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Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Xa 1 3: -- sf 15 V 1 . LJ f-'4 L ' . jf 12: , 1 1 , x,'f 5f? m x , Q - pf . .e 4 F .' "- I- f f .LR J ,ggi U , , . , Y, A ' f K . 2, . ' e 1 xi, I x V i , is 9, J xg , ve 2 , X5 f L. n.a!f+""""""'7' 5 1. 5 .gen JL .n MV f Wa A J pQy4,,5af4..A,A lff"M":'Q..,.f4zf,.,:.f ,OW , X f ' 1 ? 20 GJ ' A dee., QW-mwi MQ W"m .1 SZMDWQWM V 1 M" iw Q in J' .J . -. 5 5 ,ga . ' .Aiwa EW Sb , 333539: Ef5JaQ'rS2f M TSA GQ Gbps-IQQUQ Rgjgivgx wc, SPNVN9 ' 2 If I, ofa 'Me 7950 Salaam qfefmlcfa 746 quam Qafifee Wulf- karen of Pzagaeac 776 7 '34 QS, Aww Sam Pwdacueu efe v Page Two sw' "Amid tim broml, grvcn pla.i1zs that nourish our land For lz.01wst labor and for Zeahrning we strmrk' 1950 Crimson, and Corn :ni 1011 3-,101-,Q1:4.11-1-.1-vi--1410101--1.niuzuzuingni- 2- 101--:oilniuiniuz--1--1-rg Ami unfo fhw wiv plmlgv our lzmrf and lzrmd, llwur Alum .'llrzz'w', Murphy H1'gl1!" 1-,'21'Il'1ui..inin2u3ngn:4r1u3u303n11'ini-11014rin1n1n3-ning Page Three 1950 Crimson and Corn DllifiilDliillllliilPillilbillillillilli!IQ!D11lilD14111Illll!l10l1li0l4lllll0Qll1llQilQlll0l0l 101 C MURPHYSBORO TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL SENIOR PUBLICATION MURPHYSBORO, ILLINOIS STAFF Editor . . . . Bill Hofmann Associate Editor . Jeanne Joyce Chief of Literary Staff Ruth Sabine Business Manager . . Ted Ross Assistant Business Manager . . , Betty Lavell Sponsor . LITERARY STAFF Faculty Advisor . Girls' Sports Mrs. May V. Waite . . . Miss Mary Sauer Mary Rose Butcher Clubs . . . Jack Miller Calendar . Sue Naumer Classes Gerry Nordmeyer at Sports . Willard Rhine Sports Kenneth Stewart Music . . Teresa White Photographs John Ed Worthen TYPISTS Georgia Borchelt ' Mayfield Fritz Betty Stahler Ann Browne Elizabeth Graeff Jean Williams Betty Eastman Barbara Mileur Jo Ann Williams Wilma Fisher Ruth Saupe Pauline Worthen BUSINESS STAFF FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Louise Templeton Mr. John Wathen Mary Jean Biggs Wayne Cross Mattie Hibbler Delores Pope Phyllis Blacklock Ronald Flowers Bob Jewell Francis Puttmann Frank Borgsmiller Freddie Belle Ford Clara Massey Pearl Reese Ardrick Butler Johnie Mae Ford Mary Jean McIntyre Frances Schiro Augusta Ruth Cline Dick Gardner Cato McKinnie Bill Smith Mary 'Carol Cline Roberta Graff Norma McMillian Vernon Smith Charlotte Clough Henry Grob Betty Nausley Bryan Snider Joe Congiardo Tom Hamilton Donald Newhouse Charles Walton Richard Copin Louise Hawes Dan Penrod Charles Williams Photographer . Mohler's Studio Printing The Daily Independent QUWUQKIWIDWIYWI it iii0101011l1010CDlPl0ll101011litlillilbl0l01010l0llD1010l0l bl D14 C Page Four 1950 Crimson and Corn - Dedication A half-century ago the townspeople voted into our community a new high school. The school was dedicated to guide and instruct the students who would enter her portals then and in the future. The school has not failed in this manifest duty. Her constant progress in all respects is truly character- istic of the great men and women who found- ed her. The school commands a place in the hearts of all alumni. We, the staff, are honored to have the privilege of dedicating this annual to our first half-century of progress: progress that was brought about by the students and administrators of the past. Not merely with words do we dedicate this book, but with a deep, sincere feeling in our hearts and a devotion to our schoo1's honored tradition. The following pages are hereby dedicated to an account of th-is progress. And so we dedicate .... 1sic1014111vicxioioilbilrinicxinrloioirrixri ni 1101010101 sic1410101031riricsiriclclitimvizxiflcrisnixlcxicsisiniririetavd Page Five 1950 Crimson and Corn - Table of Contents 2 1011 1031 it 1010101020101021lic114D11111111l1uin11mioi11ioZoZ4li HISTORICAL SKETCH ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS UNDER-CLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING ADVERTISING M. T. H. S. HERALD l1n11ri1x1o1111v1 ini 11211: 1 Z 2 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 31 111: Page Six 1950 Crimson and Cora - Historical Skctclz of M. T. H. pt-1o1u1ugo2o1o3-ngt'14'init11-iinioioioioxtvinrioinittitnitvit'11'11xioioioioioioioioq HISTORICAL SKETCH Our building, as it appears today, was not always the beautiful, two-story, buff-colored brick Town- ship lligh School. ln the beginning M. T. H. S. was only a dream in one man's heart. He could toresee the value to the entire township of having a high school. Its influence would extend not only to the students but also, through them. to their parents and neighbors. So this man, Ellis ll, Rogers, formerly a superintendent, of Murphysboro City Schools, began with patient et't'ort to sell his idea to the leading citizens of Olll' city. lle pointed out the advantage of having a school t'or the high school pupils only, who then were forced to attend school with grade school pupils. ln a new building the students could conduct their activities, sports, plays. etc., with no fear of disturbing the grade school pupils. Ltlr. Rogers pointed out to citizens the advantage of an auditorium for their plays and graduations. lle reminded them ot' the first formal graduation in 1800. There was only one pupil i11 this class and she was determined to have a formal graduation. This necessitated a special meeting of the board ot' education to approve the plan to appropriate five dollars to rent a hall for the graduation. The first thing to be accomplished. through the persistent efforts of lllr. Rogers, was a general election held at the court house on Saturday, April 14, 1900. for the purpose of voting for or against a proposition to establish a township high school. The p1'oposition carried. The second accomplishment was the election of the first hoard ot' education for a township high school. The third step toward the accomplishment of the goal set by lllr. Rogers was an election to vote for or against a proposition to issue bonds to the amount of 5l422,000 for the erection and equipment ot' a suitable building. The bond issue was voted on and carried. A tract ot' three and onerhalt' acres of ground, located in the Clarke and Logan addition to the city of Murphysboro, belonging to Tom Logan, and adjoining Logan Park, was chosen as the site for the building. In 19210 the State ot' Illinois selected this campus as the appropriate spot for the location ot' the .lohn A. Logan memorial. The plans for the building were prepared by .Xlr. .l. IJ. Drake ot' Alurphysboro, The contract for the erection ot' the building was awarded to Messrs. Russell, Drake and Vo. January 11, 1901, who immediately began the work of construction. The t'irst building was erected in the center of a huge campus. llere, in the midst of this large tract ot land. the new building seemed a lonesome object. The townspeople wondered why a big new school was being built "way out in the country." M. T. H. S. 1900 ..--M" ,..11it111v1.12-,102-,Soi-lztlzt.101-,xt11-izoioi-nxt-1 -gogoitqt1101-,103,init-xoxo:-'ini--Q 'Tlzc old orrlcr frlzaugetlt . . . Page Seven 1950 Crimson and Corn QOQOQOQOQOQODOQOQOQOQ0.0QOQOQOQIYQ!IQ!iQ!lQllQllQllQl!Qll,1lQilQ!bQilQ1bQ1 QOQUQUQUQ UQUQ Since Mr. Rogers had been Principal of the Murphysboro City High School, he was advanced to the position as the first principal of M. T. H. S. The teachers who served under him on the first faculty were Roscoe C. McCormick, Mrs. Kate Chapman, and Aneta Baldwin. To Mr. Rogers, undoubted- ly, goes the honor of the title, "FATHER OF M. T. H. S." Mr. Rogers served as principal here until 1905, when he moved to Everett, Washington, where he had been elected principal of the high school. When Mr. Rogers left, the board of education chose Mr. Edwin E. McLaughlin to fill the office of principal. Mr. McLaughlin spent the years from 1905-1907 here as principal. "As an ardent advocate of prac- tical education he succeeded in introducing into the High School manual training and other practical activities." Following Mr. McLaughlin as principal was Mr. Edward E. Van Cleve. During his three years at M. T. H. S., from 1907 to 1910, efforts were made to beautify the campus. Trees that were selected for variety and were typical of the native woods of Southern Illinois were planted and are now flour- ishing in full maturity. It was during Mr. Van Cleve's term as principal that the teacher who is probably the best known of any to the people of Murphysboro first came to M. T. H. S. - Miss Anna Taggart. She is prob- ably best remembered as a Latin teacher. Miss Taggart was an outstanding teacher and a leading, civic-minded citizen of Murphysboro for thirty-one years. During these years she was also an able assistant to the principals: Mr. Todd, Mr. Caldwell, and Mr. Nicholas. Upon her retirement in 1940 she spent several years in Murphysboro and then moved to Carthage, Missouri, but still has retained a warm friendship for and an interest in Murphysboro, its citizens, and its activities. When Mr. Van Cleve left M. T. H. S., Mr. G. J. Koons, the assistant principal, was promoted to the office of principal. He remained here from 1910 to 1917. In March, 1911, the school was first placed on the accredited list of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Mr. Koons saw the need for landscaping the campus and, by acting promptly, was able to secure expert help for this work from the University of Illinois. The campus was allowed to be a project for the University's Agriculture School. Students, under the guidance of an instructor, visited the campus and recommended a plan. The only expense to the school was the cost of shrubs. Following Mr. Koons, Mr. A. N. Thurston was principal of the high school. Mr. Thurston's work began in the fall of 1910. Chemistry, physics, physiology, and physical geography were his principal subjects. He taught some agriculture as well as assisting in coaching basketball and baseball. In 1917 Mr. Thurston was appointed principal of the high school, which position he held one year. On leaving the high school Mr. Thurston was appointed chemist for the Ohio State Board of Health at Columbus, Ohio. The new principal of M. T. H. S. was Idr. M. N. Todd. Since the years he was in Murphysboro were filled with exciting events, perhaps, they can best be told in his own words. "I was recommended as one capable for the position by a former superintendent of mine who was also at one time principal of M. T. H. S. I refer to Mr. E. E. Van Cleve. "The school's enrollment increased rapidly from about four hundred students to five hundred and fifty. More room was needed and the Home Economics Building was erected in 1920 at a cost of :B8,500. By 1923 the enrollment was past the six hundred mark. The crowded condition demanded more room and modern buildings, and so the board invited the alumni, business and professional men and women, the editors of the local papers to visit the school for observation. Later a mass- meeting was held and the board, acting on the wishes of the meeting, asked the voters to confirm a bond issue of 3150.000 It cariied and two large and excellent buildings were erected. "Now let us leave the building feature and enumerate the respects in which M. T. H. S. can be classified as the pioneer school of Southern Illinois. It has the honor of ranking among the first of the schools to expand the cu1'riculum in the following ways: the first or second township high school, since one other high school claims the same honorg first to establish the Smith-Hughes Home Economics corrsesg second school to establish a full time accredited teacher for girls' physical education, first high school in the United States to establish an extensive laboratory for testing poul- try for egg-laying characteristicsg first to establish a slide rule for valuating school grades on individual differences and probability curve, and first school in Illinois to establish on a permanent basis the forty-five minute nine-period day. M. T. H. S. did boast of the largest art display of oil paintings and prints in the halls of the school, but most of these were destroyed by the tornado. -"Inf1918 football was organized when very few schools had reinstated it after the war. As for bas- ketball we had no gym so the friends down town made up a purse of 5400 and the school had a pie- social which netted another S400 with which they remodeled the Old Pavilion in Logan Park by arch- ing the ceiling. "Then came the tornado of March 18, 1925. The Old Central building was entirely destroyed and much damage was done to the other three buildings. Fortunately the board carried S125,000 tornado Page Eight 1950 Crimson ami Corn ...-..-.,-.,-..-..-..-.......-,.-..-..-.-..-..-..-......-.,-..-..-......-.,-..-......-.....,-..-..-..-.,-..-..-.,- insurance which was secured only a few months before. and the State Legislature allotted tFtiT.000 for rehabilitation. The records will show that 55.500 was returned to the state. School opened within a tnonth under very unfavorable conditions. The motto ran: DOWN, HUT NOT OUT. Let me pause one moment to pay homage to the three fellow students who lost their lives in the debris. "Those nine years at Murphysboro Township lligh School were the best 111111 most ambitious years ot' my life." Mt. Atvel taldwell tollowed Mr. Todd as principal of lll. T. ll. S. Ile remained here from the year 1027 to 1029. Whcn Lllr. Caldwell left .llurphysboro, Mr. Albert Nicholas came to take over his office. llc be- came principal in the fall ot' 1020. That was the year of the beginning ot' the era known as the de- pression. The enrollment of the school was down to 400 and finances were difficult. Many schools in Southern Illinois were unable to pay their teachers during the next several years. but Alurphysboro was fortunate in being able to pay the teachers at all times. lluring his seventeen years as principal of ill. T. H. S. the enrollment rose from 400 to 6210, wl1ic11 is still thc record. Mr. Nicholas and his staff of teachers broadened tl1e curriculum during the years from 19250 to lil-tti, They developed the music department to a fuller extent, added metal shop, brought back foods which had been dropped out some years before, added photography, psychology, and office practice. XVhile Mr. Nicholas was in alurphysboro. he was president ot' the Illinois State lligh School Prin- cipals' Association t'or three years and was also president of the Southern Division of the Illinois Edn- cational Association. Mr. Nicholas was an active member of many local clubs and civic organizations. In both music and athletics the school won many championships during those seventeen years. Two ot' the most outstanding football teams were the championship teams of 19210 and 1042. ln music the outstanding year was 15140 when the band went to the national contest at Kansas City. When Mr. Nicholas left Murphysboro to go to Anna, Mr. Fred Shappard came here from Marion to fill the position as principal. There have been some minor changes during Mr. Shappard's term as principal here, such as adding civics as a required subject, but the major change is the construction work going on at the present time. To the old building we are adding a new gymnasium, a cottage t'or the home economics department with the band room in the basement. and a new building for the manual training department. Through one-half century of progress M. T. ll. S. has developed into its appearance ot' today. with its impressive building, extensive equipment. beautiful campus, and modern stadium. lloards. facul- ties. engineers with their corps ot' workers and, most i1nporta11t as well as most mnnerous. the total student enrollment have each contributed to the development ot' tl1e school today. Ruth Sabine, '50 M. T. H. S. 1950 .WV N .. ..., -.. . .gs 1 V - . -V ...,. .,,.. ,,t'S1au. ..... t-.- ., . -1 , ' ' N S it .......-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..................-..-.,-..-..-..-......-......-..-..-..-.,-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- . . . Ullflflilllg placc to new." - Tennyson Page Nine v W 901010141 Former Aclmfi1zistmto1's of M. T. H. S. CSM: H'I-8f0l'ff'lll Sketch? 01010141014114:Quinini:xi:,gmminmi:mi:121111rimx3o1o1u1u1cs1n1u34ni ELLIS H. ROGERS A. B., Ph. D. 1901 - 1905 ANNA TAGGART A. B., M. A. 1909 - 1940 EDWIN E. MCLAUGHLIN A. B. 1905 - 1907 A. N. THURSTON A. B. 1917 - 1918 EDVVARIJ E. VAN CLEVE A. B. 1907 - 1910 M. N. TODD A. B. XT X 1918 - 1927 if. J. 140055 1910 - 1914 ALBILRI IX ICHOLAE A. B., M. A. 1929, - 1946 D.1014'111201-x1u14x1u2-,ini11:1 cl 1 3 :gui 1 1 I iu21xinin1u1oio1111 Page Ten E xx ij V D 70 74a ?. fidmmmmfew X and it 1 ?wfffff f ' di if f 1950 Q 1950 Crimson and Corn - Administmtion DtHQIYQ1IllPQII,IYQlPl!IllHQ!iQ!1-1YQIDQR7,41,4U21D24IQ!lQlUQ!lQOQOQllQOQU-0QOQlbQOQOQOQOQlYQllQUQ JOHN PURCELL, P1'esident RAY HAGLER DR. Il. W. VVILLIS Eight Years of Service Five Years of Service Four Years of Service BOARD OF EDUCATION May 12, 1900, is an important date in the history of the Murphysboro Township High School. It was on this nieinoruble occasion that the first board of education was elected. The ineinbers chosen were Charles L. Ritter, presidentg John S. Norman, secretary, Riley G.Huff1l1U11Q VVillia1n J. W'al1erg and Phil D. Herbert. Now, as in former years, board nienibers are selected from prominent citizens whose priinary i11- te1'est is the advancement of the coininnnity. These nien, giving freely ot their time, receive no remuneration otheigythan the satisfaction of rendering u valuable service to their fellow citizens. We feel that the work of the board could be better snnnnarized in the innnortul words of the Eng- lish soldier and poet, Sir Philip Sidney: "Doing good is the only certainly happy action of at l1lll11'S life." G. J. NORDMEYER CARL HARDY, Clerk DR. GLENN OZBURN Three Years ot Service Three Years of Service Two Years of Service puzn14r:n:ozu2u:1 1 1 1:aiu1o1oqsuzui11it1141isiz1iz:ri1mi:11114111limx3oio1uioin1o1o1::C Page Twelve X 1950 Crimson and Cora - ,AYlIIlf'IIfSIfl'llfI'0lI it , ,t l Mr. Shappard, who has been principal at Lll. T. ll. S. since 1946, was born in Metropolis, Illinois, and attended high school there. lie received his 'B. Ed. degree from Southern Illinois Vniversity and his' M. A. degree from the llniversity of Illinois. ln 1925 M1'. Shappard began his teaching career in thc rural schools in Massac County. Following that he taught at lirookport lligh School where, in addition to a heavy academic schedule. he was basket- ball coach. From 1931-42 he was assistant principal at Marion lligh School. In 1942 he was promoted to prin- cipal and reinained there in that capacity until 1946 at which time he canie to Itlurphysboro to succeed Mr. Albert , Nicholas. FRED H. SHAPPARD TO THE STUDENTS OF M. T. H. S.: I consider it an honor and a privilege to be associated with you as we celebrate tl1e fiftieth anni- vcrsary of the Murphysboro Township lligh School. The progress of the school from year to year depends upon each illld every one of us. l'1n sure we are all proud of our school. Therefore, to keep our school among tl1e best, let us pledge ourselves to put forth greater effort jgthelfuture than we have in the past. Those of you who are graduating can still do much to help iri2'ti'ntain the tradition- W ww-A-t OFFICE FORCE AND MGNITORS This spring' Mrs. llean Gardner will ' have completed twenty-eight years of loyal service as secretary to the princi- ' pal. Also at the end of this school year Miss Cliffie Stewart will have completed twenty-three years of faithful service as registrar. Cliffie and llean, as they are better known to the studcnts, are ably ally high standards of M. 'l'. H. S. assisted by n corps of monitors who are as follows: Charlotte Bean. Mary .lea11 Higgs, Charles Ih'itlg'es, llelen lluford, Mary Kose Butcher, Augusta ltuth Cline, Wayne Cross, Ronald Flowers, Madelyn flotway, Toni Hamilton, Beverly lla1't. Gerald Krawczyk, Mary .lean Mclntyre, 1 Willard Rhine, lleba .lo Roberts, Virginia Sims, Raymond Underwood, .lohn Ed 1 Vvorthenl ILEAN GARDNER CLIFFIE STEVVART ,.,103,301-13111111f1ogo1o1u11,gtrg.nit,gaitvit,gt,gt111110101034r1o:v3oio21v:o2o1o2o2oc .'Ml4I'l'.lf marc bccomcs thc nlayisfrufe than the I"i7Lf,l.l'!Lffl7I' PH:-re Thi1'lP0n wrattlt wltliclt man call justice." -Longfellow 1950 Crimson and Corn - Faculty RUTH ADAMS B. S. in Ed. - Clothing Southeast Missouri State College Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Nine .IEWELL BERRIER B. S. in Ed., M. S. - English Assistant Principal Central Missouri State College University of Missouri Years of service at M. T. H. S.f Twenty ESTA ARNETTE ll. S. in Ed. A Spanish, English Southern Illinois University Years of service at M. T. H. S.f0nc JAMES HLACKWOOD li. S. in Ed. - Qllatheniatics, World History Southern Illinois University Years of service at M. T. H. S.fEleven EDVVARD BENCINI B. S., M. S. in Ed. - Mathenialics. Coach Monmouth College Years of service at M. T. H. S.- Twelve LXIAIIJORIE BOUCHER 13. of Ed. - French, English, Latin Southern Illinois University Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Three PAULINE S. BENCINI B. of Ed. - Physical Ed.. Typing Southern Illinois University Years of service at M. T. H. S.fTwo HARRY CRAVER B. ot Ed. M Livics, Geneiul Science, Sociology Southern Illinois Unive1'sity Xeuis of SQIVICB at M. T. H. S. Th1 ee Page FOUWHOH 'iLife is but a confifmal course of instruction."-IC. Hill 14ni:ri010i020101010i4riniioioioiuioin 1 1 ni 110301014 1950 Crimson and Com - Faculty inifsininvi0:0i0i010i010i:-303:1011innil11vin103034ri:nzwinrinri-riuioioinrininioq ELMA DEY X B. S. - Homemaking University of Illinois Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Two EMMA HOUGH ll. A., D. S., M. S. - Librzirian, Play Director University of Illinois Southern Illinois University Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Ten 0 STEPHEN DOZIER A. ll. - English, Assistant Coach ,., Cartilage College 'Years of service at M. T. H. S. - Twenty MAPLE JOYCE ll. S. - Woodwork Southeast Missouri State College Years of service at M. T. II. S. - Twenty-six EDWARD HAKN Music Southern illinois University Years ot' service at M. T. H, S.-Three ELIZAISETII OLIVER li., M. A. - Commerce University of .Illinois A. Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Eleven HOMER HEAPE ll. S. - Agriculture University of Illinois Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Four JOHN SABINE ll. Ed., M. A. - Muthenlutics Southern Illinois University University of Colorado Years of services ut M. T. H. S. - Twenty-one 3010 ilbllbitlillitiillil P10101 Page Fifteen 901111010 1950 Crimson and Corn - Faculty 1Asicricrimriniuioiuzuinxioiuioioioin1:1vinmisrin1103024101010111101020101111 MARY SAUER A B. Ed., A. M. - Latin, English I Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Seven MAY V. VVAITE B. S. - English, Annual Advisor University of Illinois Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Nine , fdhdffi TH .MI B. S. - Biology, General Science Knox College Years of service ut M. T. H. S,-Eight RONALD VVEISS B. S. - Mechanical Drawing, Junior Advisor Southern Illinois University Years of service at IXI. T. ll. S.-Seven LOUISE TEMPLETON B. Ed., M. S. W Coninierce Southern Illinois University University of Colorado Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Six JOHN WATHEN IS. Ed., M. S. - History, World Geography Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Years of service at M. T. H. S.-Nine ROBERT WALDRON IS. S., M. S. - Metal Shop University of Missouri Years of Service at M. T. H. S.-Nine ELMER ZIEGLER B. S. - Science, Mathematics, Assistant Coach Southern Illinois University Yours of service :xt M. T. Il. S.4Four 5411030101112-I.: ozoiozuiozoiuiu1411-1141: Iwil11411020101010001111rioioioiuiui Page Sixteen I ninioi-nc 103011113 3--1-iioiuiugu 1950 Crinzsofn and Corn -- Faculty and Employees it-11110141201 114viuznrinininrx-11024riuin 1 1021 ni in C LUIS NEIHAUS ll. S. - l'hysim-ul Emlucalion. Typing MRS. HARLAN BAKER Assistant Mamigei' Years of Service-4 Southern Illinois University Years of Service at M. T. H. S. - One MRS. HENRY ROWALD MR. GEORGE WEBB Cafeteria Manager Janitor Years of Service-12 Years of Service-8 .IOIIN Sl'l'lOENBEliGEll .Iunitoi', Mlirpllysboro Schools 1890 - 1924 The John Sc-lioenhergei' Menioriul Plaque was presented to the high school January 31, 1950, hy the alumni. Mr. Schoenherger will A he 1'8ll19llllJt'l'Qd by many for his loyal service and kindly advice and the friendly smile with which he greetefl everyone. .Izinitors without 1lil'illl'9SI lllr. Alherl J2lllSS tservice-18 yearslg Mr. Joe Stevens fservice-11 yearslg Mr. George Crain fservice-7 yen:-sbt iuxoinx-ri-lg 1-1-110191-rx 141-11011 1 1-:num 1- 1- gli.111-2-v1u3u1n:n1-lx-iq Page Seventeen 1950 Crimson and Corn - CcLuglLt!!.' D rl!lllbiilfllillitlllIlllilliUl0l0i0lll1llQlYQKiii111ll0Q0illillQUl4hQlIQlITOQUQOi0QllitIQlliU "O wad soma Pow'r The giftie gicf us To sec outrsels as 'ithetrs see Las!" -Burns Top Row-Grandpa Wathell and Deborahg Ah, 1XIada111e!g Zig. Bottom Row-Handsome Harryg Harm on a Horn: Jim Olxininlnllriuiui01u1ni4ri il I ICD i rin? rininiuiuiuiirihiuinilrilhluiuifliuifloin! Page Eighteen pw? V' 5? if 3-' 2 ,L V' V fy V, ,W V. ,. V. wx, A V- , :lm M V, LV 1 '. TV V VfV j.,V3.-. ., ,, . V , V r? , ' ' M, . .1 P 3 1' A s wigs -V61-VVV: V1,V,jf1.V V .fn ff ffl gg' rf.. .V , Iqatfg 1 gp-ig V-'fi' 23,91 L, -' an. I 7 5, IV- Jim, l ' E332 r ,gy -j QT 21 Amex-V AJ, in z.. V., 315. ,VV 2'-mr V win 'V -A V PM A fi :MV 2 .ui 151 H5335 ' 12, afigff 5, Q b gfvw, V, Y'fkf?:f'LP'4V ' ' 'f2f'Il'fg , 1, V ,V , 553 izrg .:?G5ilg" Zigi?-VQ , -'25, 'ifff iii? a:f2V31A7 V' A 'far fl-ig ki 5543? aw. . t V. Q -Vx., ,V 'Em 'V' rfqpliqg Q Aff Q ' it 3-'lfcgw' JV.. ., v- '-fffflfy 'Q We E512 J is M5-I . My, J! 1 i ' 'f, ' 'Q fix? 9 kgafg Y' 5 1 .i,V'91: ' V -.. .h,, ,. "V"" '2W'f . , rf ff"1w g 5 ,T pf, , G . T' x. I pf K ' ff! fp 4 , g,e?f':3LV ,. N fi! ' 1.4 V ' ' . a 5ggjl:V, fjjf C11 1' M Qgiv V311-l , s.kTfLQ'V fm j 'J'ii,i1Y V , 1V?li'V5V' N55-ff 5.451211-' Cf: V " mil I ily V fx ' 4355 In V , aff' r if "'54::,rf Fifi' U M311 Vs: "f9f1"LW -4 Sig, t.'iL' fs: gg VTZAKZW' jfi Ki" ', nf' V4 T' fifin i w 7 1, , ' ' """ V: Y ""1 Vw, 1' s'fiiz'iiQE?w,1 LA f v LV., im ' V V ,Q , L . ' , . 'Q' ,.yg, .ri 1: ffl, ,I f' ' n ff x V . I V: . ,V 4 . .L ,Vw I 7 V V VN, ,. 'Aa1,.'f'Q:D L" V ', Li? -f,. 4 , .. V.' L' w3,.,4,V,V,L , Veg,-.... 1. ' Va -' x 'a . 2- e 1. QA ' ' WQa'ff u x. 11" ' H, 4. ....-' --Q43 -any 1,'5gLpp, .1 'f ,. V in-1 . .3211 V , VV . V VL V V :Vs 1 5- : GZ ' 1 VV f-pu, V .- . ' A Jydf' 4 W' 'S k r ' '4 f 'H , ,QT -V, 3 s . Vg -V .e.,yV-AV.. V ,.. 13, - ' s A 11. VV ,J 5' 11 V uw ,f ., ,L 6 v . .. ti , L' il ..- .V 4,5 -QV 'W V,-.-V? V .. 5. , an . ' I 'V' 2' V ,-Vu .r' ' ' - i' ' ,Y 8 - 1 A ' a 1 A HV.. ' 5 f'f W4 , J, R' ,K V, Ry.. I , is ' V V. mr , WJ V ' 1 'Q , ' ' 'mi A-:fl .1 if V Q ' In r-V' ' ' , . :Xi ig Nef. -Q, , 15 , - .. ,,f . ,Q ,. f 1 "5 1 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors 9 10302011 it121litlillitlitD14IilIiiiIDiIYi011PiUiliiIlilYiIiiililDlllifbiliifiiill0i010Z0i0i1lC SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .......... Ardis Smith Vice-President . . Bill Replogle Secretary . Mary Jean McIntyre CLASS SPONSERS Mrs. Emma S. Hough, Miss Louise Templeton Mrs. May V. Waite, Mr. John Wathen We, the class of 1950, are proud of our illustrious record. We feel that ours is no ordinary chronicle. Members of our class have been outstanding in athletics and music as well as other extra-curricular activities. Several of our number have had .exceptional scholastic records. Our four years at M. T. H. S. have been pleasant ones, indeed, and it is with regret that we leave behind our close friendships and pleasant associations which have brought us so much joy. Our class this year has 112 members. This is a great contrast to the class of 1902-nineteen in number-the first to be graduated from our present high school. These Seniors of 1902 were as follows: Anna Armstrong CMrs. Jonesl John Atkinson Maude Burroughs QMrs. Armstrongl Lelia Clark fMrs. Lee Picklerl Scott Cleland ' Ellery Deason Winnie Etherton QMrs. Boyd Thorpl Thomas W. Fraser Eugenia Freeman fMrs. Curtissl Gertrude Kimmel QMrs. Brownl Ethel Mayer Clarence Morgan Nellie Peirson fMrs. Fred Biererl Guy Qualls Margaret Smith fMrs. Rolinsl Pearl Spiller QMrs. Rogersj Myrtle Stephens fMrs. Ralph Sabinej Elbert Tygett -Jeanne Joyce, '50 DIIQOQUQWFQJIQUQUQOQOQKiQ!DQIDQIYQ CD Q 14 Q4IQ1lilIQ!111lQlIQ!lQllQllQIlQllQl7Q0i0Q010Qlli0i0Q Page Twenty "N ow our sands are almost run."-Shakespeare 1950 Crimson and Corn - Svniors l'A'l'lilCIA ADAMS ILOBEIVI' BARR CLAUDE BEASLEY Class llouors 1, 2, 33, 4: Chorus Honors 43 Class llouors 1, 2, 23: Class Honors 1. 2. 33 Football 2, il, Al: All-School Assembly 4: lut1'zmu11'ul liusketbzxll 2, Sl: 1: lllll'2Lllllll'2ll H2lSk9lh2lll 4: Junior Slzlllrl 323 Honiecomiug 4: liaml 2, Sl. 4: Senior Pluy Cust Junior Stund 23: Folk l'lz1nc-ing Girls' State 321 Pep Club 23 4: ll0lll8C'Ollllllf.f 2, Sl. 4: Folk Club 4. Folk Imiu-ing' Club 41 3lzul1'ig'ul Iluncing Club 4. Singers 4. ww, . . , z Q, .Q il .lg is MARY .IICAN IIICCS PHYLLIS ISLACKLOCK CICUIQCIA ISORCIIEIII' Auuuul Stuff Al: .llonilor 'lg llono1'sl,2:Clz1ssllo11o1'sl,2, Class llouors 2, il, 4: Chorus luuior Slum! Il: Chorus 43 lloiuv- Sl, 4: Chorus l, 43 l'4-p Club 2, 33. -lp If'l'em-l1C'lul1'l1 SlugvC1'ew voxniug -lg C. A, A. Il: Pep Il: Senior l'luy Cust -l: .Iuuior ll: Auuunl Stall'l'Al: .llllll0l'SlLl1lll Club 2, 22, Stand 333 Au1u1ulStui'I'4: lloiuv- Zig Pop Club Il: .Junior-Senior l'0llllll3.!,' 43 Folk 1lillli'lll,2Q Club 4. Pl'0lll L23 Il0lll61'0llllll,LY Il, 4. 1-,1-11--1--1--1-,1--14fi--1--2-1-11--2-1-w1o3--1-,3-r1--i--cmli-11.-1--1-vi-11.,301-'Loi-vi-'Ll-1--c Page Twenty-one 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors FRANK BORGSMILLER Honors Club 1, 2, 33 High Hon- ors 33 Honors 13 Class Honors 43 Football 1, 2, 43 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 43 Track 13 "M" Club 2, 3, 43 Second Team All-State Football 43 Class Officer 13 An- nual Staff 43 Junior Stand 33 H0l1l6lCCJl1llll5.I 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior- Senior Prom 33 lntraniural Basketball 3. MARY ROSE BUTCHER Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Honors 13 G. A. A. 43 Monitor 43 Stage Crew 43 Junior Stand 31 Latin Ac- tivities 33 llomeconiing 1, 2, 3, 43 Queen Candidate 213 Junior- Senior Proni 2, 33 Folk Dancing Club 43 Annual Staff 4. Page Twenty-two CAROLE BROUILLETTE Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 43 Junior Stand 33 Secretary-Tlreasurer Spanish Club 43 Librarian 3, 43 President Library 'Club 43 Latin .Activities 23 Pep Club 33 Home- coming 1, 2. ADRICK BUTLER Class Honors 1, 43 Basketball l, 2, Ll, 43 Track 3, 43 "M" Club 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Stage Crew 43 .Iunior Stand 33 Home- coming 4. ANN BROWNE Du Quoin High School 1, 2, 3, Class Honors 43 G. A. A. 33 Chorus 43 Annual Staff 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Homecoming 43 Folk Dancing Club 4. AUGUSTA RUTH CLINE Honors 43 Class Honors 23 Hand 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 13 Annual Staff 43 Monitor 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Audubon Biology Club 33 Latin Activities 23 Solo Con- test 23 Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 43 Homecoming 3, 43 Junior- Senior Proin 33 Mistletoe Queen 4. 195llCI'I'll1SOH mul Corn. - Seniors MARY CAROL CLINE CllAlilAJ'l'TE CIAHTGH EUGENE COCHRAN llonors 2: Class llonbrs 23 Hand Class Honors 1, 2, 333 Pep Club Fnutlmll 13 Folk D2lI1Clllf-2' Club 1.2, 52, 43 Clmrns lg Annual 4: 2. Cl: Annual Stuff 43 Junior 45 F. l+'. A. 2, 43 lIlll'llIlllll'Zll Qtugo Crew -13 .luninr Stand 335 Stand Il. Basketball 2, 3. Latin Ac-tivities 23 ll0lll4'COlll- nu.: l. 2, Il, 4: .Iunior-Senior 'Vlllll Il: Fulk lP2llll'lll,Lf Club 4. .NHC CUNGIAILUU IUCIIARIJ COPIN WAYNE CROSS iluss llnmors I3 lnllillllilll l, 2, Class llonors 2, 223 lf'oot,ba1ll l, Class llnnurs l, 2. Sig lfmmllmll -lg lluskvllmll lg "M" Club 2, IZ, 'lg lizlskelbzlll 1, 2. Cl. 'll l, ZZ. Il, ll: llzlskm-lballl l. 2. IS: ll: lxllrulnurul liuslce-tlmll ll: ,'l'rzu'lq l. 2, 43 "M" Club 2, Il, 43 'l'l'ili'li Il, -lg "M" Club 22. -lg In- tluss Ol'I'ic-er 521 .Iunior Stand Illtruxnllrall Iinslcetlmll Ill Junior trunllxrzll llzxsketbnll 43 Clmrlls Spanish Club -l: llzunl -ll Slunrl 233 Slug'eC1'e-w4g Annual -I: Annual Stuff -lg Monitcn' Il, unwr-lnning' l, 2, 21, lp .Iunim'- Stuff -lg Spanish Club 41 llmnv- -lg ,luuim--Smlilw lu-nm 1:3 II011141- Nvnim' Pl'Ulll Il: Fulk l1lLlll'llly,' Vlllllllljl' 43 .Junior-Senim' Prmn Vllllllllg' lj liuys' slim- :gg Him. Klub 4. Zig Folk .U2i.llL'lllg' Club 4. mumble Mention All-Stale Foot- ball Team 4. 153021'if'11'iviviuilfi''14'1''1"?"1"i"i"i"1"1+ 1' C"'i"1"?"1"1"? li"?"3"i"?"?"i"C Page Twenty-three 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors SIDNEY CROWELL HOWARD DEROSSETT RONALD DRAPER Gorham High School 13 Base- Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- Class Honors 1, 25 Intramural ball 1: Basketball 13 Stage Crew ball 1, 2, Club 2, 3, 45 In- Basketball 1, Homecoming 2, 3. 43 lntrainnral Basketball 45 traniural Basketball 3, 4. Homecoming 4. BETTY EASTMAN RICHARD EDWARDS DAVID A. EVANS Floss Honors 2, 4: Annual Staff Class Honors 3, Football 1, 23 Class llonors 1, 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. 43 Junior Stand 33 Pep Club 2, .Iu11ior Stand 33 Homecoming 4. 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. Basketball 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. Team, Homecoming 45 Folk Dancing Club 4. Page Twenty-four 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors pnn11n1u1o1oioin1naiu11 3 101011ni:111vin?11:l1oiau1oio3u1u3o3 nz 21 101: 2010302-ring WILMA FISHER RONALD FLOWERS FREDDIE BELLE FORD Class Honors 43 Annual Staff Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Class Honors 2, Honors 43 ln- 45 Junior Stand 3: Stage Crew 1, 2, 313: Basketball 1, 23 Annual trunlurul Basketball 2, 35 Pep 43 G. A. A. 23 Pep Club 2, 313 Stuff 43 Monitor 43 Stage Crew Club 2, 33 Annual Staff 45 Folk lllllllflllg Club 4. 4: H0lll6l'0llllIlfJQ 45 Junior-Senior Junior Stand 3: Audubon Biolo- Pl'Oll1 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. gy Club 2, 33 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Negro Assembly Pl'0g1'Ellll-2, 3. I . .Y .... + .IOIINIE MAE FORD MAYFIELD FRITZ ADRIAN GALE Class Ilonors 2, 223 Annunl Stuff Football 13 lllll'2lllllll'2ll llzlsket- Class Honors IZ, Illll'2lllllll'1Il -lg C. A. A. 2, il, 4: Pep Club 2. bull l, 23 .lunior Stuntl Il, Folk Iluslwtlmull 1, 25 Junior St.aI?cl Sl. Dancing Club 45 Annual Staff 4. QnluQ0Q0i1li0ilPlnininlli0i0i0i01lli0Z I1 ll if i ini!Dilinitbillllliililblliilrillltlill Page Twenty-five 1950 Crinzsou nur! Corn - Sl'Hl.0l'N RICHARD GARDNER ELIZABETH ANN GRAEFF KOBERTA GRAFF Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 45 Foot- Honors 23 Class Honors 1, 2, High Honors 3: Honors 1, 2' 3' ball 1, 2, 3. 4: Club 45 3, 45 G. A. A. 23 Junior Stand 4: Honor Club 1' 2':1' 4. Senior Intramural Basketball 4: All- '11 Pen Club 23 Hon1ecoming'4: may Cast 4: Annual Staff 4: School Assembly 43 Annual Staff Allllllill Stuff 45 Phot.og1'z1pl1y Monitor 55: Junior Stood 3: 4: H01119C0U1iUf-T 1, 2: Boys' Club 4- l'l0lll9COlll111H 43 Latin Activities State 35 Photography Club Sec- 3: .yunim-.Senior pl-om 3. 1'eta1'y-T1'easu1'e1' 4, .IACQVICLINE GREEN FHAILLES GRIFFIN HENRY Gllilll Class Honors 2: Junior Stand Class Honors Il: l11tl'Ll1l1lll'kl1 Bas- Honors 1: Class Honors 2. ZZ :Zz Pep Club 2. Page Twenty-six ketball 1, 23 Hoxnecolning 4. 4g Football 1. 25 Annual Slut! 45 l101l16l'O1lli1lg 1, 2, 73, 43 Jun iol'-Senior Prom H. 1950 Crinzson and Corn - Srfniors D4IllIQOi4li0lllQ0llPitIiilitIilrillll24iillQt7lllill1IlQ0lliQl!inlllillilV2tlitlillilliIbiIvilvitlilv1 'l'l IOM AS I lA Nl l l,'l'0N li0IlEli'l' HARDY Honors 1, 2, -tg Class Honors Class Honors 1, Il, 4: Football 253 llonors Club 1. 2, Zig Football l, 2: Basketball 1, 2, Il, 43 'l'l'at'li 1, 2, Il, 'lg liaslcetball Cl: "M" 1. 2: Tennis 4: "Ill" Club il, 43 Club -lg Intramural llaslietball Chorus 4: .llatlrigal Singers 43 1, 2, 31. 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Junior-Senior Prom Jlg Hotne- tJl'li4'vr 23 lllonitot' 43 Junior 1-oming 4: All-School Assclubly Stand CI: Junior-Senior Prom Il: 43 Folk llillltillg Club 4. ll0lllk't'0lIllllj.f :lg Folk Ilancing' Club'l'1'esitlent, 4. IEICVIGRLY .IO HART Class Honors l, 2: G. A. A. 3: Chorus 43 Annual Staff 4: Moni- tor 4: Junior Stand Il: Hotne- Utlllllllg 4: Pep Club 2, 33 Stage Crow 43 NS. --9115:-Q.- X Km... I,tJl'lSl+I IIAWICS MATTIIQ lllI5BI,l+1R HENRY HICKS llonors I. 2. Il: Class Honors .Iunior Stand Cl: Class Honors Class llonors 1, Il: Football 1. l, 2, 55, -tg Annual Staff 43 llotnv- Il: Annual Stall' 43 Chorus IZ: C. 2. tl: Basketball 2: Junior Stantl running 4: Stage Crew 43 Pop A. A. 2, Il: lnt1'anuu'al Basket- Il: 'lll'lll'li 1, Il: "ill" Club 4: Au- tflnb 2, Il. ball 2, 333 Pep Club 2, 23. nual Staft' 43 Latin Avtivities IZ: ll0l1l9t'0ll1ill,Li Il. 4: lllll'illlllll'lll Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. QnjuiuinitrilrivrillivillilliliitPilliiiilfililltitlillitPi0i0iUi4li4Vi0i0i0i0iUi4lilIiliilvitf Page Twenty-seven 1950 Crimson, and C0'I'7l. - Seniors WILLIAM HOFIVIANN Honors 1, 2, 23, 43 Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 23 Senior Play Cast 43 Junior Stand 33 Intramural Basketball 43 All- School Assembly 43 Audubon Biology Club 1 2, il, 43 Photog- raphy Club 4: President Illinois Junior Academy of Scienc-e 43 Outstanding Award 23 First Awards 2, 513 Homecoming 2, CZ, 43 Junior-Senior Prom III Annual Staff 43 Latin Activities 2. NV. D. JACKSON Class Honors 33 Football 1. 2. II, 43 UM" Club 43 Junior Stand 33 F, F. A. 2. 43 Junior-Senior Prom 3. ROBERT JEWELL Honors 13 Class Honors 2, Il, 4. Honors Club 1: Iiaslcetball 1, 2, El, 43 Tennis 1, 2, EI, 43 "M" Club 1, 2, Il, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 43 Solo Contest 1, 23 Ensemble Contest II, 43 Football Field Crew 33. 43 Class Officer 13 Monitor 23 Annual Staff 43 Junior Stand 33: Stage Crew 4: All-School Assembly 1. 2, Sl, 43 Madrigal Singers 43 Homecom- ing 1. 2, 33, 43 Junior-Senior Prom 313 Folk Dancing Club 4. .I ICANN E .I O Y C IC High llonors 1, 2, Il, 43 Ilonors ' 1 2 " 4' Ilrtnd 1 " " 4' Club ,-, U, , . .-, .., , Ensemble 'Contest 2. 23. 4: All- School Assembly 43 Class Offi- cer ll: Annual Staff 43 .Xlonitoi 333 Junior Stand 33 Latin Ac- tivities 2, 33 Stage Crew 43 Junior-Senior Prom 213 Home- coming 1, 2, 23, 4. Page Twenty-eight GILBERT KOENIG I i 'FED K O ENIG SMA RK Basketball 13 Intramural Iias- Basketball 2, il, 43 "IW" Club lietball 1, 23 F. F. A. 4. Il, 43 1IIfI'2lllIllI'1l1 Basketball 1. Chorus 1, 2. 43 All-School As sembly 43 Madrigal Singers 4 .Iunior Stand Zi. 4 1950 Crimson and Corn - Scnpzfors DORIS KRAWCZYK Class Honors 1, 33 Home Eco- nomics Club 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. BETTY LAVELL Honors 2, 33 Class Honors 1, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Stage C1'ew 43 Junior Stand 33 G. A. A. 3, 43 Latin Activities 23 Homecoming 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior Prom 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. ROSANNA LEDBETTER High Honors 1, 2, 33 Honors 1, 2, 43 Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 43 Solo Contest 23 Ensemble Con- test 2, 3, 43 Madrigal Singers 43 All-School Assembly Pro- gram 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 43 Junior Stand 33 Senior Play Cast 43 G. A. A. 33 Homecom- ing 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior Prom 3. 0 IVAN B. LIRELY Class Honors 1, 2, 33 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 4. M 1, xgw ', ,'1,,sPl" RUTH B, MacDONALD High Honors 23 Honors 13 Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 43 Junior Stand 33 All-School Assembly 23 Latin Play 23 Madrigal Singers 4. CATO A. MCKINNIE Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Honors Club 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 23 llaskelball 1, 23 Track 1, 3, 43 lllil'ilIlllll'ill Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Home- coming 2, 43 Ensemble Contest 3. Page Twenty-nine 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors D IQ!IQ!PQIDQUQOQKYQIiQKDQ1lQOQOQOQllQKlQUQOQllQOQlbQOQllQUQOQtlQOQOQUQ4lQ FQ QUQUQOQUQU MARY JEAN MCINTYRE Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Audubon Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Club Officer 3, 43 Outstanding State Award 23 First Biology Award 33 Latin Activities 1, 23 Spanish Club Officer 43 Pep Club 33 Animal Staff 43 Monitor 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 4: Junior Stand 33 Homecoming 1, 2, 3, 43 Junio1'- Senior Prom 33 Class Officer 43 Chorus 1, 3. NORMA McMILLIAN High Honors 1, 43 Honors 2, 33 Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 G. A. A. 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Annual Staff 43 Junior Stand 33 Homecoming 4. CLARA MASSEY Honors 1, 3, 43 Class Honors 1, 3, 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Folk Dancing Club 43 Pep Club 23 Annual Staff 43 Senior Play Cast3 Ju11ior Stand CS. 53 DOROTHY MELTON Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Girls' Basketball 23 Pep Club 2, 33 Junior Stand 33 Folk Dancing Club 43 Junior-Senior Prom 3. po3u1o2n1o1 111 1 1:1 in Page Thirty DONALD MELVIN Band 2, ZZ, 43 All-School As- sembly l,l'O5L'l'2Llll 43 Audubon Biology Club -13 lf'renc'l1 Club 43 Pliotograpliy Club 43 Junior Stand 33 Stage Crew 43 Home- coming 2, 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 4. . 4 ' of-ar ' BARBARA MILEUR Annual Staff 43 Stage Crew 43 Pep Club 2, 333 Junior Stand 35 Latin Activities 333 llomecoin- ing 4. 1950 Crinzson um! Corn. - Sl'I1l'0I'N 1:fini:rj:uiuinifnilliuiui:ri:rilllnilllP14IiUill1l102311IiUi4Ii0lI'10i"1lYil i Ylliflivi .IUIIN lVIlI.I.l'Ili FKANCICS lXl0NZllIlLA SUE NAUMER Class lluuors l, 43 Amluul Stuff CIUSS H0llU1'S3C 01101118 4? Slum' High llonors 1, 2, 23, 45 Honors 4, senior Play mst 4, Au- ish Club 41 PHD Club 2- 551 Fulk vnu, 1, 2, fs, 41 mud 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr-llool Assembly 45 I'l1otog1'u- Dl'1lf'i11PY 011111 43 Holllemlllillg Solo Conte-st 2, Il, 4: Ensemble phy Club 45 Folk Dillliflllg Club 4- Contest 2, 335 All-School Assem- 41 .Iuuim'-Souim' l'1'0u1Il5 Huuw- bly 1, 2, 23, 45 Annual Staff 4: vmniug l, 2, Il, 45 Aurlubon Ili- AlUl1lI0l'2I Stage Crew 45 Juuim' ology Club 2. Slzuul 335 ll. A. A. 3, 45 Home- Cllllllllg' 1. 2, SI, 45 Juuiol'-Senior l,l'O1ll 2, :lg Folk 1J2lIlCll1g Club 4. lllC'l"l'Y NAIYSLEY HON NIGVVIIUVSIC lllCll.XlllJlNlC N0lilJlXllCYlCR Hmlols 53- '43 Class li01101'S 11 Clem' lf'ol'la lligll Smlmol, Cul- lligb lluunrs 235 llouors 1, 2, 33 flllllmli S'11ff41 -1l1Ui0"S'iUld 4-owl, W. VlI'Q,'llll2l 1: Class llou- ZZ, 4: llcuuws Club 1, 2, 22, 45 773 SWK? UVWV3 'mild 21 3' 43 urs lg f'll0l'llS 45 l'lmIog'l'upl1y lluuml I, 2, 32, 4: Cluwus 45 Maul- x H4""f"'0"lilU4' 2' Club 45 Auuuul Stuff 4, Senior 1-igul Siugm-rs 45 All-S4-lmul As- Pluy Cans! 45 .llll1lOl' Stand 225 Sl'lllllly 2. IZ, 4: .Xuuuul Stuff Folk lllllllflllg Club 4. I: .llouilur 1, 25 Senior Pluy Cust 45 .Iuuior Sluud 135 Audu- bon liiulogy Club 25 140111800111- iug 1, 2, 3, 45 Ju11io1'-Sellior Prom 3. ,1..1..3..3.,14-1..1u2-f1..g..1-41.41.-gl411103-41..ini-vin:-41-43.43.414.101-114,31ring-ni-I1-sing Page Thirty-one 1950 Crimson and Corn - SC'l?'f0l'S BARBARA OZBURN Class Honors 2, 3, 43 Junior Stand 33 Pep Club 33 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Homecoming 4. DANIEL PENROD Honors 13 Class Honors 2, 3, 43 Honors Club 13 Football 1, 23 Tennis 3, 43 Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 All-School As- sembly 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Junior Stand 33 Honieconiing 4. MYRTLE PINKERTON Class Honors 1. 2, 43 Home- coming 4. N July .H A l DELORES POPE Class Honors 1, 23 Annual Staff 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Monitor 2, 3, 43 .lunior Stand 233 Stage Crew 43 G. A. A, 33 Honiecoin- ing 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior Pronl 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. Page Thirty-two PATRICIA PROST Class Honors 1. 2, 43 Junior Stand 33 G. A. A. 23 Homeconi- ing 43 Pep Club 23 Junior-Senior Pronl 33 Folk Dancing Club 4 FRANCIS PUTTMANN Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Honors 43 Stage Crew 43 Junior Stand 33 Spanish Club 43 HO1l1QC70llli11g 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 43 Junior-Senior Prom 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. 1950 Crimson and Corn. - Seniors 50141301034-1034:zn14r:4n1o3--1o1-'14r1oio14-34r14n3o1zriuiuio1-x141411-124 mxoiog ni- '24 '34 xc l'l'lGIlY RAINES PEARL REESE HILL REl'LOGLE Ulus:-a llouors l, fig llouors 2: Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Auuuul Footlmll 1, 2, 3. 41 "M" Club Pep Club 2, Il. Stuff -lg .Iuuior Staurl 23: G. A. Il. 4: Class Offiver 4, F. F. A, A, II: llomecfouxiug' 43 Spanish l: .luuior Stand 223 .luuior-Senior Club Il. 4: Aumlubou Biology Club l,l'0Ill Il. l: Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Junior- Seuior Prom ZZ: Sponsor of Ne- gro Assembly I'rog'rauu 2, ll, 4. 2, 5, WII.l.AlllJ lilllNl+1 RUIREWI' li0llEIi'l'S 'I'lllf10lJORE ROSS X llouors 4: Class llouors l, 2, Ill Vluss llouors 2, ZZ, 4: lutru- Class llouors l, 22, Il, 43 Junior X Annual Stull' -lg .llouitor 41 murul Ilasketbull l: HUIIIQUOIII- Stzxufl 21: Stage Urew 41 Presi- X' llHllH'l'llIlllIl1J, -lg lutrauuurul lug' Al: .Iuuior Stzuul Jig Folk rleut l'l1olog,1 xlmlly Club 43 Au- S lmske-tlmull 2, Zi, 43 Stage Crew Uillllillg Flub 4. uuul Stuff -lg llzmrl 15 Home- 4, i'Ollllll5.1' 1, 2, IZ, -1: Intramural liuskerlmull 43 All-Svhool As- smubly Il: .luuior-S4-uior Prom k il: Folk lJ1lllt'lll2 Club 43 Foot- bznll SlilllSlll'i2Lll l " 'I 4' l!'1s- V-.'. , 1 lcetbull Stutistim-iaul 2, 31,43 llusketlmll SL'0l'6li60D0l' -1. p4.3.14,103-'14.14lg.14,301411-14:14l14v14n1o3-134r141.x1oi414:34-14:34'14'11v34ri-ri-linni-13-ring Page Thirty-three UE R4 J? 1950 Crimson cmd Corn -- Seniors 9 1111 1 1 ni zu: 1 ioiuin RUTH SABINE High Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Honors Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Stand 33 Stage Crew 43 Class Officer 13 Annual Staff 43 Monitor 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Activities 2, 33 G. A. A. 43 Homecoming 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior Prom 2, 33 Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 4. inituxoxniuiuiuxuioi ini:riuiuiurinioioioii10101:1 RUTH SAUPE FRANCES SCHIRO Chorus 1, 23 Home Economics Honors 1, 23 Class Honors 1. Club 33 Folk Dancing Club 43 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Stage Annual Staff 4. Crew 43 Homecoming 43 Pep Club 2. ROZELL SEYMORE Class Honors 2, 33 Annual Staff 4. VIRGINIA SIMS ARDIS SMITH Honors 1, 2, 33 Class Honors 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Honors Club 1, 2, 33 Band 1. I3 Track 13 "M" Club 3, 43 2, 3, 43 Monitor 43 Stage Crew Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Homecoming Class Officer 43 Homecoming 3, 43 Junior-Senior Prom 3. 3, 4. Duioimxioiuioinzui 11 11 xi 11 3 :cr ri mi xi nicis11:xiinicnicmixniclioiniuiuinxiuinxii130100 Page Thirty-four 12150 f7r1'nz.w11 lllllf Corn, - SI'lH.0I'S i4lillifvivlilIiltiwilwillIi'Ii''ll1?'lfli''ilillFilP11'lUl1li1'1UiI'i0i1'i'I1lIiI'l4'i1li1'iI'iIvQ VIGBNUN SAll'l'll BRYAN SNIIJEIQ VAIGE S'l'AGN1flli llmwrs Il: Class llu11m's I. 2, Class 11ll1l0l'S 1. 43 Foutbzzll 1: llouors Club 1. 2: Ilonors l, 4: 4 JS, -13 .luniur Sllllltl Il: Svnim' .Xnnuul Staff 4: .lunior Stand Class llonors 2, IZ: Football 1, l'luy Cust -lg l'l1nl1rg1'z1pl1y Club IS: l'lmlug'1'upl1y Club 4: Home- 2, Sl, 42 Buskvtlmzlll 1, 2, ll: T911- lz .xllllllill Stull' 1: Banu! 2. 13. vuluilzg' 1, 2, II, 1: ,Iunim'-Senior uis 41 "M" Club 4: 1I111'Ll.l1llll'i1l lg llunlvwnnimg 2, Il, 4: lutru- Prom Il. Basketball 21, 4: Baml 1, 2, ll, 43 mural! llzuslwtbull lg Fulk llzulv- Chorus 1, 4: All-Sclmol ASSCIII- mg' Club 4. .L 4 bly Il. 4: Solo Contest 45 E11- ' N -, semble Contest Il: Mzulrigul . , - I Singers 43 Auclubmz Biology K Club 4: .Iunior Staml Il, Folk 0 1111111-illg' Club 4: 110lll6l'0lll1llf.f ,' 35 ' l, 2, Il. 4: .luuior-Senior Prom 3. i Bl'I'l"l'Y S'l'.Xlll.l'Ill KlCNNlC'l'Il S'I'l'IW.Xli'l' KAY 'l'll0L1ll'SON l'ul'is lligll Sclmul. l'z11'is. llli- 51111111-f'U110ll Iliggll Sclluol. SP- Clalss llonors 1, 2, Il: Baud mais, 1,23 Ilmmrs 223 Class lllm- liqzliu, Lllissuuri, 1: llo11o1's 43 1, 2, 23. urs -11 fl, A. A, 2: Stage- Crew I111l'zz111u1':1l lizxslietbull SI. 43 -li 11111111211 S12I.1-1"1Q .Illll1lll'S1illll1 .Xuclubcm Biology Club 33, 43 :lg 111lIllPCUll1lllf.1 -13 .1lllllOl'-S6ll101' l'1'esirle11t 45 Oll1S12L11fl1l1g'AWLLl'l1 l'rom 3. Il. 1'-ifvi--1--1-ifI1-'11-101111--1-13-'3113111113111.134' Page '1'hi1'ty-five 1950 CHARLES WALTON Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball 13 Homecom- ing 23 Junior Stand Manager 33 Annual Staff 43 Junior-Senior Prom 33 Folk Dancing Club 4. Crimson and Corn - Seniors PEGGY WATKINS Honors 2, 33 Class Honors 13 Intramural Basketball 33 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 33 Chorus 23 Stage Crew 43 Junior Stand 3. TERESA WHITE Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Stand 33 Annual Staff 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Latin Activities 23 G. A. A. 3, 43 Homecoming 2, 3, 43 All-School Assembly 2, 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 43 French Club 43 Ensemble Contest 3, 43 Solo Contest 23 Junior-Senior Prom 33 Senior Play Cast 4. CHARLES NVILLIAMS Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 3, 43 Basketball 13 Junior Stand 33 Track 43 Stage Crew 43 'M" Club 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Homecoming 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 43 Junior-Senior Prom 3. Page Thirty-six JO ANN WILLIAMS Class Honors 1, 2, 33 Stage Crew 43 Photography Club 43 Annual Staff 43 G. A. A. 23 Homecoming 43 Pep Club 23 Junior Stand 3. I I I l MARY JEAN WILLIAMS Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Stand 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Photography Club 43 Annual Staff 43 Majorette 43 G. A. A. 2, 43 Homecoming 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Junior-Senior Prom 33 Homecoming Queen 43 Folk Dancing Club 43 "Queen For a Night" 4. 1950 WILMA JEAN WlI.I.l.-XMS Class llouors l. C15 Chorus 1, 2, 32, -lg l'c-p Club 2, 335 llonie- :-muiug.: -lg Senior Play 4. 1 l t , xr. Crinzsmz, and Corn - Sv JOHN ED WORTHEN llonors Club 1. 2, Zi, 45 Honors 1, 2, 51, 45 Football 1, 25 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: "M" Club 3, 45 Tennis 2, Il, 4: Stage Crew 45 Class Officer 235 Annual Stuff -15 Monitor 45 Hoinecoming 1, 2, 22. 45 Folk Dunving Club 45 lfootbull Field Crew II, 45 Junior Stand JI. niors LOREN WORTHEN Class Honors 2. 45 Intramural Basketball 1. W-.. If! Q2 I rs. P? l'Al'l,lNlfZ WtJll'l'lll'lN l5E'I"l'Y XVUEST JACK ZILXILXIERMAN Class llouf-rs 215 lluutl 2, 72. 45 Junior Stand Ill lkund 2, il, 45 Cluss llonors 45 Football 1, 2. Chorus 1, 21 lntruniuranl llusket- tl. A. A. 25 l'l0lll9t'Olll1llg 2, 45 IS, 4: llusltetbull 1. 25 Trz14'k 1. bull 1, 45 Pe-11 Club 2, 225 Folk lntruniurzllBasketball15 Junior- 2, 215 "M" Club 21, 45 lntrzunurzil llzuuliug tflub -1: llomevoiuing Senior Prom 3. lkuslcetl1zlll2!,4: llouievoniiug' 45 -15 Junior-S+-uior l'ro1u 235 Stage Junior-Senior Proln 335 Folk Crt-w -1: G. A. A. 2, Il, 45 Junior Dancing Club 4. Stuutl 335 Auuuul Stuff 45 En- semble Coutest 35. Page Thirty-seven 1950 Crimson and Corn - Seniors lil Q 3.13,1DKQ4Q1latDOQODOQK!!IMIPQ!DDQUQDQIDQKDIDCDQKQQPQKHDQDCHD YG SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES DENZA GILMORE Class Honors 33 Junior Stand 33 Annual Staff 4. JACK HOLT DELORIS HOPKINS Lincoln School, Venice, Illinoisg Class Honors 43 Junior Stand 33 Annual Staff 43 Chorus 2. GLADYS HUTCHERSON Class Honors 2, 43 Girls' Bas- ketball 13 Junior Stand 33 An- nual Staff 4. EDDIE JACKSON Class Honors 33 Fooball 2, 33 Basketball 23 Junior Stand 33 Track 1, 2, 33 "M" Club 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Bas- ketball Manager 43 Junior-Sen- ior Prom 3. RUTH JARRETT Gorham High School, Gorham, Illinois, 1, 2, 33 First Sems. 4 Paxton, Illinois3 Class Officer 1, 23 Annual Staff 33 Monitor 1, 23 Librarian 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 43 G. A. A. 1, 23 Homecoming 43 Intramural Basketball 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Junior Play 33 Cheerleader 33 Queen Candidate 13 Carnival 1, 2, 33 Swing Band. GLORIA JEAN JONES Class Honors 3, 43 Basketball 13 Junior Stand 33 Annual Staff 4. ROBERT MOORE Class Honors 1, 2, 3, 43 Honors Club 23 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 4. EARL REESE Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 "M" Club 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Homecoming 43 Annual Staff 4. MARGARET REESE Class Honors 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 13 Annual Staff 43 Junior Stand 33 Chorus 33 Pep Club 2, 3. BILLY SMITH Class Honors 1, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 "M" Club 3, 43 Basketball Manager 43 In- tramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 4. 9 1 Z vi ri ri:114:ifbilsi1131rio:uixcb1xii114110341:4simlioioioiariivioialioilrinxioi 11 xi vi C Page Thirty eight 1950 Crimson and Corn - Senior Cla-ss Favorites D4101014nz101020101113113:124finir1o1oininilr1oin14101014111riuioiuinxiuioioi MR. SENIOR 0100 MISS SENIOR Sue Naumer 9-11034 134 nil wil P1113031l101oioZo1unin1in1o1o3urioioiniuioiq Willard Rhine ll010l4I10ilYil!QllQ4l10i0QOQ HClHIl'fIl'ff'i' is flu' rm! founrlufion of worth-while success." P320 Thiriy-Nino -Hammond I 1950 CI'l.'Ill5Ui'L and Corn - Seniofr Class FClf'U07"iLCS 10101014if114u14xZo1o1u1u3u1oit:ia134xi:ri:micrinrimrio1n1u3n1oi01u24aioioioioiuioq MARY JEAN MUINTYRE AUGUSTA RUTH CLINE MARY ROSE BUTCHER The election of these outstanding Seniors was an exciting one. The competition aniong the candidates was keen. On the second ballot three girls tied for Miss Senior, necessitating a third election. lt was on this third ballot that Sue Nauiner and Willard Rhine enierged victorious. BOB JEWELL JODY SMITH JOHN ED VVORTHEN 9010101011 113 1 1 1 1 1 2 14:14:141101010101024 11112 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 Page Forty X L- ? xx N V ANI 'VN 74:46 Zindefz-ciaaemea f 1 , af K P 7950 553 1950 Crimson and Corn - Juniors I iQ IQOQ4lilillblliiibiliiliiliililllilll010T0illl1IQ!1010i0Q0i0QlPQlllIl-lli0l0l0l4bi0l4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . .......... Georgia Smith Vice-President . . Harold Ray Morgan 1 Secretary . . Charlotte Bean CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Maple Joyce Mr Ronald Weiss, Mrs. Elma Dey N SE The class of '51, which has 117 members in contrast to the sixteen Juniors of 1902, is a t5 pical example of the progress of M. T. H. S. Our class has been outstanding in the many activities of M. T. H. S. A large number of students are taking a great interest in musical activities and many Junior athletes are gaining recognition in the iield of sports. Four Junior girls have been cheerleaders for the past two years. One of the biggest undertakings of the Junior Class is the financing and planning of the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The money needed for this tribute to the Seniors is raised by the soda and candy stands. The proceeds represent many hours of hard work at football and basketball games and during noon hours at school. As in the past, the greatest aim of the Junior class is to try not only to equal but also to excel the record of the Senior Class, and, with this thought in mind, we shall do our best to uphold the high standards of former classes of M. T. H. S. -Paula June Strohm, '51 I il litbllllllilblilillll itbllllUi0CD0lIlilPilli0l1li0l0illQ4lCOQilQ1lQ1lQ1lQ4DQlPQOQ1li liliil Page FOYW-YJWO "Youth is the opportunity to do so1n1'tl1xinq and to become somebody."-Mzmger 1950 fD'l.Hl-V011 and Cr-rn - .lvl-11'--rs p- -1- -1- -1- -1--1--3--3 -1- -1- -3- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1-- 1- -1- -2- -1--1--1--3--3 -1- -3- -1--3 -1- -1- -3--3 -1- -3. -1- -1- IIAIKRY Al-LAIRD l'Il.lZAl1IC'l'll AlilHCl'l'IGll SVZANNE ASHINIAN l'Il.OlSl'I ISALSANO J. l'. HASKIN UIIARI-O'l"l'IC DEAN MAIHTICI-I,A ISEARDEN 'I'OIiY ISPIRGER SAMVICIA IHCIUCY .IOSIGPII lil,-XCK I'Al'I,INl'I ISI-AYLOUK DOROTHY IiOl'f'lll'lli TIM HOW'l'IllS DAVID HOYCIC RIUIIARD HIKPIVVICIC l'Il.XlU,l'IS IHUIJGES .IIMMIIC IHHGGS Illfll-ICN liUI"ORD D- -1- -I--3 -1- -1- -2- -1--3 -1- -3- -2- -2- -1--3--i--1--1--1--1--i--i--i- -3- -1- -Sni- -301--1--1--3--1--3--3--1--1 Page Forty-three 1950 Crimson cmd Corn - J1HlI0'I'S L Page Forty-four FRANCES CALANDRO PHYLLIS CARTER WILMA CARTER VVALTER CHATFIELD NORMAN COOK EARL CREATH DOROTHY DANIEL JIMMIE DAVIS PATSY DOBBS COALLA MAE EASON GENE EBERSOHL JAMES ELLIS RONNIE ESPOSITO GERALD ETHERTON JOHN ETHERTON FRANCIS FILE I .JAMES FISHER CHARLES FLEMING 1950 Crimson and Corn - Jfzmiorx .. -. -.,-.,-.,-.... .....-..- .-..-.,-.,-.,-..-..-.,-.,-..-. AMOS GIIAIORE GERALD GOTWAY JU ANN GRAFF FIIANCES GREEN .IOIIN CRIMES IHCIIARID GUALIJONI RONNIE IIAGLER IIENNY IIANNA liE'l"I'Y HANSON I'Ul,l,YANNA HEISE IVILXNKLYN IIIGGERSUN MINNIE IIIGGERSUN NVIIIM.-X HOPKINS XVANIJA HUGHES HALPII KENNEDY IINIMY KILHY JIMMY KING EIJNVARIJ KOENIG -ninininioiuin 1 110201011 ui1r1n:o1uioin1ni: pi:101:ni:ri:vial:in134rimuioiuiwriuiuiuq Page Forty-five '11minx11ui:nil11:11:11vi:rzuioizniniui-:inc 1950 CI'I7II8OfIL cwzcl Corn - Juniors Page Forty-six GERALD KRAWCZYK DIITKEY LAYNE SUE LALIIBERT SHIRLEY LAW JO ANNE LAVVDER DELBERT McCO Y MARIETTA McDONYELL JUNE MCLAUGIILIN IRENE MCROY MARY ANN IVIALONEY BERNARD MILEUR HAROLD RAY MORGAN JOHN MOUTRIA JOSEPH MOUTRIA 1 DICK NEWSOIVIE I MARGARET OZI5 U RN DOROTHY PALMER BARBARA LE H M A NN IIIIIIERT PARISH ROSEMARY PIERON PATRICIA PIERSON BILL PIPER ROGER QUIGLEY DONNA QUINN MARIIARI'I'I' RAINS CAROLYN REIIVIAN JOAN REIIVIAN AIIIRL REIMAN DOROTHY RICIIROCK REIIA .IO ROBERTS IXIAXINIG ROSEIVI Il K I'ZNNI+I'I'H RUNCK JOHN SA UER IIILL SIMS ICIJNA SMITH GEORGIA SMITH 1950 Crinzmm and Corn - Juniors Page Forty-seven 1950 Crimson cmd Corn - Juniors MARY K. SMITH CLIFTON SNYDER DONALD STAMP FRANK STEVVART PAULA STROHM RICHARD STRO'l'H.NlANlN MELVA TIMMONS ICRLIG TOMLINSON MARIAN TVVEEDY RAYMOND UNDERVVOOD .IO ANN VAUGHT M I LDRED VVALTON ROVVENA VVANSTREET PATRICIA WHITE ALMA ZIEGLER TAI .fx 1 if :uv v 7 JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Norma Ime Alley, lllzlry Lou Ilznllzml. Marlene Clizuiey, Frank Graff, Wilma Jeanne IIa1'i'iso11, Julia. Ililmlnlor, Jessie Illilmlmzml, Lennettu Ilimler. Virginia .Iohns0l1, Iris Reeves, Lewis Roberts, Rosie Belle Rolminsoii. Page Forty-eight 1950 Crimson and Corn - Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ........... Frankie Robinson Vice-President . George Wanstreet Secretary . . Norma Lee Norman Treasurer . . . David Berrier CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Marjorie Boucher, Mr. Harry Craver X 3 as ln comparing the number of Sophomores now with the number of 1902, we find they have increased fourfold. At present there are 145 Sophomores as compared to the relatively small number of thirty-six in 1902. This i representative of the steady growth of M. T. H. S. We are very proud to have in our class students outstanding in sports and several outstanding in scholarship. We hope to gain even greater prominence among our contemporaries in the various fields of extra-curricular activities . Though we are unable to assume many responsibilities until we are upper-class men, we are justly proud of our record thus far. We feel sure our class will maintain its impressive record and rank among the notable classes to be graduated from M. T. H. S. -Rita Martell, '52 9-siuininimuioioioioniixilairri1v2u101o1uio2u1n114v1o3o1oio14vioioiuioicriulioioioiod Page Forty-nine 91 fini: wif iuiuiuiuiuim 1950 Crimson cmd Com - Sophomores ..-..-..:..-..-..:.,:.,:.,....:0:.,-.,-.,:I,:.,....-..-..- .- .- .. ,- ,-. - - Page Fifty ri-:xoxox-11:11 113411111:114rqruiniui-1101014wining' BETTY ANN BAK ER KATHRYN BASKIN SHIRLEY BASKIN DAVID BERRIER L. R. BIGGS ROSEMARY BISHOP LOIS ANN BIZZELL DONALD BLADES BOB ISORGSMILLER ROBERT DOST LAURA QXI. BOFCHER JIM BROVVN MARY ALICE BRYAN Sl-IYLANA BUCIIHOLZ MARILYN BUFORD BEVERLY BUSHNELL BETTIE CARPENTER BOB CHANCEY 201010202413111010103rj LAVVANIJA CLU'l"l'S NVAYNE ULU'l"I'S GEORGIA COLE EUGENE COMTE GORDON FRAIG UERRY CRISLER ROSCOE CROSSIN RALPH CURRY JAMES DUKE PRISCILLA EATON EIHVARIJ EISERSOIIL HARRY EISENIIAUER K ENT ELLI O'l"l' .IAVK E'l'llER'I'ON PAUL EVANS PIIYLLIS FRIOKE HILL GALE HENRY GILLIANI 1950 Crfmsofz and Corn - Soplzomorcs ..-.,-.-..-.-L.-.,- 1.-1--1-1011I1-viniuiu 1-lxl-1..1--1--1-,1n3.-g-r1+f1-li--1-,L,ini--1.11.-10103-.3 Page Fifty-one 1950 Crimson and Corn - Soplzomorres Page Fifty-two MADELYN GOTNVAY BOB GRAEFF LOIS J. GRAFF ARCILLE GREEN EVELYN GREGERSEN PAT GRINIES ALICE HAMILTON BILLY E, I-IANNA ELENE IIANRAIIAIN ELLEN HARRISON GEORGE I IEISE BETTY LOL' HIGGS JACK HOLLEY DONALD HOVSE JAMES IIOVVELL ERNEST L. HUGHES QXIARY HUNZIKER LORRA I NE HA RRO l' FF .IO ANNIG JONES pu:--:--1--1-has-.14.14.:..:.v11-1111011fin:-,1-114rg.-zugnzoam-1--14niuzu 1950 Crinzson and Corn - Soplzomorcs ...,-.,-..-. .14 ni. 1. fi. ,il rc RA MONA INGRAM ROSE'l"l'A JACKSON DANI EL IJ, .IAFQUOT 'FYSON JORDAN DICK KIEL ROI! KIFJL HAROLD KLINK PEGGY KOIHELA RONALD LARSON VA RL LI M BERT HARRY LIMBERT LA NVRPINUE LOGAN CIIARLICS MclN'l'YRE RLONIJICL MUKINNIE RI'l'A MARTELL l'A'l' lVIl'IL'l'ON MARIANNA MICYERS I-li.n1u1.v1u1-fini.-inc Page Fifty-three Qniuiuiuioi 0101021121 1950 Crimson and Com - Sophomorcs :iv:ix111111124rimviz1014ri:lininiuinicuiniui1121111 1 11101 9- 111Iiuiniuiniuzuiugx Page Fifty-four I CHARLES R. IXIII"I"LIN JERRY MILEVR RAYMOND IVI ILLER CHARLES INIORIIER MARTHA NA ITSLEY ROSALIE NORMAN PAIIL PALMER CLIFTON PENROIJ GLADYS PENROIJ SHIRLEY PENROIJ ROSE PORTER .IA M ES PROXVELL JOE RAINS ROSS REILNIAN JOAN RIGGIO PHYLLIS RIPLEY vin111'11-141-9:114r1n3n1u1u3niu1:x111:1 31101 313114111 in 1 NORMA LEE NORMAN IEARIIARA REICIIR.X'I'H UAICOI. SIIAVICII MAX SIIIIIIIVAN XI.XIIIIII4I'I'II 'I'IIOIII' 1950 Crimson and Corn - Soplzomorcfs :--1.-1--:HQI-LI-Lwi.-1.Ii-I3--iuiuguiuifvxn xoiuiuinining--1u1uxn1--1-wLu1f+1- I1-ring .IA YNIC IIOIII'IIl'I'S IVIIANKIIIN IQOIIINSON .IOANNIG ROWIJICN IGIDIPIIG SUIIAI7I'IIi'I'IG IGI,I.OIIISIC SUIINEIIDICII FRANCICS SICIIIEL .IIIVIMY SIIEIUIAN AIIIIII EY STICARNICS VIIOMAS S'I'IGVI'lNSON III'I'I"I'Y IIOII S'I'I'IVVAIl'I' SAIJIII IC STIiA'I"I'ON AIAXINIC SIIIILI VAN LICONA III! TOM IIINSON I XVIIAIA 'FOOMS .IO ANN TRIKIG I 1--11:1-I1-I2-I1-Iznx..11aux--11.3-iffx-'xnxx-'11I1-I1-lxnqvI1-la--1011I1--1-I3-:gui--31.3 Page Fifty-five 1950 Crimson and Com - Sophomores ROSEMARY TULO GEORGE VVANSTKEET MARY E. WEATHERS MARY ELIZABETH VVEIEIS VVALLACE VVEHER ,Q MARGARET A. VVEISEII , CAROLE WiLL .Jo ANN Wlnnmns TOMMY VVILLIAMS JACK VVILSON BILL VVINTEKS MILO NVISELY DICK XVlll'l'E PAT XVOOLDRIDGE , CHRISTINA YOUNG SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES Margaret Brooks, Leroy Chaney, Louis Dobbs, Peggy Duffield, Patricizl Gale. Queen lisfhei Gilliam, Cyril Glotfelty. lh11'l1u1'z1 Goodwin, Henjaniin Griffin, Gladys Griffin, John L. Ilunnu, Ernvstine Hopkins, Geneva Hutelierson, Floyd Jllfllilll. VVOodroW Lee, Ran- som Mattingly, .linunie Maynor, Lulu Reese, Paul Reeves, Jack Snyder, Lillie Pearl Spann, Billy Thomas. Page Fifty-six 1950 Crimson and Corn - Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ............ Danny Hagler Vice-President . Mary Lou McDaniel Secretary . . . Bill Ozburn CLASS SPONSERS Miss Ruth Adams, Miss Esther Smith Mr. Robert Waldron A at Thfs year the Freshman Class, always the largest, has 172 members. The Freshman Class of 1902 had 108 members. The Class of '53 has a great many prospective football and basketball players and band and chorus members as well as several students with impressive scholastic records. We have not yet had many opportunities to prove our worth but feel sure that our remaining years at M. T. H. S. will be happy and prosperous ones. -Lois Sabine, '53 pnZoZ0Z0Z0Z1vi0i0i1 v30i1r10i0i1IZ1ri4l10ioZ1 Piniuirlioillifrioieriwvioilbioialilbicliwliild "My salad days when I was green in judgement." Page Fifty-Seven , -Shakespeare hugo:-,101-1:-r xnzuininiuiu 10101111111 1950 Crimson and Com - FIreshmcn .,...,...,...,-....,-..-I....,-1,...,....-......-.,-.,...,.. .- - -. - .- .- ,... - Page Fifty-eight 10101411 CARMA ADAMS ROBERT ADAMS SHIRLEY MAE ADAMS DONALD ARBEITER ROBERTA ARBEITER ROSE MARIE ARCAMO GARY ASHMAN MADELINE BALSANO NORMA L. BASDEN SHIRLEY ANN BELLM LEWIS BERGER BENTON BERRY JACKIE K. IIIGGS IMOGENE BOUCHER JOHN BRADFORD ' IXIARY LOIT BRADLEY INA MAE BROTHERS, MARGARET BROWN 111-11-11-is:cruz-1101010301:10101 ni 3viuiuxui-:L11:1-11-'11 3 CXIQ III XIIIIICS IIVCK I!II.I, IIVIIGESS ICDNVAIID IIIIIITON I I I HY CAIUAJVK JACK COCIIIIAN IIAIIPII COCIIRAN XX II I,IA.XI UUNVSICIVI' IWKANK CIiII'I'S 1950 Crimson and Corn - Freslmzren IIIIANCI I IC CHUM DAR II, I'ROXVI'lI.l, SIIIIIIIIGY DAILICY IiI'I'A DANIEL N DA .Il Blu VIS DAVIS AIAIIDIIG DAVIS DI IAIRICS DOIIIIS IIAIQIIICN DIlAI'ICIl MARY .I. ICASTINIAN 1 I--1 'Q . 'A ' Page Fifty-nine 1950 Crimson and Corn - Ffreslzmen Page Sixty SHIRLEY A. EATON ILENE B. ELLIOTT ROBERT L. ELLIS MARY JANE FERHILL VVANDA FLETCHER WILLIAM FLETCHER XVILMA L. FOLLOVVELL JAMES FOX THOMAS FRICKE MONA L. GOTWAY BONNIE J. GRAFF PEGGY L. GREEN ELBERT GITALDONI DANNY HAGLER ROGER HARRISON JAMA HARVEY JOHN HINES LYNN W. HOLDER OI XI. IIOIIIJICII lTA'I'III'1IiINI4l IIOIII' KATIIICYN IIOOK I IPIIAII II UPKINS A o SIIAIIUN IIONVIIIAI, JACK IIIII'I'ICIi'I' I II I. IQXIIIOFI4' MARY .I. .IICNKINS .IILX NN .IICNNINGS I IIAIIIIIGS K ICIGIAICY ILXNIJ IGI. K IC ELIC Y IXI ICLYIN K IGSSIGI. IRI I"I'Y K ING IIII,Ib,X II. KING .I ICAN KOICNIG NlXIi1I.XIiI'I'I' IA.-XVVYICR NII,.X I,I'l"I'I,l'II"II'lI.lJ NI A luli KY L. IXI1'Il,-XNI ICI, 1950 CI'IIIlNO72f and C'm'n, - I'II'UNl1lIH'll 101-'11-14-1--11:4-14-1--1-211.10101-11..2Linz-'11-14-1-viuzviuz-vin: I l 4 ,xuxuinx-'ix rr.1,1,.14.1..1..1..1.-:--1n1- 11,3411--:-vxnzug-1--g-v1-l1.l14-1--if-1-I1.-1--guq Page Sixty-one 1950 Crimson and Corn - Freslzvmfn Page Sixty-two GERALDINE IVICLAUGHLIN I MARY D. MARTIN JIMMY MERKLEY MURL MILEUR GEORGE MILLER JAMES MINARD AREATHER MINER CARL MOORE FREDERICK MOORE ELIZABETH NANNIE GARY NAUMER SHIRLEY NEEDHAM MARGARET NEWSOME JERRY OVVENS BILL OZHURN DONALD PELLEY DELRERT PENROD JANERETTA MALONEY 1950 Crimson and Corn - I'YI'l'Nf1HIf'II 5--Luxuinioiuini-114 -1. '34 '11 ri-1111: uxoioiui-134 uiuiniuini-111 az ,101-11034 ri' ninioiuiuq lSl'I'I"l'Y I'llll"l'lli l"lil'1lJlJlE PIICRSON ROSE PIICRSON VV.Xl,I,Alfl'I l'llOS'l' DONALD PUGII .IVNIC Ql'lNN ll.XliI.INl'1 RAINS MILIAARID RAINS Hl'liY RAINES Sllllil.l'IY RAINS DONALD RAXVSON CIIAIQIJICS liOlH'1R'l'S lil'IR'I'll.X ROBINSON S.XMl'lGI, ROIJMAN .IOIIN ROOICRS 'I'lCIJ HOSE XYIl,I"OlilJ IIOSICHICRRY LOIS SAHINIC 9-11'-1--1--311-wi-11-vi.'11'11'11liuiuiuk1031114ni:vi-ri-nil111ni:ri1rioiuisrioiuiuiu-ifwining Page Sixty-three 1950 Crimson and Corn. - Freshman GERALD SANDERS MARY L. SAUER NICHOLAS SCHIRO ISERNICE E. SEIBEL RUTH SEIBEL KENNETH SEIBEL PHYLLIS SIEFERT VIRGIL SNYDER TERESA STEVENS 1 Q 1 W, 4 M ERVI N STKOTHMANN PATSY .IO STEVENSON PATTY SUMMERS ALMA TAYLOR MARTHA THOMPSON MONA R. TOMLINSON BARBARA T URK JAMES TYLER W HENRY VARNER Page Sixty-four MARTHA WARD .HGRRX JAMES WRIGHT GILI JULIE EISERSOHL 1- 11-2--1--1--2-11 -3-fi--1--11-11-11-1--1-nz-lc:--14 1950 Cfrimson cmd Com - Freslwncw, 3-I1 ni 14101 I1 3:il'111:vcxuxuioiurioiui-11:11 21130201-I1-uilrioillivin:-1111301411 SHIRLEY WICIL VVA YNIC Wl'INlJLlNi 1 I ' WILIIELM DON WILLIAMS RUTH NVOLFF CLARENCE WUEST MURRAY WYA'l"I' 'BERT Zl M BELMAN RORERTA MASON 'QM FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Buddy lion:-lier, Gilbert Brown, Elizabeth Ann Corbin, Freddie Uripps, Erie Dailey, .Iznnvs llaniels, llillie Il. Davis, Sue Fenwick. Lewis G41'eg:o1'y, Hill L. llzmnu, AIlll'lil1l Hopkins, Mollie Hulmliurd, Ilorotlly Joiner, Lloyd Jordan, liaynlond Leinicke, Bill' Leonard, Williann Locke, Orpha Madden, Curl Ross lVlileni', .Xmlvrson Oliver, llarry Phillips, llenry Phillips, Lillll'll, .losvpllilw l'o1'tm', Velnm. Ruins, l'ldw:n'd llclecleiz Grauiiu- Sanders, Arnold Szlylor, Auron SUIIIISIGV, Junniln, Sinilll, Wilnnn Al, Smith, Donald Stevens, Lillie ll. Taylor, Ollie M. Ward, Vernon Watson. Page Sixty-five pn:-.1-ni-xi-vi.2.1--11-11L11rx--if-11-no-rx.-1--1-,101-:1111.1+'111101:r:u1u1-11--1-114:31- 1950 Crimson and Corn - Hero and Tlzvrc-About M. T. H. S. 14 nil 11: 1211- 11-10:1 Li. -1. -1--14 -1. lg- '14 -14 ni. V11 .14 -1014 ,qn. ri. -3- 11:-14 fix '11 11: '11 111 1- -1 First l'0XV'fSiS,llill2 Off: "Zoot"1 nil I'vu4lin', ll f1lSSill'2llltlil fig'htin'." Secmlml l'l1WfUl1USS XVl10'?: The Ifootbzlll lXIOIl101'SIJi11e. 'I'hi1'fl row! Our PllOf0gl'i1Dll9l'S, Harvey and Ella. Maeg Wlwre! HOIIH-!i'0lllillg' 11111141 'Pup row -"011Iz1" My Wayg Lesson in Perspective. Page Sixty-six fx , I ,gi 7!-. N 74 54, Shlvza arf 4 7950 V ,H 1 l 1950 Cwmson. and Com DiYQ4lQllilYQUQIill!QUil!1UQKlliliUQUQ4IllllliilvllYQD1Ulll1Dlitll!YQ17i0QOQ0i0i4lQlllllillilliliQ MURPHY'S FIRST GYMNASIUM CTHE PAVILIONJ -I H 5215 3 li Hg W - ," --5' 1 ' f y7 X I , ' -, If Q G 929 Gy C 9 X , f 6 ff f Q j f f- 6 f X 7 K lf f If X f O X f X ff X f X ,C f f 1 f f f X f f f f I 1 f f f f f X f X f C I , 1 X f f ! f X X j ff'fff,cGffffff It ' ' - -. -- - - .. - - -- f mia'allaIt:1liIlfllllI"ll 'IIIII lllllllul II I WW HISTORY OF SPORTS 1900-1950- The first tea1n to represent our high school was organized in 1900 largely" through efforts of the players themselves. This team was a fine track team. The boys who participated had to buy their own equipment and provide their own transportation to meets. A coach was a luxury that the boys could only dream about. Though track was the only school sport until 1918, other sports such as basketball and football were carried on independently by the students. The first "gymnasium" was the Logan Park pavilion. The pavilion was used mainly for dances, but it served many other purposes also. The roof was supported by four posts running the length of the building. To say the least, these posts made basketball playing difficult. But we can be sure that the boys were proud of their pavilion. X When sports other than track were organized after 1918, our team joined the Southern Conference. The team played in the conference until 1939, when the Southwest Egyptian Conference was organ- ized. Murphysboro is still a member of the conference along with Pinckneyville, Sparta, Chester, Du Quoin, Carbondale, and Anna-Jonesboro. When thinking of the outstanding teams produced during these fifty yea1's, everyone will un- doubtedly recall that unbeaten-untied-unscored-upon football season in 19474948. and the year that our basketball boys went to the state tournament. These are, however, only two of the many seasons from 1900 to 1950 that Murphysboro has excelled both in the quality of its teams and the sportsman- ship of HS mms and Students' Willard Rhine, '50 Kenneth Stewart, '50 Inside view of pavilion after remodeling in 1918. Plwfv Supplied by Relph Slwdrom '22, Alhambra, Calif. 94131121liniuioiuioimriuiuioioir --poi-11-ui-limit14:14'34ni:1101024x1o:o1-11-riugoif1101-ia Page Sixty-eight 1950 Crimson and Corn - The Seasowfs Sports FOOTBALL Conference champs again! For the fourth consecutive year the Murphysboro Red Devils reign as champions of the Southwest Egyptian Conference-a record unequaled by ony other team in the conference. Although the total points scored by the opposition exceeded the total points scored by the Red Devils, they finished the season with 5 wins, 2 ties, and 2 defeats, a surprising record considering the loss of nineteen lettermen from last year's squad. The Red Devils' first loss came at the hands of Mooseheart, a powerful upstate team. This loss was the first since the last game of the '45 season. The fifteen lettermen who will return next season should form the nucleus of a team which will continue to be the dominating team of the conference. boiwximlinrioioiuinioioq BASKETBALL The 1949-50 basketball season was definitely one of the most eventful and successful seasons en- joyed at M. T. H. S. for a long time. The Red Devils easily won the conference championship and were at one time rated as the eighth best team in the state by the United Press poll. In the five games lost it would be significant to note that the differences between the opponents' and Niurphy's scores totaled only seven points. In the regional tournament the team defeated Carbondale's Terriers and Herrin's Tigers to play Marion in the finals. The fans expected Marion and Murphysboro to play a close game, but by the fourth quarter our full second squad was getting tournament experience. ' I The Reql Devils entered the sectional tournament at Marion with the first place trophy and a berth in the state contest as the victor's spoils. The first game with Anna-Jonesboro was nearly over- looked by the fans in great anticipation of the final game against Johnston City. Receiving news that the varsity guard, Bob Jewell, would be out of the line-up due to an appendicitis attack obviously had shaken the boys a bit, for they started very slowly in the first quarter. The Red Devils kept pace with Johnston City for the next two quarters but remained behind because of the lead established by Johnston City in the first period. Many sport experts say that the fourth quarter was the most ex- citing and most bitterly fought period seen in Southern Illinois basketball this year. However, the final whistle found the Indians ahead by a one point margin. 0 'K Q1:initbillillililh11h20i4lZll1010i0i014l10lllil!1tDi1Pifllllillliiillilllililliililbiflllillillblll Page Sixty-nine 1950 Crimson and Corn p ni ui: 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 311 201411f3oio1uio1o3nr1u1 is in in in 11:21:31 10141101411 0 COACHING STAFF F Left to right-Assistant Coacl1 Elmer Ziegler, Coach Eddie Bencini, Assistant Coach Steve Dozier E. L. "DOC" BENCINI, COACH Mr. Bencini became head coach at M. T. H. S. in 1942. His previous coaching experience had been as coach at Biggsville, Illinois, and as assistant coach at Murphysboro. He was an outstanding ath- lete when he attended Murphysboro High School a11d at Monmouth College where he won three ma- jor awards in both football and basketball. His impressive record at M. T. H. S. speaks for his coach- ing ability. Excluding the two years that he was in the armed forces, Mr. Bencini's football teams have won 61 games, tied 4, and lost 7. ln basketball the record is 132 wins and 80 losses. STEVE DOZIER, ASSISTANT COACH Mr. Dozier has been on the coaching staff since 1942. He had had no previous experience in the coaching field. However, his athletic background made him well-qualified for the position. He had been a star athlete at Mt. Carmel High School and Carthage College before becoming a member of the M. T. H. S. faculty in 1930. For a period of two years during the war he served as head coach in the absence of Mr. Bencini, who was in the service in 1944-1945. ELMER ZIEGLER, ASSISTANT COACH Mr. Ziegler was a member of the graduating class of '39. Besides being valedictorian, he had won letters in football and basketball. He became teacher and coach at M. T. H. S. in 1947 after serving in the armed forces. Since then he has done a remarkable job of teaching the boys the funda- mentals and preparing them for the first squad. In addition he has served as coach of the tennis team. 5-l1o1n1n1u1o2 3 31031 11111219 1 1:11 1 1 1:1 111 1121211 1131111 14,1101 Page Seventy L 1950 Crzfnmon and Corn Dui--ini-riuiuituitvi-yioioioit:itvituioioiuiuinrioiuin'initlioiuioitI1-uinxioioioioiod VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Ifirst row 'f'U2ll'll lienvini, Kenneth Runvk. V: lige Sf2lQ'll9l', Earl Reese, Hill Smith, Joe Coiif.:'iui'do, llill lic-plogle, Wayne- Uross, Frzmk Horgsniiller, Dick U2lI'till6l', Assistant. Conn-h Dozier. Sc-1-onrl row 'Ile-lbs-rt Mc-Coy. Hill Sims. .loo Rains, Jody Smith. .luck Ziimnerinzm, Rim-l1a1'd Copin. Charles Williams, 'I'om llztmilton. Ralph Kennedy, Dirk Newsoinv, Toby Berger. Walter Chzitfield. 'I'hirrl row Norman Pooh. liznymoml I'mlerwood, Donald Stamp, Amos Gilmore, David Boyce, Tim Mowers, Henry Ilia-ks, L. li. Higgs, Ronnie Hagler, W. IJ. Jzivkson Fourth rowe-ldrle Tomlinson, Cyril Giotfelty, Johnny Grimes, Gt-rziltl EIllQ'l'l0l1, Franklyn lliggerson, Hill Piper, lhitltiy Stevenson, llonztltl Esposito, Clifton Snyder, Tommy Williams. 'Pop row .Iimmy King, John Sauer, Ernest Hughes, Ruylnond Miller, Ziog'lei'. tll'PUNHN'I'S 9-:initfiuioiuioioitritrq SClIEIJl'I,ICS ANI! lilCSlTli'l'S -1 Hobby Graaff, Assistamt Coax-11 NVe They H2ll'l'iSlJlll'g there Sept. 16 132 111 l'im'kneyvillv there Sept. QI! ti G lm Quoin there Sept. .nt T ti Alotrse-l1ezt1't here Oct. S tl 34 Spzurtu here Oct. 14 "ti 0 Johnston Pity there Oct. 21 122 26 f1ll4'Sil'l' hero Oct.. 2X ll lf! .xllllilt there Nov. 4 12 ti Villqltlllliillt' here Nov. 11 Z0 13 ,inuiuillilIillillilliwiul'Ii''T'liU1Ui4l1"i"i'1i'Ii' i"1lYi4l1f'i1 illlltfitlil'iUil'iHl'll1IC Page SQYCIIIQ'-0110 1950 Crimson and Corn - Yea! Yea! Devils 9 3010211 1 inifioxuinioioxnzmin:010:11 1miniuzuioxniozoioi 1 1 1 :nz 1 an FRANK BORGSMILLER End Senior .TOE CONGIARDO Guard Senior RICHARD COPIN Halfback Senior WAYNE CROSS Tackle Senior Frank played his first year of varsity football. His pass-catching ability and superb defensive play earned him a position on the All-State second team. Joe always let his playing speak for itself. His rugged defensive play was an important factor leading to the success of the team. Joe has two major letters to his credit. Richard captained the '49 team and did a fine job. "Dick" handled all the kicking assignments and bore the brunt of the running attack. For his efforts he received honorable mention on the All- State team. Wayne earned his second major letter and played a bang-up game at tackle all season. "Weiner's" ability brought him honorable mention on the All-State team. A .. ,A A, " he ,, , . A n..qm-xoiozleioil 1 11 1 1 1 111 up 11 1: 31:21 3 11:1 in 1 1 ri 1 1 1:1 3 1 ri iq Page Seventy-two 1950 Crinzson and Com - Confurwzcc Champs of sfiz--2111131-1'-3114-1111--11111-14-it-1-11-13-11113111-114nifrxuioillgniniui--1--2 11112-11--2-ling RICIIAHIJ G.XlilJNlf1li t'e11tc-1' Senior 'POM llAMII.'l'0N llall'l1a1'k S9lli01' lll'INliY HIUKS llall'l1a1'k Senior W. li, JACKSON tluard Senior Q. 4ig,1'f 11 lii1'l1a1'd was om- ot' the s111alle1' li11e111e11 illlli did not see 1lll1i'il action but lie gave a good account ol' himself while ill the g'a111e. 'l'o111111y came up faster than any other boy on the squad. He started the season sitting on the l1e11cl1, hut hy lllili-SSEISOII 110 had won himself a 1'eg11la1' job. His spirited play made up for l1is lack of weight. lle11ry's 1-hiet' asset was l1is fast and sl1ifty run11i11g. He played his best, 42211116 against Sparta when he made sevcfral nice f.fl'0llllti gains. W. IJ, was thu type of reserve that is always essential for a Willllillg' team. His hustliug kept the rugiilars on their toes. llv saw limited action in the games. Page Seventy-three 1950 Crinzson and Corn - Goldffn J1,1bih'u Yrnam, 1950 pl111:iziii11-114mi:14inr1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1ininqzoioioxoqpi+1u1o1o1o1o1o1o11v1o1o1o1o1 q EARL REESE Tackle Senior lilLL REPLOGLE Center Senior BILL SlVll'I'l-I Guard Senior JODY SM ITH Quarterback Senior Earl was used mainly on offense this year. He gave a good account of himself in winning his sec- ond major award. Bill was hampered by injuries throughout the season, but he made his presence felt when in the line-up. Hill made it rough on opposing ball-carriers. He was always in the game giving his best from the kick-off until the final whistle. Jody's hard and an-curate blocking enabled him to hold dow11 the blocking back position this season. lle won his second major letter in this, his senior year. , l p-i1o1::1-11111-i1 1- 1-1 1 1 14 1 Q51 1 1-1-114iiiitnitni-101-11:11-rioioiogugogoitiz. Page Seventy-four 1950 Crfifnzson and Corn - S. W. Egyptian PAIGE STAGNEIQ End Senior CIIARLIGS WILLIAMS llalt'haz'k Senior .IAVK ZIMMERMAN lfnllbazfk Senior 'FOHY IXERGIJR lflalfback Junior Paige was one of the most dependable players on the team. When Borgsiniller and "Pedro" were in the line-up, the end positions were well taken care of. Charlie played his second year of football. His blocking and tackling made him a valuable man in the backfield. Jack did some good running and fine blocking during the season. His spirit and determination were valuable assets to the team. Toby failed to see much action this year since the team had other lialfbacks who were more ex- perienced. He should be a vastly improved player next year. Page Seventy-five 1950 Criwzson and Corn - Conference Champs for mini:wi:ii:111:iixii11:111xiimi:111111winii:ui:1141:1ii:11::irinn:11114:14ii:xiiiioioiniuioiozivii q L. R. BIGGS Tackle Junior TIM BOWERS Guard Junior DAVID BOYCE W Guard Junior Q WALTER CHATFIELD '- " Halfbacpk Junior X f -fa L L. R. was 0116 of the Junior linenien who saw considerable action during the season, He shquld prove to be a valuable asset to the te-ani next year. , , ' -A ,X Tim was in the starting line-up in the Du Quoin game and proved to be a great help to the teani during the entire season. David proved his ability and should find a berth waiting for hiin on the y51 squad. Walter was one of the fastest and hardest runners on the teani. The experience that he gained this year should make hiin even better next year. 9.rininioxoioi-win:-11 1111 1 3 co 3-11-131ixoinioxuxniuissl4111111110: 1 1 1 1 :oz Q Page Seventy-six ,xl l 1950 Crintsrrn ami Corn - T11t'.FOIll'flI C0l1Sl'f'1l-fI'l'l3 Yom'- 1--1--1--1--:-tzox--it1141--1--1-ti-tc:o:f-1o1--1-11-'11lava-vitui--1--1-it-it-it-i..za1.,i..1..1..q AMOS GI IAVIOIHC l"ullI1at'k .Innior RUNNIIC llAtlI.lGli ldntl .lnnior l l llAl,l'll KICNNICIJY tk-nter .lunior lllCl,Hl+Ili'l' Mt-GUY llalfbark Junior Amos playetl hrilliantl ' in the tlarlmontlale game. llis running and defensive work was one of the 3 he-st pert'orinant'es given by any player tluring the season. Great things are expected of him next year. Ronnie will be havk next yea1'. With a year of experienve behind l1i1n he should develop into a first tlass entl next season. Ralph had hartl lnrk this season. llis numerous injuries kept hitn froni rear-liing his playing peak. lt' "No-knees" 1-an shake the injury jinx. he shonltl prove to he a bnlwark on next year's tealn. llelhert startt-tl the llarrislnn'g game in place of Copin, who was injnretl. He turned ill a creditable pt-rt'orniant'e antl shonltl be fighting for a starting assignment next year. Page Seventy-seven 1950 Crimson and Corn - Make It ct Fifth in 1951 bi11ui1:illicliclil121111rim114114lic111221111114134r1n14r1oi0i010iu14 124 111114uioillioioioiniuq DICK NEWSONIE Quarterback Junior DONALD STAMP Tackle Junior KENNETH RUNCK Tackle Junior JOE RAINS Halfback Sophomore Dick saw limited action this season but during that time he gave indications of developing into a fine field general next Year. Donald started the Sparta game and also saw action in most of the other games. He should find a place in the line next year. Kenneth drew a starting assignment in games the latter part of the season. Barring injuries, he should be an outstanding lineman next year. Joe was the only sophomore to win a major letter. His running ability makes him a fine prospect for the coming season. miiemioioioiuioiui 1 20111 1:1112 2111111111111 1 1 1111101 11312 1 1 1 irq Page Seventy-eight S1 .- 1950 Crfnlson and Corn -1-11--1--1-vi-'ini-111-11-1--1--:nil-1-11-1-wznii-ini-uxnxu q 1--:wx--1-vi-11011-gnxuiuiuii in FIIICSI I MAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SQUAD , ,,,,, .......L, ,, .. V, x ' O . mu N irsl row Vmncli llc-m'ini, Gvome vVilllSfl'09f, Jimmy Sll8l'lllZlll. GOl'd0ll Urziig. Dick White. Zllmldy 5lQ'V1'llSllll, Tummy Williams. Holm liOl'f.2'SlllillGl'. Assistant Cozivli llozier. -wml ruw 1,1-my Ulmm-y, Clmrlus liolmerts, l'1l'll6SI lluglles, .loc liziius, liolmlmy Gran-i'I', lluymoml Xlllll'l', lhlylmm llulflvr, llzumy llzigler. lliirrl ruw Hill lliirgf-ss, Ilvoiizml 'l'cm1linsmx. Jerry Wilhelm. Jimmy lWill2ll'll. Ilill Ozlmurn. .lalmes Wi' '1egll!, llmlzllil Pvllcfy, llzivifl lle1'1'iel'. luurlh 1-mv .lllllllly Me-rkle-y. Flmrles Mvlutyre. Gary Asl1111z111.Gz11'v Nzmmer llmml ' lugun, Hill Wmfst, Nivlq S1'llll'O. .luck Holley. , . 1 il 111211, LllNVl'Qlli't' lop ruw .Xssistum Vmwll Zia-gler, lfreflrlie Cripps. .z 'l lui Wilson, Lewis llergger, lleutou Berry, Pat Nlm-llmm, Curl Almwu. STA'l'lS'l'lClA'NS FOOTBALL MANAGERS .l.Xl'K Mlhlllflli :lllml IIOXVARII lll+IliOSSlC'l"l' :md 'l'lCllllY RUSS UIIARLICS IZRIDGICS Page Seveniy-nine 1950 C'l'i'HL.S0'IL cmd Corn ..,-.,...,...,-..-.,...,-..-.,-.,...,-.,-1,..l.....,....-.-.....,...,-l,...,..1.-......-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,..., VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD First row-Bill Sims, John Ed Worthen, Bob Jewell, Richard Copin, Bob Hardy. Second row-Assistant Coach Dozier, Ardriek Butler, George Wa11st1'eet, Ted Koenigsinark, Earl Reese Frank BO1'gS1llil18l', Coach Bencini. Top rowgRay1nond Underwood, Richard Strothlnann, Raymond Miller, Charles Bridges, Amos Gilmore BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opposing' 'l'ea1n Place Derenlher Trico here Chesieri there Clllqlfllldtlleak there Spurtai here Coal Cities' Tournament Metropolis Herrin Johnston City January Pinukneyviller l1e1'e Du Quoin here Johnston City there Anna-Jon esboroili there Herrin there Carboiidaleiii here Nashville here Elkville there February Chester? here Vienna here Allllll-JOIl0SbUl'0'!' here Du Quoinff there lllarion here Pimfluieyvillwfi there Spurtaifi there Conference games Page Eighty W e 214 G5 64 G1 59 Gl 73 48 42 34 57 GT S0 47 50 57 70 57 52 44 34 55 101 They 36 .,., no 35 232 41 54 55 39 29 35 24 45 37 42 45 45 46 3 S 35 46 .y 7 -A-I 46 014 ni. 11111-41011 lx- 1- rx 1950 Crimson am! Corn nu:-ning.I1--11'gt.11'1111:31:11ug-,xt-1-nxoiuiuinitni-'Qt'31ning-11113-101111011n1n3o1n1-I1-iq L TCS? CONII'ICTI'I'ORES IN EXAMINE LATINO First Iiow--.Ieanne Joy:-e. Ruth Sahine, ldllouise Svhneitler. Sevontl Iiow llliss Mary Sauer tSponsort, Dick Newsome, Mrs. Marjorie IIOIICIISI' tSponsorl. lluring the past three years Latin students have taken part, in the annual Latin contests. These students have niatle outstantling revortls lmoth in district contests and in state-wide competitions. Jeanne Joyce won an excellent rating in the sectional c-ontest, last year. Ellouise Sc-hneitler and llivk Newsome won superior ratings in the sevtional vontest, anti Ruth Sabine won a superior rating in the state contest- LE CEHCLE FRANCAIS First liow Nortna Lee Norman. lioseinary 'l'ulo tTreasurerl, Rosalie Norman. Elene llanrahan, Hose- lnary liishop, Georgia llorvhelt, Mary Ann Maloney, Georgia Smith, Teresa. NVhite, Rosanna Leclhetter II,l'l'SItI1'llI t. St-t-ontl Row Mrs. lionrher tSponsort, llonaltl Melvin. Margaret Ozlnirn, Dorothy lloucher, Shirley llaskin, .loe Anne- Vaught. .lnne ilrat't', Shirley Penrotl, Alive llalnilton, Marion Tweetly. llubert I,1ll'l'iSIl. Top Row-f llivk White, Charles Moi-In-r. Phyllis lfrivke, llat Vvooltlritlge tVic-e Presitlentl. Eloise Bal- sano, Iris Reeves, I"l'Zllll'8S Calantlro tSet'retaryt, Joseph lilac-k, .lohn Grimes. vt.11.xt,init-1.nit-iainiuuitn1o1n1oio:ni-ring:itni:rioiozoioinr2u2o2u1-vioiaimvit1101-in Page Ninety-seven 1950 Crimson, and Corn nl13113111113111112111113113113111113111113112111111:121111131111rioioioiuiuioiz111110303412111111111 l I Y 1 EL CLUB DE ESPANOL First Row-Sue Lz1111bert, Mary Elizabeth Webb, Prism-illa Eaton, .lo A1111 Williams, .lulie Ebersohl, Laura Mae BOlli'l16l', Carole Brouillette QTl'QtlSlll'8l'I, Betty lla11so11, Mary .lean Mcclutyre lSem:retz1ryl, Pearl Reese. Mildred VValt011. Second Row-Donna Qllillll. Shirley Law. E1'z111ces Green, liz1tl11'y11 liaskiu, VVa11clz1 llughes, llelvu Bu- ford, Nell Rose Porter, Audrey Stezlrues. Gerz1lcli11e Crisler, Xvlllllil 'I'00IllS, Jayne Roberts 1Vice-1'res- iclentl, lVlartl1a1 Nausley. 'I'l1ircl Row-Miss Esta Aruette QSDUIISOVU, Robert Urueff. Chzzrles VVilliz1111s, Charles Mifflin. liill Sims, .James King. Iilbllilld LZi,l'SOll, Walter Cliatfield, Fra11kly11 Hl51'g'9l'S0ll, llay111o111l ll11de1'wooml. Top1'ow-F1'z111c'is P11tt111a1111, Ricl1z11'd Copiu. N0l'1112l11 Cook, Joe C0l1glHl'dO. llucl Stevenson, 1l0lllll8 llagler, James B1'igg'S, George VV21llSfl'66l. Not ShOVS'l1+Fl'i1llkl9 1UJlJl1lS011 lPl'8SlClGl1lP. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row-Jo A1111 VVilliu111s. lll21l'llJ6f11 Tliorp. Allll Corbin. .lean Williams, Elizzibeth Grueff. Seroml row-.lack Miller fVice-P1'esirle11tl. Dick GELl'dll6l' fS9l'l'Ql2ll'Yl. llryau Snider, Hlllllllfl Esposito. Il011ZllfllWQlVlll, V6l'l10ll S111itl1,'l'edRoss tl'reside11tJ, Domilcl Newhouse. llill Hof111a1111, Mr. Hurry Craver fSD01lSOl'l. 1 1 so 1 -1 1-11-my-...-1:-vi-11:11-1:-11m 10111:111111:11111-mioioioimxioioioxl1111111241311211111103-11-11111 Page Ninety-eight 1950 Crinmmt and Corn ...-..-..-.,-..-..-..-..-.,-.,-.-..-..-..-..-.,-..-.......-..-.,-.,...,-.,...,-.,....-..-.,-.,-..-.,-.,-..-.....,- AUDUBON BIOLOGY CLUB First row llliss Esther Smith tSponsort. Carole Will. Betty Ann Baker, Audrey Stearnes, Helen Bu- ford, Mary .lean Mvlntyre tSeeretary and 'l'l'8llSlll'8l'l. Lillie Spam. Seeond row-llarold Ray Morgan. Wallace Weber. Ronnie Esposito, James Kilby tViee-l'residentt. Paige Stagner, Uharles llridges, liichard lirewer, James Howell, llill Hofmann. Top row- Kent ltllliott. George lleise. Donald Melvin, llobby Gale, David Berrier, .lim Brown. Gordon Craig, David Comte. .lark llolley, Kenneth Stewart tP1'8SlllEl1tj. Qt111nitrioioioioioinioq A few students interested in the natural history of southern Illinois formed. in the spring of 1946. an organization sponsored by the lliology department. the Audubon Biology Club. They affiliated with the Illinois State luuior .tvazlemy ot' Stienee and began to study individually, or in groups oi' two or three students, the natural history of plants and animals in Jackson and surrounding counties. l'rojec'ts in lu-redity. embryology. an.1 nutrition were also started. After three years of study, more ot' them carried on in t'ield studies. Preliminary loval surveys have been llliltle of fish. illllllllllblil. rep- tiles, birds, and inset-ts. Plant studies have been made in mushrooms, ferns, flowering plants and trees. Notebooks. vollet-tions, charts. and other projevt displays have been prepared to take to distrirt and state meetings ot' the Junior Avadeniy held eavh year at the same time as the Illinois State At-adeiuy meeting. Always the .Xntlubon liiology Club has stressed accuracy of information and et'- fevtive presentation in its displays. and this has brought a majority of first division awards to the participating students. The svhool and the vlub were both honored at tl1e 15149 state meet when liill Hofmann, the club president ot' last, year, was chosen state student president of the Junior Academy of Science. Medals t'or outstanding work in scienee at-tivities are given eaeh year to the advanced students of the elub. These medals are presented to the students by Miss Smith on behalf of the sc-hool. Students receiving these awards have been Hob Mohlenbroek, Bill Hofmann, and Kenneth Stewart.. pt11--1--it-1014'14111-1--3-11-'it-2-iozogogogogtli-gui-litlg-li.lg.litli-1213-aio?-'Qui-rx-I1-iq "Sr:irf1Lf:1' is orgrtnizzsfl knott'lf'rIgv.,'-S11r'nwer. P0510 Nlll0ly-'limi Q- ling-mi-in lingo 1950 Crimson and Corn Usnioioioiuillioioitit141011fini:wilrioioioioloiolwriu1oi0iu1o1lri0i4rinioioiuiuq l Page One Hundred AUDUBON BIOLOGY CLUB Reptile and Amphibian Project.- VVilliam J. Hofmann. This project was begun to make an extensive and authentic report on the reptiles and amphibians of southern Illinois. In the past two years this work has been compiled into an illustrated notebook. A live exhibit of representative reptiles and amphibians was also entered as a project. This material took one outstanding and four first awards at the state meets. Tree Survey. - Kenneth Stewart and Robert Mohlenbrock. The purpose of the tree survey was to find and classify all arborescent plant species in- digenous to the eleven southernmost counties of Illinois. After this was done, the next problem was to give the findings of the sur- vey in an effective display. The pictured dis- play was taken to the district and state con- tests, where it won outstanding awards. Heredity Project. Mary Jean Mclntyre. This project concerns color inheritance, one phase of heredity. It consists of charts show- ing the results of numerous experiments to test and confirm the theories of Gregor Men- del, who formulated the Laws of Dominance and Segregation. These laws give the ratio of the appearance of dominant and recessive characteristics in the first and second gen- eration, and enable one to predict accurately the color of both hybrid and purebred off- spring. 1111111-'ini vi-'ions-rio:--1:11 11- 1 viozoi-ri 1950 Crinlson and Corn, pt'11-1oz-fioioi-,init-1-.1--1-:oil-quiI1--1-11-iz-1.1101-ag.-101-txtlimi-t1o1.t1o3t-1--1--1--3--Q F. F. A. CLUB First row -.lark ltltllerton tl'resitlentt, llntltly lionvher, Eclwarrl lCll8l'S0lll. .Iac-li XVilson, Fred Moore, .lark Uovliran, Ilellwrt l'+-nrotl, .lov Rains. llarry Linibert, fll1ill'll'S Keeley, Robert AIllllllS. Sewontl row lbavitl Evans, ltlnrl Ile-inian, W, ll. Javkson, James lfislier tS0l'l'9I2ll'yl. Gilbert lititflllg. Pat Mt-lton, liantlel Keele-y. Gary Aslnnan, Paul Evans t'l'reasnrert, Murray Wyatt, Frank Graff, Mr. llonn-r lleape tSponsor t. l 'l'hirtl row'-Kc-nnt-th Seibel, .Ioe Montria lVil'9-P1'6SlIll-lllll, Tonnny xvllll2llllS, Hill XVinters, Gerald Krawc'zyk, Koss lifillllllll, E112-19110 Cot-liran. James Davis, Robert Moore, 1va11 Lirely, Donald Blades tlu-portert, .lolln Etlierton. FOLK DANCING CLUB llis- tolls tlanr-ing' vlub provides Vlj.Q'0l'0llS entertainment t'or these illtelwstef-tl participants. We are unable to give the names ot' the people who appear in the pivtnre clue to the t'ac't that the club was organizt-tl at thv beginning ot' the set-ond semester after the annual had been completely planned antl llit-rv was no available space left. The ot't'icers elevtetl ara as follows: Tom Hamilton tI'resi- th-att, Danny llaglvr Wit-oAl'1'esitle11tt. Frances File tSec-retaryt. 'llllllllgll it is newly organizeml, this 1-lub shows proniise ot' being' onv ot' the most popular at M. 'l'. ll. S. t l Y pt-1-t1u11-1o:-r:--11-1-t:--1--1-v1o1o1o1-I:--3.103-11,2inure:--3litrio:-ug11--10101-'init-:ac Page One Hundred One 1950 Crimson and Corn, -.,-.,...,-.....,-..-.,-..-.,-.,-.,.......,-,,-..-,.-.........,-.,-.,....-l.........-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,- -. -K ... -..- ALL-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM First row--Swing Baiicl--'l'e11'esz1 XYl1ite. Bob Jewell, Ronnie Esposito, Ilan 1'6'l1l'lJll, liosanmmi Lecllmet- ter, Jeanne Joyce, Sue Nziuiner. Donald Melvin. The Lllaclrigzil Singers-llolm Jewell Holi llzn1'1ly,l'zxige Stagliw, 'Ferl lf08lligS111Ll.l'k, Dorothy liouclier. Cliristinu Young, Ellouise Sclnleider, Georgian Smith, Gel'- ry Noi'dmeye1', Rosunnu llwllmettew, Pat lX4lZllllS, l'l1yllisl':u'1m'. Top RUVVfOllI' UM. 0'5"-flliclc G2ll'4lll6l', Jack Miller. Cowgirl Mvlocly---lloseinury liisliop. 1ll'U4llll'Cl'S ou Review-Bill Hofinanu, Ted Ross. ...-.,-..-l,....,-.,-.,-.,...,-..... -..-. ....-.. -..-. -,,...,-l,....-.,-..-l,-..-......-......-.,-..-..-.....,-.-.,- P020 0110 HUI1fl1'0fl 'VW0 HZN7l?I'l'I' flwsffrf your ozlfn ff1Ir'rzfs.',-S. Smillz 1950 C'I'1-7718011 111111 fj0I"l'Z, 1.1.111-11111111111-11-11.1-iinzniiiinguz-11111111111131.1-11-111111111111-11111111-ii-13-ii--Q ALL-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM I irsl row "'l'1-11111t:1li1111 llllllu Mary .xllll Maloiiey. l+'1'z1111'es Filei. "l511l1y ll's 011111 Uiilsimleu--liolm I1-we-II, 121111111111 S111iIl1. S1110--ll111'11ll1y l1lllll'll9l', liilliilllllil Inszllmvllvi' 1l'iz111istl. l11l1 1'11w "Szlil11l'S. S11l11tv!" Klef1'1'y N111'1l1111'y1-ig Luis llizzwll, .I11 Allll XYilliz1111s, Iiilii Lllqirlvll, Xvillllll f2ll'll'l' ll'i1111ist 1. f.2ll2ll'lPl -ff'l'e1l Kll6l1iRSlIlill'li, Paige Sl.21LIl161', Holm Hardy, Hob Jewell. 1--2111-11-,101111--L1-1--1--11-1-11u:-11-11--1111--1-111iz-:um-1--11111111-1--1-11111ui-v1-11-11--1-'C T1111'111 for 11111'111'.w x111.'11 is ll 11111111111 111111 ll s11m1'."-E1111111x1111 P21211 0111- 111111111-1-11 Thi-ov 1950 Crimson dm! Corn, ...-,.-..-.,...,...,-.,-.,-..-..-..-..-..-.....,-.,-..-.,-.,-..-.,-.,-..-.,-.,....-l.-..-..-.,-..-.,-.,-..-.,-... "M" CLUB First row-David Boyce, Jody Smith, Hob Jewell, liill Sims, liolm llardy. liiel1n1'd Copin, Ralph Kennedy, Dick Newsome, Ronnie Hugler, Walter Chatfield. Second row-Bill Replogle, Earl Reese, Eddie Jackson, VVayne Cross, .lack Zimmerinun, Charles XVil- liams, VV. D. Jackson, Tim Bowers, L. R. Biggs, Delbert McCoy. .lov Congizirdo, lfrunk B0l'QSllli1l61'. Top row-Gene Ebersolil. Amos Gilmore, Paige Stzigner, liill Smith, Donald Stznnp, Kenneth linnvk. Henry Hicks, Joe Rains, Dick Gardner, Ardriuk Butler, Tommy llzunilton, .lolin Ed XVo1'Il1en, llowurd Derossett, Ted Koeiiigsinark. AFTER THE FEAST - COMRADESHIP Coach Dozier, Cuptuiii Copin, Coach lienoini, Captain-elect Kennedy, Coach Ziegler. I 0-11-it1101-rg11-1.111:init14liningrinxuinioininxluif11.13-runnin:11 1 34 if 3014 1. 1- q Page One Hundred Four X x 4 .G ' T4 74 :de X of 9 , 1949-7950 9 9 9 9 p i , Zgq 1950 Crimson and Comm - Homecoming 9 111 1 2 1 1 is 1 xi:xi:111111ximxinioioiuinioi inqpuiuioioiniari 3 1 11121 ' v T H E H H E 0 R M E C M O A M J I E N S G T Y Q U E E N JEAN WILLIAMS ATTENDANTS JANERETTA MALONEY ELENE HANRAHAN PAULA STROHQXI 101 11-5 113 111 1:11111 1 1 1n1n1u3o1 xi in 3 2 Page One Hundred Six 1950 Crimson cmd Com - Homecoming buioininuiuioiuiu:if4341101411:110201011124:Qcsioioiniogoinnz-114vgoisnioioioicriui-ring M. T. H. S. ALUMNI TQ- . me-A , First, row-Donald Ledbetter '49, Anne Wolff '49, Dale Harry '49, Barbara Mohler '49, Charles Seavers '48, Peggy Van Meter '49, Donnie Smith '48, Harold Thornton '48, John Ray '48, John Murphy '47, liill Host '48, Vernon Stamp '49, Gene Sims '48, Leah Bradley '48. Sevond row--'l'. A. llaker '49, liiuliard Holt '48, llill Brooks '48, llob Cook '49, lienny Rodman '48, Bild Phifer '48, Clifton Swafford '45, Tom Martin '49, Jackie Dean McRoy '46, Joe Ferrill '49, Robert Stroth- mann '46, Joe Gilliam '49, 'lhirl row-Bob Wilhelm, '49, Ray .lax-quot '49, Bob Smith '49, Bill Stewart '49, Elmer Schneider '27, Mrs. lfllnicr Schneider '29, Gene Crawshaw '49, Mrs. Gertrude Snider '27, Paige Stagner '26, Mrs. Ed- ward Harn '49, Edward Harn '39, Top row---.lack Norman '48, lloh Mohlenhrock '49, Charles Illileur '48, Bill Comte '49, Mrs, John VVaite '17, Mrs, liohert. llongh '17, Louise Templeton '33, Mrs. William liencini '41, William llencini '31, George Hagler '33, po1oiu1o2o3o11:raining This year a homecoming dance was held at the gym following the annual queen Coronation and the homecoming football game. The dance was given in honor of the Alumni of M. T. H. S. 'l'l1e decora- tions were centered around the queen's dais. A huge gold crown, filled with various colored balloons, was suspended from the renter of the gym's ceiling. At intermission the above picture was photo- graphed, lt is a representation of Alumni between the yea1's 1917 and 1949. We regret that the Alumni ol' the years before 1917 are not pictured, we are hoping that these Alumni will b e represented next year. 9..iw14viavi:11114n1n1o3n1n1oi4x1o14101111:if-31rin114114131ni:11:111rink:wioioiuioininisvc Page One Hundred Seven pfn14,.:--wg-1:-iz-11--1 -1-e.-uiuzuzuiuzui-rguiuinzni-villa: 1950 Crilnzson and Corn - H0llltifJ0'I7l'f'iI!j .,....-......,....,-.,-.,...,-.,-..-.......-.,-..- THE COURT OF BEAUTY LefL to 1'ight'El91lG Hun1'al1an, .lean Williams, Paula Strolnn, .lanerelta Maloney. WITH THEIR ESCORTS Left to l'ight-T11EOliOl'E Stanley Ross, Robert Flianvey, Elene Hanrahan, llerilarcl Milem: Paula Strolnn. Jean VViillil11lS. Dick Copin, .lunerettu Maloney, Jerry VVilhelm, William J. Hofmann. l D-:illimIioinilriuiuilviuillluiuiuibuilhi1i1uin1rl1u1rvl4b1ui4vlnlninil4lin1lrin?liwiwiud Page One Hundred Eight 1950 Crinzson, nur! Corn -- fIOIllt'lf0IN1'lIf1 ...-..-.-..-..-.,-..-.-......-.....,- ,-..-..-..-....L,-.....-.,-..-..-..-..-.....,....-..-..-..-.,-..-.-......- s First row 'l'l1v 13111-ml :xml ZIIIUIIQIZIIIIS all liullvl' liillkq lie-lirillg' Qllfwll, Iwggy Yam Mm-lvl: Ulf! mul l'i'ly,lllll2 flllfllxll. .Ivan XXIHIZIIIIS. ' S4-vnlul row 'l'I1:- l2lll'1'll :mul Valplznin Fuping Qllt'l'll, 1Ifll'lll!1l!llS, :md vsvurls NV1ll4'llill2 Ihv LIRIIIIPQ 'I'I1s- Quw-n ami Hassle-r ul' f'l'l'f'IllUlliPS, llol'1n:lnn. Top 'The 1'lJl'0llilliUll swim on ilu- lhullmll fivlwl. ,..L1..il1.1..:..:.,1..1..1.V1--1-fiuxng--1.-1-ng,-3--1-vi-13-1.riuzlx-Lguxniuguiug-,301--1.-q Page Ono Hundred Nino 1950 Crhnson and Corn - llonuwondny CLASS FLOATS Gala Preparatiolls On Parade Senior Senior Junior Junior Sop11o1uo1'e Sophomore Page One Humlred T011 .ww,'v'w'w'f5ms-nw 1' ,gy 554434:1-.w1m'a3',y'y'114"v ,Nu ' 1: wx 'rw 'P'1?-M214 ,J , , 1 ' Q-,., ,. K 'ffl L, , A " ? - M. 'fi if 1 . A 4 'Ax 'W f -" Q. gfi 'fi'4'l'Q5.:S Aif' :.,,Q.ff?E':i" N :ffl-:M ,,. 33 L ' '.:f..ffz-ws ww,-VJ, WB" Jialj 21 W u ' ' X-"J 1' .ang T. 'Y V J ," . ,g . F ML . A , WH A, ,133 '21, ,. bv T ,. ,iq X 1' Q' - 24 -f ' m " ,Q , x, , .11 X . 44 , , I '-M -4.-' .. va. .. .W 1'- FQ, JY -.. A 4. Ly. " 'ill lvli- ' A-1, . J qw 15' A gag' AMA' 'f t -wnfglgyygg, Q., f 'YQZL1-IVV, 2,-g,i9phiF?.j w5zjg5g,j:,: Y-:ff-Q I, xv. K .414 V .V ., -V0 s f W . , 1 , . 1 . 7 ..,,-1 0.- 5... .f, , v 1 . l ., , Y... H .4 "1 In ' .jf .v' ' fygw' ' , x s., ww- , ,, 11 -in: I1 vxri--up-L1-1 if-1-11-1--1rr1u1o1o1o1u1o1 :rn . 1950 Cl'i'HIS0ll and Corn -:wx-an-1.15.1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1--1o1o1o1rr1rupo1o1rr1o1o1u1o1 1 up 1 1.1-up 1 111011, Q gg g gggg g Morgan - I ewell ! ! Your Ford Dealer Since 1927 Morgan - Iewell Q g Your Ford Tractor De-rr1er srrrce 1927 i 5 Morgan - Iewell 2 8th cmd Walnut Murphysboro Page One Hundred Twelve into r1o1u1u1o14r1011141141 i i i Q Q 1950 CVIUHISUII ann' Corn ILICGIONAI. TOURNAMENT SEC7'I'lONAL 'l'OURNAMEN'l' Victory Defeat Xl I Il, S. 1345 l'u1'lm11flule- FUIIIIII, .25 ' M, 'l'. Il, S. Oil? A111121-.lolloslmru 5 Nl I Il, S. C21 H1'l'l'lll 26 H I H. S. Tl Mmliml lm Nl. l. ll. 5. am .IUIIIISUPII Llty im age Eighty-I hrcc 1950 Cfrimson cmd Corn 9 1 1 1 ni ri ni 11 xi ri 1 131111mi::irvievizv3u1u:o1u1nr1u2u1 iuioiuioiuiui 1 vi ni ui 0 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SQUAD l First row-Bobby Graeff, Danny Hagler, Jimmy Merkley, Joe Rains, Bob Borgsniiller, Charles Roberts, Wayman Holder. Second row-Rocky Crossin, Henry Gilliam, Charles Hughes, Buddy Stevenson, Kent Elliott, Ronald Larson, Frankie Robinson, Eddie Scliauerte, Lawrence Logan. Top row-Coach Ziegler, Edgar Hopkins, Bill Ozburn, Jerry NVill1eln1, Gary Asninan, Ted Rose, Bill lnilioff, Virgil Snyder. BASKETBALL MANAGERS BILL SMITH and EDDIE JACKSON Dfrillluinlillirlil in 1 1 lim I i 3 nCD 1 1 i 71120101 li101011lillillillilbitli lui hi 1 Page Eighty-four 1950 CITHISUII ami Corn -4.-.-..-.-.-..-.,-.-,..,....4.-.,-T..T.-.-..-.,-.-..-.,-..-A.-..-....A..T.-.,-..-.....-.,-,.-..........- TIIACK TEAM Ifirsl ww Iiill Sims, Ilurm-Il l'uHe-r, VVill'l'k'll Ullllillfi, Wzlllvl' t'l1z1tl'ivl1l, Iiim'l1all'4ll'opi11, Hill Williulus Q1-1-mul row Earl ,Xlvlnlyrm-, llc-nv Elwrsolll, .luck ZTIIIIYIPVIIIZIII. .Xnms Gilmore, .Izunes lluke. Pup row llill Nurris. .luv Gillizml, f'l2ll'Plll'P l'11ss1n01'e, Earl Reese, Eddie .lill'kS0l1. unini-yininiuiui-yinzurq TENNIS TEAM llzumy I'0ll1'Oll, Couch Elmer Zieglur, John E11 NVUVHIPII Page Eigllty-I'ix'4 1950 Crimson and Corn p iuioioiozcniuiui 3 2 in1211:4111ri:viinicsi4:ia1is1itlicu1oioiniwiiiiioioioisrim it 2 1 C GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row-Kathryn Hooker, Shirley Bellm, Ina Mae Brothers, Janeretta Maloney, Rosemary Bishop, Margaret Rains, Maribeth Thorp tSecretaryJ, Madeline Balsano, Martha Ward, Mona Tomlinson, Roberta Arbeiter, Betty Rae King, Mary -McDaniel, Mollie Hubbard, Shirley Rains. Second row-Betty Hanson fPresidentl, Jama Harvey, Gerry King, Georgia Smith, Margaret New- some, Pauline Worthen, Bernice Seibel, Delo1'es Dobbs, Shirley Eaton, Freddie Ford, Bonnie Graff, Blanche Cronibar, Teresa Stevens. Third row-Joan E. Riggio, Joann Jennings, Martha Thompson, Sue Naumer, Mary Jenkins, Shirley Dailey, Mary Sauer, Lois Sabine, Opal Holder, Jeanne Harrison, Carol Shaver, Jean Koenig. Fourth row-Ramona Ingram, Jayne Roberts, Geraldine Crisler, Alice Bryant, Sue Lambert fVice- Presidentl, Wanda Fletcher, Rita Martell, Wilma Hopkins, Gracie Sanders, Rita Daniel, Shirley Law, Rowena Wanstreet, Peggy Watkins. Top row-Norma McMillian, Clara Massey, Barbara Ozburn, Priscilla Eaton, Lula Reese, Pat Wooldridge, Dorothy Palmer, Barbara Lehmann, Mona Gotway, Eloise Balsano, Frances File, Jessie Hubbard, Lilly Belle Taylor, Johnie Ford, Peggy Carlock. Dui 1 ioioioioioioi C The Girls' Athletic Association, formed in 1947 by Mrs. Pauline Sabella. Bencini, is the most active organization for girls at M. T. H. S. The main activity of the 1947 organization was basketball. In addition to basketball the program for '49 and '50 consists of volleyball, softball, and tennis. Two meetings are held a month - one program centers around the sports of the season, the other is merely business. - With the turn ol' the new year came It new G. A. A. sponsor, Mrs. Lois Neihans, replacing the cap- able founder. Mrs. Neihans arrived at the completion of the volleyball tournament and at the beginning of basketball. The remainder of the year's program has been planned by Mrs. Neihaus. Uuilrillillillinll li lilll I1 lil i iiGDl1 i 11111 lui liuillillillililllillillilliilihiultlil C Page Eighty-six 1950 Crimson mul Corn an Tun'-an'-1 V1.1T14-14-1U1'v11-1..1.,1U1.,z.,1Mqp :T-qpuzwx 1-9 Q Tqpwq SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM lirsl ww I'risvi!lu Halton. Uzxrnl STIZIVPF, Mzlrilmetll Thorp, .loam Iiiggio. Put xvlJUTlTl'i1THt'. liitzl Xlurlull. Imp ww Iiunmun lngrann, Wilma .lean lIopki11s,.laLyu4- Roberts, A1111 f'0l'Tlill. Mary Alive lkryzmt. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM irsl Vow Pvggy Watkins. Mary Russ' l3lllt'Tl6'l'. F1'm'cldiv Hello Iforcl. Sur' NZIIIIIIOV. llulh Suhinv. lup ww Itnrlmrn Hxlluln, .luhlliv Maw Iforrl, .leamlw Tl1ll'l'TS0ll, l'lzu'u lXIz1ssvy,'l'vx'z-sn Whilv. - ,- ..,..... ,..-,.....-,...,... - Page Eighty-seven 1950 C'l"i7Il.S0lL and Corn pf11:xi:x14isvi:111114114114ri:114114114r34r1uiu1o3n14r1n1:again:ninjain:niu1n:n14v14n:4:: JR. CLASS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS First 1'oW-l3a1'bz1r'a Lehmann, Sue Lambert, Dorothy P3.1ll1Q1', Rowena NVunst1'eet. Second row-Roseinary Bishop, Wilma Hopkins, Be-ttyHa11so11. Top 1'0W-Fl'il11C8S File, Eloise Balsuuo, Jessie Hubbard. 5031131121mio3o1oin1u1oq IN ACTION S l p-14'141024114114'1414:3414minioinzx1u24w1n14u14r14r3o:4+14x1ocpu24m1u1n14m:u141010301 Page Eighty-eight Q.. -wwe, VV ., 1, - V. fs, 1, 3 :Q . V,,g.V.V. 54.-2,1 X V df' , 6'.,I'XvL.'1 H, Wi , 1. .. ,4 ' wiv ': 'fv- .gsg , V . all .?i?1jffT, - ,IX , .1 35424-V 'W' pf. M: . 55,5 . .4 ,, ,, V 34'f.V,f V ' V Q? V. gm- V 3 551? ' ' iaijfiy-, ,. ,wr -, ,W Z, 55' ,ef 325 '1 , :I Vik!! Nf ifffi V1 'if 1'l. M .4 Q-v ' ' 35:2 1. 'Ai.2QQg,iA K -':. n.L-, 5, V"v:,,- 5151 V Q' C' ' , HU, jgilw " -142 ii? A J". jerwg' V SVA., ' '92 '- M m Vw 5,59 wif' ,' Fi 1 '11 A A 4 .Q 3fi5'?L9'f X 2 F?ffQ1 , J. Q . E1 , :viii f V mf V -W ,muff 111' V 1368: 'ii ' -'n af' - mgiglg' milky: X 711' 1 2 fi iw. . ,V 1 'W Vx 'E ' ,fg,:l,. Timo V ar . fr ,N x '21 wif: may . y s'v:'s 'G V - .a.,,. , 2. ,. V233 VZVQQV, 11,5 fa,- .gfffi xp 3 221- ? an 5, 'QVi'V-N Vg- f l gr. . ,,,. ., ., V:,c',g - ,ff - . if 'f Vfqg A1363 ' .Q A.-gig: V., wx.. . 5:32 f.1f.f5.3VVfa'V V 429.1 .af- ' za. 3' ?aI'T 1,-me. fgeffewgiflwqnsav V ' Vw V V VW V - may 9 -q V- - f 1 , - I fw 4 1 H . 5. 15 i , I w w 1 , x .,l i, ,"fV:x .lj K1 L V 1 1 R. F.. r -. N .i,-,L F E V x E . 1 V 11- , . Q . . H A A "L fj- ' wg. , A nz. . W A Q .un .V F - ' ,W , 9.1. n Fr , ,, si' 1, f A ' SGW M... .a 5 M . A . Q -- .Tw .md A. 'J' 'Ve 5 1' 'HV .gg . w5'A"L "qu . I' .. 1 ,, V ' . V - V5 U 'A 1.x ,Q I kr hs' v ' W x , T fvf 3 175'-1' V. 'n 'Z". MV? ,I . :- ff: -L F -.x . uv q ,. ,. - r r ,,3.. V. AV ..,V, .. ffl 4-ws-1. K.: 5' L 5 wr ffm I l .., I ,, 'Y . .www 'ff 11. . i .1 v- 9 .,. K -4: ... , f -'V "1" fu , .5 .:rf.L.?.L ,V . ' I - .4 . AN, X F1213 .L , 3 I P -J gi? , , , L xx A, NV. 'V"i?'V .. , ,e-Q, , 1... i.,, 1 ,UW 44' 3. H. S 1 V 5 1 . ,.:f,u 1. w V, ,gg V, U. , , 1 mpg:- ri.-A 23' f , 7,2 '-4. I Q H4 ,. . , 'Q '7"11!. TZ' 1-V, 2.25 ' aff ' V 'nn 41' 2' ,ff 3. Q. H 1 V 1 Q, F. --.V ,V-', 1 Q . VJ! A-:I , ., , 13,15 E7 uw. F M, k.,,... . , wif .pi .. '."'-:Rift I, 1 V' V, fu. - ..g ,wr .Y 6 ,J 'ef- ,: A '-' :Q-, ' V.: M- ' . 3,, Vs uf if 5, . Q., f rw P. '9 .,g. 4 , 0670. .V , , V'z-gl , 85 .J iw , Y ,,,,.. . A .v X -4 .VI V favs , , 5, n., "' S Vx ,.1V .4 ' N Vin.. ' .V 192' - - if-:. ,SW-f .V 'G .V -5.21, ' 1 M. , , '- ' , 0 .V 5, V. .qi ig V, J.. -V . H . 1-2 V 'nf- '4 at v '. av .,.'1 4. I .".H A' -'! V-, , . v 'qi " af.- .. .- , V . f 'a H awww -4 ' gh N .3,ViV. 1. ,H nf- . . . -Q, f 1 V ,L E- .N r, x 'H , V . M., -A ..v Av n?" Am, M -A '+V ffm- .A f .ew --1 1-f, ' V ,Z - 'F 'Ji A. , f QV f f ' ' Q . J in 1,564 g'5I,j.fff'S-1a'..', - fm ', ,.. all -'k ,J 1 V., 1 ,.., . ,',. gg if, f , - -V'-f.,'u - ' fa, " 9 "1- 6. , . fs, I , HL Q .fr A .-QV ui. '-' ,V g'. A. Vg, ' N VV? e vga. -,Y .5-'iff L 'M V. ,Y ,TJ . .'.' 1: Rr.: 5 ' .. ...g , I W ANL! 1 , - .1 In . 'f ,,,e-'g,, ',-,.,, .jp V , ..., L my N .1 KA Q 'ern ,xmas ,un Page Ninety uurwzwiniui rg 1,1 11' 1950 Crfmwon and Corn lm-.Nix ,:..1H1..1.114,i.l34-up 1950 Crimson cmd Com BAND PERSONNEL Flutes-Mary Carol Cline, Ruth B. MacDonald, Rosalie Norman, Dorothy Boucher. Oboes-Wilma Car- ter, Rita Martell. Clarinets-Jeanne Joyce, Rosanna Ledbetter, Jo Ann Jones, Suzanne Ashman, James Kilby, Teresa Stevens, Betty Rae King, Mona Gotway, Bernice Elliott, Mary Sauer, Chris- tina Young, Shylana Buchholz. Alto Clarinet-Pauline Blaylock. Bass Clarinet-Margaret Ann Oz- burn. Saxophones-Sue Naumer Donald Melvin, Betty Nausley, Blondell McKinnie, Lois Sabine, Barbara Lehmann. Trumpets-Bob Jewell, Teresa White, Pauline Worthen, Cato McKinnie, Lois Bizzell, Joe Congiardo, Norma Lee Norman, Maribeth Thorp, Betty Wuest, Marlene Chaney, Margaret New- some, Julie Ebersohl, Ruth Jarret, Pat Grimes. French Horn-Augusta Ruth Cline, Ruth Sabine, Jo Ann Williams, Virginia Sims, Mary Webb. Baritones-Vernon Smith, Max Sullivan. Trombones- John Sauer, Rosemary Pieron, Dorothy Daniel, Charles Fleming, Jimmy Fox, Patricia Pierson. Bass- Paige Stagner. Bass Violin-Ronnie Esposito. Percussion-Danny Penrod, Gerry Nordmeyer, David Berrler, Bob Barr, Betty Lavell, Gene Ebersohl, Evelyn Gregerson. Majorettes-Charlotte Bean, Pat Wooldridge, Jean Williams, Mona Gotway, Lois Sabine, Maribeth Thorp. 1900 - MUSIC AT M. T. H. S. - 1950 ln accordance with the theme of this book, it is fitting and proper to include a history of mus"' at M. T. H. S., which plays a prominent part in our activities at school. In the early years of the school, choral, vocal music, and occasional small orchestras made up the music program of M. T. H. S. The first orchestra, comprised of eighteen pieces, was started approxi- mately in 1918 under the direction of Miss Florence Hanson of Chicago. In 1923, however, she resigned her position and was succeeded by Miss Belle Longbons. The first band was formed during Miss Longbons's five year stay here and increased steadily in membership until in 1930, when Mr. Andrew Mikita took over the position as director of a band totaling fifty members. During this time the chorus also played an active part in the music program. Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs were perhaps the largest and the most popular clubs at M. T. H. S. Thus the first chapter in the history of music at M. T. H. S. was recorded. After doing wonders for the band in the one year he was here, Mr. Mikita left, and the sixty-five piece band came under the baton of one of the best directors M. T. H. S. has ever had, Howard Thrailkill. Under his influence the band responded by winning first at the district contests between 1933 and 1937. From this impressive record, Mr.Thrai1ki11 was gaining recognition as the most outstanding band director in Southern Illinois. In 1940 the band followed its usual procedure of winning first at district and state, and on the strength of this was recommended to go to the National Band Contest at Kansas City. Here it was placed in second division. This has been the greatest achievement made by the band in the his- tory of M. T. H. S. A After successfully directing the band for eleven years, Howard Thrailkill left M. T. H. S. in 1942 to join the navy and was succeeded by Mr. Carl Kiefer and Mr. Leland Grizzell. During the war years, 1943 to 1946, the band contests were discontinued because of the difficulty of transportation, but in 1947, under the leadership of Leland Grizzell, the band again resumed its prac- tice of going to contests, where it placed in second division. Mr. Grizzell resigned his position at M. T. H. S. in 1948 to continue his studies at the University of Illinois. He was succeeded by Mr. Edward Harn, our present director. The year 1949 was perhaps as important a date in the history of music at M. T. H. S. as the year 1940. In this year the band won first division at the district contest and was classed as the most outstanding band represented. It advanced to the state contest and won first division there. And now for the year 1950-the progression of music here at M. T. H. S. has reached the half-century mark. Only the participants of a band have experienced the spine-tingling effect given by a snappy roll-off into "Illinois Loyalty" as they come marching proudly onto the football field. So it is with pride that we of the Annual Staff dedicate this history to each member of the band from the time it had eighteen pieces to its present membership of sixty-three. May the next fifty years of music at M. T. H. S. be as progressive and gratifying as the first fifty have been. Teresa White, '50 D1Dl0l011li010i010lCD14P2011liiiiiiiiiifllfibiliiiilliilbiilibililllliillliiiili Page Ninety-one N' 1950 C'I"i77L5OiL cmd Corn 5:rioiuinioinii,initax:inxiniuiuiuiuiuioiixii1111103112uitni:rinrininriuinrioiuiniuioq THE CHORUS l First row-Lillie Belle Taylor. Betty Baker, Jo Anne Lawder, Ruth MacDonald, Ann Browne, Lawanda Clutts, Joan Reiman, Marcella Bearden, Betty Stewart, Shirley Needham. Bonnie Graff. Georgia Borchelt, Mary McDaniel, Betty Carpenter, Mary K. Smith, Madeline Balsano, Dolores Dobbs. Ruth Wolff. Second row-Edward Harn tDirectorJ, Dorothy Boucher, Georgia Smith, Ellouise Sclineider, Christina Young, Orpha Madden, Frances Monznlla, Jeanne VVilliams. Irene McRoy, Peggy Green. Margaret Brooks, Lulu Mae Reese. Mary Hunziker, Coalla Eason, Elizabeth Arbeiter, Phyllis Blacklock, Mary Jean Biggs, Beverly Hart, Mary Ellen VVeathers. Third row-Jim King, Ransom Mattingly. John Grimes, Lewis Gregory, Toby Berger, Rosanna Led- better, Pat Adams. Phyllis Carter, Betty Higgs. Frances File, Shirley Penrod, Priscilla Eaton, Maxine Sullivan, VVoodrow Lee, Dick Newsome, VValter Chatfield, Ronnie Hagler, Harold Ray Morgan. Top row-Donald Newhouse, Ben Griffin. Wayne Cross, Bob Jewell, Bob Hardy. Peggy Duffield, Mar- garet Ozburn, Paula Strolnn, Peggy Kobelia, Pauline Blaylock, Lloyd Jordan, Amos Gilmore, James Duke, Ronnie Esposito, Teddy Koenigsmark. bniipiui-wznlnl1110111101: 2- in1oqpo1uiuiuqmmioiiiii'11nzuinioiuiuiuii+1u1n1u1n1u1uq Page Ninelx'-two "Music exalts each joy, allays each grtz'ef."-Armstrmzg 1950 Crinzsrm, mul Corn MAJORE'l"l'ES First row -'Mona Gotwuy. Sf-voml l'UXY7Ullill'l0if,8 Bvzui. Pali xfVO0lLil'ili2Q6. Top 1'lHV"Al2ll'ilbl'ill 'l'hm'p, Lois Sabine, Jenn Xvillianms. YEA, TEAM! CHEER LEADERS FIGHT DEVILS! Ielt tu right f-.klzxry A1111 Mziluiiey, Ibumtlly Daniel, iW2ll'21ill'i-'I UZil1ll'!1, Paula Slrohm. Gvurgizn Smith Page Ninety-ili 1950 Crimson cmd Corn ...- .. ..,-, ...... .-. -..-..-..-.,-.,-.,-..-.,-.,-.,....-.... -..-.- ....-.....- - - - - .- THE LIBRARY CLUB The M. T. H. S. Library, located in the rear of the large study hall, is easily accessible to all pupils and teachers. All books that are used in the school are handled through the , library. Not merely a storehouse of books, however, it has become a service agency for answering questions, a center for free reading of books and magazines, and a place for in- struction in the use of the card catalogue and location of books. Anticipating an enlarged audio-visual program, the library also main- tains a file of information on films and filmtsrips which are available for classroom use. Student assistants perform a valuable serv- ice in checking out, locating. and shelving 1 books. As a special project this year, the student librarians are making an index to all of the individual short stories which are in the various collection in the library. These students make up the Library Club. Shown in the upper left picture they are as follows: first row fleft to rightb-Kathryn Baskin. Shirley Baskin, Dorothy Richrockg second row-Mrs. Emma S. Hough tSpon- sorl, Mildred Walton, Marlene Chaney tVice-Presidentb, Carol Brouillette tPreside-ntl, Helen Buford tSecretary-TreasurerJ, Frances Green, Marietta McDowell, and Audrey Stearnes tpicture not shownb, A comparison of the contents of the 1950 M. T. H. S. lib1'ary with that of 1904-1905 shows: 1904-1905 1949-1950 Fiction 240 1708 Poetry 53 413 History and biography 160 1276 English references 10 103 Science 17 160 Miscellaneous 58 713 General reference 95 435 Total 633 4808 Magazines and newspapers 10 62 1901 LIBRARY 1950 Duinvinliuilrlilltli it 1 1 l l1iuGDulnJJl4ll .I l l iiTll1li"I T' 'T Tl 1 1 'Tl 'T i lrrill Page Ninety-four 1950 Crimsozl and Corn DllQl!2'lilllllQlIQll'4Pi1lllllliQ!IlllitlillllIQlrlivilillPlUQl7QlVQKH2011l1lI2tllllQlIQlbitlllllliilljtlf HONORS CLUB lfirst. row f-llita Martell, Norma I.. Norman, Carolyn Reiman. Evelyn Gregersen, Bernice Elliott, Bar- bara 'l'nrk, llolwrta .l. Arlmeits-r, Ruth M. Vvolff, .lea1me.loyc-e. Mary .lean Mclntyre, Dorothy B0llL'hGl', Dorothy Daniel, Charlotte llean, Marilmeth 'l'horp, Joann Jennings, Blondell lXlcKinnie. Set-ontl row -t'arol4- Will, Phyllis Ripley, Shirley Bellm, .laneretta Maloney. Shirley Adams, Elene llanrahan, Rosemary 'l'nlo, .lo Anne Lawder, Fraiives Calandro, June Quinn, Ina Mae Brothers, Kath- ryn llooker, Mary .l. Jenkins, Shirley Ann Eaton. 'l'hirtl row' Margaret Newsome, Mads-lyn Gotway, lflllouise Schneider. .lo Ann Williams. .lo Anne Jones. Margaret Ann We-her, Margaret Ozburn, Raedean Robinson, Patty llenv Summers, Julie Itllrersohl. Fourth row th-raldine Mvliaughlin, Ernestine llopkins, Jessie llulmbard. Lenneta llunter, Norma Mc- Millian, liolu-rta lil, tlralf, liuth Sabine, Mary liose liutt-her, Rosanna Ledlmetter, Geraldine Nordmeyer. l"it't,h row l'aul Palmer. lddward Ehersohl, Shirley Weil, Rita Daniel. Sue Naumer, Mona Gotway, Lois Sabine, Mary Mt-llaniel, Mary Sauer, Pat White. Wilma .l, Hopkins, Delbert, Penrod. Edgar D. llopltins . Sixth row-e 'Gladys tlrit't'in, Mollie llulmlmard, Richard Brewer, James Prowell, Jerry Mileur, Dirk Newsome-. llill Piper, liit'llitl'tl Strothmami, George lleise, Gerald Krawvzyk, Gordon Craig. Benton llc-rry, llaniel .lat-quot. 'l'op row'--Sam llc-rry, .limmy Kilhy, lialph Kennedy, William Hlllhlllilllll. Ernest Lee llughes, Robert tlrat-l't', llavitl Comte, James llowell, David llerrier, Melvin Kessell, Aaron Schuster, .lohn E. NVor- then. 'l'ht- llonors tfluh was formed ten years ago and its members are students with high st-holastir standings. In order to be a lllt-'lllhfll' ot' the- llonors Cluh, a senior must have five- points, a junior three, a sopho- more two, and t'rt-shnian one. An honor vard is awarded to a student making grades ot' ninety or above in at least thru-e sulvjevts and is worth one honor point. A high honor card is awarded to a student making grades ot' ninety-t'ivv or above in at, least three sulmjet-ts and is worth two honor points. A st-nior member ot' the organiaztion having eight, or more points will receive a mt-dal upon gradua- tion. This year the-re are 1-leven seniors, twenty-one juniors, twenty-eight sophomores, and thirty freslnnen ill the club. ,. .gi gag.11.1.11-lioioioioi-11.loioitwining:ni-:Joi-ngtgo1o1o1o1o3o3o1-u1o1o1-vi-'gon Page N inety-five STAGE CREVV STAGE FURNISHINGS PROPERTIES 1950 Crimson cmd Corn 9 mi 2 111 1:1 1 ioioiuiui 101413nicwiuininioimxqpnioi 1 2 2 ni 2 1 uini-ximian: iq SENIOR CLASS PLAY THE COMEDY "NEW FIRES" BY CHARLES QUIMBY BURDETTE Mrs. Ennna S. Hough - Director THE CAST Left to Right-Donald Newhouse fJerryJ, Rosanna Ledbetter fAngie Sperryl. Teresa White tPhyllisl, Vernon Smith tBillyJ, Mary Jean Mulntyre tMary Marshalll, Augusta Ruth Cline tEveJ, Danny Pen- rod tDickJ, Bob Barr tSid Sperryb, Roberta Graff tAnneJ, William Hofmann fStephen Santryb. Mary Jean VVil1ia1ns tOlivel, Jack Miller tDoctor Lynn Greyl, Gerry Nordnieyer tLucinda Andrewsb, Phyl- lis Blackloek tSusan Tolerj, Clara Massey fMrs. Marshallj. PRODUCTION STAFF TICKETS AND Mr. Albert Jauss Sidney Crowell Francis Puttlnann Earl Creath Ronald Flowers Ardriek Butler Charles Williams Joe Congiardo Richard Copin Kenneth Runck ADVERTISING Mr. John Wathen Norina McMi1lian Louise Hawes Ted Ross Barbara Mileur Vvlllllil Fisher Pauline W'orthen VVil1na J. Williams Betty Nausley Mr. Harry Craver Ronald Flowers Mary Rose Butcher John Ed Wo1'tl1en Donald Melvin Jeanne Joyce Beverly Hart Delores Pope Ruth Sabine VVilla1'd Rhine COSTUMES Virginia Sims Sue Naumer Mrs. Sol Ross Icl1gI'1lZlll'S Ladies' Ready-to-Wear MUSIC M. T. H. S. Band Edward Harn, Director FOOD PREPARATION Mrs. Raymond Dey Hoineniaking II Class Miss Esta Arnetle Carole Brouillette Betty Stahler Francis Puttniann Mary Carol Cline Jo Ann YVIIIIHIIIS PROMPTERS Betty Lavell Frances Schiro PROGRAMS AND TICKETS Mrs. Elizabeth Oliver Office Practice Class MAKE-UP DIRECTORS Mr. Stephen Dozier Miss Esta Arnette 1-livin: 1 '14 111- 1 1411-iq:-min:-vi: 101 1o1u1u1u1n11nzoioiui-ni Pase Nm9tY'SiX "The play is the th?:lZg.,,-SIIKZVICCSDCCIT6 niniuz-Ii. 101014 1 xi nioiniui ri rio: 1010141 ri 11 mini 1 vi li ri 1 ri 11 11 it 2 1 110104 1114111141 34111 1 1 141 1 1 3 in 11402 l Q SQ? S2 i '5-UQ 0 N 355' 2 ro 5 :Z i 5.1 " . , l ' O 1-.- .'.' 1 1 . i "5 la :izggij i S D' 1 ZAQ 1 ' - O w CD , ::'.- ..-,-, 1 1 ,.v.,A.-. F 55 'Q Q UQ a Q 2' 1' 1' ,......,.g g 1" z I O . T3 ' 5' co I , , H : to 5 Q. H was ffl' l 5 +11 i 0 '. ,fy Pig - 5" 5 nv 5 r' . ,D v-s E l 81:1 5 E., r' 5 Q ta U i Flgg'-I 3' ' m 3 Eae 3 I A., AUGUST 29. Registration days begin. Open wide the doors! SEPTEMBER 1. 5. Band goes to Tri-County Labor Day Comp lments celebration at Marion. 14. Something new has been added. Home- room meetings every week. of 16. First football game.. Team travels to Harrisburg. City National Bank """"""" """ """ of B 6 W Sport Shop Murphysbom, Illinois 1018 Walnut St. Phone 1125-R Sporting and Athletic Goods Special Prices to Schools and Churches vi 10101: in 3 11 aiu 101 ri 1 xi 10301101 1111101 Z vioi 1 11 ri 1 11111202 iq Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from Ross Stores Murpfhysboro -- Carbondale 9:4 Serving the People of Southern Illinois for the Past 27 Years Page One Hundred Thirteen 40110203 in il 10201 1101: 10101 xi: 1 in 5 rhosawmofkof ! ! Quality Meats and Groceries ! g 14 N. 11th st. Phone 243 Murphysboro, Illinois Q !-.,:.,- 2 I .. 2 2 -.: -nz ,I .. - :.,-..- 2 i 1 1:s,2 zlsie ,::::.,:1:.2::,: Lzsi. ,:::e,::,:I , Q HUNGRY? U THIRSTY? ! WED? 2 ' ee i friis ':2:: :.:A Zlu px:,:::V:ZEi,,: 5 p 1 Nl C - " .J fnpf 4 i Compliments of ! 3 Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Murphysboro, Illinois ! 5-U-0:--0:-1--1--1:U:0:f1-ff:ff-U- 2 --1--f- ! Q Compliments of I 5 Henry Borgsmlller i g 81 Sons Q ffskylioo Quality Foods" Q 216-219 N. 17th st. Phone 304 stoD0111:1m20i:m101niu10101 1501014 103010 Page One Hundred Fourteen 201034 1010301 1010101011120101030111 10 1101011110: ioiuiuioioioir11010101 Beckmann Implement Fairbanks co' Delaval Morse Milkers, Water Systems Separators Sales - Service John Deere Farm Equipment Phone 326 P. O. Box 634 Murphysboro, Illinois f 1 ND INC' A - 4:4216 Cf' 1601 Walnut St. Phone 557 Murphysboro, Illinois 1020101 10201010301010101030: 101 Compliments of I I Drum s Cafe 1334 Walnut St. Phone 5 Murphysboro, Illinois 201 iuioxoiuioioic110101:110111301 Compliments of Eugene Il. Comte Insurance 132815 Walnut St. Phone 887 Murphysboro, Illinois ini 1110101034120101010103 111 is 1341011 101:13 1:01 101 vi ri 3 :lui vim xii 1:1303 vi 1 ri xi in 1 31311 3 ni 1 110111103 9:4 Di i i 1 i 2 2 ' 1 1 ' I E Congratulations 3 Congratulations I to the from I d t f 1950 I I i Gra ua es o 1 I Q I ohn F. Borgsmiller g I I l S g Wholesale Distributor 2 2 I "A Favorite of the Students" 5 "Jack Sprat Fine Foods" I Q 2141 Walnut St. Phone 1306 3 600 N. 19th St. Phone 499 Q - Murphysboro, Illinois ! Murphysboro, Illinois I I I I I I iiiiiil if 201 P14 llii il 171 if i l0DOLi0Q 217i iii Yi i iii, 1 li i PQ 3011i0C Compliments of Q M. J. Bozarth L. H. Keller E BSK F 't C ' urni ure ompany E "Everything to Furish the Home" 5 102-108 N. 11th street Telephone 55 I Murphysboro, Illinois 2 Q Yi i 1,01 ll lUT0l0i014l illiiIlili0i01i0Q0l1lT0i1llI, 1 ill 10i0Q0i i il!QllC I i 1949 - 1950 M. T. H. s. HERALD 2 Chapman-Rollo I 26-27. Woe to Juniors and Seniors! In- E F n C E telligence Tests. I 0' E ocTosER I I fi..i3'.1I2aQLnfSi""vJE'i2Zi. i.R?SSIfe3v'if.fT.I 2 "Furniture Of Chafactelm fight! Q 14-31. Annual magazine sales. Profit goes E 1215 Walnut St- Phone 9 3 for chorus robes. I 17. Senior play try-outs in the Library. Murphysboro, Illinois g I I Q ' Page One Hundred Fifteen 020-3111iniiiimiiiiimiiiiil 1212 I Compliments of l I I I 5 F1rstNat1ona1 Bank l Q of ! Murpihyslooro, Illinois ! !710i0i 3liililPi0iUT0i0iUi4Y iiii 010310303 li il it iii it it i i 1 1 Q 5 : Wurlitzer Pianos i - i Q Draper Furniture Co. Q , Q . Q Compliments Q "Your Westinghouse Dealer" Q ! 10-12 S. 10th St. Phone 558 of U ! 5 Murphysboro, Illinois g Tappan Gas Ranges i-------1- ------1--1-4--1---f--H-W - ---0-A - 5 i Manufactunng Co ! - i g Comphments ef the i 17 North 14th Street 2 E Murphysboro, Illinois ! i g 25 N. 13th sf. Phone 91 j Telephone 77 2 ! g Murphysboro, Illinois i 2 Q'-"-D -f--"--f--'--'-"--'--'--'-W - --'-ff'-"""' " " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ! 2 ffatuaft Sega Sefzacce Q 'fFor sighe That Shine - oe1159', ! ! 1309 Rover st. Phone 59 Murphysboro, Illinois ! l Page One Hundred Sixteen ,gozo I l . l 2 Bowers and Sons Hardware 1 1422 Walnut Street Telephone 25 Q 1 - ' "Our 25th Year of Hardware Service" I "Better Buys at Bowers Hardware. We Give Eagle Stamps" 2 Clifton M. Bowers, M. T. H. S. Class of 1922 Q W. Forrest Potter, M. T. H. S. Class of 1937 i Margaret Alice Bowers, M. T. H. S. Class of 1944 Michael Bowers, M. T. H. S. Class of 1946 bllbllil 1 ilillliilillillillillllii'iiili0i0i0'il0i0i014Piiliflifliilillilfilliililbllli 1 Ill C - l 1949 - 1950 Comphments of l M. T. H. s. HERALD 5 Eb A Q 20. Class meetings are held to elect queen i G. E- ! gargilggqzgless ti?5'abl01116COIll1I1g. Seniors hold Q and Real Estate 5 Smce 1880n 27. Teachers' Institute. A few days of freedom spent in getting the floats ready. 1209 Walnut St. Phone 870 za. M. T. H. s. Homecoming Day. The seniors shine tonight. Jean is queen and l ' ' th -S ' fl ' h f' ' f Murphysboro, 1119013 0 niesirui:nxozoiuxnzoicrioxormxioi 1 yin: D0111it1:1ri011rimrimxxnrimxiuxxxxinicsz rioioq i l Compliments of Compliments Of - l E. C. Etherton Rrce s St le Sho 4 2 "Your Candy Man" Dresses - Suits - Lingerie 312 S. 15th St. Phone 89 2 Coats - Hats - Hosiery MUI'DhYSb01'0, Illinois 2 Murphysboro, Illinois i Cardwell Motors Dodge Plymouth Dodge Trucks D 1616 Walnut Street Telephone 64 Q Murphysboro, Illinois E i a Page One Hundred Seventeen 102 1111101010: ri xi 1010115011 ini 341201 1 1111: ivioiuininqfzi 0:01 10101 1 1411111011+101111:x1u1n1u1o1m9o1o1 111141111 1 10101110101 1111111 l I i l I l g Harry s Pit Bar-B-Q g Grlmmell s Dairy i With Complete Fountain Service C i i ro uc s E Sandwiches - Glorifiedu Hamburgers - A Complete Line of the Finest Quality Q French Frles Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, f Cutler Ice Cream i Cutler Butter g Bulk Hlld Package Home Deliveries Phone 505 16th and Elm Streets C311 505 H. T. Kirby, Dist- ! -0QOQ4l10Q0l0il lllQ4l10QOQ4li0QUQOi0QOQ i -0Q010QOQ0lI QIill!QOQUlUQOi4llllQ0l0, i i ! - i 1949 - 1950 Q Cmlphments of Q M. T. H. s. HERALD Q ! 29. Senior float Wins another 3525.00 in the ! ' i Fall Festival parade. i Q i 31. Assembly program try-outs are held G I I G this afternoon. 5 NOVEMBER ' A R 8 D' C 9. Seniors hold a practice session to learn g ! square dancing. i CLE 7 U 14. Seniors hold a Bar-B-Que to spend the - ' float prize money. What a feed! g 19 S- 11th St. Phone 866 17. The annual football banquet in honor - n !Pi0Q0i0l0QUallQl10111111lYl0l01014I1ll1llillllillilii l illiillliillilllllllli lliiili i Q Compliments of I ' 1 2 Hagler s O. K. Drug Store "Your Rexall Druggistn l . . . . Q "Prescription Specialists" g 1318 Walnut Street Phone 44 Q Murphysboro, Illinois T111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-110101111011101010101 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 111:11 i i Com I ' . pliments of ! i 2 The Crawshaws A Crawshaw Mortuar Y i Q 1421 Walnut Street Phone 542 i i Murphysboro, Illinois via9011111114v1n1o1o1u141101 1:11 Page One Hundred Eighteen 11111 1:11:01 1 1 1 11:1 111011111101 1:1 1 1 s N of r14x:1v:o1ojo:ojo:1r11 riocjoioie x11 p:1r11ri1r11r11r11rj1xj1r11rj1r11 rjo11x1oio1oi4r11 1111111 0.01 1-12011211112 11311 ini 1111111112 D 111 1 21113 1111111111 1 11111: vibe For Complete Satisfaction With Your Next Transaction E Try - l Swafford Lumber 81 Manufacturing Co. 5 Lumber Special Millwork Building Materials i Phone 909 311 North 13th street I Murphysboro, Illinois QUQOjl7ll QUQ DQUQUQI QUQ IQIIQ01lbiliQ!ll!iQUQ020QOQOQtlQOQOQ01llQ HQ! l1lQOQ liuluf E Q 2 ' ' I I Hart 5 Pharmacy Wrsely Florist - I . . Home of the Reliable Q "Serving Murphysboro since E Prescription Compounding 1900" Q 1424 Walnut Street Phone 8 1605 Walnut st. Phone 174W1 3 . . l Ml1FDhYSb0I'0, 111111015 Murphysboro, Illinois Q I 111011111011r1uin11s1o11r1ui1ri1i1cl:m1cJw 1111 I Z inioiu1u11r31r11v1u3o113 inguq- I l Compliments of Compliments of 2 , 5 Wolff Bros. Iewelry Todd s Laundromat 5 Stgfe "The Self-Service Laundry" S 1116 Walnut St. Phone 197 E 6th and Walnut Sts. Phone 1310 2 Murphysboro, Illinois 2 Murphysboro, Illinois 2 pioioi itbltlliiltllhllbillillllli 1 1 illfltjfllll i Pi! lil!lilliiliililliliillillil il iniuq l l I 2 If. H. Roberts Sons q l Funeral Directors E l 10th and Chestnut Sts. Phone 109 l ! 1 1 1 11.1. Page One Hundred Nineteen Q 1 nina 'J irixiiiiiiniiiiiiin 1 Genuine Wood River Gasoline You can pay more money, but you can't buy a better gasoline. Save 3c a Gallon Try a Tankful today. Why Pay More? Here's Where Your Money Goes Farther! Wides Oil Company 65 Service Stations in Missouri and Illinois to serve you. Home Office - 210 N. 10th St. - Murphysboro, Illinois 1 in 1 in 1 30111 102112 1 1 2 io: 1949 - 1950 M. T. H. S. HERALD of the "Champs" The mothers served overflowing plates of food and the fathers occupied a special table. 18. At last, the magazine sales party, which calls for a dance in the gym and free soda. 22. Seniors visit S. I. U. for a tour of the campus. 24. Thanksgiving vacation. The boys catch up on their rabbit hunting. :nil ini 1 1 1 1 1 2 :mini 1 zu: Compliments of Bosenberger Grocery 807 N. 14th St. Phone 843-W Murphysboro, Illinois Page One Hundred Twenty 1 svimrininioioiauiuiui 2 1 1 1 mini 101111111111 in in 1 ni 1 11102 i I I I 2 THE Au.-New Q g 1950 g I I I I I - I I I I 2 Q ' mlmfzng fn' the jimi rzme i I - .- 2 ' I a' I Q Co orspee 3 Q - I I g Wm. E. Strassburger 2 Q 907 Chestnut St. Phone 1326 2 Murphysboro, Illinois I I 1----I-'-----'I--I--I--I-it---M -'Y-I--H -'---- -E'-ff--'---1--------------I-M1 I - I g Compliments of Compliments of S Q Charles L. Bitter I - E Q A RaylVIar Drive-In g I I1 I Q ge Cy Ray Chancey, Prop. I Q Harry D. Tindall, Agent I i 9th and Walnut Sts. Phone 440 I i 1208 Walnut St. Phone 165 2 Murphysboroy Illinois Murphysboro, Illinois 2 I""""'"'"'""""""""""""' """"' """"' """""""""0"""""""""""""' I I - I 1949 - 1950 g M. T. H. S. HERALD G I gc1.IQIec:1IIiIni1Ii11ilI1e1iI1IiI:II3' fIIIu1IiieiIIIit1IIi16i I Q Ianni, clieerlezule-1's, and the hand. Ray l I ' J, 1' , l ' '. ' ' ll' ' ' ' l . E Ellsilililzkil tgeeugigliifeislty ot 1 l1l0lS is tie Purlna Chows E i DECEMBER Baby Chicks Hardware i Q 8. The Senior Play. Teresa White und Vernon Smith steul the show. Phone 667 208 N. 10th St. Q 14. The Mzulriguls sing over the radio . l I ! with Ted Ross as announcer. Ml1I'pl'lySbOI'O, Ill1I101S Q I - - - I Page One Hundred Twenty-one o ini 3 3 1 io:-1304 Q 9.0101 101 10:11 1 1 ni 1 1010111 in :moi 1 1 1 1 1 11111131111 1 1 1 113 g The Meyer Funeral Home 2 John A. Meyer Orville J. Denny Funeral Directors 5 Ambulance Service ! 1418 South Street l 1101 ioioioioioimz11:14:111111 1 1 10101 l Q Compliments of 2 Murphysboro Iron 8: i Metal Company 1900 Gartside Street Phone 194 I -it:irrim111limxirxitxirxirxirxicxioi 1 1120104 Q For the Best Ask for MIDWEST 2 Midwest Dairy E Products Inc. 203 N. 13th Street Phone 24 Murphysboro, Illinois linioiui 20201010101 i0ioio3o101o1oqr 301 -11 2 in11:xioioioinioiuioin1 10102021riniuioiuinioinioi 114 20 Murphysboro, Illinois 1949 - 1950 M. T. H. S. HERALD 16. The French dance. The M. T. H. S. Swing Band provides the music. 19. The chorus goes 'Christmas caroling. Mothers hold surprise party. 21. Last school day of 1949. Assembly is called in the morning for a program by the chorus. In the afternoon a dance is held around a large Christmas tree. Ted Ross plays Santa. A. G. Huppert Home Heating Company Lennox Furnaces Iron Fireman Stokers Day Phone 415 Night Phone 1280 9th and Chestnut Sts. Murphysboro, Illinois ioioioioioioioimlioioioioioioi 1101 Congratulations Class of '50 ! 5 Murphysboro Lumber Co. ! When You Build, Build With Confidence 5 Use Quality Materials l "Where Quality is Higher Than Price" 2 Formerly W. S. Smysor Lumber Co. .5....,-..-..-. Page One Hundred Twenty-two vi: xirri1111rimrioioioioioioioi uirmvioznioir110101 2 1 1 ni 1 1 1 05411 fum rg' it i 101111111 nioiuiuioioiui 1 3011 ioiuioq 10113 2 itx1oioiuioioioioix23110100 Q 1949 - 1950 Q M. T. H. s. HERALD Q 23. Seniors sponsor at Mistletoe Dance Q after the Sparta game. Senior Augusta Ruth l Cline is elemstutl Mistletoe Queen. Q 28. Coal Cities' Tournament. Murphy i opens with Metropolis. i 31. Murphy wins tl1e first place trophy. What. at game! With the game tied 32-32 i ut the half, the Devils fought to u 73-55 win. Q This is a happy New Year's Eve. l i 911101: 1 viuicuioioiuioioioi ini 130301 l l Q Q Compliments of I l 3 I I 2 Williams Food Store l Q For 13 Years the Hang-out of 2 M. T. H. S. students I 2 210 S. 21st Street Phone 1024 I E Murphysboro, Illinois l 21:11 I li 1 11111 111030101 1011310100 l . Q Compliments of i E Murphysboro Auto 5 Su l Q PP Y Q 1617 Walnut Street 5 Phone 405 Q Murphysboro, Illinois D Compliments of Q Q Murphysboro Grocery Company 2 18th and Edith Street Phone 120 loin: 1 1 :viii 1 15111 1 init:-riot! i I lVIiller's Ice Cream 1619 Walnut Street i Murphysboro, l Illinois Q l I ! ! 10th and Chestnut Phone 577 lVIorgan's Trading Post E "Furniture at Lower Prices" Murphysboro, Illinois I i Turton 85 Slaybaugh City Motors De Soto and Plymouth Phone 28 Murphysboro, Illinois I mi xo: :n1o:n1u1o1411011-ifw1o1u3u3-111024 Page One Hundred Twenty-three o seo xioiojoioilliojojoioiod gzq U xiojclioiojojojoioioicbjtbjoioji 014 9:4 Dui4vioiuiuio1oiui Congratulations Class of '50 Photographers for this issue of the Crimson and Corn Mohler's Studio Portrait and Commercial Photography 104 N. Fourteenth Street Phone 240 Murphysboro, Illinois 0101 1111211 1 1 1 C1 1 1 :mimi 1 ini Page One Hundred Twenty-four v xzozozozwzozozf of rioioiozsrjoioioiojoq mfiozojoioioioioiozx 01 014 ' . 0.4 1 Brown Shoe Company i HNATURALIZER, The Shoe With The Beautiful Fit" l S. 19th Street Murphysboro, Congratulations to the Class of '50 The Card Shop "Your Friendship Shop" Hallmark, Norcross, Gibson, Rustcraft, Greeting Cards Fannie May Candies 10 North 13th Street Phone 868-R Murphysboro, Illinois 101 1121101111 2 1 1 1 1:1 2110105 Compliments of Lustour Corporation Murphysboro, Illinois rioinjoiojoioic 010101011 110111001 ! !.. e I Phone 225 Illinois Q ! ! ' l l I l JA N U A RY 3. Ice covers everything. Students skate to school. 1949 - 1950 M. T. H. S. HERALD 4. Annual Staff gets in a little adver- i tising over the radio. 12. Semester exams. Everyone suffers. l 16. Folk Dancing Club is organized. Swing Q your partner! i 24. Grade cards. Exam grades are re- vealed. Ugh! i iflililIlilIitiQ!llllllbilllllillillilli 1010101 is l M' h 1' S d d f rc ae s tan ar f i ' ! Service Q ! Telephone 965 Q 1903 Walnut St. Murphyslooro, Ill. . . I "Come in Often - We Like to Q See You - And Serve You" Q Dave Maloney Q Electric Sales Sz Service Electrical Contracting l Stokers Refrigeration - Air Conditioning - Murphysboro, Illinois - -..-.,-.,-..-..-..-..-.,-..-.--,..-......-.i-4.g. Page One Hundred Twenty-five 3 i in 2 ri 103024 031203111 1014 201 ri 2 2 3 1:2 1 1 1135 1 1 1111111121111 I E Porter Bros. Motor Sales Chrysler Plymouth International Trucks i Hot Point Appliances - U. S. Royal Tires - Zephyr Petroleum Products 2 14th and Liberty Sts. Telephone 938 g Murphysboro, Illinois i-.,-.,-.,-..,.-.,-......-.,-.-, ..... .-....-.,-.,.. -....--,..- --... - .-.,- .- ! Compliments C , E of ompliments 2 Rogel-Q Kimmel 5 The Kroger Store l Real Estate and Insurance i 1403 Walnut st. Phone 136 'P i 2 1325 Walnut St. Phone 99 I Murphysboro, Illinois Murphysboro, Illinois i. Q Q 30101 '1'1''1"""101"-""'01"10'l 1 f"11Hl! iliilbiili 1 11010101 nzoxuzoxoxozoxa g 1949 - 1950 I Q M. T. H. s. HERALD ! Metcalf Cl0tl1lIlg Store E Zigairgoglol Icgrvciiaglsl presented in assembly. g 1301 Walnut Street Q FEBRUARY S Murphysboro, Ill. Phone 575 W i 3. Pep meeting.- The Coal Cities' trophy g a ' t h . ' ! is presen ed to t e team ' i Flne Clothes i 10. American Legion speeches. -This 5 should inspire a speech class. ' for Q 13. Band and chorus travel to Gorham i ! for a. concert. Experience before contest. MGH alld Boys ! i ! l B. F. Goodrich Martin ! Tires Outboard ! Tubes M h b M I Motors 5 Batteries urp ys oro otors nc. Parts l Oldsmobile Sales and Services l Q 11-15 N. 15th street Phone 641 2 Murphysboro, Illinois pzqDmvi:111rinioioimrioiuini 1 iuioiuinxnimxcmioioiozoi 1 1 1 2 1 ini 14111 Page One Hundred Twenty-six P10311 :Iii 11:11 1 ini 1 1 1 15111 1 211 3 1 1 1 111 3101 2 3010109 f:Ql-1I-lIC1DC1DC1lQ15C4DC1ICTPn1 UUDUHUHDUIPCIUHPTUICYUMDHICIPQQIH YQflffPG4IC0.4C4PQ0C4D:4Y.0Q0:Q ! 2 2 I I I - - - A , A I ' i 'E i 5 3 C 5 rl SPP ' - 1 Q. : 'S ez : L' I :. - I Q 51 ! 5 G1 ! E-5 ! 5 I lo m Q-P Q : C B 5 5 :Q Q gf g I NI ' 14 ' P- Q, F 'P w 5 E. f 9, : - I 2 I Q :U CD A I 0 '1 c rn P- f- -- I : I S - S dl Q ND 2 ' O I-Q : FL IJ' Z 2 P-' ,., I 910 Iiwffw I SQ-:'-5wf3 I 1 . 5 "1 5-5 : -- E. P-1 M Q-I 2 5 5 P: 5- :- .1 : H ,.. : 5 l : SE Q I Q- P-I "" 3 Q I :. 5 fb U W: gr, fs I s - rf P-H O : O m 0 gg fb ' P- U Q uf ... 2 c . ur- : rv- 2 ' P-'- Q 6 I 5, 90 .1 5 I 5? 3 - 5 1 Ie :IQ no I I U2 Cf' "' '-' H .' ,-. P-2 U2 - :: 4 G N Pcs GP 2. ED fb V H- U1 C 1+ V CD 5 4 '-I ' Q.. 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S. HERALD 28. First game of the Regional Tourna- ment. On to the next. MARCH 2. Murphy beats Herrin at their own game of stalling. 3. The Devils play their best game. Murder Marion 71-43! 6. Surprise assembly. The team receives the Regional trophy . 8. First game of the Sectional tourna- ment. Murphy meets Anna. 10. The Devils lose a heartbreaker, 56-55. Jewell has appendicitis. 13. The last basketball assembly. The team gets to visit State. 13. The scheduled assembly program is called off. Jewe1l's in the hospital. 25. Solo and ensemble contest. Musicians try for State. APRIL 1. Band and chorus go to District Contest. Anna is host town. 14. Big event of the year - the Prom. The Juniors show us a. great time. 15. Biology Club goes to District Meet. MAY 1. Class picnics. Upperclassmen allow- ed to leave town. 16. Must be dull at school today. The Seniors are on their trip. 19. Final exams for Seniors. Will we graduate? 28. Baccalaureate services are held for the Seniors. 29. Graduation. Four years of labor re- warded. .gr:icvi:xi010101014r:u1oio1o1u3u311 1111 1 1131111 11111131 1o1o1o1o?o:oio1 For Distinctive Job Work, You'l1 Be Smart to Inquire at The Daily Independent Job Shop Printers of the 1950 Edition of "The Crimson and Corn" Whatever the occasion, whenever you want a dis- criminating job done, you'll be well pleased with the help our office can give you. Graduation invitations . . . wedding announcements . . . personalized stationery 1' ff f 1 llftimgf 1 . . . our staff are specialists in producing the type of printing that pleases you, in everything from handbills to birth announcements. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS PUBLICATIONS, INC. Publishers of THE DAILY INDEPENDENT THE FREE PRESS THE DAILY JOURNAL Murphysboro Carbondale Herrin 10Q1IillQ4YQ1YlllillQUQUQlYQ0l0QUllQ Q li Q Cll Q Q i Q I QClQlDQUQOQUQUQUQUQUQ Page One Hundred Twenty-eight ,Q- 'ff' xg' 'X wi x f ' M, K, rf ff as 4 ,, -an 4. rw. . 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