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 - Class of 1957

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9 5 7 f. 1 ...» „, mxM uj KEN PARK EDITOR GEORGE VANOVER BUSINESS MANAGER THE 1957 SHIELD OF MURRAY STATE COLLEGE • MURRAY, KY. n , :. : ..-: .- . for the year 1957 . . . and the old whirl . . . ' ' ' _, Heaven on earth — A dream come true — There ' s been some changes made — I ' m moving on — From heartbreak hotel to My blue heaven — From rags to riches — It ' s wonderful! •f ' T ' v then the big move . . . LilL . . . but all good things DR. HARRY M. SPARKS D E D I I O N With pride and pleasure the 1957 Shield Staff turns the dedication spotUght on Dr. Harry M. Sparks, a man who has done outstanding work in the Department of Education on both graduate and undergraduate levels. He is also widely known in all the surrounding territory for his speaking ability, sparkling wit, and good humor. This well-liked professor came to Murray State College in 1948. Since 1953 he has been the Head of the Education Department. Dr. Sparks received his A.B. degree from Transylvania college and his M.A. degree and ED.D. degree from University of Kentucky. We are happy indeed to dedicate the 1957 Shield to Dr. Harry M. Sparks, educator and friend of all. Working at his desk Receives KEA life membership Also, a fisherman 1 ' ' 1 S ! aiBii i im " •V N DR. R. H. WOODS ' PRESIDENT O F MURRAY STATE COLLEGE As a captain must steer his ship, so must the president guide and direct his college. Dr. Ralph H. Woods, president of Murray State College, has for the past twelve years proven his excellent ability to steer his ship — Murray State College — over both smooth and rough waters. Under his leadership, the college enroll- ment passed the two thousand mark for the first time in the history of the school. This in itself is an indication of his continuous striv- ing to make Murray State bigger and better. The completion of the new girls ' dormi- tory, Woods Hall, named for Dr. Woods, signifies his belief in the old adage " Change is evidence of progress. " Foresight, wisdom, achievement, friendli- ness and dignity are only a few of his many attributes. Dr. Ralph Woods, a most capable leader, an anticipator of future progress and ex- pansion, a man of distinction and high ideals, and a person dedicated to this institution of higher education, our commander and cap- tain — we salute you. BOARD OF REGENTS J01I H. BI.ACKIURN P.uliirah Upon the shoulders of these five men lies the future of Murray State Col- lege. To these men come the problems — not the everyday problems — but the questions of policy of years — ahead planning. The Board of Regents has the great responsibility of setting up the budget for the college. They represent practically every section of the state and bring together the opinions and sound judgments of the supporters of Murray State. Each one of these men possess the admirable traits of foresight, wisdom, experience, leadership, and most important of all, a willingness to work toward the betterment of the college. M r Dean Nash is a man of admirable achieve- ment and ability. His job: to carry out the primary function of Murray State College ... to educate you for life. He is primarily concerned with the present and future well- being of all students who attend Murray State. Dean Sparkman ' s sense of humor aids greatly in his job of scheduling student ex- tra-curricular activities, advising the Student Council, and handling hundreds of individ- uals ' problems each semester. Serving as counselor to several hundred girls is no easy job, but Dean Tate performs her duties well. She is more closely associated with the " dorm " girls, but she makes an ef- fort to know each woman enrolled at Murray State. Under Dr. Woods and these three deans, a capable administrative staff is charged with the hundreds of tasks of varying sizes that are necessary to keep Murray State College the smooth working organization that it is. WILLIAM G. NASH Dean of the College J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean of Students LILLIAN TATE Dean of Jl ' omen A D M I N I S T R A r 1 O N Top Row: Marvin O. Wrather Director of Public Relations Mrs. Cmo Gums Hester Registrar P. W. Ordway Business Manager Vernon P. Shown Director of Field Services Bottom Row: I. H. Key Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Eugene Russell In-Serrice Consultant Betty Ligon Dietitian E. G. Schmidt Directory of Publicity ADMINISTRATION Top Row: LoRA AsHCRAFT Recorder, Registrar ' s Office M RY W. Brown Hostess, Ordn ' dy Hall Lola Dannenfelser Assistant House Director, Wells Hall Wanda Farmer Dick Secretary of Admissions Martha Sawyer Duncan Secretary to President Bottom Row: Oneida Ford Secretary, Military Science Department Martha Guier Assistant to Director of Public Relations Vivian Hale Secretary, Public Relations Office Dorothy Holland Secretary, Public Relations Office Louise Jellison Assistant Dietitian 18 ADMINISTRATION Top Row: Pauline Johnson Recorder, Registrar ' s Office WiLMA OuTLAND Assistant Registrar Ann C. Page Clerk, Business Office Sarah Panzera Secretary to Dean of College RuBYE K. Pool Secretary to Dean of Students Bottom Row: Ann Posavac Secretary, Training School Catherine Purdom Clerk, Business Office James A. Rogers Accountant Fay W. Sledd Assistant Business Manager Lucille Thurman Cashier, Business Office WiLLENA Tillman Assistant House Director. Wells Hall dM BUSINESS First Row: Thomas B. Hogancamp B.S.; M.S. Department Head Vernon Anderson B.S.; M.A. Fred Gingles B.S.; M.B.A. Second Row: Esco GuNTER B.S.; M.A. Verda H. Happy B.S.; M.A. June Ann Moore B.S.: M.A. Third Row: Ophie Lee Steele B.S.: M.A. Betty Weatherford B.S. AGRICULTURE First Row: A. Carman B.S.; M.A. Deparlmenl llrnd Robert L. Hendon B.S.; M.A. Second Row: E. B. HowTON B.S.; M.A. Arlie Scott B.S.; M.S. FACULTY 20 MATHEMATICS M W Dr. M. G. Carman A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Mf Dffarlment UeaA Ted M. George A.B.; M.S. . P Second Row: i . Bennett Lewis 1 J l ft Evelyn Linn V H hI H FINE ARTS First Row: Second Row: Dr. Price Doyle B.S.: M.A.; Mus.D. Thomas B. Gregory B.F.A.; M.A. Department Ilea.! Neale B. Mason B.M.; M.A, no R N,i c J N i K i Roman Prydatkevytch M.A, Robert Baar D.MiLs.hd.; M.M. , _, onyii-jn ix Lawrence Rickert B.M.Ed.; M.M, William Boaz B.S.; M.Art Ed. r. W. Terhune B.M.; M.M Clara Eagle B.S.; M.A. William A. Walmsley B.F.A.; M.A Richard Farrell B.M.: M.M. Third Row: David Gowans B.S.; M.S. John C Winter B.M.: M.M LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE First Row: Dr. Guy A. Battle A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. lht arlmnit IlitiJ Lillian Hollowell Adams A.B.; M.A. Beatrice Frye A.B.; M.A. Maryleona Frost A.B.; M.A. Dr. Edwin Larson A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Gerhard F. Megow A.B.; M.A. Second Row: Dr. Sidney P. Moss A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Clell T. Peterson B.A.; M.A. E. G. Schmidt A.B.; M.A.Ed.: A.M.(Journ.) Onnie Skinner A.B.: M.A. J. Albert Tracy A.B.; M.A. Lynn Winget A.B.; M.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE First Row: Dr. C. S. Lowry A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Departmcnl Iliad Dr. Frank Steely A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Dr. Edmund J. Steytler A.B.; M.A. Ph.D. Second Row: B. J. Tillman A.B. ; M.A Auburn Wells B.S. M.A. FACULTY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION INDUSTRIAL ARTS • " ' " First Row: Roy S. Stewart A.B.: M.A. Drparlmrnl Ihad r. c . , c- - HuGH L. OaKLEY . B.S.; M.Ed.; Ed.D. Rex Alexander B.S.; M.S. ,, . , ,, , , Diparlmciit Head Jim Cullivan B.S.; M.A. in hd. Wii.i.iam V. Furgerson B.S.; M.A. in Ed. Ronai d J. Baird B.S.: M.Ed. Second Row: vi " n c l c Second Row: NiTA Graham B.S.; M.S. H. G. Landolt B.S. in Ed. George T. Lilly B.S.; M.A. Dr. Waldo E. Sauter B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Carrie A. White B.S.; M.A. Paul K. Lynn B.S.; M.S. in Ed. PHYSICAL SCIENCE H J0 . First Row: V Ib «» ■s ' ' Dr. Walter E. Blackburn . . A.B.; M.S.; Ph.D. « ' " WHt " ' X Department HP VMPI ' ' A. G. Canon B.S.; M.A. in Ed. L ._ " A.B.; M.A. A . flr H Second Row: W - « Dr. Pete Panzera B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. ■v ' k r Dr. William Read B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. t r tSttf " Morris Walker B.S. T - - - ' H r J Third Row: f . l l Roberta Whitnah B.S.; M.S. = H 1 B F A C U L r Ik FACULTY EDUCATION First Row: Dr. Harry M. Sparks A.B. M.A. Ed.D. Ocparlmint ticaj Dr. Robert F. Alsup . . . B.S. in Ed.: M.Ed. Ed.D. Dr. Edward F. Brunner A.B. M.A. Ed.D. Second Row: Dr. R. B. Parsons B.S. M.A. Ph.D RuBiE E. Smith . A.B : M.A TRAINING SCHOOL First Row: Mac G. McRaney B.S.; M.A. Dircrlor Garrett Beshear B.S. JosiAH Darnall B.M.Ed.; M.M. Charles L. Eldridge B.S. in Agr. Attie Faughn A.B.; M.A. Wilson Gantt B.S.; M.A. Second Row: Vanda Jean Gibson B.S.; M.S. R. E. Goodgion B.S.; M.A. Inez Haile B.S.; M.S. Richard Jackson A.B. Lillian Lovcry A.B.; M.A. in Ed. Mavis McCamish B.S.; M.A. in Ed. Third Row: Joe Nell Rayburn B.S. Venona Rogers B.S. Eugene Smith B.S.; M.S. Lottye Suiter B.S.; M.A. GoLDA P. Waters B.S.; M.A. in Ed. Mayme Whitnell A.B. MILITARY SCIENCE First Row: Lt. Col Jesse D. Jackson, PMS T .... B.S.; M.S. Major William E. Wallace B.S. Capt. George E. Kimball A.B. Maj. George H. Hallanan M Sgt. Drane Shelley Second Row: M Sgt. R. B. Vaughn SFC Arlin Crisco SFC Escar C. Hicks Sgt. Ernest Russell BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE First Row: Dr. a. M. Woi fson B.S.: M.A.; Ph.D. Dif ' urlwi til Head Dr. Hunter M. Hancock .... B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Second Row: Wesley C. Kemper B.S. Dr. Liza Spawn A.B.: M.A.: Ph.D. F A C U L r HOME ECONOMICS Ruby Simpson B.S.; M.S. Elizabeth L. Ordway Department Head Presson Frances Brown B.S. in H. Ec: M.S. in H. Ec. .v Dorothy Walmsley . .A.B.;M.A. inH. Ec. B.S.: MS. B.S.; M.A. LIBRARY STAFF Dr. Hensley Woodbridge A.B.; M.A.; M.S. Dorothy Denman A.B.; M.S. in L.S. in Library Science, Ph.D. , „ •Dvtc•JC A ■ c ,,,,,. ' Rezina Senter A.B., B.S. in L.S.; M.A. in L.S. Illiui l.ll lltlllUl Ann Cohron B.S.; B.S. in L.S.; M.A. in L.S. La Jean Wiggins B.S.; M.S. in L.S. NURSING EDUCATION Ruth Cole . .R.N.; B.S. in N.Ed.; M.A. Director of Nursing Eduialian Anne L. Brown B.S.; M.S.: R.N. Oivrnshoro-Davirss County lliisfilid Ruth Coppedge A.B.; B.S.; R.N. Ji-nnir Stuart Memorial llosfilnl I A C U L T Y QjidM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dave Wilson President Emily Oldham Treasurer Harold Prow Vice-President Scotty Heathcott Secretary Our senior vear — the grand finale. We have finally reached the goal that we set onlv four short years ago. The climb was long and winding, and there were times when we wanted to drop by the wayside and rest awhile, but we knew our goal could never be reached by giv- ing up. The memories of our years at Murray State will live in our hearts and minds for- First Row: Second Kuw: • BILLY JOE ADAIR. Scdalia. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Edu- cation. • JORGEN F. ANDERSON, Gary. Indiana; B.S., Business and Physical Education; Delta Tau Delta; Indiana University: Basketball, 1. 2. • CHARLES H AKERS. Huntingdon. Tennessee; B.S.. Physical Educa- tion; -M " Club; Football. • NORA JANE ANDERSON. Macon, Georgia; B S., Elenienta v Educa- tion; W.A.A.; ACE. • BARBARA ANN ALBRITTON. Mayfield. Kentucky; BS. Home Eco- nomics. • FRANKLIN D. ANDERSON. Princeton. Kentucky; B S.. Ak icultu e; Agriculture Club. 1. 2. 3, 4. • ALTA FAYE ANDRUS. Murray, Kentucky; B S.. Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. 3. 4; Home Economics Club. 1. 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi. PAUL ALBERT ARMSTRONG, Lexington. Tennessee; B.S.. Biology. • JEANNINE S. ANDERSON. Princeton. Kentucky; B S., Business and History; Business Club. • MARY KAY BAGWELL. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S., Art ; Alpha Sigma Alpha. 2. 3. 4; Portfolio; Kappa Pi, 2 3, 4, Secretary 3. Third Kow: • KERNEY L. BAILEY. Hazel. Kentucky; B.S.. Industrial ArU and Mathematics; Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau. • JERRY WAYNE BAKER. Hamilton. Ohio; B.A.. Area in Social Sci- ence; Pershing Rifles: Westminster Fellowship; Intei national Relations Club; Distinguished Military Student. • ROBERT C. BAKER. Madisonville. Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts and Business; Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau; Business Club. • CLAUDE E. BANISTER, Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Business Administra- tion; Delta Alpha; Business Club; Scabbard and Blade, 1st Sgt.; Vice- President Junior Class. • BETTY JO BARCLAY, CUnton, Kentucky: B.A., Art; Kappa Pi; Port- folio; Romance Language Club. Ci tOH 29 • TED BARKER. Humboldt. Tennessee; B.S.. Physical Education; " M " Club; Vets Club. • MYRNA E. BEARD. Crofton. Kentucky; B.S.. Elementai-y E ducation; Alpha Beta Alpha; A.C.E.; Sock and Buskin; Disciple Student Fellow- ship; Campus ReUgious Council; 1st District P.T.A. Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • WILLIAM F. BEASLEY, Paducah. Kentucky; A.B.. Chemistry and Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Historian. 4; SAACS; German Club; Vets Club; Ordway Hall Council; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • RAS B. BILBREY. Paris. Tennessee; B.S., Physical Education; Vets Club; Delta Alpha; Last Resort. • WESLEY BISHOP. Bardwell. Kentucky; B.S.. Social Science; Vets Club. . JOSEPH C. BITZER, Louisville. Kentucky; B.S.. History and Phys- ical Education; Vets Club; International Relations Club. • SHIRLEY E. BLANKENSHIP. Mt. Vernon. Indiana; B S . Elementary Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; A.C.E.; Kappa Delta Pi. • HYLDA LEE BOGGESS. Madisonville. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education; Alpha Sigma Alplia. President. 3; Business Club; Tau Sigma Tau Sweetheart Attendant. 3; Foreign Language Club; W.A.A. Third Row: • JOHN J. BOGGESS, Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Business Administration Area; Tau Sigma Tau. Alumni Executive Secretary. 4; Alpha Beta Alpha. National Vice-President, 4; Vets Club. Secretary 4; Business Club. • GLENDA L. BOONE. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Outstanding. 4; Home Economics Club. Outstanding Student. 4; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Lambda Alpha; Freshman Class Treas- urer. • DONNA M. BOITNOTT. Princeton. Kentucky; B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota. Treasurer. 4; Kappa Delta Pi; Vivace Club. Treasurer, 4; Band; A Capella Choir; Orchestra Quintet; Ail-American Conductor: Campus Lights Staff. • CARLTON R. BOSTIC. Mayfield. Kentucky: A.B. Chemistry; Tau Kappa Alpha. Secretai-y. 3. President. 4; Chemistry Club; German Club. Vice-President. 2; Wesley Foundation. Treasurer. 4; Debate; Wlio ' s Who. in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • CYRUS E. BRADLEY, Leadwood. Missouri; B.S.. Physical Education and History; Baseball. 30 Second Row: • ROY D BRANSON. RoLards. Kentucky. B.S . Physics. Mathematics, and English: Physics Club; Beta Phi Theta. • ROBERT A. BURNLEY. Kevil. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Vets Club; Business Club; Ordway Hall Council. • LAVERN G. BRADY. LaGrange. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Social Sci- ence; Romance Language Club; International Relations Club; Baptist Student Union. • BETTIE BRANDON. Benton. Kentucky; BS. Physical Education; W A.A. • JAMES T. BRAY. Dyersburg. Tennessee; B S . Speech and Dramatics; Agriculture Club; International Relations Club; Debate. Junior Class Treasurer. • CHESTER G. CADDAS. Paducah, Kentucky; B S.. Physical Education and History; " M " Club; Football. • JERRY C. CAIN. Mayfield, Kentucky; BS.. Area in Business Admin- istration; Business Club; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. • NITA KAY CAMPBELL, Louisville, Kentucky: B.S.. Elementary Edu- cation: Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E.: A Capella Choir. • BILLY C. BURNETT, Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Social Sci- ence; International Relations Club: Business Club. • EUGENE H. CANTRELL. Hornbeak. Tennessee; B.S.. Industrial Arts; Vets. Club. • MRS. PRENTIS T. CART. Hopkinsville. Kentucky; B.S.. Biology; Delta Lambda Alpha. • SHIRLEY C. CASEY. Paris. Tennessee; B.S., Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Alpha: Kappa Pi. • J. W. CATHEY. Murray. Kentucky; BS . History and Physical Edu- cation. • CHARLBIS H. CHANEY. Murray. Kentucky: B.S.. Agriculture: Agri- culture Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. • HAROLD W. CHERRY. Murray. Kentucky: B.S.. Area in Business Education; Business Club; Vets Club. e%vu First Row: • HERMAN E. CHOATE. Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Social Science. • GENE G. CLARK, Benton, Kentucky; B.S.. Chemistry and Biology; Delta Alpha; Last Resort; SAACS; Intramural Basketball and Football. . WILLIAM H. CLAXTON, Clinton, Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts and Mathematics; Delta Alpha; Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau; Pershing Rifles; Distinguished Military Student. • CAROLYN COAKLEY, Gilbertsville, Kentucky B.S.. Elenientavy Edu- cation; ACE; Sailing Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Campus Lights. • MARGARET A. COFFMAN. Fulton. Kentucky; B S.. Elementary Ed- ucation; A.C.E,; Y.W.C.A. :! o Second Row: • MARTHA E. COHOON, Holland, Missouri; B,S., Home Economics. • JULIA COLE, Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Keeper of Grades, :); Home Economics Club; Delta Lambda Alpha. • WILLIAM D. CORNMAN, Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. President. 3; Epsilon Pi Tau. Treasurer, 4. • JACK L. COTHRAN, Eddyville, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education and History. • WILLIAM A. COTHRAN, Eddyville, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Edu- cation and History. • LARRY J. COTTON. Dawson Springs, Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Busi- ness Administration; Delta Alpha. • BILLY H. CRADDOCK, Hickman, Kentucky; B S., Biology and Busi- ness; Business Club; Vets. Club. • WILLIAM D. CRAGO, Murray, Kentucky; B A., English, Sock and Buskin; Lambda Iota Tau; Varsity Debate. • MADELYN CROWLEY, Slaughters, Kentucky; B.S., English; Sock and Buskin, President 4; Alpha Psi Omega. • JERRY D. CRUTCHFIELD, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Administration; Business Club; Tau Sigma Tau, Chaplain, 4; Stu- dent Religious Council; Paducah Jimior College. " Four Winds " ; " Coun- try Gentlemen. " 32 First Kow: • NORMAN CULPEPPER. Murray. Kentucky; B.S., History. . ROSEMARY CUMMINS. Arlington. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Econom- ics: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Editor. 3; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Wells Hall Council. 4; Panhellenic Council. 4. • CAROLYN DAFTARY. Tehran. Iran; B A.. Frencli and History; Phi Sigma Iota. Vanderbill. • JOE R. DAVENPORT. Hazel. Kentucky; B S.. Biology and Chemistry; Vets Club. • HENRY M DAWSON. Adairvillc. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Administration: Delta Alpha; Business Club. • THOMAS W. DIENER. Murray, Kentucky: B.M.E.. Music; Kappa De.ta Pi; Orchestra; A Capella Choir; Band; Vivace Club; Quintet- Woodwind. • LINDA A. DILLARD. Murray. Kentucky; B.M.E.. Music and Library Science; Sigma Alpha lota. Secretary. 4; Vivace Club; Alpha Beta Alpha. President. 4; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • LOUIS L. DINK. Elizabelhtown. Kentucky: B.S.. Mathematics and Physics; Physics Club: Outsanding MS III Student; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • HERBERT L. DORAN, Sedalia, Kentucky; B.S.. Agriculture: Agri- culture Club. • JOHN C. DORRIS. Providence, Kentucky; B.S.. Mathematics and Chemistjy; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President. 4; SAACS. Vice-President, 4. • JAMES E. DUBLIN, Dallas, Texas; A.B.. English; Der Edelweiss Klub; SAACS: Euclidian Math Club; Vets Club; Le Cercle Francais. • JAMES H. DUMAS. JR.— Cottage Grove. Termessee; B.S.. History; Sigma Phi Epsilon. University of Tennesse; College Newt JOHN L. DUNHAM. Mayfield, Kentucky: B.S.. dministration; Business Club: Vets Club. Area in Business . PEGGY J. DURRETT. Providence. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Econom- ics; Kappa Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta; A Cappella Choir; Home Eco- nomics Club. • CHARLES R. EBLING, Greenville. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Busi- ness Education; Business Club. Treasurer. 3; Pi Omga Pi. Historian, 3. President. 4; Kappa Delta Pi. Recording Secretary. 4; Baptist Student Union, Execuive Council. 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, 4. etvui r ■AJ ISim ► - ' ' . ' k • JOE P. ELKINS. Hazel. Kentucky, B.S.. Chemistry and Biology: Delta Alpha, Vets Club. • BILL EMERSON, Fruitvale, Tennessee; B.S., Physical Education and Mathematics: Tau Sigma Tau. • LANNES C. ENGLISH, JR., Mayfleld, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Bu ness Administration; Vets Club. • BOBBY E. ERWIN. Mayfleld, Kentucky. B.A., Chemistry and Math- ematics; SAACS; Basketball. • DAN R. ERWIN, Ferndale, Michigan; B.A., History: A Cappella Choir; German Club; Baptist Student Union. Second Row: • WILL D. EVANS, Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Social Science. • MARC T. FAW, Benton, Kentucky: B.A, German; Sock and Buskin, Sgt.-at-Arms, 4; German Club. Treasurer, 3: Romance Language Club: Vivace Club; Lambda Iota Tau, President, 4: Alpha Psi Omega, Secre- tary-Treasurer, 4, Area in Industrial Arts; • FRANK FAZI, Hardburly, Kentucky: B.S., Epsilon Pi Tau. • PATRICIA A. FOLEY, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Busi- ness Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Business Club; Battalion Spon- sor, 3; Campus Favorite, 3, 4; Miss Kentucky Lake; Shield Queen Contest, 2, 4. • PATSY J. FOLKS, Pryorsburg, Kentucky: B.M.E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; Baptist Student Union; Chorus; A Cappella, • ALMA B. FORD, Bardwell, Kenucky; B.S., Area in Business Educa- tion: Business Club; Y.W.C.A.. Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; • LUCY A. FORREST, Mur Home Economics Club. • DONALD K. FORTENBERY, Madisonville, Kentucky; B.S., Science; Portfolio. • PHILIP H. FOSTER, Paducah, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education and Industrial Arts; " M " Club; Football. • FRANCES L. FOX. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S., Library Science and Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Beta Alpha, Secretary- Treasurer; President, National Representative: Women ' s Athletic As- sociation. Secretary; Romance Language Club; Band; Orchestra; Y.W.C.A. First Row: Second Row: • DARIUS W. FRAZIER. Gilbertsville. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Indus- trial Arts: Industrial Arts Club. • BOBBY H. FREEMAN. Hoplcinsville. Ky.; B.S.. Agriculture; Delta Alpha; Scabbard and Blade: Agricultural Club: " M " Club; Student Re- ligious Council. Vice-President. President; Track • PHILIP CAREER. Murray. Kentucky; B S.. Area in Social Science; Vets Club: Business Club: Alpha Beta Alpha; Romance Language Club. • HAROLD M. GARRISON. Hickman. Kentucky; B.S.. History and Physical Education. • GLEN GOLDEN. Louisville. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Social Science; International Relations Club; Western State College; Pershing Rifles • MELVA D. GORRELL, Elkton. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Parliamentarian; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. • RICHARD F. GOSSUM, Water Valley. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Sci- ence. • DONALD C. GRAVETTE, Wingo. Kentucky: B.S.. Physical Education and History; Vets Club; Ordway Hall Council. President, 4. • JAMES M. GODSEY, Murray. Kentucky; B.M and B.M.E.. Piano; Phi Mu Ali;ha. Warden: Student Organization. I; Murr.iy State Boy ' s Quartet. 3: A Capella Choir; Band; Orchestra. • JACKIE R. GRISHAM. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S.. Biisiness and Agri- culture; Tau Sigma Tau. Pledgemaster. 3; Junior Class Treasure r; Busi- ness Club: Agriculture Club • AMELIA GUHY. Milbum. Kentucky; B.S.. Business and Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Business Club. • BETTY R. HALEY. Sedalia. Kentucky: B.S.. Area in Business Edu- cation: Pi Omega Pi; Business Club. • ROSEMARIE HALL. Lumberton. North Carolina; A.B.. Art Educa- tion; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Pi; Portfolio; W.A A.; Romance Lan- guage Club. • HAROLD M. HAMILTON. Hodgenville, Kentucky; B.S.. Business; Business Club; Western State College. • JOHNNIE E. HARVEY. Murray. Kentucky; B S.. Art; Last Resort; Delta Alpha Sweetheart; Fooball Queen; Cheerleader; Campus Favorite. en uK 35 . FRANK C, HAVILAND. Neptune City, N.J.; BS , Physical Education and Business; Tau Sigma Tau; " M " Club; Business Club; Track; Base- ball. Captain, 2; Inlramural Basketball and Football. • PAUL J. HAWKINS, Mayfield, Ky. B.S., Industrial Arts; " M " Club; Delta Alpha; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club; Baseball. • JAMES E. HAYES, Crofton. Ky.; B.S.. Agriculture; Agriculture Club • ADA RUTH HEATHCOTT, Newbern. Tenn.; B S.. Physical Educa- tion and History; Alpha Sigma Alpha; W.A.A,, Representative 1. Sec- retary 2. President 4; Wells Hall Council. Vice-President 3. President 4; Delta Lambda Alpha; Ideal Freshman Girl; Senior Class Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4; Campus Fa- vorite. 4; Football Qu Second Row: • JESSIE G. HENDERSON. Wickliffe. Ky.; B.S.. Elementary Educa- tion; ACE.; Kappa Delta Pi. « WILLIAM G. HENDERSON, Hopkinsville. Ky.; B S., Agriculture; Agriculture Club; Vets Club; Ordviray Hall Council. EDWARD L. HENDLEY, Mayfield, Ky.; B.S., Business Administration. • DONALD E. HETHERINGTON, St. Louis, Mo.; B.S., Physical Educa- tion and Business: Football; Track. • BOBBY A. HILAND, Benton. Ky ; B.S . Area in Business Educatic Pi Omega Pi; Scabbard and Blade. • JAMES BYRON HOBSON, Farmington, Ky ; B.S, Agricultu:e; Agri- culture Club. • CAROLE J. HENSLER. Paducah, Ky.; B.S., Home Economics; Cam- pus Lights; Home Economics Club. • EDITH N. HERNDON. Murray. Ky.; B.A.. Area in Social Science; I.R.C.; Tau Kappa Alpha; Varsity Debate. • BOB HOGAN, Princeton, Ky.; B.M.E,, Trumpet; Phi Mu Alpha, Scholarship Award; Orchestra; Vivace Club; Band; A Capella; Campus Lights, Assistant Director 3, Director 4. • BARBARA HOLLAND, Wingo, Ky.; B.S.. Biology and History. • DARRELL L. HOLLEY. Rivermines. Mi; tion and History; Vets Club; Baseball. jri; B.S.. Physical Educa- • JOYCE A. HOLSTON. Paducah. Kentucky; B.A.. English and French; Sock and Buskin; Lambda Iota Tau. Vice-President. 4; Romance Lan- ;;uage Club; German Club; Y.W.C.A.; Alpha Psi Omega; Children ' s Theatre. • PAULA J. HORNSBY. Hickman. Kentucky; B.S.. Elementary Educa- tion; A.C.E.. Vice-President. • ROBERT K. HULSE. JR.. Kuttawa. Kentucky; B.S., Physical Educa- tion and Mathematics; Delta Alpha; " M " Club; Vets Club; Last Resort. • NORMA J IVEY. Benton. Kentucky; B.S . Elementary Education. Second Row: • JACK D JACKSON. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Industrial Aits; Epsi- lon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club; Business Club. • JOY A JACKSON, Buchanan. Tennessee; B.S , Physical Education; W A.A . Vice-President, 3; Service Award; Football Queen Attendant. 4. • ROBERT M JACKSON. Bardwell. Kentucky; B.S.. Chemistry and Biology; Vets Club. WILLIAM T. JEFFREY. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Business. • JANET S. JETTON, Murray. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Business Club. n • JANE M. JOHNSON. Murray, Kentucky; B.M.E., Piano; Mu Phi Ep- silon; Vivace Club. • AGNES H. JONES, Scdalia, Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Lambda Alpha; Outstanding Senior Home Economics student of 1956. • ALLEGRA JONES. Murray, Kentucky; B.S.. Elementary Education; ACE. • MILLIE ANN JONES. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Education; Business Club; W.A.A. • PAT E. JONES. Murray. Kentucky; B S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. Vice-President; Epsilon Pi Tau. President. 4. cn5 Qinx H 37 • SUE S. JONES. Cerulean, Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; West- minster Disciple Fellowship; Home Economics Club; Delta Lambda Al- pha; Kappa Delta Pi; W.A.A. • WALTER R, JONES. JR.. Murray, Kentucky; B.S.. Chemistry and Physical Education; SAACS. • PATRICIA S. KINCANNON. Cleveland, Ohio; B.S., Elementary Edu- Alpha Sigma Alpha. President. 4; Delta Lambda Alpha. Presi- dent. 1; A.C.E.. President. 4; Sock and Buskin, Secretary. 4; West- minster Fellowship; Romance Language Club; Shield Staff. 4; Pan- hellenic Council; State ' s P.T.A. Scholarship. 4; Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, 4; Campus Favorite, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4; Kappa Delta Pi. • PATRICIA ANN KING— Benton, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education and Business; Business Club; W.A.A. Second Row: • PATS ' V A. KINGINS. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Club; Portfolio: Sock and Buskin; Y.W.C.A. • JAMES S. KLAPP. Murray. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Ad- ministration; Business Club; German Club. • DOROTHY LAMB. Kuttawd. Kentucky; B,S.. Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • HAROLD E. LASSITER. Murray. Kentucky; B S.. Area in Social Science. • JAMES E. LATIMER. Herrin, Illinois; B.S.. Area in Business Ad- ministration; Phi Mu Alpha, Band; Campus Lights; Band. Third Row: • ERMON W. LATURE. Cadiz, Kentucky; B.S., Mathematics; Baptist Student Union; Circle Francais. • ERNEST ALLEN LAWRENCE, JR.. Cadiz. Kenucky; B.S., Agricul- ture; Delta Alpha; Agriculture Club. • LESLIE H. LEATH. Farmington. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Businesss Education; Business Club; Sock and Buskin, Corresponding Secre- tary, 4; Alpha Psi Omega; Romance Language Glut ; Debate; Campus Lights; Baptist Student Union; Drama Producions; Interntional Rela- tions Club. • JAMES H. LINK, Salisbury. North Carolina; B.M., String Bass; Phi Mu Alpha, Dance Band, Scholarship Award; Vivace Club; All-Amer- ican Conductor, 4; Campus Lights; Orchestra; Band; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. • MARION W. LISANBY, Dawson Springs, Kentucky: B S., Biology; Pershing Rifles; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, 3; Rifle Team. Second Row: • BILLY D. LITCHFIELD. Blackford, Ky.; B S.. Area in Business Administration; Pershing Rifles. • JAMES H. LONG. Desloge. Mc. B.S.; Physical Education. History, and Political Science. « JO HORTON LOVETT. Murray. Ky ; B.S.. Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • BILLY TED LOWRY. Hollow Rock. Tenn.; B S.. Business Admin- istration; Business Club. • GEORGE McFARLAND LUCKEY. Paris. Tennessee: B.S.. Biology; Phi Mu Alpha. Alumni Secretary 3, Secretary 4; Beta Beta Beta; SAACS; German Club; A Capella Choir. Treasurer. 4; Campus Relig ous Council Ordway Hall Council; Band. Vice-President 4; Campus Lights. • RAY LYNCH. Hartford. Conn.; B.S.. History; Intramural Football and Basketball; Softball; Organized Golden Gloves Boxing Team. • CHARLES H. LYNN. Paducah. Ky.; B.S . Area in Social Science; Debate. • DON LYNN, Murray, Ky.; AB.. Social Science • DAVID D. MADDOX. Mayfield. Ky-; B S.. Business Administration; Business Club. • CHARLES MAGNESS. Murray. Ky.; B.S.. Agriculture; Agriculture Club Third Row: • WILLIAM D. MANN. Paris. Tenn.; B.M.E.. Music; Phi Mu Alpha. Treasurer 3. Vice-President 4; Vivace Club; A Capella; Orchestra; Band. President 4; Campus Lights. • N. SHERRELL MARGINET. Ft. Branch. Ind.; B.S.. Physical Educa- tion; " M " Club; Baseball; Basketball. • BARBARA G. MARQUESS. Murray. Ky.; B.S.. Library Science and Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. Vice-President 3; Alpha Beta Alpha. Reporter 3; Vice-President 4; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U.; Business Club. • ROBERT W. MARQUESS. Murray. Kv.; B.S.. Elementary Education; A.C.E. • BOBBY JOE MASON. Humboldt. Tenn.; B S.. Physical Education and History; " M " Club; Football. etvti 39 • GEORGE A MATTINGLY, Cairo, Illinois; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club; Vets Club. President; Water Carnival. • WAYNE COLLINS MATTINGLY. Clay. Kentucky; B.S.. " M " Club; Agriculture Club; Pershing Rifles. • BETTY L. MAYER. Home Economics Club. Murray, Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics; • WALTER T. McCAULEY. East St. Louis. Illinois; A.B.. History and Library Science; Sock and Buskin. Treasurer. 3; Alplia Psi Omega. Pres- ident. 3; Vets Club; Alpha Beta Alpha. Councilor. 4; A Capella Choir; Romance Language Club; International Relations Club. President, 4. . JERRY L. McCLARNEY, Mt. Vernon, Indiana; BS. Industrial Arts Area; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club. Second Row: • GLORIA S. McLEMORE. Paducah. Kentucky: B.M.E., Music Educa- tion: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club; Drum Ma- jorette; A Capella Choir; Campus Favorite. 1. 3; Football Queen At- tendan. 2; Shield Queen. 3; Miss Body Beauiful, 3. • JESSIE L. McCLURE. Symsonia. Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Treasurer; Delta Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. Secretary. • PATUICIA L, McNF,ELY, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S.. Business Educa- tion; Pi Omega Pi. • MARGARET S. MEANS, Benton. Kentucky; B S., Home Economies; Sigma . ' ligma Sigma; Home Economics Club. M VOJAI MEREDITH. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Al- pha Sigma Alpha. Treasurer, 3; Home Economics Club; Portfolio Club; Y.W.C.A. • LAVINIA C. MILNER. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; A.C.E.; Sock and Buskin; Y.W.C.A. • LACY MITCHELL. Arlington. Kentucky; B.S.. Elementary Education; ACE.; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Alpha Beta Alpha; Y.W.C.A. • ROBERT E. MONTGOMERY. Paducah. Kentucky; B.S.. Business and Biology; SAACS; Business Club; Vets Club. • BONNIE J. MORAN. Rantoul. Illinois; B.S.. Elementary Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha. President. 3; A.C.E.. Treasurer. 1; Panhellenic Council. Vice-chairman. 3; Delta Lambda Alpha. Secretary: Kappa Delta Pi. President. 4; W.A.A.; Who ' s Who in Ame ' ican Colleges and Universities. 4. • DANIEL L. MURPHY. Bronx. New York; B.S.. Area in Social Sci- ence; Sock and Buskin; Vets Club; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Psi Omega; International Relations Club Drama. 40 J • MARILYN J. MURPHEY. Paris. Tenn.; B.S.. Elementary Education: Delta Lambda Alplia; A.C.E.; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U. • JAIMES A. NANNEY, Mur istration; Vets Club. Kentucky: B S.. Business Admi) • ROBERT E NAYLOR. Hickman, Ky.; B.S.. Chemistry and Biology. • GERALD H NELSON, Paducah. Ky.; B.S.. Business Administration: Tau Sigma Tau, Vice-President 4; Piii Mu Alphia: A Cappella: Campus Liglits: Student Council Treasurer 3: Vice-President Fresliman Class: President Sophomore Class: Men of the Campus. 3: Best Groomed Con- test 3: " Murray Men " ; " Country Gentlemen " : " Four Winds. " • DOROTHY J. NORWOOD. Hollow Rock. Tenn.; B.A.. Library Sci- ence and Mathematics: Sock and Buskin: Alpha Beta Alpha; Spanish Club: Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • DONNA J ODLE. nomics Club. ath. Mo.; B.S., Home Economics; Home Eco- • EMILY PAGE OLDHAM. Elkton, Ky.; B.S.. Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Editor 4; A.C.E.. Secretary 2; W.A.A,; Y.W.C.A.. President 3. Chaplain 4: Wells Hall Council, treasurer 2. Secretary 3. 4; Student Religious Council 4; Treasurer Senior Class; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. • PATRICIA ANN OVERSHINER. Hopkinsville. Ky.; B.S.. Area in Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Business Club; B.S.U. . CHARLES W. OWEN. Fredonia Ky.; B.S.. Area in English; B.S.U. • NANCY G. OWEN. Arlington. Ky; B.S.. Physical Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Treasurer 4; W.A.A., Treasurer 3; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Third Row: • ROBERT J. PALMER. Fulton. Ky.: B.S.. Business Administration. • J KENNETH PARK. Paducah, Ky.; A B.. English and History: Lambda Iota Tau: B S.U ; Romance Language Club; Shield Editor 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. • ROBBIE JO PARKS. Murray. Ky.; B.S.. Art; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Pi. President 3: Portfolio; German Club. Secretary-Treasurer 2; Shield SlaiT; College News: Kappa Pi Scholarship Winner 1; Member of Kentucky-Southern-Indiana Art Annual 3. • RUPERT F. PARKS. Murray. Ky : BS. Area in Business Admin- istration: Business Club: Vets Club. • AGGIE L PASCHALL. Murray. Ky.; B.S.. Area in Business Educa- tion: Business Club. en uK • TREVA M. PORTER. Lewisburg. Kentucky; B.S., Nursing Educa- tion. Biology. • WILLIAM J. POSAVAC. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania; B S.. History and Dramatics. Vets Club; Ordway Hall Council; International Relations Club; Summer Theatre; Dramatics Crew Chief; IRC State President. • JOE D. POOL, Princeton. Ky.; B.S.. Area in Business Administra- tion; Baptist Student Union. President. 3; Religious Council; Business Club. • JOHN D. POWLESS. Flora, Illinois; B.S., Mathematics and Physical Education; " M " Club: Physical Education Club; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Tennis. 2, 3, 4. Second Row: Third Row: • GERRY M. PRITCHARD. Wingo, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; A.C.E.; Business Club. • HAROLD PROW, JR.. Madisonville, Kentucky; B.S., Biology, Chem- istry and English; Delta Alpha; SAACS CLUB; Senior Class Vice- President. • NANCY L. PURDOM. Maywood. Illinois; B.S., Area in Business Education; Business Club; W.A.A. • PHEBE K. PUSTMUELLER. Marissa, Illinois; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Sigma Alpha, A.C.E. DONALD K. QUEENER, Harlan, Kentucky; B.S., Area in EngUsh. • DONNA A. QUERTERMOUS, Fredonia, Kentucky: B.S., Area in Business Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha; Business Club; Y.W.C.A. • JIMMY H. RAILEY, Clay, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education; " M " Club; Baseball, Athletic Trainer. • CHARLOTTE J. REAGAN. Dresden. Tennessee; B.M.E.. Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota. President 4; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Chaplain. 3, Sophomore Star Award; Kappa Delta fi; Vivace Club; German Cub; A Capeila Choir; College Girls Quartet; Band; Campus Lights; East Hall President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. • WALTER R. REED. Paducah, Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Social Science; Vets Club; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate; " Mr. Roberts. " • CLAUD THOMAS REID, Symsonia, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture. 42 • A D. RILEY. Paducah. Kentucky: B.S.. Chemistry and Math- ematics: SAACS. President; Physics Club: Vets Club. • FLORA EVELYN RILEY. Fredonia, Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Busi- ness Education; Business Club: W.A.A. • GELA RILEY. Kirksey. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Educa- tion; Business Club. Secretary 3. • ALLENA J. RISTER. Mayfleld, Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Education; Business Club; Pi Omega Pi Treasurer. 4; Kappa Delta Pi: Sailing Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • JERRY C. ROARK. Memphis. Tennessee; B.S.. Area in Social Science: Vets Club. President; Best Dressed. 3. Second Row: • DAVID L. ROBERTS. Murray. Kentucky: B.M.E. Music: Phi Mu Alpha. President 4; Vivace Club; Band: Orchestra. • ELMER L. ROBERTS. Cerulean. Kentucky; B.S.. Industrial Aits and Mathematics. • PAUL J. ROEDELL. Jersey City. New Jersey B.A.. Physical Educa- tion and French: Scabbard and Blade; " M " Club; Track; Cross Coun- try 3; Intramural Basketball. • DONALD K. ROGERS. Mayfield. Kentucky: B S.. Physical Education and Mathematics; " M " Club: Football. • PATSY L. ROWLAND. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Education; Business Club; Pi Omega Pi. Secretary. 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 3. 4. Third Row: • BOBBY GLYNN RUDD. Hardin. Kentucky; B.S. Business: Alpha Beta Alpha. Treasurer. 4. • MARTHA W. SCATES. Union City Tennessee. B M.E.. Violin: Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club. • WILLIAM E. SCATES. Jackson. Tennessee: B.A.. Art; Kappa Pi. Portfolio. President. 4. • SUZANNE SEEL. Benton. Kentucky; B.S.. Art Education; Kappa Pi: Portfolio. • CHARLES E. SERMONS. Pensacola. Florida; B.S.. Physical Education and Industrial Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Florida State University: Basketball: Industrial Arts Club. Cn5 e«vuK First Row: • DONALD C SIMMONS. Mobile. Alabama; B.S.. Industrial Arts: In- dustrial Arts Club Treasurer; Epsilon Pi Tau. Vice-President. • RETTA B. SIRESS. Murray. Kentucky: B.S.. Home Economics: Home Economics Club. • JOYCE L. SHAW. Columbus. Kentuclcy; B.S.. Home Economics; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Wells Hall Council. • HELEN SHEFFER, Clay. Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education; W.A.A.; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.A; Mission Band; Business Club; French Club; I.W.O. ' s; Life Service Band; Y.W.C.A. • CHARLES H SHIPLEY. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Social Sciences: Baptist Student Union; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. Second Row: • JEAN E. SHIPLEY, Murray, Kentucky: B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Baptist Student Union; Shield Staff; Kappa Delta Pi. • ARTHUR H. SMITH. Portland. Maine; B.S.. Physical Education and History; Delta Alpha. President. 4; " M " Club; International Rela- tions Club: Footl all; Tennis; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. 4. • DONALD F. SMITH, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Agriculture; Agri- culture Club. • RACHEL B. SOLOMON. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Outstanding Senior; W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. • JOHN B. SPANGLER. Louisville, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Art; Delta Alpha; Kappa Pi; Student Council Representative, 3, 4; Portfolio Club; Last Resort; " Outstanding Men on Campus, " 4. Third Row: • NANCY L. SPANN. Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Business Club; Baptist Student Union; Cheerleader, 4; Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart, 4; Regimental Spon- sor. 4; ' Vets Club Sweetheart. 4; Campus Favorite. 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • ' VICTOR F. SPECK. JR.. Paducah. Kentucky: B.S., Area in Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Basketball. • BE ' VERLY J. SPURRIER. Owensboro. Kentucky; B,S.. Business; Business Club; W.A.A.; Baptist Student Union; Student Council Repre- sentaive, 4; Wells Hall Council; Shield Staff; Band; Campus Lights. • BILLY J. STANLEY. Mayfield. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Ad- ministration and History. • CHAD L. STEWART. Murray. Kentucky; B.S.. Physical Education and History; Delta Alpha; " M " Club, President; Vets Club. Treasurer; Football: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. • JANE M. STEWART. Benton. Ky.; B.S.. Elementary Education; Signia Sigma Sigma; ACE.; Panhellenic Council; W.A.A.; Campus Lights; Campus Favorite 3. • KENNETH B. STINSON, Union City. Tenn.; B A, Chemistry and Mathematics; Scabbard and Blade; SAACS; Distinguished Militaiy Stu- dent. 4. • JERE C. STRIPLING. Newborn. Tenn ; B.S . Physical Education: ■M " Club. • GABE B. SUMMERS. Shepherdsville. Ky.; B.S . History. International Relations Club. • BOBBY W. SWEENEY. Greenville. Ky.; B.S.. Industrial Arts; Indus- trial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau. Second Row: • JAMES C. TALBOTT. Bardstown. Ky.; B S.. Physical Education and History; " M " Club; Basketball; Baseball. • ROBERT D. TAYLOR. Mayfleld. Ky.; B.S. Area in Business Edu- cation. JIMMY N. THOMPSON. Buchanan. Tenn.; B.S., Business Admin- istration. • ADAH R. THURSTEN. Paducah. Ky.; B.A.. Business; Business Club; Romance Language Club. • RUBE L. THURSTEN. Murray. Ky.; B.S. Area in Social Science; Vets Club; Business Club; Sailing Club; International Relations Club; Ordway Hall Council; German Club. • GEORGE H TODD. Clay. Ky.; B S.. Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau; Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade; Distin- guished Military Student. 4. • CHARLES H TOLLEY. Murray. Ky.; B.A.. Area in Social Science; Delta Alpha; Vets Club; International Relations Club; Last Resort; Intramurals. • BLANCHE P. TRAUGHBER. Franklin. Ky.; B.S.. Physical Education; W A A . Treasurer. . " !; Majorette; Campus Lights; Outstanding Freshman in Physical Education • SAM H. TRAUGHBER, Murray. Ky.; B.M.E.. Tnimpet; Phi Mu Al- pha. Treasurer 4. Dance Band; Band; Orchestra; Campus Lights. Chief Copyist. 3. 4; Student Organization. President. 4; Outstanding Man on Campus 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • PATRICIA D TULEY. Murray. Ky.: B M E.. Piano; A. Capel a. e uK First Row: . PATRICIA A. TWILLA. Dyersburg. Tenn.. B.M E., Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Club. • ERNEST W. UNDERWOOD. Murray. Kentucky. A.B.; Mathematics; Alpha Psi Omega. President. 4; Sock and Buskin. Vice-President. 4. . GEORGE W. VANOVER. Clay. Kentucky; B.S.. Area in Business Edu- cation; Tau Sigma Tau. Corresponding Secretary. 2, 3; Recording Sec- retary. 4. " Man of the Year. " 3; Business Club. Vice-President. 3. President 3; Shield Staff. Assistant Business Manager. 3. Business Man- ager. 4; Ordway Hall Council. 2; Baptist Student Union; Junior Class Secretary; " Outstanding Men on Campus. " 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. • RICHARD A. WALL. Paris. Tennessee; B.S., History and English; Vivace Club; SAACS; International Relations Club; Scabbard and Blade; Band. • CALVIN W. WALLS, Madisonville, Kentucky; B S., Physical Educa- tion; " M " Club; Water Carnival; Intramural Football and Basketball; Varsity Football and Baseball; Junior Varsity Basketball. Second Row: • NORBERT H. WALSH. Buffalo. New York; B.S.. Physical Education. • RANDALL L. WARD. Providence. Kentucky; B.S., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club, Vice-President. President; Epsilon Pi Tau. • JOE WARREN, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Physical Education and History; Delta Alpha; Last Resort; Baseball; Junior Varsity Basketball. • NORMA J. WARREN. Murray, Kentucky; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; A.C.E.; Alpha Beta Alpha. • FRANCIS B. WATROUS. New Hamburg. New York; B.S.. Elementary Education; A.C.E.; " M " Club; Basketball. Captain. 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. Third Row: • CURTIS W. WATTS, Madisonville, Kentucky; B.S., Area In Business Education; Business Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, 4. • DONNA SUE WELLS, Barlow, Kentucky; B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; Sock and Buskin. • WILLIAM M. WEST. Elkton. Kentucky; B.S.. Industrial Arts; Epsi- lon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club. • WILLIAM D. WHITE. Hopkinsville. Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Delta Alpha. Treasurer. 4; Scabbard and Blade, Cap- tain, 4; Business Club; Student Council Representative, 1, 2; Water Carnival; Ordway Hall Council; Junior Class President; Shield Staff; Baptist Student Union; Last Resort; " Outsanding Men on Campus, " 2. 3, 4; Intramural Basketball; Student Directory Staff; College Play, 1. • BILL DEE WHITLOW, Mayfield, Kentucky; B.S., Area in Business Administration; Business Club. First Row: • WILLIAM R. WHITLOW. Lynn Grove. Ky.: B.S.. Social Science Area. • MARGIE H. WHITMER. Louisville. Ky.; B.M.E., Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vivace Ckib; Phi Mu Band Vocalist. • AMBER WILLIAMSON. Kevil. Ky.; B.S.. Chemistry and Biology; SAACS. • DAVID B. WILSON. No. Arlington. N.J.; A B.. English. Business, and Sociology; Romance Language Club; Vets Club; Sock and Buskin. Treas- urer; 4; Delta Alpha. Corresponding Secretary. 4; Lambda Iota Tau. Secretary. 4; Alpha Psi Omega. Vice-President. 4; Last Resort. Direc- tor 4; President Senior Class. • JAMES W. WILSON. Masonic Home, Ky.; B.A.. Chemistry and Biol- ogy; Delta Alpha; SAACS; Student Council; B.S.U. Council; Biology Club; College News Staff; Shield Staff. Photographer; Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore R.OT.C. Cadet. Second Row: • CHARLES A. WIMAN. Mayfield. Ky ; B.S.. Buiines.i Educa:ion: Vets Club; Business Club. • SHIRLEY A. WIMAN. Dublin. Ky.; B.M.E., Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; A Capella; Vivace Club; Girls Quartet; Campus Lights: All American Concert; Madrigal Singer. . KENNETH W. WINTERS. Marion. Ky.; B.S.. Area in Industrial ArU; Industrial Arts Club. Secretary. 3; Epsilon Pi Tau; Scabbard and Blade. Executive Officer. 4; Distinguished Military Student. • DONALD K. WOOD, Cadiz. Ky.; B.S., Physical Educaion and Busi- ness; Busi ness Club. • SARA JO WRIGHT. Louisville. Ky.; B.S., Home Economic:; Sigma Sigma Sigma; German Club; Speech Club; Delta Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U. ; Home Economics Club, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Kentucky ' s Delegate to National Home Economics Convention. Third Row: . THOMAS M. ZACHARY. Hanson. Ky.; B.S., Area in Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; VeLs Club. etvuK 0 , a ® Y e U % ■Qea- e -O-O ' «. ' G ' s fe ' " " " ' are o e tve J?- ' ? vie 10 ,Ml S en ' go ' f } oi ' ' omecoi?] •lit:. •■ ' B JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Holmes Ellis President Joan Shell Secretary Don Sparks Vice-President Mary Nell McCain Treasurer Our junior year we begin to realize that if we ' re to reach our goal, we must work hard and play less. We wonder where all of our time went and wish we could make up for time lost forever. We feel a bit uneasy when we stop to think that next year we ' ll be seniors. But now we ' re busy making sure that our dream of graduating will come true. First Row: IlAKRV W. Abei.l Brookport, 111. Barbara Jo Ai.exaxoer Mayfield, Ky. KoBBV Alexander Mayfield, Ky. James E. Ai.exasder Crescent City, Cal. Pecov Ai.i.en Cadiz, Ky. Sebree J. Ai.i.EX Kevil, Ky. James E. Axdersox Providence, Ky. Ted B. cwei.[ Sedalia, Ky. Sharon Bai.i.aro Mt. Morris, 111. Second Row: Jack Barsard Savannah, ( la. Norma Barton Mayfield, K . SiE Beasi.ev Reed, Ky. Ar.ATHA Bennett Vin}»o, Ky. EimiE V. Berry Paris, Tenn. Frank Berry Henderson, Ky. Frances Beyer Padiu-ah, Ky. Beitie Murray, Ky. Ht.iT Boxdl ' RANt Murray, Ky. Third Row: Jack Boswei.i Dupo, III. Davk Bonos Gary, Ind. II. B. Brady Russrllville, Ky. Brandstatter Smithland, Ky. Donald Breeder Waveily, Tenn. Priscilla Brinkley Clinton, Ky. Basiel C. Brooks Mayfield, Ky. El REDA Brown Hazel, Ky. Kvn s II. Brown Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: 1.01 IS V. Brow K Providence, Ky. Bn.i.v Bryan Benton, Ky. CiiARMAiNE Bryant St. Louis, Mo. CoRiXNE Blrch Paducah, Ky. RAY.MOND Byars Benton, Ky. Dolores Byrn VVingo, Ky. Ci.ATis Cagi.e .Alamo, Tenn. Cheryl Cain Paducah, Ky. Dan Cain Almo, Ky. U N I O R U N I O R First Row: Robert Campbell Greenville, Ky. TOMMYE Campbell Murray, Ky. Lloyd Canter Murray, Ky. Joe R. Carpenter Murray, Ky. Jim Carter Fulton, Ky. James H. Cathev Benton, Ky. Tommy Charles Hopkinsville, Ky. JoHV L. Clark Clay, Ky. Judy Clayton ' Holly Springs, Miss. Second Row: H arbara Cooley Clinton, Ky. Harry L. Compton Evansville, Ind. Mary A. Cooper New Albany, Ind. Nancy Coth am Murray, Ky. 1) AN ' Cowherd Hopkinsville, Ky. I.ARRY Crabtree Hopkinsville, Ky. Eddie Craio Ennis, Ky. Karen Crank Effingham, III. Sam Crass Murra -, Ky. Third Row; Bob Craven Fulton, Ky. Billy Creamer Lafayette, Ky. Dolores Creasev Princeton, Ky. Thomas E. Crider Marion, Kv. Michael Croghan Caimi, 111. Kenneth Crotser Jov, Kv. Nancy Cummins Arlington, Ky. Randa Cunningham Murray, Ky. Thomqs Darnall Hornbcck, Tcnn. Fourth Row; Judy Darnell Paducah, Ky. L. B. Daughert - Clinton, Ky. J ACQUELiN Davidson Murray, Ky. Bill Davis Old Hickory, Tenn. Jakes Dawes Fulton, Ky. Donald DeLabar Northampton, Pa. CjLenn E. Dexter Paducah, Ky. Owen Dillon Dover, Tenn. Lobuw Dobrowoi.ska Philadelphia, Pa. I0ff f " , ' First Row: I ' kkrv I.iH Hoc KINS, Jr Murray, Ky. RozEXE Dowdy Murray, Ky. Edgar Drake Elyria, Ohin Arnold J. Duxcav Lo«es, Ky. Wanda Jean Dunning Crofton, Ky. Marion Lee F.akin Henderson, Ky. Donald D. Edwards Dcpoy, Ky. Bldde Ecner Benton, Ky. Doris Eli Crofton, Ky. Second Row: Jo . n Ki.kins Murray, K . Holmes Ellis, Jr Murray, Ky. Carol Sue Empson Pontiac, Mich. Joel Evans Mayfield, Ky. Ann Evlar Ab.-rdeen, Ohio James E. Farris Murray, K. . Carl Helmar, N.J. Frank Feiock McLeansboro, 111. Edw ARD Ferguson Murray, Ky. Third Row: Shirley Ferguson Camde ' i, Tenn. Blanche Floyd Mayfield, Ky. Don Ford Cairo, HI. H. W. Ford Calvert City, Ky. Carl Fortner : Fulton, Ky. Danny Franklin Clay, Ky. Esther Frederick Providence, Ky. Ken Fuller Paducah, Ky. Sue Fuller Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: BoiuiiE E. Fulton Reed, Ky. Harry Furches Murray, Ky. Jerry CJamble Earlington, Ky. Vm. Morris Gardner Smiihland, Ky. Bill Garland Calvert City, Ky. Elizabeth Gehrs Fcstus Mo. Veta Gentry Hopkinsville, Ky. Margery Gepner Paducah, Ky. Harold Gibson Hebbardsville, Ky. U N I O R A 53 JUNIOR A First Row: Ai, CJioRDANO Farmingdale, N.V. Nancv Grak St. Louis, Mo. Carol Grainger Paducah, Ky. EiEANOR (Jreenkield Murray, Ky. Mary Jean Greer West Paducah, Ky. Herman Grimmiit Murray, Ky. Robert Haggard Arlington, Ky. John Hai.i, . . ., Lumbercon, N.C. LvDiA Hai.i Albemarle, N.C. Second Row: RoDNEV Hai.l Mayfield, Ky. Eleanor Hargis Fulton, Ky. William L. Harp Mayfield, Ky. Bk i-n Harris Elkton, Ky. Barbara O ' Nan Hart Sturgis, Ky. Linda Haskins Hopkiiisville, Ky. Eugenia Heilbron Lexington, Ky. Cecil Henderson Hopkiusville, Ky. Zona Henderson Hopkinsville, Ky. Third Row: Charles Hendricks Paducah, Ky. DuANE Hendrickson Mayfield, Ky. Henley West Frankfort, 111. Rodney Herrold Paducah, Ky. WiLMA Higdon Slaughters, Ky. Randall Higcins Trenton, Ky. James T. Hinds Benton, Ky. Patsy Hines Paducah, Ky. Mar-n- Ann Hinkle Fulton, Ky. Fourth Row: Larry Hopkkvs Wingo, Ky. Carolyn Houston Herrin, 111. Gail Hughes Knoxville, Tenn. Billy Bob Kaler C linton, Ky. Barbara Kauth Paducah, Ky. James C. Keei Pensacola, Fla. FoNciENE Keene Union City, Tenn. Bobby Key Murray, Kv. Kathryn Korte Metropolis, 111. kJtMiui M Jui ' im First Row: Mack Run- rz Dixon, Ky. John Kuvkendai.l Providence, Ky. Betty Lacy Fulton, Ky. James Lawrence Cadiz, Ky. Jackson Lawson Murray, Ky. Herbert Lax Paducah, Ky. Jeff Lester Kulton, Ky. loNA LnxTHHEi I) Hopkinsville, Ky. Lavona LnciiFiKi.i) Ilnpkinsvillc, Ky. Second Row: Hobby O. Locke Murray, Ky. John F. Loftus Princeton, Ky. Carolyn Lowe Lowes, Ky. Brao Llckett Milan, Tenn. Jo An n Luther Wingo, Ky. Bill Y Carrolton, Ky. Edward R. Paducah, Ky. Harry L. Mack Iron Mountain, M». Howard Martin Crofion, K . Third Row: Joii N A. Matihews Sikeston, Mo. BuRi.EY Mathis Berkley, Ky. Nancy P. Melvin Mayfield, Ky. Frank Murray, Ky. Perry Mills Clinton, Ky. Jackie Mitchell Paducah, Ky. Ann B. Moore Dixon, Ky. Duke Morgan Paducah, Ky. Thomas Morris Buchanan, Tenn. Fourth Row: Piiji.ip H. Murdock Murray.Ky. Wallace Murphy Hickory, Ky. Roger E. Myers Carmi, III. John R. McCain Paris, Tenn. Mary Nell McCain Hopkinsville, Ky. Dan McCai.i Sedalia, Ky. Charles McGaw Dixon, Ky. J1M.MIE McGee Paris, Tenn. Margaret McOhee Bronkport, III. JUNIOR A 55 U N I O R First Row: McKixxev Sniithlnnd, Ky. BoR McLemore Calvert City, Ky. Gerald F. McMaster Ocean Grove, N.J. Carl K. McMurrv Cayce, Ky. James E. McNeelv Mayfield, Ky. Gene Nelson- Chicago, III. James Newcomb Flat River, ;o. Sue Nicholls 0« ea horo, Ky. Suzanne Nix Murray, Ky. Second Row: (Jeorce Nolan Neptune City, N.J. Jean Norman Detroit, Mich. RiCH. ' RD NoRRis Harrisburg, III. Virginia Noreh Paducah, Kv. Jim Nunn Philadelphia, Pa. Patrick O ' Connei.i Louisville, Ky. ' a 1)A Oliver Wingo, Ky. Milton Otev Melher, Ky. Marv Ann Owens Paducah, Ky. Third Row: John B. Parks Mayfield, Ky. Buddy Parrish Paducah, Ky. Jeanette Paschali Murray, Ky. Bill Paseur Paducah, Ky. James C. Pickens Marion, Ky. Gloria Plvmale Princeton, Ky. Thomas Poe Benton, Ky. Nora Poi.i.ev Dixon, Ky. Susan Pollock West Frankfort, III. Fourth Row: Jack Powell Troy, Ala. Charlotte Price Paducah, Ky. Sara Price Clay, Ky. Janice Quirev Slaughters, Ky. James E. Radcliffe Salem, Ky. James W. Ravburn Benton, Ky. Herman R. Reno Paducah, Ky. Charles Reynolds Earlingion, Kv, Elton Rikel Paducah, Ky. First Row: (H AKi Hs R. RuKi 1 Si)uthamptoM, Pa. Martha Paducah, Ky. l.oLZAKE ROBINSOV Biirna, Ky. Harold Rom aixe LaCeiitcr, Ky. Sammv Roxk Alamo, Tenn. ( " .KNE P. Sammoxs Murray, Ky. Charles Sau er Fulton, Ky. DovLE Schmidt Princeton, Ind. Bit.LiE Hi ' CH SciLLiAx Evansville, Ind. Second Row: Shaw Rus ellvillc, Ky. Ji E SiiEKKER Clay, Ky. Jo Ann ' SuEi.r Murray, Ky. Mary Sims Kevil, Ky. II ARVEV Skipworiii Grecnville, Ky. Monroe Sloan Paducah, Ky. liKNE C. Smith Benton, Ky. llARRiETfE Anne S.mith Sturgis, Ky. Marv C. Smith Li)ui ville, Ky. Third Row: Nancy Smi™ Fariningion, Ky. n AVID Spahr Cadiz, Ky. James Spexce Riple.v, Tenn. Linda Sue Stephenson Paducah, Ky. Norma Stratton Sharon . Grove, Ky. Mary Martha Street Murray, Ky. Qlitm AN SuLLlNs Luxora, Ark. Robert Harold Sullivan Mayficid, Ky. William C. Sullivan Mayfitld, Ky. Fourth Row: Thomas Tapp Cla , Ky. Margaret Tarry Murray, Ky. Barbara Taylor Murray, Ky. Norma Gail Thomas Hopkin ville, Ky. Nancy Thompson Hazel, Ky. Re.v a. Thompson Hodgcnville, Ky. Buddy Lee Tibbs Hardwcll, Ky. Philip Tibbs Mayfield, Ky. Robert Town Eddwillc, Kv. U N I O K A JUNIOR L A First Row: Ai liKs li. Travis Kuttawa, Ky. NR-nc)i. s Trignaso , Nutley, N.J. JnvcK Tlmmixs Nashville, Tenn. John O. Turner Drakesboro, Ky. Robert I ' sery Mayfield, Ky. CJi.ADA Vaughn Maury City, Tenn. Ted V ' aughn Murray, Ky. John V. Via Wiiigo, Ky. Rov Vincent Dukedom, Tenn. Second Row: Ceorge W ' ai.drop Murray, K . Gi.enn W ' ai.drop Murray, Ky. G. W. Walker Calvert City, Ky. El) Wai.poie Lakevviirth, Fla. James Lerov Walters Lacenter, Ky. James Walter Karnak, 111. Sara Ward Paducah, Ky. Sue Warmath Farmington, Ky. Nancy Susan Wedei Heath, Ky. Third Row: Hon Weils Bells, Tenn. Robert Wilkerd Murray, Ky. DwiCHT Wilkinson Gilbertsville, Ky. Jo Ann Williams Memphis, Tenn. James W. Wilson Hickman, Ky. Jerrv Winder Manteno, III. James Windsor Fulton, Ky. Edward A. Wiser Murray, K . Alfred G. Witt Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: .Ann Wolfe Cadiz, Ky. Mildred Anne Wood Cadiz, K . Edward Woosi.ev Ponca City, Okla. Shirle-s- Marie Wright Uninu Ci y, Tenn. Gerald D. Yates Wingo, Ky. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Joe Darnali President Carolyn Holmes Secretary Donald Lawson Vice-President Jane Sheli Treasurer We ' re back once more to continue the rugged climb we began last vear. No longer are we inexperienced freshmen, but are now confident sophomores ready to tackle whatever comes our way. The road still looks long and bumpy, but with each passing year we are coming closer and closer to our goal. 59 SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Kkvxeth Clay Adams Mayfield, Kv. Waltrr Adams Cadiz, Ky. W ' li.i.iAM K. Adams Lone Oak, Ky. Barbara Air.EX Model, Tenn. Joan n a Ai.lbri ' iten Murray, Ky. KrvNEMi Ai.mon Earlington, Ky Rkoina Ai.DERsoN Paducah, Ky. Ai.i.iE AsDERSON Cadiz, K . Rai.I ' ii K. Anderso.v Pembrnke, K . Second Row: Charles Andrews F-jltim, Ky. KliNNETH ArFLACK ' I ' lilll, Ky. Alice Arneit Muira , K . William Coy Arneit Maylield, K . I ' lDELiA Austin " Murray, K . I ' liILLIP Back Croftmi, Ky. Cene Bailev New Concurd, Ky. CJrace Hailev Oueushdro, Ky. Bettv |o ce Baker Owensborn, Kv. Third Row; Jane Baker Murray, Ky. Brenda Baker De:roit, Mich. Donnte Barlow Mayfield, Ky. An n Barnett Murray, Ky. Jqh n Bartee Trenton, Ky. Dee Barton Starkviile, Miss. Bud J. Baxter Dickson, Tenn. Don Be areteld Benton, Ky. Jack Bentlev Hendtrson, Ky. Fourth Row: Bob Billington Murray, Ky. James R. Bingha.m Kuttawa, Ky. Gerald T. Bird Fredericksburg, Va. Jack Blackburn Clay, Ky. Sammy Blankenship Mt. Vernon, Ind. Shirley Walker Blow Trezevant, Tenn. Fred Davis Blume Mayfield, Ky. Robert Boaz Fulton, Ky. Sidney Boone Pari , Tenn. M % First Row: Sle Hooxe Aherilecii, Miss David Vm. Bowki.i La Piirte, Iiul Gi.EX BowEx CcMtarl ( ' it , K Rebecca Joax Bovvker Murray, Ky Barbara Bradex Louisville, Ky Gerald Bradley Hickman, Ky Beverley Brawxer Murray, K KErriE Brazzeli Cliiitnn, K Ki) vARi I.EE Brooks F.arliiigtnn, Ky Third Row: Margie Btkion litaver Dam, Ky. Marilyx Bl n.ER Fulton, Ky. Olean BuriERWORTH Murray, Ky. James A. Calhoux Canton, Ky. William H. Camero.x Graccy, Ky. Walter Caxxox Kuttawa, Ky. Norma Sue Carx al Slaughters, Ky. Harvey Carr Cadiz, Ky. . ' Vxx Carter Eddyvillc, Ky. Second Row: Cevili.a Browx Beech Grove, Ky. DoRRis Wavxe Browxixc Earlington, Ky. JAXE Browx Barduell, Ky. Mildred F.i.aixe Browx Hanson, Ky. David Bri ' ce Maylicld, Ky. Dox Ai.o Bruce Paducah, Ky. Patsy Buchaxax Murray, Ky. Cyxthia Blrcess Clinton, Ky. Charles A. Birxs Cavce, Ky. loin til How: JAXET Casper Ft. I.auderdab, Fla. Jimmie Catleti ' F ' rinceton, Ky. James Cato Gorcville, 111. Mary E. Kuttawa, Ky. Tommy Dixon, Ky. George Cheatham Louisville, Ky. Philip O. Chesser ' ero Beach, Fla. Shirley Joyce Chiles Murray, Ky. CORBEIT D. Clark Providence, Ky. S O P 11 O M O U E CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Danw Clark Clay, Ky. jA.viKS D. Clayton- Princeton, Ky. Charles H. Cobb Union City, Tenn. CiLXRiEs Coleman ' Murray, Ky. Rich Coleman Pittsburgh, Penn. SiiKLBV CoLLEV Farmington, Ky. WiLLUM CoRNEiT Mayfield, Ky. HoHBV Dale Corn.vian Maylield, Ky. Tom Corum Madisoiiville, Ky. Second Row: Sterling Covvcer Carrier Mills, 111. Larrv Joe Cook Napoleon, Ohio Ma.v W. Cook Murray, Ky. Charles A. Cooper Hickman, Ky. Edwin Cooper La Center, Ky. Erdice C(X)PER Union City, Tenn. TiiuRMAN Craddock Hickman, Ky. Mary Sue Crafton Dawson Springs, Ky. Annetle Crawford Lynn Grove, Ky. Third Row: Zane Cunningham Murray, Ky. Carolyn Janette Curd Hazel, Ky. Joe D arnall Benton, Ky. Edna Darnell Murray, Ky. Terry- Darnell Hornbeak, Tenn. Elvin Partenheimer Sidell, III. Carolyn Davenport Hopkinsvllle, Ky. Frank C. Davis Mayfield, Ky. Jack E. Davenport Madismiville, Ky. Fourth Row: William C. Dew Hopkinsvllle, Ky. Jean Dick Murray, Ky. Don Dincwerth Okawville, III. William Distel Indianapolis, Ind. Edgar Doores Kirksey, Ky. William Dresback Monticello, III. Alice Duke Hartford, Ky. Scott Dunn Detroit, Mich. Charles B. Dunoy Paducah, Ky. First Row: Jim EAKI.E Sidtll, 111. George Easi.ev Fulton, Ky. James A. Eix;ar De Sloge, Mo. Gerai.i) Edmunds New Haven, 111. Marsha Edwards Greenville, Ky. CiiARMK Eider Princeton, Ky. Jo . ss Ei.DHR Oawsoii Springs, Ky. Margaret Rlth Adkixs Elder Murray, Ky. Oi.ETA Ei.Kixs New Concord, Ky. Second Row: Kennkih Emerson ' Ma tii Id, K . RuiiARD Emerson MayticUl, K . ' kr a Emerson Owensboro, Ky. Rii Kv Emery Daytona Beach, Fla. El, MO Emily Henderson, Ky. J wn.LE English Smithland, Ky. I ' A 1 RICIA EsTES Owensboro. Ky. K. M. Evans Paducah, Ky. lovcE Evans Mayfield, Ky. Third Row: miMM. l ' . s Paducah, Ky. Willis Waldo Evans Benton, Ky. Everett EwEi.t, Dyer, Tenn. Janet Lou FEi.n- Greenville, Ky. Jerry Wayne Fei ty Greenville, Ky. PoKiiiA Ferguson Murray, Ky. R(ii HV FiNLEY Simpsoiiville, Ky. Hklck Firestone Brooklyn, N.V. . NA Mae Florence Louisville, Ky. Fourth Row: Hk itv Foust Murray, Ky. RoiiERT Fow LER Sharpe, Ky. Bobby Francis Cadiz, Ky. Lindsay Freeman Ilopkinsville, Ky. Bob Garner Hoopeston, III. Robert (Jarv Louisville, Ky. Frank (Jerrain Athens, N.V. Charlie Gibbs Corbin, Ky. |oK 11 A C ' iIBSon Greenville, Ky. SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: W ' li.MAM J. (jiBSOX Murray, Ky. Harrv Gilbkrt Paducah, Ky. Jove Gii.key Nortonville, Ky. Don Gipe O " ensboro, Ky. Waiter Glass Arlington, Ky. SiiEi.nv ' C Charleston, Mo. A . (JoRCZYNSKi Buffalo, N.Y. .Marsiiai.l (Iordov Kevil, Ky. Si ' E Grabi.e Lakeland, Fla. Second Row: RosEMAKV HiviNS GrAi Greenville, Ky. Marv Gregory Oakridge, Tenn. S. R. Gregory Calvert City, Ky. .Martin- CJriffin Old Hickory, Tenn. Rilharu Grocan Hazel, Ky. Marie Grubbs Paducah, Ky. Don Gunter Murray, Ky. James N. Hahn Greenville, Ky. James Halstenberg Karnak, 111. Third Row: El) Hamilton- Sumner, 111. J.4CKIE Hancock Onton, Ky. Sue Harding Cottage Grove, Tenn. Randall Harper Hickory, Ky. Phillip Harreli Murray, Ky. William Harrington Owensboro, Ky. Earl Harris Cerulean, Ky. Margaret Harrison Murray, Ky. Wayxe Harvey Smithland, Ky. Fourth Row: Frederic Hatcher Benton, Ky. Don R. Hayes Crofion, Ky. Betty ' Hendershot Evansville, Ind. Martha Heilman Louisville, Ky. Jane Henderson Mayfield, Ky. Yvonne Henn Paducah, Ky. Donald Henry- Murray, Ky. CJerald Henry Kutta va, Ky. Larry- Henson Flora, 111. , . " ■J l TJItr ' tW MmdMMm jf. First Row: K i Hkitincer Monticc ' llo, III. I MKs Hicks Waveriy, Tenn. I AMKs W. Hicks Paducah, Ky. Hoiiin HicciNS Slaughters, Ky. OicKiK IlicciSBoniAM Wickliff, Ky. . i CK Mill MorganKnvn, Ky. Owio llii.i Mayfield, Ky. liiM Hicks Murray, Ky. c;k( k ;ia k Hirsi Padiicali, Ky. Soco d Row: Wii I lAM P. Hobus Niw llaviMi, 111. J I 1)1111 HODOKS Krvil, K . (ARoi.vx Holmes Louisville, Ky. I,K All HoPKixs Murray, Ky. Hii.i V HnsFORi) Murray, Ky. I.ARKv H:)SrORi) Murray, Ky. II Ai. HoLSTox Murray, Ky. RiiFiKR r T. Howard Mayfield, Ky. Rii III 1lMlK s Paris, Tenn. Third Row: Naslv Ik n IHR Morgaiificid, Ky. F.i.MA IIuxn.EY Almo, Ky. Bii.LiE Jacobs Paducah, Ky. Jn . ' x Jackson- Providence, Ky. Wii r.u: F. J.acksos Dexter, Ky. ( ). J . J ES- NINGS Murray, Ky. I.ons Jeter Covington, Tenn. Nascv jEiTov Murray, Ky. Caroi, Johnson- Central City, Ky. Koin til |{ » : l.hi.AM) Ross Johnson- J " Ppa, 111. Judy John ' S-ion- Lawrenceville, III. Louis Joiner Almo, Ky. ( " lUV Joi.i.v McQuady, Ky. Anna Mae Jones Depoy, Ky. Lawrence D. Jones Murray, Ky. OvLE Jones Hopkinsville, Ky. Sandra Jones Holt, Mich. Ben Helen Joyce Golden Pond, Ky. SOPHOMOKE I CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Jkrrv Don ' Kai.f.r Symsonia, Ky Joyce Ann Ke nnedy Lola, Ky. Hryce Kepi.ey Murray, Ky, Frank Kepley Grayville, 111, Frances Kerrick Madisonville, Ky, Louise Kershaw Gadsden, Ala, Evelyn Kesi erson Mayfield, Ky, Jewell King Cadiz, Ky. Johnny ' £. King Paducah, Ky. Second Row: Mir.i.iCEXT King Herriii, 111, William M. Kirk Paducah, Ky, Janie Kirksey Madisonville, Ky, Robert Kuykendali West Paducah, Ky, F.DWIN Lacy Hopkinsville, Ky. Sam Lander Hopkinsville, Ky. Jeax LaNeve Sturgis, Ky. MiKK Lam; Charleston, IV.o. DoNNiE Lawson Hopkinsville, Ky. Third Row: James E. Lawson Winston-Salem, N.C. Donald L. Lax Buchanan, Tenn. Billy C. Liles Humboldt, Tenn. Howard Linder Long Branch, N.J. Laura Link Salisbury, N.C. George Locke Central City, Ky. Paul D. Logan Hickman, Ky. Wanda London Cubrun, Ky. Patsy Long Milburn, Ky. Fourth Row: Jo Ann Lorenze E. St. Louis, III. James Lovan O wensboro, Ky. Willie Luther Camden, Tenn. Marily ' N Mahan Mayfield, Ky. Larry Mahurin Onton, Ky. Eloise Mann Paris, Tenn. Ronald Marchant West Palm Beach, Fla. Robert March Benton, Ky. Doris Jean Marten Owensboro, Ky. 1-M First Row; I.KWis Martik Hopkinsville, Ky. Pan Matthews South Bend, Iiid. Lerov Mattikgly Hawesville, Ky. Clyde Maxwell Sharon Grove, Ky. ViRfiiMA Meador Tco.tsviile, Ky. James E. Meadows Murray, Ky. Marcia Mee . ch Cincinnati, Ohin Pall Melton Camden, Tcnn. I is Brenda Miller Louisville, Ky. Second Row: Km Lv Joe Milver Clinton, Ky. JiDV Lowe Milxer Lowes, Ky. Kenneth Mitchell Cadiz, Ky. Bob Moeller Evansville, Ind. Dorothy E. Moore Hopewell, Va. James M. Moore Hopewell, Va. Constance Morl rtv Henderson, Ky. Clavde Mortov Paducah, Ky. Jean Moibray Murray, Ky. Third Row: Peggy Mi rphey Greenville, Ky. Herschel Myers WicklifFe, Ky. Carol J. McAnally Paducah, Ky. Richard McAnulty Union City, Tenn. JLDV McBride Rock Hill, N.C. J. C. McCaleb Benton, Ky. Robert McCann Warren, R.L I ' atsy McKenzie Murray, Ky. Jenei.en McKinney Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Hobby McClellan Fulton, Ky. William McCombs Mayfield, Ky. Jerry McConnell Marion, Ky. Georgia McCutcheon Carrier Mills, lU. Charles McMullin Hickman, Ky. Bobby McWherter Jackson, Tenn. Tom Nelson Paducah, Ky. Charles Nichow Dawson Springs, Ky. Jerry Noffei Fulton, Ky. SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Mariansf Noi.AM) Springfield, Teiiii. Amelia Odle Senath, Mo. Cr,ARF.KCE Olsen Earlington, Ky. Gerald O ' Neal Marion, Ky. Hill Outland Murray, Ky. Ann Overby Murray, Ky. Bob Overby . ' Murray, Ky. Don Overhv Murray, Ky. Joel Owens Paris, Tenn. Second Row: Martha Owen Owensb oro, Ky. Janice Ozment Mayfield, Ky. Johnnie Parker Brewers, Ky. Marian Parks Mayfield, Ky. Nancy Joan Paschall Paris, Tenn. Bobby Pate Murray, Ky. Peggy Pa iierson New Concord, Ky. Charlotte Pennebaker Paducah, Ky. Pat Perdew Frankfort, Ky. Third Row: Cii.Ains Perdl E Paducah, K . Gordon Perry St. Petersburg, Fla. Richard W. Perry Monticello, 111, James Petts- Murray, Ky. Wanda Phelps Fredonia, Ky. Jerry Phillips Rumsey, Ky. Jo Ann Phillips Paducah, Ky. Bill Pickens Dyersburg, Tenn. Jo Ann Pierce Hopkinsville, Ky. Fourth Row: Harmon Pierce Fulton, Ky. William G. Pierce Mayfield, Ky. Jere Picue Fulton, Ky. A. D. Pollock Greenville, Ky. Linda Posixewaite Robards, Ky. Billy C. Pride Clay, Ky. Joe Prince Crossville, 111. l oNAi.D W. Prior Drakcsboro, Ky. Mackie Pl cKErr Mayfield, Ky. f fSi ' ' , First Row: Wis TA Jane Plckett Lnwes, Ky. Ci.EATES PuRDV Madisoiiviile, Kv. Roberta M. Queexer Harlan, Kv. Vance Ram age Burna, Ky. John- Randolph Cadiz, Ky. llAROi.f) E. Reeder Mt. N ' ernon, III. Ji i.iA Reeves Hcnton, Ky. Ciiico Reyes E. Chicago, Iiul. Ai.BiN L. Reynolds Madisonville, Ky. Second Row: I.INDA RiKiADS HdidcTson, Ky. I1l na Rhodes Paris, Teiiii. VViLt.ARD Rice Fulton, K. . Phillip E. Rich Barlow, Ky. Tommy Richardson Nc " ' Johnsonvillc, Tiiiii Ml-rrei.l Richman Murray, Ky. John A. Roark Murray, Ky. . n n a Beth Roberts Murray, Ky. Bill Roberts Murray, Ky. Third Row: Carolyn Roiikkis I ' ulton, Ky. Fred Roberts Union City, Tenn. c;len Roberts Fulton, Ky. Jerry Roberts Murray, Ky. Wendell Roberts Benton, Ky Dolores Ross Hickman, Ky. C7AYLE Ross Paris. Tenn. Fain I,. RusSEi Kevil, Ky. Jim Sanders Louisville, Ky. Fourth Row: Patsy Saneord Wingo, Ky. Halyna Savvczak Phiiadclpliia, Pa. Jane Scates Murray, Ky. l.ARRY Schmidt Mt- Vernon, 111 Larry Scoit Marion, Ky. Raymond Scott Crossville, III. Ciii.BERT Sears Ferguson, Ky. Harold W. Seaton Dawson Springs, Ky. Rl Til . n n Seai Benton, Ky. SOPHOMOKE CLASS 69 SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Barbara Jank Shell Murray, Ky. V ' ern Shinall St. Louis, Mo. Herniece Shobe Mayfield, Ky. Viola Silverman Louisville, Ky. Marv Amv Simpson Cayce, Ky. Dick Skok Hunlocks Creek, Pa. Annie K. Smith Lynnville, Ky. Frances Smith Franklin, Ky. Kevneih Smith Grindstnne, P:i. Second Row: Lawrence S.mith Dawson Springs, Ky. Richard C. Smith Asbury Park, N.J. Mac Smotherm an Murray, Ky. Bon Sproui Louisville, Ky. Bertha Spurlin White Plains, Ky. LouETTA Stamper Grahn, Ky. Charles Stahi Benton, Ky. Bob Street Murray, Ky. Carol Steinfeld Madisonville, Ky. Third Row: Fkei) Stephens ■. .Ridgely, Tenn. Wii.LARD Stice Paducah, Ky. Martha Stinson Elkton, Ky. Joe O. Stones Bells, Tenn. Kay Story Murray, Ky. Frederick Strope Pittsburg, Kan. Paul E. Sullivan Princeton, Ky. William Sullivan Kutta«a, Ky. Charles Tabor Marion, Ky. Fourth Row: Eva Dean Tacue Owensboro, Ky. Nancy Taylor Hazel, Ky. Patsy Lou Teague Kuttawa, Ky. Frank Thompson Paris, Tenn. Martha Thompson Benton, Ky. Sara Tichenor Taylorsville, Ky. Eddie Timmons Murray, Ky. Wayne Tolen Brookport, 111. Carolyn Torian Paducah, Ky. i V " ' . . M. JM d:M i j,MmM Jk First Row: Bull I IIWKRV Barbara Trainer . . . MlIDRKD TrALGHBER Al.BERTA TroLSDAI.E Marv Lou Tuot.i.e . . Donna Tick Linda M. Tucker . . . Pllll.r.lP ISREV Jim ' ades Second Row: (lARV Vaughn Lahanna Vaughn . . Charles Wade Jerry Wade Barbara Walker . . . Charles L. Walker Martha Walker . . . Beth- Jo Walt JiMMiE Sue Ward . . . . .St. Joseph, Kv. ...Bardwill, Ky. . . . .Paducah, Ky. .Lvnn Grove, Kv. ......Cadiz, Ky. Murray, Ky. Murrav, Kv. . ...Mayfield, Ky. .Najhville, Tcnii. Gorcvillf, III. . Maiirv Citv, Teiin. ' ..Cadi , K . Paducah, Ky. Paducah, Ky. . . .Calvert City,Ky. Haoson, Ky. . . . .OwcDsboro, Ky. ... Providence, Ky. Third Row: Ji HN W.viEKS MayHe ' d, Ky. Klizabeth Webb Arlington, Ky. Nanc - Webb Mayfield, Ky. BiLLV Welch Nortonville, Ky. Bobby R. Wells Wickliffe, Ky. Don Welcome Long Branch, N. J. Jui.iANNE West Memphis, Tenn. Nancy Westerfield Hartford, Ky. Gale Wetzei Rumsey, Ky. Fourth Row: Nanc Marii; Wheeler James Phillip White . Beverly White Richard Whitsett . . . . Charles Wicklietk . .E. St. Louis, III. .... Fulton, Ky. . . .Murray, Ky. . . Princeton, Ky. .Paducah, Ky. Ki.ANOR Wii.kerson Dixon, Ky. Ralph Wii.kerson Bells, Tenn. Sharon Wilkins Paducah, Ky. BErn- Jean Williams Stanley, Ky. Fifth Row: Wai.i.v Williams Louisville, Ky. Clara Ann Wilson Murray, Ky. Derrel Wilson Hazel, Ky. F.rnest Wilson Morpanfield, Ky. Robert Wilson Princeton, Ky. Ronnie Wilson Princeton, Ky. Sue Wilson Golden Pond. Ky. Jackie Winders Mortons Gap, Ky. Mildred Wood Henderson, Ky. .Sixth Row: Casper Wooten . . . Ol.l.lE WORLEY Bobby Workman . . . Kennneth B. Wrav Bill Wyatt Bill Wyatt . . . .Carmi, III. . . .Fulton, Ky. . .Murray, Ky. . . .Wingo, Ky. .Mayfield, Ky. .Paducah, Ky. S O P H O M O U E CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Shields President Nelda Bratcher Secretary Charles Pitchford Vice-President Jerry Crider Treasur Freshmen and frustration go hand in hand. Standing in line, Kangaroo Kourt, term papers, and ph; ' sical examinations are only a few of the annoyances of our first year. We are just beginning the steep, rugged climb that leads to our goal- that ticket to success — our diploma. First Row: JhKOMK AeUllSTO Clllllnll, K . Ai.oENK Adams M-t I " I I. Isaac Adams Mui i a , K . Sarah Alexander Marion, Ky. Bii.i.v Ai.r.nRiiTOX Hazel, Ky. JANKT Si E Am. EN Fulton, Ky. Will. IK .Ai.i.lsoN- Central Ci.y, Ky. TuiiA . i Mc Greenview, 111. (ii-RAiD .Ai.ins Murray, Ky. Second Row: Terrv Amiirosk Priiiuetuii, K . PoxAM) Anderson Dover, Tenn. IIiBKRT Anderson Hurklcy, Ky. Janice Armstrong Lynn Grove, K . Carol Arnold Murray, Ky. CrENEVA Arnold Murray, Ky. William . ' rrinoion Wickliffe, Ky. 1 hUKi 1 . ' niKR ion Owensboro, Ky. RovcE .AiKiNS HumhoMl, Tenn. Third Row: .Alma .-V iavood I ' aiUuah, Ky. Carolyn Sle Baker Cadiz, Ky. MoLi.iK Hakkr Hopkinsvillc, Ky. I ' MSI Uaker Burkcsville, K . llAK(iM) Barnes Mayfiild, Ky. Rail Ki) Barci A Arlington, Ky. C ' Balkcom Apopka, Fla. Sherry Barclay Lawrenceville, Ky. Barbara Barley Mayfie ' d, Ky. Fourth Row: James Barker Klizaluth (nvn, Ky. Wanda Barnes S.iU-m, K . Bobby Barneit Hardin, Ky. Jldv Barneit Murray, Ky. Joel Barreit Huntsville, Ind. David Barricer Apopka, Fla. Joyce Barton Mayficid, Ky. Ernestine Batten Paducah, Ky. Arthur J. Bauernfeind Nilis, Mich. FItESHMAN CLASS 73 FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Bii.l.v Bazzei.i Mishawaka, Iiul. Shannon- Bkasley Reed, Ky. Harry E. Beatiie Cincinnati, Ohio Mary Ann Beavers Sullivan, III. ' IRCINIA Beioi.eman Minneapolis, Minn. CtERAi.I) Bell Tupper Lake, N.Y. Marvin Beli Dawson Springs, Ky. Jimmy Benedict Wickliffe, Ky. Richard Benneit Fruitland, Tenn. Second Row: Donald Berry Morgaiihclii, Ky. Edward Berry Stnrgis, Ky. ToMMiE Berry Morganfield, Ky. Jo Ann Berryhill Arlington, Ky. TiiELM A Best O wensboro, Ky. Jerry Bibb Murray, Ky. Mary Bii.lincton Murray, Ky. Ted F. Bh.lington Murray, Ky. W ' lLDA BlaylOCK C!arkton, Mo. Third Row: Di.xiE Blessingame Hickman, Ky. Alec Bond I ' nion City, Tenn. Sharok Bond Detroit, Mich. William Bondurant Fulton, Ky. Sue Bowell La Porte, Ind. Floyd Bowen Central City, Ky. Sue Bowers Mayfield, Ky. Jerry Boyd Flora, III. Bobby Bradley ' Wingo, Ky. Fourth Row: Ted Bradley Cuba, Ky. Tom Brady Ful:on, Ky. Walter Brann Wingo, Ky. Nelda Bratcher Louisville, Ky. Jean Br.atcher Owensboro, Ky. Judith Bray Paducah, Ky. Denzil Bridges Cadiz, Ky. Preston Bridges Cadiz, Ky. Ann Brinkley Princeton, Kv. H9 First Row: Jim Brummai Clinton, Ky. jniiv Hroadbrnt Cerulean, Ky. Hkrrv V. Brooks, Jr Henderson, Ky. Kmvix Brooks Henderson, Ky. . Iki vix Brooks (Mllnrtsville, Ky. ( ' .FORCE Brolgii TON New Madrid, Mn. Hi: VERLV Broltin ' Sheffield, Ala. DAvm Browx Clinton, Ky. F.i.izABETH Brown Henton, Ky. Second Row: Pa ITI Brown Owensb oro, Ky. John R. Brown Cayce, Ky. ScoTiiE Brown Providence, Ky. James Brow ninc Central City, Ky. . h K A Bi CiiANAN Gary, Ind. Hir I V Blcy Paris, Tenn. I.ARRv BlGC Clinton, Ky. Wii.i.iA.M BiROlE Mayficld, Ky. J-VCQlEilNt BiRKKEN Murray, Ky. Third Row: Jane Burke • Paris, Tenn. Charlotte Burnett Mayfield, Ky. Evereit Burns Owensboro, Ky. James Burke Navhville, Tenn. Albert Bur ion Kutta wa, Ky. Ben V. Butler Mayfield, Ky. Lester Butler Mayfield, Ky. Lawrence Buzzerio Bethpage, N.V. Sue Cai.i Cotiatje drove, Tenn. Fourth Row: Walter Cameron Graccy, Ky. DoRLis Campbell Cadiz, Ky. Rita Daw son Springs, Ky. OoN AL» Canter Mayfield, Ky. Donald Carlisle Mayfield, Ky. Joseph M. Carlisle Charleston, Ky. Richard Car twright Hickman, Ky. Brenda Carver Evansville, Ind. Richard Caies Stiirgis, Ky. F R E S II Al A N CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: 1 1 RoLD Certain- Di- Koven, K . X ANCV CiiANDi.KR Kuttaua, Ky. I.[M A CnAi ' MAN Brownsville, Tenii. lldKis JixF C ' liARr TON- Springville, Teiui. II Ai ION ( " iiAKi.ioN Hazel, Ky. Kii.i.v Don C ' herrv Fulton, Ky. I su-K Childress Princeton, Ky. W ' CiiriTCN ' DEN Lola, Ky. jA.viES Clack Hickman, Ky. Second Row; Hi riA Clark Greenville, Ky. William R. Ci.iit Fredonia, Ky. Ki-Ts-i Ci.iNARi) Springfield, Tenn. Orvilll D. Clink Owensboro, Ky. Uari; AKA Cloys .Murrav , K . m ARi) L. Corns, Jr Heiulerson, K . I ' AIKRIA COL-HRANE Louisville, Kv. John Collins Elmira, N.V. Ro.viE Collins Sturgis, Ky. Third Row: Bill Co.mbs Benton, K. . Noel Conlev Attalla, Ala. Colleen Conner Owensboro, Ky. Sue Cook Owensboro, Ky. Jane Cooper Murray, Ky. ToMMVE Cooper La Center, Ky. Wii.DA Cooper New Albany, Ind. Neta Corbin Carmi, III. OuAiL CoRBiTT Paris, Tenn. Fourth Row: Michael Corne Hopkinsvil ' e, Ky. Joyce Cornman Murray, Ky. Joseph Cosentino Chicago, 111. Kristan Crane Effingham, 111. Hon All) Crawford Murray, Ky. Jerrv Crider Bells, Tenn. M ARciA Croce Asheville, N.C. James Crocker Fulton, Ky. Jimmy Croet Salem, Kv. f ' " , . t: f% ' f% k o, ' " MsiK i iM r i f " First Row: 1, C ' Rnicii Benton, Ky. Jm CH Crow K Owensboro, Ky. Ik AVK (iii.ivAX Indianapolis, Ind. M K| n ( " INMNGH AM Rddyvillc, Ky. Rdrfrt L. DA.VIICO Chicago, 111. Pat nASNKNFEi.SKR Louisville, Ky. Soi n Darnell Murray, Ky. .• Davis Murray, Ky. Ri III .Ann Davis Hani-bur , 111. Second Row: 1.1)1 ISK Da vst) Murray, Ky. CiiARi.KS R. Day Central City, Ky. Thomas R. Dkax Springfield, Tenn. Rt iiv Dn KKR Central City, Ky. Hariiara Di h KKSt Cunningham, Ky. JANK Dkk Mayfield, Ky. Jdk Dim Model, Tenn. Naoia DonRowoi.sKA Philadelphia, Pa. Hariiara Di dsos I.ouivville, K . Third Row: Lane I)(js m-.i.ia Audubon, N.J. JiMMV Doran Murray, Ky. R. L. DoTsoN, Jr. Hardin, Ky. JivRRv DoL ' Gi.As Paducah, Ky. Rapmaei DoiGi.As Karnak, III. (Etii, Do iER Mill Shoals, 111. Don Drain Lakewood, 111. R. Dlni.ap White Plains, Ky. Ann Di nn CJreeiiville, Ky. Fourth Row: Kiin Si E Dlnn Cerulean, Ky. W ' li I 1AM Dinning Harlow, Ky. M ar An n Durreit Barlow, Ky. Donald Easlev Marion, Ky. Robert Edmonoson Kuttawa, Ky. Marlene Edwards I la el, Ky. HEin ' Ann Ellis Murray, Ky. I.ii.A Beth Empsox Poniiac, Mirh. CJoRDON Eni. Murray, Ky. FRESHMAN CLASS 77 FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Joe Enoch Marion, Kv. Dan- Evaxs Murray, Kv. BoBBV F.MX Lynn Grove, Ky. DoNAi.n Chnf. Farmer Farmington, Ky. Carol Farquf.r Apopka, Fla. LiBBY Farris Morganfield, Ky. Ma, Farris Murray, Ky. 1 i;rr - Fal cii n Benton, Ky. Gf.rai.I) Fe.vjiif.rstoke Clinton, Ky. Second Row: Joan Fikrick Valley Station, Ky. Karbara Fike Florence, Ala. Kennkjii Fiser Lexington, Ky. JAMCE FiSHFR Benton, Ky. W ' li.i.iAM Fi.ooi) Mayfield, Ky. ' S ' oi.ANnA Ford Murray, K . Bobby Foreman Hammond, III. J iKROLD Fortney Central City, K. . Hen NY Foster Mayfield, Ky. Third Row: Donald Fralick Princeton, Ky. V. A. Franklin Marion, Ky. Thomas Fran kli.v Clay, Ky.- Barbara Franzman Louisville, Ky. Jane Freeman Eddyville , Ky. H. ROLD Fugate Earlington, Ky. Mary ' B. Furches Murray, Ky. Marshall Gage Indianapolis, Ind. Gerald Galloway Sedalia, Ky. Fourth Row: Nick (Sallow ay Henderson, Ky. Reuben A. Garwood Jonesboro, 111. Peggy George Fayetteville, Tenn. Don Gibbs Murray, Ky. Joyce Gibson Melbcr, Ky. Marie Gibson Mayfield, Ky. Don Gilbert Murray, Ky. N ' irginia Gish Murray, Ky. Joan Goard Murray, Kv. Atm h kh j First Row: llRiORRS CJniiREN Gilbcrtsvilli " , Ky. JiDV CIoiiKEV Benton, Ky. i; N r GoLLAOAY Cadiz, Ky. Margaret Gott Padiicah, Ky. J A.vits R. GoL ' GH Mayfield, Ky. CiADE Gr.ack . White Plains, Ky. Jl ne GRA snv Russellvillc, Ky. Nathaniel Gr.:ev Providence, K Ida May Gukx tiier Paducnli, K Third Row: W ' li.i.iAM r.. Hamilton Btnion, Ky. IIaxxah Hammack Cincinnati, Ohio Donald Hancock Central City, Ky. Marv Harding Cottage Grove, Tenn. Patricia Harp Bardwcll, Ky. I.ii I iA Harrington Louisville, Ky. . rvm Jill Hart Dyersburg, Tenn. Wii.iiAM 1). HARVl Mansfield, Tenn. Hariiara Ha 1 held l.ivermore, Ky. Second Row: rbKK CiLLEDGF. Carrier MilU, 111. James Guthrie Water V ' alley, Ky. Kenneth Gitiirie Paducah, Ky. nicKiE Hack La Center, Ky. Barbara Hale Murray, Ky, Doris Mali Uwisburp, Ky. Eleanor Hali Louisville, Ky. Nancv Mali Klemingsburg, Kv. Kenneth IlAMinmN Wickliffc, Ky. Fourth Row: I.arrm: O. Hawes Murray, K. . William E. Haydf.n Paducah, Ky. Ben William Hayes Kuttawa, Ky. Nancy Head Owensboro, Ky. David G. Hearn Morganficld, Ky. William Hendi.ey Mayfield, K . Joe Hendon Mayfield, Ky. Ann Hendrick Hickman, Ky. Gi.ENDA Henson Benton, Ky. FRESHMAN CLASS 79 FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: l.Ho IIiM Marion, Kv. C ' AKni lli i;s Paducah, Ky. I)i ami; His io Owensboro, Ky. lidSMH Hoi 1 MA Owensboro, Ky. W M)A llni.LAvn Fulton, Ky. I AMiH HiiciKs Kevil, Ky. I.Ai riF. lIoKNi- Mayficid, Ky. . i.MA HowELl I ' sey, Ky. Cr.F-MiA Hughes Hazel, Ky. Second Row: I Iakoi.I) Hlmi ' iikies Cadiz, Ky. (iiKis Hunt Mayfield, Ky. Patsv Hurt Hazel, Ky. I ' liD.viAs A, Ivv Mayfield, Ky. Wamja Jackson Paris, Tenn. I " )i:v;;n Jackson Tuskegee, Ala. KiNNETH Jackson Mayfield, Ky. nARRKi.i, Jacobs Iiuliaiiapoli , Ind. K iiiiLKr I.AKRV Je noN Murray, Ky. Third Row: Marvin Jewell Louisville, Ky. CiiFFORi) Johnson Joppa, HI. Frank Johnson Owensboro, Ky. Donald E. Jones Hopkinsville, Ky. Frederick . , Johnson Providence, Ky. Gerald H. Jones Hickman, Ky. Howell Edmund Jones Milburn, Ky. Jackie L. Jones Mayfield, Ky. Louse Jones Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Margaret Jones Fredonia, Ky. Rcsemarv Jones Murray, Ky. Sally Nell Jones Murray, Ky. Wayne Jones Bardwell, Ky. Hilda Jordan Paducah, Ky. Edna Joyce Gilbertsville, Ky. Carol Kantlehnlr Owensboro, Ky. Larry Karnes E. St. Louis, III. Robert E. Kassing St. Louis, Mo. I f:s ' . f%rf Cr- " ' M kntSk o ' kA.k First Row: Carole Kelly Murray, Ky. Bobbie Kei,so Lynn Grove, Ky. James Kennedy Providence, Ky. John- Kennedy Runneraede, N. J. Wilbur Kerstetter St. College, Pa. .Margaret Kincannon Cleveland, Ohio J KRRY Kirk Calvert City, Ky. Hon Knight Rock Falls, 111. Jeritza Knight Hazel, Ky. Second Row: Nancy Lamb Murray, Ky. ViRGiNU Lamb Kutta«a, Ky. Cecil LaNeve Sturgis, Ky. Nano ' Sue Lanier Heath, Ky. Patricia Lancaster Pacific Grove, Cal. Linda Lassiter Murray, Ky. W. J. Lawrence, Jr Cadiz, Ky. Betfy ' Lax Buchanan, Tenn. Sue Le Neave Paducah, Ky. Third Row: Martha Lewis Mayfield, Ky. Richard Lewis Princeton, Ky. . ' xna Litchfield Cadiz, Ky. Ierrv Lock Dyersburg, Tenn. Roy Logan Hickman, Ky. PiCKiE Long Dawson Springs, Ky. Jane Love Kuttawa, Ky. JiMMiE Love Marion, Ky. FuRiMJM LovETT Murray, Ky. Fourth Row: Margaret Lucas Marion, Ky. Paul Lund Rock Falls,Ill. James Lyei.i Murray, Ky. Ronnie Lynch Kuttawa, Ky. Joe Macai.uso Brooklyn, N. Y. Bruce Macdade Apopka, Fla. Mark W. Mahan Marion, Ky. Michael Malone Chicago, III. Hilly Martin Onton, Kv. FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Charles Martin Central City, Kv. Jerry Martim Henderson, Ky. J. Thomas Martin Princeton, Ky. Mari Oi,a Martin Murray, Ky. Jacquinn Masella Sea Girt, N. J. Harvey C. Mason Mayfield, Ky. Dennis Mathews Starke, Fla. Walter H. Mathis Hopkinsville, Ky. Ronald Dale McCage Murray, Ky. Second Row: Laura McAlister Mayfield, Ky. Suzanne McCandless Lawrenceburg, Ind. Janice McClure Hazel, Ky. Jeanette McClure Symsonia, Ky. Billy McConneli Hopkinsville, Ky. James McCormick Evansville, Ind. Jerry McDoweli Henderson, Ky. Agnes McElya West Paducah, Ky. Anita McMahon New Lenox, III Third Row: Wayne McManus Cadiz, Ky. Norma McMurry Cayce, Ky. Larry Melaik Eureka, 111. Tommy Mercer Greenville, Ky. Florene Meredith Golden Pond, Ky. Philip Messinger Someri-ille, N. J. Robert E. Metze St. Louis, Mo. Jerry Meyer Benton, Ky. James Miles Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row: Lanee Miller Murray, Ky. Patsy Moody Murray, Ky. Donald Moore Central City, Ky. Gerald W. Moore Calvert City, Ky. Anita Morgan Benton, Ky. Louis Thomas Morgan Benton, Ky. M A.v Morgan Murray, K . Doris Mosby Arlington, Ky. Theressa Mosey Arlington, Ky. jmM . ifl.u ik M m ditm M k k ' ( f " ' ' f T I First Row: JovcK Mui.i.ENxix Nebo, Ky. Earl Mvhrk Mound City, 111. BuRTO.v NiCHOL Sandusky, Mich. PATn- Nicholas Anna, 111. Dan- Nl Murray, Ky. Charlexe Nixon Ilsley, Ky. Elizabeth North Paducah, Ky. Mable O ' Daniel Pryorsburg, Ky. JiMMiE Lou Oclesbv Greenville, Ky. Second Row: Shirley Ouilam) Murray, Ky. Patricia Owen Murray, Ky. WEI.I.S P. Owen Murray, Ky. Robert Ed Overbv MayfieUl, Ky. James Pace La Center, Ky. Marilyn Park Owensboro, Ky. Robert Parr Fulton, Ky. Javada Parroit Mayficld, Ky. Carl Thomas Parsons Barlow, Ky. Third Row: I ' AL L Bruce Oary, Ind. I ' .Mz ABETii Paym; O " ensboro, Ky. RnsAi.D Bridgeport, Conn. Hii IIH Pk riT Cadiz, Ky. KiLiiARD PhriT Effingham, 111. Sle Phillips Hazel, Ky. Faye Pierce Dyersburg, Tenn. Frederick Pierson Hickman, Ky. Joe D. Picue Fulton, Ky. Fourth Row: Charles Pitchford Paducah, Ky. Robert E. Plough ' . . . . Murray, Ky. Clara Pollock Murray, Ky. Bobby Poole Clinton, Ky. Pean Porter Greenville, Ky. (Jeorce Porter Indianapolis, Ind. Judith Poweli Benton, Ky. James Prather Hickman, Ky. Jane Price Clay, Ky. FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Ralph Plcke it Fulton, Ky. Richard Pvle Carrier Mills, 111. Belva Radford Central City, Ky. Nancy Rascoe Barlow, Ky. Betmh Jo Rav Louisville, Ky. C ' .ESE Kav Murray, Ky. Max Rav Goreville, 111. Ronald Rav Murray, Ky. Herman L. Rked Dyersburg, Tenn. Second Row: c;len Reddish Starke, Fla. Wanda Reddish Dawson Springs.Ky. Ray F. Reedy Hickman, Ky. Dorothy Reese Union City, Tenn. Philip Reeves Calvert City, Ky. Charles Render Mt. Vernon, 111. Kave Revo Greenville, Ky. Carol Rhoads Henderson, Ky. Patricia Rhodes Mayfield, Ky. Third Row: James R. Rice Paducah, Ky. Martha Rjch ards Owensboro, Ky. Janice Richardson Murray, Ky. Ray Rickman Mayfield, Ky. Jacquelyn Riggert Richmond, Ky. Danny Riley Milburn, Ky. Marsha Riley Benton, Ky. Melvin Ringstaff Smithland, Ky. Jacki Rini Memphis, Tenn. Fourth Row: Norma Roberson Hornbeak, Tenn. Larry R. Roberts Grayville, 111. Lowell Roberts Benton, Ky. Jimmy Robinson Bardwell, Ky. Ann Roby Apopka, Fla. Jean Rochat Villa Grove, 111. Patricia Rodgers Norris City, 111. Larry Rogers Henderson, Ky. Bobby Rollins Wickliffe, Ky. 1 . Jr Ji4i Jtm gi AtM First Row: JovcE Rudolph Bandana, Ky. Rebecca Sue Rudolph Carmi, III. IIlgh Thomas Rushing Murray, Ky. Duke Russell Water Valley, Ky. l " im ARi) Ci. RussELi Mayfield, Ky. Patsy Sabei Padiicah, Ky. Pox ALD Samples Arlington, Ky. CIlexv Sanbers Dyersburg, Tenn. Jean Sanford Hickman, Ky. Second Row: KiLLV Pat Scarcrouch Hazel, Ky. Richard B. Scearce Caycc, Ky. jAMEs I. Schlincer Ridgefield, N. J. Martha Sch.viidt Calvert City, Ky. lldROTHY ScHXEniER Harrisbiirg, III. Herbert Schupp Louisville, Ky. Mary Louise Scott Robards, Ky. I MKS H. Shei.ton V Ticatcroft, Ky. I ' liTi M. Shei.tox Mayfield, Ky. Third Row: Jerry Shields Sturgis, Ky. L. K. Shields Sturgis, Ky. Clara Shoemaker Murray, Ky. Fredda Shoemaker Murray, Ky. Judy Shoemaker Murray, Ky. Barbara Simmons Wickliffe, Ky. Russell Simmoxs Humboldt, Tenn. John- Simpso.v Henderson, Ky. Sandra Sisso Cuba, Ky. Fourth Row: Will IK n. Skaccs Mayfield, Ky. An N Smith Mayfield, Ky. Billy K. Smith Benton, Ky. Donna Smith Benton, Ky. Frederick R. Spraccs Clinton, Ky. Claudean Spurlin White Plains, Ky. Gene Steely Murray, Ky. Sue Steen- Cave City, Ky. Raymond Stekanelli Starke, Fla. FRESHMAN CLASS 85 FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Ruth Ann Stein Crossville, III. Harold J. Stephens Clinton, Ky. Walter Stephens Coolidge, Ariz. Malcolm Stermon Arlington, Ky. Wylma Stewart Paducah, Ky. Glen Nelson Stirsm an Evansville, Ind. Gerald Stonesifer Lawrenceburg, Ind. Jerry Story Mayfield, Ky. Joe C. Stroud Martin, Tenn. Second Row: Billy Joe Stubbi.efield Murray, Ky. Glenn Sunderland Lola, Ky. Ann Marlene Swann Mayfield, Ky. William Donald Swann Murray, Ky. Ronald Talent Murray, Ky. William Tanner Benton, Ky. Joe Tarry Murray, Ky. Carolyn Tate Central City, Ky. Daisy Taylor Paducah, Ky. Third Row: H ARLAND Lee Taylor Aurora, Ky. Jerry Taylor Grayville, 111. Margaret Louise Taylor Owensboro, Ky. Mary Taylor Benton, Ky. Richard Taylor ' ingo, Ky. JoYXE Ann Te.jvcue Kutta Ta, Ky. Pearl Terry- Bardwell, Ky Ralph Teter Middletown, Ind. Charles Thomas Hazel, Ky. Fourth Row: Bruce Thomas Cadiz, Ky. Milton Roger Thomas Hopkinsville, Ky. P.ATRiCK Thomas Hopkinsville, Ky. June Town Eddyville, Ky. JiMMiE L. Trainer BardvTell, Ky. L. n. Truitt Madera, Calif. Lucy- Tugcle Cadiz, Ky. Elsie Turner Cadiz, Ky. Evelyn Turner Golden Pond. Ky. O c ' C f dtM Jm ifk Sm i 1 Aim m First Row: James Turner Hickman, Ky. Paul Turner Indianapolis, Ind. Ronald I ' rton Sturgis, Ky. Jane Vaughn Murray, Ky. Jane Vincent Bremen, Ky. JoHNiE Vincent Providence, Ky. Sharon Waddle Mt. Carmel, III. Carolyn Wade Paducah, Ky. ( ' ARRor.L Walker Padmali, K . Second Row: N ANCV Jo Walker Benton, Ky. Wanda Walker Smilhland, Ky. Jimmy Wallace SturRis, Ky. William Wallis CunninKham, Ky. Charles Walston Murray, Ky. Henrietta Warren Murray, Ky. J UDY Weatherford Clinton, Ky. Roy WEAniERi.Y Murray, Ky. Jo Anne Webb Apopka, Fla. Third Row: Martha Webb Cuba, Ky. Sammy Webb Arlington, Ky. Bill Wells Bells, Tenn. Charles Wells Sturgis, Ky. Fred Wells Murray, Ky. Tommy Wells Murray, Ky. Larry Wheeler Sedalia, Ky. Richard Wheeler Mill Shoals, 111. Doris White Tnhi, Ky, Fourth Row: Evelyn White Murray, Ky. (Gloria White Paducah, Ky. Jackie White Paducah, Ky. Lex White Crossville, 111. Linda White Hopkinsville, Ky. Esther Whitem an Bangor, Mich. Charles Whitnell Murray, Ky. Leonard Paul Wice Nortonville, Ky. Ai.LlNE Wll.BURN Old Hickory, Tenn. FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: James Wiley Nebo, Ky. Richard Wii.kerson Hickman, Ky. Allen Williams Hopkinsville, Ky. Carolyn- Williams Murray, Ky. DAvin Williams Mayfield, Ky. Nora Williams Henderson, Ky. Ruth L. Williams Madisonville, Ky. Elias Williamson Cadiz, Ky. Linn Wildey Crossville, 111. Second Row: Rebecca Willyard Owensboro, Ky. Elbert Wilson Salem, Ky. Frank Wilson Waverly, Ohio Gail Wilson Elkton, Ky. Larry Wilson Murray, Ky. Robert G. Wilson Nashville, Tenn. Kenneth M. Winn Fredonia, Ky. Gus Winston Sturgis, Ky. Delbert Wood Fulton, Ky. Third Row: Shirley Wylie Kenton, Tenn. Sue Yates Kuttawa, Ky. Pegcy York Benton, Ky. James Young Owensboro, Ky. W. Richard Young Louisville, Ky. Robert T. Young Murray, Ky. Edward A. Yudt Gary, Ind. Martha Zarecor Humboldt, Tenn. m dim m iM m Aim • GRADUATE STUDENTS Murray State College offers a graduate program which awards the degree of Master of Arts in Education. A person may be admitted to graduate study if he has completed a four-year curriculum for the education of elementary or second- ary teachers, or if he holds a teaching certificate based upon four years of college preparation. The program is designed to further prepare teachers for the elemen- tary and secondary schools, and to provide advanced p rofessional training for supervisors, principals, guidance counselors, directors of pupil personnel, and superintendents. This Program is presented to enrich the professional prepara- tion of those who wish to work toward an advanced degree. (jHaaxviysii ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA PAT KINCANNON " In the heart of Ole Virginny To where Beta Nu dwells — " Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded in 1901 at Longwood Col- lege, Virginia. Beta Nu Chapter was installed at Murray State in 1946. The sorority seeks to develop its members socially, spirit- ually, mentally, and physically and to make a vital contribution to the life of the college campus. The philanthropic projects of Beta Nu Chapter include sponsoring the American Red Cross Drive annually, presenting entertainment programs to patients in the military hospital at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, leading a local Brownie Scout Troop, and sending Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy families. The Mistletoe Ball is a highlight of the social year for the whole campus as well as Alpha Sigs. In addition, the Spring Formal, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, the Senior Send-off Banquet, and other activities leave memories of happy college days in the lives of Alpha Sigma Alphas. " We will serenade our Chapter While life and love shall last, Then we ' ll pass, but not forgotten. Like the rest. " JACKIE MITCHELL JEAN NOKMAN NANCY CUMMINS GVVEN OWEN PRISOLLA BRINKLEY CAROLYN LOWE EMILY OLDHAM VkePresident kfcordinfi Sccret iry CorTCSponding SecTCtiiiy Trfaiurer Membership Director Ch pUin Editor i First Row: Mary Kay Bagwell, Sharon Ballard, Sue Beasley, Hylda Bog- gess, Sue Boone, Jane Brown, Rosemary Cummins. Patricia Estes, Jane Dawes, Rosemary Gray. Second Row: Eleanor Greenfield. Mary Jean Greer, Scotty Heathcott, Jane Henderson, Nancy Hunter, Janie Kirksey, Marilyn Mahan, Nancy Melvin, Vojai Meredith, Judy Lowe Milncr. Third Row: Bonnie Moran. Connie Moriarty, Pat Overshincr. Robbie Jo Parks, Phebe Pustmullcr. Donna Quertermous. Charlotte Reagan, Carolyn Roberts, Joyce Shaw, June Sheffer. Fourth Row: Jane Shell. Joan Shell. Anne Smith. Martha Stinson, Mar- garet Tarry, Buddy Lee Tibbs, Barbara Walker. 93 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA MAkUhHI (jhl Ntk Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority was installed on the campus in 1942. Tri Sigma, a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, was founded at Long- wood College, Virginia, in 1898. Among the chief aims of Sigma Sigma Sigma are to en- courage scholastic attainment, to cultivate worthwhile stand- ards of social relationships, to promote a spiritual consciousness among its members, and to prepare the individual in a selected group for lifelong democratic participation. Through its " Charm School " in modern social behavior, good companion- ship, and planned welfare work, Tri Sigma offers opportunity for wholesome and gracious group hfe. In addition to providing character training. Alpha Chi chapter also sponsors several local service projects and supports the sorority ' s national social service program by contributing to the Robbie Page Memorial Fund for Polio Research. " Tri Sigma serves children " is the theme of Sigma Sigma Sigma ' s service projects. MARY Nhl.L McCain SAKAH ward LINDA STEPHENSON JUU ' l ' DAR.NELL i ' lcel ' reiidenl ' Irraiurer Ke uijing Setreljry Corrciponjmf, Scitcury First Row: Alta Faye Andrus, Fidelia Austin, Bettie Blalock, Betty Bondu- rant, Beverly Brawner, Bettie Brazzell, Corinne Burch, Cheryl Weber Cain, Ann Carter, Kay Campbell, Carolvn Coakley. Second Row: Julia Cole, Erdice Cooper, Dolores Creasey, Rozene Dowdy, Alice Duke, Carol Sue Empson, Patricia Foley, Betty Foust, Frances Fox, Sue Fuller, Joetta Gibson. Third Row: Sue Grable, Carol Grainger, Lydia Hall, Rosemarie Hall, Yvonne Henn, Carolyn Holmes, Janet Jetton, Joyce Kennedy, Jewell King, Millicent King, Kathryn Korte. Fourth Row: Patsy McKenzie, Suzanne Means, Virginia North, Jeannette Paschall, Pat Perdew, Nancy Spann, Donna Tuck, Julianne West, Nancy Westerfield, Beverly White, Sara Jo Wright. DELTA ALPHA V I ' BEVERLY SPURRIER Delta Alpha, a social fraternity, was founded with the pur- pose of creating closer unity among the different departments and the students of Murray State College. To achieve this aim. Delta Alpha implements a program of working together and a program of sponsoring private and public social functions. The annual Pigskin Ball, two pledge dances, a banquet. Spring Picnic, Homecoming activities, the Last Resort — are numbered among the many social functions sponsored by this fraternity. The Student Directory was inaugurated by this organization three years ago with the purpose of serving the faculty, stu- dents, and citizens in this area. A scholarship is presented each year to a deserving high school senior desiring to attend this college. We, of Delta Alpha, feel a sense of pride and accomp- lishment resulting from the service we render Murray State College. Above all, however, we feel that we have attained the ultimate goal of all fraternal organizations: that of creating better brotherhood forever. KT SMITH Al. GIORDANO HOB WILFERD Bill. WHIIE FRANK MII.I.ER BOB HUI-SE R, B. PARSONS Pro.,y.nI ' ,.cP, - tJer,l KccoTihnti Secret iry Trfj.urfr Ch pUm Pledit M ntr Spo,„or 96 First Row: Gene Bailey, Claude Banister, Ras Bilbrey, Bob Billington, Dempsey Clark, Gene Clark, Bill Claxton, Bobby Cornman, Joe Cotton, Lee Eakins, George Easley. Second Row: Buddy Egner, Joe Elkins, H. W. Ford, Bob Freeman, Lind- say Freeman, John Hall, James Halstenberg, Paul Hawkins, Marlin Henley, Larry Hopkins, Larry Hosford. Third Row: Allen Lawrence, Donnie Gene Lawson, JefF Lester, Ronald Nash, Bob Overbey, Don Overbey, Elvin Partenheimer, Ronnie Phillips, Warren Phillips, Harmon Pierce, Harold Prow. Fourth Row: Jim Sanders, Morgan Sisk, John Spangler, Don Sparks, Chad Stewart, Charles Tolley, Joe Warren, Ralph Wilkerson, David Wilson, Jim Wilson. 97 First Row: Jerry Bird, Thomas Brandstetter, Jim Cornette, Sam Crass, Billy Creamer, Frank Carlisle Davis, William C. Dew. Second Row: Holmes Ellis Jr., Bill Emerson, Kenneth Ful- ler, Harry Furches, Bill Garland, Harold Gibson, Jack Grisham. Third Row: Frank Haviland, Hal Houston, Billy Ray Howard, Frank Keplev, Mack Kuntz, Brad Luckett, Dan McCall. Fourth Row: Burley Mathis, Wallace Murphy, George Nolan, Bill Price, Raymond Rickli, Elton Rikel, Bill Roberts, Jerry Roberts. Fifth Row: Gene Paul Sammons, Billie Scillian, Monroe Sloan, Gene Smith, Carol Stein f eld, Don Wells, Casper Wooten, Bobby Workman. TAU SIGMA TAU GERALD NEI-SON GEORGE VANOVER BAILEY HENDRICKS JERRY CRUTCHFIEI.D I ' lce-PrftiJent Reiojdm Seireury Gwrrf ionjing Secretary Chaplain responsible to God, to self to one another . pledged to the humble hearty company of all . . . bound together in mutual respect and co- operation . . . Tau Sigma Tau PHI MU ALPHA DAVID L. ROBERTS Gamma Delta, the Murray State chapter of Phi Alpha Sinfonia professional music fraternity, received its charter from the national organization in 1938. Phi Mu Alpha is a fraternity of men interested in music and in promoting its advance in America. For the past three years, Gamma Delta chapter has been awarded the " Charles E. Lutton Province Merit Award " for active and outstanding work in the field of music. This year Phi Mu Alpha offered eight scholarships totaling 700 to incoming students of music. Phi Mu Alpha annually co-sponsors, with Sigma Alpha Iota, the All-American Concert of music written by American composers. PRICE DOYLE NEALE MASON AlAN PRVDATKEVYTCH R. W. TERHUNE JOHN WINTER LAWRENCE RICKERT ROBERT DAAR I3AV1D GOWAN Gamma Delta is most widely known on the campus and throughout the area for its musical production " Campus Lights. " " Lights " is presented in conjunction with Sigma Alpha Iota, and has been presented on the Murray State campus for the past nineteen years. In addition, Gamma Delta sponsors a dance band, " The Men of Note, " which plays for events on the campus. The principal purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is " To advance the cause of music in America. " Gamma Delta endeavors to fulfill this purpose by bringing the best in all types of music to the Murray campus. WILLIAM D. MANN SAM TKAUGHBER SAMUEL E. ORR ' A % ( o- e% f% r . o First Row: Mike Croghan, Dee Barton, Sidney Boone, Charles Cobb, Josiah Darnall, Gene Deaton, Ed Drake. Second Row: James Godsey, Edward Ferguson, Rodney Finley, BobHogan, Ed Hamilton, Edwin Lacy, James E. Latimer. Third Row: Harold Link, John Matthews, Bob Moeller, Gerald Nelson, Richard Norris, Jim Nunn, Richard Perrv, Bill Pickens. Fourth Row: Joe Prince, Homer Pruitte, Fred Roberts, Wendell Roberts, Kenneth Smith, Fred Strope, Jerry Winder, James Windsor. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA CHARLOTTE REAGAN Sigma Alpha Iota, Professional Music Fraternity for Women, was founded June 12, 1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Iota Beta Chapter was installed on the Murray State campus February 3, 1949. Sigma Alpha Iota endeavors to uphold in its objectives the advancement of musical development and scholastic standards among its members. Iota Beta activities for this year include: being recipient of the College Province Chapter Achievement Award; ten of our girls attending the national convention at Washington, D. C, where they performed the Initiation Ritual; presentation T of scholarships totaling j 675 to incoming freshment girls majoring in music; orientation of prospective pledges at the " Hamburger Supper " and the " Rose Party " ; presentation of monthly musicales in conjunction with Phi Mu Alpha; cele- bration of Incorporation Day, December 1; entertaining our Province President; Pledges giving actives party on Chapter Day; initiation of 20 new members; the annual " All American Concert " and " Campus Lights " presented in conjunction with Phi Mu Alpha. This has been a wonderful year for SAI ' s. To the future officers and members, we extend the wish for a most prosperous year. LINDA niI,LARD DONNA BOITNOTT PATRICTA TWII,LA Ch.,tUm First Row: Sharon Ballard, Shirley Blankenship, Sue Boone, Shirley Joyce Chiles, Erdice Cooper, Karen Crane, Linn Davidson. Second Row: Jean Dick, Lobow Dobrowolska. Margaret Elder, Joetta Gibson, Carolyn Houston, Gail Hughes, Louise Kershaw. Third Row: Millicent King, Jean LaNeve, Marcia Meenach, Ann Moore, Judy McBride, Jenelen McKinney, Gloria McLemore. Fourth Row: Gayle Ross. Halyna Savvczak, Mary Curtis Smith. Buddy Lee Tibbs, Joyce Tummins, Shirlev Wiman, Mildred Ann Wood. PERSHING RIFLES PAT FOLEY Company G, Third Regiment of the National Honorary Society of Pershing Rifles was organized at Murray State College in January of 1953. Since this time, Pershing Rifles has been recognized as produc- ing a " crack " drill team every year. Pershing Rifles also maintains the color guard which presents the colors at every home football and basketball game of Murray State College. rOM BKANDSTf-TTtK IMI.I. PASKUR BILL DRESBA( K aM M First Ro x ' : Billie Bazzell, William L. Cornett, Cecil Dozier, Gordon J. Enix, Charles E. Ewell, Don Gilbert, Dick Higgenbothan, Howell Edmond Jones. Second Row: Dickie Morris Long, Clyde Maxwell, Max Morgan, Roger Myers, George Todd, Jerry Wade, Richard Wheeler, Robert Young. 105 KAPPA PI Kappa Pi, a national honorary art fraternity, was established to honor outstanding students in the field of visual arts. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of Kappa Pi was established on the Murray Campus in May, 1950, one of eighty-two chapters in the United States. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter and Port folio Club sponsored the annual Christmas Sale this year. This sale gives the students of the art department an opportunity to sell their work. Alpha Alpha Chi awarded its fourth annual art scholarship to Elizabeth Read Payne, of Owens- boro, Kentucky. Hts 2 SUSAN I ' Ol.l.OCK PEGGY ALLEN BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a National Honorary Society for students of the Biological Sciences. The Beta Pi chapter of Tri Beta was established at Murray State College in 1947. Its membership is reserved for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for the subject of biology. The society has a three-fold purpose: To stimulate sound scholarship; to promote the dissem- ination of scientific truth; and to further research. The motto of Beta Beta Beta is " To see the foun- dation of life. " .SAM l,kAS.S Hh I 1 )0 ' ALL 1 KANK 1 LI;R ' i DR. A. M. ViOLFSON ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Gamma Epsilon Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, was in- stalled at Murray State in 1937 and is the oldest fraternity on the campus. It was organized for students doing a high stand- ard of work in dramatics. One of the requirements for membership is that a student be a member of Sock and Buskin. Alpha Psi Omega is composed of 241 Cast in 48 states. National Headquarters is in Fairmont, West Virginia. WADH UNDERWOOD THOMAS GREGORY DirecoT Spomor 108 PI OMEGA PI Gamma Epsilon chapter of Pi Omega Pi was in- stalled at Murray State College on July 25, 1953. It is a national business education fraternity for future teachers of business subjects. Membership in Pi Omega Pi is open to second semester Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who have attained a 2. scholastic average in education and business subjects plus a 1.5 rating in all other college subjects. The ))rimary purpose of this organization is to promote a closer fellowship among teachers of bus- iness subjects. It attempts to accomplish this pur- pose by encouraging its members to participate in all of its activities as well as other campus attrac- tions. STUDENT AFFILIATE OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Student Affiliates of the American Chem- ical Society is a program of the American Chemical Society for undergraduate students enrolled in course work leading toward a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. The purposes of the organization are to provide an opportunity for students of chemistry to become better acquainted; to provide an opportunity for members to hear guest speakers who are experts in various phases of science or related subjects; to provide an opportunity to develop leadership through the planning and execution of chapter ac- tivities; and to provide a chance to develop a pro- fessional spirit and a pride in the field of chemistry. CAROL GKAlNCihK CHARLES SCARBOROUGH DR. PETER PANZERA Publicily Chairman Sponsor J MLJim lM j MKMHl.RS: FIRST KOVX ' : Richard Wall: Ki-ni.«h Stinson; Raul Roodelh Victor Spi-ct; Botby Hiland SECOND ROW: GeoiKc Todd: Charles McGaw: Robert Haggard; J. D. KurJm: Jim Carter. THIRD ROW: Bill Paseur; Roger Myers: Glenn Waldrop; Curtis Watts: Harold Hamilton. SCABBARD AND BLADE Our purpose is to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information con- cerning the military requirements of our country. J A ■ MAJOR HALLANAN Span,, 111 EPSILON PI TAU The name, Epsilon Pi Tau, is derived from the initial letters of the Greek names for the three precepts on which the fraternity was founded. These are: skill or texnikh, social and professional proficiency or pragmiiteia, and re- search or exetasis. Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorary professional fraternity operating in the complementary fields of indus- trial arts education and vocational-industrial education. Its purposes are threefold: (1) to recognize the place of skill; (2) to promote social and professional proficiency; and (3) to foster and reward research, and to publish and use its results. ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha, the National Undergraduate Library Science Fraternity, was established May 3, 1950 and has chapters at colleges and universities in all sec- tions of the United States. The purpose of Alpha Beta Alpha is to encourage young men and women to become Librarians, to promote fellowship and to further the pro- fessional knowledge of its members. The motto is " Books, People, Service, Life " ' ; the colors are purple and white and the flower is the white rose. Epsilon Chapter was installed at Murray State College in January, 1953. This year there are twenty-five college members and five professional members in Epsilon Chapter. •V WALTbH KC:ALL1: " i ' MISS I LZINA SINTI-R JOHN BOCKiKSS Coum,lm.m Sr-on,u, kp„t„„ National I ' tec Prllidtnl SOCK AND BUSKIN OFFICERS MADELVN CROWLEY President WADE UNDERWOOD rice-President CAROL EMPSON Secretary DAVID WILSON Treasurer CAROLYN MILNER Historian MARC FAW Sergeant-at-.lrms HAROLD LEATH Corresponding Secretary Sock and Buskin, established in 1925, is the oldest organiza- tion on the Murray State campus. Since the last edition of the Shield, the club has produced " Mr. Roberts, " " The Heiress, " and " Out of the Frying Pan. " In addition to on-campus productions, the club also spon- sored the Summer Theatre program at Kentucky Dam Village State Park. The plays " Seven Year Itch, " " The Rainmaker, " " The Tender Trap, " " Bertha, the Beautiful Typewriter Girl, " " Death of a Salesman, " " Druid Circle, " and " Solid Gold Cadillac, " were presented, giving the actors much valuable experience and making the fifth consecutive Summer Theatre season one of the most successful. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS ] T KINCANNON I ' ns ' utenI I ' .Ml.A llORNSm rin--l ' nsi,l,iil JEWELL KING Sicrelary MARY ANN HINKLE Treasurer RIBIE E. SMITH Idvisnr A. C. E. is a professional organization created to form a closer relationship among those interested in working with children as teachers, administrators, and social workers. Its members take an active part in campus activities and render many services to teacher and parent groups. The local organiza- tion is affiliated with the Association for Childhood Education International. ns KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS BONNIE MORAN President JOHN DORRIS Vice-President CHARLES EBLING Recording Secretary LOIS McCLURE Corresponding Secretary JAMES A. ROGERS Treasurer DR. R. B. PARSONS Counselor Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, aims to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to en- courage a closer fellowship among those who have attained excellence in scholarship and distinction for their achievement as students and teachers. Delta Omega Chapter was installed at Murray on May 31, 1939. NURSING EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS HARBARA HRAOEN President y V. RN A EM F:RS0N Vice-President KVA DEAN TACTE Secretary MARCIA EDWARDS Treasurer SIIIRl lA mow Ilisloruiti The NEM ' s Club strives to bring about a closer relationship among the students who are interested, primarily, in nursing. Membership in this club is compwsed of those students ma- joring in the field of Nursing education. The NEM ' s Club meets twice a month. One of the meetings each month usually consists of a speaker, or is held as pro- fessional, while the other meeting is for social purposes. The NEM ' s Club elects new officers twice each year. One set of officers is elected for the fall semester, and the other set is elected for the spring semester. BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS KEN FULLER President ZANE CUNNINGHAM fue-Presidenl BAILEY HENDRICKS Treasurer MARY MARTHA STREET Seerelary ELTON RIKEL Reporter KILL SCILLIAN Sergeant-ai-Arms ESCO GUNTER Sponsor The Business Club is an organization which gives its mem- bers a professional interest in business and business teaching. Membership is composed of students obtaining an area, major, minor or field in the Department of Business. The chief aim of the club is to bring about a closer rela- tionship among students with a common interest. It attempts to accomplish this purpose through student participation in the numerous educational and recreational activities sponsored by the club throughout the year. The club also strives to give a large number of its members valuable leadership training by electing new officers each semester. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS SCOTTY- HEATHCOTT President NANCY COTHAM rice-President FRANCES FOX Secretary MARTHA STINSON Treasurer BETTI i: URANOON Publicity Chairman PA r PERHKW Chairman of Awards XITA CiRAHAM Idvisor The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization to create and maintain physical recreation among women in Mur- ray State College. Activities sponsored by the W. A. A. are a vollevball tournament, North-South Basketball game, track team, weekend at Kentucky Lake, High School Playday, ban- quet, and the co-sponsoring of the Water Carnival. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS JACKIE MITCHELL President CAROLYN LOWE rice-President MARILYN MAHAN Secretary JEAN NORMAN Treasurer MRS. MARY BROWN Sponsor MRS. LOLA DANNENFELSER Sponsor The Young Women ' s Christian Association is an organiza- tion which holds as its purpose the desire to reahze full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Any girl who attends Murray State is elgibile for membership in Y. W.- C. A. One of the outstanding affairs of MSC is the Big-Little Sister Picnic which is sponsored by Y. W. C. A. annually. This is enjoyed by all girls, and is when many freshmen become ac- quainted with upperclassmen. The " Y " works in cooperation with the Red Cross on special service projects for needy people. Through the varied program, the members train to function as effective Christian citizens. WELLS HALL COUNCIL OFFICERS SrOTTY HEATHCOTT President TAROIA N I.OWK Vice-President KMIl.V OLDHAM Secretary Sl ' E WILSON Treasurer JOV SHAW Social Chairman LILLLW TAIL Idvisnr The Wells Hall Council, governing body of the girls ' dormitory, seeks to promote an observance of enforced regu- lations — therefore making the dorm a better place in which to live. Lounge parties, teas. of en house, and the annual Christ- mas party are some of the social functions we promote each year. ■ KVl H Kv ' J E II M L H B L IL V Ps- " IB- i 1 V ' V ul jb Y flK; jpri Ib, ' K i ' B kS K. l i?fj L ' J ■ , - J III i 1 I ■ K w l R J j K iJK M L U » JM hB ikk ■99H Stf T Tm INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS BILL CORNMAN PnsiJrnI JERRY McCLARNEV nce-l ' nsidcnl BOB SWEENEY Secittary BOB BRUCE Treasurer MR. (;. r. LILLY Sfinsnr The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to encourage student participation in the activities of the Industrial Arts Department and to promote a better understanding of the industrial arts field. FKONT ROW: lommy Cooper. Herman Jones. Leo Hill. Jim Lyell. Walter Mathis. Tommy Charles. Larry Mahurin. Charles Chaney. Barkley Travis. SECOND ROW: Mr. Roberl Hendon. Cecil Uneve, Allen Uwrence. Donald Hayes. Eddie Cooper. Kenneth Arflack, Glenn Hender- son. Mr. Arlie Scott. Mr. A. Carman. THIRD ROW; Randal Harper, Charles Wade, Bob Walter. Herbert Cherry Jr., Ben Hayes. James Haves. Dan Cain. Glenn Waldrop, Larry Prichard. FOURTH ROW: Casper Wooten, Jimmy Pace. Clyde Grace, John Brown, John Bartee. Charles Magness, John Turner, Walter Adams, Delano Douglas, Philip Murdoclc. AGRICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS JAMES HAYES President CHARLES MAGNESS lite-Presidenl R.Wn.XI H.XRI ' KR Se cretary CHARLES WADE Treasurer .It)HN TLRNER StuJenI Org. Representative JOHN BAR TEK Reporter ARLH-: SCOTl Faeiilly.lJi-isor The Agriculture Club strives to provide recreational and educational activities for its members, to develop and main- tain an interest in agricultural instruction, to develop rural leadership, to encourage and promote conservation of wild life and to stimulate interest in agricultural research. DELTA LAMBDA ALPHA Delta Lambda Alpha, freshman women ' s honor- ary fraternity, is symbolized in the Bible, white candles, shield, and a white carnation. These in turn, represent purity of thought, deed, high resolve and accomplishments. Membership is based upon a scholastic average of a full course of study for one semester. The grade average must be halfway between the two top grades in the institution. Active membership comes in the remainmg part of the freshman year and the sophomore year. CAROLYN ROBERTS CONSTANCY MORIARTY REZINA H. SENTER VETERANS CLUB The Murray State Veteran ' s Club was organized in 1952 to help returning veterans adjust both to civilian and college life and to help introduce them to men with interests similar to their own. The club maintains a modern clubroom in the basement of the Hut and sponsors various activities and social functions throughout the year. The club partici- pates in various intramural functions throughout the year and their Red Towel Dance has become a traditional affair. i THE WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS BOB FULTON Pr.sidenI BOB FREEMAN i ' ke-Pnsidinl NANCV WESTERFIELD Secretary CARLTON BOSTIC Treasurer MRS. J. E. CROSS Director The Wesley Foundation of the Methodist Church was organized with the purpose of maintaining and developing Christianity on State College and Univer- sity campuses. To this purpose our activities are de- signed. The Student Center is located across from the campus on North Fifteenth Street. k OFFICERS WILLIAM J. POSAVOC PrcsUenl State President 1956 Sc 1957 and ( ' (invention Chairman 1957 WINTA JANE PICKETT I ' ke-Presidint State Secretary and Treasurer 1956 1957 jrLL REEVES Secretary NANCY PASCHALL Treasurer PR. FRANK STEELY S onsor The purpose of this organization is to create a pro- fessional attitude toward the field of social science. This is done by bi-monthlv discussions of current international problems. This year a delegation of four was sent to represent Murray at the State Convention at Union College. We are looking forward to being host to the various IRC ' s throughout the state here at Murray next year for the annual State Convention. Plans are being made for sending a delegation to the National Convention at Denver, Colorado in April. THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS ED DRAKE PrrsU.nt JIM NUNN Vice-President DONNA BOITNOTT Secretary-Treasurer LAWRENCE RICKERT Faculty Advisor THE VIVACE CLUB Vivace, one of the oldest clubs on Murray ' s campus, was organized in 1933 for the purpose of bringing together those whose common interest was music. On the morning of each Homecoming Vivace ' s present members gather with its grads at the Hut for a Homecoming breakfast, which has become a tra- dition. Vivace recognizes worth by placing the name of the Music Department ' s Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl on a plaque in the Recital Hall. 128 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS SARA IC) lA ON WRICllT President SARAH WARD I ' Ue-l ' rcsident NANCY ( IMMINS Recording Secretary CHKR " I. WKBKR CAIN Corresponding Secretary NANCY WKSTFRFI IXI) Treasurer MKIAA (;()RRILL Parliamentarian BE ' ITV MAYER Publicity Director Sl ' E GRABI.E, RETTA SIRESS Song Leaders The Murray State College Home Economics Club is affiliated with the college club ' s jection of the American Home Economics Associa- tion. The creed of the Home Economics Club clearly states the ideals and objectives of our organization toward which we constantly Mrive. F ' irst is strength of character, or constancy and purity, for which we all strive. Wisdom — with this goal in mind we strive to raise our standards of scholarship, and to be ever of open and unprejudiced mind. Our next goal is good health — the health that flushes r)ur cheeks, banishes sickness and gives us energy to perform our lail tasks. Surely there is no nobler aim than to seek beauty, which is our next goal — beauty in character, in appearance, in nature, in home, and in the growth of the soul. Our fifth aim is service. In adopting this goal we hope to make our own contribution to the great work of the world. We shall remember that the tasks of home and school are lull worthy ot our best service. Our last symbol is that of fire and we must do our part to keep it replenished with the fuel of kindness, patience and love. 29 OFFICERS AL GIORDANO President BOB HULSE Fiee-Presidenl JIM RAILEV Secretary-Treasurer ROY STEWART Sponsor THE " M " CLUB These " M " Club men have earned their letters in at least one of Murray State ' s five varsity sports. The function of the club is to continue the teamwork and fellowship that they displayed in action. The " M " Club sponsors the annual spring " Blue- White " football game, which gives the fans a preview glimpse of the following season ' s team. Also spon- sored by the " M " Club are the Murray State Relays and the Body Beautiful Contest. 130 hl o CHURCH SCHOOL -iM j . LAMBDA IOTA TAU OFFICERS MARC FA W PresiJinl JOYCE HOLSTON I ' ice-Pres ' ident KEN PARK Treasurer DAVE WILSON Secretary I ' JR. EDWIN LARSON Moderator Lambda Iota Tau, national honorary society, is for students of languages and literature. The Phi Chapter was chartered in January, 1955, and was formerly installed on campus March 10, 1955. LIT seeks to promote excellence in the study of literature. Its motto is " the word gives form to the idea. " OFFICERS DONALD GRAVETTE President GUV JOLLY Vice-President JOE POOLE Treasurer BURLEY MATHIS Secretary GARRETT BESMEAR House Director The Ordway Hall Council, govern- ing body of the men ' s dormitory, is composed of four officers and repre- sentatives, elected from each suite in the dormitory at the beginning of each fall semester. The council seeks to promote the best interests of all the men by interpreting rules and furnishing lead- ership in conforming to regulations. ORDWAY HALL COUNCIL 132 GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS Sam Crass President Joe Prince riic-President Sarah Price Secretary VVii.i.iAM F. Beasi.ey Treasurer CJerhari) Megovv Sponsor The (Jtrman Club meets in Wilson Hall on the first Thursday of every month. Its aim and purpose is: To offer an opportunity for the students of German to meet at least once a month in an informal and sociable way and to practice in a less restricted atmosphere what they have learned in the classroom. Besides practicing conversation, they learn German songs, they listen to lectures on particular aspects of German culture, they hear recorded CJerman music, have poetry and prose recited and interpreted for them, they see slides and movies on Germany; whenever chance permits, they meet and con- verse with natives from Germany or with people who have been there. Thus the club activities are pimarily designed to add an impression of the cultural and social values and amenities of CJerman habits and customs to the more studious aspects of language learning. OFFICERS Rupert Parks President Nas ' cy Melviv rice-PresiJent Rita Secretary-Treasurer Oav Cowherd Student Director The Disciples Student Fellowship, a move- ment within the Disciples of Christ, declare these to be our aims, and through the strength which comes from God because of our com- mitment to Jesus Christ, determine to accom- plish them: 1. To lav the claim of our Lord on the in- dividual student. 2. To develop leadership in the Disiiples of Christ. 3. To make the most efTective witness possi- ble with our Christian brethren in the ecumenical movement. 4. To fellowship internationally through conferences, projects, publication, and other activiites, in order to enhance the spiritual and religious growth of all Disciple students. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP 133 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Carol Graixcer Chainnun Pat Kincann-ox Co-rice Chairman Marge Gepner Co-l ' icc Chairman Jackie Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer Mary Nell McCain Representati-ve Bonnie Moran Representative Linda Stephenson Representative Sue Boone Representative Jeanneite Paschall Representative The Panhellenic Association is the govern- ing body of the two social sororities on the campus, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Its aim is to foster under- standing and friendly relations between the two groups. Another function is to inform non-sorority members of the ideals and activi- ties of social sororities. Each spring Panhellen- ic has a weekend of pleasure, in which the sorority girls spend two days at the lake. A Panheilenic Tea is held each semester to ac- quaint interested non-members with the so- rority girls, and to begin a week of rushing. These girls must have a scholastic standing of 2.5 before they can pledge a sorority. OFFICERS FRANK FEIOCK President JIM PICKENS Vice-President JOYCE EVANS Secretary-Treasurer HILL TAYLOR Program Chairman SARAH PRICE Refreshment Chairman DR. WILLIAM G. REED Uivisnr MR. TED GEORGE Idvisor The purpose of the Physics Club is to stimul ate interest in Physics and asso- ciated fields. We desire to promote a feeling of fellowship among those stu- dents interested in Physics. We aspire to accomplish these aims by presenting various speakers and by participating in club projects. PHYSICS CLUB STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL OFFICERS HOIJ FRKEMAN President ( ; I I.HERT SEARS VUc-Prcsident MAK Mil. McC ' AIN Seerelary KKZINA SENTER Treasurer BROOKS CROSS Counselor The Religious Council is an organ- ization which invites all faiths to par- ticipate in its activities. Its main function is to sponsor Religious Empha- sis Week promoted by the combined efforts of all denominations represented. OFFICERS KAREN CRANE President JOHN BROWN Vice-President NANCY LANIER Secretary-Treasurer L. W. WINGET : Admsor The Romance Language Club seeks to promote interest in French and Span- ish and to add a social and cultural side to the purely academic study of these languages. The annual Christmas party, with its pifiata and its carols in Spanish and French, is typical of the club ' s activities. Other meetings may in- clude such items as movies and talks by students or faculty members who have traveled abroad. ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB 135 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS LARRY CRABTREE President WILLARD STICK Secretary-Treasurer REV. ORVAL AUSTIN Sponsor . . . fellowship in Christ. To live and serve as Christian students in worship, study, work, and play. OFFICERS BUDDY LEE TIBBS President LINN DAVIDSON Secretary-Treasurer PATSY FOLKS Council Member JOYCE TUMMINS Council Member PATRICIA TWILLA Council Member East Hall is a small dormitory which houses around twenty girls. These girls have the same rules and regulations as We lls Hall girls. Miss Rezina Senter is house mother. EAST HALL PORTFOLIO CLUB OFFICERS The purpose of the Portfoho Gliib is RAl.l ' ll ANDF.RSON Prrsulitti to promote an interest in art — to give IRr.n STKHIirNS Vui-Pn-sidrtii Freshmen an idea of the professional HI I,RIA ' HRAWNI R S,-tr,iiiry-Tn-asur,r demands in the field and plan programs WILLIAM HOAZ Idvisur by which the students will learn to ap- FRANK rilOMI ' SON Parliamnilarian preciate good art. «7 ' f ' adix te Judy Goheen SHIELD ( UEEN r n Miss Judy Goheen MISS MURRAY STATE Miss Scotty Heathcott, Queen FOOTBALL QUEEN The Queen and her attendants, Joy Jackson and Foncienc Keene, watch the game from the sidelines. BODY BEAUTIFUL Dolores Creasey and Vernon Shinall were chosen Miss and Mister Body Beautiful of Murray State College at the annual Water Carnival held last May. Participation in this contest is by invitation only, and qualified judges make the final decision. Dolores, a junior, is a home economics major from Princeton, Kentucky. She was selected Miss West Ken- tuckv in 1956 and was also chosen as Murray State ' s Football Queen and Shield Queen in 1956. She is one of the 1957 campus favorites. Vernon, a music major, is a sophomore from St. Louis. Missouri. He is a member of the a capella choir. 1 IK-i Kii : Mvrji.i lit-nrci, Carlliiii Unvtir, Jt-rry Cain, Charles Chancy, Allciia Rister, I.nuis Pink, Charles KliliriK- SKyoMi Knw l,iii;iry Gep- ner, Aila Riiih ( Si(jtt i lleathcott, Fat Kincannon, |amts Link, Carolyn Lowe, Btjnnic Jean Moran, Emily Oldham. TuiRU Kou : Xaiuy G«cn- iluhn Owen, Kenneth ' Park, Charlotte Reagan, Litula ' Dillard, Patsy Lou Rowland, Art Smith, Nancy Spann. Fourth Row: Chad Stewart, Sam Trai;Khber, (rtorge V ' annver, Theodore Vaughn, Francis Watrous, and Curtis Watts. Not pictured: Bobby Sims. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES To be listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is the appropriate climax of a student ' s career. It serves as the outstand- ing honor in which a deserving student after displaying merit in college and accomp- lishing his or her goals, is given recognition. Twenty-eight Murray students were accepted by the publication, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, for inclusion in the 1957 volume. The nominees will be listed in the 1957 publicati on with a biograph- ical sketch. They will also receive a certificate of recognition awarded by the or- ganization. Selections for the honor are based on leadership, scholarship, personality, and activity participation on the campus. CAMPUS FAVORITES CAMPUS 1 A V O R I T E S CAMPUS FAVORITES MEN ON THE CAMPUS MEN ON THE CAMPUS HAL HOUSTON w»t»-:r ' MEN ON THE CAMPUS Nancy Spann, a senior from Mur- ray, was chosen as the 1957 Regiment- al Sponsor by the Murray R.O.T.C. students. Corinne Burch, from Padu- cah, was named First Battalion Spon- sor, and Sarah Ward, also from Padu- cah, was named Second Battalion Sponsor. The three were announced at the semi-annual Military Ball in the Carr Health Building on November 30. REGIMENTAL SPONSOR ctlvCtU FIRST ROW: .S.irah Ward. Secrctarv; Jim " Zip ' Nunn. Treasurer; Beverly Spurrier. John Spangler SECOND ROW: Frank Miller. Carolyn Lowe, Bob Overbey. Hal Houston. THIRD ROW: Bill Wells. Jim Young. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Organization was formed and the constitution rati- fied during the latter part of the spring semester of 1936. It func- tions through the Student Council which is elected annually by the Student Body. The purpose of this organization is to expand and promote interest in student affairs, to provide the means for the clear expression of student opinion and its presentation to the administration, to unify and systematize campus activities, to increase and clearly define stu- dent responsibilities and to foster in every way possible student character and initiative. COLLEGE NEWS The College News, now in its thirty-first year of pubHcation, is the official newspaper of Murray State College. On its pages campus Hfe reaches out from offices, classrooms, dormitories, and hangouts, and news stories first reveal the announcement of the Shield Queen, students named to " Who ' s Who, " and fraternity sweethearts. The College Nenf is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press, the Associated Collegiate Press, the National Editorial Board, and the Kentucky Press Association. The past two years, the New: has received both the " All-American " rating giv ' en by the Associated Col- legiate Press and the Columbia Press Association ' s " Medalist Award. " These superior ratings were given in national competition with other college and univer- sity newspapers. Editor, Marge Gepner, ami Mr. Sclimiilt pick out some pictur fur tile next edition. The vtaff set tns;etlier tor a picture. Left to ri ;lit: Bill Pickens, Hill Davis, Jovcc Kciincdv, Tar- .il.Mi llolm.x n.Mnlln Moure, Don Queener. THE 19 5 7 Here you have the 1957 edition of the Shield, even though the staff felt that maybe it never would be finished. Throughout this year there have been 16 people working diligently toward this goal. Without the cooperation of this staff the 1957 Shield would not have become a reality. This staff has endeavored to give you, the stu- dents of Murray State College, a pictoral record of the 1956-57 school year. Through these pages are the events in which you have participated. We hope that in years to come as you leaf through these pages that the happy memories of this year might be re- called. Our thanks go out to Mr. Vernon Anderson, our sponsor. When things became too rough to face, his even temper and willing help was always a ready aid. The Business Manager and his assistant, George and Rex, have worked hard to make this year a finan- cial success, and without their many contributions this book would never have become a reality. H. B. is responsible for carrying out numerous tasks that aided tremendously. His willingness and loyalty to the Shield helped this staff to better carry out their assigned tasks. To Anne, Mary Nell, Pat, Yvonne, and Bill goes our deepest thanks. These people have done a re- markable job in compiling all the information and writeups within this cover. Robbie Jo and her art work have given this book the artistic touch that a yearbook needs. 154 SHIELD S T A F F Of course, we cannot pass up the photogra- pher. " Hoppy " has worked long hours in order to turn out the pictures for your enjoyment. Then comes the very important task of typing all this copy for the printers. Annette, Jane, Ruth Ann, and Julie have worked hard in order to keep all the typ)ed matter in readable form. We the staff of this 1957 Shield hope that as you thumb through these pages this school year might come back to you. We have endeav- ored to capture the highlights of 1956-57 in both words and pictures, that in the years to come you might still remember the happy moments spent at Murray State College. DEBATE In its 1956-1957 season the Murray State debate squad met a British universities team in an Interna- tional debate; also, Southern Illinois, Memphis State, Southeast Missouri, and Louisville at home. Road tripj were made to Southeast Missouri, Vanderbilt, Tenn. Polytechnic, and Southern Illinois. The tournament squad attended five meets: Ken- tucky State, Charleston Invitational, Savage Foren- sic, Southern Speech Association, and National Tau Kappa Alpha Conference. The novice debaters of Speech 105 debated in as- sembly programs at twenty-three high schools of Western Kentucky. Tau Kappa Alpha sponsored the Ninth Annual High School Debate Workshop; furnished judges for the H.S. Regional Meet at Madisonville; and, sponsored a Murray appearance of PRESTON, the Hypnotist. CHEERLEADERS Rah, Rah, Murray — Go Big Blue — How many times have we heard our five peppy cheerleaders leading the Thoroughbred fans in a rousing cheer for Big Blue? The faithfulness and loyalty of the cheerleaders are often overlooked. Hours before the game, the girls are busy wrapping goal posts, making shakers, and leading pep ral- lies to condition everyone for the big game. In addition to leading cheers at the home games, they also attend many of the out-of-town games to help support the Thoroughbreds. Let ' s give a big cheer to those who deserve it — our cheer- leaders — Eleanor King Hargis, Sarah Ward, Corinne Burch, Nancy Spann, Shannon Beaslev, and their alternates — Sue Wilson and Martha Lewis. I li - ' lii t Ijaiiil jji l)l. ii " lends rnlor to the halftime activities during foothall seasnn. Richard (Due) lairell is the director MUSIC ACTIVITIES Music is a big and important word around Murray State. The music department and its organizations provide Murray with a large part of its pubhcity through its marching band, A Capella choir, band tours, and the annual Campus Lights. The Marching Band adds pep and pageantry to the football season in the fall. Afterwards it becomes a concert organization giving on- campus and off -campus concerts. The A Capella choir is made up of students from all departments chosen for their singing ability and willingness to work. The choir presents chapel programs and makes tours to various cities. The college Orchestra provides additional experience in string en- semble work. It also presents concerts. The Boys ' Quartets, chosen for their ability to blend their voices, presents several programs at various high schools. The music department works hard to give Murray students the best in music for their enjoyment. Tlir A tapi-lla Choir, uiulir ihc ilirection " t I ' mf. Rnhtri liaar, presents several pr it;ranis diiriiiK llie year. Tlie aiimial Chrislmas program is a highlight of the year. Quartet o. i — Hack raw, Ken Ciithrie, Dick Norri-; tmiii Sam Orr, Chuck Render. (hi.ntit No. J— left In riuht: Jack Hernard, Don Bruce, Frank John- i in, ' ern Shinall. DRAMATICS OUT OF THE FRYING PAN and THE HEIRESS were two of Murray State Theatre ' s productions of the year. THE MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOT was be- ing considered as the third play at the time of this writing. MANY MOONS, by James Thurber and Charlotte Sharpening, was the children ' s theatre presentation. In addition to the plays, members of Sock and Buskin presented readings of classic and modern plays. ELECTRA and HAMLET were two of the readings presented. A series of one-act plays, directed by dra- matic students, was also given before the Murray students. The Murray State Theatre is under the direction of Professor Thomas Gregory and adds much to the glamour of Murray State College. CAMPUS LIGHTS Happv Anniversary! Campus Lights celebrated its 20th Anniversary as the curtain parted for this year ' s production. In this celebration, a show of near per- fection was developed from the history of the show itself. A special feature from this history was the pre- sentation of several former directors of Campus Lights. But the real stars were the students of MSC that backed the sponsors of the musical. Phi Mu Al- pha and Sigma Alpha Iota. The best skits, the best dances, the best songs, and, of, the best orchestra music from the past 19 " Lights " productions were incorporated into the BEST OF LIGHTS for ' 57. Upa i rs ' ilv " 85 ' ..,r ' 30- ' . 79r 6aJ 3 1 4-Ps J ' -P ! 45 ■ 44 42 97 tf B9 87 qi .- 43=-77 90sp73»iB76 » GRIDIRON HIGHLIGHTS JIM criJ.nAN llia.l Coach Murray 21; Evansville 7 Murray 18; Florence State 19 Murray 14; Eastern 7 Murray 13; Morehcad 7 Murray 6; Louisville 7 Murray 34; Tenn. Tech 7 Murray 27; Arkansas State .28 Murray 7; Middle Tern 39 Murray 33; Austin Peay 27 Murray 34; Western 13 Dave Bottos piles over for the Breds first touchdown in Cutchin Stadium for 1956. The action took place in the Morehead game. M. S. C. FOOTBALL The Murray footballers started the 1956 sea on with an outlook that could have been labeled as " good. " Coach Jim Cullivan was starting his first year as head coach with twenty-two lettermen and a lunnber of promising freshmen. The Murray squad that reported for practice back in September was the largest outfit that Breds had put together since World War II when a junior varsity was in operation along with the varsity. The team numbered some eighty players including thirty freshmen. There was depth at every position with the possible exception of center, where there was a shortage of reserves. Murray, 21; Evansville, 7 The Breds got their season under way with three straight games on the road before making a home appearance. The first stop was Evansville, Indiana and the Evansville Aces. The Coaching staff: Stan Johnson, student assistant coach; Bill Furgeson, assistant coach; Jim Cullivan, head coach; and Joe Mittino, student as- sistant coach. riif twi) ttam were mtctiiij; for tin- first tiiiu ' in three years. AcroriiinK to Evansville sports writers, who tabbed the Racers as a " drv run " or a " breather " prior to the contest, this was the Aces ' year. For a while it lo ike(l like it minht be just that. After trailing by a touchdown throughout most of the first half, the Racers came back just before the half with a 52-yard drive, which resulted in the tying score. Quarterback Jere Stripling reeled off the last two yards for the touchdown, and Hick I ' tley added the extra point with an end run. The Racers hit pay dirt again early in the second half. Utley re- turned an F.vansville punt from his own 3 to the Ace ' s 25. A penalt moved the ball to the 10, and two plays later I ' tley scored from the five. Fullback Dave Bottos assured the victory late in the fourth period when he intercepted an F.vansville pass and raced 35 yards for the score. The Rreds ' forward wall played a big roll in the vic- torv as thev stopped four F.vansville drives inside the five-vard line. Filial score: MtRRAV 21-FVANSVII.I.F 7. Murray, 18; Florence State, 19 The second week of the season sent the Racer south of the border down Florence, Alabama way. The Linns of Florence State were still frying to recover from the flogging the Tennessee Tech (iolden Eagles had given them the week before. The . labamans took the opening kickofT and marched 65 yards for their first touchdown and a 6-0 lead. This did not last long, as the Thorobrcds tied the score with a 64-yard drive; with Bottos crossing the goal line. The all-important conversion was missed, so the score remained 6-6. With two minutes remaining in the half, halfback Phil Foster intercepted a Florence pass and ran it back In the Murray 40. Nine plays later Don Johnson hit pay dirt from the three. .Again the point after touchdown was missed. The I.ions tied the count early in the fourth i|uarter ; but, they, too, were having trouble finding the goal post on extra points. The score remained 12-12. Minutes later the home team crossed the line again and this time the kick good. With two minutes left in the game, Bred halfback (icne Nelson made the contest interesting with a 46-yard tf)Uchdown gallop. Deciding to run the extra point this time, a Thorobred fumbled, going into the line. This meant defeat for the Breds. Final Score; MIRRAI 1 S-F1.( )R1 NCE STATE 19. Murray, 14; Eastern, 7 The Thorobreds got back in the winning column the next week as they journeyed up to Richmond for a battle with the Eastern Maroons. With Stripling throwing and end Don Heine catching, the DiMi I [line continues to pick up lardage although two fnivtr-it of Louisville tackiers hang on his back. Don lletherington clears the way for Don Johnson to roll up another Murray first down in the Morehead game. l)ov Heine Chester Caddas Phil Foster Chad Stewart K.AV Rogers Charles (Punk) Akers Al (jIORUASO W5 THE BREDS MARCH MaKI.I.N lltNLhV J. D. BURDIN John Daniel Bill Hina The Three fixers — George Creekmur, Mgr. ; Jim (Doc) Railey, Trainer; John Loftus, Mgr. Breds displayed an unstoppable passing attack which rolled up 82 yards and set up two touchdowns. The Racers drew first blood mid-way in the first period. A Stripling-tn-Heine pass, gcKjd for 44 yards, moved the ball to the Eastern 13. Three plays later, Stripling scored from the two, and Heine kicked the extra point. The Maroons tied the score in the second quarter when they re- covered a Murray fumble on the Breds ' 14 and marched for the TD. Late in the third period, the Breds pushed across what proved to be the winning marker. After intercepting an Eastern pass on their own 53, the Big Blue used the Stripling-to-Heine passing attack and the running of Johnson to put over the final six pointer. Final Score: MURRAY 14-EASTERN 7. Murray, 13; Morehead, 7 The following week the Racers made their first home appearance. They met the Morehead Eagles in this contest. The Eagles were playing under a new head coach, and only eight lettermen were returning from last year ' s squad. Although their starting liiieup con- sisted of ten freshmen and one senior, they were having their best season in four years. After a slow start the Thorobreds ' Foster received a Morehead punt and ran it back to the Eagle ' s 15-yard line. Johnson ran for 5 vards, and then Bottos hit the line three straight times which was enough for the score. The Big Blue scored again in the third period. This time it was a pass from Ronnie Phillips to Heine that set the stage. Runs by Johnson, Bottos, and Benny Bradey started the drive; and then a Phillips-to-Heine pass netted 39 and moved the ball to the Morehead 20. .Another run by Johnson, and another pass from Phillips to Heine moved the ball to the nine. Bottos picked up seven vards in two trys and Johnson then scored from the two. The Eagles prevented the whitewash bv racking up a TD Inte in the fourth period. Final .Score: MI ' RRAV i3-M()RFHEAD 7. Murray, 6; Louisville, 7 The Breds hit the road again the next week. This time they traveled to the big city of Louisville. The Cardinals of Louisville were getting ON no JOHVSOV Charles Bush Cl FATLS CACI.K Bob Mason " win-hungrv " due to the fact that Murray had beaten them two times in as many years. The Cardinals scored first on an 83-yard drive early in the second period. The kick was good, so the half ended with the score 7-0 in Louisville ' s favor. After the rest period the Thorobreds came out ready to go. Foster grabbed a Cardinal punt on the 50-yard line and ran it back +5 yards to the Louisville five. On the next play, big Bottos bulled into the end zone for the touchdown. The kick w as no good ; the score re- mained 7-6. The Racers made two other scoring threats in the fourth qiiarter, but both were stopped by penalties. The first of these was early in t! ' e period v bin ;i pass from Stripling to Bud ' est would have moved the ball to the Louisvile 20. The play was called back due to a Murray holding penalty. With only minutes remaining in the game Stripling again took to the air, and this time it was I ' tley on the receiving end at the eight-yard line. Again a holding penalty was called which ended the Breds ' hopes. Final Score: Ml ' RR.-W 6-LOlISVILLF, 7. Murray, 34; Tenn. Tech, 7 The Tennessee Tech Cjolden F.agles were next on tab for the Breds in the aimual Homecoming game. The Eagles were the defend- ing OVC champs and the experts were picking them to repeat that honor this year. When a team plays its Homecoming game you can usually throw away all records, and this game was no exception. From the opening kickotf till the closing gun the Breds could do no wrong. The Racers began to click in the first quarter with two touchdown marches of +2 and 45 yards respectively. Bottos and I ' tley scored the touch- downs and John Oaniel and (tlev added the extra points. On the second play of period number two, Johnson galloped 42 yards to pay dirt for the Thorobred ' s third TO. Minutes later, a Tech fumble set up the fourth score with Bobby Mason carrying the pigskin acrfws. The half ended with the score 27-0 in the Breds ' favor. The second half started out like a carbon copy of the first. The Thorobreds t(M)k the kickoff and covered 74 yards on a sustained drive for the score with Stripling throwing to Heine for the last Stripling and Dave lintios pni tin- brak, ■ back after a short gain II yards. The Eagles held for the rest of the way with the Racers playing several reserves. The Eagles broke the scoring ice late in the fourth period, moving from their own 40 into the end zone. Final Score: MURRAY 34- lENNESSEE TECH 7. Murray, 27; Arkansas State, 28 Arkansas State came to town the following week with their best team in many years. The Breds had beaten them on their own field the year before, so the Indians were looking for revenge. The Racers scored first late in the first period, but the extra point which proved to be very important was blocked by the .Arkansas line. Before the first half ended the Indians racked up 14 points while holding the Breds to no more than the six. .At the beginning of the second half, the Indians took over right where they left off. They scored 14 more points while the Thorobreds were scoring nothing more than a few- first downs. With the score Murray 6, .Arkansas 28, the final period began and so did the determination of the Thorobreds. SiHjn after the Indians ' kickoff, Phillips passed to freshman Dick Stout for the Big Blue ' s second touchdown and this time Heine ' s point split the uprights. With five minutes remaining in the game, the Breds began to roll again. Phillips ' passing moved the ball to the one-yard line where he then plunged into the end zone. Don Sparks ' kick was good so the Racers were now only eight points behind. Sparks kicked off after the score but the Indians made no attempt to get the ball, thinking it was dead. This allowed a Murray man to fall on the pigskin on the Arkansas 22. Phillips then took to the air again and found Jim Lance open for touchdown number 4. Sparks ' kick once again hit the uprights. Two minutes later Stripling intercepted an Arkansas pass on the .• . S. 34 and the Breds were off again. .After three running plays and a penalty gave the Racers a first down on the 14, they once again took to the air. This time an .Arkansas lineman deflected the ball and a teammate dived under it for an interception. The time ran out, so the Breds had suffered their third one-point defeat of the year. Final Score: MCRRAV 27-.ARKANSAS STATE 28. 167 TOPPER DEFEAT ENDS SEASON Murray, 7; MTSC, 39 Althciugh the Thorobreds had lost three games, they still had a perfect 3-0 conference record, which was good enough for a tie with Middle Tennessee for the league lead. The Raiders of MTSC were next on tap for the Blue Racers in the game to decide the OVC leader. The contest was played in Murfreesboro on a day that was ideal for baseball or tennis, but not for football. The temperature was 80 degrees. Due to the weather, the southern hospitality, or some- thing — it just wasn ' t the Racers ' day. They were not in the ball game after the initial quarter when they held the Tennesseans to seven points and scored seven for them- selves. After that, the Raiders put together two scoring drives in the second quarter and added three more in the second half. Final score: MURRAY 7-MTSC 39. Murray, 33; Austin Peay, 27 The Thorobreds returned to Cutchin Stadium for their final two games of the year, which evidently was just what the doctor ordered for two MSC victories. First to receive the fangs of defeat from the Breds was a non- conference foe in the form of the Austin Peay Governors. The Gov- ernors had never beaten the Racers but that was no reason for the 1956 Murray team to believe that they couldn ' t. The Austin team was the first to break the scoring ice in the first period. They blocked a Murray punt on the MSC 30 and marched in for their first six points. The Breds received the kickoff and on eight straight running plays tied the score with Foster galloping the last 17 yards. Heine ' s P.A.T. was good and Murray had a one point lead. This was quickly forgotten as the Governors swiftly crashed the Breds ' end zone twice — this netted them 14 points and a 20-7 lead. Just before the half ended, Stripling put the Racers back in the game with another marker, but the visitors scored again soon after the second half got under way. After this, the home town boys were a different outfit. The Murray line began to make the Governor hacks wish they were back home in Fcnnessee as they dumped them for minus yardage time after time. While this was going on. Stripling added 12 points and Lance six to the Thorobreds total. Final score: MIRRAY 33-AUSTIN PEAY 27. Murray, 34; Western, 13 I ' he following week the curtain fell on the football year. Murray met the arch rival Western ! As anvone knows that has ever had any- thing to do with Murray, if Murray beats Western and loses every other game, the season has been a success. Besides this, the Breds had to defeat the Hilltoppers in order to finish second in the OVC. With all this in mind the Racers took the field for only one pur- pose and that being to beat those Hilltoppers. The Toppers led off the scoring with an intercepted pass that netted them the first six points. Fullback Bottos, with his great running, tied the score minutes later, and this was as near as Western was to a victory fo r the rest of the afternoon. The Breds broke the deadlock just before the half ended and again it was Bottos who had the scoring honors. The half time rest did not seem to cool big Bottos off as he took up right where he left off with another TD to add to his first half total. In the fourth quarter the scoring bug seemed to get to the other Racer backs as Ttley tallied one marker and Foster added •Toother. Final score: MURRAY 3+-WESTERN 13. The season was a successful one in many ways. Coach Cullivan had a winning season in his first year as head coach with a 6-4 record, the Breds finished second in the OVC; and, yes, they beat Western. (Jraduating seniors on the squad were as follows: ends, Don Heine and Don Hetherington ; backs, Phil Foster, Chad Stewart, and Charles Akers; and center Chester Caddas. With twenty-nine lettermen to start next year, Coach Cullivan should be looking for that OVC championship to come our way again. Jack Morris rips the Austin Peay line for big yardage. Dave Bottos stretches for an extra vard vhilc Western players try forthe tackle. Other Murray players are (87) on Heine, (55) Jim Lance, (59) John Daniel, (+2) Ron Phillips. 169 M. S. C. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Murray 81 Murray 64 Murray 74 Murray 88 Murray 81 Murray 60 Murray 72 Murray 70 Murray 85 Murray 91 Murray 98 Murray 78 Murray 78 Murray 92 Murray 65 Murray 85 Murray 72 Murray 88 Murray 90 Murray 58 Murray 86 Murray 91 Murray 82 Murray 90: Kentucky Wesleyan 77 Georgia Tech 67 West Texas 65 West Texas 66 New Mexico A M 67 Hardin Simmons 67 University of New Mexico. 79 University of Arizona .... 81 Kentucky Wesleyan 70 Mississippi State 80 Middle Tennessee 68 Western 90 Tennessee Tech 67 Memphis State 105 Morehead 68 Eastern 66 Memphis State 93 Marshall 97 Morehead 104 Western 60 Middle Tennessee 80 Eastern 77 Louisville 97 Tennessee Tech 96 REX ALEXANDER Head Coach When the Murray State Racers began it ' s cage season back in December the outlook for the coming year was very opti- mistic. There were hve returning lettermen, four men up from the freshman team and two transfers. It looked like the success of the season depended on how the sophomores would come through. The Breds got the 6-57 campaign under way by traveling up to Ownesboro to invade the Kentucky Wesleyan five. The Racers jumped lo a ten po nt earl - in the first half, but the Wesleyan team came fighting back to cut the lead to one point. 37-36, at the end of the half. The Breds came out in the second half and led by about elevent points till two minutes to go when the home team narrowed the margin to two points. However, Wesleyan was unable to over- come the Breds ' lead and the contest ended with Murray vic- torous, 81-77. Game number two sent the Racers down south to Atlanta, Georgia, for a contest with a Southeastern Conference foe, Georgia Tech. The affair saw the Breds play a very f)oor first half which put them on the short end of a 38-27 half time score. After the intermission, the locals fought a hard second halt but could never forge ahead of the less talented Georgia Team. The Breds evened the score at 64-all with one minute and fifteen seconds to go but the SEC team pulled ahead on free shots. Final score Murray 64 Georgia Tech 67. The Thorobreds made their debut in the home stable with two games against West Texas State College on two consecu- tive nights. . vsistaiit in.ich rett Keshear left ti right: Walil " Saiitcr, Gene Landolt, Gar- A lot of hands but no ball . . . Gerald Tabor and Terry Darne go up with Tennessee Tech player for a rebound. Captain, Fran Watroiis Sherrill Marginet QuiiMAN Sli.i.ins Gkrald Tabor 1 ' krrv Darnell BREDS IN ACTION Up and in CicrakI Tabor racks up two poiiitb for the Brt-ds in the WeM Tcxab game. Fran Watrouh and Tom Darnell come in for the rebound. Tom Darn all Dale Alexander John ' Brooks Frank Wacconkr Although the Breds picked up two victories they received a big blow when forward John Powless suffered a serious neck injury which put him out for the rest of the season. The acci- dent occurred when John was driving in for a shot and was upiended by two Texas players. In the first of the two night double-header the Thorobreds were forced to go all out to defeat the stubborn Westerners. The contest was tied seven times during the first half but the Big Blue managed to stay ahead most of the way. At the out- set of the second half the Texas sank two quick baskets which gave them the lead 42-39. At this point the Racers displayed some torrid shooting and when the smoke cleared, Murray had retained the lead 64-49. After this, the West Texas team was never in the game. Final score Murray 88 West Texas 66. In the game the following night, the Racers were forced to fight all the way, but managed to dump the West Texas team 74-65. Another Western team in the form of the New Mexico A M Aggies came to town for the Thorobreds next foe. The Racers ran out a 12-2 lead early in the first half and had little trouble in securing the victory. Final score Murray 81. New Mexico 67. After picking up three victories against Western teams at home, the Racers decided to journey out to that section and see what they could do about three more victories, but found the going very tough. The first stop of the trip found the Thorobreds in Abilene, Texas, the home of the Hardin-Simmons University Cowboys. The Breds were unable to do very much with the Cowboys due to the fact that the Texas team had an average team height of about six feet, five inches which gave them most of the re- bounds. Final score Murrav 60, Hardin-Simmons 67. The next night the Breds traveled to Albuquerque, New- Mexico, and the University of New Mexico. Again the Wes- terners proved to be too much for the Breds as the New Mexico team grabbed an early lead and went on to win 79-72. The Big Blue finished up the tour two nights later with the University of Arizona in Tucson. The Breds matched the Arizonians basket of basket for the first ten minutes. But the home team hit a hot streak just before the half which gave them a 47-36 lead. After that the Arizona team was never in doubt. Final score Murray 70, Arizona 81. The Thorobreds got back in the win column their next outing by spilling the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers 85-70 in a game played at Murray. The Panthers led at the half but the Racers out scored them 19-5 in the final six minutes which proved the victory. The Thorobreds tried their luck with another Southeastern Conference foe the following home game in the form of Missis- sippi State. TTie contest was tied eighteen times with neither team getting much of a lead before the final three when the Breds pulled away on foul shots. All five of the Murray starters scored in the double figures and many Murray fans tapped the game as the finest of the year. Final score Murray 91, Mississippi State 80. The Racers opened their Ohio ' alley Conference season in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. The Raiders proved to be very little trouble for the Breds. The Breds grabbed a lead in the opening minute of play and went on to defeat the Tennesseans 98-68. The Western Hilltoppers were the Racers next foe. The Toppers had been nationally ranked for the entire season and on this night in the Murray New Gym they were out to prove it to the Racers. The first half saw the boys from the hill turn in a sizzling performance that gave them a 49-35 lead at the intermission. As the final twenty minutes of play got under way, the Breds began to narrow the gap. They did not stop until they had cut the Topper lead to one point, 53-52, with seven minutes remaining. 173 The Westerners then began to click and rolled on to victory 90-78. Tennessee Tech put the Racers back in the win column. The home team started off slow, but came on in a rush at the finish to defeat the Tennessee team, 78-67. The Tigers of Memphis State showed very little mercy on the Racers when the latter journeyed to the largest city in Tennessee. The Tigers led by only four points at the half but poured on the steam the final twenty minutes and downed the Racers 105-92. The Morehead high flying Eagles were forced to produce a three pointer in the final second of the game in order to defeat the Thorobreds, 68-65. The Eastern Maroons was the team that was responsible for petting the Breds back to the win ledger. The Racers defeated the Maroons 85-66 on the Maroons home court. Memphis State was waiting for the Thorobreds when they returned to Murray. However, the Tigers were no more ready for a defeat at Murray than they had been at Memphis. They led all the way in ripping the Racers 93-72. The Murrayans next journey took them to Huntington, West Virginia, and the Marshall College Greens. The home town boys hit 53 percent of their shots from the field, but still lost the contest 97-88. On their way back to Murray from West Virginia, the Breds stopped off in Morehead for the final game of the year with the Eagles. The Eagles were fighting for the top spot of the OVC with Western and they were taking no chances with Murray. They jumped out to a 13-4 lead early in the game and were never in trouble. Final score Murray 90, Morehead 104. The Western Hilltoppers, with the OVC championship in their eyes played host to the Breds in the " Little Red Barn. " The Thorobreds led by one point at the half, but the powerful Look out Bill, here tliey come wipes up water from the floor after a close when a downpour of rain came. . . Manager Billy Hobbs ventilator in roof failed to Top . . . Dale Alexander attempts to steal the ball from a Tennessee Tech player. Ken Vra and Frank Waggoner look on. Come back here boy ... Bottom ... No rebound on this one . . . Terry Darnall drives in for a two pointer. Gerald Tabor gets position for possible rebound. Toppers came back in a nick and nuck second half to edge the locals 60-58. The Breds had better luck uhcn they returned to the home floor for the years second battle with the Middle Tennessee outfit. The Thorobred led 47-51 at the half and as much as 24 points in the second half. However, the Raiders staged a great last half rally which saw the Breds lead cut to four points with less than a minute to play. Final score Murray 86, Middle Tennessee 80. The Hasten Maroons were the Thorobreds next opponent in the battle for third place in the OVC The Breds took the lead in the opening seconds and went on to post their fifth OVC win of the year 91-77. The Louisville Cardinal closed out the home season for the Breds. At game time the Cards were ranked eighth in the nation and before the contest was over everyone in the new Murray gym was convinced that they were not over rated. The home quint played another brilliant game, good enough to have beaten most teams, but Louisville couldn ' t be classed in the " most " category. Final score Murray 82, Louisville 97. The Racers journeyed down Tennessee way to wind up the year with the Tennessee Tech Eagles. The Eagles had not had a good year, losing all eight of their previous OVC games. They are always hard to beat on their home floor but this night the feat would have been ne xt to impossible for any team. The Breds played another good ballgame, but the torrid Eagles hit fifty-one percent of their shots from the field so the Racers were defeated again. Final Score Murray 90, Tennes- see 96. The win-loss column was just below the .500 mark for the Murrayans at 11-13. Only Fran Watrous and Sherrill Marginet were lost by grad- uation with Quitman Sullins, Terry and Tom Darnell, Gerald Tabor, Dale Alexander, John Brooks, Frank Waggoner, and Ken Wray returning for next year. 1 iKiVi It I i-nx . . . -Skcclir- ' Sullins ...... l,it;li i 1 m t .1 rvhntnul in tlu- Vc tern Hiiine. Ttrry Oarnall iiimo np 1 1 assi t. Sherrill Mn.-t:l Kt ( i8| I-raii Watrnus (28) CJerald Tabor help out. (32) close in to Also the Thorobreds will be strengthened by members of this years freshinan team and nuinber of transfers. With almost the same squad for next year, the Racers should be eying a great year. No boys, this one goes in the basket . . . Sherrill Marginet fires a jump shot over the heads of two Western players. Sullins rushes in for rebound. Two for " Skeeter " . . . Quitman Sullins hooks it in while Dale Alexander gets position for rebound. Frank Wagoner and Terry Darnall rush in to aid Alexander. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Judging from the won and lost record, the Murray State freshman team did not experience one of their best seasons, but certainly it was not their worst. The yearUngs compiled a 13-8 record including a victory over the Tennessee Tech freshmen who were unde- feated and averaging over one hundred points per game until they ran into the Breds. Ralph Teter was a big bright spot for the baby Racers as he averaged over 25 points per game and scored in the double figures in all 21 games. The young Thorobreds were coached during the first semester by Garrett Beshear while the regular freshman coach, Waldo Sauter, was completing his doctorate at Indiana University. Coach Sauter took command when he returned to Murray at the outset of the second semester. The Murray fans can look forward to seeing manv of this year ' s freshmen on the Thorobreds varsity for the next few years. J76 M. S. C. TRACK The Murray State tracksters experienced one of their best seasons in several years. The men of the cinders lost only to Vanderbilt in dual meets and they were victorious over Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay (twice) Western and Middle Tennessee. In the only Triangular Meet of the year for the Breds, they were triumphant over Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee. In the OV ' C tournament meet the Racers placed third but John Brooks and Holmes Ellis captured first place in the pole vault and the high hurdles respectively. Most of the squad will return for the 1957 season so the Racers will have the makings of a great team. 177 M. S. C. BASEBALL The Murray State baseballers experienced what could be labeled as a hot and cold season. Coach Wal- do Sauter ' s diamondmen ended the year with a record of nine wins and ten losses. However, with one more good pitcher and the right breaks, half of those losses could have been victories. Defeated in the Western Division playoffs by Middle Tennessee, the Ereds were prevented from entering the OVC playoffs. Few lettermen were lost by graduation so the outlook for the 1957 season is very good. ■0 i-c:..» ■• " At: ' A ' yt . ' r ' i»:% M. S. C. TENNIS The Murrav State tennis team, onlv in their sec- ond year of intercollegiate competition in recent years, compiled a record which was good enough for the Ohio Valley Conference championship. John Pow- less won the Class A singles title for the second time in as many years with little trouble. He then teamed with Art Smith to capture the Class A double crown which was the second consecutive year the two have turned that feat. The Racers ' Johnnie King made a clean sweep of things by breezing through the Class B singles. Three members of this team will be back in 1957 so it looks like another great year for the Thoro- breds. 179 MURRAY GRILL AND ROLLER RINK ' The best place to eat, and an evenings entertainment " JIM IDA MILLS ADAMS SHOE STORE Shoes for the entire family Naturalizers and Life Stride for Women Roblee and Pedwin for Men Glanriour Deb for Girls 106 South Fifth Murray, Ky. WALLIS DRUG COMPLIMENTS OF THE NATIONAL STORE CORPORATION ' Everything to wear for all the family ' North Side of Court Square MURRAY. KENTUCKY GRAHAM JACKSON CURLEE CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS— STETSON HATS JARMAN SHOES — TIMELY CLOTHES Phone 318-W " Young Men ' s Store " LITTLETON ' S AsIc your grocer for YUKON ' S BEST EASTER LILY FAIRY QUEEN AND LYNN GROVE ' S BEST FLOUR MURRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY Distributors CORN-AUSTIN AND COMPANY " Where Men Trade " MURRAY, KENTUCKY PARKER MOTORS " Your Friendly Ford Dealer " 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Phones Day Nigh-t- 373 353 or 565 MURRAY, KENTUCKY THE COLLEGE HUB " Campus revolves around the Hub " Sodas Sundaes Sandwiches Television and air-conditioned JOSEPHINE and JACK SHROAT SCOTT DRUG STORE COSMETICS CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE WALGREEN AGENCY COMPLIMENTS OF LERMAN BROTHERS LINDSEY ' S JEWELERS TWO GREAT STORES To Serve You In Murray, Ky. Mayfield, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF THE TRIANGLE INN WARDER ANN GILBERT Owners I2fh and Sycamore Phone 725 Murray, Kentucky HUT " Murray State ' s Collegiate Hangout " BOB AND JACK COMPLIMENTS OF STOKES TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. " Your Ferguson Dealer " Murray, Kentucky Phone I 156 COMPLIMENTS OF DALE STUBBLEFIELD Rexall Drug Store C Of I fl rci tu la tton S, L ra ciu a tei : TAPPAN For Better Cooking, See Your Local Tappan Dealer COMPLIMENTS OF THE MURRAY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Southern Home of Tappan SERVING WESTERN KENTUCKY SAFE, DEPENDABLE, ECONOMICAL WESTERN KENTUCKY STAGES i omnlim ents of CURLEE CLOTHING COMPANY MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY MURRAY PLAZA COURT Phone 14! 32 Delux Units— Completed in 1954 Air Conditioning — Electric Heat Good Restaurant Convenient U.S. 641 Murray, Ky. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY AUTOMOBILE — CASUALTY — FIRE — LIFE Office in the Peoples Bank Building Phone 601 and 693 tm6M ?- ' te- " ta ' m rj V s M I X H 19 ]4 - I 9 53 lV W a n ass ociates P A ICP UJ C A. )Ht !K IE. N T lU C )K V rehitccts AIA NCARB COMPLIMENTS OF BELK-SETTLE COMPANY MURRAY, KENTUCKY CHUCK ' S MUSIC CENTER Band Instruments, Record Players Complete Music Service Records Instrument Repair Phone 1458 CHIG CARRAWAY ' S GULF SERVICE 600 Main Tel. 9 I 17 MURRAY, KENTUCKY FURCHES ' JEWELRY MURRAY, KENTUCKY Keepsake Diamond Rings Elgin Bulova Watches Phone 193-J THE PLATES IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY SOUTHERN ENGRAVERS 803 McGavock Street NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF THURMAN FURNITURE 208 E. Main St. MURRAY. KENTUCKY THE LEDGER AND TMES Calloway County ' s Daily Newspaper BANK OF MURRAY LARGE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOU — SMALL ENOUGH TO BE AWARE OF YOU Member of F. D. 1. C. Deposits guaranteed up to $10,000 OFFICERS TREMON BEALE . . . Chairman of the Board F. E. CRAWFORD Vice-President GEORGE HART . . President L. E. WYATT Vice-President L. L. DUNN Vice-President DIRECTORS J. D. SEXTON E. J. BEALE GEORGE HART WELLS PURDOM MAX B. HURT HUGH GINGLES TREMON BEALE L. E. WYAH M. O. WRATHER F. E. CRAWFORD A, W. SIMMONS WELLS OVERBY F. H. GRAHAM L. L. DUNN LUTHER ROBERTSON COMPLIMENTS OF CALLOWAY COUNTY SOIL IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION " The Farmers ' Co-op " Serving 3000 Farm Families Phone 207 Murray, Kentucky JOHNSON ' S GROCERY HAZEL ROAD Phone 672 " Fine Food for Fine Folks " COMPLIMENTS OF MURRAY LUMBER CO. JEFFREY ' S ' Your Fabric Store ' COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY PACKING COMPANY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY SHROAT BROS. MEAT MARKET ' Where Shoes Are Cheaper by the Dozen " MURRAY, KENTUCKY ( ontnliments „ HONEY-KRUST BREAD COMPLIMENTS OF MURRAY PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. COMPLIMENTS OF THE STYLE SHOP Fashion Headquarters for Women MURRAY, KENTUCKY PEOPLES BANK MURRAY. KENTUCKY DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 WE PAY 2% INTEREST ON SAVINGS ACCOUNT H. GLENN DORAN President WILLIAM M. BOYD Cashier CARL B. KINGINS Executive Vice-President " MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. " MURRAY COAL ICE COMPANY Incorporated MURRAY, KENTUCKY Phone 64 " YEAR ' ROUND SERVICE " COLLEGE CLEANERS " Truly Fine Cleaning " Across from the Boys ' Dorm TABERS BODY REPAIR SHOP N. 13th and Chestnut Streets Day Phone 678-J Night Phone 678-R PAINTING— WELDING— REPAIRING Wrecks a Specialty COMPLIMENTS OF RADIO STATION WNBS Murray, Ky. Birthplace of Radio 1340 on Your Dial COMPLIMENTS OF SHIRLEY FLORIST " Murray ' s Best " COMPLIMENTS OF CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone 72 North Fourth Street MURRAY AUTO PARTS MACHINE SHOP SERVICE AND RADIATOR SERVICE Your NAPA Jobber COMPLIMENTS OF WARD ELKINS MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF FREED GOTHAM Air Conditioning Heating — Sheet Metal Phone 661 Murray, Ky. PLAZA BAKE SHOP WOODMEN OF THE WORLD Life Insurance Society Fraternity — Protection — Service Career Opportunities for maie coiiege graauates For further information see or call: BUFORD HURT, St. Mgr. Phone: 499 103 Office BIdq. Murray, Kentucky SWANNS ' MARKET 208 So. 4th St. MURRAY, KENTUCKY SUNBURST MILK " Famous For Its Richness and Fine Flavor " In Our 29th Year RYAN MILK CO. MURRAY, KENTUCKY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO., INC. COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Also Complete Line of SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE I 17-125 S. Fourth St. Louisville Juniper 5-5161 Lexington, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. L G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS " Official Jewelers for Murray State College Rings " iH| Save $$$$... at SOLFj MIDWAY MOTORS Expert repair service on all makes " What we say it is ... it is " 3 mi south of Murray, Ky. on highway U. S. 641 Phone 84 FINLEY ' S Where your business is appreciated Phone 427 EAST MAIN STREET ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY MAYFIELD — PADUCAH HOPKINSVILLE Office Outfitters Since 1914 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS F 1 • BRIDAL • PORTRAIT • COMMERCIAL 1 • CUSTOM FRAMING WEILS STUDIO 216 E. North Street MAYFIELD. KY. COMPLIMENTS OF OUTLAND BAKERY BRENT OUTLAND, Prop. SUPERIOR LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 44 " Free Pick-up and Delivery " COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLLEGE GRILL WHITEWAY SERVICE STATION Just off College Campus for One-Stop Service 1412 West Main St. Operated by Newman and J. D. Grogan MURRAY STATE COLLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY A MULTI-PURPOSE COLLEGE MEMBER American Associa-Hon of Colleges for Teacher Education, Southern Association of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools, Kentucky Association of Colleges, Secondary, and Elementary Schools, National Associa- tion of Schools of Music, American Council on Education, Teachers College Extension Association, Na- tional Association of Business Teacher-Training Institutions, Approved Department of Library Science, Approved Program for Training of Nurses. 1957-58 COLLEGE CALENDAR Summer Term. June lO-August 2, 1957 First Semester September 18, 1957-January 30, 1958 Second Semester February 3-June 5, 1958 Unexcelled Instructional Facilities, a Beautiful and Spacious Library, a new Gymnasium, an Indoor Swim- ming Pool, a new Residence Ha!l for Women and the Largest College Auditorium in Kentucky. Thorough Training for Elementary and Secondary Teachers, Supervisors and Administrators. Musical op- portunities Comparable to the Best in the Nation (Air Conditioned Building), Army R.O.T.C. (General Military Science). Murray State offers a program to meet student needs whether they be in Art, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Business, Ceramics, Dramatics, Education, English, Health and Physical Education, Home Eco- nomics, Industrial Arts, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Physi- cal Sciences, Social Sciences, Speech, Pre-Medlcine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Englneering, Pre- Law, or Pre-Theology. Murray State ' s Division of Nursing Education, operating In association with Jennie Stuart Memorial Hos- pital, Hopkinsvllle, and Owensboro-Davless County Hospital, Owensboro, offers a three-year program in Nursing Education, upon the completion of which and passing the State Board Examination, the stu- dent will become a Registered Nurse. After completing the foregoing program in Nursing Education, a student may spend three semesters at the college and complete the requirements for a Bachelor ' s de- gree with a major in Nursing Education. DEGREES CONFERRED Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Master of Arts in Education Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and special offerings made available through our resources and facilities, including evening classes. For further information, address RALPH H. WOODS. President Murray, Kentucky A 31ewnarabte Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Murray State College for completion of another outstanding year. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays tiie highlights of memo- rable acti ities. To preser e this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are very proud that the 1957 Staff selected us to design, piini and bind the " Shield. " We have earnestly endeav- ored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. ( oninlete (j3ooh 1 1 ' Iciniiicicliirvrs NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE

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