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 - Class of 1955

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Murray High School - Pilot Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Co-editors MARY ANN KUETTNER JEANETTE MIELKE Business Manager PAUL BURSON Bi f IU U16 Ijilzff MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL ST. PAUL 8, MINNESOTA Volume XVI WY' . :XX xi ,522 -8 V .S f-hgh ,af My vy., W .35 sv F. Q4 - ' M11 - -,-,f- k A-A- Kmlwlwxw-Q-s.,f it N V Tx ig DisTanT places may beckon, far off hills may be green, The Tempo of The ieT age may Thrill, The insecuriTy of The Times may disTurb-buT Turn The pages of your 1955 PiloT To find saTis- facTion of accomplishmenTs as you relive This year in "Our LiTTle World." Meet Murray? ?irsf Zzzmily- U15 Zripps Introductions Please - Here are members of Murray's first family-the Tripps. They earn that title in more than one way. Heading the Clan is Dad, better known to Murrayites as Murray High School's present principal. Mr. Leslie Tripp, a school man who knows the profession as a classroom teacher as well as an administrator, finds his second year at Murray very pleasant. No one will forget how smoothly he kept "Our Little World" turning during last year's extensive rehabilitation program. Perhaps his keen understanding of and kindness towards his students stems from his experience as Dad to three young people who share their pleasures and problems with him. The pride and ioy of the Tripp Clan fthe name is Scotchj are Janet and Gordon, pictured here, and Mary Tripp La Mois who lives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. All are graduates of Murray High, and while here each belonged to several school organizations. Janet is now a senior at the University of Minnesota, and Gor- don is a sophomore at Harvard. Mrs. Tripp is also well known to Murray as she has frequently substituted here. She is always present at social events and school activities including sports. fShe is an ardent hockey fan.j Mrs. Tripp has served in several offices of the Murray P.T.A. She is a gracious and charming member of our first family. The Tripps live near Murray and are active in church and neighborhood affairs. ln this little world of ours they represent a loyal and devoted family who share with others their love for home, school, and community. To them the Pilot Staff of T955 takes pleasure in dedicating this book. My fi E H at WE U KA Vgpvwxxnb HX .QVNJX 'rx Z ak 9 L M 4 J 3 . my K yfwf' A iz 'V wif, Qgmp R.- s .xi':f2?"' ?Qi3,,,.A:-f W5 K .. gigs ww: I .W .ws -sf Egg if Q2 iw Rig ,ggbafhwqi 1 w 2, gps NQD .ww 'X Q5 'xx 7, XR wil , at 1 M 1 4 1 X X , qggysggz, VM- www . 92' WWE K, N215 ii 2, ww 'Y . EQKFW 2 Q 2, W ,Q H. wr,-1 W, if 3 Q 1 Q We gi :ii iz: -2 , awww A . ,UTV W Aw . gfflflfflflf School Life Pages! 8-35 Sports Pages Classes Pages 54-81A Advertising Pages 82-100 Q ws J ,N-1--"M ,GEM af .www W ag. Mx New ,ww X. 5 51533 Q ,Ji .ss-'ff 5. sg My www ,www WM f 2? ,f A 4 Q XWQESS51 55 ,ggklfgw Ku www was X N N 'X EN M.-' A1609 Qmlofy iv Schocfl Zia' Top Brass Coke time is a happy time with Canteen Board members, Lorraine Tesch, Bill Sands, Sue Peter, Don Swadburg, Jalond Robin- son, Larry Freeborg, Diane McCleary, Sharon Fisher, Nancy Schweitzer, Dave Ol- son, Fritz Morlock, Judy En- gebretson, Kay Sarnecki, and Bill Snodgrass. Whirling at C anfeen Available Friday nights . . . canteen . . . danc- bers alternate Friday nights annual Get Ac ing in "Our Little World" of dreams . . . Canteen quainted Dance for lunior high Halloween Board honor only given to juniors . . . adviser, Mr. DClr1Ce sponsored by American Legion Sadie Bernard Broderick . . . president, David Olson . . . H0Wklf1S DGUCS 9"'lS do the U5k'n9 Com board t'eCOQI'1lZ8Cl by Their big buttons . . . COFI- mittee buys new recgrdg Qll the popular gmg STGHTIY CIT W0fk - - - CleC0f0Tif1Q the gym - . - sell- ers . . . informality and friendliness are canteens ing cokes . . . setting up ping-pong tables . . . ingredients low lights stepping in time to taking in fifteen cents admission . . . playing rec- the lively tunes leisurely conversing over a ords . . . cleaning up after dances . . . canteen coke . . . success of canteen rests with board mem is for all grades . . . senior and iunior high mem- bers. Page ten Requests Under the watchful eye of board member Nancy White, Elaine Rasmussen is requesting a record to be played for her favorite beau Don Lindig. Bop The bop is the latest dance rage. lt reminds many people of an Indian war dance. Two top bop- pers are Dick Lewis and Diane McCleary. Y-Teens Always Eating Delicious food is always a must at Y-Teen Club suppers. A hungry crowd waits eagerly as board members Paula Rudahl, Sarah Christensen, Mary Sperbeck, Judy Podd and Joan Allen supply the finishing touches to main dishes. Following the meal will be a short business meeting and entertainment. Famous for Projects Y-Teens . . . girls' branch organization at Mur- ray . . . connected with St, Paul's Y.W.C.A. . . . dedicated to community and school helpfulness . . . holiday cheer for the sick . . . favors made by Y- Teeners for Veterans' and Children's Hospitals at Christmas time . . . other group proiects . . . money- making . . . popcorn ball sale in November . . . club suppers . . . always a specialty when given by Y-Teens . . . adviser, Miss Donna Edlund . . . Always Helping "Hanging of the Greens", sponsored by Y-Sprize Inner Club Council, is an annual All-City Y.W.C.A. activity. Entering into the Christmas spirit are Bonnie Lofberg, Barbara King, Jeanette Mielke, and Betty Biorndahl, as they put finishing touches on the Christ- mas tree. officers for '55 . . . president, Joan Allen . . . vice president and program chairman, Judy Podd . . . secretary, Mary Sperbeck . . . treasurer, Paula Ru- dahl . . . l.C.C. representative, Sarah Christensen . . . city-wide conference for officers held in July . . . programs and projects planned for the forth- coming year . . . active participation planned for all members in branch and main Y.W.C.A. activities . . . girls experience joy of service. Page eleven Student Council Rules Government of "Our Little World" . . . Student Council . . . of the people . . . by the people . . . ready now to organize for next year . . . the school's activity calender a must in June . . . Student Council has complete charge . . . submits a calendar to advisers and club presidents for ap- proval . . . come fall, all activities and dates are already cleared . . . bulletin boards need attention . . . organizations require rulings . . . Student Coun- cil serves as sounding board for everyone. Student Council is proud of its notional rating "Does everyone have red feather?" asks the S dent Council adviser, A George Rose. Hoping to the wishing-well with ge erous contributions for successful annual Comn nity Chest drive and asse bly is the Student Coun Board consisting of Donc Johnson, treasurer, Mari MacDonald, secretary, It George Rose, John Sar quist, president, and Whit Aus, vice president. . . . Nancy Benjamin and Jon Peterson attended l State Convention at Albert Lea . . . adviser 1 George Rose enjoyed his first Student Council state- l wide meeting . . . new ideas brought back . . . members surpervise study halls . . . strenuous fourth ' hour each day in lunch room . . . Community Chest campaign for '54 tops all others . . . Christmas Seal sale equally successful . . . March of Dimes assembly ends with complete student body participa- tion . . . Student Council is proud of "Our Little World's" generosity. Convention Bound All packed and on their way to the Minnesota Stu- dent Council Convention held November 4-6 in Al- bert Lea are Murray's ad- viser, Mr. George Rose, and the two official delegates, Nancy Beniamin and Jon Peterson. The M.A.S.C. lMin- nesota Association of Stu- dent Councilsl sponsored the convention to teach del- egates new methods of school leadership. Murray was only one of the many St. Paul schools repre- sented. Page twelve l s A l f 'Our Little World' Playing with their old, t usable toys for the last 1e are Carolyn Rudolf, innie Tyson, Mary Peter- n, James Flueck, and tger Sterba. The "filled d fancy" boxes of toys, nated by Murray stu- nts, at the March of Toys sembly were given to the Paul Santa Claus Club ' distribution to needy lldren. Big social affair sponsored by Student Council . . . Sno' Day . . . January, twenty-sixth . . . mem- bers sell gay Sno' Foolin' buttons to finance event . . . beautiful assembly sees King Boreas XVIII and Queen Mary Lou Lipke of St. Paul's carnival royal- ty crown Murray's queen and king of Sno' Day . . . winners Julie Wason and Whitey Aus . . . activities at Como are on the afternoon's program . . . tobog- I ganing . . . races . . . skating . . . evening brings 1 Sno'Foolin' dance. Student Council follows later in the year with a free dance for all participants . . . obiect of Sno' Foolin' Day is to keep in step with St. Paul's Winter Carnival . . . formal banquet winds up year . . . ends work following elections . . . candidates for office put up by petition . . . register . . . elections follow city's election laws . . . voting machines used . . . new officers receive advice . . . special credit goes to Mr. George Rose for his first year as adviser . . . Council thanks everyone for a record year. L 'Winter Wonderland' W ,I . I4 , Ready for the spills and thrills of the skating races and relays at Como Park tricia Walters, and Marcia MacDonald as they partici- in' Day, held Wednesday, January 26, 1955. Buses took all people with Sno' Day buttons to Como Park, free of charge. Sno' Foolin' Day is one of the many proiects that the Student Council sponsors during the year. Page thirteen are Michael Langer, Pa- pate in Murray's Sno' Fool- Our World of Song: ini Ca rolers Gay Donned in red capes and carrying wreathes and lanterns are Mavis Geske, Louise Williams, Penny Haas, Donald Quayle, Laurice Johnson, James Ubel, Ronald Weltzin, and Walter Peterson, Octet members, who appeared at both local and state functions this year including the St. Paul Women's lnstitute and the State School Board Association. Our world of harmony . . . filled with melody full choir makes debut . . . thrill of hearing blended . . . Murray "A" Choir . , . importance of perfect- voices . . . privileged members sing in All-State ing unity is stressed . . . voice testing, modulation Chorus during M.E.A, Convention . . . work begins of chords, and selection of music . . . season of brisk on Christmas program . . . much practicing . . . activity with Mrs. Helen McGeever as director . . . choir participates in St. Paul's Christmas Choral Pag- fulfill the many engagements on their calendar . . . eant . . . coupled with caroling at the Union Depot small groups make public appearances . . .mixed . . . traditional program presented for P.T.A. and ensemble at Homecoming coronation . . . four boys for students . . . lovely glow of candles . . . meas- ancl four girls comprise the Octet . . . girls trio ured steps of choir members as they walk down the known as Gay Notes . . . popular groups whose ap- aisles . . . familiar carols . . . Hallelujah Chorus is pearances include clubs and organizations through- dramatic highlight . . . lovely and reverent program out the city . . . United Nations Day assembly . . . . . caroling in halls . . . music echoes through Row l--Rita Palarine, Joyce Peterson, Sandra Kellor, Beverly Sheire, Myrtis Grahn, Luella Quammen, Carol Jennings, Barbara Stromberg, Robert Larson, Robert Hays, Dennis Harris, Joel Hadrits ' Virginia Thole, Catherine Smith, Penelope Haas, Jacque- line Roan, Barbara White, Elaine Rasmussen, Doris Foster, Karew Brinkman, Sandra Holz'nger, Donald Stapf, William Peferson, Garry Haught ' Nancy White, Patricia Walters, Constance Goulet, Katherine Nelson, Karen Kulenkamp, Ruth Macziewski, Carol McKillips, Carol Ullman, James Peterson, Fritz Morlock, Terry Hinton, John Mazzitello 9 Paula Rudahl, Geraldine Gagnon, Karen Pietsch, Virginia Larson, Mavis Geske, Julie Wason, Karen Rasmussen, Janice Larson, Darwin McKillips, Roger Shepherd, Donald Quayle, Joel Malmberg. Page fourteen 'A' Choir l'An accident, what happened? Who knows?" ask Ronald Taylor, Nancy Parker, Glenn Richards, Janice Hodnefield, Paul Berge, Merle McKillips, Emly McDiarmid, Rita Palarine, Donald Kelsey, Joanne Murk and Patricia Walters, performers in last year's operetta THE RED MILL. building . . . added to spirit of good will . . . va- . . . all stagger home worn out . . . staging looks cation and rest . . . entire choir featured on a KSTP professional . . . dress rehearsal . . . matinee . . . radio production . . . time to start thinking of oper- pre-performance iitters . . . stage fright in a big etta . . . score sent for . . . plot and music dis- way . . . Thursday and Friday nights . . . complete cussed by selection committee . . . reports made sellout . . . audience captivated by brilliant per- . . . which one suits our talent best . . . FIREFLY formance . . . huge success . . . operetta com- finally chosen . . . work and fun begins . . . try- bined with melody merriment and mischief-making outs . . . nervous hopefuls . . . confident old-timers . . . June arrives . . . choir adds to solemnity of . . . difficult decisions made . . . cast announced Baccalaureate . . . last appearance . . . gradua- . . . committees are busy . . . soloists sing diligent- tion . . . always eager to please their audiences ly . . . chorus rehearse routines . . . orchestra meets . . . give enthusiastic performance and have fun at daybreak . . . time comes when all put together doing it. Row 1-Mrs, Helen McGeever, director, Gail Kellor, William Snodgrass, Carol Blomstrand, Kay Balcome, Nancy Rice, Louise Brookins, Sandra Maas, Beverly Discher, Mary Ann Kuettner, Nancy Parker, Elaine Carlson 9 Donald Swaclburg, Donald Kelsey, Merle McKillips, David Geske, Lily-Beth Wahlberg, Joyce Prickett, Susan Peter, Marilyn Kafka, Patricia Johannsen, Alice Wayne, Louise Williams, Karen Sontag 5 Ralph Peterson, Ronald Weltzin, John Zupfer, Mary Lou Hanafin, Judy Maehl, Jalond Robinson, Jean- ette Mielke, Rosalie Hert, Lorraine Tesch, Harriet Roe 9 James Ubel, Raymond Neetzel, Cecil Wells, Kathleen Sturm, Laurice John. son, Mary Manson, Mary Peterson, Sharon Meloy, Joyce Hellickson, Onalee Hadrits, Phyllis Johnson, 0 , , , , xl , l V , -5 K ' 4 l l Page fifteen Writers Are Proud of Symbol Now Santa Having satisfied requirements to qualify for Quill and Scroll, the long awaited day of initiation finally rolls around for prospective mem- bers. Tom Beecly and Paul Burson search for well-earned club pins which they find attached to the Christmas tree among the other dec- orations. Truth . . . Loyalty . . . Enlightenment . . . Op- portunity . . . Initiative . . . Friendship . . . Leader- ship . . . watchwords upheld by every Quill and Scroll member throughout the world . . . society membership composed of students excelling in some phase of journalistic endeavor . . . Stephen Benet . . . branch chapter at Murray . . . club adviser, Miss Margaret Glenn . . . officers . . . president, Judy Podd . . . vice president, Roberta Tyson . . . secretary, Janet Peterson . . . treasurer, Beverly An-- derson . . . Christmas initiation party at St. Paul Teachers' Federation . . . Reverend Edwin Johnson of St. Anthony Park Congregational Church gave a Christmas Message . , . January . . . combined Li- brary Club and Quill and Scroll meeting . . . audi- ence charmed by Miss Theresa Dutting of Holland . . . much thought provoked by her descriptions ot school life in her country . . . March . . . Mr. Dan- iel Campion, director of School Publications of St. Paul . . . addresses group . . . meets old friends from Baker School . . . spring initiation at Murray . . . picnic coming up. Row 'I-Jeanette Mielke, Marilyn Martin, Ada Moore, Mary Ann Kuettner 9 Catherine Smith, Janet Peterson, Joan Allen, Annette Vik, Barbara King, Bonnie Lofberg, Roberta Tyson ' Janice Larson, Judy Podd, Beverly Anderson, Louise Williams, Leona Mikesh, Phyllis Nielsen, Alice Schwartz, Peggy Martin 5 Barbara Hentges, Pauline Anderson, Tom Beedy, Paul Berge, Larry Granger, Paul Burson, Todd Hunt, Margaret Spiegel, James Mullen. Page sixteen Sno' Foolin'-Snow Day's Here Robert Johnson, Paul Berge, James Niessen, John Sandquist, Whitey Aus, Julie Wason, Beverly Anderson, Paula Rudahl Judy Podd Phyllis Nielsen. "Sno' Foolin" . . . day from school . . . Wednesday, January 26, 'I955 . . . Murray's second Sno' Day . . . co-chairmen, Ray- mond Swinton and Sandra Holzing- er . . . seniors vote for king and queen candidates . . . eighth grad- ers nominate three girls and boys . . . princess and prince . . . post- ers . . . treasure hunt . . . clues in daily bulletin . . . 1,000 pen- nies . . . buried on Murray grounds . . . found by Marlene Bailey . . . buttons . . . 60 cents . . . regis- trations sold in homerooms . . . as- sembly to introduce candidates . . . register . . . vote . . . big day . . . nervous candidates . . . morn- ing assembly . . . entertainment . . . tense moments . . . St. Paul Winter Carnival royalty crowned our king and queen . . . Murray's royalty Whitey Aus and Julie Wa- son . . . prince David Krause and princess Sharilyn Lange . . . stu- dents board buses to Como Park . . . below zero weather . . . ski- ing . . . races . . . relays . . . to- bogganing . . . sportswear dance . . . John Schweitzer's "Pie-Eyed Pipers" band . . . climax to a fine day. Hunters "I know it's buried around here someplace," says Harvey Roloff trying to convince John Otto and Gary Spooner he can find the Sno' Foolin' Day treas- ure, buried on Murray's grounds. Royalty "Brrr, it's cold out here! Take the picture before we freeze," say Murray's Sno' Day royalty, princess, Shar- ilyn Lange, queen, Julie Wason, king, Whitey Aus, and prince, David Krause. i-Af' 1 Row l--Barbara Vowles, Mary Sperbeck, Deanna Johnson, Patricia Walters, Myrtis Grahn, Geraldine Gagnon, Jeanette Mielke, Ada Moore ' Fred Morlock, Roger Shepherd, George Tselos, Robert Lindsay, John Schweitzer, Peter Christenson, Paul Burson, Charles Bastel, Donald Snyder ' Susan Peter, Carolyn McMoy, Laurice Johnson, Sandra Holzinger, Janet Manley, Katherine Freeman, Joan Allen, Joyce Prickett, Judith Johnson 9 Lawrence Freeborg, Kenneth Barnes, Leo Snyder, Ronald Edlund, David Luckey, James Ubel, Ronald Weltzin, Raymond Neetzel, Joel Malmberg. Axis of 'Our Little World': l t A favorite corner in "Our Little World" . . . the Each year something new is added . . . club is l library . . . friends meet to exchange morning news proud of contribution toward new blinds . . . an- . . . get last minute information for topics . . . other purchase . . . Mitten letters, used for display exchange books . . . the place teems with activity on bulletin board or in exhibit case . . . much in- . . . Miss Marion Gratz, librarian, keeps things mov- terest this year in round table displays . . . eye- ing . . . able assistance from trained Library Club catching posters . . . clever verses . . . new books. workers . . . those on the "dawn patrol" begin Hall bulletin board . . . changed weekly . . . work at seven-thirty each day . . . L. C. workers features school events . . . ties goings-on with world give of their time to serve others. of books . . . exhibit case display surpervised by Bill Snodgrass, Nancy Beniamin, Sue Peter, Todd Hunt, David Olson, Katherine Freeman, Judy Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Patricia Walters, Nancy Schweitzer and Priscilla Thomas admire their Book Week display "Books are Keys." Page eighteen Row l-Nancy Beniamin, Janet Peterson, Catherine Smith, Rosalie Hert, Judy Maehl, Carole Charles, Priscilla Thomas, Sandra Nelson 9 Nancy Rice, Michael Langer, Gene Zimmerman, Peter Arny, Todd Hunt, Thomas Dumont, John Mazzitello, William Snod- grass, Larradine Hess 9 Inga Jaderholm, Alice Wayne, Louise Williams, Leona Mikesh, Nancy Schweitzer, Jacquelyn Rice, Penelope Haas, Karen Laney, Kathleen McCulley ' R'chard Cownie, Wayne Johnson, Donald Kelsey, John Gilie, David Olson, Donald Swadburg, Paul lsakson, Ralph Gundersen, Thomas Beedy. M urray's Library Club L. C .... every department has opportuni- ties to use it . . . very popular with stu- dents. Behind the scenes . . . L. C. members "spin" like the world doing daily tasks . . . cataloguing . . . book mending . . . let- tering . . . pamphlet filing . . . records and pictures to be cared for . . . all this plus weekly circulation of books. Time out for meetings . . . good speak- ers . . . January meeting with Quill and Scroll . . , Miss Theresa Dutting, exchange teacher from Holland as guest . . . gay Christmas program . . . iuniors spend hours planning Book Week . . . highlight is Book Week tea . . . L. C. members review new books for guests. Very gay initiation in fall . . . makes everyone a member . . . stunts follow beautiful ceremony . . . dancing and fun afterwards . . . spring brings L. C. Ban- quet . . . senior members are honored guests . . . receive well-earned L. C. pins . . . service to school is stressed. Mid-winter days . . . vice president Joan Allen and John Schweitzer prepare lessons . . . teach one hundred seventy-tive inter- ested beginners . . . final test in May . . . only those passing accepted . . . Library Club holds to high standards. iii? i Ada Moore, president, Ron Edlund, corresponding secretary, Jeanette Mielke, recording secretary, Peter Christenson, sergeant-at-arms, Joan Allen, second vice president, John Schweitzer, first vice president and Penny Haas, program chairman, are looking over the vocational tile. Page nineteen Here's The Business Cadettes . . . "personal secretaries" . . . each member assigned to an organization or teacher . . . stu- dents give service to their school . . . work one period a day . . . efficient . . . take a letter . . . shorthand . . . strange looking line and curliques . . .type . . . carbon that letter . . . good posture . . . speed drills . . . num- ber of words per minute . . . practice makes perfect . . . type stencils . . . clean keys first . . . oh, oh . . . error Party Time Serving for the faculty luncheon are Colleen Ja- nette, Carol Simons, Joan Lovness, Onalee Hadrits. It's Smooth Enioying the Business Cadettes winter party are Janice Hodnefield, Jane Er- skine, Donald Kelsey, Paul Berge. All Aboard Going on a field trip are Eileen Thoennes, Joyce Dok- ka, Frances Allred, VaLaine Vick, Carol Ullman. World of Business r l Annette Vik, in charge of decorating the Business Cadettes bulletin board, proudly shows her display "Girls-Boys with a Future" to Marilyn Martin and Phyllis Nielsen. Carol Jennings is busily trying her skill on the electric typewriter. . . . make correction . . . keep up books and ac- perform . . . learn what is expected of a private counts . . . tile . . . mimeograph . . . set up ma- secretary . . . Brown and Bigelow . . . Northwest- chine . . . ink up to elbows and behind ears . . . ern Bell Telephone Company . . . October . . . turn the crank . . . weary arms . . . nicely finished money making project . . . homemade "Cadettes project . . . use mimeoscope . . . learn to use the Candy" at P.T.A. Carnival . . . Christmas . . . des- electric typewriter . . . so easy to operate . . . dic- sert luncheon . . . gay invitations . . . 'Festive dec- taphone . . . adding machine . . . field trips to orations in Room 314 . . . faculty members guests business concerns . . . interesting . . . learn many . . . annual winter party . . . great fun. new business techniques . . . watch new machines Each to His Task Spring . . . annual alum- ni dinner . . . memories and acquaintances renewed . . . graduates give short talks of their experiences in the busi- ness world . . . May break- fast . . . initiation of officers . . . retiring board . . . pres- ident, Janice Hodnetield . . . vice president, Joan Lovness . . . secretary, Onalee Had- rits . . . treasurer, Beverly Anderson . . . program chair- man, Karen Rortvedt . . . ex- pert advisers . . . Miss Val- borg Helseth . . . Miss Elea- nor Steelsmith. Row 'l-Sandra Thieling, Beverly Anderson, Paul Berge, Joyce Woessner, Dean Erickson, Doris Foster U Mary Mead, Donald Kelsey, Karen Rortvedt, Janice Hodnetield, Margaret Spiegel, Paul Burson, Ronald Weltzin. Page twenty-one Homecoming Week . . . excitement at top pitch in "Our Little World" . . . start- ing signal explodes . . . Queen candidates' names finally disclosed to student body . . . chain of events follow . . . campaign man- agers selected . . . meetings held . . . hundreds of posters drawn . . . thousands of tags distributed . . . floats decorated . . . Murrayites sparkled with motivation . . . coronation day finally arrives . . . John Sandquist, "M" Club President relinquishes honor of crowning the queen to St. Paul's 1954 Snow Queen, Mary Lou Lipke . . . audience tense . . . shouts and screams greet lovely Judy Anderson as she is crowned queen . . . Queen Judy and proud mana- ger, John Schweitzer reign over festivities of dance and game later that evening . . . the four other lovelies and managers in- cluded . . . Joan Allen, Peter Christenson Just Crowned . . . Ada Moore, Raymond Swinton . . . Harriet Roe, Charles Quall . . . Marilyn Bright smiles light the faces of Martin James Niessen lovely Homecoming Queen, Judy Anderson, and her manager, John Schweitzer. A happy ending to an- other Homecoming. Excitement- Campaign managers, John Schweitzer, James Niessen, Charles Quall, Peter Christenson, and Raymond Swinton entertain themselves around the piano while waiting for the royal ladies to appear. Page twenty-two H k W wit., , ss. F , 'M t REQ 2 12,5 wc .Y W, at 'ff 5 Excited Queen candidates, Harriet Roe, Ada Moore, Judy Anderson, Marilyn Martin, and Joan Allen hustle to finish with last minute primping in the final moments iust before the coronation. That's Homecoming Have you ever wondered? . . . how did it all start? . . .of course there's always a beginning . . . Homecoming holds an inter- esting history throughout the past years . . . October 2l, l938, marks date of first event . . . proceedings slightly different at that time from what we know them to be today . . . any girl allowed to run for queen . . . candidates from grades nine through twelve entered . . . winner crowned by captain of football team . . . election day . . . un- expected turnabout . . . freshman candi- date wins . . . heads nod . . .voices buzz . . . some changes, all agree, should be made . . . henceforth . . . senior girls only allowed to run for queen . . . gradu- ating class thus doing the honors at this time of the year . . . that same evening of '38 . . . "Moonlight Dance" sponsored by Junior Class . . . Murray's four piece orchestra performs . . . so ends Homecoming of yesteryears, and from it begin all of our Homecomings to come. held... is ' 'W :K fc Regal Visitor All heads turn to see charming Queen of Snows, Mary Lou Lipke, as she is escorted to the stage by "M" Club president, John Sandquist. Page twenty-three How little we knew . . . choos- ing theme . . . dummy . . . page planning . . . class picture day . . . urging coy seniors to get pic- tures taken . . . typists kept busy with cutline copy . . . each to his own task . . . writer's cramp . . . busy hours mounting pictures . . . fun keeping everything ci secret . . . oh, oh . . . foreigner in the room . . . plans for Pilot Day . . . it's May . . . here is your book depicting "Our Little World." Mary Ann Kuettner and Jeanette Mielke, co-editors in chief, started with a whirl of picture taking in the fall. Here, Jeanette is making very good use ofthe slide rule as she measures pictures for Mary Ann to cut Our Own World Book The Business Staff, Carol McKillips, Eileen Thoennes, Ron Weltzin, John Schweitzer, and Paul Burson work with long lists of added figures which are not tallied on any adding machine. Accuracy plus efficiency is very important. Staff members, Judy Podd, Pauline Anderson, De Lores Lafberg, Rose- marie Luedtke, and Louise Williams are shown looking through old yearbooks, getting a laugh at pictures ot the good old days when "skirts above the knees" made high style. swmeuw The Pilot Co-Editors MARY ANN KUETTNER JEANETTE MIELKE School Life Editors PHYLLlS NIELSEN JUDITH PODD LOUISE WILLIAMS Senior Editors DE LORES LOFBERG ROSEMARIE LUEDTKE Class Editor CATHERINE SMITH Sports Editor PAULINE ANDERSON DONALD TREICHEL Photographers MICHAEL LANGER FRED MORLOCK MARGARET MARTIN ANNETTE VIK Typists EILEEN THOENNES JOAN LOVNESS Business Manager PAUL BURSON Assistant JOHN SCHWEITZER Circulation Manager RONALD WELTZIN Assistant DONALD STAFF Accou nta nt CAROL McKlLLlPS Advertising Managers BARBARA HENTGES MARGARET MARTIN ANNETTE VIK Adviser Miss Margaret Glenn Making interesting pages for you to read, through page planning, headlining . Award . . . subscribers. is lots of fun agree stat? members Ada Moore, Janice Larson, Alice Schwartz Roberta Tyson, Larry Granger, Marilyn Martin, Joan Allen, Leona Mikesh, and David Luckey. First step to paper makeup is done. The Murcurie Staff's slogan . . . f'Light the Fire" . . . start things going . . . every stat? hour is stren- uous . . . layout . . . make-up . . . . . time out for the latest gossip . . . is it fit to print? . . . we hope to live up to last year's All-American and Gallup trips to the printing company . . . proofing . . . watch- ing experts at the forms . . . it's Murcurie day . . . another issue to Our World's News Service l The Murcurie Co-Editors JAN ICE LARSON ROBERTA TYSON News Editors JOAN ALLEN LEONA MIKESH Assistant DAVID LUCKEY Feature Editors THOMAS BEEDY ADA MOORE JANET PETERSON Copy Editors CAROLE CHARLES MARGARET SPIEGEL Sports Editors LARRY GRANGER MARILYN MARTIN Assistant JAMES MULLEN School Publicity ALICE SCHWARTZ Exchange Editor BARBARA KING Typists JANETTE JOHNSTON CAROL SIMONS Business Manager PAUL BERGE Assistant DONALD KELSEY Circulation Manager BEVERLY ANDERSON Assistant NANCY BENJAMIN Accountant SANDRA THIELING Advisers MISS MARGARET GLENN MRS. LUCILLE SMITH Staff members Tom Beedy, Janet Peterson, Spiegel, Carole Charles and Barb King know reading and error correction as they hurry of last minute copy for publication. All copy James Mullen, Margaret the importance of proof to complete the writing must be perfect. L gg wt ls everything typed and ready to be sent to the publisher? Everything is being well taken care of by Barbara Hentges, Sandra Thieling, Ann Vik, Janette Johnston, Peggy Martin, Carol Simons, Beverly Anderson, Paul Berge and Don Kelsey. Everyone Joins Junior Red Cross I Familiar blazing red symbol . . . it's a proud banner . . . Junior Red Cross . . . service organization . . . internationally known . . . every contributor becomes a member . . . anyone may belong . . . annual drive held in March . . . students dig deep down into pockets . . . give gen- erously . . . active members decorate hos- pitals for holiday seasons . . . making fa- vors . . . helping invalids . . . enjoy help- ing others . . . brighten day for more un- fortunate ones . . . key figure . . . Mr. Edward Datko, adviser . . . your support is needed. Donors The Red Cross has set an age limit of eighteen before any high school student is allowed to donate blood. Here Betty Biom- dahl, Janet Peterson, and Charles Bastel are going through a preliminary examination under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Flaherty, the school nurse. Fufure Teachers Explore Field Future Teachers of America . . . national organization . . . Murray has the Dean Peik Chapter... advised by Miss Louise Smith and Mr. John Mather . . . field trips . . . movies . . . interviews . . . a few social events . . . speakers . . . observation at different ele- mentary school levels . . . visits to colleges . . . actual teaching ex- periences . . . helping teachers . . . organization includes boys and girls in grades eleven and twelve. Here's How "Reaclin', writin', and arithmetic." Sandra Holzinger, president of Fu- ture Teachers of America is showing the other officers some new teaching methods. Seated are Janet Peterson, secretary, Barbara Hentges, vice president, and Leona Mikesh, treas- urer. Page twenty-six I-2-3-Stage Force Testing l Power behind scenes . . . top brass in ltheater world . . . Stage Force crew . . . 'under supervision of Mr. George Bergup . . . building scenery . . . testing equip- ment . . . setting up microphones . . . fo- cusing spotlights . . . getting the right light- ting effects . . . every day Murray sees ac- itivity from this group . . . each boy has lhis own assigned task and station . . . work lis done to perfection . . . curtain is drawn W. . . lights go off . . . performance begins . . thanks to these boys. . . testing 1-2-3 . . sound off for Stage Force crew. Time for Lights Our capable Stage Force is always there whenever the need may call for them. Gor- don Lothson, Randall Cheney, John Gunther, Dennis Siebold, Larry Bies, Layton Landstrom, Jerry Grahn and Gerald Anderson are all members of this organization. Projection Crew-Masters of Efficiency Lights! . . . Projector! . . . lAction! . . . the call of the lmembers of the Murray Pro- iection Crew . . . visual ac- ltion a reality? . . . yes, but lonly because the Proiection Crew has made it so . . . the members? . . . boys and girls in the upper grades . . . their iduties? . . . aiding teachers sby showing films scheduled 'for classes . . . ordering and returning all films . . .taking care of the tape recorders and phonographs . . . keep- ing everything in operating condition . . . making all possible repairs . . . clean- ing equipment . . . the crew gives up study periods to work . . . Ray Gruber, presi- dent of the crew . . . his man . . . secretary, Barbara Kruckberg . . . group's ad- Pete. tviser, Mr. Howard Hathaway. as iweig CIlJlB USSlSiClI'I1', Clem Clase- Row 1-John Fisher, Bruce Hallen, James Peterson, James Lee, Raymond Gruber, Ronald Taylor, Charles Regal 5 Clem Claseman, Leo Snyder, Thomas Hayes, Richard Carlson, David Jack, Charles Bastel, Richard Jack, Barbara Kruckberg, Frederick Miller, Michael Langer, John O'Dwyer, Lawrence Page twenty-seven 'Our Little World' , A..1A li. , p., lg K T my ' ir kd Center Front-Joanne Bies, Dottie Grayden, Mary Parslow, Nancy White, Hermene Nelson, Julie Wason. Row 1-Marvin Geske, Sue McKay, John Schweitzer, David Magnuson, Lorene Thompson, Verne Busch, Sandra Sutton, Larradine Hess, Jeanne Fahsl, Tom P.avel, Mary Lee Kensler, Judy Ackerman, Karl Borgeson, Marilyn Knudson, Bob Skundberg, Sharon Havda, Judy Thompson, Mary Sperbeck, Charles Gronberg, Jan Sarnecki, Betty White, Roger Sandquist, Bill Freeborg, Susie Slind, Nancy Manning, Janet Pearson, Kathy Doeltz, Russ Williams, Chris Brohaugh, Rosemary Soderlund, Sylvia Borgeson, Jean Schroder, Louise Brookins, Janet Manlev, Naomi Zaspel, John Healy, Judy Johnson, Carol Schubring, Dean Erickson 9 Rick Poeschl, Merle Potter, Carol Borgeson, Sam Haroldson, Doris Benson, Bill Torgeson, Lorelei Richert, Ruth Langer, Priscilla Thomas, Nancy Schweitzer, Don Moftatt, Sharon Fisher, Ronald Soderlund, Bill Wayne, George Olson, Judy Nelson, Peter Christenson, Jack Steingraber, Albert Stoskopf, Ronald Sandquist, Sharon Gredvfg, Bob Sands, Geraldine Gagnon, Bob Johnson. Center Back-Carol Oakins, Judy Engebretson, Kay Saranecki. Extreme Back-Mr. Alex Heron, director. Swings to The Murray's Senior Band . . . a vital part ot every student's school lite . . . strains of music are present everywhere . . . pep assemblies . . . football, basketball, and hockey games . . . morale ot school spirit boosted by lively songs at these functions . . . money-making projects supply funds to keep ' uniforms in top shape . . . Homecoming Dance proved to be a worthwhile and highly enjoyable event.. .booth at school carnival . . . spring concert in May . . . long awaited event of the year . . . songs such as Muskrat Ram- ble, Tea for Two, and Little Bop Riding Hood prove that Qeryone is into the swing of modern times . . . instrumental A salute to Mr. Heron! Band otiti- cers Sharon Fisher, treasurer, Kay Sarnecki, secretary, Naomi Zaspel vice president, and Robert Johnson trios and solos, such as Bugler's Holiday, completed the pro- gram . . . something special this year . . . dance held after r evening concert . . . tree to all holders of concert tickets president fake time to pay deserv, . . . refreshments served afterwards . . . banquet held in ing tribute to their able band leader, March . . . oFticers then elected for next year. Page twenty-eight Center Front-Jo Ann Vollmer, Gayle Neumann, Gwen Crommett, Gray Henderson, Barney Dolby, Gerald Jacobsen, James Flueck, man, Margaret Karner, Nancy King, Karen Kroana, Mary Preus, Beverly Barnes, Anna Marie Morlock, Judy Frost, Meridel Fahsl, Jules Moor, Terry Williams, David Krause, Gerald Glaeve, Lois bara Mayer, Betty Ann Schmidt, Gale Crommet, William Bayer, Carol Morgen, Judy Klock. Row 'I-Loris Powe, Camila Jones, Marian Clark, Sharon La Rue, Marguerite McKay, Ann Berg- Gretchen Holzinger, Charlene Barrett, Kathleen Lembke 9 Nancy Thomas, Donna Sandberg, Jerry Protextor, David Stiff, Forsblad, Diane Uram, Joanne Erskine, Jeanne Schmalz, Bar- Russell Smith, Dow, Diane McElligott 0 Bradley Pass, Robert Lewis, Emelie Kafka, Sandra Dupaul, Julie Thomsen, Robert Straughn, Richard Stubstad, Janice Faschingbauer, Jeanne Elm, Joanne Christiansen, Janice Nielsen, Joyce Nielsen, Diane Hoover, Carol Ervin, Beverly Johnson, Sharilyn Lange, Cathy Scherer, Carolyn Holmsten, Patricia Davidson, Roger Dahl, Kenneth Morrison, Walter Kopischke, Janet Halley, Chloe Sterk, Diane Sutten, Howard Mielke, Bruce Geske, Stephen Wickstrom, Jerry Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Thomas Weber, Thomas Hiatt. Junior maestros give Senior Band petition . . . music room filled to seventh and eighth grade enthusiasts as marching group for first time this appearances . . . homecoming parade, football games, Christmas program . . . St. Anthony Park Elementary School dedication . . . footsteps of "big brother" Senior Band followed closely . . . perform- ances on ice . . . chills, thrills, and spills at the plenty of com- the brim with . . . organized fall . . . public Tunes of The Bands Trips to other cities lend fun and excitement . . . St. Cloud . . . concert played for veterans at hospitals there . . . after- wards everybody had chicken . . . that was fun too hosts at State Hockey Tournament . . . skating band displays new talents . . . lively square dance on ice gets underway . . . audience clap their approval . . . another gold star for the Murray Band . . . community participation provides vari- ety in school activities . . . Memorial Day at Langford Park . . . commemorated by St. Anthony Park Elementary School . . . band supplies music for the occasion . . . junior dents highly impressed . . . other activities . . . Community Chest Drive boosted with assistance of band.. .music played in parks and streets downtown . . . Mr. Alex Heron takes a bow . . . leads eighty-piece Boys' State Band composed of a iunior from every school in the state. Junior Winter Carnival . . . winter frolic followed closely by springtime events . . . participation in the Murray eleventh annual Band Concert . . . base- ball . . . picnics . . . more opportunities to per- form . . . Junior Band marches in School Police Pic- nic . . . look "spic and span" in new uniforms . . . white sweat shirts show off Murray's school emblem 'of blue and gold. STU- Leading the Junior Band to great things are Tom Weber, vice presi- dent, Sharilyn Lange, secretary, ' ' ' Joyce Nielsen, treasurer, and David Krause, president, standing. Page twentyfnine Mr. and Mrs. Kirby take the Vanclerhoff family by surprise! Shown in an embarrassing state are Paul Burson, Louise Williams, Ron Edlund, Don Quayle, Paula Rudahl, Penny Haas, Janet Peterson, Cecil Wells, and Peter Christenson. 'You Can't Take H With You' Box ottice attractions . . . seniors present class play . . . "You Can't Take lt With You" . . . chose this comedy for its audience appeal and light-hearted humor . . . story of one tamily who believed in doing whatever each enjoyed most . . . Alice falls in love with Tony . . . the Sycamore family is arrested by po- lice and thrown in jail . . . it seems as though things will never turn out for Tony and Alice Page thirty . . . grandpa steps in with philosophy . . . play ends on a happy note . . . double cast is used to give more seniors a chance to parti- cipate . . . don wigs and grease paint . . wonder how they can stand the ordeal . . . make-up is necessary business . . . lines to second and third acts make confused jumble in their minds . . . weeks of practice under Miss Florence Vest . . . well worth all the efforts. Quiet, Please! All scenes take place in the VanderhoFF's living room where plays are written, snakes collected, ballet steps practiced, printing presses op- erated, and meals eaten. The cast turns to serious moments when Grandpa gives grace at the dinner table. Lis- tening very intentively are Naomi Zaspel, Leo Snyder, Tom Hayes, David Luckey, Paul Burson, Ray Neetzel, and Geraldine Gagnon. Our World ls A Stage V L sw 4 ..WJ,,..,fgm,.,fj,f Penny Haas looks on approvingly as Dramatic Clubbers, Karen Kulenkomp, Barbara Barnum, Joyce Peterson, Carolyn McMoy, and Marcia Gower rehearse the delightful holiday skit, "Time Out for Christmas." Plays . . . reading . . . skits . . . acting . . .a chance to exercise your talents . . . ioin the Dramatic Club and enter into its many fun-filled activities . . . visits to Edith Bush Little Theater . . . provide excellent opportunities to study the professionals . . . skits for radio or T.V. pro- grams enacted . . . oh, yes . . . every member gets his chance . . . programs . . . interesting and educational . . . students learn the art of applying correct stage makeup . . . should this person appear young or old? . . . all it takes is a little makeup here or there in the right place tional holidays recognized by specially planned group celebrations during meetings . . . . FIC' . . COF- sages and treats for all . . . club open to any sophomore, junior, and senior boy or girl . . . must quality by presenting reading or short skit . . . approved by board and adviser, Miss Florence Vest . . . club officers for '55 . . . president, Annettte Vik . . . vice president, Penny Haas . . . secretary, Judy Podd . . . treasurer, Catherine Smith . . . program chair- man, Louise Williams . . . money making . . . Senior Class Play . . . booth sponsored at school carnival . . . supplied ample funds to tul- fill club needs for another year. I We re Gay Obtaining lessons from a profes- K! sional dancing teacher, several members learned to dance a "Mex- ican Hat Dance." This routine was presented at the school carnival Tal- ent Show in the fall, and won high acclaim at this time. Dancers include Virginia Thole, Annette Vik, Judy Podd, Catherine Smith, Phyllis Niel- sen and Louise Williams. EXW 'SB , ezb- -0 'M' Members Chart Future Above: Row 'I-Robert Grainer, Robert Larson, Charles Quall, Mr. Bernard Broderick, Donald Treichel, Richard Gebhard, Robert Johnson P Jack Le Clair, Paul Berge, Phillip Crandall, Robert Hays, Nathaniel Aus, Raymond Neetzel, Roger Anderson 9 James Niessen, David Luckey, Russell Schmitz, John Sandquist, Richard Schoonover, Raymond Notch, Richard Pederson. Below: Row l-Fred Morlock, William Snodgrass, David Bailey, Terry Beckiorden, Mr. Bernard Broderick, Roger Shepherd, Donald Johnson, Dennis Sherman, Peter Arny 9 John Otto, Jon Peterson, Robert Pavel, George Tselos, Robert Cheatham, Larry Nelson, Donald Kelsey, Harvey Roloff ' Robert Wells, Todd Hunt, William Sands, Russell Williams, Jerry Zellner, Larry Freeborg. Brave and strong heroes of "Our Little World" . . . "M" Club men . . . organization composed of recognized athletes . . . hope to keep club's ties . . . make plans to have alum- ni branch . . . this year thrills of well-earned contests . . . learn to take defeats in stride . . . a letter in one or more sports during the year . . . designate accomplishments in sports . . . gold "M" proudly worn on bright blue sweat- er . . . many feminine admirers . . . dinner in honor of football team . . . given by St. An- thony Park Association. Page thirty-two President, John Sandquist . . . prime minister for homecoming assembly . . . escorted Miss Mary Lou Lipke, St. Paul's 1954 Queen of the Snows . . . looking to the future . . . annual letter assembly . . . Alumni Award . . . for the best athlete of the year . . . a banquet for members and alumni . . . club adds badly needed equipment to athletic department . . . club's adviser . . . Mr. Bernard Broderick . . . vice president, Bob Johnson . . . secretary- treasurer, Whitey Aus . . . sergeonts-at-arms, Ray Notch and Don Treichel. 'Shall We .loin the Ladies. ' May brings Girls' League elections . . . also Mother-Daughter Social . . . iuniors are hostesses . . . senior girls and mothers guests . . . choosing chairmen and committees . , . racking brains for ideas . . . deciding theme . . . writing and send- ing invitations . . . planning program . . . deco- rating . . . flowers . . . ice cream . . . a good time will be had by all . . . introduction of nomi- nees for 1955-56 offices . . . managers give crazy skits . . . last meeting . . . installation of new officers . . . Girls' League . . . largest femi- nine organization at Murray . . . all girls in grades nine through twelve . . . purpose-to bring girls together in the common bonds of friendship and service . . . provides interesting and cultural ac- tivities . . . first meeting , . . to welcome the fresh- men . . . green hats on heads and green paint on noses . . . Christmas program . . . annual "Sweet- hearts' Ball" . . . sophomores in the spotlight . . . Dick Johnson, king . . . Rosalie Hert, queen . . . seventeenth birthday celebration in February . . . annual caramel apple sales . . . sticky . . . gooey . . . freshmen plan meeting . . . upper classmen relax . . . Miss Gladys Rose, adviser . . . Judy Anderson, president of the League . . . Lonnie Robinson, assisted Judy . . . Nancy Schweitzer kept the records of the meetings . . . Leona Mik- esh, treasurer . . . Lorene Thompson planned the ll Q rx 'V A .- 1 Q Q fix 3, ' K M Entering the "Feminine Frolic" are hostesses Judy Anderson program. Annette Vik, and Phyllis Nielsen. What Subject? Men? J f ii? -if-9 Checking plans for the meeting are Leona Mikesh, treasurer, Jalond Robinson, vice president, Nancy Schweitzer, secretary, Judy Anderson, president, and Lorene Thompson, program chairman. '. A Spanish Club Follows Customs ofLatinAmericans Brushing up on the Spanish lan- guage to help them better under- stand their Latin American friends who speak to them during their meetings, are board members Rob- ert Moftatt, Sarah Christensen, Michael Scott, Jalond Robinson, Lee Snyder, and Lynne Hella. i Hola! y i Adds! The Spanish Club . . . always something inter- American Day with flags and costumes . . . field esting on the agenda . . . meetings and dues once trip to a Spanish restaurant . . . main project ot the every month . . . this year the board has been in- club was the organization ofthe first regional Span- troducing members to Spanish Americans . . . study ish Club meeting . . . includes clubs from other of their customs . . . meeting other Spanish students schools . . . main obiective of the Spanish Club is in the city of St. Paul . . . speakers from South and to promote more direct contact with Spanish Ameri- Central America talk to club members . . . showed can people and their cultures . . . exchange letters slides . . . a pinata was broken at the Christmas and tape recordings with South American schools meeting . . . this is a Mexican tradition . . . carols . . . advisers are Miss Marion Koch and Mr. Howard were sung in Spanish . . . students from Macalester Hathaway. College taught Spanish dances . . . celebrate Pan- "Spanish customs are fun to study when there are recordings to listen to, castanets to try out, and authentic costumes to see," state Spanish Club members, Jerry Burkholder, Patricia Johannsen, Wayne Johnson, Sandra Maas, Richard Karner, Roger Risbrudt, Dorothy Quinn, James Lee, Judy Maehl, Carol Kramer, Jacqueline Roan, Bruce Sparr, and Jim Ubel. Page thirty-four Around Our 'Little World' Politicians Getting into the spirit of home- coming, are Emly McDiarmid, Judy Engebretson, Louise Brook- ins, Bill Snodgrass Jolond Robin- son, Alice Wayne, and Todd Hunt, by working hard, drawing, painting, talking, and eating at one of Ada Moore's campaign meetings. This is very typical of all committee meetings during homecoming week. Sure Shot Trying her luck by aiming her water pistol at a lighted candle sitting in the G.A.A. Fish Pond at the P.T.A. Carnival, is Nancy Manning. Among the many on- lookers, is Jacqueline Roan on the extreme left, selling tickets for the G.A.A. booth. This is one of the many carnival attrac- tions sponsored by Murray or- ganizations. if K ,, 1... For L 1-L.. 'Aqua Dears' Appearing at the Theo- dore Wirth pool on the opening night of the Min- neapolis Aqua Follies of 1954, were St. Paul's "Aqua Dears" Jeanette Mielke, Su- san Graber, Mary Sand- berg, Louise Williams, and Barbara Hutton. Jeanette and Louise, both seniors at Murray, toured with the show's swimming troupe to Seattle, following their per- formances in Minneapolis. Page thirty-five Ji , , ' fig' ' 1 .QQ J if' g., ' w, , ff WH ,k,,.k, S iii? ,U W 'T ' k Q?s'i:figtmg -,,4g.,1:, ,, ' ' K ,S 1 - M WEE ,,f'1 K ,L My ' A 5 4 ,Hex ff 2 ' Spvrfs .,V., . 4 -- h:,A,f .V ' krh n 'Ak, ' , , fm Lljl A xiii, . .V we tiff? L - , ,LmtA 4 I 'f if 4 1 F.. , -:ff r,s, a L f Q ffiil 2f L f L A 2" Z.: so l. -s,s,s J ,,-' . i ,-,i h Z 1 , i i l ' ' i r- ., : . A wf .. ' . 4 M' if 1 ..,' J ' f f W' ,,r L P 1 ' rri a - g "?' v f i,s, , Q ii s -J U A : . 'A A L ,m,L ,A if , , if Paul Berge Bob Johnson Whitey Aus Don Johnson Gridiron Men Have Rough Season Football, always popular at Murray, found the season a rough one as the team, riddled by in- iuries, finished eighth in the conference. Consid- ering the loss of Don Johnson, Paul Berge, John Otto, Larry Freeborg, Ray Notch, and Dick Scho- onover through iniuries, one can realize what ac- cidents meant to Murray in T954. Murray's first opponent, Johnson, made it a tough game despite the one-sided score of 25-0 in the Governors' favor. A beautiful run of 65 yards by Murray's John Sandquist, after a John- son fumble, was Murray's only touchdown, but a play penalty annulled the score. The Mechanic Arts' eleven nipped Murray in the last three seconds of their game 7-0. The Trainers had to fight every inch of the way against a stubborn Pilot line. Paul Berge broke into the scoring column for the Pilots against Humboldt as he made a thirty- yard sweep around left end. The Indians, how- ever, made it an uneven score 'I9-7. The second half found the Pilots playing a rough and tumble game as the Indians' scoring was in the first half. Don Johnson, Murray's quarterback broke his "A" SQUAD: Row l-Coach Reno Rossini, William Snodgrass, Ted Polacec, Robert Johnson, Jon Peferson, Roger Anderson, Robert Larson, Mr. Robert Ritter 9 Glenn Richards, James Slama, Robert Moffatt, Rick Poeschl, Robert Pavel, Whitey Aus 0 Kenneth Kline, John Otto, Paul Berge, Dick Schoonover, Don Johnson, Clement Claseman, Larry Freeborg ' Robert Panek, Robert Chea- tham, Larry Nelson, Roger Sterba, John O'Dwyer, John Quam, Russell Schmitz, John Sandquist. Page thirty-eight t 4 "B" SQUAD: Row 'l-James Collins, Ronald Anderson, James Grayden, Thomas Foster, Roger Sandquist, Perry Lomnes, James Zwcrd 9 Victor Etienne, Karl Borgeson, Robert Skundberg, Gary Kershaw, John Freeman, William Freeborg, Gary Johnson, Timothy McArdle, Roger Gilbert, Richard Vasterling, Coach Rose 9 Jan Sarnecki, Paul Peterson, Dennis Siebold, Chris Bro- haugh, Max Berc, James Ullyot, William Torgerson, Douglas Wielke, Daniel Shaules, James Tousley 9 Robert Larson, Lee Snyder, Gordon Hemming, Robert Christensen, Ronald Sandquist, Robert Sands, Stephen Frauenshun, Gary Spooner, Larry Viehl, Larry Bies 9 Carl Giertson, Charles Nelson, David Magnuson, Jack Steingraber, William Wayne, Einar Gustafson, Richard Johnson, Richard Kampa, James Nielsen, Roger Vandenheuvel. Junior Varsity hand two days before the Harding game, and Coach Reno Rossini had to play sophomore quarterback Bob Moffat. Harding had the contest all of the way with a final score of 47-O. Murray iust could not hold Roger Pietrus, Wash- ington halfback, as he scored three touchdowns for the Presidents. While the T9-7 score gave Washington the superior advantage, the game was a well-fought one with Bob Cheatham getting hon- ors for the single Murray score. Central, St. Paul's top team of the year made it 41-6 against the iniury-riddled Pilots. As in most of Central's games it was All-City Bob Whitey Streaks By E vens Scores Blakeley who scored three of the touchdowns. ln- cidentally, Central took the Twin Cities' title this year winning over Minneapolis Washburn. Murray's nearest neighbor and old rival Wil- son never let the Pilots get started in the first half as the Redmen piled up 20 points. The final score was 32-O. Not until the last game of the season did the Pilots' losing streak finally break. Still under- manned, the Murray aggregation kept up the spirit traditional of Murray, "Play the game to win regardless of the odds." Although outweighed by the Greenie line, the Pilots played inspired football. They earned their first touchdown on a pass play from quarterback Bob Moffat to end Bob Pavel. In the second quar- ter a second pass from Bob Johnson to Bob Cheat- ham was successful. Another high spot of this game was the tackle of a Monroe player by halfback Bob Johnson be- hind the Greenie's goal line for a safety -giving Murray the game 'l5-'l3. Despite the conference standing made by Mur- ray, the team members gave good performances offensively and defensively backing up the repu- tation of Coach Reno Rossini as one of the best in the city. When Whitey Aus takes oft, he means busi- ness as he demonstrates here in the Murray- Mechanic Arts game. Whitey has a knack of eluding tacklers. R , px, Q There is rough business going on here on a mild autumn afternoon as Humboldt and Murray tangle in one of the few afternoon games. Above, Bob Cheatham C445 is trying to come in to recover Bob Johnson's fumble. ' Below Russ Schmitz C655 of the Pilots and Paul Berge C565 are ready to rush into the tangle. Whitey Aus is carrying the ball. Pilots Play for "Keeps" lf spirit and determination of Murray's largest iunior football squad are any indication of things to come, the Pilots are all set for the conference competition. Although not possessing size and weight, the squad showed that they could stand up under heavy competition by winning three, losing two, and ty- ing one with a rugged St. Thomas eleven. Victories were scored in the games with Mon- Page forty roe C7-Ol, Wilson 127-141, and Washington C21-61. Losses came from Harding U2-61, and Central U2-63. Boys singled out as excellent prospects are Gary Spooner, Larry Bies, Dick Kampa, Dan Shau- les, Dick Johnson, Carl Giertsen, Jim Nielsen, Bob Larson, Einar Gustafson, Larry Viehl, Lee Snycler, Max Berc, Bob Christensen. Winter Sports Capture Murrayites' Interest Skating Aces An all time favorite is basketball and this year When winter comes to "Our Little World," Mur- rayites pay little attention to the temperature or icy blasts. instead, the student body turns to the several sports and events connected with their winter pro- gram. A top contender tor the favorite sport is hockey. Murray is proud of its hockey record and this year fans saw some thrillers played including this picture with Don Treichel and Humboldt players fighting for the puck. Shooting Sta rs both the senior and junior varsity had rough sched- ules. This is an action shot that might be called the pic- ture of the year. The game is the Harding-Murray clash. Leaping into the air in a iump shot situation is Murray's ace John Sandquist. As usual the faithful stalwarts, Dick Schoonover and Bob Aschenbach are poised tor quick action. Jumping Demons l Murray's varsity pulled the upset of the season by downing Humboldt. The camera man caught this bit of action in the game with Harding. Bob Aschenbach is iumping for the ball while Dick Schoonover and John Sandquist await the result. Page tortysone .r,Vi,A,K.l V. I l I. ,. Baskets Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Mu rray Murray Murray Murray "A" SQUAD: Row 1-Garry Spooner, Phil Crandall, Dick Schoonover, John Sandquist, Larry Granger, Bob Johnson, Peter Niemczyk 9 John Otto, Bob Wells, Russ Williams, Einar Gustafson, Bob Aschenbach, Kenneth Kline, Coach Rose. Murray Rebounds Scores 31 Edina 56 51 Breck 31 39 Red Wing 53 47 Minnehaha Academy 61 St. Agnes 63 44 Mechanic Arts 58 48 Robbinsdale 60 25 Monroe 58 53 Wilson 62 40 Cokato 91 41 Washington 57 48 Humboldt 45 61 Harding 68 Johnson 48 Waseca 71 Central 57 59 48 48 DISTRICT PLAYOFFS 38 Humboldt 61 C agers Make Play-offs Although the Murray basketball team of 1955 was never a title contender, it produced several sur- prises during the season. After early regional losses to Edina and powerful Red Wing, the Pilots came back to upset undefeated Minnehaha Academy of the private school league. John Sandquist dropped two last second free throws to give the cagers a well deserved victory. Future Cagemen Murray's junior varsity team com- pleted one of its most successful sea- sons by gaining a tie for third place. A final win over Monroe gave the iun- ior cagemen five victories against only three defeats. Highlighting the season were victor- ies over Washington, Wilson, and Harding and a close loss to top rated Central. Non-conference action saw the junior bucketeers take tour out of six games. Leading the team in scoring were sophomores Dick Johnson, Carl Giert- son, Mike Scott, and Bob Lindsay. Freshmen Bill Wayne, Bob Sands, and Jim Ullyot were also pleasant surprises for Coach Robert Ritter. Page forty-two "B" SQUAD: Row 1-Charles Bassett, Ron Sandquist, Mike Scott, Richard Johnson Terry Hinton, Lee Snyder, Bob Sands 9 Kevin Johnson, Carl Giertson, Grenville Fales Dick Kampa, Bill Wayne, Jim Ullyot, Bob Lindsay, Bob Christensen, Coach Ritter. 45 Pilots Upsef League Leaders Misfortune, injuries, and "a cover on the basket" bothered the bucketeers during the next seven games, St. Agnes started the victory drought with a startling upset. Mechanic Arts and Monroe added to the Pilots' trouble with dominating wins in the opening conference games. Trips to Robbinsdale and Cokato also brought losses as nothing seemed to go right for the cagers. After Wilson and Washington took their measure, the cellar was beckoning to the Murray team. The biggest upset in several years was registered as first place Humboldt fell before the "doormat to the conference." Overcoming an eight point half- time deficit, the Pilots clinched the game in the last minute on free throws by Bob Wells. Besides rebound- ing well, Russ Williams and John Sandquist led a balanced Murray scoring attack. Harding then followed the Pilots' example, and surprised the cagers with their first victory of the year. The fast break of the Knights was more than the Murray team could handle. A split in their final two games gave the bucketeers a 2-6 record and a tie for seventh place in the con- ference. A convincing win over Johnson gave the Pilots a play-off berth even though Central stopped the cagers in their final game. The season closed for the Murray team as Hum- boldt gained revenge for the upset with a smashing victory. 'Jumping high in an attempt to score for Murray is center Einar Gustafson. Trying to block the shot is a Harding defender being watched closely by Dick Schoonover. 'Russ Williams leaps for a rebound during the Humboldt game as Bob Johnson, Dick Schoonover, and Bob Wells watch and wait for a possible pass. Pucksters Surprise Conference: '- Q s P' A A ' 'J ' A J A ' -5' -1 .-:,. . 1 " r , - J- - .. "A" SQUAD: Row l--Dick Gebhard, Robert Larson, Harvey Roloff, Russell Schmitz, Coach Broderick, James Niessen, Jon Peterson, Robert Pavel, Robert Cheatham 9 Ronald Taylor, Dan Schaules, Quentin Perfect, George Briggs, Whitey Aus, Tom Stage, Douglas Wilke, Larry Nelson, Donald Treichel, Clinton Smith, James Hurley, James Zavarol, Roger Josephson. While this was not Murray's year to find a spot in the big time, the State Tournament, the pucksters did have a fair season ending up in fourth place in the conference. A few breaks plus a better game might have made a big difference. It was Murray's turn to draw Johnson first, a team that placed third in the State last season. Minus only two of the 1954 players, Johnson had too much man-power for the Pilots -the score 4-O. Central, next on the list, surprised everyone by making it a tie. The Pilots were supposed to take this game, and it was definitely an off night. Murray took the lead in the first period on a goal by Jim Niessen from Don Treichel. Jim again scored in the third period to give the Pilots the lead. But Central came back to score. Murray gave the Trainers of Mechanics a rough evening, and Dick Gebhard, Pilot goalie, had his first shutout in conference play. Mur- ray was iust a little weak on defense, but goals were made by Whitey Aus, Jim Niessen, Don Treichel, and Harvey Roloff. The Pilots outclassed Monroe's young team in all departments as the Pilots rolled uprtheir highest score of the season. The 7-l outcome was Murray's all the way with Whitey Aus and Don Treichel each having the three goal "hat trick", and Harvey Roloff getting one. Putting the Pilots on the spot, Washington scored three goals in the first period - Murray hit the comeback trail late in the first period and refused to surrender, thus making the game a tie. Wilson could not hold off Murray's fast first Page forty-four 4 . .gel Trying to square a circle are Co-captains Whitey Aus and James Niessen with Coach Bernie Broderick. At least the three are circled, and a more popular trio cannot be found in "Our Little World" of sports. Take Fourth Spot in League period as the Pilots racked up four goals by Treichel, Niessen, and Roloff. Wilson came back into second period with two goals to the Pilots' one. This was Niessen's night as he had four goals to his credit. Harding cinched its second place by out- skating the Pilots to the tune of 5-I . Jim Niessen was the only one to get past Harding's goalie, Ed Kohn. The Knights made it 5 to Murray's one goal. Humboldt tried to stop Murray's determina- tion to take their game, but this was the Pilots' night to skate in style. After a scoreless first period and almost a second, Don Treichel picked up a rebound in front of the Humboldt net and shot it between the goalie's legs to put the Pilots in the lead. Humboldt scored in the third period, but the Pilots played it for keeps. Treichel shot the puck from behind the Hum- boldt net and it bounced off the goalie's skate and into the net. The playoffs brought the team to the spot where competition was stiff. Again the Harding Knights took the game 3-0 after showing a very rugged defense. Washington and Murray, playing for third place fought a fine game all the way. Whitey Aus gave Murray its first and only score. With two minutes left, Washington scored their win- ning shot from the blue line. Conference Records 'urraY ' 0 Johnson - 4 urray - 2 Central- 2 lTieJ urray - 4 Mechanic Arts - O lurray - 7 Monroe - I lurray - 3 Washington - 3 CTieD urray - 6 Wilson - 4 llrray-I Harding-5 prray - 2 Humboldt- I REGION IV PLAYOFFS urray - 0 Harding - 3 urray - I Washington - 2 ..,, ert forwards Harvey Roloff and Bob l attempt to make a goal against the in Redmen. Both, coming in for the re- d, are stopped by Wilson defenseman Ed . r. , Whitey Aus has just drilled a shot at the Wilson goalie but is getting competition from Wilson player Jim Johnson. Don Treichel is preparing for the re- bound. Melting The Ice Swimmers Take Fourth Place This year Murray's swimming team had a record of five wins and three losses in its dual meets. In the City Meet the Pilots took fourth place. Outstanding victories included a 63-7 win over Me- chanic Arts and a 66-6 victory over Washington. Murray was defeated by Wilson, defending champs, Harriers Clinch Second place is the record chalked up by the cross country team with 56 points behind Central in the City Meet. ln this event Bob Grainer was fourth. lncidentally, the season's only loss was to Central. Sparked by Bob Grainer with a fast time of 9:42, Row l-Bill Torgeson, .lan Sar- necki, Peter Arny, John Healy, Glenn Richards, Larry Freeborg, Dick Pederson, Peter Van Zanden, Robert Hays, Peter Cownie, Don Pederson, Charles Gronberg, Lyle Seifer. 44-31, Johnson and Central's margins were 43-32 and 55-20 respectively. Fine performances during the season were turned in by Pieter Van Zanden, 220-yard free style, and Larry Freeborg and Dick Peclerson, 'lOO-yard free style. Second Spot the Pilots defeated Humboldt and then took Harding l5-51 and Washington 'I8-48 in succession. Murray failed to take top spots in the State Meet. Special mention goes to harriers Floyd Bedbury, Russell Williams and Stan McFarlan. Row 'I-Floyd Bedbury, Gary Jensen, Stan McF,arlan, David Bailey, Dennis Sherman 9 Coach Bernard Broderick, James Nelson, Ray- mond Neetzel, Russell Williams, Merle McKillips, Robert Grainer, Bruce Lonnes, George Tselos. 5 lntramurals Offer Year 'round Program i 1 When indoor sports are on the agenda, ping-pong akes its place in the popularity poll. Spirited games ire carried on during gym periods, too. Having turns It the table are Dan Shaules, Stan McFarlin, Roger wiandquist, Thomas Sahno, Henry Wilkeim, Dick Carl- ton, and Wally Loucks. Intramural basketball finds both regular and var- ity members in the final round robin. During the early part of the season, varsity members often ref- lree intramural games for practice. 1 Here a lively tilt is on after school with Dan lhaules, Bob Lindsay, Grenville Fates, Lee Snyder, lick Carlson, and Stan McFarlin in the fray. l n Gym Team Makes Gains TT Murray's gym team takes pride in its sec- ond year. Charles Quall, last year's top man in several meets, graduated from class "D" to "C". In so doing, Charles found strong competition and did not qualify in the City Meet. Other boys showing excellent competitive progress are Dennis Kilbane, Don Johnson, and Bruce Lonnes, all class "D". The team again entered all meets including the State and City. With the underclassmen taking a strong interest in this sport, the Murray gymnasts have the opportunity of develop- ing a highly rated team. Favorite spot for gymnasts is the trampoline on which their coach, Thomas Thompson, can perform with ease and proficiency. Row 'l-Dennie Kilbane, George Tselos, Bruce Lonnes, Don Johnson, Captain, Coach Thomas Thompson, Ran- dall Cheney, Bill Michel, Perry Lonnes ' Bob Alexan- der, Charles Quall, Bruce Kuettner, John Schweitzer, Peter Lawson. 'Yi Row I-Jim Mullen, Gordon Hemming, Mike Scott, Bob Lindsay, Quentin Perfect, Ken Kline, Jerry Zellner 5 Norm Johnson, Whitey Aus, Jack Lingofelt, Bob Moffatt, Harvey Roloff, Don Treichel, Don Johnson, Jim Nielsen, Buz Grove, Dan Schaules ' Bruce Quim- by, Marlyn Isakson, Ray Hagerman, Russ Schmitz, Rolf Amland, Dick Sturmer, Dick Schoonover, Chuck Massie, Mr. Robert Ritter. Baseball Gets Even Breaks No little World Series in Murray's baseball of 1954-the team played it hot and cold most of the season that had the usual postponement of games due to rain. Murray's first game with Wilson was a defeat for the Pilots, 8-5. Don Treichel pitched a six hitter, but Wilson's explosion for four runs in the fifth inning did the damage. Better pitching and better fielding gave the Pilots a 7-2 edge over Monroe when Jerry Zellmer and Don Treichel gave up only two hits. Dick Schoonover hit three doubles and Jack Lingofelt got two R. B. I's. Central, the school that had a banner sports year, fell 4-3 to the Pilots when Zellmer and Amland gave up only four hits. Humboldt gave Murray another one in the winning column when Treichel came through with a four hitter. ln this game every Murray player got a hit except the catcher. Again Jack Lingofelt had credit for two R. B. l's, and Buz Grove hit a triple. Murray went down before the Washington Prexies 4-3. The Pilots held the lead until the fifth inning when Klark of Washington hit a triple with two men on base. Page forty-eig ht Johnson made it 4-1 with Murray on the receiving end. Don Treichel had a no hitter until the sixth inning. Murray lost to Harding 9-2 - thus ending with three wins and five losses. Coming Up - A No-Hitter! Warming up for a no-hitter before the Humboldt game is pitcher Don Treichel, catcher Harvey Roloff, and batter Don Johnson. Don did come through with a four hitter in this game. l Golfers Have A Banner Year The 1954 spring season was a banner year for golf. So many boys turned out for the sport that Coach Howard Hathaway had an oppor- tunity to have a "B" team also. The regulars had a record of six wins and two losses-good for second place tie with Johnson in the City Conference. The Pilots de- feated Monroe l3V2-'lVz, Wilson 13-2, Johnson 8-7, Humboldt 15-0 and Washington 'IO-5. Prior to their conference games they played University High, Alexander Ramsey, St. Agnes, and Cretin. The City Meet found Coach Hathaway enter- ing John Sandquist, Roland Gisvold, Bill Sands, Jim Niessen, and Phil Crandall. The team fin- ished in the meet with 84-85. No individual honors were gained. Juniors from the "A" team and the "B" squad give indications that golf will again have a fine season. 54? . - 1 ..... T qQ,?jfi?-f7-- f ,Qi I H f' A , , ,.,. rc-A f-11 iw 4':.w.. - 4 3 H ' f ' 'rr 711--f"' " 1 'H' 3 ' it . ff--.V .W W-5. -r 1 ,-Aw -. - p 1 ,Q ,gjv ,. 42, h V-, gt., , A 3 . . -- W . , Q' te , My I In V fi 13, I Q ,Wig ijt- 'y I it I . 7,6-Hi f i ' i sf' 5 ,K 5 hh.. fe 3535, 'W , T K . V. ...ive V ,wt z':g5f?-,?f., t -- ' ' ' 7: . . if, v M ' ' ' "Wir X, ii" f si M- R42 xiii I , -,"!"" a if :Ii 'Y Zia. ' . 'H sz: , , ' A' 5 A -',' . uf 5' .. . 'Tri 52,533 3 -. ' ' z .. if - V' V .Z ' ' ' yf .fl up . ,' A . Fx ' I A ,, 1 V - gl., ' ,Z , I i .. - 1 ' -' .Q f 3 t - . 1 -Q Q . vi 'CQQWSTJ "ff" 'Q "if .J f':'-- -1, 'g if A ' , , 'A' - ' Wm-f-... " f "1 2- -. , " wr. - , Nr'- . ,. ff K- ww 46. 1 "fwfr, '-f ,,-ffm '- V- M?-we -,. -get Q-2 :F til, ' t Wfiimiw 'fs '-. n e. I ' . t'r-itrft " , f . X .5 A .,,Ik h,,,.,,, 7 , -,7 ,f 'LW -. .h E Thwrv s A,-an .'vnV, ,Z Row 1-Jack Johnson, Terry Beckiorden, Bill Sands, John Sandquist, Roland Gisvold, Jim Niessen, Peter Mitchel, Roger Abrahamson 9 John Seeger, Ronald Soderlund, Jon Peterson, Larry Nelson, Charles Bastel, Larry Viehl, Wayne Cegelske, Mr. Howard Hathaway. Tennis Squad Follows The tennis squad followed the line of the baseball Pilots by turning in three wins and five losses. A very late start because of bad weather plus no practice facilities made it rough for the racquet boys. The team had two seniors and five sopho- mores, giving possible chances for a better sea- son this year if proper playing courts are avail- able. Scores: Murray 0 Wilson 5 Murray O Central 5 Murray 1 Humboldt 4 Murray 2 Harding 3 Murray 0 Johnson 5 Murray 4 Mechanic Arts 1 Murray 3 Monroe 2 Murray 3 Washington 2 Team: First Singles -Charles Brookins Second Singles - Walter Peters Third Singles - Roger Shepherd First Doubles - Fred Morlock Todd Hunt Second Doubles - Don Kelsey Bill Snodgrass Baseball's 1954 Record Row 'l-Berdon Finger, Keith Sioquist, Bill Snodgrass, Donald Kelsey, Todd Hunt, Frit-z Morlock 9 Walter Peters, Charles Brookins, Larry Freeborg, Roger Shepherd, David Luckey, Kenneth Barnes, Coach George Rose. Page forty-nine Girls Sports' Group Keeps A-"' P 15277. M.. - sv , Row 'l-Judy Engebretson, Ada Moore, Jalond Robinson, Lorene Thompson, Mrs. Patricia Fritsche, Mary Sperbeck, Joyce Peterson, Lorraine Tesch ' Diane McCleary, Nancy Schweitzer, Pauline Anderson, Sarah Christensen, Carol Blomstrand, Carol Smith, Leona Mikesh. Points Pile Up Action in "Our Little World", G.A.A. fGirls' Ath- letic Associationj tops sports for Murray's feminine population. The girls pile up points tor letters on Mondays and Wednesdays. T000 points are needed for a school letter and All-City letters cost T500 points. Sportheads meet early in September to plan their various departments. The year's activities got un- der way as soccer started the fall season. All games are arranged in tournaments with the players of the winning team getting 'IOO points. This helps who are working for a letter. l Page titty X f 1 F .,, , 0434" i r t i 1 in .. T Q. ,,., , I , BASKETBALL-lt's going up, up, up. It's in for a basket. Rosalie Hert, Emly McDiarmid, Judy Nelson, and Caroline Mc!-Aoy shooting. VOLLEYBALL-"Over the net. Don't let it drop," say Frances Voorhees, Sharon Gredvig, Louella Quammen, and Gretchen Humrickhouse. 'Our Little World' Spinning The girls enioy horseback riding through the woods on chilly afternoons in autumn. Basketball and bowl- ing take up the time of the members during the cold winter months. Bowlers roll at the Midway Y.M.C.A. The girls learn the game from the inside out. Their first lesson is on setting pins which is easily taught them by the bowling alley manager. ln early spring, swimming gets started, this is also held at the Midway Y.M.C.A. Table tennis is played in the cafeteria while volleyball is played in the gym. Tennis, archery, and tumbling are cut short because of Do You Have Here are Murray's peppy cheerleaders. They are at all the games lending their support to the team. Mrs. Patricia Fritsche advises the girls in selecting cheers and in planning pep assemblies. The cheerleaders visit other high schools and participate in sports assemblies. the lack of space and equipment. Baseball is the favorite spring sport bringing the girls into the sun. Led by Mrs. Patricia Fritsche are the club's otTicers Lorene Thompson, president, Ada Moore, vice presi- dent, Leona Mikesh, secretary, Phyllis Nielsen, record- ing secretary, and Pauline Anderson, treasurer. As one of their projects, G.A.A. sportheads and officers sold Homecoming buttons. They also sponsored a dance, "The Silly Sock Shuttle", in January. The pro- ceeds trom the dance will help buy new equipment for the gym. That Spirit? This year's Christmas dance, "Winter Wonderland", was their first experience at sponsoring a social event. Row l - Kay Sarnecki, Marilyn Martin, Carol Oakins, Emly McDiarmid, Judy Engebretson, Karen Sontag, Karen Loney, .lalond Robinson. ' I Senior Trackmen Win Second Spot Row 1-Dennis Kilbane fmanagerj, Leon Goodrich, Doug Rudolf, Bob Johnson, Charles Quall, Lee Snyder, Roger Olson, John Dow, Bob Larson ' Duane Brinkman, Jack Le Clair, Bob Wells, Paul Berge, Larry Hilderbrand, Dan Ullyot fcaptainj, Robert Rystrom, Robert Brown, Jim Broen, Coach Thomas Thompson. As everyone predicted, it was Central's year for track and football, but the Pilots kept close behind by piling up sizable margins against opponents and making records in the meets. Coach Thomas Thompson found his boys taking the first dual meet of the season from Monroe 93-17. Murray swept twelve first places out of a possible thirteen, losing only in the pole vault. Chuck Quall recorded a first in the high hurdles, Leon Goodrich in the 100- and 200-yard dashes, Dan Ullyot in the 440, Bob Brown in the half mile, Phil Hobrough in the broad iump and low hurdles, Ray Notch in the shot put and discus, Jim Broen in the high iump. In the Relay Carnival the team of Bob Rystrom, Bob Brown, Paul Berge, and Dan Ullyot set a new record with a time of 3:47. Murray also took two sec- ond places. The Pilots finished third in the meet be- hind Central and Wilson. Murray's participation in the annual Carleton Meet at Northfield, Minnesota, found the mile medley team of Bob Brown, Phil Hobrough, Paul Berge, and Doug- las Rudolf coming through with a first. This was the fourth consecutive year for Murray to win this event. Dan Ullyot placed fourth in the 440, Leon Goodrich fifth in the 220, Phil Hobrough second in the broad lump. Page fifty-two In the regularly scheduled meets Murray also found itself out in front with the exception of the powerful Central field. Here the Pilots garnered four first places - but the figures stood Central- 70, Mur- ray - 41. The Pilots swamped Humboldt 77-36. Paul Berge won both the 100- and 225-yard dashes. His time in the 220 was the best in the city. ln a triangular meet Murray defeated Washington and Humboldt. The Pilots scored 78 points, the ln- dians, 21 points, and the Prexies only 1 point. Dan Ullyot again hit a time record running the 440 in 5:36. Murray took all three places in the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes. City Trials found Murray qualifying twelve men be- hind Central's twenty-four qualifiers. Wilson placed third with eleven men. The City Finals brought the Pilots a second place. Dan Ullyot won Murray's only championship by win- ning the quarter mile after finishing second the two previous years. Paul Berge took second in the 220, Phil Hobrough finished second in the 180-yard low hurdles, Ray Notch copped second in the shot put, Bob Wells, a sophomore, came in second in the half mile. The Pilots' relay team came in second behind Central. All of Murray's twelve qualifiers placed in the finals. Junior Varsity SeHles for Third Place Rudolf Wins Doug Rudolf, anchor man, crosses the finish line to bring the Murray mile-medley team in first at the Carleton Meet held on May 8, 1954. This is the fourth straight year the Pilots have won this event at Carle- ion. Stepping along at a brisk pace behind the senior George Tselos. varsity, the junior delegation of trackmen had a sea- In the mile, George Tselos of Murray placed thi son that saw them take third place in the City Finals with a point total of 24. Stars of this event included Russ Williams, Stan McFarland, Jim Slama, and first place. Row i-Dennis Kilbane fmanageri, George Tselos, Glenn Richards, David Radermacher, Russ Williams, Jim Slama, Bruce Lonnes, Roger Olson fassislant coachi 9 David Bailey, Dennis Sherman, Armin Eckhoff, Roger Josephson, Rick Poeschl, Bob Alexander, Stan McFarlin, Dave Reitz, Mike Gutterson Ccaptaini, Coach Thomas Thompson. Page tiftysth rd, and in the i2O-yard high hurdles Russ Williams took a second and in the 180-yard low hurdles copped a Fee 1.37 my 5 S ,,..:-V V. V ,V-' V Q S 5 S V f Q V gf iff.-. 21-.. 24215 K .55 Q 2 S V NV, , ,,.. M, k T is ?3!""""""3 S A V E ,Q . . s , ffiii. ff.11V-:1a?2z9- Q ' 5:7 " F 55 H! .V . . . ..., , H EV V . gi -:fwgsggf--g FK..." 3, 5 V v.f .Lg2M J 1354sa..2fi'EmS VU. .. V7 .. A ,. 15:-, Wh 291:-'HJ-ff: 1 - 1 V, 45 5: - ,gf V if V Q 2 W 1 V. V 7-fiffi. - -- - gg'+1?flw2Igi? 5fwQg Vi5x?1w Sfgisl-VV-Sava?VQQVQSWFV-w?.aff.5. fesiw - XV algkw - -:if - V .. V' - 1 ,, VV Vg. , -QMQVQ-A xmwgwfgaAvia.NewV..?,1a-.Vfmmgeggmzes Q W ,F .V 5532.2 fvx:5'7?f1S4'Q9x f Vg. K M : QA E551 V Jgzef A V V 1 - . ,f Vp . .. 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Lett to right seated: Miss Donna Edlund, University of North Dakota English Miss Florence Vest, University ot Minnesota, English Miss Mary Healy, University of Minnesota English Mrs. Mary Flaherty, College of St. Catherine Nursing Mrs. Lucille Smith, College of St. Catherine Chemistry Mrs. Delores Wise, Stout Institute, Home Economics Miss Margaretta Ellsworth, University of Minnesota Social Studies Page tittyesix The ladies seem to be enjoying the task assigned to them as Mrs. Lucille Smith plays. Miss Loretta Leary, University of Minnesota Visiting Teacher Miss Theresa Dijtting, School voor Taal en Letter- kuncle, Gravenhage, Holland, Exchange Teacher Standing: Miss Grace Mackey, University of Minnesota, English Miss Gertrude Jordan, Normal College ot American Gymnastic Union, Indiana University Physical Education Miss Olive Batschelet, Drake University, Columbia University, Mathematics Mrs. Helen McGeever, University ot Minnesota Music Mrs. Patricia Fritsche, University of Nebraska Physical Education 'Lisfenables and Lookables' If the ladies enioy the records, the men seem to be in a state of hilarity over the tape recordings and the proiector. Left to right seated: Mr. Robert Ritter, College ot St. Thomas Biology, Basketball Mr. Bernard Broderick, St. Cloud Teachers' College, University of North Dakota Machine Shop, Hockey Mr. Thomas Thompson, University of Minnesota Physical Education, Track Mr. George Rose, Mankato Teachers' College, Col- lege of St. Thomas, Social Studies, Basketball Mr. Howard Hathaway, Mankato Teachers' College Spanish, Physics, Golf Mr. George Bergup, University of Minnesota Woodshop, Athletic Director Mr. Alex Heron, College of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, Band While some are gazing at the pictorial material, Mr. Howard Hathaway is trying to shine the projector an loandmaster Alex Heron. Standing: Mr. Bernard Quinn, College of St. Thomas Social Studies Mr. William Addison, Ball State Teachers' College, University of Minnesota, English, Latin Mr. John Mather, University of Iowa, Social Studies Mr. James Palmer, Central Washington College of Education, University of Minnesota, Guidance Mr. Reno Rossini, St. Mary's College, Winona, Creigh- ton University, Chemistry, Football Mr. Edward Datko, College of St. Thomas, English Mr. Clarence Fulmek, College ot St. Thomas Mathematics Page fiftyeseven Enjoying The Morning Break There is nothing like a morning party to give every- one a lift for the day. While not a daily occurrence Murray's faculty frequently meet for social gatherings. Left to right, seated: Mrs. Ann Fisker, University of Minnesota Home Economics Miss Louise Smith, University of Minnesota Mathematics Miss Mabel Surratt, University of Minnesota English, Social Studies Mrs. Elizabeth Loe, Office Secretary Miss Margaret Glenn, University of Minnesota English, Journalism Miss Valborg Helseth, University of Minnesota, Sim mons College, Gregg College, Business Mrs. Elizabeth Heron, Office Secretary Miss Marion Koch, College of St. Catherine Spanish, Art I Here the ladies are guests of the Pilot staff editors who are supervising the taking of pictures. Miss Marie Darche, University of Minnesota, Art Miss Gladys Rose, University of Minnesota, Guidance Miss Marion Gratz, Mount Holyoke College, University of Minnesota, Librarian Miss Margaret Paschke, University of Minnesota Mathematics Miss Louise Pederson, University of Minnesota Mathematics Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, College of St. Catherine Business Mrs. Ruth Eddy, University of Minnesota American History Miss Virginia Fertig, Hamline University World History The Art of Interviewing An interview with Mr. Harry Falk is a very pleasant experience as Lorelei Richert, iournalism student, will attest. Lorelei is enioying having an opportunity to know better Murray's assistant principal whose kindly humor saves many an involved situation. Charged with the task of supervising behavior- problems, Mr. Falk gets to know the difficulties that many young people have to face and surmount. De- spite th-e necessity of having to take a definite stand on problems, Mr. Falk's kindness to and consideration for young people makes him appreciated by every- one. '- 'fziae '-. 3512? z Keeping Everyone Happy The iob of keeping everyone happy is given to Murray's popular maintenance stat? and cafeteria personnel. After the busy school lunch shifts, the groups ap- preciate a cup of coftee. Standing left to right: Mr. Marvin House, custodian, Mr. Roy Moosbrugger, Mr. Edward Bakula, Mr. Henry Curtiss, Mr. Laurence Johnston. fNot pictured - Mrs. Amelia Matson and Miss Alma Petersonj Seated: Mrs. Ethel Agnew, Mrs. Ester Wilke, Mrs. Winifred O'Dwyer, Mrs. Vida Stiles, Mrs. Leona Newquist. Senior Class of '55 leaves "Our Little World" when as juniors, for their annual picnic, they ride the Milwaukee Hiawatha to Red Wing. A train trip of this kind was the first taken by a Murray class. Let's Look Very Chic Seniors Make 'Our Little World' Go Round and Round Chicago . . . here we come . . . Class of '55 . . . board Burlington Zephyr Vista Dome . . . May 26 . . . scenic route on the Mississippi . . . dinner in the diner . . . nothing could be finer . . . arrive . . . is it' real? . . . residence . . . Morrison Hotel . . . sight- seeing . . . Chinatown, tour of the Windy City, moon- light cruise on Lake Michigan . . . Saturday . . . on our own . . . shop, visit, pack . . . exhausted and happy . . . return home . . . with pleasant mem- ories to be treasured for a lifetime . . . today . . . Pilot Day . . . solemn senior assembly . . . awards given . . . recognition of scholastic ability, school citizenship and service . . . Pilots distributed . . . signed all day in classes . . . seniors to be honored at Pilot canteen this evening . . . glorious ending . . . to a perfect day . . . most enjoyable year . . . everyone agrees . . . past events include . . . roller skating party, sleigh ride, pow wow . . . money making projects . . . Senior Class Play, "You Can't Take It With You," and a spring dance . . . gradu- ation . . . day of days . . . cap and gown . . . diploma . . . satisfaction attained for study . . . last class meeting . . . small group of graduates . . . all knowing each other well . . . Peter Christen- son able president . . . Mr. Alexander Heron and Mr. Thomas Thompson popular and excellent advisers . . . Senior year one to remember. Page sixty In keeping with the Murray tra- dition, the graduates will wear caps and gowns. The boys attire will be royal blue while the girls will dress in white. Measuring day is always serious business, as can be noted in the picture. Senior Class Board mem- bers, .lohn Le Clair, Sandra Nelson, Chester Hegstrom, Joan Allen, Na- thaniel Aus, Phyllis Nielsen, Peter Christensen, Paul Berge, Raymond Swinton, and Judith Podd, want to be sure their caps and gowns will be the right sizes as can be ob- served by their enthusiasm. ACKERMAN, JUDY L. Girls' League, GAA 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Rep. 4, Band 1, Librarian 3, 4, Letter Award 2, 3, 4, All Star Band 2, FTA 3,4, Operetta Orch 1-4. ALLEN, JOAN R. Girls' League, Student Council Rep. 2, Sr. Class Rep., Soph. Class Rep., GAA 1-4, Sports Head 3, Letter Award 3, All-City Letter 4, Library Club 3, 2nd V-Pres. 4, Auxiliary Instruc- tor 4, Quill ond Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-News Ed. 4, Homecoming Queen Cond., Y-Teens Rep. 3, Pres. 4, Dr.omatic Club 4, FTA 4. ALRED, FRANCES L. Girls' League, GAA 1-4, Business Cadettes 4, Y-Teens 4. ANDERSON, BEVERLY L. Girls' League, GAA 1, Business Ca- dettes 3, Treas. 4, Quill and Scroll, Treas. 4, Murcurie Circula- tion Mgr. 4, Ass't 3, Pilot Agent 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Oltice Force 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, Snow Queen. Cond. ANDERSON, JOYCE I. Girls' League, Rep. 3, GAA 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Rep. 4, Dramatic Club 4, Business Cadettes 4. ANDERSON, JUDY L. Girls' League, Pres. 4, Student Council Board 3, 4, Jr. Class Treas., GAA 1, 2, 3, Murcurie Agent 2, 3, Homecoming Queen, Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, Office Force 3, FTA 3. ANDERSON, KENNETH L. Boys' League. ANDERSON, PAULINE C. Girls' League, Rep. 3, GAA 1-4, Sports Head 3, Treas. 4, Letter Award 4, All-City Letter 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Girls' Sports Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Sr. Class Play. ANDERSON, ROGER L. Boys' League, Football 3, 4, Intramurals 1, "M" Club 3, 4, Pilot Agent 4, Projection Crew 1, Spanish Club 3. AUS, NATHANIEL C. Boys' League, Rep. 1, 2, Student Council Rep. 2, Board 3, V-Pres. 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Sr. Class Rep., Jr. Class Pres., "M" Club 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep 2, "A" Choir 1, Operetta 1, Boys' State, Snow King. BASTEL, CHARLES J. Boys' League, Golf 3, 4, Intramurals 2, Library Club 3, 4, Projection Crew 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3. BEEDY, THOMAS E. Boys' League, Intramurals 3, Library Club Associate Member 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-Feature Ed. 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Lyons Township High School, La Grange, Illinois, 1, 2. BERGE, PAUL S. Boys' League, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Track 1-4, Intramurals 2, Sr. Class Treas., Soph. Class Rep., "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Business Cadettes 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Bus. Mgr. 4, Ass't 3, Canteen Com. 3, Oftice Force 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, Band 1, Snow King Cand. BJORNDAHL, BETTY J. Girls' League, GAA 1-4, Sports Head 3, Letter Award 3, Y-Teens 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep 1, FTA 4, Dramatic Club 4. BRIOSCHI, NANCY A. Girls' League, Rep. 3, 4, GAA 1-4, Y-Teens 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1, Dr.omatic Club 4. BURSON, PAUL M. Boys' league, Track 2, Library Club 3, 4, Business Cadettes 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Bus. Mgr. 4, Sr. Class Play. CHARLES, CAROLE A. Girls' League, GAA 4, Library Club As- sociate Member 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Copy Reader 4, Y-Teens 4, Sr. Class Play, Salway College, New Zealand, 1, 2, 3. CHRISTENSON, PETER C. Boys' League, Rep. 3, Student Council Rep. 1, Swimming 3, Sr. Class Pres., Library Club 3, Sgt.-at- Arms 4, Pilot Agent 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Mgr., Canteen Com. Chm. 3, Band, All Star, 1, 2, Letter Award 2, 3, 4, Student Dir. 4, Boys' State, Sr. Class Play. CRANDALL, PHILIP L. Boys' League, Football 3, Basketball 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Golf 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Jr. Class Rep., Soph. Class Rep., "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 2, Pilot Agent 3, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, Troftic Squad 3. DETTLE, DAVID L. Boys' League, Summer School. DOKKA, JOYCE C. Girls' League, GAA 1, 2, Business Cadettes 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. ew. . .E " .16 Y ' f ' Silk? - 35235 . X. l if ' 5 is . .f yyyy , K 1 Q I ii' .... , wi . -1. . ' A ,.,- 5 -. I - , , up '- 7 223 92' W5 'gf '71 4 y ,Z X J ' ' -KS f 5 we . iii? ti , 5. 11 , we., if All . 'AS . A ww.. I 7 4 . , WT ' M i' 'G A . e 1 'H f f ef fr Page sixty-one ,L . 's"f"- .- . YEL:-,, , 25' lift X 'Ill 4 K ,..' ' "', 2, .i n g 1Q I ., , I Q,,. I ' -' g ' C Q I mf QV: 1 g A se. LB ' rt" .V I . XJ s -6.- fy. Page sixty--two E Q' EDLUND, RONALD J. Boys' League, Intramurals 'I, 2, 4, Library Club 2, 3, Carres. Sec. 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 'I, Stage Force 3, Sr. Class Play. ERICKSON, DEAN L. Boys' League, Business Cadettes 4, Canteen Com. 3, Band 3, 4. FOSTER, DORIS M. Girls' League, GAA 'I, Murcurie Agent 1, Pilot Agent I, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Business Cadettes 4. GAGNON, GERALDINE F. Girls' League, Rep. 'I, Student Council Rep. 'I, GAA 'I-4, Library Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 3, 4, Dr.amatic Club 3, 4, Band 'I, Letter Awards 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, J. S. Com. Chm. 3, Operetta Orch. I, 2, 3. GALATOVICH, ROBERT L. Boys' League. GAYMAN, BARBARA A. Girls' League, Rep. 2, 3, GAA 'I-4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I. GEBHARD, RICHARD E. Boys' League, Hockey 3, 4, "M" Club 3, 4, Proiection Crew 2, 3, Stage Force 3. GRAINER, ROBERT M. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 2, Basketball 2, Track I, 2, 4, Crass Country I, 2, 4, Intramur.als 3, 4, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Proiection Crew 2, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1. GRANGER, LARRY R. Boys' League, Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Intramurals 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Sports Ed. 4. GRANS, KAREN Girls' League, Murcurie Reporter 4, Y-Teens 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 'I, Office Force 2, FTA 4, Spanish Club 2, 4. HAAS, PENELOPE A. Girls' League, Student Council Rep. 'I, GAA 'I-4, Library Club 2, 3, Program Chm. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, Girls' Chorus 'I, Dramatic Club 3, V-Pres. 4, FTA 4, Supply Store I, Sr. Class Play. HADRITS, ONALEE I. Girls' League, GAA 3, Business Caclettes, Sec. 4, "A" Choir 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 'I, 2. HALLEN, BRUCE M. Boys' League, Proiection Crew I-4, Pres. 3. HAYS, ROBERT B. Boys' League, Swimming 2, 3, 4, "M" Club 4, Murcurie Agent I, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Dramatic Club 4, Stage Force 2, Sr. Class Play. HEGSTROM, CHESTER I. Boys' League, Sr. Class Rep., Proiec- tion Crew 3, Ottice Force 4. HELLICKSON, JOYCE I. Girls' League, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Dramatic Club 4, GAA 4, Octet Accompanist 4. HENTGES, BARBARA C. Girls' League, Soph. Class Rep., GAA I, 2, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Advertising Mgr. 4, Pilot Advertising Mgr. 4, FTA 3, V-Pres. 4, Dramatic Club 4. HERMES, PETER. Boys' League, St. Francis High School, St. Francis, Minnesota, I, 2. HODNEFIELD, .IANICE L. Girls' League, GAA I, Business Ca- dettes, Pres. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, "A" Choir 2, 3 ,Operetta 2, 3, Girls' Chorus I, FTA 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Office Force 3, 4. HOLMBERG, SANDRA L. Girls' League, Rep. 'I, 2, GAA T, Murcurie Agent 2, Pilot Agent 'I, 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, 3. HOLZINGER, SANDRA K. Girls' League, Student Council Rep. 4, GAA I, 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 'I, Y-Teens 3, Rep. 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 'I-4, Student Director 2, 3, Girls' Chorus I, Dramatic Club 3, 4, FTA 3, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Supply Store 1. 2 V Af , X . Q. mr 3 , il 3.51534 9. ,, Elem! S .. J N, 4... 'mf' an-rw, , Z 4' X . HURD, SHARON Girls' League, Y-Teens 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sr. Class Play, Washburn High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, I, 2, 3. ISAKSON, PAUL J. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 1, Soph. Class V-Pres., Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pilot Agent 2, 3, Canteen Com. 3, "A" Choir 3, Operetta 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Business Cadettes 4, McAnn Award. JADERHOLM, INGA Girls' League, GAA 4, Library Club Asso- ciate Member 4, Y-Teens 4, Band 4, Letter Award 4, Nya Elementarskolan i Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, I, 2, 3. JANNETTE, COLLEEN A. Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, Business Ca- dettes 3, 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Y-Teens Rep. 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3, Dramatic Club 4. JENNINGS, CAROL A. Girls' League, GAA 'I, Business Cadettes 4, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Girls' Chorus 3. JOHNSON, LAURICE J. Girls' League, Library Club 3, 4, Can- teen Com. 3, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, Girls' Chorus I, FTA 4, Spanish Club 4, Rec. Sec. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4. JOHNSON, ROBERT A. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 2, Football 3, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Soph. Class Pres., "M" Club 2, 3, V-Pres. 4, Soph. Sweetheart King, Murcurie Agent 2, Band I, 2, Letter Awards 3, 4, Pres. 4, Snow King Cond. JOHNSTON, JANETTE M. Girls' League, Rep. 2, GAA 3, Murcurie Reporter 3, Girls' Chorus 2, Business Cadettes 4. JONES, ROBERT E. Boys' League, Football 'l, 2. KAFKA, MARILYN J. Girls' League, Rep. 3, Student Council Rep. 2, GAA I-4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, FTA 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, Dramatic Club 4. KELLOR, GAIL F. Boys' League, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Stage Force 2, 3, 4. KING, BARBARA R. Girls' League, GAA I-4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Exchange Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll. KRENKE, DAVID Boys' League. KRINKE, PAULINE R. Girls' League, Y-Teens 4, FTA 4, Ogilvie High School, Ogilvie, Minnesota, I. KUETTNER, MARY ANN M. Girls' League, Jr. Class Sec., J. S. Com. Chm. 3, GAA I, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Co-Ed.-in-Chief 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta I-4, Octet Accompanist 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 'I, Band I, FTA 3, 4. LAFLIN, QUINCY J. Boys' League, Osseo High School, Osseo, Minnesota, I, 2. LARSON, JANICE L. Girls' League, Rep. 2, GAA I, 2, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-Ed.-in-Chief 4, Pilot Agent 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, 2, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Girls' State. LARSON, ROBERT E. Boys' League, Football 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, "M" Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent I, Pilot Agent 2, 3. LE CLAIR, JOHN B, Boys' League, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Rep., "M" Club 2, 3, 4, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4. LEMBKE, RICHARD D. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. If Golf 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, Pilot Agent 4, "A" Choir I, Oper- etta I, 2, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sr, Class Play. LEMM, ROGER Boys' League, Intramurals I-4. I L If gi ... I I. 5 if eff, ,- , .H EN, ' - . in 5 i-, ,Zig 1' .' ' ' ' L Q, gg ., , N??Li5' L , . , ... -' I ' ' . , 4: ,N 4 W5 49 .. 4 Q, Q-if I2 f 8, ff' st s 5 4 A . ' - f f- I ' ' It f - ', V 4 - ' .yay 4 1 ' ' 1 .. ,rr ' V-'V - 'F .., . ,wink -'56 ei QQ- Q ei ' :pe -V tw 'IL , e, I' ...f' L. . N' ft' S., , IAVVI . E, R wr . .., 3 TI' 3 ,ff f. . fi! . V V rr XF I . I -.-. Q... Page sixty-th ree E W E ag . .. . . " Y if, . 1 in L.. 35, ,Y , r 4'-n 1' L. Q L r tvs 45 s-NY: f 17' 3' ia. . . , -' W' if . -Mi . es" as . fs he. ' ' .," ' -i:,'.:: :' .af,v, ' ' Page sixty-four f 1 2' N' . . V 'ti LINDIG, DONALD Boys' League, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Soph. Class Rep., Jr. Class Rep., Football 2, Intramurals I, Summer School. LOFBERG, DE LORES G. Girls' League, GAA 'I-4, Letter Award 3, All-City Letter 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Co-Sr. Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. I, 2, Executive Board 3, FTA 4, Supply Store 2, 3, Ass't Mgr. 4. LOVEGREEN, MARGARET J. Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, Band 1, 2. LOVNESS, JOAN H. Girls' League, GAA 'l, 2, Business Cadettes, V-Pres. 4, Canteen Com. Sec.-Treas. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Ottice Force 4, Girls' Chorus 2, FTA 4. LUCKEY, DAVID Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 2, Tennis 'l, 2, 4, Soph. Class Rep., "M" Club 2, 4, Library Club 2, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Ass't News Ed. 4, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Supply Store I, Sr. Class Play. LUEDTKE, ROSEMARIE Girls' League, GAA 2, 3, Pilot Co-Sr. Ed. 4, "A" Choir 3, Operetta 3, Girls' Chorus I, 2, FTA 4, Quill and Scroll. MALMBERG, JOEL G. Boys' League, Library Club 3, Treas. 4- Proiection Crew 2, 3, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Track 4, Sr. Class Play. MARTIN, MARGARET L, Girls' League, Murcurie Reporter 3, Advertising Mgr. 4, Pilot Advertising Mgr. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Ottice Force 2, Girls' Chorus 'l, 2, Supply Store 4, Quill and Scroll. MARTIN, MARILYN J. Girls' League, Student Council Rep. 'l, 2, Soph. Class V-Pres., GAA I, 2, 3, Business Cadettes 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Agent I, 2, 4, Reporter 3, Girls' Sports Ed. 4, Pilot Agent T, Homecoming Queen Cand., Y-Teens 3, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 'l, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Sec. 3, Cheer- leader I, 2, 3, Captain 4, Letter Award 3, Girls' Chorus 2. McKlLLlPS, DARWIN D. Boys' League, Murcurie Agent 4, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Stage 2, 3, 4. MEAD, MARY C. Girls' League, Jr. Class Rep., Soph. Class Rep., GAA 2, Business Cadettes 4, Pilot Agent 'l, Office Force 3. MIELKE, JEANETTE E. Girls' League, Sec. 3, Student Council Rep. 'I, 2, Soph. Class Sec., GAA I-4, Sports Head 3, Letter Award 3, Library Club 2, 3, Recording Sec. 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Agent 'I, Co-Ed.-in-Chief 4, Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 4, ICC Rep. 3, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 'l, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Correspondence Sec. 3, FTA 3, 4, Supply Store 'l, DAR Award. MIKESH, LEONA M. Girls' League, Treas. 4, Student Council Rep. 3, GAA I-4, Sports Head 3, Letter Award 3, Sec. 4, All- City Letter 4, Library Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-News Ed. 4, Pilot Agent 2, Canteen Com 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, Treas. 4, Sr. Cl.ass Play. MOORE, ADA E, Girls' League, V-Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. I, GAA 'I-4, Sports Head 3, V-Pres. 4, Library Club 3, Pres. 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-Feature Ed. 4, Soph. Sweetheart Queen, Homecoming Queen Cand., Y-Teens 3, 4, Oftice Force 2, "A" Chair 3, Operetta 3, Girls' Chorus, Pres. 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4, FTA 4. MULLEN, JAMES E. Boys' League, Baseball 3, 4, Intramurals 'I-4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Ass't Sports Ed. 4. NEETZEL, RAYMOND J. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. I, 2, Football 'I, 2, Basketball Mgr. I, 2, 3, Track 'I-4, Cross Country 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, "M" Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent T, 2, Pilot Agent 'I, Proiection Crew l, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 'l, 2, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sr. Class Play. NELSON, JAMES W. Boys' League, Track 4, Cross Country 3, 4, "M" Club 3, 4. NELSON, JOHN W. Boys' League, Golf 'l, Jr, Red Cross Rep. T, Ottice Force 3, Swimming 'l. NELSON, SANDRA J. Girls' League, Sr, Class V-Pres., Library Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Rep. 4, Girls' Chorus 'l, FTA 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, GAA 3. NIELSEN, PHYLLIS J. Girls' League, Student Council Rep. 3, Executive Board 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Sec., GAA 'I-4, Sports Head 3, Recording Sec. 4, Letter Award 4, All-City Award 4, Business Cadettes 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot School Life Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Band I, 2, Board 2, FTA 4, V-Pres. 3, Snow Queen Cand. NIESSEN, JAMES H. Boys' League, Program Chm. 4, Hockey 'l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Cross Country 3, Golf 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 1, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Mgr., Band I-4, Snow King Cand. 4 i . ' -Wf - , .... , ,g-if 1 .. . .5 in I ' iiwiis 'ie af' ,, 'Q ' L ' g is 'S . EQ . 74 1, 'Lis ' A ' Irvs -7: ,- - " M2927 "" ,. ' . M ff, rx ' K ':"n"?IQ:' s 'Em alfsfzfiilit '- ':' ' . p 'x-iififitf'-Ill ' f,.tf'ZJr if ,.. .1 7 L. A " f!?ffFLfz. T' V fig: l 8 4. Q .,, . X 'IF 2' 14 .-,, 6 031 'ir' , 4 t is X ix A gi 1 Q f f' ig ' iff? t F' - , k ' , .. M. NOTCH, RAYMOND M. Boys' League, V-Pres. 3, Football 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, "M" Club 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Pilot Agent 2, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2. NYMON, MARCUS H. Boys' League, Student Council Rep, 4, Jr, Red Cross Rep. 3, Alexandria High School, Alexandria, Min- nesota, T, 2. OLSON, JAVONNE Girls' League, GAA 'I, 2, Y-Teens 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Southwest High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 3. PARKER, NANCY J. Girls' League, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, FTA 4. PAULSON, CORINNE E. Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, FTA 4. PEDERSON, RICHARD M. Boys' League, Swimming 'I-4, Captain 4, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 2, 3, Canteen Com. 3, "A" Choir 'I, 2, 3, Treas. 3, Operetta 'I, 2, 3. PETERSON, JANET E. Girls' League, GAA 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Sec. 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Feature Ed. 4, Art Ed, 4, Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, Sec. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, PETERSON, RALPH J. Boys' League, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4. PETERSON, WALTER W. Boys' League, Football 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, Concordia Academy, St. Paul, Minnesota, 'I. PODD, JUDITH J. Girls' League, Rep. I, Student Council Execu- tive Board 2, Sr. Class Rep., GAA T, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Pres. 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Pilot Agent T, School Life Ed. 4, Art Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, Program Chm. 4, V-Pres. 4, Dramatic Club 3, Sec. 4, FTA 4, Spanish Club 3,4, Snow Queen Cand., Girls' Chorus 'I. POTTER, MERLE K. Boys' League, Band 'I-4, Letter Awards 3, 4. QUALL, CHARLES O. Boys' League, Track 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics Team 3, 4, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Pilot Agent 3, 4, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Canteen Com. 3. QUAYLE, DONALD A. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 3, 4, Intramurals 'I, 2, "A" Choir 'I'4, Pres. 3, Operetta 'I-4, Octet 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sr. Class Play. RASMUSSEN, KAREN M. Girls' League, "A" Choir 3, 4, Oper- etta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Band 'I, 2, All Star Band 2, FTA 4, Operetta Orch. 2. REILLY, JAMES T. Boys' League. REILLY, NANCY A. Girls' League, Business Cadettes 4, Y-Teens 4, Office Force 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Our Lady of Peace High School, St. Paul, Minnesota, T, 2. RICE, JACQUELYN G. Girls' League, GAA T, 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 'I, 2, Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 'I, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Treas. 3. ROE, HARRIETTE E. Girls' League, Rep. I, GAA I, 2, Sports Head 3, Pilot Agent 2, Homecoming Queen Cancl., Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 'I, Cheerleader 2, 3. RORTVEDT, KAREN A. Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, Business Ca- dettes, Program Chm. 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2. RUDAHL, PAULA O. Girls' League, Rep. 'I, 2, GAA I, 2, Y-Teens 3, Treas. 4, "A" Choir 3, Sec. 4, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, V-Pres. 2, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, Pilot Agent 'I-4, Snow Queen Cand. RUTOSKI, JAMES P. Boys' League. fs .. -' Wg 3 X 46' .f WM T X3 sf MM' 1' 5 .,.., "' . V i ev I wi ... ' a. ... it 4 ., A, , - Q. 39 f -J .... . 1 ar: ' 0- A X 3 r -" ' .e my vi- 4, H Page sixty-the I Sf, 2 ,,-'.' rf ' - I :" fe: " I ' , ' , - 'fir' ,,.., is I ' 1 ' m, ,' K gsm Am . t f - 5. sig -s A ittt I ..,: . '6- 1 Page sixty-six SAMPLE, MATTHEW G. Bays' League. SANDQUIST, JOHN W. Boys' League, Rep. 3, 4, Student Council Pres. 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Golf I-4, Captain 3, Jr. Class Rep., Soph. Class Treas., "M" Club 2, 3, Pres. 4, Snow King Cond. SCHMITZ, RUSSELL K. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 4, Gymnastics Team 3, "M" Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Pilot Agent 3, Sr. Class Play. SCHOONOVER, CHARLES R. Boys' League, Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 4, Baseball I-4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball I-4, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4. SCHWARTZ, ALICE E. Girls' League, Murcurie Reporter 3, Spe- cial Reporter 4, Quill and Scroll, "A" Choir 3, Operetta 3, Girls' Chorus 'I, 2, GAA I, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4. SCHWEITZER, JOHN Boys' League, Student Council 3, Library Club 3, lst. V-Pres. 4, Auxiliary Instructor 4, Pilot Agent 2, Ass't Bus. Mgr. 4, Homecoming Mgr. 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. T, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Band I-4, All Star 'l, 2, Letter Awards 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 3, 4. SIMONS, CAROL L. Girls' League, GAA 3, Business Cadettes 4, Girls' Chorus 'l, 2, Murcurie Reporter 3. SMITH, CATHERINE A. Girls' League, GAA I-4, Library Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Agent 'I-4, Reporter 3, Pilot Cl.ass Ed. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, Dramatic Club 3, Treas. 4, FTA 4, Spanish Club 4, Sr. Class Play. SNYDER, LEO P. Boys' League, Intramurals 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 2, 3, 4, Proiection Crew 3, 4, Sr. Class Play. SORENSEN, DONALD W. Boys' League, Intramurals I, Murcurie Agent, Band 'I. SPIEGEL, MARGARET J. Girls' League, Murcurie Reporter 3, Copy Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll, Business Cadettes 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4. SPOONER, BERYL L. Girls' League, GAA l, Y-Teens 4, Girls' Chorus I, Business Cadettes 4. STAPF, DONALD H. Boys' League, Rep. 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil Rep. 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Agent 4, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Sr. Class Play, Pilot Art Editor, Moorhead Jr. High School, Moorhead, Minnesota, 'I. STERBA, ROGER M. Boys' League, Football 3, 4, Intramurals 'I, 2, "M" Club 3, 4, "A" Choir 4, Operetta 4, Treas. , Traffic Squad I, Sr. Class Play. SWINTON, RAYMOND M. Boys' League, Student Council Execu- tive Board 3, 4, Football T, 2, Track I, 2, Intramurals 2, Sr. Class Rep., Jr. Class Rep., Homecoming Mgr., Dramatic Club 4, J. S. Com. 3. , . . View ,J Q 3 Y W, e , . f A , 4 lla XX THOENNES, EILEEN F. Girls' League, Business Cadettes 4. THOLE, VIRGINIA L. Girls' League, GAA I-4, Y-Teens 4, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 4, Office Force 'I, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 'I, Dramatic Club 3, 4, FTA 4, Sr, Class Play. THOMPSON, LORENE M. Girls' League, Program Chm, 4, GAA I-4, Sports Head 3, Pres. 4, Letter Award 3, All-City Letter 4, Murcurie Agent 'I, Pilot Agent 2, Canteen Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Band 'I-4, V-Pres. 3, Letter Awards 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Operetta Orch. I, 2. TREICHEL, DONALD W. Boys' League, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 3, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Jr. Class V-Pres., "M" Club 2, 3, Ser- geant-at-Arms 4, Pilot Sports Ed. 4. TYSON, ROBERTA A. Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, V-Pres. 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Ca-Ed.-in-Chief 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, FTA 4, Spanish Club 4, Supply Store 3, Wadena High School, Waden.a, Minnesota, I, 2. UBEL, JAMES A. Boys' League, Track I, 2, Cross Country 2, Intramurals 'I, 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pilot Agent 'I-4, "A" Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 'I-4, Octet 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. 'ti .+- V. PM xy. 5? . ULLMAN, CAROL A. Girls' League5 Business Cadettes 45 Y-Teens 45 "A" Choir 4, Operetta 45 Supply Store 45 Villa Maria Academy, Frontenac, Minnesota, 'I, 2. VICK, VA LAINE V. Girls' League5 GAA 35 Business Codettes 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Band I. VIK, ANNETTE M. Girls' League5 GAA I-45 Sports Head 3, Letter Award 45 Business Cadettes 45 'Quill and Scroll5 Murcurie Reporter 3, Advertising Mgr. 45 Pilot Advertising Mgr. 4, Agent 45 Y-Teens 4, Sec. 35 Jr. Red Cross Rep. I, 35 Dramatic Club 3, Pres. 45 Band 'I-4, Letter Award 35 FTA 3, 45 Sr. Class Play aww Mgr- , Q "'5?.5f' WALSTROM, KARL E. Boys' League5 Intramurals 35 Band I-4. WASON, JULIE A. Girls' League, Rep. 2, 35 Y-Teens 35 "A" Choir 2, 3, 4. Sec. 3, Operetta 2, 3, Girls' Chorus I5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Band 3, 4, Drum Maiorette 3, 45 FTA 35 Snow Queen WEBER, ROLAND Boys' League5 Intramurals I5 Stage Force 3. WELLS, CECIL K. Boys' League5 Track 3, 45 "A" Choir 4, Oper- etta 45 Sr. Class Play. WELTZIN, RONALD K. Boys' League5 Library Club 3, 45 Business Cadettes 45 Quill and Scroll5 Murcurie Agent I, 2, 35 Pilot Circulation Mgr. 45 "A" Choir 3, 4, Pres. 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Octet 45 Band 'I, 2. WILLIAMS, LOUISE K. Girls' League5 Student Council Rep. I 2, 3, 45 GAA I-4, Sports Head 35 Library Club 3, 45 Mur- curie Reporter 35 Pilot School Life Ed. 45 Canteen Com. 35 Y-Teens f 3, 4, Jr. Red cms Rep. 1-4, HA" choir 2, 3, 4, opefefiq 2, 3, 4, Student Dir. 2, 3, Octet 4, Girls' Chorus 'I5 Dramatic Club 3, Program Chm. 45 FTA 3, 45 Supply Store 25 Sr. Class PIay5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll. E 'F ' A 3-all WINGES, HOWARD Boys' League5 Intramurals 'I, 2, 45 St. Paul Vocational, St. Paul, Minnesota, 3. WOESSNER, JOYCE A. Girls' League5 GAA 2, 35 Business Cadetfes 45 Y-Teens 45 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 25 Office Force 25 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Sr. Class Play. ZASPEL, NAOMI G. Girls' League5 Oflice Force 25 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Band 2, Letter Awards 3, 4, Band Board 3, 45 Sr. Class PIay5 Cleveland Jr. High School, St. Paul, Minnesota, 'I. NOT PICTURED OLSON, THOMAS L. Boys' League, Rep. 'I5 Soph. Class V-Pres.5 "A" Choir 4, Operetta 45 Eau Claire High School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 3. POWERS, DANIEL P. Baseball 45 Hudson, Wisconsin, 2. 3. Chicago - We're Coming Anticipating the coming Chicago trip, Thomas Olson, Nancy Parker, and Darwin McKiIIips review pam- phlets. The Senior Class is very glad to welcome Tom Olson back to Mur- ray after a two year lapse, during which he attended school in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Page sixty-seven Juniors-Spinning in 'Our World' 1 The Spirit of '56 Juniors are waiting for this day . . . it means looking at a yearbook with a critical ey-e . . . what will theirs be like next year . . . maybe editors al- ready know. Looking forward is a junior habit . . . class mem- bers spent year planning tor Junior-Senior Prom held a week ago today at the Calhoun Beach Club . . . wonderful time in a theme setting of a "Tropical Paradise." Class had a flying start as sophomores . . . Don Johnson, president . . . Kay Sarnecki, vice president . . . Susan Peter, secretary . . . Harvey Roloff, treas- Nothing can beat an old fashioned get together in the summer time.. Just ask these active iuniors who are having the time of their lives at a patio party. "This is a wonderful world," say Diane McCleary and Todd Hunt. Agreeing with them are these happy-go-lucky iuniors, Donald Swadburg, Katherine Price, Roger Shepherd, Betty Alden, Jean Karl, and Kay Balcome. Page sixty-eight Introducing the Junior Class Board. Here officers and board members work on "The Spirit of '56", the class paper. This class paper is issued every two months free of charge. Seated are Karen Nelson, Sharon Fisher, Todd Hunt, Larry Nelson, Nancy White. Standing are Carolyn McMoy, John Otto, Robert Pavel, Robert Sands. urer . . . activities . . . "Hobo Hop" . . . class picnic . . . newspaper, THE SPIRIT OF '56, edited by Todd Hunt continued into iunior year . . . now edited by class members under Todd's supervision. This year in- cluded many committee meetings . . . Sadie Hawkin's Dance . . . April Frolic . . . big plans for '56 . . . a trip to Chicago . . . payments well along . . . present otticers . . . Todd Hunt, president . . . Sharon Fisher, vice president . . . Karen Nelson, secretary . . . Larry Nelson, treasurer . . . advisers, Mr. Edward Datko . . . Mr. Clarence Fulmek. Whirling The Year Away Juniors-Balc. 30 Row 'I-Mary Timm, Elaine Curl- son, Emly McDiarmid, Marcia MacDonald, Berdon Finger, Kath- erine Balcome, Gerald Stokker 0 Pat Barrett, Karen Pietsch, Marcia Gower, Katherine Freeman, Mary Lou Hanafin, Mary Manson, Ron- ald Taylor, William Tereault ' Barbara Kruckberg, Robert Behr- ends, Kenneth Kluge, David Jack, George Olson, Dennis Sherman, Duane Petersen, Jerome Gammel, Terrence Laska 9 Kathleen Sturm, Larry Nelson, Merle Mc- Killips, William Sands, William Smith, Pieter Van Zanden, Tham- as Sherman, Carolyn Hoeft. Juniors-301 Row 1-Patricia Walters, Myrtis Grahn, Bernard McCall, Kay Sar- necki, Judith Mulroy, Luella Quammen, Priscilla Thomas, Rita Palarine ' Elaine Tiedemon, Sandra Zinken, Diane McCleary, Alice Wayne, Carol Schubring, Nancy Beniamin, James Peterson, Barbara Vowles, Lorelei' Richert 9 Jane Erskine, Sharon Bar- thold, Gerald Anderson, Warren Swanson, Ronald Soderlund, Dav- id Olson, Ronald Olson, Gerald Dusosky, Robert Peterson ' John Otto, Bruce Lonnes, Don- ald Kelsey, Ralph Gundersen, Thomas Stage, Lily-Beth Wahl- berg, Roger Shepherd, Larry Vangen. Juniors-108 Row 'I-Nancy White, John Gun- ther, Judith Dearing, Darlene Massie, Mary Sperbeck, Ruth Lan- ger, Constance Goulet, Mary Parslow ' Beverly Discher, Ju- dith Engebretson, Sandra Thiel- ing, Patricia Dunlap, Carol Smith, Phyllis Johnson, Mavis Geske, Elizabeth Boland ' Nancy Schweitzer, Michael Langer, Rus- sell Gunther, Floyd Bedbury, Da- vid Olson, James Salyers, Peter Niemczyk, Janice Nelson 9 Lac verne Van De Brake, Bruce Quim- by, Harvey Rolaff, Layton Land- strom, David Pederson, Robert Aschenbach, Lawrence Freeborg, Lynne Hella, Jerry Frantzen. Page sixty-nine 2 K 3' i 1 Juniors-210 Row 'l-Fredrick Miller, Janet Watterson, Lorraine Tesch, Mary Stradinger, Ruth Macziewski, William Snodgrass, Nancy Rice 9 Deanna Johnson, Carol Mc- Killips, Caron Mooney, Frederick Morlock, Vergel Wason, Suzanne Lemm, Peter Medchill 9 Elaine Rasmussen, Dorian Steckling, Shirley Esperson, Rollin Becker, Charles Mottaz, Lenora Mead, Judith Johnson 9 Jon Peterson, Robert Mazzitello, Michael Frontz, John Arenz, Robert Pavel, Richard Cownie, Roger Josephson. Juniors-305 Row l-Joyce Peterson, Catherine Corbey, Carol Keller, Barbara Stromberg, Gwendolyn Pautz, Ja- lond Robinson, Deanna Krizan, Carol Trower 9 David Bailey, Carol Blomstrand, Pat Johannsen, Robert Alexander, John Seeger, Margaret Bentz, Marilyn Hughes, Carolyn McMoy, Wallace Loucks ' Susan Peter, Sharon Fisher, Kenneth Barnes, Russell Williams, John Quam, Dennis Harris, Gary Olson, Sarah Christensen ' Todd Hunt, Ted LeClafre, Clement Claseman, Donald Swadburg, Thomas Hayes, Robert Cheatham, Robert Wells, Gene Zimmerman. Sophomore Class Grganizes Gay sophomores . . . always full of fun and pep . . . getting into the swing of activities . . . class organizes . . . election of ofticers in January . . . president, Michael Scott . . . vice president, Judy Nelson . . . secretary, Karen Loney . . . treasurer, Roger Risbrundt . . . more balloting in the month of February . . . "Will you be my Valen- tine?" . . . the question on the lips ot all debonair sophomores . . . Rosalie Hert and Dick Johnson chosen from the sophomore class as Valentine King and Queen . . . reign over the annual Sweetheart Ball . . . what a time was had at the Spring Whirl . . . time rolls on . . . how the days fly . . . last on the program is the all-important class picnic in June . . . "What a wonderful little world ours is," exclaim sophomores . . . year draws to a close. Page seventy Enioying themselves while "testing" the newly fallen snow on the school's bank are these three active sophomores, Peter Anry, Jacqueline Roan, and Judy Nelson. Sophs-106 Row 'l-Adriann Stathas, Lorra- dine Hess, Sandra Sutton, Carolyn Lemm, Sondra Johannsen, Fay Wittmer, Roger Risbrudt 9 James Johnke, Don Shaules, Karen Mun- son, Sharon Meloy, Glenn Rich- ards, Quentin Perfect, Dan Clem' mons 9 Clinton Smith, Richard Karner, Nancy Wells, Georgann Koelln, Nancy Zabe, Mary Peter- son, Barbara Erickson 9 Ronald Dow, Jerome Grove, Robert Mof- fatt, Kenneth Kline, John Schlundt, Grenville Foles, Yvonne Allen. We're All in A Difher Sophs-102 Row l-Sandra Kellor, Beverly Sheire, Mary Lou Kroona, Marilyn Hilgert, Ronald Anderson, Judith Zon, Patricia Roth 9 Darlene Du- paul, Joel Kerlan, James Hurley, Virginia Larson, Judith Nelson, Frances Voorhees, Barbara White, Sylvia Borgeson 9 Terrence Tay- lor, Michael Scott, Lee Snyder, Roger Abrahamson, Jerry Grahn, Thomas Dumont, Stanley McFar- lin, Charles Johnson 9 James Nielsen, John Zupfer, John Biork- lund, Dick Kampa, David Burgess, Lawrence Viehl, John Gilie, Jer- ome Wienrauch. Sophs-205 Row 'l-Yvonne Dolney, Janet Krueger, Carol Kramer, James Cooney, Audrey Cheatham, Dawn Wason 9 Terry Hinton, Sharon Houseworth, Richard Carlson, Theodore Polacek, James Zavorol, Rosemarie Snidarich 9 Dale Jones, James Bren, Gerald Brink, Karl Giertson, Richard Johnson, Jerome Zellner. Page seventy-one Page seventy-two Revolving Wiih The World Sophs-303 Row l-Eugene Lamberta, Dennis Kilbane, LaVonne Sandeen, Eu- nice Grass, Karen Kulenkamp, Rosalie Herl, Jeanne Fahsl ' Robert Larson, Judy Maehl, Carol Oakins, Barbara Barnum, Jacque- line Roan, Douglas Willie, James Lee, Douglas Crandall 5 George Tselos, Karen Brinkman, Donald Peterson, Dyane Arharf, Anihony Conroy, David Geske, Gordon Hemming, Wayne Johnson. Sophs--202 Row 'I-Doroihy Quinn, Judy Johnson, Katherine Nelson, Judy Thompson, Sandra Maas, Louise Brookins, Joanne Bies, Kathleen McCulley 9 Kennelh Kloek, Judy Campbell, Richard Tschida, Karen Loney, Janet Pearson, Jerry Burkholder, Donald Snyder, Joyce Prickeft, Bruce Swanson 9 Charles Regal, Bruce Sparr, Joel Hadrifs, Loren Olson, Jim Olena, Joel Warne, Pefer Arny, Sam Haroldson. Sophs-Cafe 36 Row l-Judifh Edwards, Laurelli Koran, Janet Mortensen, Karen Sonfag, Fred Sfradinger, Gary Jensen, Eileen Cook ' Douglas Gronerl, James Slama, Robert Panek, Garry Haughf, Randall Cheney, Terry Beckiorden . Sharon Gredvig, Roberf Chrisfen- sen, Roberl Lindsay, Gary Spoon- er, Richard Poeschl, Roger Hinze, Joan Harveaux. Caught in The Whirl Sophs-Cate 37 Row 'I-John Wagner, Julius Loi- persbeck, Joyce Gehrman, Joyce Lind, Donna Gitzen, Karen Aydt 9 Joy Ammerman, Janice Ander- son, Roger Sutch, Patricia Kuehn, Sonia Mattson, Patricia McLaugh- lin 9 lawrence Barnes, Charles Gronberg, Susan Olson, Einar Gustavson, Floyd Jungk, Lavern Lundgren, Ronald Hitzeman 9 Carole Hallen, Robert Bever, Kevin Johnson, Roger Vanderheu- vel, Daniel Johnson, Gary John- son. Frosh-304 Row 1-William Paist, Robert Skundberg, Victor Etienne, Mar- ilyn Knudson, James Grayden, Walter Fitzsimons, Mariorie Hill 9 Dennis Nord, Ernest Erickson, Doris Gust, Betty Hayes, Susan Slind, Sandra Solland, Rosemary Trapp 9 Gary Kershaw, Darlene Balfanz, Kathleen Doeltz, Carol Borgeson, Karol Ann DeNucci, Doris Benson, Donna Walton 9 Roger Teich, Donald Pederson, Patricia Wegman, Ronald Sand- quist, Bruce Barthold, James Ull- yot, John Thoennes, James Heinz 9 Wendell Woyke, Robert Ab- bot, Joan Johnson, Charles Nel- son, David Magnuson, Christo- pher Brohaugh, Karen Martinson. Frosh-310 Row 'I-Marlene Bailey, Betty White, Gordon Lothson, Martin Appel, Gretchen Humrickhouse, R'chard Hodnetield, Clifford Carl- son, Lyle Slifer 9 Glen Skovholt, Peter Lawson, Carol Hodgins, Diane Richert, Joyce Freeman, Barbara House, Milo Peterson, Karl Borgeson 9 Deanna Lemm, John Freeman, Judy Allen, Nancy Manning, Jo Lynn Edberg, Den- nis Siebold, Barbara Block 9 Shirley Hubenette, Albert Stos- kopf, Roger Kauzeslci, Frank Storm, Bruce Matthews, Gerald Groebner, Gordon Pearson, Su- zanne Perfect. Page seventyfthree Coming Up in The World Nr' .fs PQ: Sf, - is l. Page seventy-four Frosh-Balc. 2 Row 'I-John Edw.ard, Stephen Magnuson, Myrna Kuutti, Charles Caverdale, Timothy McArdle, Muriel Moncrief, Douglas Kluge 9 Nancy Douglas, Nancy Mc- Kinney, Robert Newcomb, Roger Sandquist, Jean Schroder, Ver- non Granna, Henry Wilhelm, Lorraine Hays 9 Hermine Nel- son, Nancy Podd, Norman Olson, William Wayne, Virginia Ray- mond, Elsie Vong, Charlotte Hu- benette, Dennis Renn 9 Thomas Pavel, June Graham, William Torgersen, Robert Sands, Sharon Hovda, Anita Buck. Frosh-309 Row 'l-Darlene Yaeger, Sandra Dahl, Judith Johnson, Dorothy Grayden, Susan McKay, Jack Nichols, Lynn Wybest, Patricia Kilbane 9 Susan Wilke, JoAnn Anderson, Yaren Barnes, Perry Lonnes, James Collins, Kenneth Dunlap, James Arndt 9 Lynne Morrison, Verene Busch, Marvin Geske, James Southward, Wil- liam Freeborg, Jacqueline Os- from, Joann Kluegel, Mary Lou Hughes 9 Sharon Razslcazoit, Barbara Toenies, Robert Pretty- lnan, Jack Steingraber, Ronald Willie, Sandra Tschida, Joan De Nucci, Elaine Sather 9 Carl- ton Mix, Gerald Nelson, John Fisher, Stephen Johnson, John Healy, Donald Dubisar, Donald Moffatt. Frosh-308 Row l-Joanne Peterson, Lois Henderson, Thomas Foster, Dor- thea Peterson, Natalie Granov- sky, Thomas Johnson, James Otto, Nanette Frontz 9 Charles Bassett, Thomas Birrenbach, Rob- ert Eddy, Richard Vasterling, Beverly Harding, Clifford Storey, Roger Gilbert 9 Susan Work- man, Janet Johnson, Scott Lins- ley, Rosemary Soderlund, Thom- as Cimbura, Phyllis Rasmussen, Susan Wigen, James Tousley 9 Jan Sarnecki, Burle Holstead, LeRoy Smith, Robert Kirkwold, Stephen Frauenshuh, Barbara Wooding, Thomas Salmon, Ger- ald Quayle. In Cur Own Art classes conducted by Miss Marie Darche are al- ways a ioy to her students. Here one can go off into his own little world and put his ideas down on paper for all to see. Art work, decorating the walls of the room, is always on display. Various proiects are worked on throughout the year. One of the favorites with the eighth grade students is stenciling when they create their own ideas for designs. At work transferring her stencil onto cloth with paints is Diane Hoover. Getting pointers from Diane are Marguerite McKay, Dennis Renn, and Sylvia Watne. I r Little Sphere -1-p Attention all girls! Walk into room 300 anytime dur- ing second period. The scene you'll find won't have you in stitches of laughter but it will probably make you want to take up needle and thread to sew a few stitches. You see, this is the eighth grade girls' sewing class. It is here the girls will learn all the fundamentals of sewing that will come in very handy in future years. Watching Rose Rocco at the machine are Joanne Voll- mer, Sharilyn Lange, and Sarah Johnson. Neighboring the sewing room is 301 where all the cooking is done, the home economics room. Washing, drying, and putting away the dishes after a well pre- pared meal are Judy Kelsey, Janice Benson, Karen Calvert, and Margaret Madigan. 'fwswv - .' Page seventy-five Eighth-Aud. 35 Row l-Jule Ralph, Camila Jones, Catherine Scherer, Nancy King, Bruce Geske, David Paskewitz 9 Eileen Whalen, James Flueck, Steven Hoelzel, Sandra Ertle, Marie Twedt, Elin Grill, Joanne Nutz 9 Patricia Lindsey, Dorene Starch, Ervin Yokes, Diane McEl- Iigott, Warren Hays, Robert Lewis 9 Roger Sargent, Judith Kl0Cl1, LeRoy Baldwin, Frank Neumann, Sharilyn Lange, Anna Marie Morloclc. Twirling to The Top Page seventy-six Eighth-212 Row l-Jerry Protextor, Duane Grahn, Robert Hanatin, Gerald Jacobsen, David McLean, Made- line Kuutti, Owen Johnson 9 Delores Wilke, Sandra Dupuul, Richard Stubstad, Rose Rocco, Joan Dow, Jerry Peterson, Kay Powe, Richard Hilmanowski 9 Mary Preus, Carol Morgen, Allen viehl, Thomas Willett, Michael Barnes, Gretchen Holzinger, Mar- shall McGraw 9 Jules Moor, Terry Williams, Karl Lund, Julie Thomsen, Betty Schmidt, Brad- ley Pass, Daniel Hott. Eighth-201 Row 'l-Milton Dupre, Judith Lar- son, Kenneth Katzenmaier, Bever- ly Johnson, Clarence Fasching- bauer, David Beatson, Gordon Thole 9 Elizabeth Field, Joann Wedin, Marguerite McKay, Sarah Johnson, Joan Wolens, Charlene Barrett, Daina Smits, Katherine Lembke 9 Robert Nelson, Janice Faschingbauer, Nancy Mason, Barbara Rush, Bonnie Erickson, Marion Clark, Bruce Johnson, Charles Maas, Gary Henderson 9 Karen Lagerstedt, Barney Dol- bey, Helen Glaser, Robert Burk- holder, Janet Walton, Mark Johnson, Mervin Thompson, Kar- en Brobakken. Eighth-Aud. 27 Row l-John Norman, Donna Sandberg, John Halcensen, Thom- as Hiatt, Thomas Weber, Gary Etten, Kenneth Cable, David Zon 9 Judith Frost, Margaret Korner, Thomas Roan, Gayle Neumann, Barbara Mayer, Jerry Johnson, Russell Smith, Charles Roth 9 Ann Bergman, Marion Weber, Lorene Sancleen, Muriel Finger, Lois Forsblcd, William Michel, Erna Lou Lofstrom, Kathleen Johnston 9 Gloria Michelson, Kenneth Morrison, Virginia John- son, Warren Johnson, Janet Weide, Marlene Albert, Mari- onne LeClaire. Eighth-Aud. 4 Row l-Michael McCulley, Wal- ter Kopischke, Linda Ehrler, Rich- ard Hermes, David Stiff, Diane Hoover, Stephen Wickstrom 9 Judith Wittgraf, James Parker, Patricia Davidson, Beverly Barnes, Colleen Krebs, Carolyn Holmsten, Jean Stougaarcl, William Paterek 9 Emelie Kafka, Gerald Glaeve, Kenneth Lippert, Robert Gliske, Janet Halley, Joan Miller, Miri- am Olson, Janice Nielsen, Gwen Crommett 9 Joyce Nielsen, Chloe Sterk, Joanne Erskine, Lindell Hess, David Krause, Jeanne Schmaltz, William Linsley. Eighth-105 Row 1-Bruce Kuettner, Judith Johnson, Sharon LaRue, Carol Landis, Karen Kroona, Jeanne Elm, Patricia Sylvester 9 Ben- iamin Pomeroy, Janet Schubring, Joanne Christiansen, Barbara Zauner, Gail Pope, Deanne Du- mont, Arthur Johnson, William Landis, Gordon Peterson 9 Glenn Neuiahr, William Boyer, Barbara Malmquist, Karen Rice, Katherine Wilke, Vernon Isak- son, James White, Donald Mitsch 9 Ronald Nelson, JoAnn Voll- mer, Howard Mielke, Clayton Wittman, David Moulds, Ronald Roelofs, Carol Ervin. In A Haze of Wonder Page seventy-seven We're Sitting on Top of Our World I 1 lXiiJtr'jlll !V . lil. llff 9'- lll l 'lwfii Nw ' f', l B .U lX'Ii5W.,I,s 'Huy fAS? 'Ill F ill f - ill Mlm XJL' vi i tl" ' 1 ffl . ' 'I V b . 1 x ln llx V yr -Q fx F ' fl .2 7 , 1 g'!'4 Seventh graders have a number of hobbies and in- terests of their own and many of these are developed through work done right in the classroom. Crafts are introduced by Miss Marion Koch. Many different varie- ties of crafts are made such as articles cf leather, weaving and clay models. Here are Robbin Atkins, Sharon Kershaw, Diane Kohl, and Eugene lsakson dis- playing and working on some ofthe proiects they have made during the year. Mathematics classes of Miss Margaret Paschke carry on proiects also. Involved in the intricate art of map learning are James Hendrickson, Steven Brohaugh, Richard Hosking, and Judy Pfoser. The students acquire knowledge on how maps are made by studying the transparent globe. Page seventy-eight At 3:30 p.m. each day, when the last bell rings, the halls are immediately filled with hundreds of iunior high students ready and eager to start on the long iourney home. "Don't they ever run out of energy?" say the senior high students. Many have rides waiting or buses to catch but most of them lust walk. Locker trouble doesn't seem to occur when the students con- cerned happen to be seventh graders who are eager to be on their way. Seen standing at their lockers in a moment of leisure are Robert Abraham, Roger Dahl, David Beardsley, and Sandra Koftet. 'r if On Our Way Seventh-207 Row 'I-Ronald Whyte, Lorraine Tompkins, Jeanne Rundquist, Herbert Linder, Warren Sievers, Gary Abrahamson, Michael Kriei 9 Gerald Holt, Marie Stougaard, Terry Ubel, Beverly Frendt, Mar- cia Stougaard, Thomas Weber, Robert Straughn, Marg.aret Quammen 9 Holly Hunt, Karen Jacobson, Judy Bundy, Judy Sanford, Janice Benson, Gale Crommeti, Merrill Kindall 9 San- dra Schafifner, Diane Allred, Ca- rol Waterman, Jan Dose, Robin Atkins, Jay Moor, Duane Senne- seth. Seventh-Aud. 8 Row 'l-Thomas Rygg, Karen Payne, Charlene Sather, Karen Peterson, Judy Jahnke, John Clare, James Gabeau 9 William Christofferson, Willis Woldt, James Alexander, William Bart- lett, Emili Holt, Anne McDiarmid, Michael Shay, Margery Smith 9 Sandra Pedersen, Katherine Hed- berg, Diane Sutten, Wayne Niel- sen, Eugene lsakson, Carolyn Deutsch, Linda Mclean 9 Mich- ael Bailey, Donald Wareberg, Mary Peterson, Joan Nelson, Gail Broman, Mary Snyder, Su- san Hoff, Patrick Sullivan. Seventh-314 Row 1-Albert Beniamin, Jack Pearl, Roger Leppla, David Eck- er, Jay Peltz, Tom Stevens 9 Barbara Johnson, Steven Sweet- land, Ann Wiger, Joan Knippen- berg, Judy Pfoser, Nancy Thom- as 9 James Hendrickson, Marion Lawrence, Susan Kaiser, Karen Calvert, Leonard Thole, Janet DeNucci, Gary Oakins 9 David Walker, Patrick Dempsey, Fred- erick Daleske, Karen Johnson, Christine Hays, Joyce Diliten- dorfer. Page seventyfnine Dreaming of This Turning Globe Page eighty Seventh - 107 Row 1: William Franta, Charles Copeland, Karen Isaacson, John Bloyer, Ronald Allen, Gregory Rice, Jack Fehrman ' Jacquelyn Johnson, Thomas Erickson, Steven Brohough, Carol Anthonsen, Gloria Lancette, Karen Anderson, Julian Andersen 9 Ronald We- thammer, James Nash, Carolyn Rudolf, Robert Townsend, Me- lanie Christensen, Carolyn Zen- tic, Gretchen Van Zanden ' James Peterson, Carol Talso, Nancy Brink, Dennis Repke, Mar- garet Madigan, Katherine Spie- gel, James Justus, Seventh - 200 Row 1: Curtis Smith, Constance Tyson, Bruce Knuth, Leon John- son, Rodger Hunting, Roger Pear' son 9 Patricia Biorklund, Jeanne Simons, Tom Mazzitello, Gerald Liepitz, Diane Uram, Elizabeth Campbell, linda Paul U Thomas Anderson, Robert Lindgren, Rog- er Kuhn, Margaret Chase, Betty Lauerer, Meridel Fahsl, Marlys Ostergoard 0 Joan Rask, Susan Klemp, Judith Jensen, Marcia Mitchell, Douglas Krause, Carol Luke, James Wright. Cur Day ls Yet fo Come Seventh - Cafe 7 Row l: Robert Sylvester, Jeffery Mellinger, Mary Sanford, Sharon Norton, Dean Van De Walker, Michael Humrickhouse, Sharen Kershaw 9 Nancy Nystrom, War- ren Diesslin, Richard Hosking, Wayne Diesslin, Robert Mona- han, Bruce Buehler 9 Joseph Tschida, Katherine Barnum, Mar- lene Lubo, Connie Spooner, Karen Nelson, Sandra Nadeau, Alice Rudnick 9 Grayce Michel- son, Sarah Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Kayleen Rymerson, D?- ane Kohl, Carol Addis, Judith Howstrawser. Seventh - 203 Row 1: Ronald Johnson, Gudrun Johnson, Peter Aus, Judy John- son, John Wolf, Harlan Nelson 9 Carole Thorsen, Bryce Craw- ford, William Mayer, Phillip Crowe, Judith Kelsey, Gary Niemczyk, Geraldine Magnuson 9 Patricia Schroeder, Gary Loe, Wesley Noyes, Richard Nelson, Michael Swifka, lenora Halstead 9 Michael Luckey, Greta Giving, Anne Peterson, Roger Olson, Dianne lindstrom, Renee Nelson, Jane Melrose. Page eighty-one www ,-5. W -if QMN Q , -, Adverfzking Page eighty-four You Name If--We Have If Business flourishes in "Our Little World" as the Student Bookstore personnel serves Murray's population daily. Watch out for those last minute citizens who take three steps at a time to reach the Bookstore before first hour class. The rush is well worth the effort as the individual may purchase any kind of school supplies. An efficient staff orders supplies, sells articles, and keeps accounts balanced. Directing the sales group is Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, an instructor in the business department. The concern is not only self-sustaining, but it also shows a yearly balance. Profits from the Bookstore are used to help other school activities. Last Minute Bargains Before June 10, stock up on these last minute bargains- YELLOW PAPER NOTEBOOK PAPER PORTFOLIOS PENS O C and looking over stock that is being unpacked are Bookstore personnel Margaret Martin, Bonnie Lofberg, Elaine Rasmussen, Jane Erskine, Sara Christensen, Carol Ullman. The Kenny Company Incorporated Insurance Bonds 156 E. 6th St. CA. 4-5631 POLAR FOOD LOCKERS CO. ST PAUL FLORAL Meat for your home freezer ,l 1 4: FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS LOCKERS FOR RENT 1: l 4: 678 Front Ave. HU- 9-1336 2561 N. Snelling NE. 68801, :.-:::,,::,-:,,, ,,:,,.,:,, 1, ::,,-,:::.-- --:-:-:-f JAMES J. O'DONNELL ' Optician CA. 2-7511 770 Lowry Medical Arts Bldg. St. Paul 2, Minn. BARNES GROCERY Open Evenings and Sundays BARNES BROTHERS Lexington and Larpenteur HU. 9-9962 -------+A------AA -4 HOFF JEWELERS Fine Watch Repairing WATCHES - DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE "House of Jackets" CA. 4-2026 NATE'S MEN'S SHOP Cor. 9th and Wabasha Dale at Como HU. 9-1931l St. Paul 2, Minn. -,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,:,,,,,,,,,,g,- -,,.,,,.,,.,,,.,,,., ' ,Qlfff Everybody Heads For ,Q a 5' 'R I, MILLER'S PHARMACY U after the Liberty Bell rings for an afternoon snack STATIONERY and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Como and Doswell NE. 3274 P ge eighty-five Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. l C O Parents Recognize Seniors and Mrs. C. E. Ackerman and Mrs. John R. Allen and Mrs. A. W. Allred and Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Anderson Floyd A. Anderson and Mrs. G. E. Anderson and Mrs. Harold C. Anderson and Mrs . J. C. Anderson and Mrs. Milton O. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. George Aus Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Page eighty-six Harold Beedy E. J. Berge Henry Biorndahl V. J. Brioschi Paul M. Burson C. D. Charles E. J. Christenson Harold Dettle Edmund G. Dokka Elof R. Edlund Bertha Erickson and Mrs. W. A. Gagnon and Mrs. A. J. Galatovich and Mrs. M. L. Gebhard and Mrs. Michael J. Grainer and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Roland M. Granger G. C. Grans Harold R. Greenwalt A. J. Haas Joseph Hadrits M. W. Hallen C. L. Hays V. Everett Hellickson H. J. Hentges R. N. Hermes Franklin Hodnetield and Mrs. C. D. Holzinger and Mrs. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Lyle D. Hurd Jarl P. lsakson K. B. Jiiderholm P. C. Janette Kenneth V. Johnson Norman L. Johnson Kenneth P. Johnston A. Kafka Gail W. Kellor William W. King Wilfred F. Krenke Elmer A. Krinke G. F. Kuettner In 'Our Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Larson Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Gustav A. Larson Mrs. J. F. Le Clair Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Lembke Mr. and Mrs. John Lofberg Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lovegreen Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Lovness Mrs. Robert E. Luckey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Luedtke Mrs. Audrey K. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Vernon McKillips Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mead Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Mielke Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mikesh Mr. and Mrs. Tilford Moore Mr. and Mrs. John R. Neetzel Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nelson Mrs. Ruth M. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Niessen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Notch Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Nymon Little World' Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Olson G. M. Parker Walden F. Paulson George N. Pederson Harry J. Peterson Walter O. Peterson Ralph H. Podd Kenneth F. Potter Charles Otto Quall R. A. Quayle Christian V. Rasmussen George M. Reilly Clair P. Rice Nels Rortvedt J. Rudahl I. G. Rutoski Walter J. Sandquist K. W. Schmitz Charles A. Schoonover G. E. Schweitzer Carl Simons Sr. Hiliard Smith .and Mrs. Wesley H. Sorensen and Mrs. Kurt Spiegel and Mrs. Robert J. Spooner Page eig hty-seven Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Stapt Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Vick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sterba Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Vik Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. Swinton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walstrom Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Thoennes Mrs. Nanele K. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Thole Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Treichel Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Tyson Mr. and Mrs. Florian J. Ubel Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Weltzin Mr. and Mrs. Arnold A. Winges Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mathew C. Woessner X tty, The Pilot Staff wishes to thank the Murray Faculty, Gol ling Studios S0 Q5 Greene Engraving Company, North Central Publishing Company the 5 mf' advertisers, and all who have helped in the planning and editing of 4 . this book. 'T-J, S? Members of National Scholastic S Milo, Press Association MOLITOR'S JEWELRY T548 W. Larpenteur Ave. Ml. 8000 EASTON'S INC. T545 W. Larpenteur Ave. Ml. 9646 FALCON BAKERY T539 W. Larpenteur Ave. MI. 8583 WINFREY'S VARIETY T532 W. Larpenteur Ave. MI. 7849 0:::- .-:::::::::::::::::::::: FALCON HEIGHTS HARDWARE l539 W. Larpenteur Ave. Ml. 5933 FLAMEBURGER CORP. 5 A.M. - 2 A.M. T533 W. Larpenteur Ave. PR. 6092 FLAHERTY LANES T550 W. Larpenteur Ave. L 8g L Furniture 8K Applian T534 W. Larpenteur Ave. ce Co PR. 5595 NE. 6379 Have That Well Groomed Look Send Your Clothes to FALCON CLEANERS 1541 W. Larpenteur Ave. NE. 8616 Page eighty-eight H. B. FULLER COMPANY Mlrs. of Industrial Adhesives ELMER L. ANDERSEN, Pres. 255 Eagle Street St. Paul, Minnesot BLOMSTRAND CARTAGE COMPANY Local Cartage Carloacl Distribution Assembling Carloads Minneapolis - St. Paul CApitoI 7-6677 Do like the farmers do. ..Pick the right Plant Food for each iob! GRAS-GROER VEG'E'GRO FOR CARPET LIKE FOR "STATE FAIR" LAWNS FLOWERS AND VEGETABLES 4 p A. 112 , Q vs? 1 ' Vs ' -Gm Su r. Q jacgyrgvgl, ,TQ 9 t" iW,,v QQL "r?3f5E55f35T?""fQfl9 xvl f I-wi?5':'1fS C Q D 'Hu-.. ll Compounded especially for Mid- Higher percentage of plant food west soils, climate and grasses. than in any good lawn fertilizer. Best value because it has more A special mixture for vegetables units of plant food per bag. In 50 and flowers because they need and 100 lb. bags. more nutrients. FREE! Ask for lhe special pamphlels on lawns - flowers -- vegetables -Yov'll enjoy lhem! Sold by good Garhn Supply Stores MINNESOTA FARM BUREAU SERVICE COMPANY sr. PAUL, MlNNssoTA Who make over l4 fertilizers lo grow Norfhwesl Crops. V tx -Fw-' , . ' . ' D -' '1.:.r.',- ' ,, - The Minnesota Farm Bureau Service Company produces the plant food, poultry feeds, and livestock feeds which thousands of farmers use to produce the high quality meat, milk, eggs and grains which help to feed our nation. Printing ls An Art "Give me twenty-six leaden sol- diers and I can conquer the world," comments Mr. Alfred Muellerleile of North Central Publishing Com- pany as he shows Barbara Vowles and Todd Hunt of Murray, a rare volume. A visit to North Central Publishing Company is more than a visit to a modern printing plant. Here one may find collections of first editions, old manuscripts, and printing samples dating back to the fifteenth century. Mr. Alfred Muellerleile, president, en- courages high school students to appreciate the craftsmanship of the printer who takes pride in his work. the NORTH CENTRAL publishing company ONE ICICHTY-FOUR NV. COI,I,l-X215 AT KELLOGG BOULEVARD. ST. PAUL, XIINNESOTA Page ninety-one 2399 University Avenue at Raymond NEstor 1913 Head to Foot Outfitters A Eiwmisou co. Suits Tailored to Measure ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN SHIRTS tl 1YPEwR11ERs KRIOL'S PET SHOP Standard and Portable I New and Used 1544 WeSfC0UnTY R'-Wd B ll som - RENTED - REPAIRED 1 St. Paul T ewriter Exchan e NE' 7061 20 E. 6111 sf. YP CAg4-2377 :v ::: :::::::::: ly::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.-: 41 ft LYLE's BARBER SHOP For lndividuality in Flowers 11 , , 4, Latest Hair Styling X l Call For Men and Children Dey Bros. Greenhouses if Como of Carver 'v :- :::::.-:.-:.-.-:::ooo::: 41 CUT FLOWERS PO-I-TED PLANTS Care Will Save Your Car We Telegraph Anywhere Il l-ST I d T. H. PHILLIPS GARAGE 1215 No. Dale, corner Mary an Service Your - Brakes and Steering Alignments HU' 9 1397 l Call NE. 1312 or stop ot 2286 Como 41 ll ' ' 1 "'r , I f 5 5 I I I I 'Rs I ' DALE MEAT AND PROVISION Q A Z, Ammfbaf ,Sig '1 Q. 1 ' 1,74 - o'-gg ., .. 'fjgii 972 N. Dale Avo. Hu.9-951111 ' ' yQ,jsf'2N if 1, 1 N, lu Deliveries 1, - A Formal fantasy . . . 9. 1 ly, A Tuesday a beautiful gown - ,Q and from our wonderful Ag of E V' ,. ll ' new collection. -I X ' 8' fi X Frlddy V Gorgeous styles Mffgfnfny V. QM .,,,, ' 1 ' 1 -"1 3 1 of -1 V 'Y lf and delightfud ji 11j!,',' ,fl ' ll ' K l Vf ll , 9, Il new fabrics. qjlf 'Q , l ' l-"f' if 1, ,. , . IA.. , K a if I, I Y. 1 wx y 11 i Starting at gust X' 1,1 X 1 or-.,l wr ' 1 :E I , Q' X Elllil ll -lll1lN1i ll' lil, Qf 'l 1 7' fi f' 1, ill- of lf lflkfixi li if'-Q R TOWN GRILL 11 R f AQ lf sydney v Wy ,11 1 ji ' " iff? ,fl il ! E 1 1 1233 Larpenteur if " ' if 1 X C 1 5 -of 1, li' l - Mi. 1144 EE "" 'ii of fllflll I l ll sl Come Here l' n ,. l-ov-'rl For Good Food 5: it 'f BF-IDABS 2 K+? 1 . 11 , ' 11-o ':ff? iir r'1o ' 15225521 Dnve ln Take 01111 1 406 ROBERT sr. - Borwoon orh and 71h 0 CA. 4-8250 ll ,V'. " -fg-go .. . j "gi, - gig -1g-f'fQf5f522:5':jg,f,j3, 4, -1 V -- ,. -5:11515 , r'., . :1.-. g g.,g 1', 13: .v.1:' ivo ,,V, 3 3 --g:gg2:':::s' Page ninety-two A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned ST. ANTHONY PARK STATE BANK St. Paul, Minnesota Como at Carter Avenues Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. N. L. HERMES FLOWERS and GIFTS Flowers of Distinction Imported Gifts Twin City Delivery I709 Sneiiing Ave. No. MI. IOI7-MI. 6270 4, MAYER'S TEXACO SERVICE SERVICE The Best Buys Are At ALLEN BROTHERS 5 GROCERY 928 Raymond Ave. EE GAS - OIL - GREASE It PR. Como and DosweII 9225 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xx,TI .... ,,,::,,,,,:- xo, xxx, Gallagher "66" Service Station Qi Make I' YOU' Business 4: To Shop At Lexington and Larpenteur 'I . 1: NILSON'S GRocERY HU' 99928 5" Pau' 3' M'n"'I1s9s Raymond Ave. NE.9I68 WALDORF PAPER PRODUCTS CO. 2250 Wabash Ave. St. Paul Whose business is the development and production of good packaging" P q ninety-th PHOTOGRAPHY RETOUCHING LITHOGRAPHY ll ENGRAVING COMPANY DESIGNERS AND PHOTO ENGRAVERS Page n'neTy-lour Behind the scenes at Greene Engraving Company Judy Engebrefson learns from Mr. Patrick Doran how much time, skill, and work go into The making of each copper engraving used in The Pilot of 1955. Excellent cooperaiion between the staff and the personnal of Greene Engraving Company makes it possible for Murray To be proud of its All-American Books. NOLL HARDWARE ll lr lr lr lr lr 1 NORTHWESTERN TOOLS PAINT 11 GSETUAL 789 Raymond Ave. Q WARREN 4 LUNDGREN NE' 5400 General Agent -----AAAAAAAA--A---- AAAAA--- 400-411 Guardian Bldg. REGISTER NOW gfi':?EggZ:Z' Parkay Flooring - Maple and Oak Block lgiiiigggifg Screwtite Nails Office Machines 4. Floor Nailing Machines - Rent or Buy Accountancy 4 gfljijgfnship Q LUEDTKE BROS. Arthur Luedtke Practical Business School EE 2075 Como Ave' NE' 6900 Founded 1900 I: 2145 Scudder Ave. sf. Peel 8, Minn. 63 E. 5th Street CA. 2-5333 4, :::::::::5555:-55:55:55: if-5-'fiiii iii!!-'ffiffffiiri.-.-:::::::::::::.-.-:I lr HAlRcuts +I HULTMAN JEWELRY AT 1. 791 Raymond Ave. Ml. 5530 l ART'S BARBER SHOP Expert Watch Repair Diamonds and Watches 2315 Como Avenue 51 Silverware Shop for 1, ' I FAIRWAY rooms DUMUNT 5 HOUSE al 1: OF BEAUTY lr BLOMBERG and KLEIHNART Located near MURRAY lr 'T 'T 'T lr 'T LATEST HAIR STYLES 4+ Como and Dosweu :I 2262 Como NE. 3788 it ne:,,..,,,,,,,,,,:,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,- I ,,,,.,-.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, LEE HOPKINS SERVICE STATION II KoRAN,s LIVE BAI1. 0 LUBRICTTLCZSTERY SERLCEEPAIRING ll Minnows - Worms - Grubs ceme at Deevven NE. 9036 992 000' Ave' THE PARK STORE P Flowers for all occasions GIBBS - NELSON n 1 2290 como MI' 1695 ll21OO Larpenteur Ave. W. NE. 6551 l l P q ninety-T0 Fine Class Rings Announcements Yearbooks Awards .l0STEN'S Foshay Tower Arcade No. 134 Minneapolis 2, Minnesota H. A. PETERSEN, Representative YOU may quality for work this summer with NORTHWEST MAGAZINE SERVICE Phone BR. 8783 tor appointment HOWARD HARDWARE 978 North Dale Phone HUmboldt 9-3210 William Yunglaauer and Sons Furniture Interior Makers Decorators 181 West Fourth St. at Exchange Saint Paul 2, Minnesota P ge ninety Johnson-Bacheller-Ross Inc. Commercial - Candid 16 MM Movies Stereo 81 35 MM Slides Aerial Official Photographers for Minn. Motor Transport Association 2282 Como Ave. PR. 6811 HANSON PLAZA DRUGS O. T. HANSON, Prop. 1702 Lexington Ave. HU. 9-2045 We Deliver BLOOMS FOOD MKT. 779 W. Wheelock HU. 9-1966 FROZEN FOODS Complete Line ot Groceries Auto Seat Covers RAYCO Seat Covers Convertible Tops Custom-Fitted Free ln Thirty Minutes Exclusive - Miracle Plastic Orisan Genuine Textilene Sunsure Fibre Tailored For Your Car By RAYCO Craftsmen Call CApitol 2-1929 165 Univ. QI blk. W. of Capitolj We Are Proud To Be The Photographers Ot The 1955 Pilot STU DIO Midland Building CA. 4-1740 STAFFORD'S THE CHlI.DREN'S SHOP BARBER SERVICE in Falcon Heights Men and Ladies Hair Cutting I SHOES " Cradle Tl'i"0U9h Campus Scalp Treatment Jumping Jacks - Weather Bird 1503 N. Hamline Res. Phone MI. 6919:l Wearing APPU"el ' TOYS ------,-,A----------,-,--,,,,,,--,,,l, - -----------------A----- P HAMLINE GROCERY 1 Open Evenings and Sundays 1' " """" "' """" "' 1503 North Hamline NE. 9960 Skeffington's Specialists in Customizing Body Work - Painting Complete Mechanical Repairs Schoonover Auto Repair E439 Wabashq CAA-5944 97 No. Snelling PR. 5814 Q: 'C 'l Formal Rental Dinner Jackets Tuxedos Pq ty Community Churches 'ln Our Little World' Churches in the Murray district sponsor programs and activities for the young people of the community. A way of lite that recognizes the spiritual needs of mankind is here for us in 'Our Little World.' ST. ANTHONY PARK METHODIST CHURCH Como at Hillside REVEREND E. CLAYTON BURGESS, Pastor COMO PARK LUTHERAN CHURCH 1547 Sheldon Avenue REVEREND O. E. SCHMIDT, Pastor ST. ANTHONY PARK LUTHERAN CHURCH 2323 Como Avenue REVEREND ALVIN G. LEWIS, Pastor Page ninety-eight CORPUS CHRISTI CHURCH Buford and Cleveland Avenues REVEREND PAUL A. COLBERT, Pastor HOLY CHILDHOOD CHURCH Pascal and Midway Parkway REVEREND JOHN BUCHANNAN, Pastor ST. ANTHONY PARK CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 2129 Commonwealth Avenue REVEREND EDWIN C. JOHNSON, Pastor Enroll Now Internationally Recognized HELEN STEFAN MODELS SCHOOL AND AGENCY Air Hostess - Television - Photography . Q Movies - Fashion - Commercials - .,-. "QV Free Booklet ff ff' . 23 East Fifth Sf. St. Paul CA. 4-5861 : ilAi1I'E5'Silm E on ASSOCIATION 5 Comp!Z?7 lgutomobile Service 4, omo Avenue IS Tops Ml. 4775 St. Paul, Minn. 'r I, :::::::- ,-:::::::::::::::::::::::::- ln Our Little World I 1: JOHN C. CLIN Como and Carter NE. 1612 1' 4' MEAT MARKET 1 Il 1450 Frankson Ave. lr A:-::::::::::: 4 sir 'SKQQ-Ti an i Qlfl ii' 'P -Q l 150,000 Square Feet of Glass FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HERMES FLORAL CO. Est. 1906 Twin City Delivery l 'i 2001 W. Larpenteur NE. 7135 :::::::::::::::::::::::' ll SHARRETT'S DRUG I: 2389 University Ave. Ml. 5591 FINE FOODS Prescription Service A1.Modera1,e Prices Delivery ,I l :::::::::::::::::::: ' FRANKSON AVENUE HARDER'S BIG TEN P GROCERIES -- FRUITS - VEGETABLES l ll 1458 Frankson NE. 4033 We Deliver l 2256 Como PR. 3935 it A A:::::::::::::::::: l' INTER-CITY LOAN Cl-YD5'5 2390 univefsny PR. 5891 STANDARD No Fuss - No Bother - Strictly Confidential , l Cash Loans for any purpose N02 snellmg Ave' Ml' lO35 Il AUTOMOBILE - FURNHURE - APPLIANCES L Page ninety-ni Page one hundred Advertising ...,. Classes ..,.,..s.......A.,....... INDEX .82-100 54-81 Eighth Grade Activities ,...,., A .-V.,------ 75 Eighth Grade ,......,....,......, Faculty ,..,,.,..,4........,.. Freshmen .,,.,,..,.......,.,.. y s,.,. 76-77 56-59 73-74 Junior Class Board ...,.. -'----"--- 6 8 Juniors .....,.,... 69-70 Senior Class Board ....,..,. -----'- 6 0 Seniors .........,.,.....,..,.......,. E ...,. 61-67 Seventh Grade Activities ..,., ---,.-,,--- 7 8 Seventh Grade 79-81 Sophomore Class Activities .,...,. -V-i,-- 7 0 Sophomore Class School Life ..,,, Band ..........,..,.,.,,. Business Cadettes Canteen .,,.,.....,, Choir ......,.. , ,...., . Dramatic Club Girls' League ,... Homecoming ,.... Junior Red Cross Library Club ........ M Club ........,..... Murcurle ....,,...... Pilot ...,...,........,,,. 71-72 8-35 28-29 20-21 10 14-15 31 33 22-23 18-19 32 24 25 Proiection Crew ..,... ------- 2 7 Quill and Scroll School Life ,....... Senior Class Play ,,.,... V--.4-- 3 0 Sno-Day .......s.... Spanish Club ..,.., Stage Force .....s Student Council Y-Teens .,..........,. Sports ........ Baseball s...,.., Basketball ..,... Cheerleaders ,... Cross Country ,... Football ...,......... G.A.A. ...4....,. , Golf .,.............. Gym Team ........ Hockey ...,........ Intramurals ........ Swimming ....., Tennis .,........, Track ..,.., 34 12-13 11 36-54 48 42-43 51 46 38-40 50-51 49 47 44-45 47 46 49 . .,.. 52-53

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