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 - Class of 1949

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' ltffa' , frlf A ...' is x,K. 4 .5 . f .Q ci I ' -2' Kd I' I!"'2. v mfg or A ' 'EN 'N 1 2, i I A 'X an In Sf Y Qs 5 Q W hs fi! , , X Wi' xi' S-'I' x : '51 y Q3 , li' A 5. S .gi-1 ' ,ali ' ,uf W ' ' n , A 4 P TM-.ur-'swlf' 4 " 'WW sf," Q ff' aussi ww: I' I I 1 .'llMQ" Sw -f Iljgj X"'j . ., r f' , ,.1. M1 Mg ww'-N 'RM C 'flllal gs MJ. ,-,,.. .-: 'llll' .w,:.N.A.,,4 .5 f ,,.. , ,bgsiff-k 1 W,- O 9 sw L' 1 K. t . - 3Q , I N! .Q f.5'Q 1 , N.. . 2:5 t . "My l1ear+ leaps up when I behold a pigskin in +he sky . . . 'Q cb 10 .6 4' .9 IIE ' E VIEMBE' WE, THE STUDENTS OF MURRAY STATE COLLEGE, PAY HIGH TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY OF THE LATE PROFESSOR FRED SHULTZ, BELOVED EDUCATOR, SCHOLAR, LECTURER, AND FRIEND TO ALL. WE ARE PRIVILEGED IN DEDICATING THIS BOOK TO THE MEMORY OF A MAN WHO HAS LEFT A LEGACY OF INSPIRATION TO HIS STUDENTS, COLLEAGUES, AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO CAME IN CONTACT WITH HIM. TIME SHALL NOT WEAR DOWN NOR EAT AWAY THE ETERNAL LOVE ALL HOLD FOR HIM. INSTEAD OF FADING WITH AGE, THE GLORY OF HIS MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND THE NOBILITY OF HIS CHARACTER WILL GAIN IN SPLENDOR WITH THE PASSING OF TIME. MAY WE, WITH GREAT FAITH, ALWAYS GUARD THE PRECIOUS MEMORIES OF ASSO. CIATION WITH A GREAT AND SIMPLE MAN-MODEST, OUIET, AND GENTLE TO ALL. 9 ns 10 T 40 ' iii The Bonnn 0F BOSWELL REGEHT5 Firsi' Row B. HODGKIN ..... Chairman RICHARD MAXON PRICE HUBERT MEREDITH Second Row HOLLIS C. FRANKLIN CLAUDE WINSLOW GOVERNOR EARL C. CLEMENTS lee I E RHLPH H. UIUUDS S .X . V , 3 X ,W is ,. ,M .,,, Q .,,.., .w,,iW,, W,f,1,W ,?: 4- . ,JM A , 7,q, . 1J2.fQ'iQ A -ug gy Q . Q? . yi 4 DEAN DOROTHY BROWN AfTer working on her Ph. D. aT The Universify of Colo- rado, Miss Brown came To Murray This Tall from Florida STaTe Universify To assume The duTies of Dean of Women. Carrying The dignify of The office she has held The morals and sfandards of The young ladies very high. WiTh The besf inTeresT of The sTudenTs always in mind she has guided Them pasT The piffalls of life. 7lae DEHIIS DEAN WILLIAM G. NASH Burdened by The ever increasing duTies and problems ThaT are broughf To his aTTenTion, Dr. Nash always has a warm smile and a kind word for any sTudenT. His wis- dom has guided sTudenTs for nine years aT Murray STaTe. The maioriTy of The sTudenTs do noT come inTo confacf wiTh him unTil Their lasT Two years of school. Much of The Time The dean is noT in his office, buf on The road repre- senTing The college aT conference on business, and locaT- ing The besf in professors. DEAN REX SYNDERGAARD Ever increasing in The ranks of popularify This genfle- man moved inTo The Office of The Dean of Men, carrying wiTh him The high esfeem of all sTudenTs. ln addifion To his classes in The Social Science deparfmenf, he always has a warm greefing for Those disfinguished male sTudenTs sfopping by his office To chaT. Neafly coming forfh wifh his Esquire-like appearance The dean always makes a very favorable impression upon anyone wiTh whom he makes conTacT. 18 ITI MRS CLEO G-ILLIS HESTER Reqlslrar FIRST ROW: G. C. Ashcrafl Reba Jo Maxey l. H. Key R. E. Broach Calherine Purclom Sarah Henderson Tennie Breckenridge Fay W. Sleclcl MISS ALICE KEYS MR P W ORDWAY MR M O WRATHER Business Manager Execuhve Secrefary Public Rei hens SECOND ROW: Hari- Lilclwfielcl Pauline Johnson Naomi Rogers Wilma Cohlmeyer Cha rlolle Lind horsl' E. H. Lindhorsl' Dorofhy Holland B. J. HoFFman THIRD ROW: Joanne Todd Helen Gill Bellye Benne'H Virginia S Russell lvlargarel' 'Blayloclr n S S l S T n n T S Margie Armbrusler Eclmonia Harp Rubye Pool Marlha Guier I9 IIIISTRIIT UH MR. JOE H. BAILEY. . . DR. W. E. BLACKBURN . . . MR. A. CARMAN. . . DR. M. G. CARMAN . . DR. ED. J. CARTER . . MR. PRICE DOYLE. . . MR. FRED M. GINGLES. . DR. C. S. LOWRY. . . MR. HUGH L. OAKLEY. . MR. JOHN E. ROBINSON. . MISS RUBY L. SIMPSON. . MR. ROY STEWART. . DR. A. M. WOLFSON ..... . . . """Pic'Iure of Dr. H. Halperi noi' available. Firsf Row Second Row . Library Science . Physical Science . . . Agriculfure . . Mafhemafics . . Educaiion . . Fine Arfs . . Commerce . . Social Science . . Indusirial Arfs .Training School Home Economics Physical Educaiion Biological Science HEIIDS 0F DEPHRTIIIEIITS 20 FHCULTV DR. W. D. AESCHBACHER VERNON ANDERSON PAUL BRYANT A. G. CANON JOSIAH DARNALL CHARLOTTE DURKEE BEATRICE FRYE JOSEPH A. GOLZ Firsi' Row J. C. BERSSENBRUGGE MRS. VERNA BROACH Second Row MRS. JOSEPH COHRON MARY ADDINA CRENSHAW Third Row CLARA EAGLE RICHARD W. FARRELL Fourfh Row R. E. GOODGION DAVID J. GOWANS OLA B. BROCK FRANCES BROWN MARY BESS CROPPER CARLISLE CUTCHIN ATTIE FAUGHN FRED W. FAUROT BOBBY R. GROGAN ESCO GUNTER .,'i 3 " .11 FIICULTII HALENE HATCHER VERDA R. HEAD MARIAM R. HOLLWAY C. V. HOLMES G. T. LILLY MARTHA LINDSEY DR. R. B. PARSONS ROMAN PRYDATKEVYTCH FIrs+ Row ROBERT L. HENDON I-IARLAN HODGES Second Row E. B. HOWTON JESS B. HUFF Third Row CLAIR R. McGAVERN BERTIE MANOR Four+I1 Row LESLIE R. PUTNAM ANNIE RAY THOMAS B. HOGANCAMP LILLIAN HOLLOWELL R. A. JOHNSTON C. W. KEMPER HERMAN MILBURN TIM O'BRIEN E. G. SCHMIDT ONNIE GRAY SKINNER ANNIE SMITH RUBY E. SMITH MATTIE S. TROUSDALE PATRICIA TWISS ROBERTA WHITNAH CAROLYN WINGO Firsf Row DR. LIZA SPANN HARRY M. SPARKS Second Row DR. ELLA R. WEIHING LYDIA M. WEIHING Third Row JOHN C. WINTER MRS. A. M. WOLFSON - F 23 CHARLES H. STAMPS LOTTYE SUITER AUBURN J. WELLS CARRIE WHITE GRACE WYATT NELLIE MAY WYMAN FICULTV The y STUDEIIT URGHIIIZHTIUII The STuolenT OrganizaTion serves as The sTudenT governing body and is elecTed by Them. This year we saw all bu+ Tour oT lasT year's members reTurn To oTTice. Their accomplishmenTs This year Tar surpassed Those oT lasT year. ln The pasT Two years These sTudenTs, led by PresidenT Franlc ViTTeTow, have given more To The sTudenT body Than all oT The oTher STudenT OrganizaTions in The pasT years. This Tall we enjoyed a wonderTul concerT and dance by Jimmy Dorsey and his band: This spring Johnny Long and his band reTurned and gave anoTher perTormanc:e even surpassing The one he gave lasT year. 24 lee DURHTE 5CH00l DR. ED CARTER As fhis edifion of fhe SHIELD is published, The graduafe school climbs on fo greafer heighfs. The graduafe school is nof an old organizafion on fhe campus, yef, if is a very irnporfanf one. lf granfs a graduafe degree in fhe professional field lcnown as Masfer of Arfs in Educafion. lf is ever growing in recognifion in fhe field of educafion. Af fhis firne if is fhe only deparfmenf offering a lv1asfer's degree on fhe campus. A sr-sbs' X S 2 5 eSEIlIORS oJUllIORS 0SOPHOm0RES QFRES H In E I1 VW 2ffi' f I 'Q UO no 00 . v ggi. .gn .. L J 'iff' 551. .W . ,Pl saxawb 451 X -'SW v, , . 'Q ,, W :-Z, W' TU? V h Mfwxf W , ,, -Q A df Firs+ Row: 0 VIRGIL E. ADAMS, McLemoresviIle, Tenn.: B.S.: Kipa Pi, Vice- Presidenl, '48: Vers Club: College News Siaff: Adveriising Mana- ger, '46-'47-'48: Sporfs Ediior, '47. 0 WILLIAM HAFFORD ADAMS, Murray, Ky.: B.S. 0 REX E. ALEXANDER, Dawson Springs, Ky.: B.S.: Sfudenf Organi- za+ion: Baslcefballg "M" Club: Physical Educafion Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. 0 R. B. ALLEN, Hunling+on, Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Ve'I's Club. Second Row: O MARTHA NELL ANDERSON, Mayfield, Ky.: B.A.: EI Nopal: Kipa Pi: Tri Sigma: Wells Hall Council: College News Sfaff. 0 JAMES I. ARMBRUSTER, Union Cify, Tenn.: B.S.: Indusfrial Ar+s. 0 IMOGENE L. BARNES, Hopkinsville, Ky.: A.B. 0 RAYFORD H. BEBOUT, Marion, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Vefs Club. Third Row: 0 EDWARD A. BELDIN, Pori' Tampa, Fla.: B.S.: Iniernafional Re- Iafions Club: Vefs Club. 0 BARBARA ANN BIGHAM, Paris, Tenn.: B.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Regisfrar '45-'46-'47-'48, Alpha Girl, '47: Junior Prom Queen. 48: Wells Hall Council, Vice-Presicleni, '48-'49: Senior Class Secrefary-Treasurer, '48-'49: Kappa Delia Pi: Commerce Club: Y.W.C.A. 0 HARRY K. BENNET, Trenion, Tenn.: B.S.: Foofball: Agriculfure Club. O JOHN BISHOP, Ocala, Fla.: BME: Phi Mu Alpha, Secrefary, '48: Band: Orchesfra: Campus Lighfs: Vivace Club: A Cappella Choir. FIFSI Row: o ALLIE MAE soAz, Hickory, Ky.: B-5-: Kappa Della Pif A-C-E-F B.S.U. 0 BILL BOAZ, Hiclcory, Ky.: B. S. o LEXIE N. soe-eess, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club- Vfce' Presiclenf, '47: Presidenl, '48: Vols Club: Infernalional Relahons Club. 0 JOHN W. BRANDON, Benlon, Ky.: B.5. ' RUDY V. BREZELL, Benlon, Ky.: B.S. JOHN W. BRINKLEY, Clin+on, Ky.: B.A.: Agricullure Club- Seconcl Row: 0 RAY T. BROACH, Murray, Ky.: B.s.: Asfiwlwfe Club- e Josem-T Hue:-I aRoNsoN, chrugo, ul.: B-S.: Fwbellr "M" Club: Physical Educalion Club. o BETTY sRowN, Paducah, Ky.: BM: Sigma Alpha 'Uhr Ofclm' 'lf-il Vivece Club. 0 MARION A. BROWN, Providence, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Agricul 'ture Club: lnduslrial Arls Club: Sludenl Organizalion, '48. 0 MILTON BROWN, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Square 8: Compass Club Oulslanding VG+. '47- Third Row: 5 JERELL W. BULLIS, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Soclc 81 Buslrin, Alpha Psi Omega. 0 JAMES BURGESS, Henderson, Ky.: B.S.: Phv-'nal Educaflon Club: Vols Club: lnlernafional Relafions Club. 0 EMMETT D. BURKEEN, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: lnfernalional Rela- Iions Club: Tau Kappa Alpha, Secrefary-Treasurer, '47-'48: Debaln: German Club. 0 EDWIN S. BYASSEE. Columbus, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Y.M.C.A.. Presiclenf, '46-'47: lndusfrial Arls Club. O THELDRED C. CALLICOTT, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: Tri Bela. 0 GLENN EDNA CAMPBELL, Kuifawa, Ky.: S.S.: A.C.E. 0 DONALD S. BRUMBAUGH, Murray, Ky.: 3.S.: Fooiball, '4I' Physical Educafion Club: Inlernalional Relafions Club: Kipa Pi: Vefs Club: Shield S+aFF, Sporis, '49: College News S'IaFF. '4I-'46-'47: -Q 5 N90 X Q Firsl Row: 0 LAWRENCE CARDWELL, JR.: Hiclcman, Ky.: B.S. lnduslrial Aris Club. 0 AVONELL CARLISLE, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: W.A.A.: Soclr 84 Bus- lcin: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Drum Maioreile: Off Campus Girls: French Club: Campus Lighls. 0 RICHARD CARROLL, Richmond, Va.: B.S.: Physical Educaiion Club: lnfernalional Relalions Club. 0 SAMUEL M. CARTER, Paducah, Ky.: B.A.: Physics Club: B.S.U.: D.S.F.: German Club, Presidenl, '48-'49. ' ...,n 8... i l Second Row: O ROBERT L. CLARK, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: "M" Club: Physical Edu- calion Club: Kipa Pi: Foolball. I WARREN A. CLARK. Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: Bela Bela Bela. O RICHARD l. COCKE. Wicltlifie, Ky.: B.S. O MARVIN L. COHLMEYER, Richview, lll.: BME: Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: Band: Phi Mu Alpha All American Concerlg Cam- pus Lighls: Murraymacs: "M" Club: Baseball: The I949 SHIELD, Business Manager. Third Row: 9 PRENTICE H. COLE. Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Square 81 Compass Club: lnduslrial Arls Club: Physical Eclucalion Club. 0 RAYMOND G. COLEMAN, Fruilland, Tenn.: B.S. Indusfrial Arla Club. O ROBERT J. COLLINS, Long Island, N. Y.: B.S.: "M" Club: Com- merce Club: Socl: 8: Buslcin: Campus Lighfs: "Man Who Came To Dinner". Q VIOLET COMBS, Owensboro, Ky.: Wells Hall Council, Presiden+ '48: Treasurer, '47: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-Presidenl, '48: Presi- denl Religious Council, '48: Social Commiliee: El Nepal: Kipa Pi: German Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies. Firsf Row: 3 BEN CRAWFORD, Murray, Ky.: B.A.: Freshman Class Presidenl, '44I Bela Bela Bela: German Club: Swimming Team, Co-Caplain. '47-'48. ' PAT CROGAN, Carmi, III.: BME: Sigma Alpha Iola, Chaplain, ,487 Campus Lighls: Murraymacs: Band: Girls Quarlelle: Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Y.W.C.A.: Kappa Della Pi: B.S.U. 9 I-AURIN PEYTON CROWDER, Kosciuslro, Miss.: B.M.E.: Vivace Club: Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Symphony Ochesfra: Campus Lighfs. Chief Arranger, '49. 0 JOE CUNNINGHAM, Dukeclom. Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Agricullure Club, 0 BARBARA CURTISS, Gilberfsville, Ky.: B.S.: Porffolio Club: Pep CII-lb: Weslminisler Fellowship: Secrefary, '49, 9 JOSEPH C. CURTSINGER, Fancy Farm, Ky.: B.S.: Kipa Pi: Com- merce Club. Second Row: 9 PAUL DARNALL, Benfon, Ky.: A.B.: El Nopal, Presidenf, '48-'49: Inlernalional Relalions Club, Treasurer, '48-'49: Kappa Delfa Pi: Glee Club. 0 BEN L. DAVIS, Morganfield, Ky.: B,S, Vivace Club: Campus Lighls: Orchesfra: A Cappella Chgir, O JEAN DAVIS, Vienna, Ill.: B.S.: Soclr 8: Buslcin: Library Science Club: Home Economics Club: W.A.A.: Speech Club, O HENRY S. DAWSON. Cadiz, Ky.: B.S. 0 WILLIAM B. DAY, Gadsden, Ala.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: Wesl' Ky. Symphony Orcheslra: College Symphony Orghgg- fra: Band: Len Fosler Orcheslra. Third Row: 0 H. R. DEATON, Union Cily. Tenn.: A.B.: Vels Club: Inlerna- 'lional Relaiions Club. 0 NEIL C. DEMAREE, Pleasureville, Ky.: B,S.: Infernalional Rela- fions Club: German Club: Bela Bela Bela: Vefs Club. 0 WARNER DEMPSEY, JR., Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Foolball: Induslrial Arfs. 0 HORACE R. DERRINGTON, Paris, Tenn.: B.S. 0 JOSEPH DICK, Murray, Kenluclcyg B.S. 0 WILLIAM E. DODSON, Arlinglon, Ky.: B.A.: Agricullure Club. O BETTY JANE DAVIS, Salisbury, N. C.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha Iola: -1 Q- I I 151 C AJ Firsl Row: 0 NANCY E. DORITY, Clarksville, Tenn.: B.A.: EI Nepal: Inler- nafional Relalions. 0 CHRISTIAN F. DUBIA, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Foolball: Baslrelball: Baseball: "M" Club: Physical Educafion Club: Vers Club: Direclor of Waler Carnival, '47: "M" Club Vice-Presidenf, '46-'47. O GLENN DYKE, Gilberisville, Ky.: B.S.: Inlernalional Relalions. 0 VIRGINIA WADE ECKERT, Sheffield, Ala.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha Iofa. Second Row: 0 LON G. EDWARDS, Hamillon, Missouri: B.A. 0 OPAL RUTH EMERINE, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: A.C.E.: Porlfolio Club: Home Economic Club. 0 BOBBYE JEAN EVANS, Owensboro, Ky.: B.M.E.: Sigma Alpha Iola: Band: Vivace Club: Campus Lighls: Wesley Foundalion: Sigma Alpha Io+a, All-American Concerl. 0 KENNETH R. EVITT, Eldorado, III.: B.S.: Foofball, Caplain '48: Baslrefball: "M" Club: Physical Educalion Club. Third Row: ' MARGARET FAIRLESS, Trenfon, Tenn.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: College News Slaff: Campus 'Ligh1s. 0 JOANNE FARRIS, Murray, Ky.: A.B.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Cheerleader: Physical Educaiion Club: Pep Club: W.A.A.: Wafer Carnival. 0 JAMES l'I. FARROW, Bardwell, Ky.: B.S.: Physics Club. ODALE FAUGHN, Princelon, Ky.: B.S.: Tau Kappa Alpha: Agricul- lure Club: Infernalional Relafions Club. Firsf Row: 0 JOE FAUGHN, Benlon. Ky.: B-5-I Square 3: Compass Club: Agricullure Club: Vels Club. O CHARLES L. FIELDS, Milan, Tenn.: B.S.: Foolball. 9 SAMUEL EDWARD FINCH, Carmi, III.: B.S.: Physics Club: ln- cluslrial Arls Club. 9 HAL FISER, Benlon, Ky.: B.S.: Siudenl Organizalion, Vice-Presi- Clehl' '47-'48: Physical Educalion Clubi KBPPG Della Pli BIOIOGY Club: Sophomore Class Presidenl, '46-'47I Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. 0 JOYCE FLY, Milan, Tenn.: B.A.: sigma Sigma Sigma: Spanish Club: Sludenl Organizalion, Secrelary. '487 KGPPU Della PI: Wells Hall Council: Panhellenic: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies. 0 HAROLD E. FORD, seam... Ky.: B.S.: Agficulfufe Club? VG+: Club. Second Row: o ROY s. FORSYTHE, Hackman, Ky.: B.S- 0 JAMES w. FREELAND, Buchanan. Tenn.: B-S-: Bm Bela Bela" 0 JOHN J. FREEMAN, Benfon, Ky.: B.S.: Kipa Pi. 0 LAWRENCE D. FULLER, Troy, Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club. 0 WILLIAM CRESS GARDNER, Hardin, Ky.: B.S., Commerce Club 0 BILLIE GARRETT, Gleason, Tenn.: B.S. Third Row: 0 HARRY GEIBEL, Henderson, Ky.: B.A.: Orcheslra: Band: Vivacs Club. 0 LEITA ROSE GHOLSON, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: W.A.A.: Home Economics Club: Soclr 8: Bushing Band. O ARNOLD A. GIBSON, Hebbardsville, Ky.: B.S.: Vels Club: Agriculfure Club. 0 VANDA JEAN GIBSON, Henderson, Ky.: B.S.: Inlernafional Re. lalions Club: A.C.E., Vice-Presidenl, '48-'49. O DICK GILES, Orlando, Fla.: B.S.: Arf Eclilor I948 SHIELD: Po,-f- folio, Presidenl, '47. 0 MARTHA GILES, Alwood, Tenn.: B.S.: W.A.A.: Vols Wives. -O 5 I FJ Ap Firsf Row: O RAYMOND V. GILL, Lorain, Ohio: B.M.E.: Band, Drum Maior '47-'48: Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: A Cappella Choir: Campus Lighis: Phi Mu Alpha Ali-American Concerf. 0 BILLIE ROSALYN GINGLES, KirIrsey, Ky.: B.S.: OFF Campus Girls: Social Commiiiee: Home Economics Club: Treasurer '46-'47: Secrefary, '47-'48: Presideni, '48-'49: Sock 81 Buslrin. O PATTY CAROLYN GLOVER, Trenfon, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: EI Nepal: Commerce Club: Bapfisi Siuden-I Union. O ERNESTINE GOODGION. Murray, Ky.: B.S.: W.A.A.: Commerce Club: Pep Club: Physical Eclucaiion Club, Chairman of Awards, '45- '46: Sporis Manager, '48-'49: Off Campus Girls, Social Commi'Hee. in Q :1 Second Row: 0 LOWELL A. GOUGH, Benlon, Ky.: A.B.: Baia Bela Bela: French Club: German Club. O DONNA LOUISE GRAVES, Bardwell, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: El Nopal: In+ernaIionaI Relafions Club: Spealrers Bureau. O ROYCE H. GREGORY, Paducah, Ky.: B.S. O WESLEY O. HANSON, Horfonville, Wis.: B.S.: B.S.U.: Vefs Club. Third Row: 0 LARRY HARRIS, Wes: Poini, Ky.: B.S.: A.C.E.: Y.M.C.A. O GILBERT HARRISON, JR., Alamo, Tenn.: B.S.: Commerce Club. 0 WILLIAM A. HAZELWOOD, Henderson, Ky.: B.S. O ROBERT D. HEALY, Lynn. Mass.: B.S.: "M" Club: Fooiball Trainer. Firsf Row: 0 CHARLES T. HENDERSON, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Porifolio Club. 0 GENE E. HENDERSON, Wingo, Ky.: B.S. 0 C. W. HERNDON, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: lndusirial Aris Club: Physics Club. 0 ZADIA C. HERROLD, Heafh, Ky.: B.S.: "M" Club! PlVY5lC5l Edu' caiion Club: lniernaiional Relafions Club: Baslceiball: All K.l.A.C. '48: Body Beaufiful, '48: Waier Carnival. 0 FRANCES HERRON, Bells, Tenn.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Physical Educaiion Club: W.A.A.: A.C.E.: 0 LAURA HICKEY, Princelon, Ky.: B.S.: Soclr 81 Buslxin: Pep Club: Porffolio Club. Second Row: 0 MARCELLENE JEAN HINKLE, LaCen+er, Ky.: B.S.: B.S.U.: Y.W.C.A.: Home Economics Club: Porifolio Club. 0 JOSEPH H. HOBBS, Fancy Farm, Ky.: B.5-I V93 Club: Bl0l09Y Club. 35 0 CHARLES HOGANCAMP, Bardwell, Ky.: B.A.: Bela Bela Bela Swimming Team: Co-Capiain, '49g "M" Club, Secre+ary-Treasurer '48-'49: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi+ies. 0 GLENN EDWARD HOGANCAMP, Barclwell, Ky.: B.S.: "M' Club: Baia Be+a Be+a: Swimming Team. 0 ADDIE BETH HOLLAND, Wingo, Ky.: B.S.: Wesley Foundafion. 0 SUE HOLLAND, Murray, Ky.: B.S. Third Row: 0 EUGENE HOLMES, Benion, Ky.: B.S. 0 EVELYN L. HONCHELL, Barlow, Ky.: B.A.: Y.W.C.A.: Vice- Presicleni, '48: Wesley Foundaiion: Kipa Pi: Bela Bela Bela, Secre- lary, '47: German Club, Secreiary-Treasurer, '48-'49: Physics Club. O ROBERT H. HOPKINS, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club. O JOSHUA W. HOPSON, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Agriculiure Club. n RUDOLPH HOWARD, Murray, Ky.: BME. O ALLA MAI HOWELL, Fullon, Ky.: B.S. -Q Q I I -l s. sox Firsi Row: 0 ROBERT WILSON HUIE, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Physical Educaiion Club. 0 OREN L. HULL, Branson, Mo.: B.S.: Agriculfure Club. O VIRGINIA JO HURDLE, Paris, Tenn.: B.A.: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer, '47, Presidenf, '48: Panhellenic Council, Chairman, '48- '49: Soclr 81 Buslring EI Nopal: Wells Hall Council: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. 0 IRBY J. HURT, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S. Second Row: 0 J. D. JACKSON, Hazel, Ky.: B.S. 0 CLAIRE L. JENKINS, Lorain, Ohio: B.M.E.: Vivace Club: Phi Mu Alpha: Campus Lighis: Band: Orcheslra. 0 WAYNE E. JOHNSON, Springfield, Mo.: B.S. 0 DAN JOHNSTON, Murray, Ky.: B.S. Third Row: 0 BARKLEY JONES, Lynn Grove, Ky.: B.S.: Soclc 81 Buslcin, Presi- deni, '47-'48: Vefs Club, Presidenf, '48-'49: Alpha Psi Omega: Siu- deni Chairman--College American Red Cross Unii: "Our Town"' "The Man Who Came 'Io Dinner": lniernafional Relaiions Club. O CLETUS JONES, Hardin, Ky.: B.S. 0 HAROLD L. JONES, Benfon, Ky.: A.B.: Vefs Club: Biology Club- Square 81 Compass Club. 0 JOE H. JONES, Hardin, Ky.: B.S. Firsf Row: Q WILLIAM G. Jomes, swan, Ky.: B.s. o Joi-:N H. JORDAN, JR., Clinion, Ky.: B.S.: Asfiwlfufe Club- . Jossm-I A. KAFKA, Murray, Ky-: B.S.: Kappa Del+-1 Pi. Q vncron J. KARHU. Ash+abuIa, ohio: BME.: Phi Mu Alpha. President '48-'49: Vivace Club? P0"ll0ll0 Club- T'easu"e"' '48"4q7 Band: Orchesfrag Campus Social Commiliee: Campus Calendar Commiffee: Campus Lighf, Ari Direcfor, '49i Square 8' ComPa55 Club: A Cappella Choir. O LILLIAN WALTER KEACH, Hopkinsville, Ky.: B.A.: Fl'9f1Cl'1 Club: Weslminsler Fellowship. 0 G. L. KEATHLEY, Trenion, Tenn.: B.S.: Agriculiure Club- Second Row: 0 TROY W. KELLY, Danville. Virginia: B-S.: "M" Club: Physical Educaiion Club: Foofball. 0 BONNIE LEE KINGINS, Murray, Ky.: B.A-I AlPll6 Sigma Alpha. Chaplain, '46-'47, Vice-Presidenf, '48-'49: Commerce Club: Soclc 8: Buslrin: "The lmporfance of Being Earnes+": "The Man Who Came To Dinner": Y.W.C.A.: B.S.U. O EDITH KNEPPER, Jeffersonville, Ind.: B.A.: Kipa Pi: College News Slaff: El Nepal: W.A.A. 0 CARL W. KREISLER, Sedalia, Ky.: B.S.: lnfernafional Relafions Club: Germain Club: A.C.E. 0 HAL LAKIN, Lynn, Mass.: B.S.: Physical Educafion Club: Base- ball. O WELDON R. LENEAVE, Benfon, Ky.: B.S.: Bela Bela Bela. Third Row: 0 GEORGE D. LEONARD, Brooklyn, N. Y.: A.B.: Physical Educa- iion Club: "M" Club: Baseball: Foofball: Vels Club: lniernaiional Relafions Club. 0 JOE LITTLETON, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Vols Club. 0 JAMES C. LONG, Crofion, Ky.: B.S.: Agriculfure Club. 0 JUDY LONG, Benfon, Ky.: B.S.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Girls Glee Club. 0 WILMA JO LOVINS, Murray, Ky.: B.A.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega: Sock 8: Buskin: El Nopal: Off Campus Girls: "Our Town": "Impor+ance of Being Earnes+": "The Corn is Green": "Elizabe+h The Queen": "Tho Man Who Came To Dinner". 0 RALPH F. McCLAlN, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: Foofball: "M" Club: Physical Educafion Club. Second Row: 0 ALLIE ELDRIDGE McMULLlAN, F'r. Pierce, Fla.: B.S. 0 TOM MacLEAN, Murray, Ky.: A.B.g "M" Club: Bela Bela Bela. 0 NELLIE MAY MADDUX, Salem, Ky.: B.S.g Sigma Sigma Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega: Sec. 81 Treas.. '48-'49, Sock 8: Buslcin-I949 Shield Sfaffg Oufsfanding Senior Girl. O OLEN FOSTER MARTIN, Lorain, Ohio, B.S.: Phi Mu Alpha: Sfudenl Organizaliong Campus Lighfs, Producfion Direclor, '47-'48- '49, Vivace Club: Commerce Club: Kipa Pi. Third Row: 0 THELMA HARRIETT MARTIN, Princelon. Ky.: B.S.g lnlernaiional Relafions Club, Commerce Club, Secondary Eclucalion Associaiion. 0 THOMAS C. MATHIS, Paris, Tenn., B.A. 0 RALPH L. MAXEY, Wiclrliffe, Ky.: B.S.g Commerce Club, Secre- fary, '4b3 Presidenf, '47, Vefs Club. 0 ELIHU MEADOR. Owensboro, Ky., B.S.: Agricullure Club, Social Commifleeq Wesley Foundaiion, Treasurer, '47. Firsl Row: o CHARLES MEUNIER, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullufe Club- o KENNETH H. MEYERS, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Clubf Kipa Pi. o SUANNE MILLER, Murray, Ky.: B-S-: Household Arls: Sigma Sigma Sigma: OFF Campus Girls, Secreiary 8: Treasurer, '45. Q CHARLES MORRIS MOON, Fullon, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullure Club. 0 DATHOL FRANCES MORGAN, Buchanan, Tenn.: B.S.: Inferna- fional Relaiions Club: Commerce Club. a IOSETTA MORRIS, Murray. Ky.: B-S.: Home Emomlff Club- Second Vice-President '47-'48I PIGHISI. '43"49I School Social Com' mi++ee: Y.W.C.A.: off Campus em.: A Cappella Clwlfi Glas Club. Second Row: 0 LAURA B. MORRIS, Buchanan, Tenn.: A.B.: BS.U.: Y.W.A.: Kappa Della Pi: EI Nopal Q RANDLE M, MULI-INS, Wingo, Ky.: B.S.: Inlernalional Relaiions Club: Befa Bela Bela. 0 CALVIN MURDOCK, Lynn Grove, Ky.: B.S. 0 E. B. NACE. Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Kappa Della Pi. 39 0 MARY JENKINS NANNEY, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: Y.W.C.A.: B.S.U. A.C.E.: Infernaiional Relafions Club 0 JOHN T. NEESE, Paris, Tenn.: B.S. Third Row: I LUCILE NORMAN, Morganfield, Ky.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Sock 8: Buslrin. 0 CLAUDE NUNNELLY, Bruceion, Tenn.: B.S.: Foolball: Baseball: Indusirial Arls Club, Vice-Presidenf, '48-'49: "M" Club: Physical Educaiion Club. 0 MICKEY O'BRIEN, Melropolis, III.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer, '48-'49: Band: Phi Mu Alpha AII-American Concerig A Cappela Choir: Men's Ouarfelle: Vivace Club. 0 MARY FRANCES OLIVER, Gleason, Tenn.: B.A.: Pep Club: EI Nopal, B.S.U.: Kappa Della Pi. O JOHN W. OWEN, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Induslrial Arls Club. 0 ELVIS GLENN PACE, Salem, Ky.: B.S.: Cheerleader: Sock 8: Buslrin: Alpha Psi Omega: Infernafional Relaiions Club: Veis Club. Firsi Row: A -Q 5 Cx O EDWARD B. PARKER, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Wes- ley Foundafion. 0 MARY ANN PARKER, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: B.S.U.: Commerce Club: Infernafional Relafions Club. 0 JERRY THOMAS PEACHER, lndian Mound, Tenn.: B.S. 0 JOHN W. PECK, Rochesler, N. Y.: B.S.: Commerce Club. IMI Second Row: 0 RUSSELL LEE PHELPS, Mayfield, Ky.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha Vice-President '48-'49: Vivace Club Presidenl, '47: Band: Orchesfra: Wesi- Kenfuclcy Symphony Orchesfra: Socl: 8: Buslrin: Campus Lighfs: Kappa Della Pi: "Janie": "Family Por+rai'l": Wesley Foundalion: Phi Mu Alpha All-American Concerf: Campus Social Commiffee: Men's Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Who's Who in American Col- leges 8: Universiries. 0 W. J. PITMAN, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Bela Bela Bela. 0 ROBERT E. POWELL, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Agriculfure Club. 0 SARAH POWELL, Fullon, Ky.: B.S.: Band: Commerce Club. Third Row: o ROBERT M. PRINCE, Mayneld, Ky.: Bs.: T.K.A.g l.N.s. O CHARLES A. PRITCHARD, Hardin, Ky.: B.A.: German Club: Weslminisfer Fellowship. 0 JAMES L. PRYOR, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S.: Agriculfure Club: Vefs Club. O POWELL PUCKETT, Shelbyville, Ky.: B.S.: "M" Club: Physical Educalion Club: Bela Bela Bela: Vice-Presideni Senior Class, '48- '49: Foofball: All K.l.A.C., '46. Firsl Row: 0 BILLY E. RAGLAND, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Infernalional Relaiions Club: Vefs Club. O REX E. RAY, Murray, Ky.: B.S. 0 MARVIN F. REBER, Paducah, Ky.: B.A. 0 MARGARET REDDEN, Wesl Franlcforf, III.: B.S.: Commerce Club: El Nopalg W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A.: Religious Council: D.S.F. 0 WILLIAM M, REDDEN, Wesl Franlrforl, III.: B.S.: Physical Educa- fion Club. 0 SUE REID, Trenlon, Tenn.: B.S. Second Row: o EDWIN D. Rise-INS, Murray. Ky.: B.S.: S+-1den+ Org-: Physica' Educalion Club: Induslrial Arls Club: Weslminisler Fellowship. Presidenl, '46-'47, o Ronnie M. RILEY, Paris, Tenn.: B.S.: sock 3. Buslrin: Alpha Psi Om99G. Secrefa'Y. '47. Presidenf. '43I HFGVUIIY Porlrmlni Angel Sif99'I"I "Man Who Came To Dinner". O BETTY JO ROBERTSON, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Porffolio Club. 0 JAMES A. ROGERS. Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club, 0 JOE C. ROSS, Almo, Ky.: B.S. 0 R. C. RUMFELT, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Educalion Club. Third Row: 0 A. EUGENE RUSSELL, Wingo, Ky.: A.B.: Bela Bela Bela: German Club. 0 HARRY L. RUSSELL, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Physics Club: Pholo Club: Pholographer I949 SHIELD. O UHL O. SACKMAN, Cameron, Mo.: B.M.E.: Campus Lighfs: Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: Band: Orcheslra. O KATHRYN CLAIRE SANDERS, Crossville, III.: B.M.E.: Band: Orchesfra: Vivacs Club: Sigma Alpha Iofa, Presidenl, '48-'49: Weg- Iey Foundalion: Campus Lighfs: Sigma Alpha Iola All-American Concorf: Kappa Della Pi. 0 BILLY JOE SAUNDERS, Murray, Ky.: B.S. O DONALD K. SHIDAL, Paducah, Ky.: B.S. -l i N I -Q i Ox Firsi' Row: 0 WILLIAM D. SHIDAL, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Bela Bela Bela. 0 MARTHA O. SIEGMUND, Bandana, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Inlernalional Relalions Club: Vels Club 0 GENE SIMONS, Eldorado, Ill.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha, Vice- Presidenf, '47-'4B: Vivace Club, Vice-Presidenf, '46-'47: Campus Lighls: Band: Orchesfra: "BroIlner Ra'r": Phi Mu Alpha All-Ameri- can Concerl. O MARY LOU SIMONS, Fullon, Ky.: B.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: W.A.A.: German Club: French Club: Kipa Pi: lnlernafional Rela- Iions Club: Physical Educalion Club: Y.W.C.A.: Wells Hall Coun- cil: College News Slafl, '45-'46: Pep Club. -7"'1 I. 'A -' Second Row: 0 CONARD L. SLAYDEN, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Phi Kappa Sigma. 0 BETTY RAYE SMITH, Benfon, Ky.: B.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Col- lege News Staff, '46-'47: El Nopal: Campus Lighls: Freshman House Council. Vice-Presideni, '45, 0 DOROTHY NELL SMITH, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Soclc Xi Buslrin: Com- merce Club, Vice-Presidenl, '45, Secrelary, '49: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secrefary, '45, Vice-Presidenf, '49: Alpha Girl, '48: W.A.A., Treasu- rer, '45: Presidenl, '49: Wesley Foundaliong Panhellonic Council. 0 INA L. SMITH, Broolcpori, Ill.: B.S.: Soclc 8: Buslcin: Wafer Carni- val: "Janie": Porlfolio Club. Third Row: 0 JEAN D. SMITH, Benlon, Ky.: B.S.: El Nepal: W.A.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha. O BETTY JO SOYARS, Mason. Tenn.: B,M.E.: Sigma Alpha lola, Secrelary, '48-'49: Vivace Club: Kappa Della Pi: Y.W.C.A. 0 CHARLES S. SPEED, Hiclcman, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: Vels Club: German Club. 0 VIRGIL M. STAPLES, Rock Island, Ill.: B.S. Firsl Row: - I O WILLIAM H. STROUBE, Oalr Grove, Ky-i B-5-I A9flCUlll-We Club: Bela Bela Bela: Manager-Baslcelball Team. o CONLEY CLARK TAYLOR, Lewispcrl, Ky.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: Campus Lighls: Band: Men's Glee Club: A CaPP9la Cl"O"'i Vivace Club: Wesley Foundalion, Presidenl, '48-'49, 0 JAMES L. TAYLOR, Marlin, Tenn.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: l'll5' forian, '48-'49: Men's Glee Club: Porlfolio Club: Vivace Club: Band. o GILMER THOMAS, Gracey, Ky.: B-S.: Agriwllufe Club' Q JAMES F. THOMPSON, Murray. Ky.: B-S-: Agficullufe Club- Vice-Presidenl, '48-'49. I o K. T. TIDWELL, union Cily, Tenn.: B.S.: Vefs Club: Commefce Club, Presidenl, '48-'49, Second Row: Q ROGER w. TODD, Dyersburg, Tenn.: B-5-: German Club- o WILLIAM M. TODD, Clay, Ky.: B-5- Q THOMAS O. TOON, Fancy Farm. Ky.: B.S.: Aqfiwllufe Clubv "M" Club: Baseball: Wafer Carnival. B0dY Beaulllul' 46' 0 ART TOWNLEY, JR., Lovinglon. Ill-: BME-I Vlme Clubl Vivace Presidenl, '47, Presidenl, '48: Phi Mu Alphai Bandi Com' merce Club. 43 O WILFORD TRAVIS, Benlon, Ky.: B.S. 0 MARIANA TROVILLION, Brownfield, Ill.: B.S.: B.S.U.: A Cap- pella Choir. Third Row: O LAWRENCE TULLY, Fullon, Ky.: B.S.: lnduslrial Arls Club Presidenl, '48. 0 MILDRED TURK, Bardwell, Ky.: B.M.E.: Vivace Club: Sigma Alpha lola, Treasurer, '48-'49: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Regislrar, '48- '49: Campus Favorife: Sigma Alpha Iola All-American Concerl: Campus Lighls, Assislanl Music Direclor, '49. 0 GEORGE ANN UPCHURCH, Murray, Ky.: B.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Chaplain, '48-'49: El Nepal: OFF Campus Girls, Secrelary, '47: B.S.U.: Kappa Della Pi. O SUE PHILLIPS VEAZEY, Delroil, Mich.: B.M.E.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Presidenl, '46: Sigma Alpha lola: Vivace Club: Campus Lighls: Freshman House Council: Panhellenic Council. 0 MANCIL J. VINSON, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullure Club 0 FRANK H. VITTETOW, Sebree, Ky.: A.B.: German Club, Presi- denl, '46-'47: Physics Club: Spring Carnival Commillee Member: Wesley Foundafion: Publicily Direclor: Spring Carnival Chairman, '47-'48: Sludenl Organizafion, President '47-'48: Social Commi+-- lee: Who's Who in American College 8: Universiliesg Oulsfanding '48-'49, Senior man. Axo 1 5 X Firsf Row: Y 0 RICHARD A. VOGEL, Sl-lively, Ky.: B.S. I BETTY ANN WAKE, Kullawa, Ky.: B.M.E.: Sigma Sigma Sigma' Sigma Alpha lola, Vice-Presidenl, '48-'49: Girls Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Girls Quarfelle: Vivace Club: Campus Lighls. 0 ARTHUR R. WALLACE, Golden Pond, Ky.: A.B.: Ve+s Club. O MAURICE C. WALLACE, Golden Pond, Ky.: B.S., Agricullure Club: Square 81 Compass Club. .I+ .J?'r?iY1ZE"'li ME , l - Second Row: 0 DOYLE E. WARD, Lynnville, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullure Club. 0 ANNETTE WEBB, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce Club: W.A.A.: Home Economics Club. O LURLA WHITE, Kirltsey, Ky.: B.S. 0 MARTHA MAE WHITE, Sedalia, Mo.: B.M.E. Sigma Alpha lola, Ediror, '48-'49: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Vivace Club: Kipa Pi: Campus Lighls: Band: Orchesfra: Slring Orcheslra: Wesl Konluclcy Sym- phony Orchesfra. Third Row: 0 NAOMI L. WHITNELL, Murray, Ky.: B.A.: Cheerleader: Porl- folio Club: W.A.A.: Glee Club: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Kipa Pi: French Club: Panhellenic Council: SHIELD Slaff, '48: Soclc 8: Buslrin: Physical Educalion Club: College News Sfaff, '46-'47: Campus Favorile, '48-'49, O RANNY SUE WHITTLE, Huron, Tenn.: B.S.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Commerce Club: Miss Murray Slale, '48-'49, O ROBERT T. WILKINSON, Sanford, Fla.: B.S.: lnlernalional Re- lalions Club: Vers Club. O THOMAS F. WILKINSON, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Debale Club: T.K.A.: lnlernalional Relaiions Club. Firsl Row: 0 DORRIS JEAN WILLIAMS, Murray, Ky.: B.S. 0 ROBERT C. WILLIAMS, Paris, Tenn.: B.S. O GENE WILSON, Akron, Ohio: B.S. 0 ROY H. WILSON, Milburn, Ky.: B.S. 0 WILLIAM ERVIN WILSON, Wafer Valley, Ky.: B.A.: Sock 81 Bus- kin, Treasurer, '48, Presidenl, '49: Alpha Psi Omega, Pledge Mailer '48, Vice-Presidenl, '49: German Club: Y.M.C.A.: Speakers Bureau' Wesley Foundalion. 9 DAVID H. WINSLOW, Mayfield, Ky.: B.M.E. Second Row: O DIX WINSTON, Slurgis, Ky.: B.S.: Square 8: CompdSSI BUSIHGSS Manager, I948 SHIELD, Eclilor, I949 SHIELD: German Club, Presi- denl, '47-'48: Kipa Pi: Social Commillee. '48I e MARY LOUISE WINSTON, Benlon, Ky.: A-B-: Cheerleader: Campus Lighs: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Commerce Club! Social Com' millee: Campus Favorile, '46-'47: MISS M'-IVVBY Slale. '47"43I Glee Club: Kipa Pi: College News Sla: El NOPCWII College Fuse: Same' lary-Treasurer Junior Class, '47-'48, n JANE wooo, Henderson, Ky.: A.B.: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Edi- lor, '48-'49: lnlernalional Relalions Club: German Club: FFBHCI1 Club: Kappa Della Pi. O CLARENCE A. WOODALL, JR., Princelon, Ky.: B.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha: Band: College Orchesfra: Campus Lighls: Wesf Kenlucky Symphony Orchesfra. O CURTIS J. WOODALL, Marion, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Educalion Club: Vels Club. 9 JOHN N- WOODRUFF. Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Square 81 Compass Club: Agricullure Club: Presidenl Sophomore Class, '4l: Geology Club. Third Row: 0 MILDRED WOOLRIDGE, Louisville, Ky.: B.S.: Kappa Delia Pi, 0 OUIDA LESTER WYATT, Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Educalion Club: Pep Club: Kipa Pi, Presidenl, '48-'49: Kappa Della Pi: W.A.A.: Secreiary, Sophomore Class, '47-'48: Foolball Queen, '47- '48: Wl1o's Who in American Colleges 81 Universilies. O ALMA JOYCE WYNN, Lamasco, Ky.: B.A.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, '48-'49: Commerce Club, Secrefary, '48-'49: El Nopal: Wells Hall Council: lnlernalional Relalions Club: Kipa Pi, Secrelary. Treasurer, '47-'48. 0 WILMA JANE YANCEY, Hopkinsville, Ky.: B.A.: French Club: B,S.U.: Y.W.C.A., Vice-Presiclenl, '48-'49. O CHARLES E. YATES, Bardwell, Ky.: B.S. 0 LYNN YATES, Mayfield, Ky.: B.S. William A. Adair Bill Adams Norman H. Ausfin Gerald Bach Sarah C. Brown William F. Brown Mark A. Casey Jean Cas+lellaw James L. Adcoclc J. B. Alford TOP ROW Eugene T. Allen Mar+in F. Anderson SECOND ROW Bill Baggell' Thomas A. Baggeff William A. Bruce New+on Buchanan Jerry Beauchamp Bobby WiH Bell THIRD ROW Jeanne Gail BuH'erwor+h Clarence Calhoun BOTTOM ROW Ausfin V. Chamberlain Mar+ha Lou Chambers Charles E. Clark John R. Clendenon 46 Byron Ashmore Gloria Ashmore Roloerl' Blalcney Thomas W. Boucher Fred Campbell Ed Carfer Billy Claybroolc John J. Coil, Jr. Ralph Cooper Alvin L. Cope James E. Dabbs John W. Dailey, Jr. Faye Edwards Bill Edgerfon Hercel C. Flefcher John E. Floyd JU TOP ROW William Louis Cosby Janice Crawford Tom Covingion Ann Crisp SECOND ROW Harry D. David Joe Dudley Davis James A. Davis A. Travis Downs THIRD ROW James Ellegood Elizaborh Jean Erwin William E. Elsass Billy W. E++er BOTTOM ROW Joan Ford William T. Franklin James H. Frank ' Anna E. French John Cromwell Jim Cullivan Luiher Dunn, Jr. L. E. Dunning Edward Farmer Sue Farmer Morris E. Fuirell John H. Galligan Marfha Edna Gary Kaihleen Gibbs June Geurin Earl Givens Irvin A. Gilson TOP ROW Ernes+ F. Gibson Max H. Gibbs Jules Hunier Gigoux SECOND ROW Thomas R. Gooch Wilburn G. Graveiie Louise Graves Joe D. Gray THIRD ROW Harold G. Greer James W. Gross Jimmy Hailey Huberl' R. Grimm John Lee Hackney Mary Leia Hamby BOTTOM ROW Jeannie Hammond Roberl' K. Harlan Roberi' R. Heflin Alma Harlcins Wallace Hanson Beulah Henderson 48 Dick H. Giles L. C. Gilless Wallis D. Gray Roberf Earl Green Durward A. Hamilion Earl Hammond, Jr. Thomas E. Herndon John B. Hess - ' - JUIIIURS TOP ROW Raymond T. HewiH' Roy Hines Hazel Hoo-d Edward Hickey Jim Holley Floyd Hooks SECOND ROW Roland J. Hubbard Billy Joe Huie Wilbur B. Hurley Map-+y Hughes James C. Humphrey James Melvin Jaclcson THIRD ROW William Mason Johnson Roberi W. Jones Mary Belle Kaler Ivan M. Jones Winnie Lou Jones Harry Karns BOTTOM ROW Mary Lou King Rober+ Landis Roberf A, Lassi'I'er Mary Kuykendall Don Langellier Sfanley Lockhar+ Winihrop H. Hopson Thomas Hough Clifford T. Jefferson Lufher Johnson Mary Jane Kennedy Elsie Keskinen Harold Lee Loughary James LoveH I 1 Marye Belle Lovvo Anne Lowry Chesfer Melvin Ray McCall Merrick James L. Moore Owen McCain Mary Nance Marguerile Naylor TOP ROW Harold Lufher Wendell A. Manner SECOND Virginia Lois Mefcalf B. l. Middlelon Vince Marquess James H. Mason ROW Gene Miller Hugh Miller THIRD ROW Jere McClure Bill McDaniel BOTTOM Edwin O. Norris, Jr. Norris H. Oakley Florence K. Mclnlosh Charloffe McNeely ROW Warren R. Oldham C. P. O'Neill Jane Meacham James Meek Lucille Milchell Rena Milchell Roy McWa+ers, Faye K. Nance Bobbie Sue Orr Dick Orr J Sarah Oullancl Nora Overslreel' Marie C. Peacher Roberla Peak Wallon F. Powell William Presson Shelby P. Regan Joe D. Richardson James B. Owens George S. Page H. S. Penninglon John Pelillo Billy Priesl JUIIIDRS TOP ROW Bobbie Parker James N. Parker OW Norma Pickard Leon E. Pogue THIRD ROW Joe Puckell Hannah O. Pryclafkevylch H. B. Ragan BOTTOM ROW Henry W. Richardson Donald J. Riggio Calvin D. Riggs Ecl. C. Roberfson Leola June Parkes Joe C. Paschall Isaac F. Porler George L. Powell Gene D. Ray Thomas Reclor John E. Roberlson Roberl G. Roberlson iflq TOP ROW Leslie L. Roehm Henry H. Ross Henry Roehrich John D. Ruscin Allen W. Russell Virginia Russell SECOND ROW Frances Sanderson Jesse W. Shelbourne Roberl' ScoH' Carllon Siegmuncl Daniel Sigler Barner Sills THIRD ROW Eclra Lanelle Smilh Kennelh J. Smiih Rober+ Sydney William C. Smilh BOTTOM Norberl A. Sfrizalcer Duval Slone Mary H. Sfifes Rebecca Sue Slovall 52 Charles H. Snow Harold F. S+. Auloin ROW Cecil R. Slover Jim D. Taylor William T. Rulleclge Doris Ryan Mil'ron L. Sanders James W. Sing Leroy O. Slocum S+ephen D. Smarsch Peggy Marie Sfeele Russell S. Sfephens Jerry J. Slinson R. W. Taylor William H. Taylor Margery Thomas Barbara Thompson Beffy Thompson Frances E. Vaughn Jerry Veazey Jack Ward SECOND ROW EmmeH' E. Thurmond Gene Thurmond Frances Vickers Alberf R, Wade Wallace D. Webb Mary Louise Walkins Micltie WEST Flossie Wilson Jimmie Wolfe Charles Woods Tom Wood Roberf Todd Richard S. Travis SECOND ROW Danny Wales Bill Frank Wallace THIRD ROW BOTTOM Russ Whaley Billy Whifehead ROW William Woody Joy Wren L. G. Tubbs Polly Tucker Jack Turner Jesse Wallace Myra Ellis Wallace Lewis Wallis Hugh L. Whi+aker, James J. Williams Charles E. Wilson Ruperl' E. WyaH Lucy Ann Yancy Roland L. Yokum J SDPHDIIIUREST Anne Adams W. G. Adams James F. Ashby Charlianne Ashmore Julia Bennell' Virgina Berry James L. Brandon Claude W. Brann Rober-l E. Agee Jack M. Alexander Keilh Balmer Belly Barber TOP ROW BeH'y Anderson Peggy Anderson SECOND ROW Ted BarneH' James A. Bauer THIRD ROW Pal Bishop Bobby Bond Rosemarie Blackburn Joann Boone BOTTOM ROW Marfha Dell Brown Rober+ Brown Olen L. Bryanl Roberl E. Cable Charles Andrews Clifford Applegafe James C. Benedicl Jack BenneH' Roberl' G. Bowden David Brandon Claud J. Carler, lll Lois Carler , ...eff My 1 s HW 9 . Q John P. Cashon George William TOP ROW C 'wf' if 0' v' is Anna Lee Crass Jo Croghan Ted E. DewiH' Paul E. Dill Haywood Easfon Roben' J. Eckeri' Lou Emma Cheniae Gene Clark hapman Mabel Rose Cissell Jean Cochran SECOND ROW Norma Davidson Julius Perry Davis Joe Dyle Davis Rudy Davis THTRD ROW Avery Allen Dixon Marian Jane Dugger Jack Donnell David Dunn BOTTOM ROW Verna L. Edwards Mae Ellen Erwin BeHy Elkins Jackie Ellis 55 Evelyn R. Cone Thomas E. Cor+ney Thomas Davis Louis De Heron Ed Dunn Spence M. Dye Sfeve E'Her Judi+h Evans SOPHOm0RE5l Donald L. Evill Pearl Evill Jim Fowler William T. French Louise Gillian Bailey Gore Carllon G. Hall Norma Hall Hillarcl Ezell Phyllis Farmer Sysler B. Fulrell Norman Genlle Rulh Gourieux Frederic C. Granlham Bill Havel Ellis Hayes TOP ROW Wanda Lee Farmer Billy Joe Farris SECOND ROW Wayne Guerin Mona Bell Geveclen THIRD ROW William Gresham Shirley Jean Grillin BOTTOM ROW Eleanor Healer Evelyn Healer Fay Fleck Charles Fosberg Gloria Giglia Donald Giles Miriam Grymes James O, Gully Jo Anne Hendon Belly Hicks TOP ROW David Thomas Hicks Floyd E. Holland Joe H0uSe lnus Higdon Ben Humphreys Elnora Humphreys William Joiner Jo Ann Jones Jerry Kupchynslcy Virginia Lacy La Vora Holland Harry B. Howard SECOND ROW Sally Humphries Roy Jennings Jim James Edna J. Johnson THIRD ROW Vivian Jones Jane Terry Kelley Clifford B. Julen R. Gene Kelly BOTTOM ROW Thelma Lyne Lamkin Anna Belle Lash Wanda Elain Langley Sue Lawrence 57 Norma Jean Howell Sue Hughes James R. Johnson Jane Earle Johnson Leslie Kennedy Kennelh James Korade Reva Lawson Audrey Legg Roberl' E. Leneave David Lillard Wilbur McGill Lela McGuire Manihus Mariin S. W. Mailoclc Dalfon L. Moore Mary Julia Moore Jimmy Linn J. R. Linfz Charles McKee Sidney J. McKee Thomas Mellon James L, Merrill Sarah L. Morrow Jenn Mueller TOP ROW Hari' Lilchfield Nancy Lyell SECOND ROW Roloeri James MacKee Marcella Maddox THIRD ROW Freddie Meyer, Jr. Rowena Milford BOTTOM OW Andrew J. Murren Joe N. Nace Barbara J. Lyles Johnny McGee Minnie Mallory Emily Maness Clara Jane Miller Jacquelin Miller Michael Nunnery Mary Alice Opdylce Charles E. Orr Melba Sue Orr Peggy Parfee Carl Lamar Pearson James W. Powell Rober+ Lee Powers Alan Richfer Tyler Riggins Le+ricia Oufland Mildred PadgeH Edward John Pe+er Roberf Piercy Carl Powis Rober+ L. Rader Pafsy Roberls Al+on Rodgers TOP ROW Cecil L. Page Charles Palmaieer ROW Imogene F. Pogue Harold Pollard THIRD ROW Alberf Rainey Rayford Ramage BOTTOM ROW Dale H. Rogers Wendell H. Rone William L. Parr Mildred Parsons Frances Poole Joanne PoH's James Randall Tom Redmon William J. Ryan Louard C. Salyers 1l James Sanders Normand Sanders Mary Shel+on Vernon Shown Kennefh K. Slaughfer BeH'y Smifh Charles Safcher TOP ROW Shirley Scarbrough Jo Anne Shroaf SECOND Earl Clif'ron Simmons Harmon F. Smilh Lynwood Smi+h Charles Scoggin BeHy ScoH ROW John Single+on Joe M. Sirls THIRD ROW BOTTOM Lois Irene Spangenberg Mariha Billie Sfarks Jackie Spiceland Lucy Sfa rreH Nelda Smi+h Sue King SmH'h OW Ocfavia Sfaudi' Charles Sfephenson Lee Shannon Frank Shelfon Mary Jo Skaggs CharloHe Skinner James E. Solomon Pa+sy Ann Sowers Joe S+ewari' Pafricia Sulolefle TOP ROW Lloyd O. Swain William C. Taylor Be+'ry Upchurch Earl Swearinger Nancy Jane Terry Carolyn Vaughn SECOND ROW James C. Wailcins Bill Weaver Frank Wendryhoslci Peggy Walls John W. Webb Joseph Herberl' Wicker THIRD ROW J. F. Williams, Jr. Dorofhy Wilson James H. Wiseman Nancy Williams Mariefla Wise Eva Woods 61 Harold E. Warren Ka+i1erine Wasson Juanila Wilford Carl E. Williams William L. Wrighl William W. Wrighl Joe Zalelel George Adams Thomas Adams Belly Baldwin Jean Ba rneH' William P. Blewell' Billy M. Bone Belly Broclcell Richard Bruce Ann Adelmann Roberl' Allen Elberf Beasley Earl Bealy Jack Borders Bob L. Boyd Lorraine Burlceen Curlis Burlclow TOP ROW Ellis Ausiin Harold Bailen SECOND ROW Howard Belcher Belly Black THIRD ROW Bobbie Boyd Ralph T. Boyd BOTTOM ROW 62 Mary Alice Burlon Joe Cable Kerney Bailey Jerry Bagwell Toye Blagg Joe Blalock Jean Brame Billie Brenl H. W. Campbell John Cannon ' FRESHIHEII Carolyn Carman Virginia Chandler Joe Frank Cole Jimmy Collins Billy Joe Crass Maurice Crass Wilfon R. Devine Melvin Deweese Bobby Childers Ronald Churchill, Jr. SECOND R David Colvin Thelma Combs Philip Crawford Charles Creed TOP ROW Alfred Clark Paule++e Clark OW Bobby Conner Tommie Conyers THIRD ROW Margarel Cravens Henry M. Dawson BOTTOM ROW Mary Sue Dillard Mary Elizabefh Dowdy Joe Dixon George E. Dudley Wilbur L. Clark Pe+er Clarke William B. Corbin Nancy Wafis Cosby Gaifher L, Day Andrew DeMoss Jack Dunn Lindy L. Dunn --W - James H. Edwards Edward C. Ellwanger Doris Fisher Jimmy Fiizhugh Helen Fumbanlcs Roberf L. Gaflin Dean Granf Terry Granl' Sarah Emerson Russell Evans TOP ROW Billy Everefi' Charles Eyer SECOND ROW Alberl' Fowlkes William Foy Gail Fox Evelyn Franklin THIRD ROW Dale Gibbs Bill Gilliam Keilh Giles BeH'ye Glass BOTTOM ROW Carolyn Graves BeHy Lou Green Sue Gregory Billy Graves Guerin 64 James Fesmire Hous+on Finley Bob Frazier Jimmie Freeman Gene H. Gorden Kaiie GosseH' Elizabefh Hamilfon BeHy Hanners C FRESHIIIEII BeHy Lee Harrison Elvie Hafch Jack Hifson Joe Hodges Charles Howard Ted Howard Charles R. Jaap Jean Johnson TOP ROW Mary Anne Herndon Charles Herron ROW Paf Holland Jake Holman THIRD ROW Margarei' Humphries Emogene Hunfsman ROW Virginia L. Jordan Mar+ha Kennedy Inez L. Hill Mary Lou Hill William Hopkins Frances Hor+on Bobby Hufchens Roy H. lsherwood BeH'ye Keys Douglas L. Kiernan Belly King Mary Louise King Jessie Rulh Lane Morlon Langslaff Charles Lindsey Sue Loclcharl' Waller McCauley Richard McClain Howard K, Klein Amy L. Lalfoon TOP ROW Norma Lamkin Charlie G. Lampley SECOND ROW Alvin Lasher Joe Leech Jacqueline Lee Palricia Les'l'er THIRD ROW Be++y Jo Logan Paul Lyons Nora Jo Ludlow Wallace Lyon BOTTOM ROW Carolyn McClendon John McDougal Gene R. McDonald Carolyn McFadden 66 Harold W. Lamm Mariorie Lancasfer Sara Les'rer Alberl J. Leveck Lemon McBee George McCall R. D. McGrew Harold C. McLean David D. Maddox Billy McNu+ L, O. Miller, Jr. Bill Minniehan Billy Muslian Louis Myers Vesler Orr Rulh Osborne 'FRESHITIEII TOP ROW Marie Milam John L. Miller Gilberf L. Mains James C. Marlin Charles Marslers Carl E. May, Jr. SECOND ROW Verne C. Mon+anari Mariann Moorer Barbara Nell Morse Jackie Moore Dixie Morgan James Morlon THIRD ROW Lee Naylgr Roselyn Nelhery Barbara Sue Oldham Kennelh L. Neidig Ollie Mae Nichols Emily Orr BOTTOM ROW Dorofhy Owens Mary Ka+herine Parker B. R. Peebles Roberl- Pardieu Tommy Parlcer Anne Peniclc James Phillips Jimmie Pickens Bennie Purchell Wal+er Rainey BeH'y Roberls Rebecca Roberls Bob Rulherford Sa ralee Sammons TOP ROW George Pierce Maurice Porler SECOND Wilda Reaves Mar+ha Nell Redclen James PoHer George Power OW Roberl' Reid Mildred Rhodes THIRD ROW Gus Roberlson Charles Robey Joe Robinson Joann Rogers BOTTOM ROW William E. Scharfenberg Lynwood Schrader 68 Burley Scoll' Marvin ScoH' Joe F. Provow Marianne Pryor Robye Sue Riley Ann Roach Maurean Rogers Maxine RowleH'e Freddy Sears Jacqueline Sharborough Jane Shelby Helen Shelfon Henerie++a Smi+h Joanne Smiih Ann Sfokes Billy B. Siory Huell Tilley Doroihy Tlcacs John Shel+on John Sims Leon P. Smifh John W. Spence James S'rory Nancy Sullivan Hilda Todd JeaneHe Townsend TOP ROW Charles D. Sirls Wilburn Sirls SECOND ROW Bernard Spillane Joy Sianley THIRD ROW Charles Tedingfon Be'Hy Thompson BOTTOM OW Tina Travis Bob Treva+han Barbara Smiih Bill Smifh Harold Smiih William R. Sfeele Bill Sfephens Joann S+. John Billie Jean Thompson Joanne Thompson Bronzie Nell Ticlwell Sammy Veal Sam Vineyard Jack Wales TOP ROW BeH'y Lane Wallace Evelyn Waliers John R. Ward Doxie Wallace Joe F. Warren James O. Wa'H'ers Sieve Willard Jerry D. Williams William Wallers Lourence Ward SECOND ROW Edward K. WaH's Fred A. Wiclcel, Jr. Palsy Webber Roberf Williams Dixie Willoughby Leonard D. Whifmer Boyd Novis WhiH William Whifnell Eddie Wolfe Carmen- Wilcox THIRD ROW Geneva Wilson Hugh Wilson ROW George Woo+en Joe Workman Vada Belle Ward Jimmie P. Ware Mary Jo Wilfred Harry V. Wilkins Roberl' Wilfred Joe H. Wilson Marie Willey Lavinia Wimberly Doroihy S. Wynn Marbefh Yorlc Thomas Young Wifi. ' , 'CET rum 1,4 W ,nf-' 1 Vx... :- ',"1fL'-Wi N .4 . rxf--1,ft1,m I , 4, .Nga l .om ' w "'A" ,A , ' , , X , 5 P f X X , ' ,i A X ifymg .gy , - + ,M . ., ' 'm."Q----ElEB- I1 , U , ,J ,, . ,-Jw. f V ':fw,m'Q9i + 'J 1Z'WA5V-9 'll u 5 ws My :' JW- .4-t' S A' ' ww' . 4 . ,AM .. J: - A. 'W '- I Qc. , -' wi +Fn527ffqf'f3 I - , .. X k N , .1'-gif? .ffifl , ,Wi Ng, .1 MA. u , 1 zslgfif' 2: -rg-w - 1 W' ,l xp., ' g :L pyfgmg E' g5:"5j J, fm x , M,.A -' V V ' 'QD 'mxfefg ym 3v,,1f.J, ef ' I 1- v:.ff4YH?Af.M 51 N fv, : 'f Q X "1 , Q wgfilif 'lf gg . 5:1 f A 7 I r 1 , , 'ng ' J. ' -4' 1 ' V .A .aught A V A , . tm.: .M , f:..n- 2.1.4-L P' " rw -,W-2 Y-L. .,,j, W.. -,.,,.,,...--.HW H-f wh -.ww A X . "N"-7"'V'Yf5"'1"'f'T"""""'f!S"3':"""""'Y!' - , . , rx: , bf' f fw4 W mf? ," N l ,, z, , A ' , 'JL HW X g-NH" v AQ,-.,,'A'1ww'1T "' ' .'THri' xy: 'q1p?',Qd1.J12Qv9kx.g Mi, 11 A H' ' -rj, fi 'Q xy I: ki ' ' U .V , "EN , ,. koi g v 'a , Y, , Nigpyf' Aw- .qigf-',' X' - . 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L: 15, r. .v . . 'fl 5 N 1.1 1 H 1 Q ' i J r f f . ' V. ' . i 'g' . I 5-Q I N I 1 .Q . , ' YH t 15 ' 1 X ,. , , x " 4'-L Q: . ' J, ,Jin-gnf. Q" ,.:l: , fvkm .Ag ,Mfr I Mbna " T3 ,,,, . 111 .' I: ,QI .. di 4511 .1 , 4 1 v',.un- I 0 1 J n f ix, ,,. ' .Q al ' g O I sb I kg " J.. a +43 ' X X: VO 1 A 8 . sf' . 1' r' My ' sf I A 1 I I 5' -f"m"i"q-'Z 6 in ' ' a A wg: W Q, q ' Tl' f-:nu-ri.. 'gg av .1 , . . , 6 , U fc-'s:'.-54.4, 'ff' "" 9' 7 N at 'S .s'E?'nL ' .A fa N- A . R 8 L 1. 'R ' A' "0" V. ...1:,rf'-, 4 4. - 1 "' W R"' . 4 x if S ' J N ' - 1 Fl Lag: 'V , F, . , Y I , ah' v , D ' an A M Ai' L. V N 4' J, A' l I 1 0 In .. . A F . I My 1 V .y l 1 - - f ' K ' , Z. ' 7 gf I 5.-, A f V Q- " Q. f"'--ff" 5 r M ' -, If ' x ' ' , 4 vt M . W ' -Q , A ' Awfk ' -',, V y 1 V ' , . v. F - 1 , -Q' " 5 , ' fx x 'AM , it A' A 4 -A K, , Q. '4- ' - ' A ' , P 1 lligg V 1 . bk N ' ff.-1 V' l . 1 I 'I , I 1 I. ... . . X V t E W-. . l , .K A w. iv. ' y ' 4 A o 6 t . In - I I , 'II ,g lj, A X 7 s as hi ' 0. W t, Q ' x 4. ' - , , 1 th W A - A ,I l X ,V I , 1 2 4 rv s Q ,J ln- 'f x ,, b ' .'-- 1 r , M. ' ' , X ., - Z .' fn .. ' l Q '. :T x Ag- wif . PQ. " 4 A .J , 1 . 1 Q Y ., AJ A I . hw' X v ,, V ' Q 4 it M 55' -A A 1 Q .ii di 1 . PT 4- at 'Q ' X X VY!!! L 'sly L ' . J j' 1 5 A I N LV A , 5 x lg' 1 x 'Q X X , Q .4 -I f A i, , , v ggi. NW: 'fy - V i 'wb Q-Q, h Q r n .llrx f' M ,I ,N ' s,., ' 1 1, S- 1 - . + Wish. v .. . If ,. , 4 H -Q , w , wcfgwii 1 W.. 43 ' x .1 , . ..- 1 . ,II 1' -,. -. V f -V -g Q. I, . . X. U ui l ,. , 1 f V . ' . 1 VQ' ,AM .---W - . i A 4 ' f., . ' ' - ' A '13, ' I K k, il s 2 Y at wwf, '. fx" 1.9, :V .- 4 . ,ff . .4-' ' ,wr w --wvx' ,q'.. i ,' A Q ,MIK ' f t 'S ,'1. 4 f - , .1 v ,. ' v'N'iv'f-ffgfn-f ' ,. 1 W.:1' 4 , " N , Q' - Q ,fn .wifi .9-.713 7? ' ' . . Q. - 4, -as . , . I A. J J ,-.r X4 wb- Y 342, V, ' -Jima, -4 'A A' . W . A. - uf .- .f'r- - ' .Af x t Q D 0 ' 'Q 4 is ' A .M . A . ' XA lf MTE KY' L V 1 . .-Ll 'I E ,, W W, ' I ' Li M . 'll ' A . ff ', V ' ai' , 4 , 6 A A -'F-1 -. if Q 1 3, 'L 'f'F5Q.!E. 4 sg QTIS' N-2. xxx-ag . ..., ,W .1 QM 9 9 I ,Q I , ..:r, ..1 A ,rv N.. , wr... " V n- STUDY IN SNOW... OAKHURST 84 s 1' 5 3 Ke Uwcw 0155 and 1 rubbed Sh ouX59'5 m we dan As. 'wo' Miss Driver presen+ed +l1e ball and a rugged con+es'l began N: 5 I if if xl Y 3 ' , . . r e M4 . i 1949 THIIGERIIIE B0lUl MURRY STATE . . 2I QUEEN OF THE BOWL SUL ROSS... ..2I LOVELY LOIS DRIVER, Mi. Dora, Fla. sg flkgsig ' gf, Hwxlgf UE wa? an X, il , A 338.3 X ls 0244+ Q. . il X 1 4 I 'lere s Kennle and Bob wllh lhe frophy bul where was Dave 3,2 X v-1 TFIIIGERIIIE BOU.ll The debul ol' lhe Murray Slale gridders in lhe Tangerine Bowl will be anolher landmark in lhe sands ol lime. All Murray moved upon lhe cily ol Orlando lo receive lhe glowing hospifalily of The Bowl commillee and l-he cilizens. There was a rugged loughl game wilh lhe Thorobreds showing lheir heels lo lhe Lobos of Sul Ross College in lhe lasl hall of 'lhe game. ln fhe 'Firsl hell, play was dominaled by lhe Texas gianls when lhey scored lhree louchdowns compared 'ro Joe Bronson's TD. leaving lhe score al 2l-7. Hope in lhe hearfs of +he Bred backers shrunk somewhal al lhis poinl bul when lhe boys came back in 'rhe second half and scored lwo more louchdowns, paced by Dale McDanieIs, il proved 'lo be a very cxciling game. Speclalors were won over by lhe Breds when +heir much our-weighled line began driving slraighl 'lor T.D. ground. ln 'rhe lalfer par? ol lhe fourlh quarler, lhere was an allempled goal kick which mighl have won lhe game for Murray, however, 'rhis failed ending lhe game in a 2l-2l lie. All backers of Murray Slale who lraveled lo Florida enjoyed a wonder- lul lrip besides a greal showing of sporlsrnanship and lhose who did nol' go enloyed a boosl in pride for lheir Racers. T0 THE LHIID 0F SUNSHINE , W. Y . Q .gmc ' ' Y r ' -X W , . .- ' V Q - Theres a ball ,n fha air, lBackward5, Everybody gel inlo ll-me acl here. If lhis had worked Murray would have won A good lime for ALL hands afler game on 'lhe roof garden Never loo hred fo mugg a lnH'le for lhe camera, afler praclice. lplenly of supplies, fool. 5 Q FO0TBIlll o BFISEBHLL 0 BHSHETBFILL 0 SWIMMING R I . kXx " 'Vx Q ,L K ilk-itfix' f gig I f X 1 r , Q -he ...J ' - f is: fx fn.. 00 r 1-0 'C ul S, 3 v ' Q fc, an L .aw f X E I W 'N 1 2 vi . RQ . P Q.. i ,MM T X New FO0TBHll Murray Slale has enlered a new era ol alhlelics wilh lwo new coaches and a new conlerence. The Ohio Valley Conlerence brings logelher eighl ol lhe loughesl leams in lhe nalion lor all sporls and lo head Murray's coaching slall are lwo men who have proven lheir abilily lo lead Murray on lhis new venlure. Alhlelic Direclor Roy Slewarl look lhe lead in organizing +he OVC and when plans were complele insured lhe success ol Murray by bringing lo Murray Fred Faurol and Harlan Hodges lo run lhe leams. Fred Faurol's Brolher, Don, came lo Murray lwo years ago lo lake parl in a coaching school but his success was nolhing compared lo lhal which Fred has had in his lirsl year al lhe helm ol lhe Racers. Faurol in his lirsl year al Murray has broughl lo lhe school lwo lrophies which is more lhan lhe school has had in len years. Al- lhouoh lhe Brads shared lhe OVC crown wilh Evansville il was nol a clean division lor Murray delealed he Aces 9-7. The lirsl OVC loolball lrophy is in Murray. To lop lhis Faurol look lhe Breds lo lhe Tangerine Bowl where lhey again had lo share lhe lille bul anolher lrophy was added lo lhe cases ol lhe Racers. The genial Faurol inheriled a seasoned ball club bul inlroduced a new syslem ol ball lo lhe boys and aller a lew rough games developed lhe besl ball club lhe school has seen in lwenly years. The Faurol Splil T replaced lhe single wing al Murray wilh greal resulls. The leam was in beller condilion lhan any in lhe pasl ol Murray wilh lhis one laclor bringing deleal lo many a good ball club. The lhree leam syslem used by Faurol hurl lhe opposi- lion lo no end. As assislanls Faurol had an excellenl slall in Roy Slewarl, Kenny McRee, Harlan Hodges, and Junior Rodgers. Kenny McRee is largely responsible lor lhe greal Murray line lhal never saw a de- lense lhey couldn'l push around al will. Slewarl is slill a pasl masler al backlield play and allhough he isn'l lhe lop man any- more can slill lend a helplul hand in lhal deparlmenl. Hodges assisled as an all-around coach lill cage dulies look him away lrom lhe grid sporl. Junior Rodgers, resling a year lrom lhe playing side ol lhe game, handled lhe iunior varsily leam lhal senl up several men lo the varsily squad when iniuries sidelined boys. Looking lo lhe lulure Murray can see only lille aller lille in lhe game ol loolball. A sound syslem ol iunior varsily and reserve leams have been buill up lhal will insure lhe squad excellenl malerial year aller year. For lhis and Murray's new success on lhe gridiron lhe school can lhank Fred Faurol: lhe beller known ol lhe lwo coaching brolhers. Q. . mu-my 1-nu'-n s-...--fni-n1wi-nx n1-- HT IIIURR Murray Slale compleled ils besl season in some lwenly years as lhe Racers look nine wins in eleven games and lied one. The squad was The second highesl scoring in Ihe hislory ol lhe sporl al' Murray wilh only 'rhe greal I928 leam rolling up more poinls. Murray's only defeal came al' 'lhe hands of Easlern Kenlucky on a bad nighl for lhe Brads. Everylhing lhey lried was wrong wilh The resulling 6-0 score againsl lhe Brads. The Tangerine Bowl game was Ihe highlighl of The season as Ihe Racers loughl back in lhe lasl hall Io lie a 2I-2I ball game over a much heavier Sul Ross Slale leam. The greal ground allack of lhe 'Ieam reached ils heighl' againsl Soulheasl Missouri as Ihe Breds ran up over five hundred yards by lhe ground malhod. Defensively 'lhe leam looked great as Ihey held a slrong Marshall College leam lo a minus 'Ihirly four yards on Ihe ground. Murray averaged almosf 300 yards a game on lhe ground while holding Iheir opponenls io a 96 yard mark per con- lesl. Joe Bronson lead Ihe scorers wilh six louchdowns while "Big Bolo" Sanders broke Iwo records lor The school while marking up 36 poinls. Sanders kicked 30 exlra poinls which slands as a sea- son's record in lhal deparlmenl and his 36 ppinls in one season is high for a lineman. Bob came Io wilhin one exlra poinl' of break- ing a 20-year mark in exlra poinls al Murray as he broughl his lolal 'ro 42 in Iwo years and is iusl' Iwo poinls below lhe high poinls lor a lineman as he now has 54 for Iwo years play. Murray look Iha firsl Ohio Valley Conference lille wilh Evansville as co-champions and racked up lhe besl record in lhe slala. Bron- son Iied Lucia of Louisville for scoring honors in lhe slala while Bob Sanders look Ihe scoring lille of The OVC wilh Iourleen poinls on eighl exlra poinls and one louchdown. Besides defeaiing Evansville, Weslern Kenlucky, and Morehead Slale lhe Breds lopped Marshall College and Tennessee Tech who will appear as OVC Ieams nexr year. Louisville has been scheduled for nexl year 'ro give The Racers a seven game conference schedule. The seasons record: . . Murray Slale ...... 40: Culver Slocklon . . . I3 Murray Slale ...... 26: Memphis Slale . . . . I4 Murray Slale . . . . O: Easlern Kenlucky . . . 6 Murray Slale . . . . 27: Marshall College . . . 0 Murray Slale . . . . . 40: Soulheasl Missouri . . . 0 Murray Slafe . . . . 343 Tennessee Tech . . . . 6 Murray Slale . . . . 33: Morehead Slale . . . . 0 Murray Slale , . . . 26: Middle Tennessee - . . . I3 H STHTE Murray Slale , . Murray Slale. . Murray Siale . . . . 9: Evansville College . . . 34: Weslern Kenlucky . . . 2I: Sul Ross Slale . . . lTangerine Bowll 290 Won 9, Losl I, Tied I. Average Poinls per Game . . Opponenls APPG Murray 3I52 .... Tolal 449 .... Tolal STATISTICS Yards Gained by Rushing . . Rushing Plays for Gains .... . . . .Average Yards on Gaining Plays. . 6.9 397 .... Tolal 86 .... Tolal 2755 .... Tolal 535 .... Tolal 5.l .... Tolal 76 .... Tolal 23 .... Tolal Yards Losl on Rushing Plays. . Rushing Plays for Losses . . . Na+ Gain for Rushing .... Rushing Plays ........ Nei' Average on Rushing Plays. Passes Allempled ....... Passes Compleled ..... 7 .... Passes Inlercepled by Opponenls. . 39I .... Tolal Yards Gained on Passing. . . I7.0 .... Average Gain per Pass Compleled. 352 .... Yards Relurned ol lnlercepled Passes. . l3.4 .... Average Relurn per lnl-erceplion. . 2940 .... Tolal 58 .... Tolal Yards on Kickoris ....... Number of Kickofls. . . 50.6 .... Average Yards per Kickoff. . I 747 .... Tafal 49 .... Tolal Yards on Punls .... Number of Pun'Is. . . 35.6 .... Average Yards per Punl ..... 426 .... Tolal Yards on Kickoff Relurns .... 20 .... Tolal Number of Kickoils Relurned. 2I.3 .... Average Yards per Kickoff Relurn . . 7l9 . . . .Tolal 36 .... Tolal Yards on Punl Relurns .... Number ol Punls Relurned . . l9.9 .... Average Yards per Punl Relurned . . 45. 4. . .Tolal I7 .... Own Number ol Fumbles .... Fumbles Recovered ..... 24 .... Opponenls Fumbles Recovered . . 587 .... Yards Los? on Penallies ..... . . 7 . . 7 ..2l 86 ..26.3 . . . 7.8 Opponenls . . . I489 . . 355 . . 4.I . . 393 . 78 . . IO96 . . 435 . . 2.3 . . I9O . 69 . 26 . . 790 . . I I.4 . . 78 . . I I.I . . 704 . . 23 . . 30.8 . . 2767 . 77 . . 35.8 . . 989 . . 54 . . I8.3 . . 242 . 23 . . IO.5 . 26 . 2 28 . . 3IO R V A A vaio -k?l,.,f,,,.,,s4, A , , qsqv.wvugpe?..7,, ,EM ,Ab .r Lgwk, g 7, . SQ . A rf., M . , I ' as X". .r"' 3 J-- 535' i" '52' 1 .. -' 3 V, ls, 5 mix Us 4 .vixif nf? vs :Ai xy.. ltr Q X 0 I QW I f. rs'.zs,- 5!4Q,F, 651385-'B' '?"'Q'QB. I 5 5... . 8 " ' , t I Us M-.1 -fe. - A A ,. .. , Q I We I A ,Q 3 -55, ,, M ' PIZ, N .. W mx , WB 69,42 f . , R 'S ' ' , If I' 9 wa f 'Ira I 4. as is f - 3. . ,-, ,,"s ,,., .svs me ee ii I S . ro ,, ,fri .4 ,ul ,nil N In K if J 1 ll i Yp b. . -. -'.... g,N: s: li . WXM Vx ,5 ,,,M..-vxssfml sissfaga-aaxrgfrf-gi,g?sxi,5,,,,,5,,,e,,.,,,Q,, 'XX I - LZ' IETTERIIIEII POWELL PUCKETT II KIAC, '46: All OVC, '48g LiHIe All-American, Hon. Men. a LEADING RUSHERS WINNIE DILL . . DALE MCDANIEL JOE BRONSON . TOM COVINGTON DAVE CARLISLE . DANNY WALES . BILLY FURGERSON PETE MAROUESS RALPH M-:CLAIN BAILEY GORE . JOHN SINGLETON JERE MCCLURE . BOB PERKINS , . . . . JOHN PETILLO . . . . RALPH McCLAlN X A 11 JOHN SINGLETON OVC Sec. Team. ,K ,N ' 4 A D I x' I ., .01 . ' A B. J. SAUNDERS All OVC, Sec. Team. Tries Average 9l 6.6 72 5.8 74 5.3 54 6.7 72 2.8 43 3.9 25 5.5 I7 5.9 35 2.5 I4 5.2 I 5 3. I 4 8.0 7 3.5 3 7.6 JOHN HACKNEY All KIAC, '47g AII OVC 48 Llffle All-American, Hon Men Q 1 ' o 1' I . DAVE CARLISE HW INTERCEPTED PASSES AND RETURN Yards DALE McDANIEI.,'BacIc .,.. IOI JOHN SINGLETON, Back . . . 83 TOM COVINGTON. Back .... 55 BUDDY HEWITT, Cenfer. . . 24 JIM HUMPHREY, Back ..... 23 BILLY FURGERSON, Back .... I8 BOB SANDERS, End .... . II WINNIE DILL, Back . . . . II JIM PEARCE, End. . . . 9 JOE BRONSON, Back. . . . 7 BAILEY GORE, Back. . . . 6 RALPH COOPER, End . . . . 4 JACK HITSON, CenIer. . . 0 BILLY BONE, End ..... . O FLOYD HOOKS, Guard . . . . O WINFRED DILL All OVC, Sec. Team. TROY KELLY Iniercepfions Average KICKOFFS ED DUNN, Tackle . . Yards 5I8 BOB SANDERS, End . . 2317 5 20.2 BILLY BONE, End . . 45 3 27.6 BUDDY HEWITT, Cenfer. . 32 I 55.0 RALPH COOPER, End . 28 3 8.0 - I 23.0 2940 I I PUNTS Yards 2 5.5 TOM COVINGTON, Back .... 52 I 3.5 DALE McDANIEL, Back. 223 2 3.5 BOB PERKINS, Back. . 37 I 6.0 WINNIE DILL, Back . I06 I 4.0 RALPH McCLAIN, Back I305 I 0.0 HAROLD SIvIITI'I, Back 24 I 0.0 -'- 2 0.0 I747 JOE BRONSON All OVC, 2nd Team ED DUNN .R ' "' x.I tl AI tl Tries IO 45 I I I 58 Tries I In I 3 37 I 49 ix WL, 4 3 if X ,, II I W I H A - I 'H"r I I ' - - QI 1. -I' I . 3 I .. I J I . N.. ... JIM PEARCE PAUL WARD TOM COVINGTON B. I. MIDDLETON 93 Average 5I.8 5I.4 45.0 32.0 28.0 50.6 Average 52.0 37.I 37.0 35.3 35.0 24.0 35.6 JIM CULLIVAN I . .I gf f . , I.: .3-ir., Q, 3' I , , Mx Z BUDDY HEWITT Y DANNY WALES Q,?'A 9 Z 4 r QR, 4, V .1 ' , if 'IQSJ ,. r ' 15 ' JOHN PETILLO JOHN CROMWELL BILL I I, JU. if X me II V2 1 ,ng Cf fx , f I .4 ' T -r ..4 . 'Zi , it - ,. 1.9 J. - , M .,. -I :v 5 1 . H, 1 I I . I 1 . f A., -- ' FLOYD HOOKS JERE McCLURE DON EVITT PUNT RETURNS DALE McDANIEL, Back. WINNIE DILL, Back. , . TOM COVINGTON, Back BILLY FURGERSON. Back l E T T E R III E ll 'I , PETE MARQUESS, Back. BAILEY GORE, Back. . . DANNY WALES, Back. . JOHN SINGLETON, Back BAILEY GORE P: L . Q 1 , BME 5 'I PETE MARQUESS I R:.EE..II I? 5:5155 If i Bw I' I , '-SST' Q M B R 7 ,' I, ,, F' Rfb I in ' JOHN MILLER EARL GIVENS P N GILBERT MAINS N, .L 3 is R S W w . F Nw 3 X . Y' ,,. buf fx, . . Q. . I I X I k . I PII. f , ,L L ' I . X N V If I .- -' 'BBBQLLBRWM 'E 1 M 1 N .LQ 3 . Q . fi .N I . L I BJP 'M - ' I Iii I , I I I JE? ...L I I . SAM VINEYARD JOE DAVIS JOE YANOEY CHARLES RUSSELL BILLY MacBANE SEASON SCORING TD SBP. EP TP JERE IVIEOLIJRE. Back . . .I o o 6 JOE BRONSON, BEER. . . B o o 48 JIM PEARCE. End. - - - I 0 0 6 BOB SANDERS, End .... . I o 30 36 ---- DALE MEDANIEL, Back. . . S o o 36 43 I 30 290 WINNIE DILL, Back ,.... . 4 o o 24 ENE gfmfgog-CkBaCk ' ' ' Q 3 3 Q KICKOFF RETURNS Yards Tries Average JOHN SINGLETON, BEER. . . 3 o o IR WINNIE DILL, Back .... . .2Is II l9.5 BILLY FURGERSON, BEER. . . 3 o o I8 JOE BRONSON, BBEI. ..,.. I06 2 sI.o RALPH MEOLAIN, BEER. . . 2 o o I2 BILLY FURGIERSON, BBEI .... 46 2 23.0 RALPH COOPER, End. . . . 2 o o I2 .IERE MEOLIJRE ...... . so I 3o.o JOHN HAORNEY, TBEIIB. . . I I o B JIM PEARCE, End .,.... . I7 2 8.5 DANNY WALES, Back. . . . I o o B PETE IVIAROIIESS, BEER. . . . B I 8.0 JOHN IVIILLER, Back. . . . I o o B BOB PERKINS, BMI ...I . I I 4.0 PETE IVIAROIJESS, BEER. . . I o o B - - W.. B. I. IVIIDDLETON, Guard . . . I o o B 426 zo 21.3 . I A , ,.j ,. I 'Eff 1 P Y'.",,fw 1 - gf,-"'fT', v' , 37 - ,-,fl if-W- .mu ll.S , A Q V x 1 ,. . N ....,,. K., W. g '1 M !I - if J: H7s"31ig'f 1' ififf -1 1 fi - -1 if 1 f gf . , '. . X :- A M I 'v ' fu 11 ' WWE. V - 'h 'Q X 4, i , 1' , i ' , 4 - Amy Flin . vm sh .- , :Q '!- -84 'FX K- ff . , NT 1 -X, .A -f QM ggi I I .ff -5 5 's 4 K CSKA, ' 2,1 3 mmf! X' ,X -ff W - - 1-lf -, rg f, X,,Q 1 - Q , K ' 1 , ' i ----""' -f -, 1 - - fx .N . .X ' 1 - QI ' -E ar " A! If ' M., i' l. .' L 4.. ,L L. A' 'L , 5 'I X3 sl - f 1 2- 1 f WMM' , k af . A+ r- f w 1 1 O , l , X 5,1 K J XL' X LL -? "'sH3. "'-Q-an-Q., ' . G""":..... Q I I A Y f . iw" V QQVAJ, K ffl i lg J U 0 x FQ Nfl ' Mlm 7Hu1wn1 .34 iffy 1 41 J 1011! 6 --ffm 47 K f 135' gy 217111111111 71111111107 .3 41. ,- f ,4 , ,, ,U nf fin! 6 QUMX i My V lv ci:m19'I'l15177ffQM tl ,, .,,..,9L,..b Ju.. '- K? -'lun 4 LQ I HUF M. i Q X xx '4 Lf? Y COMEALUM X X Jw' l 'll uw: TWH 4. :KY TW ,. ff W4 if Coach Harlan Hodges compleTed his TirsT year as moniTor oT The Thoroughbred cage sTars wiTh a record oT I3 wins and IO losses. In looking aT The score oT wins and losses one migh+ Think +ha+ This was a very poor year Tor baske+baII aT Murray STaTe, however, This record and The TacTs ThaT make iT up hold much more Than a poor season. When Coach Hodges arrived aT Murray, he Tound Tew experienced IeTTermen To work wiTh and much green TaIenT, CompIeTing a year aT Murray has acquainT- MELVIN DeWEESE BENNIE PURCELL ff" M , . I fi' To as W. u sy IIIURRHV' ed him wiTh The seTup and he has discovered some excel- lenT TaIenT Tor TuTure seasons. The close oT This baskeTbaII season Tound several records broken: Junior Herrold, Torward, who is a senior and will noT be bask wiTh The Race Horses nexT year was The leading scorer Tor The regular season wiTh 259 poinTs in The 23 games played. AlThough Herrold did noT see Too much acTion in a Tew games, he was a consTanT seT- shoT ThreaT To Murray STaTe opponenTs. Charlie Snow, cenTer, Trom FlaT River, Mo., closed The books by breaking Tour Tree Throw records and was second high scorer wiTh 228 poinTs in 24 games, Snow's accuracy Trom The Tree Throw line was a greaT crediT To him noT- wiThsTanding his abiIiTy To play under pressure and many Touls wiThouT Touling ouT. He will be here again nexT year To don The blue and gold Tor Murray STaTe. Harold Loughary came Through again This year as be- Tore wiTh his consTanT 'ball hawking and was a ThreaT To whoever he was guarding. He drew many commenTs Trom sporTs wriTers and announcers aT several games by his specTacular playing. Loughary wll be back on The hard- wood nexT year. Many have said The mosT improved ball handler was Don STephenson who never resTed a minuTe Through a game and generally poured in a large share oT poinTs. IT is expecTed ThaT STevie will go To greaTer heighTs nexT year, The Tall, lanky young lad, Melvin DeWeese, can easily be given crediT Tor giving The mosT surprising perTorm- JIM FRANK DON STEPHENSON T34 Q, I' . "N- A T lil. . ' -A T x,, , - TV ,.- Q , L... C , rf., F E 4.113 xx . YQ 21 my ., 'ffa gn. Q-iv: ,434 ff. W ...a .qs E N ! 3 M 5 9, W4 g Xxx ' 1 . X .5 I . 5 i , 3 I 2 A wg A rigg EJ: . A wll W . .. ,,, V T' 'fr 3 AM , 'A . I.. W....w BHSHETBH ll .... COACH HARLAN HODGES ance in a single game. DeWeese goT his big chance when The l'lillToppers from WesTern came To Murray. Faced wiTh The Towering opponenTs, Hodges senT DeWeese in To oTTseT This TacTor. DeWeese came Through beauTiTul- ly, giving a greaT deTensve show as well as ripping The neT. AlThough he did noT geT Too much Time in any game The crowd always cheered and knew whaT would happen when Bennie Purcell came onTo The Tloor. CompleTe aT- TenTion was commanded from The specTaTors by Bennie's HAROLD LOUGHARY CHARLIE SNOW n 5 9' fix ,206 K' , .K f . ,K 1 fi . -' Q ' I "Q .f ,,,,.. .f" ,f 'gre l .s ..i"""l . TasT zig-zag dribbling. He will be a greaT asseT To Murray nexT year. CompleTing his college baslceTbalI career, Rex Alexan- der finished This season brillianTly. As he goes on some school will geT a greaT coach in This Tellow. IT Talces Tive men To sTarT a ball game, all working To- geTher, yeT any Team needs supporT and The resT of The Tellows wearing The blue and gold were a greaT supporl- ing casT Tor Coach l-lodges' main show. We closed The season an dnow we are waiTing Tor NEXT YEAR. REX ALEXANDER , le rv: ', i i i X ,. :E tl. i v -' MA, U .lies Eg' ic sn T :fl i , " P 1 7' s 5 EiPl'-2 A Vf MF' 2 yang, - . JUNIOR HERROLD S P-ing . M wx. .gg P. . i 1 t . ful is., -E. CHARLIE McKEE Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . Murray . . . m, nw.. S .4 rf Rr gil 5 Us I 4 Yf P.. A if , aff, 3 S... -1-.....:N s W- . DAVID DAVIS Tenn. Tech. . . Easlern . . . Marshall . . Morehead . . . Morehead . . . Cape Qiraradeau Louisville . . . Memphis Slale . Weslern . . . Weslern . . Louisville . . Evansville . . . Memphis Slare . GENE DICK CLIFF CAVENDER SCHEDULE Murray . . . Ky. Wesleyan . . Murray . . . Auslin Peay . . Murray . . . Cape Giaradeau . Murray . . . Middle Tenn. . Murray . . . Tenn. Tech . . Murray . . . Auslin Peay . . Murray . . . Della S+aIe . . . Murray. . . Cinn. Slale lTourn.l . . Murray. . . Middle Tenn, . . Murray . . . Easlern , . Murray. . . Evansville . . .. I ""' I ' i """ WV' 5 ' .ii-"K be 14. Ki P + 1' ff-I QW :Q X. . A-sir . 33 xynmr X nR my ' I X ' 'HZXYTYN 1 W . ' 12 ii 1. A , ,X , , x M 1' all X ' Q X ' -9 . , Q. ' . . ' .. ', .41 QQ T- ill. , " Y ' 7 A Ai r '. , Q . I' .Lu ui' N " 'Jr' . ' A' .5- Y ff LXUHRA! 1 1 A .1'Y3'f' Q 1 'ES' X W: P' I 9 Xl WMA? iegjfil? 4 W. XX J, MUFIHP wwf 101 0 llIHO'S UJHO e IILUIIIIII HSSUCIHTIOII 0 C0llEGE IIEUIS Q SHIELD 0 SDRDRITIES 0 FRHTERIIITIES 0 CLUBS . Z! H I 7 fy RQ' xvff, 0-0 00 19 P UO 40 1 3' 4 .-1'f , , , '-A 41 Vit 'ik K my Mi, , ,pew 'Q N U 1 'NN , -1 'a v a 7. D I X il o ,Jw 4 x. 4,11 QR lllH0' UIHO 'ERI ED NORRIS MRS. OUIDA WYATT FRANK VITTETOW T A-ns., .1-K 'Cv' FRANCES VICKERS RUSSELL PHELPS Tlwirleen Murray Sl-ale College sluclenls were seleclecl for lisring in Wl1o's Who in American Colleges ancl Universiries for llwe sclwool year I 948 - 49. JoYce FLY Ill HIIIERICHII C0llEGE5 HIID UIIIUERBITIES Qsxx REX ALEXANDER BARBARA BIGHAM HAL FISER Scholarship, characier. personaliiy, and par- ihroughouf Jrhe couniry, is handled in a number Jricipaiion in college aciivilries were considered of ways. Here ai Murray Siaie +he board is in making ihe seieciions. The seleciion of sin- composed of members from The Adminisiraiion, denis for This honor, in colleges and universiiies Facuilry. and Siudeni Organizahon. BILL TAYLOR VIOLET COMBS CHARLES I-Ioe-ANCAMP VIRGINIA .Io I-IURDLE I5 1'-" Ios IHUIIIIII HSSUCIFITIUII The Shield proudly hails The Alumni Associa- Tion aTTer serving The college Tor TwenTy-Three years. This associaTion has promoTed The Alma MaTer ThroughouT The years wiTh greaT inTeresT. They plan homecomings: selecT ouTsTanding high school seniors Tor scholarships: keep in conTacT wiTh graduaTes and Tormer sTudenTsg make news releases abouT The where-abouTs and doings oT graduaTes Through The College News. MRS. EMMA SUE HUTSON This year The associaTion has TormulaTed plans Tor a STudenT Union building and have been going ahead wiTh These plans. The Alumni AssociaTion was Taced, early This school year, wiTh The loss oT Mrs. George l-larT who had served so Tai+hTully in The besT inTeresT oT The school. She was replaced as secreTary by Mrs. Emma Sue l-luTson. Emma Sue has proven To be a real asseT To The associaTion. DR. HAL HOUSTON Secrefary President S, . . ..i,4V,. ., ,.,,, , , My .. by . M.. ., .. .. ,?,y.7.,.,.,..:,,....,? y . , f .Q 4 , . . 4 -R Q VIRGIL ADAMS BILL TAYLOR PROFESSOR E. G. SCHMIDT Advertising Edifor Direcfor The people here are The ones ThaT sTrive To bring To you The news in The mosT clear and concise manner possible. Their unTiring eTTorTs are The bes+ insurance ThaT iusT as The monThs roll around There will always be Two issues published on Time and in good Torm. ProTessor SchmidT is going deep inTo his second year as The "ChieT" oT The College News, and as Time goes on more and more people broaden Their knowledge Through his courses. The News will Tinish ouT This school year sTill in The absence oT a prinTing press and The oTher necessary equipmenT, ThaT is so badly needed To presenT a more compleTe course in journalism. MarTha N. Anderson and Charlie Clark are noT picTured above as They Tilled The vacancies creaTed when Mrs. Ouida WyaTT and Virgil Adams graduaTed aT The end oT The Tall semesTer. THE C0llEGE NE OUIDA WYATT Feafure EdiTor TOMMY GOOCH Carioonisf AN N CR I S P Assisfanf Edifor l.US 'CIS' fi-IIELD Al lasl, al lasl, al lasll l-lere il is, lhe linished producl, The l949 Shield. We, lhe slall, happi- ly place il in your hands. ll has meanl worries, headaches. and problems loo numerous lo name bul now lhal all has been said and done we are happy lhal il is linished so we hope you will like and enioy il. ll has meanl long hours, sleepless nighls, disagreemenls, class culs, lalring culs in credils. bul all in all il was lun. ha ha. Pholographers al worlr in lhe Shield Pholo Lab. .5 Dlx WINSTON Edilor We would lilce lo lhanlc our adverlisers lor lheir generous supporl and all lhe olhers who have conlribuled lheir lime and help in compil- ing lhis boolc. We exlend special lhanlcs lo lhe Benson Publishing Company, Soulhern En- gravers lnc.. Mr. Wells ol Wells Sludio, and lvlr. Schmidl. The slall members came lhrough wonderlully. Firsl, our sponsor, Miss Clara Eagle, who HARRY RUSSELL JOHNNEY RUSSELL DON BRUMBAUGH VIC CARHU , 'ww MARVIN COHLMEYER Business Manager pilched in wilh excellenl co-operalion even when given only a few minules nolice on rushed worlc. Vic Karhu is lhe fellow who did your lirsl page: Charlie Saloher can be given credif for arl work on Homecoming and 'iralernily and sororily pins. The excellenl job of pholo- graphy done by l-larry and Johnney Russell can never be praised loo highly. Don Urumbaugh ol Jrhe Sporls deparlmenlr did a bang up iob, JERRY VEAZEY MISS CLARA EAGLE Assisianf Business Manager Sp Many lhanlcs are deserved lor Nellie May lvladdux, Wilma Cohlmeyer and lvlary Louise Winslon for lheir handling ol Jrhe clerical work. Oh, yes, we almosl lorgol lo menlion lhere was an edilor and business manager who spenl' a greal deal ol lime on Jrhis fabulous "gold mine." So. we close by saying, "We hope you enioy your l949 Shield." The Slall Those funny loolring people fhaf compiled and published your '49 Shield. PHI IIIU IIlPH ' IL .. w'll?zf3W5 2 J QVHXSYEA IIII fd' L1 AffX,frX 41906 T-ak a: S A fx mxinrie 4? 1 . 1' ..,. f -'l'Q"7:?zf'1u:f191f1-IJ' f f T' ri NP U Q sa! RICHARD W. FARRELL DAVID J. GOWANS LESLIE R. PUTNAM JOHN C. WINTER VICTOR J. KARHU President of Phi Mu Alpha I A 9 r a,..'.-.-.u. ,u,: u.n.u.a.l.:.l 'W ,Q K 3 iifub L t K .A Vx 1 625- f 9 --' -' 'V V ' v 'W' f 'F ' " P , ' ' -,' X f 'iff 3 X j X ,2,2 x k j 1 .ff - 'il fl 1 3 9 ? X X M. x X J xml K ,-9 " 5 ' ,. A ' f L I , T B 3 f"'1 .X f Top Row: Marlha Nell Anderson, Jerry Beauchamp, Virginia Berry, Marfha Dell Brown, Jeanne Bullerworlh, Avonell Carlisle, Jean Cochran. Second Row: Janice Crawford, Marilyn Jo Croghan, Marian Jane Dugger, Jo Anne Farris, Joyce Fly, Joan Hansford. Mona Bell Geveden. Third Row: Leila Gholson, Rulh Gourieux, Jo Anne l-lendon, Frances l-lerron, Hazel l-loocl, Mary Belle Kaler, Reva Jeri Lawson. Fourfh Row: Wilma Jo Lovins, Barbara S, Lyles, Nellie May Maddux, Suzanne Miller, Lucile Nor- man, Mary Alice Opdylre, Mildred Parsons. BoHom Row: Jo Anne Shroal, Polly Tucker, Belly Ann Wake, Naomi Whilnell, Ranny Sue Whillle, Mary Louise Winslon, Lucy Ann Yancy. ALPHA ci-ii ci-IAPTER H2 OFFICERS VIOLET COMES .... ..... . . Vice-PresIden'I NORIVIA PICKARD .... ........ T reasurer BOBBYE SUE ORR . . . . Correspondence Secrefary FRANCES VICKERS . . . . . . Recording Secrefary VIRGINIA JO HURDLE President of Sigma Sigma Sigma SIGIIIH SIGIIIII SIGIIIH LMA 1 ' 9 o .66 9 ' 2 fr? L 639, tv as E124-9 0.9, 49 - ' ' ' l 9IllI.'V' HLPHH IOTH a s i a La w OFFICERS BETTY ANN WAKE . . . ...... . . Vice-Presidenf BETTY JO SOYARS .... . . Secrefary MILDRED TURK . .. . .Treasur r PAT CROGHAN .... . . Chaplain MARTHA WHITE . . .... Edifor BOBBYE JEAN EVANS . . . . . . Sergeanf-af-Arms Sigma Alpha lofa, a professional frafernify in fhe field of music has among ifs obiecfives fhe furfhering of musical devel- opmenf in America and fhe raising of musical and scholasfic sfandards among women sfudenfs. l-lighlighfs of lofa Befa Chapfer's fenfh year af Murray Sfafe were fhe supper for new music sfudenfs, a radio broadcasf, an all-campus carol sing, a formal musicale, a formal inifiafion banquef, fhe American Composer's Concerf which is given each year. as well as fhe annual presenfafion of "Campus Lighfs" in collaborafion wifh Phi Mu Alpha. CLAIRE SANDERS President of Alpha Sigma Alpha IOTA BETA CHAPTER Top Row: Belly Anderson, Gloria Ashmore, Belly Brown, Evelyn Cone, Belly Davis, Virginia Wade Eckerl, Jackie Ellis. Second Row: Sue Farmer, Vx'anda Farmer, Kalh- leen Gilolos, Jane Earle Johnson, Vivian Jones, Elsie Keskinen, Reva Lawson. Third Row: Emily Maness, Rufh Marlin, Virginia Melcalf, Sarah L. Morrow, Jean Mueller, Mary Alice Opdyke, Nora Overslreer. BoH'om Row: Mildred Parsons, Hannah O. Pryda- fkevyich, Doris Ryan, Mary Shellon, Charlolle Skinner, Sue Veazey, Dorolhy Wilso'1. 115 Q33-'fl liz fl, Top Row: Anne Adams, Barbara Bigham, Evelyn Cone, Anna lee Crass, Ann Crisp. Faye Edwards, Margarel Fairloss. Second Row: Phyllis Farmer, Wanda Farmer, Palsy Glover, Donna Graves, LaVora l-lolland, Jane Earle Johnson, Jo Ann Jones. Third Row Mary Lou King, Judy Long, Clara Jane Miller, Mary Julia Moore, Lelricia Oulland. Bobbie Parker, Belly Smilh. Bollom Rowg Belly Raye Smilll, Dorolhy Nell Smilh, Jean Smilh, Carolyn Vaughn, Billilranlc Wallace, Marlha While. 116 BETA NU CHAPTER OFFICERS BONNIE KINGINS . .. . .Vice-Presidenl MARY LOU SIMONS . .. . . Secrefary JOYCE WYNN . . . . . Treasurer GEORGE ANN UPCHURCH .... . . . Chaplain MILDRED TURK . . . . . . Regisfrar JANE WOOD . . . . . . Reporler Bela Nu Chaprer of Alpha Sigma Alpha compleles anorher year on lhe campus of olol Murray Slale. Wilh Miss Anne Lowry as prexy, Bela Nu sponsorecl a Mislleloe Ball, wilh Jrhe music being furnisheol by Billy Shellon anol his popular clance banol During Jrhe course of The evening Ranny Sue Whillle was presenleol Miss Murray Slale along wilh lhe nine campus lavoriles. The sororily recenlly nameol Miss Jane Earle John- son as "Alpha Girl of l949" ancl Miss Mary Lou Chambers as lcleal Pledge. ANNE LOWRY Presidenf of Alpha Sigma Alpha HLPHH SIGIIIH FILPHR L 9 fig ,J .A ' Q 9 ii co QQAEAQQ 499 w W A. Ax HLPHH S 0 E G OFFICERS "Ladies in Rel'iremen+", a psychological mur- J. C' BERSSENBRUGGE t . I n Q Sponsor der myslery, Jrhe serious play of lhe college year, was presenled by Alpha Psi Omga in lhe college ROBBIE RILEY .... . .Presidenf audilorium March 24, and 25. The play lea- Jrured Anne Lowry, Wilma Lovins, Robbie Riley, WILLIAM ERVIN WILSON . . . .Vice-Presidenf Faye Edwards, and a newcomer lo MSC dra- NELLIE MAE MADDUX . . . . Secrefary-Treasurer m6liCS, Richard lVlCCl.lllOUgl'1. Top Row: John A. Ausin, Jerell Bullis, Faye Edwards, H. William Fiedler, Jr. Bofiom Row: Barlcley Jones, Wilma Lovins, Anne Lowry, E Glenn Pace. , 1, f V f ,f + mm az: SQUFIRE FIIID COIIIPIISS OFFICERS JOE FAUGHN . , .... . . . Presiclenl' JESS HUFF . . . . . Vice-Presidenr BILL GARRETT . . . . Secremy y Dix WINSTON . .. . .Treasurer l Top Row: James Armbrusfer, James C. Benedict Prinlice Cole, Richard Coolce, James Davis. Second Row: Harold Ford, James Gross, Tom Huff, Troy Kelly, Isaac Porrer. Third Row: Joe Richardson, Joe M. Sirls. Harmon Smiih, Charles Tedinqlon, Wilford Travis. Boifom Row: Jesse Wallace, Doyle Ward, Hugh Whiflalcer, R. L. Woodall, Lynn Yafes. - T ....- ,g.. 'Wri- , I -k : L 5 f, Y 1.11 , ,Qi x 'I ' f O MARY I-OU KING PHYLLIS FARMER Presidenf , Secretary THE LATE MRS MARY MCCOY HALL BILL BOAZ VIC KARHU Vice-Presidenf Treasurer MISS CLARA EAGLE Advisor Firsl Row: Marlin Anderson, Louise Graves, Bill Boucher, Thelma Combs, Bill Weaver, Joe Croghan, CharI'e Henderson. Second Row: Anna Belle Lash, Ivan Jones, Mariam Grymes, Syd Smifh, Ann Adelman, Bob Pardieu, Jane Terry Kelly. Third Row: Avery Dickson, Lala McGuire, Belly Jo Robertson, Olen Bryanf, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Curlis, Wayne Geurin. Fourlh Row: Jo Ann Shroar, Hnlon Sh:-Ifon. Emily Orr, Norma Lampkin. NW? 1.-g inn -av '5' 120 MEMBERS l T i- qv Aire' Spence Dye Lee Shannon Bill Hazelwood Roberl Collins Ben Humphreys Mel Sanders Harry Karns Carmi Bonnefl Jim Taylor Ray Merrick Bink Fuller Bill Corbin Les Kennedy Don Sfephenson Tony Hazelwood Bill Franklin Sam Finch L. E. Dunning Earl Swearinger Roy McWalers Al Cope Henry Dawson Lynnwood Smilh Haywood Eason Barkley Jones Dave Maddox Hughes Reid Phil Maflock Bill Hodges Hal Lakin Andy Murren Pele Ryan George Leonard Bob Trevafhan Alpha chapler of Della Alpha was firsi founded on lhe campus ol Murray Slale College in February, l943. li was recognized as a social frarernily on ihe campus iusl one year laler. A+ +he presenl lime Alpha chaprer is supporiing a membership of 40 young men. ll is The aim of Delia Alpha lo bring befler unify belween 'rhe dirlereni deparlmenls al Murray Slaie. .1-I f l P ALPHA CHAPTER 121 Enwfwk QE.. 4 if .A 4 sf WX 'Vi uh, I'-. 'M , Wa' w-'M' Q, 'X X MV .v 4 IBAA Vplxuv Q f 1 w 1 . m X 2 gb 1 v, ' , 55 .' L, ty-Vw' E 1, nj., , i 'A 31, 1 QV xr 'u - ',5, 'uf . , . J 'f 1. E . . A X73 . K. t ij, ' 3 .wg 1 . JL-..A,fQff1.' if-'fgkimiimfx .am M - ' ' F i k2f3'.1ff3,f"' y iw. 'W-J T51 H QL iw g ' x-'H' ' ' ' 2 , mm ., Q 5 f 4 A4 V pw. ,M .X Wa. im- JL" K was Q -4-, AX k Fin- , s 2' 1 .121 syn. l 'N 13 I . Z4 'U ff' QR' " U1 Q 1 if 'Tin' ' I ,X ..mFf,:X1J' ,mf .'1.' ,rl ,QSM , ,H ig W an w'n x, W3 2,1523 QQ, 54. la.y?ri'w 2 V ""1', ' 44 . m?J! 7.Q Ep, -1 1 ,. I 'Mm A 1' 1 qt , " E, X , X , h 1" XL 11 iF K K , . 'V xy -' ' Q15 F 1' ' . 131' -if 2btNx1.! 1 Nl ' n 1 'Z N X if 'Sri Wx, ,Y21,w muff ?L-:ff 5 wf4",','l , Qi ' hw V , , 1 Zn L Q ' vw 2 ,zu N1 J, .QR NSN I ll ll ff- IIITERIIHTIUIIHL RELFITIUIIS CLUB OFFICERS ED NORRIS .... ...... . .Presidenr BOB WILKINSON . . . . .Vice-Presidenf DONA GRAVES . . . . . Secreiary PAUL DARNELL. . . ..... Treasurer CHARLIE SATCI-IER . . . . Pubiicify Chairman DEAN SYNDEGAARD . , . . FacuIIy Sponsor I+ is 'The aim of IRC +o fosier berier undersianciing of worId prob- Iems by presenring a series of siudeni forums and gues+ speakers. For 'rhe pas+ fourieen years IRC has ,sponsored 'Ihe PurcI'1ase-Penny- riIe BasI4e+baII Tournament From +I'1e funds acquired from Iriis annuaI even+, +I1e organiza+ion has brouglni a number of ouisianding speakers +o our campus. 124 ll OFFICERS BILL TAYLOR . . ....... . . Presicleni PAULETTE CLARK . . . . . Vice-Presiclenl' MARTY LASSITER . . . . Secrefary-Treasurer MR. SCHMIDT. . . . . FaculTy Sponsor Kipa Pi, The iournalism TraTerniTy, has Two main purposes-The sponsoring of The "Fuse", The April Fools day or humor magazine, and The awarding oT keys To The ouTsTanding man and woman in iournalism each year. The lasT .semesTer of This school year an experimenT was Tried in which The club acTed as an ediTorial board Tor The College News. ln This manner The ediTors oT The paper gained a cross-secTion of opinion from sTudenTs who represenTed various deparTmenTs on The campus. 125 HIPFI PI JUURIIHLISIII CLUB , 3.12 'ai' i - ,, . ,.v' , f . , K, I Q: h , " F fyf- V' i . , ,. -- ' J- f'-' 'ini E ' Q fi 1 A f-Wi -f' A. dffsfiwaf . V your , . V ,. -1- 1 ' - -'-.' -- -. " 4's-ssiagrfi f -Q. -f-'LBS ,Q Hz,-x 'H Af K Q T' Q, ,453 X M ggffw .I g ig, :s..,.-, ,W ss 1, :X .. -Qi' I' fm. H , . , YK' .Af -,,, 'w if, -fs 1 yy? wg.: WL is " lgxwsfbi. ' H "" T' .-.IR ,Li if ,. .I , -si- s s. , ' ,mul ' s 'f ' .. "TT" ,xml . , fd.. Kamik... ww-wi PHlISICHl EDUCHTIUH CLUB OFFICERS FLOYD HOOKS . . , . Presidenf PAUL WARD . . , . Vice-Presidenl BETTY THOMPSON . . . . . Secrelary The Physical Educalion Club is composed of bo+h male and female s+uden'rs who are concerned wi+h majors or minors in physical edu- calion, and good heallh. The club now has i+s own meeling room, which is shared wilh 'rhe 'M' Club, in The heallh building. They are also concerned wiih con- cession s+ands in lhe healih building during aihlelic evenfs. 126 5? I ...ii 2 s i I I I l I I I Ill Ill i lll y Ill lll T lll Hill ' OFFICERS DALE MCDANIEL . . . ...... . . Presidenl KENNETH EVITT . . .... Vice-Presiclenl JERE McCLURE . . . . Secrelary-Treasurer MR. ROY STEWART . . . . Facully Sponsor Every year +he 'lvl' Clulo sponsors The Wafer Carnival, a complele review of swimming and diving, and 'ro climax +he evenl fhey choose a male and female Body lieaulilul from a group of conleslanls. Win- ners in lhe I948 conlesf were lvlss Milidean Reid and Mr. Junior Her- rold. This year +he club, in coniunclion wilh +he Physical Educa+ion Club, opened a loeaulilul lounge and club room in lhe heallh building. THE ClUB 127 WSI 9-e2 'a r - I I I A nl r . V. In 'V M AKI' Q H' V -- mln un - . I LA J ' , 3,1 l . lll lll THE K.T.TlDWELL.,. .... .. .. t l U B MR. VERNON ANDERSON. . . . . Presideni Sccroiary Treasurer Roporfer , Sponsor KEN MEYERS R. B. ALLEN JOYCE WYNN K. T. TIDWELL MR. VERNON ANDERSOT OFFICERS w E l VIOLET COMES . . . .Prosidem BARBARA BIGHAM . . , .Vico-Prosidonf H n l l JANE EARLE JOHNSON . . . Secrwfary-Treasurer C 0 U n C I l MISS RUTH ASHMORE. . . .Faculiy Sponsor MISS ASHMORE MRS. UTTERBACK MRS. BROWN 129 OFFICERS PAUL DARNELL. . ....... Presidenf BOBBYE SUE ORR . . . . . Secrefary NORMA PICKARD . ...... Vice-Presidenr ROBERT BODDEN .... . . Treasurer MARTHA CHAMBERS .......... Reporfer ew 'fr 51 , P- Num-,-vnnpfg ElHOPHl CLUB CUPHIHS X '5-' --1 OFFICERS PEGGY PARTEE . . . . . Presidenf EVELYN CONE . . . . Secrerary and Treasurer ROBERT RADER . . . . Vice-Presidenf ROBERT TODD . ...... Reporfer 130 OFFICERS MILDRED PARSONS . . . . . Presidenf JO ANN JONES . . . . Secretary ANN CRISP . .... . . Vice-Presidenf JEAN MUELLER . . . . . Treasurer LIIIIIBDII Il LP H ll . ll l u - li. , ,. 1 .. :lilly I 1-. 1 'li-ii - itil-ini , ii ' HIIPPII DELTII PI OFFICERS PAUL BRYANT . . - - - PFGSICIGVII LAURA MORRIS . . . . . Recording Secrefary RFBA JO IVIAXEY . . ....... Vice-Presideni' LOTTIE SUITER . . . . . . . Treasurer MISS RUTH ASI-IMORE .......... Sponsor 131 EDELWEISS HLUB OFFICERS SAMUEL M. CARTER, . , . . Presidenf CHARLES PRICHARD . . . . .Vice-Presidenf EVELYN HONCHELL . . . . . Secrefary-Treasurer DR. ELLA R. WEIHING. . . . . . . .Sponsor O Things really go? under way +his year in DER EDELWEISS KLUB and rhey have been more acfive Than ever before. Headed by a hard working, inferes+ed group of officers and wi'rh Jrhe guidance of Dr. Weihing The kiub had a beauriful floai' in Jrhe Homecoming pa- rade depicring german cosfumes and singing folk songs. I+'-nl S i 1 132 DOROTHY NELL SMITH BARBARA LYLES . . . BOBBV PARKER. . VIOLET COMBS. . ANN ADAMS . . ERNESTINE GOODJION BETTY BARBER . . KATTIE GOSSETT . . . FRANCES POOL . . FAY NANCE. . . OUIDA WYATT . . . .W.l,.-, ,l , Ti .,.,.X in 1 ..,1 ii.- r , . Presidenf . .Vice-Presideni . . Secreiary . Corresponding Secreiary . . . Treasurer . . Baslceiball Manager . . Chairman of Awards . Freshman Represeniafive Sophomore Represenfaiive . .Junior Represeniaiive . . Senior Represeniaiive 133 OFFICERS SAMUEL E. CARTER . PresIden+ JOAN FORD . . . Secrefary Treasurer CLARENCE W, HERNDON ..... Vice-President MR. I-IUFF AND MR. CANON ....... Sponsors IIHTHIIII B. STUBBLE- FIELD PHVSICS CLUB CHEIIIISTIW CLUB WU" OFFICERS WILLIAM PARR . . Presidenf KATHLEEN KEY Secre+ary Treasur r JACK KERR Vice-Presidenf MR BRYANT Sponsor 134 OFFICERS CHARLES HOGANCAMP . . . . . . Presideni L. A. GOUGH . . KATHLEEN KEY ....... . . . Treasurer DR. WOLFSON . . . Q ...r NF .Ill I Ill i I I I -.I ,. nf, '- . . -., ..'. OFFICERS DALE FAUGHN .... .... P fesadem JESSESHELBOURN ' JAMES THOMPSON . . . . . .vice-PIeSIdenI WILLIAM E. DOBSON 135 . . . .His+orian . . .Sponsor BETH BETH BETH IIsIIIcuIIuIIIII :lun . . .Secretary-Treasurer . . . .Reporfer . .g. cf XY ,.,,f r ,, - , - ' .ij-, K I 11, In lf I , , I-X .Fw-,Im BIIPTIST STUDEIIT UIIIUII OFFICERS PAUL MOSTELLER . . . ..... Presidem' DICK ROBERTSON ........ ls+ Vice-President ALLIE MAE BOAZ . ..... ISI Vice-Presidenf GEORGE ANN UPC!-IURCI-I . . . 2'ncI Vice-Presidenf KELLY FITZGERALD ....... 3rd Vice-PresicIe.1'r L Lv...-- i . . , I IUESLEV FOUIIDHTIDII OFFICERS CONLEY TAYLOR . . . .... Presidenf LETRICIA OUTLAND . . . . . . Secrefary CAROLYN VAUGI-IN . . . .... Vice-Presidenf DON DAVID ...... .... T reasurer BOBBIE BELL ............ Vice-Presidewf MRS. SHELBY HADDEN . . . . . . Dfrecfor ll llla Ill lll Ill Ill lll ll' OFFICERS JAMES JAMES ............. Presidenr VIOLET COMBS .. . . , . .Vice-Presidenr KATHLEEN GIBBS ........ Secretary-Treasurer CH III P U S RELIGIOUS C0 U II C I l 54+ 1 J 1 ILT OFFICERS MARGARET REDDEN . . .... Presidenf PEGGY ANDERSON . . . . .Secrefary JUANITA WILFORD . . . . . . Vice-Presideni' MABEL CISSEL . . . . . Treasurer 138 OFFICERS LOUISE GRAVES . . . . . Presiden+ CATHERINE MCINTOSH . . . . Secrefary VAND GIBSON . . ...... Vice-Presidenf CLARENCE CALHOUN . . . Treasurer MISS RUBY SMITH . . . ........ Sponsor , J V , LIBIHIRII ClUB Iv-if! , V K OFFICERS JANE YANCY .. .... Presidenf MARY FRANCES OLIVER .... Secrerary-Treasurer JEAN HINKLE . . . . .Vice-Presidenf LILLIAN KEACH ..... . .Social Chairman 139 OFFICERS LAWRENCE TULLY - - . -Pfesidem LAWRENCE CARDWELL . . . .Treasur JAMES ARMBRUSTER . . . .Secrefary MR, OAKLEY ..... . .Sponsor IHDUSTRIHL HRTS CLUB UETS ClUB OFFICERS BARKLEY JONES . . . . . Presideni' SPENCE DYE ...... . . Secre+ary-Treasure: REX ALEXANDER . . . . Vice-Presideni' DEAN SNYDERGAARD . . . . . . Sponsor 140 OFFICERS BILLIE SINGLES . . . . . . Presidenf BEULAI-I I-IENDRON . . . . Treasurer ANN ADAMS . . . ...... Vice-Presiclenf IOSETTA MORRIS . . .... I-Iislrorian JEAN HINKLE . . ......... Secrefary RUTI-I GOURIEOX . . . . Parliamenharian MISS WINGO AND MISS BROWN ..... Advisors HUIIIEP ECUIIUIIIICS CLUB DEBIITE TEFIIII 141 i S 5 I r 2 Q ' ' vi 4. Y Af. Y fx Q .z ,. 4 , QW K away? A "N K 'D K - X f ' 4 QmxSl,f5'4 5 Q 3 , 'ff I I m . Q Q ? , , , , A ' ,Q as Q' 1 ,f .f S9 ff-all 2 3 . Q. 3 I Q"?'?V?l Ui .Lg Y . ' A,.2S57 'B Hi- 6 V, L kggl Z' gr ' . , -QS?-ff' Q gl X 6 aj if tu :I .M I I QP: x 5 T 'Q w,f.,yx.,4, , 'X I ,X ,7 x w X f 1w'..+'.x!f , 4 v , ., , X y 4 X s 5 f 5 ' 'f 3 x, , . ' 51' Q, , 5, j o t ' Mnxif? K th Q M , , H Q..,4, A -, ' x 1 1 ' - Y. ijfa s ' f 1 i w L ' 5, XX 'Q . A ix ,Q . 41 x 1 .. ., h I A N. b xx I ,st f SF 1 x x , . , X fx kfwglv x Q A ...LXR Z f tx I X xg K V X 9 I 0- . X ll . x , , , jfzrrffi . W X lr X VH, u - 2 .....-. ff- I IV, WW- 1 A Q Y km :- J Wmnwvd 0 P Wt m rw , 'NU , .A va f C' Q sgff N- O six W- Q ge ,9, 1 A Cappella Choir Symphonic Band 5f-'fV'ff'.!'fT'fJ ,jp 1.9 Vw Q V, ,qi 4 4 1 , .Nh v wig.. u, X sz ,- OFFICERS FirsT Semesfer SYD SMITH . . ........ .... P resiclenT GEORGE PAGE . .Vice-Presidenl' BETTY BROWN . . . .... Secrefary-Treasurer Second SemesTer PAT CROGT-TAN ...... .... P residenT ROY HINES . . . . Vice-Presidenf JIM MEEK . . , SecreTary-Treasurer The Vivace Club is open To all Music maiors and minors and oTher sTuclenTs wiTh an inTeresT in music. Each year The Vivace Club sponsors The Homecoming BreakTasT. and since I934 has, each year, presenTed To The ouTsTanding senior boy and girl in music The Vivace Plaque Tor name inscripTion. In I948 The winners were Wayne Johnson and PaTricia Morrow. This year The Vivace Club presenTecl The musical producTion "A Nighl' WiTh Rodgers and i-lammersTein". Many ouTsTancling selec- Tions Trom The Broadway Musicals-STaTe Fair, Allegro, Carousel, and Oklahoma were perTormecl by soloisTs, a 50 voice Glee Club, and The College Symphony OrchesTra, under The direcTion oT Mr. Richard Farrell. 144 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS HUGHES PMN, AND JOHNSON APPLIANCE co "your FRIGIDAIRE dealer" Latest in Records: COLUMBIA, VICTOR, CAPITOL, DECCA "Right on the Square" Popular - Classical Albums Radios - Record Players MURRAY, KENTUCKY South Side of the Square M urray Complete Your Kitchen As You Have Your Education. Give Yourself A New Tappan Range for Graduation. Dealers and Distributors in All States. Counties and Principal Cities. In This Area TAPPAN GAS RANGES are distributed by the Airlene Gas Company, Inc. Offices in Murray and Paducah. Kentucky. and Dyersburg, Tennessee. Plan Now to Have the New Freedom Kitchen in Your Home. Built Around a New TAPPAN GAS RANGE. p4merical4 faalol-ite MIDWEST Ice Cream and Mille PADUCAH, KENTUCKY CCMPLIMENTS COMPLIIVIENTS COLUMBIA THE opefamg , , , CORPGRATION The VARSITY AND CAPITOL "Every+I1ing +o wear for all 'rhe family' THEATRES Nor+I1 Side of Couri' Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS THE MURRAY FASHION PADUCAI-I RETAIL SHOPPE MERCHANTS of ASSOCIATION Phone 307W MURRAY KENTUCKY Q' PADUCAH. KENTUCKY Ask Your Grocer For RANDOLPH'S SPECIAL YUKON'S BEST LYNN GROVE'S BEST MURRAY WHOLESALE C-BROCERY CO., INC. Disiribufors q COMPLIMENTS OF CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 72 N HTF IIISII M yKy ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY GQ- KIRCHI-IOFF'S FRESH SANDWICH BREAD FOR TABLE, TOAST and SANDWICHES ll MAYFIELD - PADUCAH 00-0- HOPKINSVILLE Typewri'rer specIaIisI's since I9I4 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COMPLIMEN-I-S CLASS OF 1949 OF THE BUSY BEE THE REXALL STORE ff DAIIE AND SIUBBLEFIEID PINNERS If i'I's Rexall i+'s RigI1+ SHORT ORDERS STEAKS - CHOPS CHICKEN IN THE BASKET DRUGS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS -- KODAKS SHAEFFER AND PARKER PENS Founfain Service Curb Service EI-VA WOYAK' prop. NorII1 Side of +I1e Square I4Il Wesf Main Phone 9I28 MURRAY' KENTUCKY In Murray i+'s +I1e MURRAY NURSERY, FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP "For Ihe besf in flowers and gif'rs" LEATHER GOODS COSTUME JEWELRY LINEN CHINA SILVER LAMPS CRYSTAL BOOKS AND CARDS PICTURES STATIONERY Flowers for all occasions FLOWER SHOP 800 Olive S+. GIFT SHOP NaI'ionaI HoIeI Building BLUE BIRD CAFE HOME OF KENTUCKY HAM VY AA Wesi side of 'rlwe Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY 0 Bl COMPLIMENTS OF PURDOM'S MURRAY LUMBER HARDWARE - FURNITURE APPLIANCES "We service wha? we seII" EasI Maple SIreeI' Murray. Kenfuclcy Easy Terms Phone 675 Phone 262 El in 0 Q- SWANN'S GROCERY COMPLIMENTS OF MURRAY PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. -Q- Groceries a-ncI MeaI's Frozen Foods Self-Service -0 Across from Posf Office MURRAY, KENTUCKY WALLACE BROTHERS GOLDEN POND, KENTUCKY SUNSET INN CounI'ry Ham - SIeaIcs - Caifish Chicken Dinners -Q- "We make our own ice cream and fros+ecI maI+s" -0 Near Kenfucicy Lake on Highway 68 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF WHITEWAY SERVICE STATION TEXACO PRODUCTS FIRESTONE TIRES "The Home of Courfeous Service" J. C. BREWER, Owner COMPLIMENTS C9 9 OF Q Q' LITTLETON'S 47 Ne +04 O7 'Ni Y' I MURRAY, KENTUCKY "For The Besr In Jewelry" H. B. BAILEY "I'I1e ieweIer" DIAMONDS SILVER WATCHES CHINA LEATHER GOODS LUGGAGE PENS 81 PENCILS MUSIC SUPPLIES Wes+ Side of Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY RUDYS Where friends meef +o ea'r good food af popuIar prices. Wesr Side oI+I1e Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY -6 COMPLIMENTS OF CQMPLIMENTS ADAMS OF SHQE STQRE A. B. BEALE and SON Shoes for 'rhe enlire family. GENERAL HARDWARE NATURALIZERS Plumbing - Elecfrical Supplies ROBLEE I Furnifure BUSTER BROWN FOREST PARK Telephone 36 IO6 Soulh Sixfh Slreel MURRAY' KENTUCKY MURRAY, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS OF ---- THE HUT Newer and Bnller STEAKS OF SANDWICHES - PLATES FOUNTA'N SERWCE BEl.K-Sfllllf COMPANY FROZEN CUSTARD - FROSTED MALTS MURRAY, KENTUCKY We make GUI' OWN lCe-Cream Ken+uclcy's mosl colleglale hangout where fhe whole campus gels logelher. -m GENE AND RUTH GEORGE AND EILEEN PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK MURRAY, KENTUCKY HUGH L. HOUSTON M D . . Pfesidene- Vv'. G. MILLER . . Cash er I-I. GLENN DORAN. E cc V e Pe d I CARL B I-CINGINS . . . Cash R. I-I. FALWELL . . . V P d I ISAAC E. FORD . ..... A SI C h L. D. OUTLAND . . . VC P sdenf MISS FRANCES WHITNELL B Icke p C H. JONES . . Cha a of Ihe Board MRS GRADY MILLER . . B okkeep MISS ERIE KEYS . . .SeCreIary COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL NATIONAL A. C. JACKSON, Owner ELISE LONG, Manager FRAZEE, MELUGIN AND HOLTON Insurance Agenfs ' FIRE - CASUALTY - AUTO Phone 33I Ga+IIn Bldg. Murray, Ky. "I+ does make a difference who wrifes your insurance" THE LEDGER 'AND TIMES "The Besi' Newspaper in a Good CounIy" JusI' IIIce 'rhe Thoroughbreds far ahead in everyfhing . . . Larges+ bonafide paid circula- Iion . . . Complefe news coverage of Ihe enfire counIy, s+a+e and na+Ion. KENTUCKYS OUTSTANDING JOB SHOP "We prin+ Ihe College News" GRAHAM, JACKSON CURLEE CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS - STETSON HATS JARMAN SHOES TIMELY CLOTHES I "Young Men's S+ore" I MURRAY, KENTUCKY MURRAY TRANSIT CORPORATION Ride I'he Bus - Be on Iime 0 For a new car see Ihe KAISER-FRAZER Ihe mos'I' copied car of Ioday -0 ASHCRAFT MOTORS We give each order +ha'r personal 'rouch 'rhai makes our flowers so much in demand. Rely on us for careful selecfion and aHen+ion . . . be assured of The B-E-S-T-I -wzgg all If S 0111215 We Wire Flowers One Block off campus on Souih I5+h Sfreei Phone 479 HARCOURT AND COMPANY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY S+aI'ioners, Engravers, Jewelers MURRAY COLLEGE RINGS AND PINS -3 TOM W. ROWLETT, Represenfah e MURRAY. KENTUCKY Q CORN-AUSTIN AND COMPANY Murra'y's Cenfer For S+yIe-mari' CIoI'I1es "Where Men Trade" Norfh Side Square MURRAY, KENTUCKY 9 COM PLIMENTS OF COLLEGE GRILL .il SANDWICHES - SALADS DONUTS - PIES - CAKES FOUNTAIN SERVICE BANK OF MURRAY LARGE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOU - SMALL ENOUGH TO BE AWARE OF YOU Member of F. D. I. C. OFFICERS TREMON BEALE . . .... Presidenf GEORGE HART . . . . Execufive Vice-Presidenf F. E. CRAWFORD . . . . . . Vice-Presidenf L. L. DUNN .... ......... C ashier L. E. WYATT .... . . .Vice-Presidenf HERMAN ROSS . . . . .AssIs+anI Cashier DIRECTORS J. D. SEXTON E. J. BEALE L. L. DUNN MAX B. HURT W. G. SWANN GEORGE HART M. O. WRATHER L. N. MOODY L. E. WYATT F. H. GRAHAM F. E. CRAWFORD TREMON BEALE SERVING WESTERN KENTUCKY WESTERN KENTUCKY STAGES COLLEGE CLEANERS THE H COLLEGE HUB The home of iruly F I 9 "campus revolves around d S d S d S d h 0 EDWIN AND WALTER WATERFIELD MURRAY STATE CULLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY A MULTI-PURPOSE COLLEGE MEMBER American Associafion of Colleges for Teacher Educafion, Soufhern Associafion of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools, Kenfuclry Associarion of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Nalional Associaiion of Schools of Music, American Council on Educafion, Teachers College Exfension Associafion, Naiional Associa- lion of Commercial Teacher-Training lnsliiufions, Approved Deparlmenf of Library Science I949-50 COLLEGE CALENDAR Summer Term . . ................. June 6-July 30, I949 Firsi' Semes+er . . . . Sepfember I5, I949-January 26, I950 Second Semes+er . . . . . ....... January 30-June I, I950 An Experienced Faculfy Trained in 'l'he Bes+ Colleges and Universiiies in +he Nafion and Abroad An Excellenl Library, a Spacious Healfh Building, a new Science Building, an indoor Swimming Pool, and fhe Largesf College Auclirorium in Kenfuclcy Thorough Training for Elemenfary and Secondary Teachers, Supervisors and Adminislralors Musical Opporiunifies Comparable io +he Bes+ in 'rhe Na'rion. A Program +o Meer Sfudenf Needs Whelher They be in Ari, Agricullure, Biological Sciences, Cera- mics, Commerce, Dramaiics, Educalion, English, Heallh and Physical Educalion, Home Economics, ln- duslrial Aris, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Liieraiure, Malhemaiics, Music, Physical Sci- ences, Social Sciences, Speech, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Denfisrry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law, Pre-Theology. DEGREES CONFERRED Bachelor of Arfs Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Music Educaiion Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Agricul+ure Masier of Arfs in Eclucafion Veferans Are Urged 'ro Take Advanfage of Regular and Special Offerings Made Available Through our Resources and Facilifies. For furiher informaiion address RALPH l'l. WOODS, Presidenf Murray, Kenluclcy The FEATURE 5 H I: t 1 U I1 and All me individual pidures for me '49 SHIELD by WELLS STUUIU MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER ENGRAVINGS BY SOUTHERN ENGRAVING CO. 'M aixvl app "l5!l'l"cl ITHIIITIIIG IIUIIIPAIIY A' IIASHVILLE oianog go spnuug .!4l,L t0gJ'6ll0A5 .Xdu f0gl"al0AJ .1411 t 091111045 .Au f0gl'6l,9LJ Jdu f0gl'al9Ad V I- , . . . , .,.,, .W , ,.,,..,..,,1,..,,... .,.,, ,W , M 17. ,7Zh2:Qf'1f W Wed, f' '15 . Jijuf wyiffffa 72!4L,,z,g -r

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