... H azel, Ky. VANNA B. JONES .... Dyersburg, Tenn. VIRGINIA C. JONES .... Princefon, Ky. Ninih Row: BARBARA A. JULIAN .. ..... EvansviIIe, Ind. MARTIN J. KADY MARIBETH KAEGI .. CAROL D. KANE .... ......AIexandria, Va. ..,.,Cave-in-Rock, III. .,,...Murray, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: DARLENE L. KARAS MICHAEL G. KAREM . MARY ANN KASANIC MARNA KATTMAN ... Second Row: MICHAEL C. KEEL ,... DONALD R. KELLAMS NANICY M. KELLER HAROLD M. KELLEY . Third Row: BILL E. KELLY .,..,.. EDWINTA C. KELLY ...,. MARSHALL B. KELTNER WILLIAM C. KEMP Fourfh Row: AUDREY J. KENDALL . LINDA C. KENNEDY .. CAROLYN P. KERLER .. MARGARET S. KERR ,. Fiffh Row: ANNE M. KEYS ....,, LELIS M. KEYS .....,.. NANCY E. KILLOUGIH MARCIE E. KIMBEL .,.. .,.,. Sixih Row: JANIE KING JERRY E. KING ...., MARILYN A. KING PATRICIA J. KING .. Sevenfh Row: HALL K. KINGINS VAN E. KINNEY CLINTON D. KIRK .. LARRY E. KIRKLAND Eighth Row: GINGER D. KISSELL PHIL R. KLAPP ........ JOAN E. KLOSTERMAN FREDA L. KLUTTS ....... Ninih Row: SAMMY S. KNIGHT . . , . .Yorkfown HIS., N.Y. ,..,...LouIsvIIIe, Ky. .,...Barber+on, Ohio . . . .LewIs+on, N.Y. ......HazeI, Ky. ....EvansviIIe, Ind. ....PembroIce, Ky. . . . .ScoHsviIIe, Ky. ....CIin+on, Ky. ......Oak+on, Ky. ....Dyersburg, Tenn. ......DIxon, Ky. ....Joppa, III. ........U+ica, Ky. ., . , .Owensboro, Ky. ....'CoIumbus, Ky. .....Irving+on, Ky. ..,....Ben+on, Ky. ... ..,.... MacIIsonvIIIe, Ky. Coffage Grove, Tenn. .....Murray, Ky. ......Robinson, III. ....CunnInqI'1am, Ky. .......Anna, III. ...,...Murray, Ky. ....Coving+on, Ky. ..,.SaIem, Ky. .....Rumsey, Ky. ....SI1orI' I'IiIIs, N.J. ....MayIIeIcI, Ky. .. . .Prospect Ky. ....I-Iickman. Ky. .........Murray, Ky. PAUL F. KNUE ........ .... L awrenceburg, Ind KRISTYNE S. KOONS OTTO V. KOVACS .. .......Kenney. III. . .... Union, N.J 43 I Q, 1 399 FRESHMEN Firsi Row! JOSEPH L. KRAWEZYK, JR. .. JAMES A. KRAUS .......,.. JAMES M. KREJCI .,.,.,. KATHLEEN H. KREKICH .. Second Row: RICHARD M. KUCHARSKI STANLEY A. KULBACKI BARRY C. LeBEEF ....,.. JAMES S. LANCASTER .. Third Row: ROY C. LADD ,.......,. DIANNE C. LAFEOON PATRIICIA K. LAMAR MAX M. LANDES ..,, Fourfh Row: CYNTHIA F. LANDIS .. THOMAS H. LANDRUM MARILYN LANE .,.,.. RITA C. LANE Fiffh Row: LARRY D. LANGFORD PATRICIA A. LANGSTON JOYVE A. LANIER ..,... MICHAEL T. LANIER Sixfh Row: EDWIN R. LA.RSON .... LOIS F. LASH ER ....,.... THOMAS J. LASHINSKY ,... DALE W. LATTA ,,...... Sevenfh Row: WAYNE K. LAWRENCE .. JAMES A. M. LEE .... ROY B. LEACH LIN'DA A. LEE .. Eighfh Row: PATRICIA A. LEFLER DONNA K. LEGAN MNRILYN J. LEGATE .... ALICE J. LEMONDS Ninfh Row: WILLIAM M. LEUER ALAN P. LEWIS ...,.. JAMES K. LEWIS, JR. LAWRENCE E. LEWIS .. ....BennIngIon, VI. ......LouisviIIe, Ky. ....,EdwardsvIIIe. III. ,,...Passaic, .Garden Cify Park, ...,...BIoomIield, ,....FuI'ron, ., . . .CadIZ, ....PrinceIon, .... .,..LouisviIIe, Pleasure Ridge Park ......Parus, N.J. Nm N.J. N.Y. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. III. ,...,Mon'riceIIo, III. ....,Warren, Mich, .,..,HopI:insvIIIe, Ky. , . . .CaIverf CH'y, Ky. ....I'IIcIcman, Ky. .....HicIcory, Ky. ....SI'urgis, Ky. ....KevII, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ..,.HampI'on, Ky. .,. .LouIsviIIe, Ky. ...CIin'ron, Ky. ....WickIiffe. Ky. . . . .Frankfort Ky. . . . . Frankfort Ky. .....EvansvIIIe, Ind. ....LouisvIIIe, Ky. .,..KenneH, Mo. ....MayIIeId. Ky. ...,BucI1anan, Tenn. .. ...New Madrid, Mo. .,..Nor+onviIIe, Ky. ....Day+on, Ohio ....SIauqI'1Iers, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf 'Rowz LINDA A. LEWIS .. DONE W. LIGON ,...., SANDRA J. LINIDOUIST ,... JUDITH K. LITTLEJOHN Second Row: FOSTER D. LILLY ..., JOSEPH C. LILLY LINDA T. LILLY ...,... BARBARA J. LINDSEY .. Third Row: MORRIS D. LLOYD. JR. . JANICE L. LOCKWOOD MNRIIHELEN LOOKOFSKY JERRY E. LONG ........ Fourlll Row: LIN'DA L. LONG .,... MAR-CIA G. LONG MARSHALL W. LONG .. ROBERT LONGLEY .... Fiffh Row: DIANNE LOVAN ......., RICHARD D. LOVELACE . LARRY D. LOVETT ..... PATRICIA S. LOVETT Sixfh -Row: JEANNE P. LOVINS .,. ALICE D. LOWERY ... CHARLOTTE K. LOYD GARRY W. LOYD ..... Sevenfh Row: NANICY G. LUCAS ..... CAROLINE C. LUCIANO CAROL A. LUTHER ..... JERRY A. LUZ ..,.. Eighth Row: DANNY R. LYLES ., GEORGE T. LYNN JAMES R. LYON .. NANCY A. LYONS Ninflm Row: VICKI J. MCCLENDON .. JAMES A. McCLURE .. SHARON A. McCLUR'E .. MADELEINE MCCOLLUM . , ........,... Tolu, .....LouisviIIe, Ky ....PaducaI1 Ky ...LouisvilIe, Ky ....Paducal'1, Ky .....AncI1orage, Ky ....,Marion, Ky .....Murray, Ky ...,HawesviIle, Ky .....LouisviIle Ky ....PaducaI1. Ky ...Mayfield Ky . . . .Ashland Ky ... .MidcIIeI'own, Ky .......Kevil, Ky .....Clwal'Iee, Mo .....Oswego, N.Y ....,KeviI, Ky ...Louisville Ky. .....Hardin, Ky ....,Ben+on, Ky .....Murray, Ky. ......Nebo, Ky . . . .Owenboro Ky ...,San'Iorcl, Fla KY Daylona Beach, Fla. ...,,......Fullon, Ky .,,..PiIlsIieId, Mass ...,.Symsonia, Ky. . .Ful+on, Ky. . . . . .Owensboro, Ky. ....MadisonviIIe, Ky. ....MayfieIcI, Ky Calverl Cily. Ky .Buclmanam Tenn ,, .... Hopkinsville, KY FRESHMEN Firsi' Row: JAMES A. MCCONNELL YVONNE M. McCOY .. PEGGY M. MCCREE .. DONALD L. MQCUISTON Second Row: DAVID I. MCCULLOUGH PATRICIA A. MCDADE .. JANE M. MCDONALD .. .. JANET S. MCDONALD . Third Row! RENEE A. MCDOVVALD . JIMMY D. McDOWELL . SHERION P. McDOWELL STEVEN C, MCDOWELL Fourfh Row: CARMEN J. MCELWAIN BETTY J. MCG-EHEE ..... TIMOTHY V. MCGRATH LINDA J. MCGUIRE .. Fifth Row: PATRICIA L. MCGUIRE . FRANK D. MCKEE .... WILLIAM J. MCKENNA . MILTON MCMAHAN Sixfh Row: WINFRED E. McMORRIES KATHLEEN McNEAL CAROLYN A. McNEELY ,.,. PATRICIA A. MCNEELY . Sevenih Row: ROY L. MCNEELY ..... PHYLLIS C. MCNUTT .. TERRY L. MCNICHOLS . LINDA S. McPI-IERSON Eighfh Row: SHERRY MCWILLIAMS . SAMMY MABRY ...,. ANN P. MACKEY ...... JEANNE J. MADDOX Ninfh Row: DAVID N. MADISON DAVID MAGNESS ..... MARY L. MAGRUDER . MARION L. KRAFT .. ......Marion, Ky. .....Madison, Tenn. .....LynnviIIe, Ky. . .BucI'1anen, Tenn. ..VaIIey S'rcHon, Ky. ......LouisviIIe, Ky. . . ...... Cadiz, Ky. ..WesI' Franlcforf, III. . . ..CI1aqrIn FaIIs, Ohio .....Providence, Ky. , . ,Calverf Cify, Ky. . ..PeducuI1, Ky. .... Golden Pond, Ky. ..,.....Murray, Ky. Drayfon Plains. Mich. .......MayfieId, Ky. ......Sanford, Fla. .....WaverIy, Tenn. ......ArdsIey, Pa. ....CIinI'on, Ky. ...Wafer Valley. Ky. .......BenIon, Ky. ........Murray, Ky. ...Calc Ridge, Tenn. .....BenIon, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ..... Cadiz, Ky. .....MayfIeId, Ky. ......MarIon, Ky. ....CunningI'1am, Ky. ........Ufica, Ky. ....Owensboro, Ky. .......PeducaI1, Ky. ..,.CaIyerf Cify, Ky. .......PaducaI'1, Ky. ..GrancI Tower, III. FRESIIMEN Firsi Row: PHILIP L. MAHLER .... ERNEST O. MAINE. JR. . CONSTANICE D. MAJOR FREDIRICK MAKOCZY .. Second Row: GLENN R. MALCHOW . WALTER D.'MALIS ,... . CALVIN MALLORY .... JANICE MALONE Third Row: TIMOTHY E. MAPPIN GARY T. MARSHALL .. ANNIE R. MARTIN DONNA M. MARTIN FOUFVI1 Row: JEAN MARTIN ..,... ROBERT J. MARTIN .... ROBERT K. MARTIN TEID W. MARTIN ,..,, Fiffh Row: GARY R. MASON .....,. THOMAS O. MATHEWS LINDA M. MATTESON SUSAN MATTINGLY Sidh Row: GAYLA J. MAXBERRY NANCY I. MAY .....,., ELIZABETH A. MAYNARID PAUL E. MICK ........,.. Sevenih Row: GARY L. MIDYETT ......,. . WILLIAM A. MILES. III . ALFRED L. MILLER ..... BILLY R. MILLER Eighfh Row: EVELYN D. MILLER JOHN A. MILLER .... PAMELA K. MILLER GARY A. MILLIGAN Ninfh Row: JAMES E. M'ILLS ........ SHERIRY L. MILSTEAD ... ... KAY MINOR ..,.... THOMAS D. MITCI-IAM . .....LincoIn. III. .,..AsI1away, 'R.I .. ...Cadiz, Ky ....BuffaIo, N.Y. ..FranIcIin, Ky. Crown Point Ind. .MiIwauIcee, Wis. ....MayfieIcI, Ky. ....LouIsviIIe. ..,.PaducaI1, . ......Cayce. Ky. .. . .LouIsviIIe, Ky. .....Crof+on. Ky. ..I-Ienderson. Ky. .....PrinceI'on, Ky. .. . . .PrinceIon, Ky. .,..MayIIeId. Ky. .....FaIrIIeId, III. N. Madison, Ohio ..Owensboro, Ky. .. . .BeIIon, Ky. .....SfeeIe, Mo. .....EIIcIon, Ky. .....Marion, Ky. ....PaducaI'1, Ky. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. Cenfral Cify. Ky. .....Murray, Ky. NV. Paducah. Ky. . ..., Paducah, Ky. .MadIsonviIIe. Ky. JoI1nsIon Ci+y, III. New Madrid, Mo. ......FuIIon, Ky. ,ML Vernon, III. ....IrvingI'on, Ky. I f . if 'LZ' . . U . 'X - fag Ts... L, f, '32 IIB' A f fn . Lis .- V. EJ. in 'VII fr' 'Gd .wh -5 'sf' ,,,..... EI ' JI' 'I JP 35,43 . Q , .vm nn. u ,N ..+:.,,.. I aff ' . -1.1 1 wx.: U ' AW - 1 1- 2z :ffi:.f5f.2w.f2s. FRESHMEN First Row: DONNA J. MITCHELL . TONI A. MITCHELL .... BETTY L. MEADOWS .... JOHN R. MEADOWS Second Row: THOMAS 6. MEARS .. LILLIE J. MEEKS ROBERT T. MEEKS SARAH A. MEEKS Third Row: ANIDREA L. MELTON MARGARET R. MELTON RODOLFO MENENDEZ . LINUEL D. MIEREDITH Fou rfh Row: ROBERT P. MERIWETHER EVERETT R. MERTZ ..... LINDA S. MESSEL ...., JOYCE Y. MESSENGER . Fiffh Rowr WILLIAM D. METCALF . ALICE B. MONARCH JAMES R. MOORE REBECCA L. MOORE .. Sixfh Row: RICHARD D. MOORE ROGER T. MOORE ..,. WALTER J. MOORE ., JUDITH N. MORGAN .. Sevenfh Row: BETH MORRIS .,...... EDMUND A. MORRIS .. JUDY I. MORRIS .... LARRY J. MORRIS .... Eighfh Row: LYNDA S. MORRIS .... REBECCA S. MORRIS WILLIAM C. MORRIS .. GLENDA MORRISON Ninfh Row: JOANN L. MORTON PATRICIA A. MOIRTON MARSHA A. MOSGROVE JANICE L. MOSS ....... .. . .,........ LouisviIIe, Ky. McLemoresviIIe, Tenn. . .... M urroy, Ky. . ..... Jeffersonville, ..,..Cadiz, Ky. .......Carmi, III. . . . . Providence, Ky. .,..EvansviIIe, Ind. . . . . Brandenburg, Ky. ......,.FuIfon, Ky. ....EasI' Prairie, Mo. ...,.Miami, Fla. ...Bee Spring, Ky. ...,PaducaI'I, Ky. .......Cairo, III. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. . . .LouisviIIe, Ky. .....Penninq+on, N.J. .....I-Iardinsburg, Ky. ....HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. .......Murray, Ky. Ind. ..,.,....Murray, Ky. ....Urbana, III. ,...MayfieId, Ky. . . . . Louisville. Ky. . . .EddyvIIIe, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ....,HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. ... .BardweII, Ky. .. . ,... .LouIsviIIe, Ky. Ky. , ........... ,PeIIvIIIe, CoI+age Grove, Tenn. ..,.GorI1am, Maine ....I'IodgenviIIe, ....CIarIcsviIIe, .....For+ Knox, Ky. Ind. Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: SHIRLEY J. MATT ROSEMARY MAIFE ...... JACOUELINE A. MUELLER KAIREN S. MULKEY ...... Second Row: PAMELA A. MUMFORD .. JUDITH A. MUNSEY ..... DAVIID F. MUNSON .... ROBERT F. MURLEY .. Third Row: CAROL A. MURPHY .... JOANN M. MURPHY ,... WAYNE MURPHY .... BARBARA MURRAY .. Fourfh Row: SIHARON L. MUR'RAY VERONICA J. MURRAY . BARBARA A. MYATT PAUL W. MYHILL FIHI1 Row: BRIAN J. NAKAERTS .. DANNY M. NALL STEVEN L. NANCE .. LINDA K. NANNEY .,.. Sixfh Row: JOSEPH P. NAPPI PEGGY J. NEAL ..... CONNIE E. NEASE .... SARAH J. NELSON ..,. Sevenih Row: PAM J. NEUBAUER ..,.. AUSTIN T. NEWCOMBE ,. JOANNE NEWCOMER ,, SAMMY D. NEWSOM Eighfh Row: JUDITY A. NEWSOME RON L. NESS ...,,,.. BEVERLY J. NETTLES CAIROL J. NEVILLE NinII1 Row: JOSEPH G. NEWTON KENNETH R. NICHOLS . JOE S. NICHOLSON .... WILLIAM K. NICKELI. .... ....BarcIweII, Ky. ......Cormi. III. ..EvansviIIe. Ind. ,...Freeburg. III. .OwensIaoro, Ky. .. . .KuI'I'awa, Ky. ....MeI'awan, N.J. .....MiIfon, Ind. .....Paris, Tenn. . . .LouisviIIe, Ky. . . .IPrInceIon, Ky. Phillipsport N.Y. . . Forf Knox, Ky. . . .Princefom Ky. , . .MayfieIc.I, Ky. .....FuIfon, N.Y. ......CIII'I'on, III. ...MayfIeId, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .....AImo, Ky. ....NewarIc, N.J. ....HicI:ory, Ky. . . . LouisviIIe, Ky. ,....Benfon, Ky. .,...CI1icago, III. .,Providence, Ky. Bloomfield, Mo. , . , .Dawson Springs, Ky. ....May'IieId, Ky. ,,,GaIidn, Ohio ..ForI Knox, Ky. ...ArIing+on, Ky. ...I-Iickman, Ky. ...Prince+on, Ky. ....Hickory, Ky. CaIverI' Ci'I'y, Ky. Q4 fs- Q... I is 45. -f N4 Il. ., L X 41 Q. if k fr- - ,rs ik! gg 'if bl' it Pff Q R 'Q 5. iq -. y. 2- -Q-. I 7. I I x w k R ff f- A t . A '23 v- W .. I I v A 3 ... bg, ' Q.. Sl I 242, '5 ' Y 71 I 405 FRES Firsf Row: JOHN W. NIEMI . .. BRENDA C. NIX .,,,.,. DAVID C. NOELL .,.... LLOYD W. NOFFSINGER Second Row: JAMES NOLES . . RAYMOND C. NORMAN TOM S. NORMAN .., . LYNDA B. NORRIS . . Third Row: DOLORES J. NORTH . . PATRICK R. NOWLIN .. BRENDA J. OAKLEY ... PHYLLIS R. O'BANNON . Fourfh Row: JAMES M. OBERMEYER BONNIE L. O'DELL . MARTHA R. ODLE ,. . JANET L. OESTEIRHELD Fifih Row: CHARLES R. OGLESBY . RONALD D. OGLESBY . DUEI. W. OLDHAM .,., GAYLA J. OLDHAM Sindh Row: LARRY D. OLDHAM SUSAN G. OLIGER .... CLARENCE D. OLIVER .... JANICE E. OLIVER .... Sevenfh Rowi JANICE F. OLIVER .... KENNY J. OLIVER ,,... WILLIAM G. OLIVER .. DEANNA K. OLSON Eighfh Row: CAROL A. O'MACK MARGARET B. OMAR . WILLIAM K. OMER ..., SHARON L. O'NAN .. Ninih Row: GEORGE G. ONNYBECKER .. . CHARLES I-I. OUTLAND SHERI B. OUTLAND TERRY L. OUTLAND ,...BenIon, Ky. .......Murray, Ky. ...,M+. Sferlinq, Ky. ., . ,Cenfral Cify, Ky. ..Ben+on. Ky. ....MayfieId, Ky. . .LouisviIIe, Ky. ,.Owensboro, Ky. .Barber-Ion, Ohio .Farmer Cify, III. . ..,. Cadiz, Ky. .. . EarIingI'on, Ky. . ..CIin+on, III. ...LouisviIIe. Ky. ,...Murray, Ky. .. .Owensboro, Ky. .. ...6aIa+ia, III. ..,.EarIingI'on, Ky. .......PrinceIon. Ky. Dawson Spring, Ky. ......Wingo, Ky. .....BeIIe Riue, III. ,....Nep+une, N.J. .,..EdcIyviIIe, Ky. . ..EdcIyviIIe, Ky. . . . . .KirI:sey, Ky. ...,.Prince-Ion, Ky. ...,.VandaIio, III. ..,..BarringIon, III. ......FuI+on, Ky. ....,..CIay, Ky. .. Cresfwood, Ky. .,,,BenIon, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ..Murray, Ky. .....Madison I-IeiqI1Is, Mich. FRESHMEN Firsi' Row: GARY R. OVESEN JOHN M. OVESEN ,... CLYDE L. OWEN, JR. ROBERT W. OWEN .,.. Second Row: SIDNEY S. OWEN BRENDA L. OWENS .. JERRY L. OWSLEY GEORGE E. PADGETT .. Third Row: ANN PAGE ....... BETTYE J. PAGE .... CHARLES B. PAHL KEVIN G. PALLO .,,. Fourih Row: JOHN D. PALMER ,,.... ANDREW J. PANNAFINO CHERYL A. PARK ,..... GARY D. PARK . . Fiffh Row: JAN C. PARHAM ..... CARLTON N. PARKER GARLAND M. PARKER .. PATRICIA D. PARKER Sixfh Row: STONNIE R. PARKER WILLIAM A. PARKER BONNIE L. PARRENT .. SUSIE PARRISH ,,.. Seven+I1 Row: SHERRY L. PARSLEY JOE P. PARSONS .. STEVE D. PARTIN ,..,,, CHERRIE G. PASCHALL Eigh+h Row: MARTHA D. PASCHALL . MARY B. PASCHALL .,,. TIMOTHY G. PATTON RICHARD M. PAYNE ...,. Ninfh Row: SUSAN E. PEAK ,,..... CARL E. PEARCH, JR. DENNIS F. PECK ....... DON A. PENNINGTON . ,RocI'1es'rer, Mich .I-Iodqenville, Ky ,..EvansviIIe, Ind ,...ArIIng+on, Ky. .....Bu+Ier, Ky . . . ,WIcIcIiffe, Ky ,...LaCenI'er, Ky ....CIinIon, Ky ,..,LynrwviIIe, Ky ...,LouIsvIIIe, Ky ....Griffifh, Ind . . . . ,FIa+ River, Mo .,,..Simpson, III .,.FuI+on, N.Y ....Ben'ron, Ky .,..Ben+on, Ky .,..MayI'ieId, Ky ,..,.Murray, Ky ,,Owensboro, Ky ...CoIumbus. Ky .....Cadiz, Ky ...Murray, Ky ....EddyviIIe, Ky .,.,KuHawo, Ky ....Murray, Ky ....,...BarIow, Ky Cunningham, Ky ... ..... Mayfield, Ky ....Murray, Ky ,,,.Murray, Ky ......ZIegIer, III EIizabefh+own, Ky ,.....Paducah, Ky New AIbany, Ind ......BenIon, Ky ..,.S+urqis, Ky f +11 H PM 2 iw I Q.. Sv S HN' fag I yy vw G, , .. - 7--.,. -. 'L Mig, 14 -dk! I .0 'F Qjjjr' www sv.. '15 vv2"" 'VW' I I hm 'dbg rf H.. 73" IVV if 925' in :QR 'mfr -xg 407 FRESHMEN Firs+ Row: H. THOMAS PERDEW .. .,. JOAN A. PERKINS .. RONALD E. PERKINS .. REBECCA J. PERRY Second Row: SAN DRA PERRY .,..,. DAMON E. PERSIANI ROBERT L. PETERS . , VERNON D. PETTIT Third Row: MIKE PETTY .,.. ..., LINDA L. PEYTON ..,. MARTHA P. PEYTON . SHARON K. PHILLIPS Fourfh Row: GLORIA J. PHIPPS ., EDWARD A. PICHARD MARGARET E. PIERSON MAE F. PINNER ,...,. Fiffh Row: SALLY A. PIRTLE ,.., LINDA PITTMAN ..... MARGARET PITTMAN . REGINA A. PITTMAN ..., . Six+I1 Row: MARTHA J. PITTS .. RANDALL POE RODNEY POE ........ RONALD L. PORTER Sevenfh Row: IVAN C. POTTER .... ROBERT D. POTTS TEDDY W. POTTS .... LINDA R, POWELL .... Eighfh Row: DIANNA M. POWERS . JAMES P. PRESTON LAWRENCE H. PRICE MONA E. PRICE .,..., Ninth Row! RALPH C. PRINCE .... PAUL K. PRITOHARD , JERRY S. PRITCHETT . MILDRED J. PROICTOR ..,,,Frar1IcforI, Ky. SI. Pefersburq, Fla. ,.....LouIsvIIIe, Ky. , ..SaIem, III. .. .Winqo, Ky. .. .ArIingIon, Va. , ..Leespor+, Pa. ,...PaducaI1, Ky. ......FuII'on. Ky. ,...OwerIsboro, Ky. ...DaIfon, Ky. .,..BenIon, Ky. . .Murray, Ky. .,CoIumbus, Ky. ...DenviIIe, N.J. ....I-Iazel, Ky. Wafer VaIIey, Ky . ,WIcIcIiffe, Ky . . . .WiCIrIIfI:e, Ky .,Greenwood, Ind ....Murray, Ky ....BenIon, Ky ....Ben+on, Ky .,..LouisvIIIe. Ky ....WIngo, Ky .....,Murray, Ky ...,FarmInq+on, Ky ..,...GuI'I'1rie, Ky .. .LouisviIIe. Ky .....ZIeqIer, III .....PaducaI1, Ky ,.,Monroe, N.Y ...Farminqfom Ky ......Dexfer, Mo ...EarIing'ron, Ky ,, ,... Clarksville, Ind. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: CAROL D. PROW ..,.. RICHARD A. PRYOR ..., .,...MacIIsonvilIe, Ky. ...,LouIsviIIe, Ky. STEPHANIE A. PURCELL .... .... M I. Vernon, III. CHARLES R. PUTNAM .. Second Row: PHILIP L. PUTNAM ., BILLY J. PYLE ... ,. JERROLD R. PYLES .. .. LULA OUERTERMOUS .. Third Row: TERRY D. OUIGGINS ., BEIRERLY F. OUIMBY ,.,,.,... MARTHA E. OUISENBERRY ..,.RusseIIviIIe, Ky. .....FuI+on, Ky. ..,.,.CIIn'ron, Ky. ....Nor+onviIIe, Ky. ....SIurgis, Ky. ....LouisviIIe. Ky. .....PaducaI'1, Ky. ....ReynoIds, Ky. RICHARD W. RABIDEAU .... Benning+on VI. Fourfh Row: CECIL D. CADFORD PI-IILLIP S. RAFFETY . .. CI'-IARLENE H. RAGAN RONNIE V. RAGSDALE .. Fif+I1 Row: LINDA J. RAIMONDO ... PATRICK H. RAMBEAU . GALON E. RAMEY ...... BEVERLY D. RANDALL .. Sixfh Row: JAMES L. RANDALL .... J. D. RAYBURN, JR. .,.,.MadisonvIIIe, Ky. ,,....Wya+I, Mo. ...,.LIIbourn, Mo. ....Murray, Ky. . ..... Jamesfown, N.Y. .......,YorIc, Pa. , . . .Grand Rivers, Ky. ....LouisviIIe. Ky. .Grani+e CiIy, III. ..,.ProvIdence, Ky. JEAN ANN RAYMOND ...CincinnaIi, Ohio MARY JANE RAYBURN ,. Sevenfh Row: TOM E. READ .....,. ROBERT N. READER .... STEPHEN R. REAGAN .... ALICIA A. REAVES .. Eighfh Row: JAMES B. REDEORD .,.. MARJORIE A. REECE LARRY D. REEDER ..,... NANCY D. REICHERT NIMI1 Row: CI'IE'RYL A. REIG6 KAREN R. REINKE .. DONALD L. REISS .... LARRY W, REND .. Manclwesfer, Tenn. ........LouisviIIe, Ky. Valley Sfafion, Ky. ,...,.KenneH', Mo. ...,MayffeId, Ky. .....GIasgow, Ky. ,..,LouisviIIe, Ky. ....,.,DesIoqe, Mo. ,.,..Grand Chain, III. ...I-'IamiI+on, Ohio ,. . ..Tren'ror1, N.J. ....LouisviIIe, Ky. .,..WicIcIiIfe, Ky. wx--+ " Inga ... mir-se.. y -j. .- V : . ' - - FRESHMEN Firsf Row: SAIL H. RENO JAMES H. RHEM . . JOHN C. RICE ,.... JUDITH 6. RICHARDS Second Row: CHARLES D. RICHARDSON JOHN B. RICHARDSON .. SHERRY L. RICHARDSON DONNA R. RICKETTS Third Row: ELLEN C. RICKMAN . . GLORIA J. RICKS . .. LOUIS RIDDLE ..,. JOAN RILEY Fourfh Row: TERESA RING-O . JANET S. RIEDLING CARL S. ROBERTS .. .. JOSEPH M. ROBERTS . . Fiffh Row: DARRELL R. ROBERTSON . DIEDRA L. ROBERTSON .. GARY W. ROBERTSON PETER P. ROBERTSON Sindh Row: RYAN C. ROBERTSON JAMES L. ROGERS .... WANDA L. ROGERS .. CAROL L. ROLEE .... Sevenfh Row: CHARLOTTE J. ROLLMAN RON R. ROMAWI ,,.,... DELOIRIS A. ROSE . JANET C. ROSE Eighth Row: LINDA K. ROSS ..., SUE A. ROSE ...., JAMES B. ROSIER .,.. BILLY D. ROSS .... Ninfh Row: JAMES W, ROSS .... ROBERT W. ROUSE .. WILLIAM E. ROUTH ... RUTH ROWLAND ... .....WicI:Iiffe, .....Marion, ...........FuI+on, . . . , .Dawson Springs, ....,Murray, ...Adairville, ...Louisville, ...LouisviIle, KY KY KY KY KY KY KY KY .....Wingo, Ky Jaclcson, Tenn ....Milburn ..,..Murray, . . . . .Blackford . , . Benfon, . .Murray, . ...BenI'on, Reisfersfown, .. ..Paducal1, .....Ben+on, ...Louisville .....Owensboro, ...Fredonia, ...ArIinqfon, .....Murrcy . Evansville, .Waslwinqfom ....Ben+on, , , Benfon, KY KY KY KY KY KY Md Ky. Ky. KY Ky Ky. Ky. Ky. Ind. Ill. Ky. Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ...Paducah Ky. ....Arcade, N.Y. .....BenIon, Ky. Savannah, Tenn. .Owensboro, Ky. ..,Louisville, Ky. .. Bardwell, Ky. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: KAMCHAI RUANGKANCHANASEITR ..,.. Thonburi, Thailand EILEEN J. RUBIN ....,.. KAY L. RUTCHTI ... GARY P. RUDD .. Second Rowl MARIE E. RUDDLE ...... RICHARD D. RUDOLPH .. ADAMS RUSCHIVAL DONNA J. RUSHING ,.., Third Row: PAUL T. RYAN ,.,.. RONALD L. SAGE JOHN E. SACHSE ..... RANDAL D. SACKMAN .. Fourfh Row: LINDA G. SAMFORD JOHN I. SAMMONS JUAN C. SANCI-IEZ ALBERT G. SANDERS Fif+h Row: MARILYN K. SANDERS CLIFTON B. SANDERSON MOLLIE J. SAPP .,...... JANA R. SARGENT . . Six'I'I'1 Row: LOUIS M. SARIEGO .,.. TERRY A. SARRETT PHYLLIS J. SAXON .... LORRAINE F. SCALISE Sevenih Row: CHARLES M. SCHAFALE . PEGGY E. SCHALK .... JEAN E. SCHERER ,... ROBERT J. SCHISSLER .. Eigh+h Row: DENNIS A. SCHMIDT .... CATHERINE A. SCHNEIDER PAMELA J. SCHNEIDER .. MAXINE SCHROADER Ninfh Row: MICHELE M. SCHUSTER .... ..... M Mayfield. J. RODNEY SCOTT ...... KENNETH E. SCOTT .... BRENDA G. SCRUGGS .. .....LouisviIIe, ......Bayonne. N.J. Union Cify, Tenn. ....MadisonviIIe, Ky. ...,EuIIon. ....PacIucaI1, .MorqanIieIcI, Ky. Wiclcliffe, Ky. .SmiII1Iown, N.Y. ...LouisviIle. Ky. ....CoIimbia, III. I-IornersviIIe, Mo. .....Murray, Ky. .....LaPaz, Bolivia ....HayIi, Mo. ...WicIcIiffe. ...MayfieId, ..Henderson, ....BarIow, Crys+aI Cify, Mo. ...HicIcman, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .SIamT'ord, Conn. ......Marion, III. ..Owensboro, Ky. .....OIney, III ...,BrisIoI, Conn. ..CynII'xiana, Ind. ....PaducaI1, Ky. ... .... Easf Prairie, Mo. ....PaducaI'1, Ky. .Lynn Grove, ...PrinceIon, .....KeviI, 60 'auf W! if R0 sv 'X Q... .f W0 QF' ,pu-' . 'Q 'W A A Y .3 . Q I, N FC . 'R X M 4- www. X "" " "i pf ti- ,S-v ...E wr-f BS gf- QQL, FRES Firs+ Row: AMANDA A. SEELEY .. JOHN SEGREE .,.,..... MARILYN P. SEIBERT .. . .. NORMAN R. SELLERS ,.. Second Row: BETTY J. SERMON , RICHARD B. SHADBURNE PARNEATIA L. SHAIN . DAVID R. SHANER ,... Third Row: LAWRENCE M. SHAPIRO NANCE SHARP .......,.. EDWARD H. SHAY THOMAS W. SHAY .. . Fourfh Row: PAUL W. SHEARER THOMAS R. SHEEHAN .. DAVID I.. SHELTON ..... DELORES A. SHELTON .. FIHI1 Row: JERRY M. SIHELTON JERRY SHEPARD ..... RICHARD SHERMAN .... WAYNE B. SHOEMAKER ,. Sixfh Row: BENNIE M. SHOLAR ,. ARTHUR D. SHOWN WILLIAM B. SHREDER .. LARRY E. SHUFFETT .... SBVGHIIT Row: MICHELE SHUMAKEIR ,.., KATHY J. SHUPPERT PATRICIA A. SIDES GARY K. SILVIS , . Eighih Row: RICHARD SIMMONS TERRY L. SIMS .,...... JUDITH K. SIMPSON SUSIE M. S'IRLS ...... NIMI1 Row: THOMAS S. SISSON JAMES H. SIZEMORE .. JAMES M. SKEES ....,. MICHAEL C. SKRUPA ..PrInce'ron, Ky. HopIcinsviIIe, Ky. ..PrinceIon, Ky. . ..MiIan, Tenn. ,LouisviIIe. Ky. .. Fairdale, Ky. ,.LouisviIIe, Ky. ...LouIsvIIIe, Ky. .....Bronx, N.Y. .MI'. Vernon, III. Sudbury, Mass. ,...Suc.Ibury. Mass. , . Ledbeffer, Ky. ...,.FuI+on, Ky. ....FuIIon, Ky. .. HazeI. Ky. .....I:uIIon, Ky. ..LouisviIIe, Ky. ..LouIsyiIIe, Ky. ,.GreenviIIe, Ky. ..MayfieId, Ky. ..LouisviIIe, Ky. ...WI1ea+on, III. ...EaIrcIaIe, Ky. .....OHawa, III. ....KeviI, Ky. .....OreIand, Pa. .MassiIIon, Ohio ....Wingo, Ky. ...BerdweII, Ky. ......CaIro, III. ....BenTon, Ky. ...LynnyIIIe, Ky. ...,.CadEz, Ky. ..Prince+on, Ky. ,.Syracuse. N.Y. FRESH Firs+ Row: ARTHUR L. SLAUGHTER .. SANDRA K. SLIGAR ,. . WILLIAM R. SMILEY .. . BARBARA J. SMITH . Second Row: CHARLES S. SMITH . . DONALD E. SMITH . ELLEN K. SMITH . EMILY A. SMITH . Third Row: JAMES M. SMITH . ., MICHAEL L. SMITH MOLLY L. SMITH LARRY G. SMITH ., Fourfh Row! OTHAL SMITH STEPHEN V. SMITH TOMMY L. SMITH , .. RONALD S. SMITHERS , Fiffh Row: THEREASA A. SMITHSON . RICHARD E. SMOTHERMON ELLEN K. SNEED ........ CONNIE S. SOLOMON .. Sixfh Row: JAMES S. SOLOMON ., NANNETTE SOLOMON .,. BAIRBARA A. SPAIN . DAVID G. SPARKS ., Sevenfh Row: TIMOTHY M. SPARKS ., DONALD 'H. SPICELAND JOHN K. SPILLMAN MARION W. SPILLMAN .., EIghIh Row: ARTHUR W. SPOHR, JR. .. MICHAEL J. STALEY RALPH V. STALION FRED P. STALLS . NinIh Row: THOMAS A. STARK ,. CAROLYN A. STARKS RICHARD L. STATHAM PAULETTE C. STEELE A , .. .... EII:Ion, Ky ......,..CenI'raIfa, III , .Dawson Springs, Ky ,... ,.LouisviIIe, Ky .....BenIon, Ky ....RusseIIviIIe, Ky .....l.ouIsvIIIe, Ky . ..PrInce'ron, Ky ,...Anna, III ......EIqin, III ....PaducaI'1, Ky .....Murray, Ky .....Benfon, Ky ...EvansvIIIe, Ind . ...Mounds, III ....Troy, III ....MayIieIcI, Ky ,. . ..Frcr1IcforI, Ky ....BIuford, III ....BenIon, Ky ....BenI'on, Ky .....Murray, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. , ...Owensboro, Ky .,.RobInson, III .....Murray, Ky. ...MayfIeI::I, Ky. .....MayIIeId, Ky. . ...HaverI'IiII, Mass .,,..CarmI, III. .. .SaIem, Ky ,....Murray, . ...LouisviIIe. .....AIr'no, . ...I-Iiclrman, , , ..Murray, Ky. M I .I E gf ... 5 T -.,, Q I.. Sf A Q QF' 1 K f iv ,M-A Ps W ,. Nav- 5 1 E+' I..-A., gm. IIIIII 2. ' W, .fy 1 ,I Q... uvfbt f , 4, 1 Q.. '32 SM 5 '55 vihi' .1 lv' 1? 4I2 E I ' I I gun.. . f i. . P Siu A .2214 45" Q 2. " . . I' .. .1 FRESHMEN Firsf Row: WAYNE P. STENECK JOHN P. STENGEL , PHILLIP L. STEPHENSON STEPHEN STERN . . . Second Row: DAN C. STERNBERG BOBIBIE S. STEVENS MARK W. STEVENS .... PATRICIA Third Row: A. STEVENS .. MARTHA J. STEVENSON TARA D. STEVENSON , JACK S. STEWART CHARLES T. STICE ... Fourfh Row: THOMAS L. STICE ... JAMES R. STOCKS .... PAULA D. STODDARD . JAN C. STONE . , FIf'II1 Row: EDWIN R. STORY ...,. JAMES D. STRADER CAROL A. STRICKLAND SARAH L. STRODE .... Sixfh Row: PATRICIA REBECCA KENNETH A. STRONG . A. STUBBS R. STUM PHILLIP R. STURM Sevenfh Row: CLYDE E. STUNSON . .. SUE J. SUBLETT ....., JIMMY D. SUITER ,.,. PHILIP L. SUMNER Eighfh Row: SALLIE B. SUNIDSTROM PHILLIS A. SWAFFOQRD JACKIE A. SWANSON .. DIANE L. SWEARINGEN NinI'I1 Row: V. MAXINE SYKES ,. LINDA C. TANNER .... KENNETH W. TATE .... .....JefIersonIown, ... Keyporh N.J. Durham, Conn. ...,Mayfield Ky. ..ChampaIqn, III. . .LouisviIIe, Ky. , ...... KeviI, Ky. .CassI'own, Ohio ....Murray, Ky. . . .S+urqis. Ky. . ..ScIem, III. ....S+urgis, Ky. ,....KuI'rawa, Ky. ....BenIon, Ky. ,....AIrron, Ohio ..DeI'roi'r, Mich. ..,..CIinIon, Ky. ...Fredonia, Ky. CaIver+ CH'y, Ky. ...,.,Marion, III. ....SIanIey, Ky. .,..LouIsviIIe, Ky. ....Marion, Ind. ....FaIrfIeId, III. .....HayIi, Mo. . ... .Sou+h FuI+on, Tenn ...,...,'HicI:man, Ky. ....Mayfield Ky. ...,.GuI'hrIe, Ky. ... ..,...., Marion, Ky. . ,,.. Paducah, Ky. ,... ...,LeviH'own, Pa. .......Puryear, Tenn. .....Wes'r Paducah, Ky. .Be-nfon, III. MARCELLA K. TATE ..,, ..... G rayviIIe, III. Ky. FRESHMEN Firsi Row: DEENA K. TAYLOR . JOSEPH E. TAYLOR .. MAX J. TAYLOR ...,, ROBERT B. TAYLOR ,.,. Second Row: ROBERT T. TAYLOR ,... DONALD A. TEAGUE JAMES W. TEAGUE CECELIA J. THOMAS .. Third Row: DANIEL L. THOMAS DIANNA L. THOMAS DEN T. THOMAS .....,. JANICE C. THOMAS Fourih Row: JOHN W. THOMAS JUNE E. THOMAS .... MARIE L. THOMAS .... MICHAEL L. THOMAS .. FIHI1 Row: BILLY R. THOMPSON JANE E. THOMPSON JOSEPH R. THOMPSON THOMAS H. THOMASON . Sixfh Row: WILLIAM J. THOMPSON .... PATRICIA A. THORNTON . WILLIAM A. THORPE ...,. LAYMON E. THORNTON .. Seven+h Row: CYNTHIA L. THRASHER NANCY V. THROGMORTON ELIZABETH G. THURMAN .. JIMMY D. THURMONU Eighfh Row! ROBERT A, TIBBS ...... ANNE D. TICHENOR RICHARD R. TIDWELL .. JOANNE M. TIGLIO . . Ninih Row: ANN T. TINNELL BRENDA A. TODD .... CONNIE L. TOLIVER TOMMY W, TOON .. . . .... Essex, Mo. ..George+own, III. New Concord, Ky. ....LouisviIIe. Ky. ......Murray, Ky. .....NorIonviIIe, Ky. ..MadisonviIIe, Ky. ..,..Winqo, Ky. Ludlow FaIIs, OI'1io .....Owensboro, Ky. Wes? Seneca, N.Y. ,....LouisvIIIe, Ky. ......CacIiz, Ky. ...MempI1is, Tenn. . .CaIverI Cify, Ky. ., .,.CadIz, Ky. ....PacIucaIw, Ky. ,..Paris, Term. .....SI'1iveIy, Ky. ....EarIinqIon, Ky. .Karnak III. .....Mounds. III. ....MayTIeId, Ky. ...Murray, Ky Mo .....S+.LouIs. .....KevII, .....Murray, ,.,Murray, KY Ky KY ..BardweII, Ky . . .Cenferfowm Ky .....Murray, Ky .....PI+fsburqI'1, Pa ....Owensboro, Ky ,.....AI'Ion . ...Robinson , III , III ...S. Fulfon, Tenn I SSS .Inv 4. 4I4 ahve. .A aw. woo '16 V' adlz x '41 'Sai 'fvk sd ll .f. - ii' . --..., 5' .J --P' Www! 'CT' -s-V -95- dim. A i . F--K. -Q ' Tvwk 9 Qin Fnssumsu Firs+ Row: JOHN S. TOUCHSTONE . DUDLEY A. TIRACY .. . HELEN J. TRAINER .... BARRY L. TRAVIS .... Second Row: STEVEN L. TR'EVATHAN .. JOHN RI. TRIPPY ..,... LARRY J. TRYON .... LARRY A. TUCKER ., Third Row: MARGARET E. TUCKER .. GERI L. TURLEY .,....., SANDRA P. TURNBOW . SHERRY A. TURNBOW .. Fourfh Row: JUDITH K. TURNER ,... SANDRA K, TURNER . . RUBY N. TYLER ..... PHILLIP L. TYNES .... Fif+h Row: JUDITH 6. TYSON ,.... MAIRY V. UMBACIH ..... MELVIN D. UNDERWOOD CAROLYN S. UNGER Sixfh Row: SUSAN H. UPTON ...... TAMARRA L. VanCLEVE . JOSEPH E. VanHOUTEN . JACK K. VanSANDT ..... Sevenfh Row: GWEN K. VanS'CYOC ELBERT L. VAUGHT ..... BRENDA S. VanWINKLE . BENJIMAN P. VARDELL .... Eighfh Row: EDNA M. VAUGHN .... JACKIE S. VAUGHN KARON T. VAUGHAN HENRIETTA N. VENABLE Ninfh Row: MEL V. VILLINES .... BATTE J. VINCENT . CAROLYN S. VINSON .. STUART G. VOELPEL ....SI. Ann, Mo. ...LouIsviIIe. Ky. ....MiIburn. Ky. CaIverI Cify, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ....S+. Joseph, III. .PerrysvIIIe, Ohio ......CIay. Ky. .....KirIrsey, Ky. ...Vienna, III. ....Murray. Ky. ,...MayfieIcI, Ky. .I-IopIcinsviIIe, Ky. ....Murray, Ky. ....Cadiz, Ky. .....Benfon, Ky. ...MadIsonvIIIe, Ky. .....Paris, Tenn. ... ..... LouisviIIe, Ky. ..BIoomfieId, Mo. ......Cadiz, Ky. Madisonville, Ky. .....HazIe'r, N.J. .MadIsonvIIIe, Ky. ..WasI'1ingIon, III. .....Murray, Ky. ..Owensboro, Ky. ....,PuxIco. Mo ....FairfieId, III. .....Cairo, III ...Mayfield Ky ....Cadiz, Ky. ..Providence, Ky. ..DuI:edom, Tenn. ......CadIz, Ky ....FuIfon, Ky. FRESH Firs+ Row: GEORGE H. VOLK ..,.. ROBERT W. WAGNER .... RONNIE G. WAGNON NOEL WAITMAN .... Second Row: RONNIE J. WALDSCHMIDT DAVID R. WALKER ....,.. SHIRLEY A, WALKER SUSAN A. WALKER . Third Row: VICKIE L. WALKER ,. RONNIE L. WALL ,.... JAMES W, WALLACE ... RICKIE L, WALLACE Fourfh Row: SANDRA L, WALLACE ... FLORENCE A. WALLISER MICHAEL E. WALTERS . VELMA D. WALTERS FIHI1 Row: JOE D, WARID , JOHN G. WARREN ., JUDY L. WARREN ROBERT J. WARREN Six+h Row: LARRY K. WASHAM .. EUGENE WATSON, JR. .. JANET WATSON ....., RODNEY L. WATSON .... Seven+h Row: POLLY A. WEBB ..... EDWARD I"I. WEBER ..,. ROY M. WEISENBORN CAROLYN A. WELLS Eighfh Row: EDIWARD L. WELLS ... PEG'GY S. WELLS .... WILLIAM R. WELLS ..,. PAMELA R. WERDER Ninfh Row: MARY B. WERNER RICHARD L. WERTZ BARBARA J. WEST ,. SANDY WEST ,..... ...,.EasI' Brunswick, N.J. ........MeIropoIis. III. .....MayfieId, Ky. .,...Owensboro, Ky. ..,....OdeII, III. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ...,.Cairo, III. . . . .FuIIor1, Ky. . ...LouisviIIe, Ky. .. ...FuIIon. Ky. .....MayIieId, Ky. .. . .I-Ienderson, Ky. ....HopIcinsvIIIe, Ky. ......PeoIone, III. ....Owensboro, Ky. . . .WicI:IiII'e, Ky. .. ..Murray, Ky. ...,SiIcesIon, Mo. ....SIauqhIers, Ky. .....PorIIancI, Maine ...Mayfield Ky. .....MayIieId, Ky. .....Owensbor'o, Ky. .......KeviI, Ky. .....MI. Vernon, III. ...Lincoln Ciiy, Ind. ....CincinnaI'i, Ohio .,.....Murray, Ky. . , . .Grand Chain, III. ....EarIinqI'on, Ky. ,...,,.....CIay. Ky. ..,.JefIersonIown, Ky. ......BenIon, Ky. ,....Edinburg, Ind. ......Vienna, ....EyansviIIe, Ind. 421 'sf . "Mfg is A-1 " i FRESHMEN Firsf Row! SUSAN D. WEST . .... . GLORIA J. WESTEREIELD SUSAN M. WETTLE .... HARRIETTA WHEELER Second Row: RUDOLPH WHEELER .. VIRGIL C. WHEELER, JR JANIE B. WHITAKER . CECILE WHITE .... Third Row: CHARLES A. WHITE DONNA M. WHITE .... JACKIE C. WHITE JOYCE WHITE .. Four+h Row: WILLIAM B. WHITE DARREL L. WI-'IITING .. BYRON WILSON .. DENNIS L. WIEBER .. Fifih Row: JAMES WILSON . .. .. WILLIAM M. WIGGINS GEORGE R. WILDE'R VICKI C. WIEEORD .... Sixfh Row: SHARON WILHAM BECKY A. WILHOYTE .... JANICE WILKERSON .. HARRY M. WILKINS ., Sevenih Row: STEPHEN C. WILLARD . WILLIAM T. WILLETT .. THOMAS S. WILLHITE BONNIE K. WILLIAMS Eigh+h Row: ELIZABETH A. WILLIAMS .. ROBERT WILLIAMS ..... ROBERT H. WILLIAMS ..,. NANCY M. WILLIAMSON Nin+I1 Row: DIANA WILLDUGHBY ... DENNY R, WILSON ..,. DONALD E. WILSON .. DOUGLAS M. WILSON ., .... .Murray, Ky. .....Owensboro, Ky. ,....LouisviIIe, Ky. . .Murray. Ky. . .... Louisville, Ky. ....,SI'1eIbyviIIe, Ky. , ...OwensI9oro, Ky. ,..,.HicIcman, Ky. ,......EIdorado, III. ...JefIersonviIIe, Ind. ....MadisonviIIe, Ky. ....HicIcory, Ky. . . . . Kuffawa. Ky. ......EvansviIIe. Ind. .. Jefiersonfown, Ky. . ,..... Elkhart III. Cape Girardeau, Mo. ,. ...... Paris, Tenn. .....Paris, Tenn. .....MayfieId, Ky. .. . ..Murray, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky .....Murray, Ky . . . . LynnviIIe, Ky ...Bowling Green, Ky .,...Fancy Farm, Ky .....LouisviIIe, Ky .....Murray, Ky ...MayiieId, Ky .....LouisviIIe. Ky .....Gracey, Ky .,,.FuI+on, Ky .....Murray, Ky .....OmaIwa, III ...I-Ienderson, Ky .,..,LouisviIIe, Ky FRESQHMEN Firs+ Row: GARRY D. WILSON . GARY Z. WILSON ..... JAMES B. WILSON LARRY G. WILSON Second Row: LARRY W. WILSON .. NANCY L. WILSON . PAULA J. WILSON ..,,. HAROLD H. WINGO Third Row: JENNIFER E. WINGO CHA'RLES F. WINKLER .. STEPHEN M. WINN DAYID H. WINSLOW .. Fourfh Row: DONNA S. WOOD FRED G. WOOD. JR, .. LINDA K. WOOD .. MARY J. WOOD . Fiffh Row: JOHN O. WOODROW . AUBRAY D. WOODS . ., ELIABETH K. WOODS SANDRA E. WOODWARD Six+I1 Row: DEBORAH WOOLFOLK . NANCY J. WORKMAN . BENJAMIN D. WORTHAM BENNY R. WRIGHT .,.. SEVENIIT Row: DON E, WRIGHT JANE E. WRIGHT ROD E. WRONE .... BOBBY G. WYATT .... Eighfh Row: CHARLOTTE A, WYATT . JOHN M. WYATT ,,... SHERRY A. WYATT JAMES T. WYMAN .... Ninfh Row: LARRY D. WYNN ,. VAN C. YANDELL ALICE L. YANN JANIS K. YARBRO ,,,. ......ArIing'ron, Ky. ,..CampbeIIsviIIe, Ky. Cape Girardeau, Mo. ,.......ArIingI'on, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. .....Murray, Ky. ,........I-Iickory, Ky. ..Dawson Springs, Ky. .,...EddyviIIe, Ky. ...'Cen'rraI Cify, Ky. ....GreenviIIe, Ky. ,....MayfIeId. Ky. .....Ben+on, Ky. ....FaIrdaIe, Ky. ....PaducaI1, Ky. ...GreenviIIe. Ky. ......CIinI'on, Ky. ..,..OmaI'1a, Neb. ....Murray, Ky. ...LouisviIIe, Ky. ....BeI+on, Ky. ..,...IHickory, Ky. ,...Cen+raI Cify, Ky. ....I:armIng'ron, Ky. .........S+urgis, Ky. .....WadsworII1, Ohio .......CarIyIe, III. .,,..MayfieId, Ky. .....MayIIeId, Ky. ....EarIingIon, Ky. .....MayIieId, Ky. ....SiIresIon, Mo. ...Benform Ky. ....Fredonia, Ky. .....LouisviIIe, Ky. ...I'IIcIcman, Ky. A., .553 f f I rmm' ag 1:1 if " I "U, .I .'5f,,r' -Q. nt' 50' I ff Y ,gr I Q 3... r ff - H .. szba 'iff , H: 'K' FRESH Firsf Row: GEORGE YATES , BRUCE YEISER ...,. DAVID C. YOUNG EDWARD F. YOUNG Second Row! JANE M. YOUNG , LYNN M. YOUNG MARVIN D, YOUNG PAULA S, YOUNG .. Third Row: SHEILA F. Youwe A A . MARY K. YOUNYGERMAN MARY A. ZEHNDER .,.., JAMES J. ZIEREN Fourfh Row: MICHAEL L. ZINKOVICH THELMA A. ZIPPERLEIN Sfanford, Conn. Owensboro, Ky .Owensboro, Ky. ...KuHawa, Ky , Murray, Ky ...Paducah Ky ,. , .UHca, Ky ....ElHon, Ky Friendship, Tenn ....Murray, Ky , Louisville, Ky ....Carmi, IH Evansville, Ind .,LouisviHe, Ky rj EnlT0R'5 FINAL WORD :ip ,PE Sh' ' Yearbook of Mllrrgy Sfate College . ir Box 1162 l College Station 0 Mun-gy, Kentucky ll' me Student may A Murras' Sf: T? aa e College Eiurray, Kentucky Fellow Student : Ancther final deadline has be has been prepared, sent hope that an reached off, and our b.0urs and that 'Eh Y 5 another SHIELD ruturned to you. I sincerely of work are reflected in 'th final product you find your 1966 SHIELD satisfaotery. I at it will remain one of 'lim most che the 2965-66 .school year at ' also hope zfialwd menzezztaea of Murray State College. Feel abaolutesly sure that thi people, and each perse than word s buolc is the vm:-k ef Maris' zz who has helpaci deserves mere Hzwzias A a cauld ever say, Huis SHIELD would hav' been im- possible without may hours: of work on the part af cur photo-v graphers, Cody Jonas and Phil E-Itumz, and my most faithful and cpoperative Assietanf: Editors, Diana Sattez-field and Shave Quindry. Being of' great assistance was Mr. John Benson ai' BS21SCrI14P1'It12'f3iZT,Qj Ccszpany Far 'technical matters and Mr. Vernon , Jizader-san, faculty advisor, for great ceopemtien and mzdmr- standihg. Also to Harold Shoemaker and Tony Schmidt who handled tha f'iz:m11ces of the yearbcmk. Especially gratiijfing was the help of' the rest of nzygstaff who Ware. always rearly 'ba work when th-'ings seemed 'ta lmalr lm' possibla. These include L5-lady Rnd Cindy f35'WC0m6'l'a PM-7 BTWH1 Joyce Hillabz-and, Kathy Reagan, Smokie Holt, Sana Dyeus, Frances ' fizmgtmng, Eddia Trekker, Karen Erickson, and Yvonne Trotter. Also thanks is due to many we-lm came in ts work M19 Wwe HMS on the sbaff. ' Te all these ople, as 'mall as than many who assisted by giving mural smart, I extend a gigantic THANX YOU! Sincerely yours, W ph Bwcizett, Editor 1966 SHRZ21? v 5 x v , I v

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