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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1935 volume:

l xe.fufcLft9xfLV 45115, fc,fafc,.4p4ua,fz,,f 1. hr? at 225 3? E T,N'1If J ' . gi mx UE! fm 1551- fi v if-A ! .Qi Z f. 9 x 1 f f: , f -'- 'f--.-f ..., ,,,,, .., ,,, .fs. , ' L, """ '1 fIl1U f y A , Q f f 'S K 777 ,M A f K Er ltaf 221 x 1,56 N Nqp. xx X2 ff l' Y , , j , 1 7 6 " E19 ',-L-IF 'r Z , '92 XX Q X 5 5 in a 7 Kaya , ei! ,QQ .."'n,p Il! X X 77 ' fr : I vp Z 1 I fd A f fx , I I 1 1 ' ' ,gy nm A LW E xim -,, X - z V JPQJQQNWZ N "f3nQf5"LQ-' -. S E 1 I 'ff ff? N X. "'fl- 'i ' 214 M ,Sf-Q7 QL L 05 I pf X hi EMI- A Z . 35, Q ,, Q, f 2 2, H. OEET W Af" ' ' 1 J 3 x J W .1 'PN -' ' 'A' fi fi? 7 4"" IEX ILIHBIPIIS THE IHUHIHIT Board of Editors ek . 'KN , I-.. ,... Q , ' I QE i -. 7 Xx WX X al QNXQ S DOUGLAS HEMPSTEAD .9 0 QQ'-Q0 Editor-in-Chief X,-R X wig s , CRAIG MURRAY a xxglfg Q R ' Jr. GN Q Q . ' V Q I .R BUSINESS Mana er X , , f F' x X 317' A ff 714115 , ,.- Q'e773HHxX ' 3 GSB , X , V' R ROY WILKIE Advisor 0-gpm lW? g1 X 4 X In J' V X N u E" W Y R 690 V , X W 1 L' Qlxxf J 1 U , G' f 'R Q W o M fi I -. ""eg:N'b'fr4N X J 'Navi 'f 'W 1 . wwf? RM I l ,. I ...-4u-.- 4 'Et , 1' N sa , fl " to THE 1935 M OHIAN PUBLISHED BY THIE-SENIORS OF MURPHY HIGH SCI-IOGL MOBILE ALABAMA J' A A Q1 5 211 Q W W' J. A If IIIQ4? ffb 'F lv, va! 'WHA Aff' 4 ,J W V ,I mash.. Gy! PW, lf K L , X is . V 3-. V W y ,V p xN 2 S t ' A J. 1 'f 3259, L :K 1 X Q k AQ I N' 2 ix 7. x V. Xl, sv 'lr V .yqwumgfx Away. Q , X git VW ,, 3? f Ia W 'ff A YW if -fix! Z W f , 7 97 2 M .W W I ,.f..Vf Q2.wg51g5z-Q 2 .ws fQV7: f jf' N 4 :L 7 ,1 Am I I - J A 1- NL13 My - -A tk DEDICATION To Miss Josephine Michael W-hose untiring patience and interest, fwhose never-failing sympathy and counsel en- dear her to all and especially to us, the class of 1935, Who have found her not only an excellent teacher but also la Worthy friend, We dedicate this, the ninth volume of the Mohian. I Ljv- , L . FOREWORD In presentmg th1S yearbook we have kept ln mmd the double mlsslon of the book flrst to portray Murphy as It IS today and second to afford to the membe1s of the class of 1935 a record of memor1es Wh1Ch are dear and everlast Our success ln carrymg out thls IHISSIOU can only be judged by the pages that follow f l U ' eu muuuuzHHWIHIMH H5 eq! : CONTENTS BOOK 1 ......... ,,..,OOO.. . The School BOOK II. .....,....... ,O........,.... S eniors BOOK III ..4....... .......... S chool Life BOOK IV ...,..,... .......... A ctivities BOOK V ..,........ .......O............. A thletics BOOK VI .......... .........,. A dvertisements M N w wxxwsWWw. THEME An outstanding celebration that at- tracts thousands to Mobile annually is Mardi Gras. In this volume We have endeavored through Words and pictures to portray the history of this event. Our information has been gathered from Craigheadis Mobileg Fact ancl Tracli- tion, DeLeon's Mobile Carnival, Lud- loW's Dramatic Life, Mobile Register: Seventy-third Trade Review-1914, and books by Hamilton. Although there is much conflicting information concern- ing Mardi Gras We have tried to record true facts. ,f f., X - " - ?if""" W' W JE? k 2 1- H - 1 li ig if' -ii E - E 1. tx - E 7 , H 7 . M M Mm H - 44 1 f f . 1 , 'I Q. i w , N A 1 , M 4 1 ! w if. w - 1 U X .- was J' H i qHf,1 , JM l Q A vTA ifW ' W Ej ef "' ' X , M NNW x ? ff. ' + + WLM ' + K + llhh 4 ' , jil l A "5'NWa? .- X :,llWl THERh?QHYSTL A , W 'E I S I l fx 7RQX ' llllmvIMl1I'l1Il1llimiiimwiuumm IW . A X i f dlllQf?NW XbiiLUVlfEZ EY 7 scllffiomg X IEE ' i ' - Ulf! "lllfx fAmg .eil Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation. One year after the UO. O. M.'s" came into being the Infant Mystics vvas formed. The HI. M.'s" made their debut in 1869 and ' s' 1 1875 after has continued ever since. In obtaining permission from the Carnival Association to have charge of the entire day, the Infant Mystics evolved a day pageant that has never been surpassed. it had 24 floats illusirating Biblical His- tory and led by the Emperor Felix mount- ed on a black horse. This parade was mar- shalled by Millard F. Kirkbride an ener- getic and enthusiastic "Infant." South Tower by Night Patio by Night "Hope, like the gleaming tape1"s light, Adorns and cheers our wayg And still, as darker grows the night, Emits a brighter ray." Auditorium by Night Goldsmith 1: ,, ,L H , r. 4., ,' . W V, ,nfg V I Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation. The King's' Dinner is a traditional ban- quet given each year by Felix to his queen, her maids, and the knights. This is an elaborate affair, usually at the Battle House Hotel on Saturday night before Mardi Gras Tuesday. At this banquet the king presents some small token to his knights in remembrance of their devoted service to him. There is dining, dancing, and drinking to add to the festivity of the occasion. This is a great event for the public of Mobile, who throng to the dining room to view their king as he holds sway over his court. The above invitation is a reproduction of an old original one issued for this occasion. W M1 1 The Administration Department Principal., .,,,,,,.....,,,... .,,,.... M r. K. J. Clark, M. A. Assistant Principal ........ ,,,.........,,.,,,, M iss Mae Eanes Registrar .,..,,,,......,.....,, ,,....,. M iss Lucile Fitzgerald Secretary ,,,,,, ,,..,, M iss Effie Lou Brown Clerk ..,..,. ,,,,,, M iss Willie Mae Gaston The Administrative Department of Murphy High School holds a dominant place in the supervision and direction of the student body. Mr. Clark, with the assistance of Miss Eanes, presides over the faculty and student body as a whole and as indi- viduals. Both he and Miss Eanes are always lending a hand to some unfortunate student or puzzled teacher. The untiring assistance of the capable and beloved of- fice assistants is the main reason why the details of our curricula and schedules do not go amiss. It is therefore needless to say that the Administrative Department is the hub of all school activities. ' Clark: Eanesg Fitzgeraldg Browng Gaston O PAGE 18 I ' Miss Brown Mr. Clark Miss Gaston and Miss Fitzgerald Miss Eanes O PAGE 19 I W i i i The Commercial Department Mr. Oscar Boland, B. A., Chairman. The commercial curriculum consists of courses in stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping, business principles, commercial law, commercial arithmetic, commercial geography, and salesmanship. The training in the-se courses is designed not only to help pupils to get jobs, but to enable them to hold them after they are secured. Mr. Boland, the capable head, is a graduate of Ruskin College and has attended sum- mer schools in many universities since. He is business advisor to the principal and has charge of the business office of the school. One of his hobbies is that of writing poetry. Boland, B. A., Chancellor, B. S.: Eakin, A. B.: Franklin, B. S. Hahn, A. B.: Purifuy, A. B., Sallee, A. B.: Shaw: Summersell, M. A. O PAGE 20 I 35 Bookkeeping Class Mr. Boland Typing Class Banking PAGE 21 ii The English Department Miss M. Aline Bright, Ph. B., Chairman, O Schools exist to develop and direct the lives of boys and girls so that they may become good citizens. The English course, aiming to contribute to this one general end, plans through language-composition and through reading-literature, to produce the following outcomes: mastery of language, activities in life, development of right attitudes, and discriminating reading habits. The Department, in efforts to improve teaching methods and pupil guidance, has published "Fundamentals in English" and "English Sourse of Study." To the regular English courses have been added the following for gifted pupils: Creative Writing, Dramaticsg and Journalism, all for upper classmen. Bright, Ph. B.: Cady, A. B.: Cole, A. B.: Dix, M. A.g England, A, B., Forney, A. B, Graham, M. I'., A. B.: Hope, A. B.: Houston, B. S., Knudsen, M. A., Laurendine, A. B.: Moore, L., M. A. Moore, R., M. A., Richards, A. B.: Schall, A. B.: Wagner, B. S.: Waters, B. S.: White, A. B.: Wilkie, A. B. l PAGE 22 I X-T' ' z l-X . Q 1 Drarnatics Miss Bright Journalism English Students PAGE 23 O The Industrial and F ine Arts Department Mr. Cecil M. Ward, B. S., M. A., Chairman. The Industrial and Fine Arts Department is comprised of all teachers of indus- trial and fine arts subjects. Mr. Ward is chairman of the department, and Mr. Hubbard is secretary. In all the courses offered in this department the pupil actually creates something in completing' the work assigned. He learns by doing. Formally, the courses consisted of the making of various useful projects. Now the courses are made more educational by studying the sources, production, and manu- facture of the materials used. All the courses in this department receive the same amount of credit as academic courses. Ward, M. A.: Adams, B. S.: Bogus: Brimrn, B. S.: Dahmer Gresham: Houser: Hubbard, B. S., M. E.: Nixon, B. S.: Randlette, Ph. B. Reynolds, B. S.: Sitz, B. S.: Smith ,.B S.: Sowell, B. S.: Stookey. B. S., B. M. C Pi GE 24 l Miss NiXon's Sewing Class A Shop Scene Mr. Dahme1"s Orchestra Miss Smith's Cooking Class Art Work PAGE 25 Av ' 2 The Foreign Language Department Miss Edith Duffee, Chairman. The Foreign Language Department of Murphy High School consists of Latin, Spanish, and Frenchg the classes are housed in a separate unit of the school. Latin offers a four year course and requires three full time teachers, Spanish offers a four year courie and requires five full time teachers, and French offers. a three years course and has one full time teacher. The work is planned to conform to college requirements, but two years of any one language, or one year each of two different languages gives full credit toward graduation. Duffeeg Gay, A, B.: Jones, M., A. Bi: Manning, A. B. Rubira, A. B.: Shepard, A. 13.5 Spradlin, B. S.: Tait, A. B.: Venman, A. B. O PAGE 26 I -'--QAll!!IIIEES:EI1 ElIIIllIIEgf::::ZEiisaga!h!"""" Y Little Spain Mr. Venman Miss Duffee Spanish Students PAGE 27 l The Mathematics Department Miss Anna Mary Sclater, Chairman. PC The aim of the Mathematics Department is to develop powers of understanding and analyzing relation of quantity and space so that pupils may appreciate the pro- gress of civilization and may develop habits of thought and actions that will enable them to make these powers effective in their lives. For the benefit of the advanced students the slide rule has ben introducd though it is not a regular course of study. There are many students studying mathematics this year. The course is arranged to conform with requirement for college entrance. Sclater: Bro-wn, A B.: Cox, A. B,g DobbinSg Douglas, Pd. B., B. S. Foote. Ph, B.g Moon, M. A.: Murphy, A. B.: d'0rnellas, A. B.g Pillansg Vaughan, A. B. O PAGE 28 I Mr. Vaughan explains a problem A Math Class Miss Sclater Miss d'Ornellas' Trig Class O PAGE 29 i i 1.lT Physical Education Department Mr. F. Lee Bridgewater, B. E., Chairman. Physical and Health-education is offered for four years at Murphy High, being required the first two years and elective the last two. Intramural sports for both boys and girls are promoted so that all children may take part in some sport. To teach children to live to the utmost and to serve best is the ultimate aim in physical and health education. To live most requires high social ideals and to serve best demands vigorous health both being offered in this department by placing the children in controlled situations. Bridgewater, B. E.: Cheape, M. A., Greer, M. A., Thomason, M. A. I PAGE 30 O Stunts Cool Daze Flying Angels Bar Work A Pyramid I PAGE 31 C The Science Department y Miss Hazel Driver, B. A., Chairman. The Science Department of Murphy High School was organized in the year 1919-20. The fundamental objectives of this department are the development in the adolescent mind scientific methods of thinkingg to create in him an appreciation of the achievements in the world of science and the important relationship of these achievements to his life as an individual and as a member of society, to teach him values of health, worthy use of leisure and command of fundamental processes. This department consists of four sub-departments: science, biology, chemistry, and physics. The following groups comprise the average curriculum activities of this department: The General Science Club, Modern Alchemist, Kodak Club, and Radio Club. These are members of the Junior Academy of Science. I Driver, A, B., Baxter, B.S.3 Craddock, M. A., Fulcher, A. B.: Jones, A. B.: Lawler, B. S. Marion, B. E.g Murray, B. S.g Pistole, A. B.: Stapleton, M. A,g Taylor, B. S.g Woolley, M. A. 0 PAGE 32 . I x MQBHQAN ,gy Biology Students Mr. Lawler Explains l . Experimenting Biological Studies Miss Driver C PAGE 33 ., J . uf l , 1,7 2 ., 4 I 'Qi The Social Science Department Miss Sallie Withers, Chairman. The Social Science Department of Murphy High School, in order to facilitate its work, is divided into two sections. These are the history group, of which the chairman is Miss Withersg and the civics and economic group, with Miss Michael as chairman. This year the department has sponsored an Alabama Day Assembly program, the annual oratorical contest on the Constitution of the United States, and the U. D. C. Essay Contest. In the spring it is responsible for the nomination and election of the May queens from each. of the four classes for 'Welfare Day. 1 f . , efafhjj Withers: Alexander, M. A.: Breitling, B. S., Breland, A. B.: Devilbiss, A. B.: Forehand, M. A. Gaines, M. A.: Hand, B. S.: Hargrove, M. A.g Michael, M. A.: Moffat: Parker, A. B.: Pickard, A. B. I PAGE 34 I Library, 135 Psychology Class Miss Gaines Mr, Breitling PAGE 35 O - The Student Council 0 F FIC E R S President .......... .. ....,., Thomas Greaves Vice-President ...,,,, .,,,,,,, L eon Mcvay Secretary ....,........ ,,,,,,A J ane Smith Faculty Advisor .,.... ,,..,. M r, Stapleton The Student Council is the governing body of Murphy High School. It has been manifested for a number of years as the greatest step toward developing our so-called democratic ideals among students in high school. Composed of representatives from each of the four classes, this body may be said to be the Congress of the student body. The seniors elect six members, the Juniors four, the Sophomores three, and the Freshmen elect two to this council. Leadership, initiative, and responsibility are effectively promoted through the activities of this body, not only among the representatives but throughout the school. Greaves: Aldridge: Boye: 0'RourkeC Sawada Sayers, Smith: McVayg Adams: Duggarg Leon Maury: Arendalli Prince: Taylor: Greer: Sorrell 0 PAGE 36 X W if i i ,,6' -x Q y 1 1 v --'1 x 1 I L I PAGE 37 I ' The Origin of Mardi Gras The Apalaches, a tribe of Indians settled near Fort St. Louis, were the only Catholic tribe. Their great feast day was that sacred to St. Louis, for whom their parish was named, when all dressed in mask and danced the rest of the day after service. They furnished their guests with refreshments also. Mobilians were accus- tomed to participate or to witness the exercises which lasted the day and a great part of the night. It is noted that in the early eighties of the eighteenth century in M-o- bile there were Spanish mystic paraders, dressed as phantoms and bearing torches. these appeared on Twelfth night, the last one being on January 5, 1833. In ye-ars back on August 25, Merry Mardi Gras was observed at Old Fort St. Louis at Twenty- Seven Mile Bluff. The mystic form of the celebration commonly called 'tMardi Gras", originated in Mobile on the eve of the year 1831, but the celebration of Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday, was not begun in Mobile until 1867. Mobile, the first to organize mystic societies, finally adopted the day of celebration that New Orleans honored. Although all this is true, it must not be imagined that Mobile originated any- thing but the manner of the celebration for Mardi Gras is an ancient festival. It is observed in all Catholic countries of Europe. PAGE 38 O f IH I .ff ,W ,,, ' lllllll Xl 'I' W WQ , g l A 1 fx ' r m .W 2- xl ,nlmb Q " S Ng Xu! 3X F 3 2 'xl Xl EJ' S W 3-'? 1?-'V Q Q :"5 Jlilf' X Q E fx Q H' H par ' . Frm Ill-M M f X X X 1: l 22' f Tfx WML, A -1 1 :f,A -A----Q11 1l'4- -- .. , 'W x' ARQ ' I--T ?1 f1 1 QW X X f , 4iM14ffxgxxxw,A xxN35Lwgyyyy Q I 4 i if: ?A,,i' -fi ,Q A T W- jk-- ZX Z ?s.SIfNI10IRS E EZ fy V Dorothy May Abbot "DM" L. G. Adams Football '33-'34 "M" Club '33-'34 Mobile Hi-Y '31-34 Ruth Elizabeth Adler Library Assistant Section Officer Richard Abner Aldridge "Dick" Advisory Council '31-32 Student Council '34-35 Mobile Hi-Y Cafeteria Ethel Frederick Allen "Gracie" Section Representative '33-34 Section Chairman '31-34 Office Club '33-35 Locker Monitor '34 Local Interest Club '34-35 Hannah Montague Anderson "Hank" Locker Monitor '34 Study Hall Assistant '34-35 Student Assistant to Miss Bright '31-'34 Section Officer '31-'35 Intramural Sports '31-'34 Kathryn Joan Anderson "Tadie" Advisory Council '32-'33 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Senior Kodak Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 William Gaston Anderson Intramural Baseball '32-'33 Intramural Basketball '33 Radio Club '34 Ewel Richard Anglin Orchestra '30-'31 Band '31-'34 Symphonic Band '31-'33 Tennis Team '33-'35 Radio Club '33-'35 George Windell Ashbee "Slim" Usher Glee Club '32-'33 Section Officer Gordon Rush Atkeison "Hunka" Glee Club '30-'35 Lion's Club Declaration Medal '33 Usher Club '32-'34 Public Speaking Club '32-'33 Intramural Sports '30-'35 William J. Atkinson, Jr. "Bill" Quill and Scroll '34-'35 Hi Times Staff '31-'33 Harte Hi-Y '32-'35 Intramural Sports '31-'34 Class Officer '33-'34 O PAGE 41 O K i' x I V Frances Mildred Attebery Orchestra '31-'35 Dressing Room Monitor '32-'33 Girl Reserve '33-'34 Cecil Baker Jewel Ball "Judy" Kodak Club '32-'35 Locker Monitor '34 Four Arts Club '33-'35 Astronomy Club '33-'34 Panther Club '34-'35 J. C. Barlow "Barleycorn" Radio Club '34-'35 Traffic Monitor '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Elizabeth Barnes "Lib" William Philip Barnett "Billy" Basket Ball-Intramural '32-'34 Baseball-Intramural '32-'34 Swimming Team-Intramural '33 Football '34 James Edward Barry "Philbert" Earl Clarence Bassett, Jr. "Senator" ! Advertising Manager Hi Times 29-'30 Vice-President Sophomore Class '31-'33 Office Assistant Club '32-'33 President Public Speaking Club '34-'35 Jean Bell Office Club '31-'32 Library '34-'35 Jack Theodore Bender Mobile Hi-Y '33-'35 French Club '33-'35 Football '34-'35 Oscar H. Benefield "Buster" Intramural Sports '33 Study Hall Monitor '34-'35 Cafe Worker '33 Officer in Welfare Election '32-'34 Marguerite Lois Benson "Baby" Dance Club '33-'35 Assistant Four Arts Club Emergency Room '34 O PAGE 42 I -----QE1:EEll!!!5HB:I:I15wiIIIIIilIIIHIrlIIIl!iiiii--i-:P--""" Dorothy Mae Blackwood "Dotty" Ruth Adelene Boswell "Rusie" Chemisty Club '34-'35 President of Local Interest Club '34-'35 Clarence Eugene Botter "Bull" Rebekah Grace Boutwell "Boots" Girl Reserves '31-'32 Samuel Otho Bowden "Sammy" Cafeteria '31-'32 Intramural Baseball '30-'32 - Ruth Gray Bowling Editor Murphy Hi Times '34-,35 National Honor Society Secretary and Treasurer of International Honorary Society for High School Journalists Class Officer '31-'34 Four Arts Club Doris Eloise Bowman "Dot" Locker Monitor '31 Kodak Club '30-'35 French Club '33-'35 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Study Hall Assistant '34 Mary Virginia Boyd 'tMaryva" Glee Club Murphy Hi Times Staff Astronomy Club Local Interest Club Editorial Contest Winner Auburn '34 Anita Sophie Boye "Nita" Governing Council '31-'35 National Honor Society '34-'35 Section Chairman '31-'33 Four Arts Club '31-'35 Le Circle Francais '33-'35 Marie Bradshaw "Reecie" Lost and Found Library Assistant I Claudie Brantley Locker Monitor '32-'33 Girl Reserves '31-'32 Gwendolyn Voncile Brantley "Gwen" I Y President of Fine Arts Club 33- 34 Fine Arts Club '34-'35 Lost and Found '33-'34 0 PAGE 43 0 Y' .VJ ' rf ff ,X 3 Ji il ,, Uaftg V I Eloise Brazil Office Club '34 Study Hall Monitor '33 Section Monitor '32-'33 John Warren Breneman Intramural Sports '31-'35 Martha Lois Bretzman t'Nonnie" Edna Earle Bridges Glee Club '32-'35 Library '33 Locker Monitor '31 Dressing Room Monitor '32-'33 Girl Reserve '3 1-'32 Franklin Brigman "Frank" Senior Orchestra '31-'33 Intramural Sports '31-'33 Sarah Clark Broach "Bobbie" Office Club '33-'34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Kodak Club'34-'35 Locker Inspector '34-'35 Library Assistant '34-'35 Jessie Eleanor Broadus "Jess" Section Officer '31-'35 School Bookkeeper '34-'35 National Honor Society '34-'35 Section Chairman '33 If Frank Earnest Brown "Nuts" Yard Committee '33-'35 Locker Monitor Traffic Monitor Irma Browning H Office Club '33-'35 ' Yo Tappa Kees 1 a a Mae Bryan Locker Monitor '33 Section Chairman '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Imogene Bryars Office Club '34-'35 Section Officer '31-'35 Intramural Sports '32-'33 Student Assistant to Miss Bright Irma Pauline Bryars O PAGE 44 C Section Chairman '3 1-'32 uBabyn "Mazie" "Gene" '32-'33 upouyn T Ethel Euginia Byrd Locker Monitor Honorary Study Hall Teacher Intramural Sports Herbert Winston Byrne "Bo" Basketball '33-'34 Football '34 Junior Class President '33-'34 Pine Hill, Alabama Public Speaking Club '31-'32 Senior Band '34-'35 Orgita Mary Caminas "Skeeter" Catharine Boyd Campbell Catherine Rebecca Cane "Kitty" Sophomore Queen '33 Harry Benjamin Carpenter "Buddy" Cartoonist Hi Times '32-'34 Kodak Club '30 Inzer Houston Carter "Inez" Senior Band '33-'35 Senior Orchestra '33-'35 Maurice Wilson Castle Harte Hi-Y '34-'35 Radio Club '33-'34 Intramural Sports '31-'35 Eston James Caton "Catton" Varsity Track Team '32-'35 Intramural Sports '32-'35 Traffic Monitor '34-'35 School Intramural Basketball Champions '34-'35 Club '33-'35 pf! Edith Lee Caviness "Tiny'b fm M0hlah Staff '34-'35 Q Emergency Room '32-'34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Panther Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Laura Elnora Cawthon "Larry" Conrad Joseph Cazalas "Connie" Locker Monitor '32-'33 Intramural Sports Traffic Monitor '33-'34 C PAGE 45 I l W - -1 Eleanor Adele Christiansen "Noonie" Study Hall Monitor '34-'35 John Chris.tiansen "Jimmie" Kathleen Christie "Kitty" Locker Monitor '32 Basketball Intramural Champions '32-'33 Eugene Joseph Clark Lee Marion Clark "S1icker" Yard Monitor '34-'35 Cafeteria '30-'35 Mildred Alveretta Clark "Mickey" Office Club '31-'32 Spanish Club '33-'34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Basketball '33-'34 Grady Lee Cleveland "Peter" Office Club '31 Glee Club '33-'34 Hi Times Staff '33-'34 Representative to Advisory Council '32 Jennie Viola Clinton "Ne" Section Chairman '32-'35 - Four Arts Club '33-'35 Girl's Advisory Council '32-'33 Glee Club '32-'34 Office Assistant '34-'35 James Thweatt Clolinger "Jimrny' Olivia Coburn International Journalistic Society French Club Study Hall Monitor Gerald Calvin Coggin "Jerry Harte hi-Y '3 1-'34 Representative to Advisory Council '32-'34 Parking Space Monitor '32 Study Hall Monitor '34 Mabel Coggin "Snooks Office Assistant '34 Dressing Room Monitor '34-'35 Local Interest Club '34-'35 PAGE 46 1 u as Cecil Coleman "Dick" Gladys Godden Comfort "Little Bit" Cafeteria '32-'34 Albert Congleton "Dubie" Senior Band '33-'35 Senior Orchestra '33-'35 Library Assistant '30-'32 Cafeteria '30-'35 Intramural Sports J. B. Cook "Cook" Advisory Council '32-'33 Senior Band '31-'33 Section Chairman Intramural Basketball Champions '34-'35 Winner in Playwright Contests by the Mo- bile Little Theater Pauline C. Cook "Dolly" Section Girl Representative '34-'35 Julia Grace Cosper "Mickey", A Emergency Room Monitor '34-'35 lj' Study Hall Monitor '34-'35 fret ef Frances Louise Courtney George T. Cowles, Jr. El Circulo Hispanoamericano Cafeteria '32-'35 Locker Monitor '31-'32 Traffic Monitor '31-'32 Anna Louise Cox Office '30 ' Advisory Council '32 Jennie Anne Cox "Jayne" Senior Players '31-'35 Locker Monitor '31 Section Officer '31-'35 Girl Reserve '31-'35 Hi Times '32 Dorothy Eleanor Crabtree "Doodle" School Bookkeeper '34-'35 Office Club '32-'33 Girl Reserves '33-'34 Section Officer '31-'35 1, 7 Kodak ciob '34-'35 ,F of Mary Rutledge Crabtree "Mady" Orchestra '30-'32 0 PAGE 47 O i X , Ji QQ it 1 Je of ,VN W Y r Robert Thompson Cunningham President of Class '31-'35 Senior Players '33-'35 Mobile Hi-Y '33-'35 Welfare Store '33-'35 Secretary of Junior Players '32-'33 Edward King Curry "Peter" Basketball '34-'35 "M" Club Cora Curtis "Shorty" Willie Mae Darring "Billye" Locker Monitor '31-'32 Dressing Room Monitor '32 Kodak Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Colin Gavin Daughdrill "Lefty" "M" Club '34-'35 Baseball '33-'35 Cafeteria '32-'34 Contemporary Poetry Club '33 Intramural Basketball '32-'34 Harriet Davis Mohian Staff '34-'35 Alfred Cooke Dees "B, V. D.'s." Library Assistant '31-'35 Usher Club '34-'35 Virginia DeGruy "Baby" William Henry Delchamps "Bill" Senior Band '34 Sam Joseph Demeranville "Sammie" Cafeteria '31-'35 Kodak Club '32-'33 Advisory Council '32-'35 Astronomy Club '33-'35 Mary De Van "Mimi" El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Nomination and Election Committee '33-'34 Neville Claire Dick Locker Monitor '33-'34 Locker Inspect0r'34-'35 Library Worker '34-'35 Spanish Song Club '33-'34 El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 I PAGE 48 O I nl Elvia Winnie Dixon "Skeeter" Panther Club '34-'35 Steven Dodd "Steve" Band '32-'35 Orchestra '32-'33 Intramural Sports Glee Club '33-'35 Mary Evelyn Dozier "Judy" W Cafeteria '32-'35 04 Yo Tappa Kees Lois Oliver Dreisbach Cafeteria '31-'32 Band '31-'35 Clara Elizabeth Duffee "Dutchess" l Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 wf Rose Helen' Dunlap "Rosie" John Robert Dyas "Stumpy" Football "B" '33 Football '34 If Aviation Club '33-'34 ' AJ Section Chairman '32-'33 N Nxt If V Velois Dykes "Dynamite" l Girl Reserve '31-'32 X Hal Curtis Easterlin "Bu 's" 8' S Intramural Basketball '31-'35 Usher Club '31-'32 Florence Ruth Edelbaum "Florrie" Jack Edmond "Swede" ,I Parking Space Monitor ," ' r ." Bennie Smith Edwards "B, S." i Kodak Club Four Arts Club v O U PAGE 49 I Wir YQ ff Frank Carney Ehman "Seaman Ehman" Local Interest Club '34-'35 - Theodore Johnson Elliott Library '30-'34 J. P. Ellis "Wimpy Willie Slim" Usher Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Locker Monitor Yard Committee Adolf Elsevier Fine Arts Club '31-'32 Aviation Club '33-'34 Intramural Basketball '33-'35 Intramural Baseball '33-'34 Marion Cecile Entrekin "Manny" Girl Reserve '33-'35 Office Club '31-'33 Glee Club '33-'34 Radio Club '34-'35 Tennis '34 Gladys Kathryn Eslava Library '31-'33 Office '33-'34 , Lois Alphild Evans "Lolo" w Emergency Room Monitor '34-'35 S Yo Tappa Kees Myrtice McLeod Evans "Sis" Section Chairman '32-'35 Yard Committee '33 Emergency Room Monitor '33-'34 Basketball '32-'33 Library Worker '33-'34 Edgar Ezell "Rabbi Easy" Intramural Basketball '32-'34 Intramural Baseball '32-'33 Kathryn Esther Fagerstrom "Kitten" Locker Monitor '91-'33 John Madison Farnell Mobile Hi-Y '33-'35 Locker Inspector '34-'35 Carrie Alma Felps "Al" Emergency Room Monitor '33-'34 Basketball '32-'33 O PAGE 50 O John Purman Finlayson "J, P." Radio Club '33-'35 Harte Hi-Y '33-'35 Traffic Monitor '33-'34 Locker Monitor '31-'32 Library Worker '31-'32 Doris Estelle Flanagan Geraldine Eileen Flanagan "Gerry" Four Arts Club '31-'35 Locker Office Assistant '33-'35 El Circulo Hisponamericano '34-'35 Murphy Hi Times '32-'33 Radio Club '34-'35 Merwyn Benny Flowers Joseph Milton Foshee "Joe" Radio Club '33-'35 Harte Hi-Y '31-'32 Locker Inspector '34-'35 Yard Monitor '33-'34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Thomas Redmond Foster Office Worker '31-'34 Honor Committee '33-'35 Advisory Council l32-'33 National Honor Society '34-'35 Helen Fowlkes "Hell de Bell" Advisory Council '32-'34 Anna Laura Fox t'Skeet" Library '32-'33 Cafeteria '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees Creative Writing Club Evelyn Frazier "Bunny" Locker Monitor '30-'31 Advisory Council '32-'33 Murphy Hi Times '32-'35 Quill and Scroll '34 Elsie Friedlander "Screetchy" Library Assistant '32-'34 Locker Monitor '32 Section Chairman '34 Wilma Mable Funches "Polly" Library Assistant 'Student Council Representative Fine Arts Club Alternate Student Council Representative William Jackson Fuqua "Prof" Quill and Scroll '33-'34 Representative to Advisory Council '34-'35 Editorial Staff of Hi Times '33-'34 Editorial Staff of Mohian '34-'35 Senior Orchestra '34-'35 I PAGE 51 O MJ-1 il 'X Q W 'Mrk QW PAG Bessie Pearl Gabel "Betty" William Beverley Gaillard 'tBil1" Football '32-'34 Basketball '32-'35 Baseball '34-'35 Track '33-'35 "M" Club '34-'35 Leslie Gambrell "Bo" Junior Band Senior Band William Lorin Garrison "Willie" Senior Kodak Club '34-'35 Section Chairman '30-'31 Louie Judson Gaston Shop Bookkeeper '33-'35 Lucy Margaret George "Lou" Office 'Club '33-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Edith Anne Gerhardt National Honor Society Advisory Council '34-'35 Office Club '32-'33 Study Hall Assistant '34-'35 Lost and Found '31-'32 Alfred Gilbert "Gerald" Fine Arts Club '34-'35 Yard Committee '34-'35 George Miller Givens "Miller" Yard Committee '33-'34 Aviation 'Club '33-'34 Usher Club '33-'34 Cafeteria Worker '33-'35 Mattie Mae Givhan "Snooky" Lessie Gray Glass "Little Bit" Music Jane Elizabeth Goldstein National Honor Society '34 International Honor Society for High School Journalists '34 Le Cercle Francais '34-'35 Four Arts Club '33-'35 Local Interest Club '35 O E52 William Bryant Gorday "Punk" Football '33-'34 "M" Club Yard Committee Traffic Committee William R. Goubil "Bill" Yard Committee '32-'33 Traffic Committee '33-'34 Attendance Taker '31-'34 Laurence E. Graelapp Thomas Guy Greaves "Palooka" President of Student Council '34-'35 Vice-President of Student Council '33-'34 National Honor Society Vice-President of Harte-Y '33-'35 Mohian Staff Grace Truman Green "Gracie" Library Worker '31-'34 Kodak Club '34-'35 Neulan Burt Green "Destructive" Junior Band '31-'32 Senior Band '32-'35 Radio Club Lois Evalin Greenwood "Snooky Library '31-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Girl Reserve '31-'32 Nathan Roscoe Griffin "Big Griff" Glee Club Section Chairman Four Arts Club u George Edward Groff Senior Band '31-'33 Symphonic Band '31-'33 Advisory Council '31-'35 Radio Club Chemistry Club Lillie Bell Groom "Dimples" Girl Reserve '33-'34 Locker Monitor' 34 Jack Thomas Halladay National Honor Society '34-'35 International Honorary Society for High School Journalists '34-'35 Managing Editor of Murphy Hi Times '34-'35 Ryan Review '31-'32 Representative to Advisory Council '32 Joseph Louie Hamilton "Ham" President of Junior Kodak Club '32-'33 Advisory Council '34 Aviation Club '33-'34 Harte Hi-Y '34-'35 ,. Radio Club '34-'35 j . 47, PAGE 53 O 'L,. Q John Allen Hancock Helen Mathews Harbin Modern Alchemist Club '34 Treasurer of Local Interest Club '34-'35 Le Circle Francais '34-'35 Senior Kodak Club '34-'35 Dorothea Janice Harwell "Speck" Kodak Club '34-'35 Traffic Monitor '34 Treasurer of Girl Reserves '34 Office Club '34-'35 Secretary of Senior Class '34-'35 Dillard Arlet Hearn "Taller'n I am" International Honorary Society for High High School Journalists Advisory Council Representative'34-'35 Clyde Wilson Helmer "Half Pint" Intramural Indoor Baseball '31-'33 Intramural Basketball '31 Douglas Hempstead Editor of 1935 Mohian National Honor Society '34-'35 Student Council '32-'34 Alva Wilson Henderson 'tCyclone" Emergency Room '33 Section Chairman '33-'35 Senior Band '34-'35 Fine Arts Club '33-'34 Kodak Club '32-'34 Isaac Newton Harrington Football '33-'34 Junior Orchestra '32-'33 Dorothy Hess "Dot" Kodak Club '31-'32 Office Club '31 Study Hall Assistant '31-'34 Lewis W. Hill Secretary of Freshman Class '31-'32 Locker Monitor '32 John Albert Hill "Bert" Honor Commitee '32-'33 Locker Monitor '31-'32 Le Cercle de Francais '34 -'35 Gordon Hindslnan "Senator" Mobile Hi-Y '31-'35 Traffic Monitor Locker Monitor '31-'32 Senior Players '34-'35 Mohian Staff '33-'35 I D PAGE 54 o Carl Hixon ttHick,' Cafeteria '3 1-'34 Bernice Hodges Office Club '31-'33 Advisory Council '31-34 International Honorary Society for High School Journalists '33-'35 Hi Times '33-'34 Willie Gertrude Holland "Bill" Emergency Room Monitor '32-'33 Roberta Holt "Teenie" Hi Times Assistant Assistant Librarian Tennis .Q John Matthew Houston Local Interest Club '34-'35 ' Radio Club '34-'35 Yard Committee '34-'35 Football '33-'34 Dorothy Elizabeth Hughes "Dot" National Honor Society Four Arts Club '31-'35 Office Assistant '32-'33 Advisory Council '33-'35 Election Commitee '34 Thomas Molton Hunter "Tommy" Junior Band and Orchestra '32-'33 Senior Band '33-'34 Traffic Inspector '33-'34 Kodak Club '33-'35 Alternate Representative to Advisory Council '34-'35 4' L Quitrnan Caldwell Hurdle 'T' F - ,I Kodak Club '34-'35 if Traffice Inspector '33-'34 ' !' Dressing Room Inspector '32-'33 - Section Chairman '32-'33 Mary Mildred Igler "Sug' Senior Orchestra '32-'35 Four Arts Club '33-'35 Le Cercle Francais '33-'35 Radio Club'33-'34 Edward Agnue Ingram "Big Red' Stagecraft Commitee Football '32-'34 Traffic Commitee Yard Commitee Thelma W. Jackson "Hots Radio Club '33-'34 Chemistry Club '34-'35 Study Hall Keeper '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Charles Ernest Johansen t'Little Ski Senior Band '31-'34 Senior Players '33-'34 Departmental Basketball '34 Intramural Sports '31-'34 Parking Space Monitor '33 M1 d, v 1 rv n 0 PAGE 55 0 T John A. Johnson "Snake" Kodak Club '34-'35 Marion Cecil Johnston "Little Doc" Carl A. Jones Advisory Council Football '32-'34 Track '34-'35 Stage Craft '32-'35 Mobile H-Y Hattie Belle Jones Lock-er Monitor '31-'33 Locker Inspector '33-'35 Senior Players '33-'35 ' El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Cheerleader '34-'35 Katie Boykin Jones 5 "Kitty" Spanish Club '33-'34 l Velma M. Jones "Creepy" Locker Monitor '33-'34 Section Chairman '33-'34 . Kodak Club '34-'35 John Henry Jordan "Jersey" Cafeteria '32-'34 Junior Band '32-'34 Section Officer '32-'35 ' Intramural Sports '31-'35 Esther Joyner l'Irish" 7' P Modern Alchemist Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 George B. Jumonville "Hook" Football '33-'34 Baseball '34-'35 Basketball '34-'35 UM" Club '33-'35 Mobile Hi-Y Ernest Herbert Kelly "Bo" Thomas Norville Kern "Tommy" Edwina Louise Kerr "Ed" Murphy Hi Times '33-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 PAGE 56 . is: l ,Y Y 2.1.11 Janice Kiehl "Cotton" Cafeteria '31-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Euclid Lloyd Kilday "TiZd21l9" Glee Club Dramatic Club Thelma Louise Kingry "Jack" Locker Monitor '33-'34 Girl Reserve '32-'33 Mary Delane Kirk Modern Alchemist Club Emergency Room Lost and Found James C. Kotis Margaret Evelyn Kountz "Tit1ee" Girl Reserve '33-'34 Traffic Commitee '34-'35 William Louis Kurtz "Bill -Dear" Y Section Chairman '31-'32 Radio Club'34-'35 Usher Club '33-'34 Advisory Council '31-'32 Fine Arts Club '32-'33 l Mary Edna Lami '4Ed" DeW'itt Lang "Nit" Mildred Josephine Laurendinex, A.:-utron-omy Club '33-'34"'j Radio Club '34-'35 Stuart Malcolm Lauzon "Susie" xc, Fred E. Lawrence 'tSherlock" Office Assistant '30-'32 Locker Monitor '34-'35 Yard Committee '34-'35 Radio Club '34-'35- I PAGE 57 I '-sflvi-L " , A r Qf' in F rv' x W Yvonne LeBeouf Library '34-'35 Elizabeth Lee "Libby" Girl Reserve '31-'32 Locker Monitor '33-'34 Margaret Emily Lee "Margie" Emergency Room '34-'35 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Annie Vonciel Lewis t'Cecil" Le Circle Francais '33-'34 George Harold Lewis Section Chairman '31-'32 Harte Hi-Y '33-'35 Kodak Club '32-'35 Chemistry Club '34-'35 Traffic Monitor '34-'35 Lillian Lillyroot 'tBiddie" Girls Emergency Room Monitor Advisory Council Representative Section Chairman Honorary Study Hall Teacher Arthur Linam "Red" Cafeteria Worker Section Officer '33-'35 Clara Hughes Little Cora Lee Locke "Cora" Cafeteria '31-'33 Intramural Basketball Champions '32-'33 Other Carson Lockett 't0ce" Freshman Kodak Club '31-'32 Cafeteria Club '31-'34 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Harold Anthony Long Football Baseball Harte Hi-Y Radio 'Club Glee Club nstann Stanley Jefferson Lovett All Around-Activity Award '31-'32 Advisory Council Representative '32-'35 Cafeteria '31-'32 , Harte Hi-Y '32 li Chemistry '34-'35 s., g O PAGE 55 I if Fannie Rae Lubel "Bunny" Office Worker '31-'34 Locker Monitor '32 Kodak Club '32 Bonnie Beales McAlister "Corky" Girl Reserve '33-'35 Cafeteria '32-'35 Section Officer '31-l35 Rhett McBride Sarah Louise Mc'Conatha Panther Club '33-'35 Hi Times '33-'34 Quill and Scroll '33-'34 Mohian '34-'35 Ernest Barclay McConnell Lost and Found '33 Section Chairman '34-'35 Section Representative to Advisory Coun- cil '32-'33 Emily Gray McCorvey Vice-President Senior Class '34-'35 Member Advisory Council '33-'34 National Honor Society '34-'35 Mohian Staff '34-'35 French Club '34-'35 Virginia Pearl McCrory "Cro" Girl Reserves '31-'32 Marjorie Cecelia McDonald "Marg" Girl Reserve '31 Thomas Gerald McGill '4Uncle Tom" Intramural Baseball '32-'35 Intramural Basketball '32-'35 Departmental Basketball '34-'35 James Edward McGrew A'Jimmie" Locker Monitor Band Short Wave Club Herrin Mclnnis Clyde Eric McLean "Chess" "M" Club '34-'35 Track '34-'35 Section Representative '31-'32 Football '34 C PAGE 59 I 'W Ethel McLean Girl Reserve '33-'34 Office Club '31-'34 Guynell Elizabeth McLeod "Gwen' Panther Club '33-'35 Senior Players '33-'35 Office Club '32-'33 Mohian Staff '34-'35 Senior Orchestra '32-'33 Benjamin Franklin McMillan Library '34-'35 Section Chairman '33 Joseph Daniel McPherson "Tookie Office Club '31-'32 Locker Monitor '32-'33 Astronomy Club '33-'34 Kodak Club '34-'35 W. L, McVay "Mac' Usher Club '33-'34 Emergency Room Monitor '32-'33 Section Chairman '31-'32 Section Representative '32-'33 Frances Euginia Mabry Office Club '32-'33 Locker Monitor '31-'34 Study Hall Assistant '34 Office Assistant '32-'33 Gertrude Maisel "Gert Lost and Found '34 Locker Monitor '32 Section Athletic Chairman '33-'34 Jessie Ruth Mallett "Ruthie Locker Monitor '33 Senior Kodak Club '34-'35 George Markham March, Jr. "Crit Cafeteria '32-'35 Henderson Ridgley Marriott, Jr. "Grizzly Local Interest Club '34-'35 Astronomy Club '33-'34 Library Worker '34-'35 Advisory Council '34 Harte Hi-Y '34-'35 Ben Fridge Marshall Tumbling Team '33-'34 Section Representative '34 Harte Hi-Y '34 Mohian Staff Aviation Club '33-'34 James Carlton Mason "Jimmie I PAGE 60 r - 1 A Margaret Matkin Senior Orchestra '32-'33 Hi Times '34 William Mahon Meador "Billy" Local Interest Club '34-'35 Section Chairman '33-'34 Albert Brennan Meriwether "Trojan" Harte Hi-Y '33-'35 Football "B" '33 Football '34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Senior Band '33-'35 Frances Pearl Michael "Frankie" Four Arts Club '31-'35 Girl Reserve '31-'35 Kodak Club '32-'35 Contemporary Poetry Club '33-'34 Library '31-'33 Marjorie Middleton "Margie" Library Assisiant '31-'33 Study Hall Aisistant '34-'35 Glee Club '33-'34 Advisory Council '31 Cloie Mae Miller 'tRunt" Locker Monitor '33-'34 Hi School Players '32-'33 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Ethel Miller "Big Ethel" Library '30-'32 Study Hall Chaiman '33 Frances Elizabeth Miller "Ibbets" Junior and Senior Players '30-'35 Glee Club '33-'34 Fine Arts Club '33-'34 Girl Reserve '29-'30 Lillian Miller "Lil" Locker Monitor Richard Miller Ann Pearl Mills Edna Mae Mitchell "Mickey" Emergency Room Monitor '34-'35 Glee Club '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 I PAGE 61 'QCYWAI ,, S ,wa 'CS7 Aly! Helen Elise Mobley Dressing' Room Monitor '34-'35 Girl Reserve '33-'34 Hi Times Staff '33-'34 Kodak Club '31-'32 Thomas Keith Molony "Half Pint" Kodak Club '31-'33 Murphy Hi Times '33-'34 Section Chairman '21-'32 Ruben Ricardo Montiel "Ric" Mobile Hi-Y '31-'35 Office Club '33-'35 Ernest Morehead, Jr. 'tErnie" Radio Club '34-'35 Library Worker '32'-33 Malcolm Edgar Morris "Mack-i-Doo" Class Officer '33-'34 Radio Club '34-'35 Advisory Council '32-'33 Section Officer '31-'35 Physics Laboratory Assistant '34-'35 Nicholas Branson Moulyet "Deacon" Senior Band '33-'35 Senior Orchestra '33-'35 Cafeteria '34-'35 Intramural Sports Football '34-'35 Yvonne Isabelle Mumme "Vonnie" Local Interest Club '33-'34 Office Club '33-'34 Reese Rene Murphy Emergency Room Monitor '31 Q Kodak Club '34-'35 W9 -' Craigi Murray Welfare Store '31-'35 V. ' Advisory councu ,32-'33 Business Manager of Mohian '34-'35 Chairman of Advisory Council '34-'35 Welfare Committee '32-'33 Avis Myrick "Mickey' Section Representative '31-,32 Locker Monitor '32-'33 Paul Eugene Naylor "Gene' Glee Club Study Hall Monitor Arthur Nelson "Ossie' Band '32-'35 Orchestra '33-'35 C PAGE 62 O 1 James Norine Nelson "Jerry" Locker Monitor '32-'33 Kenneth Nelson "Kenny" Katie Mae New "Sadder Budwiser" Locker Monitor '31 Kodak Club '34-'35 Lost and Found Committee '34-'35 El Club Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Hi Times Staff '31-'32 Myrtle Joelane New "Jo" Lost and Found Monitor '33-'34 Study Hall Assitant '34 El Club Cantante '33-'34 El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Essie Lou Newberry "S1u" Esther Nichols Le Circle Francais International Honorary Society for High School Journalists Albert Sidney Norris "Squidney" Emergency Room '34 School Basketball Champions '32-'33 School Baseball Champions '32-'33 Mary Margaret Norris "Margie" Locker Monitor Cafeteria Helen Virginia Oberkirch Locker Monitor '32-'33 Dressing Room Monitor '34-'35 Miriam Olensky "Moshie" Gregory Slockman O'Rourke "R0oky Il" President of Quill and Scroll '34-'35 Student Council '31-'35 National Honor Society '34-'35 Writers Guild '31-'32 Harte Hi-Y '32-'35 Dorothy Aldrudia Overstreet t'Dot" O PAGE 63 I 1? ,sf- E.,- -4" 17' an ,VW ,li x , ,, , 'fl ' .4 Y Norris Owen "N. O." Fred Douglas Padgett "Oneway" ' Football '32-'34 Section Representative '31-'34 Mobile Hi-Y '33-'34 "M" Club '33-'34 Yard Monitor '31-'32 Flora Lee Palmer George Kanorie Pappas "Pap" Kodak Club '32-'33 Radio Club '33-'35 Intramural Basketball Champions '32-'33 Intramural Baseball Champions '32-'33 James Tunstall Parker Cafeteria '31-'35 Advisory Council '34-'35 Lolette Janice Pate "Cotton" Yo Tappa Kees Vera B. Pate ,"Dimples" Yo Tappa Kees Douglas Martin Patrick "Doug" Ernest Edward Patrick 'tErnie" Library '31 x Belle Patterson A "Pat" Patricia Marcella Patterson "Pat" Civic Welfare Committee Tennis Team Eugene Latimer Pattillo I PAGE 64 C - x gQ M HM Ethel Lee Payne Anna Louise Pearson "Anne" Marion Pearson Advisory Council '31-'33 E1 Circulo Hispanoamericano Gladys Loucil Peattie Office Club Yo Tappa Kees James Vaughan Peavy "Bicrobe" A 1 E. B. Peebles ' Cheerleader '33-'34 " Business Manager of Murphy Hi Times '33-'34 Vice-President of Mobile Hi-Y '34-'35 Mohian Staff '34-'35 Football '34 Elizabeth Pendola "Jackie" . Four Arts Club Office Assistant Girl Reserve Local Interest Club ' Astronomy Club Dorothy Esther Petches "Dot" Local Interest Club '34-'35 Helen Lewis Peterson "Hewis" Murphy Hi Times '33-'34 Kodak Club '34-'35 Marie Hereford Peterson "Peggy" Section Chairman '33-'35 Asfistant Teacher of Dance Club '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Honor Study Hall Teacher '34-'35 Daisy Helen Petro t'Dizzy'l Sports Club at Ramsey Tech '32-'33 Locker Monitor '34-'35 El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Gordon P'etty I PRGE 65 O James Henderson Petty "Jimmie" Section Chairman '32-'33 Locker Monitor '31-'32 Yard Committee '32-'33 Vester Pierce "Pester" Intramural Basketball Champions '32-'33 Winnie Pierce "Winnie" School Auditor '34-'35 Intramural Basketball Champions '31-'33 Intramural Volleyball '31-'34 Doris Belle Pitman "Giggles' Yo Tappa Kees Helen Elizabeth Platt Cafeteria '1-'35 Leslie Grace Pollard "Lex Yo Tappa Kees '34-'Sb Fennie Plotka Intramural Teams Ed Dozier Poole "Battlin J. W. Porter "Snag Advisory Council '31-'32 Cafeteria '32-'33 Library Assistant '32-'33 Sarah Adeline Porter 'tSay' Girls Dressing Room Monitor Ruth Kate Pounds "Katie Dance Club '34-'35 Locker Monitor '33 Study Hall Assistant '34-'35 Marie Powell "Mousie' National Honor Society Mohian Staff Four Arts Club Advisory Council Representative PAGE 66 O n u u rr 5 'MOTHAN '52 Nolan L, Powell "Cotton" Four Arts Club '34-'35 Traffic Monitor '32-'33 Dorothy Ellen Powledge "Dot" Locker Monitor '32-'34 Library Assistant '34-'35 Annie May Previto Office Club Yo Tappa Kees W Herman Frederick Probst "Freddie" Virginia Odessa Pruitt "Gennie May" Yard Committee '33 i Barbara La Mar Pugh "Toxic" Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Kodak Club '31-'32 Locker Monitor '32-'33 Creative Writing Club '34-'35 Cafeteria '32-'35 W. T. Purvis Yard Committee '32-'35 Traffic Committee '34-'35 Captain Section Basketball Captain of Physical Education Team Henry Quackenbush "Quack" Welfare Assistant '34-'35 Chemistry Club '33-'34 Mohian Staff '34-'35 Locker Monitor '33-'34 Marion Albert Quina "Legs" Fine Arts Club '33-'34 Library Assistant '31 Mohian Staff Advisory Council Mary Cordelia Rabby t'Rabbit" Girl Reserve '31-'33 Hi Times '32-'33 Girls. Dressing Room '33-'34 Girls Emergency Room '34-'35 Sara Coleman Radcliff Spanish Club '33 Elsie Rain Yo Tappa Kees O PAGE 67 I '"''--EdaassiiiEBll!!!E55IIIIIIII5ETQE!!!Eiiiiiiiihs""--' K ww-b J 5 X W mf , n 1' v L M wt i Us I vf ,C V ' F , if h 'fb K ,L , a hi T '. .'-' f 155 ' gina , like at "' fi ZAMF4 1' G 5315 I i Q .w , 'ey K. Lawrence Rehm "Fire Chief" Golf '32-'33 Advisory Council '33-'34 Safety Commitee '33-'34 Honor Committee '34-'35 Charles Beryl Repoll Nell Repoll Study Hall Monitor Louis Howard Ressijac "Morgan" Secretary of Harte Hi-Y '34-'35 Class Football '31-'34 Glee Club '33 Mohian Library Assistant '33-'34 Geraldine Revere "Gerry" Spanish Song Club El Circulo Hispanoamericano Local Interest Club Kodak Club Gertrude Richardson "Gertie" Girl Reserve '33-'34 Section Chairman '33-'34 Study Hall Assistant '32-'33 Kodak Club '31-'32 Eloise Anice Riggs "Nancy" Kodak Club '34-'35 Locker Monitor '32-'34 Locker Commitee '33-'35 Girl Reserve '31-'32 El Club Hispanoamericano '34-'35 Sam Julius Ripps US. J." National Honor Society President of El Club Hispanoamericano Library Assistant Band and Orchestra Alternate Section Representative David Ritter Advisory Council '33-'35 Kodak Club '32-'33 Caroline Tankersley Roberts Four Arts Club '32-'35 Hi Times '33-'35 Quill and Scroll '33-'35 Advisory Council '32-'35 Library Worker '32-'33 Charles Roberts "Mud-face" Football ,34-'35 David Deihl Roberts "Dave" National Honor Society Chairman of Honor Commitee '33-'34 President of Harte Hi-Y '34-'35 Secretary of "M" Club '34-'35 Four Arts Club '33-l35 0 PAGE GB O u 3 Justine Roberts James Yates Rogers "Jimmie" Radio Club Attendance Monitor '34-'35 Aviation Club William Henry Rowell' 'tBil1y" Band '32-'35 Orchestra '33-'35 Public Speaking Club '34-'35 Eladio Rubira "Lilo" Tumbling Team '33 Section Chairman '32 School Basketball Champions '32-'33 School Baseball Champions '32-'33 Parking Space Monitor '34 George LeiGrande Rush "Doc" Chemistry Club '34-'35 Secretary of Junior Academy of Science '34-'35 Margaret Eloise Rush Mohian Staff '34-'35 National Honor Society '34-'35 Office Assistant '32-'33 Advisory Council '34-'35 Honor Committee '34-'35 John Elias Saad 'tSad" Boys Emergency Room '33-'35 Tom Sawada President of National Honor Society Student Council-Chairman of Locker Committee Mohian Staff Advisory Council Section Chairman Edward Sayers "Eddie" Football '31-'34 Baseball '33 Student Governing Council '34 Section Chairman '32-'33 "M" Club '33-'34 Cleo Marie Schmitt "Gunny" Senior Band '30-'34 Senior Orchestra '31-'34 Glee Club '32-'34 Adele Schwartz High School Players '32-'35 International Honorary Society for High School Journalists '34-'35 Winner of Armistice Theme '32 Le Circle Francais '34-'35 Vice-President of Creative Writing Club '34-'35 Flora Elizabeth Sclater "Flo" El Circulo Hispanoamericano 0 PAGE 'N Joseph Francis Scott Locker Monitor '31-'32 Emergency Room '32-'33 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Floy Letitia Seiple Junior Orchestra '33 Senior Orchestra '34-'35 William Pep Sellier, Jr. "Wiyam" Treasurer of Harte Hi-Y '32-'34 Aviation Club '33-'34 Traffic Committee '33 Stagecraft Committee '34 Mary Katharine Semple "Kaki" Le Circle Francais Four Arts Club Office Club Advisory Council Flora Davis Shaw "Dick" Kodak Club Office Club '32-'33 Locker Monitor '33-'34 Henry Foster Shedden "Peanuts" "M" Club Baseball Charles Joseph Sheehan Mary Kate Shepard "Katy" I Cafeteria 32-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 El Circulo Hispanoamericano '34-'35 eorge Walker Sherrin "Bulldog" Basketball '33-'34 Baseball '33-'34 "M" Club G Edward Bernard Shofner "Slim" Jeanette Augusta Simison "Jennie Wren" Flora Blanche Sims "Flo" Girl Reserve '31-'32 Glee Club '33-'34 Advisory Council Representative '33-'34 Basketball '33-'34 0 PAGE 70 l 1 Ethel Louise Sirmon "Dimples" Office '31'32 Advisory Council Representative Eunice Lucille Slater "Nunie" Advisory Council Wilber Howard Slider "Billy" Ina Elizabeth Smallwood Le Circle Francais '33-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Charles Crowe Smith "Curly" Radio Club '33-'34 Treasurer of Radio Club '34-'35 Senior Band '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 Edgar James Smith Ernest Eugene Smith Mohian Staff '34-,35 Section Chairman '34-'35 Senior Band and Orchestra '31-'34 Local Interest Club '34-'35 Office Club '32 Jane Tarleton Smith Secretary of Student Council '34-'35 Mohian Staff '33-'35 Office Assistant '33-'35 Le Circle de Francais '33-'35 Advisory Council '33-'34 Margaret Louise Smith 'Z P'eggie" Kodak Club '32-'34 Locker Monitor '30 Murphy Hi Times '33 Marguerite Luynn Smith "Lynn" Locker Monitor '34-'35 Mary Lee Smith t'Red" Alla Glass Southall "Little Bit" O PAGE 71 O IX Q f 5 l Dorothea Louise Southall "Dot" Library Assistant '31-'33 Study Hall Assistant '34 Glee Club '32-'33 Florence Southerland International Honorary Society for High School Journalists '33-'35 Cafeteria '31-'35 Rosetta Marie Soutullo "Zetta" Spanish Song Club Kodak Club Office Club '31-'32 Locker Monitor '33-'34 Clara Adelaide Stein Office Club '34-'35 International Journalistic Society '34-'35 Honor Roll '31-'34 Sarah Stein "Susie" Locker Monitor '33 School Auditor '34-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Kodak Club '34-'35 William Albert Stein "Bill" Symphonic Band '31 Senior Band '31 Study Hall Monitor '34 Doris Steiner National Honor Society '33-'34 Honor Committee '33-'34 Advisory Council '31-'33 Mohian Staff'34-'35 Josie Lee Stevens 'tJo" Girl Reserve '31-'34 Glee Club '31-'34 Library Worker '31-'33 Eldred McWorter Stewart "Stewart" Four Arts Club Orchestra '30-'33 Glee Club '32-'33 Locker Monitor '33 Charles Woodrow Stimpson "Little Stimp" Section Officer '31-'35 Thomas Gaines St. John A'Tom" Junior Band '32-'33 Marion Glenn St. Laurent, Office Club '32 Study Hall Monitor '34-'35 0 GE 72 I l I Mabel Clare Stokes "Sis" Library '31-'34 Leighon Stone Intramural Sports '33 Laboratory Assistant '33 Wendell Elliot Stowe Radio Club '34-'35 Cafeteria '33-'34 Safety Committe '34-'35 Jack Bolton Stringfellow "Dubie" Mary Elizabeth Strong "Liddie" Senior Players '33-'35 Hi Times Staff '33-'34 Ruth Sundberg National Honor Society Advisory Council '32-'35 Fine Arts Club Lloyd H. Sutherland Four Arts Club Treasurer of Senior Class '34-'35 Study Hall Monitor Representative to Advisory Council '34-'35 Mary Louise Swable "Wezzie" Lost and Found '33-'35 Office Assistant '31-'32 Dorothy Elizabeth Sweetman "Peggy Sweetman" Clara Eley Swindull "Clarabelle" Hi Times Staff '33-,34 Cafeteria '31-'35 Glee Club '34 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Ellen Frances Tagert Locker Monitor '34 Linnie Oleris Tanner O PAGE 73 I Mildred Victoria Tanner "Millie" Locker Monitor '32-'33 Girl Reserve '32-'33 Laura Theresa Tate "Irre" Cafeteria '32-'33 Mies Drivers Office '33-'34 Evelyn Holt Taylor "Popeye" Dramatic Club Fine Arts Club Astronomy Club Locker Committee Mary Beatrice Thomas t'Bea" Locker Monitor '33-'34 Hilda Thompson Marshall Jackson Thompson "Mickey" Mary Frances Thompson Annie Katherine Thrasher HA. K." Cafeteria '32-'35 Senior Players '33-'35 El Circulo Hispanoamericano Local Interest Club '34-'35 Study Hall Monitor '34-'35 Eloise Threadgill High School Players Girl Reserves Traffic Monitor O. C. Tisdale "Tissy" Tennis Club '34-'35 Assistant Lost and Found Monitor '32-'33 Attendance Monitor '34 Clyde Colle Toenes "Toenes" Senior Kodak Club '32-'35 Emergency Room '33 Locker Monitor '32-'33 Traffic Monitor '33 Intramural Baseball '34 Fannie Elizabeth Trousdale Girl Reserve '30-'34 Junior Players '30-'31 O PAGE 74 ck Weilbacher Trimble "Iggy" Ja Chemistry Club '33-'34 Radio Club El Circulo Hispanoamericano Yard Commitete '33-'34 Locker Monitor '31-'33 Irene Turner "Striker" Murphy Hi Times '33-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Intramural Sports Myrtle Marguerite Turner "Mutt" Fine Arts Club '34-'35 Robert Michael Tuttle "Rabbi Tut" Advisory Council '32-'33 Section Chairman Intramural Sports Locker Monitor Carl Tyler "Tyler" Section Chairman '34-'35 Intramural Sports '33-'34 Dressing Room Inspector '33-'34 Lucy Tyrrell "Lou" Office Assistant '31-'33 Section Chairman ,Sl-'33 Study Hall Assistant '34-'35 Constantine Evangelos Vacalis "Vackalackus" Football "B" '33-'34 Locker Monitor '34 Intramural Baseball Intramural Basketball Departmental Basketball '34 Linnie Mae Venturini "Dudy" Girls Emergency Room Monitor Girls Dressing Room Monitor Coreen Elizabeth Wallace "Cocaie" Cafeteria '32-'35 Q1 Girl Reserve '33-'34 Yo Tappa Kees Ethel Hewett Wallace Evelyn Wallace Carol Ward f'Babs" Fine Arts Club '33-'34 Locker Monitor '32-'33 PAGE P1 bm . Charles Christian Warren "Charlie Emeline Waters "Eme Junior Girl Reserve '31-'32 Library Worker '33 Eloine Watts "Pete" Study Hall Assistant Tennis Charles William Weatherford uWeb" 'wEdith Weisman 'tEdie' Dressing Room Inspector '33-'35 Yo Tappa Kees '34-'35 Local Interest Club '34-'35 John Albert Weiss "Professor" Emergency Room '33 School Baseball Champions '32-'33 Attendance Monitor '32-'33 ei, lrfgchool Basketball Champions '32-'33 514+ Leonard Aubrey Wells "Billie' Library Worker '32 Pass Card Monitor '33 Attendance Monitor '34 Football '33-'34 Hilton Earl Wheeler Astronomy Club '34-'35 Locker Inspector '34-'35 Virginia Whiting 'tGinny" Library '31-'32 Office '32-'33 Civic Welfare '34-'35 Section Chairman '31-'32 Julius Charles Wicke "Wick" Locker Monitor '31-'32 Physics Laboratory Assistant '33-'34 Emergency Room '33-'34 Rebecca Willard "Becky" Emergency Room Monitor '34-'35 Sara Lee Williams Secretary of Local Interest Club '34-'35 Chemistry Club '34 Treasurer of Spanish Club '34-'35 Section Chairman '32-'33 Locker Monitor '32 PAGE l 76 Agnes Valeria Williamson "Curls" Charles Urban Winnow "Wang" Advisory Council '32 Barbara Ellen Witt "Babs" Basketball '33-'34 Harold Milton Wittmann "Little Breechesn Study Hall Monitor '34 15 Section Representative '33-'34 Walter 0. Wojohn "Lanky" Attendance Slip Collector ,33-'34 Kodak Club '34-'35 Intramural Indoor Ball Champions '32-'33 Intrlarnural Basketball Champions '32-'33 Harry Oliver Wolcott Advisory Council '33-'34 Elizabeth Wolfe "Liz" Murphy Hi Times '33-'34 'Cafeteria '33-'34 Intramural Sports Joseph Siglar Woolwine "Basso" Glee Club '33-'35 Intramural Sports '33-'35 Freshman Football '31-'32 Mary Louis Woolwine "Louie" Section Chairman '31-'32 Lost and Found '34 French Club '34-'35 Section Representative to Advisory Coun- cil '31-'32 Study Hall Teacher '34 Walter Wrightson, Jr. Harvey McAuley Young "Bud" Library Assistant '32-'34 Astronomy Club '33-'34 Kodak Club '34-'35 Usher Club '33-'35 Willie Yawn "Bill" 0 PAGE O Y Y f f -2ll1- 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1893 1894 1895 1897 1898 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 Kings of The Carnival Col. Dan E. Huger Col. Dan E. Huger Louis Scranton Col, John L. Rapier Hon. Hannis Taylor Jacob P. Billups James H. Maury Rittenhouse Moore Milton C. Lott Captain P. F. Alba Sidney T. Prince Col. E. L. Russell Arthur Shirley Benn Hon. N, R, Clarke Ed. E. Bernheimer M. Waring Harrison Lee A. Partridge Hon. F. J. Inge George Robinson Joseph H. Lyons Orville F. Cawthorn Walter G. Horn Tom Sims Troost Parker 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 J. Alfred Coates Henry Luscher Dr. F. M. Inge Rollin Broughton Jex H. Luce Herman H. Maschmeyer Carl Holzborn A. L. Staples John T. Cochrane 1920 F. Taylor Peck 1921 Henry Hall, Jr. 1922 Paul B. Ray 1923 S. H. Peck 1924 George A. Creary 1925 Francis H. Inge 1926 Conrad Ambrecht 1927 Wright Smith, Jr. 1928 Pat Feore 1929 George A. Sossaman 1930 Clifton C. Inge 1931 Donald Smith 1932 Horace S. Turner 1933 Henry B. Glover 1934 Dr, Sidney Van Antwerp 1935 Curtis Bush, III I PAGE 78 O I Q llllll 2 n uu g g m ii H: 1l, X ii ' E E M E ff Hi W E f 4 It Q : Ji X fx ! ff: X Wg IIN if X 5'- fx xg 'XX gtg - V S ff m 1-Lilwjfm X55 MM I "M, 0 4' iii ' W wif W ' W X , -x HHH f " v ll .lx 1 if Q T Miss Ethel Byrd Queen of the Mohian PAGE Bl I Q i A? ' f Z X 1 f K eq ' , K dwm Mmm Domuqlcul TEAM s' Spomsofz X .il ?u" f3 !?ggg.-QR FOOTBALL SPONSORS mm 2 i 1 FOOTBALL SPONSORS DRAMATICS The Stage Crew Talking it over Explaining Working Hard Caught Red Handed Playing up The Cast Holding their attention O PAGE B4 O FACULTY Love in Bloom, eh Ruth? Gone but not forgotten Where to, Jo? Any Sugar, Sam? Dark up there, Sowell? Taylor Shoots the bull Dernosthenes Moore Get out from under the the hat, Annie. Hubby, dear Our principle-K. J. Bridge calls, 'em ouf Some class I PAGE B5 O FOOTBALL Drugstore coach Trojan Stars of the "B" team Form, anyway Lucius Geneva Ossie threw it Birds of a feather Eat 'um up, Shorty Throw it, Hock Cap'm Hit him hard All Soulhern Jones Stack 'um up, boys! 0 PAGE 86 0 FOOTBALL Mad, Red? Birmingham Bound We Lost Our Band The Slaughter 60-0 Murphy's Ted Husing It's a beaut! Billy and George Little Houston Score Keepers Suspense is terrible Up in the air 0 PAGE B7 F REAKS Topsy Turvy Gi1'1's Delight Rats to you Camera shy Why girls come Foots Smith Old Black Joe Try it sometime to Murphy "Raise you five" Shoveling D-irt Up side down Mandy The Long and Short of It PAGE B8 ALL BOYS Are we jealous? Fooling nobody Little Inge Actually studying Rail birds Power houses Shine 'um up Quack Books for effect! Comfortable, Nasty? Stars of the School Crip Baloneyl 0 PAGE B9 0 GIRLS AND BOYS Going to town G1'eer's Got It Hi, Doug Donahugue Young Squirt Fatty Stewart Pugilist Wright's, Delight Little Major Lone Eagle Beautiful Flossie Eat it, Hock Let's go neck! I F-'AGE 90 I COUPLES Cecil and Billy Friendly Touch Please, Mister Lonely View Kaydets Shine Mr. 8a Mrs. Where's the rest P'rodig'al's Return The Pride of Arkansas Highlights Puppy Love Pony Express I PAGE 91 I HERE AND THERE Dunce Our Business Manager Bells, Bells 1 Cody Paper Campaign The Goodlooking Cunningham Rogue's Gallery McNeely Shines Little Cain Visitor Her hero What's the "S" for Senator Hindsman Piccolo Pete O PAGE 92 l . ,, if ' ATE ,X lm, ? k '-ET-Hi? j .w i-05 ' 1 " E 13 - 2 l D-' u, S, r K y X -1 E - 'R N S 2 75 : Ji W ' X - S 'EE W ,1gAc1ruw1rnlEs X - Win l1 fm fllll v International Honorary journalistic Society Officers President ,,......, ...,.,.....,.,,,,,,..,, S tockman O'Rourkc Vice-President ....., ..,,.,,, C aroline Roberts Secretary ,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,, R uth Gray Bowling Typist ...... ..,.,,,,,,, J ack Halladay Sponsor .,,... ,,,i,,,Miss Aline Bright ' In 1927 the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was founded in Murphy High School, the emblem being the "Quill and Scroll" and the aims-the encouraging of journalistic work and awarding talent. Originally a national organization, it became international in 1930 when a school in Liverpool, England was granted the first for-eign charter. Exacting requirements must first be met, for membership in the chapter is the highest honor that high school authors can obtain. Hearng Hempstead: Powell: Jacobson: Murray: Duke: Thierry: Hindsman Bodden: Clinton: Rigler: Southerland: Goldstein: Dick: Swable: Nichols McCunatha: Caviness: Fananeg McCorvey: Hughes: Miller: Schwartz: Frazier: Hodges: Jones: Bright DeVan Boyd: Coffin: O'Rourke: Roberts: Bolling: Halladayg Coburn: Stein: Steiner Dodson: Widney: Simmons: Foshee, Rogers: Greavesg Atkinson 0 PAGE 95 I The National Honor Soceity FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President .,........,,.......,.,..,,,.,,,.,.,.......,,,...,,....,,., Tom Sawada Vice-President ,.,,.,, ........ D ouglas Hempstead 'Secretary .,..,,,,. ......... D oris Steiner Treasurer ,,.... ....... ' Thomas Greaves Sponsor .....,, ..,A.. M iss d'Ornellas The National Honor Society is to the high schools ofth, ountry what the Phi Beta Kappa is to the colleges and universities. The Mobile C pter of the National Society 'yas organized in the spring of 1923. It is one oi more than 1200 chapters in - ,,?:g.i. .h ools throughout the United States. Students are elected to tlhe society o Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. This Organi- zation repr - "" Q1 fundamental objectives for whiclvschools are instituted. . ,JN ,. A A " XXI "Lf," -.f.' ass T fire-if TNQ ' . 'iv ' - Hmm--fr' " if? l 3 . V4 " ' Rippsg Goldstein: dberggi Gerha t: d'0rnellas: Steiner: llroadusg Rush: Roberts Fosterg McG0rvey: 5 gNHemp tead: Sawaila: Powell: Boyeg Howling: O'Rourke O PAGE 96 0 n - , The National Honor Society SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President ,,.,....,.........,,.,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,.,., Douglas Hempstead Vice-President .,,,.... ,,,,,,,.,, M arie Powell Secretary ..,.....,, .....,,,..... D ick Aldridge Treasurer .,.,,, ........ S tockman O'R0urke Sponsor .,,.,.. ,,,.,,.,.. M iss d'Ornellas The emblem of Y et?'is a keystone bearing the torch of wisdom under which are the initials US. t'l.,'L." standing for Scholarship, Citizenship, Service, and Lead- ership. Including the first semester of this term over three hundred ment KGS have been inducted into the local chapter on an average of about thirt V Many of the members yqho rhave graduated are engaged in professi AQ fx -, CTS have P70V9d their compeydf-icy in the business world. Jacli Hallada l fiwithoutr picture representation. 'JL X W .R , I "fMM?f"'H in , -saw a ,oe, I--1,1-ef 'F f,, .P J T 'fx-if , . Marking sample: Nichols: Atkinson: Hodges: Harwellg Clinton: Greaves n PAGE S7 I ev iff: 1 1 . Q' one - -H The Mohian EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ,...,.,, ....,., D ouglas Hempstead Assistant Editor ....... ...,,,,. S arah McConatha Organization Editol ',,,,,, ii,.., E dith Caviness Editor-inChief Advisor '...,i,...,,,,,...,,,... ,,,.... M r. Roy Wilkie The Editorial Staff of the 1935 Mohian has attempted this year, as in each pre- ceeding year, to give to the students a record of the school year of 1934-35. We have worked with this aim in mindg gathering all materialg revising itg and arrang- ing it interestingly. If in the years to come this book has still perserved the mem- ories of the good time it portrays, we shall feel rewarded for our work. The staff members are: Marie Powell, Harriett Davis, Jack Fuqua, Marion Quina, Howard Ressijac, David Roberts, Tom Sawada, Ernest Smith, Doris Steiner. Sawaclag Quinag Fuqua: Roberts: Smith, E.: Ressijac Cavinessg Steiner: McConatha: Hempstead: Powell: Davis 0 PAGE 98 Q The Mohlan Business Manager ,..A,.,,.,,.,,,A.. ......... . ,Craig Murray Assistant Business Manager .,... .. ,,...... Gordon Hindshw-H Secretary ,,AA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,,,,.,,, .,.....,,. E rnest Smlth Advisgr ,.,,,,A ,...... M r. Roy Wilkie Business Manager To Miss Fan Randlette and the members of the Alts Department, to Miss Ruth Moore and the members of the Public Speaking classg to Miss Sunshine Gaines and members of the Publicity Committee of the Student Council' to all the teachers of the school who cooperated with us in any work we asked them to do the staffs wish to express their thanks for the help which was given to them in the preparation of this annual Business Staff Members Thomas Greaves Jack Joyner Emily McCorvey Guynell McLeod, Ben Marshall, E. B. Peebles, Henry Quackenbush, Margaret Rush, Jane Smith Wllkle Marshall Quackenbush Hlndsman Freaves Joyner McLeod Rush M Murray McCorvey Smith J Peebles PAGE 99 x I B U F F ' Q l . AL l QQ The Murphy H1 Tunes EDITORIAL STAFF ' L' Editor .................. ,,,,,,,, R uth G, Bowling Assistant Editor ..AV.. ,,.....,,.. J ack Halladay Ediwr-in-chief Advisor -,--,-- A....-. M iss Anita Wagner The Murphy High Times is the official newspaper of Murphy High School. Edited and managed by an organized staff of the Journalism class, this publication appears twelve times a year. The Hi Times aims to publish the news of the school, to aid in constructive work, and to afford the student of Journalism an opportunity for actual practice in newspaper editing, managing and make-up. Due to the en- thusiam and co-operation of last years competent staff, this paper won first place in Alabama and medalist rating in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Assocition. Stauterg Dodson: Hallarlayg Harris: Widneyg Simmung Fanane Duke: Vickers: Thierry: Thompsong Hewell: Stangeg DeVan Matkin, M.: Courtneyg Donahue: Frazier: Jacobson: Hessg Bodden: Wagner Kerrg Miller: Halladayg Bowlingg Kostmayerp Hubbard: Knarrpi Coffin PM 0 PAGE 100 O The Murphy Hi Times BUSINESS ,STAFF Business Manager .....,, ,,,..,,,,,, E lizabeth Wolfe Advertising Manager ..,,,.. ........ E lizabeth Courtney Advisor ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A ....,,,, M i ss Annie Lou White Business Manager THE MURPHY HI TIMES has always achieved the democracy of being "of the students" and "by the studentsng but its circulation of 500 in a school of 2950 has never warranted our saying Ufor the students." A remedial step was taken during 1934-35. The staff decided that many subscribers at a low subscription price would profit more, both in popularity and in proceeds, than a few subscribers at a higher rate. After the advertising revenue had been carefully estimated, the subscription price was dropped from twenty-five cents to ten cents. Th result was satisfactory-- a circulation of 1850! Borden: Condittg Coburn: Davis: Kentz Turner: Courtney: W-olfeg White: Hoody Matking Johnson 0 PAGE 'lOl I -' Creative Writers' Club O FF I C E RS President ,V,,....... ,,,..... J ack Halladay Vice-President ........ .......... A delle Schwartz Secretary ....,,.... ....... M ildred Laurendine Treasurer ....... ,,,.....,.,,,,,,,,, M ary Boyd Sponsor ....... ,,,.... M iss E. Lura Moore The Creative Writers' Club was organized during the past year under the spon- sorship of Miss E. Lura Moore to promote interest in comtemporary literature and to encourage pupils to develop their own powers of speaking and writing interest- ingly. Toward this end, the club studies modern poetry, short stories, plays, drama, essays, and novels. Taking one type of literature at a time, the club studies its history and structure and then the members attempt to produce original works modeled upon the types studied, Several promising young poets, journalists, essay- ists and prose writers are members of the club. Thompson: Sempleg Flanagan: Wrightson: Fuqua: Kerr: Schwartzg Igler Gilroy: Fananeg Laurendine, M.: Boyd: Halladayg Laurendineg Weisman: Miller O PAGE 102 I Dance Club OFFICERS President .......,..., ........... A nna Krudop Vice-President ..,,... ..,... R uth Kate Pounds Secretary ............,,,,,,.,. .......... G erry Norton First Term Sponsor ,...,,. ....,,,. M rs. Cheape Second Term Sponsor .A,.,,, ,,,,.,, M iss Grayson This club, in the form of a class, meets every day except Friday. They carry on under the supervision of Miss Grayson, who replaced Mrs. Cheape as Gym Instruc- tor. The group is made up of girls interested in the art of dancingg at each meeting exercises and various kinds of dances: fancy, tap, and asthetic are practiced. Mem- bers often represent the club in assembly programs given in the school auditorium for the students. The dancers always participate in the Welfare Day exercises, held annually to aid financially the students who could not otherwise attend school. Mattis: Pounds: Krudop: Hinson: Witlams: Norton Rowellg Wells: Davis: Isaacson: Dismukes: Christiansen: Rowell Griefg Peterson: Grief: Heidelburghg Sharp: Ray: Graham: Pierce Weisman: Dees, Peterson: Cheape: Benson: Havard: Jones D PAGE 103 O Fine Arts Club OFFICERS President ....,,,,, ...,,, R uth Sundberg Vice-President ...... ,,.,.. M ary Rudulph Secretary ......,,.....,...., ,,,.... E lizabeth Miller Assistant Secretary ,,,,,. ..... E thel Wallace Publicity Manager ,,.... ,..,.. F rank Simmons The Fine Arts Club is one of the four units which compose the Four Arts Club. The sponsor is Miss Fan Randlette, the only teacher of commercial and applied arts at Murphy High. The Junior-Senior members. of this club make posters to advertise plays, campaigns, and elections: decorate stage scenery: create masks: sell tickets, they assist in every way in making the plays staged by the dramatics unit successful. The Freshman-Sophomores make Marionettes, stage scenery, and stages. Most of the members are students of Miss Randlette. The few that are not occasionally confer with her during assembly periods. Griffin: Kotisg Pate: Wadlow: Gordon,E.: Tyler: Gilbert: Simmons: Webb: Black Dowd: Nelson: Verck: Boudousquie: Quigley: Wahl: Donahue, Molyneaux: Hill Ware: Dickiznsg Brantley: Turner: Lane: Flannagan: Cochrane: Jordan: Hess Probst: Arnold: Cleveland: Schmohl: Rudolph: Miller: Clinton: Davis: Shaw: Wallace Frederickson: Jones: Pankey: Dressler: Randlette: Drain: Jones: Smith: Heidelburgh King: West: Gordon: Davis: Britton: Moody: Kling: Walter laik S2 K i ' , it iz D Q PAGE 104 O Le Circle Francais President ,,....... OFFICERS ,..,....Jane Smith Vice-President .,,... Esther Nichols Secretary ........ ...Y f Gretha Paul Treasurer ........ ..O1ivia Coburn Sponsor .,,,,, ...,,,,, M iss Shepard Le Cercle Francais was revived at Murphy High School in the fall of 1933. Its purpose is for the entertainment and pleasure of students taking French, and for an added opportunity to speak and hear French. Its membership is, open to stu- dents taking second or third year French, and may include students of first year who have made exceptionally high grades and are honorably elected. The number of members is between 20 and 25. Regular meetings are held the fourth Monday afternoon of each month, with every other meeting in the form of a social. Coburn: Smallwuod: Hempstead: Goldstein: Dunlap: Dewey: Fananeg Grief Pauly Nichols: Harbin: McCorvcy: Sempleg Schwartz: Smith, J., Foster: Bowman: Woolwine: She-pzirdg Boyeg Griefg Bowling: Greaves I PAGE 105 lv1OHlAN it , ,ss Q. The Iumor Girl Reserve Club Officers P1'9S-idellt .-..-...V.. ,Y.,,,. P atricia Green Vice-President .,,,. ,,,,,, D Orig Payne Secretary ...... .......... .,,.. Y v onne Jordan Treasurer .,....,, .,.,.. A nnie Ruth Cleveland Sponsor ....,.., ...... M iss Hazel Driver The Junior Girl Reierves surpass the Seniors Group in enrollment, numbering sixty members. Both divisions work for character building and the development of true upright citizens. Miss Dorothy Nevius is responsible for the Senior and Junior organizations. This year the Juniors have divided themselves into interest groups, and each group is sponsored by a representative of the Junior League. They are instructed along the lines of dancing and recreation by Mrs. Clark Kelly, music and dramatics by Miss Esther Knudsen, and handicraft by Miss Marion Douglas. The slogan of both units is: "I will strive to face life squarely." Gilroy: Weisman: Carterg Vernuilleg Crosby: Stewart: Small Greeng Hoytg Primeg Le Gelg Haveng Kountz Morris: Gibbong Jordan: Quixrgleyg Perezg Brosewitzg Pierce Criminaleg Atwaterg Dannheisserg Driverg Payreg Parks: Rowe O PAGE 106 0 The Senior Girl Reserve Club President .....,,..,,,. ....,.,., J ennie Clinton Vice-President ....... ..,.... H ermina Thierry Secretary ......,.. ........i E scue Jones Treasurer .,......, ..,.,,,,,,,, E scue Jones Sponsor ...... ....... M iss Hazel Driver The purpose of the Girl Reserve Club is to find and give the best. With the help of the Girl Reserve Secretary, Miss Nevins, the club has set as its work for the yearg to be the leaders of the Junior club, and to cooperate with them in beginning their Girl Reserve work as high school students. The Seniors are planning to have socials, for the purpose of bringing the members of the two clubs into closer con- tact. They will be aided by the help of Miss Hazel Driver and Miss Nevins, the counsellors. Jones: Thierry, Clinton: Nevins: Culver: Richardson: Dowd Hubbard: Entreking Driver: Overton: Michael: Truusedale I PAGE IO7 O -f iat-1 The General Science Club O F F I C E R S Pl'6Sid6!1t -.-Y..... ...,. H ylman Nelson Vice-President .,A,, ,,,,,, J ack Taylor Secretary ,........ ..,... D ick Murray Treasurer ....., A,,,,,,,,,A,, L ucille Argo SPOHSOI' ...,V.. ....... M iss Ruth Murray In order to give Freshman general science pupils the opportunity to become better informed in the various fields of science and to prepare them for higher education in the advanced courses, the General Science Club was organized. The present club is undertaking a general study of mineralogy. A series of talks by men of experience in the fields covered by the curricula of the club has been planned. Between the interest aroused by the outside speakers and the study of the individ- ual club member, it is hoped that a more than ordinary understanding of scientific fields will be obtained. Warren: Swinson: Wilson: Duody: Murray: Whitey Sclman Baumhauer: Kamilg Jensen: Trickler: Murray: Jordan: Kelly: Adams McDonald: Bruce: Schwartz: Redding: Cowden: Tapiag Azzemg Brady: Dannheisserg Mason Argo: Prince: Stringfellow: Levy: Heubachg Willardg Coggin: Woodruff: Hudson Drain: Bodifordg Barrington: Hutchins? Myers? Bennett: Merrill: rlomebladeg Coffin: Kelly Taylor: Reese: O'Connerg Green: Burch: De Mouyg West: Fowlkes: Williams O PAGE IOB O The Harte Hi-Y O F F I C E R S President .........,,,. ,,,,,,, D avid Roberts Vice-President .....,. .,,,,,, T homas Greaves Secretary ...,,,,,.. ,,.... H oward Ressijac Treasurer ...,... .A.....,.,,.,, W illiam Sellier Sponsor ,...... .,,..,,, M r. F. W. Breitling The Harte Hi-Y was organized in 1927 by a group of boys from Barton. Its purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. To carry out these principles the club tries to help worthy organizations and by helping the school on Welfare Day also at other times. The club is made up of members of the three upper classes of school. The active membership is forty members. To become a member the boy must pledge himself to the Hi-Y platform of "Clean sports, clean speech, and clean scholarship." , ' 1 V . ' I Marshallg Wheeler: Jackson: Atkinson: Coyzginsg Longg Gerhardt Schuiffling Finlayson: Arendallg Castle: McClure: Hamiltong 0'Rourke: Jovner: Marriott Camp: Lewis: Bidezg Greaves: Roberts: Ressijac: Sellierg Breitling I PAGE 109 Q, Junior Kodak Club President ,,,,,,,,,, .,..,. M argaret Kohn Vice-President ,,,,,. ....... B arbara Curjel Secretary ..,,,,, ....,, H elein Vickers Treasurer ,,,,,, ,,..,,, L ucy Dickinson Sponsor ......, .,,,, M iss Gladys Baxter The Junior Kodak Club was organized during the fall of 1934, as a result of the division of the original Kodak Club. The membership of the organization is composed of Freshman and Sophomore students interested in photography. The Durpose of the club is to learn the fundamental principles of developing and print- ing pictures. Under the sponsorship of Miss Baxter, ably assisted by Mr. Lawler, the members have acquired much knowledge concerning the materials and methods used in this work. This club meets the second and fourth week of each scholastic month during the assembly period. Austin: Chambers: Allen: Coats: Wojohn: Fowler: Diamond: Steiner: Dumont: Ludlow Cousins: Burns: Kennedy Thomley Baxter: Nichols: I-Iabc-eb: Lockett Watts: Herrin: McLaughlin: Rickellg Creel: Alley: McKeou:zhg Gutlowz Vickers: Rowe: Tkacon Curjel: Treutelg Berrey: Carlson: Dannheisserg Brady: Scott: Jones: Molyneaux: Rush o PAGE IIO 0 f Senior Kodak Club President ,,,,,...... OFFICERS ,,,...,Jack Rambeau Vice-President ....,,.. .. ..... Barbara Cllfjel Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, S am Demeranville Treasurer ........ ..,,,,, B ennie Edwards Sponsor .,.,,A ,,,,... M r. Matt Lawler This club is a comparatively new one. It was organized in 1930, for the pur- pose of giving the students who were interested an opportunity to make a complete study of the camera, and the taking, printing, development and enlargement of pic- tures. Many of the pictures produced by the Kodak Club are utilized by the school. Some of the other individual organizations, such as the Murphy Hi Times or the Four Arts Club for which all the pictures and various plays produced of the actors are made by the school photographers. Practically all the material used by the "Kodakers" is made by the club. They also contribute to the welfare fund. Johnson: Demeranville: Hunter: Toenes: McPherson: Murphy: Lewis Young: Revere: Crabtree: Henderson: Smith, M.: Shepard: Rambeau: Bryan: Edwards Kerry Easterling: Broach: Harwell: Clinton: Jackson: Shaw: Soutullo ll G G H b' H ' P ter n M NEW: S1113 weed: eorgez reene: ar in: errmg: e so , . Peterson: New: Mills: Mallettg Lawler: Greenwood: Hubbard: Petro: Stein 0 PAGE lll I Local Interest Club O F F I C E R S President ,...,,,,..,,.. .....,..,,,,,,,,. R uth Boswell Vice-President ......., ...,,, M ary Virginia Boyd Secretary ..,,.,.... ,....., S ara Lee Williams Treasurer ........ ,....,,., H elen Harbin Sponsor .,.,,,.. .,,..,,, M iss Withers "The Local Interest" and extra curricula activity of the History Department, sponsored by Miss Sallie Withers, was founded at Barton Academy in 1922. The club was formed in order that one might better know this city and its points of interest. Each succeeding year a scrap book has been kept-a collection of clippings and pictures that relate to Mobile. Meetings are held twice a month: accompanying the business programs are discussions and talks on Mobile's historical land marks and peoples of long ago. The club is now composed of thirty-four members- who are seniors. Marshall: Gilpin: Fclsheeg Scott: Ehmang Marriott: Houston Foster: Corzgins: Bowman: Pefnherg Thrasher: Revere: Goldstein: Withers: Neador Allen: Clark: Miller: Harbin: Williams: Boyd: lioswellg Broach: l"endola: Caviness O PAGE 112 O 4- can-H The "M" Club President .,,,.,.,,,. ,.....,, G eorge Jumonville Vice-President ,Y,.,,, ,,YY...., F' red Padgett Secretary ,,.,..,,,. ,,,., D avid Roberts Treasurer ....... .,,,,,,......... K ing Curry Sponsor ....,,.. ...,.... M r. B. T. Dobbins The object of the "M" Club is to booster clean sportmanship in all branches of athletics, and to promote the advancement and welfare of Murphy High SCh00l. A member of the club must be a student of Murphy High Schoolg and he must have been awarded a letter in football, baseball, basketball, or track. Any member is subject to suspension or expulsion by the Executive Council if he is found guilty of an unsportsmanlike act. Regular meetings of the club are held twice a monthg special meetings may be called by the president. Shedding Jones, C.: Daughdrillg Jumonville: Sanders: Marting Harold Dobbins: Roberts: Mc-Lean: Cato-ng Battisteg Sherrin: Curry Boutwellg Sayersg Padgett, Gaillard, B.: Adams: Gilrdayl CESSHR C PAGE H3 I T President ,,,....... Mobile I-li-Y OFFICERS Vice-President ....... Secretary ,,,,.... Treasurer ,.,,... Sponsor ....... Richards Aldridge .Gordon Hindsman ........Leon McVay ..,,...Ruben Montiel Mr. S. L. Taylor The Mobile Hi-Y was organized some eight years ago by boys of high school age. The objectives are to promote a higher standard of character and to do some social service. The chief programs for the current year were planned to provide some vocational guidance. Speakers from various professions have addressed the club regarding their respective professions. The club has rendered some service to the unfortunate at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most important Social event of the year is the annual dinner dance in May at which the new officers are installed. Benderg Flemming: Gentryg Adams: Gaillardg Jumonville: Rambeau Standard: St. John, S.: Glass, J.: Luscher: St. John: Sparks: Henderson: Clark: Glass Schiffg Burke: Cunninghamg Byrne: Powell: Rush: Leon: Sheppard: O'Connerg Luscherq Harryg Camp Montielg Aldridgeg McVay: Boutwellg Padgett: Taylor: Hindsman: Farnell 0 PAGE 114 9 l 1 - n 'C+ MQHQAN M s The Chemistry Club President ,.......... ..,,.....,, S tanley Lovett Vice-President .,..,, ..,... S tockman O'Rourke Secretary ...,,.,,, ..,.... R ichard Aldridge Treasurer .,,,.,.. ...,.. T homas Sawada Sponsor ,..... .....,. M iss Mary Woolley The Chemistry Club was organized in 1929 by a group of students that had had chemistry the year before and unsuccessfully asked for a second year in chemis- try. The result was this club. The purpose of the club is to create more interest in chemistry in Murphy High School. Each year the members develop one big project. This club was the first science club in Alabama to be admitted to the Student Science Club of America and the eighteenth in the United States. Students are elected to membership accordinglto character and scholarship. Smith, E.: Demeranville: Greaves: Bender: Longg Quackenbushg Lewis Sawada: Tisdale: Rogers: Rush: Marshall: O'Rourke: Trimble Aldridge: Dick: Hodges: Nicholsg Boswell: Williams: Harbin: Pendola: Farnell Mc4Cc-rvey: Joyner: Jones: Woolley: Lovett: Jackson: Semple: Kirk c PAGE 1l5 0 I l :fg .Nr ,V ':.-g2..i..... lv ' Qi The Office Club OFFICERS President ...,,,,,, ...,,....,,,,,. E thel Allen Vice-President ,,,,. ..,.,. R osemary Pritchard Secretary ...... ,.... V irginia Whiting Treasurer .,.... ,....,,,,..,, V irginia Whiting Sponsor ....... ...... M iss Lucile Fitzgerald Members of this club have the honor of being in one of the oldest organizations in Murphy High School. This club was organized in 1923, before the students were transferred from Barton Academy. Membership is obtained only after service has been rendered to the school by working in the office under the supervision of Miss Mae Eanes, Assistant Principal and Miss Lucile Fitzgerald, for at least a half year: the entire club is made up of student workers. The purpose of the club is t'To serve", the motto is "At your service" and the colors are "Blue and White." Rayford Reeder: Brewton: Pritchard: Peattie: McGhee: Laun: Moss Selater: Bush: Gwin: Gay: Bean: Pierce: Hempstead: Gerhardt Brown, E, L.: Frazer: Foster: Alley: Bryans: Brazil: Tapiag Wallace: Neely: Smith, J.: Clark Gaston: Smith: Roche: Stockard: Browning: Georfze: Clinton: Harwell: Previtog Boye: Fitzgerald Miller: McVay: Curjel: Smith: Eanes: Stein: Gay: Calhoun: Hyndman: Fagerstrom Q PAGE IIS 9 Panther Club OFFICERS President ...........Y. ....,,,, S arah McConatha Vice-President ....,,, ,,,,,, E dith Caviness Secretary ....,...,, ,,,,,,,..... E lvia Dixon Treasurer ........, ....... G uynell McLeod Sponsor ......,.. ........ M r, R. D. Houser "Peanuts and Candy! Get your cold drinks now", the blue smocked girls cry, as the blistering sun shines down upon the gaily decorated football field. The game begins, the first quarter ends, the customers trickle in sparcely. A touchdown is made--the stand goes wild! "Peanuts Brigade" is the cry! The half ends. Oh, boy! How the stand is rushed! Lucky ones served! Listen to that crowd howl for drinks! Look at them fall and stumble! What becomes of those nickels? Mr. Sponsor steps up and tells us, "Those hard earned nickels are used to help finance worthy causes." McLeod: McConatha3 Houserg McAuley: Dixong Ball: Iglerg Caviness O PAGE H7 O -I 1 ngnikl Junior Players OFFICERS President .,......... ,.,... M ac Bell, Jr, Vice-President ........ ,..... E dgar Arendall Secretary .l.,.... ...,... E ula Lee Neal Treasurer ........ .....,..,,., J . L. Bedsole Sponsor .,.... ,..,,.. M iss Ruth Knudsen The question, why and what are the junior players in Murphy High, often comes to the minds of many freshmen and sophomores. In answer to this question I wish to say that it not only helps one by giving him a chance to act in public but develops personality, and develops self-confidence in public speaking. Our meet- ings, once every two weeks, gives one a chance to learn parliamentary law. In later life this early training will help a girl in her social life and will be of use to a boy in the business world. Meador: Dorgang Sayers: Poseyy Rayfoird: Cunningham C0pegMcKay: McLeodg Hoody: Curjel: Camille: Davis Merrill Patton: Levinhouseyg Cousins: Neal: Arendall: Knudseng Bellg Kohng Haight: Probst O PAGE H8 I The Senior Players O F F I C E RS President .......,... .,,... R obert Cunningham Vice-President .,,............... ..... L loyd Sutherland Secretary and Treasurer ...., ....,,,,. D avid Roberts Historian ,,,... ..... H attie Belle Jones Sponsor ..... ,..... M iss Ruth Schall The Senior Players is the name applied to the group of students in Murphy High that are promising and capable actors. For each play, the cast is selected from the members who try-out for special roles. The sponsor of the club is Miss Ruth Schall. With the aid of Miss Ruth Knudsen, Miss Schall has put on a few exceptional plays this year, one of which was "1'll Leave It to Youf, Considering the advantages and opportunities offered by the club, the dues which are 3.25 a year, are fully repaid. Greaves: Horningg Armstrong: Strong: Jacobson: Kollar: Dunniszani Jackson Miller: Clinton: Dees: Threadfrill: Semple: Hughes: Hess: Thrasher: Pendola. Goldstein: McLeod: Duggar: Flannagan: Schwartz: Pillans: Cox: Bell: Igtler Schallg Roberts: Merrill: Maury: Walkley: Denniston: Cunningham: Heblon: Suarez Green: Laun: Hindsman: Sosebee: Powell: Hansen: Joyner: Sutherland Donahue: Loughran: Boye: Weber: Roacheg Smith: Heidleburgh: Benson: Michael K , in six Lx .fa ' 0 PAGE 119 O Radio Club OFFICERS President ....,,.... ..,,,, E well Anglin Vice-President ,...,A. ....,. W illiam Kurtz Secretary ,,,,...... .......... J oe Foshee Treasurer ....,.. ,...,, C harles Smith Sponsor .....,,. .,.... M r. S, L. Taylor The Radio Club, organized in 1929-30 for the purpose of encouraging an in- terest in the study of the principles of radio transmitting and receiving, has had some excellent assistance from the communication division of the Coast Guard. The public address system built by the club last year has proved useful in the Auditorium and on the Athletic field. The club is planning an exhibit for the Junior Academy of Science of Alabama this year. The annual assembly program presented by the club was given on February 28. It was a demonstration of radio broadcasting, illustrated with slides. Lawreneeg Groffg Fosheeg Greaves: Angling Longg Stoweg Kurtz: Fuqua: Hawkinson Langhamg Sutherlandg Houston. Whisenhantg Barlow: Lee: Greerg Trawick: Brelandg Mooreheadg Davis McDoleg Sermon: Trimbleg Joyner: Anderson: Leon: Hamiltong Duval Pappas: Flannagan: Entrekin: Schmohlg Taylor: Jackson: Dockensg Laurendine: Schettlerg Finlayson U PAGE 120 O , -l,x?.- E .yr ,i E1 Circulo Hispanoamericano Presldent .....,..,, OFFICERS Vice-President ,....... ..,,,,,,,Y.........,,..,..w,. Secretaries ....., Treasurer ,....., Sponsor ..... ,. .. ..,..... Neville Dick ........Sam Rxipps ....,,,,,,.Yetta Ripps and Janet Quiggle Sara Lee Williams .,..,,,,Miss Spradlin El Circulo Hispanoamericano was re-organized October 12, 1934 with a Junior and senior division of students taking third and fourth year Spanish respectively. A joint bi-monthly meeting of the junior and senior groups is held after school on third Thursdays, while the seperate meetings are conducted during the class periods. The purpose of El Circulo Hispanoamericano is to provide a social hour in which the members of the club may become acquainted with phases of Spanish life not in- cluded in the classroom work and to create an atmosphere conductive to spontaneity and self-confidence in the use of the Spanish language. s Drainn: Duval: Shields: Pistole: Ripps: Pearson: Hardy: Harrison: Moore Cowler: Kelly: Flannagan: DeVan: Revere: Williams: Easterling: Thrasher: New: Riggs: Merrill New, K.: Heidelberg: Shepard: Redding: Quiggle: Christy: Ripps: McLaughlin: Petro I PAGE 121 C The Torch Club President .,,..,...,.... Vice-President ..,.,,,, Secretary .... ..,,... Treasurer .,,. Sponsor ...,.... OFFICERS ......Luther Lamey ..I-Iylman Nelson William Warren ...,,..Jackie Taylor Lawler Last year the Torch Club was organized jointly sponsored by the school and the Y. M. C. A. Under the able sponsor, Mr. Lawler, this club in only its second year has stepped out as one of the leading organizations composed of the lower classmen- Freshmen and Sophomores. The purpose of this organization is to prepare the younger boys for membership in the senior organizations, known as the Hi-Y Clubs. The Torch Club leads and trains the prospective Hi-Y member in the necessary traits of leadership and character building. The symbol is thus, an orange torch on a black background. Bedsole: Staycich: Lamey: Nelson: Baumhauerg Woodham: Cassidey Wade: Featherstone: Warren: Myrick: McGhee: Denniston: Adams, C. Lee: Reese: Hudson: Schroeder: Mason: Castle: Toulmin: Nichols McPherson: Taylor: Crawford .... Lacosta: Lawlerg Cousins: Sirmong Counselman o PAGE 122 O l' 1 I i -ll- The Usher Club OFFICERS President ........,,,,., ......, C lifton Sosebee Vice-President .,.,,.,, .V,....,.. L eo Bidez Secretary ,,,.,... - ..A...., Roscoe Griffin Treasurer ....,... ,,,..... G eorge Ashbee Sponsor '... ., ....,,.. Miss Dora Cole The Usher Club, comprised of approximately twenty-five members, is under the sponsorship of Miss, Dora E. Cole. This group has for its purpose "service to the school as ushers for the various entertainments given in the school auditorium." The members collect tickets, distribute programs, usher and in many ways assist other organizations in Uputing over" their programs. The organization is unique in that the members, like West P0int's appointees, must have attained a certain height be- fore joining the club. The members must be at least five feet six inches tall, Reed: Sosebeeg Griffith: Hunter: Harboughg Fuqua: Scott Wattsg Powellg Dulodyg McDoleg Forster: Young Kittrellg Berneyg Dees: Ashbee: Bidezg Shaw, McKean vw K O PAGE 123 C MQIEAN i X15 'B' 5...iy .. 1- T ,, :-T lil 'Nil I , gel NationaliHonor Study Halls OFFICERS Monitor 205 ...... Lillian Lillyroot Monitor 162 ........ ..,....,...., E dith Gerhardt Monitor 230 ....v,,, .,..... K atherine Anderson Monitor 168 ...,.... .................. S and Ripps Supervisor ...,,, ....., M rs. DeVilbiSS The National Honor Society has established this y-ear at Murphy High School, a system by which the teachers can be given more free time. Students have been chosen by members of the National Honor Society, according to their attitude, schol- astic standing, and ability as leaders, to assist the study hall teachers. Mrs. Devil- biss places the students in the study halls: and Miss d'Ornellas, sponsor of the National Honor Society, is the general supervisor. The student study hall monitors are responsible for taking attendance, preserving order, and issuing pass cards. Devilblissg O'Rourke: Wolfe: Gaillard: Coggin: Newburn Nichols: Roberts: Baker: Cosper: Goldstein: Dunlap: Naylor: Henefielrl St. Laurent: Revell: Byrd: Lillyroot Southall: Pharr: Anderson: Schultz Schiff: Sundbergg Pounds: Peterson: New: Jackson: Thrasher: Gerhardtg Christiansen: Bender: Stein Le Blanc: Tyrrel: Hodges: Griffithg Coburn: Hughes: McNeal: Middleton: Wioolwine U PAGE 124 C Emergency Room O F F I C E R S President .,..,,..., ....,,,.,,.,,....,............. M ary Louise Hall Vice-President ,,,.... .,,,,...,.....,,, M ary Kirk Secretary .,..,,, ,,,,,,,, J ulia Grace Cosper Treasurer ...,,, ,,,............,,,.,,,....... R osemary Cowles Sponsors .,... ...... C raddock, P. Jones, and Marion The Emergency Rooms were first organized in 1927 by Miss Driver and were later advised by Miss Craddock, Miss, Jones, and Miss Marion. Its purpose is to give first aid to slight accidents and minor ailments. In as large a school as Murphy High, with around three thousand students and teachers, there is a great need for an organization of this kind. The boys' and girls' emergency rooms are attended by two students at each period of the day. Through the years of their existence the emergency rooms have proved to be a verfworthy undertaking. Moore: Hurdle: Scott: Feaster: Miller: Smith: Jones: Saad Willard: Kirk: Hall: Brewton: Burk: Quiggle: Rabby: Cowles Evans: Casper: Berry: Grimes: Beck: Swindson: Conners O PAGE 125 O Senior Orchestra OFFICERS President ....,,.,, ,...... L amar Jackson Vice-President ,,,,,., ......., R obert Cowden Secretary .,.,,,... ....... E ldridge Yost Treasurer. ....,..,....... Tom Sawada Director ...,.. ........ M r. Claude Dahmer Composed of fifty-two young musicians, the orchestra organized formally at the beginning of the last semester of the school year. Its purpose is "to study the works of the great composers that the pupils may acquire a better understanding and appreciation of music in its highest form and develop players capable of sym- phonie playing in college, civic and professional musical organizations." It has made great progress along these lines and expects to do even better next season. Several Uenrichingl' instruments, such as the Oboe and Bassoon were added during the year. O PAGE 126 I - vii ,I Senior Band OFFICERS President .......... .........,..........,.,...,.,,. N icholas Moulyet Vice-President ...,.,,..,, ,,,,,,... T om Sawada 'Secretary-Treasurer .....,.. .,,.,. H erbert Byrne Drum Major-Librarian ,,..,.,,, ,.,,.,,....,....,. V irgil Stowe Director .,,.........,,,.,,,.......,, ,..... M r. Lewis L. Stookey The main purpose of the band is to play for athletic contests, assemblies and special musical programs. In carrying this out it instills in its members a knowledge and appreciation of good music and welds them into a well-coordinated unit. The band contributes to the community at large by playing in parades held each year by various civic organizations. Much was added to the general appearance of the uniform by the additional stripes to the trouser legs. The band had during the past, a total enrollment of over fifty members. U PAGE 127 -11 1893 1894 1895 1900 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 The Queens of the Carnival Katherine Van Antwerp Ethel Hodgson 1916 Katherine Monk Hallie Ross Triplet 1917 Mabel Moore Rosalie Heustis 1920 Dorothy Wefel Francis Pierce Davis 1921 VeneHa Danner 1922 Blame Courtney Gertrude Smith 1923 Alletta Turner Mary Morris Clarke 1924 Eran Izard Aline St. John 1925 Marion Acker Virghua Lyons 1926 Dorothy Turner Helen Moreland Hall 1927 Dorothy Tonsmeire Amelia Lyons 1928 Martha Rogers Corinna Kirkbride 1929 Frances Whiting Helen Buck Taylor 1930 Sophia Dunlap Lucy Leatherbury 1931 Laura Jackson Margueriie Wefel 1932 Isabelle Bush Ella P. Blacksher 1933 Grace Bestor Mabel Hartwell 1934 Emily Staples 1935 Margaret Lyons C FAGk 12s 1 1 1 , , .. 1 u "T Q! ' WB ' Wx Q ,J 4 ,: k5 H - Q - .T - E - 5 ,Q v gi- - J 4 lf 'X W 4 MX ax N- V XX -jg 1 M I in n.. ' J I- 6 Q 4: W f , , 'S . ,fffff KL Z ' ,gum X ff ! N E A Q if W kw- J ffm ll'-M A - " V nr i Q , V : XS ' i W , 7 X ' f W 2A1fl+I1lLHll'flS llili FQ M Q2 QSQMQTEAN W5 W The Coaching Staff Head Football Coach-B. T. Dobbins Assistant Football Coach-W. C. Sitz Basketball and Baseball Coach-Henry Greer Track Coach-John Brimm Football Manager-Bernard Jacobs PAGE 131 1 - Athletic Honors City Champions ...,,,,,., City C0-Champions ,,,,.,,, City Champions ,,,,,, City Champions ...., Relay Team Trophy .,,,,,..... Gordon Smith Trophy ,,,,...,. District Champions .,,,.,... City Champions ,,,,... Gilbert Burton Golf Trophy ,,,,,,, Tennis Team-Undefeated ,,,,.,.. Champions ....,,..,,,,,,,.,,,,........ No Team ,,,,, FOOTBALL BASEBALL BASKETBALL 1930-35 .uu.193o,'s1, 32, 33 .,,..i.,..1934 Nnn193O,'31,'32,'33,'34 TRACK GOLF TENNIS O PAGE 132 9551 11H119s3,'s5 ...,...1932 .......1932 ,1930,'31,'32,'33,734 ,.......1932 ...,,,,1931 ,,....,1932 ...,,..1933 and 1933 and 1932 and 1933 and 1934 Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation. The third carnival organization was the "Order of Myths" or the UO. O. M.", as is is known. It had its inception in 1868, and was the first society to have night parades. Mr. Harry T. Pillans, a resident of Mobile, was one of the charter mem- bers. The HO. O. M." roms burned about eighteen years ago so that the official records were destroyed, but there are sev- eral of the members who recall much of the past history. .,,,. - Review of the Varsity Football Season Murphy's Panthers ended one of their most successful seasons in recent years with a 25-6 victory over the U. M. S. Bulldogs, giving them a co-championship claim on the city prep school title. Murphy did not schedule McGill Institute and each held two victories against no defeats in the titular race. The Panther's brilliant victory over their ancient rivals, the Sidney Lanier Poets, was 'the climax of the season. The game marked the first time in more than a decade that the Golden-clad team has defeated the mighty Poets. On September 21, the Panther's led by George Jumonville, fullback, turned back a fighting Leaksville High eleven. The score was 20-6. 11933 no game.J An experienced, hard-driving Pascagoula eleven spelled defeat for the Golden Gale in its second encounter. The team from the city by the singing river, led by Ernest Larson, backfield ace, ran wild to score in every quarter. Murphy scored once, early in the third quarterg the final score being 37-7. 0933-Pascagoula 7, Murphy 6.j On the following Saturday, the Panthers, playing against Pensacola High's Tigers, entered the game the "underdogs" and finished with a 20-6 victory to their credit. The Murphy squad, led by Jumonville, Jones, Sayers and Boutwell, Worked well both offensively and defensively, scoring all three touchdowns by their clever overhead attack. 11933 Penascola 12, Murphy 0.1 Seemingly unable to score a victory over any of her Mississippi coast rivals, Murphy absorbed a 13-6 lacing on October 13 in Biloxi. The Indians came back strong after a fair showing in the first half, to win the game in the last few min- utes of play, Adams of Murphy and Joe Wallace, Biloxi, were outstanding for their respective teams. 41933-Murphy 13, Biloxi 7.1 Adams: Jumonvilleg Gaillardg Cessna: Gorday Valenzuelag Harold: Jonesg Jensen: Sandersg Witt Sayersg Boutwell: Padgettg Roberts: Wi'ct,A. THE VARSITY TEAM C PAGE l34 I iw Review of the Varsity Football Season Ramsey Tech's Rams, of Birmingham, invaded the Panther lair on October 20 and rammed their way to a 13-0 victory. Minus the services of George Jumonville, backfield star, the Panthers were unable to capitalize on their few scoring threats. 11933-Ramsey 26, Murphy 14.1 The Ramsey game marked the last defeat of the season, as a much improved team took the field against Springhill on October 28. Using new plays, and com- bining a clever air attack with powerful ground rushing and a stellar defense the Golden Jungle Cats easily rolled up a 60-0 score over their ancient Jesuit rivals. The Panthers made 19 first downs and gained 497 yards from scrimmage against 7 first downs and 109 yards gained from scrimmage for Springhill. 11933-Murphy 38, Springhill 0.1 A had pass from center in the fourth quarter resulted in a safety and victory for the Panthers in their Birmingham encounter with Phillips High under flood- lights. Both teams scored in each of the first three quarters. The game was hard fought and both elevens showed a willingness to mix it. C1933-Murphy 7, Phillips0.5 Carl Jones, Murphy quarterback, was the "big reason" for the Panther's 14-7 victory over Lanier on November 10. The Panthers held a slight edge in the first half, otherwise the teams played on almost even terms. Yardage gained rushing was 151 yards for Murphy against 94 for Lanier. 11933-Lanier 32, Murphy 6.1 The final game of the season was colorful and hard fought, although the Pa-n- thers were clearly the winning team from the first touchdown. The Golden Jungle Cats gained 227 yards rushing against 133 for Wrights and made 10 first downs against six. Jumonville was the Murphy star, while McKenzie was outstanding for the losers. Sherrin: Martin: Smith: Langham: Kingryg Carloch: Dunlop: Houston: Dyas Meriwether: Wells: Luscher: Crowleyg Rs-ssijac: Long: Peebles: Battiste: Greaves Cowden: Moulyetg Williams: Jones: Hawkhead: Barnett: Drury! McLean: Rambeau THE "B", TEAM O PAGE 135 O LETTER MEN Boutwell Adams Jumonville Cessna Gaillard Roberts Jensen Q Vs '41 ,Y ..f X ,Q L ...-nv' LETTER MEN Gorday Valenzuela Harold Jones Padgett Sanders Witt Sayers N :gg JJ 5 -as-F Letter Men L. G. Adams CEnd-Two Yearsl Shifted from halfback to end in order to fill a gap at that position, L. G. proved his adaptability. Few were the plays which went for gains around his end. Ossie Boutwell QBack-Two Yearsj This big junior's specialties were line driving and backing up the defense, both of which he performed Well. Albert Cessna fTackle-Two Yearsj "Chick" was a sure tackler and blocker, playing hard on both offense and defense. Billy Gaillard 1End-Two Years? Billy was at his best on offense. He was a main cog in the Panther aerial attack. Bryant Gorday fTackle+TWo Yearsj This big tackle consistently camped in the opponents' backfield. He blocked sev- eral punts during the season. Ralph Harold fBack-Two Yearsj This. little back could always be depend- ed on when a few yards were needed for extra point, first down, or touchdown. Wilson Jensen ' fGuard-One Yearj Wilson always got his man and a grunt usually came from the backs he tackled. Carl Jones fBack-Three Yearsj Carl's passing ability alone made him an outstanding quarterback. Besides this, he punted well and carried the ball ex- cellently. PAGE 138 O .ii Letter Men George Jumonville 1Back-Two Yearsb "Huck" was the outstanding punter of the Murphy squad. Fred Padgett fGuard-Three Year-sb As captain, Fred led his cohorts through one of the most successful seasons in years. Charles Roberts Q-GuardH0ne Yeary Charlie never gave ground and was adept at breaking up his opponent's plays. Howard Sanders QBack-Two Yearsj The lightest man in the Panther back- field, Howard was a potent blocker. Edward Sayers fCenter-Two Yearsj Ed starred consistently with line play. His passes from center were quick and accurate. Ed Valenzuela fEnd-One Yearj Many times Ed broke up plays before they were formed by opposing teams. Austin Witt tGuard-One Yeary "Little but loud-plenty loud"-that de- scribes Austin. He was the smallest Pan- ther lineman to make a letter. Bernard Jacobs fManager-One Yearj Red was friendly, helpful and cheerful, always doing his duties fully. He was well liked by the entire squad. O PAGE 139 l vas Sayers intercepts one ' A pile-up Sanders 0Il'3 TSVETSG O PAGE 140 l Jones carrying the ball Jones on an end run Murphy 25-Wrights 6 0 PAGE 141 I FOOTBALL SUJRES Vuvphp 10Leakesvalle L Vurphy 7DoScaqouloV3'l Vufphp zo Pensacola .6 Yuvphp 6 Biloxi I I3 Vuvphp 0 Qamsellth as urphp so Sprung Hnli uwpn pf 10 Dhnllnps uwphp 1+ Slclnephxnler uvphp 15 WPlQhtS '6 CHEER LEADERS H B 11 J Robert L I Q -A Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation, The Cowbellians commenced its exist- ence about the year 1831 with a party of young' men out on a midnight frolic the last day of the year. The moving' spirit of the party, Mr. Michael Krafft, found a cow-bell in his path, while crossing a streetg this he took up, and placing himself at the head of the party, commenced ring- ing the cow-bell as he marched along. These gentlemen banded together and formed a mysterious society, calling them- selves Cowbellians. Their efforts. were to cheer the lowly, help the widow, and pro- tect the orphan. The society paraded in public once a year when they sometimes represented personages from the heathen mythology or historical characters of va- rious nations. This society was very se- cret and no one knew from whence they came to frolic or where they went after- wards. ,fQ'.5,5 A S LETTERMEN Boutwell, Osmond Two Years fGuardJ "Ossie" was always "there" on defense, and he pulled several games out of the fire by the shots he obtained under the basket. Curry, King Two Years QForwardJ King possessed fast, shifty footwork, with sure-shots from mid-court his spe- cialty. Drury, Rufus One Year QForwardJ Nicknamed "Dead-eye Dick," Rufus proved his ability by living up to that name. Gaillard, William Three Years QCenterJ Murphy's lanky cage captain was a marked man from the starting whistle -of the season. Despite lhis, however, he led his cohorts through their most success- ful season in years, scoring eighty-three points himself to lead scorers in the prep league for the second consecutive season. Griffith, James One Year QGuardb James, did not play in all the games, but he proved himself regular varsity ma- terial for the next season. Jumonville, George Two Years fForwardj "Hook" was a mainstay of, the Goal- digger's offense and starred consistently with his superior shooting and floorwork. Osborne, Ed One Year QGuardJ Ed's passing and dribbling were fine, and he possessed a good eye for the basket. Roberts, David Two Years fGuardJ ,Not a flashy player, David allowed few opposing forwards to get easy shots at the wicker. Williams, Donald One Year fGuardJ "Flash" was adept at working the ball to his forwards under the goal. I PAGE 144 I ef -- - '-T - -1" Greer: Pilerg Chasukg Fuqua: Griffith Drury: Diamondg Roberts: Williams, Mason Osburneg Boutwelh Gaillard: Jumonvillel Curry REVIEW OF THE 1935 BASKETBALL SEASON 1935 edition of Coach Greer's "Goal Diggers" enjoyed one of their best sea- sons in recent years in turning in seventeen victories against one defeat. The main factor in bringing about this success was teamwork. Perhaps the three best games the Panther five played were against Phillips. High of Birmingham and two games against Citronelle High of Citronelle. In the Phil- lips game the "Red Raiders" got of to a good start which they held until the last few minutes of play when the Panthers rallied to eke out a 24-22 victory. The two Citronelle games were both overtime battles. In the first, played on the Murphy court, the Panthers won 28-26 in one extra period. The second was played in Citronelle where two overtime periods were required to decide the contest. The score was 27-24 for Murphy. Coach Greer's cohorts made a clean sweep of the city prep league champion- ship. They were viciors in the nine contests against their three ancient rivals of the "Big Four." Robertsdale, first district championship title holders for 1934, were twice de- feated by the Gilded Panther five. The first victory came as. a surprise, especially to the Robertsdale faction, since their team has been a jinx to former Murphy hardwood teams. The score was 34-10. Almost 'a month later the teams met again. The Panthers, playing at home easily piled up a 53-19 count. This Score was the highest made by the Murphy team for a single game throughout the year. All were close. Two Panthers, Gaillard and Jumonville, were placed on the city prep league all-city quintet. It marked the second time in which Gaillard received this honor. The Murphy five entered the first district tournament as favorites to win the title. They emerged runners-up, the victims of an upset "staged by Spring Hill High's Baby Badgers." The Jesuit hardwood team got an early lead which they de- fended throughout the game. Although the Blue and Gold team rallied desperately in the closing minutes of play, Spring Hil1's five won 27-24. Three "Goal Diggers" were named on the all-district quintet for 1935. These were: Jumonville, forwardg Gaillard, Centerg and Boutwell, guard. At the close of the season, Murphy's cage team journeyed to Tuscaloosa where a rangy, fast-moving team from Oxford eliminated them in a first round match. C PAGE 145 O .'5v 2 -1 'F 'A 1 T' i Jan. Feb. March 3 3 9 11 18 18 19 23 25 28 30 30 4 7 9 13 15 16 16 20 27 THE SCHEDULE Murphy 43 Fairhope Organic 16 fRes.1 Murphy 12 Y. M. C. A. Midgets 3 Murphy 30 U. M. S. 12 Murphy 28 Citronelle 26 fafternoonj Murphy 23 Fairhope Organic 18 feveningl Murphy 24 Pensacola 32 Murphy 34 Robertsdale 10 Murphy 27 Spring Hill 16 Murphy 27 Citronelle 24 Murphy 32 McGill 23 Murphy 43 U. M. S. 25 fRes.j Murphy 18 Y. M. C. A. Midgets 13 Murphy 35 McGill 22 Murphy 32 Spring Hill 22 fRes.b Murphy 13 Y. M. C. A. Midgets 12 Murphy 26 Biloxi 23 Murphy 31 Spring Hill 18 Murphy 53 Robertsdale 19 Murphy 24 Phillips 22 fRes.j Murphy 15 Little Flower Juniors 16 Murphy 31 U. M. S. 14 Murphy 30 McGill 21 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Murphy 27 Coffeeville 18 Murphy 32 Pine Hill 7 Murphy 30 McGill 16 Murphy 23 Spring Hill 27 Osborne Atkeison Redditt Lawshee Cook Caton INTRA-MURAL CHAMPIONS I PAGE 146 O Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation. During the worst of the Reconstruction days the old feeling which had organized the "Cowbellians" came back again. The Strikers and T. D. S., dating from before the War, kept up their New Year's parade at the same time as the Cowbelliansg but the members were getting old, and the younger men preferred to organize them- selves into new societies and parade at Mardi Gras. The transfer of these turn- outs to the more pleasant season reacted upon the older societies, and these after a joint parade on New Year's Eve of 1881 ceased to appear. W.h Q. C W , J., zfk. 1 Magi.. -n if 5555 k E321 K "H, f -x. ' Q tm BASEBALL " A. Daughdrill, Colin Two Years KPitcher5 Colin, a tall portsider, could always be depended on to tighten down effectively when the going got tough. . Gaillard, Billy One Year COutfielderJ This lanky outfielder was the outstand- ing slugger on the Blue and Gold team. Jumonville, George One Year fShort Stopj "Hook" filled his position well both de- fensively and offensively. Martin, Willie One Year COutfielderJ Willie was at his best when playing de- fense. He seldom missed flys and his throw-ins were accurate. Sayers, Ed One Year fPitcherJ Ed was Murphy's slugging pitcher. He won games with his batting as well as with his pitching ability. Sheddin, Foster Two Years CPitcherJ A former American Legion slab ace, "Peanuts" effectively "put it past" rival batsmen throughout the prep league sea- son. Sherrin, Geonge On-e Year fCatclrerl George was not the regular retriever in 1934 but the experience gained in that campaign gives him the inside track for his position in 1935. Greer, James Henry Coach Under Greer Murphy's baseball team has met with phenomenal success. Due to his untiring efforts, his teams truly repre- sent the "Million Dollar" High School. l PAGE 148 O Greer, Coach: Shields: Shaw: Ellis: Long, Wilson: Jackson Martin:Byi-ne: Hardy: Diamond: Griffith, Jernigan Sherring Sayers: Jumonville: Sheddin: Gaillard: Daughdrill REVIEW OF THE 1934 BASEBALL SEASON Garland Hayes, second baseman, captained the 1934 Panther baseball nine. He led his cohorts through an unbroken string of nine victories to the city prep league title. Murphy's team defeated University Military School three times and Spring Hill High School four times in the prep league titular race. The fourth and last game with U. M. S. was not played. The remaining two games of the nine game Schedule were played against Moss Point High School of Mississippi. Two tight contests were played during the season, one against each of the Pan- thers' "Big Three" rivals. The scores for each were 5 to 3. The game won by the widest margin was played against U. M. S., the score being 21 to 4. The above in brief is an account of what Coach J, H. Greer accomplished in 1934 with six returning .lettermen and good rookie material. The outlook, accord- ing to his pre-seas-on statement, was terrible. The strongest points developed in the 1934 diamond squad were pitching and hitting. The 1935 squad again has a strong pitching corps. Ed Sayers, Colin Daughdrill and Foster Sheddin, all dependable hurlers, return to the fold. Other returning let- termen are George Jumonville, short stop: Billy Gaillard and Willie Martin, Out- fielders: and George Sherrin, Utility catcher. The schedule this year will include McGill Institute, Springhill, U. M. S. and possibly Pensacola and Gulf Port. Plenty of good rookie material to round out a tight infield and good outfield reported to practice March 19 and Coach Greer says he sees no reason why the team cannot repeat the performance of 1934. C PAGE 149 I I . - April 4 April 5 April 9 April 12 April 17 April 18 April 19 April 25 April 26 May 3 May 7 May 8 May 10 Baseball Schedule Citronelle Springhill U. M. S. McGills U. M. S. Citronelle Gulfport McGills Springhill Gulfport Springhill U. M. S. McGills 1935 I PAGE iso Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Reproduction of original Mardi Gras invitation. In the early forties there were, in every large cotton firm of Mobile, young' men learning the cotton business as appren- tices who were called "strikers". These men were considered either too young or too impecunious to be invited to join the "Cowbelliansl' so in 1844 a new society made its debut. 'tThe Strikers" was com- posed of these youngsters. from the cotton offices who added their celebrations and parades to the carnival celebrations start- ed by the "Cowbellians". The marking pot and ink-brush figure today as promi- nent emblems of this society. K 1 Yost: Southall: Weatherford: Fofhee: Sayers: McClearyg Joyner: Tisdale McLean: Drury: Witt: Gaillard: Williams: Boutwellg .Ionesg Houstong Hawkmson: Ressijacr Sandersg Battisteg Catong Hindsman Sherrin T rack Track coach J. G. Brimm's 1934 track 'team set two new records in taking three dual track and field meets by goodly margins. The Panthers cindermen beat Pensacola 6595 to 32V2, Biloxi lost to the gold-clad team by the score of 59W to 44'f2, and an alumni team fell by a 73W to 3099 count before Brimm's vaunted squad. The team worked as a Well balanced unit with perhaps the greatest strength concentrated in pole vaulting, high jumping, broad Jumping and relay running. The 880 yard and mile relay teams each set a new record in 1934. Jones, Bout- well, Baker, and Battiste composed the 880 relay team which rounded the cinderpath in the record time of one minute thirty-six seconds against Pensacola. The other team, Smith, Greer, Jones and Battiste, set the record of three minutes forty-four and four-tenths seconds in the Biloxi meet. Benny Saucier of Biloxi set a record for the mile run in this meet. His time was four minutes and fifty-one and nine- tenths seconds. To the 1935 team six lettermen return. They are: Carl Jones, Marion Bat- tiste, Osmond Boutwell, Billy Gaillard, Clyde McLean, and Eston Caton. From these Coach Brimm has moulded a team which is strong in the field events. Bout- well and Gaillard are pole vaulters and high jumpers. Battiste specializes in the broad jump and sprinting. McLean's specialties are shot-putting and low hurdles. Caton is a distance runner, The team of '35 meets Pensacola, Biloxi, and possibly one or two other prep squads, according to its coach. Reed, a fleet Tiger runner broke Joe Springer's two-year mark in the 440-yard run in helping his team defeat the 1935 Panther Cinder squad 66-56 in the initial meet of the season. The red-clad Florida team took the eight first places possible and set the new time of 54.1 seconds in the 440. Murphy's team flashed outstanding strength in the field and weights Where, according to pre-season A'dope" it was weakest. It took five out of six possible first in 'those events. The defeat by Pensacola marked the first time in three years the Panther squad has met a reverse. O PAGE 152 I 5 14" 1 AX 'HIE . '- QH7 E 1 SEN! ' T Mlm , - X Wi: En 7? ffiffhi:-' f X' Q wp? - W fwg w ' 1"2--fe-E RV? if 9 E l vllubyxx 2 A . rf' L T Liv 'L r R , X QQ +R Jllllll , Q W 7- Wi THE STYLE SHOP "Mobi1e's Fashion Center" 224 Dauphin Street EVERYTHING NEW IN DRESSES, SUITS, COATS and MILLINERY "Drop in-a pleasure to show you" ALMOST EVERYTHING " I I I I : - F 0 - -' - ' vi 'If - ' DIQIIGC ANY' GIFTS FOR GRADUATION Phone, Dexter 1234 Perfumes Kodaks Fountain Pens Watches MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT VAN'S MOLYNEUX DRUG STORE PAUL MOLYNEUX, Prop. 'RIGHT-A-WAY DELIVERY" Prescriptions Called for and Delivered Phone Jackson 157 417 Dauphin Street Phone Dexter 157 Corner Hamilton A. F. REMEDY for ATHLETE'S FOOT and TOE ITCH I,-u-....1u.-up-n.-n,-n,1n,1..-..1..f1 - USE NATURAL GAS IT COSTS LESS MOBILE GAS SERVICE CORPORATION Instant, Courteous Service Dexter 2741 1 61 ,.n-..- 1 ... - .. .. .- -I.--I ROBINSON CLOTHING COMPANY., INC. "Style Without Extravagance Students' Suits 517.50 Extra Pants 51.95 up D-u-1,-1-....-I... Borrow S 25.00 50.00 75.00 100.00 150.00 200.00 - -I.I-II------I-.I-.....-n1.......-u ..- L 0 A N S Pay Back Monthly S 2.50 5.00 7.50 10.00 15.00 20.00 MORGAN PLAN flndustrial Bankers, JOHN J. MASON, Mgr. Opposite Post Office COMPLIMENTS THE POWERS COMPANY Printers-Stationers THE MINGE FORAL COMPANY Mimeographs School Paper Mobile, Ala. 453 Government Street Phone Dexter 1120 GOVERNMENT STREET COMPLETE LUMBER COMPANY SCHOOL AND OFFICE EVERYTHM' 'N S LUMBER AND BUILDING U PPL' ES MATERIALS I 11 GEORGE'S CANDY SHOP PRINTING 8: STATIONERY QUALITY 8: PRICE HIGH GRADE HOME-MADE COMPANY cANDIEs, CHOCOLATES BON BONS Pecan Candies a Specialty 17-19 North Water Street PHONE BELMONT 99 I IS .- 219 Dauphin St. MOBILE, ALA. -1.-. .- .- - - - - .. - - .. .. .. ...... II1M..In1gi-.I-..-nn-....uu..I.u.-w-iw, 1 -.II-.M-W-I.I-..II-.,,-,.-..-..,......,..-,,,-ul.-...,. The Center of Attraction at all Parties ,gr rt' , N .uf W' .-gif 31 I trees: ,155 -an I 'i -zgkagisfr' ,IJ if ,w. wrrmi :gen L L. It 52" Malbis Breads and Cake "Taste Different" TRY THEM! WHEN YOU THINK of GRADUATION DAY Remember IVIETZGER BROTHERS 108 Dauphin Street Ylas sua B. L. P. PAINTS at VARNISH "Made Good in Mobile" COMPLIMENTS OF THE MOBILE PURE MILK COMPANY, INC. Distributors of MobiIe's Only Safe Milk Fulton and Hall's Mill Road Phone, Dexter 880 I...-.....-.-................-...-...--1...--......-.--.-u H- - ... 1 -n.-...1.-nl-.....n.- - -1 FOR GENERATIONS MOBILIANS HAVE PURCHASED GRADUATION AND OTHER GIFTS FROM GOLDSTEINS' THIS SEASON OUR SELECTIONS ARE OUTSTANDING FOR VALUE AND VARIETY JULIUS GOLDSTEIN 8: SON, INC. JEWELERS-SILVERSMITHS-SINCE 1879 DAY AFTER DAY-YEAR AFTER YEAR SINCE 1846 "EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OFFICE" BIDGOOD STATIONERY COMPANY 67 St. Francis St. u saw: AUTOMOBILE LOA.NS and NOTES REFINANCED FIDELITY SECURITY CORP. 273 St. Louis St. FLORIDA Flsl-1 Co. Dealers in All Kinds of SEAFOODS BELL PHONES DEXTER 2070 and 2071 Post Office Box 111 1 - -,,.-M-..,-..-..n- -,,--.,,-,,.-,,,,- ,- ,..,-m- - COMPLIMENTS OF SPIC 8: SPAN O McKESSON HEALTH HELPS AND HOME REMEDIES Should be in every Medicine Cabinet SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS IVICKESSON-BEDSOLE COLVIN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY RELIABLE ABSTRACTS OF TITLE TITLE INSURANCE In Business Over 30 Years. CAMPUS TOGS Exclusively at THE TOGGERY 216 Dauphin St. COMPLIMENTS OF TAYLOR LOWENSTEIN 8: COMPANY Wholesale Groceries - ll1n1llilpiluilpinl-.p1nn1l.1 Q The Murphy High is insured in this Company. Follow their good example. STONEWALL INSURANCE COMPANY 60 North Royal St., Mobile, Ala. 1 .. .. .. -...H-..,.-..,,...m-H.,-nu-1.1,-M-.m..1m-U.-nu-un-nu-lm-un-.,,,-,.,-,..- ... - 1 - ,ITTLE PIG ' AUSAGE SEL "HAI-IS-DAVIS PRODUCTS ALWAYS FRESHER' ' TH5 BEST ONLY ' CERTIFIED Vitamin "D" M I I.. 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