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 - Class of 1942

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Murray High School - Pilot Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1942 volume:

X .ASX E f if W'J if www? iff M My . wwf! JZQQQDWQYQW ggi? Q 4 . UL ' ,v,,A.rf " ' 1 .. .A i I' N i 1 QTQEAW W Wpqpwpmfmp EQ-'21 Q,,4.f-J-fgbjdff'-W' Xa lg 5 X ww, 0 -:well -X'K1vouv A MV Wh ll: fa" . Tw 0 'rw W U0 +'Y'xw H X3 . C .xv vel hour Yuvsb Y N ' v N' 'st' Xrlrt, Afofv V jpk pavsvv- f LMVIL . F1-ff-J , UQ 7,7 ' .LTIDLY .x QW . , -- '...9--A V N Vf-4 '1xyx4,,,,v'-vi. gi-i,..t V I Vifh-1' , ,Vin br-I., 'J' 5 Vx' cf. .rv L ai ' - I 115: I ,P r 5 . ja, l!CS1Tv'L,-A.L-nt. ' A ' .ff t.. 41, J X N W M5f wj,pW by XP W WW 'jeff f I Vwgiff 1Vf, .,J K XA? lp 7 MURRAY HICH SLHOOL S P 1 M Quik 5141! Wdm . A 4 . A, wx- AK " Q- f -'A ,vb t . -9' ' . YUUlH lHIlHY knows no limitations to its opportunities and resources. It has the determination and eagerness that, strengthened by perception and understanding, will one day form the basis for world-wide understanding. Because We believe that our school activities, our work, and our friendships here at Murray play an important part in the development of Youth Today, We have tried to make the 1942 annual as complete a record as possible of the life that is so familiar to Murray. "We make MM Mmm mewq 4541" 'T js, Q Q K Si? shi-9 i ,, i - H. ,at U ,. N av- , X , -Q.. x LT t M ...- MMM CLLGQVM Zcacfay UZ mknmm WMM Mal lie alum? Nw! mild ufpcw Zcwmcwzcw 70 Mew Www HlIlIEHlIHN Youth Today looks to purcnts as now-1' lx-forc for guiclaumcv. 'l'lu-ir l'1lg0l'lll'SS llllLlCl'St2llld and help us in our prolnloms, tlwir Priclo in our z1c'l1icx'clm'11ts llOXX't'Xll small, Zlllll tlllxll' CIIC0lll'1lgl'Il10llt of our wortlm'l1ilc- umlmitions zmcl clcsirvs am' inconiix towurcl lliglllxl' goals. In loving axppwcialtioll of sacrifice-s mardi- in our lmvllull. wc: tlu- Youth ol' Tomlau all-clicutc thc Pilot of 1942 to our pam-nts. 3 t A-'Q' in K, Her memory makes our common landscape seem Fairer than any of which painters dream, Lights the hrown hills and sings in every streamf, IN BIEMORY OF DARYL KAHLERT September 24, 1925-Novcmhvr 14, 1941 lHl llll 'KQuit hecklingf, begs lim of the under- classmen as he opens the door for lean. Many Murray students, like Jim and jean, arrive around 8:15 to chat in the halls or do last minute studying in the library. There are u few minutes before the 8:30 bell, so Jim spends them constructively. Students throng the halls from 8:15 to 8:30 in a concentrated effort to leave nothing untold or undone. 1'See, it,s this wayf, points out Jim. With his assistance, Jean finishes her assignment for the next day during the time set aside in each class for study. He asks. She consents. So while Jim stops at the box office to get tickets for the basketball game, lean gossips with the ticket seller. Wl llll Time out for lunch-and also time to talk ot the moruing's events. lim Ends lean an interested listener when he tells of his various escapades. "XVell, fancy meeting you here-3, Qas it he didn't knowj The library has reference material for all kinds of subjects, and since two heads are hetter than one, the two seniors meet again. A fellows got to have some relaxation after such a strenuous day. The three ot-lock huzzer sounds, and students pile out of doors en lnasse anxious to get hoxne or, as in the case of lim and Ioan, to get down to the junior class Holiday Hop. 'iHail, hail, the gangs all heref, The sun- light over. Jim and Ican stop for colces with friends-a pleasant end to their school day. 13" As one of their most worthy projects this year, the Student Council, with Bob Hagen acting as chairman, conducted a Thanks- giving collection for the needy. The project met with a gratifying re- sponse, and the assembled baskets were turned over to the Salvation Army for dis- tribution. The collection containing every- thing from soup to nuts is being looked over here by Elaine Mielke, Rob Hagen, Joyce VVellsley, and Sandy Boyd. 'KHave I lost that much?', asks the be- wildered student as she is weighed in at the nurseis office at the beginning of the school year. Mrs. George Bergupis room is equipped for all emergencies, although here she is merely recording the weight of Dawn Goble. Here is the man who makes it hot for Murray students, and they like it. Mr. Earl Foster, better known to Murrayites as "Tarzan',, has long lost track of the tons of coal he has shoveled into the school's big furnaces. junior Red Cross activities played an important part in the yearis early activities. Many girls learned the art of applying all types of bandages in their First Aid class, and others kept the needles clicking as they knitted for the Red Cross. Miss Wilhelmena Randall supervised the group. Here Shirley Cunningham adjusts Jane Suttonis sling, while Mary Lou Montonna is busy with her knitting. QQ X MK w. K WW Qwg K --X--N ywffih -wx X Wi ., .-- . f -WW A X Q Q N STQ .. 3 I 1, . 1' 1 .uv Q K 'fi' FHEHNV The More We Get Together -ii English and lunguaige instructors, eager to hear of Miss Ruth Lilrznnyis experiences nt the National Convention oi English Teachers, gather to listen for il few minutes after school. As St. Puulis only delegate, Miss Lilfillfly ut- tended the convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, und brought liiick interesting reports from which, however, was missing that Southern accent generally acquired hy Northern travelers in the South. Listening in on the review of convention affairs ure: first row, right. Miss Mixlnel Surratt. Miss Elseai Peterson, amd Mrs. Corn Hzilvorson. Second row, right, Miss VVilhelmena1 Randall, Mr. Bernard VVinkelinz1n, amd Miss Florence Vest. Miss Ruth Lurzuny is addressing the group. Miss Arlys Denzel, director of music, takes time out of il lmusy duy X to priietiee with the ' Girls' Trio while Xllll- lnorg Cornitzka IICCOIH- pamies them. The three girls have sung every Friday morning all year over NVLB on the Uni- versity Fnrni progriun. This means they had to lie eairly risers :is the progrinn went on the ziil' at 7:15 All. Standing are Betty llurlnon, Lois Michael- son, imd Joyce Tun- quary. Itgs All "Shop Talk" In the interests of science - Here Mrs. Pearl Bunker, biology instructor, takes apart a model of the human eye to examine and dis- cuss what makes it ticlr. Mr. Richard Kayser who teaches chemistry and physics and Mrs. Lucille Roach, general science instructor, talk things over with Mrs. Bunker. lioy, the pet turtle of the hiology room, re- fused to pose for the cameraman. llow times have changed! Yes, and maps too. These maps, up-to-date only a short while ago, are past history now. 'l'eachers of social studies and history find it quite a prohlem to keep up with the present in map study work. XYith such a constantly changing and rapidly lnoying world heliore thcm, history and social science teachers meet to speculate on coming world events. lt takes alert minds on the part of hoth the teachers and the student hody to "get in the garner as far as current happenings are concerned. lnstructors from left to right are Mr. Charles Simmer, Mrs. Agatha Smith, Miss Virginia Fertig, Mrs. Ruth Eddy. and Mr. Bernard Quinn. ur Work-A-Da World hudget is a real accomplish- ment, as almost everyone will agree. XVith Miss Jennie XVie- senthal's hookkeeping ll class. it is a matter of pride to master their p1'ohlem sheets without having their hooks show either a deficiency or too large a hal- ance on hand. ln all prohahility, these stu- dents will he the future income tax experts. Out to the count of ten-Instructed in artificial respiration hy Mr. Corlis Huntley, Boh Thompson is making a vain attempt to luring his victim, Sandy Boyd, to consciousness. To all appearances Sandy is on his last leg, hut Boh rememhers the First Aid advice to apply artificial respiration until the person is out of danger or some authority pronounccs him dead. Also all in a day's practice is the art of handaging, which Miss Florence Miller explains to Eileen Stroheck. Shirley Cunningham is handaged hy Eileen as if an actual emergency were present. First Aid classes are a part of the daily routine for all students from the seventh through the tenth grades. To he able to halance a Making sure tliat tlie dress pattern fits is tlle first step in sewing, as any good liouie eeouomies student knows. llere Aliee Milton tits a pattern on Ann Cur- lev before tlie cutting liegius. Dora lean . t t . Pliutxenreuter is soiuexvliat fartlier in tlie making of lier dress. XVliile slie sews a fine sealn on tlie eleetrie sewing ma- eliine. Miss Mary Maeliniglit olfers a few llelptul suggestions. ln eliarge of tlie girls' guidance work for Murray and also adviser of Girls, League, is Mrs, Corinne Robinson. Here slie and Miss Frances Coaliley, a wel- fare worker, are discussing the different pllases of their work. To put a newspaper together requires a great deal of effort on the part of the statt and its adviser. Consequently, Miss Margaret Glenn. journalism instructor, and Marv Soutlier, editor ol' tlie Mur- eurie. spend many hours going over plans lor eaeli edition. Learning to transerilme tliose Zig-xaggy lines into English is simple, Miss Yallmorg llelsetliis period Yl stenograplly l elass will tell von. For four months tllev read and learn to interp1'et sliortlland eliar- aeters luv going over tlu- figures in tlieir lmooks witli a stvlus. Tliev spend tlie re- mainder ol' tlie term learning to apply tliese figures. lune will find tliese stu- dents well versed in tlie ways of steno- grapliv. hum I L 5 I st' .' x I . I - B - N ' , ' 1 f U l ' 'C ' ' s I 'I 'lr' It 1' 4' t 7 a' . ' , ' ' '-1' ' - ' s , ,I 1 1 N xi Q Q x 9 5 A Q1 0 5 .p ri A , - u .Q , ix 1 yn ,, ll . Q Q 1 S . g .I I -'tl K' ll .ltd In l ' ' xl 'I V 'I f I I r , ' ' 1 w s u I ,I Q 4, X j -I .lt . A S u .7 1 - - 1. 1 9 7 4 X J J . , x , N J . U " ' -J " A tl ' 1 It u ' 1 Q ' s 5 - y ' ' 'x 5 , wg f 1 - 1 .1 n I S I S 5 3 5 4 ' -. A V 4 - .1 , . 1 Y ' 3 1 4 ' ' u ' W - ,. 4 Q I , ll I X n J 'X V J .al .Q I 'J C1 sq 'Q 'L sf .1 Y? it .I 1 1 J ll mx J, ul vit' l il' xg' HV F U1 ,x .D Preparing interesting new hooks for the library shelves and keeping old ones in good repair are only two of the many tasks done by Miss Marion Gratz and Mrs. Lucile Brown. They are seen at the most important of all jobs, that of cataloguing new hooks. K'The workmanship is goodf' say Mr. Hubert Kuefler and Mr. George Bergup of the table they are examining. Mr. Bcrgup has charge of the wood- craft shop while Mr. Kuefler trains pupils in the art of machine work. As far as most of us are concerned, the Hgure which Dean Emrick points out is only a maze of lines. Miss Olive Batschelet and Miss Louise Smith teach geometry and math classes fundamental Hg- ure facts so that the maze is clear. Thereis never a dull moment in the office. Miss Margaret Neville finds typing, making out requi- sitions, and disciplining bench-warmers only a small part of her job. Helen Reichow, one of the office force, calls the home of absentees-just to make surc. I 1 by 4 jf H fy M' ,, W r en rs Take The potllght skis, .ia Seated, left to right: Lowell Hesser, jean Waite, secretaryg john Bultrud, president, Audrey Swensen, treasurerg Alan Anderson, vice president, Audrey Plette Q Standing, left toright: Forrest Larson, Aeorme O,Neil, Ken Straueh, Ioyee Haglimd, Roy Ioseph.s'0n, Don Berge. Whatls it like to be a senior? How many times in the last three yea1's have present upper-classmen asked themselves that question. The answer came with sudden realization early in the 1941-42 term when Mr. George Bergup, senior adviser, had President Iohn Bultrud call the class's first meeting. Much praise is due Mr. Bergup for his patient and successful guidance of the class during the past two years. Senior activities of the fall season began with a dance in October which found many a senior upolishingv old dance steps and learning new. Throughout the fall and spring, class meetings were held at which time important business was discussed. It was at such a meeting that caps and gowns were favored over formals, and the combination, white caps and gowns for girls and blue for boys, was chosen. Cold weather and snow suggested a winter outing. This resulted in MR. GEORGE BERGUP a senior sleigh ride at Eatonls Ranch in December. XVith the turn of the year the class became "dance mindedv and sponsored a sunlite in February. This was followed by a dance given in collaboration with the junior class. Hard but exciting work on the senior class play filled many hours in the early part of the spring. This undertaking marked the culmination of activities sponsored by the senior class. VVith the last few weeks of the term drawing near, the social events of the year were brought to a close by the Junior-Senior prom. This social affair sponsored by the juniors marked the end to a pleasant year for the graduates. The seniors are indeed grateful to Miss Marion Cratz, Miss Mabel Surratt, Miss Valborg Helseth, Mrs. Ruth Eddy, and Mr. Bernard Winkelman, senior enrollment advisers, for four pleasant years of high school. ALAN ANDERSON Student Councilg Murcurie Agentg Clioirg Sr. Class V. Prcs.g Intramural Basketballg Camera Clubg "Riding Down the Skyng Safety Council V. Pres. Pres. 35 V. Pres. St. Paul Safctv Council ARNOLD ANDERSON MB" Squad Footballg Intramural Basket- ballg "Mn Clubg Baseball Student Mgr. 3. GRACE ANDERSON Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.g Clioirg "LclawallaJ'g !4Skat'ig Club. .N . 'K ' spd WJ' w t,f77ff,c'7.fL ff Jai X I , V ,.,,f J ,J ff AE ANZ SON Girls'.Leagueg G.A.A. Board, Pres. 144 ll- Citv Le l rg,Qh0r"1Ri9fni n the Skyvg 0 6515, c lmnis AZPANG 'l"s?161e6i5ff',f!'?By6ii' 136531. Higifieffgf. I Agent, Advertising 22g Class Sec.g Trackg Dramatic Clubg Traflic Squad. LEE ANTONSEN Golfg "NI" Clubg Rifle Club Capt. 2: Safety Councilg Track 2g Bowling Club. FRANCIS BABCOCK Bowling League. SHIRLEY BACKUS Girls' Lcagueg Murcurie Agentg Pilot Agent: Clioirg Office Force. HELEN IANE BEARD YVl1ite Bear H. S., NVliite Bear. Minn. I. 2, 3g Girls' Leagueg Clioirg "Riding Down the Sky." DONALD BERGE Clioirg "joan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down tlie Skyng Rifle Clubg UM" Clubg Tennisg Golfg Horseslioeg Intra nural Basketball ootball- Trackg S' lass V. Pres. E iG 1f eg 'iwalavg "joan of tlie ill J MQ e S g ho , Dramatic Club. ROBERT BESETH Camera Club Treas. 4, Rifle Club. RICHARD BRIGGS Library Club V. Pres. 3g Student Council Board, Book Store Mgr. 3, 4g Murcurie Agentg Baseball Capt. 4g Basketballg MBIS Club. ELAINE BRODERS Girls' Leagueg Murcurieg Pilot Agent, Typist 4g C.A.A.g Camera Club Treas. 4. JOHN BULTRUD Sr. Class Pres.g I-S Committeeg Footballg Trackg Intramural Basketballg Tennisg Choirg Boys' Quartetg "joan of the Nancy Leeng "Riding Down the Skyug "MU Club' Ir. Vaudeville. a VIRGINIA BUSSE Girls' League Rep.g G.A.A.g Camera Club. ROGER CARLSEN Library Clubg Student Council. HOXVARD CARR Intramural Basketball. CHARLES CARUSON Intramural Basketball, Softballg Clioirg "Lelawala"g "joan of the Nancy Leeng "Riding Down the Sky"g Rifle Clubg Traffic Squad Capt. 2, Lieut. 3g Safety Council. LOIS CHRISTENSEN Girls, Leagueg Murcurie Agentg G.A.A.g Camera Clubg Choir Sec. Treas. 4g "Lelawalavg "Joan of the Nancy Lceng "Riding Down the Skyvg Dramatic Clubg Ir. Vaude- villeg Office Forceg Girls' Sextet. PHILIP D. CHRISTENSEN Library Clubg Camera Club Pres. 4g Dramatic Clubg Bowling League. RUSSELL CLAMPITT Library Clubg Camera Clubg Pilot Ci1'cu- lation Mgr. 4. Ass't Mgr. 3g Rifle Clubg Bandg Quill and Scroll V. Pres. 4g "Lelawala"g "Riding Down the Skyf, TED CLARKE Intramural Basketballg Ski Club. RICHARD CODY Intramural Basketball. I9 SHARMON CUNEO Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.g Camera Club. DAVID G. DANIELSON Choirg Boys' Quartet. LESTER DAVIS Pilot Accountant 3, 4. ARNOLD DICKSON Library Clubg Murcurie Agentg Trackg Intramural Basketballg UM" Clubg Traflic Squad Lieut. 4g Cheerleader. JACQUELINE DODGE Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.g Choirg "joan of the Nancy Lee"g "Lelawala"g "Riding Down the Sky"g Dramatic Clubg Majoretteg Ir. Vaudevilleg Murcurie Agent. ROBERT lDOWDELL Campaign Mgr. for Homecoming Queen 4g Stage Forceg Pilot Photographer 3. MARION DROPIK Girls' Leagueg G.A.A. SHIRLEY DUNN Girls' Leagueg G.A.A. Boardg Choirg "Lela- Wala"5 "joan of the Nancy Lee." JOSEPH DUNNWALD Traflic Squadg Stage Force. -ff"-"' 'I' ' .1 , .. DOROTHY EDDLESTON Girls' League Rep.g Dramatic Club. IRMELIN ERDMAN Girls' League Rep.g Murcurieg Pilot Agentg G.A.A.g Choirg "LelaWala"g Cheerleaderg Press Club. MARILYN GIDDINGS Girls' Leagueg Student Councilg Pilotg G.A.A. Boardg Camera Club Sec. 45 Choirg "LelaWala"g "Joan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Sky"5 Dramatic Clubg Ir. V audevilleg Murcurieg Quill and Scroll. DONALD GILBERT Pilot Agentg Trackg Footballg Basketballg Tennisg "M" Club V. Pres. 4g Bandg junior Board. VALBORG GORNITZKA Girls' League Rep.g Choir Accompan- istg "LelaWala"g "Ioan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Sky"g Girls' Sextetg Skating Clubg National Music Awardg G.A.A. GRANVILLE GUTTERSEN Library Club Aux. Instructor, V. Pres. 44 Murcurieg Pilot Art Editorg I-S Committeeg Golfg "M" Clubg Rifle Clubg Bandg Ir. Vaudevilleg Sr. Class Treas.g Intra- mural Basketballg All-City Hi-Yg Hi-Y V. Pres. 4. JOYCE HAGLUND Girls' League Rep.g Murcurie Agentg Senior Boardg G.A.A. Sec. Treas. 24 Camera Clubg Choirg "Lelawala"g "Ioan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Sky"g Dramatic Clubg Rifle Clubg Bandg Ir. Vaudeville. EVELYN HALL Girls' Leagueg Choirg "LelaWala"g "Joan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Sky"g Dramatic Clubg jr. Vaudeville. MARGARET HALLGREN Girls' Leagueg G.A.A. Boardg Office Force. ROSE MARY HAMBURG Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.g Choirg "Rid- ing Down the Sky"g "joan of the Nancy Lee"g Office Force. VERA HARIUNG Girls' League Rep.g Homecoming Queen 4g Choirg "Joan of the Nancy Lee"g Oflice Forceg Girls' Sextet. CAROL HENLE Girls' Leagueg G.A.A. Boardg Oflice Force. IEAN HERRICK Girls' League Rep.g Library Clubg Choirg "LelaWala"g "Ioan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Sky"g Dramatic Clubg Ir. Vaudeville. LOWELL HESSER Springfield H.S., Springfield, Ill. 1, 2g Lib- rary Clubg Student Councilg Pilot Agentg Senior Board. LEONHARDA HINDERLIE Girls' Leagueg Murcurie Co-Bus. Mgr. 4, Ass't Bus. Mgr. 3g Quill and Scrollg Press Clubg Art Clubg G.A.A.g Skating Clubg Pilot Art Editor 4. 20 LORRAINE HITZEMANN Girls' Leagueg Choirg "Joan of the Nancy Leevg "Riding Down the Skyvg Dramatic Club. LORRAINE HOAG Girls, League Rep.g G.A.A.g Camera Clubg Dramatic Club. MARVIN HOCKEMEYER Stage Forceg Pilot Photographer 3. r ' fly . . Q I 3 I '- . ' ' . ' - ' 4 0, MARJORIE HOFFMAN Girls' Leagueg Library Clubg Murcurie Bkkp. 2, Bus. Mgr. 3, Adv. Mgr. 4g Pilot Agent, Adv. Mgr. 4g G.A.A. Boardg All-City Letterg Choirg "Riding Down the Skyug Quill and Scrollg Press Clubg Ofiice Force. ALBERT HOLMBOE Basketballg Footballg Track Capt. 3g "IW, Clubg Band V. Pres. 2. . LEE HOWARD Bowling Club. X KATHRYN HOWLAND Marshall H. S., Minneapolis, Minn. I, 2g Girls' League. JANET JACOBSON Girls, League Rep.g Murcurie Agentg G.A.A.g Choirg "I..elawala',g "Joan of the Nancy Leeng "Riding Down the Skyvg Dramatic Clubg Skating Clubg Ramsey County T. B. Essay Contest Winner 3g All-City College Club Essay Winner 4. GEORGE JANDA Library Club Treas. 35 Student Councilg Jr. Class V. Pres.g Choirg Rifle Clubg Murcurieg Hi-Y Pres. 4. RICHARD JOHN Footballg Tumblingg Horseshoeg "M" Clubg Traffic Squad. DOROTHY JOHNSON Girls' Leagueg Choirg "Joan of the Nancy Lee"g "Riding Down the Skyf' NORMA JOHNSON Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.g Choirg "Joan of the Nancy Leeng "Riding Down the Skyvg Band. RICHARD G. JOHNSON Baseballg Foo all Ii1t1amur1lfB1s ketballg "Mn Club. K 4, if aw PAUL JOHNSRUD Foot nallg Track' Band V. Pres. 3g Junior Boardg Hi- ROY JOSEPHSON lNIul'Curieg Senior Co-Captain 45 Tumblingg Choirg "Joan of ing Down the Skyng Dramatic Clubg Clubg TraHic Squadg Safety Council Pres. 3g Jr. Vaudeville. Baseballg Football Nancy Lee"g "Rid- THOMAS JOYCE Baseballg "Mn Clubg Bowling Club. CLAUDIA KEITHLEY Girls, League Rep.g G.A.A.g Choirg "Rid- ing Down the Skyng Dramatic Clubg Majorette. PHYLLIS KELLER Girls, League Rep.g Choirg "Lelawala,'g "Joan of the Nancy Leevg Dramatic Clubg Majorette. JEAN KENT Girls, Leagueg Murcurie Agentg Jr. Class Treas.g G.A.A.g Choirg "LelawalaUg "Joan of the Nancy Leevg "Riding Down the Skyug Jr. Vaudeville. LEONE KING Girls' League Rep.g Library Club Pres. 4g Mur- curie Circulation Mgr. 4g Quill and Scrollg Majoretteg Press Clubg Junior Boardg D.A.R. Representative. HARRY KNOBLAUCH Football Student M r. 2 3 4- Basket- g , , , ballg Intramural Barsketballg "INV Clubg Band. J V f., ,1 , 5 riff, ',.yyLg A5411 fi fi - L,l1,', J, ,gd X Y ', . DOROTHY 'KOCH Girls' Leagueg Library Clubg Murcurieg Choirg "Riding Down the Skyf, JOHN KOHNEN Pilot Agentg Junior Boardg Tumblingg Horse- shoeg Dramatic Clubg Traffic Squadg Ski Clubg Bowling League. MARY KRANTZ Girls, League Rep.g Library Clubg Murcurie Sports Editor 3, City Editor 4g G.A.A. Boa1'd, Pres. 3g Quill and Scrollg Bandg Press Clubg Skating Clubg All-City Letter. 21 'M N at WAYNE LARIMORE Library Club5 Murcurie Agent, Circula- tion Mgr. 35 Camera Club5 Quill and Scroll5 Press Club. FORREST LARSON Student Council5 Murcurie Agent, Assit Sports Editor 45 Senior Board, Baseballg Intramural Basketball5 Horseshoe5 HMS Club5 jr. Vaudeville. ROBERT LEE Murcurie Sports Editor 45 Football5 Track5 Bas- ketball5 Club Pres. 45 Band5 Press Club5 Intramural Basketball5 Hi-Y5 Quill and Scroll. BARBARA LEVINE Girls, League5 Library Club5 G.A.A.5 Skat- ing Club5 Art Club. ROGER LEYH Intramural Basketball5 Golf. DONALD LOVNESS Intrfimur Bfisketbill Rifle Club. Q Zffwiiwr Wazfwcm f . . HEN EN Baseball, o-Czlptzlin 45 "Mu Club. HAR IETT MCCUE Girls' League5 Library Club5 Murcurie Bkkp. 2, Copy Editor 35 Pilot Sr. Editor 45 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Lelawalav5 "Ioan of the Nancy Lee',5 "Riding Down the Sky',5 Quill and Scroll Pres. 45 Press Club. LOUELLA MCCURDY Girls, League5 Murcurie Copy Editor 45 G.A.A.5 Quill and Scroll5 Press Club. JOHN MCFARLANE Baseball5 Intramural Basketball5 Golf5 i'Mv Club5 Rifle Club5 Safety Council5 Bowling League. IOHN MCTARNAGHAN Baseball5 Intramural Ba etb' 115 "Mi, Club- Rifle Club5 Ski Club5 Football. M .4-ax ciazoizca MALLORY Intramural Bas bf, ling 5 Band ' L ' - ' ' 'YYICJM LEONARD MELANDEP. Library Club5 Stludent Councilg Mur- . curie Copy Editor 45 Pilot Activities Editor5 Football5 Choir5 ."Lelawalai'5 "MW Club5 Quill and Scroll5 ABand5 Press Club5 Bowling League Pres. 4. IOHN MILTON Harding H. S., St. Paul, Minn. I, 2, 35 Mur- curie Feature Editor 45 Choir5 "Riding Down the Sky,'5 Quill and Scroll5 Press Club. ROBERT MOBERG Intramural Basketball, Choir5 Band. CERTRUDE NELSON Girls, League. GORDON NELSON Intramural Basketball5 Horseshoe. IONE NELSON Marshall H. S., Minneapolis, Minn. I, 25 Girls' Leagueg G.A.A. MARGUERITE NELSON Girls, League5 Choir5 "Riding Down the Skyf' K . PHYLLIS NELSON. Girls, League5 Student Council5 Otlice Force. - AVONNE- OINEIL Girls, League5 Murcurie Sports Editor 3, 45 Sr. Board5 G.A.A. Pres. 2, V. Pres. 35 All-City Letter5 Dramatic Club5 Quill and Scroll5 Cheerleaderg Press Club MTreas. .45 Safety Council Sec. Treas. 35 St. Paul Safety Council Sec. 8,45 Sklating Club5 jr. Yzfudeville. BETTY RUTH OLSEN Girls'. League5 Library Club, Murcurie- xfPilot Agent5i G.A.A.5 Camera Club5 Dramatic Club5 Cheerleader. ARLENE G. OLSON Girls' League Rep.5 Murcurie-Pilot Agent5 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Ioan of the Nancy Lee'i5 "Riding Down the Sky." IRENE OLSON 'li Ixeag Rep., Treas. 45 Murcurie5 Pilot Typist5 lun W M r. . LN f- 22 QQ , r ' I - A ,, fi' ' f .rf ' L If 1, ,. --'rv . 1 , . lv .1 . A f' GLORIA OSTROM Girls, League, Cl1oir,' f'LelaWa1a,,, "Joan of the Nancy Lee,,, "Riding'.Down''tl1e,,'Sk'y',, Dramatic Club, Girls, Sextet. JANET OVERBEE Girls, League, Library Club Aux. Instructor, V. Pres. 4, Murcurie City Editor, 4, G.A.A. Board, Sec. Treas. 8, Quill and Scroll, Press Club, Skating Club V. Pres. 3, Pilot. JAMES PAINTER Football, Ass,t "B,, Squad Coach, Intramural Basketball, Horseshoe, Dramatic Club, Traffic Squad, Jr. Vaude- ville. 'ROBERT PAULSEN Football, "M,, Club. BETTY L. PEARSON Girls, League Rep., Student Council, G.A.A., Camera Club, Choir, "Lelawala,,, i'J0an of the Nancy Lee,,, "Riding Down the Sky,,, Dramatic Club, Girls, Sextet, Oflice Force. BONNIE N PEARSON '-lsbkL 1 ' ' gall, G.A,A. B , , ter " of the Nimcy Lee,,, "Riding Down the Sky,,, eerleader. ALLAN PETERSEN Library Club, Murcurie, J-S Committee, Camera Club, Choir, "Lelawala,,, "Joan of the Nancy Lee,,, Band Pres. 3, V. Pres. 4, All-City Hi-Y Sec. Treas. 4. DOUGLAS PETERSON Choir V. Pres. 4, Boys, Quartet, "Lela- wala,,, "Joan of the Nancy Lee,,, "Riding Down the Sky.,, ETHEL PETERSON Girls' League, Choir.Q,4,LJ. E , J- f ' , ., ..,.1'4w1f.f1f:4 .aj MARJCAIIJF. PIERSQ' Elltflll S., St. Paul, Minn. I, 2, Girls, League Camera Min 1. 75" ff,-,lf I' ' DONALD PITTEI.f OVV Pilot lass Editor, Intramural Basket- ball, Horseshoe, Traffic Squad. AUDREY PLETTE Girls' League Rep., Murcurie Agent, Senior Board, G.A.A., Choir, "Lelawala,,, "Joan of the Nancy Lcc,,, "Riding Down the Sky.,, HELEN REICHOVV Girls, League, Murcurie Bkkp. 3, G.A.A., Quill and Scroll, Office Force. IRENE RICHARDSON Girls' League, G.A.A., Choir, "Joan of the Nancy Lee,,, "Riding Down the Sky.,, GUY ROWE Hon. Library Club Member, Traflic Squad Capt. 4, Ski Club Pres. 4. ROBERT ROVVLAND Student Council, Golf, Camera Club Pres. 4, "M,, Club, Murcurie Agent, Hi-Y. CLEMENS RUFFCORN Murcurie Adv. 3, Co-Bus. Mgr. 4, Intramural Basketball, Rifle Club, Ski Club Sec. Treas. 4. ROGER SANDBERG Football, "M,, Club, Treas. 4, Bowling League. I - 1 a- , 'I r 0 X 'Q' J 'I MARJORIE SANT Girls, League, Choir, "Lelawala,,, "Joan Sf the Nancy Lee,,, Dramatic Club, Murcurie Agent. U ' DOROTHY SCHMUGGE Girls, League, G.A.A., Clioir.' - JANET SCHWARTZ Girls, League, Pilot Adv. 3, G.A.A.,'D1'a- matic Club, Vaudeville. EUGENE SCORE Intramural Sports. EUGENE SEAMAN Intramural Basketball, Horseshoe, Choir, "LelawaIa,', "Joan of the Nancy Lee,,, "Riding Down the Sky,,' Rifle Club. MARYVEE SELVIG Girls, League, Office Force, Skating Club- Art Club, Murcurie. a a 23 at '.,, T S S ,... .Q-: f f. writ PHYLLIS SHANNON Girls' League5 Library Club5 Student Council Board5 Murcurie5 Pilot Ass't Ed. 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 G.A.A. Board5 Quill and Scroll5 Band5 Press Club5 Skating Club. CATHERINE SHAVE Girls' League5 Student Council. AGNES ANN SHIKORA Girls' League5 G.A.A.5 Choirg "Lela- Wala"5 "Riding Down the Sky"5 Cheerleader. VVILLIAM SKON Student Council Board, Treas. 35 Senior Board5 Class Pres.5 Basketball5 Golf5 Horseshoe5 "M" Club V. Pres. 45 Band Pres. 25 Hi-Y. DORIS SKOOG Milaca H. S., Milaca, Minn. I, 2, 35 Camera Club5 Choir5 "Riding Down the Sky." ROBERT PRAEGER SMITH Murcurie5 Pilot Ass't Bus. Mgr. 3, Bus. Mgr. 45 I-S Com.5 Camera Club V. Pres. 35 Quill and Scroll5 Band Sec. Treas. 35 Ski Club V. Pres. 45 Press Club5 Hi-Y. FRANCES SNYDER Girls' League5 Student Council V. Pres. 45 Murcurie EX. Editor 35 Pilot Feature Editor 45 I-S Committee5 G.A.A.5 Dramatic Club5 Quill and Scroll, Press Club. MARY LOUISE SOUTHER Girls' League5 Library Club5 Mur- curie Ass't Editor 3, City Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Pilot Agent, Activities Editor 45 I-S Committee5 Choir5 uLelawala"5 Dramatic Club5 Quill and Scroll5 Majorette5 Press Club. KATHERINE STICKNEY Girls' Leagueg Library Club Program Chairman 45 Murcurie Ass't Ed. 45 Quill and Scroll Sec. Treas. 45 Art Club5 Pilot Feature Editor 45 Press Club5 Ski?ng,Club V. Pres- , . . M of ... 4- In -'Ulf 4. .-,44,f 70' . ,1,. KENNETH STRAUCH Library Club Treats. 215 Student Council5 Jr. Class V. Pres.5 Basketball5 Intramural Basketball5 Tennis5 Horseshoe5 "M" Club5 Senior Board. JANE M. SUTTON Girls' League5 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Lelawala"- "Ioan of the Nancy Lee"5 "Riding Down the Sky"5 Band. ARLENE LLVVAN SWVANSON Girls' League5 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "LelaWala"5 "Riding Down the Sky"5 Cheerleader. 7 AUDREY SWENSEN Girls' League5 Library Club5 Pilot Calen- dar Editor 45 Sr. Class Treas., Sec.5 I-S Committee5 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Lelawala"5 "joan of the Nancy Lee"5 "Riding Down the Sky", Band5 Skating Club Sec. 2, 3. ELSIE TESCH Girls' League5 Choir5 OHice Force5 Pilot. FRANK THIBAULT Library Club5 Murcurie Ex. Editor 45 "Joan of the Nancy Lee"5 "Riding Down the Sky"5 Dramatic Club5 Ir. V audeville5 Press Club5 Football. MARION THIENES Girls' League Rep., Sec. 35 Library Club5 Student Council5 G.A.A. Boardg Skating Club. VIRGINIA TOLLEFSON Girls' League5 Choir. SHIRLEY TROVATTEN Girls' League5 Library Club Program Chairman 35 Student Council Board, Pres. 45 Murcurie City Editor 3, News Editor 45 Ir. Class Sec.5 Quill and Scroll5 Press Club5 Ir. Pilot Editor 3. ROBERT TURNACLIFF Student Council Board5 Murcurie5 Football5 Track5 Intramural Basketball5 "M" Club5 Band5 Ski Club. AGNES TVEDT Girls' League Rep.5 Pilot Agent5 G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Lelawala"5 "Joan of the Nancy Lee." MARION VESAAS I-S Committee5 Choir Bus. Mgr. 45 "Lela- wala"5 "Joan of the Nancy Lee"5 Dramatic Club. PAUL WAHOSKI Pilot Agent5 Choir Pres. 45 "Lelawala"5 "joan of the Nancy Lee"5 "Riding Down the Sky"5 Safety Council5 Boys' Quartet. JEAN WAITE Girls' League5 Library Club Sec. 45 Pilot Ass't Editor 45 Sr. Class Sec.5 Art Club Sec. 25 Skating Club Pres. 35 Quill and Scroll5 Murcurie Agent5 G.A.A. MYRON NVARNDAHL Intramural Basketball5 Horseshoe. 24 flirt :W ix f A If NJ' Ju W W e Y' ARNOLD WEIGEL Ass't Class Editor Pilot 45 Camera Clubg Dramatic Club5 Safety Council. CAROL WHEALE Girls' League5 Office Force5 Murcurie Agent. JACK WILLIAMS Intramural Sports. BERNARD WINKELMAN Student Council5 Footballg Intra- mural Basketball5 Tennisg UM' Club5 Traffic Squadg Band. BEN WOLTER Rifle Club Pres. 45 Traffic Squad Capt. 35 Safety Council. IOHN YOUNGREN Choir5 "Ioan of the Nancy Leef' GWEN ZETTEL Girls, League V. Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Library Clubg Student Council Board5 Senior Board5 I-S Committee5 G.A.A. Board5 Dramatic Club5 Skating Club Pres. 25 Murcurie Agentg Ir. Vaudeville. MARY IANE ZUBER Girls' Leagueg Library Clubg G.A.A.5 Choir5 "Riding Down the Sky." ARLENE M. OLSEN Girls, League5 Murcurie5 Junior Board5 G.A.A.5 Camera Clubg Quill and Scrollg Press Club5 Summer School. MARTINUS SILSETH Library Clubg Camera Clubg Choir5 "Lelawala,'5 "Joan of the Nancy Lee,'5 "Riding Down the Skyvg Bowling League5 Murcurie5 Summer School. BEATRICE THORNE Girls' Leagueg Murcurie5 Safety Council5 Quill and Scrollg Summer School. PICTURES NOT IN THE ANNUAL K -xx X KARL CARLSON CEORCE KATH QIR., 'f JOHN COLBERG MALCOLM MACAULAY S was 'K 'rc N: CHARLES EDBORC LEONARD NIELSEN A. lc. "xg, Q ROBERT PETIERSON , I JOAN .BURT . .x 5 X, QL 'Ulf If X R X KK - -lf ,I 'I L' L1 ' - L' ' ,U 'I gf' Q To 'the Graduates of 1942: 'R X ' - ' X p -' ,.. h L ' ' 'Aff , " ,f ' It is my privilege and pleasure to extend to you the congratulations of the Murray '. There have been many moments of pleasure and pride experienced by you during L L , ' r fu !, A faculty as well as my personal wishes of good will to each of you. I I W' rw f your years at Murray. In the light of present realities we hardly dare to take the time .v of , I . 5 - L to.look back upon tnese moments now. Wff ' tw 'Sy ,JV N At no stage in the world's history has it been more important for us to face the M tasks of each day with fortitude and courage. I am proud to state that the graduates 1 f w N I of this class, like those in other schools throughout our land, are ready to meet the challenge presented by a World at War. Youth Today, the theme of this book, is a fitting one for the year 1942. For the task of holding to the ideals of a free people lies in the hands of our youth. May your endeavors be worthy and profitable, and may happiness be yours despite the shadows that fall. . H. E. HILLARD, Principal. Samoa! feaae Wah Somewhere there is a happy combination of work and pleasure, and the nearest approach to it is to be found in the 1942 senior honor roll. The been prominent in many school activities. Hle of time to be remembered and realized of tradition. Special honors go to Wayne Larimore who is second in scholastic ratings. Honorable mention is given to Shirley ages are above ninety-two. VVayne Larimore. Albert Holmboe .... Shirley Trovatten. . . Leonard Melander. . Barbara Levine ..... Leonharda Hinderlie ....... Irene Olson ........ jean Waite ....... Valborg Gornitzka.. Katherine Stickney. . Dorothy Kock ..... . Marjorie Hoffman. . . Betty Olsen ..... . janet Jacobson ..... majority of students whose names are on the list this year have They have left a permanent record of achievements on Murrayls more and more as the years go by. They are the molders who heads the list of forty-one seniors and to Albert Holmboe Trovatten, Leonard Melander, and Barbara Levine whose aver- Senior Honor Roll 94.54 93.96 92.59 92.32 92.20 91.40 91.24 91.17 91.09 91.03 90.91 90.29 90.13 89.85 Leone King .... Phyllis Shannon.. Audrey Swensen. . Don Gilbert ..... Helen Beard ..... Marjorie Pierce . . Mary L. Souther. Harriett McCue. . john Milton .... janet Overbee . . . Robert Rowland. . . . . . . Philip Christensen ......... Virginia Busse . . . 89.71 89.44 88.58 88.46 88.28 88.26 88.23 88.04 88.03 87.96 87.84 87.69 87.29 Robert Turnacliff .... ..... Robert Smith ....... ..... Kathryn Howland ......... Paul johnsrud ..... George janda ..... Marilyn Giddings .... ..... Frances Snyder . . . Granville Guttersen ....... Mary Krantz ...... Elaine Broders.. Elsie Tesch .... Karl Carlson ...... Betty Berggreen ..... ..... 87.25 87.20 87.00 86.85 86.80 86.63 86.35 86.33 Kenneth Strauch .... ..... . 86.24 86.21 86.20 86.08 86.07 86.06 Hail--The Coming Seniors Early in September the juniors-a rather green bunch, still wet behind the ears. elected officers and a board, formed a constitution and set out definitely to establish a record of activities not soon to be forgotten at Murray. Its first venture, the junior Stag Stomp, given in the gym September twenty-fifth proved to be one of the most successful sunlights of the year. It was here that many stags stopped stomping long enough to get a first glimpse of the conga line. as done by knowing Murrayites. Next on the bill was a movie-party held October tenth and eleventh at the Mid- town. Students will remember how Murray literally "took overv the theater for thosc evenings. It is feared that not much is remembered concerning the movie. By popular request, juniors planned to sponsor a series of rollerskating parties, the first of which was held November twenty-ninth at the Oxford Rink. Crowning event of a half yearls work was the colorful Christmas party held in the cafeteria where Santa Claus in person gave gifts to all those present. VVith the ringing in of a new year, came plans for a dance to be given with the seniors, more rollerskating parties, a second movie party and, of course, the junior- Senior prom. May twenty-second was the date chosen, and soon each committee was busy on its own particular phase of the work. Those in charge of orchestra, place, decorations, program, each was taxed to the extent of his originality to make the affair especially memorable in the annals of Murrayis history. The juniors are proud of the program they have presented during the year and realize that it has been made possible only through the understanding guidance given by Miss Virginia Fertig, adviser, the untiring efforts of the officers, and the constant cooperation of all its members. Seated lr t to right: Burton Cleland, Dean Emriek, treasurerg Edward julian, president, jermettz Bell unc przszdent Donna johnson, secretary, Dick Lilygren Q Standing, left to right: Hans Sehweit U Franus Ilo man Bill Reeves. Juniors 5 Front row, left to right: Marjorie IIl'l'Illlli1.8'0lI, Natalie Hain, Shirley Nynzan, Helen XVinghlade, Irene jaeolnsoii, Gladys Pearson, Elaine Mallory Q Jeanne Pntnain, Betty lane Carlson, Mary Kcaase, Donna jolznxon, Betty Ilnghex, Bertha Mae YVil- liamson, Joyce Swanson, Ada Lou Hedlnnd, Betty Cliillic'lc.s-ini Q David Tntt, Karl Carls-on, Dennis' Mydland, Donald Halt, Orville johnson, Bill Gzilliclcwn, Bill Reeves, Bill Kaatt Q Pat Holland, jack Hansen, Ilarold Nelson, Paul Yoangren, Karl Deppe, Vernon johnson, linz Alyuixt, Charles Zwiener. Front row, left to right: Helen Archer, Frances Hoffman, Betty MaeGillivray, Maryanne jones, Emily Shave, Marion Zentic. Margery Evert Q Virginia Gru- clke, Dorix Cofoed, Boll Hagen, David Johansen, Phyllis Rasniassen, Nancy Caldwell, Joyce Tanquary Q Betty Grayden, Colleen DeSantis, Adelaide Keller, Betty Ilarinon, Audrey Parriott, Joanne johnson, Mary Glendenning Q Leonard LIIIYYUH, Ray Doroff, Henry Ernst, Douglas Ufetherlay, Edward Heinrne. Dick Lilygren, Bill Cook, Rich- ard Larson. Front row, left to right: Marilyn Berg, Gloria Lemmon, Bernice Sieler, Helen Thornp.s-on, Annette Dowell, Marjorie Ulallin, Betty Ann YVarner Q Irene Carl- xon, joan Ilannan, Carol XVerner, Elea- nor Post, Joyce Anderxon, Betty Ann Schwartz Q Shirley Barton, Irene Pothen, Donna Mae Iverson, Betty Gal- ligan, jean Galligan, Maryanne Rosen- thal, Nancy Nelson Q joe Scheihlauer, Robert Petzold, lack Hedlnnd, Bob Mel- rose, Norman Pond, Dick Fiero, Paul Icerxon, Boll Anderson. 1'1l'0l11 111111 IU11 111 right: K1l11l1'1111 K11111111111111, .x11l1l1'1f'f' 111t,w1111111, 1111111 1,111'1111111'1'. 1111111' f111ll1JI111ll1, .V11ri1' Sllllf, 1f111i111' A1111111.s, L111,s' Mi1'11111'1,s'1111 Q 1.111,v 11l'111l, 131116 1111111, c1l111l1ll'111l' 1311111'111'1c, 1111x11111111 1C1'1111111.v1111, 11111111 11111115-1111, M11111111 1C.v111'1'.s'1'11, 1114111 111'11111'1'.s' Q A111'l' A111111'.s'1111, 1!II'1C S1111111, 171111 f1l'l'1'11!'l'. 1111'1c 1111111111111. S1l1lll'11 111'r1c111.s', 13111 Sf1'Lf1'11.s'1111, xV111IIll' A11111'1'.v1111, C1111f11111 XY1111111111111 Q 1111111111 K111:.f'1'. 13111 li1111m111, 1311111111 C11f'1fl1Il1, K1'11111'f11 1'11:'1111'1'. 1DtllT1!1 11151112 Hi1'11111'11 .X'1'1v1111, uYl111l'I' 141116. R1!'1111l'l1 1CL11111.w. 19111111 1'UlL', 1f'f1 111 riglzf: :'xlll1l'l'11 W'1'.s'1- 1111111. ,111 A1111 f1l'1I1'1, l'1111111,w 1l1'11.s'1'1, 1'111f'f'lI 1Jll11l'11, 111111111111 K1If'1I1I, 17l'2fLg11 Ilflllfl' 111111, 1111111111' 13011, 171111111111 1i11.s'11111x.s':'11 Q 1111111'f11' K1'11.v11'1', V1111111 V11'1c. M11111111 K111'k, 111111111111 T11111'111111:., 1711111 1f1111'11'1c, C11111' S11'1111111s, A111111 1J1I.S'11l1, 1"10l'f'l1l' S11111 Q C11'l1'111111 u71111IlIlI.S', T1111 1'11l1l'I', 11i1'11111'11 K1'11111', 1111'11111'11 C1l'llI11, T111 S1'11111:., 1i1111'ig11 .'N'1'1.s'1111. 1111111 S111't11111111, 111111 1'11111x1'11 Q F1111 S1l'l'f'1if'11, Br111'1' .xlf'Kl'11Z1!', 311111111 1'1'11'1'x1111, 1'1lll'1'11 l11'11- 111'1'x1111, 11111 .'X11111111'1'f1'111. 1f1111'11r11 111111111, 111111x S1'1111'1'11:.1'1'. xVl1I'1'1'11 A11111'1'.s'1111, 11111111 l"11111'r. 1'1I'lJl11 I'U1l,', 1111 111 I'1:Q111J 811111111 ,'X'1'1.s'1111, AlIll'1UIl T11'1:., 1,l11'111l' 1.I1I'.S'lHI. S111l'11'11 C111111111,Q1111111. 13111111 1'1'f1'1'.s'1111, l31'1z1'1'1j1 f1Il1'1.Y17lI, 1111111 11fJl'l11iIll111J Q C11111'1111f1' l'1l'1'11, 151'1'1'r111 1'1I'11.S'I'l', 1,0I'l'll1III' 1111111111111, 1Jtll'1l'f'lI X1'1,s'1111, Al'1l'1Il' S1ll11t'I'. 15111111 C111'1.s-1111, 1311111 ICI11111111, 1f11:.11111'111 u'YI'1I1J Q 511111111 c11!'fl'1'. 1111'11111'11111 .Nvlll'l11i, S11111 1111 S111'1111111'11, xY11'gl11l1l1 .x1lll'A111111l1. 11111111 .'K111'.w1'11, 111'l'l'1'111 JI111111. 11111 1'1!'1l'11OlC. 131'1'11i1'1' 1,11C'1il'1I, 13111111111 1,11l111' Q 1flTl'I'- 11111 1'111'1111'11f1'r, 1111111 K111111111111111, 01117111 f1I1l1.S'l11!1l1, 11111111.v 1l'l1.S'l'1l. 111111111 13r111c11, D1111 RlIX1I1l1, R11111'1'1 S111111'r, 1111111 K11111- f1'1. Irfing K11111c111', E1l11l'1' W'1'1111. 1 Juniors Sopho 11101138 1'1l'0lif 11:10, 11'ff to right: S11ir11'11 K1'11f, 1111111'1' P1ff1"1'.s'1111, 011111111 .V111f111f, 1111111 A11-'.x'1111111'1', I.11r1'11i111' S1'1111111gg1', 1JU11Jl'l'X K1111t1, X'Y1l'?Qf1JI1ll .XI1'N1111111r11 Q CZ1'11rg111111 f11I!lIlI1IC'l'.S', I'11t1'i1'111 1Dl'1'v17l'gl', P111 1JlIl'- gin, 1'1lIl'1- N1'1.s'1111, ixIlf11'1'11 C111'1.s-1111, 19011 1l:lA1f,'1i-81111, I91fff1' C1111111'1'.s'1z11, 11'1111 XV1l11il'l' Q Al'lT11l11?11 .1111l'l1Illlll1, D11r11f1111 1J1l1?Q11'. 1.11i,s' 11'1111 IJ1f1tv.v1111, Al11l'1 11l'l117Ill'11. K1'11- 111'f11 HIl1Il3l',Q, 3111111 rxllllfl XV11111'r, P111111i.s' 51121111112 Q Roger E1'1c12111111, K1'11 Gi1111i11g.s, 131111 C. A11111'1's1111, 13111 13111111, 111n11'x C11l'l111llHI, 131111 AIl'f1K,Lff'l', P11111 F1I1?Ql'l'. Ffflllf l'UlL', 1:11 111 riglzt: I'111111ix Vogt, 1llllI' l'1ft1'1's1m, 131111111111 I,, 111.w1'- 1111i111f 1Jlll'?Q1.'I, A1111'11n'i:' 111111111111 AIIIV- j1:1'i1' S1r111c1'ig11, S1l1I'1I'11 31111111111 Q D111'i.x' H11.s'11111xs1'11, S11i1'1i1' A1I1I1.S'l'l'!Lf1I, P11111 Sc111c111111', FI'111Il'1.Y A1ll!'l'lI11, 1514111 Sf71l771Ilggi', Ei11'1?11 Sfr111J111,'k, IJ111111'1'x T010 Q 1111111 1311111213 L1'li1111 Fish, 1111111111 Dauix, 13111111111 T11111f11, 1111111'x l3r111111'11, H1111 Ri1'11111'11.s'1111, N11111111 Sfl'1J1l!?H-S011 Q 1Al'f1l!H' XVC'17L'I', 131111111 111111, CIll'f1,S.X' P11- ticnf, P1111 Sf'1llUI'1gI'1, Ii11g1'111' N111'1'11, Bulz T111m111x1111, H1111 c1S'f!'l'1I!'I'gf. Ffllllf row, 11311 to right: Lynette LUIIZLUIIIIII, S11i1'1e11 Klltll, L11ci1f11111f D1f,v11111111'1f, P11111- Iis Beck, M11xir11f R0r1111, S11ir11f11 G1'lll1gC'l', N11r11111 Cr111111fr Q D01111111 Ne1s1111, 1DI'10l'l?S At1u111111, Lorrzzine Pi11tr11sc111cc, Irene 1111111x1111, M11ric1 Ni1f1.s'c11, B11111c111f St11c1c11U.w.s, 1151111111 Ec1111s, H11111111 Kr111:11i11g Q P1z111f1111 N1f1.v1111, XV111111 P1f11c11c1c, G1111 II11r1111111, P11111 Kllllff, William C111'11,s'1111, H1111 C11ri.s'11f.s-1111, Vern 1JI'IlSL'1I, F1111111 llllglllllllll Q C1!?0l'gl? 101ll1SOIl, XVi1111r11 Fe11d1:r.s'1m, E11w111'd Nie1.s'e11,111e Kn111111111c11, 1111111 1111111111013 S11111111 B111111, Kc1111ct11 IIU111111111, Glen Pcf12rs1111. Non, ,Iovlf Rosx, jolin lfrimt. Front row, left to right: joy TIIIIHUV, jvonni' Tininrir, Bornivrf Aplilcowski, Jnlin Arflvll l,okk1'n, Clara Svgnu, Mnrfrcllo Tlmmnlitz. Iintlz Lolclfvn Q Loix Clivfvr, Pflfl'lL'lll Iivrrn, lfloisl' Nvilnirt. l"1'uiiz'i'.v I3ongioi'unni.- Loiiixr' Frivcl, Kzitlzlmfn Zcfntir, .Vary Ccfliu Putnam, Lorruinf' Rvllfllf Toni zxlllllllllf, liiclirlrcl Striiuy Hogrr linglnnrl, Pi1trir'if1 Niflxon, Bcrmird IIt'lIlIlHILfl'l'. Holwri Pntnnnz, Liiwrvncrf jolinxon, Clnirlrfs Hvvrl Q Piftwr FI'l'l'H1lll1, Ilozuurrl Schilling, Rogifr Afton, Rolf Ilopkins, Divlc AIlll'.S'f'll1Ill. Rolwrt Anrlvr- lfront rolii, Iwft to riglit: Gloria Olson, Tlwlnio lfrclnmn, Iiutli 1O,S'K',?lI.S'UI1, Ifluini' I3nr'ton', I'lnjlli.s' X1'l.s'on, jvnn Bzlrck, Ifluinf' lioili Q Lois Ilnlt, Mrlrlyx Conl- tvr, Kon llfwlffif, lfrnil Borg, Mvrlc' Boli- wzinoyifr, Hntlz Howe, Slzirlvy Pinoclzi, Boll Scori' Q YVilfrl'fl Iloopvr, Diclf I3rni'i', jim Low, Fron1'i.v xVlJOlllUlll'Cl, jolin Fl'llllk.S'Oll, Burton Brown, Corflon Curr, Dun Kltiizixv, Edclic IUIISUII Q TIIOIHIIN 13nrnr'tt, Honulil Clll'l.N'flllHSOH, l7onglo.s- Stcfrmix, Monror' Kronxtffrlt, Bill l.oUii',w, Rolzvrt Bcll, Elmer Clzrixtcnsmi, Don li.s'pr'1'srn1. U ' VJ? , fmvl . I, . left to right: jean YVlzitz', Marjorie jzzifolmori, Bcwtrici' Gillmrt, Dorothy I sman, Betty Anflerson, l'vggy Krantz, Eluinr' Midler' Q Murgarrft Pvorxon, Dvlorvs Arlmrt, Plzyllis Bunting, Eunicr' Recs, Molly Brunzlt, Dorothy Gc'rlrlc's, Kotli- lc'i'n Henning, Kutllryn Von Esclzcfn Q Lionel Horrix, Don Inilcrffricc, Harolrl Molina Ronald Roolce, jim Eflcllcston, Gordon Addington, Clzarlcs Stiles, Cliurlvs Iluynzfs Q Frank Lc'i.s'ter, Allen Bacllniry, Holncfrt YVi.sffn, jvroinv Phillips, jolzn Mc'.s'.sz'r, jiln Tfwtor, Eiigjviw Yost, WV11rrf'n Mi:Nr'al. ophomores ISI ophomores 1'1l'Ul1f row, left 111 right: 1311ri.v C1l'ffgl'l'- s1111, 117111110 D1l111'1f, C111111'ri111' '1'11i1f111'.s-, B11I'1I1ll'fl N1'1.v1111, P1111'iCi11 M1'1li111111s, 11111- i1.'1' W'1'.s11111111, YV11111111 T11111'1f Q xVl1l'l'!'l1 C1'111'1', Syluia Fri1'11, C1I1ll'1l'.V XVl'1fC'l', C111i11 C1111111'l, A1I11'2QI'l'1j C11Il'1C, I111111's 131'll, S11111 T11111'.s'11'11s1111, 111'11'11 131111 Q Cliff R1111111'r.s, C11II1'1l'.Y M1'1'1'111fx.s-, 111111211111 C11.s-101111, u7l1l'l'C'I1 L1f111'11, R11y11111111l P1'11f1'- .s-1111, 1111111 C11ri.s1i1111s1111, 131111 M1'lr11.v1', 13111 S111111f1'. Fr11111 l'UlL', 11'f1 111 right: 1i.x'11'1111 11011- 11i11g1'1', 111111111101 j1111x1'11, Lois Croft, Mm'- ilyn M11111'1', 11111012 xVl'11.S'1l'1j, A111'1i111' Nfl- x1111, Cl1f1Il'l'1l1C M1,'H111', 1,111'il11' 1,111's1111 Q 1"1'r11 130611, 131111111111 1411-Y1ll'I', 13i1'1c W'1',s1, F1'11111'i.s' T1'.s'1'11, H1111111111111 I"111'1i1i, 71111111 O'.Y1'i11, K1'11 11111x1111l, 1111111111 311'- 111111l1'1', 1f1ll'1I Ellglllll Q I"1'1'11 I11'1w1'11l1'1'. 131111 A1t'C1U11l1l'11, R11111'1'1 x71ll13l.X', R1111111 Nyl'1.S'lHI, L1111' YV1111111111. 1i11g1'1' 11111'1'ix', 61111111111 .31C'11lLTl'11, li11g1'111' 1,1'1', 131112111 Alllfllll. 1"l'U1I1 l'UlL', 11'f1 111 riglzt: 1-X1'111i11 Ki1'.v1, 13U1171'1'.S' S1'1111111'11, 13111111111 A11111'r.s'1111,1111111 l31'lIl,3S1'1j, 131111 13111'111f11111,1, l11'111'y 111'1l- 1111111. .'X11ll1'11I1lU 1"1JlL11'I' Q 11i1'11111'11 H111- 111111, f1l'1'1Ilf1 111111.s'1111, 11111111 1111'f1I'llf1I, 317111111111 1311141112 311111111 Ii111'1'1f, 13111111111 1,111'.s'1111. 131111 T1f.s'1111, Ni1'1c 131111gi111t111111i Q V11'gi11i11 .31lll'f1t'1f. 111'11'11 1,111ci11, 13111'- 11'111' I11111.s-1111, P111 X1111111111, 13111111 EllII'1l'1i, 11115-1' A111111 1jL11'11x1111. 3111111 1,1111i,s'1' 131111- 11111 Q Ri1'11111'1l 331111111111-S'1J11. 17r11111ii.s' 111111,v1111, 111111111 Nvff, M1111 1'1gzLfll1', YVi1- 1111'11 V11111i.s-, 131C'1i 13111111, 111111111 1101!- 1111111,v, 131111 K1'11111'1111. Front row, left to right: Hildur Benson, Yolande Forliti, Lois Nordeen, Audrey Szcanlzerg, Carol Giddings, Shirley Peter- son, Roberta Mehlhorn Q John Bloom- auist, XVilfred Beaudet, Rohert Iverson, Carroll Parriott, Allen Beseth, Phyllis Peterson, Louise YVidell, Bruce Thornp- son Q Alice Swan, Kathryn VVick, Hoh- ert Kirchoff, John Bradley, June Bakke, Ruth WVestlund, Dick Hadke, Vernon Holland, Donald Metzger. Front row, left to right: Ed Knowlan, Carl Figg, Eileen Snyder, Paul Basquin, Phyllis Duggan, Clarence Schiller, Dick Pfutzenreuter Q Keith Arnold, Audrey Barton, Joy Olafson, Corrine Wernstrorn, Marilyn Dale, Gretchen Eichhorn, Eva Tutt, Inez Kelly Q Marilyn Herrick, Beverly Mae Gardner, Janice Purdy, Lor- raine Dunn, Jeanette Solstad, Marilyn Hayden, Beverly Hirt Q Carol Mowrey, Loren Greenberg, Juanita Hansen, Dick Vanouse, Virginia Dustin, Lyman Lin- dan, Edna Shave, June Olsen. Front roie, left to right: Donna Louness, Muriel Anderson, Gloria Lynch, Marlene Jensen, Jeannette Gaaw, Maxine Bolstad, Jean Lienau Q Rohert Harloff, Donald Kimble, Donald Neumann, Claire Wil- liams, Donna VVinter, Doris Fairfield, Herbert Howe, Jack Dunn Q Jack Clark, Harry Kath, Hohert Sauers, Francis Scott, James Klaenhammer, Hans Christ- ensen, VVayne Warndahl Q Harland Graydon, Jack Ostherg, Leroy Robert- son, Edwin VVicersoll, Vernon LaDue, Donald Tracy, xvlllllllll Eggar. Freshmen 1 Freshmen Front row, left to right: Margrete Bly, Donna Cote, Jeanne Marie Hitsnian, Marthe Egan, jean King, Phyllis Steven- son, Maryheth Dickey Q Lane Cofoed, Larry Motl, Rohert Brown, Irwin Lee, Douglas Fraser, Howard Leppla, Iloward Christopherson, Rodney Lundquist Q Marjorie Allen, Madelyn Adam, Carol Lawrence, Io Ellen Stock, Patricia Thurston, june Sofie, Dorothy Swanson, Alan Uhl Q Edwin Sticlcney, john Kru- ger, Bruce Kirkpatrick, YVarren Lern- rnon, Richard Sohstad, Louis Keller, Bruce Seheihlauer, Richard Bathlnrn. Front row, left to right: Louise Posterna, Mary Ann VVatson, Barhara Burgess, Doris Voligny, Dagny XViuesoll, Arlene Ilart Q Bohert Ostrander, jack Burnett, Shirley Gillis, june Carlson, Edith Beck, Ieanette Van Horsen, Gladys Melgaard Q Roger Breen, Bah Greenlee, Ann Derauf, Audrey Noren, Mariel Berry, Roseann Schrnuck, Violet Rosenquist, Paul Medchill Q Alex Freyherger, Don Benson, Francis Geehan, jim Vander- steen, Ralph YVallin, Charle.s Berry. Front row, left to right: Patricia Stanton, Betty Hoetnzan, Marie YVorthing, Helen Bingstad, Audrey Carlson, Irene Struck, Betty johnson Q Morris Ilultnian, lack Michaelson, john Murray, Douglas Johnston, john Leinen, YVillian1 WVisen, XVarren Stnher Q Irene Srnith, Renee Baker, Marjorie XVood, Lesley Bollen- lrach, Nancy Nelson, Dolores Forsherg, Edna Kuehn Q Louise Nelson, Dolores Michels, Laura jean Torgeson, Roman YVagner, Vivian Sanderson, Grace XVing- hlade, Rose Mary Stendal. 11111111 1'1111', 11'ff 111 righl: 1C1i11111' R1?12.s', 1,ylII'1fl' .V1'K1'11'i11, S11111111'1 Eddy, 111111:- 11rd XVi11i11111.v, 13111 S1'111p11', A1l'l'l'l1ff1I Nel- .w111, I'11y11i.s- II1'rr111111111 Q AIll'l'1 White j1'1111 j111111.s'1111, 1,11i.s' A1111111'.s'1111, liiclmrd I,111'1l11l11, 1'1U1Il'l'1 1f11i11ff, .V111'y1'111'11 T13- 11111,v, .Vary T1'il1l1, 131111 f111I'1-S'fl'I1.S'0ll Q 131111 l'11111.s'1111, P11111 T1IlI1fl'I', ll1'11'11 Pier- s .w1111, C1111111 .V11tf.w1111, M1'1l111 I4l1I'.S'1Hl, 11111'1'y .'UIll'1f1l'1f, .Vary l,1'1ci,s', IC11,g1'111' S1'l111z1f1111g. Eighth Grade 1"r1111f r111L', 11'f1' 111 riglzi: j1'1111111' Clzard, S111' .xl1'f1llTl'I1, I'1111y C1l'1llI1l1, Mary Dyer, CI11r11I IIi1.s'1111111, Bl'lTf'I'11f Tl111111px1111, 111 xxllll A11d1'1'.s'1111, N11111'y zxllll Post Q D11111 fl'llll Pf11t:,1'11r1'11t1'1', Mary 1,1111 111177111211- 1111, q1lI1l1fl1S W'i1.w1111, B1111 Cook. IJOIIII Cl1ri.x-f1'11.w1111, R1C'11lll'l1 P11f1111111, 13111 1311111- illtif, C111'111j1'11x1'11 Q TKJIII .V11111'1', Roger I,I'I', Hf1'11111'd Ill' .Xyl'l11, L1'1' S1i11d, 61101111 Hoff. 111-rlzrfrt P1111111111, 111 A1111 Sff'lUlII'f, A11l'!' 311111111 Q T11111 Kelly, 131111 XVi1- 1i11111s, Dmfid XVi11'11x, 1311111111 1311i11'y, Art 1111l111,v, 1111111111 .Y1'1,s'1111, 131111 AII7UI'l', XVIII- 1111'1' 1I11g111'.v, 1111111 1,1'1'. 15111111 I'Ull'. left 111 right: S11:1111111' Brey h'll1l'!'1f' j1'1111i11g.s', 1211111111 M111' XVi111'.s' 1"1lJI'I'l1l'!' W'l1if1'. XVi1111 D611 1211111111111 M111'j111'i1' Cnllzrfrg, .x1IlI'gl1I'l'f Sl'1LT1IQ, Mar- v a 111,11 C1Ill'1l'1f Q rxllll f1Ill'1l'1f, A1i1r1' 1IIlg1ll'.S', H11d111'y Berg, Sf1',11111'11 Al'C'1ll'I', T11111 1,1111'ri1', 13111 Blll:-fI'I', 19111111111 Tl'-S'C'1l, Lois fUllI1lI.X'l'l1, 151'Hy I1'1111 jl'l1.X'I'l1 Q j111111'.v A1llf'tlIl1l'1f, A111'11 King, f1I'U!'2Ql' L11,s'111'r, 131111 XV1'11.s'11'y, 11111111111 f1llllI11l1?Qf1IfIl7I, E1- 1111'r XV111'k1i11, 11111111111 13111'111'111'1', C10l'l1UIl .'X'1'11l1', 1111111 Iillffflflll Q A11'x f1ll1l1!CC?11, Slllll 1ii1'l11111111, Ric'1111r11 O1.s'1'11, K11r1 K01'111'1f13, Kt'lIl1l'f1I XIII!! Vi1'1c11', I11.s'1fp11 11l1l'l7Ilf1I, jim W'11g11111', A111'11 Hoff. Freshmen X.. eventh raders --- Absentees Front row, left to right: Janice Cl:ristoplzerxon, Donna jean Best, Lorraine Addington, Nancy Lou Coelzel, Enifl Larson, Axtrirl Ilaugan, Helaine Bjornrlalil, Donna Lu Hill, Marilyn Gavin Q Wendell Ilarrix, Eilnznnrl johnson. Kenneth Corsair. Ioan Dunn, janice El1gL'l7I'CfXlHl, Margaret NVoo1l, Nancy Brown, Roger Adams, Monte Arlzarf, Tommy Hooper Q joan janneck. jean Lcncix, Alice Krantz., Clcralrline Alarkley, Nancy liyler, lflizalvefli llarri, Pafricia Dyer, Belierly Harper Q Elmer Koclilin. Eugene Corn- xfoek, David Xvllllmfllll. Ouren Wiexe, john Ford, Cliarles Fiero, Bill Ililgeclick, lack Pearson, Herrolal Elder, Holi Bulger. Front row, left to right: Arlelle Baztin, Leila Ilelsene, Emily jolianxen, Alyce Iiiirgass, Ilelen Buclita, Mazlelyn Piotra.s'cl1ke, Rath Jensen Q Carmine Ufegrier, Bill Bearcl, Paul Glelz, Plzilip Yournan.s', jarnes Lelrenx, Gerald Tescli, Sanrlra Clfllllfllf-Ylill. Andrey Leppla Q Phyllis Sealzerg, Dan Plzilipplzar, Rolneri Premer, Dacia' Branilf. Ricliarrl Fclcman, Roger Goocison, Mary Hafforci, Patricia Greenwood. W gd ,pf W. Agua' Q'r!uf 'w! ff M' C HEINVIIHS C'Activities" Is Its Password Front row, left to right: Andrey Westland, Gwen Zettel, Myrl Larimore, Frances Snyder, vice presi- dent, Shirley Trovatten, president, Betty Ann Schwartz, secretary, Sandy Boyd, treasurer, Joyce Well.s- ley, Elaine Miellce Q Beverly Molin, joy Reichow, jim Anfang, Bill Reeves, Robert Turnacliff, Robert Bell, Diclc Briggs, Bob Hagen, Barbara Nelson, Bob Bulger Q Donal Kimble, Donna jean Best, Billy Beard, Grace lVingblade, Emil Borg, Alex Freyberger, Phyllis Nelson, Helen Archer, Marilyn Herrick Q Alan Uhl, Lorraine Sehrnugge, Lowell Hesser, Bob Williams, Helen lVingblade, Alan Anderson, Ianet Wingblade, Betty Pearson, Bill Semple Q Ray Christesen, Vern Drasch, Orcille johnson, Lyle Wharton, Burton Cleland, john Holmboe, Henry Ernst, Dan Bornlcamp. Ilenry Hedlund. Keep ,em Flying-- L , 2 Under the guiding hand of Mrs. Buth Eddy, l Q adviser, Student Council Executive Board members and home room representatives supervised many of the school's activities this year. Oflicers were Shirley Troyatten, presi- dentg Frances Snyder, vice presidentg Betty Ann Schwartz, secretaryg and Sandy Boyd, treasurer. Dick Briggs was manager of the hook store. Committees were appointed in the fall to have charge of the cafeteria. assemblies, the hook store, the activities calendar, and the point system. During the year the Council operated the second hand hook store, had charge of the Community Chest and Red Cross drives, sold Christmas seals, and sponsored a patriotic assembly and a "Stamp Stompf, Standing, left to right: Dick Briggs, Gwen Zettel, Robert Turnacliffg in booth: Myrl Larimore. 'fl 4 f ,V wr A F, , HJ' F .I 1 4 A I Q 1 A4-,K . X JM: 1 I M s A , l l r I I .,,- Al' f 1 ' - U 1 f M t Q "' 1 1 . , ,Q ' A W P P ' f N L - . ,te , I -S . 8 TOM TBSBIU tf I L 7 1- At ,5- . ' ,, . ffm I 1 A15 . ity. ll, Alva. WML- I X. . ,, ,M Art Editm., Grmwille Guftemeng jean Wllifc, Standing: Robert Smith, business manager. assistant editor. Standing: Phyllis Shannon, editor. Smfefli H"'W7lI Clfllllllmf Cl"f"'lf'fl'l" """"'r9ff"'- Senior Day, the day the Pilot is issued, means a great deal to all the students who worked on the yearbook stall. It means the cnd of a year of hard work, but it also means the end of much fun in planning, picture-taking, proofing, and trips downtown to the printer and engraver. ln between their hours of labor on the book, the students managed to give the annual Pilot assembly which highlighted the subscription campaign in October. "Youth of Yesterday" was the theme, and the skit given proved very hilarious as different people appeared in tablcaus resembling pictures that one could find in a yearbook of the year 1900. Robert Smith, business manager, was in charge of the program. Front row, left to right: Donald Pittelkow, class editor, Irene Olson, typist, Marilyn Giddings, assemlzly director, Joyce Chapman, assistant editor, Helen Thompson, assistant advertising manager, Mary Louise Souther, activities editor, Harriett McCue, senior editor Q Katherine Stickney. feature editor, Leonharda Hinderlie, art editor, Audrey Swensen, calendar editor, Betty Ilarmon, junior edi- tor Q Darleen Nelson, accountant, Karl Deppe, sports editor, Ken Giddings, assistant advertising man- ager, Leonard Melander, activities editor, Marjorie Hoffman, advertising manager, james Graham, assistant advertising manager, jack Ross, photographer, Dean Emriek, assistant business manager, Elaine Broders, typist, Bob Hagen, assistant circulation manager, Frances Snyder, feature editor: Arnold lVeigel, assistant class editor. Girls' League Makes Histor Big girls, little girls. freshmen, and seniorsl Once a month they all may be seen crowding into the auditorium for the reg- ular meeting of Girls' League. These gatherings give the girls a chance to hear their pet problems discussed. Favorite topics are charm, popularity. styles, and beauty. There are no qualifica- tions for membership in this organization as every senior high school girl at Murray belongs. At the head of Girls' League this year was Gwen Zettel, president. Cooperating with her were Phyllis Hensel, vice presi- dentg Peggy Handford, secretaryg and Irene Olson, treasurer. Mrs. Corinne Robinson was the faculty adviser. All the new ninth graders were welcomed at the Little Sister party in September which made a grand opening to start off the season. In November Miss Adele Ellinghouse, a representative from the Merle Norman cosmetic studios, gave a demonstration on the use of cosmetics. Make-up was given away as door prizes and Dorothy Eddleston was one of the lucky girls to receive some. a Mrs. Marion Faegre. assistant professor of parent education at the University of Minnesota, spoke to the group in january on the subject, "Understanding Ourselves." The February birthday meeting which marked the beginning of the fourth year of Girls' League featured movies and late winter and spring styles modeled by Murray girls. The animal Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet held each spring took place May 14 in the school cafeteria. The juniors have built up the t1'adition of giving this dinner to the graduates as a final climax to their Girls' League career. Front row, left to riglit: Joyce Ilaglanrl, Pliyllis Ilensel, eiee presidentg Peggy Hanclforzl, seeretaryg Gwen Zettel, presiclentg Irene Olson, treasurerg Haeliael Jansen, Marlys Coulter, jane Sutton, .sergeant at arms. Second row, left to riglzt: Phyllis Duggan, Io Ellen Stock, janet Jacobson, Dorotlzy Geflrles, Patricia Merlinnus, Louise Fried, Roxanna Erlanclson, Marilyn Ilayrlen, Eileen Dailey, Dona Einriek, jean Galligan, Barliara Hurge.s.s, illaryanne jones, Norma Cramer, LueienneDe.son1l1re. ,. 5.,,1 What's Li e Without A Camera? Front row, left to right: Wayne Larimore, james Graham, Bruce McKenzie, Don Melrose, Peggy Hand- ford, Lois Christensen, Marilyn Giddings, Marjorie Pierce. Second row, left to right: Virginia Busse, Edward julian, lack Howland, Richard Evans, Dean Emrick, Bob Anderson. Third row, left to right: Elaine Broders, Arlene Olsen, Richard Kehne, Milton Peterson, Bob Beseth, Betty Pearson, Arnold Weigel, Martinus Silseth, lack Ross, Philip Christensen. Time may drone on, but part of the history of Murray High School will remain embalmed in the photographs of those eminent shutterbugs, the Camera Club of 1942. Memories as well as photographs will be retained by Murrayites who witnessed or participated in the Shutter Day sponsored by the Camera Club and the Pilot to make Murray more camera conscious. Prizes totaling five dollars were given for the three best pictures. Antics of the Camera Club members and other enthusiasts were witnessed by the student body and chalked up as part of the dayis fun. Turned loose upon the innocent, Weak, and weaponless students of Murray was Jack Ross and his deadly flash camera. In some classes nearly every other person carried a camera. Favorite setting for rabid candid camera fiends was the chemistry lab, there midst fumes, explosions, and breaking test tubes, Bob Rowland snapped the shot of Harry Knoblauch that won the Grand Prize. The favorite rendezvous for the members of the Camera Club was the darkroom. At their disposal was complete developing and printing equipment purchased bythe club. The Camera Club is unique in that it is not essentially a service organization, its purpose is to assist and instruct the individual camera fan. Much of the success of the Camera Club the past year has been due to the efforts of Mr. Richard Kayser, adviser, and the present oflicers, Philip Christensen, president, Jack Ross, vice president, Marilyn Ciddings, secretary, Elaine Broders, treasurer. Bob Rowland and Bob Beseth were president and secretary respectively for the first semester. 41 top The Presses NIURCURIE EDITORIAL STAFF Front row, left to right: Phyllis Shannon, Kathryn Knolilaueh, Katherine Sticlcncy. Second row, left to right: Arlene Olsen, Shirley Trouatten, Louella McCardy, Mary Krantz, janet Oeerhee. Third row, left to right: john Milton, Frances Snyder, Frank Thihault, Mary Souther, Karl Deppe, Bah Lee, Aoonne O,Neil, Irene Olson. First come page plans, next individual assignments, then deadlines, copyreading, name checking, and Hnally, the Murcurie is ready for the press. But making-up, proof-reading, and page-proofing must follow this before the school paper is finally in the hands of the reader. In addition to editing a newspaper, the staff members took part in various other activities during the year. In January, the Murray journalists entertained the St. Paul High School Press Club. The speaker was Miss Catherine Quealy, reporter and feature Writer for the Minneapolis Star-Iournal. Special publicity for the War Emergency Council and for the P.-T. A. Spring Frolic was also handled by the paper. Kept busy most of every month were Mary Souther, editor, and Katherine Stickney, assistant editor of the 1941-19422 staff. Miss Margaret Glenn advised the editorial group, while the business side was under the supervision of Miss Jennie Wiesenthal. MUHCUHIE BUSINESS STAFF Front row, left to right: Leone King, Alan Anderson, Clemens Raffcorn, Leonlzarda Hinclerlie, Mar- jorie Hoffman. Second row, left to right: Ruth Howe, Bertha Mae VVillian1son, David Fuller, Dolores Kautt, james Graham, llelen Thompson, Frances Hoffman, Kenneth Ciddings. We Write To The Boys In Service QUI LL AND SCROLL Front row, left to right: Auorme O,Neil, Arlene Olsen, janet Ooerhee, Leone King, Mary Krantz, Shirley Troeatten, Mary Soather, Boh Hagen, Phyllis Shannon. Second row, left to right: Bah Smith, Leonharda Hinrlerlie, john Milton, Frances Snyder, Leonara' Melancler, Marjorie Hoffman. Keeping track of what happens to all alumni is the most important service of the Stephen Vincent Benet Chapter of Quill and Scroll. When war was declared, a special arrangement was made to keep in touch with former Murray students who went into the United States armed service. To give the boys news from home, the club members took turns at writing letters to each one. These were sent along with the monthly copy of the Murcurie. Candle-lighting Initiation During the year it wasn't uncommon to see X Quill and Scrollers in the halls playing the ' role of high-powered salesmen. They were usually eyeing the crowds trying to find some ' prospective customer to purchase a pack of personal postcards or a book of personalized labels. Selling these items was the chief money-making scheme for the organization, and the profits enabled members to have 11 picture in the Pilot. Two informal initiations were held dur- ing the year. The first was an afternoon tea at the home of the president, Harriett McCue. The second was a party given by thc honorarj, members at the St. Paul Teachers' Federation rooms. Miss Margaret Glenn is adviser of the group. Katherine Sticlcney and Russell Clampitt are secretary-treasurer and vice president respc C- Ahoee are Katherine Stielcney, Harriett McCue, and tively' H"""1'1'1'Y faculty members Include Russell Clampett lighting the candles of Truth. Leadership, and Loyalty. Miss Elsea Peterson, Miss Marion Cratz, and Miss Jennie Wiesenthal. BOOKS ARE I EY Front row, left to right: Nancy Caldwell, Florene Scott, Audrey Swensen, Marilyn Moore, Phyllis Shannon, janet Overbee and Granville Guttersen, vice presidents, Leone King, president Q Mary Miesen, Donna Johnson, Maryanne Jones, Janet Winghlade, Ellen Engum, Beverly Carlson, Dorothy Koch, Mary Rutford Q Gwen Zettel, Bob Anderson, Charles Mereness, Dick Briggs, Jack Rowland, Gordon Addington, Arnold Dickson, Marion Thienes Q john Christiansen, Sandy Boyd, Leonard Melander, lVayne Larimore, Philip Christensen, Frank Thibault, james Graham. Having the distinction of being the oldest organization in Murray, the Library Club has held forth from its book-lined shelves for sixteen years. All this time Miss Marion Cratz has been the guiding hand of her club, her help making it the important service organization that it is. l Three new projects were undertaken in the past year. A rental collection was Y Q added to the library and has proved to be popular with students and teachers alike. To have members equally well informed of the activities of the club was the purpose of the HL. C. Flash Sheet", which was begun in February. As its contribution to defense, the Library Club started the saving of waste paper, the collection being cared for by L. C. Auxiliary bovs. Delightful meetings we1'e a part of the Library Club in 1941-42. In October Mrs. Agnes Kirk- wood entertained with sketches of great personalities as she saw them through the eyes of a news- paperwoman. November brought the annual Book Week tea as well as a very entertaining assembly planned by L. C. members. Information on jobs in aviation was given by Mr. Herbert Agar of the Northwest Airlines in a talk at the February gathering. In April the club held open house for the monthly P.-T. A. meeting and exhibited books old and new. Social events of the year included the initiation and party held in Ianuary. The Library Club Banquet, at which time pins were presented to those members who had earned them, took place in April. The year's work was carried out in the best Library Club tradition by club members and oflicers who were Leone King, presidentg janet Overbee and Granville Guttersen, vice presidents, jean VVaite, secretary, Kenneth Strauch, treasurer, Katherine Stickney, program chairman. T0 WI DOM, TREASURE 1 1 Front row. left to right: jean Wfaite, .vecretaryg Ken Struuelz, treasurer, Katherine Stiekney, progrunz elmirnzung Betty MacGilliuruy, Shirley Trouatten. Mary Louise S0llflll'l', Marjorie Hoffman, Peggy Ilunzlforfl Q Elaine Micllce, A1lllTC?llCfl1'l.S'lIlI,101,63 XVell.s-ley, Margery Evert, Koflzryn Knolrlnnelr, Ilrlrrieft MeCne, jenn Herrick, Mary Krantz, love? Tanqnary Q Betty Ann Selzwnrtz. Lionel llurrix, l'lI'IllIClS Teselz, P11111 Finger, Natalie Hain, Fred Ilersclxler, Lowell Ilesxer, Bob Hagen, Alary Celia Pntnrnn 0 Tim Elder, Russell Clrnnpitt, Roger H11r'ri.s-, Lyle lfVlll1l'lUI1,HlIl,Jll Nelson, Hill Bnrelz. Ieronze Plzillips, Murtinnx Silseflz. Excellent training is given future L. C. ITlt'IT1lJ?I'S in the Library Cluh Auxiliary. This year Ianvt Overhee and Granville Cuttersen, instructors, plan med permanent outlines of each lesson to he used for study purposes. A rigid final exam at the end of the year will he one of the factors determining which auxiliary members are ready to join the clulm. Auxiliary--L. C. Prep School Seater! are: B n r f o n Brown, Margaret Pear- son, Lesley Bollenlzuelz, Ie II n K in g, lizlwin Stiekney, Merle Bolren- rnoyer, XVilfrefl Hooper Q Standing: Granville Gnttersen, janet Over- llee. uiee presiflents and CO-lll-S'fl'IlCf0I'.S'. 45 urtain Going Up-- Front row, left to right: Marilyn Giddings, Carol Lawrence, Mary Rntford, Gloria Novak, Auonne O'Neil, Bette Gzirzclemori, Pat Norman, Virginia McNamara, Evelyn Hall Q lean Paulsen, Betty Ann Sclzwartz, lim Anfang, Mary Miesen, Jeanette Bell, faclc Hedlnncl, Virginia MacMillan, Boln Anclerson, Nancy Caldwell, Hliozla Kroening 0 Georgann Clianzliers, Gwen Zettel, Barbara Burgess, Gloria Lern- nzon, Frank Tlzilianlt, Bill Lourzess, Frances Snyder, Plzyllis Vogt, jo Ann Graff, janet Schwartz, Audrey lVestluncl Q Betty Berggreen, Roxanna Erlanclson, Betty Pearson, Arnolrl lVeigel, janet Iacolison, jim Painter, Lorraine Hitzeniann, Roy jo.s'eplz.s'on, Claudia Keithley, Helen Arclier, Marilyn Berg. What Have We Here? , , , . lxeeping busy IS no task tor the Dra- ' matic Department of lXIurray. Un- der the direction of Miss Florence Vest the group is always working ou some form of entertainment. Early last fall du1'ing the football season, pepfests were the chief work of thc dramatists. Latcr a special Vaudeville was staged to earn some extra money for the department. The Library Club handled all the pub- licity, and the event was a big hit. A magician, thrcc short skits, dances, and piano solos made up the pro- gram. "Back to the Hills of Bethlehcmw was the play given by the expression students at the animal Christmas pro- gram in the auditorium. Much time was spent preparing a show for the P.-T.A. Frolicg how- ever, the main event of the second semester was the senior class play, "Iune Madf, Checking on tlie Dramatic Clulfs make-np supplies are, left to right: Lorraine Hitzemann, Marilyn Gid- dings, Arnold Weigel. --Act I Typical of any production ever staged in the auditorium is this pre- curtain scene of people being made np. The audience does not realize the time and eitort spent by the east just before the footlights go on. It takes skill to apply properly the rouge, lip- stick, and eye-shadow on the faces of the nervous actors. Seen here hard at work are Betty Olsen, Miss Flor- ence Vest and Lorraine Hoag. Being made up are l1'melin Erdman. Dor- othy Eddleston, and janet Schwartz. At Christmas the expression classes presented the tableau, i'Back to the llills of Bethlehem." Margery Evert and Richard Larson were narrators for the various scenes of the Nativity. To complete the narration, some of the expression class members formed a verse speaking chorus led by Nancy Caldwell. The choir assisted in the musical end with familiar sea- sonal songs. Vera Harjung, as the Virgin Mary. sang one of the solo numbers, "0 Holy Night." This scene from the play depicts the journey to Bethlehem in search of the Christ Child. This dramatic scene was taken from "Be Home at Midnightv or "The Clock Struck One." lt was given by the expression Il class at the Drama- tic Club Yandeville last fall. The mother, Helen Archer, and daughter, Boxanna Erlandson, look on as lack Hedlund, who played the part of father, reprimands his guilty son, Bill Cook, for staying out too late. This play was only one of a group given at that time. ' I - 'ffl . n e 7 . iffy, 4 .jf ff!! ffjlv, Xl! ports Clubs In Review Front row, left to right: Marilyn Giddings, Margaret Hallgren, Margaret Pearson, recording secretary, Mae Anderson, president, Ioyee Tanqnary, seeretary-treasurer, Myrl Larinzore, vice president, Bonnie Pearson Q Bettey Iolin, Lois Mielzaelson, Kathryn Knolnlauelz, Cyntlzia Woodlmry, Shirley Cunninge lianz, Carol Henle, Adelaide Keller, Peggy Krantz. C.A.A. Bowling, swimming, basketball, and horseback-riding were the sports enjoyed by the athletic- minded girls of Murray this year. Interrupting this routine were the Homecoming and Spring Sports Dances, a caramel corn sale, and the annual spring banquet. The adviser, Miss Florence Miller, Mae Anderson, president, Myrl Larimore, vice president, Joyce Tanquary, secretary-treasurerg and Margaret Pearson, recording secretary, all helped make a suc- cessful year. M CLUB As its rinci mal endeavor of the ast vear, the M Club vresented the rolliclcin Y "M Club Revue, P .I h P , l S full of merrymakrng, maglc, and melodrama the last of March. Staging the Homecoming and Spring Sports Dances in cooperation with the G.A.A. occupied the M. Club for the remainder of the year. The success of these undertakings was due principally to the efforts of the officers, Bob Lee, president, Don Gilbert, vice president, Charles Zwiener, secretary, Roger Sandberg, treasurer, and to its adviser, Mr. Corlis Huntley. Front row, left to right: Donald Halt, Dick Briggs, Dielc Nelson, jaelc McFarlane, Granville Gattersen, Roy Ioseplzsorl, Leonard Melander, Donald Gilbert Q Don Berge, Arnold Dielcson, Hielzard Grant, Arnold Anderson, jack Hedlund, Bill Reeves, Bill Kautt Q David Johansen, Bill Gallielcs-on, Charles Zwiener, Forry Larson, Harry Knolzlauelz, Iaelc MeTarnagl1an, Forry Henderson, Fred Stevelcen, Henry Ernst Q john Baltrnd, Bill Ramsey, Dave Brandt, Kenneth Poehler, Monroe Kronstedt, Karl Deppe, Robert Lee, president, Ken Straueh. Band Members Are Early Risers Front row, left to right: Harlan Melander, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Leonard Melander, Russell Clampitt, Larry McGrath, Mary Krantz Q David Plette, Roger Harris, Jack Hedlund, Rolf Hopkins, Douglas Johnston, Jack Michaelson, David Milton, Bob McConnell, Lyle Wharton, Roger Lee, Paul Finger Q Raymond Petersen, Paul Basquin, Charles Mereness, Wallace Hughes, John Lee, Jeanne Hitsrman, Keith Arnold, Vivian Sanderson, Dean Kulenkamp, Elmer Christensen, Glen Peterson, Phaen Nelson, Howard Costello, Edwin Stickney, Bob Wellsley, George Lusher Q Standing: Emil Borg, John Christ- ianson, James Law, Jane Sutton, Peggy Krantz, Renee Baker, Alan Uhl, Mrs. Ruth Wannarnaker, director of the band. Not on picture: Janice Engebretson, Robert Brown, Howard Williams, Charles Haynes. Beethoven to Boogie-that's the range in repertoire of the Murray band. Since the introduction of a boogie-woogie number a few months ago, the music of Beethoven and his contemporaries has been relegated to second place in the taste of the members. The past year has seen many changes in the band. Under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Wanna- maker, it has been transformed from a marching to a concert organization. The last marching ven- ture took the band down to the Langford Park community get-together on Halloween, up to Guttersen, along Como, and back to Murray. A junior band of twelve members has been organized which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays during first period. Beginners will enter this group, and after passing a certain test, will be admitted to the regular band. Practicing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30, the band contributed much to the musical success of Murray. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings the brass ensemble and the woodwind ensembles met to gain the experience of playing in small groups. At the Christmas assembly a brass ensemble consisting of Lyle Wharton and Edwin Stickney, trumpets, Charles Mereness, baritone, Raymond Petersen, trombone, and Allan Petersen, tuba, played traditional carols. The wood- wind and brass ensembles were groomed to perform at the State Music Contests held at the Univer- sity of Minnesota. Also the string instrument group consisting of fourteen violinists has practiced faithfully Mondays after school and played at many club gatherings. The band as a whole played at football games, parades, and assemblies. Upholding the morale of the football team were Phyllis Hensel, Mary Louise Souther, Phyllis Keller, and Leone King, drum maj- orettes, who marched at many of the games. The National Music Contest, which was held in St. Paul in 1941, this year was held according to districts. The Minnesota district met at Duluth May 14, 15, and 16. Li e Is Just ne Front row, left to right: Irene Richard.son, Eleanor Post, Arlene Swanson, Mae Anderson, Jane Sutton, Jean Kent, Agnes Ann Shikora, Maryanne Rosenthal, Betty Gullickson, Dorothy Johnson Q Cynthia Woodbury, Boh Petzold, Joanne Johnson, Charles Caruson, Audrey Plette, Samuel Eddy, Betty Berg- green, Gay Harmon, Jacqueline Dodge Q Jim Alquist, Marjorie Wallin, Bruce McKenzie, Betty Pearson, Roy Josephson, Valhorg Gornitzka, John Christianson, Betty Harmon, John Youngren Q Paul Wahoski, Lorraine Hitzemann, Lyle Wharton, Janet Jacohson, Douglas VVetherhy, Joyce Chapman, Alan Anderson, Claudia Keithley, John Bultrud. Front row, left to right: Rosemary Hamburg, Marilyn Giddings, Evelyn Hall, Lois Christensen, Helen Jane Beard, Joyce Tanquary, Audrey Swensen, Joyce Haglund, Arlene G. Olson, Joyce Swanson, Mary Jane Zuher Q Harriett McCue, John Milton, Helen Archer, Richard Larson, Marjorie Hoffman, Bill Cook, Dorothy Koch, Don Berge Q Marguerite Nelson, LeRoy Fish, Maryanne Jones, Frank Thibault, Myrl Larimore, David Danielson, Doris Skoog, Martinus Silseth Q Raymond Petersen, Norma Johnson, Joe Knohlauch, Marie Sant, Douglas Peterson, Helen Thompson, George Bornkamp, Emily Johansen, Rolf Hopkins. t Song After Another Pictured here is a rhumba dance from the Murray High School operetta, "Riding Down the Sky." Left to right are Evelyn Hall, Gay Harmon, Claudia Keithley, Lyle Wharton, Ioyce Chapman, Douglas XVetherlJy, Eugene Seaman, Jacqueline Dodge, Don Berge, Arlene G. Olson. Seated on the fountain are Paul Wahoski and Emily Johansen, the operetta leads. Not one, not even two, but three periods a day the Murray choir meets under the direction of Miss Arlys Denzel to sing and sing and sing. The choir is always practicing for some coming event. If it isn't Christmas or operetta time, the choristers have radio or public appearances to make either at their own school or some other place in the city. At the Minnesota Education Convention last fall the choir made its first public appearance of the year. The Murray singers were selected especially for this occasion because of their outstanding ability shown the previous spring at the commencement exercises. The annual Christmas concert was given December eighteenth in the auditorium jointly with the Dramatic Club. The singers made their entrance in an effective candle-light processional, singing a well- known carol. At intervals throughout the whole program other songs were sung by soloists, mixed groups, and the Boys' Quartet as well as numbers by the whole group. Immediately after the holidays, the operetta took first place in the minds of all the musicians. "Riding Down the Skyv, a peppy South American selection, was finally chosen and try-outs started. When all the parts were cast, serious rehearsals began, and finally on February 25, 26, and 27, the production was ready for the stage. One matinee for the students and two evening shows completed the performances, and all the fun was over. Emily Iohansen had the lead of Carmelita, a South American senorita, and Paul Wahoski played the most important boy's part, that of an American aviator. Five couples demonstrated the rhumba and tango dances which were characteristic of the Spanish setting. As the story took place during Fiesta time, there was much color and gayety to the whole plot. On April 18 the M.E.A. again sponsored the choir in a public appearance. This time the group sang over WCCO as part of an education program. Making radio broadcasts became quite a habit with the Girls, Trio. Their talents were discovered by the University station, WLB, when the girls sang at a meeting last fall. Betty Harmon, Joyce Tanquary, and Lois Michaelson made up the group, and they performed nearly every Friday morning throughout the year. Ofiicers of the choir were Paul Wahoski, president, Douglas Peterson, vice president, Lois Chris- tensen, treasurer, and Marion Vesaas, business manager. America's H o pe-- The Youth of Today MR. RICHARD M. KAYSER Mr. Richard M. Kayser, science instructor at Murray since 1938, enlisted in the U. S. Army on April 3, 1942. Mr. Kayser graduated from St. Thomas College and took his graduate work at the University of Minnesota. With the Colors Corporal Richard Craig George Mallory, A. S. Corporal Bob Devine Loren David Ollom, A. S. Private Larry Franks Private Archie Peacock Private Warren Larson Charles Roberts, A. S. Private jerry St. John Private William Hurlburt Private Glenn Adler Robert Erlandson, S 2!c. Tomorrow's world is in the hands of the youth of today, who, reared to enjoy the freedom offered by this, our America, now are ready to face the future with its problems of war and reconstruction. From every school in this land of ours men and boys are going forth to uphold the ideals of a free people. To the instructors and students of Murray High School who are now with the armed forces we extend our very sincere wishes. We at home remember you, and to you, the Sen- ior Class of 1942 dedicates this page. MH. CHARLES SIMMER Mr. Charles Simmer is Murray,s first in- structor to enter service in the present con- flict. Called to active duty on March 30, Mr. Simmer is now in the U. S. Navy. ' Mr. Simmer graduated from St. Thomas College, St. Paul, where he majored in sociology. HIHHIIES Coach Hubert Kuefler, left, assisted by athletic director Corlis J. Huntley, right, guided the 1941 Pilots. "More fight, determination, and scoring power than any other previous Pilot eleven"-that describes the 1941 Murray football team in the words of the head coach, Hubert Kuefler. The Pilots opened the season by engaging the Big Nine Champs of Red Wing on the latter's field. While considered the underdogs in this pre-confer- ence game, the Pilots came through to tie Red Wing 6-6. In the first city conference game Humboldt and Murray opened the season with a fine exhibition of high school football. The Pilots' line was outstanding thus forcing Humboldt to take to the air. Three per- fectly executed plays by Humboldt spoiled the Pilots' chances for victory. Murray's lone score came late in the fourth period when Al Holmboe intercepted a Humboldt pass and ran eighty-five yards for Murray's only score. The Pilots again met defeat at the hands of a better than average Wilson squad which capitalized on Murray's fumbles. Recovering from bad breaks, the Pilots marched on an unhalted drive to score six points. A second 6-6 deadlock for the 1941 Pilots came when they played the Harding squad. Murray scored in the first half and had high hopes of victory when Harding intercepted a pass which placed them in a position to tie the game. The heartbreaker of the season was the Mechanics- Murray game which the Pilots lost although they outplayed the Trainers. A recovery of a Murray fumble led to the first score, while Emest Minelli, fleet halfback of the Trainers, made the second touchdown. OOTBALL Homecoming found the Pilots clashing with Mon- roe. The breaks of the game were against the Pilots when a touchdown pass to Ken Poehler was called back. The Monroe eleven scored on a run-back of a punt. Although outplaying the Monitors, the Pilots failed to score. Many followers of the gridiron felt that the Murray-Washington game was one of the Pilots' best showings of the season. Keeping the Washington Presidents on an equal footing in the first half, the Pilots displayed deter- mination and spark against hard charging opponents who led 7-6 when the first half ended. In the second half, the Pilots continued to push ahead on long drives but failed to score as the Presidents' reserve strength began to count, and the final score was 20-6 in favor of the Washington team. More power and reserve was the answer to the defeat delivered by the Iohnson squad. Going into the game as the underdogs, the Murray eleven put up a stiff fight and were first to score when Ken Poehler intercepted a pass and, with fine interfer- ence, scampered to a 6-O lead. johnson's powerhouse clicked in the second half and smothered Murray 31-6. Kenneth Poehler Hoy Iosephson Left End Left Tackle Albert Holmboe Fred Steveken john Bultrud Henry Lucken Quarterback Rzght Half Left Half Fullback SEASON'S SCORES Murray Red Wing Murray Humboldt Murray Wilson . . . Murray Harding . . Murray Mechanics Murray. . . Monroe . . Murray johnson . . . Murray Washington ? ! Dick John Roger Sandberg Ball Ramsey Don Gzlbert Left Guard Rzght Guard Rzght Tackle Rzght End A SQUAD It's a question of who has the ball with the A and B squads in scrimmage. B squad boys covered themselves with glory this year when they won the city championship in their divi- sion. U rv-9 15-Q10 ,Oy-bf' FJ 'QQ ,iv ' Ji QWAM-fffb The Big Three-That is a fitting title for student manager Harry Knoblauch, center, and his two assistants, Bill Kautt, left, and David Johansen, right. First row seated-Roger Sandberg, lack Hedlund, Bill Reeves, Dick John, Paul Johnsrud, Dick Grant, Leonard M elander. Second row-Bill Ramsey, Dick Johnson, Charles Zwiener, Bill Gullickson, Dick Nelson, Don Gilbert, Albert Holmboe, Fred Steveken. Third row-Warren Lynch, lim Testor, Burton Cleland, Monroe Kronstedt, Kenneth Poehler, Karl Deppe, Henry Lucken, Roy Iosephson, John Bultrud, Bob Turnaclif. as Q.,.l,", A-9,1 Dick Grunt, right guard, is about to drop his man with Don Gilbert and Monroe Kronstedt coming to assist in the Monroe- Murray clash at Central Stadium. Itis rough going for Bud Bultrud, left hulfback, as two Monroe men close in on him when he tries to break away in the Murray homecoming game. B SQUAD First row-John Holmboe, Irving Kimker, Gay Harmon, Henry Hedlund, John Frankson, Tim Elder, Iim Bell, Dick Marschall, Ray Christesen, Bob Melrose. Second row-Bill Cook, Bob T hompson, Willard Valois, Kenneth Hedlund, Roger Acton, Jack Rowland, Jack Hanson, Dan Bornkamp, Colin Connel, Bob Bell, Warren Anderson, Dennis Mydland. Third row-Bill Burch, Howard Costello, joe Knoblauf h, jim Painter, assistant coach, Charles Simmer, coachg Philip juhl, Robert Valois, Eugene Lee, Ray Forliti, Jerome Phillips, John Messer. ASKETBALL Murray's basketball team came through with the most successful season in the school's history. They walloped Columbia Heights twice, 21 to 45 and 29 to 45. They downed Aitkin, but lost to a strong Brainerd team while on a road trip. Then they returned to the city to drop Forest Lake 31 to 21. The victory spark did not continue to burn for the Pilots who, rated as the dark horse team, met defeats before the onslaughts of Washing- ton, Central, a strong Concordia team, Wilson, Monroe, and Johnson. The return of Dave Brandt from the injured list may have been the spark needed to step up the Pilot five, for they swung back into the winning column by defeating Marshall and Hum- boldt. all-city competition Seated-Bill Gullickson, Henry Ernst, Ralph Nelson, Bolo Anderson, Hay Christe- sen Q Second row-Dick Briggs, Manuel Sagedal, joe Knoblauch, Monroe Kronstedt, Don Gilbert Q StanclingfHarry Knoblauch, Captain Ken Poehler, Bob Lee, Burton Cleland, Ken Strauch, Dave Brandt. Corlis Huntley has coached Murray's basketball SCRSOII S team for the third season in Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Won 7 Scores Columbia Heights Aitkin ........ Brainerd ...... Columbia Heights Forest Lake .... Harding . Mechanics Washington Central . . Concordia Wilson .. Monroe . . . . . Johnson . . . . Marshall .... . Humboldt ... . . .31 Lost 8 Lee ties up Fletcher. He made itl Harry Knoblauch, guard. "I can jump higher thln you cm siys Cup tain Ken Poehler to B111 Hlckman of Wilson WI L8 ENNI Finishing in the top brackets of the city confer- ence schedule, the Murray netmen won all but one of their 1941 season games. VVilson was the first to fall to the Pilots, tennis team to the tune of 4-1. In the singles Ken Strauch and Dave Brandt defeated their men while Bill Gul- liclcson dropped his point. The Pilots made a clean sweep in the doubles winning by a forfeit and by the score 6-2, 6-2. Against Washington, Coach Richard Kayser's netmen swept the slate clean by taking every match in the singles and doubles. Harding fell next to the Pilots by a score of 4-l, the Murray men losing only a single match. In the last event of the season the Pilots met their first defeat when they played Iohnson's well-known netmen. Standing-Bill Gullickson, Don Gilbert, Bill Peters, Dick Geddes, Dave Brandt. Kneeling-Kenneth Strauch, Harold Haag. 1. Ken and Don say it with smiles after a match. 2. Dave Brandt takes a swing and dO6S1l,f miss. Murray Murray Murray. . . Murray. . . Scores Wilson . . . Washington Harding .. johnson . . . OLF Led by Captain Erwin Peterson, the 1941 Murray golf team rounded out one of its most successful sea- sons of the past three years. The first match ended in a vic- tory over Wilson's team. In two non-conference matches, the Pilots downed University High and Mech- anic Arts. In conference play XVilson, YVash- ington, and Harding were out- matched by the winning Pilots. johnson High then defeated Mur- ray by the narrow margin of SV: to QW. Erwin Peterson led his teammates with an average of 80 and Charles Zwiener, promising sophomore, was Close second with an 82. Other link- men followed with close scores making the team leaders shoot good golf to remain in top standings. Averages of individual team members were: jim Conyne, 855 Henry Ernst, 89g Robert Rowland, 895 Bill Skon, 91g Granville Cut- tersen, 91. 'x ig I o at-A. 5 , K 'O ew Q' P . .4 ASEBALL Rounding out the spring sports was baseball with Captain Art Engebretson leading his team through a somewhat hectic season. The Cardinals of Wilson spoiled the first appear- ance of the Pilot nine by handing them an 8-0 defeat at Dunning Field. Washington's tremendous hitting power was not underestimated as was proven in the Pilots' first tangle with the Presidents. Murray, against one of the best hitting teams in the city, was satisfied to settle for a 10-0 score. It's strike one for Forrest Larson as he gets set to make it a homer. 3 Baseball Scores Murray Wilson ....... 8 Murray. . . Harding .... .14 Murray Wilson . . . . . . 7 Murray Johnson ...... 6 Murray Harding ...... 4 Murray Washington . . . 10 Murray johnson ...... 15 Kneeling- Donald Hult, Forrest Henderson, Arnold Anderson, Forrest Larson, Dick Briggs. Standing - Coach George Bergup, Dick Kehne, Dick Johnson, lack McFarlane, Monroe Kronstedt, Tom Joyce, lack McTarnaghan. Forrest Larson gets a bit dusty sliding into base. The Pilots came the nearest to victory on May nineteenth when they met the Maroons of Harding. Murray grabbed a three run lead in the first inning and held it until the sixth. It was "Lucky Seven" for the Maroons when they batted in four runs to win the game 4-3. Arnold Anderson, as student manager of the team, did much to help Coach Bergup keep the boys in form. According to Coach Bergup, a promising crop of rookies ate ready for the 1942 season. Lee puts the shot. Pilots who chose to run, throw, and hurdle in the 1941 track events came off with several indi- vidual honors. Theyire oft with Wilbur Rose in the lead. RACK In the opening meet with Me- chanics, the Pilots were downed by the wide margin of 82-22. Murray placed first in only two events. Although defeated by Wilson in the second meet, Murray men placed first in four events. Parti- cipants were Fred Steveken, shot- put, Albert Bell, broad jump, Al- bert Holmboe, high and low hurdles. The Pilots, placing first in every event, registered their first track victory against Monroe by a 75-29 tally. In the city trials Bob Lee, Fred Steveken, and Albert Holmboe qualified. The city finals found Bob Lee placing fourth in the dis- cus throw, Albert Holmboc, fourth in low hurdles, and Fred Steveken, fifth in the shot-put. Seated - Fred Steveken, Robert Metzger, Karl Carlson, Bob Petzold, Arnold Dickson, Bill Ramsey 0 Bob Turnaeliff, Wilbur Rose, Norb Venne, Don Sheldon, Albert Bell, Albert Holmboe I COTUS Huntley, Coach, Burton Cleland, Bruce Caldwell, Ken Poehler, Iames Skjelstad, Bob Lee ecreation In Moving In For The Kick Strong-Arm Men just A Little Higher Horseshoe Pitchers Check Their Scores Putting The Shot For A Distance Record ntramural Eageriy Awaiting The Return Guard Her Getting A Birdseye View Of The World Mermaids Come Up For Air Robin Hoods In The Making X Marks The Spot Front row, left to right-Francis Babcock, Leonard Melander, president, Dick Nelson, Don Hnlt, Dennis Mydland, Roger Sandberg, Jack Hedlund, Jack McFarlane, captain, Jack Ross Q David Johansen, Bill Stevenson, Leonard Larson, captain, Tom O,Neill, Don Overbee, Orville Johnson, secretary, Henry Ernst, Dean Emrick, Bill Kautt, Francis Murray Q Fred Hersehler, Bob Hagen, Sidney Perkins, Fred Steve- ken, Ted Schaly, Jerome Phillips, Bruce McKenzie, Milton Peterson, Bob Melrose, Tom Joyce, captain Q Walter Law, Bill Ramsey, George Bornkamp, Manuel Sagedal, Kenneth Poehler, Paul Youngren, treas- urer, Burton Cleland, Philip D. Christensen, captain, John Kohnen. Xls on score sheets? No, the Bowling Club is not devoted to amorous notes. The symbol in this case is used in a game full of vigor and excitement. Filling a need of boys for recreation, the club bowls every other Friday at Harkinis Alleys. Team cap- tains are lack McFarlane, Kenneth Poehler, Leonard Larson, Tom Ioyce, Philip Christensen. Leonard Melandcr is the club's president. They Hit Their Mark Captained by Ben Wolter, the Murray Rifle Club completed another successful season under the coach- ing of Mr. George Bergup. As in previous seasons, the club shot at the Como Rifle Range against teams from other high schools in St. Paul. Toward the close of the second term the team was somewhat handi- capped by a shortage of ammunition and had to curtail its rounds. As in previous seasons, the club shot at the Como Rifle Range against teams from other high schools in St. Paul. Front row, left to right-Rachael Jansen, Alice Frankson, Don Melrose, Mr. George Bergup, coach, Charles Welter, Barbara Nelson, Joyce Hagland Q Emil Borg, Bill Semple, Floyd Hageman, Clair Stebbins, Dan Philippbar, Richard Kehne, Roger England, Robert Iverson Q Jim Bell, Irving Kimker, Dean Kulenkarnp, Robert Stnber, Harold Davis, Russell Clarnpitt, Robert Bell, Douglas Stevens. HHHIIHS Historic Moments WCCO f L i Hears Max BOT 0 C. An Apple A Day-G. L. Sale "Name Your Datef Say S. C. Heads 1S W , 1 Ry? 3 i Blest Be the Bride Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simmer I A.l. E VIA I , iss gi ff 3 The World in His Hand Pilot Assembly 6066 0,0 'U 0 f1 94 0 f 1941-42 Memories-1941 1. S. .J f. - E s . -e of Fralvlkemt dfUn 1 in CT 06,8 30:06. 01? fg S, Cliltin C1055 P101 ' fi' 3 Congratulations- Paul Makes the Honor Roll , Uk 111 0 ggdbilfl Book Web C! i llr Stud SUfl1bOl of ads Plffurz agaBfis'i 9 CIOHQ' After Hours 1529 31 0 O 'fy Watch Your Step, Monty o 0150 4,,Q, fb e 8076 3- warn 91- GQ ve 7, 69 112 field? JZ Pafilj dfPf1iama All New Stan It's So Peaceful in the Country Stars of the "M" Club Dance Long Long AB' rj' nv" Ago Press Agenfs Dream- jfmet 053,560 "Shy Young T hong"- joyce Haglund . I H0b' l H5181-ng Edzwf YW' Xaaf K Qt 1 5 , ww 1 o is 3 A. X Y nb 'pr . - . gi H K K ih IK ig i:Qf5tJljQ A lo 5,51 .. A L. , .Z I m'.h ' V X A Q: Q .i WW , 4? , V . h gf ' X Q ff 4 .gi if w?ik '!4 4. us. Y K V gg Whafs M issing?-Lyle Wharton, David Plette 1 ws 4 5 .. . r- . .N Hezffw.. ff? Coverall Kids- Bob Turnaclig, Janet Jacobson . f Ldnmo nd 1' d MHA , Sister Uwagne an Seen Together m 1926- Mg Janet WVingblade, John Chrislianson Good Old Summer Time if in Call It Resting 5,A, , Ifs Hard on the Hair, GirLs Evening Rendezvous rm fb Co 0,502 jo 11 2 uf ,af . V , Y of W Q , 5 ffxi' W Q - 3' Solo Solitude If Takes Rhythm 5 ! i E Master Mechanic- Bob Dowdell Hours 8:30 To 3:00 , . A . 'S 'Q y ik v 'Nm . x rs' v. f, J ,iw -Q .xx Qilgl-7 I xkeh IQ. uw. od ge uf wwf S io gaw- oh, Fudge! Patriots All-12A English Class 1 93 -.Y Y ,R f P4905 All In A Day '.::we.r,. as-""4"' N... ...-nv" """' . 0,6-asv W' .-v"""" M13 ,fa Beauty and Aly!! bo p ynamffe wif K S r i Sophisticates Beat Out the Boogie Yes, We Cooked It What the We U'D7'6SSgd Man Will VVQW . to xg W 00 me W QS Within This Present Mlm Of Lei-WV? The Merry Widow YValtz- Pilot Asscmlnly e Owcmlms U1 n qua'-la, LGU? For Whom the Bell Tolls 'o fu 5 . M011 1-xxx Q1 Fiuum NX l junior Boys in Session 0014? I. a ,Ze 0 09 X 611,10 X I Pilot Calendar 1941-1942 Sept. 3. "Got your lock?"-"Let's see your program"-"Whom do you have for history?"-These are just a few excerpts heard in the mad scramble when anxious students return to dear old Murray for another year of work and fun. Sept. 12. Mr. Kuefler takes his squad to Red Wing for a little practice. It looks as if "Hank" Lucken didn't need it. It was his touchdown that tied the score at 6-6. Sept. 25. junior Class already making plans for the I-Sg so junior Sunlite-complete with a blaring nickelodian and Glenn Miller's "The Spirit Is Willing." Oct. 3. Senior Class throws a night dance. Senior Board members almost too tired to dance after a strenuous day of decorating. Oct. 9. 'UV' for Victory"-"Plette's my bet"-You're right-Campaigns for homecoming queen started. Queens all looking for an influential manager. Everywhere posters, pictures, homecoming buttons, and signs that dropped from third story windows. Oct. 10-11. "Kiss the Boys Goodbyev-No, this is not the Murray girls' motto, but the title of the movie sponsored by the junior Class at their Theater Party held at the Midtown. Oct. 17. Homecoming-Complete with a queen, the game, and the dance. Vera Harjung is crowned by "Hank" Lucken. Murray's game with Monroe at 3:30. Yes, we lost-Homecoming Dance in the gym. Nov, 6. "Pegasus,,' the winged horse, plays an important part in the Book Week Assembly, the theme, "Forward with Books." Nov. 7. Football "A" squad and fathers honored at banquet given by the P.-T.A. and the mothers of the players. Movies of Minnesota-Pittsburgh game shown. Nov. 26. Victory Banquet for the "B" squad at the West Twins Cafe. Nov. 27-29. St. Anthony Park comparatively quiet-the Hi-Y Convention was held at Mankato. Nov. 28. "Slip and Slide 'n Burn Your Hidef' It's a pity so many students took this advice at the junior Class Roller Skating Party. Dec. 11. Quill and Scroll held its first initiation of the year at Harriett McCue's home. The installa- tion was followed by a tea. Dec. 12. Senior Class party at Eaton's. Sleigh riding, horseback riding, dancing, eating, almost any- thing anyone would want, for those who braved the wintry blasts. Dec. 16. "Quit pushing." "I was ahead of youu-This must be the students waiting UD eagerly to get their present from Santa Claus at the Holiday Hop. However, Lois Leyh had the advantage over everyone else. She was privileged to sit on Santa's fBill Reeves'J knee and whisper in his ear what she wanted for Christmas. Dec. 18. 8:00 P. M. finds the Christmas Program underway. Choir and Dramatic Club have col- laborated, and the result is definitely impressive. Feb. 20. "Jive and Dance at the Platter Prancef' Another sunlight, this one sponsored by the Senior Class. Feb. 26-27. "That South American Way'-Tangos, rhumbas, shouts of "Viva." The choir gives a South American operetta, "Riding Down the Skyf, March 6. "Have you bought your ticket yet?" Salesmen dashing madly around selling tickets for the Victory Dance that was sponsored by the combined efforts of the junior and Senior Classes. March 19. P.-T.A. Frolic-The Kiss Polka, The P.-T.A. Minstrels are just a few of the highlights at the Frolic. March 27. "M" Club Revue is an innovation-The husky boys tread the boards and play to a big audience. April 10. "MU Club and G.A.A. again combine to have their annual Spring Sports Dance, one of the year's spotlights. April 23. The Library Club Banquet, "headliner" of the year for most L. C. members, especially those who have earned pins. April 30-May 1. Seniors try their hand at dramatics when presenting their class play, "june Madf' May 14. Senior girls and their mothers honored at the Girls' League Mother-Daughter Banquet. May 22. Soft music, gay balloons, white jackets, spring formals, the Grand March, Hashing cameras, all go to make up the biggest social event of the year, the I-S Prom. May 28. Students dashing around madly with their "Pilots,' getting signatures, and Seniors looking as if they owned the world-all characteristic of Senior and Pilot day-today. A GIRL GRADUATES of MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL ATTEND CABLE'S A High-Standard Secretarial and Civil Service Training School Exclusively for Girl Graduates of HIGH SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES FILING BUSINESS ENGLISH TYPING BUSINESS LAW SHORTHAND CORRESPONDENCE DICTAPHONE MACHINE OPERATION ACCOUNTING COMPTOMETRY Thorough CIVIL SERVICE Training Course The only Business College in Saint Paul which actually requires High School Graduation for entrance. Summer Quarter Classes begin Iune I5 and 22. Fall Quarter Classes begin September 8 and 14. Enroll immediately after graduation and be prepared for a position several months ahead of the crowd. NO PREVIOUS COMMERCIAL TRAINING REQUIRED FOR ENTRANCE. Those with High School Commercial Training accepted and credits allowed. Affiliated with business concerns for practical training. FREE EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT open to our graduates only. Write or telephone for full description of our school and its courses. CABLE'S SECRETARIAL COLLEGE 1547 University Avenue, Near Snelling Avenue BURTON A. CABLE :Saint Paul, Minnesota GRACE S. CABLE President Principal Telephones: Midway 9644 and Midway 4255 We employ no solicitors -:-:- We Welcome Visitors Every Graduate Has Received a Position. MURRAYITES .... There's a Solution to that Problem "Where Shall We Eat?" I lust Say, Home Cafeteria "The Community Eat Shop" 1441 N. Cleveland Ave. Saint Paul Park Co-operative Association 2277 W. Como Ave. MI dway 4775 Saint Paul, Minnesota Our profits are our customers. pro-rated to Oi READY-MIXED CONCRETE SAND - GRAVEL Crushed Rock for D ' riveways Flagstone for Walks and Walls I. L. Shiely Co. St. Paul, Minn. Compliments of George R. Busse Start Today . . . To Buy Your School Supplies -Qt. Miller Pharmacy Your Closest Drug Store . ' v ,, 2 ' f , f 0 0 Q . : .aifalLl9'1y C Cpflf is .QQW 22525341 MILLER'S offer heartiest con- gratulatio ns to Murray Seniors. Congratulations to Murray Seniors Kehne Electric Company 763 Raymond Avenue ART'S BARBER SHOP 1942 Victory heinie our specialty Como and Doswell "Cookies like mother's . . ." Cookie Bowl Bake Sho P 2260 Como Ave. West MI dway 6830 "Your Neighborhood P1umber" W. L. NEIHART Plumbing and Heating - Electrical Appliances C omo and Raymond NE stor 1996 1 Carl O. Erickson Portrait Studios MEMBER ElS'lN7 sf' 'fa 9 3 O I gg P Established 1900 pfejellfif 6pA0!0gl"llI9Ag Jin ,QW ,Sill Hamlet 43' glriclfdon porfraif Shwbod, official photographers for the 1942 w .5 fit- omwf Pilot, are happy to have served Murray Students, and the entire staff of the studio wishes a very happy and successful future to all Murray Seniors. 43? Home Portraits Miniatures Portraits Coloring Copying Framing 171-73 East Seventh Street Saint Paul, Minnesota Gibbs and Nelson Florists Larpenteur Ave. and Cleveland Where quality flowers for every occasion are grown. NE stor 6551 NE stor 5154 Western Badge 61 Novelty Co. 402 N. Exchange St. at Sth St. BADGES - BANNERS - EMBLEMS 'ISS' We Make the Murray School Buttons and Letters. St. Anthony Park State Bank St. Paul, Minnesota tit Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Percy T. Ross BARBER SHOP 2236 Carter Ave. Mrs. Strandy's Bakery Como and Carter NE stor 5770 We use only home tested recipes. -Employment Service- G. S. Stephens - T. F. Kennedy Enroll in either day or night school. Complete courses-Secretarial. Gregg and Machine Short- hand, Bookkeeping-Accounting, Office Machines, etc. 570 YUUHE PEUPLE EET HHEHD GLOBE BUSINESS COLLEGE Seventh and Cedar GA riield 4378 Congratulations to Murray Graduates From Your Community Drug Store Kusterrnann Bros. Prescription Specialists 43' Watch for Our Summer Specials T. H. PHILLIPS Official Head Lamp Adjusting Station Bear Steering Wheel Service-Wheel Balancing Body and Fender Repairing 2286 Como Ave. West MI. 6811 AXEL NEWMAN Heating G Plumbing Co. Specializing in Repair Work Twin City Book 6: Stationery Co. Chi1dren's Books 1 . 1556 como Ave. En?Y?0Pef11GS sf. Paul, Nunn. Midway 6572 Dlctloncmes Text Books Novels Walter R. Anderson fi 35 Gnocrzmrzs and BAKERIES A Buy a book a Week and read it! 1101 Front St. 2093 Como Ave. W. HU. 1212 NE. 2452 Cgdqf Street fNear 7th1 Save Waste Paper for Defense" Waldorf Paper 1 - I. . ' P r o d u c ts st ltfttgrw s C I 12912 U1 of jifxwi St. Paul, Minnesota 1 ' Q ',f.swEk Q, gf ix X19 ongrafufafionri 1 ' 'X I 47 ' Se' 256 2 If W2 fo s. www L, If ,, . 1 X -rl lj If M? 2 . , W A?-'QV Murray Graduatmg mf w .iutttatttmtx """'m 1 " P Seniors Best Wishes Texaco Service Station Extends congratulations to Murray's Senior Class to the Cfa-'55 O! 1 Como and Doswell PETE'S TEXACO STATION NE stor 9225 St. Paul 1Vl. E. Souther MANY Inc. type of '-N CQ N- BURNING X1 EQUI PlfAENT my FUEL OW State and Federal f.f'iTLi'ZI.'f.'ILT.. i mon FIREMAN E! COKE Contractors cozfffgwfc f "'1:.i:':1:1,zfl5 R w OOD St. Anthony Park St. Paul NORTH WESTERN FUH- C0- 505 2nd Ave. So. 2196 University Ave. Minneapolis NEslor 464i Sain! Paul Experts in College and High School Photography W 601-604 Ryan Bldg. Robert at Seventh Streets 82 X The Parent-Teachers' Association of Murray High School is pleased to be represented in a book which is dedicated to the fathers and mothers of the youth of today. The Parent-Teachers' organization exists to assist students in learning how to live a full and useful life. It is a pleasure and privilege to extend to the seniors of 1942 the best wishes of the organization for a successful and useful future. array .Mg .gislzoof arenf-aaclzem , rifiociafion For Those Graduation Flowers Phone Rosacker Co. NE stor 6131 Tilden Food Market 1520 Albany Ave. NE stor 2731 St. Anthony Park Grocery and Meats Always Welcomes Murray Students 1437 N. Cleveland Avenue NE stor 4889 V I O L A ' S BEAUTY SHOP 1510 Almond Viola Thill. Proprietress FINLAYSON'S u "Campus Toggery COMO and CARTER Raymond Ave. Grocery 799 Raymond Ave. Harry Anderson, Proprietor Hurley Hardware 1704 Snelling Drive MI dway 5933 Shell Products One-Stop Service Sinkler Shell Service "Bud" Sinkler The Ideal Recreation For HeaIth's Sake Holler-Skate If it's a good time you Want when planning a party, re- member the fun you've had at the Oxford. Need more be said? 1110 No. Snelling NE stor 9118 OXFORD ROLLER Lincoln 5c - 10C - 551.00 and Up 1549 Larpenteur Ave. No. 1051 Grand Avenue at Oxford MI dway 7849 EL. 1889 EM. 8470 "The Dugout" 42? Light Groceries 0 Confections Ice Cream 0 Soft Drinks 4-EP 1404 Raymond Ave. ATTENTION l ! ! Purchase Your 'School Supplies At Your Student Council Supply Store. - We Have Everything You Want For School Use At Regular Prices Lee Fuel 6: Ice Co. 2205 Robbins Street COAL and COKE MI dway 1746 MI dway 8511 Locally Owned Locally Controlled Compliments Mid-Town Theatre 1533 Como Ave. ST. PAUL, MINN. Popular Shows at Popular Prices After High School . g,l'll"0!f for ll pracfica! glolucafion Our superior training will add to your efficiency, prestige, and opportun- ities for the better business positions. Study under ideal conditions and expert teachers. Select students. Individual progress. Best of equipment. Courses from a few months to two years. Actual practice in elementary and advanced accounting, commercial and professional secretarial training, shorthand, typ- ing, business law, salesmanship, business organization, penmanship. Office machines, civil service, etc. FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE No solicitors employed-central location-bulletin. 42nd Year. Practical Business School 63 East Fifth Street, Near Cedar CE dar 5333 St. Paul, Minn. BLOMBERGKS Purchase your Groceries at Blom- berg's stores. Each has every- thing for your benefit and con- Venience. 2310 Como Ave. 1579 No. Hamline NE stor 7354 NE stor 7996 I MULLABKY'S Finest Quality Meats with dependable service at all times. 2308 Como Ave. NE stor 2805 Q ANDERSON 'S Obtain choice cuts oi meats at Anderson's Meat Market, where prices are right and service prompt. 1579 Hamline Ave. NE stor 7996 - O Blomberg's Drug Store 1579 No. Hamline Ave. NE stor 7996 Pioneer Advertising H. M. THOMPSON 206 Dyckman Hotel, Minneapolis 43? Advertising and Merchandising Council The Best Food in Minneapolis DYCKMAN HOTEL 27 So. 6th St., Minneapolis Bennett-Bailey Lumber Co. Wholesale and Retail 0 HARDWOOD O SOFTWOOD O PLYWOOD LUMBER 1335 Central Avenue Minneapolis GR anville 3521-2 Because the government will soon need coal cars for shipment of war materials, we urge our cus- tomers to order next winter's coal supply now. Remember you may avoid serious inconvenience later by ordering immediately. 43' Buy Now . . Midway Ice and Compliments F1191 Co- of a -:gs 570 No. Prior NE stor 2707 F R I E N D R. M. Gorman, Manager 1942 Pilot Salesmen Front row, left to right: Mary Dyer, Janice Peterson, Mary Rutford, Lucienne Desombre, Darleen Nelson, Alice Frankson, Irene johnson, Patricia Thurston O Beverly Harper, Gladys Melgaard, Grace Winglrlade, Alice Anderson, Arlene G. Olson, Marilyn Berg, Agnes Toedt, Ioan Hannon 0 Dick Tyson, Bob Anderson, Wallace Hughes, Harry Markley, Francis Scott, Charles Haynes, Richard Olsen, Keith Arnold Q Lowell Hesser, Richard Grant, Boh McConnell, Paul Wahoski, Ralph Nelson, lack Ross, Dennis Mydland, Fred Herschler, Elmer Webb. Behind the yearbook is the staff that has worked for months to make a creative idea a reality. Behind the staff are the field agents, Pilot homeroom agents to you, who through untiring efforts have made this book possible. To this group the North Central Publishing Company, the printers chosen to give this book the best in typography, pay special tribute. As important as are the editorial and promotion staffs, the efforts of a year's work would be lost if master hands in print- ing did not aid materially in the making of a yearbook. The North Central Publishing Co. St. Paul, Minnesota Publzkhers of Fourteen School Papers zn 1942 Pnlrlzkhers of Nz'ne Annuals 171 1942 We're Behind You, Uncle Sam - - hy t Our alumni are in your service, we, 5 in school, are buying defense bonds and stamps, and in every way we are conserving the resources of our ' Q ,ggi ' 1 vi, , x N tx S X X9 I , . 1 JI country. OU gan QQPQIQCJ On M Murray High School Students The Pilot Staff ot 1942 extends to the faculty ot Murray High School, the student body, the P.-T.A., and the advertisers thanks for the help and consideration given while this book was in the making. Buckbee-Mears, St. Paul Engravers North Central Publishing Co., St. Paul Printers Erickson Studios, St. Paul Photographers QXQXXM SCH0l4J.0 Q EST 92lsr l94l'42 W W I W Mffiifj W, w W fa My M M flifpw 01 -z.x L. ..--5

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