Murray High School - Pilot Yearbook (St Paul, MN)

 - Class of 1962

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Murray High School - Pilot Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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fx WM MM' Aff. xfft-fffM'M1 JHMMM s Vw J 1 jQAJ .afw0 wvvtdfyf-f"M'0 ' 4 I V0 M Mm WM -+ ff! an-J' wwf MJQ ' G-M . GMA Qkcgxjfdgf 04,1552 cf L gf' if ay , el ff wwylfy ? CLE CR M +5 Q2 RQ - ww, 055' ?i,a,M JNL QW of fl Rig? 22267 itch M Q X ,EPM ccW4fwJ4 9,,ue..m X V QM! 5' lklafwxf . F -JC61-ffifrllei, MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL St Paul Minnesota MMM www L nda Johnson Bernad ne Stevenson Volume 23 Bus ness Manager Larry Sargent Adviser Mr John Lape :ll X :if O ' I Co-editors: i i i : ' o fsf eaiiiaaaxii M l 2 Q 4 mg I A 5, 35235222227 ' 1 f if? f 1 ' -'-" 5, 1 A Evfiiih. K ,Vkh E55 f Q 75 if .41 9lN'f5'b -1 igigfwf .l - vi Exmfix S xiffsnmwsggv Y QS 5+ Z5 X 5 in W 4 Wg! mi ai Q 1 wifi ? jawv qw f 1 A L. 4 f gy iQ?S?+gi3fi52fE4fWw Y 5 ff wi 5 gjwpv W ff, s l v M! v M mf A QEFQF54' Jw M4 , '11 x 31 THE PILOT 'I962 pvc Academncs, school lute, ath letlcs and the communlty are fragments of memories buts of the fixed picture of our hugh school years that wlll re mam with us throughout our lives Each section of this book as a part of the composite plc ture represented by a piece of a pgsaw puzzle These pieces, when taken as a whole, form the puzzle, giv ing a complete picture of the school year and the year- book itself. Vw cgifp J, E QQ W2 QQ? NNN awww" 'T :J " N pnY'Jg12'k.. u 4 Z ,I W 7 X- . . I. Wqp ' ' . ' . t Q o I tl f -F-l c u - C . Q 0 1-Z C X ' . . . 5 Q . ' 12 PR M .QQ -4f"2ffL,.61. fffwzffff xv X L ff Q-1 N we X-5 Vw, N ff , 5 Xt 5 .50 JJ ,D 1 SSL LXYVJV Academics 4 Athletics 42 61 Community 100 120 A X ' .... 8- 1 School Life .... 62-99 Qi QW for the many opportunities of learning offered to us to help in achieving our goals and realizing our ambitions the 1962 Pilot stat? IS dedicating this yearbook ln apprecla tion to our school We will remember the ex pernences had in the chemls try and biology laboratories music rooms the home eco nomlcs kitchen and the ll brary These facilities and others, which saw much use through many years, are about to be changed The new addition, upon completion, will feature im- psrovementsasssof the various departments. However, the seniors of 1962 will remem- ber the old rooms and these familiar views. . . . . ,,..,ppullll"""'f Q9f,4,, f,fZ 1110 .X M 1-.,.f 4 ACADEMICS .-..d.!,. ,.. .L 5 V5 :,,,,3N . C s Faculty Is Always Dependable Important in the lives of the students are Murray's counselors. it seems that they are always busy helping students over rough spots or giving tests and helpful ad- vice on which college would be best suited to a particu- lar student. Everyone will fondly remember Mr. James Palmer and Miss Gladys Rose as willing and ready to help us with problems without hesitation whenever needed. Checking up on absent stu- dents is only one of the end- less duties of the office staff. Indispensable to the workings of Murray High School are Mrs. Betsy Barnes at left and Miss Ruth Trost. Those who find them- selves in need of medical atten- tion are sympathetically dealt with by Mrs. Viola Peterson, the school nurse. Working closely together in school matters are Mr. Leslie Tripp, principal, and Mr. Donald Simme- link, assistant principal. They are the coordinators of all school affairs. Their daily duties dealing with students keep them busy. ln spite of their crowded schedules, both find time to support Murray's athletic teams. Besides working closely together, they must keep in close contact with the teachers. They are respon- sible for maintaining the atmosphere ofa closely knit family among the faculty. Enjoying the showcase display are Mr. David Lam from Macalester College and Miss Carol Schielderup from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Lam aided Miss Paschke in her math classes and Miss Schielderup practiced teaching tech- niques in Mrs. Fisker's home economics classes. Mr. Donald Simensen taught senior social studies classes during Mr. Mather's absence. Taking a few moments from their busy sched- ule to chat in the hall are Miss Florence Vest, Miss Mary Healy, and Mrs. Anne Fisker. Miss Vest is the head of Murray's speech de- partment. She directs the Senior Class Play and is adviser tor Dramatic Club. Miss Healy teaches junior English, Mrs, Fisker is Murray's home economics teacher, ably instructing girls in the arts of sewing and cooking, All three have given much of their time and talents in service to Murray and its students. Ready To Serve Standing in the hall are Mr. Alexander Heron, Mr. Charles Rogers, and Mr. Lloyd Marengo. Mr. Heron is Murray's band leader and organizer ot the annual Spring Band Concert. Mr. Rogers teaches American history and ninth grade social studies and is the organizer ot the Social Studies Club, while Mr. Marengo instructs juniors and seniors in physics classes. Getting a ringside view ot construction are Mr. Eugene Pose, Miss Margaret Pasch- ke, Mrs. Lucille Smith, Mr. Leon King, and Mr. John Lape. Mr. Pose is the metal and wood shop in- structor, Miss Paschke is the math instructor, while Mrs. Smith teaches chemistry and science. Mr. King is the librarian. Mr. Lape teaches journalism and English. Stopping by the mailboxes in the morning becomes the ritual of all teach- ers. Here is Mr. Edward Datko telling Miss Louise Pederson and Mrs. Patricia Fritsche a ioke, while Mr. Addison reads his mail, Mr, Datko teaches English and read- ing, Miss Pederson teaches English and math, Mrs. Fritsche teaches physical edu- cation, and Mr. Addison teaches English and Latin. .--egg, l 12 This year Murray was happy to welcome four new teachers to its pres- ent staff. Seated at a table in the library are Mrs. Irene Zimmerman, who teaches Spanish, Miss Mariorie Rusch, music instructor, Mr. Daniel Sorenson, who has taken charge of the art classes, and Mrs. Margaret Berdahl, who teaches both German and English and is adviser of the German Club and newly organized German Round Singers. Assembled in the equipment H room to talk over coming sports are Murray's coaches, from left Q to right, Mr. Bernard Broderick, l Mr. Reno Rossini, Mr. Vernon Petersen, Mr. Clarence Fulmek, Mr. George Rose, Mr. Robert Ritter, and Mr. John Pearson. These men put forth great ef- fort in training their teams for competition and teaching them good sportsmanship, whether on the field or off, which will be of great help to them in later life. Preparing Students Pausing to have their picture taken are Mrs. Dona teaches math. Miss Helseth is in charge of Business Duffy, Miss Virginia Fertig, Miss Louise Smith, Miss Val- Cadettes and has shorthand and typing classes. Miss borg Helgeth, and Miss Mqrggreftq Ellsworth. Ellsworth teaches seventh, eighth, and ninth grade social Mrs. Duffy teaches English. Miss Fertig teaches Ameri- studies classes. can and world history. Miss Smith advises F.T.A. and Taking a moment to relax before returning to their num- erous tasks is Murray's indi- spensable maintenance staff. Mr. Marvin House, Mr. George Sutherlin, Mrs. Lyola Pillow, Mr. Ernest Anderson, and Mr. Tully Soderman are enjoying their break conversing in the gym. Just a few of their count- less duties are keeping class- rooms clean and heated to provide comfortable conditions for students, and keeping walks free of snow and ice during the winter. For Richer Future Lives Working hard to prepare lunches for Murray students and faculty are these three members of the kitchen staff. Looking into Getting ready to serve lunch to over 350 students and faculty mem- bers vvho buy their lunches daily are these kitchen workers. Waiting pa- tiently for the lunch bell to ring and the flood of students to arrive are Mrs. Ethel Agnevv, Mrs. Ordena Magnuson, and Mrs. Esther Wilke. During each of the three lunch periods there is a seemingly endless line of hungry peo- ple avvaiting their quick and efficient service. the oven to check the baking goods is Mrs. Margaret McGuire. Mrs. Mary Woldt and Mrs. Leona Newquist butter freshly baked rolls. Scores of these rolls are devoured each day by hungry students after the tan- talizing aroma of their baking has begun to work on taste buds. rrii :gp be-.M . . ,.:. ,G ,.:, . , BACHE, WILLIAM- ALEXANDER, RICHARD-Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Jr. Varsity Football 2, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. ALLEN, ARLEY-Protection Crew 2, 3. ALLRED, MARCIA-FTA 3, 4, Pres. 4, GAA I, 2, Girls' League I-3, Spanish Club i-3, V. Pres. 2, Prog. Chm. 3. AMRHIEN, WILLIAM-Latin Club l, Hill High School 2. ANDERSON, GARY--Gymnastics 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Latin Club 3, M Club 2-4, V. Pres. 4, Sr. Class Pres., Soph. Class Board, Tennis 2. APPEL, SANDRA-GAA 2, Girls' League l-3, Student Council Rep. 4. "For Murray High We Give A Cheer" BAKER, JUDITH-Flag Twirler 2-4, Letter Award 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2, Girls' League l-3, Spanish Club 2. BARSCH, JANET-D Group I, 2, FTA 4, GAA i, 2, German Club 3, Girls' League l-3, Murcurie Agent i, Student Coun- cil 4 , . BAUER, JOHN-Jr. Varsity Baseball l, 2, Cross Country 4, Jr. Varsity Football l, 2, Jr. Varsity Hockey l, 2, Sr. Varsity 4, Latin Club 'l, Pilot Agent 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 2, 3, Tennis 3. BAUMAN, GARY- BERG, SUSANNE-Business Cadettes 4, Sr. Choir 4, FTA 4, GAA l, Girls' League i-3, School Service 3, Central High School l. BERGER, SUSAN-Business Cadettes 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. 14 BERGMANN, MICHAEL-Band 2-4, Letter Awards 2, 3, Treas. 4, Cross Country 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Capt. 4, Jr. Class Board, Library Club 2-4, M Club 2-4, Pres, 4, Soph. Class Sgt. at Arms, Swimming 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Co-Capt. 4, Track 2-4, Letter Award 2-4, Sr. Class Board. BEYER, JEFFREY-Dramatic Club 3, 4, Sr. Varsity Football T-3, Letter Awards 2, 3, Jr. Varsity Hockey 'l, Sr, Varsity 2-4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Intramurals 3, M Club 2-4. BONE, VICTORIA-Co-Pilots 2, D Group i-3, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 3, German Club 2, 3, Girls' League l-3, Library Club 3, 4, Soph. Class Board. BORGESON, VICTOR-Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Library Club 2-4, Pilot Agent l-4, Sr. Class Play 4. BOYLE, PATRICIA-FTA 3, 4, GAA i-4, Sporthead 3, Rec. Sec. 4, Letter Award 3, Girls' League l-3, Homecoming Queen Cand., Jr. Class Board, Latin Club I-3, Library Club 2-4, Prog. Chm. 4, Murcurie Agent T, 2, Staff 4, Prom Co-Chm. 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Sr. Class Board, Soph. Class V. Pres., Student Council Rep. 2. BRAA, VIRGINIA-Business Cadettes 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA l-4, Sport- head 3, Letter Award 3, Girls' League l-3, Rep, 2, Murcurie Agent 2, Pilot Agent l, School Service 3, Spanish Club l, 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 3. BRASTED, MARY-D Group l, FTA 3, 4, GAA l-3, Letter Award 3, Girls' League I-3, Latin Club I, 2, Library Club 2-4, Rec. Sec. 4, Pilot Sr. Ed. 4, Agent 2-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Sr. Class Board. Q-jig! Say Joyous Seniors Loud Ancl Clear .5 ,nav BRODERICK, CATHERINE-Band l, 2, Letter Award 2, FTA 3, 4, GAA l-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Girls' League l-3, Rep. l-3, Oftice Force l, Pilot Agent 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, School Service 3, Sr. Class Board 4. BROWN, KATHERINE-Band 2, 3, Letter Award 3, D Group I, 2, FTA 4, GAA l-4, Sporthead 3, V. Pres. 4, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie News Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 3, Girls' League l-3. BRUCE, NORMA-Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. CADWELL, BETTY-Business Cadettes 3, 4, Treas. 4, Co- Pilots 2, FTA 3, 4, Treas. 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Girls' League l-3, Latin Club l, Murcurie Acc't. 4, Agent 2-4, Pilot Acc't. 3, 4, Typist 4, Agent l, Quill and Scroll 4. CANNONS, JEANNE-Sr. Choir 2, 4, Co-Pilots 2, 4, Capt. 4, FTA 3, Girls' League 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. CARLSON, JUDITH-Sr, Choir 2-4, GAA I, 2, Girls' League I-3, Murcurie Agent 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2, Co-Prog. Chm. 2, Trio 2, 3. 'I5 . 1 5 315:11 :Q in was . i K . 'KX 5 .2 in Ei?-egg-. CARLSON, RICHARD-Gymnastics 2-4, Letter Awards 2-45 M Club 2-45 Como Pk. Jr. High School I. CECCHI, ANNA-D Group i-45 FTA 35 GAA l, 25 Girls' League I-35 Latin Club l. CERNY, ANN-Jr. Choir l, Sr. Choir 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 FTA 45 GAA l-4, Letter Award 35 German Club 3, 45 Girls' League l-35 Latin Club l, 25 Murcurie Co-Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Library Club 2-4. CHRISTENSEN, JANE-Blarney Ball Queen 25 Canteen Board 35 FTA 35 GAA I-45 Girls' League l-35 Homecoming Queen Cond. 45 Jr, Class Board5 Murcurie Agent 25 Pilot Sports Ed. 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Spanish Club l-35 Student Coun- cil 3, 4, V. Pres. 45 American High School, Mexico City, Mexico 2. CLEMEN, RICHARD-Jr. Varsity Basketball l, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 45 Jr. Varsity Football l, 2. CLEMENTS, ANN-FTA 45 Girls' League 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Lincoln High School, Redwood Falls, Minn, l. For Friendships Made COONEY, MARY-FTA 35 Girls' League l-3. CUTKOMP, KAY-Co-Pilots 25 FTA 3, 45 GAA l-4, Letter Award 45 Girls' League l-35 Murcurie News Ed. 4, Agent 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Spanish Club I, 2. tures. DELGER, MARY-Canteen Board 35 Dramatic Club 45 FTA 3, 45 GAA l-4, Letter Award 35 Girls' League l-35 Latin Club l, 25 Sr. Class Play 45 Student Council Rep. 3. DURANT, BRUCE-Band l, 25 Dramatic Club 45 Intramurals 1, 25 Murcurie Agent 45 Pilot Agent 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Student Council Rep. 25 Wrestling 4. EDDY, KAY-FTA 3, 45 GAA l-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Corres. Sec. 45 German Club 2-45 Girls' League l-35 Latin Club lg Murcurie Sports Ed. 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Treas. 45 Student Council Rep. 2, 3. FORBES, WILLIAM-Baseball Mgr. 2-45 Basketball Mgr. 2-4, Letter Award 4. GADLER, TIMOTHY-Jr. Varsity Baseball 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Award 45 Dramatic Club 45 German Club 35 M Club 45 Sr. Class Play 45 North Jr. High School, Colo. Springs, Colo. l. K GARDNER, THOMAS-Proiection Crew 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. GIVING, INGRID-D Group I, Sr. Choir 2-4, Dramatic Club 2-4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Letter Award 3, All City 4, German Club 2-4, V. Pres. 4, Girls' League I-3, Sr. Class Play 4, Sr. Class Sec., Soph. Class Board. GRECCO, CHERYL-Sr. Choir 2-4, FTA 4, Girls' League I-3, Latin Club I, 2, Octette 2-4, Sr, Class Play 4, Dramatic Club 4. HAFF, GUY-Jr. Varsity Basketball I, Cross Country 4, Letter Award 4, Dramatic Club 4, Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, M Club 4, Pilot Agent 4, Ass't. Business Mgr. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Track 3, 4. HALLEN, DAVID-D Group I-4, Intramurals 2, 3, Jr. Class Board, Latin Club 2-4, Proiection Crew 3, Student Council Rep. 4, Sr, Class Board 4, Coma Pk. Jr. High School I. HALVORSEN, PATRICK-German Club 3, School Service 4. L .g . , L L . ILA - 5 E ' Y L me M f X c c , . M . ., .... is ..,, , Lasting Ancl True P5 , 3 -, -HQ ia? ww ' 43 HARTMAN, IRIS-Dramatic Club 4, GAA 4, German Club 4, Library Club 4, Pilot Agent 4, Sr. Class Play 4, AFS Exchange Student 4, Keslce-Suomen Yhteislcoulu, Jyvaslcyla, Finland. HARTWICK, STEPHEN-Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4, German Club 3, Library Club 2-4, M Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent I, 2, Pilot Agent I, Proiection Crew 3, Student Council Rep, 4. HAUGAN, SIGURD-Jr. Varsity Football I, German Club 4, Latin Club I, 2, Library Club 3, 4. 1 QP' - I' HENNESSY DONNA Co Pilots 2 Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4 Girls League I 3 School Service 3 4 HILLSTROM, LINDA-Sr. Choir 2-4, Co-Pilots 2, FTA 3, 4, Girls' League I-3, School Service 3, 4, Sno Princess Cand. I. HOPP, CAROLINE-Band I-3, Letter Award 2, FTA 3, 4, GAA HEMMING, SANDRA-Girls' League I-3, Student Council Rep. 2. , 1 r Q 1 ' ' - 1 ' 1 - I-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League I-3, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Spanish Club I-4, Sec. 2, Student Council Rep. 4. I7 HOSKING, WILLIAM-Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, Jr. Varsity Hockey I, 2, Intramurals I, 2. HUNT, SUSAN-Blarney Ball Queen Cand. 2, Cheerleader 2-4, Capt. 3, GAA I-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, Ger- man Club 2, 3, Treas. 3, Girls' League I-3, Treas. 3, Mur- curie Agent 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Soph. Class Sec., Student Council Rep. I. HUTTON, MARY ANN-Business Cad-ettes 4, FTA 3, GAA I, 2, Girls' League I-3. JACK, SUSAN-Canteen Board 3, Co-Pilots 2, FTA 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, GAA 2-4, Girls' League 2, 3, Rep, 2, 3, Home- coming Queen 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Pilot Adv. Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Student Council Rep. 4, Como Pk. Jr. High School ,I. JENSEN, SANDRA-Cheerleader 2-4, Sr. Choir 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, GAA I-3, Girls' League I-3. JOHNSON, BETH-D Group 3, 4, Band 2, Girls' League 2, 3, Girls State 3, Jr. Class Treas, Spanish Club 2, 3, Pres. 3, Tri-Mont High School, Tri-Mont, Minn. I W 'Que 51.215 A be '95 3 wif . 1 i , 95" in BP rw' Murray, We Are Loyal To You J-'mx 5 JOHNSON, LINDA-Canteen Board 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA I-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, Girls' League I-3, Homecoming Queen Cond. 4, Latin Club I-3, Library Club 2-4, Pilot Co-Editor, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Sno Princess I, Jr. Student Council Sec. I. JOHNSON, ROBERT-Stage Force 2, Como Pk, Jr. High School I. JOSEPHSON, RENEE-Business Cadettes 4, Sr. Choir 4, FTA 4, GAA 2, Girls' League 2, 3, Office Force I, Spanish Club 2, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. 4x0"e0- E Baz 1 ,fx i 'Q qv- ' r ii ' . , A I . rl. ., ' K , ,.,: i g .M ,af if ' A I ...AZ Q., , I8 KARNER, JOAN-GAA I-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League I-3, Murcurie Agent 2, Adv. Ed. 4, Spanish Club I-4. KERL, BARBARA-Band 2-4, Letter Award 2, GAA I-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League I-3, Sr. Class Play 4, Student Council Rep. 2. KISSANE, JEANNE-Dramatic Club 4, Choir 4, Washington High School 2, 3. KNIPPENBERG, LORAYNE-Band 2-4, Letter Award 2-4, D Group I-3, FTA 4, GAA 2-4, Letter Award 3, German Club 2-4, Girls' League 2, 3, Rep. 2, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. KOEP, JUDY-Business Cadettes 4, Prog. Ch. 4, V. Pres, 4, Sr. Choir 4, FTA 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Girls League I-3. KRASTINS, ULDlS-Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Pilot Agent 2, Sr. Class Play 4, School Service 2, Student Council 4, Track 2, Dramatic Club 4, Riverdale High School, Riverdale, N. Dak. F. KUHN, RONALD-Blarney Ball King Cand. 2, D Group l-4, Golf 2-4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Jr. Class Board, Latin Club . 2-4, Library Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, M Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Board, Swimming 2-4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. gn, F KURZ, MARGARET-Blarney Ball Queen Cand. 2, FTA 3, 4, Sec. 4, GAA I-3, German Club 3, 4, Girls' League l-3, Latin Club I, 2, Sno Princess Cand. l. if in xi ik Q , LAFOND, KAREN-Business Cadettes 4, Canteen Board 3, 'F ,,'f f' GAA l-4, Girls' League I-3, Jr. Class Sec., Latin Club l, 2, Soph. Class Board. X J LAMPHER, ROBERT-Student Council Rep. 4. As We Leave Foncl Memories LANDIS, JOHN-Cross Country 4, Letter Award 4, Dramatic Club 4, Jr. Varsity Football l, M Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Board, Sr. Class Play 4, Sno Prince Cand. l, Track l-4, Letter Awards 3, 4. LAUERER, JOAN-Band l-4, V. Pres. 4, Letter Awards 2, 3, FTA 3, GAA l-4, Sport- head 3, Letter Award 3, Pres. 4, All City 4, Girls' League I-3, Rep. I, Latin Club , l, 2, Murcurie Adv. Ed. 4, Pilot Agent 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 4. ,.A, , I ',., LEMBKE, JEAN-Band 2, 3, Letter Award 3, D Group I, 2, FTA 3, 4, GAA 1-4, Let- ter Award 3, German Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, Girls' League I-3, Library Club 2-4, Murcurie Feature Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 2, 4. LIEDER, CAROLYN-Sr. Choir 4, GAA 3, Girls' League l-3, Latin Club l. LINDORFER, LAURA-GAA l, 2, Girls' League l-3, Home- coming Queen Cand. 4, Latin Club I, Library Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Sno Princess Cand. l, Student Council Rep, 3. MAAS, VIRGINIA-Band l, 2, 4, Letter Award 2, FTA 4, GAA l-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Girls' League l-3, Spanish Club 2, 3. 'W-, McCALL, MARY-FTA 3, 4, Girls' League I-3. 19 V I L+ MCCULLEY, ANNE-Sr. Choir l, 2, 4, FTA 4, GAA l-4, Girls' League I-3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec. 3. MCDONALD, SUSAN-Sr. Choir 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Latin Club 2-4, Pilot Agent 2, American Academy, Athens, Greece l. McKILLIPS, LINDA-Business Cadettes 4, Sr, Choir I-4, FTA 3, 4, GAA I, Girls' League I-3, Ottlce Force 3, Supply Store I. Z W 'C ' MCLEAN, JANET-Sr. Choir 3, 4, CO-Pllois 2, FTA 3, GAA l, 2, Girls' League l-3, Q fl " , Spanish Club l, 2. 'S-i 1 ra ', ,M . r 'uh S' Er' MANKE, MARCIA-Dramatic Club 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Girls' League 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 3, 4. I-3, School Service MATTSON, ERIC-Sr. Choir 2, 4, Intramurals 3, Como Pk. Jr, High School I. Varsity 3, 4, Letter MAYER, DAVID-D Group I, Jr, Varsity Basketball I, 2, Sr. Awards 3, 4, Canteen Board 3, Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, German Club 3, Jr. Class Pres. 3, Library Club 2-4, Murcurie Agent 3, Pilot Sports Ed. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Sna Prince Cond. I, Soph. Class Treas. 2, Student Council Rep, 3, School Service 4, M Club 3, 4. Minds Broaalenecl, MERRILL, JOANN-GAA 2-4, Letter Award 3, Girls' League 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Como Pk. Jr. we ,f-, S. High School I. . . l MEYER, ROBERT-Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, Intramurals I-4, Wrestling 4. 4 MIESEN, ALIDA-Sr. Choir 2-4, V. Pres, 4, Octette 3, 4, img: H Como Pk. Jr. High School I. 'i"" l' H E? Ji, ix 12" MILLER, MARILYN-Business Cadettes 4, Sec. 4, Sr. Choir 3, Dramatic Club 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. MORLOCK, PAUL-Library Club 2-4, Proiection Crew I-4, Swimming 4. Q 1 T' MUNSON, STEPHEN-D Group I-4, Pilot Agent 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Spanish Club 4. A 20 . .. l ,.. . NELSON, BARBARA-Business Cadettes 4, Pres. 4, Canteen Board 3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Co-Pilots 2, D Group l, 2, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Sec. 2, Pilot Class Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 2, Sr. Class Board. NELSON, GERALDINE-FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Girls' League 2, 3, Fairview Jr. High School l. NIEMELA, LINDA JEAN-Canteen Board 3, Co-Pilots 2, Dra- matic Club 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Treas. 4, German Club 2, Girls' League 2, 3, Murcurie Sports Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, School Serv- ice 3, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. A M NORDSTROM, EiLEEN-Business cudenes 4, D Group 1-3, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, " g 'Q Como Pk. Jr. High School l, Girls' League 2, 3. . if if e f ' QR , if ,M 4' ,V .. H . ox , E fs . NOVAK, ROGER-Homecoming Mgr. 4, Latin Club l, Sr. Class Treas., Track l. k" il . ll lf", - f gf Y 4 A F' A O'BRlEN, ERlN-Blarney Ball Queen Cand. 2, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA 2-4, Girls' League 2, 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Aurora High School, Aurora, Minn. l. OLSON, DIANE-Sr. Choir 2, 3, Accompanist 3, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA l, 2, Girls' League l-3, Latin Club I, 2, Octette Accompanist 2-4, Pilot Sr. Ed. 4, Student Council Rep. I, Trio Accompanist 2, 3. Foundations Laid im., ' OLSON, LINDA-D Group l, 2, FTA 4, GAA l, 2, 4, Letter Award 2, Girls' League l, 2, Rep, 2, Library Club 4, Stu- dent Council Riep. l, 4, Sr, Class V. Pres., Lundellska Laroverket, Uppsala, Sweden 3. OLSON, LOWELL-Band 2-4, Proiection Crew 2, 3, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. ORF, ESTHER-Business Cadettes 4, Sr. Choir 2, 4, Co- Pilots 2, Girls' League 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Como Pk. Jr, High School l. PAQUETTE, CAROLE-Sr, Choir 2-4, Sec. 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, GAA l, Girls' League l-3, Sr. Class Play 4, Student Council Rep. 4. PAULSON, TERRENCE-Dramatic Club 3, 4, Murcurie Co- Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4. PAUTZ, DONALD-Sr. Varsity Baseball 4, Blarney Ball King 2, Sr. Varsity Football 2-4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Capt. 4, Gymnastics 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Capt. 3, Latin Club 2, M Club 2-4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council Rep. 2-4, Treas. 4, Track 2, Como Pk. Jr. High School l. 2'l POYE, NANCY-Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Girls' League 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Spanish Club 3, Central High School I, 2. REICHOW, CECELIA-Washington High School I-3. REITER, JOHN- RISBRUDT, GREGORY-Band 4, Letter Award 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Award 4, Canteen Board 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Latin Club I, 2, M Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council I, 4, Swimming 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4. RUPP, VICTORIA-AFS 3, FTA 3, 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 3, All City 4, German Club 3, Girls' League I-3, Latin Club I, 2, Murcurie Feature Ed, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres, 4. SAMMIS, JOHN-Onamia High School, Onamia, Minn., I-3. Our Aids In Facing SANDBERG, RICHARD- SANDGREN, SHARON-Business Cadettes 4, Sr. Choir I-4, Ass't Sec. 4, GAA Girls' League I-3, School Service 3, Supply Store 4, Letter Award 4. SANDGREN, SHERMAN-Latin Club I, Murcurie Agent 4, Proiection Crew l. SARGENT, LARRY-Blarney Ball King Cond, 2, D Group I, 2, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Jr. Class V. Pres., Library Club 3, 4, Pilot Agent I-3, Business Mgr. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, V. Pres, 4, Sno Prince I, Soph. Class Pres., Track I, 2. ' SATERSMOEN, JAMES-Intramurals 2, 3, Proiection Crew SCHAAF, JOSEPH-Sr. Choir 2-4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Dra- matic Club 4, Intramurals 2, 3, Pilot Agent 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Sr. Class Board, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. SCHLAEGER, SALLY-Sr. Choir 3, 4, FTA 4, Girls' League 3, Archbishop Murray Memorial High School I, 2. 22 1, . g , i SCHNEIDER, NICHOLAS-German Club 2, 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council Rep, 3. SCHOLZ, JACQUELINE-Business Codettes 4, FTA 3, Girls' League I-3, School Service 4. SCHREIFELS, BARBARA-Business Cadettes 4, Canteen Board 3, Sr. Choir I, 2, Flagtwirler 3, 4, Letter Award 4, FTA 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Girls' League l-3, SHALLES, WAYNE- SMITH, GENA-Business Cadettes 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Murcurie Agent 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Supply Store 4, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. SMITH, JEANINE-Business Cadettes 4, Dramatic Club 2-4, Pres. 4, FTA 4, GAA l, 2, Girls' League l-3, Spanish Club I-4. te 52 ' 2 N, ting. , is wr 1' 'N 4,5 k.5,55Q5cQ'.l was Q gr.. Q1 -.115 an-x .XX The World Unclfraicl no "WF" -4, Letter Award 4, SOUTHER, SARAH-D Group I, .lr. Choir l, FTA 3, 4, GAA l Girls' League I-3, Latin Club I, 2, Library Club 2-4, Murcurie Agent 2, Pilot Agent l, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Rep, 3, Supply Store I, Pilot Activi- ties Ed. 4, Art Ed. 4. STARK, DELORES-Business Cadettes 4, Sr Choir 4, Girls' League I-3. STATHAS, WILLIAM-Intramurals 2-4, Protection Crew l. STEVENSON, BERNADINE-GAA I-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League l-3, Latin Club l, Pilot Co-Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4. STRANDQUIST, ROBERT-Golf 3, Letter Award 3, M Club 3, 4. SUNDSTROM, KATHLEEN-Business Cadettes 4, Sr. Choir 4, Co-Pilots 2, FTA 4, Girls' League 2, 3, Pilot Agent 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Como Pk. Jr, High School l. SWADBURG, THOMAS-Sr. Choir 4, Sr. Varsity Hockey Mgr. 2, 4, Letter Award 4, Library Club 2-4, M Club 4, Murcurie Agent l-4, Octette 4, Pilot Adv, Ed. 4. 23 SWANSON, JOHN-Band 2, 3, Letter Award 3, Jr, Varsity Basketball I, Library Club 2-4, Treas. 4. SWANSON, RUSSELL-D Group l-4, FTA 4, Latin Club l, 3, Library Club 2-4, lvl Club 2-4, Iviurcurie Photographer 4, Swimming i-4, Letter Awards l-4, Co-Capt. 4. SWEET, JUDITH-Sr. Choir 3, 4, Co-Pilots 2, FTA 3, 4, GAA l-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League I-3, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 2, Office Force 3, Pilot Class Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Spanish Club I-3. SWEETLAND, LYNN-D Group I, FTA 3, 4, Girls' League I .. 3.f': ..,Z xl 'f"" ' 'f',-". l-3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Supply svofe l, Library Club 3, Q 4, Pilot Activities Ed. 4, Agent i-3, Sr. Class Play 4, Dra- ,,,- matic Club 4. 'if ","L f -1 r e TELLANDER, DENNIS-Gymnastics 2-4, Letter Awards 2, 3, M Club 2-4, Camo Pk. Jr. High School I. ii L . . , THOENNES, KATHLEEN-D Group l-4, FTA 3, 4, Prog. chm. ,,,,,,., 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 4, Girls' League l-3, Library kly' Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Co-Prog. Chm. 3. Farewells We Flncl Hard To Say 24 THOMPSON, BEVERLY-Sr. Chair 4, FTA 3, GAA I-4, Sporthead 3, Letter Award 4, German Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Girls' League l-3, Rep. 2, Sec. 3, Girls' State Alt. 3, Latin Club I-3, Pres. 2, Library Club 2-4, Pres, 4, Soph. Class Board, Student Council 2, 3, Sec. 3. THOMPSON, LINN-GAA 3, German Club 3, Girls' League 3, Latin Club 3, South Eugene High School, Eugene, Ore. I, 2, AFS Student, Odenwaldschule, Uberheppen- heim Bergstr, Germany 4. THUROW, ALLYN-Jr. Band i, D Class I-4, Dramatic Club 4, Library Club 2-4, Pro- jection Crew I, 2, Sr. Class Play 4, Stage Force 3. TORGERSEN, DANIEL-M Club 2-4, Murcurie Photographer 2-4, Pilot Photographer 2-4, Proiection Crew 4, Swimming 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Como Plc. Jr. High School i. tramurals 2, 3, Camo Pk. Jr. High School l. Mo. 1. VAN ZANDEN, SUSAN-Blarney Ball Queen Cand. 2, Dra- matic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, GAA I-4, Letter Award 3, Girls' League l-3, Pilot Activities Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Sno Princess Cand. I, Student Council Rep. I, 2, 4. TSCHIDA, DONALD-Sr. Choir 4, Jr. Varsity Hockey 2, In- TUNELL, STEPHEN-Horace Mann High School, St. Louis, WAGNER, SUZANNE-Sr. Choir 2, 4, CO-Pilots 2, D. Group I, Dramatic Club 3, 4, FTA 3, GAA I, 2, Girls' League I-3, Office Force 3, Pilot Agent I, 2, Sr. Class Play 4, Supply Store I. WALL, ANN-Band I-3, Letter Award 2, Dramatic Club 4, s-v""'s GAA I-4, Sparthead 3, Letter Award 3, All City 4, Girls' League I-3, Latin Club I, 2, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent I, 3, Pilot Agent 2, Student Council Rep, 3. WANDMACHER, GARY-Blarney Ball King Cand. 2, Jr. Varsity Baseball I, Sr. Varsity 2-4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Canteen Board 3, Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Award 4, lntramurals I-4, Jr. Class Board, Latin Club I, Library Club 3, 4, Corres. Sec. 4, M Club 3, 4, Sec. and Treas. 4, Pilot Agent 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Student Council 2-4, Pres. 4. WATERMAN, PAUL-Band 2-4, Letter Awards 2-4, Pres. 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball Mgr. I, 2, Boys' State 3, Canteen Board Chm, 3, D Group I, 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Prog. Chm. 4, Jr. Varsity Football I, 2, FTA 4, German Club 3, Pres. 3, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Murcurie Agent 3, 4, Pho- tographer 4, Pilot Photographer 4, Sr. Class Play 3, 4, Soph. Class Board. WILLARD, GEORGE-Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Sr. Varsity 3, Letter Award 3, Jr. Varsity Football 2, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Jr. Class Board, M Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Sr. Class Board, Como Pk. Jr. High School I. WILSON, JEANNE-Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, GAA 3, Girls' League 2, 3, Office Force 4, School Service 3, Como Pk. Jr, High School I. Hia .R 3 .e - - oi- :v On Graduation Day WOLENS, RICHARD-Sr. Choir 2, 4, University High School I. WOODING, MARY-Sr. Choir 4, D Group I, 2, FTA 4, GAA I-4, Girls' League ,Q I-3, School Service 3, Sr. Class Board 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Spanish Club 2-4. . Q' ZALK, ROBERT-Blarney Ball King Cond. 2, Jr. Varsity Basketball I, 2, Sr. Varsity 3, 4, Letter Awards 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Canteen Board 3, Jr. Varsity Football I, Sr. Varsity 2-4, Letter Award 4, Library Club 3, 4, Sgt, at Arms 4, M Club 3, 4, Mur- curie Business Mgr. 4, Sports Ed. 4, Prom Co-Chm. 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Sno Prince Cand, I, Soph. Class Board, Student Council Rep. 2. NOT PICTURED BURTON, BETTY-Hudson High School, Hudson, Wis. I-3. LUECK, ANTHONY-Gymnastics I, Track I, 2. 25 Looking torward to the day ot departure for the senior class trip to Washington D.C. are X., these tour seniors, Dave Hallen, Vicki Bone, Sally Souther, and George Willard. Among other things, seniors visited the Washington Monument, the White House, and Mount Vernon. They also saw the Lincoln Memorial and spent a night traveling on a steamer on Chesapeake Bay. Important to the functioning of the senior class are its otticers. Beginning at the lett, Roger No- vak, treasurer, Ingrid Giving, secretary, Linda Olson, vice-president, and Gary Anderson, presi- dent, are very efficient and seem to be getting their jobs done without much trouble. Caps and gowns, a graduation present from the class to the school, and a graduation speaker are among the many items of business to be decided by this group. Seniors Rewclrclecl For Achievement The senior class board is made up ot two representa- mann, Mary Wooding, Jack Landis, and George Willard. tives from each homeroom. Seated in the bottom row are Guided by the senior advisers, Mr. John Mather and Mr. Barb Nelson, Mary Brasted, Joe Schaat, Pat Boyle, Dave Edward Datko, the senior class board organizes and Hallen, and Cathy Broderick. supervises the activities of the senior class. Standing are Barb Schriefels, Ron Kuhn, Mike Berg- Y- -I For Eve years of their lives at Murray, this year's seniors have waited for the day they could choose a homecoming queen from their class. These seniors are ready to begin a full night of campaign- ing for their candidate. The first row, from left to right, are Lorayne Knippen- berg, Judy Baker, Cheryl Grecco, and Diane Olson. Seated on the couch are Joan Karner, Ginny Maas, Linda Nie- mela, Linda Hillstrom, Bob Meyer, and Kathy Sundstrom. This year's Senior Class Play, "You Can't Take It with You," was ch-osen by the speech classes and Dramatic Club. Here, Susan Hunt, left, Bruce Durant, and Erin O'Brien are perfecting their love scene. The Senior Class Play is a project undertaken by the whole senior class. Casting for the play begins in November. A double cast is usually chosen to allow more to participate. By the end of January the play is ready to present. In Citizenship Ancl Grades Term papers are an important part of a senior's prepa- Aiding students in their search for books are Kathy ration for college. Sally Schlaeger, in the foreground, and Brown, Linda Olson, Gary Wandmacher, and Bev Betty Burton are taking notes. Thompson, senior staff workers. Just returning to school from their daily college math class at Hamline University are, from lett to right, Beth Johnson, Ron Kuhn, Kathy Thoennes, and Dave Hallen. These tour were chosen by recommendation ot the tac- ulty and by scores on a test taken last year for this scholastic honor. They must also be from a small select group called the developmental class. The developmental class or "D" class is an excellent course in science and math started in the freshman year for students with natural ability in those fields. This year's "D" class is the second one to graduate from Murray. Challenged In Science And Math These heads are bent in concentra- tion over a test in Miss Smith's solid geometry class. This course is divided into two parts. During the first semester stu- dents study solid geometry, and during the second semester they study trigo- nometry. Besides learning math, Miss Smith's students learn how to reason, which is important even it they are not headed for a career involving math. 28 Seniors Jo-Ann Merrill and Sherman Sandgren are experimenting with gyroscopic precession in Mr. Marengo's tourth period physics class. With the aid ot a freely ro- tating stool, Sherman Sandgren causes him- selt to move in either direction with only the aid ot the spinning wheel. This is iust one ot the many experiments Mr. Marengo uses to present physics in an interesting and easily understood manner to his classes. ,nw Juniors Show Junior 314 Miss Helseth Row l: Barbara Cheney, Bar- bara Hurley, Randina Jensen, Barbara Rice, Janet LeClair, Jerilyn Erickson 9 Gayl Gay- man, Lois Gredvig, Mona John- son, JoAnn Wagener, Kathleen Duncan, John Anderson 9 Kath- leen Nielsen, Peter Rogness, Gerald Crowell, Raymond Jen- sen, Gary Arhart, Yvonne Swin- ton 9 John Dexter, Brian Ad- dis, William Alwin, Robert Yac- kel, Charles Stoftel, James Nichols Junior Cafe No. Mr, Pearson Row lg Karen Cheney, Joanne Scholz, Mary Jo Slettom, Karen Allen, Joan Kruskopt 9 Thomas Koep, Susan Christianson, Jef- fery Otto, Sally Beckiorden, Gary Kwong 9 Carole Barthold, Gary Fehrman, Kenneth Koeper, Keith Carlson, Terry Koepke, Frank Patoile, William Mantis 9 James Stromberg, John Warner, Raymond Schmidt, James Knut- son, Sherman Erickson, ROQSIZ Pass Junior 310 Mr. Addison Row l: Jo Ann Kenny, Joan Enerson, Joan Paskewitz, Bar- bara Lembke, Joan Coffman, Dorothy Boland 9 Janet Ode- sf- gaard, Susan Smith, Patricia Brooks, Kathleen Baukol, Susan Klarkowski, Lynn Schanke 9 Marilyn Ashley, Peter Abler, Trygg Hansen, Gregory Page, Charles Nightengale, Sandra Schaller 9 Bernard Hayes, The- odore Granovsky, Thomas Thor- stenson, Robert Allen, Jerome Fishbeck, John Greer, Thomas Morton School Spirit In Classes Ancl Activities va' 29 Working To Successfully Piece Together All Junior 106 Mr. Ritter Pnw li Meridee Sorensen, Eliz- abeth Ann Evans, Douglas Ris- brudt, Judith Weihrauch, Char- lotte Clark, Marilyn Knapp 9 Thomas Evans, Ann Hartwick, Barclay Brasted, Paul Rogen, Jane Gilje, Gerald Loney, An- drea Shuster 9 Louis DeWitt, Kathleen Barrick, Susan Tal- bott, Joan Kampa, Michael Pet- erson, Frederick Nutz 9 Dennis Lee, Leon Narvaez, James Warner, John Zellner, Daniel Pranke, Thomas Barrows, Mark Thompson Junior 205 Mr. Rose Row lr Mikelynn Glander, David Gronert, Sharon Thistle, Margaret Wolf, Catherine Pom- eroy, Sandra Olson, Nancy Et- ten 9 Carl Port, Kathleen Webber, Karen Wacholz, James Nylund, Michael Christian, Janet Paulson, Bonnie Knudsen, John Detviler 9 Jack Deutsch, John Bentley, Allen Lexcen, Karen Jensen, Priscilla Hager, Betty Salmon, Donald Melander, Nel- lie Prokopov 9 Reginald Pitts, Harold Gammel, Robert Stein- hauser, Gary Sparr, Linda John- ston, Brian Gregory, Valdis Smits, Craig Crawford 30 Junior Cafe So. Mr. Petersen Row l: Darlene Durant, Nancy Auld, Kathleen Johnson, Pa- tricia Margette, Mariorie Saut- ter 9 Carol Hendrickson, Elizabeth Frost, Gary Blume, Pamela Comstock, Glenda Peter- son, Kathleen Weber 9 John Bergeson, Floyd Richardson, Cheri LeClair, Victoria Moor, Shari Quam, Sandra Gunsell, Karen Lee 9 Kenneth Brown, Richard White, Robert Shulstad, David Freier, Stephen Nelson, Michael Sullivan - , , ,M--wi lsr ,V , 3 The Different Aspects Of Their Junior Year With a decision to be made regarding their class trip next year, the iunior class officers look over a travel book. Mr. Peter- sen and Mr. Heron, class advisers, will help Margaret Wolf, treasurer, William Mantis, vice-president, Gregory Page, president, and .loan Enerson, secretary. Early in November they sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which included "Mar- ryin' Sam" who performed mock marriage ceremonies. Plans are also being made for the twenty-fourth annual prom to be held during the early part of May. ?' Cutting headlines and measuring copy for their worksheets are iournalism students Anita Slifer, Randina Jensen, Bernard Hayes, and Joan Kampa. Each week something new is encountered as the many aspects of journalism are studied. A lot of time and effort are spent an the worksheets so that the information may be clearly understood. Journalism l is an elective taken by iuniors who want to be on the Pilot or Murcurie staffs in their senior year. A good foundation must be laid during the first year to enable them to turn out our top-notch publications, Gill- ...r-,l,f"""" Work and pleasure were combined as the iuniors held a car wash during the first month of school. This was one of several money-making proiects they had this year in order to help finance the Junior-Senior Prom. Cars were washed at two locations, in back of St. Anthony Park Congre- gational Church and at Strandquist's Texaco Sta- tion. Sophomore 207 Miss Smith Row l: Mark Bauer, Paul Rau- denbush, Lloyd Keller, Mildred Vong, Jean Heaton, Mary Brandt 9 Alice Magnuson, Syl- via Spandau, Larry Melander, Natalie Blume, Delores Swens- gard, Coral Berge 9 Janet Pankonin, Billy Mitchell, Michael Nelson, Gisela Fohlmeister, Joan Freeman, Susan Brown 9 John Sweet, Barbara Turnquist, Mich- ael Halvorsen, Richard Hahnen, David Bren, David Barthold Anticipating The Future, Sophomores Organize .A 32 Sophomore 301 Mrs. Fislcer Row l: John Jahr, Mary Klink- hamer, Linda Marshall, Sandra Truen, Karen Allman, Kathleen Kasper 9 Leslie Miller, Mary Miller, Lyle Kelley, Douglas Yackel, Theresa Kelley, Linda Johnson, Edward Weber 9 Richard Timm, Pauline Koch, Meri Kay Mattson, Douglas Nelson, Margaret Adolphsen, Barbara Traynor 9 Karl Mie- sen, Lynn Larson, Joanne Thoennes, John Dow, Joseph Komarek, Nancy Miller, John Manthey Sophomore 304 Mrs. Zimmerman Row li Helen Johnson, Mary Doeltz, Leigh Addison, Cheryl Cummings, Jerry Hanna, Irene Semirozum, Melody Milburn 9 Shirley Anderson, Elizabeth Heron, Judith Jensen, Mary Lou Berg, Nancy Krause, Susan Lindgren, Eva Neubeclc, Mari- lyn Hansen 9 Mary Jo Haugen, Thomas Ashworth, Stuart Peter- son, Mary Mullin, Nancy Gis- vold, Dennis Hays, Leander Lippert 9 Linda Anderson, Terry Shuster, James Nelson, James Johnson, Stephen Hult, Stephen Bergmann, Randall Baran, Joyce Carlson Sophomore 308 Mr. Sorenson Row l: Michael Cawley, Del- bert Cecchi, Kathryn Keleher, Kayleen Ed, Katherine Boyle, Gail Gower 9 Carol Esboldt, Alexandra Heron, Janice Brown, Emily Andersen, Karen Erick- son, Jeanne Ewy 9 Donald Jack, Nancy Heinz, Carol Brad- ford, Elwood Enerson, Diane Kuiawa, Mcrlys Anderson, Cheryl Elliot 9 John Bates, Norman Gage, Gregory Hirsch, Thomas Grahn, Patrick Brod- erick, Carol Piermantier By Electing Officers And Choosing Advisers Sophomore 309 Miss Rusch Row I: Janice Wemyss, Jane Shoffner, Sandra Youngdahl, Karen Sands, Adrienne Ander- son, Jayne Hanson 9 Susan Strandqu ist, Marcia Tenney, Michael Smith, Jacquelyne Strain, Jacquelyn Clayton, Gayle Woodhouse, Nancy Trower 9 Priscilla Thurow, Patricia Trammell, William Watson, Michael Throngard, Linda Prong, Lowell Rostvit, David Coad, Mary Solstad 9 Jack Scherbert, Janice Skil- dum, Kenneth Fletcher, Fred- erick Ahlgren, James Perlich, Richard Wegleitner, Malcolm Avery Sophomore Aud. Mr, Fulmek Row li John Larson, Monica McNeely, Corinne Olson, Samuel Sauvageau, Ruth An- derson, Jeanette Lotberq, Rosemary Rudie 9 Kimberly Condie, Katherine DeWitt, Steven Sanford, Marianne Krinke, Charlotte Patoile, Diane Barthold 9 Anne Boyd, Jo Anne Reiter, Mariorie Schoon- maker, Gary Merwin, Marilyn Neubrand, Ernest Orf, Thomas Selbin 9 Charles Simon, Den- nis Engle, Janet Paquette, David Mettler, Kenneth Cald- well, Duane Jensen 33 Learning By Watching And Listening, Leaving the gym for an hour of hard soccer playing at Murray Field are sopho more Elwood Enerson, iunior gym assistant Robert Allen, and sophomores John Sweet Terry Shuster, Patrick Broderick, and Ken neth Caldwell. This is the first year that the girls have also gone down to the field. Before the con struction started, their gym classes were held in front of the building. When the weather is cold or wet, the boys and girls alternate between gym and study in the auditorium. The boys' gym teacher is Mr. Vernon Petersen, and the girls' is Mrs. Patricia Fritsche. .irgi,iN1i1i la vii., G Aww aifrj :iii-SPM , ,smfs:f'sAi VW' X The biology classes at Murray, under the supervision of Mr. Robert Ritter, offer stu- dents many different aspects of biology. Among these are human, animal, and plant biology. Human biology is studied through the textbook and lectures. Animal biology is explored through insect collections, di- section of small animals, and the textbook. Plant biology is investigated through leaf and twig collections, lectures, and also the textbook. Plant biology is illustrated as Douglas Nelson points to a speciman from the trees of Minnesota to other sophomores Coral Berge and Katherine Boyle. Freshmen 'IO5 Mr. Heron Row ii Regina Huemoeller, Ray- mond Anderson, Raymond Gam- mel, Judith Stephenson, Leslie Walck, Jill Lind 9 Roger Kwong, Sonya Shoftner, Jon Haaland, David Hagen, Mar- garet Swanson, Rosalind Barsch 9 Robert Hebbel, Susan Tsleos, Ronald Swanson, Edward Mer- rell, Susan Austad, Diana Hoi?- man, Steven Richards ' Patrick Nelson, Eric Narvaez, William Barrick, Alan Merwin, Thomas Kissane, Paul Fardig fjdfljffy MM? clsrdzfmf We Slowly Acquire A Valuable Education Freshmen 108 Mrs. Fritsche Row l: Mary McDowell, Jean Perlich, Margaret Mullin, Joyce Biedler, Brent Murawski, Suz- anne Foster, Carol Urman 9 Nancy Peterson, Elise Hagen, Kathleen Stech, Patricia Ruddy, Betty Jean Jensen, William Slettom, Patricia Shatto ' Wil- liam Weber, Susan Schroeder, James Schneider, Dale Swanson, William Johnson, Lynnae- Lee, Terry Cutkomp 9 Linda Manke, Gerald Krueger, Roger Addis, Jeffery Brooks, Barbara Swan- son, Joseph Selbitschka, Mary Sherman Freshmen 201 Mr. Datko Row 'lz Kerry Stein, William Bunting, Lois Peterson, Jay Otto, Mary Hokanson ' Hugh Coff- man, Martin Brandt, Jean Gal- lagher, Gary Olson, Carol Chris- tianson, Larry Schreifels ' Jane Wolens, John Kirby, Frank Quale, Joy Bartlett, Jo-Ann Champagne, Alfred Port ' Stephen Johnson, Kirby Johnson, Keith Willman, Thomas Good, Steven Gasch, Mary Cerny Freshmen 300 Mrs. Duffy Row l: Wayne Anderson, James Wolf, Charlotte Koeper, Diann Gust, Patti Poye, Kathleen McKay 9 LeRoy Wiger, Dale Yackel, Donna Larson, Star Strane, Connie Englund, Mary Nason, John Clarno ' James Sargent, Christine Shulstad, Bruce Anderson, Michael Peter- son, Margaret Hagen, Bartley Cooney Freshmen And Eighth Graders Bring New Ideas Freshmen Aud. Mr. Broderick Row li Owen Abel, Dennis Cameron, Carol Arnold, James Haechrel, Kathleen Rudie, Yvonne Overbee, Margaret Bied- ler'George Francis, Ronald Peplinski, Robert Field, Barbara Comstock, Vincent Azure, Leslie Curtiss, Patricia Kissane ' Richard Allred, Richard Amrhien, Richard Bacon, Michael Herbst, Thomas Swanson, Walter Gayman, Kath- erine Hartwick 2511 Freshmen Aud. Mr. Marengo Row l: Janice Aydt, Mary Mc- Diarmid, Mary lmbertson, John Davies, Gretchen Halvorson, Steven Wooding 9 George Floetl, Meredith Razskazoff, Margaret Pomeroy, Betty Bauman, Dennis Cheney, Linda Kloek 'Jeanne Scherbert, Myron Pederson, Rich- ard Larkin, Ralph Bache, Linda Rozenberg, Gerald Weber' Michael Broderick, John Arne- man, James McTie, Richard Bone, Gary Amunrud, Alexander Si- mich, Joyce Johnson Algebra isn't hard if one works and studies. Proving this point are freshmen John Ed, Janice Aydt, Les- lie Curtiss, and Kirby John- son, students in Mr. Ful- mek's fifth period algebra class. The principles that they learn and the training that their minds receive can be used throughout their lives. Refresher math, geo- metry, and trigonometry are also available. While They Have New Ancl Different Experiences BB 203 Miss Pederson Row li Gloria Sutton, David Wirtz, Trudy Fales, Steven Lee, Pamela Roan, Carol Palm- quisf9Barbara Souther, Kirk Condie, Connie Parrott, Robert Thane, Wells Marshall, Thomas Brandt9 Sarah Polson, Nancy Hunt, Christine Jensen, Paul Kele- her, Andrew Rogness 9 Joy Strane, Patricia Thurow, Susan Razskazott, Susan McNeill, David Kroona, Eric Bergerud. 8C 107 Mrs. Smith Row I: Faye Cornelissen, Ann Marie Kowitz, Bruce Bates, Louise Duren, Nancy Uram, Kent Cut- komp 9 Colleen Nelson, Kathleen Sullivan, Eugenia DeMars, Kath- leen Lauerer, Marcia Baukol, Mar- garet DeWitt, Cynthia Adolphson 9 Richard Souther, William Un- derhill, Patricia MicMoy, Peter Neubeck, Larry Tunell, Ralph Lambert, Donald Paskewitz, Ruth Frost BA 302 Miss Fertig Row le Leigh Ann Blume, Phil- lip Glaim, David Buck, Eliza- beth Hebbel, Carol King, Thomas Hopp, Mary Langdahl 9 Carol Bensen, Richard Lippert, Susan Allison, Michael Clark, Linda Gronert, Deborah Watt, Patti Sholtner 9 Deborah Hager, Pa- tricia Leslie, Charles Knudsen, Jonathan Walters, Michael Wool- ery, Linda Dunnwald, Robert Rupp ...F 8D 200 Miss Vest Row l: John Kuiawa, Stephen Milburn, Carol Balcome, Linda Murray, Tima Newman, Wil- liam Dow, Katherine Kavanaugh ' Erva Snyder, William Ubel, Ronald Nelson, Douglas Turn- bull, Elizabeth White, Marilyn Cross, Nancy Cross ' Thomas Skildum, Allen Swensgard, Da- phne Mantis, Donald Link, Stev- en Bailey, Barbara Krueger, David Nelson Youngest Junior High Students Display Exuberance Members of Mr. Daniel Sorenson's eighth grade art class are Carol Ben- son, Elizabeth l-lebbel, Thomas Hopp, and Michael Woolery. They are shown Working with paint and chalk. Since eighth and sev- enth graders have art for only halt a year, they have to learn a lot in The short amount of Time available to them. 7A 202 Miss Healy Row l: Cheryl Palmquist, John Slettom, Norman DeWitt, Diane Byram, Gregory Poye ' Marcia Berge, Sara Halvorson, Kay Satersmoen, James Hanna, Sarah Underhill, Christel Nelson 9 David Sautter, David Gasch, Gary Englund, Colleen Gallag- her, Mark Anderson ' Jean Overgard, John Swanson, Ger- ald Pearson, Diane Johnson, Dennis Stratton, Vernon Smith 7B 212 Mrs. Berdahl Row ln Sandra Anderson, Rita Kaufman, Mary Marshall, Ron- ald Kaufman, Thomas Frost, Daniel Hagen 9 Mary Wolf, Christine Brandt, Viveca John- son, Anita Anker, Gayle Olmein 9 J. R. Burton, John Magnuson, John Shulstad, Penny Bar- tel, Jeffery Shuster, Paulette Schmidtke And Enthusiasm In Their First Year At Murray 7C 307 Mr. Quinn Row l: Raymond Kowitz, Gerald Olson, James Larson, Ernest Trower, Patricia Kastner 9 Thomas Nylund, Dean Swanson, James Glaim, Diana Johnson, Georiean Clark, Charles White 9 Ross Johnson, Martin Grin- dle, Carolyn Hitt, Jane Skovholt, Richard Turnquist 9 Nora Page, Marlene Sundstrom, William Marsh, Cheryl Tunell, John Tobin, Lois Rogen 7D 210 Mr, Rogers Row It Charles Amunrud, Kath- leen Vong, Meri-Kay Bernard, Lyning Peterson, Mitchell Wil- ley, Donald McLean 9 Janice Ellingson, James Nelson, Suel- len Smith, Sue Christenson, Pamela Wahlberg, Jan Curtiss, John Johns 9 Paul Boyd, Mich- ael Boyle, Richard Christian, Pa- tricia Canfield, Sheryl Bentley, Christine Olson Because Murray's Academic Standards Are High, In chorus seventh and eighth graders are taught music fundamentals such as terms and note-reading. They also study many of the famous composers and learn how to sing un- der the direction ofa leader. Seventh graders Sue Christenson, at the piano, Jan Curtiss, Barbara Thoennes, Gerald Olson, Paul Boyd, and James Nelson are putting into practice what they have learned. Miss Marjorie Rusch teaches chorus and the two choirs. lf a student doesn't want to take chorus, he can take junior high band, which is taught by Mr. Alexander Heron. Because the study of current events in to- day's rapidly changing world is very impor- tant, a bulletin board of recent, vital issues is kept in Miss Margaretta Ellsworth's class- room. The junior high students study world affairs both past and present, often finding comparisons between the two. An article on Russian atomic weapons is pointed out by William Marsh to Patricia Kastner and Daryl Jean Archibald, as their seventh grade class- mates look on with interest. Besides the bul- letin board, a current events magazine and textbooks are also used. Latin I students are getting a look at the Roman Colosseum as Gretchen Halvorson shows the picture to her classmates as part of a report. Latin is Murray's most popular language course. It is a valuable language because so many English words are derived from Latin. lt helps the student gain a background in grammar, which will help him in studying English. During the first year of Latin, grammar and vocabulary are studied. The second year course consists mainly of translation. Mr. Addison is the Latin instructor. Other languages offered are German and Spanish. . ite? We Constantly Have To Work And Study Hard The sophomore year is the year Julius Caesar, Silas Marner, and Tale of Two Cities are read in English classes. Reading their parts in the play of Julius Caesar are soph- omores Kenneth Caldwell, Corinne Olson, Wayne Rees, and Margaret Adolphson of Mrs. Dona Duffy's first period English class. Besides reading the play in class, the stu- dents heard a record of it, and pictures from the movie Julius Caesar were placed on the bulletin board. A notebook with a map, ques- tions, and summaries was used as a study guide. The year was spent in studying units on poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and grammar. Taking a close look at a new fabric are eighth grade home economics students Carol Palmauist, Trudy Fales, and Pamela Roan. Studying textiles is part of the course in the eighth grade sewing classes. They also study buying and management of clothes and con- struct an article of clothing. Seventh grade classes are mainly con- cerned with cooking. Nutrition, babysitting, home safety, buying and management of food, and hostessing are studied in connec- tion with cooking. Home economics is offered as an elective in the upper grades. Interior decorating is also available to iuniors and seniors. Reading plays is one of the activities that help students in speech classes to perfect the art of oral expression. Nancy Etten, Daniel Marsh, William Alwin, Andrea Shuster, and Mikelyn Glander are reading a scene from one of the play books. Other assignments are designed to de- velop the student's poise when speaking in front of others. Speeches written by the stu- dent and readings taken from novels, plays, and short stories are used in this area. Each year speech students participate in the Christmas assembly and other assemblies. Several students enter speech contests. X.,- MN f m X E T his .left Beyer - Football, Hockey Murray's Seniors Illustrate Skills Russ Swanson - Swimming, Tennis Gary Anderson Gymnastics Tennis Basketball Mike Bergmann - Cross Country, Swimming, Track Greg Risbrudt - Swim- ming, Baseball Dick Clemen - Basketball Not pictured are Tim Gad ler, baseball, Bob Strandquist golf, and Dick Sandberg Dave Mayer - Football, gymnastics' John Bauer - Cross Country, Hockey During Fall, Winter, Spring Sports i ,Q 3 B E l A ' ' ll , 8 . E t sf is were 3 X 5 ' l x A, Q f S sf 5 k - . , 5 ,. , ,. 'H ' , X Q 1 , , , , ,F rrr 4 - Denny Tellander - Gymnastics ,K f I K ,Q Ron Kuhn - Swimming, Golf Paul Morlock - Swimming Don Pautz - Football Gymnastics Q ' 2 :el sz BV 3 I fl it K oo i if le ii., rf? F 'Q I G , 'Q .sq W Q32 M A... CEUYDTGHT-GELOSS Gary Wandmacher - Football, Basket- OU ry' r ball, Baseball l Bob zclk - Football, l Basketball Q . Jack Landis - Cross . , , Country, Track W 3 1'v-if s li'71 3i 'I'E Milf .il ' 1iF': Vffi'f"l wwf fffzwfk-we f 12.111,-:.iiQ,N2f -f"'4szfsif:5,f,,,ici 5545514 5 1 wa-Q5 sl -ff? 1xlxs.,..wW 'gsm A was Ste e Hartwick - Foot- F ball, Basketball ,. ,gg ,gi 71 ,'.- gg, nf if 4 J gg ,A K , W ,- W ,,,,.. ,. .c H G ff ..,.., , , f , f f 4 r s,ss anrri, lsnrs atil , f??ggf s,i1.,? is as ,, in 137' -l 1 1 2 ' Row I: John Larson, Kenneth Lippert, Jack Sweet, Donald Pautz, Gary Wandmacher, William Mantis, William Johnson, John Kirby 9 Stephen Hartwick, Dennis Lee, Walter Gayman, Robert Zolk, Gerald Crowell, Frederick Nutz, Thomas Morton, Trygg Hansen, James Nichols, John Deutsch, Kenneth Caldwell 5 Coach Robert Ritter, John 'l l h l Pi ots P ay Toug , A e Twice a day, two weeks before school, the football team was at Murray field preparing for the coming sea- son. This team was the smallest and with only five seniors the youngest team in the city. Despite these disadvan- tages, the Pilots beat Johnson and held Mechanic Arts, Wilson, and Monroe to scores of 7-O. Against Johnson, the Pilots scored on the first play from scrimmage with Don Pautz going over the middle for 60 yards and a touchdown. A 30-yard pass from Dave Mayer to Jim Knutson and another run by Pautz accounted for the other two touchdowns. in the all-city selections, Steve Hartwick made second team at guard. Don Pautz and Mark Thompson were chosen for honorable mention. Steve Hartwick was also chosen for all-state honorable mention. Sherbert, James Nelson, Dale Swanson, John Zellner, Keith Carlson, Gregory Page, James Knutson, David Mayer, Thomas Barrows, Mark Thompson, John Dexter, Robert Allen, John Bates, Mgr., Coach Reno Rossini. rt Defense Murray 6 ....... ..... D e La Salle T9 Murray O ....,., ......., M echanic Arts 7 Murray O ,....,. .....,.,...... C entral T8 Murray T9 ..... ........,, J ohnson 7 Murray O ....... ......., H arding 21 Murray O .,.... Murray Murray 13 ......., ,. O ..,.... .,....,.....Wilson 7 .....Humboldt 33 ,......Monroe 7 Although the Pilots' ground game couldn't click against Central, their aerial attack gained extra yards. Left, John, Zellner throws a pass clown field. Proving that the Pilots tackle hard, above, linebacker Gary Wandmacher sends a Central ball carrier flying while Ken Caldwell ClOi, Don Pautz 1227, Dave Mayer, and John Zellner i425 move in to help. AT right, ci Monroe haltback steps into The end zone for Monroe's only Touchdown against Mur- ray, while Dave Mayer makes a last eTTorT To stop him. The Monroe game was fought down To The wire, with Murray Threatening To score in The last Two minutes. Moving into Tackle all-city fullback Mel Hen- derson is Don Poutz 4223, and Steve Hartwick. Despite The lop-sided score of T8-O, Murray played a tough defensive game against Central. The Pilots were unable To control The exceptional speed of The Central haltbacks. X Although The Jr. Varsity Tootball Team failed To break into The winning column, They did gain valuable experi- ence Tor Their future years ot Tootball. Mr. George Rose, coach, singledout Bill Mitchell, guard, Steve Johnson, center, Mike Broderick and Stuart Peterson, ends, Mike Halvorsen, Tackle, lien Auld, Dave Hagen, and Steve Richards as playing tough football during The season. Coach Rose pointed out That The Team showed improve- ment Towards The last Two games and That The boys Tought hard at all Times. Young Pilots Experience Tough Season Of Football Row is Robert Hebbel, Michael Broderick, Delbert Cecchi, Lawrence Pearson, Richard Hannen, Michael Halvorsen, Michael Herbs, Gregory Schreitels, James Haechrel, George Francis, David Hagen, Thomas Hirsch, James Johnson, Terrence Shuster, James McTie, Coach George Good, Ernest Ort, Stephen Richards, William Mitchell, Kenneth Auld, Rose. Steven Johnson, Stuart Peterson, William Berrick, Mgr. 9 Coach John Row li Coach Bernard Broderick, Lowell Rostvit, Barclay Brasted, Enerson, PGtI'iCli BI'OdSI'iCl4, -lOlWH Bauer, Leon NU"VU-elf GUY H051 P01-'l Mark Bauer, Martin Brandt, Gary Olson, Gary Fehrman, Gerald Loney, Rogen. Theodore Granovsky, Steven Bergmann, Michael Bergmann, Elwood Cross Country Takes Second In City Led by this year's captain, Mike Bergmann, the Murray cross country team placed second in the City Meet. Coach Broderick's Pilots went through their fifth consecutive year without a loss in dual meets. After outrunning Forest Lake and Circle Pines by scores of 37-38 and 37-50, the harriers defeated Wilson I5-76, Mechanic Arts l5-40, and Central 26-29. Before the Central meet both teams were unde- feated, it was Murray's best team effort of the season. Mike Bergmann's and Ted Granovsky's expressions re- veal some agony of a cross country race. Central came back to beat the Pilots in the City and Re- gional Meets, in which Murray finished second and fifth respectively. Leading runners for the season were Mike Bergmann, who placed among the top runners in the State Meet, Ted Granovsky, Jack Landis, Pot Broderick, Lowell Rostvit, Marty Brandt, and Guy Haft. Jerry Loney placed first in the City B Meet, which the Pilots won. Mis it Jerry Loney and Paul Rogen sprint to the finish of the City B Meet in which Jerry edged out Paul for first. Gary Arhart is exercising his skill on the horse. Coach Petersen feels that Gary is one of the city's better D class men, Therefore proving to be of great help to Murray's comparatively small team. Jim Nichols is practicing under very limited conditions onthe mat in Murray's cafeteria. Jim, one ofthe best in the city, specializes on the mats and teels that he does his best tricks on them. Gymnastic Team Contains Skill And Determination i Even though Murray's gymnastic team was composed of l only i9 boys, they made up for their size with plenty of 1 hard work and lots ot practice. The boys were up against 1 such teams as Harding and Monroe, which had about 30 3 members each. l The entire team qualified for the City Meet, held on February 20. This included the tour seniors, Don Pautz, Gary Anderson, Denny Tellander, and Dick Sandberg. Don specializes in A class, Gary in B class, Denny in A t class, and Dick in C class. At the City Meet Don placed first on the parallel bars and on the mats and was the top gymnast in the city. A class boys missed second place by only one-half point. Don Pautz, right, best all-around gymnast in the city, works the parallel bars in the State Meet. Row I: Kenneth Auld, Roger Pass, Dennis Tellander, Donald Pautz, Gary Arhart, Charles Nightengale ' Coach Vernon Petersen, Richard Sandberg, James Nichols, Gary An- derson, Michael Throngard. Row l: Richard Clemen, Stephen Hartwick, Gary Wandmacher, George Rose, Valdis Smits, Paul Rogen, Floyd Richardson, Mgr. George Willard, Robert Zalk, David Mayer 9 Elwood Enerson, James William Forbes. Knutson, Stephen Nelson, Thomas Thorstenson, Dennis Lee, Coach Aggressive Pilots Battle For Wins Murray's bucketeers turned in a 2-6 conference record this year for an eighth place finish. Their record was not impressive, as the team was ham- pered by a shortage of height and experience. The team, whose average height was 5'9", had a tough time rebounding, which usually gave them only one shot at the basket compared to a taller team's three or four. The Pilots were considered by many as one of the most improved and scrappiest teams in the conference. Their two wins were over Monroe and Johnson. However, the Pilots turned in their best performances against Wilson and Harding, the first and second place teams in the City Conference. In the Harding game, Murray went to the locker room with a ten point half-time lead only to lose the game in the Hnal period. Central 72 ...........,...,........ Murray 28 Mechanic Arts 53 .,...,...,.,.. Murray 37 Monroe 43 .............,..,..,.., Murray 47 Washington 62 ....... ...,.... M urray 47 Wilson 45 .,.....,.... ...,,... M urray 3l Humboldt 52 ....., ....,... M urray 45 Harding 53 ,.......,............... Murray 45 Johnson 33 ,..,.,....,....,....,... Murray 40 District i5 Quarter Finals Harding 66 .,.........,,..,....,,.. Murray 40 Seniors Bob Zalk, Steve Hart- wick, Dave Mayer, George Wil- lard, Dick Clemen, and Gary Wandmacher look over their plans before a game. These boys, with the exception of George Willard, who was in- jured early in the season, were usually Murray's starting five. Jim Knutson, a junior, also saw extensive action. Much credit should be given to the team manager, Bill Forbes, who worked faithfully with the team for the last two seasons. Gary Wandmacher takes a shot against Central, while Bob Zalk and Elwood Enerson iockey tor a rebound- ing position. 3 Steve Hartwick tights tor a re- bound against Central, while Dick Clemen, 3l, moves up to help. Al- though the Pilots didn't beat Cen- tral, they began to show consider- able improvement. lt's wood while up and through the hoop. El- Enerson scores against Central Dave Mayer moves in to help. Junior Pilots Beat Johnson, Monroe In Conference The Junior Varsity, coached by Mr. Robert Ritter, hnished with a 2-6 record, beating the same teams as the Varsity, Johnson and Monroe. For the Hrst time in many years the starting lineup consisted at tive tresh- men. Because ot the lack at sopho- mores on either the Varsity or Junior Varsity, next year the freshmen will have to fill in on the Varsity. With the new facilities and three years to work these boys should have a bright future. Ed Merrell, a 6'3" freshman, paced the young Pilots with accurate shoot- ing and powerful rebounding. Row iz Mgr. Hugh Coffman, Jonn Arnemen, Kirby Johnson, James Haechrel, James Wolf, Ronald Swanson, Paul Fardig ' Edward Merrell, Dale Swanson, Bruce Anderson, Thomas Swanson, Richard Hahnen, Mgr. Richard Bone, Coach Robert Ritter. John Zellner charges forthe flying puck as a Hum- boldt skater watches it. John received honorable men- tion on the All-City team this year. ln the background Keith Carlson skates up to assist. Hockey Team Finishes Murray O .,.., Murray 2 ,.... Murray l .,... Murray 3 ...., Murray 3 .,... Murray O ..... Murray 3 ,.r,.. ................ Murray 6 ....r. .,...,..,............. Region Murray i ,..... .,..........,i...,. Harding Monroe Mechanic Arts ,. Washington Humboldt Johnson Wilson Central Johnson Greg Page, honorable mention All-City, makes another stop as Lee Lippert and Mark Thompson provide protection. With 4-3-1 ln Conference After losing their first two games and tying the third, the Murray hockey team skated to their hrst victory of the season over Washington 3-l. John Zellner, out of action until then due to a football injury, scored all three goals. ln the following game the Pilots won a hard fight against Humboldt. Against Johnson the Pilots went down to defeat 4-O. ln the final two games, Coach Broderick's icemen routed Central and Wilson with Jim Nylund, Trygg Hanson, and Jeff Beyer doing the bulk of the scoring. Greg Page, one of the better goalies in the city, posted a shutout against Wilson. In the region game, Johnson defeated the Pilots. . Row li John Zeller, Leander Lippert, John Dexter, Mark Thompson, Keith Carlson, Jeffrey Beyer'Coach Bernard Brod- erick, Gerald Loney, John Bauer, Gerald Crowell, Trygg Hanson, Barclay Brasted, Gary Fehrman, Mgrs, Thomas Swadburg, Regi- nald Pitts. Going for the puck are Bill Mantis and an uniden- tified Humboldt player. In the background John Zell- ner begins to skate toward the goal hoping to get the puck and score. The Pilots and the Indians exchanged the lead for the first two periods before Murray came out on t-op with a 3-2 upset victory. lt was a hard- fought game with fast skating and determined work in the nets by Greg Page. Stopping an on rushing Indian is Mark Thompson. Mark and goalie Greg Page, both juniors, were co-captains. John Zellner and Greg Page received honorable mention ratings in the All-City selections. Junior Varsity Determined To Play Hard And Fast For the second year in a row the Junior Varsity hockey team won the City Confer- ence championship. Coached by Mr. John Pearson, the boys carried a 7-l confer- ence record into the play- offs, where they beat the Humboldt Indians 2-l in the semi-finals. in an exciting game for the play-off cham- pionship and a crack at the Twin City championship, the young Pilots finally bowed to a powerful Harding sextet 2-l after three overtime periods. in non-conference action, the Pilots beat the rugged Anoka team 4-1. Row I: John Bates, Stephen Johnson, Greg Carlson, Owen Abel, Martin Brandt, David Hagen, Michael Broderick, James McTie, John Kirby, Kerry Stein, Myron Pederson, Coach John Pearson, William Johnson 9 Patrick Broderick, Walter Gayman, Stuart Peterson, Thomas Good, Terrence Shuster, James Nelson, William Barrick, Kenneth Caldwell, Michael Peterson, Mark Bauer, John Larson. Swimmers Capture Third Place After 19 Victories Murray's swimming Team, consisTing of only 13 swimmers This year, has noT broken The excepTional record ThaT The Team has had The lasT few years. The Tankmen held The ouTsTanding record of 19 sTraighT wins. CenTral broke The winning sTreak aT The CiTy MeeT wiTh a score of 55-31. Wilson also beaT The Team, placing Murray Third in The ciTy. The Two superior swimmers in The CiTy MeeT were Russ Swanson, who swam The 50-yard free sTyle, and Mike Bergmann, who swam The breasf sTroke. Mike broke his own record by .2 of a minuTe, placing firsT in The breasT sTroke. Murray's highest scores were againsT Mechanic ArTs 67- 10, Monroe 57-28, Harding 62-18, and HumboldT 61-22. Mike Bergmann, righT, is using his breasT sTroke To assisf The Team aT The CiTy MeeT. Co-capTain Mike Tied for second place in The breasr sTroke in The STaTe MeeT. Row 1: James Perlich, Delberf Cecchi, William Warson, Gregory Risbrudf, Craig Crawford, Michael Bergmann ' Fred Ahlgren, STeven Bergmann, Ronald Kuhn, Randy Baran, Russell Swanson, Paul Mor- lodk, Coach Dean Blomsfer, Fred Ahlgren, although new aT Murray, proved To be Senior Greg Risbrudr is coaching sophomore Jim Perlich a very successful and helpful member of The Team. Fred aT The CiTy MeeT. Any encouragemenf from The sidelines swam The breasf sTroke. helps The Team To win. - tsff-lgqggsv-.5-szc if -,-fgm , Mike Bergmann reaches for the baton as Jack Landis finishes his portion of a mile relay race at Central Stadium. A mile relay team con- sists of four boys who each run 440 yards and then hand the baton to a teammate. Running with .lack and Mike were Don Muellner and Jack Deutsch. Besides running in the re- lays .lack excelled in the broad iump and half-mile, while Mike was better known as a miler. Murray's Cindermen Race To Fourth In City Coach Vernon Petersen's cindermen ran to fourth place in the City Track Meet at Central Stadium. During the regu- lar season the Pilots had only four meets. After losing to the top three teams, Central 9O-l9, Monroe 54-48, and Humboldt 69-55, Murray edged Johnson by the close score of 56-55. In the City Meet, Captain Don Steinle placed fifth in the lOO-yard dash and second in the 220-yard dash. Mike Bergmann proved to be the best in the mile, taking a first place in it. Jack Landis took a fifth place in the broad jump and a sixth place in the half-mile. Don Muellner placed fourth in the 440-yard dash. Mike Pearson placed high in the shotput and discus. Bill Engebretson took third place in the high jump. Murray's 880-yard medley relay team captured first place in the City Relay Carnival. Qt. Row I: Jack Deutsch, Guy Haff, Michael Bergmann, Thomas Morton, Stephen Nelson, Gregory Page 9 Coach Vernon Petersen, Flovd 16' fi, Richardson, Patrick Broderick, John Landis, James Nichols, Elwood Enerson. Gary Wandmacher picks up a ground ball in Time to throw the runner out at Tirst base. Gary's dependable fielding and hitting was an asset to The team's success. Murray 2 ...... ..,.. H arding ll Murray 4 ...,... ,..r,.. C entral Murray 2 ....,. .,... J ohnson Murray T2 ...... .,.....,...,. W ilson Murray 8 ...... .....,........ M onroe Murray 4 ....,. ...4,., M echanic Arts Murray 3 .,.4... ........ W ashington Murray 3 .....,. ,........ H umboldt Players Made Great Catches, Hit Hard Balls Murray began its i961 baseball season, despite the usual weather problems, -on a successful note. The Pilots in their non-conference schedule won tour games and lost three. As they moved into the conference slate, Murray's bat- men knocked out three victories and five defeats. This rec- ord placed them in a three way tie for tifth place, one ' J New H . .. Q ff Ain. , game short of a berth in the tour team play-offs. Against Johnson, sophomore John Zellner pitched a 2-O shutout tor the Pilots. John's fine pitching was backed by the hard hitting of co-captains Dick Foster and John Dun- can. Murray also scored victories over Mechanic Arts and Wilson. John Vollmer made The All-City squad, while Dick Foster and Mark Thompson received honorable mention. Row l: Coach Michael Smith, John Warner, William Mantis, Gary Vollmer, Thomas Barrows, Mark Thompson, Keith Carlson, Timothy Wandmacher, John Duncan, Richard Foster, Arthur Kirby, Donald Gadler, Roger Spooner, John Zellner, Robert Thompson, Robert Allen, Carlson, Dennis Lee, Mgr. William Forbes U Coach Robert Ritter, John Thomas Walls. Row lr Coach Michael Smith, John Sweet, Ronald Lieder, Mark Bauer, John Bates, James Nelson, Kenneth Caldwell ' Richard Hahnen, Gary The Junior Varsity, although unable to win any of their four games, gained valuable experience under the direc- tion of Mr. Michael Smith. With the Varsity relying heavily on the boys coming up from the "B" squad, Mr. Ritter says, "The boys learn the Arhart, Robert Fodness, John Larson, Gary Blume Gerald Crowell fundamentals on the Junior Varsity. lt is also very impor tant for them to play in summer leagues The boys were coached by Mr. Michael Smith a student at the University of Minnesota. Junior Varsity Team Looks Toward Future This year the intramural program, included bowling, basketball, hockey, and softball. Any boy was eligible for these sports and participated in as many as he liked. Mr. John Pearson was in charge of bowling, hockey, and softball, while Mr. George Rose led the basketball program. All games were played in the evening with the exception of bowl- ing, which was on Saturday morning. When asked about intramural sports, Mr. Rose said that, "ln future years, after the completi-on of our new build- ing, we should have more participation by the students, for they will be more interested." He added that the girls should participate as well as the boys. lt's another strike hopes Dick Erickson, who is participating in intramural bowling. His teammates, Bruce Anderson, Tom Barrows, and Floyd Richardson are waiting their turn to b-owl. Golfers Shoot For Birdies, Eagles, Aces Coach Clarence Fulmek's golf team finished fifth in the city with a respectable three wins, four losses, and one tie record. Leading the team was captain Dick Giert- son. Other boys scoring points in matches were seniors Kurt Wagener, Rick Lein, and Dave Pietsch, juniors Bob Strandquist and Ron Kuhn, and sophomore Jim Stromberg. After losing to Johnson, the Pilots beat Humboldt l5-O. Then, after suffering set- backs from Monroe, Central, and Wilson, they came back to whip Mechanic Arts l4V2-V2, Harding lO-5, and tie Washington 7Vz-7V2. Bob Strandquist placed highest in the city for Murray. War' Row li Richard Lein, James Stromberg, Dennis Engle, David Pietsch ' Coach Clarence Fulmek, Richard Giertson, Ronald Kuhn, Kurt Wagener, Robert Strangquist. Netmen Serve Sharply, Return Quickly, Play Hard First year man Tom Thorstenson smashes a serve to the opposite court. Tom played mostly in doubles matches. For the fifth year in a row the Murray netmen finished in fourth place with a record of four wins and four losses. Murray opened up the season by losing to Johnson 4-l but came back to defeat Washington and Harding by identical scores of 3-2 and Mechanic Arts 5-O. Then, after losing to Monroe 4-l, the Pilots defeated Humboldt and lost to Wilson by scores of 3-2 again. ln the final match of the season, a strong Central team whipped the Pilots 5-O. Chris Page, Rick Halvorson, and John Mantis, all seniors, were the top three singles players for Murray. Row ls John Bauer, Leander Lippert, John Mantis, Earl Orf, James Nylund 9 Coach Bernard Broderick, Trygg Hansen, Donald Smith, Thomas Thorstenson, John Dexter, Wayne Ewy 9 Christopher Page, Philip Hager, Richard Halverson, Joseph Kafufert, Russell Swanson. 3 Q i Gary Olson and Mike Smith practice a 311 Nelson hold in preparation for the City Meet. Gary, who was captain, won all of his matchs. in the City Meet he placed Hrst which qualified him for the Region Meet. At left, Ted Granovsky works on a break with Gary Olson. Ted had a successful year winning five matches, tying one, and losing one. Wrestling Team Is Newly Organized At Murray . 1 fr M" J X ' lj YJ, Row in Gary Olson, Ernest , i' ' L- - Orf, John Manthe, Theodore 3 ' ' l c , i l l ' ' K Granovsky, James Johnson, ' iz . K f l f W E 1 ' Stephen Richards, William s S T , . 3 Q 3 l Mafcheii, Robert mid v Ma. fi l I V ' V ng . A .K X chael Smith, Eric Narvaez, ,ak . L W, , A K I K Jerry Pearson, Dennis Engle, wi - hifi 'e lf it 5 lb r Q, .fy T .Q , Charles Simon, Lawrence Tun- . V . i ' 2 I ' E ' 74 nell, Patrick Nelson, Richard E T 3 N . 4 I If T Willey, Coach Reno Rossini. f 1 Wrestling has become a popular sport in its first year at Murray. The qualifications for this sport make it appealing to both spectators and participants. Any boy can wrestle because of the weight divisions. These divisions start at 97 pounds and go up to i75 pounds and over. The team practiced before and after school. Before school the boys had matches in the gym and after classes returned for calisthenics in the cafeteria. Before the season began, Coach Reno Rossini attended several clinics to gain fundamental knowledge of wrestling. Gary Olson, the only experienced wrestler, was elected captain. Jim Johnson is practicing an escape with Mike Halvorson. Mike, a heavyweight, won two of his matches. Coach Reno Rossini said that "Mike has come a long way this season." Row i: Karen Lee, Row 2: Carol Hend- Kathleen Duncan, Pa melci Comstock, Gayl Gayman, Mar- garet Wolf, Mary Jo Slettom. Under the guidance ot Mrs. Patricia Fritsche, the Girls Athletic Association otters an opportunity tor freshmen Through senior girls to learn good sportsmanship, play new sports, and make friends. Aside from participating in sports, G.A.A. members spon- sor the Homecoming dance and the sale of Homecoming buttons. Team sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rickson, Janet Paul- son, Jane Gilie, Kath- leen Weber, Betty Sal- mon, Elizabeth Frost, Priscilla Hager. softball are organized by their respective sportheads. The two top teams challenge each other for the championship. Sportheads responsible for horseback riding, ping-pong, skating, swimming, archery, tumbling, and tennis arrange the time, place, and registration for the participants. The bicycling sparthead organizes groups tor iO-mile hikes. At the G.A.A. Assembly trophies are awarded to the champion ping-pong player and champion bowlers. Fun And Exercise ls Planned For G.A.A. Girls Two girls jump tor the ball while Kathy Duncan and Kay Eddy rush in to grab it, hoping to make a basket and score points for their team. "Over here!" shouts Kay Cutkomp, while Carol Chris- tianson tries to guard her and keep the ball away from the opposite team. Girls Athletic Association is a source of action tor the feminine population at Murray. The girls try their hardest to pile up enough points tor their letters. TOOO points are needed for a school letter, while All-City letters cost 1500 p-oints. The sportheads meet and plan early in September for the various depart- ments. All of the games are ar- ranged in tournaments with the players ot the winning team receiv- ing TOO points. Points are also given tor perfect attendance. Mrs. Patricia Fritsche, adviser, al- ways takes an active part in all ath- letic and and social events oftered by G.A.A. Shivering in the cold are G.A.A. officers for the past year, Pat Boyle, recording secretary, Joan Lauerer, president, Linda Niemela, treasurer, Kathy Brown, vice- president, and Kay Eddy, secretary. They are looking over the new gymnasium which is in the process ot being built. G.A.A. Officers Plan Activities For School Year Row I: Susan VanZanden, Patricia Boyle, Virginia Braa, Linda Olson, Joan Lauerer, Victoria Rupp, Susan Hunt ' Lorayne Knippenberg, Barbara Schreifels, Ann Cerny, ,lo-Ann Merrill, Catherine Broderick 9 Victoria Bone, JGGF1 Lemblie, Kmlleflne Brown, Mary Brasted, l-iftdfl Kay Eddy, Virginia Maas, Mary Delger, Linda Niemela, Betty Cadwell, JOl1nSOY1, ADH Wall, Ingrid Giving. s1xs"':1fH3Ei :Q?5.3:S5LS?ESii f5s5'ga57h14f5Pifi25557T32 iii?5'i?LWs7s1Z9f1Pi4SiX:szA Z .,,.,,. U, .. 2 .,A.,.v.v,.:,,k, Z K, Q f wfffsif fgsvsgekmz, ez Wm f7LfL5??5i52f? 1f55L5iSLsSL53?iisikiififs W ,amzzzgssismifsiwQ awk-WMff--,Wmaz,:f :-534153 Q EQS3ESE1LS?TfS:i U W- L, f5i5?gfgSEI:ll57Ll565' ' 5 .li555ii2iXXISi?'5iEff2, 5 V?5F5P?55?Ef11212,-STH'WL W'--nxzxx, lzttlwlsi at ?Q5E5I5i.fif5iVf2t'? 'f2W??+'1fHM251'mfmszgaisesif N,ffeiisfviiisifiyswkfig Ifi5i2'Z"'A:5wfA15L11ffff i:g1Mi'Ef.:-EL:5i1i5ELEL5Li3?5E 3537155 -- M .Q-- v,,. .,. .,., 5 .,,., , - - f,A:.,m ,..,, ,ww 113:-.121 15 mf: :wgm:1w -, vf-v W- Candid Camera Murray Students Snapped Unawares At Games, Backing the Pilots at games, meets, and matches are Murray's loyal students. Helping support the football team is the Murray band, which marches during half time at football games. "Fightl Go! Win!" shout enthusiastic fans cheering the football team onward through the fall season. At each of the conference games, regardless of weather, Murrayites sup- port the team in great number. As the crowd roars, the Pilots fight for victory at the Central Stadium. Look familiar? lf you have had your picture taken for The Pilot sometime within the last three years, this may be what you saw. Dan Torgersen, Pilot photographer, is pictured here doing a job he is known for at Murray. Advising the staff on picture arrangement, new angles, and photo selection are iust a few of the many tasks Dan has performed as a member of The Pilot staff for three years. Candid shots taken at random throughout the year play an important part in the general make-up of the yearbook. Pictures portraying students in their school surroundings help to tell the story of Murray in The Pilot. "Yeah, Murray!" yell students in sup- port of the hockey team as it skates towards victory at the St. Paul Auditor- ium, where all conference games are played. The band also finds an important place at Murray's hockey games skat- ing and playing between periods. Although transportation to the games is sometimes inconvenient for many Mur- rayites, large crowds are always there to cheer the team to victory. Between Classes, In Study, And At Noon Hour The daily rush to homeroom finds Murray students crowding through the second floor hallway. Junior and senior high students all agree that Murray's new addition will be very welcome. More room in the halls may decrease tardiness to classes plus reduce the frustration of climbing over several peo- ple and a stack of books to get to one's locker. Talking laughing relaxing and of course, eating are the activities of stu dents in the Murray cafeteria. The latest in gossip, sports, and favorite clubs or functions is revealed at each lunch table. An occasional outburst of "Happy Birthday" is nothing out of the ordinary. Every so often someone brings a cake to celebrate in real birthday style. Congratulations is sung for almost any occasion which seems to deserve recog- nition. A catastrophe, such -as dropping a tray, always adds to the confusion. Murray's library offers a place to relax and read or study. Many students take advantage of its wide array of sources including books for term papers, themes, and other assignments plus materials for outside reading. Before school, during study and lunch periods, and after school pupils gather in the library. Serving students and faculty are Mr. Leon King and Library Club members who vvork together as a staff to shelve and check out books, shelf read, register fines, and perform many other respons- ibilities. Student Council Junior, Senior Councils Work Ancl Student Council members Jone Gilie, right, ond Corol Berge, second from the left, show new students Lois Rogon, Vicki Johnson, ond Noncy Miller the lunch menu. lvloking their contributions to the United Fund ore senior high students Tom Morton, Fred Nutz, Jerry Crowell, JoAnn Wogener, ond Sue Klorkowski. Eorly in the yeor the Student Council sponsors the United Fund Assembly os ci community service. This offers students on opportunity to give to worthy orgonizo- tions. The tenth, eleventh, ond tweltth grcides compete to give the lorgest sum. The seniors gove the lorgest omount totol- ing forty-tive dollors. ' ' Governing ond representing Murray, the Student Council guides students cind sets stondords tor the school ond its octivities. Under the ctble guidonce ot Mr. George Rose, Student Council otticers ond repre- sentotives elected from eoch homeroom work to promote school spirit, improve conduct, ond orgonize school projects. Beginning o long list ot responsibilities tor the yeor, Student Council members orronge ci progrom to help new students become ocquointed with lvlurroy. A com- mittee plons on tour of the building plus on ossembly. During this ossembly, the new pupils leorn the rules ond regulcitions ot Murrciy. Discussing recent onnouncements posted on the Student Council bulletin boord neor the ouditorium ore iunior high othcers lvlorgc1retSwonson, vice-president, Jeonne Scherbert, president, Joy Bortlett, secre- tory, ond Ervo Snyder, treosurer. The iunior high Student Council supports the projects ot the senior Student Council while leorn- ing how to orgonize ideos ond responsi- bilities forthe coming yeors. Learn Together To Make Successful Year At Christmas time the senior Student Council decorates the auditorium for the March of Toys assembly. Boxes are decorated and filled with presents in the homerooms. Representatives from each homeroom come forward to bring the boxes to the huge tree at the front of the auditorium. After the assembly, the toys are turned over to the St. Paul Fire Depart- ment to be mended and distributed to underprivileged children. In January or early February the Student Council sponsors Sno'-Foolin' Day, its only money-making event of the year. Royalty is chosen from freshmen and senior students. The king and queen and prince and princess reign over a day of fun plus a dance in the evening. Busily decorating the cafeteria for Christmas activities are junior Student Council members Bill Slettom, Joy Bartlett, Erva Snyder, and Margie Swanson. Bob Rupp patiently waits for some tape for a streamer. B Caught in the turmoil of excitement of the March of Toys assembly are junior high homeroom representatives Sarah Halvorson and Kathy Kavanaugh. Senior Uldis Krastins also takes part in the march. Senior Officers Govern Senior Student Council officers Gayl Gayman, secretary Gary Wandmacher, president, Jane Christensen, vice president, and Don Pautz, treasurer gather in 3X. Library Club Service And Fun Combine To Make L.C. An Ron Kuhn, second vice-president, Laura Lindorfer, first vice-president, Bev Thompson, president, Mary Brasted, recording secretory, Bob Zalk, scirgeant-at-arms, Gary Wandmacher, corresponding secretary, John Swanson, treasurer, Pat Boyle, program chairman. Confronted with o large number ot fines slips every morning are second period li- brary staff workers Jo-Ann Merrill and Paul M-orlock. The fines are tallied and written up by the Hnes committee, and slips are distributed through homerooms. Checking in overdue books is only one of many iobs done by senior statt workers. They check out and shelve books, cata- logue and type, and advise committees. Working behind the desk is o requirement for L.C. members to receive their pins and is also a school service credit if done for the entire year, "Service with ci smile" might well be a slogan adopted by Murray's Library Club. Members of the club give of their time and talents for the betterment of the library. Under the direction ot librarian and club adviser, Mr, Leon King, L. C.'ers have been carrying on in the true tradition of one ot lVlurray's tinest clubs. Among events that will be well remem- bered are initiation, with all the spiders, "Islands ot Treasure" presented during Book Week, and the Pin Luncheon in the spring, the highlight tor senior members. Students wishing to ioin L. C. take prepara- tory classes in library science taught by the vice-presidents. Shelving books and shelf reading are Library Club members Joan Cottmon, Paul Morlock, and Tom Swadburg. One ofthe jobs of staff workers is to put books back on the shelves in the correct place when they are returned. lt is the duty ot the shelf reading committee to check the order ot the books and take out any that are marred or need mending. Outstanding Organization At Murray Row li Mr. Lean King, Joan Coffman, Caroline Hopp, Randina Jensen, Jettery Otto, Linda Olson, Joan Enerson, Jo Ann Kenny O Victoria Bone, Michael Christian, Iris Hartman, Gary Wandmacher, Barbara Lembke, Ann Wall, Marilyn Hanson O Craig Crawford, Kath- 1 1 leen Thoennes, Dennis Engle, Katherine Brown, Kathleen Barrick, Ken- neth Caldwell, Barclay Brastecl, Carol Bradford O Robert Zallr, Stephen Hartwick, Sigurd Haugan, John Swanson, Raymond Jensen, Ronald Kuhn, David Mayer. Row l: Judith Sweet, Jo-Ann Merrill, Sarah Souther, Ann Cerny, Joan Paskewitz, Mary Jo Slettom, Susan Christianson O Gary Kwong, Delbert Cecchi, Peter Rogness, Beverly Thompson, Lynn Sweetland, Patricia Boyle, Katherine Boyle, Katherine,DeWitt O William Mantis, Louis DeWitt, Paul Morlock, Margaret Adolphsen, Jean Lembke, Gerald cr Laney, Carole Barthold, Laura Lindorfer O Theodore Granovsky, John Bates, Michael Sullivan, Mary Brasted, Susan Talbott, Linda Johnson, Michael Bergmann O John Dow, Thomas Thorstenson, Larry Sargent, Russell Swanson, Thomas Swadburg, Victor Borgeson, James Stromberg, Allyn Thurow. Quill And Scroll "All you con eot on your own loot of bread" wos The lunch plonned by Quill ond Scroll members Tor new initiotes. The rest of The menu included lots ot pototo chips, milk, ond ice creom. Enjoying overlooded sondwiches ot The luncheon ore initioTes Bob Zolk, Borb Nelson, ond Lorry ScirgenT. AT The spring iniTiotion, iuniors ore Token inTo The club. From These members ofticers ore chosen, ond onother Quill ond Scroll Luncheon is held Tor new senior mem- bers inthe Toll. Journolistic Endeavors Reworded By Honor Society Quill ond Scroll membership is on oword sought by mony ot lVlurroy's journolisTs on both The Murcurie ond Pilot stolls. ln order To quality Tor This inTernoTionol honor socieTy, students must be in The upper one-Third ot Their closs ond hove on ouTsTonding record ol work done in The field of iournolism Through Their school. Mr. John Lope, iournolism instructor, is odviser for The Murray chopter oT Quill ond Scroll. Outlining The club's responsibiliTies Tor the coming yeor ore Quill ond Scroll olticers Vicki Rupp, presidenT, Koy Eddy, Treosurer, Kothy Brown, secreTory, ond Lorry Scir- gent, vice-president. Row la Judith Sweet, Ann Cerny, Kay Cutkomp, Soroh Souther, I Joon Louerer, ,lone Christensen, Koy Eddy, Suson Jock, Borbcirci Bernodine Stevenson, Susan Von Zonden O Victorio Rupp, Potricia Nelson, .leon Lembke I Terence Poulson, Katherine Brown, Lorry Boyle, Lindo Niemelci, Betty Cadwell, Caroline Hopp, Lynn Sweetlond Sargent, Robert Zcilk, Mory Brosted, Lindo Johnson. Latin Club Scholars Gain Information At Monthly Meetings Row I: Mr, Gerald Kritzer, student teacher, Katherine Boyle, Aedile, Kayleen Ed, Scribe, Joan Enerson, Consul, Kenneth Caldwell, Consul, Lea Lippert, Quaestor, Mr. Bill Addison I Kathleen DeWitt, Susan Brown, Jeanne Scherbert, Jane Wolens, Mary Cerny, Susan Latin Club strives to acquaint its members with the part Rome and the ancient language play in today's world. The club is made up of first through fourth year Latin students. Its adviser is Latin and English instructor, Mr. Bill Addison. In addition to the election of new officers, Rev. Olaf Storaasli presented a talk on his travels in Rome at the first club meeting. The initiation of new members myster- Strandquist, Leslie Walck I Patricia Trammell, Susan Lindgren, Edward Merrell, Barbara Lembke, Carole Barthold, Joyce Carlson, Janice Brown I Carol Bradford, Mary Mullin, Duane Jensen, John Bates, Barbara Turnquist, Charles Nightingale, William Barrick, iously turned boys into Cyclopes, one-eyed giants of mythology, and girls into Harpies, defined as ravenous monsters with the bodies of birds. At the December meeting the Christmas story was read in Latin, and club members heard the Corpus Christi choir singing Christ- mas hymns in Latin. The annual spring banquet is a high- light of the year's events. I maui Row ii Margaret Mullin, Coral Berge, Mary Brandt, Charlotte Koeper, Gretchen Halvorson, Melody Milburn O Kimberly Condie, Jacqueline Clayton, Susan McDonald, Elsie Hagen, Gayle Woodhouse, Lois Peterson, Margaret Swanson O Elizabeth Frost, Margaret Hagen, f Leslie Curtiss, David Coad, Marilyn Hansen, Joan Freeman, Mary Miller, Joy Bartlett I Linda Prong, John Arneman, David Barthold, Carol Piermantier, Priscilla Hager, Richard Amrhien, David Ha-gen. 71 5,1 German Club New Language Club Grows Ancl Prospers The German Club, consisting ot approximately sixty members, has monthly meetings usually at neighboring churches. The members strive to learn more about Germany and its people. Presiding over monthly meetings were otticers Beverly Thompson, president, Ingrid Giving, vice-president, Peter Rog- ness, treasurer, and Libby Frost, program chairman. At each meeting German songs are sung, and a program relating to Ger- many is featured, initiation tor new members at the beginning ot the year included a game ot charades in German and wearing little hats to school. Upon meeting an old member, each new initiate had to recite 'fMy hat has three corners" in German. German Round Singers Vicki Moor, Iris Hartman, Kathy Barrick, Gisela Fohlmeister, Barbara Lembke, Ann Cerny, Lynn Schanke, and Jo Ann Kenny prepare one ot their many selections. ,l 7 .L - . . Row l: Ann Cerny, Mariorie Sautter, Karen Allmain, Mary McDiarmid, Mary Imbertson, Helen Johnson, Mary Hokanson I Margaret Kurz, Gary Kwong, Kerry Stein, Hugh Coffman, James Wolf, Diann Gast, William Slettom, Patti Poye, Alice Magnuson, Jo Ann Kenny O Mrs. Margaret Berdahl, Meridee Sorensen, Susan Schroeder, Terry Cutkomp, Bill Weber, Kathy Stech, Jean Gallagher, Meredy Razskazofl, Joan Paskewitz, Roger Kwong I Mariann Krinke, Karen Schroeder, Barbara Lembke, Gayl Gayman, Karen Lee, Susan Tselos, Eva Neubeck, Beverly Thompson, Joan Coltman, Robert Field, Margaret Wolf I Sandy Gunsell, William Mantis, James Nylund, Peter Rogness, Elizabeth, Frost, Pamela Comstock, Mary Jo Haugan, William Watson, Ingrid Giving, lris Hartman I Louis DeWitt, Richard Allred, Ronald Swanson, Kirby Johnson, Christine Shulstad, Katherine Hartwick, Paul Fardig, Gisela Fohlmeister, Kathleen Barrick, Lorayne Knippenberg, Kay Eddy. Spanish Club Knowledge Comes By Studying Spanish Countries Q ,s E 2 ss 5 l .l f Row li Virginia Braa, Esther Ort, Catherine Broderick, James Haechrel, Charlotte Clarke, Mark Bauer, Mrs. lrene Zimmerman I Carol Hendrickson, Erin O'Brien, Sally Beckiorden, Mary Solstad, Mary Nason, Priscilla Thurow, Barbara Comstock, Jeanine Smith I Joyce e E l i Johnson, Nancy Miller, Margaret Adolphsen, Kenny Auld, Kathleen Nielsen, John Bauer, Steven Gasch, Stephen Munson I Patricia Strain, John Sweet, Mary Wooding, Joanne Thaennes, Linda Johnston, Janet Paquette, Kenneth Brown, Jeanne Cannons. Spanish Club is one of the activities at Murray which works toward a goal. lts members have a chance to practice the language they have studied and also learn about Spanish speaking countries. The meetings were held in various churches in the community and were pre- sided over by omcers Steve Munson, president, Mark Bauer and Erin O'Brien, vice-presidents, Esther Ort, secretary, Jo-Ann Merrill, program chairman, Janet Paquette, sargeant-at-arms. Initiation for new members is held in the fall of each year. Shown here are Steve Munson, Ginny Braa, and Jo-Ann Merrill, who is placing donkey ears on Barb Comstock. The new people were made to wear the burro ears for one full day ot school. "Ma, He's Makin' Eyes at Mel" sings Alida Meisen to Enthusiastic cheering tills the nippy night air at Murray's the innocent bystander, Joe Schatt. Balloons, tags, posters, Homecoming game. At the coronation assembly the tense glitter, and glue, plus lots at concentration are all an moment has passed. Newly crowned queen Sue Jack important part of Homecoming week campaigning. reigns. Homecoming Festivities Are Enjoyed By Students And Alumni Dclys of fun ond excitement enioyed by oll describes Homecoming ot Mur- roy in 1961. Suspense begon for seniors os they voted for queen conclidotes, ond each wos notified. With mcmogers chosen, compoigning begon. Snappy slogons ond clever posters were found ct every home -olong with lots of snocksl Huge nome signs were found in the cofeterio this yeor insteod ot on the fence, which is hidden from view by the fost-rising oddi- tion. Homecoming buttons beoring the slogan "Wilskin Wilson" were sold by G. A. A., ond preporotions were mode for decoroting ot the ossembly, gome, ond dance. As the week f1ew by, suspense built, ond on Fridoy, Gctober 13, Sue Jock wos crowned ot the coronotion assembly by 1960 Homecoming queen, Sondy Tousley. The evening gome ond dance topped off the festivities to moke the week Q wonderful memory for every- one. Homecoming queen condidotes ond their monogers Boyle, Jcme Christensen Greg Risbrudt Louro Lindorfer ore Poul Wotermon, Lindo Johnson, Roger Novak, Pot George Willorcl, Sue Jock ond Lorry Scirgent "M" Club Row lx Gerald Laney, Lea Lippert, Michael Sullivan, Gary Arhart, Perlich, Theodore Granovsky, Dennis Lee, James Stromberg, Gerald James Nylund, Lowell Rostvit O Patrick Broderick, Kenneth Caldwell, Paul Rogen, Jack Deutsch, Trygg Hansen, William Mantis C James Page, James Knutson, Thomas Thorstenson. Athletes Rewa rded For ln order to gain admittance into Murray's "M" Club, really works and enioys a sport. boys must excell in some sport. Each boy who meets set standards in his particular sport will receive a Murray letter. Good sportsmanship and athletic interest are the two main qualities found in a dedicated athlete who ty wr Row 1: Gary WGFlClIT1ClCl19F, John Bauer, Stephen Hartwick, Michael I Robert Zalk, George Willard, Russell Swanson, Daniel Bergmann, Gregory Risbrudt, Donald Poutz I John Landis, Guy Haff, Ronald Kuhn, David Mayer. Jeffrey Beyer, Dennis Tellander, Gary Anderson, Richard Carlson Crowell, Mark Thompson I Keith Carlson, John Zellner, Gregory Sports Enthusiasm, Skill Heading this year's "M" Club are Mike Bergmann president, Gary Anderson, vice-president, Gary Wand macher, secretary-treasurer, and Dick Carlson, sargeant at-arms. Mr. Vernon Petersen was the adviser this year. Torgersen Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Have r 'Lots 0f Pep, Lots Of Steam' X. Cheering The Pilots on To vicTory is The y X K g Ev, my T' goal of The Murray cheerleaders. . il . V it Each year, in The spring, Tryouts for T i T "T M The squad are held. The students are l T V X i ii chosen Tor coordination and Their ability kd.-f T 'TJ A! ff sif' Nxt . 2 To make The crowd respond. When mem- V, , 6 y Q bers graduate, they leave openinQs Tor Il y y new members. Each cheerleader on The f T -1 ,ff . l,.J idx all squad The preceding year is required To 1' gif " ' Abya df. TsTN'v'Mf tryout again iT she wishes To be eligible f QM- Q, ,,, ,. T . ' for a position. They are iudged with The A- 4 sf sf' 'T' C rest on a non-parTisan basis. J ' ' y g Under The guidance of Mrs. PaTricia f Fritsche and captain K. C. Baukol, The fl group spent many hours practicing and learning new cheers. Pictured aT right in uniforms are mem- bers of This year's squad. Kneeling are Kim Condie, Sue Hunt, and Sandy Jensen. Standing are Gayl Gayman, Libby Frost, KaThy Nielsen, and K. C. Baukol. Busily making Tickets for Their annual dance in Janu- ary are Kim Condie, Gayl Gayman, and Kathy Nielsen. Right: Trying on new gloves for their hockey uniforms are K. C. Baukol, Sandy Jensen, and Libby Frost. .f. , T T, . in. ' . M V ,N H MX Sz 5 T .S M. 7 'T iff' . ig H 5: X l 'Q T63 wa.. Choir Varied Music Cn Many Occasions ls t A l .4 lg Row li Ratymoncl Gammel, Wayne Rees, Janice Wemyss, Karen Cheney, Barbara Cheney, Mary Lou Berg, Sonya Shoffner, Mary McDiarmid, Cheryl Cummings, Linda Johnson, Esther Ort, Mary Doeltz, Jeannine Rueteler, John Jahr O Linda Manke, Betty Ann Evans, Nancy Trower, Ann Cerny, Adrienne Anderson, Gail Gower, Carol, Esboldt, Randina Jensen, Barbara Traynor, Leslie Miller, Alida Miesen, Sandra Jensen, Anne McCulley I Marilyn Hansen, Sylvia Spandau, Mary Hayes, Kathleen Bar- rick, Lynn Schanke, Joan Freeman, Carolyn Lieder, Theresa Kelley, Judith Sweet, Linda Hillstrom, Terence Paulson, Jeanne Cannons, Jacquelyne Strain, Ingrid Giving, Joan Cottman O Carole Paquette, Jeanne Kissane, Judith Carlson, Marilyn Neubrand, Karen Wachholz, Patricia Trammell, Murray's Octette includes Cheryl Cummings, Cheryl Grecco, Mary Jo Slettom, Mom Johnson, Mgry Woodgng, put Alida Miesen, Karl Miesen, Jim Stromberg, Thomas Swadburg, Kenneth Koeper. KiSS0'f1ef Jflmes Wwneff JOYCQ Carl- : 'l' Q son, Sharon Sandgren, Janet McLean. Row lg Carol Balcome, Janice Ellingson, Meri Kay Bernard, Kathleen McKay, Steve Milburn, Mary Wolf, Gayle Olmeim, Mary Marshall O Charlotte Koeper, James Nelson, Michael Clark, Barbara Souther, Patti Shoflner, Carol Benson, Gretchen Halvorson, Miss Mariorie Rusch O Linda Rozenberg, Jane Wolens, Margaret Pomeroy, Kathleen Stech, Elizabeth White, Christine Jensen, Kathleen Lauerer, Diann Gast, Patti Poye O Penny Bartel, Connie Englund, Lois Rogen, William Marsh, Michael Boyle, Paul Boyd, Lynnae Lee, Marlene Sundstrom I Sheryl Bentley, Susan Razskazoff, Ruth Frost, Christine Shulstad, Charles Knudsen, Margaret Hagen, Patricia McMoy, Barbara Krueger, Patricia Thurow. Presented By Vocal Music Department Row 1: Miss Mariorie Rusch, Cheryl Grecco, Delores Stark, Renee Josephson, Susanne Berg, Judith Koep, Joy Bartlett, Gayle Wood- house, Marcia Tenney, Sandra Young- dahl I Priscilla Hager, Nency Heinz, Linda Prong, Lyle Kelley, Beverly Thompson, Kathleen Weber, Marjorie Sautter, Mary Jo Slettom, Susan Wagner I James Stromberg, Ken- neth Koeper, Richard Wolens, Karl Miesen, Norman Gage, Meri Kay Mattson, Janet Odegaard, Glenda Peterson, Janet Paquette O Thomas Swadburg, John Warner, Donald Tschicla, Jerry Fishbeck, Daniel Pranke, Kathleen Sundstrom, Eric Mattson, Brian Gregory. "He's making a list, checkin' it In twice. sing Alida Miesen and Cheryl Grecco at the March ot Toys Assembly. Row 1: Kathleen Rudie, Nancy Uram, Louise Duren, Carol Palmquist, Kay Saters- moen, Rita Kaufman, Sandra Anderson, Leigh Ann Blume O Gerald Olson, Richard Turn- quist, Susan Foster, Carol King, Trudy Fales, Diana Johnson, Ann Marie Kowits, Pamela Roan, Dean Swanson I Eugene Demars, Elsie Hagen, inda Kloek, Nancy Hunt, Kath- leen Sullivan, Marilyn Cross, Nancy Cross, Lois Peterson, Marcia Baukol, Cynthia Adolph- sen I Susan Christenson, Jane Skovholt, Nora Page, Barbara Thoennes, Ronald Nelson, Jan Curtiss, Annette Goodret, Jean Gallagher, Meredith Razskazotf, Deborah Hager O Susan Tseios, Leslie Curtiss, Katherine Hartwick, Peter Neubeck, Steven Bailey, Christine Olson, Linda Dunnwald, Patricia Cant1eld, Cheryl Tunell, Jeanne Scherbert. Adding greatly to the en- joyment and inspiration of the Christmas season at Murray, the choir, along with the speech department presented the traditional assembly. They also participated in the St. Paul Christmas Choral Pag- eant at the St. Paul Auditor- ium along with choirs from various churches, public and parochial schools, and hos- pitals. Under the direction of Miss Marjorie Rusch, the junior choir caroled in the halls. Both choirs participated in a musical performance in the spring. Assisting with organ- ization ot the choir were otticers for 1961-1962 Joe Schatt, president, Alida Mie- sen, vice-president, Carole Paquette, secretary, and John Jahr, treasurer. The Octette, a unique part ot the music department, per- forms at activities throughout the year. Also incidental solos at assemblies are planned through the choir. Projection Crew Presents Films For All Classes Stage Force Prepares Stage F With adviser, Mr. Alex Heron, the Stage Force prepares the stage tor all assemblies and special programs such as the Senior Class Play and the Christmas pageant. The show could not go on without the boys who help make an enjoyable show for those watching out tront, - Mike Christian makes use ot the controls back stage to operate the mikes and other sound equipment. Dave Barthold adjusts the lights so the show may go on. These boys also have to set up the stage for all meetings. Q'I:?i':E'4U-5'-1'-'F ..,.., ,m '55-:'i":i""" i '?2Z22?53:.1-.- Almost every day members ot the Projection Crew have their work lined up for them because teachers need the ambitious projec- tionists to show tllms in their rooms. Besides running the projectors, the crew orders and returns films, takes care of phonographs and tape recorders, and keeps them in working condition. Mr. Lloyd Marengo is the adviser of the Projection Crew. Jack Sweet, John Geer, Randy Barren, Dave Sandberg, Richard Arneman, Richard Allred, Bill Alwin, and Larry Haase show machines that are used by the Projection Crew. or Action Anal Fun Clean-up is also part of the work of the stage force as shown here by Ray Schmidt, John Dow, and Bob Johnson. Future Teachers Of America Techniques Taught Through Classroom Experience FTA meetings were held monthly in the school audi- torium tor juniors and seniors in FTA. The year started oft with a panel of student teachers, from various colleges in St. Paul, telling why they went into teaching. The panel was made up ot Mr. Adelsman, American History, Mr. Kritzner, Latin, Mr. Lam, Mathematics, and Mr. Pierson, from the English department. At the second meeting Vicki Rupp showed slides and told ot her experiences in Europe as Murray's AFS student. Vicki stayed in Finland, and she told members about her foreign family and the land in which she stayed last summer. At the next meeting they had a speaker from Hamline, who spoke on elemen- tary teaching. Learning that the teacher has to prepare the lesson and work for the day, before going to class are Dave Mayer, Barb Schreitels, and Lynn Sweetland. Many hours are spent in preparation, and FTA members learn that this is just part of teaching. increasing their vocabulary and boning up on the books are FTA oFlicers Kathy Thoennes, program chairman, Margaret Kurz, secretary, Marcia Allred, president, Sue Jack, vice-presi- dent, and Betty Cadwell, treasurer. These ofticers along with adviser, Miss Louise Smith, plan interesting, intormative programs for Murray students that are considering the teaching profession. with the help ot the teacher. every day. Jeanne Wilson and Sue VanZanden. Providing students with personal help is also part of the teacher's duty. Each student has his problems which must be ironed out Members ot FTA volunteer to help teachers enter grades, correct tests, and conduct their classes if the teacher is absent. This gives the FTA members a chance to experi ence some of the practices a teacher does Helping students in this English class are J unior-Senior Prom "Moonlight And Stardust" Sets The Moocl The Grand March led by class oFHcers is a traditional part of every prom. Murray juniors and seniors and their General co-chairmen of the i960 Prom, Pat Boyle, Third from left, and Bob Zalk, se-cond from left, pose by the fountain with their dates, Joe Schaaf and Linda Niemela. After many weeks of hard work and planning, Pat and Bob find it hard to relax, even when the evening is well underway. dates are shown participating in the classic ritual. "No rain this time!" exclaims Roger Novak as he enioys a belated post-prom picnic with Cheri LeClair, Dave Hallen, and Joan Kruslcopf. Many outings planned by prom-goers for May 6 were postponed because of bad weather. Committee chairmen tor the Prom hold a meeting to exchange ideas. Shown here are Geraldine Nelson and Susan Hunt, decorations, theme, and showcase, Paul Waterman, orchestra, Kay Cutkomp, chaperones, Victoria Rupp, refreshments, and Linda Johnson, datebooks and invita- tions. A Night To Remember ls Created By Juniors Lengthy efforts beginning several months before the Prom added to the excitement of the gala event for iuniors. Planning and coordinating ideas was part at the iob of the general co-chairmen, Pat Boyle and Bob Zalk. Committee members co-operated on all phases at work to make the dance a success. The decorations committee had a marked advantage when planning for the use -of the North Star Ballroom in the Student Center on the St. Paul Campus of the With Dick Kast's orchestra in the background, dancing were played along with requests by couples University ot Minnesota. Advice and encouragement were given by class advisers Mr. John Mather and Mr. Edward Datko. The Prom was held May 5 with city and school otticials, class advisers, chaperons, and parents ot class otticers as honored guests. Couples went to the Normandy Hotel, which was reserved for Murray, for dinner after the Prom. at the at the l96l Junior-Senior Prom gets underway. Numbers Prom. such as "Blue Moon," "Stardust," and "Moon Glow" Business Caclettes Organization Serves Faculty, Students, Business Cadettes work on lessons to better their typing ability for letter writing and other business techniques. Pictured at right are Business Cadettes Jackie Scholz, Sharon Sandgren, and Renee Josephson taking part in one of the monthly fudge sales. Assisting teachers, operating the book- store, and learning new business pro- cedures are several of many activities in the lives of Business Cadettes. Each girl is responsible for assisting a certain teacher by typing, filing, stencil- ing, and running errands. Under the direction of Miss Valborg Helseth and Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, the Business Cadettes learn how to organize materials and do clerical work for future business careers. Each month the girls hold a fudge sale for all students. Each girl makes some fudge the night before the sale, puts it in small bags, and sells it for ten cents per bag. Checking the label for size on a package of typing paper are Karen LaFond and Esther Orf. Practicing correct filing procedure is Gina Smith. All materials are kept in a metal cabinet at the front of room 314. And School Through Business Techniques In December the Business Cadettes give a dessert for all faculty members and administration. Cottee and dessert are served in room 312 during lunch periods. The girls serve and set the tables. They are also responsible tor decorating the room, organizing dishes, and making the coftee and dessert. In the spring a banquet is held to which all alumni Business Cadettes are invited. Busily making last minute preparations for the tea are Kathy Sundstrom, Susan Berger, and Judy Koep. X ,sw K I Q- I .Plz .ir 5-.-.lg jV.a.3 g K. ,..V . . K, . fl, Looking over the record book is presi- dent, Barbara Nelson. Eileen Nordstrom looks on as Barbara Schreifels uses the electric typewriter. Being installed into their new ottices at the banquet last spring are Judy Koep, vice-president, Marilyn Miller, secretary, Barbara Nelson, president, and Betty Cadwell, treasurer. Yi? Dramatic Club Dramatists Make Believe Through Actor's Club .......-pw-.H . . , The Christmas pageant is an annual project of both the dramatic department and the choir. The choir sings songs as members of the speech classes and the Dramatic Club present scenes fitting to the song. The departments present the program forthe PTA and the student b-ody. Dramatic Club, open to any person who qualities at tryouts, proves to be an interesting adventure into the world of the theater. Sophomores, iuniors, and seniors who did well in the tryouts and were voted into the club enioyed all the Dramatic Club meetings this year. Included in the variety of programs presented were Judy King, who recited a series ot short readings, plus skits, readings by members ot the club, and a speaker on how to prepare for a contest. Learning the basic gestures of how to stand, walk, use your hands, and sit make a person more pleasant. Dramatic students learn ot elementary acting in this club. The Dramatic Club ran smoothly under the leadership ot Sandy Jensen, secre- tary, Greg Risbrudt, vice-president, Jeanine Smith, president, Jett Beyer, treasurer, and Paul Waterman, program chairman. Along with Miss Vest, the adviser, they planned interesting meetings each month. Sometimes they had readings or short skits. Jerry Loney, as a little boy, is shown reading his Christmas list to Santa, played by Gary Wandmacher. Santa's little helper, Johnny Slettom, while listening to Jerry read his long, long list, is tying balloons together to be used on Santa's sleigh. This skit was presented at the March of Toys assembly. Senior Class Play On January I8 and 19, the Class ot 1962 presented a comedy in three acts entitled "You Can't Take lt With You." lt is the story of a girl in love with a boy whose background is completely diFfer- ent from her own. The two families become acquainted under the most embarrassing circumstances. In the end, all live happily thereafter, accepting the ditterences as advantages tor a more interesting future. Bob Lampher, Jim Satersmoen, Mary Wooding, Dick Clemen, Sally Souther, Lowell Olson, and Bob Meyer haul furni- ture tor the stage setting. Seniors Present 'You Can't Take It With You' Learning their lines and practicing the correct actions are Tim Gadler, Victor Borgeson, Mary Delger, Guy Hott, Jack Landis, and Barb Kerl. Miss Florence Vest assists Barb with her next line. ln a scene from the evening performance are Steve Munson as Ed, Uldis Krastins, Grandpa Martin Vanderhof, Guy Hott, Donald, Cheryl Crecco, Rheba, Allyn Thurow, Kolenkhov, Sue Wagner, Alice, Paul Waterman, Tony, Victor Borgeson, Mr. Sycamore, and Barb Kerl, Mrs. Sycamore. Mrs. Sycamore ..., Essie ..,,.....,,..,... Rheba ............,.. . ,..,, ...... , . ............... Barbara Kerl .....,....Ann Cerny, Erin O'Brien ...,.,...,.....Cheryl Grecco, Nancy Poye Mr. Sycamore ....., ............ ,............. . ,,... ..,.....,. V I ct or Borgeson Mr. DePinna .... .,...... T imothy Gadler, Nicholas Schneider Ed ...,......,....,...., ......,......,......, .......,.....,,......,...,.......... S t ephen Munson Donald ....,.,,,..,..,...,....,..,...,,..,. ..., ............,.........,............,...,.,..., G u y Haft Grandpa Martin Alice ............,.... Henderson ...,.,..... Vanderhof .......... . ..,... Uldis Krastins, Gregory Risbrudt , ....,.., Susan Hunt, Suzanne Wagner ......,.John Landis, Terence Paulson Tony Kirby ........... .....,.........,..,...........,. P aul Waterman Boris Kolenkhov ...., .,.....,......,............,.........., A llyn Thurow Gay Wellington .... ,....,.. C arole Paquette, Mary Wooding Mr. Kirby ............. , ................... ,,.. .,,..........,...,.............. R o bert Zalk Mrs. Kirby ....... Three Men .,.. Olga ..,...., Director ....,.... Delger, Marcia Manlce .....,.Thomas Gardner, John Landis, David Mayer Nicholas Schneider, Gary Wandmacher Giving ..........Miss Florence Vest Band Pep And Spirit Are Supplied Throughout The Year Row l: Sandra Olson, Judith Baker, Margaret Wolf O Row iz James Wolf, Diane Barthold, Elizabeth Heron I Gregory Risbrudt, Sharon Thistle, Karen Jensen, Priscilla Thurow I Barbara Barbara Kerl, Judith Stephenson, Ronald Swanson, Alexandra Heron I Steven Schreifels, Marilyn Ashley, JoAnn Wagener, Darlene Bergmann, Michael Bergmann, Lorayne Knippenberg, Durant. ,.... Row I: Paul Raudenbush, Dorothy Boland, Michael Peterson O Paul Row ls James Sargent, Kathleen McKay O David Hagen, Waterman, Raymond Jensen, Kenneth Keller, Craig Crawford. Thomas Barrows, Michael Broderick. Row I: Jean Perlich, Joan Paskewitz, Barbara Rice, Gretchen Row l: Alice Magnuson, Kathleen Kasper, Gary Kwong I Karen Halverson O Karen Lee, Leigh Addison, Kathleen Johnson. Erickson, Larry Melander, Jeanne Scherbert O Joan Lauerer, Virginia Maas, Carol Hendrickson, Barbara Comstock. 7, Row I: Pamela Wahlberg, Patricia Thurow, Elizabeth Hebbel, Gloria Sutton, Diane Bohnenblust, Paul Boyd, Louise Duren, Jane Skovholt, Andrew Rogness, Katherine Kavanough, Robert Rupp, Erva Snyder, Daphne Mantis O Joy Strane, Annette Goodlet, Colleen Nelson, Carolyn Hitt, Ronald Nelson, Dean Swanson, Thomas Nylund, Douglas Activities Boost Prestige Junior and senior bands, under the direction of Mr. Alexander Heron, reflect Murray in the eyes of other schools as they play at football, basketball, and hockey games and perform during intermissions. The senior band has become known through participation in community activities such as Winter Carnival activities, Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations. Two money-making projects are held to supplement funds for music, instruments, and uniforms. Candy is sold in the fall, and a concert is given jointly by both bands in the spring. Turnbull, Richard Souther, Nancy Uram, Gary Grindle, Lawrence Tunell, Marcia Baukol, William Dow, Michael Boyle, Richard Turn- quist, John Tobin, Kathleen Lauerer, Stephen Milburn l Donald Paskewitz, Charles White, John Kuiawa, Richard Lippert, Kathleen Vong, John Johns, Donald Link, Richard Christian. Row iz William Slettom, Kerry Stein, Raymond Schmidt C Regina Huemoeller, Jeanette Lofberg, Gayl Gayman, David Barthold. Senior band officers Mike Bergmann, president, Joan Lauerer, vice-president, Gayl Gayman, secretary, and Preparing to warm up before a rehearsal are iunior band officers Erva Snyder, teasurer, Larry Tunell, presi- Barb Kerl, treasurer, get set to take a trip down to the dent, Gloria Sutton, secretary, and Kathy Lauerer, vice- rink to practice with the rest of the band. president. Sno'-Foolin' Sno'-Foolin' royalty, Queen Sue Hunt and King Don Pautz, are pictured here just after they were chosen to reign over Murray's Sno' Day activities. Candidates were chosen by all members of the senior class. The king and queen were then voted on by the entire senior high student body. Sue and Don were crowned by Homecoming Queen Sue .lack and Sno'- Foolin' master ot ceremonies, Gary Wandmacher. Newly chosen senior high royalty then did the honors at the iunior high school assembly immedi- ately tollowing. Sports Ancl Royalty Combine For A Day Ot Winter Ful Participation in winter sports, coronation assemblies, and dances made Sno'- Foolin' Day, January 26, 1962, a day to remember at Murray. As the main money- raising project ot the Student Council, Sno' - Foolin' is planned with the students' enioyment in mind. The coronation of iunior and senior high royalty at two assemblies involves all students, as everyone has a vote. Musical numbers presented by students, as well as drawing of button numbers for door prizes, are part ot each assembly. A variety ot winter sports including tobagganing, sliding, skating, and broom ball was carried on at Como Park. In the evening the dances tor iunior and senior high were held with the theme "Peppermint Snow Ball." The gym was transformed into a vision from candyland in pink, red, and white. The stage and showcase were decorated with sugarplurns. Beth Johnson, Iris Hartman, Mary Delger, Mary Brasted, Sue Hunt, Don Pautz, Gary Anderson, Uldis Krastins, Ron Kuhn, and Greg Risbrudt represent the choices ot seniors for their Sno' - Foolin' royalty. "You gotta be a hockey hero to get along with a Joan Kampa, Carole Barthold, Pamela Comstock, Mary beautiful girl!" sing junior girls Joan Coffman, Mariorie Jo Slettom, Janet LeClair, Joan Kruskopf, and Joan Sautter, Gayl Gayman, Barbara Lembke, Andrea Paskewitz. Shuster, Jane Gilie, Karen Schroeder, Priscilla Hager, Ha m V. A 1 A f -:el Getting ready for skating as part of Sno'-Foolin' winter sports activities are Ross Johnson, Barb Souther, Nancy Uram, and Don Paskewitz. Reigning over junior high Sno'-Foolin' activities are Princess Gretchen Halvorsen and Prince Gary Olson. Other candidates were: Mary McDiarmid Susan Foster Kathy Hartwick Margaret Pomeroy Bruce Anderson William Barrick Gregory Carlson William Slettom Students Plan Day's Activities Planning and co-ordinating all Sno'-Foolin' activities was a job done by the Student Council under the guid- ance of Mr. George Rose. General co-chairmen Sue Jack and Don Pautz chose committee chairmen and did general organizing. One of the first iobs done was the designing of the buttons by Sally Souther. Distribution was handled by Steve Hartwick. Ted Granovsky was responsible for registration. Jane Gilje, Carole Barthold, Mary Jo Slettom, and Caroline Hopp worked to co-ordinate dance decora- tions, publicity, and the stage. Working on the assembly were Jean Lembke, Jerry Loney, Kathy Duncan, and Kim Condie. Preparing for the dance were Mike Christian, Greg Risbrudt, and Uldis Krastins. . - X? ' 5 , 'fffl f Ay. Murcurie Staff Murcurie Informs Students Of Coming Events While Linda Niemela types a story, Pat Boyle, Kay Eddy, and Caroline Hopp prepare to have their picture taken by Paul Waterman, the Murcurie photographer. Gathering news, writ- ing copy and headlines are just two of the main jobs these iournalists have. After these girls and the rest of the staff finish writing the copy, the editors send all material to the printer. Xu A man doesn't begin to attain wisdom until he learns for himself that everyone needs to keep up with the news and world affairs. To be well informed places a man in society as one who cares about what is happening around him. Trying to maintain an interest in the student body about items which pertain to the school, the Murcurie staff issues a paper once every three weeks. Students at Murray realize that, to really be in the know, they should subscribe to the Murcurie in the fall so that they won't miss out on any one of the wonderful, fun-packed, informative issues of the paper. Due to the hard work of the Murcurie staff, students and faculty alike see the school in review. Joan Karner, Bob Zalk, Joan Paskewitz, Greg Page, and Joan Lauerer look over past Murcuries. These people make up the business staff of the Murcurie. Vicki Rupp and Jean Lembke are looking over the layout sheet and trying to fit a story into the space apportioned for it. As feature writers, they may write on any sub- iect they wish that would interest students. Humorous articles and columns may also be found on their page. Kay Cutkomp and Kathy Brown are page three editors. On this page are found news briefs and reports on what the different clubs are doing in the way of activities and projects. These girls are part of the staff that works hard to bring the Murcurie to students. Presenting news in a brief and concise form is the iob with which the Murcurie staft is faced. Murray students look tor- ward each month to the Murcurie so they will know what is going on around school and what events are coming up. Besides news stories, the staff has a feature page made up ot editorials, humor, and student opinion. They also have a page on club news including an international column and a page on sports. In order to have a position on the Murcurie staff, students must have had one year of iournalism. Ann Cerny and Terry Paulson, co- editors ot the Murcurie, show Mr. John Lape, adviser, a page plan to be approved. r Ace Reporters Use All Methods To Gather News Pat Boyle, exchange editor, and Bob Zalk, business manager, look over Christmas items that they, along with the rest of the iournalism department and the Library Club, hope to sell. Each year as a money-raising project these two organizations sell Christmas items in order to raise working capital for their own depart- ments. Cards and wrappings are purchased through a wholesale company, and then they are sold and delivered by students throughout the community. Receiving their Murcuries in homeroom are Linda Gro- nert, Susan Allison, Tom l-lopp, and Phillip Glaim. The homeroom agent is Mike Clark. Selling subscriptions to the Murcurie and distributing the paper when it comes out are the iobs ot the Murcurie agents. Pilot Staff 1962 Memories Reproduced In This Yecir's Pilot A reference book, a public relations medium, a history and memory book, and a student project are all the things that this year's Pilot hopes to be. Making the book appeal to the student body, as well as the faculty and outside associates, is a goal for which the staff strives. As you read your 1962 Pilot, recall the memorable year that has reached an end. Lots of things have happened, games, dances, many extra-curricular clubs and activities, and a year of hard work in classes. Shown here are The Pilot sports editors Jane Christensen, Guy Haft, and D-ave Mayer. They are deciding on football pictures for their section of the yearbook. After the pictures are chosen, they are cropped and enlarged or reduced to fit previously allotted space. Barb Nelson and Judy Sweet look over the shoulders of Diane Olson and Mary Brasted to show them how to transfer page plans out of the "dummy" onto brown envelopes. Barb and Judy were in charge of all classes except seniors, and Diane and Mary had the faculty and senior section. Sue Van Zanden, Sally Souther, and Lynn Sweetland look at Dan Torgersen, Pilot photographer, to have their picture taken. Sue, Sally, and Lynn were in charge of the activities section which includes clubs and extra-curricular activities. Dan took most of the pictures for The Pilot except large groups, which were taken by a pro- fessional photographer. Russ Swanson and Paul Waterman also took some of the informal shots for the yearbook. What color will The Pilot be? This is one ot the biggest decisions during the year. After establishing certain rules to be tol- lowed, the staFf may start its work of taking pictures, writing copy and head- lines and putting everything together in a neat, orderly fashion. Many hours ot hard work by all mem- bers ot the staff are essential for a good memory book. Checking over the deadline chart are 1962 Pilot co-editors Bernadine Stevenson and Linda Johnson with Mr. John Lape, Pilot adviser. s ' Rs, -5" 1 --. ucffqql 'ls I7 ,L-N. , ,cc fly- i 5 -v Pl 10' ' i Annual To Be Source Ot Information In Future Sue Jack, Larry Sargent, Tom Swad- burg, and Betty Cadwell made up the business department ot The Pilot. Sue and Tom handled the advertising section. They planned ads purchased by businesses which support The Pilot. Larry, as business manager, conducted the sub- scription drive and distribution of books. Betty was typist and bookkeeper for the staft. Emily Andersen is trying to find a page on which to sign as Dick Moonen waits for her to finish. Carol Pier- mantier and Car-ol Bradford page anxtously through the 1961 Pilot in hopes ot finding pictures of their friends. Del- bert Cecchi has to wait for John Bates, Pilot agent, to sign out each yearbook to every student who has ordered one. Soon, however, Delbert will be enjoying his T961 Pilot along with the others. Students who ordered annuals in the winter now have a printed picture ot the year. 3 . f . .so-1' wtf., AFS Students Learn About Foreign Lands Book Store iii The Book Store, under the supervision of Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, provides a convenient place to purchase all school materials. The store is run as a service to the school by the Business Cadettes. It is open before school and during lunch periods for students to buy their supplies. Materials sold include English work- books tor senior high courses plus work- books for chemistry, biology, and similar science courses. Pencils, pens, rulers, pa- per, and notebooks can also be pur- chased. Several Murray seniors have traveled abroad this year. Linda Olson spent her iunior year in Sweden, while Ann Wall visited relatives in France and toured Europe last summer. Vicki Rupp, our AFS students, was sent to Finland for several months. Representing Finland is lris Hartman, who is staying at the home of Caroline and Tom Hopp for the school year. Pictured is Iris Hartman showing Mur- rayites Vicki Rupp, Ann Wall, Linda Olson, and Caroline Hopp her native home. Students Seek School Materials Salesgirls Gina Smith and Sharon Sandgren are persuading students Sharon Thistle and Greg Carlson to buy their notebooks at the store. Canteen Board Leading oft a whistle dance are members of the Canteen Board Jim Dex- ter and Jerry Loney with Carol Hendrickson and Darlene Durant. Canteen Board members, under the guidance of Mr. Edward Datko and Mr. James Palmer, plan and supervise Can- teens through-out the year. Besides per- forming a service for the school, Canteen Board members find fun and fellowship while making preparations for decora- tions, music, and other responsibilities necessary to make the dances run smoothly. Jerry Loney, chairman, kept board members happy and working throughout the entire evening. At the close of the dance each member took a broom in hand and was given ten minutes to clean up. Proceeds from the Canteens go to the fund to pav for new records, decorations, and other expenses. Board Provides Dances, Fun For All Canteen Board members Bob Allen, Kathy Duncan, Bill ' Mantis, Betty Salmon, Mike Christian, and Sue Klarkowski decide what to use for decorations for a senior high Can- teen that night. Board members Jerry Crowell, Karen Lee, Ted Granov- sky, Kathy Weber, Gregory Page, Janet Paulson, and Mary Jo Slettom decorate for a Canteen. Students, Teachers Have New Roles, Experiences Laura Lindorter graduates Miss Gratz. Because ot the tradition Miss Marion Gratz created for Murray's Library Club, it was only fitting that, at the time of her retirement, she be graduated magna cum laude, complete with mortar board and diploma by appreciative Library Club members. K Miss Gratz, Mr. King Are Honored Initiation, a ritual all new Library Club members must undergo, is being performed by Beverly Thompson and Ron Kuhn for Mr. Leon King, the new librarian. Pat Boyle, the witch, had the job ot making a "Library Club Zoo" ot new sophomore and junior members. New members shown are Tom Thorstenson, Kay Boyle, Jim Stromberg, and Carol Bradford. Students Receive Ma ntoux Tests On December l3, 14, and 15, Murray students received the Mantoux Test. This is a test tor the presence of tuberculin bacteria. Students who had not taken the test within the last six months were urged to take it. Several days preceding the tests stu- dents were given permission slips in homeroom t-o be signed by their parents. Students reported to the auditorium ac- cording to English classes. Assisting Mrs. Viola Peterson, the school W nurse, were two nurses from the Health Braving the ordeal with a grin is Barbara Turnquist, while Caroline Hopp, Cenief- Junior Und Senior Qlfls GISO helped lris Hartman, Kay Boyle, Coral Berge, Nancy Krause, and Barbara Rice direct the students and organize utensils wait patiently in line. for the nurses. Murray Grows To Acccommodate Students, Faculty Work continues regardless of weather conditions. Workmen bundle up to keep warm and proceed with their work. ln- cluded in the addition will be a new gymnasium, music rooms, a swimming pool, and science laboratories. Going up! This is Murray's long awaited additi-on. Beginning last summer, when a huge area of earth was excavated in front of Murray, the addition haststeadily grown. Constructionists labor from early morning until late afternoon nailing boards, hauling steel girders, and pour- ing concrete. .An-hz..lx.... -,.,, ax ,J K 4, . ....r or COMMUNITY I E R 1 101 As A Constant Source Ot Inspiration, Parents Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. cmd Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Robert W. Alexander Evan R. Allred William J. Amrhien H. C. Anderson Lawrence A. Anderson Vincent Appel Frank F. Baker William Barsch Edwin Bauer Lynn J. Bauman Milo L. Berg J. R. Berger Edmund K. Bergmann Elmer H. Beyer Harold E. Bone Carl Borgeson Robert P. Boyle R. C. Brasted Bernard J. Broderick James l. Brown James E. Bruce Leo F. Burger I. W. Cadwell Charles Cannons R. W. Carlson Harold A. Cecchi George B. Cerny Clyde Christensen T. J. Cooney L. K. Cutkomp A. D. Delger Mrs. Gladys Dura nt Mr. and Mrs. Bob Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. John E. Freeman Col. and Mrs. Steve J. Gadler Mrs. Dorothy Gardner Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Giving Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Grecco Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hati Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Hallen Dr. and Mrs. William L. Hartwick Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd T. Haugan Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Hillstrom Dr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Hopp Mrs. Lou Hosking Mr. and Mrs. John DeVere Hunt Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jack Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jensen Mrs. Alice M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Johnson Mrs. Sylvia E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. L. Josephson Mr. and Mrs. John H. Karner Mr. and Mrs. Vict-or T. Kerl Mrs. Doris Kissane Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Knippenberg Mr. and Mrs George T. Koep Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kruzel Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs Harvey LaFond Mr. and Mrs Melvin Lampher Mr. and Mrs John H. Landis Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lembke Help Make Picture Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. cmd Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Robert K. Lindorter L. H. Maas Bernard McCall R. D. McCulley W. A. McDonald Merle Mcliillips Sr. Edward H. Manke Eric M. Mattson Andrew J. Mayer Kenneth Merrill Maurice J. Meyer Adolph Miesen F. J. M-orlock D. G. Munson Gordon H. Nelson Robert O. Nelson Walter Nordstrom Vern J. Novak J. M. O'Brien Carl P. Olson Virgil Olson Walter O. Olson Edwin H. Orf Raymond J. Paquette T. A. Pautz Edward R. Reichow Max J. Reiter G. H. Risbrudt Walter A. Sandgren Howard S. Satersmoen Mrs. Alvian Schaaf Mrs. Alois F. Schlaeger Ot School Year Complete Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Rev Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Nicholas Schneider Gilburt N. Schreifels Eugene R. Smith Harold E. Smith Burton E. Souther Henry Starck H. W. Stathas Bernard G. Stevenson Robert G. Strandquist A. J. Sundstrom Milton Swadburg Milo H. Swanson Ray B. Swanson and Mrs. Arthur Sweet Estelle Sweetland Ruth Tellander and Mrs. Norbert Thoennes and Mrs. Conrad M. Thompson and and and and and and and and and and ancl and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Willard L. Thompson A. L. Thurow George Torgersen W. J. Tschida Leonard M. Tunell Tom VanZanden R. E. Wagner Thomas H. Wall Lester Wandmacher George B. Waterman George A. Willard George H. Wilson E. W. Wooding Donald B. Zalk HARDER'S BIG TEN - NoER's BARBER SHOP Fresh Vegetables - Fruits - Meats We deny Como at Snelling CI zzsec Av e Mis-3935 N 'P P MAYERS' TEXACO SERVICE Tires - Tubes - Tu ne-u ps Paul L. Mayers proprietor C D ell Ml 6-9225 ST. ANTHONY PARK STATE BANK Como at Carter St. Paul 8, Minnesota Your Community Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. T962 PILOT cover by The S. K. Smith Company Chicago, Illinois X, , , MIDWAY W Sici it il S t I e S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE A V1.,, . 706 No. Snelling Avenue 999 ' ,,11. ELECTRIC PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS STUDENT RENTAL RATES PARK CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION I Complete Automobile Service "Just see us for service" Mi 4-4775 2277 Como Avenue ' St. Paul, Minnesota A HERMES 2001 W. Larpenteur Mi 6-7135 Jim Worner ond Tom Barrows ploce their orders with Mrs. Rose Roch fo th d T fl t th J S P eir c1e's owers or e unior- enior rom. Compliments of MEL OLSON Mobile Homes Incorporated 1652 and 1855 University Avenue Mi 6-8829 fi- L-.- -V A if Jx,f:ElL1i,w " - f . K, V, ,M mg--R1 .X,,- 3 My m:,,,,',ggf-,,,L-3 ' -J' -iii:?557i?i1lF5'QX5i:ff5k' A L1':.'f "Jif?'ilZiflkiiiifiiiflffgutA: 5531: '- i , 2521- Zfisfsff Mig, :Muff , .,A, MILLER PHARMACY JEN,S FASHION Como and Doswell the best-anytime AND AppAREL Come to Miller's for PII-QT DAY SPECIAL 2276 c 0 Avenue Mi 6-5352 tsf R R , GUERTIN'S N' 34' A PHARMACY Today Univ "":'5cZif'.flclZ?,. S.,,'IZl'.f'9iS's A h burger, chips, and o root b for only 30 cents Como at C Mi 6-1612 Compliments of Cl.YDE'S STANDARD YourSt A h yPark Photographer s ol photography C R Y ond Mi 6-9960 2282 Como A enue Midway 5-6811 S . Paul -:-.-:+r:-,-:-:-:':-:c-'v:-:-' Z' 1' '-5"" '-5-'C Y' ' v, 1' - .11 . 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F'i,Qf2Qi1 23 if 'il Q 'lf , ii 1 e f Q - 'fvshfonefl I2 Q-':A 5? 51 ,-.. , , . 1 SUNSW'!54?3Ef3rf?iS5fZ?if2??f F .":' gil?V151l.g2'Qggi?E?ffi3'?15fi 1-' f 5 4g,goopyrighfed.oriQ?r3pgi 'lifefi A.,'. if - :fif:'4f1- Rmgiim,.:.:::.:...:.:.,.:.:.,,,, 5, -,,:,. .':-5.-:Q-fe:-:2g.,..-.rm-,:lx.p-1 -1-,-:-.+:-:-.f:-L+:-1+1-1-.+:-1:4-gg-1.Q,2-:qiMmm-:egr:xaa: ROADSIDE DRIVE-IN Delicious Chicken Steak Shrimp Hoboburger 2105 No. Snelling Avenue Mi 5-2511 X Malts --- Hamburgers X Pizza "Call GOLDEN CHICKEN for free delivery" Mi 6-7526 Snelling at Como STUDIO I MURRAY'S OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Midland B I C04 1740 I I 0 'A' LETTERPRESS AND LITHO PLATES 241 East Fourth Street 'A' CREATIVE ART AND RETOUCHING I Saint Paul T, Minnesota -A' PHOTOGRAPHY . CG" CA' 47401 SUNDQUISTS DRIVE-IN kopf cmd om shore Usuol offer and lows hom Th Bard g TerryW 3 Complimenfs of FOCJDTOWN SUPER MARKETS 33C Qyoovl INCL 1962 gracluafed from The MIDTOWN THEATER omo M 'Y STEENBERG CONSRUCTICN C0 1371 Marshall Ave. St. Paul 4, Minnesota Mi 6-7261 B Id of the MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL Add . v' A ' Congratulations Seniors from FLAMEBURGER 1533 W. Larpenteu Mi 5-6092 WlNFREY'S VARIETY 1532 W. Larpenteu Nli4-7849 HAMLINE GROCERY 1503 N. Hamline open Sundays and evenings STRANDQUIST TEXACO SERVICE Hamline and Hoyt Mi 6-9272 O'DONNELL'S CLEANERS One Day Service-Alterations 2234 Carter Mi 4,3103 MASTER SUPER MARKET Meat-Groc-Fruits-Veg-Frozen Foods 2093 Como at Raymond Mi 4-8368 NELSON JEWELERS "For expert watch and ie.welry repair" 2242 Carter Mi 6-0020 jwin Gig-jargo jreigkf, ,gnu 1'w'v"' 'VO 122 S. E. 8th Mpls., Minn Fe 3-4403 North Como Presbyterian Church Larpenteur and Chatsworth Reverend James Butler, Pastor Como Park Lutheran Church 1547 Sheldon Avenue at Hoyt Reverend John R. Groettum, Pastor St, Anthony Park Methodist Church 2200 Hillside Avenue Reverend John McKelvey, Pastor St. Anthony Park Congregational Church 2129 Commonwealth Avenue Reverend Edwin C. Johnson, Pastor St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church 2323 Como Avenue Reverend Robert L. Anderson, Pastor St. Matthews Episcopal Church 2136 Carter Avenue Reverend Douglas Pitts, Rector Corpus Christi Church Buford and Cleveland Avenue Father Paul A. Colbert Emmaus Lutheran Church 1074 West Idaho Avenue Reverend Vernon Koeper, Pastor Holy Childhood Church Pascal and Midway Parkway Father John J. Buchannan Mt. Olive Lutheran Church North Pascal and Almond Avenue Reverend C, P. Koch, Pastor Addison, Mr. Bill 11, 71 Agnew, Mrs. Ethel 13 Anderson, Mr. Ernest 13 Barnes, Mrs. Betsy 10 Berdahl, Mrs. Margaret 12, 72 Blomster, Mr. Dean 56, 57 Broderick, Mr. Bernard 12, 48, 52, 58 Datko, Mr. Edward 11 Duffy, Mrs. Dona 12 Ellsworth, Miss Margaretta 12 Fertig, Miss Virgina 12 Fisker, Mrs. Anne 11 Fritsche, Mrs. Patricia 11 Fulmek, Mr. Clarence 12, 58 Gratz, Miss Marion 98 Healy, Miss Mary 11 Helseth, Miss Valborg 12 Heron, Mr. Alexander 11, 80 House, Mr. Marvin 13 Abel, Owen 36, 53 Abler, Peter 29 Addis, Brian 29 Addis, Roger 35 Addison, Leigh 32, 88 Adolphsen, Cynthia, 37, 79 Adolphsen, Margaret 32, 41, 69, 73 Ahlgren, Frederic 33, 54 Alexander, Richard 14 Allen, Arley 14 Allen, Karen 29 Allen, Robert 29, 34, 46, 56, 97 Allison, Susan 37, 93 Allman, Karen 32, 72 Allred, Marcia 14, 81 Allred, Richard 36, 72, 80 Alwin, William 29, 41, 80 Amrhien, Richard 36, 71 Amrhien, William 14 Amunrud, Charles 39 Amunrud, Gary 36 Andersen, Emily 33, 95 Anderson, Adrienne 33, 78 Anderson, Bruce 35, 51, 57 Faculty Index King, Mr, Leon 11, 69, 98 Kritzer, Mr. Gerald 71 Lam, Mr. David 10 Lape, Mr. John 11, 93, 95 McGuire, Mrs. Margaret 13 Magnuson, Mrs. Ordena 13 Marengo, Mr. Lloyd 11 Newquist, Mrs. Leona 13 Palmer, Mr. James 10 Paschke, Miss Margaret 11 Pearson, Mr. John 12, 47, 53 Pederson, Miss Louise 11 Petersen, Mr. Vernon 12, 49, 55 Peterson, Mrs, Viola 10 Pillow, Mrs. Lyola 13 Pose, Mr. Eugene 11 Ritter, Mr. Robert 12, 46, 56 Rogers, Mr. Charles 11 Rose, Mr. George 12, 47 Student Index Bache, William 14 Bacon, Richard 36 Bailey, Steven 38, 79 Balcome, Carol 38, 78 Boker, Judith 14, 27, 88 Baran, Randall 32, 54, 80 Barrick, William 34, 47, 53, 71 Barrick, Kathleen 30, 69, 72, 78 Barrows, Thomas 30, 46, 56, 57, 88, 105 Barsch, Janet 14 Barsch, Rosalind 34 Bartel, Penny 39, 78 Barthold, Carole 29, 69, 71, 91 Barthold, David 32, 71, 80, 89 Barthold, Diane 33, 88 Bartlett, Joy 35, 66, 67, 71, 79 Rose, Miss Gladys 10 Rossini, Mr. Reno 12, 46 Rusch, Miss Mariorie 12, 78, 79 Schielderup, Miss Carol 10 Simensen, Mr. Donald 10 Simmelink, Mr. Donald 10 Smith, Mr. Michael 56, 57 Smith, Miss Louise 12 Smith, Mrs. Lucille 11 Soderman, Mr. Vetallis 13 Sorenson, Mr. Daniel 12 Sutherlin, Mr. George 13 Tripp, Mr. Leslie 10 Trost, Mrs. Ruth 10 Vest, Miss Florence 11, 87 Wilke, Mrs. Ester 13 Woldt, Mrs. Mary 13 Zimmerman, Mrs. lrene 12, 73 Boyd, Anne 33 Boyd, Paul 39, 40, 78, 89 Boyle, Katherine 33, 34, 69, 71, 98 Boyle, Michael 39, 78, 89 Boyle, Patricia 15, 26, 61, 68, 69, 70, 75, 82, 92, 93, 98 Braa, Virginia 15, 61, 73 Bradford, Carol 33, 69, 71, 95, 98 Brandt, Christine 39 Brandt, Martin 35, 48 53 Brandt, Mary 32, 71 Brandt, Thomas 37 Anderson, Gary 14, 26, 44, 49, 76, 90 Anderson, John 29 Anderson, Linda 32 Anderson, Mark 38 Anderson, Marlys 33 Anderson, Ruth 33 Anderson, Raymond 34 Anderson, Sandra 39, 79 Anderson, Shirley 32 Anderson, Wayne 35 Anker, Anita 39 Bates, Bruce 37 B0i95, JOLII1 46, 53, 57, 69, 71, 95 Bauer, John 14, 33, 44, 48, 52, 58, 73, 76 73 Bauer, Mark 32, 48, 53, 57, Baukol, Kathleen 29, 77 Baukol, Marcia 37, 79, 89 Bauman, Betty 36 Bauman, Gary 14 Beckiorclan, Sally 29, 73 Benson, Carol 37, 38, 78 Bentley, John 30 Bentley, Sheryl 39, 78 Berg, Mary Lou 32, 78 Berg, Susanne 14, 79, 85 Berge, Coral 32, 34, 66, 71, Berge, Marcia 38 Berger, Susan 14 Bergerud, Eric 37 Bergeson, John 30 98 Brasted, Barclay 30, 48, 52, 69, 90, 112 Brasted, Mary 15, 26, 61, 68, 69, 70, 94 Bren, David 32 Broderick, Catherine 26, 73 Broderick, Michael 36, 47, 53, 88 Broderick, Patrick 33, 34 Brooks, Jetirey 35 Brooks, Patricia 29 Brown, Janice 33, 71 Brown, Brown, Brown, 48, 53, 55, 76 Katherine 15, 27, 61, 70, 92 Kenneth 30, 73 Susan 32, 71 Bruce, Norma 15 Buck, David 37 Bunting, William 35 Burton, Betty 25, 27 Burton, J. R. 39 Byram, Diane 38 Cadwell, Betty 15, 61, 70, 81, 85, 95 Caldwell, Kenneth 33, 34, 41, 46, 53, 57, 69, 71. 76 Appel, Sandra 14 Archibald, Daryl 40 Arhart, Gary 29, 49, 57, 76 Arneman, John 36, 51, 71 . Arnold, Carol 36 Ashley, Marilyn 29, 88 Ashworth, Thomas 32 Auld, Kenneth 47, 49 Auld, Nancy 30, 73 Austad, Susan 34 Avey, Malcolm 33 Aydt, Janice 36 Azure, Vincent 36, 51 Bache, Ralph 36 Bergmann, Michael 15, 26, 44, 48, 54, 55, 69, 76, 88, 89 Bergmann, Steven 32, 48, 54, 88 Bernard, Meri Kay 39, 78 BeYeff -lef'ff9Y 15, 44, 52, 76, 86 Biedler, Joyce 35 Biedler, Margaret 36 Blume, Gary 30, 57 Blume, Leigh Ann 37, 79 Blume, Natalie 32 Bohnenblust, Diane 89 Boland, Dorothy 29, 88 Bone, Richard 36 Bone, Victoria 15, 26, 61, 69 Borgeson, Victor 15, 69, B7 Cameron, Dennis 36 Canfield, Patricia 39, 79 Cannons, Jeanne 15, 73, 78 Carlson, Gregory 53, 96 Carlson, Judith 15, 78 Carlson, Joyce 32, 71, 78 Carlson, Keith 29, 46, 52, 56, 76 Carlson, Richard 16, 76 Cowley, Michael 33 Cecchi, Anna 16 Cecchi, Delbert 33, 47, 54, 69, 95 Cerny, Ann 16, 61, 70, 72, 78, 93 Cerny, Mary 35, 69, 71 Champagne, Jo-Ann 35 Charno, John 35 Cheney, Barbara 29, 78 Cheney, Dennis 36 Cheney, Karen 29, 78 Christensen, Jane 16, 67, 70, 75, 94 Christensen, Sue Ann 39, 40 Christian, Richard 39, 89 Christian, Michael 30, 69, 80, 97 Christiansen, Carol 35, 60 Christianson, Susan 29, 69, 79 Clark, Georiean 39 Clark, Mike 37, 78, 93 Clarke, Charlotte 30, 73 Clayton, Jacqueline 33, 71 Clemen, Richard 16, 44, 50, 87 Clements, Ann 16 Coad, David 33, 71 Coffman, Joan 29, 68, 69, 72, 78, 91 Coffman, Hugh 35, 72 Cooney, Bartley 35 Cooney, Mary 16 Condie, Kimberly 33, 71, 77 Condie, Kirk 37 Comstock, Barbara 36, 73, 88 Comstock, Pamela 30, 60, 72, 91 Cornelissen, Faye 37 Crawford, Craig 30, 55, 69, 88 Cross, Marilyn 38, 79 Cross, Nancy 38, 79 Crowell, Gerald 29, 46, 52, 57, 66, 76, 97 Cummings, Cheryl 32, 78 Curtiss, Leslie 36, 71, 79 Curtiss, Jan 39, 40, 79 Cutkomp, Kay 16, 60, 70, 83, 92 Cutkomp, Kent 37 Cutkomp, Terry 35, 72 Davies, John 36 Delger, Mary 16, 61, 87, 90 DeMars, Eugenia 37, 79 Detviler, John 30 Deutsch, Jack 30, 46, 55, 76 Katherine 33, 69, 71 DeWitt, DeWitt, Louis 30, 69, 72 DeWitt, Margaret 37 DeWitt, Norman 38 Dexter, John 29, 46, 52, 58, 97 Doeltz, Mary 32, 78 Dow, Jo Dow, W Duncan, hn 32, 69, 80 illiam 38 Kathleen 29, 60, 97 Dunnwald, Linda 37, 79 Durant, I Durant, Bruce 16, 27 Darlene 30, 87, 88 Fishbeck, Jerome 29, 79 Fletcher, Kenneth 33 Floetl, George 36 Fohlmeister, Gisela 32, 72 Forbes, William 16, 50, 56 Foster, Suzanne 35, 79 Francis, George 47, 36 Freeman, Joan 32, 71, 78 Freier, David 30 Frost, Elizabeth 30, 60, 71, 72 ,77 Frost, Ruth 37, 78 Frost, Thomas 39 Gadler, Timothy 16, 56, 87 Gage, Norman 33, 79 Gast, Diann 35, 72, 78 Gallagher, Colleen 38 Gallagher, Jean 35, 72, 79 Gommel, Harold 30 Gommel, Raymond 34, 78 Gasch, David 38 Gasch, Steven 35, 73 Gardner, Thomas 17 Gayman, Gayl 29, 60, 67, 72, 89, 90, 91 Gayman, Walter 36, 46, 53 Geer, John 80 Gilie, Jane 30, 60, 66, 91 Gisvold, Nancy 32 Giving, Ingrid 17, 26, 61, 72, 78 Glander, Mikelynn 30, 41 Glaim, James 39 Glaim, Philip 37, 93 Good, Thomas 35, 47, 53 Goodlet, Annette 79, B9 Heaton, Jean 32 Hebbel, Elizabeth 37, 38, 89 Hebbel, Robert 34, 47 Heinz, Nancy 33, 79 Hemming, Sandra 17 Hendrickson, Carol 30, 60, 73, 88, 97 Hennessy, Donna 17 Herbs, Michael 47 Herbst, Michael 36 Heron, Alexandra 33, 88 Heron, Elizabeth 32, 88 Hillstrom, Linda 17, 27, 78 Hirsch, Gregory 33, 47 Hitt, Carolyn 39, 89 Holtman, Diana 34 Hokanson, Mary 35, 72 Hopp, Caroline 17, 69, 70, 92, 96, 98 Hopp, Thomas 37, 38, 93 Hosking, William 18 Huemoeller, Regina 34, 89 Hult, Stephen 32 Hunt, Nancy 37, 79 Hunt, Susan 18, 61, 77, 83, 90 Hurley, Barbara 29 Hutton, Mary Ann 18 lmbertson, Mary 36, 72 Jack, Donald 33 Jack, Susan 18, 70, 75, 81, 95 Jahr, John 32, 78 Duren, Louise 37, 79, 89 Ed, John 36 Ed, Kayleen 33, 71 Eddy, Kay 16, 60, 61, 70, 72, 92 Ellingson, Janice 39, 78 Elliott, Cheryl 33 Enerson, Elwood 33, 34, 48, 50, 55 Gower, Gail 33, 78 Grahn, Thomas 33 Granovsky, Theodore 29, 48, 59, 69, 97 Grecca, Cheryl 17, 27, 78, 79, 87 Gredvig, Lois 29 Greer, John 29 Gregory, Brian 30, 79 Grindle, Gary 89 Grindle, Martin 39 Gronert David 30 Gronert, Linda 37, 93 Gunsell, Sandra 30, 72 Haaland, Jon 34 Haechrel, James 36, 47, 73 Hott, Guy 17, 45, 48, 55, 76, 87, 94 Hagen, Hagen, 76 David 34, 47, 53, 71, 88 Daniel 39 Hagen, Elise 35, 71, 79 Hagen, Margaret 35, 71, 78 Hager, Deborah 37, 79 Hager, Priscilla 30, 60, 71, 79 ,91 Hahen, Hallen, Richard 32, 47, 57 David 17, 26, 28, 82 Halvorsen, Michael 32, 47 Enerson, Joan 29, 31, 69, 71 Engle, Dennis 33, 58, 59 Englund, Connie 35, 78 Englund, Gary 38 Erickson, Jerilyn 29 Erickson Erickson , Karen 33, 88 , Richard 57 Erickson, Sherman 29 Esboldt, Carol 33, 70 Etten, Nancy 30, 41 Evans, Elizabeth Ann 30, 78 Evans, Thomas 30 Ewy, Jeanne 33 Foles, Trudy 37, 41, 79 Fardig, Paul 34, 51, 72 Fehrman, Gary 29, 48, 52 Field, Robert 36, 59, 72 Halvorsen, Patrick 17 Halvorson, Gretchen 36, 40, 71, 78, 88, 91 Halvorson, Sara 38, 67 Hanna, James 38 Hanna, Jerry 32 Hansen, Marilyn 32, 69, 71, 78 Hansen, Trygg 29, 46, 52, 58, 76 Hanson, Jane 33 Hartman, Iris 17, 69, 72, 90, 96, 98 Hartwick, Ann 30 Hartwick, Katherine 36, 72, 79 Hartwick, Stephen 17, 45, 46, 47, 50, 51, 69, 76 Hasse, Lawrence 80 Haugan, Mary Jo 32, 72 Haugan, Sigurd 17, 69 Hayes, Bernard 29, 31 Hayes, Mary 78 Hays, Dennis 32 Jensen, Betty Jean 35 Jensen, Christine 37, 78 Jensen, Duane 33, 71 Jensen, Judith 32 Jensen, Karen 30, 88 Jensen, Randina 29, 31, 69, 78 Jensen, Raymond 29, 69, 88 Jensen, Sandra 18, 86, 77, 78 Johns, John 39, B9 Johnson, Beth 18, 28, 90 Johnson, Diane 38 Johnson Diana 39 79 Johnson, Helen 32,172 Johnson, James 32, 47, 59 Johnson, Joyce 36, 73 Johnson, Kathleen 30, 88 Johnson , Kirby 35, 36, 51, 72 Johnson, Linda K. 78 Johnson, Linda L. 18, 61, 69, 70 75 95 Johnson, Mona 29, 78 Johnson, Robert 18, 80 Johnson, Ross 39, 91 Johnson, Stephen 35, 47, 53 Johnson, Viveca 39, 66 Johnson, William 35, 46, 53 Johnston, Linda 30, 73 Josephson, Renee 18, 79, 84 Kampa, Joan 30, 31, 91 Karner, Joan 18, 27, 92 Kasper, Kathleen 32, 88 Kastner, Patricia 39, 40 Kaufman, Rita 39, 79 Kaufman, Ronald 39 Kavanaugh, Katherine 38, 67, 89 Keleher, Keleher Kathy 33 Paul, 37 Keller, Kenneth 88 Keller, Lloyd 32 Kelley, Lyle 32, 79 Kelley, Theresa 32, 78 Kenny, JoAnn 29, 69, 72 Kerl, Ba rbara 18, 87, 88, 89 King, Carol 37, 79 Kirby, John 35, 46, 53 Moor, Victoria 30, 72 Kissane, Patricia 36, 78 Kissane, Jean 18, 78 Kissone, Thomas 34 Klarkowski, Susan 29, 66, 97 Klinkhamer, Mary 32 Kloek, Linda 36, 79 Knippenberg, Lorayne 18, 27, 61, 72, 88 Knapp, Marilyn 30 Knudsen, Bonnie 30 Knudsen, Charles 37, 78 Knutson, James 29, 46, 50, 76 Koch, Pauline 32 Koep, Judith 19, 79, 85 Koep, Thomas 29 Koeper, Charlotte 35, 71, 78 Koeper, Kenneth 29, 78, 79 Koepke, Terry 29 Komarek, Joseph.32 Kowitz, Ann, 37, 79 Kowitz, Raymond 39 Krostins, Uldis 19, 67, 87, 90 Krause, Nancy 32, 98 Krinke, Mariann 33, 72 Krueger, Barbara 38, 78 Krueger, Gerald 35 Kroona, David 37 Kruskopf, Joan 29, 82, 91, 112 Kuhn, Ronald 19, 26, 28, 45, 54, 58, 68, 69, 76, 90, 98 Kuiawa, Diana 33 Kuiawa, John 38, 89 Kurz, Margaret 19, 72, 81 Kwong, Gary 29, 69, 72, 88 Kwong, Roger 34, 72 LaFond, Karen 19, 84 Lampher, Robert 19, 87 Lambert, Ralph 37 Landis, John 19, 26, 45, 55, 76, 87 Langdahl, Mary 37 Marsh, Daniel 41 Marsh, William 39, 40, 78 Marshall, Linda 32 Marshall, Mary 39, 78 Marshall, Wells 37 Mattson, Eric 20, 79 Mattson, Meri Kay 32, 79 Mayer, David 20, 44, 46, 47, 50, 51, 69, 76, 81, 94 McCall, Mary 19 McCulley, Anne 20, 78 McDiarmid, Mary 36, 72, 78 McDonald, Susan 20, 71 McDowell, Mary Jo 35 O'Brien, Erin 21, 27, 73 Odegaard, Janet 29, 79 Olson, C Olson, C Olson, D Olson, Gerald 39, 40, 79 Olson, G Olson, Li Olson, Lowell 21, 87 Olson, Sandra 30, 88 Olmeim, hristine 39, 79 orinne 33, 41 iane 21, 27, 94 ary 35, 48, 59, 91 mia 21, 26, 27, 69, 96 Gayle 39, 78 Orf, Ernest 33, 47, 59 Orf, Esther 21, 73, 78, 84 Otto, Jay 35 McKay, Kathleen 35, 78, 88 McKillips, Linda 20 McLean, Donald 39 McLean, Janet 20, 78 McMoy, Patricia 37 McNeely, Monica 33 McNeill, Sandra 37 McTie, James 36, 47, 53 Melander, Donald 30 Melander, Lawrence 32, 88 Merrell, Edward 34, 51, 71 Merrill, Jo-Ann 20, 28, 61, 68, 69, 73 Merwin, Alan 34 Merwin, Gary 33 Mettler, David 33 Meyer, Robert 20, 27, 87 Miesen, Alida 20, 74, 78, 79 Miesen, Karl 32, 78, 79 Milburn, Melody 32, 71 Milburn, Stephen 38, 78, 89 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Leslie 32, 78 Marilyn 20, 85 Mary 32, 71 Nancy 32, 66, 73 Mitchell, William 32, 47, 59 Moonen, Richard 95 Larkin, Richard 36 Larson, Donna 35 Larson, John 33, 46, Larson, Lynn 32 Lauerer, Joan 19, 61, Lauerer, Kathleen 37, LeClair, Cheri 30, 82 LeClair, Janet 29, 91 53, 57 70, 88, 78, 89 89, 92 Morlock, Paul 20, 45, 54, 68, 69 Morton, Thomas 29, 46, 55, 66 Mullin, Margaret 35, 71 Mullin, Mary 32, 71 Munson, Stephen 20, 73, 87 Murawski, Brent 35 Murray, Linda 38 Otto, Jeftery 29, 69 Overbee, Yvonne 36 Overgard, Jean 38 Page, Gregory 29, 30, 46, 55, 76, 92, 97 Page, Nora 39, 79 Palmquist, Carol 37, 41, 79 Palmquist, Cheryl 38 Pankonin, Janet 32, 73 Paquette, Carole 21, 78 Paquette, Janet 33, 79 Parrott, Constance 37 Paskewitz, Donald 37, 89, 91 Paskewitz, Joan 29, 69, 72, 88, 91, 92 Pass, Roger 29, 49 Patoile, Charlotte 33 Potoile, Francis 29 Paulson, Janet 30, 60, 97 Paulson, Terence 21, 70, 78, 93 Pautz, Donald 21, 45, 46, 47, 49, 67, 76 90 Pearson, Gerald 28, 59 Pederson, Myron 36, 53 Peplinski, Ronald 36 Perlich, James 33, 54, 76 Perlich, Jean 35, 88 Petersen, Michael 35, 53, 88 Peterson, Glenda 30, 79 Peterson, Lois 35, 71, 79 Peterson, Lyning 39 Peterson, Nancy 35 Peterson, Michael 30 Peterson, Stuart 32, 47, 53 Piermantier, Carol 33, 71, 95 Quam, Shari 30, 112 Lee, Dennis 30, 46, 50, 56, 76 Lee, Karen 30, 60, 72, 88, 97 Lee, Lynnae 35, 78 Lee, Steven 37 Lembke, Barbara 29, 69, 71, 72, 91 Lembke, Jean 19, 61, 69, 70, 92 Leslie, Patricia 37 Lexcen, Allen 30 Lieder, Carolyn 19, 78 Lieder, Ronald 57 Lind, Jill 34 Lindgren, Susan 32, 71 Lindorfer, Laura 19, 68, 69, 75, 98 Link, Donald 38, 89 Lippert, Leander 32, 46, 52, 58, 71, 76 Lippert, Richard 37, 89 Lofberg, Jeanette 33, 89 Loney, Gerald 30, 48, 52, 69, 76, 86, 97 Lueck, Anthony 25 Maas, Virginia 19, 27, 61, 88 Magnuson, Alice 32, 72, 88 Magnuson, John 39 Manke, Linda 35, 78 Manke, Marcia 20 Manthey, John 32 Mantis, Daphne 38, 89 Mantis, William 29, 31, 46, 53, 56, 69, 72, 76, 97 Margette, Patricia 30 Narvaez, Eric 34, 59 Narvaez, Leon 30, 48 Nason, Nelson, Mary 35, 73 Barbara 21, 36, 70, 85, 94 Nelson, Colleen 37, 89 Nelson, Christel 38 Nelson, David 38 Nelson, Douglas 32, 34 Nelson, Geraldine 21, 83 Nelson, James E. 40, 78 Nelson, James P. 46, 53, 57 Nelson, Machael 32 Nelson, Patrick 34, 59 Nelson, Nelson, Ronald 38, 79, 89 Stephen 30, 50, 55 Neubeck, Eva 32, 72 Neubeck, Peter 37, 79 Neubrand, Marilyn 33, 78 Newman, Tima 38 Nichols, James 29, 46, 49, 55 Nielsen, Kathleen 29, 73, 77 Niemela, Linda Jean 21, 27, 61, 70, 82, 92 Nightingale, Charles 29, 49, 71 Nordstrom, Eileen 21, 85 Novak, Roger 21, 26, 75, 82 Nutz, Frederick 30, 46, 66 Nylund, James 30, 58, 72, 76 Nylund, Thomas 39, 89 Pitts, Reginald 30, 52 Pomeroy, Margaret 36, 78 Pomeroy, Catherine 30 Polson, Sarah 37 Port, Alfred 35 Port, Carl 30 Poye, Gregory 38 Poye, Nancy 22 Poye, Patti 35, 72, 78 Pranke, Daniel 30, 79 Prokopov, Nellie 30 Prong, Linda 33, 71, 79 Quale, Frank 35 Raudenbush, Paul 32, 88 Razskazoff, Meredith 36, 72, 79 Razskazott, Susan 37, 78 Rees, Wayne 41, 78 Reichow, Cecelia 22 Reiter, John 22 Reiter, JoAnne 33 Reuteler, Jeannine 78 Rice, Barbara 29, 88, 98 Richards, Steven 34, 47, 59 Richardson, Floyd 30, 50, 55, 57 Risbrudt, Douglas 30 Risbrudt, Gregory 22, 44, 5 88, Roan, 90 Pamela 37, 41, 79 Rogen, Lois 39, 66, 78 Rogen, Paul 30, 48, 50, 76 Rogness, Andrew 37, 89 Rogness, Peter 29, 69, 72 Rostvit, Lowell 33, 48, 76 Rozenberg, Linda 36, 78 Ruddy, Patricia 35 Rudie, Kathleen 36, 79 Rudie, Rosemary 33 Rupp, Robert 37, 67, 89 Rupp, Victoria 22, 61, 70, 83, 92, 96 Salmon, Betty 30, 60, 97 Sammis, John 22 Sandberg, David 80 Sandberg, Richard 22, 49 Sandgren, Sharon 22, 78, 84, 96 Sandgren, Sherman 22, 28 Sands, Karen 33 Sanford, Steven 33 Sargent, James 35, 88 Sargent, Larry 22, 69, 70, 75, 95 Satersmoen, James 22, 87 Satersmoen, Kay 38, 79 Sautter, David 38 Sautter, Mariorie 30, 72, 79, 91 Sauvageau, Samuel 33 Schaaf, Joseph 22, 26, 74, 82 Schaller, Sandra 29 Schonke, Lynn 29, 72, 78 Scherbert, Jeanne 36, 66, 71, 88 Scherbert, Jack 33, 46, 79 Schlaeger, Sally 22, 27 Schmidt, Raymond 29, 80, 89 Schmidtke, Paulette 39 Schneider, James 35 Schneider, Nicholas 23 Scholz, Jacqueline 23, 84 Scholz, Joanne 29 Schoonmaker, Marjorie 33 Schreifels, Barbara 23, 26, 61, 81, 8 Schreitels, Lawrence 35, 47 Schroeder, Karen 72, 91 Schroeder, Susan 35 Selbin, Thomas 33 Selbitschka, Joseph 35 Semirozum, Irene 32 Shalles, Wayne 23 Shatto, Patricia 35 Sherman, Mary 35 Shottner, Jane 33 Shoflner, Patti 37, 78 Shoftner, Sonya 34, 78 Shulstad, Christine 35, 72, 78 Shulstad, John 39 Shulstad, Robert 30 Shuster, Andrea 30, 41, 91 Shuster, Jeffery 39 Shuster, Terrance 32, 34, 47, 53 Simich, Alexander 36 Simon, Charles 33, 59 Skildum, Janice 33 Skildum, Thomas 38 Slcovholt, Jane 39, 79, 89 Slettom, John 38, 86 4, 75, 76, 86, 5, 88 Slettom, Mary Jo 29, 60, 69, 78, 79, 91, 97 Slettom, William 35, 67, 72, 89 Slifer, Anita 31 Smith, Gena 23, 84, 96 Smith, Jeanine 23, 73, 86 Smith, Michael 33, 59 Smith, Suellen 39 Smith, Susan 29 Smith, Vernon 38 Smits, Valdis 30 Snyder, Erva 38, 66, 67, 89 Solstad, Mary 33, 73 Sorenson, Mericlee 30, 72 Souther, Barbara 37, 78, 91 Souther, Richard 37, 89 Souther, Sarah 23, 26, 69, 70, 87, 94 Spandau, Sylvia 32, 78 Sparr, Gary 30 Starck, Delores 23, 79 Stathas, William 23 Stech, Kathleen 35, 72, 78 Steinhauser, Robert 30 Stein, Keery 35, 53, 72, 89 Stephenson, Judith 34, 88 Stevenson, Bernadine 23, 70, 95 Stoffel, Charles 29 Strain, Jacquelyne 33, 78 Strain, Patricia 73 Strandquist, Robert 23, 58 Strandquist, Susan 33, 71 Strane, Joy 37 Strane, Star 35 Stratton, Dennis 38 Stromberg, James 29, 58, 69, 76, 78, 79 98 Sullivan, Kathleen 37, 79 Sullivan, Michael 30, 69, 76 Sundstram, Kathleen 23, 27, 79, 85 Sundstrom, Marleen 39, 78 Sutton, Gloria 37, 89 Swadburg, Thomas 23, 52, 68, 69, 78, 79 95 Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson 1 Barbara 35 Dale 35, 46, 51 Dean 39, 79, 89 John H. 24, 68, 69 Margaret 34, 66, 67, 71 Swanson Ronald 34, 51, 72, B8 Swanson, Russell 24, 44, 54, 58, 69, 76 Swanson Thomas '36 Sweet, John 32, 34, 36, 51, 57, 73, 80 Sweet, Judith 24, 69, 70, 78, 84 Sweetland, Lynn 24, 69, 70, 81, 94 Swensgard, Allen 38 Swensgard, Delores 32 Swinton. Yvonne 29 Talbott, Susan 30, 69 Tellander, Dennis 24, 45, 49, 76 Tenney, Marcia 33, 79 Thistle, Sharon 30, 88, 96 Thoennes, Barbara 40, 79 Thoennes, Joanne 32, 73 Thoennes, Kathleen 24, 28, 81 Thompson, Beverly 24, 27, 68, 69, 72, 79, 98 Thompson, Linn 34 Thompson, Mark 20, 46, 52, 53, 56, 76 Thane, Robert 37 Thorstenson, Thomas 29, 50, 58, 69, 76, 98 Throngard, Michael 33, 49 Thurow, Allyn 24, 69, 87 Thurow, Patricia 37, 78, 88 Thurow, Priscilla 33, 73, 88 Timm, Richard 32 Tobin, John 39, 89 Torgersen, Daniel 24, 64, 76, 94 Trammell, Patricia 33, 71, 78 Traynor, Barbara 32, 78 Trower, Ernest 39 Trower, Nancy 33, 78 Truen, Sandra 32 Tschida, Donald 24, 79 Tselos, Susan 34, 72, 79 Tunell, Cheryl 39, 79 Tunell, Lawrence 37, 59, 89 Tunell, Steven 24 Turnbull, Douglas 38, 89 Turnquist, Barbara 32, 71, 98 Turnquist, Richard 39, 79, 89 Ubel, William 38 Underhill, Sarah 38 Underhill, William 37 Uram, Nancy 37, 79, 91 Uram, Carol 35 VanZanden, Susan 24, 61, 70, 81, 94 Vong, Kathleen 39, 89 Vong, Mildred 32 Wacholz, Karen 30, 78 Wagener, JoAnn 29, 66, 88 Wagner, Suzanne 25, 79, 87 Wahlberg, Pamela 39, 89 Walck, Leslie 34, 71 Wall, Ann 25, 61, 69, 96 Walters, Jonathan 37 Wandmacher, Gary 25, 27, 45, 46, 50 51 56, 67, 68, 69, 76, 86 Warner, James 30, 78, 105 Warner, John 29, 56, 79 Waterman, Paul 25, 75, 83, 86, 87 88 92 Watson, William 33, 54, 72 Watt, Deborah 37 Webber, Kathleen 30 Weber, Edward 32 Weber, Gerald 36 Weber, Kathleen 30, 60, 79, 97 Weber, William 35, 72 Wegleitner, Richard 33 Weihrauch, Judith 30 Wemyss, Janice 33, 78 White, Charles 39, 89 White, Elizabeth 38, 78 White, Richard 30 Wiger, LeRoy 35 Willard, George 25, 26, 50, 75, 76 Willard, Terry 112 Willey, Mitchell 39 Willey, Richard 59 Willman, Keith 35 Wilson, Jeanne 25, 81 Wirtz, David 37 Wolens, Jane 35, 71, 78 Wolens, Richard 25, 79 Wolf, James 35, 51, 72, 88 Wolf, Margaret 30, 31, 60, 72 Wolf, Mary 39, 78, 88 Woodhouse, Gayle 33, 71, 79 Wooding, Mary 25, 26, 73, 78, 87 Wooding, Stephen 36 Woolery, Michael 37, 38 Yackel, Dale 35 Yackel, Douglas 32 Yackel, Robert 29 Youngdahl, Sandra 33, 79 Zolk, Robert 25, 45, 46, 50, 51, 68, 69, 70 76, 82, 92, 93 Zellner, John 30, 46, 52, 56, 76 We Extend Our Gratitude For Helpful Assistance The T962 Pilot statt wishes to extend its appreciation to all those people who contributed to the preparation and publication ot this yearbook. Such business concerns as Brown Engravers, Inc, Golling Studio, JBR photogra- phers, North Central Publishing Company, the S. K. Smith Company, and N. S. P. A. gave us helpful assist- ance in making this book possible. We also wish to thank the many advertisers who cooperated with us, our adviser, Mr. John Lape, and the students and taculty ot Murray High School for their support ot our ettorts to bring them The T962 Pilot. As a staff, we have had a rewarding experience. Through working together, we learned to coordinate our ideas and accept responsibility. Our main goal has been to give a complete picture of the school year. Linda Johnson Bernadine Stevenson ,....... ....... C o-editors Mary Brasted Diane Olson ........ Barbara Nelson Judith Sweet .....,. Jane Christensen Guy Haft David Mayer ...... Sally Souther Lynn Sweetland Susan VanZanden Susan Jack Thomas Swadburg ........ ,.....,.. Sally Souther .......... Larry Sargent ..,.... Guy Halt ,...,.... Betty Cadwell ...,, Russell Swanson Daniel Torgersen Paul Waterman... Mr. John Lapel .... .......Senior Editors .........Class Editors ....,...Sports Editors .........Activity Editors Advertising Editors ,,....,Art Editor .. ....... Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Accountant Photographers ........Adviser

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