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 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1950 volume:

50 gm X ffe of F ' ,Q SN VJ a f Q PS3 ff Q 22 SHOWBGAT 1950 Cast 766 Pda! Murray High School St. Paul, Minnesota 1 Volume XI Editors- juel Brynilclsen, Edith Koeneke Business Manager- Jack Folsom xx f 'I -g .X nllylll' Came ol just sup llililltg-li ,Hemiuisveut of a pirturesque aml lusty era is the Sliowhoat that has survived iu this age ol' seieutilie marvels. Un a summer's evening the l'itlll0lDl3S,S shrill notes still vall to the iuhahi- tauts ol' river toxins to aiuiouuee the arrival ofthe seasonis attravtioil. Vlfithiu the Showhoat there is au air of joviality and expectancy hleuclecl with the seriousness ami tliligeuve ol' tht- Captain and the vrexxfsometimes the star thespiaus. Then it is vurtaiu time. 'l'here are lively sveues. nostalgic' melodies, a hleutl ol' realism aucl rmuautit'ism flile on the Showhoat. lt's "Make lielievtf' and "Venturing xxith filiame' as the Showhoat Murray roumls the heucl ul' the hall'-c'eutury. The vrew and performers rem-all long prartires. solemn asseuihlies. midnight vigils with hooks, gay clauses, thrilling moments at t'uul'erem-e games. aurl other events. important aucl unimportant. that rouutl out au avtive yea il'. Hevapturetl in pivture ami story are the pleasant memories ahoartl the Sliuwhoat in this. the Pilot ul' WSU. rx, Twilight Silhouettes Fred Sweusen, Shirley Paist t lf g, ,g gg fbi? 7'-55" NJ, V V His the sweet - est game I know . . .' Showboat-It's almost curtain time- Performers-Carol Wilson, Bob Bjorndahl, David Briggs, Jean Larson 4 ft: - lf! 6Cap -tain Bill, Cap - tainw Smooth sailing and star performances are possible on the Showboat lVlurray as the captain, William J. Scanlan, guides the craft and sets an example for all of the crew. l By way of being a good sailor, lVlr. Scanlan did his bit in Wiorld Wai' II as a Lt. in Uncle Sam's Navy. . lVlr. Scanlan is widely known in educational circles, serving as principal of Gaultier Grade School in St. Paul and as assistant principal of Wilson and Murray High Schools before becoming lVlurray's present principal. He has been a member of the State lVl.E.A. Board and was president of the St. Paul Division of lVl.E.A. this past year. Progressive, sincere, witty, and friendly, Captain Bill is admired and respected by all of the Showboatis crew and cast. Whenever there is a sports, event or a social affair on the billing, lVlr. Scanlan is the1'e not only giving his support, but enjoying the fun. On the serious side he is the kindly leader who guides wisely and who is interested in the welfare of every individual. It takes perseverance, patience, and an understanding of human nature to chart the Showboatls course and to produce top performances. It is with sincere appreciation and genuine gratitude that the staff dedi- cates the 1950 Pilot to lVlurray,s principal, William J. Scanlan, our Show- boat,s Captain Bill. S ill? 'A im: "Everything Is Dandy" says the Captain, William J. Scanlan to Murray leaders Dave Holdaway, Bill Wegleit- ner, and ,loan Coulter, stand- ing. Seated are Marilyn Figg and lVlr. Scanlan. One of the best features of lVlurray High School is the remarkable cooperation be- tween students and faculty. fbecficalian W ' 255 X k Kg 4'We used to dream that we'd discove 0 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, T PROGRAMME It "Till Good Luck Comes Our Way" Page 9 "O, Tell Me, Did You Ever Make Believe?" Page 33 , "For Those Who 41 41 " Venture With C hancev Page 57 Scenes Qaam H qfaaling, Sfzaw " -2 X i "We, - 11 play a - 10Hg" J iq-u.H 'A , in in .,' A ' V' 'F 5 "'-. A 'ji ' " W x ' " 4 I --. V'li!'lX' W- eg Q11 .H "'f'Q-Xa- ,- l,il JJlllEluln1-ng :.4J U .- N.ii1-f' I ,Q -1 ,,- b . 1.-K--nlllllAlnu,lllllIl , k :V H 'n pg,-F'i5,-.IJb . B - -V ., + - ffl 1 ' 'mix--3,g,., Qtllzgzjgf-37' 'W XQQQ -QQBIZ, Q. fix- ,X YN g,?.,45 .A 3 'Lui ,5 , X - fix -5 - ' M X - :'- L , - K J -nm.-. - X ,g wa game fwfa Game! 0144 Way 'wi 1 ,ff The Showlyoatjs Crew- Nlinok at that lric-ky une." says Principal William J. Scanlan, right, lu Mr. Alexander lleron. band leacler. two ardent fans at lmckey games. Working out new strategy for lhe big games are lmasketlmall eoaelies Cenrge Hose and liolwert Ritter. Before scliool and seeonrl periml notices acquire time ailelilion of this foursmne. Mary Hart. Miss Vallmrg Helseili. Miss lfleznnn' Sll'4'lSlIlllll. anal Miss li2'llll6I'ill0 Fey. Something inust lie amusing: as lllese teachers seem to lie enjoying tlieniselves at afternoon tea liefure a faeulty meeting. They are Miss Marion Cratz. serxer. Mrs. Helene Becker. Mrs. Cora llalvorsfm. Mrs. Mary' llurnion. Mrs. Helen lVlr-Ueever. Mrs. lnez Gugislnerg. and Miss Margaret Glenn. Discussing prolilenis they' llaye in emnnmn are Miss Cullierine Daly, Joan Tullerucl, Mr. Guy Tollerufl, Slilllf llireetni' of Vortalional tilIiIlilIll'l'. anti Mrs. George Ilergup. Vifinner of llie magazine sullseripliun mlrire llelfl early in llle year was Miss Malvel Surralfs eiglitli grade lwnueromn. Slnmwn with Ilieir prize. ai reeurml player. are Charles li1'4ml4iris. Leon Cmulrif'l1. lIiQllf'Si sales- Illilll. Miss l"lorenCe Vest. and Miss Xlalvel Snrratt. Learning tile 'tricks ol tlie iramlei from Nlr. lien Ury nilci- sen. ilirec-lur of Voeaticmal l'i4lln'ali1n1. seeuncl from left. are Mr. George Beruu m. ,lnei Hrynilclsen. anfl Mr. . . l , 'Xllverl S1lIIflllf'I'Q. 1 QSM Y NX Q MW 1, ', , . S3'59f"1- W mr,-A M A Wfrffi.. . X., K. AN wgmwx 5. . A, if Mui, -9? - W-gk, , Sfsigvgagwtgg ff 5 352: A' ,Q 15252 55 513-l 72 5?g'ia sigsj9g-fr :Mew 5. my 'size gy 3 S S? S - .4, X N 57 35 H fp, f Q X 3 h V ? 'i k Q Q Q X 2 . wi , .ENE 3 2 Z'-LNS I I 7' 3 gfffxf I f.A.W.' l E 5 aww ,s in vm "Let Me Look Them Overv Mrs. George Bergup. school nurse, looks rather douhtful whether the scale will last through the Weighing of these three football huskies, Pat MeGuinn, Jack Viemann, and Bill Lund. iLWlJTkiI1g Togetherw was the main point stressed at The United States Peace Conference held last spring. Looking over some of the display material are Marlys Hurst, Margaret Thoennes. Marilyn Wi11te1', Joyce Brusoe. and Doris Olson. 6'We're standing on top of the world.W seems to he the thoughts of Sammy Preus, David Christopherson. and Ed Sorteherg. Taking it upon themselves. the hoys are making a blueprint of the school. Here they are on the roof. Trying out the new radio hroadeasting room for one of the Hrst times this year are ,lanet Tripp. Roh Fender. and Dorothy Rosaeker, Dranialie Cluh enthusiasts. Page TM!!'IZ'f Senior Board Taking Time Uut First row: Bill Mcllluskey, Charles Winter. Second Row: Marjorie dr-Neui, Marlys Hurst, Tom Steveken, Joanne Fay, Pat McCuinn. Marilyn Figg. Third row: Roger Ettel, Pat Flaherty, Bill Lund. ltis almost curtain time for the grand finale of the Showboatis production-graduation of one hundred ninety seniors. They have come a long Way since the freshman days of 1945. ln fact, the early days now seem very remote, and events hazy. As juniors, life became a maze of extra-curricular activities that kept heads whirling. At the helm of affairs was Kenneth Spates. class president, and advisers, Miss Virginia Fertig and Miss Marie Darche. HDid you ask him yet?7' was the main topic of discussion for weeks before the Sadie llawkins Dance. Complete with dancing, zany entertainment, and re- freshments it was a big success. The theme, Blue Mist, dreamy music, and beautiful Howers made the Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the Leamington Hotel, May twenty-seventh, an unforgetable evening. Bill lVlcCluskey took over as president of the senior class. To achieve originality, the class gave a Basket Social. The girls filled gaily decorated baskets with delectable food. and Mr. Robert Schanke auctioned these off to the lucky boys. 'flVlother Was A l7reshman,7' a hilarious comedy, was presented by two separate casts, February second and third as the senior class play. Today, the seniors are the chief actors on the Showboatis stage. It is their day for recognition and scholastic honors. june sixteenth will see this group become the tenth class to graduate from lVlurray. It is the turn of the half century as the curtain goes down on the high school life of the Class ol l950. Ptfge Thfrlccn 8 F Q.. 3, Q Haig' , 5 f are 1 t I in t .ef f if A R F .1 . 3 A . ,. QL 'i ,':' 33 , .un Page Fourteen A ,V ACTON, CAROLYN ANN-Girls' League3 Library Club3 Mur curie Reporter 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 43 Junior Red Cross Rep. 2 Office FOTCPQ Dramatic Club3 Quill and Scrollg Student Counci Rep. 3g Supply Store S3l6SIIl3IlQ Senior Class Play. ALBRECHT, ROLAND EDWIN-Baseball 33 Operetta 23 Boys League. ANDERSON, ALBERT-Library Club3 Canteen Committee 33 Junioi Red Cross Rep. 33 Boys' League. ATKINSON, MARY C.AQuill and Scroll3 Student Council Rep. 3 Executive Board 43 Supply Store Salesman 23 Girls' League Rep. 2 Vice Pres. 33 Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-Advertising Mgr. 43 Home- coming Queen Candidate3 Junior Class Board. AVERBECK, DALEfBoys' League. BAKER, ALLEN-Track 3, 43 Boys' League. BEARD, PETER C.-Homecoming Queen Manager: Junior Class SPfgPHHl-Hi-ATHISQ "M" Club3 Golf I, 2, 43 Boys' League. BEMLOTT, HENRY-Library Club3 Football 3, 43 Student Council Rep. 43 Boys' League3 St. Louis Park High School, St. Louis Park, Minn., I, 2. BERGE, KATHRYN ANN-Student Council Rep. 43 Dramatic Club3 Choir3 Operetta 3, 43 Canteen Committee 33 Pilot Agent 43 Girls' League. BERGSTROM, HELEN LUCILLE-Girls, League3 Athletic Dept. Typist. BERGSTROM, JEAN-Girls, League3 G.A.A. BESETH, GORDON-Murcurie Agent 4g Golf 3, 43 Skiing 2, 33 Boys' League. BOLDT, WILLIAM-Choir3 Operetta 43 Intramural Sports3 Boys' League. BORKAN, MYLAN G.-Boys' League3 Intramural Sports3 MMU Cll1llQ Hockey 3, 4g Football 3, 4. BRIGGS, DAVID G.-Library Club, Corresponding Sec. 43 Pilot Agent 13 Football 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Canteen Treas. 33 "M" Club3 Safety Council3 Student Council Executive Board 3, Pres. 4g Intramural Sports3 Boys' Leagueg Boys' State Rep. 33 Hi-Y Chapter I, Treas. 4. BRIOSCHI, EUGENE Mf-Senior Class Boardg 'EMU Club3 Student Council Rep. 13 Swimming 2, 33 Boys' League. BROCKEN, PATRICIA-Girls' League3 Murcurie Agent I, 2, Re- porter 3, Co-Advertising Mgr. 43 Canteen Committee 33 Quill and Scrollg Senior Class Play. BROLIN, BEVERLY-Girls, League3 Washington High School, St. Paul, Minn., 1, 2. BROOKINS, CARLETON-Pilot Photographer 43 Projection Crew 43 Choir3 Operetta 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 2, 3, 4, Custodian 2, 3, 43 Boys' League3 Senior Class Play. BROWN, LAURA-Girls' League3 Canteen Committee 33 Choir3 Operetta 3, 43 Senior Class Play. BRUSOE, JOYCE-Student Council Rep. 13 Girls' League. BRYNILDSEN, JUEL R.SGirls' League Rep. 33 Murcurie Agent 1, 2, Reporter 3, Proof Reader 33 Pilot Co-Editor-in-Chief 43 G.A.A., Sports Head 33 Canteen Co-Chairman 33 Quill and Scroll3 Library Club3 Girls' Glee Club. CALVERLEY, ALICE J.-G.A.A.3 ClI'lSJ-LCZigl1l'Q Junior Red Cross Rep. 43 Girls' Glee Club3 Flag Twirler 3, 4. CARLSON, PATRICIA JOAN-Girls' League Rep. 33 J-S Committee3 G.A.A., Sports Head 3, All-City Letter 4, Pres. 43 Junior Red Cross Rep. I3 Choir3 Operetta 43 Girls, Glee Club3 Dramatic Club3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 3, 4, Sec. 4, Orchestra 33 Student Council Rep. 1, Executive Board 2. CERINI, HELEN-Girls' League, Girls, Glee Club. CHRJSTESEN, JOYCE M,--Student Council Executive Board 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Choir, Opcrctta 3, 4, Girls' Glcc Club, Melody Girls,, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Murcurie Agent 2, Cir- culation Manager 4, Library Club, Pres. 4, Girls, League Rep 1, D.A.R. Award. CHRISTENSON, PHILIP- J-S Committee, Track 1, Boys, Leagut CHRISTIANS, RONALD- -Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Roys, League, Cathedral High School, St. Cloud, Minn., 1. CHRISTIANSON, PAUL J,--Library Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Murcuric Reporter 3, Sports Editor 4, Homecoming Queen Man- ager, Junior Class Board, Canteen Committee 3, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, Intramural Sports, Boys, League, Hi-Y Chapter 1, Senior Class Play. CONNELLY, MARlLYNN-"Student Council Rep. 4, Dramatic Club, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Girls, Glec Club, Murcurie Agent 4, Girls, Leaguc Rep. 1, 2. COOK, l5ETTY-Girls, League, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, 2, Student Council Executive Roartl 2, 3, Lost and Found 2, 3. COOK, DONALD-Stage Force 4, Boys, League, Junior Red Crosf Rep. 2, COULTER, JOAN-Girls, League Rep. 2, 3, 4, Library Club, Mur- curie Reporter 3, Girls, Sports Editor 4, Quill and Scroll, Student Council Rep. 1, Supply Store Salesman 2, J-S Committee. CUMMINGS, THOMAS- Rand 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 4, Roys, League. IDAHL, MARLO J.+Boys, League. DAMMANN, BARBARA Lf C.A.A., Girls, League, Wilson High School, St. Paul, Minn., 1, 2. lDAVlDSON, ELEANOR L.-- Office Force, Girls, League. DE NEUJ, MARJORIE-Girls, League, Murcurie Reporter 3, Copy Editor 4, G.A.A., Sports Head 3, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, Quill and Scroll, Choir, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Band 4. DE SANTIS, JOAN-Lost and Found 3, Girls, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, 2, Girls, League. UB AY, BEVERLY-,G irls, League. TTEL. ROGER-Senior Class Treas., Choir, Operctta 2, 3, Intra- mural Sports, Boys, League, Hi-Y Como Park Chapter. EVANS, GEORGE DUANE--Boys, League, uM,, Club, Track 3, 4, Central High School, Austin, Minn., 1. l EVANS, VIRGINIA--Pilot Agent 4, Choir, Operctta 4, Girls, Glec Club, Austin High School, Austin, Minn., 1, Senior Class Play. FAY. JOANNE M.-Student Council Rep. 3, Homecoming Queen 3 Candidate, Senior Class See., Girls, League Rep. 2, Program ' Chairman 4. ENDER, ROBERT N.--Stage Force 3, Boys, League, Dramatic Club, Homecoming Queen Manager, Minnehaha Academy, Minnea apolis, Minn., 1, Senior Class Play. FENSKE. MARGARET ANN' -Girls' League: Library Club. Pro- gram Chairman 4, Pilot Agent 2. 3, Junior Class Sec., Band 2, Treas. 4-. Letter Award 3, 4. Clar. Quartette, Orchestra 2, Morris High School, Morris, Minn.. 1. FIGG, MARlLYN ELAINE-f-Rand 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Letter Award 4, G.A.A., Senior Class Roard, Pilot Agent 4, Girls, League. FLAHAVE, MARJANN E.- Girls, League Y . Qt' ' :-...-., ...I HF - A . xr g,, .,, , My ',':' it ,Bl r,, Ipv: ,V 2. ,.. Vyp V t,,r. ' frtg I ,KM ,.g: ,ei Page Fifteen ' N' xx v ft. Rl 15 6 E E I or af 1 'K ' T 5 .J ' Q g r ' t I ' .,., wawv: ig ew., f - - ,, M, 'fe w f"'f55g,3,i51f' .1?,'iE, s - ' . i ' 1 'ga I 1 1 , Q.. wi S , ig X Q ., ,ri wa , 2,1 .,.,. f-Mer fwaesf - 'ig ,F ...ff ,xi Z f N. I .. i A .,.- 3' K I Page Sixteen FLAHERTY, PATRICK F.-Murcurie Agent l. 2, Senior Class Board, Junior Class Vice Pres., Football 4, Hockey 3, UMW Club, Intramural Sports, Boys, League Rep. 3, Red Cross Rep. 3, Senior Class Play. FLETTY, GERALDINEfCirls' League, Eau Claire High School, Eau Claire, Wis., l, 2. FOLSOM, JACK GRANT-Pilot Ass't. Business Mgr. 3, Head Busi- ness Mgr. 4, Homecoming Queen Manager, Junior Class Treas., Boys, League Pres. 3, Quill and Scroll. FORSBERC, HAROLD-Pilot Agent I, 2, 3, Assistant Business Mgr. 4, Junior Red Cross Rep. 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, Boys' League, Quill and Scroll. FREYBERCER, JEANNESGirls' League, Pilot Agent 2, 3, 4, Dra- matic Club, Flag Twirler 3, Senior Class Play. CAMMEL, ELLEN MARGARET-Girls, League Rep. 3, C.A.A., Sports Head 3, Vice Pres. 4, All-City Letter, Girls, Clec Club, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 4, Orchestra 3, 4. GAUTSCHI, CERALDINE-C.A.A., All-City Letter, Projection Crew Sec. 4, Oflice Force, Choir, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club. GEILFUSS, WILLIAM-Library Club, Canteen Committee 3, Boys' League. GILBERT, JAMES N.--Swimming 2, 3, Boys, League, Track I. GRAYDEN, HELEN .IEAN+Girls' League. GRANOVSKY, ROBERT-Football Manager 4, Basketball Man- ager 3, Canteen Committee 3, Operetta 2, 3, Boys' League, Intra- mural Sports. HAHNEN, ROBERT C., JR.-Murcurie Ass't. Business Manager 3, Manager 4, Basketball 2, 3, HMI, Club, Choir, Operetta 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Student Council Rep. l, Intramural Sports, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Boys' eLague, Hi-Y Chapter I. HALLCREN, SYLVIA M.xDramatic Club, C.A.A., Sports Head 3. All-City Letter, Girls' League, Physical Ed. Typist, Lost and Found 3. HANSON, EVELYNN JEANE-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Dramatic Club, Junior Red Cross Rep. 2, G.A.A., Murcurie Agent 2, Cirls' League, Senior Class Play. HANSON, CONSTANCE-Girls' League Rep. 2, Murcurie Agent 4, Dramatic Club, Lost and Found 3, 4, Senior Class Play. HARFF, JEROMEfChoir, Operetta 4, Boys' League, Harding High School, St. Paul, Minn., I, 2. HART, MARY JOAN-Girls' League Rep. 4, Office Force, Student Council Bookkeeper 2, 3, Guidance Typist. HARTICH, CECELIA M.sGirls' League, Office Force. HAUGAN, AUGUST WILLIAM-Library Club, Auxiliary Instructor 4, First Vice Pres. 4, MINT, Club, Student Council Executive Board 3, 4, Sec. 4, Intramural Sports, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Boys' League, Hi-Y Chapter I, Pres. 4, All-City Pres. 4. HAYDEN, PATRICIA-Girls' League Rep. 2, Murcurie Agent 1, 4, G.A.A., Sports Head 2, All-City Letter, Personal Sec. 3, .Iunior Red Cross Rep. I, Dramatic Club, Cheerleader 3, 4, Safety Coun- cil 3, Drivers' Club Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 6, Senior Class Play. HEATON, JEROMEABoys7 League. HEDENSTROM, CHARLES-Pilot Agent 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' League. HENTCES, MARLENE DELORES-Girls' League, St. Benedict's High School, St. Joseph, Minn., I. HERBERT, JOHN-Intramural Sports, Boys, League. JERVIG, HAROLD C.-Library Club, Track Manager 1, Trallic Squad 3, lioys' League. IIINES, SALLY ANNfGirls' League, Junior Red Cross Rep. 2, Senior Class Play. HINTON, THOMAS-Junior Red Cross Vice Pres. 4, Skiing 1, 2, 4, Boys' League. HOLDAWAY, DAVID R.--Library Club, Student Council Supply Store Mgr. 3, 4, Boys' League, Punaliou High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1, 2, Swimming 4. IIOOPER, DANA LAUREL---Girls' League, Library Club, Mur- curie Agent 1, 2, 3. HOSKA, GEORG EfBoys' League. IUGHLEY, CAROLmGirIs' League. IUGHLEY, GENEVIEVE-Girls' League. IURST, MARLYS-Senior Class Yiee Pres., Girls' League, Choir, Operetta 4, Girls' Glee Club. IUWE, LENORE E.-Girls' League, Treas. 4, Homecoming Queen, ,Junior Class Board, Choir, Sec. 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- Q cil Rep. 1, Lost and Found. CENSEN, JOANNE-Girls' League, llurcurie Typist 4, Choir, iOperetta 3. 4, Girls' Glee Club. DHNSEN, MARGIE-Girls' League Rep. 2, See. 3, G.A.A., All- 'City Letter, See, Treas. 4, Choir, Operetta 4, Girls' Glee Club, I Dramatic Club, Vice Pres. 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 4, Student Council Rep. 3, Supply Store Salesman 3, Senior Class Play. OHNSON, DORIS MAE-Dramatic Club, Pilot Typist 4, Mur- curie Typist 4, Girls' League Rep. 1, Senior Class Play. OHNSON, KAY MERLYN-Girls' League, Library Club, Pilot Agent 1, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council Rep. 2, Murcurie Reporter 3, Editorial Staff 4. ORGENSON, MARLYS-Girls' League, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, 2, 3, Office Force. ORGENSEN, RICHARD--Choir, Treas. 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Boys' League. AISER, JACQUELINE L.-Girls' League, Murcurie Agent 2, Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Operetta 4, Lost and Found 4. EITH, DICK, JR.4Como Hi-Y, Boys' League, Intramural Sports, Quill and Scroll, "M" Club, Canteen Committee 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Manager 4, Ass't. Mureuric Business Manager 3, Co-Business Manager 4. ENNEDY. BARBARA P. -f-- Student Council Rep. 4: Dramatic Club, Clioir, Operetta 4, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. NOWLAN, MARGARET- Girls' League Rep. 3, 4, Junior Class Board, Mureurie Agent 3, Choir, Operetta 2, 3. OALSKA, BERNARD-Boys' League. OENEKE. EDITH L.-Student Council Rep. 1, 2, Clleerleader 4, Quill and Seroll, Dramatie Club: Junior Red Cross Rep. 2, J-S Committee, Mureurie Agent 1, 2, 3, Reporter 3, Proof Reader 3, Pilot Agent 1. 2, 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4, Girls' League Rep. 1, Senior Class Play. ROONA, COLLEEN ANN-Girls' League Rep. 4, Band 3, 4, G.A.A., Sports Head 3, Stage Force 3. RUETH. ANNETTEQOIHW Force, Asst Pilot Typist 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Girls' League. E x A , Page Sevenfcm FH. ,W aw. M 3+ -at q F . 1 K if ma 5 . ,, s F .igu A , ii! tr: . , ..,, Un .4 A 4' I Vlgi A . 'A' : Page --fvf -Y KVASSE, JOSEPH-Baseball Manager 1, 'EIW7 Club, Swimming 2, Intramural Sports, Choir, Pres. 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Boys, League, Como Chapter Hi-Y, Senior Class Play. LARSON, JEAN-Student Council Rep. 3, Safety Council Treas. 3, Canteen Committee 3, Mureurie Agent 1, 2, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. LARSON, MARJORIE-Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club, .lunior Red Cross Rep. 4, Mureurie Agent 1, 2, Girls' League Rep. 2, Senior Class Play. LEHMANN, MARJORIE ANN-Girls, League, Quill and Scroll, Office Force, Washington High School, St. Paul, Minn., 1, 2, 3. LEIFERMAN, ELAINE-Choir, Opcretta 4, ,lunior Red Cross Rep. 1, Girls? League. LILYGREN, SARA C.-Stage Force 3, Quill and Scroll, Sec. 4, Dramatic Club Pres. 4, Mureurie Reporter 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4, Girls, League, Senior Class Play. LORENZ, EDWARD-Boys, League, Library Club. LUBINS, YVONNE ANN-Office Force, Girls, League, Sec. to Miss Daly 4. LUDWIG, LOIS-Girls' Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Flag Twirler 3, Girls' League. LUND, WILLIAM F.-Senior Class Board, Sergeant-at-Arms, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, MINT? Club, Intramural Sports, Boys' League, Senior Class Play. LYON, PATRICIA Af-Student Council Rep. 3, Supply Store Sales- man 3, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatic Club, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. MAC DONALD, JOANNE-Girls' League, Office Force MACZIEWSKI, MARY LOU-Office Force lxliss Dalyj, Girls, League. MALLORY, GORDON-Hockey 2, 3, 4, Choir, Operetta 4, "IVF, Club, Boys' League, Homecoming Queen Manager. MARKOVICH, JOSEPH R.-Choir, Operetta 4, Boys' League, Stage Force, Senior Class Play. MARSH, JAMES-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Manager 4, Track 1, 2, MNT, Club, Sec. Treas. 4, Intramural Sports, Skiing 1, Boys' League, Program Committee. MATTSON, NORMA C.-G.A.A., Sports Head 1, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Ofiice Force, Girls' League. MC CALLUM, ROBERT-Intramural Sports, Boys' Leagut MC CLUSKEY, WILLIAM-Senior Class Pres., junior Class Board, Football Manager 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Red Cross Rep. 3, "M" Club, Boys, League. MC DOWELL, JOANN Mf-Quill and Scroll, Dramatic Club, Ollice Force, Mureurie Reporter 3, Editorial Staff 4, Library Club, Sec. 4, Girls' League Rep. 1, Senior Class Play. MC GRATH, DONALD E.-Boys, League Pres. 4, Tennis 1, 2, Band 1, Quill and Scroll, MM" Club, Baseball 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, ,lunior Class Board, Senior Class Board, Mureurie Editorial Staff, Hi-Y, Chapter 1, Sergeant-at-Arms. MC GUINN, PATRICK-Co-Pilot Sports Editor 4, Senior Class Board, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, 'ilili' Club, Intramural Sports, Boysl League. MILLER, CHARLOTTE L.-Student Council Executive Board 4, Quill and Scroll, Choir, EX-Choir Vice Pres. 4, Operetta 3, 4, Melody Girls, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club, G.A.A., All-City Letter, .I-S Committee, Pilot Feature Editor 4, Mureurie Agen 2, Re- porter 3, Library Club, Girls? League. MILLER, LOIS ANNW-Quill and Scroll, Student Council Rep. 2, 3, Pilot Editorial Staff 4, Mureurie Reporter 3, Girls, League. MOLKENTHIN, LAURENE DOROTHY-G.A.A., Girls' League, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Glec Club, Melody Girls', Flag Twirler 3, Senior Class Play. MONEY, DONALD-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Traliic Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Boys' League. MORRIS, SARAH CAROLINE-Canteen Hostess 3, Pilot AgentV1, 2, Editorial Staff 4, Library Club, Girls' League, Junior Bed Cross Rep. 3, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Reporter 3. MURDOCK, BURTON Af-Canteen Committee 3, Junior Red Cross Pres. 4, MINT' Club, Intramural Sports, Boys' League, Hi-Y Chapter I, Baseball 4, Senior Class Play. MURPHY, MARYLU-Supply Store Bookkeeper 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Office Force, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Girls' League, Pilot Co-Senior Editor 4. NIEIVIAN, PHYLLIS4Girls' Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. NELSON, RONALD W.-Boys' League, lntramural Sports. NICKELSEN, PATRICIA-Girls' League. OLSEN, DORIS-Office Force, Library Typist 4, Lost and Found 3, Girls' League Rep. 2, 3, 4. OLSON, BEVERLY ANN--Girls' League, Junior Red Cross Rep. 4. OLSON, DONALD B.-Traf'Hc Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 3, 4, Intramural Sports, Boys' League. OLSON, JEROME Cf-Track 2, 3, Choir, Operetta 2, 3, Boys' League. PAINTER, BONNIE-Choir, Operetta 4, Dramatic Club, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. PAULBITSKE, LA VANCHEfGirls' League, Junior Red Cross Rep. 1. PEDERSON, WILLIAM-Boys' Leagut PERRON, PHYLLIS--Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, Girls' League. PETERSON, LOUIS F.kBoys' League, Traffic Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieut. 3, 4. PODD, PATRICIA H.---G.A.A., Pilot Agent 2, 3, Girls' Sports Editor 4, Murcurie Agent 3, Reporter 3, Girls' League, Library Club. POESCHL, JOEL R.-f--Boys' League, Golf 1, 2, lntramural Sports: 'SM7' Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Red Cross Rep. 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play. POSTHUMUS, FAYE EILEEN-Library Club, Mureurie Artist 4, Reporter 3, Girls' League, Columbia Heights High School, Colum- bia Heights, Minn.. 1. 2. PRICKETT, RUSSELL O.4'Traek 3, 4, Choir, Operetta 3. 4, Dra- matic Club, "M" Club, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Director 3, 4, Pres. 4, Letter Award 4, Intramural Sports, Cross Country 3, Captain 4, Drum Ensemble 2, Senior Class Play, Canteen Com- mittee 3. PRODGER. ROBERT-f-Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Boys' League, "M" Club, Traffic Squad 2, Student Council Executive Board 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, 4. PROSHEK, BARBARA A.kCanteen Committee 3, Girls' League Rep. 2, Pres. 4, Homecoming Queen Candidate, G.A.A., All-City Letter, Sec. Treas. 3, Junior Class Board, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter Award 4, Student Council Rep. 2, Executive Board 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4. RESCH, AGNESfMurcuric Typist, Pilot Typist, Girlsi League, Office Force. 3 'Wi ivw .. A , Page Twenly ROEPKE, MARY A.--Canteen Sec. 33 Dramatic Club3 Murcurie Agent 3, 43 Pilot Agent 1, 23-Girls, League3 Senior Class Play. ROEHRICH, JOAN-Quill and Scroll, Vice Pres. 4: Murcurie Re- porter 3, Feature Editor 43 Girls, League-3 Northrop Collegiate School, Minneapolis, Minn., 1. ROLPH, PRISCILLA ANN-Drum Majorette 3, 43 Girls, League RONNING, DOREEN KALE-Student Council Rep. 23 Dramatic Club, Girls, Glee Club, Operetta 3, 43 Choirg Melody Girls,3 Junior Red Cross Sec. 43 Girls, League Rep. 2. RORTVEDT, DUANE K.--Dramatic Club3 Junior Red Cross Rep. 33 Boys' League3 Concordia High School, St. Paul, Minn., 13 Senior Class Play. ROSACKER, DOROTHY L.-Stage Force 33 Girls, State Rep. 33 Girls, League3 Pilot Agent 13 Junior Red Cross Rep. 23 Senior Class Play3 Dramatic Club. RUTFORD, ROBERT H.-Library Club, Treas. 43 Murcurie Agent 1g Football 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Cll01I', Operetta 1, 23 "MH Club3 Boys, Leagueg Como Chapter Hi-Y, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4. SCHMUGGE, LUANNE-Murcurie Business Stafl 3, 43 G.A.A., All- City Letter, Recording Sec. 43 Choir3 Operetta 43 Dramatic Club3 Girls, League3 Senior Class Play. SCHRADER, ROBERT H.-Library Club3 Murcurie Agent 43 Pilot Circulation Manager 43 Canteen Co-Chairman 33 Choir3 Operetta 2, 33 Boys' League3 Quill and Scroll. SCHULZE, WARREN E.--Boys' League3 Trailic Squad 1. 2, 3, 4, Lieut. 3, 4. SCHULZE, WELDON-Traffic Squad 43 Intramural Sports3 Boys, League. SCOTT, DWIGHT ROBERT-Student Council Rep. 33 Boys' League. SEABORG, RONALD-Baseball 23 Band 3, 43 Boys, Leagut-3 Mur- curie Reporter 43 Quill and Scroll. SHANNON, PATRICIA HELEN-Band 1, 2, 4, Letter Award 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Girls, Glee Club3 Girls, League Rep. 3, 43 Library Club3 G.A.A., Sports Head 2, 4, All-City Ls-tter3 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4. SIMONS, BETTY JUNE-Supply Store Bookkeeper 3, 43 Girls, League. SIMONSEN, JEAN-4Dramatic Club3 Girls, Leagur-3 Junior Red Cross Rep. 1, 2g Senior Class Play. SMICH, JOHN-Library Club3 Murcurie and Pilot Art Editor 43 Canteen Committee 33 Boys' League3 Quill and Scroll. SPATES, KENNETH-Boys, League3 Student Council Rep. 2, Exec- utive Board 23 "NF, Club3 Track 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Pres.3 Library Club. SPRAGUE, DONNA--Dramatic Club3 Girls' Le-ague3 Central High School, St. Paul, Minn., 1, 2, 3. STATHAS, VIRGINIA-Girls, League Rep. 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir. Stu- dent Director 43 Operetta 3, 43 Girls' Glee C1UDQ Dramatic Club, Senior Class Play. STEVEKEN, THOMAS E.-Senior Class Sergeant-at-Arms3 Boys' League, Vice Pres. 33 ',M', Club, Vice Pres. 43 J-S Committeeg Football 2, 43 Track 2, 43 Junior Class S9I'gt'3H1-8.1-AIIIISQ Choirg Operetta 3, 4. STEVENS, ELEAN-Pilot Agent 43 Girls, League3 Central High School, St. Paul, Minn., 2, 3. STRENGLIS, PAULINEfQuill and Scroll3 Dramatic Club3 Girls, Glee Club3 Girls' League Rep. 13 Murcurie Editorial Staff 4, Re- porter 33 Senior Class Play. SWANSON, HAROLDSBoys, League3 Track 3, 43 Football 43 Student Council Rep. 4. TCHIDA, DUANE L.-Ofhce Force, Intramural Sports, Golf 2, 4, Boys' League. THOENNES, MARGARET-Pilot Agent 1, 2, 3, Girls' I..-ug...-g A,.' fir, '55 " , Dramatic Club, Lost and Found 4, Senior Class Play. THOMA. ALLEN-Hockey 3, 4, "M" Club, Intramural Sports, Boys' League. THOMAS, RICHARD ISOYCE-Murcurie and Pilot Photographer 3, 4, Football 4, Projection Crew Co-Chairman 4, Band 1, 2. 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Letter Award 3, 4, Boys' League. TOLLERUD, IOANNE C.-Office Force, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra 2, 3, Girls' League, Austin High School, Austin, Minn., 1. VARNEY, JEANNE E.fGirls' League, Fordson High School. Dear- born, Mich., 3. VASTERLING, RAE MARIEV-Junior Red Cross Rep. 3, Choir: Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' League. VELLINE, DOUGLAS-Boys' League, Swimming 2, Jefferson ,Ir. High School, Minneapolis, Minn., I. WAHLSTEDT, ROBERT L.-Library Club, Boys' League. WALSTROM, IRENE ANN- 'Girls' League Rep. 4, Ollice Force. WARFIELD, DOUGLAS CHARLESfIunior Red Cross Rep. 2, 4, HM" Club, Student Council Rep. 1, Boys' League, Swimming 3, 4. WEGLEITNER, WILLIAM J.-Co-Pilot Sports' Editor 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, HM" Club, Pres. 4, Student Council Executive Board 3, 4, Treas. 4, Intramural Sports, Boys' League, Sec. Treas, 4. WILLIAMS, MARCIA-Junior Red Cross Ren. 2, Choir: Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, Pres. 4, I-S Chairman, Pilot ,Iunior Class Editor 3, School Life Editor 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Library Club, Second Vice Pres. 4, Auxiliary Instructor, Girls' League, Senior Class Play. WILLIAMSON, PATRICIA ANN-Quill and Scroll, Treas. 4, Dra- matic Club: Girls' Glee Club, Pilot Agent 2, 3, Murcurie Reporter 3, Feature Editor 4, Girls' League, Kaukauna High School, Kau- kauna, Wis., 1, Senior Class Play. WILSON, CAROL ANN-Canteen Committee 3, G.A.A., Pilot Co- Advertising Mgr. 4, Quill and Scroll, Murcurie Agent 3, Reporter 3, Business Staff 4, Girls' League, Library Club. WINTER, MARILYN M.4Quill and Scroll, Canteen Committee 3, G.A.A., Pilot Co-Senior Editor 4, Mureurie Reporter 3, Operetta 2, Girls' League, Lost and Found 3. WINTER. CHARLES-Senior Board, ,Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3, Dramatic Club, Student Council Rep. 2, Intramural Sports, Boys' League, Senior Class Play. YOUREMAN, ELLEN LOUISE-Girls' League, Graduating from Mankato High School, Mankato, Minn. ZANDLO. CATHERINE-,Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2, Girls' League. ZIMMER, MARY-G.A.A., Pilot Agent 1, 2, Murcurie Agent 3, Girls' League Rep. 3, 4, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Melody Girls', Dramatic Club, Senior Class Play. NOT PICTUREIJ ROBERT CLARK JERI SCHWARTEN DONALD LINDEMAN 1 I tr ' s x .iw , 'I .4 Page Twenty-one Marcia Jean Williams David Griflith Briggs Helen Patricia Shannon Margaret Ann Thoemies Lenore Elizaheth Huwe .. Carolyn Ann Acton ..,...,. Patricia Harland Podd ..,. Russell Oliver Prickett ..,.. Margaret Ann Fenske ., ., Margaret Marie Knowlan Doris A. Ulsen ,. , . Juel R. Brynildsen ....... Laura Brown .......,..,....,., Joan Elizabeth Coulter ,. Edith Louise Koeneke ,,.,,, Irene Ann Walst1'om ..,,,., Joyce M. Christesen . Carol Aim W1lSOll Patil Jolm Christianson Colleen Ann Kroona .... Patricia Ann Williamsoii . Marlys Joy Hurst .. ....... .. Joanne Catherine Tollerud Senior Honor Roll . 94.5000 . 94.3529 ,. .... 94.3000 . ,. 94.2222 92.6315 . , 92.4736 .. . 91.6110 , 91.4737 , . 91.4210 . , 91.4210 91.23889 . , . 91.2941 .. 91.2105 . . 91.0000 90.7777 .. 90.7777 , 90.6842 , . 90.6111 . , 90.4444 . 90.4375 . . 90.4324 90.2777 .. 90.2000 Dana Laurel Hooper .. A ,. ,. Dorothy Louise Rosaclcer Harold Elmer Forslierg Geraldine Marie Fletty August Williani Haugan, Jr. ,. Donald Edward McGrath . Barliara A. Proshek ..,,....., Marjorie Ann Lehmann Rohert Hutton Schrader Mary C. Atkinson ., ,. , Kay Merlyn Johnson . Patricia Brocken Geraldine Gautschi ..,.... . Marjorie Jean de Neui Charlotte 1.aVerne Miller , Rae Ma1'ie Vasterling , Jack Grant Folsom ...,. Joann M. McDowell ,.,. .. Doris Mae Johnson . Phyllis M. Perron .. .. Richard 13. Keith, Jr. ..... . Sara Crawford Lilygren .... Mary Jane Zimmer ..,. . Mary Joan Hart .....,.,..,........ , .,.. ,. 90.0000 P ,- - atricia A. Lyon ....... Charles Vlferner Hedenstrom ,.,, 90.0000 R, h d B Tl Marilyn Elaine Figg , ,. .. . 89.9411 It dl ' lomds Ellen Margaret Gammel ..., . 89.8947 Ba1'1JH1'H Paulme Kennedy Marilyn M. Wiiiter' ..,...., , . 89.8500 R0lD61'i L- W2lhlSi6dI They Sing Christmas Carols tht-se juniors and seniors who aildml the toul f Christmas music for the St. Paul W Institute in December Directed hy Mrs. Hclcn McGeever, music tcaclier at Murray, tl I 4-nts-red into the holiday spirit and gave a convincing performance-. They are Charlottr M ll Dorm-en Ronning, Mary Zimmer, Laurent' Molkenthin-Dick Richardson. Dale Connolly, Ne-il Johnson, Russell Prickett. Pogo Tufrnty-two 89.6470 89.5555 89.4761 89.3529 89.3529 89.3529 89.2105 89.1666 89.0526 88.8947 88.8947 88.8889 88.8888 88.8500 88.8333 88.8125 88.81 15 88.7368 88.6315 88.5000 88.4375 88.2222 88.2222 88.1666 88.1052 88.0555 88.0000 307 "We'll Tell Them About It llv Seated: Harlow Fjelstarl, Harlan Sween, sergeants-at-arms, Clyde Pemble, vice presidentg Roy Milton, secretaryg James Preus, treasurer. Smnrling: David Swenson, Neil Johnson, Barbara Aamoclt, Carol McConnell, Tom Swanson, president. Swinging into the current of extra-curricular life, the class of 1951 selected their junior oflicers and class rings in the spring of their sophomore year. Thus organized, the class was prepared to enjoy activities under the guidance of Miss Louise Smith and Mrs. Leona Hanson. Tom Swanson, president, headed a board that found the business of acquiring needed capital both enlightening and confusing. Two dances brought in the needed coins and gave enjoyment to the guests. The first was the Sweater Dance in October, and then followed the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Still mercenary minded, the juniors sponsored the movie UMargie7' for the student body and then did a tremendous business in popcorn balls. At last plans for the social headliner, the Junior-Senior Prom, were launched. Upper class- men now anticipate an evening of gay enchant- ment. The event will be held at the St. Paul Commodore Hotel, May twenty-sixth. First row: Virginia Sar gent, Margie Michaelson, ,lanet Johnson, Dorene Thompson, Carol McCon- nell, Margie Snodgrass, Shirlee OiBrien ' Joan Margette, Trudy Cerlach, Don Severson. June Hert, Yvonne Moline. Janice Gillis 9 Yvonne Kulen- kamp, Barbara Smich, Phil Aus, Clyde Pemble, William Swenson. Wtlsley Johnson, Eugene- Woehrle ' Dale Connolly, Rudolph Hayek, Donald Kongsvik, Harold Crove, Lloyd Hil- manowski, Robert Bastcl. Page Twenty-three 301 First row: Jeannine Lar- son, Shirley Paist, Eunice Espf-rscn, Diana Grover, Charlotte Hanson, Doris Nortin, Barbara Aanlodt 9 Mary Lou Wollum, ,lm-anetto Hannon, Rose- mary ,losf-phson, Marcia Barnvs, Lucille Lyon, Laura Cassiday, Cordon Hassett 9 Bob Nelson, Ed Ronkowski, Tom Swanson, James Deane-, Mark Peter- son, Roy Milton, Frvd Swenson, Barbara Pilgrm-ni Pzzgc Tzwniy-fozlr 302 First row: Nlary Helen llc-1-kvr. Yivian Xlartinson, Margiv lilwl. .lunv Zwieg, Richard llwle-nslrom. Dar- lm-nv llolighlly, Joycx' Borg- stroni 9 Nanviv Hodaon, ,loannv Hassr-llulad, Margie- Wauklin. Arlinv Franks, Mary Jam- llurnc-ll, llc-Ity He-nlgm-H, llolm Mankw-, Sally Ann Solnkowiak 9 Hilliard Smith, Donald Tvscli, lllauilv Saari, Harlow Fjvl- siad. Marxin johnson. Toni lic-iling. Hill l'alnn-r, Eli- xalwlh liowxnan 9 Karl K1-llm-r. Norman Pt'lt'l'SOIl. Ed Sorlvln-rg. Us-orgr' Rica, Philip Sampson. F 1' a fl k Shf-rnian, Larry Guillaume. 205 1'll'I'Sf raw: llavid Swanson, .lvan Grail, l,uc'ille' lJuBay, Marilyn liouvka, Patty Wingc-I, Mary lflvissnvr, .le-rry Wall 9 Carol Sol- land, ,loan Oakins. .luli- annv l'rm-lla, Virginia Hog- lwrg. lfarolyn Androws, Palrivia Kvnnvrly, ,loan Strolwf-k 9 'Nlary Ann lfdlllm-sion. Ronald Larson, fivflfgl' llmlgvs. lioll Wlil- liamson. l'l v 1' l y n Hall, ,loyvv .Xnn Matvjcvk. Dave 'l'urnvr. nlliw- Stulwr 9 Frank lfvku-rstorfvr. June Wason. .luflith 5prii-sle-rs- lmavh. 'll-ll Pole-1'sol1, Don- ald Millvr. C1-orgv llropik, Gayle- Mattson 9 ,lames Marlin, Larry Lang. .lohn Waligvristf-4-ri, VV i l l i a m 'forge-rson, Bun Thoina, U4-orgu Pappas, Ronald Koch, K1-nny Pr-tvrson. 202 Firxl row: Diane Marko- vich, ltr-ll Ann Vance, Harrie-lt liisinark, ,loan Newman, Dian Gustafson, Shirley Moe, Milos Antler- son 9 Janet Tripp, Anrlri- vnv Lev, Ralph Nt-tt, Gm-orgir-nv liluehaugh, Gail Holzinger. Lois Anderson, Clif-stvr Peterson, Roman Borkan ' .lane Hallange-r, William Kroona, Patsy Lee, Dick Richardson, ,lim Hartmann, Craig Johann- sen. Paul Bly, Adele Das- quin ' Paul Christenson, Stanley Doroff, Douglas BOSS, Ray Grove, Clarence- La Motte, llrufte Schroe- der, Harlan Sween, Nr-il Johnson. 111 First row: Patricia Graff. Carol lieulke, Marlene Rudahl, ,Ioan Haupt, Shir- ley Vievvring 9 Suzanne: Johnson, Mary Stanton, Mary Rorgeson, Margie Miller, Marilyn Pearson, Eleanor Tyson, Mary Lou Ball 0 Holi Picha, Ray Lotz, Allan Girlclings, Da- vid Koch, Bob McDonald, Keith Carlson, Jack Och, Roger Sullivan ' James Preus, Roller! Ratliff, Floyal Sagedal, Roh Bjornflahl, James Smith, Robert Mer- on, Jerry Haller, Bill Hen- drickson. 309 First row: Shirley Holm- gren, Margie Fox, l.ylc Pokorny, Rita Z1-ek. Glen- na Loney. Arthur Allen. Pat Palarine ' Marcia Halvorsen. Carol Krueger, Klurif-l Eliassvn, Gayle Yasterling, La-ta H4-rt, Roy 'liutt ' Darlene Erickson, lioh llearcl. D1-an Warden, Dick Kelly. Harold Olsen, Alvin Lewis. Roahl Hau- aan. Page Ttllfllfjl-flU6 110 First row: Pat Wooli-ry. Marilyn Evans, ,lm-am-Ito Bagge, Kent Kirmsf-r, Pam Haas, Cora Smith 0 Lois Gilbert, Diane Johnson, T h e l ni a Tlioma, Floyd Anderson, Jean Winter, Jeanne Hauwiller. Mary Vik ' James Dailey, lioli Palmer, Sandra Wolter- inan, Florence Johnson. Will iam Lothe, Jerry Barnes, Miles Locket! ' Lawrence Yoita, Pal Reil- ing, Werner lflannuni. Robert Sikes, Wayiiie- Swanson, Warren Ni-lson, Jack Veinian. 112 First row: Helen Statlias, Lois Lehman, Joan Koran, Betty Rosenquist, lrcnc Pearson, Jean Richardson, Roxie Reichow ' Helen Towle, Joan Winter, Ro- sella Stettner, Lois Moses. Dolores Massie, Mary Ann Gruber, Charlotte Peter- son, Marilyn Lingofelt 0 Arlis Molkenthin. Richard Hagerman, Douglas Cur- rence. George Carle-y. Robert Hodnefif-ld, Jann-s Bly, Maryanne Nelson U Edward Anderson, Howard Jensen, Eugene Lindner, Harry Hoff, Richard Slind, John Kreuthmeier, Dick Daniels, Ronald Saunders. 204 First row: Eunice Mesen- brink, Arlene Moncrief. Jack Arhart, Jim Hahn, Karen Mattson, Carol Sid- niore, J ea n ne Thiry 0 Donna Thompson, Ann Rohleder, Janet Wittgraf, Lila Hert, Joan Otto. Mar- cia Podd, Marion He-lsom, Nancy Howe 0 Mary Johnson, Doris Steinke, Aloise Jones, Louise Ham- mer, Rita Pedersen, Mar- lene Blomberg, Susan Clarke, Carol Dunahey I David McDonald, James Bagge, Judson Harmon, Roland Carlson. Laurice East, Floyd Clam-sa-man, D a v i d Christophersoll. George Corliey. Page' Twffzly-.fix QQ ' 77 We Just Keep Rollmg Along Patient and illing To Wait 9 103 First row: Trudy Norton, Cail Anderson, Ray De- Tournay, Joan Johnson, Dawn Ronning, Barbara Nelson, Rohr-rt Moncrief, Dorleen Clemnions ' Ber- niee P e r ro n, Florence Turk, Shirley Eichman. Sally Johnson, Barbara Wentworth, Donna Peder- sen, Carol Lindsay, Cyn- thia Gillespie 0 Betty Boyer, Mary Torgeson, Da- vitl Hayes, Philip Snycler, Kathleen Higgins. Haroltl Olsen, Robert Kohnen. Roger Daviclson 0 Myron Bechner, Ronald Wlerner, Jim Smith, Franz Koeneke, .lack Renken, Harolcl Krueger, Tom Heinz, James Hunt, Paul Sea- hurg. 305 First row: Barbara Cheat- ham, Sandra Kroona, Cath- erine Leonard, Lola Du- rant. Louise Mullaly, Janet Cook, Monroe Larson ' Marlene Wethamnier, Elaine Hansen, Beverly Nation, Barhara Blue- bauah, Bob Wall, Lois Wahlstetlt, Jeanne Vadnais, Jo Ann Meloy ' Mary Kucheman, Margie Healy. Mary Lou Hunt, Juleen Sampson, Joanne Lutter, J 0 a n n e Burnett, Judy Pearson, Diane Young 0 Peter Banning, Mark Mattson, Fred Hallberg, Elaine Sturm, Leo Lund- gren, Stanley Wenker, Neil Amlee. Cordon Espersen, Jack Sorteherg. 312 First row: Sylvia Keen, Miltlretl McKirdy, Marlin Peterson, Sylvia Hausner, Helen Overhee. Dorothy Youreman, Marlene Zrust ' Gene Nelson, Lois Thomas, Jean Anne Olexa, Gretchen Waehholz, Janet Anderson, Anthony Antler- sen, Raymond Boyer, Cor- clon Prickett ' Carl Lan- ger, Bernice Fortmeyer, Clarence Walker. Charles Hughes. Roger Lothson. Carol Stoven. Audrey Lee, Sharon Ct-mmill 9 LeRoy Nelson, Michael Vocovich, Jim Swaclburgy .lohn Grant, Akira Shiozaki, John Samp- son, ,Jerome Billstein. Page Twenty-:even "Heading Upstream Toward Bliss" 303 First row: Kathryn Brower, Du Wayne Moherg, Juli- anne Wirth, Marlene John- son, Eleanor Ile-rvkvr, Del- ores Hassif-, Phyllis Thie- me, Carol Parslow, Ronald Evans 9 Virginia Clase- man, Betty Eiczhman, Bar- hara Mulligan. Carol 01- sen, Keith Ringgold, Myrna Torgeson. lim-tty Coryell, Carolyn Schmidt 9 June Cates, Boll Eaini. Tom Anderson. Roger S:-ahorg, Patricia Kehr, Ht-itli Pfeif- fer, Warren Vande-nheuvol, Delores Macziewski, Clark Smith 9 Susan Wilcox, Roland .l u n g k, Wayne Barnes, James Taylor, Gary Quain. Uh-n Tholna, Vernon Pt-arson, Allan Simons, Barbara Cray. Page Tufcnly-right l i 201 First row: Eldora Cooper, Phyllis Jn-an Miller. Elaine Moses. Maria Stn-nglis, Lois ljickering. Gloria Christen, llonna Olds, Marvin Ser-ry 9 Geraldine NlcCarl, Mary ,lean Mac- key, John Srhulze, Carol Pautz, Elaine Gilbert, Don- na Peterson, Faith Dahlen, Kathryn llonniwell 9 lone Harris, Gail Evans. ,lean Gallagher. Harvey West. Marilyn Vlfinsor. Sherrill Olson, Lynn Wagoner, Dorothea Koi-h 9 Mar- garet Kvhr. lirure Johann- sen, Patricia Dynan, ,loyce Rortvedt, Donna Trovatten. Marilyn Lindgren. Tommy Larson, Dale Wegner. 106 First row: ,lohn Stradinger, Betty Joswiak. Mavis Van Wlagnvr, Irene Paulhitske, Nan 0 y Kennedy, ,loan W'etst'hka. Cordon Tripp, Walter Hughes 9 Fay Morgvn, Daniel Wegleit- ner, Henry Wt-vlwr, Steven Wenkc-r, Janis Hegstrom, Lyle McCallum, David Olson, Ned Nichols, Pa- tricia Hartley 9 William Schlnugge, Margaret Per- ron, Ji-an Carrow, Jack Smith, James Rapp, Lester lirunette, Beverly Lind- quist. Rohert, Barnes 9 Rolwrt Andrews, Philip Cranoxsky, Ben Rosemark, Richard Witte, William Hopman, Roger Bailey, Douglas Phillips, Gerald Knutson, Roger Winges. QQ ' ' ii Dnfting Along 1th My Fancy 102 First row: .lohn Fletty, ,lo Ann Keep, Rosella Seiden- kranz, Janet Nelson, Mary .lane Christians, Louise Sohleicher, C a r ol M a e Brusoe 9 Phyllis Pokorny, Ruth Z a s p e l, Patricia Kratz, Nancy Wallgren, Roger Thorsen, Ellen Syr- dal, ,loan Vannelli, Warren Arndt 9 Richard Olrnen, Robert Pearson, Ronald Nelson, Ewald Hermes, Jane Wasson, ,lane Bjorn- stad, Patrieia Donahue, Charles Fales 9 Edwin Steinwall, George Cook, Grace Meyer, R o d n e y Magnuson, Robert White, William Rilling, Kenneth La Fond, Charles Eide. 310 First row: Arla Beth Weiler, Donald Milton, Gilbert Larson, Roger Montgomery, Phillip Nel- son, Michael Holdaway, Daniel YOLIFOHIHH, Ronnie Taylor 9 lone Swonger, Denise Verbrugghen, Carol McDonald, Ruth Ann lm- mer, Peggy McNamara. Carol Mulroy, Geraldine Anderson, Jacquelyn Thae- rnert, .ludy Swenson 9 Larry Hilderbrand, Milt Craighead, Nancy Free- man, Frederick Arny, Leon Goodrich, Betty MacKen- drick, Kathryn Quamnien, Carla Nordly 9 Jeannie Gavin, Harold Nelson, David Ziegenhagen, An- drew Rurgess, ,l 0 a n n e Hanson, Sandra Radefeldt, Peter Argetsinger, ,lean McCurdy, Carol Bakken. 105 First row: Gerald Flynn. Dorothy Day, Vonnie Clark, james Haupt, Vin- cent Appel, Robert Bren, .lean Dion 9 Rae Ann Rathhun, Douglas Pleyer, Betty llordenave, ,loan Peterson, Agnes Hallanger, Ann liaerwald, Joy Dale, Phillip Erdes 9 Claire O'Neill, jack Gottlieb, Georgia Hagerman, Carol Lindig, William Carlson, Beverley Niessen, Warren Henderson, Worrell Keep, Marilyn Hermanson 9 Carol Berry, Thomas Sal- yers, Kenneth Bjorklund, Robert Adam, Gunnar Nelson, William Miller, Fred Lindholni, L e R 0 y Bertuleit. Page Twenty-nine t ee y J 9 Hey. Where ya think yo goin'?', Pilgc' Thirty 203 First row: Donald Foster, Dan Hill, Roland Gisvold, Richard Manke, Bob Skel- ton, Carolyn Shepherd, Billy Tesch, Ardyce Grum- ke ' James Norton, Bob Gruber, Marilyn Fenske, David Law, Charles Mc- Carl, Barbara Behrens, Alice Hutchinson, Richard Schultz, Patricia Christen- sen 9 Suzanne Mayer, Sy- gene Johnson, Carol Kar- ner, Teddy Proshek, Gail Jensen, Annette Denno, Betty McDowell, Marilyn Nelson ' Barbara Bow- man, Dan Ullyot, Graham Johnson, Douglas Rudolf, Ralph Anderson, Rolf Am- land, Ann Snyder, Mar- garet Johnson. 308 First row: Betty Bjorn- dahl, Roland Weber, Charles Winters, Margaret Otis, Roger Arnesen, Wal- lace Loucks ' Wayne Mahan, Leonard Aves, Nathaniel Aus, Rikky Ahl- herg, Raymond Schally, Janice 0'Connell, Robert Larson, Rosemarie Luedt- ke 0 David Anderson, Donald Zihell, Paul Bur- son, Carole Nlatthey, Judy Podd, Jeanette Mielke, Helen Hallanger, Ronald Weltzin 0 Barbara King, .John Newell, Richard Lembke, Patricia Olson, Diana Metters, Mary Hoff, Elliot Stolen, Jaequelyn Rice ' Allen Lewis, Mary Pratt, Jone Rymer, San- dra Holzinger, Donnell Frasch, Sharon Knutson, Richard Pederson, Doris Foster. 304 First row: Lu Ann Wein- holzer, Anne Hallberg, Sheldon Anderson, Paul Whiting, Roderic Marsch- ke, Charles Norton, Nancy Adams 0 Jeannine Asher, G l e n n Matteson. Jack Loague, Richard Field, James Bar-kstrom, Carol Jennings, Ronald Nelson 9 Janet Grace Gevorki- antz, Janet Peterson, Jim Schaaf, Shirley Anderson, Louise Williams, Penny Haas, Peter Winget ' Roger Lemm, Catherine Smith, Sally Meemken, Leroy Anderson, JoAnne Aves, James Ubel, George Robinson ' Betty Garrow, Carol Joh n son. John Dutcher, Ronald Norton, Marilyn Hushy, Raymond Nietzel, Janet Brunette, Joan Dubisar. ll Hands On Deck Always busy with the hammer and saw setting up scenery or luackdrops for the senior class play, operetta, or whatever the need may call for is our capable stage force shown hard at work. Shown below are Dale Connolly. Chester Peterson, David Mellonald, Arthur Allen. Bill Carlson, Fred Lind- holm, and Dick Hagerman. Popular at all hours is the Showhoatls galley where tantalizing odors of apple pies and baked ham make the inhabitants wish for the lunch hour. An expert staff is headed by Mrs. Dora McCall, Mrs. Vida Stiles, Mrs. Vernie Maeziewski. Mrs. Martha Scrhmuck, and Mrs. Leona Newquist. Call thein your shadow if you wish. hut these four boys are always around to sec if you are running down the hall or sneaking down the 'cupn stairs. Talking things over they are Vlfarren Schulze, Vlfeldon Schulze, Louis Peterson, and lion Money. Keeping the oflices and upper decks of the Show- hoat Murray spic and span is the crew of main- tenance workers, Mrs. Anna Jackson, Mr. Ernest Hauge. Mr. Victor llcleil, Mr. Eduard Bakula, Mrs. lillen Seigler. Sas: i2 Page Thirty-olzc ff' 'Vx Y Vw 1 F -W Y kv Y W wir., ...wwf-. -..v--.--W -- V-H-----Y---Y--V+-V , Nf- 3 H if J' I ,wid , ff- If ' , ' --1 ' C g : C- ll Q ' I . ,lf NFor to tell the truth ' fm -: ,'.1,2.LV B .9 " G5,'2.rl :rx N: E L: b Efzaalx' - Q tw , V 'T' 'N'1 'yy 55' X f f 1' ' f wg 7 W 5 , 4 X X I N ' ,Q ' 1 f. ' f y M' X r I n ' J", , S- if LT....... g.,,i ,,7, '7elf Me lic! Qau gam- Make gefieae? "Won't You Tell Us What Is Newfw . 06 ,eve 6 8. .Yezfesl members of Quill 117111 Sem!! are lliflx Tlzunms, Pilot lIlIUfUgl'IlIIl1FT, re- f'f'fI'flIg llis pin from .l'lr1rr'i11 Ifiiflizznzs, presirlent, mia' Kay .l0lIlISIlI1. .lllll'l'llI'fl' VIIIIUV erlitor. Recognition for outstanding work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeaxor. is given those students aeeepted into the Stephen Vineent Pqenet Chapter ol Quill and Seroll, international honorary society. Hi-annual initiations were held in the fall and spring when the new members received their pins. The seven liraneh canclelahruni. an addition from the eluh last year. was used during the ceremony. ln the fall of the year Quill and Seroll and l,ihrary Cluh sold Christmas cards. Profits made hy Quill and Seroll were presented to the Pilot. Through the combined efforts of the Quill and Scroll and Library Cluh a Talent Show was staged in March. Following Pilot day wild lmids and hoarse voiees will he heard during the Pilot picture auction. Staffs from hoth puhlieations Celebrated the close of a productive year at the annual staff dinner held at Portis Tea Room. Although the majority of the nlelnlvers are eonneeted with the sc'hool's puhlieations. they still participate in other activities. Miss Margaret H. Glenn was adviser of this group. Qfhcers for the past year were: Marcia Williams, president: Ioan Roehrich, vice presidentg Sara Lilygren. seeretaryg Pat Williamson, treasurer. Page 'l'hirfyffr111r SCHIUES Ol" 1950 First row. left to right: Marjorie zle Neui, .l4!Il'f't!I Wiillirllns, Sam Lilygren. Polly Sfrenglis, Pat Brorlren, i7l4III'f0l'I'l' Iilflllllllfl ' forum Mr- Uowell, form Roehrieli, Sally Morris. .iVI!Il'1i,'VIIf Winter, fuel Bl'vt'7Ifl1l.Yf'II. Carol Wilson, Kay folnzsmz. lfrfitli Koenelfe. fflzur- lotle .Hiller 9 Bob Hnfzrzen, CIIIYJXQVII fiffllll, Pat Pozlri, .foun ffozzfrer. .loyre Clzristesen, Mary- ln .l1I1l'Il,1,V, Jael: Folsom, Dirk Tlmnmx, PIII IVIYIIVIIIIISOII, Lois Miller. fwfllft' flllmison. No! l'tI'fIIl'l?ll are Bob Srlzrrl- Jer. Hurolrl Forslaerg, 101111 Smirli. anal Runnlrl Serzlmrgl. Hz'-Y Works for Communit ana' clzool '4Service7, was the watchword for the two Hi-Y chapters this year as they endeavored to be of civic as well as school importance in dedicating themselves to community and school helpfulness. Though they are still lVlurray's most newly organized groups, the two Hi-Ys have gone lar in furthering athletic programs and increasing their own unity. Chapter l furnished music in the lunchroom on Thursdays when they took over the handling of the juke box. They brought some of the big name bands such as Stan Kenton and Tommy Dorsey to the school with a new stunt-movie dances. Motion pictures were projected on a screen so the couples could Hswing and sway to Sammy Kayew right in our own gymnasium. With an eye to sports the groups entered a team in the city Hi-Y bowling and basketball leagues. Como Park Chapter ll ear- ried out a very successful intra- mural athletic program. On the social front they sponsored the Disc-jockey Dance featuring such well known Northwest per- sonalities as Dean Sherman, Jack Thayer, and Don Hawkins. Couples danced while the jockeys kept up a running com- mentary about everything in general and nothing in particu- lar. The newly organized Junior Hi-Y, the only one of its kind in the city, has done its share, too. They entered a team in a city bowling league. Their pres- ident. Leo Lundgren, gained his claim to fame when he won a pair of skates for being the top salesman in the Y's men's Christmas tree sale. CHAPTER I HI-Y First row, left to right: Bob Manlfe, Philip Snyder, Daug- las Currence, Roald Hazigan, George Hedges, David McDonald, .lames Bailey 0 Karl Keller, Judson Harmon, Fred Swensen, David Briggs, Bill TorgerS0H, Boli Halmen, Ted Peterson ' Mr. George Rose, Franz Koenelfe, Richard Slinrl, Don McGrath, Bob Bjorndalzl, Douglass Boss, Burton Murdock, August Haugan. CONIO CHAPTER HI-Y First row. left to right: Dirk Richardson, Wes Johnson, Bill Hendrickson, Mr. Rlllflll Engebretson, Bob Rutforrl, Harlan. Swear: 0 Torn Swanson, Dick Keitlz, Ray Crave, Bruce Schroeder, Roger Ettel, Larry Lang ' foe Kvasse, .lim Harl- mann, Neil lolinson, Harlow Fjelstad, Roger Daifirlson, Page Thirlyffizfc Boys' League Itfv A Man? World S1-ated, left to right: fumes Marsh: Edward AIIKICRSUHQ Bill Wegleitner, S0!'l'CflIl1YQ .VIr. folm Wooley: Don Mr- Cratli, prcsizfenl. Standing, left to right: Cor- rlon Prirlfettg Monroe f.11rso11: jerry Hallerg Bob P1'r'lz11: J1111 HHFDIOIIQ R012 .Ma1'f.'0lf11'l1. No females allowed! This is the cry heard only once a month when the Boy sl League meeting is underway. A vast and varied program was planned by the boys this year. Each male teacher was assigned to a meeting. and it was his duty to provide the entertainment. A Home Talent Show was one of the first programs on the list. Many undiscovered personalities were brought into the open. Various notables in the Twin Cities were guests of this organization. Among these were Dr. Dave Bartelma who is the Director of Athletics at the University of Minnesota and Don Hiley, prep sports writer for the St. Paul Dispatch-Pioneer Press. lVlr. Ed Ryan, Sheriff of Hennepin County, gave a talk on the 6Value of a Pug: Tfzirty-fin' Good Namei. Several movies ranging from sports to travel were shown. A round table discussion concern- ing Manners was voted as one of the most popular entertainments of the year. The boys' main project this year was supplying the study hall with Masonite writing pads. The Valentinels Day Dance, which was sponsored jointly by Boys, and Girls, Leagues. was the organiza- tionis social event of the season. ,lack Veiman and Lois Moses were crowned King and Queen of the sophomore class at the dance. Under the able direction of Mr. john Wooley', adviser, and Don McGrath, president. Boys, League has become a favorite organization in school. ln the spotlight, Franz Koeneke shadow boxes with the ivories during the Boys' League Talent Show. This show was one of the many programs planned by the combined efforts of the students and faculty advisers. Girls' League Women Rule It Eight bells and all was well with the Girls, League as the board mapped out its course for '49 and 750 early in the fall. When the girls take over, current teen-age problems, such as the HNew Look," should it stay or go, or 'adate-baitw and manners, are freely discussed. Varied and interesting programs, as well as some tried and true ones were on the agenda for the year. Freshman Talent was given the spotlight at the first meeting, presided over by Prexy Barbara Proshek. All the freshman girls were warmly welcomed into the fold as the organization got up steam and sailed off to a good start. In December the girls were charmed by two German boys who are now attending the University High School. The young men described the schools and urban life of Germany. Their picture helped to strengthen the feeling of inter-cultural relations between Americans and the peoples of occupied zones. In February Girls, League celebrated its twelfth birthday with a program on careers in nursing. One of Murrayis alumnae spoke on practical nursing while the three year and four year nursing programs were also covered. Next came the serving of the traditional birthday cake. Added to the annual Caramel Apple sale was another fund raising project, the Valentine's Dance sponsored with the aid of the Boys' League. The 'Lgreen stuifw earned from these two projects will, in part, pay for the Mother-Daughter party for the senior girls. A glance back at the log shows that the Leagueis season was a successful one. GIRLS, LEAGUE BOARD Miss Catherine Daly, adviserg Joanne Fay, program Chairman, Lenore Hawe, treas- urer, Diane Grove, secretaryg Barbara Proshek, presidentg Eleanor Tyson, infra presiflent. Page Thirlyesezfcn Books Are Passports ,xx On Murrayls Showboat 'iBooks are Passportsw. The Library Clubls 1949 Book Week theme opened new channels to high adventure in science, history, art, and dozens of fascinating fields. The clever assem- bly and pleasant tea both served to make the passage fair. Devoting themselves to service and fun, L.C.'ers helped students and teachers alike with reading prob- 0 Looking over the newest additions in records and books are Henry Bemlott, Sally Morris, Clyde Pemble, and Barbara Pilgren. 0 Keeping the sports book up to date is the duty of this crew of Library Club members, Bob Bjorndahl, Seated: Marcia Williams, August Haugan, ,loyee CllLl'l-Sl0SClI, Paul Christiansen. Standing: llflargarel Fenske, Bob Rut- forzl, Davizl Briggs, ,loann Mellowell. These stuzlenls are members of a board lhal rules on all LC. policies. Wise often lneyonrl their years, the indivirluals give many fine sugges- tions that help Lo keep llflurrayis lilnrary a vital wheel on lhe Murray Showboal. Here lhe group lakes a look at lhe new covers purehasefl to A help preserve llze life of lhe maga- zines. 1 lems, many and varied, and saw to the every day tasks that keep the wheels of the library turning. With Christmas came wrapping paper, cards, and frantic efforts of club members to sell their quota. Along with Quill and Scroll they fostered the March Talent Show which aided in uncovering hidden talents and proved to be a high spot in the running of the year's course. On the fun side of the ledger was the fall initiation Yvonne Kulenkamp, Bob Butlord, and Vonnie Moline. 0 New initiates Pat Kennedy and Elizabeth Bowman are taking part in the annual fall intiation by inter- viewing club members Bob Butlord and David Briggs. Pngc Tlzirlyfeiglzi First row, le-ft to right: Kay Johnson, William Geilfuss, Charlotte Miller, Marcia Williams, Bob Rutford, .loann Mc- Dowell, Dave Briggs, Carol Wilson, Gayle Mattson, Bob Manlfe, Joan Winter 9 Barbara Aamodt, Patricia Kennedy, Dana Hooper, Don Severson, Pat Shannon, Marjorie Waclflin, Rollie Carlson, Carl Keller, Phil Snyder, Janet Tripp, Yvonne Moline, Pat Podd 0 Paul Christenson, Bob Wahlstedt, Bob Schrader, Dick Slind, Brave Schroeder, Jim Deane, Dave Holdaway, Clyde Pemble, Gordon Bassett, Bob Beard. First row, left to right: Arline Franlfs, Barbara Pilgren, Lois Anderson, Paul Christianson, Peggy Fenslre, August Haagan, Joyce Cltristesen, George Hedges, Elizabeth, Bowman, Faye Posthumus, Gail Holzinger 0 Margie Miehaelson, David Swenson, Marjorie Snodgrass, Yvonne Kulenkamp, .lean Winter, Marcia Barnes, Albert Anderson, Patsy Lee, Trudy Gerlach, James Bailey, loan Coulter 0 Ken Spates, Harold Hervig, Doug Boss, John Snzieh, Ray Grove, Philip Sampson, Franz Koenelfe, Bob Bjorndahl, Henry Benzlott, Jud Harmon. with a spine tingling Halloween theme which helped add to the glee of old members and embarrassment of the already panicky initiates. ln March, banquet time rolled around again, the seniors received their pins, and the juniors waited expectantly for the announce- ment of the candidates for new officers. The largest l,.C. Auxiliary in the history of the club has finished its schedule of lessons and with some doubts its members are preparing to take the final exam. From this auxiliary the material that helps to strengthen and deepen the roots of Library Club will come. Page Thirty-nine 54 X- ai Q .wigf ' x k mt M ik icuii , fa , .?7'f?g5a3W 3 S a ,A y , K Wk' K . ,,. wit, Ag, My K Sg,W,f.,J f 'mf fyffxm, x- f g ' .s h wk, ,f 1 A "Zi Q ,swf - ,, g2'df,feQ ,. S V ,, ,fi K 194545 .- 2 ,-... tw-...w v, . ., M ww A, ' ' V 11535 ' 'fi .2 -4 N , wif , ,,,. , L,,. ,, .0 M X A, M 3395 , ' ,4 .,, , V ,, i w M91 2512221 w 53fi'1'?'f'f:W f mi f-YW jff?-xv , L L.:-4 .T W fp-5 - ,Aiwa ' 7' -1. - 59, A fg ' 4 ,rx?'Ff .- ..fa we sf .W ,M + ,vu ,. in ' ,pg f- K V, O A H f V I x -km, -H7 ri , 1' ' 1' S 1 5 'F 1 ,Jr 1 A ' K-K I 1 n ff' 'Sava .1 'K I fb H if Q , Q A ,P V 75 . Q, . K x.. if H54 k F Q NJ N 'T' Q f M H. V. Km . H aw. . Q 5 l Q 1 - " Q ' f ' as Wm. 1 :wg s .fe J fan 1 3 I x f Q Jr , v f " 'E .mvi "Tlzr1' ls and Laughter With Concert After H TRTTMPIQTERS sillzouellert against the evening sky' are Donald Money, llonnlrl IJISOII, and Palrzfcirz Carlson, three of the 110111155 top lIIllSiC'ilIlIS who give with the Trumpet Call al pep ll.9S6lIIlllI'l?S and fIflIIl?fIiI.' t'I78IlfS. Perhaps the charm of the whistling calliope and twanging banjos of the oldetime showboat are missing from Murrayis modern band. but supplied with their own kind of glamour the members with their director, Mr. Alex Heron, have sailed along in the current of school life and managed to come out on top with a year of very successful performances. Taking soundings. the band cast oil' its moorings and entered into a whirl of appearances at athletic events. Football and basketball games just simply werenit complete without musical accompaniment. During hockey season band members donned wool socks and skates to form once again their now famous skating unit. Between periods at the State Hockey Tournament in February' they both awed and delighted out-of-town visitors with their skating routines. form- ing a huge revolving circle while Gail Anderson gave a solo skating exhibition. So in demand were they that after finshing up programs on home stamping grounds they were called to play at the Hamline Homecoming game. Murrayis own gala Homecoming dance was sponsored by this hard-working group. That oft spoken of uNew Lookii is here to stay. for the band has linally completed all payments on their uniforms. The new gray trousers and gold hat-plumes add just the needed amount of color and class to the ensembles. Civic minded as always the band members got to- gether to do a special program in observance of the Childrenis Home anniversary. During the summer vacation Mr. Heron took his crew members on a trip to the St. Cloud Veterans' Home to play a concert. The invitation to lake the trip was extended by the St. Paul branch of the B.P.O. Elks. The members of the band enjoyed this venture with hopes to return again on future occasions. After the ushowsii the band was transported back to St. Cloud. They put on a four block parade to the lflks' headquarters where they were very' nicely entertained by a few of the members. This contribution by the band to society was given on August twenty-ninth. Shortly after returning to school. they started warm- ing up for the year by marching in the Thanksgiving Day parade sponsored by the Colden Rule Department Store. Alter this short Hwalkm, and adding to the gay festivities of the coming season, the band was treated very cordially by the hrmis representatives. Adding sparkle and sweet entertainment to the regular P.T.A. meetings. the band did their best to please the parents and teachers. They handled the entertainment part of meetings with finesse. The month of llecember featured two concerts given jointly by combined Murray High and Hudson. Vifis- eonsin, High School bands. The out-of-state unit played here first and then Murray traveled east not the borderq and gavc a performance in Vtfisconsin. An invitation from the Shiely Company to represent them in the Vilinter Carnival parade was a satisfying reward for a year of hard work. Exchanging the familiar gold and blue uniforms for the green and silver of the J. T.. Shiely Company. the band took its place in the marching events of the St. Paul Wfinter Carnival in a manner that made everyone call. Hliravoli' ltepeat performances are eontimially improving the schoolis musical aggregation. Page Forty-mle 3 1 5 View I 1 1, su llifllllillg I1 letter to Kil1g.Sl'l'lI-ll lfozfel' C11n1p11ny is .l111'l.' I'11ls11111, l'il11f lnisiness lI1!llIIlfJI'I', wlzile l111111lling tlle fI'IllI- S!'l'ilPIl0II is Doris JOIIIISOII, Pilol lypisl. "Gitt1'n ' No Rest 1771 De judgment Dczyv Each year the Pilot staflls Hrst work is securing a Htting slogan that serves as a password to the mysteries of layout, theme. color of the covers . . . This yearis "Gittin7 no rest 'till de judgment day," taken from the Showboat score. was considered very lit and apt as the staff plunged into the work of editing the yearbook. juel Bryfnildsen and Iidith Koeneke, editors-in-chief, under the supervision ol Miss Margaret Glenn, started with a whirl of picture taking in the fall and stopped now and then just to get their bearings. Witli efticient Marylu Murphy and Marilyn Wi11te1'. senior editors, on the stall. all senior pictures yy ere soon mounted at Greene Engraving Company. The girls then were busy with the senior activity lists. Pat l'odd. Girls' snorts editor. worked hand-in-hand with Mrs. lnez Cuffisberff and the G.A.A. She Jlanned I z- l o e and executed the picture taking of the G.A.A. in action. Doris Johnson, Agnes llesch. and Joanne Jensen proved to he the indispensible three when it came to typing material for the Pilotfno matter how fast it came in from all corners of the school. Hlt ainat necessarily sofl was a slogan from jack Ifolsom, business manager, and assistants Robert Schrader and Harold Forsberg when a long list of added figures did not tally' with the adding machine. Accountant, Lois Anderson. took care ofthe books when Mary Atkinson, advertising manager. brought in ads or when Richard Thomas. Carleton Brookins, and Tonly Anderson took pictures to be used in the Pilot. The judgment day has arrived and here is the staflis ollering submitted to the student body for approx al. Ceiling liinrs 011 I71'f'fZlI'l' 111111111Iil1g from ,lolzn S111i1'l1, ur! eilitnr, 1'1'11ter 11re .W11rily11 lfilztvr, .llllfvtlll llzzrplrr, I'lIl-YL' l'usth1111111s. Lllyillg plans for tlze 1lisIril111li1111 of flie Pilots is Hob S1'l1r111ler, l'll'!'lllIlll0I1 111111111g1'1'. 1'1'11I1'r. wlzile fllIf0lli Furs- bcrg, Lois Miller, 1W11ry Atl.'i11s1111, l'11L l'111l1l try to assist liim. 9 4'Wlzi1'l1 1'11z'1'r rlo you like best?" 11sl.' lilflllill lxi111'111'l.'1' 11111l ,luel Bf't'I1l'ltlSCl1. 1'11-1'1lil0r.s, I'6l1f6l'. to stall 1111'111l1ers Sally llorris, :WIIff'iIl Willi11111S, lflmrloltc .Will1'1'. 0 Tlllflillg their l111xi111'.vs of Pilot Sports' E1liI111's Sl?l'l!lIlSlvV 111'e Bill Wegleiflier, lefl, 117111 l'11l 1W1'G11i1z11, riglir. Ifl'llIll7,Z,' tlzem out in their IHISIVUI' llI0lIIC'lIfS are Agnes lfeswll 111111 1111111110 Jensen. THE PII Dil wt' ""' ww,- -Qf 1. MHFCHYIIE Logs A Successful Year Campaigns, subscriptions, posters, stunts- - anything to get the M111'1r111'1'c, lVIurray's All- Anierican newspaper, on a sound business basis. Such was the work of business inanager Dick Keith and his assistants, Boh Ilahncn and Hay Grove. Heading a circulation connnittee, Joyce Christcscn put Mzipw into the annual drive with a new idea a ininutc. Totaling seven hundred eleven subscriptions for the year, the busincss stall proceeded to sell hook covers and sponsor a singing valentine project to make the budget balance. Successful in their enterprises, the business stall told the editorial group to carry on in true tradition. This the editorial stall did with co-editors Carolyn Acton and Sara Lily gren at thc hchn. Front somewhat tiniid neophytes, the group graduated to full-fledged veterans of the Fourth Ijstate. There were the usual headaches over head- lines and last minute articles, but after a few issues the sailing was easier. Garnering an International award and All- Anierican honors inade the scars ellorts all the more satisfying. Last niinute preparations are being inade at present for the senior issue in early june. EDITORIAL STAFF Co-E111'mrs.. ..,..,,., 511111 l.1lAigre11, CfIl'U!Yl'71 1111011 News hvflffllf .. ..,. ..,. , ,. f01l1111 ,W1'Uo1cell Feature E1l1I11rs ,Joan R1Il'lII'l-l',1. l'11triei11 If'ilfi11111s1111 Sports ,.,. . .....,.,. P11111 l.'l11'1'st1'1111so11, 101111 LVUIIIICI' Copy Editors. ., ,.,. Kay f0l111s1111, .IIIIIA-f0ViC de ,Yeui Proof Readers .. ,.,.. JIWIlI'f0fff? WI!Il'!u'1l'l1, Janet Tripp Ex1'l11111g1' . .. .. .. . .,,. ,. . . Polly SfI'l'lIgliS 9 We ull lL'Ul'A' while the -I-I't'l' 1111111 I7!lIVtS.-- is 11111 1'111111111'11t of tlzese stuff 11'111l.Ae1'.v. llllf Bro1'lfe11. lfnrol If'1ls1111, Poll-r .SfI'CV1gfl'S. lllllll f,'l11'1'st1'1111.s1111. 1111111 ffuzzller. 9 .W11L'111g lust IIZIIIIIIU plunx for llie 1l1sl1'i1111l1o11 of llll' fWIIl'!'Ilft0 is the slujf. Afllillf? l"1'1111l.'.s, .'IfllII',Yl'l' lV'Ilt'lt'Il'7I, Ray Crore. lJIIfS'V Lee, sI11111Ii11,Q. W111'lr1'11g 111 the 11111111 11r1' lli1'l.' Keith, R011 IIIIIIIIUII, 11111l .lU,tf'f' f,iIIfl.Sf8St'lI. 0 l'11slf11g. 1'111tf11g. 11111, IIH'IISlII'fllg are the firm! sfrrges of 11111 paper lfejon' g111'11g to p11-'ss. Selling Ilzings IIII are, left to riglzl. lim' Jol111s1111. .I111111 Roelirirli, l'11t Will1'11111xo11, Slllill Lil-Ygl'6'lI, f.illl'lllAt'Il AVI1111, M11rjor1e 1112 Neni. 111111111 ,7VI1'U0well. 1g1' l'111'1-i'f1h1'1'1 "Come One and All. . . 'J Our Proniis the highlight ol' alll Yvith tht- swish of fornials ancl strains of wistful music the l9fl0 junior- Senior l'1'on1 was held at the lmainington llotvl. Minneapolis. on May twentieth. l"ollowing the tlwnw, "Blue Mist. the entne lmallrooni was rlecoratecl with pastel lmalloons anfl streamers. Punt-li was served while- tht- group clancefl. lmaclc-rs of the annual grand inarvh were lflsie Simons and Owen Er-klmloin. senior class preside-nt: ,loan Hutton and Ken Spain-s. junior class prvsitlent. .L ,ws is 'tt ' J 1' With a gay spring theme for surround- ings. the annual 1049 lVllilll9I'-llilt1QIllt6I' Tea was given in early June. ln acwoorflance with Girls' League. junior girls we-re the hostosses for the senior girls anrl their mothers. A prograin began tht- evening- with refreshnienls svrvefl after. General vllairnian of tht- affair was Charlotte Miller. with Lois lVlillc-r. cle-c-orations. Connie llan- son. inxitations. ancl Mary Hoc-plw. ro- liI'PSl1lllEIllS. Hoineconiing lmuttons sales. an annual vampaign promrvrlurr- around Murray. was again practiced by the school. Shown here, Pat Hayden, senior acc button seller. puts on 21 little charm to induce Holi lVlonc-rief to purchase one of the celluloirl coverecl virvles. If h JJ . . . at IQQVE' 6 IQKYK. "Pop corn calls! Who wants a l'I'UIllilly, delicious. nutritious. yummy pop corn hall?" call Iiitl llentlriclxson and Holm Meron with direct hearinff on Marx liorffeson and Mary Stanton. The 'unior class had a whoo min-f 1- , rr . e success during their drive in Uecemher. Taking orders for the eonlcetion during homeroom and lunch periods, gave many junior class menihers some tremendous, high-pressured selling experience. Ann liohleder and Betty Simons fondly caress the little white llufls representing the species ol animal commonly called white niiec. lvsed for experimental purposes, the mice liecame nlascots of the biology classes who housed and daily' fed them with the tenderest of care. The class started with two mice but they soon found themselves with eleven on their hands. Consequently Mr. Ritter hoped that their struggle for supremacy wouldnt overrun the school and the mice emerge as rulers of the earth. Typical of the many Christmas parties held lmefore the Yuletide vacation. this one was sponsored by a group of senior boys during second lunch period in the cafeteria. Roh Hutford and Pat lVlcGuinn lead oil the party by giving a rousing toast for a Merry Christmas for all ---f and a llappy New Year, tool 'f-Tb Harmony Iilglzlzlglzts l ,4l - .' - . .HSE .A...1.Ez.l '1:.:"- 2 :"G... ' :sn " ': Y fish 71.5411 ' f gy an V ml , "' 1 ,X "' ,,: W vt 4 is -.4 'K it s . vs, 'evil 5 Q f' , A P f- 5-., .5 K . u o 5. T ' ' 0 ' Q n 0 . J Ilzulring over tlze yeafs log for rlmir appearances are ofjifers Joe Kvaase, A special version. of "Down by the Statiunl' is pri sirlentg Clzarlaltc Miller, Nice presirlcnlg llirk forgenson, Ireasnrer, Huwe, secretary. With harmonious strains coming from the upper deck, the boat held to its course as the MAN Choir began another eventful year. No showboat would be complete without its chorus to furnish the musical background for the bustling activitv going on front and center. The importance of perfecting unity and consonancc in musical adaptation was stressed by such objectives as voice testing. modulation of chords. and selection of music. Then Murrayls star musical performers charted their plans for entertainment and personal appearances with the result being that they were very D J F' -T' Betty rlone by Neil JUIIIISIIII, Tom. Swanson, llale Connolly, anrl llifl' Ri1'l1ar1lson, Murray Rays' Quartet. busy young people. A Christmas tableau and program was presented with the dramatic department for the P.T.A. and student body. The traditional HO, Come All Ye Faith- fulv candlelight processional opened the assembly in which Handells famous Hllallelujah Chorusw Was a dramatic highlight and made the entire program a memorable one. Another tradition at Murray which enhances the spirit of the holidays was carried on when the choir caroled Christmas hymns through the halls and gave the entire festivities the finishing touches for a joyous season. First row. left to right: 'llnrilyn Connelly. ,lanet jolinson, Virginia Statlzas, Margie Mielzaelson, Margie .lalm.sen. .loanne Jensen, Ccralrline GllIlfSI'l1l, .llrlrilltvz Louclfs ' .lerolne HIll',0,, .IIIIIIAFE Gillis, .Vary Lou Ball, Julianne l'rerla, Virginia Erans, Doreen Running, facqiieline Kaiser, Marlys Hurst ' Joanne Hasselblad, Pat Peloski, Betty Hentges, Laura Brown, l,enare Huwe, Davirl Hayes, foe Kuaase, Arlele Basquin 0 Laurene Mollrentlzin., Torn. Steuelfen, Wes Iolinson, ,luil Harmon, Judy Spriestersbacli, Rae Marie Vaster- ling, Laura Cassiday, Paul Clzristenson ' Neil folznson, Bob Mcllonalfl, Roger Ettel, Ronald Marlcovicli, Conlon Mallory, Russell Prickett, Harold Crane, Bob Bjornrlalzl. lag Forly-six he Showlaoat Chorus To the Illl'l0IIIil'S of the well-lfrzouflz 111111 11o1111f11r operetta, 'gfff11l11es of N11r11111ndy," last s11r111g'.s 1'l101'r sang their llf'1l,Y into 11111 hearts nj l?II1l1llSliIISfi!' 111111ier1Ces. f111111re is one 11-I the three 1'11sls who 11rese11te1I the 111l1si1'11l IIIIHIFHIIII. The Murray Choraliers made their dehut at the VVomen7s lnstitute on December seventh. The octet. made up of people from the choir. has since made other puhlic appearances hefore eluhs and organiza- tions throughout the city. The choir has been graced with a generous supply of additional quartets and sextets. Singing Valentines were sung on that most amorous of days, February fourteenth. Sponsored by the Mu1'c111'ic, pairs of choir memhers hecame for a day the emissaries of cupid. On February nineteenth, the entire choir, With solo- ists, was featured on a new K.S.T.P. radio production called HYouth and Musicfi a presentation which serves to advance the idea of musical emphasis in the high school. Each Sunday an outstanding St. Paul high school choir is picked to make a transcription for rehroadcast on the air. Rehearsals for the Gilliert and Sullivan operetta. "The Gondoliersfi were fun for all. Try-outs were filled with suspense and anticipation. After the cast was chosen. problems turned to merriment and merriment to the spirit of teamwork that alone can make a production successful. First row, left to right: l'11l l.'11rls1111, f,111zr111e Sl'1IIIII1,2'lJf', .loyve CIITITSICSCH, NIIl'lIllI XVIIIHSUII, Ilfllll Haas, Carol l?e11llr1', Knllzryrz Berger 9 ylfllllllt' Wloline, Ioanrze Tollcfrzzll, .IIIIICI Tripp, M11rj11rie 1111 Neni, Doris Nortin, Carol l,i111ls11y, B11rb11r11 f111111111lt, YiionneK11le11lt'11111p, J11y1'1' Oliver 9 Gayle M11lts1111, l,'l111rlotte Miller. .Vl11r1'1'11 HVHIIAIIIIIS, Kay JUIIIISOII, Jenrzette Hemzen, Bllfflllfll KPIIIIPII-1', Robert Peloslfi, Hob Manke 0 CIITICIUII li1'11olr1'11s, R011 W'ilf1'11111s1111, Ilflf 141111, flflary ZIDIIIIIIFT, Dirk l.'l1111se1z, Ron Cf1r1sI11111s, Iliff: Hi1'f111r11so11, Elaine l.1'1'f1'1'1111111 0 Diff: ,l0f,iff'71S0l1. Hllffllll Sween, George IJIIIUIIIS, T0111 Swanson, Biff Buhlt, Hill HenrIr1i1u7fs1111, IMI1' ffrzrzrzolly, Larry l,1111g. Pnge Ifvrfi xczfcn 'fveryboclyfv Sure to on This group has the busy task of planning the Canteen evenings ana' provirling the pleasant entertainment. Re- sponsibilty for the popularity of Canteen rests with the board members who inter- pret the best interests anal wishes of the student bocly. Seated, left to right: Yvonne Moline, hostessg Don Severson, Virginia Hogberg, eo-clzairnien. Standing: Gordon Bassett, treas- urerg .lanet Johnson, secretary. When Friday evening arrives the Showboat's cast makes for the lower deck where an evening of dancing and fun are in order. lt is Canteen night and Murray- ites always find a place to enjoy respite from the weekis routine. Under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Who is F irst? Page Forty-eight Cugisberg, Canteen has sponsored two special dances this year besides the regular schedule. These included the annual Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance in the fall-an event that always shows the ingenuity of the guests from 4'Dog Patchfl The other popular affair is the Final Fling, a dance that makes graduates feel that the high school days are nearly over. One of the improvements in Canteen this year was the result of a Murray P.T.A. gift-a record player turn-table. This gave canteen goers more satisfactory music than the former juke box. Another innovation this year was the special pro- gram established for the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Dances on alternate Friday evenings gave the younger group an opportunity to become acquainted. Canteen is operated by a student board under the supervision of an adviser. While it is helped by the P.T.A., it is self-supporting and self-governing. Engagerl in setting up the ping pong table is Paul Christensen, while Joan Newman, Bob Manlre, Joyce Oliver, Joyce Ann l lVlntejr'el.', and E11 Sorteberg eagerly await their turns to get in ll game. "Wonder of All the Worldi' Everyone is familiar with the blazing red symbol if the National Red Cross. This great movement. since ts inception. has grown until today it encompasses he globe. Since the first Junior Red Cross Chapter was Jrganizcd at Murray, the members have responded aplendidily to the call of the National Chapter, and RED CROSS BOARD Seated It-ft to right: lloreen Ronning, seeretaryg Burton MIlf1l0L'A', pres- irlentg lVIrs. Agnes M. Smith, arlviserg Torn. llinton, Hire presi- dentg Marjorie lVlir'l1aelson, treas- urer. Standing: Patsy Lee, Bob llffvrnrlnlzl. r-o-wrrnzpafgri chair- men. its members are to be congratulated on their untiring efforts and unstinted devotion to duty in the work of this noble humanitarian organization. This fall, as in the past, boxes were filled for dis- tribution overseas. Under the direction of Mrs. Agnes Smith, adviser. the annual drive was launched March first. Board members asked, and students contributed to this HCreatest Mother of Them Allfl "The Show Will Soon Begin" PROJECTION CREW Seated, lc-ft to right: James Hunt, Pat Shannon, Bob lVl1'Donald. Standing: George Hedges, Dick Hagerman, Keith Carlson, .lim Taylor, Chester Peterson, Dirlr Thomas, Kathryn. Brower, Carlton Broolrins, Alfirn Shiozalci, ferry Wall. Although a comparatively new mrganization, the projection crew s Hworth its Weight in gold" lround Murray. The leaders are Vliss Gladys Rose, adviser. Keith Iarlson and Dick Thomas, co' zhairmen. and Geraldine Cautschi, secretary. Projection crew members take :harge of showing movies at lssemblies and in the classrooms. operate the tape recorder. and Jrovide a messenger service for rbtaining and returning films. ,ast but not least is the Audio- lisual program which is becoming 'ery prominent throughout the chools. Witli service as its password, his organization is an outstanding to 27 tsset at Murray. Page Forty- nine T hey Map the Course Seated: Bill Wegleitner, treasurerg August Haugan, secretary, David Briggs, president, Barbara Proshelf, vice president, Charlotte Miller, Bob Bjorndahl. Standing: .lack Veiman, Susan Clarke, Patsy Lee, Roland Carlson, Carol Lindsay, Diane Marlfoviclz, Roy Milton, Mary Atkinson. Let the show go cn, let the cast take the applause- someone has to steer the course, and what group on the Murray does a better job than the Student Council? Chief Mate, David Briggs, headed a crew that de- cided to make organization effective and pleasant. Working behind the scenes, the Student Council, ad- vised by Mrs. Ruth Eddy, has given superior service to everyone. Individuals are made conscious of good citizenship rather than of rules. From the day school opens in September until its close in June, the Executive Board of the Council and room representatives keep the sailing smooth. Charlotte Miller, as chairman of the school calendar, headed one of the big projects. An addition to this yearly routine came in the form of a new procedure for all groups. Now, any organization wishing to change a calendar date is required to submit a written petition to the Council for approval. Several drives of national consequence had the aid of the Student Council under the leadership of Mary Page Fifty Atkinson, chairman. COlT1lllllI1liy Chest and Christmas Seal campaigns resulted in generous contributions. January thirtieth, the birthday of the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt, marked Murrayis annual March of Dimes Assembly. This year the program was a living tribute to the countryls former leader. All students, following the assembly, joined the March of Dimes in the auditorium. Special speaker for the assembly was Mr. Raymond Schlick, chairman of the St. Paul 1950 March of Dimes. Miss Dagmar Wagner, a former Murray student and an ex-president of the Student Council, told of her experiences as a polio patient. The history of Warm Springs, Georgia, was given by Roy Milton of the present Executive Board. Busiest of all S.C. departments this year was the Lost and Found. A Council member was on duty each morning, at the end of each class hour, during lunch periods, and after school to help students locate stray articles. Dates Charting Juke Boxes Sessions Round Student Council fs' Year There must be rules in order that lVlurray7s nine hundred ten members receive proper attention. To that end the Student Council undertook the charting of the lunch roon1. Students were allowed to choose their own places and the11 promised to keep them. ln order to add a bit ol gaiety to the lunch hour the Student Council provided juke box music each Friday. Popular and semi-classical music livened the lunch shifts. So popular was this innovation that the Hi-Y Chapter l requested permission of the Council to furnish music each Thursday. This the Council gladly granted. Study supervision this year took on a new angle during period six. All seniors in study were seated in the balcony. At the end of each report period, students with an honor average were excused. The Council feels that this innovation has been an added incentive for better class work. As vice president of the District of lVlinnesota, the Murray Council played host to delegates from the area in early April. The day included general and committee ' New rules rmrl regulntlolzs for Sfllflelll ,tforernirzg of llie lunrlzrooni have been mnrle by the newly organized l11nr'l1- room committee lieaflerl lzy August llllllgllll, left, Illlfl lfrlrbanz Proslz elf, riglz t. ' The Ci0II1N1llIllf-V Clzest is only one of tlie many rlrires Ilzc Student Council lmflfs flaring the year. Talring Cure out llzfs -VGIIFTS collcftion are Roy Milton, Patsy Lee, and Mfzry Atkinson. meetings as well as a noon luncheon and an evening banquet. Vllhenever school policies involving the interests of the students in general have been in question, the Student Council members have helped to chart the best course. Under their eflicient guidance Murrayis Showboat has been able to call the year a top per- formance. ln the olhng is the annual Student Council spring banquet where old and new boards meet in a social atmosphere as the retiring president passes on the insignia of service to his successor. Page Filly one QUEEN OF THE SNOWS, Miss foan Schaffer, crowns Lenore Huwe, Murray's Honzeeonzing Queen, as her manager, Robert Fender, looks on approvingly. " verybociy Whzkpers, Isn 't Her life a Whirlpn MCl1l0f3lTl6 times were again expressed by all students when Homecoming activities put everyone in a gay mood. Beginning with the choosing of Candidates, committee meetings got off to a grand start as students Worked with ardent fervor to make posters, and to think up original ideas for skits. Consequently. there was everything from girl football players to puppets and sports7 announcers on the stage Monday morning. Then came the 'gluong Watchj' until the candidates marched down the aisle to the strains of 4'Pomp and Circumstancef, Miss ,loan Sehaller. Queen of Snows. and her escort, the Prime Minister of the Willter Carnival, crowned Betty Huwe queen. The Home- coming dance with the traditional gala festivities was enjoyed by both alumni and students. CANDIDATES AND MANAGERS-First Row, Left to Right, Mary Atkinson, Bar- bara Proshek, Joyce Christesen, Lenore Hnwe, Joanne Fay ' Peter Heard, Cordon Mallory, Paul Christianson, Robert Fender, lack Folsom pose following the presenta- tation, assem bly. Page Fifty-Iwo T hey Don WY s and Grease Paint And Behold an Angel As their conlrilnulion lo the Christmas program, tableaux were presenlczl lay the flrarnalic classes. Diane Grove portrays the angel as the shepherds watch over the New-Born Babe. "Life upon the wicked staged may not he the goal of every memher of the newly reorganized Dramatic Cluh. but show business unlimited holds a spot of high interest in their minds. Under the advisership of Miss Florence Vest and the leadership of President Sara Lilygren. the clulm went into full suing in its first year of reorganization. The cluh welcomes those who have displayed talent hy giving monologues or some presentation before an , t i , 3 to audience. The main purpose of the group is to give experience to aspiring actors and actresses and initiate them into the mysteries of the theater. At one of the first meet- ings lVlr. Paul Concas, a make-up artist from the tiniversity of lVlinnesota. demonstrated elfective tech- niques of applying theater make-up. Also included on the slate of ofiieers were lVlarjorie Johnsen, vice president, and Diane Grove, secretary. "M other Is A Freshman" Taking this senior class play lnlsiness seriously are Boll Fenrler, Dean Gilling- ham: Paul Christiansen, Professor Ml'!'l1Ill?l.9I Dorothy Rosaclfer, Abigail Alllmtt. Inset--Sara Lilygren who was to have Ialrcn the leail in the senior class play, lun! coziltl not lzerause of illness, zcears her orehirl gircn her by the cast. liislurbefl over the iflea of her mother lacing expcllerl from college is Susan Xllzlzolt, playefl lay Carolyn. ficton. She is getting sympatlzy from foe Kvaasc, Bobo faclfson: Russell Priclfett, Dean Gillingham: Dorothy Rosaclfer, Abigail Alzlzottg Pat Flaherty, Professor lWi- chaels. Page liifty-three gs 215.02 1 'W!.......,, 'ra uick As A Flash . . . 1. HTIIVZI tlzrills anfl laziglnvr are sliflf together till Ilzz' Parly IIIZIIJII,-?' mir nmtla flaring HOIIIl'!'f7lIII.I1g Weelf. 2. UW? tlzanlr our lnrlfy starn- namely Darutlly R0sr1r'l.'c'r, ,'11llTFIlJV.S 10110 Girls' State R8IIfl?.9!?I1fIIfI-lf'P. 3. Versatility in flze Slzawlmrlfx vas! is manifestezl lry tllis pyramid of piilvlzrilialv. Slzirlee 07Bri0n, Jl?IllII1ll1.6 Larson. lflllliffg Espersan, Marfia Barnes, Diana Crave, Eleanor Tyson. Mary Stanton, Virginia Hoglaerg, llflargiv Miller, Adele Basqnin, Rosemary .ln.sepl1snn. 4. S'lVe ilriff along witll our ,lanry free"-as we relax from nnr labor al swlzavl :lays says Danna IIFIIPFSPII anrl Leia llvrl. 5. Anil sn. llllllil ,Hue beauty---Karl:ryn Barge. Page Filly-fam' Q.. 6. A royal IIUIIOSIJIZEVP rnlvs flu' slzaw in ilu' presence of Honzcfarning Queen CIIIIIIIIIIIIYI' .loanna Fay anrl lwr manager farlr Folsom. Royal salljffrls invlnilc favlf 0i'l1, Virginia Stallzas, l'al ivf!'lx'8lS8I1, anfl fm' Kl'll!ISF. 7. lfs not flowers, but tropliius for Karen Manson, National Mizlgel Cirl,s Slfating Cilllllljllrllll all IU49. 8. An. after prafftiire sessiulz walls for a few rlzaive FUIIIIIFIYS by llivlf Slinzl, Parlfer Selby, Tail folznson., Franz Kovnvlfe, Phil Snyilvr. Bill Eyre with liirrzcs Bailey in tlze r-enlvr. 9. '4l.iml.' zvlzat LL'6q'If'8 got -lrnlzlrlf' gllllllll gasp llalv Can- nolly anil Torn Swanson in lzvtzvewi pops. 10. laanie ffaalter is i'Citfin' no rest till rhv jarlgrnenl IIIIVJM ' 3' f ' ' ' . .ey E 5 k y iir .-153549 l VM' 371577 my 5 Q T 3 Q. . wi 1, f x.. S!! 5 N yy.-LVM. . 's 1111131 A-1'11Zgg114 H ,- ,5'f3'l Y j ., 13: . 1 332, K Pig, iq. ' 1 x , '11 . 1 in M119 1 1"5"' f 7"ipi111'i-15 Pv M 1. 5111110110111 110t11l111's 1'11j11y ll l1't111' 111111501136 111 ojfl 111111111f11ts. 111111 111111 is 1011611 1111' 1'111111fr11 17111111 1111s 111.9 11111. Here 11111 1!1'1111.w1', Ken Sl111!1's, 111111 1,111 F1ll1Il'1'1j' 511010 Il 5111111110 11,1 tlzeir soft 511110 1111111-1'. 2. hT11t'j'-ft? w1'11'111111' 111 tlwir I'!lI'Pl'I'-A f11r, 11111 L'l11IIl'. flllfl 1111' 111111111' 111'111ers 1111 1111' 110111 11111'11'1'j' l'1l111' 1'11i1i11 ff11risl1'11s1111 111111 .lim 1ll1l'fI1111II1I. 3. S1'1111I1f Cv0116'l'lI 14111111111 is 1l1's1'111'1'1'1'11 111 ll fllltt' 111111111'111. S111' lPI'f'1-!'I'S 11111lA'ir1,L: 1111 Mr. 11er1111'.v 1l1's1.' 111 1111' 11111111 fl-. "011r 1lI'l'IlII1S 1111' 11111111 1111111111Ii1' 1111111 1111' 11101111 111' Sf'f'u -- 5111 1111' ,111it11f111s, 111111' 1111111111L'11,r IIIII1 ,lllflfg 1111 Nf'111'. 5. ",411. for 1111' 1l11v1x 111 1'11111l11111111." 1'II1IlllIf'111 11111511 x1'11i111' girls IIS 111l'j' I'EI'f'I'1 111 1111s11'1111's gllllt' 11,11 111y1'e lf111'fs11'x1'11. 1111!II'11P11!' 1V1i111-'r. .IWIIVAV Zi1111111'r, Illlll 1V111ry X111-x'1I1XOII. ,sw ,pr Q 7 . . . For Belles and Buoys 6. u117e're wrliting for Santa Cl!Il1S,77 replies Jim Tlzeis, K1111 S111111'x, III111 B111 11519191171-1lICI'ffl1f110llg1l wry sleepy. 7. T110 1111116-b111'1.' 111111 10115 1101 B115-Y, 11111 tlzese boys. 1'11'1i111s of 1111 111'1'11l1'11t, 51111101111 1111 of IIS 11211111 11111r11ge really 71191111577 111111 f11SUII, ff111zr1Ps W'Y1l11l'f, T0111 1-111111111, Burton 1l111r1l111'1.'. 8. "1,1',11' is just II j111111 111 tell," 1'111111111'11t tlzese S1111111l11111I 111'111'.v. 1"irst row, f1!I11 11111zi11ger, Liz 13111111111111, .lanet Tripp 0 :Wl1l'g1f' W'111'1r1i11, ,1111111 1111151113 9 Przlly 1V'11l,2'l'1, MHTIII-l'11 1,111111's, W1111'gi1' 111111 U. "1111 lrrzozu 51111 111111 to pay II 1111 ,1111 11, Hog, but itvs 1Ul1f111 it," 1'11i111e R1111 M11r1f111'i1'1z, DI.l'1x' ,111rgf'1zs011, Bill B11l1lt, RI1.9.Sl'11 1'ri1'1.1'tI, 111111 RfIgl'I' F1101 111 11111 S1'11i0r Class B11s1.'1't SI7I'1ll1. Page Fifryfffzff 'X 1 - v I ' F fin-"ii?3'2' 14"-'H --- ' 1-If HTh61'e May Be Sun shine T mol row . if 'T R00 9? c.c,o:vO'7'99 IWW O1 gg Q3vv'3"6 fa C tvQ2l55 QU' C15 NITE r 4 0 KQ5 CQQBB C'C-Cargo? C 'Mi g Z1 pf CCC A P A .J Sf' A ' r' J . A 'hx ' Nifw ay. ,w 'Q '49-"T - l N .Qfjfqp I4 Ly x E A X l h 'fs A""','g 4 1 q ,. W,- O4 .1 I A , UQ' I7 000, ff I 4021. 7faa4e Zlffza 'Uenjaae Wiifz efzcmce ., i g 4. Star performers 1. Pat McGuinn Don McGrath 3. Ken Spates 2. 4. Dick Thomas f- rm. Tom Steveken 6. Bob Picha Football Adds from right to left and down- 7. Bob Rutiord 8. Clyde Pemble 9. Bill Lund 10. Jim Marsh 11. Jack Veiman 12. Harold Swanson To School's Record 6'Those who venture with chancew include the gridiron men who went through a schedule that can be described as eventful as the ten high school conference teams played a hot and cold season. The seasonas opening non-conference game proved a thriller, even though the Pilots were handed a 20-O set-hack hy Mechanic Arts. The opening conference game saw the Murray team defeat the Marshall Greyhounds 13-6. Then, with Clyde Pemble playing like an all-city halfback for the second straight game, the Pilots rolled up two touchdowns in the last half cutting Central's edge, 27-12. Washir1gton's Bill Follmer spelled defeat for the Pilots as the Presidents rolled over the Murraymen to the tune of 20-7. The big thrill of the game came when fullback Tom Steveken ran 68 yards for the only Pilot score. Leading 12-O at the half, it looked as if the Pilots' losing streak was going to come to an end. hut the homecoming hungry Greenies of Monroe exploded in the final Page Fifty-fight ' "Can7t help lovin? dat ballf, says John Rein of 05' 1. X Hip X itil. f "x, A ,A L 1 " 1"Y f l . 1 . . ,K of 'liere in our arms, where you belongfi is what Bob Picha and Don McGrath are telling Leo Lewis of Marshall as he scores for the C Pilots won 13-0. reyhounds. The ' 'tlf youire on your toes and kinda follow where he goes," you arc bound to catch your man as Clyde Pemble demonstrates in bringing down Jerry Boldt, of Wilsorl. The two teams battled to a 7-7 tie in the dual homecoming feature. half with 20 points to down the lVlurrayites 20-12. Bob Picha and Tom Steyeken tallied for the Murray gridders. The city papers said, '4lVlurray guns for upset of W1 .,. .1 . 1 son . and that is exactly what the Pilots did as the two teams battled for a T-T tie in the dual homecoming eaturc. Out playing and Olll-I'l13l""llt0' the Husky P d- ,, . me 1 Z' Z' . men for three periods, the Pilots lore a page from the Wilsrmri clog." Led by the brilliant playing of Bob Rutford. who over-shadowed the great Jerry Boldt, the Pilots played a game that will go down in the sehool's h' ' ' lSl0Iy book. Hutford scored for the home team. and. Washington to Bob Rutf l l hi pl orc , Jut t e pass fell incom- ete. Washingtori Won the game 20-7. with great display of punting and help from an in spired line, held the favored Redmen to a tie. The tilt with Harding was a diilerent story as thc- Pilots, a favored team, went down before the Maroons l2-6. A pass from Rutford to Steveken accounted for the lone touchdown. With Tom Steveken. Pat lVlcCuinn. Fred Swensen. and Bob Rulford striking pay-dirt. thc Pilots virtu- ally ran the Humboldt eleven off the fir-ld with a 26-0 victory in the final conference game. Quarterback Bob Rutford made the all-city team. and honorable mentions went to Tom Steveken. Bill Lund. and Pat MeCuinn. Page Ffffytklllllf "A" Squad: First raw: Coach Ralph Engebretson, Bob Picha, Bill Weglcitner, James Theis, Kenneth Spates, Tom Steve-ken, Clyde Pemble, Fred Swensen, Bill Hendrickson, Assitant Coach George Rose 9 Robert Granovsky, manager, Mylan Borkan, Larry Lang, Neil Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Ray Grove, James Hartmann, Bob Bastel, Bob Williamson, Bob Bjorndabl ' Harold Swanson, Tom Swanson, Doug Velline, Bill Lund, ,lim Marsh, Bob Rutford, Lloyd Hilmanowski, Dick Richardson, ,lack Veiman 9 Jerry Nellen, Pat Flaherty, Harlan Sw:-en, Philip Sampson, Dick Jorgenson, Richard Thomas, Don McGrath, Pat McGuinn, Bill lNleCluskey, manager, Assistant Coach Robert Ritter. "B" Squad Wins City Championship "B" Squad: First row: Worrell Keep, Robert Palmer, Peter Banning, Roger Davidson, Bob Barnes, Gerald Knutson. Akira Shiozaki, Jerome Billstein, Roland Carlson, .lames Bailey, Robert Kohnen 9 Jack Gottlieb, Ronald Nelson, Floyd Anderson, Bill Rilling, Judd Harmon, Bill Lothe. Tom Salyn-rs. Bob Andrews, Ewald Hermes, Clarence Walkr-r, Jerry Wall 0 Charles Hughes, LeRoy Nelson, Tom Heinz, Warren Nelson. James Rapp. Howard Jensen. George Carley. Richard Witte. Jack Smith 0 Mike Yocovich, Robert Wlitte. ,lim Taylor. Franz Koeneke. ,lack Renken. Gary Qualn. Richard Slind. Doug Phillips, Dick Daniels. Jim Smith. Coach Robert Ritter. Page Sixly Front row: Dick Lantz, Bob Sample, Cordon Lindgren, Dick Herschler, Coach Ralph Eng:-bretson, Ci-orgv Sumner, Bob Christiansen, Cordon Tinker, Charles Crose 9 Dick K4-itll, Russell Prim-ku-lt, Evan Currence, Pat Mcfluinn, Dick Sturm, Bill Kellerman, Harlan Sween, Hill Lund, Rob Pic-ba 9 Tom Stcveken, Harold Hervig, ,leromc Olson, Alan Rakvr. Ed Johnson, Roy Milton, ,lim Deane, Bob Merton 0 Bob Williamson, Neil Johnson, Carl Keller, Malcolm McCurnIy, Doug Boss. Franz Kocneke. George Carley, Dick Slind, Doug Currence 0 Parker Selby. Iiill Hendrickson. Ray Grove, Dave Crandall, Ed Sorteherg, Harold Swanson. Clarence Lamott. Jerry Haller. Harold Olson, ,lim Olson, Marvin Johnson, Bob Cranovsky. QC 73 You Can Stay, Under the masterful coaching of Mr. Ralph Enge- bretson, the Murray cindermen finished the most successful track season in the schoo1's history. Such high-flying stars as Dick Herschler, Chuck Grose, and Bob Rutford, combined to give the Senior Varsity Pilots a winning combination. The Junior Varsity Cindermen also won the city title by downing Central 49-45 . ln the first conference meet of the season, the Pilots looked very impressive as they rolled over Humboldt 72-23. Dick Herschler led Murray with firsts in the 120 High and 200 Low Hurdle events. A strong Central team handed the Murray- ites a 66-47 set-back in the second track outing of the conference. The City Relay Carnival saw the Pilots finish second behind Marshall. Murray had 54 points to 58 for the Greyhounds. Central came in a strong third with 51 points. The two-mile relay team composed of Gordie Tinker, Russ Prickett, Jim Deane, and Bob Christesen set a new city record with the amazing time of 8:5711 The old time was 9:00.4. Bob Christensen, Cordon Lind- gren, Don Harvey, and George Summer all scored Firsts as the Pilots rolled over Mechanic Arts 38-45. But I Must Run The Carleton Track Meet saw Murray place eighth as Chuck Grose came through with a first in the 440- yard dash. ln the city meet, the Pilots qualified 19 men in lead- ing all other schools, but the finals saw Central edging Murray 43-4115. The Junior Varsity Track meet saw the Pilots roll over all opposition in sight and their quest for city championship proved successful. Over, Don, Uver- Dnn Hnrrmy takes the leap in Il !'0fIf0I'Clll'l? 711001. Page Sixly-one Cagemen Show Sharp-shooting livcl lip 1't'tu1'11i11g lvtte1'111e11. lion Wlt'lil'illlI, llavifl 44-21. cL0UfllIlIt'4l-I-391-. St. Louis Park 33-32, Willmai Briggs, ami Holi liutlorfl. the' Murray lioopstm-rs llashocl 46-31. aml Columliia Heights Sl-113. thv lwst liaskvtlrall I't'f'UI'fl SiIlCt' l943. l11 rvgular l'0tIl-1't'C'IICC play tht- K'ElQlQt'IIlt'tl limi tor tht Tht' IJIAO-V011ll'I'ttllI't' games sais thc- Pilots rlt-feat Hfth spot with Ctttlltill aiifl Jol111so11. Thi- Pilots first Hrvc-li ftT-20111111 Vlhitv Bear 36-3-1. fX111o11g1 thosf' who upsvt thc- rlvlmirliiig stat? L'l1ilIllIJl4lIIS lrom lluiiilrolflt flafrlatt-rl tht- Murraxites wertlz lit'0f'lx 32-fit. lim-lirrstcr hy a scott- of -142-27. ,-Xftvr the c:l1I'iFlIIlLlS holidays the poor shooting ol luoth teams. sxwpt to xivtory 32-2-1. Thi- llilI'Kl-tlI'iXiIlg lorisarcl. fit'Hl'gt' lxailirath. le ' Prafrtiffe makes pe1'l6c't littl' c'v11t01'. Bob Rutlorrl. Q lotfoniotive ar? llelorvs Massiv. liflith KlDl'llt'kl'. lVla1'f"ic Johrlscil. ljilltl tluus. Marcia Poclcl. Pat Hay- Z' . l f . flt'll, ofllclal cliemlvalflm-1's. ' ldbllg shots are l1is spa-tially lorixarcl Don Nqffulillll. Page Sixly-1100 D tt-am Vlttllt' liavk to clvlvat Harcliiig -I3-37. The next wk tht-1 1111-t ,lol111so11 aiicl 1so11 itl tht- last tluartcr hx a svorv of S30-Z1 i11 a game that mis IttilI'lit'il hy the Thx- lvuvlwtm-its first met rlelvat i11 t'UIIlil'I'1'ttl'P plax at tht' hamls ol' thc Marshall fiI't'fllUl1llflS. lmct hy L60 Louis. tho Pilots 111'1'0 cloxxiiefl lui z1 svort' ol 51-40 Central was tho 111-xt team to lc-cl tht- sting of defeat at thv llillltlS ol' ilw Pilots. Thv lVlUt'l'itXttll'll tu-lil Cen tralis llashx Skip llvxnolfts to 0 points as the team 3IGClliIIlit' -Xrts to a -16-39 xictory oxvi' tht- VHQPIIICD Thv Pilots iwn' tlwn lorcefl to ttlt't'l thv Monroe Green 1 "lit-aflt-y-v Dong' Mc-Cratli 180i lets go with at jump shut during tht- Jolinson-Nlurrziy fray. 0 Xnxit-ty is in tht- air as liula Rtitlinrtl 175+ gt-ts rw-ally to titlt-nipl ln take tha- hall away' from Ihr- lit-ntral playa-rs. law- all tht- lVlur1rm- aSlQyIlltlilSlUlN. ,lc-rry' Kanter. slioot- g with unc-anny' forin uncl accurar-y. twiki-tl at ltmnt- i he vmiipilt-fl the sn-asmfs high grains- total ul SSI Jints. The final Sturt- was 52-32. The players went out on the Hour with grim flet4-r- ination to flefeat tht- Wilson giants. ln tht- last lartt-r the Ha-elmenis superior height ln-gan to show-. td tht- Wilsonites finally won 31-26. ln the last gains- f the sc-usmi the Pilots gain- the league lt-afling Wiasli- tgton l,rx-sitlt-nts a st-tire for 3 quartt-rs. Nutzilnly miss' ig in tht- line-up for Murray was lion lllt-Grath who as ill. Lyle- Lackner lc-rl the Prexii-s to at 48-36 tri- tnph znul a share in the title. Cwatzti Ct-urge Rust-. th-ailing with sur-h an inexperi- ict-cl tt-ani. tlicl El supt-rh july. ln lieth yif-tory' anrl efeat tht-se glaring lat-ts slmwecl: first. that the Pilots ers- utils- tn keep up tht- pau-e until tht- luurth quarter hen tht- t-ttf-cts of przu-lim-ing in at m'l'u1'ker-h0Y gym nally' Villlglllt up with tht-mg sc-1-mul. tht- lar-la uf eight: thircl. the ey 1-n sr-turing sprf-ml lu-twt-en lurwurcl 'on lVl4-Ciratll. guarrl lluyifl Briggs. zniml 1-1-ntl-r Ittili Lltfurfl. lwrxl l'UI4'.l1'-lf lu rigfil: Htirlun Nw-1-ii. l,t0y1t lllllllrlll- uwslxi, l'll'itIlL km-m-kt-. llnty Htlllilbftl. lion Mt'lli'uIli 0 Huy Milton. Iluvitl llriggs. lltiyitl lirunflull. xYl'l'Il1'I' H , , , . . . ' ktlllllltlt. 4.11114-li 1,4-org:-lxusv 9 lhvk lv-ith. tItLlllilQl'I'. llim-ly Yung. lluli SLIIIIINOII. Huh lljHt'Iltl21ltl. U lm-nsv nionn-nts in thi- lllillllllgi-Xlltl'I'ilf gtnnr- its liivlt lung lititth-s for this rt-lmtiml. Mr. Host- has hope for the future- si-usuns with sur-h rc-turning pluyx-1's as llzirlzin Sween. llim-lx Varng. liluyrl llilimlrmyyslxi. and llayiml Cmilclall. Presenting The Bucketeers A -mi? 5 ,- ,., ., Q . s if , A ,, , Iii A k"'fT3f31:-5 , '. Qi- 3 ,- n NX 7 X. l. X K V. -V, t .... . 'Q . . ,-Q-gtfik . fi'.-E-.G-iii. , . I 4 M, , ,X ,.. iw., A ,,. ,Kim 3 eu QM? ' ' fyji . 5 X4 i i i . i iEE:Qgf mem if E ly 2. 3?-2:1 fi? Ikfgr .S'i,i-lyftfzn-c Tennis-Golf- Reveal Individual Stars Coach George Rose, Al Nelson. Chuck Michaelson. Roger Wood, Bob Hahn:-n, August Haugen. Center--Dan Neale. One of the sharpest teams in Murray's history reported to Mr. Al Sandberg for the opening of the year's golf season. Bob Steveken and Kyle Peterson, veterans from last year's squad, were the main reasons for the team's high standings this year. In the opening round of play, the boys from the Como district downed Humboldt 12M-22. Murrayas putters chalked up victory two with a 15-0 shutout over Mar- shall. Playing in midseason form, the link- men beat Mechanics 15-0, Monroe 8-7, Wilson 1416-16 and Harding 9-6. Central was the only team to turn back the Murray boys. In the Hnal match of the season the team scored a 1414-W victory over Wash- ington. Bob Steveken and Kyle Peterson were the only team members to place in the city championship meet at Keller Golf Course. They both posted totals of 168 for the 36 holes of medal play. These totals put them into sixth in the tournaments. Like most of the Murray teams this year, the golfers placed high in the conference. Their record for the season was 7 wins and 1 loss. That put them into second place in the city. Page Sixly-four Led by Al Nelson, the Murray courtmen finished in a three-way tie with Central and Humboldt for the city conference tennis crown. The netmen opened with a 4-1 non- conference victory over 21117 High. Follow- ing this, the Pilots ran up seven straight conference matches before losing to Cen- tral 3-2 in a hard-fought battle. Those who fell before the victorious courters were: Humboldt, 4-1g Marshall, 5-Og Johnson, 3-2, and Washingtori, 5-0, Harding, 5-Og and Monroe, 4-1. Coming back from the Central defeat, the Murrayineii outclassed Wilson 3-2 to gain the tri-championship. In the city play-offs, the Pilots fell before Humboldt 3-2. Murray placed Dan Neale and Al Nelson in the all-city conference tournament. Neale lost in the finals, but Nelson went on to defeat his old-time rival, Marlyn Thomp- son, of Humboldt, for the city champion- ship. Al further proved be was the best player to come out of the city by becoming the Region IV single champion. Golf Notables- Front row-Dick Richardson, Peter Beard, Tom McLaughlin. Back-Rob Sta-vcken, Coach Al Sandberg, Owen Eckblom. Baseball Brings Championship ,jf ff X The Murray nine, coached by Mr. Robert Bitter, got off ffdfff - f" 7443 to a slow start in the conference race by winning only one 1' ff? If A-lax fffff of their four starts. Opening the season with Humboldt ff' ' 1 ' Q' proved fatal as three of the Pilots were injured and had to if i leave the ball game which ended up in a 6-2 victory for 55, ' t Humboldt. Leading 3-2 into the last inning wasn7t enough 'Q J by-QQ, for the Murray boys, as Central rallied for two runs and , , ' f went on to win 4--3. Pushing across three runs was all the T' A' Murray nine needed as they handed Mechanic Arts a 5-4- .C , set-back for their victory of the season. The Pilots, batting, fy 5 which was usually one of the team's mainstays, fell short in Q the next contest as Washington's Lyle Lackner threw a 5-0 ,- N 9 ' no-hit no-run game to hand Murray their third loss in T- .,, four games. 1 1 ' ' -Q A ll Ls- lg:-r Considered out for the championship, the team, led by the brilliant pitching of Bruce Anderson, went on to win the next five games, putting the team into the title race. The lirst of the live teams who slugged it out with the Pilots was the Harding crew. Murray won this game 5-2. With the batting and the plays in the field excellent, the team trounced Wilson 8-1 and Monroe 10-2. Infield relapses caused the team a rough time with the Johnson nine as the Pilots edged the Governors out 3-2. '4Speedball'7 Anderson, giving up only four hits, pushed the Pilots into the city title by defeating Marshall 5-2 in the final game of the city for the conference race. Murray's chances for the regional championship were blasted by the strong Washington team as the Pilots were turned back 19-1. First row: Edward Ronkowskig Bill Zettelg Tom Wegleitnerg Jerry Nellen 9 Fred Swenseng Lloyd Hilmanowskig Bill Vlfegleitnerg Bruce Andersong Grant Warfield, Herb Lynchg Clyde Pemble ' Jack Veiman, mgr.g Coach Robert Ritter, Don McGrathg Ralph DeYoungg Ed Connors, Don Holmstromg Werner Flannum, mgr. Page Sixty-jizz Cross Countr Does Repeat Performance ir, M4 about Front rowfJim Deane, Bob Meron, Russell Prickett, Karl Keller. Back row+Jerry Haller, Doug Currence. Doug Boss. Murray's city champion cross country team de- fended its title successfully in 1949, and remained undefeated in conference competition for the second consecutive year. Self-coached and self-trained, the team scored victories over Washington, Mechanic Arts, Monroe, and Minneapolis Roosevelt, but lost to the state champion Duluth Central team. The score for the dual and triangular meets were: Murray 18, Washington 37, Mechanic Arts 59, Duluth "Fish Got To Swimv SWIMMING-First row, left to right: Jud Harmon, Jerry Wall, Bob Wall, Bob Prodger ' Larry Lang, Doug Warfield, Bob Andrews ' James Hartman, Ray Crow, Philip Cranovsky, Paul Christensen, Dave Holdaway. Page Sixty-fix Central 19, Murray 52, Minneapolis Roosevelt 60, Murray 15, Monroe 47. Led by Jim Deane and Bob Meron, who placed first and second, respectively, the Murray runners Won the city meet to take the St. Paul cross country crown for the second straight year. A third title is very possible for next year's team, since captain Russ Prickett is the only member graduating. Revealing their strength, the Murray Swim- ming teams went all the way to an all-time-high in conference play to bring home second place honors. The swimmers defeated all other city high school teams except the unbeaten Central Minutemen who have held the title for four years. With thirteen team members participating, point leaders in the meets were Bob Prodger and Jud Harmon, co-captains, swimming the 50 and 100 yd. free style and the breaststroke re- spectively, Bob Wall took several firsts in the backstroke, Larry Lang in the 220 yd. free style, and Jerry Wall in diving. All of the ten meets were held at the Wilder Building. Murrayls only non-conference meet was with Cretin at St. Thomas College. The tankers were edged out by the score of 35-31. THEY SWAM TO VICTORY Humboldt ...,........,,.. ........ 1 6 Murray ......,,..,.. . ..., 58 Central .......... ,.,..., 5 5 Murray ..,...,,.. .,.... 2 0 Washington ,..,.. ,... . ,. 20W Murray ...,..,,.. ,..,...... 5 OW Wilson ...,..,... 19 Murray ...,...,,. ,,... . 4-8 Marshall , ,. , .. .... 26 Murray ...,... . ,,.. ., 49 Monroe ., .... 20 Murray ',,.,... ,. .. 49 Mechanics , 23 Murray ...,. ., . . . , 47 Harding . ...,.., 25 Murary ,,.,...,.. ......... 5 0 Johnson ...,. ,... . ., 17 Murray .,........ ..,..., . 49 The "M" Club Men Rock The Showboat The Showboat Murray depends upon its stalwarts to see that all is clear sailing. Men of the "M" Club proudly wearing the emblems that designate their accomplishments in the field of sports, keep the crew and casts? spirits high. This year's "M" boys, advised by Coach Ralph Engebretson, had as their major project the purchase of composition flooring for the new locker room. As in past years, the organization participated in the homecoming festivities. The addition of the club,s mascot, Billy, the Goat, added to the hilarity of the event. President William Wegleitner relinquished the honor of crowning the homecoming queen to Joan Schaller, St. Paul's 1949 Queen of the Snows. 4'Venturing with Chance" eighteen members of the NM" crowd participated in the city-wide tug-of-war contest during the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Proud winners of first place, the boys, captained by Bill Lund, returned to add another plaque to the already overcrowded trophy case. The last project of the year will be the HMN Club Revue, an annual event. Adviser Ralph Engebretson plans to have the coaching stall do a routine number on the program. Other officers were vice president, Tom Steveken, and secretary-treasurer, Jim Marsh. First row, lower pix: Peter Beard, Robert Prodger, Tom Stevekcn, Roy Milton, Robert Picha, Roman Borkan 9 Larry Lang, Robert Hahnen, Joel Poeschl, Burton Murdock, William McCluskey, David Briggs, Eugene Brioscbi 0 James Marsh, Harlan Sween, Dick Keith, Don McGrath, Pat McGuinn, Russell Prickf-tt. First row: Joe Kvaase, Kenneth Spates, Douglas Warfield, Jud Harmon, Gordon Mallory, Karl Keller, Bill Weg- leitner 0 Fred Swensen, Clyde Pemble, Bill Lund, Malcolm McKirdy, Patrick Flaherty, August Haugan, Jim Theis, Mr. Engebretson ' Franz Koeneke, Robert Rutford, Doug Velline, Ray Grove, Jim Deane, Richard Slind, Lloyd Hilmanowski. Pugr Sixty-sc' vrn Hockey Team Takes City Title, Gains State Tournament "Terrilicl7' Not even this commonly used word can describe the l94-9-50 Murray hockey team. Flashing one of the finest sextets ever to come out of the St. Paul city high school The Minneapolis South-Murray State Tournament game gave fans many a thrill. Here Murray players swarm over the South cage. Left to right are Murray's Bob Clark, Bill Wegleitner, South's Goalie Bob Larson, number ill, Dick Hedenstrom. That ties it! Fred Swensen knots the score as he takes a pass from Pat McGuinn, left. Number 4, g'Specs" McCluskey, is screening Goalie Larson of South. Page Sixty-eight conference, the rinkmen got off to a roaring start. Exploding like an atomic bomb, the Pilots crushed all opposition to make their dreams of a city hockey championship come true. Before the season ended, the Murray men also repeated as Region IV champions, and in the State Tournament the Pilots brought the Consolation Trophy to end a most successful season. The Regional Tournament found a strong Mechanic Arts array fall before the Pilots. 2-0. Johnson won from Washingtoii, and this put the Governors and the Pilots in the Region IV finals in the 'Adream gamew of the year. Playing flawless hockey, the Pilots proved themselves real champions as they swept past the Governor sextet, 3-0. Superb play making and a stand-out performance in the nets by Goalie Mallory, proved too much for the strong Johnson men. The Pilots drew tough opposition in the opening round of the State Tournament- facing lnternational Falls. For three periods Murray outplayed the rugged Broncos, but Lady Luck failed to smile on the Pilots for the second straight year. All-State Dick Dougherty of lnternational Falls drilled in a hard back hand shot in the sudden death overtime period to give his team a 3-2 victory. After trailing 2-0 for two periods, the Pilots played outstanding hockey in the final session to gain a 3-2 victory over South of Minne- apolis. This avenged an earlier loss to the Minneapolitans. Ending the season in a victorious manner, Murray whipped South St. Paul 7-3. Eight players got into the well-balanced scoring spree. The victory gave the Pilots the State Consolation trophy. Conference Games Murray ..............,......,., 6 Monroe ............. Murray ,..,,.., Murray ........ Murray.. Murray ..,..... Murray ........ Murray ...,.... 3 .lohnson 3 Wilson 0 Harding 6 Marshall 4 Humboldt 5 Central Murray ........ ,.,.......,. 3 Mechanic Arts. Murray Murray ........ Regional Games 2 Mechanic Arts, 3 Johnson Around the circle from right to left: Bill NfcCluskey, Fred Swensen, Jim The-is. Pat McGuinn, Bob Picha, Bob Clark, Bill Wegleitner, Jerome Billstcin, Dick Richardson, Phil Aus, Mylan Borkan. Rich Hedenstrom, Bob Kohnen, Clyde Pemble, Bob Bastel, Jack Benken, Cordy Mallory, Al Tlioma, Jim Marsh, Wayne Swanson, Coach Al Sandberg. With the addition of the new hockey rink in Mur- rayis front yard, Coach Al Sandberg was able to do some real practicing with his team. Mr. Sandberg had nine returning veterans, Regional Champs of last season, on hand for the opening practice session. These included Pat McGuinn, Bill McCluskey, Bill Wegleitner, Fred Swensen, ,lim Theis, Mylan Borkan, Bob Clark, Bob Picha, and Cordie Mallory. Mallory proved himself to be the leagueis top goalie as he wound up the season with a .929 percentage, a little less than a goal per game. The first line of Bill McCluskey and Jim Theis, centered by Fred Swensen, the league's ace scoring threat, was the highest goal getting line in the city. They collected a total of 36 points in the nine conference games. Of the five top scorers in the league, this line claimed three berths. With the excellent defensive play developed by Pat McGuinn and Bob Picha throughout the season, any team would have been rated a title contender-Pat excelled in vicious body checking, while Bob mastered in poke and sweep checking. Murray's second line had speed and class. Little Rich Hedenstrom, the shifty left wing, came through with some vital goals in both the Regional and State Tournaments. Reaching his peak of perfection in the State Tournament, Bob Clark played three terrific games, displaying superb defense. The team's sparkplug, Bill Wegleitner, gave excellent exhibitions of skill in breaking through defense as he headed the second line into a furious pace. Four members of the team received All-City honors: winger, Bill McCluskeyg center, Fred Swensen, de- fenseman, Pat McGuinng goalie, Cordie Mallory. Close call, Cordie, as Dick Dougherty of International Falls tries desperately to slip in a goal. Skating in fast is Murray's Bob Picha bent on breaking up the play. Page Sixiy-nine , I5 i it i. A QNX Hilfe...- i S 4 1 5 A 1 2 5 f v-vi 0 This just happens to be a quiet moment as photographer Dielf Thomas stops by to snap a picture of the G.A.A. girls enjoying Murray's lzoelrey rink-Doris Steinlfe, Helen Towle, and Carol Lin dsay. 0 Engaged in tumbling team worlf is a group of girls who are exercising as well as maintaining balanre. 0 Enthusiastic horsehzzelf riders are seniors Pat Shannon and Luanne Schmugge, active G.A.A. leaders. 0 Bowling is a year-around favorite sport of the girls. Mem- bers praetire at the local alleys for perfection. Headed for strikes are the balls of Mary Borgeson and Ellen Carnrnel, while Margie llbel and Yvonne Kulenlfamp eagerly await their turns. There comes a time in the week when the girls can lay aside their pens and pencils for recreation and exercise. On G.A.A. days members eagerly await the sound of the final class bell. There is a scramble to locker rooms, and in a few moments a game is on. Page Seventy C.A.A. is a strictly feminine club and operates on a local as well as a city-wide basis. Sports are many, some seasonal, others year-around favorites. Whatesfer activity the girl selects, she has an opportunity to earn points toward an all-city letter. Teamwork Rhythm Exercise Competition Full Speed Ahead Ladies7 Days at Murray come one Mondays and Wednesdays. G.A.A. provides many sports which strengthen muscles as well as leadership. Sport-heads chosen, supervise one particular sport. In the fall, soccer is one of the many popular games which is played. Horseback riding is another activity enjoyed by a number of members. Winter brings a variety of sports to choose from, including skiing, skating, bowling, and swimming. Girls practice many hours in these sports to gain perfection. Those who enjoy the Warmness of the Hinsidew take great pleasure in tumbling during the Cold months. Basketball, however, is a big winter favorite as the tournaments indicate. Baseball in the spring is a favorite sport which brings many girls out for G.A.A. Limited tennis is played because adequate facilities are lacking. Besides a sports program, G.A.A. also includes social activities. Members were in charge of the homecoming button sale in the fall. At the annual G.A.A. 4'Mw Club banquet, all-city letters will be awarded and new officers announced. G.A.A. is under the direction of Mrs. Inez Gugis- berg. Olhcers for 1949-50 are president, Pat Carlsong vice president, Ellen Gammelg recording secretary, Luanne Schmuggeg secretary-treasurer, Margie John- sen. planning of programs a G.A.Afs membership very important matter. Mrs. Inez Gugisberg, adviser, and Pat Carlson, president, are reviewing plans. Leave It To the Girls C.A.A. BOARD First row: Joyce Oliver, Pat Kennedy, Trudy Gerlorlz, Pat Shannon, Margie Johnsen, Pat Carlson ' Yvonne Moline, Virginia Hogberg, Yvonne Kulenlfamp, Joan Stolanrl, Darlene Coliglitly, Margie Ubel 0 Mary Borgeson, Eleanor Tyson, Ellen Gammel, Luanne Sclimngge. Page Sevwzfyfoiie Intramurals Prove Popular Basketball's Future "IV BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Akira Shiozaki. Clarence Yvalkc-r. Bill Heilings. Bill Miller. Jerry Knutson. James Bailey ' Fwald Hermes. Bob Barnes. Dick Slind, Jack Yr-iman, Hoy Tutt. Coach Robert Ritter. Intramural teams in several sports gained in popu- larity this year as Mr. Robert Schanke took over the job of handling all intramural work. Favorite sports included table tennis, hockey, rifle fundamentals, bowling, and spring sports. Intramurals were open to all interested students. The object of the enlarged . program has been to give everyone an opportunlty for a recreational sport. Both the MB" Squads, basketball and hockey, en- gaged in competition this year and each team served Hockey Aspirants Kneeling, lv-fl to right: Robert White. Rodney Ma nuson. lh1Waym- Mobvrg. Dick Dani:-ls, Pete-1' Hamlin Swzlzrlilzg: Arthur Allen, Roger Thorsen. ,lim Smith, Ji Hahn, llanim-I Wt-gh-itnt-r. as understudies in scrimmages for the varsities. The basketball boys, coached by Mr. Robert Ritter, were made up of freshmen, and their year was spent in learning fundamentals of the game as well as team play. Coach A1 Sandbcrgs ABN hockey rookies had ample experience scrimmaging a superior varsity group as well as playing outside games. No member was above a tenth grader. One year of nB,' squad Work is a pre-requisite for a varsity berth. left to right: Don Olson. Mr. Robert Svliankn-. lluam' Rortwdt. rl:-ton llrookins are inspt-4-ting diffs-rent types of rifles. I Ig 1' S!'l'!'Ufj"fIt 'o Left to right: Douglas lloss. Paul Bly. Mr. Fvhanke. ' Priekett. Dick Slind are in the midst of a tablm tournament. z l We Stop For Supplies as we look for the best places to spend the Showboat Murrayis money. Thanks to our advertisers, we know where the choicest quality of merchandise is BEFORE IT IS Final Curtain for the 1950 SHO WB OA T We take a curtain call- Co-Editors to be found. .. ,. Juel Brynildsen, Edith Koeneke School Life Editor ...,.,......,.,.,....,i ,. .... Marcia Williams Assistants ,.,. Sally Morris, Charlotte Miller Senior Editors .. Marylu Murphy, Marilyn Winter Art Editors , , ,....,..i.,., .... . .. .,....... John Smich, Lois Miller Sports ..,,........ , ,. Pat McGuinn, Bill Wegleitner, Patricia Podd Photographers ,.,............,..,. .,., .... ..... .,.,.,.........,..... ..., .,... ,.,. ...., ....... D i C k T h 0 m a s Assistants ..., . .... Carlton Brookins, John Grant, Anthony Anderson, Gordon Prickett Business Manager ..,..,. ,.,. . . ,,., ....... ..,,.. ,.,,.., .,.,.. ..,. . .... . . . Assistant ....,.,..,,. Circulation Manager . ..,....,... .,.,, , ,..... , .. . Advertisers . Jack Folsom Harold Forsberg Bob Schrader . ., , Mary Atkinson, Pat Brocken, Carol Wilson Typists ,... ,.,. . ,Doris Johnson, Joanne Jensen, Agnes Resch Adviser ..,..... ....,......,..., . .. ..,.,.. Miss Margaret Glenn PUBLISHERS NORTH CENTRAL PUBLISHING CO. ENGRAVERS GREENE ENGRAVING COMPANY PHOTOGRAPHER GOLLING STUDIOS Members of N.S.P.A. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE MURRAY P.T.A. Page Scvenzy-three LES and ROD'S Market Complete FOOD SERVICE and LOCKER SYSTEM 1437 N. Cleveland Ave. NEstor 6509 jig Perri ana! MaLoAfering Shop Quality gifts for every occasion CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE Come Visit Us Como and Doswell T. H. PHILLIPS GARAGE SPECIALIZED BRAKE SERVICE WHEEL ALIGNING and BALANCING 2286 Como Ave. NE. 1321 Iohn C. Clin Meat Market 1450 Frankson Ave. Mldway 1182 150,000 FEET OF GLASS Not just another flower shop but a florist of distinction. IOHNSON HARDWARE , J 8I"l'l'I,85 ora! 60. 1224 N. Snelling Ave. Near Como NE. 6640 Paint - Hardware - Live Bait Est. in 1906 2000 W. Larpenteur NE. 7135 Fine Class Rings Announcements Awards fasten 's Since 1897 Representative: H. A. PETERSEN IOSTEN'S, Foshay' Tower Arcade, No. 134 Minneapolis 2, Minnesota P g Srvczrfy-fozzr Last M inute Changes ore cheerfully mode by The friendly sfoff oT NorTh CenTrol. PicTured ore Pc1T Brocken, Joon Roehrich, ond POT Williamson, who ore poinTing ouT losT minuTe chonges They wish To be mode on The MURCURIE To Lloyd Simmons, who is helping To seT up The poges. To The sfoffs, Norfh CenTrol is more Thon iusT o prinfing compolny. lT is The ploce where The plons, copy, loicTures, ond dreoms of oll ore Turned inTo reoliTy, where everyThing is os wished. The friendly, helpful sToff oT NorTh Cenfrol is one of The mosT imporTonT foicTors in The successful pulolico- Tion of boTh The MURCURIE ond The PILOT. Av4vAvAvAvA 7v4v'vAvi?vAvAvAvAvlvlvlvlvAvlvlvlviAvAvAvAvAvAv4vAv4vAv4v 250 EZTST STREET + ST. PAUL 1, MINNESOTA l f Page Seventy-fi KCWIIKFK the Elite Meet to Eatv Four Murray students discuss the latest happenings over a hamburger. They include, from left to right: Lenore Huwe, Roger Ettel, Joyce Christesen, and Bill Lund. Whether' it's after a football game, school dance, or just a movie date, Harryis Grill is the perfect Mafter date eat shopf' Here, over the tantalizing smell of hamburgers, French fries or other fine food, you can meet the crowd and talk over the latest news. Genial lVlr. and Mrs. Harry Stathas are always ready and Willing to greet you. So the next time you're out, stop at Harryis - Mwhere the elite meet to eatfl HARRY'S GRILL 8611+ UNIVERSITY DALE 8674 Page Sevefliy-six N. L. Hermes, Florist 'Shiely Stone' Mldway 1017 A Veneer Stone 1581 W. Larpenteur at Snelling For Residence and Buildings St. Paul 8, Minn. Sl. PCl1.1l I r 4 0 :Sl A GRADUATES OF MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL You have worked for it and may well take pride in acquiring what is the heritage of every YOUIIS AIUGNCHH - - - 3 DFHCUCHI and fllliflillflelital education. You have now earned a place of your own in the social and economic life of your country. Do not forget, however, that education is a matter of degree. The more complete your knowledge, the better equipped you become to hold positions of importance in the world Of bUSiU9SS- This is 9SlJ9Ci21lly UUE HOW b9Ci111se competition for the better positions requires specialized education. The MiI1H9S0iH 8011001 of Bl1SiI1GSS 01TQl'S yOu the opportunity to continue your education in the specialized field of business . . . to put a tinished edge to your qualifications. Our expert and experienced staff of instructors work closely with you so that upon completing your courses here you can step into the business world with confidence. Stop in for a visit any time. Let us "how you the modern facilities of this school and explain to you the many advantages of specialized business training. FREE BULLETIN UPON REQUEST. 0 Specialized Courses in All Practical Busi- ness Subjects. I N N E S 0 Residences for Men and Women. 0 37 Classrooms, More Than Forty Experi- enced instructors. I 0 Conveniently Located in the Center 01 Downtown Minneapolis. I 0 Free Lifetime Placement Bureau for All 24 S. 7th ST., MINNEAPOLIS Graduates' 0 Groceries DeLuxe Personality Beauty Shop HAIR ours - PERMANENTS FINGER WAVING BLOMBERG ci KLEINART 1437 Cleveland Avenue-MI. 3512 NEstor 7354 Como 61 Doswell 0 FINE FOODS and MEATS at MODERATE PRICES Page Snfrzzly-seven Be Thrifty in F ifty-Buy at HARDER'S BIG TEN H RAY IENSEN lVlEATS FREE DELIVERY 0 2256 COMO ll FRESH MEAT, FISH MI. 5311 Lee Hopkins Service Station lbumvnf JJOMQ O! Evwfy I LUBRICATION I REPAIRING . BATTERY SERVICE CClI1'leI' Como at Doswell NE. 9036 Next to the Post Office Headquarters for Stationery and School Supplies is at MILLER PHARMACY Corner of Como and Doswell NEstor 3274 Cleaners ci Tailors I 2234 Carter Ave. Mldway 3103 For G Balny Day "Tl-lE DUGOUT" CONFECTIONS Q Open Sundays and Evenings 1404 Raymond Ave. NEstor 9202 For Individuality in Flowers CALL Dey Bros. Greenhouses CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS 1215 No. Dale, corner Maryland HUmbo1dt 1397 St. Anthony Park State Bank St, Paul, Minnesota Member F ederal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1583137 Midland Building GArfield 1740 These superb artists of the photography trade have satisfied Murray students with their work on senior, group, and other commercial photographs for many years. Though the studio has contracts with many different schools, they always try to please each individual. With these traits as their recommendation, the 1950 Murray High School senior class has again chosen GOLLINGS for their photographer. The work of GOLLINGS has proven to be of the excellent quality it has always shown in the past years. Margie Larson and Bobby Clark are shown trying to make up their minds as to the type of frame and picture they want. Page St'l'C'IZ1JV-771,116 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. ooa' ucle and Best Wzkhes and Mrs. H. J. Acton and Mrs. A. B. Anderson and Mrs J. P. Baker and Mrs J. L. Beard and Mrs L. J. Bergstrom and Mrs l. Beseth and Mrs V. J. Brioschi and Mrs C. Brocken and Mrs W. W. Brookins Ralph H. Brown and Mrs. G .Brusoe and Mrs B. Brynildsen and Mrs. C. E. Calverley and Mrs S. C. Carlson and Mrs E. J. Christensen and Mrs E. B. Christesen and Mrs H. E. Christianson and Mrs Charles M. Cook and Mrs S. T. Coulter M. Darnmann and Mrs J. F. Davidson and Mrs. W. H. de Neui and Mrs Ralph C. DeSantis and Mrs. J. DuBay and Mrs. A. C. Ettel and Mrs. Harry B. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Merle and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs T. H. Fenske P. C. Flaherty E. T. Fletty Cv. W. Folsom E. J. Forsherg H. N. Gammel Arnold Gautschi H. W. Geilfuss A. A. Granovsky J. Grayden R. C. Hahnen Wm. Hallgren H. V. Hanson Paul B. Hanson Jack A. Hart Geo. M. Hayden Harold C. Herviv W. C. Hines J. H. Hinton G. E. Hoska A. G. Hughley H. B. Hurst O. W. Huwe H. W. Jensen A. B. Johnsen H. C. Johnson E. Johnson Page Eighiy Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Col Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. From Senzbr Parents and Mrs. Fred ,lorgenson and Mrs. B. B. Keith George Kennedy V. L. Knowlan Herbert E. Koeneke W. J. Kroona G. J. Kvaase George A. Larson John M. Larson O. M. Lehmann L. E. Lilygren Albert C. Lorenz Dealton E. Ludwig M. Lyon B. L. Mattson Marion McCluskey George F. Mallory and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs Dorothy and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Charles E. Miller Vernon L. Miller J. H. Money W. E. Morris Edw. H. Murphy J. W. Nelson A. Nickelsen Hana J. Olsen E. B. Olson Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. M1'. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Otto F. Olson and Mrs. Wm. Paulbitske and Mrs. A. J. Pederson and Mrs. Harry A. Perron and Mrs. L. O. Peterson and Mrs B. H. Podd and Mrs. H. W. Prodger and Mrs. Karl H. Resch and Mrs Martin H. Roepke and Mrs Nels Bortvedt Elsie M. Bosacker and Mrs S. H. Butford and Mrs C. H. Schrader and Mrs C. L. Scott and Mrs H. C. Seahorg K. C. Spates and Mrs H. Strenglis and Mrs Geo. H. Swanson and Mrs N. J. Thoennes and Mrs Guy O. Tollerud and Mrs F. J. Vasterling and Mrs. E. Walstrom and Mrs. J. P. Wegleitner' and Mrs. H. Y. Williams and Mrs. Mort L. Williamson and Mrs. B. W. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. J. Wm. Winter Pg Eglty The Park Store IN THE HEART OF ST. ANTHONY PARK INVITES YOU TO VISIT TELEVISION HARDWARE 2290 Como Avenue MIdway 1695 COMMERCIAL CANDID 16mm MOVIES folznson-Bacheller-Ross, Inc. Photographers 2266 Carter Avenue Mldway 2952 a B t't 1 F L A H E R T Y S Air-condighlnleg Lanes The Finest Money Can Buy-The Wor1d's Best IOIN OUR SUMMER LEAGUE BOWLING 1550 West Larpenteur PRior 2676 Congratulations to the 1950 Graduating Class from 90411 7!Murrc!ocL Plumbing and Heating 1161 No. Hamline Avenue Mldway 0768 ST. PAUL Pg Egft5 I For Best Buys E SUPPLY STURE WIE Under the direction of Mrs. Helene Becker, the Murray Supply Store has been of useful service to every Murray student. The competent clerks are all from the halls of Murray and know the needs and wants of all the school. ln this manner the Supply Store is able to obtain the best and most of what the students want and need. The store is open for your convenience from 8:00 to 8:25 each morning. Seated, from left to right: Joyce Oliver and Betty Simons, bookkeepersg Mrs. Helene Becker, adviserg David Holdaway, managerg Patricia Lyon, Tom Swanson. Standing: .lean Larson, Carol Lindsay, Pat Palarine, Harlan Sween, Margie Ubel, Margie Johnsen. Page Eighty-three -'yxqffigg ne Stop Shopping Center is the best description for the Falcon Heights lausiness clislricrl. All the firms arm ideally situated for the convenience of every palron. lfflioimlcry and helpfulness are the keywords to this growing community. o Bishop's Men's Store Winfrey's Variety Store 1548 W. Larpenteur 1532 W. Larpenteur PR. 1364 MI. 7849 O I Hi1dman's Foods L. :Sf L. Appliance Co. 1552 W. Larpenteur 1534 W. Larpenteur MI. 5118 NE. 6379 I O Falcon I-Ieights Hardware Mo1itor's Iewelers 1539 W. Larpenteur 1548 W. Larpenteur MI. 5933 MI. 8000 Pugr' lfigfzlyffom' EEwANsoN Head to Foot Outfitter University Avenue at Raymond ARROW SHIRTS-FREEMAN SHOES Suits Tailored to Measure NEstor 1913 AL BROWN o MUSICAL INSTRUMENT REPAIRING 32 E. 6th Street-St. Paul, Minn. GArfie1d 3242 H aggerty's Dairy cYf Grocery 1556 como Ave. MI. 7858 "Get the best for less" Congratulations to the Here is Coach A! Sanzlberg rlrlmiring the skates present- ezl to him by the boys of the varsity team. Bill Wegleit- from ner has just made the present t a Tom I-Iarkins A Hockey Fan Art's Barber Shop For Your I-Iaircuts 2315 Como Avenue Compliments of Kesting Music Since 1925 BAND INSTRUMENTS - ACCESSORIES Instruction - Repairing Radios - Television - Recorders 34 E. 6th Street CEdar 4786 MARTIN GIESEN Theatrical-Historical Costumes For Little Theaters, Schools, Colleges Complete Lubrication WASHING - TIRES AND BATTERIES Sth and Wabasha Sts. GArfield 3621 MOBILGAS AND MOBILOIL Mu11arky's Food Market M. E. Landis' 2190 Como Ave. MI. 5438 Como-Snelling NEstor 4182 DELIVERY SERVICE Mobil Service Open 24 hours Page Eighty-jizz I' The Master Market Complete Line I GROCERIES - MEATS - VEGETABLES 2093 Como Ave. MI. 8368 Aetna Life and Accident Insurance Co. THOMAS C. MCGRATH The store with bargains galore 2338 Como Ave. W. MI 7284 Congratulations to Murray Seniors WALDORF PAPER PRODUCTS CO. 2250 Wabash Avenue NEstor 7321 Drake Marble Company 60 Plato Avenue MARBLE and TILE Eden Valley Sweet Cream Butter ALWAYS BUY IT Fine Foods At Moderate Prices Frankson Avenue LINDIGFS Midway Greenhouses Wedding Decorations - Bouquets - Corsages Funeral. Designs and Sprays For prompt delrvery Call .... NE. 1972 1458 F1'CfT1kS0H Ave. NHCIWCIY 0850 1875 W. Larpenteur Ave. Open Sundays MAYER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 2097 Como, corner of Raymond Como 6 Dosweu NE. 9225 P5 E57 ' Masters 0 R etouclz ing c1ndLz'th0gra1vlz Busily at work mount- ing pictures at Greene are, from left to right: Marcia Williams, Edith Koeneke, Bill Page, and ,lack Folsom. QQ-W For many years, the Greene Engraving Company has proven its expert skill and workmanship in setting up the pictures and Cartoons for the Pilot. Their marvelous retouehing has saved face for many a student. The helpful consideration of the employees has made the Work of the staff a more enjoyable and interesting experience. ENG-RAVING COMPANY oesuomens AND Dv-eo-ro ENGRAVERS PHOTOGRAPHY QETOUCHING L-1-H0GpApHv Pugr' Iffglzfy-5:'z'f'11 Best Wishes to the Flowers for All Occasions Murray Seniors Lindig 1' Florist 1681 W. Larpenteur Avenue Como 6 Carter NEstor 1612 NE. 5922 Best Wishes to the PILOT from First Security State Bank of Saint Paul and our Murray Graduates O BEVERLY THOMPSON O EVA TUTT O KATHRYN WICK Compl 'ments Axel Newman 1 i I of I'Ieat1ng and Plumblng Co. . 1 Axel is the man to call for your PLUMBING, HEATING, and SEWER REPAIR A11 types of household appliances 995 Van Slyke Ave' 1612 W. Como Avenue NE. 7444 I-IU. 1488 For Your Favorite Dessert Always Insist on RAINBOW PIES 1437 University Avenue NEstor 2811 -1111 Q U 5 J N..

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