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 - Class of 1949

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f X P F 1 I w v .556 A, 4' J 5? r 5, ,L 1 1 9. ,Fl 1 1 x u s n J ...z X Dub11shmd by the Class of 4 Mu: r ix Hlgll School Iv ll 1 15 Km murky' HIMWURU turers Q, fs One century ago a horde oi boid adven made a wiid dash across our continent. Disease and dangers took their toii oi the weaker onesg only the iittest reached their goai. And what was the cause oi this scrafnbie, this tremendous :ni- gration? A iew bright nuggets observed in the stream that ran by Sutter's Niiii: goid! Thousands upon thousands oi peopie staked everything on that fnad rush ior the precious gnetai. A iew fnade iortunesg the rest were either ieit dead on the way or eise iost what iittie they aiready had. Thus reads the saga oi the Forty-Niners. We,the iorty-nine members oi the Oiass oi '49, have set our caps toward being Forty-Niners ---- but oi a diiierent sort. The Forty-Niners oi many s ago, both the iosers and the winners, opened section oi irontier iand as a resuit e There are aifnost n but there are year ormous ' tr easur . ' ningg ' medicine , A isis.- 1 up an en oi their pursuit oi geographicai ir ontiers refnai vast, incofnprehensibiy vast, regions in scientiiic research, and other iieids that have never been expiored or perhaps even discovered. And the frontier -zone is not iifnited to gnateriai things. e new irontiers in ideas, in thoughts, in ' rnerabie irontiers! ie with wori ' are wa 'iiing to p dto ca di These ir vision and courage who have into an endeavor. And so, we a urseives Forty-Niners ------ proud to strike tier i o e iron for th r,. -ul. 2 A ...mph I 1. , 1.7, 2 -5.:'t,.':::, :1.' ,hi . , i,.:' Q Y 'FT' -:xiii . l ' ., i r- 'Av ns- 'if 44--'r ,shi F -Jn ,tg-:,f'1'U i'.1'L 2' 1, .' -T J., 1' There ar d peace----innu iting ior peop ut aii they ii ontier s ar e wi r e pr ou out .A--M-uhh ..,,.-,hh IIHIIIIMIII W. B. MOSER, SR. Walter Bryan Moser, Sr. was, until a. year ago last March, a capable and well-liked science instructor of Murray High School. At that time, however, the Board of Education rewarded his lengthy and outstanding service by offering him the position of principal. Today, at the end of his first full year in this higher capacity, there are a lot of nice things we could say about himg but we'll let it go at this: he's a fine principal and a great guy. It's really a pleasure to dedicate the '49 TIGER to our leader, sponsor, and friend, W. B. Moser. 3 .fx If' , 4 L if 'W SEATED: Weatherly, Prophetessg Geurin, Art Editorg MCEiT3th, Editor-in-Chiefg Lovins and Parker, Assistant Advertising Managers, Trevathan and Rushing, Typists. STANDING: Hackett, Assistant Editor-in-Chiefg Wilson, Snapshot Editor: Lamb, Testatorg Parks, Photograph Editorg Billington, Historian, Thurman, Literary Editorg Hargis, Advertising Managerg Klapp, Sports Editorg Allbritten, Business Mianzigfrrg Alexander, Assistant Sporis Editorg Slinker, Typist. 5 Anmlmlsllmlum W. ZELNA CARTER, B.S., M.A. Murray State College, University of Chicago Superintendent Ifeelthat my pride in the Class of 1949 is justified. I have the greatest confidence that the young men and women being graduated from Murray High School this year will continue to be exemplary of our philosophy of education and sincerely hope that our associations will in a small way contribute to the health, culture, and open mindedness of the citizenry of this com- munity. W. B. MOSER, SR., B.S., M.A. Murray State College, University of Kentucky Principal Go, dear class, and joy go with you, All through the years. Here's my love and good wishes, All through the years. Such great times we've had together Time and tide can never sever, For my love will live forever, All through the years. BUARII Ill HIIHZAIIII W. Z. Carter, Superintendent of Schools and Secretary of the Boardg J'. W. Outlandg Luther Robertson, Chairman of the Boardg A. B. Austing Dr. A. D. Butterworthg Mrs. Joe Baker. Lala Cain, B.S. Murray State College Commerce Mary Lassiter, A.B., M.A. Murray State College University of Kentucky Mathematics MISS CAIN MISS LASSITER 7 NHSS BEALE Miss GRANT 'Q sis r O 14" ,ass-nn 1- , Ivllt . CAV I 'lvl' Lula Clayton Beale, A.B., M.A Murray State College, George Peabody College English Martha Carter, B.S., M.A Murray State College, University of Chicago English, Latin Gene Frances Grant, B.S. Murray State College Home Economics Lochie Hart, B.S., M.A. Murray State College Librarian J. Wilburn Cavitt, B.S. Murray State College Mathematic s , Household Mechanics, Driver Training Fred Shultz, B.S. Murray State College Science, Physics, Chemistry 8 MRS. CARTER QR MRS. HART y 'nn-153 gf!! MR. SHULTZ MRS. WILLIAMS ri.. MR. RUSSELL MR. HOLLAND Mary Elizabeth Williams B.M.E. Murray State College Music Patricia Snow, A.A., A.B. Paducah Junior College, Murray State College English, Dramatics W. P. Russell, B.S. Murray State College Geography, Health, Athletics Dew Drop Rowlett, B.S., M.S Murray State College, Louisiana State University Physical Education Preston Holland, A.B. M.A. Murray State College, History, Economics, Athletics Haron West, B.S. Murray State College History, Athletics 9 MRS. SNOW MRS. ROWLETT MR. WEST BRAD! SCHUUI !ACUl!Y Laurine Tarry, Georgia Wear, Kathleen Patterson, Modelle Outland, Superintendent Carter, Celia Craw- ford, Annie Nell McReynolds, Marie Skinner, Hilda Street, Emma Darnell, Margaret Graves. Wi S 1'fg"3:Qi fi1' 1 K f . Kl!!H! S!A!! Eula Robertson Gladys Blalock Flora Buchanan K 1 3 U!!IC! S!A!! STANDING: Ruth Lassiter, Secretary. SEATED: Nell Rurnfelt, Filing Clerk. ,ff MAlN!!NANC! S!A!! Sam L. Wilson, Burnette Outland, Lee Parker, I.N. Burton, Janitors. Cary Boggess, Custodian. P X ' 1 f f e "Q X-- - 42 Q 3 3 XZ? CIASSIS x I 6 1 IV J 9 O j st be 5- . 54 vin K - R! IQ! figlji , wg: H r a 4Niq.yf.E, . - . if un- '- V l..'- A , W. B. MOSER, SR., Sponsor A man is this to all our class most dear, A man with words of kindliness and cheer. A long and stately moniker has he, But to the seniors, he's just 'Willie B" ! CHAD STEWART, President Scientific Course Football '45,'46,'47,'483 Alternate Captain '48g Honorable Mention All-State Halfback '483 Basketball '47,'48,'49g Track '46,'47, '48g Baseball '48g Vice-President Fresh- man Classy President Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classg Hi-Y '47,'48,'49: Junior Sportsman's Club '46, '47, '48, '49g Vice - President '46g President '47,'48,'49: High School Register. 12 wx QQ 'S i. .QQ 4-x A "ll xff SECRETARY JOE PAT HACKETT Scientific Course Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Bas- ketball '47, '48, '49, Best Foul Shot, PaducanInvit!RionalTourna- ment '49, Regional Speech Contest '46, '47, Vice-President Junior Class, Secretary Senior Class, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, Most Popular Boy, Assistant Editor-in- Chief of Annual, High School Register. VICE-PRESIDENT ELI ALEXANDER Scientific Course Football '44, '45, '46, '47, '48, Alternate Captain '47, Captain '48, Honorable Mention All-State End '47, All-State End '48, Bas- ketball '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Acting Captain '48, '49, Track '46, '47, '48, WinnerHigh Hurdles All-Ky. Meet '47, Winner High Hurdles All-Ky., West Ky., and Regional Meets '48, Runner-Up High Hurdles All-State Meet '48, President Freshman Class, Vice- President Senior Class, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, Secretary '48, Vice-President '49, Tiger Staff '45, '46, Assistant Sports Editor of Annual, Best All-Around Boy, High School Hegister 13 lk f"5 1 'C fi i QA 4.15 fs X 1 4 I . n l I J. I l l - 0 - l I l I - I ' ll I I I I l ll I . ' : IL. TREASURER GEORGE ROBERT ALLBRITFEN Scientific Course Football '46, '47, '48, Outstand- ing Blocker '48, Treasurer Junior Class, Treasurer Senior Class, The Masquers '48, '49, Stage Manager "Best Foot Forwardu '48, Business Manager of Annual, High School Register l '93 OHN PAUL UUTTEHWUHTH cientifir Course ootball '45, '46, '47, '48, Bas- etball '46, '47, '48, '49,'Vice resident Freshman and Sophomore lass, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Song eader '49, Junior Sportsmun's lub '48, '49, Vive President 48: Best Looking Hoy LI SP3 ,Q-1' WILLIAM MC ELRATH General Course Hand '41, '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Pep Hand '45, '46, '47, '18, Mixed Chorus '44, '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, 4 Cappella Choir '47, '48, Boys Quartet '48, '49, Mixed Octet '47, Debating Team '45, '46, '47, '48, Regional Music Contest '42, '44, '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Hegional Speech Contest '45, '46, '47, '48, State Music Contest '43, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, President '47 '48, '49, "Huw To Propnsen '47, n "Uur Hearts Were Young and Gay '47, "v1ghl ol January l6thH '18, "Hest Foot Furwaruu '4M "Slluwlr08L" '44, '45, '46, '48' Tiger Staff '45, '46. '47, '48 '49, Wusgc Department Assistant v 1 '48, '49, liditur-in-Chief ol' Annual, High School Register 14 0 '.00lo0 -. IQ -5 p wmv JAMES PATTERSON SYKES 'Cientific Course Football '45, '46, '48, Uebating Team '46, '47, "ShuwboatH '48 The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Pro- duction Crew "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'48, "Night of January 16th"'48: Huitor-in- Chiel ol Tiger '48, '49 ff' N4 VE, N 9? r-"ie X S15 Sf! Qiflsg "llIuV IIKXX 4 ' I G ' OLEAN WILSON General Course Cheerleader '47, '43, '49, Glee '48, Treasurer Club '45, '46, Sophomore Class, Tri-Hi-Y '47 '48, '49, Vxce-President '48 '49, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47, '48 '49, Most Popular Girl, Best A11- Around Gxrl, Annual Stulf. 1 1 . fllllllin SPS i Q Q3 1 GENE SHHOAT GEURIN Ycientific Course Llncoln Hrgh School, Ferndalm Michlgan: Northern YMCA '45, '46, Art Club '45, '46, MurrnyHi5h School: Football '46, '47, '48, Junior 5portsman's Club, H Show- boatn '48, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, U How To Proposen '47, Pro- duction Crew "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'47, Productxon Crew H Nightof January l6thH '48, H Best Foot Forwardn '43, Tiger Stall '46, '47, Art Edxtor of Annual l. 15 :MH ish ll LCC t. Cg9W"5f?ZQg gb ,W J see? 4 kt, S 5, FQ NQQEXXQ! -s HAZEL JEAN RUSHING Commercial Course Pep Squad '45, '46, Glee Club '45, '46, '48, '49, Mixed Chorus '46 '47 '48 '49, Regional Musxc Contest '46, '49, Hegxonal Speech Contest'45,'46, '47, '48, Trl-Hi-Y '48, '46 '47 '48' 1 1 I "ShowboatH '4M '49, F H.A. '45, , , , G.A.A. '45, '46, "Night of January 16Lh" '48,,'l'lger Staff '48, '49, Student Office Worker '49, Annual Staff 11-I I-I9 EWS wi 'W 2 6X ADP X J Z' Alllh eilhn l ,-5 fix GENE LOVINS Scientific Course Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Produc- tion Crew H Showboatu '48, Hi-Y '48, '49, Junior Sportsman's Club '47, '48, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Production Crew H Our Hearts Were Young and Gayn '47, Produc- ti0nCrew"Night of January l6thH '48, Production Crew "Best Foot FOPWBTUU '48 BETTYE LOU MC KEEL General Course Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, F.H,A. '45, '46, '47, '48, G.A,4. '46, '47, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, H How To Proposen '47, H Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'47, "Grandma Pulls A Stringn '48, Production Crew H Best Foot Forwardn, Tlger Staff '47, '48, Editor ol the Tiger '47, '48, Student Oflice Worker '48, '49, Business Manager of MHSHZIHE Sales '48 16 DAVID BLANKENSHIP General Course Bradford H15h School, Bradford Tenn.: Class President '45, Bas- netball '45, '46, '47, Baseball '46, '47, '48, F,F.A. '45,'46. Murray High School: Football '48, Basketball '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49 Q! -.4 .Z Q f"" 2" Illlmnmmuuuxx --x L., ' Q4 Y' v, - ' x. S' Q X W W I Ev B O 'spo9'. '57 1 asf!! x cg, 1 J, 1 fk f 1-f is , figlx 9" .L f C V? 5 N413 CARL EVHHHTT SHROAT Scientific Coursr 9 2,2 Q I V l ? I Football 4-1-, ,1-5, 46, '47, '-183 liabkemball '46, '-17, '18, '-1.05 , Baseball '48, H1-Y '11-T, '-ill, 'L03 H U f,?:::?C?A4l,i:f'rnbe Juuxur Spurmnmn' s Club '18, ' 1.473 ?YfW'fX lnl'?x'?'lHxN ' ' ' Tue- was-guers ' U, -485 Vlre- "mm',rc"' 0""'xP , . ' , , l'residcnL '47, '-1-Fl: l'ruuuct,1 , , vsp Tquad -1.5. Glee Llusb 45, Crew .. our Hearth were Youll IR-p 5quani 15, .ing full'l:i tilce .164 47g Hegxonul Musxc f.Ollf.CSL G-WH .17 if Klub -45 v 16- -mx 'WZ mnumn H'?rf'i- ,331 ,'4gh0v:Vli3Hf.F H-H12 Musu' Llnnleal 'My '1173 'I'r1.l1l.X 1' ' ' AW ' "' ' .'I9- -'ini in-rpzewnlli-ul--Xrnns ' 18 '46, '47, '48, '49, The Masquers '10, rin x. '-ms. wh 'vu 'w 'A47- 'wa '- If-N Tovvfopow' 'Avi' Li X X, ww. wb, -' mr.. uk .Our Hein-ts Were -Young and Sway nary huh" 'lm' hge., Slam -48 '11-8: TISS Murray Hl5Il School 495 Mutual Fla!-if Xnnun Ntaff, 17 GPI? v fr 'S Y, 'll PAT WILLIAM ELKINS Scientific Course Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Bas- ketball '45, Track '48, Baseball '48, The Masquers '47, '48, "How To Proposen '47, Production Crew of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayn '47, I Q6 19 'W ' 4 NNN nl Nl A ' WNNN " vm ANNA RUTH BILLINGTON Commercial Course Pep Squad '46, Glee Clu '46, '48, '49, Treasure '49, Mixed G1orus'4-8, '49, Trio '48, '49, "Showb0at Secretary Sophomore Class Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, F.H.A b '45, r '48, Triple H '48, , Tri- '45 ' 1 '46, '47, The Mnsquers '47, '48, '49, "Best Foot Forward Annual Staff 18 .,.48: Q ilk Q JOE THURMAN Scientific Course The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Pro- duction Crew of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'47, "N1ght of January 16thH '47, "Best Foot Forwardh '48, Txger Staff '47, '48, Annual Staff Sui WUllD 24 gg 'ix E, Vu! iii? YQ' ll9er1Q HW Q H xxx K 1: :K 5,1-23 aa. XCQBW MARY ELIZABETH BLANKENSHIP Commercial Course Bradford High School, Bradford, Tennessee, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, '48, Home Ec. Club '45, '46, '47, '48, President '45, '46, He- porter '46, '47, Secretary '47, '48, Attendant for Basketball Queen '48, Girls Basketball '46, '47, '48. Murray High School: Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49s Chaplain '48, '49. WILLIAM DALE CRAGO Scientific Course Debating Team '48, '49, "Show- boat"'48, Junior 5Dortsman's Club '48, '49, Vice-President '48, '49, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'47, "Grandma Pulls A ROWENA WAINSCOTT String" '48, Production Crew General Course "Night of January l6th"'48, H Best Foot Forwardn '48. 19 Michigantuwn High School, Michi- gantown, Indiana: Glee Club '45 '46, '47, Mixed Chorus '45, '46, '47, Annual Music Festival '46, '47, Minstrel Show '47, State Sunshine Club '45, '46, '47 Murray High School: Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, F.H.A. '47, '48. tiff ' 5 , ' 'Y59 .JS il X ZR 1-Q K fl5'i QIS Q Y' 9 GHS' ,xxx ,xxx .l 4.53 cg .- BMS X xl ?' 2. ROBERT RAY General Course llmo High School: Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, School Pianist, Presi- dent Freshman Class: V1C0'f'1'CSi- dent Sophomore Class, F.F,A. '45, '46, Second Prize in F,F,A. Music Contest, "HeadeMade Familyn '46. Murray High School: The Masquers '48, '49. JANICE WEATHEHLY Commercial Course Cheerleader '46, '47, '48, '49, Cheerleaoer Captain '48, '49, Football Queen Attendant '48, Gle-e Club '.15, '46, '48, '49, Mixed Chorus '48, '49, Regional Speech Contest '46, '48, H Show- uuat '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Songleader '47, '48, '49, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47, The Masquers '47, '48, Best Looking Girl '49, Annual Staff Z0 ZANE N. COLEMAN Uenerul Course Mayfield High School, Mayfield hentucky: Football '46, '47, Bas Retball '46 murray High School Football '48, Basketball '45, Hi Y '48 '49 , . Y" --'-- -ii' ff ua ull' '. I ' ' 7 ' A Y' .1 l, 5 9 QNX f-Tx Q.. 1 'ex 6 ' '12, 6 ' c, QE 5-:Z 'f 'li V BETTY SU I-I OUTLAND Commercial Course - F.ll.,'l, '45, '46, '47, '48, Li- brary Club '49, The Mnsquers '48, '49, Production Crew "Best Foot Forward"'48, Student Office Worker '46, '47, '48, '49, Lunch Room Boolrlneeper '46, '47, '4-8. Y JAMES H , BONDUHANT Scientific Course Llhlld '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, l-'ep Band '48, Mixed Chorus '48, '49, Hegional yiusic Contest '4-6. '47, '48, '49, State Music Contest '48, " Showboatp '46, '48, The Mnsquers '47, '43, '49, Produc- tion Crew "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" '47, Production Crew "Night of January l6th" '43, " Best Foot Forward" '4-8. Z1 1 X N ETTI rl LOU CULV!-ill Commercial Cmrrse l'lardinH1Hh school: l"reshmun F.H.fX. '45, '46, Murray School: Pep Squad ' 46, ' 17 ,, .1 I 11 Play, High Glee Llulf '46, 47,,A. '46, 47, '48, '49, The Masquers '47 "how To Propose" '47, Hearts Were Young and Guy" '48- "' Ou'r '47, "Grandma Pulls A sLI'1Ils"'48Q 8 " Night ol January l6th" '4 u f l ' '45 14S R'-P11 fcxa' l -15 -egg Ii , 5' 'S fe-f x 'J 'S IHARLES TOLLEY Scientific Course Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Truck '43, Regional Speech Con- :est '45, '46, Deblting Team '45, 46, '48, '49, Junior Sportsman's :lub '47, The Maequers '47, Pro- iuction Crew "Our Hearts Were foung and Gnyu '47 ff! p as X f ,X 0 W BARBARA DOWNS General Course Band '46, '47, '48, '49, Pep 45 '46 Squad '45, Glee Club' Regional Music Contest '46, '47, '48, '49,StateMusic Contest '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Reporter '47, '48, G.A.A. '45, '46, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Produc- tion Crew "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"'47, Production Crew '48 "Night of January 16thH 22 'Q JOHN COMPTON General Course Kccf'5e- 'x -Q, -ST fx I f v lu J' 21' CCC - x fl' c. K, 5X -'Q ,- alt ,!i? ala , gg -ullfffff If: U Lux 1 f xnxx 3 'gg A CHU xXN'5 'Q ll X J 'Q MCU' 2 'Z 4 I X . 4 IMOGENE OUTLAND General Course Faxon High School: Pep Squad '45. '46, Sophomore Play '46, Variety Show '46, Citizenship Award '45, '46. Murray Training Schooh F,H.A,'46, '47 Murray High School: F.H,A.'47,'48, The Masquers '48. '49, Production Crew H Best Foot Forwardu '48, OLIVER C. MCLEMORE Scientific Course Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Bas- ketball '45, Track '47, Baseball '48, Production Crew H Showboatn '48, Secretary Junior Class, Hi-Y '48, '49, Junior Sportsman's Club '47, '48, Treasurer '48, The Masquers '47, '48, Production Crew H Our Hearts Were Young and Gayn '47, Production Crew H Night of January 16thn '48, Production Crew H Best Foot Forwardn '48, Z3 NORMA JEAN LOVINS General Course Pep Squad '45, Glee Club '45, '46, '49, "Showboat"'48, Tri- Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Vice-Presi- dent '43, '49, F.:-1.4. '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, The Masduers '47, '48, '49, Secretary 47, '48, '49, H How To Proposen '47, H Our Hearts Were Young and Gayn '47, "Grandma Pulls A String"'48, Asst. Director "Night of January l6thH '48, Annual Staff 1 Q' A-5. Q 5 Xxx ,. NJ K! 1 Xxf X ery ,llllgr 'S-Q I .' :Nei L s . Llfllllllfldm, G' M .9 5 .J :M rugg MC X wf . if -5 A K - u.s' .nf MILUH H1 SLI NKEH ffommerrial Course Lampbellsvllle Hlgh bchool, Camp- hellsvllle. Ky 1 Band '45, 'll-63 Glee Club '45, '-1-69 Sophomore Vlny, Murray lli5h Sclhooll Glee aggllll A335 Q '75 'l fl I , Q X Q ILLIAM nusnrs glut 'f7:4Q43p Keji0Pjl M9250 LEE HUWLAND , .K I 5 son is L. .... ,H V , C I I C V A Clentljlc lnurlp 49g ' N15hLolJanuary l6th fl-Sp enpra Ulrqp oothull '46, '18, Foumball, Bas- Tiger staff 48' 499 Annual Medford High School, Iletrolt, etball, and Track Manager '47, 5LaH Mxchxganz Basel-all and Basketball 489 The V1asquers'47, '48, '49, Manager '45, '45, Murray lllgll roductiun Crew ul H Uur llearts Schuoli Football '4-B3 Baseball ere Young and GHYH 7473 Produc- '43 H1-Y '48, '49 lon Crew ol " Best Foot Forward" 48g Tiger nan '46, '47, '48 49 Z4 6 lk 41 'X ' J X 0 Y 1 QVQE, v Nfifjlf ' Q J G.',,' I JULIA ANN HOLLAND General Course Faxon High School: 4-H Club '45, 46 ,L HUPERT F. PARKS JR. Scientific Course Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Pep Band '45, '46, '47, '48, Mixed Chorus '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, A Cappella Choir '47, '48, Boyf Quartet '48, '49, Regional Music Contest '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, State Music Contest '48, Regional Speech Contest '47, Debating Team '45, '46, "Showboat" '45, '46, '48, Junior Sportsman's Club '47, '48, '49, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Production Crew "0ur Hearts Were Young and Gay" '47, Produc- tion Crew " Night of January 16th '43, " Best Foot Forward" '48, Tiger Staff '45, '46, Annual Staff. 25 . J .... ' 9 S W7 X Q ,U .wlwawww PEGGY BUCHANAN Connercial Course Pe Squid '45, '46, Glee Clu '4E, '46, '48, '49, Regiunm Music Contest '45, '46, '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, Secretary '48, 49, F.H.A. '45, '45, '48, G.A.A. '4g. '45: " Night of January l6th' '4 . 34534 ' Vu giisbdxnsl fd. X ' 1 ? ri,5 ,Q fi-X xxxjxl , 'T' 4 ,J . 3262313 Q 39651 ,fdgii Q ' " 'l ,. l' ,Li '- 4Q'? itfhf'5 S: W Sal' 4 4 'k1zi'f n".x fri. -' . TOM LAMB Scientific Course Murray Traxnxng School: Latin Club '45, ' 46, Debating Team '45, '46, Murray High Schooli Produc- txon Crew U Showboatn '48p Annual Staff, Hxgh School Hegister X M PATTIE GORDON General Course Faxon Hxgh Schooli Pep Squad '45, '46, Sophomore Play '46, Scholar- shxp Award '46, Home Ho. Club '45, '46, "VarieLy Shuw '46. Almo High School: "Ready Made Familyn '461 Treasurer Sophomore Class. Plymouth High School, Plymouth, Mlchiganz Home EC, Club '46, Murray High School: Tri-Hi-Y ' 48, "49g F.ll A. '47, '48, The Musquers '48, Z6 14 ,bl IT' C, HARRY SMITH Scientific Course Football '45, '46, '47, '48, H Showboat"'48g Hi-Y '48, '49g Junior Sportsman's Club '45, '46, '47,TneNmsquers '47,'48,"Night of January 16thn '48 X W 1:3 X X EQ Q: ll fp MARY JACQUELINE WEAR General Course Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, Girl's Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Regi0n8l Music Contest '45, '46, F.H,A. '45, '46, '47, '48, Historian '47, '48, G,A.A. '46, '47, The Masquers '48, '49, Production Crew "Best Foot Forwardu '48p Gjp1'5 State '48, Tiger Staff '47,'48 Q, di'-N 19 'Ill' IW alll K " 'ek Sift U x ,uf K bf y, BILL PRESTON CAIN General Fnurse Lincoln High School, Van Dyke, Michigan! President Freshman Class. Murray High School: Band '43, '49, Mixed Chorus '48, '49, ACuppelh Choir '48, Mixed Quartet '49, Boys' Quartet '49g Masquers Club '47, '48. '49: Vice Presi- dent '43, '49, "0ur Hearts Were Young and Gay '4-75 " Night of January 16th"'4B: "Best Foot Forward"'48g Tiger Staff '46, '4T Z7 ,LIZ , .ii 9 4 ' R231 ' ' ul. 9 9 1' ANNITA WASHER Commercial Course ' Pep Squad '46, Glee Club ' '47, Regional Music Contest Production Crew "ShowbostH V48 Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49: F.ll.A. '4-h, '47, '48, '49g Parliamentarian '48, '49, The Masquers '47, '48, '49, Treasurer '48, '49, "How To Propose"'49: "Uur Hearts Were Youn5 and Gayn '47g "Graud- ma Pulls A String"'4B: Produc- tion Crew "Ni5ht of Jnuuurg l6thH '48, Production Krew H Begg Foot Forwardn '48, 46, '47, fx- V3 N ,allln we 52 L1 f 4-5 IOBBY HARGIS lcientific Course lalketball '46, '47, '48, '49, football '45, '47, '48, Track 48, Zni in Regional B80 Yd. Run: lrd All- Kentucky 880 Yd. Run, Ira w. K. c. aso Ya. nun, Base- nall '48, The Maaquera '49, Sport- lan'a Club '46, 47, '48, Adver- Liaing Manager of AnnuaL f 0 Q Ls 'i 4di:::' 'dx null' nlllllllllx Illlll'IllllIlx Illlllllla ll IIN l ,, 'I ylxexelemnlaliv JAMES SHELTON KLAPP Scientific Course Football '46, '47, '48, Basket- ball '46, '48, '49, Track '48, Band '45, '46, Treasurer '46, Mixed Chorus '47, '48g A Cappella Chorus '47, '48, "Showb0atH '44, '45, '46, '48, Orchestra '46, '48, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, "Nighz of January l6LhH '48, Tiger Staff '46, '48, '49, Annual Stafi 28 ,gii as HAROLD E. MILLER Scientific Course Football '44, '45 Basketball '46,"47,"48: '49E '43, Regional '46 '47 '48- Track '46, '47, 440 Yd. Dash Winner '48, Regional Mile Relay Winner '48, Scace Track Meet '47, '48, Baseball '48, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, The Masquers '48. Cf:f"'qi'l'1"lT'f"'3l"l'l'3i3D M031 POPUlAR OLEAN WILSON JOE PAT HACKETT BlSll00KING IANICE WEATHERLY JOHN PAUL BUTTERWORTH BlSTAllAROUND OLEAN WILSON ELI ALE XANDER 9 1AslwluA nusnmmf I -We, the Senior class of '49, in numbers forty-nine, do now make and publish our last will and testament. We are truly forty-niners, having panned for gold in each of the rooms at Murray High School for lo, these many years. Our saddle-bags are filled to overflowing with the wealth of knowledge, industry, and ambition, and now we arrive at a point where a disposal of it becomes necessary. To MR. CARTER we leave our utmost respect. To NIR. MOSER we leave our undying gratitude and devotion. To every member of the faculty we leave our deep appreciation for each little nugget of gold they have helped us pan in our many excavations for wisdom. To MR. BOGGESS we leave a trail of gold dust. To the JUNIOR CLASS we leave our picks and shovels. Constant use will prevent rusting. Keep digging!! To the SOPHOMORES we leave our map of the gold mine of understanding. It is clearly charted and shows that the treasures are best obtained by hard digging on the pages of each text book at Murray High School. Try digging!! To the FRESHMAN class we leave the firm conviction that there are still enough golden grains of knowledge for each of them if they will dig as deeply as we did to find it. Start digging !! Each individual saddle-bag is unloaded as follows, viz.: I, GEORGE ROBERT ALLBRITTEN, leave my athletic ability and my good grades to ROBERT GLIN JEFFREY. I, ELI ALEXANDER, leave my Best All-Around characteristics to any boy who will work as-diligently as I have. I, ANNA RUTH BILLINGTON, leave my way of keeping only one boy-friend to BARBARA WARD. I, DAVID BLANKENSHIP, leave my picture to all my ardent admirers. I, MARY BLANKENSHIP, leave my sweet smiles and blushes to any girl who wishes to charm Mr. Holland. I, JAMES BONDURANT, leave my strong, stout physique to GLENN BILLINGTON. I, JOHN PAUL BUTTERWORTH, leave my handsome and distinguished looks to BUDDY VALENTINE. I, JOHN L. COMPTON, leave my loud and boisterous ways to EGGO STARKS. I, BILL CAIN, leave my tardy excuses to WANDA MC REYNOLDS. We, NETTIE LOU CULVER and ANNITA WASHER, leave the dust settled between MURRAY and DEXTER. I, BILLY CRAGO, leave my reputation as a Casanova to DWAIN ADAMS. I, BARBARA DOWNS, leave Murray High for Murray State, where someone is waiting for me. I, PAT ELKINS, leave my red hair to O.B. BOONE, who has always wanted to be a red head. 30 I, PATTIE GORDON, leave my technique of capturing Junior boys to JUDY LEE. I, BOBBY HARGIS, leave my basketball career open. I, JOE PAT HACKETT, leave my genius burning. I, JIMMIE KLAPP, leave without a blur or blemish. , I, JOANN PARKER, leave my dramatic ability to LOCHIE FAYE HART. I, NORMA JEAN LOVINS, leave myposition as president of the Tri-Hi-Y to some hard- working Junior girl. I, GENE LOVINS, leave my imprint on every room. We, BETTY LOU MC KEEL and JACKIE WEAR, leave our gym shoes to SUE JONES and KAY WEATHERLY, with the hopes that they will enjoy them as much as we have. I, WILLIAM MC ELRATI-I, leave my footprints on the sands of time as an inspiration to all students of M.H.S. - I, CARL EVERETT SHROAT, leave Professor Shultz annoyed. V I, ZANE COLEMAN, leave my seven-league boots to any student who cares to get through Murray High School in great leaps and bounds. I, CHAD STEWART, leave BETTY THURMAN to the whole Junior class. I, BETTY SUE OUTLAND, leave my studious mannerisms to ANN PERRY. I, IMOGENE OUTLAND, leave my quietness in class to CAROLYN IVIELUGIN. I, HARRY SMITH, leave my 'tackling tactics" to GENE WELLS. I, MILDRED SLINKER, leave my maiden name to ELSIE since I won't be needing it much longer. I, CHARLES TOLLEY, leave the privilege of walking in the halls to anyone who can escape Mr. Moser's eagle-eye. ' I, JULIA ANN HOLLAND, leave the study hall in silence to MARY FRANCES WEATHERLY. I, GENE GEURIN, leave my paints and brushes to the Art Department of Murray High School. We, HAZEL RUSHING and WANDA TREVATHAN, leave on the Southbound Express. I, PEGGY BUCHANAN, leave my cute little freckles. I've always wanted to get rid of them anyway. I, HAROLD MILLER, leave my fleetness of foot to FRANKIE WILSON. I, BILL PARKS, leave my crooning to WILL MAC JONES with the hope that the girls will swoon over him too. I, OLIVER MC LEMORE, leave JANOT SNIITH with sheer regret. We, TOOTER HUGHES and LEE ROWLAND, leave Murray High School much better off than it was when we entered it. I, PAT SYKES, leave my typewriter to WALTER MOSER, knowing he will use it well. I, ROWENA WAINSCOTT, leave my quiet and pleasing ways to JEAN FARRIS. I, JOE THURMAN, leave my scholastic record echoing down the corridors of time. I, BOBBY RAY, leave my fingerprints on the piano keys to JEAN CORN. I, OLEAN WILSON, leave crying, "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!" We, JANICE WEATHERLY and TOM LAMB, the writers of this document, leave the hope that each beneficiary of this, the last will and testament of the class of '49, will accept each gift with the golden memories accumulated in our years together. fSignedj Tom Lamb, Testator Janice Weatherly, Testatrix 31 PRUPHECY lWith Apologies to James Whitcomb Riley! As one who cons at evening o'er an annual, all alone, And muses on the faces of the friends that he has known, So I turn the leaves of fancy, till in shadowy design, I see the smiling futures of those old classmates of mine. The firelight seems to glimmer with a flicker of surpriseg' As I turn around to rest me of the dazzle in my eyes, And I idly turn the dial of the television set, There comes to view before me that famous old quartet. There's Bobby Hargis, Gene Lovins, and Carl Everett Shroat, With "Little Red" Elkins and Billy Crago, a pianist of great note. Strains from a theremin next I hear, played by William McElrathg Its technique he has mastered and to fame has carved a path. His theme song every evening is "My Darling Clementine", TQ commemorate forever the class of '49, I turn the dial a fraction. The Kentucky Derby's run! Harry Smith and Harold Miller to Louisville have come. Another jockey now I see, jaunty cap upon his head-- It's Chad Stewart galloping by on his "Thoroughbred"! They've given up the gridiron, 'but only for a season, Just because they wanted to, they didn't have a reason! Wanda Trevathan's voice is heard, her new commercial is sung. From parlor into kitchen, this tune has gaily rung. It's "Lavender Blue, Dilly-Dilly, Lavender Green, If you use my soap, Dilly-Dilly, you'll always be so clean." A news reporter's on the air, it's Betty Lou McKeelg Highlights of the evening, she doth now reveal! The Alumni banquet hour is given, and among the many diners, There is Joe Thurman, as toastmaster, from the famous forty-niners! Barbara Downs and Norma Lovins will be seated 'round the table, As speakers for the occasion, they are gifted and quite able! Now I hear, in my imagination, the class bells as they ring, And the voices of the children and their teachers as they sing. Mr. Moser runs the school, all by remote control, But he still likes to be there, just to call the roll. James Bondurant and Bill Parks send out atomic rays That teach the same three R's but not in the old, old ways! Fun and laughter is allowed in biology class, Led by Peggy Buchanan, always such a merry lass! Algebra and geometry are combined and quite a snap, When the classes are conducted by the teacher, Jimmie Klapp. Bookkeeping and typing worries are things of the past, Now that Betty Sue Outland is instructor at last. Now to change the scene a trifle, while I take a little nap, I see Dave Blankenship in the Northland, catching penguins in a trap! Imogene Outland, with hair so bright and sunny, Is now in the movies--a comedienne--very funny!! Another classmate, Mildred Slinker, decided on the pen, And wrote a poem entitled, "Gus Robertson Shall Win." 32 3 Robert Ray's formula for keeping hair quite blond Has made for him a fortune, and many friends so fond. Nettie Lou Culver went as senator from Dexter, When she left her childhood home, it very muchly vexed her! Oliver C. McLemore felt an urge to singg He'll have his own accompanist when he buys a wedding ring. I see Julia Ann Holland raising chickens on a farm, And Annita Washer in Ontario, she's a sweet school marm. Joann Parker took up dancing, she much prefers to tap. Tooter Hughes is in New England, making sugar out of sap! Anna Ruth Billington's book, that to fame and fortune took her, Was How to Make Concrete Blocks in Your Pressure Cooker. To her husband, Gene Geurin, this was gladly dedicated: He drew cartoons anyway, and made them super-animated. And John Paul Butterworth, so dear to the ladies' hearts, Is now peddling ointment for the removal of warts !! Like the singing of the birds, I can hear Bill Caing He's got a ninety-nine year contract--that's WNBS's gain! Lee Rowland dug for fishing worms to sell for bait one dayg Instead he found uranium--much money it will pay. I see Eli Alexander as he operates his store, He has a huge U-Tote-'Em. Folks come back and ask for more! Tom Lamb's genius has made him "rise and shine." He keeps in touch by radar with the class of '49. Zane Coleman is now a distinguished traffic cop! Unless you're doing ninety-two, he'll never make you stop. Pay Sykes and Charles Tolley have a saw mill at Dover. They still like to 'saw logs" though their high school days are over. With a face of lily beauty and a form of airy grace, Mary Blankenship and Pattie Gordon found their fortunes in their face Hazel Jean Rushing to Hazel did move, But why she went--I do not know, and no-one else can prove! George Robert Allbritten has a cafe around the cornerg He got the recipes for his pies from Little Jack Horner! Rowena Wainscott at last has started growing: She's in the circusg you can see the sign--"Fat Lady--Now Showing!" Jacob's ladder we would need, to follow Joe Pat Hackett's trailg He mounted high to fortune, he was never known to fail! Jackie Wear is now a leader of the National Girl Scouts, When She comes upon the scene, all the Brownies really shout! To great heights in Oklahoma John Compton is risin'3 He captured an Indian and rode away on a bison! But ah! my dream is broken by a fluttering in the air. I open wide the window and a helicopter's there! At the wheel is Olean Wilson, and as you may rightly guess, She's come to take me to a ball game at dear old M.H.S. Now I gladly cease this rambling, all my visions I resign, i To wish the best of everything to the class of forty-nine !!! Janice Weatherly 33 HISHIIIY Four short years ago there entered into Murray High School a class of intelligent and dignified students whose destiny was to have a great influence on the progress of our nation. Our destiny was to endure hardships which would try our spirit and build strong characters. Freshmen rush in where Seniors dare not tread. Each of us had the fighting spirit, loved battle and danger, and never falteredg instead we fought to have no shadow over our past. To lead us through our battles while Freshmen, Miss Myra Bagwell was elected as sponsor and Eli Alexander class president. Our first great test of courage and ability had come and gone, and we were declared Sophomores. We were very eager to continue in our course so bravely begun. To add to our brain material that year, we had four new students--Nlildred Slinker from Campbellsville, Kentucky, Sue Gardner from Cadiz, Kentucky, Tom Lamb from Mansfield, Ohio, and Gene Geurin from Ferndale, Michigan. We elected Miss Anne Richmond and Mr. Wilburn Cavitt as sponsors and Chad Stewart as president to lead us through another happy and successful year. The next battle came after we had become Juniors. But we were more determined and soon we were well on our way to success. Leading our very successful troop were Mr. Moser, our sponsor, and Chad Stewart, our president. To add to the intellect of our class that year, we had Pattie Gordon from Almo, Kentucky, Rowena Wainscottfrom Michigantown, Indiana, Imogene Outland from the Murray Training School, and Lee Rowland from Detroit, Michigan. We presented a play, "Night of January 16th," in collaboration with the seniors. Closing our junior year, we gave the Seniors a banquet, the theme of which was the Gay Nineties. Our last battle has been a complete victory. We have won the battle like the soldier in the song, given the bridle rein a shake and ridden away as Seniors. With Mr. Moser as sponsor and Chad Stewart as president, how could we lose! We were givenfour new students to taste success with us at the beginning of our Senior year. They are: Mary Elizabeth Blankenship from Bradford, Tennessee, Robert Ray from Almo, Kentucky, David Blanken- ship from Bradford, Tennessee, and Zane Coleman from Mayfield, Kentucky. The Progres- sive Dinner and the Halloween Carnival were two of the highlights of our Senior year. With the excellenthelp of the Seniors the football and basketball teams have been a great success. During our four years in high school we lost from our class: Sue Gardher, who went back to school at Trigg County Highg Gerald Holland, who left to work, Jean Taylor, Deloris Anderson, and Naomi McMillen, who chose matrimony in preference to school. We are now saying goodby to Murray High School and all the joys and pleasures we have known here. We know that for the past four years we have had the best leadership and guidance from the faculty of Murray High that any group of students has ever had. It is our earnest hope that the future classes of Murray High School will hold up the high moral and scholastic standing that we have set for you at Murray High School. Anna Ruth Billington 34 'fgfg 17 1. My ring came too 2. Three mousquetaires 3. A little more leg, please! 4. Smile purty 5. Eyes right 6. Study? Ha! 7. Who fired that shot? 8. Napoleon and escorts 9. Find the test? 10. No smoking So then I sez.--- Blam-b! Der Villie B. Who was she? Big deal E Plurbilus Union Thay! Four queens--I win Contemplating No comment PRESIDENT Glin Jeffrey VICE-PRESIDENT Gene Cathey SECRETARY William Smith TREASURER Jean Corn FIRST ROW: Sandra Searfos, June Overcast, Mary Ann Underwood, Jean Farris, Janice Miller, Betty Thurman, Charlotte Roberts, Bettye West, Jean Futrell. SECOND ROW: Martha Jean Stagner, Neva Fitts, Bobby Carson, Jimmy Love, Toy Lee Bar- nett, William Smith, Jimmie Dell Threlkeld, Wanda Burks. THIRD ROW: Donald Starks, Jimmy Lee Thomasson, Charles Washburn, Gene Cathey, Will Ed Stokes, Max Moore, Glin Jeffrey. FIRST ROW: Susie King, Betty Pittman, Jennell Foy, Brinda Smith, Alma Jo Ernstburger, Gladys McKinney, Elsie Slinker, Hazel Dyer. SECOND ROW: Buddy Valentine, Dwain Adams, O.B. Boone, Walter Moser, Dallas Doran, Clegg Austin. THIRD ROW: Jerry Bynum, Richard Shackleford, Pat Darnell, Bobby Edwards, Sam Harris. Missing from picture: Max Churchill, Jean Corn, Gene Dunn, Letitia Maupin, Barbara Ward. FIRST ROW: Anne Fenton, Peggy Rowland, .Tanot Smith Nancy Wear Carolyn Melugin ' Lochie Fay Hart Ann Perry .Tenne Lou Jelli W son, Sue McCuiston, Letha Lyons. SECOND 'df V ROW: Zann Patton, Charline Hatchett, Lida Waldrop, Mary Frances Williams, Dallas Con- yers, Sue Jones, Martha Parker, Wanda Vance. THIRD ROW: Zetta Yates, Betty Sue Hutson, Mary Buchanan, Wanda McReynolds, Latricia Stokes, Patsy Robertson, Martha Bland. FIRST ROW: William Parker, Paul Blankenship, Billy Joe Parker, Charlie Fox Marr, Jimmy Jones, Porter Hutchens, Tommy Walton, Gene Cohoon. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Glasgow, Ronald Jones, Billy Outland, Jack Greenfield, Tommy Hopkins, .Timmy Outland, Mason Evans. THIRD ROW: Bobby Foy, Bobby Dowdy, Noble Knight, Dave Outland, Gene Wells, Buddy Buckingham. Missing from picture: Geneva Allison, Gene Hendon, Loretta Seaford, Kay Weatherly, Frank Wilson. fi., PRESIDENT Paul Blankenship VICE-PRESIDENT Buddy Buckingham SECRETARY Gene Hendon TREASURER Gene Cohoon Y' 'N ' I . 5 'x I I r I PRESIDENT Bud Tolley VICE-PRESIDENT Betty Wiggins SECRETARY Ann Rhodes TREASURER Jimmie Boone FIRST ROW: Rachael Blalock, Jane Geurin, Betty Wiggins, Shirley Alexander, Barbara Warren, Sara Ruth Calhoun, Mary Alice Hopkins, Bobbie Jo Farris, Ann Rhodes, Judy Lee, Sue Parker, Jane Perry. SECOND ROW: Carol Searfos, Clara Smith, Glenn Billington, Billy McKeel, Billy Aden, Tom Sykes, Billy Coursey, Betty Cotham, Mary Stalls. THIRD ROW: Frankie Shroat, Gene Johnson, John Sprunger, Gerald McCord, Joe Wilson, Buddy Vance, Bud Tolley, Will Mac: Jones, Terrell Clark. FIRST ROW: Jo Nell Edwards, Norma Jean Atkins, Gloria Moss, Wanda Diuguid, Nancy Sammons, Mary Yarbrough, Joan Love, Sue Outland,Imogene Marine.SECOND ROW: Bobby Hays, Buddy Shackleford, Jimmy Boone, Harold Alton, Jerry Lavender, Edward Overbey, Fred McCord, Jerry Carson. THIRD ROW: Gerald Grogan, Fred Whitnell, Teddy Lash, Kenneth Smith, Billy Rumfelt. Missing from picture: James Churchill, Nell Futrell, Nelson Garrison, Charles Holland. HBHIH GRADE FIRST ROW: Frank Allen Poole, Bill Sledd, Jerry King, Sam Bell, Jeanne Greenfield, Sandra Glasgow, Ila Fay Hurt, Glenda Waldrop, Billie Burke Cole, Dortha Bushart, Frances Farmer, Patsy King, Tommy Doran. SECOND ROW: William Jeffrey, Kenneth Workman, Herchell Robertson, Doug Wearren, Donnie Clubb, Eugene Bushart, Joe Dyer, Dickie Williams, Betty Outland, Donna Fay Knight, Frances Raines, Betty Nix, Allegra Jones, Joan Robinson, Tommy Carroll. THIRD ROW: William Gibson, Charles Mercer. Bob Neale, Glen Walton, Bobby Starks, Sonny Graham, Billy ' -ne Carson, Charles Whinell, Junior Childress, Russell Curd, Will D. Thornton, Bernard Tabers, Donald Dowdy. Missing from picture: Jane Johnston, Betty Nix, Alean Rhodes, Jerry Overcast. SIVI IH GRADE FIRST ROW: Glen Neale, Eugene Rickman, Bobby Buchanan, Bobby Key, Bill Cornett, Buddy Denton, Frank Miller, Teddy Vaughn, Wayne Stalls. SECOND ROW: Shirley Darnell, Dortha Coursey, Betty Lyons, Charlotte Donelson, Patsy Huie, Ann Elkins, Jo Ann Shell, Carolyn Carraway, Wytona Maddox, Barbara Watkins, Suzanne Nix, Margaret Ann Tarry, Rozene Dowdy, Janet Jetton, Maftha Street, Sue Cain, Wanda Todd. THIRD ROW: Betty Blalock, Peggy Stiles, Shirley Seaford, Mary Helen Waters, Betty Bondurant, Bronda Sue Lockhart, Mary Helen Carson, Moyce Key, Billie June Huie, Millie Ann Jones, Nancy Cotham, Jackie Smith, Peggy Bailey, Dortha Parker, Eloise Allison, Marilyn Murphey, Wanda Outland. FOURTH ROW: Joe Rumfelt, Don Robinson, Max Canady, Dale Charlton, Marvin McDaniel, Joe Pat Phillips, Dick Charles, Junior Vance, Harry Furchess. FIFTH ROW: R.C. Jones, Gene Williams, Gene Paul Sammons, Charles Chilcutt, Blondie McClure, Billy Mott, Billy Gene Adams, Charles Lash, Edward Ferguson, Sammie Crass. Missing from picture: William Underhill, Rosie Nell Williams. 1, I fm P1 v-ng! N . if f Ps J .N Eg, 1'- kv I' 2 'J R f . ' IW' -J' -. Z X 4 5 V ,,.,,,f5 r A -- ' J'11xf.'f:1f35i'F ' Z3 . ' ' 1:51 l'r'?Q:nfr"' Y . A V r.Jw'f ' . 5 my 1' A l. ' R X' ' 1' kk 1 Hangout. 2. See what? 3. Put your arms around me, honey. 4. Stacked. 5. Senetah Clag- horn, that is! 6. Huh? 7. Boing! 8. 6 hits and a miss--fit. 3 little maids Q? !J 10. Oh, No! Not again! 1 1. S--t--r--e--t--c--h!l2. Slurp!13. Shultz B1 eweries. 14. Ipana for the smile of beauty. 15. Murray High, eighth period. 16. Income ta --bah! 17. Hee-haw! 18. Yard Bird First Class. 19. Notice that book. 20. Ladies? be eated. 21. Sal Hepatica for the smile of health. 22. Red. 23. Oops! Slipped. 24. Oh you kid j! f 40 1 I ,Er Q Q ' f -..., 2 . -W Z S 'fund' ll xxx ' gl X Q IIIIAIIHIS 'wssellg Head Coach Preston Holland. iw: 1 f , :AV -,V' -Q-S51 - -if ai ig. .Y "i.?f5i3 CAPTAIN-ELECT Glin Jeffrey SUUAU l0UlBAll Joe Pat Miller, rold Ha bert Allbritten, Ro worth, George Butte r John Paul W: RO RST FI OTE. Mc Lem , Oliver ith IT1 S Stewa rt, Harry Chad 5 , ffl da nA Dwai 1 kett, Eli Alexander SC H mie Jim rin, ell G CHC G Wells CHC G SECOND ROW David Blakenship, David Outland, W: Pat RO Jones. THIRD aC M Will kes SY Tom oone, er, O.B. B OS M alte r son, W 8.5 TTI Tho es, Hugh illiam , Buddy Valentine, W ith ffl S William Jeffrey, mie Klapp, Glin Jim Elkins, W: Pat Sykes, Charles Tolley, RO URTH Coleman. FO Eine Z I mie .Tones In t, .Ti Shroa Carl kingham, Frank Wilson, Bobby UC Buddy B owland, R 66 Parker, L William 1 ord MCC Fred and, sell, Coach I-Ioll US R Coach Marr, CI' anag W:M RO TH Foy, Paul Blankenship. FIF est, Manager Bell. W oach C Shroat Blankenship Moser McLemore S 'I . Q94 0 4255 - I ,Q - Pf -3 in :Y 'V +-' J X i f .--5 rr 1 s 1 'f ' ie " Butte rwortfi Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Alexander SIASO 27 27 0 55 26 Z1 19 7 26 Z1 Coleman Hughes 44 TOTAL POINTS 229 iff' '. .LA Adams ,,,....,.iM. Smith .1.....A.-it..-.4..Aa..' -- ... 4 - f .',gL 'Q Jeffrey ,,,v:,- if gil! Q Q Stewart 4 Cllllll Russellville 0 Morganfield 7 Mayfield 27 Fulton 0 Bowling Green 0 Madisonville 0 Sturgis 7 Hopkinsville 18 Princeton 0 Nashville Central 0 TOTAL POINTS 59 Klapp I 3 : ' 'ily . lg .2 QM, E, Miller I drama?" Hackett W. Smith Outland Allbritten ' Geurin Rowland 45 X bounds just eleven yards away from paydirt . .... SUMMARY At the beginning of football practice in August of '48, the Murray High Tigers didn't seem too powerful to the fans of Murray. The reason for this was the graduation of such players as Hugh E. Wilson, Bill Rowlett, Joe Baker, and other seniors of the '47 squad. However, Coach Holland and assistants, "Bub" Russell and "Hermus" West, did a fine job of training the boys physically and instilling in them a fine team spirit. The Tigers, led by their captain, Eli Alexander, finished the season with an 8-Z-0 record and amassed a total of 229 points to their opponents' 59. The Tigers started the season off with an impressive 27-0 triumph over the heavier but slower Panthers of Russellville. The next game saw a keyed-up Morgarifield team give the Hollandmen quite a battle before they succumbed to the Tigers' drive and speed. The outcome was a 27-7 win for Murray. The following week the Cardinals of Mayfield came to Tigerland and fans expected quite a tussle, but Mayfield caught Murray down and took them by the score of Z7-0. The Fulton game turned into a rout, after a fairly even first quarter, as Murray won 55-0 with a scoring spree. And Jeffrey is forced out of . . . Oohh, it falls short of its intended receiver. Nobody's ball . . Miller cuts to the right, breaks into the clear, andit'sa touchdown! Murray High leads Nashville Central 6-0! .... Bowling Green was next on the Bengals' list and was defeated Z6-0 by a highly-spirited Murray team. The Madisonville game the following week was a contest in which the fine team play and the speediness of attack exhibited by Ty's Tigers proved decisive. The Gold 'n' Black took this one by Z1-0. A large and powerful Sturgis eleven held Murray to a 19-7 victory in one of the roughest and hardest-fought games of the season. Murray's passing attack played a great part in providing the victory margin. Murraythen took on a larger and very powerful aggregation from Hopkinsville. Still bothered by injuries in- flicted in the Sturgis game, the Tigers were defeated 18-7 by the boys from Hoptown. The Homecoming game with Princeton, during which a light rain fell, was an exciting battle with Murray coming out on top 26-0. The Tigers of MHS brought their season to a successful close by defeating Nashville Central, one of the big teams of Tennessee, Z1-0 in a game which proved a real struggle all the way. Among the special individual honors received by Murray gridders were: Captain Eli Alexander, All-State end, first teamg Alternate Captain Chad Stewart, All-State halfback, honorable mentiong Glin Jeffrey, Captain-Elect for '49g William Smith, Alternate Captain-Elect for '49: and George Robert Allbritten, outstanding blocker of the '48 season. do the dirtywork Sam and Charlie, the guys who CHllRllADlRS fffirglf Janice Weatherly, Kay Weatherly, Jean Farris, Judy Lee, Olean Wilson. F0013 ll HUII JEAN FARRIS Flanked by her attendants , Janice Weatherly and Jean Futrell. Queen Jean with Captain Eli before the Homecoming game. . .im , , SQUAD BASKllBAll ander, CX roat, Eli A1 Sh Carl Jeffrey, in hey, G1 at C 6118 W:G RO RST FI ship. en David Blank iller, M d Ha rol 7 Harg s Obby B Hackett, at P .Toe .v-4 SECOND ROW: Manager Marr Coach Holland, Walter Moser, Jimmie CI' Manag est ach W Co rt Stewa Chad orth n, John Paul Butterw Thomas so exander Hackett Jeffrey Cathey Thomasson iargis Shroat Buttcrworfh tewart Moser FORWARDS B1ar1ker1Sh1p CENTERS 50 GUARDS ah - , 1 wJ T f I' i 6 fi!! 'J rt- SUMMARY Eighteen wins, eleven losses ---- that's the record compiled by the Murray High netters after an up-and-down season. The Tigers' showing in regular season play was not particularly outstanding, as they won ten and lost eight, but tournament play brought up the percentage considerably. Of the Bengal basketeers' eleven losses, seven were inflicted by Tilghman, Calvert City, and Sharpe, generally conceded to be three of the strongest teams in this end of the state. Three of the setbacks were later avenged by decisive wins over the same clubs, while two were thrillers that could have gone either way. Murray's record intournament play was enviable. They entered the Paducah Invitational Tournament as an unknown quantity and surprised the western Kentucky basketball world by losing only to Sharpe in the finals. The next upset in tourney play came when the Gold 'n' Black hardwood five ripped through everything that the rest of the W.K.C. could put before them, finally taking the conference title by whipping Madisonville in the finals. In the 4th District eliminations, Murray disposed of Hardin, and then unseated Brewers from the throne of Kentucky high school basketball, defeating them by 49-40. The local quintet lost to Calvert City in the finals, but their position as runner-up gave them a berth to the regional tournament. Here they took a breathtaker from Symsonia by one point, before being knocked out in the semis by Tilghman, the regional charnp. ' X 0,1 5 bf XXL... M.f..ra..v : RHIURII Murray 54 Memphis Central Murray 38 Cairo Paducah Invitational Tournament Murray 41 Barlow-Kevil Murray 46 Central City Murray 50 Sharpe Runner-up Murray 68 Fulton Murray 38 Madisonville Murray 31 Henderson Murray 65 Mayfield Murray 64 Benton Murray 60 Valley Murray 43 Tilghman Murray 63 Mayfield Murray 57 Cairo Murray 55 Fulton Murray 42 Calvert City Murray 66 Benton W. K. C. Tournament Murray 54 Trigg County Murray 52 Henderson Murray 63 Madisonville Winner Murray 43 Sharpe Murray 45 Tilghman Murray 56 Hazel Murray 32 Lone Oak 4th District Tournament Murray 43 Hardin 36 Murray 49 Brewers 40 y Murray 45 Calvert City 55 1 Runner-Up lst Regional Tournament Murray 53 Symsonia 52 Murray 48 Tilghman 77 Won 18 Lost 11 Total points 1,464 Opponents points 1,279 M326 9 f, I Y I 5 X, 'YBENNULUU7 x 'J XXX s s ni' URGANIZAIIUNS ii G V 5 lg . ' 4, Q "Qu, X -:jE:- iiigggzg IRI HI FIRST ROW: Hazel Rushing, Wanda Trevathan, Peggy Buchanan, Secretary- Treasurer, Norma Jean Lovins, President, Olean Wilson, Vice-President, Mary Blankenship, Janice Weatherly, Song Leader. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Carter, Sponsor, Betty Lou McKee1,Annita Washer, Anna Ruth Billington, Barbara Downs, Janice Miller, Charlotte Roberts, Betty Thurman. THIRD ROW: Rowena Wainscott, Mary Ann Underwood, Jean Farris, Jean Futrell, Barbara Ward, Jean Corn, Betty West, Joann Parker, Pattie Gordon. FIRST ROW: Davad Outland, Oliver McLemore, Chad Stewart, Pat Sykes, Eli Alexander, Vice-President, Buddy Buckingham, Gene Cathey, Jimmie Klapp, SECOND ROW: Joe Pat Hackett, David Blankenship, Gene Lovins, Carl Shroat, Dallas Doran, Jimmie Thornasson, Glin Jeffrey, President. THIRD ROW: Buddy Valentine, Dwain Adams, Walter Moser, John Paul Butterworth, Lee Rowland, William Smith, Secretary, Harry Smith, Clegg Austin, Treasurer. I 1 W, l Mrs. George Hart, Sponsor, Jimmie Klapp, Mary Frances Williams, William McElrath, Lochie Fay Hart, William Smith, Mary Ann Underwood, Clegg Austin, Pat Sykes, Editor-in-Chief, Walter Moser, Buddy Valentine. FRONT ROW: Barbara Downs, Janice Miller, Vice-President, Jean Farris, President, Annita Washer, Treasurer, Nettie Lou Culver, Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Zann Patton, Sue Jones, Jean Futrell, Betty West, Wanda Diuguid, Miss Gene Grant, Sponsor, Mary Alice Hopkins, Mildred Slinker, Norma Lovins. THIRD ROW: Iennell Foy, Elsie Slinker, Olean Wilson, Betty Thurman, Ch r Roberts. Officers missing from picture: Letitia Maupin S a Joann Parker, Song Leader, Jean Corn, HistorianMM ii IHE NIASIIIIHIS This, ladies and gentlemen, is the group that keeps Murray High in a dither. Cast your orbs above, and you'l1 see the whole gang, with the so-called officers in the foreground. There's Cain, the vice-president. McElrath, the president, Lovins, the secretary, and Washer, the watch- dog of the treasury. Over to the left there is a likeness of one Patricia Snow, sponsor. She doesn't always look that way, but this picture was taken on the night of "Best Foot Forward." Other views of the same production are below. I its-J Pi lv 'W , ?'L ff 'V .f -5-ww1:3w'. yi 1' had ' , . f H L:-af V 1 a51'4 4 f X-.Q - BA ll PH' SIIIIAII my ,QI .-4 Eismf f' n iii. 1 vs 'Z at 3' N f7'?z 5???i'f' EBX-, ' I X 1 Z ,Qs E ,, , , ,K . W X S ' ' A A 'xv if gf g . ., ., v'gE 5 K M gy if get L tm I Qs Mr, ., if - V J, if 'H K Q 3 ,, A .H QSM . wb, W fl' gi EQ Q 5511 if ff: -P A, M K 'lf , D Q ' W 5 KV Q, I X L 15 L E X. 5 in A Y is Zi wif' ,Q Q. 'Q .. -1 2:saGe.... 3 ,E 'fYKfE?7f5'r,-, 1: .iw 2 ,M ZSVHF Aff' 'F hid r J- .1 if vm- llllllll llllll Peggy Rowland, Anna Ruth Billington, Kay Weatherly, Letha Lyons, Judy Lee, Betty Thurman, Sue Parker, Letitia Maupin, Joan Love. BOYS' QUARTET Seated: Gene Hen- don, Rupert Parks Standing: Bill Cain, William McElrath GIRLS' TRIO Judy Lee, Joan Love, Kay Weatherly. 59 Iv1IXED QUARTET Seated: Kay Weath- erly, Judy Lee. Standing: Bill Cain, Donald Starks . Allll Al HIISH SCHIHH HHIISHII SEATED: William McElrath, Anna Ruth Billington, Joe Pat Hackett. STANDING: Tom Lamb, Eli A1exander,'Chad Stewart, George Robert Allbritten. 60 IIIIH S IIHHI HAHUWH IIA WM M, BILLIE BURKE COLE Junior High School fffff' W. Wifi? iff BET TY SUE HUTSON High School .-X f W V .mms 2. ' sJ 1 ' A-lie' -f"': k , 4095 Q56 ,k -.ff Cheesecake 1-2-3-Play Hangover, .Tunior Grade Uh-Uh-Uh Duh! Look! No hands Remember '? ? The daring young man Jailbreak These darn zippers! What's Shultz got to grin about? Put your shirt-tail in Saddle oxfords Oh Heck! Which one's the horse? Hollywood, take notice 41Cli' xg 'D I1 !l"'.' '-isikiii IIQJP f .QAf :: 2:.. 'X 6 ,f Qgzgu ,I 1 --Q 5 m Q , f : N Q1 I P -1 . xl: - ,-42 . f- ' -22 1 x Y -:Vg Yi" AHVIRIISIMINIS C0mP1imentS CHIG 's GULF SERVICE of 6th and Main E. S. DIUGUID 8: SON Phone 9117 Furniture Compliments of THE VARSITY AND CAPITOL THEATRES Frank Lancaster, Manager Compliments of COLLEGE CLEANERS DUNN'S BARBER SHOP Edwin and Walter Waterfield "Truly Fine Cleaning" 508 Main Street Phone 430 MURRAY FASHION SI-IOPPE "The House of Fashion" Ethel Key Effie Watson Phone 307 64 Compliments of BAUCUM REAL ESTATE AGENCY People's Savings Bank Building Phone 122 BLUE BIRD CAFE .T O NE S C L E A N E At Your Service Alfred Young R S Allan Poole ECONOMY SELF SERVICE, GROCERY compliments "Still the Busiest Place in Town" Of Rudolph Thurman, Owner DAY AND NITE LUNCH Phillip Mitchell, Manager Telephone 130 'Just a Good Place to Eat BEN FRANKLIN STORE School Supplies and Notions WALLIS DRUGS 65 CORN-AUSTIN COMPANY "Where Men Trade" DALE 81 STUBBLEFIELD The Rexall Store Sodas Kodaks Greeting Cards BUS STATION CAFE "We Specialize in Home Cooked Meals" Genuine Pit Barbecue BOONE CLEANERS Licensed Y0111' Sanitone Family Cleaners Laundry Phones 233 and 234 South Side Square Compliments of DEL-ROSE ICE CREAM WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE East Side of Square A. T. and Nix Crawford .Qg,.v... , ,.-ng... Compliments of FURCHES' JEWELRY STORE Elgin Watches and Keepsake Diamonds T H E H U T Frosted Malts Sundaes Sandwiches Gene Hughes - George Steele Compliments of TOLLEY 'S FOOD MARKET Compliments of HOLLAND DRUG CO. ASHCRAFT MOTORS "Your Kaiser-Frazer Dealer" IOHNSON'S APPLIANCE CO. "Your Frigidaire Dealer" More Frigidaire Appliances are used in American homes THE MURRAY TRANSIT CO. thananyotherbrand South Side of Square Phone 56 Compliments of LITTLETON'S PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK Murray, Kentucky GRAHAM and JACKSON Timely Clothes H B BAILEY Arrow Shirts The Jeweler .Ta rman Shoes Compliments of BELK-SETTLE COMPANY Murray's Newest and Largest Department Store JONES-DAVIS TRUCK 8: TRACTOR CO., INC. Compliments of Sales and Service Your Farmall Tractor Dealer RECREATION HALL International TI'l1CkS, Refrigeration and Dairy Supplies Benton Road, Murray, Kentucky Phone 63 68 .TACKSON'S RADIO and SOUND SERVICE Phone 35 Vernon Jackson, Propr. RILEY FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO. "Your Kelvinator Dealer" Phone 587 RUDY's RESTAURANT ROBERTS GROCERY Air Conditioned Fresh Fruit, Meat, Vegetables .UI-he Friendly Restaurant.. Full Line of Groceries Plenty of Parking Space Where Good Friends Meet" We Deliver Phone 46 Sycamore at S. 9th Phone 874 For All Your Insurance Needs THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY Over Dale 8: Stubblefield's P.O. Box 268 Phone 601 NATIONAL STORES CORPORATION Murray, Kentucky 69 C ompliments of SUPERIOR LAUNDRY and CLEANERS Phone 44 SHROAT BROTHERS Ice Cream ""9""4' Sandwiches 4"N"0' Banana Splits Milk Shakes and Malts FINLEY'S ICE CREAM SHOP Cigars 1444 Cigarettes '4""'4"" Candies Curb Service MURRAY CONSUMERS COAL 8: ICE COMPANY Telephone 64 "Year Round Service" '70 ...-..-..4l BUCK'S BODY SHOP DOUGLASS HARDWARE CO. We Specialize in Auto Painting Furniture Appliances Hardware Also Simonizing and Waxing Phone 53 900 Sycamore 777 Day Phone 872-M Night Phone "You Wreck 'Em - - - We Fix 'Em" Compliments of THE RED gl WHITE SERVICE STAT ION Phone 9103 Frank Hargis Bobby Hargis DEMUS' BEAUTY SHOP L U C A S Operators S h 0 e S h 0 P Demus Futreue Estelle I-:zen Phone 199 Compliments of BILLINGTON 8: JONES MOTOR COIVIPANY Authorized Ford Dealer Cars Trucks Tractors Phone 170 Murray, Ky.. 71 Compliments of THE LEDGER 81 TIMES Your Progressive Newspaper for Over Half a Century Calloway County's Daily Newspaper Job Printing Publishers Murray, Kentucky Compliments of LERMAN BROTHERS and Staff Incorporated Best Wishes MCKEEL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Case Quality Farm Machines Distributors Goodrich . Silve rtown Tires Telephone 270 Murray, Kentucky 72 .1 .... M...- Compliments PARKER'S FOOD MARKET of Lower Prices - Highest Quality CALLOWAY COUNTY o1L co. courteous Service Phone 114 South Side Square Ask Your Grocer For RANDOLPH SPE CIAL YUKON BEST LYNN GROVE BEST FLOUR MURRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Distributor HARGIS WELDING SHOP "All kids of electric and acetylene welding" Reasonable in price 846' Back of Sykes Grocery 4th and Sycamore Street PARKER MOTORS Sales - NASH - Service Z4-Hr. Wrecker Service Phones Night 565-I Day 373 73 Compliments H. A. MCELROY CO of W. M. Young, Manager JOHNSON'S GROCERY JOHNNY PARKER'S STANDARD STATION On the Square MC CLURE AND WILSON Leads the Way in Used Cars Phone 314 Murray, Ky. Compliments of P E T E 's Hardware - Plumbing Electrical Supplies Compliments of TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Corner 4th and Poplar Phone 1000 74 . .sg Compliments of MURRAY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 262 BLALOCK'S GROCERY Staple and Fancy Groceries Compliments Best Quality of Meats 1 of Plenty of Parking Space HOTEL NATIONAL 1214 West Main Compliments of 'WESTERN KENTUCKY STAGES FRAZEE MELUGIN and HOLTON Insurance Agents Automobile - Fire - Casualty Telephone 331 Murray, Ky. Gatlin Building "It does make a difference who writes your insurance" 75 , , .gf .... Compliments Compliments of of WEST KENTUCKY ELECTRIC ' COMPANY JOHNSON S GROCERY Compliments of HUGHES PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. Compliments of HENDON SERVICE STATION ZOO North 4th Phone 82 Compliments MU R R A Y P A I N T of A N D WATER'S GROCERY WALLPAPER CO. 1210 West Main Phone 366 76 THE J'. H. CHURCHILL FUNERAL HOME Ronald W. Churchill, Owner Phone 7 "Service since 1886" Phone 7 Plumbing -- MURRAY SERVICE CO. -- Heating Benny Maddox Phone 95 Compliments of CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY North 4th Phone 72 DRINK 'V' 4' Sunburst Grade A -- Pastuerized Milk-- Murray, Kentucky RYAN IVIILK CO. PARKER SEED COMPANY Carload Buyers 'and Processors Hybrid Popcorn Phone - 665 - Phone South Second Street Murray, Kentucky 77 HURT and ALEXANDER SAM CALHOUN GROCERY Plumbing 200 East Main Phone 900 Electric Sales and Service MAX H. CHURCHILL FUNERAL HOME "The Friendly Funeral Home" Superior Ambulance Service 5th and Elm St. Phone 98 Murray, Ky. ECONQMY HARDWARE MOLLY MARTIN SHOP "Your Norge Dealer" "Gifts of Distinction' Gifts Across from the Post Office East Main Phone 575 202 50111511 4th GEURIN CONCRETE PRODUCTS Your CABLE MOTOR CO. DeSoto - Plymouth General Repair and Wheel Lining Dealer ll--,. ..,. ..,,,A,,, NIIIIIIS APSHIHS ,Q .Q 64 97 99 wanted in Pig? I mmAy seventeen stvtes d' Girls How's she get in there Look! No head! Satch again to sf-- ew t 8 J ,Q-,P , I ,, You guessed it, A Go on---push! 1t'S Betty Sue! Round and Round it goes More girls He's looking for the sports Now lift the other one section, no doubt IXII I' CTURIAL YE BOOKS cusrum VERS MYERSCL 4. ' I nu . . mcuuvnuvnn mum: aux

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