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4.r..w .531wa- '. - 34.!5-r-Vu119 Jankxygumaw 337' 3, THE 1950 AZUWUR of MURPHY HIGH SCHOOL Editor-in-Cloz'ef JULIA WALTERS Bminem Manager . . . . . . . . Jo GREENE AdvertixingEditor . . . . . EUGENIA HENDRIX Make-Up Editor . . . . . . FRANCES TEAGLE Art Editor . . . . . 3 3 CAROLYN BRIITON Literm'y Editor . . . . . . .JAMIE BOWEN Photographer. . . . . . . . . JEAN COFER Spam Editor. 3 . . . . . . .JOYCE SMITH IN MEMORIAM It is with love and appreciation that we remember our beloved Mr. Powell. We remember him as a helper of all, a lover of children, and a good friend. The Students are indebted to him for his teaching and understanding. The faculty remembers his friendly ways. He was among the first of our faculty and everyone looked to him for guidance. The maintenance staff, as well as the rest, recall him as a friend. He was a lover of people, young and old, he loved his garden where he worked often with his Howers; but above all he loved his home. We are sure that he has found a home where he may enjoy those things that he loved most. 0W3" DEDICATION . To Mr. George Graham, we, the Seniors 0f Murphy High mm X School, dedicate out 1950 Azuwur. "Little George," as he is fondly called by all the students, represents to us, the teachers, whose kind untiring efforts have guided and helped us more than we can say. We want to express our everlasting thanks and appreci- thlon for 1115 patience and understanding by dedicating the hrst Azuwur at the h'New Murphy" to him. MOLDING OUR FUTURE As a potter molds a beautiful and useful vessel out of common clay many influences have been at work molding us into young men and women Who can go on to assume greater responsibilities in this ever- changing world. This molding was begun before. our hrst year of school; but as we have advanced in our studies, our horizons have broadened, and we have become better prepared for living. We are rapidly identifying ourselves with the future of Atlanta, Georgia, America, and the world. As seniors in high school, we take the form of. the roughly finished product, which has been prepared, shaped, and formed by the ever-ready and helpful faculty. The next stage in our development for some of us will be further study; for others it will be more active participation in public life. For all, however, there are greater responsibilities ahead. On the threshold of this greater world we pause for a glance back, in fond remembrance, over the years we have spent in preparing and being prepared for greater things. That we may change from the pottery to the potter and help mold the world into the kind of place in which all men may be happy, is our wish. tA r , 13$; 9x ?WV MR. G. M. MCCORD Princqml lg M MISS EVA VANCE FREEMAN . V V g ' MRS. JUDITH HOLZWORTH Secretary , ' , , x , , Librarian MISS LAURANNE VALENTINE MRS. THOMASINE BUTTS S ecretary N urse MR. D. E. AARON Mathemtm'c: SGT. GEORGE ADCOCK M ilitary MISS VIRGINIA BALLARD English MISS LOUISE BRASELTON Matlaematic: MRS. FRANCES BROWN Social Living - Home Ec. Cafeteria - Counselor MRS. JULIA CARTER mot Picture$ MISS CAROLYN CAMPBELL Animmt Librarigm Music - Choir Spomor MISS JESSIE CARY Physical Edmation M.G.A.A. - F.T.A. t- MN; .;.A j-c W3 MRS. EDITH GRIFFIN English IVIR. A. T. HARMON Mathematics Assistant Football Coach C Team Basketball Coach MRS. JUNE HOLLAND Commercial MISS SARA L. HOGAN Socizzl Studies - Azuwur Co-Adw'sor MR. G. L. HUTCHESON Social Studies - Health Science MR. MAX IVEY Physical Education Varsity Football Coacb MISS VERA JACKSON Commercial MR. GLENN JAMES English - Dramatics Club Sponsor MR. 8. Mechanical Drawing MR. 0. E. OWEN Commercial - Bank Sponsor School Treasurer MRS. MAUDE PADGETT Language - S cience hztemational Relations S pomor MR. A. W. PATTON Woodsbop Varsity Basketball Coach MR. LEWIS COOK Driver Train ing MR. L. L. Cox Science MR. R. H. DERTHICK Social Studies Azuwur Advertising Advisor MISS ANN DILLARD Home Economics F.H,A. Club Sponsor MISS DOROTHY FARRIS Home Economics FT.A. - Cozmselor MR. GEORGE GRAHAM M atbematics MR. J. F. GRAHAM Science Square Dance Club Sponsor MIss SUE GREEN Matbematics MR. A. D. JONES Electric Shop Senior Counselor MR. J. A. KENNEDY Sociology - Mathematics Azuwm Business Advisor MRS. HELENE N. LAMMERS Scieme Azuwur Make-up Advisor Science Club Spomor MRS. CAROLYN LLEWELLYN English - Social Studies MR. C. L. LYNN Science - Azuwur Business Advisor MISS MARIEMA MILLER Art - Azawm Art Advisor MR. 0. H. MORRIS Print Shop - Journalism Eagle Sponsor MR. RALPH MURPHY Mathematics - Science Cafeteria Advisor MR. G. E. PAYNE B Team Basketball Coach Social Studie: Anixtam Football Coach MR. M. O. PHELPS Auz'mmt Footlmll Coach Coumelor MISS SARA L. RICHEY Art MISS MARIBEL RICHARDSON Coumelor MR. J. S. RUTAN Band - Orchestra MR. C. H. SANDERS Englixb Quill am! Scroll Spomor MISS LIZZABELL SAXON Language - Beta Club Spomor CAPT. SCRUGGS M ilimry Chi? MR. BOYD A. SPITLER Englixla Azuwur Literary Advixor MRS. RUBY B. SMITH Social Studie; Azuwur Snapshot Advixor MISS ELISE STOKES Social Studies - Azuwur Advijor MISS SARA STRONG Maxie - Azuwur Commercial Photography Advisor Y-Teem Spomor MIss GRACE TITMAN Commenial Azuwur Bminen Advisor MISS NINA WILEY Engliyb - Social Studie; Student Government Advixor SGT. ZIEGLER M 1'! itary wa- wad v MW. mam , a, w $MXWka wwfy'oWN W z 1w mrmhw w: Way 'L "Detectivw Bmm on guard Sb?! lovely, 1de engaged "0M little belperf" '7 vmo 3 Sub-Freshmen Tremmer . . , . . . ROGER JONES Vice-Pmridem . , . . SUE HAMMOND Secretary . . . . . . PATRICIA ALDAY P1'ekrz'dem . . , . . . MIKE HUNTER ,A ;-fn"zMIA-wwa ., - :JNA A m 8L-l MRS. BROWN Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mrs. Brown, Joyce Perkersonv Barbara Dunn, Barbara Hughes, Ann Tracy, Sandra Hickman, Shirley Hamby, Carole Whitney, Clarice Arnold, Marilyn Padgett, Faye Robinson, Jean Thomas, Peggy Nunn. . . . Row 2: Fred Keith, Travis Vining, David Morris, Margaret Prince, Betty Still, Patricia Strickland, Sara Paterson, Eleanor Hightower, William Royal, Melvin Sorrow, Preston Mulkey. . . . ROW 3: Kyle Smith, Albert Tingley, Jim Tidwell, John Moore, Thomas Maddux, Harold Tumlin, Phillip Brinsfleld, Rogers Reeves, John Simmons, Harry McCorvey. .'wr;.-l.1 A 4 . .m-up-v Aufmvk hwm- - .n- xrm. :umav ,wngrrvm -. ,-..,: , A 4., 8le MRS. GRFIFblNa Reading from left to right, Row 1: Jo Ann Cole, Jacqueline Ozier, Annie Lee Starling, Nancy Crow- ley, Marilyn Clark, Jobyna Lovett, Ellen Anderson, Sylvia Blackmon, Jacqueline Clark, Ouida Arnold. . . . Row 2: Emory Allen, Don Bailey, Danny Britt, Betty Alexander, Patricia Alday, Shirley Schreiber, Marie Adair, Beverly Mitchell, Wayne Anderson, Johnny Andrews, Billy Brooks. . . . Row 3: John Carroll, Jimmy Dalton, Jack Clay, George Counts, Don Allen, Ray Veckery, Roger Jones, Ronald Chism, Billy Bailey, Robert Dieselberg. 12 8L-3 MISS MILLER Reading from left to right, Row 1: Miss Miller, Joan Ed- ger, Ruth Wise, Elaine Bryan. Joyce Jaudon, Judy Lee, Ruth Price, Eleanor Purcell, Mil- dred Johnson, Patsy Ennis, Betty Stoe, Beverly Burton. . . . Row 2: Carl Brannon, Edward Mafiiet, Charles Mc- Linden, Billy Mulkey, Eleanor McDaniel, Barbara King, Patty Sue Puttman, David Jefferies, Donald Lanier, Frank Mann. . . Row 3: Mike Hunter, Charles Jones. Francis Hodson, Bob Davis, Duke Harris, Ron- nie Hughes, Mickey Innman, Sam Garwood, Lamar Smith, Louis Jones, Nolan Lassiter, Bobby Hightower. 8L-5 - MR. PHELPS Reading from left to right, Row 1: Luine Wilson, Su- zanne Parker, Joanne Hyder. Marie Walters, Mary E. Aw- trey, Glenda Woodham, Eloise Whitlow, Nell Terry, Nancy Patton, Lillian Woodyard, Ann Virgin. . . . Row 2: Mr. Phelps, Don Patterson, Jimmy Phillips, Norman Brown, Charles West, Jimmy Breed- love, Carol Puckett, Betty Standridge, Beverly Taylor, Pat White, Jane Tracy. Frank Tuck, Robert Williams, Joe Wells. . . . ROW 3. Hugh Hun- nicutt, Bernie Ochle, George Walker. Larry Hackney, Carl- ton Wilder, Earnest Reed, Ronnie Jackson, Mike Ander- son, James Wilson, Richard- son Singleton, Tim Johnston. 8L-4 MISS HOGAN Reading from left to right, Row 1: Barbara Griffith, Bev- erly Pagan, Ann Hambrick, Margaret Galloway, Willem: Hamilton, Sue Hammond, Eu- genia Ward, Patricia Ander- son, Jo Ann Beusse, Jean Grif- fith, Cecyl Ivey, Beverly Fritch, James Hammond. . . . Row 2: Mike Harvey, Billy Harper, Gordon Nash, Beverly Avery, Ruth Guthrie, Jeanneane Hes- ter, Mildred Eskew, Betty Manning, Wayne Gunter, Mal- vern Hasty, Leonard Eaton, Selden Jarvis. . . . Row 3: Philip Hunter, Reginald Hob- by, Billy Bannister, Bobby Hay, Roger Hardeman, Alan Huey, Edward Alexander, John Little. -6- MR. MURPHY Reading from left to right, Row 1: Janice Edwards, George Ann Bailey, Helen Evens, Pauline Goodwin, Shir- ley DeVault, Harriet Chris- tion, Gertrude Gatlin, Glinda Cowan, Eleanor Colman, Eliz- abeth Estes, Louise Wallace, Claudia Brown. . . . ROW 2: Mr. Murphy, Dudley Free- man, Jimmy Fincher, Billy Bussey. Anna Lee Embrey, Geraldine Brittain, Jo Ann Bostain, Pasty Brown, Eliza- beth Daniel, Bobby Christian, Tommy Caraker, Marvin Cof- fee. . . . Robert Costner, Don- ald Adams, Jimmy Eskew. Marvin Doolittle Wyman Gunter, Shubael Baker, Robert Dean, Sonny Bush, Joel Ed- FRESHMEN Preyident . . . . , . . . . BOBBY MOORE V ice-Prejz'demt . . . . . . . , . , ELAINE WEBB Secretary 020! pictmem . , . . V BURNICE GOSDIN Treamrer . . . , . . , , . ALTON BRISINDINE 9L-I - MISS STRONG Reading from left to right, ROW 1: Miss Strong, Shirley Guthrie, Patsy Ferguson, Phyl- lis Tracy, Anne Carter, Shir- ley Denson, Anne Aycock, Wanda Lower, Barbara Perry, Elizabeth Hilsman, Elaine Webb, Janet Strickland, May Chism. . . . Row 2: Joyce Chamber, Jerilyn Wiley, Bar- bara Foster, Jane Pattillo, Shir- ley Linch, Patsy McGill, Shir- lee Kimbrell, Jo Anne Ang- lin, Annette Bate, Adelaide Hunt, Polly Porter, Jacqueline Hays. . . . Row 3: John Cheek, Richard MahafTey, Reese Chappell, Gerald Wynn, Richard Blair, Mickey Sloan, Gorden Hollingsworth, Wat- tie McGee, Jimmie Glisson, Mickey McBride, Charles Fin- cher, James Golden. 9L-2 - MRS. HOLLAND Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mrs. Holland. Janice Hoffman, Doris Ashmore, Low Ellen Jorgensen, Deneris Tur- ner, Patricia Neese, Jane EV- ans, Laverne Underwood, Ruth Bishop, Harriett Wilson, Bet- ty Strayhom, Barbara Wright, Dorothy McGiboney. . . . Row 2: James Cardell, James Mor- gan, Earl Hendricks, Bill Squires, Jo Ann Stamps, Judy Campbell, Margaret Stephens, Billie Jo Baxley, Larry West. Weyman Jones, David Austin. William Keels. . . . Row 3: Max Butler, Stuart Langley, Bob Bennett, Philys Alsen, Edwin Hodge, Jerry Snider. Don Lee, Pat Sumpter, Ralph Rigdon. cIL-3 MR. DERTHICK Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mr. Derthick, Fay Davidson, Dorothy Elrod, Reg- ina Cardell, Sarah Still, Carol Shimp, Jackie Lumpkin, Rose Ward. Judy Reynolds, Shirley Frady, Shirley Hudson. Row 2: Tommy Elder, Jerry Harris, Harry Bender, DeWitt Hoaker, Jack Moore, Howard Crowell, Larry Webb, Harry Crooch, Melvin Wheelees, Tommy Hilderbrand, Richard Wilder. . . . Row 3: Thorn- ton Smith. . . . Row 4: Jimmy Jason, Douglas Johnson, Frank Newman, Jimmy Dixon, Bil- ly Hester, Leon Bostain, C. W. Seabolt, Pat Henry, Dick Pop ter, Charles Moddux. James Sawyer, Lee Stringer. 9L-4 MISS GREEN Reading from left to right, Row 1: Patricia Bignardi, Louise Spencer, Janet Lett, Betty Fuller, Betty Shaw, Betty Lou Waldrip, Norma Martin, Janet Gaddy, Barbara Grin- nell, Shirley Hollingsworth. . . . Row 2: Don Schubele, Ramon Jones, Frank Grifflth, Martha Leftwich, Phyllis Acree, Phyllis Leonard, Nellie Chap- man, Normi Satterfleld, Cale Nutt; Claude Nutt, Kenneth Curfman. . . . Row 3: Bob Juhan, Bill Shuford, Jimmy Alford. . . . ROW 4: Clifford F0 d, Tommy Poole, Jerry Kil- gore, Tommy Chapman, Larry Mayfield, Charles Shaw, J. C. Strickland, Don Leseveur, Travis Davis, Sammy Cathcart. 9H-l - MR. OLIVER Reading from left to right, Row 1: Barbara Leftwich, Shirley Yancy, Carolyn Coffey, Joan Corley, Ruth Stoe, Trel- lis Haynes, Ann Garner, Shir- ley Peeples, Tommie Jean Blackwell, Myra Brannon, Bet- ty Ross. . . . Row 2: Mr. Oli- ver, Bobby Camp, Ray Hol- man, Willis Wiley, Pat Reese. Danny Waldrip, Marion Clay, Minor Ward. -MISS BRASELTON Reading from left to right, Row 1: Miss Braselton, Sher- ry Bagley, Kathryn Pace, Betty J. Barberi, Bertie Crooks, Jo Ann Bell, Mary Elizabeth Da- vison, Peggy Gouch Burnice Gosdin, Joyce Ansley, Francis Bishop, Billie Mae Barnes, Mary Elizabeth Berrong. . . . Row 2: Charles Broome, Billy New, Alton Brisendine, Patty Watson, Dolores Milam, Glor- ia Yancey, Faye Diamond, Bev- erly Bowden, Robert Hunt, Donald Cason. . . . Row 3: Robert Smith, Richard Rock- more, Nelson Green, Buddy Holland, Robert Falls, Bobby Wiley, Burton Hewitt, Robert Harris, Hubert Posea, John Bynum, Bob Clupper, Billy Stanley. 9H-2 - MR. PAYNE Reading from left to right, Row 1: Carl Franklin, Bar- bara Starnes, Mona Dempsey, Mary Ann Mathis, Nancy Ma-v this, Nancy Wallace, Mary Edith Mitchell, Jack Bone. . . . Row 2: Mr. Payne, Louis Hut- chinson, Bobby Moore, George Eaton, Ranald Cochran, Con- rad Rawlins, Joe McLarty, Kenneth Houseworth. szpzwmom As freshmen, we began as a mass of clay to be molded by the hands of the faculty. Having completed this early beginning, we have progressed through the sophomore year, the second step in our melding. This year has brought many new and exciting experiences which pro- duced greater development for us. As we go on we remember the lessons learned before, that they may help, us on the long road of our development. On this way there will be many more responsibilities that we'vmust carry. Everyone will have to assume his share in order to be better prepared for the future. $ E R . O . , M O . , H . EcTJInua . Al .1. .A . 3 . . kg :3. .15.. ?Vng l . , .3020 . V pl, . 4' , I . , . , . . . SOPHOMORES Prendwzt . V . . . . , , . . WAYNE BRAND Vice-Prekrz'dent. V . . . . , . , . JOYCE ALLEN Sammy . . . , . . . . . MARGIE BRANNON Tremmer. . . . . . . DOUGLAS WEAVER l0L-l - MISS WILEY Reading from left to right, Row 1: Beverly Wynn, Patsy Busha, Becky McLendon, Win- ifred Sears, Donna Vaughan, Helen Cochran, Patty Bag- well, Pat Britt, Gloria Size- more, Shirley Bagley. . . Row 2: Miss Wiley, John Sawyer, Mary Ann Stokes, Margaret Bond, Barbara Stack, Marie Teagle, Bertha Coy, Ann Newton, Wilma Mayfleld. Bill Thompson. . . . Row 5: Ken- neth Jackson, Gus Simpson, Charles Bullock, Don Stynch- combe, Madison Smith, Wayne Cantrell, Jerry Armstrong. . . . Row 4: Carl Asberry, Charles Costner, Biggers Dimsdale, Billy Armistead, Burton Burel, Charles Smith, Jay Jay Jones. l0L-2 - MR. GRAHAM Reading from left to right, Row 1. Mr. Graham, Betsy Elliott, Joanne Howell, Joyce Allen, Ruth Carberry, Faye Joyner, Barbara Stowe, Bar- bara Hadden, Barbara Sta- ples, Gloria Evans, Jeanette Dobbs. . . . Row 2. Jack Lon- don, Jeanine Stringer, Joene Wheelus, Joann Mobley, Patsy Carter, Betty Sue Warner, Mar- gie Brannen, Jack Walker. . .. Row 3: Hill Nash, Bobby Almond, James McWhorter, Robert Whitney, John Chapin, Jimmy Hackney. Charles Brown, Clinton Rouse. . Row 4: James Stewart, Dickie Barron, Frank Hawkins, Ned Arnold, Arthur Joy, Henry Bacarrisse, Jerry Shickley. l0L-3 MISS STOKES Reading from left to right, Row 1: Donald Camp, Wyo- lene Christian, Wylene Dona- hoo, Margaret Bennett, Ca- mille Montgomery. Joyce Boggs, Marie Palmer, Arthur Martin. . . . Row 2: Miss Stokes, Robert Lee Jordan, Royce Dean, Kane Vanderford, Cabot Lutimer, Madison Ben- nett, Dullas Gunter. l0L-4 - MRS. PADGETT Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mrs. Padgett, Jo Ann Turner, Jean Reagin, Ann Harkey, Ann Parker, Carolyn Gaddy, Joyce McElrath, Janet McGiboney, Martha Thomp- son, Jeanette Chapman, Celia Smith, Lorraine Turner. Row 2: Glenda Strother. Pa- tricia Morgan, Carol Brown, Carolyn Hammond, Jeanette Knight, Jock Lane, Jim Finch, Billy Christian, Billy Simp- son, Dolvin Langley. . . . Row 3: Jimmy Fischer, James Fuss, Mlchael White, Charles Bar- ber, Kenneth Thrash, Jack J yner, Bill Eades, Charles Johnson. IOH-I 1 MR. PATTON Reading from left to right, Row 1: Richard Tayor, Patty Brown, Charlotte Strong, Bob- bie Sue Sprayberry, Norma Tollison, Louise Conn, Bar- bara Burnett, Peggy Conley, Barbara Banke, Billy Smith, Dozier Watkins. . . . Row 2: Mr. Patton, Robert Stames, Walter Sorrow, Bobby Shirley, Robert Anagnostis, Albert Shellhorse. Earl Alliston, Bill Flanigan, Eddie Nash. Robert Johnston, Bobby Watts. IOL-5 - MISS SAXON Reading from left to right, Row 1: Sandra Williams, Carolyn Fortenberry, Barbara Corley, Jackie Kirk, Carolyn Finch, Pat Hightower, Jean Loveless, Ophelia Underwood, Mary Hill, Betty Grover. . . . Row 2: Miss Saxon, Connie Youngblood, Beverly Allred, Carol Roper, Charlene Gib- son, Barbara Allred, Jane Shutely, Margaret Lackey. . . . ROW 3: Richard Keith, Bill Sorrells, Roy Michael, Bill White, Wayne Brand, Jack Taylor, Wendell Corley, Alan Gunby. . . . Row 4: Joe Gat- lin, Howell Woodyard, Jere Vaccau, Jack Holmes, Doug- las Weaver, Arthur Winters, Jimmy Johnston, Bobby Field, Aubrey Milam. IOH-2 - MR. HARMON Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mr. Harmon, Shir- ley Clay, Ethlyn McGee, Mar- jorie Wylie, Marian Mills, Betty Mishoe, Nelda Ashmore, Betty Sullivan, Beverly Kim- brell, Billy Hudson. . . . Row 2: Charles King, Louis Gary, R. A. Kennedy, Eudon Atkins, Iimmy Stancliff, Wiley O1Neil, James Allen, Aubrey Cole. . .. Row 3: Billy Griffith Richard Race, Paul White, John Law- less, Don Henderson, Tommy Ennis. uniom With fond memories and high hopes, we have come to the close of our junior year. The third step in our devel- opment has been completed. We have seen and learned many things that have helped us to grow not only phy- sically, but also mentally and spiritually. During this year the preparation for the last stage in the process of molding our lives has taken place. We look ahead to the coming year, When, as the leaders of Murphy High, we may realize our goals. 1:111!!3511 ,H 1.,..!1. .-:1. . .f1ail. i.! :1 I . JUNIORS BARBARA STOE WENDELL GREENE WAYNE LESTER Vice-Preyz'dent Secretary Treamrer Betty Acree Mary Helen Akins g.gjolline Allison I Ivan Barnes . vi Gene Benton '9' David Bishop Billy Blackwood Donald Bowen Gene Bradberry Nettie Lee Bradley Nancy Brannen Barbara Buckner George Bullard Betty Jane Bush Marian Callahan Charles Calloway Lewis Castleberry Barbara Chappell DeLane Clark Eleanor Clary Curtis Clayton Joyce Colter Betty Cook Barbara Crane Dorothy Cross Donnie Davis Hubert Davis Hudson Davis Laura Davis Richard Dennings Van Dilbeck Pat Duncan Harold Dunlap Barbara Edwards Elizabeth Ellington ziXxo Charles Forrester Thomas Foster Billy Garrett Billy Gatlin Louella George John Graham Ralph Hadaway Mickey Hambrick Ned Harris Robin Haynes Colvin Heist Dot Hightower Carol Hogue Bill Howell Wynne Hudson Elizabeth Hyden Betty Jane Jackson Barbara Johnson a mum LAiahH 9,- -. Richard Johnson Jack Jones Ray Jones Jack Kelly Alvin Kidd Elmer Kirk Willis Lanier Ann Lee Bobbie Liles Charles Linch Lorene Linch Barbara 1.0an w ' i i j ' 1. .1 Pat Lumpkin John Mauldin Joyce McDaniel Chris McNeil Carolyn Meadows Dianne Mensinger ,9-30-0 1:5,;1; :.0P,$:a,.u 1;: 1, Fred Miller Marilyn Mitchell Dozier Mobley Mot Morrison Annette Neely Dianne Neely Jo Ann New Mary Ann Patillo Jackie Perdue Ralph Price Benny Pulliam Evelyn Ragsdale JUNIORS , , , , l X 0ng w Mrm ' C ZAJrJ Rick Richards Nancy Richards Aubrey Richardson Don Roberts Mary Ann Russell James Rutledge Marlene Sarret Sylvia Savery Eleanor Schmid Bruce Schubele Gene Seay Melba Silvey Joan Simpson Jackie Smith John Smith Betty Smoot Bob Stanley Betty Strickland Charlotte Strong Melba Thomas Robert Thurman Tom Tidwell Edith Tolliver Pat Toney Larry Tribble Ann Vaughan Anne Walker Bobby Walker Billy Jo Watson Frances West Jimmy Williams Jimmy W. Williams Laura Wisner ,x L'r .9h-A km mg n L? 7 2,92; zgn Off to Macon! Campa ???sgi??? 1.2. s snowing. Drivers ide Gee! It Women Open W m e ck c e P d w W mg 0 ' Cramming Home Nuts one left Only embm Just as the vessel is ready to be lifted from the potter,s wheel, so we as seniors, having completed our high school days, are ready to take our places as members of society. We want to thank our faculty and friends for working with us and for us, so that we may have a better chance to achieve our goals. As we go on through life we shall hold high the ideals of our school, as a guide to better living. The years of work and play with our classmates have given us a true value of friendship, and an enduring loyalty to our school, faculty, and friends. "To Murphy High we sing today? and forever more our hearts will cherish the thoughts and memories of our days of study here. V 74 ,7, 7777 7 3. . xv....4.h..u..:sd H.544 u... T . 1V.r1 JIMMY ADDY "Carley; Military Mn MARY SUE ALEXANDER "Brown-eyed SueM Co-Ed Hi-Y; Blue-Masque Players BARBARA ANNE BAGGETT "Black HMV Science Club; Band; Secretary of Band; Orchestra. DOROTHY ALLEN I! M '.H . !PPOetI! 1?? g M4314 '2ng V" 5 JANE BAILEY "Honey CbilaV Beta Club; See, N. H. 8.; Mixed Choir; GirlsM Ensemble. FRANCES LOUISE ALLEN RICHARD RUSSELL BAILEY "Speedy; "Blondh' MM Club; Varsity Track; Cross Country; Choir; Glee Club. : xx'gf 3 $?S$3$$E$' HENRY ALLISTON "Lifeablf JOAN Varsity Football; ""M Club. MAURINE BARBER "Cute and Quiet" Azuwur; Student Govt.; M. G. A. A.; Senior Volley Ball Team. FRANCES BEARDEN "Smart and Sbort" N. H. 8.; Beta Club. JAMIE BOWEN "Lolza Fzm" Mixed Choir; Blue Masque Play- ers; Azuwur-Literary Editor; Beta Club-Treasurer; N. H. 8.; F. T. A GirYs Ensemble; Quill and Scroll 5H. ...- gquiv o 9", FRANCES EMILY BELL i' A. . , ., .. . 4 : , Vb -. Cute and Smart . M Varsity Cheer Leader; Beta Club; ." . . N.H.S.; Jr. Civitian; ETA. Azu- ' ' MARIANNE BEALL Staff; Quill and Scroll. "Depeudzzlale mzd Suieel " Beta Club; N.HMS; Mixed Choir; Varsity Cheer Leader; Bank Teller. BUCK BRADBERRY "Pool SbarEM M Club; Co-Captain Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Base ball. CLIFFORD EUGENE BLESSETT "Curly HaiW i CHARLES BLALOCK V 7;, "Dark Eyef'j HAROLD BRADLEY ' Glee Club; Choir; Student Gov. "OnztorU 'hy' L Low BRADLEY ngwe" JAMES J. BORN "Bonzte"" JOHN DEAN BONNER "Goozl-LookingH PAUL MEREDITH BRADLEY LOUISE BRADSHAW ALICE BREWER CAROLYN BRITTON "ActoW "Stylijlf "Fun" "Athletic" Beta Club; Vice-, President-Chess Chief Reporter-Eagle; Vice-Pres., Treas., Quill and Scroll; Pres., M. Club; Photographer-Eagle; Blue Quill and Scroll. G.A.A.; Capt, Senior Volley Ball Masque Players; Capt. R.O.T.C.; Team; Art Editor of Azuwur; Officers Club; Quill and Scroll. Girls Tennis Team; Girls Varsity Basketball. 1 z? 5 t 2 mew WMWM.WAWMAvaWu-nm SYDNEY BURNS ' . 1 . , ' . THOMAS W. BUSBY "Sbortie . ' " "CleanvCuW Band. . .. I , A ""M Club-Treas., Jr. Civitan; Var- sity Football. '3 f -. '3 $. 431': :14 4. t. GERRELLDINE BUSSEY BARBARA ANN CAIN PATRICIA ANN CALLICOTT GERALD CANTRELL "Pretty Eyex" "Pqu "Smart and Talentezf; "AccenV M.G.A.A.; I.R.C.; Blue Masque Azuwur; M.G.A.A.; Senior Volley Beta Club: N.H.S.; Blue Masque Officers Club, Cadet Lt. COL; Players; Science Club; Eagle. Ball Team. Players; I.R.C.-Sec.-Treas.; Mixed Mixed Choir; Glee Club. Choir. MARY ELLEN CASTLEBERRY BARBARA L. CAUSEY SAMUEL B. CAUSEY BARBARA CHEEK "Sweet and Quiet" "Got Stylf "Harem" "Fiddlf Mixed Choir. Varsity Cheer Leader; Bank. President, Band; Science Club. Y-Teens; Beta Club; Quill and Scroll; Treasurer, N.H.S.; Azu- , wur; I.R.C. Orchestra; Mixed T Choir; ' Most Intellectual." $ 5 gm; SARA BARBARA CLAY BILLY LEE CLEMENT uRedu NBOOZJ'U Typist, Murphy Eagle. Offlcers, Club; RiHe Team; Mixed Choir. DONALD EDWARD CLOYD JEAN COFER MARSHALL COHEN CLARENCE G. COLE "Girlfi "Sbutte1 -Bzzg "Bound to Succeed "Big IVlaeeW Military. Mixed Choir; Beta Club; N.H.S.; Chess Club; Beta Club. Pres, Beta Club; Quill and Scroll; Azuwur; Science; Quill and Sports Editor, Murphy Eagle; Scron Civitan. State Sec, Beta Club; Pres. of Senior Class. ," 31 WILLIAM PERRY DAVIS CHARLES NEWTON DAVIS "Friemilyss "dest Mans Cafeteria Worker. Varsuy FOOtbagiuBb'iiSketball; M EMMA PAULINE DEASE "Our New Secretary" Beta Club; Cashier, Bank; Mixed Choir; Vice-Pres., Senior Class; I.R.C. Business Cert. RAY DOLLAR "A Diller a Dollar" SARA PHYLLIS EASON "Sweet" Blue Masque Players; Beta Club; Mixed Choir; Ensemble. DOROTHY ANN EATON "Big Hurry" Beta Club; See, Treas, Library Club; Science Club; Cafeteria Staff; Bank. .mamsw r PEGGY JOHAN EAVES "Little Bits M.G.A.A.; Quill and Scroll; Eagle; I.R.C.; Bank Teller; Student Govt. GERALDINE EDGAR HTZ'nyli HARRY DONALD EDWARDS "Pretty Boy" Track; MM Club; Jr. Civitan. Varsity Football, MARY EDWARDS "Pretty; "AzuwuH; Jr. Civitan; "Miss Homecommg" DORIS ELIZABETH ELROD "Roxy CbeekW SHIRLEY CHRISTINE ELROD "Cbeer uW Library Club. LUCIAN ENDICOTT "Genius" Beta Club. CLARENCE HOWARD ENNIS, JR. "Bey! DreJJedJ "B" Team Football; Varsity Track. ED ELLINGTON '"Wbijkery" WILLIAM BROOKS ELLIOTT HCut-upil mmxwm JOANN FAGAN "FriendljW "Azuwur" WILLIAM ELLIOTT FAGAN "Tall and Nicw SARAH ANN FIELD "Brown Eyes" Beta Club; "Azuwur"; Jr. Civ- itan; F.T.A.; Sec, Science Club. 11' Wk 1077A "MJJ7MM 'Wl. 'N ,W-Mmmv - CATHERINE ROSE FISCHER "CatFislo" Beta Club; Pres. F.T.A.; Sec, Stu- dent Govt.; "Azuwur"; Science Club; "Best All Around"; WA. B.E. Teen Board Rep. BETTY GANN "FreckleW F.T.A.; Blue Masque Players; Bank Teller; Sec. Certiflcate. CHARLOTTE FLANIGEN "Angel With a Harp" Mixed Choir, Vice-Pres.; Pres. Y- Teens; Most Talented; GirlsM En- semble. Q; 9 w Cb "LOOkJ'H 9C 0 . . wk Q Glee Club; Mlxed Chou; MM b V 0' Club; Varsity Track; N.A.S.S.; xx ! M'Most Talented." 06 4:? THOMAS M. FLOYD "Laughing E3185" Officers Club; 2nd Lieut. Military. 4, :33? rd G V ROBERT'MFRANCIS G 113133 BOB GOLDEN 5, gay M "Wfiteru "Friendly x 7E 'for of Eagle; Beta Club; N.H. - -- . - - M s.; I.R.C.; Science Club; Quill CO Ed HIY'Mlxed Chem and Scroll; Blue Masque Players; W.A.B.E. "Teen Board" Rep. ; w m, , , ylM V 7W7 M M M 42W 11W mm JACK LAMAR GARY "Ambitiom" ; Drum Major; Orchestra; Offlcers, Club; Visual Aid Club. LUCI US WINFIELD GLISSON "Movief, OfflcersM Club; 2nd Lieut. Mili- tary; Visual Aid Club. v6 SUE GOLDEN "Steadf Co-Ed Hi-Y; Blue Masque Players. y Dept. : Madcavs nary My BOW ild Dark; Club; litary. i ixed Choir Bank Teller. Sec, Mil M BOYCE HAYES "Tall 4 "Charlie, M fficers MARIAN LOUISE GRIGGS dub GLORIA ESTELLE HARLEY THOMAS JEFFERSON GRAY "Quiet and NiceM Azuwur u Madcaps Pres. 0 WWW CV3 2 V? V9 V, V wngii d W4! wwwwmww A V WV V122, . Blue 10 e X .l M Y , i 1V1tal'l Co-Ed H Pres., Jr. C Players Choir. 'gCoazgeniaW ,5 42,4 V . , VVVVVVVZAM; BEVERLY GOODWIN "BubbleW BUD D. GREENLEE "Bey! Yew DORIS JEAN GRAY Glee Club Co-Ed Hi-Y Masque VAAXVV: :V . V3? V . V. WWW? V , ,5 f; ,x " Beta Varsity Quill 2 Library H N.A.S.S. 77181'ZC6Z C Azuwur R. Capt. Sec, Bank "Most Likely To Suc- Track '2 ; ; ceed. Varsity Football, Bas- "Full of Pep" Club .H. S 2 "M 1'. A ""M Club LVVEVVEVAVE Manager Azuwur 1. Jo ANNE GREENE N BEVERLY GLOVER WILLIAM E. GREER 1v1tan : C iness ketball, and Club Cheer Leaders and Scroll Jr. Bus X f. ?..Hwaiiuahi M u: WAUNO ELAINE HAYGOOD "Pretty ClotbeW F.T.A.; Blue Masque Players; ComJulercial Certificate; Bank. ROBERT GLEN HERREN HPopL' Band; Military Sergeant. RAE HEWELL "Full of Fun" Officers Club; RiHe Team; Coed Hi-Y. GEORGE HAYS "Manners" Military OHicers Club; RiHe Team; uB" Team Football; Mil- itary 2nd Lieut. JIMMY HELMS "The Tow N.A.S.S.; Varsity Football; Var- sity Track; ""M Club. LOUANNE "5190M 4nd Sassy" Student Govt. Staff; Beta '0 Quill and Scroll; N.H.S.; V1 6- President, Bank; Azuwur" Staff; Mixed Choir. BARBARA ANN HODGSON "Demurdj Quill and Scroll; I.R.C.; Eagle "Azuwur"; Bank Teller. 7 Pres. of Bank; Advertising Mana- ger Azuwur"; Beta Club, Quill and Scroll; Eagle Staff; Blue Masque Players. ROY GENE HERREN "Uncle" Vice-President, Band. ' SHIRLEY JEAN HOGAN "Good Worker" Beta Club; Civitan Club; "Azuwur." V "onus. 45- 4-K. , -Mi-a v'a zhm. ' a JACK M. HOLLEY "Good 5190;" Exchange Editor, Eagle; Rifle Team; Treas., OfEcers' Club; See, Quill and Scroll. PEGGY JOAN HUDSON "Friendly" Mixed Choir. JIMMY HUEY "CZtl-Up" Varsity Football; ""M Club. JAMES JACKSON HOPKINS "Hotrozl" "Most Popular Boy"; Varsity Foot- ball; Basketball; M Club. TOM HOWELL " Wavy H air" Football; Varsity Football; ""M Club. WINNIE HUEY "Lot; of F2412" Treasurer, Band; Majorette. KITTY HULL "Figure zmd Flux" Sec. Senior Class; "Azuwur"; Sec, Mixed Choir; Girls" Ensemble; ta Club; Quill and Scroll; F. T. A: ue Masque Players. x SD. 'Ma " b ALTON CLEVELAND HUDSON "In tbe Running" Vice-Pres., Senior Class; Treas., Student Govt.; I.R.C.; Varsity Football; M Club; N.A.S.S.; "Azuwur." VIRGINIA LEE HUDSON "Pretty Hamix" Beta Club; N.H.S.; Mixed Choir; Cashier of Bank. CAROLYN JEAN ISBELL "Voice Walla a Smile" Mixed Choir; Blue Masque Play- ers; Jr. Civitan; "Azuwur"; I.R.C. Bank. "JO'M ANN IVEY "NiceiM "Azuwur"; M.G.A.A.; Sec. Mil- itary Degt. IESLIE MAURICE JACKSON "Skyscraper'M Varsity Football; Varsity Basket- ball. WILLIE ELIZABETH JOHNSON "Cute" Beta Club; "Miss Homecoming"; "Most Attractive." JIMMY JOHNSON "Nice Looking" Military. ROBERT JAMES JONES "Steady" ""M Club; Science Club; Co-Ed Hi-Y. U a. . V ' Mfgx? . JEAN CAROLYN JONES ffWittyll . .Co-ed Hi-Y; Blue Masque Players. HELEN CLARA KARCHASKE "Pretty H air" Sec. of M.G.A.A.; Sec. Library Club; Bank Teller. BETTY JEAN KEEN "Stylixlf Pres., Library Club; Treas., ET. A.; Bank; Science Club; Treas., High Senior Class; "Azuwur"; Valedictorian, High Senior Class. BETTY GRACE KENADY "Dark Eyef WILI IAM DAY KIr'G "Brain; and LookW Vice-Pres., N.H.S.; Cadet Major Military; Offlcers Club; ""M Club; Varsity Track and Cross-Country; Beta Club Sec; Science Club; "Best All-Round." Hwo'v .-.. . MM-AAI'HMM RICHARD LASSITER "Nice Guy" Varsity Football; Beta Club; "'M Club; Student Govt. Staff; Treas., Senior Class; "Most Intellectual"; Science Club. DONALD DELANO LEWIS "Good SpeakeW Military. DONALD R. LEWIS "Tall aml Dari?" Military; Madcaps. BOYD DANIEL LITTLETON "Dieer Demonb' RICHARD GEORGE MARKS "Hollywooa"; Varsity Football; "B" Track; ""M Club; N.A.S.S.; Chess Club. CAROLYN DIANE LATHAM "Permnalily" M.G.A.A.; "Azuwur"; Beta Club. CHARLIE LEE "A Good Sport" Eagle Staff. EMILY MARTIN U 5. "Mali Student Govt; Eagle Reporter. HARRIETT ELIZABETH MCGINTY "Sborzie" School Bank MARY LOUISE MCKEE "A Sure Succexf Pres., N.H.S.; Beta Club; Quill and Scroll; Mixed Choir; News Editor Eagle; Orchestra. ANN MCKINNEY "Quiet and Sweef, Library Club; Beta Club; "Azuwur." FAY ANN MCMICHEN "Ready to GM N.H.S.; Beta Club; Mixed Choir; Pres., Blue Masque Players; Var- sity Cheer Leader; uAzuwur"; "Most Popular"; Student Govt. JUNE MERRELL "Stinky" M.G.A.A.; "Azuwur." CHARLES LAMAR MERRIMAN "Blosz "Cute Cut-UIW Varsity Cheer Leader; Bank Teller. 5 XI! 1 3' w M; - M S $2M: '! ,ga??w Izzy?! JAMES LEWIS MITCHELL IN "Dynamitel. Varsity Football; "M" Club; 0H1- cers Club; N.A.S.S. ROBERT EUGENE MORTON, JR. "Nice Guy" Rifle Team. W, p mm: 9 ,wme z W Wm WM MCCZWdyXV mmwmmwma ,Wmmw Wm, Z,mmw7x7l w Mvaxixnl x MW Cu m M 5Z2X5WMM. mexyfw! ygm 74$? MW, Wmeszm WWWM WM yy; WWW m M, Iyywaajy INWKO;;Q,; ,; W, BARBARA MILTON "Dependablf Associate Editor Eagle; Beta Club; Quill and Scroll; I.R.C. . , - g, ,, m M 4. .WW , MW w max w a z 111W w ,m w Wag; , . . M , , MWW " . 7 1;- C 4 4?,ng ,m 4?? XV??? 3Q; WARREN ANSLEY MONTGOMERY "Plaoto King Azuwur." rwmzmxlwx v WW M f a? DIANNE CHARLOTTE "Brmzettw CARL FRED PEIPER "He-Mmf Varsity Football; ""M Club. BARBARA ANN OGLETREE "FriendlyM Bank Teller. LEBARRON OMBANNON "Lee'v Offlcers' Club. PAT M. PEIRCE "Texanr Cowboy" Varsity Football; Varsity ""M Club. JANICE PATRICIA PATRICK "Sweet" Bank Teller. JOHN IRWIN PAIR HDOCH I.R.C.; Science Club. RICHARD C. PETERS "Future General" OchersM Club; RiHe Team. a??? MARGARET EAN PEE LE , . J P S JULIA ANN PIERCE "sz6 Wirf b "Ready smaw Br c1 ;V ' rCh L d ; . e a sudencjggb; FeTeHrA ea er Beta Club; Pres., QUIU and Scroll; . ' Blue Masque Players; "Azuwur"; MAX GENE PEACOCK v 3 Mixed Choir; Eagle; Bank; Girls' . , Ensemble. "6727f Vice-President, Science Club. DAN PITTMAN DOROTHY CHRISTINE PUGH "Sweet" "Handsome Ramom" "Boogie King' Pres. Jr. Civitan; ""M Club; Var- Varsity Basketball. 5in Football, Baseball, Track; Mixed Choir. RONALD RANSOM RANDOLPH RATTEREE "Danny BOW R 5 .huiw 43.,w hum. an M5- WALTER ROGERS "Friendly Varsity Basketball. THOMAS B. ROBERTSON "Vehicles" Rifle Team; Military; Offlcew Club. DAVID A. SATTERFIELD ERWIN LAWRENCE SCHEFF RALPH D. SCHUBELE JAMES SHAW "Black Curly Hair" "Precise "Good GujW "Cale" FLORENCE SHELHOME A. J. SHUPE JEAN MARIE SIKES VIOLET LOUISE SIMS "A72 Artixtz'c Atlalete'" ' G00d Looking Clothef" "Bo6byL' "Quiet VoiceL' HIXZUV'Vul'n; Vice-Pres., MMGAA. Cross Country; Military. Varsity Cheer Leader; Glee Club; Senior Volley Ball, Basketball Mixed Choir; Bank. F ......i ........E MJ Team. GRADY SIZEMORE , 'M :- - . , ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH "A-ModeP ' ' I ' "Full of Enerng Beta Club; Blue Masque Players; wahww. 1" " '- " HAzuwur"; Jr. Civitan Club. L. Military; Madcaps. JOYCE SMITH THERON JULIAN SMITH. JR. MARGARET SPENCER MARY ANN SPITZMILLER "A Bay; F411" "Really Smile" "Sporty"' "sz12 M.G.A.A.; Sports Editor 'Azu- Junior Civitan; Co-Ed Hi-Y. M.G.A.A.; Varsity Volleyball, Bas- Mixed Choir; I.R.C.; F.T.A.; Beta wur"; Quill 21nd Scroll. ketball; "Most Athletic." Club; Y-Teens; N.H.S.; Girls, En- semble; Quill and Scroll; "Azu- wur." KENNETH MONROE STAMPS "Crew CuW Varsity Football; "M" Club; N.A.S.S. ERNEST GENE STANCILL "Nice Lauglf IRIS STANDARD "Busy Body President of Student Body; Jr. Civitan; "Azuwur." DOLORES STANLEY "Shorty Bank Teller. DOUG R. STOWERS "Lover Boy" Vice-President, ""M Club; Varsity football. i 4 . . s I g . HELEN VIRGINIA STROUPE "Perfect Secretary Beta Club; Cafe Cashier; Sec. High Senior Class; Student Govt. LUREE SWINDELL "Pure Golam Beta Club; Library Club. HUGH T ANNER "Likalale Fellow" Bank Teller. FRANCES EVELYN TEAGLE "A winning Jmilw Student Govt. Staff; Beta Club; N.H.S.; Sec. F.T.A.; Make-up Ed. uAzuwur"; Bank Teller; Pres. High Senior Class; Valedictorian High Senior Class. MARGARET ANN TINGLEY "Conng'al" LARRY EUGENE TAYLOR 1' R' C "Dancer" Officers Club. DOLORES TRUETT "Drum" Band; Science Club; Blue Masque Players. BETTY MARIE TUCK "Redbeadf DUDLEY W. TROYER "Slmrp 5 1900121" Varsity Basketball; "B" Football. JANETTE TURNER "Crew Cid" CO-Ed Hi-Y; Aquur"; M.G.A. A.; Varsity Volleyball, Basketball. WILLIAM HAROLD VARNADOE "Sky," Varsity Football; "B" Track, Bas- ketball. PATRICIA WAITS " Witty JULIA ANN WALTERS "Sparklew Editor of 'Azuwur"; Vice-Pres., Beta Club; N.H.S.; Science Club; Varsity Cheer Leader; Quill and Scroll; W.A.B.E. "Teen Board" Representative. ROBERT WILLIAM WALTON "Fi'ievzdly Jr. Civitan. RAY BRAND "Broad SboulzlerW Varsity Football; ""M Club. JAY WATSON "Good Guy" Varsity Baseball; "M" Club; Football. HARRIETT EUGENIA BOGGS "Blozzzlz'e' ' Student Govt.; Chess Club Sec; Bank Teller; Eagle; Quill and Scroll. 97999499549999 W 94; 9999999995 49199959999. 0 9 9 ' 1544! a x 99 99999999999999, 7799999 99999999999999 9 '9999947999969997999 999 9 9999999999999 999999 99919999 7 9999999 99 99 9 99999999, 9999 999 99991999999999 9 99999999 9 M 9 999 99 W4 9999 y! 9959994599799479999 99999999 99999999 V99999999999999199759999999999 W 99999WWWC99999999999 WWWVWaHW 99999999994979 9999 9 9999 ,9999,, 99999999999 9,9 9 9 917 9! , 9 799944;;3199679 999 9 99999999999 999,999 999 OWARD L. WEBB 9, 9 , 9 , , ,9 9 , 9 . 99 ' , ' , x 9 M A 99559999999999 "Girl F1'ie72dj'" 9 9 9 999999999 9 7- 999 99999999 999999999 9 999 9 99999. MIN M 999999 9 999, 9 W779999999999 999999 Y ILLIAMS 9 retty Clothes - .. 999$ - s ' d. Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan , 9 ub; Scxe ce Club; Blue Masque . r5; "Azuwur." JOE WILLI GHAM onQQ "Lady-Kz'lleW "Best Looking"; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Captain Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; ""M Club. CECIL WHITE uA Gentleman" Varsity Football; ""M Club. waw 9999,9999 WINIFRED MOTTEE WILSON "A Sweet GaW Science Club; "Azuwur"; Art Ed. Eagle. CHARLENE WINTERLE "Full of me .99 - ,9 Vice-Pres., Jr. Civitan; Sec. Blue Wlattty Masque Players; Beta Club; N. Blue Masque Players; Coed Hi-Y. , , L L p L - L L M " H. 8.; Science Club. BEVERLY WHITT CHARLES GLENN WILLIAMS BOB EDWARD WOLFF "Flirt" Co-Capt. Varsity Footba11;""M Club; Chairman Board of Direc- tors of Bank; Varsity Baseball; DAVID VICTOR YARN "Most Athletic Boy." ,, . Cute S 7722!? Student Government. "99999994 . . 9 9 9 9 99999 A 9 99999991940. "Tenor Voice" "Azuwur": Mixed Choir; Glee Club; Science Club. bum? .2 t,tiw e Aft: e Pastimes-Ambitions-Prophecies gnior CKadd 1950 NAME Jimmy Addy Sue Alexander Dot Allen Frances Allen Henry Alliston Barbara Baggett Russel Bailey Marianne Beall Joan Barber Frances Bearden Frances Bell Harriett Boggs J. D. Bonner Jamie Bowen Buck Bradbury Paul Bradley Harold Bradley Louise Bradshaw Carolyn Btitton Ed Brown Sydney Burns Geraldine Bussey Tom Buzby Barbara Cain Ellen Castelberty Sammy Causey Barbara Cheek Sara Clay Don Cloyd Billy Clement Jean Cofer Marshal Cohen Clarence Cole Billy Conley Perry Davis Robert Deal Pauline Dease Roy Dollar v Phyllis Eason Dot Eaton Peggy Eaves Geraldine Edgar Mary Edwards Billy Elliott Doris Elrod Shirley Elrod Lucian Endicott Howard Ennis Billy Fagan Jo Ann Fagin Charles Farmer Catherine Fischer Ann Field Charlotte Flanigan Tommy Floyd Norman Franklin Robert Gaines Betty Gann Jack Gary Grady Gazaway Winfield Glisson Bob Golden Sue Golden Beverly Goodwin Doris Gray Thomas Gray Bud Gteenlee Harry Greene Jo Greene Bill Greer Gloria Harley Wauno Haygood Boyce Hays Robert Head Jimmy Helms Eugenia Hendrix Rae Hewell Louanne Hixon Barbara Hodgson Shirley Hogan PASTIME girls dating certain Tech student writing poetry hillBi'Ily music wild, wild women giving wrong answers in H. B. shooting dice sitting in theater with Bobby dancing with Pete tying knots in raindrops discussing football standing on head smooching being quiet reading books Hitting arguing with Mr. Cox going to Varsity abstract thinking playing pool picktacing With Bob Flock daydreaming of Jimmy shooting pool going to the Madison Bobby looking for ideal girl dating Bill going to drugstore sleeping in English class riding motorcycle taking pictures being shooting the bull hating women shooting pool playing the horses eating women being late to choir transplanting onions riding trolley looking at James passing time dodging Mr. Cox playing with kids Charles learning to be a wheel passing time with girls loafmg Ioafing telling jokes running around dating singing tenor girls hell-driving chasing Eagle reporters going to movies Winnie Huey Hitting with women driving Mothefs car cussing women drivers swimming playing cards talking on phone at driving 90 in second popping corn safe-cracking horseback riding loafing Charlie arguing with Mr. Murphy working on "hot rods" driving "hot rods" sports and girls writing to a certain sailor fussing with Miss Ballard dating an "Ensign to be" going to movies riding in Ransomhs jalopy AMBITION peanut vendor secretary poetess to finish school to catch one to graduate donut dunket to stay there forever to sit on boss, knee to have bigger feet to be Tarzan skinny girl in circus with good looking girl lumberjack in Rockies professional athlete Van Johnson 11 no schedule trouble to go to the country with Jack H. paint dome of capitol ' to always chase girls to graduate in May to be a "lady of leisure" marry a rich widow to get outa here concert singer to flnd her sextuplets millionaire undertaker millionaire to take more pictures to marry a millionaire to be a garbage man Rudolph Valentino II lots of girl admirers bank robber to get married peanut vendor zoo keeper to marry Emory doctor to grow a little to own a Buick to drive a truck to graduate to marry a rich man T. Drakes leading lady to be a wheel millionaire to make a million to graduate to sleep all the time to pass algebra 5 concert pianist to sing bass chemist bootlegger to go nuts in peace rich manhs secretary to have no more car trouble Perry Como II to work to teach English stenographer to drive a car to do oHice work dozen wives and hundred kids to stack B. Bhs to scrub Hoors in the capital horsethief to start a basketball game at M.H.S. to lasso ,em wear size 12 skirt to be another Ted Horne glamor girl to meet good looking girl at M.H.S. president of a bank to get out of her homeroom "Admiral of a fleet" to own Governor's mansion to own a car PHOPHECY stock broker basketball player editor or "Crime Comics" manicutist parachutist paperrnaker "old maid" television star seamsteress mother of a football team psychiatrist clown fire chief . manufacturer of a slide-tule policeman aviator stand-in for Gatgantua song writer bricklayer lion trainer train conductor shoe saleslady ditch digger land owner "Miss Soprano" band director Mrs. Rubenstein glass blower tap dancer Glenn Ford II "old bachelor" store manager Governor of Georgia peditrician ' garbage truck driver Editor of Journal shorthand teacher ubloop maker" gate man stage performer fat lady in circus chauffeur acrobat train engineer rugmaker . fashion designer raising apricots first-class Romeo star gazer lady drummer college professor model owner of escort service opera stat bartender swimming champ track star watchmaker dermatologist onion grower street sweeper rackman social butterfly football star hash slinger car salesman "Sweetheart of Naps" preacher detective Sultan with Harem magazine salesman debater nursemaid chimney cleaner janitor drugstore cowboy Ballard,s secretary raising little Busses motorcyclist photographer Pastimes-Ambitions-Prophecies Sjem'or C7645 7950 NAME Jack Holley Jack Hopkins Tommy Howell Alton Hudson Virginia Hudson Jimmy Huey Winnie Huey Kitty Hull Maurice Jackson Bob Jones Jean Jones Willie Johnson Tommy Johnson Jimmy Johnston Helen Karchaske Betty Kenady John King Carolyn Latham Charlie Lee Donald Lewis Donald R. Lewis Dan Littleton Dick Marks Emily Martin Harriett McGinty Louise McKee Ann McKinney Fay McMichen Barbara Milton Jimmy Mitchell Ansley Montgomery Bobby Morton Dianne Nash Lee O,Bannon Barbara Ogletree Janice Patrick Max Peacock Jean Peeples Richard Peters Carl Pieper Ann Pierce Pat Pierce Dorothy Pugh Ronald Ransom Randolph Ratteree Tommy Robertson Walter Rogers Erwin Scheff William Sears James Shaw Florence Shelhotse A. J. Shupe Jean Sikes Louise Sims Grady Sizemore Elizabeth Smith Joyce Smith Larry Smith Theron Smith Margaret Spencer Mary A. Spitzmiller Delores Stanley Helen Stroupe Tommy Summer Luree Swindell Hugh Tanner Larry Taylor Margaret Tingley Delores Truett Jeanette Turner Patricia Waites Jay Watson Julia Walters Howard Webb Cecil White Charles Williams Gay Williams Charlene Winterle PASTIME girls sleeping Miss Ballard dancing and swimming Thinking of Tubby trying to graduate Jack Gary writing letters to guess who sports Ummmm! dating dating hanging around drugstore playing ball Bobby sleeping and eating making Bbs in English cutting up in English pinball machines singing hillbilly songs women working on cars finding dollar bills helping the postman making traps running stop signs doing What I shouldnht eating Ewell Ah! You guess! making love dating Kathryn Bridges going to the show sleeping during classes staying out late daydreaming making love Don arguing With Sgt. Adcock doing homework talking Carolyn Britton listening to radio browsing through garbage cans playing baseball with Ozark Ike working on cars making love joking sleeping in class shooting pool sleeping sleeping in English class dreaming cheer leading for Army driving a "hot rod" having fun being with Pat ice hockey basketball playing tiddly-winks trying to get married eating talking to Ed Elizabeth Taylor square dancing shooting dice girls listening to radio sewing basketball driving cars sleeping being with people good looking girls eating wrapping cheese dating eating AMBITION to retire to get married to have a girl to be a success marry rich old man to get out of M.H.S. nurse to be happy to make money graduate from M.H.S. to be rich star reporter undecided to play pro ball to marry Bobby to get married marry rich woman to ride a motorcycle to be President opera singer interior decorator stranded on island with beautiful girl millionaire graduate from nursing school to grab a man "berlesque queen" to grow shorter to weigh 100 to marry a Methodist minister bachelor in Old Maid's Home twenty kids Betty Grable's bodyguard office work first class dogcatcher to marry T. L. for those dreams to come true to make lots of money to be a bathing beauty to be rich stranded with Vera Ellen and Doris Day football coach go home to Texas to get married to measure models to graduate to farm marry a beautiful woman public address system to be a millionaire pool shark to see the world Ted Home II to keep that man to get married to live to be 100 to be chosen Miss America bubble dancer traveling tramp to go to college teach physical education to get married to get out of school undecided to bankrupt Sears Roebuck to get rich to be a minister to live like a king undecided to be "sleepy" to finish college worldhs champion driver to learn how to Hirt trip around the world on the Queen Elizabeth to make some dough burlesque queenie to grow tall and skinny to marry a millionaire to shrink PROPHECY bull fighter Milton Berle II plumber President of U. S. Horist Principal of M.H.S. composer cross-country cyclist fat man in circus exterminator female weight lifter golf champ Santabs helper mirror salesman Mrs. Bobby hat maker "papa" perfume maker tight rope walker Mr. America 1959 . author ventriloquist candlemaker globe trotter hStamp" collector lady barber archer lady boxer house father for sorority taxidermist tree surgeon comedian boxing champ nursemaid soda jerker professional baby sitter Donhs housekeeper Mr. Beverly Goodwin bouncer convent member horsetrainer radio mechanic dressmaker dancing instructor flre eater in circus elevator operator heavy weight wrestler tramp artist Madam Rembrandt sword swallower ' glass blower "musical bone" player dentist lamp lighter mother of 7 boys librarian movie hero beauty queen bass singer teacher lady athlete basketball pro professional gambler bull shooter lacemaker lady riveter radio star lady wrestler baseball pro world's fastest typist crime investigator postman female contortionist disc jockey ORS N HO :- . .32 , JrfE v. , . a .. . iWHLILAVEIfr tn. ouemment IRIS STANDARD A C Q A 999 x .IQKK: x. 4QWWHWX9. xx, 314,363.. a x43 1;; ouernmenll CLARENCE COLE 0515 jntMXecme Egg RICHARD LASSITER Wm; ii! 05f JMJKQCWK BARBARA CHEEK Y A W A Z A G Y D A R G x: :33:.aEASkggikakisxaEia Z30? m05i OKLAQK? t0 51466686! CLARENCE COLE :3 E ? .. ., Fa. F'kf "n. J QPX Mod ofiAeQ f0 Succeec! ,V. ; ngB x x v :4W , v! R JO GREENE 05f polomzar 0g JACKIE HOPKINS 68mg xx: X $ :S w Asom $1 s st XIQ 05f oloojar L'I'f Q K J FAY MCMICHENgy VJ , e?$ e . , ,S x L L xA x x ; x t x - e v , x x XWxxx Q g x3953 XV x nyxxpv xiv; 0f WILLIE JOHNSON e .U 111W c a 1M 15 lL ,3 0 JOE WILLINGHAM ,- . ' xv K V3? 3'9 w"? BOB WOLF F ; e x ,3 s Q ,szg, m $5:le x ' x 05$ .45 Kefic gwf V x MARGARET SPENCER 'g V Mx . Q x xx xxks 9m gkxx 95$ jKX-lgound gig - Mwwwl; BILL KING ma Maw; QM CATHERINE FISCHER 7w $?ny KVMVZKOW ;y4 . . MARY LOUISE MCKEE Prexz'dem BILL KING Vice-Prexidem JANE BAILEY Secretary BARBARA CHEEK Treamrer Mary Ann Beall Frances Bearden Frances Bell Jamie Bowen Jean Cofer Robert Gaines Jo Green Louanne Hixon Virginia Hudson Richard Lassiter Fay McMichen Barbara Milton Mary Ann Spitzmiller Frances Teagle Julia Walters Charlene Winterle ANN PIERCE PreJident ALICE BREWER . Vice-Prexiziem JACK HOLLEY Secretary CAROLYN BRITTON Treamrer Mary Helen Akins Frances Bell A , rm". Ar. Harriette Boggs .46r Jamie Bowen Paul Bradley Marian Callaharn Barbara Cheek Clarence Cole Ann Field Robert Gaines Jo Greene Eugenia Hendrix Louanne Hixon Mary Louise McKee Barbara Milton Melba Silvey Joyce Smith Mary Ann Spitzmiller Frances Teagle Julia Walters OFFICERS CLARENCE COLE . . . . Prexz'dem JULIA WALTERS . . Vice-President mot picture$ BILL KING . . . . Secretary JAMIE BOWEN . Treasurer Reading from left to right, Row 1: Bill King, Jamie Bowen, Julia Walters, Clarence Cole. . . . Row 2: Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Virginia Hudson, Mary Ann Russell, Ann Pierce, Carolyn Latham, Kitty Hull, Jean Cofer, Louanne Hixon, Willie Johnson, Miss Saxon. . . . Row 3: Eugenia Hendrix, Marianne Beall, Jean Peeples, Pat Callicott, Barbara Milton, Frances Bell, Ann Field. . . . Row 4: Carolyn Meadors, Pauline Dease, Barbara Cheek, Elizabeth Smith, Jane Bailey. . . . Row 5: Phyllis Eason, Frances Bearden, Marian Callaham, Frances Teagle, Ruth Mitchell, Luree Swindell, Robert Gaines, Donald Roberts, Lewis Castleberry. . . . Row 6: Lonene Linch, Mary Louise McKee, Shirley Hogan, Fay McMichen, Charlene Winterle, Ann McKinney, Joyce McDaniels, Ann Vaughn, Diane Mensinger, Richard Johnson. . . . Row 7: Bobbie Liles, Richard Lassiter, Catherine Fischer, Dick Richards, Mot Morrison, John Graham, Mr. Graham, Bobby Walker, Paul Bradley, Jimmy Williams, Wayne Lester. K; X1 w c: r u- at. 41 , K;3.. OFFICERS MOT MORRISON THOMAS BUSBY DOUG STOWERS JACKIE HOPKINS Reading from left to right, Row 1: Henry Alliston, Russell Bailey, Doug Stowers, Harry Edwards, Alton Hudson, Benny Pulliam, J. W. King, Joe Will- ingham, Jimmy Helms, Wendell Greene, Gene Benton. . . . Row 2: Sonny Golden, Bobby Jones, Richard Lassiter, Ronald Ramson, Billy Conley, Carl Pieper, Bill Greer, Buck Bradberry, Bob Wolff, Perry Davis, Jimmy Mitchell, James Watson. . . . Coach Red Ivy, Bill King, Jimmy Huey, Grady Gazaway, Bob Stanley, Thomas Busby, Charles Forrester, Dick Marks, Mot Morrison, Kenneth Stamps, Don Roberts, Jackie Hopkins. MURPHY ROBERT GAINES Editowin-Cbz'ef BARBARA MILTON MARIAN CALLAHAM Amociate Editor Auow'mfe Editw LOUISE McKEE MARY HELEN AKINS CLARENCE COLE JACK HOLLEY j N ewx Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Exchange Editor O. H. MORRIS Advixor L. ;m -;....A.- .,, PAUL BRADLEY ALICE BREWER MOTTEE WILSON SARA CLAY Plaotogmpber - Chief Reporter Art Editor t W6 , a . EAGLE REPORTERS ETHLYN MCKEE MELBA SIBLEY CAROLYN FINCH HARRIETTE BOGGS ANN PIERCE BETTY MISHOE MARIAN MILLS BETTY RUTH PRICE GLORIA ANN EDMUNDS JANICE EDWARDS FRANCES TEAGLE , I' Jo GREENE Makeup ' e Bminen . JAMIE BOWEN EUGENIA HENDRIX JULIA WALTERS L , themry Advertijmg Editor-in-Claief ' We, the staff of the 1950 AZUWUR, would like to express our thanks to all the faculty advisors who have worked with us patiently. o..- h I i l: CAROLYN BRITTON JEAN COFER JOYCE SMITH FRANCES BELL Art Snaps Sport; Photography Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Barbara Cheek, Beverly Glover, Frances Bell, Gay Williams, Ann Field, Frances Teagle, Julia Walters, Ann Pierce, Jeanette Turner, Geral- dine Bussey, Louanne Hixon. . . . Row 2: Barbara Hodson, Mottee Wilson, Joyce Smith, Joan Barber, Barbara Cain, Elizabeth Smith, Betty Jean Keen, Marie Teagle, Shirley Hogan, Florence Shelhorse, Kitty Hull, Jean Cofer. . . . Row 3: Joyce McDaniel, Iris Standard, Arm McKinney, June Merrell, Carolyn Latham, Jamie Bowen, Dot Hightower, Betty Mishowe, Jo Greene, Eugenia Hendrix. . . . Row 4: Fay MCMitchen, Charlene Winterle, Jean lsbell, Ronald Ransom, Billy Conley, Catherine Fischer, Melba Silvey, Alice Brewer, Alton Hudson, Charles Williams, Gordon Hollingsworth. STUDENT COUNCIL Catherine Fischer, Secretary Miss Wiley, Sponsor Iris Standard, President Clarence Cole, Vice-President Alton Hudson, Treasurer Clay, Staff B. Dimsdale, Red Cross J. Eskew, StaH . B. Fuller, Staff W'. Greene, Amivitics Teagle, Publicity J. Tyler, Staff F. West, Fire Prevention P. Alday J. Barber Bowen W. Brand L. Castleberry J. Chapin H. Cochran Gosdin B. Greenlee 1. Hammond 5. Hammond D. Henderson McCiboney F. VIcMichen B. Mitchell N. Patton S. Pceples Schmidt R. Smith T Smith B. S. Sprayberry B. Strayhorn D. Weaver B. J. Watson L. Hixon, Social R. Lassitcr, Point System J. Pattillo, Staff B. Stoe, Building and Croun R. Blair C. Blalock H. Boggs J. Boggs ' P. Eaves J. Edwards P. Edwards C. Franklin S. Hickman B. Hightower W. Keels A. Lee D. Richards W. Rogers B. Royal M. Silvey H. Stroupe B. Thomas N. Tollison N. Wallace D. Yarn , 4 4,4 4,444,444, 44 ,4 , 44 44 444 BEVERLY GOODWIN S pomor SGT. ZEIGLER . ADCOCK CANTRELL GT MAJOR PETERS 8 il LT. COL. , OBannon, Bradley, , Gary. '33-! CAPT. SCRUGGS LENDA STROTHER Hewell, Glisson, Taylor G , Keith 1ams Will S t n e m e l C d h C .n Va 6 u m n, 0 s t r e .b O R ow .m K H, e I t n a C S; r e t e P .322.$s22x4;4 4 ,..; Ms; Whitley, Lester t h g .n O t rm Le m 0 h g .m d a s C R B U L C s R E C I F F 0 left to right ing Read COLOR GUARD a BRADLEY ler ig Ze , CAPT HARRIET BOGGS Spomor Peters , ins, Clements mg, Robertson. Bond, Jenk , Denn COMPANY "A 9 f e t S e I f O F Stewart , 1te lght Wh KING , Holley, MAJOR PHILLIs EASON Spomoi mg from left to r Adcock Read Kelly, RIFLE TEAM , ; ,7 Sponsor a , V PT. ROBERTSON CA PT. HAYES 45 . ii; 0 'uf Wxa- ANN VAUGHN Q 15122.5,x42af;, 7, magm? y z, a? W a. 1, C , ggz , ,, ,w, 1 , $4 34.2ny ?wy , $75 ,,, 75.4 O'MPANY "B" C CAPT. MITCHELL 4367? :51 f ,sk2223. ,, "Cu COMPANY N E L E H Y R A M AKINS 5170mm CAPT. HOLLEY OFFICERS SAMMY CAUSEY . . . President ROY HERREN . . Vice-Prexident BARBARA BAGGETT . Secretary WINNIE HUEY . . . Treamrer JACK GARY . . . Drum Major DOZIER MOBLEY . .. Sgt. gt Arm: Reading from left to right, Row 1: Margaret Stevens, Ruth Stoe, Janice Hofman, Carl Brannon, Winnie Huey, Jackie Smith, Carolyn Hammond, Jannette Knight, Margie Brannen, Rebecca McLen- don, Joel Edwards, Carol Brown, Carol Shimp, Barbara Banks, Martha Thompson. . . . Row 2: Tommy Poole, Jimmy Dalton, Elizabeth Estes, Patsy Busha, Shirley Kimbrel, Malueen Hasty, Jo Ann New, Wyman Gunter, Arthur Winters, Lewis Hutchenson, Mary Elizabeth Berrong, Barbara Baggett, Dozier Mobley, Billy Bannister. . . . Row 3: Sammy Causey, John Graham, Pat Reese, Barbara Johnson, Sammy Jones, Melvin Morrow, Kyle Smith, John Cheek, Jimmy Glisson, Billy Harper, Delores Truitt, Dickie Barron. . . . Row 4: Billy Gatlin, Bobby Walker, Bobby Bennet, Bobbie Lyles, Bobby Moore, Ann Newton, Jerry Shockley, Judy Campbell, La Vern Underwood, Dick Porter, Eleanor Hasty, Jack Gary, Bill Flanigan. unuA-u Lag... LeprMMK- WQJ. MAJORETTES Left to right: Jackie Smith Winnie Huey Margie Brannen Janette Knight Rebecca McLinden Carolyn Hammond 5i i: . -4 1 Ii -? E..? l 1 1.! r? .1. i; :1 "?,xilf', 1,3 ' i O ' 'xq'a '5 :24 - 1,. ORCHESTRA Reading from left to right: Violim: Barbara Cheek, Bobby Watts, Henry Bacrisse, Larry Webb, Stewart Langley, Jobyna Lovett, Joanne Anglin, Elaine Bryan, Elaine Webb, Jackie Hayes. . . . Viola: Nettie Lee Bradley, Pat Sumpter, Earl Hen- dricks. . . . Cello: Arthur Joy, William Kells, David Austin.Oboe: . . . Carolyn Hammond. . . . Flute: Barbara Bagget, Dozier Mobley. . . . Cltzri- net: Barbara Banks, Martha Thompson. . . . Bax- 50072: Margie Brannen. . . . Saxophone: Rebecca McLendon, Patsy Busha, Jimmy Dalton. . . Fremla Horn: Malvem Hasty, Wyman Gunter, Arthur Winters, Shirley Kimbrell, Jo Ann New. Trumpet: Sammy Jones, Melvin Sarrows. . . . Tromboneyz Bobby Walker, Bobbie Liles, Bobby Moore. . . . Ban: Bill Gatlin, Eleanor Hasty, Barbara Perry. . . . Dram: Dickie Barron, Delores Truett, Jack Gray. Mixed Choir Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Gloria Harley, Barbara Cheek, Vir- ginia Hudson, Jean Cofer, Jane Bailey, Joyce Mc- Daniels, Pauline Dease. . . . ROW 2: Anne Walker, Ann Pierce, Kitty Hull, Jean Isbell, Jean Sikes, J0 Greene, Pat Callicot, Nancy Brannon. . ROW 3: Sylvia Savery, Pat Duncan, Marianne Beall, Jamie Bowen, Louise McKee, Phyllis Eason, Charlotte Flanigan, Fay McMichen. . . . Row 4 Bob Golden, Wayne Lester, Charles Strong, Gene Seay, Art Fuller, Robert Thurmon, Billy Clement, Gordon Hollingsworth. . . . Row 5: Jack Jones, Tom Tidwell, David Bishop, Russel Bailey, Bud Greenlee, Grady Gazaway, Donnie Davis, Charles Williams. Girls Ensemble Reading from left to right, Row 1: Kitty Hull, Ann Pierce, Jean Cofer, Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Charlotte Flami- gan. . . . Row 2: Patricia Callicott, Jane Bailey, Jamie Bowen, Charlene CHOIR OFFICERS : ,, , ' ,' ,: Louise McKee, Phyllis Eason. KITTY HULL BUD GREENLEE CHARLOTTE FLANIGAN MIss CAMPBELL Girls Glee Club Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mary Frances West, Betty Strayhorn, Regina Car- dell, Pat Toney, Ann Carter, Gloria Harley, Phyllis Tracey, Janet Lett, Jackie Lumpkin, Phyllis Acree, Jo Anne Bell. . . . Row 2: Nancy Wallace, Betty Shaw, Marie Palmer, Laura Wisner, Annette Bates, Sherry Bag- ley, Barbara Loden, Marlene Sarrett, Ann Lee, Norma Martin, Demeris Turner. ROW 3: Barbara Wright, Rose Marie Ward, Patsy Ferguson, Shirley Denson, Kathryn Pace, Beverly Goodwin, Jackie Ogburn, Jane Evans, Anne Aycock, Patsy McGill, Wanda Lower, May Chism. Boys Glee Club Reading from left to right, Row 1: J. Arm- strong, S. Cathcart, D. Schubele, R. Mahaf- fey, A. Brisendine, R. Rockmore, J. Harris, R. Smith, C. Shaw, J. Morgan. . . . Row 2: H. Bender, C. Ford, D. Johnson, Bill Shu- ford, W. McGee, J. C. Strickland, H. Crom- well, F. Newman, R. Chism, Jack Moore, D. Cason, B. Holland. . . . Row 3: M. Sloan, G. Wynn, R. Wilder, C. Williams, D. Littleton, M. Butler, J. Snider, D- Hook- er, F. Griffin, D. Leseueur. . . . Row 4: G. Seay, C. Callaway, C. Fincher, J. Dixon, D. Davis, G. Hollingsworth, P. Henry, B. Juhan, C. Maddox, H. Bacarisse. . . . Row 5: W. Lester, B. Gordon, B. Flanigan, C. Strong, A. Fuller, B. Courson, B. Gatlin, C. Bowen, B. White, J. Jones. . . . Row 6: R. Thurman, B. Armistead, Tom Tidwell, P. Olsen, G. Gazaway, R. Bailey, R. Tay- lor, J. Chapin, E. Hodge, B. Wiley, H. Posea, B. Clement. : . 5111f; .- ,V'ii',x$x2$- 0, g: x 3 a :5. NW Reading from left to right, Row 1: Pat Henry, Betty Jean Keen, Dot Eaton. . . . Row 2: Beverly Glover, Ann McKin- ney, Helen Karchaske, Mrs. Holzworth, Carol Hogue, Luree Swindel, Lucy Gil- lette. . . . Row 3: Earl Hendrix, Loreae Linch, Laura Wisner, Barbara Banks, Barbara Chappell, Betty Jo Acree, Doris Sullivan, Melvin Wheelus. Hl'-Y CLUB Reading from left to right, Row 1: Bobby Fields, Jack Holmes, Billy Jones, Bobby Morton, Charles Stanley, Jimmy Hill, Jack Taylor, Howell Woodyard, Charles King, Madison Smith, Charles Smith. . . . Row 2: Jerry Harris, Jack Moore, Bobby Shirley, Bob Stanley, Richard Blair, R. A. Kennedy, Robert Stames, Billy Royal, John Cheek. . . . Row 3: Jim Tidwell, Ned Arnold, C. W. Seabolt, Ned Harris. Ochn: 8. SAVORY F. WEST G. WILLIAMS 8. GOLDEN J. JONES J. TURNER Reading from left to right, Row 1: Mary Sue Alexander, Beverly Goodwin, Beverly Whitt, Frances West, Silvia Sav- ory, Gay Williams, Edith Tolliver, Sue Greene, Betty Smoot, Dianne Neely, Jackie Smith, Annette Neely. . . . Row 2: Bob Stanley, Jimmy Johnston, Bob- by Jones, Barbara Crane, Jean Jones, Beverly Glover, Jeanette Turner, Nancy Richards, Melba Thomas, Howard Ennis, Bobby Walker, Bob Golden. . . . Row 3: Richard Peters, Freddie Miller, Bud Greenlee, Alton Hudson, Larry Smith, Dozier Mobley, Jack Jones, Wayne Lester. BLUE MASQUE PLAYERS Reading from left to right, Row 1: Willie Johnson, Dodie Truitt, Eleanor Clarey, Jean Jones, Beverly Whitt, Jean Isbell, Gay Williams, Barbara Ann Wright, Pat Callicott, Chris McNeil, Betty Bush, Geraldine Bussey. . . . Row 2: Barbara Cheek, Wauno Haygood, Betty Gann, Mary Sue Alexander, Dot Eaton, Charlene XWinterle, Jamie Bowen, Phyllis Eason, Fay McMichon, Mary Ann Pattillo, Kitty Hull, Elizabeth Smith, Ann Pierce. . . . Clarence Cole, Alton Hudson, Bud Greenlee, Robert Gaines. CAFETERIA WORKERS Reading from left to right, Row 1: Willie Johnson, Donna Vaughn, Gloria Sizemore, Diane Mensinger, Ann Vaughan, Mary Ann Russell, Louella George, Phyllis Acree, George Ann Bailey, Nancey Patton, Annie Lee Starling, Lucy Gillette. . . . Row 2: Dodie Truitt, Barbara Hughes, Dot Eaton, Helen Karchaske, Betty Gann, Wauno Haygood, Ann McKinney, Mary Davison, Eleanor Schmid, Marie Adair, May Chisome, Bertie Crook, Camille Montgomery. . . . Row 3: Mr. Murphy, Jerry Harris, Jack Moore, Cecyl Ivie, Jean Ward, Jobyna Lovett, Clarice Arnold, Helen Evans, David Morris, George Walker, Bill Bussey. . . . Row 4: Harry McCowey, Billy Royal, Frank New- man, Phillip Brinsfleld, Jerry Kilgore, Alton Hudson, Bud Greenlee, David Yarn, Charles Davis, Dan Littleton. m n a a 5va Av Reading from left to right, Row 1: Anne Tracey, Nancy Crowley, Gloria Ann Edwards, Barbara Loden, Anne Walker, Janet Strickland, Carol Shimp, Elaine Webb, Wanda Lower, Judy Lee, Janice Edwards, Beverly Fritch. . . . Row 7 Phyllis Tracey, Annie Lee Starling, Luine Wilson, Rose Ward, Mildred Eskew, Barbara Griffin, Margaret Galloway, Beverly Pagan, Betty Barberi, Regina Cardell, Anne Bailey, Marilyn Clark. . . . Row 3: Patsy McGill, Anne Aycock, Beverly Bowden; Annette Bates, Patricia Anderson, Beverly Avery, Ellen Anderson, Miss Dillard. . . . Joleyna Lovett, Betty Strayhom, Patricia Alday, Carole Whitney, Faye Robinson, Eleanor Purcell, Eloise Whitlow, Patricia White, Beverly Taylor. OFFICERS RONALD RANSOM . . . . Preyident IRIS STANDARD . . . Vice-Preyizlent CHARLENE WINTERLE . . Secretary CAROLYN HAMMOND . . T reamrer JACKIE HOPKINS . . . Sgt.-at-Arm5 JIMMY JOHNSON . . . . Chaplain .gy Reading from left to right, Row 1: Dodie Truett, Jean Peeples, Iris Standard, Gay Wllliams, Charlene Winterle, Julia Walters, Jane Bailey, Jean Cofer, Mottee XVilson, Geraldine Bussey, Bar- bara Baggett. . . . Row 2: Mary Louise McKee, Betty Jean Keen, Dot Eaton, Bobbie Liles, Catherine Fischer, Ann Fields, Charlotte Flanigan, Arm XWalker, Betty Jane Jackson, Pat Toney. . . . Row 3: Charles Williams, Charles Calloway, Max Peacock, Robert Gaines, Jack JonesH Sammy Causey, Billy Joe Watson, Bill King, Mrs. Lammers. . . . Row 4: Rae Hewell, Bobby Jones, Charles Stanley, Arthur Winters, Gerald Hogan, Dan Pittman. Richard Peters. Richard Lassiter, John Smith, Irwin Pair. OFFICERS ANNE WALKER . . . Pren'dem GLORIA ANN EDMUNDS . Vice-PreJ. BARBARA LODEN . . . Secretary JUNIOR CIVITAN Reading from left to right, Row 1: Carolyn Hammond, Gay Williams, Charlene Winterle, Iris Standard, Mar- gie Brannen, Chris McNeil. . . . Row 2: Frances Bell, Jean Isbell, Ronald Ram- on, Elizabeth Smith. . . . ROW 3: Bev- erly Glover, Ann Field, Edith Tolliver. . . . Row 4: Jimmy Johnston, Theron Smith, Bud Greenlee, Jackie Hopkins, Mr. Jones. OFFICERS ANN WALKER . . . . Preyide-nz MAX PEACOCK . . . Vice-Prexz'dem ANN FIELD . . .Sem'elary-Treamrer SQUARE DANCE CLUB ' Kym "Allenmande left with your left hand Right to yam pmmer and a M'glot and left Hey diddle diddle, Hi diddle 010 Meet your pmmer and home you go? . . OFFICERS CHARLOTTE FLANIGAN BILLY CHRISTIAN JOHN CHAPIN DE LANE CLARK JANET DOBBS NANCY BRANNEN OFFICERS BARBARA MILTON Reading from left to right, Row 1: Gerraldine Bussey, Fay Davison, Ann BARBARA CHEEK Vaughn, Pauline Dease, Margaret Tingley, Barbara Cheek, Betty Smoot, Beverly Glover, Mary Ann Russell, Dianne Mensinger, Dorothy Elrod. . . . Row 2: Barbara Ann Wright, Barbara Milton, Laura Wisner, Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Pat Callicott, Marian Callaharn, Ruth Mitchell, Joyce McDaniel, Mrs. Padgett, MARY ANN RUSSELL Barbara Hudson, Peggy Eaves. . . . Henry Bacarisse, Jimmy Finch, Dicky Bar- ron, Alton Hudson, Burton Hewitt, Robert Gaines; Irwin Pair. 72 Khuisyx f. COACHES Left to right: M. O. Phelps, "Boots" Payne, 11Red" Ivey, A. W. Patton, A. T. Harmon. Trainer Manager BENNY PULLIAM WENDELL GREENE FOOTBALL SCORES Sept. 17 Murphy 6 Decatur Sept. 23 Murphy Columbus Sept. 29 Murphy 0 OKeefe Oct. 6 Murphy Bass Oct. 14 Murphy Leon Oct. 21 Murphy Smith Oct. 28 Murphy Grady Nov. 4 Murphy Savannah Nov. 11 Murphy Roosevelt Nov. 17 Murphy Brown a... x-.. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jackie Hopkins. Jimmy Huey. Joe Willingham, Carl Pieper. J. W. King, Buck Bradbury. Bob Wolff, Doug Stowers, Ronald Ramson. Calvin Heist, Harry Edwards, BiNy Coniey. SECOND ROW: Mr. Payne, Mr. Ivy, Kenneth Stamps. Pat Pierce, BiHy Chappell, Bobby Helms. Henry Afliston. Jimmy Helms Dick Race, Elmer Kirk. Dick Marks. Maurice Jackson, WendeH Greene. Benny PuHman, Mr. Pheips. THIRD ROW: BEH Greer, Jimmy Mitche", Perry DavisuMoi Morrison, Aifon HucL son. Thomas Busby. Richard Lassiter, Harold Varnadoe, Ed Brown, Cecil White. Eari Alliston. 33 :.x.'?"$.- .v, - 1'11." : Dick Racz'va gDoug Stowcrs--G . ' ' 3 Cecii WhitewE W ,2 nyv M WCSQXX x MZMV , ,3; ,J Wzyy ,5 gm, , ' WW V m 23.32. - , V .- . ts V5-4.Mxh -' . LI I I yy- 'ZZV7'L7 my Kw? mex z: Y1 kwwawmm Harry Edwards "Red" and "BOOB" M - w? - .3 Captains Wolf? and Bradbeny Coach of the Big "5" a. r I .V V , . , - . L I , , Tallahassee. here we come! Take it easy boys. 2 Yeah "C" B " FOOTBALL TEAM Wt Reading from left to right, Row 1: Jerold Wynn, Claude Nutt, Harry Crouch, Charles King, Madison Smith, James Rutledge, Ned Arnold, Tom Foster, Thornton Smith, George Bullard, Wayne Brand, Cale Nutt, Wattie McGee. . . . Row 2: Freddie Miller, Richard Blair, Charles Linch, Curtis Clayton, Bobby Shurling, Leon Bostain, Charles Bullock, Kenneth Thrash, C. W. Seaboat, Frank Starnes, Max Butler, Gene Benton, Jimmy Fischer. . . . Row 3: Donald Roberts, Don Bond, Jack Joyner, Walter Sorrells, Pat Barber, Ned Harris, Fred Nutt, Michael White, R. A. Kennedy, Fred Stuart, Gerald Hogan, Torn Tidwell. . . . Row 4: Coach Patton, David Roberts, Roy Jones, Bob Stanley, Tommy Howell. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM Reading from left to right, Row 1: Jimmy Eskew, Bobby Hightower, Bunky" Allen, John Little, Travis Vin- ing, George Walker, Carlton Wilder, Billy Bussey, Jimmy Dalton. . . . Row 2: Earnest Reed, Burt Tingley, Phillip Brinsfleld, Bernie Ochle, Billy Royal, Dudley Freeman, Jimmy Fincher, Sonny Bush, Charles McLendon. . . . Row 3: Coach Harmon, Ronnie Jackson, Tom- my Medox, Mike Hunter, Johnny An- drews, David Morris, Harry McCorvey, Mike Anderson, Jim Tidwell. Reading from left to right, Row 1: Hudson Davis, Jerry Kilgore, Frank Newman, Stuart Langley, Bobby Ben- nett, Jimmy McWhorter. . . . Row 2: Bill King, Russell Bailey, Donald Bow- en, A. J. Shupe, Larry Taylor, Pat Reese, Jack Moore, Coach Patton. Reading from left to right, Row 1: Tom Summers, Bruce Schubele, J. W. King, Joe Willingham, Calvin Heist, Perry Davis, Jackie Hopkins. . . . Coach Patton, Bill Greer, Maurice Jackson, Billy Conley, Walter Rogers, Dudley Troyer, Mot Morrison, Randolph Ratteree. W H y; , M lxx JOE WILLINGHAM, Captain MOT MORRISON, Co-Captaz'n , 1 7 Row ith Jim Jack 9 Roy Jones G Ronnie Jackson , '7 a F 9 ison Sm Jack Moore Row 2 immy Johnston Kenneth Thrash ght F in- i gh ! Mel i Coach Bobby ', '3 , G Travis V illy Royal G ike Hunter .3 Vin Sorrow G tower, Mad Bobby H , ilbeck J Taylor. Row 2 ger 9 G ischer , George Counts, F, , R0 -, Maddux B Van D id Morris, E, Davis, F. Coach Payne, g from left to I Read Row 1 M in 0 , m G Jimmy F Dan Bond 1 Jimmy Hill, Bob Stanley, 81-h GRADE 1 Finch Earl Alliston, Harmon, Tommy Vickery, C C., Dav F ? W F 7 FF F FWF 6,937??? , 9 .C. ickland, Claude Nutt, Frank i ght Kale ip Oisen, J Seabolt ill Richard Blair, Euchele Nabors. C. W : Coach Ivey, Pat Reese, Ph , Sammy Jones, Max Butler, Tommy Hilderbrand. , ..Row2 Reading from left to r Str Newman Row 1 Nutt Another bmket for H eixt. 172 it goeJ 170311. .9' m mm m , . fr 5 Me 0 I e m I t 0 nn 1 I Z Get up Bruce! Tb z y , My x. If." Ja, me TOPTO BOTTOM:CeIia Smith, , 1 x ' , 3 Glenda Strother. Gloria Yancey. 1 Beverly Kimbre". Jane Jack- son, Pat Toney. . WWW VWW Wu 4,wa WWW, 4. 77 "8" team Cheerleaders Edlth TONEVCI' xx x m MISS CARY, Aduixor SENIOR TEAM Readings from left to right, Row 1: Carolyn Lathem, Helen Karchaske, Carolyn Britten, Florence Shellhorse, Gerrelldine Bussey. . . . Row 2: Joan Barber, Janette Turner, Barbara Cain. w 9 i3 ff; M H759 JUNIOR TEAx. SOPHOMORE TEAM Reading from left to right, Row 1: Evelyn Ragsdale, Lorene Linch, Carolyn Reading from left to right, Row 1: Becky McLendon, Barbara Stowe, Mary Meadows, Betty Strickland. . . . Row 2: Nancy Brannen, Ruth Mitchell, Hill, Gloria Sizemore, Margie Brannen. . . . Row 2: Donna Vaughan, Sue Carol Hogue, Diane Mensinger, Ann Vaughan. Warner, Betty Jane Groover, Joyce Allen, Jane Shutley. SUB F RESHMEN feading from left to right, ROW 1: Joan Corley, Carolyn Coffey, Ann Reading from left to right, Row 1: Betty Stoe, Barbara Fritch, Jeannine 'famer, Louise Spencer, Barbara Grinell. . . . Row 2: Trellis Haynes, Hester, Cecyl Ivie, Beverly Burton. . . . Row 2: Eleanor Coleman, Ellen ,1: Martha Leftwich, Janet Gaddy, Phyllis Acre, Phyllis Leonard. McDaniel, Betty Manning, Marie Walters, Jobyna Lovett, Eloise Whitlock. V V , . . L. . L . . L L LL Vxxxgy '- W WW W W , n. Lg m L , Wg ,, . , ,,i W a L e ix$k$$ W . , L . xuyv L i: W . , a L. o , mo, 4.. e . s .I n,.. , .t L c , a . n L, ,, e w , P ,IK L , , u L L L... A A . .. , .m . . , o W L , . .t . .m m... . . L, L i.- LL 0 U in n . W. . e d In . o . .t, . n . o .L a L L m 9 , .. e . .D. . . . t . w... L 7 L L . 1a; W: . Lu... J L L L L ,L LL Wee ..o. L - O L W W. Le L m . L L .m: .w . .L L LP. .5 L 9 .n. L .m .n . .u w M 2 X. Qv. "A . , 4 Xxx x ix :2 1.4 x What say, Rastus? In Remembrance. -3 Hold. we give tahns. arem Sammy and H have come! V M,M..... "The big. wind" Congratulationisl H...NMMWWM A Salute fo the bgnd. Officers IOI' High Sen "Sock Hop Ior Officers Low Sen IceI'S' A. OFF F. T. Icers Bank OFF "Our Alma Mater" grammar schools. "Teen Board." E; A.B W e m 0 H I... M. a O I"... G a C. t m In . .w .6. .u L ?s V: m, .m e .w .m l. .t um m 5 s .mhn m p a e 5 R w x ' 2 am M i , y M V O, M IX Mn! ,, , v, V v , M M4 axxMWWMl. Hmw Mw ? WW 1721M M2; 044ka M , , , W MWXMWW W m mmmamwwwmw W '. V TJMurphy High we sing trodayiyi. .me. f Whaf's Cdokirig7 Up goes the curtain! e. the staff of the I950 "AZUWUR". would like t6 express our thanks to all the advertisers who Ilhave made this yearb'dolt possible. 9 n CHOYCE HARDWARE COMPANY 1279 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. D1. 5757 FAWN FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 466 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. East Atlanta "Flower: and Gift: For All Occasionf DON A. BRANNEN, Owner Phone LA. 0174 I WOODLAND PHARMACY "Your Friendly Druggixz . . . . J. H. LYNN; 749 Moreland Avenue, S. E. Phone MA. 2766 C amplimemy 0f JOHNSON'S MARKET 22 Moreland Avenue, S. E. Happy Going! O. K. DRUG COMPANY C ampliment: 0f WEIL'S 5 and 10C STORE 1973 Boulevard Drive, S. E. A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE EAST ATLANTA PHARMACY LAmar 1926-1927 C amplimemx 0f LAWSON FIELDS TUMLIN GROCERY 2 McWilliams Road, S. E. DE. 9115 Meat - Produce - Groceriex VARIETY DRY GOODS STORE Comer Glenwood and Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. MA. 4030 Shoes, Clothing for the Entire Family House Furnishing - Work Clothing Headquarters DIAMOND'S RED DOT FOOD STORE IN SOUTH KIRKWOOD Child's Misty Wafers Swimming Pool 1200 SOUTH CANDLER ROAD We Cater to Schools, Churches and Fraternal Parties. Night Swimming. Free Picnic Grounds. Compliment: 0f EAST ATLANTA BARBER SHOP 519 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. E. C omplimem: of E. G. SPEER GROCERY 2371 Boulevard Drive, S. E. MERRIMAN'S PRODUCE 1043 Ponce de Leon Avenue, N. E. VB. 3937 Milton Bradley Company of Georgia The Best in School Art Supplies for 51 years. 384 Forrest Avenue, N. E. Thurston Adam's Service Station Corner Moreland and Glenwood Aves., S. E. Phone DI. 9181 SHARPE'S APPLIANCE STORE 457 Moteland Avenue, N. E. Uh Little Five Poinm Atlanta, Georgia CY. 1788 SMITH'S PHARMACY Prexcrz'ptiom Our Specialty 1498 DeKalb Avenue, N. E. Phone DE. 2525 Compliment of J. W. Stamps and G. W. Parker Dairy 2519 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. Phone DE. 6627 EAST LAKE FOOD STORE 2462 Memorial Drive, S. E. Phone CR. 3814 COX MUSIC STORE LATEST WITH THE HITS ON - DECCA, RCA - VICTOR - COLUMBIA and CAPITAL Voice and Piano Recording - - Sheet Music 161 Peachtree Street MA. 2378 THOMPSON'S FLORALAND V. W. Thompson Cut Flowers, Potted Plants, and Floral Art 629 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. LA. 1551 C amplimem: 0f DENNARD TIRE and BATTERY CO. 2358 Boulevard Drive, N. E. Bent Wiylae; East Lake Mower and Cycle Co. 2369 Boulevard Drive, S. E. EV. 3033 CHILDREY CLEANERS 1160 ORMEWOOD AVENUE, S. E. Phone DI. 4644 "Original Germ-Proof Cleaning2 WHARTON APPLIANCE COMPANY Get your education from Murphy High Get your appliance: from m. 1719 Lakewood Ave., S. E. MA. 1191 C ampliment; of PARS. BRADSHAW'S CAFE 497 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. KIRKWOOD T H E6AT E R Completely remodeled for your comfort and pleasure Cry Room for Babies W. '1' 0w 7' .2: . wwwmw k HALL'S FLOWER SHOP Corsages, Cut Flowers, Weddings, F zmeral Designs Night: CR. 2782 Day: CR. 4480 1971 BOULEVARD DR., S. E. Atlanta, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF CHANDLER CABINET SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF CAIN'S CORNICE and DRAPERY SHOP 1138 Moreland Ave., S. E. S. A MAYFIELD Refrigeration Sales and Service 1186 GLENWOOD AVE, S. E. Atlanta, Georgia General Electric Product: COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE OAK HILL GROCERY Groceries and Meat DE. 1879 Corner Candler Road and Alston Drive Mr. and MN. Willi; P. Lanier KRISPY CREME DOUGHNUTS Different - Tasty Satisfying KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 449 Ponce de Leon Ave. VB. 9241 ' PITCH 81 PUT HOME OF THE PO-BOY HOT-DOG 112 inch-long1 and the Famous Wimpy Burger Open 7 Days A Week Till Midnight CURB SERVICE Corner Glenw'ood At Second Ave. Phone DE. 9301 RUSSELL C. HOUSE Transfer 86 Storage, Inc. Long Distance and Local Moving Main 4828 DE. 1474 245 UNIVERSITY AVE, S. W. "To and From Everywhere11 Em mm x r High Museum School of Art Professional Courses in Advertising Art, Interior Decorating, Design and Fine Arts BFA and MFA Degrees o A K E 5 Summer Session . . . June 19-July 28, 1950 H A R DW A R E Winter Session . . . Begins September 11, 1950 Annual Scholarship Contest for c O M P A N Y High School Seniors Junior Classes for Students in Grade and High Schools 492 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. Call or Write for Information 1262 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. HEmlock 3134 Atlanta, Georgia TOM SLATE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. 592 Peachtree Street, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Complete line of Rawlings - Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Spalding -- Southern Mfg. Co. Reach -1 Wright 8z Ditson - Dunlop Rubber Co. - U. S. Rubber Co. uKeds" Granville 10011 Riddel Shoes - Wool School Sweaters And Many Other Lines of Athletic Equipment TED ZUBER, Reprexentative. MORRISON CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY MAIN PLANT: 1105 Memorial Drive, 8. E. - WA. 2772 BRANCH: 475 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. E. - AL. 9111 THE VARSITY Fresh Food Curb Service ATLANTA ATHENS FLOYD BROTHERS COMPANY Manufacturer: of HIGH GRADE WINDOW AND DOOR SCREENS Cabinet Work Kitchen Cabinet; Made to Order 535 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. E. LAMAR 6411 ATLANTA, GEORGIA EAST ATLANTA FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO. ' 1245 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. DIXIE 3551 PHILCO CROSLEY RCA VICTOR Stromberg Carlson Radio and Television MAYTAG BENDIX -- EASY THOR - WASHERS and IRONERS Mohawk Rugs CASH 0r TERMS Compliments 0f MURPHY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Compliments 0f STUDENT COUNCIL Harwmafwwmamar HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY DEPENDABLE SERVICE f QUICK DELIVERIES QUALITY MATERIALS 719 Highland Avenue, N. E. WA. 6614 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 0N Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Night Square and Round Dancing Good Order Your Patronage Appreciated Here At All Time: Telephone CYpress 2508 J. L. WELLS, Mmzagw STEIN STEEL Burney Barker Service Station and Four Lane Highway-West Paces Rd. SUPPLY CO. 1520 Spring Street 295 Decatur Street WOCO PEP AND TEXACO PRODUCTS It 1943 been fun being your 1950 Azuwur Photographer Thanks for making it so -- KERR STUDIO WE PHOTOGRAPH ANY THING, ANY WHERE, ANY TIME COMEPLIMENTS JACOBS DRUG COMPANY Beta Club Bliss Ann L. Dillard Miss Elise Stokes iVIr. R. H. Derthick The Counselors Mr. George Grahamk Homeroom 12 Hith 12 High 5 12 High3 Personality Development Class A Friend The Murphy Eagle 11 High 1 11 High 2 .9 11 High 4 11 High 5 11 Low 2 Belles and Beaus Blue Masque Players Band and Orchestra Compliments of 0 High 3 . H. A. High High High 9 High 5 Bank Tellers NIr. G. M. McCord OHicc Staff Cheerleaders 8 High 3 8 High 5 8 High 6 Caicers Club Tommy and Ann H. B. 2-3rd Period H. B. 2-lst Period hdrs. Lammefs General Biology Class Library Club F 9 9 9 1 3 4 Tennessee Egg Company WHOLESALE Eggs-Poultry-Oil Butter9Margarine 189 Spring St., S. W. WA. 6775 ATLANTA, GEORGIA l1 H t$ymRkQQELQ 96659273 N The value of the telephone isntt just the calls you make. Sometimes the calls you receive are even more important. Youtd miss a lot if the telephone wasntt there. Just on calls you make, the telephone,s a big bargain in convenience, security, success and good times. When you add the calls you receive, itts an even bigger value. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 50-56 Alabama St., S. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Have Your Hospital and Surgical Bills Paid. New Family Group Hospital Policy MRS. LUE MISHOE-Agent 1316-17 Healy Building .00 Per day in hospital 90 days1 .00 Incidental expense in hospital 25.00 Ambulance service 25.00 First aid 1accidents1 50.00 Surgical benefits or $5.00 per day doctofs visits to hospital 8 80 l 3 3 3 S 3 New Low Cost Group Hospitalization Plan OHice-WA. 5100 Residence5DE. 0664 IT CAN'T ALWAYS HAPPEN TO THE OTHER FELLOW; YOU MAY BE THE NEXT Issued by company whose assets are over $60,000,000.00 Compliments of Criswell Baking Company ATLANTA, GEORGIA For over 62 years it has cost less at W2 to furnish your home Georgia Stores: ATLANTA, ATHENS, DALTON, ROME Compliments of Stop and Shop Food Store NEWMAN PHARMACY "Your Draggists" 1996 Blvd. Dr., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA C. C. Downs Gun, Safe, Lock and Key Company Proprietor Owner Richard Downs 8 Forsyth St., S. E. WA. 5237 Night Calls DE. 0789 LINDSEY-HARMON FLORIST Fresh Flowers for All Occasions 356 Luckie St., N. W. Phones CY. 1107 ARCHIE LINSEY CY. 4123 JUDY HARMON Harrison-Draughon School of Commerce Has served the public for more than half cem tury. All Harrison-Draughon graduates are placed in choice positions at top salaries. High school graduation and character reference en- trance requirements. 579 Peachtree St., N. E. AT. 3888 Tower Theater Bldg. ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA GREAT CARS Fine Service DESOTO A Square Deal The Car Design ed With You in M ind Lets You Drive Without Shiftin g mggmmmi .52. DISTRIBUTORS SPRING AND EIGHTH ST., N.W. AT ANTA, GEORGIA ? .r W M I 2w v, 5w i;- K - : THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY PATRONIZE ADVERTISERS Checkerboard Feed Store 260 Howard St., N. E. DE. 332PDE. 3325 ATLANTA, GEORGIA Your friendly feed dealer Compliments of R. E. LEE FIELD Councilman, Second Ward KIRKWOOD HARDWARE CO. 1994- Blvd. Dr., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Decatur Evereudy Cab Co. 310 E. Howard Ave. CR. 3866-DE. 4423 Owned and operated by GABLE, PATILLO, OSBORN GASOLINE ALLEY TIRES, TUBES AND ACCESSORIES Wrecking Service-24-Hour Service Corner College Ave. and Mead Rd. Phone DE. 1878 Winalfoc 5, FLOWER SHOPS 8 PEACHTREE ST, ATLANTA I. E F T Y ' s 300 Candler Rd. DE. 9329 Specializing in Pit-Cooked Bar-B-Q and Brunswick Stew Short Orders . Curb Servige CROOK'S CORNER GROCERY PLAIN AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES CANDIES DRINKS-ICE CREAM FROZEN FOODS We Deliver Alston 81 Candler Rd. Phone: DE. 9274 Compliments of MURPHY "M" CLUB Compliments of A FRIEND uulllummlm Southern meA PATBIINIZE DUB ADVERTIZEBS 045 No "WWWV y ,T A , X4 WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS F o O T E 8c D AV I E 5, IN C. T'P'kuNE WALNUT 4600. . - POE? OFFICE BOX 5109 AT LAN T A ii 1. .1;..xa1131o!3 :. .z .ruLL-ulnru. hlVerk? frilxxrxLK? nvr arm. .. , , , 4X . iii kmwvww fa- - -1 7 . inn? L; 2:99 ' ' , 7"; a yum r 6 in? mm; UL 3 EL Joloole GllblM Bluefiew pea moneA ueeJe ueAQ 9mg zooa Wuedwoo ueuu BHL CQ SQJISLUHUBO L SSUOUI Irx

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