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rv -,-', nas-1-"q:' '57-15'?'1 , A , TW gre? 1. vt, -,Mr , ,, V ' v 'ski ,mfg-H f,y-vp 1-5 .1,,. 5? 2 s 1 gf XX' 'I' x 3 5 K , . g...1.... ....,,,l,.. 'i 3 I' 'fizf' u q. ,,.' H' V' X Xi, 4? 'lad' ,,X 'Whflw M . Ml if QEYFN H XXX Eiga 'Sf' W1 rr X 3, Li X X . ' A .t K V iq ..-.. ...rr "" ' Q W x sr - . V... fX X , . .- N 4 1, N' ii ' X x X '4f'!9!"5':. 1. M ff ll. -az- X sgfgufgsqifa. fx K 'Wi HQOIUUQWHQETI ' X . - luis!! .211 ll V ' --f:.::':-x 1-- Bf, ,. -V .,AfX f!..,l,a I ll X X if A .X -' Q vii Jpagf' " 1 7' XTXXXXL ffi' 3" -is Y-if QQFSXXY - M' sf' ' ' W- 5 C' 5 W XX 4 f iff 51 X X .,,-.X,XX:X H L, N' ft-Xi 2 XX N25 A 5 Xzik X X in X lm x X,-sug L X ' ' V " I 5X Y' X453 W ii Xxx X Q, f 'X X M. wat , X XX- -ff" XX X X I 0 'MX ,X X 1 " " x 1 'M' , 's V X XXX X X X. XX X XX X X X X- X I W- 0 fa XX TEX X E f Q-.X 3' :gf XXX A 2: Q fy, :X-XX - XXX' X X 55 X X Q , XM-1'fxX 51 XX x9f'XX Xf X X X .X f 1 ' ' ' i - 'XT Q X H Y xc x xi I - ' NX X XXX -X, X 1 5 f -, X XX Q C K v ., I X 4 Q4 3:9 X- f S f-7,3 3 ' 'Xj 51: X W X X - x .Q X 5X2 QX.,X,:r :X 5 IQ A A X xi AX ' v'kXXX4 X X x as Q 1 K x Q ,XE X 4 L 1 'Ak p Ak X 'f -ke 5 S Q X X 'Pt- x K b W QQ ff ! I Xe X f I X g X 2 1.3 , KH Nas' f vi Xia W I 'f jk W pf f,XXf' X f 9 1, gg X X 4 7,1 171, 5 Masq wg ff X f. L Q M2 f "V" fi- , XXX, X A X, X f 'X ff, IW 9 ,I , .I g. Q K Q fa Qi an ' 2 N Q 1 i 5 Xl 336 1 .q,,X,r' wr- X. QI lv:- Y .?.,. Nyx s ilu. 144, me f-15 Agfa XQ q4,fzm,wwW7f ,MM ,Z95e.ffdwz7 wdjk mddmdky 75 " Lieutenant Commander Robert T. HANLEY , USN, became "Exec" of the MURRAY in April of 1953. After graduation from Montana State School of Mines he attended the Midshipman's School aboard the USS PRAIRIE STATE in New York. Upon being commissioned he gathered varied experience serving aboard PC's, and submarines during World War II. After the war he assumed command of the LST 1034 which was followed by a course at the General Line School in Monterey, California. He was then assigned to fill the billet of Naval Instructor at Iowa State. His last duty before the MURRAY was as Flag Secretary to ComTraLant. CDR HARRY L FITCH Commander Harry L FITCH USN assumed command of the MURRAY on August 22nd 1953 He attended Michigan State College and was commissioned in June 1941 upon completing the course at the m1dsh1pman's school at North western University His first assignment was the USS ARIZONA When the ARIZONA was sunk by the Japanese attack he was transferred to the USS MARYLAND During World War II he also served aboard the USS SOUTH DAKOTA After the war's end Commander FITCH served as a Naval Instructor at Michigan University and then was transferred to the USS STORMES as Executive Officer He also served with the Navy's Board of Inspection and Survey 1n Wash ington The captain makes his home Wlth his wife and two daughters in Falls Church Va - LCDR. E7 Z' HAWLE Y S . r fre NY? We n W by X, ' If C120 - 0111, A P9 ba Es, fxf"1 V AM' si OO-LA-LA Kfaixwxx Q06 " XY 1 .D -I 'lf' ry? ' .:- ' ' D .2 51 f Z if? 1 , : 50 I SP 159 ICQ N THE JHIP E XP! C73 FUEL th Y, - fi Bday a Rig '10 Port W . Starboar " - To e Fuel in 'rmrw Mi WhoopS Start pumping mites' 15 minute stand 1 T00 much. I by AiKglY 4 ff. I x X kk... -3 .A' I1 . 'K 9 frvww 4bV: ,,vy, S . w v7.x gil .A , -- TF 5' Lf g '- " 'n -X xx More beans ? I 4 ! .7 - Q4 J, S113 DG 1 .4 S pn ' Q Hd more beg, HS fa gf Q. fn YN 'bi POrCGd.Labor s 'P' , ,Z ,f 1.4.v-fr -A f 1 j Yep V--P I q ' , V Q .ul X mr-1 ff 'N' , Jr", Mf51 F17 if 'tm 'J' dv' 13011118 Frfteen days of steaming and drills across the Atlantic and on the morning of the nine- teenth the pastel colored buildings of Algiers stood before us and after fifteen days at sea the thoughts of many men aboard the MURRAY wereofasingular nature all that and mail too Algiers first port of call captial of Algeria situated on the North African coast line 450 miles east of Gibraltar Here was really inter- esting liberty The various peoples French Arab African the veiled Moslems the beau- tiful Mosques and of course the Casbah---who could ever forget the Casbah and those kids those thieving begging kids Ask any one of the frightened out of their wits tourists who squirm- edthroughthe narrow winding menacing streets of the Casbah brother what a place ' Flve enjoyable days in Algiers and just the beginning of a wonderful cruise Next stop--- Taranto Italy Taranto, situated in the instep of the Italian Boot" one of the four mayor naval bases in Italy It was here in 1941 tnat the British planes from the aircraft carrier Illustr1ous" flew over the Italian fleet apparently quite secure in the harbor and broke the back of the Italian sea power in just a few hours Taranto afforded many of us a chance to v1s1t the beautiful city of Bari and also the Eternal City of Rome and the shutterbugs went crazy A few of our "Pa1sans' visited relatives that they would never had seen had It not been for this V1S1t and for all of us Tar anto proved to be a pleasant enjoyable visit 3: I .aan E 2 L. 2 X I Toulon France our third port of call 18 I the chief French naval port on the Meditteran 1 ean As was true of Taranto Toulon 18 known , for the part it has played in naval affairs for the past two centuries It was from this port Q that portions of the French fleet sailed to help the Americans during the Revolutionary War t Toulon IS best known as the scuttling grounds 1 of the main part of the French fleet during I World War II It was here that a total of sixty l French vessels were scuttled in the harbor to , prevent their falling 1nto the hands of the Ger 4 mans There was good liberty in Toulon Many i of us took tours to the French Riviera including 5 Nice Cannes and Juan Les Pin There was i also a fishing party to the beautiful French Alps R where veryone had a terrific t1me including the fish none of which were caught' Most everyone had a good time in Toulon everyone that 1S who managed to make it from the ship to the gate about three miles away Coming back wasn't so bad at least by that time we d1dn't feel it as much port of call We had a couple beach parties and the beer flowed like water and after the b ach parties when the beer cans floated in the water 1twasn't safe to walk around at the beach party w1th anything more than a bathing suit on sure as hell you' d wind up swimming clothes and all This went for ALL HANDS We did a lot of swimming here but the b st swims of all were yet to come when the ship was stopped underway to Gibraltar and swlm call was sounded Swim call 1n the cool blue Mediterranean what a life JE , , , . , . . . , , --. ' 1 u 4 2 . , I , ' 0 , 0 I 0 O u , ' ' . 0 . 3 , 0 . A g ' s 1 I ' . , . . - 1 Q O . . , . a , . Q i 3 I , , . 0 171 , 0 ' ' . . . . , 8 , , , ---, , O . , . . 3 ' . 9 I . 7 ' ' ' H ' . . . . . - 9 . . , ' 2 8 . - - H - Palermo, capital of Sicily was our fourth . . . , ' , . . . 0 S ' - ' e ' ' - v a, . . I . --- 0 u n Q . . ' . . . ' . - ' ' ' e n 0 n 1 3 -. . . A 9 , V Look, Mag X wav vox A Combien ? ?"'i?Y11'-?'5fE I , Feelthy Pictures in Trick or Treaty 3 , ' 7? 1 To the Sphinx? fl! i -, .. 'f ,, 'K'?MV4,' l v! D mi! 1. gf T YOU BUY, JOE ? of .H . ,- -NV QW PJ . Wg Mark fgovao .n Q in Oldfifblace x - N 1 W 9 C9966 1 Get A hoss in ! Through a porthole ? , 24 K XJ' T meg urn T0 QED es fa 096fiN I -3X9 f . w ,NX Q9 ,A X X 'rgzpr' ""' ' xc ' s .. Sonata I 3 8 d Q- K jk - I I .Ps E "1 I 52 ' A L X EA L W .pf-H' agpaibif- X WI ll llll' C L: i : E Bambinos Surrey and Hoss with Fringe on Top Ham Caesar! e G eww W 0 Q? What a Show! refs St. Pe nf' Come Si Chiama "Girls" in Italiano? Lend In :QQ ,VU-qf' A ,X .. ,L', kk 4 W " ' f K J 1- .. B0 v j"" 4 e C your .gre-1 X ROW ea P511 The X 'S' xmax xx: . C tix k .K ,, .1 xg! f "' , , S Shutter Bugs I I I B 1 iz -ff 2 9 It's Wet! ! , Whwawiw - , ,xx 1 V I I Tourist A57 O-O-H LA LA! Wall Flowers All FOFHW fil '35 k Q.. Q .4 Q ,W-eww ,.u-uf' :K "My wants are simple" 75 lon X I 661 nmfc - ,, w,,. Q ff Three Frenchmen Sonar Sam That, Gentlemen, was a humorous anecdote ..... 'szs.-x,1--sfs -'fix , ,, F F1 'W 'is I 4,49- F A11 Aboard Strasbourg 'CP 4 Good Bye Ole' HOSS W. ,,. ,.W,.1.nv..,.-.., mm ffqqan Just like on board ', 4-Ni , 'A 1+ , D :lil if St. Raphael Landing 38th U.S. R4-gifm-nt Num. X o . .X , l ooofb D I , L ,,,,,,,,o,.. -M xr- I G l lv USS MURRAY Can I pay one dollar per week? .-"",l USS BACHE Normal in-port watch "3-ff" -v2J?'v:?3' 1132-Q M.. 1444-as 14444 USS EATON In ' . , . . s .v Q Q J . . 1. I' . 'I , t.. W fn, I -Q. . K 'Q 3 ,.-- ' "' ' wi, .0- ij, -f is ,, g 4 1 ,f .I '4. 7' If WMM' W, 37,1 V5 ,f,f MV, , , X f . mf f f ff , ,7 , , ,, X, 1 f . jf ,gif ZJZWX ,, ,, ff ' f 22201 if-4. 340 ET Aw ,Hai l nf Wifi " yi' 3.63, 34.11 il- n,,:'- . f ffm' 4 Stun ' ' Q 51' 1' 'V A D' 5 H. .f, JM!!! MQVVHJ- . 3 'If Q 4 W NW! Avfgf-, ,1Q"4v,,:, V, - xx"-" 513' d ,--- mm. - -ju ' 8' F an QQ- WJ. , ,A V".w4nijf', '-Q O . 0 we . ,X - ..'f?'2,f Nul- ,,.d 1 ' V'-'UV , s , lv D, Y .,r! All 7 Wf "ntfffi WHS rs Iwrrr. 'I'h:nt's 'ull fo ks Inspiring! People live here too! 5.25 Tlrllfl MURRAY COMPANY SOLID AS THE ROCK OF lBBALUl,R. ,dia H" P01167 U' INTIREST-ING FAcr5 -7, K -sill' gM,,,, On to Spain Gibraltar, the "Rock" had very little to offer other than the usual sightseeing, but the crew of the "Murray"q believing the adage, seek and ye shall findg lost no time in finding the town of Algiciras, and that was really fine liberty , Si, Si. This was to be our lastport of call in the Mediterraneang for many it was the best of all. Now the "Murray", in Company with the "John R. Pierce" was to leave the Med and make a cruise that very few ships were fortunate en- ough to make. It certainly was a cruise to be envied, evidence of this is a copy of thc dis- patch received from a sister ship, the USS Bache. . . We don't envy your northern tour . When you come back you'll all be poor, while we in the sunny Med will be saving our money frugally. Hope you enjoy the Swedes and dk-fi-'f'Q-up-gp-u- p Dutch but we don't envy you, no not much! And so farewell Mediterranean, Hello North- ern Europe. I 4' 1 1 as-.'m:'.. N- ' 1 '1,s " , S' 55319 -J ffffgy f N' - Q Y' 51 'L . -ig V ,g l ia Jil F , I -1 1 N ? bf ,ff df! ' ., ! 1 I Y , ,Ju J ,1 sl x .Z-' Q . - ,J ' J' Qrflly I 14 Vx 'ie ' P Q I a W in S V x""V 'Q fi has WVO NXx1e-'Set O U QXXIXT 55 4r'Q A ' S 'Qu . WL W. 1. . .ff Wulf" 'sw " W Ha' ' ' ,M , , .ff " . 411' fr ' W4 f"" I " M M, ,A W fin ,ffl-0' ff ' ,yn-.. I Man Overboard 'YW a 0010100 Wh , ere d he go? if-. Secure for Sea FNXK '14 1 ,, , ,, C-O-O-O-O-L! ! Loreglupjonn The "Colonel" fu' I lk Chow Down 'ke ""w -'f1',g,...s- vii vlvv Der Ist Der "U" Boat I-J But th1s 1S a r1ght hand brush Mom Sr-nd Money Jug! tr nn wound the ears ' Mattr Just f0Y chips AS- X0 in Sea Did Y Look! Ivm Short TIIDGI' AOQ fi-1-9 i Xe. is f EI I x XTX 3' 5' Jus water" ? t loves his Ou HXOW Work awake ' -Q:-' N,,,......vA,-.v-""' , lf' , .4' 'Q X -Qu. . if tl t I' ' ll X A1 Happy Cooks Happy Mess Cooks I ...B so ,p I 1 Z fgs 1 H r fs 3 4 SQ g t ,,. ,ET X -.,,.,-1' Who's Happy? Anyone caught touching paintwork gets the works. lf! The bigger the better. g.1,,,-Ward gsm-um 7' Q W2 ,V 94 I 4. if :J A Z , 2 Q 5 s 3 1 el fi J 45 A 1 1 Pl 71900171 .R MASQ 1 ,, fQQfflfffiffif' 4520 Plymouth, England was a port that many of us can't help remembering and will never forget. The English treated us royally, many of the crew being invited to their homes as guests for the day . There were tours to the beautiful English country- sideg dances intown, etc. The people were cordial and hospitable, all making for a fine liberty. Located 230 miles southwest of London, Ply- mouth was the last stop for the Pilgrim Fathers on their voyage to America. It was from Ply- mouth that Sir Francis Drake set out on his voy- age around the world. For us it was the first stop of a good will tour that was to take us to most of the Northern European countries on the Atlantic . Here in Plymouth we were inspected by the new Division Commander, the ship and crew looked sharp, as well it should for we were to be one of the most looked at American warships in this part of the world. War Memorial 4 f The Hoe Passing Parade The Sea Around Us NN RSX. 'VMS P wffffn V, ,,. . yy f Q-4 , ,Q eackg od YR Sbavxog '60 med za STAY 'C Knee fl on 'YXQXAQ V30' 46 Q, Xkkcd Xt. SpECTlo': Now here was a place we just d1dn't have enough time No sooner did we anchor than there were fishing boats loaded down with sight seers waving and yelling hello at us as they circled the ship This looked like a sign of a good time and that's exactly what it was Practically all entertainment cinemas andtransportation were free The people were hospitable as they could be all the people that is. l I - 4 I I YI I 4 l W no , V 1 v ' f, 1 v , , , ' ' ' in. - , ' . W . , . , . . Douglas is primarily a resort town with vacationers coming from all parts of England, Ireland, and Scot- land. Everyone was in a holiday mood and it didn't take long for the crew to join in the festivities...For two hectic days we all had a swell time and there were very few among us who weren't sorry to leave this bright little island. n QA,....AL Hello Yanks! Three Musketeers Coney Island ? an in Step aboard folks. Looking seaward if +0 ORR Wg Aff: AQ!-ing, Q. E f -KW? . -4 E' 1 Y 4 i , if". ...AA L Oflfb UXV i"-T5-"H 1 1 P Q i First thought upon entering Londonderry, "doesn't the sun ever shine here?" It didn't. A raincoat was part Of the uniform of the day, it got so you could tell time by the rain. But the weather failed to dampen our spiI'itS and off we went to the Capitol, Corinthian, and Claredon, and brother if you couldn't do that screwy quick-step you just stood around and watched. . . or else you took y0l11' chances of getting trampled on by the mob. We spent two weeks up here, two weeks of rain, danc- ing, rain, drills, and of course more rain. ViSit01'S came aboard and looked the ship over, it was the first of the visiting hours but it didn't take us long to get ac- customed to a 'few hundred people swarming all over the ship. l 1 v Y E I N n l 4 i l I a 5 E PIC7'lIIYf6' .DEAR Y FOR BENEFIT OF TIIOJE WHO SPENT THEIR TIME IIV TIIE CAPITAL I Ai ""7 Shore Patrol--Coke, Please Deep Sea Fishing qi Yeah, same grounds - six times One from "C", one from "O" 5 :-um--V I I ,, A I Q A personally guided tour. Sorry Laddies, No enlistrnents. 'Iti- 2-uni:-Q in 41 I 5 A wg 1 l ig, .3 O f v -all mf a K 4-Fig? T Ti fv fill ff? 'ff X el 1, 1 If 4 1 an FJ 1 I l Q 4 i 3 The boiler gets water, 6 The 'turbine gets steam ,,, . A , Q- f ' tx .. ,V l - - ' 3 ,- ,Lf sv ,W 4 an Q ... f f To answer all bells, Q C3 i- is This controls speed, 1 think,, NQF' U We work as a team. The 1X2 Knot valve 1 t 1 , RIQNIERHAVEN, PURT owing ENIBAFIIQATIKQTN ' GATEWAY or EL Rcmrnxrx commfwo L is O B emerfzavc 459 Theme .,, . ., W WELCOME M - 'Pwr iiwsklvifi Here We Come! ! And We Were Bremerhaven, Germany was what you might call a resting place. Rest a few minutes be- fore you picked up your paint brush again. The Skipper gave us the word. . . PAINT SHIP , and paint ship we did. . . from stem to stern. Order of the day, if it doesn't move. . .paint it. In the short time of three working days we had our ship looking as sharp as it could be, even the snipes were cleaning their topside brass. It wasn't all work though. We had good liberty in Bremerhaven. We met the Germans and we liked them, but it was just a taste of what we had in store for us in Bremen. And so on the morning of the sixth we left Bremerhaven and headed up the Weser River to the city of Bremen. Our honor guard looked especially sharp as we received on board the president of the Bremen senate and other representatives of the city of Bremen. Our ViSi11 to this, the second largest seaport in Germany was a news making event due to the fact that we were the first American warship to visit the port of Breman since 1939. As we entered the docking area there were newsreel photographers on hand to record and report the event. N0t long after we tied up there were the usual onlookers lining the dock usual except that here the people crowded the area all through the day to see and to come on board the Shlps Once again we threw the ship open to visitors and they wasted little time in taking advantage Of the invitation Literally hundreds upon hundreds of Bremenites gave our ship the once over and we were delighted to have them on board as we were delighted at the opportunity to entertaln a group of orphans who paid us a visit The people of Bremen wasted no time in making us feel welcome in their beautiful CIW Even before our arrival arrangements had been made for us to v1s1t points of interest and It n't take long before we were swarming all over the city taking in the sights Even the weather was good to us for a welcome change and once more the shutter bugs went on the mpage There was always something going on while we were in Bremen The Germans S8 to it that we were never at a loss for something to do Dances Jazz concerts, sightsee H2 rs and an especial highlight was the beer stag given in honor of our visit by the Deutsv Maritime Association We cou1dn't have been made to feel more welcome ere was only one complaint too much liberty ind not enough money and I know Of U better way to say that liberty here was excellent Our visit to Bremen was a highly success one and we were sorry to leave but it was back to Pnglfmd md for us a weekend by fha 5 in Southend it y . . . , g did ' ' ' ' ' . ra A . . . . . . W ffjk - . . . I , g Y tou g . I ' ' ' Th n 1 u . K 1. 0 i .1 ful ' . . - .J K 1 1 es, . A U 0ffA! H0055 F 1 f?S.d0!d "' v an ff! ,vl 11, X 1.'i" f 5 no 4. 1 1 7 In 'P Let's Look L Y k, at i e Q -.RH f PJ in-J' 5"f H - ,,Y.. Infnfn Q' This can was opened - but the hole was on top. R BREII ll Up the river - at parade rest. Deutschland Ducks - See? uw In Roland Bremen "Musicians" Qld Navy fjgmer Mgn 4 Down thc- river M at parade I'6Sl- we wfnf Hosr TO N 9 V' WAR ORPHANS l M LOVED HAVING V THEM 32 W .1 L k 'X v-7. x xx x xxxx x XF. X ,aw Xvgyf 4 !,f4 XE, Mm V W W, X K ,fn ff, , ym W W4 l, W W f f ff, QM 2? .,, ,..v--f rvw. 775- 'tr 5 W us- wff """""""' 1 4 l 4 1 I Y N0 ' 1 - ND Soum E To '1i'fxv I r Westminster TOWN" ul' IADIHIUII uw ..,,, .. q,,,.,..44 Yank 'I'uwe'l', Not Lfmdon B V - H nnns nu-n----..Q......,.W,...,........ 'n"'i--ima , ridge Southendwaswhat you might 1-:ill tha- 4-,nivy lsliurl ul Iquul ,nj sonebig3muSementpsig-k :ami git night it looks-il lilu- .i rom in Itwgle The bright signs I-will "lDuii't Miss thi- Pwr' lllumiiizitw in . ll 113. "WS 1' lifvvlv iiwv lvl' QI tluii1m'ss", :uid wo enj0Yed both' i s true of other P0145 'Pl Will. 5UUllN'llii providml mzmy oi' nan, as we AS wa . , . ChanCe to See lzimous cities ni-nrhy, ln this case it wus S 3 , i d Lyndon, Big, Beaiutilul, Bustling, Bailmy, London. On zi clean' afternoon yOu could see whitv hits in :md out ol' plzicos like thc- London Westminster Abbey Bucleinughzun Puluco, and Tower Of ' f ' i ' of course the fabulous "Pict-:iililly Circus", the closest thing to Si -12nd St." lfor those ol' us who were able to iiTimeS Square see London it will always bu :in unlorgvtzililo experience with n book full of snapshots to show for it. Regretting we had so little time, we set sziil and lost our re.. grets quickly, for we were headed for the "Lund of the Midnight ? Sun", Norway. -6 Westminster Abbey 5 ' -J 9 I f, ' .. lass 1 iuanna,nw,.,. , Tours, Tourists, and Shore Patrol K WS Buckingham l':iI:uvv This one got lost. f' - 3 LA! 'UND 7 '5' 's ,- C gf fx!-7 X- M,-X -.3 -gl ?-.4-5? i J" Upon arrival in Trondheim, which is the third largest city in Norway, our Honor Guard part-i icipated in 11 War Memorial Parade and did a won-i derful job. A lot of us went to "Hell" here!! ToHe11anll back that is. You may ask why, or how! We11,, we on the MURRAY are a very determined bunch, and so when someone comes up to us and said,,l "Why don't you go to Hell" we answered as any whole blooded American male would, "Why don't, you go to Hell yourself. So what did we do? Wel all went to Hell!!! Hell is a small town about 20a Nature Lovers miles away from Trondheim and it was a stop on a sight seeing tour many of us went on. The Rowing Club of Trondheim sponsored two nights of dancing and fun at the "SKANSEN". The' ship'sJazz Combo furnished the music on the out- side, and a wonderful time was had by all. Then. once again we are on our way, and this time to the misty, mystic Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Q. More Tourists Celebrities! ! More 'Posing , More Pictures , -W . ,, W .v- -H Mix x,,. -tux' "S be sg, L' s 65,42 ' -N'-. N' " -Tr- .,,, fu .kk-we -sb-QV.-5, "f. ,x 'gtg fig,-me q Cadence Count Ai 6 V I, V f on 1 1 I fl, , . , F1 , ff f, I , ' u Parade Rest The "Brass" -,: h I M, . we .,?f,.,' F ' " ' ,.:.3'5' 'V , -L 1 .ag l :s,"N- In 'I'r'ibutf! W0 M1110 13? ' S 'S..,"'j,i w. ff ,, ' ,W ,, ,' ,V ,WW , f 5, , rw M 9 f+:fw'f'w,j? ' 'Q K S, JFK, -.g?.,!f "' , I. 361. Q Q. p.r'I ' ii. 7. N V Y' K M , M f g 3 A -.x sh' J - ,,.,-vc-s--. NKLL 4 P Trondheim Troubcadours Some of us went to He11--- ' if f"'r- X 'ff H ,Q -V-Wt,o1,:lkrr pivtu mm ---to take pictures ---to buy refreshments gff"'lf S J X Q . X xY.' N..N. ,Q ? I g Q- T 'S x w ., rxwwi , - -10 buy postcardS Tw Wx x. 1 I , 1, ,U ff J V 'fi' I Q . 7 Q f 3 Q YT! . gil' A ' 'ic ,, . f,, Q 'Qu-0 ' g xg ' , 'L W, , wx i 2 ff' ,W " 4 9 f Z , 6 , Q Zi mm fn l Real kilts and bagpipes. You can say what you want about a Scotchman, but we know him as ajolly, hospitable, person, We all eujoyedbonnie Dundee and it' r Andrews golf course, Scotch maid QW, ens dances, and Scotch maidens . f 555,55 Q Close by, in Edinburgh, the an- D fx .H il. ,I . fl, ' . i MV If 'W' s St. g - , M 5 'O 5 nual Art and Music Festival was q K ', underway, and we lost no time get- up ting over and looking around. . , I We were host toagroup of Wrens A . in Dundee and in turn were guests A 11,5117 - ., ... VAR .1"" if erous social occasions. ' The wee Jazz Combo Coutu L Xfg 5. I9 .Q ff? ' N of the Royal Scotch Navy on num Glass, and Frost stole the show i,,,,,,, " again, and earned the title, "Con- f i tinentals", for their performances. "" All in all, there's a wee bit of our i ' hearts scattered over the heather of ' I - bonnie Dundee, andwe willmissit tj Edinburgh Castle y We wanted to see the festival---some saw thc princess. -. I Cena Pin Ball M :wh im' X O' Genius at WO,-1, Ored The Blac If Hole i pay Day Nntzonal Broa dc asting C N ompany F rn- M i 11 ,-I-H" I 1 vb A-012' in 1---' Ari? Iron Duke 4 il , ui Big Mess Poker Faces I "Slim" Jim 2 . lr"' 2-f' Hsin-A I vu' "S'mi1in"' Jim Watch the birdie. J. Arthur Rank S X Chef lie Standby with brushes. 1 -..,,,.,, All fOr' me 7 '2 -nw. ll -1.2. 9 . -Q 2 Lf f b jf, 1' 1' 1 W "' ' hy I " ' L' 4-QW" W I , W 4 av ' ' 'Z' ff do 1' Everybody gets dunked. All gadgets sweet. Yr Is your name I"1':1m'is'?'? 1 --.3-'im' 2 my ,f ,fi li ,, -S+. Did you say swap 'P '?--- ---on the Pierce 'I 'I This one ,qoes a bit faster -.......a--"" f X 2 r 1 1 , 1 E .,,,,e, s., 4 4 ipywo. XI' ' 2 if gfhy- I Va . S, il ,var -1 1 Sure, we answer all be11es. y 4 , What! ! No Comedy? ir. ,o.o S- Off Duty One up -- One down. T Q, Qual' 443' rf , ? R f i D if A ll, ,ak X st. On Duty Popsoflonl Ad Cooh! I See ru Q I n 5 f wx ir. M V ......-ai Standby Mushroom or Toadstool? I E usd i . X and -I '1 iff. or Murray Merry-go-round A ,f ,L ,, - gn W, , f f ff fvlo wf f 2 o , 4 if 57,11 ZZ ' wwf ! I Fire! It's very noisy on tho mount. But not here . ,,.-f--'N'-,xxx 5 4 Inside otonly Stl years the city ol l'fsbjt'i'g4 grew lrom a small hamlet into Ll beautiful new modern oily ol? ova-r 51000. l-Isbjerg provided fun lor the more sport's minded men as they have ai very beautitiul new modern Sport'S Park with accommodations for many tlil'lt'i'viit sports. Then there's the famous Island oi' lfano, whiuh many ofthe men visited on a tour provided us. Fanodelight- ed us with it's beautiful long sandy beaches and the old horse drawn bath houses. From Esbjerga few of us were able to visit the fam- ous city ofCopenhagen, "Wonderful, Wonderful, Copen- hagen, renouned for it's beauty and adventure. As in Bremen the MURRAY opened it's hatches for Danish orphans, and brought them a bit of Christmas in September. Modern Hans Anderson P' !ll ,qt Q Q , , S51 YT! fine :Ii tl 'f' 4 sinful lhzllilmg 'Cvfqllay I Got Cha" Torquay is another of Eng1and's resort towns full of excitement and fun for everyone. Similar to Southend it's Illumination blinded us and was a sight to remem- ber. Again we ran into the sign "It's a Lovely Day for a Guinness", and it was. We'1l never forget the 400 Club which provided an evenings entertainment for many of our crew members. We certainly did enjoy the music of Harry Bence, one of Englands up and coming Big Bands. Our Jazz Combo was invited to play with Harry and that they did, doing a "Smashing Job". Next stop Boulogne, France. ' A. fa The "I11um1nat1ons" - W is -'i"""' " A A 1 Nice '? a vP'.'ih""fg9 This ff ' 'fi 'B y, .43 , . ..,. , WQQKM.. We were Famous Boulogne is located about 100 miles fro ' m Paris, and is the largest fishing port in France. Being very close to Paris, many of us were able to journey there to enjoy this beautiful, mysterious, fun-loving City, with it's Eiffel Tower, Moulon Rouge, Arch of Triumph, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Pigalle, and many more places of interest. Sadly we said good bye to France and Paris and crossed the channel to our last port of call, Ports- mouth, England, then home. ,X iriyf' . 'T ' X 'o1"'-QHQV - 'Nig Just Looking "Notre Dame" 313 9 Q i I Guy Pairisans WN AGAIN Good News? On The Way Home swim Anchor Pool Payoff Glad To Se Y r e a 1 A LOOK BACK The fabulous cruise of the USS MURRAY in 1954 produced an interesting array of facts and figures. It's a fact that at least two of us got engaged, one married and many more fell in love, some two or three times. We steamed a total of 22,360 miles, ate 338, 609. 49 worth of food, drank 2 tons of coffee, were paid 5110,513, spent S1l0,5l4, and arrived home broke. We visited 22 cities in 7 countries on 7, 214 liberties. Did we have a ball? You figure it out! If DIVISION ,g gi Front Row, L to R: Goudreault, R., Morrison, Fredickson, Schaufler, Levesque, Muff, Donnelly, Carey, Brewer, Hanson, Battista, Danahy, Desando Back Row, L to R: Cantrall, ENS Smythe, Smith G.A. , Roth, Kilgore, Smith J.R., Edje, Howard, Gaida, Ackerman, Crossley, Oldendorf, Hinkson, Rippeon, Compton, Smelko , Buffum, Waelde, Englehardt, Hoffman, Jordan, Lopez, Stanfield, Drake FIRST DIVISION 'l"4 Front Row, L to R: Whitehouse, Nobles, Davis, Mikalsen, Johnson Back Row, L to R: ENS McGinty, Taylor, Forgety, Barnett, Scott, Wilson, Green,A.R., Wallace, Anderson, Harris, Green I. D. , Hall Blevins S DIVISION ,W W Front Row, L to R: Donaldson, Collard, McClure, Wade, Jacob Howard, Morehead, Singer, Patterson, Deguzman, Moody Back Row, L to R: Priddy, LTJG Nelson, Stevenson, Williams, Graham, Freeman, Severan, Gagel, Edje, Edwards, Simmons, Zultanky, Misnik, Hodges, Hildebrand, Dale, McGowan S EC OND DIVISION Front Row, L to R: Holstein, Kipuros, Mead, Napier, Conner, Donna, Griffith, Dragich Back Row, L to R: ENS Duffy, Blausey, Thomas, Cockrum, Covell, Basile, Douglas, Placido Good, Kurdziel, Spaanbroek, Greco, Vaughn, Burbul, Riley, Hill, oberg v Buck, Allen at THIRD DIVISION Front Row, L to R: Feeney, Hoag, Riggs, Mitchell, Marx, Holman, Frost, Rogers Back Row, L to R: LTJG Bower, Martin, Rydelek, Roby, Graybeal, Sucech, Donahue, Bolton Harrington, Carroll, Nichols, Frederick, Glass, Kerhli, Wright, Miles C Division Front Row, L to R: Taylor, Damato, Pardick, Fischer, McLaughlin, King Back Row, L to R: ENS Fennell, Duffy, Olson, Good, Pearce, Paris, Jernigan: Benner' Beaudoin, Hall, Coutou, Gagner, Good B.R. , Gaulden, Burt B R DIVISION i'4""BllI?l' Front Row, L to R: Lloyd, Galdenzi, Hunting, Rodriquez, Cattell, Coker, Zerr Back Row, L to R: ENS Paffrath, Connon, Schlupp, Hockey, Ward, McCall, McLean, Miller, Masterson, Werthner, Phillips, Walden, Nussbaum, Wood, ENS Meurer , Ridge, Good O DIVISION Ka, .,,....4.,'F ..q Left to Right: LTJG Saunders, Spenard, Callecod, Nichols, Wagner, Perry, Ingram , Sponziello, Sloan, McKinley, White, Forman, Walker yzfur c ui 5 book . ,594 R. E. Smythe f' "N K. v. McGinity Xi N Q X is J. Frost and R. S, Marx J.J. Harrington and W. A. Lewis STA FF Photography . . .. . . Art and Layout. . . Editor ................. R. E. Smythe Business Manager. . . . . . .J.J. Harrillgto K. V. MCGinitY ....R.S. Marx 2 r W. A. Lewis 2 J. Frost . M. Freidman V.S. Bo1t0I1 P. Duffy I 1 2 3 4 5 if PLYMOUTH 7 3 i ' .3 am. m iw' 4 , L, M 2 ,gpm--1 ' ' . ,' fl W6-M ,fm .Q- my -wi V .l1.. "' " W., W .,. L, r f-P ' , 'Vx ' . vw k puqm .,,k wk-ng., 1 'mn . , .wmam was. 4: ...f .-Q'-qv, ,A M---W M Mm' t ,Wx M. nw 'Nw i m- vs fx' ,, I ff n, ,W-1: .555 4, v1 , 5' M fvf,,, ..,.. , ., - ,. , 5 ' . I A N, of F K My W Av nl ,NV I A wwqy. gl- ' ' : , M ,,4""i' iw. , w,...,. ..r..f.wn-Q.. ' - Q.-sw ,.--Q Q ,Wan mf "VW "Sh 'Q ,Nm V ff 4. ,f 43 -,1 vcwylmff-f f V' , , 'wr-1f 7" " ' y-,,.0 ,, ffV'fuw.,, ,- f W ,W QM fffffff ' 'W WW A , , .. f , , "Miha Q . X h 0,5 f W., ..-., , , k M,7.,T"l11 W"M M ,,,'N, I 1, A ,nd WZ' , M, 'L f,.., F , ff. ,, wwf Arm ,X ,ww W ' ,uv-w ,W .. ,, MY Y Mug f H :-.1 V014 W , AM, "' 8 .H ' ... ,., ,,- will ' M " w"A0 ...LQ -swf . 'wvwuf ,M fb . 5-Q ,M 44,4-m4h 'JM . so :WV nl! f A , -nu' , M M, .. ' A-an ,vla- Warw " M" ' K ,M ww M.. -, 0 1 x ,gf f K X Wfwmi-..m,, 'Y ,., M., w rv f 4 00" J, If VN va- I

Suggestions in the Murray (DDE 576) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Murray (DDE 576) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

Murray (DDE 576) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

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1954, pg 68

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1954, pg 50

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1954, pg 61

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