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,, J. ... mu.. ., X. Xa. ,Y-3.1 -- vb .-..- Y , - xi -v 4 A I 1 ' ' ' 43 ! X. R. H .. T41 : X ,J N. N W! 51 J L T H 'W xi X I A 1 I . 5 T he ' CR E S T 1930 Published by T THE STUDENT' BTSDY E of the ' TMURRAY HIGH SCHOOL . MURRAY, UTAH THE STAFF FRANK H. THONE , Editor - P ' some READING A i. E,': EUGENE WOOQ W h Business Manager - ' .JOE ,IQHNSONA 1 Assistant Busiildss Manager . 5 . MISS LENORE CORNWALL Adviser 'A . MR. A. B. TAYLOR ' 'Adviser ' ' "ff4L:?3 53.' 1 ','5l'.V4' 1 'f .QW - 34.9. V i.,,.,.-idtfaai DIEDIICCATJIUN "s - Q.. , f A "A up .A-. TWYZQ' A I N. in I .m.1u:,. ' K1E2i fwT-mfi un, 5 4 .,.E ' g ,. : . 'I ,g,.. .JIEIVI-: I :AIX wwf ? . III g 5:24 III J, E V " f kg' ii- hIJxe5:', r,5ll52g,f'.'llSQ I'I'1 V-AV 'T-'T Q t, "HT :- QC O NTIE N TS I. HISTORICAL, ADMINISTRATION AND CLASSES II. ACTIVITIES Ill. ORGANIZATIONS IV. FEATURES I J 2 I ll a i fi 1 -1 X MR. C. F. GAUFIN MR. j. F. MOSS First Superinlendent l'r1ncipal l9l7-l9l8 The first attempt at high school work was made in Murray City in September, l924, when the seventh. eighth and ninth grades were assembled at the llillcrest junior lligh. llere Mr. C. li. Gaufin had the responsibilities of both superintendent and principal. Mr. Wm, li. Robinson was one of the ten faculty members who directed school activities at that time. Tenth grade work was added the next year and by l9l7 a full senior high school curriculum was organized. During 1917 and l9l8 Mr. james E. Moss was principal. The following year Supt. Caufin again acted as principal with Ada Hartley as his assistant. Mr. li. Allen Bateman became principal in l924 when tre student body became so large that the work of a full time principal was necessary. Mr. C. ll, Anderson succeeded him in l9Z8. The First Faculty l'ag4' l0 1 I i 1 1 11 1 I 1 I 1 Ii 1 1 '! Q Y E ! i 1 1 I 1 i .X , . -ev--1. I Q' , fl 'I- 1 'Y' I c,a 'na - tiiiggeglt 'T i X5 IRM.-X SANDERS Ml'RIl:I. liUS'liIiR Yl:Rl Mc.MII.I,.-XN jOHN WOOD Izl N10 t.lI.I,I'X 1 1 I , 1 1 live students were graduated at the first commencement exercises which were held in - F5 IUIT. 'lihey were: Irma Sanders, ,Iuhn Woud, Muriel lfoster, lilmu Gillen and Yerl McMillan. ' ,X student body organization was etfected for the first time with Yerl McMillan, President. .1 There were two hundred and twenty eight ntemhers of the student hody. ,Y . . . , . . . . . '! By this time students were hecunnng interested in school activities. AX vaudeville was presented and a hasketball team was urganized under the supervision ut' Mr. Leonard C. 1 .. 1 . V :N K D 11 Xlelsun. A dramatic club was clnoseng the lfaskethall team entered the state le gL1e and sUtll'l EH the boys began tu discuss forming a hasel'all team. -I I 12 2 i 5 1 m .. U , - 1 -1 f 1 11 II ' t 1 'I ' 1 1 1 Ifg 5 E51 1, Igt ' hi Y 1 I it L L ti.. - G Hn' I-'1'rxlSlf1fI ft Y ' .' 11 e , ,M - 1 e 1,--'ze mug: - 1 !3'iiis'Q!dJJ!, .....-- U ' ' 2 ' g e- ,,,e e, - te. .- Page ll 1 1 Past' l2 :fl ' .Y Q' , ' 1 . ' EY' . . 'C Qin V r ,E - '- - A f , . X . Tlw Ifirw! lltzckvllufzll Twin Slum l'Jl7 the Nlurrzty lligh School has grown very rzlpitlly. lhe stutlent hmly has m- cwalsetl lllllll'5l I1 ur times :mtl new huiltlings are nec.s-airy to frccwmmmlztte the stutlents. llxe sclmul CllI'l'lClllllIU has heen rmprryvetl zmtl ll wltle variety nt suhjegts is mm' ulleretl, llurfng the grwwtlm ul' the suluml the zlgtivities within the school have zllsn l'een tlevefupirtg. llevutmg hats lreen tleveupetl xerx' elllcientlv :tml the tezlm has gone tu the state semx- lmxtls lur Illilllf' years :ml in N27 Iiell lor state' cltulnpiunsltip, A 'lhe students of the high school have excelled in athletics. Our tuothztll Ieztm is gettmg strunger ouch your :mtl in IUZH only mine game was lust. ln IUZ4 the huskethatll team came secuml ll1 the state :mtl catch year we have :tn exceptlmmully good team, llte other sports are :llsu lWClI'g regwgmfetl rzlprtlly, We The lfirsi lfmwtlmll Tvtznz r i . '.iL""'x,' 1' , 'fn' --.' .sv,.,- 11. M. - U ', ,I .dn C' V' -i-,f ix -Te 4 pyg1uqyfsr"r:frf'1 34255-ff' .di ,- ey. 'A r I ll r ' lf 'x ,Q ,-iw n V i X, .-1, I l l .i- i i ,l:, , X wi . li :uf f ,. . ii e.-i, - r Ll vi . FEP fine-at -A- ,.M,,.u,,e,. - WM A.. ,.,,,.sm,,.,,,..,,..M N 2 le:-iiglgiirrgjr mil , 'Q A' . i--Qilfllliflifilti,is N .s . ... , -i.a.m.i.m-:.'13 Q LQ.. .A Q ' i V-,WY ,W ....,,.........A.,.,.a.... W f.--vN----.-Y,.--'----- - v-V-----is-V -v------4-V-----------v-H -we A i l .. ' gl , ing 1' 5? is if in f or iii fl iii! Q il ii 25 il ii ll li l i il wlffff i ff livf. 1 il if W ..'! E iQ l , il 3 i ,! Qbkl: It Q ' ' :nw ' i511 il iii c r iii' .iii lx ' it 1. i Proposed Building iii 1920 - f if ,Ei l -, 1 A new building was contemplated in l920 but. the citizens of Murray failed. to vote in 1 ii Q 11 favor of the bond' and this building faded into oblivion. Since then repeated attempts for a i Q new building have been made. After the construction of the new building, which has been gli 5 3 gl I made possible by the re:ent bond electron, Murray High School will be numbered among gli fx . 1, i the finest high schools in the state. 3 if gi ' ig ll lt is our sincere hope that the high school may continue its progress and development in S he , the future. Ali? - ' I, 1 -'P . 'i gf ' ' rig f in i Q E. V. 4, : l ' r 1 lf? ' Q if il lQ Q N 1 n V ,Di Y" 4 if :fill M all 1 i i if-il 3 1 u j g lf E ' ' rbi New Building ' - ' 'Fill - l Va lil! 3 .-3 ' ifflfilif ii : L 31' F iz.:-63:-fixeffe-Q1:i11eig: g.. ,. s .. if ,,.::l, s. ,.,, ,, . , iff? 34? K N .irg . .i Q s . -.-------. -..f'T'3-M2:314QQ5LZTLggQ:lQlLQQZe3751-flegg-eil. -.4-LM.f+5ig?iTiQF'e2' 'iif1l13'5.f iifffingf-W----i.......---- --N. , ...,,..m,i,.i,,,, ,. ., r ,s,,,,,,,,,.-..,JM .. so-.. s E . V Page 13 1? b Q L D 'A A 5 .. ". . s! ' X A Q, . . ..-. -T :.,W.,, H., ., " "" 'Z' ' I 5 ll -QIIIEY L '1fA""' - -'i'- H 3 S, . 1 .N . 1 U ,T -CIS I. H. A A f W r3""w"""k"a'iu E ' s I 1 0 ' in ' L by ,gr ' gl" A' F 5l...l s u-nl ' I t W ' cr' as jf L S :3 ' J, 23745 m., .J it s if E. ALLEN BATEMAN Superintendent A great high school is made possible when it has an adequate school plant, a competent faculty, and a loyal student body. By the erection of the new building at the high school, the citizens of Murray have made the final step in providing an adequate school plant. lf their faith in good schools is to continue, the Murray High School Faculty and Student Body must pledge themselves to the maintenance ofla school spirit that will produce men and women of worthy ideals and high standards of accomplish- ment. i e i Y . - iggggggyg-9395! --A 6' v hlnlfu ts Page I4 O mug, --Q-30 :- yny' , 'I 'iz I -s s- , ,,-ei? -,. ,.1,A.,. .A.4 , .,.,, 1,z ',,1Q3llh-Amggllgp I in ki . C. H. ANDERSON Principal To Our Boys and Girls lt has been wisely said that your high szhool days are the "springtime of life." So like the husbandman who plants his seed in the springtime that he may reap a harvest later, you are planting the seeds from which you hope to reap rich returns. As the harvest of the husbandman depends upon the kind of seed and the care with which he plants, so your harvest will likewise depend upon the seed you sow and the care with which you plant. With what care then should you, during your high school days, sow the seeds of industry, purity and integrity? For from the seeds you sow will spring the ideals you form, the habits you acquire, ard the power you develop. These properly dire:ted will enable you to live a life full of usefulness and happiness: a laappine s that wil tetoktn soul immensity, genuine intellectuality, high spirituality. You will comprehend ketter your places in this beautiful world as children of the great kind and loving Father, and your souls will be stirred to their innermost depths. ' Our greatest hope, ourievery endeavor, our prayer for you by day and by night, is that you will he true to yourself, that you vvil hearken to ihe admonit on and instruction of parent, teacher, and friend, so that each sunrise will find those seeds sprouting, which will grow to te the man or woman God intended you to be. 63156. P l 5 g,,. wig 1 X 5 Il ,ss ."1 I' v' :av sh r Page I6 Board of Education GEORGE ll, WATTS SARAH E, H. MOFFAT CARL HANSEN W, H, LINNELI- DAVID D. LESTER A THOUGHT BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION We have now come to think of education as a process and not a product. As we learn, we grow and our capacity for success and our power to do increases. Our development must be continuous so that we may grow into an undernanding of the fuller and better meaning and appreciation of happiness, wisdom, understanding, faith, honesty, courage, self-control, and service. We develop by doing, and as we do we get knowledge, skill, and judgment and our capacity to do and to get joy out of the doing increases. The training of head, heart, and hand in a proper way enables us to work and to play in a bigger, better, and more co-operative way. The increase of power to co-operate and enjoy is an indication that the educational process is healthfully operating. ,if H 4' ,Q 1 "W g , 'Z' Alf? 7 - Y - A s' e., 'Q R he , 1 . . eg: e Q- uf' ',1lkrf"af".Q, . '-1-- ... - ,.u153g,,,, .. - 9 ARION EREKSON EDRIE READING BARR MILLER President and Cheer Leader Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer lt has been an enjoyable year throughout, and I can only say, at this time, that the students of the Murray: High School have supported me in all of my endeavors. With such support as l have received l could not help but do my best. Therefore, l thank the student body and faculty and extend my good wishes to all. 1 'QW959 Page I7 1 9 I 3 -9, 5 . ,. 45.3- --l Y 0 '7.Axl . x 2? 4 W? - - f rrfgfylii-i,f A5gAfg,' . S' eeee M5 R Student Body Judicial ' i 5 . Q 4 1- ELTGENE WOOD W Pmsecutiizg Afforiiey i EDWARD ERE KSOX ! Assistant Chief lusiicc EDN,-N ROSS Sheriff A -IOIIN K.XS'l'liLLIC Chief ,luslire ARCIIIE BRADFORD ' Chief Deputy BOB ROTIIWELL Assistant Deputy IONE BIRD Sheriff ARIOX EREKSON Sheriff liDRlIi READING Sheriff FRANK H. THONE Sheriff i L ' "' I"Yf?f', ffm,-,'1 ,.....,........................,- , V L..-........-1...... .......':,L,,5.-,,5...,, . , Uv: ' X ,f gi-.913 -.., ,-,,..1m,N '. .X .U 6 L. A Page I8 KB, ' " 0,52 . - A , ' sa' :n-51: f 5 1 - 19lz33llu-.-IKGZII4:--l 'DOI.I.Y" I.IXDSfXY luuior lliglv W. F. ROBINSON Muxiv IIEIII E. SNI'iI-GROX'Ii lJOHIt'XfIl' S1'Ic'lI1'c' RIiIiIJ SXVHXSHN Cmlff' o DOROII I IY S'IAYI.IfS DUHIUSYII' S1'Iz'II4'c' IJIQXN NIIfI..SUN luninr High NIELI. CRIEER Girls I'b,vsin11 fiqifllftlffllll RONALD .-X, WIIIII5 fllalbenzaiivx M.-XDGE BIQDKE lfnglislv I IOWARD I I.-XLSKN ISCI I'I' Aura :II'Ierlu1r1ir.: Faculty 1 I 5 A IYLJW Iyjs' I s A 4 Q 1 o '-' W 'co 'B ' S in-'tr :qu': gy , 4-bs, ...,,............ 2 '70-1 9 5 o 5 Q. 'Q ------- Page I9 Falculty Pagf 20 I I I DNV I D W. SSI I'I'I I SKIUIIUU NLXXIXIQ B.'XGI.l:Y lfuglislv ROY G XRDNISR .4 rf I.-XNIE RO'I'IIWITI.L Ifzzglislv .VX Pr. T.-XYIDR Part Tiruf' lleparllnvul R ITIYX Sl'DBl'RY Cnmmvrrv amz' lfffffll'-I WII.I.I.,XNI FRAI INI luuior High LIENORI-X CORXWALL English PIIII.IP STOXI5 .Ilamml Training GIENIEYIT BFNXIOX 1 Clark 1- ce nag ' on of Atffgigl e',-saga , eg: 9 A N f 'fi ? up .. En, ,,,Tf 'I :lull Ingenta" M 1' l I l IORENXO SWIENSIZX FERN FARRER l.OL7lS Z.-'Xl.OZNlli XIARGARIQT CQANNIZGII 'llli l'n'.iidz'r1t l'i4'e-President Secretary and TfL'L1SlH'z'V Reporter Seniors The grand and glorious career of the Senior Class of 1930 has come to an end. Since our class first entered the high school, four years ago, every- one has been watching and anticipating the final result. We have been unexcelled, not only in number but also in the scholastic standard and enthusiasm toward activities we have displayed. Our class has participated in every activity that has been introduced and has won recognition in school sportsmanship and spirit. All the support has been given to new projects and we have helped to boost Murray High School to the commanding position it now holds. Our final year has made our reputation more steadfast and we shall always command the highest respect and admiration from the future graduating classes of the school. S Arion Erekson was our Frosh president, Frank Thone steered us through the trials of our Sophomore year, john Kastelic engineered the junior Prom and its attendant difficulties and Lorenzo directed class activities during l930. lt is with sincere wishes to the future classes of the school, and with the hope that we shall always be remembered, that we bid farewell to Murray lligh and begin our new life in strange fields. 1,.--F .,..:: 'r .4 -. ' n' A 7'45'4 Page Zl 1. if 1, V . .J I 3 , , .J 1 ., V A . U L - 1. ,Jw KA! , A fy, 1 , V17 x,,.1 ,5..!?l,iA! 1 E ii 1' K as 1 I' 5' ii' 5 li ,KH ii 1 5 11 1 W 114 Q . O 15 z E D I i is w 1 EF 12 15 M H 1 I l Y zf N! 1 5 I 35 ' Qwi E IYIDRHQ RILXDIYU R1111x11'1 '10, 'NL ll111n.',1, WU, l'xn'c11 mc, WO, l'l.1u UIl'1lL'l. 'IU 91.111 '10, '30, t'I1m11N. 411, 11111lI, 10, 'Nl Hume I.'1111111111cN, 10. VR.-XNK II, TIIOXI? lT1':1111.1, '17, 'Ti 'Hr lJrI1.1I11111, 'IT IN, 10. lmnlnnll l'l HI, Il.1x HIIK1-1, '13, flyllfl. '10, '!ll, Slnlf 'JW '50, lX.1111I 4111! 1l1'1?1wl1.1 Ship 11 4 ITIIII, -P 'lk HISRMX HliRU 11111111111 IU HP, 4I.1w UII1u-1', 'f XIXX .XXIJIERSON vm 'W fl1 rnnixfr "U 01 1., , ..v 1. .., lu-x11'.1, 5hl1'IX1.IIt'. '10, '10, I71'.1111.1 WH, lJu!x1I111u, 'HL IEIDYX l3.Xll,l1Y l'4111I1l 'HJ 1x-- I BARR Xlll.l,IfR 411111111111 .1l, '27, '13, '10, '30, Ship 111.1113 'IW Nl, I'xuc11Iixu, 'W - -un S1.1iI. - 7. l'l,ORliXCli RliliDlfR Ihumlcl, 'fill Orclu-slrzl. KIUIIN K.'XS'l'lfl,.lC B.lNkt'Ib2!H, '13, '20, 'HL lhxwbxlll ZH, 10, fUIH1lsClW1lll, If, 28, 20 Ik-lv11ti11g, '20, -lilkliiilll, '20, '30, 1 Ins T OI'ficcr, '.I9' Ship111.1tc, 'Ji' '30, ..,.- ,,., ..., , MIME, 11 ,jf , ,,,,,, A, ,W H ,,,,, , ,,,,, , , H , ,mfn ,Y ,,,,, , vvfw, ,4,3,AQ,Q '11 I ,! H1 V 5 1:5 lim Fi f 'HQ' ff' iH7Jw3Q3 .,,, ,M,,,mw,, fjwd, , . "' ' .1i,,i.,L:v'?fkJ:!,VfyxJJ, law Z2 11 5 A 'I' s , H. ' Q -1 .ll ' "LEW 'jr Eg: " , -an.---.,,a1 . A 4 1' ',1i E,"af Q, if EDITH W'.-'XHLEN Vkmru, 'Hlg Home Ifconmnics, '10, SIIIQRMQXN WOOD I-onllwzlll, 'ZPL '10, 70: Iiuslxelhzlll '79 "0 'W' T"k 'N '70 'ill --, -, . nu, -M -, Ham-lmll. "O: Llzlxs Olficer, 'ZSQ Court 'ZNQ Shipnmntc, '10, '10, lil.ll.XBlE'l'lI MCCLIEARY Home lfumun1icr. Il.-XRRY 'l'l IOM.-XSON ihipnwzltv, '20, 'illi Dobnfng, 'WZ ljdlllhllll, '30, YlfR.'X .IOHNSON 4 horns, 'lol llumc Iicunumics, 'l0. D XYID 'I'L'RXliR l'..1.w..11, 'wz rs1.,kC1ml1, '20, Ju. MERLIS IIOBBS Cflzua Oiiicer, 'lm Humlcr, '20, 'HL IEDWA RD ER If KSON ShiPlT1illl', 'Z0, 'IOQ Football, '301 Court, '29, '30L SMH, '28. Ill m Page 23 Fung: Mug: W - n 0 1, .gle Y A .Q i f GFRTRIDIE SMITH Home Iicunondcs. '20, '30, REIED I..XRSliN CIbIHl1'lL'I'Ci1ll, '20, 'flip Shipmiltc, 'HI IONI2 BIRD Iiumlvr. '30: Klourt, 'Wg Limrus, '30 Home lZcum1n1ics, '20, '40, CLIITFORD BERG lfoothzlll. '19, '30, ffhnrux, '23, '29, '30 liYliLYN WRIGIIT Booster, '303 Home licomumics. 130. CLARENCE WAI ILQUIST Bfm.-lull, '29: Basketball, 770: Ship- mrlte, '20, '30. VFRNA BFRG Debating, '29, 'WI Claus Otficcr. '27Z Drama, '303 Home Iicunmuica, 'itll Booslcr, '29, '30: Lhorua, '29, '3ll. FLOYD GPNNERSOX Foutlmll, '28, '29, 'IOS Baseball, 'ZW Shipmntc, '29, 17 7f:'25q1?5jgQ?El...i Wg 3-.ET 3.2.1,--..-2 fllf . . A Y?S3l2g2,Wh'-ifliflil 1'-' .-- ' "YZ" ",f'3'f'f1::r::"'T:""'--H-" N- " H W J ,nifllgi Tr, Y 'K' " - "'-"WA"-""' ,f H, W .2-W ,,,V Y.- ,.--,,.,. .K .ui ,, 4, - . , ,2,,,,f......,...-,.,, Page 24 I I 1- I t g ... ,.....--- ,,.-.+-Af v W 1-7- f ff gator ff" . , A ' A . lihglxlg ' .1.gTiT" wg "'rs"i? L . MARY DIANA Home Economics, '29, '30. MARK BENVEGNL' Football, '30: Shipmnte, '29. '3tl. :XLTIIEA SNARR Class Officer. '29: Booster, '29, '30. WESLEY WRIGHT FLORENCE CANNEGIETER Orchestra Chorus, '29, '30. A R ION R E K SON Class OfTicer, '27: Court, '29, 'ltll Shipmnte, '29, '30: Football, '29: Chorus. '27, '28, '29: Executive, '30p Yell lender, '28, MINA BEAN Booster, 70: Home Fconumiw AUSTIN GREENWOOD llglntl and Orcheatrzti Shipmzttc. fill. tn waz, tu luge 25 1.405 ng-ug: g , .V .101 up 1-Al, ' ,t X35 lj Q v , 1' A '11 xl 3 , l Av' 4 f. I f 51 V e , 4- 5,136 X g. 5 .-.wwf 0 -..-- R .. - meg 11' Q 0 1-1-fm35:f...muAQe2' fb' . --5 AI? QF' ' S L -gg A ,tg '-1 iff E if EQ .5 'ii 47, I Sr? Y I IIORACE jliXSli'i F-mrltxll. '20, 'Wg ShiPl'T!ilI8. '20, '30 IIOXYARD C.'XNXliGlli'I'liR Shipmme. 'l01 ffhorui, '13, '20, '30 .'.R'I'lll'R .XNDIQRSON Bimini :md OFCHCNIYJI Fhpmntv, '10, SHERMAN PARK ' Fmrtlmll. '20, 'mg Basketball, '20, '30 .. .., . Shupnmte, -0, 10, VERNAI, IARSFN Fuoth11H, '10, 'WZ Shipmxatc. '20, '30 .-Xl 'STIX BFNYFGNU NICK PETERS Vonthnll, '17, '29, 'ZQQ Bnskcthzlll, '28, '20, ART! IL'R WH ITEH EAD Shipmate, '29. U i I 4 L,-, L..,...--.., gr Prlgv 20 'QA' I ...E , r, N 4 '-7 A 'l K 42' gaecn. 'i' ' Q-10? T QE W ' 9'.q ' 1 e 1GrQ.2ui..-..itE?ii4I T J lll1l:Xl' XXUOD I-Nll-RSONQ BO.-'XM l'n'viJt'rxf Srirvli1i i'-lamiirrrr Tlllzlil-SSA TOHXSON lil l:AXURli llOl5l-MAN l'.m-l't't'v1df21l RFPIJVTFV Juniors Through our school life vve have been playing a game. a game vvherein the players move little people from one sphere to another with an idea ol' advancement in vievv. The moving element has been our parents and teachers. As we have moved on vve have absorbed something ol each sphere. As Freshmen we were unknown, unheard and untried, vet vve had absorbed something of the school spirit at the end. As Sophomores vve learned more of the complexities of school life and entered into the activities. This year, juniors, vve are breaking into the lull lime light under the guidance of lfugene Wood, our president, and Theressa johnson, vice-president. The game, hovvever, is only three-fourths complete and the ques- tion as to whether we have succeeded or failed will be left until the following year. T ur fill D T I age 27 .ylkgiKl! 5Ile on 's '. , 'sc D R K -xx X, C so .. C . - . .M if HM QQ, .gm , 375 ,MA-,-,,,,W mo, ,K .. .,:.:, f f"s , 'Lf ' Q 1 Q I 1' 'A""'W"' ""H"g"""""i""""'T 0 L 3 x ZA R ..1 . 'k'l'11'fl'ZI1TT'.1"- 421,31 6' ' Qi' ,Rl x4,'j'A, V,-fr AAF? 17? N-Wwmu fm tw gy ,x7'fyc1..q3k qgg . f Q, W V - W ---A- Av,----wh--V ,..-....-.,...,,.....,. .5 '- H-:gif--if--.--... -f:"':. .... ui. 1gfJ.'.J,L4. 1',z..g"Z'::3:1.:if..:i ,g,i'.1..::::g:': :.:t':r:ii :tr4Tg:'::t':f"-Y-'---'--Llkf i Q.: K, If . s iv". yi 1, H P I FRANCES BRLNSELL -IOIE DEXIRO MEIXN XYISFNLXN FRIED FRICKSON IIENXY BFCKMKN LLOYD BROWN EVFLYN BRINGIIURST ERNEST LARSEN IAL'CY BRIXGHURST JOE AIO! IXSOX Page 78 4 V Y 510' '!:' 0z l-----i-.v ... , 508' OI f lg -l A -- - B 7 fp f :- ' ""' ' ' o Y , , Y, , DU NIS'I"I'IE NIIIIISR CIII,XRI.IiS ROXYISII I.IiNfX IIL'BB.-XRD RENO GALI.EGIII5R .XII.IIT ,XNDIZRSON YENILIS IIL'NT IDIS PIX R Ii I NSON NIILO BROWN ,IOI IN IOMICII SARA-XII IiRIiBS Page wx w' ...L I uf ?c ' ' N S Q- P : ' --'b"..: 'g- lx ,. --M: - --f ,EQ wig -Q ' :L ' ' .r Q' I... Cn- ,.w ..-...m A -. Page 30 Nl.-XRGAR FT TI IAYX I1 LYMXN B.-XILE Y W.'XXlD,X F E RGLSON .-XLIEX.-XXIDFR ZLGEL L.XX'IXqX AYRI: KRESI I Al L'Rli'l'lCl I WIIALX DURAN M ERYIX EVANS INLXXIENE 'HLXYXIS OWEN Cl IRISTEXSEN III W III , N9 -"-:..'-.+. .-..- .. W- -. 9, ' , sl ' fling' K 'J' 4 gg 'Q Y RA I Q' p giarxzvg: A 4 g .R 5 B' ' fi S' 'O .- H ' RL TQ v - - I ISM E R SON BK J.-X M liDNA ROSS CLA RA MO R R IS BERNICE WRIGII ELSI E ANDERSON T IDA BELCHER 5 Q I ' 1.233-:lane-'1-119 .2 'I a lu ii,-my ul Page 31 Tung guy: V I , V: dui lp Ln, 'V ' ' 'I 'Q ' . ' v' 2Qf?9 R4'f I 7-AV' 'V' I - " " ra 4 nga , A Q5 5, rf- Fi ' 'iv YE . -,. . - M"""'5Il3?'2' Y - QI , EARL l.lNNELL ELAINE LYON President Vine-President Sophomores The crew of '32 has finished their first and second years' cruise upon the ship "Ambition" and a vast sea of knowledge has been discovered. During this last year, with Earl Linnell as captain and Elaine Lyon, first mate, the crew has accomplished its duties well and is a very important part of the fleet. The Soph Circus was a great success and everyone was satisfied. The class party was also a success and the crew has enjoyed many good times together including an all-day-sucker contest in which Miss Bedke and Ronald A. White tied for first place. The ship "Ambition" has now completed one-half of its voyage and the crew is anxiously awaiting the time when the voyage may be resumed as a junior crew in the fleet of the Murray High School. Page 37 lllssadg 'H Lgugl :ruin V ' a - . ., ,- , Q LI' :yo -1--1 O,' Q, v , 0' no H 'IQIT A v 1 I 1 W 1 14 vw I1177 L llfzrcsl11T1c11n ISHN MOI IIXXI l I MXRY BURKE KIXNI- l1RIKIIiS Pr ul H! lvm'-l'1'ufiJu11f l'1'ufJi1m'r Q . 1 Hfightll Graualc .x,, , LUXXIQ 5Nlllll l,Il.l MX PIIUXIMII X lx X ?.,., V- ' I il IX lvl Ixl lnmh 71. 1 lu'-l'r'4'mlw1! lx 1 ur . Seventh Grade NIH lxXlXY XYRIQJIII' l1l.XINlf.XXDlfRSUX Xlflli rmf4'11.' l'im'-l'rvxif!u11I Tr 1117 1 .:'fffp+fg ' 7 3 ff 1, . M -. . - , -"W ,w A :W V " 'J A :Q ,. 4- ' ff' M .5433 A' Y ,. I r 'Q I ,. v - , I , 4 , A , -F E ,Jfii l jk: K ,wif ,K 4, ' '3 .-:Q , 3, 'SS , a lr fi .J Z J e,, 'Jil .K V f I , , , '. 1 Y, - ... ., .. ., . . . , ,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,g-,,-.M ,HW ,, L,1"..?,z. tx I " '- 'wyxjman' u 'ff-.-'-:'-'-A-3"-',,-3 13 ru N - f,, V, . W 71, 1 ' WHY: 'p-9:11:21-f ' - :YM 1 , F ,.r-iq ,, ,, ., ,,, ,.,,g LN, w,,a.fg, A ,A M.. H' -M ' +L. ' 'A "-.4 If W-f'1f.". -1- ,. .1 4' , , .- h 93- -,, ,A 153' :1'4fg'.,eg'i2f 5-3' its 12 ' 552 D s f 0' 4 iq :,f.,.Nf..S . ' - .- . 'Q Lv-5.44, A. agff . . -V , f -Q . .if D f i ' uf V N2 V f 1 i,7'43'Wf5,. . :Q 'Q "" " ' , ff? pf ' 1 -,,.,f:i1f. 2- ., 'f.,, '5q,,,..-.., .. .. ., ,, ,., .,. ' Q 'N f kg, 5.51 unxg-if . ,, ,pf K, ... 2 N . x , 0,31 A ,Y ' :- + 2 i,-4313 Q gg.1j?gQ. a f 1235: ix 1 "BAN if N Eiiflfvig " ,nfi LA ':Q:i 555, ffigi ,IV ' ag 3151-U ' , 93:9 5:4 X. .232 3 ,. ' 1f"f'."' m l if . , M131 ,n:.,. N f ww --, ' Teff. A 1 :iw- L g -- JZ 'f L ' . A -3,32 , .. .:, I .1 K i 1 ,. T. . , , ,if f,..v,.zL tgmni-lar' " RIEIED SWIENSIEN HOWARD IIAUSKNECHT CIHIITY Helper Football . With eight lettermen returning and a squad of thirty-five enthusiastic aspirants to work with, Coach Reed Swenson turned out a fairly good football team. Although hampered by injuries and eligibility difficulties Murray succeeded in making a fair showing in one of the strongest divisions in the state. During the season a number of under-classmen were develop- ed and Murray looks forth to a very successful season next year. Murray opened the season with Bingham on the latter's field by dropping a close game by a score of 9-fl. Murray's loss may be attributed to the lack of a scoring punch. Time and again Murray worked the ball far into the Miner's territory but lacked the necessary punch to put the ball over. Several costly fumbles also hindered Murray's chances. The second game of the season was played on the home campus with Grantsville. For three quarters the teams fought practically an even battle, but in the fourth quarter Grants- ville weakened and Murray, taking advantage of the breaks, scored twice. Une was the result of a pass from Oliver to Pierson and the other, a forty-yard run b Park after intercepting a pass. The game ended with Murray the victor with a score of IZXO. The third game of the season was played with Cyprus on the latter's field. This game proved to be the most bitterly fought game of the season. Cyprus scored in the first half by straight line plunging. Murray came back in the second half and scored as a. result of a pass to Deniro. The remainder of the game being fought on even terms, ended a tie, 6-6. The final game of the season was played on the home campus against Tooele, the strongest team in the division and later the state champions. lt proved to be a matter of a large and more experienced team against a light and fighting team, but the advantage of weight and experience proved too much for Murray. Although Murray lost the game, 56-0, it was considered a creditable showing against a team like Tooele. 6l'IfJ""-v'1'N " if T - ' " W TTT- on-MTW 4 T Page 58 .1 3553 gg 'Gill l 'Y' il' . .. ' .122 ' g ' . I ug? u 2 A L . . .- -: -, ' Slgglllnalllggll' SHERMAN WOOD "llit 'em hard," was Sherm's motto. A full- back of unfailing courage who was always willing to do his part. GEN E WOOD A hard-hitting end who seldom missed a tackle. Gene will be hack next year. FLOYD GUNNERSON JOHN TOMICH Captain. and moral of the line. One of the ,, H A ve,-y best tackles in the state and was A center nf Ul'lf3lllIlg ability who will be back never outplayed. next year as an important player. SAM OLIVER A very fast and snappy halfback whose cour- age helped Murray in many difficulties. And Sam is only a Soph. FRANK THONE A large tackle who tried at al do his dutv. DAVE TURNER An experienced guard who often penetrated even the most invincible defenses. SHERM PARK l times to A fast, harthhitting halfback,,w missed a great deal. ho will be -www L16 !.!!z'iii'!l!43g.l on A,.1 , 'Q' ,yi I' g 39 , I I I I I , Q-r.-., I . , 44 r , a H ' , , -a df a - a - , Mkt 2w'.A1ffj'fEfNI5 ,fx I V " ' ""'TM.w -iff R:.'7Afi1'f,vg,12,g,AZv,x29' ' W Y W I I ?m'f.'i?"'K? r v ii ..--..:-:gLr:IZ:.: ... tg, 1.1. .Lz.21ILia!.t it-M ' ' ' ' I I I . til It I I, I I it I I L I 7 III 2 tl! . :I I 1 II I VERNAI. l..-XRSON ERNEST LARSEX I I' A guartl of ctcellent ability who was always A very large guard who can fill the I I out-weighed but neu-r nut-playetl. gap in any line, It "I AIOE .IOIINSON ARION EREKSON V I Q. I t Ariun's tact and foresight at the center pun 1 It A last end who 51-ltiom nmsetl tl pan mm was always 3 mein Aid to the I or a tackle. rest uf the team. I III I III I fl! I I I . 'it I I I I , I : V I 1 I V ' l ' eg I II T' Xt I II I ,- , I I II li I ' if I 1 I . . A I Q :Ali A A S ata ,. A l l - f.v4 1 - I 4 - 1 Y , - - 5 f,I xuizix tshmilmt iiouacal jtfxsitx ll A small, husky guard who was always llorace playi the 'a"c xwll at wither guwl I' un the juli, or taclxl: autl xxill lu' mimutl a grsat deal. U III II If . . I . . . . 1 'I C,l.Ill-ORDBl1Rb l:Nll1R5OX BURN ' C1l'f pu wsu-tl rcnmarkalwlc ability as quarter . l . V., ,I hy . i I luck .mtl alwavs letl the team out of thc A Illhl Illini ctpafle hzllilxurt xxhu ull lw .IL ' liarilt-xt tlitiicultw. again not ycar. Xlatch him go, I I I I I I I 1 i, , , .nh - 5 if.f"""""'-"'-"' , va l...N.-,...--m---w....- t,.. ,.. I jwig,f?"', .,,, M-, Y , t:::'1:'-T... .,,. .-,,1,tV,Y 1 -:.2Nl'i? . 6-'N' T'-'W' " uw I N" "W v Iago 4Il -r iv, Ji. if' F7215 - 'Z' t 'A 1 ' '2'?R?C'1- . l 1 - ' 19lQ.2ltn-r-ttiiillii ' r..4. di CHARLES NELSON JOHN PEARSON A hard-hitting fullback wln will he on the john is a very fast and clever quarterback juh again next year. Come un, Ch'ck, and has all the qualities of a good do your stuff. fnothall player. AIOE DENIRO KRESII jL'Rl'I'Cll joe will he fl rvxwllr end next year. Kre h is small, rut has grr anti t-rains that watch him go. go together in m'k'ng a good player. l I . l l I LARRY THOMASON PETE BROWN L A reserve end who possessed unusual quali- A cleyer unter who mowed up welll tics. Ile was always on the job, RENO G.-XLLEGHER ALMA EREKSOX Reno will be a regular nux! year at tackle and "Fish bait" will make at real good cntl. just he's some player. watch him c-me tn the front. :Cf 0 0 N13 2 'IA .Q '- 4' 11' 7' N' Page 4l I . an J I 1. :FJEETGQ 2 - ' s7 ii'll35lllt,llllF.gll'3 ',.,,1-.. .. -f.: ',A'.' f:,5Z,5iif?' ' JOHN KASTELIC SHERM WOOD DAVE TURNER Calnlin- and 3 Very fmt f0fW3fdf Spffm ilwfgs gon fha twiogb amd Dave is a very capable guard, h Jflhn Could always be Counted UUUI1 Eggrdgo Shea, 5,350 an sxcelaigng knows his basketball and plays for HS an eftcellem baske' 5h00fef- player and will he missed 2 the benefit of the whole team great deal. For the third time in the history of Murray High School, the basketball team has won a berth in the State Tournament. The team, under Coach Reed Swenson, displayed a type of basketball and "fight" that has characterized former Murray teams. Murray came through with six wins and four defeats. As a result there was a triple tie for second place: jordan, Cyprus and Murray. A ln the play-off series, Cyprus trounced jordan for the right to meet Murray in the final game. ln defeating Cyprus, Murray staged a comeback that has never before been equaled in the history of the school, thus winning a berth in the state classic. ln the Tournament. Murray met with only fair success, winning the first game and losing the next two. However, consolation is found in the fact that the state-champion's, Hinckley, defeated Murrav by a bare margin of three polnts. It can be said that Murray had a very successful season and with five lettermen returning next year the prospects of a good team are very bright. SCORES OF LEAGUE GAMES Murray 35 Cvnrus 37 Murray 34 Cvprus Murray 33 . Grantsville 25 Murray 39 Grantsville Murray I7 jordan I9 Murray 33 jordan Murray 26 Tooele 20 Murray 36 Tooele 'tlurray 26 Bingham 24 Murray 3l Bingham PLAY-OFF Murray 44 Cyprus 37 TOURNAMENT GAMES Murray 37 B. A. C. I9 Murray I7 Hinckley 20 Murray 28 Weber 42 e - Ili-QSQFQBEIII -Q - .,,.-,. n ..,' .of 40 u, ........h....... : m f 5 9 "' 3690. N' Z Page 42 7' It R -1 1 -' Af w ......4,lH: if-half' - - Q .2 'V iv- :- '-Qg.V'wfv.1f '. .fi L' -'X' H.--..':ffLlQ'f"i ljf?,.1'f1'P e I , H. B C- . -.-.. 17 f li K. r f ' . Kfritigary-, .Q eg! -- 5 .f A W- if me steady Ls, "V EBU L J- v - IA 'f'. -4: r U i l l l SHERMAN PARK A forward who was always on the job and very cons'stent in his playing. His two years ot hnskethall have helped Murray a great deal. JOE JOHNSON SAM OLIVER A fast and snappy player as either guard or forward. A "Jinx" to many opponents. JOE DENIRO Joe is n fast and accurate passer and excellent Joe's hrain work is unusually good and thai at getting haskets, therefore he is a is the main thing. At forward Joe is real player. rt sensation. CLARENCE WAHLQUIST Tear is Il tall, slim center and well adapted to that position. He is a hard worker and will he m'ssed a great deal next year. JOHN PEARSON John is :in expert at getting baskets and so fnst that not many can cover him. Jnhn is a Sophomore, GENE WOOD CLIFFORD BERG A hard fighting guard who works for the wel- llc has unusual abilities as a basketball player . fare of the whole team. and is very dependable. 0 -Qffefgw Page 43 i l r l I r iiifairvtiaysiel ...rr . . ... .a . 4-' 5 ' 1, A, .1 , 'Q ,s 7Nk4g.S15i W. t:'3f5'?Gt: I ' 2 ' A i5llfl?lln-4iIIF.?3l'3: e J Baseball Although the spring sports lack the enthusiasm and interest found in football and basketball, the interest shown this year is unusually good. With several lettermen returning the prospects for a little winning team are the best in years. Those in the picture are: Back row, left to right- Kresh juretich, Sherm Park, john Kastelic, Coach Howard I-lausknecht, Sam Oliver, john Pierson. Front row-Earl Nlathews, Earl Linnell, Floyd Brown, john Tomich, Alma Erekson. Emerson Boam, and Pee-Wee. I age 44 Illiigfjazlll Q- ' f 2 , , IQ' ' y.-,k.Ax- ,,, 'H' , V I 'v'- , gl: 9 'ob Q E 3 5 ' - - : uv 11 : ' '--5 ... W ,331 V,-,.,21 I n V.-. , if N, -1' ll.. 4: J 1, -V 'lugs l s 'lfiraclk This year Murray has about the largest and most successful track team in its history. Coach Reed Swenson has several men who have made a slpendid record in track events. This year Murray won the divisional track meet between jordan and Granite and made an excellent showing. Some of Murray's out- standing track men are: Sherm Wood, Ernest Larsen, Arion Erekson, Ed Erekson, Charles Nelson, Ray McOmie, Earl Mathews, Sam Oliver, "B-ricky' Linnell, and Roy Lester. lisiaatfagsisp lube, 4: , X3 - 'Ii .C v- 4' 1" f Qu- I Q Ay U, ' dir., ' n a, - as-x , Eg: is ' 'E9 mgqewe llgslllnllllgelli First Team e T : :g'JEi?f5: ' "ef to r e Marjorie Snarr, lircil Stansfield, Edna Ross, Wilma Doran, lirances Brunsell "Tet" johnson and Evelyn Wright. M, C. A. A. ' J 8 This year the M. G. A. A. will lose the one who has probably done more to make this association one of high K ideals and principles, Miss Creer, the founder of this asso- ciation. She has inspired every activity of the girls and is largely responsible for their success. We will feel keenly the loss of Miss Creer, but xvill strive to keep this organization on the high plane upon .which it has been established. Many girls have enjoyed participation in the various sports that the club offers, and ive feel that a great deal of good has been derived therefrom. I UQL' 'il 1.,,,,,,-,,,,. 2 XJ g -gh ,, V' ' no 'A 40 W 'r I fv- 9 9 e A 1 gr vi, . 1 ' 1 1 at i f9lQ3liu-..itE2i'ti: r 1 l l Second Team M. CC. A. A. Although our basketball team did not win a champion- ship we are justly proud of them for their good playing. The girls of the Parade speak for themselves and we expect to enjoy in the future the same success as we have had in the past. We also take pride in our social activities. This year's Girls' Dance was one of the outstanding events of the school year. D We are grateful to our officersg Clara Morris, president: Elsie Anderson. vice-president: Maxene Thayne, secretary and treasurer. and our adviser, Miss Creer, for this"year's success. 1 WWW 4126 D' in i'i'l 1 ii '-1'-' -,-:' l 1 5 x: 5 0,1 Ah, ,x'4' n 1' x H. .1 l.. I ffiirf F ' 2' if 4 C ' 3Ix.,'NifT3 ,,,. .,., - .f-.--a--....-A.- .,,.. ,..-....,- .,, M -S ' 1 .. f 'X :--'-'-'--- '-' -' - fffgr? ffl. - . ..,, -W -.. i i . '5ll39,lls-ollIsgll'i' e QNTSJL' 1 -1, ,,,,-,W .0 ,-A-0-,--qv' Y l l :V-5 Diramattcs Vg il lt was 7:30, and behind the scenes the usual hurrying and bustle of the theatre was in progress. Actors and actresses were dashing here and there doing last-minute jobs before they donned the make-up. Stage manager Iirnest Larson and electrician Phillip Stone were arranging furniture and fixing spot-lights in order to give a good background to tl'e pre4enta- tion. The characters, with flushed faces and excited eyes, were grouped together talking and practising speeches. Suddenly the xo'ce of Maxine Bagley cried, "Everyone in here to be made up!" Then the fun commenced. All past identity slowly disappeared and new characters bloomed forth. Through the hands of Miss Bagley, Miss Bedke, Mrs. Blacker and Mrs. llutchinson, lirank Thone became the serious Thomas Atkins. father of the Atkins family: lfrdie Reading took on arout thirty years in about tan n'inutes to become the tolerant, loving Ellen Atkins. wife of Thomas Atkins. The pretty pink cheeks and rosy lips of lidna Ross changed her to the irresistable Mildred Cfushirg, ,lun'or's unrefo nized fiancee. .-Xt her side stood junior. the handsome son of 'l homas Atkins. ,lunior had been at one time the famous actor, Emerson , Boam. In one corner Spenser Atkins was soulfully saying to l.enore llastings, a Medbury - debutante, "Ah l.enore, dream girl, never one so fair." ller father beamed pleasantly nearby. The make-up c'ever'y disguisfd l.ouis Zaloznik as Spenser, l'ern liarrer as Lenore, and Reno l Galleger as her father. lirom the other corner was the crotchety Grandma Spenser who fussed around and bothered everyone. She missed nothing that happened in the room. lf one could have lifted the makeup tiff he would have recognized Bernice Wright or Yerna Berg. ln front cf the mirror, lletor Spenser was feverishly straightening his moustache and lip rouge. llis actions betrayed him though and -lohn Kilby loomed forth. Pacing back and forth beneath a heavy facial attire was Yan Anderson, the veterinary. l-rom all appearance he made a good one, I Through the backstage giggling of lirank. Yan and l.ouis. the occasional squealing ofiigt' pig. the capt'va'irg actions of Fdna, and the thumping of Maxine's heart. the first act finished amid great appl'u:e. The players were greatly encouraged and went on in the second act to do even better. ln the third a.t st me real acting was di played. 'l he pigs portrayed their characters as natura'ly as any actor has ex er succeeded in doing. The last act was the climax :nd the ending of lfn'e"s' n's and lfdna's griefs over the pies: it was the beginning of l,ouis' and lfern's married life, and the l't-ginning of john liill'y's new ro'e of father. Une uf the sghoolk most successful plays was completed when Grandma Spenser got in 4 tlte usual last wt rd wi'h "More Pigs?" P . l 4 ll., . - MW I 4 la -if -W.-.f-v":x.z,::.4::....:AQSQSL 'iff-.QQ.f'f" ...' --lT'--'.............f'...l- 1 ll--7--- YV ,nr - W-. . X .41 ii YQ"-F------M----.-.. .-.. ....--.-...M--..-.. ,.,.,.-....-.. - l Y bm"""' fa,.,A..,7 -11, - f--- r ve- - -w-- o r . .. 4' .4 1 U 'v- us - t ' -""c' Q, r r i T 1 , 119.2-mga: . ,QQ --.' Q .'1" H ,.,v V T, . - - gg ' 1 9-l.ff.2liu-.-itfili If-ij A Uperra Who has not, at some time of his life, longed for the free, romantic life of ll vagabond? 4 This desire was realized on Friday, March 28, when the Murray High School chorus and orchestra presented the delightful opera, "The Gypsy Rover." As the curtains drew apart, the heart of everyone thrilled as he or she viewed a typical Gypsy camp in all its dazzling color and fantastic music. From somewhere in the forest a voice melodiously sang the melody so well known to the Gypsies. This voice was recognized as that of Emerson Boam's. His remark- able voice and ability in the part of the Rover was portrayed in a very pleasing manner. He had not been in the camp long before the pretty English girl wandered in, having been lost in the forest and finding at last the Gypsy Camp. Florence Canniegeter displayed a great deal of ability in playing the part of Constance. Her presence on the stage, along with her pleasing voice, did much to make the opera very colorful. Others displaying their talents and adding romance and comedy to the ormance were: Gene Woods as Sinfo, Wanda Ferguson as Zara, Edrie Reading g, Cliff Berg as Nlarto, Lucy Bringhurst as Nina, john Kilby as Captain jerome. Arion Erekson as Sir George Martendale, Louis Zaloznik as Sir Francis McCorkle, Arnold johnson as Sir Toby Lion, Howard Cannegieter as Lord Craven "doncha know," and the chorus of Gypsies, children, and sweethearts under the moon. The opera would have been incomplete without the competent work of the orchestra. W. F. Robinson directed the entire opera with the assistance of Maxine Bagley and Lucy Bringhurst, and may well be proud of his achievement. f, F2219 I age 49 r -I 1..-Az: Mug: A I .Ulf Qu -Qu! V QQ? 1 0 Q3 2 'lt .5 '. ' n' , .,. , . ?3 4' R' if al-'st 3 ' Q A e - e f .L ,9,'Eiar' -- 'r f'- . E 'TV i it ""'q' 3 ' ""' J lfiglif - .E ,Y l t I , . H .. , l MARGARET nomufs Fi.oRExc:E QANNEGIETER MARK BENYEGNU if MARY DIANA IDA BELCHER D "LIE ANDERSON FERN EARRER MARGARET CANNEGIETIQR BARR Mll.l.l?R REED i.ARsEx Commercial The Commercial department is one of the most important organizations of the high school and is to be complimented for their splendid work. Under the supervision of Miss Sudbury, commercial instructor, the team has spent many hours of practice each day to attain perfection in that line of work. The main object of this is to choose the best typists to represent the school at the State Commercial Contest which is held in Provo each year. The teams made a splendid showing in winning second place in the amateur event and medals were won by Barr Miller, Margaret Cannegieter and Reed Larsen. The members of the Amateur team are: Barr Miller, Margaret Cannegieter. Mark Benvegnu and Mary Diana. Those of the second year are: Reed Larsen, Fern Farrer, Ida Belcher, and Margaret Holmesg and those of the Novice event are: Ailie Anderson and Florence Cannegieter. g Each year this department is growing and developing more efficient typists. I The staff wish to congratulate them upon their success. 1 l u T I A A A A- S...-"'....-, D' "- f' are "":"""'::::1.....QvL!c,-J ,1g?iXEf,ff::Ee?'45'44' "" Am' " Page 50 vial ma ' ll ' re 3 De 1 ' V23 at A 1' A 'ff 'q Ze' E11 5, "Q-r' . M 3 , tax JL fxgxl-E g -A 'Q 5 W M Q : Q , . ,..,..... if I ' '36 . . 5. .-1.,-.-ff-.. AL.-f 2 'iglrg-all.,-lliffgliii MR. WHITE BERNICE WRIGHT MERLE HOBBS Yl:RXA BERG HARRY THOMASON VAN ANDERSON l.OL'lS ZAIOIXIK Debating Debating this season gained its rightful place in school activities, when for the first time in several years, interclass debates were held with every high school student participating. Elizabeth McCleary and Verna Berg, representing the Seniors, emerged victorious from an encounter with Francis Brunsell and Evelyn Bringhurst of the junior Class to win the C. H. Anderson award for debating. After the class series the call for school debaters was greeted with enthusiasm, bringing more contenders than the school has heretofore received. From the large number competing for honors the following worked excep- tionally hard: Louis Zaloznik, Van Anderson, Harry Thomason, Merle lflolnbs. Verna Berg, Afton McMillan, Beryl Watts, Marjorie Norton, Austin Gi'eenwooti. LaVina Ayre. Bob Rothwell, and Carl Erickson. The work of elimination was a very difficult one for Mr. White, but resulted in the following as semi-finalists for the team: Negative-Louise Zaloznilc. Bernice Wright, Merle Hobbs and Harry Thomason. Affirmative-Yan Anderson. Verna Berg, and Marjorie Norton. The question for debate was: Resolved, "That the age limit in the Utah State Compulsory School Law be changed from eighteen to sixteen." 9 ff ' " ' A' -gc? 0 o '15 Q 1 g ' ' .s 7 Page Sl R S his ,Q .s" R Q f - Q5 J WTS xnxx KT, ,GQVX SX H? Q 3 ' ffffls fw fag, A i A f ..'f:"TT?,," ' . fl ffl! .5 --35 52 ' - '- ' T " ' ' ..,:i'a ' , " if 9 til --qi? Q --- - 1m35n..-nr5!tt2f s -f A I .., T n . , I l Orchestra The Murray High School orchestra is composed of about thirty members under the direction of Professor Wm. F. Robinson and ranks among the best orchestras of the state. The orchestra has taken first place in the state, in its class, for four consecutive years. The orchestra plays almost every week in assembly and also for all school functions such as school plays, operas or other social gatherings. Mr. Robinson also arranges radio programs, and programs are also given at other schools during the year. The orchestra, perhaps, does more than any other organization in l advertising Murray High School and bringing it before the larger schools of the state. lt is the wish of Mr. Robinson that the parents of Murray encourage their children in musical lines because it is excellent training and because they can do much more for themselves and the school if they are able to play a musical instrument. I W.. ,s l . :., xr.-t:g: , s- "ex:-1 - Q-.s5g.f,Afj V Y Y FT--....T""' , fran- 57 X' f lf" "4" it """" ' 0 xl - , . r. fl mu.. . X- 'Z' I -, - D 1- -s . I g -9 , r' rr 4--'Eg Q .. W., -, 2 Hy, '29 T' "J ,."""""" 1 2 ' lI.3lI l J.ill" + ' 1 Band The band, while it does not as yet rank with the' orchestra, is progressing each year and will eventually take its place with the best of the local school bands. No school time is devoted to band practice and therefore it cannot become efficient, but it is a vital part of the school. At the basketball games the band is the pep and would be missed I Il great deal if it were not present. M "Military Escort" is still in common usage and the band 1 i will always be on the job. r"-" o, .A fl ' - ,-it 1. 4 ' Q w. ,segf -" 0 7-Ax' - Page 73 f ., 'I-' -. Q- fa gh6fgQ: ' s - RX' :5lI3?IIls-vllls.gI": - I I i , . II , i ' v A I . I , Staff , . II FRANK II. 'I'IIOXIi IiYEI.YN BRlNGHL'RS'I' NIARGARI I C XXXI Q II' IAR 1 I lfditnr .4 rfist llhrary I I , Q IEDRIIS READING IiL'GIiNIi WOOD I Assislant lfdilor fBusi11ess Manager IELIEAXUR IIOFI MXX HARRY THOMASON MI:RLV IIOBBS ljtvmry Afbleiics - IJONIi'I4'I'Ii MILLER MIELYA WISI:NI XX Literary. Liferary LIEXORA CORNWALL Adwser , - n ',. v Q. IS' law 54 I -f E. i F9 . Il - I ' ' f YW'-Q. i!:4.g-Qigmamnus, ,fig Vs .- H .E Hz fav! 1-3. 'E fam . -S 1 V .e ,. . ,Q 4 was Alf L4 Ci'- .1 K ff l .Q 54 'Q' , 3 .1 1 l . 7 r . ' 'fs 'iN . - 'W A .A , , C?f,.1,f . 7 rw, " W ' ' ' ' ,nf :g..g: gl ak :wwe qv? Ts..,.i, ,Q ,A no W-'- "-- A -4' -e Qin eggjgwy if Y" .-..-.N..,-,.M.,,..,.,,w ,,,-,, ,, i ',:'.::'F.......--:i-.L-.:::::f i 'il - "Htl is-JH ' ggi ' -A sig l il pt 3 , l i r- Q V J fi ' Q ' 1 1 1 l y Boosters l f'Pitch 'em high, pitch 'em low-Come on Murray let's go. I I3-i-g-h-t. f-i-g-h-t, fight. fight, fight." This and many other similar yells can be heard coming from the Boosters at every school function. They have been i' constant boosters for every school activity and have been the ii means ol' cheering many good teams on to victory. We are glad to be able to say that our club is growing. The membership now consists of twenty-five as compared with ten. five years ago. We have had many good times together this year under the direction of our efficient officers: president, Nlerle llobbsi secretary and treasurer, Margaret Cannegieter: yellmaster. lirnia Berg. The wish of those graduating is that the club may continue to grow and be even a greater success with their motto constantly before them-"Keep Boosting." Ii 'Q 'ugzwwg--urn i 1 W A ,.4.gQ.g,djw,l 'e .lm -- 3 if O19 - -'-":.'f::'.'-..' ..?? Q Q41 lla 6 vi'i,:,'r A O Pllyt' 50 HQ, I! ,ic I 'V' go Q, "SC: Q: I i l 1 Sllaipmaites The Tiger Club of last year has been changed, because of the many other schools who were using the same name, to Shipmate. The purpose of this club is to organize the boys of the school and encourage school activities. Because a majority of the members are on the teams it has been hard to get everyone together at the various games and do much yelling but the club, as a whole, is back of all school functions and is a huge factor in advancing school spirit. The officers of the club' are: President, Frank Thone: Vice- President, Louis Zaloznikg Secretary and Treasurer, Barr Miller. Ship- mates represented in the picture are: Left to right, back row-Austin Greenwood, john Kastelic, Gene Wood, Horace jensen, lired Erickson. Sherm Wood, Ed Erekson, Arion Erekson, Harry Thomason, Frank H. Thone, Clarence Walquist, Ernest Larsen. Second row-Yan Anderson. Mark Benvegnu, Reed Larsen, Barr Miller, Louis Zaloznik, Art Whithead, Emerson Boam, Art Anderson, john Tomich. liront row-Sherm Park, joe johnson, Yernal Larsen, Reno Gallegher. Ill W lll V I tu 1, :gif olvo Q15 O ' .g ag Page 51 i l E 1 ' l x 'X' i' ae"., N. i - H- . :Eg , f55Q,'3:.Q,: ' N , , - " e 'Q ::.,.-. 9. 52' ' , Q iv' l " '- Q i 1-w2ii39:i..-.ulS.Qi1f elf is , -'-f-------B i' . 2 ' i f i la il ll! lf ii' Q31 5 Nl ii 2" ll all ll lil il iii Fe lif in iii ll i B Ii l l p I rl gl ii f lf '55 it U I A Home lEc0in10inn1ilcS This is the second year of the Murray High School llome lico- nomics Club. lt has been one of the most active of all clubs. and its success is expected to advance with the school, lt has been one of the ,Q most active and prominent of the school clubs. , II' The success of this club is due to untiring activities of our officers: i l lfvelyn Wright, President: Theressa johnson, Vice-Presidenti Florence l Reeder, Secretary and Treasurer, and our advisers, Miss Dorothy I Styles and Miss Beth Snelgrove. g Because of the enthusiastic spirit manifested by the members. it ,F 3, has been a very successful organization this year. The greatest event is of the year was given in the fall, the Coeds Cotillion Ball. , il The officers have worked very diligently to make this club prosper l i and we hope that it will continue to grow and aid us in our future lives. -Misa BEAN. ni in. in 949959 I lag.: 'Ib I fi 1 , , ,odadlying wg ......... - .. 2 7 ' o D 5 """' 'O , , v N ' 1 , , ' 1' U n my-., - -f 'f -.-fgvgm, wx g I fm , ' ' A ' "' ' f.- ,fwfr Hy' -Q .g4....:fw1, P',.1..- U5AX',,, -NL j 1- m- -E c wmv fmegmvr vvgvq-v'qgfjyrq:f:fg.1inr'.- I- e H we . , v , 4. , x 4 HS, s vp.: www ,,,., "Y .fm-NJ. ."M.'Iw,' .."'?' NWC for .iupf , 2.MM,.mwA am9f,:g,,,.m,-1., fy: wmiauwmcam-fff2f,.,m.-,h .m,,m- :L , .- . ,A . Ly, Q A zz , ,neg f' . , V . V .1 L5 ' 2 .s -Mg, 17'5'-iff - gf? . .glw 1. 7' Lf: ff 2-f" .1wwf ' yu' 'Jn yi, , v., R -lf? '-4 .V i -1 L,, ..., .Xi-2. .gf- 'Q ,, . ,- 3. 15153 - .q.,,,,, f 151. FSM' Q ' at ,5.? ig54-vw ' may 113 11, ff.. ' . :wmv X , A Q- ffl, 1 . "",f1: K- ' 2 "f uf -. '-' ,Q K5 .NU ,, ,Q -3 ,Sin SJW . fi - .lg . 9'1 ,,, , . .RA b 'T X X ., . Wi,-' . -. 15 J, 'LL Q 1 vf . H IJ - xv ' W2 2 . -5 in tl, , . 14 ' ,: .Q312 .2 ?' ' - ,: 1 , .1':f-, I -1 if 9 ' Adv .wrt- , a L5-' QQQETQ ' ,Q 'H- gn, ' A 5 f ef vigffw , Q5 b M P? frfgjfi. .334 5 -' -1-1:9 N Ii -fmfs ' I me at A v O O Y ' . rx ,Qe,5e,'- ne,-0 as . f M a:n,,3g3,,,4,,,,g.,,:I,': Calendar Sept. 3-C. H. Anderson takes the throne in Assembly as the new teachers strut their stuff. ' Sept. 4-Baby'Clinic at Murray High, junior High students struggle with registration cards. K Sept. I0-Court goes into action. "Over these prison walls l would fly." . Sept. I3-Annual "nigger banquet". CFriday l3J. Was anyone so unlucky that he didn'I get in on this? Sept. 27-Get Acquainted Party. Parents, students, and faculty live in childhood days and drink milk from a bottle. Oct. 3--Parade-down' town to boost bond issue. Boosters Il1lIl3IlOl'l.- Seniors get a ducking. Teachers lose dignity at noon. Oct. 4-Murray eleven pops out with a fighting 1929-30 Oct. ll-Murray beats Grantsville in mud slinging as well as football. Pierson and Park are our heroes. Oct. I2-Shipmates have initiation Saturday at cemetery. Did all but tar and feather the poor goats. Oct. l7-Murray gives Cyprus rough play. score tied, 6-all. Oct. I8-Happiest day of year. No school- teachers' institute. Oct. 25-Seniors given rightful place in assemb- ly. Nov. l-Minstrel show. Niggers show their stuff. Students take a trip to Society lslands. Secret leaks out that Mr. Frahm doesn't know his geography. Tooele suc- ceeded in overpowering Murray by a small score of 45-0. Spirit and holds Bingham down to 3 9.0 Nov. 4-Tryouts for the best "Pigs" and Edna score. and Boamy prove to be the biggest. WE THANK THE STUDENTS OF MURRAY HIGH FORTHEIR PATRGNAGE DURING EE THE SCHOOL YEAR OF 1929-30 T. RAY KINGSTON, Manager Murray City Pharmacy PHONE MURRAY 279 MURRAY, UTAH WM l """' -if P, Page 60 Q4"4'f.: A 'VA . , eg, , f - -f 'Z 59.2.-'fpjp . E I A ..A. 1'A . ,Q.. iugwgllum i, Nov. 6-Soph Assembly. Uncle Roscoe takes us through Europe. Nov. 8-l3ig day for Boosters-new sweaters. Other students nearly blinded by the showy colors. Sophs Sirkus a big success. Nov. ll-Appropriate'Armistice program given. Nov. I8-Beginning of year-book campaign. Special features of year-book shown in assembly in tableaus. Nov. 22-Home Economics Club gives Girls' Cotillion Ball. Nov. 26-Shipmates, Heave, Ho! New Sweaters -again the students are shown something blinding to the eyes. Nov. 27-juniors have snappy party to start the Thanksgiving holidays right. Dec. 4-Senior girls on the unfortunate end of a 9-8 score in the basketball series. Dec. 6-Big Freshie Frolic. Fun-and how! Looks as if Freshies aren't as green as they are thought. - Dec. 9-Boamy elected chief nickel collector for the first period type class. Woe be unto tardy pupils now. Dec. I3-School Play. Howling success. Real live pigs 'n everything. Dec. I9-Everyone in good spirits. Christmas holidays near at hand. Dec. 20-Year finished in fine shape, although Murray lost a practice game 'to Granite. Big dance. So long, 'till next year. Dec. 2l-Booster Shipmate party-Oh, were we slayed. Q ' Dec. Z2-Chorus gives Christmas Cantata. jan. 2-The mill begins to grind again. jan. 5-Doleful day. Nothing but classes and lessons. if Foundation of Success , Character comes first, and is developed by ., right habits of thought and action. Education is 5: necessary, and this is a foundation stone you are ., 'g now laying. But without the will and ability to 'I save money, a man is serously handicapped in his 1: 3: own efforts to succeed! 'I .2 Acquire the Saving Habit. We Can Help You. li fl o o 5: 5' First National Bane ,T i MURRAY, UTAH ft TOTAL RESOURCES OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS Offs? Page 61 F". 3- "ur" '22r.'E-::1:5-:21-vi:5::f.-i422::.:. 1? 4 lxl,Q.i'i,11y,a4:,J!l .eaefm 1 L! 1 X3 I 'Ii 'Q 1 V 'W' . 1 . v, T L' . i C13 ,. F Q- A f A g A A fit - , 143-a n f -f or F 1 - " .0 - 1. - - Q . , ' f' Mfrs. ' ZFW- 5' ' Q v 1 .. . e 5 jan. 9 and l0-Fatal days. Exams. Murray loses first game to Cyprus 39-35. jan. I7-Game with Grantsville. First scalp added to out host. V jan. 24-Murray drops exciting game to jordan I9-I7. jan. 30-Proud Seniors flash rings. Feb. l9-Blue Wednesday-Cause-A written Am. Gov. Quiz. Feb. Zl-Robbery! Robbery! Students think 'hey have been robbed because Washing- on's birthday comes on Saturday. --eb. Z7-Verna and Fern must have thought they were discovering something new. Chemistry class found them smelling a oottle of diphtheria germs. Some more of .the curious sex. Feb. 28-Revenge is sweet. Murray tramples over jordan. Marsh 3-Miss Bedlfe squelches Mike Brown in Am. Lit. by asking him what his reason was for existing. March 'll-Great excitement! Lorenzo and Althea both absent on same day. March I4-Murray defeats Cyprus in a freak game for second place in the State Tourn- ament. junior Prom outstanding social event of the year. March l7-Mr. Smith, being inquisitive, asked Barr if he had ever been in a cave. The bright boy said, "No, l'm no cave man." March I9-On to the tournament. Murray won from B. A. C. 37-I9. P i--.. v 1 ' "" ' ' ' ' ' ' """"' ' ' W ' ' 1, 1 1 .E -: ., 1 gi Serving You Is Our Business 1: I .1 1: Everything for your home is our line. Radios Q' H our specialty. Courtesy is our pleasure, but satis- 3E faction is yours at money-saving prices when you Eg 11 trade with us. 11 1, 11 G 'ff iF ' s 3' 1. 1l"2lIJ11l 6 llIllI"1lfJl1llflL1l1F6 TOTE S .1 1, ll Growing Stores in Thrifty Communities 'L Sugar House Murray Bingham Park City :I If li 1, M:::::::::::::::::::::::: 2'- 1 - 'M -,s 'Q' no 0 Page 62 'X' March 20-A hardvgime was lost to Hinckley, ' sm. Champs. am. ' ' Mmm zz-we nomo webs? 42-28. ' o i " . l Y p V . 4 5 Merch 28-Margaret and Reed keep the colors fyling at'the type contestr' r ' 5 " . . Marchvf!i4Mr. Robinson's chorus, presents 'fGypsy Rover." April' 2-Unbelievable but true.w Mr. Sinith U fails to give Chemistry egcam. He's only one day late for April Fool'sA Dayp X April rain: General cooling of atmosphere needed, expeciallv in Miss Q I Our New Auditoriurn is Being : wired by - i Ig a 'BRINGTON .ELECTRIC if COMPANY ' ff jg l Of Murray 4' I :E A because their Service and Prices 1, ' are the best. +' ll H 4 qi 4 II ' They have the best service and price :, in all electrical supplies ' ' if CALL MURRAY 106 ' , 1, For Their Service ' e 1 :, s. - '- 7: ,Y - A ' :gy a fq?JfM:.Q5:l 5 -rf' P f 1 5 - mv- '-'F.ip,"- 'i, .1 . ' ' ,-., 7 " 5' Q -' -,L 14, -- A ,S r ",-, 1 gf,,.Q2.w1. . . 11 Q? 'mf 1 A f- c '11..5:1....m..f.1 mga me arf 1 an A-1 - 1 react What Would Fern arrived at Chemistry before the last bell rang? Merle failed to remark, "Oh! Am l Slayed!"? Fagan had to walk to school? Rip started to f'Tear"? Barr wore his 22 type pins all in one day? Althea danced one dance too many with the other fellow? The Park and Co. Bus Line went on the rocks? Happy's golf activities became open to public opinion-"Doncha Know"? People called Vera by her nick-name-"Wee Wah"? Clifford Berg won a game of marbles? 1His Happen If: favorite sport so he solemnly maintainsb. Mary Diana could buy sixty-five cent linen handkerchiefs and lose them as she pleas- ed? Edrie took off the ring Fagan wished on? Arion decided to wear glasses, as they improve his looks? Einstein 1EdD made too much gun-powder in chemistry? Louis fell in love? I Miss Bagley failed to come for her purse dur- ing Mr. Taylor's third period history class? Chick Nelson should forget to take lvy Camp- bell home? I l fn'nnvvn"""""'-"null, ilu'-"""' 'U ' 11 71 ll " ig , 1 1' W H dl Ol h B ,' ln Carlisle Motor 1,1 e an e nyte est g 'g 1 MEATS AND GROCERIES It 1 lr 1, gl Company 'I D 1: 1: 5' 1 Our Prices Are 51 ' Have You Had a Ride 11 " Right 5, 1 1 '1 1 ' ' ' 11 'r 1, 1' m the I: ll You Will Profit By Trading Here il CHEVROLET Six? 11 12 ' 1' '1 1' -I 1 1. Hoffman Meat and 1: 'n 1 '1 1 If It Will Thrill You. 21 ,: 'I 1, 'I G r O C e r y 1: 51 I' 31 1' 1 ' 1, ll 1E Phone Mur. 483 Hy. 7255 M 1: Phone 360 Murray, Utah :L li il li il 1 1' 51 Il 'l-:Q :1l 1l-,,- .-fi ll A ll .1-f-' 111 1 r .,... .... H ,s.. .,.. L ,,.,.,,l1,, ..,. . ...,. ,W ,.,,,,. . .... . mo., ., , 1 Q4 'Y9 ' Page 64 '46 .. ,.,, .. .. 5'1" ':""T f I i I ' ' I ' I fl U. 3 Q , - '- 5 . , o 5 v,' ,, v , 0 Aa . 1 . YH? 11,1 ,1.,,,1 'fl' M, zfli inf, 1, , W Sit? ,Q 1 r,,. R i . gn 3 A-Bl' ,,l. am' 1?f:"3 P I I I QW A V 'A L ,riiqggggh Q 5 ,W 41 , , , , , 1 1, 4 , , ,Q Z U i 1 s ,. A-'1' - V.V1 1 ..': .2,n. 1 .,A. .,,.-f 1a1Q3lI,,J,.gQQI,:r Q ..... I :1 Everything you want or need in a 11 modern automobile. There is Good MEA T Means I nothing quite like the New , 1 Ford anywhere in quality 'fMeet USU ' i or price 5' Your Ford Dealer 0 1' , Wm. Smith 8: Son gi :g Wasatch Motor ,1 It 1 5 Company MURRAY MEAT AND 51 ' GROCERY I err 4 1 1 5040 South State Street L PHONE MURRAY 68 I 1 MURRAY UTAH Phone Murray 433 ll .f ' I: 1, 1, 131. '1:::: e:::::::::::::::::::::::::- - JJIIJJIIIIIIJIIIQ - - 4, j' A Good Place to Buy Your ' 1 I' HARDWARE AND Q U I' SPORTING Everytbzug zn 1: .1 GOODS SPORTING GOODS I jg Clothing Hardware Groceries 5 1' 4814 South State Street and Furmture l EI MURRAY, UTAH ' MURRAY UTAH ll, li xx ,,xx:::,:v A -,,,,:,,,- ,,:,,,,,1 N 21 1E PIGGLY WIGGLY ' All 0'ver the World - I ' MEATS AND GROCERIES Cabfnet .Work a ', .Speczalty 1. Helps Those Who Helps Themselves E F l 4 48l8 South State Street STIMATES URNISHED 1, MURRAY, UTAH Murray' Utah l fl. fl -fi? 'il T1 1 11 1 1 1, '1 yi '1 111 1 rx 1, 1 I gl 1: 1 1, '1 .11 .X ll 'QE lg li H1 1,1 ll 1 11 R ,N 1 glvlwmlnfm hm sf 1 'xl 0 QQ359 3 L! Q ' 0 Q 2 1 'M .5 1 . ' 1-' 'l li ' N Page 6: BEN GORDON 81 SONS j l Q 'H Q.: ......,.,.:A.. f . 1. . .,.V.,, . A... . Wiiiemw pl'35Jg, -mllg In . .. ... .. . .: as FAMILIAR SOUNDS HEARD ABOUT "Dammit!" CTo be heard from the Music room THE CAMPUS any part of the dayl. Tardy bell with students hurrying to their classes. Every teacher saying All right Class . The Chemistry class moaning Oh my - knowns . Everyone saying Oh Sho! and Yeah . Arion saying in an apologetic voice Mr. An- derson has a few announcements to make . "Fagan" to be applied to almost every senior Mr. Smith-"Do you think you can make a good portrait of my wife?" Mr. Peters-"My friend, l canl- make it so lifelike you'll jump every time you see it." Howard Hausknecht-"What would you do in the case of a person eating poisonous mush I - CES . ' : f:a"..:Q2- : -' , .MA ,H-' ' : . - 3 kg' ' 'g Q ' ' my 5 . , M L M ,.t, 9 7 , ll , I1 , .. . ,, P., Austin! hissed in a hoarse whisper in Miss moms' Cornwall's fourth period English class. Arion-"Recommend a change of diet." ,f:::::::- ::::::: ::: :::::, TI -- A 7 A A--- ::: A - -:::::: W ' f lu 'I 'P " MURRAY GARAGE " 'r 'u l li . . . . V, it Wmnzng Vzctorzes for You 1, GENERAL AUTO 1, P I 1 I ji REPAIRING ln war, as Napolean remarked, it's lv First Class Work Guaranteed :u heavy artillery that wins the victories. i il In merchandising, it's heavy .buying i E. DROLLINGER, Pr0p, power. The tremendous buying power 1: If of the j. C, Penney Co. finds expression fg:::v AA, , ,::::::::::::- :L ,,,, 1' jr in the ability of every store to give you V: A::: J - A A::::::: A n::::: vvvv +I substantial savings in low prices on every 1, if if purchase you make. Buying in great il 1: quantities enables us to secure merchan- jr N'S 1: :i dise in perfect condition and in the new- 1- It il est styles-at important savings. Let us If GROCERHES AND DRY GOODS if il prove to you that we can service you 1, 4 . . . ': Satisfaction Guaranteed fl :E Samfactonly' 'U . . lr I, 1: Right Prices for the Best 1: :: J C :I Grade of Goods il :I ' ' M 1 . " Murray, Utah 'T 'l u 1, 1, lL:::::::::::::::::::::: A A:::::ll iL:: A - -:::::::,p::: w lvxilj 'n ' s 3 9 Page 66 ,V if' l 0 ' E, 5 IQEH H7 ' '. ff "sit .,3V. :q.A 3 ,I -:F :xP::'P" TJ'-If jfxxn UP:x":::' 'xl' ,I ,I 3 ll cc H 'I ll C -L?-I I - ' 1: :f WEAR 1: 3 . 1, 1, 1, ,: lust Wbwfle :g :p CLEAN .: ,I 3, 3 ' ' I, ,I 33, CLOTHES If 'I I, I, Ii ll 3, 3, Phone 3l Murray, Utah 3, if BoTTL1NG co. if .II I I WORKINGMEINVS IC I 1' I" IJ ll 1: I: I I: ' 3, 3, STORE CO. ig CARBONATED BEVERAGES 3, 3, 3, It 1: 1: 1: If 3, 3, GENERAL MERCHANDISE 1, WASATCH 1013 ft 64th south and stare I, I fi PHONE MURRAY 345 ,I lL AAAA 55557 557555- 55::Y :f:::t IL:: --A5::::::::::v-::,:Y-:Y :Jil - Mr. White-"l put a friend of mine on his feet three times last year." - Dave Turner-"Oh, that's nothing! l put a friend of mine on his feet fourteen times enough last night." Matt-"Ef yo' says anything ter 'me Ah'll make yo' eat yo' words, man." Mike-"Chicken dumplings, hot biscuits, and watermelon." Edna-"Don't you know there are germs in kissing P" Sherm-"Say girlie, when I kiss, I kiss hard ra kin the germs." Music Dealer-"See here, your'e seven pay- ments behind on your piano." , Mr. Robinson-"Well, the company adver- Son-"Papa, l saved ten cents today. I ran I all the way to school behind a street car." Mr. Smith-"Why didn't you run behind Il taxicab and save a dollar." tises, 'Pay as you play'." Dealer-"Well, what's that got to do with it?" Mr. Robinson-'fl play very poorly." W4 Page 67 -1-12f.f-newer? "" f""'-7 ""?.' . ..... ., . .Rm .,... 3. I R, :E n g R. 3 4 3- '94'Q9'x?f 6 1, Ig.. xi, s 1 ,,,f"fn, "' -M N- 4 I lf"'- fx v I, ,w 1 . X I 3, U. 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SCHOOL SWEATER Made to your individual taste will look better and last longer if it comes from Utah s Oldest Knitters Salt Lake Knitting Store SEVENTY SOUTH MAIN SALT LAKE CITY FACTORY: 270 West First North ' Compliments of I I SAV I NGS 4 I E I E' The Bank backs the man fortified I J' G- by a healthy growing balance in IQ CANDY co. '- I his bank book. Open an account now- and at this Bank-where , 4 :I you'll always find a friendly I, I I I I I welcome. I I l I 4 'I I I :I SALT LAKE CITY , 1' 1 , C 4: 4 'I 4, 4 'I I UTAH 1' I: Murray State Bank U I-,.. F :EJ f:?,'..z 'rg 5 ,AY A Te A ff rl J vi' ' 'fl v il lz ' :IU ' 'l 'V MJ-' I 4 'V I t' 1 ll I 'X N, - l O 5 z ' 3EtA:.5-Awgalli--314:52--zzrvsttf :katie-, ?' .mE5k:.if:.y:sf1sf-za-l4'l3?J'h-nllslcszlaf 4 'I 'I 4 I I I I I I I I . . , I I , . 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