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NINETEIN HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE o ■ ■-S fi M i n it K «£k.„ DAVE BOWELL, Editor JOHNNY KING, Business Manager Q o ■ ' V " -t f - MURRAY STATE COLLECE :? r ■ £ ■im ■ .; ,i5 ,j ■ 3 ti:4 and our experiment in group living There is room for ffV tL of individual talents There is a need for . m H. p y There is a place for to There is the development of 12 ia €4 13 o It is sometimes difficult to say which period in the Hfe of a college is the most important and the most influential in the development of that institution. How- ever, we believe that the format ive years are the most important in shaping of destiny. Twenty-five years ago, in the years of infancy of Murray State College, those to whom we dedicate this book were holding the raw clay of our college. They saw a college campus somewhere in the future — perhaps 1959 — and this campus DR. BLACKBURN DR. LOWRY DR. CARMAN MRS. SLEDD 14 DR. WOLFSON MISS FRYE MRS. HESTER MR. STEWART was to be the Murray State of today and of tomorrow. But the vision could be realized only after their skillful hands had had an opportunity to mold and shape a particular niche in the ivy walls. These people might be called sculptors of M.S.C. — they gave it life, they gave it shape, and they also gave part of themselves to mold the college we love. We salute them by dedicating with humble pride and sincere appreciation the Shield of 1959. MISS LINN MISS WHITNAII DR. SPANN MRS. WHITE 15 Foreword This year — 1958-59 — has been a full year, a memorable year at Murray State College. As you look about the campus, and see the evidence of spring, you feel this. You feel that even though your day as a Senior here is over, there will be another day — another year started by this spring. And you wonder why you came here and why your leaving is wrapped up in some mystery of education. Perhaps for one of the few times in your college life, you stop and think. You remember the many times and under the many circumstances you have walked under the same trees and by the same familiar buildings, and have seen the same friendly people, and you are glad. You are glad of the many friends you have made, be- cause some of them have become a part of you. And you are glad of the mem- ories that are woven so intricately into your life of the last four years. Through your mind flash memories of a year . . . two years . . . four ... a time measured by classes, friends, coffee breaks, dates, finals ... a thousand things . . . memories. We of the Shield staff have tried to catch these memories and fuse them into the 1959 Shield. We all hope that it will be worthy of the memories it represents. Contents CLASSES •17 FACULTY 93 ACTIVITIES • 105 ORGANI ZATIONS»119 FEATURES 171 S P O R T S • 189 CI asses Senior Class Officers t rV Witir vr-. L H " « l_ iMbB jiim ' ji K V K H ' -SHH ' fliBI B ' K ' A l Lindsay Freeman, Millicent King, Stan Doden, Don Jones. The Senior year at Murray State College — with it is the tying together of strings, and the solving of many puzzles, for these strings and puzzles have made up most of the joy we received from achievement. And now we see the pattern and understand, perhaps only vaguely, that we are being prepared to become part of a mature adult world which will be somewhat different from our college campus. And we are willing to meet that world ' s challenge with wonder in ourselves, and pride in our education. 18 Seniors First Row: • WALTER ALVA ADAMS, Cobb, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture Club. • WILLIAM KENTON ADAMS, Martin, Tenn., B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau ; Industrial Arts Club; Scabbard and Blade. • ROBERT M. ALDRIDGE, Hickman, Ky.. B.S., Area in Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Vets Club; Business Club. • DALE PAGE ALEXANDER, Murray, Ky., B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Basketball ; Baseball. • BARBARA ALLEN, Model, Tenn., B.S. Area in Business Edu- cation; Business Club; Home Economics Club; B.S.U. Second Row: • ERNEST RANDOLPH ALLEN, Golden Pond, Ky., B.S culture and Biology. • RICHARD C. ALLEN, JR., Mathematics. Agri- Owensboro, Ky., B.S., Physics and • WILLIS DON ALLISON, Central City, Ky., B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas. ; Business Club; Pres. ; Vets Club. • LUCY V. ANDERSON, Fulton, Ky., B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation ; Business Club. • RALPH KING ANDERSON, Pembroke, Ky., B.S., English; COLLEGE NEWS, Editor; Collegiate Press Club; Portfolio Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Third Row: • KENNETH BENNETT ARFLACK, Tolu, Ky., B.S., Agricul- ture; Scabbard and Blade; Agriculture Club; Distinguished Mili- tary Student. • DONALD HERBERT ASMUS, La Porte, Ind., B.S., Industrial Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-Pres. ; Industrial Arts Club; Intra- mural Football and Basketball. • ROYCE O ' NEAL ATKINS, Humboldt, Tenn., B.S., Area in Business Administration; Vets Club. • FIDELIA BOYD AUSTIN, Murray, Ky., B.E. Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Keeper of the Grades; Majorette; Home Eco- nomics Club, Corresponding Sec. ; Religious Council ; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JANE AUSTIN, Fulton, Ky., B.S., Elementary Education; Aloha Sigma Alpha; A.C.E.; Y.W.C.A., Chaplain; I.R.C. V9 First Row: • PHILIP DONALD BACK, Cmfton, Ky., B.S., Mathematics and Physical Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; " M " Club; Wells Hall Council; Baseball. • JOHN P. BAGGETT, Paducah, Ky., B.S., Area in Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, Treas. ; Vets Club. • DORTHA FERGUSON BAILEY, Murray, Ky., B.S., Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club. • GENE NELSON BAILEY, Murray, Ky., B.S., Industrial Arts and Physical Education; Delta Alpha; Epsilon Pi Tau. • RAYMOND HENRY BAILEY, Kuttawa, Ky., B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau, Treas., Pres. ; Industrial Arts Club, Sec. Second Row: • ANNA SUE BARNES, Albany, Ky., B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; International Relations Club. • LENORA ANN BARNETT, Murray, Ky., B.S., Home Econom- ics; Home Economics Club; Band; Campus Lights; Alpha Beta Alpha. • JOHN D. BARTEE, Trenton, Ky., B.S., Agriculture; Agricul- ture Club, Reporter, Vice-Pres., Pres. • JACK C. BENTLEY, Henderson, Ky., B.S., Business, Industrial Arts ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Band, Campus Lights. • THOMAS C. BERRY, Morganfield, Ky:, B.S., Agriculture; Beta Beta Beta ; Student Religious Council, Pres. ; Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Agriculture Club. Third Row: • OURY GLENN BILLINGTON, Murray, Ky., Business Administration. B.S., Area • ROBERT H. BILLINGTON, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Delta Alpha; Business Club; Baseball; Last Resort. • JERRY THOMAS BIRD, Fredericksburg, Va.; B.A., Social Sci- ence; Pi Kappa Alpha; Men on Campus. • CHARLES THOMAS BISCH, Bonne Terre, Mo.; B.S., Business Administration; Vets Club; Business Club. • NORMAN RAY BLACK, Farmington, Mo.; B.S., Social Science; Alpha Tau Omega; International Relations Club. 20 Seniors First Row: • JAMES CALVIN BLALOCK, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Biology; In- ternational Relations Club. • FREDERICK DAVIS BLUME, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club; Scabbard and Blade; In- ternational Relations Club. • ROBERT EMERSON BOAZ, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration ; Campus Lights. • RUTH BOND, Russellville, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U.; A.C.E. • JAMES HOWARD BOONE, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration. Second Row: • SUSAN HELEN BOONE, Aberdeen, Miss.; B.M.E. ; Alpha Sig- ma Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec; Panhellenic Council, Chairman; Vivace Club. • JACK O. BOSWELL, Dupo, 111. ; B.S., Area in Business Admin- istration ; Business Club. • DAVID V HLLIAM BOWELL, LaPorte, Ind. ; B.S., Social Sci- ence; SHIELD, Assistant Editor, Editor; Scabbard and Blade, Cap- tain; Track; International Relations Club; Pi Kappa Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • REBECCA JOAN BOWKER, Murray, Ky. ; B.M.E., Music; Delta Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Vivace Club. • DON MAURICE BOWLAND, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts. Third Row: • WALTER LEON BRANN, Wingo, Ky.; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture Club. • BETTIE BRAZZELL, Clinton, Ky.; B.A., Secretarial Science, Mathematics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Religious Coun- cil, Sec. ; Business Club. • EDWARD LEE BROOKS, Earlington, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Debate. • DAN COOPER BROWN, Harrisburg, III.; B.S., Art. • EVELYN HUMPHREYS BROWN, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, A.C.E. ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 21 Pint Row: • DAVID F. BRUCE, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Social Science; Alpha Tail Omega; International Relations Club; Baseball. • DONALD LEE BRUCE, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Math, Physics; B.S.U., Pres.; Physics Club; A Capella Choir; College Quartet. • PAMELA BUCY, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. ; Transfer from Freed-Hardcman Junior College. • CHARLES ARTHUR BURNS, Cayce, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration ; Sigma Lambda Iota. • CARL EUGENE BUZZARD, Dawson Springs, Ky. ; B.S., In- dustrial Arts. Second Row: • CLEATUS R. CAGLE, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education; " M " Club, Sergeant at Arms; Football. • NORMA SUE CARNAL, Slaughters, Ky.; B.S., Home Econoi ics; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A. • HARVEY CLAY CARR, Cadiz, Ky. ; B.S. Area in Business Administration; Vets Club; Business Club. • HARRIET ANN CARTER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Home Econom- ics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club, Recording Sec, Vice-Pres. • VERNON RAY CATES, Sedalia, Ky. ; B.S., History, Health and Physical Ed ucation. Third Row: • JAMES S. CATLETT, Princeton, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club. • CORBETT DEMPSEY CLARK, Providence, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Delta Alpha; Sigma Lambda Iota, Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • OYD DANIEL CLARK, Clay, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration; Delta Alpha; Business Club; " M " Club; Industrial Arts Club. • JOHN LAWRENCE CLARK, Clay, Ky.; B.S., Business, Indus- trial Arts; Scabbard and Blade; Business Club; Industrial Arts Club. • GLEN I. CLAYTON, Hardin, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration ; Business Club; Vets Club; Sigma Lambda Iota. 22 Seniors First Row: • CHARLES HENRY COBB, Union City, Tenn. ; B.M.E., Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Treas.; Vivace Club; Industrial Arts Club; Band. • DONALD RAY COLE, Providence, Ky.; B.A., History; Inter- national Relations Club. • ROBERT STANLEY COLE, Henderson, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, History and Political Science; Delta Alpha; Vets Club; International Relations Club; Business Club. • CHARLES AUTREY COLEMAN, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; S.A.A.C.S. • LUCILLE JEANETTE COLEMAN, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Busi- ness Education; Business Club; Press Club; B.S.U., Choir; Y.W.C.A. ; Wells Hall Christian Director; W.M.F. Choir; Society Editor of B.S.U. News. Second Row: • RICHARD F. COLEMAN, Pittsburgh, Pa.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Business Club; Baseball; Vets Club; " M " Club. • RAY O. COLLEY, Mayleld, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration; Business Club; Vets Club. • SHELBY JEAN COLLEY, Farmington, Ky.; B.S., Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club; B.S.U. ; Y.W.C.A. • EARL WAYNE COOPER, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., General Busi- ness ; Pi Omega Pi. • EDWIN EARL COOPER, LaCenter, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture ; Ag- riculture Club. Third Row: • LOLA JANE COOPER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Wesley Foundation. • JOYCE CORMAN, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education. • FRANCES ANTONIA COSENTINO, West Long Beach, N. J.; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. • ERDICE COOPER COURT, Union City, Tenn.; B.S., English, Library Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Orchestra; Vivace; Campus Lights; Freshman Class Secretary. • GEORGIA LEA COWGER, Murray, Ky. ; B.M.E., Clarinet; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain; Band; Orchestra; Vivace Club; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights; Woodwind Quintet; College Chorus. 23 ,4M9m First Row: • STERLINC; LEE COWGER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, General Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball; Intramural Basketball. • THURMAN CRADDOCK, JR., Hickman, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Education; Kappa Pi, Treas. ; Business Club; Portfolio Club; Student Religious Council. • LARRY LEE CRABTREE, Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.S., Agricul- ture; Westminster Fellowship; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team; Agriculture Club. • KRISTAN EVERETT CRANE, Effingham, 111.; B.M.E., Music; Phi Mu Alpha; A Capella Choir; Band; Brass Choir; Woodwind Quintet; Symphony Orchestra; Sinfonietta; Vivace Club; Campus Lights Staff. • MARCIA MEENACH CRANE, Cincinnati, Ohio; B.M.E. and B.M., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; College Orchestra; A Capella Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Lambda Alpha; Campus Lights. Second Row: • NANCY WESTERFIELD CRASS, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Sec; Home Eco- nomics Club, Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres. ; Delta Lambda Alpha; Woods Hall Council; Campus Favorite; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Woods Hall Council, Sec. • PATSY LOUISE CUNNINGHAM, Cadiz, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club, Sec; Romance Language Club; W.A.A. Wells Hall Council, Sec; Pi Omega Pi, Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • FREED MASON CURD, Hazel, Ky. ; B.S., History, Health and Physical Education. • JOE BARTON DARNALL, Benton, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science; Student Organization; Thoroughbred Hour, Director; In- ternational Relations Club; Wesley Foundation, Treas.; Portfolio Club; Romance Language Club; Religious Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • TERRY WILSON DARNALL, Hornbeak, Tenn. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, Agriculture; Basketball. Third Row: • SOLON PAT DARNELL, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Sigma Lambda Iota, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • CHARLES HENRY DAUGHADAY, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.A., Math, English. • JACK E. DAVENPORT, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration. • ABNER E. DAVIS, Stanton, Tenn.; B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Football, Captain ; " M " Club. • BETTY LOU DAVIS, Murray, Ky. ; B. S., Elementary Educa- tion; A.C.E.; B.S.U.; Business Club. 24 Seniors First Row: • EDDIE EUGENE DAVIS, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Math, Chem- istry. • FRANK CARLISLE DAVIS, Mayfield, Ky.; B.A., Math, Phy- sics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Physics Club. • WILLIAM THOMAS DAVIS, Old Hickory, Tenn. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education; SHIELD Staff; COLLEGE NEWS; " M " Club; Industrial Arts Club; Debate; Ordway Hall Council. • THOMAS RICHARD DEAN, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration ; Business Club. • SUE ELLEN DEBOE, Cobb, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Y.W.C.A. ; Biology Club; Square-Dance Club; Library Club; Homemaker Club. Second Row: • PAULA HANNA DEMYER, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Ed- ucation; A.C.E. • PAUL EUGENE DILL, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Mathematics, Chem- istry. • WAYNE U. DINKINS, Clarkton, Mo.; B.S., Agriculture; In- tercollegiate Debate. • STANLEY KEITH DODEN, Sterling, III.; B.S., Social Science; International Relations Club; Vets Club; Senior Class Vice Presi- dent; Intramural Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball. • EDGAR THOMAS DOORES, Farmington, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. Third Row: • SCOTT DUNN, Detroit, Mich.; B.S., Mathematics; A.C.E. • WILLIAM HERSHEL DUNNING, Crofton, Ky. ; B.S., Indus- trial Arts, Health and Physical Education ; Alpha Tau Omega ; In- dustrial Arts Club; Ordway Hall Council. • CHARLES BROOKS DUNOY, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Business, Health and Physical Education; Tennis; ' ' M " Club; Business Club. • RICHARD BRONSON DURRETT, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Chem- istry; S.A.A.C.S.; Internationa! Relations Club; Vets Club. • DON R. DRAIN, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Mathematics, Physical Education. 25 First Row: • WILLIAM WALTER DRESBACK, Monticello, III.; B.S., Biolo- gv; Weslev Foundation; Pershing Rifles; Wildlife Conservation So- ciety; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. • JOHN T. DRIVER, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration; Vets Club. • JAMES ALLEN EAKLE, Sidell, III.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; Business Club. • CJEORGE E. EASLEY, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration ; Delta Alpha; Business Club; Vets Club; Last Resort; Intramural Sports. • JAMES EGNER, Benton, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Delta Al- pha, Officer; Industrial Arts Club; Baseball. Second Row: • LESLIE HOLMES ELLIS, JR., Murray, Ky.; B.S., Industrial Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Epsilon Pi Tau; Track, Intramural Foot- ball. • THOMAS DALE EMBRY, Valley Station, Ky.; B.S., Physics, Math; Delta Alpha. • RICHARD AUSTIN EMERSON, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education ; Vets Club. • EUGENE RILEY EMERY, Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Alpha Tau Omega. • DORIS JANELLE ENGLISH, Smithland, Ky.; B.S., Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club. Third Row: • PATRICIA ANN ESTES, Owensboro, Ky.; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E., Pres. ; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Y.W.C.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. • ELBERT MARVIN EVANS, JR., Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Agricul- ture. • VIRGINIA DALE EVANS, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi, Sec; Business Club, Reporter ; Student Religious Council ; Y.W.C.A., Treas. • CARL A. FEDDLER, Belmar, N. J. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration ; Football, " M " Club. • GEORGE RODNEY FINLEY, Simpsonville, Ky.; B.M.E., Tuba; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Vivace Club; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha, Executive Alumni Secretary; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights, As- sistant Stage Manager; Wells Hall Council; B.S.U. 26 Seniors First Row: • BRUCE FIRESTONE, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.S., English; Delta Alpha ; Last Resort. • EARL SMITH FLOOD, Farmington, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Pi Omega Pi. • BETT ANN FOUST, Murray, Ky. ; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Lamb- da Iota Tau ; International Relations Club. • SHEILA M. FOX, Morton ' s Gap, Ky.; B.M.E. ; Vivace Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; International Relations Club; Y.W.C.A. ; Con- cert and Marching Band; A Capella Choir; College Chorus; Girls Ensemble. • BARBARA ANN FRANKLIN, Steele, Mo.; B.S., Home Eco- nomics. Second Row: • DANNY MIZE FRANKLIN, Clay, Ky. ; B.S., Physics, Mathe- matics ; Vets Club ; Physics Club. • LINDSAY MARLOW FREEMAN, Hopkinsville, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Delta Alpha, Vice-Pres., Sec; Sigma Lambda Iota; Scabbard and Blade, Treas. ; Business Club; Senior Class President; Junior Class President. • BILLY J. FULTON, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation ; Business Club. • JEANETTE PASCHALL FURCHES, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club; Panhel- lenic Council. • BOB Vi GARNER, Hoopeston, III.; B.S., History, Industrial Arts; Delta Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Industrial Arts Club. Third Row: • ROBERT OWEN GARY, Central City, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Vets Club; Journalism Club. • VETA JEAN GENTRY, Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.S., Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club; W.A.A., Vice-Pres. • EUGENE STANLEY GERARD, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Romance Language Club, Pres. ; Vets Club. • HARRY CHARLES GILBERT, Paducah, Ky. ; B.A., English; Delta Alpha; International Relations Club; German Club. • JAMES ROBERT GILBERT, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Vets Club. 27 First Row: • DONALD K. till.TNF.R, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Sci- ence; Vets Club. • WALLER HANSON GLASS, Arlington, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science; Vets Club; International Relations Club. • JAMES MONROE GODSEY, Murray, Ky. ; B.M., Music; Phi Mu Alpha. • NANCV REAVES GODSEY, Dyersburg, Tenn.; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha lota; Vivace; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights. • JAMES L. GOHEEN, Gilbertsville, Ky. ; B.S., Social Science; International Relations Club. Second Row: • AL JOSEPH GORCZYNSKI, Buffalo, N. V.; B.S. Art; Kappa Pi, Pledgemaster; Portfolio Club. • MARSHALL GORDON, KevilKy.; B.A., Chemistry ; S.A.A.C.S., Pres. ; German Club; Physics Club; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. • MARTHA SUE GRABLE, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma; Thoroughbred Hour; W.A.A. ; Home Economics Club; SHIELD Staff. • MARY LOUISE GREGORY, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wesley Foundation; Band; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights; Vivace Club; Business Club. • S. R. GREGORY, Calvert City, Ky. ; B.S., Chemistry, Mathe- matics; S.A.A.C.S.; Industrial Arts Club; Scabbard and Blade. Third Row: • PATRICK MARTIN GRIFFIN, JR., Old Hickory, Tenn.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club. • RICHARD M. GROGAN, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Indus- trial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau ; Delta Alpha; Industrial Arts Club, Publicity Chairman, Vice-Pres., Pres. • EVELYN MARIE GRUBBS, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A.C.E., Treas. ; Y.W.C.A., Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. • IDA MAY GUENTHER, Paducah, Ky.; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club, Editor; Student Religious Council; Wes- ley Foundation. • PAUL DWAIN GUESS, Cadiz, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration ; Business Club. 28 Seniors First Row: • DON CHARLES GUNTER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Business Club; Romance Language Club. • KEY DAILEY GWYN, Hazel, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Delta Pi; A.C.E. • ROBERT EUGENE HAGER, Bonne Terre, Mo.; Alpha Tau Omega; Vets Club; International Relations Club. • JAMES N. HAHN, Greenville, Ky. ; B.S., Business, Agriculture; Hi Kappa Alpha; Vets Club; Business Club. • RODNEY RAY HALL, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., English. • TERRELL NELSON HAMILTON, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Business Club; Inter- national Relations Club. • GEORGE B. HARDING, Murray, Ky. ; B.A., Area in Social Science. • MARTHA STARBUCK HARDING, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Ele- mentary Education. Second Row: • JAMES W. HALSTENBERG, Karnak, 111.; B.S., Agriculture; Delta Alpha; Agriculture Club; Last Resort. • EDWARD ROLLAND HAMILTON, Sumner, 111.; B.M.E.; Phi Mu Alpha; Industrial Arts Club; Orchestra; Band; Campus Lights; Vivace Club. Third Row: • LlNVi ' OOD HARDY, JR., Cadiz, Ky. ture; Business Club; Agriculture. • RANDALL C. HARPER, Hickory, Ky. ology ; Agriculture Club ; Beta Beta Beta ; • PHILIP NOLAN HARRELL, Murray, Pi; Industrial Arts Club. • EARL EDWARD HARRIS, JR., Cerulean, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration ; Business Club. • SUSAN BIRON HARRIS, Murray, Ky. ; B.A., English; COL- LEGE NEWS Staff; Collegiate Press Club; Lambda Iota Tau. B.S. Business, Agricul- B.S., Chemistry and Bi- S.A.A.C.S. Ky.; B.S., Art; Kappa 29 First Row; • VIRGIL MARSHALL HARRIS, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., General Business, Political Science and History; Vets Clulj. • BARBARA O ' NAN HART, Sturgis, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Art; Portfolio Club; Kappa Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. • DONALD RAY HAYES, Crofton, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Delta Alpha; Supply Officer, Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Agri- culture Club; B.S.U. • KENNETH DUDLEY HAZEL, Sturgis, Ky. ; B.S., Business. • ROBERT PAUL HEAD, Martin, Tenn. ; B.S., Area in Social Science; International Relations Club. Second Row: • ELDON EUGENE HEATHCOTT, Newbern, Tenn. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, Agriculture; Agriculture Club; " M " Club. • JAMES WARREN HICKS, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Vets Club. • T. DICKIE HIGGINBOTHAM, Wickliffe, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Pershing Rifles. • BOBBY D. HIGGINS, Slaughters, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Phy- sical Education; Wells Hall Council; Intramural Committee; Agri- culture Club; B.S.U. ; Last Resort. • LEO HILL, Dalton, Ky.; B.S., Agriculture; Beta Pi; Agricul- ture Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Third Row: • MARY ANNE HILL, Fulton, Kv. ; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. • JIMMY HILL, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club; Vets Club. • PAT FAY HINES, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation; Romance Language Club; Business Club. • WILLIAM PAUL HOBBS, New Haven, III.; B.S., Health and Physical Education, Industrial Arts; " M " Club; Industrial Arts Club; Basketball Manager. • W. PAUL HODGES, Murray, Ky.; B.S., History; International Relations Club. 30 Seniors First Row: • DENNIS FRANKLIN HOLLAND, Golden Pond, Ky. ; B.S., Ag- riculture; Vets Club; Agriculture Club; Wildlife Conservation Club, Pres. • BILLY JOE HOSFORD, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club. • LARRY DELANO HOSFORD, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Delta Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Industrial Arts Club; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. • BONNIE LEE HUFFMAN, Owensboro, Ky. ; B.M.E., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Vivace Club; Brass Choir; Band; Orchestra; A Capella Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Iota Tau; Delta Lambda Alpha, Pres. • HAROLD R. HUMPHRIES, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Business, Ag- riculture; Business Club; Agriculture Club; Vets Club; Intramural Sports. Second Row: • JOSEPH H. HUNT, Fancy Farms, Ky. ; B.A., Biology; Beta Beta Beta; German Club. • RICHARD KNIGHT JACKSON, Portland, Me.; B.S., Health and Physical Education, History; International Relations Club, Vice- Pres. • WILLIE FRANKLIN JACKSON, Murray, Ky. ; B,S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. • CAROL L. JOHNSON, Central City, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Social Science; Alpha Tau Omega; International Relations Club. • DONALD LEE JOHNSON, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Collegiate Press Club. Third Row: • SAMUEL J. JOHNSON, Farmington, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, Business; Pi Omega Pi. • EDWARD ERVIN JOHNSTON, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Alpha Tau Omega. • JUDITH ELLEN JOHNSTON, Lawrenceville, III.; B.S., Health and Physical Education; SHIELD Staff; Sigma Sigma Sigma; W.A.A. ; 1958 Water Carnival Director. • LOUIS R. JOINER, Murray, Ky.; B.A., Area in Social Science. • DONALD EUGENE JONES, Hopkinsville, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration ; Delta Alpha ; Sigma Lambda Iota ; Sopho- more Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Sigma Lambda Iota, Reporter; Delta Alpha, Treas. ; Last Resort, Business Manager. 31 First Row: • GARNETT H. JONES, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Social Science. • MILDREn LOUISE JONES, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Ed- ucation ; Alpha Sigma Alpha ; A.C.E. • MARVIN D. KAISER, Sterling, 111.; B.S., Industrial Arts; Foot- hall; " M " Club. • BILLV BOB KALER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Industrial Arts; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Tau Omega. • SHIRLEY MARIE KALER, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science; Business Club; Home Economics Club; W.A.A. Second Row: • ROBERT EDWARD KASSING, St. Louis, Mo.; B.S., Business, History; International Relations Club; Business Club. • MARY LOUISE KERSHAW, Gadsden, Ala.; B.M.E. and B.M.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; Woodwind Quintet; Symphony Orchestra; Marching Band; Campus Lights; Football Queen. • HARRY KING, Union City, Tenn. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; In- dustrial Arts Club; Vets Club; International Relations Club; " M " Club; Football; Track. • JOHN EDWARD KING, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Business Admin- istration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; SHIELD, Assist- ant Business Manager, Business Manager; Tennis team; Intramural Ping Pong Champion; Distinguished Military Student; Sigma Lambda Iota, Sec, Vice-Pres. ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • MILLICENT KING, Herrin, III.; B.M.E. ; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-Pres.; Panhellenic Council; Senior class Secretary; Vivace Club; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights; The Last Resort; Delta Lambda Alpha; Madrigals; Ail-American Con- cert, Director; All Campus Sing; German Club; Thoroughbred Radio Staff, Sec. ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Third Row: • ROBERT L. KING, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration ; Vets Club ; Tennis Team. • WILLIAM M. KIRK, JR., Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science; Pershing Rifles, Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Interna- tional Relations Club; Collegiate Press Club; Business Club; COL- LEGE NEWS Staff. • EDWIN VEMONT LACY, JR., Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.M.; Phi Mu Alpha; Vivace Club; Orchestra; Band; Campus Lights. • SAM JONES LANDER, Murray, Ky. ; B.A., Art; Alpha Tau Omega; Religious Council; Campus Lights; A.C.E. ; Romance Language Club; Kappa Pi; Wesley Foundation; Portfolio Club. • RAMA JEAN LA NEVE, Sturgis, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota; Home Economics Club; W.A.A. ; Shield Queen Finalist; Campus Favorite; R.O.T.C. Bri- gade Co-Sponsor. 32 Seniors First Row: • MICHAEL KENT LANE, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Track; Intramural Basketball and Football. • CHARLES EDWARD LASH, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • KATIE NELL LAWS, Palmersville, Tenn. ; B.S., Elementary Education; Student Religious Council; Ordvvay Hall Council, Pres. ; W.A.A.; A.C.E.; B.S.U. • DONNIE GENE LAWSON, Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Delta Alpha, Pres.; Sigma Lambda Iota, Pres.; Jr. Rep. Student Org.; Last Resort, Director; Sophomore Class President; Band; Orchestra. • JAMES E. LAWSON, Winston-Salem, N. C; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi; Beta Tau Beta. Second Row: • HERBERT HENRY LAX, Paducah, Ky. ; B.A., Mathematics; Delta Alpha; Campus Lights; Last Resort; A Capella Choir. • BILLY CHARLES LILES, Humboldt, Tenn.; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Vets Club. Mathematics, • HOWARD LINDNER, Long Branch, N J.; B.S., Health and Physical Education; International Relations Club; Beta Tau Beta; Football; Director of Intramurals. • MARCUS G. LOGSDON, Owensboro, Ky. ; B.S., Mathematics, Business; Vets Club. • PATSY ORENE LONG, Arlington, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; A.C.E. Third Row: • CYNTHELIA JANE LOVE, Kuttawa, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education ; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sentinel ; Business Club. • SARA JESS McANULTY, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; A.C.E. • JUDITH LEWIS McBRIDE, Rock Hill, S. C. ; B.M.E.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Kappa Delta Pi; Vivace; Campus Lights; Or- chestra. • BOBBY E. McCLELLAN, Clinton, Kv. ; B.A., Chemistry: S.A.A.C.S., Vice-Pres.; Physics Club; German Club. • JERRY W. McCONNELL, Marion, Ky.; B.S., Area in Indui- trial Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Industrial Arts Club. 33 First Row: • PATSV McKENZIE, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Home Economics; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Cluli; ' ets Cliil) Sweetheart. • EMM.V CRI ' l ' TKNDEN McNEELY, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; A.C.E. ; Dames C-Iuh. • EDC;AR DANE MADDOX, Murray, Ky. ; Physics, Math; Ten- nis Team; Vets Club; Physics Club; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. • LARRV ROSS MAHl ' RIN, Onton, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture Club; Wesley Foundation Council; Ordwaj- and Wells Hall Councils; Intramural Basketball; Distinguished Military Student. • BAILEV MAGRIDER, Evanston, III.; B.S., Area in Social Sci- ence; Pi Kappa Alpha; International Relations Club, Pres. ; Vets Club; Campus Lights; A Capella Choir; Industrial Arts Club. Second Row: • LEWIS EDWARD MARTIN, Crofton, Ky. ; B.A., Biology; Beta Beta Beta. • CHARLES D. MATKIN, Flat River, Mo.; Vets Club; Thor- oughbred Hour; Debate. • JOE KENNETH MILAM, Lewisburg, Ky. ; B.S., Business. • LOIS BRENDA MILLER, Louisville, Ky. ; B.S., Art; Portfolio Club; N.E.M.s Club; Kappa Pi. • PERRY MAC MILLS, Clinton, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture ( ' lub. Third Row: • ROBERT C. MOELLER, Evansville, Ind.; B.M.E.: Phi Mu Al- pha; College Orchestra; Vivace Club; Male Quartet; A Capella Choir, Brass Ensemble; Band. • DOROTHY EVANGELINE MOORE, Hopewell, Va. ; B.S., Eng- lish; Lambda Iota Tau; German Club; Westminster Fellowship, Sec-Treas., Moderator; COLLEGE NEWS, Editor, Advertising Manager, Feature page director; Lambda Iota Tau; Collegiate Press Club; International Relations Club; E. G. Schmidt Memorial Award for Outstanding Journalism ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JAMES MARVIN MOORE, Hopewell, Va.; B.S., Physics, Math; Sailing Club; German Club. • JOHN JEROME MORRIS, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Delta Alpha. 34 Seniors First Row: • CLAUDE EDWARD MORTON, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Men on Campus; Intramural All Star Football. • LUZ NAVARRO, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club ; W.A.A. • PAUL THOMAS NELSON, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Industrial Arts, Health and Physical Education ; Industrial Arts Club. • JOE ED NORWOOD, Pryorsburg, Ky. ; B.S., English. • AMELIA ODLE, Senath, Mo.; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; Home Economics Club. Second Row: • CLARENCE R. OLSEN, Earlington, Ky.; B.S., Math. • SHIRLEY FERGUSON OLSEN, Camden, Tenn. ; B.S., Area in Business Education. • GERALD A. O ' NEAL, Marion, Ky.; B.S., Industrial Arts; In- dustrial Arts Club, Vice-Pres. ; Epsilon Pi Tau. • BILLY DALE OUTLAND, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Phy- sical Education. • JEAN ANN OUTLAND, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Sec; Alpha Beta Alpha. Third Row: • JAMIE H. OVERTON, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education, History; International Relations Club; Vets Club. • JOHN BERDET PARKS, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi; Portfolio Club; Campus Lights; Last Resort. • MARIAN MANSFIELD PARKS, May-field, Ky. ; B.A., English; Romance Language Club, Portfolio Club. • JAVADA RAY PARROTT, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club. • ELVIN JAMES PARTENHEIMER, Rankin, 111.; B.S., Health and Physical Education, Business; Delta Alpha; Wells Hall Coun- cil. 35 First Row: • BILL ' S ' R. PASEIIR, Camden, Tenn.; B.S., Area in Social Sci- ence; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade. • CHARLOTTE PENNEBAKER, Paducah, Kv. ; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi, Sec; Portfolio Club. • PATRICIA ANN PERDEW, Frankfort, Ky. ; B.S., Secretarial Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Woods Hall Council; Campus Lights; Last Resort; College Band; A Capella Choir; W.A.A. ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • RICHARD WENDELL PERRY, Monticello, 111.; B.M.E.; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Vivace Club; Symphony Orchestra; Symphonic Band; A Capella Choir; Brass Choir; Campus Lights. • RITA HUMPHREYS PERRY, Paris, Tenn.; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Home Economics Club; Modern Dance Club; Campus Lights; W.A.A. Second Row: • GERALD DWIGHT PHILLIPS, Rumsey, Ky. ; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi ; Portfolio Club. • GERALD LOUIS PHILLIPS, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration. • HARMON BARNETT PIERCE, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Biology; Last Resort, Assistant Director; Delta Alpha, Recording and Cor- responding Secretary; Vets Club; Sailing Club; Romantic Language Club. • JO ANN PIERCE, Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club, O fficer. • CALVIN CARLOS PITTS, Puryear, Tenn.; B.S., Area in So- cial Science. Third Row: • ARCHIE D. POLLOCK, Greenville, Ky. ; B.A., Biology and Chemistry; Pi Kappa Alpha; German Club; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. • CLARA ANN POLLOCK, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Dame ' s Club; Delta Lambda Alpha; Business Club; SHIELD Staff; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • LIILIAN N. P ' POOL, Cobb, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education. • WILLIAM ORMAN PRICE, Barlow, Ky.; B.S., Physics, Mathe- matics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Physics Club, Vice-Pres. ; Pershing Rifles; Distinguished Military Student. • JOE NORMAN PRINCE, Crossville, 111.; B.M.E. and B.M.: Phi Mu Alpha, Sec, Pres. ; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. ; Lambda Iota Tau ; Vivace Club, Vice-Pres.; Romance Language Club, Vice-Pres.; A Capella Choir, Assistant Director; Band; Madrigal Singers; Cam- pus Lights, Publicity Director; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who in American C illeges and Universities. 36 Seniors First Row: • LARRY DEE PRITCHARD, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club. • HAROLD PROW, Madisonville, Kv. ; B.S., Biology, History; Delta Alpha; S.A.A.C.S. ; Biology Club; Chemistry Club. • DONALD W. PRYOR, Drakesboro, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Westminster Fellow- ship; Religious Council; Business Club; College Band; Romance Language Club. • MACKIE LYNN PUCKETT, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Elementary Education; Delta Alpha; Student Organization; A.C.E. ; Man on Campus; Thorobred Hour; Junior Class President; Freshman Class Vice-President ; Last Resort. • ROY VANCE RAMAGE, Burna, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club; Delta Alpha. Second Row: • JOHN WALTER RANDOLPH, Cadiz, Ky.; B.S., Agriculture; Alpha Tau Omega; Agriculture Club; Religious Council. • NANCY SUSAN RASCO, Barlow, Kv.; B.S., History and Po- litical Science; COLLEGE NEWS Staff ' ; International Relations Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Council; Thoroughbred Hour; Wesley Foundation; Delta Lambda Alpha; Romance Language Club; Collegiate Press Club, Sec; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • RICHARD KEITH REDING, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education. • HAROLD E. REEDER, McLeansboro, 111.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; B.S.U. ; Wells Hall Council. • JULIA KATHERINE REEVES, Benton, Ky. ; B.S., Library Sci- ence, History; Alpha Beta Alpha; International Relations Club; B.S.U. ; Delta Lambda Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Third Row: • ROBERT JOSEPH REGELSPERGER, Perryville, Mo.; B.S., Political Science and History; Pi Kappa Alpha; Vets Club; Inter- national Relations Club. • VIRGINIA S. REID, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation ; Pi Omega Pi. • CHARLES RAY RENDER, Murray, Ky. ; B.M.E. ; A Capella Choir; College Quartet; Band; Vivace Club. • CAROL MAY RHOADS, Henderson, Ky.; B.S., Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation, Sec; A.C.E. ; Woods Hall Council. • LINDA SUE RHOADS, Henderson, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; Westminster Fellowship; A.C.E. sr First Row: • PHILIP E. RICH, Barlow, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Educa- tion; Pershing Rifles; Business Club. • RAY GLYN RICKMAN, Farmington, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club. • BILL OKAY ROBERTS, Murray, Ky.; B.A., Chemistry and Biology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Recording Secretary; French Club. • CAROLYN ROBERTS, Fulton, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi, Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; Business Club; Student Religious Council; SHIELD Staff; Delta Lambda Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. • FRED DALE ROBERTS, Union City, Tenn. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Phi Mu Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Band; Intramural Basketball; Football; Softball; Campus Lights; Phi Mu Alpha Dance Band. Second Row: • JERRY FRANKLIN ROBERTS, Murray, Ky. ; B.A., History; Pi Kappa Alpha; International Relations Club; Romance Language Club; Religious Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • SHELBY GLEN ROBERTS, Fulton, Ky.; B.S., Math; Indus- trial Arts. • DENNIS MARLIN ROGERS, Murray, Ky. ; B.A. • FAIN L. RUSSELL, Kevil, Ky. ; General Business; Alpha Psi Omega. • MERRIE A. SADLER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Chemistry and Bi- ology; Beta Beta Beta. Third Row: • GENE SAMMONS, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES SANDERS, Louisville, Ky. ; B.A., Biology; Delta Alpha. • DONALD R. SASSE, Henderson, Ky.; B.S., Business. • WILLIAM AUGUST SCHADE, Detroit, Mich.; B.S., Health and Physical Education ; Alpha Tau Omega ; " M " Club. • LARRY SCHMIDT, Mt. Vernon, 111.; B.S., Area in Social Sci- ence; International Relations Club; Wells Hall Council. 38 Seniors First Row: • MARTHA LOUISE SCHMIDT, Calvert City, Ky. ; B.S., Busi- ness; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Cheerleader, Campus Favorite, Business Club, Woods Hall Council ; Pi Omega Pi ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • GILBERT SEARS, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; B.S.U., Pres. ; Christian Citizenship Chairman; Agriculture Club; Interna- tional Relations Club; Campus Religious Council, Vice-Pres. ; Stu- dent Council Representative; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • HAROLD WAYNE SEATON, Dawson Springs, Ky. ; B.S., Busi- ness; Business Club; International Relations Club; Scabbard and Blade. • GEORGE SEBOUHIAN, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.A., English. • BILLIE E. SHOULDERS, Clay, Ky. ; B.S., Math, Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; Vets Club. Second Row: • RUSSELL JERRY SIMMONS, Humboldt, Tenn. ; B.S., Indus- trial Arts; Vets Club; Industrial Arts Club. • MARY ANN SIMPSON, Cayce, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion ; A.C.E. ; R.O.T.C. Sponsor. • WILLIE D. SKAGGS, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Math, Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RUTH SLAGLE, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. • ROBERT RAY SLAYDEN, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration and Education ; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-Pres. Delta Alpha; Last Resort, Director; Campus Lights, Lighting Technician. Third Row: • ANN SMITH, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education ; Business Club; Pi Omega Pi. • ANNIE K. SMITH, Lynnville, Kv.; B.S., Health and Phvsical Education; B.S.U.; W.A.A.; Business Club. • BEVERLY KAREN SMITH, Lowes, Ky. ; B.S., Home Econom- ics; Home Economics Club. • LAWRENCE EDWARD SMITH, Dawson Springs, Ky. ; B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau ; Industrial Arts Club. • KENNETH WILLIAM SMITH, Grindstone, Pa.; B.S., Indus- trial Arts; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Industrial Arts Club; Wells Hall Council; Band; Vivace Club; Cheerleader; Campus Lights. 39 First Row: • JAMES LOUIS STANLEY, Hopkinsville, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science. • CARROLL M. STEINFIELD, Madisonville, Ky. ; B.A., Chem- istry and Biology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sailing Club, S.A.A.C.S. • FRED R. STEPHENS, Ridgely, Tenn. ; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi, Pres.; Portfolio Club; SHIELD Staff. • MALCOLM HILLARY STERMON, Arlington, Ky. ; B.S., Chem- istry and Biology ; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES R. STEWART, Gracey, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture Club. Second Row: • MARTHA JUNE STINSON, Elkton, Ky. ; B.S., Business; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treas. ; Pi Omega Pi; Woods Hall Council; Busi- ness Club; Y.W.C.A. ; Campus Favorite; Junior Class Treasurer. • ROBERT LEE STREET, Deerfield Beach, Fla. ; B.S., Physics, Math, Industrial Arts; Delta Alpha; Physics Club; Sailing Club. • SHARON LOUISE WILKINS STREET, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Art; Portfolio Club; Y.W.C.A., Kappa Pi, Historian. • FREDERICK WILLIAM STROPE, Murray, Ky. ; B.M.E.; Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra; Band; Christian Student Foundation; Vivace Club; German Club. • JANICE WADLINGTON STUBBLEFIELD, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education ; A.C.E. Third Row: • DON SUTHERLAND, Benton, Ky. ; B.S., Club; Vets Club. Math; Agriculture • BENJAMIN DARWIN SYDBOTEN, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Math, Physics; Football; Intramural Basketball; " M " Club. • WILLIAM THOMAS TATE, Central City, Ky. ; B.M.E. ; Phi Mu Alpha; Vivace Club; Band; Vets Club; Campus Lights. • JOHN GORDON TAYLOR, Louisville, Ky. ; B.S., Business, Chemistry. • PATSY LOU TEAGUE, Kuttawa, Ky. ; B.S., Library Science, English; B.S.U.; Alp ha Beta Alpha. 40 Seniors First Row: • JERRY BYARS THOMAS, Fulton, Kv.; B.S., Chemistry, Mathe- matics; CJerman Club; S.A.A.C.S. • NORMA CIAIL THOMAS, Hopkinsville, Ky. ; B.S., Art; Port- folio Club; Sailing Club. • EDDIE ANDREW TIMMONS, Crossville, III.; B.S., Chemistry; S.A.A.C.S. ' • WAYNE L. TOLEN, Brookport, 111.; B.S., Area in Business , ' Administration, History; Vets Club, Business Club; International Relations Club; Alpha Tau Omega. • PATRICIA LYNN TOWNSEND, Hickman, Kv. ; B.A., History and Political Science; SHIELD Staff; Thoroughbred Hour Staff; Panhellenic Council; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Second Row: • BARBARA ANN TRAINER, Bardwell, Ky.; B.S., Art; Port- folio; Kappa Pi. • NICHOLAS L. TRIGNANO, Nutley, N. J.; B.S., Area in Social Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Sports; Sailing Club; Business Club; Debating Team. • ALBERTA JEAN TROUSDALE, Lynn G rove, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Phi Omega Pi; Delta Lamb- da Alpha. • DONNA LOU TUCK, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • LINDA MAY TUCKER, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Treas.; Kentucky Home Economics Associ- ation, Officer; W.A.A. Third Row: • MARY LOU TUGGLE, Cadiz, Ky. ; B.S., Elementarv Educa- tion; A.C.E.; B.S.U.; Y.W.C.A.; Romance Language Club. • EVELYN DELORES TURNER, Golden Pond, Kv. ; B.S., Area in Business Education ; Pi Omega Pi. • ROBERT HALE UPTON, Canton, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Administration. • PHILIP EDWARD USREY, JR., Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Social Science; International Relations Club; Phi Mu Alpha. • JAMES PAUL VADEN, Nashville, Tenn. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Campus Lights; Business Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. 41 First Row: • BILLY RAY VAN WINKLE, Scottsville, Ky. ; B.S., Business, History; Vets Club; Pi Omega Pi. • GARY LEN VAUGHN, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Education ; Business Club. • DALTON WILLIAM VAUGHN, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Area in Social Science; International Relations Club; Speech. • CHARLES DOUGLAS WADE, Cadiz, Ky. ; Agriculture; Agri- culture Club; Distinguished Military Student; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. • GEORCJE ED WALDROP, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education ; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • BARBARA NAN WALKER, Paducah, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Y.W.C.A., Pres., Outstanding Member; A.C.E. ; Kappa Delta Pi; Religious Council; Member- ship Director of Alpha Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • CARROLL DEAN WALKER, Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education. • EDWIN EDWARD WALPOLE, Lake Worth, Fla. ; B.S., Agri- cu lture; Alpha Tau Omega; Agriculture Club; Football. • SUE LAMB WARMATH, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Home Econom- ics; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi. • JOHN CHARLES WATERS, Mayfield, Ky. ; B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Religious Council; Business Club; B.S.U. Third Row: • ELIZABETH WEBB, Arlington, Ky.; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Y.W.C.A. • NANCY LEE WEBB, Mavfield, Ky. ; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A.C.E. ; Y.W.C.A. • HENRY DONALD WELCOME, Long Branch, N. J.; B.S., culture Club; Beta Beta Beta. • BOBBY RAY WELLS, Wickliffe, Ky. ; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- Business. 42 Seniors First Row: • JULIANNE WEST, Murray, Kv. ; B.S., Secretarial Science, French ; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-Pres., Pres. ; Pi Omega Pi ; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Lambda Iota Tau; Panhellenic Council; SHIELD Staff; Thoroughbred Hour Staff; Delta Lambda Alpha; Sweet- heart of Tau Sigma Tau Fraternity ; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. • DWIGHT L. WILKINSON, Benton, Kv. ; B.S., Elementarv Edu- cation; A.C.E. ; B.S.U. • RICHARD DALE WHITSETT, Princeton, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration ; Business Club. • EDWARD LOUIS WHITTAKER, Detroit, Mich.; B.S., English, History. • PATSY NADEAN WILKINS, Benton, Kv. ; B.S., Nursing Edu- cation, Biology; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Religious Council; N.E.M.s Club, Vice-Pres.; Ord«ay Hall Council, Vice-Pres. Second Row: • JAMES DUDLEY WILLIAMS, JR., Mayfield, Kv. ; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; A.C.E. ; Sock and Buskin; Kappa Delta Pi. • FRED L. WILSON, Murray, Ky. ; B.A., Physics, Mathematics; Physics Club, Pres.; German Club, Pres.; VVho ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • ROBERT GARNER WILSON, Nashville, Tenn. ; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, Pres.; Business Club; Intrainural Football; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. • EDWARD ALLEN WISER, Almo, Ky. ; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Vets Club. • HAVDEN BERNARD WOOD, Glasgow, Ky. ; B.S., Business, English; A Capella Choir; Business Club. Third Row: • MILDRED WOOD, Henderson, Ky. ; B.S., Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Delta Lambda Alpha. • BOBBY ZANE WORKMAN, Murray, Ky. ; B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics; Pi Kappa Alpha; French Club; Chemistry Club. • KENNETH LLOYD WORKMAN, iMurray, Ky. ; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi; Portfolio. • KENNETH B. WRAY, Wingo, Ky. ; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Basketball. • GERALD DONALD YATES, Wingo, Ky. ; B.A., Physics, Mathe- matics; Physics Club. 43 J Seniors • DONALD E. VEARGAIN, Farmiiigton, Mo.; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Business Club; Sigma Lamb- da Iota. • WILLIAM HENRY VOUNG, Paducah, Kv. ; B.S., English, History. 44 Junior Class Officers Mark Mahan, Richard Lewis, Ernestine Batten, Art Bauernfeind. The Junior year at Murray State College — with it came the realization that it was time to be definite about the future and concentrate fully on study and accomplishment. We had been told by someone that our Junior year would be the easiest one, but oh, how we ' d been misled! This year was the year that set the foundation for our final year, and we learned that we must make that foundation solid and secure. So on we worked for that day when we would be looked upon by others, not as nondescript college students, but as anchored Seniors who were sure of the future and had learned as much as possible from books and people met at college. 45 KLi ■■■11 First Row: Isaac Booker Adams Murraj ' , Kentucky Tommy D. Alexander Murray, Kentucky William Holland Allbrhte n Hazel, Kentucky Elna Allen Paducah, Kentucky Gertrude C. Allen West Paducah, Kentucky Glenn R. Allen Kevil, Kentucky Janet Sue Allen Fulton, Kentucky Third Row: Alma Atwood Paducah, Kentucky Ronald Kennedy A iwood Paducah, Kentucky Ernestine Baiten Paducah, Kentucky Edgar David Baker Dyersburg, Tennessee Molly Baker Hopkinsville, Kentucky James Harold Barker Elizabethtown, Kentucky Barbara Jane Barley Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row: Nancy Lanier Alston Murray, Kentucky Twila Jean Altig Greenview, Illinois Gerald Dodd Alton Murray, Kentucky Buford Ray Anderson Burkley, Kentucky William Robert Arnold Wickliffe, Kentucky Jerry Paul Arnold Murray, Kentucky Cleta Rae Atnip Calvert City, Kentucky Fourth Row: Don William Barlow Murray, Kentucky Harold B. Barnes Mayfield, Kentucky Wanda Barnes Salem, Kentucky Judith Carolyn Barneit Murray, Kentucky Joe Barnhart Murray, Kentucky Joel Bly Barrett Huntsville, Indiana Arthur Bauernfeind Niles, Michigan The Junior Class Fifth Row: Shannon Beasley Henderson, Kentucky Gerald G. Bei.i Tupper Lake, New York James D. Bei.i Paducah, Kentucky Jimmy Burke Benedict Murray, Kentucky Richard Larry Bhnneit Trenton, Tennessee Donald David Berry Morganfield, Kentucky Edward LeRoy Berry Sturgis, Kentucky 46 v P Jk- 1 1 f J First Row: Tei) Franklin Bii.i.incton Murray, Kentucky Wii.i.iAM Green Blades Paducah, Kentucky Sammy Delano Blankenship Mt. Vernon, Indiana Larry Blubaum Mt. Vernon, Indiana Kathryn Marie Bog ie Gilbertsville, Kentucky Reece Alexander Bond Murray, Kentucky Mary Suzanne Bowell LaPorte, Indiana Second Row: Floyd Shelton Bowen Central City, Kentucky Sue Hut Bowers Murray, Kentucky Gerald D. Boyd Flora, Illinois Thomas Eugene Brady Fulton, Kentucky Judith Bray Paducah, Kentucky Preston Blandford Bridges Cadiz, Kentucky Edwin Cary Brooks Murray, Kentucky Third Row: David Wricht Brown Burbank, California JoH N R. Brown Cayce, Kentucky Beverly Broutin Sheffield, Alabama Pauline CJore Bryant Murray, Kentucky Larry Tucker Bugg Clinton, Kentucky LoREN Wesley Burger Sterling, Illinois James Denver Burke Nashville, Tennessee Fourth Row: Jane Burke Paris, Tennessee Ben William Butler Mayfield, Kentucky Lawrence Buzzerio Bethpage, New York Sue Call Cottage Grove, Tennessee David Lake Calverley Mt. Carmel, Illinois William F. Carman Jackson, Tennessee Herbert Daniel Carmichaei Louisville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Edward Carroll Murray, Kentucky Brenda Sue Carver Evansville, Indiana H ALTON Charlton Murray, Kentucky Richard Earl Cates Sturgis, Kentucky James Lei.and Clack Hickman, Kentucky Beit ' Ann Clark CJreenville, Kentucky William Ardell Clark Wingo, Kentucky ii 7 I ! % CX mmkM MiM First Row: Betsv (Jayi.e Ci-inard Springfield, Tennessee Barbara Jean Ci.oys Murray, Kentucky Mack Ci.ym a Murray, Kentucky Anna I orene Cole Dixon, Kentucky Wayne Clinton Cole Providence, Kentucky John Garret Collins Murray, Kentucky William Allen Combs Murray, Kentucky Second Row: ToMMiE Cooper La Center, Kentucky Mona Claire Corbeti- Memphis, Tennessee Neta Pauline Corbin Carmi, Illinois DoNNiE ConiRAN Benton, Kentucky Bob N. Crawford Murray, Kentucky B. Jerry Crider Bells, Tennessee Donna Yvonne Crider Bells, Tennessee The Junior Class Third Row: Jean Culpepper Mayfield, Kentucky Robert Louis Cummins Cairo, Illinois Martha Jane Cunningham Eddyville, Kentucky William Dino Cupeli.i Detroit, Michigan John F. Daniel Murray, Kentucky Carl Richard Dasenbrock Teutopolis, Illinois Jean Jackson Davis Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Ruth Ann Davis Harrisburg, Illinois Sally Davis Ripley, Tennessee Charles Eugene Day Louisville, Kentucky Charles Ray Day Central City, Kentucky Jane Carolyn Dick Mayfield, Kentucky William Mason Dixon La Grange, Kentucky Barbara Ann Dodson Louisville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Lane A. Donnelly Audubon, New Jersey Jimmy Franklin Doran Murray, Kentucky Donald Jordan Dorris Murray, Kentucky Jerry Vernon Douglas Paducah, Kentucky Raphael Delano Douglas Karnak, Illinois Charles Robert Dunlap White Plains, Kentucky Ray Lilton Dunn Hazel, Kentucky 48 n s f ' gx k A First Row: William Durfee Dyer, Tennessee Joe Dyer Humboldt, Tennessee Alice Edwards Hazel, Kentucky Crawford Edwards Charleston, Missouri Charlie Elder Princeton, Kentucky Betfy ' Ellis Murraj-, Kentucky Betty Lou Ellis Hopkinsville, Kentucky Second Row: Lila Beth Empson Pontiac, Michigan Dan Evans Murray, Kentucky Daniel Everett Gary, Indiana Raymond Evitts Murray, Kentucky DoNNiE Farmer Farmington, Kentucky Paul Max Farris Murray, Kentucky Jerry Fauchn Benton, Kentucky Third Row: Gerald Featherstone Murray, Kentucky Donald Feezor Paducah, Kentucky Charles Fenwick Water Valley, Kentucky Thomas Franklin Clay, Kentucky W. A. Franklin Marion, Kentucky Norma Jane Freeman Eddyville, Kentucky Mary Beth Furches Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Marshall J. Gage Indianapolis, Indiana Nicholas Galloway Murray, Kentucky Cecil Garrett Sullivan, Kentucky Reuben Garwood Jonesboro, Illinois Stanley Gibbs Desloge, Missouri Betty Gilbert Hopkinsville, Kentucky David Gilbert Murray, Kentucky Fifth Row: Carlton Gillam Leadington, Missouri Virginia Gingles Kirksey, Kentucky Donald Gipe Owensboro, Kentucky Virginia Gish Murray, Kentucky Judy Goheen Benton, Kentucky Kenneth Golladay Murray, Kentucky Alfred Grace Hopkinsville, Kentucky IP ' P- P3 f!l Ju i kit First Row: June Grayson Russellville, Kentucky Joe Green Benton, Kentucky Nathaniel Green Providence, Kentucky Charles Grissom Wingo, Kentucky Terry Gulledge Carrier Mills, Kentucky Martha Gunter Alton, Illinois Dickie Hack Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Cecil Harvey Smithland, Kentucky Lillian Haskins Hopkinsville, Kentucky Ben William Hayes Kuttawa, Kentucky Joseph Heier Murray, Kentucky Joseph Hendon Mayfield, Kentucky Gerald Henry Murray, Kentucky Larry Henson Flora, Illinois Second Row: Barbara Ann Hale Murray, Kentucky Eleanor Hall Louisville, Kentucky James Hall Fulton, Kentucky Robert Hall Murray, Kentucky Jackie Hancock Sebree, Kentucky Lillian Harrington Louisville, Kentucky Arvil Joe Hart Dyersburg, Tennessee Fourth Row: Eugene Herndon Almo, Kentucky Shirley Herpel Paducah, Kentucky Roger Hewlett Paducah, Kentucky Richard Hill Carrier Mills, Illinois Deanie Hinton Owensboro, Kentucky Charles Hobbs Cunningham, Kentucky William Hoffee Murray, Kentucky The Junior Class Fifth Row: William Donald Holland Paducah, Kentucky Carolyn Holmes Louisville, Kentucky Nina Holt Hopkinsville, Kentucky Robert Howard Mayfield, Kentucky Roy Howard Vero Beach, Florida Clarence Huff Richmond, Virginia Phillip Hunt Cunningham, Kentucky 50 Wii ' t ' ' JdK f i % l£k First Row: Jere Mason Huss Chillicothe, Missouri Devon Jackson Murray, Kentucky Richard Wood James Murray, Kentucky O. J. Jennings Murray, Kentucky Robert E. Jennings St. Louis, Missouri Robert Larry Jetton Murray, Kentucky Frank R. Johnson Owensboro, Kentucky Second Row: Fredrick Ai.len Johnson Murray, Kentucky Henry Sic Johnson Wingo, Kentucky Ronald L. Johnson Hopkinsville, Kentucky Judy McGregor Johnston Madisonville, Kentucky Marian Antoineite Johnston Paducah, Kentucky Jackie Lee Jones Mayfield, Kentucky Margaret Allan Jones Fredonia, Kentucky Third Row: Rosemary Jones Murray, Kentucky Mary Pat Karlen Murray, Kentucky Molly Duke Keegan Paducah, Kentucky Bobbie Lee Kei so Lynn Grove, Kentucky James W. Kennedy Jewell Ridge, Virginia Helen Kimmons Paris, Tennessee Margaret Lacy Kincannon Cleveland, Ohio Fourth Row: Donald Eugene Knight Rock Falls, Illinois George Edward Kukahiko Owensboro, Kentucky Donald Gordon Lankin Murray, Kentucky Carolyn Sue Leneave Paducah, Kentucky Richard Hayes Lewis Princeton, Kentucky Evelyn Cathey Lockhart Murray, Kentucky Dickie Morris Long Murray, Kentucky Fifth Row: Margaret Lucas Marion, Kentucky Paul L. Lund Sterling, Illinois Bruce Richard Macdade Plymouth, Florida Emily Magraw Cadiz, Kentucky Mark Weldon Mah an Marion, Kentucky Jerry Lee Martin Murray, Kentucky Marl Ola Martin Madisonville, Kentucky -- H iit M;. ry E., i n 2 " ■ ,;SJ. SHI dkii First Row: Dax Maithews South Bend, Indiana Arthur Herman Mattincly Charleston, Missouri Ronald Dale McCace Murray, Kentucky Richard B. McAnulty Union City, Tennessee M. JEANETTE McClure Symsonia, Kentucky William Harold McConnell Hopkinsville, Kentucky C. Kelly McCord Murray, Kentucky Third Row: George Edward Moore, III Fulton, Kentucky James H. Murphy Desloge, Missouri Samuel Rhea Nall Sacramento, Kentucky William Gill Nash, Jr Murray, Kentucky Burton Lowell Nichol Sandusky, Michigan Dan Lassiter Nix Murray, Kentucky Jerry Lynn Noffel Fulton, Kentucky Second Row: G. Lane McCroskey Louisville, Kentucky Charles Thomas McMullin Hickman, Kentucky Richard Meador Henderson, Kentucky Ellis James Meadows Murray, Kentucky Jerry Albert Mever Benton, Kentucky Jean Wilcox Miles Murray, Kentucky Donald Martin Moore Central City, Kentucky Fourth Row: Bobby Ray Paducah, Kentucky William D. Oakley Morganfield, Kentucky W. Gaye O ' Dell Hopkinsville, Kentucky Patricia Oldfield Murray, Kentucky Richard C. Oldfield Murray, Kentucky Edward Oliver Norris City, Illinois Michael E. Oreskovich Paducah, Kentucky The Junior Class Fifth Row: Michael Alan O ' Riordan Chicago, Illinois Joe Farmer Orr Murray, Kentucky Charles Logan Osborn Des Plaines, Illinois Shirley Sue Outland Murray, Kentucky Donald E. Outlaw White Plains, Kentucky Patricia Lois Owen Murray, Kentucky Wells Parker Owen Murray, Kentucky 52 I C ' J© C i ' ikii First Row: James A. Pace, Jr La Center, Kentucky Buddy Parker Canal Point, Florida Frank Griffin Parker Hickman, Kentucky JOHNiE William Parker Kirksey, Kentucky Gerald B. Parks Murray, Kentucky Carl Thomas Parsons Barlow, Kentucky Gedric B. Paschall Murray, Kentucky Second Row: RoDDiE Craig Peebles Paducah, Kentucky William Kenneth Pember Mayfield, Kentucky Iloh Lee Perry Almo, Kentucky Marion Gordon Perry St. Petersburg, Florida Kenneth Fred Peterson Chicago, Illinois Richard Lee Petty Murray, Kentucky H. Warren Phillips Murray, Kentucky Third Row: J. D. PicuE Fulton, Kentucky Robert Eugene Plough Paducah, Kentucky Ernest Gene Preston Madisonville, Kentucky Jane Hunt Price Clay, Kentucky Harry C. Pritchett Sturgis, Kentucky Ralph H. Puckett Fulton, Kentucky Edward S. Pullen Robards, Kentucky Fourth Row: Donald R. Qualls Slaughters, Kentucky Charles Edward Quertermous Sturgis, Kentucky Bettie Jo Ray Lyndon, Kentucky Ray Gene Wells Murray, Kentucky Max Gordon Ray Goreville, Kentucky Herman Lee Reed Dyersburg, Tennessee Lawrence Ray Reeder McLeansboro, Illinois Fifth Row: Philip G. Reeves Calvert City, Kentucky Charles Eugene Rhoades Murray, Kentucky Jimmy Reade Rials Arlington, Kentucky Martha E. Richards Ovsensboro, Kentucky Murrel Rickman Hickory, Kentucky Jacqueline Anne Rini Memphis, Tennessee Lowell Fowler Roberts Benton, Kentucky m ' B J Pl First Row: Jimmy U. Robinson Murray, Kentucky Jimmy Ray Robinson Murray, Kentucky LoREN Frank Rosenberg Lake Worth, Florida Joyce Ann Rudolph Kevil, Kentucky Hugh Thomas Rushing Murray, Kentucky Lelan C. Russelt Fairfield, Illinois Patsy Dea Sabel Paducah, Kentucky Second Row: Martha Sammons Mayfield, Kentucky Don R. Samples Milburn, Kentucky Glenn Miller Sanders Dyersburg, Tennessee Jean E. Sanford Hickman, Kentucky Herb Schupp Louisville, Kentucky Marv Louis Scoit Robards, Kentucky Sandra Jean Scoit Ledbetter, Kentucky The Junior Class Third Row; Dan p. Shanklin Dresden, Tennessee Joseph Sheehan, Jr Houston, Texas Jerry Allen Shields Sturgis, Kentucky L. K. Shields Sturgis, Kentucky Fredda Louise Shoemaker Murray, Kentucky Judy Anne Shoemaker Murray, Kentucky David William Shore Murray, Kentu cky Fourth Row: Sandra Anne Sisson Dukedom, Tennessee Frank John Smikoski Chicago, Illinois Tommy Lee Sneed St. Louis, Missouri Jim Solomon Murray, Kentucky Frederick Ray Spraggs Clinton, Kentucky Milton Sills Stanley Mayfield, Kentucky Ann Elizabeth Stephens Paducah, Kentucky Fifth Row: Ann Stewart Paducah, Kentucky Richard Harold Stout Murray, Kentucky Bobby Leon Summar Mayfield, Kentucky Ronald P. Summers Joppa, Illinois James Ronald Talent Murray, Kentucky Eugene Pierce Talmadge Hubart, Indiana Joe Eugene Tarry Murray, Kentucky 54 1 I First Row: Doris Carolyn Tate Central City, Kentucky Harland Lee Taylor Murray, Kentucky Mary Ellen Taylor Henry, Illinois Ralph Wilson Taylor Louisville, Kentucky Joyce Ann Teague Kuttawa, Kentucky Donald G. Terry Mt. Vernon, Indiana Pearl Evon Terry Bardwell, Kentucky Second Row: Ralph Teter Middletovvn, Indiana Bill Threlkeld Burna, Kentucky Pat Thomas Hopkinsville, Kentucky Recena Lou Thomas Camden, Tennessee Carolyn B. Tierney Murray, Kentucky Charles Garnett Toohey Louisville, Kentucky George Lyndal Toon Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: Don E. Toone Evansville, Kentucky Ray Franklin Townsend Desloge, Missouri Loreita Dale Tucker Murray, Kentucky Paul K. Turner Indianapolis, Indiana Louise V. Tyree Mayfield, Kentucky Richard Harold Usher Puryear, Tennessee Lowell Thomas Utley Hardin, Kentucky I Fourth Row: Becky Vaughan Lowes, Kentucky Jane Vaughn Murray, Kentucky Jimmy C. V ' allace Murray, Kentucky Nancy Jo Walker Benton, Kentucky Wanda L. Walker Smithland, Kentucky Charles Hayden Walston Murray, Kentucky Harry G. Ward, Jr Desloge, Missouri Fifth Row: Wade Hampton Wearren Middletovvn, Kentucky Roy a. Weatherly Murray, Kentucky Sammy Rose Webb Arlington, Kentucky Billy Clyde Wells Bells, Tennessee Charles N. Wells Morganfield, Kentucky Fred Ward Wells Murray, Kentucky Larry Louis Wheeler Lynnville, Kentucky k First Row: Richard G. Wheeler Mill Shoals, Illinois Jacqueline Ann White Paducah, Kentucky Linda Ann White Hopkinsville, Kentucky William Ansley White Bardwell, Kentucky RoYD N. WHirr Benton, Kentucky Leonard Paul Wice Nortonville, Kentucky Ainara Wilder . : Paris, Tennessee Second Row: Dorothy Mae Wiley Waverly, Tennessee James E. Wiley Nebo, Kentucky Nora Louise Williams Henderson, Kentucky Elias D. Williamson Cadiz, Kentucky Dayle L. Windsor Dukedom, Tennessee Sandra Lee Wineland Orlando, Florida Denneth Michael Winn Fredonia, Kentucky The Junior Class Third Row; Greta Imogene Wood Cadiz, Kentucky Norman Stanley Woods Sikeston, Missouri Casper Leon Wooten Carmi, Illinois Bill Wyatt Mayfield, Kentucky Frank Yates Mayfield, Kentucky Sue C. Yates Kuttawa, Kentucky James Theodore Young Owensboro, Kentucky Fourth Row: William Richard Young Louisville, Kentucky Martha Zarecor Humboldt, Tennessee 56 Sophomore Class Officers Martha Thompson, Sandra Baughman, Johnnie Gentry, Bobby Collins. The Sophomore year at Murray State College — with it some of the newness has changed to famiUarity, and it was good to get back to the old campus and in the swing of things again. Somehow the plans we made this summer were not as easily carried out as we expected, but we did study and work a little more than last year. Of course, we had fun too, and we learned the valuable lesson of a balanced diet in work and fun. We began to take more seriously the ideals and ideas that had been handed us as Freshmen, and we began to think that perhaps there was something to this business of seriously deciding on a definite goal and future. We have two more years to go, and they must not be wasted. 57 M uM ' »tl Jj f First Row: Nancy Lou Adams Fulton, Kentucky George E. Akers Long Branch, New Jersey Mary Elizabeth Allen Bandana, Kentucky William B. Allen Bandana, Kentucky Jerry Gordon Alston Murray, Kentucky Albin Appleby Madisonville, Kentucky Ronnie Elmer Arendas Vero Beach, Florida Second Row: John Miles Arnn Martin, Tennessee Charles Robert Arnold Worthville, Kentucky Hugh C. Ashbv Sebree, Kentucky Charles William Asm us Murray, Kentucky Patricia Lee Atkins Murray, Kentucky Dennis Allan Barden La Porte, Indiana Ben Boston BARNETr Hickman, Kentucky The Sophomore Class Third Row: Laura Jean Barnett Almo, Kentucky Olivia Wells Barnett Murray, Kentucky Robert Max Barrett Murray, Kentucky Sandra Lucile Baughman Vero Beach, Florida Margaret Ruth Benedict Murray, Kentucky Ann Bennett Smithland, Kentucky Margaret Ann Berry Morganfield, Kentucky Fourth Row: Margaret Bingham Murray, Kentucky RONDAL Lee Black Gary, Indiana Janet Marie Blackburn Clay, Kentucky Paula White Blalock Murray, Kentucky Edward Ray Bledsoe Paducah, Kentucky Joe Ronald Blincoe Hickman, Kentucky Donald V. Boggess Murray, Kentucky Fifth Row: Donna Green Boggess Fredericksburg, Virginia Vadie Bolton Paducah, Kentucky Helen Louise Boone Louisville, Kentucky Marian C. Bouska Flouissant, Missouri CoRiNNE Elizabeth Brady Louisville, Kentucky Richard Franklin Bray Paris, Tennessee Lynn Boyd Bridwell Marion, Kentucky 58 First Row: Bill Zerrell Brooks Boaz, Kentucky Linda Jane Bruce Dyersburg, Tennessee Margaret Ann Brummal Clinton, Kentucky Ed Buckalew Marion, Kentucky Clyde Wesley Buffincton Madisonville, Kentucky John Lisle Buie Beech Creek, Kentucky Leo D. Burns Murray, Kentucky Second Row: Donald Frederick Buxton Murray, Kentucky Jan Loreita Cacle Alamo, Tennessee Barbara Jane Campbeli Carmi, Illinois Karen Julene Campbell Sullivan, Illinois LeLane Cannon Crossville, Illinois Rocco Salvatore Caponicri Chicago, Illinois Donald Lee Carlisle Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: Joseph Martin Carlisle Charleston, Missouri Millard F. Carman Union City, Tennessee Ron Gene Carseli Shelbyville Illinois Nancy Mike Carson Brookport, Illinois Donald Ray Carter Mayfield, Kentucky Larry B. Carter Mayfield, Kentucky Bobby Harold Cassity Golden Pond, Kentucky Fourth Row: Robert David Chambers Owensboro, Kentucky Charles Forrest Champion Paducah, Kentucky Winston Ray Chesney La Porte, Indiana Eddie Joe Chrisman Paris, Tennessee Charles Russell Church Murray, Kentucky Patricia Ann Cissell Mayfield, Kentucky Linda Nell Clark Marion, Kentucky Fifth Row: Martha Loraine Clayton Tiptonville, Tennessee Billie Cardwell Cole Providence, Kentucky Robert W. Collins Elkton, Kentucky Marcia Ann Compton Paris, Tennessee Robert W. Compton La Center, Kentucky Noel Conley- Murray, Kentucky Gary B. Cooper Murray, Kentucky ■lM_ ill jO 1 r ' - ' " First Row: Rebecca Nell Cope Benton, Kentucky James M. Cotton Eddyville, Kentucky Erwin Alexander Court Calumet, Minnesota BEnY Jo Crawford Murray, Kentucky Martha Janette Crider Marion, Kentucky Elvis Donald Cullen Paducah, Kentucky LoREiTA B. Culver Murray, Kentucky Second Row: L NDA L. Cunningham Murray, Kentucky Robert D. Curry Areola, Illinois Beverly Ann Cursey Murray, Kentucky Johnnie Hobart Curtis Hartford, Illinois Emil Sue Daniel Paris, Tennessee William Patrick Davenport Nortonville, Kentucky Elece Elizabeth Davis Fredericksburg, Virgi nia The Sophomore Class Third Row: Janet Faye Davis Ovpensboro, Kentucky Patsy Ann Davis Fulton, Kentucky Paul Dean Davis Murray, Kentucky Russell Hardy Dawson Murray, Kentucky Nancy Millard Day Central City, Kentucky Hugh Durward Dening Louisville, Kentucky Michael Riley Denington Princeton, Kentucky Fourth Row: Donald Ward Dickson Dickson, Tennessee Mary Jane Dillard Clinton, Kentucky Nancy Ann Dobson Wingo, Kentucky Barbara Ann Doneghue Maunie, Illinois Betty Stamps Doran Murray, Kentucky William David Driskill Sharon Grove, Kentucky Bill T. Duley Metropolis, Illinois Fifth Row: Don Duncan Mayfield, Kentucky Thomas Allen Dunkerson Burna, Kentucky Graham Clayton Duvall Frankfort, Kentucky William Lee Dyer Paris, Tennessee Robert M. East Kuttawa, Kentucky Dianne Edwards Mayfield, Kentucky Sharron Lee Eley Murray, Kentucky 60 First Row: Glenda Sue Elkins Almo, Kentucky James Gordon Enix Murray, Kentucky George Wesley Epley Carmi, Illinois William F. Evanoff Calumet, Minnesota William Thomas Eviits Mayfield, Kentucky Marilyn Sue Fain Lynn Grove, Kentucky Margaret Ann Falwell Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Johnnie Lee Gentry Jeffersontown, Kentucky Charles Donald Gibbs Murray, Kentucky Carolyn M. Gill Carlyle, Illinois Robert S. Giombeit Milwaukee, Wisconsin Judy Given Crossville, Illinois Donald F. Goodcase Louisville, Kentucky Oliver Franklin Goodin Charleston, Missouri Second Row: Michael C. Farmer Murray, Kentucky James Thomas Farrell Mayfield, Kentucky Judy Ann Faughn Benton, Kentucky Jill Ferguson Indianapolis, Indiana Patsy Jo Fields Hickman, Kentucky Julia Landes Finley Crystal City, Missouri Carolyn Sue Ford Bardwell, Kentucky Fifth Row: Reva Frances Gordon Benton, Kentucky Norris Gail Gorrell Elkton, Kentucky Patricia Ann Gowin La Grange, Kentucky Jarrell L. Grahan Mt. Vernon, Illinois Morton A. Greenberg Brooklyn, New York SoNjA Kay Freenfield Murray, Kentucky Julia Nell Griffith Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: JORETTA Fox Murray, Kentucky Allen Franklin Marion, Kentucky James Howe Fuller Bardwell, Kentucky Richard Leon Fuqua Farmington, Kentucky Jimmy L. Futrell Murray, Kentucky CJerald L. Galloway Mayfield, Kentucky Kenneth Ray Garland Murray, Kentucky ife. i First Row: Joan Griggs Lowes, Kentucky Stephen R. Grove La Porte, Indiana Shelby Morris Hadden Gallatin, Tennessee James N. Hall Benton, Kentucky Linda J. Hall Murray, Kentucky John Paul Hamilton Sheridan, Kentucky Nella Marlene Hamlin Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row: Charles Stephen Harden Raiford, Florida Sherry Jeannene Hardesit Louisville, Kentucky Henry Codington Hardgrove Somerville, New Jersey Shirley Lane Hardin Beech Grove, Kentucky John Wayne Harper Murray, Kentucky Wayne L. Harrell Calvert City, Kentucky Douglas Clav Harris Owensboro, Kentucky Third Row: Ralph Norman Harris Vero Beach, Florida Mary Lou Harp Bardwell, Kentucky Patricia Anne Hatcher Benton, Kentucky David Stanley Hawkins Chicago, Illinois Bobbye Kaye Heath Synsonia, Kentucky Carol D. Hendrix Marion, Kentucky Elizabeth Ann Henry Sturgis, Kentucky Fourth Row: Jane Marshall Henry Madisonville, Kentucky Marsha Riley Henson Benton, Kentucky Mary L. Heob Crystal City, Missouri Mary Charles Herring Fulton, Kentucky Ella Beth Herrmann Tell City, Indiana Ben M. Hester I ' redericksburg, Virginia Gloria White Hicks Murray, Kentucky The Sophomore Class Fifth Row: John Everett Higcs Island, Kentucky Dennis Edward Hii.i Detroit, Michigan Harlin E. Hili Paris, Tennessee Norman Oyd Hii.i Providence, Kentucky Regina Lorene Hili Marion, Kentucky Tommy Dee Hili Murray, Kentucky Henry B. Hina Murray, Kentucky 62 « A fTTm f-: o ZZf ijZM, .wjf w»f kTj " p Sv ' ? A « First Row: William Edward Hobbs Mayfield, Kentucky Wendell Ray Hollow av Eddyville, Kentucky Carl Lester Holt Kuttawa, Kentucky Anna Bernadine Hoover Louisville, Kentucky Vernon Gane Housewricht Karnak, Illinois Alma Faydean Howell Usley, Kentucky Alfred Gene Howle Kevil, Kentucky Second Row: Dana Howard Veto Beach, Florida Wendell Dennis Howard Louisville, Kentucky Joyce Manon Hudson Owensboro, Kentucky Glenda Lee Hughes Adamsville, Tennessee Hugh C. Hunt Calhoun, Kentucky Lucy Jane Hunt Cunningham, Kentucky Mabel Alice Hunt Paris, Tennessee Third Row: Rose Mary Hunt Paducah, Kentucky Tommy D. Hutchens Murray, Kentucky James E. Hyams Trenton, Kentucky Don C. Ingmire Indianapolis, Indiana David Prather Isbell Inion City, Tennessee Charles Bradford Jackson iMurray, Kentucky William E. Jacicson Bard«ell, Kentucky Fourth Row: Jerry Jaco Benton, Kentucky Geraldine Jarrell Murray, Kentucky William Joseph Jaslovvski Chicago, Illinois Edwin Bruce Jeffress Clay, Kentucky Ronald Edward Jenkins Morganfield, Kentucky Stanley Johnson Hardin, Kentucky Betty Sue Jones Murray, Kentucky Fifth Row: Jackie Wayne Jones Benton, Kentucky James Forrest Jone Grand Rivers, Kentucky Julius G. Jones Cadiz, Kentucky Lynnor Karhu Murray, Kentucky George T. Karnavas La Porte, Indiana Ada Diane Keith Hartford, Kentucky Frank Thomas Keller Indianapolis, Indiana P " SBK . H JH Ri mZj fZ t W •pi I J m - M First Row: Mary Jane KElley Valley Station, Kentucky EuLA Rebecca Kemper Tiline, Kentucky James Edward King Murray, Kentucky Michael Kirkpatrick Metropolis, Illinois Ando Kivirahk Lakewood, N. J. David Wayne Knight Drakesburo, Ky. Albert John Koertner Murray, Kentucky Second Row: Martha Kurtz Sturgis, Kentucky Gerald E. Lamb Mayfield, Kentucky Norman O ' Neal Lane Murray, Kentucky Bernard Harvey Laufmann La Porte, Indiana El Wanda Lawson Fulton, Kentucky Nancy Frances Lewis Central City, Kentucky Joseph Kind Lillard Water Valley, Kentucky The Sophomore Class Third Row: John A. Litchfield Eddyville, Kentucky David Lockhart Mayfield, Kentucky Martha Lea Loran Louisville, Kentucky John Walter Lovell Salem, Kentucky James Michael Luckett Tanner, Alabama Mildred Lucre y Paris, Tennessee Lois F. Lynn Marion, Kentucky Fourth Row: Jeannie Mackay Fern Creek, Kentucky Be rTY Magraw Cadiz, Kentucky Elizabeth Ann Malone Mayfield, Kentucky Dan Thomas Marshall Murray, Kentucky Robert W. Mason Mayfield, Kentucky John Joseph Maszors Harrisburg, Illinois Walter H. McAlister Fulton, Kentucky Fifth Row: Billy Joe McCallum Gainesville, Georgia Bobby Glenn McCord Water Valley, Kentucky Douglas George McCulley Vienna, Maryland Charles Frederick McDonald Nevvburgh, Indiana Richard Lee McDonald Eddyville, Kentucky Herschei. CiRAnger McGary Fancyfarm, Kentucky John William McKnight Paducah, Kentucky 64 m ' ' - " ri U ' fm ). fc| 4 ' f l A l First Row: Kenneth Patrick McNeely Berrien Springs, Kentucky Mary Frances McNeei.y Hardin, Kentucky Gerald Dan McNutt Murray, Kentucky Judy J. McRae Pembroke, Kentucky Frank H. Meissner Pontiac, Michigan Raymond Carlton Mealer Lake Worth, Florida Judith Ann Merrick Paducah, Kentucky Second Row: Ambrus Clinton Miller Eddyville, Kentucky Bobby Gene Miller Hardin, Kentucky Jerry J. Mills Mayfield, Kentucky Meredith Ann Mitchell Mayfield, Kentucky William Albert Moates, Jr Summerville, New Jersey James Bruce Moore Hopkinsville, Kentucky Gary N. Morgan Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Max Thomas Morgan Murray, Kentucky Nancy Ann Morgan Paducah, Kentucky Phillip Morgan Benton, Kentucky CtEorge a. Morozowsky Neptune, Neu Jersey Shelia Ann Morton Mortons Gap, Kentucky Bob Jerome Murdock CoUinsville, Illinois William Anthony Murray Morganfield, Kentucky Fourth Row: James Tidwell Munn Memphis, Tennessee Shirley Jean Nall Mayfield, Kentucky Frances Nance Paducah, Kentucky Dennis Wayne Neal Lexington, Kentucky William Lee Nettleton Bridgeport, Illinois James C. Newsome Farmington, Kentucky John William Nolan Neptune City, New Jersey Fifth Row: Elizabeth North Paducah, Kentucky Sue M. Nuckols Murray, Kentucky Lendell Wayne Noffsinger Central City, Kentucky James D. Ott Murray, Kentucky Ruetta Louise Overs y Murray, Kentucky Robert A. Ovesen Hodgenville, Kentucky Peggy Ann Outland Murray, Kentucky I First Row: RoNAi.i) Wavnk Oui I.AM) Dover, Tennessee Wii.MA Ann ' Pagk I.a Center, Kentucky Rhaei.ka Pankev Huntingdon, Kentucky Tom Lee Paui Louisville, Kentucky Janice Lee Perkins Murray, Kentucky Frances Marilyn Percy Paris, Tennessee Robert L. Perryman Sturgis, Kentucky Second Row: CiAKin Fkankmn Petrik Murray, Kentucky William Thomas Phillips Harrodsburg, Kentucky Oaniell Pickels San Antonio, Texas Margaret Elizabeth Pierce Hopkinsville, Kentucky Philip Ci.enton Plait Vero Beach, Florida Dorothy Louise Powe Louisville, Kentucky Bill Taylor Presson Murray, Kentucky The Sophomore Class m riQl Third Row: Pai- Calk Prow Madisonville, Kentucky Charles Ivan Pruneau Crystal City, Missouri Patricia Ann Pryor Drakesboro, Kentucky Mary Lloyd Puckeit Shelbyville, Kentucky Ova Gelane Puckett Cunningham, Kentucky Judith Elaine Pullen Valley Station, Kentucky L Wells Purdom Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row; Joe Grant Raffeit Wyatt, Missouri James F. Rains Murray, Kentucky Herbert Glenn Ramp La Porte, Indiana Rose Marie Ramsay Hickman, Kentucky Robert Rathert Lemay, Missouri Richard Larry Ray Central City, Kentucky James Bernard Redd Canton, Kentucky Fifth Row: Paul Thomas Rekd Dyersburg, Tennessee R(k;kr E;i) vin Reighmuth Louisville, Kentucky An n Reynolds Smithland, Kentucky Sue Reynolds Smithland, Kentucky Roy E. Rich Clay, Kentucky Janice Luwanna Richey Central City, Kentucky James D. Richie Princeton, Kentucky 66 First Row: DoNAi.i) Raymond Ridkout Henderson, Kentucky Gary Rioeout Madisonville, Kentucky Benny Rii.ey Hickory, Kentucky Bobby Gene Benton, Kentucky Joyce Kaye Roach Symsonia, Kentucky Mac Henry Robards Madisonville, Kentucky Charles Edward Roberts Columbus, Kentucky Fourth Row: Frederick L. Schvvokrke Highland, Illinois Shirley Shackelford Murray, Kentucky Layne Shaklin Almo, Kentucky James Page Shaunessy Pennsauken, New Jersey Elizabeth Ann Shelby Wingo, Kentucky Kenneth L. Shelley Tampa, Florida Orval Wayne Shetler Rosiclare, Illinois Second Row: Harriet Anne Robertson Louisville, Kentucky Ralph Rogers Mayfield, Kentucky Nancy Jo Rogers Grand Rivers, Kentucky Rudy Elvis Rogers Springville, Tennessee Dorothy Jean Rohmer Louisville, Kentucky Clarice Joy Rohwedder Murray, Kentucky Robert David Roussin Crystal City, Missouri Third Row: Patsy Roys tkr Henderson, Kentucky Ralph SavAtore Ruggiero Bethpage, New York Charles R. Saxon Pryorsburg, Kentucky Susan Scarborough Murray, Kentucky Herman Henry Schierloh Massapequa, New York Maynard Wesley Schryver Naples, Florida Ronald Raymond Schue Lemay, Missouri Fifth Row: John Dean Shroat Murray, Kentucky Nelson Eddy Shroat Murray, Kentucky Newton Sims St. Athens, Alabama Edward Miller Skinner Providence, Kentucky Gerald Dwain Sledd Benton, Kentucky Saundra Carolyn Slusmeyer Murray, Kentucky First Row: Addie Rose Smith Kenton, Tennessee Wanda June Sons Fulton, Kentucky Clarence Monroe Sparkman Hopkinsville, Kentucky Georgia Carole Speight Murray, Kentucky Thomas Lester Spelman Indianapolis, Indiana Gene Dale Steely Murray, Kentucky Pat David Stein Leisure City, Florida Third Row: Jimmy Lee Swan Central City, Kentucky Nancy Gail Sykes Murray, Kentucky Carmerita Yvonne Talent Murray, Kentucky Betiy Sue Talley La Center, Kentucky Alethea Odona Taylor Pryorsburg, Kentucky Frances Inez Taylor Wickliffe, Kentucky Jerry Mo Taylor Garyville, Illinois Second Row: Nelson Glen Stirsman Evansville, Indiana George Lee Stockton Bardwell, Kentucky Tom K. Stoltenborg Tampa, Florida Charles Howard Story Murray, Kentucky Carl Morris Stout Murray, Kentucky Diane Wilma Strey Louisville, Kentucky Charles Albert Sutton Bardwell, Kentucky Fourth Row: Buster J. Thomas Cadiz, Kentucky Richard Owen Thomas Jr Sebastian, Florida Marilyn Ann Thompson Carrsville, Kentucky Martha Sue Thompson Benton, Kentucky Tommy Dwicht Thompson Paducah, Kentucky Edward William Thornton Madisonville, Kentucky David A. Threlkeld Carrsville, Kentucky The Sophomore Class Fifth Row: Clinton R. Todd Henderson, Kentucky Donald Seymour Travis Benton, Kentucky Mary Betiy 1 eas Hardin, Kentucky Alfred Tremblay Asbury Park, New Jersey CrARY Lynn Trentham Gleason, Tennessee CiiARLOiTE Dean Trevathan Murray, Kentucky Martha Rosamond Troiter Philpot, Kentucky 68 First Row: Thomas A. Turner, Jr Murray, Kentucky Nancy Tyler Hickory, Kentucky Marilyn Ann Tyson Henderson, Kentucky Carol Sue Van Wingen Speed, Indiana Jane Veasey Decatur, Alabama Douglas E. Wade Cadiz, Kentucky Robert Thomas Walden Paducah, Kentucky Fourth Row: JACKITA White Murray, Kentucky Lex White, Jr Crossville, Illinois William Dean Whitesides Murray, Kentucky Judith Ann Wiktor Peotone, Illinois William Howard Wilbert Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey Glenda Faye Wiley Hickman, Kentucky Bobby Glen Wilferd Farmington, Kentucky Second Row: Billy Joe Wallace Providence, Kentucky King N. Wallace Hopkinsville, Kentucky Robert L. Walter Louisville, Kentucky Charles R. Watkins Henderson, Kentucky Jo Ann Watson Mayfield, Kentucky Robert Edward Watson Bardwell, Kentucky Mary Bristol Wears Dover, Tennessee Third Row: Wilson Alley Welch Paducah, Kentucky Doll Wells Hopkinsville, Kentucky Louis Micheal Wells Central City, Kentucky Richard Merl Wells Central City, Kentucky John West Hazel, Kentucky James A. Whipple Hickman, Kentucky Al F. White Evansville, Indiana Fifth Row: Harold Howard Wilkins Benton, Kentucky Beverly June Williams Stanley, Kentucky Henry Wallace Willoughby Murray, Kentucky Frank E. Wilson Mayfield, Kentucky Larry Eugene Wilson Madisonville, Kentucky Ken Rose Winston Dukedom, Kentucky JoDY Warren Wodtke Vero Beach, Florida Bkui.ah Wooten Carmi, Illinois Theodore Wooton Watertown, New York Richard Yarbro Murray, Kentucky Doris Yates Benton, Kentucky Gary Young Desloge, Missouri The Sophomore Class 70 Freshman Class Officers Charles Barlow, Judy O ' Neil, Charles Hinson, Nancy Summerville. With the Freshman year at Murray State College comes a feeling of newness and a sense of not quite belonging. But as this year comes to an end, that feeling has gradually been replaced by a sense of being a part of college life — of realizing that there is studying and hard work to be done. We ' ve had knocks and we ' ve learned to expect and handle them. We ' ve learned to expect fairness, but nothing more from our professors and our classmastes, and to expect from ourselves the ability to live up to responsi- bility. This is partly what we have learned as Freshmen. The other numer- ous facts, places, faces, ideals, and ideas cannot be expressed on paper. If this is the result of one year of work, what will this be when multiplied by four. 71 J t Wm ' ' St lf - J Ik 0m 0ltk First Row: William W. Abel Murray, Kentucky CiiARLENE Jo Adams Louisville, Kentucky Glen Owen Adams Wickliffe, Kentucky Jerry Glen Adams Mayfield, Kentucky Kenneth William Adams Lola, Kentucky Lorn A Lee Alexander Murray, Kentucky Barbara Lee Allen West Paducah, Kentucky Second Row: Rose Anne Allen Owensboro, Kentucky Suzanne Allen Wickliffe, Kentucky Harry Thomas Murray, Kentucky Alex Joseph Amodio Wanamassa, New Jersey Amos Si, ton Anderson Arlington, Kentucky Vernon Brian Anderson Murray, Kentucky Gary Matihew Arendas Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Linda Mac Arrington Fulton, Kentucky Tony J. Asher Clay, Kentucky Carl R. Averitt, Jr Paducah, Kentucky Frederick Anthony Baker Dyer, Indiana Henry Allison Ballard Mayfield, Kentucky Judy Kay Barden LaPorte, Indiana Larry Gene Barnes Smithland, Kentucky Fourth Row: William Glenn Barnett Karnak, Illinois Linda Ann Bash am Owensboro, Kentucky Donald LaVere Bates Clay City, Illinois Jon Howard Baxter Mayfield, Kentucky Amon Earl Beasley Island, Kentucky Virginia Dix Below Morganfield, Kentucky Douglas D. Bennett Madisonville, Kentucky The Freshman Class Fifth Row: Judith Lynn Bennett Paducah, Kentucky Lawrence Morris Benton Arlington, Virginia Robert Roland Berard Ventura, California James Edward Berry Morganfield, Kentucky Louis Martin Beyer Paducah, Kentucky Donald Theadore Bieber Columbia, Illinois Mary Lynn Binkley Hopkinsville, Kentucky 72 m First Row: Marion Mauldin Blackstone Fulton, Kentucky Joe Ann Blades Dawson Springs, Kentucky DiAN Bluhm Murray, Kentucky Jerry Franklin Blurton Humboldt, Tennessee Jo Linnie Bogard Golden Pond, Kentucky Sue Caroline Bocard Murray, Kentucky Mancy Lou Bogle Milan, Tennessee Second Row: Eugene Paul Bohna East Millsboro, Pennsylvania Harold Wayne Bonner Maunie, Illinois Olive Anne Bopp Owensboro, Kentucky Betty Les Boyd Hopkinsville, Kentucky Marilyn Jane Boyd Wingo, Kentucky MoNA Jane Boyd Evansville, Indiana Larry Gene Bouland Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: Wanda Faye Boyer Guthrie, Kentucky Jerry Allen Harrisburg, Illinois Hazel Jean Brandon Murray, Kentucky Mary Frances Brasher Kuttawa, Kentucky Carol Lee Bratcher Leitchfield, Kentucky Larry Dean Brewer Benton, Kentucky Fritz Brian Bridgeport, Illinois Fourth Row: Barbara Nell Brien Benton, Kentucky Nancy Lou Brigance Russellville, Kentucky Annetta Britt Wingo, Kentucky Fred Walker Brock Clinton, Kentucky Melvin Wright Brooks Gilbertsville, Kentucky Donald W. Brown Cayce, Kentucky Edith Elaine Brown Madisonville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Elaine Brown Benton, Kentucky Glen Franklin Brown Hardin, Kentucky Harold Wade Brown Benton, Kentucky Jo Lloyd Brown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Michael Oliver Brown Arlington, Kentucky James Lewis Browning Central City, Kentucky Robert A. Browning Central City, Kentucky First Row: Mary Maxine Bruce Providence, Kentucky Edward Irvin Buchanan Paducah, Kentucky Janice Fave Bucy Hazel, Kentucky Loreita Mae Bucy Murray, Kentucky Jane Ann Burd Mayfield, Kentucky Ola Mae Burkeen Almo, Kentucky CHARi.oriE Ann Burton Evansville, Indiana Third Row: Jimmy Ronald Cann Calvert City, Kentucky Judith Elaine Carman Mayfield, Kentucky Billy Joe Carner Melber, Kentucky Martha Jane Capel Harrisburg, Illinois John Hagan Cecil Glasgow, Kentucky Dan Cleveland Charlton Murray, Kentucky Lowell Gene Childress Providence, Kentucky Second Row: John William Burton Louisville, Kentucky Carol Lee Byars Madisonville, Kentucky Billy F. Byassee Bardwell, Kentucky Gerald Wayne Byrn Hickory, Kentucky Tommy G. Calvert Bandana, Kentucky Jerry Gordon Cain Harrisburg, Illinois Sandra Faye Cami ' bkli West Paducah, Kentucky Fourth Row: Paula Jean Christiansen Peotone, Illinois David Milton Clack Charleston, Missouri Theodore H. Clack, Jr Murray, Kentucky Thomas Wright Clinton, Kentucky Donald Lee Clarida Harrisburg, Illinois Ann Reeves Claxton Clinton, Kentucky Barbara Louise Clayton Owensboro, Kentucky The Freshman Class Fifth Row: Jo Ann Clayton Nebo, Kentucky Tommy Franklin Clayton Buchanan, Tennessee Roy Taylor Cobb Calhoun, Kentucky Donna Roe Cole Owensboro, Kentucky Connie Judith Coleman Florissant, Missouri John David Colley Farmington, Kentucky Donald B. Collier Fulton, Kentucky 74 First Row: Clarence Gordon Collins Carmi, Illinois Wallace Tarian Collins Marion, Kentucky BuRNEY Larry Compton Sharon, Tennessee Jeffery Allan Conners Deal, New Jersey Arthur Kemper C(X)k Owensboro, Kentucky Ruth Carol Cooper Wingo, Kentucky Jacob Andrew Cope Mayfield, Kentucky Fourth Row: Jimmy Linn Cross Murray, Kentucky Bertie Ann Crowe Manitou, Kentucky Betty Jean Croweli Paducah, Kentucky Penelope Croweli Symsonia, Kentucky Donald Eugene Cruce Marion, Kentucky Julia Theroa Cullom Murray, Kentucky Glenda Culver Murray, Kentucky Second Row: Patricia Sue Correll Henderson, Kentucky John H. Corsiglia Cassville, New Jersey Marilyn Sue Coultas Lewisport, Kentucky Wayne S. Corbrey Murray, Kentucky John Thomas CouNre Murray, Kentucky Margaret Louis Courtney Rolling Meadows, Illinois Wanda Sue Cowling Mount Carmel, Illinois Fifth Row: Gerald Cook Cummins Princeton, Kentucky Mabel Louise Cummins Lyndon, Kentucky Diana Cunningham Dukedom, Tennessee Frank Cunningham Clarksville, Tennessee William M. Daniei Madisonville, Kentucky Donna Faye Daniels Madisonville, Kentucky Carl Wayne Darn all Benton, Kentucky Third Row: James Laverne Cox Paris, Tennessee Joe Harris Croft Henderson, Kentucky William Victor Croft Clay, Kentucky Mary Ann Craig Elkville, Illinois Phillip Allan Crant Murray, Kentucky Billy Joe Crider Marion, Kentucky Brenda Joyce Crockett Symsonia, Kentucky V- - ' ' First Row: Ruth Ann Darnell Dukedom, Tennessee Brenda Daucherty Clinton, Kentucky Mable Ann Davenport Nortonville, Kentucky Wendell Davenport Marion, Kentucky Alice Jane Davis Harrisburg, Illinois CLinx)N Vernon Davis Bowling Green, Kentucky Clifton W. Davis Louisville, Kentucky Second Row: Diann Day Ashbyburg, Kentucky Eugene Charles Deutsch Chicago, Illinois Delores Jean Dick Mayfield, Kentucky Orel J. Dillingham Boonville, Kentucky Charles Samuel Dodds Paducah, Kentucky Patricia Anne Dorris Crofton, Kentucky Beverly Ann Douglass Murray, Kentucky The Freshman Class A m Third Row: Letricia Gayle Douglass Murray, Kentucky Donald Bennett Dowdy Mayfield, Kentucky David L. Drone Shawneetown, Illinois J. B. Duncan, Jr Murphysboro, Illinois John Thomas Dunlap Belle Glade, Florida Loretta Jean Dunn Hopkinsville, Kentucky James L. Dunnigan Benton, Kentucky Fourdi Row: David Conn Dunning Sturgis, Kentucky Jerry Lee Dupriest Smithland, Kentucky Robert Sidney Easley Kirksey, Kentucky Roger Allen Edmondson Sturgis, Kentucky Harold Douglas Edwards Benton, Kentucky Lots Ruth Eggers Washington, Missouri Karl U. Eisenmann Englishtovrn, New Jersey Fifth Row: Martha Diane Elkins Murray, Kentucky James Ralph Elliott Clinton, Kentucky Charles Ray Ellis Worthville, Kentucky Alice Yvonne Elmore Evansville, Indiana Adell English Benton, Kentucky Harold Gene Ernstberger Dexter, Kentucky Frankie Lee Erwin Murray, Kentucky 76 T p ' - ' l ' -L First Row: Saundra Evans Greensboro, North Carolina Ralph Wayne Evits Graham, Kentucky Maurice Dean Farmer Marion, Kentucky Thomas Earl Farthing Sturgis, Kentucky Sandra Sue Faust Dawson Springs, Kentucky Jill Feacan Hopkinsville, Kentucky Janet Fentress Herndon, Kentucky Second Row: Mary Patricia Fleener Beaver Dam, Kentucky Alfred Grover Fletcher Murray, Kentucky Julian NA Floyd Mayfield, Kentucky Kenneth Wayne Foster Henderson, Kentucky James Terry Franklin Clay, Kentucky Paul Edward Freeman Eddyville, Kentucky Paul Jones Friends Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: William Gordon Fritz Senath, Missouri Rena Morris Fuller Bardwell, Kentucky Nancy Sue Fuqua Oakville, Kentucky Oi.lie Ramonna Gaddis Harrisburg, Illinois Terry D. Gaines Hebron, Kentucky Bill Gardner Clay City, Illinois Carl Douglas Garrett Dawson Springs, Kentucky Fourth Row: Sandra Louise Gary Louisville, Kentucky Anita Darlene Gates Sebree, Kentucky Polly Lou Gatten Sturgis, Kentucky Sheila Rose George Murray, Kentucky Victoria May Gervickas North Miami, Florida James Terry Gibbs Princeton, Kentucky Francis L. Gibson Hebbardsville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Lavonda Ann Giles Hickman, Kentucky Gary William Gimbeth Vero Beach, Florida Cecil Murry Glass Alabaster, Alabama Clara Faye Good Crofton, Kentucky Joe Ann Goodman Trenton, Tennessee Anita Marie Gore Rochester, Kentucky Jerry Wayne Gossum Water Valley, Kentucky m First Row: Faye Lvnn Graham Madisonville, Kentucky Robert Howard Graham Owensboro, Kentucky Wii.MAM Worth Graham Murray, Kentucky Anita Joyce Gray Cadiz, Kentucky David E. Gray Murray, Kentucky Prince Elmer Green Hazel, Kentucky Ralph V. Green Huntsville, Alabama Second Row: Jerry Bruce Greenwood East Prairie, Missouri Lucille LaFonne Grifkin Kevil, Kentucky John Travis Griffis Vero Beach, Florida Carmon Sue Grise Quality, Kentucky Carolyn Sue Grisham Marion, Illinois Carl Glen Grocan Murray, Kentucky John Koon Guess Princeton, Kentucky The Freshman Class Third Row: Rita Guinn Pembroke, Kentucky Barbara Jean Gumm Louisville, Kentucky Jim Haag Louisville, Kentucky Sarah Lynn Hahs Murray, Kentucky Gerald Dan Hale Murray, Kentucky N. Gaile Hall Haure de Grace, Maryland Patricia Ann Hall Louisville, Kentucky Fourth Row: Wanda Rose Hali Stanley, Kentucky Michael R. Hamm Central City, Kentucky Marshelle Hardes ' IT Louisville, Kentucky Myrne Kay Hargis Almo, Kentucky Paul R. Harp Vero Beach, Florida Terry Gene Harrell Mayfield, Kentucky Kenneth Raye Harris Benton, Kentucky Fifth Row: Janet Yvonne Harrison Crossville, Hlinois Michael Richard Haskins Richmond, Indiana James David Hastings Paris, Tennessee Rupert Brooks Hatcher Benton, Kentucky Sandra Kaye Hayden Kuttawa, Kentucky Gary Glynn Gaynes Henderson, Kentucky RosALYN Haywood Paris, Tennessee 78 ' ... U First Row: Norman O. Hecna Linden, New Jersey NiLES TowNSEND Hei eth Vero Beach, Florida Wendei.i, Thomas Henderson Benton, Kentucky Joe Reese Hendrix Murray, Kentucky Jimmy Leon Henley Arlington, Kentucky Melvin Brent Henley, Jr Murray, Kentucky Michael Lee Henley Arlington, Kentucky Second Row: Robert Anthony Henspercer New Brunswick, New Jersey Michael Aubrey Hernon Paducah, Kentucky Gayle Herrington Louisville, Kentucky Nola Margaret Hertz Kankakee, Illinois Clarence Paschal Hester Valley Station, Kentucky Earl Lynn Hester Benton, Kentucky Alice Sarah Hicks Mayfield, Kentucky Third Row: Charloite An n Hii.i Owensboro, Kentucky Merry Kay Hili Indianapolis, Indiana Sara Darnall Hili Benton, Kentucky Y. Rae Hill Eldorado, Illinois Charles Randall Hinson East Alton, Illinois Virginia Lee Hixon Mayfield, Kentucky Robert Ray Hosgland Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Aii.ENE Thereisa Hodge Paducah, Kentucky Frank McOuire Hodgson Clarksville, Tennessee Pamei.ia Ann Holland Benton, Kentucky Gary Dale Holliday Grayville, Illinois George Wayne Hollowei.i Caruthersville, Missouri Jan Thomas Holi.oway Wingo, Kentucky William Essary Holmes Lexington, Tennessee Fifth Row: Ola Mae Hopkins Almo, Kentucky Gloria Jeanie Howard Vero Beach, Florida Harlan Dai.ton Howard Linia, Kentucky Janet Louise Howard Paducah, Kentucky Hillrie Ann Howeli Illslay, Kentucky Judith Ann Howell Benton, Kentucky Linda Ann Howell Fort Lauderdale, Florida First Row: William Bert Howell Calhoun, Kentucky JUANITA Irene Huff Paducah, Kentuck) ' Donna Gayle Huggins West Paducah, Kentucky Deanna Sue Hughes Crossville, Illinois Robert Pryor Huie Paducah, Kentucky Verbal Faye Hulfachor Cowling, Illinois Ronnie Eugene Hunt Paducah, Kentucky Third Row: James Edward Inman Pellville, Kentucky Catherin Mae Irvin Murray, Kentucky Gerald Vernon Jackson Murray, Kentucky William Edward Jackson Murray, Kentucky Phillips Mizell Jeffrey Paducah, Kentucky Martin S. Johnson Crown Point, Indiana Donald Morris Jones Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row: William Edward Hunt Fancy Farm, Kentucky William Wesley Hunter Wickliffe, Kentucky Harold T. Hurt Murray, Kentucky Hugh Thomas Hurt Murray, Kentucky Clara Mae Hutson Murray, Kentucky RiCHAR[ Marvin Hutson Murray, Kentucky Ruth Ann Hyde Dawson Springs, Kentucky Fourth Row: Georgia Carole Jones Murray, Kentucky Harold Curtis Jones Princeton, Kentucky H. Earl Jones Murray, Kentucky James Edward Jones Middletown, Ohio Margaret Nell Jone s Murray, Kentucky Patricia Faye Jones Grand Rivers, Kentucky Thomas J. Jones Hickory, Kentucky The Freshman Class Fifth Row: William Norman Jones Murray, Kentucky Wylene Owen Jones Murray, Kentucky Terry Lee Kaler Mayfield, Kentucky Richard Stephen Karlen Murray, Kentucky Thomas Paul Kasinger Effingham, Illinois Mary Ann Kasper Paducah, Kentucky Irving Lynn Keck Memphis, Tennessee 80 f m uf i; 1 fy 1 C feV fc ' n5 First Row: Ros ' Ai.n Lee Kelley Murray, Kentucky Judith Ann Kendall Owensboro, Kentucky Carolyn Frances Kent Princeton, Kentucky Gary Wayne Kershner Hagerstown, Maryland Wilbur Ernest Kerstetter State College, Pennsylvania Bonnie Lou King Kuttawa, Kentucky Sara Jane King Murray, Kentucky Second Row: Patsy Ann Kinnett Mortons Gap, Kentucky Ruby Carol Kissling Louisville, Kentucky NoRRis Joiner Lacy Hopkinsville, Kentucky Dorothy Ladd La Center, Kentucky Peggy Ann La Fever Murray, Kentucky Mary Rebecca Lamb Jackson, Mississippi Marilynn Yvonne Landrum Union Citv, Tennessee Third Row: Benny Gale Lane Harrisburg, Illinois Harvey Louis Lanford Mayfield, Kentucky Eliza Carol Larkins Cerulean, Kentucky William Bailey Lasater, Jr Carnie, Illinois James S. Lawson Mayfield, Kentucky Bobby Clyde Lax Ne« Concord, Kentucky Joseph Myran Lecher Pesotum, Illinois Fourth Row: Faye Carolyn Lee Sacramento, Kentucky Joe Wayne Lee Murray, Kentucky Phyllis Elizabeth Lee Paducah, Kentucky Larry Gene Lemon Mayfield, Kentucky Bonnie D. Leonard 0«ensboro, Kentucky John H. Libby Louisville, Kentucky Martha Jean Libon Anna, Illinois Fifth Row: Samuel William Linebaugh Mayfield, Kentucky Sharron Rae Lobdell Louisville, Kentucky Elizabeth Ray Locke Henderson, Kentucky Lassis Lee Lockmon Dyersburg, Tennessee Bennie Jean Logan Hen derson, Kentucky Thomas B. Logan Brownsville, Kentucky Jimmy Cooley Hickman, Kentucky First Row: Brenda Diane Loos Lemay, Missouri Sanna Lee Loudermii.k ' ickliffe, Kentucky Ei.siE Janneite Love Murray, Kentucky Jerry Lynn Loveit Benton, Kentucky Peogy Joyce Lowry Princeton, Kentucky Joan Adele Lwtz Sunset Hill, Missouri James Ralph Lyles Symsonia, Kentucky Third Row: Shirley Canter McAlpin Sedalia, Kentucky Patricia Hall McConnell N ' alley Station, Kentucky Janice LaCrecia McDermott Benton, Kentucky Johnny D. McDougai Murray, Kentucky Charles Wayne McDoweli Providence, Kentucky Janet Marie McGinnis Benton, Kentucky Martha Kathleen McGrew Eminence, Kentucky Second Row: Marie Antineite Lynch Hickory, Kentucky Larry Dean Lynn Chasleston, Missouri Lee N. Mabry Cunningham, Kentucky William Eugene Maddox Owensboro, Kentucky (Ieorcian a Maraman Sturgis, Kentucky M. Li.OY» Martin Santa Claus, Indiana Carl Wayne Mays Humboldt, Tennessee Fourth Row: Jerry Nolan McHolland Winchester, Indiana Colleen Sue McKenna Harrisburg, Illinois Anneite McKnight Hopkinsville, Kentucky William N. McLemore Murray, Kentucky Chari.oite Marie Meadows Paducah, Kentucky Jesus Secundo Menendez Sagua La Grande, Cuba Nancy Louise McNurr Pleasant Plains, Illinois The Freshman Class Fifth Row: William Robert Meador Murray, Kentucky An na LaV ' erne Melton Sebree, Kentucky Richard Lee Meshew Arlington, Kentucky Jane Metzger Murray, Kentucky Uenrieita Metzger Murray, Kentucky Tommy Meyer Benton, Kentucky Emily Zane Miller Murray, Kentucky 82 First Row: Judith Ann Symsonia, Kentucky Nancy Faye Miller Hickory, Kentucky Paul Lee Miller Murray, Kentucky Sandra Lee Miller Murray, Kentucky Tommy Lee Miller Eddyville, Kentucky Wii.da Kay Miller Murray, Kentucky Wayne Keeling Minks Elkton, Kentucky Fourth Row: Morton Ci.ariix;e Morris Paducah, Kentucky Sally Mae Morris Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Jary Lee Morrison Goreville, Illinois Jo Mosley Kevil, Kentucky Vivian Ann Morton Mortons Gap, Kentucky Jessie Faye Munday Greenville, Kentucky Madonna May Musil Paducah, Kentucky Second Row: Dale Bryant Mitchell Carmi, Illinois Hilda N. Mitchell Charleston, Kentucky Lee Roy Mitchell Harrisburg, Illinois William Eugene Mitchell Marrion, Kentucky Robert Jay Mobley Benton, Kentucky Diana J. Monroe Indianapolis, Indiana Sierra Sue Monroe Louisville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Marinell Myers Lynn Grove, Kentucky Mary Kathryn Myles Owensboro, Kentucky Joe W. Nanney Murray, Kentucky Ronald Wayne Nelson Benton, Kentucky Saundra Lee Neiswoncer Oak Grove, Kentucky Myron L. Nesler Mt. Vernon, Indiana David Leon Newcom Sturgis, Kentucky Third Row: Thomas Lee Monroe Indianapolis, Indiana Bobby White Montgomery Huntingdon, Tennessee Hugh C. Monixmmery Calhoun, Kentucky Earl Lee Morgan East Prairie, Missouri Virginia Ann Morgan Murray, Kentucky Beity Joyce Morris Pembroke, Kentucky Edward Craig Morris Murray, Kentucky First Row: Dorothy Jean Newton East Prairie, Missouri Doyle R. Nichols Taylorsville, Kentucky Bobby Gene Nixon Ilsley, Kentucky Wanda Carole Noel Cadiz, Kentucky Bobby Wayne Norsworthy Benton, Kentucky Jane Carolyn Norsworthy Benton, Kentucky Brenda Sue Norvell Central City, Kentucky Second Row: Dorothy Lavine Norwood Pryorsburg, Kentucky Linda Sue Nuckolls Paducah, Kentucky Jimmy Lawrence O ' Doni.ey Grayville, Illinois Carole Ann Olson Anna, Illinois Thomas Frederick Omer Morganfield, Kentucky Judith Kay O ' Neal Harrisburg, Illinois Peggy Ann O ' Neal Harrisburg, Illinois The Freshman Class Third Row: William Garry Organ Morganfield, Kentucky Tim Matthew Oskins Gary, Indiana Frank Rudolph Oswald Chicago, Illinois Mary Lee Outland West Palm Beach, Florida Nancy Carol Owen Kuttawa, Kentucky Carmen Charles Pacella Chicago, Illinois Donna Marie Pardo Louisville, Kentucky Fourth Row: Lela Jeanette Pardue Auburn, Kentucky Richard Dale Parham Wickliffe, Kentucky John Donald Parker Edmeston, New York Johnny Daniel Parker Murray, Kentucky Larry Donald Parks Murray, Kentucky James Ernest Parrish Benton, Kentucky William Lawrence Paschal Fairdale, Kentucky Fifth Row: Agnes L. Payne Murray, Kentucky Richard Lloyd Payton Louisville, Kentucky Barbara Ann Pearce Anchorage, Kentucky Jackie Lee Pearce I ouisville, Kentucky Olin Mosei.ey Pearcy Dycusburg, Kentucky Jimmy Don Peck Paducah, Kentucky Monte Peck Benton, Kentucky 84 Q f% C 0q fi , First Row: June Perkins Fredonia, Kentucky Hallene Perry Almo, Kentucky Jacqueline Jane Perry Mayfield, Kentucky Edwina Terry Petrie Cunningham, Kentucky Mary Ann Petit La Center, Kentucky Edward Leon Philippe Benld, Illinois Carolyn Ann Phillips Hampton, Kentucky Second Row: Jacob William Pickel Somerville, New Jersey Ralph Anthony Pieniazkiewicz South Bend, Indiana Gerald Allan Pilz Murray, Kentucky Frances Pinson Topeka, Kansas Jeanette Ann Polk Greenville, Kentucky Loucretia Ann Pope Cadiz, Kentucky Roy a. Porter Owensboro, Kentucky Third Row: Howard Eugene Potter Michigan City, Indiana Cora Ei.i.ek Poui.ter Murray, Kentucky JiMMiE Ferrell Preuit Fulton, Kentucky Glenda CJail Prescoit Cadiz, Kentucky Louise Marie Presson Cairo, Illinois Kenneth Wayne Pritchard Benton, Kentucky Dan Robert Puch Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Ronald Jay Quarters Hazel Park, Michigan Nick G. Questell Paducah, Kentucky Harry James Rains Fredericksburg, Virginia Betty Jane Rambo Hickory, Kentucky Joe Wayne Randolph Nortonville, Kentucky James Lee Rasco Barlow, Kentucky Nancy Lynn Rawdon Trenton, Tennessee Fifth Row: Jo Ellen Ray Goreville, Illinois Joyce Ann Ray Lyndon, Kentucky Margaret L. Ray Valley Station, Kentucky Martha Frances Ray Buchanan, Tennessee Joyce Reagan Dresden, Tennessee Judy Mae Reeder Louisville, Kentucky Linda Sue Reid Paducah, Kentucky S r ' r Jul ' o y? f F f ' , B . ' n First Row: Martha Faye Revlett Island, Kentucky Donna Rae Reynolds Murray, Kentucky Archie Lee Rhodes Mayfield, Kentucky Dallas 0th al Rich Akron, Ohio Joe Price Richersov Benton, Kentucky Gail Marie Ridcvvay Middletown, Kentucky Sandra L. Riechmann Carrollton, Illinois Second Row: Bettv June Roberts Murray, Kentucky Danny Roberts Murray, Kentucky Harry Roberts Owensboro, Kentucky Judith Ann Roberts Mayfield, Kentucky Martha Evaline Roberts Franklin, Kentucky Mary Ann Roberts Sturgis, Kentucky Gloria Jean Robertson Vero Beach, Florida The Freshman Class Third Row: James H. Robertson Henshaw, Kentucky Betty Jo Robinson Olmstead, Kentucky Martha Julia Robison La Center, Kentucky Gary Lee Rock Hartford, Kentucky Betty ' Ann Rogers Lynn Grove, Kentucky Billy Max Rogers Murray, Kentucky Eugene Franklin Rogers, Jr Fredonia, Kentucky Fourth Row: Joe Marshall Rogers Paducah, Kentucky Phillip Gene Rogers Murray, Kentucky Robert Harvey Rogers Paducah, Kentucky CHARLorra Frances Rohrer Shelbyville, Kentucky Kenneth Ralph Rose Benton, Kentucky Laura Ann Rose Benton, Kentucky Glenda June Rowland Eddyville, Kentucky Fifth Row: Judith Joanne Rowland Paducah, Kentucky Mary Voes Rowland Mayfield, Kentucky Billy Frank Rougemont Murray, Kentucky Edith Janeli. Rudd Smithland, Kentucky Johnny Ray Rudd Sturgis, Kentucky Janet Carol Russell Mayfiield, Kentucky Beity Elaine Samples Milburn, Kentucky 86 L JL w» JyljIiU ' ' . First Row: John Cavender Sanderson Murray, Kentucky Nancy Jane Sawyer Hickory, Kentucky Edwin Louis Schneider Vero Beach, Florida James George Schlitt Massapequa, New York Barbara Nell Scott Bardwell, Kentucky Carmen Phillip Scuito Chicago, Illinois Buddy Henry Searcy Tallahassee, Florida Second Row: Peggy Jo Seay Lynville, Kentucky Alvie Neal Sellars Paducah, Kentucky Errol Neil Seltzer Paducah, Kentucky Robert Earl Setser Carmi, Illinois Clara Ann Sexton Kuttawa, Kentucky Linda Lou Shaffer Tolu, Kentucky Suzanne Carlene Sharp Owensboro, Kentucky Third Row: Benny Ray SHEi roN Mayfield, Kentucky Johnnie Henry Shields Murray, Kentucky Henry Dix Shirei Henshaw, Kentucky Alice Marie Sholar Murray, Kentucky Bart Siciliano Asluiry Park, New Jersey Albert Simmons Vero Beach, Florida Peggy Ann Simpkins East Prairie, Missouri Fourth Row: Joe Ben Simpson Lynnville, Kentucky Adrian Jimmie Singleton Louisville, Kentucky Dorothy Laverne Skagcs Brownville, Kentucky Karen Ann Skaggs Harrisburg, Illinois Stuart Sklar Massapequa, New York Vida Jean Slaughter Smith Grove, Kentucky Dennis C. Smiley Burna, Kentucky Fifth Row: Donald Thomas Smith Horse Cave, Kentucky Donald Wayne Smith Calvert City, Kentucky Judy Glenn Smith Franklin, Kentucky Larry Earl Smith Calvert City, Kentucky Martha Gayle Smith Farmington, Kentucky Nancy Anita Smith Murray, Kentucky Ronald David Smith Henderson, Kentucky First Row: Wynema Myers Smith Hardin, Kentucky Robert Lee Sneed St. Charles, Kentucky Allen Burke Snively Indianapolis, Indiana David Keith Snyder Boonville, Indiana Sandra Carlena Sowell Paducah, Kentucky Harry M. Sparks, Jr Murray, Kentucky Larry Gene Sprait Owensboro, Kentucky Third Row: Linda Rose Stewart Madisonville, Kentucky Ralph Cleg Stewart Hazel, Kentucky Kelly Stice El Paso, Texas James C. Stith Louisville, Kentucky Bonnie Fay St. John Murray, Kentucky Shirley Ann Stone Murray, Kentucky Lowell Frederic Stonecipher Irvington, Illinois Second Row: Linda Jean Springer Morganfield, Kentucky Gayle Clayton Spurlock Princeton, Kentucky Patricia Boyd Spurlock Princeton, Kentucky John Michael Stallins Benton, Kentucky William Alvin Stayton Louisville, Kentucky Clarence Lee Sterberg Paducah, Kentucky Robert James Stevens Massapequa, New York Fourth Row: Carolyn Story Mayfield, Kentucky Walter James Stos Chicago, Illinois Homer Samuel Strader Glasgow, Kentucky James Robert Strong Princeton, Kentucky Howard Vance Suiter Clarksville, Tennessee Thomas L. Summers Paducah, Kentucky Clifton Jerrol Summerville Wingo, Kentucky The Freshman Class Fifth Row: Jerry Carlis Summerville Champaign, Illinois Nancy Carol Summerville Hickory, Kentucky John Clayton Tabor Lincoln Park, Michigan Edward A. Tagcart Wanamassa, New Jersey Barbara Joyce Taylor Wingo, Kentucky Charles Dwain Taylor Murray, Kentucky Janet Ann Taylor Paducah, Kentucky 88 First Row: Walter Kingslely Taylor Calhoun, Kentucky Wanda Taylor Almo, Kentucky Barbara Marvette Tennant Chicago, Illinois Joseph Edward Terrett Hickman, Kentucky William Edmond Terry Bardwell, Kentucky Alton Richard Thomas Murray, Kentucky Billy Joe Thomas Cadiz, Kentucky Second Row: Wanda Thomas Murray, Kentucky Dennis Merlin Thomasson Murray, Kentucky John Ed Thompson Fredonia, Kentucky Lindy D. Thompson Eddyville, Kentucky Willis Lee Thornberry, Jr Murray, Kentucky Charles R. Thurm an Murray, Kentucky Linda Faye Tichenor Owensboro, Kentucky Third Row: Michael Edward Tierney III Murray, Kentucky Inez Todd Almo, Kentucky Constance Ramona Tooke Cadiz, Kentucky Charles David Traner Bardwell, Kentucky Joe Pat Trevathan Murray, Kentucky BiLLiE Marie Tucker Crossville, Illinois Martha Ann Turley Fredonia, Kentucky Fourth Row; Charles Thomas Turnbow Murray, Kentucky Herschel G. Turner Murray, Kentucky Rena Joan Turner La Center, Kentucky Margaret Ann Tyler Vine Orove, Kentucky Kenneth Wayne Underwood Murphysboro, Illinois Joel Delmont Uixey Madison ville, Kentucky Charley Faye Vance Kevil, Kentucky Fifth Row: John Dale Vance Murray, Kentucky Anna Louise Vaughn Sullivan, Kentucky Iris Elaine Vaughn Muary City, Tennessee Suzanne Thompson Veal Mayfield, Kentucky Joyce Laverne Vincent Beechmont, Kentucky Janice Valaret Vincent Dukedom, Tennessee Shirley Ann Vincent Munfordville, Kentucky III Hri First Row: Anita Gayi.e Vivrette Clinton, Kentucky Katie Lou Wade Dawson Springs, Kentucky Jimmy Carol Wahl Calhoun, Kentucky Alice Walden Crofton, Kentucky Gerald Lee Waldrop Murray, Kentucky Kenneth Walton Walker Louisville, Kentucky Linda Jane Wallace Colder Pond, Kentucky Second Row: Ruth Jane Wallace Benton, Kentucky Elizabeth Patricia Waller Louisville, Kentucky Judith Katherine Waller Shawneetown, Illinois Carolyn Wallis Murray, Kentucky Ellen Elizabeth Walliser Peotone, Illinois Robert Joe Walters Cave City, Kentucky Joyce Marie Ward Beech Grove, Kentucky The Freshman Class JIT ' k TTiird Row: Ray Francis Ward Murray, Kentucky Bettie Faye Watts Madisonville, Kentucky Bobbie Watson Farmington, Kentucky Anne Tood Webb Bardwell, Kentucky Danny K. Weli.s Murray, Kentucky Eddie Neil Wells Murray, Kentucky Joyce Ann Wells Crofton, Kentucky Fourth Row: Linda Faye Wells Henderson, Kentucky Marion Edward Wells Lewisburg, Kentucky Larry Wheeler East St. Louis, Illinois Louetta Wheeler Hickman, Kentucky William White Long Branch, New Jersey Faye White Murray, Kentucky James Dale White Crossville, Illinois Fifth Row: Henry Widick Ridgctop, Tennessee James William Wilke Henderson, Kentucky Thomas Anthony Williams Harrisburg, Illinois Dave Robert Williams Alton, Missouri David B. Williams Indianapolis, Indiana Doris Jean Williams Harrisburg, Illinois EssoNiA Williams Gadsden, Tennessee 90 tfh f ( p First Row: James Owen Williams Henderson, Kentucky Jimmy H. Williams Fulton, Kentucky Keith Arno Williams Madisonville, Kentucky Linda Sue Williams Benton, Kentucky Paul S. Williams Henderson, Kentucky Terry Francis Williams West Bloomfield, New York Wanda LeGail Williams Hazel, Kentucky Second Row: Freddy Carver Wilhite Utica, Kentucky Bonnie Jane Wilkins Mayfield, Kentucky Linda Susan Wilkins Paducah, Kentucky Ruth Ann Williams Philpot, Kentucky EuPLE EsTON Wilson Almo, Kentucky Joan Kathryn Williams West Bloomfield, New York Linda Gale Wilson Manitou, Kentucky Third Row: LoTTA Williams Wiman Mayfield, Kentucky Homer Sills Wimberly Jr Paris, Tennessee John Russell Wolfe Benton, Kentucky Mary Sue Wom ack Mayfield, Kentucky Marvel Wood Island, Kentucky Patsy Helen Wood Cadiz, Kentucky Wii.da Jane Wood Madisonville, Kentucky Fourth Row: Ray McDonald Woodson Gadsden, Tennessee Fa YE Carolyn Wray Wingo, Kentucky Larry Kent Wright Mayfield, Kentucky Nancy Ann Wynn Fern Creek, Kentucky Jerai.d Lee Yarbrouch Lincoln Park, Michigan Robert Henry York Benton, Kentucky Robert Stanley Yourn Murray, Kentucky Fifth Row: David Zaleski Newark, New Jersey Nancy Marie Zernhei.d Murray, Kentucky Graduate School This year there are one hundred and fifty individuals attending graduate school part time, and twenty-three at- tending full time. These people are studying for a Master of Arts in Education so that they might further prepare themselves for secondary and elementary teaching, and for positions as principals, supervisors, superintendents, direc- tors of pupil personnel guidance and counsellors. The Mas- ter of Arts degree is granted to those who have completed a four-year curriculum for the education of elementary or secondary teachers, or those holding a teaching certificate based on four years of college preparation. It provides a fifth-year professional program that will qualify teachers for permanent certification in their fields of concentration, and qualifies in-service teachers for administrative and su- pervisory positions. FACULTY Board of Regents HONORAKLE A. B. CHANDLER Governor of Kentucky o The Board of Regents of Murray State College — these are the men behind the scenes — the men who gather infor- mation, and know, and plan, and hope for a better future in an ever-increasing Murray State. These all-important men from all areas of the state set up the budget for the college. They work together and accomplish all that is possible for you, the student. Their accomplishments are made through endeavor, wisdom, experience, energy, and an undying faith in the future of Murray State College — in you. The Murray State College Board of Regents Dr. Ralph H. Woods for the past fourteen years has served as the enthusiastic and seemingly tireless president of MSC. Although his duties have multiplied with the rapid expansion of the college, he has never lost his personal interest in each student. Dr. Woods has guided the school to an enrollment past the two-thousand mark. Since he became president he has brought about many additions to the campus facilities including a new women ' s residence hall, a field house, a science building, and most recently the beautiful new student union building. This has been done with foresight and dignity. His years of experience in the betterment of education not only on the Murray State campus but also on the state and national levels has made Dr. Woods one of the most valuable men in the field. Dr. and Mrs. Woods live on the college campus at Oakhurst, a symbol of serene dignity. Often students see this tall distin- guished gentleman walking from his home to make a tour of the buildings and grounds. They see him hail Joe College on his way to class. They see him stop for a moment to inspect — and reflect. And if they could read his thoughts, they would see a page in the future of MSC that few dare to imagine. The college has grown with him — or perhaps we should say because of him. This is our president. Dr. Woods, we salute you. The President 95 Deans DEAN WILLIAM G. NASH Dean Nash serves Murray State as Dean of the College. He co-ordinates the various departments of the school into a functional pattern of operation, and advises and directs the constant changes in class curriculum. His guidance serves as an assurance that the steps we are taking toward an education are in the right direction. DEAN J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean Sparlcman is a man of great energy and undertsand- ing. He must be, for as Dean of Students he works closely and directly with the student body. A fine sense of humor is a handy reference for the Dean as he co-ordinates student activ- ities, grants student loans, and advises the Student Organiza- tion. He is always willing to help students with personal prob- lems, for he feels that the well-being of all those enrolled at MSC rests largely in his hands. DEAN LILLIAN TATE Knowing, advising, and administrating to the women enrolled in Murray State is the job of Miss Lillian Tate, Dean of Women. She performs her duties with the proficiency and charm that should be characteristic of a person of her position. She serves not only in an advisory capacity, but as an attractive representative of MSC wherever she goes. Administration Row No. 1: Marvin O. Wrather Director of Public Relations Mrs. Cleo Gillis Hester Registrar Row No. 2: Vernon P. Shown Director of Field Service Joe. T. Erwin Director of Publicity Row No. 3: Eugene Russell In-Service Consultant I. H. Key Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 97 First Row: ROBERT FRANKLIN AI.SUP Education MAMIE L. ANDERSON Assistant Librarian VERNON ANDERSON Business ROBERT K. BAAR Fine Arts Second Row: O. BLAINE BALLARD Fine Arts GUY ARTHUR BATTLE Head, Language and Literature WILLIAM GARRETT BESMEAR Training School WILLIAM G. BOAZ Fine Arts Third Row: FRANCES BROWN Home Economics EDWARD F. BRUNNER Education JOHN T. BRYANT Military Science KENNETH C. BULLOCK Mathematics Fourth Row: DONALD L. CAMPBELL Fine Arts A. CARMAN Head, Agriculture KATHRYN R. CARMAN Business MAX G. CARMAN Head, Mathematics Fifth Row: MAURICE PARKER CHRISTOPHER Physical Science OLLIE M. COCHRAN Military Science ANN IIERRON COHRON Assistant Librarian RUTH E. COLE Nursing Education . The Faculty 98 First Row: HAZEL M. COWIN Training School JOSEPH COWIN Industrial .Iris JIM CULLIVAN Health and Physical Education JOSIAH DARNALL Training School Second Row: MADISON M. DUNCAN Military Science CLARA M. EAC;LE Fine Arts HARVEY LYNN ELDER Mathematics CHARLES LEROY ELDRIDGE Training School Third Row: RICHARD FARRELL Head, Fine Arts A ' l ' TIE FAtlCJHN Training School BEATRICE FRYE Language and Literature WILLIAM FURGERSON Health and Physical Education Fourth Row: WILSON CJANTT Training School VANDA GIBSON Training School FRED GINGLES Business ROLAND E. GOODGION Training School Fifth Row: DAVID J. GOWANS Fine .Irts NITA GRAHAM Health and Physical Education ESCO E. GCNTER Business INEZ HAILE Training School The Faculty 99 Fint Row: VERDA H. HAPPY Business JAMES S. HARRIS Language and Literature ROBERT L. HENDON Agriculture THOMAS B. HOGANCAMP Head, Business Second Row; E. B. HOWTON Agriculture DONALD B. HUNTER Education KARL FREDERICK HUSSUNG Physical Science LAURIE W. IKERD Assistant Librarian Third Row: JESSE D. JACKSON Head, Military Science RICHARD G. JACKSON Training School C. W. JOHNSON, JR. Military Science ROBERT E. JOHNSON Fine Arts Fourth Row: CHESTER LAFFERTY Military Science EDWIN LARSON Language and Literature GEORGE H. LIGON Business GEORGE T. LILLY Industrial Arts Fifth Row: EVELYN LINN Mathematics C. S. LOWRY Head, Social Science LILLIAN L. LOWRV Training School PAUL K. LYNN Industrial Arts The Faculty 100 First Row: MAVIS W. McCAMISH Training School WALTER BROWN McCORD Military Science MAC G. McRANEY Director, Training School NEALE B. MASON Fine Arts Second Row: ANN PARRISH MARKHAM Language and Literature JAMES PAUL MATTHAI Social Science GERHARD F. MEGOW Language and Literature KENNETH MILLER Health and Physical Education Third Row: GENE MOSELEY Language and Literature SIDNEY P. MOSS Language and Literature HUGH L. OAKLEY Head, Industrial Arts CHRISTINE S. PARKER Mathematics Fourth Row: VERNIE WALLACE PARKER Business RHEY BOVD PARSONS Education DONALD J. PAYNE Military Science ROBERT K. PAYNE Language and Literature Fifth Row: CLELL T. PETERSON Language and Literature ALTA VIRGINIA PRESSON Home Economics ROMAN V. PRYDATKEVYTCH Fine Arts JOE NELL RAYBURN Training School The Faculty tot First Row: WILLIAM CJEORGE READ Physical Science JOHNNY L. REAGAN Business VENONA L. ROGERS Training School JOSEPH JOHN RONDY Language and Literature Second Row: ROBERT WILLIAM ROWAN Military Science ARLIE SCOTT Agriculture REZINA E. SENTER Library Science PAITL W. SHAHAN Fine Arts Third Row: RUBY SIMPSON Head, Home Economics ONNIE G. SKINNER Language and Literature ROBERT T. SORRELLS Language and Literature EUGENE SMITH Training School Fourth Row: RUBIE E. SMITH Education HARRY M. SPARKS Head, Education EDMUND J. STEYTLER Social Science WILL FRANK STEELY Social Science Fifth Row: RUSSELL W. TERHUNE Fine Arts JAMES ALBERT TRACY Language and Literature WILLIAM WALMSLEY Fine Arts (iOLDA PAGE WATERS Training School The Faculty 102 First Row: WILBUR S. WAYMAN Military Science AUBURN J. WELLS Social Science CARRIE ALLISON WHITE Health and Pliysical Education ROBERTA WHITNAH Physical Science Seco nd Row: JEAN WIGGINS Assistant Librarian LYNN W. WINGET Language and Literature JOHN C. WINTER Fine Arts ALFRED M. yOLFSON Head, Biological Science Third Row: H. C. WOODBRIDGE Head, Library The Faculty 103 First Row: MARY W. BROWN Hostess tVetls Hall LOLA DANNENFELSER . ' Issistanl House Director, JVoods Hall WANDA FARMER DICK Secretary of Admissions VIVIAN M. HALE Secretary, Public Relations Office Second Row: DOROTHY W. HOLLAND Secretary, Public Relations Office ANN C. PAGE Clerk, Business Office BILLIE FAYE PRICE Secretary, Training School RUBYE K. POOL Secretary, Dean of Students Third Row: CATHERINE PURDOM Clerk, Business Office JAMES A. ROGERS Acting Business Manager PATSY L. ROWLAND Secretary, President FAY W. SLEDD Assistant Business Manager Fourth Row: MARIE M. STANTON House Director, Ordiuay Hall WILLENA PUCKETT TILLMAN Assistant House Director, fVoods Hall LUCILLE A. THURMAN Cashier, Business Office MARGARET H. WHITE Secretary, Military Science Dept. Fifth Row: DOT RUSSELL WILSON Secretary, Director of Publicity Administrative Assistants ACTIVITIES DAVE BOWELL Editor KELLY McCORD Assistant Editor JOHNNY KING Business Manager LOREN BURCER Assistant Business Manager The 1959 Shield Staff Rose Mary Hunt, Nancy Bogle, Julia Griffith, and Margaret Bingham, typists. Jimmy Benedict, Beverly Williams and Bill Davis. STAFF DAVE BOWELL Editor KELLY McCORD Ust. Editor JOHNNY KING liusincss Manager LOREN BURGER Isst. Business Manager MARCJARET KINCANNON Class Co-Editor JIMMY BENEDICT Class Co-Editor JUDY JOHNSTON Organizations Co-Editor JOYCE RUDOLPH Organizations Co-Editor J ULIE WEST Ittivities Editor CT,ARA POLLOCK Faculty Editor BEVERLY WILLIAMS Features Editor BILL DAVIS .S o 7j Editor FRED STEPHENS Irt Editor JERRY CRIDER Writer GENE CAMPBELL Photographer ROSE MARY HUNT Typist JULIA GRIFFITH Typist MARGARET BINGHAM Typist NANCY BOGLE Typist MR. VERNON ANDERSON Faculty .Idvisor Mr. Anderson, Jerry Crider and Fred Stephens. Front Row: Clara Pollock, Joyce Rudolph. Second Row: Judy Johnston, Julie West and Margaret Kincannon. 107 The College News serves to incorporate current ideas, attitudes, actions, and achievements of both the student body and administration into a factual, uni- fied bi-weekly report. Its staff comprises advanced journalism students whose future intentions involve careers in either sec- ondary education or professional newspaper work. Staff adviser is Prof. R. D. Payne. First published in 1926, the College News has re- ceived superior ratings on the national level for the past six years. The Associated Collegiate Press award, the Ail-American, has been won each semester since 1953, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association award, the Medalist, has been won each year since 1955. Ralph Anderson, Editor; Nancy Rasco, Associate Editor; and Mr. Payne, Faculty Advisor; discuss the forthcoming issue of the COL- LEGE NEWS. College The staff takes time-out to pose for a picture. 108 WJi " lA. ' I ' 1 1 1 . 1 p£ ' !r . KC 1 i ' i m I rl m k " ' ,, JfUmSH " " " sl S SPK? ■ w iF| ' h I 1 w ■ 1 «■ iL • 9 w - 1 ' iKiafe ' •y H .Jj Staff members working at the printers. News Second semester editor Lila Beth Empson, and associate editor Nancy Rasco. The student organization is made up of members elected by the student body annually. These members act as inter- mediary between the administration and the student body. They supervise student-sponsored activities and expand and promote interest in student affairs. They are the individ- uals who provide the means for the clear expression of stu- dent opinion, and foster in every way possible student char- acter and initiative. This organization of representatives was formed and the constitution ratified during the latter part of 1936. It func- tions through the student council, whose members have at heart the best interest of the individual student because each member is himself a student. Student Council Kill Wells President Jim Yolng Vice-President Alma Aiwood Secretary Paul Turner Treasurer no Cheerleaders Martha Schmidt, captain of the Thoroughbred Cheer- leaders, is in her second year as a peppy booster of our teams. Martha Sammons, who has served three years, Shan- non Beasley and Jackita White, who have served two years each, Nancy Morgan and Gail Harrington, both in their first year, and Aliene Hodge and Carolyn Story, alternates, are all right with Captain Schmidt in enthusiasm and en- deavor to carry this enthusiasm over to the sports crowds. These energetic girls have no easy task in decorating goal posts, working during Homecoming, making shakers, lead- ing pep rallies, organizing a high school cheerleader ' s work- shop, and working with the coaches to build school spirit. They are elected on a point system by the student organi- zation and three faculty members. Ill The Mad Scientist. The co-stars Nancy Adams and Dave Chambers. The Murray Men give out with a tune. Campus Lights This year ' s Campus Lights was the twenty-second annual production sponsored by Phi Mi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota. It was staged, directed, and writ- ten entirely by college students. This year ' s produc- tion was unified by a time machine theme operated by a mad scientist. The central characters, Dave Cham- bers, and Nancy Adams, were transported into the past, the present, and the future. This traveling of- H P ' ' M r I H p B W ' B i Bji Kik Bl l wk ;9 .fi| iH I Bi KF fered many unusual situations for skits which were cleverly written by Richard Perry and Bill Nettleton. Bill Moates did an excellent job with the dance choreography — this year ' s dancing chorus was out standing. Part of the credit goes to Bill ' s two assist- ants — Lil Harrington and Devon Jackson. The col- lege orchestra and chorus, the Madrigal Singers, and the Murray Men provided the musical backing for the show. Outstanding individual performances were given by Jim Godsey at the piano and by Louise Ker- shaw playing the flute. Ed Lacy, Director of 1959 Lights and his assistant, Roger Reichmuth, spent months of preparation making this year ' s show a musical production almost professional in quality. Certainly students at Murray enjoy Campus Lights, as did more than five thousand people from the sur- rounding area who attended the performances. Director Ed Lacy and assistant director Roger Reichmuth, 113 The Thoroughbred Hour Staff. Dr. Frank Steely, Faculty Advisor; Joe Darnell, Production Man- ager; Nancy Rasco, Program Manager; Mr. James Harris, Faculty Advisor. The Murray State College Thoroughbred Hour is a daily radio show broadcast through Station WNBS from the studio in Wilson Hall. The Thoroughbred Hour, now in its second year of broadcasting, was organized in an attempt to keep MSC students informed of campus happenings. Production of the show is managed by the Student Radio Board whose members are Murray State stu- dents. Officers of the board are Joe Darnall, Production Manager, and Nancy Rasco, Program Manager. Dr. Frank Steely, Miss Rezina Senter, and Mr. James Harris are faculty advisors. Thoroughbred Hour Dramatics The Murray State Theatre is under the direction of Professor Johnson, who endeavors to select plays and dramatic activities which will be most appreciated by a college audience, and which will best train the students of drama for teaching and professional work. This year Frederick Knott ' s Dial M For Murder, Henric Ibson ' s Ghosts, and John Van Druten ' s comedy Bell, Book, and Candle were presented by the Murray players. The Children ' s Theatre production was Tlie Emperor ' s New Clothes, and was in co-operation with the American Association of University Women. The dramatics depart- ment also sponsored the Vanderbilt University Players in R. U. R. by Karl Kapec. Professor Johnson attempts, through dramatic productions, to pro- vide training for teachers of drama, and to give background for work so that the person not planning to teach may enrich himself in the arts. Through Children ' s Theatre, a service is performed to the western Kentucky schools, and provision is made for the drama stu- dent to study a different theatre and a different audience psychology. Make-up Room. Curtain call of Emperor ' s New Clothet. i. )) A -m.. A Capella Choir Madrigal Singers String Orchestra V-n Si h i I - l MURRAY r The Murray State Marching Band. The music department is one of the vital aspects of the life of Murray State. It provides not only training for profes- sional musicians and teachers of music, but supplies the cam- pus and area with better music. This is accomplished through various activities. This year the college chorus in connection with the A Capella choir presented The Messiah at Christmas time. This was under the direction of Mr. Robert Baar, director of the A Capella choir, and Mr. Blain Ballard, director of the college chorus. The choir also has presented several other programs throughout the year and has made trips to the sur- rounding area for concerts. This, plus the Murray State College Band, which is under the direction of Mr. Paul Shahan, the annual production of Campus Lights, and the Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Professor Rich- Music Activities ard Farrall, has made for favorable and widespread publicity for the college. Each year the music department holds a series of quad- state festivals including band, choral, and string festivals. These activities are organized and directed by Professor Josiah Darnall. In addition to this, there are three children ' s concerts held each year. These concerts include band, orchestra and A Capella choir work, and seek to give an appreciation of music to the twenty-five thousand children that they reach. The Symphony Orchestra. Rr-iI © Debate The Murray State College debate team is sponsored and coached by Professor J. Albert Tracy, of the speech department. This year for the seventh year, the novice debaters presented a debate to the various high schools in Western Kentucky. The topic of this debate was: " Resolved that the United States should adopt the essential features of the Russian, British, or French System of Education. " Another service to the schools in this area was the sponsorship of the eleventh annual high school debate workshop last fall. The intercollegiate debate squad consisting of Larry Blubmn, Ed Brooks, Ainara Wilder, and Martha Gunter, had as the topic of debate: " Resolved that the further development of nuclear weapons should be prohibited by international agreement. " Meets were held at South East Missouri, Western Kentucky State, and Millsaps College. There was a triangular meet with Vanderbilt and Southeast Missouri State at Murray, and a triangular meet with Vanderbilt and David Lipscomb College in Nashville. The debators also competed in the Magnolia Tournament at Columbus, Mississippi, and the Southern Speech Association at Louisville. Murray ' s debate group is an institutional member of Tau Kappa Alpha Speech Fraternity, and seeks to promote mental discipline and personality development through speech activities. 118 ORGANIZA TIONS Sigma Sigma Sigma The sp otlight falls on Sigma Sigma Sigma and in the beam stands a girl who symbolizes sorority. She smiles, and in the warmth of this smile one sees friendship, love, and sisterhood. Tri Sigma spirit shines through the eyes of this girl who proudly wears the triangle badge. A pearl ... a violet ... a Sigma song . . . these are in her treasure chest of college memoirs. And leaving college and her chapter is not the end of sorority for she still clasps the hands of her sisters who form a chain reaching from Alpha Chapter 1898, to Omega Chapter which is eternal. . . . the light fades . . . but not her Sigma love for she will re- main . . . faithful unto death. First Row: Ernestine Batten, Molly Baker, Sue Bowers, Nancy Carson, Harriet Carter, Neta Corbin, Erdice Cooper Court, Nancy Westerfield Crass, Betty Jo Crawford, Jane Dick, Betty Ellis, Lila Beth Empson. O Second Row: Jill Ferguson, Betty Foust, Jeanette Furches, Judy Given, Judy Goheen, Martha Sue Grable, Marsha Henson, Deanie Hinton, Carolyn Holmes, Judith John- ston, Rosemary Jones, Millicent King. Third Row: Cynthelia Jane Love, Margaret Lucas, Lois Lynn, Patsy McKenzie, Judith Merrick, Nancy Morgan, Mary Puckett Nichols, Patricia Perdew, Dorothy Powe, Judith Pullen, Ann Reynolds, Sue Reynolds. Fourth Row: Martha Richards, Clarice Rohwedder, Jean San ford, Patricia Townsend, Donna Tuck, Marilyn Tyson, Nancy Walker, Jackita White, Linda White, Patsy Wil- kins, Martha Zarecor. 120 ssz ALMA ATWOOD M. CUNNINGHAM BETTIE BRAZZELX Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary iir f JULIANNE WEST President JANE FREEMAN FIDELIA AUSTIN Corresponding Secrctury Keeper of Grades MISS BROWN Sponsor ( ft ff§9ft f § f 121 Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority was founded in 1901 at Longwood Col- lege, Virginia, and was installed as Beta Nu Chapter on the campus in 1946. The aim of Alpha Sigma Alpha is to develop its members socially, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. In the sorority we find unfailing stimulation for personal growth and highest standards for all individuals and cooperative endeavors. As we practice sharing and understanding and growing in Alpha Sigma Alpha we learn the true meaning of friendship and the inesti- mable joy that will extend far beyond the bonds of our sorority. First Row: Mary Allen, Jane Austin, Wanda Barnes, Sandra Baughman, Shannon Beasley, Donna Boggess, Su- san Boone, Jane Burke, Barbara Campbell. Second Row: Betsy Clinard, Beverly Cursey, Nancy Dob- son, Patricia Estes, Virginia Evans, Joretta Fox, Julia Griffeth, Evelyn Grubbs, Mary Harp. Third Row: Mabel Hunt, Mildred Jones, Margaret Kin- cannon, Nancy Lewis, Jean LaNeve, Peggy Outland, Pat Owen, Wilma Page, Carolyn Roberts. Fourth Row: Fredda Shoulder, Nancy Sykes, Carmerita Talent, Martha Trotter, Carol Van Wingen, Jane Vaughn, Wanda Walker, Nancy Webb, Beverly Williams. Fifth Row: Beulah Wooten. B f " « " «?r ' AEA NANCY LANIER ALSTON President MARTHA SCHMIDT DEVON JACKSON PEARL TERRY MARTHA STINSON Vice-President Recording Secretary Correiponding Secretary Treasurer BARBARA WALKER LORETTA TUCKER JOYCE RUDOLPH MISS EVELYN LINN Membership Director Chaplain Editor Sponsor KP ' ' k 123 Alpha Tau Omega SHANNON BEASLEY Sweetheart The Alpha Tau Omega Club was formally installed on the Murray State Campus, September 22, 1958. It evolved from Beta Tau Beta, a local social fraternity, founded March 3, 1957. The aims of the Alpha Tau Omega Club are to instill in its mem- bers scholarship, fellowship, and character. Emphasis is placed pri- marily on scholarship. The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity has led all " old time " fraternities with the most chapters above the all-male aver- age for the past two years. i We of the Alpha Tau Omega Club anticipate being formally in- stalled as a chartered chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity this year. First Row: George Akers, James Bell, Norman Black, Richard Bray, Edwin Brooks, David Bruce, Ben Butler, Millard Carman, Bobby Cassidy, John Daniel, William Dixon, William Dunning. Second Row: Riley Emery, Alfred Grace, Dickie Hack, Robert Hager, Charles Harden, Joseph Heier, William Hoffee, Ronald Jenkins, Carol Johnson, Edward Johnston, Billy Bob Kayler, Harry King. Third Row: Sam Lander, David Lockhart, Raymond Milear, Tom Paul, John Randolph, Gene Ray, Jimmy Rob- inson, William Schade, John Shroat, Kenneth Smith, Jim Solomon, Thomas Spelman. Fourth Row: Pat Thomas, Wayne Tolen, Nicholas Trig- nano, George Waldrop, Edwin Walpole, Wilson Welch, Charles Wells, Richard Wheeler, Elias Williamson, Nor- man Woods. M i M 124 AT£2 Attendants Regina Thomas Brenda Carver ROBERT WILSON President DONALD ASMUS Vice-President ROBERT JENNINGS Secretary JOHN BAGGETT Treasurer JOE D. PIGUE Historian JERRY McCONNELL Pledge Master PAUL DAVIS Pledge Master ROBERT ALDRIDGE Sergeanl-at-A rms DR. ROBERT ALSUP Sponsor r 125 Pi Kappa A Ipha To have ever at heart the best interests of my fraternity; to foster a feeling of helpful brotherhood; to be true and honest with my brothers and all my other associates as well; to be in no sense a snob; to be loyal to my college and to advance her good name in whatever way I am able; to place class standing before social position; to merit the confidence and esteem of my instructors; in my private life t o be pure and noble; to commit no deed which will bring shame to my fraternity; in my life ' s work to be as true, as honest, as loyal, as pure, as worthy — in short, to be a man, in the best sense of the word, and thus fulfill the highest ideals for which Pi Kappa Alpha must ever stand. MARIAN BOl ' SKA Dream Girl First Row: Isaac Adams, Burford Anderson, Philip Back, Vadie Bolton, Bill Brooks, Robert Collins, William Combs, Sterling Cowger, Frank Davis, Raphael Douglas, Holmes Ellis, Dan Evans, Jerry Faughn. O Second Row: Nicholas Galloway, Cecil Garrett, Robert Gary, Johnnie Gentry, Norris Gorrell, Terry GuUedge, James Hahn, Terrell Hamilton, Ralph Harris, Richard Hill, Dana Howard, Charles Jackson, Larry Jetton. Third Row: Edward King, John King, Donald Knight, James Luckett, Paul Lund, Bruce MacDade, Bailey Ma- gruder, Mark Mahan, Donald Mapel, Burley Mathis, Walter McAlister, Charles McDonald, Gerald McNutt. Fourth Row: Donald Moore, Philip Morgan, Claude Morton, Samuel Nail, William Nash, Jr., Kenneth Pem- ber, A. D. Pollock, Gene Preston, William Price, Richard Ray, Robert Regelsperger, Lowell Roberts, Willie Skeggs. Fifth Row: Carroll Steinfeld, George Stockton, Jimmy Swan, Richard Thomas, Ray Townsend, James Vaden, King Wallace, John Waters, Louis Wells, Richard Wells, Theodore Wooten, Donald Yeargain. Devon Jackson MAX FARBIS JERRY ROBERTS DON ALLISON SMC IMC THC. HKA BILL ROBERTS SC Qm o ' W f Sue Bowers JERRY BIRD BOBBY WORKMAN CASPER WOOTEN MR. PAUL SHAHAN PUdgemasler MC Chaplain Sponsor Sigma Chi EPSILON TAU CHAPTER Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as the third member of the famous Miami Triad, the other two being Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta. Sigma Chi is the second largest fraternity in membership, and the fifth largest in number of active chapters. Epsilon Tau is the 132nd active chapter. Sigma Chi, with 160 alumni chapters, has the largest group of participating alumni in the fraternity world. The Sigma Chi Foundation for educational and charitable purposes, is the wealthiest Fraternal Foundation, of the Greek Letter groups. An organization, unique among college fraternities, known as the Sigmas of Sigma Chi, was founded in 1919, by Sigma Chi wives. LIFE Magazine has called Sigma Chi " The most solid of all col- lege fraternities. " First Row; William Allbritten, Jerry Alston, Hugh Ashby, Gene Bailey, Dennis Barden, Ben Barnett, Arthur Bauernfeind, Edward Bledsoe, Ed Buckalew, Lawrence Buzzerio, Richard Gates, Charles Church, Charles Ciswell, Corbett Clark, Robert Cole, Eddie Craig. Second Row: Johnnie Curtis, Donald Dickson, George Easley, James Egner, Thomas Embry, William Evanoff, Bruce Firestone, W. A. Franklin, James Fuller, Jimmy Futrell, Harry Gilbert, Kenneth Golladay, Richard Grogan, Stephen fJrove, James Holstenberg, John Harper, Arvil Hart. Third Row: Donald Hayes, Ben Hester, Charles Hinson, Wendell Holloway, Larry Hosford, Tommy Hutchens, Jackie Jones, David Knight, Herb Lax, Richard Lewis, John Litchfield, Thomas Logan, Ronald McCage, John McCain, Kenneth McNeely, Frank Meissner, Jerry Meyer. Fourth Row: Clinton Miller, William Moates, Jerry Morris, James Munn, Bob Murdock, Warren Phillips, Bill Presson, Harold Prow, Mackie Puckett, Roy Ram- age, Hugh Rushing, James Sanders, Herb Schupp, Harold Seaton, Joseph Sheehan, Kenneth Shelley, Jerry Shields. Fifth Row: Nelson Shroat, Robert Slayden, Carl Stout, Dick Stout, Robert Street, Eugene Talmadge, Harold ToUey, Paul Turner, Charles Walston, Larry Wheeler, Al White, Frank Wilson, Frank Yates. 2X ' r fi, DONNIE LAWSON President L. M. FREEMAN Vice-Preiident HARMON PIERCE Recording Secretary DONALD E. JONES Treasurer JOE W. DYER Corresponding Secretary E. PARTENHEIMER Pledge Master JAMES T. YOUNG Chaplain BOB W. GARNER Sergeant-atA rms NANCY CARSON Sweetheart DR. R. B. PARSONS Sponsor Y i m m f t -f lt« W i ' ■i r. f rj f iH Sigma Alpha Iota. Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity for women, was founded June 12, 1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Iota Beta Chapter was installed on the Murray State College Cam- pus February 3, 1939. SAI endeavors to uphold in its objectives the advancement of musical development and scholastic standards among its members. A few of Iota Beta activities for this year include: presenting scholar- ship to incoming freshmen girls majoring in music; informing prospective pledges at our " Hamburger Supper " and " Rose Party; " presenting the 100 " Pop " Doyle Scholarship to an outstanding Iota Beta musician; sponsoring the " All-Campaign Sing; " and in conjunc- tion with Phi Mu Alpha present monthly musicales, co-sponsor the " Contemporary Music Festival, " and produce the " All American Con- cert " and " Campus Lights. " First Row: Nancy Adams, Twila Altig, Judy Barnett. O % 9 Second Row: Neta Corbin, Erdice Cooper Court, Marcia Meenach Crane. Third Row: Nancy Godsey, Ann Henry, Jane Henry. Fourth Row: Jean La Neve, Judy McBride, Sheila Mor- ton. T m i ' Jfcl 130 2A1 MILLICENT KING SUE BOONE MARY GREGORY GEORGIA COWER Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain BONNIE HUFFMAN President LOUISE KERSHAW Sergeant at Arm! IDA MAY MRS. R. W. FARRELL GUENTHER Ady,m, Editor " V § © 9 9 First Row: Sue Bowell, Sue Bowers, Judy Bray, Beverly Broutin. Second Row: Janet Davis, Barbara Doneghue, Julia Finley, Sheila Fox. Third Row: Bernadine Hoover, Manon Hudson, Mildred Wood Jones, Lynnor Karthu. Fourth Row: Pat Owen. Addie Rose Smith, Betty Sue Tal- ley, Martha Zarecor. 131 Phi Mu Alpha Gamma Delta, the Murray State Chapter of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, a national professional music frater- nity, received its charter from the national organization in 1938. Phi Mu Alpha is a fraternity of men interested in music and in promoting its advancement in America. For the past five years. Gamma Delta Chapter has been awarded the " Charles E. Lutton Province Merit Award " for active and out- standing work in the field of music. This year, Gamma Delta received the " Charles E. Lutton Sinfonia Award, " awarded to the outstanding chapter in the nation. This year Gamma Delta offered eight scholarships to incoming stu- dents. Each year, Gamma Delta co-sponsors with Sigma Alpha Iota the " All-American Concert " and " Campus Lights. " The Men of Note, Gamma Delta ' s dance band, is a popular group on campus and in the area. The principal purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is " To advance the cause of music in America. " Gamma Delta attempts to fulfill this purpose by bringing the best in all types of music to the Murray campus. First Row: Richard Farrell, Facult y Advisor; Robert Baar, Blaine Ballard, Josiah Darnall, John Arnn, Jerry Arnold, Charles Asmus, James Barker, Jack Bentley, Richard Bray, Ron Carsell, Winston Chesney, Kristan Crane. Second Row: David Cowans, Neale Mason, Roman Prydatke- vytch, Paul Shahan, Jerry Douglas, Rodney Finley, Marshall, Gage, Ruben Garwood, James Godsey, Edward Hamilton, Frank Johnson, Edwin Lacy, Robert Moeller. Third Row: Russell Terhune, John Winter, William Nettle- ton, Charles Pruneau, Roger Reichmuth, Fred Roberts, Ronald Ross, Gerald Sledd, Kenneth Smith, Fred Strope, James R. Tal- ent. Fourth Row: Joe Tarry, William Tate, Philip Usrey, Louis Wells, Richard Wells, Lew Wilford, William Young. 132 E MA ROBERT SLAYDEN RICHARD PERRY CHARLES COBB Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOE PRINCE President ALEXANDER BOND DICKIE LONG RICHARD PETTY Executive Historian Warden Alumni Secretary Ml HI ill 9 j iMi 133 Pershing Rifles. PERSHING RIFLES is a National Honorary Society founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. His objective was to promote a finer quality of drill and leadership among the Military Science cadets. Since their beginning the PERSHING RIFLE units have created a feeling of brotherhood in almost every large college and university from coast to coast. Company G of the Third Regiment provided a color guard for all football and basketball games. They also have one of the finer Rifle Teams, and " Crack " drill squads in the Regiment. The unit also pro- vides a parking detail for all sporting events on the campus. First Row: Dennis Barden, Ron Carsell, Theodore Clack, Robert Curry, William Graham, Henry Hardgrove, David Hawkins. Second Row: Robert Huie, Tommy Hurt, William Jack- son, William Jones, Ronald Kelly, Samuel Linebaugh, Jerry McHoUand. Third Row: Kenneth McNeely, Paul Wheeler, Bill Moates, Jimmy Parker, Herb Ramp, Charles Roberts, Harry Sparks. Fourth Row: Robert Stevens, Michael Tierney, John Vance, David Zaleski. 1 w f 134 MARTHA CUNNINGHAM Sweetheart RICHARD WHEELER Commanding Officer RONALD McCAGE Executive Officer ROBERT MURDOCK 5-1 DOUGLAS HARRIS S-3 DONALD BURTON 5-4 JOHN BUIE Unit Adminiitrator ALBERT KOERTNER Serf eant-at-A rms RUDY ROGERS A isistant to Staff CAPTAIN WAYMAN A dvisoT TiP ' lP 135 Scabbard and Blade DAVID BOWELL FRED ROBERTS LINDSAY FREEMAN JAMES EAKLE CAPTAIN BRYANT Captain Firs! Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Firii Sergeant Sponsor PEARL TERRY Sweetheart First Row: William Adams, Kenneth Arflack, Philip Back, Sammy Blankenship, Frederick Blume, S. R. Greg- ory, Bill Hoffee, Larry Hosford. Second Row: Johnny King, William Kirk, Ronald Mc- Cage, Donald Moore, A. D. Pollock, Philip Reeves, Harold Seaton, Bill Smith. Third Row: Leonard Wice. Our purpose is to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to pre- serve and develop the essential qualities of good and effi- cient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. Epsilon Pi Ta u RAYMOND BAILEY LEONARD WICE CHARLES RHOADES Vtce-Prciident Sccretdry Treasurer WILLIE JACKSON President R. HUGH L. OAKLEY PAUL H. LYNN Trustee Co-Trustee The name, Epsilon Pi Tau, is derived from the initial letters of the Greek names for the three precepts on which the fraternity was founded. These are: skill or texnikh, social and professional proficiency, or pragmateia, and re- search or exetasis. Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorary professional fraternity operating in the complementary fields of indus- trial arts education and vocational-industrial education. Its purposes are threefold: (1) to recognize the place of skill; (2) to promote social and professional proficiency; and (3) to foster and reward research and to publish and use its results. First Row: William Adams, Gene Bailey, William Clark, Joseph Cowin, Holmes Ellis, Richard Grogan. Second Row: James Hall, Billy Hosford, George Lilly, Gerald O ' Neal, Lawrence Smith. Alpha Psi Omega ROBERT JOHNSON Sponsor JUDY McGregor johnston Vrtiident The Gamma Epsilon Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, Na- tional Honorary Fraternity, was installed at Murray State in 1937, and is the oldest fraternity on the campus. It was organized for students doing a high standard of work in dramatics. Requirements for membership include being a member of Sock and Buskin, and 200 hours of work in the dramatic departments. Heading the cast as president is Judy Johnston. The fra- ternity is sponsored by Robert Johnson. KHI-LY McCORD PATRICIA OLDFIELD KATHERINE WASSON 138 Delta Lambda Alpha JANET DAVIS ELIZABETH MALONE MANON HUDSON ANN TYSON President Vice-Presidenl Secretary Treasurer Delta Lambda Alpha, freshman women ' s honorary fra- ternity, is symbohzed in the Bible, white candles, shield, and a white carnation. These in turn, represent purity of thought, deed, high resolve and accomplishments. Membership is based upon a scholastic average of a full course of study for one semester. The grade average must be halfway between the two top grades in the institution. Active membership comes in the remaining part of the freshman year and the sophomore year. First Row: Loretta Culver, Beverly Cursey, Julia Finley, Nelia Hamlin, Judith Merrick. Second Row: Sue Nuckols, Clarice Rohwedder, Elizabeth Shelby, Jane Veazy. 139 Sigma Lambda Iota CORBETT D. CLARK SOLON DARNELL President Vice-President JOHN KING Secretary LOREN BURGER GLEN CLAYTON DON JONES Chaplain ParliamcntaTian Reporter Sigma Lambda Iota, an honorary professional business fraternity, was organized at Murray State College on Oc- tober 10, 1957. Membership in Sigma Iota, a non-affiliated organization, is open to male students enrolled at Murray State College, who have attained the scholastic standing of 3.0 in business subjects and 2.5 in non-business subjects. To be eligible for membership a student must have 28 hours of credit of which 15 hours must have been in business subjects. Sigma Lambda Iota signifies scholarship, leadership, and integrity. The objects of the fraternity are to: further the indi- vidual welfare of its members, foster scientific research in business administration, educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and promote and advance courses and training in business administration at Murray State College. First Row: Charles Burnes, Lindsey Freeman, Gerald Henry, Donnie Lawson, Paul Lund, Ray Townsend. 140 Pi Omega Pi PATSY CUNNINGHAM CAROLYN ROBERTS VIRGINIA EVANS President Vice-President Secretary JUNE GRAYSON SIM, ALL S.KATHRYN Treasurer Hta oruin CARMAN Sponsor Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Pi Omega Pi was installed at Murray State College on July 25, 1953. It is a national business education fraternity for future teachers of business subjects. Membership in Pi Omega Pi is open to second semester Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The primary purp ose of this organization is to promote a closer fellowship among teachers of business subjects. It attempts to accomplish this purpose by encouraging its members to participate in all of its activities as well as other campus activities. First Row: Wanda Barnes, Arthur Bauernfeind, Bettie Brazzell, Earl Cooper, Loretta Culver, Jane Freeman, Stan- ley Johnson, Pat Perdew. Second Row: Clara Pollock, Don Pryor, Virginia Reid, Martha Richards, Don Samples, Martha Schmidt, Annie Smith, Martha Stinson, Doris Tate, Joyce Teagu e, Alberta Trousdale, Evelyn Turner, Billy Van Winkle, Julie West. Oil 1 1. Vn|i ' djik Kappa Pi CHARLOTTE FRED STEPHENS BARBARA TRAINER PENNEBAKER President Vice-Preiident Secretary GAIL THOMAS Historian First Row: Donna Boggess, Jane Burke, Nancy Carson, Ann Craft, Russell Dawson, Crawford Edwards. Second Row: Sharon Eley, Stan Gibbs, Judy Goheen, Reva Gordon, Al Gorczynski, Barbara Hart. Third Row: Philip Harrell, John Koertner, Sam Lander, Ed Lawson, Brenda Miller, John Parks. Fourth Row: Gerald Phillips, Nancy Walker, Jacqueline White, Kenneth Workman, Ann Cohron (Honorary Member) , Jean Wiggens (Honorary Member) . Kappa Pi, a national honorary art fraternity, was estab- lished to honor outstanding students in the field of visual arts. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of Kappa Pi was estab- lished on the Murray Campus in May, 1950, as one of 101 chapters in the United States. Alpha Alpha Chi awarded its 6th annual art scholarship to Saundra Evans, of Murray, Kentucky. Veteran ' s Club PAUr. C. LUND RICHARD MEADOR WALLER GLASS PATSY Mckenzie Siueetlieart I ( f l resident SecTfUtry MARCUS LOGSDON SHIRLEY JOHN T. CoTre:p,mJmg Secretary SHACKELFORD BRYANT Social Chairman Sponsor ROBERT REGELSPERGE Treasurer WILLIAM G. BOAZ Sponsor The Murray State Veterans Club was organized in 1952 to help returning veterans adjust both to civihan and col- lege life and to help introduce them to men with interests similar to their own. The club maintains a modern clubroom in the basement of the Hut. It sponsors various social functions and participates in intramural activities througout the year. The Vets Club Red Towel Dance has become a traditional affair. The Murray State College Home Economics Club, an affil- iate of the American Home Economics Association, sponsors the Annual Homecoming Mum Sale for the purpose of giving a scholarship in home economics at MSC to a deserving high school senior. The Home Ec Club also works with Alumnae Scholarship which was awarded for the first time in 1957-58. The creed of the Home Economics Club clearly states the ideals and objectives of our organization toward which we constantly strive. First in strength of character, or constancy and purity, for which we all strive. Wisdom — with this goal in mind we strive to raise our standards of scholarship, and to be ever of open and unprejudiced minds. Our next goal is good health — the health that flushes ou r cheeks, banishes sickness and gives us energy to perform our daily tasks. Surely there is no nobler aim than to seek beauty, which is our next goal — beauty in character, in appearance, in nature, in home and in the growth of the soul. Our fifth aim is service. In adopting this goal we hope to make our own contribution to the great work of the world. We shall remember that the tasks of home and school are full worthy of our best service. Our last symbol is that of fire and we must do our part to keep it replenished with the fuel of kindness, patience and love. Home Economics Club 144 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, aims to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to encourage a closer fellowship among those who have at- tained excellence in scholarship and distinction for their achievements as students and teachers. Delta Omega Chap- ter was installed at Murray on May 31, 1939. 145 o A. C. E. is a professional organization created to form a closer relationship among those interested in working with children as teachers, administrators, and social work- ers. Its members take an active part in campus activities and render many services to teacher and parent groups. The local organization is affiliated with the Association for Childhood Education International. Association for Childhood Education U6 Vivace Club OFFICERS ALEC BOND President CHARLES BRUNEAr Vice President SITE BOWELL Secretary-Treasurer NEALE B. MASON Faculty Ad-visor Vivace, one of the oldest clubs on Murray ' s campus, was organized in 1933 for the purpose of bringing together those whose common interest was music. On the morning of each Homecoming, Vivace ' s pwesent members gather with its grads at the Hut for a Homecoming breakfast, which has become a tradition. Vivace recognizes worth by placing the name of the Music Department ' s Outstanding Boy and Girl on a plaque in the Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Building. 147 o OFFICERS JOHN BARTEE President ED PULLEN Vice President EDDIE COOPER Secretary JAMES PACE Treasurer BOB WELLS Reporter KENNETH ARFLACK Student Organization Rcpresentatiw MR. ARLIE SCOTT Advisor The Agriculture Club strives to provide recreational and educational activities for its members, to develop and maintain an interest in agriculture instruction, to develop rural leader- ship, to encourage and promote conservation of wild life and to stimulate interest in agricultural research. Agriculture Club 148 Industrial Arts Club OFFICERS RICHARD GROGAN PiMiiily Cliairman GERALD O ' NEAL President EDGAR DOORES Vice-President WILLIAM A. CLARK Secretary JACKIE HANCOCK Treasurer JACKIE HANCOCK Publicity Chairman KENTON ADAMS President DONALD ASMUS Vice-President BEN BUTLER Secretary PAUL WICE Treasurer The Industrial Arts Club was organized for the purpose of providing additional opportunities for students to enhance their college experience through the medium of extracurricular activities within the department. The activities of the club, therefore, are intended to improve the professional, social, and technical background of the student and also to cultivate a closer relationship among students and between faculty and students. LJLAaJL T ' % PPU ' V r •e " N 149 fj OFFICERS DON BOGGESS President DON ALLISON Vice President PATSY CUNNINGHAM Secretary ELIZABETH WEBB Treasurer CAROLYN TATE Reporter JACK BOSWELL Sergeant at Arms ESCO GUNTER Sponsor The Business Club is an organization which gives its mem- bers a professional interest in business and business teaching. Membership is composed of students obtaining an area, major, minor, or field in the Department of Business. The chief aim of the club is to bring about closer relation- ship among students with a common interest. It attempts to accomplish this purpose through student participation in the numerous educational and recreational activities sponsored by the club throughout the year. The club also strives to give a large number of its members valuable leadership training by electing new officers each semes- ter. Business Club 150 N.E.M. ' S Club OFFICERS CAROL LEE BRATCHER Presideni JESSIE MUNDAY yice-PrcsidenI DORTHV SKAGGS Secretary FRANCES BRASHER Treasurer ANN WYNN Historian The NEM ' s Club is an organization designed to foster fel- lowship among student nurses and to promote interest in pro- fessional nursing. The club has one professional and one social meeting each month. The NEM ' s activities during the year include trips to places of professional interest and participation in campus functions. 151 The Young Women ' s Christian Association united in the desire to realize full and creative life through a grow- ing knowledge of God. Membership to the Y.W.C.A. is open to any girl attending Murray State College. By hav- ing a varied program the members learn to be more effective Christians. Y. W. C A. 152 Women s Athletic Association OFFICERS ALMA ATWOOD President MARIAN JOHNSTON y ice-President SAUNDRA SLISMEYER Secretary JUDY JOHNSTON Treasurer MARY JANE DILLARD Cliairman of Activity Hour VEDA GENTRY Chairman of IVorking Hours NITA GRAHAM Sponsor The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization to pro- mote physical education and recreation among the women of Murray State College. Activities sponsored by the W.A.A. are intramural tournaments, high school playday, a banquet, week- end at Kentucky Lake, party with the " M " Qub, and the co-sponsoring of the Water Carnival. 153 OFFICERS MARSHALL GORDON President BOBBY McCLELLAN Vice-President PATSY SABEL Secretary GENE RAY Publicity Chairman o Dr. Pete Panzera SPONSORS Mr. M. P. Christopher Dr. Karl Hussung The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is a program of the American Chemical Society for under- graduate students enrolled in course work leading toward a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. The purposes of the organization are to provide an oppor- tunity for students of chemistry to become better acquainted; to provide an opportunity for members to hear guest speakers who are experts in various phases of science or related sub- jects; to provide an opportunity to develop leadership through the planning and execution of chapter activities; and to provide a chance to develop a professional spirit and a pride in the field of chemistry. S. A. A. C . ij. 154 Physics Club The Nathan B. Stubblefield Physics Club is composed of physics majors and those interested in the field of physics. I n the tradition of the man for whom the club is named, its purposes are the promotion of interest in the historical and most recent developments in physics as well as their practical usage in the industrial field. 155 u OFFICERS MARTHA STINSON President ALMA ATWOOD Vice-President CAROLYN TATE Secretary MARY LLOYD PUCKETT Social Chairman MISS LILLIAM TATE Sponsor The Woods Hall Council is the governing body of the girls ' dormitory. This organization seeks to promote an observance of enforced regulations — therefore, making this dorm a better place to live. The dorm life is filled with many activities such as lounge parties, teas, open house, and the annual Christmas party, when " Ideal Freshman " is presented. Woods Hall Council 156 International Relations Club OFFICERS BAILEY MAGRUDER President RICHARD JACKSON Vhe-Preshienl JERRY CRIDER Secretary HARRY GILBERT Treasurer DR. W. FRANK STEELY Sponsor The International Relations Club is the oldest club on the campus. The purpose of this organization, which boasts sev- enty-five members, is to promote a better understanding of international affairs. This is done by bi-monthly discussions of current international and national problems. This year the Murray State I.R.C. sent eight delegates to the state International Relations Club Convention at George- town College. Several delegates attended the Ohio Valley Re- gional Conference Convention, including the regional record- ing secretary, Jerry Crider. Other activities of the club were a series of lectures on the Mid-East, a trip to Fort Donelson, and a picnic, which is scheduled to become an annual affair. 157 Baptist Student Union DISCIPLINED For Today ' s Demands 158 Wesley Foundation OFFICERS TOM BERRY President NORRIS GORREI.L Vice-President CAROL RHOAi:)S Secretary LOREN BURCJER Treasurer BROOKS CROSS Director Wesley Foundation was organized by the Methodist Church with the purpose of exahing Christ on the State College and University Campuses. To this purpose our ac- tivities are designed. 159 o To Accomplish in the Student FAITHFULNESS IN WORSHIP DILIGENCE IN SERVICE College Church of Christ 160 OFFICERS JUDY McGregor JOHNSTON President KELLY McCORD y ice-President CLETA ATNIP Secretary JANE VEAZY DRESBACK Treasurer JUDITH WIKTOR Historian ROBERT E. JOHNSON Sponsor Sock and Buskin, established in 1925, is the oldest organ- ization on the Murray State campus. Its purpose is to foster interest and ability in dramatics. Since the last edition of the Shield, Sock and Buskin has produced Dial M for Murder, Ghosts, and Bell, Book, and Candle. In addition to the three regular productions each year, the club presents a children ' s play and an outside professional production. Each year the club presents an Outstanding Actress and an Outstanding Actor award, announced at an annual spring banquet. Sock and Buskin 161 o OFFICERS CAROL KAISER President ROSALEE JACKSON Vice-President SANDRA RHOADES Corresponding Secretary BILLIE PRICE Recording Secretary CAROL WARREN Treasurer NANCY PULLEN Program Chairman EDITH MARTIN Publicity Chairman The Murray State Dames Club was organized in March of 1958 and became affiliated with the National Associa- tion of University Dames in September of 1958. The purpose of the group is to provide social, recrea- tional, and cultural opportunities for its members and estab- lish among them a spirit of good fellowship. Any married woman who attends college or whose hus- band attends college is eligible to become a member of the organization. Dames Club 162 First Row: Edgar Baker, Tom Berry, Ray Dunn, Stanley Gerard, Randall Harper. Second Row: Leo Hill, Joseph Hunt, Martin Lewis, Sue Scarborough, Merrie Sadler. JERRY SHIELDS Preiident KEN WINSTON Vice-President CLARICE ROHWEDDER Secretary Third Row: Malcom Stermon, Bobbie Wells, Patsy Wilkins. JANET ALLEN GENE PRESTON DR. WOLFSON Treasurer Historian Sponsor Beta Beta Beta is a National Honorary Society for stu- dents of Biological Sciences. The Beta Pi Chapter of Tri Beta was established at Murray State College i n 1947. Its membership is reserved for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for the subject of biology. The society has a three-fold purpose: To stimulate sound scholarship; to promote the dissemina- tion of scientific truth; and to further research. The motto of Beta Beta Beta is " To see the foundation of life. " Beta Beta Beta 163 Student Religious Council W ' ' ' " BSSi ir ' -■ " ■ ■ v m S J© J " r W ' i f j L . 1 lld l ' i k.jaaMl-BII OFFICERS TOM BERRY President MOLLY BAKER Vice-President BETTIE BRAZZELL Secretary JOYCE RUDOLPH Treasurer DR. W. FRANK STEELY Advisor The Student Religious Council is an organization of representatives from the various religious and so- cial groups on campus. The Council provides a clear- ing house where the activities of various individual groups may be related to each other and to the col- lege as a whole. The chief purpose of the Council is sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week and other campus religious activities of an interdenominational nature. It is sup - ported by contributions from the various groups ref - resented. OFFICERS ECGENE GERARD President ROBERT BERARD Vice-President CARMERITA TALENT Secretary-Treasurer L. W. WINGET Advisor The purpose of the Romance Language Club is to promote an interest in the Spanish and French lan- guages by adding a social and cultural side to the study of these languages. The annual social event of the Romance language Club consists of a Christmas party where a pinata is broken and Christmas carols are sung in both Spanish and French. The regular meetings feature movies, native speakers, and people who have traveled abroad in countries where these languages are spoken. Romance Language Club 164 " M " Club The following lettertnen held office as the M-Club doubled the enrollment of the previous year. OFFICERS JIM BARTON President CARL FEDDLER Vice-President DICK STOUT Secretary MARSHALL GAGE Treasurer RON BABB Publicity CLETUS CAGLE Sergeant-at-Arms The club has attained a higher standard and it is the wish of the members for all active lettermen to once again put the M-CIub where it should be; among the top organizations on the campus. Track coach and assistant football coach, Bill Fur- gerson is the Clubs ' sponsor. - ». f I f 8 -1 % ' » The Portfolio Club endeavors to promote closer relations among art majors, minors, and those inter- ested in art by providing the opportunity to meet. The Portfolio Club strives to stimulate an interest by having discussions on different types and phases of art, takes on art by faculty members and by a closer observation of various forms of art. Portfolio Club 165 Or d way Hall OFFICERS KATIE LAWS President NANCY CARSON Vice-President DIANE KEITH Secretary MAXENE MOORE Treasurer PEGGY SEAY Social Chairman The Ordway Hall Council is the governing body of the dormitory. The Council has sponsored the Hal- loween Party, Thanksgiving Party, Christmas Party, and Spring Banquet. OFFICERS RONNIE HOLMES President PHILIP BACK Business Manager JOHNNY REAGAN House Director MEMBERS Hob Wells Richard Thomas Bill Smith Ken Shelley Ben Harnett Dave Siersdale Bill Brooks Frank Cunningham The Well ' s Hall Council is the governing body of Well ' s Hall. It makes the rules and determines pol- icies of the men ' s dorm. The Council works with and under the supervision of the House Director. Johnny Reagan. Each member represents a section of the dorm. The President is Ronnie Holmes and the Busi- ness Manager is Philip Back. Other members of the Council are: Bob Wells, Bill Smith, Ben Barnett, Bill Brooks, Richard Thomas, Ken Shelley, Dave Siersdale, and Frank Cunningham. Wells Hall Council 166 Collegiate Press Club The Collegiate Press Club was formed in the Spring of 1958 with the purpose of forming closer association among the members of the Journalism Department and to further the interest in Journalism at Murray State College. At present, the activities of the club include: pub- lication of the Fuse, annual humor magazine; selec- tion of the Oustanding Cub Reporter for the College News each semester; and presentation of the annual E. G. Schmidt Memorial Award for Outstanding Journalism. Officers are: Lila Beth Empson, President; Nancy Lanier Alston, Vice-President; Nancy Rasco, Secre- tary; and Harold Seaton, Treasurer. OFFICERS PATSY TEAGUE President JOYCE TEAGUE Vice-President JULIA REEVES Treasurer EDNA DARNELL Recording Secretary MARY TAYLOR Corresponding Secretary BOBBYE HEATH Reporter Alpha Beta Alpha is a national under-graduate library science fraternity. Epsilon Chapter was founded at Murray State Col- lege in 1953. n 1 H ■1 1 P B H I II 1 p v VI ■ y II 1 K B m f Htgr ' ll a l 1 E Pll Wk SflH M 1 B l-W W - K ' r i Ti 1 4 4 f . i ■C2 i i 4 i Alpha Beta Alpha 167 Pan-Hellenic Council The Panhellenic Association is the governing body of the two social sororities on the campus: Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma. It is here to foster friendly relations and a spirit of co-operation between these groups. It also attempts to inform non- sorority members of the ideals and activities of social sororities. Each spring Panhellenic sponsors an all-day outing at the lake to promote fellowship between the groups. A Panhellenic Tea is held each semester to acquaint interested non-members with the sorority girls and to begin a week of rushing. These girls must have a scholastic average of 2.5 on the 4.0 system or 1.6 on the 3.0 system before they are eligible to pledge a sorority. Lambda Iota Tau is a national honorary literary society for students of langauge and literature. The Phi Chapter was chartered in January, 1955, and was formally installed on campus March 10, 1955. It is the purpose of LIT to promote excellence in the study of literature. Lambda Iota Ta u 168 Westminster Fellowship College Presbyterian Church MODERATOR Dorothy Moore SECRETARY-TREASURER liarbara Franzman SPONSOR Rev. irilliam Spearman Hl « « ' Jv . i B dl ■ ...ti BtaMHh. Ml w MiiiJi W ff " tin ' H T SBStti riWte i V ■ _ v, j . dS- . ' I J Tfm J % W f % f V ir f OFFICERS MARSHALL GAGE President ALEC BOND Vice-President MARGARET PIERCE Secretary BRICilTTE STROPE Treasurer The Disciples Student Fellowship, a movement ! within the Disciples of Christ, declare these to be our aims. 1. To lay the claim of our Lord on the individual student. 2. To develop leadership in the Disciples of Christ. 3. To make the most effective witness f ossible j with our Christian brethren in the ecumenical move- 1 ment. 4. To offer fellowship internationally through con- V ferences, projects, missions, and other activities, in or- i der to enhance the spiritual and religious growth of all Disciple students. Disciples Student Fellowship 169 Summer Science Institute o J Sf FEA TURES yviiss 4 A J casU iss K nannon easicu SHIELD QUEEN 172 BOB CnjMDIIMOS Bob CuMMiNGS How They Were Chosen February 11, 1959 Ur. Dare Bowel 1 Editor THE iHIELD Marrsy tate College Kurraj ' , Kentaekr ' Jear Mr. Bowel 1: I ha»e received the excellent ( otoorapli» of 70UT five lovely finalists. After careful conilderation, I have selected Mi«i Sbaanoa Beasley (No. 3) a« the 1959 SHiao fjween. Say I iwggoat aa Honorable Uention for Rurmer-Up, Hiss Nancy Carson (No. 4). This has been a atost pleasant, thon h diffi- cult task. These girls are real heaiitiesi riease congratulate f een ihanson, and extend ry best wishes to the other lovely young ladies. rn Mighty pleased to be ftith you in the SHIELD. Kindest personal regards and best wishes to yoti and your staff, ard to the student bo dy a nd faculty of Hurray itate College. Attachsieat: . ' .utograjiUed picture Shield Queen Nominees 173 tIF ■ 1 3 1 g ™ m0 |k ■ 1 a i f S ii " 7 JIA yVLiss lma Qiy ood MISS MURRAY STATE 174 4 VLlss J otdise Jvcyslt aw FOOTBALL QUEEN 175 yVliss JL assic JU ock MOUNTAIN LAUREL REPRESENTATIVE man 176 yvllss y anc 4 JjfogU gi IDEAL FRESHMAN GIRL 177 Body Beautiful Miss Jane Freeman Jane Freeman and Don Toone were chosen Miss and Mister Body Beautiful of Murray State Col- lege at the annual Water Carnival held in May. Participation in this contest is by invitation only, and qualified judges make the final decision. Miss Freeman, a junior business education major from Eddyvile, is an officer of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, and a member of Pi Omega Pi honorary business fraternity. She was elected a Campus Fa- vorite this year. Mister Body Beautiful is a junior from Evans- ville, Indiana. He is majoring in industrial arts. Mr. Don Toone Brigade Co-Sponsors Miss Jean LaNeve and Miss Mary Ann Simp- son. Cadet Colonel A. D. Pollock and Cadet Captain Larry Mahurin. Brigade Sponsors Mary Ann Simpson, a senior from Cayce, and Jean LaNeve, a senior from Sturgis, were chosen as the 1959 Brigade Co-Sponsors by the Murray R.O.T.C. cadets. Brenda Carver of Evansville, Indiana, was chosen as First Battle-Group Sponsor, and Judy Goheen of Benton was chosen as Second Battle Group Sponsor. These young ladies were introduced at the semi-annual Military Ball held in the Carr Health Building on Decem- ber fifth. Right, Top: Miss Brenda Carver, First Battle-Group sponsor and Cadet Major Bill Aden. Bottom: Miss Judy Goheen, Second Battle Group sponsor, and Cadet Lt. Col. Bob Garner. 179 Who ' s Who Among Students in First Row: Ralph Anderson Pembroke, Ky. Alma Atwood Paducah, Ky. Fidelia Austin Murray, Ky. Evelyn Brown Murray, Ky. Dempsey Clark Clay, Ky. Martha Cunningham Eddyville, Ky. Second Row: Patsy Cunningham Cadiz, Ky. Joe Darnall Benton, Ky. Pat Darnall Murray, Ky. Pat Estes Owensboro, Ky. Marie Grubbs Paducah, Ky. Leo Hill Dalton, Ky. Third Row: Willie Jackson Murray, Ky. Millicent King Herrin, III. Johnny King Paducah, Ky. Dane Maddox Owensboro, Ky. Marshall Gordon Kevil, Ky. Pat Perdew Frankfort, Ky. 180 American Colleges and Universities First Row: Clark Pollock Murray, Ky Joe Prince Crossville, 111 Nancy Rasco Barlow, Ky, JuLL Reeves Benton, Ky, Carolyn Roberts Fulton, Ky Jerry Roberts Murray, Ky Second Row: Martha Schmidt Calvert City, Ky. Dick Stout Murray, Ky. Charles Wade Cadiz, Ky. Barbara Walker Paducah, Ky. Julie West Murray, Ky. Fred Wilson Murray, Ky. Third Row: Robert Wilson .Nashville, Tenn. 181 Campus DEVON JACKSON PEARL TERRY JANE FREEMAN Favorites MARTHA STINSON MARTHA SCHMIDT SHANNON BEASLEY Campus Favorites NANCY LANIER ALSTON BETSY CLINARD JEAN LA NEVE Men On Campus MAX FARRIS JERRY BIRD BILL WELLS Men On WHIT WOOTEN MACKIE PUCKETT BILL BROOKS Campus BOB COLLINS KEN PEMBER CLAUDE MORTON Alumni Association ■ « ' ' ' t., Every alumnus has a part in the well-being of Murray State College; because as it grows in stature and recogni- tion, the " Murray background " becomes more valuable. The Murray State College Alumni Association offers alumni an opportunity to contribute to the growth and stature of their college by organizing them into a group whose aim is to promote the college in all ways possible. The Association sponsors Homecoming and the Alumni Banquet — two highlights of each school year. It also pub- lishes the Murray State College Alumnus, sends the Col- lege News to each member, helps to form district alumni groups, plans and promotes such things as class reunions, and provides two scholarships each year for deserving stu- dents. This year the association has sponsored a drive for funds with which to build a memorial to the College ' s founder, Dr. Rainey T. Wells. Each Murray graduate can help the association to extend the scope of its activities by becoming a member and talcing an active role in its affairs. 188 SPOR T S ' 59 Football Season Murray 6 Murray 20 Murray 6 Murray Murray 34 Murray 14 Murray 14 Murray Murray 8 Murray 12 THE SCHEDULE East Tennessee 12 Florence State 6 Eastern 14 Louisville 27 Morehead 6 Tennessee Tech 15 Arkansas State 20 Middle Tennessee 40 Evansville 27 Western 7 During the spring of the 1958 football season and carrying over into the summer the outlook for the Thoroughbreds was good, but generally optimistic. The Breds were strong at every position except quarterback and end. It was believed that end could take care of itself but only Wade Harper was available for the quarterback slot. However, it was further believed that if injury could stay away from Harpjer, the Racers could be a contender in the ovc. However, two weeks before the opening of the season. Har- per received a knee injury in practice which kept him out for the first four weeks of the season. Murray 6; East Tennessee 12 Without a quarterback who had ever played in a college ball game, Murray opened the season in Cutchin Stadium against the conference ' s newest member, East Tennessee. After a scoreless first half, The Breds ' Jimmy Chapman recovered a Tennessee fumble on the visitor ' s 37. Ten plays and two five-yard penalties later, the ball rested on the one yard line. From here Jack Morris plunged into the end zone. East Tennessee tied the score and went ahead on two Murray mistakes Murray fumbled on the seven to setup the first score in the third quarter. In the first period ETSC intercepted a Murray pass on their own 28 and carried it back to the Murray 31. Six plays and a 15-yard penalty found the ball resting in the Murray end zone for the tie-breaking touchdown. Murray 20 ; Florence 6 The second week of the season Murray evened its record at 1-1 with an impressive 20-6 victory over Florence State on the loser ' s home field. Murray scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter which The Thoroughbred Varsity. ' " W ' T txmx-immMi. z 47 53 CO-CAPTAIN RONNIE BABB CO-CAPTAIN AB DAVIS erased a 6-6 tie. The tie-breaking score came on the first play of the final period when quarterback Buddy Parker flipped a 26-yard scoring pass to end Dick Stout. After halfback Bill Schade bucked over for the extra point, giving the Racers a 14-6 lead, halfback Dick Vincek recovered a Florence fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Joe Cartwright, sub halfback, scored five plays later from the one to send Murray into a commanding 20-6 lead. Vincek was stopped short of the mark on the conversion. Murray State ' s first tally came in the first period when fullback Jack Morris bulled over from the three. The scoring drive started at the 26 where Morris recovered a Florence fumble. HEAD COACH JIM CTLLIVAN ASSISTANT COACHES BILL FURGERSON and KEN MILLER. ASSISTANT COACH ED DUGGINS 191 TOP, LEFT: A Western ball carrier finds the Murray defense closing in. HOTTOM, LEFT: A Murray back squirms out of Western trap. TOP, RIGHT: A Western halfback is brought down after a short gain. I50TT0M, RIGHT: Halfback Bill Schade finds a big hole in the Western line. Murray 6; Eastern 14 The third week of the season the Breds suffered their second defeat of the year at the hands of the Eastern maroons. The Maroons put together a 55-yard drive in the final two minutes of the first half and added another seven points in the fourth period which was enough for the victory. Murray scored the first time they got their hands on the ball in the first quarter. After the Maroons drove to the Breds 45, Murray marched 55 yards in 15 plays to take a 6-0 lead. Vincek carried the final eight yards. Murray 0; Louisville 27 The fourth week of the season saw the Racers lose its third game when they met the Louisville Cardinals. It was Louisville all of the way, as the Cardinals smashed the Bred 27-0. Murray 34; Morehead 6 The fifth week of the campaign Murray ' s offense came to life for its best show of the year as the Breds blasted the Morehead Eagles 34-6 in Cutchin Stadium. Corky Carman and Ronnie Babb led the goal line spree with 192 MARVIN KAISER WILLIE HICKERSON JACK MORRIS BILL SCHADE Players from both teams pile-up in the Western-Murray clash. JIMMV CHAPMAN WADE HARPER BOB BURTON two touchdowtis each while Buddy Parker added one six- pointer. Dick Stout and Bill Schade accounted for a two-point conversion each. The Racers scored 14 points in the first period, 12 in the second and eight in the third. The first tally was set up when an Eagle went back to kick near his own goal line but was forced to run. He ran out to the 27, but did not pick up the first do wn. Four plays later Carman scored from the two. Late in the first period Babb capped a 70-yard march with 193 BILL TAYLOR CORDON PERRY JOHN DANIELS DICK VINCEK Red Smith puts a stop on Western ball carrier. a 41 -yard sprint which scored the second touchdown. Wade Harper passed to Stout for the conversion. Babb added the third tally from 13 yards after a Morehead fumble. Parker led the next drive with his passing and running and scored from the one. Carman scored the Breds final touchdown from the one after a short Eagle punt. Morehead scored after a Murray fumble on the Bred 39. Murray 14; Tennessee Tech 15 The Racers gave the Tech Eagles all they wanted for a half leading 14-0 early in the third period only to see the Ten- nesseans rally in the final half to win 15-14. Murray registered their first six pwints in the second period with Harper scoring after Bill Taylor recovered a Tech fumble on the Eagle 34. Harper added the two point conversion. Early in the second half, Morris broke into the clear and the Breds lead 14-0. However, Tech came back to score twice and added a one and two pwint conversion for the victory. Murray 14; Arkansas State 20 The following week the Racers had their same second half troubles. The foe was the Arkansas State Indians and once Thoroughbred backs run through signal drill. again the Breds ran out to a 14-0 lead but lost in the second half. Morris scored the Breds first touchdown from the one, which ended a drive featuring the running of Ronnie Babb. The second s core came when Rich Yarbro plunged over from the one and Harper passed to Mary Kaiser for the two point conversion. With this Murray led 14-0 with 11 minutes to go in the first half. However, the Indians pushed across three touchdowns and a two point conversion to win 20-11 in the second half. Murray 0; Middle Tennessee State College 40 Again the next week, a half was all the Breds were good for against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. TTie Racers held Murray ' s defensive line stops Tennessee Tech on the one yard line to stop an Eagle threat. t BOB TOON DICK STOUT BUDDY PARKER CORKY CARMAN Hii.L rw I Jim Barton No. 77 converges on a Western ball-carrier. RED SMITH CLETUS CAGLE the Raiders scoreless for all but four seconds of the first half, but the Tennesseans came back with a 34-point spree in the second half to win 40-0. Murray 8; Evansville 27 Evansville had little trouble with the Breds the following week. After building up a 20-0 lead in the first half, the Aces coasted to a simple 27-8 victory. Harper passed to Bill Schade for Murray ' s only touchdown late in the first half. Harper added the two point conversion with a sneak. Murray 12; Western 7 The tenth and final week of the season was the happiest week of the year. This was the week that the Breds defeated a favorite Western team before a capacity crowd in Cutchin Stadium. The Thoroughbreds scored two touchdowns in the first half RICH YARBRO DAN MATTHEWS, Manager Corky Carman runs into trouble, as Sob Burton rushes in to assist. BB K l fc£ m _K _jjk ' - 1 Q E ' ' ' 7 W«H| H M -sflfct la H 196 Here are the 1958 Senior gridders. Front Row: M. Kaiser, A. Davis, W. Hickerson, C. Feddler. Back Row: R. Babb, B. Schade, C. Cagle. and fought off a fourth quarter surge to down the Toppers 12-7. The Breds had many heroes, including the student body who displayed the best school spirit in many years. The stu- dents climaxed the contest by removing both goal pwsts in cele- brating the victory. The Murray line, spearheaded by center Bill Taylor, tackles Bob Burton and Jimmy Chapman, guard Willie Hickerson, and end Marvin Kaiser, played its best defensive game of the year. Many standouts were also noted in the Breds backfield. Buddy Parker quarterbacked his best game of his one-year college career. Bill Schade, playing in his final game for the Racers, also turned in his best game of the year. Corky Carman and Jack Morris both performed superbly. The Breds broke the scoring ice the second time they took possession of the ball in the first quarter. The scoring drive carried 74 yards with Schade doing most of the ball carrying. Morris scored from the one and attempted the two point con- version with a plunge, but was stopped one yard short of the goal. Murray scored again late in the half on a 25-yard romp by Carman. A pass missed on the conversion so led 12-0. The Murray line stop ped the Toppers on the one early in the fourth period, but the Big Red came back to score midway in the period and added the kick. Murray ' s lead was cut to 12-7 which was how the game ended. The Breds lost seven seniors after the 1958 season. They are: halfbacks Ronnie Babb and Bill Schade; guards, Ab Davis, Cleatus Cagle, and Willie Hickerson; and Marvin Kaiser and tackle Carl Feddler. The Breds will have several lettermen returning for next year plus a couple of newcomers. The first goal for next year will be to improve on this year ' s 3-7 record. Halfback R. Babb shakes off Western tackier, as J. Morris clears the way. THE SCHEDULE Murray Murraj ' Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray •d d 70 66 61 62 95 80 60 76 62 73 74 69 69 77 73 48 66 65 76 96 55 73 62 82 70 Texas Wesleyan 56 New Mexico A M 51 U. Mississippi 67 Mississippi State 63 Union University 48 U. Mississippi 60 Centenary 66 Spring Hill 58 William and Mary 64 Spring Hill 80 Tennessee Tech 71 Tennessee Tech 61 Eastern 77 Western 87 East Tennessee 62 Mississippi State 63 Middle Tennessee 84 East Tennessee 93 Morehead 83 Florida State 71 Eastern 88 Morehead 68 Western 75 Middle Tennessee 84 Tennessee Tech 90 enotes over-time enotes double over-time COACH CAL LUTHER Varsity Basketball Season 198 Terry Darnall drives in for a hack-hand lay-up in the New Mexico A M game. Ken Wray gets off a one-hander against the Eastern Maroons. m M i H B I n l n Ri 1 mfmfl w M wmlUm m Mike O ' Riordan pulls off a rebound against Eastern. John Brooks closely guards a Mississippi State player who trys a two- hander. Harold Wilkins dashes in for two points against Florida State. V l ' B f 9 H H r L«. X HP LJ S B In S I H M STATE H •l ajlj H ■V w v A ' % ' l x l H H 1 m jlm kH 9 ' k k }ij, : , B F m. m H LwH H HL mU Dale Alexander puts the shot in over the finger tips of an Eastern man. When the Murray basketball team began practice last November they were tabbed by their new coach Cal Luther as thin, inexperienced, and short on talent. This prediction proved to be mostly correct as the season progressed. The Breds dressed only eleven men for the varsity games, and a great deal of the weight was given to the sophomores on the team. They began the season very strong but tapered ofiE as the inexperience caught up with them. They posted a 3-9 confer- ence record and did well against non-conference foes with a 7-6 mark. The OVC was stronger this year than in several seasons and the Racers faced many strong non-conference foes. The Breds got off to a good start with two victories against teams frorn the West at Murray. Murray defeated Texas Wesleyan 70-56 in the opener and downed New Mex- ico at Murray the same week 66-51. In both contests Dale Alexander was the top scorer with 16 points in the first game and 17 against A M. Ken Peter- son was next in line with 12 tallies in each game. The Breds traveled to the Southeastern conference for their next opponent in the University of Mississippi at Ox- ford. Murray grabbed an early lead but cooled ofif to be defeated 67-61. Peterson, Mike O ' Riordan, and Terry Dar- nall all scored 1 1 points for the losers. The Breds returned home to meet Mississippi State, an- other SEC team. Murray fought the nationally ranked team till the final second and was edged out 63-62. All-American center Bailey Howell, who averaged near 30 points a game for the year, was held to only 18 points by Peterson. In tht scoring department, Alexander, Darnell and Peterson ac- counted for Murray ' s double figure scoring with 14 and 13 and 12, respectively. The Blue and Gold trounced helpless Union University 95-48 in their next home game with Darnell leading the way with 21 points. O ' Riordan injured a finger in this con- test and was hampered for the next five games. Murray obtained sweet revenge in their next game with an 8060 victory over the University of Mississippi at Murray. The Racers jumped into a 22-11 lead midway in the first half and led 36-23 at the end of the half. Murray maintained their 20 point lead during the final half for the win. Alex- ander paved the way for the Breds with 1 1 field goals and three free throws for 25 points. Murray participated in two tournaments during the holi- day season placing sixth in one and third in the other. The Breds lost the first game of the tournament 66-60, although Murray outshot the host team 38 per cent to 36 per cent. Peterson led the scoring with 15 points followed by Darnall with 14 and O ' Riordan with 12. O 200 In the first game of the consolation bracket, the Racers downed Spring Hill, 76-58, hitting 40 per cent of their field goal attempts. Darnall collected 17 points, Alexander 16, and O ' Riordan and Peterson 15 each. In the finals of the consolation bracket, the Breds were beaten by William and Mary 64-62 with Darnall chipping in 14 points. Murray met Spring Hill again in the first game of the Senior Bowl tournament but this time the host team had a torrid first half and coasted to an 80-73 victory. Harold Wilkins was top man for the Breds with 24 points while Alexander, Peterson, and Darnall collected 1 1 each. The Thoroughbreds met Tennessee Tech in the consola- tion game and defeated the Eagles 74-7 1 to take third place. Wilkins again was the leading scorer with 20 points and Darnall and Alexander added 16 and 15 respectively. Murray journeyed back to Murray for their first OVC contest with Tech. The Breds came from behind late in the game to win 69-61. Alexander and Darnell lead the scoring for the locals with 1 7 points each. Eastern came to town for the next OVC contest and showed why they were conference champs. The Maroons had to battle but downed the Breds 77-69. Murray hit the road again, moving to Bowling Green and the Western Hilltoppers. The Toppers pulled the victory out in two overtimes 87-77 although Murray led most of the regulation game. Darnall led all scorers with 30 points. Murray recorded another OVC win in Murray at the expense of East Tennessee 73-62. After the first minute Murray lead all of the way with Darnall pouring in 18 points. Murray returned the game with Mississippi State in Starksville. The Racers battled during the first half to lead 31-30 at the halfway point. However, the Breds cooled oil in the second half to lose 63-48. Wilkins and Alexander led Murray scoring with eight points each. The Thoroughbreds lost another OVC battle at the hands Ken Peterson fights for a rebound against Florida State. Terrv Darnal finds himself in the middle of three Moreh ead players as he drives for the basket. Frank Smikoski (15) and John West (4+) get in position for rebound in the Morehead game. Alexander drives around a New Mexico A M man for the basket. of the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 84-66 on the winner ' s floor. Peterson was high man with 1 5 markers. East ' J ' ennessee evened the year ' s play with the Breds with a 73-62 victory at Johnson City. Reserve Bob Giombetti led the Murray scoring with 11 points. Murray rallied to tie the score at 66-66 at the end of the regulation time but lost in overtime 83-76 to the Morehead Eagles in Murray. Darnall and Alexander collected 10 points each. Murray snapped a four-game losing streak the next out- ing by defeating Florida State 96-7 i in their best game of the season. Murray led only 41-40 but scored 55 points in the final half for their ninth win. Wilkins led the Bred attack with 24 tallies while Darnall added 22. O ' Riordan con- tributed 19 points. Eastern made it two in a row over the Breds with an 88-55 victory at Richmond. Eastern led most of the game and was leading 42-40 at the half. Murray could get no closer than 16 points during the second half. O ' Riordan led the scoring with 17 points and Peterson 15. Murray knotted the series with Morehead for the year with a 73-68 overtime win on the latter ' s home court. It was the Breds only OVC victory on the road for the season. Alexander was the Racers top man with 23 f)oints and O ' Riordan aided with 14. Reserve center John West added 1 2 big points. Mike O ' Riordan fights with a New Mexico A M man for a rebound, Peterson comes in to give him aid. 202 LARRV HENSON HAROLD WILKINS KEN PETERSON MIKE ORIORDAN The Racers stayed within striking distance of arch rival Western for three quarters but fell behind in the final min- utes to lose 75-62 in the battle at Murray. Darnall, Alexan- der, and O ' Riordan tied for scoring honors for the Breds with 14 points each. Murray finished their home season with their third over- time defeat in four tries. Middle Tennessee was the victor 84-82 after the regulation game ended 76 all. O ' Riordan led the losing cause with 26 points. The Thoroughbreds ended the year with a loss to Ten- nessee Tech in Cookeville 90-70. Darnall playing his final game led the way with 18 mark- ers and Wilkins added 15. The Breds will lose Alexander, Darnall, John Brooks, and Ken Wray by graduation. The remainder of the varsity plus (jene Herndon, who was forced out of action this year due to a foot injury, will return. The 1959-60 squad will also be strengthened by members of the freshman team and some talented transfers. John West lets go a two hand shot in the Morehead game. Bob Ciiombetti, John West and Frank Smikoski. { .V . o I eo w V " ' o The Freshman Team Like the varsity, the Freshman team was troubled with depth which will partly explain their 6-12 record. The yearlings played the first half of the season with 12 men and after the second semester started, five of these men dropped out of school for one reason or another, forcing the Breds to finish the year with seven men. Three of these five men were starters, which will hurt any ball club. The Baby Breds held impressive voctories over Paducah Junior College, Union, Southern Illinois, Freed-Hardeman, Bethel, and Middle Tennessee. Many of the losses were due to the lack of number on the squad. Several of the games were finished with only four Murray men on the floor. The seven men who finished the year should help the varsity in future years at Murray. They are Billy Ricks, Bill Burhans, Sammy Jones, Bill Lasater, Leonard Ma- honey, Bill Rogers, and Jerry Summerville. COACH REX ALEXANDER ' t I WW.!.l tli ■ 2|H ■n 1 « ' ' l HH I V M l ka ' H H L E«M oi ' ' ! l B ' " l H ' ' 3 H HJKf i «ts ' H ■i ' ■ H Ie ' ' w " 1 1 1 v t A I - i |HHH B H W f ' m L J H K „ , l " -) - 1 Ej a ki i 3i Hp ' 9 ■j HCT , L H . .. .4 , — H HTl 1 H ' B Si H M [y ; 1 1 Billv Ricks drives for the basket. Bill Lasater scores. Bill Burhans grabs a rebound. fV %y ir ! M 1 ■ ■K ' ' v ' ' % 4 tl p r BM j 1 H :- ' s " fV M 205 Varsity Tennis Team. 1958 Ne tiers Runner-Up in 0. V. C. The 1958 Murray tennis team like the teams of the past few years compiled another outstanding record. The netters finished second in the O.V.C. tournament and won six and lost three in the regular season. Johnny King and Joe Orr posted championship in the conference meet. King won the class 1 singles championship and Orr was master in the Class 1 doubles championship. The other members of the team finished in runner-up spots in the tourney. Finalists in the singles were: Robert King (class 2) , Monroe Sloan (class 3) , and Don Feezer (class 5) . Robert King and Sloan were also runnersup in the class 2 doubles. Beside the OVC the Racers had a very successful Florida road trip, winning three of four matches against some of the " sunshine states " outstanding tennis schools. Robert King in Action. JOHNNY KING ROBERT KING JOE ORR THE SCHEDULE Murray 1 ; Rollins 6 Murray 3 ; Jacksonville 2 Murray 6; Stetson 1 Murray 4; Pensacola Naval Base 3 Murray 6; Union 1 Murray 4; Western 3 Murray 1 ; Southern Illinois .... 6 Murray 2; Southern Illinois .... 5 DON FEEZOR MONROE SLOAN The 1958 Track Team. Tracksters Capture O. V. C. Crown Murray States young track team, OV ' C titlist and the best team in the school ' s histor ' , can look forward to his season with optimism, as only one performer, hurdler Holmes Ellis, will be lost by gradua- tion. Coach Bill Furgerson ' s squad finished the regular season with a 7-1 mark, plus the conference championship. The squad broke nine school records, tied another, and tied one and broke two conference records. Marshall Gage, the team ' s leading scorer -with 140 points, broke one record and tied two others during the season. He broke Ellis ' two-year old record of .2 . ) in the low hurdles with a .z -S time. He also tied the high hurdles record of :i5.i in the regular season and equaled the OVC high hurdles record in the same time. John Daniels ' discus toss of I39 ' 6 " in the conference meet estab- lished a new record in that event, and Joe V ' oyles bettered the con- ference pole vault record with a iz ' -j " leap. His tie with Robert Inman of Tech erased the mark of I2 ' 6J4 " which was held by Mur- ray ' s John Brooks. Dennis Harden O.V.C. 220 champ wins against Tennessee Tech. O.V.C. Hurdle Champ Marshall CJage skims over a high stick. Joe Voyles displays form that helped him set new O.V.C. pole vault record. .Vl.S.C. RECORD BREAKERS— B. CJiombetti, J. Voyles, J. Daniels, M. Gage, P. Messinger, D. Harden. Other school records set were: Bob Giombetti, broad jump, 21 ' 7 " and Javelin, i75 ' 2 " ; Joe Voyles, pole vault, l " , John Daniels, discus, i44 ' i " ; AI Ravenscroft, mile, 4:36; Dennis Harden, 440, :5i.4; Phil Messinger, 880, 2:02.8; Tom Darnal, high jump, 6 ' " . The Racers scored wins over Middle Tennessee, Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay, Memphis State, Arkansas State and Western twice. The lone loss came at the hands of tough Vanderbilt. THE SCHEDULE Murray 62 ; Middle Tennessee 59 5 Murray 85 ; Tennessee Tech 37 Murray 41 ; Vanderbilt 90 Murray 92 ' ' I Austin Peay 38} ' Murray io8 ' j ; Western 13J ) Murray 70; Memphis State 61 Murray 100; Western 22 Murray 77 ; Arkansas State 27 O.V.C. Champion Mile Relay Team. C. Asmus, T. Cole, L. Daniels, and D. Harden. o M. S.Q Nine Wins O.V.C. Championship The Murray State Baseballers, under coach John Reagan in his first year at Murray, established one of the school ' s better records during the 1958 season. The Breds won the OVC championship with a 5-1 confer- ence mark and a 14-5 over-all record. The team also lead the nation ' s college team in stolen bases with 83. Dale Alexander paced the team in hitting with a .393 mark. Tommy Wells, who signed a professional contract during the BOH BILLINGTON BILL SCHADE JOE HEIR CHUCK TOOHEY BIRLEY MATHIS RAY MELEAR THE SCHEDULE Murray 5 Murray 3 Murray 1 Murray 11 Murray 13 Murray 8 Murray 12 Murray 10 Murray 2 Murray 4 Murray 5 Murray 6 Murray 12 Murray 9 Murray 10 Murray 6 Murray 23 Murray 9 Murray 10 McKendree 19 McKendree 4 Central Michigan 10 Evansville 2 Middle Tennessee 5 Western 4 Western 3 Union 2 Tennessee Tech 9 East Tennessee Western 7 Western 2 Morehead 3 Middle Tennessee 1 Arkansas State 6 Arkansas State 3 Union 1 Evansville Eastern DALE ALEXANDER RICH COLEMAN LYNN BRIDWELL summer, was the number one pitcher with five wins and no losses. Lefthander Lynn Bridwell had the best earned run aver- age with 0.49 runs per game. Burly Mathis was elected the team captain and Alexander was voted the most Valuable Player for the year. Returning lettermen for the 1959 season are: Lynn Bridwell, Dale Alexander, Vern Billinger, Bob Billington, Bernie Lauf- man, Ray Melear, Herman Reed, Tommy Rushing, Bill Schade, Herb Schupp, Nelson Shroat, Dick Stout, Charles Toohey, Rich Coleman, and Joe Heir. Action in the Middle Tennessee game. TOM RUSHING HERMAN REED DICK STOUT NELSON SHROAT BERNIE LAUFMAI HERB SCHUPP 1959 The intramural program this year was the largest and most successful in the short history of Murray State intramurals. Participation reached an all-time high when six hundred men and women took part in such sports as basketball, flag football, swimming, handball, volleyball, tennis, softball, arch- ery, and ping pong. Ten trophies will be given this year — an increase of four over last year. A barbecue will be held in the spring for all M. S. C. Intramural Sports intramural participants. The trophies and the barbecue are paid for with donations from players and admission charges at some games. Howard " Zip " Linder was this year ' s director of intra- murals. Linder was under the supervision of Roy Stewart, head of the athletic department, and aided by the intramural com- mittee including Bill Wells, Bob Gary, Jim Ealcle, Bob Hig- gins, Marshall Gage, and Phil Back. All championship competition has not been decided as this copy is written. Those who have finished competition and achieved the championship are Veterans Club, football; Hoo- siers, basketball; Jim Barton and Jim Gilbert, handball dou- bles; Jim Barton, handball singles; and John Tabor, ping pong. The winner of the most valuable player trophy in foot- ball was Joe Voyles and in basketball, Gerald Tabor. Highlighting this year ' s program was an industrial all-star flag football game and an intramural all-star basketball game against the Murray State freshman team. p w flV " ' ' ! : ' ' ! " v| ' Hl " t H -4. A R Hiwi i 2« . ■ ■ " ypj. « . ' ' s iwa.m 1959 M. S. C. Intramural o Pi H Ki W i i l L ' hH 214 sports l r " ' H i F 1 B H - ' 1 r ' M L " ' 1 ■ m ■ 1 Um fcfes. f ■ ' l jnK H ' Kjkk H ' ' u ioa apkd tarapi o ICXOIUJUI jO SAV3iC §utssp(J cfSiwJC f ,iwj snojvsl cjjim p purnQ •3uoS 3XV SAVJf puv s St: pup sqUnP] jo siivp unQ •siiepASfsoC p»cj :u3cp fo smnnxp Supjijj u] iuijs q3V3 piocf puv ( j jjS o; jno cjj»»i spuvcj xhq ' VfjiQ vuimpQ •smv3xp jo 3snoq-3Jimv3i} v ui(ffi n psT JOj j pj 3UUCf% U3PJ0S P l jj 3 ' nnp mojS sfc St-j snilwr- • Jip Ji UH )»qi V 3in ' jUoh ' f! W 3 jrjl •s.jppf lionm jtiq motttJiu (jjin spuiui inQ V3ip iiui 33jj 3Cf ji3J pay ii 3 jo ' sc Sts jo ' sq ' tivi jo JUlmijn P qj pj 3, •iq 0° s,yii3uiio J,).? 3.11 jti3ji q3Pj tit puy •U33q Siipq fijoim jo ' svm. X]}P3U iPCj) 3U3.n y ippjL3JS3i jo 3uhs V iJCfftlJ 3110 C 3PJ puy ' spuiru .ino jo S3Si3J34 Ultp Jiff fHO lUOXJ iUO .i 3U0 SUIIUP3JI ' JtUOJ SfCfSlJ Sn4tUP3 3 fX fi 3ifi3nsodriv u

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