Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL)

 - Class of 1929

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Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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rl '11 ':. .iff ' , , x 1 I " 1 , v R , 1 E Z' ,,.. ,-7? .hir-.,,, A. A - F ,ff -Vw. - , , .j f --Y , id W- Nj-W, ,N l ,.,.,.,, - - , V, , N , f . .,.,. ,,,,. , . .,L, ....fY,,., ,. ., , Y, . V Q' ' -f--6 11 -f if-fry,f5,'f'-f-'wg ' ' sb .-A ,:f.y,-'aff ,xg-Q , ' . L nf N 1 4. N 'Il 1' gg .Q r . , s V 1 V x .- 4 WU? -'JA X: 5 sl i -,ja ,F 9 e 1 'fi wary-3 '.-ck F" Q L r , Fa J., .Y Hd- wzw: . , I .f.. ,X .fw V, . ,. 1-A M, .x ,Vw f, , ,,, -' 5 . x 1 X '2 -1 lx , ' 1 ,. 2 , A .V f ina ,i -. P Q X 9 Q' 1' M31 wx My .. ,V ,Q V .. M , .W E , 1 .., Az . ui . 5,1 Y 2 112 'Q li f i . ! , 45 I , . 1 .AJ ,I XI., ,L I1 S 1223- ,-ff, , f. ,zu ww, .. .M Kywirff. ' .W .Img if-Vi QQ- e Z1 Af., ,. ,K 'i,,gg5a,,3l :5-L 9,83-5 fa , . I 1 f ,L HT5,Qz1? g ge 1:3 xg, fQ LP' rf wg QV ,M ii' JI 14 ,, T L 13 Nm W1 1 bw- M :W Q15 1 J f 2 Y 22 ka 31 3 Q i v ? N 1 i 'mm lml1mluwmaAumrwA-wmwasmwlw.ufvd in ,, ., . W.-mv. ' ' 1-1. .. 'nr .5- '4,". . 'X Qr 1-v. vu, A, E A g "f.,.f:f I K L.:-,.'.'.,, 4- . 1 - uf-fo " I , ., , - . .4 . :E .A.. v 1.,-, ,.., 1 1. . f- 4.5,-1.,', .' -w 4 ", ..,. vm- 1,34-1-.' .-3 Q-I W"t.8 -'A' A' -' .'QQbf'e':i'-ff 71. 56 . . 2,1-'F .J U- . ur b. 'A -Hi.-QL'-4492. - ,ki Vggutw H" f,. .,'.x ' ..F"" .".' -.fa L 0- ,..,'. 'Q"'.l' . fy, .s,. I, ',-. ' ' . tQ!g,':',--1, wr. ....'. '...-. 5,4 A. ..', -'...u..w, 'Xi J Q-.--'-, is , , , , ., ., -v . ,ik My "U '..y'.,.' -' ' "' " X., ' Q .- . rx .-,fwfrs ,Q f . ' . U f-.. "Nix , Ln- - " 5 4,7 " 7. ' . V A 'FQ f ':'1"1.'.',' . ' 4 ' - gym- 1'--,x.w.--N 5.5. , - . ,.,,.,1w,'.w, 1 .'- 4 ," .. 1 A 3 , f - ,'7'.' ' "1" ' '1'Q' ,- R is 1 I , , 'gf 4 rs. Tffhg v I- L-' Hx ' V II W, A . , Q ,. , K 1..' 3 -xg , a - ' . , ., ., , . , , . , ,1,- .fy jw - ,, 5 if - .. -,2.,. O.-,. , - .-,wiM.A:,7:',,,'-- .- - .f, '- ',.-1. xg j-, '.,j ' ' -M. l X 1 F '-,. -, - ng, ..-1'-1 RM -f' X.--rf., , , -.14 .. ,k ' w. A 4 f 4, 1 .. l fu-p 10W Nsllfp Q' ' 1453 AE" " mil' 1929 oo K we Q - X : 1 J 'S l 7l'Ef ' 3 ,F Page Two , W " 5 'wer A ,, -iw N , V' -.LM . , ' 'tr - .- . . 1 S kiln:-'L P :j?,I j, .flf-,5"E , I- ,fi I. ' 1 A. rug ' V. I' H ' , - ' R I . ,5 , ' " - k .' .3531 f 5 , As Q 9 ,Ns ' , -' -U53 ' Wh . ' . ' , - ,J , dv. , -. . fy f ? ' , L .' M. 9 3 V '5 'lui U ' 4' ' 5 .x', Y n , '. f"1Q 5 " sk if , W Mg 4 'V ' ' ,a ,. . x .5 A v V .f --fa., Fl , nl, 1, ' .- . I 'V , A. . inf., , il , , vi' an-1 , H. xwf. F 1 -. givfr gif 4 . , .migf -mn , , , W , n v.,'Fa , 1. 4 V. ,li . J' ., -H, I ,nf ,1i'5'H...v i-ff 54,5 Qii' ' fy-159: - , " AMS X , tw .y ' 0 ,WSH , K Q ' - L .J 4 ' f mi' .g,M 'Tir i A v .,. fi' 3 ,Q 4, . 4, -. , Q , , J' Q 1 . . .1 .' , n - 'fi W 9 fi I' 1 , rn. N ,,.- ,, . iw ' ,gina gl, 'Sag- Zf L . ,, , . ,,- 4. . .,QQ'!m3 . , ,A 3 1, Q u v Q' ,, n . D A ' xii ' 'I My il 1 --PA, gqnrehxurh To keep before us an ever present view of the four past eventful years of activities, studies, and pleasures has been our motive in creating this book. THE STAFF. Page Four Pehiratinn To 1VIiss Anna Taggart, as an expression of our appreciation for her capable and unfailing guidance throughout our high school career, we, the class of 1929, sincerely dedicate this year-book. Page Five fl ,V--rvjj-C,f' -- f1"ei:4f' ,1 Q5-H W- xfrfia f- B -Qi-' Zim' xx The Staff EDITORS Helen Sangwin Walter Cook BUSINESS MANAGER Chester Kessel ADVERTISING MANAGER Sebastian Vallo CIRCULATION MANAGER Edwin Barton LITERARY EDITORS Mary Allen I Barbara Mohlenbrock FEATURE EDITORS Dorothy Jacobs Margaret Shadron SPORTS EDITORS Harold File Ahgelo Pellegrini ART EDITORS Kathryn Biggs Walter'Thompson SNAP SHOT EDITORS Ruth Holfecker Mary Evelyn Tripp Frederick Bierer JOKE EDITORS ' Marcella Tansey Ernest Mazo ALUMNI EDITORS Mary Ellen Casey Grace Watson TYPISTS Maxine Butcher Vera Palisch Page Six ...-I ll lille zrrr prnuh nf nur Iiiglg ,gclynnlg JHZIQ nur frliglg Srlgnnl hr prnuh nf us Page Seven 9 7? ,irlqnnl L1 math . ,.., ,,- N 5 : X 1 A f 1 E . N . DR. R. B. ESSICK . E.L.BENC1N1 W 2 M N 4 V , ig , W f e 2 1 1 ,,.,.......W..,.,,, W , . S. B. MCNEILL Prrshffnl DR. R, S. SABINE E. L. ISOM A. B. STUELZE Clfrl' Page Eight -. . . ,. . ....,....-, ..., ...v..... ,.................,....-,...,.,..,. .... ........,,.....4...-................., , an ,Lx ij A 399,13 ,. 7'1W' " 'nffwf 1 31 :J-ff N53 , fx. vi 'LQ xi V L...l. , P , ' ,,'f'?:,N ' ' ., '5'Zflllf:iJisaxxxxxx,' ARVEL G. CALDWELL Principal Page Ten . A 1nQ isxxx ANNA TAGGART, A.B., A.M. Assistant Principal Head of Latin Department Shurtlelf College, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, University of Colorado PAUL ARNDT, B. S. Director Smith-Hughes Agriculture Department University of Illinois I WILDIE DAVIS, A. B., A. M. Head of Mathematics Department University of Indiana J. MACK EATON, B. S. Coach and History University of Illinois ADA E. CHERRY, ED. B. Head of English Department Dramatic Art Southern Illinois Normal University FLORENCE I. DAVIS, B. S. Physical Culture Indiana State Teacher's College Page Eleven ig , . fixed E 1 ,,.-rgfliifw in 37531 we-f -lfi11T,4jA ,tZii?ffzEibL7 '--f':'- ,exif -L -g"--NNTTFQ. QI-414zq:3,1' . jm bs'Q lll xx SOPHIA K. BAER, A. B. Bookkeeping, Typing and Shorthand University of Iowa CONSTANCE L. HARRISON, A.B., A.M. History and Sociology Knox College, University of Michigan, University of Virginia PAULINE WILLIAIVIS, B. S. Biology and Geography Central Missouri State Teachers' College, University of California MAPLE JOYCE, B. S. Manual Training Southeastern Missouri State Teachers' College, Bradley Polytechnic Institute ALDA E. HENRY, A. B. Engliyh and Typing Northwestern University HELEN MURRAY FIRTH, B. S. Chemistry, Physics and General Science University of Wisconsin Page Twelve 1 My lr nd ' CQ? ' a WSE' FRANCES ORMSBY THOMAS, A. B. English and Latin Smith College, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin MARGARET GRACE TUBBS, A. B. Head of Art Department English and Home Economics University of North Dakota Colorado State Teachers' College ANDREW MIKITA Head of Music Department University of Indiana Northwestern University EMMA C. SMITH, A. B. English University of Illinois PHILIP H. ALLEN, ED. B. Assirtant Coach and Mathematirs Southern Illinois Normal University KATHEREN E. SMITH, A. B. Head of Home Efonomitr Department Indiana State Teachers' College Page Thirteen , MQ r M l l W ' l , .HA , Zflfzvfv mxx Page Fourteen MARION A. SHELDON, A Mathemaiifs Beloit College ILEAN BUTCHER Clerk Murphysboro Township High School '22 CLIFFIE STEWART Librarian Murphysboro Township High School '24 .B. 1 l Y 4 i . , , .ul , ' " ,111 , i -L-L V my wwnmywfe. 1-anfggfffg Q15 -df , , ' T! K N' .away if -m"I, ' i fn' . , ,,. " a -4 1.1. 3 14 24 il --1 - """ '-l...::- 'ig w 1 4. 'Y- I U U Ti . 11-3 3-if-iiigm 3 , - , A ,mf ,-:L Wm. Q . A? . ,,-4 x 1 .- X Wg ,U-A1 'wf 113 'Y egg 32:3 1 J? 113' F 5 5' wg E ' YA' 'Nj 2 , .1 . ,Y '4 '45 f 1.,. r :Qt .-4 , , , 4 .hu gm vqwal , 6 ,V ,xx ' I ,y - nfi 53: ' ,ey-fl . N . 1, 5' 1 X. 1 QS , A X. 1 , S s Zia xx 5 High gfnnnrs HELEN SANGVVIN Qinnnrs VERA DRUIN DOROTHY JACOBS CHARLOTTE WOLFF Cillliinute Students neither tardy nor absent during the four years of High School.- DOROTHY JACOBS CHARLES ,KILBY MARGARET SHADRON GRACE VVATSON ANNA WILLIAMS Page Sixteen l 1 1 I - 'f1i"'. ""'.1""' ,f 5 3 Q ' ff1ffvvw1wN-XYSX 5 U Q E , eninr Qllzrsa s 1 w ' 1 'N J I I ' E 1 r N I I 1 ,W flbffirers EDWIN BARTON President DOROTHY JACOBS MARCELLA TANSEY Vice-President Secretary Y Page Seventeen VO 1 1 1 I 1 . I I i 9. l.:....-.... MARY MARGARET ALLEN Zeteticg Class Vice-President 1335 Ath- letic Association 1335 Latin Plav 1335 Latin Club 123 133 1435 Glee Club 123 1335 "Lilac Time"5 "The Call of the Bansheeug G. A. A. 1435 G. R. 133 1435 Annual Staff 143. She is great and she is just." She is good, and one that you fan trust." u EDWIN T. BARTON Zetetic5 Class President 1435 Athletic Association 113 123 1335 "Lilac Time"5 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Latin Club 133 1435 Annual Staff 143. He stood like a rofk 'midst the auafves of the sea, We ne'er had a raptain so :tal-wart as he!" u RUPERT LESLIE BENCI NI Socratic5 Class President 1235 Athletic Association 113 123 133 1435 A. A. Busi- ness Manager 1335 Football 113 123 133 1435 Basketball 133 1435 Letters, Minor Football 1235 Minor Basketball 1235 Latin Club 113 1235 Hi-Y 123 133 143 Vice-President 143. i "Bright? Why, even Mars is hut a fandlef' FREDERICK BIERER Zetetic5 Athletic Asociation 113 123 133 1435 Football 123 133 1435 "Lilac Time"5 Latin Club 113 1235 Senior Orchestra 123 1335 Junior Orchestra 1135 Agri- culture Club 123 1335 Band 143. One of those jolly good fella-ws srattered through elvery dass." n KATHERYN V. BIGGS 1"KATIE"3 Zetetic5 Athletic Asociation 113 123 1335 Latin Club 113 123 1335 Glee Club 1135 Senior Orchestra 1435 Letters, Orchestra 1435 G. A. A. 133 1435 Gym Exhibition 123 1335 G. R. 133 1435 Annual Staff 143. She portrays lowelinfss in more fway: than hy her brush." 41 ALICE MARIE BLACKWOOD Zetetic5 Class Secretary 1335 Athletic Association 113 123 133 1435 Secretary A. A. 1435 Latin Play 133 145 Latin Club 113 1231331435Glee Club 1135 G.A.A. 133 1435 Gym Exhibition 1235 Letters, G. A. A. 1435 G. R. 133 1435 "Lilac Time." "fl rharm lies fwithin her eyes." Page Eighteen -' Y-"W .f . ,QWQEQ -'ff' . J bi ll ' Jixx 5 RICHARD ELMO BLACKWOOD Zeteticg Athletic Association 125 135 145. 'UI young man .vhould he modest." JOHN T. BLANKINSHIP 1"TONY"5 Socraticg Athletic Association 115 125 135 1453 Business Manager A. A. 1455 Foot- ball 135 1453 Letters, Minor Football 125, Major Football 1455 Latin Play 135 1453 Latin Club 115 125 135 1453 Hi-Y 1455 "Lilac Time"3 "The Patsy." "The deed I intend it great, hut what as yet I knofw not." CHARLES BLUE 1"CHUCKIE" 5 Zeteticg Athletic Association 115 135 1455 Latin Club 115 125 1353 junior Orchestra 1355 Band 135 145. - "Churl,'.v a good fellofw, faithful anl true, Anything for you, he'll do." MARX' ESTHER BONHAM 1"MESTER"5 Zeteticg Athletic Association 115 125 135 14-5g Latin Club 115 125 1353 Glee Club 115 1255 Gym Exhibition 125g G. R. 135 145- "A girl of quiet mien, with a golden gift of personality." HELEN'ELIZABETH BOST Zeteticg Athletic Association 1251355 Glee Club 115 125 1353 G. A. A. 135 145g Gym Exhibition 1253 G. R. 135. "A cheery smile, a eountenanee unfworried, ,fIn.l fvery seldom fussed or flurriedf' EDWARD BOWSER 1"FAT"5 Zeteticg Athletic Association 115 125 1353 Lile-e Club 125 1353 Ag Club 125. "lVork ishfwork, and must he done, Yet as I work I ha-ve my fun." Page Nineteen i .-: -. LW ' ll1nuu:nNxx HOWARD BROWN C"BROWNY"1 Socratic5 Athletic Association C11 C21 C31 C415 Football C21 C31 C415 Basket- ball C415 Letters, Major Football C415 "Lilac Time"5 Latin Club C21 C315 Agri- culture Club C11 C21 C31 "Like all true sportsmen, you hear little about him from l1im.felf." SYRENE BRUMMET C"DOC"1 Socratic5 Athletic Association C11 C21 C31 C415 Latin Club C31 C415 Agriculture Club C21. God bleu the man fwho hrs! in-vented .rleep." rf MAXINE BLANCHE BUTCHER Socratic5 Athletic Association C21 C315 Latin Play C315 Latin Club C21 C315 G. R. C415 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Annual Staff C41. "If you fwish to be handfome, obtain the secret of beauty from me." EDNA IRENE CARR Zeteticg Gym Exhibition C415 G. R. C31 C41- "A shy mis: in our school, Who newer break: a rule." MARY ELLEN CASEY Zeteticg Latin Club C11 C21 C315 Glee Club C21 C315 Senior Orchestra C315 junior Orchestra C215 G. R. C31 C415 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Annual Staff "To be valued you must make,your.relf fvaluableg to have friend: you must prove yourself friendly." GERTRUDE EVELYN CASSIDY Socratic5 Athletic Association C21 C315 Latin Play C215 Latin Club C11 C21 C313 Gym Exhibition C215 G. R. C31 C415 "The Ghost Story"5 "Lilac Time"5 "The Call of the Banshee." On with the dance! Let joy be uncon- fined." rl V 1 l Paye Twenty lIl' hSXX JAMES COCHRAN Zeteticg Latin Club 111 121g Glee Club 111 121- "He is a -whole broadcasting stalion in himself." WALTER R. COOK 1"COOKIE"1 Zeteticg Athletic Association 131 141, Latin Club 111g "The Call of the Ban- shee"g Annual Staff 141. "His mind is his leingdomf His fwill is his la-'w." JACK MILTON COOPER 1"SCOTT"1 Zetetic, Athletic Association 111 121 1315 Glec Club 111 121 1315 Senior Orchestra 111 121 131 1413321114111 121 131 141- "Years may rome and years may go, But my fun goes on forever." PAUL E. DAVIS Zeteticg Athletic Association 1313 Foot- ball 1l1 121 1313 Track 1215 Glee Club 1213 "The Patsy." Life is not so short, but that there is alfways time for courtesy." rr LENA MAE DICKEY 1"SHORTY"1 Zeteticg Latin Club 121 131g G. A. A. 131 141, President 141, Letters 131 1415 Gym Exhibition 121 131 141. "She is not very tall,' in fact, very smallg She is bright and jolly, and swell liked by all." VERA LUCILLE DRUIN Zeteticg Athletic Association 131 1415 Latin Play 1315 Latin Club 111 121 1311 G. A. A. 131141, Vice President 141, Let- ters 131 14-1g Gym Exhibition 121 131 1413 G. R. 141. "She tuned her radio to the air And fwave lengths landed in her hair." Page Twenty-one .V f:'i"'vfX.f F , ff' ..x. fl-1. g K xgg. 73,-QVi::: ,. ' -wifi a-'Nr 2 'g'f4'Zf+b Zinn "3 JEWEL TONKINS ELLIOTT "Both polite and sincere." LEO FAUGHN ' Socraticg Agriculture Club 13j 14-J. "A little nonsense now and then Is relished hy the wisest men." JULIA FAY 1"SlS"l Zeteticg Athletic Association 12513114-jg G. A. A. mg Gym Exhibition mg G. R. 131 141. "Al mighty hunter and her prey is man." ELBERT FIELDING Socratic. "Better to be small and shine, Than large and fast a shadow." HAROLD EUGENE FILE Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 133 14-jg Latin Club 131 14-jg Annual g Staff 145. "His face is not the doubtful kind, That wins the eye and not the mind." CECILE BERNALL FOX Zeteticg Athletic Association 13jg Latin Club 113 123 1359 Glee Club 1173 G. A. A. 13j' 14-jg Gym Exhibition 12lg G. R. 143. "There :was a soft and pensive grace, A cast of thought upon her face." Page Twenty-two L.. ..... .. .,.., , ',1:w,m' t. 1.1-13,5 .1'lg'f5-3u1,,,,., - W- M... .. .....,- ,i . WH. 1 , . 1- 2n'5f"'cg,z-if. .. '5"1-wma, .. , . ,rv-ry? ,gr-Q, . 2 , - ill' 157-"'. :FfZ'f"4f' ' Y! '-'f - ' '. ,Mg . 5 . ,wo ,..f ,ff 1 J 23 2 4 1 1 Je., ,g'Q5,j1'g,fN,,"s MARIE GILLENBERG Zeteticg Athletic Association 1313 Glee Club 1113 G. A. A. 131. "Thr leiml of girl yonhl look at lfwlrff' EARL 1. GRAEFF 1"SPECK"1 Socratic: Athlezic Association 121 131 141g Basketball, Class Team 121 131 1415 Track 1415 Agriculture Club 111 121 131 141- "llis ways are quiet, but silfnrf is floquentf' BEULAH HAGLER Socraticg Glee Club 121 1315 G.A.A. 131. "fl leimllifr frirml has no amz" NURNIA HELEN HEIPLE Socraticg Glee Club 111 121 1313 G.A.A. 1415 G. R. 141. "fl favorite among hm' frifnds, .fl jolly girl fwilh diwidrndxf' RUTH ESTHER HENLEY Zeteticq Latin Club 111 1215 Glee Club 111 121 1315 G. R. 141. "Curly lorlzr, rurly locks, fwilt thou be mine?" RUTH HOFFECKER 1"RUTH Y"1 Zeteticg Class Secretary 1115 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 "Sunshine": "The Patsyng Latin Club 111 121 1315 Glee Club 111 1213 Gym Exhibition 1215 G. R. 131 141, Treasurer 131, President 1415 Annual Staff 141. "Snappy 'wil and fasrinatirnz Arc Ihr rlfmentx of adrnirationf' Page Twenty-three 1 I 5 l 9 11 1 l 2 1 1 I Wi rw 1' Ill' ,--Q S E257 -"Zg,f,f,,i1li'2txxx ' MARY DOROTHY JACOBS Zeteticg Class Vice-President 1413 Latin Play 121 1313 Latin Club 111 121 131 1413 "Lilac Time"g Glee Club 1113 G. A. A. 1313 Gym Exhibition 1315 Annual Staff 141. "Quiet in class, but powerfully loud in grades." RAYMOND ARTHUR JACOBS Zeteticg Latin Club 111 121 1419 Glee Club 111 121. "Besides fworking hard learn to idle a-while, to muse and charm." FLOYD JOHNSON 1"LEFTY"1 Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 111 141g Basketball 111 121 1319 Track 1313 Manager Foot- ball and Basketball Squads 141g Latin Club 121 131. "Something hshy about this lad-in the sfwimming tank." HELENE CLAUDEANE JONES Socraticg Latin Club 111 121 131g Glee Club 1115 G. A. A. 131 1413 Gym Exhibi- tion 131 1413 G. R. 141. "Her pleaxlng personality ha.: made her efverybody'.v friend." CHESTER DEWITT KESSEL 1"CHEP'l1 Socraticg Athletic Association 111 131 1415 Socratic Vice-President 1415 Foot- ball 141g Basketball 131 1419 Track 131 141g Glee Club 111 1213 Hi-Y 131 1415 Band 1415 "The Call of the Banshee"g Annual Staff 141. I ne-ver trouble trouble-'till trouble trouble.: me." u CHARLES KILBY 1"CHUCK"1 Socraticg Athletic Association 131 1413 Football 1415 Basketball 141g Track 1415 Letters, Football 141, Basketball 14-15 Agriculture Club 111 121. "Mild and eonserfuatiwe to the 1-world but quite different 'when you knofw him." Page I'wenty-four 4 w EARL MCENTIRE Tm , .k,'- . A , h is MARGARET KING Socratic5 Athletic Association 131 1415 Gym Exhibition 121. "Not Jo seriou: ax .fhe looks." RAYMOND LOVE Socraticg Athletic Asociation 1115 Glee Club 1215 Hi-Y 1415 Agriculture Club 141. "lWode.rt and true in all he does." Zlllfvvht-vxx Zeteticg Class Vice-President 1115 Ath- letic Association 111 121 131 1415 1'Lilac Time"5 Glee Club 111 1415 Agriculture Club 111 121 131 1415 "The Call of the Banshee"5 "The Patsy." I afwolze one morning and found myself famou.r." u ERNEST G. MAZO 1"MAJOR"1 Zeteticg Athletic Association 131 "Lilac Time"5 Agriculture Club 121 131 1415 "The Call of the Bansheeug Annual Staff 141. Fi! -word: attended on hi: fweighty senxe, And mild manner: flofwed in eloquence." u JOHN ALBERT MEYER Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Latin Play 1315 Latin Club 131 1415 Glee Club 1115 Hi-Y 131 1415 "Lilac Time"5 "The Call of the Banshee." "Woman is a fickle thing." BARBARA MOHLENBROCK 1"KRAUT"1 Zetetic5 Society President 1315 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Latin Play 121 1413 Latin Club 111 121 131 141, President 1415 "The Ghost Story"5 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Glee Club 111 121 1315 Senior Orchestra 121 131 1415 junior Orchestra 1115 Gym Exhibition 1313 G. R. 131 1415 Annual Staff 141. A charming personality, just brimming oever with originality." u Page Twenta ve l 1 l 1 1ni t xxNX ROBERT NEWTON MORRIS 1"BOB"1 Socraticg Athletic Association 1315 Let- ters, Orchestra 141, Band 1415 "Lilac Time"5 Latin Play 121 1315 Senior Or- chestra 1415 Hi-Y- 1415 Band 131 141. "It's such a serious thing to be a funny man." FRANCES MURPHY 1"IRISH"1 Zeteticg Athletic Association 131 1415 Latin Club 111 1215 Glee Club 1215 G. A. A. 131 141, Local Awards 1315 G. R. 131 1415 Gym Exhibition 121 131 141- "We knofw her hy her jolly air, Laughing eyes, and jet black hair." VERA ARIOSA PALISCH Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 1315 Latin Club 111 121 1315 Gym Exhibition 121 131 1415 G. R. 131 14-15 Annual Staff 141. "She's not a flofwer, she's not a pearl, But just a noble-all-'round girl." ANGELO HENRY PELLEGRINI 1"LEVEN"1 Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 141, President 1415 Latin Play 1315 Latin Club 121 1315 Annual Staff 141. "The seeret of sueeess is eonstaney of purpose." PAULINE PIERON Socraticg Athletic Association 1115 Latin Club 141g G. A. A. 1315 G. R. 131 141. "Enjoy life and help others to see fun in it." GEORGIA LEE PLANT Socratic5 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Latin Club 111 121 1315 Senior Orchestra 111 141, .Latter 1415 Gym Exhibition 121 1415 G. R. 1415 "The Patsy." "Her'lifvely face-f-was smiling beneath her rurls of jet." Page Twenty-six 5 L A-, H l -. . JOHN EDWIN PORTER Socratic5 Athletic Association 121 131 1415 Football 131 1415 Track 131 1415 Glee Club 111 1215 Hy-Y 131 141, Secre- tary 141. "Not with wealth or power is he crowned, But wisdom and worth a-plenty are found." HILDA IRENE ROWLAND Zetetic5 Athletic Association 1115 Latin Club 111 121 1315 Glee Club "Only a farvored few :hall know the .tweet- ness of her." JOHN RUPPERT 1"BUD"1 Socraticg Class President 1115 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 111 121 1315 "The Patsy." "Nature held up the mirror, and the world was dazzled." HELEN JANE SANGWIN Socratic5 Society President 1415 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Latin Play 1215 Latin Club 111 121 131 1415 Letters, Contest 1215 Glee Club 111 121 1315 G. A. A. 131 1415 Gym Exhibition 121 1415 G. R. 131 1415 "Tulip Timex --The Call of the Banshee"5 Annual Staff 141. "This happy laugh, thir cheerful xmile, Both are necenary fora life worth while." PAUL SARENSEN Zetetic5 "Tulip Time"5 Latin Club 1315 Glee Club 111 121 1315 Junior Orchestra 121 1315 Hi-Y 1115 Agriculture Club 141. "And mutie tinkled from hi: hngers, A: .rang from the throat of the thrash." EDNA ESTELLE SAUER Socraticg Athletic Association 111121131 1415 Latin Club 111 121 1315 "Lilac Time." "Beware of her fair hair, for :he excel: all women in the magic art of her lorhsf' xx C-ig i Exit A- - .C Ti i gif Jikwiitgicf Page Twenty-seven i- CLARENCE SCHOLES 1"SPUDS"1 Socratic5 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 131 1415 Letters, Football 141 5 "The Patsy." The census embrace: .refventeen million women: I'd like to be the census." n GEORGE WILLIAM SIMONS Socratic5 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 1415 Basketball 1415 Latin Club 1415 Glee Club 111 121 131 1415 Senior Orchestra -131 1415 Junior Orches- tra 1215 Hi-Y 131 1415 Band 111 121 1415 "The Call of the Banshee." "Variety is the spice of life." MARGARET LOUISE SHADRON Socratic5 Latin Club 111 121 1315 Glee Club 111 121 1315 G. R. 131 1415 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Annual Staff 141. Would that there 1-were other: as reliable as the." ar MARCELLA JULIA TANSEY 1"MARCEL"1 Socratic5 Class Secretary 1415 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Latin Club 111 121 1315 Glee Club 111 1215 Gym Exhibition 121 1415 G. R. 131 1415 "The Patsy"5 Annual Staff 141. "Men may come and men may go, But I chat on forefuerf' CARL THOMPSON 1"PETE"1 Zetetic5 Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 131 1415 Agriculture Club 121 131 141- School fwouIdn't be so had if it were not for hook: and faculty." if JAMES P. THOMPSON Zeteticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 1415 Football 121 131 1415 Track 1115 Letters, Football 131 1415 Latin Club 111 121 131 1415 Glee Club 1115 Senior Orchestra 1315 junior Orchestra 1215 Band 111 121 131. Many great men are dying and I don't feel fwell myself." rr Page Twenty-eight .,.,f"'W ii,-A 'TX - s, . .T,,,.. -fv Aiinxrn 1. ,A --W..- 5 5 f -'i1lll3f-iii-. 211111:-an-wxxi VVALTER WESLEY THOMPSON Zetetic5 Athletic Association 115 125 1355 Latin Club 1355 Junior Orchestra 1155 Hi-Y 1455 Agriculture Club 115 125 135 1455 Annual Staff 145. "Just another big little fellow." HENRY IRBY TONKINS Zetetic5 Athletic Association 115 125 1355 Latin Play 1155 Latin Club 115 125. "If efveryone worked as hard as he, A splendid plate this world would he." MARY EVELYN TRIPP Zetctic5 Athletic Association 135 1455 Latin Club 115 125 1355 Glee Club 1155 "The Patsy'l5 Annual Staff 145. Mary, Mary, not contrary, l'll tell you . how your garden grew,' l Szllver bells and eofkle shells, and little maids pretty as you." u SEBASTIAN VALLO 1"BUZZY"5 Zetetic5 Athletic Association 115 125 135 1455 Latin Play 1455 Latin Club 125 1355 Agriculture Club 1455 "Lilac Time"5 "The Call of the Bansheeng Annual Staff 145. "To achieve great things you must learn to he lazy." GRACE JEAN WATSON Zetetic5 Society President 1455 Class Sec- retary 1255 Athletic Association 115 125 135 1455 Letters, Contest 1255 Latin Play 115 1255 Latin Club 115 125 1355 Glee Club 115 125 1355 Gym Exhibition 125 1455 G. R. 135 1455 "Sunshine"5 "Tulip Time"5 "The Call of the Banshee"5 Annual Staff 14-5. "Full of life and light and sweetness, As a summer day's completeness." JOHN R. WEATHERLY 1"WEATH"5 Socratic5 Athletic Association 115 125 135 1455 Football 135 1455 Basketball 125 135 1473 TfHCk 115 125 135 1455 Letters, Football 135, Basketball 1355 Latin Club 125 135 1455 Glec Club 125 1355 Senior Orchestra 125 135 1455 Junior Orchestra 1155 Band 125 135. "No sinner, nor saint, perhaps- But well, the fvery best of chaps." Page Twenty nine Zflllffv mxx 1 1 ANNA MARIE WILLIAMS Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 1415 G. A. A. 431. "A Jmile, a blush, a curl. In other word: a bunny girl." EVA LENA VVILLIAMS Zeteticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 1413 Latin Club 111 1213 Glee Club 111 1313 G. A. A. 131 141, Secretary 1415 Gym Exhibition 131. neu." CHARLOTTE LOUISE WOLFF Socraticg Latin Play 1315 Latin Club 1415 G. A. A. 131 1413 Gym Exhibition 121 131- "Quietne.r: indifate: hidden charm." ROBERT WOLL 1"RAB"1 Zeteticg Class Vice-President 121, Presi- dent 131g Athletic Association 111 121 131 1413 Football 111 121 131 1415 Bas- ketball 121 131 1415 Letters, Football 121 131 1415 Basketball 1315 Track 131 141. "In our ralendar of :ports great ix hi: fame, Long fwill M. T. H. S. remember hi: name." GEORGE WUNDERLE Socraticg Athletic Association 111 121 131 1413 Basketball 121 1313 Latin Club 111 121 131g Latin Play 121g Glee Club 121 1315 Agriculture Club 131 141. Worries nefuer trouble me. What'll the difference in a century be?" lr Page Thzrty Au-omplishment if the hey to her happi- A Z P V F V C , Zia wx 1. J gin Ciliflenmriexxn James Bagmnnh Hilbert Qfrank Page Thirty-one ,I H K IllIIll IKXXYQ 51112 Senna 61112155 flgrsenisz- i "Mother Knows Best"-starring-Mary Ellen Casey. "God's Gift to Woman"--starring-Leo Faughn. V "The Head Man"-starring-Edwin Barton. "The Night Bird"-starring-George Wunderle. "The Little lVIadcap"-starring-Alice Blackwood. "The Crash"-starring-John Albert llleyer. "Our Dancing Daughters"--:starring-Helen Sangwin and Gertrude Cassidy. "Hot Stuff"-starring-Paul Sarensen. "Win That Girl"-starring-George Simons. Naughty Baby"-starring-Kathyrn Biggs. Beware of Blondes'-starring-John Ruppert. Get Your Man"-starring-Julia Fay. The Kid's Clever''-starring-Clarence Scholes. "Why Be Good"--starring-Earl McEntire. "Sonny Boy"-starring-Jack Cooper. A Woman of Affairs"-starring-Maxine Butcher. The Flying Cowboy''-starring-Chester Kessel. The Bookworm"-starring-Dorothy Jacobs. Fresh Every Hour"-starring-Frederick Bierer. My Man"-starring-Margaret King. Hard Boiled"-starring-James Cochran. The Butter and Egg Man"-starring-Raymond Love. The Mysterious Lady"-starring-Hilda Rowland. A Certain Young Man"-starring-John Blankinship. - Small Town Sinners"-starring-Ernest Mazo and Walter Cook. Little Pal"-starring--Margaret Shadron. The Quarterback"--starring--Robert VVoll. On the Go"-starring--Marcella Tansey. Captain Swagger''-starring--Howard Brown. Celebrity''-starring-Barbara Mohlenbrock. Annapolis"-starring-Paul Davis. "A Man of Peace"--starring-Elmo Blackwood. "Clothes lllake the Woman"-starring-Georgia Lee Plant. The Rest Cure"-starring--Carl Thompson. What a Nigh't''-starring-Sebastian Vallo. Jerry"-starring--Helen Jones. The Silent Sentinel"-starring-Rupert Bencini. The Kid Brother"-starring-Walter Thompson. Easy Come, Easy Go"-starring-Grace Watson. i Girl Shy"-starring-Raymond Jacobs. l "The Live Wire"-starring-Ruth Hoffecker. l Making the Varsity"--starring--Charles Kilby. Should a Girl Marry"-starring-Helen Heiple. Abie's Irish Rose"-starring-Frances Murphy. The Pace That Kills"-starring-John R. Weatherly. Taxi 13"-starring--Anna Williams. The Baby Cyclone"-starring-Evelyn Tripp. Inspiration''-starring-Mary Allen. Red Hair"-starring-Charlotte Wolff. Driftwood"--starring-Robert Morris. The Big Parade"-starring-The Class of '29. H H H it H H H H H H H H H H at U H H ll H H U H ll H ll H H H it H U H H H ll H Page Thirty-two I , 'gr -.---1' : L , ". ggi , 1 3 E12 j fgflfsff F' Vu ? lf ' sys? 4 N lll Si anim: Qllass giisiutg PART I-CHARGING ON FAME! Scene-Athletic Field-Target Practice. Setting-On boxes of ammunition. Characters-A Green Gregarious Group. A very great army has entered the field, And it seems as if Fame will be forced to yield. They have drawn up their plans for a fight of four years, And they enter the battle with very few fears. John Ruppert, the general, rides at the head, Ruth Holfecker, the major, follows his stead. Earl McEntire as our captain we choose, With him in the ranks we shall never lose. Miss Sheldon is commander-in-chief, of course, She has promised to lead us through better or worse. Before they could start, though, these Freshies must eat. At Bierer's they roast weiners and marshmallows sweet. Their first charge on Fame is made with a will, If it weren't for hunger they'd be chasing them still. But this new army has a great appetite, They say another picnic is theirs by right. Their request is complied with anal they stop at Shoal Creek. Two young soldiers fall in and are pulled out quite meek. But now they must go back to fighting again, With nothing but pleasure they will never win Fame. But at last our plans for Homecoming are made, As juvenile members we ride in the parade. Then back to the scene of the battle we troop, This green but nevertheless willing group. Determined and ready with all our might, To come out victorious in this age-long fight. But now they must stop and give the enemy a rest, After vacation we'll come back and do our best. PART II-CONTINUING THE CHARGE ON FAME! Scene-Anytime. Setting-Anywhere but in class. Characters-Silly, sophisticated Sophs. With vigor and vim our army once more comes, To the sound of the bugles and the beat of the drums. Poor Old Man Fame stands quaking with fear, As he sees the army advancing this year. For he knows this battle he never can win, And sooner or later they will conquer him. Rupert Bencini is head of the class this year, With him as our general we need have no fear. Grace Watson and Bobbie Woll complete our staff. We're sure our efforts will bring a tear, not a laugh From Fame, and he will begin to realize yet, That "We're out to conquer" is not a mere threat. This fast advancing army has pushed back Fame, Page Thirty-three ,I --""'T'7'l7?Z'ZVi-"infix " ""F9:gT- 11 s' mxxx So we decide to pause and enjoy some games, For all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, So they pause long enough in their march to enjoy Something new and exciting, a jolly Kid Party. We enter the childish games with laughter hearty, For even soldiers while they are conquering Fame Can stop long enough to enjoy a good game. Having had our fun we proceed once more To the bark of the gun and the cannon's roar. And while bugles are blowing and bullets are humming, We halt to take part in the annual Homecoming. We liked the parade and the following game too, But now we must go back our battle to renew Against Fame's army, and after all our fun, We are determined to put thcm again on the run. Though it's hard work to progress so smoothly along, Our hearts are light and on our lips there's a song. For we have completed our second successful year And the doubtful future for us holds no feat. PART III-ADVANCING ON FAME. Scene-Lands conquered from the enemy. Setting-Among cannons and machine guns. Characters-Jolly, joking Juniorsf Rah! Rah! Our army is back in gala attire, Eager and willing once more on Fame to fire. Though slightly diminished our army is steady, And to conquer Fame they are ever ready. - We have elected Robert Woll leader of our class, With Mary Allen to help him we progress very fast. And with Alice Blackwood to take care of our gain, We have lost all doubts about conquering Fame. But our gallant army is hungry and must have food, And the roasted weiners at Hanna's were very good. But after we are fed again we advance, With shooting of pistols and clashing of lance, With trusty guards our enemy is left for a while, And back for Homecoming we travel many a mlie. Our Junior Ghosts received second prize in the parade, So another advance toward Fame we have made. And now that we are here we will wait to see What kind of a success our "Lilac Time" will be. But we need have no fear for the house is well filled, And we know that our efforts much profit will yield. But we receive a message from our faithful guards Telling us that the enemy is pressing hard. So back we hurry at a very great rate, And hope that our arrival is not too late. But our guards have managed to hold them at bay, So back we push them by the end of the day. We fight very hard till the leaving of light, Then return home for junior reception night. The banquet was good and the dance was better, Page Thirty-four l 4...- 5 1 .,,,.g,, f' --,-x-.--, , .A if - F4 'j25'Z?3fcQ. .J'?E?Efl5- .S 'J Zim, xx The social calendar marks it with a very red letter. But now we have decided to give Fame a rest, But to conquer him next year we shall do our best. Since this is the end of our famous Junior year We feel that the end of the battle is near. PART IV-ALMOST VICTORIOUS. Scene-Nine months before graduation. Setting-No Man's Land. Characters-We wonder who. Fame can't last so very much longer, For our attack grows steadily stronger As the years roll swiftly by. And now we're gathered here Ready to carry on the battle through another happy year. Now that school is started and everything is going right We wonder whom to choose this year to guide us through the Eddie Barton was chosen head of our army so strong, With Dorothy Jacobs to help him, we're sure to get along. Marcella Tansey was elected to act as secretary, She assists us to watch our enemy so wary. Before many weeks went by, one fine September night, When the moon was lovely and the stars were shining bright We gathered in many cars and made our way To Bierer's farm for a picnic so jolly and gay. For the next two or three months we fought with Fame, But after awhile we returned home again To present "The Call of the Banshee," a mystery play. It will be remembered by spectators for many a day. For they acted their parts in such realistic style, That the fame of the'play was spread for many a mile. It is hard to go back to our fighting, hut we must, For if our weapons are not used they will surely rust. So we return to our battle with our courage renewed, For we are determined to keep ahead in the feud. So after a few months of hard fighting goes by We come back once more to our own Murphy High. "The Patsy," a second Senior play, is the cause For having in this battle another short pause. This play, which was so well portrayed, ranks among the best, As it turned out to be a wonderful success. Following close on the heels of this interesting play Comes more pleasure-the junior-Senior banquet day. The Juniors proved themselves to be excellent hosts, And we hesitate to say which was enjoyed the most, The banquet or the dance-both were fine, And everyone who attended had a wonderful time. And now graduation day draws quickly near, But we await its coming with no trace of fear, For we are determined never to give up the strife, And we'll come out victorious in The Battle of Life. fight VERA Drum, HELENE Jonas Page Thirty-five 4 -l f llI xx eninr flllass will We, the members of the Senior Class, having partaken of knowledge for four years, and considering ourselves of sane mind and judgment, do hereby decree the following treasured possessions to those who can best benefit by them: Mary Allen-My art of wearing straight bcbs to Mildred Woll. Edwin Barton-My vocabulary to Webster. Rupert Bencini-My record as a student ancl an athlete to my brother, William. Frederick Bierer-My right to bring up in class any subject from Napoleon to Heinie Rahming. . Katheryn Biggs-My artistic ability to Billy Thomas. Alice Blackwood-My position as bouncer at basketball games to Virginia Shook. Elmo Blackwood-The far-away look in my eyes to Woodrow Maloney. John Blankinship--My five latest alibis for not studying to my brother, Francis. Charles Blue-My device for finding lost golf balls to Aaron Bellm. Mary Esther Bonham-My smile and sweet disposition to Katherine Hodgson. Helen Bost--My makeup box to Selma Hassebrock. Edward Bowser-My nickname to Ray Garner. Howard Brown-My appeal to the feminine sex to john Connor Austin. Syrene Brummet--My Irish wit and variety of nicknames to Wallace Daum. Maxine Butcher-My ability to grow tall gracefully to Dorothy Schultz. Edna Carr-My ability to stay out of other people's affairs .to Ruth Yeager. Mary Ellen Casey-My hairpins to Nelle Tilp. Gertrude Cassidy-My ability to keep one man interested to Mary Lucier. James Cochran-My typewriting ability to John Burgess Atkins. Walter Cook-My ability to blush at any time to Sonny Finkeldey. Jack Cooper-My right to make noise to Franklin Plater. Paul Davis-My interest in aviation and military affairs to Jack Ozburn. Lena Mae Dickey-My petite size to Bert Minton. Vera Druin-My permanent wave to Ella Mae Bullar. julia Fay-My alluring brown eyes to Velma Henson. Leo Faughn-My position as dancing instructor to Lavern Worthen. Harold File-My seat in the shorthand room to Margaret Johnson. Elbert Fielding-My height and lack of fluency in speech to William Wolff. Marie Gillenberg-My proof that gentlemen prefer blondes to Marie Sciales. Earl Graeff-My honors gained in agriculture to Frank Cripps. Beulah Hagler-My knowledge of history to Allene Sauerhage. Helen Heiple-My ability for acquiring diamond rings to Marie Bellm. Ruth Henley-The right to contest my record for giggling to Mattie Doolin. Page Thirty-six of our most evolution to 4,-4--gN-..ff": 5 ' sx ' Ruth Hoffecker-My love for athletes to Francis Harrell. Raymond Jacobs-My right to look important to William Wanstreet. Dorothy Jacobs-My latest translation of Cicero's orations to Harmon Doolin. Floyd johnson-My right to be affected by the coming of spring to jack Turk. Helene Jones-My poetic ability to Gordon Katzmark. Chester Kessel-My ability to agree with everyone fSophomore girls particularlyj to Harry Herring. Charles Kilby-My basketball reputation to Gerald Schimpf. Margaret King-My driver's license to Norman Thompson. Raymond Love-Six lessons on dates and how to acquire them to Wesley Jennings. Ernest Mazo-My role as hero to Drury Mays. john Meyer--My pamphlet on "How to Avoid Automobile Accidents" to Robert Reeder. Barbara Mohlenbrock-My ear for music to William Williams. Robert Morris-My ability to get into and out of trouble to Jimmie Wright. Frances Murphy-My right to claim Irish ancestors to Rose Chiodini. Earl Mt-Entire-My right to have my own opinions to Carl Snyder. Vera Paliseh--My red hair to Vivian Marlowe. Angelo Pellegrini-My ideas for salesmanship to Frank Neil. Pauline Pieron-My habit of borrowing erasers to Lucille Davis. Georgia Lee Plant-My costume jewelry to Violet Melvin. John Ed Porter-My resemblance to Lindbergh to Jerome Weber. Hilda Rowland-My booklof essentials of English grammar to Mike Levy. john Ruppert--My latest book of fashion plates to Monte Limbert. Helen Sangwin-My capability for saying what I think to Lela Cochran. Paul Sarensen-My latest book of etiquette to my. brother, Virgil. Clarence Scholes-My right to kid the co-eds to Eddie Daniels. Margaret Shadron-My ability to make friends to Pauline Waller. George Simons-My collegiate swagger to Russell Hammerschmidt. Marcella Tansey-The natural rosiness of my cheeks to Lawana Crews. Carl Thompson-My right to sleep at any time between 8:15 and 3:05 p. m. to F. S. Craine. James Thompson-My admiration for blondes to Eugene Martell. Walter Thompson-My sincerity to Wayne Broadaway. Irby Tonkins-My industrious nature to Charles Borgsmiller. Mary Evelyn Tripp-My ability to speak 499 words a second to Lillian Gaines. Sebastian Vallo-My talent as an essayist to john Sisney. Grace Watson-My fondness for baseball to Ellouise Kimmel. john R. Weatherly-My talents on the trombone to Ralph Deason. Anna Williams-My morning taxi ride to Helen Dixon. Charlotte Wollf-My ability to memorize to Eva Edmunds. Robert Woll-My self-independence to George Ihle. George Wunderle-My love for Carbondale scenery to Merle Smith. Page Thirty-seven -I 1lvi if-xx 1 4' 1 flllllhn is mlm film 'Esate glfrnm Ruin AND WHAT OF IT? MARY ALLEN-Musical instructor in a zoo. EDWIN BARTON-Professor of literary research at Northwestern University RUPERT BENCINI-Bellhop at the Ritz Hotel. FREDERICK BIERER-Famous grower of seedless peaches. KATHRYN BIGGS--Drawing ads for Lucky Strike posters. ALICE BLACKWVOOD-Interior decorator in Central Africa. ELMO BLACKWOOD-Leader of society for Protection of Homeless JOHN BLANKINSHIP-President of the United States. CHARLES BLUE-Champion golf player. MARY ESTHER BONHAM-First lady of the land. HELEN BOST-Recently won a contest for flying a submarine. EDWARD BOWSER-Influential oil magnate. HOWARD BROWN-Admiral of the U. S. air forces. SYRENE BRUMMET-Surgeon in Mayo clinic. MAXINE BUTCHER-Authority on cosmetics. EDNA CARR--Modeling bathing suits for Bradley. MARY ELLEN CASEY--Private secretary for soft soap company. GERTRUDE CASSIDY-Broadway's most gorgeous butterfly. JAMES COCHRAN-Announcer at station WOW. WALTER COOK-Selling shares in a rock candy mountain. JACK COOPER-Reverend Cooper, D.D.g X.Y.Zg C.O.D.3 I.O.U. PAUL DAVIS-Manager of Penny Chain Stores in India. LENA MAE DICKEY-Working in Sam Ho'Wdy's Candy Kitchen. VERA DRUIN-Prohibition agent in Alaska. LEO FAUGHN-Originator of "Faughn's Follies for Men." JULIA FAY-Serving Boston's Baked Beans. ELBERT FIELDING-Wor1d's Tallest Lian in Barnum 8z Bailey's. HAROLD FILE-On staff of Saturday Evening Post. mosquitos MARIE GILLENBERG-Heroine of Photoplay "Black Eyed Blondes." EARL GRAEFF--Member of Olympic Rope Jumping Team. BEULAH HAGLER--Dean of Women at Columbia University. HELEN HEIPLE--Helping Albert decorate Windows. RUTH HENLEY-Model at Nature's Permanent Wave Shoppe. RUTH HOFFECKER-Authority on "Why Water Is Wet." DOROTHY JACOBS-Famous Trapeze Artist. RAYMOND JACOBS--Model for Hart, Schaffner and Marx. FLOYD JOHN SON-Coach of Tiddledy Winks at Lindenwood. Page Thirty-eight Q-mlqnla mba film 'igears glfrnm Hain AND MORE OF IT! HELENE JONES-Become famous through her answer to the question, "Where does your Lap go when you Stand Up?', CHESTER KESSEL-Sensational discoverer of "Where Vanishing Cream Goes." CHARLES KILBY-Salesman for Jazz-Gum Company. MARGARET KING-Mrs. Elmer Schneider and mother of two children. RAYMOND LOVE-Famous Dress Designer for Parisian Shops. EARL IVICENTIRE-Lecturer on subject of "Young Men's Morals." ERNEST MAZO-Missionary to inhabitants of South Pole. JOHN MEYER-Professor of Latin at Pomona Township High School. BARBARA MOHLENBROCK-Piano Player at lyfunicipal Theatre of Finney. ROBERT MORRIS-Professor of Aesthetic Dancing. FRANCIS MURPHY-Employed in Gov't Weather Bureau Office. VERA PALISCH-Foremost Poet of the World. ANGELLO PELLEGRINI-Judge in Juvenile Court of New York. PAULINE PIERON-Editor-in-chief of "New York World." GEORGIA LEE PLANT-Looking for a Missing lVIolecule. JOHN PORTER-Serving Sentence for Beating a Defenseless Cat. HILDA ROWLAND-Chief Waitress at Tonkin's "Coney Island." JOHN RUPPERT-Motorcycle Cop in Etherton Switch Territory. HELEN SANGWIN-VVife of Multimillionaire and leader of New York's 400. PAUL SARENSEN-Searching for Prehistoric animals in the Congo. CLARENCE SCHOLES-Renowned Bass Soloist for Metropolitan Opera Co. MARGARET SHADRON-Cooking in NI. T. H. S. Cafeteria. GEORGE SIMONS-Drum Major of Sousa's Band. MARCELLA TANSEY-Teacher at Sacred Heart's Academy. CARL THOMPSON-Foreign llflinister to Spain. JAMES THOIVIPSON-Lifeguard on Beach of the Sahara. WALTER THOMPSON-Artist whose latest Paintings are in Art Museum. IRBY TONKINS-Proprietor of "Coney Island" in Siberia. IWARY E. TRIPP-Holds Record for Swimming Atlantic in three days, 15 seconds. SEBASTIAN VALLO-Author of Famous Essay "Be Yourself." GRACE WATSON-Wife of World Famous lwound Twirler. JOHN WEATHERLY-Very much settled down. ANNA WILLIAMS-Nick Carter's Successor. CHARLOTTE VVOLFF-Record Time for Eating 5000 Jelly Beans. ROBERT WOLL-Human Fly in Subways of Carbondale. GEORGE WUNDERLE-World's Champion Heavyweight Boxer. Page Thirty-nine ,-ZQT'-1'j1r"3-W We--, J J ' -ggi.-. ""'51?22j4wf1.ff e m s,gw.,1fQ-is W iflilzxc mime " One of the most beautiful and charming plays ever given in the bl. 'lf H. S. Auditorium was "Lilac Time," presented last year by the present senior class. This play, which has since gained so much popularity in movie and song, was excellently portrayed. A great deal of credit is due lVIiss Cherry who directed the play. The cast was as follows: Jacques Riffard .... ---Raymond Essick Hawkins ........ ---Frederick Bierer lllme. Riffard ---- ------ E dna Sauer Simpson -------- ---Robert lllorris lllme. Herthelot ---- ---Alice Blackwood Julien ---------- ---- E lwin Erdmann Harris ----- ------ J ohn Blankenship lWcCane --------- . ---- John Albert lVIeyer Major Halloway ---- ------- E rnest lllazo Blythe --.------ ---- H oward Staples Jeannine --- ---- Gertrude Cassidy Standing --- ----- Earl b'IcEntire Smylie --- ---- Edwin Barton Paget --- --.- Howard Brown Cure ----- .--- ------ Sebastian Vallo Watling ---- - ------------ Leonard Glasser Prompters -- ---- Nlary Allen, Dorothy Jacobs Electrician --- ------------- Chester Kessel Page Forty .,,,..,............l.......-.i--- , I,-I ,x I . y ' 1 .1-Q f lllul1nwXX 'filhe 015111 nf the tZgEIII51IBBH ml'he Call of the Banshee,' a mystery play given by the Senior class of 1929, was one of the most successful performances of the year. An old lrish myth teaches that when the Banshee calls, someone must die. Twice in this play, the weird call forhoded death and mystery. Each character is to be commended on the manner in which they portrayed their particular role. llfluch credit is to be given to Miss Ada Cherry, who directed the play. The cast is as follows: Blanche, a negro servant .......... -.,.--Helen Sangwin Peter Adair, the Last of his Line .... -----George Simons Hazel Orpen, Peter's adopted neice---- -----Gertrude Cassidy llflrs. Grimes, the Irish Housekeeper ..... -,.--Maxine Butcher Old llfleg, a lllystery ............... ,S ...... Mary Ellen Casey Dr. Aaron llflarkowitz, a friend of Peter's-------Earl Mclifntire Tom Scott, a Half-wit ................... -. .... Edwin Barton Johanna Walters, a School 'I'eacher---- ..... ..---Grace Watson Hilda, her Swedish maid .......... ..---Barbara Mohlenbrock Yuru, a South American Indian ................ Chester Kessel Dr. Neville Lacey, Peter's distant cousin ..... .. .... Walter Cook Clem Durwood, in love with Hazel- ....... - . .... Ernest Mazo Sheriff Heckenschnell ............... , ..... John Albert llleyer Walter Payne, His Deputy ...e...... . ........ Sebastian Vallo Prompters ....,,.............. Mary Allen, Margaret Shadron Electrician ,SS.,,C,s,,,-... ............. . . John Blankenship Page Forty-one -1.- . 'Gi 11m " WtiX , murder-Senior Zlganquei The Junior-Senior banquet, given annually by the Juniors in honor of the Seniors, was held last year in the Baptist Church on May, the twenty-fourth. The church was very artistically decorated. Myriads of bright colors floated overhead and soft yellow lights, over which long moss was hung, illumined the room. Tables arranged for twelve were made attractive with tall yellow candles and bowls of yellow rose- buds. Sophomore girls, dressed as French maids, served the guests the following menu: ICED GRAPE FRUIT RoAsT CHICKEN DRESSING POTATOES AU GRATIN BUTTERED PEAS IN PATTIES OLIVES ROLLS LEMON ICE CHEESE AND CELERY SALAD WAFERS ICE CREAM PUEES BUTTER SCOTCH SAUCE llflusic by Southern Cardinals Robert Woll, Junior class president, acted as toastmaster. PROGRAM Q Village of Colors-- ............ ---Robert Woll H Lavender ...... .... W alter Smith Green ................... .... H arriet Boucher Yellow .................... ..... E arl McEntire Solo: "Colors After the Rain"--- ..... Alice Cummins Moss and Lichens .......... ......... M ary Allen Orange .,......... ....... C harles Demster Red .................. ..... B arbara llflohlenbrock Solo: "Indian Dawn" .... ........ H oward Staples Blue ............... ...... L enore Boettner Myriads of Colors .............. ,- ............. Mr. Caldwell The evening was completed with dancing at the Elks' Club. Page F or-ty-two 1, mffi .axx jluninr Gllzn-as 0Bffiners VVILLIAIW WANSTREET President WOODROW MALOLNEY HELEN WAYMAN Vive-President Secretary Page Forty-three i ' 11 u xx Bertha Deal Abbott Eula K. Albrecht Marion Allen Marjorie Allen Helen Armstrong Arden Austin George Baskin Wiletta Bean Marie Bellm Thelma Bellm Harry Berkbigler H Rose Blacklock Frances Blankinship Glenn Bowlby Ella Mae Bullar Genevieve Burnell Robert Buschek Ralph Byars Louis Carr Pauline Carter Rose Chiodini F. S. Craine Edward Daniel Wallace Daum Beulah Davis Lucile Davis Wilbur Davis Mary Derosett Lola Ditzler Harmon Doolin Marguerite Doolin Scott Douglas Eva Edmonds Raymond Essick Ruby Etherton Elmer Fisher Lavern Fleming 'Died January 1, 1929. Zluuinr flllass Carl Fraley Evelyn Friens Woodson Fuller Robert F ulmer Lillian Gaines James Gandy Reynold Gardner Robert Gardner Walter Glotfelty Beatrice Hall Bernard Gola Paul Henley Harold Henry Velma Henson Ruth Holloway Carl Hughes George Ihle lone Ihle Avis Inman Robert Jacobs Alpha Jennings Hazel Johnson Ernest Jones Lillian Jones Wanita Kiel Elouise Kimmel Vallie Kimzey Reita Klein Mary Lucier Dorothy Maes Woodrow Maloney Eugene Martell lilargaret lways Howard Miller Edwin Noll Jack Ozburn Marie Parmley Helen Penry Page Forty-four Minnie Pessina lVIary Rose Piazza Pauline Piquard Franklin Plater Alfred Rahming . Mildred Reiman A Aileen Rigdon Louise Roth Linda Roth Edwin Roth William Sauer lllabel Schu Charles Schwebel Virginia Shook Beatrice Smith Eugene Smith Evelyn Smith Janette Smith Mildred Smith Carl Snyder Marie Sullivan James Thetford Ralph Thieme Anna Thompson Pauline Tippett Pauline Waller William Wanstreet Edward Watson Helen Wayman Dollie Webb Jerome VVeber xBill Wheeler Carl VVheeler William VVilliams William Wolff Elmer Worthen Dorothy Ziegler llIll1 xx Zluninr 612155 Zgisinrg Pardon me, fella, but aren't you a new hanger-on at this track? Yes, I didn't think I recognized your face, and I know everybody that comes to these races from hod-carriers to Philadelphia cranberry merchants. Me? Say, I've been in the game for twenty years, and l've clocked every horse from "lNIan-of-War" to this year's crop of yearlings. Between you and me, I'm what's known as a tout. You don't know what a tout is? Well, a tout's a boy that picks the horses he thinks going to win, and invests some other saps money on it. If the horse goes over, we split the winnings, if he passes out, I'm not losing anything, and neither is the backer, for he gains in experience what he's lost in the Hlthy lucre. Good horses? This year? Well, there's a fairly good bunch running loose around here. And say, I've come to tell the mul- titude that this "Junior Class" from the INT. T. H. S. stables is the sweetest piece of horse-flesh I've seen since the war. I-Ie's got speed and drive, and plenty of the old staying power. With a good jockey up he's almost a sure shot. Now I'm not strong for gushin' sweet sentiment, but that baby is sure the beans in my Chili. Owner? No one seems to know. I think its a corporation, because every year there's a new bunch of officials come down here to run affairs. I've met them all, and I'd rate them all A-1. The hrst year there was Bill Williams fyes, I call 'em all by their first namel, Franklin Plater, and Bertha Deal Abbot. The second year there was Eddie Daniels, Cbig grocery manj, you've heard of him, Bill VVolff, and Vir- ginia Shook. Now this year there's Bill Wanstreet, "Woody"' Maloney, and Helen Wayman. Youlve noticed there's always one woman in the clique? They put her Page Forty-five L v. ,weak Zia mi in to balance matters, evidently, believing that one Woman can talk as much as two men. But the real boss of the works is the supervisor. Who is he? Why, he's a woman. Miss Henry, the bunch calls her, and they all swear by their boss. And talk about loyalty! Last winter, when things weren't breakin' quite right, and finances were running pretty low, what did this bunch do but put on a couple of plays, using only talent from their own stable. Good plays they were, too, and played to good crowds. "The Goose Hangs High" and "The Boomerang" were the monickers they went under, and the way that bunch put those plays over was no-body's business. And then they opened a refreshment joint at the race-grounds, and did business at every event. Did a land-slide business, too. But don't think it's all work with that bunch. Every year they throw a couple of big parties, and, conhdentially, I'm expecting any day to get an invite to a big banquet they're gonna put on soon. ' ' Yeh, this is "Junior Classes" third year out. The first year he won the Fresh- man Derby underwraps. The next year he copped the Sophomore Handicap pulled up. Yeh, he's runnin' t-day. So take a little tip from one who knows, buddy 3 mortgage the old family album and cook-stove and shove it on "Junior Class's" nose. It's a sure winner. Yivekkum. WILLIAM WOLFF. Page Forty-six -if "'.-'.:"'Y-...Q i Qfffffv 1 u t MXXYSQ v-wwf! . A - , i, L--.,it-..M,. l Millie 05111152 H1155 iglf' The Junior class play, "The Goose Hangs High," which was presented on the evening of December 17, was indeed a success in every detail. The story of the play took place during the Christmas season which made it most appropriate. The Cast is to be commended for its work. The other members of the class had their share in making the play a success as far as finances were concerned. They worked hard to have a full house and they displayed superior ability in 1-alesmanship. How- ever, no write up of this play would be complete without mentioning the untiring efforts of hliss Henry, the Junior class supervisor, who coached the play. THE CAST Bernard Ingals ......... ........... r -.-William Wanstreet Eunice Ingals, his wife .... ..... V irginia Shook Hugh lngals, their son ......... ..... - --Franklin Plater Lois lngals, their daughter ......... .... .... H e len Wayman Bradley lngals, twin brother of Lois--- .... Edward Daniel Noel Derby, friend of lngals' family--- ..--William Williatns l V Leo Day, member of city council ---- -- -- ---W illiam Wrxlff Airs. Bradley, llfother of hlrs. Ingals--., .----....-- Ruby Etherton Elliott Kimberley, another member of city council ---- Alfred Rahming lllrs. Julia lllurdock, relation of lngals' family- ----- Minnie Pessina Ronald llflurdock, her son ------------- ., ----. --VVoodrow hlaloney Dagmar Carroll, fiancee of Hugh ------ .. ----- Dorothy lXIaes Rhoda, cook at Ingals' home ---- - .--- ---- h Iary Rose Piazza 4, Page Forty-.vefurn I 2 E 4 z 1 I l I i l I r E ! 5 3 I l i 1 l 1 I' 11 ' xx junior falplyzxhet A-is for Abbot and Armstrong, too. There's no limit to the things these girls can do. B-is for Blankinship, our yell leader bold. We wouldnlt trade him for his weight in gold. C--is for Carter with her flaming red hair, So brilliant and bright it can be seen everywhere. D-is for Daniel, our famous advertiser. It would be hard to find one who is wiser. E-is for Edmonds so pretty and nice, Always as quiet as little white mice UD F-is for Fulmer, "We've books to sell." These are the words you can hear him yell. G-is for Gaines, a pretty blonde. 1 One of whom everybody is fond. H-is for Holloway, Ruth is the girl. With eyes of blue and hair in curl. I-is for Ihle, ruthless and wise. He's known as "Spider" to all of the guys. J-is for Jennings, small basketball star. He wins many praises from afar. K-is for chums, Kimmel and Klein. Where one of them is, the other you'll find. L-is for Lucier, lovable lass. If she doesn't flunk she will probably pass. M-is for Martell of French descent, By the gracious gods to some girl he is sent. N-is for naughty. It describes them Well, For what they'll do next, you never can tell. O-is for Ozburn so joyous and mean. In the office at any.time he may be seen. P-is for Plater, our singer of fame. Before long the papers will carry his name. Q-is for questions these Juniors ask. To answer them all would be a great task. R-is for Rahming. Heinie's the boy. Whose basketball playing is the Junior's joy. S-is for Shook. What does she do? She stars in acting and studies, too. T-is for Thetford. He and Fuller are chums, And their way to Carbondale they always bum. U-is for useful. They're undeniably so. Where ever there's work these Juniors will go. V-is for valor, vigor, and vim. These are the qualities that make them win. W-is for Wolff, Williams, and Wanstreet. This trio of Bills is hard to beat. X-is for the grades in deportment they get. It makes their parents rave and fret. Y-is for youth of the junior class. Into sophistication they soon will pass. Z--is for Ziegler, with her zeal and zest. The grades that she earns ranks with the best. VERA Dau Page Forty-eight xN, HELENE JONES. l L1-. I i ... ,f Willa! nXXX v Snplqumnre 0115155 f19ffi1:er5 BERT MINTON President REET THOMAS ALLENE MCCORD Vim-President Sefretary Page Forty-nine L 4 Ill xx Ruth Adams Marie Allen Virginia Armm John Connor Austin Herman Baker Evelyn Barr Jack Baskin Ray Bean Winifred Beattie Aaron Bellm Ruby Bellm William Bencim Hazel Bitner Hazel Blue Joseph Borgers Elza Brantley Arnold Buck Harold Buck Robert Busch Mary Calavena Lucile Comte Mary Louise Comte Nadine Charles Alfred Daniel Gladys Davis Ruth Davis Bert Dickerson William Dickerson Helen Dixon Cletus Doolin Louise Edgell Robert Edwards Wanda Evans Owen Ferrill Lavern Fisher William Garner Leon Garner James Gillooly Snplynnurre Glass Ellen Graeff Margaret Greiner Howard Hagedorm William Hagler Russell Hammerschmidt Marjorie Harris Floyd Hart Selma Hassebrock Marguerite Heininger Harry Herring Edna Held Ray Hicks Ralph Hildebrand Paul Huppert Lamoine Imhoff Catherine Jenkins Joe Jines Margaret Johnson . Harold Johnston Edgar ,Jones Gordon Katzmark George Kiel Mike Levy Kathryn Lewis Monte Limbert Victor Loos V James McCann Mildred McCann Allene McCord Anna ll'IcLaughlin Vivian Marlow Violet Melvin Bert Minton Paul Mitchell Frank Neal Irma Pautler Henry Porter Page Fifty Zylphia Porter Lucile Quernheim Robert Reeder Velma Reiman Billie Riseling Alice Roberts Allene Sauerhage Gerald Schimpf Lyle Schnell Marie Sciales Virginia Scott Robert Shadron Alice Sibert I. G. Silvey Othella Silvey Ethel Sims John Sisney Edith Smith Merle Smith Pauline Soper Bert Swafford Helen Taggart Kenneth Taylor Billy Thomas Reet Thomas Mildred Thompson Nell Tilp Daniel Turk Jack Turk Sebastian Vallo Elmer Ward Harry Wilson George Wolff Helen VVood James Wright Ruth Wunderle Kathryn Yarborough Louise Zink A 'fi l1liQl axXX l l , P' . Snpltuntnre Qllass ts-inrg ln 1927, the month of September Thcy worked all winter with vigor and vim l suppose all of you can remember In hooes that more pleasures they would The large bunch of Freshies green win. That on our campus could be seen. 'Twas something different and new this They gathered in groups in hall and on time. l fi stair One beautiful night when the moon was fine, K And could be seen 'most anywhere. VVith happy laughter and music gay On an auto party they sped away. But before very many days could pass They began to organize their class. Vacation time had come and gone, Miss Williams, who has proven by test While thoughts of good times lingered on. That she ranks along with the best, Back to school they came once more, Was appointed to direct them and give them No longer Freshies, but Sophomores. a start, Bert Minton, Allene McCord, Reet Thomas To guide and encourage when they lost were those heart. To pilot the class this year they chose. Billy Thomas was chosen head of the class. One by one the days sped by With him at the wheel they were bound to Till the month of November at last drew go fast. nigh, W Harry Wilson was elected to help him, too. And they met one night for a jolly stunt Oh, the things these boys could do. party. Allene McCord was to act as secretary The gym was hlled with the laughter hearty To work together with Billy and Harry. Of these Sophomores so happy and gay. 'Twas more fun than they'd had in many But with their work they had their play, a day. For one day they gathered and away By truck to Hanna's Farm they went, 'Mong other things these Sophs can do A hundred Freshies on pleasure hent. ls play basketballg boys and girls too. They feasted on weiners and marshmallows They won both tournaments this year. brown Let me whisper something here- And lingered long after the sun' had gone VV:1tch this class carefully day by day down. Ani sce what honors come its way. 1 -VERA DRUIN. i I Page Fifty-one i 1 ,, ' ?i1--f iff. - 1 '25 gi 547 'L Ffvgfv Mew? flak' S Q .,,r,44gQ.,.Q Jysgeigiv N Zan xx f Glam 'lgnu gllmagine: Russell Hammerschmidt leading an brchest lVIike Levy being quiet? Eugene Martell being girl-shy? Mary Lucier being studious? George Kiel weighing 200 pounds? Miss Williams in a bad humour? Pauline Soper not chewing gum? Robert Edwards Hunking? Violet Melvin getting a permanent wave? Billy Thomas as an opera singer? J. C. Austin as a great violinist? James Wright as a high school principal? Harry Herring following in his father's fo Ruth Davis bleaching her hair? Ruth Wunderle reducing? Virginia Scott not talking? Lyle Schnell dating? Rose Chiodini as a yell leader? ' Vivian Marlow with her hair mussed? Bert Minton being five feet two? Page Fifty-two ra? otstep 9 v Q -f., ' x ,.... 'M' 4 ' 5. -----. ff1uuiusxXx I f gy 'TT K P A rv aff? xg Z.- Q f XZ Ti? 4 f r 4 X Z 4 54 ' gf Z, 1. .Q 3. X 41. A Sw. 1 is : ' 0 X M ver? in ' if A 'Y 'a X! ff, In 't V 'HI' i, xx 5 X lk f , 0 5 Q' I ' f ' 4 Z -5. 6. V N if -- LE' 8 x .... ' J" 'I 0 , ' X Q fda Xxil ' 1, l , N fx xx, ,. 'fig 4 4 'K' ' N K tai dn" feiiv ', Z - Q uf E 2 K A Z ff I , - , ff I , X4 V t ffxiffg f 3. fm!!! wg ,, 12. f 0 ""'1ag h ,vt - B, If E MQ ,TALKING QQ S-Waxh ff' 'IX I Q AX lsfgmg-ug lr '1Mwmn1. f K 'X . J EQ 113, 4 16- A ,I 1 Q, J ff" 1' -- 1 V 6 .v is Qgy h , W! 2 .uw J jfiii? I 5 4 ,,fzW 4 ?! lf 'gf K iq? IVVV V4 Xp J .P lf X 4 X IZ .1 1.9 Page F iffy-lhree fl 'w ' ' 'f ' Z 9xx 5 Snplqmrrnris Qbhe film Qt glfreslqnwn Cwith apologies to Mr. Longfellowl Out of childhood grows the freshman Into our high school he has come. Skilled in all the crafts of freshmen Learned in all the arts of bluffing. In all the youthful sports and pastimes, In all manly arts but labor. Swift of foot was the freshman. He could out-run any senior And run forward with such Heetnessg I That initiations fell behind him! Strong in brawn was the freshman He could raise athletics upward, Raise them with such strength and swiftness, That the school looked on in wonder Ere the first grade cards were due. He had talents, did this freshman, Magic talents, made of learning, When upon his studies he placed them, He could make good grades asunder, ' He could win the teacher's praises. He had school spirit enchanted, Magic spirit of the freshmen, Then he entered this, our high school, When he did unto us bring it, At each step a friend he measured! Much he questioned of the others Of his classmates and his teachers, Learned from them the fatal secret Of the way for going forward, Of the way to find success, Although at first his heart within him, Like a frighted deer his heart was. Then he said to all his listeners, I will go through high school bravely, See how fares it with me now? I I will graduate with honors, Make you proud of me, and howl" Page Fifty-four ii. Anflfq ' i ' lllzuuu-sxx --1. f 1, 1 - X I . sq, I 4 7 res man Glass if-inrg Our good ship has changed her course, ln vain we've yelled ourselves hoarse, But 'tis of no avail, for we drift along And our yells soon change to warbling song. Together we are bound for a big new land And we have a feeling that is most grand. The port is reached. Hurrah! We land. The upper classmen give a welcoming hand. But what is this we hear them sing? "The ship of fate green Freshies bring." Woe to us! We are dubbed, it seems. But why give us the name of green? Ah! You silly Sophs so gay, You, too, were Freshies at one day. Jolly juniors, the time is not far gone When you listened to this self-same song. Dignified Seniors, you too once heard A song containing these very same words. But we must settle down to work, For mischief around the corner lurks, And if you seem very idle to be, - He softly whispers, "Come with me." So it may be well for you to note, We elect our officers by popular vote. john Burgess Atkins is president, On a little boy the girls were bent. Bring on the band, include the drum, Vice-president is Floyd Stevenson. Secretary? Roberts, Helen, Pearl. The boys insist on at least one girl. VVhat next? A Weiner roast? Oh boy! 'Tis enough to till our souls with joy. into a truck we Freshies tumble Toward Hanna's Farm in joy we rumble. In November we had our Freshman Frolic 'Twas then the gym with fun did rolic. The air with melody will ring When Freshie Talent starts to sing. Mary Ellen Essick and Mattie Doolin, too, With Floyd Stevenson render music for you Such talent has seldom been seen As that produced by Freshmen green. O But now we must leave for another port. With Miss Emma Smith our fair escort. She will steer us clear of traffic cops And. help us thru with but few stops. A few of us we leave behind, The rest are bound new ports to find. -HELENE JONES. Page lfifty-sefzferz L... .. , CZ 9 A9 Q llI xx Wayne Broadaway- Margaret Tansey ..... .... . To Mary Mohlenbrock ......... - To Mildred Woll ..... Drury Mays .... Eloise Wright .... Mattie Doolin .... Barton Shadron--- William Simons..- - - Helen Roberts ..... Mary Ellen Essick- - ..... To :mlm Q31 fbi: ilu Selina! ---------To spite the school. - keep from Washing breakfast d date upperclassmen. get Honor cards. --.To grow to be big man. -----Because every one else does. -----To always have an audience. -----Cause Lindbergh did. ----.To entertain the school. To set a pattern for the school. To be prominent in school affairs. Julian Williams ...... .... . To occupy a seat. John Burgess Atkin ......... Cause papa says so. Nlary Wayman .... Lela .Cochran ..... Solon Bartnek .... Floyd Stevenson .... "Sonny" Finkledey .... .... . To "Billy" Roberts .... Norman Thompson ......... -To Elizabeth Westover ......... -To Elizabeth Plater ...... .... . To - ..... To --- .... -To display my musical talent. ----.To become sophisticated. -----To rest. ----.To make the school famous. make wise-cracks. talk to Cliflie. . get in trouble. read good CU Literature. have some place to go. James Blackwood ..... .... . Because Alice does. Harry Perry ..... Dorothy Melvin .... Virgil Sarensen .... Leroy Boston ..... Frances Harrell .... Kathyrn Hodgeson- "Tony" LoBuono-- --- .... I'l1 --- -----To ----.Force of Habit. be in Athletics. ----To ----To keep Ilean company. learn to read the funnies. ---,p-To - - - - -To see Jimmy. try anything once. keep up the custom. Page Fifty-eight ishes Av 'fl NM UV! s,.,,5f, X',..,,.,f -. f - S d,4kyxd x5W!w In 1? . .2129 ...x : V - . f .1-2 Q ,- A -f . y2"!!fg ?n fx - , - - . " ' 'V , - '1 ----.. -f"' .V l ' V 1 ill x4 'b b f :111iam?iSxXi i F i 4 i I MR. MIKITA The Music Department of the lVI. T. H. S. has been under the able guidance of Mr. lVIikita for the past year and has accomplished mhch due to his efforts. The Junior and Senior orchestras and the band have all increased in number. A program is furnished in the assembly byithe de- partment every third week and the band plays for all athletic events. The Glee Club presented a Christmas Cantata and later an operetta Qentitled "The Fire Prince." Many new instruments have been purchasedl by the school and instruction is given in playing these. I Page Sixty HAND SHN IOR ORC H IQSTRA Page SiA'fj"UIIt' JUN IOR ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB Page Sixty-two l11ull'ilssxxx latin Qluh President ...,.. -s -- - .,.., -,-l3ai'bara lllohlenbrock Vice-President ..,...,..g. ..g,..A,-.,, , uujeroine Weber Secretary ....,...,. ..-.... g..... . - -..-Roberr Edwards Treasurer ..,.... ........ .... . - t -----Harry Wilson The Latin Club was reorganized in September, 1028. The membership now includes all students who have had one year of Latin in the lll. T. H. S. and who are still carrying the subject. Faculty members are eligible who have studied Latin two years. Latin-l classes are received into membership ar the annual meeting in lllay. The club encourages songs, games, and clever stunts suggested by the course oil study, into which the students enter with a high degree of spirit and merriment. Toward the close of the year a play is presented in compliment to the graduating: class of Junior High School. An interesting project of the present school vear was a dramatization of Cicero's First Uration against Catiline. Page Sixty-threw i in .--f T - ,L ". 111:ruuu-nw.x Snrraiin Suizietg President .... ......................... H elen Sangwin Vice-President-U .... Chester Kessel Secretary ..... ---Billy Thomas The Socratic and Zetetic Societies of the M. T. H. S. were organized in 1920 by the students and faculty who realized the benefits to be derived fromjsuch organ- izations. The purpose of the societies was to develop the intellectual phase of high school life. As the freshmen enter high school the members of the classi are divided by lot between the two societies. Each year officers are elected who have the respon- sibility of the programs presented by that organization. Much of the success of the Socratic Society, this year, has been due to the com- petent president, Helen Sangwin. Through her efforts splendid entertainments have been enjoyed by the studnts. The programs have been varied and many new students have made an appearance. At the beginning of the year miscellaneous programs, consisting of readings and musical numbers, were presented. Later, plays and pantomimes made their appearance. Some of the most outstanding programs were a negro minstrel, a style show, and take-offs on various popular novels. The society also boasts of an octette of boys called the "Socratic Syncopatorsn who have appeared several times. Their snappy outfits and their repertoires of the latest songs have made a great hit with the student body. r As the time approaches for the intellectual contest held annually lbetween the two societies the Socrats are preparing to uphold the record they have held in the past. Page Sixty-four was as ,...,... ,ve A . . Jiri 33+ ,'QQ f 3 QQ . llluiltisXXx Zeietie Sneietg President ..... ........................ G race VVatson Vice-President--- .... William Wolff Secretary ..... ---William Williams Among the advantages to be obtained frcm school activities, those gained from the two societies of M. T. H. S. are the most vital and permanent. Each week a forty-minute program is presented before the student body by one of the societies. These performances are graded from three standpoints. First, the program as a whole is considered, then there is the individual grade of each person appearing, and lastly, personal points are given to each student according to the number of times he has ap- peared during the year. The students are greatly benefited by appearing before an audience and thereby gaining experience which will be of use to them later in life. Since the programs are planned and managed entirely by the student officers of the societies they are enabled to develop leadership and to acquire skill in this type of Work. During the year the Zetets presented some very interesting and amusing programs, which were enjoyed immensely by the students. llluch time and work were expended in preparing the plays, musical programs and novelties which its members have offered. The year's success is due to the efforts of Grace Watson, the president of the society. She has spent much time and thought in preparing these weekly programs. Page Sixty-fi-ve -1-.-.-1, ...,.,. -. 1.4-,Ai-...W 4 A W . ,Q5k,iIi?!"'ff I 1 . 'mia 4.1- .,,, .....-.........-.-.-...-.-.---.. aaa f n1?aLWWf'EiEWl5Wn:Ey fbirl eserhes President ...... ---Ruth Hoffecker Vice-President ---- ---Helen Wayman Secretary ------ ----------- L ela Cochran Treasurer ---- -.-. E ula Kathryn Albrecht The Girl Reserves, a junior branch of the Y. W. C. A. has surely deserved its name as the Pep Triangle. The G. R. Club has been organized here only two years, but has made rapid progress. The club membership has doubled since last year. The G. R. social events this year have been numerous-a Hare and Hound chase, a Hallowe'en party, a boy Cgirls dressed like boys, and girl party, a Dad and Daughter banquet, a lllother and Daughter banquet, and the initiation of new members, in addition to the regular pot-luck suppers held every two weeks. To lVIiss Harrison, the club's peppy supervisor, the Girl Reserves owe their fun and good times. With her able guidance the club has not only done much to provide for the entertainment of the girls, but has also helped each to "face life squarely" and "to find and give the best." Page Sixty-six ........ .... . W. -.,.....,. .,,...., .....-W.. M W...v.............,,-...n.-.,,.,-- - -, -. ...-...-- -.,- - ...- I, 1 , Q , '-"'---'-- f11uiitnxxx 5 ....................--. -5.1 . ..- . 1 .. I l The giqi-15 Qlluli President ...... -- --- --- ----William VVilliams Vice-President--- -..-- Rupert Bencini Secretary ..... .... J ohn Ed. Porter The Hi-Y club was organized in the lll. T. H. S. three years ago by a small group of boys. Since that time the membership has increased greatly. This organ- ization is a junior branch of the Y. lll. C. A. It was created for boys of high school age and, like the Y. M. C. A., is primarily for the purpose of promoting the four square standard of living-good sportsmanship, clean speech, clean scholarship, clean living. Mr. Caldwell, our principal, has sponsored the club for the past two years. Ofiicers are elected by the club to serve for a period of one year. The regular meet- ings are held every Wednesday at noon. In these meetings the boys not only learn a great deal from the talks given by prominent men of the town, 'but they also gain experience by giving talks themselves. A delegation from the Hi-Y is sent to the Older Boys' Conference which is held annually. Here the boys who are delegates get many new ideas which they bring home to the other members. Page Sixty-seven Y-we nf-A-vw--ev-w.--.---. 1 ll 1. H i, ii 1 a A.- -mnum-am-n-,u-nn-Wu AT- ,X .:.fLIIII?"",.f s if f1lfifiuasXX Qsgrimlture 4 apartment Our Agriculture Department was organized in 1919 according to the Smith- Hughes law. Under this plan half of the expenses of the department are paid by the government. Each student is required to manage and operate an agriculture project coordinating with the particular course taken. Pupils studying soils and crops choose a practice like growing alfalfa, sweet clover, corn, soy beans, or cow peas. Members of the Animal Husbandry course have a project in diarying, hogs, sheep, or poultry. Exact cost accounting and farm management records are kept. Courses are also given in fruit growing. Southern Illinois is especially adapted to poultry raising. ln 1922 the Depart- ment originated the Murphysboro State Egg-laying contest on the school grounds. After the tornado it was replaced by a modern demonstrational plant on New Hill. Here there are 350 head of fine bred pullets from twenty states. Five birds are entered by each contestant for a year's egg-laying race. Appropriate cups, ribbons, and certificates are sent to winning contestants each month. The plant is now in charge of the State Poultry Department and managed by them. Our classes use the contest for observation and study. This is the only project of its kind in the United States connected with a high school. Our Ag. Club is interested in promoting better agriculture by giving programs in rural schools. This year the club distributed two cars of limestone among farm boys. At the close of rural schools each year, the graduates are invited to a two-day short course at the High School sponsored by club members. Page Sixty-eight 1---.l..., v------.......... l J -W ,f 1 5-1"'r" ' 1l1uuuu-sxx in my---M Qsgrinuliural Clluxrhesis NI. T. H. S. Agriculture pupils have always taken an important part in the Southern Illinois Judging contest. The general public does not know of the re- markable success they have attained. ln hlay 1928 our team, composed of Earl ll'lcEntire, Harold Henry, and Earl Graeff, won the championship of Southern Illinois at Carbondale Judging contest where twenty-six schools were in competition in the live stock judging contest. Harold Henry received high honors as highest ma.n out of 188 boys entered from Southern Illinois. Our poultry team, composed of Earl Graeff, Earl ll'lcEntire, and Edwin Roth, won second place at Herrin Poultry Show contest this year. Last year Earl Graeff, Edwin Roth and Jack Baskin Won third place at Herrin. At the State Poultry Show at Carbondale in January the lll. T. H. S. team, composed of Earl llIcEntirc, Earl Graeff, and Williani Sauer, won the beautiful championship cup, pictured above, donated by the Illinois Central Railroad, for highest honors in Poultry Judging. The Poultry Club boys won the second best display cup, donated by the Carbondale Commercial Association. lage Sixty-nine 1 4 N.-.l....Q..... I L- .",vM,,,,'-c fix ,, ,,f' I 5' 5 gf.: cf- -1 ' -- - .. :ng -V' ,' -- l1l2 4ix ' Qllunmi saauriatiun 1 4 i l ' Preidesnt ........... ......... L ouellyn Edgel 1 Vice-President ..... .... M rs. Bernard Williams Treasurer ..... ,.... .... H u nter Pri The Alumni Association of M. T. H. S. is a very large organizat auspices of this organization. The high school is to be congratulated on active alumni. CC im n. It hool. Can For always be depended upon to support any ailair sponsored by the high sc years it has loyally backed all of the athletic events. Homecoming is always having such Annually the Association chooses a boy and a girl from the graduating presents each with a medal. A committee is appointed which decides on t In order for a boy to be eligible for this medal he must have good grades ment. He must have distinguished himself in athletics and he must be a le 3. 3. his fellow students. ln choosing the girl, the committee takes into consid grades, deportment and leadership. The boys' medal has been awarded fo the medal for the girls has only been given two years. In awarding these Association has encouraged many students who otherwise would not have tried to distinguish themselves in their high school life. Page Seventy under class nd: dep the and ese pupils. Ort- Cl' alTl0Ilg ration years medals S411 63.1116 w l l l l l her but the stly l w i 4 l ,.1. ,Z 11 IJ W ..' --..- . q l - Y W -w A L, 1 ll? . f Q 5 "" . ig ' ' , A 1, L! , 1 + f , , W 1 'Z-Sun Q . 1' W . 1 V 'Q S Y " .jg-:,a,gfI2M V527 , gr. Q N 5 'H -1754 7 ff ffa 4 il 5153 Zfuflx -f 'wif , 4 5 , - . A - f -.ff-6 f ' ff :I 5?'.'. -Wy..-Lv V 1' '9'fV'f 1 '61 b ' ,-.ifwwfi 'rw Q AMR. A U I P"'A fpff W, 'L i,g'f1g,' ,f,:1.'f1fj gr Ll j, - W. f lu- K' 1v- 5 If ' . 5 ,ii A 'ix 3 , S ""' w - 1 -...vw A H V -4' P as- H, ,f V iv A. TM '----fw:f.1 K.V4'4--af A 5 -v i f-1f:fr"F'-2-2- ' X 11 w,'5?' ?22f'3Ee 1 f , lv - hikisal , I, .4 ,Ii l-- 1 - -1- if , W iff? M' A E f f ! j i . f , Qv I .ii Q Q 4 , E , I 4. 5. l gr il E I il l l, i i w F lf lx kl K 1 l ill 'lx 5 li fi il li S ,xg 'f '4 i 4-.... ,M ,,.,, ..-WMMW -......,. ,mr MLW ,M N r .. M, M, ,fy qsnf, ,. ,,, If .ru ,W fjmffwmf If 3? E we " 11QmUQl Qlnznzlqes MR. EATON This is Mlr. Eaton's first year as head coach at Murphy High. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, and taught at Newton, Illinois, the two years previous to his coming here. M R. ALLEN lWr. Allen is a graduate of the S. l. T. C. and has done Work at the University of lllinois. He came to Murphysboro from the Carterville High School. Page Svfvenry-two ts. , 1-was 'W W "Wi" ' " -N 4 ia.. ,. ,,,,, .,..,.,.,,,,....,,...,- ,,,..,,,,,,, 'F -rlirrkl-ir -"VT , ' ,Aff V Q S f1luvlusisxX Qdlqleiic fissnriaiinn President ---,,--,,N,,,,N - ,,............. --Angelo Pellegrini Vice-President ..... .... E dward Daniel Business Manager--- ..-- John Blankinship Secretary ,,,------- --- Alice Blackwood The Athletic Association of M. T. H. S. is an organization formed entirely by the students who are backers of athletics. It is an association which takes care of the business details of the school's athletics. Dues are collected from the members and this money provides for the equipment of the teams. The greater part of the student body does not realize the responsibility that rests upon the officers of this society. The work is very complex since the money from dues and the games must cover every expense of the year and incidental expenses are con- stantly arising Which must be met. We congratulate the officers for making such a huge success of the organization. They have proved themselves efficient. Page Seventy-three l--ll, C. SCHOLES R. WOLL R. BENCINI E. MARTELL Qiiefriefn nt 1928 glinutlmll Season While the 1928 football season was not successful as far as games won, it must be remembered that the squad was greatly handicapped by injuries and ineligibilities. The members of the team are to be commended for their excellent attitude and pluckiness, even in the face of constant defeat. Sixteen men were awarded letters at the close of the season. Those winning letters were: Captain Woll, Plater, Williams, Brown, Bencini, Porter, Sauer, Kilby, Wanstreet, Rahming, Thompson, Minton, Martell, Scholes, Austin, Ozburn. Charles Kilby, one of our letter men, by his remarkable playing at end, raised himself to that position on the second all-star team. Rahming, halfbackg Brown, right guard, and Scholes, left guard, received honorable mention. Page Sewnfy-four i J. OZBURN A. RAHMVING j. PORTER C. KILBY Due to an injured knee, Captain Bobby Woll was lost from the team for the greater part of the season. However, during the time he did play, his leadership greatly aided the team. Games were played with the following teams: West Frankfort, Harrisburg, Marion, Centralia, Herrin, Benton and Carbondale. The Harrisburg and Carbon- dale games were especially notable. At Harrisburg the Red Devils, playing under a handicap due to the absence of Woll, Weatherly and Brown from the line-up went down to defeat by the fast- playing Bulldogs by a score of 12-0. Brown played part of the lirst quarter, but was taken out as a result of an injury sustained in the Benton game. The two teams Page Se-z'enty-five H. BROWN W. WILLIAMS F. PLATER W. SAUER battled on even terms throughout the game, each having ten first downs to their credit. The Red Devils had the edge in yardage gained. The Murphysboro passing combinations, Austin to Williams and Wheeler to Kilby, completely baffled the Bulldogs. The Red Devils completed twelve out of a possible twenty-three passes, while Harrisburg tried three passes, all of which were incomplete. Battling on a muddy rain-soaked field with rain falling throughout the game, the lwurphysboro Red Devils and their worst rivals in athletics, Carbondale, battled to a 6-6 tie in the final game of the Big Seven Football Season on the hi. H. T. S. athletic field, Thanksgiving afternoon. The teams were very evenly matched and the game proved to be one of the hardest fought battles in the Big Seven Conference Page Se-zwzly-six j. THOMPSON W. WANSTREET A. AUSTIN B. MINTON this season. While the outcome of the game was uncertain throughout, the tie greatly surprised the fans for it was believed the Red Devils would come out on top. Niurphysboro scored Hrst, YVoll going over in the first quarter for a touchdown. Carbondale secured the tying score in the third quarter when Garner broke :away for the feature play of the game. ' Since nine of the men awarded letters this year are expected to bc back next fall, the 1929 season should prove very successful. Page Sewzziy-.w'ven -H------ Hangul. .. N A ,,1'm"-'W' 5 f n1...........,.,..,........ fwvUwf'ffr M zwwwM nj glfnuihall Ogquah Borgsmillcr-Guard. Borgsmiller-Guard. Douglas-End. Simons-Guard Perry-Guard. Finkeldey--Center. Wright-Halfback. Kessel-Halfback. Roberts-Quarterback. Kilby-End. Wzmstreet-Tackle. Brown-Guard. Thompson-Center. Scholes-Guard. Sauer-Tackle. Bencini-End. Porter-End. Wheeler-Halfback. Martell--Halfback. Williams-End. Austin-Fullback. Woll-Quarterback. Plate:--Halfback. Rahming-Halfback. Thompson-Tackle. Minton-Guard. Coach Eaton. Assistant Coach Allen Bierer-Guard. Roth-Center. Schimpf-Hzllflmck. Stephenson-Halfback. Ozburn-Fullback. Thomas-Guard. Blankinship-Tackle. Daniel-Tackle. YV, Daum-Center. x M Page Sefucnty-eight CHEER LEADERS 'Crack The 1928 track season was very successful for the Murphysboro team. The first contest in which they entered was the jackson County Track Meet held in Carbondale. This meet proved to be a dual between Murphysboro and Carbondale and was won by Murphysboro, the final score being 70-64. There was not an event in this meet in which the Red Devils did not place and they obtained a great number of firsts. In the Herrin Relay Meet held on their field, our boys finished third. This apparent slump was still present in the Conference Meet at West Frankfort and our team barely succeeded in capturing fourth place. The team showed its true fibre in the Southern Illinois Meet held at Hurst- Bush and came away with honors. During this meet Bellm finished the high hurdles in 16.6 seconds, establishing a new record for Southern Illinois. The track men who were awarded letters were Underwood, Bellm, Corley, Woll, WVeatherly, Schwebel, K. Austin, Eaton, Sims, and North. This year's schedule is as follows: Carterville-Murphysboro Dual meet here April 6, Carbondale Meet there April 13, Herrin Relay Meet there April 20, Con- ference Meet May 4, Southern Illinois meet at Harrisburg. We have left from last year's track, Woll, Weatherly, Brown, A, Austin, Schimpf and Plater. These men, combined with new recruits, ought to make a good showing this season. Page Seventy-nine A.RAHMlNG B.TI-IOMAS ILHERRING R,BENCINI Qlivhirfu nf 1928-29 Elgas-kethall LSPHBUII When the call for basketball was sounded, about forty or fifty men reported for practice. There were only about three of these men that had had any previous train- ing. Coach Eaton, after looking over the squad, decided to build a team composed of men who would not graduate this year. This is an excellent idea as far as future teams are concerned, although it does not assure a winning team the first year. Among the best games played were the Harrisburg and DuQuoin games, each being lost by a one point margin. The Murphysboro Red Devils played tip-top basket- ball, but went down to defeat at the hands of the Harrisburg Bulldogs by a score of 24-23. The game was highly exciting throughout and it looked for a time as if our Page Eighty G. SCHIMPF C. KESSEL C. KIIBY W. WILLIAMS hoys might annex the victory. In the UuQuoin game, lllurphyzahoro was defeated hy a score of 20-19. Considerable improvement was shown in the playing ef the tezim during these last two battles. The men winning letters this year were: Sehimpf, Austin, VVilli:lms, Iicneini, Kessel, Kilhy and Rahming. The Red Devils will lose only three men through grzxduzition this year. This fact and the experience the team has had should tend to make an excellent season next year. Page Eighty-one fl 1 my W, ,111 .....-.4 ,vw M, , 1' TU. ' ' f" .W ' an 'r r- af - - 4 ' 'wk A " K L Q ww EB-3a5-lxeiball gsqllilh Kilby-Guard. Thomas-Guard. Schmipf--Forward. Williams-Forward. Bencini-Forward. Rahming-Guard. Assistant Coach Allen A. Austin-Center. C. Kessel-Center. F. Stephenson--Forward. Coach Eaton. F. Johnson-Manager. Page Eiyhly-two ,f .rffllgf , WllihiidiisXX '-" --IIIH MEN 7 nnihatll 'fganquei That renowned and heralded event known to the students as the "lWothers' Football Banquet" was given to the boys and their "girl friends" on the evening of December 6, 1928, at the First Baptist Church. The tables with their autumn leaves in crimson and corn, the footballs and flowers were beautifully illumined by candle- light. The couples, with the mothers and dads and members of the faculty, were served the following delightful menu by the Ladies' Aid Society. FRUIT COCKTAIL BAKED CAPON GIBLET GRAVY I DRESSING CRANBERRY JIELLY lVIASHED POTATOES CREAMED PEAs PICKLES HOT ROLLS WALDIIRF SALAD CREAM CAKE Following this Robert YVOII, the Captain of the team, invited the guests to the "Greatest Circus Review of All Time," which proved to he a novel program. They then adjourned to the Ellis Club where Andy's f'Red Hot Peppers" furnished music for dancing. Faye Eighty-three -1--1.11 'fwfffai inXX MISS DAVIS The Girls' Physical Culture Department for the last two years has been under the direction of Miss Florence Davis. She is to be commended for her work in building up this department. Physical training has been made compulsory, and every student in the high school has at least two classes a week. A gym exhibition is presented each year by her classes, portraying the results of their year's training. This consists of stunts and dances as well as the regular drill routine. Inter-class tournaments are held in hockey, volley ball, and basketball. Miss Davis is also the organizer of the Girls' Athletic Association, known as the G. A. A. Page Eighty-four , ,fp A lllnuhsxxx l K Qirls' Qilqleiir C952-nniaiiuu President ...... ...... .... - - -..Lena lkiae Dickey Vice-President--- -. . ..... Vera Druin Secretary ...... .... A ileen Rigden Treasurer .... ,W -- Pauline Tippett The G. A. A. is one of the most active and popular associations in the High School. Its success is entirely due to the organizations capable advisor, Miss Davis, who established the society in the year 1927-1928. This association has enjoyed many hikes and parties at Henry Park. One of the most enjoyable events was a Theatre-Valentine party which was followed by a chili supper at Miss Davis' apartment. During the early part of the year, the society initiated seventy-five new members into its midst. The G. A. A. enables the girls to earn "llI's". These awards are offered to those members having a certain number of points for their participation in athletic games. With the hope of winning an award each girl is very enthusiastic about getting the sufficient number of points. Page Eifjhtv-fre 'gigs GYNICLASS ...NN rf' 5 :f J 'ie X' 2 2. x i - 1 ii BASKETBALL lMw'EMhM4M VOLLEY BALI, HOCKEY TICANI Papa' Efglztx'-se'4:'4'n Page Eighty-eight Mimmwmwwmmmwmmmmmwmwmwmw gf I 1 N X . xt , s x ,V ,X -X ' p--' fy 4" M' . -. ' - 11 - 5 as ' Q? X, ffEi'FQ7 QE -'ll 5' if I 8 If ' fh -mag f ' X , ,, ,A ,N ii '5 5 W i f ni 2 1' + A W QT Ll' 'if' - Q - fn -- f-Jg-E55afw A g we--5?-:-f A - 145 A0 2. w k W Eilf?5iQ, 5: W? --- g , : Q-3' QV QQT3S?i?Wg: K w gf' an -' Q A " 1-I' , x L M 3 1' .. . - NQ? wg , Q - 52 by . . I : L : - Q .-- - A -- l. 'Hana Q B21 I u 1' ' A WV E4 'rf 2 V X I G fm Sigiixiiigg? FW if Eu M!!! +1 1- M xi ,t ,, uw -fix .- Y, ' .ffl 1, ff' Ni: ' A'1'4s'7f f l1nQ I' xN Hjnkes We poor fools may dig and scrape Till our finger tips are sore, But some blamed goof is sure to say, "I've heard that joke before." Toi John Ruppert Qgoing into store to buy a hatlz "I want a hat." Store Keeper Crather deafjz "Hey?" John: "No, straw." +- She: "Do you believe in clubs for women ?" He: "No, chloroform." .-101 Pupil Cstudying Latin, : "What's the word for minute ?" Teacher: "Look in the vocabulary." Pupil: "I did, but I can't find it." Teacher: "Well, then, look up second and count sixty of them." . ,oi Johnny fasking for third helping of potatoesjz "Mother, pass the potatoes." lblotherz "Johnny, you're a little pig-" Dad: "Johnny, you know what a pig is, don't you?" Johnny: "Sure! A pig is a hog's little boy." . io-1 Old Lady: "You can't be so poor. my good man, if you wear spats." Tramp: Ulbladam, desc is suede shoes wit de bottom wore off." Page VARSITY WIT Hotel Clerk: "I found that 'To Be Used in Case of Fire' sign those college boys stole from the corridor." Manager: "Where was it?" Clerk: "They'd nailed it over the coal bin." To.. A hundred years ago today A wilderness was here, A man with powder in his gun Went forth to hunt a deer. But now the times have changed Along a different plan. A dear with powder on her nose, Goes forth to hunt a man. Loi When little Hubert arrived at school on the opening day, he carried the fol- lowing note to the teacher: "Dear Teacher: Our sweet little Hubert is a very delicate nervous child and if he is naughty, and he is likely to be naughty at times, just punish the boy next to him, for that will frighten him so, he will be good. Mrs. Harboughf' LOT Sam: He cleaned up a big fortune in crooked dough. Al: Was he a counterfeiter? Sam: No, a pretzel manufacturer. Loi "What are sardines?" "Fishes pups." Ninety I 1 9'3" "'TrT'?-----S. 4 IV.' , K-.-,1, .N I r 'jffiu 5 sa DEDICATED TO MR. CALDWELL Bane of my school life known of old, Strife of lessons I failed to learn, 'Tis now the awful truth is told As to this hard exam I turn, Lord, God of Hosts, be with me yet, Lest I forget-lest I forget? The teacher now the paper doles, The note books and the texts depart, And will the facts my memory holds Be with me ever from' the start? Lord, God 'of Hosts, be with me yet, Lest I forget-lest I forget! But now my thoughts are far nwayg On shows and parties in my mind, Lo, all that cram of yesterday Is gone far from me now I find. Judge of the papers, spare me yet, Lest I regret-lest I regret! ,ol Chester Kessel: "Your two feet are adorable." lVIargaret Greiner: "So are your six.'y ,0, This is a pretty snappy suit, remarked the baby as they put him in his rubber panties. ...0, "Does the moon affect the tide?" "No, sir, merely the untiedf' .Toi- Druggist to Jack Cooper: "Do you want me to wrap these pills up, sonny ?" Jack: "Surel Whad'a think I'm gonna do, roll 'em home ?" as ifsiilfi 3 w s, 5. sg fixii THE GOAT Visitor: "Do you know what poor animal had to suffer so that your mother might have that nice fur coat?" Willie: "Yes, my papa." Miss Florence Davis: "Marie, how many bones have you in your body?" lVIarie Gillenberg: "Nine hundred." Miss Davis: "That's a great many more than I have." Marie: "But, Miss Davis, I had sardines for lunch." 10.1 A little bear sleeps in his little bear skin, And he keeps mighty warm I suppose, I slept last night in my bare little skin And by golly! I almost froze. ' io...- First Guy: "My girl is divine." Second Guy: "Yours may be devine but mine's de berries." ' 1-01- "My grandfather sprang from a line of peers." "Yeah? I jumped off a dock once myself." -O.. "I heard you had trouble last night ?" "Yep, flat tire." "I know. I saw you with her." loi- ll Y Isn t that your roommate over there kidding that colored dame ?" "Oh, migosh! I just knew he'd make a fool out of himself if he ever went out alone. He's color blind, you know." Page Ninety-one , W x Page Nineiy-two Z.--Q-, I .,.N.:,, ...-f-'ff' fs. f-'J' f f 'V i,"',, "cl-5 Q-5, if 1 I . C . 5 l1m 'sxx IS IT ANY WONDER A man was one day visiting a lunatic asylum and while walking in the grounds he met a patient, to whom he said: "Well, how did you get here?" The man replies: "Well, sir, you see, I married a widow with a grownup daughter, and then my father married my wife's daughter, and that made my wife the mother-in-law of her father-in-law, and my father became my step-son. Then my step-mother, the daughter of my wife, had a son, and that boy, of course, was my brother because he was my father's song but he was also the son of my wife's step-daughter, and therefore her grandson, and that made me grand- father of my step-brother. Then my wife had a son, so my mother-in-law, the step-sister of my son, is also his grandmother, because his step-sister is his wife: I am the brother of my own son, who is also the son of my step- grandmotherg I am my mother's brother- in-law: my wife is her own child's auntg my son is my father's nephew, and I am my own grandfather. That's who I am and why I am here, sir!" -OT In Chemistry: "What is the formula for leather?" Helen: "C-O-W." ,LOT CAN YOU TELL? What is the difference between a barber and sculptor. Ans.: A barber curls up and dyes while a sculptor makes faces and busts. GOOD ADVICE Even a fish won't be caught if he keeps his mouth shut. Loi Girl: "What do you think Auntie, theres something without legs running across the floor." Aunt: "Goodness gracious, what is it 7" Girl: "Water." io.. Teacher: "Use despair in a sentence." Pupil: "If a tire blows out, put on de spair." -+1 Father: "Do you want to become my son-in-law ?" Lover: "No sir, I merely wish to marry your daughter." -Ol Miss Davis: A'Can you prove that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the two sides of this triangle? H Bud R.: "I don't have to prove it- I admit it." io-. Here's to our parents and teachers- may they never meet. ....0..... Lives of students all remind us, VVe can make our lives sublime, And by asking foolish questions, Take up recitation time. Page N inety-three H Li Page Nnety-four l11m xXX POET IC Alyce: "I adore Keats." Ikey: "Oy, it's a relief to meet a lady vot still likes children." Loi Teacher: "What are you going to be when you get out of school?" Student: "An old man." Toi He: "Everybody says I talk on the installment plan." She: "How's that?" He: "I stutter." 1-0- Mrs. Firth: "Name a liquid that won't freeze." Fred Bierer: "Boiling water." xn-01. Jack: "How does Bill like living in the apartment below those college girls?" Tom: "He says the women are wild over him." -o-. "Did you see Oliver Twist?" Auntie: "Hush child, you know I never attend these modern dances." 10, Mother of Twins: "You say that Mrs. B. called me at cat P" Nurse: "Well, she looked at the babies and said, 'What dear little kit- tens'." FOUND ON EXAM PAPERS 1. The king of a government which does everything he says is an absolute monkey. 2. Polygamy is having more wives than you can support. 3. There are three kindsof races, black, white, and the shades in between. 4. There are three vowels, I. O. U. 5. A sexton is a man who buries you at sea. 6. People used to write with feath- ers which were called nom de plumes. 7. Julius Caesar was one of the brides of March. 8. Savages are people who don't know what wrong is until missionaries show them. 9. A prehistoric animal is a funny kind of animal that is dead. 10. A nomad is a person who never gets mad. ll. Columbus knew the world was round because he made an egg stand up. 12. Ghosts which you see are no such thing. 13. The study of geography is im- portant, because if it wasn't for geog- raphy we wouldn't know where we lived. 14. General Braddock was killed in the Revolution. Three horses were shot under him and a fourth went through his clothes. 15. Pompey was an ancient city de- stroyed hy an eruption and saliva from the volcano. 16. A stock exchange is where cattle is bought and sold. Page Ninety-ive Page Ninety-six I zz2fl aix f R-R-R-R-REVENGE SPEED COP AHEAD l Little Jack had been so naughty that "Daddy, what kind of an automobile mother just had to give him a good did the Lord have?" asked four-vear- ,' spanking and all that afternoon a de- old Raymond. sire for revenge rankled in his little "They didnlt have automobiles xvhen f01'm- he was on earth," answered his father. At length bedtime came and kneeling "Well, they said in Sunday School, d0WH he Said his evening Dfayefy asking 'The Lord will take you to His home a blessing upon all the members of the on high'." family individually, except one. Then, rising, he turned to his mother with a -C- triumphant look, saying as he climbed MAN BEING NATURALIZED into bed, "I s'pose you noticed you Next! wasn't in it." Whgy me? A Born? gf- Yes, sir. John Blankinship: "Who is your Where? favorite author ?" Rl1SSi21- John Albert Meyers: "My father." Xglatf Part? . - .i - o me. Wrgtrglrrl Blanltmshlp. What did he Why did you leave Russia? John Albert Meyers: uchecksj, Because I couldn't bring it along. Where were your forefathers born? -9- l've only got one father. Where's Washington? City Guy: "Tell me how's the milk- Dead. maid?" ' I mean the capital. Country Lass: "It's not made you They loaned it all to Europe. poor fish, the cow gives it." Do you promise to support the Con- stitution? '-og' How can I? I've got a wife and six Mrs. Firth: "What do you know kids to Support- about Boyle's Law ?" ' -,O-, Anna Thofnpsonz ufleckl I dldnit "The next person who interrupts the know they boiled slaw' proceedings will be sent home," declared -0- the irate judge. ' Mrs. Doolittle fto new maidl: Hurrah! yelled the prisoner' "Well Nora, I hope we shall get along -0" VCTY YIICCIYS lim fl0t at all hafil UP Did you ever hear about the absent- please." minded professor who thought he'd left Nora: "No Mum, fhafs just exactly his watch at home and then took it out what I thought the very minute I set to see if he had time to go back and eyes on your husband." get if? I Page Ninety-seven I Page Ninety-eight Q . . 1nuI mxx THOSE ADS I walked along the streets- A billboard met my eye, It had weathered many a'storm Its ads were tattered and torn, And this is what I read: Smoke a lot of Cascarets, Eat Palm Olive Cigarettes- Always wash with Vaseline, Complexions white with Bandoline. Mennen's is the spread for bread- Sleep in Coca-Cola Beds. The sweetness, Lillian Russell writes, Is due to Paris Free-Clamp lights. Garters, Headaches take away, Victrolas help your rent to payg Arrow Collars eat at will- Use a Father Pinkham Pill. ...OT "ARITHMETIC" He was teaching her arithmetic He said, "It was his mission." He kissed her once, he kissed her twiceg And said, "Now that's addition. And as he added kiss by kiss, In silent satisfaction She timidily gave one back And said, "Now that's subtraction.. He kissed her, and she kissed him Without explanation. Then they both together said, "That's multiplication." just then Dad arrived upon the scene And announced his decision Ile kicked poor Jim three blocks away And said, "That's long division." ...O-.. Father: "What did you sav to the principal when he kicked you out of school this time ?" Son: "I congratulated the school on turning out such fine men." A FEW BEANERY SYNONYMS "Mutton broth in a hurry," says the customer. "Baa-Baa in the rain. Make him run!" shouts the waiter. "Beafsteak and onions," says the cus- tomer. "John Bull. Make him a ginny!" shouts the waiter. "Where's my baked potatoes?" asks the customer. "lVIrs. Murphy in a seal- skin coat!" shouts the waiter. "Two fried eggs, don't fry'em hard," says the customer. "Adam and Eve in the garden. Leave their eyes open!" shouts the waiter. "Poached eggs on toast," says a cus- tomer. "Bride and groom on a raft in the middle of the ocean!" shouts the waiter. "Chicken croquettes," says the cus- tomer. "Foul ball!" shouts the waiter. "Hash," says a customer. "Gentleman wants to take a chance!" shouts the waiter. "I'll have hash, too," says a customer. "Another sport!" shouts the waiter. "Glass of milk," says the customer. "Let it rain!" shouts the waiter. "Frankfurters and sauer-kraut good and hot," says the customer. "Fido, Shep and a bale of hay!" shouts the waiter, "and let 'em sizzle." .ioi She tightly clings about him- The dainty, slender thing For he was a wooden top: And she-a long white string. TO.. "Do you file your finger-nails?" "No, I just throw them away after I cut them off." Page Ninety-nine Page Um' Hundred ,,.. , xr, 5 1 ., - -L .. ' ' '- -'iTiffr:7T" 1:-1, ., . ,J -,.-j -' -gg. ""--'xv .nff-fi-53 , ,if ' S ? A-.--M ,L-,i Jess-:S i 11m mxx THE SHORTEST LOVE STORY Act 1-Maid, One. Act 2-Maid, Won. Act 3-Made One. lo..- Teacher: "Does any question bother you?" Student: "Not at all, sir, not at all. The questions are quite clear. It is the answers that bother us. I! .lo-1 Miss Harrison: "What do you mean by saying that Benedict Arnold was a janitor ?" Bill Wanstreet: "This book says after his exile he spent the rest of his life in abasementf' ...OT Angelo: "You can't sell Wolff an en- cylopedia. He thinks that he knows it all." Edw. Daniels: "O, w looking it over for errors." ell, he'll enjoy 1.0.- This summer while serving as a tour- ist guide, Edith Smith found it necessary to answer several questions. One day a woman from Minnesota came up to Edith and said: "I have just been ad- miring your city. Have any big men been born here ?" Edith S.: "No, only babies." LATEST MODELS A balky mule has four wheel brakes, A billy goat has bumpers: The firefly has a bright spot-light, Rabbits are puddle jumpers: Camels have balloon tired feet And carry spares of what they eat: But still l think that nothing beats The kangaroos with rumble seats. MOT Principal: "What are you doing back in school? I thought I expelled you. Didn't you read the letter I gave you P" Student: "Surel I read it inside and outside." Principal: "What do you mean?" Student: "Well! Inside it said I was expelled permanently: but outside it said to return in five days, so here I am." 1+ Miss Smith: "Bert, name a collective noun." Bert Minton: "A vacuum cleaner." 1:1011 Teacher: "A fool can ask more ques- tions than a wise man can answer." Student: "No wonder I flunked." loi- Her Father Crushing into a dimly lighted roomjz "I'll teach you to make love to my daughter." Boy: "I wish you would sir. I'm not making much headway." Page One Hundred One L ... .I Page One Hundred Two THE BOYS GROW OLDER Freshman: I don't know. Sophomore: I am not prepared. Junior: I do not remember. Senior: I don't believe I can add any- thing to what has been said. io.- John R. Weatherly: "I bet I can make a worse face than you can." Spud Scholes: "Well, look at the face you've got to start with." l0T "Rastus, I understand that you have become the father of twins. Have you named them yet ?" "Yessuh, Ah goin' to call the fust one Adagio Allegro, and Ah'm goin' t' call the second one Encore." "Musical names, all right. But why do you call the second one Encore ?" "Well, sur, you see, he wasn't on the program at all." 101 Little Henry: "Mother, may I have a nickel for the old man who is outside crying?" Mother: "Yes dear, but what is the old man crying about?" Henry: "I-Ie's' crying 'Salted Peanuts -5 cents a bag'." ..0l Down our way they tell of a man who was so hard that he could ride a porcupine through a bed of cactus and never get a scratch. TEN HIGH SCHOOL COMVMANDMENTS 1. Thou shalt not walk down stairs: run--thou wilt get there quicker. 2. Thou shalt not ask for permission to speak: talk in undertones, or send notes. 3. Thou shalt not study, but come to thy classes without looking at thy books. It is better to flunk than die of brain fever. 4. Thou shalt not buy paper, swipe it from thy neighbor instead. 5. Thou shalt not use thy compact in the dressing roomy the class room is the correct place. 6. Thou shalt not covet thy neigh- bor's examination paperg copy it. 7. Thou shalt not attend classes on warm spring days but go riding instead. 8. Thou shalt not show any school spirit in any athletics, such as foot- ball, basketball, or track, but devote thy time to studying thy chemistry, or Latin. 9. Thou shalt not get to class on timeg it's fashionable to be late. 10. At basketball games thou shall sneak in between the crowds, and spend thy money more profitably by taking thy girl to the movies. Lo, Bert lylintonz "We just shot a dog." Billy Thomas: "Was he mad ?" Bert Minton: "IfVell, he wasn't any too darn pleased." io? CHARGE IT Love is like a cafeteria-you grab the first thing that looks good and pay for it after. Page One Hundfed Three Priya' Um' Hlulrlrml' Four P essseese i 'iwN Q ' UP-TO-DATE SHEIK Is your boy friend a one arm driver ?" "Not him. He takes a taxi and uses both arms." Mft Helen Wayman: "My dad's a doctor, I can be sick for nothing. Bob Morris: "That's nothing. My dad's a preacher and I can be good for nothing." ' Mo.. Senior Cto Freshiel : "What would you do if a horse fell in your bathtub ?" Freshie: "I'd pull the plug out." ioi- Absence Makes the Grades Grow Rounder. +1 "Do you stir your coffee with your right hand ?" "Yes, don't you ?" "No, I use my spoon." Conductor: "Your fare, Miss." Dark Girl: "Oh, do you really think so P" -C- Miss Henry: "Do you know Lin- coln's Gettysburg address ?" Jack Ozburn: "No, I didn't know he lived there." -101- Wifie: "I believe you're drunk. Hubie: "Well, if I'm not I'm out three bucks." i TRY THIS ONE Two old maids were sitting in front of a fireplace Xmas Eve: First Old Maid: "Would a stocking hold all you want for Xmas P" Second Old Maid: "No, but a pair of socks would." -101. Freshman: "These are some questions I would like to have in a test." What office does Governor Bulaw hold? How long is a meter stick? When was the war of 1812 fought? What color is a blue bird? How often does a century plant bloom? What two countries took part in the Spanish-American war? lol F. S. Craine fteaching Rlarie Schiales to drivej : In case of emergency the first thing you want to do is to put on the brake. lblarie: "Why I thought it came with the car." .-0.1. Heard in the Domestic Science Room: "N ow look what you've done--knocked off my cook book, lost my place, and I haven't the vaguest idea of what I was making." ici I know a girl who paints-and she certainly can draw men. Page One Hundred Five I 1 H Page One Hundred Six BRILLIANT MIN DED "Yes," Miss Williams explained, "quite a number of plants and Howers have the prefix 'dog'," for instance, the dog-rose and dog-violet are well known. Can any of you name another ?" There was silence, then a happy look illuminated the face of John Conner at the back of the class. "Please, bliss," he called out, "Collie-flower." ...Ol HOW ABSURD Evelyn Tripp: "I want some insect powder." Clerk: "Do you Want to take it with you." Evelyn: "Of course not. I'll send the bugs to you and you can give it to them." LOT You are the fellow who has to decide. Whether you'll do it or toss it aside, You are the fellow who makes up your mind Whether you'll lead or will linger he- hind- VVhether you'll try for the good that's afar Or be contented to stay where you are. Take it or leave it. There's something to dol Just think it over. It's all up to you. -01 YOUR NOSE KNOWS Doctor Cnoticing squalling pickanniny on floorjz "Missus Brown, that baby is spoiled, isn't he?" Mrs. Brown: "No, sah Doctah. all AN OLD TINTYPE Squire: "Did you send for me, my Lord 3" Launcelot: "Yes, make haste-Bring me the can' opener. I've a flea in my knight clothes. ,Oi The tramp returned empty handed form his quest for food. Inquired his partner: "What's the matter ?" "Gee," said the first tramp, "I just saw a terribly poor family. I was going to make a touch, but I happened to look in the window and decided they were too poor to help us. Why there were two little girls playing on the same piano." M91 Miss Emma Smith: "Give me a sen- tence with the word vicious. Paul Wanstreet: "Ye gods and little vicious." -ol Mr. Arndt Cto Carl Thompson who is sleeping in rear of roomjz "Heyl lfVhat's your name back there?" Carl fwaking up in time to know he was being addressedjz "I don't know, sir. I didn't have a chance to study last night." ...OT "Your shirt tail iss out." "Out? Vare iss it out?" "Out vare de vest begins." .-0.1 We'd like to know who this man Anno Domini is: he's built a lot of col- niggcr babies smells dat way." , lege dormitories. Page One Hundred Seven ,W lx - : if . 1: Q-.ff "ff , ,f . 1' 1 . 'T-T Ig--..,, ,v luv" - 4. I . 11m mxN FRIENDSHIP A real true friend is hard to find: One who's your friend clear through. A friend that'll help you when you're down ' And cheer you when you're blue. One to whom you know you can tell Your troubles and your care One whom you know will understand And all your sorrows share. And when the game is almost lost A helping hand he'll lend. And help you out because you see He is your true blue friend. .-C... Some people are so progressive that they do not wait for April 1 to make fools of themselves. MOT. Jimmie Wright: "If Nlr. Caldwell doesn't take back what he said this morning to me, I won't go to school any more." Norman Thompson: "Terrible, what did he say?" Jimmie: "He said I was expelled." 1-O1-1 Mary Ellen Essick: "Oh, Mary, we've got the nicest ice man." Mary Wayman: "Why, how do you know?" Mary Ellen: "Well, when he dropped a big piece of ice on his foot he didn't do a thing but sit right down on the side-walk and talk to God." -Ol Georgia Lee Plant says she likes a "breezy" fellow if he blows in his bankroll. IIVIAGINATION FAILED "But, that's not a good excuse for staying away from school yesterday!" "Well, it ain't my fault l" "It isn't? lfVhy?" "Cause I did my best to think of a good one!" .1-Ci Miss Cherry: "Where did Oliver Goldsmith get his inspiration to write 'T he Deserted Village ?' " Paul Davis: "Tag-day in Glasglow, Scotland." ...O.... She bent over, a sharp knife grasped in her trembling hand. Tears formed in her eyes as she leaned closer, and the knife all but reached her back. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she moaned, "I can't do it, I can't do it," and threw the pan of half peeled onions out of the window. .-01. Mary Lucier: "I sure told that fel- low where to head in last night." Helen Armstrong: "I thought he knew all the best places." .-.OT Solon Bartnek: "What did I learn today, Mr. Allen?" INIr. Allen: "Why do you ask?" Solon B.: "Because. They"ll want to know when I get home." 19... Ruthie: "Are you a track man ?" Bobbie: "Ye gods, Woman, you should see the callouses on my chest from breaking tapes." Page One Hundred Eight li. .el ..-.......--............Q f.--....-.-.-.--.-Mqqy , Eg Y V I ,,...,.....,, .......-,.........w --- M-u--m.-.-am- A q I "'hmaV-,,.,,,,..,,,,,.,..,.,e.t,.,.- 'Aw2'g'.ff931'fJfv'f1ffvt'vwsxxxNi'E? ' I 1 l He: "Do you know what the first Cop Cto Sweet Young Thing turn- radio was?" ing right against one-way traffic Him: UNO." streamjz 'lHey, you ean't do that." , He: "Paul Revere broadcasting on S- Y-T-1"Whx'?" one plug." Cop: "Well, a right turn is wrong- Him: ffThat'S nothing, do you know the left turn is right. If you wanna who had the first loud Speaker?" turn right turn left and then-ah, go He: 6KN0'!! ahcadf' Him: "Adam, and it cost him one -0- bone." The pedestrian has the right of way but he never gets it until he's in an "of" ambulance en route to the hospital. -0- "You big bonehead," shouted the con struction superintendent to his Swede Ted fto lllildrs-dl: "There has been foreman, "I told you to fire that man something trembling on my lips for over and you hit him with an axll' a month." "Vel, boss, dose ax, she have sign, Mildred: "Yes, I see. Why don't X 'For Fire Onlyll' " you shave it off?" ' 1 5 , Page One Hundred Nine 1 4 ezgfisi E' r 'iff' ' 17255421 , llri SOME STORY Buzzy Vallo: "And when I was tell- ing my story in English, the whole class sat with their mouths open." Syrene Brummet: "Whatl" Buzzy: "They all yawned at once." -.0.... "lVIaybe the incubator is all right," mused the leghorn, "but it doesn't scratch for worms like mother used to." ....0, Failed in Latin, flunked in Math, I heard him softly hiss: "I'd like to spot the guy who said: 'That ignorance is bliss.' " 70.1 One nice thing about trouble is, you don't have to get rid of old ones to make room for a new one. -.0.... She stepped out boldly into the street, No rubbers covered her tiny feet, No umbrella had she-nor coat Her new straw hat-well, you just note, Far be it from her to start complaining, She didn't get wet-it wasn't raining! l0T A dentist is the only man who can tell a woman when to open and shut her mouth and get away with it. ..0... NEWS ITEM Mr. and Mrs. Rubber are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. ,- , --...S f"iT'+ mv. ,L 5. ti ' RIGHTO! Hogan was charged with shooting a dog. Judge: "I am surprised that a big, strong Irishman like you should shoot a poor little dog. Why didn't you hit him with the end of your gun ?" Hogan: "Why didn't he bite me with his tail P" .....0... You can always draw queens if you have the jack. ioi Paul Sarensen: "I'm working very hard to get ahead." Leo Faughn: "You need one." lo-1. My father wasn't exactly a police- man but he went with them a great deal. lo... Father C to young suitorl : "Why, young man you couldn't even dress her." Suitor: "Zat so! Well, it won't take long to learn." ...ol They had never met be-4. But what had she 2 care? She loved him 10-derly, For he was a 1,000,000-aire. io... Mary Ellen Casey: "Mama, I have a surprise for you." Mother: "Yes, Darling, what is it ?" Mary Ellen: "I've swallowed a nail." Page One Hundred Ten -1 H Q? .- .V .xv ' " gr.-Q: ---EQZJA4 i 1 ' Y 'N-.. 5. ' - , X. 1, .I h 1-Q lllm mxx X I SO WOULD I Judge: "Ten days or ten dollars take your choice." Culprit: "I'll take the money your honor." MOM TOO INQUISITIVE Observant Child: "Mama, why hasn't papa any hair?" Busy Mother: "Because he thinks too much, darling." Observant Child: "Why have you such a lot, mama ?" Busy Mother: "Because--go to bed this instant." .-CM. Add to the list of Beautiful but Dumb- The girl who thought Sothern and Marlowe was the name of a railroad. +1 "Son, why are you so behind in all your studies ?" "So that I may pursue them, father dear." M01 . Syrene Brummet: "Hooray! The Prof. said we would have a test today, rain or shine." Ed Bowser: "Well" Syrene: "It's snowing." M01 Fred Bierer: "Did you get your ticket?" Aileen R.: "Ticket? What for ?" Fred Bierer: "Didn't you say you'd go to the play with me tonight ?" THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER "Dear Lord, I ask nothing for my- self. Only give mother a son-in-law." M01 We let the baby chew on brother's senior ring to bring out his wisdom teeth. Mo.- Husband: "Knowest thou how to bringge uppe thy childe?" VVife: "Certainllie, sluggardef Husband: "Then snappe to. Thy childe is at the bottomme of ye cistern." MOM THE COMMUNITIES' SILVER Lives of all great crooks remind us, We should work with greatest care: Lest departing leave behind us, Thumb-prints on the silver ware. -0- "Do you care for Shakespeare?" asked Clitiy. "Not so loud, please," whispered lllargaret, "Elmer has an awful jealous disposition." -101 "Who was Cyclops ?" "He was the man who wrote the cyclopediaf' 10-i "VVillie,'i said his mother, "I must insist that you stop shooting craps. Those poor little creatures have as much right to live as you have." -0.- "I'd walk a mile for a Camel," said the Arab lost in the desert. Page One Hurzdred Eleven , K . F ,- V.-nfl ' 7.1: viii! l 1 , r fp " g ' A, izjllglifi 5 "' ff7""lw'XXN Qtlunmi QBirertnrg The Alumni Editors have endeavored to make this Directory accurate. Mistakes, however, are certain to be present, but we hope th space, the graduates before 1902 have been omitted. CLASS OF 1902 Anna Armstrong, Mrs. B. M. jones ...... . ......... john Atkinson ............................ . .... Maude Burroughs, Mrs. Wm. Armstrong .... Lelia Clark, Mrs. Howard Pickler ........ Ellery Deason, Farmer ................, Winnie Etherton, Mrs. Boyd Thorpe .... Thomas Fraser, Bookkeeper ........,.... Eugenia Freeman, Mrs. Eugenia Cortiss- Gertrude Kimmel, Stenographer ........ Nellie Pierson, Mrs. Fred Bierer ...... Guy Qualls, Major U. S. Army ..... Margaret Smith, Mrs. Fred Rolens-,--- ere are very few. Due to lack of --------Deceased ----------Deceased -------Phoenix, Ariz. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphyshoro, Ill. ------------Valier, Ill. Los Angeles, Calif. --------Denver, Colo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -Washington, D. C. --.LL---Glendale, Calif. Pearl Spiller, Mrs. Orin Rule .,.,..,,, ,,,,-,,,.,. C aim, Ill. Myrtle Stephens, Mrs. R. S. Sabine .......... ,- .---Murphysboro, Ill. Eblert Tygett, Merchant ..................,.... - ..... Riverside, Calif. Gerald K. Bullar, Bookkeeper, So. Ill. Mill .... . CLASS OF 1903 Scot W. Cleland, Physician and Surgeon ...... Ruby Fager, Western United Gas Co.--g---- Ralph E. Imhoff ....................... Clara Lucier, Mrs. Harry Browning .... c Clarence Morgan, Sc P. Brakeman-.1-- Edith Newkirk, Will Piggott, Independent .............. Mlllmer ...,,........ Margaret Stein, Mrs. Roy Flint ......... .. Pearl Whittenberg, Mrs. L. A. Mifflin ...... - .... Thomas Williams ......,...,...... ,...,,. ,,.,.., CLASS OF 1904 Ruby Baldwin, Mrs. Harry Sangwin ............ 4-.. -- ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Delta, Colo. :-..Murphysboro, Ill. ------------Colorado -----E. St. Louis, Ill. ---------Dupo, Ill. -----E. St. Louis, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Fairiield, Ill. ------Herrin, Ill. --------Deceased --Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. May Cotter ........................... ....... .... Valle Cotter, Independent .......... Chester Delano Dod e Gara e . 1 E. g ---- Ray B. Essick, Physician ........... . ........ Claude Henson ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. ------Canon, Ariz. Charles D. Hodgeson, Dept. of Agriculture .... . --.. Lillian Kendall, Mrs. james Dickerson ....... JohnlM. Kimmel, Claim Agent ............ Leonard Newkirk, Engineer M. 8: O. .... Dwight Parks, Salesman ................ Harry Sangwin, Jr., Mgr. A. 8: P. Store .... Fred Schroeder, ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Portland, Ore. ---E. St. Louis, Ill. --------Peoria, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---E. St. Louis, Ill. Elmer Steele, Clerk ...................... Instructor, Med. Col. .............. - ..... Rochester, Minn. Kathryn Toler, Mrs. H. McCullough ................... CLASS OF 1905 Jessie Brooks, Married ............................. Eva Atchinson, Stenographer ..................... Robert Burns .................. Walter H. Chambers, Lawyer ..... Leonard Coad ................. H. R. Cummins, Thomas Denny, Calie Ellis, Mrs. Bessie Etherton, Pearl Gall, Mrs. ----Claitsworth, Ill. ----Harrisburg, Ill: ----------Hawan ----Carbondale, Ill. ------Chicago, Ill. -----..----Deceased Dentist ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Dentist .............. .... M urphysboro, Ill. H. A. Mohler .......... ............ A nna, Ill. Mrs. Percy Wayman ..... -- Thomas Boyd ......... - Bridget Gillooly, Mrs. Harry Smith .... Grace Hargraves ................. Rose Harvey, Nurse .............. Helen Hill, Mrs. Howard Cryder-- Rita Jennings ................. Lillian Kearns, Nurse ............ ............. - - Page One Hundred Twelve --Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Cairo, Ill. --------California ----Washington ------Chicago, Ill. ---..--St.'Louis, Mo. ---Memphis, Tenn. 8 ..... Topeka, Kans. H .V-' ., J . .Il """-" lIIiii uEiXXX 5 Eula' Kennedy, Mrs. Charles Slagle ..... David Levy, Lawyer- ............. ------- v. Nellie McLaughlin, Mrs. Rav B. Essick .... Pearl Reeder, Mrs. Harmon Fox ......... Edith Rogers, Mrs. Arnold ............ Warder Roberts .......,...... Ralph Rollo ..........,........ Arthur Schroeder, Draftsman ....... ----Los Angeles, Ca Lettie Shomaker, Mrs. J. Waller ..............,. Robert Watt, Furniture Store ........ CLASS OF 1906 W. E. Cummins, Lawyer ....................-.. Nellie Etherton, Mrs. Stone .... Harmon Fox, Salesman ..... Alexander Fraser .............. Raymond Hagler, Salesman ...... Ruth Hardy, Mrs. H. C. Wilson- ..... Daisy Hosken, Mrs. R. L. Hagler ........ - Will Jones, Agent, American Express .... Charles Kane ....................... Harris Levy, Salesman .............. Elzie Millikan Paint anil Pa er CJ p ..--- Josephine Moiris, Teacher ........... Ethel Pellett, Mrs. R. O. Burke--.-- Ira G. Silvey ................................... Hollie Smith, Mrs. O. T. Johnson. ....... - ..... --- Reet Thomas, President Murphysboro CLAS State Bank .... S OF 1907 Clara Mae Betz, Mrs. Elmer Jacobs ....,....... -- Arthur Birdick, Principal of Schools-- Lloyd Childers, Physician ............ Wanda Durbin, Mrs. P. Smith ...... Lelia Edmonds, Mrs. Williams .... Ella Emling, Mrs. Carl Daum ...... Mary Etherton, Mrs. E. G. Sauer ..... William Evans, Doctor ................. Ethel Fager, Western United Gas Co Nell Hardy, Mrs. Frank Steinle ........ Earl Hammerschmidt, M. Sz O. ....... Howard Kane, Salesman ............... Delia Kendall, Mrs. Eugene Benson ..... Nell McMahon, Teacher ............. Ethel Millikan, Mrs. Butz .......... Florence Pellett .................... Mollie Rawlings, Mrs. Fred Shook .... Minnie Richardson, Mrs. Will Jones-- Ralph Sangwin ..........,........ Emma Schumacker ................. Edith Stirita, Mrs. Chester Delano--.-.-.--- Edward Wills ..................... Gertrude Will, Mrs. Howard Kane ............,-. S OF 1908 CLAS Helen Aber, Mrs. Charles Stricklin .......-...--.- Ethel Ellis, Mrs. A. C. Marsh .... .. ..... John Dixon, St. Andrew's Hospital---- Alice Flint, Mrs. Joseph Blide ........ Ruth John, Mrs. Orin Graeff ...... Frank Leewright, Merchant ..... Ida Lovejoy, Teacher ....................... Jessie McDonald, Bank C.erk- ..... J-- Chas. E. Millikan, Assistant Dean U. of S. C..- -- Connie Miller, Mrs. Connie Frazier ........... Sidna Mullineaux, Teacher ................ Dora Rawlings, Mrs. Frank Jones .... Robert Rollo, Lawyer .............. Henry Stein, Teacher ................ Grace Trobaugh, Mrs. C. E. Hay .... Ralph Trobaugh, Real Estate Co. ................... Page One Hundred Thirteen ----Murphysboro, lll. ----Murphyshoro, Ill. ---..Murphysboro, Ill. -----Murphysboro, Ill. lif. ------------Deceased ----------Deceased -----Detroit, Mich. ----E. St. Louis,Ill -----Decatur, Ill. -----------Cairo, Ill. -----E. St. Louis, lll. -..--Murphysboro, Ill. -------------Deceased ----Los Angeles, Calif. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Los Angeles, Calif. -----Murphysboro, Ill. ---------------Deceased ------San Antonio, Texas San Bernardino, Calif. ------E. St. Louis, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. -------,---Deceased ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Homent, Calif. -------Chicago, Ill. -----Raleigh, N. C. --------Zeigler, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysbor0, Ill. -----------Deceased ---Murphysboro, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. ------------Cairo, Ill. ---------Murphysboro, Ill. ----C:1pe Gerardeau, Mo. -----Mu rphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----------Deceased - .-.'.-.-.-.-.-EQEQQQES -----St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Denver, Colo. ----Murphyshoro, Ill. ------Madison, Wis. -------Carbondale, Ill. --Glenn's Fury, Idaho -----San Diego, Calif. -------, -- ---------Denver, Colo. .---Los Angeles, Calif. -----E. St. Louis, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Pacific, Mo. -----Chicago, Ill. ----Champaign, Ill. ----Taylorville, Ill. -------Salem, Ill. L- . "' Q 'P-,ii f-- -.-.,,, Wlllll wX Lillian Vancline, Mrs. E. C. Hanna ............ ....... B ridge Port, Ill. Emil Wagner, Mine Examiner ......,,.......... ..... W est Frankfort, Ill. CLASS OF 1909 Ruby Beck, Mrs. Henry Stien, Jr. ............... .... C hampaigtl, Ill- Morris Carty, Mrs. Ralph Trobaugh .......... ....... S alem, Ill. Leota Doherty, Mrs. Robert Thompson .... .... H illsboro, Ill. Edith Durbin, Mrs. John Hurst ........ ...... R Sleigh, N.C. Ruby Franza, Mrs. W. W. House .... .......... D esota, Ill. Beulah Grilfin, Mrs. Fred Sorrels .... Philip M. Harris, Bridge Builder ....... Mae Millikan, Mrs. Mae McFarland .... Nelle Parker, Teacher ............... Georgette Parrot, Teacher ......... Lucille Patrick, Mrs. Warren Crews--- Pearl Russell -------...-....-.-.-... Nora Shomaker, Mrs. L. L. Tatmon ---- Allen Schraeder, Agent M. 8: O. ---- ----St. Petersburg, Fla. -----------Alton, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Murphysboro, Ill. -Los Angeles, Calif. ---------Elkville, Ill. ----------Deceased ----------------Iowa ----Murphysboro, Ill. Alpha Tuthill -..--. .. ---.--,.-.--....-........ - Illia Williams, Mrs. Lloyd Durham --.------------ CLASS OF 1910 Robert Blaylock, Nursery Man ---.---------.--- ----------Deceased ------Marion, Ill. ---- -----------Anna, Ill. -Murphysboro, Ill. John Drueke, Brick Plant -.----..----------..--- --- Madaline Hrabik, Mrs. John Wilson ---- Anna Martin, Mrs. Otis Glenn ------- Ruth Mayhew, Stenographer -----.- Frank Orland, Instructor U. of I. .---- ------Murphysboro, Ill. Washington, D. C. ----Murphysboro, Ill. --------Urbana, Ill. ----------Deceased Ruth Russell, Mrs. Henry Baker -.------------- Myrtle Smith, Mrs. William Calloway .--....-...-. -..- M urphysboro, Ill. Hospital .--. .--.- C incinnati, Ohio CLASS OF 1911 Mildred Vancline, Doctor at Children's Helen Bailey, Mrs. C. J. Metzgar ---.----.-..-...- ..-. V andalia, Ill. Louis Bathmon, Physician ..-......-- -- ----- Chicago, Ill. Anthony Brouilletti ---------- ---.--- --...--..-. I a cob, Ill Grace Decker, Mrs. Earnest Bjick -.------ Kent Ellis, Physician -----.--------.----..- Hortense Herbert, Mrs. Thomas Dryden ---.- Elizabeth Johnston, Mrs. Chas. Grizzell .--.- Ray McLaughlin, Employed .----------.-. Ruth Nelson ---.----.---.-----.------- Beatrice Muster, Mrs. A. N. Thursten ---. - Richard Shumaker, City Clerk --.------- Vera Silvey, Mrs. Ralph Rolens ------- Thomas Stephens, Chemist --..---- Emma Wells, Mrs. Clay Tudor-- ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Baltimore, Md. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Detroit, Mich. --------Deceased --------------Ohio ------Murphysboro, Ill. -Los Angeles, Calif. ------Collinsville, Ill. Clarice Whittenbu rg, Teacher .----.--------..--- ------DuQuoin, Ill. -----Springfield, Ill. Rudolph Zuber ---.----.---..-,-...-.,.,.,,,. ,.,, ,,,...,. D e ceased CLASS OF 1912 Joe Baer, Square Deal Clothing House -----. . ----.- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. joe Barth, Auto Salesman --..-------.---.-.----. ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Ruth Baysinger, Mrs. Ralph Pirtle ..---- Alice Daniels, Mrs. Ledbetter ------ Eugene Fager, Chemist --.---..--. Minnie Harris, Nurse ---....-----. Will Hrabik, Lawyer --------..----- Fred Herbert, Lawyer ------.-------- Iva Johnston, Mrs. Harry Conley ----- Lucy Kennedy, Mrs. B. H. Coninat -.-- Fletcher Lewis, State's Attorney .--- -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Chicago, Ill. ---------St. Louis, Mo. Winter Haven, Fla. -- ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----------Oklahoma ----Murphysboro, Ill. Carrie Miller ,--..----..-....... ..-. George Parks -.--.---------- -----.----- Hunter Price, Harris-Price Furniture Store-- Pauline Ritter, Mrs. Earl Rollo .---..----.- Willard Rolens, Auditor National Bank -------- ----------Deceased ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Yakima, Wash. Earl Rollo, Chapman-Rollo Furniture Store --.---- .... M urphysboro, Ill, - CLASS OF 1913 Maude Baysinger, Mrs. Eugene Naylor ----.------ Ray Bradley, Teacher --.------.--.--.-----.---- --.. Page One Hundred Fourteen -----Springfield, Ill. -----Willisville, Ill. L- J - L-r Sheridon Butcher, M. 81 O. Clerk ..... Arthur Cooper ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, --,- Vllendell Culp, Clerk ,,,,,,,,,-,-- Huge Dubenbostle, Mechanic ...... James Evans .......,,,,, ,,,-,,,-, - ,- Carrie Hartman, Mrs. Scott Adkins .... Eugene Naylor .,,,,,,,,, ,---,,-- - -- Fred Orland, Teacher ,,.,,,,-,,,,,,. Estelle Patrick, Married ,,----,------- Clara Peinteur, Mrs. H. Hendrickson- Edna Pierson, Teacher ........,,,,,,,, gi . 'Hg , V. - -?S'3:i'Tf--1 1.5 r J fxi ---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Jackson, Tenn. ------------Ava, nl. ----Campbell Hill, Ill. Emmett Roberts, Teacher .,-,,,,,,,,,,,, ,- Bessie Sadler, Mrs. Herbert Rushing ........ Eugenia Shoemaker, Mrs. Fred Rendle l'II3l'l,--- Earnest Schraeder, R. R. Store Keeper ....... Louise Stephens ,,,,.-,,,,., ,-------- ---- Mable White, Teacher ,,,,., ,,,,------.- ------ Lillian Wright, Teacher -,,,-,,,-,--- ---- CLASS OF 1914 Pearl Akin, Mrs. Clyde Summers ............... Nonnie Cornett, Mrs. Chas. Briest .... Harry Combrink .................. joe Chamberlain .........,,,.,,,,,, Mabel Decker, Mrs. George Fager ..... Reynold Edward, Mrs. A. B. Stoelzle ........,.,,,,, George Fager ......,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,,, Carl Hardy, Assistant Cashier City National Bank .... Milford Martin, Civil Engineer I. C. R. R. ......... Fred Millhouse, Minister ,,,,,,-,,-,,,,, Edwa rd Moore ...,,,,..,,,,,,, ,--.,-,,-- Robert Melton, Teacher ,,,.,.,,,-,- Ida Parker, Karl Hospital ........... Lucille Pierson, Mrs. Otto Gumper ..... William Rawlings, Teacher ......... Wyatt Rawlings, Teacher ......... Murry Rolens, Physician .... Eugene Reeder ......,,,,,, Ina Steele, Mrs. Ozme ........ Hazel Smith, Civil Service .... Benjamin Stiritz, Salesman ......... Edna Sill, City National Bank ........ ---Murphysboro, Ill. -------Elkville, Ill. --------Deceased ----Hillsboro, Ill. -----Elkville, Ill. ------Herrin, Ill. -------Makanda, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Anna, Ill. -------Mounds, Ill. -----------Deceased ----Los Angeles, Calif. --------Franklin, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -------Mounds, Ill. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Deceased ---------Anna, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -----------Anna, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -------Chicago, Ill. -----Desota, Mo. ----Deceased ------------Koth, Mo. -----Fort Wayne, Ind. -------Caneoan, Mo. ------Lebanon, Ill. ----Springfield, lll. --------St. Louis, Mo. --..-Washington, D. C. Alfred Stoelzle, City National Bank ,,,,,,,,,,,, Ethel Will, Mrs. D. Devandal .....,,,,,,,,,,,.- ,,,, CLASS OF 1915 Sanford Baer, Physical Training Institution ...... Margaret Crain, Mrs. Earl Kline ........ Urbana, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ..--Murphysboro, Ill. -----Chicago, Ill. ----Pittsburgh, Pa. -------Detroit, Mich. Edna Duncan, Mrs. john Pieron ........... Raymond Duncan, Express Co.--- Jeanette Etherton .............. Chester Doherty, Employed .... Alvls Grxzzel .... ................ Marie Hartmon, Mrs. Wheatley ....... Frank Keiser, Physician .................. Ray Lawder ........................... William McDonald, Internal Rev. Collector .... Alma Perry, Mrs. Monte Smith .......... Lyle Perry, Dentist ................ --- j'Nita Reese, Mrs. Elmer Wolff ...... Olive Roberts, Mrs. R. Barringer ..... Charles Roberts .................... Mildred Rust, Mrs. Alvon Boston ...... Elizabeth Stein, Mrs. H. 0. Holland .... Otmar Stephens .................... Joe Stoetzle, Physician .................. Beatrice Sangwin, Teacher ................ ---Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, ---Murphysboro, Ill. Ill. -----Clay City, Ill. -----------Florida ---Murphysboro, Ill. -----Paducah, Ky. -f.'.'.'1OiJE51IQQ55Z5fiii Los Angeles, Calif. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphvsboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -----------Deceased Carbondale, Ill. Park Ridge, Ill. -------Chicago, Ill. ---------Clayton, Mo. Helen Trobaugh, Mrs. Claude Williams .... Frank Trobaugh, Lawyer ................. ....... .... Page One Hundred Fifteen -------Murphvsboro, Ill. Traverse City, Mich. -West Frankfort, Ill. llll nXX RUC ,.....,,-,,,--,- -.,-------------N- ------ D e ceasgd IIICZ Winn, Mrs. Wiley Heiple ,,,-,,,,,,,.,,..--,- ,,-----,-- E lkville, Ill, CLASS OF 1916 Sam B0fhmHI'1. M61'CilaIlt ....-.................... ..... L os Angeles, Calif. Florence Buckley, Mrs. Asa Davis ..-,,,..,.,,,, -,,,,,,,-,, H el-rin, Ill, Mayo Carvel, Auto Factory ........... Gilbert Chamberlain, Barnes Hospital ...... -------Detroit, Mich. -----St. Louis, Mo. Viola Eberle, Nurse's Training School ,.... ,,....,.,..,. K ansas Jennie Egloff ..............,........... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,, Hazel Ingram, Mrs. Hazel Steele ..... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Ellis Isom, Western United Gas Co. ..... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Anna Loos, Mrs. H. Hohmann ........ ,...,... L ebanon, Ill. Ogie Millhouse ,.....,.....,,,,,. -- ,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, ,,, Carl Robinson, Teacher ...... ,,,,, M urphysboro, Ill, Grace Robinson, Teacher ...... ,,,,, M urphysboro, Ill, Helen Sill, Mrs. Rex Bess ........ David Stewart, Civil Engineer ..... Illirifvffilriflef-vsiitl Paul Stout ...........,.-,,,,,,,,, -,-,,,,--,-, ,,---,,,, D e ceased Fred Trobaugh, Salesman ...................,.... ,.,,, S t, Louis, Mo, CLASS OF 1917 Alice Cooper, Teacher ........................... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Dave Friedman, M. 8: O. Office ................. ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Ray Gibson, Salesman ................ Mabel Porter, Mrs. S. R. McGowan .... --------Danville, Ill. -----Carbondale, Ill. Margaret Ploeger .................... .......... D eceased Opal Rawlings, Mrs. George Simms--- ----- St. Louis, Mo. Bain Trobaugh ..------------------ -.-----.-- D eceased Mae Visino, Mrs. John Waite .-... .-.. M urphysboro, Ill. Esther Weller, Mrs. Ray Gibson--- .......... Danville, Ill. Agatha White, Teacher --------- ----- M urphysboro, Ill. Robert White, Attorney ------.-.....-.......... ..... G ranite City, Ill. Howard Will, Lawyer--- ----------.--------- -------- C hicago, Ill. CLASS OF 1918 Chas. Aimo, Salesman ..--. --..--..--............ ..... M u rphysboro, Ill. Ruth Bencini, Mrs. Don VVilliams--- Alma Brown, Mrs. Norman Baker ----- William Burton, Salesman Mechani:--- Bela Chamberlain, Salesman -------- Vallie Cheatham -----.-.----- h ---- Louis Clark, Undertaker -------- Jean Compte, Mechanic -----,----- Helen Ellis, Mrs. Martin Ferrick .---.- -----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Murphysboro . , Ill Greenville, Penn. ------Tulsa, Okla. ----------Deceased -----Baraboo, Wis. -----Detroit, Mich. -----St. Louis, Mo. Martin Ferrick, Clerk .------------..----- --.-- S t. Louis, Mo. Marcella Fox, Mrs. Conrad Lindheldt .---- ----.-- S t. Louis, Mo. Clarence Gall ...---.-.-.-..-.--------.. -.-- M urphysboro, Ill. Opal Gray, Teacher -------------------.--- -------- G orham, Ill. Gladys Heiple, Teacher -------------.--.----- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Genevieve Hodgeson, Mrs. Joe Hammond .-... .......-... A nna, Ill. Sam Hodgeson, Clerk ..--.---.--.-.-..-.--- .... M urphysboro, Ill. Florence Hoffman, Mrs. Scott --------.--. ---Murphysboro, Ill. Effie Jennings, Mrs. W. M. Borgsmiller--- -... Murphysboro, Ill. Alexander Kent, Insurance Agent -------. ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Nell King, Mrs. Chris Bullar, Jr. .--...... .-.. M urphysboro, Ill. Jessie King, Mrs. Claude Holliday -....-.-- .. ---- Murphysboro, Ill. ------Dayton, Ohio Elizabeth Miller, Mrs. George Partington- ---- Harry Orland, Clerk-- ------------.--.--- -- Myrtle Patrick, Mrs. Ralph Norman ------ Marie Perry, Mrs. Ellis Isom .------.-- Janet Ruppert, Mrs. Joe Borgsmiller--- Arthur Schmidtgall ------------------ Gladys Steele, Teacher --.--------------- Gertrude Teeter, Mrs. Chas. Brown ----- Alma Thompson, Mrs. A. Wilson ------ Fred Werner, Druggist ----------- .-- Edith Will, Clerk .--..-.--.--. -- Dewey Worthen, Teacher ---- Edith Winn, Teacher -------..--- Jennie Werner, Mrs. Leslie Reese- ---- -------------- - ,- --- Page One Hundred Sixteen ------Dayton, Ohio ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -------Chicago, Ill. -------St. Louis, Mo. ---------------Florida Washington, D. C. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----------Ava, Ill. ---------Aurora, Ill. -Jacksonville, Fla. -. l '- n .'A ll w CLASS OF 1919 Agatha Anderson ............................. Bertha Bateman, Mrs. Harry Sanders .... Kasper Berger, Salesman ............. Albert Boucher, in Business ......... Rura Boucher, Chief Operator--- julia Conley, Married ............... Lula Cooper, Mrs. August Young .... Forest Gaynor, in Business ......... Robert Ferrick, Salesman ........ Yvonne Fox ..................... Violet Harvey, Mrs. Monmeyham--- Ethel Jones, Mrs. W. W. Kelley ..... Dorothy jenkins, Independent ...... Henry Kiel, Bookkeeper ......... Edwin Edgar .. ........... Deceased ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----jacksonville, Fla. --------Belleville, Ill. ----St. Louis, Mo. -------California -----St. Louis, Mo. -----Jackson, Tenn. -----Chicago, Ill. ------Charleston, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. McDowell, Employed ..... Neal, Neal's Cigar Store--- Maynzlrd Perkins - -------..---- - john Plater Standard Oil,Co. -- Evelyn Porter, Teacher .-----.- Robert Riseling, Electrician ....-.- George Roberts ----.--------- - ---- Beulah Sill, Mrs. Albert Boucher ---- Eugene VVhittenberg, Teacher .---.-- Roland VVagner, H. S. Instructor -.--- Otis Winn, Teacher .-.-..-.------ Florence Wood, Married ------------------ Mabel CLASS OF 1920 Auer, Clerk ---.--- --.----------------- Edith Barrow, Teacher ---. .. Carter Esther Keifer Evelyn Barrow, Teacher .----- Bencini, Bookkeeper --..- Cornett, Salesman ----. Davis, Teacher- ---- - Ruth Daviden, Clerk --------- Alice Edwards, Mrs. Alvon ------- Leo Gardner, Student U. of I. ----- Pearl Gill, Mrs. Leo Engert --.-.---- Julius Griffin, Mechanic ----------.---- Mildreth Grizzell, Mrs. james Hagler ---- Robert Hardy, Insurance ---...------.- Gladys Hudson, Mrs. John Taylor .---.-.-- Grace lsom, Mrs. james Downs --.-.--.---- Esther Inman, Domestic Science Teacher---. Walter Lawder, Stenographer ---.--------- jerry McCarty, St. Louis University -..---- Helen McCord, Mrs. Chas. Sorrels -.-.--....-..- Margaret McDonald, Mrs. Carrol Mitchell --------.-. VVilliam McGuire, Student Washington University .--. Harold Mathis, Machinist -........................ -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---..---Chicago, Ill. ------------Hcrrin, Ill. -------Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Murphysboro, Ill. Benton Harbor, Mich. -------Murphysboro, Ill. -------Champaign, Ill. -----Lawrenceville, Ill. -----------Tennessee ---------Cairo, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------DuQuoin, Ill. -------Vergennes, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Mt. Carmel, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------------Sparta, Ill. ---Webster Groves, Mo. -----------Urbana, ----Murphysboro, -------Detroit, M Ill. Ill. ich. Harry Michael, Foundry .................. ...... Edith Millikan, Mrs. Bard Thompson ..-- Mabel Mileur, Gov. Position --....---- Eugenia Morris, Clerk .........--.....--- Alice Mullineaux, Mrs. Robt. Hardy -....-.. Ross Ozburn, Roxana Petroleum Oil Co. ---. Lois Purdy, Mrs. Adrian Yeager..--:------ Violet Price, Mrs. Paul Powell ------------ john Sauerhage, johnnies Confectionery ---- Wilton Stoelze, Bank Clerk ---------.----. john Taylor, Window Decorator --..---. Jennie ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Springfield, Ill. -------Detroit, Mich. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. -----St. Louis, Mo. ----Windson, Colo. --------Deceased -----St. Louis, Mo. ---------Clinton, Ill. ----Murphysboro,LIll. ---Ft. Worth, Tex. ----Springfield, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphyshoro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. --------Vienna, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. ------Springfield, Ill. Thompson, Teacher .------- Olive Lorene Wagner. Teacher.--- Mamie Lucille White, Teacher .--- Edgar White, Lawyer -------- Carl Williams, Teacher .--.. john Winn, Teacher ................................--. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Willisville, Ill. -----St. Mary, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Page One Hundred Seventeen ----Murphysboro . ig lllI xx CLASS OF 1921 Christina Aiassia, Teacher ...... ............. ,,.. ..... Walter Adams, Druggist ........................ .... Hallie Atkins, Mrs. Litchlighter .... Marie Bean, Mrs. Floyd Bollinger-. ..... Clara Blanche Berger, Teacher ........... Helen Boston, Illinois Southern Tele. Co.--- ----- Bertha Boucher, Illinois Southern Tele. Co.--- ----- Helen Brandon, Mrs. Bryden Craine ...... Marie Brown, Mrs. Jones ............... Evelyn Carty, Mrs. Max Hanson .... Ruth Cox, Mrs. Paul Maloney ...... Murphysboro, Ill. --..--..-Hurst, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Fort Gage --------Streator, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -- ...... ---California Pinckneyville, Ill. --T:--Carbondale, Ill. Robert Crain ....................... ....... H ouston,Tex. Ralph Dale, Illinois Central R. R. Co.--- ..... Murphysboro, Ill. Herbert Davis, Teacher .................. - ....,.... Salem, Ill. Harry Eisenhauser, M. 8: O. R. R. Co. ........ ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Clara Belle Ellis, Mrs. Wm. E. Reynolds ...... ............ D upo, Ill. Percel Followell, Tele. Operator, State Inst. .... ........ E ldridge, Calif. Frances Grizzell, Mrs. L. Williams ........... ........... S t. Louis, Mo. Leona Guirl, Student ,..................... -'---University of Illinois Arthur Habermehl, Minister ............. ............ A rthur, Ill. Max Hanson, Attorney ................... ..... P inckneyville, Ill. Mary Evelyn Hardy, Mrs. Reed Johnson ...,. --- Melinda Henkel, Mrs. Archie Johnson ...... Marguerite Jenkins, Teacher ............. Mary John, Mrs. Edwin Peters ....... Lucy Kimmel, Mrs. Doerr ........... Anna Irene Lynn, Stix, Baer Sz Fuller--- Anna Lovell, Mrs. Oscar Chancey ---- Etta McDowell, Mrs. John Wright --- Lucile Miller, Mrs. Fred Ferrill ---.- --.- Harold Miller, Farmer -----.---.- John Millhouse, Mail Carrier .-...--- Newton Morse, Musician .-----.-------- Helen Millhouse Mrs. Harold acob , I S ---- Julia C. Ormsby, Mrs. Glen Ozburn -.-- Glen Ozbu rn, Dentist ..........,..., Marie Palmer, Teacher .----- Clarice Patrick, Teacher ---.---.- Harry Perry ----.------.-----.-.- Chas. Pigott, State Highway Dept. ---- Kenneth Rice, Ames College .-.---- Beulah Rodman -..---------.--- Grace Rose, Mrs. John Wilson --.- -Hawthorne, Calif. '-fffff1i2I1'EJfifiii ------Chicago, Ill. ----Vergennes, Ill. ----St. Louis, Mo. ----E. St. Louis, Ill. ----New Albany, ------Assumption, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Ind. Chicago, Ill. ::::Wesr-Erankfort, 111. Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Peoria, Ill. -.'.'.'.'rf12QLl1nee, Mich. Peoria, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Ill. --------Chicago, ----Carbondale, Ill. ----------Ames, Ohio Murphysboro, Ill. --1: ---.- Loren, Ohio Eurice Rosenberger, Dentist --..--.-.. --.-. M urphysboro, Ill. Rosina Sauter, Mrs. P. Frone- ----.---- -- ------La Porte, Ind. Ethel Siehert, Mrs. Russell Baldwin .------- -.--.- S pringfield, Mo. Katherine Spence, Mrs. Keifer Cornett- -.-- ---- Margaret Stout, Mrs. Alex Kent ----.---. -..-- -Mt. Carrnell, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Grace Taggart, Teacher -..--.-.--..-.-.....,.,. ...., E . St. Louis, Ill. Dorothy Will, Mrs. Ed. Pullis -----..---.--.-.---- -.--- M urphysboro, Ill. CLASS OF 1922 Ethel Barrow ---..-..---------.---.---..--..---- ----- C ampbell Hill, Ill. Clifton Bowers, Bowers 8: Sons Hardware -.....- - Nina Bowers, Mrs. E. j. Hendrickson ----.- - Margaret Bonham, Teacher --.---.---.-. - Dorothy Boucher, Teacher -------..- Kenneth Bradshaw, Shell Oil Co. ----- - Leonard Brantley, Miner ..------- ,-- - Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. --------Berwyn, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Catherine Brummet, Teacher -.---- ,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Esther Blackwood, Teacher -----.-.- - Ilean Butcher, Clerk M. T. H. S. .-.-.- - ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro: Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Merle Crawford, Student U. of I. ---- .....,..,. U rbana Ill, Paul Dunn -------.---...--.-..... , Cleo Duncan, Clerk --..---...---..-,. ,, Edna Edwards -----..-.-...-........ , Chas. Followell, Harris-Price Furn. Co.-- - Fred Ferrill, Salesman .--......,...,..,..,,,, ,,,,,,,,,- - Page One Hundred Eighteen , Ill ---New Albany, Ind. W' Ll 4Q fl - Albert Fick, Clerk ........................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Clarence Fisher, Student Indiana University ..... ........ A ttica, Ind. Howard Fath, Bank Clerk ..................... ...... S t. Louis, Mo. Mabel Gall, Mrs. Pete Privitt .... .... .... M u rphysboro, Ill. Charlotte L. Gibson ........... .....,....... C alifomia Elsceta Gillies ............... .... L os Angeles, Calif, Blanche Graeff, Teacher ............... ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,, Lillian Gardner, Teacher ................ ,,,, M urphysborg, Ill, Marion Hammer, Mrs. William Trunkey .... ,,,,,,, M adigon, Wig, Mary Henley --------------.-..--....-.. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Helen Horsfield, Teacher .......,....,., ,,,----- B ellevilley Ill, Gladys Hunter, Mrs. Albert Mayfield--- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Ruth Jenkins, Teacher ................ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Frank John, Mrs. Walter Habermehl ..... .,.,.. M urphysboro, Ill, Constance Levy, Teacher ............ ..... W est Frankfort, Ill, Beatrice Loos ....................... -,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, Fred Marlo, West United Gas Co. .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Laurance Mileur, Mrs. Joe Allen .,,. ,,,,,,, C hicaggy Ill, Clifton McKinney ................ .,.,. J ackson, Tenn, Nelle Munal, Mrs. Ted Ennis---- Howard Mathis, Bookkeeper .... ------Detroit, Mich. Myron Mitchell ............ ...,...,. C hicago, Ill. Evelyn Neadstine ................. .... M urphysboro, Ill, Rosser Powell, Clerk .................. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Geraldine Purdy, Mrs. Floyd Dauer ..... ...........,,.,,.,, Della Reese, Mrs. joe Roberts ......... ,,,,,,, H er-rin, Ill, Ina Mae Sauerhage, Mrs. Wright ....... ..,.....,,.,,,,.,.,,, Ralph Shadron, Stotlar's Drug Store ..... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Orpha Sill, Teacher ................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Marie Snyder, Teacher .............. ,,,-,,,-,,,,,--,,,- Milton Schlisser, Architect .... ,,,,,.,,,, I ndianq Raymond Schmidtgall ...... ,,,,, C hicago, Ill, Elouise Snyder, Teacher ..................... ..................... Lynn Spence, Bookkeeper ...................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Margaret Tate, Student, Normal University .... ......... N ormal, Ill. Oscar Thompson, Dairyman .................. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Zelda Thomas, Teacher .................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Gertrude Varnum, Telephone Operator .... .... M urphysboro, lll. Maude Van Trese ....................... ..............------ joe Williams, Williams Sz Son ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Frances Webb, Mrs. Henry Michael .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Dwight Wilton .................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Lois VVatt, Teacher ................. ........ N Ormal, Ill. Lowell Weatherly, Auto Salesman ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Mary Belle White ............................. .... L os Angeles, Calif. Mildred Willi, Teacher P'ville High School--- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Fred Wieneke, Auto Salesman ..-...........-.... .... M urphysboro, Ill. CLASS OF 1923 Leland Andrews, Garage .......-.-..------ ----- ---- M U fPhYSb0l'0, Ill- Henry Anderson, Brown Shoe Co. ..... .- ------- ---- M UfPhYSb0l'0, Ill- Rose Basso, Mrs. John Sauerhage ..... ------------ D 00021851 Alene Bastien, Egyptian Iron Works--- .... MUfPhYSb0.f0, Ill- Hollie Bishop, Married -.....-..---- --------- C 3l1f0ml3 Mable Boston, Teacher ---. ---- M Ul'PhYSb0f0, Ill- Hugh Bradley --,.--,-- ....... C 3llf0l'lll3 Lelia Chapman --.... ------------------- Ethel Daines ---........... -------------------- joe Daniel -,,-,--,-,,,,,,-, ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Margaret Danner, Teacher .... --------- B Clleville, Ill. Gladys Dauer .-..-................ ...-.-.--.-------------- james Dean .,..,,-,,,,.-..--,-,,---- --.-. C ape Girardeau, Mo. Lydia Dietrich, Mrs. Ted Ragsdale ---. ......... C Hrbmldale, Ill. Ruth Edwards, Mrs. Joe Beach .......... ...... M urphysboro, Ill- Selma Erdman, Teacher --------..----.-.- ..................- - Katherine Estel, Mrs. Lawrence Weber ,---- .--- M urphysboro, lll. Raymond Etherton ...-.-..-..-.....-..........-... ...-.-------------- Ruby Fraley, Married ..-.....-...-..-.-........-...... ......... C hiCag0, lll- Helen Followell, Teacher, Campbell Hill High School .... ---- M urphysboro, lll. Page One Hundred Nineteen is - L y ,1,f'll I . S i . ."aI2l1iim2SXXXS. Lelia Gardner, Mrs. John Forcl ..... Gadys Graeff, Married ......... Alma Green ....... , .......... - Jean Grushkin .............,,. Alice G'Sell, Mrs. Joe Daniel .... Flossie Hart, Mrs. Harrison ....... . William Held, Salesman .........,,.,,, ,,--------- Attilia Hoffman, at Home ....... ,,.,, Harold Hudson ..........,..,, ,,,,,, Elbert Isom, Coach ..........,.,,, ,,,, Lavere Johnson, Employed ....... Vivian Joplin, Steno-Secretary .... Ella Deon Koranda, Teacher .... James Koranda, Farming ..... Francis King, Teacher ..... Pauline Kull .................. Charles Lawder, U. S. Navy .... Edith Laws, C. I. P. S. Co. ....... Katheryn Maloney, Teacher ....... Mary Malott, Mrs. George Roberts--- -------- .--Alma, Ill. ---Mnrphysboro, Ill. ---St. Louis. Mo. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Alton, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Lorena Horstman, Mrs. Crandell Koons ---- ------ . -St. Louis, Mo. --- ---- Murphysboro, Ill. --------Ogden, Ill. -------Detroit, Mich. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Rattle, Ill. -------Ratrle, Ill. ----Belleville, Ill. --------Missouri Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Murphysboro, Ill. -----Benton Harbor, Mich Rudolph Martell, Business Managcr--- ---.--- Murphysboro, Ill. Harvey Mifflin, M. 8: O. Ollice ..-.--- Mamie McCormack --------------- St. Louis, Mo. Robert Minton ...-.............. --.- M urphysboro, Ill. Juanita Neal, Western United -------- ---Murphysboro, Ill, Kennith Pautler, Salesman ------------ ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Marie Pershbacker, Mrs. Elbert Isom ---- ---.---- O gden, Ill. Richard Pigott, Coach -----..--.-..--.- -..-- V ergennes, Ill. Chester Porter -..--........-....-.....- ..--.---.----------- Dialtha Porter, Mrs. Howard Norman ----- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Wallace Prost, First National Bank -.---- -.-- M urphysboro, Ill. Oliver Redd, Teacher -------.---..- ..-- ------- Elkville, Ill. Brooks Roberson -.-.----..-------- ----- V ergennes, Ill. Carolyn Roberts, Mrs. Sullivan ----- Joe Roberts, Salesman ------------ Ruth Rosan ----.-.--..-.---------- Leona Sauter, Mrs. Paul Sweeney ---- Edna Schneider, Clerk VVolff's ------ Andrew Seyferth ------------------- Monte Shoemaker, Brown Shoe Co. ---- Alice Stout, Mrs. Clifton Bowers ---- Clifton Swaiford, Carpenter ---------- Marie Swafford, Mrs. Chas. Nagle--- Lucille Vastine, Married ------------- Harry Vanier, Employed ---------.. Lela Vorhees, Mrs. John Ford -.------ ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Attica, Ind. ---Evansville, Ind. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. - -.-- Murphysboro, Ill. ------St. Louis, 1210. Campbell Hill, Ill. LL:-Murphysboro, Ill. Raymond Crawshaw, Timekeeper -------------- ,,-, G 1-and Tgwer, Ill. Edna C0llil'l ----------- ----------...... ......-.. -.-- M u r physboro, Ill, CLASS OF 1924 Fred Aissai, Gas Co. ---------------- -------,-,,, ,--- M u rphysbol-0, Ill, Raynor Allison ---------.------- -----, -,,, ,------- -----.n n - l - H John Andrews, Auto Salesman ----- Lela Mae Armm, Teacher .---..-. Clara Auer, Dr. Perry's Office ---- Rachel Bost, Teacher ----------- Etta Blaylock, Married ------------ Eugene Blair, Student U. of I. -----.- Stewart Bencini, Clerk at Foundry ---- ----Murphysboro, Ill. --ff1vfSf5HQQESfSfiii ------Belleville, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---------Urbana, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Samuel Bastien ---.------------------ --,, M urphygbgroy Ill, Irene Brown --------------------------- ------------------ Helen Carico, Mrs. Edwin McDowell ----- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Vera Carner, Insurance Co. --,---------, ---- M urphysboro, Ill- Merle Carbin, Married ---------------- Jewell Cornett, Mrs. Ray Johnson --..- Lavere Dale, Mrs. Lloyd Wisely ---- Nellie Davis,.Telephone Ollice ----- Florence Daniel ---- - ----------- - Page One Hundred Twenty -----E. St. Louis, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. 4-5 ,v, lIivJulig:QXX Floyd Dauer ......... Myrtle Doolin ................. Tillie Elliott, Teacher ............. Mary Lucille Frazier, Married ..... Blair French, Student U. of I. ..... Sadie Lillian Finkeldye, Teacher .... --------Grimsby, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------Urbana, Ill. ------Herrin, Ill. Louise Ferrill ................... .................. Emma Louise Fager, Married .... .... C hampaigne, Ill. Eva Frazier ........................ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Evelyn Griffin ...---.....--............ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Katherine Gardner, Sten. Woolworth .... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Henry Gollon, Employed .............. .... G rand Tower, Ill, Addie Holder, Married ............... .... M urphysboro, Ill, Mary Hoffecker, Mrs. Fred VVerner .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Violet Hunziker, Sten. Brown Shoe Co.--- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Serena Hunter, Married ............... .................. Esther Hardy, Mrs. Darrell johnson .... Edna Hampton, Teacher ............. Margaret Hearn, Married ......... Walter Habermehl, Salesman ..... -------Detroit, Mich. ----Pinckneyville, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. George Hauner ............... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Helen Imhoff ....................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Hazel Jennings, Teacher .............. ....... B elleville, Ill, Katherine Jones, Mrs. Charles Brown .... ..... E . St. Louis, Ill. Kenneth ohnson -----Chicago, Ill. J - -------------------- -- Lillian Kaiser, at Home---.. ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Walter King, Clerk .,-,,,,,... Mildred Kiel, Stenographer .... Evelyn Kisling, Employed .... Robert Korado ............ Virginia Levy, Mo. U. ..... ----Murphysboro, Ill. -..---St. Louis, -Mo. ---------Indiana --------Raddle, Ill. ----Columbia, Mo. Robert Mackey .................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Carl McCord, State Bank ............. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Nadeen Mileur, Mrs. james Bitner .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Carroll Mitchell .................... ....... S t. Louis, Mo. Caretta McDowell ...-............ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Adell Muehling --- Charles Oldani ....... Louise Palmer ............. Ann Parmley, Married ......... Harry Parker, Employed ........ Ruby Roberts, Mrs. Clark .......... Helen Reese, Mrs. Enos Madden ..... Leslie Roth, Student Wash. U. ...... james Sill, Factory .............. Robert Schmidtgall ................ Alice Sowers, Student S. 1. T. C.--- Villa Smith, Married ............ David Shadron Clerk --ff1CfJIrIiiQQBSIS,-iii --fffff13'eiISirf'1yifciI ----Murphysboro, Ill. -....----Hurst, Ill. ---..-St. Louis, Mo. -----Detroit, Mich. -------Chicago, Ill. -----Carbondale, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Mary Sauerhage, Telep-liorie-CoT:::- ::Murphysboro, Ill. Jennie Sullivan, Sten. Brown Shoe Co. .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Mildred Schliesser, Employed ........... Cliffie Stewart, Librarian, M. T. H. S. .... ----..-----Califomia ----Murphysboro, Ill. Amelia Stewart ...................... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Ellenita Sheley, Mrs. John Ritter ..... ...... D uQuoin, Ill. Merle Tucker .. ................. -- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Bernice Theiss .......... Howard Thompson ...... Madison Thompson .e...... Boyd L. Thorpe, Gas Co. ..... Marie Vallo, Music Teacher .................... ------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. Ralph Welsh, Employed .......................,.. .... M urphysboro, Ill. CLASS OF 1925 Forbes Alexander, Banker ........................ ..... N ew York City Irene Ashman, Mrs. Hugh Stout ................. ..... E . St., Louis, Ill. Pauline Ashman, Married ....... Pauline Anderson, Teacher .... Robert Allen, s. 1. T. C. ................................ Page One Hundred Twenty-one Grand Tower, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. --..Carbondale, Ill. l Edwin Arbeiter, Arbeiter's Garage ........ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Carrie Beggeman, Mrs. jack Campbell ..... ........ C arbondale, Ill. Glenn Boulton .......................... ............. G orham, Ill. Mildred Boucher, Bookkeeper ........... .... C ape Girardeau, Mo. Effie Mae Black, Bookkeeper, Vallo's .... ...... M urphysboro, Ill. Marie Boston, at Home .................. ,.,, M urphysboro, Ill. Clara Bastien, Mrs. Dale Stagner .......... ...... S t. Louis, Mo. Vera Mae Barr, M. and O. Stenographer .... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Louise Bean, Mrs. Rudolph Martel ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Eldor Borgers, Employed ................ ....., S t, Louis, Mo. William Cassidy, U. of I. ......... ,,,,,,,, U rbana, Ill, Arsicel Clipner, S. I. T. C. ....... .... C arbondale, Ill. Lillian Cripps, Married ............ ...... S t. Louis, Mo. Ethel Carner, Telephone Operator .... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Gladys Dauer, Teacher ............. ..................... Gladys DeZonia, Stenographer .... .... E . St. Louis, Mo. Ralph Druin, M. and O. Shops .... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Albert Erdman, Piano Tuner ............ ,.,,. M urphysboro, Ill. Alexandria Ellis, at Home ................ ..,, ,, ,Murphysboro, Ill. Robert Etherton, Cleland's Clothing Store ..... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Frank Evoldi, S. I. T. C. ................. .... C arbondale, Ill. Dorothy Elmore, Mrs. Fred Aissai .... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Howard Friens, Salesman ......... ...... C arbondale, Ill. Williard Gardner, Bus Driver--- .,.. Indianapolis, Ind. Irene Geppert, Stenographer .... ..... E . St. Louis, Ill. Frances Hammer ..........,. ..,........ D eceased Tillie Horsfield, Teacher--- ...... Belleville, Ill. Edna Hicks, Teacher .......... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Ella Hauser, at Home ............ ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Virginia Huffman, Stenographer-- ..... Murphysboro, Ill. Ruth Inman, Teacher .............. ,,,, M urphysboro, Ill Wilhelmina Jenkins, Society Editor--- .-.-- Murphysboro, Ill. Hazel Jacobs, Married ..---.------. -.-..--. C hicago, Ill. Rudolph John, Employed --.------ --,--- C hicago, Ill. Mildred Kiseling, Stenographer ----- ---- D etroit, Mich. Ira Kimmel, S. I. T. C. .--.-----.- ---- C arbondale, Ill. Vincent LoBuono, S. I. T. C. ------.-- ---- C arbondale, Ill. Lennis Minton, U. of I. ----.-----.----- ----.--.-- U rbana, Ill. Verena Martell, Mrs. Clarence jarboe ---- -.--- M urphysboro, Ill. Merritt Malott, Employed -------------- -..-.----- A tticn, Ind. Ruth Morgan, Mrs. Clifford Draper ----- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Robert Mohlenbrock, S. I. T. C. ----- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. ' Woodney Millis .-.-----------.-- --.-------- A va, Ill. 1 Gladys Miller, Teacher ----.----.-. ----- E . St. Louis, Ill. Howard McElvian, U. of I. .----.-.--- ---------- U rbana, Ill. George McGuire, Auto Salesman--- --..- -.--. Murphysboro, Ill. Wiletta McCann, Mrs. E. Rosenberger ----- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Edwina McCoskey, Stenographer --------..-- ..--- M urphysboro, Ill Martha Frances Ozburn, Mrs. E. L. Kimmel ---- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Eugene Patchett, Employed ...............-.. ..-... D etroit, Mich. Paul Palmer .---.---.--.---.-- ..-.. M urphysboro, Ill. Lewanda Penrod, Married --...... -.... E . St. Louis, Ill. Timothy Reeves, Employed ------.- ...... H arrisburg, Ill. Freida Mae Rimbolt, Oflice Girl --.- ----- M urphysboro, Ill. Anna Mary Row, Teacher ----.--- ---.- M urphysboro, Ill. Burley Reynolds ..--.---------- -..--.---.......... Otto Rose --..--.------.----. ----.------------ Lenora Rice -----.--.------.-.- ---.-.--------- Andrew Rathgeber, Employed ---- ------ D etroit, Mich. Bert Robinson ----.-----.------- -- ------------ Deceased Stenson Stevens, M. Sl 0- ----------------- ----- M UfPhYSb01'0, Ill- Bernard Sheley --.-..------......-.. ..-...- ------------ D C ceased Andrew Snider, Snider Bros. Filling Station .--- --.- M urphysboro, Ill. Evelyn Spiller, Teacher ,-,-,--------.--.---- --.--- C entralia, Ill. Paige Stagner, Navy ...... ....-------------- - ---------------- - Lillian Sciales, Clerk .-.--.-............... ....... ...... S t - L0l1iS, M0- Olga Schneider, Bookkeeper, First National Bank ---. ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Clyde Spencer, Stenographer --..........-..-.. ----..-..-. .-.. M t . Carmel, Ill. , Page One Hundred Twenty-two ' 1l Cxx ' Dorothy Thompson, Married--- --- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Cecil Tygett ,,....................... .... E . St. -Louis, Ill. Bus. Thompson, Employed-., ............. ....... S t. Louis, Mo. Mary Tarpley, Mrs. Boyd Thorpe, Jr.--- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Alice Thieme, Teacher .................. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Pauline Thieme, Teacher ............ .... M urphysboro, Ill. Wilma Theiss ................. .... E . St. Louis, Ill. Alvon Welshon ............-...- .-..- M urphysboro, Ill- Jessie West, Mrs. Sherman Carr--- -.-- Philadelphia, Penn. Genevieve Wiley, Teacher ------- --.. G rand Tower, I-ll. Evelyn Spiller, Teacher .................-..-- - .------ CBIIIN-Ilia, Ill- Edward Wheeler, M. 8: O. ..............-........- ---.- E - St. Louis, Ill. CLASS OF 1926 Chester Ashman, Student Notre Dame .......----- --South Bend, Ind. Wanda Armstrong, Brown Shoe Co.--- ..-- Murphysboro, Ill. Eunice Bishop .........-............ ......-.-.-.-..... Juanita Berger, Student S. I. T. C. ---- ---- M urphysboro, Ill Edward Bencini, Monmouth College -..- .--.-- M onmouth, Ill. Mable Bowerman, Clerk ............. ----- M UfPhy5b0l'0, Ill- Harold Briggs, Employed .......... ----- W CSi Fl'3Ilkf0l't, Ill- Mildred Brown, Clerk -...--......... ..... M urphysboro, Ill. Henry Bonham, Student U. of I. ....... ------- U rbana, Ill- Margaret Brown, Student S. I. T. C. ---- ---. C arbondale, Ill. Eugene Crain ...................... --------. A VH, Ill. Albert Carter. Student ....-.--.-... ........ N CW York Ethel Deason ----------------- -... M urphysboro, Ill. Pauline Daniel ------------------- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Roger Davis, Student S. I. T. C. .... ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Margaret Daniel --------------- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Margaret Daum ..--.-..-.--.--. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Clarence Davis, Farming -----.---- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Helen Kent Dean, Student U. of I. --.- .-.--.- U rbana, Ill. Hazel Doty ....-.-----.--.-..--.--- .--. IV lurphysboro, Ill. Josephine Ellis, Student S. I. T. S. .--.-- -.-. M urphysboro, Ill. Louellyn Edgell, Student S. I. T. C. .-.- --.. M urphysboro, Ill. William Fraley -------------------.- ------ S t. Louis, Mo, Beulah Grizzel ...........-....... ...- M urphysboro, Ill. Ruth Griffin, Brown Shoe Co. ---- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Homer Griffin ............... ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Lora Gray ...... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Henrietta Gall ---- ,,,-,--,,-,,-----,-- Wanda Gfaffif -..-...... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Kenneth Hagler .....-........... ---Carbondale,LIlI. Irma Hunter, Mrs. Faughn ......... ..-. M urphysboro, Ill. Harriet Harris, Telephone Office -...-.-. ---Murphysboro, Ill. Jessie Hanna, Mrs. Henry Gallon ......... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Hannah Mae Hathaway, Public Library ---. ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Caroline Huppert, Student S. I. T. C. ---. ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Beulah Kelley ........-..-........... ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Wallace Kleaveland, Clerk---.- --.--. ---Murphysboro, Ill. Alma Kimzey, Barnes Hospital --....,. - --.-- St. Louis, Mo, Ruth Little, Mrs. Kenneth Bradshaw ---- -.-. M urphysboro, Ill. Lee Love, Student S. I. T. C. --..----.- .,-- M urphysboro, Ill, John Morris, Salesman .............. ---Murphysboro, Ill. Alice Martell, Stenographer -------.---.---------- ---Murphysboro, Ill, Helen Miller ................-...-................ ---- S t. Louis, Mo, William Mohlenbrock, Student Monmouth College ----- .--- M onmouth, Ill. Jewell Miller ...--.--.-..-..-.--..--..-.-..-..-. ...... S t. Louis, Mo. Carl Michael .......................-...--. -- ---Murphysboro, Ill. Anna McCann, Student S. I. T. C. ---- ---Murphysboro, Ill. Roscoe McDowell -.----.----.--.--.- ---Murphysboro, Ill. Jessie Neadstine, Student S. I. T. C.--- ---- Murphysboro, Ill. Pauline Newman ---.-..---..-.----- ---Murphysboro, Ill. Clement Pautler .-.-......--...-....... ---Murphysboro, Ill. Barbara Porter, Sanitarium ---------------- ------ S t. Louis, Mo. Jessie Grace Prosser, Student S. I. T. C. ..... ---Murphysboro, Ill. Ruth Riggs -.-...........-..-....-...-...... ---Murphysboro, Ill. Charles Edward Roberts, Student S. I. T. C. .--- - ---Murphysboro, Ill. Page One Hundred Twenty-three M1 i Swift: . I lluvvnsxx Mabel Reiman, Student S. I. T. C.--- Claude Slaughter, Bank Clerk ...... Pauline Smith ....................... Margaret Stewart, Dr. Perry's Oflice .... Alice Smith ........... . .............. - Aleta Sauter, Brown Shoe Co. Ol'lice .... Mae Schwebel ........................ Leota Staples, Mrs. Bernard Williams-- Augustine Thies, Mrs. Courtney Miles .... Ivah Tope, Mrs. Floyd Summers ..... 4-- Harold Thompson ................... Myrtle Thompson, Clerk ............ - Margaret Vallo ...................... Leonard Will, Teacher .................. Edward Worthen, Student S. I. T. C. .... Gladys Wright, Student S. I. T. C. .... Henrietta Wides, Student U. of I. ..... Leslie Whittenberg, Student U. of 1.--- Freely Wool, Student S. I. T. C. ..... Nina Wilton, Employed ........... Leon Wanstreet, Employed ..... Bert YVanstreet, Employed ....................... .... Louize Zuber ................................... .... CLASS OF 1927 Joseph Blakemore .............................. .... Anna Mae Bowser, Student S. I. T. C. .... Mildred Bowerman, Employed .......... Ursula Boucher, Teacher .............. Margaret Carico, Student S. I. T. C.-,-- james Carrona, Student U. of I. ........ joseph Congiardo, Employed ............. William Daniel, Manager Daniel Store ..... Leslie Dixon, Student U. of I. ............ Ashton Doody ........................ Kent Dorl, Employed ........ jack Davis .................. Lola Druin, Brown Shoe Co. .... Louise Eck, Mrs. Willard Cook .... Ellery Elmore, Employed ............ Elmer Etherton, Nehi Bottling Co.--. Mary jean Fay, Stenographer ...... Irene Fox ................... ..- Agnes Gandy, Stenographer ........... Tony Genovese, Employed .............. joseph Gibson, Decatur Baseball Club .... Pauline Gallon, Stenographer ........... Edwin Guetersloh ................ Mabel Helen Harris ................ Mary Evelyn Harris ................. Marie Holfman, Student S. I. T. C.--- Winella Holloway, Stenographer .... Orville Janes, Employed .............. Ina May johnson, Mrs. Bill Baymer .... Sylvia May Jones .................... Hollie Kiel ............ , ............... Edward Kilby, Brown Shoe Co. .......... Edna Kilby .............................. Meta Lucile Kimmel, Student S. I. T. C. .... Lenora Lucier, Bookkeeper ................ Gilberta McGeehee, Mrs. Albert Mileur ..... Marguerite McCann, Student S. I. T. C. ..... Beulah Marshall ........................ Yvonne Mileur, Hippodrome Ollice ...... Ray Melvin, Employed ................... Harvey Mohler, Manager Daniel Store .... John Newsone, Brown Shoe Co. ......... Henry Neal, Stenographer ......... --- Hope Ozburn, 'Student S. I.. T. C. .............. Page One Hundred T'-ideiifffifoiii:-W Murphysboro, Ill. --------Mississippi -'Mtifliiiffgllflltifiii --------..-Ava, Ill. Mu rphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill, ------Carbon:lale, Ill. Murphysboro , Ill -----St. Louis, Mo. ----..--Mobile, Ala. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -------Urbana, Ill. -------Urbana, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. ------..---Peoria, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -----E. St. Louis, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. ..------Urbana, Ill. -------Chicago, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -----..----Gary, Ind. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -E. St. Louis, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. ---St. Louis, Mo. Murphysboro, Ill. -------Chicago, Ill. --St. Joseph, Mo. -----Decatur, Ill. ---St. Louis, Mo. -------Jacob, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, lIl. Murphysboro, Ill. ------Charleston, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. -----Detroit, Mich. ---------Chester, Ill. Murphysboro,, Ill. ------,-StL Louis, Mo. Murphysboro, Ill ' -......,,.x' 'gzzzfffli :esx ' Dean Piggott, Stenographer .......... ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Fred Piggott, Employed ................ ..... C edar Rapids, Ia. Roy Plater, Student Monmouth College--- .-.--- Monmouth, Ill. George Porter, Employed ...-----....- ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Lehning Porter ...----.-.----...-.---.- --.. M urphysboro, Ill. Alberta Powell, Married .--..-.. .. ...-.---- --.--.. C hicago, Ill. Evelyn Lucille Raines, Mrs. Perschbacker --... -.-. M urphysboro, Ill. Alberta Redd, Stenographer ---.-.-----.- ---. M urphysboro, Ill. Norman Reeder ..-.-.-.....-.... ..-.-...........-... Vivipn Reeder, Woolworth's -..--.-. .-.- M urphysboro, Ill. Jennie Richards ---..----...---...-. .... M urphysboro, Ill. Kathryn Ellen Roberts, Employed --.--.---. .-Murphysboro, Ill. G. . Rathgaber, Rathgaber Bros. ......,.,,. ,,,, M urphysboro, Ill. Gl nn Robinson, Potomac Electric Power Co.--- Washington, D. C. Myrtle Rosan, Married .........,.....,..,.. ,,,,,,,,,,, P ercy, Ill. Harry Row, Student S. I. T. C. -.......--. .-.. M urphysboro, Ill, Marie Sarensen, Married ........,.,,.,,., -,-, M urphygbgrg, Ill, Elmer Schneider, Hoffman Clothing Store--- -.-. Murphysboro, Ill. Ruth Smith, Teacher .....-...---...--... .... M urphysboro, Ill. Rully Smith, Teacher ...-.-....----.-.-. -- .... Murphysboro, Ill. Neva Smith, Variety Store ,........,..,-,,,., ,,,, M urphysboro, Ill, Mary Louise Stephens, Student S. I. T. C.--- ..-- Murphysboro, Ill. Mary Lucile Sowers, Telephone Oliite ---.- .-.- M urphysboro, Ill. Henry Stiritz, Student U. of I. -.---...... -..--.. U rbana, Ill. Ollie SPCIICC ...-..--.-.....-.--- .... M urphysboro, Ill. Jule Spiller, Telephone Co. -.-.-.... ..,, M urphysboro, Ill, Cyril Tansey, Employed --.--.---.-.. ,,,,,,, D etroit, Mich, Mary Evelyn Tippett, Employed -.... .--. M urphysboro, Ill. Helen Tuthill, Employed -.-......-.... .-.. M urphysboro, Ill. ,luanita Walker, Mrs. Leon Ebersohle ...- .--- M urphysboro, Ill. Evelyn -Wagner -................... .... W illisville, Ill. james Weatherly, Student U. of I. --... ..,,,,, U rbana, Ill, eMa'ry Westover, School of Nursing -..- ....... S t, Louis, Mg, Kathryn Wightman --...---..--.--- --.- M urphysboro, Ill. Rachel Wilson, Teacher -..-..-...-. -... M urphysboro, Ill, Russel Wilson, Student S. I. T. C. ...- ...- M urphysboro, Ill. Mable Wisely, Smith's Bootery ----.- ..-- M urphysboro, Ill. Reita Waller, Mrs. Joe Grammer ----. ..-- M urphysboro, Ill. Melba Waller --.-...--.-.-------. ---- M urphysboro, Ill. Clifford Worthen .-------.----.....-.-.-.-.-.- .-.....-.-.-. A rmy Gladys Irene VVolfe, Employed ....-..---.--.-. --- ---.. St. Louis, Mo. CLASS OF 1928 Clara Belle Hoffecker, at Home ---.--.----...-.- -... M urphysboro, Ill. Harriett Boucher, Knox College .-.-....-.....-. ..... G alesburg, Ill. Clarence Estel, Employed .-..- .-.. -.... -........-.. A v a , Ill. Wesley Elms, Brown Shoe Co. -------.-.. .-.- M ul'phySb0r0, Ill- Myrtle Evelyn Johnson, Brown Shoe Co. -.-- --.. M urphysboro, Ill. Lenore Boettner, Washington University ..... ...-. S t. Louis, Mo. Oscar Fulmer, Stricklin's News Stand .....- .--. M urphysboro, Ill. Henrietta Plitz, Student S. I. N. U. -.--.- ...- M urphysboro, Ill. Beatrice McCord, Student S. I. N. U. -... ..-- M urphysboro, Ill. Helen Wolfe, Employed ....--....----. --4--SL Lvuis, M0- Lillian Mileur, Woolworth Co. .--. . --...-. ---- M lll'PhySb0l'0, Ill- Norbert Pautler, Pautler's Meat Market ..-- .-.. M urphysboro, Ill. Marguerite Elliott, Employed .....--.. ---- ------ HUFSI-BUSl1, Ill- Eunice Williamson, M. T. H. S- ..----- ---- M Ul'PhySb0l'0. lll John North, Employed---.- ........-.. --- Lucille Edgell, Washington University .--.- -----St. Louis, Mo. -------St. Louis, Mo. Ella Hassebrock, Independent Oflice -.-. ,. ---.. Murphysboro, Ill. john Gglliher, U, S, Navy ,,......,.-.. --.. S an Francisco, Calif. Rolin Baucom, at Home ..--.....-- --- ----- MUl'Pl'lYSb0l'0, Ill- Fern Bullar, Student of S. I. N. U. .--- --.. M urphysboro, Ill. Velma Jennings, Student --.------.--- Kenneth Austin ...----------- ----- Mvrl Lipe, Shaw's Pharmacy .------. Wilma Parker, Student of S. I. N. U.--- Eleanora Buck, Telephone Co. .----. . Louise Hauner, at HOYIIB- ---- ---------- ----- - - Page One Hundred Twenty-five -----St. Louis, Mo. -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, ----Murphysboro, -Murphysboro, ----..----------Murphysboro, Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. l 4 l 1 , ' 1rwu s Howard Staples, M. 8: 0. ............. L. Reed Mitchell, Wolf's Shoe Co. ...... Kathryn Stevens, at Home .............. Alice Cummins, Student of S. I. N. U.--- Harold Hunziker, M. 8: O. ............. Lorme Lewis ......................... Greta Reeder, at Home ................... Wilbur Welshan, Student of S. I. N. U.--- John Hoffecker, at Home ,................... Ethel Evelyn Sowers, Student of S. I. N. U Bessie Wides, Washington University ...... James Garner, M. 8: O. ................. Lee Yarborough .................... Alma Louise Mulligan, Court House .... Eugenia Hileman,. Employed ............ Helen Bost, M. T.' H. S. ................. Clarence Palisch, Student of S. I. N. U. .... Ida Deitrich, Egyptian Iron Works ..... Bernadine Clem, Oklahoma University .... Thomas Jenkins, Brown Shoe Co. ......... Ralph Underwood, Employed ......... Ella Mae Whittenberg, at Home ...,. Walter Smith, U. of I. .............. Velma Thomas, Telephone Co.--- Thornton Bellm ................. Virginia Wiley, Business College .... Renetta Albrecht, Washington U. ...... Robert Corley, U. of W. Virginia .... Charles Demster, U. of I. .............. Emmalen Tope, Married ................ Helen Gardner, Student of S. I. N. U. ..... Virgil Boucher, Monmouth College ..... Louis Wides, Employed ..............., Ethel Fielding, at Home ................. Leta Crawshaw, Student of S. I. N. U. .... jimmy McCoskey, Employed ............ Joseph Duvardo, Employed ............ Josephine March, Clerk ............ Mildred Thompson, Telephone Co. .... Andrew Craine, Student ............ Syrene Brummet, M. T. H. S. .......... Fay Crisler ............................. Pauline Franklin, Student of S. I. N. U. .... Marion Sims, Employed ................ Joseph Kull, Employed ................ Iona Fisher, Student of S. I. N. U. ...... Ernest Davis, Student of S. I. N. U. ....... james Eaton, Student of U. of I. ........... Erma Ziegler, Southern Illinois Electric Co.--- Helen C. Wolf, C'dale Chicken Hatchery ..... Raymond Wright, Brown Shoe Co. ........ Ralph Stephens, Employed ......... --- Luella Woll, Employed ......... Ruby Lawder, Famous ...-..-..-.-- Eugene Stiritz, U. of I. ...-------..--- Calvia Higgerson, Brown Shoe Co.--- Gertrude Dewitt, Business College .... Ruby Glass, at Home ...-..-...-.---- Sarah Alice Butcher, Telephone Co.--- Edith Westover, Nurse's School ....... Mary Louise Keough, Stenographer--- Harold Boston, Brown Shoe Co. ..... -----Murphysboro, Ill. --..-Murphysboro, Ill. ..---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Willisville, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -..--Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. "6itiQh0ma City, okla. --..---Murphysboro, Ill. Page Une Hundred Twenty-six --------Detroit, Mich. ..---Murphysboro, Ill. ----------Urbana, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. -----Murphysboro, Ill. ..------New Mexico ------St. Louis, Mo. Bethany, W. Va. --------Urhana, Ill. ---------Ava, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----Monmouth, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ..----Willisville, Ill. ..------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----St. Louis, Mo. -..--Murphysboro, Ill. Murphysboro, Ill. ---..Murphysboro, Ill. ------Detroit, Mich. ----------..--Missouri ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. --------Urbana, Ill. ..---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ..---Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ------Urbana, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -----E. St. Louis, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. ----Murphysboro, Ill. -------St. Louis, Mo. ----Murphysboro, -----Murphysboro, Ill. Ill. mul 1... ,. M V 'V' A f Q 'Ill if lI A A X? . - ' lFHh'H1fi2P These Qhfmriisns Ulm mm gum-.1 Pubs Une Hundred Twentrtfven -N. m T 4'-rn, - --Q-mu.. --W-wt.-nmsm Q, Q M 5 ' ' -:em , 3 3 3 -.uv-,war --.-..-.-mf, ' I 1 ,' P- A - f'.J5'5f'f,fff1f:v'1v-x'xx'i3 HART, SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHING ll if y f iff I of MURP YKSBOR HLS. BEST MEN'S APPAREL WRIGHT MOTOR SALES, INC. The Outstanding Chevrolet of Chevrolet History -a Six in the inrire range of the four! PHONE 239 1604 WALNUT Faultless I. C. Penney Co. "quality-always at a saving" -- Flour... JUST A MAN THAT GIRLS FORGET. Poor Freddie! Not his fault at all, really. He may have What more could be said of any flour? "it" but he doesn't know where to buy his clothes. That's one of the things he'll learn at M. T. H. S, and then he will become a regular Penney cus- tomer-and a "regular fel- low." Ask Anyone Who Uses It. Milled Expertly SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MILLING AND ELEVATOR COMPANY Page One Hundred Twenty-eight ii... A L L .1 l Folks - - - it' s been a Pleasure! E'VE heartily enjoyed working with your staff to produce a year book like this .... NEXT year, we hope we'l1 have the opportunity to do our share again .... NEW ideas . . . that's what staffs want! And we'll have a hatful of good ones for you when school opens in the Fall . . . just when the members of next year's staff will be scratching heads for new ideas .... just when they'll be wondering "what's it all about?" THEN, when they're ready, we'll explain our four-fold service . . . we'll give them the help they need to publish a most successful year book . . . Xl Xl Xl v v v KELLER-CRESCENT COMPANY The Complete Year Book . . . Under One Roof Artists . . . Engravers . . . Printers . . . Binders EVANSVILLE INDIANA , X ,wg w, 1 , 1 ,, E W1 Y E E mf 1 1 jiu. W3 J E5 SH :UH NN: WH M QM mg J RQ NE Aw iii, WN 11 P li gn. W 1. JH w w w 1 wh wmnsmmuwlww mmm ,-.........,,c,n.,..,.c,......- .,,' mg, .,.-..-............. ........-.,..........,..,,.,,,f,'L " j A Q -........-,,.-., ..,.. Ifl!J I I B xxgggbm HOME OF QUALITY GAS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES WESTER U ITE GAS and ELECTRIC COMPANY WE'RE FOR YOU MURPHY HIGH! And we are backing you with all our might. We say MURPHYSBORO HIGH SCHOOL and the CRIMSON and CORN SPIRIT is the best in the country and likewise- DANIEL'S PRIDE QUALITY FOODS --the finest in Southern Illinois- ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THEM BY NAME Daniel Grocery Company MURPHYSBORO ILLINOIS WE ARE PROUD OF OUR SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce o J f BETTER VALUES IN SHOES AND HOSE Page One Hundred Twenty-nine I I I l I ., ,U V ..."1'5 ""'-2fZffy,zlilti4s-tx -"' i R, Tl-IOEBER BROS. i W holesalers and Retailers LARGEST BOOK, STATIONERY AND NOVELTY DEALERS IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MURPHYSBORO ILLINOIS Anything for the Office and School- Ofiice Supplies Stationery Athletic Goods Blocks, Dolls Artists' Materials Toys and Games Papeteries - Photo Supplies Party Favors Decorations Carnival Goods Leather' Goods 2 l I n l DOERR DRUG STORE I l A "The Home of Quality and Service" SOUTHERN ILLINOIS HEADQUARTERS FOR COSMETICS F l Exclusive Dealer of "ELIZABETH ARDEN PREPARATIONS" 1 WHITMAN'S CANDIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS i A BRUNSWICK RADIOS AND PANATROPES I SHAEFFER'S PENS, PENCILS AND DESK SETS ! I l FOUNTAIN SERVICE UNEXCELLED T, STATIONERY-CIGARS 5 H 14th and Walnut Streets Murphysboro, Illinois Page One Hundred Thirty .-,.,. ., , , , fa., , , ., El. ff f it V, flliibliEhXX The City ational Bank Founded 1892 RESOURCES EXCEED 51,200,000 E. A. WELLS, Chairman of Board HENRY QUERNHEIM, President A. B. STOELZLE, Cashier P. W. GRIFFITH, Vice-Pres. C. N. HARDY, Asst. Cashier "THE BANK THAT SERVES THE PEOPLE" SERVICE IS A MUCH ABUSED WORD, BUT no set rules govern our policies of co-operation. Such aid as we may furnish is dependent upon individual requirements. To a great number we make loans: others we counsel in investments: we have sug- gested plans that have increased the business of our friends and customers: and we have even advanced funds for expansion, where such service seemed necessary. THE IMPORTANT FACT IS that our bank, with a knowledge and clear understanding of local banking problems, stands ready to render PROVEN, HELPFUL SERVICE-SERVICE THAT SERVES and creates and preserves relations that are mutually satisfactory and profitable. The Citizens State and Savings Bank OF MURPHYSBOR0, ILLINOIS Walnut at Eleventh Murphysboro, Illinois Page One Hundred Thirty-one S b 4117-ty, A ,nf S ri 2? I ,, - A i '2111ffiiurianx SHAW'S PHARMACY GRADUATION GIFT SUGGESTIONS SHAEFFER FOUNTAIN PENS The largest stock of these High Grade Pens ready for your inspection COMPACTS AND PERFUMES TOILET SETS Also KOLSTER RADIOS, the Finest RADIO SET See Us for Demonstrations We Also Carrv a Fine Line of Decorative Candy for Banquets- Make-up for Plays-IVC Are Always Pleased to Serve You. SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDER FOR PHOTO FINISHING WILL G. SHAW, Prop. Murphysboro, Illinois HARRI f PRICE House Furnishing Co. RUGS LINOLEUM STOVES G. E. REFRIGERATORS VICTROLAS R.C.A. RADIOS RECORDS Werner's Drug Store Drugs Confections Cosmetics Tobacco Rubber Goods Stationery CORNER TENTH AND WALNUT PHONE 130 Page One Hundred Thirty-two 1 DRS. ELLIS and ELLIS Physicians and Surgeons 210 South llth Street il 012 "wxXX DR. H. W. WILLIS Dentist H. R. CUMMINS '05 Dentist Phone 247 Hutchmacher Bldg. RAY B. ESSICK, M. D. '04 Murphysboro, Illinois DR. H. H. ROTH Practice Limited to Diseases of EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT and FITTING OF GLASSES Hutchmacher Bldg. Murphysboro, Illinois L. D. PERRY '15 Dentist Murphysboro, Illinois DR. H. G. HORSTMAN Murphysboro, Illinois DR. L. R. WAYMAN Diseases of Infants and Children 1404-A Walnut Street PHONES Office 247 Res. 270 R. S. SABINE S DR. E. R. ROSENBERGER '21 llzgeon Dental Surgeon - ones- Herbert Bldg. Office 800 Res. 880 DR. H.A.WEBERY OPTOMETPIST , Tm- ,WF JOHN HRABIK, M. D. lllurphysboro, Illinois 4' FOR EYES IN DISTRESS Page One Hundred Thirly-three JL Dagle Studio STRIVES TO PLEASE AT ALL TIMES WE THANK YOU FOR PAST FAVORS Even the fortunate fefw who have "Every- thing" will treasure your photograph as a dis- tinctive gift that defies duplication. You can confer no greater compliment than to give your photograph to your friends. Telephone Us NOW' for Your Appointment R. C. WHITTENBERG, Prop. Page One Hundred Thirty-four A.....Lfi , .1 I. ATEN ' S' ---- fIllllIgliSXXX SiIvey's I-Iat and Gift Shoppe COSTUME JEWELRY Gloves and Pu rses to Match Phone 982. 1338 Walnut Sl. Murphysboro, Illinois COCAfCOLA BOTTLING CO. DIVISION OF MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP. Illanufacturers SODA WATERS, PURITY ICF CREAM, COCA-COLA, PURITY MILK Phone 24 Murphysboro, III. I-IorsefieId's Gift Shop GEO. H. HORSEFIELD Phone 224 Murphysboro, Illinois VALUE FIRST 7 Hoffman 5 ONE PRICE CLOTHIER Nlurphysboro, Illinois I-IARRISON'S O. K. Drug Store 1318 WALNUT STREET Iwurphysboro, Illinois FOR DRUGS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES George McGuire "Maf's" WHEN NOT AT SCHOOL MAKE "MAC'S" YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Page One Hundred Thirty-five l V, ., ,TT M flllif uiNxX Face Brick Is A Building Material Of Beauty Forever. We specialize in artistic blendings that correctly express all color ideals-with this We meet your requirements for textures, quality and service. "Hill Brick Are Beautiful" Hill Brick Company STCTLAILHAGLER DR G TCRES CAMBRIA MURPHYSBORO HURST DRUGS FOUNTAIN SERVICE TELEPHONE EIGHT Page One Hzzndred Thirty-si I l L... ......... .. N ..-......-...4 - , H A '+,-if ...-,,.,......EE.. Lif2.S.lv5'f:f:.efff'.f'ff 5 H 1 -vszwill Slit' STYLE LEADERS OF IWURPHYSBORO Always Showing lhe Newest Iflflzile It Is Nrw A -V2 ,-YA C ff M MZVTHEV vouN DRY 000052 52 1320-22-24 WALN UT STREET You C:m't Beat Youngfs. We Give and Redeem Discount Stamps YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT C1 . THE REXALL DRUG STORE Curb Sfrfuire Wiih I1 Smile Page One Hundred Thirty-seven N ------1.-......f..q, 4f"-'-'--' f Muay 'hun . ' "5'.Zf'll1vraslnNXN'f'-bSg5 1 J BRGNZE MEMCRIAL f I V TABLETS NAME PLATES SIGNS l QBMU ana' Cast Ironj U MUNICIPAL MINE I CASTINGS and QUARRY I EQUIPMENT BRIDGE EXPANSION 1- E DEVICES CONVEYORS I Egyptian Iron Works IVIURPI-IYSBORO, ILL. ! I Ii Q I E I CORNER 13TH AND WALNUT MURYHYSBORO. ILL. L 18TH AND EDITH TELEPHONES S07-947 I Puorgsmiller Produce Co. N WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE Murphysboro, Illinois W , U I Page One Hundred Thirty-eight I u r L Lai.: ..., ,, , , f V, J ., I ,,, I T ,gy ,.................... 3 I ,f .L i 1 fI""i'i5xX "Sixteen Years Szlccesxful Dry Cleaning" i.. 1--1il..-l..-g F n i f MURPHYSBORO, ILL. Office and Plant y Able Building, 1601 Walnut I CARBONDALE, ILL. 6 AND Office 1 LEANIEG CO' 208 E. JACKSON 2 C DYE' Phone 58 l FREE DELIVERY I Cl 77 a 3.CkSOI1 County ' Just Another Way of Saying CO' Better Bread EVERYTHING TO BUILD l ANYTHING , s , W Mc Ne1ll s Bakery Murphysbomy Illinois 109 N. 13th St. Phone 9 SNAPPY SUITS FOR YOUNG MEN Sim's Barbecue "C Ilelancfs 'I Nando' Hub Clothing and Shoe Store f 4 l 1012 Walnut Street ' "A GOOD PLACE T0 EAT' Q "Dress Well and Succeed" I Page One Hundred Thirty-nine 1 ,flip 1 . I rms., p - -, 19? ' 'i1.'2Vf gi 4 ff1:iIliisxx s FLETCHER LEWIS '12 R. S. BUXTON Slate,-V Attorney Jeweler and Optometrist also General Pramfe Watches Diamonds Jewelry Court House Murphysboro, 111. 1209 Walnut Street FRED G. BIERER Lawyer Murphysboro, Illinois LAWRENCE A. GLENN Attorney-at-Law Murphysboro, Illinois ISAAC K. LEVY Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law Nlurphysboro, Illinois pf .' 5 I ' ' F 1 " "Save the Surface and you Save all." BOURNE AND GRIZZELL Wall Paper, Paints, Glass, Etc. Murphysboro, Illinois FAY'S PURE FOOD STORE Club House Pure Food 1412 Walnut St. Phone 436 SNIDER BROS. SERVICE ' STATION "The Home of Servire Phone 166 Periodicals, Stationery, Magazines, Books, Newspapers and Postcards Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos STRICKLIN'S NEWSTAND Phone 353 12th and Walnut Let Us Furnish You Your Magazines YOUNG LADIES OF INDIVIDUALITY Who sets the Fashion Pace in their individual circles can be obtained by having their dresses made by an ex- pert Seamstress. FREIDA M. AIASSI CHARLES VALLO Staple and Fanfy Groceries Phone 216 Page One Hundred Forty y l 3,":-. U -rr:-5 -,..,, BRAINS MEN with the brains of a moderate sized rabbit by thrift have become rich and successful. Gifted and bril- liant men who never practiced thrift have spent their days slaving for others. 1 A BANK ACCOUNT IS THE BRAINS Ol" THE BUSINESS WORLD State Bank of Murphysboro KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES FLORSHEIM SHOES COOPER UNDERVVEAR William Weber BOWERS Sz SON HARDWARE West End Quality Store ' Ifardware for Hardwear See Us "We Deliver the Goodxv 1422 Walnut St. Phone PELLEGRINVS IWEAT MARKET -for- FRESH HOME KILLED MEATS and GROCERIES RAY KI N G G roreries McCORMICK-DEERING Farm Machinery at R. E. EDWARDS 116-118 North llth St. Phone 87 The long low-hung racer pulled up to the side of the country road. The little farmer miss was accosted, "Where are you going, little girl ?" "I'm going a-milking, sir," she said. "ln such a pretty dress?" "No, you sap-head, in this bucket." TOT. Johns: All extremely clever men are conceited. Johnson: Oh, I don't know, I'm not. Page One Hundred Forty-one l 1 ll li l ll l All 4 l l v li ,i 1. fi 4 3 I LM, , l Hussain: , T T' ITAIUVT' if Q '--ft'l'iZ'l21 :f I 'K ' 1irnilizisxx BUILDING A BANK ACCOUNT IS BUILDING CHARACTER BUILDING SUCCESS--BUILDING A FUTURE BUILD ONE HERE First National Bank Murphysboro Savings Bank MURPHYSBORO ILLINOIS Mu'rpl1ysl9o'ro's Fireproof Theatre I-IIPPGDRGME Home of the PIPE ORQAN THE HIPPODROME THEATRE The Hippodrome Theatre in Murphysboro at 14 South Thirteenth Street is a popular play house of this part of the state, offering feature productions and bringing the world's greatest stars of both stage and screen. Murphysboro merits the most liberal patronage of the public and constitutes one of the most important features of the commercial organization of the community, which brings social entertainment and trade activity to the city under direction of Mr. James Marlow who is one of the most prominent theatrical men in this part of Illinois. MR. -IAS. MARLOW, Manager. Page One Hundred Forty-two III 1 Um IIIIIIIIITUV lfnrf'-tI11'f'1 13.,1'M'I" " 1,73 4 L ' ' ' . 4' ' " . ' " V' -1. . . I' . :1 1 -ea . J: 111, ..l', 1 ' l . -, ., 1. 1 ,- f".,'1 ' -' ..'.' . . . ' v., ' "MVK ..- -, ., Q - , ,Q".. .-' A IC ' 1, if 4 M .. 1. ,11..-f1,- ..,. Ir., . J, 1,54 -,rf 41-,1'. 11,1 . .1 -,js-."A 1.1 . 1 -. .1n..n .Y ... M' 1 4 '1v- ,':QQpq1:.. 3,4 . . . 1, W. '1' -11 11. . , , 1 . '- 1,1 V. X. ' -rl wil" 41" 'F'-' '- . . Q, ,vnu ,Ll ,px ,E .:.?'.w4 ,, ' ' o .2 :r7N.!,'1 - ...,4::'1-QL . 4 U ga 1- . 0 . I ,.'1 " 5 ' 4 an . 1, 1 , 1' ' 'g.- '.f .f -1.- ...'la"'....,.u9u 1' . V ,, 11 .4 l ...N g.,-.-rr. 1 .4 - 'l ', '4 - v , N wp.-.V U.. Q1 45, ,' .v--. 4 . , v -. M .-- , , . 4. ' wh. .".', - 1. , 1 ". ' ' -1 ' .4-1 '. 1 . l 1 . -mum. .-,.. f ' 1' .Q 1 ". r., ,. gp, n 4. I' .. . -1-1.'1',-, , ' "I 4 ' WJ, 1. . " 1 .1 .'.- -.'f.,,11 "1-I .1v. ,, nf- ' , -an n .. -- . 1 A K . P , 1. ,. .., .1 - , 1 4 " . -' 9 -. . MN'-q,.1.,l -,. gi 4 V, . - ' 1,1. . ,11 -4. ,W 'J "9 1 111' , , V , . . ,. .- 1111, aw 4:1 " , " . . 1 ..,,-. 3 . 1 J., ., . .' we . 'Z - 7 - , , A, . . -. 1 . 'J ...1' A Wm-,. 1 '!'n'. v .' If ffj' .- 1 '-fn: 1 ',:,o ', N . X14 QQ ,,. 1 .u 1?a1'1f,,' 11.1. ' -' K' rf 'fl Q ' .N s , V1 ,L ,gn J, . ,L ,.n11. . ' :'l - f ' I, 1111. ,, . 4 will '- p' 'ef'fP"w.'F-' 1 . 5-VV Q., 316 ,jl',g."f 15" . 2 ', 1 3' . 1. , - ' s '.Y.f I' ' ' A .jA.','nu ' si v.' .., 4 , ' '. 'V .. . -. .1 ,Q . F ','4. . . A U. ..-. . ' ,n 51. . ' N.' v . . 1 .A 1 1'1...-f"-'U .,.. V' va , W 4' " 1' .. ',,M .--' . 1 av. , I , u 1 .AWN .1 4 s J Eff. 'f .QV .' .. Q in 1 -. 1 M J Me .sg-,'f7'f..':1. 'i 1 I ..13,Qq,-NL.'. . 1 .5 I . ,411 -. ' We . '41 , 9 .. 1 . . ' L u. .. . gnu .1 ' A a'11'1 ' "' im "1 ji" Q 1 . ,n+'. .- n 'H I , 1. 1- ei W n1.,.,, -I 'M . .I"'21 " . f' " . 'ljflk ',... .', q .,,, 4" .ff-' ,"'.2 1... ' 'f -'f J' If tr 1 Y . .fy .- N, 1 " ' . ' .'4,n , 1 . AUD", ,U 'f'.,. - .a '19 ' .m1 , ' - v- '41 , 1 1 . , , I -A f f . , ., ah' j , -11' ' Wu, 1'-. lftj' ' " su 1. ' . 3' ' .. .1 ...,- , Q 1 .if m . 1 I . QU: 1. "W" '1'.1tw-11111n.1 1. N ' 'v" K 4 4 a' rl 1 ' 1 , vu " A 'V' 75'--ff.. V- ' ..', ,. f, ,.-:v','3 . , V :. . 1 .0 ' ,. f ,Ka-' .. .1. .- " Q ,- r .' 1 ' , I' 'WF u , -A .- . Ml: . ' . -.,.' .EFI 1' ' ' , ' - M .,, . -.I ,, I-4-,,, 1- - 1 . ...- .- A - - ....,-1 . ,-1, -1 'z'-2 ,. " 1- 1 'z"'1 41. 1 ' 'U 1,55 " .-.1 -- ,.-.1 f, . . :,,.. -.4 '1 .L1 . ., . . ,,.,4 ,VL ,I uk ,M-,.' ' . 1 -' . 1 . , . , , 'J' - ,am -1 ' 1-- 1---,,. . -. ,4 1. n ,Kl- ' 9 ' '-is Q. 9. at l' . 1 0 - . ni" I' , d -'I . t. D 'n 44' ' . 1. 0 'fl' ,.. J I 6. 40 L -lf 'ff ,. ing, 3 . J' 0. I 4"' 1 - . Q Q . 1 1. 1 J, Q '1- qf- .U 1 A . ' 1 1 I ', ,., . . 1 , .'l' ' Q . ' . an- ' 'im I .1 ' . -I... .- ' pf ' n,' .' 1 . v'. . .1 1 .1 . 1 .- , ,, , ' ' 4 an r . V. , ' . ,v- . 4 1 5. ' ' n A . ' , '-- ' ' w , . I- .4 ' ' Q , . . 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Suggestions in the Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) collection:

Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Murphysboro High School - Crimson and Corn Yearbook (Murphysboro, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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