Murray High School - Pilot Yearbook (St Paul, MN)

 - Class of 1965

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W 5 W ' ll Agap - lm x i G- A KAN ' I MU ' f 7 K ll C 4 as 925513 xL9Qv 1 'L' N...'a'.W5s'Ei' f A A , b 1 tm a fx--K f Qc! " l Q f ws 492 I L Ia Q 1 I ...a X f P 'A 'cn E X t 1 Us -9 g-A x A -I N-If ng? ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,u! . l kwin, G 'rm I l l P P i , ' v , ,-Ax-'AV' W--wr - - A .2 4? wx. -:Umm aww- if 5' Q 6 S J f Q H l g- it W .,:,,,,, Q Y 5 3 -Q. wsjgfgiz.. ' QM:-1- . " . 'ifmiw-egg! aww , i-fg-iyqsglsffy :wffflifsia wwvz:'w14': A if I1 X I Class Editors: Leslie Curtiss .Ioyce Johnson Christine Shulstad Senior Editors: Betty Bauman Jean Gallagher Kathy Weber Members of Mr. Lloyd Marengo's senior physics class Rick Givans, Barb Comstock and Dave Hagen earnestly observe the volumetric experiment their fellow class- mate Mark Halvorson is performing. This is iust another example of how students learn by doing. Tenth grade biology students Linda Gilbert and Nancy Whitcomb study the leaf collections of previous years, while their fellow classmate Lyning Peterson examines some micro-organisms under the microscope. Mr. Ritter's biology classes also do dissecting later in the year. Informal Atmosphere Aids In Learning Experience General science student Kathy Threlkeld shows her fellow classmates, Gary Rozenberg and Don Winge the rotation pattern of the many satellites. Mr. Pearson's eighth grade general science classes not only study the solar system but elementary experiments as well. I Pictured above are seniors Margaret Mullin and Wil- liam Blue, who are examining a Wimshurst induction machine, commonly known as a static generator. This is iust one of the many machines with which physics students use to prove theories. Sophomore David Gasch and Mr. Wilford Parnell determine the degree of an angle. Junior Doug Keating, senior Carol Arnold and sophomore Wally Knutson are looking at the various geometric figures used in Mr. Parnell's math class. These geometric figures aid in the explanation of plane and solid geometry. Mr. Parnell, their teacher, also teaches higher algebra. l Students Acquire Knowledge And Increase Interest Mr. Vernon Peterson's health classes are studying the human torso. Max Reiter, John Rottach and Nathan Thompson are showing their classmates where the organs are located. The health classes were formed to help students realize how important their health is to themselves, and to those around them. The classes are held every three weeks, alternating with swimming and physical education. Interior decorating students Candy Brobakken, Sue- Razskazoff, and Jane Bergeson display some example: of the intricate and unique house plans that they workeo on during the school year. They learned the use ol color in design and many other decorating technics Their instructor, Mrs. Barbara Arola, is new to Murray Library staff worker Carol Christianson is checking Ebook out for senior Sue Christopherson. The staff is ade up of students who have completed the LC prep Enourse and passed the test to become Library Club embers. By Classroom Participatio Seniors Sharon Ross, LaVonne Schultz and Laurie Schmugge are doing mimeographing for Miss Helseth in secretarial practice. The students learn the use of the mimeograph and other office equipment for future application. I1 Bill Dow and Marilyn Cross are at the board work- ing out an exercise in French class. The course, taught by Mr. Bill Addison, was offered for the first time at Murray. ln A School Atmosphere Seniors Claire Milham and Kerry Stein are reading Macbeth and Hamlet. These two readings are required for all senior English classes. The program helps to get a better understanding of English literature and its ideas. 10 x 11 Mr. Leslie Tripp has faithfully served Murray as principal for ll years. He is responsible for co- ordinating school activities and for keeping a good atmosphere between faculty and students. Mr. George Kirkeby is Murray's new assistant principal. Previously, he was the assistant prin cipal at Washington High for nine years. He at tended the University of Minnesota and Luther College. Mrs. Betsy Barnes is the iunior clerk at Murray. Mrs. Doris Olds is Murray's social worker and visiting teacher. Mr. Leon King, the school librar- Constituting Murray's able guidance staff are Mr. James Palmer, Miss Gladys Rose, and new to Murray, Mr. Jay Ettinger, who spends time at Washington High. ian, is also the advisor of Library Club. The school nurse is Mrs. Viola Peterson. ln charge of keeping the office organized is senior clerk Mrs. Ruth Trost. Mr. James Palmer, guidance counselor, helps to rearrange and smooth out conflicting sched- ules of seventh graders Julie Bauman and Ann McPherson. Curiosity, Patience Are Best Aids To Gain Wisdom Mr. Ronald Causton teaches history. Miss Vir- Mr. Charles Rogers teaches American history ginia Fertig teaches American and world history. and social studies. Mr. Bernard Quinn teaches Mr. Gerald Line, A.F.S. Committee advisor, also social studies. Basketball coach Mr. George Rose, teaches history. teaches social studies. Mr. Vernon Peterson, the gymnastic coach, teaches boy's physical education classes. Both Mrs. Janet Shields and Miss Patricia Lightbourn teach all the girl's physical education, swimming Mr. Lloyd Marengo teaches physics. Mr. Robert Ritter teaches biology. Mr. .lohn Pearson teaches general science. Mr. Reno Rossini, not shown, teaches chemistry. and health classes. Mr. Edward Porthan is a teacher of boy's physical education classes and also coaches Murray's swimming team. Chemistry teacher Mr. Reno Rossini is demon- strating to seniors Carol Christianson and Mike Lipke a titration experiment concerning volume. 'I3 With Wisdom, Humor, Patience, Teachers Guide Us Mrs. Mary Perkins teaches English. Mr. Gerald Skelly teaches English, speech and is advisor to Dramatic Club. Miss Florence Vest teaches English. Miss Karin Peterson teaches German and Eng- lish. Mr. Bill Addison teaches English, Latin and French. Mrs. Lorraine Conley teaches English and Spanish. Mr. Wilford Parnell teaches mathematics. Mr. Clarence Fulmek teaches mathematics. Mrs. Lucille Smith teaches mathematics. Mr. James Ashworth Mr. John Lape teaches English and Journalism. He advises the Murcurie and Pilot staffs. Mrs. Carol Williamson and Mr. Edward Datko teach English. VFP . teaches mathematics and is Sophomore Class Ad- visor. Mr. Bernard Broderick teaches mathematics. He coaches cross-country, hockey and "A" tennis. Shown here is Mr. Skelly during Dramatic Club initiation giving his portrayal of Boris Karloff. Forward Leading Us To Success And Knowledge Mrs. Barbara Arola teaches home economics. Mr. Peter Merila Teaches basic business, typing and bookkeeping. Miss Valborg Helseth teaches Mr. Sorenson is busy guiding the students in his art classes to use their imagination to create obiects that have artistic value. Mr. Alex Heron teaches geo., social studies, and band. He is the athletic director. Miss Mar- iorie Rusch teaches gen. music, directs the choir shorthand, secretarial practice, clerical practice, typing and mathematics. Mr. Robert Korpi teaches drafting and woodshop. srfkwiw :v'if9215e t it.:,finiem-gN??'FQ5Lif?-zQ'?iwifgfizwiiwfz mt mx: f ... .... .s A f .vs ,, ,. f sszmw-f'ws'H wwf'befg.if:::m,Q'giswwvamsizfsswmm 2311:-wr 2 i:.z:5rfs:::2e.'ef::': 3 " J , gn fi..-sxwfz ef .qw-:,.,. 2 ,-f,:ef,1f:.f,vi:i1-Qg,Z:r.ym.w.ssz?ss:spff..mQe1.fffg,3.i55P,l -K - X -'dm A ' 1 7 ,,,7-,,,f- .,. vi, 1.,-Q 1 5 sms-ww, ,gs . , :. -gag:-5, ..,.-Wise:-i hams--5: A W A74 sr if ' 51: 2 A - K . -,,.:' Q 1 . .,'il." "'1-.' i'i1 9 l""' ' ' 'P P it llii iyis A R - .... :IE '- ,Sw , ,V W 55.51 .... . 9.91: if JFK 91 . .. if if .. WW ' "" mf" 4' - "-- '- f 7 ,,,,,a,5j,.,:i 5-g55: -f.',::2-H'-f-- ,.f. 556,i,gt:i?5,Xs get-Z rag. -- W-""f"" .ssi 2---- '-" .i., 4 M it L ' "' sw S S 'K , J, ' ' 46, S , S ijt? 5 r ms W5 3.15252 gr mwwg J M tx ww i x if 'ffm H we 5, gt :sy me 1 . s , R 4, i. ,Mrk H SW, J ii 1 fx 'l is 59222315 ?s?r:5Sigr,f M . ,Y ,A fs , A gg 5 'gf tr Mfg., 113 ,gf g ,QQWQ evra, .W 1 ' 55 ws iw ff ' .3 W tif, S n :xg rw M W M 1 15 my ins wh gr 1 ,www H Wi QM' Q use " wg J if ww sq ft Ni' f wt Q 'V 4 t is V 1 1 J V 4 e 1' if 3 I -wt S Q . Jtmf , J , , W ,dy ts f fl 'M' we ,gi it is H be Q f , ,K .. .. , . 0 -W ,,... , . ....... -. . . .,,,. . . , zstswfrskggigga Q ffwf' -' V ' ,, , .,-we ,, ff - , 1 i , .. .4 I 1 ' fflf-ff , gg. , ' , ' " ss - 1 '-1 ig: K - i '- 'i 'E ss, esac. WW- .. fs fe, K . K , . V. y , 's .-., I f ,M Mi, no I ' 'rf is uf' --ii . i tf ' i" 6 Vylklkhk 7 'Q Mr. Pose, Mr. Skelly and Mr. Ashworth eat in the unfinished teachers' room. When completed it will have a kitchen and studying facilities. and octette. Mr. Frederick Bunce teaches art and Eng. Mr. Eugene Pose teaches ind. arts and metal shop. Mr. Daniel Sorenson lnot shownl teaches art. ' . ' Cooks, Janitors Create Pleasant Atmosphere - 7 nl, The ladies who are responsible for providing stu- O'Dwyre, head cook, Mrs. Ethel Agnew, baker, Mrs. dents and faculty with hot lunches are Mrs. Leona New- Audrey Greschner, salad maker, and Mrs. Helen Peter- quist, in charge of milk and ice cream, Mrs. Winifred sen who serves the prepared food. Pictured are four men who create and maintain a and Leroy Starner. The ianitors, as well as the students clean, pleasant atmosphere around Murray. They are and faculty, have appreciated the "new face" Murray George Sutherlin Sr., Martin Gilsrud, Vetalis Soderman has received. The new paint has added much to our school. l The new assistant engineer, Mr. Marvin House is the chief en- Mrs. Mariorie Bundy helps keep David Nims, keeps the new build- gineer at Murray. He is head custo- our school clean. She has been ing open at night for students use. dian and a friend to all. with us for threel years. 'I6 Senior officers Steve Johnson, President, Kathi Vice-President, Marcia Briggs, Secre- ry, and Jim Wolf, Treasurer, are discussing lans for graduation. These officers worked ith the advisors in a fine spirit of harmony and -operatio'n throughout the entire year. l i .fyf f T l i eniors Use Final Year . Q x Graduation Day is truly an important day for ll seniors. Everything must be perfect, including e gowns. This year the class chose pale gold owns for the girls and blue-black ones for the oys. Here Kathy Weber fits Pat Nelson for a own while Kathleen Rudie tries one on for size. Doing an excellent iob of advising Murray's senior class of i965 are Mr. Edward Datko and Mr. Gerald Line. Among their maior responsi- bilities were planning and chaperoning the class trip, seeing that all graduation committees func- tion properly and presiding over the monthly class meetings. As Stepping Stone To Future Making one of the monthly payments towards the senior class trip is Mary Hokanson. Susan Schroeder collects the money, while Lynn Elvester keeps an accurate record. The trip to New York City, by train, was scheduled for May 6-10. With 41 students participating, a day at the World's Fair was planned. ABEI., OWEN- Hockey Jr. Var. I, 2, Sr. Var. Mgr. 3, 4. Jr. High. ALLRED, RICHARD- German Club 1, 2, Golf 2, School Service 'l-4. ANDERSON, RAYMOND- ANDERSON, LYNDA- Aquatic League 2, Choir Sr. 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, GAA 2-3, Latin Club 3, Pilot agent 4, Como Park We Pause As Time Flies ABRAHAM, RICHARD- Baseball Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Basketball Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, Football Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Golf 2, Letter award 2, Jr. Class Treos., M Club 2-4, Sec. Treos., Prom Comm., Student Council Rep. 4, Blarney Ball Cond. 2, Madison West, Madison, Wisconsin I. ADDIS, ROGER- School Service 3, 4. AMRHIEN, RICHARD- Latin Club 1, M Club 3, 4, School Service 2-4, Student Council Rep. 4, Swimming 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Co-capt. 4. AMUNRUD, GARY- Cross country 2, 3, Letter award 3, M Club 2-4, Track Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 2, School Service I-4. ANDERSON, BRUCE- Basketball Sr. Var. 2-4,Letter award 2, Homecoming Queen Mgr. 4, M Club 2-4, School Service 3, 4. ANDERSON, GARY- Baseball Jr. Var. 2, Football Jr. Var. 2, M Club 2-4, Swimming 2-4, Letter award 2-4, Como Park Jr. High. ANDERSON, WAYNE 18 Tliii-5.5 .H- To Ponder Over Experiences ARNEMAN, .lOHN- Basketball Jr. Var. 1 German Club 2, 3, Treas., Golf 2, 3, Home- coming Queen Mgr. 4, Jr. Class Board Latin Club 1, Library Club 2-4, Sarg.-at Arms, M Club 2-4, Student Council Rep. 2, 3, Swimming 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4. AUl.D, KENNETH- Baseball Jr. Var. 1, 2, Sr Var 3 4 Letter award 3, 4, Football Jr Var 1 Sr Var. 2-4, Letter award 3, 4, Gymnastics 3, 4, Letter awards 3, 4, M Club 3 4 Spanish Club. AUSTAD, SUSAN- GAA 1-3, Murcurie Business Mgr. 4, Reporter 3. AZURE, VINCENT- Baseball Jr. Var. 1, 2, r Var 3 4 Letter award 3, 4, Basketball Jr Var 1 2 Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3 4 Choir Sr. 1-4, M Club 3, 4, Operetta 1 3 School service 4. BACON, RICHARD- M Club 3, Swimming 3, 4, Letter award 3. BAKER, ORVILLE- BANTLE, GRETCHEN- GAA 2-4, German g Club 2-4, Library Club 3, 4, Como Park Jr. High. 3 Latin Club 1 2 Treas 2 M Club 24 BARSCH, ROSALIND- FTA 4, GAA 1-4, German Club 3, 4, School service 3, 4. ARNOLD, CAROL- Choir Jr., GAA 2, 3, School service 4. l Q: .1 i 1 i 5? Q2 F BARTLETT, .lOY-l.YNN- Choir Sr. 1-4- ., Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Latin Club 1 tette 24' O eretta 2 3 Spanish Club Oc - : P I 1 3, 4, Student Council Jr. 1, Sr. 3, 4, Sec. Rep. 2, 4. 19 BAUMAN, BETTY- Aquatic League 2, 4, BERGESON, JANE- FTA 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, Choir Sr. 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Library Letter award 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Como Club 3, 4, Murcurie agent 3, Reporter 3, Park Jr. High. Operetta 3, Pilot Sr. Ed. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. BIEDLER, MARGARET- Park Jr. High. BONE, RICHARD- Choir Sf. 3, 4, School service 2, Operetta 3. Como Park Jr. High. BRANDT, MARTIN- Baseball Jr. Var. I, 2, Cross-country 1-4, Letter award I-4, Capt. 4, German Club 2, Hockey Jr. Var. I, M Club l-4, Track Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Pilot agent 2, Student Council Rep. 3. BRINGS, JOAN- Choir Sr. 2-4 accompan- ist, FTA 4, GAA 4, Triple Trio accompan- ist 3, Octette accompanist 2, 4, Operetta accompanist 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, Coma Park Jr. High. BRIGGS, MARCIA- Aquatic League 2-4, Pres. 4, GAA 2-4, Letter award 3, Home- coming Queen Cand. 4, Jr. Class Board, Soph. Class Sec., Sr. Class Sec., Como Park Jr. High. 20 BERNARD, GARY- School service 4. BLUE, WILLIAM- Spanish Club 3, 4, Como BOYD, PAULINE- Choir Sr. 4, GAA 2, 3, The Faculty Aids Us BROBAKKEN, CANDACE- GAA 3, 4, agent 2, School service 2, Spanish Club 4, Como Park Jr. High. As We Plan For Our Future C BRODERICK, MICHAEL Band I Letter award I Baseball Jr Var I Boys State Fo tball Jr Var I 2 Sr Var 3 4 Le er award 3 4 Hockey Jr Var I 2 Sr Var 3 4 Letter award 3 4 M Club 24 Track Sr. Var. 2-4 Letter award 2-4. BROOKS, JEFFERY- School service 4. BROWN, SANDRA- Aquatic League 2-4, Choir Sr. 2, 4, GAA 2-4, Letter award 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Operetta 2, Como Park t Jr. High. BUNTING, WILLIAM- CARLSON, GREGORY- Baseball Jr. Var. l, Blarney Ball King, Football Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Hockey Jr. Var. I, 2, Sr. Var. 4, Jr. Class Board, Latin Club i, 2, Treas. 2, M Club 3, 4, Prom Co-chair., Soph. Class Pres., Student Council Rep. l-4, Tennis 2, 3, Letter award 3. CHAMPAGNE, JO-ANN- Band 2-4, Sec. 4, Letter award 2, 3, GAA Sporthead 3, Letter award 3, School service 3. WALTER- Choir Sr. 4, Ger- Club 3, Gymnastics 3, Letter award 3, lub 3, Como Park Jr. High. CHENEY, DENNIS- Choir Sr. 3, 4. 21 CAMERON, DENNIS- Swimming 3. CHRISTENSEN, KAREN- FTA 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Pilot agent, School Spirit Comm., 3, 4, Como Park Jr. High. BROOKS, DONALD Basketball Jr Var 'l Sr Var 2 Track Jr Var l Como Park Jr High t CHRISTIANSON, CAROL- FTA 3, 4, GAA 'l-4, Letter award 3, All city letter 4, Ger- man Club 3, 4, Library Club 2-4, Pilot agent I, Student Council Rep. 4, Sec. 3. CHRISTOPHERSON, SUSAN- Choir Sr. 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Oper- etta 3, Spanish Club 4, St. Joseph's Acad- emy 1, 2. COFFMAN, HUGH- German Club 'l-4, Golf 3, Library Club 2-4, Murcurie Ed.-in- chief 4, Reporter 3, Photographer 3, 4, Pilot Photographer 4, School service 2 Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Rep 'l, 4. COONEY, BARTLEY- School service 3, 4. COMSTOCK, BARBARA- Aquatic Leagu 2-4, Band 1, FTA 4, GAA I-4, Pilot agen 2, 3, School service 4, Spanish Club I-4. CURTISS, LESLIE- Cheerleader 4, Choir I Jr., Sr., 2-4, FTA 3, 4, Vice-Pres, 4, GAA 2-4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 3, Latin Club l, 2, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie agent 1, 2, Operetta 2, 3, Pilot Class Ed. 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4, School Spirit Comm. 3, 4, Triple Trio 2-4. CUTKOMP, TERRY- Aquatic League 2, GAA 1-4, Sec. 4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 3, German Club I-4, German Round Singers 2, Murcurie agent, Pilot Art Ed. 4, Sports Ed. 4, agent i-3, Quill 81 Scroll 4, School Spirit Comm. 3, 4, Co-Chair. DAVIES, JOHN- Homecoming Queen Mgr. 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Consul 4, Library Club 3, 4, Treas. 4, Soph. Class Treas., Student Council Rep. 2, 3, Swimming 2-4. DROBAC, DAVID- Hockey Jr. Var. 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4, Marshall Jr. High. l ELLEFSON, JAMES- Hill High l, 2. ED, JOHN- Football Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Hockey Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4. 22 l ENGLUND, CONSTANCE- Choir Jr. 1, Sr. 37 Operetta 3. FARTIG, PAUI.- Baseball .Jr. Var. 1, 27 German Club 1-4, Treas. 37 Library Club 3, 4, Carr. Sec. 47 Murcurie Photographer 2-4, Reporter 37 Pilot Sports Ed. 4, Pho- tographer 2-47 Quill 8. Scroll 47 Swimming 2-4, Letter award 2-4, Co-capt. 4. LVESTER, LYNN- Aquatic League 27 GAA ENGLE, BARBARA- FTA 37 GAA 2, 37 -4, Letter award 3: German Club 2-47 Pilot Activity Ed. 47 Quill 8. Scroll 4, Library Club 3, 47 Pilot agent 2, 47 Como Treas. 47 Como Park Jr. High. Park Jr. High. FLOETI., GEORGE- Choir Sr. 1-4. FOX, CEDRIC- Wilson High, 1-3. FRANCIS, GEORGE- 23 GALLAGHER, JEAN- Choir Jr.7 FTA 3, 47 GAA 1-47 German Club 1-47 Murcurie Re- porter 37 Pilot Sr. Ed. 47 School Spirit Comm. 3, 47 Quill 81 Scroll 4. FIELD, ROBERT- Choir 4, Vice-pres. 47 Dramatic Club 47 German Club 1-4, Pro- gram chair. 27 Homecoming Queen Mgr. 47 Jr. Class Board7 Library Club 2-47 M Club 2-47 Murcurie Feature Ed. 4, agent 17 Pilot agent 27 Soph. Board7 Student Coun- cil Rep. 1-27 Wrestling 1-4, Capt. 4, Let- ter award 2-4. FOSTER, SUZANNE- Choir Jr.7 FTA 3, 4i GAA 'l'4i Letter award 37 German Club 27 Murcurie Feature Ed. 4, agent 37 Pilot agent 27 School service 3, 4. GAMMEL, RAYMOND Choir Sr 14 FTA 4. GASCH, STEVEN Track Jr. Var. I7 Span- GAST, DIANN- Choir Jr.7 Dramatic Club ish Club l 47 FTA 3, 47 GAA l-4, Letter award 37 German Club l, 2, 47 School service 47 Pilot Activities Ed. 47 Quill 81 Scroll 47 Student Council l, 2. GAYMAN, WALTER- Baseball Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 Football Sr. Var. I-4, Capt. 4, Letter award 2-47 Hockey Jr. Var. 1, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 2-47 M Club 2-47 Student Council Rep. 2, 37 Track Jr. Var. .Ii Blarney Ball Cand. 2. GILBERT, SANDRA- FTA 47 German Club 2-4, Officer 47 Murcurie Reporter, Sports Ed. 47 Quill 8. Scroll 3, 47 Como Park Jr. High. GIVANS, RICHARD- Choir Sr. 3, 47 Como Park Jr. High. GOOD, THOMAS- Band 'l7 Baseball Jr. Var. 17 Cross-country 2-4, Capt. 4, Letter award 37 Football Jr. Var. 'I7 German Club 27 Hockey Jr. Var. l, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 3. GRUNWALD, MYRNA- Choir Sr. 27 GAA 2-47 Murcurie Page I Co-ed. 4, agent 47 Operetta 27 Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Vice-pres. 47 Spanish Club7 Como Park Jr. High. HAECHREL, JAMES- Football Jr. Var. 17 Swimming 3. HALL, MARJORIE Humboldt High I HAGEN, ELISE- Choir Jr., Sr. 2-47 Dram- atic Club 47 FTA 3, 4, Pres. 4j GAA 2-47 Latin Club I, 27 Murcurie agent I7 School Spirit Comm. 3, 4, Co-chair. 3. HAGEN, DAVID- Baseball Jr. Var. 1, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 FTA 47 Football Jr. Var. l, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 3, 47 Hockey Jr. Var. l, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 M Club 3, 4j Stu- dent Council Rep. 2, 3. 24 l -' 23Sl8l2iLl3fdlkH3535tQl'54ful2L355El There Were Varied Thrills On The First Exciting Day HALVORSON, GRETCHEN- Band 1, Letter award l, Cheerleader 3, 4, Choir Sr. 3, Sec. 3, GAA I-4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 3, German Club 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Latin Club I, 2, Aedile 2, Library Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, Murcurie Sports Ed. 4, Octette 3, 4, Operetta 3, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Sno-Day Princess 1. HALLANGER, HAROLD- American School, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, 'l-3. HALVORSON, .IOHN MARK- Choir Sr. 4, Latin Club 3, 4, John Marshall High, Rich- mond, Va., Alexander Ramsey High, St. Paul, Minn. 2. HARTWICK, KATHERINE- Blarney Ball Cand. 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Choir Jr., Sr. 4, Dramatic Club 2-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, GAA I-4, Letter award 4, German Club I-3, German Round Singers 2, Library Club 2-4, School Spirit Comm. 3, 4, Co- chair. 4, Sr. Class Vice-Pres. HAYENGA, JOANN- Aquatic League 2, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 4, Jr, Class Board, Murcurie agent 3, 4, Prom Co- chair., Soph. Class Vice-Pres., Spanish HINZ, GLEN- Como Park Jr. High Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Pres. 4, Como Park Jr. High. HEBBEL, ROBERT- Band Sr. I, Letter award l, Football Jr. Var. I, German Club l-4, Golf 'l, 2, Jr. Class Board, Latin Club 4, M Club 2-4, Swimming 2-4, Letter award 2, 3. HEINN, BETTY- School service 3, Como Park Jr. High. HENDRICKSON, LUVERNE- Como Park Jr. High. HERBST, MICHAEL- Football Jr. Var. I, Pilot agent 2, Student Council Rep. 3, 4. HOFFMAN, DIANA Choir Jr., Sr. 3, 4, GAA I-4, School service 4. HOKANSON, MARY- FTA 3, 47 GAA l-4, HOVLAND, GREGORY- Coma Park Jr. Sporthead 3, Letter award 47 German Club High, l-47 Library Club 3, 47 Murcurie Reporter 37 Pilot Co-ed. 47 Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4. Jr.7 FTA 37 GAA l-4. IMBERTSON, MARY- GAA 'l, 27 German Club l. Como Park Jr. High. JENSEN, BETTY JEAN- GAA 2, 3. JOHNSON, JOYCE- Aquatic League 3, 47 Choir Jr.7 FTA 47 GAA l-4, Letter award 3, All-city 47 Pilot Class Ed. 4, agent 37 Spanish Club l, 47 School service 4. JOHNSON, SAI.I.Y- Choir 37 Dramatic Club 2-4, Vice-pres. 47 FTA 3, 47 GAA 2, 37 Murcurie Adv. Ed. 4, Reporter 37 Oper- etta 2i Quill 8- Scroll 47 Como Park Jr. High. JOHNSON, KIRBY- Band Sr. 27 Choir Sr. 47 German Club 2, 3. 26 HUEMOELLER, REGINA- Band Sr. 17 Choir INGVALSON, CHARLES- Choir Sr. 47 JOHNSON, JERRY- Choir Sr. 3, 4i Foot- ball Sr. Var. 47 Hockey Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 37 M Club 3, 47 Owatanna High, Owatonna, Minn., 'l, 2. We Gradually Gain Insight JOHNSON, STEPHEN- Baseball Sr. Mgr. 3, 47 Boy's Slate 3j Football Jr. l, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 3, 47 Jr. Var. l, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter 3, 47 Jr. Class Pres. 3i M Club 3, 4, 47 Murcurie agent 47 Pilot agent 3 Class Pres. 4. As We Learn The Way JOHNSON, WILLIAM- Football Jr. Var 1, Hockey Jr. Var. I, Student Council Rep. 1, Swimming l. KLOEK, LINDA- Aquatic League 2-4, Treas. 3, FTA 3, GAA l-4, Student Council Rep. 2. KOEPER, CHARLOTTE- Choir Jr. 1, Sr. 2-4, GAA I, Latin Club 1, Operetta 2: Student Council Rep. 3, 4. KRUGER, GERALD- Golf l, 2, Letter award l, 2, M Club 2. .l n K l KIRBY, JOHN- Baseball Jr. Var. 1, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Football Sr. Var. 'I-4, Letter award 3, 4, Hockey Jr. Var. T, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 4, M Club 3, 4. KWONG, ROGER- Band Sr. 2-4, Letter award 2-4, Cross country 4, German Club 2, 3, Murcurie agent l, Track Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4. LARKIN, RICHARD- Choir Jr., Dramatic Club 2-4, Treas. 4, Murcurie Page 3 Ed. 4, Reporter 3. LARSON, JAMES- Choir Jr. 1, Football Sr. Var 2, Hockey Jr. Var. 2. , LYNNAE Choir Jr l Sr 4 GAA 2, LEIER, LEONARD-Choir Sr. 4, FTA 4, M Club 2-4, Spanish Club 3, Swimming 2-4, Letter award 2, 3, Como Park Jr. High. 27 l LIND, JILL- Choir Jr. 1, GAA 'I-4. High. North Dakota. LIPKE, MICHAEL- Latin Club 3, Murcurie agent 3, Pilot agent 3, Como Park Jr. LUNDSTROM, SALLY- School service 3, Humboldt High, St. Paul, Minn. MANKE, LINDA- Chair 1.4: Qperetfq 3, MARSH, JOHN- School service, Wrestling Como Park Jr. High. MAXSON, DUANE- Central High, Fargo, MCDIARMID, MARY- Choir Sr. 1-4, Treas. 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 1-4, Rec. Sec. 4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 3, German Club 1-4, German Round Singers 2, Murcurie agent 1, 4, Operetta 3, Stu- dent Council Rep. 1-3, Library Club 2-4 l ,Pres. 4. McKAY, KATHLEEN- Band Jr. 1, Sr. 2-4, Letter award 1-4, Choir Jr. 1, FTA 3, GAA 1-4, Murcurie agent 3, Pilot agent, School service 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Student Coun- cil Rep. McMAHON, JUDY- Aquatic League 2, Choir Sr. 2-4, Operetta 2-4, Triple Trio 2, 3, Como Park Jr. High. I McTIE, JAMES Baseball Jr. Var. 1, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Football Jr. Var. 1, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 3, 4, Hockey Jr. Var. 1, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, M Club 3, 4. MERRELL, EDWARD- Baseball Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, Basketball Jr. Var. 1, Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 2-4, German Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, M Club 2-4, Student Council Rep. 3, 4. MERWIN ALAN- School service 4. 28 MILLER, ELAINE- Aquatic League Gi Blar- ney Ball Cand.7 Choir Sr. 3, 47 FTA 47 Homecoming Queen Cand. 47 GAA 2-4, Letter award 37 Murcurie agent 47 Oper- etta 4i Como Park Jr. High. MINAWA, ABRAHAM- AFS exchange student7 Student Council 47 Library Club 47 Kibuli, Kampala, Africa. lYER, ROBERT- Basketball Jr. Var. 2, MILHAM, CLAIRE- Choir Sr. 2-47 GAA 27 tVar. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 M Club German Club 3, 47 Jr. Class Sec. 37 Oc- 47 Como Park Jr. High. tette 3, 47 Operetta 27 Student Council Rep. 47 Library Club 3, 4, Prog. Chair. 47 Como Park Jr. High. MONTGOMERY, JUDITH- Choir Sr. 3, 47 GAA 3, 47 School service 47 Operetta 47 Student Council Rep. 3, Aj Como Park Jr. NELSON, PATRICIA- Choir Sr. 2-47 GAA High. MULLIN, MARGARET- Choir Jr. 17 GAA l-47 Latin Club 1-47 School Spirit Comm. 4. MURAWSKI, BRENT- NARVAEZ, ERIC- Cross country 3, 4, Let- ter award 3, 47 M Club 3, 47 Spanish Club l, 3, 4, Pres. 47 Tennis I, 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 Wrestling 1, 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 Colegio Nueva Granada School, Bogota, Columbia. NELSON, BRUCE- Blarney Ball'Cand.7 Choir -Sr. 37 Cross country Jr. Var. l, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 47 Gymnas- tics 27 Hockey 37 M Club 2-47 Murcurie agent 37 Pilot agent 37 School service 37 Student Council 2-47 Track 2-4, Letter award 2-47 Como Park Jr. High. NASON, MARY- Murcurie Page 3 Ed. 47 Reporter 37 Spanish Club I, 4. 29 l I-47 Operetta 2-47 Como Park Jr. High. NELSON, PATRICK- Football Jr. Var., Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 4, M Club 3, 4, Murcurie Sports Ed. 4, agent 3, Reporter 3, Track Jr. Var., Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 4, Wrestling I-4, Capt. 4, Letter awards 3, 4. 2-4. True And Lasting Friends OLSON, DAVID- Baseball Sr. Var. 3, 4, Capt. 3, Letter award 3, 4, Cross-country 4, Letter award 4, Gymnastics 2-4, Capt. 4, Letter award 2-4, M Club 2-4, Camo 2, 3, FTA 4, GAA. 3, Library Club 3, 4, Pilot Activiti Park Jr. High. OTTO, JAY- School service 4. OVERBEE, YVONNE- GAA 2-4, Murcurie agent 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. PEPLINSKI, RONALD- Golf 3. PERLICH, JEAN- Band 2-4, Letter award PETERSON, JACQUELINE- Band 2, 3, Let- ter award 2, 3, FTA 4, GAA 2-4, Sport- head 3, German Club 3, 4, Como Park Jr. High. PETERSON, LOIS- Choir Jr. 'l, Sr. 2, 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA 1, 3, Latin Club 2, Sec. 2, Quill 8, Scroll 4, Student Council Rep. 2, es Ed. 4. POMEROY, MARGARET- Choir Jr. l, 2-4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Operetta 2, P agent I. PETERSON, NANCY- Chair Sr. 4, GAA PETERSON, MICHAEL- Band Jr., Cross- country 2-4, Letter award 2-4, Hockey Jr. Var. I, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4 7 M Club 2-4, Track Jr. Var. I, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4. Are Bonded By Years 2 AN PATRICIA- . 5 5 5 2 G 1 l 5 E 2 5 2 2 l 5 Q 5 ie QUALE, FRANK- Spanish Club 2, 3. RAZSKAZOFF, MEREDITH- Aquatic League 2-4, Vice-Pres. 2, GAA 1-4, Treas. 4, Sporthead 3, German Club l-3, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Page 3 Ed. 4, Repor- ter 3, Pilot agent 2, Quill 8. Scroll 4, Stu- dent Council Rep. 3. RICHARDS, STEVEN- Baseball Jr. Var, Football Jr. Var., Sr. Var. 2-4, Letter award 3, 4, M Club 3, 4, Pilot agent 3, Tennis 5 3, Track Jr. Var. 2, Wrestling l-4, Letter award 3, 4. . 51 2 ROSENTHAL, CAROL- FTA 3, 4, Sec. 4, GAA 3, Our Lady Of Peace High, St. L Paul, Minn. E F E s l ROSENWALD, MICHAEL- Choir Sr. 3, 4, Octette 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Spanish Club ' 3, Como Park Jr. High. .N 2 ll ROSS, SHARON- Mechanic Arts High, St. Paul, Minn. 1. 3 ROUFS, KAREN- Choir Sr. 2-4, FTA 3, GAA 3, 4, Operetta 2-4, Como Park Jr. 3 High. 2 s a 5 ROZENBERG, LINDA- Choir Jr., FTA 3, GAA l-4, School Service 3, 4. 5 li s RUDIE, KATHLEEN- Choir Jr., FTA 3, GAA l-4, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Adv. Ed. 4, agent 2-4, Reporter 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 4. K, SAGE, NANCY- Aquatic League 2-4, Band 2-4, Letter award 2-4, Dramatic Club 4, 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Pres. 4, sponheud 3, E Letter award 3, All-my 4, cms stare 3, Murcurie Page 1 Co-Ed. 4, Reporter 3, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4, Spanish Club I 3, 4, Sec. 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Como Park Jr. High. 31 5 Advisors, SARGENT, JAMES- Band 2, 3, Baseball SCHAAF, JOHN- Choir Sr. 2, 4, Pres. 4, Jr. Var., Sr. Var. 3, Choir Jr., Swimming 2. Operetta 2, Pilot Agent 3, Como Park Jr. High. SCHEPERS, LAWRENCE- SCHERBERT, JEANNE- Aquatic League 2, Band 1, Letter award, Choir Jr., Dramatic Club 2-4, Sec. 3, Prog. Chair. 4, GAA 1-4, Vice-Pres. 4, Sporthead 3, Letter award 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Library Club 3, 4, 2nd Vice-Pres. 4, Murcurie Circ. Man. 3, Repor- ter 3, Pilot Co-Ed. 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council Jr. 1, Pres. 1, School service, 3. SCHMALZ, RAYMOND- SCHMUGGE, LAUREL- GAA 2-4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4. SCHREIFELS, LAWRENCE- Baseball Sr. Var. 3, Jr. Var. 1, Football Sr. Var. 3, 4, Jr. Var. 2, Hockey Sr. Var. 2, Jr. Var. 1, M Club. SCHULTZ, LAVONNE- Office Force 4, Wilson High, St. Paul, Minn. SCHROEDER, SUSAN- FTA 3, 4, GAA 1-4, Sporthead 3, German Club 1-4, Home- coming Queen cand. 4, Jr. Class Vice- Pres., Murcurie Agent 4, Reporter 3, Page 2 Ed. 4, Quill 8. Scroll 4, Soph. Class Board Mem., Student Council Rep. 2, 3. 32 SCHNEIDER, JAMES- Baseball 2. Teachers Stress SCHWARTZ, HENRY- School service 2 Stage Force 3, 4. 1 ,ez sm.-, ,M Self-reliance, lncllvlclua boldt High, St. Pa SHERMAN, MARY- Choir Jr. P 4. SHULSTAD, LENORA- Choir Jr.: l IEVERS, LYNN DEE- Spanish Club 3, 45 omo Park Jr. High. Ilty SCOTT, JANICE- School 'service 47 Hum- SELBITSCHKA, JOSEPH ul, Minn. 2-3. SHALLES, BRUCE- Como Park Jr. High. SHATTO, PATRICIA- Choir Jr.: GAA 3, 4, School service 3, 4. ilot Agent SHOFFNER, SONYA- Choir Jr., Sr. 3, Spanish Club 3, 4. FTA 3, 4, GAA I-4, German Club 2-4, Pilot Class Ed. 4, Agent 'lg Quill 81 Scroll 4. SIEBERT, STEPHANIE- Choir Sr. 3, 47 Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Operella 3, Arroyo High, El Monte, Calif. I, 2. -1 SIMICH, ALEXANDER- Track Jr. Var. 2, Murcurie Reporter 3, Basketball Jr. Var. 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4. SLETTOM, WILLIAM- Band If German Club I-47 Library Club 2-47 Murcurie Agent I, Pilot Agent 2, Student Council Rep. I. 33 STECH,, KATHLEEN- Choir Jr., Sr. 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 3 ,4, Let- ter award 3, German Club I-4, Pilot Sports Ed. 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Sec. 4, Student Council I, 4, School Spirit Comm. 3, Chair. 4. STEEN, DIANE- Choir Sr. 4, GAA 4, Or- tonville High, Ortonville, Minn. I, 2. STEEN, ROGER- Choir Sr. 3, 4, Como Pg,-k STEIN, KERRY- Band I-4, Letter aw. Jr, High, I-3, Baseball Jr. Var. I, 2, Cross cour 2-4, Dramatic Club 4, German Club ' Prog. Chair, 4, Hockey Jr. Var. 'l, 2, M curie Agent 2, Wrestling 3. STELMACH, CHERYL- Dramatic Club 4, Como Park Jr. High. STENDAHL, CARL- Como Park Jr. High l STEPHENSON, JUDITH- Choir Sr. 4, GAA I-4. STRAIN, PATRICIA- Aquatic league 2, 4, GAA 'I-4, Spanish Club I, Como Park Jr. 'High. li i STRANE, STAR- Aquatic League 3, Band V Jr., FTA 3, GAA I-4, Spanish Club I-3. SVENDSEN, KATHLEEN- Alden High, Al- den, Minn I-3. SWANSON, BARBARA- choir Jr., sr. 4, , GAA 1-4, sponhend 3. E 9 E . 4 2 4 I Q 34 l SWANSON, THOMAS- Choir Sr. 3, 4. TENNY, JUDITH- Cheerleader 3, 4, Capt. 4, Dramatic Club 4, GAA 2-4, German Club 3, 4, Homecoming Queen Cand. 4, Jr. Class Board, Octette 2, Operetta 3, Pilot Agent 2, Blarney Ball Cand. 2, Choir YANSON, DALE- Baseball Jr. Var. 2, aketball 2-4, Letter award 3, 4, Football l, Jr. Var l, German Club 3, M Club 3, llrack l, Library Club 2-4. Sr. 2-4, Como Park Jr. SWANSON, RONALD- Band l, Baseball Jr. Var. 2, Basketball Jr. Var. l, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, German Club 2-4, M Club 3, 4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council Rep. l. High. TORGERSEN, ELIZABETH- Choir Sr. THOMPSON, NANCY- FTA 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, Murcurie Agent, Reporter 3, Pilot Busi- ness Mgr. 4, Student Council Rep. 3, 4, Como Park Jr. Hiqh. 2-4, FTA 2-4, GAA 2-4, Murcurie Reporter 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Pilot Adv. Ed. 4, Agent 4, Spanish Club 2-4, Como Park Jr. High. TRAPP, DONALD- Band 2, 3, Pres. 4, Let- ter award 2, 3, Choir Sr. 2-4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Octette 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, Como Park Jr. High. TSELOS, SUSAN- Choir Jr., Sr. 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, GAA l, 2, 4, German Club l, Student Council Rep. 'l, American Aca- demy, Athens, Greece, 3. TURI, CHARLES- Football Sr. Var. 3, 4 Letter award 4, M Club 4, Cretin High, St Paul, Minn. URMAN, CAROL- GAA 3, 4, School ser- vice 4. 35 i VICKERS, DAVID- Baseball Sr. Var. 3, Jr Var. 2, Gymnastic 2, 3, Letter award 2 Como Park Jr. High. We Pause To Look Back VIGIL, MICHAEL- School service 4, Grants WACHTER, CLARLYNN- Choir 2-4, Dram- High, Grants, New Mexico, I-3. atic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Treas. 4, GAA 2-4, Odefle 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Como Park Jr. High. WEBER, GERALD- Cross country 4, Hockey p 4. WEBER, KATHERYN- Aquatic League 2, Choir Sr. 2-4, GAA 2, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Pilot sr. Ed. 4, School Service 3, como it Park Jr. High. if ,SE if WEBER, WILLIAM- Baseball Jr. Vor. 2, Choir Sr. 3, 4, German Club l-4, Octette 4. WEIHRAUCH, NANCY- FTA 3, GAA 2, 3, F' Murcurie Agent 3, School service 4, Como Q Park Jr. High. gy WHITCOMB, BRUCE- Como Park Jr. High. F ff, i T 1 l WIGER, THEODORE- WOLF, JAMES- AFS Student 3, Band l, Basketball Jr. Var. l, 2, Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 3, 4, German Club I-4, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Homecoming, Mgr. 4, M Club 2-4, Murcurie Agent 2, 3, Pilot Agent I, Student Council Rep. I-3, Sr. Class Treas. WILLMAN, KEITH- i WOODING, STEPHEN- Track Jr. Var. 2, Pilot Agent 3, 4. ,E 5 if 36 4 4 ,yas l Now Look To The Future YOUNGDAHL, DONNA- Blarney Ball ZOTALIS, CHARLES Football Jr Var l Queen 27 Choir Sr. 2-47 FTA 37 GAA 2-47 Golf 2-4, Letter award 3 4 Latln Club 4 Operetta 27 Student Council Rep. 47 Como M Club 3, 4 Swimming 2 4 Letter award Park Jr. High. CERNY, MARY- Choir 37 FTA 37 GAA 'I-37 Latin Club l-37 Operetta 37 Spanish Club 37 Pilot Agent 27 Murcurie reporter 3, special reporter 4. Mary is spending her senior year in the Dominican Republic. She will graduate from Murray when she satisfactorily completes special correspond- ence courses she is taking from the Uni- versity of Minnesota. 47 Como Park Jr High Not pictured are: HASSINGER, RICHARD MENOUGHI BARBARA- 500719 High, SCHEPERS, KENNETH- Band 4. Boone, Iowa 'l, 2. SNEAD, PENNY- WEBER, JOHN- Football Sr. Var. 3, 4, Letter award 4i M Club 47 Baseball Jr Var. 2. W fr L C: - y I ,X 1 . Q7 X s., , 6:1 Q5 all an l .v ix N' I ua k mi AL ,K 0 , . A It ,, E Cl Q? ,W ft Z 5 - fy f e X f f M, iii Stahl 47' A X-'l Cl w " k -, u. . . - U .. i ' H N q 3? YN .4 yu L, Sadly, but with great anticipa- 1-fi-!' tion of the future, the senior class of 1965 f l leaves Murray High. After graduation we are on our own to fullfill our life's ambition and goal. We leave with memories of our treasured high school years, times that will be remembered forever. Our past achievements can not be our I Af ultimate goal. We must look to the future for lasting accomplishment and . satisfaction. Looking back we recall: the first exciting days at Murray - I ly the students who we admired and respected - our freshman Sno' Foolin' prince 25 , t f and princess - attending our sports events and being loyal to our team whether M X , we lost or won - the arrival of new sophomores from Como Jr. High - the organiz- , ing of our class by electing officers and getting advisors - the thrill of ettin the , 9 9 new addition including pool and new labs - our special Blarney Ball King and Queen - purchasing our class rings - the successful Soph. class party. We will remember , also: lengthy nights of studying to pull increasingly important grades up - the fun we had at the Jr. class car wash - the comedy of the Sadie Hawkin's dance. The 'kk successful prom "Isle of Paradise" - and hours of enioyable work will be remem- bered by many. Our final year arrived at last. With it came respect and admiration from the underclassmen. With it also came an increasing ff? 'N responsibility to fellow classmates, ourselves, and all Murray High. Our I A JL X collection of cherished memories includes Homecoming and excit- f in ing campaigning days - the humorous class play "Harvey" - s ' I ,Qmfvv the fascinating "Sound of Music" - the class trip to 3, N jg f - Q 55 , . , - . I mx . ,367 New York - Sno Foolm folly our final prom l - and the big day, graduation! l I tc .liiuI:i I I lllmn lj 2. I .-...-L ,QX N.. av. l 'M .. A 1 KJ 195' Hoc: .QB We Remember - . ws Wfcf II AEM 11 wd ,Jw 1 M A W l Mr. Addison Junior 310 Douglas Keating, Gail Nyberg. Row 3: Gary Nutz, William Dow, Dean Nelson, Bruce Bates, Stephen Milburn, Dianne Meyer. Row 4: James Mohl, Dennis Amrhien, Paul Schubring, Jon Schoonmaker, Brian Olson, Michael Clark. New Officers, Classes Make Wonderful Junior Yea Posing for a formal picture are iunior class officers Eric Bergerud, president, Andy Rog- ness, vice-president, Judy Son- tag, treasurer: and Bonnie Has- singer, secretary. The duties of these officers are great since the iunior class is one of the busiest in school. Juniors put on the Sadie Hawk- ins dance in November and sponsor many other proiects in order to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom in the spring. Early in the year the class decides whether or not it wants to go on a senior class trip. The officers' iob is to narrow the choice down to a few cities and later on to decide the cost, the date, and other important details of the trip with the help of members of the senior class trip committee. Front Row: Bonnie Hassinger, Nancy Kilmer, Elizabeth Hebbel, Jeanne Ostrem, Jean Muehl- stedt, Heather Murray. Row 2: Leigh Blume, Kay Sanford, Sandra Reichow, Ruth Frost, Miss Fertig Junior 302 Front Row: Paulette Boyd, Mary Andrews, Wanda Jensen, Deb- orah Watt, Carol Benson, Linda Gronert, Susan Allison. Row 2: Barbara Blue, Andrea Alfonse, Thomas Hopp, Kimball Drobac, Margaret Carlson, Linda Dunn- wald, Susan Reinarz. Row 3: Margot Avey, Michael Woolery, Ron Amlotte, Robert Brokopp, Carl Broberg, Richard Lippert, Don Lonetti. As Students Climb Ladder To Height Of School Life Giving their pantomines in first year speech are Impromptu and play reports throughout the year Many umors Judy Sontag and Paul Schubrlng students go on to take second year speech and loin Besides presenting pantomines, the class has given dramatic club onologues, dialogues, speeches, both prepared and Mr. Pearson Junior 24 Front Row: Erva Snyder, Chris- tine Jensen, Rita Rosenthal, Kathleen Reiter, Patricia Leslie, Elizabeth White, Donna Smith. Row 2: Linda Vinie, Douglas Vickers, Donald Paskewilz, Da- vid Wirlz, Eric Bergerud, Robert Slumm, Cynthia Zalar, Richard Wanek. Row 3: John Sorenson, James Lexcen, Edward Simon, Larry Stendahl, Julie Gleason, Greg Marien, Gary Stark. New Clubs, Activities Stimulate Creative Interests Mr. Quinn Junior 203 Front Row: Gloria Sutton, Trudy Fales, Patricia Thurow, Barbara Heinz, Sarah Polson, Joy Strane, Connilee Parrott. Row 2: Linda Knippenberg, Nancy Hunt, Wells Marshall, John MacDon- ald, Barbara Souther, Peter Rosenthal, Susan Razskazoff. Row 3: Kirk Condie, Andrew Rogness, Linda Holets, Charles Knudsen, Paul Keleher, Ed Laine, David Kroona. Juniors Cindy Zalar and Diane Bohnenblust are shown making out 'fine slips on overdue books. The library club members are chosen each spring from classes taught by other club members. Then in the fall each member is put on a committee that has a special duty to do before or after school or during a study hour. Some of these are shelf readers, who see that the books are on the right shelves, while others mend books, catalog, or cover new books. All these jobs prepare them for the library staff in their senior year. Mrs. Smith Junior 23 Front Row: Arlene Chell, Colleen Nelson, Marcia Baukol, Cheryl Elvester, Patricia McMoy, Judith Hallen. Row 2: Kathleen Lauer- er, Linda Finger, Nancy Uram, Carol Gieseke, Diane Bohnen- blust, Louise Duren, Margaret DeWitt, Patricia Freeman, Lynn Vogelsang, Carole Sheldon, Martha Halvarson, Kent Cut- komp. Row 4: Richard Ross, Mark Overbee, Larry Tunell, Peter Neubeck, William Under- hill, Theodore Gredvig, Richard Souther. Dis Juniors Look Toward Their Last Year At Murray Miss Vest Junior 309 Front Row: Constance Miller, Jean Haechral, Judith Sontag, Victoria Beyer, Katharine Kav- anaugh, Nancy Cross, Richard Pogin, Nancy Melander, Ruth Ann Manchester, Sherry Locke, Marilyn Cross. Row 3: Daphne Mantis, Dana Miller, Ronald Miller, Ronald Nelson, Andrew Turnbull, David Miller, Douglas Lindemann. Row 4: William Ubel, John Sparks, Michael Mead, Donald Link, Thomas Skildum, Allen Swensgard. The members of the triple trio, Nancy Uram, Chris Jenson, Patty Thurow, Kathy Kavanaugh, Kathy Lauerer, Barb Souther, Pat McMoy,. Liz Hebbel, and Pam Roan sing at the March of Toys assembly. During the year the group.performed at the Homecoming, March of Toys, Sno' Foolin' assemblies. The group is not sponsored by any school organiza- tion but the girls just decided to get together and sing. They buy all their music and practice on their own iust for the fun of getting together and singing. . Mr. Parnell Sophomore 207 Front Row: Frank Johnson, Anita Anker, Lawrence Weihrauch, Douglas Gardner, Margaret Lin- dorfer, Gregory Poye. Row 2: Gary Englund, Karen Peterson, Orlando Vigil, Thomas Nylund, Janice Hinz, Leah Mortenson, Ronald Kaufman. Row 3: Jean Larson, Vicki Keller, Steven Bow- man, Karen Bruce, Terry Stew- art, Edward Piermantier. Row 4: Robert Anderson, John Magnu- son, Wallace Jackson, John Smith, Jeffrey Shuster, Larry Huwe, Sam Gieseke. Highlights Of The Year Will Be Remembered By A Miss Peterson Sophomore 209 Front Row: Theresa Broderick, Rita Kaufman, Susan Biedler, Diane Olson, Sandra Anderson, Lynn Larson, Pat Kastner. Row 2: Laurie Miller, Linda Gilbert, Jean Narum, Sara Pulsipher, Marlene Sundstrom, Janet Huso, Kim Kuefner, Mary Wolf, Row 3: Ernest Trower, Mary Zalar, Charles White, Marlin Herbst, Penny Bartel, Jane Owens, Don- na Schaefer. Row 4: William Marsh, Wayne Schwartz, Mark Plumley, Dennis Hughes, J. R. Burton, Harry Strandquist, John Shuistad, Don Ludwig. , EL "-Ifflfwetitwwi E Z: 5 Q Mr. Rogers Sophomore 205 Front Row: Jeanne Andrews, Suzanne Givans, Lois Eberhart, Dianne Overbee, Steven Lee, Mary Jo Brisk. Row 2: Rosemary Mastel, Kathleen Vcng, Leslie Hughes, Jane Skovholt, Douglas Lofberg, Barbara Johnson, Bar- bara Thoennes. Row 3: Sandra Gruetzman, Jan Curtis, Ric- ardo Schultz, Lyning Peterson, Sue Christenson, Mary Wall, Carol Brooks. Row 4: Mitch Willey, Patrick McCardle, Larry Manchester, Mike Boyle, Paul Boyd, Ross Johnson, Chuck Amunrud. sq Mr. Rose Sophomore 308 Front Row: Mary Marshall, Cheryl Johnson, Jean Amlotte, Louise Paul, Diana Johnson, Sonia Swanson, Barb lsherwood. Row 2: Linda Mikutowski, James Glaim, Chris Brandt, Virginia Maxson, Ann Olson, Mark Anderson, Janice Ellingson. Raw 3: Aldean Johnson, Dick Turn- quist, Barbara Johnson, Pamela Wahlberg, Thomas Frost, Cathy Runyon, Cheryl Hingos. Row 4: Peggy Heinz, Gerald Pearson, Mark Sal"ford, Ralph Peterson, Jackie Briggs, Dave Schmalz, Clem Urbanski. Working Together, Making Plans For The Future Informing Mrs. WiIIiamson's 2nd hour sophomore English class of Li- brary Club prep classes are seniors Jeanne Scherbert and Jim Wolf. These classes are open to all students in grades 9 and l0 and are taught by the club's two vice- presidents under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Leon King, the li- brarian and club advisor. The purpose of these classes is to familiarize the stu- dents with the li- brary and prepare them for staff work. Mr. Skelly Sophomore 202 Front Row: Marcia Berge, Alfred Mueller, Carla Nelson, Josie Weiss, Diane Koep, Kay Saters- moen. Row 2: Diane Byram, Sara Halvorson, Steve Holets, James Hanna, John Slettom, Julie Ashton, Ruth Bergeson. Row 3: Colleen Gallagher, Vice toria lngvalson, Tim Turi, Dean Swanson, Wendy Schmugge, Lois Rogen. Row 4: Rodger Acker, Cheryl Tunell, Michael O'Brien, Gregory Loeftler, Ru- dolph Pinnow, Vernon Smith, David Gasch. Sophomores Choose Class Rings And Elect Officers Mr. Sorenson Sophomore 103 Front Row Louise Huldeen Pat ricna Ruff Nancy Whltcomb Linda Nell Susan Simon Diane Beseman Viola Vigil Row 2 Sarah Underhill Lynne Christen sen Vlveca Johnson Linda Rosenwald Dlann Johnson Jim Bealson Nora Page Dan Hagen Row 3 Sherry Bentley Claudia Merrick Mike Favllla Brien Hal land Michael Boudreau David Sautter Jean Overgard Row 4 Dick Lindgren Kenneth Schmalz Dennis Stratton Dan Brink John Tobin Mary Beth Barrick Karen Gilman Frank Selbitschka discussing their ideas for the sophomore class rings Steve Lee l J . Decisions! Decisions? Seated around the table are Lindo Gilbert, Dean Swanson, Vern Smith on x v,,,yf,sai-ssmefw, '- f 71 WLMM We " " Mr. Ashworth Fresh man 303 Front Row: Jill Wanek, Gale Sweetland, Lou Ann Keleher, Scott Tobin, Christine Haught, William Leslie. Row 2: Ruth lngulsrud, Charlene Givans, John Christenson, Richard Weiss, Jeannette Hotttman, Con- stance Bacon, Patricia Kasper. Row 3: Richard Johnson, Peter Hakenson, Michael Annabel, John Allison, John Benson, Linda Scheiblauer. Row 4: John Novak, Peter Gadwa, Paul Bro- berg, Gregory Giefer, Jeffrey Hayenga, Mark Steinhauser, Mary Mayne. Freshmen Use New Methods In Math And Science Showing Larry Kirby and Frank Koenig the basic proce- dures of working a slide rule is Kathy Martens. All shown here are students of Mr. Ashworth's 4th period Algebra l class. Algebra is offered as an elective in the freshman year and is chosen by a great maior- ity of the students as their course in math, Also available are geometry, higher algebra, solid geometry and trigonom- etry. Mr. Causton Freshman 300 Front Row: James Carlson, Eliz- abeth Weber, Gail Dubruiel, Ellen Nace, Gail Reichow, Con- stance Watt, Pamela Reisdorph. Row 2: Barbara Koening, Bill Hanna, Stephen Berens, Marsha Teig, Steven Amunrud, Con- stance Edwards, Susan Johnson, John Mitchell. Row 3: Thomas Blue, Charles Coad, David Bergerud, Wendy Frerichs, Len- ore Hemmeter, Susan Nelson, James Pittelkow. Row 4: Edward Koecheler, Robert Shoffner, Bruce Wetherby, David Merrell, Douglas Anderson, James Meyer, Harlan Pearson, Jane Schroeder. Mr. Korpi Freshman lOl Front Row: John Gisbon, Vir- ginia Winchell, Robert Blanck, Patricia Finger, Robert Ander- son, David Anderson, Robin Adey. Row 2: Christine Ubel, Barbara Stults, James Heldt, Paul Bienholf, Carla Abler, Da- vid Lindemann. Row 3: Renee Melgaard, Timothy Thorstenson, Charles Workman, Benhart Nel- son, Linda Brown, Linda Mc- Cardle, Darrell Heinn. Row 4: Karen Quale, Gregory Brun- nette, Stephen Fardig, Jettery Lewis, Charles Aldean, Linda Koecheler, Timothy Christian. Anxiously Await Excitement Ol Senior High Life Mr. Lape Freshman 206 Front Row: Judy Johnson, Ron- ald Figg, Karla Hokanson, Bev- erly Caldwell, Kathryn Dunn- wald, Sandra Dohman, Sandra Guion. Row 2: Karen Johnson, Mary Huxley, Mark Schmugge, Wendy Bauman, Audrey Lund- strom, Katherine Keller, William Paul. Row 3: Janet Hartwick, Vivian Yonker, James Jenson, James Bruce, Ronald Haen, James Bates, Janice Knutson, Teena Mantis. Row 4: Lala Flet- cher, Mark lmbertson, Lawrence Johnston, Nancy Brokopp, Quentin Elliott, James McNeely, Joy Anderson. Mr. Line Freshman 305 Front Row: Christine Miller, Gary Vogelsang, Sherrill Geer, Pat- ricia Martin, Gay Cronquist, Les- lie Bauer, David Coen. Row 2: Donna Hendrickson, Margery Lembke, Karen Swanson, Judy Kruskopf, Gail Boudreau, David Brings, Mary Woodhouse. Row 3: Janet Lipke, Jananne Flatten, Mary Ahlgren, Kathleen Dono- van, Helen Morgan, Constance Johnson, Susan Kellogg. Row 4: Frank Koenig, Bruce Scherbert, Joseph Cashman, Robert Foster, Mark Hallberg, Patricia Barrick, Noel Rosenthal. Mr. Pose Freshman 99 Front Row: Joan Heaton, Vicky Dalnes, Carol Pfutzenreuter, Ronald Leu, Lawrence Kirby, Raymond Jack, Donald Cheat- ham. Row 2: Steven Ehlers, John Solstad, James Olson, Vik- ki Charlson, Carol Balthazor, Gerald Galarielson. Row 3: Lynn Englund, Fredrick Hagen, David Christianson, Raymond Forliti, Jayson Anderson, Daniel Paul- son, Roberta Gage. Exhibit The Will And Determination To Succeed Members of Mr. Daniel Sorenson's fourth period ft l class are freshmen Lenore Hemmeter and Dar- Heinn, shown here sanding their wood proiects. The many different proiects going on in the art -d craft classes make them very interesting to visit. loughout the year the art students work with land- scaping, portraits, sketches and iunk pictures. Junk pictures are made of any scrap of material such as a screw or a bolt pasted onto a piece of cardboard and sprayed with different colors of paint. Art is an elective for the upperclassmen, while it is required for the seventh and eighth graders. Eighth Graders With The True Murray Spirit Miss Helseth Eighth 314 Front Row: Roger Cheatham, Baiba Robins, Susan Smith, Joel Stoeckler, Rebecca Svendsan, Joyce Vargo, Karen Hanson. ROW 2: Jessie Gleason, Beth Mather, Jeff Bauer, Patricia Sny- der, Carol Carlson, John Hed- berg, Susan Good, Glen Strand- quist, Row 3: Susan Hopp, Rose- mary Amlotte, Karen Olson, Allan Shulslad, Mary Theyson, Dennis Skildum, Anne Wheeler. Mr. Bunce Eighth 104 Front Row: Ricky Ash, Gary Chisholm, Mary Thompson, Jean Hanna, Tony Baran, Don White, Linda Mitchell. Row 2: Juliane Brand, Bob Gadwa, Larry Rauch, Kathy Threlkeld, Sheila Mc- Auley, Elizabeth Mcdonald, Howard Stendahl. Row 3: Susan Stein, Steve Eckstrom, Carol Wetherby, Helen Marsh, Clay Acker, Lynda Halvorson, Jane Wirtz. Row 4: Jim Stein, John Halstead, Jr., Tom Johnson, Tom Condie, Robert Trammel, Carol Swanson, Linda Johnson. Mrs. Perkins Eighth 210 Front Row: Paulette Beyer, Paula Thurow, James Hunt, Lynn Wet hammer, Barbara Hughes Thomas Wandmacher, Martha Halvorson. Row 2: Richard Fos sager, Alice Freeman, Liatra Nelson, Lynda Wachter, Patricia Benesch. Row 3: Nancy Dahl quist, Louise Wilson, Kathleen Cook, Jane Milham, Christine Arver, Barbara Andrews, Mich ael Carr. Row 4: Linda Hahn, Geraldine Chell, Richard Bat dorf, Roger Ashley, Glenn Nel son, Margot Haugan, Steven Lunseth, Don Charlisan. ter, Joan Wirtz, Richard Mand- Mr. Peterson Eighth 102 Front Row: Peter Bergeson, Thomas Field, Robert Karinen, Kathleen Heuer, David Gard- ner, John Roltach, John Mor- lock. Row 2: Susan Wagner, Darla Safford, Lynette Johnson, John Hanson, Daniel Miller, Janice Hayes, Denise Bailey, Sandra Lindemoen. Row 3: Diana Scherbert, Deborah Strat- ton, Gregory Arneson, Mary Halvorson, Joan Overgard, Bar- bara Kavanaugh, Loree Fehr- man, Daniel Mettler. Row 4: Nathan Thompson, Max Reiter, Donald Brasted, Michael Wef- ler, David Healy, Janice Neils, JoNelI Nielsen, Robert Reichow. Look Forward To The Coming Wonderful Years Mr. Ritter Eighth 26 Front Row: Thomas Spooner, Kathleen Chell, Sheri Milburn, Cora Lee Barnes, Alan Reinarz, William Winchell, Godfrey Reu- teler. Row 2: Corrine Clayton, Linda Dunshee, Kathryn Aldean, Anne Dalton, Lynnette Hess, Lynn Curtiss, Susan lsherwood. Row 3: Gayle Comstock, Nancy Heaton, Gregory Mullin, Mark Wahlberg, Ronald Smith, Dianne Halvorson, Emily Page, Donna Rosier. Row 4: Ellen Stahosky, Rebecca Lindgren, Steven Na- son, Michael LoeFfler, Peter Maxson, Bradley Day, Faye Yonker. Diann Halvorson is constructing a triangle within a circle for her eighth grade math class taught by Mrs. Lucille Smith. This year the class is learning to add and subtract signed numbers and construct geometric figures by the new math. They are studying many of the same things in the old math such as fractions. Real and rational numbers are being taught by different processes. This year the main concentration will be on the all important formulas. Mrs. Arola Seventh 21 Front Row: Susan Glaser, Dar- cia Narvaez, Jacquelyn Holm- quist, Christine Ostrem, Denise Smith, Allen Rosier, Leslie Bar- tel, Robert Schmidt. Row 2: Shelley Harris, Kathryn Thomp- son, Gregory Johnson, Jane Miesen, Shelley Nelson, Debra Schoonmaker, Kristin Hallberg, Richard Pfutzenreuter. Row 3: Elizabeth Watson, Vicki Vick, Ruth Johnson, Michael Sheldon, Kenneth Hoekstra, Michael Sie- vers, Denny Lindstrom, Harry Woodis. Row 4: Kathy Kortes- maki, Rachel Swendseid, John Wagner, John Frost, Gary Es- boldt, Dennis Hanson, Stephen Mitton, John lsakson. Seventh Graders Find Themselves Caught In Whirl Miss Lightbourn Seventh 22 Front Row: Geraldine Sargent, John Hanna, Steve Stillson, Don- ald Klock, Linda Bowman, Wil- liam Heaton, Rex Wright. Row 2: Janet Williams, John Nace, Ella Blume, Alison Henning, Kathryn Sanoden, David Ander- son, Pamela Smith. Row 3: David Hisdahl, Connie Bentley, Kristine Johnson, Julie Bauman, Susan Holler, Richard Miller, Ann Wagenaar. Row 4: Robert Vollmer, Christine Barrows, Peter Stish, Jim Hayenga, Mike Robertson, George Vasilevsky, Virginia Bone, Ruth Jack. Mrs. Conley Seventh 304 Front Row: Danny Wise, Glenn Lindgren, Jeri Johnson, Robert MacDonald, Robert Larsen, Don- ald Ott, Billy Helgeson. Row 2: Miles Johnson, Mary Clayton, Marc Mayne, Cynthia Hokan- son, David Kilmer, Lisa Rygg, Sherry Anker. Row 3: Warren Sundstrom, Carolyn Bass, Pam Hanson, Lucille Winchell, Marva Johnson, John Favilla, Tom Chelslrom, Terrence White. Row 4: Cheryl Roan, Gary Havir, John Edwards, Mary Jo Aldean, Suzanne Cooklin, Barbara Devey, John Schroder. J Miss Rusch Seventh 'li Front Row. John Engstrom, Judith Cameron, Robert Hue- moeller, Jettrey Noble, Lois Hal- vorson, Heather Sweetland. Row 2: John Kellogg, Judith Peter- son, Janelle Ruddick, Richard Trapp, Gary Holum, Elizabeth Dow, Raymond Kaufmann, Jr. Raw 3: Warren Nelson, Cynthia Munson, Susan Leslie, Chris Bul- ger, William Kroona, David Manthey. Row 4: Alan Young- dahl, Beth Ewy, Ann McPherson, Larry Keller, Jeanne Knutson, Ann Condie, David Hansen. New Surroundings, Teachers, Activities, Faces Home Economics, taught by Mrs. Bar- bara Arola, is a required subiect for all seventh andeighth grade girls. Pictured here are Cindy Munson, Ann Condie, Kathy Sanoden, Sue Holter, and Ann McPherson sampling the food that they have iust prepared. The first year in Home Ec. is based al- most entirely around cooking and nutrition. The students start with the simple, easy to make foods, and gradually work up to preparing a whole meal. Along with pre- paring a meal, the proper procedure of washing dishes and setting tables is also emphasized. Mrs. Shields Seventh 308 Front Raw: Cindy Reichow, Bill Sandberg, Jon Brandt, Ronald Swensgard, Maryann Wirtz, Paul Bauer, RoxAnne Christian. Row 2: Daniel Englund, Kurt Krey, Dan Clark, Karen Merrick, Thomas Miller, Dennis Figg, Greg Oien. Row 3: Shelia Kuhn, Jane Delger, Silva Kalnais, Gary Nelson, Marc Bartlett, Janet Swanson, Sharon lindemann. Row 4: Joan lsakson, Jan Ross, Roberta Rice, Duane Wetherby, John Curtiss, Devie Jaynes, Jan- ice Johnson. V ..-,., .-,.,,,-Y,- X 4' f' H ,mm f ' 4 ,A . Q' NX ' f ,qy-g--1 1:-ul-1-iam W-13 Y Y.fY, vvv.-. ...,-,..--- -.-..7.. 3 dgifzc, I at Boys Rewarded For Participation, Sportsmanship ront Row: Michael Broderick, Martin Brandt, John Ed, Gary Ander- n, James Wolf, John Kirby, Vincent Azure, Robert Field, Larry chriefels. Row 2: Patrick Nelson, Keith Willman, Robert Hebbel, ichard Amrhein, Walter Cheatham, Eric Narvaez, Paul Fardig, Bruce elson, Michael Peterson, Stephen Johnson. Row 3: David Olson, Each boy has earned one or more letters for par- , V in various sports. Besides participation, mem- ers must show good sportsmanship and maintain a ood scholastic rating. ront Row: Kent Cutkomp, Gene Baran, Richard Ross, Clemens Urbau- hi, Robert RUPP, Richard Pogin. Row 2: Edward Laine, Dean Nelson, aul Keleher, Andrew Rogness, Richard Lippert, David Miller. Row 3: Gregory Carlson, Gary Amunrud, Leonard Leier, Thomas Good, Wil- liam Barrick, David Hagen, James McTie, Kenneth Auld, Jerry John- son, Charles Turi. Row 4: Walter Gayman, David Vickers, Richard Bacon, Bruce Anderson, Robert Meyer, Edward Merrill, Dale Swanson, Ronald Swanson, John Arneman, John Weber, Richard Abraham. A letter to the boys in M Club represents many long hourse of practice, numerous bumps, bruises and injuries and getting out and playing their hardest in an effort to make Murray victorious. Lawrence Tunell, Carl Broberg, Paul Schubring, Ralph Peterson, Don- ald Link, Dennis Amrhein. Front Row: Colleen Nelson, Daphne Mantis, Teena Mantis, Nancy Sage, Gloria Sutton, Victoria Beyer, Julie Gleason, Mary Huxley, Patricia Thurow, Deborah Watt, Anita Anker, Gregory Loettler. Row 2: Roger Kwong, Katherine Kavanaugh, Sara Halvorson, Jane Skov- holt, Jean Narum, Diane Bohnenblust, Victoria lngvalson, Jean Overe gard, Louise Duren, Kimball Drobac, Margaret DeWitt, Victoria Keller, Margot Avey, David Coen, Paul Boyd, Gerald Gabrielson, Bonnie Hassinger. Row 3: Wanda Jenson, Wayne Schwartz, James Carl: James Heldt, Larry Manchester, Jananne Flatten, Frank Johns Richard Souther, Constance Johnson, Diane Johnson, Thomas Nylu Walter Jalkson, Kathleen McKay, Donald Trapp. Row 4: Consta Watt, Douglas Lofberg, Stephen Berens, Jon Schoonmaker, J Smith, Scott Tobin, Barbara Koenig, Cheryl Tunell, Carla Nels Larry Schepers, Stephen Holets. Band Members Perform Displaying Musical Talent l BAND OFFICERS l President .................... Don Tra, Vice-President -- ..... Kathy McK Secretary --- -- Bonnie Hassing Treasurer -- - Joanne Champag The band is kept busy during the year playing at pep assemblies, football, basketbj and hockey games, marching during half time football and basketball games and skating dc ing halt time at hockey games. Besides playing for school activities, the bar also performed for the community. They play in the St. Paul Winter Carnival, at St. Antho Park elementary school's Memorial Day progr and at the Fourth of July celebration in Anthony Park. To raise money for music and band equi ment, the band sold candy and gave a conce Taking time out to have some fun are ba director Mr. Alex Heron and Scott Tobin, playi Santa. The pom pom girls, Vickie Beyer, Louise Duren, Kim Dro- hoc, Margaret DeWitt and Col- een Nelson, take time out for :heir picture. t At right, Murray's skating band forms a Murray M. if Band Helps Create Spirit At Games, Assemblies Front Row: Janice Neils, Paulette Beyer, Nancy Heaton, Susan Glaser, isa Rugg, Janet Williams, Mary Halvorson, Mary Aldean, Anne Dal- on, Joan Overgard, Barbara Kavanaugh, Beth Ewy. Row 2: Susan Wagner, Richard Batdorf, Mark Wahlberg, Alison Henning, Christine Parrows, Cheryl Roan, Lois Halvorson, Christine Bulger, Jacquelyn Holmquist, Sherry Anker, Lisa Watson, Ann McPherson, Julie Bauman, Dianne Halvorson, Margaret Bronkala. Row 3: Diana Scherbert, Ray- mond Kaufmann, George Vasilevsky, Richard Miller, Gregory Mullin Peter Bergeson, Paula Thurow, Martha Halvorson, Sheri Milburn ' ' W'll' H aton. Row 4 Christine Ostrem, Gary Havlr, Gary Esboldt, I nam e David Hansen, Ronald Smith, Thomas Spooner, Kathy Thompson. 1 The night of the Junior-Senior Prom holds many for the 1964 prom, being led by Steve Johnson, Gret thrilling events. Perhaps one of the most memorable chen Halvorson, Elwood Enerson, Kay Boyle, Jon Kirby is the grand march. Pictured above is the grand march Sue Schroeder, Dave Barthold, and Carol Piermantier South Sea "Isle Of Paradise" Is 1964 Jr.-Sr. Prom A little grass shack, palm trees and baby orchids entwined in fish net truly made the North Star Ballroom an "Isle of Paradise." The decoration committee, headed by Marcia Briggs, worked many long hours to make the i964 prom a south sea island of enchantment. Other committees for the event were: refreshments chairman Jeanne Scherbert, datebooks and invitations chairmen Terry Cutkomp and Dick Abraham, chaperons, chairman Kathy Hartwick, orchestra, chairman Paul Fardig, and publicity, chairman Dale Swanson. Music for the evening was supplied by Rich Klausin and His Five Piece Band. Honored guests included Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Tripp, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Simmelink and the Murray faculty. I I l 2 Prom co-chairmen JoAnn Hayenga and Greg Carl- son spent the evening of May 8 enioying the results of their many weeks of planning. They appointed the committee chairmen and worked with them to make the prom a complete success. Chosen from the sophomore class to serve refresh- ments at the prom were hostesses Margaret DeWitt, Patti Shoffner, Elizabeth Hebbel, and Kathy Lauerer. Quill And Scroll Rewards Outstanding Journalists Twice each year students who have shown Putstanding iournalistic ability are rewarded by being accepted into Quill and Scroll. In order to become a Quill and Scroll nember, a student must be in the upper one 'hird of his graduating class, have shown out- standing iournalistic work, have been recom- 'nended by Mr. John Lape, faculty advisor to 'he club, and been approved by the Quill and Scroll office in Iowa City. ln the spring of 1964, nine iournalism stu- ents were accepted into Quill and Scroll. rom these nine students four officers were elected to serve during the 1964-65 school ear. In October, there was another initiation nd eleven more students were accepted. Each member of Quill and Scroll receives membership card, showing that he has been ccepted, a gold membership pin, which is a ymbol of his achievement, and a year's sub- cription to the Quill and Scroll magazine hich is published four times .during the chool year. Quill and Scroll secretary Kathy Stech, vice-president Myrna Grunwald and treasurer Barbara Engle stand by as president Nancy Sage lights the candles at the Quill and Scroll initiation. l C k M dith Razskazoff. Row 3: Barbara Engle, Hugh ront Row: Sandra Gilbert, Kathleen Rudie, Kathleen Stech, Diann TEVFY Ui Ompi ere dsl, l.OlS Peterson, Sally Johnson, Gretchen Halverson, Row 2, Coffman, Christine Shulslad, Paul Fardig, Nancy Sage, Leslie Curliss, ecnne Scherbert, Mary Hokanson, Jean Gallagher, Myrna Grunwald, 505410 5Chf'09de"- Student Council Promotes Interest In School Affairs Under the direction of Mr. George Rose, t Student Council is made up of two representl tives from each homeroom and four electl officers. This year, besides its usual montl meetings, Murray had the added responsibil of heading the All-city Student Council. During the year, the Council sponsors ma events. The March of Toys, the United Ful Drive and Sno'-Foolin' are all Student Coun projects. Murray's bookstore is also under t direction of the Student Council. The iunior high has its own Student Coun organization. This teaches the younger studer the way in which a student governing body run. This year the officers were president Harl- Pearson, vice-president John Novak, secreto- Margie Lembke and treasurer Jonell Nielson. Santa Claus made a personal visit to Murr during the Christmas season to collect the t that students had brought for needy chlldr throughout the city The March of Toys is one of the annual events sponsored by the S dent Council during the year Xxx XXX ' X 121 Qt '-iz :jf .. fm f 'fy' f F1 Ojci- T El. l we Xxx L l J' 1y ZQ, lllf' Putting the finishing touches on the schools Christmas tree are student council officers treas urer Andy Rogness, secretary Bonnie Hassinger president JoAnn Hayenga and vice-president , John Palarine. Ent Row: Erva Snyder, Victoria Beyer, Susan Allison, Margaret dorfer, Anita Anker, Marilyn Cross, Carol Gieseke, Meredith Raz- azoff. Row 2: Kent Cutkomp, Mary McDiarmid, Carol Christiansen, y Strane, Roger Kwong, Thomas Frost, William Dow, Elizabeth hite. Row 3: Nora Page, Christine Jensen, Susan Razskazoff, Kim- ball Drobac, Lynn Elvester, Katherine Hartwick, Cynthia Zalar, Jean Overgard. Row 4: Janice Curtiss, Donald Poskewitz, Richard Souther, Andrew Rogness, John Arneman, Dale Swanson, Andrew Turnbull, John Magnuson, James Wolf. Efficiency, Service Are Library Club Trademarks The card catalogue, fine slips and mending tape become familiar obiects to members of Murray's oldest L rganization, the Library Club. lt has been in existence or 37 years. Members serve on committees during heir sophomore and iunior years. Senior members erve one hour per day in the library under the direc- ion of club advisor Mr. Leon King. During the year the Library Club holds various social ievents, among them being the Book Week Tea held in the fall and the annual Pin Banquet in the spring. ont Row: Lois Peterson, Kathleen Laurer, Diane Bohnenblust, Judith allen, Kathleen Rudie, Nancy Cross, Linda Murray, Gretchen Halvor- n. Row 2: Dean Swanson, Jane Skovholt, Sara Halvorson, Lois Eber- rt, Betty Bauman, Laurel Schmugge, Jeanne Scherbert, Mary Hokan- n, Hugh Coffman. Row 3: Abraham Minawa, Robert Field, Christine Library Club Officers President ........... ....... M ary McDiarmid First Vice-president .... ........ J im Wolf Second Vice-president --- .... Jeanne Scherbert Recording secretary .... -- Gretchen Halvorson Corresponding secretary -- ....... Paul Fardig Treasurer ,.,.,....,. --- John Davies Sergeant-at-arms -- - John Arneman Program Chairman -- -- Claire Milham Shulstad, Leslie Curtiss, Cathy Runyon, Barbara Souther, Daphne Mantis, David Sautter, Richard Turnquist. Row 4: Gretchen Bantle, William Slettom, Paul Fardig, Michael Boyle, Ronald Swanson, Wil- liam Ubel, John Davies, Claire Milham, Nancy Hunt. 'I9 Gr etch 64 Homecoming Queen en Halvorson Colored construction paper, marks-a-lots, ie, a lot of glitter, excitement and victory lped to make the week of October 5 a pat success. After three days of campaigning, the week ls climaxed by the coronation assembly as etchen Halvorson was crowned 'the new ,een by Jayne Hanson, Murray's 1963 lmecoming queen. "Stall the lniuns" was the Homecoming fgan, which spelled victory for the Pilots as ey defeated the Humbolt Indians 13-7 at 'ntral stadium Friday afternoon. Friday night the GAA sponsored our home- ming dance from 8 to ll. Besides sponsoring the Homecoming dance, e GAA sportheads and officers sold Home- ming buttons, balloons and pom-poms. Shown in the gym are queen candidates y Tenney, Marcia Briggs, Gretchen Halvor- , Sue Schroeder and Elaine Miller and eir managers Jim Wolf, John Arneman, John ivies, Bob Field and Bruce Anderson. A citement Builds As Homecoming Draws To Close Below, students are using their imaginations to make isters and slogans which they hope will gain new pporters for their candidate. Claire Milham and Hugh Coffman show that cam- paigning is not all work as they take time out from the confusion of posters, signs and slogans to relax and have some fun. All of the members of the yea book staff worked together to pr duce the i965 Pilot. They strived t put out a book that would be record of the ideals of the school an would serve as a memory book t all Murrayites. lt is a record also all events cmd happenings that mak high school life memorable to us students and adults. Perhaps the hardest working of staff members were the Jeanne Scherbert and Mary son. Besides rechecking all before it was sent to the printer engraver, they were responsible divisional pages and the openi section. Pilot Staff Toils Many Hours Throughout Year The activities section of the Pilot contains pictures of all clubs and school sponsored extracurricular activities. Shown here are activities editors Lois Peterson, Diann Gast and Barbara Engle. Besides planning, scheduling and supervis- ing pictures of the various organizations, these girls must write copy regarding student life at Murray and record memorable events that have taken place during the year. Their's is the largest section with 33 pages. Chris Schulstad, Joyce Johnson and Le Curtiss were chosen as class editors. Tl iob was to arrange a schedule for fori homeroom pictures and then supervise th shots so that the schedule was met. They li to check each student's name for spelli Class editors were also responsible for , taking of informal candid shots of classes session and of unusual happenings involv class participation. Their iob calls for exc tional accuracy and precision. The Pilot staff for the i965 book s chosen in the spring of their ior year by Mr. John Lape, staff visor. They immediately began rk by choosing a theme cmd by uwing page plans. After. many lnths of hard work, volume 26 of p Pilot was complete and ready ' distribution among the students. Kathy Weber, Betty Bauman and Ein Gallagher were responsible for . senior section of the Pilot. They d to make sure that every senior's cture and a list of the activities he s participated in throughout high 1ool was included in their section. o Gather And Record Happenings Of ilot business manager Nancy Thompson is concerned with copy and pictures, yet her is extremely important to the welfare of xbook. She collected money and wrote eipts for each student that wished to pur- lse an annual. Elizabeth Torgerson was the advertising lor for the yearbook. She had to obtain ' from various businesses and nearby mer- lnts. This increases student contact with the nmunity and is one of the most important ,rces of income for the Pilot. l 'I964-1965 Sports editors Kathy Stech, Terry Cutkomp and Paul Fardig attended most athletic events in order to record scores and other statistical data pertaining to the games. They must also take pictures of the team and candid shots of game action. Besides being sports editor, Terry is also the artist for the yearbook and the Murcurie. Paul is the staff photographer. He can often be seen around school with his camera, taking candid pictures. Murcurie Staff Gathers Information To Print New and drawing page plans were a few of the jobs confronting and past events taking place Murray. Gathering news, writing stori in t. Murcurie staff. There were nil issues of the paper during the yeq each containing news about futu Susan Austad, business manag Sally Johnson, advertising editor, aj Kathy Rudie, special reporter, loc over the Murcurie record book S Sports editors for the Murcurie were Sandy Gilbert, Pat Nelson and Gretchen Halvorson. They are busy pasting up their page for the next deadline. Their iob included attending and re- porting on athletic events throughout the year. They interviewed coaches and team members to get reactions and predictions for the past, pres- ent and future athletic contests of the Pilots. Nancy Sage and Myrna Grunwald held the positions page one editors of the Murcurie. They were responsible 4 ft gathering all the important news that appeared on the fir page of the paper. This generally included the major sch events and important happenings that had direct influence the students and their life at Murray. 04 d l 45 il ,Q 2. ...X ri V I t t The Murcurie is a four page paper th one page each for feature ories and sports, and two pages r news. The staff consists of Journalism 2 Jdents selected by Mr. Lape, staff lvisor. They were chosen on the usis of interest and ability after lccessfully completing Journalism l. Chuckling over an addition to one f the humor columns on page three f the Murc are editors Sue Schroe- er, Bob Field and Sue Foster. Their age consisted of editorials, humor nd feature stories about Murray udents. 1 H , QI Wm . a- - M -"" Z, iiituiim 1 T 7 Meredith Razskazoff, Richard Larkin and Mary Nason were page three editors of the school paper. This page contains news stories not im- portant enough to appear on page one, but yet important enough to be printed. Meredith was also the exchange editor for the Murc. This year the Murcurie staff included editor- in-chief Hugh Coffman. Previously, the page one editors had also been co-editors of the entire paper. lt was Hugh's iob to see that all the stories met the deadline and to make sure that the staff work was operating smoothly and effi- ciently. He is shown here asking Mr. Lape about a problem. American Field Service Creates Unity Amid Nation: l I Our AFS student this year was Abraham Minawa from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Africa. I Abe, as he is more commonly known, 1 stayed with the Andrew Rogness family. As a sports enthusiast, Abe participated in swimming and in track. His specialty in track was the pole vault. I A s Uganda 1 l Cabal . , . . . Jim Wolf, Murray s AFS student who participated in the summer program, watches as John Arneman initiates Abe Minawa, our ex- change student from Uganda, Africa, into Library Club. Judy Hallen, who was also initiated, looks on. American Field Service, AFS, is ar exchange program between countries by which high school students relate ideas and customs. Murray. supports two programs. One in which a student spends the summer abroad and the other where- by a student spends the entire school year in a foreign country. Murray's representative for the 1963-64 summer program was Jim Wolf. Jim spent three months in the small agricultural village of Calumpit, Bulacan, located in the Philippines. Everyone is rushing to buy ice cream at the AFS sponsored ice! cream social. Proceeds were used to support Murray's AFS program. t Shown here are the '64-65 FTA officers, tasurer Clarlynn Wach- ',, president Elise Hagen, se-president Leslie Cur- s and secretary Carol isenthal. lt is the offi- rs iob to plan each eeting, contact speakers ld see that each meet- g is run as smoothly possible. Future Teachers of America is an organization which they wanted to ioin FTA and what they thought should cquaints students with the teaching profession. be done in the club. FTA is open to only iuniors and seniors. Members At their monthly meetings, members listened to mis year were required to write an essay telling why speakers, saw movies and drew up a constitution Students Gain Knowledge Of Teaching Profession 'i'l A ' Setting up the display showcase for edu and Betty Bauman. l Ji cation week are FTA members Stephanie Siebert, Joy Bartlett, Sue Christopherson fin i if if " fd Ar.'. W ii Front Row: Pamela Roan, Gale Sweetland, Diane Beseman, Sandra Gilbert, Mary McDiarmid, Patti Shoffner, Kathryn Dunwald, Kathleen Stech, Ruth Manchester, Diane Bohnenblust. Row 2: Diann Gast, Judith Hallen, Elizabeth Hebbel, Wendy Bauman, Janet Lipke, Mary Wolf, Barbara Johnson, Susan Reinarz, Carol Christianson, Susan Schroeder. Row 3: Jacqueline Peterson, Janice Knutson, Wendy German Club Gives Stud Schmugge, Linda Knippenberg, Hugh Coffman, David Sautter, Wend Frerichs, Cynthia Zalar, Chris Shulstad, Nancy Brokopp. Row Roger Alker, Donald Paskewitz, Kerry Stein, Robert Hebbel, Pa Keleher, Edward Merrill, John Arneman, Paul Fardig, Larry Tunel Vernon Smith. ents Chance To Learn The German Club had approximately 80 members in l965. lt held monthly meetings with the purpose of learning more about Germany,. its people and customs. In the fall the initiation meeting was the high- light. ln the spring, the pancake breakfast was held where the future officers were announced. Miss Karen Peterson, new to Murray's staff, advised the club during the year and helped the officers plan interesting and beneficial meetings. The German Round Singers are a group of German students that performed at var- ious programs throughout the year. German Club officers Sandy Gilbert, program chairman, John Arneman, vice- president, Jim Wolf, president, and Kerry Stein, treasurer were kept busy throughout the year planning meetings that would interest the club members. They had to work together to keep the organization running smoothly. 'ront Row: Marilyn Cross, Karen Karinen, Nancy Kilmer, Karla Hokon- on, Nancy Cross, Gloria iSutton, Katherine Kavanaugh, Elizabeth eber, Judy Tenney, Theresa Broderick. Row 2: .Ioy Strane, Terry utkomp, Mary Hokanson, Susan Allison, Mary Huxley, Carol Balt- azer, Susan Kellogg, Barbara Koenig, Kathleen Laurer, Deborah att. Row 3: Christine Brandt, Mary Zalar, Lynn Elvesler, Nancy Hunt, Jane Schroeder, Thomas Frost, Richard Turnquist, Dean Swanson, Janet Hartwick, Roger Kwong, Patricia Leslie. Row 4: Thomas Hopp, James Wolf, Ronald Nelson, William Slettom, Gregory Loefiler, Wal- ter Cheatham, John Magnuson, Claire Milham, Gretchen Bantle, Robert Field. iOt Germany, Its People, Their Customs And Ideals Santa himself paid a visit to the German Club is party. Chris Brandt is shown above in a skit St. Nick for club members. The Weinachtspartei Christmas party is an annual club event. A -4 New initiates Dick Turnquist, Dave Sautter, Jane Schroeder and Karla Hokanson perform their assigned tasks for second year German Club members Tom Hopp and Mary Wolf. l Spanish Club Members Study Latin American Wayi l l E 7, ,..,, Front Row: Kathleen McKay, Lynn Sievers, Candis Brobakken, Yvonne Solstad, Betty Bauman, Barbara Comstock, Barbara Souther,'Barba Overbee, Diane Olson, Diana Johnson, Carol King, Christine Ubel. Blue, Row 4: Patricia Freeman, Joyce Johnson, Mary Barrick, Er Row 2: Gail Dubruiel, Mary Woodhouse, Deborah Watt, Linda Dun- Narvaez, Edward Laine, Jo Ann Hayenga, Cathy Runyon, Morgar wald, Jeanne Ostrem, Sonya ShoFfner, Nancy Peterson, Viveca John- DeWitt. son. Row 3: Mary Nason, Linda Mikutowski, Elizabeth White, John Front Row: Elizabeth Torgerson, Linda Finger, Victoria Beyer, Linda Gilbert, Heather Murray, Patricia Finger, Pamela Reisdorph, Mrs. Conley. Row 2: Margaret Pomeroy, Laurel Schmugge, Jane Owens, Katherine Keller, Patricia Thurow, Judith Sontag, Dianne Overbee, Joy Bartlett. Row 3: Kay Sanford, Barbara Heinz, Star Strane, David Drobac, Carol Pfutzenreuter, Kathy Donovan, Joan Brings, Myrn Grunwald. Row 4: Nancy Melander, Claudia Merrick, Nancy Sag Daniel Brink, David Miller, Susan Christopherson, Linda Rosenwald Karen Quale. And Celebrate "Three King's Day" During Holidays Instead of our Christ- mas, the Spanish Club members celebrated "Three King's Day" dur- ing January. They also had regular monthly pneetings. , Officers for the year included president Eric Na rva ez , vice-president JoAnn Hayenga, secre- tary Nancy Sage, treas- urer Dave Drobac and program chairman Judy Sontag. The Spanish Club sing- ers work with the club and perform for Murray students. Spanish Club vice-president JoAnn Hayenga serves refreshments to thirsty club members after the breaking of the pinata, Members of Spanish Club eagerly await the moment when Carol Pfutzenreuter will hit the pinata, spilling out the goodies contained inside. row Marcia Berge aurel Schmugge Jane wens Elizabeth Torger o Sonya Shoffner alhy Runyon Gay romquist Carol Pfut- enreuter, Kathy Keller, oan Heaton. Row 2: andy Reichow, Heather urray, Dianne Overbee, ail Dubruiel, Jeanne strem, Margaret Swan- on, Barbara Souther, argaret Pomeroy. l l ground of the Latin language Scribe. shown acting out characters Roman myths. Latin Club's purpose is t acquaint its members with anciei Roman civilization and the bacl that they may see the great lr fluence the Romans and their lar guage have on the world toda Two activities of the club durin the year were the fall initiatio and the annual spring banquet This year's officers were Jo Davies, Consul, Martha Halvorsr Consul, Lois Rogen, Quaestor: J Curtiss, Aedile, Sara Halvorso At the fall initiation, new in tiates Lou Ann Keleher, Donn Schaefer, Harlan Pearson, Mar Steinhauser and James Bates a Latin Lives As Club Members Study Ancient Rome Front Row: Leslie Bauer, Constance Watt, Erva Snyder, Mary Marshall, Patricia Ruff, Anita Anker, Jane Bergeson, Margery Lembke, Lou Ann Keleher, Mary Andrews. Row 2: Sora Halvorson, Sarah Underhill, Beverly Caldwell, Lois Eberhart, Lois Rogen, Donna Schaefer John Christenson, Mark Schmugge, Nora Page, Kathleen Lauerer. flow 3: Martha Halvorson, John Benson, Timothy Thorstenson, James Jens James Bates, Susan Christenson, Jean Overgard, Jan Curtiss, 'HM Wahlberg, Jane Skovholt. Row 4: John Polarine, Harlan Sandra Brown, Gerald Pearson, Michael Boyle, David Merrell, Hebbel, John Davies, Patricia McMoy, Mark Steinhauser. C League Practices Water Ballet For Shows it Aquatic League officers were Gloria Sutton, Treas- udy Hallen, secretary, Marcia Briggs, president, ancy Hunt, vice-president. A, group of Aquatic League members execute dif- erent stunts during a number performed at the fall emonstration. Another show is given in the spring. Row: Leslie Bauer, .loan Heaton, Linda Rosenwald, Judy Hallen, Strain, Gloria Sutton, Cynthia Zalar, .lan Curtiss. Row 3: Daphne Sweetland, Wendy Bauman, Linda Kloek, Hebe Morgan, Kathy Mantis, Tina Mantis, Betty Bauman, Mary Zalar, Marcia Briggs, Row 2: Nancy Sage, Joyce Johnson, Pamela Wahlberg, Sandra Brown, Susan Razskazotif, Nancy Uram. unt, Barbara Comstock, Mary Ahlgren, Susan Nelson, Patricia Aquatic League members are chosen in the fall on the basis of their swimming abilities. The members practice regularly in order to prepare for their demonstration in the fall and the Aquatic League show in the spring. All of the numbers for the spring show are written by the members. The Aquatic League is under the super- vision of Miss Patricia Lightbourn. ln victory or defeat the cheerleaders never lose event a contest not always easily won but never easil their school spirit lt is this never say die quality in these lost Some of the cheerleaders also show their Ioyalt girls that reflected In the team make every athletic by working on the school spirit committee. Cheerleaders Encourage Spirit, Victory For Team Promoting school spirit is the difficult but ve rewarding iob of ten Murray girls. The chee leaders devote most of their spare time to th task of arousing the student body to full suppo of our athletic events. The cheerleaders were chosen in the sprin on the basis of poise and cheerleading abilit This year the squad was increased from seven t ten members. lt consisted of four seniors an six iuniors. The newly organized squad electe Judy Tenney and Chris Jensen as their co-ca tains. During the winter sports season the divided in half to form two separate squads wit five cheering at hockey games and five basketball games. The cheerleaders sponsored pep assembli throughout the year. These always typifie school spirit at its peak as students ioined i on the cheers and laughed at the entertainin skits. Murray's 1964-65 A-squad cheerleader were Kathy Hartwick, Gretchen Halvorson, Bo nie Hassinger, Pam Roan, Judy Tenney, Jud Sontag, Leslie Curtiss, Chris Jenson, Katie Sull van and Patty Thurow. ""Il -:D x' 'l It -X 2 fl- - 'T 1 X , 3- . H'E'1l.YEPli l"l"lWlY Pll-DTS! - Although a relatively new group around Murray, te B-squad cheerleaders have quickly made their pep nd vitality felt at all B-squad athletic events. This is nly the second year that this group has been in exist- nce. They are chosen in the spring at the same time s the A-squad cheerleaders and must be in the eighth, inth or tenth grades to be eligible. This year the girls chose Beverly Caldwell as their aptain. They spent the summer organizing their cheers nd planning their uniforms. They chose navy blue ber- tudas with matching vests and sweaters as their cheer- Fading outfits. l l Shown in pyramid position are Murray's B-squad :heerleaders Janet Hartwick, Beverly Caldwell, Christel , tlelson and Joan Heaton. 5 B-Sqiuacl Cheerleaders Add Vitality To Jr. Varsity Shown here in one of their practices during the week are B-squad cheer- leaders Christel Nelson, Janet Hartwick, Beverly Caldwell and .loan Heaton. Not only do the girls attend all B-squad athletic events but they must also constantly revise and improve their cheers. Their iob is very important to Murray's future athletics. By keeping up team spirit in the B-squad, the cheer- leaders play an essential part in molding the quality of future A-squad team members. Entertaining At Various School Assembly Programs f J' 5 5 all 1' f dl Shown here during one of their rehearsals, are octet members Gretchen Halvorson, Roger Steen, Pam Wahlberg, Harold Hallanger, Claire Milham, Brian Olson, Joy Bartlett and Don Trapp. Front Row: Heather Murray, Elizabeth Torgerson, Clarlynn Wachter, Gretchen Halvorson, Nancy Cross, Marcia Berge, Judy Tenney, Pam- ela Roan. Row 2: Elizabeth Hebbel, Nora Page, Jane Owens, Marilyn Cross, Stephanie Siebert, Mary McDiarmid, Diana Johnson, Trudy Fales, Paulette Boyd. Row 3: Donna Youngdahl, Nancy Uram, Linda Dunwald, Christine Jensen, Jan Curtiss, Linda Manke, Ruth Frost, The choirs, under the direction of Miss Mariori Rusch, sang at various assemblies, which include- the annual March of Toys and Christmas assembly at the St. Paul Christmas Pageant and in the Oper etta this spring. They also sang at graduation i June. This year the senior choir purchased new gowng which they wore at all the programs they gav' The new gowns are a gray-gold color with a rever able stole which can be worn either black or gol Displaying the new choir robes are this year' senior choir officers, Vice-president Bob Field, Pres ident .lack Schaaf, Treasurer Mary McDiarmid ana ' s' Secretary Gretchen Halvorson. Diana Hoffman, Roger Steen, John Slettom, Raymond Gammel. 4: Nancy Peterson, Margaret Pomeroy, Patricia Nelson, Sandra Pamela Wahlberg, Susan Christenson, Barbara Swanson Reiter, Jack Schaaf, Brian Olson, Kirby Johnson, Theodore Harold Hallanger. At right, looking over one of their songs, are a few ninth grade choir members. They are Steve Ehlers, Paulson, Steven Fardig, David Christiansen, Teena Jane Schroeder, Karla Hokanson and Elizabeth They are being accompanied on the piano by Bates. nt Row: Elaine Miller, Judy McMahon, Judith Montgomery, Pauline yd, Carol Rosenthal, Charlotte Koeper, Lois Eberhart, Constance glund, Patti Shoffner, Kathleen Stech. Row 2: Lynnae Lee, Janice ingson, Joy Bartlett, Kathryn Weber, Betty Bauman, Arlene Chelt, rbara Heinz, Diane Steen. Row 3: Richard Bone, William Weber, chael Rosenwald, Vincent Azure, Richard Givans, George Floetl, 'r Members Lift Their Voices Together In Song At left, looking over their music sheets, are a few of the junior choir members. They are Glen Standquist, Devie Jaynes, Kristin Hallberg, Billy Helgeson and Heather Sweetland. Barbara Thoennes, Leah Mortensen, Mary Wall, Elise Hagen, Susan Tselos, Martha Halvorson. Row 4: Mark Halverson, Walter Cheatham, Jerry Johnson, Charles Ingvalson, Thomas Swanson, Leonard Leir, Claire Milham, Leslie Curtiss, Katherine Hartwick, Karen Roufs, Mar- garet Carlson, Barbara Souther, Joan Briggs. Stage Force, Prolectlon Crew Are Unseen Workers The stage force and proiection crew are kept busy throughout the year providing service to the school. During the school months, the stage 'force prepares the stage for assemblies, adiusts the lights and microphones, and keeps the stage clean. The stage force advisor is Mr. Sorenson. The projection crew's iob is to see that all equipment is kept in running order for classroom use. They also order the films that are to be shown in the classrooms. Mr. Marengo is the advisor of the proiec- tion crew. At left, the stage force crew members are Bartley Cooney, John Marsh, Henry Schwartz, Roger Addis,. Edward Simon and Allen Lehrke. Members of the proiection crew, below, are Richard Turnquist, Tom Frost, Richard Amrhien, Gary Amunrud, Dan Brink, Denny' Amrhien, John Sparks, Doug Hughes, Dave Kroona, John MacDonald, Jim Lexcen and Richard Allred. 3 nt Row: Gale Sweetlancl, Judy Tenney, Clarlynn Wachter, Sonia anson, Pat Ruff, Bonnie Hassinger, Pamela Roan. Row 2: Mary Diarmid, Jeanne Scherbert, Patricia Thurow, Jane Owens, Lois erhart, Elise Hagen, Diann Gast, Sally Johnson. Row 3: Kathy Stech, Robert Field, Janice Knutson, Kathy Hartwick, Kimball Drobac, Susan Tselos, Joy Bartlett, Linda Anderson. Row 4: Patricia McMoy, JoAnn Hayenga, Donald Trapp, Paul Schubring, Richard Larkin, Kerry Stein, Nancy Sage, Cheryl Stelmach. '65 Dramatic Club Activated By New Leadership Two one act plays, The Happy Journey nd The Still Alarm, and the senior class lay were among the many tasks antici- ated by the Dramatic Club this year. The club is under the new direction of r. Gerald Skelly. Officers were Kathy Hartwick, president, Johnson, vice-president, Richard Lar- treasurer, Bonnie Hassinger, secretary, Jeanne Scherbert, program chairman. Above, Clarlynn Wachter, Kathy Hartwick, Mary McDiarmid and Kerry Stein wait as Sue Tselos ser- vices their car during The Happy Journey. As part of the initiation, Joy Bartlett gets bags tied on her feet by old Dramatic Club members Bonnie Hassinger and Jane Owens. Sally John- son and Richard Larkin talk to another new initiate Elise Hagen while preparing more bags for the other new initiates. - M- H -,-, v--:-f : -- .- ..,-.,,: - - ,, ..,.. assm,,t- ,H T Two one-act plays were pre- sented to the school in the fall. They were "The Happy Jour- ney" and "The Still Alarm". They were produced by the Dramatic Club. Lynda Ander- son, Paul Schubring, Sally John- son and Jeanne Scherbert are shown at the left conversing in a burning hotel in "The Still Alarm." Dramatic Department Provides Enioyment For All The dramatic department at Murray participated many activities in the past year. c Members of the club put on skits for assembli helped with the senior class play, and also produ two one-act plays. ln the spring of i964 the choir presented "The Ki and I" in coniunction with the dramatic department. Cast of "The King and l" The King of Siam .................. Dennis Eng Anna Leonowens --- -- Gail Gow Lady Thiang ..... --- Joy Bartl Tuptim ........ -- Coral Ber Lun Tha - -- -- Don Tra During the Christmas season, the Speech ll Cla helped with the March of Toys drive. Below, San Brown is shown in a skit presented for the March of Toy Cast wood P. Dowd .......... Kerry Stein eta Louise Simmons - Elizabeth Torgerson yrtle Mea Simmons -- Clarlynn Wachter filliam Chumley, M.D. -- Paul Schubring 'man Sanderson, M.D.-Walter Cheatham Jth Kelly, R.N. ........ Kathi Hartwick uane Wilson -- --- Richard Larkin Lynn Elvester and Lynda Anderson get a fashion show from "Pinky" Wachter. Class of '65 Presents 'Harvey' "Harvey", a story about an imaginary six-foot white rabbit, was the selection chosen as the senior class play for l965. Try-outs were held in January. Kerry Stein and Elizabeth Torgerson were chosen for the lead roles. Committees were formed for costumes, props and publicity, and the play was produced in February. anne Scherbert becomes Miss Johnson. et me sit down! Only get me someplace where l can sit "Harvey gqyg he'd like one, foo , , , yes, two Wnln subscriptions." R 'inf' King Q Queen Steve Cheryl T Sno'-Day A Success As Activities Reign Supreme February 5 was the date chosen for Murray's i965 winter playday, Sno'-Foolin'. Sno'-Foolin' is an annual event sponsored by the Student Council. Students pur- chased buttons which entitled them to take part in the events. Sno'-Foolin' began in the morning at the coronation assembly as Cheryl Stelmach and Steve Johnson were chosen to reign over the days activities. A broomb game and skate races took place at Como Park duri the afternoon, and a iunior high sock hop was hel After a basketball game where Murray was victorio over Washington and a swim meet against Highla that the Pilots also won, a senior high dance was hel Surrounding the sno horse, made by the seni class in the snow sculptur contest, are Sno-foolin' ca didates Bill Barrick, Clair Milham, Steve Johnson, Do na Youngdahl, Dick Abr ham, JoAnn Hayenga, Joh Arneman, Kathi Hartwic Cheryl Stelmach, Mary M Diarmid, Greg Carlson an Mike Broderick. The candidates were cho en by a vote taken in th senior homerooms. The were presented at an asse bly and were voted on b the entire student bod The winning couple wa crowned at an assembly hel on Sno-foolin' day. 1 wk. V. T, Z 1 f gf ed xv 14. swnkii V L Wm A O Sports Editors Terry Cutkomp Paul Fardig Kathy Stech Gridders Victorious Til Heartbreaking End ont row: Chuck Turi, Dean Nelson, Steve Johnson, Don Paskewitz, hn Palerine, Larry Schreifels, Gary Nutz, Mike Clark, Kirk Condie. ow 2: Dave Hagen, Larry Huwe, Ron Nelson, John Ed, Jerry John- n, Gary Englund, Jon Kirby, Dick Ross, Bruce Bates, Bob Rupp, Ted 7-- Murray Murray 15 - Murray 26 - Murray 14 - Murray 13 - Murray 13 - Murray 32 --- Murray 0 --- After losing 21-7 to Johnson, the Pilots smashed ashington 15-2. Scoring touchdowns were Ken Auld nd Dave Hagen. The Pilots won their second victory ver Highland 26-O. Dave Hagen scored 12 points, im McTie 8, and Ken Auld 6. The defeat over Harding oved the Pilots into a tie for first place. 'Stall the lniuns' was the Homecoming slogan and he gridders did just that. The Humboldt game ended n a 13-7 victory for the Pilots. Ken Auld scored both urray touchdowns. Murray washed over the Greenwave 13-O. Scoring gains Monroe were Ken Auld and Dean Nelson. The season's thriller was the Mechanics' game. With he Pilots behind 26-27 and their defense shredded by Gredvig. Row 3: Coach Reno Rossini, Dick Abraham, Larry Tunnell, Jim McTie, Kenny Auld, Greg Carlson, Dale Swanson, John Weber, Wally Gayman, Pat Nelson, Bill Underhill, Bill Barrick, Mike Brode- rick, Ass. Coach Robert Ritter. f. ----- Johnson 21 - - - Washington 2 - - Highland Park 0 ------ Harding 7 - - - - Humboldt ------ Monroe 0 - - Mechanic Arts 27 ------ Central 14 'F 7 . .MN . 2 IDB! - the dazzling performances of Mechanics' Bill Price, the never-say-die Murray team staged a series of thrilling rallies ending with Dick Abraham's 82-yard Kick-off run with 58 seconds remaining. This brought the Pilots a 32-27 victory. Dave Hagen scored three touchdowns and Dick Abraham scored two. The Pilots then found themselves facing the Minute- men who shared the lead with them. This heartbreaking game ended in a 14-0 loss as the team saw Central score two touchdowns in the last quarter Murray then retired to a third place with a 6-2 conference record. Appointed to the All-City team were Greg Carlson, Dave Hagen, and captain Wally Gayman. Dave Hagen was the third highest scorer in the city with 48 points. Team's Spirit, Drive Creates Exciting 1964 Season Jubilant Murray cheerleaders enthusiastically escort left to right, Judy Tenny, Pam Roan, Leslie Curtiss their winning team off the field. Cheerleaders are, from Sontag, Katie Sullivan and Kathi Hartwick. At right, John Weber l7ll attempts to block a Hard- ing player's kick. Murray won l4-7 and moved into first place. Greg Carlson, All-city end attempts to block ci Scots- man's pass at the Highland game as Dick Ross rushes in to help. l W, Jim McTie makes an open field tackle on a Monroe halfback as Dean Nelson moves up to aid. The Pilots' defense proved effective as they held Monroe scoreless. Greg Carlson tries to trip up Monroe quarterback Lenny Salstrom who barely gets a pass away above the outstretched arms of John Weber as Steve Johnson charges in. Junior Gridders Learn Teamwork, Gain Experience The Junior Varsity improved its record of last year as the Pilots lost to Mechanic Arts and Central by scores y defeating Highland Park l9-l3 and edging Monroe of l3-6. Murray was blanked by Harding and Humboldt -6. One touchdown proved to be the margin of defeat as they scored 14 and 32 points respectively. h R C ton Wall Knutson Clem Urbanski John Magnuson, Front Row: Larry Manchester, Chuck White, John Allison, Larry Weih- Coac on aus , y , I rauch, Steve Lee, John Christiansen, Greg Bauer, Jim Bates.' Row 2: Dave Christianson, Dan Brink, Denny Hughes, Doug Anderson, Paul Charles Aldean, Dick Turnquist, Ron Hagen, Ed Piermantier, Dean Boyd, Harry Strandquist, Paul Broberg, Coach John Pearson. Swanson, Rocky Schultz, Jeff Hayenga, Harlan Pearson. Row 3: 91 Murroy's top seven runners: Marty Brandt, Kent Cutkomp, Tom Good, Andy Rogness, Mickey Peterson, Dave Olson and Roger Kwong. Undefeated Cross Country Pacers Capture City Title Front Row: Lyning Peterson, Jim Lexcen, Don Lonetti, Ed Laine, Pete Hakenson. Row 2: Eric Narvaez, Kerry Stein, Dick Pogin, Kent Cutkomp, Roger Kwong, Marty Brandt. Row 3: Mickey Peterson, Andy Rogness, Keith Willman, Tom Good, Dave Olson, Bruce Nelson, Coach Bernard Broderick. Avenging their narrow 1962 loss of the City title to Central, Murray's Cross Country team unseated them 37-40 to win the City and Regional championships. The meet found Marty Brandt leading in fourth place with Kent Cutkomp fifth, Tom Good sixth, Mickey Peterson ninth, Andy Rogness thirteenth, Dave Olson seventeenth and Roger Kwong nineteenth. The unde- feated harriers, co-captained by Marty Brandt and Tom Good, made fine showings in the Swain Invitational Meet at Duluth where they placed eleventh, in the Nakomis Invitational Meet they placed third and in the State Meet where they placed twelfth. 92 CONFERENCE Murray-19 - Washington-3 Murray-18 Highland Park-4 Murray-1 5 - - - Humboldt-5, 5 Murray-15 - - - Harding- Murray-17 .... Johnson-4 NONCONFERENCE Murray-17 - - Forest Lake-5 Murray-27 ...... Cretin-2 S n if 4 YE Desire, Spectators Encourage Hard-working lcemen l Posting a 7-8-1 conference record, the Murray b nckey team finished in sixth place. After losing their 'st games to Monroe, Johnson and Washington, the lcksters defeated Mechanic Arts, Central and High- nd and tied Harding 1-1. ln the second round, the pmen again were upset by Monroe and Johnson but irprised Washington as they dominated play and lmbled the Prexies 8-1. The Pilots' dream of a berth in the State Hockey iurnament was quenched in the first regional playoff a the Prexies reversed the action and defeated the lots 3-1. The team was captained by Mike Broderick who ceived honorable mention on the all-city team, and 4 Steve Johnson. Conference urray Highland Park ..... - .. 3-0, 6-0 urray Central ..... - - 3-1, 3-2 urray Harding - - - - - 1-1, 2-5 urray Humboldt - - .. - - 1-3, 0-2 urray Johnson ..... - - 2-4, 0-5 urray Mechanic Arts - - - - - 5-1, 4-1 urray Monroe ...... - - 2-3, 0-2 urray Washington --- -- --- 1-2, 8-1 At right, the pride of a devoted coach is captured s he watches his boys. Below, a silhouetted spectator ncourages the team. Words or pictures, however, can- ot express the feelings experienced as one watches team fight for victory and for a school they are l to represent. K, Front Row: Mgr. Owen Able, Jerry Weber, Larry Schreifels, John Ed, Jon Kirby, Don Lonetli, Mgr. Nathan Thompson: Row 2: Dick Lippert, Jerry Johnson, Steve Johnson, Mike Broderick, Mickey Peterson, Jim J 4 " J ii" ,.,, H K ",, , K " K 3 V, Af lx Q. 3 , ' " il,fiVi,i.'5f.tiL, J Nr? Al it f g ' it V' I - , . , Q, 5 a vg:- . 5 H, , Q E 5 Q!! X 7 if, ' I ffl" r A .. - if K ,gi -' -. V . fy cz , ta 1 K , f f v""?H ix17Es5'71i.1 3 " ww 'w11lilg'ftP'. ' f r i E iyyiy i l 1 Lexcen. Row 3: Coach Bernard Broderick, John Larson, Ed Laine, Toll Good, Dave Hagen, Jim McTie, Wally Goyman, Greg Carlson, Mikl Clark. At left, three Harding players gaze in disbelief a the puck in the net. The goal was made by Miki Broderick llOl, assisted by Mickey Peterson ll4l. l The Murray team huddles in front of the net 'fo some last minute encouragement before the Centr game. The Pilots defeated the Minutemen 3-i. Below, Murray defenseman Tom Good l5l move in to cover the net for goalie John Ed, while Gre Carlson l3l skates after the sidelined puck. ,-W" ' s' f 1 John Ed, Murray's goalie, goes down for nother save m the Johnson game. John was der constant bombardment during the game I J he turned UWUY 46 Sl10tS- V . - Co-captain Mike Broderick expresses triumph if Q ' : - - ,S ., "" 'f - V f ' K ter sliding the puck past a frustrated Johnson - - - we . we J- oalie. Murray scored two goals to Johnson's r"" J " Q 'Ur- , i f -I W ' J ii -' ..-- '-f- J J - . .s.. c " rw:-,., "iff, ' - , ,,.. ,- ,.,, . .- 'G . . . . ,t'. wif A -f 1 - . mi-16W??2-1-sffgff Q - , -X-cf-Cwgsg-, L ettf- , .7 ll r'-'- - Detenseman Jerry Johnson makes a last ditch W re' rs 1 If if ' 'ff ,tort to poke check the puck away from a rr.,, . Uramzi ' ,::+,r,:,gg,+-i,q-,.w 'w.-sg.:-. ,it N. ,.,. ..,., , fs - -V H+ . L: . X " ,-W,-W,-, ,V ,,. .W...l . si ihnson wing as goalie John Ed comes out from H ' it e net to block the puck. ,Young Icemen Post Fine 5-2-1 Conference Record X Murray's B-Squad pucksters began their season by 'fought with Monroe and Harding. Their only loss was hutting out Central and Highland, 8-O and 6-O respec- a 5-O Johnson shutout. ln tournament play, the JV beat vely. They went on to defeat Washington and Hum- Monroe but lost to Johnson 3-l. ,oldt by 5-2 and Mechanics 5-l. Tie games were 'lDf1f ROW: TOM NYlUf1d. -l0l1n CJWJSYJGHSOV1, Jim Pillelkow, Steve l-ee, berg, Dan Paulson, John Hankenson, Dick Turnquist, Ray Forlelte, ayne Schwartz, David Saulter, John Smith, Larry Kirby, Noel Rosen- Ron Hagen, John Magnuson, Jim Heldt, Frank Koenig, Mgr. Lyning -al, Gary Vogelsang. Row 2: Vern Smith, Jay Anderson, Paul Bro- Peterson, Coach John Pearson. Front row: Gene Baran, Bob Blank, Ron Leu, Steve Amunrud, Dan Hagen, Paul Beinhoff, Jim Carlson. Row 2: Dana Miller, Ken Auld, Buzz Cheatham, Dave Vickers, Ron Amlatte, Charles Amunrud, Bruce Scherbert, Mgr. Howard Stendahl. Pilot Gymnasts Improve Record i Mr. Vernon Peterson's gymnastic squad improved on its winless record of last year by winning over Mon- roe 24OV2-5OV2 and over Humboldt l44V2-61112. Losses were suffered at the hands of Highland Park, Harding, Washington, and Johnson. Murray placed six entries in the city meet and moved up to sixth place. In A class, Gene Baran placed eighth in the horizontal bar and Dave Vickers was fifth Co-captain Buzz Cheathal works out on the parallel bar Buzz, who has been in gymnasti for three years, was one of t mainstays of the team. l 4 A i 3 l l on the horse. Ken Auld ranked eighth "All-Around" B class, sixth on the rings and fifth on the parallel bar Other B class finalists were Chuck Amunrud, Dana Mille and Dan Hagen. Left, Gene Baran does a handstand on the high bar. Right, Ken Auld practices his B class set on the rings. Below, senior Dave Vickers hurdles the horse. Nrestlers Post 5-3 Record, Win Third Place Honors Aldean, Rocky Schultz, Kirk Condie, Larry Tunell, Larry John- Co-captain Bob Field scores a near pin in the Poye, Doug Keating, Kent Cutkomp, John Kuiawa, Roger Kwong, ston, Steve Richards, Harry Strandquist, Eric Narvaez, Bruce Wether- ' ' ' I' : C h Ronald Causton. Bauer, Steve Milburn, Tom Frost, Mark lmbertson, Dick Pogln, by, Pat Nelson. Knee mg oac Murray's wrestlers rose to third place in city stand- ings with a 5-3 record. In the opening meet at Highland, Murray downed the Scotsman 41-l l. They went on to smash Washing- ton 49-5 and squeeze by Humboldt 29-25. The Pilots then fell to Harding 2l-22. They came back to defeat Johnson and Central 26-16 and 32-36 respectively. Mechanic Arts turned back the Pilots 24-29 and in the last meet Murray lost 29-25 to Monroe. ln the District, Kirk Condie placed first, Pat Nelson, second, Steve Richards, third, and Doug Keating and Greg Poye both took fourth place. ' Junior Kirk Condie puts a cradle on his Highland Tourne Murray captured first place ahead opponent in the Christmas Tournament. Kirk placed first is y. four other St. Paul conference schools. in this match and went on to the Region. 4 C0 captain Pat Nelson pins his opponent in the Highland match. He placed second in the dis- trict. Front Row: Mgr John Novak, Vince A B , zure, ruce Bates, Coach Dick Abraham, Andy Rogness, Bruce Anderson, Dale, E George Rose, Mike Vigil, Jim Wolf, Mgr. Jeff Hayenga. Row 2:: Merrell, Pete Neubeck, Ron SWGHSOI1, DOH 5I'00k5f Alex 5'm'C - Determined Pilots Hampered By Narrow Margins This year's basketball team, coached by Mr. George Rose Bruce Anderson makes a layup agains M.A was captalned by Dick Abraham. Still lacking in height when compared to the other teams the cagers won only two games both over Washington. Althou h th f 9 e Pilots 2-win, lO-loss record was not impressive, a definite im- provement was shown as the team lost by very narrow mar ins Q in tour games, the most thrilling of which was their 58-56 loss to Harding. Leading scorers were Bruce Anderson and Ed Merrell. Andy Rogness, Bruce Anderson and Bruce Bates battle for the ball. Ed Merrell shoots above the out- -retched hands of Mechanic Arts ayers. l 6'4V2" center Ed Merrell iumps on a lip-off as Wooly Rogness, Bruce Ander- .on, Vince Azure and Ron Swanson 'nove into position. Highland Park-46 ..... Washington-44 -- CONFERENCE Murray-39 - Murray- 5 5 Harding-77 .... - - Murray-55 Humboldt-56 - - - - - Murray-53 Johnson-68 ---- - - Murray-44 Central-63 ....... - - Murray-44 Mechanic Arts-58 - - - - Murray-45 Monroe-50 ..... - - Murray-43 Highland Park-64 - .. - - Murray-52 Washington-47 - - - - Murray-57 Humboldt-69 ........ Murray-34 Harding-58 ......... Murray-56 Non-conference Mounds View-55 ..... Murray-29 Mounds View-44 - - - - Murray-30 Conggg-diq-52 ---- -- Mun-qy-51 Vince Azure make a des- Bregk-37 ,,,--- -- Mu,-I-qy-53 perate attempt to knock the S,P,A,-44 ,,,----- -- Mun-qy-53 ball from the hands of a North Branch-64 -- -- Murray-66 Highland QUUYCJ- B-Squad Bucketeers Exhibit Balanced Team Effort The Junior Varsity showed strong team effort with ln conference action the young cagers beat Highland ell balanced scoring in attaining a 6-win, i0-loss 52-35 and Monroe 50-44. ecord. anding: Roger Acker, Larry Huwe, Bob Sholtner, Ross Johnson, Dave son, Larry Manchester, Wally Knutson, Jim Bates, Gary Engllund, Tim hristianson, Greg Loeffler, Dave Merrell, Dan Brink, Doug Ander- Thorstenson. Kneeling: John Benson, Robert Ritter, John Allison. , . 5 E is l l J x 3 Front Row: Denny Cameron, Ed Piermantier, Tony Baran, Mark Wal- berg, Jim Hunt, Jim Olson, Steve Ehlers, Danny Miller, Ray Jack. Row 2: Mark Steinhauser, Rick Souther, Bob RUPP, Jon Schoonmaker, Harlan Pearson, Mike LoeFfler, John Solstad, Jerry Pearson, Dean , . . ,Q-,--w Swanson, John Sparks, Denny Amrhien. Row 3: Paul Fardig, Jim Sari gent, Rich Amrhien, Steve Fardig, John Davies, Denny Hughes, Bo Hebbel, Chuck Zotalis, Gary Anderson, Don Link, Mike Boyle, Dic Bacon, Ralph Peterson, John Arneman, John MacDonald. v L l' f ' ' ' ' cl D' ' T If L Sur ers Seize City, Twin City An :strict rop les Conference Non-conference Monroe-29 ............. Murray-65 Murray-52 - - ............. Stillwater-43 Mechanic Arts-26 -- Murray-67 Murray-47 -- -- Alexander Ramsey-41 Harding-36 ..... Murray-58 Murray-52 - - ....... Southwest-43 Johnson-27 --- Murray-68 Murray-59 -- -- -- .... Kellogg-36 Humboldt-20 -.. Murray-74 Murray-42 ............... Hutchinson-52 Central-1 8 .... Murray-77 , , Washington-32 --- Murray-62 Twm cny Meef Highland Park-22 ........ Murray-73 Murmy'48 """""""' Roo5eveh'47 , V V lf' . ,fi 59-' 2175 , J 'lvmliw A pg at.: ' 4' -fi 9' Co-captain Rich Amrhien wor out in his specialty, the 'freestyl Rich anchored both relay tea in the district meet and won tw gold medals. Murra s surfers re eated as conference champs, ln the District l5 finals Murray won with a total of 05V2 points more than double that of their nearest pponent Highland Ralph Peterson and Denny Amr- len were each double winners in individual events. alph set district records In the 200 and 400-yard free- 'I tyle events while Denny set a record in the 50-yard 1,,,L,L.A-A-N and In the traditional dunkmg of lmmlng coach Edward Porthan .lubllant team members lend a w . llurray won the District meet. Coach Edward Porthan proudly watches his swimming team work out. Since the addition of the pool, the tankmen have steadily improved, both in individual and team performances. Shown below, star tankman Ralph Peterson swims the butterfly. Ralph took two firsts in the state meet to pace Murray to tenth place. Denny Amrhien also placed in the state. l l Below is the start of the lOO-yard freestyle in the Len Leier lnot shownl, Denny Amrhien llane 3l,' Mike 15 finals Murray placed four men in this event, Loeffler ilane 5l, and Ed Piermantier llane 61. free style and won the lOO, missing a record by .'l second. Co-captain Paul Fardig took the 100-yard backstroke and both relay teams placed first. Murray edged Roosevelt 48-47 in the thrilling Twin City meet which was not decided until the last relay. ln the state meet, Ralph Peterson was the only double winner, taking laurels in the 200 and 400-yard free- style races. 'l02 Determined Netmen Fight Hard, Capture Second Front Row: Rick Christian, Dick Lippert, Andy Rogness, Eric Narvaez. Row 2: Dean Swanson, Greg Carlson, Steve Richards, Ted Gredvig, Pete Neubeck. The Murray netmen, coached by Bernie Broderick, captured second place, even though captain Lea Lippert, Steve Bergmann, Larry Melander and Dick Lippert were the only hold-overs from last year's team. ln the first two encounters the inexperienced Pilots were defeated by White Bear 5-O and Central 3-2. The following matches showed the effect of hard work and determination as the team downed Humboldt and Harding 4-l, defeated Wilson 3-2 and blanked Washington, Centennial, Monroe, Johnson and Mechanic Arts 5-0. Young Team Betters Past Record, Steadily Improve Front Row: Ed Laine, Paul Schubring, Dave Miller. Row 2: Coach Clarence Fulmek, Doug Linde- mann, Tom Skildum, Chuck Zotalis, Steve Sanford. l - .,,...X .m.,,..lMl..,s,. Eric Narvaez returns the serv in conference action. Eric playe singles and posted an 8-O recor! Topping last year's recor coach Clarence Fulmek's g squad posted a 3-2-l record conference action. Murray c feated Humboldt, Mechanic A and Washington. After tying VN son, they lost to Central and Hal mg. Mr. Fulmek commented that t boys will be able to improve tht scores and benefit the team they are willing to keep golfin during the summer. He remarke "This year we improved -upon o record of the last two years an should improve still more year." W 'Y Qc X D1 g 6 Cindermen Excel Milers Tom Good and Keith Willman hug the rail in the M.A. meet. They placed first and third respectively. Springing from the blocks in the l0O-yard dash, Murrayites Dean Nelson, Gene Baran, and Bruce Nelson show the determination which characterized the team all season. Dean and Bruce placed second and third respectively, behind conference champ Bill Price of Mechanic Arts, fourth from left. ln Running Events, Break Records Defeating Wilson and Johnson after losing their first two meets, Murray's Cindermen finished with an even record. Winning all but three running events, the Pilots were defeated by the overall abilities of Mechanic Arts. Lack of strength in the field events proved to be the team's main weakness all season. Central, defending city champion, defeated Murray in their second meet. The team made one of its best showings in the Carlton Relays, finishing fourth in a field of eighteen teams. Senior Pat Broderick took first in the half mile while senior Elwood Enerson won the 120-yard high hurdles. i Front Row: Gene Baran, Put Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Tom Good, Mike Broderick, Dean Nelson. Row 2: Mickey Peterson, Paul Keleher, Tom Hopp, Roger Kwong, Pat Broderick, Elwood Enerson Bill Underhill, Kent Cutkomp. C 0 rl 1:64-if Q C' ll 'f 'F 2 l X' fl -if 4 ss Conference Murrqy 2 ............. WdSl1lIlgl'0l1 Murrqy 8 - - - ............ JOIIIISOII Murray 3 - - - - - - Central 1 Murray 5 - - - ----- WilS0l1 Murray 8 .. - - ...... Harding Murray 1 - - - .------ MOI'll'0e Murrqy 4 ............ Mechdhlt Arts Murrqy 2 ............... Hllmboldf Non-Conference Murray 7 ......-.-------- RUm5eY 1 Murrqy 5 ............ WEST sf. PIIUI 1 C , wr.. Murray 4 - - - - - - - sf- Tl10m'lS 2 Murray 2 - - - ------ 5- P- A- Shortstop Dick Abraham leaps high to nab a throw Murray 'I6 --- ------- sf- A9095 1 from catcher Dave Olson as a Central player attempts Murray 7 --- --- MPIS- Marshall to steal second base. Murray 4 --- ....... Ramsey 'I Varsity Baseball Suffers From Lack Cl Experience FfOf1f Row: Jim McTie, Dick Abl'Gl1Ufl'l, Dave HUQCDI Vlmfe Azure, DOVE. Auld, Chuck Turi, Larry Schreifels, Ken Caldwell, Wally Gayman, Ed V' li M ' l ' nc ers, grs.. S eve Johnson, Carl Broberg, Tom Frost. Row 2: Ken Mgrrelll Dqve Olson, Jon Kirby, Coach Robert Ritter, Loyal Murray fans watch team fall no Humboldt 3-2 in lO inning thriller. Third baseman Dave Hagen scram- bles after the ball against Central. Dave Hagen raps a single into center field in the Humboldt game. Defeat Mechanics, Wilson, Johnson In Conference Severely handicapped by lack of experience, Mur- y posted a 3-5 conference record. In non-confer- ce action,. the Pilots gained two victories while sorbing five defeats. Co-captained by lone senior Ken Caldwell and nior Dave Olson, the team displayed sound pitching nd hard hitting. Highlighting the season was Ed errill's no-hit, no-run game against Wilson, won by e Pilots 5-O. Ken Caldwell and Vince Azure also hibited fine pitching performances. Throughout the season, Murray powered 7 homers, triples and I5 doubles. Murray's first batter of the ason, Vince Azure, blasted a homerun to start a rally hich led to six runs. N Y Senior Ken Caldwell hits the dirt as he successfully steals second base while Harding's second baseman leaps vainly for a wild throw from the catcher. Although losing 9-8, Murray scored in every inning, except the first, and ended the game with men on second and third bases. After receiving the throw from catcher Dave Olson, second baseman Vince Azure tags out a Humboldt runner as he tries to steal second. Catcher Dave Olsq prevents a Humboll runner from scoring a "squeeze play" first baseman Jim M Tie moves in to assia B-Squad Shows Promise Of Good Seasons Ahea Coached by Mr. Dan Sorenson, the B-Squad dia- roe 6-5, and Mechanic Arts 8-2 while losing to Johns mondmen defeated Washington 5-4, Wilson 6-2, Mon- and Central 6-4, Harding 4-3, and Humboldt 10-l. Front Row: Mark Overbee, Denny Amrhien, Tom Lucks, Dan Brink, Ron Nelson, Larry Tunell, Carl Johnson. Row 3: Steve Lee, Larry Weihrau Amlotte, Ed Piermanlier, John Polerine, Kirk Condie. Row 2: Coach Gary Nutz, Gary Englund, Dana Miller, John Kuiawa, Steve Milb Dan Sorenson, Don Lanelti, Bruce Bates, Don Ludwig, Larry Huwe, Ron John MacDonald. Intramural Sports Provide Competition, Fun For All Providing fun and competition is the purpose of Murray's intramural program. It gives younger boys a chance to learn the fundamentals of sports and provides the opportunity for older boys to play for the fun of it. Basketball, as shown on this page,. is one of the most popular intramural activities, along with swimming. Mr. Rose heads the basketball games and Mr. Porthan is in charge of swimming. l l GAA Helps Build Alert Minds And Strong Bodies, 7 This year's Girls Athletic Association of- l ficers are from left to right: Mary McDiar- l mid, recording secretary, Jeanne Scher- bert, vice-president, Terry Cutkomp, secre- 7 :I- tary, Meredy Razskazoff, treasurer, and Nancy Sage, president. They are voted on by all GAA members in the spring. These girls work with the sportheads and Mrs. Janet Shields, advisor, to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the year. 2, K GAA letters are given to girls who have acquired lOOO points. After a girl has earned 1500 points she is entitled to her 3 all-city award. In the spring all girls hav- ing earned letters are honored at the annual GAA assembly. Trophies are given l to champion bowlers. if 5 letter award winners- Front Row: Mary McDiarmid, Sue Foster, Gret- pagne, Jeanne Scherbert, Terry Cutkomp, Lynn Elvester, Leslie Curtiss chen Halvorson, Elaine Miller. Row 2: Jane Bergeson, Diann Gust, Row 4: Joyce Johnson, Sandy Brown, Nancy Sage, Marcia Briggs Kathy Stech, Mary Hokanson, Carol Christiansen. Row 3: JoAnn Cham- JoAnn Hayenga. l Creates Enduring Friendships Through Athletics Chosen in the spring of their sophomore year by previous sportheads and the GAA officers, each GAA sporthead is in charge of a specific sport. Shown at left are front row: Cindy Zalar, bowling, Kathy Laurer, ping pong. Row 2, Joy Strane, tumbling, Bonnie Hassinger, horseback riding, Judy Hallen, bicycling, Nancy Hunt, swimming, Erva Snyder, basketball, Pat McMoy, vol- leyball. Row 3: Gloria Sutton, archery, Sue Razskazoff, tennis, Liz Hebbel, winter sports, Daphni Mantis, soccer. As sportheads, these girls have many responsibilities such as encouraging GAA members to come out for their sport, organ- izing schedules, taking care of equipment, taking attendance and taking charge of homecoming activities. H7 Above, several girls ioin in a game of basketball one of the most popular sports among the girls. At left sophomores Sarah Halvorson and Nora Page enioy antics during a tumbling session in the gym. M W vi BAYPORT PRINTING HOUSE, Inc Bayport, Minnesota F Printing for More Tha F y Y Printers of THE PILOT 'A' LETTERPRESS AND LITHO PLATES 'A' CREATIVE ART AND RETOUCHING 'A' PHOTOGRAPHY x70,y Is . . . Greerzfzozese Fresfz Flowers From ..- HERMES FLORAL CO., INC. Calls Received 24 Hours zool W. Larpenteur 646-7153 Soz'zsfoez'z'o72 Is . . 9 Blomberg S 5.3 ' Tfze Serfvioe . P--J . Super Fan, 3 One Recezfves A I F 85 4.1. rom if-'EL MILLER a 4 Lou S PHARMACY Ch . M Olce eats Serving Murray Students Como gc DOSWCH and Their Families For Over 30 Years 131101162 With A Complete BLOMBERCUS LOU'S Neighborhood Pharmacy 644-'5335 644-2214 Corner Como at Dosvvell C07ZjQ.d767Z66 IJ' . . . Hd'UZ'7Zg An Acoozmi 141 ST. ANTHONY PARK STATE BANK Drive up Teller and Parking Lot if Como at Carter St. Paul S, Minn. 9 Your Community Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. STALVIGfBACHELLER PH UTUGRAPHYINC. lfammercia! and Portraftl2282 Como Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 l Area Code 6121645-6 l Murruy . . . ilylary IVESD Igreball enneys oe okey 1 fu 4 1 71 1 G. sm is oo J . ff Seufo 5 my Don Susie Przcfe W us . . . Fri fir W us . gi The 'LNever Say Die" Pilots. , An 82-yard winning TD with 58 sec. to Buzz The Beastiesl l i go! Yea ABE! Lo Kathi Walking through the radiator line-up Cross Country Champs!! . Chris Laurie U1 the mommg' Our dashing faculty basketball team ln Fost Greg A surprise valence test. all their glory. Suzi Les Laugifrfialfhvs- Park City!! District!! Twin City!! Steph . n ony . The measles. A green slip. A pack of seventh graders rushing on B al - 07"6 0772 05' -. you at lunchtime. I -I0 Report card day. D u LISC Sue C. Seeing our senior boys begin to notice Len Nanci' 5- the Soph. girls. The Name Game. l Bill B. Sandy B. The Murray-Mechanics football game. Watching the clock during study hall. Ami Bill W. Commencement at Aldrich?!? A full tank of gas and nowhere to go. Marcia That first water tower c imb. Betty Autumn W us . Andy Pinky Lain 252,26 Sz'c,5ues.v W us . wild, Jude Trygiglgo find some dry wood in Como Dawn ar . Homecoming: Magic Purple doors 81 mustard walls. Marker all over your face. No-Doz at 2:30. That smoke that chased you around the Navy, burgundy, 81 madras. dutch ovens. Lanny The night you studied so hard Sadie Hawkins: a sudden interest in for a test and then found out the duck hunting among the boysg pig- Donna . Carol R Karen next day that there was an assembly tails, denim, freckles: Stringing veg- Pat N .' Stech Finiilllx riiicaldfldring the wail' then finding Eiiiljdigshguz crepe paper was Limo Cookie Sandy G' it was "0ut." i No Bonfires llygggiy Discovering that all those "huge" decor- Qbonflres anyhowb. ations didn't look so huge in the new gym. Arriving at a Murray dance and find- ilig that you had forgotten your sun- D- L' U , lanne Niiredy U asses D Nancy T- lg'IaryAN. EVHZZIE7, ll7a5, . O gliizgrard ue . Sonja LYHH Walking around school in your kicker- M. inos because you forgot your shoes. ZXE731 ll dj' , , Christmas n hot chocolate, fireplaces . . . . and mistletoe! Roz Sno'-Foolin': that darn ol' "Jolly Green Lynda lf-iflda M- Dragon" ll! gandi' R P, aren . gitarrh lxlcgiday through Friday. garvl A- etty . ottom locker. - Og Good notebooks. Spflflg' H df . . . Scampering to the field in those cute little gym suits. Barefeet and mud puddles. Waiting for the Snelling Ave. bus. Prom: formals, tuxedos, and empty bill- . Patty S, Parading down the halls with your head folds. Baffll Judy S. drenched with pool water. Pilot Iii-ty: the usual "Good luck to a gat S- L' k'd." STV ciiiigew. swe 1 gickyrvx .ludy MCM HY This page was purchased by the seniors and designed with the help of our Murcurie staff. Enjoyment If . . . A M0wz'e cz! Me MIDTOWN THEATER 644-9225 1533 Como Ave. , ' 2 5: I Q, Am, 2 We 'al IP 0 U i L'-J - 'I Hdppmm If . . . SUGAR DAN'S The Place Where Murrayz'fes Meet Hamburgers - R00t BCC1' Chicken - French Fries Sundaes - Floats And The Best Coney Island In Town Como Off Snelling - 667 4 Q PM W W A A I JPL' 7 6 94 ,r 4 I IK - ,... - 4' Wav.. 1.92 ig:-g Mdfdflbf IJ' . . . .ffbiligy and Wz'llz'ngnexs To Oeey Trajfe Laws LYNN J. BAUMAN Representing STATE FARM INSURANCE 2188 Como Ave. 644-3740 HAMLINE Mem0rz'eJ Are . . . 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John McKelvey, Pastor Worship 10:45 Summer 9:30 AM Church School 9:30 AM X1 10:45 AM orpus Christi Church 1449 Cleveland Ave. N. Father Raymond J. Moorman Sunday Mass 7-8-9:10-10:20 81 11:30 A Holy Days 6-7-8-9 AM 8: 5:30 PM T. Matthews Episcopal Church 2136 Carter Ave. Rev. Douglas S. Pitts, Rector Services 8 8: 11 AM Church School 11 AM M t. Olive Lutheran Church N. Pascal and Almond Ave. Rev. Albert G. Eberhart, Pastor Worshop 8 AM 81 10:30 AM Church School 9:15 .AM Jun. 8: Sen. Luther League Wed. t. Anthony Park Lutheran Church Como Ave. and Luther Place Rev. Robert L. Anderson, Pastor Worship 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 AM Church School 8:30, 9:45, 81 11:00 AM oly Childhood Church Pascal and Midway Parkway Father John J. Buchanan Sunday Mass 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 8: 12:15 AM mmaus Lutheran Church 1074 Idaho Ave. W. Rev. Vernon Koeper, Pastor Worship 8:00AM 81 10:45 AM 7:30 Church School 9:15 AM Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Addis Mr. and Mrs. James R. Christianson Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Allred Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Christopherson Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. ivy F QC.-9 W dr Love If . . . Our Parents' 9 . , my X, K and Mrs. Lawrence A. Anderson Margaret Anderson and Mrs. Raymond M. Anderson and Mrs. Warren A. Anderson and Mrs. Wilmer Anderson H. F. Arneman and Mrs. Albert Arnold Doris J Auld and Mrs Kenneth W. Austad and Mrs August Azure and Mrs C. E. Bantle and Mrs William Barsch Robin Bartlett and Mrs Lynn J. Bauman and Mrs. Willard Biedler and Mrs. George C. Brandt Jr. and Mrs. H. Martin Brings and Mrs. M. Brobakken and Mrs Bernard I. Broderick and Mrs. Raymond F. Brown and Mrs. Howard D. Cameron and Mrs. Gordon I. Carlson and Mrs. L. Champagne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coffman Dr. and Mrs. Verne E. Comstock Mr. and Mrs. John C. Curtiss Prof. and Mrs. L. K. Cutcomp Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Rev. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Ed and Mrs. Harold J. Ellefson and Mrs. Donald H. Elvester Myrtle M. Engle A. J. Englund Sheldon P. Fardig Herman Floetl John J. Foster Robert D. Gallagher Harold Gammel Carl H. Gasch Leanard Gast Walter Gayman Harry L. Gilbert Archie L. Good Lester Hagen and Mrs. Roy J. Hagen and Mrs. F. S. Hallanger and Mrs. Arndt Halvorson -I-xml Dr. and Mrs. William L. Hartwick Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lundstrom Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hayenga Mr. and Mrs. John Maketzky Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hebbel Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Marsh Seeurzbf If . . . Our Parent! ff tvgrlfyf D M . nu are the howr from which your chil- ' 'J J dren ar Irving arrows are rentforih. if 5 y I J The archer .reef fhe mark upon the path gf the z'rj9'n1'te, and he head: you with HZIJ mzghf that Hi: arrowr may go Jww' andfar. Mr. and Mrs Arthur Heinn Mr. and Mrs Harold Hoffman Mr. and Mrs V. K. Hokanson Mr. and Mrs A. H. Hovland Mr. and Mrs Robert W. Huemoeller Mr. and Mrs. Jack Imbertson Mr. and Mrs E. O. lngvalson Mr. and Mrs Roy Jensen Mr. and Mrs. G. Arvid Johnson Mrs. Alice M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Lew A. Johnson Rev. and Mrs. E. C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Nickey J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs Floyd Kaufman Mr. and Mrs A. C. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kloek Rev. and Mrs. V. W. Koeper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Larson Mr. Orville Lee Mr. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Leier and Mrs. Oscar A. Lipke Dr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Joan M. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. E. W. McDiarmid G. R. McKay James P. McTie David J. Merrel A. R. Meyer Roy E. Milham Gust A. Miller H. Moffat Lyle A. Montgomery George L. Nason Gordan Nelson Nelson R. O. Nelson C. L. Olson D. L. Overbee Robert W. Perlich Harry Peterson Jack C. Peterson Walter O. Peterson Benjamin S. Pomeroy Igor Razskazoli' Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J- Stein Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rosenthal MFS- Wilfrid Stelmach Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Rosenwald Mr- and MIS- C- B- Stendahl Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Guzdonee If . . . Our Parent! Let your bending in tbe ezrclzerlr band befor gladneng Er efuen of be lobes the arrow rbofjiief, .ro He loves olro the bow that if stable. From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and Mrs. Richard Ross and Mrs. V. J. Roufs Verna Rozenburg and Mrs. Dorothy and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edward M. Rudie M. Ryan Russell H. Sage L. E. Sargent Donald R. Scherhert R. C. Schmugge Nicholas Schneider G. N. Schreifels Richard Schroeder H. A. Schwartz Frank J. Selhitschka Richard Siehert Warren P. Sievers Zika Simich Edward E. Slettom W. C. Soderlund V. E. Stech Arnold G. Steen Marvin Steen Mrs. Elaine Stephenson Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs -Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Leslie F. Strain Jackson Strane Cordon I. Swanson Milo H. Swanson Walter Swanson Walter Swanson R. W. Tenney James R. Thompson George P. Torgersen D. T. Tselos Frank J. Turi Frank J. Urman Lester Wachter A. F. Weber Ralph Weber Michael Weihrauch Willard L. Whitcomb Theadore L. Wieger Raymond S. Wolf Enos Wooding C. W. Youngdahl A. P. Zotalis Addison, Mr. Bill 14 Arola, Mrs. Barbara 15 Ashorth, Mr. James 15,14 Barnes, Mrs. Betsy 12 Broderick, Mr. Bernard 14,92,93,94 Bunce, Mr. Frederick 14 Causton, Mr. Ronald 13,91 Conley, Mrs. Lorraine 14,72 Datko, Mr. Edward 14,17 Ettinger, Mr. Jay 12 Fertig, Miss Virginia 13 Fulmek, Mr. Clarence 14,102 Helseth, Miss Valborg 15 Heron, Mr. Alexander 15,56 King, Mr. Leon 12 Kirkeby, Mr. George 12 Agnew, Mrs. Ethel 16 Bundy, Mrs. Marjorie 16 Gilsrud, Mrs. 16 Greschner, Mrs. Audrey 16 FACULTY Korpi, Mr. Robert 15 Lape, Mr. John 14,67 Lightborn, Miss Patricia 13 Line, Mr. Gerald 13, 17 Marengo, Mr. Lloyd 13 Merilla, Mr. Peter 15 Olds, Mrs. Doris 12 Palmer, Mr. James 12 Parnell, Mr. Wilford 14,9 Pearson, Mr. John 13,91,95 Perkins, Mrs. Mary 14 Peterson, Mrs. Karin 14 Peterson, Mrs. Viola 12 Petersen, Mr. Vernon 13 Porthan, Mr. Edward 13,101 Pose, Mr. Eugene 13 STAFF House, Marvin 16 Newquist, Mrs. Leona 16 Nims, Dave 16 O'Dwyre, Mrs. Winifred 16 Quinn, Mr. Bernard 13 Ritter, Mr. Robert 13,89,99,104 Rogers, Mr. Charles 13 Rose, Mr. George 13,98 Rose, Miss Gladys 12 Rossini, Mr. Reno 13,89 Rusch, Miss Mariorie 15 Shields, Mrs. Janet 13 Skelly, Mr. Gerald 14 Smith, Mrs. Lucille 14 Sorenson, Mr. Daniel 15,106 Tripp, Mr. Leslie 12,5 Trost, Mrs. Ruth 12 Vest, Miss Florence 14 Williamson, Mrs. Carol 14 Petersen, Mrs. Helen 16 Soderman, Vetalis 16 Stanner, LeRoy 16 Sutherlin, George 16 STUDENTS Abel, Owen 1121 18,94 Abler, Carla 191 48 , Abraham, Richard 1121 18,55,84,89,98,104 Acker, Cl ay 181 50 Acker, Rodger 1101 46,99 Addis, Roger 1121 18,80 Adey, Robin 191 48 Ahlgren, Mary 191 48 Aldean, Charles 191 48,51,91,97 Aldean, Mary 171 52,57 Alfonse, Andrea 1111 41 Allison, J ohn 191 47,91 Allison ,Susan 1111 41,61 Allred, Ri Amlotte, Amlotte, Amlotte, Amrhien, Amrhien, chard 1121 18,80 Jean 1101 45 Ronald 1111 41,96,106 Rosemary 181 50 Dennis 1111 40,55,80,100, Richard 1121 18,55,80,100 Amunrud, Charles 1101 44,96 Amunrud, Gary 1121 1B,55,80 Amunrud, Steven 171 47,96 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson , Bruce 1121 18,55,63,9B , David 171 48,52 , Douglas 191 47,91,99 , Gary 1121 18,55,100 , Jayson 191 49,95 , Jolenta 191 48 , Lynda 1111 18,82,83 , Mark nop 45 , Raymond 1121 18 , Robert 1101 44,48 , Sandra 1101 44 , Wayne 1121 18 Andrews, Barbara 181 50 Andrews, Jeanne 1101 44 Andrews, Mary 1111 41,74 Anker, Anita 1101 44,56,61,74 Anker, Sherry 171 52.57 Annabell, Michael 191 47 Arneman, John 1121 19,55,61,63,64,84,100 Arneson, Gregory 181 51 Arnold, Carol 1121 9,19 Arver, Christine 181 50 Ash, Frederick 181 50 Ashley, Roger 181 50 Auld, Kenneth 1121 19,55,89,96,104 Austad, Susan 1121 19,66 Avey, Margot 1111 56,41 Azure, Vincent 1121 l9,55,79,98,99,104,106 Bacon, Constance 191 47 Bacon, Richard 1121 19,55 Bailey, Denise 181 51 Baker, Orville 1121 19 Balthazor, Carol 191 49 Bantle, Gretchen 1121 19 Baran, Anthony 181 50,100 Baran, Gene 1111 55,96,103 Barnes, Cora Lee 181 51 Barrick, Mary Beth 1101 46 Barrick, Patricia 191 48 Barrick, William 1121 19,55,72,84,89 Barrows, Christine 171 52,57 Barsch, Rosalind 1121 19 Bartel, Leslie 171 52 Bartel, Penny 1101 44 Bartlett, Joy 1121 19,69,72,78,79 Bartlett, Marc 171 53 101,106 Bass, Carolyn 171 52 Batdorf, Bates, B Richard 181 50,57 ruce 1111 40,89,98,106 Bates, James 191 48,74,91,99 Bauer, Gregory 1101 91,97 Bauer, J Bauer, L Bauer, P Baukol, Bauman, Bauman, Bauman, Beatson, Benesch etilrey 181 50 eslie 191 48,74,75 aul 171 53 Marcia 1111 43 Betty 1121 20,61,64,69,72,79 Julie 171 12,52,57 Wendy 191 48,75 James 1101 46 Patricia 181 50 senson,'cmi un 41 Benson, Bentley, Bentley, John 191 47,74,99 Connie 171 52 Sheryl 1101 46 Berens, Stephen 191 47,56 Berge, Marcia 1101 46,73,78 Bergerud, David 191 47 Bergerud, Eric 1111 40,42 Bergeson, Jane 1121 9,20,74 Bergeson, Peter 181 51,57 Bergeson, Ruth 1101 46 Bernard, Gary 1121 20 Bernard, Mary Kay 1101 Beseman, Diane 1101 46 Beyer, Paulette 181 50,57 Beyer, Victoria 1111 43,56,57,61,72 Biedler, Margaret 1121 20 Biedler, Susan 1101 44 Bienhotf, Paul 191 48,96 Blonek, Robert 191 48,96 Blue, Barbara 1111 41 Blue, Thomas 191 47 lue, williem 1121 7,2o,72 Blume, Ella 171 52 Blume, Leigh 111140 Bohnenbluse, Diane 1111 42,43,56,6l Bone, Richard 1121 20,79 Bone, Virginia 171 52 Boudreau, Gail 191 48 Boudreau, Michael 1101 46 owman, Linda 171 52 Bowman, Steven 1101 44 Boyd, Paul 1101 44,56,91 Boyd, Paulette 1111 41,78,79 Boyd, Pauline 1121 20 Boyle, Michael 1101 44,74,100 Brand, Juliane 181 50 randt, Christine 1101 45 randt, John 171 53 randt, Martin 1121 20,5592 rasted, Donald 181 51 riggs, Jackie 1101 45,79 riggs, Marcia 1121 17,2O,63 rings, David 191 48 rings, Joan 1121 20,72 rink, Dan 1101 46,72,80,91,99,106 risk, Mary Jo 1101 44 robakken, Candace 1121 9,20,72 roberg, Carl 1111 41,55,104 roderick, Michael 1121 21,55,84,89,94,95,l03 roderick, Theresa 1101 44 rokaPPr Nancy 191 48 rokOPPr Robert 1111 41 ronkala, Margaret 171 57 rooks, Carol 1101 44 rooks, Donald 1121 21,97 rooks, Jeffery 1121 21 rown, Sandra 1121 21,74,78,82 ruce, James 191 48 ruce, Karen 1101 44 runnette, Gregory 191 48 Bulger, Christine 171 53,57 Bunting, William 1121 21 Burton, J. R. 1101 44 Byram, Diane 1101 46 aldwell, Beverly 191 48,74,77 Cameron, Dennis 1121 21,100 Cameron, Judith 171 53 arlson, Margaret 1111 41,79 arlson, Gregory 1121 21,55,5B,84,B9,90,9l, 94,102 Carlson, James 191 47,56,96 arr, Michael 181 50 Cashman, Joseph 191 48 Cerny, Mary 1121 37 Champagne, JoAnn 1121 Charlson, Don 181 50 Charlson, Vikki 191 49 Cheatham, Donald 191 Cheatham, Roger 181 49,50 Cheatham, Walter 1121 21,55,79,96 Chell, Arlene 1111 43,79 Chell, Geraldine 181 50 Chell, Kathleen 181 51 Chelstrom, Thomas 171 52 Cheney, Dennis 1121 21 Chisholm, Gary 181 50 Christensen, Karen 1121 21 Christensen, Lynne 1101 46 Christenson, John 191 47,74,9l,95 Christenson, Susan 1101 44,74,78 chrisrierr, Richard 1101 102 Christian, Roxann 171 53 Christian, Timothy, 191 48 Christianson, Carol 1121 9,l3,22,8l Christionson, David 191 49,79,91,99 Christopherson, Susan 1121 9,22,69,72 Clark, Dan 171 53 Clark, Georiean 1101 Clark, Michael 1111 40,89,94 Paul 191 47,91,95 Clayton, Corrine 181 51 Clayton, Mary 171 52 Coad, Charles 191 47 Coen, David 191 48,56 Coftman, Hugh 1121 22,59,61,63,67 Comstock, Barbara 1121 7,22,72 Comstock, Gayle 181 51 Condie, Ann 171 53 Condie, Tom 181 50 Condie, Kirk 1111 42,89,97,l06 Cook, Kathleen 181 50 Cooklin, Suzanne 171 52 Cooney, Bartley 1121 22,80 Cronquist, Gay 191 48,73 Cross, Marilyn 1111 43,61,78 Cross, 'Nancy 1111 43,61,78 Curtiss, Jan 1101 44,61,74,78 Curtiss, Leslie 1121 22,59,6l,64,69,76 79,90 Curtiss, Lynn 181 51 Cutkomp, Kent 1111 43,55,61,92,97,103 crrrkemp, Terry 1121 22,59,e4 Dahlquist, Nancy 181 50 Dalnes, Vicky 191 49 Dalton, Anne 181 51,57 Davies, John 1121 22,63,74 Day, Bradley 181 51 Delger, Jane 171 53 Devey, Barbara 171 52 DeWitt, Margaret 1111 43,56,57,58,72 Dohman, Sandra 191 48 Donavan, Kathleen 191 48,72 Dow, Elizabeth 171 53 Dow, William 1111 9,40,61 Drobac, David 1121 22,72 Drobac, Kimball 1111 4l,56,57,61 Dubruiel, Gail 191 47,72,73 Dunwald, Kathryn 191 48 Dunwald, Linda 1111 4l,78,82 Dunshee, Linda 151 51 Duren, Louise 1111 43,56,57 Eberhart, Lois 1101 44-,61,74,79 Eckstrom, Steve 181 50 Ed, John 1121 22,55,89,94,95 Edwards, Constance 191 47 Edwards, John 171 52 Ehlers, Steven 191 49,79 Ellefson, James 1121 22 Elliot, Quentin 191 48 Ellingson, Janice 1101 45,79 Elvester, Cheryl 1111 43 Elvester, Lynn 1121 17,23,61,83,108 Engle, Barbara 1121 23,59,64 Englund, Constance 1121 23,79 Englund, Daniel 171 53 Englund, Gary 1101 44-,89,99,106 Englund, Lynn 191 49 Engstrom, John 171 53 Esben, Gary 171 52,57 Ewy, Beth 171 53,57 Fales, Trudy 1111 42,78 Fardig, Paul 1121 23,55,59,64,100 Fardig, Stephen 191 48,79,100 Favilla, John 171 52 Favilla, Michael 1101 46 Fehrman, Loree 181 51 Field, Robert 1121 23,55,61,63,67,78,97 Field, Thomas 181 51 Figg, Ronald 181 48 Figg, Dennis 171 53 Finger, Linda 1111 43,72 Finger, Patricia 191 48,72 Flatten, Jananne 191 48,56 Fletcher, Lala 191 48 Floetl, George 1121 23,79 Forliti, Raymond 191 49,95 Foster, Suzanne 1121 23,67,108 Foster, Robert 191 48,50 Fox, Cedric 1121 23 Francis, George 1121 23 Freeman, Alice 181 50, 72 Freeman, Patricia 1111 43 Frerichs, Wendy 191 47 Frost, John 171 52 Frost, Ruth 1111 46,78 Frost, Thomas 1101 45,61,80,97,104 Gabrielson, Gerald 191 49,56 Gadwa, Peter 191 47 Gadwa, Robert 181 50 Gage, Roberta 191 49 Gallagher, Gallagher, Colleen 1101 46 Jean 1121 23,59,64 Gammel, Raymond 1121 23,78 Gardner, David 181 51 Gardner, Douglas 1101 44 Gasch, Dave 1101 9,46 Gasch, Steven 1121 24 Gast, Diann 1121 24,59,64,108 Gayman, Walter 1121 24,55,89,94,104 Gebson, John 191 48 Geer, Sherrill 191 48 Giefer, Gregory 191 47 Gieseke, Carol 1111 43,61 Giesek sem 1101 44 er Gilbert, Linda 1101 7,44,72 Gilbert, Sandra 1121 24,59,66 Gilman, Karin 1101 46 Givans, Ch arlene 191 47 Givans, Richard 1121 7,24,79 Givans, Suzanne 1101 44 Glaim, James 1101 45 Glaser, Susan 171 52,67 Gleason, Jessica 181 50 Gleason, Julie 1111 42,56 Good, Susan 181 52 Good, Thomas 1121 24,55,92,94,103 Gredvig, Theodore 1111 43,78,89,102 Gronert, Linda 1111 41 Gruetzman, Sandra 1101 44 Grunwald, Myrna 1121 24,59,66,72 Gunion, Sandra 191 48 Haechrel, Jean 1111 43 Haechrel, James 1121 24 Hagen, Dan 1101 46,96 Hagen, Da vid 1121 7,24,55,89,94,104,105 Hagen, Elise 1121 24,69,79 Hagen, Frederick 191 49 Hagen, Ronald 191 48,9l,95 Hahn, Linda 181 50 Hakenson, Peter 191 47,92,95 Hall, Mariorie 1121 24 Hallberg, Kristen 171 52,79 Hallberg, Mark 191 48 Hallen, Judy 1111 43,61,68,74,109 Hallenger, Harold 1121 25,78 Halstad, John 181 50 Halverson, Diane 181 51,57 Halverson, Lynda 181 50,57 Halvorson, Gretchen 1121 25,58,59,6l,62, 63,66,76,78,108 Halvorson, John Mark 1121 7,25,79 Halvorson, Lois 171 53 Halvorson, Martha 181 50,57 Halvorson, Martha 1111'43,74,79 Halvorson, Mary 181 51,57 Halvorson, Sara 1101 46,56,61,74,109 Hana, Bill 191 47 Hanna, James 1101 46 Hanna, Jean 181 50 Hanna, John 171 52 Hansen, David 171 53 Hanson, Dennis 171 52,57 Hanson, John 181 51 Hanson, Karen 181 50 Hanson, Pamela 171 52 Harris, Shelley 171 52 Hartwick, Janet 191 48,77 Hartwick, Katherine 1121 17,25,61,76,79,84 90 Hassinger, Bonnie 11 11 40,56,60,76,109 Haugan, Margot 181 50 Haught, Christine 191 47 Havir, Gary 171 52,57 Hayenga, Jo-Ann 1121 25,58,60,72,73, 84,108 Hayenga, James 171 52 Hayenga, Jeffery 191 47,91,98 Hayes, Healy, Janice 181 51 David 181 51 Heaton, Joan 191 49, 73,74,77 Heaton, Nancy 181 51,57 Heaton Hebbel , William 171 52,57 , Elizabeth 1111 40,43,58,78,109 Hebbel, Robert 1111 25,55,74,100 Hedberg, John 181 50 Heinn, Betty 1121 25,72 Heinn, Darrell 191 48,49 Heinz, Barbara 1111 42,79 Heinz, Heldt, Peggy 1101 45 James 191 48,56,95 Helgeson, William 171 52,79 Henning, Alison 171 52,57 Hemmeter, Lenore 191 47,49 Hendrickson, Luvern 1121 25 Herbst, Marlin 1101 44 Herbst, Michael 1101 25 Hess, Lynette 181 51 Heuer, Kathleen 181'51 Hingos, Cheryl 1101 45 Hinz, Glenn 1121 25 Hinz, Janice 1101 44 Hisdahl, David 171 52 HoFfman, Diana 1121 25,78 Hoffman, Jeanette 191 47 Hokanson, Cynthia 171 52 Hokanson, Karla 191 48,71,79 Hokanson, Mary 1121 17,26,59,61,64,108 Holets, Linda 1111 42 Holets, Steven 1101 46,56 Holland, Brian 1101 46 Holmquist, Jacquelyn 171 52,57 Holter, Susan 171 52 Holum, Gary 171 53 Hopp, Susan 181 50 Hopp, Thomas 1111 41,103 Hovland, Gregory 1121 26 Huemoeller, Regina 1121 26 Huemoeller, Robert 171 53 Hughes, Barbara 181 50 Hughes, Dennis 1101 44,80,91,100 Hughes, Leslie 1101 44 Huldeen, Louise 1101 46 Hunt, James 181 50,100 Hunt, Nancy 1111 42,109 Huso, Janet 1101 44 Huxley, Mary 191 48,56 Huwe, Lawrence 1101 89,99,106 Imbertson, Mark 191 48,97 lmbertson, Mary 1121 26 lngulsrud, Ruth 191 47 Ingvalson, Charles 1121 26,79 Ingvalson, Victoria 1101 46,56 lsakson, Jean 171 53 lsakson, John 171 52 lsherwood, Barbara 1101 45 lsherwood, Susan 181 51 Jack, Raymond 191 49,100 Jack, Ruth 171 52 Jackson, Wallace 1101 44,56 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jeri 171 52 Jerry 1121 26,55,79,89,94,95 Joyce 1121 26,64,72,108 Judith 191 48 Karen 191 48 Kirby 1121 26,78 Kristine 171 52 Johnson Linda 181 50 Johnson Lynette 181 51 Johnson, Marva 171 52 Johnson, Miles 171 52 Johnson, Richard 191 47 Johnson, Ross 1101 44,99 Johnson, Ruth 171 52 Johnson, Sally 1121 26,59,66,82 Johnson, Stephen 1121 17,26,55,58,84,89, 91,94,104 Johnson, Susan 191 47 Johnson, Thomas 181 50 Johnson, Vicki 1101 46,72 Johnson, William 1121 27 Johnston, Lawrence 191 48,97 Kalnais, Karinen, Silva 171 53 Robert 181 51 Kasper, Patricia 191 47 Jaynes, Devie 171 53,79 Jensen, Betty Jean 1121 26 Jensen, Christine 1111 42,43,61,76,78 Jensen James 191 48,74 Jensen: Wanda 111141,56 Johnson, Aldean 1101 45 Johnson, Barbara 1101 44 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Barbara 1101 45 , Cheryl 1101 45,56 , Constance 191 48 , Diana 1101 45,72,78 Johnson, Diane 1101 46,56 Johnson, Frank 1101 44,56 Johnson, Greg 171 52 Johnson, Janice 171 53 Kastner, Patricia 1101 44 Kaufman, Raymond 171 53 Kaufman, Rita 1101 44 Kaufman, Ronald 171 44,57 Kavanaugh, Barbara 181 51,57 Kavanaugh, Katherine 1111 43,56 Keating, Douglas 1111 9,40,97 Keleher, Louisa 191 47,74 Keleher, Paul 1111 42,55,103 Keller, Katherine 191 48,72,73 Keller, Lawrence 171 53 Keller, Vicki 1101 44,56 Kellogg, John 171 53 Kellogg, Susan 191 48 Kilmer, David 171 52 Kilmer, Nancy 1111 40 King, Carol 1111 72 Kirby, John 1121 27,55,58,89,94,104 Kirby, Lawrence 191 49,95 Kloek, Donald 171 52 Kloek, Linda 1121 27, 75 Knippenberg, Linda 1111 42 Knudsen, Charles 1111 42 Knutson, Janice 191 48 Knutson, Jeanne 171 53 Knutson, Walter 1101 9,91,99 Koecheler, Edward 191 47 Koecheler, Linda 191 48 Koenig, Barbara 191 47,56 Koenig, Bruce 191 47,56 Koenig, Frank 191 95 Koep, Diane 1101 46 Koeper, Charlotte 1121 27,79 Kortesmaki, Kathy 171 52 Krey, Kurt 171 53 Kroona, David 1111 42,80 Kroona, William 171 53 Krueger, Gerald 1121 27 Kruskopf, Judy 191 48 Kuefner, Kim 1101 44 Kuhn, Sheila 171 53 Kuiawa, John 1111 97,106 Kwong, Roger 1121 27,56,61,92,97,103 Laine, Edward 1111 42,55,72,92,94,102 Larkin, Richard 1121 27,67 Larsen, Robert 171 52 Larson, James 1121 27 Larson, Jean 1101 44 Larson, John 1111 94 Larson, Lynn 1101 44 Lauerer, Kathleen 1111 43,58,61,74,109 Lee, Lynnae 1121 27,79 Lee, Steve 1101 44,91,95,106 Lehrke, Allen 1111 80 Leier, Leonard 1121 27,55,79 Lembke, Margery 191 48,74 Leslie, Patricia 1111 42 Leslie, Susan 171 53 Leslie, William 191 47 Leu, Ronald 191 49,96 Lexcen, James 1111 42,80,92,94 Lewis, Jettery 191 48 Lind, Jill 1121 27 Lindemann, David 191 48 Lindamann, Douglass 1111 43,102 Lindamann, Sandra 181 51 Lindamann, Sharon 171 53 Lindgren, Glenn 171 52 Lindgren, Dirk 1101 46 Lindgren, Rebecca 181 51 Lindorfer, Margaret 1101 44,61 Link, Donald 1111 43,55,100 Lindstrom, Denny 171 52 Lipke, Janet 191 48 Lipke, Michael 1121 13,28 Lippert, Richard 1111 4l,55,94,102 Locke, Sherry 1111 43 Loeffler, Gregory 1101 46,99 Loeitler, Michael 181 51,56,100,101 Lotberg, Douglas 1101 44,56 Lonetti, Donald 111 141,92,94,106 Ludwig, Donald 1101 44,106 Lundstrom, Audrey 191 48 Lundstrom, Sally 1121 28 Lunseth, Steven 181 50 MacDonald, John 1111 42,80,100,106 MacDonald, Robert 171 52 Magnuson, John 1101 44,61,9l,95 Manchester, Lawrence 1101 44,56,91,99 Manchester, Ruth 1111 43 Mandsager, Richard 181 50 Manke, Linda 112128,78 Manthey, David 171 53 Mantis, Daphne 1111 43,56,109 Mantis, Katina 191 48,56,79 Marien, Greg 1111 42 Marsh, Helen 181 50 Marsh, John 1121 28,72 Marsh, William 1101 44 Marshall, Mary 1101 45,74 Marshall, Wells 1111 42 Martens, Kathleen 191 Martin, Patricia 191 48 Mastel, Rosemary 1101 44 Mather, Elizabeth 181 50 Maxson, Duane 1121 28 Maxson, Peter 181 51 Maxson, Virginia 1101 45 Mayne, Marc 171 52 Mayne, Mary 191 47 McAuley, Sheila 181 50 McCardle, Linda 191 48 McCardle, Patrick 1101 44 McDairmid, Mary 1121 28,61,78,84,10 McDonald, Elizabeth 181 50 McKay, Kathleen 1121 28,56,72 McMahon, Judy 1121 28,79 McMoy, Patricia 1111 43,74,109 McNeely, James 191 48 McPherson, Ann 171 12,53,57 McTie, James 1121 28,55,89,9l,94,104 Mead, Mike 1111 43 Melander, Nancy 1111 43,72 Melgaard, Renee 191 48 Merrell, David 191 47,74,99 Merrell, Edward 1121 28,55,98,99,104 Merrick, Claudia 1101 46,72 Merrick, Karen 171 53 Merwin, Alan 1121 28 Mettler, Daniel 181 51 Meyer, Dianne 1111 40 Meyer, James 191 47 Meyer, Robert 1121 29,55 Miesen, Jane 171 52 Milburn, Sheri 181 51 Milburn, Stephen C111 40,57,97,101 Milham , Claire llzy 25,63,78,79 Milham, Jane C81 50 Miller, Miller, Christine C91 48 Connie C1l143 Page, Nora C101 46,61,74,78,l09 Palarine, John C111 6O,74,89,l06 Parrott, Connie C111 42 Paskewitz, Donald C111 42,61,89 Paul, Louise C101 45 Sage, N Sandber nnny C121 31,56,59,66,72,108 9, Bill C71 53 Sanoden, Kathryn C71 52,53 Sargent, Sargent, Geraldine C7152 James C121 32,100 Miller, Dana C11143,96,106 Miller, Daniel C81 51,100 Miller, Dave C111 43,55,72,102 iller, Elaine C121 25,63,79,108 iller, Laurie C101 44 iller, Ricky C71 43,52,57 iller, Tom C71 53 ikertowski, Linda C101 45,72 inawa, Abraham C121 29, 61,64 itchell, John C91 47 itchell, Linda C81 50 Mitton, Stephen C71 52 Mohl, James C111 40 Paul, W Paulson, illiern C91 48 Daniel C91 49,79 Pearson, Gerald C101 45,74,1OO Pearson, Harlan C91 47,74,91,100 Peplinski, Ronald C121 30 Perlich, Jean C121 30 Peterson, Jacqueline C121 30 Peterson, Judith C71 53 Peterson, Karen C101 44 Peterson, Lois C121 30,59,61,64 Peterson, Lyning C101 7,44,92,95 Peterson, Michael C121 30,55,92,94,103 Peterson, Nancy C121 30,72,78 Satersmoen, Kay C101 46 Sautter, David C101 46,95 Schaaf, John C121 32,78 Schaefer, Donna C101 44,74 Scheiblauer, Linda C91 47 Schepers, Lawrence C121 32,56 Scherbert, Bruce C91 48,96 Scherbert, Diana C81 51,57 Scherbert, Jeanne C121 32,59,61,64, 82,83,108 Schmalz, Dave C101 45 Schmalz, Kenneth C101 46 Schmalz, Raymond C121 32 Montgomery, Judith C121 29,79 Morgan, Hebe C91 48 Morlock, John C81 51 Mortensen, Leah C101 44,79 Muehlstedt, Jean C111 40 Mueller, Alfred C101 46 Mullin, Mullin, Gregory C81 51,57 Margaret C121 7,29 Munson, Cynthia C71 53 Murowski, Brent C121 29 Murray, Heather C111 40,72,73,78 Murray, Lynda C111 61 Nace, Nace, Ellen C91 47 John C71 52 Narum, Jean C101 44,56 Narvaez, Darcia C71 52 Narvaez, Eric C121 29,55,72,92,97,102 Nason, Nason, Neil, L Neils, Nelson Nelson Mary C121 29,67,72 Steven C81 51 inda C101 46 Janine C81 51,57 , Benhart C91 48 , Bruce C121 29,55,92,103 'Nelson, Carla C101 46,56 Nelson, Christel C101 77 Nelson, Colleen C111 43,56,57 iNelson, Dean C111 40,55,89,91,100,103 Nelson, Gary C71 53 Nelson, Glenn C81 50 Nelson, Liatra C81 50 Nelson, Patricia C121 17,29,78,97 Nelson, Patrick C121 30,55,66,89,103 Nelson, Ronald C111 43,89,106 Nelson, Shelley C71 52 Nelson, Susan C91 47 Nelson, Warren C71 53 Neube ck, Peter C111 43,98,102 Nielsen, JoNell C81 51 Noble, JeFfery C71 53 Novak, John C91 47,98 Nutz, Gary C111 40,89,106 Nyberg, Gail C111 40 Nylund, Thomas C101 44,56,95 Obrien, Michael C101 46 Oien, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Gregory C71 33 Anne C101 45 Brian C111 40,78 David C121 30,55,72,92,104,106 Diane C101 44 James C91 49,100 Karen C81 50 Ostrem, Christine C71 52 Ostrem, Jeanne C111 40,57,72,73 Ott, Donald C71 52 Otto, Jay C121 30 Overbee, Dianne C101 44,72,73 Overbee, Mark C111 43,106 Overbee, Yvonne C121 30,72 Overgard, Jean C101 46,56,61,74 Overgard, Joan C81 51,57 Owens, Jane C101 44,72,73,78 Page, Emily C81 51 Peterson, Ralph C101 45,55,100,101 Pfutzenreuter, Carol C91 49,72,73 Pfutzenreuter, Richard C71 52 Piermantier, Edward C101 44,91,100, lol,lo6, Pinnow, Rudolph C101 46 Pittelkow, James C91 47,95 Plumley, Mark C101 44 Pogin, Richard C111 43,55,92,97 Polson, Sally C111 42 Pomeroy, Margaret C121 3O,72,73,78 Poye, Gregory C101 44,97 Pulsipher, Sara C101 44 Quale, Frank C121 31 Quale, Karen C91 48,72 Rauch, Lawrence C81 50 Razskazotif, Meredith C121 31,59,61, 67,108 Razskazotil, Susan C111 9,42,61,109 Reichow, Alan C81 51 Reichow, Cynthia C71 53 Reichow, Gail C91 47 Reichow, Sandra C111 40,73 Reinarz, Robert C81 51 Reinarz, Susan C111 41 Reisdorph, Pamela C91 47, 72 Reiter, Kathy C111 42,78 Reiter, Max C81 9,51 Rice, Roberta C101 53 Richards, Steven C121 31,97,102 Roan, Cheryl C71 52,57 Roan, Pamela C111 43,76,78,90 Robertson, Michael C71 52 Robins, Baiba C81 50 Rogen, Lois C101 46,74 Rogness, Andrew C111 40,42,55,60,61, 92,98,102 Rosenthal, Carol C121 31,69,79 Rosenthal, Noel C91 48,95 Rosenthal, Peter C111 42 Rosenthal, Rita C111 42 Rosenwald, Linda C101 46,72,74 Rosenwald, Michael C121 31,79 Rosier, Allen C71 52 Rosier, Donna C81 51 Ross, Jan C81 53 Ross, Richard C111 43,55,89,90 Ross, Sharon C121 9,31 Rottach, John C81 9,51 Roufs, Karen C121 31,79 Rozenberg, Gary C81 7 Rozenberg, Linda C121 31 Ruddick, Janelle C71 53 Rudie, Kathleen C121 17,31,59,61,66 Rueteler, Godfrey C81 51 RuFf, Patricia C101 46,74 Runyon, Kathy C101 45,61,72,73 Rupp, Robert C111 55,89,10O Ryan, Patricia C121 31 Rygg, Lisa C71 52,57 Sattorcl, Daral C81 51 Safford, Mark C101 45 Sanford, Kay C111 40,72 Schmidt, Robert C71 52 Schmugge, Laurel C121 9,32,61,72,73 Schmugge, Mark C91 48,74 Schmugge, Wendy C101 46 Schneider, James C121 32 Schoonmaker, Debra C71 52 Schoonmaker, Jon C111 40,56,10O Schreifels, Lawrence C121 32,55,89,94,104 Schroeder, Jane C91 47 Schroeder, Jane C91 47,71,79 Schroeder, John C71 52,79 Schroeder, Susan C121 17,32,58, 59,63,67 Schubring, Paul C111 40,55,82,102 Schultz, Schultz, Lavonne C121 9,32 Ricardo C101 44,91,97 Schwartz, Henry C121 32,80 Schwartz, Wayne C101 44,56,95 Scott, Janice C121 33 Selbitschka, Frank C101 46 Selbitschka, Joseph C121 33 Shalles, Shatto, Bruce C121 33 Patricia C121 33 Sheldon, Carole C111 43 Sheldon, Michael C71 52 Sherman, Mary Ann C121 33 Shotilner, Patti C111 58,79 Shotifner, Robert C91 47,99 Shoffner, Sonya C121 33,72,73 Shulstad, John C101 44 Shulstad, Lenora C121 33,59,61,64 Shuster, Jettrey C101 44 Siebert, Stephanie C121 33, 69,78 Sievers, Lynn Dee C121 33,72 Sievers, Mike C71 52 Simich, Alexander C121 33,98 Simon, Edward C111 42,80 Simon, Susan C101 46 Skildum, Thomas C111 43,102 Skovholt, Jane C101 445,6,61,74 Slettom, Slettom, John C101 46,78 William C121 33 Smith, Denise C71 52 Smith, Donna C11142 Smith, J ohn C101 44,56,95 Smith, Pamela C71 52 Smith, Ronald C81 51,57 Smith, Susan C81 50 Smith, Vernon C101 46,95 Snyder, Solstad, sive lily 42,6l,74,lo9 John C91 49,72,100 Sontag, Judi C111 4O,43,72,76,9O Sorenson, John C111 42 Souther, Barbara C111 42,43,61,72,73,79 Souther, Richard C111 43,56,61,100 Sparks, John C111 43,80,100 Spooner, Thomas C81 51,57 Stohosky, Ellen C81 51 Stark, Gary C111 42 Stech, Steen, Steen, Stein, Kathleen C121 34,59,64,79,108 Diane C121 34,79 Roger C121 34,78 James C81 50 Stein, Kerry 1121 9,34,83,92 Stein, Susan 181 50 Steinhauser, Mark 191 47,74,1OO Stelmach, Cheryl 1121 34,84 Stendahl, Carl 1121 34 Stendahl, Howard 181 50,96 Stendahl, Larry 1111 42 Stephenson, Judith 1121 34 Stewart, Terry 1101 44 Stillson, Steve 171 52 Stish, Peter 171 52 Stoeckler, Joel 181 50 Strain, Patricia 1121 34 Strandquist, Glen 181 19 Strandquist, Harry 1101 44,91,97 Strane, Joy 1111 42,451,109 Strane, Star 1121 34,72 Stratton, Deborah 181 51 Stratton, Dennis 1101 46 Stultz, Barbara 191 48 Stumm, Robert 1111 42 Sullivan, Kathleen 1111 76,90 Sundstrom, Marlene 1101 44 Sundstrom, Warren 171 52 Sutton, Gloria 1111 42,56,109 Svendsen, Kathleen 1121 34 Svendsen, Rebecca 181 50 Swanson, Swanson, Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson, Swanson Swanson, Barbara 1121 34,78 Carol 181 50 Dale 1121 35,55,61,89,98 Dean 110146,61,91,102 Janet 171 53 Karen 191 48 Ronald 1121 35,55,98 Sonia 1101 45 Thomas 1121 35,79 Sweetland, Gale 191 47,75 Sweetland, Heather 171 53,79 Swendseid, Rachel 171 52 Swensgard, Allen 1111 43 Swensgard, Ronald 171 53 Teig, Marsha 191 47 Tenney, Judith 1121 35,63,76,78,90 Thoennes, Barbara 1101 44,79 Thompson, Kathryn 171 52,57 Thompson, Nancy 1121 35,64 Thompson, Nathan 181 9,51,94 Thorstenson, Timothy 191 48,74,99 Threlkeld, Kathryn 181 7 Thurow, Patricia 1111 42,43,56,72,76 Thurow, Paula 181 57 Tobin, John 1101 46 Tobin, Scott 191 47,56 Torgerson, Elizabeth 1121 35,64,72, 73,78,83 Trapp, Donald 1121 35,56,78 Trapp, Richard 171 53 Trower, Ernest 1101 44 Tselos, Susan 1121 35,79 Tunell, Cheryl 1101 46,56 Tunell, Lawrence 111 143,55,89,97,106 Turi, Charles 1121 35,55,89,104 Turi, Timothy 1101 46 Turnbull, Douglas 1111 43,61 Turnquist, Richard 1101 45,8O,9l,95 Ubel, Christine 191 48,72 Ubel, William 1111 43 Underhill, Sarah 1101 46,74 Underhill, William 1111 43,89,103 Uram, Nancy 1111 43,78 Urbanski, Clemens 1101 45,55,91 Urman, Carol 1121 35 Vaslievsky, George 171 57 Vick, Vicki 171 52 Vickers, David 1121 35,55,96,104 Vickers, Douglas 1111 42 Vigil, Michael 1121 36,98 vigil, Orlando 1101 44 Vigil, Viola 1101 46 Vinie, Linda 1111 42 Vogelsang, Lynn 1111 43 Vogelsang, Gary 191 48,95 Vollmer, Robert 171 52 Vong, Kathleen 1101 44 Wachter, Clarlynn 1121 36,69,78,83 Wagenaar, Ann 171 52,57 Wagner, John 171 52 Wagner, Susan 181 51 Wahlberg, Mark 181 51,57,100 Wahlberg, Pamela 1101 45,74,78 Wall, Mary 1101 44,79 Wanek, Muriel 191 47 Wanek, Richard 1111 42 Watson, Elizabeth 171 52,57 Watt, Constance 191 47,56,74 Watt, Deborah 1111 41,56,72 Weber, Weber Elizabeth 191 47,79 Gerald 1121 36 94 Weber: John 1121 55,8990 Weber, Kathryn 1121 l7,36,64,79 Weber, William 1121 36,79 Weflen, Michael 181 51 Weihra Weihra Weiss, Weiss, Wether Wether uch, Larry 1101 44,91,106 uch, Nancy 1121 36 Josie 1101 46 Richard 191 45 by, Bruce 191 47,97 by, Duane 171 53 Whitcomb, Bruce 1121 36 Whitcomb, Nancy 1101 7,46 White, Charles 1101 44,91 White, Elizabeth 1111 42,61,72 White, Terrence 171 52 Wiger, Willey, Theodore 1121 36 Mitchell 1101 44 Williams, Janet 171 52,57 Willman, Keith 1121 36,55,9'l,103 Winchell, Lucille 171 52 Winchell, Virginia 191 48 Winchell, William 181 48,51 Winge, Donald 181 7 Wirtz, David 1111 42 Wirtz, Mary Ann 171 53 Wise, Danny 171 52 Wolf, James 1121 l7,36,55,61,63,64,98 Wolf, Mary 1101 44 Woodhouse, Mary 191 48,72 Wooding, Steven 1121 36 Woodis, Harry 171 52 Woolery, Michael 1111 41 Workman, Charles 191 48 Wright, Rex 171 52 Yonker, Vivian 1101 48 Youngdahl, Alan 171 53 Youngdahl, Donna 1121 37,78,84 Zalar, Cynthia my 42,6l,l09 Zalar, Mary 1101 44 Zotalis, Charles 1121 37,l00,0 ln Appreciation The 1965 Pilot staff expresses sincere thanks to: Mr. John Lape, our advisor, who helped us through our deadlines and many problems A. J. Dahl Company, yearbook covers Mr. O. L. Mios Mr. Lance Johnson Bayport Printing House Mr. Donald Swisher Brown Engravers, Inc. Mr. Carroll Brown Bacheller-Stalvig Photography Mr. Kenneth Bacheller Mr. Murlyn Stalvig Our Patrons The administration and the faculty for their cooperation in Pilot proiects The students of Murray for their encouragement and sup- port throughout the year A very special thanks goes to Paul Fardig, our pho- tographer, for his patience with us. He has cap- tured the true moods of Murray through his excel- lent photography. Mary Hokanson Jeanne Scherbert Betty Bauman Jean Gallagher Kathy Weber --- Leslie Curtiss Joyce Johnson Chris Shulstad -- Terry Cutkomp Paul Fardig Kathy Stech -- Barb Engle Diann Gast Lois Peterson --- Liz Torgerson --- Terry Cutkomp -- Paul Fardig .... Hugh Coffman Wells Marshall -- Mr. John Lape --- --- Co-editors Index editors -- Senior editors -- Class editors -- Sports editors - - - - Activity editors Advertising editor - - - - - Art editor Business Manager Nancy Thompson --- ---- ----- Photographer - --- Ass't. Photographers ,----------- Advisor if V ' """"' "' W Q as . wf ' Al n A v xx' rf ,i ' Q 1 N N ' , ' 4 . qv A .. X, f' i g. ,XX . mlb : LL ? M. x L ' ' - ,WLQ W Y , Q Q "II M1 +-1 5? II we' -Q' 9' V lg k, Q' -5. XY: Y'-"Ad" 'I' V"?'1"-rf w . N .,.,,. ,, N , M V - ' ' ,. 1,-W -aww--'fm-wma. 1........, .,...,... .- ..v. A ..., - . Fu . 1 . - --1, , -v-Q4 if V 4: gf: if ,1-, - A A V N .

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