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 - Class of 1941

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vw. 5' Aguila 'Uw- ac., ,MMV X fi Z! HARRY HANEY Ediior-in-Chief CLARENCE PERRY Business Manager i Prinfing and Binding BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Engravings Furnished by REPRO ENGRAVING COMPANY af" fa' ff? ff ,ff ,A W Q KSN Q UU WY? N ' -Y A ,. , AQ ga ' 5' 'DAQJ' 'SV , '1'.2,., dl sm , Mah Q5 'fffv " "FQ "FEL, 'i-'AS' 455 1?"5I. ww 'W' ,WL 44 A TrIfkr.k"J W X' ,W-if 3 f-we-,,, x flew' rgggggegy-LX V 4, Tiff 1 M .ray Q5 ?,,,,l 'f-rw " ei" .,L, A 4.5 ffm. CQ., ,' -Qqf X j A iff? ' ., ' ?g",'.-if 1 xxx! 'aw ' ,Q . 5 qifpmrn.-6' fffkg... ' I Z l S ll l Published hy the Senior Class with the cooperation ol the Student llrganization ol Murray State College llllllll Y I . M XX MQW V 61-5 440004 X 62 E Ce ff 604456 dem? 9.1. llll. lllllIilSl lf. Plllilll ln recognition ol his incalculahle contrihution to the lile ol this college, hoth as a man and a teacher, and lor his ever-ready cooperation with the 'dl Shield, to him we dedicate this annual ? I- if I, ng , gf rut.-I f' ,AL ,,,,f-gf' ,I-my ff - :. Q. ll-V' F15 :Lf f .- " ,f -. , A' 4 ,iz-, - ,H s fl, Is-v F - ,gf ' ay- , I Q "cm -' -f 1 .--K 'K--W ' adm: .- -I 55-13 ,f.:,:gI if. . M' -55-,A I, 5' 45' ' Tift 3' A ' Q35 gf: 15 54 Aa,- A33 ' 5? - E' WE'VE DONE OUR DANGDEST TO PUT OUT THIS ANNUAL, AND HERE IS THE RESULT OF OUR MIZZUBLE EFFORTS. WE'VE COMPOSED, CREATED, AND DE- COMPOSED UNTIL WE COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING ELSE TO PLA- GIARIZE. WE'VE STUCK BY THE "SHIELD" AND GIVEN UP OUR FRIENDS BY HARPING, "HAVE YOU HAD YOUR PICTURE MADE," OR "HAVE YOU PAID YOUR SI.50." OUR REWARD IS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE "SHIELD"-"YOUR DAYS TO- GETHER IN THIS BOOK, RELIVE THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN, 'TIS OUR PLEASURE TO KNOW SUCH WILL BE, AND THAT WE ARE PART OF THAT REUNION." 'm ,MQW sV" My Ivfh fx KM" my 7 V I ..., ,gg .sw-. J fi' .Q-Q , if ' if Sf Q., A, ag ,, Q, fx "kv' K' WX jkii? Q. V, ,N s A 14' fix A f 0, .. . uf. wwf' Ma xW! 4 QSM ' . H fk'3iigEijE35Q,!i 5 ' , 2 Z1, A , . ,B SA' fi - .T 'st . . ,K 'Y Q E 4 l is 2 A -,,A M, ,,Z.L V ,Mfg .4 LW Wig? .. k, li 1 Qial wg, . ,Q Qu ' A J. U f Lsfgw- A 5' '4 HH S- , fl 'pw W' N 1 k R Jfii., ,, 1 'Q U 914. 67 fi, A eqvmi fijyulf , 1 if ew wa? WW rf! :-.. - za, gg -A ,W . sf' 3 :E 'iinzrsi .: , 'S QW 1' z , 5 I .... M' gb, V A wig 2?Sgmh-ws, 'iS5ik?9Aii3iE.,'-35'E2ExZi51 3 K I K , Yu ig. Q d -3' xi Q3 4 - - w 55 SBE -ww Qiyivkf JW. 1 F Q wif 4-SE q 2 L v. wg. I 'K Y . ,,- L ,.' K Mk., :-fwff fs 25 E is 1 5 - if, 5 M A - 'W J 75 WIA E f V -- 4 S m - mf Q X' - - - - f . ' Q1 V K W4 V, W is 5- -A 'ff A' " 1 5-1 -1.-ww - . x, , . , - , . f- I Url my gf-uw V Msg f - M 1 - i f ' 4: 5 - Y -3 X K M if -V , . -M. M I 7- X- I My ' 5 'f f , ' f f g , - - - - , . uhm pf '44 r all? L it 2 .gh ff'-Aa ' y.w5,z 1 MQ .A X W N, mgair 'mg--. ,AL X- ,J V , 71 ' Z Jw Q" ' - 'WM Y A fl? A ,. ff? V, Q, NL' Q n. 1 4Mf:+',..,C "f5+1'M'A vw 4, ,W fa' wrfw. , . QM,-1,15 X ,KW ,Q i .sfiiif 1 f :: .. .55 RS Mgiisg --fs f-frggggfgg ., V 'fm iiaiif Q? .ff iw! .Q Ti V iii 1 if ' gg uf iw 2 gf' A Mfg, W 2' ' A W u W "-- If-M ..., ' ' M a , J... i ig ' gg QV ! k " i f 5 'nag ,ff Z, 5315 -if fs? ,Q gi W1 43553 EM -1, V Q Q 5 547' Ti? in W,,Q:i ,, , 7 31, , 1 "Cf ,E , was 4 W NH -K-wwmzz f f f 'wi 'WU KW' WW' Y " H' VW f f!'f?f,'Vl V4 5, , V947 , fl 4 few 41:7 siiiiiwe ,ew - -li 'wr an H kai? Nr.-.V-3 w. 'I 5 1 . 452' , ,, ,U H ,.,,, .... .Q W M- ew Jef 53, ,ww 52324, E fa E ,As E Haw mmm Mm: L 2 Q K MQW 53555 3513? EX? Q fi Q' W, 'E Q-Tm ' if LA4A sm QW. me ug- ,QQ , Ein We S ,fy Mar? 53 :K 54,8 'I wx '55 1 1-4 ,S s f S I , h -,f V ,, ,, 212:34 . 9 QW .,. li-.Vs,f,p, ., ,Q ff W . 5 ff my ' ,ff Lv . ' ,4 ,HQ :ff . ' 2-e Q i . D ' ' . .Ai ' A fsff' 'YP' .,:QQ,f' " ' - A , ,. WJ? A q vi w 3 Q if, wig? ., L b Qi? 1 5 .W K, n V i fy if fa 7 V , A A r f ,N- f .-A11 f if f I U a SM, sw , :ju V. ,f 95 , ' QQ? 5 1 ,f Q ,ff 2 .- Q Q u : Y -L JV 1 V A D ww K pi A , N34 'X 7 ' , tv -2315 xv Q V is LA S 329,33 :.:,. , A V J 2 5 E f f ww 3 " fi K 5 53. ' I 'L ' LL,, ,g . r' X1 .H 4 . 1 -,f 1 up A ag Q-.' , dfgkygq A S , 1 LK K I fx A W 5, .wk vf N, ,QR U A fx I 4. 152.2 ff K ill ' ,-:nf x it U' , Q Q. W iigffl' Y if . e . , A b X 9, W . is , .W .W 5,-gg M :H-F, if-'Q 1 59? ff., wg mfr! 5 fig' .4 if lf' Wngiii WW Jig 5 w 9. wr ,L m45E:'hsx' M CS. IIIIIT TS C. E. CRUME .... . . CIinTon CLAUDE WINSLOW .... . Mayfield ..........Murray oT Tive regenTs, Tour oT whom are appoinTed by The gov- who is chairman, ex oTTicio. The high sTandarcIs which They have esTabIisheoI and uphelol, oT Their umcailing cooperaTion, oT Their devoTion To The college and because OT Their TaiTh in our sTucIenT body we wish To remember Them in This space. MEMBERS OF PAST YEARS MRS. LAURINE WELLS, LOVETT MRS. WILLIAM H. MASON JAMES H. RICHMOND B L TREVATHAN G PRENTICE THOMAS THOMAS H. STOKES T. O. TURNER CHARLES FERGUSON JOHN W. BROOKER AITORY L i 2 wzzwzf' RICH nl As fhe years come and go, may Vfhe happy memories of fhe days spenf af Murray Sfafe sweefen and ennoble your lives, and may fhe work fhaf you have done' here prepare you for abundanf happiness and success. If is our hope fhaf fhe high purposes fo which your fufure efforfs may be dedicafed may be sfrengfhened by your associafions wifh us here af Murray. May fhe friendships made during your college days be freasured by you as a "pearl of greaf price." As you go ouf info life, if is our prayer fhaf you will be afforded alaundanf opporfunifies for successful service. Wherever you go, we will follow you wifh affecfionafe inferesf, confidenf fhaf you will uphold fhe sfandard of fhe Blue and Gold. Sincerely yours, JAMES l-l. RICHMOND, Presidenf. ie M mir umm W. M. CAUDILL, Dean of Men. The professor al' Murray who has "heard 'em all." Dean Cauclill approves or disapproves all our besf-fhoughf-of excuses on why we look +he day off. Mr. Caudill has always had The inferesl' of fhe s+udenls ai heari, and 'lo him goes fhe respeci' of fhe Sludenf Body. JANE HASELDEN, Dean of Women. Our versa+ile Dean of Women has faken lo fhe air. Affer deaning 300 girls, Miss Haselden looked for a recreaiion a liHle less nerve-wracking and fool: up aeronaulics. Because of her fhorough undersfanding of fhe Murray Sfafe Co-ed, Miss Haselclen has won a place in +he hear+ of every girl a+ Wells Hall. A WORD FROM DEAN NASH 0 YOURS is a precious privilege lo live in a democracy which provides a greal sys- lem ol public educalion. This democracy guaranlees lo you freedom of expression, freedom in religious worship, and Jrhe righl lo free assembly. May each day speril al Murray Slale Teachers College impress upon you your obligaliori as a cirizeri of Jrhe Unired Slales of America lo cherish, io defend, and lo perpeluale lhe rich polilical herilage which is yours. W. M. CAUDILL Dean of Men JANE HASELDEN Dean cf Women DEAN NASH AT HIS DESK ,f 1 1 1,11 1 ,Z IACIIIII RUTH SEXTON Head of Deparlmenl of Home Economics CAROLINE WINGO Home Economics JAMES W. MOORE Physical Educa+ion and Coach RUTH HEPBURN Fine Arls lArIl CARRIE ALLISON Physical Educalion JOHN MILLER Physical Educalion and Coach RUE L. BEALE Social Science, House Direclor of Men's Dormilory ROY STEWART Head of Physical Educafion Deparlmenl and Coach DR. ELIZA SPANN Biology Deparfmem' CARLISLE CUTCHIN Physical Ed ucaiion and Coach DR. FLOY ROBBINS Geography and Geology A. CARMAN Head of Deparlmenl' of Agriculfure MARIAN BEE Fine Arls MARY ED McCOY HALL Head of Ari Deparfmeni' NELLIE MAY Educafion GRACE WYATT Biology RS lMusicl E. B. HOWTON Ag ricullu re WYMAN W. J. GIBSON Head of Deparfmenl of Library Science II161 I I IQ17II II-IIIIIIIY D . FORREST C. POGUE Social Science DR. C. S. LOWRY Head of Socia I Science Depa rImenI G. C. ASHCRAFT Social Science MAYRELL JOHNSON Social Science DR. M. G. CARMAN Head of Deparfmeni of Mafhemafics EVELYN LINN C. R. MCGAVERN Fine Arfs IPianoI Mafhemafics FRANKLIN P. INGLIS Fine ArI's Iiviusici WILLIAM FOX L. R. PUTNAM Fine Arfs IMusicI PRICE DOYLE Fine Aris IMusicI Band Direcfor Head of De pa rfmenf of Fine Aris JOS A. C. LAFOLLETTE Public Speaking Debaie lnsI'rucI'or EPH N. GARTON Fine Ar+s IMusicI HELEN THORNTON Fine Aris IDr DR. L. C. FOWLER Commerce ELLA WEIHING English FRE amaficsi W. D. LEWIS Educafion D M. SINGLES Head of Deparfmenf of Commerce lIUlil FRED SHULTZ Educa+ion L. J. HORTIN Direc+or of Journalism Publicify Direc'l'or DR. G. T. HICKS Heacl of Deparlmenl of Eclucafion WALTER BLACKBURN Chemisiry R. A. JOHNSTON Chemisfry A. F. YANCEY Physics G. A. MURPHY Commerce DR. CHARLES T. HIRE Head of Deparimenl of Physics DR. A. M. WOLFSON Head of Deparimenl of Biology LlLLlAN HOLLOWELL English F. D. MELLEN English NADINE OVERALL BEATRICE FRYE English and Languages English ancl Languages RUTH ASHMORE Direcior of Women's Dormirory ELLISON BROWN Libra rian Direcior W. M. CAUDILL Dean of Men Geography ETTA B. GRANT Assislanf Librarian A. W. ROWLINSON Assisfanf Librarian l183 E191 Clllll DR. A. F. RUSSELL School Docior and Hygiene DR. JANE HASELDEN Lileralure and Languages Dean of Women CLEO GI LLIS HESTER Regislrar EVERETT DERRYBERRY Head of Deparlmeni of Language and Lileralure ONEIDA WEAR Cashier CHARLES HOSKINS Assisla nl Bookkeeper TENNIE BRECKENRIDGE Secreia ry To The Presidenl SUZANNE SNOOK Assislanf M. O. WRATHER Assislanl' Direclor of Public Relalion Reglslra r BETTIE HAYS Recorder SARAH HENDERSON Secrela ry of Public DR. JOHN W. CARR Presiclenl Emerifus +o Direcior Relalion ALICE KEYS Execu+ive Secrela ry HELEN JOHNSON Secrelary E. H. SMITH Direcfor of Pu blic Relalion H' f STUIIET Ulilill llllilll The STuclenT OrganizaTion is The highesT sTuolenT governing group aT Murray STaTe College and has The responsible iob oT super- vising The aTTairs ancl acTiviTies oT The sTuclenT body. The presiclenT, vice-presidenT, secre- Tary anol Treasurer are elecTecl by The sTuolenT body as Their represenTaTives To The STuolenT OrganizaTion. The oTher mem oers are eleclred oy Their respec:Tive classes. The organizaTion 'I' in assembly I se fw 355. Q Qdhxm Q Q 0 sf Q ,1 gs X, Vi? gt Q I ,,g, WW 17" ' .ny M' 133 Tim W gb if X an is , 7 A, V gg ' f , w JU 9 'km 4 ,ef X x sw A 'f 1,51 "Flin, A - Q ' Alf "' , l , ygigggg isin Q1 if My 435' , "' ws, Wie: 53 W. A K ',,- A ,-en. ,, 'JM ' 'gk K3 , , . U gjsmw K -IEE, , awk I VA Q iw , , Vg 'sg X I . VWQEMV .A X ' be waf- N ,, BW V gi M A W X hs iihl W QQ h , ' ,M 5 qigf W -QS A tk Sb 353 NMWW QQ5 N :WW 1545 f ' x 'L 3 f A kff Q 59 Aff - 2 New Jgswfggfaeeeww wk mi in Hihiinlllhillif Nm ,mg 5,1 .. ',-. : V ,eq . z' 'W xii wgsw Q -rf-'UQ za S 9' QM f K' ,gms New fp 0, K. -es aww QMS ipu Wai ' MM h "Y nA V 5mw.se5meq,,,w'W'6w Q 6 THE lNIll llllllllli ln i'he heari of Jacl4son's Purchase Nealrh Jrhe sun's warm glow: ls Jrhe home of Murray College, Fines? place we know. May we cherish 'l'hy Jrradiiions, Hold +hy banners high, Ever guard +hy name in glory, Live To do or die. 'Tho we leave +hy walls forever, Many miles go hence, May our love for Murray College Only have comrnenceclf' A. B. AUSTIN. Dean of Men, Murray S+a're, l935. LOUIS WALTERS ..... . . . Presidenl CARL STEFFlNS ..,..... Vice-Presidenl MARY ANNA JENKINS, Secrelary and Treasurer H Ilill THE Si IDRS O OFFICERS Seniors, our lime has come! Several days have passed since we lirsl slepped on Murray's campus as lowly Freshmen, Al lhal lime we lhoughl lour years was a long lime, bul lillle did we know, lhen, how quickly lhose years would pass. Here we sland, lhe Seniors ol I94I. Whal we have done here will have a greal bearing on our lulure and whal il will be like. ll our lime has been well spenl, we should reap lhe ripened lruil from a lirm lree, placed in rich soil: bul if our lime has been wasled lhe resull will be reversed. However, il is well lo surmise lhal lhe maiorily ol our class has spenl ils lime wisely and lhere is no reason why we shouldn'l be ready lo lake our places in lhe world which now conlronls us. This class has been logelher lor a long lime. We have worked logelher, played loqelher. and learned lo love Murray logelherq bul now we are lo be separaled as sand blown by lhe lour winds lo all parls ol lhe earlh. The memories of Murray and lhe wonderlul limes we have had logelher during our slay here will, undoubledly, be vividly porlrayed in our minds lorever, no maller where we are or whal we are doing. Lel us do our ulmosl lo make grealer conlribulions lo lhe world in which we are now enlering. As we leave Murray, lhe lasl lines ol our Alma Maler will always be in our hearls: . "Though we leave lhy walls forever, many miles go hence, May our love lor Alma Maler only have commenced." IZ3J igsvaim QQ wi NM tm A QM . AN-'N if D s E 5 web 5333 if QS S5 if 35555 Sl IllllSHll llll.S KATIE BLAN COST .........,........ . . Paducah, Ky. Bachelor of Music Education Accompanist tor College Chorus, '38, '39, Member ot Sigma Alpha Iota, '38, '39, President of Sigma Alpha Iota, '40, Chairman of Student Chapel Committee, '38, Member of Student Council of Wells Hall, '37, Or- chestra, '37, '38, '39, Band, '37, '38, '39, On Vagabond King, '39, Vivace Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Assistant Piano Teacher, '40, Girls Glee Club, '39, '40, Theater Orchestra, '38. BILL PARRISH . . .................. . Martin, Tenn. Bachelor ot Music Education College Band, '38, '39, '40, '4l, College Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4l, College Dance Band, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Campus Lights, '38, '39, '40 '4l' Theater Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Orchestra for Vagabond King: '40i Brass Ensemble, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Vivace Club. ROBERT C. CHRISTIAN .............. . Sturgis, Ky. B. ot Music Education Transfer from Georgetown College, Vivace Club, College Band, College Orchestra, Baptist Student Council, '38, '39, Men's Glee Club, '38, '39, Brass Ensemble, '39, '40, '4l, Union County Club, '38, '39. MARGARET BERRY COOPER ...... . Sturgis, Ky. B.S. Pep Club, '37, '38, '40, '4l, Twentieth Century Commerce Club, '39, '40, '4l, Household Arts Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Union County Club, '38, '39, Student Council ot Wells Hall, '38, '39, '40, Y. W. C. A., '40, '4I. TENNIE WILSON ROGERS ....... . . Lynn Grove, Ky. B.S. Geography and Geology Club Secretary, '39, President, '40, Women's Athletic Association, President, '40, Pep Club, Physical Education Club, Girls Intramural Award, '40. WILLIAM F. BOLING . . ..... . Alamo, Tenn. B.S. Agriculture Club. WALTER NANCE ................ . Providence, Ky. B. ot Music Education Vivace Club President, '40, Historian Gamma Delta Chapter, '39, '40, Band, A Capella Choir, Woodwind Quintet. VIRGINIA JANE COLEMAN ...... . Paducah, Ky. B.A. Household Arts Club, Portfolio Club, Secretary, Classical Club, Club, Journalism Statt Writer, French Vice-President, Student Council Organ- ization, Pep Club, Y. W. C, A. ELEANOR OURY GATLIN ....... . . Murray, Ky. A.B. Campus Lights, Girls Glee Club, A Capella Choir. JAMES ALTON BERRY . . ..,.. . . Lone Oak, Ky. B.S. Band, '37, '40, A Capella Choir, '37, '40, Orchestra, '38, '39, Vivace Club, '37, '39, Twentieth Century Commerce Club, '39, '40, Freshman Quartet, '37, College Quartet, '40, Sock and Buskin, '40, Men's Glee Club, '37, '40, Vagabond King, '39, Campus Lights, '39. JACK MADDOX BELOTE . . ..... . Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Physics Club, Bio-Med Club, Chemistry Club, Intramural Sports, Bon- Ton Club. MABEL CLARENE FENTRESS ...... . Herndon, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Pep Club, '38, '39, '40, Sock and Buskin, Football Queen, '40-'4l, Campus Beauty, '38, '39, Junior Repre- sentative Student Council, '39. E251 'Q tom SMITH MADDox . . ..... .. Mayfield, Ky. A.B. Ag. Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Deutche Verein President, '40, COIIEQIBIHB, '38, Physics Club, '40, '4l, Bio-Med Club, '40, '4l, M Club, '40,.I4l, Varsity Swim Team, '40, '4l, l94l "Shield" Staff, Bon-Ton Club, '39, 40, lntra-Murals, '39, '40, '4l, Honor Roll, '39. MARY ANNA JENKINS ................. Greenville, Ky. Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, Vivace Club, Girls' Glee Club, A Capella Choir, College Band, College Orchestra, Pep Club, Y. W. .C. A., Col- lege News Staff, "Shield" Statf, Kappa Pi Fraternity, President, Girls' Student Council, Sock and Buskin, Secretary, Alpha Psi Omega Fra- ternity, Student Organization, Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class, Campus Favorite, '40, Carnpus Beauty, '4l, M Club Follies, Brother Rat, You Can't Take It With You, Vagabond King, Campus Lights, Junior Prom Maid-of-Honor, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Representative to K. l. P. A., '40. THELMA MARCUM .............. . . Louisville, Ky. B. ot Music Education Girls' Glee Club, Girls Quartet, M Club Follies, Sock and 'Buskin, Sigma Alpha Iota, A Capella Choir, Vagabond King, Campus Lights, College Band, Collegians, Kappa Delta Iii, Vilvace Club, Pep Club, "Curse You Jac Da ton." HARRY DOUGLAS WILLIAMS .... . . Madisonville, Ky. B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, '39, '40, Vivace Club, '37, '38, Orchestra, '37, '4l, Physics Club, '38, '4l, President ot Physics Club, '39, Honor Roll, '37, '4l, Theater Orchestra, '39, '40, Vagabond King, '40, BYRON HOLLOWAY . . .... . Kuttawa, Ky. B.S. Collegianna, "Beauty and the Beast", Twentieth Century Commerce Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, '39, Porttolio Club President '39, '40, Treasurer, '39, Secretary, '40, Treasurer, '40, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Honor Roll. VIRGINIA ANN MILLER . .... . Hazel, Ky. B.S. Twentieth Century Commerce Club, English Club, Kappa Delta Pi. JANE PURYEAR KIRKPATRICK ..... . Greenville, Ky. A.B. Transfer University ot Kentucky. HARRELD NEWMAN KIRKPATRICK . . .. Russellville, Ky. A.B. " Basketball, '40, '4l, Geology Club, Physical Education Club. CHARLES JOE BAKER .. .... . Greenfield, Tenn. B.S. Physical Education Club, '37, '4l, M Club, '38, '4l, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, Geology Club, '40, '4l, Physical Education Club, Secretary, '38, '39, Vice-President ot M Club, '40, '4l GEORGIA JUAREZ FURGERSON . . . . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Twentieth Century Commerce Club, Sock and Buskin Club, Girls Pep Club, Y. W. C. A., Freshman Play. MARY MARIE CLODFELTER ..... . Paducah, -Ky. B.S. Style Show ot '38, President ot Household Arts Club, Who's Who ot American Universities and Colleges, Favorite of '40, Junior Prom Queen Attendant, Secretary ot Student Council of Wells Hall,' '4O. JOE LLOYD BANKEN . ................ Owensboro, Ky. Swimming Team, Vice-President of Student Organization, '40-'4l, Presi- dent ot Commerce Club, '40-'4l. Who's Who Among Students, M Club, Physical Education Club. Siigwfw 5. F K D QAQQQQ SI lIlliSHll IIIIS RUFUS G. HICKEY . . ..... . Big Sandy, Tenn. B.S. Transfer T. P. l., English Club, Geography Club, Inlernafional Relalions Club. DOROTHY sHuLrz . , .... . Murray, Ky. B.S. Prom Queen '40, Cheer Leader, '39, '40, English Club, '40, Big Sisler, '39, Pep Club, Junior Minslrel, '38, Campus Favorile, '40, Collegiana, '38. ANNIE N. HOUSE . . . . . B.S. . . , Farmingron, Ky. Household Arls Club, Y. W. A., Prayer Group. Vice-Presideni of Young People's EDWARD ALEXANDER CHUPA . . . B.S. . . . Lorain, Ohio Physical Educalion Club, M Club, Freshman Foolball, Varsily Foofball, M Club Follies, Wafer Carnival, lnrramurals, Kipa Pi Fralernily, '37, Geography Club, Track, '38, PAUL GORDON PARKER . . . . . . B.S. . Murray, Ky. Physics Club. EVELYN CAMPBELL . ....... .. Carrsville, Ky. B.S. Transfer from Weslern Sfale Teachers College, Pep Club, Household Arfs Club. ARVENA B. HOLLOWAY .. .... .. Sedalia, Ky. B.S Y. W. C. A, Household Arls Club. I JANE SEXTON . . .................. . Murray, Ky. Bachelor of Music Educafion Sigma Alpha lola, Band, '37, '4I, Girls Glee Club, '37, '4l, A Capella Choir, '37, '41, Vivace Club, '37, '4l, Theafre Orchesfra, Sigma Alpha lofa Sfring Quarlef, '39, '4I, Vagabond Kung, '40, Freshman Girls Quarfel. I WILLIAM SHELTON RAWLS . ..,.. . . . B.S. Mayfield, Ky. Bon-Ton Club, Weslminisier Fellowship, Physics Club Presidenf, '40, Vice- Presidenl, '39. EMIL WILLIAM WEBER, JR ....... . Pofisville, Pa. B.S. I Trainer. ADRIAN MARIE BAUCOM ....... Kenfon, Tenn. B.S. Transfer Universily of Tennessee, Household Arls Club, Y. W. C. A., Pep club. LORIS OUTLAND . . ..... Murray, Ky. B.S. I LOUIS CHARLES RYAN . . ..... 3 ....... Murray, Ky. 7 0 xii , I I ago! 7 f-N6 College News Slaff, '38, Inl rnalional Relalions Club. JAMES H. JOHNSON . . ..... . Clay, Ky. I B.S. Freshman Foolball, Freshman Baskefball, Varsily Foolball,-Co-Caplain Foolball, '40, Freshman Baslceiball Manager, '39, '40, Presldenl Junior Class, Presiclenl M Club, "Shield" Slaff, '40, M Club Follies, '38, '39, Physical Educalion Club, M Club, Honorable Menlipn All-K. I. A. C. Cenler, 39, All-K. l. A. C. Cenler, 40. ALBERT BARKLY ADAMS . . ..... . Puryear, Tenn. INDAZEYH-,1,5Q61,4J Liu ATBEM 'mf' 'LIS' , ,li rs., , F' RI','36. orelgn ea 'Ons .Li his, ' Ggfrncil e a3,9 37,oPr I ,Cl birlg ogngll Il H '9, ig isler rg rzafi , ' ,' , e u resi en, . e Syics y, -38, WgQwide A Ph I I Edu I' THOMAS NEATHEMER . . ...... . . cans, lu. Hes" an P' V' P' m.Q"iiQafi"l:fg'd93Q,",.,,,,,o,'R,,,,, " Vim" 'M' BS ,vb - " - -' X' 'Lu-4., Physical Educalion Club, M Club, Freshman Foofball, Freshman Boskef- H4-Cf ji' I : 'L-'Tc .""' ' ban: Vmhy Smmmingl Dixie Fonesr MYERS . .............. a Ky.i Z B.S. ' 'V I Pep Club, Household Arls Club, Vice-Presidenl Household Arls Club, '4I. . NAOMI LUCEILLE TURK . . ..... . Bal-dwell, Ky. , B,S. , Household Arls Club Secrelary-Treasurer, '38, Campus Beaulry, '38, '40, JAMES W"'L'AM "EW'S ' ' ""' ' Mayfleld' Ky' '4I, Pep Club, Foofball Queen Allendanl, '40, Easier Parade, '39. B,5, Sfudenl Council, Physics Club, M Club, College Band. JULIA JEFFREY GREENFIELD ..... . Hardin, Ky. 85' WILLIAM MacMURRAY .. ..... . aussie, N. Y. Sock and Buskin Club. B,S, Physical Educarion Club, M Club, M Club Follies, Mary of Scofland, Foorball, Freshman Baskefball, Swimming Varsiry, lnframural Sporls. WATKIN PRICHARD JONES ........... . Lorain, Ohio Bachelor of Music Educafion Phi Mu Alpha, Vivace Club, Orcheslra, Lieulenanl Maior of Marching BERNlcE ARNETT ' ' ""' ' Mayfleld' Ky' Band, Flag Swinger, Men's Music Club, Brass Ensemble, Secrefary of B.S. Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-Presideni of Vivace Club, College Dance Band, Cheer Leader, Cheer Leader Caplain, Campus Lighls. Library Science Club, English Club. lf27fl Lzsl X I ? SI IIIIISHU IIIIS CARL A. STEFFIN . . . . . .... . . . Shawano, Wis. B.S. M Club, Vice-President of Senior Class, Varsity Basketball, Basketball Captain, Varsity Football. MARY DOROTHY CURRIER ............. . Murray, Ky. Bachelor ot Music Education A Capella Choir, '37, '41, Intramural Champ, '39, Freshman Girls Quar- tet, Vivace Club, '38, '4l, Kipa Pi Fraternity, '38, Secretary ot Sopho- more Class, Band, '38, Pep Club, '37, '39, Girls Varsity Quartet, '39, '4l, Campus Lights, '39, '4l, Bi Sister Movement Council, '39, College News Statt, '38, Freshman Ptiay, Girls Glee Club, '37, '4l, B. S. U. Council, '40, '4l, College Y. W. A. President, '39, '4l, College Band Trio, '40, Honor Student, Vagrgzond Kingd '40, President ot "Town Girls roup," '4 . CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA OWEN .... . Murray, Ky. A.B. Alpha Psi Omega, Beta Pi Theta, Band, '37, Orchestra, '37, Sock and Buskin, The Women, Another Spring, Mary ot Scotland, Professor How Could You?, English Club, Honor Roll, Night of January lb. WILSON GANTT . . . .... . . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Lettered in Debating, '37, '38, International Relations Club, Debate Club, Secretary-Treasurer Physical Education Club, '39, '40, American Blue Book ot University Men, '39, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Football lTggnaIgggr,'4g8,I4'l39, '40, Basketball Manager, JAMES PAUL WILLIAMS, JR. ......... . . . Crutchfield, Ky. B.S. President of Pre-Med, '39, President of Bio-Med, '40, Secretary-Treasurer ot Physics Club, '39, Vice-President ot Physics Club, '40, Vice-President of Deutscher Verlin, '39, Honor Roll. , NELL WRIGHT . .... . . Bruceton, Tenn. B.S. Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Pep Club, Vice-President Pep Club, '40, Football Queen Attendant, '39, Secretary Junior Class, Big Sister Organization, '39, Wells Hall Council, '39, Com- merce Club, Reporter Commerce Club, '4O, College News Staff, Honor Roll, Kipa Pi Fraternity, '38, English Club, Household Arts Club. ANNA MERLE QUIREY ............... . . Clay, Ky. " Bachelor of Music Education Band, '37, '4l, Orchestra, '37, '4l, Vivace Club, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President, English Club, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, President Wells Hall Council, B. S. U. Council. SHIRLEY M. CASTLE . . ..... . . Stanford, Ky. A.B. President ot Student Relations Club, '39, responding Secretary Organization, '40, '4l, Vice-President International President International Relations Club, '40, Cor- Ohio Valley Conference ot I. R. C., '40, Staff of College News, '39, '40, German Club, '39, English Club, '40, Vice- Fellowship, '39, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. President Westminster DEWEY Henson Jones . . ..... . . semen, Ky. A.B. President Classical Club, '38, English Club, International Debate Team, '39, President International Relations Club, '40, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Pastor Benton Baptist Church, Benton, Ky. VIRGINIA MADELINE ODLE ....... . . . . Camden, Tenn. B.A. Pep Club, English Club, Les Camorades, Beta Pi Theta Fraternity, Y. W. C. A. MARY ALVA ELLISTON ................ . Bardwell, Ky. Bachelor of Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota Fraternity, Vivace Club, Portfolio Club, Classical Club, '37, Pep Club, Vagabond King, '40. BUTLER EUGENE MCGARVEY ..... . Paducah, Ky. B.S. Varsity Football, M Club, Physical Education Club, Physical Education Carnival, '38, '40, Water Carnival, '38, Kipa Pi Fraternity, Physics Club, M Club Follies, Vice-President, Freshman Class, Honor Roll. l L291 DESIREE JEFFERY FAIR . . .... . Murray, Ky. B.S. Ace, '40-'4l, Allenian Society, '34. E. B. MORGAN . . .... . . . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Agriculture Club, Vivace Club, Band, '36, '37, Orchestra, '36, '37. EUGENE TERRY RANSOM . .... . Bandana, Ky. B.S. Agriculture Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Young Democrat Club, '40, '4I, College Chorus, '37, '38, Honor Roll, '40. RUBYE INIXIEI LEDFORD . . .... . . Hopkinsville, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Pep Club, '38, '39, '40, Big Sister Organization, '39, '40, Girls' Student Council, '39. MAY BOAZ COCKE . . .... . Wickliffe, Ky. B.S. Commerce Club, President, Y. W. C. A., '39, Pep Club, Baptist Student Union. CLARENCE PERRY .. ..... . .. Murray, Ky. B.S. Reporter, Vice-President Commerce Club, Vice-President Young Demo- cratic Club, College News Staff, Honor Roll, Business Manager I9-ll "Shield", International Relations Club, Kipa Pi Journalism Fraternity. ALFRED VORACE TYNES . .... . Paris, Tenn. B.S. Pre-Med Club, Vice-President Pre-Ilgedd Club, German Club, Physics Club, BTI . FRANCES GREY WHITE . . .... . Cobb, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club, Pep Club. FRANCES PAULINE WAGGONER . . . . Crutchfield, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club, Pep Club Y. W. A., Wells Hall Council. CHARLES EDWARD McCLAIN .... . . Paducah, Ky. B.S. Intramurals, '37-'4l, Physics Club, '40, Young Democrat Club, '40, Freshman Basketball. WILLIAM JEFFERSON INMAN .... . . Danville, Ky. B.S. President Freshman Class, President Sophomore Class, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, M Club, Physical Education Club, Business Manager M Club Follies, '40, Secretary M Club, '40, Kipa Pi Fraternity, '38. ROBERTA MORROW .. .... . Bandana, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club, Y. W. A., Pep Club, Y. W. C. A. President, '40, Vice-President, '39. f x Xp' ff N W f w f if M'T'f'fifjT M' Sl IIIIISHII IIIIS WILLIAM LOUIS WALTERS ...... . . Paducah, Ky. i B.S. ' Co-Caplain of l94O Foolball Squad, Presidenl of Senior Class, I94I, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, I94O-4I, Sporls Edilor of "Shield," l940-4l, Boxing Team, I938-39, Freshman Foolball, I937, Honorable Menlion K. I. A. C. Guard, l939-40, "M" Club Follies, I939- 40, "M" Club Waler Carnival, l940, Physical Educalion Carnival, '38- '39-'40, NOVALEE ROBERTS . . .... . . Benlon, Ky. B.S. Household Arls Club, '39-'40, Pep Club, '39, Y. W. C. A., '39. SUE DYER STANLEY . . .... . . . Sedalia, Ky. A.B. Vivace Club, '35, Mixed Chorus, '35, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '36, Pep Club, Library Science Club, '40. LEWIS DRAKE . . .... . . Trenlon, Tenn. B.S. "M" Club Follies, College News Slaff, Honor Roll. CARL EUGENE WALKER . . . .... . . Providence, Ky. B.S. Twenlielh Cenlury Commerce Club, '39-'40-'4l, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40-'4l, English Club, '40-'41, Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universilies, '4l. CLARA MARGARETTE ISHAM ........... . .LouisvilIe, Ky. Bachelor of Music Eclucalion Freshman Play, "Collegianna," '37, Sigma Alpha lola Music Fralernily, Girls' Glee Club, Slrlng Ouarlel, Orcheslra, Sock and Buskin Dramalic Club, "The Women," "We Girls," "Vagabond King," "Campus Lighls," '40, College News Slaff, Vivace Club, Pep Club. NEDRA BAYNE VANNOY WEAR . . . . . Earlinglon, Ky. B.S. Presidenl of Fulure Teachers of America, '39-'40, Vice-Presidenl of Wells Hall Council, '40, Secrelary and Treasurer of Wells Hall Council, '39-'40, Kappa Della Pi, Household Arls Club, Pep Club, Hopkins Counly Club. JOE OWEN BROWN, JR. . . .... . . . Danville, Ky. B.S. Varsily Foolball, '37-'38-'39-'40, "M" Club Follies, Presidenl of "M" Club, '40, Physical Educalion Club, '38-'39-'40. SAMUEL CLYDE JONES . . .... . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Inlernalional Relalions Club, Debale Club, Honor Roll. NORMA' Louise WAGGONER .... . .winga, Ky. B.S. Household Arls Club, Commerce Club, Y. W. C. A., Pep Club. SYBIL ODINE SWANN ............... . . Lynn Grove, Ky. Bachelor of Music Educalion Sigma Alpha lola, Alpha Psi Omega, Vivace Club, "Vagabond King," "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You," "Brolher Ral," "Anolher Spring," "Col- legianna," "One Mad Nighl", Girls' Ouarlelle, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, College Band, Y. W. C. A., "Who's Who Among Slu- denfs in American Universilies and ColIeges." JAMES RAYMOND WOODALL .... . . Princelon, Ky. A.B Edilor-in-Chiel,College News '40-'4l, Managing Edilor College News, Summer '40, Assislanl Manager College News, Spring '40, Presidenl Eng- lish Club, Fall '40, Inlernalional Relalions Club. U11 ADALINE HAYDEN . . .... . . Salem, Ky. B.S. Pep Club, A. C. E. Club, Transfer 'from Ward-Belmonl-College, Nash- ville, Tenn., and Weslern Slala Teaclkew College, Bowling Green, Ky., OTIOI' O . HARRY E. HANEY . . . .... . . . McKenzie, Tenn. B.S. "Shield" Slaff, '39, Tennis Team, '39, Edilor of Year Book, '40, "M" Club, '4I. JAMES BARKETT . . .... ..... C airo, III. B.S. Freshman Play, '38, Junior Minslrel, '38, Junior Business Manager "Shield," '39-'40, College News Slaff, '38-'39, Senior Edilor of "Shield," '40-'4I. ERNESTINE FISHER .............. . . Bardwell, Ky. B.S. Transfer from Lambulh College, Jackson, Tenn., Porlfolio Club, Home Economics Club. DOROTHY NELL STARK ......... . ........ Kirksey, Ky. B.S. Household Arls Club, Slyle Show, '39, Porlfolio Club. PAUL JONES . . .... . . Kevil, Ky. B.S. "M" Club, '40-'41, Physical Ed. Club, '40-'4l, Track Team, '38-'39. WILLIAM THOMAS WRAY ...... . . Gleason, Tenn. B.S. Freshman Foolball, '37, Freshman Baskelball, '37, Varsily Foolball, '38- '39-'40, "M". Club, '38-'39-'40, Physical Educalion Club, '38-'39-'40, Aller- nale Caplaln Freshman Foolg-:EIL Sfggaila Presidenl Physical Educalion u, - . MAIDA Roseau RAY . . ..... . . Mayfield, Ky. B.S. Household Arls Club, Sock and Buskin Dramalic Club, Porlfolio Club, Pep Club, Y. W. C. A., '37-'38, English Club, '37-'38, Senior Represenla- live lo Educalion Conference. ANGIE MARY MCNUTT . . .... . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Household Arls, '37, '38, '39, '40' Chemislry Club, '37, Porlfolio, '39, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '39, '40, Y. w. c. A., '4o. PAUL EDWIN LEMONS . . ..... . . Murray, Ky. B.A. Varsily Debaler, '37, '38, Kipa Pi, '38, Inlernalional Relalions Club, '38, '4l, Presidenl 39, Sock and Buskin, '39-'4I, "Mary of Scolland," '39, Winner of Besl Ad in K. I. P. A. Conlesl, '39, Presidenl Ohio Valley Conference, I. R. C., '39-'40, College News Slall, '37-'4l, Adverlising Manager '40-'41, Bapllsl Sludenl Uniont0PubIicily Manager '38, '39, Treas- urer ' . AMPLESS LETCHER MOORE ...... . . While Plains, Ky. ' B.S. Agrlcullure Club, Commerce Club, Hopkins Counly Club. LUCILLE KEMP . . ..... . . Princelon, Ky. B.S. Household Arls Club, '38-'4l, Y. W. A., '39-'40. N Afffflcf flaw SI IUIISHU IIIIS NELLENE EZELL . . .... . . Clinton, Ky. B.S. Household Art Club, I937-40, Portfolio Club, l938-40, Sock and Buskin, 1938-40, Pep Club. RUTH MARINE BARNHILL ......... . . . . Madisonville, Ky. B.Mus.Ed. , Bachelor of Music Education Cincinnati Conservatory ot Music, Averett College, Danville, Va. Vivace Club, Hopkins County Cglulb, English Club, Accompanist Kappa eta Pi. L. R. HUNT . . . . . .Central City, Ky. B.S. German Club, '40, Physics Club, '4l, Bio-Med, '4l, Shield Staff. JAMES COLEMAN HART . . ..... . . Murray, Ky. A.B Pre-Med., Vice-President '40, '4l, Physics Club, Beta Pi Theta, President '40, Student Organization, '37, Swimming Team, '4O. ALTON RIDDLE . . .... . . Fulton, Ky. B.S. ALBERT JACK HERPY ........... ...... A shtabula, Ohio Bachelor of Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, President '40, Kappa Delta Pi, College Symphony, College Concert Band, College Merit Co. Band, College Dance Orchestra, "Who's Who in American Colleges." JOHN HENRY SINGLETON, JR. . . , ...... . . Enterprise, Ala. Bachelor of Music Education Band, Vivace Club, Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Phi Mu Alpha, Men's Glee Club, Chairman Dance I-Cirimitteig, State Manager of "Campus ig ts," f . MRS. R. E. PERKINS . . .... . . . Fulton, Ky. BS Pep Club, Twenty Century Commerce Club, Household Arts Club, Sock and Buskin, Transfer from Meredith College. FRANCIS 'DON LABONTE . . .... . .Jeweif City, Conn. B.S. M Club, Physical Education Club, Track, Football, Varsity and Freshman, Body Beautiful, '40. WILLIAM FRANKLIN POLLARD .... . . Murray, Ky. B.S. College Band, l939-38, Orchestra, '38, Pre-Med Club, '36, Sock and Bus- kin Club, '39-'40, "You Can"I' Take It With You," '39, "Mary of Scot- land," '40, "Professor, How HCould gon?" '40, "lt Can't Happen ere," '4 . JAMES HOWARD ELKINS ..... .......... G reenville, Ky. Bachelor of Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus. GENEVA SLAYTON ADAMS .... . . . . Murray, Ky. B.S. Household Arts Club. Sl LOICE BATTS . . ..... . .Wingo, Ky. B.A. JOHN LYNN BARTLOW ................. Leadwood, Mo. Bachelor of Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Vivace Club, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, "Vagabond King", M Club Follies. ELMER REID JONES . . ..... . . .Golden Pond, Ky. B.S. Ag Club, Physics Club, Bio-Med Club, Honor Roll, JOHN EDWIN PRICHARD ............. . . Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Warden, Secretary, Orchestra, Band, A Cappella, Vivace Club, Glee Club, String Quartette. JAMES WOOD CUNNINGHAM .... . . . Dukedom, Tenn. B.S. , Physics Club. LESLIE McKEEL . . ..... . . . Rector, Ark. B.S M Club Follies, '38-'39-'40, Varsity Basketball, '38-'39-'40, Freshman Bas- ketball, '37, M. Club, All-K. I. A. C., All-S. I. A. A. NANCY MELLON . . . . . A.B. . . Murray, Ky. MAXINE PYBAS ..................... Greenwood, Miss. Bachelor of'Music Education Vivace Club, '38, Sigma Alpha Iota, '39, Sock and Buskin, '40, Kappa Delta, Vice-President '40, A Cappella Choir, '38, Girls' Glee Club, '38, Woodwind Quintet, '38, Band, '38, Orchestra, '38, "Oh, Professor," '40, "We Give," '40, "Vagabond King," '40, MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS . . . .... .... . . Murray, Ky. Bachelor of Music Education Vivace Club, Portfolio Club, Sigma, Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Secre- tary Sigma Alpha, Secretary Vivace, '39, College Band, Orchestra, Wood- wind Quintet, Class Representative to Student Organization, '39-'40, Sec- retary to Student Organization, Secretary Freshman Class, '38, Favorite Beauty, "Who's Who in American Colleges." PATRICIA MASON . . . . . Murray, Ky. B.S. MARY LOUISE SUMNER . . ..... . . .Cadiz, Ky. B.S. A. C. E. Club, Trigg County Club, Pep Club, Y. W. C. A. Club, Honor Roll, '39-'40, MARIE HALL . . ..... . . Pippapass, Ky. B.S. Transfer from Caney Junior College and Eastern State Teachers College. CLAUDE C. WILSON . . . ................. Hazel, Ky B.S. lnlernalicnal Club, Ag Club, A. C. E. Club. ALMA WALLACE ........................ Kevil, Ky B.S. Sock and Buskin Club, Commerce Club, Pep Club. CHLOE HAYNES .....,...... ......... C alhoun, Ky B.S. Geography Club. RAY FUTRELLE ......................... Cadiz, Ky B.S. Pre-Med Club, Presidenl of Trigg Counly Club, Chemislry Club, Biol ogy Club. JESSIE FRANCES WILLIAMS ................. Murray, Ky B.S. Geography Club, Trigg Counly Club, '36, Commerce Club, Library Sci ence Club, A. C. E. Club, B. S. U., Y. W. A. Club. CELIA EVELYN MILLER ..... .............. H azel, Ky B.S. Sock and Buslcin, Classical Club, English Club, Secrefary of A. C. E. '40, "The Vagabond King," 'Trofgssolb How Could You?", Honor Roll l 37- . DESIREE MURRELLE BLALOCK ............ . . Murray, Ky B.S. A. C. E. Club, Student Council. VIRGINIA KINDRED .................. . . Murray, Ky B.S. E341 RUBLE CRUTCHFIELD .......... . . . . . Wingo, Ky. Ag Club, Bliliysics Club. MARTHA E. FRANKLIN . ...... . . Marion, Ky. B.S. JIMMIE AVIS WEBB ....... .......... . . Burkley, Ky. seek and suskin glib, A. c. E. Club. R. C. STEWART .... ................... M urray, Ky. Freshman Play, lnlersaiional Relallons Club. MARY FRANCES DAVIS ...... B S. .... . . . Clay, Ky. Home Economics Club. ORVILLE JAMES MITCHELL ........,.. .... S mifhland, Ky. B.S. Geography and Geology Club, PEI E. Club, lnlernalional Relalions U . MARY LOUISE SIMPSON .................. Bandana, Ky. B.S. A. C. E. Club, Household Arfs Club, Transfer from Lambufh, Pep Club. JU IIIII IIIIISS I OFFICERS DON TURCOTTE . . ...... Pre: JIMMY RICKMAN ...... Vice-Pr nT W.. MQW! . Miflwrlfi f JUNIORS-I-low imporTanT The word sounds! One more year and we will bear The TiTIe of Senior, maybe! l.eT us recall our progress Thus Tar. Wide-eyed, open-mouThed, we, The Class of I942 as Freshmen, walked warily in The side door oT The I.iTTIe Chapel like so many head of caTTle being herded by The TaculTy. As Tor whaT Took place in ThaT building-leT us noT menTion IT. as we all cannoT help buT remember, IT was only a shorT Time aTTerwards ThaT we TirsT heard The challenging ques- Tion, "Where will you be Ten years from now?" WiTh ThaT incenTive in mind. we sTarTed ouT To The al aT The - yo of ThaT Ten-year period-hoping ThaT iT would only Take Tour years To reach iT. ' ! As Time passed we soon advanced a sTep up The ladder To The rank oT Sophomores, and'wi a iron ji ed The incoming Freshmen! WiTh a combinaTion of work and play The year passed by TasT, al fu well sy e ere . . ' 1' As Juniors we are a well-balanced class and in our esTimaTion The besT ThaT M r if ST e 1. A r v ni dt We have our scholars. aThleTes, d:'amaTis personae, and whaT-have-you! LaTe in I5-1 nk - sem Ter - p n f The J nior- Senior Prom, which marks The climax of The social acTiviTies. Led by our 1 Ior o W een, a of A' maid. we shall pay TribuTe To The Seniors. " ,AAA 1' ' NoThing has been said abouT The dark, ineviTable war cloui Th T conf T ur. Our of '42 squarely Faced T challenge oT a shiTTing world-a Turmoil beseT wiTh a Tierce econ I ruggle. b ' now The main Thing you and me To do is NOT GET EXCITED- . E351 ,Rm V .I IIIIIS HARRY DAVIDSON KATH RYN CHRISTIAN BERNADINE FISH NANCY HUNT LA BONTE JAMES L. DORAN EARL BOLIN FRANCIS ALLEN HOFFMAN HERSCH EL FAHR JULIA GILLIAM ETTA FENTON RUTH BOWLIN HELEN HIRE STEVE JONES JAMES T. NANNEY HAROLD HILL ..-A . A-, . IA.. .ww -, Sa- I kF'fw WILIMINA GRAMSE B L, sg. K+. T, 1-., - .U - A ' '- Y' ml NUACK nuLL1s-f F5 'f A MAROARET HRDIAIARTD vga R F Nr A 5 J ,IAM N 40" 'SL I'-5.4m-Lv' .,vr,:f,.A-V,-1 1 Lg," s Q' 5 ,xg . -3-f"'N"i U ' K il' , I. , 1 K-4 - i 1 ,, - il' ' if. X -Q fm J, ,R 3 -L R- R, .L A xv PEGXGY HOFFMAN . DURWARD CULP I w J, , s . ,, LSARA UANVE WASHBURN1 I A A-.I ,, . A dfxi, 'U I I , CHAMP RUSHING f f ,- L5 ' .I . .. , f r . Nad U , , JAMES A. TEY 1 A , 1 , R N JJ ' RDE I ABELL M , , Nj KN, L. ' .2 I ' I A f '. MONIS c-sooo' f If f LEAH WILL s - MAR HA LTON JAM ARLAN ,IC .1 fy ' MARTHA MEALS jx. CA L FO TE A 1 ' W NEWILLIAMS A HELEN MCN EIL L36I fvnff'-'11, l nA,4,w--f-ff 7-o . , J u N RALPH ALEXANDER ANNIE LAURIE BURNETT MARTHA LOUELLA HAYES WAYNE HURD IJ'-Afqwqf-f'cu Ur' lMVU? 7,' OYC R Qiff MH Q KEY - us FA ER S cf, B. QE FITCH JSTTLMQW W vWiffGi3f5:,CE TW JACK H- INES BETTY JEANNE AKEN HATTIE LAMB ROBERT CROWELL KATHRYN GOHEEN ROBERT FISER DON TURCOTTE L Yom -if 'QJFJ '-J 61,0 ' Ekmaug.-:911 M7 yf-MMU' Alzfi-fjg .qf:sP-EfR.sM 2 fz 5 Q JIMMIE H. MAJ 'Tv-DJ! PETE KOSS . f i CARL FERRARA f ' ,ff 9 i 4 M ! ROLENE CRAWFORD uf' Pwmfmf' LA 'T1'H?55'f55f l Gogninf I ' PW' """T" J UHSM T f 2 Y E CECIL BOLIN SARAH LEE ROWLAND ANNA M. MYRE GEORGE WHITECOTTON BETTY JANE CARI'WRlGHT WAYNE DYER FREDERIC JOHNSON CLARA B. LOWRY T JOHN RAYMOND MITCHELL MARY ALICE ELLIS ESTELLE PICKARD I ,h A THOMAS, fCRLAWFORD ,T ALBERTA ALEXANDER I ' 'M If KJERRY GLOVER' 'L WAYNE PACE. I I VANETTA BRUCE if ERMINE VINCENT A ' A AUDREY OLIVER Y A I MARX, wALPcLE ' . VINCENT TAYLOR ' 14, 3 GEM ' 'Mu ffm' L OR HURT' 5 nos R Lol if sim RusI-IToN K fab Lf ' D' L OTTOM 50 ' W -If ! ,, QALZZA THA J NE osswY MAXI JA ARRE RWINK JANE BYRN A GEORGE SPETH THOMAS L. D D, JR. N RMA MARIE BILLINGTON ww Lygfgf E391 ll ll II FRANK SHIRES MARY JANE CONLEY MARY C. OLIVER DENVER ERVIN CHARLOTTE BYRN WINIFRED LAWSON ROSCOE BONE RENA MAE BLUE STEVE LEVANDOSKI FLORENCE DONOHO MARTHA PRIDE BOB SALMONS RosA DE VAU - ,444- bw-' -U A jj DALE MELUGIN 7 - W W ,fx U W cr-:Anus vs ON curr cAProLA nuns-E HAROLD RIDDLE SARAH ARMBRUSTER KATHLEEN WINTER CARROL JONES JERLINE DOSSETT H. L. CARTER, JR. CLAUDE AKIN BETTY BURDICK ISHMAEL OAKLEY FRANCES GATLIN NELL CANNON CAMMON BAILEY MRS. OLGA K. FREEMAN RAMER JEWELL, JR. ORVILLE OWENS NANCY ALEXANDER GILBERT LAMPE IIIIIS MARGARET ROBERTS LELA BELLE PRATH ER REBECCA ROBERTSON BU EL EDWARDS LACY RANDOLPH JOHN CORBI N JIMMIE RICKMAN SUE UPCHURCH HILDA STREET MADGE ROWLAND MARY LEE KING LONIE RUDD EDWARD PO NCZEK STEVE LATANATION JAM ES STEVENS MARY VIRGINIA HENRY ANNE ROSS EVELYN MELVIN SARA MARGARET ROBINSON JAMES REDDEN CHARLES RAY WINDERS BILL DICKINSON WILLIAM DAVIS VERNA MCKINNEY MARILYN RABURN VIRGINIA CABLE DOLLYE MCALLISTER JOE PASCHALL ELMO REED BILLY SHELTON ' ARABELLA coox E401 UIIIII TOM JOHNSON WILMA MESCHER LORENE WALKER CHARLES SILVERBLATT DOROTHY STREET JOE YOUNGBLOOD HOWARD DUNNIGAN 6 LUCY HUNTER Li M LAYTON WILLIAMS MARGUERITE B. SAMPLER MARGARET STUBBLEFIELD PHEBUS PRUETT BARBARA KETTLER LEE REDDEN JAMES BLALOCK ROSE VAN DERM ESSE l G. B. JOHNSON, JR.x. ,Iwi ,, Q - gg f -. . l -,W I 4 M nsmggr Myss . is IR I . 5 NJ Im+Lonsn,l r51ANLEY A-Qi 5 L 1 X3 I IA LJ Akvlo LARSEN :.4w:ijx-'agus fl Qx' W? I xx 'N ' N. v wi - AVVL I ,V Wx V Q' V X ,V I . MARJORIE WYNNS jf 3 NELSONYASWEENEY 'A HAROLD els!-1 Nil I 3 M3 xt X, : , LATTIE VENABLE ...,. LL- 'A' AV 1' Nat A I ,I 2 , I is , ,Vi kj I NAAI:OlI'RxO.BERTS If EIFAIFIRYN McCLELLAN ' JANE SHULTZ A. B. WATERS MARY WHITE ELIZABETH THOMSON . MARGARET SAUNDERS I I , BE LLACE A 4 . ,,',.5f M-f LQQYA 44- -. ,- -5 ,Q 7' . V A , f' I I if , Q-' ,K I 1 V .,f4,1,'J I f,.4,'4fi . 4.4. fb ., 74 ij , V J QT! ' Vsiffx' . If S '--4 'YI .- J- ffl ,EE . .c?,..f' fx Af' ' ' L- QI iv! ,ELA 'T " ' ff - If A f f - . A . 415 I' J IIIIIS GAYLE PERRY BARBARA THOMAS BETH WILSON 9' ELWOOD iwwksxxf QL 0' X' Q 6 n QQ Q xx IU Rose ZELLA HENRY fx IX X Ax WALLY wALPoLE -I I- I! V sLooN BYRD SI I gags? TBURMOND ' I AGNES BLANE ANTOIN c. WALK E zAaET D ON . X WI AM my I u Q '1 , I J v R Fun . ! I VIRTEI s E , ARLA ILSO ' A EWELL THOMAS ' f fc LLIAR ILL s ' K HLE wAL cs BY Mo lsoN C ' c s Moons I B MCNAMEJ ' ' Mlssou cK 1 1 ' D T Y CLA ' ' Jo ORD cl AUDREY L ELIZABETH ADAMS MRS. RUTH WALLIS ALLEN J. P. TUCKER ELSIE CALHOUN ALLIE MAE UTTERBACK GENEVA VANHOOSER REBECCA ARMSTRONG MARY DORIS WINGER OPAL MITCHELL .,L.-lx I 1 r I 'I . 1 E421 x SUPHII HRT lil SS OFFICERS NICK WOODRUFF . . ...... ..... P residenT l-IARON WEST ...... ....... V ice-PresidenT MARIAN FLETCHER . . . . . . SecreTary and Treasurer Well, Sophomores, we have passed one more goal in our college life. As we look over our lasT Two years we can beTTer undersTand our fellow upperclassmen. They weren'T so bad, aTTer all. Many a sleepless nighT we have spenT Thinking oT Tomorrow and whaT iT will bring us, boTh menTally and physically, when we were Freshmen, buT you soon learn To Take on an air oT imporTance when you reach ThaT Sophomore sTage of college life. Q Remember how we secreTly cussed Those fresh upperclassmen Tor The kangaroo courTs held To make us appear even bigger Tools Than we were? And The silly geT-ups we had To wear? Well, This lasT year has been posiTively swell. As Sophomores we have really puT The Freshmen Through This year. Even Freshmen caps were compulsory. Time really changes in a hurry, and iusT Think whaT is ahead of us-iT won'T be long be'Fore we are Seniors. MTW The TuTure, and may all oT us be TogeTher To aTTend The annual Junior Prom. ' l ' - f . . , jf Yes iT's been a big year Tor us as upperclassmen l-lere's To a bigger succes J E431 my W f 7 Mjfi , MM of Ml wfgw I Wye yi W W My ff 'MW W bc i. if' V , WWW W ry f7.fJ"'i 1 lf ' T l if SIIPHIIMIIIIIS BILLIE BOONE JEAN HICKS T. M. GANTT GERALDINE HURT ARTHUR E. BELSON VIRGINIA LEE MCDOUGAL ERNEST ATKINS MARY ERN ESTINE JACKSON JACK LAMBERT WANDA L. SISCO FRED GANAS REBECCA DAVIS LYNDLE BARNES . MARGARET BOAZ RUPERT E. WARREN .2- NELL ALEXANDER .fdifb " PRESTON aoesss 442 'Jw Eom-4 ATKINS 758: RAY MOORE 7' :I , fW 0541. MARGARET RUMPH H M U JAMES LAssnER ,p JUANITA LA GRAND EARL CONNER LARRAINE ARNETT JAMES ALLEN DAVIS CALVIN MORRIS REBECCA JANE BAKER 6 P?I FLORINE JACKSON JOHN W. CRADDOCK HELEN EAKER HARRY DOUGLAS RUTH AGNES CARTER PAT WILKINS CLARA WALDROP GARNETT FELTS JAMES MEADE 5 I WFRW' wi? 1 PM JINQM I Q l45I ff! SIIPHIIMIIIIIS WILLIAM E. ALLISON JANE BRATTON BYRON GOODLOE GERALDINE MILLER THOMAS HINCHEE SHELBY RUMPH ESTIL BRANTLEY ANNA DICKENSON GEORGE ATKINSON NANNIE BURKEEN GEORGE W. HORN MARTHA BLALOCK WILLIAM BURNICE MILLER VIVIAN MARSHALL R. C. HORN SUE ATKIN TED HALEY FRANCES SHELTON HARRY B'OAZ VIVIAN ROGERS JAMES THOMPSON NANCY JERMAN JAMES H. CARROL ELOUISE WEAKS THOMAS HOGANCAMP H. L. HARDY BETTY HOLDEMAN K , I I j0011-lyfdb '9"Z LGLYNNE M226-JAN I Q 420 a.. . 7 '7""""'4J Z 4"-'Q' LATTA RICHARDS J MARIAN FLETCHER CARL WILLIAM COHEN LOUISE COSBY CALVIN BROWN LITHA LARONIA ENGLISH ADRON WHIPFLE auffv-4 FMLLALULJ WWWMW E'IfM04""'Qa,,QJ- SIIPHIIMIIIIIS DAVID WALLACE FRANCES ARGO WILLIAM ALLEN LOUISE HERRON HAROLD WEST MILDRED MOBLEY M, CLARENCE MITCHELL J A ORA LEE ALLEN . O. DALTON WELCH NORLIT , 5 ' VADEN MILLER E f 24 ELMO SHUPE X5 . , , Af' 1.2 A IGIBBS ,fe JOHN ILER M GRACE ASHBROOK fw . R WILSON , I ' fi ' VERGIE ANDERSON 0' ORIAN MANN :L 'X 91 . NELL FINLEY A. WILKAM R. RErsrER ' BETTY GRAvEs 1 Nfl POLLY M Y ELDRIDGE9 M PAUL PAGE IA W 0' HARRY DUBIA I .- BL VERNONA ROGERS I f W . HARL CALL M . f Ii C I lpify , 1 Mfy if FRED WYAIFI9! I -I 90' , .ff NE A EY My I Q' W , THOMA-SQ EACH . jfyyx VH' AR G ' Gigli 'Xjf U x -Q -Kamen H GR E ky? i f f ' Q JL I I WI L ff V Ml jf ' X if EA-, Y A -J'wAcO ARANT I ff. 'I K4 . - wx I I If 0 E MORRIS Ly, JJ f , I ,fi N W f ULAUDREYJ BOYD' . V -ffl f , I 'Af 3 BONNIE EZELL xg, my ,,,,YY E, if Av DAN GREGORY ' Y ww wr Q' 3 H61 -L ' , ,I MA 2 I WRWQRUOY 471 SIIPHIIIVIIIIIIS JAMIE HOPPER KATIE CALHOUN J. K. HUGHES JAMES COLLEY IMOGENE COLSON AN NETTE BATTS TURN ER KIRKLAND THOMAS DAVIS MARY ALICE COLEMAN DOROTHEA MILLER JOE JONES JOYCE HILL RONALD GROGAN RUBY DOROTHY GEURIN LEO S. HUTT MAC EDWARD HOWARD EVELYN JEWELLS LUCILLE BARRIGER JEFFERY HOWARD MAXINE HALL HOWARD HALEY PAT GINGLES ELIZABETH BRANDON JACK AN DERSO N O MILDRED HANCOCK JOE BRANDON EMMA SUE GIBSON HILARY SKAGGS RALPH CROUCH ROBERT LESTER HENDON COVELA BROACH C. C. JETER ' JAMES HENRY ADAMS HENRY TURNER FORTNER MARGARET HEATH ROBERT GINGLES SIIPHIINIIIIIIS JOE H. LITTLE GERALDINE BISHOP ROBERT ODOM CARL GISH RUTH WW A, Z WANDA TREVATHAN HARRY FENTON LODENA HURT BERNICE NELS Q. Q Y- ANN BERRY I' LEONARD ANDREW CROSBY 3 I ALVIS EDWA BID Q JOE WARD K MARGARET GRESHAM K ' LEN BURRIOUGHS 3 J E RUTH PERKINS? W BILLY LIPEORD Y ig SYBIL SIMMONS NX is CHARLES JENKINS R? ELNA KATHERINE AIsELL JESSE HAHN NAOMI MURRAY HAROLD MCDANIEL FLEMING HODGES BARBARA N. MITCHELL 54VV?V Ain? .mfr iw, f4fJ7if'Z"'t GAYNELL MANUEL QL, WVL54, AUSTIN ADKINSON WW 2 JAMES OLDHAM , 1 W fm EVELYN LOU LOCKHART L-fiIQI5FQ5'5W MARY VEDA GRESHAM gf WILLIAM L. MASON sos MELUGIN MARY VIRGINIA MAJOR ,I IMOGENE ARMSTRONG CONRAD JONES GLENA MOULTRIE L481 , SUPHIINIIIRES TALMADGE BURKEEN HELEN LOVETT CHARLES CLARK WALTER MARTIN ELSIE NANCE BOBBlE POLLOCK GEORGE McKEETH EN KEIFER PITTMAN THELMA BOYD MILDRED BARNETT - TALBOTT MANSFIELD JAMES ROGERS MARIANNA NEWMAN RUTH COPE JOHN w. IIRINKLEY IMOGENE PARKS WILLIAM PRESTON MERIDITI-I " MARY KATHERINE sEAY ,- J. D. PIERCE , I My 4 - EVELYN ARIVETT I VM " 14, yd' ,WAIER AEFEQ MRs. LOIS eIooIaE WILLIAM A. CRAWFORD ,M W., JM Jw Ax 7010 Jai JUNE LAFFQON 491 dwf-J K CARROLL WELT W ELIZABETH UPCHURCH EARL SCHERIFFUS HUGH T. MCELRATH VADEN OAKELY EVELYN STEINBECK FRANKLIN CURD JACK DEM PSEY MADDI E KOHART ELOISE PICKARD R. H. OUTLAND BETH CROMWELL X suvunmunfs JAMES WASHAM VIRGINIA TOPPING CHARLES BURTON WINSETT ANNA CADE EUGENE YOUNG .uv MILDRED WINCHESTER . Y 1 . P. A L A M ' A TA 'M GEORGE WIW , Of Z' B' BAR A SHACKELFORD ARvu. H. TITSWORTH GRACE NELL WEST w1NsToN STARKS MARTHA JEAN WISE JEssE sAnoLER ROWENA WAKE ToMMY JUETT 9.qp.RDf'HY '. ' JL 1' W Wy DONALD SHAGGS Q19 ak, MM LAGRETTA WATSON Q I v im 5 . oHN YARBROU H MOSSCENE SIMMONS WILLIAM LEE TICKLE nsrsv ANDERSON I . Z MWW If A JACK WEAVER of f , MARGARET KEACH , sg Lp? , 4 NIOZ RUFF ANNE THQMPSOW L. v. YOUNGBLOOD 5203 1 E Q1 MARIAN MAYFIELD BILL WETHERINGTON MARY EVELYN RUSSELL CHESNEY MALONE MARIAN MAYFIELD J. P. WHITE MRS. DOROTHY THOMAS Wm E501 SIIPHIINIIIIIIS ff I NARIE o N , JOHN THoM N 4 yr -4' IDA LOUISE EuLIcERsoN I Mf JESSE DARNELL ' OPJ IT TRY ' HENRY D. HOLT, JR. Q4,y,yi4U 471. ELIZABETH SANDERS K If ,.,,,, 15.2 EMM- aff Mfff' 4'J'RfCHARD COLLEL k ,ff , , fi, 'Ll' ,411 yy!! jr, -1- ,L-ot, A-L z 4, f-I 'f 4 T I, ,E Vx- ' J ff., MARION DAVIS 7'-4"T"' ff'4f!f2vff ff!" 'K' 7""'-I f5.5,.,:2 H I ,LLL 246, TAS HOPSON V 1,11 J , 5,714 Lggff. - MARY ANNA CRAFT " -'64 R, ft? I C. WAYNE DORAN ' Lou CAP WILLIAM CRIDER ANNOGENE CESSNA KATHRYN sHEMwELL HARoN WEST J- ? NC ' ELLSQE ' s w R M 'X f-If EN AUGHT V V " R 91" IIETTYE LEVAN l My VIP 'U I . M A A CE RU ,+I 1 jf. ' KE NETH P. RANsoAI.I. pa. I RUTH FORD 6 1 ARNOLD WILSON MITCHELL JEAN MILLER LEVI OLIVER f JOHN WRIGHT POWERS Br ai? NANNIE CANNON 'VU .1 ,pk AuREI. THRELKELD BARBARA WILDHERBER BEN THuRMoND .i5'j'alV NOAH ARMSTRONG ADA BALL JACK THOMPSON R. H. KING 1fI u M SIIPHIINIIIIIISI CARL CHESTER ADRIANNA YOUNG LOUIS BREGAN ERNESTINE MILLER HILDA BRIDGES OUIDA OSBURN EUGENE SLOCUM KITTIE WILLIAMS BILL UTLEY C. T. WELLS ' N BOB COVINGTON L. GBQQ-s rA.a....,5 Ju O5 453-P nd sf ey I II' ff af 17,20-Aryxou 7Lfv1AA. , ,W 1 , ww ' 4 EZQW I ff, fan Z44ww I W l '4"'-911140 fifiifflfw 1 . ,, W, , ' ' ,:fff'f5f5fv2' ,Jw QM ff W 'Nc-,fy ,ffm WA ff! ' may f ' '44 'We 5915 -4'5,M,Z,v W5 . n E521 TITTSHIVII-llll MASS OFFICERS CHARLES MATTINGLY . . ........ . . . ..... PresidenT OLIVER HOOD . . . ........ Vice-PresidenT BILL LEE . . . . . SecreTary and Treasurer The class oT Freshmen enrolling in The Fall oT '40 came To Murray as counTless oThers beTore us have done. Each wiTh his own ideas, buT all wiTh The same ambiTions and deTerminaTions. We have barely Turned The lcnob oT The door To our college career. A rushing, almosT useless, river running blindly The way oT leasT resisTance. is puT inTo pracTical use by engineers who build dams and converT iTs useless rushing inTo usable power so needed by The world. So iT is wiTh This presenT class oT Freshmen. Some oT us have never worked Tor whaT we have. We have been carefree and unconcerned. OThers oT us realize The seriousness oT liTe and The TacT ThaT The long road ahead OT us will be no bed OT roses. We are prepared To worlc. This only goes To show ThaT The presenT Freshman Class, who have grown To love This campus and be proud oT iT, have been only slighTly worlced upon by The "engi- neers." We are, so To speak, rough Torms oT American ciTizens: buT changes are already noTiceable. The Freshmen are adding spiriT and enThusiasm. The band, orchesTra, sTudenT or- ganizaTion, various clubs, and liTerary socieTies have Tound valuable maTerial in This class. ln aThleTics our warriors have held high The honor oT The Blue and Gold in boTh TooTball and in baslceTball, and The promise To The varsiTy OT The TuTure is brillianT indeed. Several ouTsTanding aThleTes have been revealed Trom The Freshmen ranks ThaT should, during The nexT Three years, carry The name oT The 'Breds beyond ThaT of all opponenTs OT ol' Murray STaTe in high glory. We sTand now aT Tour hundred sTrong and hope To see a very large per cenT oT This Tlow Turned inTo The righT channel oT liTe, producing-The usable power needed in The world Today and in The TuTure. i lg 2 M" 4 f ,f- ,, ' f 5 i I ,. ' " .1 ff - 1 Lf E531 IIIISHMI TREMON BAUCUM, JR. GEORGE MATTINGLY MASON EDWARDS ELAINE FARRIS DALTON PRICE MARGARET NELL COLE ALTON CURTSINGER CLEO DUNCAN JAMES BURTON IPHYLLIS DICKINSON EUGENE BURCH LOUISE CABLE HUBERT MCCRIDER ELIZABETH RHEA FINNEY GENE SYERS 5 AGNES ako-oxs DAVID CRAWFORD FRANCES FUQUA y ISAAC ELI Form ' HELEN MARGURITE WEST 1 K. P. DALTON MAJORIE SHROAT HUIE JAMES D. EDWARDS ONEIDA A'HART LAWRENCE ALBRITTON DOROTHA M. BROACH EARL BRYANT MARGARET CANNON A. C. COWAN EDNA ELIZABETH ELKINS DANNY ALTMAN NELL BREWER HAROLD SEAWRIGHT ' DOROTHY JONES FRANCIS BYERS BRENDA COOPER RALPH BUGG SHEILA MALLOY WILLIAM BYRD VOLA REE BROWN E541 IIIISHMI I 'TA DAN HUTSON ANN RICE BOGARD DUNN MARY RUTH DAVIS RAY VEN COSONIC, JR. JANE MORRIS JOHN L. NALL CAROLYN JOHNSON JOHN P. DAVIS . RUBY DEFEW BEN K. MILLER 244 Mba' N64 -' coNsTANcE WEBB Ka-.-fvi., 1 DANA sTRouD H09 NELL TERRELL OLIVER HOOD CLARA M. BRECKENRIDGE G-ROVER sMITI-I MEDIBETH EDWARDS MYRVAN MoHLER RUTH BENNETT f 0' WM ,ff-6 .wwe ,av A-4-1.2 .-1 , CLIFFORD wHIT . WANDA ARANT M. D. GIVENS NELL DoNoHo jabnaj., QJUMJ ao SHERIDAN ' f .U a'4"Lf71'UaJ wf M- jf l 5, LOUISE PUTMAN f I X FENDOL BURNETT CX MARY LOUISE LLOYD JAMEs EIDSON LATTIE LEE THOMPSON oMA CAPPS AILEEN FIsER BILLY JOHNSTON LOUISE RINGO A ca. w. GALLIMORE y O JANE NEISWANGER QP, dj My Q JOHN RABER ,ay V f ALICE LIGON Maj A,z,RI.iI35izi'Jdf,Q,'Q5j,f' wifvigf. 15 MJ., R I Qgwgiyfyyidf H! IIIISHMI LUTHER O. JOHNSON PAUL JOHNSON MARTHA HASKELL RUBY C. COUNCE PAUL MCGILL RALPH DE. PRIEST TOMMY LOWE HENRY ADAMS WADE GRAHAM HALFORD HART CYNTHIA ADAMS WILLIAM D. CLARK JOSEPHI NE CRAWFORD JAMES D. STORY HAROLD HOFFMAN I LAURA G. HOLMES OWEN HUTCHI ON N L amass 1 HAR ERNDO JAUWT Doss ' ' I so 1 N NL an IE '- GI PE O xx f G. . DIv10'i5' , ' 5, - LoN JACKSON Nm , 1 , Ez I Hmsn .MILL WA E WIL X by 4 ROLD LL 4 Roaem J. GEESLIN PAU LI NE MORGAN JAMES ROBERT ENDICOTT HAROLD LU EDEMAN ERN ESTI NE DAVIS MARY H. HALL WESLEY BU RNETT BILLY HIXON ROBERT D. HOLLAND JOHN HARRIS CHARLES LESLIE SEVERS SARA JONES E561 I IQQESI E571 IIIISHMI WATSON ARNETT FRANCES LOUISE NELSON JOHN FREEMAN MILDRED KOLB BILL LEE NANCY WHITNELL J. C. NEWCOM ATTIE M. LITTLE SHELBY WITHERSPOON LEOLA LOGAN PAUL BARNES ANNIE LOUISE GREEN EUGENE WAGGONER JESSIE D. TREAS REECE BARRETT MARGARET MCGAW WILLIAM ROY DRAFFIN ATTIE M. LITTLE DOYNE GLASGOW I LILLIAN COPE , LARRY HOLT PAGE CONNELLY FRANK R. THOMAS ' MARGARET CLOCK THOMAS SMOOT KATHERINE McVAY CLIFFORD PAGE MARY LOUISE PHELPS HARRY M. WRIGHT MARY ADAMS CALLIS GLENN E. HAwLEY . ai Mofw MARTHA HELEN BUTLER A JW, 11171110 JAMES T1snALE , JEANNE BETH cs SER MALCOLM CATES BILLIE J. WELDON JOHN D. GALLOWAY SARA SUE JOHNSON AUBREY WATERS CHRISTINE CARDWELL WWW Qgya dh QZE IIIISHIIIII A . 1 .I W I 22,4 xff ERNEST wRAY riff jf HOWARD H HIGHT Ja! I If ANNE NIEMAN 'I EDWARD YU!-A REV . JA 7' If ,I HwlLTOyMcKLVEENI1 J M-J Ll IV 51,1 dl I -Y ' I JH ,V , E 'I el . 'I if JAMEs E. sr A-CRT H .J Q . , P' 1 ,ga J ,sffs TJ . 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I "'-- I g GEORGE WALTERS " Ig bf! jf fir' I- f' gr I MODEAN wlLKlNs ' Lf Bos KLETKA WARREN sLocuM JACK MOSLEY Eueems sMrrH 4 7 I . Joyw c. wELcH 'I J I' m Q. w. 'fucken T JOE WOOD, iv sw' IIIISHIVII JANE WAKE THOMAS HUSBAND KATIE DAWSON CHARLES PRYOR 6 ef' '19-'---17 .. f7'J2.A.:..,o Zan! . A Ai? Q!!!-44E ..,-4 C 6 i 6. A J J. R. WILLETT K J ' an J 'sf v , 'si L' ' no Mcc AGKEN .JA U9 vi A V . u if ' 7 GEORGE FELTS I Rf" ,J Jjjm -A BETW NEMJLLIAMS ' E,,- A ' ' . fglfm Q gf RUBWADAMS U I I ' ! , I I J Q. rHoMAsANuNN I LUCY A IG . fy A ca RR AN Jw I JOHN L. cooMER . A J If EILENE KNOX f7"ST'Ji - 'MX ML' DNF 'TRY' - 9 MVJAMES LUNSFORD I- ' f . iw- uw--' 7 'LM V' .. ,,+'.r.Rr- , ,. R' ,.. A NI ' . Q ffylv V, ., .1 , , ,L-xx hw MACK HARRIS scorr, III. " A 1' fy' CHARLES C. BELOW J. D. SOWELL A. J. LOWE THOMAS PEEREY EUGENE HOLMES cn-IARLENE MARTIN KELLY cocANoueHER OPHELIA RUSSELL 3 LEONARD 'MCNEELY J W. R. GREENWEVLL ,- IVA NELL HALL 'c CARL MARQUESS HELEN FRANKLIN THOMAS HALL WALKER WILLIAM WELLS SYLVIA DELL SHOEMAKER R. D. LASHLEE . JANICE MADDEN RUSSEL PARKER CHESTER BRANTLEY ROBERTA ARMSTRONG LEWIS CUNNINGHAM AGNES SUMMER A J. D. SHARP KMPKERCVJ I 'R -fbtfg. 4 i ffviqaxff 1 I jf if 'W G' AJ L IWW W ,-Q 'A I ICI xg . .fy . x g " u N . ,A X . N x X ' X , . - X 1 .X .X Y x .X Q Wx, If I A X xx ERI :N I Aw AMNL aww Q X I 5 xg X' E 'I S I 'N Ai N v x n X '- " A X xl . . 'x X , -N -h . A . A x' t X . K . X XR I: I 1 Xt 5 A I 1 I x .- ,X N, xx .1 X XX kg MX S VH XXX x CMN RK vis Rx Rx I. " X - 4 v I x -X' X, N X3 X xi? gn X XZ X l63J IIIISHIVIIN MARVIN HARRISON JAMES KELSO I LERON HOLT WELDON EDGAR NELSON HARRY GISH MIKE NICHOLAS PAUL MAHAN R AY TREON CARL VINCENT JR Lam Egfpv-f"'C,2f4, op fw-1-iff? A ,Cg,,'2'Mf5W,I I fyfvd-19, if JJWMY WMA U U IM,-,,.. G-,,.1? llIlIlAl'S SUHlllll Ili THE AIR The Civil Aeronaufics Aufhorify esfablished a flying school af Murray Sfafe College in Selofem- ber, l94O, unoler fhe supervision of Dr. Charles l-lire, wifh Lieufenanf DaVania as fhe head in- sfrucfor. The field is locafeol soufh of lvlurray on fhe Hazel Highway. To finish a semesfer's worlc wifh fhe C. A. A. one gains six semesfer hours, fwo for flying, anol four for fhe ground course. Affer cornplefing fhe course anol pass- ing fhe governmenf exam, fhe sfudenfs receive pilofs license. W 1 'IM m. x y xxrl- wk? W. f , ' Q? N fgmqnil. iw S ' y . ,553 " V- ' Yf YE' K, w A MARIE CLODFELTER V , I f. 4 I ,f .,. ,fx-fffqf E' ,' fy ' R .UL Jw- 1 , ,Q !JKf,g,fx V , f 1 f 4 4, 4-7 AR ' 41" ,. ' .Q 7J,fLwQ"' :Avi M , , f-f ' Ai!!!-J! Y 'Q,g Li! .iff Q1 , , iv 4 ,zip X. MARTHA PRIDE WW W WW LELA BELLE PRATH ER M E M WW fm? af 1 N ,. ff , .1 s A 'wa - XX! M .A - j .JA 'J-f I fl' I Vg! 'K ff ,Xb ' ' 'jj JJ f , V - ,jj V! I, ' fx' J' . 71, ' ik lj f . j if ,JJ . 'XXX LJ' I I IJ' ij!!! I .A 'ff f sf , JY! ff i fr! J! s vw Vx' S! MMT JJ 111' Jblff if . YJ! ss I Us! Af! I Mliii 'df X 'j ,I4 NX Vu' I U .J P? I f J-,ixffff 4fl'f .g, 1 'JV ,J V :YM -'J I 'IAI 'I i 'ff' wwf U f wwf ' WP , 1. J N J fffflffyx W ,J ff V, f U 1 1 , W Qs ' dx X, A f . 1 ' ' BARBARA'KETTLER jf , 1 ' if H ' . A 1" , ' 1 ' - ff A -f ,' . MEDIBETH EDWARDS Qf"23jf!gf2f4 MZWLYQ 'fwffl 7 W W ff C. C. JETER QW wm M2777 fi ff if ,QfSZ'X-EXNXN 1 R X A X E EXE A Q Rafjx u 'Ex 'Na img, flfjfifi-. 2 44. I . KATHLEEN WINTER bzfx N RY ELIZABETH ROBERTS E X EVELYN LOU LOCKHART M in fjff RQXZJ ,WW MW CH RISTINE CARDWELL i T . f' -- .M f 2 Q fs? ,ef 15:51 K' K if '5 I .1155 vi-,Mfg -,i ' ' Qsfw fi ' W! 1 ',.Qz-Nw, .Q W V, www mf . - , 1: gmfm M2 A .f V V M, M.W,,m.3v . AS fis.. iwffv mf. ISV szfgmsflaifi gsisai' . A : viii, z :fix Im " N W, A Him, " - 51133 . .m ' sm Y fi? 3125 . 3325261 Qffff HSSIIR llllll SHIIWS 'EM if-1 HUW-WUWI llllIVlPH!!?? Professor Green Berry Lillie, no kiddin', folks, l'ha1"s his righl' handle, who hails from 'rhe fair village of Broolcporl, lll., seems 'lo be fhe learned genfleman of fhe campus in 'lhe grace- ful arl' of iilferbugging, hep-caHing, swing, e+c. Look our now, where is 'lhal' "figure for+y?" Bea-r me, Daddy. Funny 'rhing is Lillie puls on his hesl' exhibi- fions abour Three in The affernoon. He says "Folks back home go To bed wilh lhe chickens, so l can'l slay up la'le." if Sadie Hawlcin's lla Is Here The Greal' Day is here. They're off! May 'lhe besl' gal win. Caughl sleepin', huh? The shofgun proves lc be an effecfive parl of lhe capfure. Off hand, we'd say she has her man by 'lhe leg. Will she go up or will he come down? Quie+, please. l smell a man. Marrying Sam comes fo Murray. Looks as if he has business. Why don'1' you flip for him, girls? Or are you going 'lo divide him? ISII, Yv,J5n 5 5 '? 2 : 1 3 Z 3 2 , 3 , 5 ? 2 1 5 e 45? Q 3 s I 7 Jffmvswv Q1255Q:f QQffQf " frmei,-sive.-7 "fax: :f1:,..4 fi-New-:Zf.42f1v2r-af.K., Qin. A SWE? SQ ' ' , J' , 2 1 ,xi se 2165 - wg ML uf, IIIIW IHI IIIHIII ll ll IIVIS 841 Sludenls do lhe craziesl lhings. Imagine going lo sleep in a college class. Wilh lhal smile, wonder whal he could be lhinking ol? You've heard ol polish- ing lhe Apple? Believe me, he is really shining il up. Guess he rales aboul an A. Careful now. My, isn'l lhal a prelly hand? I won- der whal she is doing? I believe she is. No, surely nol. Thal is probably some leller lrom a boy. Gangway, I musl make il lo lhe I-lul on lime. Class musl be over lor lhe boys in lhe hall. Pull up your breeches legs, boys, il's gelling deep. Look whal we have lound, Looks as if one ol lhe micro- scopic bugs has bil lhem and lhey have given up all hope ol linding il. Speaking ol "Bug," seems as if one has crawled over lo lhe Library. ll is no lime lor books now. Two lo one he gels lhal dale wilh lhal look ol delerminalion in his eye. ll all happens in classes, loo, believe you mei well, you know how il is: boy meels girl, girl musl gel oul ol school somehow, boy doesn'l care, guesses he can sleep and polish lhe apple aller class. 'R MSX K W 2 ig 7 g Q 35 QE S 2 5 AQ-0.44,'64LL THE FIGHT SUNG So, light Murray, on lo +he goal. We will wa'rch Them rake The ball clown The field, As we cheer for our Alma lvlaler brave ancl bolcl, We'll charge on +o viclrory, our flag waving high, So march, boys, march on clown Jrhal line: Place +he ball o'er line, For olcl lVlurray's name, ancl Thoroughbrecl's lame Anol everylhing +hal"s righr, FIGHT! FIGI-IT!" ' 4 i K T. 'U-lx way wiTh The "Yea Blue! Yea leaders-WaTT, and DOT. The ing down The maneuvers and lar songs aided on To vicTory. TTEWTJT VIURITAY! "My hearT leaps up wiTh ioy when I behold a pigslqin in The sky." Kai The smell OT auTumn in The air . . . waving ban- ners . . .Thrilling vicTories . Hsaddening deTeaTs. The colorTul season OT TooTball geTTing under cheers, "FighTl Team! FighTl": Gold!" . . . led by The inspiring DoroThy, Sam, BeTTy, lvloosie, hearT Thrilling, inspiring marches and The TighT song . . . The college band march- Tield going inTo ouTsTanding iTs swing arrangemenTs oT popu- greaTly To cheer The Thorobreds CAPT. JAMES QPEANUTSI JOHNSON Murray was led by Co-Capfain "Peanufs" Johnson. "Peanufs," a very cool-headed, ag- gressive and consisfenf ballplayer, was chosen all K. l. A. C. He is rafed fo be fhe rnosf ef- ficienf cenfer on bofh offense and defense fhaf Murray has ever produced. CAPT. LOUIS WALTERS Murray was led by Co-Capfain Lou Walfers Lou always managed fo keep fhe 'Breds on fhe pace and fruly proved himself a leader. Lou was one of fhe besf blockers on fhe squad and also one of The besf defensive guards fo ever graduafe from Murray. l-le was selecfed as honorable menfion on all K. l. A. C. 'rwo sfraighf years. Fi-uh. Weber, a veryoefficienf frainer, has been keeping Hue Thoroughbreds in shape for fhe pasi' +hree years. On the field and lnwhe dressiryg room he is ready af all fimes fo give fhe necessary aid fo fhe boys. He has secured fhe friendship and .J I adrnirafion of all sfudenfs af Murray Sfafe. THE GA ES "Now, lisfen, men-" and Coach Sfewari' lells -Phe Thoroughloreds abou? The schedule for I940 ..., Up and down. up and down-sore muscles and fired boys, buf a "musi" for a good foofball +eam .... oooOOHI Thai DAM'p Wesrern game! . , . Ahem, girls, How +o fake your man OUT .... Piclc up your lnsfrumenls, boys, Time's a-was'rin'. And so H's I-2, I-2, for fhe band marches on under 'lhe observing eye of Direclor Fox and Prof. Garfon., . . l+'s heads, and Murray WINS! THE GAMES "The ole dusl' formafion, men. C'mon now and gil' 'eml" . . . Mana- gers Cohen and GanH pacl: up equipmeni 'For some Murray wins ,... Please excuse us if we're preiudiced, bui- 'lhis is our idea of an Ac+ion pho+o! . . . Now. Ie'l's see-where am I? Two secfions of specfalors anxiously awail' +he s+ar'r of +he game .... Carrolfon's Roger Fuller proves himself a man of power and a menace io opposing 'reams .... "We charge on 'lo vicfory, our flags waving high." . . . And wi+h fhe fading noies of Murray S'ra're's "Figh+ Song" lhe i940 foofball season comes lo a close. IIIIIIIW "Say, Buddy. WhaT kind oT a TooTball Team did you all have This year?" "We had a beTTer Than average season: winning Tour, losing Three, and Tieing TwO." "Well, I should say! You did have a close season. Tell me abouT The games." "We played, TirsT oT all, a very aggressive and TasT Tearn by The name OT Louisiana Nor- mal, And, broTher, don'T ever Think They haven'T a Trio oT ace ball carriersg some oT Them ran so TasT They looked as if They had a moTor in Them. BUT wiTh our Team showing plenTy oT power ThaT day. They beaT us by only Two Touchdowns. 'Peewee' Nanney scored by clicking oTT abouT ThirTy yards on an end run, and he was really sTepping iT oTT, wiTh The boys cuTTing Them clown like a lawnmower. Carl Ferrara was 'on' ThaT day and really kepT Top Row: Perkins, back: Ganas, end, Wray, back. BoTTom Row: STeT'Tin, endg Brown, Tackleg Levandoski, back. The opponenTs worried. IT was a wonderTul game Trom sTarT To Tinish." "Murray musT have had a preTTy good line This year?" "LisTen, broTher, The opposing Team ran up againsT a sTone wall 'cause Brown, SpeTh, By- chowsky, and Salmon played a Typical Thor- oughbred's game." "WhewI ThaT musT have been a game ThaT day. Whom did you play nexT?" "We wenT nexT To Morehead, ThaT liTTle 'sis- Ter school' oT ours, ATTer baTTling Tor Two hours, They Tied us. "Isn'T ThaT The TirsT Time ThaT Murray has been unable To deTeaT Morehead?" "Yes, buT we almasr scored aT The end oT The TirsT halT." "WhaT kepT you Trom IT?" "WiTh seconds remaining in The TirsT half, T921 'Peewee' Nanney dropped back and Tired a 47-yard pass To Jack Haines across The goal lineg Haines Took The ball, buT, because oT inTerTerence, dropped The ole pigskin. Murray ThreaTened again in The Third quarTer when a pass Trom Inman To I.aBonTe was incompleTe over The goal line." "IT looks as ET Murray passed all The Time inside The goal line, didn'T They?" "Yes, buT ThaT shows you how close Murray was To The goal, and ThaT isn'T all: There were Two aTTernpTs To converT a Tield goal by The Eagles, buT They Tell shorT. "PeanuTs Johnson played a brillianT game aT cenTer, I heard." "Uh huh. ThaT boy can diagnose plays beT- Ter Than-ah, hell! I-Ie's goodI" "This is really geTTing inTeresTing. Who was nexT on The schedule?" "ThaT wasn'T all, RighT aT The end of game Murray goT The ball and was down The Tield Ten, TwenTy yards aT a The Tinal whisTle puT The brakes we wenT down To play in The and Woolly WesT' To rneeT a very good Texas crew." "How did The boys come ouT down There "Boy, This was anoTher game QT Thrills. sooner had The game begun Than The inTercepTed a Murray laTeral and ouTran Thoroughbreds 45 yards Tor a Touchdown ray sTruclc back when Inman, sTandinc baclc The end zone. Tired a pass To Bill M on The 35-yard sTripe. MacMurray laTeraled STeTTin, who sprinTed The remainder of The Top Row: Thompson, back, Dempsy, 1-ackleg Murray, end. Second Row: McGarvey, cenierg ing, Tackleg Bychowsky, guard. Boffom Row: back, Hahn, Tackle. ITTVITW When we played WesT Tennessee beTore a Homecoming crowd oT 5,000 people, Thrills upon Thrills were leT loose and kepT The crowd roaring. The Racehorses leTT The posT in a rush, Tallying early in The game, wiTh Cobble Lee, l.aBonTe, and Inman making Timely runs To seT up The TirsT goal. Then in The Third quarTer STeTTin Turned in a brillianT run when he wenT around end To The Three, Trom which Inman ploughed over Tor a goal. Early in The TourTh quarTer 'Peewee' Nanney Taded back and rifled a long pass To lanky Bod Salmons. Salmons ran To The I4, Then he laTeraled To Gene McC-Pravey, who ToughT his way To The Three-yard sTripe. In The TourTh quarTer a new Team was senT in. The new Team galloped righT on down The Tield Tor anoTher marker. "ThaT was a game. Looks as if They senT in everyThing excepT The bench." Top Row: Grider, back, Fuller, guard, RushTcn, end. BoTTom Row: Paxfon, guard, Haines, end, Johnson, guard. "ThaT day everybody played, and played a swell, bang-up game." "Who was The nexT vicTim?" "We wenT To Middle Tennessee. When we goT There, The Middle Tennessee boys asked Lou WalTers, 'Say, didn'T you play lasT year? Seem like l oughT To remember you.' l-le re- plied, 'You oughT To: I played in your back- Tield mosT of The gamel' " "ThaT's a good one. l-low did This year's game come ouT?" "We pushed across Two Touchclowns in The TirsT quarTer. Sam Grider, aTTer reTurning The kickoTT To his own 4l, unfolded Two passes. one To MacMurray and The oTher a 40-yard heave To Levandoski ThaT was good Tor a goal. The second was scored by Grider, who Took a laTeral from PeTe Koss and crossed The goal. ln The Third guarTer iT Took Bob Perkins To make The lasT score aTTer Murray recovered a blocked kick. Tommy Wray played a wonder- Tul game ThaT day, calling signals and blocking The way Tor mosT oT The Touchdownsf' "My, my, Murray cerTainly played some ball This year. BuT whaT abouT your rival school, WesTern? l-low did ThaT game come ouT?" "Well, as usual, iT was a Typical Murray and WesTern game, wiTh boTh Teams TighTing To The lasl' breaTh Tor a win. The game opened wiTh boTh punTing so ThaT They mighT be able To obTain a break in The drizzling rain, and, boy! whaT a punTing duel ThaT was. Inman's kicks kepT The Murray average above WesT- ern's. The game sTarTed slow because of The punTing and The break came in The second guarTer when WesTern's pass was compleTed Tor a Touchdown. AnoTher break came To WesTern when she recovered a laTeral wiThin ITIZIIITW IIT IHI TIIIITB Il SI S0 Murray, 6: Louisiana Normal, 20 Murray was deTeaTed in her TirsT game by The I939 SIAA champs, Louisiana Normal, by a score oT 20-6. Led by a Trio oT ace ball carriers, The champs scored Twice in The TirsT guarTer and again in The Third. Murray did noT admiT deTeaT and in The TourTh guarTer made Their score as a resulT oT an end sweep. Murray ThreaTened To score in The TirsT halT, buT The game ended wiTh The 'Breds on The Tour-yard sTripe. In The second halT They were able To drive To The Two-yard line, buT were sTopped by a hard- charging Normal line and losT The ball on downs. Murray, Og Morehead, 0 For The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT The rivalry oT The Two schools, Murray Tailed To deTeaT The Morehead Eagles. ATTer Tailing To capiTalize on a play run on "borrowed Time," The Racers Tailed To score The Touchdown which would have won The game Tor Them, while Two aTTempTed Tield goals kepT The Eagles Trom gaining a vicTory. Murray ThreaTened To score in The TirsT halT as a resulT oT a 47-yard pass on which There was inTerTerence on The play and The ball was placed on The Tour-yard line, ATTer a penalTy Tor Too many Time-ouTs, The half ended aTTer only one play, which 'Failed To gain Tor The 'Breds. Murray ThreaTened again in The Third guar- Ter, buT iT Tailed also. Murray, 77 Conway, 7 Murray drew anoTher Tie in Their game wiTh Conway, This Time 7-7. The Thoroughbreds, leTTing mosT oT The TirsT halT go in The Conway Team's Tavor, opened up in The lasT halT wiTh a brillianT aTTack and Tied The game. Conway scored in The TirsT eighT min- uTes To play on an end-around play aTTer bringing a Murray kick down To The I6-yard line. Murray, aTTer a brillianT exhibiTion oT blocking, Took The ball down The Tield on a susTained drive and scored Troin The one-yard line. This game was played beTore a FDEA crowd, The game sTarTing aT 9:30 aT nighT. Murray, I4g EasT Texas, 20 In a Thrill-packed game played in Texas The Murray Thorough- breds were barely deTeaTed by a score oT 20-I4. In approximaTely I3 minuTes aTTer The game sTarTed The Lions had scored Two Touch- downs and made boTh exTra poinTs, buT This only made The Murray boys work more like Thoroughbreds and They Took command in The second guarTer: a 30-yard pass and Then a laTeral puT Them over Tor Their TirsT Touchdown. A passing combinaTion by The Texas boys Then resulTed in anoTher Touchdown Tor Them and made The score 20-7. Then laTe in The TourTh quarTer, aTTer a long drive down The Tield, The 'Breds scored again Trom The one-yard line, making The score 20-I4 Tor The EasT Texas Lions. Murray, 2Ig Union UniversiTy, I4 The Murray boys gained Their TirsT vicTory oT The season Trom Union, a Team which was doped To beaT Them. The 'Breds won aTTer being Tied Twice during The ball game. The Racers made Their TirsT Touchdown in The TirsT Tive minuTes To play aTTer II plays. The Bulldogs made Their TirsT score in The second quarTer aTTer keeping The Murray boys on deTense mosT oT' The quarTer. On The kick-oTT aT The beginning oT The second half Murray Took The ball and, as a resulT oT perTecT blocking on The parT oT The whole Team, ran 88 yards Tor Their second score. The Bulldogs, noT The Type To give up, Taked a kick and Then ran Through The enTire Murray Team T981 30 yards Tor The score which made The second Tie oT The game, I4-I4-. Then in The lasT Tive minuTes To play, Murray began anoTher drive and scored wiTh only abouT a minuTe and halT To go, making The score 2I-I4 in Tavor of The Racers. Murray, 4I: DelTa STaTe, 0 In The TirsT breaTher oT The season The Thoroughbreds romped over a very inferior DelTa Team, wiTh The Murray Third Team play- ing mosT oT The game, The mosT Thrilling play oT The game came when Murray inTercepTed a DelTa pass on her own I7-yard line and ran 83 yards Tor a Touchdown. The game was played beTore a crowd of 2,000 high school sTudenTs on The Murray annual "High School Day." Murray, 35: WesT Tennessee, 6 Playing beTore a Homecoming crowd oT approximaTely 4-,500. The Thoroughbreds won over WesT Tennessee Teachers by a score oT 35-6, aTTer holding only a slighT lead oT 7-6 aT The halT. ATTer scoring in The TirsT Tive minuTes To play, The 'Breds leT down and did noT score again in The TirsT halT. The Tennessee Team scored laTe in The second quarTer, buT Tailed To make The exTra poinT. Taking advanTage oT a Tiring TuTor Team, The Thoroughbreds scored The TourTh. The Tennessee Team while The TuTors once in The Third quarTer and rallied wiTh Three in Thoroughbreds showed Their superioriTy over The by gaining 400 yards Trom The line oT scrimmage, gained only 4-O. 0 ATTer scoring Two Touchdowns in The TirsT quarTer, The Murray Thoroughbreds coasTed unTil The TourTh quarTer To make Their Third score, which deTeaTed The courageous Middle Tennessee Team by a score oT I8-O. The TirsT Touchdown came as a resulT oT Two passes, one Tor II yards and The scoring pass Trom The 40-yard line. The second score, which came soon aTTer, was The resulT oT a laTeral, and again The 'Breds Tailed To kick The exTra poinT. The Third score came in The TourTh quarTer when Murray blocked a Middle Tennessee kick and scored Trom The Tour-yard line. Murray made I5 TirsT downs To Middle Tennessee's Tour, and gained 500 yards Trom The line oT scrimmage. PenalTies and The reTusal To open up by The 'Breds kepT The score Trom being larger. Murray, I8g Middle Tennessee, Murray, Og WesTern, 6 On a weT and muddy Tield The Thoroughbreds losT a hearTbreaIf- ing game To Their arch rivals, WesTern, by a score oT 6-0. The WesTern score came as a resulT oT a long and well-Timed pass in The second quarTer. WesTern was held seven Times wiTh iusT a Tew yards To go by The mosT courageous and alerT line ThaT Murray has ever produced. Seven Times WesTern came To The Two, Three, or Tour-yard line by passing, only To be held Trom scoring by The deTerminaTion and TighT oT The Murray Torward wall: every Time The I-lillToppers Tried a play Through The sTubborn Murray line They were Thrown Tor a loss. The Murray backs also showed more TighT and drive Than The WesTern backs, buT a drive could noT be sTarTed ThaT would win The game Tor The 'Breds, and wiTh The excepTion oT passing The Thoroughbreds ouTplayed The WesTern Team. A kicking duel in The TirsT quarTer proved Murray To be iusT as good in a kicking game as WesTern, Murray gained 70 yards Trom The line oT scrimmage, while The I-lillToppers ended The game wiTh --Tour yards Trom The line oT scrimmage. IT was The I27 yards by passing ThaT gave WesTern The ball game. 911-I4""'M"l ' .ww WW ' ,M M Mall 1941 CARL STEFFIN, 'lransfer from Jordon College, Wisconsin, has led lhe Thoroughbreds 'lhrough a sensalional season. His consislency and abilily 'lo lead 'rhe Team 'lo viclory has been one of his oul'- slanding lrails. His offensive and defensive playing has been praised highly by his leammales and has made many 'friends since he has come 'ro lhis campus. He is +ruly a Thoroughbred. He was nominaled as All-K. I. A. C. and All-S. I. A. A. llll CH IIIIIIIHI COACH CARLISLE CUTCHIN, lhe Hlalher ol Wesl' Kenluclcy baslcelballf' came lo Murray Slale in l925 and has been here since in 'rhe roles of Teacher and baslcelball coach. "Culch," as he is alleclion- alely known among bolh sludenls and lacully. has coached such Murray players as Magruder, McKeel, lhe Miller boys, and Gene Bland. He has had his share of SIAA championship baslcelball leams. No. we can'l' say our red-headed coach can'+ "dish il ou+"g and he can lake il, loo: Coach Culchin is an A-I sporl. We could presenl him wilh a plaque for "years of service, lailhlully rendered"-we could say 'lhal'- only, he is nol lhrough serving. Coach Culchin nol only made alhleles ol his men, buf he inslilled in 'rhem some of lhe characler lhal' is so deeply roolecl in himself. Ever presenl wilh us is 'lhe lype a'l'hle+e he symbolizes in his many years al Murray. If you haven'l' had lhe opporlunily of gelling bel'l'er ac- quainled wifh lhis genlleman of lhe coaching profes- sion, you are missing 'lhe chance ol: knowing one ol 'rhe grealesl characlers lo appear in rhese paris. I+ is due lo his coaching lhal Murray Slale is slill able lo mainlain ils policy of non-subsidizing and of compeling wilh l'he highesl' ranking colleges in lhe Soulh. The SHIELD pays lribule lo a man who has broughl Murray baslcelball from a babe lo an almosl lull-grown gianl. E991 Top 'Io Bofiom and BoHom Row Leif Io RighI': Haron WesI', Champ Rushing, Jack Haines, Durwood Culp, Bob Salmons, Carl Sleffin, Herschel Fahr. HARON WEST A Sophomore who played brillianl' ball during his Freshman year. CHAMP RUSHING M' Boih a baskeiball and fooiball man has kep+ 'Ihe ball rolling 'for Npffjdbseaa-pq, Ib, ' . 'Ihe pasi Ihree years. 7-ff-. J ff'-' ref- ,Aff-we Vg . K HAINES A brilliani guard and floor man, has shown excep- Iional abiliiy for ball handling. DURWARD CULP The "Red-headed Flash," has proven his value Io his Ieam. His unorlhodox shois have sei him above any forward in Ihe siaie. BOB SALMONS The long, lanky boy of 'Ihe pivoi spoi has won him- self Ihe Iifles of "AII-K. I. A. C.. N. I. B. T., AII- American, and AII-S. I. A. A." CARL STEFFIN The Caplain of 'rhe K. I. A, C. Vicfors, has lead Ihe boys Ihrough a Iough schedule Io find himself handed Ihe Iifle of "All-K. I. A. C. and All-S. I. A. A." HERSCHEL FAH R A deserving baslcelloall player who hasn'I been able Io Click This year. HARRELD KIRKPATRICK Has upheld Ihe abiIiI'y of being called a Thoroughbred. JOE LITTLE A Sophomore who has shown an excepfional abilily Ihis year and Ihe spirll of a 'Bred. . LM 'ZZZFZ fa Z'.1'1'J7?""""a ' HYLAND GRIMMER "Ole Dead-Eye Dick," has come Ihrough Ihe season wifh an oulsfanding record. ERMINE VINCENT Having golfen off Io a bad sI'arI' buf never- The-less a Iighler and go-geller. LESLIE McKEEL 'A sweefer ball player you never find," has had Ihe honor b - slowed upon him as "All-K. I. A. C." and "A - HAROLD GISH Bolh a baslcefball and foofball man, has shown his abilify Io keep pace wilh The 'Breds. CARL FOSTER Is a lop-nofch ball handler and has Icepl pace wifh Ihe 'Breds for 'rhe pasl years, rmfiw Top fo BoHom and BoHom Row Leff I'c Righh Har- reld Kirlcpafriclc, Joe LiHIe Iin fhe circIeI, Hyland Grimmer, Ermine Vincenf, Leslie McKeeI, Harold Gish, Carl Fosfer I V X I BASKHBAll swfxvsuuls Wllllllllli UI THE .... I Facing 'lhe foughesf schedule ever carded for fhe Thorough- breds, fhe 'Breds finished a very successful season by winning I7 filfs and only locing 3. The feam-play and spirif of fhe boys made fhis season successful beyond a doubf. MURRAY, 4lg CAPE GIRARDEAU, 25 Murray opened 'l'he cage season wifh an impressive win over a sfrong fearn. McKeel led 'lhe scoring followed closely by Calmons, Grimmer and Sfeffin. There was plenfy of feam work and a very successful defense game. MURRAY, 30, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 52 The Thoroughbreds wenf down fighfing before fhe fowering Soufhwesl' Conference champs. Led by fhe versafile John Adams and Gordon Carpenfer, fhe Razorbacks were never headed. MURRAY, 38, CAPE GIRARDEAU, 32 I Sfarfing fha new year ouf righf. fhe Cufchinmen defeafed a sfubborn Cape five. Grimmer led 'lhe Murray offense wifh I3 poinfs, ably assisfed by McKeel and Salmons. MURRAY, 545 ALABAMA TEACHERS, 32 Affer being held 3-3 in fhe firsf five minufes of play, 'lhe Murray 'Breds broke loose and hung up a decisive win over fhe Teachers, If was fhe 'Breds' firsf S. I. A. A. win of fhe year. McKeel led Murray wifh I5 poinfs, followed by Salmons wifh I3. MURRAY, 64: MURFREESBORO TEACHERS, 37 Hiffing fhe baslcel' from all angles, fhe 'Breds frounced fhe Blue Raiders wifh comparafive ease. "Red" Culp led fhe scoring wifh I3 poinfs, followed closely by Sfeffin wifh IO. Haines, besides bagging 9 poinfs, played a magnificenf floor game. MURRAY, 30: TENNESSEE TECH, 29 In an exceedingly rough game marred by many fouls, fhe 'Breds nosed oul' fhe Tech five in fhe closing seconds of fhe game. MURRAY, 63: ARKANSAS STATE, 22 A baslcef by each of fhe sfarfing five, fhe 'Breds led I0-0 af fhe end of five minufes and were never headed. "Red" Culp led fhe scoring, followed by Salmons, Haines, Grimmer, and Sfeffin. MURRAY, 53, UNION, 40 Their sevenfh vicfory in eighf sfarfs, fhe Bluebloods, led by Capfain Sfeffin who scored I8 poinfs, coasfed fo an easy win over fhe Bulldogs. MURRAY, 34: WESTERN, 38 Before a screaming house, fhe 'Breds losf a hearfbrealcer fo fhe Hillfoppers. The Diddlemen led 2l-I4 af fhe half buf were closely pressed by fhe fighfing Murray cagers. Jaclc I-Iaines, playing fhe besf game of his career, sparked fhe Murray feam on bofh offense and defense. Every member of fhe feam puf in a fine performance. MURRAY, 56, MISSISSIPPI STATE, 36 The 'Breds' offense began rolling during fhe second half, fhus enabling fhem fo defeaf a sfrong feam by a decisive score. I1041 MURRAY, 66: TENNESSEE TECH, 26 The Cufchinrnen were never in danger, wifh The performance of McKeel and Culp, Salmons and Haines. MURRAY, 49, DELTA STATE, 44 Sfeffin, skillfully pilofing his feammafes, and wifh an over- fime period, guided fhe boys auf on fop. MURRAY, 5Ig UNION UNIVERSITY, 26 The 'Breds regisfered fheir fwelffh vicfory affer downing fhe Union Bulldogs. The onslaughf was led by Culp, Salmons, Haines, and McKeel. MURRAY, SI: MIDDLE TENNESSEE. 22 Playing every member of fha squad, fhe 'Breds easily de- feafed fhe Raiders by fhe excepfional playing of Culp, Grim- mer, Salmons. Sfeffin, and Haines. MURRAY, 38, WESTERN, 34 Murray gol' revenge by beafing Wesfern on fheir own floor. A hofly confesfed game wifh oufsfancling playing by all fha boys. Salmons iumped so high he hung his -l- on fhe hoop and his shoesfring caughf in fhe nef. MURRAY, 475 ARKANSAS STATE, 29 The 'Breds were in fop form. Goals were made from all angles by Culp, Sfeffin, Haines, Salmcns, and McKeeI. MURRAY, 52, WEST TENNESSEE, 45 The 'Breds gol' off fo a bad sfarf buf in fhe second half fhe goals were poured in by fha hands of I-Iaines, Culp, Sfeffin, Salmons, Grimmer, Kirlcpafriclc. MURRAY, 45: DELTA STATE, 49 Murray losl' fheir firsf road game, handed fo fhem by Delfa, and fhe Third defeaf of fhe season. The game was packed wifh fhrills and whaf have you., MURRAY, 551 WEST TENNESSEE, 3l Winding up a successful season, fhe Cufchinmen played a bang-up game for fheir refiring coach. If was fhe 'Breds' sevenfeenfh win. Murray Sfafe's Thoroughbreds won for 'rhe firsf fime fhe K. I. A, C. crown in fhe Kenfuclcy Infercollegiafe Baslcefball Con- ference. They will affend fhe S. I. A. A. Conference and also have had 'rhe honor of being invifed fo parficipafa in fhe Nafional Infercollegiafe Baslcefball Tournamenf in Kansas Cify, Mo. In l938. Murray's Thoroughbreds placed 'rhird in fha Kansas Cify fourney. They represenfed Kenfuclcy in I939 and were eliminafed in fhe second round. This frip fo Kansas Cify will be fhe lasf "roundup" for fhe veferan Cufchin as baslcefball coach af Murray Sfafe. In his I6 years af Murray, he has won 80 per cenf of his games, cap- furing one or more fimes fhe S. I. A. A. To fhis feam goes fhe admirafion of all fhe sfudenf body for having won fhe mosf soughl'-for fifle and having esfablished for fhemselves one of fhe besf if nof fhe besf baslcefball feam Murray has ever had. If was indeed a g lorious ending for fhe 'Breds' I94-I season in capfuring fhe K. I, A. C. crown for "Ole Cu+ch." rv WA, mf ' QT, M my Q ' if ,Q J gyfwmm ,, v . , ,-eq, gg ,Sw .Tl M MW X ww 5 Nw. 4553 X X ,X i. XL 4 A . gf Ni? ,Zvi X ,V ' Y , 225 ' ' A 42-.J . W wry, .M Xl egf gm. ' ' " W5 4 Y 515254, 11533 fag? A '3ifr:1i1z2L3wF2ff1 ' N' f Jew. xx . 'ff xaxlf rx 1 ,Q K - -Amway, . .- U , K, A VW fy -Q: f X ' w?wxfXf,w1f ' ' , leQ-'T'ieW5xAQexL51'f2Twx1 1' HlYQ1L5liiL15Qikf2325 QQ fs. X as 3 ,.f, 5534 7, f k ' 7' ,,w Q, :9ff , .-:zu ff ...X,.. , 3 , A .- t 7 N A 1 1. 433 wwf: 7 SZ Q , Q D 1 V ,X 1 n QW, ...2 , A - Q "-, Q , ' . M P , 5 ,2 ,hw Q, R 2. QQ? 3? 1 1 1 W 1 N -. 46991 5 Q ai! , t f Q? if 5 THUH The Murray Slale Tennis Team, rneeling infer- collegiare comloe+i+ion for Jrhe second consecurive year, had whar mighr be Jrermied a hard-luck season. Aller losing Their opening march +o a superior Car- bondale Jream 7 To O, Jrhe Thoroughbred racgue+eers pounced upon Cape Girardeau lor a 4 ro 3 win. The reslr ol Jrhe season was a black day lor The Murray boys who losl in succession Jro Larnloulh Col- lege 5-2, Wesl Tennessee Teachers, 5-2, Weslern, 5-2, and? look a final drulobing from Soulhern Illinois UUGHBRED TENNIS S EASO COACH BLACKBURN Varsify Tennis 5-MM '. WW J - 5, , , . 7 O- 1' f gil : ,KL " -4"' -2 T 1 i ml , ' L if ' ish I' i 1 s W 4 1 -' in 1 Wi i T - . U TOP RQW 1 t g ,MJ W, Bull Wilson, Ralph Pickard, Bull Lewis. ' K 'T f s 'y' . 5 ,Zig S1 if if ' L BOTTOM Row g, yy . -, W ' 'Tig ri '14li7ifllii'S , Lil' Noel, Shad Boaz, Harry Haney. ri ,- I Sig 3 I, , li .. yi 2.52-Wi. pu. S f fig , f, wi, -,Zu , ,i i fir i C f Q Q -I "ii H ll, l , J' P, 1 ' . Tl' V, l ll 'ilu I ' ll, T 5, ',.z' r f7Q if y If si f i "W, if if, M L W www 'N 'fl wi lf - ' -, il l fswiwif' V f if WJ' ,, A 3 Y 1 X i 5, 3 ALS W ia' . X, fr, N E9 .. 533 wx V1.3 TW , 9 BJ ,wif l 2 L, X N 131 QE Q? ., . , In 'E X XA xl X-N, "im-. .xx 'Eb QR TITIZSH TTAIVIS For The baslceTball season of l94O-4l, The freshmen have been very successful, meeTing several freshmen Teams, a high school, iunior colleges, and even a professional Team. Led by Joe Fulks, who scored l66 poinTs in I0 games, Mefcalfe, Johnson, Canope, Nicholas, Husband, Hurley, Luedeman, Harlan, DalTon, l-leighf and Lafimer defeafed all compeTiTion wiTh The excepTion of Ausfin Peay Normal, who won on Murray's hardwood floor, buT The fame came To The Freshman Thoroughbreds when They refurned The visil on The home floor of AusTin Peay Normal, Taking a vicfory from "Baby" Deweese's Sedalia Lions, Two from The WesTern Hill- Toppers, much To Their sorrow, and a small parT in helping The varsiTy in a win over The Firesfone professionals were The highlighfs of The year. The Freshman Team came Through a very vicTorious season and The fufure of Murray's 'Breds looks xery brighf for The nexT years To come. The season sfanding is as follows: FRESl-lMAN BASKETBALL Murray . . . . 63, Sue BenneTT . . 37 Murray ...... 52, Middle Tenn. . . 29 Murray . . . . 44, Sedalia . . . . 20 Murray. . . . . 44, AusTin Peay . . 39 Murray, . . . .43, Paducah Junior . 3l Murray. . . . .45, Middle Tenn. . .34 Murray. . . . , 52, WesTern . . . . 26 Murray . . . . 54, WesTern 3l Murray. . . . . 37, AusTin Peay . . 44 Murray .,.... 53, Paducah Junior 32 FRESH MAN FOOTBALL RECORD Murray, I3, Pensacola, I3 The Murray Freshmen Tied Pensacola Naval Base Team by The score of I3-l3. Murray holds one vicfory over Them and Two Ties, since The Two Teams meT for The firsT Time. in l938. Pensacola scored Their firs Touchdown in The firsT quarfer, anofher in The Third, making The score I3-O. The Fresh scored in The lasT seven minufes of The ball game, esulTed a Tie. . 5' 'E X X 5- - Murray, I3, SouThwesTern, I4 The Baby Racers losf To The SouThwesTern, l44l3. BoTh of ,, A SouThwesTern's Touchdowns were l indirecfly The resulT of Murray fumbles. The Frosh made IO girsf downs To SouThwesTern's Murray, IB, WesTern, 6 For The firsT Time since I937, ,I The Murray boys were The vic- lfors over The WesTern Frosh. . T SJ If Murray compleTely oufclassed The Hillfopper Freshmen. The firsT Murray Touchdown came early in The game as a resulf ,L of a well-Timed pass, WesTern , Then scored in The Third quar- Ter To Tie The score, buT Mur- ray opened up and scored Two more Touchdowns before The end of The game, beaTing WesTern by a score of I8-6. ir BASKETBALL PLAYERS Top Row: Cohen, SeawrighT, DalTon. LaTimer, Hurley, Jchnhon, HighT, Coach Miller. BoTTom Row: Nicholas, Luede- man, Fulks, MeTcalfe, Hus- band, Harlan. ir FOOTBALL PLAYERS McKeel, O'Donald, Nicholas, Shenosky, STewarT, KleTka, Whife, Capolongo, Glascow, Mosley, Wilcox, Coach Miller. UpTown, Sasseen, Gardner, Luedeman, Hinderkson, LaTTi- mer, Liscomb, SeawrighT, Far- ley, Marquess, Fuson, Russel, WalTers, Price, Lee, Syers, AIbriTTon, Lilly. w 'J A "' - f . 'eg sy J' ' :"':-il 1. '. sl- " r"r..-:fs-:any -' ' . -,hgw-A ff' EI -1.5 " w'.""L - ' Sa el- -r 'H "4 ,J-v 'r f.'.w-4' ii -' A -" " T' mm, Q x 1 q Z 3 si lg 11X 1 5... ag Q ' 2 'QQ 'V - ' qu- ita M 5 . ,.., Q 5 W 4 -3 114 . 1 2. A w , 1 av" 1 X. ,, K. 1 ? f L.: sk' X , , I 7' R 1 I - X. 2 . 9 5 E 9 .... Q' ' ig' ... ,L 1,.1:f1,.- .11 ,f,, " 1, . 131, .111 F A 1 5151? ""5'!1 fx 111 "ffi"'i1','?' .1-.2 H 'WL 11:-1:1 mlm 1-f 11:1 Q' 11, fi 2-17" ww V52 .-11 new 11,1 112- 1:1-1"-a 115- vga" 1? 'wg 'fu 41:1 fr' ,Q-ww., sm 1111 -' ' "N ac- ,- vx 1 -11-I -Q' '-as .pf 'vp 5-121 M 'ef--Ez: Mi 1 ,WL -,4- ff -- 591 "fig 1-4 :sf W-, 1-11 'if' ,AQ QE f ffwiim Nw J 1 N 15 'ggi ' g,.,.i Vfvf' 'rf 'inf' 1 11 Ui' n A f. 111- 1,121 .fig '11 'fra 1 B -gWf.11aV:1111'., 1- K 131,21 1- I, 51.1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 -1 1 1 1 1 , , .. ,lf vw Q- .1:f?F?E2:f ice-2 -P.f..1' 1: 11.1.4f1n-1 11, 'f-Y ., - b1,.- 1 1..Y,,,, 'S rw 1 A , . -- .1 X .f,q.., -2-,, ri -11311 32 -.fraf ,Ska 1.1! Y if I 'gg 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Jfjwmlvwf jf? My W M' f fy fda? W6 wfwwhduynmpywfwffc mmwwwfzgmwygydff ffb www M, gWwZffW6wM""Z25?wJ' :Kafka wwf W 5 f J WWW! We Z? WZMZW MJ wifi? Jw? MJ f5MZ,zffMfw'l'Q wfffffwfiw ' MY WQZQKQ Zfzfffi ZVW44-F JJWMW W M fm W WWW 564 W -4- Mm 7 WM! Q- '7he6 A IIIIIIIIIIS JOE WARD . . . HAROLD WEST . . . MARTHA LOU HAYS SARA LEE ROWLAND FIRST SEMESTER LEAH WILLIAMSON . .......... . MRS. M. E. M. HALL. Lllll MISS RUTH HEPBURN . . PresidenI Vice-Presidenf . . Secreiary . . Treasurer Social Chairman . . . Sponsors J. T. While Marlha Jean Wise Cynlhia Adams James Berry MEMBERS Mary Virginia Maior Mary Frances While James Washam Joe Banlcen Karhryn Goheen Jeanne Chambers Carl Walker Georgia Furgerson Jane Byrn Margarel Cooper Thelma Boyd Q Top Row Norma Billinglon Virginia Cable Second Row Elizabefh Sanders June Laffoon Third Row Clarence Perry Mildred Barnell' Fourfh Row Ada Ball Rulh Odom Fifih Row Imogene Armslro Elna Kaiherine A Six+l1 Row Byron Holloway Arnpless Moore Sevenih Row Norma Waggone Annagene Cessn Bo'Hom Row Mary Virginia Henry Louise Herron Frances Lee Wel TWT TIETH IIETUH SPONSORS FRED M. SINGLES L. C. FOWLER G. A. MURPHEY I HONORARY MEMBERS VERNON ANDERSON MARY ELIZABETH CRESS HELEN JOHNSTON OFFICERS Fall SemesTer JOE BANKEN . . . ....... . . . PresidenT CLARENCE PERRY .... . . Vice-Presidenl' IMOGENE ARMSTRONG . . . . . 5ecreTary JAMES BERRY ..... , , , Treasurer JUNE LAFFOON . . .... ReporI'er CARL WALKER . . . . SergeanT-aT-Arms The TwenTieTh C.enTury Commerce Club was organized in January, I939. The purposes oT The club are: To TosTer a compIeTe sTudy oT business in Murray STaTe College: To encourage scholarship and The associaTion oT sTudenTs Tor Their muTual advancemenT by research and pracTice: To promoTe a closer aTTiIiaTion beTween The world oT business and sTudenTs oT business: To TurTher a higher sTandard oT business eThics and cuITure: and To promoTe The civic and business weITare oT The communiTy. All sTudenTs are eligible To acTive membership in The TwenTieTh CenTury Club who are Taking The one-year special business course, and oThers who are majoring in commerce and who have compleTed, or will compIeTe, TiTTeen hours oT commerce in The semesTer in which They apply Tor membership, and have a sTanding oT 2.0 in The business courses compIeTed as well as a general scholasTic sTanding of I.5. This scholasTic sTanding musT be mainTained. Only acTive members have voTing privi- leges. The honorary membership oT The club is composed oT The business Teachers in The commerce deparTmenT oT Murray STaTe College, and The Training School, and oThers who have conTribuTed To The welTare oT The club, and who have been eIecTed To membership by a Two- Thirds majoriTy voTe oT The club. Sponsors are composed oT The college sTaTT oT business Teachers. The club has had many inTeresTing acTiviTies. Realizing The value oT a beTTer undersTanding oT oTTice machinery, The club sponsored a program where demonsTraTion and OFFICERS Spring SemesTer CLARENCE PERRY .......... . . . PresidenT AMPLESS MOORE ..... . . Vice-PresidenT MARY VIRGINIA MAJOR . . . . . SecreTary JOE BANKEN ..... . . . Treasurer BYRON HOLLOWAY . . ..... RGPOVISV WAYNE DORAN . . . . SergeanT-aT-Arms pracTice on The diTTerenT Types oT oTTice machines was enjoyed. AnoTher acTiviTy oT The club which was very inTeresTing as well as educaTionaI was a TloaT enTered in The Home- coming parade. The TiTle oT The TloaT was "Behind The Lines" and iT porTrayed The viTal necessiTy oT commerce and clerical work in war. This TIoaT broughT many ex- pressions oT praise Trom our sponsors-The Murray Laundry, The NaTionaI I'loTeI, The Murray Bakery, Mur- ray Marble Works, and also Trom specTaTors. The club has been very TorTunaTe in having as iTs major projecT Tor The year The Tending oT The check room aT The dances during The Tall semesTer. This acTiviTy broughT many happy hours oT card playing'To Those who helped wiTh The checking. We proclaim Mr. L. C. Fowler un- beaTable aT his own game, "P'iTch." AnoTher projecT which The club is sponsoring is The preparing and TiIing,oT accuraTe names and addresses. picTures and oTher perTinenT daTa reIaTive To all sTudenTs who are Taking The one-year business course, and Those who are majoring in commerce. The club is expecTing To keep an acTive Tile on such sTudenTs, and in order To do This iT was necessary To purchase a Tiling cabineT, which cosT 55498. This daTa will be accessible To busi- ness sTudenTs only. AnoTher acTiviTy in which The enTire membership oT The club is very much inTeresTed is The annual TishTry aT Pine BIUTT., The expenses oT which are deTrayed Trom club dues insTead oT assessmenT. IIIVI I IIT EIU Top Row Mary Swalford Margery Price Imogene Colson Bill Wilson Joe Filch Denver Ervin Second Row Norma Billinglon Odine Swann Oliver Hood John Raber Sara Sue Johnson Belly Jean Wynn Third Row Bob Evans Frank Shires Georgia Furgerson Evelyn Lou Lockharl Wallace Slegall Jean Hicks Four'l'h Row Virginia Cable Mack SCOTT Jesse Darnell Clara lsham Bill Pollard Evelyn Melvin Fiflh Row Clara Mae Breckenridge Jeanne Beth Gasser Marianna Newman Jack Bullis Emma Sue Gibson Laura Holmes - Sixfh Row Charlolle Owen Lou Cap Wayne Reynolds Frances Nelson Juanifa Genrry Lodena Hurl Sevenlh Row Helen Wesl Bill Wealheringlon Joyce Hill Maxine Pybas Billie Jean Weldon Marian Flelcher Eighfh Row Anne Ross Mary Virginia Henry Belly Phillips Mafilda Quirey Anne Berry Mary Rush Ninlh Row Bernadine Fish Josephine Crawford Oneida Aharl Mary Gresham Wanda Sisco Angie Apperson Bo'l'l'om Row Sarah Lee Rowland Boggarl Dunn Sara Robinson SIICIIII IIIISIII IIIIIB JAMES STEVENS ........ . IDA LOUISE FULKERSON . . MARY ANNA JENKINS . . RUTH NALL ..... BILL WITI-IERINGTON . . MARGERY PRICE . . . PAT BILLINGTON . . ODINE SWANN . . For nearly as many years as Murray STaTe College has been organized There has been a group oT sTudenTs who have banded TogeTher To promoTe dramaTics. The name, Sock and Buskin, has had a Iong and honorable ex- isTence on The campus aT Murray. The achievemenTs of The club have always been ouTsTanding, and This year has been no excepTion. The purpose of The club is To TurTher an inTeresT in The drama and The TheaTre. To This end, a series oT plays is presenTed each year, consisTing oT six major producTions. Included are comedies, Tragedies, occasional melodrama and one large musical producTion, which is sponsored ioinTIy by Sock and Buskin and Sigma Alpha IoTa, naTional music TraTerniTy Tor women. In presenTing such a program of plays To The sTudenT body and communiTy iT has seemed desirable Tor The sTudenTs who parTicipaTe in The show To acquire as much experience in The varied phases oT play producTion as possible. A sTudenT direcTor is appoinTed Tor each play. The sTudenTs build and painT The scenery, make The cos- Tumes and operaTe The IighTing. The sTudenTs also learn how To make and operaTe wiThin a budgeT, and how To end each show wiTh The ledger showing black ink. A new venTure oT The ear I94O-41 was The One-acT Play ConTesT which was held in early December. This proved To be a very worTh-while venTure, and will be conTinued indeTiniTeIy so Iong as The high schools in The TerriTory are inTeresTed in compeTing among Themselves. Sock and Buskin awarded The Trophy Tor The besT pro- ducTion in Class B, and The Training School won. Alpha Psi Omega, naTional dramaTics TraTerniTy, was The donor oT The Trophy Tor The besT play in Class A, and iT was awarded To The group Trom Grove High School, Paris, Tennessee. Individual Trophies Tor The besT acTress and besT acTor were awarded by Mr. Doyle and Miss Thorn- Ton. These prizes were boTh carried back To Poplar BIUTT, Missouri, by Mr. Riggs LuTher and Miss Grace Wasson. . . . . . . PresidenT . . Vice-PresidenT . . . SecreTary . . . Treasurer . . Technician . . CosTume . . Make-up . . ElecTrician Among The plays presenTed This year was "We Girls," a deIighTTul comedy in which a moTher seemed To be inclined To sTeal her daughTer's suiTors, and The daughTer reTaIiaTed by proving herselT Too aTTracTive To her moTher's admirers. OT course, in The end Mamma mar- ried The man she should have married and daughTer said "yes" To her moTher's docTor. Sinclair Lewis's greaT Tragedy, "IT Can'T Happen Here," proved To be one oT The highlighTs oT The year. A greaT drama, iT was given a convincing performance by The local casT. IT would be diTTiculT To menTion any member oT The casT and noT To menTion all of Them be- cause The whole Thing was adequaTeIy perTormed. We hope iT won'T happen here buT This play proved ThaT iT mighT. - A mosT sophisTicaTed comedy, "As Husbands Go," by Claire BooTh, revived pleasanT memories oT IasT year's "Susan and God." Here Two middle-aged women loe- came enTangIed in a complicaTed aTTair when They Tound new loves. EvenTuaIIy everyone came To his senses and The play ended happily enough. "NaughTy MarieTTa" was revived Tor The musical show in colIaboraTion wiTh Sigma Alpha IoTa and again The Two organizaTions scored a bulI's eye. The ploT oT This show is so well known ThaT There probably is no reason Tor saying anyThing abouT iT. IT proved To be an adeguaTe ending Tor a very ouTsTanding year's work. This accounT could noT close wiThouT acknowledging our debT To Miss Helen ThornTon who has been in charge oT dramaTics Tor The pasT Three years. Under her direc- Tion Sock and Buskin has grown Trom a small club inTo a large and mosT powerful organizaTion. Each year we enroll new members and our old members sTiII reTain Their inTeresT in The organizaTion. As a maTTer of TacT, who could TorgeT The iniTiaTion'? SOCK AND BUSKIN goes ahead. A: one N 2 is New PHINIU lPH A ToTal oT sevenTy-Tive men have been iniTiaTed inTo The Gamma DelTa chapTer of Phi Mu Alpha sin Tonia TraTerniTy oT America. AT The presenT Time There are TwenTy-seven acTive members in The chapTer and a group oT prospecTive members are now going Through Their period oT pleclgeship. The college dances sponsored by Gamma DelTa chapTer have been very successful during The pasT year. "Campus LighTs," The annual music review, was again a TradiTional suc- cess. This producTion can be compared wiTh The besT among American collegiaTe musicals. The proceeds of This produc- Tion raised The chapTer sTudenT loan Tund in excess of 5500. Gamma DelTa chapTer has acTive membership in The SocieTy Tor The PublicaTion of American Music. This socieTy is organ- ized Tor The purpose oT promoTing public inTeresT in The eTTorTs oT American composers. The chapTer library oT prinTed and recorded American music has been considerably enlarged during The pasT year. An inTeresTing program of original composiTions by acTive and alumni members oT The chapTer was presenTed on ChapTer Day. Gamma DelTa chapTer is Taking an acTive parT in a naTion-wide inTerTraTerniTy music symposium To sTimulaTe The producTion and perTormance oT American music. The chapTer has endeavored To give general supporT and cooperaTion To oTher organized acTiviTies, and in reTurn express graTiTude Tor The supporT received Trom various deparTmenT organizaTions and individuals on The producTion oT Campus LighTs. A. J. HERPY . . ARVED LARSEN . . JACK PRICHARD . . ELWOOD SWYERS . H. L. CARTER . . RoberT Arnoldi Lynn BarTlow Cecil Bolin Calvin Brown Wayne Burdick l-l. L. CarTer Jesse Darnell Harry Davidson William Dickinson l-larold GilberT Ted Haley A. J. l-lerpy Fred Johnson Price Doyle William Fox H161 OFFICERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Elwood Swyers FACU LTY MEMBERS Clair McGavern . . . Presidenl' . . Vice-PresidenT . . SecreTary . Treasurer . . Warden WaTkin Jones Arved Larsen Sfeve LaTanaTion Leo Lookoffsky Shirley Mills WalTer Nance Jack Prichard Elmo Reed James Rickman William ShelTon John SingleTon Roberl' STodclarT William Swyers Joseph GarTon Franklin lnglis The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club, oldesT organizaTion on The campus, was Tormed Tor The purpose oT discussion oT problems oT an inTernaTional naTure. lT is aided by The Carnegie EndowmenT Fund. On November I5-I6, l94O, The club was hosT To The conTerence aTTended by I8 colleges and universiTies oT The Ohio Valley lnrernafional RelaTions Clubs oT Ohio, WesT Virginia, and KenTuclcy. Members oT The Murray Club who held oTTices in The conTerence were Paul Lem- ons, PresidenT7 Shirley CasTle, Corresponding SecreTary: and Cr. B. Johnson, Treasurer. l'lighlighTs oT The conTerence were addresses by Dr. JoseT L. Kunz, lecTurer in inTernaTional law aT The Univer- siTy oT Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, and Dr. Clyde EagleTon, proTessor oT inTernaTional law aT New Yorlc UniversiTy and OFFICERS DEWEY JONES PresidenT G. B. JOHNSON. JR. Vice-PresidenT DENVER ERVI N Business Manager HUGH MCELRATH SecreTary DR. F. C. POGUE Co-Sponsor PROF. W. M. CAUDILL Co-Sponsor Top Row Dewey Jones, Denver Ervin, Dr F. C. Poque, Hugh Mc:ElraTh, G B, Johnson, Jr. Second Row Edgar Rudd, James Harlan, James R. Woodall, Wells LoveTT, Joe Fifch. Third Row James Rogers, Winslon STarks Kafherine Goheen, Rayburn WaT kins, Ray Moefield. Fourfh Row Carl Walker, Paul Lemons, Eliz abelh Finney, Ralph Crouch, Lau ra Gem Holmes. Boifom Row Shirley CasTle, Mary Swafford C. H. Perry, MargareT Muse, Billy Lipforcl. l TEH- NATIU Al UlUB auThor oT worlqs on The subiecT. Business meeTings were conduiTed by Miss Amy Heminway Jones, who is The Carnegie EndowmenT represenTaTive in charge oT The lnTern lTional RelaTions Clubs. Dr. Kunz spoke on "Pan- Ameri an DevelopmenTs Since l933." Dr. EagleTon chose "Dem cracy in Crisis" as his subiecT. , Three round Table discussions were held. The subiecTs Tor Thlese discussions were "Powers and Policies in The OrienT," "The WesTern Hemisphere," and "Democracy in Crislisf' Each group meT Three Times. Each year The Murray club sponsors The Purchase-Pen- nyrile Basl4eTball Tournament a conTesT beTween leading Teams oT The Pennyrile and Purchase secTions oT The sTaTe. The Teams To play are seleclred as The besT in The secTions by a sysTem oT The club. H171 GITIIIULTIIITIEIILUIT GLEN HOOK . DURWARD CULP GAYLE PERRY . E. B. HowTon Wayne Dyer Ampless Moore Harold Hill Eugene Ransom Gayle Perry Wayne Hurd John Ford Cammon Bailey James Redden Ray Moore Charles MaTTingly Oliver Maiors Eugene Young OFFICERS . . . Presideni WAYNE HURD . . . . ReporTer Vice-PresidenT A. CARMAN . . . . Sponsor SecreTary-Treasurer E. B. HOWTON . . . . Sponsor MEMBERS Firsi' Row Buell Edwards Eugene Dowdy Glen Hook A. Carman Durward Culp CarlTon Holloway Second Row Nick Woodruff Ruperi' Warren James Tisdale Earl Bolin Wayne Williams WinTord Lawson Jessie Wiikin Third Row RoberT Fiser Charles Clark Ruble CruTchTield John Harris PaT Wilkin James Erwin Nelson Weldon FourTh Row Howard Dunnigan John Kenny Ralph Bugg Frank O'Donnell Charles McCullum Bill Williams FiTTh Row Hershal Mix The club is aTTiliaTed wiTh The youTh secTion oT The American CounTry LiTe AssociaTion and is represenTed aT Their annual meeTings. The club sponsors a Trip Tor iTs members To The lnTer- naTional Live STock ExposiTion in Chicago each Tall. The club assisTs in promoTing and carrying ouT The summer meeTing oT dairymen, held aT The college Tarm. The club devoTes abouT one-halT oT iTs meeTings To LHST WaTson ArneTT Ralph Gingles Wade Graham discussions oT Topics ThaT are oT viTal inTeresT To sTudenTs oT agriculTure. Speakers oT inTeresT and noTe are secured To lead The discussion aT many oT These meeTings. There are aT leasT Two social evenTs each year, aT one oT which The boys have as Their guesTs The members oT The Household ArTs Club. The club elecTs oTTicers each semesTer, Thus giving Training in leadership To a number oT iTs members. OFFICERS WILLIAM RAWLS . . . . . Presiclenlr MONIS GOOD . . . . ReporTer J. P. WILLIAMS, JR. . . . . . Vice-Presidenlr A. F. YANCEY . . . . . . . . Sponsor JOHN R. MITCHELL . . . SecreTary-Treasurer DR. CHARLES HIRE . . . Proiecl' Supervisor MEMBERS FirsT Row ' Paul Page L. R, HunT Harold MacDanieI Tom Maddox Turner Kirkland John Iler Dyke Mayo WinsTon Siarks Second Row Ben Wallace Monis Good Len Burroughs John R. MiTchell Aubry Boyd William Rawls Bill Lewis Third Row A. F. Yancey Thomas Crawford Dale Melugen James Cunningham Ruble CruTchTieId Elmo Shupe Joe T. Youngblood James HarT Thomas Keach James A. OTey Charles Jenkins Charles, McClain J. P. Vfilliams. Jr. FourTh Row Pai' Singles Ramer Jewell FiTTh Row Frank Davis Dr. Charles Hire Members NoT Billy McDowell The NaThan B. STubbleTield Physics Club, which is one of The oIdesT clubs on The campus, was organized Tor The primary purpose of creaTing a beTTer inTeresT in The physical sciences and Trend of scienTiTic ThoughT. The club was organized in I928, and includes among Tormer members several who are now prominenT in indusTrial and educaTionaI Tields. The club has always and conTinues To TosTer inTeresT in The pioneer work oT NaThan B. STubbleTielcl, and believes ThaT his work enTiTIes him To be The True TaTher oT radio. Williarr Finney Harry FenTon Preseni' for icTure Jesse addler LayTon Williams Shelly Spears Paul Parker David Wallace Elmer Jones Harry D, Williams The club has one or more proiecTs in operaTion aT all Times ThroughouT The school year. The proiecT adopTecI This year was The sTamping oT The elevaTion on The bench marks in Calloway CounTy which were erecTed by The UniTed STaTes CoasTal and GeodeTic Survey. In addiTion To This, work is conTinuing on The perTecTion oT The Fau- cauIT Benduline, which is a maior club proiecT. All sTudenTs who have an acTive inTeresT in physics and relaTecll sciences are inviTed To become members of The club. 51191 OFFICERS ' MARIE CLODFELTER ........ . . . PresidenT DIXIE IVIEYERS .... . . . , , Vice-Pre5idenT ALBERTA ALEXANDER ...... . . . SecreTary SPONSORS Miss RuTh SexTon, Miss Caroline Wingo Mrs. RoberTa Rudd HIIIISIEHIIIII RTS IIIIIB The I-Iousehold ArTs Club was founded in l93O. IT is an acTive organizaTion oT eighTy-Tive members and Three sponsors. The club was organized To promoTe a greaTer in- TeresT in home economics educaTion aT Murray STaTe Teachers College: To encourage scholarship and The associaTion OT The sTudenTs Tor Their muTual advance- menT in The arTs and science oT homemalcingp To pro- moTe closer aTTiliaTion beTween The World oT home economics and The sTudenTs: and, To promoTe a higher sTandard OT personal and Tamily liTe in one's commu- niTy. AnoTher aim oT The club is To develop cuITuraI values. Various acTiviTies OT The year encourage social graces. The meeTings are held bi-monThly on The TirsT and Third Wednesday nighTs in The home economics de- parTmenT. The programs are based on Themes pre- pared annually by The STaTe AssociaTion oT I-Iome Eco- nomics Schools and UniversiTies. On alTernaTe years, The club sponsors a Fashion Review, showing The laTesT Tashions. The club is represenTed aT The spring and Tall sTaTe meeTings. The snapshoTs OT The club members were Talcen in The I-Iome ManagemenT House, where home eco- nomics sTudenTs geT pracTical Training in homemalcing. OFFICERS KATIE COST ..... . . . Presidenl' KATHLEEN WINTER . . .... Treasurer ANNIE LOU ROBERTS . . . . . .Vice-Presiclenl' JANE SEXTON ..,.. .... C haplalll JULIA GILLIAM . . . ........,. SecreTary MARY ALVA ELLISTON . . . . SergeanT-aT-Arms MARY ANNA JENKINS ................ EdiTor' MEMBERS Helen Hire Thelma Marcum Marian FleTcher Odine Swann Dalene BoTTom Mary K. McClellan Mary Harder MEMBERS Clara lsham Mary E. RoberTs Wilma Mescher MargareT Holland Margery Price Maxine Pybus , MEMBERS BeTTy I-Ioldeman Rose Vandermess Eloise Piclcard Mildred Manley The obiecTs oT This TraTerniTy shall be: To Torm bodies oT represenTaTive women who shall loy Their influence and Their musical inTeresT uphold The high- esT ideals oT a musical educaTionq To raise The sTancIarcIs oT producTive musical work among The women sTucIenTs of colleges, conservaTories and universiTiesg To TurTher The SIII III lI121Il developmenT oT music in America and assisT in The de- velopmenT of a sTronger loond oT musical inTeresT and undersTancIing beTween Toreign counTries and America: To give moral ancl maTerial aid To iTs membersg To pro- moTe and clignify The musical proTession: To develop loy- al+y To The Alma MaTer. ll II ll I Il I OFFICERS MARY ANNA JENKINS . . . . . . . . Presidenf BARBARA KETTLER ,... . . Vice-Presiclenf MARGARET COOPER . . . Secrefary MARTHA PRIDE . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Virginia Coleman Margaref McGaw Jane Alley Marfha Meals Rebecca Lighf Mary Virginia Major Marian Flefcher Mary Rufh Brown ' Sponsor: DR. JANE I'-IAZELDON. Dean of Women The Sfudenf Council was esfalolished on fhe campus of Murray Sfafe College in April, I926. Since ifs beginning, if has been one of fhe mosf successful organizafions on fhe campus in carrying ouf ifs proposed work. Today. fhis council ranlcs as one of fhe mosf respecfed groups on fhe Murray campus. One of fhe chief funcfions of fhis council is fhe exfension of a helping hand fo Fresh- men, in fhe assisfance given fhe Freshmen in fheir choice of exfra-curricular acfivifies. The purposes of fhe Sfudenf Council of Wells I'-lall are fo enacf and enforce regulafions, fo promofe fhe welfare and furfher fhe loesf living condifions of fhe residenfs of fhe Girls Dormifory. The council has fhe power fo make regulafions fo carry ouf fhe purposes for which if was organized: fo regulafe maffers perfaining fo fhe conducf and welfare of fhe sfudenfs. The execufive powers are vesfed in fhe Sfudenf Council, which consisfs 'of fhe presidenf, fhe vice-presidenf, fhe secrefary, fhe Treasurer, represenfafives from each college class, and monifors, whose dufy if is fo enforce fhe rules and regulafions sef down Ioy fhe Council. Officers fo fhe Sfudenf Council are elecfed once a year by fhe women of Wells I'Iall. To qualify for mem- bership in fhe Council, one musf be of good characfer, parficipafe in college acfivifies and have recognifion as giver of service on fhe campus. GIIIIS' SIUIII IIIIU CII H1221 OFFICERS CLARENE WALPOLE . . ...... . . . PresidenT NELL WRIGHT ......... VIRGINIA LOYCE BEALMEAR . This group was organized by The girls OT Murray STaTe College Tor The purpose OT bringing TOgeTher a closer relaTiOnship beTween The sTuolenTs and aThleTic acTiviTies on The campus. IT is The welcoming commiTTee Tor Murray STaTe and sponsor OT The TOOTball cheering secTion. One OT iTs chieT aims is The magniTicenT and gorgeous olecoraTions . . . Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary-Treasurer The cOlorTul season OT ToOTball. AnoTher OT iTs aims is To promoTe loyalTy To The college, and To advance The spiriT oT Tellowship ancl service among college sTuclenTs. The membership is made up OT girl sTudenTs and in The pasT years has been greaTly enlargecl. IT has become one OT The OuTsTanOling OrganizaTiOns On The campus OT Murray STaTe College. ThaT adorn The sTadium and The goal posTs ThroughouT 1:4 Y ,,:i 'H I1l23J PHYSICAI UCAI CLUB If124II OFFICERS LOUIS WALTERS ......... ....... P residenT INDA LOU PRYOR . . ....,. Vice-Presidenl' WILSON GANTT . . . . SecreTary and Treasurer The Physical EducaTion Club is made up oT maiors and minors in I-IealTh and Physical'EducaTion. The chieT purpose OT The club is To promoTe a beTTer physical edu- caTion program Tor The enTire sTudenT body aT Murray STaTe and proposes To bring abouT beTTer meThods oT healTh and physical educaTion in This secTion of WesTern KenTuclcy. Each spring The club sponsors The annual Physical Edu- caTion Carnival, over which rules The "Bodies BeauTiTuI" as selecTed by The club. One boy and one girl are piclced by The club wiTh The mosT beauTiTul bodies on The campus Tor The year and are crowned The nighT oT The carnival. OTher aTTracTions aT The carnival are all phases oT physical educaTion. Some oT These phases are mass caIesThenics, pyramid building, Toll: dancing, Tumbling and apparaTus worlc, boxing, wresTling, and oTher games and acTiviTies. AnoTher aTTracTion which creaTes a loT oT inTeresT aT The carnival are The living sTaTueTTes, posed by The members OT The club. The clubroom, IocaTed in The I'IeaITh Building, is beau- TiTully decoraTed and provides a lounging place Tor The members. IT is provided wiTh a radio and card Tables Tor enTerTainmenT. To be a member oT The club, a person musT be eiTher a maior or minor in I-IealTh and Physical EducaTion. THE Yllllll IITNIIIIIITAT ElUB OFFICERS O. B. JOHNSON, JR. , . .......PresidenT CLARENCE PERRY . JOE LITTLE .... . CLARA WALDROP . L. J. HORTIN . , . The Young DemocraT Club OT Murray STaTe College was TirsT Organized in I936. ln I938 iT was reorganized under The same charTer T haT was issued To iT by The STaTe Club in l936. The club was Tormed Tor The purpose OT sTimulaTing an acTive inTeresT in governmenTal aTTairs and Tor TOsTer- ing and perpeTuaTing The ideals OT The DernOcraTic ParTy. The Young DemocraT Club OT Murray STaTe is a mem- ber OT The Young DemOcraT Clubs OT The UniTed STaTes and KenTuclcy. I ROberT A. EvereTT, an alumni OT Murray, was The TirsT presidenT OT The club and had an ac:Tive parT in iTs Or- ganizaTiOn. A . . . . . Vice-PresidenT . . SecreTary-Treasurer . PubliciTy DirecTor . . FaculTy Sponsor ln 1939 The club senT delegaTes TO The STaTe Conven Tion OT Young DemOcraT Clubs in KenTuclcy. The club has sponsored many acTiviTies and among The enTerTainmenTs OT I94O was a parTy aT The home OT The publiciTy direcTOr, Miss Waldrop, celebraTing The Demo- craTic vicTOry in The naTional elecTiOn. Anyone on The campus who adheres To The policies OT The DemOcraTic ParTy is eligible Tor membership in The club. The I94O club had a larger group Than any pre- vious year. , L1251 Ill III IIIUB OFFICERS FaII SemesTer JAMES RICKMAN ..,..,,, , , , p,eS,de,,+ BILLY SI-IELTON . . . . . . Vice-PresidenT ANNIE LOU ROBERTS . . . SecreTary-Treasurer MR. W. I-I. FOX . . . . FaculTy Sponsor OFFICERS Spring SemesTer BILL PARRISI-I ........... . . PresidenT ELMO REED , . . . Vice-PresidenT JANE SEXTON . . . . SecreTary-Treasurer MR. F. P, INGLIS . . A' . FaculTy Sponsor The Vivace Club, which consisTs oT maiors and mi- nors in The music deparTmenT, is The IargesT club on The campus oT Murray STaTe College. IT has as iTs primary purpose The promoTion oT good music on The campus and oTTers The sTudenTs ol: music The oppor- TuniTy oT IisTening To as well as perTorming The higher Types oT music. The ouTsTanding social evenT oT The year is The annual I-lomecoming breal4TasT aT which graduaTes oT The music deparTmenT are inviTed as special guesTs oT The members OT The club. MeeTings are helcl Twice monThly and TeaTure mem- bers oT The TacuITy and ouTsTanding sTudenT musicians. Programs vary, consisTing oT vocal and insTrumenTal solos, dueTs and many inTeresTing insTrumenTs such as sTrinq guarTeTTe TeT, brass ensemble and oTher small mosT recenT addiTion To The cIub's annual reciTal which is presenTed by combinaTions oT , woodwind quin- ensembles. The acTiviTies is The a represenTaTive number oT iTs members. Near The end oT each year The ouTsTanding girl and boy musicians are selecTed by The music'TaculTy on The basis oT scholarship, lead- ership. musicianship, characTer and probable success. Their names are inscribed on a plaque which is spon- sored by The Vivace Club. BET PI THETA French Honorary Scholarship Fralernify The Bela Pi Thela Scholarship Fralernily was founded in l924 al Birmingham, Alabama. "Parlez Francais, elucliez le Francais, el' voyagez en Francais." La Fleur: Fleur-de-lis Les Couleurs: La Pourpre l'or el lablanc Pl RHO CHAPTER Founded May, I937 PATRON ESSES Mrs. James H. Richmond Mrs. B. Ausfin Mrs Wolfson Mrs. Bishop P SPONSORS Miss Nadine Overall Miss Jane Haselden OP' ?'3 Mrs. W. E. Derryberry OFFICERS MEMBERS JAMES HART ..... ....... . . . Presidenl James Hari Eslell Pickard Mary E. Kress NMUWMN rall -- -ramen umemwn ammmeme mmxms ANNA LOU ROBERTS ' ' ' ' ' ' Seclelaw Anna Lou Roberls Nancy Mellen Virginia Odle ESTELL PICKARD . . . .. Treasurer Hugh McElralh Charlofle Owen OFFICERS LUTHER SHAFFER . . . ......,... , . . . Presidenl EDGAR RUDD ....... ....... . . Vice-Presidenl MRS. DOROTHY THOMAS , ...., Secrelary FRAAEBUSNTWI-1n'gClilgIS . . . . . Club Reporter R . . . MISS RUBY SMH-H2 ...,................... Counselors This organizalion is sponsored by 'lhe Melhodisl sludenls of Murray Slafe College. Two meelings are held each week and everyone is inyiled 'ro allend. The purpose ol lhis group is lo promote a qrealer spirilual life among lhe srudenls and +o pro- vide a quiel place of prayer and worship. lf? :Sm gy 5? 5 X -4, 1 . s wr- . . wx ska :ix L 3 f 5 . ., ,V HUPKI S CHU Tl CIUB OFFICERS JUNE LAFFOON . . ....... . . . Presidenl LYNDLE BARNES . ...... Vice-Presidenl GAYLE PERRY ..... . . Secrelary and Treasurer MARTHA JANE WISE . . ........ Reporler MISS RUTH ASHMORE ....... ...... S ponsor The Hoplcins Counly Club meels lwice a monlh, one being a business meeling and lhe olher a social or recrealional rneelinq. The primary purpose ol lhe club is lo help new sludenls gel acqualnled wilh lhe school and olher sludenls ol lhelr counly, and lo promole a leellng ol good-will and lriendship. IIBRARI SCII CI CIUB 2 OFFICERS MARJORIE WYNNS ......... .... P residenl REBECCA ROBERTSON ....... . . . Vice-Presidenl EVELYN MELVIN . . . . Secrelary-Treasurer A. H. RAWLINSON .....,.... . , . , Sponsor W. J. GIBSON ..,.......... . . .Sponsor CHARTER MEMBERS Belly Alcen Emma Sue Gibson Marilyn Raburn Bernice Arnell Hazel Jones Rebecca Roberlson Geraldaine Bishop Belly LeVan Sara Robinson Jane Byrn Rebekah Lighl Sue Slanley I1Z9I Eliza belh Thomson Florence Mary Donoho Evelyn Melvin Marjorie Wynns Polly Eldridge The Library Science Club was organized Oclober, l94O, .lI.lI. IIIIIB THE .IZ.i. IIIIIB OFFICERS TENNIE ROGERS . . VERNA MQKINNEY . . NANCY JERMAN . . DOROTHY WHITE . . MRS. MARTHA INGLIS . . .V..... . . This is a Branch Organizafion of Ihe Nafional Wo Associafion. . . Presidenl Vice-Presiclenf . . Secrefa ry . . Treasurer . . Sponsor man's Afhlefic If1301 OFFICERS MRS. OLGA K. FREEMAN . . . .... . . . . Presidenf ANNETTE BATTS . . .......... . . Vice-Presidenf MRS. DOROTHY THOMAS . . . Vice'Presidenf FRANCES SUITOR ..... . . Vice-Presidenf LULA CLAYTON BEALE . . . ...... Treasurer ESTELLE PICKARD ...... . . . . . . Secrefary RUTH WINGER . . . ....... . ..... Publicafion Chairman MISS NELLIE MAY WYMAN ....,......,........ Sponsor The M. S. T. C. branch of fhe Associafion for Childhood Educafion has for ifs purpose and aims: Ill To sfimulafe greafer pride and inferesf in our professional frainingg Q21 fo provide a means by which fhe members may exfend fheir knowledge of fheir profession as such, and enioy profes- sional fellowshipg I3l fo help improve classroom 'leaching in fhe elemenfary grades by familiarizing ourselves wifh fhe newer, accepfed frends and goals in fhe educalional fieldg and I4l fo help make fhe general public increas- ingly aware of educafion's role in democracy. HUB OFFICERS I ll 'll'-T JOE BROWN . , ...... . . . Presidenf JOE BAKER . . ....., Vice-Presidenl JAKIE lNMAN . , . Secreiary and Treasurer The "M" Club is made up of all Those alhleies who have earned Jrheir "M" eilher in major or minor sporfs. The purpose is lo bring logelher in closer companionship ihose boys who have earned lheir leller. A Waler Carnival and The ','M" Club Follies are presenled each spring by The club.. O O O O W OFFICERS t ROBERTA MORROW . . . . Presldeni RUTH NALL .... Vice-Presidenl MILDRED MANLEY . . . . . Secrelary The Y. W, C. A. of Murray Slaie College was organized in ELIZABETH RHEA PINNEY I U I Treasurer March, I939, under The sponsorship of Dr. Jane Haselden. S Having cornplefecl The Two years' requirement 'lhe club expecls' DR' FRANCES HTCKS ' ' i ' ponsor 'ro become a member of The Nalional Y. W, C. A. in March, I'-?4l. MISS RUTH ASHMORE . . - - SPONSOV E Q, , N W3 xi y fg . M '- view QW ,V av Z ' N , ' CQ -- Mb ft? . f M- ..,., - v ii' my W" ' 4-ig? L 22 X 'Mia' iff 1 N 91 f 1 -A :., E2 . 1 5 ft, K A .iv " "' -7 'ksiiikil WLQI ii 4 I ' 2 ' W F W 'A f i ffnzfs' .ZW-.wg ' X ' l M As Tf"2.:' ' M, -yew, Q K J I 6 f i ...,f' ..,. ,W S. J . 'Q f s ff , A ,ag . , 33552, - f' xy 3 5 Alpha Psi Omega is an inTernaTional honorary dramaTic TraTerniTy, having as iTs chief purpose The TurThering OT inTeresT and abiliTy in all phases of drama. The Gamma Epsilon casT oT Alpha Psi Omega, locaTecl on The campus of Murray STaTe, is, ThereTore, a TraTerniTy chapTer lim- iTed To The TwenTy mosT ouTsTanding sTudenTs oT dra- maTic:s-sTudenTs who have shown inTeresT and abiliTy in all phases oT play producTion. Each year The Gamma Epsilon casT presenTs one or Two plays TeaTuring The TraTerniTy members. This year's Two producTions were "The NighT oT January l6," pre- senTed on January I6, and "Lady oT l.eTTers," presenTed March I3. lPH PSI UNITE MEMBERS Joe FiTch Odine Swann RuTh Nall PaT BiIIing+an MargreT Muse CharloTTe Owen Bernadine Fish Emma Sue Gibson Marv Anna Jenkins Margery Price Harold Riddle Helen ThorTon Sponsor JAMES STEVENS Business Manager xg, Eff? My lfggfbi J Ll, JAMES R. WOODALL Edilor-in-Chief Ellllili EEWS The College News, official publica- l'ion of Murray Slale College, was acl- iuclgecl besl all-around college news- paper in l'he srale ol Kenluclcy in 'rhe spring of l94O by 'rhe Missouri Univer- sily School ol Journalism. The College News is a member of Jrhe Ken+uclcy lnlercollegiajre Press Asso- cialion and ol: lhe Wesl Kenluclcy Press Associalion. The slalli ol The College News in- cludes: James R. Woodall. edi'ror-in- chief: James Sire-vens, business mana- ger: Ausiin Aclkinson, managing edilorg Adron Whipple, Paul Lemons, adverlris- ing managers: Barbara Kelller, sociely eclilorq Jack Anolerson, Paul Buclcman, sporls eoli+ors7 Virginia Cable, lealure eolilorg Kalhryn Goheen, Anne Berry, assislanlr edilorsq Harold Wesl, slafl carloonislfq John Nall, Jesse l-lahn, Dol- lye Mcfklisler, Cobble Lee, Clara ls- ham, George Wilson, G. B. Johnson, edilorial and lea+ure wrilersp l.. J. l'lor- lin, iournalism inslruclor. Members of The elemenlary journal- ism classes are also sralf members, acl- ing as reporrers. Q 3 . ,W J .. f .,. , ,E . -,ff K: Z., U4 ., :Qzg..q.mI , .ff .wi 4. - af, ,1 ff gg, '25 ' :ww , .L ,, w., .L Q Eff ? ix, ,. N... ,L Lf .,4,.M af My f W L ,.., M ww 4. , . .W 3... .., A L1 V x .. . H Q K my Q A ,.,,.. V Li Q W 3 ' f 4. , . . - we . . Y ,. , . 1 g . ,,..'.,... . if . " Q an Ms, 2 gif . . iii ggi 1 ' 4 ,. ,, ... IG f.....H i 623' . ... sf? ,.. J The Girls' Glee Club is direcTecl by ProTessor Price Doyle. IT malqes various Tours, appearing in concerT. The Girls' Glee Club is a welcome chapel program. Many Types oT music are sung by The club. IT is maole up oT The TinesT Temale voices aT Murray: lceen apprecia- Tion Tor Tiner music is TosTereol by The Girls' Glee Club. GIHl'S G li T E lU B The Brass Ensemble is direcTecl by ProTessor Joseph GarTon. Various Types oT programs are presenTecl by This group Trom The Tormal concerT To accompanimenTs. IT also Torms The nucleus oT The TheaTre orchesTra. This group varies in size ancl insTrumenTaTion according To The maTerial which is being perTormecl. BRASS T SEMBlT A Milif iyfflliiifpiizlif iii? fi STRI QUVTTET is T girls Trom' The Sig a Alpha IoTa music TraTer- niT . The embers oT This quarTeT have Qin The me Tor The pasT Two years. his grou plays Tor K. E. A, Music Clubs Q in ario s places. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE is a new or- qanizaTion under The direcTion oT Pro- Tessor Franlclin P. lnglis. lT is one oi The ouTsTanding small organizaTions in Mur- ray's musical world, and periorrns some oT The mosT diTTiculT arrangemenTs in ensemble libraries. GIRLS' QUARTET is direcTed by Professor Leslie R, PuTnam. lT appears Through WesTern KenTuclcy and Tennessee on Tours con- ducTed Through Murray's exTension deparTmenT. Chapel programs and reciTal numbers have been given by The Girls' QuarTeT, MEN'S QUARTET is direcTed by Professor Leslie R. PuTnam. H' appears on various chapel programs, and in concerT during The year. The quarTeT plans Tours in The surrounding Terri+ory, singing Tor commencemenTs and oTher evenTs. This group is very well liked Tor chapel programs, The reperToire oT The quarTeT conTains many inspiring spiriTuals as well as many numbers OT The ballad sTyle, ,Wax Aga' 1-xv Frm, mf J-y n m xgwa lk A an WW Qs' 2 2-:Q fy Mxfi- gw3'h-'-,QM an aw p- ,fua W 'WX ?TQffs?ff HW 3 Edna M-v.ww.r51, A 1 4, sg.,-3, 2 H ,.: 1. - zwHf2:Q,w:wesf:?Zf,2S?Qgag W w- -,ff--' m y gg f WM 'A .V ww :rr 95 m . mr fp, 1 5? Q-Q2 415 if .1:"" f:Ee:f:f,:, e,sewf'2zi1g ,. . ., Q - ' ---- wif f Qfzggaaam S sf'-.f ..... , .. .. Q fa fm: ' 93 .3 f ' as 5 'f' 5 gf swim sf?-,svflifh .wa sn , 1. ,. W. - X saflsigg ,f 1 - H f ni if Q H , x Q k -F1'i:f':ii'::..f 3 Yf4fQ4fWV J' ' x ' we . W, W..f S A A ,Ll B, M. ew , ll? ' 5 Q IEW is ai E5 iii ,Xlb. H K W , I: W 753 aww! up A+++ A .:j!g:iEZg lQ!!vf . . , .f 5 gigwfmw, V I ,X ll-Hi JHQZVQMJQJ, Wfi7W My 7!ae llffwmaq Siale TRAINING SCH00l Edifor, GEN E GRAHAM CARMEN M. GRAHAM, Principal of Training School, Top Row: W. J. CAPLINGER, DirecTor of Training School, DOROTHY ROWLETT, CriTic Teacher ArT, MRS. ROBERTA SEAT RUDD, Crific Teacher Home Economics, W. H. BROOKS, CriTic Teacher Agriculfure, CLIFTON THURMAN, CriTic Teacher Mafhemafics, BaskeTbalI and Track Coach. Second Row: VERNON ANDERSON, CriTic Teacher Commerce, MARJORIE PALMQUIST, CriTic Teacher Music, MARGARET CAMPBELL, Crific Teacher Social Science, LORA FRISBY, CriTic Teacher English and LaTin, ROBERTA WHITNATH, CriTic Teacher Science, CLARA RIMMER, Crific Teacher French and English. BoTTom Row: RUBIE SMITH, CriTic Teacher SixTh Grade, THELMA GLASSCOCK, CriTic Teacher FifTh Grade, MATTIE S. TROUSDALE, Crific Teacher Fourfh Grade, ANNIE RAY, CriTic Teacher Third Grade, OLA B. BROCK, Crific Teacher Second Grade, BERTIE MANOR, CriTic Teacher FirsT Grade. ill SlIHlllllilllIlllll Since iT became a Tour-year high school six years ago, The Murray Training School has Taken rapid sTrides. STarTing Trom scrarch wiTh experT leaders, The Training School has builT up a school spiriT ThaT is noT surpassed in WesTern KenTuclcy. Our aThleTic and debaTe Teams have boTh made Tine records. Our exTracurricula acTivi- Ties have Tlourished, and our scholasTic sTanding in This sTaTe is Tar above The average. Baclced by a Tine insTiTu- Tion, The Murray STaTe Teachers College, The Training School has many advanTages over The average high school. Every Teacher employed musT have a masTer's degree and Thus The sTudenTs oT The Training School have experT Training in every Tield. The College oTTers many advanTages in ThaT iT oTTers Tor The sTudenTs physical educaTion, and every sTudenT oT The Training School has access To The library. Free music insTrucTion is also lf144Il oTTered as well as The Turnishing oT insTrumenTs. Re- cenTly The Training School has insTalled a Commerce DeparTmenT and an AgriculTure DeparTmenT. This oTTers experT Training in commercial 'fields while The Agricul- Ture DeparTmenT gives a ToundaTion Tor TuTure Training in This line and also aTTords rural sTudenTs who plan To be Tarmers Tine experience and insTrucTion. The newesT addiTion To This deparTmenT is a shop which has been compleTed iusT This Tall. Under The sponsorship oT The MoThers Club and The W. P. A., a new lunch room has iusT been compleTed which supplies lunches Tor The enTire school and which oTTers Tree lunches Tor some. These and many oTher advanTages and addiTions have made The Training School one oT The besT equipped and TinesT schools in KenTuclcy. Illll N SIZHIIIII 31111113 Top Row: CHARLOTTE WEAR, Presidenl Freshman Class, '38, Glee Club, English Club, Home Economics Club, Vice-Presi- denr, '38, Presidenf English Club, '40, Vice-Presidenl Senior Class, Dramalic Club, Inlernalional Relalions Club. RICHARD GHOLSON, Presidenl of Senior Class, '41, Bela Club Vice- Presidenl, '39, '40, '41, Dramalic Club, '40, '41, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, Baskelball, '40, '41, Debale Team, '39, '40, '4l. RICHARD BOGGESS, Foolball, '39, 4-H Club, '37, '38, '39, Dramalics, '38, '39, Chickasaw Sociely, '39, English Club, '38, '39. JOETTE SMITH, Transfer from Birmingham, Kenlucky. Home Economics Club, '40, '41, Glee Club, '41, Cheer Leader, Dramalic Club, '39. Second Row: W. D. ADAMS, Vice-Presidenl Sophomore Class, '38, Vice-Presidenl' Junior Class, '39, F. F. A. Quarlel, F. F. A. Club, Dramalics Club, Inlernalional Relalions Club. MARY SUE POYNER, Vice-Presidenl Home Economics Club, '38, '39, '40, '41, English Club, '38, '39, '40, '41, LILA NELL MCCLURE, English Club, '38, '39, '40, '4I. PAUL DEE BAILEY, English Club, '37, '38, F. F. A. Walchdog, F. F. A. Presidenl, '41, Treasurer Senior Class, '41, Third Row: JOSEPHINE BROACH, Class Presidenl, '38, Glee Club, '37, '38, Book Club, '37, '38, Orcheslra, '38, '41, Home Economics Club, '38, '39, Bela Club, '40, '41, JOE ROBINSON, Track, '38, '39, '40, '41, Caplain, '39, Baskelball, '37, '38, '39, '40, Treasurer Junior Class, '40, Winner Slale Track 880, '40, DAVID MASON, Transfer from Benlon. Presidenl Hobbie Club, '37, Vice-Presidenl Junior Class, '39. SUE LASSITER, Baskelball Club, '38, '39, '40, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, Mixed Chorus, '41, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, '41, English Club, '39, '40, Four'l'h Row: GENE GRAHAM, Baskelball, '38, '39, '40, '41, Track, '38, '39, '40, '41, Dramalics Club, '40, '41, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, Befa Club, '39, '40, '41, Presidenl, '40, '41, Debale Team, '39, '40, '41, "Black Derby," '39, Presidenl Junior Class, '39, '40, Presidenl Freshman Class, '37, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '41, Lalin Club, '38, '39, "Shield" Slafi, '4l. MARTHA BELLE HOOD, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Orcheslra, '39, '40, Trio, '39, '40, Sexlel, '40, Cheer Leader, '38, '39, '40, Lalin Club, '38, English Club, '37, '38, Vice-Presidenl, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, Bela Club, '39, '40, Treasurer, Dramalic Club Secrelary, '40, "Black Derby," IMOGENE BAILEY, English Club, '37, '38, Home Economics Club, '37, '38, Bela Club, '40, '41, Secrelary, '41, Dramalic Club Presidenl, '41, lnlernalional Relaiions Club, '41, Secretary Junior Class, "Black Derby", Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l. FRED EUGENE ATKINS, F. F. A., '39, '40, '41, English Book Club, '37, '38, Lalin Club, '38, '39. Fif'l'h Row: BOBBYE NELLE ENOCH, Glee Club, '37, '38, English Club, '37, '38, Befa Club, '40, '41, Home Economics Club, '38, '39, '40, Lalin Club, '38, '39, Book Club, '39, '4O. BILL COHOON, English Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Physical Educa- lion Club, '37, '33, '39, F. F. A., '39, '40, '41, Wafchdag, '40, '41, Judging Team, '40, Science Club, '40, RICHARD ARM- STRONG, Baskelball, '37, '39, '40, '41, Debale, '39, '40, '41, English Club, '37, '38, Bela Club, '39, '40, '41, F. F. A. Club, '40, '41, "Black Derby", Track, '38, '39, '40, '41, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, Book Club, '38, '39, '40. MARTHA GUIER, Orcheslra, '38, '39, '40, '41, Woodwind Ouinlel, '38, '39, '40, Bela Club, '40, '41, Dramalic Club, '41, lnfernalional Relalions Club, '41, Baskelball Club, '40, Sixlh Row: HERBERT ALLEN MAIDES, Transfer from Livings- lon Counly High. FLORENCE THURMAN, English Club, '38, '39, '40, Glee Club, '39, '40, Orcheslra, '38, '39, '40, LOU ELLA GIBBS, Glee Club, '38, '39, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '41, Lalin Club, '38, '39, English Club, '37, '38, Home Economics Club, '37, '38, '39, Bela Club, '40, '41, Girls Sexlelfe, '40, '41, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, BEN BOGGESS, Foolball, '39, Baskelball, '38, Track, '38, Walangan Sociely, '38, '39, Biology Club, '39, 4-H Club, '38, '39, F. F. A. Club, '4O. Sevenlh Row: MARJORIE FOOSHEE, Orcheslra, '38, '41, Glee Club, '38, '41, Srring Ouarlel, '39, '41, Dramalic Club, '40, '41, Bela Club, '40, '41, Presidenl of lnlernalional Relarions Club, '40, '41, Secrelary of Senior Class, Home Economics Club, '38, '40, Presidenl Horne Economics Club, '39, '40, Trio, '40, '41, English Club, '37, '39. CHARLES CALLIS, English Club, '37, '38, Sophomore Class Presidenl, Lalin Club Presidenl, '38, Orcheslra, '37, '38, '39, '41, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '41, "Black Derby", Bela Club, '40, '41, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, Debale Club, '40, '4l. CHARLES CLARK, Transfer from Kirksey. Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '41, Dramalic Club, '40, '41, Debale Team, '39, '40, '41, "Black Derby", Infer- nalional Relalions Club, '40, '41, Vice-Presiclenl Lalin Club, '39, Baskelball, '38, '39, '40, '41, Track, '39, '40, '4l. MARJORIE BOWDEN, Transfer from Alabama. Glee Club, '39, '40, Presi- denl, '40, Orcheslra, '38, '39, '40, Hi-Y Club, '39, '40, Drum Maior, '38, '39, '40, Dramalic Club, '39, '40, Lalin Club, '37, '38, Secrelary Freshman Class, Cheer Leader, '4I. Eighlh Row: GUTHRIE THURMAN, F. F. A., '39, '40, Bagkef. ball,l'38, '39, '40, BILL WASHBURN, Debale, lnlernalional Relahons Club, Secrelary Science Club, Cheer Leader, '4l. FIRST GRADE: Mary Adair, Hesler Baker, Mary Dockery, Connie Dowdy, Billie Brillain, Dan Erwin, Glen Gibbs, William Gibson, Glenda Giles, Billie Glover, Mildred Goode, George Hale, Billy Har- man, Merlyn Halcher, Jeanelle Huie, George Jones, Geneva Keel, John Murphy, John Neal, Elizabelh Nunley, Bennie Rogers, Marlha Shemwell, Hal Shipley, Dallas Shaklelord, Carrel Slallord, Marlene Swann, Myra Tessener, Peggy Turner, William Vaughn, Bobbie Waller, Ora Wealherford, Gloria Wh le, Mary Wolfson, Bobbye Darnold. SECOND GRADE: Barbara Ashcrall, Charles Boggess, Roberl Bowden, Jr., James Buchanan, Dan Dockery, Janice Doran, Carl Dowdy, Billie Fo-1, Hilda Galloway, Mary Granl, Johnnie Bran- don, Belly Gilman, Diane Hendrick, Burlon l-lolsapple, Donald Hughes, Jack lrvan, Billie Jackson, Orlean Keel, Mary LaFollelle, Earl Lyons, L. W. Lyons, Charles Magness, DeWayne Mellon, Thelma York, Carolyn Melugin, J. D. McKinney, Belly Pillman, Richard Smilh, Lalricia Slokes, Sara Slory, Billie Suiler, Peggy Tune, Belly Underwood, Wanda Vance, Charley Waldrop, Nancy Wear, Marlha Wilkerson. THIRD GRADE: Will Bailey, Eva Boggess, James Bonduranr, Virgle Brillain, William Brillain, Jean Corn, Ronald Dodd, Dallas Doran, Jay Falwell, Ni:-ma Jean Farris, Evelyn Gibbs, Julia Gibbs, Belly Giles, Charles Glover, June Harl, Palricia l-larbin, Ola Hulchens, Roberl Jellrey, Lelelia Maupin Jack Mayfield, Bob Miller, Max Moore, Gladys McKinney, Palricia Osborne, Imogene Rogers Pal Shaklelord, Dan Shipley, Ann Shroal, Verona Smirh, Jimmie Thomasson, Mary Trevalhan, Belly Wesl, Marion Bridges. FOURTH -GRADE: Eugene Adams, Evelyn Alkins, Jessie Alkins, William Alkins, Belly Bowden, I-lorence B-andon, John Bullerworlh, Marlha Browr., Harold Campbell, Janice Cloplon, Earl Dockery, Belly Jo Dowdy, lsaac Dunn, Thomas Fair, Nancy Goode, Belly Hall, William Hughes, James Hulchen, Joseph Holsapple, Claudine Keel, leland Keel, Mary lewis, Naomi McMillen, Gerald McMillan, Nelly Millon, John Mclvar, Nancy Neiswanger, Joan Parker, George Parrish, Belly Rogers, John Srellon, Chad Sleward, Newman Slallord, Belly Stokes, Glen Suiler, Wilma Taylor, Verble Taylor, Joe Thurman, Wanda Trevalhan, Ann Vancy, Mary Jacqueline Wear, Jean Workman. FIFTH GRADE: Imogene Adams, Howard Alex- ander, Eugene Boggess, John Boggess, Ralph Boyd, Alice Brandon, Lola Buchanan, Phil Craw- ford, Bobby Denham, lsaac Dowdey, George Dunv, Terry Granl, Elizabelh Green, Belly Haley, Huberl Haley, Della Harmon, James Holsapple, Mary Kendle, Charles Lamb, Ira Marlin, Glenn Murphy, Clillord Rayburn, James F. Richardson, Gus Roberlson, Jr., Elouise Rogers, Joe Rogers, Jacqueline Sharborough, James Trevalhan, Myles Tune, Jaunila Underwood, Frances Vance, Belly Yancey, Wilmolh York. SIXTH GRADE: Pal Clark, William Corbin, Floyd Cunningham, Mindolyn Ervin, Mae Erwin, Wanda Farmer, Gene Hale, Doris Harmon, Glenda Hughes, Charles Kemp, Allred Lassiler, Julia Lowry, Billy Marlin, C, W. McClure, Mary McClure, Sadie McClure, Ema McKinney, Tollie McMillen, Clara Miller, Lelricia Oulland, Dorlha Rickman, Gloria Spann, Dolores Taylor, Ted Thompson, Billy Thurman, James Vance, Bobby Ward, Charles Washam, Dorlha Wilkerson, Vir- ginia Wilkerson, Mary Willard, Eva Frances Woods. SEVENTH GRADE: Evelyn Aharl, Jean Bullar- worlh, Joan Farris, Kalhleen Gibbs, Waller Goode, Dorolhy Hargrove, Hazel Hood, Kalhleen Key, Hassell Kuykendall, Bill McMillen, Vera Millon, W. D. Poyner, James Rickman, Flavil Roberlson, June Robinson, Mariorie Shemwell, Kennelh Slaughler, Roberl Smilh, Joe Spann, James Slory, Billy Triplelr, Max Turnbow, Virginia Wilkinson, Nancy Wolfson, Charles Workman. EIGHTH GRADE: Bobbie Adams, Billy Alkins, Ral Baker, Edward Boggess, Sara Bowden, Mary Brown, Minnie Buchanan, Thomas Buchanan, Ever- elle Davidson, Sam Ellioll, Billie Gingles, Myra Granl, George Hargrove, Kale Houslon, Rosemary Jellrey, Mildred Jones, Floyd McClure, Jewel McKinney, Edd Parrish, Bobbie Nell Rogers, Emma Russell, Harry Russell, Laurel Samples, Belly Shroal, Dorolhy Smilh, Lucille Slallord, Bobs Slewail, Duval Slove, Dorolhy Suiler, Pal Treva- fhan Jack Ward, Naomi Whilnell, Eva York. NINTH GRADE: Belva Armslrong, J. C. Arm- slrong, Virginia Alkins, Huberl Barnes, Johnny Boyd, Linda Callis, Billy Caudill, Joan Cohoon, Olis Cohoon, J. D. Calhoun, Millon Dodd, Anna Gibbs, Mary Goode, Charles Hale, Junior Harges, Mary Huie, R. l'l. Hood, Jr., Mildred Knighl, Margarel Lamb, Charles Lassiler, John Lovell, H. W. Wilson, Harvey Mardis, Eugene Moore, Emily Morris, Josephine Redden, Mary Risne'. Robbie Richardson, Charles Robinson, Jacqueline Roberlson, Jimmy Robinson, Fay Smilh, James Thompson, Galen Thurman, Eva Wilkerson, Billy Pool, John McMillan. TENTH GRADE: Mary Buchanan, Charles Bau- cum, Judilh Benedicl, Lexie Boggess, Loyd Boyd, Belh Broach, Lesler Byres, Ouava Clark, Lurline Cunningham, Harold Doran, Allen Ervin, Henry Erwin, Frances l-arris, Harold Gibbs, Marvin Harris, Harold Houslon, Joseph Hughes, Annie Hulchens, Lavinia Jones, Margarel Lamb, Eliza- belh McMillen, Sally McMillen, Marlha Poyner, Buron Richardson, Anne Trevalhan, Ben Trevalhan, Dorolhy Trevalhan, Joe Windsor. ELEVENTH GRADE: Paul Alexander, Frances Arnell, Mariorie Arnell, Larue Armslrong, Harue Armslrong, Robbie Bogard, Corley Byres, Mary Jane Corbin, John Cavill, Vernon Cohoon, Ann Cope, Eris Cope, Larry Doyle, Ora Dunn, Ernesl Farrow, Mary Fulrell, Jean Granl, Paul Haley, Joan Harrell, Mrs. Opal Hincher, Zane Holcomb, Lorene Hulchens, Jean Hurl, Clillord Jones, Belly Lassiler, Mable Lamb, Vivian Lamb, Opal Mc- Millen, Ora Miller, Velma McClure, Mary Rulh Mason, James Newporl, John Nanney Ralph Osborne, John Russell, Rulh Risner, Marion Shav- borough, Dorolhy Samples, Randolph Slory J H Theo-bald, Kalhleen Trevalhan, Hayland Taylor, Collield Vance, Mancie Vinson, Dickie Wilcox, Florello Wefls, Alberl Walson, Juanila Williams, Edna York. lHl U lllllClllSSlS F. F. A. This group, only Two years old, has shown more improvemenT Than any oTher. LasT year The FuTure Farmers oT The Training School ChapTer received Third place in The FuTure Farmer Tield day aT Sharp. KenTucl1y. The quarTeT placed sec- ond in The sTaTe while one member, Ralph Gingles, was named as a STaTe Farmer and elecTed vice- presidenl' oT The sTaTe. WiTh mosT oT Their orig- inal groupumuch is expecTed oT Them This year. DEBATE CLUB The deba+e Team, coached by Mr. Vernon An- derson, consisTs oT Bill Washburn, Richard Ghol- son, Harold Glen Doran, Richard Boggess, Mancie VincenT, Charles Callis, Charles Clark, CorTez Byres and Gene Graham. The Team has won Three OT Tour debaTes already This year and is improving rapidly. A Tine Team is expecTed To represenT The Training School in The TournamenTs This year. MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus, direcTed by Miss Mariorie PalmquisT, is in iTs second year oT exisTence. LasT year This group raTed excellenT in The annual music conTesTs aT Murray STaTe College. BoasTing a larger group and a year's experience, The mixed chorus is expecTing a beTTer showing This year in The conTesTs. Much improvemenT already has been shown over lasT year's chorus. BETA CLUB The Training School chapTer oT The NaTional BeTa Club consisTs oT Those having a sTanding oT B or above. OTTicers are as Tollows: Gene Gra- ham, presidenTq Richard Gholson, vice-presidenT7 lmogene Bailey, secreTary: MarTha Hood, Treas- urer. The BeTa Club has enTerTained Their new members wiTh a parTy and carried on iniTiaTion. Miss RoberTa WhiTnah is Their sponsor. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club has been organized Tor several years. The work oT This club has made possible many banqueTs Tor various oTher clubs and classes in The Training School. Besides pre- paring The annual Junior-Senior banqueT and F. F. A. FaTher-Son banqueT They have dinners and parTies oT Their own. Sponsor This year is Mrs. RoberTa SeaT Rudd, Home Economics criTic. ORCHESTRA The Murray Training School OrchesTra consisTs oT pupils who Talce music in The Training school. The orchesTra plays aT chapel and aT The school plays. This adds much To The enTerTainmenT and is greaTly enjoyed by The sTudenTs. DRAMATIC CLUB WiTh Miss Lora Frisby as sponsor, The Training School DramaTic Club has presenTed Three one- acT plays. WiTh one oT These plays our club, or- ganized only This year won TirsT place in a con- TesT oT one-acT plays sponsored by The college dramaTic deparTmenT. This conTesT was enTered by many oT The surrounding high schools. OTTicers OT The club are: lmogene Bailey, presidenTg Jane Corbin, vice-PresidenT1 MarTha Hood, secreTary. TIT!-Tl N SCH The aThleTic Teams oT Murray Training School, in The lasT Tew years have Turned in excepTionally Tine records. The C.olTs, long a doormaT oT WesTern KenTucky baskeT- ball, came up lasT year wiTh a Team ThaT Tinished The season wiTh I3 wins againsT 5 losses. This Team was chosen To represenT The Purchase in The preliminary Purchase-Pennyrile meeT and won over WheaTcroTT, re- ceiving a Trophy. LaTer The Training School deTeaTed Murray High School, counTy winner, in a DisTricT Tourney Thriller. The Team Topped iTs season by winning The Jackson Purchase ConTerence. This year's Team is wiTh- ouT many oT The sTars oT lasT year and lacking in experi- ence, buT are expecTing To win Their share oT The games beTore The season is gone. Much improvemenT has been already shawn over The games played earlier in The season and sTeady increases in power have been regisTered. ill THTTTIIZS BaskeTbaIl schedule Tor This season, pending, is as Tol- lows: Alumni, here: Aurora, here: BenTon, There: Wingo. here: CenTral l-ligh of ClinTon, There: FulTon, There: Groves High oT Paris, Tenn., here: Bardwell, There: Mil- burn, here: Lowes, here: ClinTon, here: Puryear, here: ST, Mary's oT Paducah, There: Reidland, There: Trigg CounTy oT Cadiz, There. The Training School Track Team also has a very impres- sive record. ln I939 They were champions oT The Jack- son Purchase ConTerence. LasT season Joe Robinson, 880 man, won The STaTe Track MeeT in ThaT showing. This year's hopes are somewhaT darker, buT wiTh Robinson back along wiTh a Tew oTher TirsT and second place win- ners oT meeTs, The Training School looks Torward To a Tairly successTul season aT This sporT. BASKETBALL TEAM The loss oT Three OT lasT year's sTarTing Tive was a severe blow To The ColTs, buT They have sTeadily improved unTil iT seems ThaT They will be almosT as sTrong as lasT year's Jackson Purchase ConTerence winners. PicTured aT leTT are: For- wards Richard ArmsTrong, Joe Robinson, Marvin T l-larris, and Richard Gholson: CenTers W, D. Adams and J. l-l. Theobald: Guards John Nanney, Charles Clark, John LoveTT, and CapTain Gene Graham: Coach CliTTon Thurman and Manager Sam EllioT. Members oT The Team noT in The picTure are CenTers Paul Alexander and Gene Moore, and Forwards Dickie Wilcox and Richard l-lood. RecenT games have shown ThaT The ColTs are a much improved ouTTiT. STarTing aT The TirsT oT The season wiTh very liTTle maTerial, Coach Thur- man has Tinally worked ouT a combinaTion ThaT seems desTined To Take iTs share oT This year's schedule. CHEERLEADERS A greaT aid To The CoITs on The baskeTball Tloor are The cheerleaders. For The lasT Tew years, since The Team has showed promise, The cheer- leaders have been TaiThTul supporTers oT our school. They have done more, worked harder To esTablish a Tine school spiriT Than any oTher ones. And They have succeeded. AT almosT every game away Trom home The lasT Two years The cheer- leaders have eiTher secured The bus or enough cars To Take a goodly porTion oT The Training School sTudenT body To The games. Cheerleaders elecTed Tor This year are, Trom leTT To righT: Bill Washburn, MarTha Belle Hood, Mariorie Bowden, and Mancil VincenT. R MURRAY TATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY A STANDARD STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MEMBER American AssociaTion oT Teachers Colleges, SouThern AssociaTion oT Colleges and Secondary Schools, KenTucl4y AssociaTion oT Colleges and Secondary Schools, NaTional AssociaTion oT Schools oT Music, American Council on EducaTion, Teachers College ExTension AssociaTion, NaTional AssociaTion oT Commercial Teacher-Training lnsTiTu- Tions, Approved Library School. Summer Session Opens June I6, I94I Fall SemesTer Opens SepTember 22, l94l Spring SemesTer Opens February 2, I942 THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The mosT imporTanT announcemenT oT The year is ThaT The Degree oT MasTer oT ArTs in EducaTion will be conTerred aT The Murray STaTe Teachers College on sTudenTs TulTilling The requiremenTs Tor This degree. GraduaTe courses leading up To This degree will become a parT oT The regular curriculum, beginning wiTh The Summer Session oT I94l. CHOICES OPEN TO STUDENTS Murray provides Training Tor The Tollowing: I. Those preparing To become Teachers, principals, supervisors or superinTendenTs oT schools. 2. Those desiring a liberal arTs degree, eiTher A.B. or B.S. 3. Those desiring The degree oT Bachelor oT Music. 4. Those desiring The degree oT Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. 5. Those desiring The degree oT Bachelor oT Science in AgriculTure. 6. Those desiring To prepare Tor The proTession oT law, medicine, denTisTry, or The- ology. Special Emphasis ls Placed on Scholarship, HealTh, EFfecTive Use of English, and The DevelopmenT of CharacTer, PersonaliTy, and Professional Skills An ExcellenT Physical PlanT-Large and BeauTi'Ful Campus-Twelve New and Well- U Equipped Buildings For caTalogue and Tull inTormaTion address JAMES H. RICHMOND. PRESIDENT MURRAY, KENTuc.KY COMPLIMENTS . TO MURRAY TATE COLLEGE E. Az :g .4 .2 .152 25zE22E1222fi1 " ' - 2 2 1515122219 - ,, z' . 5..,ffE:f:5:s'. --"' E-E27k56fS:?:1:1:i:::5.5,::g,:, tfj15:5.,.1. .,,,,g5,,:.:5,5 5555555555 -,:,5.3.5.g., 5, 5 35 . . 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STADIUM PLANT OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. CompIeI'e Office OuI'FiH'ers Also CompIeI'e Line of SCHOOL FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES II7-I25 SOUTH FOURTH LOUISVILLE, KY. WABASH 5I6I BRANCH STORE I28 WEST SHORT LEXINGTON. KY. PHONE 3372 J. E. in Eas+man Kodaks 9 wrfpx. WI1i+man's CI-nocoIa+es 0 Greefing Cards I ' . Dry Goods-Shoes-Ladies' Ready-To-Wear I SCIIO'-'I SUPPI'e5 I Malte Our Sfore Your "WE FEATURE OUALITY MERCHANDISE" NORTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE 57s MURRAY, Ky. SI'ore While In Murray THE REXALL STORE DALE AND STUBBLEFIELD JACKSON PURCHASE OIL CO. Ilncorporafedi DisTribuTors of TEXACO GASOLINE HAVOLINE AND TEXACO MOTOR OIL FiresTone Tires, Tubes, BaHeries ' "A Boosfer of Murray STa+e CoIIege" Easif Mem SUPER SERVICE STATION Phone 208 COIIGQG Campus wi-HTEWAY STATION Phone Qi I7 NORTH 4TH STREET STATION HazeI S+a'rion HazeI, Ken+ucIcy Wafches Diamonds, Jewelry Musical Supplies Op+icaI Goods Glasses properly fiiured-Regis+ered OpTome+ris'r PARKERS JEWELRY STORE JOE T. PARKER Manager MU RRAY, KENTUCKY "IT Does Make a Difference Who WriTes Your Insurance FRAZEE, MELUGIN 81 HOLTON. INSURANCE AGENTS FIRE ' CASUALTY ' AUTO Phone 33I Firsf FIoor Ga+Iin Building Murray, Ken+ucIcy THE MURRAY BAKERY Bakers of AUNT BETTY BREAD and AII Forms of Eine Pasfry Produc+s "We Serve The College" Phone 79 JOHNSON-FAIN APPLIANCE COMPANY R. C. A. and Phiico Radios 0 Frigidaire Slroves and ReTrigera+ors 0 MayTag and Easy Washing Machines Phone 56 Murray, KenTucI4y Uhr Igrnnha Svhnppr SPECIALTY APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES I23 Wes+ Broadw y M yf Id K I Icy KEEP COLLEGE MEMORIES ALIVE PHOTOGRAPHS L OVE'S STUDIO 5HinPr Iivrfunwn OLD SPICE MATCI-IABELL 0 CARON o GUERLAIN 0 COSDAY LANVIN AND KATHLEEN MARY OUINLAN COSMETICS WILSON AND LITTLE SALES SERVICE STOKES-SMITH MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Murray, KenI'ucIcy Pho I7O BANK OF MARSHALL COUNTY BENTON, KENTUCKY JONES DRUG CO A GOOD BANK-IN A GOOD TOWN-IN A GOOD COUNTY Prescrip+ions Carefully Prepared JOE L. PRICE, Presidenf B. L, TREVATI-IAN, Cashier TULLUS BLACK. Vice-Presidenf MRS. P. T. GUNN, JR., Assf. Cashier FRANK GATLIN, Ass'I. Cashier FORTUNE'S Ice Cream PANGBURN'S lean CI1ocoIa+es We Iofhes for You Ieaner HALL BROS. Phone 87 Gree'ring Cards COIVIPLIMEINITS PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK O. All Deposirs Wirh Us up +0 355.000, Are T' 0' Insured IOO Per Cen+ MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION EVERYTHING YOU WEAR Direcrors DR. C. I-I. JONES DR. J. A. OUTLAND L. D. OUTLAND L. L. VEAL R. I-I. FALWELL I-I. T. WALDROP F, B, CROUCH DR. HUGH HOUSTON LYNNWOOD MORRIS BERT MOORE T. I-I. STOKES A. F. DORAN MURRAY' KENTUCKY I Drink In BoHIes Thirsi' Asks 'Noi-hing More GREETINGS FROM PADUCAH TO THE STUDENTS OF MURRAY COLLEGE Wi+h +he Mosl' Cordial and Good Wishes from Jrhe Relrail Merchan+s Associalion ol Paducah. Ky. A. 8: P. Grocery S'l'ore Brigh+s Bradshaw and Weil Boswell's Resl-auran'r Cifizens Savings Bank Farr-BeH'er Supply Co. W. T. Granl' Co. Gilberl'-BenneH' Drug Co. Heinie and Tyler Harris Bros. Hank Bros. Hari'-Lockwood Co. Kirchhoff's Bakery Kenrucky Ufilifies Kresge Lowen'l'haI's M. Manas 8: Co. if MEMBERS Thomas McAnn Shoe Sfore Tomas McAn Shoe Sfore M. Marks, Clo+hing Michael Hardware Co. Meacham Sfores Nagel 8: Meyer, Jewelry Yopp 's Seed Sfore Owen Bros. Cleaners Paducah Tire and Ba'Hery Co. Paducah Dry Goods Sfore Pi'Hslaurgh Pla+e Glass Co. Peoples Na'l'ional Bank J. C. Penny Co. Polk Shoe S+ore Paducah Newspaper Co. Paducah Laundry Runge's Shoe S'l'ore Rhodes-Burford Co. Rosen'field's Clo+hing S+ore Sears-Roebuck Co. Sourhern Bell Telephone Co. S+ar Laundry Wafkins, lnc. Walgreen's Wallers+ein's Clorhiers Weille's Cloihing S'I'ore Woolwor+h's D. E. Wilson Wolfson's Radio S+a+ion WPAD .fa -1:1-zz-z 11111111 : 11-1111 -11:-:11-:1:--41 .P THE COLLEGIATE INN A PermanenI' School Booslrer Throughou+ Every Ac+IvI+y Ca+erIng Io "Those Who Care" STEAKS-OUR SPECIALTIES LLOYD ALLBRITTEN, Propriefor WE DELIVER PHONE 4I2 SCHULZE AND BURCH BISCUIT CO. PARADISE CRACKERS MALTED GRAHAMS EATEN BY THOUSANDS OF MURRAY STUDENTS CLYDE WASI-IAM, Dis+rIcI' Represerfrafive ASK YOUR GROCER FOR RANDOLPH SPECIAL HARVEST DREAM LYNN GROVE BEST YUKON'S BEST QUEEN OF THE WEST ELOUR ir M U RRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR IIIIZK A.DO0I OFFICE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES TY PEWRITERS Ren'recI-Sold Repaired Wes? Main SI'ree+ MURRAY. KENTUCKY 1 .., RILEY'S GROCERY STORE IITHEII SI'ore of I'he College Ac.IcIi+ion E Always The bes'r in qualiw, and as Iow CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER CO. 'mme O We I-IanoIIe NaIionaIIy Known and KANSAS CITY AdverIisecI ProcIucIs MEAT5 Phone 356-J Murray. Kenfucky Q Phone 72 DELIVERY SERVICE COMPLIIVIENTS OF KEYS-HOUSTON CLINIC Corner Fiffh and WaInu+ O Murray, Kenfucky WELCOME! MURRAY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT HOTEL NATIONAL CLUBS and BANOUETS Operafed by JACKSON HOTEL COMPANY Dave Quarles, Manager EAT AND ENJOY Goldbloom Ice Cream EVERY DAY IN SOME WAY "One of fhe Good Things of Life" CITY CONSUMERS COMPANY lmrpQfa+ea HALL HOTEL C , MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY FIRE-PROOF DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP AIR-COOLED SUPERIGR GRAHAM LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 8: WE INTEND TO BE A STEP AHEAD" JACKSON PROMPT 9 RELIABLE . M y Ky Thomas Banks, Mgr. Phone 44 JARMAN AND MURRAY FORTUNE MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY SHOES Ilncorporafedj ARROW I SHIRTS M ff rsancIDITbI' of ----- AIRCO PRODUCTS "SUNBURST" BRANDS ' MILK POWDERS MILK CREAM POWDERS BUTTER SKIM MILK POWDER BUTTERMILK WHOLE MILK POWDER SWEET CREAM Beau-I-Y Shoppe MURRAY KENTUCKY 0 WHERE SKILLED A e B osI'ers for Murray TI1orougI1brecIs" BEAU-I-ICIANS MAKE YOUR MURRAY LAUNDRY APPEARANCE COUNT DERN PMENT 0 PROMPT DELIVERY S Our DormITory SoIIcITors PHONE 270 R M POLLARD P p PHONE 303 WALLIS DRUG CO. LEDGER AND TIMES I "Ken+ucky's Mos+ Progressive Weekly Newspaper' THE BEST NEWSPAPER IN A GOOD COUNTY Jusl like Ihe Thoroughbreds-far ahead in everyrhing-Largesl bonafide paid circulalion. Complere news coverage of enrire counry, srale and narion KENTUCKY'S OUTSTANDING J "We Prinr The College News" OB SHOP QUALITY MEATS PROMPT SERVICE Call 2I4 SHROATS MEAT MARKET H. B. BAILEY R. H. FALWELL 8: CO. WATCHES . DIAM U . JEWELRY FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE Regislered Op Ao ris+ H. B. BAILEY, JR., O. D. Wesl' Side Square Murray, Ky. WE WILL BOND YOU INSURE IN SURE INSURANCE Telephone 50 Peoples Savings Bank Murray, Ky. ALL THE LATEST STYLES FOR SMART CO-EDS BOONE CLEANERS Telephone 234 MURRAY'S FINEST AND LARGEST WHO SHOP AT CLEANING PLANT Rug and FurnII'ure Cleaning . Garmenl' Slorage 502 W. Main Phone 307-W A Murray, Ky. Soulh Side Square O - O Opportunity "Success or failure comes from wi+hin." . . . In +his, fhe richesi' couniry in +he world, fhere is good business ahead for 'rhose who have confidence in 'rhe fu+ure and fhemselves. The experience and faciliiies of +his bank have sfariew small businesses on The road +o success. Youihful induslry will find 1-he Bank of Murray a valu- able ally in planning 'For 'l'omorrow. BANK OF MURRAY Large Enough 'lo Take Care of You-Small Enough To Be Aware of Your' Federal Deposii ce Corporaiion Member 35,000 MAXIMUM INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR 55,000 PORTER MOTOR COMPANY sales fCHEVROLE 'lQf service L- n m'- MURRAY, KENTUCKY MURRAY FOOD MARKET The Complere Food Marlcei' l:RUlTS, VEGETABLES, GROCERIES MEATS Phone I2 Free Delivery EVERY STUDENT NEEDS A . .eee or if A eoon PLACE 'T "'-- A-.L , ,eT'ee TO EAT Treo., , ii'gfff1? C e,,. if L TK A A if ' COLLEGE STUDENTS ROYAL ,K P Q R TA B L E ARE ALWAYS WELCOME T Y P E W R I T E R t AT HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY if R ' 4 Visii' Our Nearesr Office MAYFIELD 0 HOPKINSVILLE Q PADUCAH ALWAYS A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF CUT FLOWERS MURRAY NURSERY AND FLORIST 800 Olive Srreel Phone 364-J "Ouali+y and Arrisric Touch Predomina're" We Wire Flowers Anywhere Gompfimezzfr of az gifieng fGp.,4p.,Q2ZE'C"g NAAQ 1 f-if l ' S:E'du.w,bo,,..33'LQ.M,E,lQ,, gJ,,.,,:iML4 di, wiv-Q-JJPMA Sf 1 NV-0 fw..L mvafg ' - 9:5356 MEQLWLMAL. x jswqxm WQGQJ' ,, , KDLQQW QMS, O. Qf3F2,fg 'QlMfQ GWQJQMN wW..JfNQ,lL.3b-Lu,u. xp-Lfu,7U5J-L-5-gxfi-STS-J bf'-3-9' EMBA wmwwfb Mioiwigi' MM Lu-S.x.Q.: , """jJ -SAX'-55" M ES-U ,QL....A.ig.Ctb'XG QRN4-A Bi? 1 Sm ,vwwwmwqw gqmngscgw. AAQMQWJ fabffff Qian! gmt?-f aff, f A 4221. WWZZ7 awww X

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