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X Q , 3 Q 1 R+- - - . , L ,kxvf S, li., Jen , .39 .- ,N I, fe, Q, , 9.1: ' LR 'Y X , h, .'j ,V Q ??s f QMS" 041. . 1.. in ,Ji-, 'ff' ws .. f. Q.: YF V 1. 'wh' u 1-K - .1 Nd- if fx. fu m s '. w., ' Qs v 4 1 w , N f . 'Af lf-Inf I ,adm ,- 1 1? ff . 'T x u J' x 1 , 4 J w 1 , . 1 0 IV 1-:iL..!'5.k. ,YM 3.,..?,J- . , pil- ia '2,.1"i. fu.:Q'.xI3Y' 1 4 in if-. f. fav Hu KI -Lk , ,fs fri A, 11 , V. ,Q ' ' :,. 1. 0 4, , gg .1 55 , 4 y X f MY Rx GX' X. X , nfww .xx xauwxw H rs.x1.m,, U.-Q11--N15 IX ff x ' 4 ,J x UAE' Xin Emu iw Mu 3 --1 x oyium . Vw IXCY X ESKTYXNG CH ACT U, ABIXCTEZRS ACT HX PLOT 'Q X ,E F O R E W O R D t If the efforts of the Mohian staff to create a yearbook worthy of the name it bears and the school it represents ---a book typifying our campus life, enthusiastic and unaf- fected---have resulted in a tangible collection of memories which we shall cherish in the years to come, our aims shall have been realized and our labors rewarded. In every one of us is a deeply rooted sense of the dramatic which has shown itself since early infancy. Today, owing to the splendid facilities offered for dramatics at Murphy High, our talents have means of manifestation. As the drama plays such an integral part' in our campus life, the staff has chosen it as the theme of this, the 1939 Mohian. T H E M E L3 5 4 " 1 J' To Mrs. Louise Hamil, whose hand has guided the destinies of dramatics at Murphy High School, and who has influenced the students toward the better things of lite, we sincerely dedicate this 1939 Mohian. "The finest actress ever to graduate from the University of Alabama." Such is the title accorded Mrs. Louise Hamil by Dr. Hud- son Strode, former director of dramatics there. How greatly honored then is Murphy to number among its faculty members a woman so respected in dramatic circles! Mrs. Hamil furthers her studies at the University every summer and each fall brings back new ideas to incorporate in her presentation of plays and teaching. She has inculcated in everyone she has taught a deep love for the drama, and her course in dramatics has be- come one of the most popular in the school. 1 l HOW to catch a husband" was the theme of the first Four Arts club production, Seven Sisters. . . Toni Teleki meets his Cousins Gyurckovics. . . Hoykoy and Mitzi plot to marry off elder sisters Ella, Sari, and Katinka. . . Romance rears its ugly head. . . Ah! Intrigue. . . Fresh thing! . . . Heil Hamil. . . Caught in his own net. . . Ready, charge! . . . What! No flies? . . . cqcf Un cgeffing P 1 "' ,gpg 4 -- - I " 5 JS-up -- K , -- 0413 uifcfin aqui Uwe Ugafzacfsfza f .af P OW f 3, H- ' 1 , . 5, R We ' fa, fin nf f 6 9, 5 ' X 7 7 fl N 'JV ,ff cf' yo, J 1 X 1 ll 'X 4 ' 1 - O X 1 S K - G 1 X K V' f f ,figs , y e S f ' ' 9 f 1 ff N ,N s Dl J! Y f' . 'F' if f T A i fl if i 4' 4 ' 0 ,B fg,7' .', f 4 ... N ,, i fd s 6 4 Q R ii d O e BU N q ' 'fs - of 'IL - - M .3 N nj A 1 THE SEVEN AGES OF SCHOOL- . N j O Wok fwith apologies to Shakespearej C C 5- Q rf All the school's a stage, L ' , ' X X '5 Z A And all the boys and girls are merely players. M5 , L 1, X' L .- ' '-- f. HO , They have their exits and their entrances, fl f Hyloqfy 7.96 fa' P . And one stude in his time plays many parts, fffg. ' ffy K' l 40,2 A , lf His acts being seven. At first the freshman ' " lm 3.2, 1 '. '41 -5 Dashing madly to and from his classes, i ' Am And then the reckless sophomore, with his rubber ' 4 f 5, QD R And hastily made spitball, acting the fool 'X , O S In study hall. And then the junior, ' PEL Smoking like furnace, with a naughty ballad W i, Q f ! Made to his girl friend's perm wave. Then a senior, AZ ' 'ii B gzl Full of strange ideas and bedecked like Beau Brummel, ,A ,V Jealous in puppy love, sudden and quick in quarrel, y seeking the bubble reputation H' Evenin Miss Mae's office. And then the teacher, ig af" In thread-bare suit with wrinkles lined, . Z With eyes severe, and hair of formal cut, Full of wise cracks and painful instances, Q 1 ' Wagyu And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts 0' 1 Cf-309-9' Into the high and mighty office, Q With spectacles on nose and very little on head, 06417 His youthful knowledge, Well saved, a world too wide, 197, For his necessity, and his big manly voice, .V f Turning again toward childish treble, pipes Q BLNS X 1-XV", BLAH Q Jaxx x N - x.1UO LECTURE ON THE WHYS AND P ROP ESSDR . YWM T -Za' And whistles through his false teeth. Last scene of all, That ends this strange, eventful history, l's School Board, and mere oblivion, Sans salary, sans recognition, sans everything but work. Nr - Q Q ,M 1 XZ g tg? 1 5 all I :ln -raAc4-x u 9 EEE?- 'Ill li If 11:1 - in e ,f T . as N . - Q -41 jf 0 Cf-KVI' xg 4 I -A I C L mv!!! !! '! ulgglh X 'llllli l l ,vigil 24222 l EEESEEF I Q i V ' e f .., Va E nil' 3 si ' I X N' I' f x I X N . I 47X I I X P mm it Y li it eeese ' . 41 W1 A ian' gl ,. 7 l N-K6 Aff' Lf f "'f '-l. ' wnenesonss Gigli, -, 1' - iv., 4 ijif , iiimi X 9 s I' M, i- ,Ng K 7 e To I J iz: Xxi -' O Wx X lf::53 if li' ,K Y -,zi I ,X " J f-f- Y, if .Q -I Q 'H so g- e 5 1 4-.f Scene I DIRECTORS K Administration 7' Mrs. Fell, Miss Brown, Miss Gaston. Miss Jakobik For thirteen years, under the guiding spirit of a splendid administration, Murphy High School has grown in size, educational advantages, and national reputation. Founded in 1926, when Barton Acad- emy, the city high school, was converted into a junior high, Murphy, then known as Mobile High School, had as its principal Mr. Frank Grove, who was succeeded in 1927 by Mr. K. J. Clark, our present principal. During Mr. Clark's administra- tion several noteworthy changes has been intro- duced into the school curricula, outstanding among these being the vocational system put into practice last year by which students may receive training in their chosen vocations along with regular school work. Invaluable as an aid to Mr, Clark in her capacity as assistant principal and as an inspiration to the students is Miss Mae Eanes, a fitting leader, ever an exponent of good sportsmanship. Under these two heads the office force forms a smoothly functioning executive group worthy of managing a school as Murphy High. Other members who comprise in its entirety the force, are well-liked and capable Mrs. Wilmer Fell, registrarg Miss Effie Lou Brown, private secretary to Mr. Clarkg Miss Willie Mae Gaston and Miss Elsie Jacobik, clerks. Mr. K. J. Clark, Principal Miss Eanes, Ass't. Principal Administration Miss Moffat, Miss Driver, Mrs. Devilbiss, Miss Gresham, Mrs, Mclntyre Always 1'eady to counsel students, Miss Hazel Driver, as Dean of Girls, fills a deeply felt need in Murphy High School. Another important position is that held by Miss Elizabeth Moffat, librarian, who by intensive study of library science is well equipped for that role. In charge of the pleasure read- ing' library is Mrs. Devilbiss, assistant librarian and supervisor of study halls. "We feed the multitude," is the slogan of Miss Hattie Gresham, who, assisted by Mrs. Mcfntyre, manages Mui-phy's cafeteria. It is through the efforts of the people pictured on these pages that Murphy has taken its place among outstanding institutions of learning. Q, Faculty Ruwe Onv: Moore, Cox, Munn, Thomason, Richards. l'1s- tnle, Furvhuml, Woullvy Hargruve, Ross. Row 'l'wu: Withers, Fulvher Slrraillin, Olds, Rolling, Alm- bot, Grimes. Hutchinson. Row 'llhrm-e: Sunnior, Dobbins Marion, Staple-tori, Sitz Phillips. 22 XB Row One: V?LllL!h?lYl, Jeff:-rs Patterson, Hamil, lirunsrm Gay Hopi-, liaxtur, lirimm. Row Two: Tl-W, Wnril, Alvx- zlnrlvr, Shaw, Clnzim-vllm' liriyiht, liruwn. Row Three: Dennis, Houston Hubbard, Hollsor, llanal, lio- Ianrl, Stookcy. Phillips, llrimm, Pislnlo, Pillnns, Douglas Faculty Row Ono: Clark, Griffin, Knudsen. De-as, Murray. l'l1il'ny, Uaugzhllrill, Hahn, linnaa-ker. Colo. Row 'l'wu: lin-land, I"lllC'hL'l' Vvnman, Muyo, l'illans, Dah mvr, Duffeo, Vaughan, Waters. Row One: Smith, Lawlor, Haan. Foote, Douglas. Sowell, Ran- dlette. Rubira. Row One: Lallronrlinv, Catlin Landers. Mavlivml, Michael Murrissvtte, Munru, Murphy Allman. Row Two: Kenna-ily, lk-rkins grove, Spramllin, Gviyrvr. Row 'l'hrev: Russvr, Greer llmurlas, l4'arm'y. Wilkin- Unzickvr, Hiuhrvns. " "1 nuy and llaryrrove, Clark, Fulvhcr. lirvlancl. Vauprhan 23 ll'Ornvllas, Tait. .Iunx-s, liar. BUSINESS In the Business Department students are not only trained to get jobs, but to hold them after they are secured. Through the study of bookkeep- ing, typing, and shorthand, students became pro- ficient and dependable, well able to handle secre- tarial work in a business office. Through these studies accuracy as well as skill are developed. It is found that business students also need knowledge in business principles, business law, economic geo- graphy, and commercial arithmetic, so these are provided in the Business Department. The depart- ment is vcry efficient and up-to-date in all of its courses and methods, At the head of the Business Department is Mr. Boland, who directs the work in a capable, competent way. 1 ENGLISH With the increased enrollment, the English Department now has twenty-three teachers. The advancement of this department is shown by a growing library of most modern books for English teachers, special texts for pupils reading enjoy- ment, and the organization of the English Depart- ment group as a member of the National English Council. Through the use of the blue Fundamental booklets, the students are taught the use of correct English, both oral and written. As they study good literature, their appreciation for it is developed. Public speaking, journalism, and dramatics are special courses offered, which have proved both popular and helpful. Under the able leadership of Miss Bright, this department is progressing rapidly in its work. SOCIAL SCIENCE Every student of Murphy High School comes in contact with the Social Science Department be- fore graduating. Seniors are required to take the interesting and instructive course in American History. Students especially interested in social science have a large and varied field from which to select. Important world movements of the past are revealed in Ancient and Medieval History, while they keep abreast of the times as they study Current World History and Modern European History. Included also in this department are courses in civics, economics, and social problems. These deal with the government of America today and the problems which face it. Miss Sallie Withers directs this department which fits Murphy students for better citizenship. HOME ECONOMICS Though the courses of the Home Economics department are very practical this department has one of the smallest teaching staffs at Murphy, there being only five teachers. Miss Annie Louise Smith is the interested and very competent director. Even with so limited a faculty the courses are as varied as those of any other large high school. House Planning, Household Management, Child Care, Foods, and three years of Clothing are the subjects which are offered. Each year the depart- ment sponsors for one of the P.-T. A. meetings a fashion show in which the girls model the clothes that they have made. Surely time spent in these courses is time well spent for any girl, LANGUAGE In the Language Department three courses are offered-Latin, Spanish, and French. The Spanish Department is composed of three full time teachers: Miss Rubira, Mrs. Fulcher, and Miss Spradlin, and one part time teacher, Mrs. Daughdrill, with Miss Spradlin as director. Mr. Venman teaches both firsct and second year French. The Latin Depart- ment measures up to its average number of pupils even though there is no Senior Latin class this year. So few pupils signed up for "Virgil" that a class was not justified. There are twelve classes requiring two full time Latin teachers, Miss Duffee and Miss Tait, and one part time teacher, Miss Gay. Miss Duffee is the affable head of this department. INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS Offering courses in all forms of practical art, from freehand drawing to metal-working, the Industrial and Fine Arts Department is an im- portant factor in the making of useful citizens of the future. Eight teachers, under thc directorship of Mr. Hubbard, instruct students in printing, auto mechanics, commercial art, wood-working, machine drawing, and the use of machinery. The purpose of the department is to give students information about tools, materials, and processes, and to give them experience in various lines of practical work by actually using this knowledge and making useful projects. This method of learning by doing helps students to decide upon their vocations after leaving school, besides providing worthwhile leisure time activities. ,. N-aww . MATHEMATICS Take a dash of arithmetic, a pinch of algebra, a slice of geometry, and a taste of trigonometryg putthem altogether and you have the Mathematics Department. Thirteen instructors are required to teach "Little Johnny" the secrets of mathematics. Mr. Brown is temporarily head of the department. Mathematics and English are the two funda- mental studies upon which depend success in all other branches. For college entrance, one year each of algebra and plane geometry are required. These constitute the first two years of Murphy's Mathematics course. Some colleges required an- other year of algebra so students are advised to take Math 5 also. Courses in elementary arithmetic, solid geometry, and trigonometry 1'ound out the department. MUSIC Harkl Do I hear music ringing in my ears? Let's follow the sound and see what we can find. Ah, there's Mr. Dahmer vigorously directing his orchestra. Sounds like good music, too. And over here we find Mr. Stookey leading his ragtime band. Swing it, Stookey. Do I hear angels singing? No, I see now 'tis the Girls' Glee Club, harmonizing as usual. And over there is the Boys' Singin' Society. Hit 'em low, boys. Listen to the Freshies bellowing it out in yonder. The Freshman Chorus can really go to town. There's the B-band, and the B-orchestra strug- gling along, and the instrumental classes and applied music pupils. Keep practicing, studes. You'll be tops some day. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Since our Physical Education Department was established in 1928, there has been a constant increase in the number of pupils, teachers, and amount of equipment. To the Freshman and Sophomore, unless he is physically unable, gym is compulsary. Many Juniors and Seniors choose gym as one of their electives. The Freshman course is general but at the close of the first year, the student is allowed to choose an activity to specialize in during his second year. Health, a physiology course, is taught alternately with gym. The splendid teachers, th1'ee gymnasiums, beauti- ful swimming pool, eight acre playground, which includes a lighted football field, make Murphy's department among the best of high school Physical Education Departments. SCIENCE Through general science, biology, physics, and chemistry, the four branches of our Science Depart- ment, Murphy students are taught to think clearly upon the relationship of their physical and biological universe. General Science, a required Freshman subject, deals with many topics of a fundamental scientific nature which the three other subjects expand. Of the other courses offered, the student must take one, but the close relation of chemistry to biology, and physics make it desirable for the student to take all three as electives. In each, he is encouraged to make individual research work through experimentation, reading, and home proj- ects. Programs of these subjects include reading, study, regular laboratory days, and class discus- sions on unit topics. VOCATIONAL To help boys and girls enter useful occupations with advanced standing is the object of Murphy's Vocational Department. An all day class in auto mechanics, a two year course for boys, does not give credit for graduation, but the student does receive a special certificate. Part time classes are offered to Juniors and Seniors who are sixteen years of age or older. Each day these students spend three hours in regular and special school studies and work three hours ina shop, store, plant, office, or other approved place of employment. At the close of four years in high school they re- ceive a diploma which is accepted for college entrance. X f A i 5. .gg Xmml' ., .MK LIBRARY Believing that students should spend their spare time to the best advantage, the Library depart- ment, under the able direetorship of Miss Elizabeth Moffat, tries to provide attractive library facilities for Murphy, The library not only helps students with their school work, but makes them better informed and trains them to be better citizens. Planned so as to meet the needs of the pupils in their classrooms, the collection of material is gathered according to the various subjects. To help in choosing their vocations, the library has much material concerning hobby interests of stu- dents to encourage further work in those lines. Contemporary migazines and the finest books are secured in the best interests of the school. it-,,, llenry Gewin l'r1-sialz-nt Stud:-nt Government Student Governing Council It's Wednesday morning and over in 176, seven- teen outstanding students, representatives of each class, are assembling for the regular meeting of the Student Governing Council. President Gewin calls the meeting to order, and each member makes a report on the activities of his personal committee. Next comes a discussion of school problems - maybe a change is needed in the traffic system or perhaps a flaw has been detected in the monitor system. This year it was necessary for the Council to amend the Constitution, giving mid-term classes the right to elect officers. Thus is shown the democratic spirit which rules Murphy, giving students the power to make their own rules, and govern the school. 1 Governing Council Meeting Row One: Cunningham, Dowling, Rosson, Stapleton, Gewin, Shepard. Wood, Gerhardt. Row 'I'wo: Lowenstcin. Amos, Kirk, Van Antwerp, Slaughter, Flanagan, Mclnnis, Holmes. Xxx' Advisory Council Meeting Student Speaker Advisory Council Every other Wednesday, eighty-eight students, chosen as representatives by every section in school, assemble in 132 for the regular meetings of the Advisory Council. This body, serving as a link between the Student Council and the student body, forms an important part -of the Student Coopera- tive Governingr Association. Its purpose is to bring together students representing the entire school to discuss school problems and recommend to the Student Council needed changes in school pro- cedure. Members then take back to their respective home rooms for discussion important suggestions and enactments of both Councils. A chairman, vice-chairman, and clerk serve as officers for the council, and Mr. Unizicker was this year the capable faculty advisor. Mary Furree Chairman Advisory Council K f- 'N HEIGH HO, heigh ho-it's off to work we go. . . Lose something, Myrtle, or are you the finder. . . Books are your best friends. . . Poor Marna, hope you get Well. . . A penny for a spool of thread, a dime for a tablet. . . Blood! . . . Murphy's nucleus. . . Time out, eaters. . . A tip for the wise is sufficient. . . Figures don't lie. , . Tell me, too. -. . 'QNX , .6 -L ' x 1:11:11-:xi-1:1-1:1-11:.m11:1 "T 112 '11 -: ' A1313211122g3E2g312g32E31E2331 1 15211. ' ' X IH3Qze'gz'1agaz'1gQzzg11z'1212132 . lv Q, :33z:33112,E:zg3.:Q3q:g31,:g1E: 1 4 Scene II ACTORS If' x 21"-. Vi' it W ? Leads Mrs. Crenshaw Sponsor -up fr ': mfri'-5-sg -9, x. 1 Jim Radcliff ' President j L he Harry Groom Vice President Secretary If June Berry . ,k,. ,si Lady Luck must have tipped the wheel of fortune when she chose the 1939 senior class of- ficers. Perhaps it was a case of class judgment being especially good. Be as it may-it would be hard to find a better class president than Jim Radcliff or better sponsor than Mrs. Cren- shaw. As a football hero, an actor, and as an orator, Jim has -Margaret Ruth Pritchard Treasurer shown his ability as a leader. This year Jim and Mrs. Crenshaw have swelled the class fund by publishing football programs and sponsoring the annual football dance. Through the cooperation of officers, representatives and the class as a whole, they have created a better school democracy. They have set an example which Murphy shall not soon forget. Andrews, Nick Chris-- Band 1-4: Orchestra 1-4: Voc. Department 3-4. Austin, Albert- Section Chairman 1: Torch 1: Harte Hi Y 4: Golf 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: I-Ii Times 3. Austin, Adolph Earnest- Intramural Sports 1-3: Movie and Radio 3: Philatelic. Askegren, Edna- Amcrican Youth Forum 4: Glec Club 2, 3. Ashley, Grace Ellen- Bhilatelic 4: Cafe 4. Ashbee, Erskine Eugene- Golf 3, 4: Astronomy 2: Business 4: Intramural Sports I-3. Ash, Pauline Ruth- Anprecaition of Movies and Radio 3: Orchestra 1-4: Math. 4. Ash, John Morgan- Band 3, 4: Philatelic 4: Radio and Movie 3. Armistead. Mary Lindsey- Scction President 1, 2, 4: Section Representative 3: Fine Arts 3. 4: Library Worker 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 1. Armistead, Martha Elizabeth- Travel 4. ' Arnmstead, Betty Lindsey- Dressingz Room Monitor 2: Honor Study Hall 4. Archer, Frank Arbo, Catherine- Locker Monitor 2: Snanish 2, 3: Yo Tapna Kees 4. Andreades, June- Advisory Council 1, 2: Intramural Tennis Champion 2: Vice-pres, Letter 3: Glec 4: Vice-pres. Junior Speakfru Bureau 4. Allen. Augustus M.- Scction Officer 3, 4: Stamp 2: Modern Alchemist 4: Library 3. 4. , Allen, Pearl- Band 1, 2: Sr. Soanish 3: Yo Tap'pa Kees 4: Intramural Sports 3: Girl Reservs 1. 2. Allen. Anne Elizabeth- Snanish 4: Office 3, 4: Lost and Found Monitor 3: Intramural Volleyball 1: Sec. Spanish Class 3. Aeerton. Eldred G.- Fine Arts 2, 3: Checrimz Section 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2. Abrams, Dorothy Rebekah- Sr. Orchestra 1-3: Office 4: Honor Study Hall Monitor 2: Yo Tanoa Kees 4: 'l'cacher's Assistant' 4. Bailey. Hazel Juanita- Girl Reserves 1: Consumers Education 4. Baker, Stuart McRimmon- Track 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1-4: Vice-pros, American Youth Forum 3, 4: Local Interest 3: Cafe 1-4. Ballentyne, James Clifford- Movie and Radio 3: Aviation 4: Cafe 1-4. Bancroft, Marion Ward- Library Worker 1. 2: Cafe 3, 4: Business 4. Barlow, Edward Robert- Fine Arts 4: Advertising: Committee 4. Barnes, Arthur Leslie-- Teachc-r's Assistant 2: Intramural Basketball 2, 4: Local Interest 4. Barnes, Mildred- Locker Monitor 1: Home Economics 2: Hi Times 3: School Bookkeeper 4: Yo 'Papua Kees 4: Sec. Home Economics 3. Barnett, Imogene- Y0 Tappa Kees 4: Sec. Officer 1-4. Bassett, Sadie Estella- Latin 2: Orchestra 1-4: Biology 3: Travel 4. Bell, Mary Llewellyn Benefield, Guy Norris- Pres. Accounting: 4: Chet-rim: Sec. 3, 4: Yard Monitor 2. Berrey, Frances Mae- Cafe 2: Library 2: Study Hall Assistant 4. Berrey, Thomas Fred- Radio and Electric 1-3: Intramural Sports 1-4: Football 2-4: Voc. Department 3, 4, I QNX A it ' S R ,,.... fr- ',. f' - . ... .. ,dw it I .Na-- , za 4 H 5 ' l .4 ' ri. lf- 3 y .4 ,- , -.lui-,. 1 'X ' A 41W'1w"'1 -5, A. ,f ,.,,.'cx ,. ..w'a':g3'is,,'tPl' :.:.2'Z'+-' r Wk ,L "L affix. . fm f' x K t 'Ii b X im P 'ii x Q A i f -an it 'UV ,. . ,-,, Berry, June- Sec. Senior Class 4: Advisory Council 3: Mnhian 41 Murnhv Hi Times 3, 4: Pres. Psychology 4: Quill 8: Scroll 3. 4. Bigham, Harry- ' Hi Times 1: Business 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2, Bltzer, Valerie Mabel- Pres. Interior Decorators 4: Fine Arts 2: Pres. Futura Architect Sz Interior Decorators 3: Sec. Renorter 2: Intra- mural Sports 1. 2: Study Hall Assistant 3, 4. Black, John Calvin- Attendance Monitor 1-3: Traffic Monitor 4. Blacklidge. Allan Hinton- Murphy Hi Times 4: Emergency Room 2: Library Assist- ant 3: Locker Committee 4: Pres. -Usher 4: Usher 3. Bodden, Jerry- Intramural Baske'ball 1-3: Intramural Baseball 1-4: Astronomy 3: Coin 4. Bodden. Vernon Harcourt- Glee Club 1, 2: Intramural Baseball 1. 2: Treas, Astron- omy 4: Cafe 4: First' Aid 3: Intramural Basketball 1-3. Booker. Rachael- Traffic Monitor 3: Psychology 3: Biology 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Cheering Sec. 4: Teacher's Assistant 2-4. Borden, Ulmer- Commercial Law 3: Engineering 4. Boyer, Martha Jane- Girl Reserves 3: Costume Construction 4: Library 3: 'I'eacher's Assistant 3. Boyes, Wallace Francis- Aviation 1: Fine Arts 2, 3: Track 3: Harte Hi Y 3, 4: Sketch 4. Boyett, Mary Frances- Girls' Aviation 3: Museum 4: Emergency Room Monitor 3, 4. Boykin, W. C.- Locker Committee 1: Treas. Commercial Law 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: Monitor 2.3 Business Principles 4. Brannom, Thomas Miller, Jr.- Sr. Band 1-4: Sr. Orchestra 1-4: Torch 1: Sec. Philatelic 4: Intramural Baseball 1, 2. Brazil, Hazel Breneman, Agnes Sherry- Sec. Chairman 2: Pres. Local Interest' 4: Mohian 4: Study Hall Assistant 2. Broadus, Ada Elizabeth- Intramural Sports 3: Cheering Sec. 4: Monitor 2. Broadus, Edith- Teacher's Assistant 1. D Brock. Winona Catherine- Sr. Players 2-4: Queen Welfare Court 2: Advisory Coun- cil 3: Cast "The Trystine Place" 2. Browder, Mary Cameron- Sec. Aviation 3: Honor Study Hall 3: Advisory Council 4: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Girl Reserves 3: Dressing' Room Monitor 4. Brown, Carl Henry- Band 1-4: Football 1-4: Track 2-4: Novelty 3-4: Orches- tra 1-4: Harte Hi Y 2-4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Brown. Claude Lamar- Sr. Band 2: Modern Alchemists 4: Mohian 4: Sec, Chair- man 1-3: Sec. Reporter 3: Advisory Council 1-4: National Honor Society. Brown, Eleanor Brown, George Maurice- Aviation 4: Cheerinz Sec. 4. Brown, Mary Leigh- Mohian 4: Hi Times 2-4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Sr. Orchestra 1: Advisory Council 1, 4: Civic- Welfare Committee 4: Folk Lore. Brown, Winifred Marguerite- Latin 2: Sec. Biology 3: Traffic Monitor 3: Yo Tappu Kees 4: Cafe 3. 4. Bryant, Frank- Yard Monitor 1. Bryant, James Comer, Jr. Pres. Astronomy 3: Aviation 4: Murphy Hi Y 4. Bullen, John Dennis Bunkley, Frank ,J Buntyn, Eloise- ' Glee Club 1: Intramural Basketball 3: Intramural Swim- ming 1, 2. Burch, Charles- Accounting 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. . . , .sh 'ffl 1' - Q' Y sf lE N I C Burgess, Robert Ernest- Commercial Law 3: First Aid 4: Intramural Sports 1-4: Attendance Monitor 2. Burgett, Nancy- Office 1-3: Local Interest 4. Burnham, Bettie Browning- Fine Arts 4. Butt, Fay- Equitation 4: Sec. Chairman 4. Cadenhead, Helen Elizabeth- 'I"eaeher's Assistant 1, 2: Latin 2: Girls' Aviation 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Emergency Room 4: Intramural Sports 2. Calascione, Joseph- Traffic Monitor 2. 3. Calogrides, John Augusto- Aviation 3: First Aid 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Campbell, Roselean Locker Monitor 1. 2: Girl Reserves 1: Teacher's Assistant 2-4: Honor Study Hall 3: American Youth Forum 42 Glee Club 2. Cane, Paul- Tennis 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Cantrell, Carl Capps, Richard S.- Spanish 3, Carlson, William Tonstall- Hi Times 1: Study Hall 1, 2: Library 3: Traffic Monitor 1: Four Arts 1-4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Cain, Gordon William- Math. 3: Aviation 2. 4: Teacher's Assistant 1, 3. Carpenter, Thomas J.- Library Worker 1, 2: Advisory Council 2: Mathematics 3, 4: Mohian 4: Traffic Monitor 3. Carrington, Joseph V. A.- Speaking Bureau 4: Honor Study Hall 4: Lost and Founfl Committee: Publicity Committee 3, 4: Appreciation Movie and Radio 3: Teacher's Assistant 3. Carter, George Clifton- Aviation 4: Parking Snace Monitor 1: Study Hall Monitor 2: Emergency Room 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: '1'eacher's Assistant 2. 4. Case, Harold Robert- Advisory Council 3: Commercial Law: Travel: Intramural Basketball: Intramural Baseball. Casteel, Jean Anne- Sec. Reporter 2: Consumer Education 4: Office 3. 4: Sec. Chairman -3. ' Caton, Doris Lillian- Y0 Tappa Kees 4: Cheerinyz Sec. 4. Causey, Helen Louise- Astronomy 3: Appreciation Movie and Radio 4: Cafe 3: Girl Reserves 3. Cayton, William Gustaver- Appreciation Movie and Radio 3: Travel 4: Office 4. Cessna, Ann Eliiabeth- Latin 1, 2: Collective 3: Vocation Ed. 3, 4. Chambers, Margaret Jane- Applied Psychology 4: Intramural Volley Ball 4. Chambliss, Marigold Ethel- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Traffic Monitor 1: Girl Reserves 3: Assistant Group Captain 2: Teacher's Assistant 4. Chaudron, Dorothy- Cast "Julius Caesar" 3: Cast "Who Says Can't" 3: Pres. Sr. Players 4: Study Hall Monitor 3: Civic Welfare Com- mittee 4. Chesnutt, Frank Chiepalich, Christine- Advisory Council 1-4: Treas. Soph. Class: Pres. Latin 2: Pres. Travel 3: See. Travel 4: Office Assistant 4: Teach- er's Assistant 4: Emergency Room Monitor 4: Cheering Sec. 4. Chighizola, Violet Louise- Yo Taprfa Kees 4: Locker Monitor 2. Christy, Vivian Ennis- Pres. Business 4. Clark, Arthur Brooks- Cafe 1-4: Aviation 4. Clark, Evelyn- Travel 3:' Girl Reserves 1. 2. Clayton, Billy .. il um' 3 ', " . . i ' ,riylyjzgfl K..- 4,-an-f ,,. .A I I . .Ie sk -1 SENIORS Coggin, Jimmie- Biology 3: Business 4: Traffic Inspector 3: Yard Commit- tee 3. 59 Conover, Augusta Curtis- Monitor Emergency Room 3: Cast "Julius Caesar" 3: Cast J "Come Out of the Kitchen" 3: Sec. Sr. Players 4: Student Coach 4. H ' Cook. Bertie Mae- Office Assistant 1-4: Sec. Choral Speaking 3: Lost and Found Monitor 4: Advisory Council 4: Sr. Spanish 4: Public Speaking' 3. Cooper, Sara Elizabeth- Locker Monitor 3: Honor Study Hall Monitor 2. Corry, Arthur- Novelty 3: Radio and Electric 4. ,. - , 'J Couey, Virginia Caleen- h .Ji K A Biology 4: Traffic Monitor 1: Teacher's Assistant 2: I School Worker 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2. ' ai , Courtney, James Burton- . 'H 13: 4 f' 3 Aviation 2-4: Intramural Basketball. ' 5 l EEL ' M A K Covey, Jean- s.. 5:7 K ,L Library 3: Traffic Monitor 3: Modern Alchemists 4. Cowart, Mable Lillian- Biology 2: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Cafe 2-4. Cox, John Henry- Radio and Electric 3: Mathematics 4: Intramural Base- ball 2: Yard Committee 2. Cox, Norman Elmer- Cheering Sec. 1: Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Base- ball 2: Monitor 3. Crane, Blair Maynard- Girl Reserves: Cheering Sec.: Intramural Sports: Locker Monitor. Crane, Emily McClure- Aviation 3: Travel 4. Crawford, Ben- Equitation 4. Crocker, Dorothy Flora- Psychology 4. Cross, Mary Evelyn- Girl Reserves 1: Psychology 3, 4: Locker Monitor 3, Crowley, James Keoughan- Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Stage Crew 3. 4: Locker Moni. tor 1: Traffic Committee 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. Cubbage, Helen- Lost and Found Monitor 2: Biology 3. Cunningham, John- . , Mohian 4: Treas. Murphy Hi Y 2-4: Advisory Council 1: Civic Welfare Committee 4: Intramural Sports 1-3: Golf 3. Dahmer, Claude, Jr.- Y National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Advisory gi Council 21 Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 4: Hi Times 3, 4: Library Assistant 1-4. Davis, Joseph Lee- Sec. Chairman 1-4: Intramural Sports 3, 4: First Aid 3: Yo Tappa'Kees 4. Daniel, Julia- Girl Reserves 3: Local Interest 4: Welfare Court 2: 1... Teacher's Assistant 1. -4 4 Daughdrill, Sara Ethel- W, af " 5 Cafe 1, 2: Yo jrappa Kees 4. 1 D-aves, Aline Elizabeth- Treas. Local Interest 4: Intramural Sports 3. Davis, Lily Keith- Pres. Costume Construction 4: Sec. Reporter 2: French 1. Davis, Lucile Margaret- Office Assistant: 2-4: French 2: Office 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Davis, Martha Evelyn - Cafe 3, 4: Latin 2: Office 4: Equitation 4: Biology 3. Dean, Eloise- Biology 3: Girl Reserves 4: Traffic Monitor 3: Library Assistant 3: 'I'eacher's Assistant 2: Barton Centennial 2. aww 1, Deming, Frank C. , fb.: S e Architect 3, 4. A, 'P+ Q ' 1 DeNeefe, Mary- Q ' y N 36 " ' Locker Monitor 1: Office 2: Hi Times 3: Four Arts 1-4: 1 ' . 4' Q' , ,, V 5 Office Assistant 2. I ,X , ff' e' t: Denmark, Earl Nathan , Q ,QS Dick, Mary Alberta- ' , -' " " -,. , Glee Club 1-4: Sec. Chairman 1-4: Psychology 4: Dress L 45.19 ,. ', qw ing Room Monitor 2. 36 ., Dickinson, Bertha- Mohian 4: Class Secretary 1: Office 2: lyres. Modern Alchemists 4: Awards Committee 2. Dixon, Inez Lillian- Section Monitor 1-74: Cafe 2-4: Teachers Assistant 4: Sports I, 2. I Dodge, Thelma Cecile- Jr. Players 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Office Assistant 3: Student Council Committee 4: 'I'cacher's Assistant 4. Douglas, Jean Gordon- Modern Alchemist 4: Lost and Found 4: Nomination and Election 3: Office Assistant 35. Draimc, Genevieve- tiirl Reserves 4. Du Bose, Theresa Duffy, Jeanette Leah- Yo Tappa Kees 4. Dugfgaiy Helen Kathryn- Editor Mohian 4: Student Council 2, 3: Pres. Jr. Players 2: V.-Pres. Modern Alchemists 4: Sr. Players 3, 4: National Honor Society: State Gorgas Essay Winner 3: Civic Welfare Committee 4: Advisory Council 1: Cafe I-4. Duke, Jewell-- Fine Arts 4. l Duncan, Mary Virginia Dunklin, Bernard- Aviation 4: Traffic Committee 3: Intramural Baseball I-3: Intramural Basketball 1-3. Dunning, Frank- Traffic Monitor l: Intramural Sports 2: Modern Alchem- ist 4: Locker Monitor 3: Sec. American Youth For-um 3. Dyes, Charles Lewis- Torch I: Parking: Space Committee 2: V.-Pres. Players 3. 4: Advisory Council 3: Library Monitor 4: Murphy Hi Y 4. Dyas, Thomas- Murphy Hi Y 4: Pres. Aviation 4. Dykes, Hoyt- Intramural Sports 1-4: First Aid 3: Modern Alchemist 4: Intramural Tennis Champion 2: Traffic Monitor 2-4. Ealy, Raymond Willis- Intramural Sports I: Fine Arts 4. Eastburn, Harry Inge Easterlingf, Ella Ruth- Intramural Sports 1, 2: Yo 'Iapna Kees 4. Eddins, Lucille- Costume 4. Edwards, Gladys- Locker Monitor 2: Girl Reserves 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Ellis, Inez Elizabeth- Traffic Monitor 1, 2: Cafe 2-4: Latin 2: Pres. American Youth Forum 4: Gym Monitor 2: Voc. Dept. 3, 4. Ellis. Yuvonne- Library 1, 2: Office l,. 2: Sec. Business 4: Four Arts 1. Ellner, Andrew Jeffries- Uhtcrleader 3, 4: Jr. and Sr. Band I, 2: Torch 1: Harte Hi Y 33, 4: Advisory Council 1: Glee Club 1: Traffic Monitor 2: Pres. Archery 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: Four Arts 4. I-.n"er, Vera Mae- Glce Cluli I-4: Costume Construction 4: Intramural llaskcthall I. Enfrland. Mary Estrid- Advisory Council I-4: Emergency Room 3: Student Coach 4: Choral.Speakinp: 3: Iiiblimaniac 4. Eslava, Gaines Evans. Jewel Almira- Shakespeare 4: 'l'eacher's Assistant 4. 1 . Ewing. John Edward- Sr. Hand 4. Ewton, Patricia Fabian, Gloria Hone- I"ine Arts 2: Office 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Hi Times 2: Captain Intramural Sports I-4: Office Assistant 2-4. Falls, Addie Lee- Creative INriters 1, 2: Pres. Girl's Aviation 3: Study Hall Assistant 4. Farmer, Rachel Joyce- Locker Monitor 1. 2: Creative Writers 2-4: Teacher'.L Assistant 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 2. i , . Q .. I 37 fe I K fil 1 I 667 A in Farncll, Maxine Elizabeth- Girl Reserves 3: Locker Monitor 2. Farrell, Harry, Jr.- Torch 1: Locker Monitor 2: Law 3: Aviation 4: Intra- mural Sirorts 1-4. Felps, Cleo Grace- Girl Reserves 1, 2: Panthers 3, 4: Honor Study Hall 4- Ferree, Mary Katherfnc- I I'res. Advisory Council 4: Sec. Chairman 3: Pres. Avia- tion 3: Equitation 4: Intramural Sports 3. Finch, Nello- Band 2, 3: Monitor I. Flach, Annie Laurie- Glee Club 1. 2: Dressing Room Monitor 1: B-Band and Orchestra 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: V.-Pres. Biology 3: Latin 2: National Honor Society: Museum 4. F'lana,fran, Jack Sowter- Student Council 4: Football 3, 4: Mohian 4: Radio 4: Sr. Players 4: Modern Alchemist 4: Harte Hi Y 3, 4: Ushers 4: Basketball 4: Baseball 4. Fletcher, Betty- Cafe Assistant 2-4: Treas. Yo Tappa Kees 4: Hi Times 3: Cafe 3: Teacher's Assistant 4. Fogg, Karl Pendleton- Traffic Monitor 1: l!and 1-4: Astronomy 2, 4: Intramurar Sports 1-3. Foley, Grace Elizabeth- Office 2, 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Emergency Room Monitov' 2: Office Assistant 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 1: Orch- estra 1-4. Fonde, John Philip- Library Monitor 1-3: Teacher's Assistant 1: Pres. Home- crafters 4: Home-crafters 3. Foster, Carlton- Latin 2: Philatelic 3, 4: Traffic Monitor 4: Intramural Sports 4. Foscue, Claire- Sec. Astronomy 2, 3: Psychology 4: Eng. Department 1. Intramural Sports 1: liibliomaniac 4. Foster, James Wilson- Torch 1: Advisory Council 3, 4: Murphy Hi Y 3, 4: Sec. Murphy Hi Y 4: Equitation 4. Foster, Mary Virginia- Latin 1, 2: Locker Monitor 1: Appreciation Movies and Radio 3: Advisory Council 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Fowlkes, Alpheus Edward, Jr.- Usher 2-4: Lost and Found 2, 4: Sr. Players 4: Library Workers 4. Fox, Ernest- Intramural Sports 1-3. Franklin, Lucille- Girl Reserves 1, 2: Voc. Dept. 3, 4. Frazier, Eleanor Eugene- Hi Timcs 4: A1 nrcciation Movizs and Radio 3: Intramural Sports 3, 4: Equitation 4. Frazier, Ethel Amelia- Attendance Monitor 2: Library Assistant 1-4. Frederickson, J. B.- 'Traffic Monitor 3: Usher 2-4: Fine Arts 1-4: Business 5. Friedlander, Yale Charles- Intramural Spmrts 1-4: Advisory Council 3: 'Ireas. Com- mercial Law 3: Business 4: Jr. Band 3. Frost, Billy- Advisory Council 2. 3: Glee Club 2: Biology 3: Capt. Intramural Sports 3: Cheeringz Sec. 4. Fuller, Robert James- Intramural Sports 1-4: Movie and Radio 3: Book 4: Pres. Hi Y 3, 4: Torch I. Funches, James Davis- Local Interest 4: English Office Worker 2: Intramural Sports I-4. Gadlk, Joyce Elaine- Barton Centennial 1: Welfare Day 2: Sec. Chairman 3: Teacher's Assistant. Gadlk, Mary Lorraine- Welfare Day 2: Barton Centennial 1: Teacher's Assist- ant I, 2, 4. Garrls, Eilna Earle- Creative Writers 1, 2: Girls' Aviation 3: Study Hall Assistant 3: Teacher's Assistant 4. Garris, Fannie Inez- Yo Tappa Kees 4. George, Frances Ellen- Spanish 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. George, Mary-- Biology 3: Girls' First Aid 4. George, Neil- Cafe 1, 2. Gerhardt, Martha Jane- Student Council I-4: Mohian 4: Modern Alchemist 4: Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. I'lay4-rs 3, 1: Cast "Julius Caesar" 3. Gewin, Henry- I'rL-s. Student llody 4: V.-l'rrs. Student Body 3: Modern Alchemist 43 High School Ixayers Il, 4: National Honor Socimty: Usher 4: Murifhy Ili Y 2. Si: Intramural Snorta 1-4: Mohian 3, Al: Sec. Chairman 2. Gibson, Lee B. Giddens, Doris Lorraine- Traffie 4: Girl Reserves 1: Business Principles 1. Gilroy, Wynogene Waring- Girl Reserves 1-3: 'l'rl-as. Girl Reserves 4: Teaehr-r's As- sistant 4. Godat, Vidabeth- Local Interest 3: Girl Reserves 3: Modern Alchemist 4. Goff, Donald Oris- Biology 1: Hall Monitor 1: Intramural Sports 4. Goff, Ruth- Sev. Biology 3, 4: '1'u:icher's Assistant 3, 4: Traffic Monitor l: Intramural Basketball 1. Golemon, Sadie Kathleen- Vsyelzology 4: Locker Monitor 3. Gonzalez, Edna Peterson- Girl Reserves I, 2: Business 3. Goodman, Marion Bancroft- Gffiee 1: Appreciation Movie and Radio 3: Student Coun- cil 4: Voc. Dept. 3, 4. Goodwin, Martha Davis- Girl Reserves 3: Intramural Baseball 2. Gordon, Susie Mae- Girl R4-servrs I-4: Hi Times 3, 4: 'l'eaehcr's Assistant I, 2. Gottschxlck, Margaret Marie- Girl Reserves 4, Goubil, Harold Gregory- Traffie Monitor 1: Library Assistant 2. Graham, Robert Howard- Intramural Stuarts 1-4: Business 35: American Youth Forum 4. Gralapp, Marion Doyle Gray, La.Vc-rne Margaret- V.-Pres. Girls' First Aid 4: Intramural Volleyball 41 Intramural Basketball 25. Grebe, Margaret- Crcative Writers 1, 2: Girls' Aviation 3: Advisory Coun- Lil 'I 4 Green, Hubert- Band I-4: Intramural Basketball 1-4: Intramural Base- ball l-4: Astronomy 2, Green, Louise- Ser. Yo 'l'ai2p:i liver: el. Green, Mary Lillan- Girl Reserves 2-1: S.udy Ilall Monitor 2. Green, Mamie Sue- 'l'caehur's Arsistant 2: Hi Times 3: Girl Reserves 1-3: Cafe 2-4: Yo Tai 1,11 Ku-s 4. Gresham, Alexis- Astrunomy 2: Radio I: Locker Office 1-4: Intramural Tennis 3. Griffin, Billy- Sr. Players 4: Traffic Inspector 3: Glee Club 3: Novelty 3: Aviation 1. Griggs, Elaine- Offiee Assistant 3: Yo 'Ilippa Kees 4: Home Economies '3' Intramural Volleyball 4. Groom. Harry Britton. Jr, Hi Timcs 3: Traffic Monitor 3: See, Creative Writers 3: Pres. I"ublic Speaking 4: V.-l"res. Class 4. Gunter, Nell- Traffic Monitor 2: Honor Study Hall 3: Office Assistant 4: Yo Tappa Kees 43 Novelty 3. Gunthrope, Rita Veranica- Teacher's Assie tant 1: Girl Reserves I, 2: Locker Monitor 2: Voc. Dept. 3, 4. Hackmeyer. Herbert James- Torch 1: Businrss 4. Halston, Marie- Costume Construction 4. Hamilton, A1me-- Philatelic 3: American Youth Forum 4. 2-P s e , N . it Q: .' I A r ll A X 'K 3 'L ,sf Wai' N X-.f K1 , 4.1, 'TQ jsgtegj: fir- I 41"-gg' . . ,x .K 1 W, ,I fl 'ff 39 l , ,Y H., W, -'-vw .3 , I. A ra J I' , . ,."'-V f - ,W My H 'W' 1' K I3 al R 'Q 4. 'I ,Jr 7 ix Q s Q ug, 'Q .,, .Q fi 9 ' w if E 'i,1 ,2- Hand, John Weems- English Office Assistant 1, 2: First Aid 3: Locker Office Assistant 3: Usher 4: Mohian 4. Hanks, Arthur Otis- Novelty 4: Library 2. 3: Monitor 3: Cafe 1. Hanson, Jessie Lee MOUHt31D- Latin 2: Office Assistant 4: Intramural Sports 2: Student Worker 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Hanvey, Irene Hazel- School Worker 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Hardy, Keaton C. Study Hall Monitor 3: Architect 3: Radio and Electric 42 Library 3. Hare, Edna Earl- Travel 6: Office Assistant 7: Photography 7. Harford, Cora Eunice- lntramural Basketball 3: Girl Reserves 2: Home Economics 3:ALocal Interest 4:-Cheering Sec. 3. Harris, Winnie Clarise- Orch. 2-4: Girl Reserves 2: Yo 'Iappa Kees 4: Teacher's Assistant 4. Harris, Robert- Hi Times 3. Hartman, Carol Lorraine-- Travel 4: Welfare Court Maid 2: Sec-. President 3. Hartzes, Ethel- Cercle Francaes 1: Teacher's Assistant 3: Yo Tappan Kees 4. Hatch, Richard Bruce-- Torch 1: Jr. Orchestra 1: Radio and Electric 2: Travel 3: Usher 2-4: Intramural Sports 1-4: Harte Hi Y 4. Havard, Ernestine Carole- Aviation 3. Havens, Bernadette- Yo Tappa Kees 4. H-aven, Dorothy- Locker Monitor 1, 2: Intramural Basketball 3: Econ. 3. Heath, Joe Clark- Intramural Sports 2: Coin 4: Pleasure 5. Heath, William D.- l Intramural Basketball 3: Cheering Sec. 4. Heblon, Lilias Eva- Advisory Council 3, 4: Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. Players 31, 4':: Mohian 4: Cast "Who Says Can't" 3: Student Council 31: Nominations and Elections Committee 3. Hinchey, Frances Lucille-- Girl Reserves 2: Creative Writers 3: Hobby 3: Yo Tappa: Kees 4. Herrin, Lula Mae- Locker Monitor 3: Panther 4: Honor Study 41. Herrin, William Bethel, Jr.- Intramural Sports 1-4: Business 4: Cheering Sec. 3, 4. Herrington, Boykin- Advisory Council 4: Pres. Yo Tappa Kees 4: Intramural! Sports 1-4. Herrington, Dollie- Garden 4: 'I'cacher's Assistant 4. Hess, Howard Harley- Intramural Sports 2. Hickey, Naomi- V.-Pres. Sr. Spanish 3: Pres. Sr. Spanish 4: Honor Studi, Hall 4: Cheerimz Sec. 4: Intramural Basketball 1. Hite, Bernard- Business: Football 3, 4: Library. Hodges, Janette Marie- Cafe 1-4: Intramural Sports 4: 'I'eacher's Assistant 41 Hoeksema, Ellen Louise- Office 1-33 Intramural Basketball 2. 3: Intramural Volley- ball 4: Astronomy 4: Outing 4: Teacher's Assistant 4. Holder, Adele- Sr. Orchestra 4: Philatelic 2: Appreciation Movie and, Radio 3: Pres. Fine Arts 4: Emergency Room Monitor 4. Holleman, Hazel June- Stenography 4. Holley, Lillian- Local Interest 3: Girl Reserves 4. Holley, William H.-- Aviation 4: Sec. Officer 1-4. ....:. s SENIORS so Jr. I'Iayersp1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Hi Times 3, 4: Teach- er's Assistant 1, 2: Intramural Sports I-4. Holt, DeLessie Mercedes- Girl Reserves 1, 2: 'I'eacher's Helper 2-4: Museum 3, 4: Library Helper 4. Horn, Greyson Hubbard- Intramural Sports 1, 2: Archery 2, 3: Book and Maga- zine 4. Howell, Mavis Winona- Jr. Orchestra 1: Sr. Orchestra 2: Travel 4. Holmes Ral h Willis Howard, Robert Crawford- Locker Monitor 1: Honor Monitor 3: Photography 4. Howard, Wilfred Arnold- Goif 3. Huff, Audrey Lee- Sec. Reporter 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Section Secretary 4. Hutta, Margaret Isobel- Traffic Monitor 2, 3: Office Assistant 4: Girl Reserves 2: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Teac'her's Assistant 4. Huy, Mary Janette- Girl Reserves 2, 3: Psychology 4: Sec. Reporter 1: Barton Centennial. Irnura, May- Treas. Costume Construction 3. 4. Inge, Harry Tutwiler, Jr.- Cafe 2: Intramural Sports 2-4: Football 2-5: First Aid 5. Irby, Clarence Newburn- Football Mgr. 1, 2, 4: Track Mgr. 2-4: Cafe 2, 3: V.-Pres. First Aid 4: Glee Club 1: Psychology 3: Barton Cen- tennial 1. Jackson, Evelyn Eloise- Consumers' 4. Jacobson, Anna Marie- Creative Writers 2: Spanish 3, 4. Jacobson, J. Lee- Band an" Orchestra 2-4: Latin 1: Philatelic 2: Golf 3: Business 3: Treas. American Youth Forum 4. Johansen, Oscar Frederick- Torch 1: Glee Club 1-3: Basketball 3: Engineering 4: , Intramural Sports 1-45 Hispanoamcericana 3. Johnson, James Goree- Typist Honor Committee 4: Intramural Sports 3: Mohian I . ' 4: Traffic Monitor 3: Murphy Fi Y 4. Jones, Reata- . Music 3, 4. Jones, Joe Homer- L Az First Aid 3: Intramural Track 3: Intramural Basketball 3: ' Accounting 4: Student Coach 4. Jones, May- V Advisory Council 3: Fine Arts 1-3: Garden 4: Psychology 4: Locker Office 1-4. ' Jones, Gaston Leon- Yard Monitor 1: Astronomy 2: Travel 3: First Aid 4: Office Assistant 3. Jones, George Jones, Max Cyrus- Traffic Monitor 1: Intramural Sports 1-3: Local Interest 4. Jones, Virginia- I.'w'1' French 2, 3: First Aid 4: Sec. Chairman 1, 2: Advisory ' Council 2. Joseph, William Francis- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Kasten, Lois Maxine- Girl Reserves 1, 2: Teacher's Assistant 3: Aviation 3: Four Arts 4. Keeler, Daniel Bernard- Orchestra 1, 2: Band 2-4: Radio 1: Business 4. Kendrick, Gwendolyn- Novelty 4: Intramural Sports 3, 4. Kern, John Joseph- Astronomy 2: Aviation 4: Intramural Sports 1,3: Library . Worker 4. King, Alfreda Christine- Home Economics 1: Aviation 3: Girl Reserves 2, 4. Kirchhoffer, Don- Mohian 4: V.-Pres. Hi Y 4: Torch 1: Mathematics 3: .Usher 3, 4: Advisory Council 2, 4. . , Kirk, Peggy- U Student Council 4: Sec. National Honor Society: Stage- ' I A crew 1-4: Sr. Players 4: Mohian 4: Cheerleader 4: Hi f 7, Times 4: Chairman Creative Writers 1: Biology Assistant V ji aj ff' 1 2, 3: Emergency Room 1. Q , 1 il. 41 ' , Us ,. .ff sf . I 1 ... L 'Hx .2 7 ll ws 3 X: I -5 , ' K 5 4 Kirven, Marion- . Cafe 1-4: Locker Monitor 2: Sec. Local Interest 4. Kirwin, Harry Jr.- Knanp. H. D.- Monitor 1-4: Aviation 1: Kodak 2: First Aid 3: Travel 4. Knight, John Henry- Band 1. 2. Koenig, Marzret Geneva- Choral 3: Girl Reserves 4. Koons, Dorothy- Study Hall Monitor 1: Intramural Swimmimz 2, 3: Locker Monitor 2, 3: Travel 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3: Cheering Section 3. Kroutter, Eunice Elizabeth- Intramural Sports 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: American Youth Forum 4. Lami, Harold Eugene- Aviation 2: Radio 3: Treas. Radio 4. Lammon, Holcombe, Jr. Land, William Clifton- Latin: Business: Barton Centennial. Langham, Leroy Alfred Langley, John Rogers- Intramural Sports 1-43 Yard Monitor 3: Cheer Sec. 3. Langham, Edna Rogene- Latin 2: Home Economics 3: Yo Tapua Kees 4: Monitor 2. Larson, Joan Mavis- Glee Club 4: Costume Construction 4. Lauber, Doris Mae- Fine Arts 3, 4: Locker Monitor 3: School Worker 4. Lauber, John William Il'I.- Home Crafters 3: Architect 43 Locker Inspector 3: Intra- mural Badminton 4. Lauten, William Robert- Glee Club 1-4: Intramural Sports 1-4: First Aid 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Cheering Section 4. Law, Jim S.- Aviation 33 Photography 4: Traffic Monitor 4: Intra- mural 1-4. Laws, Matt- A-Band 1-4: A-Orchestra 1-3: Torch 1: Music 3: Intra- mural Sports 1-4. Layfield, Hilary Ervin- Aviation 33 Cafe 1-4. LeBoeuf, Dolores- French 1: Four Arts 2-4: Study Hall 4. Lee, W. G.- Business 4: Intramural 2, 3. Lee, William Henry- Philatelic 33 American Youth Forum 4: Latin 2. Lemoine, Ray- Lemon, Roy Tucker, Jr.- Monitor 3: Outing 4: Intramural Sports. Lmam, Edward- Cafe 1, 23 Youth Forum 3, 4: Intramural 1-4. Lindell, Vernon Adelaide- Glee Club 1-2: Travel Treas. 3: Pres. 4: Traffic Moniior 3: Queen Welfare Court 3: Section Pres. 4. L1nV1lle, Wesley Erwin- Glee Club 1-4: Home Economics 2: Radio and Movie 3: Business 4. Lloyd, Leo F. Lobger, Rosemary Helen- Hi Times 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 43 Fine Arts 4: Folk-- lore 3. Lombard, Ruth Gwendolyn- National Honor Society: School Auditor and Bookkeeper: Advisory Council 23 Intramural Sports 1-4: Cafe 2. 31 High Jump Champion 1: Section Reporter 23 Yo Tappa Kees 43 Biology 3. Long, Wilbur- Study Hall Monitor 1: Pleasure Reading. Lott, Agnes Blacksher- Latin 1, 2: Office Assistant 3. Luckie, Gwendolyn Lucille- Cafe 1-4: Girl Reserve 1, 2: Biology 3: Panther 4: Locker Monitor 1: Section Reporter 2. Lyons, James Tunstall- 'Fraffic Monitor 2: Vice-Pres. Yo Tappa Kees 4: Ad- visory Council 3: Vice-Pres. Torch 1: First Aid 3. McAuley, Guy- Locker Monitor 1: Parking Space 2: First Aid 3: Business 4: Intramural Basketball 1-4. McCarty, Henry Myles- Football 2-4: Pres. First Aid 4: Traffic Monitor 2-4: Emergency Room 4: Intramural Sports 1-3. McColl, Douglas McConnell, Dorothy Oberon- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Cheering Section 4. McCormack, Marion Earl- Sec. Representative 1: Travel 4: Intramural Basketball 1. McCrary, Jessie Mae McDole, Joseph C. McDole, Thelma- Monitor Study Hall 2, 3: Locker Monitor 3: Novelty 4: Advisory Council 3: Traffic Monitor 1. McDonald, Evelyn- Latin 2: Advisory Council Sports 4. 3, 4: Sketch 4: Intramural McDonald, Jean Mildred- Yo Tappva Kees 4: Cheeringr Section 3, 4. McDonald, John Carl- Emergency Room 2: Ushers 2: Astronomy 3: Business 3: Local Interest 4: Biology 2: Teacher's Assistant 3, 4. McDowell, Irene Faye- Music 4. McElveen, Arleen Elizabeth - Yo Tapva Kees 4. McGetrick, Anna Margaret- Cafe 1-4: Library Assistant 1, 2: Honor Committee 42 Teacher's Assistant 1, McGill, Max Pittenger- Vice-Pres. Philatelic 2: Treas. Philatelic 3: Modern Al- chemists 4: Sr. Players 4: Advisory Council 4: Hi Times 4: Usher 4. McGuire, Fannie- Scc. Costume Construction 4. McGuire, Russell Earl- Intramural Sports 1-4: Cheeringz Section 4. McKay, Daniel Everett, Jr.- Harte Hi Y 3. 4: Cheering Section 3, 4. McKean, William- Intramural 1-4: Football 2: Barton Centennial. McKee, Mildred Louise- Teacher's Assistant 4: Girls Reserve 3. McKeough, Alfred Shaw- Architect 3: Study Hall Monitor 3. McMillan, Frank- A-Band 4. McMillan, Nadine- Girl Reserve 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. McNeal, Claudia Mae- Ilusiness 4: Cafe 1-4: Dressinsz Room Committee 4: Library 4. McNeal, William Loyd- Biology 3: Cafe 3, 4: Library Assistant. 2-4. McPherson, William Ledkins- ' Locker Monitor 1, 2: Torch 1: Yo Tappa Kees 3: Avia- tion 4. ' McRae, A. Kilby- U Cafe 2-4: Aviation 2-4: Football 3, 4: Study Monitor 3: Class Assistant 3: Intramural 1-4: Stage Committee 3. McSween, Ila- U Intramural Sports 1, 2: Advisory Council ' 3: Library Worker 3: Mohian 4: Pres. of Biology 3: Section Reporter 4: Girl Reserve 2. McSween, Wilmer R.- . U Four Arts 1: Vice-Pres. Home Crafters 3: Aviation 2: Usher 4: Intramural 1-3. i SENIORS .v rio? N if ., .. 4 -gi Nur Q 6, .. 'lfilil 'Yi it W V 4 V. , -ag Q-as E -1 Y Q- f ,S xx -. Q., y . . i 1 1 2 P as W. t '23 1' WE 1 ' 9 'an SENI Mabry, Maxine- Office 2. 3: Cafe 4: Equitation 4. Mallory, Charles- Library 1-3: Basketball 2, 3: Sec. Radio 3: Intramural Sports 1-4: Office 1: Attendance Monitor 3. Malone Henry H.- Modein Alchemist 4: section Officer 1-4. Mann, Gaston Phillip- Pres. Torch 1: Student Council 1: Band 1-3: Advisory Council 4: Traffic Monitor 4. Manning, Jack Warren- Archy 4: Welfare Court 3. Manry, Alice- Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4. Marsal, Margie- Shakespeare 4: Monitor Girls Dressing Room: Intramural Sports 3. Martin, Mary Loren- Music 3, 4: Orchestra 2-4: Locker Monitor 3. Mason, Earl- Accounting: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Intramural Base- ball 2-4: Honor Study Room 2. Mason, Ernest E.- Intramural Sports 1-4. Maurer, Joseph- Radio and Electric 3: Modern Alchemist 4: Intramural Sports 2-4. Maygarden, Ernest Marshall- Mayhall, Margaret Russell- Advisory Council 1: Spanish Club 2: P'res. Spanish 3: Jr. Class Girls Tennis Champion 3: Sr. Players 3. 4: Civic Welfare Comm. 4: Hi T'imes 4: Intramural Basket- ball 1-3. Meadows, Martha Frances Meaher, Elmer- Business 4: Intramural 1-4. Metzger, William Joseph- Glee Club 2: Radio 2-4: American Youth Forum 4. Meyers, Charles Dixon- A-Band and Orchestra 3, 4: Harte Hi Y 2-4: Radio 2: Aviation 1: Music 3: Math. 4: Cafe 4: Intramural Cap- tain 1: Jr. Academy of Science 1. 2. Middlebrooks, Myrtle Louise- Glee Club 1-4: Garden 4: Traffic Monitor 2: liMlh9T6ttZ1', 3: Barton Centennial 1. Middlebrooks, Joe Warren- Golf 3: Engineering 4: Locker Monitor 1: Traffic Moni- tor 2. Miller, Eula Clyde- Home Economics 3: Travel 4: Section Reporter ZZ '1'eacher's Assistant 4. Miller, Eunice Lorraine- Yo Tapva Kees 4. Miller, Eunice Elizabeth- Lockcr Office 1-3: Sec. of Panther 3, 4: Sec. Jr. Class fl Advisory Council 3: Mohian 4. Miller, Louise- Psychology 4. Mills, Georgia Lucille- Advisory Council 1, 2: Locker Monitor 2: Section Chai-- man 3: Travel 3, 4. Mobley, Lucille- Museum 4: Intramural Sports 3. Moore, Archie Clifford- Archery Champion 3: Archery 3, 4: Hi Times 3: Sec. Representative 2. Moore, Mignonne Delores- Advisory Council Representative 4. Morton, Frederick- Travel 3: Business 4. Moseley, William Trammell- Cafe 3, 4: Golf 3: Sr. Players 4. Myers, Wilmer Robert- Traffic Monitor 1: Homecrafters 3, 4. Myrick, George Edward, Jr.- Radio 1-4: Torch 1: Traffic Monitor 3: Honor Study' Hall 3, 4: Publicity Committee 4. Neigel, Ethel Marilyn- Hi Times Staff 3: Office Assistant 4: Museum 4. Nelson. Alice Ella Tnrfabar- Tlowm 'Eronnmiw 1-R- T.or'al Int:-rr-st 4: Honor Sturlv Hall 3: Intrav-nur-1 Vollf-vlv-ll 1-4- Tv-fra-mural Basketball 1. 2: l'ntrarr"r"' 'l'rack 1. 2: 'I'eacher's Assistant 1-3. Nelson. Bobbie- Cosfnrne Conrtrur-tion 4: Teacher's Assistant 2-4, Nexxrn Mipkpxr Fav-. Ser, SW'-nish 3, 4 N0r+nu, l?olf-ert-- 'l'orr'h l: Vi'-e-Pres. Class 2: Stuflout C'o'vnr'il 3: Sr. Flaw- ers 3. 4: Usb:-r 4: ln'v-amural Snov-f's 2: Business Manager Mohian 4' Speakers Bureau 4: Murphy Hi Y 4. Norwood. Marilvn Cloye- Murphv Hi Times 3: Four Arts 2-4: Civic Welfare 4: Glee Club 2' Office 2-4: Folklore 3: Sec. Reporter 2: Cast of "Seven Sisters". Nowlinez Avnes- Advisorv Council 1: Section Reporter 2: Library Worker 3. 4' Sturlv Hall Assistant 4. Nutt. Carolyn Elsie-- Mohian 4: Advisory Council 1. 2: Office 1-4: Vice-Pres. Spanish 4: Section Reporter 3: Office Club 1-3: Student Council Committee 4. Oberlrirclk Dorothv lVlarv- Office 3: Librarv Assistant 1-3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Dressinz Room Inspector 2. Oberkirch. Vincent Tflovd- Vard Committee 2' Baseball 4, 5: Intramural Sports 1-4: Aviation 4' First' Aid 5. O'Connor. Fusrene Vincent- Advisrov Council 1: Intramural Basketball Capt. 4: Usher 3: Acrountinfr 4: 'Porch 1. O'Conno1'. Melvin Joseph- Football 4: American Vouth Forum 4. O'Connor. Robert William- General Science 1: Spanish 3: Speakers Bureau 4: Basket- ball 4: Track 4. Ogle. Rubv Virginia- Enz. Office Assistant 1-4: Latin 2. 3: Teacher's Assistant 4: Cheerinq 4: Library Assistant 3. O'Rourke, Jean- Glee Club 1-4: Hi Times 3: Dressing Room Monitor 2: French 1-2: 'I'cachcr's Assistant 4: Yo Tavpa Kees 4: Music 3. Osborne, Hattie Hagar- Biology 3: Consumer Education 4: School Worker 4. Osburn, Emmitt Wilford- O'Shea. Lloyd- Torch 1: Intramural 1-4: Cafe 2, 3. Ostini, John Batiste, Jr.- Honor Study Hall 4: Intramural Baseball 1: Study Hall Monitor. Overbev, Charles Albert- Advisorv Council 1. 2: Aviation 1-4: Hi Times 3: Ad- visory Council 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Pace. John William- Librarv Assistant 2: Intramural Sports 3: Book and Magazine 4. Pane. Betty- Office 1: Astronomv Vice-Pres. 2: Psychology 4: Appre- ciation Radio and Music 3: Intramural Sports 1-4. Parker, Travis Henry, Jr.- Intramural Sports 1-4. Patrick, Emelise Rose- Hobby C'lub 3: Intramural Sports 3. Patterson, Blanding Vaughan Pearson, Vivian Elizabeth Girl Reserve 2, 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Intramural Sports 3. Peck, Joe Moody- Football 4. Pennington, Ilene- Glce Club 2-4: Novelty 3: Business 4: Library 4: Cheering Section 4. Petcher, Paul Walte1'- Latin 1: Orchestra Jr. l. 2: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Student Coach 4: Music Club 4: Intramural Baseball 1, 2. Peters, Anita Pearl- Honor Study Hall 1: Intramural Basketball 3: Vice-Pres. Novelty 3: Interior Decorating 4: Glee Club 3. Peters, Cleopatra- Advisory-Council 4: Spanish 4. Peterson, Burton Goodloe- Sec. Chairman 1. 2: Yard Monitor 1: Cheering Section 4. Pierce, Douglas Euacne- Cafe 3: Vice-Pres. Business 4. A , R 5, :ar sf.: ri iiiiw '- tzgqfr' ff' ' " " A i . ........ , 1 . lg l : : or ...... .4 M X 'riqj ' is f - 1-ff af ' . ... , :,M,,,a.4..a W- NF 3' 'V .Q we 'Wu '25 I nn , -.,. .... 4' ' A r l: fr a L , 's 'rx ' it X-'ff' J is Q 5 ui l In 'QA K, x .9 . 44, 4 , M N A F' 'I 3 4 F I Q 'V --lt: J' .f . "' ' Q' iw " - , A. , Y 4 kV,. " V , 7 . ' 1, if . it WJ bv-M , A , if '-' J '-,. .1 V. 4 I - 7 , R ' ' a n 1 '- . ' . fa -"fa 5 .lx 'V I ftfzfg 4 . -V.: ' iwf 45 I V., ,ar , ' ' ., fy' , ' .fj,,f. Pierce. Juanita Yvonne- . Intramural Basketball 1: Locker Monitor 1: Red Cross 4. Pine, Elaine- Creative Writers 3: First Aid 4. Platt, Maxie Beatrice- Girl Reserve 1, 2: Vocational Department 3, 4. Platt, J. W. Plewes, William Jack- Harte Hi Y 3, 4: Band and Orchestra 3. 4: Library As- sistant 1-4: Pres. First' Aid 3: Pres. Math. 4. Powell, Harry Harlan- -Home Crafters 3: Intramural Sports 3. Price. Marna Elizabeth- Advisory Council 2: Hi Times Staff 3: Emergency Room 4: Museum 4: Cheerleader 4. Prisock, Evelyn Lucille- Letter 3. Pritchard, Margaret Ruth- Advisory Council 1, 2: Class Treas. 3. 4: Archery Sec. of Treas. 4: Mohian 4: Welfare Queen 1: Office 3: Library .4: Sec. Chairman 1. 2. Prlvett, Wllhelmina- Study Hall Assistant: Teacher's Assistant: Panther Pres. Girl4: Intramural Sports 4. Prouty. Leila I.- Girl Reserve 2. 3: Glee Club 2. 3: Cast of "Mineretta." Purvls, Jewel Evelyn- Locker Office 1-3: Latin 2: Movies and Radio 3. Purvis, Zelma Ione- Home Economics 2, 3: English Coach 4. Radcliff, James Stinson- Fres. of Class 2-4: Football 3, 4: Usher 4: Welfare Kim: 1: Sr. Players 3: Fine Arts 1. 2. Radford, Frances- A. Orchestra 4: B. Orchestra 1-3: Yo Taitpa Kees 4: Class Assistant 3: Teachcr's Assistant 4. Rams, William M.- Sr. Band 2-4: Yo 'Iappa Kees 4: Golf 3: Advisory Council 3. Randall, Royal William- Radio and Electric 2-4: Math. 3: Intramural Baseball 2: Barton Pageant. Rattner, Muriel Nathalie- Astronomy 2: Spanish 3: Business 4: Office Assistant 4: Public Speaking 3: Student English Coach 4. Ray. Ruth- Novelty 3: Equitation 4: Glee Club 2. Reece. Grace Marie- Business 4: Cheering Section 4. Reiling, Catherine- Yo Tamla Kees 4: Dressing Room lnspector 1-4: Cheer- ingz Section 4: T'eacher's Assistant 1-4. Reinhart. Drury Warren- Football 4: Intramurals 1-4. Revere. Earl Reynolds. Ralph-- Teac-her's Assistant. Rhodes, Helen Hunter-- Hi Times 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Orchestra 1-4: Folk- lore 3: Panther 4: Creative Writers 3: Latin 1, 2. Richards. Hilburn Frazier- Traffic Inspector 2-4: Advisory Council 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Study Hall 2: Yard Committee 2: Novelty 3: Senior Play- ers 4: Cheering Section 4. Richardson, Winifred Charlotte- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Aviation 3. Richardson, Demnsey- Jr. Band 1, 2: Travel 3: Business 4: Traffic Committee Monitor 4: Welfare Assistant 1-4. Richardson, Juanita Fae- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Girl Reserve 3: Cafe 3: Library 2. Rickell, Grace L.- Vice-Pres. Philatelic 1-4: Traffic Monitor 4: Cheering Section 4. Ripns, Sarah- School Bookkeeper 4: Advisory Council 3: Spanish 1-3: Yo Tap'pa Kees 4: Office 3: Locker Monitor 1. Risen, Mary Anne- Honor Study Hall 1, 2: Librarv Assistant 1: Welfare Court 1-3: Mohian 4. Ri tter, Margaret Eliza beth- Advisory Council 1: Creative Writers 2: Psychology 3: Modern Alchemist 4. Roberts. Althea- Dressimz Room Monitor 2: Locker Inspector 3: Yo Tanoa Kees 4: Intramural Basketball 2: 'I'eachcr's Assistant 4: Barton Centennial 1: Radio and Music' 3. Roberts, Fred- Intramural Sports 2-4. Roberts, Geneva Miriam-- Garden 1-3: Yo Tamia Kees 4. Roberts, Marcelle- Intramural Sports 1, 2: Dressing Room Monitor 4. Robinson, Aaron Zed- Captain Intramural Teams 3: Radio 3, 4: Tennis Cham- nion 3. Robinson, G. C.- Hi Times 2-4: Harte Hi Y 4: Sr. Players 4: Intramural Basketball 3. Rocheleau. Elizabeth Anne- Latin 1-3: Traffic Monitor 2: Tcachc-r's Assistant 4. Roedel, Ouida Lillian- American Youth Forum 4: Study Hall Monitor 3: Hi Times 3. Rogers, Edward Davis- Latin 1, 2: Pres. Math. 3: English Office Assistant 1: Advisory Council 1: Emertlency Room Monitor 3: Welfare Committee 4: Sec. Modern Alchemists 4. Roh. Charles Ferdinand- Senior Band 1-4: Senior Orchestra 1-4: Music 3: Novelty 4: Director Junior Band 4. - Rose. Gertrude Grace- Cafe 4: First Aid 4: Girl Reserve 2. Rowell, Milton Leon- Philatelic 3. 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Rowell, William- Intramural Srforts 1, 2: Chccrimz Section 4: Student Council Committee 3. Rush. Nell- Cafe Monitor 2. 3: Movie and Radio 3: Glee Club 4: Interior Decorating 4. Ryle, Helen- Interior Decoration 4. Sampley, Estelle Eugenia- Locker Monitor 2. Sanders, Carolyn- Mohian 4: Office 214: Sec. Chairman 1-3: Sec. of Office 3. Scarcliff, Frederick Madison- Traffic- Monitor 2: Astronomy 4: Intramural Sports 1-3. Schutz. Frederick William, Jr.- Torch 1: First Aid 3: Latin 2: Cafe 3, 4. Schutz, Josephine- Glee Club 1: Sr. Orchestra 3, 4: Cafe 3. 4: Traffic Moni- tor 2: Girl Reserves 3: Local Interest 4: Intramural Sports 1-3. Sclater, Becky- Yo Tappa Kees 4: Checriny: Section 4: Hi Times Reporter 3: Teachers Assistant 1-4. Sechrist, Ralph Douglas- Traffic Monitor 3. Seiple, Ruth Bonita- Glee Club 1, 2: Vocation Department 4. Sellers, Billy I. Sellers, Dorothy Gladys- Girl Reserve 2-4: Cheering Section 4. Serda, Ray Melvin- Football 1-4: Torch 2: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Seymour, Yvonne- Glee Club 2-4: I"laye-rs 3. 4: Soc. Chairman 2: Checrinfr Section 4. Shackelford, John- Aviation 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2-4. Shaw, Eloise- Iiusiness 4,1 Girl Rererve 2. Shelton, Catherine Yeend- Nomination and Elections 3, 4: Local 1nl:est Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Honor Study Hall 4. Shepard, Carolyn Noel-- Office Assistant 1. 2: Office 1-3: Class Vice-Pres. 1: Class Sec. 2: Sec. Student Council 4: Pleasure Reading 4: Cafe 2-4. W w ' J F' . : gs in M gf' if ' 1 E 1 'df' No' f 1 0 ,1 ef' 0 Af' 42 .J W.. A 3 uv VR? RM I J :car 1 . Q cv 30 y 'f . ,, 15 : 5 1, . LTw,.f,4ta , i " ,.'.'K?' VY Fl' Shenard. Louis- Enelish Office Assistant 1: Latin 2: Math. 3: Moder Alchemist 4: Intramural Sports 2-4. Sherman, Harry- Locker Committee 1-4: Intramural Sports 2-4. Shields, William Bry- Math. 3, 4: Murphy Hi Y 1-4: Cafe 2-4: Library Work er 1-4. Simms, Earl Larsen Simms. Oscar Clayton- Traffic Monitor 3: Accounting' 4. Simmons, Barbara Laurie- Sr. Players 3. 4: Cafe' 2-4: Girl Reserves 2: Creativf Writers 1: Intramural Sports 1, 2: Advisory Council 3 Sec. Chairman 2, 3: 'I'eacher's Assistant 1, 2: Bartoi 1 Centennial 1. Simpson, June Sims. S. Claude- Astronomy 2 Travelers 3: First' Aid 4: Study Hall Assist ant 3: Library Worker 1, 2. Sinclair. Willimae- Girl Reserve 2, 3: Panther 4: Office Assistant 3 Biology 3. SISSOH. Raymond Hurst- Torch 1: Harte Hi Y Pres. 4: Band and Orchestra 1-4 Cafe 2-4: Novelty 3. 4. Skinner. Billy- Glee Club 4: Pres. Novelty 3: Library Assistant 2, 3. Slaughter, Anne Bollmsz- Mohian 4: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Student Council 4: Hono Committee 3: Vice-Pres. French 2: Section Reporter 3 Study Hall Assistant 1: Attendance Monitor 1. Smith. Alfred Bruce- Aflvisory Council 1, 2: Glcc Club 1, 2: Novelty 3. Smith. Doyle Hilton- Sr. Band 3: Creative Writers 4: Cafe Monitor 4. Smith. Eunice- Latin 3: Business 4. Smith. Mildred Barbara- Business 4: Girl Reserves 1. 2: Novelty 3: Drum Majo 3, 4: Science 1: Beauty Culture 3: Fine Arts 3. Smith. Robert Donald- Garden 3. Smith. Thalia Lavern- Lost and Found Monitor 3: Sec. Chairman 3, 4: Schoc Boonkeener 4: Treas. Panther 4: Advisory Council 4. Smolkin, William R.- Hi Times 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2-4: Treas. Spanish 3. Snow. Troy Leslie- Section Reporter 1: Cant. Intramural Basketball 1, 2 geek o2f ll'reas. Psychology 4: Intramural Sports 1-4: Gle u - . Southall, Evelyn Pearce- Advisory Council 1: Office 1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Teach er's Assistant 4. Spam. Glenn Newton- Baseball 1-4: Football 3, 4: Sen-tion Chairman 1, 2: Ushe 4: Astronomy 3: Harte Hi Y 4: Traffic Committee 4 Sec. Athletic Chairman 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1-4. Sperduto, Robert Anthony- Intramural Basketball 1-3: Yard Monitor 2: Radio 4 Intramural Baseball 1-3: Intramural Track 1. 2. Stafford. Dorothy Helen- Book and Magazine 4. Stallworth, Jean- Home Economic 3: Advisory Council 2. Steber, Patricia Loretta- Fine Arts 4. Steiner. Amelia Martha- Girl Reserve 3: Business 4. Stevens, Lazona Rose- Home Economics 2: Sr. Players 3. 4: Cast of "Seve Sisters" 4: Student Council Comm. 4: Study Hall Monito 2-4: Teacher's Assistant 1. Stevens, Martha Ellen- Latin 2, 3: Locker Monitor 1-3: Glee Club 4: Yo Tami Kecs 4: Student Coach 4. Steward, Thelma Elizabeth- Teacher's Assistant' 4: Sec. Chairman 2, 3: Yo Tappa Kee 4: Home Economics 2. Stewart, Doris Louise- Home Economics 2. 3: Locker Monitor 3: Yo Tapp Kees 4: Traffic Monitor 3: Teacher's Assistant 1, 2. Stllen, Dorothy Anita- Creative Writers: Panthers 3: American Youth Forum Locker Monitor. Stone, Edward Phillip- Sec. Representative 1: Harte Hi Y Pres. 2-4: Sec. Reporler 2: Intramural Sports 1-4: King Welfare Court 2. Stone, Gerald Furman- Travel 3: Intramural Track 3: Track 3: Intramural Basketball 4. Stowe, Roderick Burton- Locker Monitor 2: Radio and Electric 3. 4. Straughn, Alma- Intramural Sports 1-3: Stamp 2: Nomination Election 3: Arfprecaition for Music and Radio 3: Yo Tapua Kees 4. Stuart, John Pressley- Latin 1, 2: Modern Alchemists 4: Philatelic 3: Nxrifmnal Honor Society 3: Awards Committee 2: English Office Assistant 1: Student of the Moment 4: Mohian 4. Sturdivant, Jack- Cafe 3, 4: Teacher's Assistant 1, 2: Intramural S:orts 1-4. Sudeiha, Mary- Girl Reserves 1-3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Sullivan, George Dewey, .Ir.-- Aviation 2, 3: Business 4. Summersgill, Thelma- Home Economics 2, 3: Sec. and Treas. First Aid: Offic: 4: Intramural' Volleyball 2. Surratt. Leatrice Charlotte- Vice-Pres. Psychology 4: Aviation 3: Latin 2. Sweigart, Eloise M.- Locker Monitor 1. 2: Mohian 4: Office 4: Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Cast of "Seven Sisters" 4: Chevr- ing ection 4: T'eacher's Assistant 4. Tabbert, Mary Alice- Hi Times Staff 3: Sec. Reporter 3: Aviation 3: Yo Tappfi Kees 4. Tanner, Juaice Tania, Homer Gordon- Intramural Sports 1-4: A-Band 2-4: Music 3, Track 4. Tania, Corinne Lucille- Sec. Spanish 3: English Department Helper 3, 4: Spanish 4. Tate, Jimmie Thomas Tattis, Anthony Anastasios- Novelty 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1-4: Iiand 2-4: Orchestra 2-4. Taylor, Willie Mae- Glee Club 1-4: Office Assistant 2-4: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Emergency Room 2: Psychology 3: Public Speaking 3: Sec. Represnetative 1-4. Th1erry,- Ed Thomas, Harry- A-Band and Orchestra 1-4. Thompson, Emory Eugene- Photo2raphy.4. Tillman, Lottie Leolae- Cafe 2-4: Novelty 3: Yn Tappa Kees 4. Tillman, Mary Louise- Traffic Monitor 1: Locker Monitor 2: Girl Reserves 1-4. Toenes, Robert- Sec. Chairman 1: Traffic Monitor 1: Philatelic 3: Mohinw 4: Sec. of Treas. Photography. Torres, John- Golf 3: Capt. Intramural Track 1-4: Architectural 4: Capt. Intramural Baseball 1-4. Toth, Ralph Cecil- Traffic Monitor 2: Homecraft 4. Touart, William- Fhilatelic 4. Turner, Floride Powell- Local Interest 3: Psychology 4. Turner, George William- Sr. Spanish 3: Treas. Engineering 4: Sec. Athletic Chair- man 3, 4. . Turner, Gwendolyn Danlelett- Cafe 1-3: Home Economic 2: Vocational Department' 3, 4: Traffic Monitor 1. Turner, Mae- Glee Club 2-4: Coin 4. Vacalis, Grace Constantinae- Fine Arts 1, 2: lland and Orchestra 3, 4: Study Hall Monitor 1: Pres. Girl Reserve 4: Four Arts: Science 1. 1, . W QS . -Fifi -r.i 2- f ,', K ' ': fi 4 - 4. it 2 .4 :rf -.1 . ,- Q.. - -is-at gs. .4 a . . Qi ' .X in , if 4 ge? 9 . J . , X .. . Q Q 1 A sa: .1 S it Qi ,P 1 . i W iz: K ' no' I Mfg' ' it 1 ,l 5 L ily' M, 1,-Q I , ri A -- v l 'S 'W 2 'gf xt A es K 'vs l 5. Q3 .Xu rv: is-L .sp , 6 .,,'g.t3L 49 its f 1-- J. .af 'vw Ter' ' ' ' D1 Varley, Myra Anna- Girl Reserve 3. Varnado, Myrtle Roberta- Girl Reserve 2, 3: Capt. Basketball 2: Won 75 Yard Dash 1, 2: Teacher's'Assistant 1, 2: Pres. First Aid 4. Vautrot, Genevleve- Stamp 2: Radio 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4: 'Intramural Sports 1-3. ' Verzone, Paul Edward' Wagner, Edward A.- Advisory Council 2: Band 2-4: Orchestra 2-4: Intramural Sports 2-4: Usher 4: Knizht Welfare Court 2: King Wel- fare Court 3: Mohian 4: Radio and Electric 3. Walker, Myrtle Evan- Latin 2: Girl Reserves 3: Vice-Pres. Panther 4: Student Coach 4: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Walsh, Rose Mary- Girl Reserve 2, 3: First Aid 4: Teacher's Assistant 4: Study Hall Monitor 4. Walters, Madse- Office 1-3: Advisory Council 1: Yo Tappa Kees 4: Sec. Chairman 2: Teacher's Assistant 1-4. Ware. James Henry- Latin 2. Warren, Angeline- Office 2: Choral 3: Yo Taplra Kees 4: Girl Reserve 1. Warren, Patricia- Travel 3: Study Hall Monitor: Sec. Treasurer 1-4. Watts, Royal De Watz, Nels Peter- Traffic Monitor 2: Sec-. Future Architecy and Decorators 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. N Wavera, Bertha Bell- Creative Writers 1, 2: Aviation 1-3: Vice-Pres. Reading 1-4: Study Hall Monitor 1-3: Intramural Badminton. Watkins, James W., Jr.- Torch 1: Teacher-'s Assistant' 3. 4: Commercial Law 3: Vocational Service 3, 4. Webb, Glenwood- Aviation 3: Intramural Sports 3. 4. Webb, Helen Velma- Lost and Found Monitor 3: Yo Tappa Kees 4. Webb, Willis L.- Fine Arts 1-3: Athletic 2, 3: Business 4: Cheerinz Sec- tion 3. Weldon, Portia Elizabeth- Welfare Court 3: Modern Alchemist 4: Archery Club 2: Advisory Council 2: Treas. Aviation 3. Weldy, Arnell- Football 3: Basketball 3, 4: Intramural 4. Whiting, James- Orchestra 2: Latin 2: Cheering Section 4: Harte Hi Y 3-4. Widney, Mavis Emily- Sr. Players 3. 4: Hi Times Staff 3, 4: Folklore 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Student Council Committee 4. Wiggins, Carrie Virgia- Gym Assistant 3: Traffic Monitor 1. K ' W Wilber, Howard- First Aid 3. Wilkie, Rebecca Jean- Office 2: Coin 4: Cafe 2: Office Assistant 2. Wilkins, Minnie Elizabeth- ' Locker Monitor 2: Girl Reserves 3: Psychology 4. Wilkinson, William Earl- Philatelic 3: Pleasure 4. Willard, Esther Marguerite- Four Arts Club 1-3: Treasure Spanish 4: Advisory Coun- cil 1, 2: Uheering Section 4. Williams, Annie LeVerta- Nature Study 3: Novelty 4. Williams, Mary Blanch- Locker Inspector 1: Office 2: Hi Times 3: Spanish 3. Williams, Mary Clarice- - Traffic Monitor 2: Honor Study Hall Monitor 3. Williams. Ethel Louise-- Glee Club 4: Novelty. Williams, Ottis- Parking Space Monitor 2, 3: Aviation 4: Astronomy 3: Intramural Sports 3, 4. Willingham, Dorothy- Pres. Creative Writers 3: Murphy Hi 'limes 3: Sr. Play- ers: Cheeriniz Section 4. Wittmann, Howard Arnold- Biology 2: First Aid 3: Usher 4: Sec. Treas. 3: Intra- mural Sport's 1-4: Cheering Section 4: Yard Monitor 3. Wojohn, Robert- Radio and Electric 2: Sec. Biology 3: Emergency Room 3: Welfare Store 4. Wood, Dorothy Kathleen- Student Council 2-4: Advisory Council 1: Class Treas. 1: Treas. National Honor Society 4: Mohian 4: Hi Times 3f Jr. Players 2: Sr. Players 3. 4: Cast of "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm": Glee Club 4. Woodham, John Thomas- Torch 1: Advisory Council 1: English Assistant 3: Intra- mural Sports 1-4: Treas. Biology 2. 3. Word, William Brown- Band 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Music Club 3, 4. Wright, Thelma Louise- Yo Tappa Kees 4. Wynne, Hula Mary- Business 4: Teacher's Assistant 4: Girl Reserves 2. Yohn, Ernest Merrll- Advisory Council 3. 4: Orchestra and Band 1-4: Harte Hi Y 4: Pres. Philatelic 4: Sec. Chairman 3, 4: See. Athletic Chairman. 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1-4. Young, Helen Anita- Psychology 3, 4. Zelnicker, Edwin Albert, Jr.- Editor Murphy Hi Times 4: Jr. Players 1, 2: Sr. Players 3, 4: Usher 3, 4: English Office Assistant 1, 2: Library Assistant 3: National Honor Society. Zepernick, Fred- Intramural Sports 3: Archery 2. 1. ' IDEAL section picture a la Mohian Staff. . . Mr. Clark and Mr. Beck--he who laughs loudest laughs longest. . . Eloise gets her man. . . May We present the three muskateers. . . Bean-pole Gewin tuck your shirt in. . . Girls, and such girls at that! . . . Stand back, gentlemen, Don't crowd, you important people .... fi ,Fit ' Understudies if ' 5 . 'mug Top: Uuniori McMurphy, Brown, Gaston, Coogan, Miss Murray Middle: lSophomoreJ Stickney, Word, Cunningham, Kayser, Miss Baxter Bottom: fFreshmanJ Batton, Dorgan, Doyle, Flanagan, Mrs. Murphy Juniors ' Sophomores "They laughed when I came to Mur- phyg they didn't know that I would choose Roy Batton for class president" -such is the Freshman's faith in his president. Together with his sponsor, Mrs. S. S. Murphy, Roy has planned many activities for his class. The Valentine Party, the Professor Quiz Program at P.-T'. A. and the Freshman Club are all innovations which have been successful mainly because they have received the whole hearted support of both faculty and class. The Fresh- man treasury has started off with a bank and the secretary has sent cards to many sick Freshmen. Continued success to the baby Murphians! Stone Stickney isn't new at the job of being class presidentg nor is Miss Baxter at being his sponsor. Perhaps that is why the Sophomores have been so successful in their undertakings this year. Came spring, they brought the bunnies to Freshmen Murphy for one of the most gala occa- sions of the year--the Sophomore Party. They have encouraged welfare work at Murphy and lent a helping hand to their "brother rats". May their biggest and best plans be realized! To Earl McMurphy, Junior class president, and Miss Murray, his sponsor, the Seniors owe a vote of thanks for one of the best times oftheir school career-the Junior-Senior Prom. On the night of January 6, the entire Senior class was invited to come "swing and sway Mur- phy's way!" The destiny of Murphy's democratic form of government is partially guided by the hands of her class officers and their sponsors. This year they have worked hard, bring big- ger and better forms of entertainment to Murphians as well as promoting good will and good sportsmanship. May all their future undertakings be as success- ful as those of this year. SECTION 1 1 2 Row One: Bryant, Haley, Jones Gunter, llressinyrham, Flirt Knudsen, Kendrick, Williams Beal, Campbell, O'l!rien. Row Two: Weaver. Chrutie Turner, Butt, Brownlee Darling, Thomley, Carpen- ter, Boykin, Cavinesa. Row Three: liell, Payne, Noble Lee. Murrill. SECTION 1151 Row One: O'Connor. Clark, Pocase, Rogers, McClure Goldman. Kern, Jacobs, McKenna, Howell, Kirkland. Riggs. Row Two: Patterson, Vine, Rozier, Stringer, Rye, Shed- den, Baker, Pettus, Laving- house, Price- Williams Sirmon. Row Three: Strong, Walker Pully, Rpain. SECTION 143 Row One: Lowell. Nelson, Lee, Martin, Roberts, Prior, Taylor, Jones, McRov, Lemon, Murdoch, Hollis, Horst, Campbell. Row Two: Criminale, Hagan, Nelson, Graham, Fulton, Southalll Lambert, Beck- ham, Langby, McDowell, Strachan. SECTION 147 Row One: Downey, Coleman DeVan, Guubil, Havron Garman, Craddock, Dowling Sizemore, Saad, Davis Thomley. Row Two: McIntyre. Barring:- ton, Latshaw. Redding Johnson. Blake, Smith Gilbert, Jones, Edwards Flanagan. Row Three: Gilrov, Vann Bullock, Ilerrey, Pine, SECTION 159 Row One: Ritchie, Ballard, Moose, Knight, Iirannan, LYHCY1- MOYS. Word, Chaucl- ron, Skinner, Phillips, Callo- way, Giuens. Row Two: Mulligan, Giles, Ziebe, Guess, Dodd, Stringzfellow, Yeager, Pray- ton. Holman. Row Three: McNab, Stoll, Graham, Crow, Vogtner. 54 SECTION 160 Row One: Wright, Fox, Haire, Smith, De-Amrelo, Karl, Douglas, Coogan, Sims, Mathuss, Eslava, Taylor, Jordan. Row Two: Enfzer, Haynie, Brown, Aeree, Jensen, Malette, Staivleton, Rayford, Givens, Weatherford. Row Three: Coeke. Clark, William s, Lawson, Hannlwer- 1lf9l'. SECTION 161 Row One: Calloway. Fowlkes, Cunningham. Bush, Edgar, Ruhiva, l"illans. liedsole, Nelson. lferrill, Faixerstrom, liarnvs. Row Two: Young, Smith, Zim- lich, Wojuhn, Walker, Whitney, Powledyze, Sibley, Stephens. Lott. Donoghue, Mashburn. Row Three: Zimmern, Shriner, Midgette, Thornton, Schur- ink. Wanen, Williams, Teaele. Campbell. SECTION 162 Row One: Barnes, Swindull, Thompson, Haas, Jones, Creamer, Pillans, Huggins, Stone. Ross, Wilcox, War- ren. Reynolds. Row Two: Wilkins, McMullan, Hudgens, Peterson, Corneil, Carr, Wolfe, Johnston, Scheuermann, Turrentine, Partridge. Row Three: Heard. Iioddcn. Flanagan, Rhodes, Murphy, Simms, Watts, Peterson. SECTION 164 Row One: Fcarn, llorlen, lilack, Banks, Clement, Brettel, Dobbins, lirunson, Abercrom- bio, Baker, Martin, liosarge, Cantrell. Row Two: Gill, Hays, Roziur, Aldridge, Cooke, Marshall, Mueller. Meadur, White, Carr, Gould. Row Three: Halliday, Gallo- way, MePhillips, Davis, Thenell. McGowan. SECTION 165 Row One: Sawyer, liyrne Foster, Serda, Geary, Mc- Connell, Cole. Wh--eler Langham, Soles. Bullard Childers. Row Two: Foster, MeClel'and Greer. Clark, Pennington W. Pennington G.. Amos. Alex- ander. Olsen. Tibbetts, March. Row Three: Manxt. 0'Conner Ray, Martin. Jon:-s. Phillips 55 I I SECTION 202 Row Ono: Crosby, RI-vsv. lim-ckman, Davenport, Thomp- son, Barnes, Ilvas, Powell Shri-ve, Fincher, Jamvs. Ilismukes. Row Two: Harrison. lloliarakis, lllyth, Ross, I"aynu, Eva-rc-Ll Iiollar, Hollenzvr, Metzgierj Madison. Row T'h1'ee: Saad, Rvrlrlitt, Kirk, l"illetLc, Iionsor, Kasten. Manuel. SECTION 204 Row One: Worri-ll, Swann, Myles, Morgan, liarlivlx, I'rivq-Lt, Hahn. Ste-vp-ns, Smothvrs, Smith, Dixon, Reclrluuk. Row Two: Yartiouo, Ilulu-, Carroll, liotis, Iiarrlin, Patton, Iirown. Pappas, Clark, liarlow. Row Threv: Kclly, Uyflv. Murphy, Norton, liassoli, Suvauv, Morris, Massey. 56 SECTION 171 Row Ono: Ilonienirvaux, Minio liolliniz, liodnlvn. Crowoll Ibufov. Fave. Ellis, May Flynn, Marcusson. Dana. How Two: MUKL-an, Rily James, Woodham, Walls Hubbard. Rigas, Ramsey Konz. Marriott. Row Three: Lower, Clvmonfs Link. Wynnv, SChic'I'I'ifin Ste-her. SECTION 172 Row Ono: Harbaugh, Rainey, Williams, Scull, Crabtree. Collins, Sowell, Aikens, La- vostv, Dr-ment, lloon, Schwarz. Purvis. Row Two: Huffy. Jones. Val' Iloock, Lane, Stantcr. Leslie. Broadway, Ilauilllvfly. llawden, Sapp, lfillIY'hh2lUOI . Snottswood. Patton. SECTION 200 Row One: McKean, Imsanrl. Rowell, Murray. Rush. Mc-Millan. Rain, Purifoy, Roberts. McCarty. Overwn. York. Williams. Row Two: Emanuel, Sp'-ltvl, Christopher. Williams, Rutz. Danshy. Suibcrt, Edmondson. Gunn. McMillan. Dahlflrc-n. Row Thrce: Smith. Anderson, McLaughlin, Stallworlh. Iicnion, I-Iarrlefl, lifllllwin. Earle. SECTION 205 Row Unvg l'z11't rixlfrv. Maxnilirrllv, liollimlny, Molwlc-y, Nnln-rs, Vzlmrhnn, Nogus, Walsh, Joni-s, llznnl, Mutrh- nivk, Glass. Row Two: Hwton, Horton, Crnett, l'ua-lu-lt, SIL'iIlL'I', 1 Uruha-, Rush, Calloway, Grvcn. Thomas. Row Threv: Chastain. lin-1-lchami, Hopkins, Chumlwrs, Gilru-nth lullins. Nouns, Mia-hzu-l. Sl'IC'I'l0N 212 Row Ons-: Tilmr, Springer. Sims, Walla, Dixon, Clark, lflown-rs, Fender, Tucker Harmon, 'l'llr'n4'r, Kniytht. Row Two: Burke-, Powell. Iinwshead. Dahlmzin, Mr- Murphy, Hamilton, liruwn Van Antwerp, Molton Dixon. Hardy. Row Three: Barbour, Stewart Iliarsl, llzlyn-s, Nual, liukvr Mcilillmvrry, l"l'incv, Mclmod SECTION 213 Row Oni-: Frazer, llaire, Nukon. Parke-r, Hornberk Furnvy, Eubanks, Lawler Gamundi, livzlns. Hanson H1-wx-tt, Mutkin, Rvstes. Row Two: Scott. Bullock I , . en- svn, Hates. Ethridgxe, Booth, Cadvnhm-nd. Morrison, I"arker, Swondson, Mzuzehan, Row Three: SM-wari, Johnston Jackson. Wurfl, Kerstvn Gonbil. Kelly. LV in WM vlvtl- -1.-Mi-M M,,, H.-,,,,,M,,-,-,,M,,, .Ji-1. -,v-uii4-1-- I SECTION 218 Row Ono: Pnnkuy. Rnlvy Abrams, Cnglmnrn, Unnnon Hvnth, Huivh. Ilnnivl, llvevy Reynolds, Willzlrml. Row Two: Driscoll, Nm-vvt' Echlins, Tunnvll. King: l4'ny,:crstron1, M cl.:-oil. .I orni- unn, Offorzl. Rolwrts, Wvlmly Row Thrce: Hannon, llnrkins Sluinor, Falls, Mvllonnlcl Mzlyhull. Murphy. SECTION 2224 Row Uno: Ynnu-y. lluff Townsend, Smith, liowvn Murray, Slnion, inulsl, Gus- lon, Dussvtt. Row Two: Cook, Nnuflv, I'vin-r- son. linfcr 'llY'0lIil'l, Km-vvnn Glass, Forwonml. Minis -Curnonter. Row 'l'l'lrm'm': lVlz'Mnrphy. Ilon- ton, l'onrtn4-y, Salmon ,lv-"won, liniprht. Smith llnhn. 57 SECTION 226 Row One: Risen, Barnes, lit-ll, Anderson, Davis, Phillips, LeRoy. McLendon, Davis, Hudson. Fulford. Clark. Row Two: Ashcraft, Rosson. Sirmon. Willir, Milne, Lauber, Laualum, Talley, Muruhree. Carr, Hire. Row Three: Scott, Powell, Bunch. Childres, Tucker. Burgess, McLeod, Carpenter. SECTION 113 Row One: Cosminslsy, Ellis, Verzone. Asxerton, Shelton. Steiner, Baxter, Sperduto, Ward, Roberts, Hare, Lowry, Vamedoe. Row Two: Fitzgerald, Hudson, McDonough, Oswalt, David- son, Haas, Talhert, Howard, Platt, Hamilton, Bolton, Myers. Row Three: Bostwick, Faulk- ner, Hoagland, Hofheins, Kamphuis, Clolinger, Her- man. Kominek, Deunon. Boykin. Y, SECTION 115 Row One: Partridge, Hadaway, Rowell, Broadus, Savell, Speed, Alexander, King, Middlebrooks, Wooley, Van Loock, Marshall, McDonald, Anderson. Itow Two: Huerzzer, Levy, Langley, McCrary, Brazell, Eastburn, Swearingen, Tay- lor. McDonald, Buntyn, McLeod. Row Three: Raines. Dobbs, Brown. Blackman. Saranthus, Lipscomb, Iloulo, Grube. SECTION 116 Row One: Booker, Harrisglarsl, Pierce, 'I'izatcher, Camp-bell, McIntyre, d'Ornellas, Buck, Williamson, Hansen, Noel. Martin, Long. Row Two: Banks. McCarron. Gray, McGuire, Hudsen, Car. penter. Caflay, Carpenter, O'Connor, McWhirtes. Gewin. West. Row Three: Dazemore. Stronli. O'Shea. Wilder. Soden. lioone. Davidson, Oland, Shimz. SECTION 132 A Row One: Thomas, Lee, Mims, Thomas. Jordan, Huff, Daughdrill, Hickry. CaDDS. Campbell, Hutehinlis. Kohn, Post. Row Two: Phillips, Ellis, Horst, Chavers, Verneulle. Lrawick, Keeler, Green, Helton, Brining, Godwin. Row Three: Fleminfr. MCCITHTYQ Richardson. Gaines, Ford, Frederickson. Covey, Crane, Long, Bolton. 58 SECTION 1 3213 Row One: I"rine, Radforl Johnson, Fultz. Holston, Jones Anderson, Nelson. Arras Babcock, Babcock, C, Burnett. Row Two: Cooke, Clements Davis, Crawford, Cowan Murrill, Eberlein, Hawkins Weiss, Mutchnick. Driehl. Row Three: Pruitt. Padgett Davis. Patterson, Matzenger Levens. LeCren. Dennis Pakc, Delmmz. Quinn, Pierce SECTION 132D Row One: Moody, Rutherford Stauter, Riggs, Adams, Gunl thorpe, Greer, McSween Neely, Patterson. Laniuer Vaught. Brennan, Row Two: Muth, McAndrew Diehnelt, McClelland, Jensen Reus. Wooley, Kearley Hakanson, Doby, Dearmond. Row Three: Goldman, Jackson McDonald, Johnson, Jones Leatherwood. SECTION 135A Row One: Mintz, Blackman Mashburn, Reed, Daugherty Harris, Gatlin. Hornin! Schwarzauer. Cain, Smith Bollinger, Carter. Row Two: McGill, Thomp- son, Groom. Jones. Grand- quest, O'Gwynn, Betbye Jenkins, Green, Aikens, Ellis Maisel. Row Three: De Neefe. llordin Ollinger, Fiese, Rosenblum Diehnet, Burnham. Cortrigzht Stewart. Baker, Matthews. SECTION 135-li Row One: Quina, Taul, Bush, Simison, Carroll, Maisel, Landers, Simpson, Warlick, Gale, Larvohe, Riise, Brown, Fore. Row Two: Morgzan, Snowden, McConnell, Rogers, liullen Grebe, Odom, Lambert, Lewis, Russell, Cautrell, Kelly. Row Three: Bethany, Minnis, llritt, Yost, Norton, Ilyess, Butt, Reese, Wiseman. Word. SECTION 145 Row One: Reed, Shackleforll. Smith, Redell. Jones, Dodd, Saucer. Harwell. String- fellow. Row Two: Stringfellow, That- cher, Williams, Wright, Woodham, Young, Calas- eione. Nelson, Williamson, Kirkpatrick, Loper. Row Three: Price-Williams, Maisel, Pounds. Easterling, De Mouy, Weatherly, Watz. Hobby, Mullins, Blackwell, Majors, Love. 59 , v SECTION 210 Row One: Keebler, Henson, Morris, 'l'urker, Arala. Shed- den, Forney, Marshall, Wat- kins, Walker, Walsh, Snyder, lloycs. Row Twu: lnile. Shaeffer, Aggerton, Moses, Tanner, Sumrall liev, livece, Gon- zales, Horton, Johnston. Row Three: Amesbury, Me- Crory, Clay, Griffin, Strong. Rolls, Spothswood, Rive. Sl'lU'l'lON 211 Row One: Cnnninuham, Dennis, Vineyard, Carpenter, Hatch, Warren, Smith, Macleod, Steele, Smith, Harford, Row Two: Simon, Richardson. George, Flanayxan, D'Olive, Yeager, Giuli, Kane, Ther- rell, Downing, lfrevito, Ther- rell, Williams. Row Three: Jackson, Verbeke. Marks, Chnreh, Tunstall, Wilson, Sossaman, Wild- berfrer, Moulyet. l"arker. 60 S I+lU'l"I ON 17 0 Row One: Wiggpxins, llunean lilaekwell, Wheeler, Swift Rosser, Turner, Scott, Wal dorf, Tanner, Hamm, Olsen Row Twu: Vance, Strimxfellow Woodruff, Stewart, Ritchie MeMillan, Grepke, Gilbert lilount. lilake, liemis. Row Three: Molyneux, Wal- laee, Wilson, Williams Dorteh, Ward, Willingham Wallaee, 'Fomln-rlin, Wat- ters, Veriek, Moose. SECTION 173 Row One: Hunter, Bowling, De- lokery, Harrell. Wilkie, Man- ninzr. Chandler, Tait. llall Pennington, West, Mc-lfarlin Meljole, Findley. Row Two: llnzyus, Pittman, Cas- tle. Pace, Jernigan, Foster VVel1b, Lyneh, Ilanlirn, Sny- der, Kates, McDonald, Gas- ton. Rew Three: lihillips, Falls Iiurrouyzh. Colvin. SECTION 20 El Row One: Grimes, Powell Sayre. Strakley, Ray. Doug:- las, Hubbard, Doyle, Mer- chant. Haven, Woudham McMillan. Row Two: Clarke, Petcher Busch. Blount. Carstens, Radcliff, Weleh Summersell, Jacobson, Mc- David. Miller. Row Three: Staleuir, Montiel Stroecker, Smith, Kirwin Hamlett, Hazen. Sl'1i"l'lON 216 Row Um-1 lluvlvu-nm, 'l'zinnl-r. , 'l'ilwlu-tts, I ugh, Allvn. Spilws, l.zuu'cn1lim-, l'lI2llP5. Plvzms. K'i'z1lftl'L-v, I'hill1lYS, Smith, A511-rtum. Row 'l'wn: l'x'u-l. Svuli, K0l'l'4 tru. Graves, Czulsuy, Cnun- trymnn, Gi'n-er, UFIIHC. Day, Wilson, llul'l', lim-ll. Huw Throw: llriyprn-rs, lfuyfxril. Fhossvinzxn, K'm'tlvcl:rs'. Sims. llullzxnml, Cox, Sshzxl-fvl, Chnmln-rs, llruxvn. Sl'X"l'lUN 222 Row Onvz lioiil. liuslvy. Court- ney, Glovvr, iirolzxnd, Foscue, lVIuuru, lluiglvr, Nuwillu. I,am,znur, VVchslm-r, llolmuvh. Row 'l'wn3 Alulml, lfvluxlicr. Olensky, Glnvur, Lumlxcrt, Hz-avn, Ingv, I7 u h :i m. KL-uu5,:hnu, lflvuns, ML-L-man. Row 'l'hrrc: liusv, .lst-rslzl. llvurn, Orlum, Moor. Schultz, Wimpou. lizxiuwuft. lCzis1lnurn, S1-hum'm+ur. SPICTUN 2212 Row Ono: Lynn. llullwrir. Cmwm-r, linin, Niurlon Noel .hu-ulxs, Kvnna-dy, Allison. Dykes, Koihy, 'i':u'un, Limxm. Rww 'T'wn: Rulxinsnn. Voters, Jnnvs, ljswnlm. Abramson, Cnznlus. Huflwinis, Tow, 1 Allvn, Nm-lsun, Milnv. lcrry. Ruw Thrvv: U1-ll. Robinson. R1-ddift. limvrnun, Fuller, llonurlick. 'J ..- ..,, -.,-....,.... .. him, Sl'1C'l'lUN 2 15 Row Onv: vI'2H'l1ZllllS, Uhrisi iunsvn. Mcliillnp, Jorslun, PI. Jordsin, ll., lhmth, Michm-I Ilzivir, Nm-wvll, liulwrts Fugusirfml. F1-Ins, I"inn'h. Huw TWU: Wzili man, Allen Manning. liriirht, l'rinc'o Czmssinlvy, llzu'x'im', Stvzulhuni Williamsnn, Mvlnirn, Iirnnt Icy, Vaughn, King. Row 'I'hr'1-v: llzurivoclx. Wmuls Smiih, Allrn, lfnwlvs, Mori'- dith, Aslums, W., Adams, C. llouiwvll. liiwlnxxvli. Sl'll"l'l0N 250 Row Oni-: l'u:ln, l':lrwiv, Wil- sun, Millur, linuwlvs, Wilson Willcox. Shvppzllwl, lmwin Fibllflllllll, Moss, linrmlcn, N1-l sun. Row TWU: l'uxvn-ll, lVlcli1'nziv Kvnnully, lixvll, liilly, livllvl' Roni-y, Rylu, l'hin, llrunsun liromlvy, Sirnmxo. Row Threw: Noble. Williams Morluy. Shaw. Trcnwr, Fun way. Sm-ml, lim-mlmnn. .luvv nzxl. 61 SECTION 305 Row One: Young, Masten Stafford, Greene, Northcutt Gerhardt, Perkins, Fulton Mallette. Bashford, Cren- shaw, Brantley, Carpenter. Row Two Burroughs, Shevoard Osborn, Bethea, McCarty Brownlee, Gumundi. Town-y Dossett. Kelley, Chance. Row Three: George, Murrav Waters, Ward. Garnett, Rod: Hers. Surcer. Cleveland Bookout. Gilmore. CAFE B Row One: Blackwell, Osbourn. Vann. Brasell, Alvarez, Lowenstein, Harerove Potter. Britt. Locke. Armestcnd, Bitzer, Costa. Row Two: Libbey. Partridge, Curtis, Bethea. Grodsky, Boling, Martin, Noel, Salter Smith. Street. Row Three: Browne. Hall Keller, Manles. Green. Scott Pollard, Helton, Antoine Prouty. CAFE C Row One: Grebe. Kirven, Swet- ser, Ford, Hanson, Kimr. G a r t m a n . Lavimzhousez, Huff, Graham. Glass, Rich- ardson. McLaughlin. Row Two: Cotnam. Willis, Naultv, Sallizhdrill. Coburn. DuBois, Butler, Gill, Bailey. Bishop, Orsok, Roberts, De- Vine. Row Three: Duranat. Galloway. Gavnor, Cox, Campbell, Kit- tri-ll. CAFE D Row One: Lee. Beeker-per, Hudson, Ennett. Brady. Gurwitch. Bridgewater. Geiger. Key, Hood, Lloyd, Lee. Mason, Greer. Row Two: Thompson. Christo- nher. Crabtree. Morehead. Prestley, Brantley, Clav, Jackson. Long, Long, Hill- man. Row Three: Griffin, Mideette, Richmond, McCani.s. Strim- enos. SECTION CAFE E Row One: Wilson, Williams, Moinris, Peirre, Watson. Nichols, Morrisette. Smith. Pryor, Tallon, Mitchell, Keevan. Johnson. Row Two: Frinkel, F1-rree. Johnston. Murray, Jones. Dossett. Flowers. Jackson, Denmark. Booker. Row Three: Bon, Brazelton, Boling, Bentley, Crosby, Neese. 62 . SECTION 107 Row One: Myers, Woodhzvn. Griffith, Wentworth, Holt, Strange, Davis, Unzicker, Vickers, Dawsey, Conklan. Rowe, Carroll, Howell, Pou. Row Two: Norris, Wilson, Spicer, Denmark. Uptayz- rafft, Smith. Garnes. Holton. Davis, Duke, Benecliek, Tucker, Row Three: Tucker, Corner. Anderson. Cooley. Wat's Raines. Simth, Wilkes, Kit- trcll. Rigby. SECTION 110 Row One: Mayson. Dyess, Kel- ley, Hutto, Henderson. Bail- ey, Allman, Geron, Dixon Hires, Eslava, Cochrane. Row Two: Fulford. Diard, Pat- rick. Clolinlzer. Barton, Mar- arssen. liurlfess. Thetford Patrick, McLeod, Thurman Goodwin. Row 'I'hree: Kuffskie. Elliott Green, Nichols. McCrfirY Henlev. Mills, Rone, Ander- son, Lowsey, SECTION 114 Row One: Spence. Williams liortz, Kizer. Sindorf, Hamil- fon. White, M e r e d i c- h Wooley, Carroll. DeGrery Richardson, White, H. Row Two: Dozier. Collins. Rit- chie. Dyess, Moore, Sehluml- recht. Enizlanrl. Rod-'ers Du ver. Rockwell, Dixon Gibson. Row Three: Donwrlas. Antoine, Holland, Williams, Deme- froplos, Jenkins. Wood Fcarn. Young, Williams. SECTION 120 Row One: Malnnis. Carr. F'itz- Gerald. Llovd, Pierce, Mur- mlwv, M1-Corvey. DeMouy Gilbert, Pharr, Yawn, Tur- ner. Row Two: Irwin, Davis. Stev- ens, Durden. Jernixran Young, lioudouequie Peter- son. Snotswood. Layman Steward. Row Three: McClure. Wallace Risor Yerkes. Herring, Kina Chiepalich. liaumhauer. Grif- fith, Campbell. SECTION 122 Row One: 'O'Shea. Roberts Clarke. McCullouuh. Shafer Redford. Bryan. Wilkie. Al- len, Dumont, Spafforrl liroadus. Mayxzarden, Know- les, Scogin. Row Two: Williams. Dohm Heven, Murrill Gra Sum- . . y. mersgzill, Fendley. Smith Holand, Davis, Smith, Mar- tin. Row Three: White, Rush Jones, Stein, Johnson. Chest- nut'. 63 Sl'X2'l'lON 158 Row One: l'lllli'K7I'Ki, Mrliartv livnson, liritlon, Vivrci- Mosely, Smith. llrown, Furr. 1.1-vi, Lowa-ll, Gaillard, lliyli-fison. ow 'l'wo: liryzxnt, Ferrill, lfrflker. Shvuard, Drinkard, Vautier. ML-Dole, llsxvard, Carr, Wolf:-, O'lSannon, Northvuit, Sava-ll. SFICTION 174 ow Uno: Hall, SL-lf, Lowe, Stl'ariLIa'. Falls, l"lanag'an Vauuhan. liistcr. SL-lls, Wal- kvr, Slrauirhn, Lombard, C. lirrnilmrll. W. ow Two: Clarke, Forwood l'arkor, lialmun, Lincoln, Pit- tuluyor, Stephens, Hearn, Lott, l"lotka, Meyer, Mc- Cowan. Row Three: lfolvy. Crane. Me-syaros, Gorday, Doylv, Frasv, Day, Georprv, llowcll 64 SECTION 123 Row One: Darrah, Yates Stcinur, Griffin, Covhran lluoker. Hudyrens, Ferrell Evans, Wiggins, Tyson Meyer, Callaway, Row 'l"wo: liolimr, Dixon Entrekin, Thomas, McCov Frost, Irby, Goodson, Smith Devan, Hand, Row Three: Hardesty, l'rols- clorfer, Jackson, liroadus Maddox, liurns, Doyle, Ham- ilton, Jordon. SECTION 144 Row One: Muntz, Hardy, Ross, Croker, Newell. Price, Grif- fin, Hodges, Wojohn, Null, Wiggins, Turner, Spence. Row Two: Enfinyrvr, Houghton, Nabors, Miller, McCroy. Wil- liams, Pelletier, Watson Gray, Terry, Williams. Row Three: Droy, Whe-els-r, Guy. Wimberly, Poe-ter, King, Oliva! Lailoste. Sl'IC'I'l0N 1513 Pow Oni-: Robinson. l"ullf-n, Heed, Whitm-y. Fulforsl, Kit- trcll. Rvvnalds. Picker. Nich- ols. Johns, Rawls, Corne'l. McNellayre. Row Two: Prisovk, Benton, Roebuck, McMillan, Davis, lloutwelli Purvis. Harris, Hand, Mar-on, U0 Sardon. Row 'T'hrc-0: Sims, Sharp, Den- mark . Cowan, Fayard. Kr Rs 1 R4 4 1 1 1 Sl'IQ'I'l0N 208 vw On: Johns, Broadus, Spain, Grandahl, Riddick Salazar, Richards, Daugh- erty, Williams, Parnell Ward, Cook, Thames, Clark vw 'l'w0: Yarborough Munyrer, Lewis, Bronson Ralzli. Blackman, O'Neal Maisel, Warsl, Mcllrary Knapp, Allen. iw Three: lzard, Farnell, M. Stevens, Woplert, Minyard Worrell. Hickman, Nichols King, Franklin. SECTION uw Une: Bilbo. Hetland Robertson, Moore, llrure liell. Sonnier. Lanlrley Orrell, Ft nder, Earls Williams. Clark. iw Two: Finch. Foster, Hendrix, Harkmeyer, Cam- mon, Hamm, Mellonnell Smith, Richards, Neal Soderquist, liable. uw Three: Lundy, Burroughs Pratt. Steiner. Weidmann lialdwin, Metlonagzhy, Byrd Williams, Catanese. Sl'Il"l'l0N 2153 vw One: llimlins. Beekman ffhaillot, Stauffer, Tyler Clausen, Wooley, Wallace Click, Watts, Gowan, Gonl zalt s, Jones. uw Two: Smith, Vergxos, Sirmon, Sawyer, Rodgers, Taylor. Melntosh. Green, Holley, Smith, Robertson, Spikes. ow 'l'hrt'v: l'urvis. 'l'herrell Graham, Marsal, Knight Jan kson, Sowell. Payne. SICCTION 1120 Row One: liates, liattiste, Sa- vell, Dueitt, Partriilxle Hearn. Grimes. Iievens Davis, Lee, lowell, Jaelison lfastanera. Row 'l'wo: Amesbury, Camp bull, Williams, Carl, Wilson Sutton. lloblxs, Sprinkle Knapp, Allen, Phillips. Row Three: Arias, Nowling Valloway, l'm-ary. S4-ht-ner mann, Campbell, llare, Has lcy, liolloek. Sl'lt"l'lUN 2250 Row Une: Yvaeer, VV isner Harwell. llarvey, lVls'lVlill:ln llresslm-r, Rolling, lVlurrill Ntigel, Olsen, Whitt- Stewart. Irwin. Row Two: Coleman. l'hax'ers Carlsen, U2ll'llt'I1il'l'. llurlte Atchison. llraper, llunn lfurr. Rirks, 'l'anlu-r. N7l'flt'h alus. Row 'l'hree: llawkins, High tower. lVIoore, lhmgar l'owell. Vatu. Harrison Herzog, Smith. 65 SECTION 242A Row One: Simms, Strain. Prine, Moody, Milstead, Kominek, Bonacker, Jordan. Hackmeyer, Gates, Gable, Dunnavant, Evans. Row Two: Morris, Mumme, Sherman. Mobley, Meggxin- son, Dunn, Clausen, Burch, Amesbury, Fulford, Berto- lotti, Minto, Baynes. Row Three: Sutton, Martin, Stone. Powell, Williams. Thomas. Holladay. Lee. Lomers, Smith, Eberlc-in, Ferrill. Green. SECTION 2 42B Row One: Conover, Durant. Cannon. Johnson, Anderson. Hart, Venman. Bates. Wait, Williamson, Mills, Kittrell, Lindsey. Row Two: Fearn. Johnson, J., Adams. Gilchrist, Mose f, Smith, Haley, Covan, Busby, Dixon, Akridsze. Britian. Arendall. Row Three: McDonnell. Con- verse. Beatv. Burch. Lyndall, Finch, Dorer, Erbardt. Arrat, Boams Wrington, Matthew, Broun- ing. SECTION 252 Row One: Carlin. Bender. Brit- ain, Desporfe. Criminale Brunson, Foote, Lombard Brown, Chambless, Bowles Padgett, Broughton. Row Two: Foster, Hinson Yawn, Owen, Taylor, Robin- son, Luckie, Murray, Till- man, Smith, Lee. Row Three: Mobley, Suther- land, Pope, Seiple. Edgar Sledlze. Brewton, Walsh. Mc- Gregor, Covan, Blyth, Whit- ney. SECTION 256 Row One: Cobb. Stephens Horn, Eve-re-tt, Keovan, Tab- bert, Randlette. Roland. Pal- mvr, Yow, Hester, Pryor Lee. Row Two: Allen, Hope, Maclay Heath, Gaston. Nelson, Lee Nelson, Howard, Cox, Mc- Donald, Iwocaso Fbaster. Row Three: Cooper, Findlsy Reith. Ycrkcs, Roberts Moore. SECTION V. F. A. Row One: Lassiter. Dunn. Ep'- pf-rson. Roimer. Furr. H1151- yett. Abbot, Dixon, Cromer Knight, Davidson, Hanson Sums-rlin. Row Two: Kirk, McLeod, John- son. Iiazcmore. Christian Meszaros. Griffin, Kling Barrier, Bailey, Mickler. Row 'I"hrec: Lins. Marencovich Griffin, Houston, Rickell Godwin. Moore. , SECTION V. E. R. Row One: Graves. Ward, Maisel, Wilson, Holliman Davis. Thomason, White Steiner, Collier, Finnegan Surratt, Conklan. ROW Two: Davis, J., Carter Rolls, Mclntyre, Wilkins Simison, MOCaffery, Wett Powe. Smith. Ford, Leslie. Row Three: Miller, Piney' McDonn0ll, Malone. Weldv, Hudson, Recd. McKenzie, WhitehearI,ReynoIds. , A , kg? , , cqu fog 1611255 "Of all the heavenly gifts that mortal men commend, What trusty treasure in the world .can countervail a friend?" I ,jrii aaa ..r.r....,...... realli rfgqQgeTlgerr rrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr M wx ll Grimoald Oqcf Tfof if ,X TUE ti x WINNERS: CLeft to rightJ+Zelnicker, Editor Murphy Hi Times, First Class, C. S. P. A., and Crowley, Spanish contest . . . The Auburn cup and list of winners . . . Shackleford and Rowell, model plane contests . . . Larson, Gayfer's dress contest . . . Hoeksema, Pictorial Pattern Co., and Gay- fer's . . . Brown, editorial writingg Smothers, poetry reading . . . Chap- eronesg Stookey, Music, Knudsen, Dramaticsg Bridgewater, Stage, Hamil, Dramatics . . . Toenes, Mohian subscription and advertisement campaign . . . Randall, chemistry, physics, Bush, voice . . . Capps and Stewart, Christmas Essays . . . Players: Zelnicker, Flanagan, Tibor, Bridgewater, Holmes . , . MPa" Flannagan and "Beula" Smothers . . . Kirk, impromptu speech. Scene I OFF STAGE Football h Counselman, Kirk, Ellner. Price 1938 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 23 .....,...... Murphy Sept. 30 ............ Murphy Oct. 7 ............. Murphy Oct. 15 ............. Murphy Oct. 22 ............. Murphy Oct. 27 ............. Murphy Nov. 4 ............ .Murphy Nov. 18 ............ .Murphy Nov. 25 .......,.... Murphy Jh B'mm 18 18 7 0 6 0 0 0 7 Jackson 7 Bay Minette 0 Biloxi 12 Ramsay 31 Pensacola 0 Phillips 13 Lanier 7 McGill 20 U. M. S. 27 l Football 'Q' Willcox, Sitz, Moye Over sixty eager prospects reported to Coach John Brimm as the 1938 gridiron season got under way. From the first Coach Brimm and his assist- ants were faced with the difficult task of adding experience to a squad that consisted of only three returning letter-men. This task 'became more apparent as the season progressed, and as games usually won by the Blue and Gold eleven turned out to be opponents' victories. However, a keen fighting spirit gave the Murphy eleven victories over Jackson, Bay Minette, and Pensacola and saved an otherwise very disappointing season. Throughout the season 'tlVIonk" McCarty was the mainstay in the Panther backfield. Besides being' one of the best running backs in the city, 'tMonk" also handled the kicking assignments and often pulled his team out of a hole with his long spiral punts. Benton and Frazier, his two running mates, we1'e also outstanding' performers. In the line Jack Flanagan, Murphy's all-city tackle, was the most consistent player. Flanagan, together with such stalwarts as Radcliff, Inge and Brown, made up a forewall that gave a good account of itself in every game. Row One: Ste-ber, McCarty, Baker, Houston, Mcllay, Ha ncock. Row Two: Murrill, Muntiel, Davis, Flanagan, Richards. Hite, Brown, Radcliff, Courtney. Row Three: Irby, Inge, Warren, MeGillberry, Frazier, lie ntun, Warrl, Kamphius, Castle. fQ....l , g1 MARION GRZSER. MAID Q 3 AGNES NOWLING, MAID KAMPHIUS BROWN :fills RICHARDS FLANAGAN RADCLIFF YUVONNE ELLIS. SPONSOR 'NGE HANCOCK WARD BENTON FRAZIER WARREN MCCARTY ,nag HOUSTON Q S. BAKER MCGILLBERRY EDITH HOYLE. SPONSOR STEBER MURRILI. C. BAKER HITE if f VIRGINIA JONES, MAI-D DAVIS CUNNINGI-IAM JUDITH GREEN, MAID Murphy fails to stop! Ramsey MURPHY 18 - JACKSON 7 Playing straight football the Murphy High Panthers defeited a strong Jackson team 18-7 before one of the largest opening day crowds ever assembled at the Murphy stadium. Scoring late in the first and second periods the Panthers gained a lead which was not relinquished throughout the game. Only once did Jackson penetrate deep into Murphy territory. Midway the third quarter a Murphy fumble and a penalty gave the Visito1's the ball on the Murphy five, from which point their lone score was made. The game was featured by the defensive work of the Murphy line which held the Visitors to a lone first down from scrimmage. MURPHY 18 - BAY MINETTE 0 Again the Murphy Panthers came through with a win to remain in the undefeated class, A gamely fighting team from Baldwin County was no match for the Blue and Gold clad boys as they rang up a decisive 18-0 victory. After a stubborn Bay Minette defense had spoiled an early threat, Murphy pushed over the Warren gains for Murphy first score midway the second period. Two rapid goal-line thrusts netted twelve more points for the home boys, as the game ended witha host of Murphy subs once again carrying the ball deep into the visitors' territory. MURPHY 7 -- BILOXI 12 The Murphy Panthers journeyed to Biloxi and played one of their best games only to lose in the last two minutes of play by a 12-7 score. From the opening whistle the Biloxi Redskins displayed a sparkling running attack featured by downfield blocking. This attack repeatedly netted long gains and, but for several heroic stands made by the Murphy eleven, would have turned the game into a rout. However, the stubborn Panther de- fense held for downs when their goal-line was threatened, and not until late in the second period were the Indians able to score. Immediately after the half the Blue and Gold boys opened up with one of the finest passing attacks ever shown by a Murphy team. Mixing passes and running plays, the home boys pushed the ball to the Biloxi 30 yard line, from which point 76 a long pass netted a touchdown and a 7-6 lead. The remainder of the game seemed to be all Murphy until the last minute of play, when a bad pass from center was recovered by a Biloxi line- man for a touchdown. MURPHY 0 - RAMSAY 31 A crippled Murphy team, still suffering from the effects of its heartbreaking loss to Biloxi, was no match for the powerful Rams from Birmingham. The Ramsay combine mixed power with deception in marching to a decisive 31-0 victory over the Panthers. MURPHY 6 - PENSACOLA 0 After twice bowing in defeat, the Murphy Panthers rose to unprecedented heights to topple the Pensacola Tigers from the unbeaten ranks by administering a thorough 6-0 trouncing. Throughout the night the Murphv line was the deciding factor in overwhelming the Pensacola eleven. It continually outcharged the Tiger fore- wall, throwing their -backs for losses, and prevent- ing the visitors' tricky ground 'attack from ever getting started. The Panther forewall also ex- hibited its best offensive playing of the year, opening up holes that enabled the backs to slice through for frequent gains, MURPHY 0 - PHILLIPS 13 Unleasing a fierce first half attack, the Phillips Red Raiders defeated a fighting Panther eleven in Birmingham by a 13-0 count. This victory marked the first time that a Red and White eleven has been able to triumph over the Blue and Gold. Throughout the first half the Panthers fought with their backs against the wall, as the Red Raid- ers unleased a devastating ground attack that netted a two touchdown lead: but in the second half the Murphy eleven played on almost even keel with the Birmingham team. Lite in the final period Murphy mustered its only scoring threat witha thirty-four yard march from centerfield, but a 15 yard penalty interrupted the advance. MURPHY 0 - LANIER 7 The invading Poets of Sidney Lanier were fought to a virtual standstill by the best display of Murphy defensive power this year. Except for McCarty off for nice gain Lanier-Murphy U. M. S.-Murphy one perfectly executed play, the game would prob- ably have ended a scoreless tie. Taking the second half kickoff on his own twelve, Lanier's husky blocking back raced 88 yards for the only score, as the perfect blocking of his mates cleared the way. Except for this one touch- down dash, the contest was the closest and hardest fought of the year for the Blue and Gold. The Murphy line, although outweighed, was a stone Wall tothe opposing ball carriers throughout the game. MURPHY 0 - McGILL 20 The McGill Yellowjackets einched their second consecutive city football title with a smashing 20-0 victory over the Murphy Panthers, before the season's largest crowd of 9,000. The Jackets struck swiftly to register two touch- downs in the first quarter. Again in the second period another was added for a total of twenty points, as a driving rainstorm ended the scoring for the night. The Murphy offense clicked only once, allow- ing the Blue and Gold boys to penetrate to the McGill 31 yard stripe. Here the McGill defense Bay Minette-Murphy stiffened and a pass interception ended the threat. The Murphy forward wall, except for one bril- liant stand on its own five yard line, was com- pletely outclassed by 'a hard-charging Jacket line. MURPHY 7 - U. M. S. 27 Completely bewildered by the flashing Cadet backs, the Murphy Panthers were almost anni- hilated, as the season's finale ended with a 27-7 Wright's Victory. The one bright spot for the Panthers was the thorough destruction of the vaunted Red and Grey air attack. Many times during the night an alert Panther secondary ruined the Cadet aerial attempts with timely pass interceptions, but in every other department of the game the Panthers were com- pletely outplayed. The Murphy line, usually the strong link in the Panther attack, was hopelessly outcharged and out fought by the heretofore weak Wright's forewall. The loss of this game marked the first time in ten years that a Murphy eleven has fallen victim of the Red and Grey. Cozwh Lamar Moye Basketball Coach Lamar Moye began his first year as basketball mentor faced by one of the gloomiest athletic outlooks ever to occur at Murphy. Not a single player returned from last years "dream team", but this was hardly ia beginning of Coach Moye's Woes. In addition McGill, Foley, and Biloxi boasted their strongest quintets in years, all eager to avenge the set-backs received at the hands of the Panther five of last year. The Murphy lads did get off to a slow start, but reached their peak in the post season tournaments to win the distinction of being ranked among the best eight teams of the state. Hats off to Coach Moye for this feat. He began the season with the worst team ever to Wear the Blue and Gold but by hard and patient work molded a group of players who did as well in the state tournament as any of the strong Murphy teams of the past. After defeating Grand Bay and Citronelle in practice games the Murphy five swung into the regular tilts with a hard earned 35-29 Win over a surprisingly strong Robertsdale team. Led by Carr, lanky guard, the Panthers jumped to an ewrlv lead, but their inabilitv to cover the Robertsdale center kept the score close throughout the game. Again the Blue and Gold got off to a flying start to grab a 17 point lead as a scrappy Fairhope five was helpless to stop their neat passing attack. Led by Captain Benton who garnered 16 points from the floor, the Panthers showed unusual ac- curacy in hitting the basket to administer a 39-18 trouncing. A weak Citronelle five was no match for the fast breaking Murphy quintet which drove to a 48-20 victory on the Murphy court. The Panthers scored freely during the first and fourth periods to thoroughly outclass the visitors. The Murphy five next journeyed to Florida to face their first stiff opposition in Pensacola Tigers. The heralded Tiger zone defense proved too much for the Panthers, causing them to take many wild shots and holding them to a lone field goal. Pensa- cola scored mainly on check shots to hand the Blue and Gold their first loss, 20-10. rom left to right: Wilsmwn, Salmon. Carr. Renton, Wood- ham. Gewin. Warren, Bnnser, Murril. Chin, Johansen lienten l'l0l"XV2ll'KlI Johansen' Guard: VVilson-flforward. Captain Farl llenton was in excellent form as he led Murphy to a Z5-15 win over the U. M. S. Cadets in the first intra-eity game of the season. The Panthers weres low in starting but found the basket in the third period to ice the game away. A veteran Biloxi combine wasted no time in hitting their scoring spree as they scored 13 points in the first minutes of play against a bewildered Murphy team. The raggedness and inexperience of the Panthers showed pl,1inly throughout as they were helpless to combat the Biloxi attack. Biloxi ZH, Murphy lil. Again Captain llenton and his team mates were in fine form to rout the lfairhope aggregation for the seeond time this season. l3enton's fifteen points and Johansen's six were tops for Murphy. Murphy 538, Fairhope 16. Murphy dropped her third game of the season to the Foley Lions in a game that was really nip and tuck throughout. llardlv would the Lions score before a battling Panther five would come right baek to add a score to their count. However, the Foley five was simply a little too good and they came through with a 31-23 victory over the home team. Up to this point in the season the Murphy quintet had played eight games, winning five and losing three. Although the season's standing was well over 500 the five wins had been made against teams which for years had been notably wexk, While in every real test the Panthers had fought hard but had bowed in defeat. This weakness, due to the fact that not 21 single player returned who was even on the squad last year, became more noticeable now as the Panthers swung into the stiffest part of their schedule. First the Panthers dropped a thriller to the Cadet eagers by a 23-22 Count. Then followed defeats by Biloxi, McGill, lionser- Forward: Gewinifvnterg Wuodham --Forward. Phillips and Pensacola. However, in each of these games the Murphy boys showed decided improve- ment and promise of developing into a strong team, Tn the second game against the strong' Foley Lions, the Panthers really hit their stride. Benton, Johansen, Ge-win, VVilson and VVarren completely outplayed the visitors to come through with a 33-27 win, and stamp themselves as a dark horse in the district tournament. Murphy held an eight point lend on the McGill Jackets until the last three minutes of play and except for the elimination of two regulars on fouls would probably have closed the season with an upset. As it was, the Jackets barely eked out a victory in the season's most thrilling game. In the District Tournament at Foley, the Panthers took two out of three games to earn runner-up honors. The first game against Floma- ton was a pushover with the Panthers winning -15-23, but in the second game against Robertsdale, Murphy met stiffer opposition, finally ekeing out a 26-24 Win. In the finals, the Panthers were defeated by McGill but bv winning second place, were able to attend the state meet. On to the state tournament at Tuscaloosa and Murphy played fine basketball to defeat Highland Home, one of Alz1bama's leading prep school teams. In the second game. the Blue and Gold dropped a 48-35 decision to Ramsay High of Birmingham. The entire Murphy team played well throughout the tournament but Captain Benton paced the efforts of his mates, scoring thirty-two points in the two games. Members of this years squad were Benton, Johansen, Carr, Wilson, Gewin, Warren, Bonser and VVoodham. Only two of these, Johansen and Gewin will graduate so prospects look bright for Murphy in 1940. 81 Robortsdalo 29 Fairhopo 18 Citronollo 20 Pvnsacola 20 U. M. S. 15 Biloxi 28 Fairhopo 16 Folf-y 31 U. M. S. 223 Biloxi Ill Mr-Gill -10 Phillips 26 McGill H0 Warrenv-Guardg Johnson-Managerg Carr-Guard. SUMMARY Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy U. M. S. 35 Murphy Penizwola 27 Murphy Foley 27 Murphy McGill 32 Murphy District Tournament Flomaton 23 Murphy Robertsrlalc 2-1 Murphy McGill 44 Murphy State Tournament Highland Home 25 Murphy Ramsay 48 Murphy B2 Floyd IITIS A Coach Will armond. Morley. Pettus, Heath, Tw M . Demetro- I R nhart, Mc 'ar k Webb. Spain, . Langham. Carr. Norton, Oberkirk, lm G Eberlein Leroy TL hl.S. Leroy Ray Minette Bay Minette Jackson IL Bl.S. McGill Robertsdale McGill IL BL S. McGill G.C1 DL AU Robertsdale Pensacola Jackson G.Cl BL A, Baseball there here here there here here here Lyons Park here here here here there there here there here ' ll :gms Age" A . lk 5' t . ,Asif N is , if fab, ,A I I G+' 2 I -fi ,Q Q ' A 0 LWWWMW U iaq, KM MMWM-mwmv A-K 2 "..Qv '-..--, 5-4 fi! Eazgzxmi ffl gggmg ii I N. Intra-Mural if P B x P 1 A" Fresh. Volley Ball Champs Soph- BaSk9l3bal1 Champs Row Ono: Klimf. Bilbo . Row One: Broadus. Coffer Row Two: Reimer, Benton, SlllTll'!'llfl, Jones Row Two: Hickey, Rowell, D1-Vine, WL-iss Fresh. Basketball Soph' Voucy Ball Chalnps Row One: Yates, Fender, Clark, Pelletier Row One: Mimldlebruwks. Smith. lnzlc Row Two: Fayard, Malone, Denmark. Everett, Steiner, Row Two: McDule, McCarty, lirazelton. Odom Arendall 85 H 'P Track Captain Carl Brown First Track Meet Moss Point--Pensacola--Murphy Moss Point--Pensacola-Murphy The Moss Point Tigers ended Murphy High's domination of the local track scene when they scored a triumph over both the Mobile team and Pensacola High School. The Mississippi team captured 11 first places and two thirds to total 57 points. Murphy was second with 34W and Pensacola third with 2515. The defeat marked the first time the Panthers have lost a track meet since 1935 and only the fourth loss handed the Murphy squad since track was started at the million dollar school in 1931 Moss Point showed the assem- bled track fans one of the best group of thinlies to perform on the Murphy cinders in several seasons. The squad was well-bal- anced and had a good performer in each of the dashes, distances, jumps and weights. Summary of Events The individual results were as follows: Shot put: Fields, Moss Point: Bell, Pensacola: Mattox, Pensa- cola. Distance: 46 feet, 5 inches. 120-yard high hurdles: Stauter, Moss Point: Cary, Pensacola: Haskia, Murphy. Time: 17.1 seconds. 100-yard dash: Cunningham, Moss Point: Brown, Murphy: Pat- terson, Pensacola. Time: 10.3 seconds. Pole Vault: Stauter, Moss Point: Benton, Murphy: Tapia, Murphy. Height: 11 feet. Discus throw: Fields, Moss Point: Benton, Murphy: Folmer, Pensacola. Distance: 110 feet, 6 inches. Mile run: Jones, Moss Point: Miller, Murphyg Denmark, Mur- phy. Time: 4:46.2 fnew recordj. 440-yard run: Smith, Moss Point: Horne, Pensacola: Payne, Pensacola. Time: 55 seconds. High jump: Stauter, Moss Point: Benton, Murphy: Fillette, Murphy, and Dargoz, Pensacola, tied. Height: five feet, nine inches. 220-yard low hurdles: Mclnnis, Moss Point: Lyons, Pensacola: Pennington, Murphy. Time: 26.8 seconds. 220-yard dash: Cunningham, Moss Point: Patterson, Pensacola: Brown, Murphy. Time: 23.4 seconds. Broad jump: Hancock, Murphy, Redding, Murphy: Stauter, Moss Point. Distance: 19 feet, 10 inches. 880-yard relay: Murphy fRed- ding, Ward, Torres, Brownj, Pen- sacola, Moss Point. Time: 1:39. 5 L P F 1 Row One: Pennington: Hous- ton: Price-Williams: Red- ding: Brown: Torres Row Two: Hancock: Tapia McCarty: Boyes: Robinson Benton Row Three: Ward: Denmark Fillette: Kasten: Baker .. ,..: p ,,,' 4.88. ' K -1n w,5,iif5,,,M N W. - .. ,G M JW Q. 2 WL...- I.. TRACK EVENTS: 1. Carl Brown and John Torres, Sprintsg 2. Myles McCarty, Shot Putg 3. Carl Benton, Pole Vaultg 4. Wallace Boye and Bill Houston, 880 Yard Rung 5. Ed. Ward and Charles Fillette, 880 Relayg 6. Ray Hancock, Broad Jumpg 7. Carlton Baker, Shot Putg 8. Jed Denmark and Homer Tapia, Mileg 9. Billy Robinson and Wallace Pennington, Low Hurdlesg 10. Carl Benton, Discusg 11. Thornton Williams and Bill Redding, Sprints. Intra-Mural wi, lv ,g"L'75g! School Volley Ball Champs School Badminton Champs Sec. 148: Lombard, Gray, Griggs Sec. 106: Flach and Austin School Basketball Champs 223-School Basketball Champs Sec. 132 B: Radford, Babcock, Babcock, L. ROW One: Denton, Hahn, McMurphy, Courtney 12nd Rowjg Weiss, Prine, Bain Row Two: Salmon. Smith, Mims BB Scene II GUILDS r The 1939 MOh1aH H J YQ an K' Berry, lirenn-man, liruwn, C., Brown, M. L., Carpenter, Cunningham, 1JlCkil'1SUH, Kirk, Mc-Swcen, Miller, Nutt, lxritchurd, Risen, Sanders The Mohian Picnic Robby Nortonvllelen Duirilar Business Mana5rerfEdit0r-in-chicf Flanagan, Gerhardt, Gewin, Hand, Heblon, Johnson, Kirchhoffer, Slaughter, Stuart, Swcigzxrt, Toenes, Wagner, Wood "Thanks for the Memories"-You'll be saying this to the members of your Mohian staff fifteen years from now. For with painstaking care and labor, we have attempted to preserve for you cherished souvenirs of your happy, carefree high school days. To each of you is dedicated this record of your activities, this treasure-book of pictures of you and your friends. The editorial staff has done its best to provide you with interest- ing pictures and write-ups, and snappy captions. By their untiring efforts in securing advertise- ments, members of Bobby Norton's 'business staff have made possible the low price of the book for you. The staff is grateful for the invaluable aid received from outside sources. To Miss Ruth Moore and her Public Speaking class and to Miss Fan Randlette's art classes are due much credit for the success of the subscription campaign. To Miss Brown and the rest of the office staff we are grateful for their ever-ready helpfulness. Under the wise and clever leadership of our editor, Helen Duggar, capably guided by the faculty advisor, Mr. Wilkie, we have worked hard to pro- duce this book, and we sincerely hope that you deem it worthy of our school, and that you will treasure it always. iii 5 my Q rf ik .L F- .ifgs 3 .L1i5 ' 7 W , MI ,. . .il M 'fi QL' vw 14 2 M ,,,,,,, . : B I ., v r Hg? h sf, I Q 'fv M LATIN- Latin scholars interested in studying about the life, customs, and language of the Romans may join Miss Tait's Latin Club. Mem- bers are helped to a better under- standing of the practical and cul- tural value of Latin. Roman songs and plays are studied and this year members constructed a miniature Roman house. SKETCH- Miss Kennedy's Sketch Club is for students interested in draw- ing, especially outdoor sketching. Weather permitting, meeting are held on the campus, where mem- bers sketch the buildings and shrubbery, using pencil or water colors. Drawings are criticized by the advisor and other members. One year of art is required for membership. USHERS- An essential part of the smooth running of any Murphy produc- tion, or any other program given in our auditorium, is the Ushers Club. Under the capable guidance of Miss Ruth Knudsen, club spon- sor, the ushers collect tickets, distribute programs and help keep orderly conduct at plays, assem- blies, and the like. MODERN ALCHEMIST - This year the Modern Alchemist celebrates its tenth anniversary. The club has been greatly honored by having Miss Woolley as sponsor throughout all these years. Its purpose is to create more interest in chemistry and give opportunity to those interested to do further .work in chemistry than one year. 93 U .fm X ' X . M m 3 Qxmgw svfihfxfnmndlw' Exim i ,. ,""f,"'i"9 0 EWQKQXQY Xkmcc in xxwx 4 -- x A - - - I ,1 wqxkxmw A at we Nm Xyqgmmwg' XM X , X V , 1 WM. My . 'A ff' X. , K L X X .xx , .wwx .MV xx .WM vx Q ,.. wr.. ff. -. SMA Y? mm .1 w.. hr N M.,+,w1 4 Q u X 1ha!J1Z+ .., .An-M M. LAW' Xi. VA Uh! Xu Aulmw NK 1 a ,.. -num ww .,.. Q Am. , x umm WM V-A. .,--..f-- ,..n,,- K .x 5? ff Press Notices ,gi Row One: Hollis, Chaudron, Jacobs, Lambert, Fulford, DeAnge1o, Gordon, Zel- nicker, Brown, McGill, Holmes, Robinson, Jansen. Row Two: Walker, Whitney, Lobger, Lauber, McConnell, Lee, Dismukes, Frazier, St W'd M tk' D V . one, iney, a m, e an Row Three: Dahmer, Hudgens, Berry, Kirk, Mayhall, Saston, Phillips, Black- lidge, Salmon, Hewett, Amos, Jenson, Glass. Murphy Hi Times If you want to read about the new courses, new teachers, baseball game, latest best-seller, or who's going with whom, you can find it in the Murphy Hi Times, published bi-monthly by students or former students of the journalism class, and printed in the shops under the direction of Mr. Houser. "Medalist or bust," vowed Edwin Zelnicker, Jr. when he was elected editor of the paper by the student body, and with the aid of Helen Hunter Rhodes, managing editor, Susie Mae Gordon, busi- ness manager, Mrs. Grimes and Miss White, ad- visors, and a competent staff, he achieved his aim. In addition to putting out a regular issue every two weeks, the staff produced a special issue which was sold on the streets to enable members of the staff to attend the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association convention for high school jour- nalists in New York, and sponsored a Valentine dance. Silent and solid is the business staff of the Murphy High Times, never seen nor heard of except twice during the year, when the students' sub- scriptions are received. At other times the staff, under Susie Mae Gordon, business manager, retires into oblivion in room 114 with Miss Annie Lou White as the faculty advisor. There they attend to the business side of the paper. Although this side of the paper is seldom in the public limelight, all important business passes through the "bank" of the staff. When a special issue is begun with the construction by the editorial staff, the business staff sallies forth to solicit advertisements to pay for the issue. The business staff always tries to fulfill its purpose of keeping the Murphy High Times Hout of the red," in good financial condition, in order to maintain its position as the leading high school publication of Alabama. PHOTOGRAPHY- Fourteen members compose the Photography Club, which is one of the most interesting clubs in Mur- phy. Its purpose is to establish photography as a habit. Under the capable sponsorship of Miss Murray, they all take part in the club activities. Much time is given over for the developing of pictures. GIRLS' FIRST AID- Capably sponsored by Miss Thomason is the Girls' First Aid Club, the purpose of which is to give the members a chance to earn their first aid certificates. l'n- cluded in the activities of this group are practical work, written and oral work, films on first aid, and also social functions. COIN- Because of the many ships com- ing from foreign ports, Mobile furnishes the Coin Club with unusual opportunities for collect- ing and exchanging coins. The aim of this club, ably advised by Miss Craddock, is to collect, ex- change, classify, and arrange for display, coins from foreign nations and from the United States. BOYS' BIOLOGY- With Mr. Marion as the able director, the Boys' Biology Club is one of Murphy's outstanding clubs. Its purpose is to give boys a chance to work on any special biological interest they may have. This year they are busy working on a honey bee project and gar- dening in the green house. 96 CONSUMER EDUCATION- Shoppers and homemakers of tomorrow will know the secrets of choosing clothes and food, if Miss Morrisettc's Consumer Edu- cation Club has anything to say about it. People 'in the know'- clerks and executives from down- town stores-speak at club meet- ings, instructing members in the art of judging qualities and prices. MATHEMATIC- In the Mathematics Club, ad- vised by Mr. Pillans, various mem- bers select special fields of Math. on which to report. Trick problems and puzzles are also solved. The purpose of this club is to offer an opportunity to interested students to investigate Math. beyond that which is offered in school courses. ENGINEERING- To help those students who are planning to study engineering in college is the fundamental pur- pose of the Engineering Club. Be- ing divided into two groups, each group is responsible for bringing in all information possible con- cerning that particular branch of engineering, The capable advisor of this club is Miss Moon. COSTUME- Under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Haas, the Costume Club per- forms very interesting and neces- sary work. The fifteen members of this club work together in mak- ing the costumes for the plays presented by the Four Arts Club. This organization of Murphy is affiliated with the national and state economics clubs. 97 Nat1ona1 To have the right to wear the pin of the National Honor Society, to be recognized among the chosen few who make up that organization, is the high- est honor a student can attain in Mur- phy High School. Elected on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, the service, which constitute the ideal of the society, the members represent the highest type of student. Each spring a few prominent members of the junior class are chosen that the work of the organization might be carried over into the next year. John Stuart was elected president by this group, under whose leadership a survey of colleges was Row One: Langham. McSween Tapia, Holder, Radcliff d'OrneIlas, Stuart. Flach Gadik, Gordon. Douglas. Row Two: Ripps, Shepard roy, Duggar, Willard, Price Cook, Nelson, McGetrick. Row' Three: Wood, Smith Browder, Mason, Rogers Absent: Gerhardt, Zelnicker and New. 'conducted to aid Murphy pupils in the selection of schools for higher learn- ing. In February was held the tapping exercise for seniors, when twenty-nine new membe1's were admitted. With Jim Radcliff as second semester presi- dent, the society held its annual banquet for actives and alumni, was in charge of a booth at Welfare Day and took a census of the foreign-born grand- parents of Murphy students. Establish- ed as first chapter of National Honor in Alabama it is through the guidance of Miss Virginia d'Ornellas that the local chapter maintains its splendid national standing. Honor Society l N. H. S. Banquet 1938 Butt, Sanders, Stevens, Gil- Brown, Howard, Gewin, Mc: Corresponding to the National Honor Society in the journalistic field is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, better known as Quill and Scroll which recognizes hard working young high school Jour- nalists. To qualify for membership one must have served on one of the pub- lications, the Murphy Hi Times or the Mohian, or must present proof of journalistic ability, then be approved by Miss Annie Lou White, capable lad- visor. To fulfill its purpose of stimu- lating and promoting journalism, Quill and Scroll sponsors regular contests open to all students, members or not, in editorial writing, news stories, ad- vertising copy, headline writing, news judgment, and all the other phases of newspaper work, for which the winners receive recognition in the Quill and Scroll Magazine and, if national win- ners, gold medals. Several Murphy students received recognition during the past year. The national council, with headquarters at Northwestern University in Chicago, offers each year to the senior student showing the most journalistic promise a two year scholar- ship iat a recognized university. Claude Dahmer, sports editor of the Murphy Hi Times and member of the National Honor Society is president of the local chapter and has led the mem- bers in a successful year. Secretary June Berry Quill and Row One: Rhodes lldhmer Row Two: lirnwn li rrx Wil ' ney, Lobgcr Scroll -ss e .. Y , 5 M- 3 ffl' " 2 ,yi Wmzzz wg jg il ff fi ,v:,' I 4 I 1 fi f , is A Q, K .1 M5521 s " 'K 7 fa 2' fd 15 4 .f 1 f Q ' f Q: w ., ,. iii?f ' 7 'g iff" Q ,, 1,7 ' ' 3' Q e 2 , ,. cr ' 'W W . 1 . .nivfyr g TW 4 a 'MEL ,Q Q If tx - Q f., ' 32.4.4 VB 3 Q jig 1 5 5... u A , fe: fs wg if 45 n f f ' 1 794 A , wx ' " 'W 'Q .1 , s 1 , ,W ,NL 142255, he . px" an 42 2315. ,Sa x-gy, X , - ,, 'f'.,g:, f N . 1, 2' N Bi-X lj Rx - --r.:,.v X ff -Q...--8 1 ,. ., ,ty T, Y K W. x N.. My,-: " , -49" z Th U gsflga X . s 4--A . D ,. 4 'EUEF-I' L .PL ' . K L x .av-5 ' N M ms Kfw W x S Q S ANI' ii if ww . Y Q Lkk -1 1,,, ,QQ , fs N 5 ' Q.. 2 ,Aww my M tx' - in Q.. P -vw m 'fun an 'fx DN ,,g,..,f Q 1 L M 'f RSX. f'fS18Cq AMERICAN YOUTH FORUM World, national, and local af- fairs provide subjects for debates, discussions, and reports at meet- ings of the American Youth Forum. Mr. Hudgens, a popular history teacher, directs this club for students who are interested in news events of today. Members are encouraged to enter national contests on citizenship and world affairs. PHILATELNIC- To increase the member's knowl- edge and collection of stamps is the purpose of the Philatelic Club. The club, interestingly advised by Miss Rubira, orders First Day Issues from the post office in VVashington. By subscribing to Meekly's Weekly it Obtains the forecast of -the new stamps which are coming out. PANTHER- "Coca-cola, candy, peanuts, chewing-gum!"-Me thinks I hear a familiar sound. Ah yes, 'tis the Panther Club on the job as usual. t'Mr. H0user's Peddlersn can be found at all football games and other school events, selling refresh- ments. Profits are used in various ways to benefit the school. HARTE Hl-Y- Advised by Mr, Unzicker, the Harte Hi-Y is one of the school's most outstanding service groups. It has two enjoyable social affairs during the year, a Christmas party and a spring dance. At Thanks- giving and Christmas time this club is very generous in making up baskets for needy families. 102 BIBLIOMANIAC Ambitious and athletic girls who have made four hundred points toward their Physical Education letters are eligible to join Mrs. Crenshaw's Letter Club. The pur- pose of the club is to help these girls make their required points. Members go on hikes and play on the club's basketball and baseball teams. LETTER4 Dancers, singers, musicians - Mr, Sonnier's Novelty Club is for you. The club's purpose is to discover students with unusual talent, and to train them in poise and stage presence. All Sopho- mores, Juniors, and Seniors talented in music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment are eligible to tryout for membership. NOVELTY- . A new addition to Murphy this year, the Interior Decoration Club, teaches girls pointers in design, homemaking, and interior decora- tion as an extra-curricular activ- ity, it encourages girls to develop lheir own ideas in design and interior decorating and to carry them out in their homes and in tl eir schools. INTERIOR DECORATION- "Crazy about books" is the meaning of the word "biblio- maniacf' Studying subjects per- taining to the history and develop- ment of books is the purpose of this club with Miss White as com- petent advisor. Old books, rare books, autographed books, and book plates are carefully examined by thc members of this group. 103 5 Q 1 1 N9' Fi 'YW U "' Y' H Music Mr. Claude Dahmer, Conductor, standing Row One: Roh, Prolsdorfer Stickney. Prolsdorfer, John- ston, Schultz, Schaefer Row Two: Molton, Martin, Pierre, Brannon. Yohn Wagner, Thomas, Baldwin Burke. Miller. Thatcher Holder Row Three: Foley, Jones, Ash Ward, James, Stewart. Dah- mer. Andreades, Kayser, Harris, Hand, Green, Word, Walker, George. Haas Swearinger Row Four: Rhodes. P'ou, Kear- ley. Williams. McMillan Lockler. McKenzie. Sisson Andrews. Bromley, Daniels Sellers, Lewis, Green. Clem- ents. Betbeze. Harris, Ful- ton Standing: Faggert, Powell, Meyers. Plewes. Jacobson Pallard. Tattis, Andreades Mintz. Koffier, Mackin, mal , - Music is indeed like rain upon the desert, especially if it's the right kind of music. Murphy's orchestra, which is rapidly winning honors for its symphonic accomplishments, has given many per- formances uring the school year. Through the efforts of 1 eir tireless director, they have learned many of the works of great composers for the enter- tainment of Murphy students, The purpose of this organization, now composed of more students than ever before, is to help the students to understand and develop his musical ideas. Whether it features the soothing melody of the violin, the more spirited wood winds, or its novel tympani numbers, the orchestra is always a welcome part of assemblies, plays, and other programs. Row One: Smith, Prolsdorfer, Prolsdorfer, Bromley, Haig- ler. Green, Plewes, McRae, McMillan, Tania, Rains, Fogg, Amos, Moulyet. Row Two: Hand, Roh, Ach, Clausen, Andrcades, Hansen, Carr, Kayers, McGowan. Wright. Thomas, Dullose, Hatch. Row Three: Johnston. Bald- win, Hennen, Heath, Swin- gle, Vacalis, Ewing, Green. Gwen, Dahmer, McKenzie, Yohn. Row Four: Word. Lewis, Tat- tis, Moore, Sellers, An- dreades, Keeler, Vrachalus, Sims. Schaefer, Alley, Lock- ley. 104 ford, Swingle, Chambers "Along the street there comes a blare of bugle, the sound of drums"-Murphy's band is on parade! A half-a-hundred marching feet, striking uniforms of blue and gold, music that spurs the team on to victory-this is Murphy's band. They play their stirring music on parades, at the football games, assemblies and at various and sundry occasions. This year the Junior Band marched at a football game for the first time. The band has represented both faculty and pupils in expressing school spirit, sportsmanship, and good will. With "Alexander's Rag Time Band" they have kept our spirits high during a losing football game. We thank them for both courage and inspiration. . . . .-...- i Row One: Malkin. Roberts, Finch, Carpenter, Pugh, Murphree, Spikes, Frenkel, Sims, Gill, Bowling, Shackle- ford, Townsend, James, McDowell. Row Two: Seymour. Wood. Swindull, Middlebrooks, Thomley, Enger, Larson. Williams, Springer. Martin. Simon. Ray. Brazelton, Inge, Bon. Lee. Row Three: Huff, 'I'allon, Mashburn, Tucker, Oelvev. Rainey, Swingle, Linvi'le, Abercrombie, Seibert, Mc- Dole, Callaway. Soles, Wil- liams. Peters. Stevens. Row Four: Fox, Bashford, Strakley, Pennington. Knight, Richardson. Creel. Andreades, Fountain, 0'Rouke, Kroutter, Locke, Eslava. Brunson, Taylor. Prouty, Taylor, Ferrill, Turner. If you've ever been near the Arts Building second period, you've surely heard Mr. Stookey's musical lads and lassies trilling their scales with vim and vigor up in 242. Combined for one day a week, these junior Lawrence Tibbetts and Kirsten Flagstads blend their voices into a Glee Club which is a credit to their capable director. On other days, they divide into separate Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs. The girls learn different three-part music, two soprano parts and an alto, while the boys' music is divided into four parts, two tenors and two basses. Any Sophomore, Junior, or Senior may join the Club by trying out for Mr. Stookey and obtaining his OK. Music The Glee Clubs have been busy this year as usual, gadding about the country, singing for their suppers, "The Emperor's Clothes", Murphy first full three-act operetta in several years, was beau- tifully rendered by the combined Glee Clubs in March. The latter part of that mon a large delegation from the "singing society" 'ekked to Tuscaloosa for the State Music Convention. Fea- tured there were a girls' sextet and trio and a boys' quartet, which earned high honors. Mr. Stookey this year worked out the idea of selecting a special group of the best singers to take trips in this vicinity, presenting programs in various towns. Concerts were given in several churches here in town, also. ber. Thomas. Godwin. Lauten. ham, Word, Richards. Row One: 0'Gwynn, lludgens, Gaines, Miller, Brown. Tur- ner, Thompson, Myers, Jones, McDonough, Cham- Row Two: Holland, Mcflrory, Moore, Cory. lirown, Ferrill, , Clayton, Word. Skipper, Row 'l'l:ree: l"urvis, liarlwour, llaldwine, Hush. Smith, Allen, Irby, Goubil, Lam:- 105 Opera ww ww, 106 Scene from "The En1peror's Clothes" Springer and Barbourg Bush and Richards Townsend and Skipper Opera Skipper, Bush, Townsendg Townsend, Skipper 7 Cast of "The Emperor's Clothes' 10 BOYS' FIRST AID- Time and time again headlines announce to a waiting world that some boy or girl has saved a life by knowing what to do in those moments after an accident while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Boys' First Aid teaches how to prevent as well as meet such emergencies. ARCHERY- Robin Hood and William Tell receive stiff competition from Miss Deas' Archery Club. Twenty-two members of the bow-and-arrow clan meet on Club Days to let fly their shots at the bull's eye. Cups are awarded to the boy and girl scoring the highest points in the spring tournament. APPRECIATION OF LITERA- TURE - Under the sponsorship of Mr. Phillips, one of Murphy's interest- ing clubs is the Appreciation of Literature. Its purpose is to arouse and promote an interest in literature, During the meetings short stories, dramas, and poetry are read. Class discussions are held in which all members can take part. RADIO-ELECTRIC, Murphy makes plenty of noises, many of which may be traced to the Radio club-room in the Medical Unit. By tinkering with this condenser, that insulator, and producing a series of squawks, these students, many trying to pass their amateur license tests, keep the public address system free from static. HOBBY- Murphy's Hobby Club has as its purpose the educating of its mem- bers in the advantageous use of their leisure time in developing constructive, and enjoyable hob- bies. The club is divided into groups according to the different hobby interests, one advised by Miss Driver and the other by Mr- Moye. 108 Q 3 5 if .1 it . . E . 1 J Q '- Vi 'F 5 . .. 'fx A ,ig fx.. x .ff .X I 37 4 ' 3 ' J k ' kai vw , ' K 1 Q: .1 M 4 . . .,.u.,:,l Q 4 Q f, f f X! 7 M' 4 Q 'If' 5 , F 5 ye N. gl E Qi tl . ,S YS Q iv x ' ff. -L , W' A X 4 'V 4.,hX 'H x ' 5 . 1 in .. ,Q F :R 1 . f 3 Z.. 58: 2 -13? 1 5 . 4 Qf:,.f2!"T' iii' .I . LI, ,, I 4 . f .. 33, ,, . N L3 if! s 14 ...N 1 .f x 'ax Qi' ,Q 5' r - .owl 4, ,pf an ...., . iltt. . ,S fl' Q. 35 6 ary Y 1.3 if Y K .sf " 5. V 2 I ig! A ' , X ,, . R . . ,M . is . 1.391 la. ,il .QV fkgt ' ,il Q .. f Q , .4555 x ig? 5 4 V 'Q 'mf 8. .1 9 I sg B ix JAG' ul . " 5 1... 1 , . ,009 MS 5 5 an v 7 W ,V M 4 S , t ig, .. , i. , -35 5 1 ,K wt. 2 Q 1 55 , ., x Mk 'x W M ri .-ff u 5 H3 --512.1 f, 5? K Q Q A r f lx!! 4 v ,A 'Ri X If Q y 1' 5 Q' Q A 2:'IpL:,.. 1' ' w?Tf1'-.4g,,,- f., -:X ' if: 'P L 'v 'A - Q 4,-V .lsr . 06 Q 5 4 'xr .lg .......aa 1 , 2, ,,. - 4 QL... ' ITT 9'451, 5 5 xg gl! gina? ni ii 1 cg fQf"fJ x ,. A in 5 1 ff W Scene III SIDE LIGHTS On Navy Day, the entire student body of our Alma Mater-the faculty toog we must not omit the faculty- witnessed a demonstration by the crew of the Coast Guard cutter Tampa of the efficiency with which the Navy handles difficult situa- tions. . . The Lyle gun, used to fire a weight over two boards representing the mast of a ship in distress, some- what overshot its mark and the weight finally landed far back in the tennis courts. But who cares? It's all in the game. . . Cap'n Wheeler, Mr. Clark, and Mrs. Hamil watch proceedings. . . Mr. Hatch looks on with a critical eye. . . Are the guardians of our seas snuffing us. . . The mike claims our principal's attention. . . "Attention" for the "Star Spangled Banner" . . . Now for the grand finale, with a little black Scottish terrier, the Tampa's mascot, leading the way. .QDZOLS 5 fl 114 doitumai Participants in the Crown- Tested Rayon contest .... The winners, Margarite Al- dredge and Eunice Smith re- ceived prizes from Hammel Dry Goods Company as well as from the Crown-Tested Rayon Company. . . Mavis Larsen, Agnes Nowling, and Ellen Hoeksema are ready to trip the light fantastic. . . Lazona Stevens and Eunice Miller model housecoats. . . Each section of the Home Economics department con- tributes its bit to the ap-art- ment: Here are students sewing and child-care apply- ing their knowledge .... Agnes Nowling and Ellen Hoeksema harken to ante bellum days. . . Grace Va- calis serves an apartment visitor. . . After the tea is over. . . Entertaining parents with an apartment party is both amusing and education- al . . . The amusing part is shown in these pictures. . . 115 "Dixie Howell" McCarty gets off a long one, sixty yards as the pigskin flies. . . No rest for the Weary. Grab your headgears and pitch in, boys, for we're playing Lanier on Saturday .... Frazier certainly is in a hurry. Coach must be look- ing. . . Manager Skeets gives the boys a workout .... There's "Countryboy" Fraz- ier again taking his time be- fore a scrimmage .... My, doesn't Hancock look hap- py? You can tell he's start- ing tonight .... Mr. Dobbins, Serda, and Robinson take the train for Birmingham. Watch out Phillips. . . Coach Brimm and star tackle Flan- agan are all smiles. Who's the dame, Hancock? . . . Look out, Monk. Wanna lose the ball? . . . Some bunch-eh, folks? HoW'd you like to meet them in a dark alley? . . . cqmsziaufzi 1 16 Q Q., X- SM , F' Q ' ,f is 4' 0 g ,. R ' 2 Q , fr Q , '1 -A Q- I KS, . ' ff W it 5 0' M5 wi QK " E. A , .,'a, . 9 ' 5 , 'S 'Q' Q ' 01 i dbx k www. ...,w, K N x U' M . iw N li 5 J 5' Q wx xx 5 Qs 9" 6. X bw Q' ' 6 Q fr ' "' , s K ,K x 2 ,,5 if fa af"- Girls fespecially dainty onesj should always be careful Where they sit .... Everyone enjoys an early morning walk .... The camera man gets smiles sometimes .... Quite a com- panionate trio, isn't it? Who says four girls don't make a "bull session?" . . . All of us like candy .... We have to rest occasionally, too .... Students still have to carry books .... The ice cream business is on the upswing again .... Are We so studi- ous that our eyes must al- ways be on our lessons? . . . These demure young ladies fare they so demure?J are smiling at something .... Maybe some subtle joke, or could it be our friend with the camera again? . . . After all, the Wiles of women are deep and dark. .fsacfing fadki .EIUEZLYHZQI2 Glenwood Webb and three stooges are looking the situation over. How about it? . . . The stronger sex at its best, studying .... Won- der what the flagpole would do without the boys' sup- port? . . . There gentlemen- Bruffy Bonneau, Bob and Jack Boykin, and James Bryant-certainly cast long shadows .... Cunningham, Patton, and Richards are advocating the pause that refreshes .... Watch the birdie, boys, and smile, darn you, smile! . . . Such a pity everyone can't be strong like Tarzan Dodd .... This way, ggirlsg eight charming ,Romeos are looking right at you .... Don't baby Richards, he'll laugh anyway, Mitchell. . . . Cram, Goree Johnson, cram! That History test next period is going to be a stickler .... Quite an af- fectionate bunch for a bull session .... 119 Andrew and Peggy with that good old Murphy spirit. . . . Student body of Murphy seen as the crow sees them during the pep rally before the Lanier game .... Mur- phy's "Jitter Bugs" on dress parade .... "Jesse Owens" Serda getting ready to take off. He had better take off or an hour will be put on after school .... June taking time out from carrying the tuba while practicing ma- neuvers before a football game. . . Same time, same place, as the second picture only second lunch period. . . Murphy's sponsors looking very beautiful the night of the Wrights game. Could they be two-timing the boys on the field for stars of the past .... Hite after he had given all in the Biloxi game. warg .Unfszfucfs Hard-working members of the Mohian staff take time out for a frolic at Pritch- arden on Fowl River .... "Rock It For Me" wails the nickelodeon, and Gewin obligingly rocks in the spotlight with Sweigart .... Several enthusiasts go into a huddle over a Chinese checker board. . . "Come and get it!" yells Chefs Pritch- ard, Thomason, lVIcSween, and Miller. . . Martha Raye technique becomes popular with Sanders and Pritchard. . . . Badminton steals the show. . . Wood, Brown, and Heblon rest between acts. . . Some moderate jitterbugs take a curtain call. . . Time out for the pause that re- freshes .... "You should have seen the one that got away," laughs Johnson. . . Bread Qand weinerb line, with "Mother Pritchard" and Slaughter on the giving and receiving ends respec- tively .... 121 ifvioioioioioiqrioininioinio ini KAYSER'S "Mobile's Fashion Center" Everything New In DRESSES, SUITS, COATS, SHOES and MILLINERY "Drop in-a pleasure to show you" ic if if 1 lnizriuimricvioioioioiuioiv DAMRICH MOBILE'S FINEST AND OLDEST SHOE STORE For Men, Women Children l 05 Dauphin St. Compliments of DIXIE MARGARINE and KING TASTE MAYONNAISE Biclgoocl Stationery PRODUCTS - Company s' 1846 I? mee QQ 033,231-Emma Everything For Your Office 67 St. Francis St. BURKE DISTRIBUTING CO. CHEVROLET ALFORD'S 50 St. Francis St. Mobile, Ala. THE COMPLETE CAR L. C. Smith and Corona COMPLETELY NEW Typewriters R t 1-S 1 -S 1' Adams Motor Co. en a S S6236 upp les COMPLIMENTS OF O "ON THE MINUTE DELIVERY" MORGAN PLAN oiuxuiugoinxms1o3uio2u3oi 2 1 113 3 1 zuiozuini 1 101113 13111 111 11111111 3 113 1 1 124 McKESSON HEALTH HELPS AND as Poultry-Fruits-Vegetables Prompt and Courteous Service HOME R1-:Memes Gus I-Ong 1300 Springhill Ave. Should be in every Medicine Dexter 3221 Belmont 9789 Cabinet 'fwlz CAN FIT YOU" sem By All Druggists 25 McKesg0n'.Bedsole "u7lzey're 311 717001 " olvln Lonclon Woolen Mills 107 Dauphin Street COMPLETE SCHOOL AND OFFICE Tom G""db"ad's SUPPLIES Floral Shop ss s. Monterey sn-eet Phone Dexter 1611 IL PRINTING .se STATIONERY 1 0 COMPANY 1 wlsgeion 6 . PHONE Dexter 117 Ask to see our line Of Engraved Cards and Stationery 110111111111 1111111111111 GOLD WATCH! ', What could be closer to any boy Or girl's heart than the gift of a, fine watch for graduation. From S20 to S75 ULIIU5 Milt, ini ini ini 3 ini 3 3 3 3 1 1: 1:2 1 1 ici 111110111 3 1030311101 30 the .fmbilious Students of... n y gh chool Let the Massachusetts Mutual help you to solve the trying problems of saving money. Talk it over with us. In the years to come you may look back upon such a talk as the real beginning of security and happiness. JOE C. MONTGOMERY, General Agent MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY First National Bank Building START TODAY with ll Y 1 R A A I 1 , I ,1 ' Certified Vitamin D M I L K Compliments of Nature's Most Perfect Food Supplied by- Lamey's Pure Milk I 0 I Coe The Best Dames ' Downtown Office Mobile's Only Safe Milk Van Antwerp Bldg. Chocolate Milk-Orange-Ade Belmont 78 Pineapple-Ade-Grape-Ade 101 1 1 10101 1:11:13 2 1 1 1 1 10202 1031311 is 3 1 2 3101 Siiiing on dop of ilze world Here's an easy way to keep youngsters on top of the world-give them plenty of Smith's Holsum Bread, with butter, meat, jam or other appetizing' spread. This better-baked, perfectly balanced bread provides the vital elements needed by growing' boys and girls. Let them have all they want- it is good for them and helps to keep them fit for study and play. Smifmn S VWEVYDY' "Where Qyallty and Purity Count " ioioinioicvioioioxtri 111 iniuinioioimrioioioioioioioitxioii "The House That Has And Always Gives What It Advertises EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATES and STUDENTS of MURPHY HIGH Webb Furniture Co. WHITE SWAN Furniture Rugs Laundry and Dry , Cleaning Household Specialties 501-503 Dauphin Street Phone Dexter 3624 907 Springhill Ave. Phone Dex. 1377 gas, l 56:1 new D R I N K ii I UT "'I.QE'f..'Y:,"n K mzuclous AND REFRESHING Coca2Cola. Bottling Co.-Mobile Sari. COMPLIMENTS Vanity B-oot Shop 201 Dauphin S-treet WATERMAN Mobile, Ala. STEAMSHIP BEAUTIFUL sHoEs For School Girls oinioinz1101011111Quin: 1 1 1 1 1 ir 32.99 and 83.98 1? F f L. G. BALFCDUR COMPANY Foremost in the Manufacture of CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS CUPS - MEDALS - TROPHIES Jeweler to the Senior and Junior Classes Of Murphy High School Representative E. G. FITZGERALD, 10815 No. 22nd St., Birmingham, Alabama rd ':' rio1o1oio:1ri1xi1vi4v14r1rr1o1sx1o1fxi4r11 110101010 wif oioioimxiojoioiojojojfricxic xjojoiojoiojojm 'B .0 The Home of Fine Engravings! Congratulations to the 1939 MOHIAN STAFF. We are happy to have had a part in helping make your dreams of a swell Annual come true. We believe your year book Will be another FIRST PRIZE WINNER. HALFTONES PROCESS COLOR PLATES NATURAL COLOR PHOTOS ACTION PICTURES ART WORK IDEAS GULF STATES ENC-:HAVING Co. S. BLAKE MCNEELY BERT HARMER CECIL MILLER 3r1cr1cr2 010101010101 1011: 1 111: 01010101010 EVERYTHING TO BUILD YOUR HOME' MOBILE SUPPLY COMPANY 53-55 North Water Street Belmont 51-52 J. P. STUART Compliments of The Battle House 3 '.1.- in' ,'.'v' ,".." I ,'.' "An Institution of Which Mohilians 1 b, ' Are Justly Proud" .I fz. 4 ,.'!: 2.1" ,'.: t nuo u e u 1 eu ,g oe ee u,u 325 ROOMS uoee o Broad and Canal Streets Compliments of The Mobile Daily Times MODERN-FIREPROOF "Where Southern Hospitality and Modern Service Prevailu Headquarters for Mobi1e's Social and Civic Club X ..-.-.- Operated by Mobile Hotel Co., Inc. T. F. WYMAN, Manager 3 30201 bi limrioioioiuiniuioioiuit UOUTFITTERS FOR GRADUATES" All Photos of Graduates Made by Our Studio 5201011 1111 111211131 ini ini 111 1 1 1 1 1 311 1 1 111 Z 1 211 31111 iwirioiolnzt! 9 U 4 2 g I 5 af i' :U X -5 -s UQ gg s U 5- S Q gaagsgggggg Q - U3 '71 m nr' m f' fn B' rn I-11 EES-'EESSZFES Q l'l1 3 9' Sf, T5 51 "' Z'jlFEmU'EgffE3q Q' 0 Q 3' 2 Z B W I :pifgzpiimi-5 WB W X 2 Q CD 9 55:0 5"5SWnc:' 5 I' GSHU' a-Sf: 21: m . U E.. U "S 4+ gs pai F25-5 gg 'P gg H- rn E Ie fgmgdgggggs 9 M Z ' "' "" : 3 Q: Eimrms mm rv 2 'U P Qlq4m"1 .. , Q g 2 O :T DZ 3' OH.'Sm?:'gwE Q ' tb U1 U' 5 wgbzomfqfqs' 3 :v g 14 5 5 g p Sioizamgg Q0 M 4 f '1"'rn,'I',SmQd 0022. f' 2' mi W Q cm Q wwgvgigiig Q B WH 3 M gs'fE.fD5aO'?a Q N Psa u- 5 7 -4- nmgzw: ,.,, ,D Q N 2 H " 4 3"H' Q595' M 9, O O 0 ' 0100035 01041:- m P 95 5 C. WA Fl sv pg E"5'9'5 32?-9' ' ug x Q UI m .1 P-'mU..2e-f-Hdwmq Q ,,, . ru gt eu I-I Q m C 71" O 24 gglfl' Cl-dl ww W Q w Q, 2 -1 2 isagwimgo 5 4 F' Q m s In 'u m mmm-: +-as U' Fl 1-1 3 5 Q 2 V16 97,5-Q'Sm m U O 'D C CD vu OHFWGEEHE I-h 3 ET N 0 MS: M: E Emma S'TH1"B2- 2, wgmiiefffd Gi " ,-. C' C" 75" m 'Wa Pu 5 51 ZQEQFSEBQE' W' 0 ,., L11 N F' z 9, 1' 2 oa.gm3gfSggg PE 'I IE, g gg' 5 Q 5 'g ?.Q2'a3aa22a':+ W Cf' 8 W Q rn 14 ... o ,, I5 P ' 3' W 2 5? U Z uioioioioiojoif1101011nioioiwxioioinioixxioilbifbianiaximxjenja 10101911xioifximxioinxicriojoifrioxoioic NATURAL GAS IS THE PERFECT FUEL BECAUSE IT IS CLEANER, FASTER, CHEAPER, AND MORE DEPENDABLE Mobile Gas Service Corporation 162 St. Francis Street Dexter 2741 SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT -for- Hotels, Restaurants, Fountains Institutions, Bars, Meat Markets Mobile Fixture and Equipment Co., Inc. 10 N. Water St. Mobile, Ala. We Serve Those Who Serve Others EAT BUNTE'S TANGO The World's Best 5c C A N D Y B A R Mobile Cigar 8: Tobacco Co. Distributors The Minge Floral Company 453 G overn ment Street MOBILE, ALA. PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS Toilet Articles - Magazines Soda and Sandwiches, Candy, Cigars and Cigarettes MACON'S FLOY V. MACON, Proprietor INSTANT DELIVERY Government at Ann Phone Dexter 3015 rjoioioiaricximlioilrioioi ri Z ri 1 ri ri licliclioiuiuioiuioioi in 1 101 1 1 1 1 Z Z 11101 1 11111 I 101010: 1 111131 1 1 1 21112 in QUALITY FEEDS THE ASK YOUR GROCER FOR FOUNDATION OF OUR PROGRESS Royal-Stafolife Mills Atlantic Queen Manufacturers of . S'rAE.O.uFE STOCK and Flour POULTRY FEEDS , , and MILK-ELO DAIRY FEED Dlsfflbuted by AUTRg5tg3Lg31Q bg S055 Taylor, Lowenstein 81 Co Mobile and Baldwin County WHOLESALE GROCERS Mills at MOBILE, ALA. Memphis, Term. Meridian, Miss. FOR GRADUATION in All the . . DEEE 1 All the NEW BEST JOHNSON BRANDS SEA-HORSE N X FISHING F S N MOTORS TACKLE A. H. McLeod 8: Com an P Y The Sportsman's Store Daughin at Water D561 ji Dm fxfiigif of .f 'zinfin "Printers That Please" oifaifam-Sifazgs ggzizzfing do. Next to Western Union in Speed ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1 Fairhope -I eeeeee 6, MAURICE M. PAYNE HARRY M. TOUART, Jr. National Funeral Directors Association Alabama Funeral Directors Association Alabama Embaimers Association K A B E R S INSURED GUARANTEED Smart Shoes, Hosiery STORAGE d B n A an ags Imperlal Laundry Dauphin at St. Joseph Dexter 1986 A N , 2 11111 I 1 11111 1 2 111010141141 1 CD L ANNOUNCING THREE NEW THINGS FOR MOBILE , FIRST: A complete air conditioned jewelry and camera store most con- veniently located at Conception and Dauphin Sts. with twin--faced clock in front. SECOND: A thirty foot air conditioned projection and dark room, air con- ditioned, to be used for demonstrating moving picture machines and enlargers, something that few people understand howeasy and inexpensive it is to make beautiful enlargements of their favorite snap shots. THIRD: A twenty foot air conditioned lounge room with comfortable chairs for our customers and friends. Make this your headquarters when you have to meet someone. Just say, "Meet me at Cliff Harris'," and then come in and rest in comfort while you are waiting. I a.ssure you we will not bore you with trying to sell you something, however, if you are interested in any merchandise, we have a tremendous amount of experience and background of knowledge which we want you to feel is always at your disposal. Ask us any questions regarding jewelry or cameras and we will do our best to intelli- gently enlighten you or help you solve your problems. When we opened our present business nine years ago, we elected to follow the hard but more permanent way of building our business, by rendering a service so good our customers would recommend us to their friends. Following this and other sound business principles have built us a reputation and clientele of inestimable value. Public confidence has made it possible and necessary for us to continue expanding our store and facilities. We feel satisfied customers are our best advertisement. Cliff Harris. Authorized Dealers of LONGINES, GRUEN, BULOVA, ELGIN AND OTHER NATIONALLY KNOWN STANDARD MADE WATCHES. Authorized dealers of MANY FINE MAKES OF CAMERAS, ZEISS, LEICA, ARGUS, AGFA, KODAK, BELL Q HOWELL, KEYSTONE, UNIVEX and others. A COMPLETE GREETING CARD DEPARTMENT Our selection of diamond rings, mount- ings, wedding rings and silverware is most complete. Accept this invitation to visit our store and acquaint yourself with the unusual facilities we offer. Free Scales: Stop in any time and weigh c A s H c R 1-: D I T CLIFF HARRIS, JEWELRY at CAMERA Co. .. Mobile's Only Certified Watchmaker 203 Dauphin St. Mobile, Ala. Dexter 140 ASK TO SEE THE WATCH CLIFF MADE FROM RAW MATERIAL 1111 1111111211112 1 Z 101111110111 111 2 111 2 10312 :om mumuiumoiomuif1014imo1o1oi1nmumo1om11311101um0211302010302 -if-Q-r Nl 'tyler 01010101 111 2 1 Zwinioioioininii 1014 omg It's the Good Old Summer Time and you need plenty of nourishing food. any Jmafgii foaf furnishes Fresh Liquid Milk that gives you energy, strong bone, and mental vigor, so essential in the hot summer days. "IT COST NO MORE" MALBIS BAKERY I Phone Dex. 2155 Phone Dex. 2156 LOOP . mvowlv if Dspfnmsll. Irv Flesh and Oyster Co. H CHAS. W. TAYLOR, Mgr, LITHOGRAPHING co.lNc. Pnmrsps-LlrHoanAPHsns MOBILE, ALABAMA OUT OF THE WATER TO YOU Complete line of Sea. Foods 453 FULTON ROAD r1o?oyoguio1n1 111 11111 211 1 1 3 1030102111 xi 1 1 05:14:11 xxuxnxxxpxxxxxnirxnxxxnx xx: 10111 1411911 1:10101 .2 Ae. 2 N Q 5955? 2 3 Q E 5 S 2 555513 H :fr S 2. Q st g Us Q if! P1 nu '-' gg Q g-Q-ai' Q 2 35 Q' 5 2- ze' M m QHQS' 2 3,22 o 5' 1- 5' F, g :T -I 3-.-.' Z Q H 38 W vm -an 21 ae Q-I 55 -u Q-29: P1 on F: Q2 w ma :ro CI -www ' is--F-2.1-,Wea-102 : n-Q W rf-ri -" Q Q Mg, Ed, ms" 3 52512, "Gina" O an 'U rm . ae -5 U l" 5 .1 ,H Z 3 'U 5' o F' G' 3' sw af' 5 3 ? Q H 2 : as 2- '-' 4 2.35. m I-5 ,-, rg-I Q G N my H on nw 5 H 2 sw, N, .. 5, ag Q Q 5 F4 Q o U2 "' P om :Oro cn C'."" 97: o 3' -A F FU' S,',f,'zFU 2 i 2 :vfzggoxmg 'Tl N gg FI Fgp"4E." ma A : Q .- 3, U- 5 5-3 pq ..- '1 2 3 '-' Q 2 1 55 :known O 'P B on 5 3' .Q Esawl 8 3 5 2 :wg -1 S' ff' Q 0 525' 2 F 5 G' fb "1 5 -1 N S 3 Furl -,I E. P1 Z E : r rn 5 M .o z-R3 F 9 P Q' 5 QF! E' Q E 5, 51 "" I F' if so 53.5 " P se I 'FU 5- 5 "' 2 "4 un I E+. cu gg - -5 W E v-5 m 0 .-+3 n. g 2 sf f- Q W U '4 '4 :viii 1 1102101 1 3 3 11111 11211 11111 Llililicicitviui MARSHALL'S Adam Glass Q C0 Electrik Maid Bake Shops, Inc. South Alabama's Greatest "Taste The Difference Furniture Store 4 SHOPS A Delicatessen Department at Each QUALITY AT LOW COST Location Terms to Suit You Offices, Dauphin and Jackson MOBILE, ALABAMA BEST WISHES James J. Duffy Wm. Mastin Rosson The Funeral Home of of Duffy 8: Rosson , . , . Incorporated 604 Government Street Phone Belmont 2400 MOBILE, ALABAMA Compliments of Mobile's Telegraph Florist W. B. Delchamps Demeranville Printing C0mPaUY 9 N. Conception St. Dexter 123 nio111i1211r11 1212 Q-in PRINTERS AND BINDERS 62-64 St. Michael Street Phone Dexter 317 1.1: 1 11 1 20103 110102020103 pin: MARY ANNE BILLIE, Prop. ROUGE BOX BEAUTY SI-IOPPES C I DRUG C ANY, COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE O ALL WORK GUARANTEED 4 Convenient Locations 1861 Old Government St. 155 Conti St. GIFTS FOR GRADUATION Phone Bel. 9268 Phone Bel. 9603 130 North Ann St. 706 South Broad Phone Bel. 9237 Phone Bel. 9402 Phone Dexter 1234 Perfumes Kodaks Fountain Pens Watches BREAD " CAKE 1 P155 Fresh Daily MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT VANQS Peoples Bakery 610 Dauphin St. MXNI JUDY LAUNDRY :Az CLEANERS 2: SHOE REPAIRS BRANCH oFF1c1-:s ALL ovER MOBILE 1 1 :mimi 1 1 1 11111 3 Zvi Z Z Z 2 iriliriririoirixiu ui 203014wiuiniuioioim1xi 14 1 iiilililifitiiiti 17101010101 THOSS SPORTING GOODS CO. 76 DAUPHIN STREET "COMPLETE OUTFITTERS OF THE PANTHERS" ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR ALL KINDS OF SPORTS Dexter 2686 Mobile, Alabama Over 52 Years in Business LOWE BROS.--PAINTS BIRD 81 SON-ROOFINGS ARMSTRONG FLOOR TILES, Reliance Equipment Company 9 and ll Water Street MOBQILE, ALABAMA COMPLI MENTS of S. B. QUIGLEY Compliment of Pierce The Jeweler Phillips Furniture Co. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, SILVERWARE FURNITURE Watch and Jewelry Repairing STEWART WARNER RADIOS 6 St. Joseph Street ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS AND ELECTRIC RANGES MOB-ILE, ALA. 11uiuioioioirxioioioioix1101 Z 211 101 ri 1 1 xi ri 1010103 ri 1 -' lf., - L 5 Q F. THE WORLD DEMANDS COLLEGE TRAINED MEN SPRING HILL COLLEGE Founded 1830 Spring Hill, Alabama Chartered 1836 For Resident and Day Students-Conducted by the Jesuit Fathers. Over- looking Mobile Bay and the City. Ideal climatic conditions in picturesque surroundings. A SENIOR CLASS "A" COLLEGE Regionally and Nationally Accredited FOUR-YEAR COURSES TWO-YEAR COURSES Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science Pre-Legal, Pre-Dental, Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Commerce Pre-Medical Saturday Courses on the Campus, and Night Classes in Mobile on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for men and women students State Approved Department of Education Six Weeks Summer Session Annually MOBILE and QUINLAN I-IALLS FOR RESIDENT STUDENTS-ALL ROOMS WITH BATH Literary, Dramatic and Debating Clubs--A Splendid Lake and a, Sporty Golf Course-All Sports THERE IS N0 suBs'r11'U'rE Fon A SAVINGS AccoU1iT' IN A soon BANK MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK MOBILE ,ALABAMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ibn ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Q ! I I I ! ! I I ! ! ! I I ! ! ! -!. ojoiuioioicrjoioic r14v:1r1mv11v11x1crjcvj4x14x11a:1 1:1 14rilrininininioirxicnicI1Irinininioifxiuiuir1 1 1 11101 l, ' AUSAGE SEZ .4 "HAAS-DAVIS PRODUCTS ARE ALWAYS FRES-HER" A MOBILE INSTITUTION SINCE 1865 COMPLIMENTS of METZGER BROS. When You Buy Your GRADUATION SUIT Visit Our Store and See Our Complete Stock 'State and Municipal Bonds COMPLIMENTS Inquiries Invited of Kin Mohr 8x Co. Lamey's Feeds g' Merchants' National Bank HORSE - POULTRY Building ADOG and HOG MOBILE, ALA. MONTGOMERY BIRMINGHAM 1xguiogngnguzarxoiaI1 1 I: 1111014111I1II1II14riuioiuioiuiuzui 114 1 if One of the SoutI1's Largest Engraving Plants QUALITY ENGRAVERS OF . .COMIVIENCEMENT INVITATIONS . . VISITING CARDS . . GRADUATION BOOKS . . . MONOGRAMS . . STATIONERY, SHEAFFER FOUNTAIN PENS AND DESK SETS HGWIN Means Quality" H. P. Gwin Stationery Engraving Co. 8 South Conception Street-Mobile, Alabama GREETING CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS when you buy from GWIN you know it's made in Mobile M O R E COMPLIMENTS For Your M 0 N E Y of At w T G c Sears, Roebuck Sz ' ' rant 0' Company Graf's Dairy SUPERIOR GRADE A PASTEURIZED AND RAW MILK Infant Milk A Specialty Dexter 246 GOODBRAD FLORAL CO. 1408 Dauphin St. Dexter 695 MOBILE, ALA. COMPLIMENTS American National Bank and Trust Company of Mobile MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Staples-Pake-Grillin, Ltd. Frank Stoll INSURANCE - BONDING REAL ESTATE Men's Furnisher and Hatter KUPPENHEIMER AND 100 N. Royal St. Mobile, Ala. Phones: Dex. 2351-2-3 GRADUATION SUITS Manager NO. DHUPIIID stfeet KODAKS - ALBUMS - FRAMES HOME MOVIE OUTFIT and AMPROSOUND PROJECTORS Vfra , W "Ewa ' H f ff , , W ff 05 V, f ff. ZZ 062, 16 S. Conception St. Dexter 5338 DEVELOPING - PRINTING - ENLARGING PICTURE FRAMING 01 1 113 1 1 Z 2 101u1Lxiuioioioioioioi ibiliriuiriri 2 2 L l gi! w iv' WI 2'

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