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 - Class of 1951

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A 1 5,1 ,, ,.,, ,P Q... :,.,, . f 4... wfg, - ,7,,- , A-,-,,,g. . T,-X-Ig - f,,,.--1.-,,,,....., --W-, ,,...-V VV.. .,,,,.,,,.,,?F ,t .- F Q wifflkv WW MVIOW M .H TT? Fi 1 2' M 1 .1 H ' w ,. r Q W1 if . gsm ,. P y , X dm" V11 F W Mi r 0 lik V A ln' :Wa 1.. In 1,9 , AH Z X ,X X' X ' X':XXX"' XXXXX, XXXX- XXX X X K X X , N X X XXXXXXXX XJ 'WXNQX X-YXXXX' 'X XX X XXXX X fs EDITO9' X XXXXX X X ' N XXX XX XXX ,XXXXX X XXX"'X XXX 'XXXXXXX "XM ' 'XX " X"'XXXXX2'f2X1XX XXXXXXXXX- XXX' XXX X' X XEXXXIX XXXXXX XXX X MPXXXXXXXXXXJX XXXXN XXX XXXXXXXXXXX.,XX,,,,XXXXXXXXXXX WX XM 'WXXXXXXXXX"WXXiXXfi' X XXX5 x XXXX MX QYDXXXWXXX3 X 4 X 4 X. X . X ?7 - ' "'f',.: " ' -uw H 1- xx" X. N mf' X ww M 3 T u --fX- Qj'b"' NLM'-.wx x 1 Nlifhf W ,msnNv+f,+-3.5fgm3Q5-mx 'W' X ,vfv ""' Wm, "" Mg F?Q11"'w-M. 1 ! 1 ' Y-"' 13W"1L'ff', -"" F' 1w',1N f yy- M' 'ffQfQ'XGX1'L"'Q'1fx '. ""' X-'way''Mmmf2AMy,iWiw'fSwMiw-.FMXWWNQ mm 'im M W, W WWW Q I if a1,,'x V WN X WH .vkkx L7 KJ.-uliivj :- ,, W-ir, B ls Ill :ll lll ll Ill Ill 1 Is.:-gf N 'XZP Ms ' ' D, if '5 " l-qowkgi., "J .,, I v -r "'-4-""'-z. A- T' A 'N-.' V+ u eww. ' .Lf gl I 45 -3 Hb, C , f' - Mrk?- J A -.we , ., ,A "i f 5 A' .A, -.. b Q 1 v 5 Fd?-:BEF-." U ...J A 'll ,. ' -L L -M 1 fr' 15.9 'Y fl fi K, v 1: ff 1,4 .,'.e :- , 1 , vi'-Lrg "b, ,Pgf ,p V. 2-,.. , Q 5 i 4 'F 98 5 in -v-r ff..-r 2:5 I fwif3'W-:cfs-:L lv- YN ' J-1::'f29:'W, Ear' XP W WW V ww.-w 's. fwqrf-fmi-Y H1 " i,5'r'-:mer w ww .M I 'W 'X-MK ,... swwg'M I: I W' K I A ' -5 115 'li I wk :,f::ia,wwss V Y " If " P 'L I I K .V , X 9 :I M I , . , I I ' ,I I ' , I I ' 1 I I I I If I - I I i Q I I I I. W ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5, F I S' xx , w is H E If A H .sm 7 M 4 NA. 4 .ffl , gig! ,xqsssx Q H I 2' H Q E E NA Z A N 4 Um " E Q. ,':,,'1,-as . xx -. , M ,, fx x 1 .4314 -in ' A gf in iz. 1, by 4 5 . 1 q ig... M ,, E., x E wa .ff dl' ff ,- .,... V M 1 1 1: 3 -n p-1 frflg me was nm a as ..u.,38l, f:'."4,-T "Tm H as - mx H nl E mm was EEE ss magma :lm ning-ma mm ,Ewa ss- a xgigmsmmmx snags B awww wma mm '- sm. nm B ms an pw -D ms wfgyiw. ff-...f 'iw w a an E . r a a m .I Eg Rs .1 mx n 'x Illllllilllllll PRICE DOYLE Wilh respect admirarion, and apprecia+io,n, we are proud To declicale This l95l Shield lo Professor Price Doyle, educalor, arlrisr, and friend To bolh school and sludenl. Friendliness is The essence of "Pop's" nalure. Throughoul Jrwenly-one years his genialiiy and warmrh have been fell' by all 'rhose who have come in conracl wiih him. Murray's nalional recognilion in fhe field of music is a lribufe lo lhe unselfish enihusiasm of Price Doyle. 12 THE PRESIDENT OE MURRAY STATE COLLEGE Under The guidance oT Dr. Ralph H. Woods, Murray STaTe College has conTinued iTs sTeady climb and is now recognized as one oT The Top sTaTe colleges in The naTion. ln six years, The physical planT has rapidly been expanded Through The addiTion oT one oT The TinesT Science Buildings in The SouTh, an lndusTrial ArTs Building, a new heaTing planT and high-pressure sysTem, addiTional classroom equipmenT, as well as oTher improvemenTs. The TaculTy and sTaTT have been increased and sTrengThenedp curricula has been broadened To meeT The varied needs oT sTudenTs. NOT only as an adminisTraTor, buT also as an edu- caTor, Dr. Woods leads in The consTanT seeking oT our goal-"A Bigger and BeTTer Murray." DR. RALPH H. woons IHE GOVERNOR OE KENTUCKY LAWRENCE WETHERBY THEBOARD OEREG BOSWELL B. I-IODGKIN, Chairman CLAUDEWINSLOW . . MAXON PRICE . HOLLIS C. FRANKLIN . . O. B. SPRINGER . . Frankforf Mayfield . Barlow . Marion Henderson ENTS J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean of STudenTs BesT known, perhaps. Tor his pep Talks in chapel, Dean J. MaTT Sparkman carries his enThusiasm inTo his daily conTacTs. A more likeable Dean of STudenTs is noT To be Tound anywhere: he is always concerned wiTh The inTeresTs of The sTudenT body. l'le has been here only Two years, buT has already shown himself To be a True "Thoroughbred," WILLIAM G. NASH Dean of The College To The desk of Dr. William G, Nash. Dean of The Col- lege. come all The problems ol classes, curricula, and degrees. NoTwiThsTanding his heavy burden oT of- Ticial duTies, he has a 'friendly word and helpful ad- vice Tor all sTuden'n3 who come To his office. His humorous "ad libs" in The presenTaTion oT announce menTs have made him The "man oT The year" in chapel. ADMINISTRATION DR. JOHN W. CARR TMR. PRESTON W. ORDWAY MRS. CLEO GILLIS HESTER MISS ALICE KEYS MR MARVIN O Presidenf Emerifus Business Manager Registrar Execufive Secrefary Publnc Relaflons FIRST ROW MISS RUTH ASHMORE MISS HELEN GILL MISS SARAH HENDERSON MISS MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. TENNIE BRECKENRIDGE MARY W. BROWN PAULINE JOHNSON HART LITCHFIELD RUBYE POOL MISS MARTHA GUIER SECOND ROW MISS CATHERINE PURDOM MR. JAMES A. ROGERS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. DOROTHY HOLLAND JOY JOHNSON NAOMI B. ROGERS VIRGINIA RUSSELL FAY W. SLEDD I6 DEPARTMENTAL HEADS MR. JOE BAILEY Library Science DR. WALTER E. BLACKBURN Physical Science M R. A. CARMAN Agriculture DR. M. G. CARMAN Mafhemalics MR. PRICE DOYLE Fine Arls MR. FRED SINGLES Commerce DR. HERBERT HALPERT Languages and Liferaiure DR. C. S. LOWRY Social Science DR. R. B. PARSONS Educalion MISS RUBY SIMPSON Home Economics MR. ROY STEWART Physical Education DR. A. M. WOLFSON Biological Science FACULTY FIRST ROW Dr. W. D. Aeschbacher Mr. Vernon Anderson Mr. John C. Berssenbrugge Miss Ola B. Brock Miss Frances Brown Mr. Marion A. Brown Mr. Ardaih G. Canon SECOND ROW Mrs. Ann Cohron Miss Ru'rh E. Cole Miss Mary Crenshaw Mr. Carlisle Cufchin Miss Clara Eagle Mr. Richard W. Farrell Miss AHie Faughn 18 THIRD ROW Mr. Don Finegan Miss Bealrice Frye Mr. R. E. Goodgion Mr. David Gowans Mr. Bobbie R. Grogan Miss Verda Head Mr. Roberi- L. Hendon I THE FACULTY FIRST ROW ' Miss Rezina Senfer Miss Onnie Gray Skinner Miss Annie Smiili Miss Rubie E. Smifh Dr. Liza Spann Mr. Harry M. Sparks Mr. Charles Sfamps SECOND ROW Miss Loriye Suifer Mr. B. J. Tillman Mr. J. Alberi' Tracy Miss Ma'Hie S. Trousdale Miss Pairicia Twiss A Mr. Thomas C. Venable Mrs. Georgia Wear ' 20 THIRD ROW Mr. Auburn Wells Mrs. Seiburn Whiie A Miss Roberfa Whifnah Miss Caroline Wingo Mrs. Marcella Wolfson Miss Grace WyaH Miss Nellie Mae Wyman SECOND ROW Mr. R. A. Johnslon Dr. Rolf King Mr. Phillip Leamon Mr. Roberl' E. Love++ Mr. Neale Mason Mr. F. D. Mellen Mr. Tim O'Brien THIRD ROW Mr. Pele Panzera Mr. Lelsie R. Putnam Dr. Annie Ray Mr. William G. Read Miss Vivian Sauber Mr. E. G, Schmid? Mr. Arlie ScoH' TH FACULTY STUDENT ORGANIZATION The STudenT OrganizaTion, consisTing oT The enTire sTudenT body, This year was direcTed by a group oT new oTTicers and STudenT Council mem- bers. As president Bill C. Taylor led The group in The acTiviTies oT The year. These evenTs were highlighTed by conTinuaTion oT The "name band dance" policy Ibringing To The campus Woody Herman and EIlioT Lawrencel, and by a social- enTerTainmenT program which was aimed aT reaching all The sTudenTs. The body once again acTed as The imporTanT insTrumenT in dealing wiTh The adminisTraTion and a+her groups in The inTeresTs oT The sTud'enTs. L as STUDENT ORGANIZATION OFFICERS BILL C. TAYLOR . ..., PresidenT BOB M. BOYD . . Vice-PresicIenT REVA LAWSON . . . SecreTary BOB RUTHERFORD . . Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS MEL SANDERS . . Graduaie RepresenTaTive BILL BROWN . . . GraduaTe Represe-nTaTive ANDREW MURREN . . Senior Class RepresenTaTive VIRGINIA BERRY . . . Senior Class Represeniaiive LEEMON MILLER . . . Junior Class RepresenTaTive BILLIE JEAN THOMPSON . . Junior Class Represenfafive BILL STRANGE . . . . Sophomore Class RepresenTaTive I-IAZEL PRATT-TER . . . Sophomore Class RepresenTaTive RONNIE SHOLAR . . . Freshman Class Represenfafive TOMMY FERGUSON . . Freshman Class RepresenTaTive .NF If -X ia F 5 Q A-' 5 ,',q.11' , X YV? as-Q Q. -J Q . if-35, N Qxggsfp., as ,, -,-we-1 1 Am-BSR rm gms gm gm f 1, E ,ly 'I' "x, QV -11 lvl Kp m?ff'pQr,.I"U 55253155 iii-,153-ggi,-wl'.i,l H v nfs rlwjzmia 3 WJ? if nlljxfirif-Tl 'I M'-gin!! ? P Axgif I' 2511-sm CLASSES CLASS OF FIFTY-ONE THE GOAL . . . We've reached iT. Through Tour years of hard work and many Trials and Tribu- laTions we have Tinally reached our goal... graduaTion. The ThoughT raTher amazes some of us Tor iT seems such a shorT Time since we enTered Murray STaTe. SomeTim-es The road looked long EDWARD H. TILTON, MARTHA DELL SANDERS, Presidenf Vice-PresidenT GERALDINE SEALY, JEAN JOEL COCHRAN, Secrefary Treasurer and hard . . . aT oTher Times iT looked shorT and easy. Before we go we would like To leave a mes- sage Tor Those behind us . . . Cnce in our liTeTime Too, we had To make a choice . . ,wheTher To go on or drop by The wayside. To Those oT our un- derclass broThers Taced wiTh This choice we say . . . go on. We go ouT inTo a world Tilled wiTh uncerTainTy. Our job lies beTore us . . . Tor in some small way we musT make This world oT ours safer Tor our children and Tor you. Our highes+ goal will be reached when we have done ThaT. ln a year or Two or Three iT will become your iob Too. We say , . . Reach This goal we have aT- Tained so ThaT in The TuTure you may aTTain The higher one. Go on . . .The road is a shorT one. Firsi' Row: O ANNE ADAMS, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Home Ec. Club: Disciple Cenfer: OFF Campus Girls. I BETTYE ANDERSON, Hunisville, Ala.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha loia: Symphonic Band: College Orchesfra: Vivace Club: Band. 0 JAMES B. ALFORD, 'Mempl-mis, Tenn.: B.S.: Del+a Alpha: Vefs Club: Commerce Club. Second Row: 0 CLIFFORD APPLEGATE, Nepfune, N. J.: B.S.: Chemisfry Club: "M" Club: Fooiball. O LYLE ARMSTRONG, JR., Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Michigan Slaie College. 0 THOMAS A. BAGGETT, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Ed. Club: lndusfrial Arrs Club: "M" Club: B.S.U.: Traclr: Golden Gloves '46-'47-'48-'-19: Professional Boxing '49-'50. lhircl Row: 0 KEITH BAKER, Corbin, Ky.: B.S.: Easfern Kenfuclry Siafe: Der Edelweiss Klub. O BETTY LEE BARBER, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: W.A.A.: Physical Ed. Club: Modern Dance Club: Foofball Affendan-l, '50. O LEWIS BARBRE, Burnl Prairie, Ill.: B.S.: Evansville College: Soufhern Illinois Universiiy. Fourih Row,: I JAMES R. BARNES, Hopkinsville, Ky.: B.S. 0 JULIAN BASSETT, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: Kappa Della Pi: I.R.C.: Der Edelweiss Klub, Presidenl '49-'50: Wesfminsfer Fellowship. 0 HOWARD P. BELCHER, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club Fifih Row: O HILDREY BEMENT, Paducah, Ky.: A.B.: Paducah Junior Col- lege. 0 JAMES BENEDICT, Clinfon, Ky.: B.S.: Indusfrial Arfs Club, Vice-Presidenr '49-'50: Square and Compass, I VIRGlNlA BERRY, Henderson, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Presidenf '49-'50: Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-Presidenl' '50-'5l: Socl: and Buskin, Secrelary '48-'49: A.C.E.: Siuden? Org.: Panhellenic Council: Social Commiliee: Campus Favorife, '49-'50: Modern Dance Club: Who's Who, '50-'5l: Miss Murray Slale, '50-'5l: "John Loves Mary": "Eli1abefh The Oueen": "Our Town": "The Taming of fhe Shrew." CLASS OF Firsi Row: 0 MARTIN H. BONDURANT, JR., Union Cily, Tenn.: B.S. in Agriculiure: Ag. Club. 0 BOB M. BOYD, Hoplrinsville, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Physical Ed. Club, Treasurer '49-'50: Sfudeni Org., Vice-Presidenl '50-'5I: B.S.U.: Besi' Groomed '50-'5I: Who's Who, '50-'5I. O CHARLES S. BRANDON, Benlon, Ky.: B.S. Second Row: 0 CLAUDE WEST BRANN, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullure. 0 EDWARD HAYS BROOKS, Kullawa, Ky.: B.S.: Der Edelweiss Klub: Physics Club: Lyon Couniy Club: Campus Lighls. 0 MARCELLA M. BROWN, Caseyville, Ky.: B.S.: A.C.E. Third Row: 0 ROBERT B. BROWN, Neplune, N. J.: B.S.: Physical Ed. Club: "M" Club: Foofball: Swimming Team. 0 OLEN L. BRYANT, Marlha, Tenn.: B.S.: Alpha Psi Omega, Secrefary-Treasurer '50-'5I: Kappa Pi, Presideni '50-'5I: Sccl: and Buslrin, Treasurer '49-'50: Porffolio'Club, Presidenf '49-'5O: Campus Lighls: B.S.U.: Social Commiffee: Ouislanding Ari Siu- denl, '49-'50. 0 GROVER C. BUCY, JR., Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Freed-Hardeman College. Fourih Row: O LORRAINE BURKEEN, -Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Delia Alpha: Vols Club: Commerce Club, Presidenl' '49-'50: Wesley Foundafion, Treasurer '50-'5l: Social Commiflee. 0 ROBERT E. CABLE, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Wesley Foundaiion. 0 JUDSON ALLEN CAMPBELL, Asbury Park, N, J.: B.S.: Mon- mouih Junior College: Delia Alpha: Vefs Club: Commerce Club. Fiffh Row: O EDNA LOUlSE CALHOUN, Golden Pond, Ky.: B.S.: Home Ec. Club: A.C.E.: B.S.U. 0 DORIS CASTELLAW, Bells, Tenn.: A.B.: Universify of Mis- sissippi: Union Universily. 0 GEORGE W. CHAPMAN, Sanford, Fla.: B.S.: Universily of Florida. FIFIY-ONE Firsl Row: 0 ROSS W. CHUMBLER, Benion, Ky.: B.S.: Ag. Club: Square and Compass. 0 MABEL ROSE CISSELL, Cunningham, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Alpha Psi Omega, Presidenf '50-'5l: Delfa Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pi: Soclr and Buslrin: A.C.E.: Campus Reli- gious Council: Wesiminsier Fellowship, Presideni' '50-'5I: Who's Who, '50-'5I. O LAVINA R. CLAXTON, Puryear, Tenn.: B.S.: U. T. Junior Col- lege: A.C.E. Second Row: O JEAN JOEL COCHRAN, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Delia Lambda Alpha: Kappa Delia Pi, Presidenf '50-'5l: Home Ec. Club, Treasurer '50-'5I: B.S U.: Mosi' Ouisianding Siudenl' in Home Economics, '50: Who's Who. '50-'5l: Senior Class. Treasurer. O EVELYN RUTH CONE, Wes? Brownsville, Pa.: B.M.E.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Sigma Alpha Ioia: College Orcheslra: Vivace Club: Les Copains, Treasurer '48-'49: Campus Lighfs: Social Commillee: Wes? Keniuclzy Symphony. 0 JAMES W. CONNELLY, Henderson, Ky.: B.S.: Evansville Col- lege: Delia Alpha: College News: Vefs Club: I.R.C.: Henderson Counfy Club. Third Row: 0 BETTY H. COOK, Mayfield, Ky.: B.M.E.: -Mary Hardin-Baylor College: Sigma Alpha lofa. O NANCY WATTS COSBY, Mayfield, Ky.: A.B.: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer '50-'5I: Delia Lambda Alpha, Treasurer '49- '50: Kappa Della Pi: El Nopal: Chemisfry Club, Secrefary '50- '5I: Social Commiffee: Alumni Scholarship, '48, I JASPER M. COTHRON, Benfon, Ky.: A.B.: Chemislry Club: American Chemical Sociefy, '50-'5l. Fourih Row: 0 RAY LOWELL COX, New Burnside, Ill.: B.S.: Soufhern Illinois Universiiy: Ag. Club. 0 EDWARD PHILIP CRAWFORD, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Befa Bela Bela, Vice-Presideni '48-'49, Presidenf '50-'5I: Chemisfry Club: I.R.C.: Der Edelweiss Klub: Calloway Couniy Club. O MARILYN JO CROGHAN, Carmi, Ill.: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: Vivace Club: Home Ec. Club: Campus Lighfs: Murray Macs: Wells Hall Council: B.S.U. Fifth Row: O NORMA JEAN DAVIDSON, Camden, Tenn.: B.S.: Lambulh College: Alpha Sigma Alpha: W.A.A., Secrefary '49-'50, Presi- den? '50-'5I: Physical Ed. Club: Wesley Foundafion: Social Commiffee: Wells Hall Council: Modern Dance Club: SHIELD Sfaff, '5I: Cheerleader, '49-'50, '50-'5I: Campus Favorife, '50-'5I. O CHARLES DAVIS, Paris, Tenn.: B.S. 0 NORMA L. DAVIS, Clay, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Physical Ed. Club: Websfer Counfy Club. CLASS OF Firsl Row: 0 EVANGELINE DINNING, Gleason, Tenn.: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: Asbury College: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Home Ec. Club, Treasurer '50-'5I. 0 -MARIAN JANE DUGGER, Winlerhaven, Fla.: A.B.: Sigma Sgima Sigma, Treasurer '49-'50: Sock and Buslcin. 0 WILLIAM DAVID DUNN, Greenfield, Tenn.: B.S.: Baseball: '51 SHIELD Sfaff, Business Manager: Wealcley Counly Club. Second Row: 0 SPENCE DYE, Silxeslon, Mo.: B.S.: Della Alpha, Secrelary '48-'49, Presidenl- '50-'5I: Vels Club, Secrefary-Treasurer '49-'50, Presidenl' '50-'5I: Sludenl' Org., '49-'50: Social Commillee. 0 HAYWOOD EASON, Ripley, Tenn.: B.S.: Della Alpha: Kipa Pi. 0 ROBERT JAMES ECKERT, Floral Park, N. J.: B.S.: l.R.C. Third Row: 0 CHARLES L. ELDRIDGE, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullure: Ag. Club. O JACQUELINE ELLIS, Murray, Ky.: B.M.E.: Delia Lambda Alpha: Sigma Alpha Iofa: Kappa Delia Pi: Symphonic Band: College Orcheslra: Soclr and Buslcin: Vivace Club: Band: Wes- ley Foundalion: Campus Liglrls: Wes'l Kenluclcy Symphony Or- cheslra: "A Double BiII": Alpha Psi Omega: "The Taming of 'lhe Shrew." 0 EDWARD ELLWANGER, Chicago, III.: B.M.E.: Symphonic Band: College Orcheslra: Vivace Club: Band: Campus Lighls: College Fuse. Fourlh Row: 0 MAE ELLEN ERWIN, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: W.A.A.: l.R.C. 0 DONALD LEE EVITT, Delroif, Mich.: B.S.: Physical Ed. Club: "M" Club: Foolball: Traclr. 0 BILLY FARRIS, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Physical Ed. Club. Fiffh Row: 0 KELLY FITZGERALD, Crossville, III.: A.B.: EI Nepal: Debale Team: B.S.U. O MARY JO FRANKLIN, Grayville, III.: B.S.: Whifworlh Junior College: W.A.A. O JAMES FREEMAN, La Cenfer, Ky.: B.S.: Veig Club: Com- merce Club. FIFIY-ONE Firsl Row: O ANNA ELIZABETH FRENCH, Princelon, Ky.: B.M.E.: The Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: College Orchesfra: Vivaca Club: Campus Lighls, '5I. 0 WILLIAM THOMAS FRENCH, Princefon, Ky.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer '50-'5I: The Symphonic Band: Vivace Club: Band: Campus Lighfs, '48-'49-'50-'5I. 0 SYSLER BROWN FUTRELL, Paducah, Ky.: B.S. Second Row: 0 JOHN HENRY GALLIGAN, Herrin, Ill.: B.S.: Soufhern Illinois Universily: Commerce Club. 0 WAYNE GEURIN, Forl Henry, Tenn.: B.S.: Vels Club: ACE.: Porffolio Club. 0 MONA GEVEDEN, Bardwell, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Vivace Club: Physical Educafion Club: Fooiball Queen Allend- ani, '49-'50. Third Row: 0 ORVIL EARNEST C-JIBBS, Reclor, Arla.: B.S.: Velg Club: Ag- ricullure Club: "M" Club: Foolball. 0 GLORIA ANN GIGLIA, Neplune, N. J.: B.S.: W.A.A.: Physi- cal Educaiion Club: Campus Lighls. 0 DONALD NORMAN GILES, Asbury Park, N. J.: B.S. Fourfh Row: 0 NELDA GILES, Lexingfon, K.: B.S. in Home Economics: Easf- ern: Home Economics Club. 0 L. C. GILLESS, -Marion, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Soclr and Buslrin: Vivace Club: Commerce Club: I.R.C.: Band: Campus Lighls, '44: Swim Team. O BAILEY ERNEST GORE, Hopkinsville, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Edu- calion Club: "M" Club: Foolball: Traclc. Fifih Row: 0 ANNA MAUDE GRAY, Lamasco, Ky.: B.S.: A.C.E.: B.S.U. 0 WILLIAM D. GRESHAM, Princelon, Ky.: B.S.: Bowling Green Business College: Vels Club: Commerce Club: I.R.C. O MARTIN GROPPE, Asbury Parlr, N. J.: A.B.: Monmouih Col- lege: Delia Alpha: Vels Club: College Orcheslra: Commerce Club: I.R.C. CLASS OF Firsl' Row: 0 MIRIAM GRYMES, Fulion, Ky.: B.S.: Kappa Pi: Porllolio Club: Wesley Foundafion: Social Commilfee. 0 ANN BELOTE HARRIS, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S. in Home Econom- ics: Chrislian College: Peabody College: Home Economics Club: Campus Lighls, '5l. O BILL HAVEL, Lorain, Ohio: B.M.E. Second Row: 0 ELLIS HAYES, Hazel, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullure: Debale. O LOIS ELEANOR HEATER, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: Soclc and Buslcin: Home Economics Club, Secrefary '50- '5I: W.A.A.: Calloway Counly Club: B.S.U. O EVELYN HEATER, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Sock and Buslrin: Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenf '50-'5I: W.A.A.: Calloway Counly Club. Third Row: 0 WILFORD HEFLIN, JR., Murray, Ky.: B.S. 0 JO ANNE HENDON, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Chrisfian College: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secre- 'lary '50-'5I: Besl Groomed, '49-'50, '50-'5I: Modern Dance Club: Foolball Queen Alfendanl, '49: Campus Favorile, '53-'5l. 0 THOMAS EDWARD HERNDON, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Agri- cullure: Vers Club: B.S.U. Fourlh Row: 0 PHYLLIS F. HERROLD, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Kappa Pi: Porlfolio Club, Secrelary '48-'49, Prasidenl' '49-'50: Modern Dance Club: Glee Club. I BETTY LOU HILL, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Della Lambda Alpha: Commerce Club: Calloway Counly Club. 0 TURNER HILL, Grand Rivers, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: B.S.U. Fiffh Row: 0 LA VORA HOLLAND, Hardin, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Presidenl '50-'5l: Bela Bela Bela: Chemislry Club: Der Edel- weiss Klub: Marshall Counly Club: B.S.U.: Social Commillee: Wells Hall Council: Freshman Class Treasurer, '47-'48: Miss Wells Hall, '50: Panhellenic Council: Campus Favorife, '50-'5l. 0 HENRY HILLIS HOOPER, Hunisville, Ala.: B.S.: Veis Club: The Symphonic Band: Soclc and Busldn: Chemisfry Club: A.C.E.: Debale: Band. K O CARL HOWELL HOPPER, Henderson, Tenn.: B.S.: Univer- sify of Tennessee Junior College. FIFIY-ONE Firsl Row: 0 SUE HUGHES, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: W.A.A., Secrefary '47-'48: Physical Educalion Club: Freshman Class, Vice-Presideni '47-'48. I O JAMES KENDALL JAMES, Fullon, Ky.: A.B.: Phi Mu Alpha: 'Sl SHIELD, Edifor: El Nopal, Presidenf '49-'50: I.R.C.: Campus Lighls, '50-'5I: Campus Religious Council, Presidenf '49-'50: Who's Who, '49-'50, '50-'5l: Besl Groomed, '50-'5I. 0 CLIFFORD T. JEFFERSON, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club. Second Row: 0 EARL A. JOHNSTON, Smilhland, Ky.: A.B.: Lindsay Wilson Junior College: Universiiy of Louisville: Wesley Foundalion. 0 JAMES JONES, Hardin, Ky.: B.S. in Agriculiureg Agriculiure Club: Square and Compass. Q VIVIAN LORENA JONES, Paducah, Ky.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha Ioia, Presiden+ '49, Vice-Presiclenf '50: Kappa Delia Pi: College Orchesira: Vivace Club: Campus Lighis: Besl' Groomed, '49-'50: Sigma Alpha Ioia Sword of Honor Award, '50.' Third Row: 0 WINNIE LOU JONES, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Alpha Iofa: Commerce Club. O MARY BELLE KALER, Symsonia, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Bela Beia Beia: Commerce Club. 0 JACK B. KENNEDY, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Vers Club: Com- merce Club: Freshman Class, Vice-Presidenf '46-'47, Fourfh Row: 0 B. HIGDON KENNEY, Brookhaven, Miss.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: The Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: College Or- ches+rag Vivace Club: Band: Campus Lighis: Wesf Kenfuclry Symphony Orchesira, '49. I JERRY KUPCHYNSKY, Murray, Ky.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: The Symphonic Band: College Orchesira: Vivace Club: Der Edel- weiss Klub: Band: Campus Lighls, '49, 0 BARNEY LEWIS KYZAR, Marion, Arlr.: B.S.: Physical Educa- lion Club: I.R.C.: Eooiball. Fiffh Row: Q 0 JAMES FORD LANSDEN, Morganiield, Ky.: B.S.: Paducah Junior College: McCracken Counfy Club. 0 REVA JETT LAWSON, Oal: Ridge, Tenn.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: S.A.l., Chaplain '50-'5I: Kappa Delia Pi, Vice-Presidenf '50-'5I: A Cappella Choir: Vivace Club: A.C.E., Secreiary '49- '50: B.S.U.: Social Commifiee, Secrelary '50, '5I: 'Modern Dance Club: Prom Queen Aflendani, '50: Who's Who, '50-'5l: Cam- pus Favorife, '50-'5I. O ROBERT E. LENEAVE, Benron, Ky.: B.S. CLASS OF Firsl Row: 0 OGLESBY A. LOWE, JR., Ocala, Fla.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: The Symphonic Band: College Orcheslra: Vivace Club: Band: Campus Lighls, '48-'49-'50-'5l. 0 ROBERT W. LOWERY, Grand Rivers, Ky.: B.S. 0 NANCY LYELL, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: W.A.A., Recording Sec- relary '50-'5I: Physical Eclucafion Club: Modern Dance Club. Second Row: O BARBARA LYLES, Maylielcl, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: A Cappella Choir: W.A.A., Vice-Presidenl '49-'50, Treasurer '50- '5l: Physical Educalion Club: Band: Modern Dance Club. 0 LEON 'McBEE, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: lndusfrial Arls Club. 0 ERICE H. MCDONALD, Dyer, Tenn.: B.S, in Agricullure: Universify of Tennessee Junior College: Vels Club: Agriculiure Club. Third Row: O JOHNNY L. McGEE, Dyersburg, Tenn.: B.S.: Physics Club. 0 MRS. H. R, McLEAN, Sfurgis, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club. O PAT SOWERS MADDOX, DeKoven, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secrelary '49-'50, Vice-Presiclenf '50-'5l: Soclc and Buslrin: W.A.A.: Physical Educafion Club: Social Com- millee: Panhellenic Council: Modern Dance Club, Presidenf '50- '5I: "The Corn ls Green," "John Loves Mary." Fourlh Row: 0 MANTHUS MARTIN, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Economics Club: Porlfolio Club: Trigg Counly Club. 0 FREDDIE MEYER, JR., Bluforcl, Ill.: B.S.: Physical Educalion Club: I.R.C.: B.S.U. 0 ROWENA MILFORD, Union Cily, Tenn.: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: Home Economics Club: B.S.U. Fiflh Row: O CLARA JANE MILLER, -Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Della Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pi: The Symphonic Band: Sock and Buslcin: Vivace Club: Debafe: Band: Wesley Founclafion, Vice-Presidenf '49-'50, Presiclenf '50-'5l: Campus Religious Council: Social Commilfee: Calloway Counfy Club: Wl1o'5 Who, '50-'5l. I JACOUELINE MILLER, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Chemislry Club: W.A.A.: Sludenl Organizalion. 0 DALTON M. MOORE, Milburn, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Com- merce Club: Physical Eclucalion Club. FIFTY-ONE Firsi Row: I JEANNE DOLORES MUELLER, Amhersl, Ohio: B.M.E.: Delia Lambda Alpha, Treasurer '50-'5I: Sigma Alpha lcfa, Presidenf '50-'5I: The Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: College Or- chesira: Vivace Club, Presidenf '50-'5l: Band: Wesley Founda- iion: Campus Lighfs: Miss Wells Hall, '50, 0 ANDREW MURREN, Nufley, N. J.: B.S.: Seion Hall Univer- siiy: Della Alpha: Vefs Club: Commerce Club: Physical Educalion Club: "M" Club, Presidenf '50-'5l: Siudenf Organizafion, Senior Reperesenialive '50-'5l: Baseball: Besi Groomed, '50-'5l: Who's Who, '50-'5l. 0 RONALD P. NIELSEN, Mariin, Tenn.: B.S.: Universiiy Tennessee Junior College: l.R.C. Second Row: O NORRIS H. OAKLEY, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Vols Club: Physical Ed- ucaiion Club: lndusirial Aris Club: Foolball. 0 VERNE ODOM, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: Universily of Tennessee. 0 JEANNE ELIZABETH OLDHAM, Louisville, Ky.: B.M.E.: Camp- bellsville Junior College: A Cappella Choir: B.S.U. Third Row: O MARY ALICE OPDYKE, Washingfon, N. J.: B.M.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Sigma Alpha lofa: A Cappella Choir: Madrigal Singers: Vivace Club, Vice-Presidenl '49-'50: Band, Maiorefie '47-'47, '48- '49, '49-'50, Drum Maior '50-'5I: Les Copains: Campus Lighis '48-'49-'50-'5l: Wells Hall Council: Campus Favoriie, '48-'49, '49- '50, '50-'5I: Besl' Groomed, '50-'5l: 'Miss Wells Hall, '50. 0 CHARLES E. ORR, Paris, Tenn.: A.B.: Kappa Della Pi: El Nopal: Henry Couniy Club: B.S.U.: Secondary Educaiion Club. O MELBA SUE ORR, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club. Fourih Row: , 0 MARGARET OSBORNE, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Lambuih College: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Ideal Pledge '49: Kappa Della Pi, Corresponding Secrelary '5l: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundaiion: Off Campus Girls, Presideni '50-'5l. 9 LETRICIA OUTLAND, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secreiary '49-'50: Bela Beia Befa, '50-'5l: Wesley Foundaiion. 0 JO ANNE PACE, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Presideni '50-'5l: Porifolio Club: OFF Campus Girls. ' Fifrh Row: ' 1 I CHARLES R. PALMATEER, Neplune, N. J.: B.S.: Porlfolio Club: Wesley Foundalion. 0 HERBERT H. PALMER, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Wesiern Sfaie Col- lege: Veis Club: Commerce Club. 0 MILDRED PARSONS, Somerville, Tenn.: B.M.E.: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Presidenl '50-'5l: Delia Lambda Alpha, President '47: Sigma Alpha loia, Secreiary '50-'5l: A Cappella Choir: Campus Lighis, '48-'49-'50: Panhellenic Council, Presidenf '5I: Besf Grocmed, '50-'5I : -Miss Wells Hall, '50, CLASS OF Firs-I' Row: O EDITH MAE PENDERGRASS, Alamo, Tenn.: B.S.: Universily Tennessee Junior College: B.S.U. 0 VINCENT PERRIER, Lorain, Ohio: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha, Presi- denl '50-'5I: The Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: College Orcheslrag Vivace Club: Band: Campus Lighis, Music Direc- ior, '5l. I 0 ROBERT B. PIERCY, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: College News: Vers Club: '5l SHIELD Ar'IisI'. Second Row: O MAURICE C. PORTER, Tren'I'on, Ky.: B.S. in Agriculiureg Agri- culfure Club: Todd Counly Club. 0 JIMMIE RAPER, Paducah, Ky.: Transylvania College: A Cap- pella Choir: Sock and Buslrin: German Club: Delia Sigma Phi. I HAROLD R. RAYMOND, Henderson, Ky.: B.S.: Veis Club: Commerce Club: Physical Educaiion Club. Third Row: O HENRY THOMAS REDMON, Paris, Tenn.: A.B.: El Nopal: B.S.U. 0 GILDEROY RICHARDSON, Birmingham, Ala.: B.S. in Agricul- fure: Bela Bela Bela: Agricullure Club. 0 JERRY S. RICHARDSON, Paris. Tenn.: B.S. Fourlh Row: I PATSY ROBERTS, Benion, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Economics Club: W.A.A.: Besi Groomed, '49-'50: Cheerleader, '47-'48, '48-'49, '49-'50, '50-'5I: Campus Favorile, '50-'5l. 0 ALTON RODGERS, JR., Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: Ve'l's Club: Physi- cal Educafion Club: "M" Club, Secrelary-Treasurer '49: Foofball. 0 LOIS S. RODGERS, Washinglon, N. J.: B.S.: College Orches- fra: Vivace Club: W.A.A.: Physical Educalion Club: Band: Modern Dance Club. Fifih Row: 0 MARJORIE R. ROEHM, Dayion, Ohio: B.S.: Kappa Pi: Veis Club: Porffolio Club. 0 RICHARD M. ROYER, New Yorlr, N, Y.: A.B.: Cornell Univer- sily: Delia Alpha, Founder '48: Sock and Buslcin: Campus Lighls, '47-'48-'49: Sigma Chi. 0 JOHN DONALD RUSCIN, Wesl' Franlrforl, Ill.: B.S.: Souihern Illinois Universily: Physical Educaiion Club: "M" Club: Fooiball: Baseball. FIFIY-ONE Firsl' Row: 0 BOBBY FRANK RUTHERFORD, Clinion, Tenn.: B.S.: Del'ra Alpha: Vefs Club: Chemisrry Club: "M" Club: Sludenf Organiza- Iion, Treasurer '50-'5I: B.S.U.: Traclr. 0 WILLIAM J. RYAN, Nepfune Cify, N. J.: B.S.: Delia Alpha: '50 SHIELD, Assisfanf Business Manager: Vers Club: Commerce Club, Vice-Presidenf '50-'5l: Physical Educaiion Club, Presidenf '50-'5I: I.R.C.: Bes'I Groomed, '50-'5I. O MARTHA DELL B. SANDERS, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: College News: Sock and Buslrin: W.A.A.: Physical Educa- Iion Club: Sfudenf Organizafion, Junior Represen-Iafive '49-'50: McCracken Counfy Club: Social Commiifee: Campus Favorile, '48-'49, '49-'50, '50-'5I: Modern Dance Club: Senior Class, Vice- Presideni. Second Row: 0 JAMES E. SANDERS, Trenfon, Tenn.: B.S.: Vers Club: Com- merce Club: I.R.C. I CHARLES W, SATCHER, Sanford, Fla.: B.S.: SHIELD, '49-'50- '5I: Veis Club: I.R.C., Vice-Presideni '48-'49: Porffolio Club. 0 GERALDINE SEALY, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Paducah Junior Col- lege: Kappa Delia Pi: W.A.A.: A.C.E., Presidenl- '50-'5I: 'Mc- Cracken Counfy Club: Who's Who, '50-'5I: Senior Class, Sec- refary. Third Row: 0 D. FREDERICK SEARS, Marion, Ky.: A.B.: Bela Befa Beia, Vice-Presidenf '50-'5I: Chemisiry Club: A.C.E. 0 LEE T. SHANNON, Lebanon, Tenn.: B.S.: Cumberland Univer- sify: Della Alpha: Kipa Pi: College News: I.R.C., Presideni' '50: Social Commiffee: "College Fuse," '49-'50. O ROBERT SHELTON, Morganfield, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullure: Agricullure Club. h Fourih Row: 0 MARJORIE SHEMWELL, Be+haI+o, III.: B.S.: Weslern Slaie College: Kappa Pi: Porlfolio Club, Secrefary-Treasurer '48-'49. 0 WILLIAM H. SIMPSON, Erin, Tenn.: B.S.: Ausiin Peay College: Ve-Is Club: Commerce Club: I.R.C. 0 JOHN I'I. SINGLETON, Hamilion, Ohio: B.S.: Vefs Club: Physical Educafion Club: "M" Club: Foolball, Co-capfain '50, Fifih Row: 0 WILBURN SIRLS, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullure Club. I WARREN P. SLOCUM, Morrison, III.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: The Symphonic Band: A Cappella Choir: College Orchesira: Madrigal Singers: Vivace Club: "M" Club: Campus Lighls, '4I. 0 BETTY SMITH, Murray, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Delia Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pi: Home Eco- nomics Club, Secrefary '49-'50: Wesley Foundafion. CLASS OF Firsl' Row: 0 LYNWOOD SMITH, Alamo, Tenn.: B.S-2 Befhel College: Delia Alpha: Physical Educaiion Club: Croclceif Couniy Club. 0 JAMES E. SOLOMON, Calveri Cily, Ky.: B.S.: Lambulh Col- lege: Physical Educalion Club: Wesley Foundaiion. 0 CHARLOTTE F. SPILLANE, Pleasanlville, N. J.: A.B.: Rufgers Universily: Sock and Buslcin, Presiden+ '50-'5l: Alpha Psi Omega. Second Row:' 0 BERNARD F. SPILLANE, Lynn, Mass.: B.S.: Del+a Alpha, Cor- responding Secrelary '50-'5l: Veis Club: l.R.C.: Indusirial Aris Club. 0 MARTHA BILLIE STARKS, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: '5l SHIELD, Assisfanf Edifor: Socl: and Busltin: Besf Groomed, '49-'50, '50-'5l: McCracken Counly Club: "The Man Who Came lo Dinner": "EIizabeil'u, lhe Queen": Alpha Psi Omega. 0 LUCY STARRETT, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: W.A.A.: Physical Educa- :lion Club: A.C.E.: Bancl, Maiorelfe '48-'49, '49-'50. Third Row: 0 OCTAVIA STAUDT, Paducah, Ky.: B.S. in Home Economics: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Sock and Buslcin: Chemisiry Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: l.R.C., Secrelary '48, '49-'5O: Wesley Foundaiion: McCracken Couniy Club: Social Commiliee. l DON STEPHENSON, Valley Sfaiion, Ky.: B.S.: Delia Alpha: Physical Educalion Club: "M" Club, Secreiary-Treasurer '50-'5l: Baslcelball. 0 ROBERT H. STROUBE, Oak Grove, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullure: Baia Bela Bela: Agricullure Club. Fourih Row: 0 PATRICIA SUBLETTE, Fullon, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Commerce Club: Aihenaeum Club, Secrelary-Treasurer '49-'50. O EARL M. SWEARINGEN, Brownsville, Pa.: B.S.: Della Alpha, Treasurer '49-'50, '50-'5l: Vivace Club: Physical Educaiion Club: Band: Traclc: Swim Team. 0 WILLIAM C. TAYLOR, Earlingion, Ky.: A.B.: Kappa Delia Pi: Soclr ancl Buslrin: l.R.C.: Der Edelweiss Klub: Sluclenl Organizaiion, Presideni' '50-'5l: Hoplcins Counly Club, Presideni '48-'49: B.S.U.: Social Commiilee, Chairman '50-'5l: Who's Who, '49-'50, '50-'5l: Besf Groomed, '50-'5l. Fiffh Row: 0 WELDON THOMAS, Hazel, Ky.: B.S.: Florida Chrislian Col- lege. 0 JACK THOMPSON, Dyersburg, Tenn.: B.S.: Union Universiiy: Memphis Sfale College: Chemisiry Club: l.R.C.: B.S.U. 0 JOANNE THOMPSON, Paducah, Ky.: A.B.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Delia Lambda Alpha, Vice-Presidenf '50-'5l: Kappa Della Pi: El Nopal, Secrelary '48-'49, Presidenl' '50-'5l: Alhenaeum Club. FIFIY-ONE Firsr Row: 0 HUELL M. TILLEY, La Cenier, Ky.: B.S. in Agricullureg Agri- culiure Club, Vice-Presidenr '49-'50, Presidenr '50-'5I: Baseball: Assisfani Baslceiball Manager, '48-'49. 0 EDWARD H, TILTON, Asbury Park, N. J.: B.S.: Monmoufh Junior College: Delia Alpha, Secrefary '50-'5l: Vefs Club, Sec- refary '50-'5I: Commerce Club: Senior Class, President Who's Who, '50-'5I: Besf Groomed, '50-'5l. 0 LAWRENCE R. TRAVIS, E. Cleveland, Ohio: B.S.: Ohio Uni' versiry: Delia Alpha: Physical Educaiion Club: Besi' Grcomecl, '50-'5I. Second Row: 0 GLENN CYRUS VANCIL, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Paducah Junior College. O CAROLYN VAUGHN, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain '49-'50, Vice-Presideni 'SO-'5I: Bela Bela Bela: Chemis- iry Club: Der Edelweiss Klub: Wesley Foundaiion, Vice-Presidenl' '47-'48: Calloway Counfy Club, Secrefary '47-'48: Campus Re- ligious Council, Secrefary '48-'49: Off Campus Girls: Panhellenic Council, Secreiary-Treasurer '50-'5I. 0 JACK WARD, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Vers Club: Commerce Club: Physical Educafion Club: Foolball. Third Row: 0 KATHERINE WASSON, Carrier Mills, III.: B.S.: Be+I1eI Wom- an's College: Soclr and Buslrin: Campus Lighfs, '50: B.S.U.: "Three Men on a Horse": "Our Town." 0 BARNEY TAYLOR WATSON, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: S+. Bernard Junior College. ' 0 EDWARD KEITH WATTS, Clinion, Ky.: B.S.: Agriculfure Club. Fourrh Row: 0 WILLIAIM CRAWFORD WEAVER, Wiclcliffe, Ky.: B.S.: Kappa Pi: Chemisfry Club: Porifolio Club. 0 JOHN W. WEBB, Collage Grove, Tenn.: B.S.: Chemisiry Club, 0 FRANK WENDRYHOSKI, Wes? Franhforr, lll.: B.S.: EI Nepal: l.R.C.: "M" Club: Baslreiball. Fiffh Row: 9 DALE LADD WHITE, Eddyville, Ky.: A.B.: Befhel Woman's College: A.C.E.: Afhenaeum Club: B.S.U. . O JOE W. WHITE, Mar+in, Tenn.: B.S.: Universily of Tennessee Junior College: Physical Educafion Club: I.R.C.: Baseball. 0 BILLY WHITEHEAD, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club: B.S.U. S OF FIFTY-ONE Firsl Row: O JOHN W. WIGGS, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club: I.R.C.: Henry Counly Club, Vice-Presideni '49-'50: Social Commiflee: Junior Class, Presideni' '49-'5O: Who's Who, '49-'5O. 0 JUANITA WILFORD, Barlow, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: A.C.E.: Ballard Couniy Club: Campus Religious Council, Secre- 'Iary '50-'5l: Y.W.C.A., Presiden+ '49-'50, 0 CARL E. WILLIAMS, Sanford, Fla.: B.S.: Florida Shale Univer- siIy: Alpha Tau Omega: Commerce Club. Second Row: 0 JOE WILLIAMS, McKenzie, Tenn.: B.S.: Universiiy of Ken- 'I'uclcy: Vers Club: Chemislry Club: Physical Educalion Club: B.S.U. O DOROTHY MAE WILSON, Lewisburg, Ky.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha Iola: W.A.A.: Logan Coun'Iy Club: B.S.U. 0 CLAUDE GRANT WOLFE, Souih Bend, Ind.: B.S.: Commerce Club. Third Row: I FRED S. WOOD, Paris, Tenn.: A.B. 0 WILLIAM W. WRIGHT, Paris, Tenn.: B.S. 0 JOSEPH LEO ZALETEL, Lorain, Ohio: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: The Symphonic Band: College Orchesira: Vivace Club: Band: Cam pus Lighls, '48-'49-'50-'5 I . NoLAN SHEPARD, JAMES E. sToRY, Presidenf Vice-Presidenf EARL JORDAN, EARL BEATY, Secrefary Treasurer HOPE . . . We have il. This year we've over- come anoiher obsfacle on "goal road." We are now only one year from 'rhe covered diploma. Our work has been rougher and we've had ro hil' ihe books a lillle harder. We haven'1' really minded ir for The goal is in sighi. Don? gel us wrong, if hasn'Jr been all work and no play. Some- Jrimes our siriving has consisred of lilrle more 'rhan a coke and a good magazine when we really should have been siudying Psychology . . . or going To a dance when we should have been wri+- ing Thai l-lisiory Jrerm paper. We're nor so bad 'rhough . . . we Think we've done preHy well. Nexf 6 CLASS OF FIFTY-TWO year we will have lo lake on 'rhe dignily Jrhalr comes wiih being a senior . . , confideniially we know we can do ir. 39 CLASS OF FIFTY -TWO FIRST ROW: Jordan Acquisfi George Adams Ka+l1leen Alderdice Mary Aldridge Monira Allen Peggy Anderson Alice Archer SECOND ROW: Jerry Bagwell Paul Barnes Jean BarneH' Earl Beafy Rosamond Black Joe Blalock Janie Bloomingburg THIRD ROW: Jack Borders Bob L. Boyd Jean Brame Gene Ausfin BramleH' Roberi Bruker William E. Bucy James Riley Burlceen FOU RTH ROW: Curlis Burklow Joe Cable Carolyn Carman Conrad Carr Joe Casey Gwen Cherry Roberf Chesfer it 1? I J , , 1 ' vi M . ,fl x lx i x - ' , ' 1. ,, ,A , - - as If I' vllll muff 'F FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Claiborne Boyce Clayfon David Colvin Thelma Combs S+anley Cooper Maurice Crass, Jr. Donald K. Davis SECOND ROW: Andrew DeMoss Melvin Deweese Charlie C. Dollar Mary Dowdy S. R. Dunn Clara E. Epley Roberi' E. Farless THIRD ROW: Doris Fisher Bob Frazier Helen Fumbanlcs David Gibbs J. M. Gipe Carolyn Graves Harold R. Hanson 41 FOU RTH ROW: Harlon B, Hargis Fred Harris Be'r+y Harrison George W. Hayden Lois Anne Haydon Virginia Hays Marilyn Heflin LASS OF FIFTY -TWO FIRST ROW: Glenn Henderson Jack Hifson Edna Earl Hobbs Jennye Hollowell Donald E. Hon Romelia Hooks William Hopkins SECOND ROW: Joe House Ralph A, Hulifine Sally Humphries Roy lsherwood Charles Jaap Joe Pal James L. C. Jamison THIRD ROW: LeRoy Jessup Melvin B. Jones Samuel M. Jones Wilson Jones Earl Jorclan Virginia Jordan Jane Terry Kelly 42 FOU RTH ROW: Kennefh Kennedy Jean Kershaw Bellye King Amy Lalifoon Norma Lamkin Rulh Lane Dan La Rue FIRST ROW: Jacqueline Lee Alber+ J. Leveck Roy Lee Locke Edgar Love'H' Rober+ McBrear+y RichardbL. McClain John D. McDougal SECOND ROW: Lala McGuire Richard C. McGuire, J Joe McPherson Doyle F. McWhor+er Joan Marlin Carl May Leemon Owen Miller THIRD ROW: Doroihy Mifchell Joseph MiHino Trevis Moss Bill Musfian Louis R. Myers William Myers Kennefh Neidig 43 FOU RTH ROW: Ollie Nichols Carl O'Daniel Vesier Orr. Jr. Ruih Osborne Harry E. Owen Fred H. Owens Mary Kafherine Parker CLASS OF FIFTY -TWO FIRST ROW: Thomas Parker B. R. Peebles Anne Penick Gwen PeHigrew Joanne PoHs Charles Prince Joe F. Provow SECOND ROW: Bennie Purcell Roberi' Reid Elizabefh Ann Roach Be++ye Roberis Rebecca Sue Roberfs William M, Rowlefl' Cocly H. Russell THIRD ROW: Horace Salmon Sara Lee Sammons William Nix Scruggs Mary Sellers Jane Shelby Helen Shelion John S. Shelion 44 FOU RTH ROW: Peier Shenosky Nolan Shepard Lloyd D. Siler Jo Ann Smi+h Marlha Smilh John Spence John Siewari' FIRST ROW: Margarei Ann Siewarl' Ann Sfolces Anne Sione James E. Siory Joann S+. John Malcolm H. Subleii Nancy Jane Terry Billie Jean Thompson SECOND ROW: Doroihy Tlcacs Eugene Turiansky Sammy Veal Billy Vinson Arlene Vosen Jack Wales Doxie Wallace Evelyn Walfers THIRD ROW: William Waliers Joe F. Warren James WaH'ers Paul Wesl Elizabefh Ann Whileside Leonard D. Whifmer William Whifnell Mary Jo Wilferd 45 FOURTH ROW: Harry V. Wilkins Herman E. Williams Jerry D. Williams William A. Williamson Joe H. Wilson Eddie Wolfe Harold C. Young CLASS OF FIFTY-THREE VISION . . . We'v'e seen il. Jusl lhink, lasl year we were new here . . . clioln'+ know if we would like il well enough +o come back. Well, here we 46 JI-M MORRISSEY, BETTY JETT, Presidenf Secrefary ANN CHISSOM, Treasurer are. By now we have haol a vision ol lhe goal we are slriving for. The realily is slill lar away anol hazy, buf ir is There neverlheless. Righl now lhe road looks long anol bumpy. buf we have our vision io cling lo. Wirh Jrhe help of our 'rhinking caps and Mrs. Hesler we 'rhink we will make il. We know lhal wilh each passing year our road becomes shorler anol shorler. We also realize wi'rh Jrhe passing of Jrim-e lhal we have an even grealer goal rhan gradualion lo allain. We know lhal wilh The help of our Junior anol Senior brolhers we will be able lo some clay make our worlol sale and happy lor 'rhe peace loving peo- ples oi lhe earrh. FIRST ROW: Gene Abernalhy E, G. Adams Eli Alexander June Allen Henry C. Allison Dorofhy Anderson Lila Anderson SECOND ROW: Rufh Armsirong Markian Baczynsky Sammy Barker Evelyn Barrick William Bafsel Bob Bealie Bernard F, Behrendi' THIRD ROW: Bill Bell Bob Belfz Roberf Besi Charles H. Biggari BeH'ie Binkley Jack Blackburn Jean Blackwell 47 FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Ann Blakney David Blankenship Anna Bolinger Mary Caiherine Bolles James H. Bonduranl' Byron Boyd Max Brandon CLASS OF FIFTY-THREE FIRST ROW: Rebecca Brandon Wilma Brasfielcl Bobby Brighi' Louise Brinkley William E. Brinkley Barbara Dean Brown Dolores Brown SECOND ROW: Marcella Brown Mary Louise Brown Gene Bumgarner Kenne+h Burkhari Roberf Burnley Bobbie Burion Bob Byars THIRD ROW: Vivian Bynum Bill P. Cain Jerry Cain Joe Campbell BeH'y Campbell Shirley Carler Ted Carler FOU RTH ROW: Alia Chambers Marilyn Chesier Ann Chissom James Clark Sybil Clark Voris Clark Wayne T. Cochran FIRST ROW: James T. Coleman Gene Connor Bill Cooper Floyd Cooper Raymond Copeland Marian Corley James Edward Cox SECOND ROW: James William Cox Geneva L. Crass Ronald Crouch Evelyn Darling Herberi' Darnell Joe Davenporf Burns Davis THIRD ROW: Herber+ Doran Barbara Downs Bob Downs William Easlerling Eddy Ellegood Mary Marlha Ellis Jane English FOURTH ROW: L. C. English Frances F. Ezell Charles Farrell Evelyn Fisher Marian Fisk Oneiia Ford Thomas Max French CLASS OF FIFTY-THREE FIRST ROW: Harold Gaines John Garsl' Marilou Gelaauer Gene Geurin Nancy Goode Marilyn Green Sue Greer SECOND ROW: Margarel' Grisham Max E. Grogan Joe Hacleell William A. Haley W. H. Hall Edward F, Haynes Roberi Byron Healh THIRD ROW: John Herron Mary Louise Herl Richard HewiH' Bill Hodges Shirley Ann Houslon Mary Don Hubbs Waldine Hughes 50 FOU RTH ROW: Karl Hussung Aniia Hulchison Joe William lsbell Rudelle Jackson Roloerl' Jacoby William M. James Mary Virginia Jennings FIRST ROW: BeHy Je'H' Mary Eva Johnson David Joiner Bill Jones C. W, Jones Jerry M. Jones Oscar Jones SECOND ROW: Roger Jones Clara May Joy Janel' Key Delberi Kirby Davicl Kirksey Marjorie Kirn Jimmie Klapp THIRD ROW: Bill Lamb Charles Larimer Riley Lassiier Ted Lawson Thomas Lay Joe Leech Jean Leefh 51 FOU RTH ROW: Jo Lesier Pafricia Lesfer Pairicia Lewis George Ligon Ofha Linfon Linda Long Billy Lufher CLASS OF FIFTY-THREE FIRST ROW: Ruby June Luiher Charlie Lyle Gaila McClin'I'oclc Jerry McDaniel Donald McDowell William N. McElra+h Lenora Mclniosh SECOND ROW: John Mclvor Harold C. McLean Oliver McLemore Jerry McMasier Norma Mack Hulon Madrey Bob Magruder THIRD ROW: BeHy Manning BeH'y Jo Massa J. W. Ma+l1is James Mafihews Shirley Maxwell Mary V. Meadows Joseph C. Miller FOU RTH ROW: Roberi Brown Miller Walfer E. Mischke, Jr Maunone Mifchell Aniia Morgan Jean Moore Joan Morris Jimmy Morrissey FIRST ROW: Bob Moses Juanifa Murdock Gene Murphey Nancy Dodd Murrey Rose Marie Nall Jo Helen Olive Fred W. Omer SECOND ROW: Diana O'l"l'O Harry Parker Ruperi Parks Dene PaHon Donald Phillips Jimmy Pounds Hazel Prafher THIRD ROW: Hugh B. Preble, Jr. Virginia Prichard Earl Pride Billy Priesf Bob Pullin Jimmy Railey Jimmy Ransom 53 FOURTH ROW: Berry Ray Carl Ray Franklin A. Rice, Jr William T. Riggs Jim Rober+s John Roberis Belly Robison CLASS OF FIFTY-THREE FIRST ROW: Wendell Rorie Doro+l1y Rose Gerald Rose F. W, Rufherford Janel' Scoggins Laura Shemwell Carl E. Shroai' SECOND ROW: Mamie Simpson Roberf E. Singleron Morgan Sisk Roy Skinner James Sla'Hery Roberr Ray Slayden Dick Sloan THIRD ROW: Ronald Smi+h Barbara Sorell Willis Souihern Marjorie Sieele William L. S+range Margaref Sfroube Doroihy Sue Srubblefielcl 54 FOURTH ROW: Marvin Swann Paula Swink James D. Syers James P. Sykes Cliffon M. Taylor Eugene Taylor Emily Jo Thornley FIRST ROW: Jimmie Threllceld Herberl' Traughber Paul Turley Nelda Turner Jean Twisdale Dominick Ve+rano Thelma Wacle Bob Wann SECOND ROW: Cecil G. Warren Bob M. Wheeler Joan Wheeler Hallie While Roberl' G. While Tom Whileside Bill Wiles Laurene Williams THIRD ROW: William Roberl Williams Zoe Elizabeih Williams Kayo Willis Marjorie Wilson Barbara Wiman Charles Wiman Norma Wiman Jean Wofford 55 FOU RTH ROW: Norma Woodson W. Coleman Worcl Jack Wrighl' William Yeargin Donald Jerry Young Thomas Roberf Young CLASS OF FIFTY-FOUR FRUSTRATION . . . You know ill I-ligh school was never like ihisl We haven'+ had much lime +o lhink oi high ideals wha+ wiih Jrhe maze of reg- BILLY H. HARRISON. GENE CURTIS, Presidenf Vice-Presidenf VERNlE CROGHAN, GWEN BYRN, Secrefa ry Treasurer islralion and "kangaroo cour+s." The nearesl Jrhing To graolualion we can remember was our graolualion from high school. Righf now il seems like a long, long lime lill we climb inlo anolher cap and gown. We're calching on To college life Though. We'r'e beginning io realize Jrhal while we play a lol we have io work some loo. ln The dim fuiure we can see our goal, Wfe know lhal every day our uloperclass brolhers are going one slrep nearer ihal goal. We know now wha+ our job is and we're going lo olo our besl lo allain il. Jusl walchl FIRST ROW: Tom Adkins Dean Akridge Bobby Alexander David Allen Ted T. Allen June Andrews John Armsirong Milion ArI'er SECOND ROW: Ray Ashbrook Denny Audas Clegg Ausiin Carlos Bailey Roberl' A. Baker Bobby Baldree Cafherine Barclay Teddy Barker THIRD ROW: Rosie Beck Rober'I' Bell Helen BenneH CharIoHe Berry Eddie Berry Dick Berry Jimmy Birdwell Jo Ann Bishop 57 FOU RTH ROW: Sue Blalock John Boaz Bobbie Wayne Bohannon James E. Boone Barbara Bouland Farris Boyd WaI'I'er Boyd Mary Ann Brady FIFTH ROW: Howard Brandon Jimmy Brandon Hal Branson Josephine Brashears Alma Bray Kale Brewer Sue Brooks Fred W. Brown FIRST ROW: Gloria Brown Jerry Brown Joyce Bruner Billy Joe Bryan Mamie Bryan Peggy Buchanan Gene Buhrman Dororhy Burgess SECOND ROW: Pafsy Burkeen Jo Ann Burkeh' Bobby Burne'H' Gwen Byrn Wanda Calhoun Billy Campbell Mary Cecile Car+ Mrs. Prenfice Cari' THIRD ROW: Carolyn Carier Alice Cafes Lloyd F, Champion Wanda Chaney Bill Chilion Max H, Churchill Owen Clopfon Sylvia Clark FOURTH ROW: Franklin Cleaver BeHy Clymer Anna Sue Cochran Caroline Cochran James Coggin Helen Colburn Jack Cole Larry Colley FIFTH ROW: Bill Collins Norma Collins Kelfy Concler Esfher Concli'H James Conger Josephine Conlin William Conner BeHy Cook LASSF 58 F FIRST ROW: Emily Cooper Jean Corn Velma CorneH'e Cliffon Couriney Marflia Cox Mary Wl1i+ Cox Carolyn Crofi Vernie Croghan SECOND ROW: Anne Crouse Margarei Crowley Royce Cruce Carolyn Cuncliff Charles Curiis Gene Curfis James Davenporf Clayclean Davidson THIRD ROW: Ann Davis Benard Davis Paschall Dawson Lovene Defew Mary Jo Deweese Joe Dillon D. T. Doran Paul Doss IFIY-FOUR 59 FOU RTH ROW: Joan Douglass James Dublin Nancy Duncan Bobby E. Dunn Rebecca Dunn Cl1arlo'H'e Dycus Sue Easley Bill Edwards FIFTH ROW: Louvena Ehlschicle Pai Ellcins Emma Jean Eli Larry Ellio'I' Connie Empson Bob Farmer Norma Jean Farris Norma Faulkner FIRST ROW: Frank Fazi Kalhline Fazi Roberf L. Ferguson Tom Ferguson Doone Fish H. W. Ford Jennell Foy Mary Be+h Franklin -.skhx SECOND ROW: Mary Lois Frazier Billy Fullon Gracie Fufrell Jean Fufrell Jesse Gann Jackie Gardner Henry Gallin THIRD ROW: Mike Gefchell Don Gish Gene Gooch Mary Anna Graves Mary Rulh Gray Bel-Iye Gregory Fay Grogan FOU RTH ROW: Hil+on Haley Ben Hall BeHy Hancock Ralph Hardin Dixie Harp Phyllis Harris Billy Harrison Joe A. Harrison FIFTH ROW: Alice Hari' Billy Halley Wanda Jean Ha+ley Kennelh Hals+enberg Floyd Hayen Dean Hench Elizabelh Henninger Bonnie Lou Henson Anna Rulh Geurin Sue Guess 60 FIRST ROW: Roberi Henfon BeHy Herron Lady Mar+in Hicks Rudy L. Higgins Carrie Marie Hill William Hodge Bonifa Holland Wanda Holland SECOND ROW: Geraldine Holloway Nall Hooks Tommy Hooper BeHye Sue Howard Bill Howard Emma Sue Howard Marianna Humphrey Mack HunI'er THIRD ROW: James Hurd Marfin F. Hurdle Marlene Ivey Lois Jackson FOURTH ROW: James Jennings Gene Jernigan Joyce Jessup Jo Ann Johnson William Edward JacksonJoan Joiner BeH'e Jacob Lacy Joiner. Jr. Charles T. James Ann Jones Roberl Glenn JeFFery Franklin Jones FIFIY-FOUR 61 FIFTH ROW: Mariha Jones Peggy Jones Thelma Jones Marjorie Jourden Bonell Key James Killebrew William Kirkpairick Mildred Kishpaugh FIRST ROW: S'I'epI1anie Komaniszyn BeHy Kreisler Sfuari' Kuykendall Margie La Fleur Billye Ladd Alice Landrum Ermon Larure Bill Lawrence SECOND ROW: Wayne Leazer Darwin Lee Loxley Leep, Jr. Bonnie Lesier Sidney Les'I'er T. F. LeVan Jean LiI'IIe Ted Long THIRD ROW: Jimmie Love Marian Lowe Charles Lowry Marilyn Lowry Ann Lucas Bill Lyles James Maddux Regena Maddox C L FOURTH ROW: Bailey Magruder Jack Mahurin Richard J. Maley Jean Malone James W. Marshall Angelee Marlin Hermie Marlin Yvonne Mariin FIFTH ROW: Joe Ma'Ihis Maxine Ma'Ihis Ofher Ma'rI1is, Jr Nancy May Don Mayberry Sarah Maynard Mariorie McCord Audrey McDougal SOF FIRST ROW: Jimmie McGee James McGehee JeaneHe McKinney Joyce McKnelly Ama McNeill Carl McMurry Roberi Mick Keiih Miles SECOND ROW: Paul E, Mills Edward Moore, Jr. Dean Morris Russell Morrison Ann Moss Joan Moss George Neuhausel Joe Noffsinger THIRD ROW: Johnny Oldham Roy Lee Oldham Ronald O'Nan Don Pace Nancy Parsons Dianne Peak Lois Penfield Florence Pickle FIFTY-FOUR 63 FOU RTH ROW: James Poole Taddy Gayle Po'H's Jean Prichard Joyce Prince Billy Joe PuckeH FIFTH ROW: Georgia Ramage M. Henry Ramey Rosemary Redd Charles Reed Bobbie Render Marrha Alice Pyland BeHy Jane Reynolds Ann Quisenberry Wilma Fern Ralph Marion Reirhel Clayfon Riley FIRST ROW: Ann Rober'I's CharloHe Roberis James Roberfs J. W. Roberis Joan Robinson Marquis Robinson Lawrence Roysier Bill Russell SECOND ROW: Henry T. Russell Harold Sasse Jerry Scales Dick Sears Richard Shaclcelford Par Shaclcelforcl Rozella Shiclal Dan Shipley THIRD ROW: Ronnie Sholar Anne Shroaf Lavina Simmons Billy Siress Roberf Skaggs Mavis Sleclcl Bill N. Smi+h Brincla Smilh FOU RTH ROW: Gail Smirh Mollie Smifh William M. Smi+h Landis Jo Smifhson Dorla Siallings Nelle Speighi' Ray Solomon Douglas Sianley FIFTH ROW: Virginia Sievens Mrs. BeHy Siewari' Shirley Sfolces Will Ed Sfokes James Sireible Nellie Sfriclclancl Blondell S+ull Thomas Subleiie CLASS OF FIRST ROW: Raymond Sumner Lois Sundmaker Sarah Sufharcl Donnie Sufherland Dorse Taber Rosemary Ta'I'e Minnie Mae Taylor Rhoclene Taylor SECOND ROW: Bill Clark Thomas Marilyn Thompson Dean Tibbs Berniece Tilley Paul Trou'H Ralph Travis ArneHa Trunnell Douglas Tucker THIRD ROW: Evelyn Tucker Jack Turner Jonell Turner Charles Uzzle OHis Valen'l'ine Joan Vance Ann Vaughn Lena Wade FIFTY-FOUR 65 FOURTH ROW: Dick Walker Emaiean Walker Jesse P. Walker Joseph A. Walker Maurice Walker Hugh Ann Wallace Jeanefle Walsion Barbara Ward FIFTH ROW: Jo Ellen Wardlow Billy Warmafh Jerry Warmulh LoveHa 'Wa'Hs Earl Webb Murrel Webb W. A. Weclclle BeHye Wesf CLASS OE EIETY FOUR FIRST ROW: Davicl Wesl' Virginia Wesi' Janice Wheeler Wayne Wheeler Norma Wl1i+low James P. Williams Jerry Wilson SECOND ROW: Macon Wilson Waliers Woods Palsy Workman William A. Wriglvl' Jo Ann WyaH Billy Joe Young D0 YOU FEEL LEEL OUT. UT , , , Q V , W E-' -Av . , ' V ' rs X-A il Q - ny U 7- ' ' Di '. -. . - g B, M - P , w ,g H ? -fi A 9 ,ss f , y Q- H ww :',,a'--ik - C Q r - - Q - . 2 ' a I ' , I f X xx Q, I I .:. 1, 1 ' - . , ss as cr , ws v --- 5, ' 'H -, if I 'za : 6 ' H Y- I - W . . -f aiu .E-.HY 'lf' bar '-2' new W jf, H 4 B H -sf 1 uri H -T ' Q f - . -aw. -V fa - -- -. V- . , - if A 1" w w ss W 5 ' , 59'-' Y 43-8 53' " 6., ', A L " J. 5' 5 ' ' x 'I V1 - H . 2? -' , W: M' 5. " RW .. . A W , "J 1 , , Q . :.: -. - 5 . - , , , ,' - " "1 Kvww - .' -2 '5 " '4 ' lf 'av ' V . ,, v .4 ...:f' , . E . .. 'F - 'B' nw , . - . f--. - . I, I ,. . 1 1 Il ' ,. 'F 2 1, . , K Q 3-.nw 1.3 Y! -If ' ' Lr fif -2 -will 'E X . A -Z ' -3 -5' "'-' ' - 1 1 H E , - -Ai Q QL H 4' 1 N ' " ' V - ' Q ILE 5:5 . If I My -Z H' I wen: 'H gel I ' -- . - f 1 . , e ---- -Q -5- Cl H W, ' -. 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While he was Murray's TooTball coach, The Thoroughbreds Twice Topped The SIAA. l-lead oT The physical educaTion de- parTmenT and direcTor oT aThleTics since I94I, he sTill Tinds Time To assisT incoaching The gridiron squad. Head Coach Fred FauroT, holding The reins oT The Thoroughbreds Tor his Third sTraighT year, has given Murray Tans anoTher season oT razzle-dazzle TooTball, TeaTuring The speed oT spliT-T backs and The bruising eTFiciency OT a greaT line. A believer in Top physical condiTion and TundarnenTal Train- ing, Coach FauroT works Tor absalufe perTecTion. No b-eTTer prooT oT his success is needed Than The OVC FooTball Trophy Tor I95O. ROY STEWART Backfield Coach 82 'ii . S 5 x an KEN McREE SHERMAN CHILDS JIM COLEMAN Lme Coach Trainer Manager if w L ss 1 A f if J -vi-QM I I The Racers close in on a Wesfern back. Breaking Trom The posT wiTh a heaIThy lead over Arkan- sas A. 81 M., The I95O Thoroughbreds were quickly chal- lenged by Tennessee Tech. Soon, however, They goT The inside rail and began To move ouT oT The pack, Missouri School oT Mines, EasTern, Marshall, and Evansville all Tell behind Their smoking hooves. ATTer 'sTumbIing brieTIy over Memphis STaTe, The Thor- oughbreds puT on a sTreTch drive To pass Morehead, The early TavoriTe. Again They were Tripped, This Time by Mid- dle Tennessee, buT rallied magniTicenTIy To Tinish neck and neck wiTh WesTern. The prize, however, wenT To The Thor- oughbreds alone. IT was a gIiTTering Trophy wiTh "OVC" engraved on iTs side. Thus reads The Tale oT The I95O Big Blue gridders, who compiled a record oT 7-2- I, and Took The Ohio Valley Con- Terence champion-ship Tor The second Time in Three years. The TiIT wiTh Arkansas A. Xa M.'s Muleriders opened The season. Murray looked ragged in spoTs, buT Two inTercep- Tions and a blocked kick Tipped The balances. IT was The Blue and Gold by 27-7. AgainsT Tennessee Tech The nexT week, big John Single- Ton, Tor The second game in succession, blocked a punT and chased The ball over The goal. ThaT slender 6-O margin looked very small wiTh Three minuTes remaining, when The Golden Eagles moved down To Murray's Three-yard line, buT The Racehorses held Tor downs. Murray had IosT The ball seven Times on Tumbles, Though, and had looked somewhai' less Than greaT. Few Tans ex- pecTed Them To break The eighT-game winning skein oT Missouri School oT Mines aT Rolla. BuT Gene McDonald, spIiT-T quarTerback oT The Breds, Tossed a couple oT Touchdown passes, and Phil I3osTer made a 65-yard end run. ThaT was enough To seTTIe The verdicT in Murray's Tavor, and The -scorebook read 2 I -O. STiII on The road, The Horses nexT encounTered Easlrern, which deaIT The '48 Team iTs only loss, and spoiled The '49 Homecoming, This year, however, The Maroons never had JOHN SINGLETON BILL FURGERSON BERNIE BEHRENDT PHILIP FOSTER BOB GRIFFIN GILBERT MAINS GENE M DON 84 OVC GRID CHAMPS-1950 73 4- Q54 web BAILEY GORE SAM VINEYARD MAC CATLETT CHARLES RUSSELL ALTON RODGERS MAXIE HIGGASON DON EVITT Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray SCORES 3 Arkansas Ar. 84 M. . : Tennessee Tech : Missouri School of Mines . 7 Easrern . . I Marshall . . g Evansville . I Memphis Sraie : Morehead . - Middle Tennessee . gWes'rern . . . 7 . O . O . O . O . 6 . 23 . I3 . 34 . 27 A fumble-Murray recovers. Sf: Punk Akers crashes ihe Iine. Scafbaclc Fosfer breaks inio fha open. Ww- ifr "'g!swffi'1v ff my-w .4--, JOE YANCEY BOB VAUGHN JIM CROMWELL CLIFF APPLEGATE JACK WALES JOE MITTINO GENE MUELLER a look-in. Furgerson, FosTer, Singlelon, and McDonald piled up The yardage Tor Murray: in The meanTime, Mains, Gaines. and Cromwell played in The EasTern loaclcfield raTher consisTenTly. The resulT: a very saTisTying I9-O vic- Tory. Baclc home again, The Thoroughbreds were hosTs To Mar- shall. The Thundering Herd seemed ready To sTampede. as iT made Three sTraighT TirsT downs aTTer The kick-off beTore The Big Blue Then rode down To Paris, Tennessee, on Thi-3 six-game winning sTrealc, To meeT The powerTul Tigers of Memphis STaTe. On The TirsT play Trom scrimmage, The Tennesseans passed Tor a Touchdown, and wenT on Trom There To show Their sTrengTh by rolling on To a 23-O halT- Time lead. In The Third quarTer, Murray managed To raclc up a Tew chain-movers and score, buT a magniTicenT Memphis line squirmed away Trom Three would-be Tacklers, and ran Through The whole Morehead Team Tor a record-Tying IO2- yard Touchdown iaunT. BuT The Eagles' vaunTed passing aTTaclc suddenly came To liTe in The Tinal sTanza and changed The score Trom I4-O To I4-I3. PorTer Then gambled on a TourTh down, how- ever, and Murray's clincher was seT up. The Tinal counT was 2 I-I3. rolled 20 yards. Bernie BehrendT kicked The poinT. This could noT sTop WesTern, Though, as They Tied iT up again, 27-27, wiTh Tour minuTes remaining, and aTTempTed a Tield goal in The Tinal seconds. Luckily, The Try was no good, and whaT has been called "The mosT exciTing TooTball game ever played aT Bowling Green" ended in deadlock. Murray's conTerence record oT 5-O-I ealsily Topped all M KENZIE GENE KNIGHT BINKY BROWN DICK HEWITT JOHN BOHNA KENNETH HODGE ROBERT CLOAR Playing Middle Tennessee The Tollowing week, The in- iury-ridden Breds seemed lisfless and uTTerly incapable of winning. The Raiders, ouT Tor revenge since Murray spoiled Their record in '49, scored Tour Times in a nighTmarish sec- ond quarTer, and wenT on To win by 34- I4. Shrugging OTT This loss, The Racehonses looked red-hoT againsT arch-rival WesTern, as They rolled up a 20-6 halT- Time lead. BuT in The Third quarTer, The l'lillToppers came oThers, and The Racers once again, as in I948, wore The OVC crown. Bob 6riTFin and Gene McDonald were elecT- ed co-capTains Tor I95l, and Joe Yancey was honored as besT blocker. The prospecTs Tor I95I are, of course, uncerTain. OT 33 Murray leffermen, only seven will be losT by graduaTion: ApplegaTe, EviTT, Furgerson, Gore, Higgason, Rodgens, and SingleTon. The armed services, Though, have already claimed several mainsTays, including high-scorer FosTer. '-is :lyk ADAMS RAY LAFSER BO BIRD BILL CHENOWETH GLENN BOCOX EDGAR PARR CHARLES BUSH ouT wiTh Tire in Their eyes. EveryThing They Tried seemed Only FaTher Time and Uncle Sam know wheTher The To work and The score was soon knoTTed aT 20-all. Thoroughbreds in '5l can show The same TighT and TooTball Joe MiTTino's heroic line plunge seT up Murray's la'sT savvy which carried Them To The OVC Championship in Tally, wiTh The payoTT being made on a Treak Tumble which l95O. 87 BREDS TRO TAKE PHIES HARLAN HODGES. Head Baskeiball Coach SCORES Murray . 86: Sourheasr Louisiana . 44 Murray . 741 Tennessee Tech . 53 Murray . 7l: Memphis S'raI'e . , SI Murray . . . 65: New Mexico A. Xe M. . 55 Marshall Inviiafional Tournamen+ Murray . . . 73: Marshall . . . . 54 Murray . 525 Wesr Texas Srafe . . 44 Murray . 8Ig High Poini' IN. QI . 39 Murray . 80: Beloir IWisc.I . . . 78 Murray . 66: Texas Tech . . 52 'Murray . 767 Sourhern Illinois . 6I Murray . 705 Evansville , . 66 Murray . 553 Memphis Srare . Sl Murray . 59: Easrern . . . 60 Y Murray . 567 Wesrern . 65 Wes'Iern's Dicldle refurns The 'rowel Io Bennie. MADISON STANFORD GARRETT BESHEAR GENE GARRETT BENNIE PURCELL DON The l95I Squad, champions of 'Ihe Ohio Valley Conference. Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray SCORES . . 68: Tennessee Tech . . . 937 Morehead . . . . Sly Easlerni. . . . 803 Morehead . . . . 955 Marshall . . . 70: Evansville . . . 775 Wesrern . . . 67: Long Island . . . . bl: Selon Hall . . . . 75: Sl.BonavenIure Ohio Valley Conference Tournamenf . . 56: Tennessee Tech . . . . 78: Weslern . . . . 921 Easiern . "The Murray Thoroughbreds are likely 'ro have a loi To say aboui The oulcome of 'rhe OVC nexl season." So ended 'rhe review of las'r year's baskerball campaign in lhe l95O SHIELD. No prediciion was ever fulfilled iso com- plelely. The Murray hoopslers ol '50-'5I noi only rook The regular season championship of 'rhe Ohio Valley Confer- ence, bul ihey also brushed aside all opposiiion To gain ihe 'rournamenl crown. . The Men of Hodges compiled an overall record of 2l-6 for lheir loughesl schedule yer, and finished 'rhe season ranked l5lh and Ibrh nalionally by rhe Lirkenhours syslem and lhe Associaled Press Poll, respeciively. Two dark spols on one of Murray's brighlesr records were The Easrern lrip and lhe lack oi a big-rime lournamenl bid. On 'rhe swing Through New Jersey and New York. The iired Breds played some of Their worsl baiskeiball of lhe year, and losi lhree siraighl iilfs. Murray's posi-season fare resembled lhal of 'rhe celebraled fooiball Team which was Nundefeaied, uniied, unscored on. and uninviiedf' The Blue and Gold was 'rurned down by 'rhe NIT, The NCAA, and I'he Bradley Inviialional, allhough officials of all lhree had given sirong hinls 'rhal The CVC iournarnenl' winner would ge? a bid. ARLES LAMPLEY J. M. GIPE MELVIN DEWEESE GENE DICK MASON COPE Beshear gefg 2 poinTs, and a free Throw. Harlan Hodges, Murray's popular coach, used lasT year's Tamed Two-plaToon sysTem sparingly, buT changed The complexion oT many games wiTh well-Timed advice. His Three-year rebuilding program was climaxed wiTh The double Triumph in The OVC. Opening The season like a house aTire, The Thorough- breds Took Iopesided decisions Trom SouTheasT Louisiana, Tennessee Tech-, and Memphis STaTe. ATTer squeezing by a close one wiTh New Mexico A. 81 M., They Traveled To HunTingdon, WesT Virginia, and won The Marshall InviTa- Tgonal TournamenT by whipping Marshall and WesT Texas TaTe. Back home again, Murray drubbed High PoinT, and Then sTopped high-ranked BeIoiT's win sTreak in one oT The seasonls mosT Thrilling encounTers. A vicTory over Texas Tech rounded ouT The pre-ChrisTmas schedule. . GeTTing back inTo harness, The Racehorses Tripped SouThern Illinois, and Then came Trom behind To end anoTh- Bennie goes up 'for a crip. er non-losing skein: This Time The vicTim was Evansville. A well-earned Triumph over Memphis STaTe -sTreTched Mur- ray's own number oT consecuTive wins To I2. EasTern, however, snapped The sTreak wiTh a one-poinT hearTbreaker: a game in which The someTimes incredible oTTiciaTing almosT caused a rioT in Carr Gym. A loss To The ancienT Toe WesTern compIeTed a sad week Tor The Big Blue cagers. VicTorie1s over Tennessee Tech and Morehead moved The Thoroughbreds back inTo The conTerence win column, buT Then came anoTher saddening deTeaT aT The hands oT EasTern, as The Maroons jumped inTo an early lead and were never sTopped. Again rebounding, MSC slipped pasT Morehead, and smoThered Marshall, To swing inTo The Tinal week oT con- ference play. Governor WeTherby and some 2, I 99 oThers came To see The Racers' reTurn maTch wiTh Evansville. The Purple Aces were looking Tor revenge, buT goT none, as Murray came ouT on Top again. And Then, ThaT home game wiTh WesTernI The TirsT 20 minuTes were Touch and go, wiTh The HiIIToppers leading STepI1enson and Stanford under The baskei. by one poinT aT inTermission. BuT The Towels sTarTed wav- ing early in The second haIT as Murray roared To an I8- poinT lead, and hung on To win Tor The TirsT Time in Tive yeans. . From This high poinT oT achievemenT, The Breds sTumbled badly inTo Three dreary losses. The ill-Tamed Long Island Blackbirds had a Tield day in a conTesT which was mosT painTul To Murray supporTers. AgainsT SeTon Hall The Ken- Tuckians played Their poore-sT game oT The season. Only againsT ST, BonavenTure did The weary Racehorses look like Themselves, and even Then, They Tinished second besT. A week proved To be long enough Tor Them To regain Their pace, however. In The opening game oT The OVC TournamenT, The Blue and Gold, alThough raTher sluggish, vanquished Tennessee Tech Tor The Third Time. Their sec- ond round Toe was WesTern, and in a hearT-sTopper IT There ever was one, The Thoroughbreds again Triumphed, by one slim poinT. ln The Tinal game Murray meT EasTern, Twice Their con- queror in regular season play. For a while iT looked as Though EasTern mighT beaT The Breds once again. UnTil The lasT Tive minuTes oT The game The lead changed hands 22 Times and The score was Tied I6 Times. BuT in Those Tad- ing momenTs The Big Blue asserTed Themselves: EasTern was smoThered and The scoreboard showed a Murray vicTory. In This pay-OTT sTruggle Murrayis 92 poinT5 seT a new TournamenT single-game record, and The Two-Team mark oT T75 shaTTered anoTher. A new individual TournamenT rec- ord was seT by GarreTT Beshear, Murray's amazing 28- year-old sophomore, who poured in 37 poinTs in The Tinal game. Over The enTire season Beshear broke The Thor- oughbreds' all-Time individual scoring record wiTh a ToTal OT 366. The Team 'scored I,927 poinTs Tor The season, All Morehead could do was wafch. The I95I Junior Varsify. breaking The previous record oT I,465, seT in l94l. They made an average oT 71.4 poinTs per game, and held an average margin oT 9.5 over Their opponenTs. Gene Gar- reTT seT new Murray records Tor The number oT Tree Throws made in a season and in a game. . The All-OVC TournamenT Team included GarreTT Be- shear, Bennie Purcell, and Gene GarreTT. Beshear and Pur- cell were also picked Tor- The all-sTar Team aT The Marshall Tourney, Purcell received honorable menTion on The UniTed Press All-American squad. IT is impossible, however, To name cerTain men as heroes oT The Team, The Three sen- iors-Madison STanTord, Don STephenson, and Gene Dick ss .4 Aw! -will be remembered Tor Their ouTsTancling play, boTh in This and previous seasons, as long as There is a Murray bas- keTball Team. . GreaT Things will be expecTed nexT year Trom Melvin Deweese, Charlie Lampley, J. M. Gipe, and Mason Cope. A highly encouraging TacTor concerning The hopes oT The '5I-'52 Breds is The record oT Zadia l-lerrold's junior var- siTy Team. The Jayvees losT only one of Their sTarTs, and TeaTured several players who appear capable oT Taking berThs in The Top Ten nexT year. And as Tor nexT year's predicTion? Here goes: Murray will again be riding high as king oT OVC loaskeTball. is I BASEBALL The Baseball Team-l950. Baseball has yel' lo regain ils place in lhe Murray alh- lelic sun, bul lhe season ol I95O carried il a long way loward lhal goal. ln lhe linsl place, lhe hickory-wood l-losses linally goal a ball park, and were no longer lorced lo lurn up lor praclice al such unlikely spols as Almo or Murray High. Beller yel, lhey compiled a record ol nine viclories againsl eighl deleals, and broke even in conler- ence play. Slellar newcomers lo lhe leam promised even grealer lhings in seasons lo come. Memories ol lhe season mighl include soulhpaw Andy Murren's lwo lhree-hillers, one being lhe year's only shul- oul: "Collon" King's grand slam homer againsl More- head: lhe ninlh-inning lriple play againsl Memphis: Mel Sanders' pilching and hilling lhe Breds lo lhe viclory l i i l 5 which ruined Evansville's lille chances: and lhe David Lips- comb lrack meel, in which lhe Racehorses gol 3l runs on I9 hils. Loughary, King, and Sanders wrole linis lo lheir college baseball careers wilh lhe '50 season, as did second-sacker Charlie Snow and hard-hilling oullielder Jack Turner. Losl lo lhe leam by olher means have been J. D. Sanders, Ru- perl Wrighl, Billy Mac Bone, and John Baslin. Among lhe lreshmen who should be making veleran Coach Carlisle Culchin happy nexl year are Jim Morrissey, Buddy Gaines. Joe Mikez, Fools Finnell, and John Ruscin. These, wilh olher hold-overs such as Murren, Willis Wolford, Bob By- ars, Joe While, David Joiner, and Dave Blankenship, prom- ise a brighl page in lhe record page lor l95 l . TRACK Murray Sfafe's firsf frack feam since pre-war days lived up fo fheir name of Thoroughbreds, as fhey fook second honors in fhe OVC meef, and won fwo of fheir four con- fesfs. Murray's oufsfanding enfry was fhe relay feam of Yokum, Rufherford, Marquess, and Vineyard, which fin- ished firsf 'six fimes during fhe year, and broke 'rwo records in doing so. Running separafely, 'rhe feam's members were also brillianf. as sprinfers Vineyard and Marquess were never oul' of fhe money, and half-miler Rufherford fook four firsfs and one second in fhaf evenf. . The season opened wifh a friangular meef af Cape Girardeau befween Murray, Soufheasf Missouri, and Har- ris Teachers. In fhis fhe Faurofmen finished a rafher weak second, frailing fheir Missouri hosfs by 37 poinfs. Againsf Wesfern 'rhe nexf week fhe Blue and Gold again wars frail- ing in fhe lafe sfages, buf fhe Baggeff brofhers fook firsf and second in fhe fwo-mile, and freshmen Alexander and Bufcher did fhe same in fhe 220 low hurdles. This gave fhe Breds a Three-poinf lead, and sef fhings up for fhe mile relay feam fo clinch a 65-57 vicfory. Andrews, Bufcher, and Alexander on 'Phe high hurdles. is ' is Sam Vineyard breaks 'ihe fape in a spri The firsf home meef was again wifh Soufheasf Missouri. This fime 'rhe Racers, paced by Marquess, Vineyard, and Rufherford, Jrook an early lead in fhe frack evenfs, buf lack of field prowess spelled defeaf. In a close, excifing finish, fhe fhinlies from fhe "show-me" sfafe 'rriumphed by 67- 59. Evansville came down wifh an undermanned feam, and if was easy sailing for fhe Breds, as fhey dominafed fhe cinders and managed fo 'rake fhree firsfs in field evenfs, fheir only ones of fhe year. Besides helping fhe Murray- men fo an 84-38 vicfory, fhe mile relay feam sef a new sfadium record of 31299. Traveling fo Hunfingdon, W, Va., for fhe Ohio Valley Conference meef, MSC copped only one win, buf piled up enough second and 'rhirds fo be runner-up in fhe 'seven- feam confesf. Marshall, fhe hosf, fopped fhe Thorough- breds' score of 45 by l3lf2 poinfs, buf Murray's one firsf place was anofher record-breaker, as fhe mile feam chipped off fwo more seconds. Speedsfers Marquess and Yokum, and endurance men Egerfon and Bill Baggeff will be missed in l95O, buf if any hidden skills in field evenfs can be uncovered, anofher good season is in view. Bufcher goes over fha high lump bar. 'N ,gm A- ma, av' 1 8 ,W hw m - 1451 a va aw, 724 Y, WYQ ,Y uf: ' fn' V ,. 1 xml 'my lim -. 5 1 K Q I 1 A E-'n if .1 A ,W as ym."2A1, X 5, .MQ A rm V . x 3 QE , QU xmas as mur- 1 as E x W -.K , ff?- W ,mgf A N M 'f sv: ,gy lie QAM. if , aww,-ff H -I QW E 'ik'32f. Q .N .ww L W w1,, w-K guy. WMS 3 4: an an , an at E 'M X P7 6 H R W Q 3 S, X, W 5 X qw iw we: QM 5 X W W . Q .SU 7 v -3:1 Xi Sax M f Y W .H M. A' 5 "Hn f an Exam rg ss mn a .1 was B., ss :sm ss ma SW Egg 'ss Wa. was men ORGANIZATIONS Acnvmfs I I E ii - -' n .,i fx' '. seem' JIM JAMES Edifor MARTHA BILLIE STARKS Associafe Ediior IHE 1951 SHIELD The STaTT presenTs The I95I SHIELD wiTh The hope ThaT in iT you will Tind enjoyment We have Tried To gaTher ma- Terial which would besT picTure This school year, one oT uncerTainTy Tor all oT us. The STaTT has been Taced wiTh The unTorTunaTe problem oT an increase in prices wiThouT an increase in The sTudenT Tee. a siTuaTion which has necessi- TaTed counTless hours oT planning and Tiguring. In spiTe oT These problems we have aTTempTed To assemble a beTTer book. The STaTT wishes To acknowledge and express Their appreciaTion Tor The work done by Mr. John T. Benson, Jr., and Mr. Dan Eadie oT The Benson Pri.nTing Company, Mr. I-lenry I-lill oT The SouThern Engraving Company, and Mr. K-enneTh Wells oT Wells STudio. WiThouT The eTTorTs oT These people The STaTF could noT have compleTed your l95I SI-HELD. The STaFF Takes a few minuTes off Tor a snapshot DAVID DUNN HELEN FUMBANKS THOMAS HOGANCAMP Business Manager Fealure Edilor Faculfy Advisor JIM JAMES . MARTHA BILLIE STARKS DAVID DUNN . HELEN FUMBANKS . WILLIAM MQELRATH . MARY ANN BRADY . NORMA DAVIDSON . MARY ANN BRADY Typisi STAFF . Edifor . Associafe Edilor Business Manager LOIS ANN HAYDON MAUNONE MITCHELL. . . .AMA MCNEILL. . . Junior Class Edilor Sophomore Class Eclilor . Freshman Class Eclllor . Fealure Edilor JERRY MCDANIEL . . Pholograplwer . Sporls Eclilor BOB PIERCY . . Arflsl . Typisf JOHNNY OLD:-IAM . . Assisfanl Arm Senior Class Edilor MR. THOMAS l-IOGANCAMP . . Sponsor BOB PIERCY, Ar+is+ and WILLIAM .MCELRATH JERRY McDANlEL, Pholographer Sporfs Edifor WHO'S W FIRST ROW Virginia Berry Roberi' M. Boyd Mabel Cissell Jean Cochran Jim James H0 SECOND ROW Reva Lawson Carl May Clara Jane Miller Andrew Murren Vince Perrier ES AND UNIVERSITIES THIRD ROW Bob Ruiherford Geraldine Sealy Nolan Shepard Bill C. Taylor Edward Til'l'on nu Em lb I 5 . a. wg- 5 1,5 Wg 1 w w Q L 1 . w n w a M H m mn nm ,, P13 -14 mm maxim Pgwmn W nm -LW fmxwmm 1 A S msymqs sm? as iff Q m as W WF. X W- nssaxiw H: H, Bmw wi . E. -,vv ww 'H,W ww g. E nm H , fqys Q Q,H5gww MXQQEQQ M X . M TM, ,Q Km M H E , 33am mmggx H H -M www' Qm, H m Hmm Q -Em Ama fum. Q ,' Lww B.w n W a m 1 E mug , B E Esfggw .ER-' HW: B sm'S8 ' GB ,H H K HNQLFM gumw A .X v v 5.mHs nw ms ss- H- 7 w A Qu 2 :E iH,a E ff w w J Bl l lr Adverhsmg Manager, and Mr. E. G. SchmldT, DirecTor Carl May, Edifor THE COLLEGE NEWS CARL MAY . . ....... EdiTor JOE BLALOCK . . . . . AdverTising Manager BILL SMITH ...... The College News, which sTarTed iTs 25Th year of publicaTion This Tall, reporTs The news happen- ings oT The Murray campus To The members oT The sTudenT body and To an even larger number oT alumni. AlThough scoops are noT always easy To obTain, The College News has acquainTed The Bill SmiTl1 and Freddie Meyer, SporTswriTers JUNE ALLEN ..... . . Fealure EdiTor FREDDIE MEYER ..... . . SporTswriTcr . . . . . SporT5wriTer sTudenTs Tor The TirsT Time wiTh news oT TuTure name band dances To be held on The campus, on newly elecTed b-eauTy queens, and on various oTher news iTems. The paper is wriTTen and ediT- ed by iournalism sTudenTs wiTh The assisTance oT The Journalism DirecTor, Mr, E. G. SchmidT. June Allen, FeaTure EcliTor Kipa Pi is an organizaTion composed oT journalism sTudenTs and oTher sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in The Tield oT journalism. lTs primary Tunc- Tions are To help creaTe an inTeresT in journalism and To promoTe good will among The sTudenTs in Thal Tield. Each year The club sponsors The publicaTion oT Murray STaTe's annual April Fool humor magazine, "The Fuse," and awards a lcey To The ouTsTanding man and The ouTsTanding woman in The Tield oT journalism. The names oT These persons are placed in bronze on a plague which hangs in The College News oTTice. o OFFICERS CARL MAY . . . PresidenT JUNE ALLEN . . . . Vice-PresidenT NORMA COLLINS . . . SecreTary-Treasurer 101 MUSIC SYMPHONIC BAND A CAPPEIIA CHOIR The band, conducTed, by Richard Farrell, perTorms Tor a varieTy oT ev'enTs ThroughouT The year. In The Tall iT provides pageanTry Tor The TooT- ball games, music Tor pep sessions, and numerous parades. ATTer The TooTbaIl season iT becomes a concerT organizaTion, giving a number oT concerTs Tor surrounding Towns as well as Two concerTs Tor The college audience. The A Cappella Choir, direcTed by RoberT I.oveTT, is made up oT TorTy sTudenTs Trom all deparTmenTs oT The college, chosen Tor Their compe- Tence as singers and Their willingness To work. The aim oT The Choir is To sing The TinesT choral liTeraTure wiTh a degree oT excellence worThy oT The music. The schedule Tor The year has included a series oT ChrisTrnas con- cerTs, radio programs ThroughouT Illinois and KenTucI4y, and a spring Tour oT KenTucIcy wiTh concerTs in leading ciTies. The college orchesfra, under The direclion of Professor 'Price Doyle, furnishes a medium Tor sludenls To perform The besl in symphonic music. ll' presenls Two formal concerls during The course of The year and assisls in any olher civic or school Tunclrion Tor which il may be called upon. new ui .NJ Q :'nma,g.::L mg-W C :5e'1i'mwgss1"' as as s 'L ma mi me we as .B s sf T, ML The slring orcheslra, conducled by David Gowans, was organized To provide addilional experience in slrinq ensemble worlc. ll is quile an ac- Tive organizalion, pres-enling Two formal concerls during The year. 103 COLLEGE ORCHESTRA STRING ORCHESTRA PHILIP CRAWFORD FREDERICK SEARS MARY BELLE KALER JOHN SPENCE DR. A. M. Presidenf Vice-President Secreiary Treasurer SPONSOF BETA BETA BETA PAUL BARNES WILMA BRASFIELD JOYCE BRUNER DAVID COLVIN JO FRANKLIN LA VORA HOLLAND JENNYE I-IOLLOWELL KENNETH KENNEDY DAVID KIRKSEY BILL LAMB DON McDOU6AL JAMES MATTHEWS BILL MUSTIAN LETRICIA OUTLAND ROBERT REID BETTY ROBISON BILL ROWLETT CAROLYN VAUGI-IN BILLY VINSON DOXIE WALLACE SOCK AND BUSKIN OFFICERS CHARLOTTE SPILLANE . . . Presideni BILL WILES . . . . Vice-Presidem' ANN STOKES . . . Secrerary EDDY ELLEGOOD , . . Treasure Q N Ia Q sas . ,rw rv . . ,. I I In +he malce-up room. I+ has been The aim of Sock and Buslcin Io pro- vide Jrhe campus wirh superior enrerrainmenr and ro enable lhose inleresled in dramalics Io work Iogerher Tor Ihe beneiil oi all. As Ihe Tall produclion, Sock and Buslcin pre- senred "Our Town," direcred by Mr. Berssen- brugge, wirh Ginn Berry, Jim Paper, Bill Wiles, Sam Elliorr, Mr. Venable, Dianne Peak, and Belle A hush falls baclcsiage as fhe curialn rises. The casf waifs for 'Iheir cue. Jacobs playing Jrhe major roles. The dashing comedy, "Fashion," was The spring produclion wilh Alpha Psi Omega, slarring Kalhy Wasson, I-lu Madrey, and Dianne Peak. Eighleen new members were received info 'rhe club This Tall wilh Ihe Ourslanding Pledge Awards going To Joe Miller and Ollie Nichols. EL N OIDA I OFFICERS JOANNE THOMPSON ....... . Presideni' WENDELL RORIE ......... . Presidenf IFirs+ Seniesferl ISecond Semesierl JO FRANKLIN .....,.. . Secre+ary JEAN LEETI-I . ........ . Treasurer OFFICERS MALCOLM H. SU BLETT . . . PresicIen+ DOXIE WALLACE . . Secrehary-Treasurer JOE CABLE .... ...... V ice-Presidenf DR. W. E. BLACKBURN . . . . Sponsor PROF. PETER PANZERA . . The S+ucIen'r Afiiliaie Chapfer of The American Chemi- cal Socieiy has compIe'red iis second year af Murray Sialre AMEMCAN .......Sponsor College. One of 'Ihe highhghis oi Ihe year was a Jrrip Io The Wilson Dam Area of Alabama. CHEMICAL SOCIETY if ., nmzlw li, ' W, 559134: -H353 OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER LORRAINE BU RKEEN . . Preuderr PETE RYAN . . . . vawvrerzraerr LOIS ANN EIAYDoN . , Secrefary BOBRUTHERFORD . . Treasurer NANCY coSIsY . , Reporfer J. B, ALFORD ..... . Sergeani'-af-Arms NIR. THOMAS HOGANCAMP . . Sponsor SECOND SEMESTER NANCY COSBY ....,.. . Presidem' HOWARD BELCHER . . Vice-Presidenf BETTY HILL , . Secrefary VESTER oRR . . . . Treasurer SARALEE SAMMONS . . . Reporrer BILL WI-IITEHEAD . . . . Sergeani-af-Arms MR. VERNON ANDERSON . . . . Sponsor The Commerce Club meefs Semi-monfhly for The purpose of s'fimuiaTirIg inferesf in befjrer busi- ness. LORRAINE BURKEEN, PETE RYAN, Presidenf Vice-Presidenf LOIS ANN HAYDON, BOB RUTHERFORD, Secrefary Treasurer T . H in-411. Q OFFICERS MABIEL CISSELL . . . . Presidem' VIRGINIA BERRY . . . Vice-PrefsicIenT OLEN BRYANT . . . SecreTary-Treasurer MR. J. C. BERSSENBRUGGE . . Sponsor AIpha Psi Omega is The oIdesT honorary TraTerniTy on The Campus, and The IargesT honorary TraTerniTy in The U,niTecI STaTes, wiTh over 250 chap- Ters. The reguiremenTs Tor membership are ZOO hours oT work on cIramaTic prooIucTions, and an acTive inTeresT in The TheaTre. As iTs I4Th annual procIucTion Gamma Epsilon ChapTer oT Alpha Psi Omega pres-enTecI "The Taming oT The Shrew." 108 CLIFFAPPLEGATE . JERRY CAIN . . WALTER MISCI-IKE JOANN CLARK . . LORRAINE BURKEEN CAROLYN VAUGI-IN MARY EVA JOHNSON JEAN BLACKWELL . JUANITA WILFORD MIRIAM GRIMES . . DICK PALMATEER . MRS. BROOKS CROSS Chairman of . . Presidenl . Vice-Presidenl' lFirs1' Sernesferl . Vice-Presidenf lSecond Semesferl . . . Secrefary . . . Treasurer Worship Commiiree Communily Service . World Friendship . . Recrealion . Publicify . Publiciiy . Direclor W nm MW M was eras ,mms ,,.w ,..........m.,,,,,s,m,,- sas.,-IUC., m,.,..Ym.g,ss ,,,,,, M X -' 1, we fl! if ' li Ln H The Melhodisi Sludenl Cenler, across from Ihe college campus, is open every allernoon during 'rhe week, and every evening excepl Mon- day and Thursday. Noon devoiions are held each day ai l2:3O, and Ves- pers a+ 6:30 on Sunday evenings. This cenier is designed lo be your "homie away from home" which affords fellowship, recrealion, and wor- ship Tor all siudenls on 'rhe campus who wish fo come. 109 L -,HH . WESLEY FOUNDATION WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION NORMA DAVIDSON. . BILLIE JEAN THOMPSON NANCY LYELL . . . BETTYE KING . OFFICERS Presicleni . . . Vice-Presidenf . . Recording Secrelary . Corresponding Secrela ry BARBARA LYLES . . ..... Treasurer MARY LOUISE I-IERT . . Chairman of Awards PAT HOLLAND , , . Chairman of Awards DORIS FISHER . . . . Publicily SHIRLEY CARTER , . Publicily SUE I-IUGHES . . Manager MISS PAT TWISS . Sponsor u The Women's Alhleric Associalion is an organizarion Tor all girls on The campus who are inleresred in parliciparing in such sporrs as swim- ming, baslrelball, Tennis, volleyball, Ioadminlon. soflloall, lable Tennis, and square dancing. During The year The club look parl in an annual W. A. A. Baslcelball SporI's Day al Soulhern Illinois Universily, sponsored an inlra- mural baslcelball Iournameni, and held a I-Iigh School Playday Tor girls in weslern Kenluclcy and Tennessee. The club has also had picnics and oul- ings al Kenruclay Lalce. I 110 2-4 Away Dec. I4 Jan. 9 Jan, I5 Jan. I6 Feb. 8 Feb. I2 Feb. I9 Mar Mar. I5 Apr 2-3 .. -I7 SCHEDULE Auslin Peay Slale High School Debale Worlcshop . . Evansville College ..... Memphis Slale ...... Universily of Mississippi . Soulheasl Missouri Siale . Weslern Kenluclcy Slale . David Lipscomb College ..... . . Indiana Universily .........., Hoosier Forensic Conference, Bloominglon, Indiana Tau Kappa Alpha Nalional Conference, I-Iarrogale, Tennessee ......... Soulhern Speech Conference, Gainesville, Florida . Home Jan. 6 Feb. 6 F5514 Jan. I8 Feb. 22 Apr. 27 A broad program ol inlercollegiale clebale and public speaking is sponsored by Jrhe Deparlmenl of Speech. Exchange debales and pro- grams presenled as a public service are emphasized. Parlicipalion is rec- ognized by Ieller awards and by membership in Tau Kappa Alpha, Na- Iional Speech I-Ionor Sociely. T.K.A. campus membership includes Olha Linlon, Nolan Shepard, Jaclc Wolfe, and Professor J. Alberl' Tracy. 111 INIER- COILEGIAIE DEBATE OFFICERS EDUCATION PETWN' C I- U B BETTY BARBER . . MONA BELL YANCEY . . LARRY TRAVIS . . MISS PAT TWISS . . Presiclenl Vice-Presidenl . Secrelary . Treasurer . Sponsor The Physical Educalion Club is composed of men and women sfudenls who are ma'orin or minorin in h sical educalion and are concerned W I Q 9 P Y wilh good heallh. The club has ils own meeling room, which is shared wilh The "M" Club, in Ihe l-leallh Building. 112 OFFICERS LEE T. SHANNON . . . PresidenT NOLAN SI-IEPARD . . . . Vice-PresidenT JIM STORY . . . . Treasurer JACK BURNS . . . . SecreTary DR. W. D. AESCI-IBACI-TER . . . FacuITy Adviser The InTernaTionaI ReIaTions Club meeTs Two Times a monTh. The club aT- TempTs, Through iTs programs, To give sTudenTs a beTTer undersTancIing oT The peoples and The problems oT oTher counTries oT The world. This year IRC sponsored The l6Th annual Purchase-Pennyrile Baslcejrball Tournament as big a success as in previous years. The money gained Trom The TournamenT is used To bring an ouTsTanding speaker To The cam- pus each year. 113 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ASSOCIATION OFHCERS s DEAN SEALY . . . Preraderrr FOR WAYNE esumn . . . . vice-Pressaerr JANE ENGLISH . . . . Secreiary iv1AUNoNEMncHELL. . . . Treasurer Miss RUBIESMITH. . . Sponsor This professional organizarion is sel up lo creale a slrong lie among Jrhose inlrereslecl in worlcing lo improve The welfare of chilclren, eilher as leachers and aclminislrralors, or as social workers. ll is aiclilialeol wilh rhe Associalion for Childhood Eclucarion lnlernalional. Members of Jrhis or- ganizarion 'ralce an aclivie parl in campus aclivilies, and render many serv- ices Jro Teachers anol parenr groups off campus. OFFICERS JEAN cocHRAN . ..... . . Presidenl REVA LAWSON . . . . vaaspfesaaeni MABEL cissm ...... . corresponding Secrelary MARGARET ANNEOSBORNE . . . Recording seaeiafy Miss RUTH ASHMORE. . . . . . Treasurer Miss RUBIESMITH . , . . Counselor CI 0. srl Kappa Della Pi, an honor sociely in Educalion, was eslablishecl lo pro- mole a closer boncl among sludenls ol Eclucalion and lo bring inlo more inlirnale fellowship Jrhose oleolicalecl lo Hire cause of leaching as a profes- sion. Kappa Della Pi iurlher aims 'ro losier high slanclarols ol preparalion lor leaching and lo uniie info loonds ol friendship lhose who have al- lained excellence in scholarship and clislinclion lor lheir achievemenl as siuclenls anol servanls oi Eclucalion. 115 K KAPPA DELTA W E I- I-IS OFFICERS HELEN FUMBANKS . . . . Preside-nl H A I. L BILLIEJEAN THOMPSON . . . Vice-Preisiclenl C 0 U N C I I- JANE SHELBY ..... . Secrelary JANE ENGLISH . . . . . Treasurer MISS RUTH ASH MORE . . Counselor The Wells Hall Council, governing body of The girls dormilory, is composed of Jrwelve members-four officers elecled by 'rhe enlire house in The spring and represenlalives chosen from each of 'rhe four classes and l'he four lloons al The beginning ol: The fall se- mesler. The Council seelcs 'ro promole fhe besl inleresis of all The girls by inierprefing rules and furnishing leadership in conforming io regulalions, Socially, il' provides par- fie-s, feas, and informal gel-Togelhers: malerially. if uses ils funds 'ro malce fhe dormiiory more liveable and comforfable. The Council is Jrruly 'rhe "Keeper of 'I'he Spiri'r" lhal' permeales Wells Hall. 116 OFFICERS BOB MCGREW . . . . . Presidenf LEONARD WHITMER . . . Vice-Presidenf HELEN SHELTON . . Secre+ary-Treasurer MR, THOMAS WICKSTROM . . . Faculfy Adviser HQ. .iw 'flsrm .,i,l . , i,"'iV:gi ELA: .Z in 55, vu. 4, pew: L E as e ff,-as , er ,gi - -51.1345 M37 ,il wi. fs . W, . ,, I. . ' sf A., " , 1 , , ,Q ' - v -H---si-Y si Z . The Vivace Club. open lo all music maiors and minors and olher slu- denrs inleresled in music, sponsors each year lhe Homecoming Brealclasr. Since I934- i+ has inscribed on The Vivace Plaque lhe names of fhe senior man and woman oulslanding in music: in I95O Jrhe winners were Elsie Kes- lcinen and Leonard Barfon. 117 DER EDELWEISS KLUB OFFICERS BILL MUSTIAN Presrdenf BILL VINSON Secreiary Treasurer EARL BEATY Vuce Presvdenf DR ROLF KING Sponsor OFFICERS Jo ANNE PACE Presrdenf ELEANOR HEATER swefafy EVELYN HEATER Vice Presudenf EVANQELTNE DINNIN6 Treasurer Miss FRANCES BROWN sponsor HOME ECONOMICS U AGRICULTURE CLUB HUELL M. TILLEY JAMES JONES . C. W. JONES . . GORDON CHESTER HARLAN B. HARGIS. MR. E. B. HOWTON I- - I E E Vx All ss OFFICERS The "Ag" Club offers all agricullure majors and minors an opporlunily +o lake parl in a social club as 'ro fosler mreresl an agrncullural Improve menls and lo plovlde a provmg ground for rural leadership - U' 4 aclivily on lhe campus. The major aim of lhe Q 4 ANDREW DE MOSS . J. C. BENEDICT . . CODY RUSSELL . DAVID JOINER . JENNYE I-IOLLOWELL JEAN BARNETT . . MARY AGNES SELLERS JUANITA WILFORD . VIVIAN BYNUM . YOUNG WONIISN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION wa OFFICERS . . . . . . . . Presidenf J, C, BENEDICT . Vice-Presidenf CODY RUSSELL . Secrehary DAVID JOINER , . . . . . . Treasurer LARRY TRAVIS OFFICERS MARGIE KERN ZOE WILLIAMS MRS. COLLUS JOHNSON . MISS REZINA SENTER . MRS. CARRIE WHITE . INDUSTRIAL . Preside-m' Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . Reporfer . Chaplain . Adviser . Adviser . Adviser -gl!! -rf, ,, , Q awww -rw -a. :.:. -W-ergo ', M ,Qwk,4. - ! Tw. Newegg H ' I 'Wes " wgw ,. . ,F . I I ITT QLIII, I 4, RUTH LANE . BOB BOYD . JEANNE OLDHAM . . MARGARET C-RISHAM . ALICE ARCHER . ROMELIA HOOKS . JACK LONGGREAR . MISS INIELLIE MAE WYMAN xr .il OFFICERS . Presiclenl . Firsf Vice-Presidenl' lBoysI . Firzf Vice-Presiclenl IGirlsI . Second Vice-Presiclenl . Tl1ircIVice-Presidenf . Secrelary-Treasurer , Sfudenl' Secrelary . EaculIyAcIviser .ff. B, . VI .-Ll .uf The Baplisl Sluclenl Union is a link Ioelween college sludenls and +I1eIoCaICI'1urcI1,TIwe B. S. U. Execulive Council represenls approximalely 500 Baplisl sfuolenls on flue Murray campus. rv BAPT IUDEN ISI DEI.TA LAlWBlDA ALPllA i i OFFICERS MAUNONE MITCHELL . . ...... Presidenl MARJORIE WILSON . . , Secrelary ANN Cl-llSSOM . . . ...... Vice-Presidenl MARY V. MEADOWS . , . . . Treasurer MISS REZINA SENTER , . Della Lambda Alpha, freshman girls' honorary sociery, is open To all girls making a sranding oi The lunclion ol lhe Graduale Deparlmenl is lo provide an organized program lor lhe lraining ol school adminislralors and supervisors and lo meer The need ol elemenlary and secondary school leachers in lurlhering Jrheir professional . . . . . .Sponsor 2.5 in rheir firsl semesler. preparalion. The degree conferred is Masler ol Arls in Educalion. Since ils origin, The Graduale Deparlmenl has enioyed a sleadily increasing growlh. GRADUATE SCHOOL fb 1, ng, ann, . - . EVENING CLASS Beginning in The Spring Semesler of l95O, lhe Commerce Deparlmenl of Murray Slafe College exlended ils services by offering evening courses in business. These courses are available lo peo- ple employed during The day. Five dilzferenl courses are offered each sem-esler-all carrying lull college credil. Classes meer lhree hours a E SIN COMMERCE nighl, four nighls a weelc. Enrollmenl has grown each semesler since lhese classes were com- menced. Adulls from Murray, Mayfield, Benlon, and surrounding communilies are faking advan- lage ol Jrhis opporlunily lo lurlher Their educa- lion and lraining. " "CLUB OFFICERS ANDY MURREN . . . Presidenfr BOB GRIFFIN . . Vice-Presidem DON STEPI-IENSON Secretary-Treasurer MR, ROY STEWART . . Sponsor IE CERCIE FRANCAIS OFFICERS WILLIAM MCELRATI-I . . . Presidem' CLE66 AUSTIN . . . . Vice-Presideni CONNIE REY EMPSON . Secrefary-Treasurer PROF. PI-IILLIP LEAMON . . . Sponsor KAPPA P I OFFICERS OLEN BRYANT . . Presidenf I-IULON MADREY Vice-Presidenf I-IAZEL PRATI-IER . . Secrefary TI-IELMA COMBS . . Treasurer USING EDUCATION 5. K I Anne Adams Peggy Anderson Shirley Carfer BeHie Binkley Dolores Brown Al+a Chambers Norma Davidson Evelyn Cone Evelyn Darling Evangeline Dinning Phyllis Herrold Barbara Downs Jane English BeHy Lou Hill Virginia Jordan BeHy JeH Mary Eva Johnson BeHye King Jo Ann Morris Linda Long Clara Jane Miller Leiricia Oufland Mary Sellers Belly Robison Saralee Sammons Sue Sfubbleiield Doxie Wallace Pafricia SubleHe Jo Thornley Juani+a Wilford Norma Woodson Jean Wofford LAND CAROLYN YAUGHN JEAN BARNETI' JANE SHELBY BETTY SMITH BILLIE JEAN THOMPSON MABEL CISSELL Vice-Presxdenf Secretary Treasurer Registrar Chaplain Reporter ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA J 'Q C9 , ' L ,J N' CQ ' QQXAEA Q P aa W BETA NU CHAPTER , ,. ..., Y..,'.w-.nn Jordan Acquisii James B. Alford Lorraine Burkeen James T. Coleman James W. Connelly Haywood Eason Harold Gaines Dail Gibbs Marlin Groppe Bill Hodges Charles Jaap Thomas Lay Leemon Owen Miller Roberl Moses Fred H. Owens Earl Pride John Roberfs Richard M. Royer Bob Ru+l1erford Lee T. Shannon Morgan Sisk Lynwood Smi+l1 Don Sfepbenson James D. Syers Lawrence R. Travis Sammy Veal J. O. Wa'r+ers Joe H. Wilson Members noi piclured are David Maddox, Seldon Mallock, and James Randall PENCE DYE ED TILTON EARL SWEARINGEN PETE RYAN ANDY MURREN AL CAMPBELL BERNIE SPILLANE CHARLES STAMPS Pledgemasfer Sergea'n1'-ai-Arms Corresponding Secrefary Sp Q ALPHA CHAPTER Alpha Chapier oi Delia Alpha has compleiecl iis iourih and mos? successful year on ihe cam- pus oi Murray Siaie College. Hs chiei aim is io bring aboui beiier uniiy among siudenis oi Jrhe diiiereni cleparimenis. Among ihe highlighis oi The year were ihe sec- onol annual procluciion oi "The Lasi Resort" lhe sponsorship oi Jrhe annual "Homecoming Dance," and a "Spring Dance." Delia Alpha also pariici- paiecl in ihe Homecoming iloai compeiiiion, and ihe Spring Carnival. Edward Adams Markian Baczynslcy Roberl Belfz Curiis Burlclow Mark Casey Eddy Ellegood Tom Hyde. Roy lsherwood . James K. James Higdon Kenney. Jarema Kupchynsky Alloeri John Leveclc Charlie Lyle Roberi McGrew William H, Myers Fred W. Omer Hugh B. Preble Frank Ragsdale Rollie E. Rhodes, Jr. F. Warren Ruiheriord John S. Shelfon Roberl' Singlefon Roberi' Slayden Paul Turley Edward Uplain Tom Whileside Leonard D. Whilmer KENNETH NEIDIG BILL HAVEL WILLIAM T. FRENCH O. A. LOWE JERRY D. WILLIAMS JOSEPH ZALETEL Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Hisforian Alumni Secrefary Warden L .. J 11:,:-.- -i s t IIIIII MN fm I A L . f ifwu J-,AV C J UNO' ff X, VINCENT PERRIER RICHARD FARRELL Presidenf Faculfy Advisor GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER PRICE DOYLE NEALE MASON ROMAN PRYDATKEVYTCH R. W. TERHUNE THOMAS WIKSTROM JOHN C. WINTER 5 V E , . .' I ' I I fm W? 5 Gene Abernafhy Belly Anderson Vivian Bynum Carolyn Carman Jacqueline Ellis Marian Fislc Winnie Lou Jones Clara May Joy Joan Marlin Gaila McClin+oclc Anne Peniclc Helen Shelion Pann Whifeside Doi' Wilson Beiiie Binkley Ann Chissom Shirley Ann Hous-ion Pafricia Lewis Mary V. Meadows Doroihy Tkacs Mariorie Wilson Barbara Wiman JEAN MUELLER VIVIAN JONES MILDREID PARSONS ELIZABETH JANE DAVIS REVA LAWSON MARY ALICE OPDYKE EVELYN CONE P d I V e-Presidenf Secrerary Treasurer Chaplain Serg I Ed? SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 6 I Lg, EEZ! nom BETA ci-:AFTER I A Ioia Befa Chapier of Sigma Alpha IoIa was insI'aIIed aI Murray Siaie on February 3, I939. II has as Hs obiecis The deveiopmenr of music in America, Ihe promoiion of musical inIeresI and undersianding belrween foreign counIries and America, and 'rhe iurihering of musicianship ancI scholarship for women in Ihe IieIcIs of professionai music. This year IoIa Bera Chapier offered Ihree scholarships Io incoming freshman girls, h-eIcI a freshman supper, a Iea and Rose Parry for women music maiors, and presenied a IvIusicaI, as weII as i+s annual AII-American Concerr and Campus LighIs of I95I, boI'I'1 in coniunciion wiIh Phi Mu Alpha. 133 June Allen Virginia Berry Sybil Clarlc Jean Cochran Thelma Combs Margarei Cravens Jo Croghan Jane Dugger Helen Fumbanlcs Marilyn Green Lois Ann Haydon Anila Hulchinson Mary Belle Kaler Janel Key Jean Leeih Barbara Lyles Maunone Miichell Mary Alice Opdylce Margarei' Ann Osborne Diana Oilo Joanne Pace Hazel Praiher Ann Roach Mariha Dell Sanders Mariha Billie Siarlcs Joy Sfanley Oclavia Sfaudf Jo Thompson Mona Belle Yancey IMILDRED PARSONS PATSY ANN MADDOX NANCY COSBY JO ANNE HENDON BARBARA BROWN REVA LAWSON I P d I Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secreiary Recording Secreiary Keeper of 'Ihe Grades SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Colors: Royal purpIe and whiie eg 99 FIower: VioIeI Founded: FarmviIIe, Virginia, I898 9 QQ Q 9 A " Number of Chaprersz 47 . 9 I 'S I Q91 +9 3 A L gg: 1: :TQ 'SO-'5I . . . A perfeci year for Tri Sigma . . . Fall . . . Everyone back from vacarion . , . Parsons wielding The gavel . . . Maddox in The nexI Io highesr office . . . Cosby couniing rhe currency . . . Brown penning The minuies . , . Panhellenic Tea . . . Rush . . . Those wonderfui pledges . . . Fun for all a+ Sadie Hawkins Day . , . The "ice" IIoaI for Homecoming . . .The coffee for AIumni . . . Care packages se.nI overseas . . . Chrisimas Pariy a+ The Hendon's. 'I3 Spring . . Firsr meeiing in our new room . . .The annual Valenrine Dance wirh hearrs and all The Trimming . . . Our popular gals, Berry for Miss Murray Siaie, Haydon, Lawson, Sanders, Hen- don, and Opdyke as Campus Favorires, and O+I'o walked oFF wi'rh Body Beauriful honors . . . Rush . . . Pledges . . . We do Iove Ihem . . . Week-end ar Jrhe Lake . . . Our beauiiful Found- ers Day dance and banquelr . . . Sigma Spirir . . . Honors . . . Senior Send-off . . . We had fun Ihis yea r-can'I Vwaijr for n-exI'. CAMP US LIGHTS OF 1951 A TourTeen year old TradiTion, "Campus LighTs," has gained a place in The hearT oT Mur- ray unequaled by any oTher annual evenT. Sigma Alpha loTa and Phi Mu Alpha, co-producers oT The show, have Tried To malce each year's produc- Tion beTTer Than The previous ones, and They have succeeded in giving Murray one oT iTs maior aT- Q, a 5 ffm -if , K if - ' T Qu Li? 1? i W TracTions. Campus l.ighTs so apTly reTlecTs The p-ersonaliTy oT The campus because each sTudenT who parTicipaTes conTribuTes a parT oT himsehf. The experience gained by Those who have Talcen parT noT only serves To broaden Their musical background, buT adds many memories noT easily TorgoTTen. The following adverlisers have demonslraled lheir confi- dence and good-will Jroward The sludenls of Murray Slale College by invesling in "The Shield." Lel us recommend lhal your conslanl palronaqe relurn lo lhem dividends worlhy of lheir friendship. ADVERTISEMENTS J. T. HALE IIIUTOR 00. CADILLAC AND OLDSMOBILE Genuine Par'rs, Sales 8: Service ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY I 7+I1 8: Main Murray, Ky. MAYFIELD - PADUCAI-I Phone 833 HOPKINSVILLE Typewrifer speciaIis+s since I9I4 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF BEIK-SETTLE COMPANY MU RRAY, KENTUCKY CHUCK'S MUSIC CENTER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MUSIC ACCESSORIES RECORD PLAYERS Records: Popular - Classical - CI1iIcIren's Sou'rI'1 side of square Murray, Ky. ,, LARGE ENOUGH BANK OF MURRAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU - SMALL ENOUGH TO BE AWARE OF YOU Member of F. D. L C. Deposifs guaranfeed up +0 Sl0,000 OFFICERS TREMON BEALE . . ......... Presidenf F. ECRAWFORD . . . . . .Vice-Presidenf GEORGE HART . . . . . . Execufive Vice-Presidenf L. E. WYATT ...... . . .Vice-Presidenf L. L. DUNN ..,... .....,.,. C ashier DIRECTORS J. D. SEXTON W. G. SWANN TREMON BEALE MAX B. HURT L. N. MOODY A. W. SIMMONS M. O. WRATHER F. E. CRAWFORD LUTHER ROBERTSON F. H. GRAHAM L. L. DUNN WELLS PURDOM E. J. BEALE GEORGE HART L. E. WYATT RUDY'S Where friends mee'r +o ea'r good +0+- food af popular prices. Wes? Side of The Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY LINDSEY'S JEWELERS Two GREAT STORES To Serve You In Murray, Ky. Xa Mayfield, Ky. Ask Your Grocer for KIRCHHOFFS FRESH SANDWICH BREAD FOR TABLE, TOAST and SANDWICHES 9.4- COM PLIMENTS OF HOTEL NATIONAL MURRAY, KENTUCKY Opera+ecI by Jackson Ho+eI Co. A. C. JACKSON, PresidenI JAMES E "BUDDY" OUINN, Vi Presideni' and M COMPLIMENTS OE IHE MURRAY MANUFACTURING COMPANY PEOPLES BANK HUGH L. HOUSTON H GLENN DORAN R. H. EALWELL . . L. D. OUTLAND C. H. JONES W. G. MILLER MURRAY, KENTUCKY MD . -Presidenf CARL B. KINGINS . . . E V P d I Miss FRANCES WHITNELL V P d I MRS GRADY MILLER . v P Ei + Ch EH., B d MISS ERIE KEYS . . C ii EMMA DEAN SMITH FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SEE THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY AUTOMOBILE - CASUALTY - FIRE - LIFE Office in Hue Peoples Bank Building 1 PADUCAH RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATICN CORN-AUSTIN AND COMPANY P k CI ix Sfyle-Ma + Cl H1 A 4' , "fx Mui 1, 1 Lift COMPLIMENTS OF THE HUT STEAKS SANDWICHES - PLATES FOUNTAIN SERVICE FROZEN CUSTARD - FROSTED MALTS We make ou K nIucIQy's mosI II g I I1 q I I1 IIW I1 I p g I I g III GENE AND RUTH Ask your grocer Ior YUKON'S BEST RANDOLPH SPECIAL AND LYNN GROVE'S BEST FLOUR MURRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY DisIribuIors COLLEGE CLEANERS "The home oI IruIy fine cleaning" I J + If o d y H II l EDWIN AND WALTER WATERFIELD COIVIPLIMENTS OF HONEY-KRUST BREAD 1 SERVING WESTERN KENTUCKY SAFE. DEPENDABLE. ECONOMICAL WESTERN KENTUCKY STAGES v COMPLIMENTS SHOE STO Jon-:N c. ROBERTS For The Women SANDLER OF BOSTON BUSKINS ACCENT MURRAY, KENTUCKY Incorporaied WALLIS DRUG W "Your Ford Dealer" The one 'Hne car in 'The low price field Phone l7O 605 W. Main S+ M y "PROGRESS is fhe producf of EXPERIENCE" Progress, foo, has infroduced new speed and ef- ficiency in fhe modern office. The new l95I desks are lower, more convenienf. The chairs are scien- fifically consfrucfed for Ioeffer posfure and healfh. The new deslc lamps eliminafe eye sfrain. Office machines are fasfer, quiefer, froubleproof and less expensive. For 44 years, OFFICE EQUIPMENT Co. has Icepf pace wifh Kenfucliy and BUSINESS and I95I finds us in fhe "same old sfancI" eager fo serve you fo fhe besf of our abilify. "KenI'ucIcy's Largesf Office Ou'IfiI"I'ers" OFFICE EQUIPMENT U0. HARCOURT AND COMPANY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Sfafioners, Engravers, Jewelers MURRAY COLLEGE RINGS AND PINS -Q- TOM W. ROWLETT, Represenfafl e MURRAY. KENTUCKY I I9 l:OUFI'l1S'I'. 5I6I LOUISVILLE, KY. I28 W. Shorf SI. 305 Frederica SI. Lexingfon Owensboro Tel. 2,3244 Tel. 3-4979 COMPLIMENTS OF LITTLETONS SCOTT DRUG STORE COSMETICS CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE COM PLIMENTS OF COLUMBIA AMUSEMENT CO. Operafing . . . The VARSITY AND CAPITOL THEATRES MURRAY, KENTUCKY GRAHAM 8 JACKSON CURLEE CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS - STETSON HATS JARMAN SHOES TIMELY CLOTHES Phone 3I8-W "Young Men's S'rore" THE COLLEGE HUB COMPLEMENTS OF PARKER MOTORS Ken'I'ucIcy's OIcIes'I Nash Dealer 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Nighlr Phone .......... . . . ...... ,565 "Campus revolves around Dev Phone ' """"' 373 7Ih 8: Main Murray, Ky, Ihe Hub" 50455 gundam ADAMS SHOE STORE Sandwiches Shoes for 'rhe en'I'ire family Na'IuraIizers and Iife sfride ..,..... for Women TeIeVI5I0n and '3Ir'C0ndI+I0ned Roblee ...............,. ...., I or Men Teen Age ...... I .. .,... for Girls GEORGE STEELE LUBIE VEALE IO6 SouIh Sixfh Sfreer Murray, Kemkucky COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS THE OF NATIONAL STORE "Every+I1ing +o wear for all 'rhe family" ac,-O55 from Wells I-lan Norllw Sicle of Courl Square Ph 9 '23 one MURRAY, KENTUCKY THE LEDGER AND TIMES Calloway Coun+y's Daily Newspaper "We prinl The College News" COMPLIMENTS OF DEL ROSE ICE CREAM CO. Phone 75l Murray, Ky. nu Maw m,a,,, H- M., , X H mm www B if?-:H 55 sas .mv-mm HB5 nl H -Zi E H ' M- 4 w ws W msn. B E M exe Egan easy., -e a E WWE, me a me , W fi Qian Neem. EMWEWHFFQEQE- 2 ' Kew maaEa:a?W H'H. A - we-Lafwm m H N.w .N W e ww M .W , Q 5 M I Iemwlb lmm,ay ,.o, .W-WWMW H K :Q Q-QW' .View ee H"eam1 fake. ww-E mNM.M5M1,.m wma miie Lame F M5352 H Niggas - Q H -H B we ' H Q Q , H ' w 2 WEN igiffes M 1 -ww - Hwy E ,wang MURRAY STATE CULLEEE MURRAY, KENTUCKY A MULTI-PURPOSE COLLEGE MEMBER American Associa+ion of Colleges for Teacher Educaiion, Soufhern Associaiion of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools, Keniuclcy Associaiion of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Naiional Associa+ion of Schools of Music, American Council on Educaiion, Teachers College Exfension Associafion, Nafional Associa- fion of Business Teacher-Training Ins+i+u+ions, Approved Deparimeni' of Library Science, Approved Program for Training of Nurses. l95l-52 COLLEGE CALENDAR Summer Term . . ............. June ll-Augusr 4. l95l Firsi Semesier . . Sepiember l3, l95I-January 24, i952 Second Semesier . .............. January 28-May 3 I, i952 An Experienced Faculfy Trained in +he Besf Colleges and Universiiies in ihe Nafion and Abroad An Excellenf Library, a Spacious Healih Building, a new Science Building, an indoor Swimming Pool, and ihe Largesf College Audiiorium in Kenfuclcy. Thorough Training for Elemeniary and Secondary Teachers, Supervisors and Adminisfraiors Musical Opporfuniiies Comparable +o The Bes'r in 'ihe Na+ion. Murray Siaie offers a program io meer siudeni needs wheiher ihey be in Ari, Agriculiure, Biological Sciences, Ceramics, Commerce, Dramaiics, Educaiion, English, Healih and Physical Educaiion, Home Economics, lndusirial Aris, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Liieraiure, Maihemaiics, Music. Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Speech, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Deniisiry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law, or Pre-Theology. Murray Siaie's Division oi Nursing, operaiing in associaiion wilh Jennie Siuari Memorial Hospiial, Hopkinsville, and Owensboro-Daviess Couniy Hospiial, Owensboro, offers a ihree-year program in nursing eclucaiion, upon compleiion of which, a siudeni will become a graduaie nurse and be eligible io lake The Siaie Board Examinaiion io become a regisiered nurse. DEGREES CONFERRED Bachelor of Aris Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Music Educaiion Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Agriculiure Masfer of Ar'rs in Educaiion Veierans are urged 'ro 'lake advaniage of regular and special offerings made available 'rhrough our resources and faciliiies, including evening classes. For furiher informaiion, address RALPH H. WOODS, Presideni' Murray, Kenfuclcy Wells Studio MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY your 1951 .sziefcl paofographer THIS BOOK DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING Co NASHVILLE TENNESSEE ENGRAVINGS BY SOUTHERN ENGRAVING CO l-

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