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 - Class of 1960

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Murphy High School - Mohian Yearbook (Mobile, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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0 '10 fi ! i in A ' 1 bv - 5 -A - I- 'fb Q V " ' V. ' C1295 XJ! "-ff 1 +- - ' . ui I . X . , - U i . o Q fx A nv iff 2, y - .5-L Q . ' in 12 f A ' . R 2, -A HQ 2 . S1 xii? E'fEi2 1 . Si 3 f Dx u if ,p 1? ' 3 .5 f 'fl A . ' . , '1 3 I VQKW Ir- fy 'X Xfyfgifwym faq? C flaw XEXWW M! M-8,,,,f-QQ.- QMN-73yl.ii?g4 W1 ,TiTQif,h,.- M 'ary' WWW - WW F34 . 5 . 74 3, ' .Q I M O J. ' . 'WTLKQZWV 'kj CM OM-X ff '54 f Mffw ww M W6 W! 5 +0 'M H X91 V ,J"Y5 i9 gow K 669,131 90' Swag Q05 91 6 '-" 1. fx K " V V g .ryfMn"f7aj5 X,f6H,xl0U'0l Ld:U,1 . Eve' :Polo A ' hang 60 ,U-glifff - i. ' ' f!'0m?.t all mfffkxl V f 65 gLc'4i'lCo 0 Pm ' , Ml Q WM, MM' wffW'M wx' fwfffw'M,,.,Mff'5 ,LMV '5ffh5M45L2fff., fd WVZWLLJ, ' Nz i :Wa F FH- 5 N 6 5 1 r V 0 ,I ,f nj ' ' W v i I Q. v , . ,4 V , ay Q Q oc - . Q:,i . 'N I K ' ' ? Z' L QL' . Q, 1-Le, fm WM he ' " 'V E ' ' J 'ffff 'elf 2 Y Z if U a'Q4v V V ,,- . R, xnxyx Q A A 'WW L' 'QNX W1 , fQ4 I K X - L I . ' I - ff fi. ' W X L f 5? Q A -. Ll , 'Chu F , ' f wc: :A 1 v :ia f T QW' V 1 Q3 i N 'S - ,. I 'sf f .-. sf . ' yi i . , 5 . t f 9.sf6a.,.., I 1 , - N N, I I ,, , A f-b4x5.-22:2 -,gli pf, I 1 w4"J fftflf V A Q ,IQ M Q f . , 1-Q, 4' , ,f Y Q! ,C f9?" f3 ' A 'N-' 4 '1-51 W ' -QQFT , .9-4-:3 wZfefZIi"' i " ' g.5lS5 Q . , A, A A . 'img -':i,A,'f1l2L,-l?-ii?fW'Y5S4"?'k I ' 9:25-,Q nlf"?"-? Uwfdfi-aff'tQ5G j11iffZw',I:ifc 1 '-53,vf'f,i"IE'f,f-Vim f f S' fq.- gf,s,'+'f', j f5,"w5"Wgz1:,f, . Iwgm f . Q, 1 fAfg,+4-wg ,fgf,, ,,, fqvf'-2wsw,m, '- 5-,I , n ' I - . xff f ' f , -2- wqzqfv f 1. ' J 'i'uifnj,4'N,f N H I ff - ,,.x , ,V,, Wfftf, 1 ,,. k,,5mQ,,MTSMA fx ,, I A ff Q ' A if ,ggegqg AY- 6 ,.,.,., FE E FEV a..A'.- in W fAi- , .XV , I f ww A ' L. ,'f,jL"'iff.f.. fr 1 QI15'f"i7iff'?i:5f2f gi' 4 ' ' J, , 2' ., , ' " ' -X,-", , 'waz'-if-',',..,4 - , H, ,. vw ., fl , I fp? Y 'V ZA., gl: , V 1 - I, - ' ''7'jg4-"Gyms,153,4,53-g,'fi-Ee.'-f"wQ'-nf,g7 2 4 f .A Azria , , I ,eff ' Qgf'zf1f2m+i::mf31 4, I f i':'+-:liv:f1-- 'ww-1 Q nf I 53+ ,A -' 1 f 'I v If ,1'1f1:,ff5m:..Ilgfggjf-,xkwiv , Vlwgigk -Aim gyfgfi 5.1 WA V. 22,714 4 A ,f f I ''1?ff2ff95's,avm3f5i5f:z?"1 1. 'f'2fs'w3, ff iff, A -- A 1. 3 ,K gy fy ff gif- 'iAf,,g:119w,1,-1wW'yg1'-fQg,'Ue', T 'F QT fr'-gf?,XgQ?ggA A3'+f'AW I, ,ev 'J' x -"iii .ki ' ' QQ 7".g2,,g76,:'.1,-'Rff'f','F-va" ,ff ,Aff ,A A-4 4-H" vigil?" . I V 'f 1. . . -'aww' 11-f'lA?' ,QA2--QM'-.Q--:fQ?v'E,:.1-wwf .Wu ' 'L' sk: "'-1534 ., K x.L' " 4, :Q ,Q Sf -2. ,gig Lama , A. , THE 1960 MOHI M RPHY HIGH SCHOOL MOBILE, ALABAMA VOLUME XXXIV JOLEEN HASKINS, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BARBARA LAUTER, ASSISTANT EDITOR ANNE BLACKWELL, BUSINESS MANAGER MISS ELOISE FOSTER, ADVISOR McGill Institute, founded in 1908, has an enrollment of eight hundred fifty students. Its purpose is to give boys of high school age an opportunity to receive a Catholic education. Excellent leader- ship and modern facilities make it one of the finest and best equipped parochial schools in the area. This institution is the only Catholic high school for boys in Mobile. Vigor, "The Pride of Prichard," was founded in 1944. An arts and science school, it stresses the importance of academic work and offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. One thousand six hundred forty-four students use the facilities provided for them. The towering oalf tree in front of the school is a meeting place for many a Vigorite. Ai. iq fa. University Military School, a private school for boys, founded in 1895, has an enrollment of se Vefl d ' t milita training, and service organizations are included hundred forty students. Aca emics, spor s, ry in the well-rounded program offered at U.M.S. FOREWORD Dear U.M.S. Bulldog, Vigor Wolf, and McGill Yellow Jacket, Through the years we have been strong op- ponents both on and off the gridiron. But in spite of this rivalry we Mobile high schools are known throughout the state for our united efforts in sup- porting our city by planning programs for better inter-school relations and by participating in com- munity projects. Realizing the contributions of you, our friends, to life at Murphy, I wish to invite you to accompany me on a tour through our 1959-1960 school year. Your friend, Murphy Panther A Mg-. is , TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING SECTION Foreword ,,,,A,,,,,,,,, H Table of Contents .. Four Segments .....,., Physical ..,ee..,...,,A,,, Academic .......,. Cultural .. . Spirit .e,....,,..o Dedication ,.,,..,S FACULTY Administration ..,., Departments .....t,.....t Faculty-Off-Guard CLASSES Senior .. ..,.. Panther Spirit Night Juniors .......t.., Sophomores ,tt....,., SPORTS Cheerleaders ..,... Football .,,.,.... Basketball ..,.,r.. Cross Country ..rt..,. Track .......,...,... Baseball ,,,,.t Tennis .. Golf .,t,,.,.,,ra.,. ACTIVITIES Publications ...t.,V......, Student Council ...,io.. Road Trips .......t.... Homecoming ,,... Proms .,........o,o Band ........t....,. Maj orettes ...,....... Glee Clubs .....,....... Honorary Clubs .....,.. Service Organizations Azalea Trail Maids ..,. Senior Speakers ...,......,i.a. aa........ Theatrical Productions Pep Rallies ......,...,a........... M-Day ..............Y,..i...VV.. ----.----- ADVERTISEMENTS .a..,, ...------, DIRECTORIES ,..,..,o, 2 6 I... 8 ,.., . 10 12 14 16 22 26 .,... .. 38 . 44 . 84 .102 .134 .156 .158 .......170 .......178 .......180 .......186 .......188 .......189 ..........194 200 ..........20I2 204 208 212 216 218 222 250 260 261 262 ..........268 272 280 318 595 1. 4 SPIRIT IN TRODUCIN G ACADEMIC . . . MURPHY HIGH SCHOOL 1960 CHM. 'U PHYSICAL CULTURAL ..,,,M,....-Q-an Mrs, Perdue, while sitting in the main office, can reach every section in school by using our new public address system, Congestecl halls during the break between classes point out our overcrowded facilities. 7 .f i Participation in Fire Prevention Week emphasizes the importance of effective fire drills for large schools. PHYSICAL ,i-, it-'hysically speaking, Murphy has one of the most shrictive and unusual campuses in the South. Spanish tt:-'ihissance Architecture, predominant throughout the entire plant provides a pleasant atmosphere for stu- dents and faculty. Fifteen buildings are situated on the campus which covers two city blocks. Exterior decorations above the entrance of each building -exemplify the subjects taught within. Long range .iliplans call for the remodeling of one building a year EMM the whole school is modern and well equipped. ,. 'M A 1 -4 li' ' I: . , ll Three parking lots are maintained for the con- venience of students and faculty. The cafeteria can accommodate one thousand persons at a time and serves approximately eighty per cent of the student body. Carefully landscaped grounds shaded by cen- tury old oak trees and enlivened by colorful azaleas enhance the beauty of the campus. This is the vast setting of Murphys thirty-six hundred eighty four students and one hundred thirty-four faculty members. Barbara Lauter and Clarence Mahoney reminisce through books they have used in the past three years, Perfection at Murphy is accomplished through deep concentration and liberal application ACADE IC Each of the sixty-eight courses offered at Mur- phy helps to prepare a student for later life, as he enters college or follows a chosen career. Be- cause it has met certain requirements set up by the Southern Association and the State Department, Mur- phy is an accredited high school. The vastness of the student body makes it neces- sary for an ambitious student to seek a large part of his education by his own volition. The faculty is well qualified in the art of teaching and is anxious to help aspiring students whenever necessary. Also a well-stocked library provides the students with a Wealth of information. In the Industrial, Commercial, and Vocational Departments the training for one's vocation is stressed. Special schedules have been arranged for the Working students giving them morning classes so that their afternoons can be devoted to gaining practi- ml experience in their jobs. Wfith a firm understand- ag of the basic requirements plus the electives that :tudent chooses, he is better prepared to meet the oblems that will face him after graduation. i M fbfawwywr 1. I Sophomores find study halls very useful. H-wuunmqg i i i i i 7? yr-,fsisgzgairgfqgw"iy'1"1Ys Wfxxiimfxim' i M ag? X V Wa,-1. 4 N5 YQ? if .,: w'L'ixNX gp, 132 f f Q if f The F.R,A.H.S. exhibits some of th ' b X war vw 2 ,WH ,,,,, .,......-,......W ,,W,.-M-Ma.-aww... of tiiapvzillmh, err mem er's artistic ability at their patio art show. Southern Charm is a favorite topic among art student , i 1 s. Many after-school hours are spent in orchestra rehearsals CULTURAL if C filtural activities played an important role in the life of Murphy students. Special clubs and organiza- tions continuously encouraged student interest in their cultural development. The departments of Music and Fine arts based their academic work upon apprecia- tion as well as application. Performances by the music department and dramatics club were always in popu- lar demand, At various times during the year student artists exhibited paintings and drawings at several patio shows. In taking advantage of these opportun- ities Murphians were given a chance to increase their own cultural development. Ll Ballerinas display agility at many school productions Melodious voices which fill the Arts Building truly prove that "practice makes perfectf' OA 156 V y -3 4 I QQ? " Dignity reigned during homecoming. Murphy's exuberant students cheer the Fighting Panthers on to victory ' ' I "'r-nw, 1 1' X 7 ' M m X ' 4, w V " V., . ma, 'Wi 3 ' -V V, ,, , . V M VV, f V. VV XA X me . f QM, wa XV, ,X , 7f,...:g,wfV,, XX X X U ,V , VV, 1 V1 X V-VVX,,,3,Xm. wax 1 XX Vx VX -' 'Vgymf V., X' Vg, , XML V. , , , V ., V WU 5 -fl' pq XXVVrV,X V XV V, X M ,Mg ,V ',,,,,,V V ,XA-Xu 4:5 - XXI Q X ' J ,, , M V M15 ,wg 14-inv 47 , ,:?"fV' 'Vrffx ,V Lf: Z ' 1V 4-VM! .VV HVXXV .. X. ks-. V M VV,X, , an XX X X M ,VV- in ,MX-VV. XMX, XkXXMV,VV,1 V, Q 9 ag. V X 5 f' HV' V V +35-Vw V- aw 'VV V' N'V,- X, Q V' " , , -NV VV - V -.Q V, MVJVV ,VV 'af' W"VvV V rf ' ' VV 1 X XXV f X -I XX ' X X 'V VX-fV,,.XAX V XV' V , ' - 57' - ' 4 ' " V- Z,-f, z. V 'V' ' "V"VV'V " :.'V - V ' V- V V V ...u . -- .,dNw VV TV V 5 1 V V V V. ,JV V2 V-2 1 VV X XX 2 X .Vi X V , ,-, X , !VVnVVX,V XX ,VV,Vf,Vf,V,,V,X ,V,,V,,XX X-X7,,.- X , VA, ,X. I I .EQ V 3'- .V V- " V V V,VVV'VV ',.V1-V Vf V, ' V ' V ,V V V V' V2 V1V,V V' 'V .QV V 7 f ,Ani f - ,X 1, XLXX, ,, .X '4 r 7 , X f XV VV VV ,g AVVVVVV,, 7, X V, l ,V V. .Vdf VVVV 'V.'V2V'VVf ' V", , VVVV V 4f:9VLV.,,' ,V V . ' VM-V . X. . ggi ,,., V, X ""'3,VQ'V7ffVf iVfVj,'yV,f,X' fgy'Vyf,ggVV,," ,, V, ,,,, V, ' V ,V ' ev, ' V f iw 'F ' ' 'V7 u .V-ff'VfVfVr,VCVVV ,V, V V',,VV M-4 Q f V' ' V V V' f V- ' V1 V- 5 WMA:-1 . -bww, V-VVWVVVV, Vf'V,V KWVW-VLV-VfVV,',VfV V'-f V - 'V V - 1 , f ' V V -f-- ,Vt V M VV4VVVVV' V VVV- ,ff V V-VVVVV V V -' V ,V V V.VV ., VV ,V VVVV V -VV ','V,VVV.-VMV',VV-Vf4ff:V!Vfffe4Vo M y gif VV,44,yV,.,VVVV , VVVfVffwV,VfVg,fVVVf-V.-V ' V- V. l V ' V' ,l V- -fV'V'-V-VV? V-ffV',V:.V.V ,V-V VVVWVWW QW' if Wf -9fVg4'VfV,2V',,V,V.,4V . 'V 5 2 .V L ', "" ' - '-g' V ,V . . -V VVV,,VX,,- ,V,X,X,fV,,V,V,.VXV,,.,, , VX MM, XffVVX5A.V.VV,.V, VQ,,,XV4VXV,,4VV.,VVVVVXXV V,V, , V,:,X,V,V.,.V, ,V,4.,,gVXVV,,VV. f V I f .4 - V V f f V ' -1 V 3 3 .V ,WV ' -DV! VV4fVMV,.VV'.wV,kVf!V5y'Wf'5VV' ' VVV,VVfVV'V,fV-V1QQ-,V'Z-VfV,xV-V?V,:fJfwV'V'i.V- ji:-V? - IV - VA-H Z4VxfV'WVg4i4V-VV-V vVVVfK'V V, V XM' -iff!" Vffff ff-V,V,5!f-ff! ,V446'Vffa'VfzfV.Of" f,V'V'V, VV,'VVf 'ff',V'fV:,frffV1fW5VV'Vr7V,..,'V- VfV,-4 ,-if-VV Q 5 1 in , , 7-, pfV?,y'V,VVV',j,jV-VV' V, VVy ,V gV,f4VQ,gV'VV!Wy,V,,g,yV,V,Vg"V.Vg'VVg,V,,V.,V'-V.VV-Vy,7'V-3 ,fy ,V,V ,VV X V' V V Vf V' t VV VV V' -V!V.,,7f,,fVff' "'-fly 'VV V,,V!,VVVV'iV' VV,V-V5fVQ4VVy,f,V,' yy, VV!-Vf'VVVV4 V V4 ,V ,VV'-4'f'Zfgf.fVfV-VVfz.3VVeyJ'f "VV" Vg, . -V . t X ,V J 'V X fi" VVV, fV":fVV V -VVVV5' VVVVV ,'Vf V' f' '- A ' Vf x ' V V ' -V ' r p V V, 'V g'iV'V,f7VV,VVVVf,'fVV,"',VV,VLV'VVVVj4V,V,V,VVVV,V,VfZfzfVcVgyVVVV,VV ' V V l ' VV 'V ,V .. , V' V . 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'P V f'V,"V --V 'V T542 V VaV? 'V 'Y Q w u V X ff-M.MV,WV,,,X, ,V ,, V ,V', V, VV ,xp V 5V,VfV'V,V V X 'A Xb 6 - W. 5 V X XX X XV Q VX jfV-V5-VV,i.VV.,,,,,,.V,,LLV'VV2LV',.Q'jQX V , V X -3 X V, ' 33 1 , 4 . V, . V .V V, VVVJV, V -,V-V-VVV1,,,,X . ' S , XX ,,, VV, ,V VA V. V ., , V , . X XV XX V, X, ,V XX n X X, XXX QV 4 V,,X V: X my ive? XV X V , V V ,XX XX, .AV ,Q RX X ,, XXV, V , I V . ' 153521 BSB 'll 'A V, 5- ',A 'V ,VV V ' 'V 'Vi f - WV ' X V Y-VM ,, ,MV ZZXLXV ,,,,7XXV'X wV,X V' yn , Q . V . ,XXXV X ,, V X .V 22 . , VA, ,A 4 X, X kffwfffwzghyygz ,,,,V'jV,VViV, ,VM ' V. 5- ' 'si' 85 . 1 - V V V. VV . ' If V V" ' ' L' V? V V, , VX 'Q V 4 r V I On the FIELD . . . DEDICATION It has been said that a man's wealth is measured not in the abundance of things which he possesseth, but by the unselfish good he does for his fellow man. If this is true, then Miss Lolete Tanner must certainly have a wealth of happiness. Having served on the faculty as a physical educa- tion instructor for thirteen years, she has encour- aged many girls to become aware of the importance of good sportsmanship and physical fitness. Aside from her duties as a physical education teacher, she is also the sponsor of two well-known organizations at Murphy, the Swimming Club and the Pantherettes and Majorettes. As the Majorettes and Pantherettes proudly march in front of the Murphy band and in other fine per- formances during the year, it is difficult for one to imagine how much time and effort is spent by Miss Tanner in their training. As sponsor of the Swim- ming Club, she spends many hours and afternoons teaching the members the art of synchronized swim- ming and preparing them for the show which is pre- sented in early spring. In her great determination to further educate the girls in academic and extracurricular activities, she lends an out-stretched hand to prepare, train, and guide them. In all that she does, her cordial per- sonality, inspiring guidance, and sincere dedication to the school is readily apparent. For these qualities and performances, we proudly dedicate to you, Miss Tanner, our 1960 MOHIAN. 1--nn-,mmf f ff -my i In the POOL . . . To the CLASSROOM JW 2, + g A k 35 1185 rfrf 3 4 11 if 1 3 45? ggisfivg, H Q, U11 si - 3 l '11 'z 12 .Qi .f'5, Q: .sz 13 ' 1541 4 3 , ,Q 4 , 4 1, Y' W uf: J fl wi, gl 5 .3 . ls' af? fs: xQ Aix ls? fel W5 Mgxxwwg V 4 1 Z 1 1 4 4 'ni iz 1 5 W. MT' 1 fa, T? vig 5 , S 'F Vw? 3, , all I f A W 1-f iw R, M X s ,liz 1,75 1 ,i N 4 4 4 , ,ji 1 3 ,j,: ,, 4, .yy N 354, 4 if 2. , 35 R22 LM 215222 N4 - 4 ,H f 1" fif 1 M' V I n , 1 E f If I: Lili 1 Wig ,P l 4 M l 4' fl r ,'4 N Q., i 4 w K, 1 ,A ,, zfq 1 4 -.1 E Q ' x H sy? ' I ,v E 1 Wig P i ,if WH, .yr W , I. ni 1 I A 'I+ 444 v,.. iff, 11,1 ,4 ,pig I Q 4 4 5 fi 25 z 15, L Rx' WW' Q W 1. . I awww i 'I5k 321 fu 4, - 4 4 r. f ' wf:af3 , A ix MQ, 2 wwg , 4 44 Vr 1 3 f 1 4 er ,,4,. ,WA 4 '131w "'ii' ,A UH if 3 ,w 5' :N gf 2' ,' ij, 1 SEQ? M n' F- J if xf s Z JM! ' 1 I . 4 U Je, V fl, 11:1 Q 4 kj ' .ig E, , ' V 1 f sin T11 Pa , 4 i' U i V451 , up v' C K - A I ,F yu 2. 4 M1 .11 ix, 4 1. .F 1 ., Q, fi 1 ,. ...Q W 1 44 ,:. -wp ,A ' , IlFI,' 12 4 . '1VNfg.1q ' fm, 5 f i'-'1',q,:' 'fl .fvfw,"f. ,51a.,,', 'f jg:- 4 Q'-'Qx ,y!F1"sh.1,. Vlfjfhkx .Cc V, it 4 ,JM V xy' fi: 1' 3xf: A wQ wifi, 4.4 5 X M? I' . X., 4 , 5,53 42 ' :EW ,,, 4 .,4 hz W. i ,5 if , 4 4.44 2 1 ' W, If " W fy 4' Ga f f ik LE 1 1 154 'H' WW ,, , 1 1 'f 4444 ig X if P - ,im X 3 X32? l2fWsgg M M f f 52 W i afQlflW Qf W A ' l Ei V WM f Wgifi5"' Ef 5f ' ,b f Vlf5' !E z, 444444 ' Wei 31,2-i 4 H' fly Hi! " ',5 L z ?1s'. Mick QA J M 5 U 4 '4 4 .5 M Ven' 1 IQ 44 W M, 1 f 4 4 4 4 44 . ,,, L ,. ll 4 35 , a S, ffl' g , Pg, 1 gl I 1' ,g I1 WX I , 1 , 4 ,V 1n"i W' sm W' ,N ., ik "?!'7i1',l:'5 ' QM 1 mpg! 1 L1 'K Q 4 ,glsgilg V N '4 "if 4. ' H' i 4 . l . I .W . xg 5, 5 I , 1! 4 ,4 .WV IJ.: f 4 ,,. ,ffg 4 , V 4 'V in fl 4 fl, 1 44 , I 1 ,muy 1,4 -.L ', 11 Avi f ' W3 'Q 4 XM Swan 4:1 If Mm, - 1, ,gr ,Ng- 4 ,vn fi VW:if'i'! . ' , Ayn 4 1,2 :H kiss lx i 1? '44' 3 2 .1 'yfmim 12 H we 421 .ge- Xjv , 5 KH g H ff :if ' .- Miz 5, 'lifn lim!-L 2 'fgfw is t3 f , ., ,z RAP! ' vygw mi'5?: 2211 Vi 5, w 1: 1' is , 23? 1 ,f,- f 'fi fm 'N H4 1' rv Ag U22 i , fi ,jg f bl - HY , like , .M 1 vu fgfw 5531! 9 Aw. -pw. , -f f X , I , ' ml. my , ,,, Y 6 ,94 ff' A F5 5 5 5 4 ggi? 1 ff Q 1 4 :NV ZW' in 3 J, ,. gn. mi QV .21 gr: 4' wg , 1.- lg" f 655, ,,,. -P . y 3522 iii' ff l Ciif ,N pi1'yvQ ,:,,, 4, " 1 UQ ' "ful Q, 259 fi? , if! fkzfifm 'W f ak 44,1 - 3 KL'- ffrm-JF Vg ns., mffii X ,,, , Q-:ff " 1 A , 1,1 0: 255' .4 7' .q A. 9 i L--g,f,. ,W-, 4,.. , JL' Y N ll! 4'fEjm.q dd, M1 DR. CRANFORD H. BURNS Superintendent of Mobile County Public Schools The Board Makes Decisions The Mobile School Board is actually older than the State School System itself. Making all policies governing school operations is one of the many func- tions of this council. The main function of the Board is to co-ordinate the school program according to the needs of the county. The members are elected on the basis of how well they can handle problems confront- ing the schools. Members of the board are President Arthur Smithg Vice-President john Shawg William Crane, Charles McNeil, and Dan McCall. Land, finances, and school and community relations are the three committees in- to which the board is divided. The heads of these committees work long and hard without pay or per- sonal' acclaim to solve the problems of Mobile schools. Under the supervision of the school board is the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Cranford Burns and his co-workers. These educators are concerned with providing a school system that will give the students knowledge and skills for an improved way of life. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Mr. William Crane, Mr. Charles McNeil, Mr. Arthur Smith, president, Dr. Cranford Burns, Mr. Dan McCall and Mr. John Shaw. 4.1 .f.-. ,,.,f,. mr ,,., aw .X aupmamwamw - - M- ,- ,. fm MW. ,f -WN , ,fwaamf f-nf, -fm 1-WM I-'W i 13 , VAR mi Sw Mr. O. B. Hodges, Educator Coming from a family of educators, Mr. O. B. Hodges, Murphy's principal, efficiently co-ordinates the work of the school and acts as over-all director. The oldest of six children, he claims to be the best- looking. His father was a. teacher in Madison County, his uncle was a Superintendent of Education. He attended high school in Madison County. At first, Mr. Hodges thought he would be an engineer, but decided that it wasn't his line of work. He re- ceived his Bachelor's Degree from Auburn and his Master's from Columbia University. Before coming to Murphy, he taught math in Birmingham, economics in Minnesota and served as principal at Cullman High School and Auburn High School. Mr. Hodges has a married daughter who lives in Baltimore, where her husband is an intern at John Hopkins. Their only son, Paul, was born this year and is "the apple of his grandfatheris eye." Mr. Hodges enjoys fishing and farming, but testi- fies that his wife allows him little spare time. MR. O. B. HODGES Principal of Murphy High School Interviews with Mr. Hodges prove helpful. A Smile 3 dal' makes Wofk Seem like PUY- T? 1 421 it K Fl 1 T: l Murphy's Capable Administration Mrs. Louise K. Hamil Arriflanl Prinripal Adult and Veteran Di- vision Mr. Walter M. Phillips Auirtant Principal Attendance and Teacher Personnel Mr. Julius M. Sitterlee Afrirtanl Prinripal Fiscal Agent M .af Murphy High School's administration is headed by Principal O. B. Hodges. Mr. Phillips is in charge of "Pupil Personnel." In this department are Miss Gladys Baxter, Dean of Girls, Mr. F. Moore, Dean of Boys, Mrs. Booker, Nurse, and Mrs. Lowry, Registrar. Mrs. Lowry, with the help of Mrs. Stumph, Mrs. Slaughter, and Mrs. Bowen, is in charge of student records. All people connected with "Pupil Personnel" work directly with students and help with their problems. "Business and Campus" division is headed by Mr, Julius Sitterlee, Through this department, financial matters and matters concerning the grounds are chan- neled. Mrs. Kern, Bookkeeper, handles money matters while Mrs. Stapleton is the Cafeteria Manager. Mr. Grice, with the help of the maids, janitors, and other workers is in charge of the campus upkeep. The Adult and Veterans Division is the night school program at Murphy with Mrs. Hamil as the assistant principal in charge. It is independent of the clay school and has offices of its own. Miss Knudsen is manager and her assistants are Mrs. Botts and Mrs. Murphy. . Mrs. Perdue, the Receptionist, and Miss McKnight, do not belong to a specific department deserve recognition for their fine work. Mr. Sitterlee checks on football returns. 24 . .ia A Miss Gladys Baxter Mrs. Addilean Booker MIS. Mabel Botts Dean of Girly Nurfe A.6V, Sefrezgfy Mrs. Opal Bowen Mrs. jean Kern Miss Esther Knudsen Mrs. Mabel Lowery Remrdr Bookkeeper A.6V. Offire Manager Regirtrar Miss Mary L. Mr. J. F. Moore Miss Janice Murphy Mrs. Ruth Perdue McKnight Dean of Boyr A.6V. Serfetafy Recepzionift Secretary Mrs. Perdue greets the morning with a smile. Mrs. Slaughter and Mrs. Bowen find the records in good order K. ' K V 55 X . l v -1-iraqi -1 Mrs. Florence S. Balderson Miss Helen Blanks Mrs. K. J. Clark Miss Wmnie J, Davis A Miss Katharine A. Hope Chairman 7A N S Miss Lois jean Fitzsimmons Miss Elizabeth Green Mrs. Doris L. Griffin Mrs. Ruth K. Groom Miss Melinda Gwin Miss Evelyn Hinz Miss Vivian Jelks Mrs. Glenda H. Jordan Mrs. Mary E. Kellogg Miss Vangalia Lukes Mrs. Virginia McAllister Miss Ann H. Melton Miss Eva L. Moore Miss Edna Olson Mrs. H. D. Panayotoff ' Mrs. Florence Replogle Q Culture Is Obtained Through English One of the essentials to a successful life is a thorough knowledge of languageg therefore each Murphy student is required to study English three years. The fundamentals of grammar and composition, and an appreciation of literature constitute the regu- lar courses. In addition to these required courses, sen- iors have the privilege of electing Advanced English, Creative Writing, or World Literature. Advanced English is important in preparing students for college by giving a somewhat broader course in writing and literatureg Creative Writing is designed to teach varied forms of short stories, poems, and themes 5 and World Literature gives a better appreciation of the culture of people of different nations. Twenty-five teachers work together in co-ordinating the program of this department. Miss Lucille Rhodes Miss Anne Savage Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Anne Smith Scarborough Mr. William N. Yokel Mr. Roy R. Wilkie Miss Hope checks up. Miss Rhodes helps students with scene from Macbeth. " A 27 Languages Promote Man Interests Miss jesse M. Gay Chairman Having one of the finest language departments in the South, Murphy employs seven instructors to teach French, Latin, and Spanish, One third of the students have had or are taking a language. Four years of Spanish and Latin are available while three years of French are offered. To further interest, there is a club for each language where programs and activ- ities are presented to supplement class learning. The department emphasizes the importance of languages for college entrance. MPS- W- W- FL1lCh6r Mr. H. P. Goodwin Mrs. F. G. Robinson Miss Annie Lou White Mrs. Robinson aids students in translation. Mrs. Fulghef explains the Principles of Spanish- Mathematics Induces Concentration Murphy's Department of Mathematics is designed to meet the every need of those students who wish to continue the study of mathematics in college and those who need only a general knowledge for a prac- tical application. Two years of algebra, plane geom- etry, solid geometry, trigonometry, and advanced arithmetic is the curriculum offered by the thirteen teachers of the department. Because of the increasing demand for mathematical knowledge in our scientific world, Murphy's Math Department strives to instill in the minds of its students the importance of mental control and persistent accuracy. ' Ji- .. . is I s ff. l Mrs. W. E. Reynolds Chairman Mrs. B. C. Cole Mrs. W. T. Douglas Miss Virginia d'Ornellas Mr. N. C. Griffin Miss Hattie E. Gunter Mr. T. L. McCann Mrs. Mary M. Merritt Miss Vella B. Moon Miss Mildred Pankey Mrs. Zella Robertson Mrs. Willie G. Smith Mrs. Josephine Wilkins Social Science Widens Understanding Miss Ruth Forehand Chairman One of the largest departments at Murphy is the Social Science Department with eighteen teachers. This department offers American History, Problems of Democracy, and Phychology. American History for juniors and Problems of Democracy for Seniors are required. World History and Psychology are elec- tive courses. From these subjects students learn the foundations on which America and other countrles were based, functions of government, and the com- plexities of the,mind. To develope better Americans through knowledge of these studies is the aim of this department, ."'N 'ii ff Miss Betty O. Bigham Mrs. Carolyn G, Bivona Mrs. F. Lee Bridgewater Mrs. Bernice J. Causey Mrs. Lucile Hollis Cooner Mrs. Marie Foote Mr. LeVaughn Hanks Miss Ruth Lipscomb Miss Elizabeth Mayers Miss Josephine M. Michael Mr. john P. Morgan Mr. James K. Pace, Jr. Mrs. Ruby M. Pierce ' Miss Roberta Steele Miss Mary Vivienne Waller Commercial Arts Train Future Leaders Boys and girls in the Commercial Department are trained for secretarial, clerical, bookkeeping and of- fice-machine jobs. General Business, which is a guid- ance course, and Business Law round out the de- partments curriculum. Fifteen trained teachers in this department help prepare students for college majors in business and COITIIIICICC. Future Business Leaders of America is a very active student organization which supplements the formal curriculum. One of its chief projects is a Student Placement Service which assists students who want or need part-time employment while in school. Miss Addie Holmes Mrs. Inez P. Langham Mrs. Kathryn B. McCaa Miss Julia Martin Mrs. Betty Burnett Massey Mrs. Ann Dyer Mitchell Mrs. Maxine Peck Miss Rebecca Ann Perkins Mrs. Abbie Laurice Prescott Mrs. Sue Savage Mrs. Vivien L. Scrip Mr. Joseph F. Sharpe Mrs. Nellie M. Ward Mr. Travis H. Wharton Miss Carol Purifoy Chairman Science, Basis of Twentieth Century Miss Lillian Pistole C lmirman gf . A if N f, ta, ,,., f1.f4fx..z Science is one of the most interesting fields offered at Murphy because it is the foundation of modern life. Murphians may take Advanced General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or Home Economics, if they wish to include science in their courses. Thir- teen teachers and twelve hundred-fifty students com- pose the department. The new equipment added is teacher demonstraton desks, gas outlets, microscopes and a built-in oven in the Home Economics room. The many improvements help immeasurably in pre- paring young people for the life they are to lead in the ever advancing world of science. Mr. Tatum enjoys watching his chemistry students learn. Mr. H. E. Denson Mrs. Etta V. Frantzen Mr. W. W. Fulcher Mr. M. C. Mancill Mrs. jean H. Marlar Mrs. Doris S. Miss Annie L. Odom Mrs. Catherine Ross Mr. R. O. Tatum Mrs. Louise S. Morrissette Wedgwodh Physical Education Improves Skills Under the direction of ten instructors, three fourths of the students participate in the Physical Education program. Two gymnasiums, a heated swimming pool, a football and soccer field, basketball courts, a track, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and an archery range complete the list of facilities. Physical Education teachers are active in sponsoring extracurricular activ- ities. Their sincere interest in Murphy is one of the main reasons why the work of the department is so successful. Mr. George B. Mr. Charles V. Maxime Floumoy Mr. Charles O. Willcox C laairmarz 1 ir... H M' ' "Www s-, an-. aaa... ra. , . as .. .sas P Active Miss McMillan enjoys all sports. '9"Q1u. Mr, Raymond B. Mr. Robert H. Miss Ann McMillan Miss Catherine L. Miss Lolete Tanner Taylgf Williams McNally Miss Barbara A. Baker Miss Eloise Foster Industrial Arts Inspire Creativeness Six well trained teachers and eight hundred fifty- six interested students with natural talent and creative ability compose the Industrial Arts Department at Murphy. A variety of subjects, including crafts, wood- Mr. T. R. Usry Cfmirman working, machine shop, mechanical drawing, and art is taught in this department. During the past summer the two mechanical drawing rooms were completely remodeled with modern lighting, desks, and other equipment. In this new environment the varied pro- gram is conducted with great success as the students develope manual skill, creative thinking, and primarily initiative. Mr. W. J. McKnight Mr. Lloyd MOON' Miss Paula A. Osbom Miss Irene Stapleton Miss Clyde Kennedy Miss Kennedy offers constructive criticism to students. Miss Stapleton proves her artistic ability fs., I' Mr, Corry explains safety methods in sheetmetal work. Mr. R. J. Tuberville Chairman D.O. Offers Excellent pportunities s is Mr. A. J. A. coffy w Mrs. Mary M, Halstead Mr. W. C. Neel i 35 Murphy students have an excellent opportunity to learn about their chosen fields of business. Only twenty per cent of high school graduates attend col- legeg therefore, the Diversified Occupations Depart- ment helps the other eighty per cent achieve their goal in life. Vocational Related Subjects help students acquire job training. They get paid a wage equal to other apprentices in the occupation they choose. These stu- dents may act as medical assistants, laboratory tech- nicians, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, auto me- chanics, cosmetologists, and typists. In this depart- ment of fine teachers, machines of all types are used. Written information, however, is the most useful source. Mr, E. C. Stephens Mrs. Dorothy I., Mr. W. N. Woodward Taylor Music Produces Appreciation Mrs. Myrtle T. Peter Chairman Mrs. Frances Freeman- Mr. Ira N. Swingle, jr. Martin The Music Department is one of the most active in school. There are three instructors and nearly eight hundred students enrolled in Glee Club, band, and orchestra. At present there are ten choruses very ac- tive. To pay for new robes music students sold cokes, doughnuts, and held a spaghetti supper. Various pro- grams are presented by the glee clubs for the student body and city organizations. Music students receive vocal training, and a knowledge of music appreciation. An important part of Murphy's spirit is the band. They not only play at all of the football games, but also represent Murphy by marching in Mardi Gras, Christmas and other yearly parades. Annually they present a fall and spring concert for the students. Mr. Swingle concentrates on the music. M1-5, Martin leads A11,Gi1-15' Chorus Library, a Place of Quiet Atmosphere Miss Martha C. Gatlin Chairman Mrs. Catherine W. Miss Ardieth Vickrey Burnett Murphy's library is under the capable direction of three librarians, Miss Martha Gatlin, Miss Ardieth Vickery, and Mrs. Catherine Burnett. Twenty-five student assistants help them throughout the day keeping the books in order, checking them out and doing various other jobs. The library has material to supplement classes, to arouse the curiosity of students, and to encourage reading for just plain fun. In addi- tion to over twelve thousand books, it has magazines, pamphlets, and pictures. The library always maintains a quiet atmosphere which provides an excellent place to study and read. MM. - , ,,,- , , . Mrs, Burnett instructs library assistants. Miss Vickery compiles a scrap-book, ' 37 Teachers Add to the Life of Murph Pup wants to stomp Vigor too! Surprised to see us, Miss Bowen? Miss Moore finds the library a pleasant place. Don't worry, Mrs. Savage, there-'s some more, Miss Forehand relates Civil War Days Tired, Mr. Hodges? I . What's wrong, Mrs. Merritt? No Money? 2 4 Miss Fitzsimmons tells how it is done, 42 Miss Baker rides, students walk. Coach Pace relaxes during the game. 39 l M Hi ",',1'5' 4, 'Q I .4 3,5 4 ,4' MW 414, '4 4 1 ,, , , rf ' 4 ,J 4 sg .IH rf 4 , a',j D A 1 414, 145, 441, 4 ,? w- 1 4 I I , E W Y M ,4 ,4 44, P41441 ,W 4 ,M 4 U me i 1 I+? , . 4 I I 4 A i 'v +5 Li fa H W ,I 1 V V I x! V W w r K , f ' Q HHH, 4- -111-mln-,fn My in fl fnffliqg xx an E 25543 ,W 3'. M, ,, M .M 153 , .157 ,f NX ,1 xy xy 5, - x -5gi"f'Z' Q X ..:: ff f gf, Q75 , X .xy xx g ..4L.1f,:, A1 , I '-, Q f,., ,. ,, .gf , ,ii - , ,.,y-L1 ' M, ,, -....,..mi-8.1 v nn.. J ,e 2? '5 - ,mm Q? L, My fm, ' X' J A ,gfig i , ,ll I. b x:f,Ji::::13 "4-HJ ' 5 2. ,,v' h iQTf'w1lf , rl f :bi-ig!! ,- , .Sym Ztlgil A nu ' may K ,,f, ,fzn H gay: ., -E x 'lf , X , N., Nl. , x P , ,Q fa, il? il V nr-,,, wa... 'W ' ' ' n ff 5 , f v . 'i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Reprerenlazive, Julie Ann Bodifordg Vife-Prefiderzl, Sue HearnS.RepreJenzative, Charles Wheelingg Prexident, Sharon Rochambeaug Reprexentalhfe, Ann O'Conno'rg Treasurer, Sue Taulbeeg Repreyenla- live, Margaret Bensong Repreferzlafire, Karla Tatum. I B 1 Proud Seniors Enter New Worlds 45 Abrams, Carol Adams, Bob Adams, Bobby Adams, Carol Adams, Dot Adams, Katy Adams, Lewis Alexander, Gloria Alexander, Robert Alford, Flora Allen, Chuck Allen, Elaine Amesbury, Lynda Anderson, Amelia Anderson, Larry Anderson, Ruby Andrews, Rusty Aplin, jerry Arbo, Virginia Ashcraft, john Athanasiou, Speros Aven, Joe Bailey, Charles Baldwin, jimmy Senior Class President Received Baltzer, Eleanor Banks, Barbara Barbour, Nancy Bardsley, Carol Barkas, Lillian Barlow, Wayne Barnes, Judy Barrett, Janice Barrios, Pete Bartlett, Carolyn Bartley, Robert Bass, Gayle Baskin, Creagh Baswell, Charles Bates, Brenda Baumhauer, Charles Bawden, Lena Bean, Sherron Beard, Ann Beard, Dorothy Beard, Sharon Bell, Barbara jean Benson, Margaret Berger, Linda R. Good Citizenship Award Berson, Barbara . Betancourt, Joyce Beville, Cummins Bianco, Phillip Outstanding seniors in drarnatics, , Bill Higgins, Ferd Zundel. Bickford, Barbara Blackburn, Charles Blackledge, Jack Blackwelder, Judith Blackwell, Anne Blair, Arelius Blake, Martha Blizzard, Judy Bloch, Dorothy Bodiford, Julie Ann Bollig, Saundra Bolling, Jackie Bolton, Joyce Bolton, Vivian 47 Bond, Evelyn Bonner, Cecile Bornfleth, Bonnie Bosarge, jackie Bounds, Cathleen Bradley, Richard Bramlett, Chandler Brandan, William Branner, Judi Brantley, Raycelia Brickman, jay Bridges, Randy Traditional Live Oak Tree Planted ,Y ,.,f' Britain, john Broach, Glen Brock Frankie Brock, Reba Brooks, Linda Brown Charles Outstanding senior in math, Kay Dunn. AA by Seniors in rbor Day Ceremon YNY Y Y v -- 49 Brown, Dot Brown, Judie Brown, Willodean Browne, Freddie Bryars, jimmy Buck, jane Bullard, Nancy Bullard, Reginald Bullock, jonathan Buntin, Carol Burch, Floyd Burke, jane Burnett, Ronny Bums, Beverly Burt, Sybil Busch, Janice Bush, Nancy Byrd, jackie Byrd julie Byrd, Sandra Cain, Sarah Caldwell, Dianne Caminas, Carol Ann Camp, Sue Tom Tunstall, Harry McKinion, outstanding seniors in music. Castle, jimmy Chamberlain, Sharon Chapman, Vivien Childs, Bo Chisholm, Robert Cholar, Emil Christiansen, john Christopher, Paul Clark, Jacquelyn Clarke, jo Ann Cleek, Eddie Clements. Vernon Senior Football Captain Won Berth Carder, Bill Carpenter, Carol Carpenter, Sandra Carr janet Carre, Linda Carter, Sylvia on Birmingham News All-State Team ' ' H' ' Y r e-- 5 I Clikas, Betta Cobb, Barbara Cochran, Carole Coffey, Kent Cole, Betty Colvin, john Compston, Cecelia Condon, Peggy Cone, Edward Congleton, Charles Cook, Dottie Cook, julie Cooper, David Copeland, William Corley Juanita Cosper, Dianna Coumanis, George Counts, Wanda Covington, Elizabeth Cowen, Gerald Crane, Billy Crank, Donnie Crawford, Lamar Crenshaw, Elizabeth Ninety seven Seniors Were Featured Crenshaw, Moren Crichlow, Sandy Crowell, Anne Crowell, Carolyn Crowell, john Crowson, Shirley Cmit, Roger Crysell, Don Culpepper, Sammy Curry, Carol Curry, Peggy Curry, Roddy Dahlgren, Mary Dahlhoff, Bill Damson, Sam Daniel, Faye Danne, Georgia Dart, Charles Daul, George Davenport, Maxine Davis, Davis Davis Davis r x Annie Carolyn Mae Jeanne Phillip Murphy S FIISI Panther Davis, Robert Davis, Wayne Davis, William Daw, Betty Dearborn, Becky DeLoach, Cary 53 Spirit ight D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award winner Sharon Rochambeau. Dendy, Robert Derby, Lynne Desmond, Charles Dupree, Anne Devis, Dot Dickinson, Invone Dickinson, Van Dill, jimmy Dixon, Jeanette Dixon, Sandra Dockery, Henry Donaldson, Don American College Tests Taken by Donaldson, Eddie Donaldson, joy W X ' Downey, Mit Downey, Tommy Draime, janet Drashman, Bruce D.O. outstanding seniors, Sandra Finch Larry Anderson. Draughan, Doug Drew, Sarah DuBose, jean Duke, Barbara Ann Duke, jimmy DuLong, Marie Dunn, Kay Dutton, Pat Duvall, jimmy Duval, Joann Dwyer, Susan Dykes, Judy Seniors Planning to Attend College iv, ,lil Dykes, Sue Easley, Brenda Eberlein, Emily Eddins, Donna Edgar, jimmy Edington, Howard Edwards, jimmy Ellis, Gerald Emanuel, Gus Emanuel, Patty Erskine, Gail Etliridge, Bobby Eubanks, George Evans, Geneva Fail. Phyllis Farmer, Donald Fell, Glen Fell, Karen Fclps, Reid Feore, jay Few, Kenney Finfh, David Finch, Sandra Firth, Angela Murphy Semor r1tes Teen Column Fisher, Ronnie Fitts, Jackie Fitzgerald, Trish Flach, Janice Fleming, Jeanne Fleming, Mickey Fleming, Rora Lynn Floyd, Fred Formwalt, Annie Foster, Nancy Foster, Pat Foster, Phyllis Fountain, Edwin Foutz, Patty Fowler, Jimmy Fowler, Wayne Francis, Bill Frank, Nada Frazer, Carolyn Frazier, Carol French, Ellen Frey, Mack Friedlander, Donald Fromm, George for the obile Press Register Fuller, Joyce Gabel, Patricia Galloway, jimmy Ganas, Marie Gardner, Ella Gardner, Gail Garratt, Toni Gates, Frank Gates, Larry Gay, Gary Gaylor, David Gentry, john Annette jordan, Southeastern Area Advisory Council of Junior Red Cross. ,l..4-L Gibne Bobby Y, Gicldens, Dorothy Gilbert, Sandra Gill, lean Gill, joe Glass, Bobby 57 Thirty-eight Seniors Indueted into Glover, Shirley Glover, Steve Glyptis, Pagona Godshalk, Cynthia Goodloe, Bill Gorman, Frank Gotcher, Paula Gould, Arita Gray, Sanford Grayson, Billy Green, Lee Nell Green, Sherry Grider, Vfayne Griffin, Larry Grimes, Peggy Grindle, Cara Lee Grovenstein, Neal Guinn, Barbara Gulsby, Rebecca Haas, Nancy Hacker, Susan Hadder, L. C. Hahn, Bill Hairston, Kay ational Honor Society in November Hardee, Alvin Hardee, Ray Hardy, Lynda Hargett, Anita Hargrove, Virginia Harkey, Mary Kay 59 Hall, Annie jane Hall, Beverly Hall. Bill Hallberg, Barbara Hamil, james Hamilton, Pam Hammac, Mary Louise Hamrick. Avos Hancock, Janet Handley, jo Ann Hanlin, john Harbaugh, Elmer Outstanding band members, Peggy Condon Charles Dart. Senior Elected junior Red Cross State Harper, Doug Harrington, Sandra Harris, Brenda Harris, Louis Harris, R. L. Harrison, Danny Outstanding senior in Industrial Arts, David Jones. Harvey, Mary jo Haskins, joleen Hatch, jeffrey Hawsey, John Hayes, Janice Heacock, Gene ' Hearn, Sue Hempfling, Billy Henderson, Alysia Henderson, Barbara Herring, Bill Hiatt, Olivia Representative to District Conference N, , Q-pw Q 5 xg 1 X 4-- Al Higgins, Bill High, Wilber Hill, Brenda Hill, Mary Hiteshew, Sandra Hobbs, Mary Hodges, Kenny Hogan, Rosemary Hollingsworth, Christine Holmes, Eddie Hopkins, jimmy Houston, Evelyn Houston, Madeline Howell, Bemice Howell, Gail Howell, Sydney Howell, Thomas Howle, Charles Hubbard, Barbara Huston, Faye Hymel, Carolyn Ingram, Eugene Isler, Guerry jackson, Barbara Six Seniors Serve as Maids ' jones jones jones, jackson, Carol jackson, Earl A jackson-Angus, Gail jacobs, Evelyn james, Carolyn jarrell, Fred jefcoat, Fredna jenkins, jamie jenkins, Melvin jenson, Bill jernigan, Charles johnson, Becky johnson, Margie johnson, Marilyn johnson, Maureen johnston, Karl johnston, Paul jones, Carl jones, Carol jones, David Dorothy Elaine Henry jones, james I 'V V 3 :A Mobile's Azalea Trail Festivities Virginia Nelson, Nancy Foster outstanding seniors in art ordan Annette Joyner, Patricia jumonville, Bobby Kalvin, Joyce Keevan, Helen Keller, Emmett Kelly, Charlotte Kelly, john Kelly, Max Kennamer, Beth Kennedy, Dee Kennedy, Linda Kennedy, Sue Kenopke, Chester Kindred, Kenneth King, Carole King, Don King, Kathy Kinney, Carolyn Kitchens, Mary Klumpp, Carolynn Knight, Sidney Knodel, Mary Knott, Robert Knowles, Richard y f..r ,gg 4 ,v,, ...., E . ., W ,,,, ,M-ff' , fn,,,,...-H' V, Sue Hearn, outstanding senior in Foreign Languages. Senior Elected to Position of Mayor Kohorn, Lester Ketheimer, Phillip Kretzer, Lois Kynard. Charles Ladner, Lana Laird, Dickie during Youth ppreciation Week V if ' L ' ' Y 7 A---h as Lambert, Freddy Lammon, Mark Lancaster, Rebecca Langley, Michael Langus, Eddie Lappage, Tommy Lauter, Barbara Lazenby, Helen Leatherbury, Ellen Leatherwood, Karen Leavins, Jamey Lee, Billy Lee, Charles Lee, Johnnie Lee, Sammy Lincoln, Alethea Lindsey, Mary Locke, Sandra Loftin, Bill Logan, Paul Lollar, Ann Lombard, Carolyn Looney, Mike Lowery, Charles Eight Seniors Place in f , r I! 1 Q I f ll Semi-Finals Lowry, Clinton Ludlow, Donald Luquire, joe Lutz, Loyce Lynn, Charles McClure, Dottie McClure, Imelda McClure, Louise McCully, Margaret McDonald, Linda McDonnell, Cary McDuffie, Betty McDuffie, Thresia Mclntyre, Bonnie Mclnvale, Bob McKinion, Harry McKinley, Harriet McKinnell, Ann McKinney, Mary McLarty, Bill McLean, Sam McLean, Teresa McLemore, Frances McLeod, Marshall for the National Merit Scholarship Malone, Judy Manders, Glenda Manuel, Allen Maples, Johnny Marlar, Nancy Martin, Ann 4. 67 McMillan, Larry McMillan, Sondra McMullan, Mickey McNellage, Gwen Mabrey, Jay MacLeay, Joanne MacPherson, Paula Maddox, Janette Mader, Paul Mahan, Carolyn Mahoney, Clarence Mallory, Charles Outstanding science seniors, Jane Evans Norton, Jonathan Bullock, I Member of the Senlor Class Ranks Martin, Louis Masarone, Betty Mason, jay Massengale, Joe Massey, Barbara Matthews, Cathy Maurer, Raymond Mayes, Robert Melvin, Lynda Mendelson, Gale Mercer, Mary Merrell, Anna Rita Merry, Brad Mihelich, Sherry Miller, David Miller, Keith Miller, Linda Milling, Cindy Mills, David Mills, Glen Mills, Victor Mitchell, jean Mitchell, Pat Mitchiner, Barry Second Among Tennis Jimmy Dill, All-State, Morris, Rosemarie Mosley, Brenda Mosley, Wayne Moss, Alice Mudge, judy Murphy, Linda Murray, Patsy Murray, Robert Muths, Gus Myer, Judy Nassar, Billy Nealy, Lannis Players in State Mobley, Carol Monk, Rachel Moore, Anne Moore, Gracie Moore, Kenny Moran, Sharon AO Four Seniors Inducted into an Neel, Pat Negus, Lucy Nelson, Frances Nelson, Hollis Nelson, Mary Nelson, Virginia Nettles, jean Nicholas, Earline Nicholas, Virginia Nichols, Charles Nichols, Lottie Fay Nichols, Norman Nichols, Vilou- Niolon, Norbert Nix, Kathy Norris, Camille Northcutt, Nancy Norton, jane Evans Noyes, Ben Nurse, Anita Oaks, George O'Connor, Ann O'Dell, Linda Sue Odom, Dorothy Randlette Art Honor Society i Parker, jackie Parker, Joyce Parker, Richard Parrott, Faye Paschal, Nancy Pate, Michael 'll Oliver, Wiliner O'Neal, Geraldine Orr, joan Osinski, Karen Overstreet, Norman Overton, Betty Owen, Lorraine Owens, Norman Owens, XVillie Panter, Johnnie Faye Parden, Monty Parker, Bernie Chandler Bramlett, Bobby jumonville outstanding seniors in journalism. Mobile Jaycees Choose Murphy Senior Patrick, Gary Patterson, Nan Patterson, Shirley Peak, Ira Outstanding senior in Social Studies, Carole Walker. Pearce, Wanda Peavy, Mary Peden, jean Pendergrass, john Perez, Jeannie Permenter, Martha Petersen Frederick Peterson, Dianna Peterson Dora Peterson, Talinda Perry, Berry Phillips, Charles Phillips, Eddie PhillipS, Emily Phillips, Kathryn Pickett, Kathy Pierce, Amelia Pierce, Douglas Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, Pat Pat Rene Rosemary Pilgrim, Anne Piper, Walter Pitts, Dottie Plyler, Barbara Pollard, Howard Benjamin Poole, Pope, Sharon Carolyn Porter, Shirley Pounds, Powell, Powers, Praytor, Price Price Prim Priscilla William Ronnie Carolyn Barbara Price, , Sidney -Williams, Janice JOY Two Senior Music Students Pla my r ' 'Q Pruitt, Linda Psencik, Louise Puckett, Earl Purviace, jane Purvis, Walter Radcliff, Lucy Rader, Michael Raine, Stuart Rainey, Freida Ramsey, Mary Randolph, jimmy Ray, Mary Lou Rayford, Carole Reed, Carol Reed, Daniel Reed, jack Reed, Meredith Reed, Timothy Reyburn, Glenda Richardson, Charl Rider, Arnold Risen, Nell Rivers, Edna Robbins, Carolyn CS in Mobile Symphon Orchestra Roberts Ann Roberts Bonnie Roberts, JoAnn Roberts Linda Roberts, Susan Robertson, Madeleine Robinson, Diane Robinson, Emily Robinson, Judy Robinson, Sara Rochambeau, Sharon Rodgers, Robert Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Shelba Seniors, Patsy Murray and janet Draime, business office assistants. . Ros, Ramon Ross, Carolyn Rounsaville, Betty Rountree, Mary Elizabeth 7E Senior Science Pupil Won Honors Rumpanos, Sheila Russ, Tommy Rutland, Judy Ryals, Bobby Sanford, Sydney Sawatka, Tom Sawyer, Barbara Sawyer, Sue Sawyer, Tim Scarcliff, Hazel Schaeffer, Chuck Schley, Kathleen Schmidt, Eileen Siple, Jimmy Sciple, Mary Louise Seal, Berry Sealy, june Seignious, Christine Self, Pat Sellers, julie Sewell, Betty Sharitt, Barnes Shaw, Clarence Shearon, Mary Ann at Mobile Regional Science Fair -n--- 77 Shelton, Wenona Sheppard, Butch Shipp, Estelle Short, Sandi Shotts, Wayne Sibley, Susan Siegelrnan, Les Simms, Fay Sims, Pam Singleton, Bobby Singleton, jackie Sirmon, Arthur Siurua, Fred Skelton, Judy Skinner, jack Slaughter, Evelyn Slocum, Phil Smelser, Kay Smith, Dorothy Smith, Ellen Smith, Ernest Smith, Geraldeen Smith james Smith Kathleen Two Seniors Elected to Head Teen Smith Smith Smith wa Smith, y x Kenny Peggy Richard Sally Smith, Steve Smith, Terry Smith, Toni Sossaman, Robert Spottswood, john Spitzer, Patsy Springer, Nita Stacy, Bob Stanton, Vic Steele, Crawford Steiner, Pamela Stevens, Leslie Stevenson, Becky Steward, Gerald Stojcich, Kathy Stokley, Sharon Stone, Sue Stone, Twila Stringfellow, 10A Sturm, Bill flfl Council of the Greater Gulf State Fair Sumrall, jere Swain, Toni Sweetser, Errol Swift, Peggy Tait, Ronny Tanner, Richard Tart, jerrol Tatum, john Tatum, Karla Taulbee, Sue Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Lois Ann Taylor, Melvin A 2 Taylor, Tawnya Tedder, Norma Teel, Leonard Thames, Sandy Bill Higgins, Mayor, Youth Appreciation Week and Kathy Pickett, Miss United Fund. 4-.- 79' About One Thousand Thirty-seven Thigpen, Charles Thomas, Martha Thomas, Thomas W. Thompson, Amanda Thompson, Garry Thompson, john Edd Thornton, Brenda Tillman, Steve Tillotson, Martha Torgerson, Joyce Townsend, Kathryn Trippe, Carolyn True, Robert Tunstall, Tom Turk, Rose Marie Turner, Jackie Turner, Kirk Turner, Paul Turrittin, Betty 'lo Turrittin, Carolyne Urquhart, Gayle Van Dillon, Frances Vaughan, Mary Elizabeth Vellianitis, Athanasios Deserving Seniors Received Diplomas Y 1' ' Y l, F4- sal Vines, David Vogel, Diann Vogelgesang, Ann Wahlsten, Sally Waite, Bob Waldron, George Walker, Carole Walker, Tom Wallace, Barbara Waller, Celeste Walters, Carolyn Ward, David Warren, Jacque Watkins, Gary Wadcins, Gerald Watson, Charles Watson, Martha Webb, Melanie Welborn, Patsy Welbom, Ralph Welch, Roger Wells, Tommy Wentworth, Bobby Werner, George une Second-A Memorial Williamson, jerry Williamson, john 'Nw Day in Wesley, Isabelle Wheeling, Charles Whitaker, julie White, Billie White Whitez White White n Carol Glenda Lester Pat White, Rose Many Whiting, Wythe Wiggins, Claire Willett, Paulette Williams, Clayton Williams, Dave Wfilliams Elaine Williams Joan Williams, johnny Williams Mildred Williams, Nancy Williams, Richard C Lives of ll Graduating Seniors Williarnson, Myrt Williamson, Nancy Williford, Thomas Vfillman, jonette Wilson, Bobby Winstanley, Shirley Wolford, Diane Wolf, Priscilla Wood, Ernie Wood, james Wooldridge, Thomas Worthington, jack Wright, Richard Wright, Ted Wyatt, Glenda Yarbrough, Tommy Yawn, Joyce Yeager, Butch Young, Carol Yow, Ruby ...lini- Zivitz, Tommy Zundel, Ferd Q3 f xwf X WS 41? la 9 U 0 0 v if , 130820801517-7859 4 gs. it nuuezeesfsw 'W . auvvmawfasmayqg . Q . Q ............W. " ua quasi HVQQUUUQ 0 U D 5 ---.......,, My I Mr. and Miss Panther Spirit jimmy Dill, Foofbnfl Cfzpifzizz Sharon Rochambeau, Senior Clair Prefident First Annual Panther Spirit ight Mr. jack Crisp erncees PSN. Excitement filled the auditorium on November 14, as the curtain rose on the first annual presenta- tion of Panther Spirit Night by the MOHIAN Staff. The purpose of this occasion is to acquaint the com- munity along with Murphys student body with those nominated for yearbook honors. Outstanding Senior Candidates and finalists for Favorites of the Sopho- more, junior and Senior classes, and candidates for Mr. and Miss Panther Spirit were introduced before the enthusiastic audience. Each candidate for Outstanding Senior had been selected by the faculty on the basis of high scholarship in his particular field of study. The finalists for Favorities had been chosen by the students. Candi- dates for Mr. and Miss Panther Spirit were repre- sentatives of Murphys clubs. Each ticket entitled the holder to one vote. Following the introduction of the Favorites, the Editor of the MOI-HAN announced that the 1960 MOI-HAN was dedicated to Miss Lolete Tanner. Immediately a spotlight was thrown on Miss Tanner as she received a corsage from the staff and a stand- ing ovation from the audience. After the presentation of these elite, everyone was invited to a dance in the gaily decorated cafeteria where the results of the election were soon announced. The honored couple who won reigned over the fes- tivities for the remainder of the evening as the "Cas- uals" provided music. Editor ,Ioleen Haskins welcomes everyone to PSN. Bobby Jumonville bestows the honor on Migg Tanner- A .xt MA!! Students Presented at P.S.N. Kay Dunn Linda Berger George Daul Jean Pederi Carol Buntin Barbara Lauter Carole Cochran MOHIAN'S New Project Is Huge Success Pfefezzzmg, Ann O'Connor. Dancers rip it up after Panther Spirit Night ,. .,., ,, ., . V11 Candidates for senior favorites line up on the beautiful set during Panther Spirit Night. 1 Two outstanding seniors walk down the ramp, jimmy Arendall assists Pat Aston as they are introduced At the magic hour of midnight, tired but happy dancers reluctantly leave the big dance. JANE BURKE President of Booster Club President of Latin Club Homecoming Maid SENIOR TOM WALKER Treasurer of Student Council National Honor Society Cartoonist for Hi-Times FAVORITES SIDNEY KNIGHT Captain of Golf Team Club Ushers Club ANNE BLACKWELL Business Manager of MOI-IIAN National Honor Society Azalea Trail Maid SHARON ROCHAMBEAU President of Senior Class Miss Panther Spirit D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award SENIOR CHARLES WHEELING Senior Class Representative FAVORITES I ERNIE XWOOD President of Student Council Key Club Ushers Club SYDNEY HOWELL Treasurer of Special Chorus Azalea Trail Maid KAY I-IAIRSTON Homecoming Queen Assistant Head Majorette JIMMY DILL SENIOR Captain of Football Team Captain of Track Team Club FAVORITES 1 PHILLIP BIANCO Football Team Track Team President of Club JOY DONALDSON Head Cheerleader Four Arts Club DONNA GRAY Swimming Club RUSSELL FUGIER Student Council Sophomore Favorites PEGGY SELLERS Homecoming Maid TOMMY ZIEMAN President of Sophomore Class unior Favorites 1 FRED SULLIVAN President of junior Class I PATRICIA ASTON Homecoming Maid ANNE BRUCE Secretary of junior Class JIMMY ARENDALL Representative of junior Class Foreign Language GEORGE DAUL Latin French ALFTHEA LINCOLN Spanish French Outstanding As Selected Band SUSAN SIBLEY Two medals for flute quartet One medal for flute trio One medal for flute duet JACK CROWELL Drum Major Two first place medals at State Band Contest Two second place medals at State Band Contest Seniors by the Faculty Dramatics JIMMY EDWARDS Four Arts Club Stage Crew Manager BRENDA EASLEY Four Arts Club Mathematics GWENDOLYN MCNELLAGE Algebra Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry MICHAEL PATE Algebra Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry 1' 'pw-fn. Science JAMES JoNEs Biology Physics Chemistry 1 EMILY RGBINSON Biology Physics Chemistry Outstanding Publications CAROL BUNTIN Journalism Editor of The l-Ii-Times jOLEEN HASKINS Editor of The MOI-IIAN As Selected Seniors by the Faculty Music ALICE MOSS Secretary of Special Chorus LINDA SUE O'DELL Special Chorus Madrigal Singers Art FRED PETERSON Art II BARBARA BERSON Art HI President of Fan Randlette Art Honor Society ZW www -W., Cf' Vg,-' Outstanding Social Studies BILL CRANE American History Problems of Democracy ANNIE FORMWALT American History Problems of Democracy As Selected Diversified Occupations I EDDIE coNE Related Subjects job Training I BARBARA I-IALLBERG Related Subjects job Training Various Related Subjects Seniors by the Faculty Commercial 1 JEAN PEDEN Bookkeeping Typiflg Shorthand I ANN o'eoNNoR Typing Shorthand QQ--Af... X 5 X 2 -. I Industrial Arts REGINALD BULLARD Woodvforking Crafts ELEANOR BALTZER Home Economics UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Prefident, Fred Sullivang RepreJ'e11lali1'e, Mary Jane Freemang Rep1'eJen!ulizfe, Jimmy Arendall Ser1'etm'y,' Anne Bruceg Repfesenmliife, Douglas Knoxg T7'6pIIl17'??', Bonnie Cookg Vire-Preiident Claire Kayg Rep1'e5e1zmfi1'e. Judy Broadusg Rep1'e5ezm1ziz'e, Pat Dunn, uniors, the Middlemen of Murph i l l 1 i i i 3 ,7 l IAQ Adams, Bill Adams, Carl Adams, Hershel Adams, Rosemary Agee, Kenny Aikin, Sue Ainsworth, Martin Aldridge, Tommy Alford, Anne Allen, Ronnie Allen, Shirley Anderson, Madeline Andrews, Clarence Andridge, Elaine Antoine, Meridel Archer, Bobby Arendall, jimmy Armistead, Charles Armstead, jimmy Aston, Pat Austin, Wilmer Autrey, Jerry Avent, David Avery, Marian Aycock, Shirley Bailey, Mike Bailey, Portia Bailey, Sandra Baker, Georgia Baldwin, Charles Baldwin, Ronnie Baltzer, Janice Bane, Barbara Bardsley, Dee Barefield, Ellen ' A A -2,," " W f-,,,,. Jtidyllenderson, President of Tennis Club. Bauer, George Baxter, Anne Beard, Judy Beard, Patricia Bearden, Sue Beasley, Glenda Beary, Jimmy Beauvais, Ellen Beauvais, Mary Bechtelheimer, Karen Beck, Billy Bedsole, Martha Bedsole, Tommy Bell, Jennie Bell, Ronnie Bell, Ronnie Bennett, Jane Benson, Betty Benson, Paulette Besselaar, Richard myligda unior Girl Chosen to Represent Barlow, Ray Barlowe, Pat Barnes, Butch Barnes, Sally Barnhart, Laura Barr, Larry 1 Bartlinski, Jeanne Barton, William Bates, Jean Gayfefs on "Seventeen" Fashion Show 4 1 l IDR Beuk, Danny Beville, Barclay Billingsley, Tony Binder, Rochelle Bingham, Barbara Binion, Donna Bishop, Libby Bishop, Pat Bixler, Susan Blackmon, Patricia Blackwood, Lynn Blair, Paul Bliss, Ronnie Boardman, Charles Boatwright, Cecelia Boatwright, Ed Bodden, jimmy Bodiford, Charles Boesen, Fred Bolson, Barry Bolton, Wayne Bonds, Wesley Bonneau, Blanche Borroughs, Dee Wayne Botta, Don Botts, Barbara Bouler, Bobby Bouler, David Boutwell, Pat Boyd, Sandra Boykin, Billy Box, Mike Brabson, Ed Bradshaw, Jayne Brady, Gail Two Members of the unior Class Branch, Bobby joe Brannon, Ronald Brasell, Barbara Bratcher, Linda Brent, joan Brewer, Bill Brewton, Bubba Brewton, H. E. Bridges, Edwin Britton, jimmy Broadus, Judy Brock, Larry Brown, Barbara Brown, Beth Brown, Carole Brown, Eugene Brown, Morgan Brownlee, Georgia Bruce, Anne Buck, Gary Buck, Paul Buckley, Parker Buhler, Lynda Buitt, Janice Burchfield, Major Burleson, Stanlei gh Busby, Charles Byrd, Billy Byrd, jerry Cagle, Becky Cagle, Edna Earle Cain, Eddie Cale, Willard Calhoun, Linda Calhoun, Nancy Were Inducted into F.R. . .S. Calloway, Kay Camp, Mary Dee Campbell, Doris Campbell, Douglas Campbell, Frank Campbell, Linda Campbell, Patsi Carley, Louise Carlton, Ann Carlton, Sharon Carpenter, james , Carr, Arlene Carroll, Dana jo Carter, Beverly Carter, Sondra Carter, Wayne Casey, Billy Cassity, John Casson, Gerry Catlin, Martha V eff T, 2 J 4 K fa .wa f? MM!,,,aff' junior, Barclay Beville is Miss McKnight's office assistant Caton, Gwen Cauthee, Andy Chamberlain, Ann Chance, Phillip Chandler, Mae Beth Chestnolvick, Kay Church, Dan Clapp, Norman Clark, Carolyn Ih'1 ff s-1..,,N Donna Binion, junior library assistant Cole, Farris Coley, Brenda Collins, Carolyn Collins, Nan Collins, Patsy Collins, Ronnie Conway, Dolly Conway, George Cook, Bonnie Cook, Carolyn Cook, jim Cook, JoAnne Cook, Pat Cooper, jimmy Cooper, Ruth Ann Copeland, Shirley Coppock, Catherine Coumanis, Mary Crabtree, Marvin Creager, Carol Four umor Favontes Featured Clark, Dianne Clark, Virginia Clarke, George Clay, Don Clements, Phyllis Cobb, Swenson Cochran, Tommy Cohn, Helen Coker, Linda in MOHI for the First Time H10 Creekmore, William Creighton, Vernon Crenshaw, George Crider, Peggy Culpepper, Carol Curran, Larry Curry, Horace Curtis, Paul Curtis, Richard Dantzler, Dianne Dantzler, Norman Daughdrill, Curtis Daughdrill, Kay Daugherty, Sheila Davis, Bill Davis, Carol Davis, Cliff Davis, Ellen Davis, Gerald Davis, jackie Davis, joe Davis, Roger Davis, Sandra Day, Charles Deal, Walter Dean, Wayne Dearman, Carol Dearrnon, Ethel Deaton, Peggy Delchamps, Randy Delhomme, Elizabeth Detman, Selma Dickens, Richard Dillingham, Dianne Dixon, Ann Three Murph junror Football Players Dobbs, james Dolbear, Darlene Dolive, Bill Donnelly, Rose Doolittle, Clinton Dorsey, Sandra Doty, Jane Doughman, Peggy Drago, joe Draime, Wayne Duke, juan Dulaney, Ellen Dumas, Carolyn Dumas, Cathy Dumas, jimmy Dunn, Pat Dunnam, janet Dupuy, Sharon Durant, DeLynn Durant, john Dutton, Helen Dykes, Bubba Earley, jimmy Ebert, Charles Edger, Lloyd Edmonds, Harold Edwards, Betty Ann Edwards, janet Elizondo, Nora Ellis, John Ellison, Melanie England, Betty England, Ellouise England, Frank English, Sara Nell Chosen for Mobile All-City Team Engwall, Arvid Eslava, Dale Estes, Eileen Etheridge, Ted Eubanks, Connie Eubanks, Lee Evens, Alan Faircloth, Marianne Farnell, George Farnell, Sylvia Farquhar, Carrell Farris, Charles Favor, Joy Favors, Sylvia Feinman, Marcia Felps, Dorothy Fendley, Carlos Feore, Perry Ferguson, Larry Ferrari, Renee Iunior Joe Drago, Essay Contest Winner Fidler, judson Fields, Audrey Fife, Francelle Fishburne, Carol Flach, Norris Fleming, Earl Fleming, Nadine Flowers, Burt Flowers, Pat Folds, Olivia Foley, Emmett Forbragid, Mal Fore, Ann Foreman, Blan Foster, Yvonne Fowler, Betty Francis, Donna Frank, Karen Frazier, Shirley Freeman, Mary jane Frew, Sandra Friedlander, jenny Frost, Shirley Fry, Patsy Frye, Rubin Fuller, Sue Carol Fulton, Donald Fullton, Margaret Fussel, Cheryl J. W. Imsand, All-City unior Class Boasts the Largest Gillard, Ruthie Gaines, Regina Gammill, Richard Garner, Carol Garner, Pat Garrick, Claudia Gaston, Pat Gernon, Lyn Gettinger, Doran Enrollment. . .Over Thirteen Hundred i na Gibson, Connie Gibson, Sandy Gibson, Wayne Giddens, Dianne Gilbert, Becky Gilbert, Janice Gillikin, Steve Gilmer, Dalton Girby, Michael Givens, Vince Glen, Bob Glidden, Maria Gober, Beverly Gohier, Betty Gollotte, Winford Goodloe, Lynn Gordon, Gray Gorman, Anne Granade, Annie Ruth Gray, Sandra Green, Byron Green, George Green, Neulan Greene, La Trelle Griffin, Pat Griffis, Brenda Gaogan, Betty Gzubbs, Linda Gudgen, Ronnie Gunnin, Larry Gurley, Toby Hadley, Catherine Hadley, Elaine Hager, johnny Hall, Bancroft Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall 1 Bobbie Carolyn Donald Jessie Joann Hall, Phillip Hall, Sandra Hammons, Sondra Hardin, Beth Harrel l, Cathy Harrington, Ronnie Harris, Barbara Harris Harris , Dolores , Frances Harris, Nell Ree Harris, Wallace Harrison, Beth Harrison, jimmy Hart, Michael Harvey, Yuton unior-Senior Prom Held in Cafeteria Havard, Celia Hawk, Judy Hawkins, jackie Hawkins, Lynn Hawkinson, Mary Margaret Hawks, Dick Hawkshead, Betty Hawkshead, Phillip i,5,,fi ,.' Haynes, Mary E5 Oafff 'V 25 -,,,., 2 Bobby Jo Branch, All-City 332 for the First Time in Five Years Hearn, Tommy Henderson, Elaine Henderson, Judy Henderson, Pat Hennies, Mary Paule Herbert, Amby Herrick, Richard Hetland, Edith Hill, Edward Hill, jack Hillery, Raymond Hoagland, Janie Hodge, joe Hodge, Margie Hodges, Phillip Hoffman, Freddie Hoffman, Richard Hoffman, Ronnie Hofheins, Ann Holland, Jerry Holler, Fred Holmes, Becky Holmes, Fred Holladay, Peggy Hooks, Sandra Hope, Sandra Hopper, Donna Horton, Terry Houstan, Stanley Houston, Evelyn Houston, jack Howell, Alice Faye Howell, Chrissie Hudson, Elaine Hughes, Carol Members of the Junior Class Won l Jenkins, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Hutton, Linda Imsand, W. J Inman, Bobby 3 Innes, Janet Jackson, Gary Jackson, Jayne Jackson, Wayne Jacobs, Grace Jacobs, Lonnie James, Neil Betty Jernigan, Camille Jernigan, Cherry Jernigan, Tommy Jervis, Kathy Jockisch, Bill Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Elwood Johnson, Hecly Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Robby Johnson, Sally Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Trisha Johnstone, Becky Johnstone, Virginia Jones, Brenda Jones, Janet Jones, Joyce Jones, Judy Jones, Marilyn Bill Julie Martha Peggy "Selling as a Career" Essay Contest Ronnie McKinney, "Player of the Week" Kelly, Leo Kennedy, Charles Kennon, Dennis Kerr, Howard Kettler, Ashford Kiefer, Ronald Killough, Linda Kinser, Donna Kittrell, Richard Knowles, Beverly Koniar, Johnny Koontz, Sandra Knox, Douglas Kurby, Ransom Lamb, john Lamb, Vickie Iancaster, Jo Ann Lancaster, Orrin Langley, E. C. Lassiter, Patty joseph, june Joyner, Ernestine Kay, Richard Kearns, David Keeffe, Carolyn Kellan, Walter Kelley, Jeff Kelly, Freddie Kelly, Harrell PD! R Ronnie Schanzer, Murphys developer Lee, jerry Lee, Margaret Lee, Yvonne Le Fevre, Chrissy Leffler. Linda Legg, Curtis Leinacker, Larry Lewis, Gerald Lewis, Myra Sue Lips, Phyllis Lisenba, Sandra Little, Faye Little, Jody Liverman, Larry Lockwood, Shelia Logan, Charles Lollar, Marcus Lott, Juanita Loughlin, Peggy Lowery, james unior H1 Times Member Named Latham, Mary Louise Latham, Wanda Laurendine, Bobby Laurendine, Kenny Laurendine, Lucile Lauter, Patti Lavender, jan Leatherbury, Mary Louise Lee, Betty McNider, Peggy McPherson, julia McPherson, Pat McPhillips, Lynn McRae, Ronnie McRaee, Walter Maddox, Bobby Maddox, Pat Magnes, Norma Maguire, Charlyn Mahan, Kenneth Main, jimmy Majors, Sue Mallette, Paul Mallon, Betty Malone, David Maness, jimmy Mann, Bill Mann, Carolyn Mann, Lynda Rochelle Binder, Secretary of Alabama High School Press Association unior Class Sold Pep Shakers to Mareno, Carole Markovic, Marina Marsh, Brian Marshall, Connie Marshall, Mary Martin, Wayne Marty, Bob Masarone, Shirley Mason, Betty Raise Money for junior-Senior Prom I l2I Massey, Linda Massey, Robert Mathews, Charles May, Betty May, Barbara Mayson, Lewis Mayson, Linda Mayson, Walter Mead, Geraldine Meredith, Marie Merritt, jimmy Meszaros, Carol Mighell, Alice Mikkelsen, Carolyn Miles, Catherine Miles, john Miller, Ann Miller, Claudia Miller, Faye Miller, Pat Miller, Tanya Miller, Virginia Mills, William Miltenberger, Mathilde Mims, Barbara Mims, Linda Minhinnette, Clayton Mitchell, Jeannine Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Sharon Mobley, Beth Monroe, Gordon Montgomery, Bobby Montiel, Ken Moody, Delores New Improved Class Rings l Moore Moore 3 Moore i an 5 Moons, , , 1 , 1 Moore, Sold Larry Clifford Gregg julian Madelyn Moore, Mike Morgan, Rita Morris, Jonathan Morris, Susan Morrison, jerry Moss, Gaye Moss, Mark Moulton, Pat Mount, Noel Mudge, Christine Mullis, jack Murphy, Ruth Murray, Charles Murray, Craig Murrill, Pat Myers, Phyllis Myers, Sandra Nabb, Mary Lou Nall, Bill Nall, Faye Nealy, Kenneth Nelson, Betty Nelson, joe Neville, Ann Newman, Hal Newsom, Betty Nicholas, Patty Nicholl, Yvonne Nichols, Sandra Noble, Ben t e Officers Nobles, Barbara Novak, Charlotte Nowling, Thomas Obert, Paulette O'Connor, Brian Odom, Barbara Odom, Eddie Odom, Samuel Olive Clide - l Onderdonk, Benny Oswalt, Emilee Owens, John Pagett, Bonnie Padgett, Patricia Paramore, Ray Parden, Alfred Parham, Judy Park, Hill Parker, Annette Parker, Buddy of the AQ. ' junior Class fb i hi' 3 , 'Vi 'Q"""' ,gag g 'UW 1' 'K lv AW" Mn' i-lc. . Sv' Barbara May. Junior office assistant Parker, Madonna Patrick, Nancy Patronas, Ann Patterson, Nancy Patterson, Sandra Patton, Mike Payne, Carol Pearce, Lowell Peden, John I72 A .neun y,::::. 3 fain 1 , sv af nr' 15? , + Q? ,VM f. ,v- , ,,., ig, - Yr 1,4 fy, 'fgff' , .3 , 9475 if-7.1- f ea x QW.. , My i ll' il. 4 ,M--1 K1 ,fy wwf f LJ I I Ai fav! Q Two uniors Elected to Attend outhern Betty Newsom, President of the Swimming Club Pflughoft. Delores Phillips, John Phillips, john Phillips, Martha Phillips, Peggy Phillips, Richard Phillips, Rose Pierce, Freddie Pierce, Norma Pierce, Sandra Pike, Danny Pittman, Cecilia Platt, Kay Pocase, Tommy Pollard, Beth Ponder, Billy Poole, Jeanne Poole, Ronald Pope, Carol Pope, Nona Peden, Seth Pennington, joy Pennington, Julius Pennington, Linda Pennington, Mike Pennington, Sonny Persson, Lynda Pctcet, Frank Pettis, Lane Meeting of tudent Councils 4- . Fav-,3 -mr Cdr Z 'TT.""" Nd' Wm .gh av' -ef' GQ G1-fs 2 L IO! Pou, Bobby Powell, Diane Powell, Linda Previto, Kitty Prine, Betty Prine, Helen Prior, jimmy Priskell, Wimdell Purvis, Emmett Putman, john Pylate, Carole Quick, Eleanor Rabby, Minnie Raider, Lynne Raley, Wayne Ramey, Francis Ramsey, Martin Ray, Bill Ray, Buddy Ray, Douglas Rayford, Florence Rayford, Toni Redmond, Andrea Reed, Maxine Reed, Sandra Reeves, Paulette Regan, Sheila Reid, Betty Reid, joy Renick, Tommy Rester, Carol Rester, Carolyn Rester, Harold Revel, jimmy. Reynolds, ,lane Four Members of the junior Class mm Reynolds, Lewis Richards, jean Richards, JoAnn Richardson, Beverly Richardson, George Richburg, Mary Riley, Linda Robeano, Steven Robinson, Dorothy Robinson, johnny Robinson, Peggy Roberts, Byron Roberts, Dickie Roberts, Mary Harriet Roberts, Ronnie Roberts, Shirley Rochambeau, Susie Rodgers, Carol Rogers, Lester Rogers, Sandy Rollins, Susan Roocl, Richard Roper, Frances Rosa, Joe Rose, Charles W. Ross, Larry Rowe, Donald Rowell, Carolyn Rubey, Steve Salter, Robert Sanderford, Percy Sanders, Martha Sanford, Judy Sapp, Ronald Sasser, Jean ,fab , Selected for obile Civic Ballet H Donna Francis, Top ad salesgirl for MOHIAN Schofield, Eddie Schvettner, Richelle Scott, Charlotte Scott, Floyd Scrivener, Judy Seaman, Lorraine Seibt, Garet Sellers, Margaret Sellers, Sylvia Shafenberg, Mary Lee Shaw, Garry Shaw, Ronnie Sheppard, Henry Shirley, Jerry Shirley, Johnny Sidel, Marsha Simms, Ronnie Simpson, Carol Simpson, Sandee Sinclair, David Savory, Ralph Sawyer, Norville Sayers, Kenneth Schaefer, Ann Schaniel, Mike Schear, Susan Schiel, john Schjott, Carol Schmohl, Nancy l8'l Singleton, Leveral Sirmon, Rosalind Slaughter, Mary Ann Sledge, Pat Smith, Betsy Smith, Brent Smith, Carolyn Ann Smith, Darlene Smith, Edmond Smith, Glen Smith, Glen Smith, jewel Smith, jill Smith, johnny Smith, Judy Smith, Kay Smith, Margaret Smith, Mary Smith Norma Smith Peggy uniors Elected Vice-President and Smith, Prentiss Smith, Rae Smith, Ray Smith, Sandra Smith, Sandy Smitherman, Sandra Smitherweck, David Sollie, Edmond Southall, janet Sandra Dorsey, junior library assistant Secretary of District Hi-Y Conference IQG Speakes, Sidney Spence, Robert Spencer, Warren Spiers, Dennis Spotswood, john Sprinkle, Linda Stain, JoLynn Stallworth, Sharon Stanley, Kenny Stanton, Tommy Stanford, Stanley Steele, Elizabeth Stein, Patty Stevens, Ronald Stewart, Carolyn Stewart, David Stewart, Lianelle Stewart, Pam Stone, Bernie Stowe, jimmy Stowe, Wendell Strickland, junior Stuckey, Raycelle Strong, Harold Stucki, David Sullivan, Fred Sullivan, Penny Sumerlin, Shirley Sutley, Caterina Sutton, Mickey Sutton, Richard Sweeney, Mary Sweetser, Sue Swift, Don Swoape, Richard , Wa.. , ffl., 'W' fi 1151:-'f.s 3251 ug' pf ,,,.,,:Lh f .5- 5 Q .5 . mf , 'fi av? F" A A ' 3, Em a L . Q .991 unior Class Members Won Awards 2, C, y wa, is gg: A 'IW' sta , A.: -i""'T' Talley, Yvonne Taylor, Anita Taylor, jeff Thierry, Nina Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Gilbert Thomas, james Thompson, Charles Thompson, Linda Thompson, Ray Thorman, Garry Thrasher, jerry Thurman, Juanita Tillman, Dana Tillman, Diane Tillman, jo Anne Tillman, Morris Tims, Ann Tims, Philip Tinclle, john Tinney, Faye Tonsmeire, Skipper Torgerson, Virginia Tracy, Gene Turk, Robert Turner, Chester Turner, Donald Tuttle, Karen Twilley, Roy Valentine, Cheryl Van Antwerp, Garet Varnado, Karen Varner, Betty Vaughn, johnny Vaughn, Martha for utstanding Horsewomanship Veal, Joyce Vines, Elizabeth Voglegesang, Mary Sue XVaddle, Inge Wade, Alberta Wakelee, Wendy Waldrip, Barbara Walker, Foster Walker, Jean Walker, Ieannene Wall, Perry Wallace, Arthur Walley, james Ward, Liz Ward, Marguerite Ward, Pat Warren, George Waters, Virginia Watkins, Adrienne Watkins, Myrna Junior, Mickey Sutton, "Player of the Week" Watler, Annette Yifatts, Dianne Watts, Sally Weatherly, Lorraine Weatherly, Mollie Weekly, Carol Weldon, Tommy Weldy, Marshall Wells, Becky I5 Two unior Class Football Players I5 Wells, John Wentworth, Evalyn West, Jimmy West, Mary Ann West, Michael Whatley, Marshall Wheeler, Devan Whigham, Jerry White, Buddy White, Charlie Vfhite, Virginia White, Will Whitehead, Louie Whiteside, Ronnie Whitley, John Whitt, Diane Wiggens, Joyce Wilkins, Linda Wilkins, Joanne Willett, Judy Williams Williams Williamsi Williams Williamsi s Barbara Jerry Lynda Marshall Sally Willman, Jerry Wilson, Bobby Wilson, Charles Ed Wilson, Wilson, George Wilson, Lorraine Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Sue Wilson, Tip Windham, Conrad Given "Player of the Week', Award Windham, Virginia Winn, Lawrence Wfinter, Ross Wise, Pamela Withers, Brenda Witters, Anne Wfittner, Carl Wolstenholme, Derek XVood, Betty Word, Bobby Wright, Carolyn Wyatt, Diana Wyatt, Pat Yancy, Brenda Yawn, Mary Yawn, Sherry Yockers, Beverly Yost, David Young, Glenda Young, jimmy l i Pat Moulton, outstanding horsewoman Young, Mary Alice Yrabedra, Ronnie Zdenek, Rosalin Zirlott, Betty Zivitz, Maury Zuber, Alice Qs ,..,,, 31 K 'Ei I f, Z ilwr- ' 76 41. V 0 , , .1 gf , fn f f f' My In A I, em , . 7, . ' ,,, .3 . ,,,, ,, - 0 wg ,W , K Vi, .f:7! 5 ,M1,,,, I, Muff MOU ,cf OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICER Pwyldezzf, Tommy Zieman: T1'mJurc1'. Ivfarsha Dumas' Repf'eJ'e11lf1zi1'e Bill H k S I Sa , , , an S1 erre ary, ra Wfittmang Repf'e.vw1m111'e, Andrea Kay Anderson: Rep1'e,re11l1zliz'e. jimmy Atkinsg Vice-Prefident. Delaine Winterg Rejv1'e,a'e1zf.r11'z'e. Burke Benton. IDA ,W av New Sophomores Soon Become "Ole Timersv ' "" Acton, jimmy i Adams, Alnn Adams, Aulton Adams, jean Adams, Mike Adams, Sinclair Bailey, Bailey, Banks, l35 Agee, Connie Alan, David Alexander, james Alisch, Judy Allen, Judy Allen, Marline Allen, Michele Allen, Sammie Allred, Steve Anderson, Andrea Anderson. Andy Anderson, jerry Anderson, Miriam Anderson, Woodrow' Ard, Shirley Armstrong, Bill Armstrong, Sherry Arnold, jimmy Ashmore, Brad Austin, Marilyn Austin, Sandra Avinger, jimmy Azzem, Shirley Baber, George Baddley, Charles Gordon Sheila Baker, Mary Ellen Bancroft, Terry Bob Barefoot, Merita Barenti, Margary Bargainear, Dean Barnett, Gwen Bartlett, Claude Baugh, Douglas Bean, Rick Beard, Faye Beasley, Sue Beckham, Ronnie Bell, Carole Bell, Paula Benson, Frank Benton, Burke Benton, Terry, Berkin, Sylvia f Berning, Sandy , Bethea, Linda Boatwright, Johnny Two Members of the Sophomore Class ., ff... , ' -,f L Beverly, Billy Blackmon, Linda Blackwell, Ann Blackwell, Tyrone Blalack, Oliva Blanton, Sharon Bodden, Bodden, Bodden Bolling, Ann M Bolte, Madeline Sandra Tom arie Bond, Sandra Boone, Pat Boswell, Barbara Botter, Helen Bounds, Doug Bowden, James Bowen, Barbara Boyd, Carole Boyenga. Greg Boyette, Curtis Boykin, Linda Braddy, Ann Bradley, Carol Bramleftt, Perry Brandon, Betty Brent, John Briggs, Judy Britain, Irma Broadus, Patsy Brooks, Joyce Brown, Dennis Brown, Kay Brown, Linda Brown, Ray Brown, Steve Bruner, Robert Buckley, Judy Bullard Roger Bullard Susie Buntin, John Burch, Gerald Burnes, Paul Busby, Linda Bush, Eddie Byrd, Cecil Byrd, Kittie Calhoun, Judith Ann Campbell, Nancy Canady, Joe Cannon, Jimmy Carr, Joe Carte, Wanda Inducted into F.R. .H.S. in November Sophomore Linda James, Office Assistant Cieutat, Alberta Clark, Alma Clark, Patricia Clark, Ray Claughton, Willia Clevland, Mastin Cline, Willianu Cockrell, Beverly Cody, Connie Cole, Don Collier, james Connell, Lorna Connell, Paul Conrad, Joan Cooper, Earl Cooper, Linda Cooper, Shirley Cooper, Shirley Copeland, Phyliss Corley, Don Couturie, Denny Cowan, jack Cowen, Judy Cox, Leland Cranford, Donald Crawford, Gary Creech, Doyle Creech, Patsy Criddle, Billie Crigler, Sylvia lTl IQ7 rw-.J Carter, Judy Castiglione, Ronald Caton, Grady Chapman, Eugene Chase, Doty Cherry, Billy Chisholm, Billy Choice, Karen f 'ZW luv sw D ,X QQ, . f he 9 'ff S Ma SQ, fyeq H D 4 1 , , f f ,. ,Q A f M . Q ai' 54 1 I 1 . 'vii' si., S ,W X7 Zi' ,i 1 'fefiqi f, ,, f W f 4, ff f , f X , f 5' 3' .1 'VD v V v, ffm ,J 'Sam - I ,S it Eleven Hundred Forty-five New Davis Davis v Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Cross, Marilyn Crowell, Bummie Crowell, Glen Crowley, Kay Cmthrid, David Culbreth, Billy Cummins, Ho-lley Cunningham, Richard Cunningham, Sharon Currie, Sammie Dahlhoff, Bobbie Dale, johnny Dann, Charles Daugherty, Alice Daughtry, Linda Davidson, John Davis, Blinda Edna Harriett jimmy Linda Nancy Rethea Sharon Davison, Donna Dawson, Peggy Dean, Bonnie Deason, Norma Dees, Joyce Dellacer, Pat Denton, Noreen Deseno, Joe Devine, Edward DeWitt, Sandra Diamond, Sylvia Dickens, Betty Digman, Judy DiXOn, Connie Dombroski, jerry Dorsett, Powers Doucet, Mary Downing, Sandra Dudley, Alan DuLong, Pam Dumas, Marsha Duncan, Barbara Dunn, Robbie Dunn, Sheila Dupree, Michael Dupuy, Barbara Durant, Catherine Durboraw, Wfayne Duvall, Olivia Dwyer, Sharon Sophomores Radiate the Halls of urph Dyess, Sandra Eades, Robert Easley, Patsy Edgar, Harry Edwards, Betty Ellis. Elizabeth Ellisor, Becky Emmons, Carolyn Enfinger, Diane Enfinger, John Entin Barbara Entrelcin, Voncile Epperson, joel Emandez, Freddie Esneul, Kathy Estes, Marilyn Estes, Patricia Estis, Elizabeth Etheridge, Emma jean Ethridge, Suzanne Eubanks, Donna Eubanlcs, Lavon Ezell, Carolyn Faggard, Bobby Fallows, Judith Farnell, Beth Fearn, Mirian Ferguson, Peggy Ferguson, Ronald Fernianyg Theodora Finch, Ronald Fincher, James Finley, Margaret Firth, Phillip Fisher, Sheila Flack, Betty Flowers, Barbara Flowers, Dick ISO Sophomore Diane Reinhart. Nurse Assistant Flowers, janess Folds, Bobbie Franklin, Sherry Frenzel, jea-nne Frezell, Susan Fugier, Kenny Fugier, Russell Fuller, George Fulton, Cheryl Fulton, Roger Fuqua, Bill Gabel, jim Ganus, Betty Gardber Manuel 8, Gardner, Linda Gardner, Rex Garner, Skippy Garrick, Shelia Garris, Betty Gatlie, Virginia Gibbs, Joyce Gilbert, Mary Belle Gill, Carolyn Gillis, Barbara Gliddon, Bobby Goff, Emogene Gooder l, Donna Gordon, Bobby Goulsby. Shirley Grant, Pam Gray, Donna Green, Betty Griffith, Barbara Grizzle, Jerry Gurley, Michael Haas, Ervin Haas, Sandy Hakanson. Ma ry History Is Made at urphy fee fg- .L ...,. jp SY' r, A Billy McLeod, Sophomore 4 Varsity Football Player Four Sophomores Chosen Favorites fl , fisiux K r i X .I fig "5 v' , A A , Q 6 s , vi , , , sr . Qi tix, 4-2: o'f1"f sis . Y?"v ,. .S f' .. sl ,, ' . em, t t 'X f A, s x ..x, K is s,,..-ff gg gy!! , K 0 I t 1 it .F N f is T s .i2i,5.,, 'g Q 5. 5-gg IQ -3 s 6-J s-G5 Wm ,sg IAI Hall, Phillip Hallman, Lynette Hamilton, Bucky Hamilton, Marion Hamilton, Williarii Hamm, Robert Hand, Patty Hanks, Bill Harbaugh, Sharon Hare, Bonnie Harper, Dickie Harris, Barbara Harris, Betty Harris, Betty Harris, Ollie Harrison, Betty Harrison, Ferrolyn Harrison, Lecky Hart, Harty Hawkins, Wayne Hearn, Carrol Hedrick, Grant Henderson, joan Hendrick, Barbara Herrin, Beverly Hewitt, Steve Hill. Johnny Hill, Judy Hillman, Mike Hilton, George Hixson, Doug Hoffman, Peggy Hogan, Bernard Hogan, Glenda Holberg, Robert Holcomb, George Holden, Mary Martha Holder, Barbara Holley, Thomas Hollingsworth, Barbara Holmes, David Horton, Larry Howard, Mary Anetia Howell, Louise Howell, Vicki Hrom, Elizabeth Hughes, Arnold Hunsaker, Pat Ingram, Charles jacks, Johnny Jacobs, JoAnn james, Linda jimmerson, Weldon Johansen. Carol Sophomore Class Held Their First johnson johnson Johnson a-W4 a johnson, Johnson, johnson, Anita Charlotte jennifer Lynn Mary Sharon Susan Johnson, Joiner, joey jones, Carol jones, Cecelia jones, Sharon Kay jordan, Archie Kahalley, Edward Keenan, Anne Keith, Linda Keith, Vicki Kelley, Larry Kelly, jackie Kemp, jimmy Kendall, Ken Kennamer, Ida Louise Kennedy, Sarah Kent, Clyde Kersh, Deanna Kilpatrick, L. C. Kincannon, Kristine King, Beverly King, Erline King, Kathy Kinsaul, Jean Kirk, Robert Kitchens, Sandra Knight, Sam Knight, Vernon Kosko, Katherine Kossow, Marion Kountz, Annie Ruth Lacy, Majorie Ladner, Maudine Ladnier, Louise Laird, Cissie Lambert, Douglas Lambert, Grace Lambert, Wfesley Lancaster, Grady Langdon, Walter Langston, Linda Laurendine, Pat Lee, Williain Lees, Nancy Leonard, Judy Levy, Lynn Lewis, Ann Lewis, Dot Election of Officers in November Bill Hanks, only Sophomore Varsity Basketball player Luxumberg, Randy Lyndall, Wanda Lyons, jimmy Lyons, Winnie MacPherson, Marian McAuley, Guylinn McBride, Margaret McCall, janet McCall, Linda McCarter, james McConkey, Pamala McConnell, Mike. McConnell, Peggy McCormick, Carol McCowan, john McDonald, johnie McDuffie, William McGee, Sandra McGuire, Jay McKinley, Larry McLemore, Russel McLendon, Carolyn McLeod, Billy McLeod, Charles McLeod, Ulmer McMullen, Linda Mallette, Ronnie Malone, Ann Maness, Barbara Manley, Louise A f w, .A fs,-1 s ,Q "" ry 'V f A R R L - s , jfggiiy 5' , W ffiil mf: f, x 2 . 1 r Zfl, ,. VV ,J A 'YL , , Q , ',V, . by , fa? , hfwjhfy ff, ff .V .- 1 fy I '17, M , ,i ,fyhw 2, A f, ,,s,-,, f ,g , fa ,f,4f,Q,. VN , , 5 v WB " L 'Y '4Q2'..? ff,,y ,, Viv' xg' ff 5 Q fe ' I ,',, Lg ,-f,, 3 , his Z, I , f -,Wy ,f, ., M, ,s5, 'ki ,I "' 47' ' .gym MSN .gfr .K Zim, 5 ' ltfvfififff' Lewis, Wfilliam Linnick, Stan Linthicum, Mary Ann Lisenba. Shirley Lloyd, Shirlee Logan, Billy Longcrier, Tommy Loyacono, Barbara 4 , ' L f V fff ff f X W f ,. 5,5 f ly , f, f ff? 'J , . , , 653' f W " 1 f if X f If j 1 197' 4 2 4 5 X r Vmvf W' ,Q - if ' 7795 ffffl, ,, 7 W "Q 5' , 4 ' 'ff , f , WJ , ,.:. - ly.. eg, , w, , 'vigggli , W X Wf7 as if ' 1 , Q , 4 V X A ,f , nz V ' 1 Q 7' "r il 459,f'y f amzwff, 1 ' QT! , , ,fyf,m,,y' A' r ,Mfg 1 , , W, ,C ,F W .,, f v 'gill 'f f i' , ff f f -wwf' -f -,may f A- , L ,iyy R ,ro ,em 5 A.. LL 1 A .1 av ' bn fr R li' o 1 ,surf saw! ' A I A: 1 1 V, Q l 1 ii' an ,IVA ,. T f an 4 at . , . 5 2' Member Mann, Mike Maples, Evelyn Marchman, Louise Marice, Ann jane Markell, Beverly Markell, Mariel Marsala, Cheryl Marshak, Bob Marshall, Sharon Marshall, Terry Martin, Beverly Mason, Bill Matthews, Ione Matthews, Kay Maulden, Fred Mayhall, jack Mayhugh, Catherine Meatyard, Cheryl Mercer, Browne Mercer, Richard Middleton, ,John Mikkelsen, Norma Milam, Emma Miller, Arlene Miller, Becky Miller, Martha Milling, john Mills, Cordell Mills, Lynn Miltenberger, Mary Rush Moody, Robert Moon, Ann Moon, Jimmy Moore, David Moore, Eileen Morgan, Alfred Morrison, Earl Morrison, Jack Morrison, Kay Mount, Lee Mullis, Kathy Murphy, Jimmy Murphy, Thomas Murray, Judy Myrick, Iva Nassar, Nicky Nelson, Linda Nettle, Felix Newell, Charles Nicholls, Richard Norman, Doris Nyberg, Richard Obert, Ellmore Oden, Bobby on the Varsity Basketball Team Odom, Gil Odom, Kenneth Odom, Sandra O'Shea, Michael Ostlin, Sheryl Overstreet, Gray Overstreet, Slyvia Overton, Dorothy Owen. Sandra Owens, Stevie Palmer. Sharon Pardue. Albert Parker, Sue Parks, Jackie Paschal, Helen Passmore, joy Patrick, Betty Patton, Randy Paul, Diane Peacock, Ray Pearce, David Pearson, Barbara Pearson, Robert Peavy, Charles Peck, Bobby Peterson, Melanie Petty, jim Petway, Theron Philen, Billy Phillips, Bill Sophomore, Barbara Loyacono, Dean's Assistant IIE Phillips. .lean Pierce, Carol Pierce, Delores Pierce, Harold Pierce. jimmy Pierce, Madeline Pitts, Truitt Poitevent, Mary Hit qs,i 'I' E- 'rev-'f' :'.1-.fiftif 17 Ll M xc. fi ' , -'Q it' 4 s- . ,Y .4 mf, k, - , Porter, Patsy Potts, Debbie Powell, Billy Powell, Ronald Powers, Shelia Prine, Robert Pritchett, Linda Purvis, Charles Pytlik, Cheryl Rabby, David Rainer, Sharlee Ramsey, Alfred Ray, Rosa Rayburn, Jimmy Read, Charles Reardon, Charles Rector, Kenyon Redman, Melvin Reed, JoAnne Reed, Philip Reed, Purvis Reeves, Suzanne Reinhart, Dianne Reynolds, J. Reynolds, Kathy Richardson, Pat Richardson, Sarah Richerson, Faye Richmond, Carolyn Riise, Paul Riley, George Risher, Susan Rivenbark, Arch Rivenbark, Lee Robbins. Barbara Robbins. Gerald Roberts. Carol Roberts, Carol Two Members of ophomore Class Place Sophomore, Glenn Crowell, MOHIAN photographer H5 JG V 3,14 4 , ,J - ., on Panthers Varsity Football Team 4155, K ' 'Was TQ.. if it Roberts, Sadie Lou Robinson, Florence my . , V it Q 235 ! a Rodgers, Ivon Rogers. Betty Rohmer, Renshaxx Roper, Samuel Ross, Doris Ross. Jerry Roussos, jo-hn Rush, Dottie Rutherford, Ronald Sanders. Danny Sanders, David Sanford, Barbara Sargent, Ronald Sarros, Jimmie Sauce, Anita Saucer, David Schmidt, Vernon Schmitt, Tommy Schock, Dottie Schuler, Bernadette Sciple, Thomas Sclater, jimmy Scott. Brenda Scott, jimmy Scrivener, joy Seibert, Louie Self, Barbara Sellers, Peggy Sewell, Edward Shaeffer, Chuck Shaw, Patricia Shaw, Rosemary Shedden, Tommie Sheldt, Elaine Shelkofsky, Rodena Shields, Sylvia Skigley, Lynne Shouldis, Ann Sibbles, Nancy Silces, Carol Simmons, Rebecca Sirigletary, Francis Sitterlee, Ann Sizemore, Bobby Slcoglund, Sandra Slay, Dannie Slayton, Gretchen Smith, Becky Smith, Bill Smith Brenda Smith Elaine Smith, Evelyn Sophomore Prom Led by Class Smith, Jerry Smith, Jerry Smith, june Smith, Lillian Smith, Linda Smith, Nicki Smith, Robert Smith, Sheila Sneeringer, Mary Ann Sokol, Kenny Spruill, Donnie St. Clair, Howard Stahlman, Sue Stallings, Glenn Stallworth, Hugh Stanton, Peggy Stapleton, Virginia Steadman, jackie Steiner, Carol Steiner, Woodroxxf Stephens, Do-nna Stephens, Ralph Stephens, Sue Stewart, Julie Stewart, Patricia Stokely, Carol Stokley, Maxine Stone, Do-n Strachan, Gerald Strickland, Luticia ine Stricklin, Judy Stringer, Bonita Stull, Jimmy Sullivan, June Sullivan, Karen Sutley, Virginia Suwalski, George Swain, Mickie Swift, joe Switzer, Charl Sylvest, Maxine Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Sypsa, N ula Talley, Lillian Tane, Pat Taul, Fred Billy joe George Marsha Taylor, Teague, Terri ll, Thomas, Ruby Dwight Emily Mary Thurman, Pat Tidwell, Sandra resident Proved Highlight of the Year Tillman, Dorothy Tipp, Phillip Touchstone, Carley Travers, Robert Trawick, Donnie Trippe, johnie Troche, Harold Tum, Linda Turner, Judy Va.nLandingham, Karen Vaughn, Johnny Vereen, Patricia Verzone, Linda Vignes, Charlotte Vrocher, Sharon Waddle, Lois Wadlow, Susie Wakelee, Betsy Walden, Suzanne Walden, Willard Walker, Carol Walker, Grace Wallace, Adrian Wallace, Arthur Waltman, Don Ward, jackie Warren, David Warren, Linda Waters, Graham Watkins, Joyce jerry Smith, Sophomore, won Second Place in the Turkey Day Race in New Orleans. IIB Watson, Bill Watson, Sandra Weadock, Mike eaver, aine W El ' Q i X Weaver, Irene t.. Webster, Ann -V 'VC' Weeks, Lynne Q Welborn, Charles ,gg GJ' ophomore Places Tenth in State ,eq xi. ' .wm- Wellborn, Peggy Wells, Henry Welsh, Dianne Wente, Mary Werner, john Wheeling, Wayne Whitten, Chuck Whittle, Carolyn Wiggins, Bonnie Wilkins, Brenda Williams, Brenda Williams, Cheryl Williams, Cynthia Williams, David Williams, George Williams, Joe Williams, Mary Williams, Millie Williams, Ronnie Williams Sandra Winter, Delaine Winter, Tommy Witherington, Car Wittnnann, Sarah ol Ann Sophomore and juniors join forces in Physical Education. Cross Countr ',f,, Meet iff , 'Q Jef? if , 5 ' -+ Held i I1 Birmingham iv f 1 X '4 M Y if ' W ' 22'.,g":Y'-2512393 -LfQ5'?Z?TZ'f' ,.. A 'fc'fy"35ff,v:vi,v"v'xave7362" VW 'F ff '54 fi ' fe ' - fa ,igwfgge I '+ L fx.. X -v Q i I w- , j ff: - SM E ' I im , ,X 2 , Mrs. f, ,N ,f ,f,f ,W f' ww jf xg Q ff 1 M , 4 J, ,, f ff 0 4 , 8 7 i f . 7x ff Z X , W ,42, , V f K! a wh 1 ,W , , , r' rfffzzzfvvf 4 fwziywvjmf, W? 'V 7fifffwY ftff ,fifnfwff ,W f , ff af f 4 me r wwf' Q law, i ff, i VMfL'i ' UCQOQT fa' 2 it 'f f Griffin's Sophomore English class review for final exams. Wittner, Margaret Wolf, Marilyn Worthy, Linda Wright, Ann Wyatt, Horace Wyatt, Linda Yelverton, Barbar Yemrn, DiCk Yohn, Michael York,. Brinda Young, Guy Young, Janice Young, john Zieman, Tommy Zuckerman, Steve 21 Af x 3 , J , f l 5 ' 2 Af 3' f r ii f f r IJ 1 l li 5 yi i af, 1 O V v ?o'O ' 'Q 4 9,6 64 'QQ9,' 0 Y.'V ,Q 5 O O SN R't':':9:':f 'F 1 , , Q """'N x 1 fi? QN11111 J 11 11 44111 11 15112151 1 1 1 .1 11 ' 11. 1,1. ' swf 1 1 111 1. 1 X-4. 111.- wffffy Qi? 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 .1,. . 1,11 151.15 11111 11 1 1 161 1 11' 11 1 1 1' 1 1 11 ix I4 11 1. .1 1 1 1 111 111 '1 1 1 1 1 X1 111 1 V113 11111111 .WV . 1. 1111 1' 1 'K 11' 1 1111 Q 1 1 xx Xxx' .XX X N N 'x 1'1 x 1 1 . 11 1 1 F: 11 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 r 11 1 111 11 1 1 1 131111111 1 1 1 1 I I 1 .11 11 11111 1 1 11 1, W 1 11111111 1111 1 1 11- .E 1, 111 IN S151 1111? 111121111 1 1 1 1 I 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 4 1 1. 111 1 1 4 1 115 11 11 11 . 1.1 '1 '1 , 1 1 1512 I 1 1'1 111 1 1 W 1 1 1 1 1,1 A iv ,., 8 1 11 h. Q1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 YJMX111 11 41 1' 1 E 'ir 1 1 1,11 1 1 1 1 L 11 1 1 1 '1 i 11 11 111 11 1' 1 111 1 2 if Q x 2 , y f -i 1 1-K f,,an- I 1 f,1 , " 1 if 1- . gg? iff 659' V .332 X :fy l',,,, 3- A K I V - , V 11- -EV f SQ -0 . , A if 9' nr ' T ,, f ' 'I' Y V ' , , , -1- if ,IVX Nr ni l- J f f 'N Tumbling Cheerleaders take time out from cheering to build pyramids while the band is playing. Heart of School Spirit "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, Victory, Victory, is our cry!" Head Cheerleadef' JOY DONALDSON Senior ELLEN LEATHERBURY Senior JACQUE WARREN Senior With snappy cheers such as this, the energetic cheer- leaders inspired numerous victories. Student attend- ance at the games improved, and enthusiasm reached an all time high under the direction of this crew. Their fine performances at the games were due to long hours of strenuous practice during the summer and after school. Ranking number one in the state, this versatile group varied their cheers with intricate acrobatics. One of their greatest thrills was the final football game when they cheered the team to a de- cisive victory over Vigor for the city crown. NANCY BULLARD BETTY JO TURRITTAN Senigf Senior Cheerleaders' skill, leadership, and enthusiasm prove necessary forces behind Murphys spirit Lies in Active Cheerleaders They were not only energetic and enthusiastic, but also industrious. To earn money for road trips and to pay for their colorful uniforms, the cheerleaders sold ice cream during lunch. just a few of their other important contributions to school activities in- cluded sponsoring stirring pep rallies and participating BILL HIGGINS in lively assemblies. They were always ready to lend Senior a hand to any organization for worth-while school projects. In rain, freezing cold or any kind of weather, they never failed to do a job well. Work- ing together as a team, the 1959-1960 cheerleaders NANCY WILLIAMS proved to be the powerful driving force behind Senior Murphy's spirit. JUDY HENDERSON CAROL SUE GARNER LUCY RADCLIFF junior junior Senior Coach Willcox explains the fundamentals of golf to athletes Mack Frey and Phillip Bianco. Athletic Director, C. O. Willcox Charles Willcox, Murphy's athletic director, began his coaching career in 1939. Mr. Willcox is an alum- nus of Howard College. He has seen Murphy's Ath- letic Department through thick and thin and his efforts to promote the department never end. Mr. Willcox, who played end and quarterback for Murphy in 1932, has an interest in all the sports. He is the man behind the scene who handles the financial problems and bookwork for all the sports. The ath- letic department will always be indebted to Mr. Will- cox for his superior direction. Vicious Panthers Down All-City Competition Murphy 14 Murphy ,, , ,,,, , 13 Murphy ,.,..,. ..... O Murphy ,.,., . .. . 6 Murphy ,..,.,. . 12 Murphy .. .... ..... 2 8 Murphy ,.,.,,. . 19 Murphy ,.,..., ..... 6 Murphy . .,.., 6 Coaches: C. Maxime, "Brownie" Flournoy, W. L. Hanks, E. Beck, L. Moore. i"""""s. Phillips .. .. 6 U.M.S. ..... ..... O Leon ...... .... 7 Jesuit ......,...,. . V, 35 Bessemer ...... ..., . 7 Vigor .......... . O McGill ........ .... ,..., 7 Sidney Lanier ...., ., .. 14 Pensacola . .. 26 Murphys efficient managem' G. Overstreet, D. Williams, J. Shirley, D. McKinley. , , . Q Jafnuaiwaafml Aiwa in Coach "Brownie" Flournoy briefs Captain jimmy Dill as the team prepares for the first game of the season Spirited Panthers Overrun Raiders 14 6 Murphys Panthers overran the Phillips Raiders in their opening game by a score of 14-6. Mickey Sutton, a spirited half-back, broke into the open in the second period and sprinted 15 yards for a touch- down. A two point safety was scored against Phillips in the fourth period as jimmy Dill and Phil Bianco downed the Raiders in the end zone. The score re- mained 8-0 until the fourth period when the Raiders scored. The Panthers, however, regained this T.D. as Sutton again broke loose on a 60-yard run for another T.D. Murphy's stout linemen held the Raiders to only 102 yards rushing and 66 more pass- ing, while the Spirited Panthers led by Dill, Moore, Bianco, and Sutton gained 249 yards. CAPTAIN JIMMY DILL Senior End BILL I-IANKS Sophomore Quarterbfzrk BOBBY BRANCH Junior Center Panthers Down Bulldogs 13-0 Vicious charging Blue and Gold Panthers gallantly overcame the University Military School Bulldogs. jimmy Dill snagged a pass from Mac Waters and sprinted into the end zone giving the Panthers a 7-O lead in the second quarter. The scoring play covered 36 yards, after which Dill converted. The winning touchdown was made as Mac Waters sneaked into the end zone from only one yard out. This T.D. was the result of a 33-yard pass set up from Waters to Dill. Dill's conversion was incomplete this time, and the score remained 13-0. U.M.S. was unable to enter the scoring area. McNeil receives injury as going gets rough with U.M,S. U m silt , i ' Q '1-1-N . .rf-in ww -.-' V -- , 4 59,49 v W 45' 'ff 34 QW! ,grae 'M 1993 2 A will ii ar ,Mn va .K 5 If fwjil 4, gm 4 'W L if 1 1 any il-1 ,Vg ri 'd f'r.a!m'L:-T . ..1"4-fm -gsggwg ' . ,X 4 c., t - r ., -, ,ff . J 3 ' F, g V. is-aan' .X -Q if 1" . i, i .wk 3 - J' . a ffzsaf.-1 " ' agp . . A-ff ,. 'iiwftlrfrli .i ziif y , ga, if-15'-V .E ,,-1:9f'3r 11" fl aZf'?"i'g if- 2's,,'flilf t-Huf' 5 A ?'5l'f.:5f,5ffs5 'fi a...w'z,r-:7'fEaZfsf54,. ay ' f. ff 'Sllize f5i"i'if'5i-if T?'l'f?!,1,- '.""f2-' ' '-fe--E - .LL K, v ,sg ,- 1 ': ,,.1 X 'Q"gZ, 1 fidyffxyffiigs-5l',.' XL- .effyf 'Ffa-Emi 'rib ' - ' ' . Mr-ii'-' 5-1 I '- 4 ' . 70' Q-i'f-1,1-Q-.'., :.ft.,51'rf ,L 'V sw 1 ,y-,1 lv ,il-ig nw fr 'Q -f- : . rf , ., . .1 -1 il.,- fas.. .1 4 - X- '?'- 1v"'-eff" V I 5,v.,.,,- an 53, yhfxmf, 2 g aaa 1 -A 1- - -' '.' M--,y ..:.-f ' . u .- ,- fa , jg yMRg'2'z,Z ,IMS ff 5.1, ,J , 6. ' ' A , fi , rffgfgax s.. f. ' -..- K 1.1 . .. 'nail .wwf RICHARD HERRICK junior Tackle J. W. IMSAND junior Guard JUNIOR STRICKLAND junior Guard GEORGE MCNEIL Junior Guard WAYNE FOWLER SONNEY PENNINGTON Senior Guard Junior Guard Leon Upsets Cats 7-0 Murphyls Panthers engaged in a struggle with the Leon High eleven, which resulted in the Panthers first defeat of the season by a score of 7-0. The two evenly matched teams battled endlessly until Leon connected a pass from the 35-yard line for six points which a conversion increased to seven. The Panthers, however, being only seven points behind were determined to get back into the ball game and continued a tremendous offensive battle until the last second. Murphys Blue and Gold was kept in high fighting spirit through the endless, exuberant efforts of the Murphy High cheerleaders. Sutton stops a Leon offensive drive. -v- 1 53 4? k LW f L-3 U . m,,. W V I-, gy ,N 'ff fi. f, Q2 A Elsa R if ,j X Nig X fu: WN- ff J ,X ff , MA yy V 1 X 4 f , , ,ff , ' X f , I f 'L . . f kg, 0 ,Q f 1 I X 'E RONNIE BELL CLYDE OLIVE NEIL JAMES JOE BLACKMAN Junior Guard junior Halfbark J1lI1i01' Tflfklf Junior TWH? RUBIN FRYE Junior Guard JIMMY LORD Junior Guard Murphy Hammers Bessemer 12 7 Murphy I-Iigh's Panthers bounced back onto the victory road by defeating Bessemer High School 12-7. Some 2,880 fans turned out to watch the Panthers win their third game after losing two. Bessemer moved 73 yards for its touchdown in 18 plays. The pay off for Bessemer came when Edwards completed a 15 yard pass to Harris. ln the third quarter Cap- tain jimmy Dill scored the first T.D. for the Panthers on a 9 yard end-around play. Dillls attempt for the extra point failed and the tension again mounted as the game entered the fourth quarter with Bessemer leading by one point. Backed by the spirited fans, the Blue and Gold drove down to Bessemer's 9 yard line, and Charles White broke through the middle for Murphy's second score. As time expired Murphy had its third victory of the season. Kenny Moore breaks loose for large yardage. 1 -in- l Wlwite drives across for the score. Panthers Bottle Up jackets 19-7 Murphys homecoming was a marvelous success with the many spirited fans backing the Panthers. Murphy jumped ahead in the first quarter as Mac Waters connected a beautiful 36 yard pass to end jimmy Dill who sprinted the field for the first score. End Bill Crane converted and the score stood 7-O un- til the third period when fullback Charlie White completed a 66 yard drive. The conversion failed and the Panthers led 13-Oi Roddy Curry ran a brilliant end run for the third Panther score. McGill then scored ending the game Murphy 19, McGill 7. GEORGE CLARK IVIAC WATERS Iunior Hfzlfbark Senior Qzmrferburk KENNY MOORE Senior Hazlfbark INGE WADDLE junior Gzmm' DON KING Senior Fzzllback IRA PEAK Senior Tarkle Poet brings charging Charles Wlaite to a stop. Bianco charges as Poets close in. Sidney Lanier Eleven Upsets Murphy Panthers 14-6 Traveling to Montgomery, the Cats suffered their third loss of the year to the Lanier Poets. The Poets proved active and scored their first touchdown in a ten play drive. The Panthers were unable to break up the accurate passing of Ashby Cook to Mike jenkins. Cook and Jenkins, who scored the first T.D., began another drive in the second quarter. jenkins RODDY CURRY CHARLES VUHITE Senior Halfbafk junior Fullbfzfk converted again. The Panthers only score came when Bill Ross in- tercepted a stray pitch-out and ran 87 yards for the score in the third quarter. The Panthers were saved from the penetrating drives of the Poets by the bril- liant kicking of Billy Crane who averaged 52 yards in the first half. BILL ROSS WINN ETHERIDGE Junior End Junior End BILL CRANE Senior PI-IILLIP Senior RONNIE Junior End BIANCO Halfbnrk SAPP Tackle Bobby Pou and Don King clear the Way as Phillip Bianco crashes through Tigers Nip Panthers 26-6 A 'journey to Pensacola proved fruitless as the MARION SMITH Senior Guard Pensacola Tigers downed our Murphy Panthers 26-6. Pensacola scored in every period and for awhile it looked as if it was going to be a scoreless game for the Panthers. With only ten minutes and thirty-two seconds remaining in the game, jimmy Dill broke loose on an end run and traveled 44 yards for the Panther's only score. The Panthers then trailed 20-6, but the vicious Tigers refused to let the Panthers re- group. With minutes remaining in the game the Tigers drove back for another touchdown. The final score was Pensacola 26, Murphy 6. STUART RAIN E FRANKIE YELL Senior H al fbuck Junior H al fbark MIKE LOONEY Senior Cenier PAUL CHRISTOPHER Senior Tackle GAME OVER. HAIL MURPHY! CITY CHAMPIONS!!! Cats Rip Vigor 28-0 As our Murphy Panthers crushed the Vigor Wolves 28-O, they became the City Champs of 1959. Half- back junior Strickland led the Panthers scoring spree with two touchdowns, Strickland put the Panthers ahead in the second quarter as he dashed five yards for the first score of the game, Halfback Kenny Moore added a touchdown on a 14-yard dash up the middle and team captain Jimmy Dill finished off the scoring on a 25 yard pass from quarterback Bill Hanks. Jimmy Sciple booted two of the extra points, but his try for the third was blocked. A two point safety was picked up in the third period when Ronnie McKinney and Bill Ross downed Neil of Vigor in the end zone. Junior Strickland evades Wolves and goes for his second score of game. ROW 1: Barlette, Dan, Finch, Strange, Teague, Bush, Williams, Cole, Hamilton, Kendall, Corley, Stanley, Garner, ROW 2: Hilton, Poussos, Lyons, Tripp, Legorratta, Brown, Rivers, Can- ning, Patton. ROW 3: Kemp. Reed, Anderson, Mason. Johnson, Wilson, Knight, Jacks, Boyenga. Manager, Overstreet. Baby Jungle Cats Have Profitable Year Murphy's Baby Panthers refused to be put down as they replaced defeat with victory. Defeat came early as the Panther Cubs dropped their first game to McGill Oi to 6. This, hoswever, was only a temporary set back for the Baby Panthers jolted U.M.S. 26 to 7 in their next game. Ken Kendall proved outstanding as a quarterback while halfbacks Marion Hamilton and Don Cole carried most of the offensive load. The Panther Clubs lost their second game to Vigor with a score of O to 15. This was a dull day for the Baby Panthers who played on even terms with the Wolves in the first half, but received quite an upset in the second half. The Baby Panthers played host to Pensacola in an impressive game resulting in a tie. The Panthers fought desperately to unseat the Pensacola team who had not lost a game in five years, but time called the game which resulted in a tie. The Baby Panthers again met U.M.S. and began a winning streak which saw them through the remain- ing season. U.M.S. fell easily to the Panther Cubs by a score of 21 to O. The Vigor Wolves returned, but the Baby Panthers refused to be subdued and played a very determined game upsetting Vigor 7 to O. The Panther Cubs began to mature as they prepared their decisive pounce on Pensacola. The Baby Panthers' team effort was superb and they made history as they delt Pensacola its first defeat in five years with a score of 26 to 7. The Baby Panthers completed their winning streak with a sweeping victory of 28 to 7 over McGill. Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy McGill .- U.M.S. -- Vigor .... Pensacola U.M.S. -. Vigor .... Pensacola McGill -- Coach Beck and Coach Moore discuss pregarne strategy. Determined Panther Cubs Break Record Baby Panthers tal-ze to the road to tangle with Yellow Jackets, B 5 Panther Cubs score A against jackets. ff Q , f wf fx 1 'f Ag f Mm, fi, A ff - 'Z' ,. , K 1. 5 4 Wa? f ' Q4 VZ K , gpm, , 4, . 1 ,QM if . 5 Q mm V ff , 4 '7 2, pf .335 me ' Hz., .np ,W,? 5 f MI, -ww..-.. 4 ' - 22 f Q sun 3 b Hifi 1 -'i ' ' ' . 452-Q "t1:?.-Ivf if W' ' , I fe L-'- 'f L, 1 f iff' , A fi L L4 if at V 5 ,',, if , Vxf L , Q ' 32' 45 ff -fqzi:,,'i' .,1.,JL ' x ,. Y ' if K frN,, lw MvW+mw 1 mf Q, Ei 5 " , Q ? i M- dw, f H Z " 7 4 , 1 . - ,. f 1fyz,,,ky Hz , Z7 3 3 ' .wr-4 nf' Rm' ,F -f I 2 V, : , f .,., V V VVKV i ,W ,.,,, , ,,.. ,wf f gif f ,,,,., . 2 ,,.g,V, i ww 1' 'Yl,A,Qi?5: , . f ..:- fam 1 9 IX4' 7 f if wa f 4 VK' 1 31.2, ,ig 1: ' ' V ww: Mm ' ,Q-gmf .,.- 1 , , ,,,. ..,, V V 5 f W ii f 4 j f fa-Cz5',5':Q-ggyw Q' V, , AVA, , 7 "A Q 44 f,.- '52 ?f 2, , sa f f f "H ZWY . V - ,,,,, 3:7 54121 , 21 , , f ' , ' H mf.. .f .. W, A 5 if "9 sf 1 'KQV .F ' , si Summary Shows Cagers Have Good Year i Murphy l Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Captain Don Suddath gives opposition a Panther welcome. Murphy: .,,r.....,. MufPhyfff.,ffff.. Murphy ..........,. Mufphyflfffgf Murphy .....r,..... Mufphyffffffffffo Murphy ............ Mufphyf ,oV,r.oo Miller ...... Escambia ., Lee ......A... Jesuit ..,.. Vigor ...... U.M.S. ..,.. . Moss Point U.M.S. ..,.. . McGill .s.. Lee ....... Lanier ....,. U.M.S. ..... . Vigor ...,,, Moss Point Pensacola .. Theodore .. McGill .... Miller ...... Escambia .. Vigor ...... Proud Coach Hanks and Captain Suddath display team's city championship trophy pponents Feel Panthers' Might as Don Sudduth shoots a set shot which is good for two points, ,- f-ff-e..1m..,,,-,M Sophomore Bm Hanks brings the ball down Court. Bridges, towering over opponents, snatches rebound, Panthers fall back and set up defense quickly as Jackets gain possession of the ball, M ,W ,V-ff 1 fl,-1014114 - f- ff' "Cats" Give Their All in Every Game "Cats" fight it out under the basket with Pensacola. Coach Hanks comforts tired players who relax as refreshing wet towels are passed around. fm ilff ,,,,,, M4 J 49 L D TK' , ff 1 f f 4. .- fy , 1 'Um , 4,49 ,V f ' 7 ,, , 4 f ,Q We f 755 4 +5 ,V H Z 1. 7 fibii f ..n,. fa WM 1 ,, V X M, ma W , 2 Xi few jp? f H X' , I dl uf- V' ,L S ,, , Q V, f 4 ? K ff ,fu , ,M 4 f V 4 f 'W ,J-fir. ' ' ' 1 'mf f Qhmmw V 'M .so . -NWA, X N X , .K .ji 1 in 3 V 1 L ,r -up N 5' I N, iA,, ini J f ,Q f W 4 M f . l.. --4 I ' ' ,, ,. A' '--uma . ff ,gy WM mf: 'W'-V' 4 in M K U ,M unior Varsity Cagers Prove Strong Murphy 4rr..,.. ..... 3 2 Murphy ..,.,... ..... 5 5 34 47 48 49 47 Murphy .,,..... ..,.. Murphy ..,...., ..,., Murphy .....,.. ..... Murphy .r....r. r.,r. Murphy ,rr,rrrr ...,. Murphy ........ r.... 3 8 Murphy ......,. ..... 5 5 Murphy ...,...r ...., 3 4 Murphy .rrrr,,. ..... 3 1 34 48 34 48 Murphy ........ ..... Murphy ........ ..... Murphy .....,,. .r,r. Murphy ...,,,,, ..... Coach Moore rallies starting team before game. Miller ....... Escambia , McGill ..,.. Moss Point U.M.S. ,,.. . McGill ..... U.M.S. .... . Vigor ..,.... Moss Point Pensacola . Theodore . McGill .r,.. Miller .....,. Escambia . Vigor ...,... ROW 1: Coach Moore, George Hilton, Bill McLeod, Walter Stanley, Peder Pederson, Jimmy Acton, Ken Kendall ROW 2: Robert Smith, joe Carr, Phillip Firth, Mike Hillman, Powers Dorset, Denny Couturie. al 5? ' lm, QQ xl ax: Q. gift Gln... SU-ER i K x ,qxusg 43 .1 yi I . lX x X Egg 3 Q We ' 3 'fi 24 15 ,ri is ' -K FIRST ROW: Deedy Dunning, Tommy Winter, Billy Powell, Gene Chapman, Horace Wyatt, jerry Smith, Jimmy Booker, Mac McClinton, Jim Petty. SECOND ROW: joe Drago, Bill Brewer, Ray Thompson, Bancroft Hall, Ashford Kettler, Lawrence Winn, David Kearns, FRONT ROW: Jerry Greer, Mack Frey, Vic Stanton, Charles Brown. Distance Men Runner-Up in State Coach Carley works with Captain Vic Stanton as Co-Captain Mack Frey looks on. Under the skillful guidance of Coach Fred Carley, Murphys fabulous Cross Country team completed another successful season. Fred Carley, who devotes his afternoons to coaching receives no pay, but merely does it for his own enjoyment. In the past four years our Cross Country teams have thrice taken the State championship, This year the Panther harriers traveled to Birmingham for the annual State meet. The team dropped the State Championship to Tuscaloosa Coun- ty High by a margin of one point. The Panthers, led by Captains Vic Stanton and Mack Frey, suc- ceeded in winning four out of six meets. Outstanding Juniors: Joe Drago, Ashford Kettler, Bill Brewer, Ray Thomp- son, Bancroft Hall line up for the start. Smiling distance men: jerry Smith, Bancroft Hall, Vic Stanton, Bill Brewer, Jimmy Booker display the team's trophies. Promising Sophomores: jerry Smith, Horace Wyatt, Jimmy Booker, Gene Chapman will add much support to next year's team. ROW 1: Coach Carley, J. Waiger, G. Booker, B. Coburn D Cole R Winter ROW 2 F Peteet M Sutton R Legoreta M. Hamilton, H. Strong, J. Hankins, L. Peak, F. Pierce. ROW 3 J Petty R Coker C Dann J C Brewton G Clarke C White, P. Burns, L. Mason. ROW 4: C. Brown, L. Winn D Dunning C Strickland K More T Winter H E Bruton Drago, B. Word. ROW 5: A. Kettler, J. Greer, B. Powell, P Bianco B Hall V Stanton R Tompson J Smith B Brewer J Booker. State Champions Try for Title Again Murphy's cindermen, who last year captured the State Championship title, will again be trying for the number one position in the State. The Cinder- men are coached by Fred Carley, who devotes his afternoons to the direction of these young harriers merely for his love of the sport. The team is rather strong this year with returning lettermen: Vic Stan- ton, captaing Kenny Moore, co-captaing Phillip Bi- anco, and Bancroft Hall. Murphy's great depth comes from a host of non-lettermen which consist mostly of juniors. The Panther cindermen have completed only one meet as the MOHIAN goes to press. This meet was the gigantic Coliseum meet held in Montgomery in which the Panthers placed second out of 49 high schools entered. Murphy was put down by the Lanier Poets. Murphy's points came through the efforts of junior Strickland's sprinting and broad jtunping, Kenny Moore's pole vaulting, H. E. Brewton and Ross Winter high jumping, and Murphy's fabulous mile relay team. The mile relay was Murphy's only actual first place. Runners in order were: Mickey Sutton, Ross Winter, Vic Stan- ton, Bancroft Hall. Murphy Has Champion Mile Relay Team 1 Ross Winter hands off to Vic Stanton, far ahead. Outstanding Sophomore distance men jerry Smith and jimmy Booker. Distance men, Smith and Thompson, stay off their feet as they await the beginning of their race. Cindermen Runner-Up in Coliseum Meet Ross Winter edges ahead in the low hurdles. Ross Winter drives out after receiving baton from Mickey Sutton. Senior Bill Crane heaves the shot putt I , , r ' ' ,AM,,fifl K HI , gf' P IR? Linksters Practice the Year Round Murphyls golf team coached by Mr. Charles Will- cox, who is himself an excellent golfer, promises a very strong team this year. Sidney Knight, captain of the team, and Bobby Myers have proved to be the leaders of the team for this year. Sidney and Bobby are both excellent golfers and the only Seniors on the team. Several juniors have also proved to be out- standing. Ken Montiel, Alfred Parden, Gregg Moore, and Steve Rubey have been practicing regu- larly. Although golf receives little attention the boys continue to give their maximum efforts to their sport. This year as the MOHIAN goes to press the link- sters have not yet entered a match. Coach Willcox has several matches lined up for the team this year. We are sure the team will make a fine showing this year at the State Championship Matches. Bobby Myers and Sidney Knight, the only seniors on the team. . ,, 4 Ken Montiel shows putt on the green 10" Coach Willcox shows the juniors a few pointers i I , :, ' 'K 41 '11 Murphy's tennis men are: Donald Friedlander, Kenny Hodges, Bobby Mclnvale, Ira Peake, George Conway, and Charlie White. Netters to Try for City Crown Murphy's tennis team is in a reconstruction period this year, but the Panthers seem to have some new netters who can fill the shoes of last year's team. However, the team will lack the depth of last year's team as they have only one returning letterman, Donald Friedlander. Other members of the team in- clude Bobby Mclnvale, Kenny Hodges, Ira Peake, George Conway, and Charlie White. Ioe Carr, a sophomore, will give depth to the team. This year the netters have a coach, Mr. Yokel, who is a teacher at Murphy. The netters, who were runners-up for the City Championship last year, will depend on this crop of new players in their fight for the City Crown and later when- they go to the State Tennis Tournament. Besides their regular schedule, the netters will par- ticipate in Murphy's M-Day Tennis Tournament and the Murphy Championship Match, an annual event won last year by Carl Barrett. Hodges prepares to return Peake's shot as White looks on. Captain Friedlander and Co-captain Mclnvale compare notes. .1n w,f-ai Q53 aa ,..- Baseball Team Brushes Up for Season john Tatum flips mask in attempt to retrieve Chuck Allen's fly ball. Charles White limbers up before the big game. As the baseball season began this year the MO- HIAN had already gone to press. As a result of this there were no statistics available. The team promises, however, to be quite strong, with several returning lettermen. Mr. james Pace will be coaching the 1960 team along with the assistance of Coach Beck. Both coaches feel the Blue and Gold team will be quite strong this season, because of the depth added to the team by a host of juniors. The Panther baseball nine will again be out to win the city championship. We have every bit of confidence in our baseball team. We are sure they will have a successful season. Graham and Box, a good double play combination. a Casey eyes first base as he prepares for the deliver. John Tatum, Senior Catcher, dons gear. Coach Pace and Coach Beck give expert advice to players, W , . Q af A ,fm W ' ,. , Q v cr ' i W WW is 1 ...V s . 1 any WM Murphys fabulous cheerleaders and very lovely majorettes. Panthers' Sports Review Bancroft Hall and Charles Brown await results of race. Ross Winter sails over bar in high jump Panthers flatten Jesuit opposition 4, -up-.i.ii 1mwws-mum i 'ii-ww. K r,v.,N-.fffmw with Q-N,xu'xxmwu AU.l,lIllHll lllIll1Jll!AllF1!T1llI1 I ll.1l . C' --" ....--- . Q 2 IOA A I, I X I 1 x 1 I I I 1 I I 1 5 X HV J Q -I S B Q A jf A f t , Ax ' A 'WW Q Hd-+ + an V111 1 N1 15 S Wa X I 5 Wi gg 4 if if .QQ J ni 11 g 5 ,..f -v ..-4 .- -f .4 1- ...a E x -xv f Q ' Q 'K-A, 2 2 5 5 ' , 1, 1 1' if ii iii In QE S K 5 Q ,a ...Z Qup 1 gg P , fwax 'A f xx X I, ss -. I v ,x-, s M -s 'X Assistant Editor, Barbara Lauterg Editor, joleen Haskinsg Business Manager, Anne Blackwell, head the Staff. MOHIAN Staff Strives for Perfection Faculty sponsor, Miss Eloise Foster chooses negatives. ICA It is difficult to imagine that out of the confusion existing in the MOHIAN room a professional book could come. But under this disorderly exterior there is a definite feeling 'of responsibility prevailing among the staff members. During fifth and sixth periods each day, this group of busy workers can be found counting characters, typing triplicates, and slaving over write-ups. Early in the year particular emphasis was placed on selling ads. By the combined efforts of both the Senior and Junior Staffs the MOHIAN was able to meet certain financial obligations. Dur- ing the months of November and December an in- tensified sales campaign was conducted. With the subscriptions of hundreds of Murphy students the campaign was successfully completed. In addition to performing the many tasks that producing an an- nual entails, the MOHIAN section takes an active part in school affairs. For the fourth straight year they have been 100 per cent in Hi-Times subscriptions. The staff members also participated in collecting money for the United Fund. ' One of the main objectives of the MOHIAN is to represent accurately the student life and campus' activity. School functions receive complete coverage so that they may be correctly presented. The 1959 MOHIAN was for the first time presented the Sweepstakes Award at the annual Press Association Convention. This is the highest honor that can be given to a high school annual and this yearls staff is continually striving to retain this honor. Q 1 W xii 11 , i lf 1 1 f w 4-, Vi fr . 'Cm 2 ' I f , M9 1 , . 1 x 1 - - l 1 ! Class Editors, Barry Mitchiner, Teresa Mclean, Sondra McMillan, and Lucy Radcliff examine class pictures. Behind the Scene We Find Understudies Faculty, Club, and Student Council editors, Kathy Pickett, Cum- mins Beville, Pam Hamilton make staff ribbons. IOL For the first time junior Class members were selected to work on the MOHIAN staff. The re- quirements for this honor were maintaining a "B" average and having an interest in journalism. They were chosen to receive- training in the art of putting out an All-American yearbook. Those who show the most initiative and responsibility will hold positions on the Senior Staff of 1961. They played an im- portant part in the presentation of Panther Spirit Night. Each of the junior Staff members was made head of a committee. These committees helped to make this event the success that it was. During free periods they spent time in the MO- HIAN room doing jobs such as filing cards and pictures, proofreading, and counting characters. They also helped to supervise the taking of class pictures, To aid the Literary Staff, Club Editor and Faculty Editor, they did .research work for write-ups. With- out the assistance of these earnest workers, the Sen- ior Staff would have found their jobs more difficult. junior Staff members, Martha Phillips, Annette Watler, Emily Oswalt, Helen Cohn, and Ronnie Schanzer. Junior Staff members, Donna Francis, Cherry Jernigan, Patti Lauter, Marie Meredith, and Becky Wells. . .,.,,,- ,W ,V 4, my : ffl 24 ff, 5. 0 we f l V Y fi L x Ass n v 5,333 9 4 2,6 Af' 5' fr x M A Z v ' f Q f " ,Ms 'W Junior Staff members, Phyllis Myers, Dickie Roberts, Sandy Gibson, and Sandra Hope check subscriptions Editor-in-Chief, Carol Buntin and Sponsor, Miss Evelyn Hinz check proofs before taking them to the printer. Hi-Times Keeps Students Informed "To keep the students of Murphy accurately in- formed of the activities and happenings concerning the school and to recognize outstanding students is the purpose of the Hi-Times." Murphy's newspaper endeavors to maintain a high standard in student publications. It proudly boasts that one of its mem- bers was elected secretary of the Alabama High School Press Association at the annual. meeting in December. As well as news items and editorials the Hi-Times features reviews and previews of campus events, sports, student opinions, and photographs. Co-opera- tion of all the divisions of the staff results in orderly confusion on the day the paper goes to press. Editorial and business are the two main divisions of the busy staff. The editorial staff, headed by the Editor-in- Chief, includes feature and news editors as well as reporters. The job of supplying the advertising and keeping the books belongs to the business staff, headed by the Business Manager. Working as a unit, the staff published one eight page edition per month. Special editions were pub- lished just before holidays and for big occasions. Reporters, Carley, McClure and Granade and Reporters, Tatum and Farrari: Cartoonist, Walker, Art Editor, Black- Business Manager, Bramlett discuss write-ups. Welder, Exchange Editor, Gabel discuss previous Hi-Times in prepara- tion for a new addition. IOO Members of the Business Staff: Cirailation Manager, George Bauer, Business Manager, Chandler Bramlettg and Bookkeeper, Linda Carre discuss financial matters. ,W aswell Hi-Times reporters, Marina Markovic, Betty Reed, Linda Mims, and Mickey Fleming, learn thmugh daily experience how to count characters for neat headlines and write-ups. Editor, Carol Bunting Feature Editor, Alethea Lincoln, Sports Editor, jay Brickmang and Assistant Editor, Carol Walkerg make layouts and check write-ups. Officers: N. Bush, Sec., R. Massey, V. P., E. Wood, Pres 1 T. Walker, Treas., Mrs. Frantzen, Sponsor. Soph. officers, Tommy Zieman and Burke Benton, plan car wash for March of Dimes held in February. Student Council Creates Good Will Beautification of Murphy's campus was the pre- dominate project of the 1960 Student Council. Sup- plying benches and repairing water fountains were the first two steps toward their goal. To raise money for the work, the industrious Council sold ice cream during lunch and held a successful Smorgasbord in january. Because of the initiative of two previous hardworking councils, the organization was able to dedicate the newly surfaced parking lot. Emphasis on student co-operation in keeping the campus clean and neat was also part of the plan. New this year was a number of standing com- mittees composed of the members from the Repre- sentative Council to promote school spirit and create more interest in school activities. Realizing the need for friendly relations in a school as large as Murphy, council members sponsored a Friendship Week. An- other major job of the council was raising money for community projects. Concern for school as well as community progress kept the active group's calendar full. Serving as the governing body of Murphy stu- dents, the Student Council was the nucleus around which students revolved and through which they ob- tained their goal or achievements. Governing Council officers: ROW 1: Bush, N., Bodiford, J., Benson, M.,.Taulbee, S. ROW 2: Whittman, S., Dunn, P., Henderson, B., Winter, D. ROW 5: Dumus, M., Benton, B., Bruce, A., Anderson, A., O'Connor, A. ROW 4: Kay, C., Tatum, K., Hearn, S., Rochambeau, S., Cook, B. ROW 5: Wood, E., Massey, R., Sullivan, F., Wheeling, C., Atchison, J., Knox, D., Arendall, J., Hanks, B., Zieman, T., Tatum, J., Walker, T. M. K f ww-wg f, 1 i ' 41 fp' if! 3 , Z yor, I Y ', 14 3 W, ,170 52 4 ' f 2 ,, 1 f' f , X ff , ffffy AUM' , A-1 I 4, lk Y L, f ., .3 WWAW V V-Wm Q .. .A A , 1 , ,, f, ' f A ff f f f far -I f ww, Y , f K f, f :ff , 'Y f , ' mu si? CHEM HER! ,f ,. UH' I .K ff. f a ,J p 2 ' iq f 1 'fi maxfwxu' ,, '4w2i'?,1:21a,1f-In M., ul K lqf,-giifii, 2' f Q Q Q Vg' ,. Q. 1 'f ' fiffc Q, f 2 ' 1 ' ' 4 ' ff If 4 f , ,, 5 ., 5 ,.,,, ,,-, f fv, - V A I H V ,inn My , 4,1 - ,, K ' 4 .'Lf 11 6 , 747 94115 ' f' X 1 6 ' ' ' f 'P K if if . fy 10 f , W'ff'?fH , " , yi I 'f , C f L. '63 v ff if f' , ' wwf, ,f f?ifi .. . s3-L fi 57 ,,,' ' ffJfifJf'09' " ' V' f' A ' f' 7, Q f I 1 I Qi' Q ' gg,,,,Ez,i,-L3 ll ,ffm 4 A .w,. ,XA ff, W. Q Hx hz ..1, xx A 'Q Q 1 Q- ' 4...- xf . 44-1 thy, ki, 1 , -f , ..,,,,, 41 9 0 , 4 7 is 4 R H , an-M., 'Z ,, 71" ,, ., f f'5?f Jjfw , fi? y 3 1 l ia X VJ.: -F' . . as ex X 3, , 1 we in K Q x J .il 9 'iffy 'f,"Z' sf ml! s ft nf' Faithful Followers-Win or Lose Montgomery bound, the first "Panther Special" of the year left Mobile at 1 p.m., on October 50, 1959, with three hundred excited Murphy students. The train seemed to join the students in cheers of "Beat Lanier!" as its wheels clicked over the tracks. Everyone helped decorate with blue and gold stream- ers as spirit mounted. Cokes and sandwiches were sold by Student Council members in a converted bag- gage car. An added attraction of the car was a par- tially opened door which provided an unobstructed view of the passing scenery. At dusk the "Panther Special" pulled into Mont- gomery and unloaded its cargo. As citizens gaped in amazement, the group crowded into restaurants for supper before loading onto buses which took them to the stadium. The loyal followers did their best to stir the "Panthers,' to victory, but to no avail. On the way back to the train, spirits were undampened by the recent defeat and optimistic students cheered for future victories. Tired but happy, the passengers settled down as the "Panther Special" roared its way home. In below freezing weather on November 6, 1959, at 4 p. m. another "Panther Special" left Mobile. Five bus loads of jubilant Murphy students began the journey to Pensacola, Florida, and a thrilling football game with Pensacola High. Sponsoring the trip, the Senior class sold shakers and pep hats to keep the spirit alive on the bus. Typical of a "Pan- ther Special," cheers for victory were proclaimed by everyone. Arriving in Pensacola in time for supper, mem- bers of the "Panther Special" swarmed into Morri- son's Cafeteria for a pre-game feast. After satisfy- ing their appetites, they headed for the stadium. For two hours Murphy students shouted their encour- agement to the team as it battled against the tigers, but the game ended in defeat. Exhausted from ex- citing experiences of the day, students once again loaded the buses and headed for home. At midnight, the last "Panther Speciall' of 1959 rolled into the horseshoe and unloaded two hundred drowsy stu- dents. Gripping drama of Pensacola game is revealed on tense faces of Mr, Hodges and Mr. Phillips. Senior, Kay Hairston, reigns as Homecoming Queen. Gala Homecoming Homecoming was the most outstanding event of the year. To kick off the festivities a bonfire was held the night before the game. A representative of each club heaved a paper mache' Yellow jacket into the fire, symbolizing the tremendous spirit felt by all. The following morning, excitement filled the auditorium as the students anxiously awaited the in- troduction of the Queen and her Court. As the Royalty entered they were met with approving ap- plause from the students. Finally the long awaited moment arrived, Kay Hairston, Homecoming Queen, was greeted with a standing ovation from the stu- dent body. Upon reaching the stage, Ernie Wood, President of the Student Council, proudly crowned her H1959 Homecoming Queen." For Her Majesty's en- tertainment the Pantherettes did an original dance to the tune of "Honey Bun." To make certain that the spirit displayed that day would not dwindle be- fore game time, Coach Flournoy gave a stirring pep talk assuring both players and students of a decisive victory. After the singing of the Alma Mater the students were dismissed. As they returned to their classes, cheers of "Bottle the Yellow jackets" could be heard ringing through the halls. Students pay tribute to Her Majesty. Student Council President, Ernie Wood, crowns lovely Homecoming Queen. 1-1- Combined bands of Murphy and McGill honor the Homecoming Court by playing "You're a SW6C'fhC31'f-U Rainy Weather Fails to Dampen Spirit The spirit which had risen to a high pitch at the Homecoming Assembly Friday morning continued through the game that night. The ardent supporters did not allow the dreary weather to alter their high hopes of victory. When the players left the field for the half-time activities the fans were certain that the second half would bring even greater triumph than the first. A rousing half-time show was presented by the combined Murphy and McGill bands. The selections played featured the talents of the trumpet sections. The first formation was a lamp post made to the familiar strains of "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.,' Next the band swung into the lilting tune of "Sugar Blues." To end the perform- ance by the two bands a trumpet was formed as they played "Trumpet Bluesf' Kay Hairston, the Home- coming Queen, was welcomed by the Murphy band under the capable direction of Ira Swingle. The mel- ody which greeted her was the appropriate "You're a Sweetheart." After the introduction of the court the band saluted the royalty with the playing of "Tri- umphal March." Concluding the impressive half- time ceremony was the traditional Alma Mater played as the band formed an The intriguing Homecoming Court receives many smiles as they prepare for the presentation at the half-time. Ronnie Sims and Pat Aston Sam Knight and Kay Brown jimmy Moon and Peg Sellers junior attendants parade in car. Kay reigns in regal Splendor, -.Sl 707 junior Class Officers at Prom: Knox, Freeman, Bruce, Kay, Sullivan, Cook, Broadus, Dunn, and Arendall. uniors Bid Sayonara to Seniors at Prom junior Class President, Fred Sullivan, invites Prom guests to the Intermission Party in the study hall. Every year there comes a time to say good-bye to departing seniors. Although leaving is a difficult task, each senior leaves some part of himself to be remembered to influence the students following him. This year's junior-Senior Prom most appropriately expressed the sentiments of the junior class when it presented as its theme, "Sayonara." In the spacious cafeteria, impressive scenery featur- ing a colorful backdrop, a bridge and a quaint japa- nese house, was erected. Leading the call-outs was the president of the junior class. junior officers and representatives and the governing council followed. Last came the senior class representatives and of- ficers. Closing the beautiful dance was Woody Rochambeau, president of the graduating class. For the enjoyment of the seniors, refreshments were served in another section of the school. japa- nese geisha girls served the refreshments. A great deal of thought and effort went into the planning of this occasion. Without the forethought and work it would not have been the success that it was. It is certain that each senior and junior who attended will always carry with him fond memories of Murphy and his junior-Senior Prom. Mardi Gras air enters Prom. -4,53 President Fred and Ann enjoy Prom Favors were given by this handsome couple. Senior class officers, S. Taulbee, J. A. Bodiforcl, M. Benson, C, Wheeling, S, Rochambeau, B. Henderson, and K. Tatum. r ..- K A r -. 'Aix' 'L Y i ,4 l 1 Snapshots Reveal High Spirits at w i W. Rochambeau and H. Edington close the prom, C. Wheeling whistles at "beauties" 7 In Geisha girls serve refreshments. Souvenir hunters enjoy prom. 5 K Murphy band forms into the traditional to play alma mater. The Murphy Spirit in Blue and Gold Mr. Swingle instructs drummers to pick up tempo. ,il IH One of the greatest organizations in any high school is the band. The band promotes school spirit, provides entertainment, and serves as a symbol for the togetherness and high ideals of the school it serves. Such a band is Murphy's blue and gold. Consisting of three groups and sponsored by Mr. Swingle, the band plays at functions throughout the year. Its first performance was during the football season, when it played at the games boosting both the students' spirit and the morale of the team. This is the job of the "A" band, which is made up of seventy-five seniors. Preparing to take their place is the "B" band. It consists of forty members and serves as a "feeder" band to the "A" band. Last, but not least of the three divisions, is the orchestra which performs at Murphyls plays and operettas. There are numerous other activities in which the band performs. In the fall, it presented a concert, at Mardi Gras, marched in the paradesg and repre- sented Murphy in contest, and the District and State Festivals. It presented a concert in the spring, and ended the year by playing at graduation. The band's main project is a Variety Show held near the end of the school year. 4 , s HH Q., Q s 5 X f. 1:15-'ye' f - my if .MV . 5,1 'x , , ,g 6 4.2 W 5, L Q 2 IX -vs -1 wexxvwqvm. K 'J 5 2 0,4 ', ,, ,45 Q' f 1 0 s 7 'P f 1 Z Q, ww Z f L, 2 , ' , , ' gf X ff 4? 'Z , 'T 'i f -" 2 , ' 5 L' fl- 1 55 I W 4 M4 V, 1 ,,f,,f , ,,., , , , W , 3f,7. fi E 2 1 A Z w Z f .Q 'ff ff " ' 5 I . L If f ff f ,' 2 m- ,X I '4 'f 7 X f ,ff 'f f l fi 2' J 1 A .... if f V 5 '95 55 f ', g 3 X , f,-f ,LJ , 2 f jk, : 5 4 IZ? A f' f h ff ' m e-X1 ' 4 Z 1 Z 22' , , ff ,, , 2 3 ff f ' f X 9 V ' ' - .4 ww, , 1 f' 9 ' 2 , I Q, h .. ,fi ,Exe 1: t K ' ads Q f , " X Q' 5 f ff Z K if H 4 , 5 , K S V Www! g . - 1 f,,L , 45 X , Q Q , mf V' , ,, I .: ,,.,,. fy 2.4 ff' A , l 4, it 2 in 24 , , ,445 ,. H, , , ,f V ' .I ' ' Cr, -ff 6, Q ff? f iffy Q 7 4 7 if 1 ,ff , 4 5, :. if f I ...av-"' x jg-231, , ji , Z 4 Xe wr! f fiw, A" f H' :,,. I 2 Nj' ix f 4 , ,h .1 3 ,I Q-lg. 19 iwig 4 8 ' f X , ,,, . A , rx 0' 4, f 0 , Q E 0 vw W., -y- ' 'Y A i 'I li 1 f fe , f. 1 , .ef f ff f Q Qi' gh, M , L " I, ,iffy fd, , ff 4 S kr v 'fe' ' 3' xg-.'f'f"'FA ,, ,, , , A! X K .1 4 f- I f X2 I z I 5-'4 "i f me '- 'K ' 7' '- , 24,- ?fJ. 8,1 My , ,V 5 4 , A , , ' l A l. 4- 4 if Burch, G., Sumrall, 1.3 Fitzgerald, P., prepare for half time show. ROW 1: Stowe, J., Sumrall, 1.3 Sirrnon, A. ROW 2: Burch, G.g Cowden, M. Smith, R., jackson, W. ROW 3: Langdon, W.g Whitacre, T., White, J.g Stanford, S Harbaugh, E., Condon, P., Byrd, B.g Roberts, C., Champlin, E. ,Q fh f ROW 1: Schmohl, N., Seaman, L., Torgerson, J., Sibley, S., ROW 2: Allen, M,, Roberts, C., Walden, S., Sullivan, P., Hill, M. Murphy's Hard orking Musicians ROW 1: Bailey, P., Fidler, J., Ross, B., Davis, J., Buhler, L. ROW 2: Acton, J., Pettis, D., Jernigan, T., Williams, J,, Powell, B., Cooper, D. Pardue, A., Jefcoat, F., Yemm, R., Nall, B., Wyatt, P. ROW 1: Lavender, Stewart, Harris, McKinley, Wells, Mills, Frost, Havard, Dupree, White. ROW 2: Parrott, Fail, Bevan, Carter, Risher, Schjott, Beasley, Frenzel. ROW 3: Reynolds, Tuttle, Windham, jubela, Miller, Stone. Strutting Majorettes and Pantherettes Asst. Head Majorette, Kay Hairstong Head Majorette, JoAnn Handleyg Sponsor, Miss Tannerg Asst. Head Pantherette, Lav- enderg Head Pantherette, Carol White, get final instructions. . 40' Poise, posture, twirling ability, and neatness are qualities of Murphys glamorous majorettes. Both the Majorettes and their understudies, the Panther- ettes, must have these qualifications to become a member of either group. Practice for their wonderful performances begins the end of the summer vacation. Performing at half-time shows during football games is their main project, They also participate in the Band Variety Show, parades, and assemblies. Last summer this energetic group sold Coca-Colas at track meets to raise money for new Majorette uniforms and Pantherette capes. The Majorettes and Pantherettes strive constantly to perfect their work, especially their new flag-baton routine. Working concordantly with the band, they continue to present outstanding performances. MW! My Bill Hall, four year man, directs group singing. Adding to Murphy's cultural program is the Special Chorus. Every year they present a program of Christmas music just before the holidays which never fails to fill the Murphy students with Christ- mas spirit. They also participate in the Easter sun- rise service. Mrs. Peters, the club sponsor, works diligently with the chorus to prepare them for the many programs in which they take part. This year they took as an annual project the raising of funds to purchase new robes. To secure this extra money, they sponsored a spaghetti supper which was a great success. Their main project was the production of the operetta, "Show Boat." Of the many trips that the chorus took, one of the most rewarding was the trip to the State Festival. Thanks to this chorus, Murphyls music program has been greatly enriched. Special Chorus Produces Operetta 1 5 Madrical singers: 1. Broadus, S. Summerlin, W. Counts, G. Conway, B. Howell, L. S. O'Dell, C. Doliftle, B. Hall, S. Culpepper, H. McKinnion, T. Tunstall. LAL """ Smith, Culpepper, Carter, Jones, Williams, jackson, Tillotson, Tunstall, Broadus, Curry, Herbert, Peak practice for "Show Boat Special Chorus officers: Moss, Sec.g McKinion, Special Chorus section heads: Hall, Culpepper, McKinion 2nd V.P.g and Herbert, Lib. Tunstall, Tillotson, Counts, Herbert. x ROW 1: Locke, Holmes, Scott, Coker Perez Negus White Adams Bartlilnski Tuthil Coumanis Donnell jackson Mc 1 : v 1 a s J 5 yr 2 ' Cartney, Pennington Odom, Collins Crider Herbert H k ROW : , , , , aw . 2 Davenport, Miller, Clarke, Favors, Cole, Bolling, Massey Weekley, Singleton, Padgett, Reynolds, Vaughan, DeVis, Brown, Stone, Schjott, Miller, Tillman, Hakenson. ROW 5: Bass, Ham mons, Blackmon, Mason, Tidmore, jones, Mitchell, Fail, Knodel, Dunn, Barefield Wolf, Burt Alisch Barnett. ROW 4' Rob erts, Aston, Arbo, Eberlein, Harvey, Gohier, Latham, Phillips, Robinson, Ellzondo, ,Easley, Sewell, johnson, Kelley, Leffer,iPrice- Williams, Firth, Ryals, Ostlin. ROW 5: Malone, Self Whittle A d Y , , n erson, eager, McDonald, Slaughter, Norris, Nicholl, Shep- herd, Cagle, Frazier, Wise. All Girls Chorus Officers are: ROW 1: Lucy Ne- gus, Jeannie Perez, Carol White, Mary Cumantis. ROW 2: Judy Malone, Emily Eberline, Ellen Bare- field, Betty Gohier. ROW 3: Mary Ann Slaughter, Camille Norris. All Girls Chorus rests between performances. Singing Girls Have Their Own Chorus Mrs. Martin directs the all girls chorus during their annual winter concert at Murphy. Girls Chorus is composed of students who are chosen for their musical experience, ability to sight read, and pleasant voices. Student leaders rehearsed daily with individual groups. For a main project, they raised money for new choral robes. Jointly with the Special Chorus, they raised enough money to buy the robes. They also gave a Christmas concert and sang in the seated chorus of the operetta. Participating in the District Music Festival was the highlight of the year. Working with the Special Chorus, the Girls Chorus furnished Murphy with beautiful music the year round. Cummins takes names for the MOHIAN. The ensemble rehearses by the piano. N.H.S. Speakers: Walker, Blackwell, Dart, Burke, and Adams. Character, scholarship, leadership, and service are the four ideals of the National Honor Society. These points are considered essential for its members. The purpose of N.H.S. is to provide recognition for out- standing students, increase self-respect, and serve as an inspiration and a goal for aspiring students. lt encourages all students to Work hard and partic- ipate in school activities. To qualify for membership in the society a student must maintain a high scho- lastic average, have a certain amount of service credits, and have no records of disciplinary action against him. Information on the meaning, purpose, and re- quirements of N.H.S. is given to Sophomores and Juniors by members who travel from section to sec- tion. One of the activities of the National Honor So- cietyis the "Thought for the Week" which is an- nounced over the public address system every Mon- day and put on the blackboards by the teachers. These statements include thought-provoking sayings of fa- mous people. November Induction of ational Honor ROW 1: Lincoln, Condon, Morris, Roberts, Burke, Rayburn, Warren, Walker. ROW 2: Cochran, Sellers, Blackwell, Risen, Urquhart, Leatherbury. ROW 3: Pate, Lappage, Buntin, Slaughter, Hamilton, Gardner. ROW 4: Dart, Adams, Walker, Mahoney, Tedder. 74 ' , MW ff? f x . 2 V' , i R., We 5 .aw 03' u ' Jw ..:' X a . + -f fi: A M --.' w. f QM , gi -vlx L I 1- 4 ' Y f A 2 ' W f , . Z 4 Q M fra 13 991 Y I V 5 , My f f A mum-fw ,mu First semester seniors: ROW 1: Glyptis, Foster, Berkin, Grindle, Davenport, Alexander, Amesbury, Radcliff, Townsend, O'Dell. ROW 2: Barkas, Bolton, Pearce, Williams, Spitzer, Jordan, Slaughter, Moss. ROW 3: Fowler, Eubanks, White, Fitz- gerald, Price, Miller, Houston, Cooper, Bullock, Bridges. Six Seniors and Sixty-seven uniors Second semester seniors: Emanuel, Hayes, Kinney, Frazier, Deimel. Induction speakers: White, Buntin, Beard, Peake VY juniors: ROW 1: Carlton, Quick, Wilkins, Schaefer, Sumerlin, Latham, Dunn, Ramey, Brent. ROW 2: Ward, Tuttle, Buhler, Smith, Baker, Hanes, Detman, McPherson, Slaughter. ROW 3: Thompson, Drago, Owens, Lugg, Myers, Barefleld, Ypwyatt, McKinley, Hayes. Are Inducted Into .H.S. in Februar juniors: ROW 1: Johnstone, Binion, Leatherbury, Allen, Smith, Seamen, Sidel, Meredith, Bechtelheimer, Whitt, Sellers ROW 2: Rollins, McLean, Luce, Oswalt, Grubbs, Beard, Cagles, Dantzler. ROW 3: Mighell, Raider, Moulton, Fields, Thomas Fowler, Granade. ROW 4: Givens, Pou, Boardman, Burleson, Barr, Revel, Marsh, Deal, Spiers. i1-n-1 be N11-11' N---15-nga-mu, Awww iv A ,,-.-. l -1.-- Mr. Hodges, Principal, and Quill and Scroll members offer congratulations to new inductees. ROW 1: Mercer, M., Tatum K' Lauter B' Risen N' Hamilton P' Roundtree M' Flemin M: Carre L. 7 '7 7 '7 7 'H 7 'P 7 '5 gi 9 5 ROW 2: Radcliff, L., McMillan, S., Crowell, A., Pickett, K., Leatherbury, E., Beville C' Robinson D' Godshalk C, F ll e , K., McClure, D., Haskins, J., Pilgrim, A. ROW 3: Stanton, V., Edington, H., jummonville, Walker,, TI, Pollard, B. ROW 1: Moulton, P., Myers, P., Granade, A. R., Ferrari, R., Fishburne, C., Smith, R. ROW 2: Stuart, L Markovic My M' L.' C l L.' L ' - ' ' ' 7 Bauer, G. , rms, , ar ey, , auter, P., Kohorn, F., Binder, R., Reid, B. ROW 3: Roberts B., McDonald, B ,...---.-il 'DOL Outstanding Young ournalists Recognized Recognizing and awarding high school journalists of exceptional merit, the Quill and Scroll desires to make membership in its society an honor which will stand for the highest type of high school journalistic achievement. Murphy's outstanding journalists took active interest in the school as well as their own de- partment. Raising money to buy additional equip- ment for the journalism department and decorating a special Christmas tree for the cafeteria were two of their annual projects. All members met the clubs requirements by being in the upper third of their classy having done distinctive and outstanding work in some phase of journalismg having been recom- mended for membership by a supervisor of journal- ism in his high school or by the committee governing publications, and having been approved as being worthy of membership by the society's national of- ficer designated for that duty. Because of its high standards the Quill and Scroll is one of the most respected clubs at Murphy. Alethea Lincoln, Jay Brickman, Carole Walker, Chandler Bram lett, and Judy Blackwelder spoke of the club's ideals. Editors, joleen Haskins of the MOHIAN and Carol Buntin of the Hi-Times, look happy. Officers are Carol Buntin, Presidentg Alethea Lin- coln, Treasurer, and Cathi Slaughter, Secretary. 557 F.R.A.H.S. Displays Talent at Murph Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, celebrating its twentieth anniversary in May, consists of students interested in art and improving Murphy's Art De- partment. Members must at one time, have taken courses in the Art Department. Each year the club receives from six to twelve new members whose work has been selected by judges from the Mobile Art Association as the best of that entered in an an- nual membership contest. Besides the membership contest, the club holds fall and spring exhibits on the patio, helps the Four Arts Club by making scenery and designing programs, and this year decorated the windows in the cafeteria. The club works with the Mobile Art Association in vari- ous community projects. F.R.A.H.S. is a very bene- ficial honor society in that it adds prestige to Murphy. The members of the F.R.A.H.S. paint scenery for the operetta. Frank, N., Berson, B., and King, P., officers of F.R.A.H.S., display the club symbol. ROW 1: Berson, B., McClure, D., Matthews, C., Blackwilder, J., Nelson, V., Williamson, M., White, G. ROW 2: Markovic, M., Petersen, F., Murrill, P., Ting, A. I , ...,.,., ,,,, . Psychology Club Revises Constitution Professional people spoke to members of the Psy- chology Club on the aspects of practical psychology within their field. Impressing students with the im- portance of high morals and good mental health, the club gave reports on experiments which they made. T0 rewrite the constitution of the club was their main project. Approximately thirty members participated in the newly organized Psychology Club. The officers worked with the members to bring all the psychology students together to learn more about this fascinating subject. Their motto, "Know thyself as thou would- est know all men" expresses the important purpose of the club. Officers, Creighton, Thompson, and Murphy, review plans. Q l Students gather ideas for constitution ROW 1: Robinson, Henderson, Roberts. ROW 2: Morgan, Nelson, Killough. ROW 3: Bane, Aston, Barbour, Stewart, Pitts, Miss Waller. ROW 4: Thompson, Bratcher, Nelson, Rainey, Crowell, Creighton, Haskins. 950 Key Club Lends Hand in Murph Projects Always concerned with Murphy's welfare, the Key Club constantly works for the betterment of the school. Outstanding boys according to citizenship, scholastic rating, and recommendation by teachers, compose the club. Main projects for the year in- cluded painting lines for parking places in Murphy's new lot and in the parking area of the Mobile Rotary Rehabilitation Clinic. With the responsibility of helping the school, the Key Club raised the flag each day, helped the Student Council with Panther Spe- cials, and gave much assistance during the Day celebration. In general the organization helped to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship. Be- cause of its willingness to lend a helping hand for worthy school and community projects, the Key Club is noted for the service it renders. Bob Adams, President, Karla Tatum, Sweet- heart, Jay Brickman, Secretary, Joe Drago, Treasurer, David Kearns, Kiwanis Repre- sentative, and Jodie Little, Sergeant-ab Arms, guide the key boys' of the school through a prosperous year. ROW 1: Bauer, G., Little, J., Brickman, J., Tatum, L., Adams, B., Kerns, D., Drago, J., Jumonville, B. ROW 2: Glover, S., Curran, L., Bean, R., Mercer, B., Thompson, J., Elsevier, J., Hall, B., Whiting, W. ROW 3: Marsh, B., Deal, W., Mann, B.: Thompson, R., Teague, D., Guest, W., Bliss, R., Ponder, B. F.T.A. Gives Annual Tea for Teachers F.T.A. Group-ROW 1: Robinson, Block, Carter. ROW 2: Kretzer, Deupree, Tillotson, Buitt, McDonnell, King. ROW 3: Nelson, Ward, Aston, Erskine, Robinson, Hill. Substituting and aiding teachers in every possible way is the work of the Future Teachers Association. Each month on the second and fourth Monday, the organization had programs based around their pur- pose, "To explore the possibility of teaching as a career." Supplying student substitutes for teachers when necessary and observing teaching techniques in the elementary schools give the future teachers ex- cellent experience. Service seems to be the club's password. Every fall they sponsor a tea for the teachers and observe F. T. A. Day when they give every teacher an extra free period. At the end of the year, a twenty-five dollar scholarship is awarded by the Future Teachers to the most deserving senior. As an extra service project this year the members decorated the teachers' lounge at Christmas. Recognized at National and District Conventions as the twelfth oldest chapter in the nation, Murphy's F. T. A. strives to produce well-experienced leaders for education in the future. Frances Nelson plays hostess to the teachers. Mrs. Causey is proud to be F.T.A. sponsor. Alpha Hi-Y members: ROW 1: Pritchett, G., Curry, R.g Kent, C., Allred, C.g Fowler, 1.3 Byrd, B. ROW 2: Mr. Merleg Davis, 1.5 Gibney, B., Gorman, F.g Massey, R. ROW 3: Imsand, 1: W., Fell, G.g Byrd, 1.g Crysell, D,g Simms, R., Byrd, 1.3 Waters, M.g Waters, G. Three Chapters of ational Hi-Y Alpha Hi-Y officers: ROW l: Pritchett, G., Davis, 1.3 Gorman, F.g Massey, R. ROW 2: Mr. Merle, Gibney, B.g Waters, M.g Mr. Fling. M W An important service club at Murphy is the Hi-Y club which consists of three separate organizations, Alpha, Beta and Civitian. Each group meets once a month and promotes religious emphasis among stu- dents. Hi-Y offers various phases of recreation and service. Each club has a basketball team which meets at the Y.M.C.A. for practice and play. For several years they received commendations from the 1unior Chamber of Commerce for notable assistance in sev- eral functions. They helped in the presentation of Azalea Trails, 1unior Miss America Pageant and the N ational. Library. For many activities, the three clubs join together. They attended Youth Legislature in March, which is a duplication of Alabama Legislature scaled on a high school level. They also combined for several parties. flu Civitan Hi-Y members: ROW 1: Patterson, S., Wade, A,g Jenkins, J.. Huff, L., jockisch, B., Richardson, 1.3 Leinicker, L., Beverly, B., Alonzo, S. Beta Hi-Y members: ROW 1: Hodges, K., Diamond, S., Mclnvale, B., Williamson, N.g Mills, G. ROW 2: Russ, T., Dwyer, S., Aplin, I., McDuffie, B., Harrison, D., Burnett, R. Tillman, D., Houston, D. ROW 2: Tutwrler T Create High Precepts of Christianit Beta Hi-Y officers: ROW 1: Diamond S Mclnvale B., Williamson, N. ROW 2: Hodges, K Aplm J Mills, G. 'Vi.,I1if 9 LOPING ROW 1: Wells, B.g Barnhart, L., Berkin, C.g Bullard, N.g Hearn, S., Hanes, M. ROW 2: Cummins, H., McNellage, G., McMillan, S.g Kohorn, L.g Schley, K.g Kretzer, Lg Lincoln, A. ROW 3: Richardson, C.g Quiros, M. Spanish Club Shows Movies and Slides To acquaint members with a thorough knowledge of Spanish culture and encourage them to speak the language more fluently is the purpose of the El Cir- culo Espanol. Club membership is reserved for third and fourth year Spanish classes. Meetings were held twice a month during second period. Dividing the history of Spain into studies of Romano and Moors was the project of the year. Each member was ex- pected to make a report on some phase of culture in Spain such as history, art, literature, as it is today. During the Christmas season, members sang Spanish carols and broke a pinata, a jar filled with sweets and toys. Enthusiastic officers and students worked hard to keep up the traditions of the club and improve its program. Officers: Lincoln, Barnhart, McNellage, Hanes. Spanish club members display native costumes of Spain. james jones and Chem-Bo-Phys members plan first Annual Science Fair. Chem-Bo-Phys Holds First Science Fair Sternming from one of the oldest clubs at Murphy, the Chem-Bo-Phys is an organization concerned with promoting interest in the sciences. It desires mem- bers who can Work on scientific projects. All of the members are devoted to the interest of scientific work. Some of the many and varied activities of the club are participating in the Mobile Regional Science Fair and the State Science Fair. Their main project Mr. Fulcher and Mr. Tatum, club sponsors, and ,Jimmy this year was to try to promote a scif nce fair at Mur- phy. Taking field trips and listening to speakers talk on scientific study in college and industry, stim- ulated the members' interest, Placing first in the Greater Gullf State Fair with their exhibit was just one example of how the club has been such an asset to the extra-curricular program. Clarence Mahony proudly shows his first place winner. jones discuss plans for the Regional Science Fair. G. Gay, S. Powers, L. Keith, B. Foreman, L. Davis, S. Sumerlin Cseatedj, plan rummage sale for overseas chest. Officers: Williams, Garratt, Herbert, and jordan. r. Red Cross Plans Overseas Chest "We believe in service for others . . Being one of the hardest working clubs at Murphy, the Junior Red Cross does an exceptionally good job of fulfill- ing their pledge. This club is made up of represen- tatives from each section. The officers are President, Annette jordang Vice President, Amby Herbertg Sec- retary, Toni Garrettg and Publications Chairman, Sandra Williams. Each year the members of the junior Red Cross undertake one main project. As the project for this year, the council had a chest filled with school sup- plies, medicine, and playground equipment. This chest was sent overseas to needy areas. Each month, the one hundred members took on worthwhile proj- ects. The junior Red Cross is a definite asset to Murphy because of their sincere concern for the wel- fare of others. jr. Red Cross members contribute valuable service to the community throughout the year and plan monthly projects. . Latin Club Gives Roman Style Banquet ROW 1: Buhler, L., Sumerlin, S., Marshall, C., Reed, M., Osinski, K., Pennington, J., Dunn, P., Burke, J., Binion, D., Broach, G. ROW 2: jordan, A., Miller, A., O'Dell, L.g Ferrari, R., Raider, L., Brady, G., Detman, S., Cook, J., Sharitt, B., Spiers, D., Burleson, S., Vellianitis, A. Membership in Senatus Populus Que Romanus is composed of third and fourth year Latin students. In keeping with Roman form of government, officers hold ancient titles. As names for the year, each mem- ber chose the name of a god or goddess. The Club's main objective Was to study in detail Roman customs, history and the Latin language. One of the most impressive functions of all S.P.Q.R. activities is the annual Roman style ban- quet. Second year students are eligible for member- ship and submit their names to Miss Gay, club spon- sor, if interested. These students are voted on by the club and allowed to serve their superiors at the real- istic banquet. Because of the Latin Club's enthusi- asm, Murphy students have realized the value of Latin in connection with their other subjects. Officers of the Latin Club lead initiation of new members. Latin Club sponsor, Miss Gay, and officers: Sumerlin, Miller, Buhler, Dunn, Burke, Vellianitis, Osinski, jordan. r,.....i if ' T . French Club Adds Culture to Murph ROW 1: Williamson, E.3 Deaton, P.g johnson, T.g Townsend, K.g Morris, S.g Freeman, M. J. ROW 2: Cun- ningham, Sg Marshall, C.g MacLeay, J. A.g Sellers, S.g Wilkins, j.g Camp, D.g Burousas, B.g Robinson, E. ROW 5: Laurendine, L,g Reinhart, D.g Lincoln, A.g Luce, M.g Gaillard, R.g Moss, A.g Crowell, A.g Ostlin, S.g Farnell, S. "Tout etre a deux parries: la sienne et puis la France." Every being has two countries: his own and then France. This is the motto of the forty members of Murphy's French Club. The principal activity of this club is the presentation of cultural programs featuring guest speakers. All introductions and busi- ness procedures are- conducted entirely in French, promoting a better understanding of the language. French Club members A. Moss, S. Farnell, E. Barefield, R. Gaillard, G. Conway enjoy singing "Noel," A trip to Trinity Church where the members were entertained by a guest organist and a meeting at which films on France were shown, were two of the most interesting meetings. Brightening each meeting is the drawing of names for the lucky ones receive a tasty French pastry. With this year's dues the mem- bers hope to buy Van Gogh's "Sidewalk Cafe at Night" to hang in the French classroom. The officers of the French Club chat with Mary Ann MacPherson fcenterj, a former member of the club. Debate Club Aids ratorical Speaking Mr. Hudgens, founder of Murphy's Debate Club, is welcomed to speak. Enthusiastic students, who delight in debating and various types of forensic speaking, enjoy membership in Aurgument Incorporated. Specializing in certain lines of debate, the club's main aim is to promote oratorical speaking. Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Ann Smith, the members become well trained in forensic art. All members are prepared to debate on any subject at a moments notice. Future quick- thinking and well-versed leaders are the product of this public spirited organization. S. Knight and L. Hardy learn the proper techniques of debate from Mr. Smith. james Jones welcomes McGill clebaters who visit Murphy club. ,Q Q16 Mike Girby and Gary Polk prepare movie projector for classroom use. Visual Ed. Benefits Classroom Program Assisting teachers in the showing of educational films is the main function of the Visual Education Club. The large responsibility of showing films and taking care of the equipment belongs to the club. Projectors, screens, film, recorders, record players, and sound boxes must be kept in perfect working' order by the boys. All members must be skilled in operating the machines and also willing to give their time for the club's work. Because of the services rendered by the V.E. club, a wider program of visual education is available for Murphy. Members of Visual Ed. check equipment ROW 1: Hall, Frey, Stan- ton, Thompson, Brown. ROW 2: Winter, Chapman, Keetham, Smith, Brewer, Dunning, Booker. ROW 3: Drago, Winn, Wyatt, Wyatt, Powell. Spike Shoe Sponsors junior High Meet Promotion of young amateurs' interest in cross - i Q country and track is the main function of the Spike Frey and Hall feglstef entries in If-H1-meet Shoe Club. In the fall, the club begins its work by sponsoring junior High cross country meets at which they award medals and trophies. Keeping a file on cross country records is another project of the ef- ficient group. Boys who have lettered in either cross country or track are eligible for membership. Officers: Hall, Frey, Stanton, Thompson, and Brown. .A.A.'s Participate in Girls' Athletic Association provides a variety of gymnastic activities. These sports are enjoyed by thirty female athletes who make-up this club. Founded in 1945, this organization has been an asset to Murphy's extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. The main objective of this association is to promote good sportsmanship and health in team and individual activities. Members take part in vari- ous sports such as track, swimming, volleyball and archery. Once they successfully master these sports they challenge other schools in athletic tourna- ments. By active participation, members of this club become skilled in sports which can be used later in individual careers. Count Events ROW 1: Azzem, S., Tillman, 1.5 Mude, C.g Eubanks, C. ROW 2: Lewis, A., Edwards, B., Lewis, M., Obert, P., Smith, M., Ward, L., Ward, S.g Lewis, D.g Bank, S., Happer, D. G.A.A. officers: ROW 1: Lewis, Tillman. ROW 2: Ward Ed ward, Tillman. Sponsor, Miss McNally, demonstrates a basketball throw X G. McNeil, C. Irwing, P. Bianco, N. James, J. Black- mon, and L. Sapp prepare for big crowd. ,. Club officers: R. Curry, G. McNeil, M. Waters, B. Gibney, K. Moore, P. Christopher, and P. Bianco. " i' Club ponsors the Blue-Gold Game Spirited and hardworking describes perfectly the members of the Club. The group is composed of boys who have lettered in any sport at Murphy. To promote sportsmanship and support the athletic department program is the club's main purpose. Each year, members sell soft drinks at basketball games, usher for athletic events, and take an active part in "M" Day. Painting the field house and sponsoring an annual Blue-Gold game were the main projects for the year. At their annual banquet, Pat Sweeny, who is not a Murphy student, was made an honorary member in appreciation for his faithful support of Murphy's teams. Boys who had recently met the requirements in their field of sports were also awarded letters. The active "M" Club members again experienced a very successful year. Overstreet, Waddle, Branch, Sciple, Blackmon, Sapp, james, Bianco, Smith, Box, Flower, Tatum. ROW 2: Crane, Shirley, Ross, Pou, Lord, McNeil, Olive, Barnes, Clark, Bower, Drago. ROW 3: Waters, Sutton, Etheridge, Gibson, Hanks, Herrick, Smithwick, Christopher, McKenley, Brown, Kettler. ROW 4: McKinney, King, Strickland, Moore. ROW 5: Stanton, Thompson, Hall, Gra- ham, Dill, Curry, Raine, White, Imsand. ROW 6: Suddath, Galloway, Allen, Bridges, Edington, and Gibney. ur 1. .gn-.1 f. frmw... .. , F. .A. Receives First Alabama Charter Murphy's Future Nurses Club deserves much credit for its continuously rewarding work. Outsideactivi- ties included presenting a Thanksgiving program at the Old Folks Home and visiting hospitals in the Mobile area to relieve nurses of many minor tasks. A trip to the University of Alabama in February proved rewarding for those members who attended the convention. Interesting girls in a career of nursing is the main purpose of the organization. In recognition for its outstanding work, the Future Nurses were the first chapter in the State of Alabama to be awarded a National Charter. Future Nurses hold tea for teachers after exams. I Helen Keevan, Pat Sledge, and Barbara Yeger prepare Thanksgiving bags for the Mobile County Home for the Aged. Sherry Green, Grace Jacobs, Evelyn ja- cobs, and Mrs. Booker proudly display their National Charter: Troupers Display Talents at Operetta Superior skill, poise, and grace are the attributes which a girl must have t'o become a member of the Troupers Club. Activities of the agile group for the year included participation in Special Chorus pro- ductions and student assemblies. Presenting a ballet, "The Little Prince," written by their sponsor, Mrs. Myrtle Peter, was the main project of the Troupers. To entertain Murphy students with their dancing skills is the organization's purpose. The club for the past four years, has offered an opportunity for girls interested and trained in dancing to meet, and exchange ideas. Its members added greatly to Mur- phy's mltural program. Trouper officers: Davis, Windham, and Reid. Troupers: Carte, Tutile, Diamond, Brady and Kennedy practice their "start" Troupers practice for operetta. ROW 1: Carter, Davis, Wingham, Reid. ROW 2: Tutile, Diamond, Brady, Kennedy. Racquet Club Born at Murphy For the first time in Murphy's history, girls were able to pursue skills in tennis through a Tennis Club. At meetings, Miss Baker, sponsor, gave instructions and demonstrations of tennis techniques to members. After the meetings, the girls practiced for various matches. Competition between team members and other schools formed an important part of the sched- ule. The club's three-fold project was to promote interest in tennis, Compete with other schools, and produce more skillful players. Although this was the c1ub's first year of action, it represented Murphy well in performances. Becky demonstrates her tennis techniques. Tennis Club sponsor, Miss Baker, and repre- sentative, Judy Henderson, prepare for match Stevenson, B.g Henderson, 1.5 Richmond, C.g Ward, L-3 Lillrnon, 1.5 Garris, B.g Edwards, B. Bible Club Inspires Christian Living Officers, Stuart, L., Henderson, B.g Bush, NJ Bodiford, I., and Moss, A. fseatedj. With an enrollment of fifty members, the Bible Club meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. The programs consist of Biblical lessons taught by Miss Katherine Hope, the sponsor of the club, with films and music that tie in with the subjects. The club is a Bible Study Club in fact as well as in name. The members seek to learn more about the Bible and to carry out its teachings in everyday living. They refrain from taking part in many school activities because they feel that the purpose of the club is to help them be better members of the other service clubs at Murphy. For several years the Bible Club has donated religious books to the Murphy library and this year decided to make this their main project. Their motto is a verse from Joshua 119, "Be strong and of good Courageg be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whither- soever thou goestf' Miss Hope gives devotion to members ROW 1: Beard, P.g Bodiford, J., Stuart, L., McAuley, G.g Moss, A., Wadlow, S.g Merzaros, C., Latham M ROW 2 Slayton, G.3 Wilson, T., McPherson, j.g Henderson, B.g Myers, Ig Fields, A., Stahlman, S., Miss Hope. ROW 1: Buntin, C., jordan, A., Reinhart, L., Henderson, J., Tillman, J. ROW 2: Massey, R., Curry, R.g Walker, C.g Byrd, J., Moss, A., Morrison, 1.5 Lincoln, A.g Steele, B.g Sullivan, F.g Mitchell, A. Mrs. I.C.C. Co-Ordinates School Clubs Co-ordinating the work of all clubs at Murphy is the purpose of the Inter-Club Council. Members are a President or representative from each club. The Vice President of the Student Council serves as Presi- dent. He is able to correlate the work of the two councils. This year the Inter-Club Council assigned each club a part in the program for Murphyls beautifica- tion. The council also helped with smaller projects of the Student Council. A class in parliamentary pro- cedure was sponsored by the organization to encour- age proper procedure iniclub meetings. Clubs pre- sented individual problems to the council for pos- sible solutions. Trophies and plaques were awarded to the outstanding clubs at an annual banquet. Inter- Club Council Work strengthened the entire club pro- gram of Murphy. Officers: Robert Massey, Annette Jordan, and Carole Bun- tin plan group discussion for Inter-Club Council meeting. President, Robert Massey, and his advisor, Mrs. Ann Mitchell, organize plans for Inter-Club Council. ROW 1: Heacock, G.: Whitley, J., Steele, B.g Miller, D., Duval, J. ROW 2: Steele, J., Waddle, I., Merry, B., Daul, G., Adams, B.g Mabrey, J, Ushers Volunteer Services to Mobile Called upon for service at least twenty-four times a year, the Ushers Club does more work for com- munity programs than most clubs at Murphy. Mem- bers responsibilities range from ushering at school and community theatrical productions, music pro- grams and special activities to presenting roses to the leading performers. To remain an active member each boy must wear a tuxedo. Mr. Donald Smith gives Head Usher, Buddy Steele, and Assistant, David Miller, final instructions. Sixty-two junior and senior boys composed the worthwhile organization. At the end of the year sophomore teachers recommend boys for member- ship. The recommendations are then carefully con- sidered by the members and voted on for admittance. Because of its excellent record of service, member- ship in the Ushers Club is a high honor. Ushers Club prepares to assist joe jefferson play. Mrs. Clark and 1r. Historic officers Ray, Miltenberger, Watson, 1ones, Goulsby and Yrabedra. unior Historic Members Visit akleigh Murphy's 1unior Historic Society strives to learn Distributing "Pathfinders" is an annual project of of Mobile history. Taking informative trips to his- the Society. These pamphlets provide important in- torical sights inside and outside of the city helped formation concerning Murphy for new and old stu- them to have a wide knowledge of the Mobile area, dents. Through the Society's work, students have Highlights of the year included the annual visit to been impressed with the colorful history of their famous Oakleigh and presenting a program for the school and city. Senior Historic Society. ROW 1: Bloch, D.: Harvey, M. 1.3 Van Landingham, K., Gober, B.: Haas, I., Ray, M. L. ROW 2: Wat- ler, A.: Britian, I., Ollhoft, G.: Bliss, R.: Baltzer, 1.3 Miltenberger, M., Antoine, M. D. ROW 1: Zuber, A.: Mallon, B.g Frenzel, 1.g Goulsby, 5.3 Crabtree, M.: Dantzler, D. ROW 2: Britton, 1.9 Thompson, 1.3 Givens, V.: Owens, D.: Dumas, 1.g 1ones, 1.3 Yrabedra, R, Booster Club members meet to discuss plans for waking up spirit at Murphy. Booster Club Enlightens Murphy Spirit In every school there can be found a vivacious group of workers who seek to stimulate the spirit of the students and team. Organized in 1958, the Booster Club has as its membership just such a group of people. They found that their services were most needed during the football season. By openly dem- onstrating their enthusiasm and sincere desire for victory, the club promoted interest among the stu- dents as well as the faculty. Before each game, tickets could be purchased from any member of the club. But their services did not end here. At the games, they sat together cheering Murphy's Panthers on to victory. To raise funds for the M-Club, they undertook the selling of Murphy stickers which were put on cars. They also took an active part in pep rallies and numerous school functions. It can truly be said of Murphy's Booster Club: "Never before have as few done so much for so many." Jane Burke checks out football tickets to Mary Emma Mercer Officers, Wahlsten, Napier, Hearn and Burke make ticket and sticker sale plans. fi Dm Mr. Turberville, Mr. Stephens, Mrs. Taylor, Barbara Hallberg, and Mrs, Halstead discuss D.O. night D.O. Club Provides Valuable Working There is one club at Murphy that is different from all the rest. This is the D.O. Club. The club mem- bers attend school for a' half day and work at in- dividual jobs for the remainder of the day. D.O. offers many activities and great opportunities. Stu- dents are able to gain a wider understanding of diversified occupation and distributive education. Two outstanding functions of the year were the annual banquet and Christmas party. Another im- portant event was D.O. night. On this night Mr. and Miss D.O. were announced, along with the author of the best essay and oratorical. One of the many important projects sponsored by this organiza- tion was the publishing of a student directory. A major organization at Murphy, the D.O. Club con- stitutes better relations between school and com- munity. M. L. Hamrnac fills out insurance claims for clients. L. Bawden gains secretarial experience at Harry's. nd, .I Gloria increases her experience working in A8rV office, C. Legg works toward his ambition at Irby Animal Hospital. Experience for ll Ambitious Students Jack Sawyer enjoys repairing motorscooters at F. H. Ross and Company. Sandra and Mary Louise check deposits. is P S 5 K Q sl 'gy o ff F.B.L.A. Develop Business Leadership Mrs. Savage helps club members plan for convention. Future Business Leaders of America is a conscien- tious organization which encourages its members to improve their community by developing projects and establishing themselves in business. By emphasizing the importance of improving scholarship, character, and citizenship, the club strives to develop competent, business leaders. The F.B.L.A. practiced its policies this year through such projects as increasing its mem- bership, starting new chapters in other schools, and working with the Iob Placement Bureau. The many services performed by the F.B.L.A. during the year were invaluable to Murphy. Officers Jerry Morrison and Judith Scrivener converse with Mr. Eugene Dawson, downtown sponsor for F.B.L.A ROW 1: Douglas, Scrivener, Davis, Scrivener, Carre, Morrison. ROW 2: Brock, Reeve, Blackmon, Benson, Fisher, Parks. ROW 3: Auston, Fleming, Lacey, Henderson, Dixon, Dahlhoff, Myers, MacLeay. Willing Workers Aid Behind the Scene All productions held in the auditorium are the re- sponsibility of the efficient Stage Crew. Stage Crew jobs include preparing the stage before and after productions, repairing lights and equipment, and working lights during productions. Miss Lois Fitz- simmons, sponsor, trains the boys in all theatrical re- spects. Members are chosen according to their ability to perform duties, interest in the work, and reliability in attendance after school hours. Although the hours are long and hard, the Stage Crew gains excellent experience and renders a great service to the school and the community. i I i l jimmy receives training from working behind stage 1 Randy, Dotie and Ferd prepare for Four Arts Play. The Stage Crew is a necessity to Murphy productions 'DEE Club and Campus Snapshots Brave Jay rides again. Barry displays her devilment on Miss Foster. I National Honor students prepare for induction. Miss Tanner explains instructions to swimmers just whistle while you work. David polishes his "prized possession," Big devil Diane. Monkey see-Monkey do. Kill if befofe it mU1fiP1ie5 nl--1 Diversified Occupations Club On january 15, 1960, Murphy's first annual D.O. Night was held. Sponsored by the Diversified Occu- pations Club, D. O. Night was presented to better inform the public of the club's activities and to select students to represent Murphy in the District contest later in the year. 1 Enabling members of the club to practice what they had learned in varied fields, special contests were offered. Before the pre- sentation of D.O. Night essays and job manuals were carefully read and the best ones selected. As the momentous evening approached, contestants dili- gently prepared for the competition. Judging their performances were twelve prominent Mobile busi- nessmen. The best speech and skit were selected. Highlighting the evening was the selection of Mr. and Miss D.O. This eventful night gave industrious students an opportunity to display their talents and i enter competition with their classmates. X Billy Nassar entertains crowd D.O. Night. Mr. and Miss D.O. contestants line up for final judging. Before the first annual D.O. Night program, chaos pervades among cast and contestants. Presents First Annual DD. Night 'I' Singers practice number and go over program before going on stage D.O. Night. Nada Frankg Miss D. O. contestant, chats with skit members Susan Roberts and julie Byrd before opening. Excited Sharlene Lynn wins "Miss DO." contest. If JA! 'QED J e Q if S E iss' Murphy Girls Serve Americals jr. Miss -aryl! .,. ANN BLACKWELL 9 Pageantry of color comes to Mobile each year with the opening of the city's famed Azalea Trail. The fresh beauty of the elegant azaleas is complemented by the lovely and gracious maids of the Azalea Trail Court. True to the traditional dignity and charm of the young ladies in the court, Murphy's representa- tives were Ellen Leatherbury, Kathleen Schley, Syd- ney Howell, and Anne Blackwell. These vivacious girls were selected from the Senior Class by the faculty and seniors. Faculty members presented their nominees to a committee of teachers who chose the twelve semi-finalists. The four final- ists were elected by popular vote of the Senior Class. Competing with other representatives from the county for the "Miss Azalea Trail" title, all four of Mur- phy's nominees placed in the top ten. Miss Anne Blackwell was selected as one of the two Ladies-in-Waiting to "Miss Azalea Trail." Along with "Miss Azalea Trail" and the other Lady-in- Waiting, she spent an entire week visiting major cities in the country publicizing Mobile's Azalea Trail and America's junior Miss Pageant. Radiating with grace and congeniality, Ann spread good will and Southern hospitality wherever she went. vw? ELLEN LEATHERBURY KATHLEEN SCHLEY it i E 3 IM JAY BRICKMAN BRENDA EASLEY IRA PEAKE Senior Class Elects Six Speakers Perhaps the greatest honor at Murphy is the final one-that of being elected a Senior Speaker. With this honor comes the vast responsibility of expressing publicly the combination of emotions felt by the graduating class. This year, each of the thirty-four interested can- didates gave a minute speech before a group of qualified teachers who served as judges. The twelve students surviving this elimination were chosen on the basis of delivery quality and content of the speech. At a Senior Assembly the semi-finalists de- livered their minute speeches on "What Graduation Means to Me." Following this special assembly the Senior Class voted for six finalists to represent them commencement night. The elected Senior Speakers wrote their final speeches in accordance with the selected graduation theme. if CHARLES WHEELING ALICE MOSS TOM WALKER Murphy's Stage Becomes Georges parents discuss his future marriage. The players have fun posing backstage during a break. "Our Town" Anyone wishing to forget his problems for a few hours was transported from reality while watching Murphy High School's Four Arts' production of "Our Town." The experimental play by Thornton Wilder, produced without scenery, took place during the early years of the twentieth century in New Hampshire. Narrated by a stage manager, the entire action revolved around the small town life of two particu- lar families, the Webbs and Gibbs. George Gibbs and Emily Webb, who were childhood sweethearts, were married soon after high school graduation. Two years later Emily died, but came back to earth for one day. In reliving the least important day of her life, her twelfth birthday, she realized how little people get out of life while they are living it. Superb acting was displayed by the Four Arts cast in this touching production. Leading members of the cast included: Stage manager, Harry McKinion, Dr. Gibbs, Earl Morrison, Mrs. Gibbs, Sylvia Parnell, Mr. Webb, Bill Higgins, Mrs. Webb, Sally Williams, George Gibbs, Tim Reed, Emily Webb, Norma Pierce, Wally Webb, George Bauer, Rebecca Webb, Patti Lauter, and Marsha Dumas. "Well, let's have Mendelsson's 'Wedding March' !" ,--. 44,4 A The melodious chorus members take an active part in the production of the first modern broadway musical, "Showboat." Kearnis "Showboat" Comes to Murphy M. Peter helps A. Moss and W. jack- son with props before performance. ,, W. ,, f Showboat life during the late 1880,s was the setting for the operetta presented by Murphyis Spe- cial Chorus members. Two evening performances on March 8 and 9, 1960, casts aided by the Orchestra and Troupers. Fifteen colorful scenes within the two- act musical depicted varied activities aboard the show- boat and along its route. As the curtain rose the audience viewed the dock- ing of the showboat, "Cotton Blossom," while songs of Negroes working on the levee filled the air. Members of the "Cotton Blossom" prepared for the evening performance, and as the grand moment ar- rived, many amusing mishaps occurred. Spectators were treated with such numbers as "Make Believe," "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine," and "You Are a Love." The plot involves the loves and tribulations of showboarers. Magnolia, the Captain's beautiful but naive daughter, falls in love with a showboat gam- bler, Ravenal. Against family wishes they run away and get married. Continuing his gambling, Ravenal falls into financial difficulties and leaves Magnolia alone with their young daughter. She returns to the showboat and after several years is reunited with Ravenal and "Old Man River Keeps Rollin' Along." Musical protrayal of tragedy combined with humor created an atmosphere of old Southern charm in the excellent production. r I ., QQ 'fd M 1 ., f ,P 1, 4 l jf , K K ff V 574 91' These skillful bunnyrabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels swim to "Zippety-Do-Da." ' "Disneyland" Enthralls Swimming Club Fair Snow White is surrounded by the sprightly dwarfs. The "ballet leg" is displayed by B. Newsome and B. Foreman. M. Fulton and M. H. Roberts do synchronized duet. In the annual swimming show, the talented aquamaids portray an Indian sketch. Members as Theme of Disneyland, the fantasy world, was pictured by the aquamaids as they presented their annual show. Opening with a "Zippy-de-do-dah" number com- posed of girls portraying numerous animals, the show held the audience spell-bound as various activi- ties in "Bambi Forest" were laid before, them. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Cin- derella, the fairyland was complete. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Indians, three caballeros, and even robots Annual Show appeared, weaving a dream-like spell. Highlight of the show was the comedy diving act presented by Woody Rochambeau and Lynn Mc- Phillips. The Cinderella solo by Betty Newsome, Aquamaid President, was another outstanding fea- ture. The Disneyland show ran for two nights in April, and was followed by the traditional cast party on Closing night. W. Rochambeau puts on comical half-time show. These mechanical men from Disneyland are called "Robots" 6 K Q A-.1 , ,fp f, ww. f--, -. f,-v - f uszf1f.wmm,-.yww-.nv , W- 1' mf ff f 1 vf. ffm. Self Explanatory! Pep Rallies Stimulate School pirit Exuberant cries of victory were shouted by the students and cheerleaders at the four pep rallies held during the football season. Enthusiasm and spirit was especially displayed at the Vigor rally. An unconcious Vigor wolf was carried away in an am- bulance amid the approving cheers from those as- sembled. Other pep rallies included a bonfire the night before the McGill game, Homecoming assembly, and one rally at the first of the season. After each rally the spirit continued as cheers of victory re- sounded across the campus. Encouraging pep tunes from the band helped the cheerleaders to enliven the crowd in front of the auditorirun. The combination of the band and cheer- leaders produced a thrilling sensation of a sure vic- tory at the game. GLA A moment of meditation for a beat up Vigor Wolf. 21 2: 1, .,,. Nj ..., , , wifi 1 " y , z ' If f- . ,, . f ,, . . , , , , f V V V-if -' 1 X' f ' if ,f',, 'fwzfr .1 , . f J. , -'-t ' W1-z' f' ' I ff f f , f I ,ff "' I 'E ' fffm ' ' , ' I , 4' ' ',t' f' . ' ' "' ' ' . A ",. . if +1 '," .. .num f . . ' r ,Q fa-..."""l 4 n y -M-f , ' If i 7. W , gf, f , - .4 ff' ...A V ff ww Y , J. ft I ,, 4 W,--f:'1ff,p, .ff f, n ..,. atvv ff ,aff y , ,. , , my f L V , , Miyagi? -, fp, I vigsfff ,, fa, ff-af ff . ,nv ' ' f..s,,.:W.f f ' , , W, , , . ,,,, ,. ., ff" s ap. nytyy if I Miss Rhodes expresses her Christmas spirit. B. Lauter, M. Tillotson, S. Hearn count calories, Christmas Spirit Reigned Supreme At Christmas time, the halls of Murphy rang with excitement. On the magic day of December 19, Merry Christmas from your generous admirers sparkling smiles and cheerful greetings were heard in every section. There were section parties, club parties, and visiting from section to section. In the midst of all these were gay Christmas decorations, gifts, and refreshments. The fun and deep joy of Christmas had begun for Murphy students. C. Wheeling sets the mood for the assembly. jfom Walker gets the Christmas spir- Students at Murphy enjoyed candy, cookies, cokes, and other goodies it by expertly characterizing Santa. at section parties to celebrate pre-Christmas holidays. National Honor Society scholars enjoyed the culinary efforts of Tete-a-tete was a major part fellow members at their annual Christmas party in the gym, of the Future Nurses parties AW! Large, hungry crowds stimulated the spirit at the Christmas gatherings. 'l'll ff,a,u M,'p..Mjew,,.,,WNMWf, ,, ,J:,i, ,. ,,.L. f , , , V V Mr, Mor an helps M-Day Chairman, Karen Leatherwood, and C0m1'UiffCC Chairmen, ADH O'COI1f10f, JOl'1f1 Tatum, S I , and Sally Wahlsten, plan recreation for M-Day. Co-chairman, Suzie Rollins, in making fina plans Students Don Blue eans and Bermudas Dismissal of classes at noon on April 1, 1960, meant a day of recreation for Murphy students. Long range plans went into effect as boys and girls in sports clothes wandered over the campus viewing club displays and buying snacks. In the auditorium some of the most beautiful girls at Murphy were be- ing judged for the Miss M-Day title. The winner of this contest reigned as queen over the festivities for the rest of the day. Swimming meets and a sock hop were housed in the gym while on the football field "the girls" were displaying their athletic ability in the Powder Bowl. Later in the afternoon, a talent show was staged and tennis matches were held for those skilled in the game. Field events continued the day's activities. Boys vied for prizes in climbing a fifteen-foot greased pole and chasing squealing greased pigs. Everyone tried to participate in a pie eating contest as delicious cream topping flew in all directions. Other events included a three-legged race, sack race, and tug-of- war. Concluding the day was a thrilling baseball game between Murphy and Escambia. As the game ended, a successful fourth annual Murphy Day came to a close and students headed for home. Boys in one-legged sack race dart to the finish line. ,, mqsm.w W-.4 1 is 4 1 l P x N -1 An Able Staff Keeps Murphy Shining Under the capable direction of Mr. Grice, the efficient maintenance staff succeeds in keeping Mur- phy neat and clean. The staff consists of twelve maids who do the general building clean-up and five janitors who carry on the maintenance of the build- ings. They also open the buildings for special occa- sions and turn on the lights and heat. At the end of each day these hard workers tidy the rooms for the following day. Twice a month special machines are rented and used to wax and polish the halls. These are only a few of the tasks of the maintenance crew. They also clean windows and blackboards and care for the beautification of Murphy's grounds. Another phase of the upkeep of Murphy is keeping the stu- dents healthy. In the bright cafeteria, hundreds of hungry students are fed daily. By the efforts of the trained personnel, appetizing, well-balanced meals are prepared and served. Gratitude goes to the com- petent staff for keeping both Murphy and students thriving. Janitors make sure our halls are clean. Maids prepare kitchen for lunch. Christmas spirit prevailed throughout the cafeteria as the maids pause to open Christmas presents. 'Y M, , I , f5 V' -i E 4 Casual Candid napshots joleen checks the final triplicate. Nell, pinned? No, gloved! Wfhat have you got up your sleeve, john? The Elite dine at Martines. Sondra filled out all twelve cards wrong. ll-Il Buster hits the drums at Panther Spirit Night while spirited spectators watch. Big Editor gives instructions, Buddies of Hercules raise panther for victory Myra Biven, Ginnie Windham, and Bernadette Stone go off into the wild blue yonder. A-u-1 Seen Through ur Roving Camera . . . Spirited cheerleaders display their perfectioned ability to perform pyramids. Nature calls Murphy's students to the great out of doors on sunny spring days. We did! Maestro Sam shows his talents. Our hoopsters thrill this lad. Practice makes perfect, David Parting is such sweet sorrow." Murphy's fairer sex tries out the gridiron. "Swing your partner . . . A: WW' 1 'jfs N ff ff, xanga ww 1,51 A 'flue'- Linda and Arm got their driver's licenses on this? 279 'Mmm -L47 gi- -1-Alf' 4 IZE UU? Pnfnow ERTISERS . DV Fl 415 W is 1 ,,, I 21295 ,A ,Ms J' 5 i fi Zz 1 4, 13. I 4 Q A I 'r . J X-xx ' f X Q I ,m f U, s L 1 Thirst knows no season Q K fX SIGN OF GOOD TASTE somso UNDER AUTHORITY or THE cocA-com COMPANY av COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY INC. DELCHAMP'S MODERN FOOD STORES "Low Prices Every Day on Every'Ihing You Buy!" ELLEN HILL DANCE STUDIO aoso OLD SHELL ROAD Ellen Leafherbury chal's wilh Roland Crenshaw by +h I Ballei'-Tap-Acroba+ic e poo' Modern Jazz Classes Ballroom Classes for Teens and AduI'rs In Mobile i+'s 1'he PHONE GA 6-053I Member of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DANCE AND AFFILIATED ARTISTS BEVERLY MOTEL "The Besl for Less" BYRD'S ROLLERDROME QF AMERICAQ-hm1yi:xTIONAL W, BAN ,Q Tkvsr CESW COLLEGE IN THE FUTURE? You need a checking accounl of your own. II you are planning 'ro go +o college- or Io worlc-you NEED a checking accounf Io help keep Iraclc of your money and con- Irol your spending. II adds Io presfige. Too. Paying bills by check helps you earn Ihe rep- uralion of being a subsfanrial person who handles his affairs in a business-like way. And al Ihe American Nafional your checks are Iully-personalized wi'rh your name, address, and phone number.,SIop by one of our con- venienf branches and le+ us help you. MOBILE. ALABAMA 2008 Halls Mill Road GA 6-9280 Member of fhe Federal Deposii' Insurance .Corporaiion Edward shows Diane flue world of selling H I LL-SOBERG ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 500 Norfh Concepiion HE 8-9788 QUIEATH ERB -Fuklvlruns CO- SAVINGS AND LOAN "Where You Pay Less for Ihe Bes1"' MOBILE 59 S+. Joseph S'I'ree+ 309 Governmeni' S'IreeI' SlNCE lqzl HE 2775! MobiIe's Oldesi' ' Savings and Loan Associa'I'ion CHICKASAW Each Accouni' Insured 'Io SI0,000 l05 Shipyard S'I'ree'I' Mail Paymenfs Accepfed HE 3-5l I0 CURRENT RATE 405, ,Tam S NIXON DRUGS ou for "An Old STOre Wiirh a New Look" Fine Foods "More Than Ever You'll Like Trading al' 'I'I'I6 NIXON'S" World Over" :aol OLD SHELL ROAD AT KENNETH CONSTANTINE'S M. D. HALL PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. 9-1: NORTH ROYAL STREET mo OLD SHELL ROAD M b-I I AI b Free EsTima'I'es O Ie a ama Repairs Sewers Remodeling Waier Hea1'ers Fixfures Insi'alIa1'ions OFFICE HOME Greenwood I-I322 Garden 6-I905 Kafhy PiclceH' Opens The door 'ro beT+er living a+ PICKETT-HAMILTON REALTORS GR 7-6366 INSURERS l9I4 Grani Sfreel' 37Il Old Shell Road, Spring Hill VAN ANTWERP'S 'The Besl Only Since I884 ROYAL AND DAUPHIN STREET Besl' of Luck Io 'Ihe Seniors of '60 MAY SUPPLY CO. THE JEM SHOP Dauphin S'I'ree+ Mobile, Alabama Cynlhia and Pam inspecfi Ihe aparfmenls D'IBERVILLE APARTMENTS 2000 Spring Hill Ave. GA 6-3273 GIDDENS 81 RESTER TH EATERS AIR SHOW DOWNTOWN EMPIRE AUTO SHOW ROXY BROOKLEY MOBILE MOTOR LODGE 3939 Highway 90 Wes+ af Azalea 'Road GR I- I 43 I Mary R dl' ee selecls her graduafion I ggage from GERHARDT'S Sou'Il1 AIabama's Largesi' Luggage SI'ores" MOBILE. ALABAMA PRICHARD, ALABAMA BIDGOOD STATIONERY COMPANY "EveryIlwing for Your Office" School Supplies Blueprin'I's PhoIosI'a+s 68 ST. FRANCIS ST. PH. HE 2-05I8 Mobile, Alabama DUKE TRAILER SALES New Highway 90 GR 7-0277 AN DERS BOOK STORE Books Supplies 256 GOVERNMENT STREET HE 3-69II Mobile, Alabama Your Helpful Hardware Man and Your Family Gifi' Cen'Ier IScl1ool Supplies and Toysl SPRING HILL HARDWARE . 3755 Old Shell Road Moren finds Ilie clofhes very preI'Iy af BETTY RICHARDS sa s. coNcePTioN smear HE 2-2337 MILLINERY OF DISTINCTION JOE MCPHILLIPS 5'BY'- HATS "All Our Ha1's Sl!-79-52.99 None Higher MILDRED LOWERY, Manager 305 S+' Michael S+' 60 N. Royal S+. Mobile, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Phone HE 2-6995 AI-'S Good Luck Name Brands Cllaggoof Cancellafions - Samples I0 N. ROYAL STREET HE 8-2844 Teresa, Befh, and Donna find Hue new Chevrole+ smooflw riding. JoHNsoN CHEVROLET, INC. 50I S+. Joseph S+ree+ HE 2-462' Senior. Anne Blackwell, agrees Hwal' for school piclures i+'s MCEACHERN STUDIOS RYAN STEVEDORING COMPANY, INC. CLAUDE MOORE JEWELER Linda buys seconds from Nancy and Cgi. Appropria+e of AZALEA BRAND 6 SAINT JOSEPH STREET FAIR:-nope CREAMERY M"'f'i'e' A'aba"'a "BesI in The Land" FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA SERVE THE FINEST - E:-2 ' 1 . IH I 7m Mm Sm 1865 - AN HONORED NAME IN MEATS FOR OVER 90 YEARS GWIN'S One of The SouIh's Largesi Engraving Planlrs QUALITY ENGRAVERS OF Commencemeni' Invi+a'rions Visi+ing Cards Gradua+ion Books Monograms S+aI'ionery H. P. GWIN'S STATIONERY ENGRAVING COMPANY 8 Sou+h Concep+ion Sfreei' Mobile, Alabama GREETING CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS When You Buy from Gwin's, You Know H's Made in Mobile" 4 i 1 SIMMS BROTHERS TOWING CO. Con+rac+ors of General Towing OFFICE PHONE HE 2-3940 P.O. BOX I42I Fooi' of S+. Francis S+. Mobile, Ala Serving 'Ihe Gulf Coasf area wifh 'rugs and pe+roIeum ba g Best Wishes From GRAVEL COMPANY,lnc. MCDUFFIE ISLAND HE 3-5585 Makers of 4 I ' f X ll M and "'Vu' with Qe..5i2e.e- sh llite Fine Masonry Uni+s 69 65 . ,4 , GU'-F l3I4 Governmenl' S+. Springdale Plaza HE 83026 GR 'sm INSURANCE Make Us Your "ONE sToP" CQ for Sruflied Animals ' Par+y Accessories Woody Roc hambeau. Claire Kay and Marllwa Phillips admire flue new class rings shown by Mr. Fffzgerald from L. G. BALFOUR CO. A NEW Look for an Old Favorire - - OUTSTAVQNNG SWS rom AAAA'A"" eaasa A' ss's Q - . - "-'1 f- N A : ef. lfaly India ., .,,. 'f ...... ...,.. HOHQ KONE! - A' ' V1-Is'-" f-1.-"'1S'-f:3rf:1:-:- " ' ' .gffffzgzszifffz Middle Eas+ .... . " f -' 6:vz6h.r2E:2Zf ',"' Europe ' ' and Japan Half-Way From Your Home and Back 2773 Spring Hill Avenue .f Carol Wallers examines flue many colors and fabrics available al WALTERS SEAT COVER SHOP Upholsfery Repairing-Clear PIas+ic Seai' Covers Au+o Tops Ins+aIIecI-Au+o Glass Ins+aIIecI II6 N. PINE STREET DIAL HE 3-I530 MOBILE, ALABAMA MOBILE A. c. MORGAN Represen+ing THE EQUITABLE CQ. LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES PEPSI-COLA ROBERT E. NELSON Wafch Repair Park Building HE 3-I458 CROW-PRUITI' CO. "Your Boaring Pleasure ls Our Business" OUTBOARD BOATS INBOARD BOATS Thompson Cenrry Runabouis DuDraf1' Cruis-Along Arkansas Traveler Cruisers and Larson Fiberglas YOUR JOHNSON MOTOR DEALER l65 S. Broacl S+. Phone HE 3-254I QUINLIVAN SPECIALTY co. Hi-Fi - Radios - TV Sales - Service III8 Springhill Ave. HE 3-2685 FABRIC MART 2l3A Conli S+. MOBILE I8 N. Wilson Ave. PRICHARD THE COTTAGE Dresses for Every Occasion l5l Leverf Avenue. Ashland Place MOBILE. ALABAMA AU'fO'L 'WVU "lf You Do No+ Learn +o Save, All Else You Learn Will Be of LiHle Value" Benjamin Franklin All Savings Are Insured and Earn 42, a'I' Firsi Federal . I I, O urrern FI ST F IM if Diiidenf' CHIN'S LAUNDRY A, gm - 4 ze Z ff QQ 5, , , Q75 4 , f pfwwwmvw' Linda Hardy and Ann Pilgrim demonsfrafe a I96O Rambler from HARDY MOTOR COMPANY 803 DAUPHIN STREET PHONE HE2-752I Nash Rambler and Ambassador, Sales and Service SAPP'S SERVICE STATION Open 5 A.M. +o 9 P.M., 7 Days a Week We Specialize in Lubrica+ion Wheel Packing-Washing-Polishing-Waxing CHESTER SAPP, Owner "See Us Before You Buy" Dial GA 6-9I26 275I SPRINGHILL AVE. CRICHTON, ALA. FRANK W. BOYKIN Lesfer and Julian are behind 'rhe counlers ai' THE VARSITY SHOP 2524 old Shell Road GR I-2I23 ENGLISH DRUG STORE, INC. "PrescripIions as Prescribed" Promp'r Delivery Service GR 7-0434 2669 Springhill Avenue GREER'S 'For Groceries More for Your Money-Simple As Thai' Complere and Modern Food Marlcefs MOBILE SPRING HILL - SARALAND - CITRONELLE JACKSON - BAYOU LA BATRE - BAY MINETTE FAIRHOPE - FOLEY - LUCEDALE GREER'S GOT IT PHILLIPS FURNITURE C0. ConI'i and S+. Emanuel KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT CO. FuII'on Road aI' I'he Loop OPEN 24 HOURS THOSS ST. FRANCIS SPORTING GOODS CO 76 Dauphin Slreef HE 2-5624 The Traveler's Home ol Dislinclionu Exclusive Dis-h-ibu-I-of-S M GREGOR AND RAWLINGS Uisi HIGI::DVAg NTZ690 WEST aCATHLETIC EQUIPMENT . . ox Mobile, Alabama Spol' Bill Shoes and Sand Swealers BRANNAN SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Every+hing in Sporls 259 Dauphin SI. PHONE HE 3-372I HEITER-STARKE PRINTING CO. Mobile's Only ManufaC+urers of Carbon Forms M rion is very pleased wilh lhe evening clolh I 304-6-8 SI. Michael S'Iree+ PHONE HE 2-52I6 HOLIDAY, INC. 3707 Old Shell Road Mobile's Leading Jewelers and Silversmilhs SINCE I879 JULIUS GOLDSTEIN 81 SON Th ree Soufh Royal Congralulalions and Besl' Wishes Io Class of '60 GREGG HARRIS FURNITURE CO 2855 Springhill Ave. g . 1 , Calagaz insfrucfs Bobby Jumonville how 'ro opera+e +I'1e "S+ero" fape recorder from CALAGAZ PHOTO SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. 4I7 Holcombe Avenue a+ fhe Loop GR 7-4088 DamricI'1's I:eau+Iful new sfore in Spring dale Plaza. DEMERANVILLE FRANK R. WADE FLORAL CO., INC. 9 Norlh Concepfion HE 2-4667 JACKSON-HOPE TOWING C0, Fooi' of Elmira HE 2-5746 INC. PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Underwood Royal SmiI'I1-Corona Underwood EIecI'ric TypewriI'ers 62 ST. FRANCIS STREET HE 2-26I4 KRETZER'S TELEVISION CENTER "Sears ls Across From Us" Phonograph Hi-Fi Radios Records Siereo Television D Mobile, Alabama MARGUERITE BENSON HALL GR 70464 SCHOOL OF DANCE I7I9 Dauphin Sireel' GA 6-6080 GA 6-590I BATON BALLROOM TAP BALLET ACROBATICS 1 fi l,,, ry, ,rrrr A alo,o ao,,l a ael earlrerl E L? Si For +l'1e a1c+er game snack. be sure lo visif Ossie's. OSSlE'S BAR-B-Q New Highway 90 GR 9-045I A C. 2, TIIE BUG STEP--- M Ji- f,k, K 1 ' Mfg'-1" of A g , ,V ,,f,,ff - I 4, f 'I lgv' IS GETTING STARTED I+'s easy To save affer you gel' sI'ar+ed. Open your accoun+ now and save regularly a+ +I1e MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK DOWNTOWN MOBILE 0 PRICHARD THELOOP 0 SPRINGHILL Member Federal D posif Insurance Corporafion "Say II' Wi'II1 Flowers" From MINGE FLORAL CO. 453 Governmeni SI'ree'r BOOKS RECORDS a+ MOBILE BOOK STORE "Words and Music" 6 NORTH ROYAL STREET Mobile, Alabama TODDLE HOUSE "Food You Enjoy" 80I Governmenf S+reeI' 2302 S+. Sfephens Road 2257 Governmeni' S+reeI' I3I7 Spring Hill Ave. STANLEY, Manager HE 2-605 I AZALEA TRAIL SERVICE STATION I Old SI'IeII Road aI' Florida Wheel Balancing Alignmeni Shell ProducI's ED MORGAN MAX DRINKARD T esa McLean. Lumrmns Bevnlle and Barbara Lauler quzre lhe con+men+al loolc in a 'foreign roadsler m BAYSHORE MOTOR CC. Broad S+ree+ HE 8-l606 PRICHARD GULF SERVICE CENTER IOI Telegraph Road PRICHARD THE SHOE BOX 2809 Springhill Ave. Crichfon GR 7-622l ETHEL CABLER, Owner "Na+ionally Aclverfised Shoes for +he Enfire Family" GRACE WALKER-RED GOOSE-MRS. DAY JOHN C. ROBERTS-U.S. KEDS Murpl'1y's Fighling Panflwers VIRGINIA STREET LUMBER CO., INC. H. E. BREWTON, JR. and GEORGE H. sl-IEARER 803 Virginia SI'ree'I' Pl1one HE 26707 TOP ROW 2nd ROW 3rd ROW BOTTOM ROW Weldy, M. Olive, C. Casey, B. Walers, M. Clarlc, G. Curry, R. Hanks, B. Moore, K. McLeod, B. Sfriclxlancl, J. Yell, F. Crane, B. Marshall, T. Blackman, J. E'Il1ricIge, W. CI1risIopI1er, P. Arendall, J. Fisher, B. Peake, I. McNeil, G. Fowler, W. Looney, M. Lord. J- Branch. B. James, N. Adams, G, Penninglon, S. Smi+I1, M. Imsand, J. Bell, R. Wadclle, I. Sapp, R. Frye, R. Byrd. J. Herrick, R. Dill, J. Raine, S. WI'1i'I'e, C. ROSS. B- POU. B- SuHon, M. King, D. Bianco, P. McKinney, R. HAMMEL'S Mobile's Fine Department Store SINCE ian PHONE HE 3-373I Royal-Dauphin-Conti Street . For Personal Shopper Service Ellen Lecfherbury and Jimmy Dill tour the city in a l96O Pontiac from TRAIL CADILLAC-PCNTIAC, INC. 600 St. Louis Street HE 2-774I Mobile, Alabama METZGER'S "Since 1919 Mobile's Accepted Style Center" MOBILE PRICHARD GREEN REALTY CGMPANY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE HOME BUILDING 44I6 Governmen+ Boulevard GR 9-947i I PHYSICAL FITNESS, HEALTH I and S RECREATION CLUB ELECTRIK MAID for TEEN-AGERS BAKERY SHOP MRS. ROGER KILLOUGH JR., Direc+or II9 Norfh Pine S+ree'l HE 2-5403 I". F I MARSTON ' SHELL SERVICE sTATloN 380I Old Shell Road Spring Hill, Alabama "Comple'l'e S+ereopl1onic Sound Cen1'er" GA 6-9353 2454 Old Shell Road GR I-l9I8 EITH 'EKINNEY CO. Mobile's FIRST Residenfial Air Condiiioning Specialisfs 3358 Old Shell Road ar Fool' of Spring Hill GR 9-5476 Th Old bl d h 59 60 Murphy Cheerleaders. JOE BULLARD OLDSMOBILE, INC "MobiIe's Authorized Olds Dealer" MOBILE MOTOR LODGE PHILLIPS FURNITURE CO. 3939 Highway 90 Wes+ 6+ ConI'i and SI'. EmanueI Azalea Road Greenwood I - I 43 I MOBILE A Name +0 Femembef' RUG 81 SHADE CO. Swlfdfd' LARGEST Dealer of Floor coverings CLEANERS, INC. and Window Shades in Ihis CiI'y 305-3I7 DAUPHIN ST. 306 CONTI ST. 6I S. WILSON AVE., PRICHARD MOBILE, ALA. 6eraId Wa'rIcins is assis+ed in Ihe seleciion of nafionally adveriised shoes from RALPH'S SHOE STORE I05 Dauphin S+reeI' Mobile, Alabama WEINACKER BROTHERS "Almosl Everylhingn GOVERNMENT AT CATHERINE GREATER PHO'lYOAlSllSPPLY ZOGHBY L I P ' U f cz I STORES a C Snllg 0 308-320 Dauphin Slreef VAN ANTWERP'S The Besf Only Since I884 ROYAL AND DAUPHIN STREET PATRONIZ E OUR ADVERTISERS Black and While Film for Exfra Fas+ Service Vic Sla nlon pafronizes GULF STATE SALES CORP. Office Supplies IO4 S+. Joseph S+ oe i ,ff "Le+'s Go Bowling" CAMELLIA BOWLING LANES Cong rotulations to Senior Class of 1960 ,ff ?M1'ff'jJ ,, ' V fi' ' Q3 'Q,gL.f1Zf, , V ,af I !,i:'1,f,,f'fn ,, ,jgf V X, ,1 ' ,, f- -xi fffw-,,i-fi. 4 'W f ff' 4 'wyzffxf "iii 7? f7 X, , 17, 4 , N ,!,ff,,,,ff,,,y,,f 'M ' - 'f' QL, f'f 'jf v , ' "ff V 'J y , f fry I, e nn , fi in N D, ioiiiiwi 5 B0 The Sign of Dependable Service BRITT'S l Susan explains belief healllm 'lo Mary. McKESSON 81 ROBBINS, INC. 450 S+. Louis 453 S+. Anlhony DAMS I AND ON Reallors co. and Insurers 95l Governmen+ S+. Mobile, Alabama HE 3-4720 A. H. McLEOD 81 CO Your Aul'l1orizecl JOHNSON Mo+or Dealer B. 81 R. SERVICE CENTER Road Service GArden 6-9568 4075 Old Shell Road SPRING HILL. ALABAMA S T GR 94541 O K E Kafhy Piclrell. assislanl adverlisinq manager, lend helping hand I G ef. S INC. 9 28l4 Governmenl S+. Ex+. o Bobby Jumonville. adverlising m SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY K 9 SR ff W WG, " Q Q ' KN ? 'l,, li g L P , ENN-4 gf, x 1 5 4 "' f 6 ,ff X I N L I X X L X Congratulations CLASS OF '60 G5 fy X f X A f, Mrs. Thomason of Tooley Myron Sludios helps 'ro make Joleen Haskin's senior piclures +l'1e besf ever. Of Q5 Axssfer Photoqweo 6 S+. Emanuel S+. Mobile, Ala. MOBILE COUNTY Fastest Growing County in the State PROFIT AND PROSPERITY No other section in the United States otters the homeseelcer or in- vestor surer returns tor his money than Mobile County, Alabama. We have more than tour hundred miles ot paved roads, and more being con- structed, making every section ot the county easily accessible on paved roads. Fruits ot every variety, Farming, Cattle Raising, Bee Culture, Wool, Truck-growing: in tact, everything that is ottered in ditterent sections ot the country is embodied in the possibilities ottered the industries ot Mo- bile, one ot the seven most progressive cities in the United States. Thousands ot acres ot virgin soil are available tar below their intrinsic value. Climate and water are equal to the best in the United States. A visit to Dauphin Island will convince you it is the Sportsman's paradise-Salt Water Fishing the year 'round. investigation and correspondence are solicited. For turther intorma- tion about this wondertul section, communicate with Mobile County Board ot Revenue and Road Commissioners LEROY STEVENS, Chairman JOHN FAGERSTROM, Commissioner HUGH FORT, Commissioner WILL D. HAAS, Commissioner JOE R. MITTERNIGHT, Commissioner Faculty Directory . . . MR. O. B. HODGES, Principal, A.P.I., B.S., Columbia, M.A., C7, 23, 24, 39, 2035 MR. W. M. PHILLIPS, Assistant Principal, U. of Ala., B.S., M.A., C24, 2035 MRS. LOUISE HAMIL, Assistant Principal, A. 85 V. Division, U. of Ala., B.S., M.A., C245 MR. JULIUS SITTERLEE, Assistant Principal, Fiscal Agent, Spring Hill, B.S., C245 MRS. MABEL LOWRY, Registrar, Chicago U., C255 MISS GLADYS BAXTER, Dean of Girls, U. of Ala., Miss. Southern, M.A., C255 MR. F. MOORE, Dean of Boys, Brear Col., A.B., Peabody Col., B.A., C255 MRS. RUTH PERDUE, Receptionist, C3, 23, 255 MRS. DORIS H. STUMPH, Records, U. of Tenn. MISS ESTHER KNUDSEN, A. 8z V. Division, Office Manager, Presbyterian Col., U. of Ala. MRS. OPAL BOWEN, Records, C24, 385 MRS. JEAN KERN, Bookkeeper, C255 MRS. ADDILEAN BOOKER, Nurse, Mobile Infir- mary, R.N., U. of Ala., Future Nurses, C245 MISS MARY LUCY MCKNIGHT, Secretary, Stephens Col., C255 MRS. ANN CHILDREE, Secretary, U. of Ala., B.S. MRS. ALICE STAPLETON, Cafeteria Director MISS MAUDE ALEXANDER, American History, Tenn. Col., A.B., Peabody Col., M.A. MISS BARBARA BAKER, Phys. Ed., Ala. Col., B.S., C33, 395 Miss FLORENCE s. BALDERSON, English, U. of Ala., Es., B.s.c.N. qzey MISS BETTY O. BIGHAM, American History, World History, Howard Col., B.S., Red Cross, C305 MRS. CAROLYN G. BIVONA, World History, Ameri- can History, U. of Ala., B.S., C395 MISS HELEN BLANKS, English, M.S.C.W., U. of Miss., B.A.E., C265 MISS MARY BRAGG, Biology, Peabody Col., B.S., Columbia, M.A. ' MRS. F. LEE BRIDGEWATER, American History, P.O.D., Ill. State Normal, B.S., Columbia, M.A., C305 MRS. CATHERINE BURNETT, Librarian, T.s.c.w. B.A., B.S., T.c.U., M.A., C375 MRS. BERNICE J. CAUSEY, American History, P.O.D., Livingston, B.S., U. of Ala., M.A., Future Teachers of America C3O, 2375 MRS. K. J. CLARK, English, Latin, Richmond Col., B.A., Columbia, M.A., Junior Historic Society, C265 'IIB Subjects Taught, MRS. BURRUL C. COLE, Algebra, U. of Ala., B.S., C295 MRS. LUCILE H. COONER, P.O.D., American His- tory, U. of Ala., A.B., Miss. Southern, M.A., C305 MR. A. J. A. CORRY, Sheet Metal, C355 MISS WINNIE DAVIS, English, Huntingdon, A.B., C265 MR. HUNTER DENSON, Physics, Miss. State U., C325 MISS VIRGINIA d'ORNELLAS, Plane Geometry, Al- gebra, Sophia Newcomb, A.B., U. of Chicago, C295 MRS. W. T. DOUGLAS, Algebra, Geometry, U. of Ala., B.S., Spring Hill, M.S., C295 MISS LOIS JEAN FITZSIMMONS, Speech, Dramaticsg K.S.T.C., A.B., U. of Ala., Four Arts Club, Stage Crew, C265 MR. GEORGE B. FLOURNOY, Phys. Ed., A.P.I., B.S., Club, C33, 158, 1595 MRS. MARIE FOOTE, American History, U. of Chi- cago, Ph.B., C305 MRS. RUTH FOREHAND, American History, U. of Ala., A.B., M.A., C30, 385 MISS ELOISE FOSTER, Phys. Ed., Ala. Col., B.S., MOHIAN, Cheerleaders, C33, 194, 2025 MRS. ETTA V. FRANTZEN, Chemistry, U. of Miss., B.A., Student Council, C21, 32, 2005 MR. W. W. FULCHER, Biology, U. of Colorado, Southwestern, B.A., Chem-Bo-Phys., C325 MRS. W. W. FULCHER, Spanish, Mary Hardin, Bay- lor, B.A., C285 MISS MARTHA GATLIN, Librarian, U. of Ala., A.B., C375 Is Mrs. Childree as busy as she seems? Degrees Held, Activities Sponsored, and Pages Pictured MISS JESSIE MARY GAY, Latin, Wash. U., A.B., C375 MR. HENRY P. GOODWIN, Spanish, French, Hunt- ingdon Col., A.B., Columbia, M.A., C285 MISS ELIZABETH GREEN, English, Spring Hill, A.B., A.P.1., M.A., C265 MRS. DORIS GRIFFIN, English, Livingston, B.S., no MR. NOLAN GRIFFIN, Plane Geometry, Arith., Psychology, Howard Col., B.S. MRS. RUTH GROOM, English, U. of Ala., A.B., M.A., C265 MISS I-IATTIE E. GUNTER, Algebra, Plane Geome- try, T.S.T.C., B.S., Peabody, M.A., C295 MISS MELINDA GWIN, English, U. of Miss., B.A., C265 MRS. MARY M. HALSTEAD, Belhaven Col., B.S., Millsaps Col., D.O. Office Practice MR. LeVAUGHN I-IANKS, Basketball Coach, P.O.D., T.S.T.C., B.S., Cao, 158, 170, 171, 173, 1765 MR. PAUL HEAD, Radio, Cooper Union MISS EVELYN HINZ, English, journalism, Howard, A.B., Huntingdon, Hi-Times, Quill 8c Scroll, C26, 1985 MISS ADDIE HOLMES, Typing, General Business, U. of Ala., A.B., Miss. State U., M.A., C315 MISS KATHARINE A. HOPE, Huntingdon, A.B., Peabody, M.A., English, World Literature, Bible Club, C26,27,2475 MISS VIVIAN JELKS, English, L.S.U., A.B., U. of Ala., M.S., C265 MRS. GLENDA H. JORDAN, English, U. of Ala., A.B., C265 MRS. M. E. KELLOGG, English, American History, Winthrop Col., A.B., M.A. MISS CLYDE KENNEDY, Art, Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, U. of Ala., A.B., Art Institute of Chi- cago, C345 MRS. INEZ LANGHAM, Office Machines, Filings, U. of Ala., A.B., Ala. Col., A.B., National Honor Society, C345 MISS RUTH LIPSCOMB, P.O.D., American History, Miss. Southern, B.S., U. of Miss., M.A., C305 MISS VANGALIA LUKES, English, Auburn, B. S., U. of Ala., M.A., C265 MR. McCARY MANCILL, Physics, U. of Ala., A.B., Carnegie Tech, C325 MRS. FRANCES MARTIN, Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, Ala. Col., B.A., C365 Watch the pool, Miss Tanner! MRS. BETTY MASSEY, Typing, U. of Tenn., B.S., C315 MR. CHARLES V. MAXIME, Phys. Ed., A.P.I., B.S., C33, 1585 MISS ELIZABETH MAYERS, American History, World History, Spring Hill Col., A.B., Columbia U., U. of Ala., C305 MRS. VIRIGINIA MCALLISTER, English, U. of Chi- cago, Ph.B., U. of Cincinnati, B.E., Radcliffe Col., M.A., C26, 385 MRS. KATI-IRYN MCCAA, Shorthand, Typing, Miss. Southern, B.S., C315 MR. THOMAS L. McCANN, Algebra, Solid Geome- try, Trigonometry, Locker Sponsor, U. S. Naval Acad- emy, B.S., C295 MR. WILLIAM MCKNIGHT, Auto Mechanics, Col. of Technology Belfast, Ireland, C345 MISS CATHERINE MCNALLY, Phys. Ed., Georgia Teachers' Col., B.S., G.A.A., C335 MISS ANNE McMILLIAN, Phys. Ed., Howard, B.S., C335 MISS ANN HERMINE MELTON, English, Hunting- don Col., B.A., U. of Ala., M.A., C265 MRS. MARY M. MERRITT, Arith., Troy State Nor- mal, Ala. Col., A.B., C29, 395 MISS JOSEPHINE M. MICHAEL, P.O.D., Psychology' Washington U., A.B., M.A., C305 MRS. ANN MITCHELL, Shorthand, Typing, Inter- Club Council, F.B.L.A. Employment Service, M.S.C.W. B.A., C315 7 7 MISS VELLA B. MOON, Solid Geometry, Plane Ge- ometry, Algebra, Huntingdon, B.A., U. of Ala., M.A.' C295 7 Faculty Directory . . . MISS EVA LURA MOORE, English, U. of Missouri, B.S., M.A., U. of Boston CZ6, 38J MR. LLOYD MOORE, Mechanical Drawing, Asst. Bas- ketball and Football Coach, Sunflower Jr. Col., A.A., William Carey Col., B.S. Q34, 158, 169, 176J MR. JOHN P. MORGAN, Psychology, Graceland, A.A., Drake U., B.S., M.S. QEBOJ MRS. DORIS MORRISSETTE, Homemaking, Hunting- don Col., A.B., Columbia U. CBZJ MISS JANICE MURPHY, A.8zV. Secretary. C25j MR. WILLIAM C. NEEL, Drafting, A.P.I. Q35J MISS ANNIE LOUISE ODOM, Biology, Science, Ala. Col., A.B. C32j MISS EDNA OLSON, English, U. of Ala., A.B., Tu- lane. C26j MISS PAULA ANN OSBORN, Mechanical Drawing, A.P.I., B.S. U. of Colorado. CMJ MR. JAMES K. PACE, JR., World History, Amer. History, Coach, Miss. Southern, B.A. C39, 3Oj MRS. HERMENA D. PANAYOTOFF, English, Syra- cuse U., B.A. MISS MILDRED PANKEY, Arith., Birmingham South- ern, A.B., U. of Ala., M.A. QZQJ MRS. MAXINE PECK, Typing, Shorthand, Belhaven Col., Bowling Green Business U., A.B., C31J MISS REBECCA PERKINS, Typing, Shorthand, M.S.C.W. B.S., Junior Class C31J MRS. MYRTLE T. PETER, Choral Director, Ala. Col., B.M., Florida State, Special Chorus, C36, 262j MRS. RUBY M. PIERCE, P.O.D., A.P.I., B.S., U. of Ala., M.A., B.S., OOD MISS LILLIAN PISTOLE, General Business, U. of Ala., Tulane U., B.S., C32J MRS. ABBIE PRESCOTT, Typing, Shorthand, Troy stare, B.S., 4515 MISS CAROL PURIFOY, Bookkeeping, Head of Com- mercial Department, M.S.C.W. A.B., f31J MRS, FLORENCE E. REPLOGLE, English, A.P.I., B.S., U. of Miss., Q26j MRS. W. E. REYNOLDS, Solid Geometry, Plane Ge- ometry, Arith., Ala. Col., A.B., A.P.I., M.S., C29J MISS LUCILLE RHODES, English, U. of Ala., B.A., M.A., Peabody, C27, 270D MRS. ZELLA ROBERTSON, Plane Geometry, M.S.C.W., B.S., U. of Ala., Q29D MRS. FLORENCE G. ROBINSON, Latin, Ala, Col., A.B., U. of Ala., M.A., CZSJ MRS. CATHERINE ROSS, Biology, Sweet Briar, Pea- body, B.S., Q32j 270 Subjects Taught, MISS ANNE SAVAGE, English, Washington U. B.A., Miss. Southern, M.A., C27J MRS. SUE SAVAGE, Typing, Shorthand, A.P.I., B.S., Perdue, Future Business Leaders, C31, 58, 254j MRS. ELIZABETH SCARBOROUGH, English, Hunt- ingdon, A.B. C27J MRS. VIVIFN L. SCRIP, Typing, Shorthand, U. of Florida, B.S.E. f31J MR. JOSEPH F. SHARPE, General Business, Book- keeping, U. of Ala., B.S., B.A., C31j MRS. ANNE SMITH, English, Speech, Judson Col., A.B., A.P.I., Debating Club, C27J MRS. WILLIE SMITH, Algebra, Ala. Col., B.S., Co- lumbia U. Q29j MISS BERTHA SPRADLIN, Spanish, Longwood Col., B.S., Columbia, Spanish Club MISS IRENE STAPLETON, Crafts, U. of Ala., Liv- ingston, B.S., Tulane. C34j MISS ROBERTA STEELE, Psychology, World History, Livingston, B.S., A.P.I., M.S., C3OJ MR.. ELTON STEPHENS, D.O., Livingston, B.S., U. of Ala., C35, 252j MR. IRA SWINGLE, Band, Orchestra, U. of Ala., B.M., Columbia U., M.M.E., C36, ZIZJ MISS LOLETE TANNER, Phys. Ed., Livingston, U. of Ala., B.S., Majorettes, Swimming Club, C17, 35, 85, 216, 2I7J MR. RICHARD OWEN TATUM, Chemistry, A.P.I., B. S., Chem-Bo-Phys, f52, 201J Sitting down on the job, Mr. Swingle? Degrees Held, Activities Sponsored, and Pages Pictured MRS. DOROTHY L. TAYLOR, Related Studies, Gen- eral Science, South Highlands, B.N.g U. of Ala., B.S., C35, 2525 MR. RAYMOND B. TAYLOR, Phys. Ed., A.P.I., B.S., U. of Ala., M.A. C333 MR. R. J. TUBERVILLE, V.R.S.g U. of Ala., B.S., M.A. Cai, 252D MR. T. R. USRY, Machine Shop, U. of Ala., B.S., Visual Ed. Club. C34j MISS ARDIETH VICKREY, Librarian, Troy State Teachers, B.S., U. of Ala., M.A. C37j Miss MARY WALLER, Psych0lOgY5 U. of Ala., Bs. C305 MRS. LOUISE WEDGEWoRTH, Homemakingg Ala. col., Bs. C325 MR. TRAVIS HAROLD WHARTON, General Busi- ness, Business Law, Livingston State Col., B.S. C315 MISS ANNIE LOU WHITE, French, M.S.C.W., B.A.g French Club C28j MR. CHARLES O. WILLCOX, Phys. Ed., Howard, B. s. Cas, 158, 1895 MR. ROY WILKIE, English, U. of Ala., B.A., Moni- tor Sponsor. C275 MRS. JOSEPHINE WILKINS, Math, Randolph Ma- con, Miss. State, A.B.g U. of North Carolina, M.A. C295 MR. ROBERT H. WILLIAMS, Phys. Ed., Troy State Teachers Col., B.S., Springfield Col., Hi-Y Club C335 MR. WILLIAM N. WOODWARD, Machine Shop, D.O. Club. C35j MR. WILLIAM N. YOKEL, English, History, Evans- ville Col., B.A.g Spring Hill. C27j Wall flowers at Panther Spirit Night? No, just teachers! Oh! Miss McNally can't find a place to sit. Senior Directory . . . KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: Arg. Inc., Argument Incorporated, Asst., Assistant, Cafe., Cafeteria, Capt., Captain, Comm., Committee, Coun., Council, Ct., Court, D.O., Diversified Occupations, Ed., Editor, Engin., Engineers, F.B.L.A., Future Business Leaders of America, F.N.A., Future Nurses of America, F.T.A., Future Teachers of Amer- ica, F.R.A.H.S., Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, G.A.A., Girls Athletic Association, His., Historic, I.C.C., Inter- Club Council, Inc., Incorporated, Jr., Junior, Lib., Library, Maj., Majorette, M.A.R.S., Murphy Aeronautical Re- search Society, Med., Medical, Mon., Monitor, Mgr., Manager, N.H.S., National Honor Society, Off., Office, Orch., Orchestra, Pres., President, Psych., Psychology, Rep., Representative, Sci., Science, Sec., Secretary, Spec. Chor., Spe cial Chorus, Sr., Senior, Treas., Treasurer, Vis. Ed., Visual Education, V.P., Vice President, Wel. Store, Welfare Store, 2, Sophomore, 3, Junior, 4, Senior, Y.F.C., Youth For Christ. ABRAMS, CAROL JEAN Y-Teens 2, Red Cross 2, Spec. Chor. 4. C455 ADAMS, DOT F.N.A. 2, F.B.L.A. 4, Spec. Chor. 4, All Girls Chor. 3-4, Pantherette 3. ' C455 ADAMS, HOWARD ELISON C455 ADAMS, KATY RUTH C455 ADAMS, ROBERT FRANKLIN, JR. Key Club 2-4 CPres. 45, Usher's Club 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, Tennis Club 2-3, M-Day 4. Q45, 222, 230, 2495 ADAMS, S. LEWIS C455 ADAMS, WILLIAM ROBERT D.O. 4, Engin. Club 4. C455 ALEXANDER, GLORIA ANNETTE G.A.A. 2, D.O. 3-4, Student Coun. 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, N.H.S. 4, Pep Squad 2. C45, 224, 2535 ALEXANDER, ROBERT DAVIS C455 ALLEN, CHARLES GLEASON M-Club 2-4, Booster Club 3, Jr. Red Cross 2, Baseball 2-4, Basketball 2-4. C45, 175, 243, 1705 ALLEN, FRANCES ELAINE N.H.S. 3-4. q4s, 2235 AMESBURY, LINDA ELIZABETH Spanish Club 2, All Girls Coun. 2, F.B.L.A. 4, N.H.S. 4, Spec. Chor. 4. C45, 2245 ANDERSON, LARRY TAYLOR French Club 2, D.O. 4, Band 2-3. C45, 545 ANDERSON, MABEL AMELIA Student Coun. 2, F.B.L.A. 3-4. C455 ANDERSON, RUBY C455 ANDREWS, RUSSELL S. C455 ANTHONY, MARIE CATHREN C455 . APLIN, JAMES JERRY Beta Hi-Y 4, Band 4. C45, 2335 ARBO, VIRGINIA RAE All Girls Chor. 3-4, Mon. 3-4. C455 ASHCRAFT, JOHN MELVIN C455 ATHANASION, SPEROS DEMITRIS Spec. Chor. 2-4. C455 BAILEY, CHARLES O'NEAL C455 BAKER, TED W. C455 BALDWIN, JIMMY WILLIAM Student Coun. 4, Mon. 2-4. C455 BALTZER, ELEANOR KATHERINE D.O. 3-4, Student Coun. 3, Out. Sr. 4. C46, 1015 BANKS, BARBARA Bible Club 2. C465 BARBOUR, NANCY LEE Four Arts 2-4, Troopers Club 3, Psych. Club 4 M-Day 4. C46, 2295 BARDSLEY, CAROL LYNNE C465 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured BARKAS, LILLIAN ATHENS N.H.S. 4. 446, 2245 BARLOW, DAVID WAYNE C465 BARNES, JUDITH EVELYN 4465 BARRETT, JANICE ANNE C465 BARRIOS, PETER CHARLES C465 BARTLETT,CAROLYNIRENE C465 BARTLEY, ROBERT LLOYD 4465 BASKIN, WILLIAM CREAGH D.O. 3-4. C465 BASS, NANCY GAYLE Y-Teens 2, All Girls Chor. 2-4. C465 BASS, LYNDA FRANCIS C465 BASWELL, CHARLES BENNETT Do. 4, 1-11-Y 3-4. C465 BATESBRENDACAROL F.B.L.A. 2-3, G.A.A. 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, D.O. 4, Off. Asst. 3-4, Pep Squad 2, Y-Teen 2. C465 BAUMHAUER, CHARLES ANDREW Student Coun. 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, M-Day 2. C465 BAWDEN, LENA MARGARET Do. 4, F.B.L.A. 5-4. 446, 2525 BEAN, SHERRON ELIZABETH Cheerleader 2-3, French Club 2-35 Booster 3. C465 BEARD, ANN GLORIA Four Arts 2-4, Bible Club 2, French Club 4, N.H.S. 4, M-Day 4. 446, 2245 BEARD, SHARON AUGUSTA Jr. His. Soc. 2. C465 BELLQBARBARAJEAN C465 BENSON, MARGARET KAY Jr. Red Cross 2, F.B.L.A. 3, Student Coun. 4, All Girls Chor. 2-3. 446, 445 BERGER, LINDA HELENE F.T.A. 2, Red Cross 2, Off. Asst. 3-4, Psych. Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4 4V.P. 45. 446, 86, 2235 BERKIN, CAROL RUTH Red Cross 2-3 4V.P. 35, Arg. Inc. 2-3 4Sec. 355 F.T.A. 2-4, Spanish Club 4, Dramatics Club 2-4, All Girl Coun. 2, Student Coun. 3-4, N.H.S. 4, Hi-Times 4, M-Day 4. BERSON, BARBARA BONNIE F.R.A.H.S. 411165. 45. 447, 99, 2285 BETANCOURT, SYLVIA JOYCE Red Cross 2, Maj. 2-3, F.B.L.A. 4, Troopers Club 4, G.A.A. 2. 447, 2175 BEVILLE, ELIZABETH CUMMINS Booster Club 3, French Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, Mohian 4, M-Day 3, Quill and Scroll 4. 4306, 47, 223, 196, 2265 BINACO, PHILLIP JOHN M Club 3-4 4Pres. 45, Spike Shoe Club 3-4, Y.F.C. 4, Football 2-4 4Co-Capt. 45 Track 3-4. 4307, 47, 93, 165, 166, 2435 BICKFORD, BARBARA ELAINE Bible Club 2, French Club 3. C475 BLACKWELDER, JUDITH ANN Span. Club 2, F.R.A.H.S. 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Hi-Times 3-4. 447, 227, 2285 BLACKWELL, VIVIAN ANNE Boosters Club 3-4, French Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, Mohian 4, M-Day 3-4, Azalea Trail Maid 4, Class Favorite 4, Quill and Scroll 4. 4291, 47, 89, 194, 222, 2605 BLAKE, MARTHA NANA Jr. His. Soc. 2-3 4Sec.5, Booster Club 3, D.O. 4. C475 BLIZZARD, JUDY MARIE F.N.A. 2, French Club 2, Spec. Chor. 3-4. C475 Senior Directory . . BLOCH, DOROTHY Span. Club 25 F.T.A. 3-45 F.N.A. 45 Booster Club 45 Psych. Club 45 jr. His. Soc. 45 Bible Club 4. C47, 231, 2505 BODIFORD, JULIE ANN jr. His. Soc. 25 Student Coun. 2-45 Bible Club 2-4 fV.P. 455 Booster Club 45 N.H.S. 3-45 M-Day 2. 147, 44, 223, 200, 2475 BOLERAKIS, GEORGE LOUIS C475 BOLLIG, SAUNDRA ANN C475 BOLLING, IACQUELINE Red Cross 2 5 All Girls Coun. 25 All Girls Chor. 4. C475 BOLTON, VIVIAN CAROL Q224, 475 BOND, EVELYN G.A.A. 25 D.O. 4. C485 BONNER, BETTY CECILE F.B.L.A. 45 Quill and Scroll 3-4. C485 BORNFLETH, BONNIE GENE Student Coun. 2. C485 BOSARGE, JACKIE A. F.B.L.A. 4. C485 BOSCH, CAROL ANN Red Cross 25 Wel. Store 3. C485 BOUNDS, HERTHEL CATHLEEN C485 BRABNER, HANNAH IRENE C485 BRADLEY, RICHARD LYLE C485 BRAMLETT, EDWIN CHANDLER, JR. Hi-Times 2-45 Stage Crew 2-4 QMgr. 455 Quill and Scroll 3-45 French Club 4. f48,,2275 BRANDAU, WILLIAM ROBERT Psych. Club 4. C485 BRANN ER, JUDI LYNN E C485 174 BRANTLEY, RAYCELIA FAYE Spec. Chor. 2. C485 BRICKMAN, JAY SANFORD Arg. Inc. 2-3 fTreas. 255 Key Club 3-4 fSec. 455 Ushers Club 3-45 M-Day 45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Stu- dent Coun. 45 Football 2-35 Hi-Times 2-45 Sr. Speaker 4. f48, 230, 227, 2615 BRIDGES, FRANK RANDOLPH Hi-Y 2-4 CSec. 3, Pres. 455 Booster Club 3-45 M-Club 3-45 Student Coun. 2-45 N.H.S. 45 Basketball 2-4. C48, 243, 174, 172, 175, 224, 1705 BRITAIN, JOHN EARL C485 BROACH, GLEN THOMAS Arg. Inc. 35 Latin Club 3-45 Key Club 3-4. C485 BROCK, FRANKIE ANNE F.B.L.A. 45 Red Cross 4. 448, 2545 BROCK, REBA ANN jr. His. Soc. 2. C485 BROOKS, LINDA JOANNE G.A.A. 2-35 D.O. 4. C485 BROWN, CHARLES EDWARD Football 2-35 Track 2-45 Cross Country D.O. 45 Red Cross 3. Q48, 178, 241, 2435 45 M-Club 45 BROWN, DOROTHY ANDREA F.N.A. 25 Pep Squad 25 All Girls Chor. 2-4. C495 BROWN, JUDITH ANN Bible Club 25 Student Coun. 2. C495 BROWN, WILLODEAN D.O. 4. C495 BRYARS, JAMES LARUE C495 BUCK, JANE KATHERINE D.O. 45 Y-Teens 2. C495 BUCKLEY, WILLIAM CHARLES C495 BUERGER, HARRY H., JR. C495 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured BULLARD, NANCY ELIZABETH Bible Club 2, Swim. Club 2-4, Booster Club 2-3, Psych. Club 4, M-Day 2-4, Cheerleader 4. C310,49,157,156,6,14,2835 BULLARD, REGINALD LESTER C1 0 1, 495 BULLOCK, JONATHAN SWEET M.A.R.S. 2-3, Spec. Chor. 3-4, N.H.S. 4, Out. Sr. 4, Operetta 3. C67, 49, 2245 BUNTIN, CAROL JEAN Hi-Times 3-4 CEd. 45, N.H.S. 3-4, Four Arts 3, Quill and Scroll 3-4 CPres. 45, Arg, Inc. 3, I.C.C. 4 CTreas. 45, Out. Sr. Q49, 98, 86, 222, 227, 224, 2485 BURKE, JANE PITTS Booster Club 3-4 fPres. 45, All Girls Coun. 2, I.CiC. 2, 4, Latin Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, M-Day 2-3 CCo-Chair- man 35,f Miss Friendship 35, Homecoming 3-4, Stu- dent Coun. 2-3 fClass Pres. 25, Dean's Asst. 2-3, Class Favorite 4. C49, 88, 205, 2225 BURNS, BEVERLY SUE C495 BURT, SYBIL MAXINE Y-Teens 2, Mon. 4. C495 EUSCH, JANICE ELAINE C495 BUSH, NANCY CAROLE Bible Club 3-4 CTreas. 45, French Club 2, Psych. Club 4, Booster Club 4, Jr. His. Soc. 2, Student Coun. 2-4 CClass Rep. 2, Sec. 45, M-Day 4, Red Cross 2, Hi- Times 4. f49, 200, 2475 BYRD, JULIE LEWIS D.O. 3-4, Student Coun. 3. C495 BYRD, SANDRA ANN Spec. Chor. 4, All Girls Chor. 2-3. C495 BURCH, FLOYD EDWARD C495 BURNETT, WILLIAM RONALD Student Coun. 2, Hi-Y. f49, 2335 BYRD, NEWELL JACKSON, JR. Hi-Y, f307, 49, 285, 232, 2485 CAIN, SARA RUTH C495 CALDWELL, DIANNE ALLYN G,A.A. 2. C495 CAMINAS, CAROL ANN C495 CAMP, EMILY sUE C495 CARDER, WILLIAM CHARLES Band 2-4. 450, 2135 CARPENTER, CAROL CHRISTINE Red Cross 2. C505 CARPENTER, SANDRA GAIL C505 CARR, JANET HELEN C505 CARRE, LINDA SUE F.B.L.A. 2-4 CSec. 45, Hi-Times 4, M-Day 4, Off. Asst. 4, Quill 8: Scroll 4. C50, 254, 2265 CARTER, SYLVIA JANE F.T.A. 2-4 CTreas. 45, Arg. Inc. 2-3 CSec. 35, Psych. Club 4, Orch. 2-4, Mon. 4, All Girls Chor. 3, Spec. Chor. 4. C23l,505 CASTLE, JIMMIE WESLEY D.O. 3-4. C505 CHAMBERLAIN, SHARON LEIGH C505 CHAPMAN, VIVIEN LEE C505 CHILDS, WILLIAM L., JR. C505 CHOLAR, CECIL EMIL C505 CHRISTIANSEN, JOHN OSWALD C505 CHRISTOPHER, PAUL HAWKINS M-Club 3-4 CTreas. 45, Football 2-4, Basketball 2 cmgfo C307, 50, 167, 2435 CLARK, DERYEK MQVEY C505 CLARK, JACQUELYN Jr. His. Soc. 2, F.B.L.A. 4. C505 ' CLEMENTS, VERNON GAYLORD C505 CLIKAS, ELIZABETH C515 COBB, BARBARA LOUISE jr. His. Soc. 2, All Girls Coun. 2, Bible Club 4, M-Day 4. C515 COCHRAN, CAROLE LEE Y-Teens 2, F.B.L.A. 4, N.H.S. 3-4. 451, 86, 2225 COFFEY, KENT FRANKLIN C5 15 COLE, BETTY JEAN D.O. 4, All Girls Chor. 2-4. C515 COMPSTON, CECELIA BENTON French Club 2, F.B.L.A. 4, Red Cross 3, jr. His. Soc. 2. C5 15 CONDON, PEGGY MARGARET G.A.A. 2-4, N.H.S. 3-4, Band 2-4, Y.F.C. 4. 459, 51, 222, 2145 CONE, EDWARD J. D.O. 4 4State Pres. 455 4100, 515 CONGLETON, CHARLES JEFFERSON C515 COOK, DOROTHY N.H.S. 4. C515 COOK, JULIE WEBSTER Booster Club 3, French Club 3-4. C515 COOPER, DAVID CROKER Chem-bo-phys. 2, N.H.S. 4, Orch. 2-4. 4215, 51, 278, 2245 COPELAND, WILLAIM DAVIS C515 CORLEY, EDWIN JUANITA jr. His. Soc. 2, Red Cross 3, F.B.L.A. 4. C5 15 COSPFR, DIANNA D.O. 4. C515 French Club 2, 27A Senior Directory . . COUMANIS, GEORGE LOUIS D.O. 4. C515 COUNTS, WANDA FAYE jr. Red Cross 2, Spec. Chor. 3-4, Madrigals 4, N.H.S. 3-4. 451, 2235 COVINGTON, LILLIAN ELIZABETH F.B.L.A. 4, All Girls Chor. 2-3, Off. Asst. 2-3. C515 COWEN, GERALD PRESTON YFC44vR5 C515 CRANE, WILLIAM B., JR. Key Club 2-4, M-Club 2-4, Ushers Club 2-4, Football 2-4, Basketball 2, Track 2-4. 4307, 100, 51, 87, 166, 2435 CRAWFORD, LAMAR C 515 CRENSHAW, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN C 5 15 CRENSHAW, MOREN JANNETTE Hi-Times 2-3, Bible Club 2, Y.F.C. 4, Mohian 4, Quill and Scroll 4. C289, 52, 1955 CRICHLGIW, SANDRA LUCILLE D.O. 4, N.H.S. 4. 452,22s5 CROW, FRANK DAVID, JR. C525 CROWELL, ANNE SHELTON Booster Club 3-4, French Club 2-4, Bible Club 2, Psych. 4, Mohian 4, M-Day 2-4, Quill and Scroll. 4306, 52, 195, 238, 226, 2295 CROWELL, CAROLYN Chem-Bo-Phys. 2, Red Cross 2. C525 CROWELL, JOHN MARSHALL 496, 52, 223, 2135 CROWSON, SHIRLEY ANNE All Girls Coun. 2, Four Arts 4. C525 CRUIT, ROGER FREEMAN C525 CRYSELL, DONALD WAYNE Football 2, Hi-Y 3-4. 452, 2325 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured CULPEPPER, SAMMY HUBERT C523 CULWELL, BEVERLY GAYE C523 CURRY, ADRIAN RODERICK Y.F.C. 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Spec. Chor. 3-4 QV.P. 33, M-Club 3-4 fChaplain 33, I.C.C. 4, Football 2-4, Basketball 2, Track 2-4. C307, 52, 165, 243, 232, 2483 CURRY, CAROLE HOPE F.B.L.A. 4, Span. Club 2. C523 CURRY, PEGGY ANNE Band 3-4. C52, 2133 DAHLGREN, MARY HELEN Off. Asst. 2-3, D.O. 4. C523 DAHLHOFF, WILLIAM EUGENE C523 DAMSON, SAMUEL IRVIN, III Engin. Club 2, Basketball 2 fMgr.3. C523 DANIEL, FAY CARROLL D.O. 4, Off. Asst. 3. C523 DANNE, GEORGIA EAY C523 DARNELL, MARGARET ROSE C523 DART, CHARLES LoUIs Ushers Club 3-4, Spec. Chor. 2-3, N.H.S. 3-4, Out. Sr. C52, 59, 2223 DAUL, GEORGE CECIL Student Coun. 2-4, Chem-Bo-Phys. 2, French Club 3-4 QV.P.3, Ushers Club 3-4,- I.C.C. 4, N.H.S. 3-4 fPres. 43. Q96, 52, 86, 223, 2493 DAVENPORT, PARIS MAXINE N.H.S. 4, All Girls Chor. 2-4, Mon. 3-4. 1224, 523 DAVIS, ANNIE MCLEOD Trooper Club 2-4 fTreas. 43, Student Coun. 2, Maj. 2-3, Gyn Asst. 3. C52, 2453 DAVIS, CAROLYN Red Cross 2. C523 DAVIS, CHARLES ROBERT Chem-Bo-Phys. 4, Y.F.C. 4. C533 DAVIS, CLARENCE CHESTER C533 DAVIS, STEVEN WAYNE Jr. His. Soc. 2-3 C533 DAVIS, WILLIAM ARNOLD, JR C533 DAW, BETTY Jo Lib. Asst. 2-3 , Red Cross 2-3 , Student Coun 3 D O 4 C533 DEAN, ALAN ROSS C5 33 DEABORN, SYLVIA REBECCA Psych. Club 3. C533 DEIMEL, ROBERT MICHAEL N.H.S. 4. C224, 533 DELANEY, DOROTHY JOAN C533 DELOACH, WILLIAM CARY Four Arts 3-4, Arg. Inc. 2-3, Key Club 4 Ushers Club 4, Boosters Club 3-4, Spec. Chor 3 4 Band 2 Tennis 2, M-Day 4. C533 DENDY, ROBERT EARL, JR. C533 DERBY, LYNNE MACRAE Booster Club 3, Student Coun. 2. C533 DEUPREE, CAROLYN ANNE F.T.A. 4 QHist. 43, Red Cross 4. C53, 2313 DeVIS, DOROTHY ELAINE F.N.A. 2-3, All Girls Chor. 3-4. C533 DICKINSON, VAN C533 DILL, JAMES HEYWOOD Booster Club 3-4, M-Day 2, Favorite 4 Football 2 4 CCapt3, Track 2-4, Mr. Panther Spirit 4 C307, 53, 92, 84, 159, 160, 308 2433 DIXON, SANDRA D.O. 4, Y-Teens 2. C53, 2533 Senior Directory . . DOCKERY, HENRY CLAYTON Chem-Bo-Phys 4. C5 35 DONALDSON, GUY DON II Student Coun. 3-4, Ushers Club 2-4, Key Club 2-4 QV.P. 55, M-Day 2-3, 1.c.c. C555 3, Booster Club 3. DONALDSON, EDWARD WHEELER C545 DoNALDsoN, JoY Swimming Club 3, Booster Club 3-4, Four Arts Club 4, Spanish Club 2, Student Coun. 4, Cheerleader 2-4 fHead 45, M-Day 4, Favorite 4, N.H.S. 4. 4510, 54, 157, 156, 93, 6, 145 DOWDELL, JAMES S. Booster Club 2, Ushers Club 4. C 545 DOWNEY, MITFORD Psych. Club 3, Booster Club 2, Bible Club 2. C545 DRAIME, DoRA JANET Bible Club 2-3, Booster Club 3, F.B.L.A. 4. C545 DRASHMAN, BRUCE WAYNE Do. 4. C545 DRAUGHON, DOUGLAS LEO C545 DREW, SARA MICHELLE Y-Teens 2. C545 DuBOSE, JEAN cARoLYN C545 DUKE, BARBARA ANN Allied Youth 2, Bible Club Club 4, Off. Asst. 4. C545 DUKE, JAMES BEALL Homecoming Ct. 3. C545 DuLONG, LOUISE MARIE All Girls Coun. 2, F.B.L.A. 4. C545 DUNBAR, PEGGY JEAN G.A.A. 2-4. C 545 DUNN, JUDITH KAY 2, Red Cross 3, Psych. French Club 2, N.H.S. 3-4, All Girls Chor. 4, Orch. 2-3, Out. Sr. C48, 54, 86, 2235 DUNNAM, ERNEST HAYS, JR. C545 BUTTON, PATRICK LYNN C545 DUVAL, BETTY JoANN E.B.L.A. 4. C545 DUVALL, JIMMY DUMONT Ushers Club 3-4, Psych. Club 4, Booster Club 4. Q54, 2495 DWYER, DOROTHY SUSAN Tennis Club 2, All Girls Coun. 2, Off. Asst. 3, Bible Club 3-4, M-Day 4, Hi-Y 4. C54, 2235 DYKES, JUDY GARLAND Psych. Club 4, Red Cross 2-3, Mon. 4 C545 EASLEY, BRENDA JOYCE Sr. Speaker. C55, 97, 2615 EBERLEIN, EMILY ELIZABETH F.B.L.A. 4, Hi-Times 2, All Girls Chor. QPres.5 4, Red Cross 2, Band 2-3. C555 EDDINS, DONNA JEAN Y-Teens, 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2, N.H.S. 3-4. 455, 2235 EDGAR, JAMES HERBERT Student Coun. 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2-3, Band 2-3, Chem- Bo-Phys 2. C555 EDINGTON, JOHN HOWARD Booster Club 3-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Hi-Times 4, Bas- ketball 2-4. f55, 243, 226, 1755 EDWARDS, JAMES WILLIAM, II Stage Crew 2-4, Four Arts 3-4, Vis. Ed. 2-3. 455, 97, 7, 2555 ELLIS, GERALD WILLIAM Rocket Club, Stamp Club 2. C555 EMANUEL, GUS NICKOLAS Stamp Club 2 fPres.5, Red Cross 2, N.H.S. 4, Stu- dent Coun. 3, 4. C55, 2245 ERSKINE, SARAH GAIL Band 2-4, F.T.A. 3-4, Psych. Club 4, Spec. Chor. 4, Operetta 4. C 5 5, 2315 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured ETHRIDGE, ROBERT BENTELY C555 EUBANKS, GEORGE KENT Jr. His. Soc. 2, N.H.S. 4. C55, 2245 EVANS, GENEVA C555 FAIL, PHYLLIS ELAINE Red Cross 3, All Girls Coun. 2, Student Coun. 3, All Girls Chor. 4, Pantherette 4. C55, 2165 FARMER, DON CARL M.A.R.S. 2. C555 FELL, KAREN Booster Club 3-4, Jr. Red Cross 2-3, All Girls Coun. 2, Hi-Times 4, Quill Sc Scroll 4. 455, 2265 FELL, OSCAR GLEN Hi-Y Q55, 2325 FELPS, STUART REID C555 FEoRE, JOHN JAY C555 FINCH, DAVID GERALD C555 FINCH, SANDRA KAY D.O. Club 4. C54, 555 F IRT H, MARY ANGELA Pep Squad 2, All Girls Chor. 4. C555 FISHER, RONNIE EDWIN Football 2, Cross Country 3, Key Club 3-4, Rocket Club 2. C565 FI'I"I' S, MARY JACQUELINE C565 FITZGERALD, PATRICIA VICTORY French Club 3, N.H.S. 4, Band 2-4, D.O. Club 4, Student Coun. 3. QS6, 213, 214, 2245 FLACH, JANICE CAROL Red Cross 3, All Girls Coun. 2. C 565 FLEMING, ALICE JEAN All Girls Coun. 2, Swim Club 2, F.B.L.A. 4. C565 FLEMING, DORIS MICKLER Four Arts 4, F.N.A. 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4. C565 FLEMING, RORA LYNN F.B.L.A. 4, N.H.S. 3-4. C56, 223, 2545 FLOURNOY, VIVIAN E. FLOYD, FREDERICK A. C565 FONDE, JOAN HEUSTIS French Club 3, Swim Club 2-3, Booster Club 3. C2735 FORMWALT, ANNIE LAURA Bible Club 2, All Girls Chor. 2, 4, Red Cross 4. QIOO, 56, 875 FOSTER, BEVERLY PATRICIA Jr. His. Society 2-3, Photo. Club 3, N.H.S. 4, F.B.L.A. 3-4, G.A.A. 2, Student Coun. 2, Red Cross 2-3. QZ24, 565 FOSTER, NANCY ADELAIDE F.R.A.H.S. 3-4, All Girls Coun. 2, Lib. Asst. 2-3. 163, 56, 125 FOSTER, PHYLLIS UNAMAE C565 FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM EDWIN C565 FOUTZ, PATRICIA ADELINE Orchestra 2-4. C565 FOWLER, JAMES ARTHUR Hi-Y 3-4: N.H.S. 4. f224, 232, 565 FOWLER, WAYNE TALMADGE M Club 4, Football 2-4. C243, 307, 56, 1615 FRANK, NADA JEAN D.o. Club 4 qsee. 45, F.R.A.H.s. 4 QV.P. 45. C228, 565 FRAZER, CAROLYN EMNIETT Boosters Club 3-4, French Club 4, Red Cross 3, Hi- Times 4, Off. Asst. 4, N.H.S. 4. C56, 2245 FRAZIER, cARoL ELIZABETH C 565 FREY, MACK Key Club 3-4, M Club 2-4, Spiked Shoe Club 2-4 CV.P. 45, Ushers Club 3-4, Cross Country 2-4 QCO- Capt. 45, Track 2-4, Student Coun. 2. C56, 241, 1785 Senior Directory . . ERIEDLANDER, DONALD AARON C 565 FROMM, GEORGE EDWARD C565 FULLER, JOYCE MARIE C 575 GABEL, PATRICIA CAROL Quill 85 Scroll 3-4, Span. Club 2, F.B.L.A. 4, Hi-Times 3-4. C575 GALLAWAY, JAMES ROY M Club 3-4, Booster Club 3-4, Basketball 3-4. 457,174, 175, 2435 GANAS, ELLEN MARIE All Girls Coun. 2, F.B.L.A. 4. C575 GARCIA, RODNEY JOSEPH C 575 GARDNER, ELLA ESTELLE F.T.A. 2-4, Booster Club 3, Four Arts Club 3, Red Cross 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, All Girls Coun. 4, French Club 3-4. C575 GARDNER, GAIL DIANE N.H.S. C575 GARRATT, CELIA ANTIONETTE Boosters Club 3, Y.F.C. 4, jr. Red Cross 3-4 4Sec. 45. 457, 2365 GATES, FRANK JAMES C575 GATES, LARRY Booster Club 3, Bible Club 2. C5 75 GAYLOR, DAVID EDWARD, JR. C 5 75 GENTRY, JOHN BAKER Key Club 2-4, Ushers Club 3-4, Boosters Club 3-4, Four Arts Club 2, Mohian 3, M-Day 2-3, Homecoming Ct. 4. 457,' 2155 GIBNEY, ROBERT EUGENE Hi-Y 2-4 4Pres. 45, M Club 3-4 4Sec. 45, Boosters Club 3-4, Basketball 3-4 QCO-Capt. 45. 457,174, 175, 232, 2435 GIDDENS, DOROTHY ANN C 575 2111 GILBERT, SANDRA KAY Span. Club 2, F.T.A. 3-4, Boosters Club 35 Student Coun. 3. C575 GILL, GLORIA JEAN French Club 2, 3. C575 GILL, JOE MACK C 575 GLASS, ROBERT VERNON C575 GLOVER, SHIRLEY ANN C 585 GLYPT IS, PAGONA Span. Club 2, Red Cross 2, Student Coun. 2, N.H.S. 4. 458, 2245 GODSHALK, CYNTHIA SUE French Club 4, Boosters Club 4, jr. Red Cross 2, MOHIAN 4, M-Day 3, Quill 8c Scroll 4. 458, 195, 226, 2885 GOODLOE, JAMES WILLIAM Stage Crew 2-4. C585 GORMAN, WILLIAM FRANK Booster Club 3, Hi-Y 3-4 4Treas. 355 Football 2- 458, 2325 GOTCHER, FAULA ANN C 585 GOULD, ARITA LEE D.O. Club 4, C585 GRAHAM, LENNON DELWOOD M-Club 4, Basketball 2, Baseball 3-4. 42435 GRAY, SANFORD HORACE C 585 GRAYSON, IOHN WILLIAM Ushers Club 3-4. C585 GREEN, LEE NELL Jr. His. Society 2, Boosters Club 3. C585 GREEN, SHERRY ANN F.N.A. 2.-4 4Sec.-Treas. 45, Med. Unit Asst. 2, 3, 4, Spec. Chor. 4, jr. His. Society 2, All Girls Chor. 2. 458, 24445 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured GREENBURG, MICHAEL M. C583 GREER, JOHN ROBERT, JR. M.A.R.S. 3, Chem-Bo-Phys 4, Spiked Shoe Club 4, Cross Country 4, Track 4, Hall Mon. 3, Student Coun. 2. 41785 GRIFFIN, LARRY DALE C583 GRINDLE, CARA LEE F.B.L.A. 3-4, F.N.A. ag N.H 458, 2245 GUINN, BARBARA MAE Band 2'-4, French Club 4. C583 GULSBY, REBECCA ANN D.O. Club 4, Pantherette 2-3, 458, 2175 HAAS, NANCY LOUISE .s. 4. Maj. 4. French Club 2-3, Spec. Chor. 4, M-Day 4, Mon. 3, Dean Asst. 4. C583 HACKER, SUZAN KAY Four Arts Club 4, Tennis Club 4, F.T.A. 4. C583 HADDER, L. c. C583 HAI-IN, WILLIAM B. Ushers Club 3-4. C583 HAIRSTON, KAYE Homecoming Queen 4, Maj. 3-4, Student Coun. 3, Hi- Times 3-4, Booster Club 4, Tenn Queen Rep. 4, Class Favorite 4. 458, 92, 14, 204, 216, 2175 HALL, ANNIE JANE Off. Asst. 4, D.O. 4. C593 HALL, BEVERLY JEAN French Club 2, Band 2, D.O. C 593 HALL, HARRIS WILLIAM 4. Four Arts 3-4, Spec. Chor. 2-4, Madrigals 3-4, Op- eretta 2-4. C 593 HALLBERG, BARBARA ANN All Girls Coun. 2, Red Cross 2, F.N.A. 2, Lib. Asst. 2, D.O. 3-4 4V.P. 3, Pres. 45, I.C.C. 3-4. 459, 100, 2525 HAMIL, JAMES WOLVEN Jr. His. Soc. 2. C593 HAMILTON, PAMA LOU Bible Club 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, Student Coun. 4, N H S 3-4, M-Day 4, MOHIAN 4, All Girls Chor. 33 Quill 8: Scroll 4. 4288, 59, 195, 196, 2265 HAMMAC, MARY LOUISE Red Cross 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2, F.B.L.A. 3, Deans Asst 4 D.O. 4. 459, 2525 HAMRICK, AVOS AILEEN C 593 HANCOCK, JANET KAY Red Cross 4. C593 HANDLEY, Jo ANN Troupers 2-4, Student Coun. 2, Maj. 2-4. 459, 216, 2175 HANLIN, HAROLD JOHN Vis. Ed. 2, Allied Youth 2, Keep-Em Rolling 2-3. C593 HARBAUGH, ELMER AARON Band 2-4. 459, 2145 HARDY, LYNDA LEE Red Cross 2-3, Four Arts Club 3-4, Arg. Inc. 4 4Pres 5 4299, 59, 279, 2395 HARGROVE, MARY VIRGINIA All Girls Council 2-3, Hi-Times 3, Baseball 2. C593 HARKEY, MARY KAY Span. Club 2, All Girls Coun. 2. C593 HARPER, DOUGLAS MELTON C603 HARRINGTON, SANDRA FAYE D.O. 4, Student Coun. 3. C603 HARRIS, BRENDA CHARMAINE F.N.A. 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2, F.B.L.A. 4, C603 HARRIS, LOUIS M. 460, 2135 HARRIS, R. L. C603 Spec. Chor. 4 Senior Directory . . HARRISON, VERNON DANIEL Hi-Y Basketball 2-45 Student Coun. 25 Stamp Club 2. 460, 2335 HARVEY, MARY JO All Girls Coun. 25 F.N.A. 45 All Girls Chor. 3-45 Boosters Club 45 jr. His. Soc. 4. C605 HASKINS, JOLEEN Swim Club 2-45 Bible Club 2-35 Psych. Club 45 Boosters Club 35 Red Cross 25 M-Day 3-45 Out. Sr.5 All Girls Coun. 25 Mohian Editor 45 Quill 8: Scroll 4. C316, 60, 98, 194, 85, 276, 227, 226, 2295 HATCH, JEFFREY DENNIS C605 HAWSEY, JOHN WILLIAM Chess Club 25 Lib. Asst. 2-3. C605 HAYES, JANICE MARIE N.H.S. 4. q6o, 2255 HEACOCK, EUGENE ELETON M.A.R.S. Club 25 Ushers Club 3-45 Quill and Scroll 35 Hi-Times 3. q6o, 2495 HEARN, SUSAN EVANS Student Coun. 2-4 CV.P. 2, Treas. 3, V.P. 455 Boosters Club 3-4 fV.P. 455 Four Arts 3-45 N.H.S. 45 Hi-Times 25 Homecoming 45 M-Day 2-4. C64, 60, 44, 205, 270, 201, 2005 HEMPFLIN G, WILLIE CHARLES C605 HENDERSON, ALYSIA FAY Pep Club 25 Y-Teens 25 F.B.L.A. 4. 160, 2545 HENDERSON, BARBARA DELLE Bible Club 2-4 CSec. 455 Psych. Club 45 Student Coun. 2-4 CSec. 455 Booster Club 45 M-Day 45 Off. Asst. 3. q60, 200, 229, 2475 HERRING, BILL C605 HIATT, OLIVIA ASHLEY Stamp Club 45 Psych. Club 4. C605 HIGGINS, BILL Engin. Club 2-3 CV.P. 355 Ushers Club 3-45 Spec. Chor. 3-45 Four Arts 2-45 M Club 3-45 Boosters Club 3-45 Cheerleader 3-4. f310,47,61,157,156,6, 145 HILES, MARTHA PATRICIA Bible Club 2. C615 HILL, BRENDA EVELYN F.T.A. 2-4 CV.P. 455 Bible Club 25 Four Arts 2-45 Student Coun. 3-45 Psych. Club 45 Off. Asst. 45 M-Day 4. C61, 2315 HILL, JACQUELINE C615 HILL, MARY HELEN Ir. His. Soc. 25 Band. f61, 2153 HITESHEW, SANDRA ALoYsE C615 HOBBS, MARY ELIZABETH Span. Club 25 Hi-Times 45 E.B.L.A. 3. C615 HODGES, GRAY YOUNG C615 HODGES, KENNETH RICHARD Hi-Y 3-4 CTreas. 3, V.P. 455 Basketball 4. C61, 2335 HOGAN, ROSEMARY D.O. 4. C615 HOLDEN, RUEUS C615 HOLLINGSWORTH, CHRISTINE C615 HOLMES, EDDIE HARMON C60 HOPKINS, JAMES ALAN C615 HOUSTON, EVELYN ANN Bible Club 4. C615 HOUSTON, MADELIN E KATHERINE All Girls Chor. 25 E.B.L.A. 2-35 Mon. 2-45 Student Coun. 45 Red Cross 35 N.H.S. 4. C61, 2245 HOWELL, GAIL C 615 HOWELL, LILLIAN BERNICE Boosters Club 25 Bible Club 25 Spec. Chor. 3-4. C615 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured HOWELL, SCARBROUGH THOMAS C615 HOWELL, SYDNEY NAN Class Favorite 4, Spec. Chor. 4, Student Coun. 33 Azalea Trail Maid 4. Q61, 915 HOWLE, CHARLES LEMUEL Four Arts 2, Spec. Chor. 2-4. C6 1 5 HUBBARD, BARBARA LEE Bible Club 2, Spec. Chor. 3, Student Coun. 3, Booster Club 4, F.B.L,A. 4, Lib. Asst. 35 Hi-Times 4. HUSTON, AGNES FAYE Y-Teen 2, F.N.A. 2-3, G.A.A. F.B.L.A. 4. C615 HYMEL, CAROLYN CECELIA N.H.S. 3-4. C61, 2235 INGRAM, EUGENE LEE Hi-Y 2-3 CTreas. 35. C615 ISLER, GUERRY BECTON C615 JACKSON, ANGUS GAIL C625 JACKSON, BARBARA ANN Psych. 4, Jr. His. Soc. 2. C615 JACKSON, CAROL EVELYN Y-Teen 2, All Girls Chor. 3-4. C625 JACKSON, DEWEY EARL C625 JACOBS, EVELYN AGNES 2, Jr. His. Soc. 33 F.N.A. 2-4 fV.P. 3, Pres. 45, N.H.S. 3-4, Med. Unit Asst. 2-4. C62, 2445 JAMES, KATHLEEN VIRGINIA JAMES, SIDNEY CAROLYN C625 JARRELL, FRED C625 JEFCOAT, EREDNA MYRI. C625 JENKINS, JAMIE EARL Hi-Y 4. C62, 2325 JENKINS, JOHN MELVIN C625 JENSEN, WILLIAM o. C625 JERNIGAN, CHARLES THOMAS C625 JOHNSON, MARGIE ANN All Girls Coun. 2, D.O. 4. C625 JOHNSON, MARILYN ELAINE Red Cross 3. C625 JOHNSON, MAUREEN DOLORESE C625 JOHNSON, REBECCA JEWEL Troupers 2, F.B.L.A. 3-4, Maj. 3. C625 JOHNSON, WILLIE EDWARD D.O. 4. C625 JOHNSON, KARL WAYNE Span. 2, Stamp 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2, French Club 4. C625 JOHNSON, HOWARD PAUL Arg. Inc. 2, Four Arts 2-4, Ushers 3-4. C625 JONES, BETTY SUE All Girls Coun. 2, Boosters 4, Psych. 4, Four Arts 4 Red Cross 2. C625 JONES, CARL EDWARD C625 JONES, DAVID LOUIS Rocket 2-3, "A" Band 3-4. C6O, 62, 2135 JONES, DOROTHY ELAINE C625 JONES, EVA CAROL Quill 8: Scroll 4. C625 JONES, HENRY TURNER C625 Senior Directory . . JONES, JAMES RAPHAEL Camera 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 2-4 CV.P. 3, Pres. 435 Jr. His. Soc. 2-4 CV.P. 335 Arg. Inc. 2-4 CV.P. 335 F.T.A. 45 Spec. Chor. 3-45 Red Cross 3-45 Booster 3-45 Student Coun. 3-45 Inter-Club Coun. 3-4 CV.P. 435 M.A.R.S. 25 Sci. 3 CV.P.j5 Hall Mon. 35 M-Day 3-4. C62, 98, 239, 235, 2503 JONES, MELV Y N WALTER Chem-Bo-Phys 25 Arg. Inc. 25 Four Arts 3-45 French Club 3-45 N.H.S. 45 Cross Country 45 Hi-Times 2. C633 JONES, TOMMYE LEE Jr. His. Soc. 25 Spec. Chor. 35 F.B.L.A. 4. C633 JORDAN, EMILY SUSAN Boosters 45 All Girls Coun. 25 Student Coun. 45 Gym Asst. 2-35 M-Day 4. C633 JORDAN, MARTHA ANNEITE Bible 2-45 Four Arts 2-45 Booster 35 Red Cross 3-4 fPres. 435 Latin 4 fV.P.j5 I.C.C. 4 CSec.j Class Of- ficer 2-3 CChap. 4, Rep. 2-335 Governing Coun. 35 N.H.S. 45 Sec. of Southern Area Advisory Coun. of Jr. Red Cross 4. C57, 63, 236, 224, 2483 JOYNER, SANDRA PATRICIA C633 JUMONVILLE, GEORGE ROBERT Key Club 2-45 Ushers 3-45 Boosters 45 M-Day 35 Quill 8: Scroll 4. C302, 314, 63, 195, 85, 71, 201, 230, 2263 KALVIN, JOYCE FRANCES Latin Club 2. C633 KEEVAN, HELEN F.N.A. 2-45 Glee Club 2-35 Spec. Chor. 4. C63, 2443 KELLY, cHARLoTTE JEAN C633 KELLY, JOHN RILEY C633 KELLY, MAX HUDSON C633 KENNAMER, SARAH ELIZABETH Hi-Times 25 Jr. His. Soc. 2. C633 KENNEDY, CAROLYN SUE Booster Club 35 D.O. 45 Span. Club 25 Spec. Chor. 2-3. C633 KENNEDY, LINDA ZULINE Off. Asst. 4. C633 KENNEDY, OLLIE DEE Rocket Club 2-35 Hi-Y 2-4. C633 KENOPKE, WILLIAM CHESTER C 643 KINDRED, KENNETH LEE C643 KING, CAROLE DOLORES French Club 2-35 Four Arts 2-4. C643 KING, KATHERINE ALLEN Student Coun. 45 Mon. 4. C643 KING, ORLON DON M Club 2-45 Student Coun. 2-35 Football 2-4 CCO- Capt. 43 5 Track 3. C64, 164, 243, 3073 KINNEY, CAROLYN F.N.A. 45 Hi-Times 45 Quill 8a Scroll 45 N.H.S. 4. Q64, 2243 KITCHENS, MARY MARGUERETE C643 KLUMPP, CAROLYNN VIRGINIA Four Arts 2-45 Booster Club 35 All Girls Chor. 35 M-Day 4. C643 KNIGHT, SIDNEY VOYLES Key Club 2-35 Golf Team 2-4 QCapt.j5 Ushers 3-4 M Club 3-45 Student Coun. 2-3. C64, 893 KNODEL, MARY REBECCA Y-Teen 25 F.B.L.A. 25 All Girls Chor. 2, 4. C643 KNOTT, ROBERT M., JR. C643 KN OWLES, RICHARD C643 KOHORN, LILLIAN ESTHER Tennis Club 2, 45 Jr. His. Soc. 25 French Club 45 Span Club 45 Psych. Club 45 Red Cross 45 All Girls Coun. 2 Four Arts 2, 3, 4. C643 KOTHEIMER, PHILLIP CONRAD wo 7 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured KRETZER, LOIS LEE Four Arts Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Student Coun. 3, M-Day 4, Red Cross 4, Span. 4. C64, 2313 KYNARD, CHARLES E. C643 LADNER, LANA KAY C643 LAIRD, RICHARD KELL Ir. His. Soc. 2-4 QTreas. 3-43, Hi-Y 3-4, Lib. Asst. 3. C643 LAMBERT, FREDDY JAMES C6-0 LAMMON, MARK ALLAN Red Cross 4. C653 LANCASTER, REBECCA ANN C653 LANGLEY, MICHAEL EDWIN C653 LANGUS, EDWIN LOUIS Ushers Club 3, N.H.S. 4, M-Day 2. C653 LAPPAGE, THOMAS EDWARD Chem-Bo-Phys 4, N.H.S. 3-4. C65, 2223 LAUTER, BARBARA JO Arg. Inc. 2, Swim. Club 2-4, Four Arts 2-4, French Club 3-4, Tennis Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, MOHIAN 4, M-Day 4, Quill Bc Scroll 4. C306, 65, 86, 10, 223, 194, 270, 2263 LAZENBY, HELEN SUZANN Span. Club 2, Latin Club 3, F.N.A. 2, jr. Red Cross 3. C653 LEATI-IERBURY, ELLEN RADFORD Troopers 2, Bible Club 2, F.T.A. 2, Swim. Club 2, Booster Club 3, M-Day 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, Azalea Trail Maid 4, Cheerleader 4, MOHIAN 4, Deans Asst. 33 Quill Sc Scroll 4. C310, 285, 65, 157, 156, 195, 222, 308, 2263 LEATHERWOOD, KAREN MAUDE Student Coun. 2-3, French Club 35 M-Day Chairman 4. C65, 2733 LEAVINS, JAMES ALVIN C653 LEE, Joi-INNIE C653 LEE, SAMMY EUGENE C653 LEE, WILBER P. C653 LEE, WILLIAM MICHAEL Chess Club 2, Rocket Club 3, Football 2. C653 LINCOLN, ALETHEA ADELAIDE Span. Club 2-4 QPres. 43, jr. His. Soc. 2, French Club 3-4, Quill 8: Scroll 3-4 fSec. 43, N.H.S. 3-4 CHis. 43, Hi-Times 3-4. C96, 65, 222, 238, 227, 2483 LINDSEY, MARY JANE C653 LOCKE, SANDRA LEE Student Coun. 2-4, F.N.A. 2-4, Med. Asst. 2-4, Ir. His. Soc. 2, All Girls Chor. 4, M-Day 2. C653 LOFTIN, WILLIAM HARLAN Amateur Radio 3-4, Jr. Red Cross 4. C653 LOGAN, PAUL EDWARD C653 LOLLAR, VIRGINIA ANN Booster Club 4, F.B.L.A. 4, Mon. 4, Dean's Asst. 4. C653 LOMBARD, CAROLYN CHRISTINE Bible Club 2, F.N.A. 2, Dean-'s Asst. 3-4. C653 LONG, CAROL FRANCINE C653 LOTT, LAWRENCE LENARD C653 LOWREY, CHARLES MILTON, JR. C653 LOWRY, CLINTON M. Band 2-3 C653 LUDLOW, DONALD EVANS M.A.R.S. 2, Ushers Club 3. C663 LUDLOW, FONTAINE MAURY jr. His. Soc. 2-3, Psych. Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. C663 Senior Directory . . . LUQUIRE, JOSEPH WILSON Spec. Chor. 2-3, Latin Club 3g French Club 43 Four Arts 3-4. C665 LUTZ, LOYcE ELAINE C665 LYONS, HILARY HERBERT C665 MacLEAY, JOANNE HELEN French Club 4g E.B.L.A. 4. 467, 238, 2545 MCCLURE, DOROTHY ALICE Bible Club 2-33 Psych. 4g F.B.L.A. 35 F.N.A. 4g Booster Club 3-49 F.R.A.N.S. 4g Hi-Times 45 Quill 8: Scroll 4. MCCLURE, IMELDA RUTH Spec. Chor. 3-4. C665 MCCLURE, MILDRED LOUISE Red Cross 3. C665 MCCULLY, MARGARET ANN F.T.A. 2. C665 MCDONALD, LINDA LEE F.B.L.A. 2, All Girls Chor. 2-4. C665 MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH CARY Booster Club 3-4, Red Cross 33 M-Day 4. 466, 2315 MCDUFFIE, BE l'I Y MARIE Tennis Club 2s Bible Club 4g Hi-Y 4. 466, 2335 MCDUFFIE, THRESIA FAYE C665 MCINTYRE, BONNIE JEAN Y-Teens 2. C665 MCIN VALE, ROBERT HAYWOOD Basketball 25 Spec. Chor. 3-4, Tennis Team 3-45 Hi-Y 3-4 4Pres. 45 g Booster Club 3. 466, 2335 MCKINLEY, HARRIETT ELIZABETH Pep Squad 25 French Club 23 Pantherette 4. C665 MCKINNELL, MARJORIE ANN C665 MCKINNEY, MARY CON STANCE Bible Club 2-3g Red Cross 2g Y.F.C. 4. 466, 2135 MCLEAN, ANNE TERESA Booster Club 35 Swim. Club 3 5 French Club 45 M-Day 35 MOHIAN 4g Student Coun. 4. 4290, 306, 66, 1965 MCLEMORE, FRANCES ANN Span. Club 45 Spec. Chor. 3-45 Student Coun. 3. C665 McLEOD, MARSHALL ANGUS Track 2g Football 2. C665 MCMICHAEI., ROBERT LEE C665 MCMILLAN, LARRY H. C675 MCMILLAN, SONDRA Span. Club 45 Bible Club 25 MOHIAN 45 Red Cross 2 3 M-Day 4, Quill 8: Scroll 4. C306, 67, 196, 276, 2265 MCMULLAN, MARY MICHAEL F.N.A. 2. C675 MCNELLAGE, GWENDOLYN LEE Span. Club 2-4 QSec. 455 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 N.H.S. 3-4. 467, 97, 2235 MABREY, JAY ERNEST Ushers Club 3-4g Band 2-3 4249, 675 MACPHERSON, PAULA Troopers Club 25 Band 2-3 5 Swim. Club 3-4. C675 MADDOX, INA JANETTE C675 MADER, PAUL ELANO Chem-Bo-Phys 2-4 4V.P. 45. C675 MAHAN, CAROLYN ANN C675 MAHONEY, CLARENCE BERNARD 467, 10, 2355 IVEALLORY, CHARLES HENDERSON C 75 MALONE, JUDITH F.N.A. 2 , Bible Club 2-35 All Girls Chor. 2-4. . C675 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured MANDERS, GLENDA FAY C675 MANUEL, ALLEN DEAN C675 MAPLES, JOHNNY LEWIS C675 MARLAR, NANCEY JEAN D.O. 3-4, Student Coun. 2, Span. Club 3. C675 MARTIN, DOROTHY DIAN C675 MARTIN, LOUIS NORBERT C685 MARTIN, MARGARET ANN C685 MASARONE, BETTY JO C685 MASON, FAY ESTELLE All Girls Coun. 2, All Girls Chor. 3-4. C685 MAssENGALE, WILLIAM JOSEPH C685 MASSEY, BARBARA JOAN Hi-Y 4, All Girls Chor. 4. C685 MATTHEWS, CATHERINE ANN MERRY, BRADFORD Four Arts 2-3, Arg. Inc. 2, Tennis Team 2 3 Ushers Club 3-4, Booster Club 4. C68, 2495 MIHELICH, SHERRY OREAN C685 MILLER, DAVID EARL Ushers Club 4 CV.P. 45, Key Club 4 qss, 2495 MILLER, LINDA LOUISE French Club 2-3, Chem-Bo-Phys 4 Four Arts 24 N.H.S. 4. gas, 2245 MILLER, WILLIAM KEITH Bible Club 2, Booster Club 4, Football 2 C685 MILLING, CYNTHIA LOU Red Cross 2-4, Jr. His. Soc. 2, Student Coun 2 Spec Chor. 4, All Girls Chor. 3, Quill and Scroll 3 4 H1 Times 3-4, Span. Club 3, Psych. Club 4 C685 MILLS, DAVID M. C685 MILLS, GLEN Hi-Y 2-4, Basketball 2. qes, 2335 MILLS, VICTOR HUGHES Ushers Club 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4. Tennis Club 2, Bible Club 2, Booster Club 4, F.R.A.N. C68' 2255 4, Hi-Times 4, Spec. Chor. 4. q6s, 228J MAURER, RAYMOND ORVILLE Psych. Club 4, Band 2-4. Q68, 2135 MAYES, ROBERT DAVID C685 MEADE, LAWRENCE B. C685 MELVIN, LYNDA LOUISE MITCHELL, JEAN ELIZABETH Booster Club 3. C685 MITCHELL, PATRICIA ANN Jr. Hist. 2. C685 MITCHINER, BARRY Swim Club 2-3, Bible Club 2, FTA 2 French Club 4, MOHIAN 3-4, Troopers 3, Wel Store Worker 2 M-Day 2-4, Booster 3-4. Q68, 1965 DO- Club 34- MOBLEY, CAROL HELEN C685 C695 MERCER, MARY EMMA , MONK, RACHEL LoUIsE Booster Club 4, Swim. Club 3-4, French Club 4, Bible C695 Club 2, MOHIAN 4, M-Day 3-4, Quill and Scroll 4. f314,68,195,226J MERRELL, ANNA RITA Gym Asst. 2, D.O. Club 4. C685 MOODY, CORDELL DELANO C695 MOORE, MARGARET ANNE F.N.A. 2, All Girls Coun. 2, Student Coun 4 Senior Directory . . . MOORE, VIRGIL KENNY, IR. Booster Club 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Y.F.C. CPres. 45, M-Club 3-4 fChaplain 45, Football 2-4, Track 2-4. C307, 69, 163, 164, 2435 MORAN, SHARON VAY Bible Club 2, N.H.S. 3-4, Pep Squad 2, M-Day 4. C69, 2235 MORGAN, NANCY LYNN Pantherette 2, D.O. Club 4, F.B.L.A. 3. C695 MORRIS, ROSE MARIE N.H.S. 3-4, F.N.A. 2, Ir. His. Soc. 3, Orch. 2-3, Nurses Aid 3. C695 MOSLEY, DANIEL WAYNE C695 MOSS, ALICE ELIZABETH Grad. Speaker, Miss Friendship 2, Four Arts 2-4, Bible Club 2-4 fSec. 3, Pres. 45, Booster Club 3-4, French Club 4, Student Coun. CSec. 25, Rep. Coun. 2-3 QSec. 35, I.C.C. 4, N.H.S. 4, Spec. Chor. 3-4 QSec. 45, Homecoming Maid 2-4. C69, 99, 238, 247, 224, 261, 248, 7, 2055 MUDOE, JUDY CAROL C695 MURPHY, LINDA JOAN C 695 MURRAY, ELLA HILL All Girls Coun. 2, Troopers 2, Booster Club 3. C695 MURRAY, PATRICIA ANN Hi-Y 4 CChaplain 45, jr. Red Cross 3. C695 MURRAY, ROBERT WAYNE C695 MUTHS, FREDERICK AUGUST Football 2 , Track 2. C695 MYER, FLORA IUDITH Bible Club 2, Student Coun. 4, Off. Asst. 2-3, Tennis Club 2. C695 MYERS, ROBERT GORDON C695 NASSAR, WILLIAM MICHAEL D.O. Club 4. C695 NEEL, PATRICIA ANN U05 NEGUS, LUCILLE MARIE All Girls Coun. 2, All Girls Chor. 3, 4 QV.P. 45, French Club 3, 4, Booster Club 4, Red Cross 3, Y.F.C. 4. C 705 NELSON, FRANCES TILL All Girls Coun. 2, Red Cross 4, F.T.A. 4, F.B.L.A. 4, M-Day 4. C231, 705 NELSON, HOLLIS D.O. Club 3, 4. 005 NELSON, MARY VERN C 705 NELSON, VIRGINIA LOUISE F.R.A.H.S. 2-4. C63, 70, 2285 NETTLES, WILMA JEAN F.B.L.A. 4. C705 NICHOLAS, EARLINE ANN C 705 NICHOLAS, VIRGINIA ANN Y-Teens 2, M-Day 4, Band 3, 4. q 70, 2135 NICHOLLS, CHARLES L. 005 NICHOLS, LOTTIE FAY Jr. His. Soc. 2, Tennis Club 2, Student Coun. 2-3, Hall Mon. 3, F.B.L.A. 3. C705 NICHOLS, NORMAN ARTHUR C705 NICHOLS, VILOUJOE D.O. Club 4, All Girls Coun. 2-3, Off. Asst. 4. C705 NOILON, NORBERT DESHA Football 2, Track 2. C705 NIX, MARY KATHYREN C705 NORRIS, CAMILLE THELMA All Girls Chor. 3-4 CSec.-Treas. 45, All Girls Coun. 4. Q 70, 2015 NORTHCUTT, NANCY JEAN Hi-Times 3, Red Cross 3, D.O. Club 4, Pep Squad 2. C 705 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured NORTON, JANE EVANS Swim. Club 2-4 QTreas. 45, French Club 2-4, Jr. Red Cross 3, M-Day 4, N.H.S. 3-4. Q67, 70, 2235 NOYES, BEN FARRINGTON C705 NURSE, HELENA ANITA French Club 2, Y.F.C. 4. C705 O'CONNOR, ANN COX Trooper's Club 2, Four Arts 2, Red Cross 2, Booster Club 3, Student Coun. 3-4 fRep. 45, M-Day 4, Out. Sr. 4. CIOI, 70, 86, 44, 200, 2725 OIDELL, LINDA SUE C7O, 99, 2245 oDoM, DOROTHY MAE C705 OLIVER, AMELIA ANN French Club 2, Red Cross 4, Off. Asst. 3-4. C705 OLIVER, WILMER MILLER C715 oLsEN, CHARLES ROY C7 15 ORR, HILDA JOAN Pep Squad 2. cm OSINSKI, KAREN MAILE Latin Club C3-4 CPres. 45, Red Cr C715 OVERTON, BETTY RUTH Nurse's Asst. 2-35 F.N.A. 2. C715 OWEN, GONNIE C715 OWEN, MARTHA LORRAINE F.B.L.A. 4, Four Arts 4. C 715 OWENS, JAMES NORMAN OSS Future Engin. 2-3, Student Coun. 2, M-Day 3. C715 OWENS, WILLIAM ARTHUR Student Coun. 2, 4, Psych. Club 3, F.B.L.A. 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Boosters Club 3, 4. C715 PANTER, JOHNNIE FAYE C 715 PARDEN, MONTY MARION C715 PARKER, EERNIE oTis C 715 PARKER, JAMES FRED C715 PARKER, JOYCE ELIZABETH Y-Teens 2 fV.P.5. C715 PARROTT,CAROLYTJFAYE q7i,2i65 PASCHAL, NANCY CAROL C7 15 PATE, MICHAEL WILLIAM Amateur Radio Club 2-3 fTreas. 35, N.H.S. 3-4, Track 2, Out. Sr. C97, 71, 2225 PATRICK, GARY LAMAR C725 PATTERSON, NAN LORRAINE Hi-Times 3-4, Quill 81 Scroll fV.P. 45, Red Cross 3-4, Student Coun. 2, M-Day 4, Four Arts 2-4, Jr. His. Soc. 2, F.T.A. 3. C725 PATTERSON, SHIRLEY IRENE F.H.A. 2, Science Club 2. C725 PEAKE, IRA HAMPTON Spec. Chor. 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, M-Day 4, Football 3-4, Track 4, M-Club 4, Ushers Club 4, Allied Youth 2-33 Sr. Speaker. C307,72,223,l64,224,261j PEARCE, WANDA LORRAINE N.H.S. 4, Pep Squad 2. Q72, 2245 PEAVY, MARY ELIZABETH Pep Squad 2, F.B.L.A. 2, G.A.A. 2, Student Coun. 2. C725 PEDEN, CAROLE JEAN Y-Teens 2, All Girls Coun. 2, N.H.S. 3-4. qioi, 72, 86, 2235 PENDERGRASS, JOHN DAVIS C725 PEREZ, JEANNIE CARMEN Glee Club 2, F.N.A. 2, All Girls Chor. 3-4, Student Coun. 4. C725 Senior Directory . . PERRY, JAMES ELoN C 725 PETERSON, CARMEN DIANN A Spanish Club 3, Bible Club 2, F.T.A. 3. C725 PETERSON, DORA MAY C725 PETERSEN, FREDERICK AUGUST F.R.A.H.S. 4, M.A.R.S. 2-3. 472, 99, 2285 PETERSON, MARY TALINDA F.N.A. 3, Spec. Chor. 3-4. C725 PETTY, BETTY MYRLE Mon. 3, M-Day 4, Y.F.C. 4. C725 PHILLIPS, CHARLES FRANKLIN D.O. 4, Track 2, M.A.R.S. 2. C725 PHILLIPS, EDITH EMILY Student Coun. 2-4, Bible Club 2-4, Four Arts 3-4, Booster Club 3. C725 PHILLIPS, WILLIAMS EDDIE Span. Club 2. C725 PICKETT, KATHRYN LOUISE All Girls Coun. 2 CSec. 25, Swim. Club 2-4 4His. 35, Booster Club 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, M-Day 2-4, MOHIAN 4, Red Cross 2, French Club 4, Quill 8: Scroll 4. 4287, 314, 73, 225, 196, 2265 PIERCE, 5. AMELIA Red Cross 4, Booster Club 4, Spec. Chor. 4. C735 PIERCE, DORINDA LUCILLE C735 PIERCE, PATRICIA cARoL Booster Club 4, Red Cross 3, All Girls Chor. 3, Spec Chor. 4, Hi-Times 2-4. C735 PIERCE, ROSEMARY Stamp Club 2, F.N.A. 2, Jr. His. Soc. 2, Pep Squad 2, Spec. Chor. 3. C735 PILGRIM, BARBARA ANNE MOHIAN 4, Quill 8: Scroll 4. 4279, 226, 299, 75, 1955 PIPER, WALTER EDWARD M.A.R.S. 2-3, Hi-Times 2-4. C735 PITTS, DOROTI-IEA ROSE Red Cross 2, Allied Youth 2-3, Psych. Club 4, Bible Club 2-4, jr. His. Soc. 2, Four Arts 4, Hi-Times 2-3, M-Day 4, Quill 8: Scroll 3-4. 475, 2295 PLYER, BARBARA ANN Off. Asst. 4. C735 POLLARD, HOWARD BENIAMIN Camera Club 2, Radio Club 3 CSec. 35, Hi-Times 3-4, Quill 8a Scroll 4. 473, 2265 POOLE, SHARON LOUISE Jr. His. Soc. 2-4 4His. 55, E.R.A.H.s. 2-3, E.E.L.A. 5. C735 POPE, cARoLYN ANN C735 PORTER, SHIRLEY ANN G.A.A. 2-3 4V.P. 35, F.N.A. 2, jr. His. Soc. 2, Booster Club 3, Red Cross 2. C735 POUNDS, PRISCILLA ALOMA Bible Club 2, Maj. 2-4, All Girls Chor. 3. 475, 2175 POWELL, WILLIAM GOODMAN Student Coun. 2, Band 4. 475, 2155 POWERS, JAMES RONALD C755 PRAYTOR, CAROLYN LUCILLE French Club 2, M-Day 3-4. C735 PRICE, BARBARA DIANE Pantherette 2, D.O. 4. C735 PRICE, SIDNEY ANN F.N.A. 2, Four Arts 2-4, D. O. 4, N.H.S. 4. 475, 2245 PRICE-WILLIAMS, IAN ICE jr. His. Soc. 2, Bible Club 2, Red Cross 2-3, A11 Girls Chor. 4. C735 PRIM, JoY French Club 2-3, Booster Club 2, Psych. Club 4, M-Day 4. C735 Club Activities, Honors,,Year, and Pages Pictured PRITCHETT, WILLIAM GARY Hi-Y 2-4 CPres. 35, D.O. 33 Student Coun. 4. C74, 2325 PRUITT, LINDA SUE REED, MEREDITH JEAN C745 REED, CAROL SUE Bible Club 4, F.B.L.A. 4, Troopers 4, Y-Teens 2, REED, TIMOTHY MARTIN Four Arts 2-4, French Club 3-4, Chem-Bo-Phys 4, M'D4Y 4- Mon. 2-4, M-Day 4. C741 254. 2455 C745 PSENCIK, LOUISE ALICE Four Affs 4- C745 C745 PURVIANCE, JANE ELIZABETH C745 PURVIS, WALTER EARL, JR. C745 RADCLIFF LUCY LEATHERBURY RICHARDSON, CHARLES LEE Span. Club 4, Hi-Y 4. 674, 2325 RICHARDSON, HOWARD GRANT Booster Club 3. Booster Club 3, Swim. Club 3, M-Day 3-4, French Club C745 4, N.H.S. 4, Cheerleader 4, MOHIAN 4, Quill 8: RIDER, ARNOLD Scroll 4. C745 6288, 310, 74, 157, 156, 6, 14, 196, 226, 2245 RADER, MICHAEL EUGENE Hi-Y 2. RIGGINS, JOHNNY G. C745 RISEN, LAURA NELL C747 N.H.S. 3-4, Y.E.c. 4, MOHIAN 4, Quill .sf Scroll 4. RAINE, STUART POWELL C741 195, 222, 276. 2265 Booster Club 5, M-Club 2-4, M-Day 3g Football 2-4, ROBBINS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Track 3, Fut. Engin. 2. C745 C307, 74, 166, 2435 ROBERTS, ANN LOUISE RAINEY, FREIDA NELL Troopers 2, F.T.A. 2-3, Booster Club 3, Student Band 2, Camera Club 2, Red Cross 3, D.O. 4, Psych. 4. Coun, 2-3, C74, 2295 C755 RAMSEY, MARY STAINBACK Bible Club 2, Swim. Club 2. C745 RANDOLPH, JIMMY RANDELL Fut. Engin. 2. C745 RAY, MARY LOU F.B.L.A. 3, Jr. His. Soc. 2-4, Hi-Times 2. 674, 2505 RAYBURN, GLENDA LOUISE French Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, Spec. Chor. 4. C74, 2225 RAYFORD, CAROLE SUE Psych. Club 4. C745 REED, DANIEL LOUIS Booster Club 4. C745 REED, JACK ROGERS C745 ROBERTS, BONNIE RUTH F.N.A. 2-3, Med. Asst. 3, N.H.S. 3-4, F.B.L.A. 4. C755 ROBERTS, LINDA KAY F.B.L.A. 2-4, Band 2-4. 675, 2135 ROBERTS, MIRIAM JOANN C755 ROBERTS, SUSAN AURELIA D.O. 3-4. C755 ROBERTSON, MADELEINE KATHRYN Booster Club 3, French Club 3. C755 ROBINSON, DIANE Booster Club 3-4, French Club 2-3, Psych. Club 4, M-Day 3-4, MOHIAN 4, Bible Club 2, Quill 81 Scroll 4. 6286, 75, 195, 2265 ROBINSON, JUDY CAROL F.B.L.A. 4. C755 Senior Directory . . ROBINSON, MARY EMILY French Club 2-45 F.T.A. 3-4 CParl. 455 Spec. Chor. 3-45 Red Cross 45 N.H.S. 45 M-Day 4. C98, 75, 223, 238, 2315 ROBINSON, SARA ELIZABETH Bible Club 25 Booster Club 35 Four Arts 3-45 Psych. Club 45 Hi-Times 45 M-Day 4. C75, 2295 ROCHAMBEAU, SHARON ELIZABETH Swim. Club 2-45 Bible Club 25 Booster Club 3-45 Stu- dent Coun. 2-45 QPres. Class 3-455 I.C.C. Coun. 3-45 Psych. Club 45 French Club 2-35 Miss Panther Spirit 45 D.A.R. Award 4. C295, 53, 75, 90, 84, 44, 2005 ROGERS, CAROLYN JANET F.N.A. 25 F.B.L.A. 25 Hall Mon. 35 D.O. Club 45 Red Cross 4. C755 ROGERS, SHELEA JEAN C 755 ROS, RAMON EUGENE, III Red Cross 35 Band 2-4. C75, 215, 2775 ROSS, cARoLYN ELIZABETH C 755 ROUNSAVILLE, BETTY JOAN C755 ROUNTREE, MARY ELIZABETH F.T.A. 25 Bible Club 35 French Club 3-45 Student Coun. 35 N.H.S. 3-45 MOHIAN 45 Quill 8: Scroll 4. C289, 75,223, 195, 2265 RUMPANOS, SHEILA F.B.L.A. 2-35 Swim. Club 2-4 CV.P. 455 Four Arts 2-45 French Club 45 N.H.S. 3-4. C76,2235 RUSS, VIRGIL THOMAS C765 RUTLAND, MARY JUDITI-I Bible Club 2-45 Psych. Club 45 Span. Club 45 Off. Asst. 35 N.H.S. 3-4. C765 2235 SANFORD, SIDNEY VERNE F.B.L.A. 45 Psych. Club 4. C765 SAWYER, BARBARA BLAN M-Day 45 Tennis Club 4. C765 SAWYER, CHERYL SUE jr. His. Soc. 25 Pep Squad 2 QV.P. 255 Booster Club 3. C 765 SCANLAND, TOBIAS TIMOTHY C765 SCARCLIFF, HAZEL IEANETTE - All Girls Coun. 25 jr. Red Cross 25 F.B.L.A. 45 Ir. His. Soc. 2. C765 SCHAEFFER, GAYLON DUKE F.B.L.A. 45 Psych. Club 4. C765 SCHLEY, MARY KATHLEEN Swim. Club 2-35 Troopers Club 2-35 Booster Club 3-45 Psych. Club 45 Four Arts 45 Hi-Times 25 Dean's Asst. 2-35 Ir. Red Cross 25 Azalea Trail Maid 45 Span. Club 45 M-Day 4. C76, 2605 J SCHMIDT, EILEEN PATRICIA Four Arts 3-45 Tennis Club 45 Ir. Red Cross 35 Booster Club 2-3. C765 SCIPLE, JAMES W, Fut. Engin. 25 M-Club 45 Football 4. C76,162,2435 SCIPLE, MARY LOUISE Y-Teens 25 D.O. Club 4. C765 SEAL, JAMES BERRY C765 SEALY, ANITA JUNE C 765 SEIGNIOUS, CHRISTINE S, Off. Asst. 2. C765 SELEY, MARIE KATHLEEN C765 SELF, PATRICIA ELLEN Student Coun. 25 Psych. Club 45 All Girls Chor. 3-45 Hi-Tirnes 45 Hall Mon. 3-4. C765 SELLERS,IULIE Swim. Club 2-35 French Club 3-45 Booster Club 35 N.H.S. 3-45 M-Day 3-4. C76,222,2735 SEWELL, BETTY CAROLYN Girls Chor. 3-45 D.O. Club 45 Mon. 4. C 765 SHARITT, BARNES ALDRIDGE, JR. N.H.S. 3-45 Spec. Chor. 2-45 Student Coun. 45 Y.F.C. 45 Allied Youth 25 jr. Red Cross 35 Latin Club 45 Chess Club 2. C76, 2235 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured SHAW, CLARENCE CECIL SKINNER, JACK EDWARD 4765 Mon. 2, Chem-Bo-Phys 2, N.H.S. 3-4. SHEARON, MARY ANN F.B.L.A. 4. C765 SHEFFIELD, ETHEL DEMOVAL Y-Teens 2, Mon. 2. C765 SHELTON, WENONA MILES Span. Club 2, Sci. Club 4, Booster Club 4, Spec. Chor. 4, M-Day 4, Off. Asst. 3-4. C775 SHEPPARD, KENNETH MARVIN Spike Shoe Club 3, M-Club 3-4, Key Club 3, Booster Club 3, Y.F.C. 4V.P. 45, Spec. Chor. 3-4, Cross Coun- try 3, Off. Asst. 3. C775 SHIPP, PAULINE ESTELLE C775 SHORT, SANDRA YVONNE D.O. 4, Bible Club 2, Spec. Chor. 2-3, Lib. Asst. 2. C775 SHOTTS, WAYNE LAMBERT C775 SIBLEY, SUSAN MARIE Four Arts 2-4, Symphony 2-4, Spec. Chor. 4, N.H.S. 4, Student Coun. 4, Out. Sr. 4. 496, 77, 2155 SIEGELMAN, LESLIE BOUCHET Red Cross 2, Booster Club 4, M-Day 4, Psych. Club 4, Hi-Times 4. C775 SIMMS, ALICE FAY D.O. Club 4, Student Coun. 2. C775 SIMS, PAULA M. C775 SINGLETON, BOBBY WAYNE C 775 SINGLETON, JACKIE ELOISE Red Cross 3, F.B.L.A. 4, M-Day 4, Student Coun. 2. C775 SIRMON, ARTHUR EMORY Band 2-4. 42545 SIURUA, FRED EARNEST C775 SKELTON, JUDY EAYE E.E.L.A. 4. C775 477, 2235 SLAUGHTER, CATHERINE Span. Club 2-4, Red Cross 2-4, All Girls Chor. 33 Quill 85 Scroll 3-4 4Treas. 45, N.H.S. 4, Hi-Times 3-4. 477, 224, 2275 SLAUGHTER, EVELYN MARIE Jr. His. Soc. 2-3, Bible Club 2-3, F.T.A. 2, Student Coun. 4, Y.F.C. 4, Off. Asst. 4, Mon. 33 M-Day 4, N.H.S. 3-4, All Girls Chor. 2-3, Spec. Chor. 4. C775 SLOCOVICH, GEORGE S. C775 SLOCUM, PHIL REID Stamp Club 2. C775 SMELSER, FRANCES KAY C775 SMITH, DOROTHY LATRELL F.B.L.A. 4, Deans Asst. 4. C775 SMITH, ELLEN IRENE Pep Squad 2, Red Cross 2, All Girls Coun. 2. C775 SMITH, ERNEST EUGENE, JR. Key Club 2, Stamp Club 2, Spec. Chor. 4. C 775 SMITH, GERALDEEN French Club 4, Spec. Chor. 4. C775 SMITH, JAMES RAYMOND C775 SMITH, JAMES THOMAS C775 SMITH, JOE BATES C775 SMITH, KATHLEEN French Club 4, Spec. Chor. 4, Student Coun. 4. C775 SMITH, KENNETH MICHAEL C785 SMITH, MARION HUNTER M-Club 3-4, Football 2-4. 4307, 1665 SMITH, PEGGY ANN F.N.A. 3-4, Jr. His. Soc. 2, Med. Unit Asst. 2-4. C785 Senior Directory . . SMITH, RICHARD LANG Fut. Engin. 2. C785 SMITH, SALLY MARIE Student Coun. 2-4, All Girls' Chor. 3, Bible Club 2-3. C785 SMITH, STEPHEN C 785 SMITH, TONI French Club 3-4 CTreas. 45, Bible Club 2, Student Coun. 2-3, Dean's Asst. 2-3. C785 SOSSAMAN, ROBERT CHARLES 085 SPITZER, PATSY GAIL F.N.A. 2, N.H.S. 4, Mon. 3. C78, 2245 SPOTTSWOOD, JOHN WESLEY 085 SPRINGER, JUANITA MARIE F.B.L.A. 4. C785 STANTON, VICTOR PAUL Key Club 2-4 CTreas. 3, V.P. 45, M-Club 2-4, Spike Shoe Club 2-4, MOHIAN 4, Spec. Chor. 3, Cross Country 2-4 CCapt. 45, Track 2-4 CCO-Capt. 45, Quill 8: Scroll 4. C312, 78, 195, 178, 179, 241, 243, 2265 STEAD, RODERICK H. C785 STEELE, LORMAN CROWFORD Tennis Team 4, Football 2, Baseball 3-4, M-Day 4. C78, 2485 STEINER, PAMELA YEVONNE Red Cross 2-3, Lib. Asst. 2, Booster 2. C785 STEVENS, LESLIE WADE Football 2, Track 2. C785 STEVENSON, REBECCA SWAN Tennis Club 2-4. U8, 2465 STEWARD, GERALD WAYNE French Club 2. C785 STOJCICH, FAYE KATHRYN All Girls Coun. 2-3. C785 2, Ushers Club 344 STOKLEY, SHARON SYLVIA C785 STONE, BETTY SUE C 785 STONE, TWILA FAY All Girls Chor. 2-4. C785 STRINGFELLOW, Jo ANN C 785 STURM, WILLIAM DOUGLAS C 785 SUDDATH, DON RICHARD M-Club 2-4, Y.F.C. 4, Basketball 2-4 fCapt. 45. 4205, 243, 174, 172, 175,1715 SUMRALL, JERE FISHER Band 2-4. C79, 2145 SUMMERLIN, CLARENCE LEE C 795 SWAIN, ANTOINETTE Student Coun. 2, M-Day 3, Booster Club 3. C795 SWEETSER, ERROL LEE C795 SWIFT, PEGGY DOIS C795 TAIT, DAVID RONALD C 795 TANNER, RICHARD WESLEY Photo. Club 2, Boosters Club 3, Spec. Chor. 2-4. C795 TARTJERROLANN' C795 TATUM, IOHN AUGUSTUS Key Club 2-4, M-Club 2-4, Ushers Club 4, Baseball 2-4, Student Coun. 4 fRep.5, M-Day 4, Quill 8a Scroll 4. C79, 205, 276, 243, 2005 TATUM, KARLA RUTH F.T.A. 2, Four Arts 2-4, Boosters Club 3-4, Student Coun. 2-4 fRep. 3-45, Hi-Times 4, Sweetheart, Key Club. C79, 44, 230, 200, 2265 TAULBEE, CAROL SUE Madrigals 2-4, Student Coun. 3-4 CV.P. 3, Treas. 45, Bible Club 3, Homecoming 4. C79, 44, 205, 2005 TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN Stamp Club 2, E.N.A. 2, Four Arts 4, Spec. Chor. 5-4, C795 Club Activities, HO TAYLOR,BARBARAJEAN' C793 TAYLOR, LOIS ANN Y-Teen 2, D.O. 4, A 84 V Asst. 2-3 C793 TAYLOR, ROBERT MELVIN Cafe. 2. C793 TAYLOR, RITA TAWNYA French Club 3, F.B.L.A. 4. C793 TEDDER, NORMA ESTES N.H.S. 3-4. C793 TEEL, LEONARD GEORGE Engin. 2, Spec. Chor. 3. C793 TEYSSIER, ROGER JOHN C793 THAMESSANDRAFAY C793 THIGPEN, CHARLES WILLIAM Fut. Engin. 3 CV.P.J. C803 THOMAS, MARTHA JO r2rJ3C.4. C803 THOMASTHOMASWTHEY C803 THOMPHDLAMANDAANN Mon. 4, Y-Teen 3. C803 THOMPSON, GARRY LEE Ushers Club 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4. C803 THOMPSON, JOHN EDD Four Arts 2-4, M.A.R.S. 2, Hi-Y 4, Track 4. C303 THORNTON, BRENDA LORETTA Cafe. 3-4. C803 TILLMAN, WALTER STEPHEN D.O. 3-4. C803 TILLOTSON, MARTHA SUZANNE Span. Club 2, Four Arts 2, F.T.A. 3-4 CPres. 43, Spec. Chor. 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, Psych. Club 4, Operetta 3-4. f8O,223,270,2313 nors, Year, and Pages Pictured TORGERSON, JOYCE MARLIN Band 2-4. Cao, 2153 TOWNSEND, KATHRYN FRANCES French Club 4, Latin Club 4, Glee Club 2 NHS 4 Band 2-4. C8o,213,25s,2243 TRAWICK, REBECCA DIANNE C803 TRIPPE, MARY CAROLYN C803 TRU, ROBERT PEARSON C803 TUNSTALL, TOM PEYTON C50,803 TURK, ROSE MARIE C803 TURNER, KIRK EDWARD French Club 4. C803 TURNER, MARY JACQUELYN Bible Club 2, Four Arts 2-4, Booster Club 3 4 All Girls Coun. 2, M-Day 3. C303 TURNER, PAUL ARNOLD D.O. 4, Keep-Em-Rolling 2-3. C803 TURRITTIN, BETTY JO Four Arts 2-4, All Girls Chor. 2-3, Band 2 N H S 4 Cheerleader 4. C31O,8O,157,156,6,14j TURRITTIN, CAROLINE LILLIAN Student Coun. 3, Lib. Asst. 3, MDay 4 Philosophy Club 4, Pantherette 3, Hi-Times 2. C803 TWAY, MARK E C803 URQUHART, ELEANOR GAYLE N.H.S. 3-4. C8O,2223 VANDILLON, SARA FRANCES C803 VAUGHAN, MARY ELIZABETH D.O. 4, Pep Squad 2. C803 VEAL, HOWARD RICHARD C803 Senior Directory . . VELLIANITIS, ANTI-IANASIOS Student Coun. 3, Arg. Inc. 3, M.A.R.S. 2, Sci. Club 3 CV.P.J, Latin Club 4, Hi-Times 2-3, Quill Sc Scroll 3-4. C803 VICK, RONALD LEE C803 VOELZ, CAMILLE ANN Troupers 2, Hi-Y 2-3 QPres. 33, E.R.A.H.S. 3-4. C803 VOGEL, DIANN KAY C813 VOGELGESANG, ANN Bible Club 2-3, Booster Club 3, Pep Squad 2, Allied Youth 2, M-Day 3. C813 WAI-ILSTEN, SALLY LOUISE Bible Club 2, F.T.A. 2, Span. Club 2, Deans Asst. 4, Booster Club 3-4, M-Day 3-4, Band 2-3, Student Coun. 3. C813 WAITE, ROBERT c. N.H.S. 4. C813 WALDRON, GEORGE JOSEPH Ushers Club 2-4, Booster Club 3-4, M-Day 3-4, Red Cross 3-4. C813 WALKER, CAROLE ANNETTE N.H.S. 3-4 fSec. 43, Quill Sc Scroll 3-4, French Club 2-4, Hi-Times 3-4, I.C.C. 4, Four Arts 2, Arg. Inc. 2. f81, 222, 227, 248J WALKER, MARY JANE Booster Club 3, French Club 4. 480 WALKER, TOM MORROW Rocket Club 2, Arg. Inc. 3, Ushers Club 4, N.H.S. 3-4, Football 2, Student Coun. 2, 4 QTreas. 4j, M-Day 2-4, Hi-Times 3-4, Quill 81 Scroll 4, Sr. Speaker. C81, 88, 271, 200, 226, 2613 WALLACE, BARBARA ALINE D.O. 4, Jr. His. Soc. 2-3, Student Coun. 4, Red Cross 2-4, F.B.L.A. 4. C80 WALLER, LOUISE CELESTE C80 WALTERS, CAROLYN PATRICIA Bible Club 2-3, Maj. 2-3, Spec. Chor. 4, All Girls Chor. 3. C296, 813 WARD, DAVID c. C813 WARD, HAROLD DONELL C 813 WARREN, JACQUELINE Booster Club 3, French Club 4, All Girls Coun. 2, Swim. Club 2-3, Troopers 2-3, Cheerleader 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4. C310, 81, 157, 156,6, 14, 222, 2733 WATERS, McCLENDON NORMAN M-Club 3-4 fV.P. 43, Football 2-4, Hi-Y. C307, 164, 243, 232J WATKINS, GARY PAUL C813 WATSON, CHARLES TEMPLE Jr. His. Soc. 2-4, Student Coun. 2, 4, I.C.C. 3-4, Sci. Club 2, M-Day 4. C813 WATSON, MARTHA EILEEN C813 WEBB, MELAN IE EARLE F.N.A. 2-3, All Girls Chor. 3-4. C813 WELBORN, JOHN ANTHONY C80 WELBORN, PATRICIA ANITA F.N.A. 2. C813 WELCH, ROGER P. Rocket Club 2. C8 13 WELLS, TOMMY GEORGE C 813 WENTWORTH, ROBERT A. Hi-Y. C80 WERNER, GEORGE MARTIN C813 WESLEY, ISABELLE Student Coun. 2, D.O. 4, Pep Squad 2. C823 WHEELING, CHARLES EDWARD Student Coun. 2-4 CRep. 2, V.P. 3, Rep, 4J, Arg, Inc, 2, Booster Club 3-4, Ushers Club 3-4, Stamp Club 2 CPres.J, Mr. Friendship 2-3, I.C.C. 3, M-Day 2, Sr. Speaker. 182, 90, 44, 270, 200, 2613 WHITAKER, JULIE ANN F.N.A. 2, All Girls Chor. 3-4, Spec. Chor. 2-4. WHITE, BILLIE DALE C823 Club Activities, Honors, Year, and Pages Pictured WHITE, DOROTHY CAROL F.N.A. 2, Bible Club 2, All Girls Chor. 3-4, Pan- therette 2-4. C82, 2163 WHITE, GLENDA JEAN F.R.A.H.S. 4, Spec. Chor. 4, All Girls Chor. 3. Q82, 228D WHITE, LESTER HENRY Key Club 3-4, Ushers Club 3-4, M-Day 2-3, N.H.S. 4, Football 2. q82,224j WHITE, PATRICIA ANN F.B.L.A. 4, Deans Asst. 3, M-Day 4. C825 WHITE, ROSEMARY IDCD.4,C3JK C825 A. 2, Swim. Club 2. WHITING, WYTHE LAWLER Ushers Club 3-4, Key Club 4, Booste qsz, 2305 WIGGINS, HELEN CLAIRE C825 WILBOURNE, JAMES MARTIN C825 WILCOX, BILLY C825 WILLIAMS, DAVE JOHN M-Club 2-3, Football 2-3 CMgr.j. C825 WILLIAMS, C829 WILLIAMS, Bible Club 2, qsz, 224J WILLIAMS, C825 WILLIAMS, rs Club 4. JOHN WILFORD, JR. JUDIETH ELAINE N.H.S. 4. MILDRED LOUISE NANCY LEE Jr. His. Soc. 2, Bible Club 2, All Girls Chor. 3, Boost- ers Club 4, Hi-Y 4 CV.P.J, Spec. Chor. 4, M-Day 3-4, Cheerleader 4. Q310,292,82,157,156,6,l4J WILLIAMS, RICHARD WALLACE Spec. Chor. 3. C825 WILLIAMSON, JERRY BYRD C825 WILLIAMSON, JOHN PAUL Span. Club 2, C825 Spec. Chor. 3. WILLIAMSON, MYRTLE LEE F.R.A.H.S. 2-4 QSec.-Treas. 35, Student Coun 3 gas, 228J WILLIAMSON, NANCY JANE Boosters Club 4, Red Cross 3-4, Bible Club 3 H1 Times 2, I-Ii-Y 4. CS3, 2335 WILLIFORD, THOMAS C835 WILLMAN, JONETTE IRENE C835 WILSON, ROBERT ELGIE C835 WINSTANLEY, SHIRLEY ANNE F.B.L.A. 3-4. C835 WOLFORD, DIANE ELAINE C835 WOOD, ERNEST CUBBAGE Football 2, Key Club 3-4, Stude Pres. 4j, Booster Club 4, Ushers C83,9l,268,204,20l,200J nt Coun 3 4 QRep 3 Club 4 Sr Favorite WOODWARD, JOHN ALFRED WORTHINGTON, JACK NORTON C835 WRIGHT, RICHARD MARSHALL Spec. Chor. 3-4, Stamp Club 2, Red Cross 4 C835 WWATTXHENDASUE C835 YARBROUGH, CHARLES THOMAS M.A.R.S. 2-3. C835 YAWN, BEVERLY JOYCE Pep Squad 2, D.O. 3-4. C835 YEAGER, HOWARD ALLEN Football 2, Hi-Y 2, M-Day 4. C835 YOUNG, CAROL JEAN F.B.L,A. 4, G.A.A. 3, Off. Asst. C835 YOWCRUBYCHEAH C835 ZIVITZ, THOMAS MARTIN Hi-Times 4. C835 ZUNDEL, FERD CARL Stage Crew 2-4, Ushers Club 3. C47, sa, 2555 4 THE 1960 MOHIAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief Business Manager JOLEEN HASKINS ANNE BLACKWELL Assistant Editor BARBARA LAUTER Faculty Sponsor MISS ELOISE FOSTER KATHY PICKETT S . S S S, S Faculty Editor MARY MERCER .,r.uaLa.L SONDRA MCMILLAN S S S SS Senior Class Editor CYNTHIA GODSHALK BARRY MITCHINER S SS S S S junior Class Editor THERESA McLEAN .s,s LUCY RADCLIFF S s..t S Sophomore Class Editor MARY ROUNDTREE VIC STANTON S S S .s,s, Sports Editor NELL RISEN PAM HAMILTON S SS S S S Student Council Editor DIANE ROBINSON CUMMINS BEVILLE ,sc, S SS ,srs, . Club Editor MOREN CRENSHAW ANNE CROWELL S S SS .SSSSS S S,.SSS,,,S Literary Editor ANNE PILGRIM SSSSSS ELLFN LEATHERBURY S SS SSiSSSSS Circulation junior Staff HELEN COHN EMILEE OSWALT GLEN CROWELL MARTHA PHILLIPS DONNA FRANCIS SANDRA GIBSON SANDRA HOPE CHERRY JERNIGAN BECKY IOHNSTONE PATTI LAUTER MARIE MEREDITH PHYLLIS MYERS DICKIE ROBERTS RONNIE SCHANZER SYLVIA SELLERS ANNETTE WATLER ALAN WEINSTEIN BECKY WELLS JO ANNE WILKINS 348 Writer Writer Writer Artist Artist Artist Typist Typist I ' -0 s. ' 'y 1 'V U NL, '14 v 9 f lu' ,ff FJ F'J 5 filing Exif li' is A A nu, ' 555115. During the past three years, fierce rivalry has existed between our high schoolsg but as this year ends, so must our rivalry. Let us enter the world of adulthood as comrades! ! Let us join our spirits of rivalry into a harmonious tie for the advancement of our community. 349 To Help Us Remember Our Friends , j ,I , Vf 9, 7 f 17 e uf QQWKMQZM ZLVQWMVMJK4' f on J ' fil' aff 4,4 Vffyzfifiywym. M0 WCW CGMJMZA ff-M 5323 fe? WM 3,31 J Z N GJMAJMQQQM ECMXQ Mfwewff, We WMM- E V 0 me mo, Y xy , ranxe,MnJs4'clvx:, my U b,,,,,-,.,x ., We SEA M ii? -Eigfryvgrgxqg 75-JBJHP "'l . eg, ww! UFS! Jjly + Q59 QN 'trgyxfi ly 'fr f B5 ,fy er rx' 4' of' J X Q? ' ef ff' Q Qin TCS 'Y -L ' U, aso i at Murphy High School 1960 ak SN V JI Vfgfjg Eiiwjigs. AQ... f' o Q-Md, Nami M . W9 iwiif' Qaifxf ' Q T' X 1 ' AM Mwfw ZS? jig min A MW U do QQWQZL WW MMR' aLCWW7fM!9VhWZ5a! W f WZWMWW7 , Qvffbj LC W h B Wd' Z OPUQMW' f 543"fQ.,e H f1QfMffffW'2'QfffQfi5iz UZQLQQZQ Ummm! Qi V '53-25 Qin., mwcew Wcoyfzaaf Q-ig 'game mwmg ww C0"1M01lj2li fhffiwf My 333465 ww WW JJMVJ 'P Af df-2' TAY 35 I 925 1 EQ? k .-, .44 2212 was ig.-fgfiqgetgkftlxiksg if -e'e5f'-is woken -if Fe Xilfife. inline fl Sig' "'i,fg,,x SQ Q. Cb l I Q 5 j I f 0? ly 5 Q' i Q QB? yn gg ll n It J, l ' Ay s A, I Af" . qu 04 ' x- Ji o 'il X6 lb 2 t '49 ,gt fl! KJ' 3 Q yJ xl 5 A S U ' . f , hi ltfllf Wlxjlf llllw bl it x alll RWM W S -s Q NM We Extend Our Appreciation to: xi RJ if 9 Miss Eloise F t , whose guidance has m cl this book p bl Nell Risen, for he pecial art work and c Mr. james McEachern, of McEachern Studios -4 Mrs. Aleen Thom , of Tooley Myron Stud 5 Mr. Allen Crowell ho took junior-Senior P p t Mr. Jack Crisp h emceed Piinther Spir t N ght .5 Miss Rebecca P k ho helped with th typ g 1" And, ' l Our t h f th p t cl t f d - If QR? I , , , . - R112 Y 'Q 'K ' 5945- Wqf?ff2f3 , ' , Kiki ,x Www io . sf , f . Q ' ,,ZffVb of !L g 9 .Q WW W Qfjggsmwggg, . 3 Sf? Q Q ' . I UV: 'K X , K wwiflfm 9- fi! ' n ' gd WW i NL EY W 98535 X Q5 0 Rv WEB M is v A , 4 U . N ,. f ,K b- ' .Y ' 'VA' 1, ' I 1 .V k W . 'WW F s x X ' ' " , x, M g V . , YP N li, A 1 - A - v ff L 1 QQ ,dv 4. ' . t Aw .- . A . uf u5W" g I V! f gm J. 5 - , ugh u Ge D 1 46 v 93211 4 ' ,W V W 2 if ' x C13 61 Ck 799' .1170 . S4 2: Qt 11 ,' ms, - 'ggi Cf? my U 0673450 ,- I flat ri ' 1 K? eg,-!lZj3q,b J QAMWQYWM' Www gg! D KZQD M"Q1e5jQq"if . 'XXOEWVVW W- ,,, pkgfax .ZMWWQ WWWWWMW 3,5272 W "'6jM'7Wf,'f"'0'2'fZ1v91ww W g.9F 710260 W"f?? 75' f'2,,'WHf'f2P2vf9 U4 I g' . ,W 4. ' , 1 H W Wgwwm ' i7 iQf 'A Q fgfifkf' A I X, . - , W O O . H ' . F4',, MM ', WW, l if . 5:9 X5 wk! ff W My 1 WJ , .4L97l-dqj ,AWQ

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