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 - Class of 1958

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' i fcWyRRAv. TAI our Shield of Service EACH STUDENT CARRIES HIS OWN SHIELD; A SIGN TO GUIDE HIS FIELD OF ENDEAVOR AND ACHIEVEMENT the 1958 Shield • • • MURRAY STATE COLLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY Service to Business and Commerce . . . Murray State College was founded as a service to and for the residents of this area. The primaiy purpose of the college is to build up the surrounding area by giving intelligent well-trained, capable adults to the community and to instill in these adults principles of moral integrity and honesty. These ideals are summed up in the inscription found over the entrance to our library — " The hope of the world lies in the diffusion of knowledge. " Agriculture Knowledge is the basis for all human endeavor. Through knowledge comes improvement upon the patterns of life ; for it is knowledge which is gained, re- fined, and passed on that established an ever-widening horizon. Indeed, knowl- edge is truth. Through knowledge come hope, and achievement. So then, the shield is symbolic of Murray State College. The three stars symbolize these three basic concepts upon which our college was founded — hope, endeavor, and achievement. Physical and Natural Science The shield of Murray State College stands for more than mere decoration on each of the buildings. Chosen by Dr. J. W. Carr, President Emeritus of Murray, this shield serves as a reminder of the ideals and goals of our Alma Mater. Commercial and Fine Arts Learning and Teaching J The Home and Family Three stars are engraved upon our shield. The first star is symbolic of hope without which no endeavor can be made nor achievement realized. The second star symbolizes endeavor — for only through effort can the worthwhile be accom- plished .The third, and last star repre- sents achievement — honorable achieve- ment worthy of pride. Living Morals and Manners The very essence of Murray State College lies in the principles upon which it was founded and the goals toward which it strives. d Recreation and Relaxation DEDICATION The Shield Staff takes pleasure in dedicating the 1958 Shield to Dr. A. M. Wolfson, head of the Department of Biology. Dr. Wolfson secured his B.S. degree from Cornell and his Ph.D. from Wis- consin. In 1930 he came to Murray and has taken an active interest in biology teaching and curriculum on both the secondary and college level. It is largely through his efforts that the Biology Department has been built up to the position of respect it now holds. Dr. Wolfson has also worked diligently in promoting the Science Institute, which he serves as co-director. We want to say thank you, Dr. Wolfson — for your efforts to build a greater Murray State — for your wisdom in counseling those in need of guidance — and above all for patience and kindness to all who come in contact with you. We are indeed proud to dedicate our Shield to you. mf m CLASSES ' KM i•■ ' ' ' H ANINE SMITH Classes Editor Officers — Holmes Ellis, Anne Smith, Bailey Hendricks, Marilyn Malian SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Achievement — In this our Senior year, the last Shield star takes on new meaning. All the confusion, hope and endeavor of the preceeding years brought the achievement of today. From the confusion of the first year came the hope of the second, from hope came endeavor — and now, from all these comes achievement. The sheet of paper bearing our diploma is a symbol of years of work — a symbol in which we can take pride. The significance of the three stars on our Shield comes to life for us as we realize fully the ideals and goals of Murray State College. 14 THE SENIOR CLASS First Row : • HARRY ABELL, Brookport, Illinois; B.S., Health and Physical Education, History. • CHARLES R. ADAMS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., History and Physical Education. • KENNETH C. ADAMS, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Sigma Lambda Iota. Second Row : • RICHARD ADAMS, Kirksey, Kentucky; B.S., Agricul- ture; Agriculture Club. • RUBYE ADAMS, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Area in English. • BOBBY ALEXANDER, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration ; Sigma Lambda Iota. Third Row: • BARBARA ANN ALBRITTON, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics and Secretarial Science; Business Club; Home Economics Club. • SEBREE JEROME ALLEN, Kevil, Kentucky; B.S., Chemistry and Biology. • JAMES EVERETT ANDERSON, Providence, Kentucky; B.S., Art and Education; Kappa Pi, Pres.; Portfolio Club; German Qub; National Kappa Pi Scholarship. Fourth Row : • ALICE RAY ARNETT, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; A.C.E. • CHARLES EDWARD ARNETT, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry and Biology; Tau Sigma Tau; Interna- tional Relations Club; American Chemical Society. • WILLIAM COY ARNETT, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration; Delta Alpha; Sigma Lambda Iota; Vets Club. Fifth Row: • SHARON ELIZABETH BALLARD, Mt. Morris, Illinois; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Delta Lambda Alpha; Lambda Iota Tau; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Vivace Club; Orchestra, String Orchestra; A Capella Choir, Campus Lights; Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges and Universities. • MARTHA CAROLYN BARBER, Brazeau, Missouri; B.S., English; International Relations Club. • JACK RICHARD BARNARD, Savannah, Georgia; B.M.E., Music; Baptist Student Union, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Vivace Club; A Capella Choir; Men ' s Quartet; College Chorus; College Male Chorus; Campus Lights. 15 THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • AGATHA BENNETT, Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Elemen- tary Education. • FLEETA BERG, Fairfield, Illinois; B.S., Elementary Education; A. C. E. • GEORGE FRANKLIN BERRY, Henderson, Kentucky; B.A., Biology and Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta; SAACS; Romance Language Club. Second Row: • FRANCES ANN BEYER, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; B. S. U.; Home Economics Club; Y. W. C.A.; W.A. A. • JACK BLACKBURN, Clay, Kentucky; B.S., Social Science; International Relations Club. • BETTIE BLAYLOCK, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club, Treas. ; W.A.A. Third Row: • JOHN J. BOGGESS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau, Sec; Alpha Beta Alpha, National Vice-Pres. ; Vets Club, Vice-Pres., Sec; Business Club. • BETTY CHARLES BONDURANT, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Lambda Alpha; Home Economics Club; B.S.U. • GLEN BOWEN, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics. Fourth Row: • H. B. BRADY, RussellviUe, Kentucky: B.S., English and Mathematics; Lambda Iota Tau; B.S.U. ; Romance Lan- guage Club; Shield, Assistant Editor, Editor; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • THOMAS REED BRANDSTETTER, Smithland, Ken- tucky; B.A., Chemistry and Biology; Pershing Rifles, Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; Tau Sigma Tau; German Club. • BEVERLEY JANE BRAWNER, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Portfolio. Fifth Row: • DONALD B. BREEDEN, Waverly, Tennessee; B.S., History and Physical Education. • PRISCILLA BRINKLEY, Clinton, Kentucky; B.S., Eng- lish: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pres.; Wells Hall Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. • BASIEL CLAYTON BROOKS, JR., Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics; International Relations Club; S.A.A.C.S., Secretary; German Club. 16 First Row: • EVELYN M. BROWN, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; A.C.E. ; Kappa Delta Pi. • VIRGINIA JANE BROWN, Bardwell, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treas.; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Pres. ; Delta Lambda Alpha; Business Club; Y.W.C.A. • L. WAYNE BROWN, Providence, Kentucky; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Beta Al|)ha; Business Club; A.C.E. ; B.S.U. .Second Row : • BILLY J. BRYON, Benton, Kentucky; B.A., Area in .Social Science. • THERON BUCY, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Art. • CORINNE ANNE BURCH, Paducah, Kentucky: B.S., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.(!.P2. : Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Siiiei.i) Queen; Cheerleader; (Campus Favorite; R.O.T.C. Battalion and Regimental Sponsor; Football 0 " ' P " ; Sweetheart of Vete- rans Club. Third Row : • RAYMOND C. BYARS, Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Chem- istry and Biology: Chemistry Club. • JOYCE TUMMINS BYRl), Hardin, Kentucky; B.M.E., Music; S.A.I. ; A Cappella Choir; Madrigals; Campus Lights; Kappa Delta Pi; College Girls Quartet; Vivace Club. • B. DOLORES BYRN. ingo, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business. Fourth Row : • MARY MARTHA STREET CAGLE, Murray, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club, Sec; Baptist Student Union; Football Queen Attendant. • DAN W. CAIN, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture. Agriculture Club. • JAMES A. CALHOUN, Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration. Fifth Row: • ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL, Greenville, Kentucky; B.S.. Area Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau; Beta Tau Beta; Industrial Arts Club, Treas., Pres. • TOMMYE JEAN CAMPBELL, Murray, Kentucky, B.S., Home Economics: Home Ec. Club. • JOE R. CARPENTER, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Mathe- matics and Physics; Physics Club; A Capella Choir; Phi Mu Alpha. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • JAMES G. CARTER, Crystal City, Missouri; B.A., Physics and Mathematics; S.A.A.C.S.; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. • MARY ANN CHURCHILL, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • JOHN LAWRENCE CLARK, Clay, Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts and Business; Industrial Arts Club; Busi- ness Clul). Second Row: • HERBERT CHERRY, JR., Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club. • SHIRLEY JOYCE CHILES, Murray, Kentucky; B.M., Piano; Sigma Alpha Iota, President. • VORIS W. CLARK, Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Mathe- matics. Third Row: • MARTHA E. COHOON, Holland, Missouri; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • MAX W. COOK, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Health and Physical Education. • BARBARA JOYCE COOLEY, Clinton, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U.; Student Religious Council. Fourth Row: • MARY ANNETTE COOPER, New AUiany, Indiana; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. • BOBBY DALE CORNMAN, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Sigma Lambda Iota, Vice-President; Business Club; Delta Alpha, Treasurer. • NANCY LOU COTHAM, Murray, Ky.; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi; Sailing Club, Treasurer; W.A.A., Vice President, President; Water Carnival; Director of Water Carnival. Fifth Row: • DAN M. COWHERD, Hopkinsville. Kentucky; B.S., Business; College News, Advertising Manager; Disciples Student Fellowship, President; Religious Council, Se ' re- tary; Business Club, Vice President; Band. • LARRY LEE CRABTREE, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Westminster Fellowship; President; Agri- culture Club; Sailing Club; ROTC Rifle Team, Captain. • SAMUEL RAYMOND CRASS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Chemistry and Biology; Tau Sigma Tau; Beta Beta Beta, Vice President; Religious Council, President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 18 First Row: • BOBBY G. CRAVEN, Fullon, Kentucky; B.S., Art. • BILLY H. CREAMER. LaFayette, Kentucky: B.S.. Busi- ness and History; Tau Sigma Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Business Club; German Club. • DELORIS CREASEY, Princeton, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Ec. Club; Foot- ball Queen; Shield Qu en; Miss Body Beautiful; Campus Favorite. Serond Row : • MICHAEL FRANK CROGHAN, Carmi, Illinois; B.M.E., French Horn; Symphony Orchestra; A Cappella Choir; Brass Choir; Phi Mu Alpha, Pres.; Campus Lights, Director of Dialogue; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. • WILLIAM DALE f:RAGO, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., English; Lambda Iota Tau, President; Tau Kappa Alpha; Del)ate: Sock and Buskin. • THOMAS EDWIN CRIDER, Marion, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture: Ag. Club, Pres.; Westminster Fellowship: Student Religious CounciL Tliird Row ; • NANCY CARLTON CUMMINS, Arlington, Kentucky: B.S., Vocational Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sec; Delta Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Home Ec. Club, Sec: Miss Body Beautiful: Cheerleader; Campus Favorite: Battalion Sponsor, R.O.T.C. : Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • ZANE E. CUNNINGHAM, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration: Business Club, Vice Pres.; Sigma Lambda Iota; Industrial Arts Club. • THOMAS LEE DARNALL, Hornbeak, Tennessee; B.S., Agriculture: " M " Club; Basketball. Fourth Row : • JUDITH ANN DARNELL, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Corresponding Sec; Home Ec. Club, Reporter; Sailing Club; Water (iarnival; College News Staff; Baptist Student Union. • BILLY T. DAVIS, Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S., Phys- ical Education; " M " Club; Industrial Arts Club; Debate; College News; Shield Staff: Ordway Hall Council. • MARGARET JANE DAWES, Fulton, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Home Ec. Club. Fifth Row: • JOHN THOMAS DAWSON, Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Biology; Transfer from East Carolina College, Greenville, North Carolina. • DONALD DAVID DELABAR, Northampton, Pennsyl- vania; B.S., Industrial Arts. • GENE DEATEN, Jackson, Tennessee: B.M.E., Music; Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra: Men of Note: Dance Band; Band; Vivace Club; Campus Lights. Director: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: KAREN DOCKINS, Murray, Kentucky; B.M.E.. Voice; Ro- mance Language Club, President; Sigma Alpha Iota; A Capella Choir. PERRY LEE DOCKINS, JR.. Murray, Ky.; H.M.E., Trom- bone; Phi Mu Alpha, Historian, Treasurer; Vivace Club; A Capella Choir; Band. DALLAS T. DORAN, Murray. Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club; Veterans Club. Second Row: EDWARD L. DORTCH, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Veterans Club; Sigma Lambda Iota. EDGAR MARTIN DRAKE, Elyria, Ohio; B.M.E.. Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-President ; Vivace Club, President. JAMES EDWIN DUBLIN, Dallas, Texas; A.B., English Tau Kappa Alpha; Lambda Iota Tau; Der Edelweiss Klub Le Cercle Fran ais; Romance Language Club; El Nopal Veterans Club; S.A.A.C.S.; Euclidian Math Club; Debate Third Row: ARNOLD J. DUNCAN, Lowes, Ky.; B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau, President. MARION LEE EAKINS, IIL Henderson, Kentucky; B.S., Biology and History; Delta Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Sailing Club; S.A.A.C.S. JAMES A. EDGAR, Desloge, Missouri; B.S.. Health and Physical Education, Political Science and History; Inter- national Relations Club. Fourth Row: DONALD DEAN EDWARDS. Depoy, Kentucky; B.S., Eng- lish; Romance Language Club. SUE HARDING EDWARDS, Cottage Grove, Tennessee; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. ; Shield Queen Finalist. JAMES BUDDE EGNER, Benton, Kentucky; B.S.. Indus- trial Arts; Delta Alpha Fraternity; Industrial Arts Club. Fifth Row: HARVEY E. ELDER, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts. DORIS ELL Crofton, Kentucky; B.S., Mathematics; S.A.A.C.S.; Physics Club; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. BETTY SUE ELKINS, New Concord, Kentucky; B.S., Business Education. S ti 20 First Row! • JO ANN ELKINS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • LESLIE HOLMES ELLIS, JR., Murray, Kentucky; B.S.. Industrial Arts; Pershing Rifles: Tau Sigma Tau; Industrial Arts Club; Track; Sophomore Class President; Junior (!lass President; Senior Class President, Men on The Campus. • ROZENE DOWDY ELLIS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Business Club; Tau Sigma Tau Sweetheart. Second Row: • CAROL SUE EMPSON. Pontiac, Michigan; B.A., Eng- lish; Sigma Sigma Sigma; German Club; Lambda Iota Tau, Vice President; Sock and Buskin, President; Alpha Psi Omega; Drama. • JOEL W. EVANS, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.A., Physics and Mathematics; Physics Club. • ANN DELIA EYLAR, Aberdeen, Ohio; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E.; Religious Council. Third Row: • JAMES ED FARRIS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration. • FRANK DONALD PTJOCK, McLeansboro, Illinois; B.A., Physics and Mathematics; Physics Club; S.A.A.C.S. • EDWARD STANLEY FERGUSON, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics: Phi Mu Alpha; S.A.A.C.S.; Band; Campus Lights; AU-American Chorus. Fourth Row : • DONALD MILTON FORD, Cairo, Illinois: B.S., Indus- trial Arts; Beta Tau Beta, Treasurer, Outstanding Mem- ber; Industrial Arts Club; Scabl)ard and Blade. • H. W. FORD, Calvert City, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry and Biology; Delta Alpha: Veterans Club, Vice-President: Ba.seball: International Relations Club; Thoroughbred Hour: Student Council President: Men On Campus; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • CARL FORTNER, Fulton, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture. • KEN FULLER, Cairo, Illinois; B.S., Business Admin- istration: Tau Sigma Tau, Corresponding secretary: Busi- ness Club, Vice-President, President; Sophomore Officer; Men on Campus. • SUE M. FULLER, Palmyra, Pennsylvania; B.S., Ele- mentary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; A.C.E.: Sailing Club. • BOBBY E. FULTON, Reed, Ky.; B.S., Agriculture. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row : • CONSTANCE MORIARTY GALLOWAY, Henderson, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain; Home Economics Clul); B.S.U.: Delta Lambda Alpha. • GERALD EUGENE GAMBLE, B.S., Area in Social Science. Earlington, Kentiuky; • Wn.LIAM MORRIS GARDNER, Smithland, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Social Science: Beta Tau Beta: Scabbard and Blade; International Relations Club. Second Row ; • BILLY WOODS GARLAND, Calvert City, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry and Bioloey: Tau Sigma Tau. • LONSO BARTON GASTON, Beechmont, Kentucky; B.S., Health and Physical Education: Debate. • FRANK SAMUEL GERRAIN, Athens, N. Y.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education ; A.C.E. Kentucky; B.S., Third Row : • VANDA OLIVER GERARD, Wingo, Biology; Beta Beta Beta. • CHARLIE GIBBS, Corbin. Kentucky; B.S.. Mathematics and Physics; Physics (ilub. • HAROLD GLENN GIBSON, Hebbardsville, Ky.; B.S., Social Science: Tau Sigma Tau, Vice-President: Veterans Club; Freshman Class President: B.S.U.: Business Club: International Relations Club; Orduay Hall Council; Spring Carnival King; Student Council Vice-President: Men on Campus. Fourth Row : • JODY GIBSON, Greenville, Kentucky; B.M.E., Piano: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Alpha Iota: Vivace Club; Tau Sigma Tau Sweetheart Attendant. • AL GIORDANO, Farmingdale, New York: B.S., Health and Physical Education, History: " M " Club, President: (Co- ordinator of Intramural Sports Program; Delta Alpha. Vice-President, President; Football, Williamson System Ail- American; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Uni- versities. • NANCY GHAF, St. Louis, Missouri; B.S., Area in Art: Kappa Pi; Sigma, Sigma, Sigma; Portfolio. Fifth Row: • CAROL ELIZABETH GRAINGER, Paducah, KentU(ky: B.A., Biology; Sigma Sigma Sigma; S.A.A.C.S., Secretary; Romance Language Club; Sailing Club, Treasurer; Woods Hall Council; Campus Lights; Pan-hellenic Council, (Chair- man. • ELEANOR ANN GREENFIELD, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha: Business Club, Treasurer. • MARY JEAN GREER, West Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Home Economics Club. 22 First Kow : • HERMAN RAY GRIMMITT, I ' adii.ali, B.S., Social Science. • ROBERT RAY HAGGARD, Arlington. Kentucky: B.S., Business: Scalibard Blade. • GLEN THOMAS HALE, Murray, Kentucky: B.S., In- dustrial Arts; Industrial Arts Gluh: Epsilon Pi Tau. Second Row : • JOHN WELDON HALL, A.sheville. North Carolina: B.S.. Physics and Mathematics: Delta Alpha: Physics Cluh; SAACS: Brevard Jr. College. • LYDIA ANNE HALL, Albemarle, North Carolina: B.A., Art: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Art Chairman: Delta Lambda .Alpha: Ka|)pa Delta Pi: Kappa Pi, Historian: Romance Language Club: Portfolio Club: Best Groomed Contest: Campus Favorite: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • HAROLD MILLER HAMILTON, Hodgenville. Ken- tucky: B.S.. Business: Business Club: International Rela- tions Club: Scabbard and Blade. Third Kow: • MARTHA HARDING, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Elemen- tary Education and Library Science. • WILLIAM L. HARP, JR., Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Business. • BARBARA O ' NAN HART, SturgLs, Kentucky: B.S., Art: Kappa Pi, Secretary: Portfolio Club, Treasurer. Foiirtli Kow: • JOYCE FORD HAWKINS, Mayfield, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club. • ROBERT P. HEAD, Martin. Tennessee; B.S., Account- ing; Political Science and History. • CECIL THELBERT HENDERSON, Hopkinsville, Ken- tucky: B.S.. Agriculture; Agriculture Club; Who " s Who in American (Colleges and Universities. Fifth Row: • MARY JANE HENDERSON. Mayfield, Kentucky; B..S.. Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice-President: Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Lambda Alpha, Vice-President; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A.; Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship. • ZONA LEE HENDERSON, Hopkinsville, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Outstand- ing Member. • CHARLES BAILEY HENDRICKS. Paducah, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secretary, Man of The Year; Business ( hib. Treasurer, President; Men on Campus. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • DUANE WOOD HENDRICKSON, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., General Business and Physical Education. • MARLIN DEAN HENLEY, West Frankfort, Illinois; B.S., Industrial Arts; Delta Alpha; " M " Club; Football. • RODNEY HERROLD, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Busi- ness Education; Pi Omega Pi; Sigma Lambda Iota. Second Row : • RANDAL HIGGINS, Trenton, Kentucky; B.S., Agricul- ture; Agriculture Club. • BOBBY ALLEN HILAND, Benton, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Business Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JAMES THOMAS HINDS, Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture, Biology; Agriculture. Third Row : • RONALD PFERRER HOLMES, Indianapolis, Indiana; B.S., Physical Education and History; Beta Tau Beta; In- ternational Relations Club; Basketball; Baseball. • .lAMES F. HOPKINS, Wingo, Kentucky; B.S.. Mathe- matics and Business; Veteran ' s Club, Recording Secretary. • CAROLYN SUE HOUSTON, Herrin, Illinois; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; B.S.U. ; A Capella Choir; Campus Lights; Ail-American Conductor. Fourth Row : • HAL EDWARD HOUSTON, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., Pre-Medicine; Tau Sigma Tau, President; M.S. H with highest overall average; Student Council; Men on Campus; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • GAIL JUSTINE HUGHES, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.M.E., Sigma Alpha Iota: Campus Lights, Costume Director. • LOUIS B. HUNT, Farmington, Kentucky; B.S., Area in English. Fifth Row: • LUBOW DOBROWOLSKA INGRAM, Calvert City, Ken- tucky; B.M.E.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant at Arms; Delta Lamba Alpha; German Club; String Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra; Campus Lights. • JACK DALE JACKSON, Murray, Kentu cky; B.S., Area in Industrial Arts: Epsilon Pi Tau, Vice-President; Indus- trial Arts Club; Business Club; Baseball; Southern Illinois University. • NANCY JETTON, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. 24 First Row: • BILLY BOY KALER. Clinton, Kentucky: B.S., Industrial Arts and Physical Education; Beta Tau Beta; Scabbard and Blade. • SHIRLEY KALER, Union City, Tennessee; B.S., Secre- tarial Science; Business Club; Home Economics Clul); W.A.A. • JAMES CHARLES KEEL, Pensacola, Florida; B.S., Area in Social Science; International Relations Club. Second Row: • EVELYN CAIN KESTERSON, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. ; Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Beta Alpha. • BOBBY LYNN KEY, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; B.S.U.; A.C.E. • LEONARD L. KIK, Louisville, Kentucky; B.S., Art: Tau Sigma Tau; Kappa Pi, Pledgemaster; Portfolio Club, Presi- dent: " M " Clul): Sailing Club, Treas., Pres. ; Three Man Show — Art Center Gallery, Louisville, 1957. Third Row: • KATHRYN ANN KORTE, Metropolis, Illinois: B.S., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President: A.C.E. • CHARLIE MACK KUNTZ, Dixon, Kentucky; B.S., In- dustrial Arts; Tau Sigma Tau. • JOHN LOUIS KUYKENDALL, Providence, Kentucky; B.S., English and Mathematics; Romance Language Club; Lambda Iota Tau. » Fourth Row : • BETTY LYNN LACY. Fulton, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics: Home Economics Club. • JACKSON HERMAN LAWSON, Millsboro, Penn.syl- vania: B.S., History and Health and Physical Education; " M " Club; Football; Vets Club; Beta Tau Beta. • HERBERT H. LAX, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Mathe- matics: Delta Alpha; A Cappella Choir; Campus Lights. Filth Row: • THOMAS JEFFERSON LESTER, Fulton. Kentucky; B..S., Biology and Physical Education; Delta Alpha; Intra- mural Baseball. • MARION WAYNE LISANBY. Dawson Springs, Ken- tucky; B.S., Biology; Baptist Student Union, Council; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team. • CAROLYN LOWE, Lowes, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education; Al[iha Sigma Alpha; Woods Hall Council; Re- ligious (Council: A.C.E.; Y.W.C.A.: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Campus Favorite; Miss Murray State; Football Queen Attendant: Student Council. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • ,10 ANN LUTHER, Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Library Science. • BILLY ROYCE LYLES, Carrollton, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration; Vets Clul); Business Club. • EDWARD R. LYLES, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Biology, Chemistry. Second Row : • JOHN R. MrCAIN, Paris, Tennessee: B.S., Health and Physical Education, Romance Language Club, President; Delta Alpha. • MARY NELL MrCAIN. Hopkinsville, Kentucky; B.S., Business Education; Student Council Secretary; Sigma Sigma Sigma, President and Vice-President; Pi Omega Pi; Business Club: Religious Council, Secretary; Panhellenic Council; Campus Favorite; Best Groomed (Contest Winner; Shield Staff; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart. • J. C. McCALEB, Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Business; Business Club. Third Row : • DAN A. McCALL. Sedaba, Kentuckv: B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; Tau Sigma Tau. • BOBBY McCORD, Alamo, Tennessee; B.A., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • CHARLES D. McGAW, Dixon, Kentucky; B.S., Agri- culture, Business: Tau Sigma Tau, Custodian, Pledge- master; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; Agriculture Club; Business Club; ROTC Distinguished Military Student. Fourth Row : • JIMMY LEE McGEE, Paris, Tenne,ssee; B.S., History, Physical Education; Vets Club; International Relations Club; Romance Language Club. • MARGARET ELLA McGHEE, Brookport, Illinois; B.S., Elementary Education; A.C.E. • KEAN McKINNEY, Smithland, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Social Science. Fifth Row: • BOBBY McLEMORE, Calvert City, Kentucky; B.S., Business; Beta Tau Beta; " M " Club; Varsity Basketball; Baseball. • GERALD F. McMASTER, Ocean Grove , New Jer.sey; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Sock and Buskin; " M " Club; Vets Club: Business Club; Water Carnival; President of Veterans Club. • JAMES E. McNEELY, JR., Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. 1 itii m i 26 First Row: • HARRY LEE MAC:K, Iron Mountain, Missouri; Physical Education; International Relations Club. B.S., linois; B.S., Area Vice-President: Vets Campus Lights; A • BAILEY MAGRUDER. Evanston, in Social Science; Tau Sigma Tau, Club: International Relations Club: Capella Choir. • MARILYN MALLORY MAHAN, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Pi Omega Pi, Secretary: Panhellenic Council; Business Club; Y.W.C.A., Secretary, Vice-President; Secretary of Senior Class; Campus Favorite; Campus Lights. Second Row: • CHARLES E. MARKHAM, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.M.E., Mu.sic: B.S.U.: Band: Vivace Club. • BURLEY RAY MATHIS, Burkley, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education, Industrial Arts: Tau Sigma Tau; " M " Club; Baseball. • NANCY PHYLLIS MELVIN, Mayfield, Kentucky: B.A., Library Science, English; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sock and Buskin: Alpha Beta Alpha; Di.sciples Student Fellowship: Delta Lambda Alpha; Regional Library Scholarship. Third Row: • FRANKLIN CARL MILLER, Murray. Kentucky; A.B., Chemistry and Biology; Delta Alpha, Chaplain; Student Organization; B.S.U.; S.A.A.C.S.: Men on Campus; Asst. Director Last Resort; Junior and Senior Representative; Pershing Rifles Fraternity; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. • PERRY MAC MILLS, Clinton, Kentucky; B.S., Agri- culture: Agriculture Club. • JACQUELINE MEREDITH MITCHELL, Paducah, Ken- tucky: B.S., Elementary Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha; Y ' .W.C.A., Secretary, President: A.C.E. : Vice-President: Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Treasurer; B.S.U., Execu- tive Council; A.C.E. Scholarship; Religious Council; Band; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Fourth Row : • DUKE SWENTER MORGAN, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration. • THOMAS MORRIS, Buchanan, Tennessee; B.S., Indus- trial Arts. • GENE PAUL MURDOCK, St. Louis, Missouri; B.S., Industrial Arts, Physical Education: Epsilon Pi Tau, Sec- retary; Pershing Rifles; Industrial Arts Club; Football and Track. Fifth Row: • PHILIP HOWARD MURDOCK, Murray, Kentucky, B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club. • WALLACE HAYDEN MURPHY, Calumet City. Illinois; B.S., Art Education; Tau Sigma Tau; Kappa Pi, Vice- President: Kappa Delta Pi, President; Portfolio, Vice- President. • HURCHEL FRANKLIN MYERS, Wickliffe. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Social Science; Wesley Foundation; Interna- tional Relations Club. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • ROGER E. MYERS, Carmi, Illinois; B.S., Social Science; Delta Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Inter- national Relations Club. • DONALD KENNETH NACE, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration. • LOUISE G. NELMS, Danville, Illinois; B.A., Library Science and History; Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice President. Second Row: • JAMES DAVID NEWCOMB, Flat River, Missouri: B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club. • SUE MAE NICHOLLS, Owensboro, Kentucky; B.S., Library Science and English; Alpha Beta Alpha; Romance Language Club; Kentucky Wesleyan. • SUZANNE NIX, Murray, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Business Club. Third Row: • GEORGE E. NOLAN, Neptune, New Jersey; B.S., In- dustrial Arts; Tau Sigma Tau; Scabbard and Blade; In- dustrial Arts Club. • EULA JEAN NORMAN, Center Line, Michigan; B.S., Business Education: Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Al|)ha, Recording Secretary; Pi Omega Pi, President; YWCA; Business Club; BSU; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • RICHARD ELBERT NORRIS, Harrisburg, Illinois; B.M.E., Music: Phi Mu Alpha; Vivace Club: Male Quar- tette; Campus Lights; Phi Mu Alpha Band Director. Fourth Row : • CHARLINE NUNN, Sturgis, Kentucky: B.M.E., Music; BSU; Vivace Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; Orchestra: Inter- national Relations Club. • PATRICK EDWARD 0 " CONNELL, Louisville, Ken:ucky; B.S., Business. • DON WALLACE OLIVER, Paris, Tennessee: B.S., Chemistry and Biology; International Relations Club; SAACS. Fifth Row: • .SAMUEL EDWARD ORR, Rock Hill, South Carolina: B.M.E., Voice; Phi Mu Alpha, Warden; A Capella Choir, Assistant Director; All-American, Director; Band; Orches- tra: Madrigal Singers; Phi Mu Alpha Band, Vocalist; Male Quartette; Campus Lights, Lead, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager. • MILTON G. OTEY, Melber, Kentucky; B.S., Chemistry and Math: SAACS. • CHARLES JOEL OWENS, Paris, Tennessee; B.S., Agri- culture: Agriculture Club. 28 FirsI Row: • MARY ANN OWENS, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Busi- ness Education; Y.W.C.A.; Business Club. • BILLY R. PASEUR, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Biology; Pershing Rifles, Captain; Scabbard and Blade. • .lAMES C. PICKENS, Marion, Kentucky; B.S., Physics and Mathematics; Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Vice President, President; Physics (;lub; Debate; Band. Second Row: • WILLIAM G. PIERCE, Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club. • GLORIA ANN PLYMALE, Princeton, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education; Band; A.C.E.; W.A.A. • THOMAS ERVIN POE, Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education; Beta Tau Beta. Third Row: • SUSAN JAYNE POLLOCK, West Frankfort. Illinois; B.S., Art; Kappa Pi, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Port- folio Club; Romance Language Club; Outstanding Art Student. • NORA EMMA POLLEY, Dixon, Kentucky; B.S., Sec- retarial Science; Romance Language Club; Business Club. • LARRY EARL POWELL, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Social Science. Fourth Row: • CHARLOTTE GOLDEN PRICE, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Beta Alpha; A.C.E.; Kappa Delta Pi. • HAROLD W. PROW, Madisonville, Kentucky; B.S., Biology; Delta Alpha; Chemistry Club. • WINTA JANE PUC:KETT, Lowes, Kentucky; B.A., Area in Social Science; Delta Lambda Alpha: Kappa Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club, Vice President, .State Secretary. President; Romance Lan- guage Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Fifth Row: • JANICE ANN QUIREY, Slaughters, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club. • JAMES EARL RADCLIFFE, Salem, Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club, Vice President. • JOHN WILLIAM RAY, JR., Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club; International Relations Club. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • JAMES WARREN RAYBURN, Benton, Kentucky; B.A., Chemistry; Chemistry Clul). • CHARLES RUSSELL REYNOLDS, Earlington, Ken- tucky; B.S., History. • ALBERT FRANKLIN RICE, Hickman, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education and Business; Delta Alpha; Veterans Club. Second Row: • RICHARD MALCOLM RICE, Fredonia, Kentucky; B.S., Business; Beta Tau Beta. • FRANCES RICHEY, Wickliffe, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Education ; Pi Omega Pi. CHARLES RAYMOND RICKLI, Southampton, Pennsyl- vania; B.S., Math and Chemistry; Tau Sigma Tau; German Club; S.A.A.C.S. Third Row: • GEORGE ELTON RIKEL, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau, Pledgemaster and Recording Secretary; Business Club, Reporter, Treasurer; Intramural Basketball and Football. • ANNA BETH ROBERTS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education. • FREDERICK EDWIN ROBINSON, Flat River, Mis- souri; B.S., Biology and History; International Relations Club. Fourth Row : • LOUZANE ROBINSON, Burna, Kentucky; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; A.C.E. ; Sock and Buskin, Treasurer. • HAROLD LEE ROMAINE, La Center, Kentucky; B.S., Mathematics and Physical Education. • SAMUEL LEE RONK, Alamo, Tennessee; B.S., Busi- ness; Beta Tau Beta. Fifth Row: • CLARA SARGENT, Hickman, Kentucky; B.S.. Business; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • CHARLES FREDERICK SAWYER, Fulton, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration. • BILLIE HUGH SCILLIAN, Evansville, Indiana; B.S., Area in Business Education; Tau Sigma Tau, Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; Business Club. lUpHillF ' Ik 30 First Row: • ANNA JUNE SHEFFER, Clay. Kt-ntiirky: B.S., Area ill Business Education; Alpha Sifinia Alpha; YAV.C.A.; Business (!lul). • GEORGE WILLIAM SHELTON. Murray, Kenturky: B.S., Area in Business Administration: Sijima l.aml)da Iota: Veterans (;lul); Business C Iub. • MARY FRANCES SIMS, Kevil, Kentucky; B.S., Art; B.S.U., Council: Romance Language Club; Business Club; Portfolio Club, President: Kappa Pi, Ideal Active; SiiiKi.D Staff: International Relations Club. Second Row : • HARVEY SKIPWORTH, Greenville, Kentucky: B.S., Business. • DICK LEWIS SKOK, Hunlocks Creek, Pennsylvania; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Veterans Club, Treasurer: Business Club; Intramural Football; Campus Lights. • MONROE A. SLOAN, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau; Business Club: Tennis Team. Third Row: • GENE C. SMITH. Benton, Kentucky: B.S.. Area in Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau; Business Club; International Relations Club; Baseball; Business Club Reporter. • HARRIETT ANNE SMITH, Sturgis, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Home Economics Club: Wells Hall Council: Woods Hall Council, President; Shield Staff; Treasurer, Senior Class; Campus Favorite; Shield Queen Finalist; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • MARY CURTIS SMITH, Louisville, Kentucky; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; Symphony Or- chestra; A Cappella Choir; String Orchestra; String Quar- tet. Fourth Row : • NANCY LEE SMITH, Farmington, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • RICHARD C. SMITH, West Allenhurst, New Jersey; B.S., Area in Social Science; Veterans Club, Social Chair- man; International Relations Club, Vice-President; Campus Lights; Intramural Football. Basketball, Softball. • DAVID LEWIS SPAHR, Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., History; B.S.U. ; International Relations Club; Debate Team. Fifth Row: • DONALD WAYNE SPARKS, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Business, History; Delta Alpha; Student Council, Vice- President; Pi Omega Pi: Men on Campus; Football; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JAMES SPENCE, Ripley, Tennessee; B.S.. Mathematics, Chemistry; S.A.A.C.S., President. • WAYNE FRANK SPINKS, Chicago. Illinois: A.B., Uni- versity of Illinois — 1953; Art Education Certification; Vet- eran ' s Club. THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: • I.INDA SUE STEPHENSON, Paducah. Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Last Resort; Y.W.C.A.; Campus Lights: A.C.E.; Cheerleader; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • HUGH EDWARD STIMSON. Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S.. Math and (Ihemistry; Physics Clul). • NORMA 0. STRATTON, Sharon Grove, Kentucky: B.S., Education; Y.W.C.A.; Religious Council; Wesley Foundation : Freshman (Council. Second Row: • .lOHN A. STOVALL, Graham, Kentucky: B.S., Physical Education; Tau Sigma Tau; Pershing Rifles. • JACKIE STUBBLEFIELD, Murray, Kentucky: B.S., Math. • QUITMAN EMMANUEL SULLINS, Luxora, Arkansas; B.S., Physical Education: Delta Alpha: " M " Cluli: Basket- hall. Third Row: • ROBERT HAROLD SULLIVAN, Mayfield, Kentucky: B.S., Business. • WILLIAM CLETUS SULLIVAN, Mayfield, Kentu ky: B.S.. Physics and Math. • JAMES GRAY .SWAIM, Nowata. Oklahoma; B..S.. His- tory: International Relations Club; Band. Fourth Row: • JOANNA ALLBRITTEN SYKES, Murray. Kentucky: B.S., Elementary Education: Delta Lambda Alpha: A.C.E.; Alpha Beta Alpha. • CHARLES EVERETT TABOR, Marion, Kentucky: B.S.. Physical Education: " M " Clul): Baseball. • GERALD WAYNE TABOR, Marion, Kentucky: R.S., Physi al Education; Basketball; Baseball. Fifth Row: • MARGARET A. TARRY, Murray,; B..S., BusiTiess; Alpha Sigma Aljiha. Alpha Beta Alpha; Business (;lul); Ka|ipa Pi. • BARBARA JEAN TAYLOR. Murray, Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics: Home Economics Cilub. • WILLIAM B. TAYLOR, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Physics (!lub. j i:% 32 i First Row: • JIMMY THOMPSON, Buchanan, Tennessee; B.S., Busi- ness Administration. • NANCY THOMPSON, Hazel. Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • REX A. THOMPSON, Hodgenville, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau, Treasurer; Business Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, Reporter: Shield Staff, Assist- ant Business Manager, Business Manager: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; R.O.T.C. Distinguished Military Student. Second Row: • BUDDY LEE TIBBS, Bardwell, Kentucky; B.M.E., Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Vivace Club: Symphony Or- chestra; A Capella Choir. • PHILIP TIBBS, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Bu.siness Administration ; Sigma Lambda Iota, President ; Business Club. • ROBERT LEE TOWN, Eddyville, Kentucky; B.S., In- dustrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club. Third Row: • ALBEN BARKLEY TRAVIS, Kuttawa, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club, Secretary. • JOHN DARRELL TURNER, Drakesboro, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture: Agriculture Club. • ROBERT SLAUGHTER USREY, Mayfield, Kentucky: B.S., English. Fourth Row : • VANCE COFFIELD, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., Biology; S.A.A.C.S. • GLADA O ' SHANNON VAUGHN, Maury City, Tennes- see; B.S., Physical Education, Business; W.A.A., Out- standing Freshman, Chairman of Awards, Publicity Chair- man, Treasurer; Business Club. • THEODORE LEONARD VAUGHN, Murray, Kentucky; B.A., Biology; Pershing Rifles, Warrant Officer; Tau Sigma Tau, President; Romance Language Club; Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, Junior ROTC Cadet; Men on Campus; Debate; ROTC Distinguished Military Student; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Fifth Row: • CALVIN MORRIS VEST, West Point, Mississippi; B.S., Physical Education, Industrial Arts; Beta Tau Beta, Presi- dent; " M " Club. • JOHN WILLIAM VIA, Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; Veterans Club. • GLENN A. WALDROP, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Agri- culture; Scabbard and Blade, First Sergeant; Agriculture Club, Reporter. mM t THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: CARROLL D. WALKER, Reidland, Kentucky; B.S., Busi- ness Education. G. W. WALKER, Calvert City, Kentucky; B.S., Chemistry and Biology; American Chemical Society; Veterans Club. SARAH ANN WARD. Lone Oak, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Delta Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club. President; Ideal Freshman Girl; Cheerleader; Miss Murray State; ROTC Battalion Sponsor; Shield Queen Finalist; Campus Favor- ite; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Second Row: PEGGY ANN WATKINS. Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S.. Bi- ology and English; Beta Beta Beta; NEM ' S Club; Wesley Foundation; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; President of NEM ' S Club. NANCY SUSAN WEDEL, Heath. Kentucky; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; A.C.E. ; Alpha Beta Alpha; Portfolio Club; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. CYNTHIA HANCOCK WHITE, Paris, Tennessee; B.S., English. Third Row: BARBARA ALEXANDER WIGGINS, Sedalia, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. ROBERT N. WILFERD, Harrisburg, Illinois; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Delta Alpha, Secretary, Vice-President; A.C.E., Last Resort, Director. JO ANN WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S.. English. Fourth Row: JERRY MAX WINDER, Anna, Illinois; B.M.E., Music Ed- ucation; Phi Mu Alpha; Vivace Club; A Capella; Band; Campus Lights, Publicity Director, House Manager; All American Chorus. ALFRED G. WITT, Cairo, Illinois; B.S., Biology; Foot- ball; Physical Education Club; Portfolio; German Club. JAMES WILLIAM WILSON, Hickman, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture Club. Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Fifth Row: DONALD KAY WOOD, Education and Business. ANN WOLFE, Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Y.W.C.A. ; Home Economics Club. EDWARD THEODORE WOOSLEY, Ponca City, Oklahoma; B.A., Biology; French Club; Beta Beta Beta; Biological Society; D.S.F. Agriculture Club. Sixth Row: GERALD DONALD YATES, Wingo, Kentucky; B.A.. Math., Physics; Romance Language Club; Physics Club. BILLY JOE YOUNG, B.S., History and Physical Education; Basketball. J. R. YOUNGBLOOD, Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S., Art. J:, dV Officers: Lindsay Freeman, Martha Stinson, Sue Grable, Mackie Puckett JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Endeavor — This third year of college we discovered the meaning of the second Shield star. We settled into our major fields and the going really began to get rough. The year was a hard one — full of concentrated study and tests. Gradually we began to realize the full scope of college and college work. We realized that we were preparing now for the problems of tomorrow — we learned today what we must teach tomorrow. This knowledge gave us an even greater incentive to work hard and to put all we had into our work. Only one more year to go ! 35 ' ' -It THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Walter Alva Adams Cobb, Kentucky William K. Adams Paducah, Kentucky Bill Aden Murray, Kentucky Regina Alderson Paducah, Kentucky Barbara Allen Model, Tennessee Second Row: BuFORD R. Anderson Burkley, Kentucky Lucy V. Anderson Fulton, Kentucky Ralph K. Anderson Pembroke, Kentucky Ke ' NETH Arflack Tolu, Kentucky Fidelia Austin Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Jane Austin Fulton, Kentucky Philip Donald Back Crofton, Kentucky John P. Bacgett Paducah, Kentucky Ed Baker Dyersburg, Tennessee Ann Barnett Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row : John D. Bartee Trenton, Kentucky Dortha Ann Bailey Murray, Kentucky Bud J. Baxter Dickson, Tennessee Richard Bennett Fruitland, Tennessee Jack Bentley Henderson, Kentucky Fifth Row: Bob BiLLiNGTON Murray, Kentucky Charles T. Bisch Bonne Terre, Missouri Norman R. Black Farmington, Missouri Frederick D. Blume Mayfield, Kentucky Robert E. Boaz Fulton, Kentucky Sixth Row : Sue Boone Aberdeen, Mississippi Ruth Bond Russellville, Kentucky Jack Boswell Dupo, Illinois David Bowell La Porte, Indiana Nancy Bowen Murray, Kentucky Seventh Row: Rebecca Joan Bowher Murray, Kentucky Earl E. Boyer Festus, Missouri Bettie Brazzell Clinton, Kentucky Edward L. Brooks Earlington, Kentucky David Bruce Mayfield, Kentucky AtkAtl 36 First Row: Do.N ALD L. Bruce Paducah, Kentucky Patsy Buchanan Charleston, South Carolina Charles Burns Cayce, Kentucky Marilyn Butler Fulton, Kentucky Cleatus R. Cacle Alamo, Tennessee Second Row : Glen Callie Calvert City, Kentucky Norma Sue Carnal Slaughters, Kentucky Harvey C. Carr Cadiz, Kentucky Ann Carter Eddyville, Kentucky JiMMiE Catlett Princeton, Kentucky Third Row: Corbett D. Clark Providence, Kentucky Danny Clark Clay, Kentucky Glen I. Clayton Hardin, Kentucky Charles H. Cobb Union City, Tennessee Donald Ray Cole Providence, Kentucky Fourth Row : Robert Cole Evansville, Indiana Charles Coleman Murray, Kentucky Lucille J. Coleman Murray, Kentucky Rich Coleman Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ray Colley Mayfield, Kentucky Fifth Row: Shelby Colley Farmington, Kentucky Harry Compton Evansville, Indiana Bernadine Coombs Hopkinsville, Kentucky Earl Wayne Cooper Ledbetter, Kentucky Eddie Cooper La Center, Kentucky Sixth Row: Erdice Cooper Union City, Kentucky Wii.DA Lee Cooper New- Albany, Indiana Frances Cosentino Long Branch, New Jersey Sterling Cowcer Carrier Mills, Illinois Thurman Craddock, Jr Hickman, Kentucky Seventh Row : Annette Crawford Lynn Grove, Kentucky Patsy Cunningham Cadiz, Kentucky Freed M. Curd Murray, Kentucky Joe B. Darnell Benton, Kentucky Edna E. Darnell Murray, Kentucky OF MURRAY " ! 37 .1 •«.,.«. ' » i ' Xt«n ? ' 53Wl ' ««!gBfi:9Sn !E6»!«ffB1S THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Charles Daughaday Mayfield, Kentucky Jack E. Davenport Murray, Kentucky Betty Lou Davis Fulton, Kentucky Frank Carlisle Davis Mayfield, Kentucky Thomas R. Dean Murray, Kentucky Second Row : Sue DeBoe Cobb, Kentucky Paula DeMyer Fulton, Kentucky Joe Bailey Dill Model, Tennessee Paul E. Dill Murray, Kentucky Wayne Dinkins Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Edgar Thomas Doores Farmington, Kentucky Raphael D. Douglas Murray, Kentucky William W. Dresback Monticello, Illinois John T. Driver Mayfield, Kentucky George Alice Duke Hartford. Kentucky Fourth Row: Scott Dunn Detroit, Michigan William H. Dunning Crofton, Kentucky James Eakle Sidell, Illinois Thomas Embry Valley Station, Kentucky Riley E. Emery Daytona Beach, Florida Fifth Row: Janelle English Tiline, Kentucky Patricia Estes Owensboro, Kentucky Charles E. Ewell Dyer, Tennessee Richard A. Emerson Mayfield, Kentucky Elbert M. Evans, Jr Paducah, Kentucky Sixth Row: Joyce Evans Murray, Kentucky Virginia Evans Paducah, Kentucky Carl Feddeler Belmar, New Jersey George Rodney Finley Simpsonville, Kentucky Bruce Firestone Brooklyn, New York Seventh Row: MiCNON Fleming Fulton, Kentucky Betty Foust Murray, Kentucky Sheila Fox Morton ' s Gap, Kentucky Bobby E. Francis Cadiz, Kentucky Danny M. Franklin Clay, Kentucky § " L -.1 -k 1 38 OF MURRAY First Row: Lindsay Freema.n Hopkinsville, Kentucky Bob W. Garner Hoopeston, Illinois Robert O. Gary Greenfield, Indiana Veta Gentry Hopkinsville, Kentucky Alicia Gepner Paducah, Kentucky Second Row : Harry C. Gilbert Paducah, Kentucky James R. Gilbert Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Joye Gilkey Crofton, Kentucky Donald Edward Gipe ..» Owensboro, Kentucky James L. Goheen Gilbertsville, Kentucky Third Row: Al Gorczynski Buffalo, New York Marshall Gordon Kevil, Kentucky Sue Grable Lakeland, Florida Mary Gregory Oak Ridge, Tennessee S. K. Gregory Calvert City, Kentucky Fourth Row : Martin Griffin Old Hickory, Tennessee Richard M. Grogan Hazel, Kentucky Marie Grlbbs Paducah, Kentucky Don Gunter Murray, Kentucky Robert Eugene Hager Farmington, Missouri Fifth Row: James N. Hahn Greenville, Kentucky Ed Hamilton Sumner, Illinois Jackie Hancock Sebree, Kentucky LiNwooD Hardy, Jr Cadiz, Kentucky Randall C. Harper Hickory, Kentucky Sixth Row: Wade Harper Cairo, Georgia Philip Harreli Murray, Kentucky Earl E. Harris, Jr Cerelean, Kentucky Donald R. Hayes Crofton, Kentucky Kenneth Hazel Sturgis, Kentucky Seventh Row : Larry Henson Flora, Illinois DwAiN Herndon Almo, Kentucky James W. Hicks Paducah, Kentucky Dickie Higcinbotham Wickliffe, Kentucky Bobby Hiccins Slaughters, Kentucky A iMJlfm iM tk 39 THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Jimmy Hill Fulton, Kentucky Leo Hill Dalton, Kentucky Mary Anne Hill Fulton, Kentucky Bill Hobbs New Haven, Illinois Denny Holland Golden Pond, Kentucky Second Row : Billy J. Hosford Murray, Kentucky Larry D. Hosford Murray, Kentucky Robert T. Howard Mayfield, Kentucky Bonnie Huffman Owensboro, Kentucky Rita Humphreys Paris, Tennessee Third Row: Elm A Huntley Almo, Kentucky Robert E. Ivy Hickory, Kentucky Jo Ann Jackson Providence, Kentucky Willie F. Jackson Murray, Kentucky O. J. Jennings Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Louis M. Jeter Covington, Tennessee Carol L. Johnson Central City, Kentucky Henry S. Johnson Milburn, Kentucky Edward E. Johnston Paducah, Kentucky Judy Johnston Lawrenceville, Illinois Fifth Row: Louis R. Joiner Murray, Kentucky Ben Helen Joyce Golden Pond, Kentucky Marvin Kaiser Sterling, Illinois Noreen Kawasaki Chicago, Illinois Frank Kepley Greyville, Illinois Sixth Row: Louise Kershaw Gadsden, Alabama GwYN Dailey Key Hazel, Kentucky Jeanette Spees King Boaz, Kentucky Johnny King Paducah, Kentucky Millicent King Herrin, Illinois Seventh Row : Robert King Paducah, Kentucky Jean LaNeve Sturgis, Kentucky Edwin Lacy Hopkinsville, Kentucky Sam Lander Hopkinsville, Kentucky Charles Lash Murray, Kentucky 40 OF MURRAY First Row: James R. Lawrence Cadiz. Kentucky DoNME Lawson Hopkinsville, Kentucky Floyd Ewell Lawson, Jr Farmington, Missouri James E. Lawson Winston-Salem, North Carolina Donald L. Lax Buchanan, Tennessee Second Row: Nancy Brown Layman Leitchfield, Kentucky Howard Lindner Long Branch, New Jersey Billy Liles Humboldt, Tennessee Paul W. Logan Hickman, Kentucky Patsy Long Arlington, Kentucky Third Row: Carol Jean McAnally Paducah, Kentucky Dane Maddox Owensboro, Kentucky Larry B. Mahom Clinton. Kentucky Robert Fisher Marsh Benton, Kentucky Lewis Martin Crofton, Kentucky Fourth Row : Charles D. Matkin Flat River, Missouri Clyde Maxwell Sharon Grove, Kentucky Judy McBride Rock Hill, South Carolina Mattie Mason McClain Dukedom, Tennessee Bobby E. McClellan Clinton, Kentucky Fifth Row: Bill McClure Caney, Kansas Jerry McCdnnell Marion, Kentucky Georgia McCutcheon Carrier Mills, Illinois Patsy McKenzie Murray, Kentucky Don Mertz Carmi. Illinois Sixth Row : Marcia Meenach Cincinnati, Ohio Lois Brenda Miller Louisville, Kentucky Dorothy Moore Hopewell, Virginia Hobert Moore Earlington, Kentucky James M. Moore Hopewell, Virginia Seventh Row: David L. Morris Lone Oak, Kentucky Jean Moubray Murray, Kentucky Betty Myatt Mayfield, Kentucky Jerry Nance Madisonville, Kentucky Luz Navarro Brooklyn, New York Eighth Row: Tom Nelson Paducah, Kentucky Robert R. Neville Arlington, Kentucky Billy J. Norsworthy Sedalia, Kentucky Joe E. Norwood Pryorsburg, Kentucky Amelia Odle Senath, Missouri 1 THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Gerald 0 " Neal Repten, Kentucky Clarence Olso.n Earlington, Kentucky Bill Outland Murray, Kentucky Jamie Overton Bells, Tennessee Marian Parks Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row : Elvin J. Partenheimer Rankin, Illinois Charlotte Pennebaker Paducah, Kentucky Pat Perdew Frankfort, Kentucky Elliott M. Perry St. Petersburg, Florida Gordon Perry St. Petersburg, Florida Third Row: Richard W. Perry Monticello, Illinois Richard Petty Effingham, Illinois Jerry Phillips Rumsey, Kentucky Bill Pickens Dyersburg, Tennessee Harmon B. Pierce Fulton, Kentucky Fourth Row : JoAnn Pierce Hopkinsville, Kentucky Carlos Pitts Puryear, Tennessee A. D. Pollock, Jr Greenville, Kentucky Robert Porchey Crystal City, Missouri Ernest Gene Preston Madisonville, Kentucky Fifth Row: William 0. Price. Jr Barlow, Kentucky Joe Prince Crossville, Illinois Larry Dee Pritchard Murray, Kentucky Don Pryor Drakesboro, Kentucky Cleates Pubdy Madisonville, Kentucky Sixth Row: Roy Vance Ramace Burna, Kentucky John W. Randolph Cadiz, Kentucky Nancy Rasco Barlow, Kentucky Richard Redinc Mayfield, Kentucky Harold E. Reeder McLeansboro, Illinois Seventh Row : Julia Reeves Benton, Kentucky Robert J. Recelspercer Perryville, Missouri Albin Lee Reynolds Madisonville, Kentucky Linda Rhoades Henderson, Kentucky Phillip E. Rich Barlow, Kentucky Eighth Row: John A. Roark Murray, Kentucky Bill Roberts Murray, Kentucky Carolyn Roberts Fulton, Kentucky Glen Roberts Fulton, Kentucky Jerry Roberts Murray, Kentucky OF MURRAY First Row: Richard Robertson Paducali, Kentucky Fain L. Ri ssei.i Kevil, Kentucky Jim Sanders Valley Station, Kentucky Don Sasse Henderson, Kentucky William A. Schade, Jr Detroit, Michigan Second Row : Larry Schmidt Mt. Vernon, Illinois Sara Judith Scott Clay, Kentucky Gilbert Sears Ferguson, Kentucky Harold W. Seaton Dawson Springs, Kentucky Ruth Ann Seel Benton, Kentucky Third Row : Bernice Fay Shore Mayfield, Kentucky Billie E. Shoulders Clay, Kentucky Mary Ann Simpson Cayce, Kentucky Larry Sims Mayfield, Kentucky Ruth Slagle Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row : Robert R. Slayden Paducah, Kentucky Annie K. Smith Lynnville, Kentucky Frances A. Smith Franklin, Kentucky Kenneth W. Smith Grindstone, Pennsylvania Lawrence Smith Dawson Springs, Kentucky Fifth Row: Mac Smotherman Murray, Kentucky Alyce Stahr Hickman, Kentucky Carroll Steinfeld Madisonville, Kentucky Malcolm H. Stermon Arlington, Kentucky Fred Stephens Ridgely, Tennessee Sixth Row : James R. Stewart Gracey, Kentucky Martha June Stinson Elkton, Kentucky Bob Street Murray, Kentucky OsTAP Stromecky Elizabeth, New Jersey Frederick William Strope Pittsburg, Kansas Seventh Row : DoN ' NiE Sutherland Benton, Kentucky Benjamin D. Sydboten Paducah, Kentucky Tommy Tate Central City, Kentucky John G. Taylor Louisville, Kentucky Richard Taylor Wingo, Kentucky Eighth Row: Patsy Teacue Kuttawa, Kentucky Jerry Thomas Fulton, Kentucky Norma Gail Thomas Hopkinsville, Kentucky Philip Thomas Dawson Springs, Kentucky Recena Thomas Camden, Tennessee THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row : Eddie Timmons, Jr Murray, Kentucky Wayne Tolen Padmah, Kentucky Patricia Townsend Hickman, Kentucky Barbara Trainer Bardwell, Kentucky NiCHOLis Trigmano Nutley, New Jersey Second Row : Donna Tuck Murray, Kentucky Linda May Tucker Murray, Kentucky Mary Lou Tuccle Cadiz, Kentucky R. H. Upton Canton, Kentucky James P. Vaden Nashville, Tennessee Third Row: Gary Len Vaughn Gorenville, Illinois Rebecca Vaughn Lowes, Kentucky Charles Wade Cadiz, Kentucky Barbara Walker Paducah, Kentucky Charles L. Walker Calvert City, Kentucky Fourth Row : Bill Wallace Flora, Illinois Ed Wai.pole Murray, Kentucky Carol Warren Murray, Kentucky Elizabeth Webb Arlington, Kentucky Donald Welcome Long Branch, New Jersey Fifth Row: Nelson Warren Gleason, Tennessee Nancy Webb Mayfield, Kentucky Bobby R. Wells Wickliffe, Kentucky Julie West Murray, Kentucky Nancy Westerfield Hartford, Kentucky Sixth Row: Richard Whitsett Princeton, Kentucky Charles D. Wickliffe Paducah, Kentucky Patsy Wilkins Benton, Kentucky Sharon Wilkins Paducah, Kentucky Dwight Wilkinson Benton, Kentucky Seventh Row: Darril Wilson Hazel, Kentucky Fred Wilson Murray, Kentucky Robert E. Wilson Princeton, Kentucky Edward Wiser Murray, Kentucky Mildred Wood Henderson, Kentucky Eighth Row: Casper Wooten Carmi, Illinois Bill Wyatt Mayfield. Kentucky Donald E. Yeargain Farmington, Missouri Officers : Don Jones, Art BanemAend, Jerry Crider, Gus Winston SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Hope — This year we found the meaning of the first star on our Shield — hope. The thrill and excitement of our Freshman year was gone. Instead we found the warmth of familiar faces — familiar places. We worked harder this year; as we had a goal to work toward, we didn ' t mind the effort. We decided what we wanted out of life — the work that we wanted to do — the standards we wanted to set. This year was our year of decisions. We made our decision and now we can hope for satisfaction in achieving our goal. 45 First Row: Alcene Adams Mayfield, Kentucky Isaac Adams Murray, Kentucky Robert Aldridce Hickman, Kentucky Tommy D. Alexander Murray, Kentucky William H. Allbritten Hazel, Kentucky Second Row : Janet Allen Fulton, Kentucky William Allen Carmi, Illinois Don Allison Central City, Kentucky Twila Jean Altic Greenview, Illinois Gerald Alton Murray, Kentucky Third Row: Janice Armstrong Lynn Grove, Kentucky Geneva Arnold Murray, Kentucky William W. Atchison Puryear, Tennessee Cleta Atnip Calvert City, Kentucky Alma Atwood Paducah, Kentucky Fourth Row : Molly Baker Hopkinsville, Kentucky Sherry Anne Barclay Lawrenceville, Illinois James H. Barker Elizabethtown, Kentucky Barbara Barley Mayfield, Kentucky Harold Barnes Mayfield, Kentucky Fifth Row: Wanda Barnes Salem, Kentucky Bobbie D. Barnett Hardin, Kentucky Judy Barnett Murray, Kentucky Joe Barnhart Sturgis, Michigan Joel Barrett Modoc, Indiana Sixth Row: James Bartley Slaughters. Kentucky Shannon Beasley Reed, Kentucky Ernestine Batten Paducah, Kentucky Arthur J. Bauernfeind Niles, Michigan Harry E. Beattie Norwood, Ohio Seventh Row : Judy Bray Paducah, Kentucky Marvin R. Bell Dawson Springs, Kentucky Rosemary Bell Carrier Mills, Illinois Jimmie Benedict Wickliffe, Kentucky Donald D. Berry Morganfield, Kentucky THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 46 First Row: Edwabd L. Berry Sturgis, Ky. Thowas H. Berry Morganfield, Ky. Robert F. Bevill Paris, Tenn. Charles Beyer Paducah, Ky. Mary E. Billincton Murray, Ky. Second Row: Ted F. Billincton Murray, Ky. Jerry Bird Fredericksburg. Va. William G. Blades, Jr Paducah, Ky James C. Blalock Detroit, Mich. Kathryn Bogie Gilbertsville, Ky. Third Row; William Bondurant Fulton, Ky. Sue Bowell La Porte, Ind. Floyd Bowen Central City, Ky. Sue Hitt Bowers Mayfield, Ky. Don Bowland Paducah, Ky. Fourth Row: Gerald Boyd Flora, 111. Tom Brady Fulton, Ky. Jean Bratciier Owensboro, Ky. David Brown Clinton, Ky Preston B. Bridges Cadiz, Ky. Fifth Row: John Broadbent, Jr Cerulean, Ky. George Brougiiton New Madrid, Mo, Beverly .M. Broutin Sheffield, Ala. Elizabeth Brown Benton, Ky. John R. Brown Cayce, Ky Sixth Row: Gene Buchanan Morganfield, Ky. Larry Bucg Clinton, Ky. William B. Burgie Mayfield, Ky. J. D. Burke Nashville, Tenn. Jane Burke Paris, Tenn. Seventh Row: Ben W. Butler Mayfield, Ky. Lawrence F. Buzzerio Bethpage, L.L New York Wanda Sue Call Cottage Grove, Tenn. RuFUS W. Capps Providence, Ky. Neta Corbin Carmi, 111. OF MURRAY First Row : Donald Carlisle Mayfield, Kentucky Corky Carman Jackson, Tennessee Edward Carroll Murray, Kentucky Richard Cartwricht Hickman, Kentucky Brenda Carver Evansville, Indiana Second Row : Richard Cates Sturgis, Kentucky Linda Chapman Brownsville, Tennessee Halton Charlton Hazel, Kentucky James Leland Clack Hickman, Kentucky Betty Clark Greenville, Kentucky Third Row: Barrara Cloys Murray, Kentucky Betsy Clinard Springfield, Tennessee John G. Collins Tucson, Arizona William A. Comus Benton, Kentucky Robert William Comcau . . . . Massapequa Park, N. Y. Fourth Row : Jane Cooper Murray, Kentucky Tommye Cooper LaCenter, Kentucky Joyce Cornman Mayfield, Kentucky Jerry Crider Bells, Tennessee Marcia Ann Croce Asheville, North Carolina Fifth Row: James C. Crocker Fulton, Kentucky Kristan E. Crane Effingham, Illinois Ross Crow Oakton, Kentucky Pat Crutch er West Paducah, Kentucky Jean Culpepper Mayfield, Kentucky Sixth Row : Martha Cunningham Eddyville, Kentucky Ruth Ann Davis Harrisburg, Illinois Charles Day Louisville, Kentucky Charles R. Day Central City, Kentucky Jane Dick Mayfield, Kentucky Seventh Row : Barbara Dodson Louisville, Kentucky Lane Donnelly Audubon, New Jersey Pat Dannenfelser Murray, Kentucky Jimmy Franklin Doran Murray, Kentucky R. L. DoTSON. Jr Hardin, Kentucky THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 48 First Row: J KKu Y V. Douglas Paducah, Ky. OoN Drain Murray, Ky. Charles R. Dunlap White Plains, Ky. Anne Dunn Greenville, Ky. William Dunning Eddyville, Ky. Second Row: •William Durfee Dover, Tenn. Joe W. Dyer Humboldt, Tenn. Marlene Edwards Hazel, Ky. Betty Ann Ellis Murray, Ky. LiLA Beth Empson Pontiac, Mich. Third Row: Dan Evans Murray, Ky. Max Farris Murray, Ky. Jerry Fauchn Benton, Ky. Donald J. Feezor Paducah, Ky. Kenneth Fiser Lexington, Ky. Fourth Row: Jamce Fisher Benton, Ky. Yoi.oNDA Ford Murray, Ky. Jerrold Fortney Central City, Ky. Bennie Foster Mayfield, Ky. Madeline Curry Fowler ». Paducah, Ky. Fifth Row: Robert T. Fowler Marion, Ky. Donald R. Fralick Fredonia, Ky. Thomas J. Franklin Clay, Ky. W. A. Franklin Marion, Ky. Barbara Franzman Louisville, Ky. Sixth Row: Jane Freeman Eddyville, Ky. Mary Beth Furches Murray, Ky. Marshall Gage Indianapolis, Ind. Kenneth Gant Galladay Cadiz, Ky. Nick Galloway Murray, Ky. Seventh Row: Kent Gamlin Puryear, Tenn, Reuben Garwood Jonesboro, 111. Peggy George Fayettsville, Tenn. Eugene S. Gerard Murray, Ky. Don Gilbert Murray, Ky. OF MURRAY T?1V First Row: June Gingles Murray, Kentucky Virginia Gish Murray, Kentucky Delores Goheen Gilbertsville, Kentucky Judy Goheen Benton, Kentucky James Gough Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row : Alfred Grace Hopkinsville, Kentucky Robert Gray Madisonville, Kentucky June Grayson Russellville, Kentucky Nathaniel S. Green Providence, Kentucky Charles R. Grissom Wingo, Kentucky Third Row: Ida May Guenther Paducah, Kentucky Terry Gulledce Carrier Mills, Illinois Lillian Harrington Louisville, Kentucky Dickie A. Hack LaCenter, Kentucky Barbara Ann Hale Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row: Eleanor Hall Louisville, Kentucky James Lee Hall Fulton, Kentucky Ken Hamilton Wickliffe, Kentucky Hannah Hammack Cincinnati, Ohio George Harding Cottage Grove, Tennessee Fifth Row: Mary Harding Cottage Grove, Tennessee Charlene Harris Corydon, Indiana Arvil Joe Hart Dyersburg, Tennessee William D. Harvey Paris, Tennessee Larrye 0. Hawes Murray, Kentucky Sixth Row: Allie Loretta Hayden Fancy Farm, Kentucky Ben William Hayes Kuttawa, Kentucky Nancy Gay Haynes Murray, Kentucky David Hearn Morganfield, Kentucky Richard Hill Carrier Mills, Illinois Seventh Row : Deanie Hinton Owenshoro, Kentucky Wanda Hollard Fulton, Kentucky Gerald Holla way Mayfield, Kentucky Bill E. Hoffee Fairfield, Illinois Roy Howard Vero Beach, Florida THE SOPHOMORE First Row: Harold Humphries Cadiz, Ky. Sue F. Humphries Cadiz, Ky. Charles R. Hunter New Madrid, Mo. Devon Jackson Murray, Ky. Jean Jackson Paris, Tenn. Second Row: Richard K. Jackson Portland, Maine Wanda Fair Jackson Paris, Tenn. Richard W. James Murray, Ky. Paul Jenkins Indianapolis, Ind. Robert Larry Jetton Murray, Ky. Third Row: Frank R. Johnson Owensboro, Ky. Frederick Allen Johnson Providence, Ky. .Marion Johnston Paducah, Ky. Donald E. Jones HopkinsviL ' e, Ky. Gerald H. Jones Hickmau, Ky. Fourth Row: Jackie L. Jones Mayfield, Ky. Louise Jones Murray, Ky. Margaret Jones Fredonia, Ky. Rosemary Jones Murray, Ky. Sally Nell Jones » Murray, Ky. Fifth Row: Hilda Jordan Paducah, Ky. Robert E. Jennings St. Louis, Mo. Robert E. Kassinc St. Louis, Mo Sondra Reach Henderson, Ky. Bobbie Kelso Lynn Grove, Ky. Sixth Row: James W. Kennedy Jewell Ridge, Va. Helen Kimmons Paris, Tenn. Margaret Kincannon Cleveland, Ohio Donald E. Knight Rock Falls, 111. Robert Darrell Kuykendall Paducah, Ky. Seventh Row: Nancy Lanier Kevil, Ky. Katie Nell Laws Palmersville, Tenn. Betty A. Lax Buchanan, Tenn. Sue LeNeave Paducah, Ky. Martha Lewis Mayfield, Ky. OF MURRAY 1SS0tJBB ' M!a!IK¥mV3OU(tMr rrf n First Row: Richard Lewis Princeton. Kentucky Dickie M. Long Dawson Springs, Kentucky Jane Love Kuttawa, Kentucky Paul L. Lund Sterling, Illinois Laura McAi.ister Mayfield, Kentucky Second Row : Richard McAnulty Union City, Tennessee Sara Jess McAnui.ty Murray, Kentucky Ronald McCace Murray, Kentucky Jeanette McCi.ure Symsonia, Kentucky Bill McConnei.l Hopkinsville, Kentucky Third Row: Chancey Kelly McCord Greensboro, Alabama Jerry W. McDowell Henderson, Kentucky Judy McGregor Madisonville, Kentucky Bruce R. Macdade Plymouth, Florida Mark W. Mahan Marion, Kentucky Fourth Row: Emily Magraw Cadiz, Kentucky Billy B. Martin Onten, Kentucky Jerry L. Martin Henderson, Kentucky Mari Ola Martin Madisonville, Kentucky Dan Matthews South Bend, Indiana Fifth Row: Richard Meador Henderson, Kentucky Larry Melaik Eureka, Illinois Tommy Mercer Greenville, Kentucky WiLDA Faye Mercer Greenville, Kentucky Philip Messincer Somerville, New Jersey Sixth Row: Robert E. Metze St. Louis, Missouri J ERRY Meyer Benton, Kentucky Marilyn Miller Speed, Indiana Marilyn S. Miller Detroit, Michigan Linda E. Moffatt Paducah, Kentucky Seventh Row : Patsy Moody Murray, Kentucky Donald M. Moore Central City, Kentucky Jacqueline S. Moore Cadiz, Kentucky Emily Moorer Henning, Tennessee Bobbie Ann Morris Puryear, Tennessee 1 tf| ill iBli Y A THE SOPHOMORE CLAS 52 First Row: John C. Mitchkll Princeton, Ky. Samuel R. Nall Sacramento, Ky. William Nash Murray, Ky. Kenneth Nemsick Chicago, 111. Glenda Sue Nenson Benton, Ky. Second Row: Charlene Nixon Ilsley, Ky. Burton Nichol Sandusky, Mich. Patty Nicholas Alma, III. Dan Nix Murray, Ky. Jerry Noffel Fulton, Ky. Third Row: Mable L. O ' Daniel Pryorsburg. Ky. Ga YE O ' Dell Hopkinsville, Ky. Joe Orr Murray, Ky. Michael O ' Riordan Chicago, 111. Shirley Outland Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Robert E. Overby Mayfield, Ky. Pat Owen Murray, Ky. Wells P. Owen Murray, Ky. Jeanne Owens Jackson, N.C. James A. Pace La Center, Ky. Fifth Row: Robert M. Parr Fulton, Ky. JaVada Parrott Mayfield, Ky. Tommy Parsons Barlow, Ky. Cedric B. Paschall Murray, Ky. Elizabeth Payne Owensboro, Ky. Sixth Row: RouuiE Peebles Paducah, Ky. Nancy Peei ' Les Fulton, Ky. Ken Pember Mayfield, Ky. Ken Peterson Chicago, HI. Frederick Pierson Hickman, Ky. Seventh Row: J. U. PicuE Fulton, Ky. Robert E. Plough Evansville, Ind. Clara Ann Pollock Murray, Ky. James W. Prather Hickman, Ky. Jane Price Clay, Ky. OF MURRAY First Row : Ralph H. Puckett Fulton, Kentucky Alvin V. Ravenscroft Ferndale, Michigan Bettie Jo Ray Lyndon, Kentucky Gene Ray Murray, Kentucky Wanda Reddish Dawson Springs, Kentucky Second Row : Herman L. Reed IJyersburg, Tennessee Philip Reeves (Calvert City, Kentucky Charles Ray Render Mt. Vernon, Illinois Joel L. Render Mt. Vernon, Illinois Kaye Revo Greenville, Kentucky Third Row : Armando Reyes Hammond, Indiana Carol Rhoads Henderson, Kentucky Charles E. Rhoades Sterling, Illinois Jimmy Rials Burkley, Kentucky James Rice Murray, Kentucky Fourth Row : Ray Hickman Hickory, Kentucky Danny A. Riley Arlington, Kentucky Royce F. Ritchie Hickman, Kentucky Lowell F. Roberts Benton, Kentucky R. Larry Roberts Grayville, Illinois Fifth Row: Jimmy D. Robinson Bardwell, Kentucky Pat Rodcers Norris City, Illinois Bobby J. Rogers Paducah, Kentucky Larry E. Rogers Henderson, Kentucky Bobby Joe Rollins Wickliffe, Kentucky Sixth Row: Joyce Rudolph Kevil, Kentucky Rebecca Sue Rudolph Carmi, Illinois Hugh Rushing Murray, Kentucky Duke Russell Water Valley, Kentucky Lelan Russeli Fairfield, Illinois Seventh Row : Sam P. Rynearson Wolf Island, Missouri Patsy D. Sabel Paducah, Kentucky Don Samples Milburn, Kentucky Glenn M. Sanders Dyersburg, Tennessee JsAN Sanford Hickman, Kentucky Eighth Row: J»Mes Schlinger Ridgefield, New Jersey Martha Schmidt Calvert City, Kentucky Herb Schupp Louisville, Kentucky Sandra Sisson Dukedom, Tennessee James Shelton Wheatcroft, Kentucky THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 54 First Row; Jerry Shields Sullivan, Ky. L. K. Shields Sturgis, Ky. Fkedda L. Shoemaker Murray, Ky. Judy Shoemaker Murray, Ky. Peggy Sue Shroat . . Murray, Ky. Second Row: Linda Simms Festus, Mo. Willie D. Skaggs Mayfield, Ky. Frank J. Smikoski Chicago, 111. Ann Smith Mayfield, Ky. Frederi ck Spracgs Clinton, Ky. Third Row: Harold J. Stephens Clinton, Ky. Glen Stirsman Evansville, Ind. Sandra Stodchill Earlington, Ky. Richard H. Stout Murray, Ky. Doris J. Sullivan Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Russell D. Sullivan Arlington, Ky. William J. Sullivan Murray, Ky. Glenn Sunderland Lola, Ky. Marlene Swann Mayfield, Ky. James Roland Talent Murray, Ky. Fifth Row: Eugene Talmadge Hobart, Ind. William H. Tanner . . ' Benton, Ky. Carolyn Tate Central City, Ky. Harland Lee Taylor Hardin, Ky. Margaret Louise Taylor Owensboro, Ky. Sixth Row: Mary Ellen Taylor Benton, Ky. William F. Taylor Evansville, Ind. Joyce Teague Kuttawa, Ky. Pearl Terry Bardwell, Ky. Ralph Teter Middletown, Ind. Seventh Row: Pat Thomas Hopkinsville, Ky. George L. Toon Mayfield, Ky. Don Toone Evansville, Ind. Ray F. Townsend Desloge, Mo. Loretta Tucker Murray, Ky. Eighth Row: Lucy Tuggle Cadiz, Ky. Evelyn Turner Golden Pond, Ky. James R. Turner Hickman, Ky. Paul Turner Indianapolis, Ind. Ronald D. Urton Sturgis, Ky. OF MURRAY 1 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Jane Vaughan Murray, Ky. Dick Vincek South Bend. Ind. Ann Waggoner Princeton, Ky. Nancy Walker Benton. Ky. Wanda Walker Smithland, Ky. Second Row; Jimmy C. Wallace Sturgis, Ky. Charles Walston Murray, Ky. Wade Wearren Middletown, Ky. Roy Weatherly Murray, Ky. Sammy Webb Arlington. Ky. Third Row: Billy C. Wells Bells, Tenn. Charles N. Wells Sturgis, Ky. Fred Wells Murray, Ky. Tommy Wells Murray, Ky. Joe West Indianapolis, Ind. Fourth Row; Richard Wheeler Mill Shoals, 111. Lex White, Jr Crossville, 111. Linda White Hopkinsville, Ky. Jackie White Paducah, Ky. Charles Whitnell Murray, Ky. Fifth Row; Leonard Wico Nortonville, Ky. Chester L. Wildery Crossville, 111. Nora Louise William Henderson. Ky. Elias D. Williamson Cadiz, Ky. Elbert D. Wilson Salem, Ky. Sixth Row: Frank Wilson Waverly, Ohio Robert G. Wilson Murray, Ky. Kenneth M. Winn Fredonia. Ky. Sandra L. Wineland Orlando. Fla. Gus Winston Sturgis, Ky. Seventh Row: » Hayden B. Wood Glasgow, Ky. Norman Stanley Woods Sikeston, Mo. Frank Yates, Jr Mayfield, Ky. Peggy Jo Yates Paducah, Ky. Sue Yates Kuttawa, Ky. Eighth Row: James T. Young Owensboro, Ky. Robert Young Murray, Ky. Martha Zarecor Humboldt, Tenn. 56 tvtum GRADUATES The graduate program of Murray State College awards the degree of Master of Arts in Education. It is open to any student who has completed a four-year curriculum for the education of elementary or secondary teachers, or holds a teaching certificate based upon four years of college preparation. This program is presented to enrich the professional preparation of those who wish to work toward an advanced degree, to further prepare teachers for the elementary and secondary schools, and to provide advanced professional training for supervisors, principals, guidance counselors, directors of pupil personnel and superintendents. The graduate program is still another of Murray State College ' s services to the surrounding area — a program which now serves over one hundred students. 57 Mary Etta Duncan, treasurer ; Marilyn Kirtley, Secretary ; Bill Moates, president ; and Bill Brooks, vice-president. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Stars — Initiation, the brand new schedule of college life — we ' ve had a busy, exciting year. Our first impression of col- lege was a rather blurred one. Although we sensed the seri- ousness underlying the fun, we just couldn ' t bring ourselves to settle down to work hard. We discovered that there was more to college than just work and play. We have no parents here to tell us what to do — no one to make our decisions, so we learned to take responsibility. We have been thrown with people from all parts of the country — this has broadened our outlook on life; we ' ve learned to adjust ourselves to the ways of many people. From the confusion of this past year, we emerge looking forward to the next year. Who knows what lies ahead? 58 First Row: Jerry Abell Burna, Ky. Ethelm A Adams . Madisonville, Ky. Nancy Adams Fulton, Ky. Nancy Ann Adcock Pembroke, Ky. Kenneth Adkinson Paducah, Ky. Second Row: George Akers Long Branch, N.J. Robert Alexander Cadiz, Ky. Bill Allen Bandana, Ky. Mary E. Allen Bandana, Ky. Jerry Alston Fulton, Ky. » rhird Row: Richard Ams Union City, Tenn. Peggy A. Annis Beaver Dam, Ky. Ronnie E. Arendos Vero Beach, Fla. Jerry Mac Armstrong Lynn Grove, Ky. John Miles Arnn Martin, Tenn. Fourth Row: Cynthia Ashby Princeton, Ky. Charles Asmus La Porte, Ind. G. Kendall Atkinson Crofton, Ky. Jeanne Baird Owensboro, Ky. Kathie Baker Chicago, 111. Fifth Row: Dennis A. Barden La Porte, Ind. Garland Barnes Hopkinsville, Ky. Phil Barnes Providence, Ky. Ben B. Barnett Hickman, Ky. Donald Bartlett Centertown, Ky. Sixth Row: Laura Jean Barnett Almo, Ky. Olivia Barnett Murray, Ky. Robert Barrett Murray, Ky. Sandra Baughman Vero Beach, Fla. UoNNiE Bearden Benton, Ky. Seventh Row: Ann Becker Newman, 111. Rebecca Kathleen Begley Murray, Ky. Martha Behrick Mt. Vernon, Ind. Johnny Belew Trenton, Tenn. Larry Bryant Belew Trezevant, Tenn. THE FRESHMEN 59 THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row; Rebecca Ann Bell Lewisport, Ky. Lois Ann Bellamy Philpot, Ky. Margaret Benedict Wickliffe, Ky. Alvin F. Bennett East St. Louis, 111. Ann Bennett Smithland, Ky. Second Row: Elmer Bennett Dukedom, Tenii. Ann Norman Berry Clinton, Ky. Margaret Ann Berry Morganfield, Ky. Margaret Bingham Kuttawa, Ky. Eileen Birch Shelbyville, Ky. Third Row: Janet Blackburn Clay, Ky. Paula Blalock Murray, Ky. Ray Bledsoe Paducah, Ky. Carolyn Bolser Owensboro, Ky. Don Boggess St. Louis, Mo. Fourth Row: Dorothy Bone Fancy Farm, Ky. Helen Boone Louisville, Ky. Patricia Ann Bowuen Mayfield, Ky. Charles Bowers Fulton, Ky. Greta Boyd Sheridan, Ky. Fifth Row: Ronald Boyd Mayfield, Ky. Jim Brandstetter Smithland, Ky. Corinne Brady Louisville, Ky. Harry Brady Clinton, Ky. Ronald Brand Evansville, Ind. Sixth Row: Dick Bray Paris, Tenn. Dale Breeden Fulton, Ky. William Brickeen Mayfield, Ky. Lynn Bridwell Marion, Ky. Richard Brinkman Verona, Ky. Seventh Row: Bill Brooks Boaz, Ky. David Brown Princeton, Ky. Gilbert Marvin Brown Starke, Fla. Larry G. Bruce Mayfield, Ky. Linda Jane Bruce Dyersburg, Tenn. P SHP flflflllllli littiiii pBm % 60 y " jl -{; " Qr«vnia " First Row; Robert Bruce Kevil, Ky. Margaret Ann Brummal Clinton, Ky. Sandra Bruton Dover, Tenn. Barbara Ann Bryant Jeffersontown, Ky. YvoNiA BuBALo Kuttawa, Ky. Second Row: Eddie Joe Buckalew Marion, Ky. John L. Buie Beech Creek, Ky. Alma Lee Burden Cloverport, Ky. LoREN W. Burger Sterling, 111. Leo D. Burns Watertown, N. Y. » Third Row: Roger Burt Lynn Grove, Ky. Robert Burton West Frankfort, 111. Betty Bussey Hardin, Ky. Donald F. Buxton Murray, Ky. Jan Cagle Alamo, Tenn. Fourth Row: Joe N. Cagle Alamo, Tenn. Louis A. Caldwell Paris, Tenn. Barbara Campbell Carmi, IlL Karen Julene Campbell Sullivan, 111. Sharon Wilene Campbell Sullivan, 111. Fifth Row: LeLane Cannon Crossville, 111. Rocco Caponicri Chicago, 111. Henry Carlton Brownsville, Tenn. Marsha Lynn Carpenter Harrodsburg, Ky. Donald Carter Mayfield, Ky. Sixth Row: Larry Cafiter Mayfield, Ky. Nancy Carson Brookport, 111. Ronnie Carsell Shelbyville, 111. Bobby Cassity Golden Pond, Ky. Gary Catlett Princeton, Ky. Seventh Row: Bradley Ciiadwick Hopkinsville, Ky. Peccy Chamberlain Hickman, Ky. David Chambers Owensboro, Ky. Jere L. Chandler Dyersburg, Tenn. Robert Chandler Carrsville, Ky. OF MURRAY 6 « THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Jimmy Chapman Covington, Tenn. Robert Chapman Mayfield, Ky. Billy Don Cherry Fulton, Ky. Winston Ray Chesney LaPorte, Ind. Bill Ciiipps Smithland, Ky. Second Row: Eddie Joe Chrisman Paris, Tenn. Patricia Cissell Mayfield, Ky. Ardell Clark Wingo, Ky. Dale Clark Crutchfield, Ky. Linda Clark Marion, Ky. Third Row: Phyllis Ruth Clark Elizabethtown, Ky. Martha Loraine Clayton Tiptonville, Tenn. Marty Clayton Calvert City, Ky. Mack Clyma Hazel Park, Mich. Barbara Cochrane Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. Fourth Row: Donald Reid Cociirum Hickman, Ky. Andrew J. Cochlan Jersey City, N.J. Anna Lorene Cole Dixon, Ky. DuANE Cole Newark, Ohio Wayne Cole Providence, Ky. Fifth Row: Don Collier Fulton, Ky. Bobby Collins Elkton, Ky. Marcia Ann Compton Paris, Tenn. Robert Compton La Center, Ky. Gail Cooper Mayfield, Ky. Sixth Row: G ary B. Cooper Murray, Ky. Rebecca Cope Benton, Ky. Jim Cotton Eddyville, Ky. Frazier Cravens Paris, Tenn. Gary Crawford Mayfield, Ky. Seventh Row: Sara J. Crawford Mayfield, Ky. Janet Creamer Rosiclare, 111. Martha Crider Marion, Ky. Elvis Donald Cullen Cunningham, Ky. Ann Culpepper Murray, Ky. 62 , OF MURRAY First Row: LoRETTA Culver Murray, Ky. Lynda Cunningham Mayfield, Ky. Robert D. Curry Areola, 111. John Curtis Hartford, 111. Margaret Ann Daly Salt Lake City, Utah Second Row: Benny J. Damico Chicago, 111. Emily Sue Daniel Paris, Tenn. Larry Daniels La Porte, Ind. Brenda Darn all Hickman, Ky. William P. Davenport Nortonville, Ky. Third Row: Elece Davis Fredericksburg, Va. Janet Davis Owensboro, Ky. Patsy Ann Davis Fulton, Ky. Russell H. Dawson Oakville, Ky. Nancy M. Day Central City, Ky. Fourth Row: Thelma June DeLoriea Tell City, Ind. Michael Denington Princeton, Ky. Donald Dickson Dickson, Tenn. Mary Jane Dillard Clinton, Ky. Monna Fay Divine Bremen, Ky. Fifth Row: William M. Dixon La Grange. Ky. Nancy Ann Dobson Wingo, Ky. Joe Paul Doom Galesburg, III. Donald E. Dortch Hartford, Ky. Herman Dowdy Ripley, Tenn. Sixth Row: Peccy Jean Dowdy Farmington, Ky. Fred Dresback Monticello, 111. Larry Driskill Grand Rivers, Ky. William David Driskill Sharon Grove, Ky. Bill T. Duley Metropolis, 111. Seventh Row: Don Duncan Mayfield, Ky. Mary Etta Duncan Sikeston, Mo. Thomas Dunkerson Burna, Ky. Malcolm Dunn Hartford, Ky. Ann Dunning Eddyville, Ky. 63 anwRPiwaEMBn THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Nancy Durfee ■ Dover, Tenn. Saundra Durham Marion, Ky. Brendyth Easley Marion, Ky. Robert East Kuttawa, Ky. Dorothy Nell Edmonds Cadiz, Ky. Second Row: DiANNE Edwards Mayfield, Ky. Shirley Edwards Mayfield. Ky. Sharron Lee Eley Paducah, Ky. Glenda Sue Elkins Almo, Ky. Anne Endsley Harrisburg, 111. Third Row: George Epley Carmi. III. Betty Sue Epley Calhoun, Ky. Charlie P. Ercolin Vero Beach, Fla. George Erwin Mayfield, Ky. Barbara Eskew Marion, Ky. Fourth Row: William Evanoff Calumet, Minn. Marilyn Fain Lynn Grove, Ky. Ann Falwell Murray, Ky. Jo Annette Farley Murray, Ky. James Thomas Farreli Mayfield, Ky. Fifth Row: Judith Ann Faughn Benton, Ky. William A. Feddeler Belmar, N.J. N. Jill Ferguson Indianapolis, Ind. Peggy Fiser Mayfield, Ky. Patsy Fleming Fulton, Ky. Sixth Row: MiKEAL Farmer Murray, Ky. JoRETTA Fox Murray, Ky. Allen Franklin Marion, Ky. JiMMiE Franklin Benton, Ky. Teddy Frederick Providence, Ky. Seventh Row: Roger Fr istoe Paducah, Ky. James Howe Fuller Bardwell, Ky. Carolyn Sue Fulton Murray, Ky. George Furlong Arlington, Ky. Dave Fuson Indianapolis, Ind. OF MURRAY First Row: Mauriu) Gallecos Alamogordo, N.M. Kenneth E. Gamble Earlington, Ky. J. Richard Garnett Fredericksburg, Va. Cecil A. Garrett Sullivan, Ky. Richard J. Gelbuda Chicago, 111. Second Row: Johnnie Gentry Jeffersontown, Ky. Donald G. Giello Chicago, 111. Edward A. Gilbert Newark, Ohio Robert C. Giombetti West Bend, Wis. Judith Given Crossville, 111. » Third Row: Maple Glover Murray, Ky. Russell Goheen Gilbertsville, Ky. Donald Goodease Louisville, Ky. Fran Gordon Benton, Ky. NoRRis Gorrell Elkton, Ky. Fourth Row: Patricia Gowin La Grange, Ky. Dana Grant Farmington, Ky. Donna C. Green Fredericksburg, Va. Larry Green Hickory, Ky. Sonja Greenfield Kirksey, Ky. Fifth Row: James Gregory Marion, Ky. Patricia Ann Griffin Brookport, 111. Julia Griffith Mayfield, Ky. Joan Griggs Lowes, Ky. Donna Guess Marion, Ky. Sixth Row: S. Morris Hadden Gallatin, Tenn. Gerald Don Hale Murray, Ky. Anna Lee Hall Paducah, Ky. Byron Hall Henderson, Ky. James Hall Benton, Ky. Seventh Row: Linda Hall Murray, Ky. John Martin Halleran Massapequa, N.Y. John Paul Hamilton Sheridan, Ky. Marlene Hamlin Mayfield, Ky. Jim Hamp Mayfield, Ky. 65 EHe ««»a BinsRiiaoMXHai«i»wii»i n? THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Steve Harden Raiford, Fla. Sherry Hardesty Louisville, Ky. Henry Hardcrove Somerville, N.J. Shirley Hardin Beech Grove, Ky. Judy Lynn Harding Atlanta, Ga. Second Row: Mary Katherine Harned Fairview, Ky. Mary Lou Harp Bardwell, Ky. Wayne Harrell Calvert City, Ky. Douglas C. Harris Owensboro, Ky. Marion L. Harris Carrier Mills, 111. Third Row: Norman Harris Vero Beach, Fla. Janice Harry Vero Beach, Fla. BiLLiE Jo Harvey Paris, Tenn. Patricia A. Hatcher Benton, Ky. David Hawkins Chicago, 111. Fourth Row: Laura Fern Haynes Fulton, Ky. Don Hays Benton, Ky. BoBBYE Kaye Heath Symsonia, Ky. Carol D. Hendrix Repton, Ky. Mary Heob Festus, Mo. Fifth Row: Elizabeth Ann Henry Sturgis, Ky. Jane Henry Madisonville, Ky. Wiiitson E. Henry, Jr New Madrid, Mo. Daphene Herndon Murray, Ky. Mary Charles Herring Fulton, Ky. Sixth Row: Beth Herrmann Tell City, Ind. Ben Hester Fredericksburg, Va. Priscilla Hewitt Jeflersontown, Ky. Judy Hicks Jeflersontown, Ky. M. DiAN Hiett Benton, Ky. Seventh Row: John E. Higgs Island, Ky. Barbara Hill Louisville, Ky. Delura Hill Hazel, Ky. Doretta Hill Lawrenceville, 111. Bobbie Dale Hinton Lewisburg, Ky. H WfTp :d:sx 66 First Row: Leabern Hobcood Providence, Ky. Don Hogan Fulton, Ky. Sharon Hohman Brookport, 111. Wendell Holloway Eddyville, Ky. Carl Holt Kuttawa, Ky. Second Row: William Holt Morganfield, Ky. James Nick Horton Murray, Ky. Dana Howard Vero Beach, Fla. Wendell Dennis Howarj Louisville, Ky. Alfred Gene Howle Kevil, Ky. Third Row: Marion Hudson Owensboro, Ky. Joyce Hughes Greenville, Ky. Ernestine Hulse Henderson, Ky. Alice Hunt Cottage Grove, Tenn. Hugh Hunt Calhoun, Ky. Fourth Row: Rosemary Hunt Paducah, Ky. Patricia Lane Hurt Elkton, Ky. Tommy Hutchens Murray, Ky. James E. Hyams Trenton, Ky. Don C. Ingmire Indianapolis, Ind. Fifth Row: David Isbell Union City, Tenn. Lyndale Jackson Melber, Ky. Jerry Jaco Detroit, Mich. Gerald E. Jacojs La Porte, Ind. Geraldine J arrell Murray, Ky. Sixth Row: Nancy Jellison Winfield, lU. Ronald Jenkins Morganfield, Ky. Richard Jett Paducah, Ky. Bobby Jewell Clinton, Ky. Barbara Johnson Louisville, Ky. Seventh Row: Faye Lynn Johnston Nortonville, Ky. Betty Jones Murray, Ky. BiLLiE E. Jones Benton. Ky. Geraldean Jones Hickman, Ky. James Jones Grand Rivers, Ky. OF MURRAY 67 warn THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Julia Jones Cadiz, Ky. Lynda Jones Hendersonville, N.C. Veda Jones Grand Rivers, Ky. Robert Joslin Newbern, Tenn. Lynnor Karhu Ashtabula, Ohio Second Row: George Karnavas La Porte, Ind. Bernie Kavan agh Camden, N.J. Gaylord Kelley Waukon, Iowa Mary Jane Kelley Valley .Station, Ky. Sylvia Louise Keller Owensboro, Ky. Third Row: EuLA Rebecca Kemper Tiline, Ky. Catherine King Murray, Ky. James Edward King Lebanon, Ind. Patty Kirby Bremen, Ky. Marilyn Kirtley Browder, Ky. Fourth Row: DoRRis Kitchens Beaver Dam, Ky. Ando KiviRAHK Neptune City, N.J. David Knight Drakesboro, Ky. Linda Knoop Louisville, Ky. John Koertner Murray, Ky. Fifth Row: Martha J. Kurtz Sturgis, Ky. Julia Landes Crystal City, Mo. Barbara Warren Latimer Murray, Ky. Bernard Laufmann La Porte, Ind. Elwanda Lawson Fulton, Ky. Sixth Row: Linda Lawson Murray, Ky. Shanklin R. Layne Almo, Ky. Wanda Jean Lear Browder, Ky. Carolyn Lee Calvert City, Ky. Claudia Leonard Mattoon, lU. Seventh Row: Nancy Lewis Central City, Ky. Joe Lillard Clinton, Ky. John A. Litchfield Eddyville, Ky. David Lockhart Mayfield, Ky. Robert Logan Fulton, Ky. 68 First Row: Leroy W. Latta Fulton, Ky. Tommy Latta Fulton, Ky. John W. Lovell Central City, Ky. James M. Luckett Milan, Tenn. Robert Luttrell Dundee, Ky. Second Row: Patsy Lynch Elkton, Ky. Lois Lynn Marion, Ky. Walter McAlister Fulton, Ky. Billy J. McCallum Gainesville, Ga. Donald F. McCarty Paris, Tenn. Third Row: Bobby G. McCord Water Valley, Ky. Alice McDaniel Beech Grove, Ky. Fred McDonald Newburgh, Ind. Richard L. McDonald Eddyville, Ky. H. G. McGary Fancy Farm, Ky. Fourth Row: Jack McKeethen Evansville, Ind. Prudence .McKinney Murray, Ky. John McKnicht Paducah, Ky. Sharon McMonicle Washington, Mo. . ARY Francis McNeely Hardin, Ky. Fifth Row: Kenneth McNeely Barrien Springs, Mich. Tommy McNeely Lynn Grove, Ky. Dan McNutt Murray, Ky. Judy McRae Pembroke, Ky. Jeannie Macka y Fern Creek, Ky. Sixth Row: Nancy Faye Maden Oraten, Ky. Betty Macraw Cadiz, Ky. Elizabeth Ann Malone Mayfield, Ky. Carole Manor La Center, Ky. Dan Marshall Murray, Ky. Seventh Row: Jerry R. Martin Fern Creek, Ky. John Maszaros Harrisburg, 111. Chester Lee Mathen a Cannelton, Ind. Raymond Milear Lake Worth, Fla. Frank Meissner Pontiac, Mich. OF MURRAY CTIT 69 T THE FRESHMAN First Row: Billy Lane Menser Dawson Springs, Ky. Linda Mercer Greenville, Ky. Judith Ann Merrick Paducah, Ky. Bobby Gene Miller Hardin, Ky. Clinton Miller Eddyville, Ky. Second Row: Gene Miller Oakhurst, N.J. Meredith Ann Mitchell Mayfield, Ky. William A. Moates, Jr Somerville, N.J. Ann Montgomery Owensboro, Ky. James Bruce Moore Hopkinsville, Ky. Third Row: Maxene Moore Frankfort, Ky. Mary K. Moorman Central City, Ky. Gary Morgan Dawson Springs, Ky. Nancy Morgan Paducah, Ky. Phillip L. Morgan Benton, Ky. Fourth Row: George Morozowsky Neptune, N.J. Jessie Marie Morris Water Valley, Ky. Judith Ann Morton Murray, Ky. Shelia Ann Morton Mortons Gap, Ky. Robert L. Mulfinger Lexington, Ky. Fifth Row: Jim Munn Memphis, Tenn. Peggy Jo Murphy Caleb, Ky. J. Bob Murdock CoUenville, III. William Anthony Murray Morganfield, Ky. Patsy Nall Marion, Ky. Sixth Row: Peggy Nall Marion, Ky. Joyce H. Neathery Elkton, Ky. Judith Neill Lyndon, Ky. Shirley Jean Needs Poole, Ky. William Lee Nettleton Bridgeport, 111. Seventh Row: James Newsome Kirksey, Ky. Lendell Noffsinger Central City, Ky. John Nolan Neptune City, N.J. Sue M. Nuckols Murray, Ky. Phlecia Fa ye O ' Brien Paducah, Ky. 70 OF MURRAY First Row: William E. O ' Brien Mayfield, Ky. Nancy Outland Murray, Ky. Peggy Outland Murray, Ky. Stanley Outland Murray, Ky. Lakry J. OvERBEE Fairfield, 111. Second Row: Norma Owen Fulton, Ky. Shirley Dianna Owen Kuttawa, Ky. Harrie Reid Pace Golden Pond, Ky. WiLM A Page La Center, Ky. Rhaelea Pankey . . Annawan, 111. Third Row: Frances Paris Marion, Ky. Frank Parker Providence, Ky. James R. Parsley Princeton, Ky. Elizabeth Jane Paschall Paris, Tenn. Steve R. Paschall Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Tom Lee Paul Louisville, Ky. Janice Perkins Murray, Ky. Ernest C. Perry Paris, Tenn. Frances Marilyn Perry Paris, Tenn. Jimmy M. Perry Dresden, Tenn. Fifth Row: William B. Perry Paris, Tenn. Kaye Pferrman Cadiz, Ky. William Thomas Phillips Harrodsburg, Ky. Dan C. Pickels Murray, Ky. Margaret Pierce Hopkinsville, Ky. Sixth Row: Margaret Pinnegar Kuttawa, Ky. Neva Elizabeth Pippin Paducah, Ky. Jim Pohl Lake Worth, Fla. Jan a. Pope Burna, Ky. Dorothy J. Porter Owensboro, Ky. Seventh Row: Benjamin R. Posey Henderson, Ky. Dorothy Powe Louisville, Ky. Bill Presson Paducah, Ky. James J. Price Cave-in-Rock, 111. Patricia Gale Prow Madisonville, Ky. 71 T THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Pearl Prow Madisonville, Ky. Charles I. PRU EAU Crystal City, Miss. Pat Pryor Draltesboro, Ky. Mary Lloyd Puckett Shelby ville, Ky. Ova Gelane Puckett Cunningham, Ky. Second Row: Edward S. Pullen Robards, Ky. Judy Pullen Middletown, Ky. Donald Qualls Slaughters, Ky. James Rains Murray, Ky. Neil Ramer Smithland, Ky. Third Row: Herbert Ramp La Porte, Ind. Rose M. Ramsay Hickman, Ky. Elizabeth Ramsey Central City, Ky. Bill Rankin La Grange, Ky. Lenna Ranson Wolf Lake, 111. Fourth Row: Robert Rathert LeMay, Mo. Catherine Ruth Ray Drakesboro, Ky. J. Mike Rayburn Murray, Ky. Tommy Reed Dyersburg, Tenn. Lawrence R. Reeder McLeansboro, 111. Fifth Row: Thomas Clay Reeves Dexter, Ky. Tim Rehbeck Newark, Ohio Roger E. Reichmuth Louisville, Ky. Ann Reynolds Smithland, Ky. Sue Reynolds Smithland, Ky. Sixth Row: Kenneth D. Rhoades Oulin, Mo. Roy Eugene Rich Clay, Ky. Janice Richey Central City, Ky. Barbara Ann Rickert Louisville, Ky. Gary F. Rideout Madisonville, Ky. Seventh Row: Bertha Riley Benton, Ky. Bobby Gene Riley Benton, Ky. Joyce Kaye Roach Symsonia, Ky. Mac Robards Madisonville, Ky. Charles Edward Roberts Arlington, Ky. !1!!I 72 AMSt First Row: Gary Dale Roberts Benton, Ky. Anna Jeanette Robertson Marion, Ky. Harriet Robertson Louisville, Ky. Nancy Rogers Grand Rivers, Ky. Rudy E. Rogers Springfield, Tenn. Second Row: Dorothy Jean Rohmer Louisville, Ky. Clarice Roh wedder Murray, Ky. Ronald Ross La Grange, Ky. Robert D. Roussin Crystal City, Mo. Patsy Royster Henderson, Ky. Third Row: Raymon Sands Dickson, Tenn. Leroy Sawyer Fulton, Ky. Patricia Scarborough Murray, Ky. Sara Scates Jackson, Tenn. Herman Henry Schierloii Massapequa, N.Y. Fourth Row: H. J. ScHOFiELD Mayfield. Ky. Ronald Schue Leniay, Mo. Kay Schuette New Madrid, Mo. Frederick L. Sciiwoerke Highland, 111. Oscar E. Shackelford Murray, Ky. Fifth Row: Nelson E. Shroat Murray, Ky. John Shroat Murray, Ky. Jerry Shapiro Asbury Park, N.J. James Pace Shaunessy Pennsauken, N.J. Richard Shaw West Point, Miss. Sixth Row: Jay Sheehan ; Houston, Texas Ann Shelley Wingo, Ky. Kenneth Shelley Tampa, Fla. Orval W. Shetler Rosiclarc, III. David Shipley Sturgis, Ky. Seventh Row: Gerald K. Shouse Morganfield, Ky. Tom Siersdale Indianapolis, Ind. Newton Sims Athens, Ala. Edward Miller Skinner Providence, Ky. Gerald Sledd Benton, Ky. OF MURRAY 73 THE FRESHMAN CLASS 4 First Row: Saundra Slusmeyer Murray. Ky. Addie Rose Smith Kenton, Tenn. Charles K. Smith Highland Park, Mich. Judy Smith New Madrid, Mo. Lee Smith Union City, Tenn. Second Row: Shirley Ann Smith Eddyville, Ky. Wanda June Sons Fulton, Ky. Georgia Speight Murray, Ky. Tom Spelman Indianapolis, Ind. Bette Stamps Murray, Ky. Third Row: Gene Steely Murray, Ky. Doris Jean Steely Murray, Ky. Pat Stein Leisure City, Fla. Jeris Weldon Stice Kuttawa, Ky. JoANA Stembridce Marion, Ky. Fourth Row: Bobby Joe Stennett Dawson Springs, Ky. George Stockton Bardwell, Ky. Tom Stoltenborc Tampa, Fla. Charles Howard Story Murray, Ky. Gloria Stratton Franklin, Ky. Fifth Row: Diane Strey Louisville, Ky. Charles Sutton Bardwell, Ky. Jimmy Lee Swan Central City, Ky. Randall Swann Central City, Ky. Sandra Sweeney Daytona Beach, Fla. Sixth Row: Nancy Sykes Murray, Ky. Neal Sykes Murray. Ky. Carmerita Talent Murray, Ky. Donald Tate Central City, Ky. Alethea Taylor Pryorsburg, Ky. Seventh Row: Virginia Sue Taylor Owensboro, Ky. Patricia Ann Terrell La Center, Ky. Buster Thomas Cadiz, Ky. Richard O. Thomas Sebastian, Fla. Zelma Thomas Cadiz, Ky. 74 First Row: Cheryl Thompson Benton, Ky. Marilyn Thompson Carrsville, Ky. Martha Sue Thompson Benton, Ky. Edna Thurman Murray, Ky. David Threlkeld Carrsville, Ky. Second Row: Bernard Tichenor Centertown, Ky. Clinton R. Todd Henderson, Ky. Betty Sue Tolley LaCenter, Ky. Charles Garnett Toohey Louisville, Ky. Dianne Townsend Mayfield, Ky. Third Row: Margaret Carl Townsend Hickman, Ky. JiMMiE Trainer Bardwell, Ky. De Ann Travis Princeton, Ky. Alfred Tremhlay Asbury Park, N.J. Gary Trenth am Gleason, Tenn. Fourth Row: Charlotte Trevathan Murray, Ky. Jeanine Triplett Mayfield, Ky. Martha Trotter Philpot, Ky. Nancy Tyler Hickory, Tenn. Ann Tyson Henderson, Ky. Fifth Row: Jane Veazey Decatur, Ala. Wallace Joe Voyles Evansville. Ind. Billy H. Vivrette Clinton, Ky. Douglas E. Wade Cadiz, Ky. Freida W. Wagoner Drakesboro, Ky. Sixth Row: Delvin H. Walden Cairo, Ga. Billy Joe Walker Paris, Tenn. Billy Joe Wallace Providence, Ky. Tommy Wallace Sturgis, Ky. RoHERT L. Walter Louisville, Ky. Seventh Row: Caroline Washer Tipp City, Ohio Judy Watkins Sikeston, Mo. Jo Ann Watson Mayfield, Ky. Robert E. Watson Bardwell, Ky. William A. Wearren Middletown, Ky. OF MURRAY 75 r - THE FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Dan Weatherspoon Fulton, Ky. Rexford B. Weecii Murray, Ky. John A. Weisent Newark, Ohio Wilson Welch Paducah, Ky. Billy Wells Murray, Ky. Second Row; Dolly Wells White Plains, Ky. Jerry Wells Grand Rivers, Ky. Louis M. Wells Central City, Ky. Richard Wells Central City, Ky. John West Lynn Grove, Ky. Third Row: Alan F. White Louisville, Ky. Jackita White Murray, Ky. William D. Whitesides Evansville, Ind. Charles Wiiitson Crossville, 111. Judith Ann Wiktor Peotone, 111. Fourth Row: Harold H. Wilkins Benton, Ky. Marjorie Wilkinson Murray, Ky. Glenda Fa ye Wiley Hickman, Ky. William E. Willett Mayfield, Ky. Beverly June Williams Stanley, Ky. Fifth Row: H. Wallace Willoughhy Murray, Ky. Lou Wilson Arlington, Ky. Carol Van Wincen Speed, Ind. Ken Winston Fulton, Ky. JosEi ' ii Warren Wodtke Vero Beach, Fla. Sixth Row: Phillip Wolfe Benton, Ky. Joe F. Woodside Fulton, Ky. Phyllis Woosley Hopkinsville, Ky. Beulah Wooten Carmi, 111. Whit Wooton Watertown, N.Y. Seventh Row: Richard Yarbro Ma son, Tenn. Benny W. Yates Greenville, Ky. Doris Yates Benton, Ky. Marie Yates Clinton, Ky. Ladonn A Zeh Paducah, Ky. Paula Zinke Louisville, Ky. 76 I l ks FACULTY MARY NELL McCAIN Faculty Editor i Pi HONORABLE A. B. CHANDLER Governor of Kentucky Upon the shoulders of these men lies the future of Murray State College. To these men come the problems — not the everyday prob- lems — but the questions of policy — of years-ahead planning. The Board of Regents has the great responsibility of setting up the budget for the college. They represent a very large section of the state and bring together the opinions and sound judgments of the sup- porters of Murray State. Each one of these men possesses the admirable traits of foresight, wisdom, experience, leadership, and most important of all, a willing- ness to work for the betterment of the college. BOARD OF REGENTS DR. ROBERT R. MARTIN Chairman Frankfort JOHN R. BLACKBURN I ' adiicah GLENN DORAN Murray LOriS LITCHFIELD Marion ALTON R. MITCHELL Brownsville RICHARD M. PRICE Barlow O. B. SPRINGfiR Henderson Dr. Woods and his First Lady relax for a few moments in the garden of Oak- hurst. THE PRESIDENT Dr. Ralph Woods, president of Murray State College, is a shining example for the students at Murray. He is an outstanding figure in state, national, and international education. He has held many positions in the field of education : teacher-principal-super- visor-professor. In 1948, he was sent to Greece on a special mission to assist with the rehabilitation of the school system. He is also the author of three books. Dr. Woods has served as a member of the White House Conference on Chil- dren in Democracy, Consultant to Advisory Commission on National Defense, and Director of War Training for Out-of-School Youth. Dr. Woods is a tall, impressive man with a deep, resonant voice. He is in constant demand for speaking engagements and accepts as often as his busy schedule will allow. Mrs. Elizabeth Woods, Dr. Woods ' very charming wife, has been an invalu- able asset to him. Her poise and gracious manner mark her a lady of the old school. Dr. Woods ' magnetic personality, honest sincerity, and personal integrity make him an outstanding asset for Murray State College. 79 umniiimrmiimi ' iaiiifi ' : . Mmfmmu:naii«smsaiiiimssK»»!im DEAN J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean Sparkman is equipped with two essential traits for the Dean of Students — a sense of humor and an understanding nature. They help immeasur- ably in his job of scheduling student activities, ad- vising the Student Council, and handling the indi- vidual problems of students. DEAN LILLIAN TATE Miss Tate serves as counselor for several hundred girls. Difficult as it seems, she makes an effort to know not only each of those girls living in the dor- mitory, but all women enrollel in Murray State. DEANS DEAN WILLIAM G. NASH One of the most difficult jobs in the administration is that of Dean of the College. Dean Nash handles the job in a firm decisive manner that leaves little doubt of his capabilities. His duties include handling class cuts, deciding upon the schedule of curriculum, and coordinating the various departments. His primary interest corresponds to that of the college — to educate you, the student, for life. ADMINISTRATION First Row: Mrs. Cleo Gillis Hester Registrar P. W. Ordway Business Manager Marvin 0. Wrather Director of Public Relations Joe T. Erwin Director of Publicity Second Row: I. H. Key Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Betty Licon Dietitian Vernon P. Shown Director of Field Services Eugene Russell In-Service Consultant 81 ,»Rl ' i :,. ;tvXHj FACULTY First Row; Lillian Hollowell Adams Language and Literature Rex Alexander Health and Physical Education Robert F. Alsup Education Mamie L. Anderson Library Vernon Anderson Business Third Row: Frances Brown Home Economics Edward F. Brunner Education John T. Bryant, Jr Military Science Ardath C. Canon Physical Science A. Carman Head, Agriculture Second Row : R. K. Baar Fine Arts Guy a. Battle Head, Language and Literature Garrett W. Besiiear Training School W. E. Blackburn Head, Physical Science William G. Boaz Fine Arts Fourth Row: Kathryn Carman Business M. G. Carman Head, Mathematics M. P. Christopher Physical Science Ann Herron Cohron . . . ; Library Ruth E. Cole Head, Nursing Education 82 FACULTY First Row: Joseph Cowin Industrial Arts Jim Cullivan Health and Physical Education JosiAH Darnall Training School Dorothy C. Denm an Library Edward C. Ducgins Social Sciences Second Row: Madison M. Duncan Military Science Clara M. Eacle Fine Arts Harvey L. Elder Mathematics Charles L. Eldkidce Training School R. W. Farrell Head, Fine Arts Third Row: Attie Faughn Training School Maryleona B. Frost Language and Literature Beatrice Frye Language and Literature William W. Furcerson Health and Physical Education Wilson Gantt Training School Fourth Row: Ted George Physical Sciences Vanda Jean Gibson Training School Fred M. Gincles Business R. E. GooDGioN Training School David J. Gowans Fine Arts 83 isaawsKMRKisBsaafflrasiP -: m- I FACULTY First Row: NiTA Graham Health and Physical Education Thomas Gregory Fine Arts Esco GuNTER Business Inez H aile Training School George H. Hallanan Military Science Third Row : E. B. HowTON Agriculture Donald B. Hunter Education Karl Hussunc Physical Sciences Jesse D. Jackson P. M. S. T. Richard G. Jackson Training School Second Row: Hunter M. Hancock Biological Sciences Verda Happy Business A. M. Harvill Biological Sciences Robert L. Hendon Agriculture Thomas B. Hogancamp Head, Business Fourth Row: C. W. Kemper Biological Sciences Cfiester Lafferty Military Science Edwin Larson Language and Literature George H. Ligon Business G. T. Lilly Industrial Arts 84 ■MiKWKKmaitamminimmnBxuasaimwut i Kt ' »ifm vntrr FACULTY First Row: Evelyn Linn Mathematics Lillian J. Lowry Training School C. S. Lowry Head, Social Science Paul K. Lynn Industrial Arts Neale B. Mason Fine Arts Third Row: Sidney P. Moss Language and Literature Hugh L. Oakley Head, Industrial Arts Elizabeth Ordwai Home Economics Pete Panzera Physical Sciences R. B. Parsons Education Second Row: Mavis McCamish Training School Walter Brown McCord Military Science Mac G. McRaney Director, Training School Gerhard Mecow Language and Literature June Ann Moore Business Fourth Row: Donald J. Payne Military Science Clell T. Peterson Language and Literature Alta V. Presson Home Economics Roman Prydatkevytch Fine Arts Joe Nell Rayburn Training School 85 FACULTY First Row: William Read Physical Sciences Lawrence Rickert Fine Arts Venona Rogers Training School RoHERT W. Rowan Military Science Arlie Scott Agriculture Second Row: Rezin A Senter Library Science Paul W. Shahan Fine Arts Drane Shelley Military Science Ruby Simpson Head, Home Economics Onnie Skinner Language and Literature 86 Third Row: Eugene Smith Training School Robert T. Sorrells Language and Literature Liza Spann Biological Sciences Harry M. Sparks Head, Education Ophie Lee Steele Business Fourth Row: Frank Steely Social Sciences Roy Stewart Head, Health and Physical Education E. J. Steytler Social Sciences William T. Stratton Mathematics Lottye Suiter Training School I ii UK!4 ' «»s Aj.l T.rt-.. ' AthJ FACULTY Firsl Row: R. W. Terhune Fine Arts B. J. Tillman Social Science J. Albert Tracy Language and Literature R. B. Vaughn Military Science William A. Walmsley Fine Arts Second Row: ' - GoLDA P. Waters Training School Wilbur S. Wayman, Jr Military Science Auburn J. Wells Social Science Carrie Allison White Health and Physical Education Roberta Whitnah Physical Sciences Third Row: Mayme J. Whitnell Jean Wiggins L. W. WiNCET John C. Winter . . . . a. m. wolfson Training School Library . . Language and Literature Fine Arts .Head, Biological Sciences Fourth Row : H. C. WOODBRIDGE .Head Librarian 87 PV ■■■■VVi ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS First Row: LoRA AsiiCRAFT Recorder, Registrar ' s Office Mary W. Brown Hostess, Wells Hall Lola Dannenfelser Assistant House Director, Woods Hall Wanda Lee Dick Secretary of Admissions Martha S. Duncan Secretary to President Martha L. Guier Assistant to Director of Public Relations Second Row: Vivian Hale Secretary, Public Relations Office Dorothy Holland Secretary, Public Relations Office Louise Jellison Assistant Dietitian Pauline Johnson Recorder, Registrar ' s Office Wilma Outland Assistant Registrar Ann C. Page Clerk, Business Office Third Row : Sarah H. Panzera Secretary to Dean of College RuBYE K. Pool Secretary to Dean of Students Billie Faye Price ... Secretary, Training School Catherine Purdom .... Clerk, Business Office James A. Rogers » Accountant Virginia Sullivan Sisk Secretary to Director of Field Services Fourth Row: Fay W. Sledd Assistant Business Manager Marie Stanton .House Director, Ordway Hall Lucille Thurman Cashier, Business Office Willena Tillman Assistant House Director, Woods Hall Jane Williams Secretary, Military Science Department Dottie Wilson Secretary to Director of Publicity •I d l ACTIVITIES JULIE WEST Activities Editor - «waa«to)swj 3 %l»a lii:X THOMPSON Business .Mana cr H. B. Brady Editor 19 5 8 SHIELD STAFF Assistant Bus. Mgr. Johnny King and Assistant Editor Dave Bowell look on as Mr. Vernon Anderson explains something to them. Viewing the space for this page in the dummy, the editor can at last breath a little easier. Is it possible that the end is finally in sight? It has been a long year. Some of the days have been very long and tempers, conversely, have sometimes been quite short, but it looks as if the 1958 Shield will be published, after all. There are eighteen people who are responsible for this book; we would like to take a little space to recognize those people and their efforts. We first want to thank our section editors, Annette, Anne, Julie, Jane, Mary Nell, and Bill Davis. They had big jobs, It is finished! The staff relaxes after having finally reached their goal. I i ' l Typists June Grayson, Sue Grable, Rose Mary Hunt, and Carolyn Roberts take a short break from their work. Writer Pat Townsend and Artist Mary Sims try to reconcile their opinions about an idea for a page. jobs, contacting peopl e, setting up pictures, gathering and writing material, and supervising the work on their sections. We also want to give a big vote of thanks to our Art Editor, Mary Sims, who designed the cover which we think is the most attractive in the history of the Shield, and to our writer, Pat Townsend, who almost pulled out all her hair over the writing — we think you ' ll like her work. Back for the second year on our staff Bill " Hoppy " Hay- den, showed his strong constitution as he again stood up under the strain of photographing scores of organizations and events, taking, developing, and printing close to three hundred pictures for us. Much credit also goes to our typists. Rose Mary Hunt. June Grayson, Carolyn Roberts, and Sue Grable, for trans- lating our copy into a form that could be used by the printers and for typing the piles of letters we sent out during the year. The cog around which our whole operation has turned has been our Business Manager, Rex Thompson. He has done an exceptionally good job of handling the finances, selling and overseeing the sale of ads, collectine our bills, and helping to do countless other things which were not even a part of his duties. Without Rex, we would never have been able to publish a yearbook. The things that Dave and Johnny have done would take too much space to recount. They have contributed much of their time, often when they " hadn ' t had a free hour all day " , to make the Shield a success. We have so many things we would tell them, if we had the time. We wish them the best for next year. Mr. Anderson, our sponsor, has been left for last because that is the unobtrusive way that he has of guiding our book. He stays quietly in the background, asking occasional ques- tions, making a suggestion now and then, keeping a close tab on all that is going on, and guiding the work along so smoothly that the guidance is unnoticed, except in retrospect. We have indeed been fortunate to have this man as our ad- visor. This is the staff which has put together the book. We have collected and edited it, but you have made it. It contains your activities, a portion of your college days — of your life. We hope that you will enjoy it now, and that as the years go by it will become more dear to you when you look back and remember those days that have come to mean so much. Section editors Mary Nell McCain, Annette Crawford, Jane Vaughn, Julie West and Bill Davis pose for the camera of Bill Hayden. 91 ( Professor Edwin G. Schmidt, head of the journalism department and College News advisor, died January 19, following an illness of ten months. He was 41 years old. Professor Schmidt came to Murray in 1947. Under his direction The College News won the nation ' s three highest awards for college journalism for six consecu- tive semesters. In addition to his College News work, Professor Schmidt was MSC publicity director for two years. He held degrees from the University of Southern California and Stanford University, and before com- ing to Murray had done professional newspaper work in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, Cali- fornia. MR. E. G. SCHMIDT COLLEGE NEWS Mr. Robert P;l m . I;, , U- ilie copy of editor Dorothy Moore. The College News is a bi-weekly publication of stu- dents in the journalism department. The paper, now under the direction of Professor Robert K. Payne, reflects the life of the campus in its various aspects from the dormitory to the classroom. Staff members are students enrolled in journalism classes and aspiring for future work in newspaper offices and in education. The News has received two awards for outstanding journalistic achievement for the past several years. An Ail-American rating has been awarded the paper by the Associated Collegiate Press each semester from 1953 through 1957. The Medalist awards from the Members of the C. N. staff shows the diversity of their work as they watch copy being set up and as they check the galley proofs of an edition. Columbia Scholastic Press Association were received for 1955, 1956, and 1957. Each student is a subscriber to the News. The paper is also mailed to members of the Alumni Association. The staff stops for a moment in their frantic news-hunting activity to pose for ;■ i i " iii 93 WT ' $ atrfl; Carolyn Lowe, Joe Darnall, Mary Nell McCain, Donnle I wson, Jerry Shields, Mr. B. 1. Tillman. Bill Hills. Dun Sparks. Standing: " I,llo " GalleKOS, H. W. Ford, Miss Lillian Tate, Paul Turner, Dr. Robert F. Alsup, Gilbert Sears, H hit HiHiten, Frank .Milltr. STUDENT COUNCIL The student organization was formed in 1936. It functions through the student council which is elected annually by the student body. Perhaps the major function of the student council is to act as an intermediary between the administration and the stu- dent body. They represent the interests of the student body and work toward better student-administration understand- ing. Another function of the Council is to oversee campus elec- tions. Class elections, plus selection of Miss Murray State, the Campus Favorites and the Mountain Laurel Festival delegate are duties of the Council. The Student Council represents the students as a whole — all groups are equal in their eyes — no one interest supersedes the interest of the student body. H. W. FORIJ ITi-siili-nl DON SPARKS Vice-President MAKV NKLL McCAIN Secretary PAUL TURNER Treasurer 94 CHEERLEADERS The job done by our cheerleaders is no small one. They deserve every word of praise we can say about them. They arrange pep rallies, make shakers, wrap the goal posts ; to say nothing of their most important job — that of leading cheers at all the home games. Their energy, pep and drive does a magnificent job in raising the morale of our players and cheering them on to victory. While we often see the glamour and excitement of cheer- leading, we overlook the drudgery and hard work connected with the honor. Long hours of practice, practice and more practice — the tedious jobs that go along with the big games — even the actual cheering — this is no empty honor. It is one that requires hard work and initiative. This year we have an especially capable cheering team. They are Sarah Ward, Captain; Corinne Burch, Martha Lewis, Linda Stevenson, Martha Schmidt, and Jackita White. Alternates are Nancy Cummins anl Peggy Fiser. 95 Dancing chorus seems perplexed by this stacked-up arrangement. Kathy Baker, Linda Stephenson, and Norman Woods take center stage for a number. Ed Drake ' s dancing chorus goes over a difficult maneuver in rehearsal. CAMPUS LIGHTS " The campus lights come gleaming one by one From out the dim recesses of our minds, And each one lights a scene of yesterday, A scene that really was or might have been. We catch a glimpse of laughs, of sighs, of tears And e ' er this fleeing dream is gone, we fill Our minds with memories that never die . . . " These words from the poem read at the opening of Campus Lights each year capture the essence of this production cher- ished by all Murray graduates. The 1958 production of Campus Lights was the end prod- uct of long years of work. Each year since the first produc- tion of Campus Lights in 1936 has seen a marked improve- ment in the quality of the shows. Each mistake has been valuable in forming the foundation for a better more pro- fessional show. This year the setting for Campus Lights was Las Vegas. It was directed by Gene Deaton and featured singers Nancy Adams and Sammy Orr, plus dancers Kathy Baker and Bill Moates. Arthur Murray School — Before and After. Singers Nancy Adams and Sammy Orr take a break in rehearsal. Behind these featured artists, there were many who put in long hours who will never receive any credit but their own satisfaction for their efforts. The hard work of set construc- tion, choreography, and dialogue was done entirely by the students. The cast was made up entirely of students. Their task is enormous in its scope — the mere fact that they can put on a show is, in itself, unbelievable. That the show is exceptionally well done is a high tribute to those whose work make it possible. " Our vision fades. The campus lights grow dim. Our hands reach out to grasp and hold each scene That passes, never to return except In fleeting dreams of cherished yesterdays. Our days of laughs and sighs and tears are gone. Guarded with jealous care through passing vears We keep a golden shrine of memory Safe locked within a treasure-house of dreams. " The MiirrayMacs sing their best for the spectators. This is a cowboy? Croghan at work. nsiios atmsmmaa sKaiasaiiKaimima Board Members for the Thoroughbred Hour: Seated: Nancy Rasco, Corrliie Bur rh, Julie Hest. .Millicent Klnt. (amiju l.ovvf. Standing: Joe Darnell, H. W. Ford, Theodore Vaughn, Jerry Shields, Sam ( ' ras8. THOROUGHBRED HOUR The Thoroughbred Hour, directed by students and facuhy, is sponsored by the college and the Murray Broadcasting Company. Its main purpose is to comp- ensate for the lack of chapel and to add a cultural aspect to campus life. Student broadcasters are be- coming acquainted with the fundamentals and me- chanics of radio speaking as well as the operational techniques of broadcasting. They are also learning the techniques of gathering and editing news in such a way as to get the greatest amount of coverage in the least amount of time. The program consists of announcements, weather reports, and news analyses, supplemented with music and departmental discussions. The group also strives to give a large number of people training in the various tasks of broadcasting. It accomplishes this by having two or more students participate in each day ' s broadcast. Broadcasts originate from the Radio Room of Wil- son Hall. The club seeks to promote the best inter- ests of Murray State College, serving as a hub for students, faculty, and friends to keep in touch with the college. Front; Bill Crago, Miss Rezina Senter. Back; Dan Terhune, Kathy Korte. Weatherman Mr. B. J. Tillman, News Commentator, Dr. Frank Steely. Don Mertz as Charley ' s Aunt. A scene from Holiday. Charley ' s Aunt- hy Brandon Thomas and Holiday by Phillip Ban-y were the two first-semester produc- tion of the Murray State Theatre Group. In co-operation with the A.A.U.W., they co-spon- sored the Modern Dance Group from Louisville. The theatre group has planned two productions for the second semester — Everyman, an English morality play, and the classic Romeo and Juliet. In addition to the plays, the Murray Group will DRAMATICS present Alice in Wonderland — a play based on the story by Lewis Caroll — as its children ' s theatre pro- duction. The Murray State Theatre is under the direction of Professor Thomas Gregory and adds much to the glamour at Murray State College. Make-up Room. What to do? 99 MUSIC ACTIVITIES Music is a big and important activity at Murray State College. The music department provides Murray with much of its publicity through its organizations, and particularly through its marching band, A Capella choir, band tours, and the annual Campus Lights production. The department of music, with its list of activities and organizations, offers a well-rounded and thorough musical program. The marching band, functioning mostly throughout the football season, adds pep and pageantry to the game. After- wards, it becomes a concert organization giving on-campus and off-campus concerts. The College Symphony Orchestra, which is directed by Professor Richard Farrell, gives the students an opportunity to play symphonic music. The Men ' s Chorus, a recent ad- dition to the list of musical ac- tivities, offers further training in choral work. Tlie String Ensemble, Mr. David Gowans, Director, of- fers the students, and some faculty members, an oppor- tunity for work with the string instruments. The A Capella Choir, under the direction of Robert Baar, is made up of students from all fields chosen for their singing ability and willingness to work. The (]hoir gives on-campus concerts ami makes tours to various cities. DEBATE In the 1957-58 debate season, the Murray debate team held five debates on the Murray campus. These matches were against Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland; Southern Illinois University; Bethel College; Southeast Missouri; and Memphis State. The debate squad also made road trips to Southeast Mis- souri, Memphis State, Bethel College, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky State College. In addition to these single matches, the tournament squad also attended five meets. These were: Millsaps College Tour- nament, Hoosier Forensic Conference Magnolia Speech Con- ference, Southern Speech Association Tournament, and Tau Kappa Alpha National Conference. Members of the debate team for the first semester were Bill Crago, Lonzo Gaston, David Spahr, and Cletus Purdy. The team is sponsored and coached by Professor Albert Tracy, head of the speech department. 102 ■ ' ' ixuiuuttj2: ,,r ORGANIZATIONS JANE VAUGHN Organixatiom Editor r : First Row: Regina Alderson Alma Atwood Fidelia Austin Molly Baker Ernestine Batten Bettie Blalock Sue Hitt Bowers Second Row; Beverley Brawner Ann Carter Erdice Cooper Neta Corbin Delores Creasey Martha Cunningham Judy Darnell Third Row: Jane Dick Alice Duke Betty Ann Ellis Carol Sue Enipson Lila Beth Empson Jill Ferguson Janice Fisher Fourth Row: Betty Foust Jane Freeman Sue Fuller Alicia Gepner Judy Goheen Sue Crable Nancy Graf Fifth Row: Carol Grainger Lydia Anne Hall Glenda Hanson Deanie Hinton Judy Johnston Rosemary Jones Sally N. Jones Sixth Row : Millicent King Jane Love Marilyn S. Miller Laura McAlister Carol Jean McAnally Mary Ann Owens Pat Perdew Seventh Row : Rebecca Rudolph Jean Sanford Linda Stephenson Patricia Townsend Donna Tuck Lucy Tuggle Nancy Walker Eighth Row : Sarah Ward Linda White Patsy Wilkins MARV NELL McCAIN President SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority was installed on the campus in 1942. Tri Sigma, a member of the National Panhellenic Con- ference, was founded at Longwood College, Virginia, in 1898. Among the chief aims of Sigma Sigma Sigma are to encourage scholastic attainment, to cultivate worthwhile standards of social relationships, to pro- mote a spiritual consciousness among its members, and to prepare the individual in a selected group for lifelong democratic participation. Through its " Charm School " in modern social behavior, good companionship, and planned welfare work, Tri Sigma offers opportunity for wholesome and gracious group life. In addition to providing character training, Alpha Chi chapter also spon- sors several local service projects and supports the sorority ' s national social service program by contributing to the Robbie Page Memorial Fund for Polio Research. " Tri Sigma serves children " is the theme of Sigma Sigma Sigma ' s service projects. .JVIAK WEST Vice-President PATSY MrKKNZIK Treasurer KATHV KOKTK NANCY WESTERFIELD Kecordlnf; Secretary Corr. Secretary BKTTIK BRAZZELL Keeper of the (irades CORINNE BURCH MISS FRAN ' CES BROWN Sentinel Faculty Sponsor 105 • First Row : Sharon Ballard Wanda Barnes Shannon Beasley Sue Boone Jane Burke Set ' ond Row : Betsy Clinard Jane Dowes Patricia Estes Virginia Evans Eleanor Ann Greenfield Third Row: Mary Jean Greer Marie Grubbs Mary Harding Carolyn Sue Houston Divon Jackson Fourth Row : Louise Jones Margaret Kincannon Marilyn Mahan Jackie Mitchell Jean Norman Fifth Row: Pat Owen Carolyn Roberts Joyce Rudolph Martha Schmidt June ShefFer Sixth Row : Harriett Anne Smith Martha Stinson Margaret Ann Tarry Pearl Terry Buddy Lee Tibbs Seventh Row : Loretta Tucker Jane Vaughn Barbara Walker Wanda Walker PRISCILLA BRINKLKY President ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Another wonderful year for Alpha Sigma Alpha! We began the year with our hay- ride, our rush parties, and our plans for Homecoming. The annual trip to Fort Camp- bell is always a highlight. Christmas brought our lovely Mistletoe Ball . . . Spring came with its usual gaiety ... It ushered in the fraternity parties, picnics, outings at the Lake, and another rush season. Culminating another rush season was the annual Spring Pledge Dance. Our parents were honored at the Mother-Father-Daughter banquet. With these events we closed another year — a year of sisterhood — sisterhood shared with those who are close to us — never lost even though it is ended. Alpha Sigma has given us this closeness of interest and thought. She has given us opportunities, happiness and friends — friends who share with us the sincere wish that we may have, in turn, given something to our Sorority. JAXE HENDERSON Vice-President NANCY CIMMINS RecordinK Secretary NANCY MELVIN Corresponding Secretary JANE BROWN Treasurer r ni CONNIE GALLOWAY Cbapiain CAROLYN LOWE Membersiilp Director NANCY LANIER Editor MISS EVELYN LINN Sponsor ryu JIDY GOHEEN Sweetheart ALICIA OEPNER Attendant LINDA STEPHENSON Attendant First Row : Donald Asnius John Baggett Robert Lee Campbell Second Row: Dickie A. Hack Ronnie Holmes Jim E, Lance Third Row: Sam Lander James E. Lawson Jerry McConnell Fourth Row : Bobby McLemore John G. Mitchell J. D. Pigue Fifth Row : Jimmy D. Robinson Sammy Ronk Robert G. Wilson 108 CALVIN VEST President BETA TAU BETA Beta Tau Beta, a social fraternity, was founded on March 3, 1957 for the purpose of creating and promoting a better brotherhood among the men on the campus of Murray State College. With this goal in mind this fraternity was founded on these basic princ- iples: 1. To provide training and discipline of the individual member. 2. To encourage the moral and spiritual development of each member. 3. To develop diligent study habits. 4. To enrich the growth of the fraternity member by encouraging the acquisition of knowledge and training in cultural subjects. 5. To develop social graces, the art of good living, courtesy and kindness in all rela- tions with fellow students. 6. To encourage heathful practices which will lead to the physical well-being of each member. 7. To promote the development of civic responsibility as active members of the col- lege community. 8. To foster those qualities of human understanding, of companionship, and of kind- ness that make for good citizenship. We, of Beta Tau Beta, by the things we do and the activities we sponsor, strive to live up to these principles. WILLIAM KALER Viee-Preftldent ROBERT JENNINGS Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM GARDNER Secretary DONALD FORD Treasurer KENNETH HAMILTON Chaplain DAVE BRICE Historian JOSEPH LI KITSH S(t.-at-Anns 105 HHKBHHH HH U First Row: Don Allison Charles E. Arnett Marvin R. Bell Jerry Bird John J. Boggess Dave Bowell Tom Brandstetter Rufus W. Capps Second Row : Harry L. Compton Sterling Cowger Billy Creamer Jerry Crutchfield Frank Carlisle Davis Holmes Ellis, Jr. Charles Everett Ewell Max Farris Third Row: Jerry Faughn Harry Furches Jerry Gamble Billy W. Garland James Gough Bailey Hendricks Richard Hill Billy R. Howard Fourth Row : Charles Jackson Larry Jetton Frank Kepley Leonard Kik Johnny King Donald E. Knight Charlie Mack Kuntz Paul L. Lund Fifth Row; Dan A. McCall Charles D. McGaw Bailey Magruder Billy B. Martin Donald M. Moore Claude Morton Wallace H. Murphy George Nolan Sixth Row: " W. Kenneth Pember Gene Preston William O. Price. Jr. Raymond Rickli Elton Rikel Bill Roberts Lowell F. Roberts R. Larry Roberts Seventh Row: Gene Sammons Dick Skok Dick Smith Gene Smith Carroll Steinfeld John A. Stovall Rex Thompson James P. Vaden Eighth Row; Ted Vaughn John C. Waters, Jr. Gus V. Winston, Jr. Casper Woolen ■u HAL E. HOUSTO f President TAU SIGMA TAU . . . responsible to God, to self, to one another . . . pledged to the humble hearty company of all men . . . bound together in mutual respect and co-operation . . . Tau Sigma Tau KKNNETH FILLER HAROLD G. GIBSON BILLIE H. SCILLIAN MONROE A. SLOAN Corresponding Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Secretary F tl 9 f 11 JEKRY F. ROBERTS SAM R. CRASS BIRLEY RAY MATHIS DR. HARRY SPARKS Aiumni Executive Chaplain Custodian Sponsor Secretary REGINA ALDEHSON Sweetlleart wna First Row : Gene N. Bailey Arthur J. Bauernfeind Lawrence F. Buzzerio Corbett D. Clark Danny Clark Joe W. Dyer Marion Lee Eakins Second Row : George E. Easley Budde Egner Thomas Embry H. W. Ford Bruce Firestone Donald R. Fralick Bob Garner Third Row: Harry C. Gilbert Richard Grogan John Weldon Hall James Halstenberg Arvil Joe Hart Marlin Henley Larry D. Hosford Fourth Row : Donald E. Jones Jackie Lee Jones Donald Kennedy Donnie G. Lawson Herbert H. Lax Jeff Lester Richard Lewis Fifth Row: John R. McCain Kean R. McKinney Jerry Meyer Frank C. Miller Jerry Morris Roger E. Myers Elvin Partenheimer Sixth Row : Harold Prow Mackie Puckett Albert F. Rice Jim Sanders Herb Schupp Jerry Shields Morgan E. Sisk Seventh Row : Dick Stout Robert Street Quitman Sullins Eugene Talmadge Bill Tanner Paul Tanner Charles H. Walston Eighth Row: Larry Louis Wheeler Frank E. Wilson James T. Young Robert Young V ' ' SUZANNE NIX Sweetheart DELTA ALPHA Delta Alpha, which was founded on February 3, 1948, celebrates this school year its tenth anniversary. The men of Delta Alpha are proud of the fact that theirs is the oldest social fraternity on the Murray State campus. A stated purpose of the five founders of the organization was to create closer unity among the different departments and the students of Murray State Col- lege. To achieve this aim. Delta Alpha implements a program of working to- gether on worthwhile activities and sponsoring private and public social func- tions. The tenth annual edition of the Last Resort, a musical variety show, was presented this year. The Student Directory was published for the fifth consecu- tive year. A scholarship is presented annually to a deserving high school senior boy who desires to enter this college. Social functions include: the annual Pigskin Ball, two pledge dances, a banquet. Spring Picnic, and Homecoming activities. Most important of all, however, we feel that we have attained the ultimate goal of all similar fraternal organizations: that of making young men more manly and creating better brotherhood forever. " Above all else, Delta Alpha stands for men. " AL, GIORDANO President BOB WILFERD Vice-President LINDSAY FRKEMAN Recording Secretary BOB CORNMAN Treasure BOB FREEMAN Cliaplain HARMON PIERCE DON SPARKS DR. R. B. PARSONS C ' orr. Secretary Serjeant-at-Arms Sponsor 113 smfs tiesssaBajmassaiasfam PBfir First Row: Twila Jean Altig Judy Barnett Sue Boone Sue Bowell Sue Hitt Bowers Second Row: Judith Anita Bray Beverly M. Broutin Shirley Joyce Chiles Erdice Cooper Neta Corbin Third Row: Georgia Cowger Wanda Durrett Jody Gibson Mary Gregory Ida May Guenther Fourth Row : Bonnie Lee Huffman Gail Hughes Wanda Jackson Hilda Jordan Louise Kershaw Fifth Row: Millicent King Jean LaNeve Marcia Meenach Marilyn Miller Charline Nunn Sixth Row: Pat Owen Mary Curtis Smith Mildred Anne Wood Martha Zarecor 114 I SHAKON BAIXARD President SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity for women, was founded June 12, 1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Iota Beta Chapter was installed on the Murray State College campus February 3, 1939. Sigma Alpha Iota endeavors to uphold in its objectives the advancement of mu- sical development, and scholastic standards among its members. Iota Beta activities for this year include: presenting scholarships totaling $500 to incoming freshmen girls majoring in music; informing prospective pledges at our " Hamburger Supper " and our " Rose Party " ; presenting monthly musicales in con- junction with Phi Mu Alpha; holding " Open House " in celebration of Incorporation Day, December 1; entertaining our Province President; presenting musical programs on " The Thoroughbred Hour " radio program; showering our fraternity room with gifts at our Christmas Party; Pledges giving actives a party on Chapter Day; initiating 14 new members; producing the annual " All American Concert " and " Campus Lights " presented in conjunction with Phi Mu Alpha. This has been an enjoyable and rewarding year for Iota Beta. To the future officers and members, we extend the wish for a most prosperous year. CAROLYN HOrSTON BUDDY LEK TIBBS Vice-President Secretary KAREN DOCKINS JOYCE BYRD Ctiaplain LIBOW in ;ram Serceant-at- A mw JUDY McBRIDE Editor MRS. R. W. FARREI-L AdviHor 115 mmsBmassoNWHiBtai wrw First Row : James H. Barker Charles H. Cobb Kristan E. Crane Gene Deaton Second Row : Jerry V. Douglas Edward S. Ferguson Reuben A. Gai-wood, Jr. Frank R. Johnson Third Row: Edwin Lacy Dickie Morris Long Bob Moeller Richard Norris Fourth Row : Samuel E. Orr Richard W. Perry Richard L. Petty Bill Pickens Fifth Row: Richard Lee Pyle Fred D. Roberts Robert R. Slayden Kenneth Smith Sixth Row : James R. Talent Joe E. Tarry Tommy Tate Jerry Winder Seventh Row: Richard Young PHI MU ALPHA MIKE CROGHAN President Gamma Delta, the Murray State chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia professional music fraternity, received its charter from the national organization in 1938. Phi Mu Alpha is a fraternity of men interested in music and in promoting its advance in America. For the past four years. Gamma Delta chapter has been awarded the " Charles E. Lutton Province Merit Award " for active and outstanding work in the field of music. This year our chapter offered eight scholarships to in- coming students. Gamma Delta co-sponsors with the Sigma Alpha Iota, present the Ail-American concert, " Campus Lights. " We also sponsor a dance band, " The Men of Note. " The principal purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is " To advance the cause of music in America. " We try to fulfill this pur- pose by bringing the best in all types of music to the Mur- ray campus. EDGAR DRAKE JOE PRINCE PERRV DOCKINS .JR. RODNEY FINLEY FRED STROPE ED HAMILTON Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Alumni Secretary Historian Warden RICHARD FERRELX, ROMAN Facuity Advisor ROBERT BAAR DAVID GOWANS NEALE MASON PRYDATKEVYTCH LAWRENCE RICKET PAfl, SHAHAN R. W. TERHLNE JOHN WINTER 117 m asBmvtoMiiatsiiamifMsaxtBss usaaisasiiiaiasffMMiiti First Row : Dennis Barden Robert Barrett William D. Brickeen John L. Buie Donald F. Buxton Second Row : Ronnie Carsell Jere L. Chandler Robert D. Curry Larry Allen Daniels Joe Paul Doom Third Row : Fred Dresback Richard Garnett Steve Harden Henry Hardgrove Douglas C. Harris Fourth Row: David Hawkins Tommy Hutchens Albert John Kaertner Dickie Morris Long Ronald Dale McCage Fifth Row : Jerry W. McDowell Kenn McNeely Clyde Maxwell Clinton Miller William A. Moates Sixth Row: Robert L. Mulfinger Bob Murdock Herbert Glenn Ramp Charles Edward Roberts Rudy Rogers Seventh Row : Fred Schwoerke Ronald D. Urton Jimmy C. Wallace Leonard P. Wice Robert oung M »M PH»W .11 I V .MKKRICK Sweetheart 1 rii i PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a National Honorary Society for students of the Basic Military Corps. Company G — Third Regiment received its charter at Murray State in 1953. Pershing Rifles has a three-fold purpose: " To create a feeling of brotherhood among men of the military; to promote American citizenship; and to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession. " Company G provides the color guard for football and basketball games and produces a " crack " drill team for competition among other Pershing Rifles companies. BILL PASKIR WILLIAM DRESBACK RICHARD WIIKKLER Captain K ccutive Officer S-1 WILLIAM KIRK S-2 DON GII ERT DONALD R. HAYES S-3 8-4 3GER E. MYERS Captain SCABBARD AND BLADE MARY NELL McCAIN Sweetheart Our purpose is to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to pre- serve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. First Row : Bill Aden, Kenneth Arflack, Phillip Donald Back, Dave Bowell, J. D. Burdin, John L. Clark. Second Row: Billy Creamer, James Eakle, Don Ford, Lind- say Freeman, Bob Gainer, S. R. Gregory. Third Row: Robert R. Haggard, Ronnie Holmes, Larry D. Hosford, William R. Kaler, George E. Nolan, Fred D. Rob- erts. Fourth Row : Billie H. Scillian, Kenneth Smith. J OLD J. DINCAN JACK U. JACKSON Vice-President GENE P. MITRDOCK Secretary JAMES D. NEWCOMB DR. HUGH I,. ( ARI-l ' ;V Treasurer Trustee I ' AUL K. LYNN Co-Trustee EPSiLON PI TAU The name, Epsilon Pi Tau, is derived from the initial let- ters of the Greek names for the three precepts on which the fraternity was founded. These are: skill or texnikh, social and professional proficiency or pragmateia, and research or r.xetasis. Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorary professional fraternity operating in the complementary fields of industrial arts education and vocational-industrial education. Its purposes are thre old: (1) to recognize the place of skill; (2) to promote social anl professional proficiency; and (3) to foster and reward research, and to publish and use its results. First Row: William K. Adams, Raymond H. Bailey, Robert Lee Campbell, Earl Elder, Richard Grogan. Second Row; Willie F. Jackson, G. T. Lilly, James E. Radcliffe. 121 DON MKHTZ President T. B. GKK(JOKY S|Mmsur ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Gamma Epsilon Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Fraternity, was installed at Murray State in 1937 and is the oldest fraternity on the campus. It was organized for students doing a high standard of work in dramatics. Requirements for membership include being a member of Sock and Buskin, and 200 hours of work in the dramatic department. Heading the cast as president is Don Mertz, with Carol Empson as vice-president, and Bijl McClure acting secretary and treasurer. The fraternity is sponsored by Professor T. B. Gregory. CAHOI. SIK KMI ' SON I)«MN IintNDOX iiiM. Mi( I.I itr: FAIN lilSSKII. 122 ino»9 BONNIK HIFFMAN President MOLLY BAKKK Vice President NKTA CORBIN Secretary MARV HARDING Treasurer MISS KKZINA SKNTKR SiM nsor DELTA LAMBDA ALPHA Delta Lambda Alpha, freshman women ' s honorary fra- ternity, is symbolized in the Bible, white candles, shield, and a white carnation. These in turn, represent purity of thought, deed, high resolve and accomplishments. Membership is based upon a scholastic average of a full course of study for one semester. The grade average must be halfway between the two top grades in the institution. Active membership comes in the remaining part of the freshman year and the sophomore year. First Row: Janet Allen, Sue Bo well, Martha Cunningham, Rosemary Jones, Sally Jones, Patrica Owen. Second Row: Clara Pollock, Joyce Rudolph, Joyce Teague, Pearl Terry, Jane Vaughn. 123 PHILIP TIBBS President BOB CORNMAN Vice-President BOB ALEXANDER Secretary EDDIE DORTCH Treasurer MR. ' ERNON ANDERSON Sponsor SIGMA LAMBDA IOTA On October 10, 1957, Sigma Lambda Iota, an honorary professional business fraternity, was organized at Murray State. Sigma Lambda Iota is a non-affiliated organization. Mem- bership is open to male students enrolled at Murray State, who have attained the scholastic standing of 3.0 in business subjects and 2.5 in non-business subjects. To be eligible for membership a student must have 28 hours of credit, of which 15 hours must have been in business subjects. Sigma Lambda Iota signifies scholarship, leadership, and integrity. The objects of the fraternity are to: further the individual welfare of its members, foster scientific research in business administration, educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and promote and advance courses and training in business administration at Murray State. First Row: Kenneth Adams, William C. Arnett. Charles A. Burns, James A. Calhoun, Dempsey Clark. Second Row: Harry L. Compton, Zane Cunningham, Lindsay Freeman, Don Jones, Johnny King. " Third Row: Paul L. Lund, George W. Shelton, Willie Skaggs. IK AX NORMAN I resident JANE BROWN Vice-President MARILYN MAHAN Secretary DON PRIOR Treasurer CAROLYN ROBERTS Historian MRS. VERDA HAPPY Spwisor PI OMEGA PI Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Pi Omega Pi was installed at Murray State College on Juy 25, 1953. It is a national busi- ness education fraternity for future teachers of business sub- jects. Membership in Pi Omega Pi is open to second semester Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The primary purpose of this organization is to promote a closer fellowship among teachers of business subjects. It attempts to accompish this purpose by encouraging its mem- bers to participate in all of its activities as well as other cam- pus attractions. First Row : Bettie Brazzell, Sue Call, Patsy Cunningham, Virginia Evans. Second Row: Rodney Herrold, Bobby Hiland, Mary Nell McCain, Frances Richey. Third Row: Martha Schmidt, Ann Jones Smith, Don Sparks, Martha Stinson. " nP FKEI) STKPHKNS BKVKKI.Y BRAWXKU BARBARA TRAINKR BAKKAHA HART SIIAKON WII.KINS .MISS CLARA M. KAi.l.l PrpNldent Vfc ' -! resf Ient Treasurer Secretary Historian Sponsor KAPPA PI Kappa Pi, a national honorary art fraternity, was estab- lished to honor outstanding students in the field of visual arts. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of Kappa Pi was established on the Murray Campus in May, 1950, one of eighty-two chap- ters in the United States. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter and Portfolio Club sponsored the annual Christmas Sale this year. This sale gives the stu- dents of the art department an opportunity to sell their work. Alpha Alpha Chi awarded its fifth annual art scholarship to Roger f ' ristoe. Lone Oak, Kentucky. First Row: .Tames Anderson. Thenm Buoy. .Tane Burke. Thurman Craddock. .Tu dy Goheen, Al Gorczynski, Nancy Graf. Second Row; Lydia Hall. Phil Harrell. nnr(l Kirk. Sam l ander, Krtward iJiwson, lirenda Miller, M ' allace Muri li . ' I ' liird Ktnv: l y Tayne, Ciiarlotte IVnnebaker, Jerry Pliiiliiis. Susan Mary Sims, Wayne Spinks, Marifaret Tarr.i-. Fourtli Row: 1. ee Ta.vlor, Gail Tliomas, Nancy Walker, J. K. YoungblotMl. JMtk Atk t tkd KKKV McMASTERS (HI CK KHODKS .1. n. PUiVK DK K SKOK I)l K SMITH CORINNK ItlltrH President Vice President Secretary Treasurer S clal Chairman Sweetheart VETERANS CLUB The Murray State Veterans Club was organized in 1952 to help returning veterans adjust both to civilian and college life and to help introduce them to men with interests similar to their own. The club maintains a modern clubroom in the basement of the Hut and sponsors various actfvities and social functions throughout the year. The club participates in vari- ous intramural functions throughout the year and their Red Towel Dance has become a traditional affair. Seated: Unda Tucker, Soneleader; Sally Jones, Reporter; Mrs. Alta Presson, Advisor; Zona Henderson, Program Chairman; Nancy Westerfletd, Vice President. Standing: Betty Lacy, Corresiwnding Secretary; Sarah Ward, President; Ann Carter, Recording Secretary; Rebecca Rudolph, Publicity Director; tiean Maubray, Parliamentarian. The Murray State College Home Economics Club, an af- filiate of the American Home Economics Association, spon- sors the Annual Homecoming Mum Sale for the purpose of giving a scholarship in home economics at MSC to a deserv- ing high school senior. The Home Ec Club also works with the MSC Home Ex alumnae in promoting a Home Economics Alumnae Scholarship which was awarded for the first time in 1957-58. The creed of the Home Economics Club clearly states the ideals and objectives of our organization toward which we constantly strive. First is strength of character, or constancy and purity, for which we all strive. Wisdom — with this goal in mind we strive to raise our standards of scholarship, and to be ever of open and unprejudiced minds. Our next goal is good health — the health that flushes our cheeks, banishes sickness and gives us energy to perform our daily tasks. Surely there is no nobler aim than to seek beauty, which is our next goal — beauty in character, in appearance, in nature, in home, and in the growth of the soul. Our fifth aim is service. In adopt- ing this goal we hope to make our own contribution to the great work of the world. We shall remember that the tasks of home and school are full worthy of our best service. Our last symbol is that of fire and we must do our part to keep it replenished with the fuel of kindness, patience and love. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, aims to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to encourage a closer fellowship among those who have attained excellence in scholarship and distinction for their achievement as students and teachers. Delta Omega Chapter was installed at Murray on May 31, 1939. Seated: Wallace Miirphy, President; Dr. R. B. Parsons, SiMmsor. Standing:; Julie West, Aeting ( ' 4trres|»ondinK- Secretary; Kathy Korte, Vice President. Absent from piotiire: Nancy Cummins, Corresp mdlnK Secretary; Buddy L ee Tibbs, Rec4»rdlnK Secretary. KAPPA DELTA PI nranmrnncisBncnTtKR A. C. E. is a professional organization created to form a closer relationship among those interested in working with children as teachers, administrators, and social workers. Its members take an active part in campus activities and render many services to teacher and parent groups. The local organization is affiliated with the Association for Childhood Edu- cation International. Officers: SpattHi; Jackie Mitchell, Vice-President; Pat Estes, President; Carolyn Jean McAnally, Secretar} ' ; standing; Wayne Brown, Treasurer. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDI EDUCATIOr Vivace, one of the oldest clubs on Murray ' s campus, was organized in 1933 for the purpose of bringing together those whose common interest was music. On the morning of each Homecoming Vivace ' s present members gather with its grads at the Hut for a Home- coming breakfast, which has become a tradition. Vivace recognizes worth by placing the name of the Music Department ' s Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl on a plague in the Recital Hall. OFFICERS Kris Crane President Joe Prince Vice-President Neta Corbin Secretary-Treasurer Neale Mason Faculty Advisor VIVACE CLUB First Row: Sharon Ballard, Judith Bamett, Manon Htirtson, Shelia Morton, Addie Rose Smith, Twila Altiff, Maroia Meenach, Wanda Jackson, Jane Henry, Judith Bray, Mary Curtis Smith. Second Kow: Mereditli Mitchell. Karen Doc-kins, Hilda Jordan, Marilyn Miller, Sue Boweli. Georffia CowKer, Ida May Guenther, Sheila Fox, Millicent King, Beverly Broutin, Judith McBride, Janet Davis, IJnda .Moffatt. Mary GreRory, Joyce Byrd, Carolyn Houston. Neta Corbin, Susan Boone, Third Row: Richard Norris. Richard Perry, Gene Deaton, Jerry Winder, J e Prince, Charles Cobb. RoKer Reichmuth. (;erald Sledd, Joe Tarry, Richard Bray, Richard Petty, Richard Pyle, Perry Dockins. Fourth Row: Dickie I-iong, Charles Render, Newton Sims, Tom Stoltenborg, James Barker, Charles Pruneau, Frederick Strope, Reuben Garwood, John Arnn. Ray Reid, Gary Trent ham, Jerry Douglas, Robert Singletary, William Dixon, Krlstan C ' rane. The Agriculture Club strives to provide recreational and educational activities for its members, to develop and main- tain an interest in agriculture instruction, to develop rural leadership, to encourage and promote conservation of wild life and to stimulate interest in agricultural research. Sfillfil: .liiliii lliiit ' -c. i «--rresident : J tliii ' I ' urner, Student Ors:. I{ei . ; lilirkley Travis, Secretiirj . s uiHliiiff: Tom (Viiler, I ' resideiit; Glenn W ' ai- (Irnp, Keporter; CharleN Wade, Treasurer: Mr. Seott, Advisor. AGRICULTURE CLUB The Industrial Arts Club has as its primary ob- jective the improvement of the professional and tech- nical background of the students by supplying opportunities, in the nature of extra-curricular ex- periences, for the development of qualities of initiative and leadership. The activities of the or- ganization thus serve as a valuable adjunct to the curricular program of the department. The club also provides a common meeting ground for all students who are interested in industrial arts. The meeting of the organization provides a forum for the mutual interchange of ideas, the broadening of the student ' s perspective, and the development of a clearer understanding of the purpose and problems of the department. Officers: Seated: James KadclifTe. Vice-President; Kayniond Baiiey, Secre- tary ' ; Hubert Campbeil, President. Standing: Mr. O. T, Liily, S|M nsor; Richard Grosan, Pubiicity Cliairman; L.awrence Smitli. Treasurer, INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Officers for first semester were: Front Row: .Miss .June Anne M M)re, Sponsor; Seated: Bailey Kenclricl s, President; Jenny Kvans, Reporter; Standing;; Martha Stinson. Secretary; Charles Diinlap, Custodian; Eleanor Greenfield, Treasurer; Don Uunter, Aice President. The Business Club is an organization which gives its members a professional interest in business and business teaching. Membership is composed of stu- dents obtaining an area, major, minor or field in the Department of Business. The chief aim of the club is to bring about a closer relationship among students with a common interest. It attempts to accomplish this purpose through stu- dent participation in the numerous educational and recreational activities sponsored by the club through- out the year. The club also strives to give a large number of its members valuable leadership training by electing new officers each semester. Second semester officers of the Business Club are: Don Gunter, President; Gary Vaughn, Vice Presi- dent; Wanda Barnes, Secretary; Martha Stinson, Treasurer; Beulah Wooten, Reporter; Don Allison, Sergeant at Arms. BUSINESS CLUB f nrti The NEM ' s Club strives to bring about a closer relationship among the students who are interested primarily in nursing. Membership in this club is composed of those stu- dents majoring in the field of Nursing Education. The NEM ' s Club meets twice monthly. One of the meetings each month usually consists of a speaker, or is held as professional, while the other meeting is for social purposes. The NEM ' s Clul) elects new officers twice each year. One set of officers is elected for the fall semester, and the other set is elected for the spring semester. Officers: Front: Miss Ruth Cole, Sponsor. Seated: PeKgy Fiser, Tresident; Barbara Cochran. Vice-President, Standinj : Joyce Neatherly. Histoiian; Cynthia Ashby, Treasurer. N. E. M S CLUB Officers: F ' nmt: Mrs. I.nia DanenfeUer, SiMmsm-; .-atr.l ; Karliara Walker, President; Marie (jriil l s. Treasurer; StaiuliiiK; Jane I ' rice, Secretary; Marilyn Malian, Vice President. The Young Women ' s Christian Association unites in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Membership to the Y.W.C.A. is open to any girl attending Murray State College. By having a varied program, the members learn to become more effective Christians. I Y. W. C. A The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organiza- tion to create and maintain physical recreation among women at Murray State College. Activities sponsored by the W.A.A. are intramural tournaments, North- South basketball game, track team, weekend at Ken- tucky Lake, high school playday, banquet, and the co-sponsoring of the Water Carnival. Officers; Front: Patsy Buchanan, Chairman of Activity; Second Row; Judy Johnston, Woric Chairman; Marion Johnston. Publicity Chairman; (ilada VauKhn, Treasurer; Nita Graham. Advisor; Nancy Cotham. Presi- dent; Third Row: (Standing:) Veta Gentry, Vice-President; Sherry Bark- ley, Secretary. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION IIIIUIUJUIIIIIIUJA .ji ' -nuTki i jrjrvrTmmu rrjBavufKwaimaMKnfMiMarmiimam Officers; seattMl: Marshall Gordon. Publicity Chaimian; James Spence, President; Baslel Brooks, Secretary. Standing: Dr. Karl Hussln?, Dr. Pete Panzera. Advisors. The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is a program of the American Chemical So- ciety for undergraduate students enrolled in course work leading toward a degree in chemistry or chem- ical engineering. The purposes of the organization are to provide an opportunity for students of chemistry to become bet- ter acquainted; to provide an opportunity for mem- bers to hear guest speakers who are experts in various phases of science or related subjects; to provide an opportunity to develop leadership through the plan- ning and execution of chapter activities; and to pro- vide a chance to develop a professional spirit and a pride in the field of chemistry. S. A. A. C. S The Physics Club is composed of students who are in- terested in Physics and engineering. The purpose of the club is to develop a better understanding of industrial, theoreti- cal, and practical applications of physics. This understanding is developed by having guest speakers, using visual aids, and by visiting the industrial centers of this area. Officers, Sealed: Mrs. Joyce Evans, Secretary-Treasurer; Fred Milson, President. Standing : Joe Carpenter, Vice-President; Ted M. George, Sponsor. PHYSICS niiuuiMunjJii Officers: Alma At v MMl, Vice-President; Nancy Westerfield, Secretarj ' ; Anne Smith, President; Carolyn Lowe, Social Chairman; Martha Stinson, Treasurer; Miss Lillian Tate, Sponsor. The Woods Hall Council, governing body of the girls dormitory, seeks to promote an observance of enforced regulations — therefore, making the dorm a better place in which to live. Lounge parties, teas, open house, and the annual Christmas party, when the " Ideal Freshman Girl " is presented; these are some of the social functions we promote each year. WOODS HALL COUNCIL The International Relations Club is the oldest club on the campus. The purpose of this organization is to create a pro- fessional attitude toward the social sciences and to promote a better understanding of international affairs. This is done by bi-monthly discussions of current international and na- tional problems. This year the Murray I. R. C. was host to the state Inter- national Relations Club Convention. The theme of the con- vention was " The Crisis in the Near East " . The principal speakers were Dr. Forrest Pogue of the George Marshall Foundation and Dr. Merton England from the Department of History at the University of Kentucky. Fnmt: .Jerr ( ' rider, Set-retury. S«ite(l; liu-huril Siiiith, Vice l resi«len(; Jane Puckett, rresident. Htanflinjr; Julia Reeves, Treasurer; Dr. Frani« Steely, Faculty Advisor. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS COUNCIL I ' ■iuiuiuiunj«iiiii jjinwnuiiiAU»iP!jiiui ' nH»HiiiiiiHikui uujM«!uiijHiijLiiijiuai B.S.U.? Why it ' s prayers on a date . . . good clean fun . . . it ' s sorrow and compassion. The college fav- orite with a ragged child in her arms. It ' s a smile for friend and stranger. A cheery invi- tation " Come to my church! " for the waitress and the soda jerk in the college hangout. B.S.U.? It ' s strength to one temptation ... the temp- tation that is not a disgrace . . . but an integral part of life that brings power with the victory. It ' s " Supreme Allegiance to Christ " in the hearts of thousands of American college youth. A talented musician giving her talent back to God ... a future doctor, lawyer, teacher taking Christ with him in his profession. And homes of tomorrow . . . and little children who will know Christ and life ... in its re- ality given back to the Giver. It ' s saying " I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me " . . . real manhood and real womanhood. An endless chain of hands . . . brown hands, yellow hands, white hands . . . clasped tightly around the entire world. B.S.U.? It ' s more than all this ... it is Christ him- self. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 142 Purpose: To exalt Christ on the Campus OFFICERS LARRY ROBERTS President TOM BERRY Vice-President MARY GREGORY Secretary JOE DARNALL Treasurer WESLEY FOUNDATION The study of God ' s Word should accompany the student ' s academic program to produce the truly edu- cated individual. Fellowship among the college students is encour- aged through various planned activities of the church during the school year. It is intended that these facilities for Bible Study and Worship to God will promote greater devotion and faithfulness to God, and leave memories that will be treasured by all the students who pass this way. COLLEGE CHURCH OF CHRIST Moderator Larry Crabtree Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Moore Advisor Rev. Orval Austin WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS Alec Bond President Marshall Gage Vice-President Nancy Melvin Secretary Fred Strope Treasurer Dan Cowherd Student Advisor The Disciples Student Fellowship, a movement within the Disciples of Christ, de- clare these to be our aims, and through the strength which comes from God because of our commitment to Jesus Christ, determine to accomplish them: 1. To lay the claim of our Lord on the individual student. 2. To develop leadership in the Disciples of Christ. 3. To make the most effective witness possible with our Christian brethren in the ecumenical movement. 4. To fellowship internationally through conferences, projects, publications, and other activities, in order to en- hance the spiritual and religious growth of all Disciple students. 145 wmmmimmmm mimmmmmm tmmwxmmwmsmimar OFFICERS Sam Crass President Ann Eylar Vice-President Nancy Westerfield Secretary Bob Fulton Treasurer Dr. W. Frank Steely Advisor The Student Religious Council is an or- ganization of representatives from the va- rious religious and social groups on cam- pus. Its chief purpose is the sponsoring of Religious Emphasis Week and other campus religous activities of an interdenominational nature. The Council provides a clearing house where the activities of various in- dividual church groups may be related to each otber and to the college as a whole. STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB OFFICERS Jack McCain President Joe Prince Vice-President Jerry Crider Secretary Mary Ann Owens Treasurer L. W. WiNCET Advisor For the past few years, the Romance Language Club has promoted interest in the study of the Spanish and French languages. Native speakers appear as guest members together with people who have traveled in countries where these languages are spoken, and they help the members get a better pic- ture of and learn more about these coun- tries. Movies from these countries are also shown at these meetings. The Romance Language Club has a Christmas party in which a pitiata is broken and Christmas carols are sung in both languages. U6 OFFICERS J. D. BuRDiN President Bill Hina Vice-President BuRLEY Mathis Secretary-Treasurer Bill Ferguson Sponsor The purposes of the " M " Club are to pro- mote a better and closer relationship among its members and to develop an apprecia- tion and better understanding between the participants of the different sports. To become a member of the " M " Club, one must letter in one of the five major sports: Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis, or Baseball. The " M " Club sponsors the annual Blue- White Inter-squad Spring Football game, and it co-sponsors the annual Water Carni- val with the WAA. It also sponsors the Murray State Relays. 1 1 fA " CLUB PORTFOLIO CLUB OFFICERS Frank Thompson President Jerry Phillips Vice-President Elizabeth Payne Secretary Barbara Hart Treasurer Mr. William Boaz Sponsor The Purpose of the Portfolio Club is to promote an interest in art — to give fresh- men an idea of the professional demands in the field and plan programs by which the students will learn to appreciate good art. M7 taissmr!!wmnmmwmsmimmsmiB)msBnm OFFICERS Kathryn Bogie President Pat Wilkins Vice-President Fredia Wagoner Treasurer Sandra Keach Social Chairman Mrs. Marie Stanton Housemother The Ordway Hall Council, governing body of the dormitory, serves for the first year in which Ordway Hall has been oc- cupied by girls. The council has sponsored a get-acquainted party, Halloween, and Christmas parties. ORDWAY HALL WELLS HALL COMMITTEE OFFICERS Dan Murphy President Ronald Schue Vice-President Bill Moates Secretary-Treasurer Johnny Reagan House Director The Wells Hall Council, governing body of the men ' s dormitory, is composed of four officers and representatives, elected from each floor of the dormitory at the begin- ning of each fall semester. The Council seeks to promote the best interests of all the men by interpreting rules and furnishing leadership in conforming to regulations. 148 OFFICERS Carol Sue Empson President Don Mertz Vice-President Nancy Melvin Secretary LouzANE Robinson Treasurer Bill McClure Historian DwAiN Herndon Sergeant-at-arms Sock and Buskin, established in 1925, is the oldest organization on the Murray State campus. Its purpose is to foster interest and ability in dramatics. Since the last edition of the Shield, Sock and Buskin has produced The Madwoman of Chaillot, Charley ' s Aunt, and Holiday. In addition to the three regular productions each year, the club presents a children ' s play and an outside professional produc- tion. Each year the club presents an Outstand- ing Actress and an Outstanding Actor award, announced at an ann ual spring ban- quet. SOCK AND BUSKIN ALPHA BETA ALPHA OFFICERS Nancy Melvin President Louise Nelms . ' Vice-President Sue Nicholls Recording Secretary Julia Reeves Corresponding Secretary Patsy Teacue Treasurer Joyce Teacue Editor Joanne Luther Councilman Miss Rezina Senter Sponsor Alpha Beta Alpha, national undergrad- uate Library Science fraternity, was estab- lished May 3, 1950, and has chapters at col- leges and universities in all sections of the United States. The purpose of Alpha Beta Alpha is to encourage young men and wo- men to become librarians, to promote fel- lowship and to further the professional knowledge of its members. The motto is " Books, People, Service, Life. " Epsilon chapter was installed at Murray State College in January, 1953. This year there are twenty-one college members and five professional members in Epsilon chap- ter. M9 wmammm OFFICERS Sue Boone Chairman Mary Nell McCain Co-Vice Chairman Priscilla Brinkley Co-Vice Chairman JuLiANNE West Secretary-Treasurer Miss Rezina Senter Sponsor The Panhellenic Association is the gov- erning body of the two social sororities on the campus ; Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma. It is here to foster friendly relations and a spirit of co-operation be- tween these groups. It also attempts to in- form non-sorority members of the ideals and activities of social sororities. Each spring Panhellenic sponsors an all-day out- ing at the lake to promote fellowship be- tween the groups. A Panhellenic Tea is held each semester to acquaint interested non- members with the sorority girls and to begin a week of rushing. These girls must have a scholastic average of 2.5 on the 4.0 system or 1.5 on the 3.0 system before they are eligible to pledge a sorority. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL LAMBDA IOTA TAU OFFICERS William D. Crago President Carol Empson .... Vice-President and Treasurer Betty Foust Secretary Lambda Iota Tau is a national honorary literary society for students of language and literature. The Phi Chapter was chartered in January, 1955, and was formally in- stalled on campus March 10, 1955. It is the purpose of LIT to promote excellence in the study of literature. 150 F E AT U R E S JULIE WEST Features Editor i ' i Wlary H(irding SHIELD Queen Pearl Terry • ' Sj -a.,. - i-- -«irgHi £ Judy Darnell Nancy Peeples Nancy Adams 9% . tis!nVlTO.S««TiTOl8iS»jiS£» iss Connne FootDall Queen , ' ' Ssa:. ' ![K-:-af;j: ■f f ' ' .( • ountain Laurel ReDresentativ «ii!HimBKiiHsm«n««9niii ' H " " Ik. msi: Tfliss Ynary Cloyd Vuckett Ideal Fresnman Girl f7 BODY BEAUTIFUL NANCY CUMMINS The 1958 Miss Body Beautiful is Nancy Cummins, a Senior Home Eco- nomics major from Arlington, Ken- tucky. She is a member of Delta Lambda Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, honorary edu- cational fraternity; and Alpha Sigma Alpha, social sorority. She was named Battalion Sponsor in 1958 and was elected to Who ' s Who an d Campus Favorite. f DON DINGWERTH Don Dingwerth, Mr. Body Beauti- ful for 1958, is a junior physical edu- cation major from Okawville, Illinois. He has been a member of the track and baseball team for the past two years. He was tabbed as " iron man " during his freshman year when he ran the mile in a track meet and, as soon as the race was over, ran out of the stadium, changed into his baseball uniform and played seven innings of baseball. REGIMENTAL SPONSOR Corrine Burch, a senior from Paducah, was chosen as the 1958 Regimental Sponsor by the Murray R. O. T. C. cadets. Nancy Cummins, from Arlington, was named First Battalion Sponsor, and Jean La Neve, from Sturgis, was named Second Battalion Spon- sor. The three were announced at the semi- annual Military Ball in the Carr Health Building on December 7. Corrine Burch, Regimental Sponsor, and Bobby Hiland, Regimental Commander. Nancy Cummins, First Battalion Sponsor, and Ted Vaughn, Commander. Jean La Neve, Second Battalion Sponsor, and Ronnie Holmes, Commander. WHO S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Thirty-one Murray students were accepted by the publication, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES, for inclusion in the 1958 volume. The nominees will be listed in the 1958 publica- tion with a biographical sketch. They will also receive a certificate of recognition awarded by the organization. Selections for the honor are based on leadership, scholarship, personality, and activity participation on the campus. First Row: SHARON ELIZABETH BALLARD— Mt. Morris, 111., Music ; Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Music Activities. DAVE BOWELL— La Porte, Ind., Social Science ; Tau Sigma Tau, Scabbard Blade, International Relations Club, Shield. H. B. BRADY— Russellville, Ky., English and Mathematics; Lambda Iota Tau, B. S. U., Romance Language Club, Shield. Second Row: PRISCILLA PORTER BRINKLEY— Clinton, Ky., English; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Wells Hall Council. CORINNE BURCH— Paducah, Ky., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, A. C. E., Cheerleader. SAM CRASS— Murray, Ky., Biology; Tau Sigma Tau, Beta Beta Beta Beta, Student Religious Council, German Club. Third Row: MICHAEL FRANK CROGHAN— Carmi, 111., Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Campus Lights, Symphonic Orchestra, A Capella Choir. NANCY CARLTON CUMMINS— Arlington, Ky., Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Economics Club, Cheerleader. JOE DARNALL — Benton, Ky., Social Science; Interna- tional Relations Club, Romance Language Club, Student Council, Debate. Fourth Row: GENE DEATON— Jackson, Tenn., Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Vivace, Orchestra, Campus Lights. H. W. FORD— Calvert City, Ky., Chemistry and Biology; Delta Alpha, Vets Club, Student Council. AL GIORDANO— Farmingdale, N.Y., Health, Physical Edu- cation and History; Delta Alpha, " M " Club, Intramural Director, Football. Fifth Row: LYDIA ANNE HALI Albemarle, N.C., Art; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, Portfolio. CECIL THELBEHT HENDERSON— Hopkinsville, Ky., Ag- riculture; Agriculture Club. JANE HENDERSON— Mayfield, Ky., Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, A. C. E., Y. W. C. A. p I First Row: BOBBY HILAND— Benton, Ky., Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Business Clul). HAL EDWARD HOUSTON— Murray, Ky.. Pre-Medical; Tau Sigma Tau, Student Council. CAROLYN LOWE— Lowes, Ky., Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha, A. C. E., Student Council, Woods Hall Council. Second Row : MARY NELL McCAIN— Hopkinsville, Ky., Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Student Council, Shield. FRANKLIN CARL MILLER— Murray, Ky., Chemistry and Biology; Delta Alpha, S. A. A. C. S., Student Organization, Persh- ing Rifles. JACQUELINE MEREDITH MITCHELL— Paducah, Ky., Elem- entary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha, A. C. E., B. S. U., Relig- ious Council. Third Row : DOROTHY MOORE— Hopewell, Va., English; German Club, International Relations Club, Westminster Fellowship, College News. EULA JEAN NORMAN— Center Line, Michigan, Business Edu- cation; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Business Club. WINTA JANE PUCKETT— Lowes, Ky., Social Science; Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, International Relations Club, Romance Language Club. Fourth Row: GILBERT SEARS— Fergerson, Ky., Agriculture; Baptist Student Union, Agriculture Club, Student Council. ANNE SMITH— Sturgis, Ky.. Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Econdomics Club, Woods Hall Council, Shield. DONALD WAYNE SPARKS— Mayfield, Ky., Business and His- tory; Delta Alpha, Student Organization, Pi Omega Pi, Football. Fifth Row: LINDA STEPHENSON— Paducah, Ky., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Campus Lights, Cheer- leader. REX THOMPSON— Hodgenville, Ky., Business Administration; Tau Sigma Tau, Business Club, Shield. SARAH WARD— Lone Oak, Ky., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Economics Club, Cheerleader. Sixth Row: NANCY WESTERFIELD— Hartford, Ky., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Economics Club. r: h WHO ' S WHO 161 MARY ELL McCAIN SARAH WARD CAMPUS FAVORITES rORIiNNE BURCH CAMPUS FAVORITES LYDIA HALL NANCY CUMMINS ANNE SMITH CAMPUS FAVORITES MARTHA SCHMIDT NANCY WESTERFIELD MARILYN MAHAN 1 MEN ON THE CAMPUS DON SPARKS H. W. FORD HAL HOUSTON BAILEY HENDRICKS KEN FULLER MEN ON THE CAMPUS BILL WELLS 1 MEN ON THE CAMPUS FRANK MILLER HOLMES ELLIS HAROLD GIBSON i i«»i ,on» ' Ai«« NS ' so : a ltfv „ ». coo- 50 t ' = t,« Homecoming, on which your Alumni Association co-operates with the Student Council and other organ- izations, is just one of the many services of the Association to the students and graduates of Murray State. It is organized to maintain and strengthen the ties of graduates with Murray State, as well as to promote the cause of the college wherever these graduates may be. The association also publishes the Murray State College Alumnus, helps to form district alumni groups, plans and promotes such things as class re- unions, and provides two scholarships each year for deserving students. You can help your Association to extend the scope of its activities in making a better Murray State Col- lege by becoming a member and taking an active role in its affairs. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 168 A iPj mm wmm i SPORTS BILL UAVLS Sports Editor Murray assistant coaches Ed Duggins, Ben Chamness, and Bill Ferguson take a moment off from their duties to pose for the camera. THE STORY . . . At the end of the 1956 season it looked like this would be the year of the Thoroughbreds ' football team. The squad which fin- ished with a bang-up victory over Western, and which was sec- ond in the OVC, would be almost intact for the ' 57 season. However, the flag waving was quickly forgotten as a series of unexpected losses of top prospects began to hit the squad. The first blow came when Al Giordano, Williamson System All- American for two years, was ruled ineligible by the N.C.A.A. because of a couple of summers of professional baseball. From then on, for one reason or another, it was one loss after another. When Coach Jim Culiivan took inventory of his squad he found that two guards, one tackle, two fullbacks and all- conference center Phil Chesser had left the team. With all of these losses, the Racers began the year with many holes to be filled. Murray 7; Florence State The season opened with the Florence State Lions in Cutchin Stadium. The Lions had most of their ' 56 squad returning and were tapped a tough ball-club. After the first three quarters saw both teams threaten but not score, the Racers stopped a Lion drive on the Murray 20. The Thoroughbreds then took over and 19 plays later stepped into the end zone for the game ' s only score with halfback Bob Toon going the last three yards after taking a pitchout from quarter- back Wade Harper, who had sparked the drive with his fine quarterbacking and ball handling. Ronnie Babb added the extra point. Also highlighted in the march was the bolting running of fullback Bobby Mason. Minutes after the Murray score, a Murray lineman recovered a Florence fumble on the Lion 15, but in four tries the best the Breds could do was lose 17 yards. The Racers ' only other big threat had come in the first period when they drove to the Lion 23 before losing the ball on downs. A quick kick by Jack Morris had backed the Lions up to their THE SCHEDULE Murray 7 Murray 19 Murray Murray 21 Murray 14 Murray 20 Murray Murray 33 Murray 7 Florence State Eastern 26 Louisville 35 Morehead 7 Tennessee Tech 26 Arkansas State 27 Middle Tennessee 22 Evansville 21 Western 7 THE t 9 5 7 i Head Coach Bill Culiivan is caught as he watches his Racers in practice 170 The 1957 Thoroug:hbredN : First Row; J. D, Burdtn, Charles Bush, Ronnie Phillips, Bobby Joe Mason, Jaok Morris, Cleatus Cagle, Jere Stripling:, Jim Lance, Don Sparks, Ben Sydboten, Bill Hlna, Calvin Vest, Dmi Johnson. Second Row: Gordon Perry, Carl Feddeler, BUI Schade, Dick Stout, Wade Wearren, Eldon Heathcott, John Mitchell, Ab Davis, Wade Harper, Marvin Kaiser, Ronnie Babb, Dan Matthews, Don Toone. Third Row: Jack Short, Charles Quertermous, Corky Carman, Bill Taylor, Henry Carlton, Ronnie Arendas, Jimmy Chapman, Bob Ferguson, Ronnie Lynch, J. D. Vandercook, Jimmy Futrell, Dale Ra ' . Ralph RusKlero. Fourth Row: Ken McNeely, Bob Toon, Jim Hardin;, Steve Emerson, John Welsent, Deivin Walden, Ronnie Brand, Lee Smith, Charles Hlna, Joe Harden, Joe Cagle, Joe Cartwrifcht, Al Bennett. Fifth Row: Coach Bill Ferguson, Coach Jim Culllvan, Coach Ed DugRlns, Herman Dowdy, Terrj- Munn, Ken Rhoades, Bob Shaw, Dean Whitesldes, Bill Feddeler, George Moroz owsky, Richard Yarbro, John Belew, Manager Jamie Overton, Trainer Sherman ChUds. FOOTBALL SEASON own four, where they kicked out to their own 45. Jim Lance got seven yards; then Morris hit the center of the line for 10, which gave the Breds a first down on the Lion 27. Two running plays and two passes netted only four yards, and the Lions took over. Statistically the Breds gained 160 yards on the ground while the Lions picked up 106 yards. Florence gained 104 yards ijy passing to Murray ' s 24. First downs were Murray 14, Florence State 9. Final score : Murray 7, Florence State 0. Murray 19; Eastern 26 The following week the Thoroughbreds played host to the surprising Eastern Maroons. The contest featured two freakish plays which would only happen once in twenty seasons and would probably happen only to the Racers. The Breds fell behind in the first quarter 6-0 when Eastern back John Sebest dashed 55 yards down the side lines on the first of the question able plays. According to the movies, Sebest ripped down the sidelines near the Murray bench just inside the line. The official trailing the play blew his whistle, which should have stopped the play, al- though it was a quick call and an obvious mistake. The official jumped over one player and dived to the ground about the same time the Eastern back actually did go out of bounds. The Murray team, who had stopped at the whistle, watched Sebest get back in bounds and go on to score. When the referee asked the official, who was flat on his face when Sebest went out, if he had gone out of bounds, he said, " No. " Murray trailed by six points. The Racers broke into the scoring column in the second period on a sustained drive that netted 75 yards and six points. The march began when halfback Bob Toon returned an Eastern punt from the Murray 25 to the 43. With Ronnie Babb and Toon carrying, the Racers marched to the Eastern 39. Quarterback Ron Phillips then took to the air, completing two passes to end Marvin Kaiser for 9 and 12 yards, then finding Toon in the end zone for the score. The kick was missed. The Breds took the lead in the final minute of the half only to see the Maroons go ahead three plays later. JERE STRIPLING THE CAPTAINS . . DON SPARKS, End J. D. Bl ' KDIN, T. KONNIK PHILLIPS, QB BILJ. HINA, T. TOP: Oh! It hurts . . . Murray ' s Lee Smith puts the head and shoulder into a Middle Tennessee back. BOTTOM: No completion on this one . . . Halfback Ron- nie Babb bats down a pass intended for a Middle Ten- nessee receiver. The Murray touchdown came as a result of an intercepted pass by Jim Lance, who took the ball to the Eastern 15. Don Johnson took a pitchout from quarterback Jere Stripling to go the last six yards, but again the kick was missed. Two plays after the kickoff, the Murray team was a victim of a mental lapse. With the ball on his own 45, Eastern ' s quar- terback made a bad pitchout to halfback Dick Laymon, who fumbled just as the horn sounded ending the half. The ball was still in play, however. Most of the Murray team came to a halt when the horn sounded, allowing Laymon to scamper the remain- ing 70 yards for the touchdown. The kick was good; the Maroons led 13-12 at the half. Eastern tallied twice in the third quarter on runs of four yards and 16 yards. The only other Murray score came in the fourth period on an 80 yard march with Dick Stout, who had sparked the drive, going over from the two. Final score: Murray 19, Eastern 26. Murray 0; Louisville 35 The Racers wound up their three game home stay the follow- ing week with the powerful University of Louisville Cardinals. The stiff Murray defense held the Cards to a 14-0 score the first half, but the visitors opened up with three touchdowns in the third period and a safety in the fourth. The Breds drove in- BlID VKST, End BOBBY .MASON, V iM »viii oil. Halfback Ronnie Babl race- aruund end fur a large gain in the Evan ville game. side the twenty twice during the contest, but found the going tough from that point. Louisville ' s first touchdown was scored by halfback George Cain from the three with 3:05 left in the 1st quarter. Leonard Lyles racked up the Cards ' second score on a 55-yard punt re- turn in the second period. The second half scores came as a result of an 84-yard march, a 69-yard run, and a 27-yard run with an intercepted fumble. The final two points came when a Murray center snapped the ball out of the end zone. Final score: Murray 0, Louisville 35. Murray 21; Morehead 7 After two losses the Racers got back into the win column the following week when they battled the Morehead Eagles at More- head. The Breds struck pay dirt first, going over early in the open- ing quarter on a ,56-yard pass play from quarterback Jere Stripling to Ronnie Babb. After taking the opening kickoff on their own 25 yard line the Eagles marched to the 47, where they fumbled and Murrav tackle J. D. Burdin recovered for the Breds. Two running plays netted seven yards, but on the third try the Racers received a 15 yard penalty which moved the ball back to their own 44. At this point Stripling faded back to pass and was almost trapped, but managed to get the ball away. Babb was waiting all alone on the Morehead 15, where he hauled it in and dashed into the end zone. Babb added the extra point on an off-tackle smash ; the Breds led 7-0. This lead was quickly forgotten as the Eagles took the Mur- ray kickofi and 13 plays later were resting in the Racers ' end zone with the tying tally. Murray ' s second score came in the second period, when they took a short Morehead punt on the Eagle 37 and marched for their thirteenth point with Babb scoring from the eleven. Babb made the kick good ; Murray led 14-7. Seconds later the Thoroughbreds picked up their final score on a 47-yard pass interception by halfback Don Johnson. Babb again added the extra point, giving the Breds a 21-7 lead at the half. The teams battled, more or less, on even terms during the sec- ond half, with neither team making a serious scoring threat. Final score: Murray 21, Morehead 7. Murray 14; Tennessee Tech 26 The fifth week of the season carried the Thoroughbreds to the Tennessee hills and the Tennessee Tech Eagles. CUCATl ' S CVGLf, G DON .lOHNSON, HB CHABU» BUSH, End RONNIE BABB, HB CHARLES Ql ' ERTERMOrS, T JACK MORRIS, FB JIMMY CHAPMAN, O CORKY CARMAN, FB The Eagles, who were unbeaten in conference play going into the Murray game, wasted little time in adding the Breds to their list. The Tennesseeans ran out to a 13-0 lead before the Racers could stage a serious threat. The Breds took the kickoff after the Eagle ' s second score, and with quarterback Jere Stripling leading the way, drove 63 yards for the Racers ' first six points. Stripling went the final nine yards, and Don Sparks kicked the extra point. Minutes later, Stripling intercepted a Tech pass to set up the Breds ' last touchdown. With a variety of passes and running plays, Murray marched 28 yards for the tying score, with Dick Stout scoring from the one. Sparks kicked the point after, and the Breds led 14-13. During the final half, Tech scored 13 points while the Breds registered nothing. Final score: Murray 14, Tennessee Tech 26. Murray 20; Arkansas 27 The Arkansas State Indians played host to the Thoroughbreds the following week at Jonesboro. The Breds took an early 13-0 lead on two-ya rd plunges by fullback Jack Morris and Corky Carman, with Don Sparks kick- ing the point. The Indians then scored two quick touchdowns on an intercepted pass and a 63-yard drive, taking a 14-13 half- time lead. State added their third score on a 55-yard drive in the third period to give them a 20-14 lead. Scoring on the first series of plays in the final period, the Indians left Murray almost out of sight. Reserve halfback Bill Schade scored from the two for the Breds to keep the score respectable. Final score: Murray 20, Arkansas 27. Murray 0; MTSC 22 The Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders were the Breds ' foe for the annual Homecoming game before a capacity crowd at Cutchin Stadium. The Raiders were having one of their best years in their his- tory. They were undefeated going into the Murray game and went on to an unbeaten and untied season. The Raiders scored the first time they had the ball and looked like the great team they were in doing so. After the score, the Breds ' hard-charging line began to find itself, and the Raider backs found tough going for the remainder of the half. The Racers threatened to score twice during the half but could Nice try, Ron. . . . Ronnie Babb makes a great try, but can ' t quite make this eatch in the Middle Tennessee game. CHARLES HINA, G BILI, TAYLOK. C get no closer than the nine. The Raiders added two touchdowns and a safety in the final half. Final score: Murray 0, MTSC 22. Murray 33; Evansville 21 The following week, the Thoroughbreds closed their home season with the Evansville Aces. Although the Breds were the victors, the highlight of the game was the outstanding passing of Evansville quarterback Talmadge Vick. Vick hit 23 of 41 passing attempts for 268 yards. The Racers staged their best scoring show of the year, with halfbacks Ronnie Babb and Don Johnson leading the way with two touchdowns each. Jim Lance accounted for the other tally with a ten-yard dash, while Babb kicked one extra point. The Racers wasted ' little time in breaking the scoring ice as they crossed the Aces ' goal line with 2 :50 gone in the first quar- ter. Johnson scampered the final 22 yards for the score. Minutes later, quarterback Jere Stripling broke up the Aces ' first threat to score when he intercepted a pass on the two and ran it out to the 32. Seven plays later Lance sprinted off tackle for ten yards and the Bred ' s second score. Babb ' s kick was good; the Racers led 13-0. A 60-yard march resulted in the Racers ' third score with Babb plunging the last two yards. The Aces finally dented the Breds end zone with 2 :49 to go in the half on Vick ' s pass to Thompson. The Breds finished their first half scoring in the final two minutes when Babb zipped off tackle for 53 yards and the Racers ' 25th point. After a slow start in the third period, the Breds added their final touchdown as Johnson galloped 34 yards for his second TD of the day. Evansville put together a 58-yard drive in the closing minutes of the period for their second score. After the extra point the Breds ' lead was cut to 31-14. Murray ' s final two points came when the Aces ' quarterback went back to pass and was tackled in the end zone by Murray reserve tackle John Belew. TOP: This way Dick . . . Halfback Stout runs into trouble in the Florence Slate game as Ben Sydbolen clears the way. BOTTOM: Too many Thoroughbreds ... A Louisville back finds tough going as he is brought down after a short gain. DICK STOUT, HB AB DAVIS CARL FEDDELER, T BOB TOON, HB MARVIN KAISEK, IJiiU TOP: No hole here. . . . An unidentified Murray player is pulled down after a short gain in the game with Evansville. BOTTOM: Where ' s the ball? ... A group of Murray and Uni- versity of Louisville players pile up on this play, but no one seems to know the location of the ball. Move over, boy. ... An unidentified Murray back finds the going rough in the Evansville game. JOE HARDEN, G GORDON PERRY, End L£E SMITH, C WADE HARPER, QB Evansville ' s final score came with 1:19 remaining in the game when Vick passed to Busse for 17 yards. Final score: Murray 33, Evansville 21. Murray 7; Western 7 The season ended the following week with the traditional battle with the Western Hilltoppers in Bowling Green. The Toppers had been pointing to the Murray game since Coach Nick Denes look over back in the spring. As a result they were highly spirited for the contest. Western went ahead early, scoring with 5:04 left in the first quarter on a 34-yard drive. The extra point was good, and the Toppers led 7-0. The Hilltoppers dominated play during the first half, as West- ern ' s backs ripped through Murray ' s defense for large gains almost at will. However, seven fumbles by the Toppers, caused either by hard tackling on the part of the Racers or poor ball handling by Western ' s backs, kept Western ' s crews from muster- ing more than one potential scoring drive. All seven fumbles, five of them in the first half, went to alert Murray defenders. On the other hand, four pass interceptions by Western ' s sec- ondary offset most of the damage done by the fumbles. In the second half, the picture changed as Coach Jim CuUivan ' s squad tightened its defense. Terrific line play by Sophomore Bill Taylor, backed up by Bill Hina ' s sturdy performance, placed Murray ' s forward wall on even terms with the Western line, which had been toughest in the first half. Led by quarterback Ron Phillips, the Breds tied the score in the fourth period on a 39-yard drive with Jim Lance scoring from the two. Don Johnson split the uprights on the all-impor- tant extra-point attempt. The Toppers missed a six-yard field goal on the final play of the game. Final score: Murray 7, Western 7. Nice pass defense, men. . . . Murray defensive halfbacks Phillips and Babb go high into the air to break up an Evansville pass play. That ' s far teammate enough. . . . Captain Jim Lance and an unidentified put the brakes on one of Louisville ' s fleet backs. PI D 1 V |P PH B 1 - - % i 1 BASKETBALL A T SCHEDULE Murray 80 Murray 60 Murray 61 Murray 69 Murray 63 Murray 69 Murray 61 Murray 66 Murray 75 Murray 57 Murray 65 Murray 66 Murray 72 Murray 62 Murray 64 Murray 57 Murray 59 Murray 71 Murray 64 Murray 50 Murray 58 Murray 68 Murray 98 Murray . 66 Kentucky Wesleyan 69 Florida State 84 U. of Alabama 68 Eastern 61 Hardin-Simmons 60 Mississippi State 86 Fresno State 72 Wm. and Mary 76 U. of Louisville 61 Western 55 Kentucky Wesleyan 67 Memphis State 75 Middle Tennessee 80 Morehead 68 Eastern 72 Mississippi State 75 Tennessee Tech 65 Middle Tennessee 66 Western 70 Memphis State 56 U. of Louisville 72 Morehead 73 Marshall 92 Tennessee Tech 55 Coach Kex Alexander looks on daring a Karer practice session. GENE HERNDON Forward-Cent«r GERALD TABOR Guard-Forward QUITMAN SUU.INS Center KEN WRAY Forward 178 MURRAY STATE TOM DARNEIX Forward TERRY DARNEIX Guard RALPH TETER Guard JOE VnLI MORE Guard Coach Rex Alexander ' s Thoroughbreds began the 1957-58 season with eight lettermen from last year and with an outlook that was stated as considerably stronger this year than last. There were also two members of the freshman team and two transfers who were due to see a lot of action. However, the Breds " hot and cold " tactics did not prove the prediction to be cor- rect. The team compiled a record of 8-16, but at least 11 of the games were lost in the final four minutes of the game. The season got under way December 2 on the Murray floor with the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers. The Breds trailed most of the first half, but took the lead in the opening minute of the second half and went on to win 80-69. After the home opener, the Racers took a trip way down in Dixie to meet Florida State and the University of Alabama. The southern hospitality was great, but the men of the South were not very good gentlemen on the basketball floor. The Florida crew defeated the Racers 84-60 in a rough affair and the Crim- son Tide of Alabama downed the Breds 68-61. The Thoroughbreds returned to the home stall for the OVC opener with the Eastern Maroons. The stubborn Maroons led for most of the first half and a great deal of the final twenty minutes. However, Murray took the lead with 6:57 to go and went on to win 69-61. The Hardin-Simmons Cowboys were next on the Murray list. The Breds were in command for most of the game, but could not pull away from the tall cowboys. Final score Murray 63, Hardin-Simmons 60. Tough Mississippi State of the SEC played host to the Racers two days later. The Mississippi team won rather easily 86-69. The Big Blue participated in the Evansville Holiday Invita- tional Tournament during the Christmas holidays but could do no better than fourth in the four team meet. Fresno State ripped the Racers 72-61 in the first round and William and Mary turned the trick 76-66 in the second contest. The Racers began the new year with a victory over the power- ful University of Louisville 75-61 in Murray. The Thundering Thoroughbreds continued the win streak in the following battle with the Western Hilltoppers in Bowling Green. Center Quitman " Skeeter " Sullins tipped-in two points just as the horn sounded to give the Racers a 57-55 victory. Murray journeyed to Owensboro for a return match with Ken- tucky Wesleyan and tried to keep the win streak intact but a last-minute basket edged the Racers 67-65. Murray, with an undefeated record on their home court, came back to the arena to host the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. Murray led most of the way, but the Raiders squeezed by in the final two minutes 80-72. Come back here ball . . . Sherrill Marginet and Joe Willmore scamper for a loose ball in the Eastern game while " Skeeter " Sullins looks on. It ' s mine I tell you . . , Ken Wray fights for the ball with a Middle Tennessee player. Boys, you ' re on the same team . . . Gerald Tabor (32) and Ken Wray look on as three Eastern players fight for a loose ball. Memphis State was the Racers next home foe; Murray out- scored the Tennesseans from the field, but could not match them from the foul line. Final score Memphis State 75, Murray 66. The Morehead Eagles fought off a late game scoring spree by the Thoroughbreds in the following home game to edge the locals 68-62. The Eastern Maroons evened the score with the Breds in the game in Richmond by downing them 72-64. The Mississippi State crew made it two in a row over the Breds in the game on the local floor, 75-57. Tennessee Tech was next in line in a game played in Cooke- ville. The OVC title-hungry Eagles did not have too much trouble in the 65-59 victory. With a seven-game losing streak, the Racers traveled to Mur- freesboro for the return engagement with Middle Tennessee. In one of their better games of the year, the Thoroughbreds won 71-66. The Racers returned to the home front for the second game of the year with the Western Hilltoppers. The Toppers had not played good ball since the Murray defeat in Bowling Green, but Gene gets tough . . . Gene Herndon pulls down a rebound in the Tennessee-Tech game as Terry Darnell helps and Gerald Tabor awaits developments. DALE ALEXANDER Guard tso One rebound for Skeets . . . " Skeeler " Sullins pulls in a re- bound in the Hardin-Simmons game as Tom Darnell lends help. Murshull gets a rebound ... A Marshall player gels a Murray rebound as Eugene " Red " Herndon (40) and Skeeler Sullins stand by. A tip-in by two . . . Ken Wray (22) and Terry Darnell (25) combine to tip-in two points in the Marshall game. Two points for Terry . . . Terry Darnell drives in for a crip shot in the Marshall game. Where ' s the ball . . . Terry Darnell fights for a rebound in the Eastern game while Ken Wray (22) and Skeeter Sullins get position. Let go of my arm . . . " Skeeter " Sullins goes up for a re- bound in the Mississippi State game but finds a hand wrapped around his arm. Just a little higher . . . Terry Darnell stretches for a rebound in the Morehead game. they were pointing for the Murray game. Murray led for most of the first half due to Sullins ' scoring and Western ' s inability to hit from the free throw line. However, the " men from the hill " found the range in the second half and went on to win 70-64. The Memphis State Tigers made it two in a row over the Thoroughbreds by defeating them 56-50 on the Memphis floor. The Tigers led all of the way, but could not build up a large lead after the first five minutes when they surged out 13-2. After the Memphis tilt, Murray left for a two-game road trip with the University of Louisville and Morehead. Louisville had their hands full for the entire game, but managed to pull away in the final three minutes 72-58 as the Racers lost key men on fouls. Murray led Morehead by 15 points at the half, but the tall Eagles came fighting back mostly on the strength of Murray ' s mistakes to win the contest 73-68. The Big Green of Marshall College was the next team to in- vade the Murray gym. Marshall was ranked the number one team in the nation in both scoring and free throw percentage, so the Breds had their work cut out for them. The Big Green led for most of the first half until Terry Darnell hit a three-pointer just as the half ended to give the Breds a 47-46 half-time lead. They were never headed again as they went on to win 98-92. The Breds ended the season with the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles on the Murray floor. Tech needed a victory over the Breds to clinch the conference championship and receive a bid to the NCAA tournament. The Eagles led during the first half and the first five minutes of the second stanza. The Racers came racing back with Sullins showing the way to win the game 66-55. Graduating this year will be co-captains Gerald Tabor and Tom Darnell and 6-9 center Sullins. The loss of these three will be felt a great deal. However, returning will be Terry Darnell, Ken Wray, Joe Willmore, Ralph Teter, Eugene Herndon, Dale Alexander, and Jackie Winders. Also, on tab for next year will be three transfers who should add a great deal to the Breds ' hopes. pv„™f R«w. T» Ui n in.lpr nal« Alexander Joe Millmore, slierriU MarBinet, Ralph Teter. Second Row: Ken Wray, Gerald Tabor, Terry Darnell, Tom Darnell, Front Row: Ja k.eMmd«-s, Dale Ai™ HerSdon, ' L arly Henson, Quitman Sulllns, Jere Hus», Co«,h Rex Alexander. . . . Look out, here comes Tom . . . Tom Darnell drives in for a layup in the Western game, but finds Topper guard Owen Lawson in his path. TOP: No trouble, " Skecler " has this one . . . Skeeter SuUins fights for a rebound with an Eastern player. BOTTOM: Wheel and deal . . . Skeeter Sullins hooks in two for the Racers in the Marshall game. THE FRESHMAN TEAM FRESHMAN COACH JOHNNY REAGAN Members of the 1957-58 freshman team are: bottom row, left to right; Bobby Collins, Bob Stinett, Harold Wllklns, Richard Gelbuda, and Jerry Martin. Middle row; Tommy McNeely, J. W. Slover, Gary Morgan, Ron Schue, Mack Clyma, and Bill Allen. Top row; Robert Olombettl, James Colson, Tom Slersdale, Johnny West, and Tom Brooks. Although the freshman basketball team got off to a very slow start, they improved with every game and ended up the season with a record of 10-10 for the year. After winning only one of their first six games, the yearling Breds played good ball in all except two of their games after Christmas. The list of victims taken by the baby Breds in- cluded such outstanding teams as Western, Bethel, . . . Nice block John . . . John West blocks a shot of a Paducah Junior College player while James Colson (26) waits for the loose ball. Number 32 is Larry Henson. . . . Keep fighting Bob . . . Robert Giombetti fights for a rebound with two JPC players while Tom McNeely (27) waits for the ball. and Vanderbilt. Bethel, whom the Racers defeated twice, were strong contenders in the tough Kentucky Junior College Conference, while the Vandy frosh later came within two points of the highly regarded Kentucky Kitten team. The record is not very impressive, but the three games mentioned may give a better indication of the talent on this year ' s freshman team. There are sev- eral members of this team who have given a very good account of themselves and who should be able to make the varsity squad next year; they should be a big help to the varsity in the years to come. 185 M. S. C TENNIS For the second successive year, the Thoroughbreds ' netters, led by their incomparable team captain, John Powless, swept to the OVC championship. Coach Rex Alexander ' s aggregation opened their season with a four- match trip through Florida. The Thoroughbreds more than held their own against the strong Southern competition. The Racers then wrapped up another undefeated conference season in preparation for the OVC tournament. Powless and sophomore sensa- tion Johnny King led the way with perfect records. The Thoroughbreds completely dominated the OVC, with arch- rival Western coming in a distant second. Powless won his third conse- cutive Class A singles title, while King had little trouble taking his second straight Class B championship. The OVC doubles final developed into an all-Murray affair, with Powless and Charles Dunoy edging teammates King and Monroe Sloan. In June, Powless and King represented Murray State in the NCAA tournament at Salt l ke City. King played brilliantly before bowing in the first round of play. Powless ousted two highly ranked netters in advancing to the quarter-finals, where he was defeated by Sammy Giammalva, United States Davis Cup Star. JOHN POWLESS BROOKS DUNOY t86 WINS THE CLASS ' A " SINGLE TITLE Front: Johnny King, Monroe Sloan, Beliiixl tlie net: Brooks Dunoy, John Powless, Dane Maddox John Powless gets in a little indoor practice before trying out the brand-new tennis courts. Johnny King demonstrates the form that won every O.V.C. match he played in three years of competition. t87 TRACK Marshall Gage, Thoroughbred hurdle ace, displays form that makes him one of the best in the O.V.C. Judging from the won and lost record, coach Bill Ferger- son ' s Murray State trackmen did not have a very successful season. However, it should be remembered that last year was the first year that added emphasis was placed on track, so the year was used mostly for building for later years. The Breds were sixth in the OVC conference meet, but they were only eleven points behind first place Eastern. Marshall Gage was second in the high hurdles and fourth in the low hurdles and John Brooks picked up a second in pole vault. Back for the ' 58 season will be four other lettermen. With these six and a crew of promising freshmen, the tracksters should be among the conference leaders. John Brooks, second in the O.V.C, approaches the take-off for a practice jump. First Row: Al Giordano, .1. D. Burke, Bill L. M nry, Joe Carlisle, George Porter, Don Dingwertli, Jerc Pisriie, Don WoikIs, AI liavencroM. Seeoinl Hitw: Made Harper, Dan Erwin, Marsliail Gage, Jim Hogg, Tom Darnell, Joiin West, Tony Beal, Norman I.ain, (;or(Ion I ' rrr.v, Bobby TiM)n. Dhm- HowiII, Members of the ' 57 squad were: Front row; Glenn Sanders, Vernon Kehm, Don Kasley, Ted Billineton, Don Wells, Herman Keed, Bob Billfneton, Art Baurnflend. Second Row: Phillip Bark, Manager, Klohard Coleman, .lack Holley, Bill I.,oone.v, Thcmias Franklin, l ou Snipp, Ronnie Holmes, I on Dinswertli, Cj Uratilej, Chuck Tabor, Third Row: Frank Havlland, Wayne Browning, Tommy Rushing, Dick Stout, Herb Schupp, Bur.ey Mathis, Cierald Tabor, Dave Bruce, Jim Raiiey. Tommy Wells, Randall Miles, Coach Waldo Sauter. Third baseman Vernon Rehni waits for a late throw in an at- tempt to put out a Middle Tennessee hase runner. The Murray State baseball record of 7-12 wasn ' t overly impressive, but it looks better in the light of the fact that it was compiled by a team that was composed largely of freshmen. This was the first time in three years, that the Breds had not at least reached the division playoffs of the Ohio Valley Conference. The Racers will be coached for the first time by Johnny Reagan. With a new coach and a number of experienced men returning, bolstered by another crop of good freshmen prospects, the outlook is the bright- est in recent years. BASEBALL I 189 1958 i m The large intramural program is one of the fastest-growing activities at Murray State. From a very limited program just a few years ago, it has grown to the extent that this year there were several sports in which the students could par- ticipate, including flag football, basketball, swimming, hand- ball, volleyball, tennis, softball, archery, and ping-pong. The M. S. C. INTRAMURAL SPORTS number of students taking part has increased very rapidly; this year between four and five hundred men and women took advantage of the program. One of the advances inagurated this year was a point sys- tem to determine the winners of intramural trophies. There are several of these impressive awards, any one of which will make a handsome display in the trophy case of the winner. This valuable activity, very ably directed this year by Al Giordano, has many things to offer the students of our col- lege. Not only does it provide opftortunities for sp orts partici- pation to those students not in intercollegiate athletics, but it also creates interesting recreation for spectators. It serves 1958 M. S. C as well to strengthen friendships and ties between the mem- bers of the groups which take part. In addition to the benefits stated above, there are other values that can be gained in intramural athletics which intercollegiate sports cannot pro- vide for the average students. Students who take part in the sports which are a part of the Murray State intramural pro- gram should support the program and gain the personal bene- fits from this participation. Giordano, who works under the supervision and sponsor- ship of Roy Stewart, Athletic Director, was assisted this year by Bobby Joe Mason, Bob Cole, and Larry Buzzerio, plus a score of other workers who gave their time and efforts as of- ficials, time-keejjers, and equipment managers. -r , ,,i.ANDO FL gr " Mnm sYate 1 I km r " i —jf " Vx ' ' ' Bl 1 1 INTRAMURALS All sports have not been decided as this copy is written. At this time, however, the winners of sports already decided are: football, Veterans Club; ping-pong, Johnny King; and basket- ball, Swann Dormitory. LANCASTER-VEAL Murray State ' s Favorite Men ' s Clothing Sporting Goods Store 510 West Main St. Phone 6 1 TfUHUT ' Murray State ' s Collegiate Hangout " BOB AND JACK SUNBURST ALL-JERSEY MILK " The Milk With All the Extras " RYAN MILK CO. MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF OUTLAND BAKERY BRENT OUTLAND, Prop. ( onaratutationA, Ljraciuates! TAPPAN For Better Cooking, See Your Local Tappan Dealer COMPLIMENTS OF THE MURRAY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Southern Home of Tappan Gas and Electric Ranges TABERS BODY REPAIR SHOP N. 13th and Chestnut Streets Office Phone 1997 Home Phone 678 PAINTING— WELDING— REPAIRING Wrecks a Specialty MURRAY PLAZA COURT Phone 141 32 Units Air Conditioning — Electric Heat Good Restaurants Convenient U.S. 641 Murray, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHERRYS Phone 903 105 South 4th Street Murray, Kentucky CHUCK ' S MUSIC CENTER Musical Instruments • Records • Record Players • Sheet Music • Repair Service COMPLIMENTS OF THE STYLE SHOP Fashion Headquarters for Wonnen MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF THE TRIANGLE INN WARDER ANN GILBERT Owners 12th and Sycamore Phone 725 Murray, Kentucky ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY MAYFIELD — PADUCAH HOPKINSVILLE Office Outfitters Since 1914 L omplimentA 4 HONEY-KRUST BREAD SWANNS ' MARKET 208 So. 4th St. MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY PACKING COMPANY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO., INC. COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Also Complete Line of SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE 117-125 S. Fourth St. Louisville Juniper 5-5161 BRANCH STORES 128 W. Short St. 406 Frederica St. Lexington, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. Phone 2-3244 Phone MU 4-1426 COMPLIMENTS OF THE NATIONAL STORE CORPORATION " Everything to wear for all the family " North Side of Court Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY THE ■ LEDGER AND TIMES Calloway County ' s Daily Newspaper MURRAY COAL ICE COMPANY incorporated MURRAY. KENTUCKY Phone 64 " YEAR ' ROUND SERVICE " BANK OF MURRAY LARGE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOU — SMALL ENOUGH TO BE AWARE OF YOU Member of F. D. I. C. Deposits guaranteed up to $10,000 OFFICERS TREMON BEALE Chairman of the Board F. E. CRAWFORD Vice-President GEORGE HART President L. E. WYATT Vice-President L. L. DUNN Vice-President Cashier DIRECTORS J. D. SEXTON MAX B. HURT M. O. WRATHER F,H. GRAHAM JAMES C. HART HUGH GINGLES F. E. CRAWFORD L. L DUNN GEORGE HART TREMON BEALE A. W. SIMMONS LUTHER ROBERTSON WELLS PURDOM L. E. WYATT WELLS OVERBY COMPLIMENTS OF RADIO STATION WNBS Murray, Ky. Bir+hpl 1340 on Your Dial ace of Radio LITTLETON ' S COMPLIMENTS OF STOKES TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. " Your Ferguson Dealer " Murray, Kentucky Phone I 156 SHIRLEY FLORIST ' Murray ' s Largest " 500 North 4th Street Phone 188 AsIc your grocer for YUKON ' S BEST EASTER LILY FAIRY QUEEN AND LYNN GROVE ' S BEST FLOUR MURRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY Distributors CORN-AUSTIN AND COMPANY " Where Men Trade " MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS QF MURRAY PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. THE COLLEGE HUB " Campus revolves around the Hub " Sod as Sund aes Plate Lunches Television and air-conditioned JOSEPHINE and JACK SHROAT COMPLIMENTS OF THURMAN FURNITURE 208 E. Main St. MURRAY. KENTUCKY SHROAT MEAT MARKET ADAMS SHOE STORE Shoes for the entire family Naturalizers and Life Stride for Women Roblee and Pedwin for Men Glamour Deb for Girls 106 South Fifth Murray, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF FREED GOTHAM CO. Air Conditioning Heating — Sheet Metal Phone 661 Murray, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF DALE STUBBLEFIELD Rexall Drug Store WHITEWAY SERVICE STATION TEXACO Just off College Campus for One-Stop Service 1412 West Main St. Operated by Newman and J. D. Grogan We specialize in WEDDINGS PORTRAITS FAMILY GROUPS GARDNER ' S STUDIO 218 Commercial Avenue FULTON, KENTUCKY FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SEE THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY AUTOMOBILE — CASUALTY — FIRE — LIFE Office in the Peoples Bank Building Phone 60 1 and 693 LINDSEY ' S JEWELERS TWO GREAT STORES To Serve You In Murray, Ky. Mayfield, Ky. FINLEY ' S Where your business is appreciated Phone 427 EAST MAIN STREET COLLEGE CLEANERS " Truly Fine Cleaning " Across fronn Ordway Hall scon DRUG STORE COSMETICS CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE WALGREEN AGENCY COMPLIMENTS OF CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone 72 North Fourth Street GRAHAM JACKSON CURLEE CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS— STETSON HATS JARMAN SHOES — TIMELY CLOTHES Phone 3 1 8-W " Young Men ' s Store " THE PLATES IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY SOUTHERN ENGRAVERS 803 McGavock Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Save $$$$... at MIDWAY MOTORS Expert repair service on all makes " What we say it is ... it is " 3 mi south of Murray, Ky. on highway U. S. 641 Phone 84 LERMAN BROTHERS " We lead In Quality And Price " MURRAY, KENTUCKY K omalim en i ip of CURLEE CLOTHING COMPANY MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLLEGE GRILL WALLIS DRUG SUPERIOR LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 44 " Free Pick-up and Delivery " JEFFREY ' S " Your Fabric Store " ROSENFIELD ' S VARSITY SHOP VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES ENRO SHIRTS JANTZEN KNITWEAR Located across from Woods Hall COMPLIMENTS OF WARD ELKINS MURRAY, KENTUCKY L onqratulaiionA to he Senior L la33 of 1958 You Have studied hard and accomplished much The Real Task lies ahead in the application of your skills and knowledge It ' s Smart to " pause and refresh " yourself occassionally and here ' s one College Associate who ' ll be with you " wherever you may go " PADUCAH COCA-COLA BOHLING COMPANY IImII PEOPLES BANK MURRAY, KENTUCKY DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 WE PAY 3% INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS H. GLENN DORAN President WILLIAM M. BOYD CARL B. KINGINS Cashier Executive Vice-President " MEMBER OF F.D. i.C. " PARKER MOTORS " Your Friendly Ford Dealer " 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Phones Day .373 Night 353 or 565 MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF MURRAY LUMBER CO. TM HkMiUI SMO ftTfl " Where Shoes Are Cheaper by the Dozen " MURRAY, KENTUCKY MURRAY CLEANERS BOB CARSON, Owner Across from Wells Hall Telephone 298 Free Delivery Service SERVING WESTERN KENTUCKY SAFE. DEPENDABLE, ECONOMICAL WESTERN KENTUCKY STAGES Phone No. 456 Specialize in charter service Mmmt V SMITH 19 14 • I 9 53 and. associates Hre Hcets ' «v3 ' i; ' ?M " tf ■■ ?? ' ;! ' ' ' . s- -• " AIA NCARB COMPLIMENTS OF CALLOWAY COUNTY SOIL IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION " The Farmers ' Co-op " Serving 3000 Farm Families Phone 207 Murray, Kentucky MURRAY AUTO PARTS MACHINE SHOP SERVICE AND RADIATOR SERVICE Your NAPA Jobber FURCHES ' JEWELRY MURRAY, KENTUCKY Keepsake Diamond Rings Elgin Bulova Watches Phone 193-J COMPLIMENTS OF BELK-SEniE COMPANY MURRAY, KENTUCKY MURRAY STATE COLLEGE MURRAY. KENTUCKY A MULTI-PURPOSE COLLEGE MEMBER American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Southern Association of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools, Kentucky Association of Colleges, Secondary, and Elementary Schools, National Associa- tion of Schools of Music, American Council on Educ ation. Teachers College Extension Association, Na- tional Association of Business Teacher-Training Instit utions. Approved Department of Library Science, Approved Program fo r Training of Nurses. 1958-59 COLLEGE CALENDAR Summer Term June I6-August8, 1958 First Semester • September 15, 1958-January 29, 1959 Second Semester February 2, I959-June4, 1959 Unexcelled Instructional Facilities, a Beautiful and Spacious Library, a new Gymnasium, an Indoor Swim- ming Pool, a new Residence Hall for Womem and the Largest College Auditorium in Kentucky. Thorough Training for Elementary and Secondary Teachers, Supervisors and Administrators. Musical op- portunities Comparable to the Best in the Nation (Air Conditioned Building), Army R.O.T.C. (General Military Science). Murray State offers a program to meet student needs whether they be in Art, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Business, Ceramics, Dramatics, Education, English, Health and Physical Education, Home Eco- nomics, Industrial Arts, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Physi- cal Sciences, Social Sciences, Speech, Pre-Medlcine, Pre-Dentlstry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Englneering, Pre- Law, or Pre-Theology. Murray State ' s Division of Nursing Education, operating In association with Jennie Stuart Memorial Hos- pital, Hopkinsvllle, and Owensboro-Davless County Hospital, Owensboro, offers a three-year program In Nursing Education, upon the completion of which and passing the State Board Examination, the stu- dent will become a Registered Nurse. After completing the foregoing program in Nursing Education, a student may spend three semesters at the college and complete the requirements for a Bachelor ' s de- gree with a major In Nursing Education. DEGREES CONFERRED Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Master of Arts in Education Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and special offerings made available through our resources and facilities. For further information, address RALPH H. WOODS, President Murray, Kentucky A. 3€eMnarabte YetBr • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Murray State College upon the completion of another outstanding year. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic recordj the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are very proud that the 1958 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the Shield. We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BEXSOX PIIIXTIIXG COMPANY L ompiete dSooh I f lanufacturers NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE 4: u tographi n. fXi ■4 } K k r V , utoaraphs i 4 i ' :■ ' ■ .: t 1 ' . ' ■ i ■ ' J ; -i r y V

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