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 - Class of 1947

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Mr' my My ,Q ,V ,w,1'5am 5 l if L WLM W of! MW Y Svfjkfwaw w,5j,J9W V i X Wa" NV' V 'xvvvlf' . ff-, if is fyfj fwfbfyff 23? W A WM EXW me If My A W-qwfe Lia wwffffgglf 4? TT , gf! V , 3 . M6 3455525 WWWM WM My N affmwffkiftifjwfg y Wig iifg lgfl-vi N761 '69 a gg Qgffyvvgy 3 Ek NX .A XWS il?i?fw2M1 Q5fQ3s Mlkg fi sz? -N 'S K Q ., 35,21 Ll,E 33 fe,,fv'V"' .Lf X ,K ff ,. 7 . ' . ' 'IA' A r V A VU kj i J W F LJ ,ig J I ,,' 'VA fi s J . ,. V 4 Q f y ,Aff ' I f ,lv A! W ' l U I J' 'L' if yin xiaqxkye 7 MM Q, Q A, :JUQMM ,jffnfu Z O 141 A 6Ae,,. a,g,1A7 A 'MV ' 1 f , ., ,, . , YVJV K Q ufibvxflg ' Agia-,:"j:4jlGV ,MM , I 947 MM ,W f' 'A 7A', f n I u ,ff r . M V' a afbh fri R f . aff, ,pg ' . J . A . fi . f 'fer' A J? , . 3 .IV wif ' V . 5.1, ' - A fi GQ. - 74" A 4' Of if . j l dig - :?j5? ! ' EDIT0R'IN'CHIEF -9' I cz.. A ' 1 - 'fTi?if : Il IW H IOAN IANNECK L ' ,tg 'I ' fit AWA L L, f Q a s AAA H - RROR f M' " A lfgil if v 'Q' I , 1 ' F3 ASSISTANT EDITOR Q . ' fg ll ff ' K , ' xszff u- 'f 1' L +A Af NANCY EYLER f if 1 A. .1 - A l Off? of ,Q my f +N f , wh QQ' 1, ' ' " " . 1 '5 . BUSINESS MANAGER 7+-7: haf? - A K 'iff ml-5 .WZ - I ROGER ADAMS gf A " N. A' gff' ' Rf 4, A' I . 7i'RfTf '77 .'Q'HS:' " 1 . 4 gy l.-vf r'," 2Jl:'LW1.H.F : ' " V3W5.3WL'EY'fWf, J:F7I'Q-f'g5fQf''P , S 1 2 ff an . MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL - ST. PAUL 8, MINNESOTA VOLUME V111 l nfe4""' If T X ff ,ffm I, ,QW ' f ,fff X- ,Jvfv 44 Wi ffwv WISH YOU Y, J ffl, J , f V. IW , 1 . f Cp ,M J I K---3 e A VL" 4 7 . H ,Z gf fl , 4 4 ' J I ' --H-,x-..'1 1 :gf A I b...-Q12-N.A 'gf-.1 , .QQ-z'Q,f , Q25 fLs7:E,. .,. -5Xil'hf1fQ,f, fl' uf-517 4 --zxief-:Q . A !1"'2r -..f1,1rl'1f" A 'f:.22'-f,z3'gje.::- '--,, - , smf1fe5.:5,,- -' V-:gQ',...:. f ,,ofv:.:w.1- Q. ' fh 5:.v.:- ff , ,..,,-W . - :.,,,,,-X, , . 4 -5,-.el , Ti. efgifif-"M" ' , '-3,-3ff:j5.:x , gl-31 , la, D 4-if! A, jg,-Q:Q.fg.Lg,4, KL 1 X 'QQ -f--'1'sZ1Pi7:iff'52' 1'i':'1'gf.2.-.I ' j if ll ,. 13523. -LAL "" -:.':'L,':g,,'JJ'- . 1 X , 1 ,. ,Z ' -tg ffv ' 1' L fb ,K ep My X 35 e W fffyf LM ,UP we P W W lf' .fr JW W ,AMMO fb W' fpfvbyfjj fjflie I W W 7 0 ee I he 1 , ' Where We Live W if 7 0 The Things We Do N 0 How We Look ' Q gm e ' How We Get Together Q oHowWe Play 9 ' x New h f L . Y " i I - '- 5 - ,.... - 'fffrf t U " Ligu e.: Y' . ' "fin 155: 4 ' - nw' WL . Lx ' up H -.1 v if V, " , ' ?3ftjil2a .3 K. 0 fig ln this, our 1947 Pilot, We present y I X no plan or pattern for the future. After 0 A if the feverish and depressing War years, if We are glad to take stock of the good ini! V-:V-in ' if . . . A ns A F7 thin s in life that have been salva ed, V , g g fn FX A XJ We hope, for all time. Making the most 'N W y C of our high school education is one of l A our hi hest aims. We desire that from g l F2 CY: our school experiences We may gain the Wisdom necessary to take our places as citizens of the World. Page Four HE magic of a Minnesota autumn is a prt of our very school life. We thrill to the memories of the gaiety and variety of color that mark this season of pep fests, homecoming, and football heroes. Lpwtf-I,f'?Le'V,l2.,gft,.,f y I if yzfpgf Lille.f'Lf""?liVLrfZ5Wf ' , 0 !g?2fi OLQLM Mn if MURRAY 6 ff ff' Mei J if fit-fm, 5 VQOYYXIJ ,MLM Owqglfx Q-uf , CWD!! lD4MA f M wkere ML ive QU' I450 Grantham Street Q6 J f This is Murray, one of the ten high schools in the city of St. Paul. In fact we are the youngest -seven years old. Sheltered in a hollow amidst a lovely residential district, Murray gives us the friendly feeling so frequently found in small towns and communities. Some nine hundred of us students coming from twelve public and parochial schools interchange ideas and interests as the busy days of high school slip by all too quickly. There is the homework and the daily routine that sometimes trouble the best of us-but friendliness abounds, and that is what makes life rich and joyous. Yes, happiness is where one finds it and we do find it at 1450 Grantham Street, the place where we live. n SN - ' Q.: if wuswnw'-Zsef. ,f"y ,,1f' , gr-lg C7 fwiliyifi' 'isle' 2'3a.3f5,f'2H hs K 'S N, PU P 3 Qffwlr, Q5-: Oyjpyjp P S- ,L ll uxcg st. yy I, as 1-I9 Ci 33'-Rf J' ' C 'N' ' .dfk . a p fu 3, 4 6 e,l,C6f,tl E D Pa 5 ox 0' '5 Xe-A' ' . "Af teacher affects .Srrfi-ga are can never te gwlge igfluegg sw F M V 7rrA,c,h lb p- , i'I'ruea is this of Mr. Bement? Mkelman, Miss MSP lleberiflmiss ll Marion Gratz Mr George Bergulgiand Mrs. Ruth lffddygwhbxhfae served , A as instructors at Murray High School since its yugorfsa Twenty-one E years of working together have linked these frieigs. in a common bond' V N of service to the school and the community. During the years many students have come to know each of these teachers as a friend to whom he can- turn for wise council and under- standing of the problems of youth. 'Teaching is more than classroom j routine 3 the boy or girl is more important than the printed page. To if these fine teachers to whom the gift of understanding others has been given in large measure, there is a deep sense of satisfaction for all the efforts that have' been expended for those Whom they taught. ' s Pleasant memories of the years together are recalled as these friends and co-Workers Watch the Hickering fire. In honor of their years of service, in honor of the high ideals which are theirs, and with sincere appreciation for what theyf have given to Murray High School, We, the stall of 1947, dedicate this Pilot. Q X ix , I ' x i X lit. r 1 N Page Six " xg R , f e u X x L I X. ,f 1 f Qi , 's 1 X .if I, . 1 E, 3' L Adm., f ! . ' 3 A, f rl ' .. 0 X 1, K vx' I f 'A' ,J ,Z X VH' Q 51,1 I W1 L," - f' L. rv f' . . , kr is 2,4 ,1 1. VLH , ,T X J I N,J J Page Seven Weir edlaonfiigigfiezi ere any 9 s r meeokfr tl CNW ' Q t' ," 5 Kiwi is 5375i 1 r ,Q .,, r , , 7331 . X I yy ','Es.,. . - rs. , v git- A .L 51" ' . .V , W ll. X 5 1 ' 1 '0 .- Y n 1 K tn, , s -4 uv . ' .' I . , V-: 4 A gi-1 . -,jk .lt , ,ii5,,g3,u LJ, ' we .' 1 - . I " ' , , - x J ' '- A , .25 Mk W V t 1 'wh Tl BLU fi' af r .11 ' ' . U , , 5 . V :Bukit WY 1. . f,.fi',,33 ,9x, ' I M s if ,Q J,g'ei1fi-Qfitif' QV - .?l'iS'Z'gsii'C f' 5 fav , e'sf1'w fiviifll , w --. tus M, or O lean Lewis, Quill and 'fScroll president, checks O Recent territorial alterations are indicated on a future plans While Miss Margaret Glenn, adviser, globe by Mrs. Susie Sauber and Miss Virginia Fer- and Nancy Eyler, secretary, revise the minutes ot tig previous to a class discussion concerning the the last meeting. changing world order. I An effective school police force depends upon both I Counting money is one of the more pleasant tasks student and faculty cooperation. Pictured above for the MMU Club secfetafyqeasufer. Here Ioseph are Lowell MUUSOH and MT- GCOFSC BCYSUP df?-ff' Horvath checks over his accounts 'With Mr. Ralph ing new plans and improvements. Engebregson, O The art of properly interpreting music is shown to Sandra Granovsky, student choir director, by Helen McGeever, music instructor. Page Ten - ix ,fl il H ff, X fpnczfigv fl - .fdxcxnia ,,,Z,f:.a4' X 17.2, y 571 jf st iilaf it jf fi. Z? E7 .7 K f 57 .. .. 2. of . . uf lzeg u ec! Item ' f -fifffifff v fawlilza X, - AEC- I Miss Marion Gratz, librarian, lends a helping hand O Checking basketball equipment before a G.A.A. to Paul Mielke and Robert Eyre as they arrange game are Mrs. Inez Gugisberg, adviser, and Ianice one of the interesting exhibits in the display case. Christopherson, president. C Leisure moments are few and far between for Stu- I Needy children of Europe received gift boxes this dent Council members. Pictured here are Carl Winter from the Murray Red Cross Chapter. Helen Iohnson, Louise Weigt, and Mrs. Ruth Eddy as Iansen and Astrid Haugan assist Mrs. Agnes Smith, they look over activities of other schools. adviser, in sorting goods to be mailed. , O Mrs. Helene Becker, Book Store adviser, learns the finer points of the new rocket pen from Donald, Hanson, manager. Page Eleven CGIQQ5 .S?M6!8lflt6 mlllelli el' ! Miss Catherine Daly's office is a busy place every morning. Bette Clipper, Miss Daly, Beverly Swan, and Miss Louise Pedersen check over the day's attendance. It is not beginners luck for Marlene Cramer and Delores Moberg as they make rolls under the watchful eye of Mrs. Lenore Hansen, home eco- nomics teacher. Part of each teacher's daily routine is a trip to the office box. Here Miss Mabel Surratt collects her morning mail. Discussions in Mr. Alden GoodWin's classes are often led by civic-minded students. A heated argument on military conscription is started by Iean Frenning, lack Murdock, and Marjorie Wet- terstrom. Q One of the most interesting courses at Murray is the second year transcription. Students are taught to transcribe and type shorthand notes with the assistance of Miss Valborg I-Ielseth. ' Fifi! row, swim' Inf! to righr: Blythe Parriott, typistg Margery Finger, assistant activities etlitorg Beverly Iohnson, senior cditorg Leroy Gardner, headline editor, Bill Hilgcdick, circulation manager. Second row, Sftlildfilg Ief! I0 right: Marion Rear, assistant senior edi- torg Earl Paquin, co-activities cditorg Barbara Remington, feature editorg Ianis Thiemc, assistant feature editor, Mary Curley, junior editor, Margaret Wood, co-activities cditorg Robcrt Erickson, sports editor. eniuzied af mr Pilot Staff. That is the name given to the above group of eager but overworked editors. They are the ones who suffer nightmares, bad indigestion, and writers' cramps to present you with this better-than- ever annual. He who takes the Pilot for granted should visit room 312 any time of the day. The re- sounding din may resemble that of a boiler factory, but beneath the seemingly uncoordinated bedlam, genius is at work. As the layman stands on this sacred ground. he Let to righz: Ieanne Malecha, typistg Dan Keuhn, mounterg Bob Iohnson, art editor, Floyd Kongsvik, mounter. is amazed and bewildered as the busily working staff covers copy, hides pictures, and shuts up like a clam. Explanation is simple, however, for staff members are sworn to such secrecy that they feel guilty if their left hand knows what its right is doing. With hat in hand, the former ingrate backs meekly away from the tirade of journalistic, and sometimes not so journalistic, language. Nothing is left but to wait for spring when the Pilot is published. Now aren,t you glad you waited? Left to right: Donald Ausemus, assistant business manager Roger Adams, business manager, Nancy Eyler, assistant editor Ioan Ianneck, editor-in-chiefg Betty Olson, advertising manager Ianice Engebretson, advertising managerg Ioan Frenning, as sistant advertising manager. wa! Enigltfen earji OLJLOL Whether it was the new pastel wall harmonies and the asphalt tile Hoof or the effects of the hard-working club members, the Library Club has had an extremely successful year. Book YVeek, the highlight of the year, meant hours of work for the committees. The theme, "Books are Bridgesf' was carried out in an exhibit, an assembly, and a tea. The two social events of the year were the initia- Iudging from the smil- ing countenances on the Library Club executive board members, they must have had a prosperous year. First row, left to right: Alice Krantz, Don- na Best, lean Lewis, Gerry Busse. Second row: Bill Hilgedick, Herbert Moon, Miroslav Swyryd, Bob Bul- ger. tion and the pin banquet. The Hrst of these functions welcomed in new members and the second honored graduating seniors. Those in the Library Club auxil- iary who pass necessary requirements will Fill next year's vacancies. Money-making projects included the sale of Mur- ray buttons, Christmas cards, carameled apples, and band concert tickets. The activities of the year added another milestone of service to the school, in this their twenty-first year. First row, left to right: Marion Pfutzenreuter, Ioan Ianneck, Paul Miclke, Alice Krantz, Miroslav Swyryd, Ican Lewis, Herbert Moon, Ianet Lawson, Gordon Tinker, Fern Iuckel, Alice Egan O Ioan Morgan, Shirley Bjorndahl, Ioan Hayden, Patricia Dyer, William Lee, Mary Iverson, Astrid Haugan, Alice Perrin, Enid Larson 0 George Semple, Iames WVilcox, Iohn Raymond, Gordon Kimble, David Eidc, Robert Eyre, Leroy Gardner, Donald Pickering, Donald Ausemus, Richard Reimers. Q .. -mp L ' Page Fourteen h. , X r X N. ,A 4. xx, X r K , C- , w , . I sr . . X W 'S I y g,Xl0!0l"llfL9 MnLnown CA6l,l0f6l"6 0 Current magazines in the library are enjoyed by Patricia Carlson, Bill Lee, and Marcia Williams. 0 Many busy hours are spent in the Library Club Workroom. Here lean Ansley files away old magazines while Allan Arnason and George Semple cheek out classroom sets. K 0 Library Club members stop to view their exhibit which carries out the Book 'Week theme, "Books are Bridges." ' First raw, left to right: Mary Curley, Roger Adams, Beverly Gulden, Robert Christensen, Gerry Busse, William Hilgedick, Donna ' ' ' f ' E l M t Wood, Iudith Best, Robert Bulger, Helarne Bjorntlahl, Vernon Hanson, Marllyn Gavin I Marjorie Walker, Iean yer, argare Stopf, William Kellcrmann, Helen Iansen, Helen Finger, Iean Ansley, Nancy Eyler, Ianet Lehman O Gene Gray, Robert Nixon, Robert Hays, Roger Wood, Lindsay Christlieb, Allan Arnason, Charles Grose, Carl Iohnson, Iohn Rutford. - s 3' fs -1 as t , I it he 5 M24 my fe. 89 an Q Page Fifteen l Ckcufferecl Koume ZW ir Plato and Euclid proved that a triangle had a firm foundation, ex- cellent balance, and was equal in all ways. Likewise, the three facits of the Girls' League triangle, friend- ship, loyalty, and purposefulness, have proved a Hrm foundation for this girls' organization. The three colors of this symbol are gold, blue, and white, representing courage, truth, and integrity. The symbol is original at Murray, designed by Helen Landis, a graduate of 1941. Strictly female! Absolutely NO men allowed! This is the pass- word of all members of Murray's Girls' League. This feminine group forms the largest organization at Murray. The third Wednes- day of every month Hnds all girls in the school deserting the male members of their classes, and gathering in the auditorium. October, the first meeting of the year, found Ioyce Woodbury taking care of entertainment by playing her own piano compo- sition, "The Little Moron Learns Boogie." In November, Miss Florence Vest's expression classes amused everyone with a short skit, and Miss Audrey Kenevan arranged a musical program. Are you a slick chick? Would you like to be what is known as a glamor girl? These questions were answered at the Ianuary meeting. Mrs. Sue Scarborough, head of Fild Schlick's beauty salon, revealed many helpful beauty hints. Sticky faces and sticky hands were the telltale marks on most of the students in February. The caramel apple sale was onl Anyone loooking in room 210 those days saw Rita Dressler and Iudy Stopf up to their noses in apples, with Marjorie Wetterstrom supervising the gooey goings-on. That same month, Girls' League celebrated its ninth birthday. April brought the new picture contest. What poses! What pictures! Its popularity may make it their annual event. With the able assistance of Miss Catherine Daly, Girls' League adviser, this club had become Murray's most prominent feminine organization. .It was not beauty butkoriginality that counted in the Girls' League Snapshot Contest. Looking over entries arc, seated: Margery Finger, president: Mariorie Wcttcrstrom, program chairman, standing: Miss Catherine Daly, adviserg Rita Dressler, vice presidentg Iudy Stopf, sccrctaryg Ioycc Woocllnury, treasurer. Page Sixteen ui! anc!.Sirof!.S1ri6LL5 Seated, left lo right: Ianice Engebretson, Astrid Haugan, lean Lewis, Nancy Eylcr, Ioan Ianncck, Betty Olson. Slnnrling: Bill Hilge- dick, Enid Larson, Leroy Gardner, leanne Malecha, Bob Erickson, Barbara Remington, Lorraine Addington, Roger Adams, Alice Krantz, Ianice Christopherson. From the time they chew a pencil over their Hrst headline, journalism stu- dents look forward to the Quill and Scroll initiation. The "B" average student must be on the Murcurie or Pilot business staff, or a contributor to one of the publications. Besides their bi-annual initiation, spring finds them doubling as auctioneers as they sell souvenir Pilot pictures. As a service club the group checks alumni files and sponsors a creative writing contest each year. l mm nou D A Q L, I ."' L9 is SCRQLL Long before underwater pens had been invented, peo- ple of culture wrote with graceful quill pens on parch- ment scrolls. As time passed, their quill and scroll became a symbol of good writing. When an international hon- or society was set up for high school journalism, the quill and scroll became its logical emblem. Pictured here are wearers of the time-honored badge. Newly initiated Quill and Scroll members, Leroy Gardner and Ian- ice Engebretson, receive their pins from Roger Adams and Geraldine Markley. Page Seventeen y pfaudigi fl fdnnem U Although only tacks and posters are visible, they are not the only properties of the Student Council Bulletin Board Committee. Its sole object is to display advertising for all worthwhile projects undertaken by any of Murrayas clubs. Pictured here making pleasure out of work are Ioe Horvath, Glenn Steinke, and Robert Ioseph. U Conflicting dates cause no headaches at Murray, because the Student Council eliminates all such possibilities by publishing an activity calendar. Here Alice Egan, Patricia Dyer, and Thomas Zwiener check last-minute entries. 'Proving their potential salesmanship, these three Student Council members, Pat MacDonald, Barbara Bjorn- stad, and Kyle Peterson, helped to make the Sunset Valley Barn Dance another successful venture for the club. Page Eighteen - .S?lfl,6!Ql'I,t Soana As usual it is the Student Council that gets order when confusion is at its height. September always brings the S.C. members the business of charting the lunch periods. That accomplished this year, Patri- cia Dyer, president, then counted the coin of the realm as she checked money from the second hand book store sale. V In November, the Student Council assisted the P.T.A. in the latter's money-making project of the year by selling one thousand tickets for the "Sun- set Valley Barn Dance? "Ahs,, and "Ohs,' were heard coming from the lips of extremely happy seniors in the late fall. The S. C. executive board voted in a new passing schedule for assemblies. At last the upper classmen were as- sured their assigned seats. The junior high students had to make the best of it and look forward to the day when they could be in the same enviable position. Posters! That is the password for S. C. secrets. A special committee sees to it that all posters are proper- ly displayed, and that bulletin boards are kept in proper style. Another helpful project of this group is the school activity calendar, and this year it became a handy reference for more than one organization. In May the additional members were voted to the board to replace the retiring seniors. As the law- making organization of our high school, the Student Council executive board is a responsible unit of Murray. The S.C. group turned to a lighter side in May when it held its annual banquet. Here Mrs. Ruth Eddy, adviser, and the boar,d made merry while they turned their thoughts to next year by electing the 1947-48 olhcers. Seated, left to right: Carl Iohnson, Margery Finger, Patricia Dyer, Glenn Steinke, Mrs. Ruth Eddy. Standing: Patricia MacDonald, joseph Horvath, Robert Bulger, Donald Hanson, Alice Egan, Robert Ioseph, Tom Zwiener, Louise Weigt, Barbara Bjornstad, Kyle Peterson. Page Nineteen Page Twenty Shown here planning the Red Cross talent program are Helen Iansen, secretaryg As- trid Haugan, prcsitlentg Evelyn Lesse, vice president: and Margery Finger, treasurer. orizorw ngmifeol in eruice "Look, the Red Cross!" Many times this cry of joy has been raised. There is good reason, too, for wherever disease or disaster aids the grim reaper, the Red Cross is close behind performing its er- rands of mercy. Everyone is familiar with the Work done by the International Red Cross in the last War, but be- hind the scenes are people of all ages. Here at Murray, the students have gone far in aiding the local Red Cross. Our Red Cross representatives have filled overseas boxes, and collected magazines, playing cards, and games for local veterans hos- pitals. This is in addition to their usual Work schedule and fall collection. Gathering together the students Whose abilities had not be recognized before, the Red Cross con- ducted a talent show March 4. The proceeds, of course, Went to the main oifices of this mercy organization. ,ww ,WZ flfg ,4 A Fiffi row, left to righz: Helaine Bjorndahl, lean Lewis, Leroy Gardner, Blythe Parriott, Robert Erickson, Astrid Haugan, Enid Larson, Icanne Malecha 0 lean Frenning, Janice Engebretson, Betty Ann Olson, Geraldine Markley, Ianice Christopherson, Alice Krantz. Little bees have nothing on the Murcurie Staff on deadline day. With proverbial industry, they fan their way through copy, checking and re-checking. 6'We go to press tomorrow,', can be either a hymn of satisfaction, or a deeper tone of woe. Nary a drone can be found in this hive, for Miss Margaret Glenn, Queen Bee of the staff, has long since learned the technique of eliminating such lazy characters. The little reporter bees buzz in importantly with their quota of news, the page planners soar furiously here and there trying to fit their jig-saw puzzle of articles together, the art editor rushes in with last minute cuts, and, as the deadline hour draws near, the hum grows louder and more constant, and Ger- aldine Markley, editor, has the Murcurie off to the printer. Over the creative glamour there is a metalic click, as Miss Elsea Petersonis business staE brings in the golden coin which pays for the Murcurie. But, as with bees, there is no rest for the busy staff. They must start on the next month's issue almost as soon as they are congratulated for the excellence ,of the present one. H First row, left to right: Vernetta Tchida, Beverly Murphy, Sandra Granovsky, Lorraine Addington, William Hilgedick I Vernon Hanson, Iohn Fentlerson, Betty Tutt, Allan Arnason. Page Twenty-one First row, left to right: Ed Iohnson, Glenn Steinke, Paul Mielke, Charles Michaelson. Tom Hooper, Roger Adams 9 Dan Neale, Herbert Moon, Robert Bulger, George Semple, William Hilgedick, Donald Cromer, Robert Ioseph 9 Lindsay Christlieb, Ioseph Horvath, Allan Arnason, Richard Holmsten, Karl Koeneke, Donald Pickering, Charles Grose. "Hear ye! Hear ye! A proclamation to all young men of good character and fine physiquef, The na- tional Young Menls Christian Associationis announce- ment that it was going to open a branch in the high school was met by immediate approval. As a result, some twenty-three young men at Murray have an- swered this call. Board Plans Valentine Dance Seated left to right: Bob Bulger, Ioe Horvath, Karl Koeneke, and Allan Arnasong stzznding: Don Cromer, Charles Grose, and Herbert Moon. Page Twenty-two Already fifteen clubs in St. Paul have formed leagues for friendly games of basketball, swimming, and all the other sports that boys enjoy. Murray now has only a basketball league, but the club members have been clamoring for a chance to show their skill in other sports as well. The Murray club does not conHne itself to gallop- ing around basketball courts in shorts, however. They proved February 14 that as a social group they were second to none. Sponsoring the Valentine's Day dance, the boys proved themselves excellent hosts, and guests were sorry when the orchestra called it a night. The fact is proudly pointed out that the Hi-Y is not only a national organization, but international as well. '- Mr. Henry Soderberg, who spoke before an as- sembly here, declared that were it not for the Hi-Y and other like organizations, many soldiers cap- tured by the Nazis would have suffered greatly. The YMCA furnished amusements, food, clothing, and communication facilities. As their pledge states, they create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, better standards of Christian living. 2 IQ f "' 0 LC ang LIQJJ As the pocket edition is to a best seller, so 1 , the Iunior Band is to the Senior Band. There is the same high quality, but smaller in size! These musicians are the backbone of future Murray bands. Demonstrating their abilities here are Marjorie Wacklin, Iames Preus, and Roy Milton, clarinetist, flutist, and baritone horn soloist respectively. The big event for these seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, however, was their special con- cert given for their classmates and parents on March 12. In addition to those pictured, featured mem- bers were Esther Burgess, Gail Holzinger and the trumpet duet, Patsy Carlson and Charles Hedenstrom. x Ioan Morgan, Geraldine Pearson, Donald Wilson, Audrey Stephenson, Barbara Christianson, Iean Ansley, Ican Eyler, Barbara Pro- shek, Harold Forsberg, Marilyn Figg, Evelyn Hanson, Dona Lee Horton, Genevieve Kulenkamp, Donald Ausemus, Iohn Davidson, Roy Milton, Richard Olsen, Douglas Fenderson, Gerald Moberg, Darrell Douglas, Eugene Sargent, Wayne Rolph, Ward Iensen, Clarence Schaffncr, Patricia Carlson, Charles Hedenstrom, Duane Whaley, Iohn Fenderson, Charles Weigt, Iames Wilcox, Warren Fillmore, Carleton Brookins, Vernon Iudisch, Betty Boss, Sam Gray, Ianet Tripp, Russell Prickett, Gail Holzingcr, Iack King, Suzanne Preus, David Youngren, Iacqueline Grendahl, Neil Atkinson, Sylvia Kenaston, Howard Venners, Earlene Petrie, David Eide, Mary Iverson, Faith Skepstad, Iune Gunard, Grace Ellsworth, Denis Bakke, Keith Davis, Helen Finger, Ellen Gammell, Iack Folsom, Roger VVood, Paul Miclke, Thomas Cummings, Richard, Thomas, Nancy Baker, Donald McGrath, Marjorie Moore, Ioan Proshek, Marjorie Wacklin, Ioan Oakins, Bruce Schroeder, Iames Bailey, Esther Burgess, Iames Preus, Iames Colherg, Pamela Haas, Donald Olson, Donald Money, Patricia Shannon, Ierry Lemke, Robert Ioseph, Robert Stickney. Strike up the band! A shopworn phrase, this, but it takes on a special significance when it is Murray's Senior Band that is ringing out. When Miss Audrey Keneven leads the sixty-eight members in "Colors are Elying,".it is a disloyal Murrayite who does not feel a swell of pride. This year, in addition to entertaining the whole school at assemblies, the Band gave two assembly concerts at other schools. - March found the Band at Marshall High School, and in April, they serenaded Humboldt High School. And, of course, the annual Spring band concert, pre- sented May 1 and 2, was a fitting display of talent. Not only can Murray boast an excellent concert band, but it has also become a marching unit. Re- splendent in new uniforms, the marching band made its first public appearance at the University of Min- nesota Agricultural School's Campus Day in May. Page Twentv-three omeflzing fo .Sing Loaf First row, left lo right: Gertrude VVickman, Marie Larson, Beverly Iohnson, Shirley Bjorndahl, lean Frenning, Ioan Zimmer, Robert Iohnson, Kenneth Corsaw, Ianice Christopherson, Ioyce Woodbury I Ruth Tyedt, Beverly Murphy, Enid Larson, Delores Anderson, Audrey Peter, Renee Johnson, Lorraine Addington, Alice Perrin, Ruth Haglund, Lois Larson O Helen Iansen, William Murray, Tom Hooper, Marilyn Pilgren, Paul Mielke, Richard Olsen, Charles Michaelson, Herbert Moon, Geraldine Markley, Astrid Haugan O lean Smith, Leroy Gardner, Donald Pickering, Lee Barton, Richard Larson, Raymond Gausman, Robert Horswell, Iohn Pearson, Douglas Harding, Nancy Goebel. Although it is doubtful whether 'Amusic has charms to sooth the savage beast,', there is no doubt that the Murray choir has a miraculous Way of soothing troubled minds. Underclassmen forget to snap their bubblegum, the boys stop flexing their muscles and Winking at the girls, While the girls pass the acid test by maintaining complete silence. In October the choir sang with the all-state high school chorus for the annual meeting of the Minnesota Education Association. Various members of the choir again proved their merit by performing for the Athletic Club Banquet, the Guttersen School P.T.A., the American Legion Auxiliary, the St. Anthony Park Legion Post No. 8, and collabor- ated with the Murray band in the annual spring band concert. In addition, individuals and smaller ensembles from the choir presented other programs for various community activities and school assemblies. It is superior performance that keeps the Murray choir in constant demand, not only here, but in other parts of the city. Turning its talents toward radio, the Murray choir was featured February fourth, on the radio program, "Salute to the Schoolsf, Ioining in a community project, the choir appeared with the St. Anthony Park Ameri- can Legion Band on February twenty-first and for senior night at the P.T.A. Under the capable direction of Helen McGeever, the Murray choir produced the Gil- bert and Sullivan comic opera, '4The Mikado," with full orchestral accompaniment. "The Mikadof' with a Iapanese background and oriental atmosphere, has very little dialogue and gave the choir ample opportunity to display their vocal talents. Now commencement is not far away and school life would not be complete for seniors if the choir did not participate at this time. At present choristers are busily engaged in preparing for their last appearances of the year, baccalaureate services, and commencement. Page Twenty four v 1, . ' .tx '- . , Q 7 ' 1 1 1 ' X . ' -O ' 0 .4 V 1 J r - - - Q ueafkr ffm ea! pr First row, left to right: Sylvia Fraser, Donna Best, Betty Gardner, Louise Weigt, jutlith Stopf, Gayle Determan, Beverly Podd, Betty Matthews, Patt Greenwood O Marilyn Carlson, Florence White, Mary Curley, Roberta Day, Louise Desombre, Iean Weber, Karma Thompson, Patricia Flahave, Rhoda Man- ley I Beverly Swan, Iohn Sorensen, Eileen Gavin, Mary Louise Markley, lean Christensen, Sandra Granovsky, Dan Neale, Iohn Rutfortl, lack Brocken, Lois Hoium 0 Robert Bulger, Paul Richardson, ' Albert Davey, Allan Paulson, David Bear, Charles Fiero, Ronald Lokken, Charles Grose, Marilyn Gavin, Glenn Steinke. Demonstrating that they too could give a successful musical performance with scenery and costumes, the "B" choir, for the Hrst time this year, presented a program for a student assembly and the P.T.A. 'AThe Harvest," a four part cantata for mixed voices by Wilcox 'and Kountz Was given un- der the directiogpof Helen McGeever, The prologue which opened "The Har- vestv set the general atmosphere for the pro- duction and introduced the "Song of Thanksgiving." "Autumn Splendorn con- veyed to the audience a choral picture of the beauty of the fields and harvest. A touch of sentiment was breathed in "Fair Harvest Moon' which made Way for a brisk and rollicking folk dance. The male voices were heard alone in "The Hunter,s Hornf, and the girls' chorus sang the lilting madri- gal, "loin in the Harvest Dancing." This introduced a fast-moving carnival scene and gradually merged into the solemn dignity of "The Song of Thanksgiving" ki which brought the Cantata to a close. Page Twemyvfive l ajom jon? .ififfi jfic y I Turn about is fair play. Mr. Hubert Kuefler explains the intricacies of one of the machines in his department to Mr. George Bergup, wood shop instructor. Q These teachers are not baflled by bugs, beetles, test tubes, or formulas. Mr. Bernard Quinn, Mr. Albert Rother, and Miss Gladys Rose impart much of their scientific knowledge to many eager students. Page Twenty-six 1 Mutual book interests are shared by these Englishi teachers in their free periods. Here Miss Mabel Surratt,i Miss Elsea Peterson, Miss Constance Howe, Mrs. Cora: Halvorson, and Mrs. Mary Harmon discuss the meritsl of several library novels. Mathematics looks as if it were fun if the expressions onl the faces of Miss Olive Batschlet and Miss Louise Smith! are any indication. 3 1 A 4? x 971 K J UM 2r,7fov"e ,MI X' ow 'lflf Cl' L , nf"f'7' t. + fff:4"5' M06 'yi ,.' ,gr 'HM M . A fnfffi. -1-f L"' J.-4g5,ai.'59"fff6' j MAMA' Jawraw If vb ffl-P .144-6. km, -1-fclfufh a"L'f'L1'fFf'a'a?L?, ' fgftiri ? , -5, " 5 , Mfwwfai +ff2"f-4-r-v-f-1',g 'g ,., ,Q Q'L"5i'afT'f 1 g H -1. ,., .Q f-sgangilf Wkfm 'W-Q .3-'M 'ff-f 44 ,., 'Q"-241,45 ' ""W9:m..7" c.!i,ww A V A , . s.,- ' 5 ..-,K K, I J' Scaled, left to right: Miroslav Swyryd, Gerry Busse, Beverly Gulden, Audrey Lep- pla Ianice Engebret- son Smnrling: Hel- aine Bjorndahl, Iohn Raymond, Karl Koen- Poqe Twentv-eiqhf L Sfrlltd, left to right: Bette Clipper, vice president: Miss Elea- nor Steelsmith, ad- viser, Earl Paquin, president: lean Fren- ning, sccretaryg Her- bert Moori, treasurer. Smizffing: Ioan Zim- mer, Betty lane Welke. l il-acdfi C5250 .jwlalalaen As our graduation date approaches, we as seniors will always remember our high school days as the most important and unforgetable in our lives. They have been filled with events and friends that will be recalled by us often. In the eventful year of 1943, we began high school. Meeting new friends and becoming adjusted to the changes were only a few of the experiences of the years. We numbered over two hundred twenty-five, and became the largest class in the school. As sophomores, we began to take an active part in the chief activities of the school. We elected our Student Council Executive Board-Representatives and some of us became members of the Library Club. With Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, selected as our class adviser, we became an organized class as juniors. Robert Brace was elected president and led us through the year. A theater party, a barn dance, and a vaudeville marked the year as a great success. The Hnal event was the Iunior-Senior Prom held in the Commodore Hotel on May twenty-fourth. To carry out the gay "Fiestal' theme, colorful Mexican decorations adorned the room. Before we realized it, we were promoted into our twelfth and final year. Earl Paquin, our class presi- dent, called our first meeting to order on Ianuary twenty-fourth, 1947. Numerous plans were suggested for coming events. The presentation of the class play, "Come Rain or Shine," a three act light comedy, took place on Ian- uary thirtieth and thirty-first. A double cast was chosen for the entire production. We want to extend our sincerest thanks to both the teachers and the students who have helped to make our high school days a great success. C Q. .t ADAM, GEORGE-Murcurie Agent 43 Pilot Agent 43 Baseball 4Q Intra- mural Sports3 Swimming 3, Capt. 43 junior Red Cross Rep. 23 "M" Club. ADAMS, ROGER-Library Club3 Murcurie Reporter 42 Pilot Ass't.' Busi- ness Manager 3, Manager 43 Homecoming Queen Manager: Senior Class Play3 Iunior Class Boardg Intramural Sports3 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 33 Quill and Scroll Treas. 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Book Store Sales- man 32 Hi-Y. ADDINGTON, LORRAINE-Girls' Leagueg Murcurie Ass't. Circulation Manager I, 2, 3, Manager 43 Office Forceg Choirg Quill and Scroll Vice Pres. 43 Student Council Rep. 23 Book Store Salesman 3g Oper- etta 3, 45 D.A.R. Rep. ANDERSON, IOHN-Baseball 3, 4Q Hockey 4g "M" Club3 Intramural Sports. BANNITZ, CHARLOTTE-Duluth Cathedral, Duluth, Minn., 1, 23 Girls' League3 Senior Class Play. BARTON, LEE-Intramural Sportsg Operetta 3, 43 Choir3 Student Coun- cil Rep. 4. BA SQUIN, NEVA-Girls' League. BEAR, DAVID-Library Club3 Murcurie Agent 45 Pilot Agent 35 Golf 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 33 Choirg "M" Club3 Basketball Managerg All- State Chorus 4. BEST, DONNA-Girls, League Rep. 22 Library Club, Pres. 43 Murcurie Agent 23 Senior Class Playg Iunior Class Board3 Choir3 Operetta 3, 45 Dramatic Club3 All-State Chorus 4. BIORNDAHL, HELAINE-Girls' Leagueg Library Club3 Murcurie Re- porter 4, Exchange Editor 43 Senior Class Board3 Senior Class Playg Iunior Red Cross Rep. 1, 23 Dramatic Club3 Quill and Scroll. BOSS, BETTY-Girls' Leagueg Library Club3 Senior Class Playg Or- chestra I, 23 Dramatic Club3 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council Rep. 4. BOSS, NANCY-Girls' League3 Murcurie Reporter 33 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 43 Summer School. ' I BRACE, ROBERT-Iunio res.' I-S eeg B S got- ball 33 Intramural ,J rts3 Dram 'cm S t cil Re BREY, I -Cathedrzm t. Cl ud ' ., 1, 2, 33 Girls' ea . W B N, NANCY-Girls' Leag , u Rem O gskib, V 'B BUCHANAN, PHYLLIS-Girls League Rep. 43 senior Class Playg Junior-NPADQ. f Red Cross Sec. 33 Dramatic Club. Vaci BULGER, ROBERT-Library Club, Auxiliary Instructor 4, First Vice Pres. 41 Senior Class Playg Swimming 33 Operetta 2, 3, 4Q Choir Pres. 42 "M" Club3 Band 1, 23 Student Council Executive Board 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Sec. 4Q All-State Chorus 4. V' BUSSE, GERRY-Girls, League Rep. IQ Library Club, Program Chair- man 45 Murcurie Agent 33 Pilot Agent 43 Senior Class Board3 Home- coming Queen Candidateg Senior Class Playg Iunior Red Cross Rep. 22 Dramatic Club3 Student Council Rep. 3. ' CHRISTENSEN, CLARENCE-Band 1, 23 Orchestra I. CHRISTENSEN, IEAN-Girls' League3 Operetta 42 Choir. CHRISTIANSEN, HUGO I.-Missoula, Montana, IQ Intramural Sports. CHRISTOPHERSON, IANICE-Girls' League Rep. IQ Murcurie Reporter 3, Co-News. Editor 4g Pilot Agent 3g Oflice Force3 Iunior Class Boardg G.A.A. Sports Head 25 All-City Letter, Recording Sec. 3, Pres. 42 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3, 41 Choirg Operetta 3, 43 All-State Chorus 4Q Quill and Scroll. CLIPPER, BETTE-Girls' League Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Senior Class Vice Pres.3 Senior Class Playg Oflice Force. COCHRANE, MARIORIE B.-Girls' League3 Pilot Agent 25 Homecom- ing Queen Candiclate3 Senior Class Play3 Iunior Class Boardg I-S Com- mitteeg Dramatic Club3 Girls' Glee Club 3g Pilot Ass't. Activities Editor 4' ' Page Twenty-nine V: i COLVIN, MARY LOU-St. Ioseph's Academy 1, 23 Girls' Leagueg Pilot Agent 43 Senior Class Play3 G.A.A.3 Office Force. CONNELLY, IOYCE-Girls' Leagueg Ofhce Force. CORBEY, EUGENE-Intramural Sports. CORSAW, KENNETH-Basketball IQ Intramural Sports3 Cross-Country 1, 25 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Choir3 Tratlic Squad 1, 2, 3, 4. COTTER, DALE'-Student Council Rep. 33 Intramural Sports. CROMER, DONALD-Murcurie Reporter 43 Pilot Agent 35 Senior Class Play3 Swimming 35 "M" Club3 Hi-Y Treas. 42 Dramatic Club. DAVIS, BARBARA-Girls' League Rep. 42 Pilot Agent 42 Senior Class Play3 G.A.A.3 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 43 Girls' Glee Club 4. DESOMBRE, LOUISE M.-Girls' League Rep. 33 Senior Class Play3 Operetta 3, 43 Choir3 All-State Chorus 4. DUBAY, IAMES-Intramural Sports IQ Iunior Red Cross Rep. 22 Stu- dent Council Rep. 3g Book Store Salesman 3. DUNN, IO ANN-Girls' League Rep. 2, 33 Pilot Agent 43 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 22 Dramatic Club 33 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. DYER, PATRICIA-Girls' Leagueg Library Club3 Pilot Agent 23 Senior Class Play3 Operetta 3g Choir3 Student Council Executive Board 2, 3, Pres. 4. DZIEWECZYNSKI, BETTY-Girls' League Rep. 23 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3. DZIEWECZYNSKI, ERIC F.-Intramural Sports. ENGEBRETSON, IANICE--Girls' League3 Murcurie Co-Advertising Man- ager 4Q Pilot Ass't. Advertising 3, Co-Advertising Manager 43 Senior Class Board3 Senior Class Play3 Dramatic Club3 Quilland Scroll3 Student Council Rep. 3. ERICKSON, ROBERT-Murcurie Sports Ass't. Editor 3, Editor 41 Pilot Circulation Manager 2, 3, 43 Pilot Sports Editor 43 Senior Class Play3 Quill and Scroll. EYLER, NANCY-Girls' League3 Murcurie Reporter 3, Agent 45 Pilot Ass't. Editor 4Q Senior Class Play3 Iunior Class Board3 Dramatic Club3 Quill and Scroll Sec. 43 Library Club. FENDERSON, DOUGLAS-Operetta Orchestra 2, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. FIERO, CHARLES EDWARD-Operetta 3, 43 Choir3 All-State Chorus 4. FINGER, MARGERY-Girls' League Pres. 43 Homecoming Queeng Senior Class Play3 I-S Committeeg Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3, Treas 43 Drama- tic Club3 Student Council Executive Board Sec. 43 Pilot Asslt. Activi- ties Editor 4. FIELSTAD, WALLACE-Intramural Sports. 3 FLAHAVE, PATRICIA-Girls, League3 Pilot Agent 25 Operetta 2, 43 Choir3 Girls' Glee Club3 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2. FORLITI, GLORIA-Girls' Leagueg Senior Class Play3 Girls' Glee Club 25 G.A.A.3 Ofhce Force3 Dramatic Club. FOSSING, DONALD W.-Senior Class Board. FRASER, SYLVIA--Girls' League3 Dramatic Club3 Operetta 45 Choir. Page Thirty FRENNING, IEAN-Girls' League Rep. 3, Murcurie AgCHI.3, Ass't. Ad- vertising Manager 4, Pilot Ass't. Advertising Manager 4, Agent 33 Senior Class Sec., Senior Class Play, Operetta 3, 43 Choir, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, All-State Chorus 4. FULLER, LAWRENCE-Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, "M" Club. GARDNER, LEROY-York Community High School, Elmhurst, Illinois, 1, 2, Library Club Associate Member, Murcurie Co-Feature Editor 4, Senior Class Play, Operetta 3, 4, Pilot Copy Editor, Choir, Quill and Scroll, All-State Chorus 41 Murcurie Reporter 3. GAUSMAN, RAY-Intramural Sports, Choir, Operetta 3, 4. . GOEBEL, NANCY-Murcurie Agent I, 2, 3, 4, Pilot Agent 1, 2, 3, 42 Senior Class Play, Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club 3, Iunior Class Board, Operetta 43 Choir, Dramatic Club. GAVIN, MARILYN-Girls' League, Library Club, Operetta 3, 4, Choir, Senior Class Play. GORMAN, BEVERLEE--University High School, Mpls., 1, 2, Central High School 3, Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club. GRAFF, PHYLLIS-Wilson High School I, 2, Girls' League. GRANOVSKY, SANDRA-Girls' League, Murcurie Agent 1, 2, Business Staff 3, 4, Pilot Agent 21 Senior Class Play, G.A.A., Operetta 2, 3, 42 Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, All-State Chorus 42 Choir Stu- dent Director. GRAY, GENE-Library Club, Senior Class Play. GREENWOOD, PATRICIA-Girls' League, Senior Class Play, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 43 Choir Sec. 4, All-State Chorus 4. GULDEN, BEVERLY-Girls' League Rep. 2, Library Club, Pilot Agent 2, Senior Class Board, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Senior Class Play, G.A.A., Dramatic Club, Band 2, 3. , UM., HANSON, DONALD-Iunior Class Board, Track 3, Swimming 3, Club, Book Store Manager 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 3, 4. HAUGAN, ASTRID-Girls' League, Library Club, Murcurie Ass't. Edi- tor 4, Pilot Agent 2, 4, Homecoming Queen Candidate, I-S Com- mittee, Iunior Red Cross Vice Pres. 3, Pres 4, Choir, Operetta 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, All-State Chorus 4. HEATON, RONALD-Hockey 4. HELLERSTEDT, IEANNEE PATRICIA-Girls' League, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Play. HEUER, CALVIN-Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Intramural Sports, "M" Club. ' HILGEDICK, WILLIAM-Library Club, Treas. 4, Murcurie Business Staff 2, Business Manager 3, 4, Intramural Sports, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Y, Pilot Circulation Staff 3. HOIUM, LOIS L.-Girls' League, Oflice Force, Operetta 4, Choir. HOLMSTEN, RICHARD-Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 4, Intramural Sports, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2, "M" Club. HOOPER, THOMAS-Pilot Agent 2, Senior Class Play, Baseball 2, 32 Basketball 3, 42 Intramural Sports, Operetta 3, 43 Choir, "M" Club, Student Council Rep. 4, Hi-Y, All-State Chorus 4. HORSWELL, ROBERT-Marshall High School, St. Paul, 1, 2, 3, Operetta 42 Choir, Dramatic Club, Cheerleader, Senior Class Play, All-State Chorus 4. HORTON, DONA LEE-Pekin Community High School, Pekin, Illinois, 1, 2, 3, Girls' League. HORVATH, IOSEPH-Football 3, 4: Hockey 3, Track 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports, "M" Club Sec.-Treas. 42 Student Council Executive Board 4, Hi-Y Pres. 4, Pilot Agent 4. Page Thirty-one 1 Z IVERSEN, IVER-Nutana Collegiate, Saskatchewan, Canada, IQ Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2. IANNECK, IOAN-Girls' League, Library Club, Murcurie Reporter 33 Senior Class Play, Pilot Agent 2, Ass't. Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, junior Red Cross Rep. 2, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council Rep. 2, Book Store Salesman 2. IANSEN, HELEN-Girls' League Rep. 2, Library Club, Pilot Agent 2, Senior Class Play, G.A.A. Sports Head 2, Iueior Red Cross Rep. 3, Sec. 4, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatic Club. ,, , 4 . 4 I ,gg ,Rl f I award!! cet' A f Q eajfwe IOHNSON, BEVER Y-Girls' League Rep. 3 Mur rie Typist 3, Re- porter 4, Pilot Senior Editor 4, G.A.A. Sports Head 3, Vice Pres. 4, Choir, Operetta 4, Quill and Scroll, All-State Chorus 4. IOHNSON, CAROL-Girls, League Rep. 2, Dramatic Club. IOHNSON, CORINNE-Girls' League, Dramatic Club. IOHNSON, EDMUND-Dramatic Club, Hockey 2, 3. IOHNSON, RENEE LOIS-Girls' League, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Iunior Red Cross Rep. I, 2. IOHNSON, ROBERT-Murcurie Ass't. Sports Editor 32 Pilot Ass,t. Art Editor 3, Art Editor 4, I-S Committee, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, Operetta 4, Choir, HMI? Club. KING, IACK-Williams High School, Williams, Minn., 1, 2, Hudson High School, Hudson, Wisconsin, 3, Band 4, Hockey 4. KLETT, DONNA MAE-4Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. KNUTSON, LUELLA-Mechanic Arts, St. Paul, 2, Girls' League Rep. 4, Oflice Force. KOCH, ERWIN-Stage Force, Student Council Rep. 25 Dramatic Club. KOENEKE, KARL H.-Senior Class Board, Senior Class Play, Football 2, 3, 42 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, "M" Club Pres. 4, Hi-Y Vice Pres. 3, 4. KONGSVIK, FLOYD G., IR.--Murcurie Reporter 4, Pilot Editorial Staff 3, 4, Track 2, Intramural Sports. KRANTZ, ALICE DOROTHY-Library Club, Auxiliary Instructor 4, Second Vice Pres. 4, Murcurie Agent 2, Co-News Editor 4, Pilot Agent 2, G.A.A. Sports Head 2, Sec. 3, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 4, Quill and Scroll, Girls' League Rep. 4, Murcurie Reporter 3. KUEHN, DAN-Pilot Editorial Staff 3, 4, Intramural Sports. KUEKER, IEANNINE-Girls' League, OHice Force. LARSON, ENID-Girls, League, Library Club, Murcurie Agent 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Copy Editor 4, Senior Class Play, G.A.A. Sports Head 35 Girls' Glee Club, Operetta 3, 4, Choir, Quill and Scroll, All-State Chorus 4, Pilot Agent I. ' LEPPLA, AUDREY-Girls' League, Senior Class Board, Senior Class Play, Dramatic Club, Cheerleader 3, 4. LEWIS, IEAN-Girls, League Sec. 3, Library Club, Sec. 4, Murcurie Feature Editor 4, I-S Committee, Quill and Scroll Pres. 4. LEWIS, WILLIAM-Homecoming Queen Manager 4, Iunior Class Treas., Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2, Stage Force. LINDSAY, SHARON-Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 3, Student Council Rep.4, Girls' League. LOACH, PAUL A.-Intramural Sports. Page Thirty-two MALECHA, IEANNE-Girls' League, Murcurie Typist 4, Pilot Ac- countant 3, 43 Senior Class Play, Oliice Force, G.A.A., Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll. MALLORY, RICHARD-Traihc Squad. MARKLEY, GERALDINE-Girls' League, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 4: Operetta 3, 4, Choir, Operetta Orchestra x, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, Girls' Glee Club 2, All-State Chorus 4, Murcurie Reporter 3, Editor-in-Chief 4. MCCALL, GEORGE-Breck School 1, Central High School, St. Paul, 2, 3. McDONNELL, WILLIS-Intramural Sports, Senior Class Play. MILLER, KENNETHfDramatic Club, Stage Force. MOBERG, GERALD R.-Senior Class Play, Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Stage Force 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club. MONEY, EDWIN-Sanford Iunior High School, St. Paul, IQ Tratiic Squad 1, 2, Student Council Rep. 3. MOON, HERBERT--Library Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Senior Class Treas., I-S Committee, Football Manager 3, 43 Track 2, 3g Intra- mural Sports, Cross-Country 1, 2, Swimming 3, Iunior Red Cross Rep. I, 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4Q Choir, Dramatic Club, "M" Club, Student Council Rep. 1, 2, Hi-Y, All-State Chorus 2, 4. MUNSON, LOWELL-Intramural Sports, Cross-Country 2, 3, "M" Club, Traffic Squad 2, 3, Captain 4, Stage Force Manager 43 Dramatic Club, Student Council Rep. I. MURDOCK, IACK ROBERT, IR.-Murcurie Agent 2, 3, Pilot Agent 1, 3, Senior Class Play, I-S Committee, Iunior Red Cross Rep. I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club. MURRAY, WILLIAM-Operetta 3, 4, Choir. NELSON, BETTY LOU--Girls' League, Senior Class Board. NELSON, DONALD-Intramural Sports,0Dramatic Club, Traffic Squad, Senior Class Play. NELSON, RAMONA-Wilson High School 1, 2, Girls' League. NESS, FAYE-Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club 4. NIXON, ROBERT I.-Library Club, Operetta 4. NORCROSS, CAROL I.-Girls' League, Senior Class Play, Office Force, Dramatic Club. OLSEN, RICHARD-Operetta 2, 3, 4, Choir, Band 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y. OLSON, BETTY ANN-Girls' League, Murcurie Co-Advertising Man- ager 4, Pilot Ass't. Advertising Manager 3, Co-Advertising Manager 4, Senior Class Play, Iunior Class Board, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll. OSTERBERG, MARTIN-Intramural Sports, Golf 23 Student Council Rep. 4. PAQUIN, EARL-Murcurie Agent 4, Reporter 42 Pilot Co-Activities Editor 4, Senior Class Pres., Homecoming Queen Manager 4, Sen- ior Class Play, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll. PARRIOTT, BLYTHE-Girls' League, Murcurie Typist 4g Pilot Typist 4,3 Oflice Force, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll. PAULSON, ALLEN-Osceola High School, Osceola, Wis., I5 Track 3. 42 Intramural Sports, Cross-Country 3, Operetta 3, 43 Choir, "M" Club. Pqge Thirty-th ree PEARSON, IOI-IN-Baseball I, 2, Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 3, 4, In- tramural Sports, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Choir, "MH Club Vice Pres. 4, Student Council Rep. IQ "B" Squad Bas- ketball. PEDERSEN, KENT-Murcurie Reporter 4: Senior Class Play, Intra- mural Sports, Tennis 4, Dramatic Club, Band 1, 2, 3. PETERSON, IUNE CAROLYN-Girls' League Rep. 43 OfHce Force, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3. PETERSON, VERYL-Senior Class Play, Dramatic Club. PETERSON, WARREN-Football 4, "M" Club. PHILLIPS, DOROTHY-Girls' League, Senior Class Play, Dramatic Club. PILGREN, MARILYN--Girl's League Rep. 3: Senior Class Play, Dra- matic Clubg Choir, Operetta 3, 4. POLSFUSS, EUGENE-Intramural Sports. POST, AUGUST-Murcurie Agent 2, Golf 2, 33 Dramatic Club. POTHEN, GEORGEQ-Senior Class Play, Hockey 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, "M" Club, Stage Force, Summer School. RAMRAS, DONALD-Greenbelt, Maryland, 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play. RATHBUN, WILA DELL-Girls' League, Murcurie Agentigg Senior Class Play, Iunior Red Cross Rep. 2, Dramatic Club. RAYMOND, IOHN-Library Club, Senior Class Board, Senior Class Play, I-S Chairman, Football 3, 4, Basketball 42 Track 2, 3, Cap- tain 43 Intramural Sports, Operetta 3, "M" Club. REAR, MARION-Girls' League, Murcurie Agent 4, Reporter 4, Girls' Glee Club. REED, VIRGINIA-Girls' League Rep. 4, G.A.A., Iunior Red Cross Rep. 1. REILLY, EUGENE-Intramural Sports. REMINGTON, BARBARA-Girls' League, Library Club Associate Mem- ber, Murcurie Art Editor 3, 43 Pilot Ass't. Feature Editor 3, Feature Editor 4, Senior Class Play, I-S Committee, Quill and Scroll. RICE, LAWRENCI-Ehlntramural Sports. ROLPH, WAYNE--Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ROY, ROSEMARY-Girls' League, Murcurie Reporter 4, Dramatic Club. RUFFCORN, MARY IANE-Girls' League, Senior Class Play, G.A.A., Dramatic Club. V: 1 QQ Xbvxfk x int iifsvlib RUSSELL, IANE-Central High School, St. Paul, I, 2, 31 Murcurie Reporter 4, Senior Class Play, Girls' League. RUTFORD, IOHN-+Library Club, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Choir, Band 2, 35 All-State Chorus 4. SAGEDAL, IVA-Girls' League Rep. 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Dra- matic Club. Page Thirty-four ST. PIERRE, IOAN-St, Ioseph's Academy, St. Paul, I, 2, Girls' League. SCHULZE, RICHARD-Intramural Sportsg Dramatic Club: Stage Force 4. SEABURG, DAVID H.-Intramural Sports. '- SEIDENKRANZ, VERONICA-Girls' League, Athletic Sec. 4g Olilice Force. SMITH, IEAN-Girls, League Rep. 2g Murcurie Business staff 2, 33 Senior Class Playg Iunior Class Sec., G.A.A.g Office Force, Choirg Operetta 3, 45 Dramatic Club, All-State Chorus 4. SNYDER, AUDREY-Girls' League Vice Pres. 33 Senior Class Playg Dramatic Club. SORENSEN, IACK HAROLD-Baseball 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 42 Choir. A ' SORTEBERG, ROBERT--Band I, 2, 3. SPIESS, DONALD-Wilson High School, St. Paul, I, 2, 3. STEINKE, GLENN-Hockey 32 Intramural Sports, Operetta 2, 43 Chloir' Treas. 4541 Student Council Executive Board 2, 33 Vice Pres. 45 Hi-Yg Senior Class Play. STRAND, CAROL-Girls' Leagueg Iunior Class Boardg Office Force, Dramatic Clubg Senior Class Play. STUBER, MARIONfGirls' Leagueg Library Club Typist 4g Murcurie Agent 35 Ofhce Force, G.A.A. - SWAN, BEVERLY IEAN-Girls' League, Office Forceg Operetta 45 Choir. SVVANBERG, IOY-Girls' Leagueg Operetta 33 Choir, Dramatic Club. SWYRYD, MIROSLAV-Library Club, Corresponding Sec. 43 Senior Class Board, Orchestra I. THOMPSON, KARMA IEAN-Girls' League, Operetta 3, 4g Choir, Girls' Glee Club. VANG, CARLETON-Murcurie Agent 3, Murcurie Reporter 3. VANOUSE, IOAN-Girls' League, Senior Class Playg I-S Committee, Dramatic Club: Iunior Rccl Cross Rep. 2. VOGEL, WILLIAM EDWARD-Intramural Sports. VOITA, IEAN-Wilson High School, St. Paul, 1, 23 Girls' League, Ollicc Force. WAMSTAD, DAVID B.-Senior Class Board, Student Council Rep. 4. WARNDAHL, PAULINE-Girls' Leagueg Girls' Glce Club 4. WEBER, IEAN-Girls' Lcagueg Pilot Agent 2g Girls' Glee Club 2, Operetta 3, 45 Choirg All-State Chorus 4. WELKE, BETTY IANE-Girls' League Rep. 25 Murcurie Business Staff 2, 3g Senior Class Boardg Oflice Forceg Iunior Red Cross Rep. 3, Pres. 35 Dramatic Club. , Page Thirty-five WETSCHKA, MABQ1i,R,QE1'1f,A.-Girls' League Rep. 33 Murcurie Re- porter 43 Pilot Agent 3, Senior Class Playg Office Force, Dramatic Club, G.A.A.g Iunior Red Cross Rep. 42 Book Store Ass't. Book- keeper 2, 3, Head Bookkeeper 4, Quill and Scroll. WETTERSTROM, MARIORIE-Girls' League Program Chairman 45 I-S Committee, Iunior Class Vice Pres., Dramatic Club. VVETTERSTROM, QUENTIN-Intramural Sports. ' WHISTON, BETSY-Central High School, St. Paul, 1, 25 Girls' League Rep. 35 Iunior Red Cross Rep. 4. WHITE, FLORENCE-Girls, Leagueg Girls' Glee Club 2, Choir Vice Pres. 4g Operetta 3, 4g All-State Chorus 4, G.A.A. VVICKMAN, GERTRUDE--Girls' League, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Office Force. 3 E gulf f mv ,ug ask 'oval n Q'F'f A ' gf rv-.1 I 'Mal 'EW-J best- Q0 'W IVY-if ' - . Woon, MA ARETEGirls' League lmw-rmfq2rie Reporter 45 Pilot Co-Activities Editor 5 Senior Class Play, Iunior Red Cross Rep. I, 2, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll. YE WVOODBURY, IOYCE-Girls' League Treas. 4, Choir, Operetta 3, 43 Senior Class Play, Dramatic Club, Iunior Class Board, Girls' League Rep. 1. ' YO NGREN, DAVID- seb l 3, 4g ncl I, 2, , 4. 2 ' "sv - Q f 51429-2 ' . ' , c ZIMMER, IOAN--Girls, League, Sen ass Board, Senior Class ' Play, Dramatic Clubg Choir, Operetta 45 All-State Chorus 4. ZINZER, WILLIAM-Intramural Sports. N01 Picmred: Rudy Theis l l LEADERS THREE! Problems may be trivial or great depending upon the issues involved. Whatever they are, leaders enjoy consulting Mr. H. E. Hillard, our principal, who from his storehouse of Wisdom can always I-ind a solution or point a Way. Here, Patricia Dyer, Student Council president, and Earl Paquin, president of the Senior Class, are in conference with "His Honorn-our leader, judge and friend. Page Thirfv- six t To the Seniors of I947 - - Education is no longer an opportunityg it is an economic necessity so created by the scientific era in which we are living and making history. No longer are we isolated communities, states, or nations. No longer are we independent as to the needs of life. We are an interrelated "One Worldj' in which we must take our places. Youth always meets the challenge of any age, but in no other to date has it been so important to appreciate and understand the social and cultural life of every nation. It is my wish, as you bring your high school days to a close, that you will see fit to find your place in this age of progress so that you may enrich your own life and those with whom you will live and work. Geraldine Markley ...s.,s.s,,.,s........,........, .... William Hilgedick ......, ....,..,.,. Enid Larson ...,........... ....,..,.,, Roger Adams ,....s...,........,.......,s. ..... ...,, Lorraine Hazel Addington .,......s .,.....,... Patricia Dyer ..s..s.,.... Donna Icn Best ....s. Barbara Remington Margaret Wood ,....... Nancy Eyler ..s.,s. Gerry Busse ,.,..,, Iean Lewis ..,............. Helaine Bjorndahl .. Marilyn Gavin ..,......s Ioan Ianneck .,,..,..s..s Ianice Christopherson Helen Iansen .....,..s.,. Ioan Zimmer ...,..,,, Donald Hanson ........ Sincerely, H. E. HILLARD enior onor po! --7947 95.000 Miroslav Swyryd ....,... 94.063 lean Carol Smith ..s..4.. 93.636 Betty Ann Olson ...s.,., 93.054 Robert Horswell ,....... 92.190 David Bear s.,....,..s 91.823 Dale Cotter 4.......... 91.705 Beverly Gulden ..,.... .,..,..,...91.438 Robert Bulger .,,........91.389 Margery Finger 91.118 Kenneth Miller .,..,.. 91.083 Florence White ...,.., . .........,. 90.647 Alice Krantz ...,.,.......,. . .,....,....90.105 Veronica Seidenkrantz . ......,.... 89.888 Nancy Lou Goebel 89.611 Beverly Iohnson .......... 89.368 Gertrude Wickman .... ....89.368 Donald Cromer 89.222 Iean Voita ........,........... . ,.,,....... 89.000 Marjorie Cochrane 88.778 Mary Lou Colvin ...,.. Betty L. Boss ........... Astrid Haugan ......, Robert Nixon ...,..... Robert Erickson .,.,..,, 88.579 88.500 88.47 lean Frenning ......... Bette Clipper ..,.... Carol Strand ,.,....,, geT 88.47 88.368 88.294 88.100 88.05 87.882 87.853 87.738 87.588 87.294 87.205 87.187 87.058 87.000 86.875 86.632 86.588 86.352 86.333 86.265 86.210 86.117 85.882 h irty-seven uniom ecome 6095 in flte Mfof maj Seated, left to right: Ronald Lokken, Ruth Fortmayer, Wallace Bell, Valorie Iohnson, Alice Egan. Standing: Iames Wilcox, Ianet Lehman, Barbara Grove, Connie Kellerman, Marion Pfutzenrcuter. At elections held in October, an enthusiastic Iunioi' Class chose for their chief executive Wallace Bell. Other oiiicers elected were Ruth Fortmeyer, vice pres- identg Valorie Iohnson, secretaryg Ronald Lokken, treasurer. Representatives from each junior home room were chosen to form a board which planned all our Co-Advisers Make History activities. With Mrs. Inez Gugisberg and Miss Gladys Rose as our able advisers, we then started our success- ful career as an organized class. We have established history in that this is the first time at Murray that there have been co-advisers of a class. On Sadie Hawkinis Day, a dance was given for our benefit by the Canteen committee. The main fea- ture of this event was the announcement of the Win- ners of the "Lena the Hyenal' drawing contest and the unveiling of the winning "Lenas". Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae were at last -married at this Dog- patch dance. In November We ordered our class rings and pins. After what seemed years, they were re- ceived by us on Ianuary tenth with the usual remarks of 'iLet me see your ringf,-or "What kind of a pin did you get?,' The date of that most important social event- the Iunior-Senior Prom-is set for May twenty- third. The colorful theme will be carried out by the decorations in the Continental Room of the St. Paul Hotel. Harry Given's Orchestra has been named to supply the music. Among our hours of fun, there have been moments of sadness. We pause to mourn the death of one of our classmates. In 'Memoriam DOROTHY IOHNSON November 3, 1946 Page Thirty-eight . 5 ere lggltf El W! M 210 Firxt row, left to right: Ioyce Tesch, Ieanne Hahn, Charlotte Read, Louise Weigt, Arleen Harff, Evelyn Newman, De- lores Thompson, Mary Gun- derson, Ioan Hayden 41 Pat Monitor, Marilyn Clausen, Rho- da Manley, Dolores Burnett, LaVerne Otto, Diane Dolan, Gwen Wheale, Gayle Deter- man, Marjorie Moore 'K Ever- ett Pederson, lack Brocken, Dudley Hanson, Carl Blom- berg, Robert Gordenier, Ron- ald Hoaglan, Alice Egan, George Semplc, Phillip Bates. 203 First row, left to right: Ianet Lehman, Pat Setchell, Ruth Schulze, Iudy Stopf, Arlene Reynolds, Rosanna Vievering, Phyllis Scott, Ieanne Webster 'K Ruth Tvedt, Virginia Tow, Audrey Peter, Mary Curley, Pat Doherty, Calvin Barck, Warren Iensen, Marcia Hark- ness, Ruth Fortmeyer 'K Evelyn Lesse, Ronald Bentley, Ray Skepper, Don Ausemus, Iim Wollumg Richard Erickson, Ronald Lokken, Robert Eyre, Richard Thelander. 201 Firxt row, left to right: Eugene Sargent, Ianet Polsfuss, Earl An- derson, Alice Perrin, Margaret Winters, Mary Pothen, Ianet Anderson, Shirley Broclers Y Audrey Anderson, Ieannctte Posch, Michael Kosel, Fern Iu- ckel, Vernon Hansen, Paul Tes- tor, Gene Peterson, Deloris An- derson, Don Mills Y Warren Fillmore, Therese Theis, Rob- e1't Peters, Frank Snidarich, Harlan Roepke, Iames Edberg, Iames Lovdahl, Alice Lorenz, Iames Wilcox. Page Thirty-nine LNQE JUOLJ .145 A Wade ,Qt l 'I02 First row, Icfl to right: Pris- cilla Coulter, Barbara Grove, Beverly Podd, Shirley Bjorn- dahl, Ianis Thieme, Marilyn Mansergh, Ruth Haglund, Cor- inne Pipkorn, Margaret Rek- stad, Carol Nelson if Mary Alice Ludwig, Myla Medchill, Rhoda Zakariasen, Richard Ken- sler, Rita Dressler, Ioyce Wan- gensteen, Roger Schultz, lean Eyler, Grace Ellsworth, Ianet Lawson 41 Iohn Bruce, David Thayer, Robert Hays, Ronald Brunett, D o n a 1 d Fleissner, Richard Larson, Edward Lei- ferman, Ioseph Thibault, Rob- ert Nelson, Robert Christensen. Page Forty 1 1 204 , Firsz row, left lo right: Carol! Sorensen, Ioan Ansley, Mary Iverson, Christina Selke, Iunel Gunarcl, Vernetta Tchida, Do-l lores Wahoski, Martha Pappas! 'Y Constance Kellermann, Patri- cia Mcncle, Betty Carchasky, 1 Lorraine Lustig, Betty Bunting, Roberta Day, Beverly Murphy, Y Loretta Lindstrom, Kenneth i Carlson ak Iosephine Renkcn,i Iamcs Cushncr, James Petersen, l Darrell Douglas, Gordon Kim- l ble, Norman Rynard, LeRoy l Comstock, Iacqueline Grendahl, 1 Marcella Aldous. l l l 104 l First row, left to right: Mary Evans, Marie Larson, Ianet Du- l Bay, Marianne Nelson, Laura Bongiovanni, Iosephine Kotzer, Marjorie Walker, Ramona Paul- son 'Y Marilynn Matteson, Iames Barnes, Verl Golightly, Donald Grant, Robert Hall, Harold Bronkala, Beverly Krizan, Wal- lace Bell, Marion Pfutzenreu- ter ii Douglas Harding, Gerald 1 Christensen, Bryan McGroarty, l Lindsay Christlieb, Allan Arna- son, Leo Buchan, Harold Sor- W ensun, Glenn Osterberg, Mary Hill. 1 l l EOPHOMORES Q 28 effcng jA8l"8 we CLP6! 312 First row, left lo rfghl: Dorothy Korba, David Dale, Kay Ho- reish, Richard Anderson, Ioan Proshek, D o n n a Bluebaugh, Phyliss Dustin, Kyle Peterson 4 Iacqueline Burwell, Patricia Zinken, Patricia MacDonald, Evelyn Stuber, Mary Higgins, Mary Lou Seidenkranz, Donna Palmer, Therese Hahn 'K David Maturcn, David Rutford, Del- bert Peterson, Duane Thomp- son, Iames Harmon, Dan Neale, Harold Helgeson, Norman Mil- ler. r 307 First row, left to right: Betty Gardner, Alice Krause, Ioyce Tyson, Ruth Bear, Jeannine Ball, Ieri Schvvarten, Betty Wal- ker, Marilyn janneck, Peggy Hurlburt 'V Iohn Martin, Grant- land Warfield, Iohn Otto, Gen- evieve Kulenkamp, Iohn Matur- en, Barbara Bjornstad, Frank Vasterling, Iames Mulligan, Charles Weigt 45 Richard Ol- son, Donald Hart, Donna Lukes, Louis Peter, Suzanne Preus, Charles Michaelson, Den- is Dudrey, lean Cegelske, Her- bert Winkel 'lf Carol Hying, Cynthia Kane, Ioanne Peter- son, Leonard Blomberg, Niel Atkinson, Gene Boyer, Richard Hersehler, Vernon ludisch, Ar- lene Gardner, Marlene Stephens. Ml.-,4....i.., L, 305 First row, Ie!! zo riglzz: Nancy Baker, Beverly Dougherty, Ioan Piper, Lorraine Picha, Audrey Grove, Shirley Crown, Audrey Thorn, Norma Dahle, Donna Malecha 'll Shirley Swensen, Sharon Schwandt, Greta Gray, Donald Gray, Audrey Miller, Ioan Manson, Wilma Dorn, Les- lie Willmus, Eugene Tobias, Denis Bakke 31 Evan Currence, Robert Christensen, Herbert Lynch, Charles Grose, Ralph DcYoung, Ward Iensen, Clar- ence Schaffner, Richard Koh- nen, Arthur Kistler, Robert Io- seph. ' Page Forty-one SOPHCMORES jlze aizinifilz Q-,grae id in .gigdf 303 First row, left to right: Dorothy Miller, Marian Mickelson, Elaine Reilly, Helen Finger, Ioan Button, Caryl Anderson, William Zettel, Marilyn Carl- son, Susan Wisard, Douglas Malmquist 'X Mary Allison, Catherine McLane, S h i r 1 e y Lothe, Marvin Lundgren, Faith Skepstad, Iohn F e n d e r s o n, Keith Davis, Charles White- head, Mildred Dorn, Patricia Denny Y Ioan Chrosnick, Betty Robertson, Beverly Bailey, Gor- don Lindgren, David Eide, Donald Anderson, Donald Har- vey, Dwight Rosenberg, Audrey Stephenson, Mary Louise Mark- ley. 113 First row, Ielx Io right: Yvonne Vogel, Irene Voita, Nancie liawden, Ioycc Christensen, Ro- bert Billstein, Roger Perkins, Lauree Phillips, Betty Matthews, Ianet VVillian1s 'K George Mon- crief, Delores Rosenquist, Dor- etta Olson, Elaine Iensen, Al- fred Nelson, Thomas McLaugh- lin, Phyllis Gaekstetter, Sylvia Kenaston, Iames Pfutzcnreuter il Richard Swanson, Terry Wa- goner, Gordon Tinker, Donald Anderson, William Early, Ron- ald Hadrits, Donald Hays, Ger- ald Lemke, Robert Steveken, Thomzxs Fox. l06 First row, ftfl to right: Betty Tutt, Dolores Harris, Ioan Mor- gen, VVilliam Kellermann, Vir- ginia Hansen, Marilyn Welter, Lois Larson, Elsie Simon, Bar- bara Geddes, Ioy Ann Peter- son ii Dorothy Massie, Sally Lu Dolby, Owen Eckblom, Elaine Perron, Donald Holm- strom, Richard Fossing, Ioan WVason, Earlene Petrie, Ardell Hecht, Barbara Rice 'Y Richard Lantz, Thomas Bailfey, Paul Richardson, Iohn Davidson, Le- Roy Olsen, David Duncan, Richard Hinzman, Roger Wood, Vernon Peterson, Howard Ven- ners. Page Fo rty-Two FRESHMEN 314 First row, lefl I0 right: Thom- as Cummings, Dolores Moberg, Ioyce Brusoe, Virginia Stathas, Charles Hedenstrom, Harold Forsherg 'K Phyllis Nieman, Beverly Olson, Constance Han- son, Patricia Brockcn, Marlys Hurst, Ramon Iohnson, Claire Johnson, Betty Olds 4 Betty Po- then, Charlotte Miller, Yvonne Lubins, Margaret Knoxvlan, Sara Lilygren, William Boldt, Rose Gantzer, Lois Miller. 212 First row, left lo righl: Carolyn Acton, Ioyce Christcsen, Ken- neth Denzine, Ierome Heaton, Edward Lorenz, Irene Crippen, Alice Calvcrly, Helen Grayden 'X Irene Walstrom, Genevieve Hughlcy, Jerome Olson, Ioanne MacDonald, Sylvia Hallgren, Harold Swanson, Barbara Pro- shek, Marilyn Figg, Dorothy Pothen Y Marlys Iorgenson, Elaine Lieferman, Iames Marsh, Lawrence Donlon, Ric h a r tl Keith, Richard Dickson, Mary Roepke, Mylan Borkan, David Briggs. , Poge Forty-three e :fe ,911 .7lLere lqfclzing 105 First row, left zo right: Betty Swyryd, Betty Dauer, Geraldine Pearson, Georgia Cook, Martha Dysterheft, Ioyce Bufton, Bev- erly Miller, Iean Score, Agnes Corbey 'X Marilyn Zimmer, Rita Koch, Audrey Olson, Eileen Ga- vin, Ruth Hunt, Donna Peder- son, Phyllis Iohnson, Barbara Christiansen 'K Wayne Gray, Robert Sample, Richard Zand- lo, Paul Mielke, Gerald Gil- lett, Kenneth Larson, Richard Flaherty, Kenneth Tesch 4 Ro- bert Olson, Richard Sturm, Art Koch, VVayne Peterson, Charles Hinzman, Thomas Christianson, Iohn Kovacs, George Ho- brough. Maw 1 ms FRESHMEN - 209 First row, left to right: Cather- ine Zandlo, Kathryn Berge, Mary Hart, Donald Olson, Ro- bert Schroder, Edith Koeneke, Patricia Weinholzer, C r a i g Erickson 'Y Elean Stevens, El- len Gammel, Robert Rutford, Ronald Markovich, Phyllis Per- ron, Mary Atkinson, Agnes Engler, Weldon Schulze, Helen Bergstrom 41 Marilyn Winter, Eleanor Davidson, Rae Marie Vasterling, Richard Iorgensen, Patricia Lyon, Patrick McGuinn, Iames Gilbert, Helen Cerini, Donald Money. 207 First row, left to right: Iune Carlsen, Colleen Kroona, Ted- dy Greschner, Richard Zibell, Arthur Bilsten, Edward Clark, Iacqueline Kaiser, Marilyn Con- nelly, Norma Mattson 41 Robert Clark, Richard Webber, Robert McCallum, Lenore Huwe, lean Larson, Ronald Seaborg, Lois Ludwig, Carleton Brookins, Louis Peterson, Ronald Wal- lin 'K Carol Wilson, Doris Ol- sen, Iohn Herbert, Philip Chris- tenson, Richard Thomas, Emil Dubisar, Warren Schulze, Eve- lynne Hanson, Iohn Folsom, Kay Iohnson. r 1 1 V 51 ja 200 First row, left zo right: Albert Anderson, C h a rl e s Winter, Dana Hooper, Lila Marie Pear- san, Clementine Bechner, Don- na Mae Luke, Lawrence Kolb, Betty Cook 'Y Doreen Ronning, Iean Freyberger, LaVerne Frank, William Pederson, Pol- ly Strcnglis, Patricia Shannon, Douglas Warfield, Mary Lou Maczicwski 'Y Iames Gorman, Ioanne DeSantis, LaVanche Paulbitshe, Allen Thoma, Doris Iohnson, Ray Godiva, George Hoska, Kenneth Spates. . Poge Forty-four - FRESHMEN V rv - 1 iff-tp ,wr i X X f I .f , 'L I W 1 V f f,Jf"i:4, g fi A Z ,Tl yn-ff! Ji J . ,. V J ,7 ' I? A ,4 AQP65 a 0cLg oadl Aeac! U H2 ' 103 First row, left Io right: Muriel Gardner, Gene Brioschi, Mar- jorie Iohnsen, Patricia Podd, Betty Simons, Doris Claseman, Laura Brown, Priscilla Rolph, Patricia Carlson, Maureen Killen Y Norma WVidell, lane Selby, Barbara Kennedy, Patricia Pe- loslii, Harold Hcryig, Robert Granovsky, Patrick Flaherty, Iohn Srnich, Cecelia Hartich, Ioann McDowell 'Y Richard Moncroef, Mary Zimmer, Wil- liam Lund, Wayne Brunette, Dorothy Rosacker, Marlo Dahl, Vernon Iohnson, Allen Baker, William McClusky, Olive Wil- liams. Page Forty-five First row, Icfl lo righl: Patricia Hayden, Ioan Deyo, Duane Tchida, Robert Agar, Robert Hahnen, William Geilfuss, Bar- bara Paulson, Peter Beard 'K Robert Wahlstedt, Betty lean La Roche, Sally Morris, Donald Wilson, Paul Christianson, Sal- ly Hines, Ioan Kovacs, Ioe Kvaase, Gordon Mallory 'K Lawrence Guillaume, Marlene Cramer, Ronald Nelson, Harry Iohnson, Iocl Poeschl, Iuel Brynildscn, Agnes Resch, Dwight Scott, Burton Murdock. 107 First row, left to right: Mar- jorie Larson, Doris Deppe, Io- anne Iensen, Marjorie deNeui. Ioanne Fay, Ioan Coulter, Lu- anne Schrnugge, Bonnie Pain- ter 41 june Kurschner, Beverly DuBay, Carol Hughly, Wil- liam Wegleitner, Gordon Be- seth, Shirley Busson, Ioan Mad- son, Marianne Flahave, Geral- dine Gautschi, Patricia Nickel- sen 41 Russell Prickett, Annette Krueth, Dale Averbeek, Iames Kennedy, August I-Iaugan, Don- ald McGrath, Robert Prodger, Marcia Williams, Margaret Theonnes, Thomas Hinton. , ,,l.A4 Qi-emu 'UILZQ 'lfliflr you fo do cflwl ziggy First Row, left to right: Miles Anderson, Robert Manke, Hilliard Smith, Donald Miller, Iames Preus, Philip Aus, Douglas Hancnburg, Willis Kroona, Gerald Wall 'V Marjorie Michaelson, Marilyn Loucks, Richard Reiehow, Robert Stiekney, Barbara Aamodt, Iohn Romness, Carolyn Andrews, loan Oakins, Roy Milton 'lf Shir- ley Paist, Marjorie Wacklin, Robert Bjorndahl, Robert MeDonald,Fred Swensen, Bruce Schroeder, Clyde Pemble, Donald Teseh, Ianet Tripp, Delores Landsberger, 'K Wayne Rook, Marjorie Dye, Patricia Lee, Es- ther Burgess, David Iohnson, Gene Aldous Gerald Haller, Herman Mende, Elizabeth Bowman, Robert Picha. Firrt Row, left Z0 right: David McDonald, Loretta Tesch, Iames Hailey, lohn Arhart, Ted johnson, Roald Haugan, Parker Selby, Pamela Haas, Marcia Podd, Iames Colberg, Arthur Allen 41 Lois Lehman, Shirley Eiehman, David Hnyes,lKenneth Comstock, Iud Harmon, Robert Beard, Ianet Wittgraf, Alice Braaten, David Christopherson, Philip Snyder all Douglas Currcnce, Glenna Loney, Franz Koeneke, Susan Gray, Richard Kelly, Charlotte Schiller, Marlys Landsberger, Richard Slind, Louise Hammer, Alvin Lewis. Pilot Agents First row, Icfl to righz: Donna Mae Luke, Vern- l etta Tehida, Betty Ann Ol- son, Helen Finger, Barbara Davis, Marjorie Waeklin, Marie Larson, Ianet Wil- liams, Barbara Aamodt O Gerry Busse, Sally Morris, Arlene Reynolds, Margaret Thoennes, Beverly Podd, Eugene Tobias, Alice Perrin, IoAnn Dunn, Edith Koe- neke, Mary Lou Colvin O Kay johnson, Suzanne Preus, Delores Burnett, Biuce Anderson, Dorothy Rosacker, Nancy Goebel, Mary Roepke, Dan Neale, Rita Koch, As- trid Haugan. 301-202 310 AQW yww' w,.,olfa-L.,-,J ,, 9 W-ofnlqv V 1 Jrgf Pf0""'no-IJ-. 704-'J ' yk-Qfjvkpmah Uf- M .lo X 1..- M? W' "' Q M96 ,L.L.E.0'771'LJ 'MU MARK JM, Jilbxi rfb , I V WWW f - ,Wig M M fifjfxdy 0 Mwijf .Q -5140562 Mtaf Vjwwy bOW7dWl?f ' 1,-o-1,-'lf' '53 ' ' w Ag f . V qlrw. ' fww 7 Dobugfilffdcadi ab- -Wi' J"""'u UMM V VOU4Q,l,0vj?0gj!LL!dkW I ,JI 7 J M9 7 ,,,, T., L ' fgf K WMI ,GM H3 M L1 ' NR.'P, kQ,Qj QSKW frrvv haf Q5 X - W, K f X XX W X M .1,. ,0. H 8254? 17' ,dff-' X A xwmb - "X Ij,,,,' MAN 1 ,, V ,gf .MCLIQIQQIQQJ .Heine Each year finds Murray's denizens with old and new tricks up their sleeves and this year was no exception. One new addition is the co-pilots, the junior counter-parts of the Pilot athletic teams. These mighty little midgets from the eighth grade may supply prize stock to future champion teams. A more established institution is homecoming, with main interest centered on the queen contest with vigorous campaigns of pleading posters and side-splitting skits. This year's candidates, Gerry Busse, Queen Margery Finger, Beverly Gulden, Astrid Haugan, and Marjorie Cochrane are shown with their able managers Earl Paquin, Glenn Steinke, Bill Lewis, Bob Bulger, and Roger Adams. Murray personality, Bob Iohnson, has gathered fame through his unollicial title of best-dressed man about school. Here Bob displays comparatively conservative togs from his wardrobe of pink shirts, plaid pants, and battered chapeaux. City slickers were given the chance to don jeans and straw hats at the Sadie Hawkins' day party. Here the girls clap their way into the swing of things as open season is called on stags. l 1 f Poge Forty-eight .j' 1 4:1 fn" Ei, if I nfl.,-9" N I1 we pfomd flue Skin? Fiesta! Gay multicolored flowers, huge fans and sombreros, and torrid music created a South of the Border atmosphere for the 1946 prom. The annual prom is a high school tradition faithfully observed at Murray as else- where. The drawing near of prom time puts Murray males at a premium and brings dress suits out of moth-balls and new formals out of tissue paper and boxes. Pre-prom days find him brushing up on the latest dance steps and her trying the newest hairdoes in anticipation of the great day. - Much of the success of the 1946 prom was due to the combined efforts of the adviser, Miss Eleanor Steelsmith, and the hard-working prom committee, headed by Iohn Ray- mond. Robert Brace and Ieanne Malecha, the couple who led the grand march, head a line of other prom-goers. e Page Forty-nine MLM! lie Few students get behind the scenes to see what makes Murray tick, so we shall pre- sent some of the unsung heroes of the foot- lights. It takes more than meets the eye to make a play. lean Lewis undergoes the application of grease paint as Ioan Vanouse and Miss Florence Vest prepare her for the glare and glamour of the stage. The lot of shifting heavy scenery and ad- justing spotlights falls on hard-working stage force members. Preparing props and special lighting effects for a dramatic pro- duction are George Pothen, Kenneth Miller, Lowell Munson, Bill Lewis, and Erwin Koch. The hot lunches students balance on trays first, second, or third lunch periods are the results of long hours of preparation. Miss Catherine McDonough, Mrs. Dora McCall, and Mrs. Vida Stiles convert ingredients in the raw to steaming hot dishes. Usherettes Barbara Davis, Marilyn Gavin, Betty Lou Nelson, and Alice Krantz have a great following, for they guide theater-goers to their seats in Murray's auditorium. Page Fifty CQHQ5 . . . . Under Mrs. Carlgren's supervision, ofhce worker Carol Strand writes an excuse for Marcia Williams. Stenography students gain valuable experience through their work in the school office. Filing cards, answering phone calls, and typing bulletins comprise part of their duties. A The maintenance force Hnds numerous tasks to perform, including 'stoking the school furnace, sweeping the halls, and wax- ing the desks. Important to the well-being of the school are those whose work is never done, Mrs. Anna Iackson, Mr. Ioe Thill, Mr. Vic DeZeil, Mr. Iohn Elmond, and Mrs. Ellen Zeigler. "AU choir members Charles Grose, Flor- ence White, Kenneth Corsaw, and Marilyn Pilgren try on their best "go to meetinn' choir robes before a public appearance. The royal blue vestments require much care. They need cleaning, the gold collars must be washed, and the long pleats ironed. Have you got it? The cheerleaders have, so letis go! It takes practice for the pepsters to perfect their maneuvers, but practice makes for noise. Coaxing a yell from the rooting section are Phyllis Dustin, Ianis Thieme, Betty Matthews, hrst row, and Patt Greenwood, Bob Horswell, and Audrey Lep- pla, second row. Page Fifty-one 7 8115 80686 jfgfdf f " f -7 g,Kf sf- X . 4, ,L 7 .5 e N4 wx ,f . X y f"4f,-,ii fl 'll ,I V lyadf l. Murray measures up. 2. Gang meets to eat-soup's on! ' 3. Young Engebretson follows in his father's footsteps 4. Ierkheap-three deep. 5. This is a step-over. 6. Mrs. Hanson relaxes. 7. Mr. Rosels youngest upstart. 8. Seven slick chicks. 9. Where do we go from here? l0. Life can be beautiful. Page Fifty-Two Silmffw M95 v 4 2,-fe ' x -Q S. I i llilssgggx .z'.'.tE1I,Qz::i:::E5g g , lm. .-i:5l?:'::5::::!i' ----se':!:::::::'--1 .:EEEE:n2:::1:::::EEi' 1-11fqe5:.:::1: ::::g:iw FPEEE E EEE' ii? ! J R One dozen yeggs. A trio-Steveken and his cauliflower ears. Eight-foot men. Tower of strength. Time out for lunch. Miss Muedeking surveys Yellowstone. Iust where he wants her. Sleepy Sarahs. Mr. Quinn-pater familias. Hidden talent revealed. Page Fifty-ihree rims nuff!-at On flw Cadgwlaf.. ' Robert Wahlstedt, Larry Kolb, Phyllis Perron, and Patricia Hayden survey homecoming posters decking the auditorium balony. October was marked by poster-plastered hallways, campaign tags, a royal coronation, and ' ' ' ' d K l Koeneke. the big game. The festivities were reigned over by Margery Finger an ar . . . . ld Strike one, and we're out of school! The city-wide strike was no job for Murray teachers picketing in the co December snow. Here two sympathetic students come to the rescue of Miss Constance Howe and Mrs. Helen McGeever with hot coffee and encouraging Words. A Taking an order for Christmas cards from Charlotte Schuler are Bob Hayes and Gerry Busse while Roger Wood looks over the varied assortment of cards. The Christmas card sale brought cash to the Library Club and Pilot treasuriers besides flooding the mails with clever cards. it ,tt wt za M, is .if X I .sad 'Q 4354 43 I A 0 I Page Fifty-four X-stan ' 1 . fe ,W 4' V 1 V we . ' it 5. C If R I ' ,paw . V t . .' Gigi" ix QV Q' ' .' .3 'J 5 ' 4 'r xy ' - A 4 . It C fwiw fir!" fs. 'V' A ,S Y , i www .tm 1 tit. fs 'Z-T'ff? QP ' ' fi ' 11 ' ' I. ' , A , Of' -2' . 5113320 , . 'fgzytfy w Aff-3' ..'aW1,,5a 'Lia'-li lk ' . -. .. ,-,Mfs,. .,- www n z w3,.gF LS vi al" ' -'mel' 'Pa 1 '-:,flIz2Z5"2'Fl.... 'fit 1 palm! As' lt 'i 'i'lls , q'li i'5'il',l.q'Tl-l .- s Fiqh 3 31 ig 'A 'uf -,-, 4 ' ,. 1' ag, 2 , . 'A , '- 1, - .-. " . 'se l . H M ie rtft , as 3' N551 Q, 761,- ' JGn3"' sang The playis the thing, and "Come Rain or Shine,', members of the senior class play cast could be found practicing their lines for weeks preceding the performance. Carol Norcross as Irene, and lack Murdock as Mr. Grayson, engaged in a heated disagreement despite the astonishment of the maid, Dorothy Phillips. "The line forms to the right--have your money ready, pleasef, lack Pearson displays his super-salesman- ship as a group of eager basketball ticket buyers crowd about him. All out for Murray! Be is Iune or Ianuary, each school morning Hnds a crowd of trolley-tramps disembark- ing from the gates of their yellow limousine with school books and other paraphernalia. Pdge' Fifty-five Sugkdde 0l'l lfllfl Black and White evidence of Murray's Widespread influence is displayed by Roger Adams. Seeing isnlt always believing, though, for the bold headline was made-to-order for thirty-five cents. Cupid's messenger, Carleton Vang, croons a singing valentine to Ianet Lehman as part of the service of the Special Delivery Valentine Post Office and Messenger Service. This Murcurie-sponsored agency took over heart throb Worries for every Murrayite. Pinning up cupidls sym- - y bol is Barbara Remington while Allan Arnason counts , A 1 ' L Q profits for the Murcurie. l i. This tvvo cylinder egg-beater whips up a maximum of l noise combined with a minimum of motivation. Iames l Peterson and David Rutford get their daily exercise by l pushing the stripped-down junkheap about its business. Ioan Ianneck, Nancy Eyler, and suitcases set out to rep- resent Murray jo: ,alists at the Milwaukee National Schol- 6 l astic Press Asst .ion convention. ' Page Fifty-six l Q, ff N,W"" MJ fwsfwiw 'Wfilf mf L Wwffffjwg LM WM fify fijjflgffyjgvifwj 'Md' ,M ff MIJVW , K I WMM Jwgww W VM ' W Q wjfd Q r ' , - W W WV ' M K 'J fy OW? If f wwf e f MQ I I M . fy W' ' 1 M AEE? 1 . 3 feizrziiby Q Q4 ' 1' 2751-F' 'WS-SX - 11- f ' ' riff' W X , Xl 4 ...inf ix U N" ' AJ ? , f j xx 1 xx . W A ,X .xx ,J lk, - f ' eff Ng A X . M-.A sax: tx W l , 231 Y - 'Fi 1 J ,ff Q R Q 3 .U fl A yvvfxf f 'FZ . ,434" "K MVT L' f 'f'7U' -f + f NM 'W wi- fffff-5 fb .':' Y - XV" VLH W X K i f M! f .A 1 f , , f .,,7 maj, fl Aj "EU fy-,J,7,1,x, J, I L tx gx 7" I L. Y ho WJ fp J, ' ,JW wg? 1, ff "N SW ., , , ' if f 4 X4 ' 1 J flj'L0L"qd, VK! Lg af, iff W 'f7'Q4" gi. . ' , ,,L4"',l "fy ' 'A ' ' f ' 'ff-1' ' M My Q4 , X! , Y I. ,. ffikyllf, kj, 'Cxyq A - Q """T"""'5 WML' . bu! ,fvqff ,. ,-,,, fwfbwwwg fwfr uf A cfhfmd CN ,wwfw 75694 'MQTXO , WWW Ji. , A Cf- lb' ' I b , JJ fbx,'1,k LVI' Q Lv' 'I If X lf: 'EL' A ,Y W ,V Q, jx, TS A-X -1 1. A , af X , 'AIX UVUJ Nj lik. Q ,- Y K ZiX'4fV,g?'EKN'Lf'9,'Qg O Pigskin polciverl I Will they bite? E O Opposition, beware! C Football Enlivens Fall Days Hampered by injuries and inexperience, the Murray gridders completed a fair season in the fall of 1946. The highlight of the campaign was the 14-13 home- coming victory over Monroe. The Pilots also gained victories over Humboldt and Iohnson while tying Wilson. The squad dropped decisions to Marshall, Central, and Washington. Page Fifty-eig ht Red Raymond scored Murray's only tally as the gridmen dropped their first contest to Central, Z7-7. The Pilots lost to St. Cloud Tech and fought favored Wilson to a scoreless deadlock before winning their first contest over Iohnson, 7-O. A lateral from Torn Zwiener to Red Raymond was the play that scored the winning touchdown for Murray. jg!! 1,5 T' A ' l---l 4-44441 57 .' I First row, left to right: Bryan McGroarty, Calvin Heucr, Dick Holmsten, Charles Hinzman, Gordon Lindgren, Norman Rynard Y Larry Fuller, Warren Peterson, Ralph De Young, Bob Peters, Karl Koeneke, Iack Pearson, Bob Gordenier, Wallace Bell 'K Bob Iohnson, Herbert Winkel, LeRoy Comstock, Ioe Thibault, Ierry Christensen, Bob Steveken, Bob Nelson, Dick Kensler 'K Coach George Rose, Lindsay Christlieb, Jack Raymond, Tom Zwiener, Ronald Nelson, Frank Snidarich, Ioe Horvath, Herbert Moon, Coach Ralph Engebretson. i First row, left to right: Gerald Gillett, Bob Chrisenson, Phillip Christensen, Iohn Davidson, Emil Dubisar, Iames Marsh, Eugene Tobias, Kenneth Spates Y Tom Steveken, Iocl Pocschcl, Arthur Koch, Clarence Schaffner, 'Ward Iensen, Ray Gadwa, Iohn Otto, Owen Eekblom, Marvin Lunilgreh, lack Kovacs 'K Coach George Bcrgup, Grantland Warfield, Don Holmstrom, Bob Sample, Dick Swanson, Bob Rutford, Kenneth Larson, Iames Harmon, Donald McGrath, Bob Clark, Ioseph Kvaase, Herbrt Moon if Douglas Harding, Paul Mielke, Louis Pete1', Dwight Rosenberg, Bob Olson, Donald Wilson, Arthur Kistler, Terry Wagener, Herbert Lynch, Duane Thompson, VVayne Peterson, Richard Thomas. W Page Fifty-nine 0 Koeneke charges in, Murray-Wilson I Guard tackles tackle 0 Three men, one object I Pass to DeYoung, Murray-Wilson r Strike for Pay Dirt Two brilliant passes from Tom Zwiener to Ralph De Young and two perfect place kicks off the toe of Red Nelson were responsible for the thrilling 14-13 win over Monroe in Murray's homecoming game. Murray dropped the next game to Marshall by a 29-12 count. The Pilots followed this loss by handing Humboldt a stinging 25-0 beating. Gordy Lindgren, Page Sixty it A-ir' Dick Kensler, and Red Raymond all Figured in Mur- ray's scoring. Murray finished off the season in sixth place by losing to Washington, 27-18. Murray took an early lead, but Ed Weiss, Washington's 'gone man gang", was too much for the Pilots. Undefeated in confer- ence play, Harding emerged as city champions. The lce Age Cometh The 1946-47 edition of Murrayls hockey team saved itself from the cellar spot by Winning its Final confer- ence contest from Marshall. The rinkmen suffered a second period lapse in which Mechanic Arts scored four goals to top the Pilots 5-l in their Hrst game. Murray continued its losing Ways by dropping the next contest to Washington by a 4-0 count. Frank Machioch scored 3 goals for the Presidents in the first period. Wilson dropped the pucksters, 3-1. lack Pear- son scored the goal on an assist from lack Anderson and Bob Iohnson. Monroe blanked the Pilots, 4-O, and Iohnson, the city champions, dropped Murray by a 6-0 count. Murray defeated Marshall in its last game, 3-l. lack Pearson made one goal and two assists while Bob Iohnson and Bryan McGroarty made the other tallies. The Pilots ended up in ninth place with one win and live losses in conference play. After Winning the city championship, Iohnson Went on to Win the district and regional crowns. The Governors defeated Rosseau, 2-l, to become the state high school champions. Firrl row, left 20 right: Bill McCluskcy, Prank Vastcrling, Glenn Ostcrbcrg, Douglas Malmquist, Dick Kensler Y Bob Iohnson, Don Flcissncr, LeRoy Comstock, Coach Ralph Engcbretson, Dick Holmstcn, lack Pearson, lack Anderson, lack Martin. in a spill for lack A hockey practice Anderson. as Dick Holmstcn and Iack Pearson light for possession of the puck. .ufifpt H ti xi 'eta ' wi P Q ,...t ifL'Q" if fl . i H . is .iii'y2 K 'Ga' . , AQ P V 0. V :,k a ' l"i1'.ff row, lrfi I0 right: Charles Grosc, Lindsay Cluistlicb, Eu- gene l,CfCl'5UI'l, illl1Ul11LlS Hooper, Iamcs Lovdahl, Tholnas Zwic- ner 7 Coach George Rose, Karl Kocnt-ke. Ralph De Young, David Bear, 1lliH12lgCI', john Ray- mond, Norman Rynard, Rfxllllki Nelson, Coach Ralph Ehgebrct- son. Basketball Entertains Fans Murray suffered its Worst basketball season in the history of the school during the 1946-47 campaign. The Pilots dropped every game of their conference schedule and all but one in non-conference competition. The diminutive Pilots lost the opener in a thrilling contest to a rangy VVilson team, 35-30. The Pilots lost another close one, this time to Central, 32-28. Murray suffered one of the Worst defeats in its history to a strong VVashington live, 40-17. Led by their sensational sophomore center, lim Fritche, Hum- boldt eked out a 37-35 victory over the Pilots. Murray held a six-point lead early in the game but soon fell victim to the potent Indian attack. Monroe Whipped Murray, 38-20. Al U11ise sparked the Winners with 15 points. Harding led all the way to trounce Murray by a 43-30 margin. Pat Murphy scored 33 points to help Iohnson down the Pilots. 46-2-l. Pat set a new individual record which stood throughout the season. Qxvish' xll0flICI' score. Charles Gross HOI1 no you don't." shouts Karl Kocnckc. as he Both teams are right on aunts the rebound. attempts to retrieve the ball lor NlLlI'I'.U'. Illell' IUCS fflf fl1lS ONC- Poge Sixty-Two THE RECORD STANDS . x 4 . N 2212125 35 151323522 1 J. 0 Washington 40 Murray I7 I Humboldt Murray 35 l Monroe Murray 20 f' - . . ' 221215 iiiuffay 20 I iviarshall MENS? 23 X. ? Mechanics Murray 33 Ellsworth Murray 40 Willmar Murray 42 W - -Q Litchfield Murray 33 . ' V ' Marshall took one more step to the city basketball crown by crushing the Pilots, 51-29. The Greyhound fast break proved to be very effective with Dick Robin- son scoring 16 points. Mechanics handed the Pilots their last conference defeat, 51-33. Lloyd Sandstrom scored 25 points. In non-conference play Murray lost to Willmar, 50-42. The out-state five staged a 30-point second half rally to increase their half-time lead of two points. Red Nelson of Murray and Ellsworthis Glen Tobias shared scoring honors with 18 points each as Ells- worth downed the Pilots, 48-40. Murrayis only win of the season came when the Pilots upset a highly touted Litchfield team at Min- nesota's Fieldhouse, 47-33. Veteran Karl Koeneke lcd Murray's scoring with 11 points. Red Nelson and Norm Rynard each tallied 9. Are We Champions? Gremlins in the form of "old man weather" crushed factors in this sweeping victory. The meet was held the hopes of having at least one championship in sports at Como Park. at Murray' Murrayis 1946-47 Ski team was loaded From this time on the weather seemed to be against 'thtlt h'h dth r t'tl td.. . .. W1 3 en W If ma C em S mug 1 C Con en ers the Pilots as cold weather and a conspicious lack of In the only meet of the season, a five-team non- SHOW revemed any Conference meets conference meet with Iohnson, Humboldt, Wilson, P and Washington, the Pilots completely outclassed their opposition. Murray won two of the three events and placed high in the third. The teamis 32 points were more than those totaled by the other four squads. Rudy Theis and Bob Gordenier were the important Skiers Master Slope Another opportunity for glory was missed when the proper authorities failed to inform Murray's ski team of the state tournament. Iohnson's team, which Murray had beaten previously, took sixth place honors in the state meet, Pictured, left to right: Rudy Theis, Bob Gordenier, Hugo Christiansen, Marvin Lundgren, Iack Kovacs, Paul Testor. Page Sixty-three Tracksters Finish Second -- TRACK Sparked by the return of Coach Ralph Engebretson from the navy and thirteen lettermen, the Pilot track team made a Hne showing in 1946. The trackmen took sixth place in both the Metro- politan and Carleton meets. Dick Alquist became the 1946 shot put champion and Ron Cunningham took third place in the high hurdles at the state meet. In duel meets, the Pilots conquered Stillwater, Iohn- son, South St. Paul, Central, and Wilson while losing only to White Bear. The title-destined Pilots fell down on the last stop to the city championship by losing to Marshall, 41-33, in the city meet and ending up in second place in the conference standings. Firsts were taken in the 200 low hurdles and 120 highs by Bob Wellsley and Ron Cunningham. Dick Alquist put the shot 49'Z" to give the squad another first. The relay team took a close second place. Linkmen Take Third GOLF Murray's 1946 golf team opened its season with a successful non-conference campaign in which they defeated U High, Minneapolis Marshall, and Breck, losing only to Cretin. The linksmen scored a win over Wilson by forfeit before losing to WVashington, 132-12, and Central, 92-SZ. Following their double setback the golfers trounced Monroe, 12M-ZZ. Another win was scored over Humboldt by a close 8-7 count. Iohnson took another step towards the city championship by hand- ing the Pilots a 14-1 licking. Murray copped third place with four wins and three set-backs by soundly defeat- ing Marshall in their final conference contest. Len Olson, team captain, consistantly captured medalist honors, followed closely by Tom Peterson and Dave Bear. The team made a fine showing con- sidering that they worked together without a coach. Molin. Page Sixty-four First row, lefl to right Her bert Putnam, Karl Koeneke Ronald Cunningham, Roger Steveken, Bob Wellsley Cer alll Christensen, Iohn Ray mond 'K Robert Hall Paul Testor, Frank Vasterling I George Adam, Robert Steve ken, Ioseph Horvath, Dick Alquist, Calvin Heuer, Allen Paulson, Ronald Brunett Tom Kelly 'V Iack Lescault Stephen Archer, Richard Kensler, Robert Peters Wi liam Hilgedick, Milton Lind gren, Donald Hanson Lce Slind, Robert Gordemer Donn Christensen, Leonard Nordman, Herbert Moon Firsl row, left lo right: Tom Petersen, Iim Veilleux, Wal ly Bell 41 David Bear Len Olson, Bill Brightman Bill lt's Power on BASEBALL The 1946 baseball team started 011 with three non- conference Wins, two over Roosevelt and one over South St. Paul. In their conference opener, Murray defeated Mon- roe, 5-1. Pitcher Norm Rynard had fine support as the team made three double plays. Iohnson, in the second game, blasted Murray, 13-6. Norm Rynard pitched the Pilots to their second win, a 10-0 shut-out victory over Marshall. Murray errors aided the Humboldt Indians to de- feat the Pilots, 7-4, in one of the heartbreakers of the season. Failing to cash in on scoring opportunities galore, the team fell before Mechanic Arts, 14-8. Mur- ray again fell apart in their fielding as they lost to Central, 7-1. In a give and take game, the Pilots tipped Harding, 6-4. Murray lost their last two games to Wilson, 9-4, and Washington, 16-3. The sluggers finished the sea- son in a tie for fifth place. First row, lcfl lo right: Iohn Lee, Tom Zwiencr, Norm Rynard, Ralph De Young if Bill Zwiener, Don Holm- strom, Frank Larson, Ray Babcock, lack Sorenson 'Y lack Anderson, Dick Holm- sten, Ronald Nelson, Tom Hooper, Bryan McGroarty, Gordon MacKay, D a v i d Youngren. First row, left lo right: Iohn Fowler, Dick de Neui, Wal- lace Hughes, Chuck Grose, Bob Cook. Page Sixty-flve Bases and Courts TENNIS Murray's tennis team, troubled by its inexperience and lack of proper coaching, dropped every match of its seven game schedule. Wally Hughes, tennis captain, assumed coaching responsibilities and did A1 line job of rounding the team into shape and making matches with other schools. The Pilots dropped their two non-conference, warm- up matches to U High and Cretin. Chuck Grose and Wally Hughes teamed up to gain a point for Murray by winning a doubles match against Cretin. Murray dropped its first conference tilt to Monroe. Hughes gained another point for the Pilots by securing a vic- tory against Monroe in a singles match. Iohnson and Humboldt, city co-champions, shut out the Murray racketmen by a 5-0 counts. Hughes again stood out for Murray in the Central match when he Won his singles match only to lose, 4-1. In its last game of the season, against Marshall, the team lost to the Grey- hounds by a 3-Z count. Dick de Neui took a singles match. Other team members were Bob Cook and lohn Fowler. Tankmen Splash Their Way to Victory Murrayls 1946-47 swimming team did not gain a great deal of acclaim but the young tankmen did gain experience. Hiampered by the loss of all but one of its 1945-1946 lettermen the team was made up largely of underclassmen. The swimmers dropped their Hrst meet, a non- conference one with Iohnson, by a 37-29 count. Cen- tral defeated Murray in both teams' conference open- er. The Minutemen rolled over Murray, 57-18. Murray bounced back to defeat Washington. The Pilots won the meet by a 39-36 score. The tankmen then fell before Wilson, 39-36. Murray gained its second win over Marshall. George Adam, Ken Carlson, Iim Barnes, lim Harmon, and Denis Bakke were the main factors in the 41-33 Win. In their Hnal meet the team lost to Harding, 46-29. Murray gained a tie for fifth place by virtue of two wins and three losses. The tankmen gained two points in the city meet, taking eighth place. The swimmers will suffer the loss of only one graduating senior, George Adam. The remainder of the team will be back for the 1947-48 season. No world records were shattered, but the Murray tankmen made a fine showing for the season. Iohnson 37, Central 57, Washington 36, Wilson 39, Marshall 33, Harding 46, Page Sixty-six Murray 29 Murray 18 Murray 39 Murray 36 Murray 41 Murray 29 Here they are-the Murray tankmen ready for an hour's practice. Although the boys were handicapped by lack of a nearby swim- ming pool, they turned out regularly at the downtown YMCA for practices. Student en- thusiasm for this sport is one reason why St. Paul schools should have adequate facilities. Team members are, seated, left to right: Warren Fillmore, Paul Mielke, Kenneth Carl- son, Iim Barnes. Standing: George Adam, Iim Harmon, Arthur Kistler, Bob Prodger, Denis Bakke. O Intramurals Keep G.A.A. Girls Fit I Swing to the Right, Girls O This ls Our First Cross Country Team 0 Building-Strong and Sure Runaways --The Cross Country Boys Unsung heroes of Murray athletics were the boys on the cross-country team. Paced by Charles Grose and Bob Christensen, the runners Won dual meets from Marshall and Wilson. All dual meets were held at Central Stadium during conference football games. The distance men took sixth place in the city meet. The outlook for Murray's future cross-country teams is bright as the entire team will return next year. The team members pictured above, left to right, are: Charles Grose, Paul Testor, Ierry Lemke, Bob Christensen, Bruce Anderson, Dan Neale, and Richard Flaherty. I Page Sixty-seven Murray's Sports' Promoters Firxt row, left to right: Audrey Grove, LaVerne Otto, recording secretary, Beverly Iohnson, vice president, Ianice Christopherson, president, Rita Dressler, secretary-treasurer, Ianis Thieme 41 Ioan Hayden, Corinne Pipkorn, Patricia Shannon, Sylvia Kenaston, Fern Iuckel, Rita Koch, Ioycc Tyson, Marjorie de Neui, Norma Mattson. What would Murray be without homecoming? This feature attraction of the fall season is sponsored by the "M', Club and the G.A.A., the two athletic asso- ciations of the school. Those "Mis" you see on sweat- ers have been earned the hard way, these Murray athletes will declare. Both boys and girls earn their letters for outstanding achievements in athletics. Swimming, bowling, horseback riding, soccer, and basketball were sports which occupied the time of G.A.A. members every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. A new mirror for the girls, locker room was purchased by the club this year. HM7' Club oliicers were president, Karl Koenekeg lack Pearson, vice president and Ioe Horvath, secre- tary-treasurer. Successful undertakings for the two organizations this year were the Homecoming Dance and their annual Spring Sports Banquet. Advisers of the clubs are Mrs. Inez Gugisberg and Mr. Ralph Engebretson. Firxt nw, left ft rigfzif Bob Iohnson, Wallace Hell, lack Sorensen, Charles Grose, Glenn Osterberg, Tom Hooper, Herbert Winkel, Dick :nsler 4 George Adam, Gordon Lindgren. Bob Hall, Bob Peters, Norman Rynard, Bryan MeGroarty, Ralph De Young, Ierri nristenser f Donald Cromer, Bob Bulger, john Anderson, Larry Fuller, Iohn Raymond, XVarren Peterson, Bob Christensen, R A Nelson, ,Tom Zwiener 'K Herbert Moon, luck Pearson, Allen Paulson, George Pothcn, Calvin Heuer, Dick Holmsten, David Bc , Rudy Theis, Karl Koeneke, Ioe Horvath. Poge Sixty-eight Ol Highway Safety Appliance, Inc. 1381 Marshall Avenue U f St. Paul, Minn. ,rf lf ll, WJ A Llp , A W, U I! A1455 I523Iir513:f:5:1:f'5:i15:i:2:f:21 f"2?-:-:2.2:I:' VSEIEIE' ......, ,izflz-22215525 .. . 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Hamline Avenue NEstor 7996 Everything ior your benefit and convenience BLOMBERG'S DRUG STORE 1583 N. Hamline Avenue lVlULLARKY'S 2308 Como Avenue NEstor 2804 NEstor 2034 ANDERSON'S 1579 N. Hamline Avenue NEstor 7996 Dependable service at all times Personality Beauty Shop 1437 Cleveland Avenue Mldway 3512 Roy's Standard Service Como and Raymond Greasing and Ignition Service Mrs. Strandy's Bakeries, Inc. For the finest in home-baked goods 2272 Como Avenue ST. PAUL 8, MINN. C. I. 61 H. W. ANDERSON Iewelers and Optometrists C. I. ANDERSON H. W. ANDERSON University Sz Prior University 8a Snelling At Midway 3400 Midway 9910 I Art S Barber MEATS qniuonocnntns 2315 Como Avenue coMo Foon MARKET 2190 Como Ave. W. NEstor 7525 Pg S ty n 3 MXXL I I 5 11 X U f my I,-,Q Ig In :li gb ll 8 1 'Q V. wr V xt, S, V-'J 5, G 'Q 9 9 I 5 0 x va . Y I if ,UI Ut, ,gf 5 an 5 9 6 e ' Q --VL ww til Q 5. 0s'l'? tht 'Nl W In Xxx 7 '-,W4 V' 5' to " " I ' M L .. V .55 CQ 5 I ' l1I1'." I'.. "Iwi 1. 'B 4 0 cr J P ESQ tw lr i.pq.gx3Kx6..A 'Q i.. .150 , 5 1 Q. .qalgi ly ' e. 6 ,yi ',Q 'Q I 2 -f' I wr: 0 ., U I S . , 'Q . 3. if ip Q ' 3 ,-7 lv 0 ' Q 9 5 . Q'.Tlganliitovtgt1!i.e1aI1,c1e1oI't1s:1.'qnZifsI'6:u-ltyLtkilriooopiraiiiggwithgi 0 w ji, . ue,1n our u neggqwlt york. .erase apfpy to serv you ' If , Q4 4 -I' J ,Ir at qnY'ti11:rg-,I DM' .I ,'-f '. F '. t .'..g 's if J. 1 .Nil ' I fr Q .6 A ,Iv ." -' -' If' ,IV If' .U 6 i"i 'x . ' 'V vi.-vtftglb VM' f 25452 JJ J QX . 4 is I L, A .vs my IX I V ,J E O . T. IC'opgIratulat1Q11S to j,he"l9,4Q7'SeI111or Qlassaf' ' I V' Q-., ' . F .311 4 0 . . . 4 3 gg.. , .'. Z if tg 5,851.5 I' ' tr i ' ,. ix" ' -M I QI It f -In I' 4 5 5 . G ,Ax" I J, 4 2' is . 'Y I " .f egffvva W' ,H I '4 5 Ag. ' W' O , up qu U 6 I 9 x J, 8 ,3 Aa Ka E V Ns . at I ,J ' 'i I M . .6 vt , J ' I A D 5' ,ir F ..,- 4 A S ' 'F S , 9 rw.. in . Y I 'M ' . psrjjuko Q. If I I A, .4 . D ggi - ' ' - I I I MP f" -Nwl .wJ ,X Is -i. s t 4' i' ,i', u , V? Y , A , M gk K ,f 9412 . Q V ' . f 8? P . ' I ' 518-520 MIDLAND BUILDING Official Photographers of the 1947 Pilot 8 East 6th Street GI-Xrtield 1740 Page Seventy Rose Hill Tydol Service 2430 W. Larpenteur GREASING - WASHING - SIMONIZING TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Midway 1017 N . L. Hermes, Florist I 1581 VV. Larpenteur at Snelling Ave. MEAT MARKET MI. 1182 1450 Frankson Ave. ST' PAUL 8' MINN' ST. PAUL, MINN. X F 8 V' .. II! Popular- Piano - Voice Ballroom Dancing - Tap - Ballet Acrobatic - Toe and Comedy - Baton CClass or Privateb WM. H. BRACHE, Director M-110 New York Bldg. - GA. 4874 A Minnesota at 6th Streets NEW Uvonicen SCHOQL O 0 . r ' Lee Hopkins Service Station Lubrication - Repairing BATTERY SERVICE Como at Doswell NEstor 9036 Make Your Selection From FINE FOODS At Moderate Prices Frankson Avenue Grocery 1458 Frankson Ave. Mldway 0850 Compliments of CAL'S TWIN CITY HOBBY SHOP 593 N. Snelling Mldway 8998 TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES 24 Hour Service G1enn's Standard Service Get Our 10 Star Tune-Up Keep Your Car Running Longer-Stronger DEY BROS., Florists GLENN GREENWALT University at NEstor 9015 Hampden Established 1872 MARTIN GIESEN 6th and Wabasha Sts. Midland Bldg. GAriie1d 3621 Theatrical - Historical FANCY DRESS COSTUMES For Stock Companies - Little Theatres Schools - Colleges, Etc. Compliments of Falcon Heights Pharmacy 1526 West Larpenteur Avenue NEstor 0609 Ba1ocook's Coffee Shop 2191 University Ave. NEstor 9098 STEAK DINNERS - LUNCHES - SANDWICHES A Place To Drive In and Eat Page Seventy-fc 341. it ' I Midtown Cleaners ,IV 5, Rf! f?yTUck! it ,Away -Excellent Dry Cleaning- 'F y D P J , V34 alny ay . ' , I y Como at Snelling lli, 4 :Ir If J ,, 1, Mldvvay 4287 ' St. Anthony Park PARK Co-oPERA'IIvE OIL State Bank ASSOCIATION Midway 4775 2277 W. Como Ave. St. Paul' Minnesota COMPLETE SUPER , GARAGE STATION Member Federal Deposit Insurance SERVICE SERVICE Cofpomfm ST. PAUL 8, MINN. y ENGRAVING COMPANY DESIGNERS AND PHOTO ENGRAVERS 357 MINNESOTA S P 9 Sevenfyf' u Best Wishes To All Mr. and Mrs F. R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. H. Frenning Mr. and Mrs F. B. Addington Mrs. W. F. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. L. Barton Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gavin Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Best Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Granovsky Dr. and Mrs. O. Bjorndahl Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Gray Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Boss Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gulden Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Bulger Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Busse Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Haugan Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hellerstedt Mr. and Mrs C. I. Christensen Mr and Mrs B. V. Hilgedick Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Christiansen Mr and Mrs B. A. Holmsten Mr. and Mrs C. H. Christopherson Mr and Mrs S. W. Hooper Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Clipper Mr and Mrs I. M. Horvath Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Colvin Mr and Mrs. E. W. Ianneck Mrs. L. Corbey Mr and Mrs. I. E. Iansen Mr. and Mrs. B. U. Cotter Mr and Mrs. C. W. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Cromer Mr and Mrs E. E. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Davis Mr and Mrs E. G. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. I. DuBay Mr and Mrs W. C. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs A. E. Engebretson Mr and Mrs. H. A. Knutson Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Eyler Mr and Mrs. H. E. Koeneke Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Fiero Mr and Mrs. F. G. Kongsvik Mr. and Mrs C. L. Finger Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Krantz Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fossing Mr and Mrs A. H. Larson 'Y 77ku',ya !5,,,.,u,,,...-L..f From Senior Parents Mr. and Mrs A. F. Leppla Mr and Mrs. A. E. Raymond Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Lescault Mr and Mrs. H. W. Remington Mr. and Mrs R. L. Lindsay Mr and Mrs. G. I. Boy Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Loach Mr C. D. Rutfcorn Mrs. B. Malecha Mr and Mrs. E. Sagedahl Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Mallory Mr and Mrs L. L. St. Pierre Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Markley Mr and Mrs W. C. Schulze Mr. and Mrs A. I. McDonnell Mr and Mrs. B. F. Smith Mr. and Mrs W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Strand Mr. and Mrs I. Money Mr. and Mrs. M. Swyryd Mr. and Mrs H. S. Moon Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Theis Mr. and Mrs I. R. Murdock Mr and Mrs C. I. Vang Mr. and Mrs L. Ness Mr and Mrs A. D. Vanouse Mr. and Mrs A. H. Nixon Mrs. N. M. Vogel Mr. and Mrs B. E. Norcross Mr and Mrs A. T. Wamstad Mr. and Mrs. S. Nordlien Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Warndahl Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Olson Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Weber Mrs E. C. Paquin Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Welke Mr. and Mrs C. E. Parriott Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Wetschka Mr. and Mrs N. Paulson Mr and Mrs R. G. Wetterstrom Mr. and Mrs K. W. Pedersen Mr and Mrs H. B. White Mr. and Mrs U. B. Pilgren Mr and Mrs C. C. Wickman Mr. and Mrs G. A. Pothen Mr and Mrs C. E. Wood Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rathbun Mr and Mrs. E. F. Zimmer P95 ty COMPLIMEN TS of KESTING MUSIC N. K. LANGSTEN, Proprietor Band Instruments - Accessories Instruction - Repairing Electrical Appliances Ivers 6: Pond Pianos Radios 34 E. 6th Street CEdar 4786 Congratulations, Seniors ir Lewis Machine Co. ST. PAUL Emery's Texaco Service North Snelling and Breda NEstor 9030 St. Paul, Minn. Stotiel's . Confectionery 1201 Snelling Avenue NE. 9238 PARK GROCERY 6: CONFECTIONERY 2095 Como Avenue Mldway 6674 Open Evenings MIDWAY DEPARTMENT STORE SPORTSWEAR Red Goose Shoes - Adam Hats and Shirts 1592-94 University Ave. Mldway 2936 We retire all kinds ot Wheel-goods PAINTING IOBS SPECIALTY y CO-OP Fixit and Bicycle Shop l565 Como Avenue NEstor 1420 Quality LOW Work Prices ALL TYPES OF IOB PRINTING :GARDNER PRINT SHOP I397 Wynne Avenue Mldway 0651 St. Paul 4, Minn. GAriie1d l27l I Gerard Ievvelers Compliments of City Service Oil Co. 500 Robert St. St. Paul, Minn. ' Djsffjbufgrg QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 371 Wabasha St. St. Paul 2, Minn. ' A C M E " TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES P g S venty-eight The Student Council Supply Store Personnel ou For Your Patronage During This School Year First row, right: Charles Whitehead, Joan Piper, Mary Iverson, Margaret Wetschka, Mary Pothen, Sharon Lindsay Y Georgia Cock, Jean Ansley, Robert Hahnen, Shirley Broders, Patricia Shannon, Earlene Petrie, Donald Hanson. This is your store maintained for the purpose of making it easy for you to purchase necessary school supplies. Supply Store profits are given to worthy school activities. O Faculty Adviser ....... ........ ........................... M r s. Helene Becker Managers .................................................................. Donald Hanson, Ronald Bentley Bookkeepers ................................ Margaret Wetschka, Mary Pothen, Iean Hoska Salespeople - Charles Whitehead, Ioan Piper, Mary Iverson, Sharon Lindsay. Georgia Cook, lean Ansley, Robert Hahnen, Shirley Broders, Patricia Shannon, Earlene Petrie. Page Seventy- PERSONAL LOANS TO S300 FAMILY LOAN CO' Congratulations 6th and Robert Sts. St. Paul To HARRIS REFRIGERATION SERVICE Murray Domestic and Commercial IVAN D. HARRIS 789 Raymond Ave. S9I1101'S Home: NE. 9854 Office: PR. 2288 if T. I-l. Phillips Official Head Lamp Adjusting Station Body and Fender Repairing Bear Steering Service - Wheel Balancing CQ. Motor Tune-up - Brake Service 2236 Myrtle Avenue 2288 Como Ave. W. NEstor l32l NE. .7321 ST. PAUL 8, MINN.- JOSTEN'S Fine Class Rings, Announcements, Awards Representative: H. A. PETERSEN Foshay Tower Arcade Minneapolis 2, Minnesota P Q Eehv Madsen-Iohnson Fuel Co. Coal - Coke - Fuel Oil 1533 Como Ave. Mldway 9225 Battery and Tire Service At PETE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Como and Doswell Ready-Mixed Concrete SAND - GRAVEL CRUSHED ROCK F OR DRIVEWAYS FLAGSTONE FOR WALKS AND WALLS I. L. Shiely Co. St. Paul, Minn. For Flowers Remember the High Class Personal Service Given by Robert Rosacker Co Cleveland 6 Larpenteur NEstor 6131 , l-lURLEY'S DRESS SHOP . Candlds Home of Nationally Known Lines at . Aerial Popular Prices University at Snelling Mldway 3130 0 Commercial ' O Home Portraits C'O1T1p1i1T1G11fS o 16mm Motion Pictures Refrigeration Engineers Csound or silentl Corn an 0 Slides p Y 0 Black and White or Color Twin City Book at Sta CO 383 Robert Street lBetween 5th and 6th Streets? Iohnson-Bacheller g Photographers SCHOOL BOOKS 2266 Carter Ave. Mldway 2952 MAGAZINES ' NOVELS ST. PAUL 8, MINNESOTA New and Used - Bought and Sold Page Eighty- O Best Wishes to the The MUHGY Semis Home Cafeteria 'A' For I Good Home-cooked Guertm Pharmacy F d Como 6. Carter NEstor 1612 OO 0 AXEL NEWMAN Heating and Plumbing Co. ICG CTSUH1 ' Soft Drinks Axel is the man to cali for your ' Plumbing, Heating, and Sewer Repair 1441 N. Cleveland NEstor 9119 1604 W. Como Ave. 1VI1dWay 6572 n S. Berglund Lumber Congratu1at1ons Company To The 1171 N. Snelling NEstor 6147 , 824 A a sf. Tower 1518 Murray Semors M e , A y X 150,000 Feet of Glass X NOT JUST .ANOTHER FLoWEH sHoP P tryy, A , 1 BUT A FLORIST or D1sT1NcTIoN .TQ a,.Q. X1 L . 1 af. T-1. BUSSE Hermes F1ora1 Co. Est. in 1906 2000 W. Larpenteur NEstor 7135 h f"7 f . ' I . 7 it ,f ' I , I J' X, f 14 is I ,Ca,4Qff..fzf5 ' ,f f"'f"L'ff XV C . ' X , f ,f 1 X . ' I , I, , 1 l N - - - L , . VVZ'-vga, -4 . . J . , 1 Y. V I . 4 I, 4 , 1 Xf ,- A I I I ' P- ff f ff lf:Ol'.1gfCIIl1II5IIIbIfl'S I f' To the I p up 1947 Graduating Classlfl From fl Iohn R. Murdock PLUMBING at HEATING ll6l No. Hamline Avenue Mlclway 0768 St. Paul ELAI-IERTY LAN ES 12 Air Conditioned Lanes PRior 2676 l550 W. Larpenteur NEstor 9083 At Snelling TRACKAGE OIL COMPANY 1685 University Avenue ST. PAUL 215 W. Broadway 1849 E. 38th St. MINNEAPOLIS LES and ROD'S MARKET GROCERIES FRESH MEATS and and FRESH PRODUCE FREEZER LOCKERS l437 N. Cleveland NE. 6500 - 6509 WE DELIVER I X V E. QLQ Brink iVarieIy Store? fff'lb532' Larpenieur Avef I I !1MIdvvayl 7849Lj' kj! W , up I I X , lf. i PARK APPLIANCE Radios cl' Record Players 1' SALES at SERVICE F f ,ff E' 22160 Como Ave. Mldway 6611 I ' ' f 7, X St. PaulMutual Insurance Company 2267 Como Avenue St. Paul 8, Minnesota FIRE AND TORNADO INSURANCE AT SAVINGS UP TO 2595 1897 - 50th ANNIVERSARY - 1947 NOW... IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY To prepare for profitable and pleasant ern- ployment in the business World. There is an increasing demand for Rasmussen graduates. You receive individual instruction by expert teachers, make rapid progress, and are taught exactly the subjects you need. Select from 35 accounting, business administration, business machine, secretarial and civil service subjects. No Solicitors Employed - Central Location Bulletin -- 47th Year N I fzf z 63 East Fiftl Street, near' Cedar CEdar 53, St. Paul, Minn. - Page E ig hty-th 15 le WN OJ 'U r' wwf , Wm 'K ef, 'X it -ff xt, v 1 'L is 'u Before the Presses Roll . . . I, . . . a eat share of the work done on the Pilot cmd the Murcurie y 3 place at Q N North C ralgublishing Company. Here both publications are printed, cked, and . nil? proote . Most papers and yearbooks of the St. Paul high schools are ne at orth . G3n4trEJl.,The busy hum of the machines and the carefully trained emplpyees co antly T3 V . . . . . ,I k it AX X' 'rernind one that excellent work is being done on all the robs the 1? ungerta es. Aft Egaeryone takes an active interest in each individual production, arf cou2less, ' . . . . . 6- Is" , xl r T., essional suggestions are given willingly. is in " 4 'lk 'J M Shown here are Geraldine Markley and Joan Janneck as they go over prefs form t Q P X. 1- if, with Mr. Robert Slagle, rinter. ,, H' xi Q! if P lf 0 W ! . I F x ,L X V' n ' If it , " ,A ,Wx S A W X P' I , f, ' X5 A , , 4 -' 1 I Xara' - gk? I, f' Q I , E ,l h Vs N JK V Ib 1 "xi xV'A,'l ' T fr fl . i ' ' 250 EAST FIFTH STREET + ST. PAUL 1, MINNESOTA Page Eighty-four f ' - , ,ff D ."- " 11 1 A, cv , . ' , ,f T4 " F.. I mi" tif' , H 1 W WW WMZ? fwfr yfzfeia 6 QiQza1r'WM Q51 W Wk' 5ig5g3355yf'Zf W M435 if 3 fw' W iii' Hg 35 6 WW Q vs ,lj K 6 f lf f ff It UQ ii if N ., f,,,,f FL V J 3 s .w f ' ,+A " ' -cl f . A Qi? f W 43 0 J, l, J' on EA QP? 42,f'+ .R Xvfifb I M ,Ma 4' 1 Jgn 4""4Q0-76 J" '-vfffw.,44. ,f ,I " - G Ia' bw-Kofi' JQ Ziff. ami ,aj 0,Q,vzg,cgf,4 fl 15,1491 Izbqllb X ,fL24,15',f',7 54:-440 ,Qf..,f.,!g', ,in W' .7 I, X ix 1141127 as2c,.,.1,el 44, J V11ff43'.cL,7,,,-.,.,,.,x W ,QQWM , A1 7'A'n"1wL JCDX? H f' 04"--if-Cfgx lm ai .. j QM CQJI! , ,MM+ 1 I 1

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