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AZUWUB Staff Editor Business Manager . Art Editor Make-Up Editor . Photograph Editor Advertising Editor . Sports Editor . Literary Editor . lmyl Hall . Lindy Taylor Ruth Rainwater . Ann Callaway Kay Sloan . Barbara Johnston Harriett Lord . J. P. Hudson Seaborn Langley 1 Theme In battle or business whatever the game- In law or in love, it is ever the same: In the struggle for power or scramble for pelt, Let this be your motto, "Rely on yourself." For whether the prize be a ribbon or stone, The victor. is he who can go it alone. Saxe Dedication MR. A. D. JONES For his leadership and his wise counseliing For the invaluable service he performed in securing jobs for the students For his interest in the development of young people into well trained and useful mem- bers of society For the time he donated as advisor to worthwhile activities For the cheerfulness he helps to spread around We, the Senior Class of I949, dedicate our yearbook to our leader and friend. Mr. G. M. McCord Principal Miss Eva Vance Freeman Miss Lauranne Valentine Secretary Secretary Mrs. Judith Holzworth Mrs. Thomasine A. Butts Librarian Nurse FACULTY a x; 0m 7m Our theme implies that the victor is the person who can go it alone. This means that we must not rely upon someone else always, but we must have guidance. Our faculty serves this purpose well. Never could anybody find a more willing and helpful faculty than the one at Murphy. Teachers are regarded as hard-boiled, stiFF-necked creatures, hardly human. Contrary to this belief, though, they are very human. It has been said that the fellowship between the faculty and students of Murphy is equaled nowhere. Mrs. Lawson Mr. D. F. Aaron Sgt. G. Adcock Miss Ballard Miss Braselton Mrs. Brown x 7 I My ; 0X1, .. Miss Campbell x3 Miss Cary Cox Nothing stops Mr. L. L. Cox Mr. R. H. Derthick Mr. Miss Dillard $93 K , bgwr : ' Barbara Cheek Miss Strong, Arthur Joy, J. H. Eaves I'. M Miss Farris Miss Green m a In M G e 8 r 0 e G 's Typing Class Miss Jackson Mrs. Griffin A. T. Harmon Mr. J. F. Graham Miss Hogan Mr. .. xz y , C , Lawson talking it over Holzworth and Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Lynn, Janice Gaulding, Seaborn Langley Mrs. Holland Mr. G. L. Hutcheson Miss Jackson Mr. A. D. Jones Mr. J. A. Kennedy Mrs. Lammers Mrs. Llewellyn Mr. C. L. Lynn Miss Miller Mr. O. H. Morris Mr. S. M. Oliver Mr. O. E. Owen Mrs. Padgett Mr. A. W. Patton Mr. M. O. Phelps Mr. R. D. Powell Miss Richardson Miss Richey Mr. J. S. Rutan Mr. C. H. Sanaers ,2 Miss Saxon Mrs. Smith Mr. B. A. Spitler Miss Stokes Miss Siron 9 Miss Titman Miss Wiley Mrs. Williamson , .. V V i , xxx w $ xxxx L m . Mr. MorrisI Print Shop l l G N O R T S M R A E N A l. ABBEY Ill HERBERT J. E R O M H S A L E H T- E ASBURY WILLIAM W. Pres., Chrisfian Fellowsh ixed Choir. M Ip: gy, o? w mm" xx A XV? , ? 2?, 6 xx$ Wx A AW, 1 .x BOBBIE BAILEY Eagle Saff; Captain Senior Volleyball; Varsity Volleyball and Basketball '48. DOROTHY BAILEY Varsify Volleyball and Baskefball; Sergeant of Arms; Mixed Choir. JOHN LOUIS BANKS Library Club. SUE BARNES Cheerleader. ANNE BARROWS Mixed Choir; Beta Club. GLENN A. BATES FRANCES BACHELOR Mixed Choir; Sec. Cerf. JAN N ETTE BAGLEY Majorefte; Band. SENIORS ASWELL . CHARLES BRYAN Ju or Civifan Club. Glee Club; Mixed Choir; Dramafic Club. B MARIAN BELL S. G. Staff; Mosf Popular; Jugior Civifan Club; Dramafic Clu . MILFORD BENNETT Pres.. "M" Club; Capt, Football; Capt. Baskefball; Pres., Befa Club; Track; Mosf Represen+a+ive. BILL BEVERLY Band; Library Club. LEE BIVINS V. Pres., Senior Class; VarsHy Foofball; Hi-Y; "M" Club. MARION BLACKWELL JAMES BORN "B" Team Foofball; "8" Team Basketball. , ZfXV, UM Xi THOMAS BUSBY "M" Club; Varsity Football. . JAMES F. CALLAHAM, JR. Mllifary. Cadef Capt; Rifle Team; Officers' Club; Co-ed Hi-Y; Dramafic Club. ANN CALLAWAY Jr. Civifan Club; "Azuwur" Sfaff; S. 6. Staff; Library Club; Mosf Represenfafive; Dramatic Club; Be'ra Club; Quili and Scroll. GEORGE M. CAMPBELL, JR. Track; Cross Counfry; Glee Club; Football; Golf Team. MARIE CARTER S. G. Sfaff '48-'49; Pres., Dramafic Club; I. R. C.; Jr. Civifan; V. Pres.. Senior Class; Science Club. CHARLES CASEY Christian Fellowship; Glee Club; Rifle Team; Eagle Sfaff; Baseball. SENIDBS BUDDEN LISLE ROSE MARIE BURNETT CAROLYN CASTLEBERRY ' Feature Edi'tor, Eagle; Chess Club; F. T. A.; Square Danc Club; Befa Club; N. H. S. IRIS CATHCART Chrisfian Fellowship; Eagle Sfaff. BARBARA CHADWICK Beta Club; Pres., N. H. S.; "Azuwur" Sfaff; V. Pres., l. R. C.; Dramatic Club; Tennis Team; Chrisfian Fellow- ship. LOUISE COALSON Mixed Choir; Sec. Cerf. muhx. .q.w m, -',7 .yg'.5 g, m weoagfa Mack" r. 'wxx YA . $. . Jr.h:.; ,. a z i y D : '. .E. '1 F, ii BILLY CONLEY "B" Foofball, Baskefball. Baseball, Track; Varsify Foot- ball; "M" Club. EDWARD CONN Cross-Counfry; Track; Glee Club; "M" Club. ELIZABETH CORLEY Befa Club; Mixed Choir. LEEMAN deDER Milifary; Sec.I Tres., Officers' Club; Befa L'r. Colonel. Club; N. H. S. V. Pres. LAURA CRONIN Square Dance Club; EagIe Staff. MIKE CRONIN Foofball. BARBARA DALTON Befa Club; N. H. 5.; Square Dance Club; "Azuwur" Sfaff; l. R. C.; Associate Edifor. Eagle; Jr. Civifan Club; Quill and Scroll; Tres., Senior Class. ALBERT DARBY V. Pres.. Hi-Y; S. 6.; lsf Lt., Military; Officers' Eagle Sfaff. ROBERT DAVIS Tech. E912, Military; Rifle Team. JACK DAVIS Pres., Senior Class; Varsify Football; S. G.; "M" Club; Mosf Popular. VIRGINIA DISHAROON Orchestra; Band. JANELL DONAHOO Band. HARRY EDWARDS Varsify Football; "M" Club; Basketball; Track. STANLEY ELLIS Varsity Foofball; Track: "M" Club, Sec Mosf Athletic. CHARLES ENNIS Co-Aufhor of Murphy Alma Mater. ROY EVANS "B' Foofball; Basketball. . ,, wiignga :sz , JEAN FERGUSON Varsify Volleyball; Eagle Sfaff; Baskefball '48; Dramatic Club. ED FLOYD Varsity Baskefball and Baseball; "M" Club; Coach. Foot- ball '48. MARIE FREEMAN Chrisfian Fellowship. MARY NELL FREY Varsity Volleyball; V. Pres., M. G. A. A; Capt, Jr. Team. TOMMY GUNTER Military; Officers' Club; Jr. Civifan. VIVIAN HADAWAY Volleyball Team '48; Jr. Civifan. IMYL HALL Edifor "Azuwur"; Capt, Varsify Volleyball; Befa Club; Tennis Team; Baskefball; Mosf Likely for Succeed; I. R. C. PATSY HAM Chrisfian Fellowship; Band; Orchestra; Band Librarian; C THOMA'S GARRETT Milifary. JANICE GAULDING Beta Club; N. H. S.; l. R. C21 Pres., F. T. A.; Winner Senior Liferary Exercise; Dramch Club. MARY JO GREEN FAYE NELL GUNTER Chrisfian Fellowship; Readers' Club. ' gym": , DONNIE HARRIS Pres., Jr. Civifan; Officers' Club; 2nd Lt, Milifary. LAURINE HAYNES GEORGE HAYS Military Officers' Club, 2nd LL; "8" Team Foofball. BARBARA HEETH Jr. Civitan Club; "B" Team Cheerleader; Dramafic Club. :5 I x1: .1 ra'at: 3'43: :1! GENE HESS N. A. S. 5.; Varsify Football; Track; "M" Club; Dramatic Club; Most Likely fo Succeed. ROBERT HERREN Supply Sgt, Band. BETTY JEAN HICKS Volleyball Team; I. R. C.; Drama'ric Club; Chrisfian Fel- lowship. ROY HERREN V. Pres., Band. BARBARA HUDSON J. P. HUDSON "Azuwur" Sporfs Ed.; Cross-Counfry; Jr. Civitan; Boys' Glee Club. JEANETTE HUNT Befa Club; N. H. 5.; Jr. Civifan; Eagle; Sec., Senior Class; Sec., Dramafic Club. DONALD KASEH JONES Track; "M" Club. ..: ;',4; .'1.rr.H m-LXsfb;-;v: ' . .. w wwm DONALD JONES Mixed Choir. MARIE JOHNSON Pres., Band; Orchestra; AHanta Youfh Symphony. MARTHA JOHNSON Mixed Choir. BARBARA JOHNSTON Befa Club; N. H. S.; l. R. C.; Jr. Civitan; "Azuwur," Adv, Manager; Mosf lntellecfual; Dramaiic Club; F. T. A. JOYCE KIMSEY Christian Fellowshic; "Azuwur"; "Eagle," Ar'r Ed.; Sec.. Wrifers' Club; Treas., I. R. C.; Beta Club; N. H. S. MARY'JOYCE KIMSEY Sec.. Chrisfian Felliwship. MARTHA KINNEY Library Club; Jr. Civifan; Dramatic Club. SEABORN LANGLEY Pres., S. 6.; Be'ra Club; Liferaru Ed., "Azuwur"; Sporfs Dramafic Club; F. T. A.; Ed., Eagle; Square Dance; Quill and Scroll. BOB LASSITER Mixed Choir; Track; Club; N. H. 5.; Jr. Civifan; Cross-Country; Most In'rellecfual. REBECCA LEVERETTE Beta Club Treas.. Senior Class. JIMMY JOHNSTON S. 6.; Officers' Club; Co-ed Hl-Y; Jr. Civi'ran. JIMMY JORDAN S. 6.; Glee Club; Mixed Choir. - -i ;, m 47W WW 74,42, 7! ' II-ingZWz ll 7le .gg21wi'xz' , SENIORS RO'SE MARIE LEWIS Sec. Cert; F. T. A. BOB LITTLE Rifle Team; Officers' Club. HARRIETTE LORD Befa Club; N. H. 5.; "Eagle" Siaf'f; "Azuwur" Staff. JAMES LINCH JOHN MANER Officers' Club; V. Pres.; Military. TOMMY MATHEWS Baskefball; "M" Club; Dramatic Club, x , M , ' 1 1m ,,'l , xx 2 q , W 7! I' CAROLYN MAULDIN 0W j; t 47 3 MQyK '4 9 J M; I my , V WW BETTY MAXON HELEN MAYFIELD Volleyball; M. G. A. A. CALVIN McDANIEL Varsity Baskefball; Jr. Civifan. LOUISE MEADOWS GEORGE MEHAFFEY 7 Q J3 ?.?:M', Jajwm'...,, MARY KATE MICHAEL BETTY MOORE Pres., Mixed Choir; I. R. C.; Dramatic Club; Christian Fellowship. BUSTER MORRISON Varsi'ry Foofball; Track; "M" Club; Dramatic Club. WILTON MOULDER Asso. Ed. Eagle; Befa Club; N. H. 5.; Baseball; Quill and ScroH; Drama'ric Club. ANDERSON MURPHY , y, , Military. - , . W, , WVW wW? CHARLOTTE NELSON Mixed Choir l. R. C.; Christian Fellowship; "Azuwur" Staff; Dramatic Club; Befa Club. MARY ALICE NEW M. G. A. A. CHARLES NICHOLS Miami Hwy ivryfv 1v .. ll . ; gQ$$3 .534ng .Lmnifi ' Wm .. .. . V. ' " ' ikd-ams'mw ,w'5'jflgg ?'MW'N x -- 1 Mmg view; BILLY NIX Varsity Football; Baskefball; Baseball; "M" Club. JOHN NIX Murphy Wri'rers' Club; Chess Club. DOT OATLEY F. T. A.; Jr. Civifan; l. R. C. JOANNE PARNELL Chrisfian Fellowship; Mosf AHradive. JERRY PATTILLO Senior Play. DAN PEEPLES Track; Cross-Counfry; "M" Club. PEGGY PITMAN S. 6.; Pres., l. R. C.; Bda Club; Mixed Choir; 2nd Place. Literary Exercise; Dramatic Club. BETTY ANN POPE Square Dance Club. JOHN POWELL Military. BILL PURCELL Cheerleader Capt; "M" Club. LYLLIAN PURVIS Band; Majoretfe; Dance Band. yy ,. , V . ' , . . , RUTH JEAN RACE 44?2 7 ?,, . ,, , V I I , , V , I . V M. G. A. A.; Volleyball. GWEN RUSTIN Band Orchestra; Dance Band. J ESSE SEWELL Foofball; Tennis. LlLLlAN SHIRLEY V. Pres., Chrisfian Fellowship. FRANK 'SHOPPE Sec.I Befa Club; Mixed Choir; N. H. 5.; S. 6.; Christian Fellowship; Boys' Glee Club Dramatic Club. RUTH RAINWATER Ar'r Editor, "Azuwur"; S. 6.; Befa Club; Christian Fel- lowship. CHARLOTTE RIFE Civifan Club; Sec., l. R. C.; "Azuwur" Staff; Dramafic Club. HARVEY ROBERTSON Foofballl '47, '48; Baskefball, '48; Civifan Club; "M" Club; Mixed Choir; Mosf Talented. SAM ROPER KAY SLOAN Sec.. Jr. Civitan; Mos'r Talented; ?hofo Ed., "Azuwur"; Pres., Science Club; Dramafic Club; Aflanfa Journal Cor- respondent CLAUDENE SMITH Chrisfian Fellowship. EARLENE SMITH Chrisfian Fellowship. ANN SNELLGROVE Befa Club; N. H. 5.; Mixed Choir; l. R. C.; "Azuwur" Sfaff; Dramatic Club Christian Fellowship. ????3 f . .1, . EWMS :x ' - .J "' $4Jffmr1a3$ NV. f TN: . r322 $wame .. MARCIA SHORROCK Library Club. TOMMY SIKES "B" Baskefball Baseball. DOUGLAS SIMPSON Foofball Trainer; "M" Club. EDWINA SIMS Eagle Sfaff. z A 929099414. W , 9 y ,, 49. .m yXxMWWMJx ,9 ,9 Cap+., Rifle Varsify Football, Baskefball, Team. Track, Baseball. LINDY TAYLOR N. H. 5.; Mixed Choir; Square Dance; Chris?- BERNARD TANT Lf. Col., Military; Pres., Of'chers' Liub Chrisfian Fellowship. Fellowship; Bus. Mam, "Azuwur. JO ANNE THOMASON JEROL RAH-RAH9 THOMASON fan; "M" Club :- Ian Ivi C Jr. . 11., u9u9rv! :..f..4.l...: f...:;:. 9.42. .152. 4955...; Beta Club 1-. w'wi.,4,l-I .9 .n .. , .N . n. x w Lam; 9999.5", r71. 1 I .F r .A 9 9 . . n, . Ircls. HP 1 ..v.!14Q;.kn.yz.!w19:..v!r.rc. wakivlyLkl . 1 9 . 4 , , L L . 51,922.?qu , . 1341. ; Band. VarsHy Foofball. n BILL TALBOT ooo .9..9 $9999 9999999 $999 RAY SPEIGEL Senior Play. DOUG STOWERS FLORENCE STANCLIFF Befa Club Christian Fellowship; Sec. Cerfificafe. "M" Club SENIORS CHARLES WEBB Pres., Earfh Science Club; Mixed ELIZABETH Choir; Senior Play. BEN TROY Sfage Mgr., Senior Play. KENNETH VINING BOB WADE Footballl '48. CHARLES WAGNON ANON WALLACE BETTY WA RD M ROGER WISNER 'jquwur" Staff; Cross-Counfry; Dramatic Club. 7 ROBERT WOOD "B" Team Foofball. GRACE WOODYARD Varsify Volleyball; Cheerleader; S. G. HOWELL YANCEY Pres.I S. 6.; "M" Club; Foofball; Pres., 'Senior Class. BETTY YARBROUGH VALERIE YARBROUGH Befa Club; N. H. 5.; Mixed Choir; I. R. C.; Dramafic Club; Christian Fellowship. EUELL WHATLEY ROSE WILLIAMS Officers' Club; Rifle Team. Pres.l Civifan; Pres., Library Club; "Azuwur" Sfaff; Dramafic Club; Science Club. , , Im WI 17;? II ,7; ,7 0 '7 ,70 , .0 177' 7,7. 7 , 7 'I M14114 SENIIJBS MR. AARON . . . II-H-l Reading from left +0 righf: Fron+ Row: Jean lsbell, Frances Teagle, BeHy Jean Keen, Barbara Cafhcarf, Pauline Dease. BeHy Kenady. Agnes Brooks, Doris Elrod. . . . Second Row: Edifh Rufh Hunnicuft, Eugene Blesset, William Elliot Ray Brand, Robert Head, Roy Dollar. Gene Sfancil, William Fagan, Mr. Aaron. . . . Third Row: Gene Dickerson. Grady Gazaway' Charles Blalock, Tommy Riggins' Lamar Merriman. JUNIUHS MISS TITMAN . . . Il-H-2 Reading from leff fo right: Fronf Row: BeHy Tuck, Doro'rhy Pugh. Sara Clay, Alice Brewer, Moffee Wilson, Louise Bradshaw, Helen Stroupe, Pat White. . . . Second Row: Jimmy Huey, Perry Davis. Charles Wallace, Ronald Ransom. Charles Williams, Ed Ellingfon, Paul Taylor, Joe Norman, Thomas Gray, Miss Tifman. v' G. GRAHAM . . . II-L-I ,, Reading from Ieff fo righf: Boffom Row: KiHy Hull, Jean Peeples. Joan Fagan. Luree Swindell, Jane Ba ey. Jacquelyn Brannon, Peggy Eaves, Jo Anne Greene. . . . Second Row: Mr. Graham, Cafherine Fisher, Ann Field. Frances BellI Julia Walfers, Dor+hy Eaton, Janetfe Turner, Beverley WhiH, Jean Jones, Barbara Causey, Gay Williams, Frances Bearden, Peggy Hudson. . . . Third Row: Dick Marks, Harry Greene, Richard Lassifer, Bob Wolff, Jack Holley. Alton HudsonI Bill Greer, Maurice Jackson, Bill King, Howard Webb. MISS DILLARD . . . ll-L-2 Reading from left +0 righf: BoHom Row: Eugenia Hendrix, Louanne Hixon. June Merrell. Sue Golden, Gloria' Harley. Barbara Hodgson, Geraldine Elgar, Nan Wilson, BePry Jean Brown. . . . Second Row: Janice Pahick. Barbara Oglehee, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Cheek. Iris Sfandard. Barbara Milfon, Helen Karchaske, Carolyn Latham. Jean Cofer, Louise Griggs, Mary Louise McKee, Miss Dillard. . . . Top Row: Donald Lewis, Walfer Rogers, Jimmy Helms, Lucian EndicoH, Maurice Turner. J. D. Bonner, A. J. Shupe. Rae Hewell, Cecil Whife. Jim King, Le Barron O'Bannon, Grady Sizemore. MISS RICHEY . . . lI-L-3 Reading from Ieff fo righf: Firsf Row: Larry Tribble, Jimmy MichellI June Jackson, Dianne NashI Harrieff McGinty, Beverly Glover. Margaref Tingley. Doris Gray. Dan Wesf. . . . Second Row: Dudley Troyer, Billy Chappell, Norman Franklin. Henry Allisfon, Joe Miller Allen, Harold Bradleyl Clarence Cole. James ShawLSydney Burns. JUNIDBS MRS. SMITH . . . l l-L-4 Reading from left to righf: BoHom Row: Richard Pefers, Kenneth Siamps, Jack Gary, Howard Ennis, Winfield Glisson, Dan Piffman, Billy Clement . . . Second Row, Mary Ann Spifzmiller, Shirley Hogan, Fay McMichen. Florence Shelhorse, Winnie Huey, Beverly Goodwin, Jamie Bowen, Joyce 'Smifh, Carolyn BriHon. . . . Third Row: Mrs. Smifh, Pafricia Waifs, Shirley Elrod, Dolores TrueH, Wauno Haygood, Befty Gann, Ellen Casfleberry, Mary Edwards, Phyllis Eason, Charlotfe Flanigen. . . . Top Row: Donnie Davis. Bobby Jones, Tommy Floyd, Thomas Howell, Larry Smifh, Bud Greenlee, Charles Davis, Dan LiHleton, Russell Bailey, Ervin Scheff, Paul Bradley, ' Robert Gaines. MISS JACKSON . . . IO-H-I Reading from Ieff fo righf: Row I: Miss Jackson, Mary Jim King, Mary Lou Sfewarf, Pat Duncan, Pafricia Calli- coH, Barbara Mallory, Harrieft Boggs, Emily Martin, Margare'r Spencer. . . . Row 2: Harry McWilIiams. Billy Howell, Ralph Hadaway, Fred Nuff. Curtis Clayfon, Hugh Tanner, Jimmy Williams, Mott Morrison, George Bullard. Billy Riggins, Ralph Price. Gene Bradberry, Richard McRae. M 4 W o, I alga I, w 0,1 . MR. PHELPS . . . l0-H-2 Reading from left to righf: Row l: Winona Davis, Dvorofhy Cross, Helen Waldrop, Charlene Winferle, Jean SikesI Marianne Beall. Virginia Hudsonl Joan Barber, Gerrelldine Bussey, Barbara Cain. . . . Row 2: Bruce Schubele. Fred Mayfield, Charles Sfrong, Ivan Barnes. Roberf Thurman, Dick Richards, Bobby Helms, Jimmy Addy, Eugene Griffin, Harold Hammond, Fred Miller. J. W. King. Mr. Phelps. SDPHDMUBES MR. SPILLER . . . IO-L-l Reading from Ieff fo righf: Row l: Barbara Liles, Dorothy Terry, Marline Sarrett, Mary Frances Wesf, Sylvia Savery, Jo Ann New, Joyce Colfer. Barbara Johnson, BeHy Jo Bush! BeHy Jo Acree. . . . Row 2: Lewis Casfleberry, Lorene Linch, Evelyn Ragsdale, Carolyn Meadows, Ruth Mitchell, Barbara Chappell, Anne Walker, Joyce McDaniel, Barbara Loden. Gordon Smifh, Mr. Spifler. . . . Row 3: Van Dilbeck, Rudolph Bagley, Donald Roberfs, Dozier Mobley, Billy Gaflin, Clifford Patrick, Charles Stanley, Wilson Busby, Charles McCurdy, Wayne Lester. 4,170 x mam MR. KENNEDY . . . l0 L2 Laura Wisner, Paf Clackum, Marilyn Mifchell, Edifh Tolliver, DeLane Clar Reading from leff +0 righf: Row I Barbara S+oe, Joan Simpson, Barbara Watkins, Jackie Perdue. Betty Jean Sfrickland. . . . Row 2: Ralph Tolliver, Bob Sfanley, Bobby Walker, Fred Sfewarf, Janet Pilon, Neffie Lee Bradley, Dene Smi'rh Billy Guffin. Gene Seay. John W. Smifh. . . . Row 3: Richard Denning, Sheldon Hammond, Jimmy Williams, Joe Watson. Charles Walton. Clyde Brown. Pheron Turner, Aubrey Richardson. Ned Harris. SDPHIJMIJBES VNNVgV V xx MRS. LLEWELLYN . . . I0-L-3 Reading fom leff +0 righf: Row l. Lucy Mae Gillefre, Eleanor Schmid. Mildred Malcom, Colline AllisonI Evelyn Fosfer. . . . Row 2: Jack BenneH, Hudson Davis. Benny PulliamI Alvin Kikk, Robin Haynes. MISS MILLER . . . I0-L-4 Reading from lef1L +0 righf: Row l: Jacqueline Smifh, Mickey Hambrick, Laura Anne Davis, Louella George, Melba Thomas, Barbara Edwards, Mary Ann Russell, Carole Hogue. Eleanor Clary. . . . Row 2: Franklin Green, Arfhur Fuller, Charles Callaway, Nell Davis, Hazel Ellington, Melba Silvey, Nancy Brannen, Elinor Hasty. Nancy Richards, Jimmy Hill, Billy Blackwood. . . . Row 3: Dan Bondl Thomas Fosfer. Wendell GreeneI Colvin Heisf, James Rutledge. Raymond Jones. Billy Garreff, Glenn Pugh, Richard JohnsonI Herberf Davis. SUPHDMUHES MRS. LAMMERS . . . I0-L-5 Reading from Ieff to righf: Row 1: Mary Sue Brock Marian Callaham. Dof Highfower, Ann Pierce, Mary Helen Akins, Jo Ann Harris. Ann Lee, Leslie Slay, Ann Vaughn. . . . Row 2: Marvin Cole, Gene Davis Barbara Crane, Dianne Mensinger, Chrisfine McNiel, Mary Ann Paftillo. Jack Jones, Lee Williams, Mrs. Lammers. . . . Row 3: Donald BowenI John Graham, Jr., Charles Linch, Phillip Cleveland, Harold Dunlap, Jack Kelly Willis Lanier, Tom Tidwell, Elmer Kirk. Gene Benton, John Mauldin. xv NAA N . , M ,w , L . Mxxixx . $ $ ix x 6 $2me X MRS. GRIFFIN . . . 9 H-2 Reading from leff to right First Row: BeHy Mishoe, Ethelyn McGee, Shirley Clay. Marion Mills. Beverly Kimbrell. Barbara Allred. Beverly Allred. . . . Second Row Louis Gary, Dickey Race. Beffy McKeel Faith EngleH, Billy Ann Hudson. Nelda Ashmore. Paul Whife, Aubrey Cole. . . . Top Row: Jimmy S'tancliffI Wiley O'NeillI Don Henderson, Eudon Afkins, John Lawless, Tommy Ennis, Billy Griffin, George D ren. Charles uovid King MISS WILEY . . . 9 L-l Reading from leff to right Boffom Row: Gus Simpson, Jerry Armstrong, Bill Thompson, Henry Bacarisse. . . . Second Row: Donna Vaughan, Marie Teagle. Mary Nell Bryan, PaHy Bagwell, Beverly Wynn, Rebecca McLendon. Winnifred Sears, Patsy Brift. . . . Third Row: Miss Wiley, Gloria Sizemore, Berfha Coy, Phyllis Spelr. Wilma May- field. JeaneHe Williams, Helen Cochran. Pafsy Busha, Burfon Burel. . . . Top Row: Charles Bullock. Charles Cosiner, Billy JonesI Don Sfynchcombe. John Hugh Sawyer. Biggers Dimsdale. Charles SmithI Wayne Cantrell. Billy Armisfead. Mimi! , MR. J. F. GRAHAM . . . 9-L-2 Reading from left to righf: Boffom Row: John Chopin. Paul Derrickl Frank Hawkins, Jerry Shockley, Aufhur Joy, James Sfewarf. . . . Second Row: JoAnne Howell. Betsy Ellioft, JoAnn Mobley, Pafsy Carier. Margie Brannen, Joyce AllenI Frances Bey, JeanneHe Dobbs. . . . Third Row: Gloria Ann Edmunds, Janet Kelfner, Barbara Sfaples. Rufh Carberry, Jeannine Stringer. Joan Lamphor, Barbara Whafley, Fay Joyner. Carolyn Rawls, Barbara Ann SfoweI Beffy Sue Warner. Mr. John Frank Graham. . . . Top Row: Jack Walkerl Hill Nash, Bobby Almond, Ned Arnold, Ray Willingham, Clinfon RouseI Jimmy Hackney, Charles Bowen. MISS STOKES . . . 9-L-3 Reading from leff +0 righf: Botfom Row: Marie Palmer, Carole Stewart Wylene D-onahoo. Margaref BenneH, Joyce Boggs, Wyolene Chrisfian, Camille Montgomery. . . . Second Row: Rober+ Lafimer, Kane Vanderford, Befiy Jo Chesfer, Dallas Gunfer, Donald Newsome. . . . Top Row: Richard HolderI Arfhur Marfin. Blake Thomas, Cabof Holly, Billy Mauldin. Royce Dean. Madison Benneff. BROWN . . . 9-L-4 Reading from leff to righf: Botfom Row: Jack Lane, Jimmy Fuss. Charles Mann, R. A. Kennedy, Eugene Head, Dolvin Langley. Paf Barber. . . . Second Row: Paf Morgan, JoAnn Turner. JeaneHe Chapman. Carolyn Gaddy. Lorraine Turner, Jean Reagin, Anne Parker, JeaneHe Knight. . . . Third Row: Glenda Sfrofher, Mrs. Brown, Celia Smith, Nancy Bohannon. Joyce McElrafh, Janef McGibony, Carolyn Hammond. Carol Brown, Ann Harkey, Martha Thompson. . . . Top Row: Billy Chrisfain, Sidney Jones, Jack Joyner, Bill Eades, Jimmy Fischer, Kenneth Thrash, Ronnie RigginsI Bobby Whitley. Charles JohnsonI Billy Simpson. MRS. PADGETT . . . 9-L-5 Reading from left fo right: Boftom Row: Aubrey Mayeg Richard Keith. Douglas Weaver, Alan Gumby. Jimmy Johnsfon. . . . Second Row: Carol Roper, Jean Loveless, Carolyn Finch, Jane Shufley. Carolyn Forfenberry, Jackie Kirk, Sandra Williams. Barbara Mae Corley. . . . Third Row: Author Winters, BeHy Jane Groover, Paf Highfowen Mary Hill, Connie Youngblood' Ophelia Underwood. Ophelia Johnson, Roy Michael. Charles Lowe, Mrs. Padgeff. . . . Top Row: Joe Gaflin, David Leach. Bobby Fields, Wayne Brand, Jack Taylor, Jack Holmes, Bill Whi'rel Jere Vacarro. V MM ; , Mmmcwwnzlvj MR. OLIVER . . . 8-H-l Reading from lef'r fo right: Row l: Paf Reese, Minor Ward. Joe McLarty, Ray Halman. George Eafon. . . . Row 2: Mary Ann Mathis, Ann Garner, Tommy Jean Blackwell, Carolyn Coffey. BeHy Boss. Barbara Leffwich, Jerry Lee Williams. . . . Row 3: Conrad Rawlins, Barbara Sfarnes, Mona Dempsey, Trellis Haynes. Rufh S+oe, Mildred Tingley. Shirley Corleyl Shirley Peeples, Mr. Oliver, Ronald Cochran. . . . Row 4: Danny Waldrip, Jack Bone. Louis HufchesonI Wayne SmifhI Euchele Nabors, Bobby Moore. Harry Mauldin. Carl Franklin, Kenneth Houseworfh. Bobby Camp. MISS STRONG . . . 8 Reading from leff +0 righf: Firsf Row: Gordon Hollingsworth, Richard Mahaffey, John Cheek, James Golden, Mickey McBride, Jimmie Glisson, Mickey Sloan. . . . Second Row: Shirley Linch. Elizabefh Hilsman. Anne Carter, Barbara Fosfer, Shirley Guthrie, Jerilyn Wiley, Pafsy Ferguson. . . . Third Row: Jacqueline Hays, May Chism, Anne Aycock, Wanda Lower, Pafsy McGill, Annefte Bafe, Janet Sfrickland, Shirley Denson, PaHy Thrasher, Phyllis Tracy, Miss Strong. . . . Fourfh Row: Jane Patfillo. Marfha Prifcheft, Shirlee Kimbrell, Joyce Chambers, Polly Porfer, Gerald WynnI Richard Blair, C arles Fincherl Waffie McGee. MRS. HOLLAND . . . 8-L-2 Reading from Ieff fo rig : Row l: Billy Trimble, Ralph Rigdon, Don Cobb, William Keel; Don Hadley, Bill Squires, David Austin, James Morgan. . . . Row 2: Dorofhy McGiboney, Lou Ellen Jorgensen. Doris Ashmore, Demeris Turnen Dorofhy Latham, BeHy Strayhorn. Laverne Underwood. . . . Row 3: Mrs. Holland, Judy Campbell, Margaret Sfevens Margret Poe, Janice Hoffman, JoAnn Stamps, Billie Baxley, Ruth Bishop, Harrie? Wilson. . . . Row 4: Earl Hendricks, Weyman Jones, Paf Sumpfer. Edwin Hodge, Bobby BenneH, Don Lee Roberi McCreary, Sfuarf Langley. z 4' y 14 MR. DERTHICK . . . 8-L-3 Reading from Ieff fo right: Row l: Douglas Johnson, Dorofhy Elrod. Shirley Hudson, Rose Ward, Sarah 'Sfill, Connie Perkins, Regina Cardell. Carol Shimp, Judith Reynolds, Jackie Mackin. . . . Row 2: Richard WilderI Harry Crouch, Jack Williams, Lee Sfringer, Paf Henry, Melvin Wheelus, Larry Webb, Harry Benderl Norman Middlefon, Frank Newman. Tommy Elder. . . . Row 3: Tommy Hildebrand, Dick Porter, John Hawkins. James Sawyer. Billy Hes+er, C. W. Seabolf. Jimmy Dixon, Garland Johnson, Jack Moore, Jerry Harris, Mr. Derfhick. QM MISS GREEN . . . 8-L-4 Reading from leff +0 righf: Row l: Pafricia Bignardi, Mar'rha Leffwich, Phyllis Acree. Janet Left. Naomi Saffer- field, Barbara Grinnell, Betty Fuller, Nellie Chapman, Phyllis Leonard. Norma Martin. . . . Row 2: Sammy Cathcarf. Kenneth Curfman. Thomas Chapman, Janef Gaddy, Lucille Walfers, Befty Lou Waldrop, Louise Spencer, Beffy Shaw, Don Schubele, Bill Shuford, Frank Griffith. . . . Row 3: Ramon Jones. Travis Davis. Clayton Head. Tommy Poole, Gene Elrod, Jimmy Alford, Bob Juhan. Claude Nuff, J. C. Sfrickland. Cale NuH. Charles Shaw. MISS BRASELTON . . . 8-L-5 Reading from leff fo righf: Row I: Burton Hewiff, Charles Broome, Larry Biddy. Alfon Brisendine, Rober+ Falls. . . . Row 2: Peggy Gould, Mary Davison, Beverly Bowden, Frances Bishop. Billie Barnes. Mary McMackin, Joanne Bell, Joan Derrick. . . . Row 3: Joyce Ansley, Mary E. Berrong, Patty Wa+son. Faye Diamond, Burnice Goslin. Gloria Yancey. Dolores Milam. Berfie Crooks, Kafhryne Pace, Sherry Bagley. . . . Row 4: Roberf Hunt, Dave Reynolds, Bobby Wiley, Huberf Posea. Buddy Holland, Charles Maddux, Billy Stanley, John Bynam, Roberf Harris, Nelson Green. i7; ' " v, '2 , , , 7 , :7 , ,2 7V V 7 ',x , 474K? 67 ' a f 1' Supply Sg'r. Pierce, Sgt. Major King, Adjufan'r Johnsfon. L'r. Col. Bernard Tanf Command Officer Tanf. Major Gunter, Execufive Officer Crider. Supply Officer Maner, Phylis Eason Sponsod . 95$: $09.93, 06 o w o Jeanefte Allred BponsoH Lt Col. Leeman Crider HFPIEEBS CLUB Major Gun'rer. lsf Lf. Harris, lsf Lf. Johnsfon, Adjufani Col. Tanf, Sfudent Instructor Lf. Col. CriderI Capf. Darby, Capf. Maner, Major Callaham, lsf Lf. LiftleI lsf Lf. Whafley. EHLIJH GUARD Reading from Ieff +0 righf: Tommy Garrett Bill King, Pa'r Pierce, Erwin Scheff. RIFLE TEAM Reading from left 10 righf: Firsf Row: Charlie Sfrong, Jimmy Callaham, John Wesley Smifh, Charles Casey, Ned Harris. Alberf Darby. Winfield Glisson, Thomas Gray. . . . Second Row: John Mauldin, Bobbie Davis, Bernard TantL Sgt. Adcock, Jimmy Johnsfon, Dan Wesf, Van Dilbeck, Pep Hammon, James Rufledge. .Qw sow Q Major James Callaham Fields Fronf Man: Alberf Darby. . . . Fron'r Row: Leff fo righf: Gerold anfrell, Paul Bardly, Rudolph Bagley, Jimmy Addey. Jack BenneHl Thomas Garret Dan Bond, George Bullard. . . . Second Row: Lucian lndicof, Richard Denning, Curfis Clay. Clifford Davis, Herberf Davis, Winfield Glisson. . . . Thirl Row: Tommy Floyd, Arf Fuller, Bruice Schubele, Billy Garreff. Lester Jackson. Donald Lewis, Roberf Davis. Q , WWMVNM Front Man: Donnie Harris. . . . Front Row: Leff +0 Righf: Billy Clemenf, Roberf Gaines, Eu- gene Griffifh, Windell Green, Harold Hammond, Wilson Busby. Ralph Hadaway, Wil- son Lanier, Thomas Gray, George Bullard. . . . Second Row: Dick Richards, Gerold Hogan, Roberf Deal. Robin Haynes, Sheldon Hammond, Ned Harris, Franklin Green, Donnie Davis. . . . Third Row: Ray Hewell, William Howell, Richard Johnson, Alvin Kidd, Elmer Kirk, Jack Kelly, Rich- ard Johnson. Tommy Robert- son, Jack Gary, Charies Casey. . . . Fourth Row: Richard Pefers. EDMPANY B Major Tommy Gunner m 2::r-332F'U Platoon Commands: Whafley. . . . Reading from leff 'ro righf: Firsf Row: Fagan, Holley, Sfrong, Milligan, Les'rer. McCurdy, Mauldin, Hayes. Helms. . . . Second Row: King, Patricf, Hill, Powell, Sfarnes, Rutledge, West, May- field. . . . Third Row: Lewis, Richardson, Reynolds, Morfon, Roberfs, Seay, Oglesbyl Mifchell. . . . Fourfh Row: Webb. Plafoon Commander: Liffle. . . Reading from Left fo Righf: Firsf Row: Hayes. Murphy. Stanley, Smith, Price. Sfanley, Shupel Scheff, Sizemore, Helms. . . . Second Row: Obannon, Walfers, Walfon, Barnes, Tan- ner, White, Webb. . . . Third Row: Taylor, Williams. Wil- liams, Wafkins, Wafson, Wil- liams, TurnerI Sears. Girls Glee Club NW Ngwomww . Reading from Leff fo Righf: First Row: Norma ToHison, Peggy Eaves, Ophelia Moore. Carolyn Gaddy. Joanne Turner. Wybne Christian, Jean Sikes, Ann Pierce, Glenda lerofher, Virginia Hudson, Marianne Beall. . . . Second Row: Ann Pierce. Connie Youngblood. Margaref Lackey, Shirley Bagley, Barbara Hodgson, Moffee Wilson, Shirley Clay, Patricia Callicoff, Shirley Elrod, Gerraldine Bussey. Joan Barber, Celia Smith. Barbara Cain. . . . Third Row: BeHy Jo Chesfer, Ophelia Underwood, Shirley Hogan, Marian Mills. Louise Conn, Barbara Whafley, Phyllis Eason, Beffy Gann, Camille Monfgomery, Wauno Haygood. Buys Glee Club Miss Campbell 192; 9 Reading from Leff to Right: First Row: J. P. Hudson' Tommy Taylor. Ed Conn, Donald Jones, Charles Williams. Frank Shoppe. . . . Second Row: Charles Casey, Gene Bradberry, James Callaham. Charles Bryan, Grady Galaway. Charles Blalock, Bobby Lassimr. . . . Third Row: Harvey Robertson, Bobby Watts, John Chapin, Bobby WhiHey. Billy Armistead. . . . Fourth Row: Gene Seay, Donald Sfynchcomb, Charles Callaway. Harvey Roberfson Secretary and Treasurer Frank Shoppe Vice President BeHy Moore President Reading from Left 10 Righf: Firsf Row: Beffy Moore, Frances Bachelon Pauline Deese, Ellen Casfleberry, Barbara Cafhcarf, Jane Bailey, Jean Cofer, Joanne Green, Julia Walfers. . . . Second Row: Miss Campbell, Peggy Pifman, Beverly Goodwin, CharloHe Nelson, Peggy Hudson, Jean lsbell, Ann Barrows, Louise Coalson, Barbara Cheek, Jamie Bowen. . . . Third Row: Mary Ann Spifzmiller, Lindy Taylor. Fay McMichen. Dot Bailey. Ann Snel'lgrove. Valerie Yarbrough, Cafherine Fischer. . . . Fourfh Row: Donnie Davis, Kitty Hull, Charloffe Flanigen, Jean Spencer, Gene Seay. . . . Fifth Row: Charles Callaway, Bobby Lassifer, Harvey Robertsom Charles Blalock, Charles Bryan. Charles Webb. . . . Sixth Row: Bill Asbury, Donald Jones, Grady Gazaway, Frank Shoppe. Reading from left fo righf: Firsf Row: Winnie Huey, Jackie Smifh. Margie Brannen, Jeanetfe Knight Carolyn Hammond. . . . Second Row: Bobby Walker,. Sidney Burns, Judy Campbell, John Cheek. Janef Pilon, Dolores Trueff. C. W. Seabolf, Bobby Moore, Bobbie Liles. . . . Third Row: John Bynum, Dave Reynolds. Dozier Mobley, Lo-uis Hufchison, Minor Ward, Bill Thompson, Janice Hoffman, Carol Shimp, Dickie Barron. . . . Fourth Row: Nancy Richards, Rufh Sfoe, Marfha Thompson, Carol Brown. Bill Trimble, Barbara Banks, Gwen Rusfin, Patsy Ham, Sylvia Savery. . . . Fifth Row: Elenor Hasfy. Pafsy Bushal Rebecca McLendonl Dick Porter, Jerry Shockley. Shirley Kimbrell, Joann New, Biggers Dimsdale, Charles Smifh. John Graham. . . . Sixfh Row: Roberf Herren, Roberf Anoquostis, Arfhur Winfers, Roy HerrenI Jack Gray, Marie JohnsonI Charles LoweI Jimmy Johnsfon, Billy Gaflin. First Row: JeaneHe Knight Marjorie; Brannen, Jackie Smifh, Carolyn Ham? mond, Winnie Huey. . . . Second Row: Jack Gary. Mr. Rufan Firs? Row WronH: Barbara Cheek, Bobby WaHs. Neffie Lee Bradley, Lewis Hufcheson, Dozier Mobley, Carolyn Hammond. Mary Edwards, Arfhur Joy. . . . Second Row: Wayne Canfrell, Patfie Bagwell, Jo Ann New, Aufhur Winters. Biggers Dimsdale, Silvia Savery, Barbara Banks, Gwen Rusfin. Pafsy Ham, Margie Brannen, Shirley Peeples. . . . Third Row: Henry Bacarisse, Ann Garner, Marie Johnson, Fred Sfewarf, Charles LoweI Jack Gary. Barbara Liles, Bobby Walker, Robert Anagnosfis, Rebecca McLendon, Lillian Pervis. . . . Fourfh Row: Janei Pilon. Dickey Barron, Delores Trueff, Mr. Rufan. Marie Teagle, Eleanor Hasfy. DBIIHESTBA OFFICERS BoHom Row: Mary Edwards. Arfhurr Joy. . . . Second Row Hopk Paffy Bagwell. Henry Bacarisse. Barbara Cheek. Seafed, Left +0 Right: B. Chadwick. P. Pifman, J. Kimsey. C. Rife. Mrs. PadgeH. . . . Firsf Row: A. Snellgrove, J. Gaulding, B. Hicks, C. Nelson, P. Ham, V. Yarbrough, B. Cheek. J. lsbell. l. Hall, B. Milfon, B. Dalton, B. Moore, P. Eaves, B. Hodgson. . . . Second Row: D. Ea'ron, D. Oatley. l. Standard, B. Johnsfon, L. McKee, M. Tingley, E. Hendrix, J. Green, M. Callaham, J. Bowen, L. TaylorI M. Spifzmiller, l. Cofer. International Relations OFFICERS OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Barbara Chadwick. Joyce Kimsey. Peggy Pifman. Charloffe Rife. OFFICERS OF Y-TEENS Joanne Green, Barbara Cheek, Charloffe FlaniganI . Miss Strong. NUSS Strong r171? , I; 00 ., ,x 1X . , w xx Firsf Row: J. Green. P. Eaves. B. Hodgson, S. Lynch, C. Brown. . . . Second Row: N. BrannenI M. Spifzmiller, B. Cheek, J. Paffillo. C. Flanigan, J. Strickland. Chess Club Foreground: Jack Lane, Carolyn Casfleberry, Paul Bradley. Lewis Hufcheson. . . . Background: Melvin Wheelis. Carl Asberry. OFFICERS OF CHESS CLUB Reading from Leff fo Righf: Carolyn Castleberry, Arfhur Joy, Paul Bradley, Henry Bacarisse. Foreground: Dick Marks, Henry Bacarisse. . . . Background: Arfhur Joyl Lucien EndicoH, Lewis Casfleberry, Dene Smith. Christian Fellowship Miss Braselton OFFICER'S OF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Reading from Ief+ +0 righf: Earlene Smifh. Barbara Cheek. Joyce Kimsey, Lillian Shirley, Frank Shoppe, Gene Farrar. Firsf Row: P. Ham, B. Cheek, P. Eaves, J. Green. P. Eason. J. Kimsey, C. Nel- son. . . . Second Row: F. Stancliff, J. Parnell, J. Kimsey, R. Rainwafer, P. Deese, F. Gunfer, J. Thomason. Third Row: C. Asbury, G. Farrar, C. Smifh, L. Shirley, N. Tollison. l. Cath- carf, F. Shoppe, B. Asbury. Library Club M. Wheelus, M. Frey, B. Keen R. Williams, D. Eafon. Mrs. Holz- worth. . . . Standing: M. Kinney, J. Fagan, L. Davis, W. Haygood, B. Chappell, C. Ward, L. Wisner. Library Officers .y Betfy J. Brown. BeHy J. Keen, Rose Williams, Do Eafon. F. T. A. Ufficers Seafed: J. Willingham. F. Teagle, E. Hunnicu'r'r, B Johnsfo J. Gauldin . . . . Standing: B. Keen. C. Winferle. F. T. A. Club Firsf Row. J. Gaulding, B. John- s'ron, C. Fischer, C. Winferle, C. Casfleberry, R. M. Lewis. . . . Second Row. Miss FarrisI Bill King, J. Willingham, M. Benneff, P. Bradley, S. Langley. Reading from Left +0 Right Firs'r Row: Jackie Kirk. JeaneHe DobbsI Gloria Ann EdmundsI Anne Walker, Joyce McDaniel, Barbara Loden, Nellie Chapman . . ,. 'Second Row: Miss Dillard, Connie Youngblood, Sandra Wil- liams Helen Cochran, Naomn Safterfield, Barbara Grinnell, Jo Ann Stamps. Ruth Mi'rchell. Charlof're Strawn. F. H. A. foicers Bottom Row Beafedk JeaneHe D-obbsl Gloria Ann Ed- munds, Anne Walker, Jackie Kirk, Joyce McDaniel. . . . Standing: Barbara Loden. J 1'. Eivitan Officers Kay Sloan, Eddie R h HunnicuH, J. P Hudson, Charlene Winferle, Rose Williams. Jr. Eivitan Firsf Row: R. Williams, M. Kinney, D Eafon, Keen, M. Br nnen, C. Hammond, M. Wesf, . . . Second Row: J. Johnsfon, D. OaHey, S Langley, B. Dalton, D. Harris. T. Smith. T. Gunter. . . . Third Row: K. Sloan, C. Winterle, E. Standard, M. Bell J. Hunf, B. Heefh. S. Braswell. . . . Fourfh Row H. Roberfson, J. lsbell, E. HunnicuH, C. McNeaI, C. Rife, B. Johnsfon, A. Callaway, Ned Harris. . . . Fifth Row: R. Tolliver, B. Lassifer, Mr. Jones. W913; sf '31 W.A..r.,.m.,m mm; W WW Wde 3 2m; 0 9' f , 2, X? 99 V, V 2J0 1, , .. .o .7 .. . , mg ?mx? X ,4???ny g??? 2 ; Ct. $ Xxx ., First Row Heft fo Rith: Bobby Field. Sfuarf Langley, Dolvin Langley. Jack Taylor, George Duren, Tommy Ennis, Bobby ShirleyI Walter Sorrow. . . . Second Row: Mr. Jones. Gerald Wynn, Clifford Patrick, Alberf Shellhorse. Ned Harris, Dozier Mobley, Jack Bone. Hi- Firsi Row: Dolvin Langley. Sfuarf Langley, Dozier Mob- Iey, John Cheek. Charles King. . . . Second Row: Bobby Shirley, Jack Taylor, Jimmy Hill, Roberf Starnes, Tommy Ennis, Walter Sorrow. Firsf Row ueff fo Rith: Jackie Jones. Melba Thomas, Marian Callaham, Delane Clark, Jane+ Turner, Mary ' Frances West, Gay Williams, Sue Golden, Beverly Goodwin, Jimmy Johnsfon. . . Second Row: Dozier Mobley. DB 1- Charloffe Perry, BeHy Smoof, Barbara Crane, Bobby Sue Sprayberry. Marian MIIIS, Beverly WhiH', Jean Jones. Mary Ann McKinneyI Silvia Savery. . . . Third Row: Albert Darbyl Henry Allisfon, Howard Ennis, Bobby Walker. James Callaham. Cafeteria Workers Earth Science Firs'r Row: Laura Wisner, Befty Ann Pafe, Charles Webb, Carol Roper. . . . SfandiFlg: Richard Johnson. Mr. Derfhick The cafeferia workers, undey +he supervision of Mrs. Wil- liamson, Mr. Derfhick, and Mr. Owen, have done a splen- did job in promofing cleanli- ness and keeping order in +he cafeferia. Mr. Owen Mrs. Williamson Firsf Row: Richard Mc- Creary, Larry Webb, David Alsfon, John Sawyer. . . . Second Row: Carol Roper. Laura Wisner, Marian Callaham, Joan Simp- son, Bevely Goodwin, Nancy Brannen, Charles Webb. . . . Third Row: Fred Mayfield, James Rutledge. Dan Wesf, William Skelton, Rich- ard Johnson, Miss Hogan. Reading from left +0 righf: Phylis Eason, w Coleen Taylor, Luree Swindell, Art Fuller, Reading from leff fo righf: Nancy Brannon,Paul , Frances Teagle,Seaborn Landley Bradley, Mary Ann Spifzmiller, Charloffe Flanagan ' and Carolyn Casfleberry. Mr. John Graham Fronf row, reading from left fo righ'r: Roberf Gaines, Mary Ann Spifzmiller, Paul Bradley, Befiy Ann Pope, Tom Tidwell. . , l l! , . A L . u . . J . .. . 1 . ; k . , , . 7,", 9w, ,4. , , . . z , ,7, z. 242,, '4 I; SEABORN LANGLEY Presidenf Sfudenf Council HOWELL YANCEY Vice President of Sfudenf Council MUST LIKELY Tll SUEEEEH IMYL HALL GENE HESS "SW 0a 79$ 0; 74a 70W" HARRY EDWARDS 'l' ATTBAETIVE MUS W W, mm 4" W I! JOANNE PARNELL ?4772, Z? ?f $46 i , xM , 71, ?7$ Li, , XOM ? 1 x? M L A U T E E L L E T N I T S u LASSITER BOBBY BARBARA JOHNSTON m 665 rfm 7am 7 AW 4 I 1e: p ngw fW ' : Wm, WWW. ANN CALLAWAY MUST REPRESENTATIVE MILFORD BENNETT "We saw f?lwg 706M Emmy .6. L L E VI E L N A TI 5 m 4H mm W W DOT BAILEY MUST PDPULAH "BUD BELL . JACK DAVIS "de 7m 1m" $ xxxxxxwixkkx xxxxme Xx m mxwxW ' Jl III VWM x 2 $ak7MXxmwxxwm WM; 1 911 kwmwmmwwmm '1 axwwm, N ,x 'l xxxxv 4 " 12 21x! " x HW'M'MIIM, ' .WKXKKXXxQVM xkxxxxwgwx x V MN xxx Lkaxkxw xxxxva KKxxvame xWWVWWVVWN w-xwww Nw- . $ xxkaxxw Qxx MN wamwywwzwwxwwywm".WWMQI v XMWWN v IWW 'W wwww 9,44,,3, , mac, $ 033W MIST TALENTED KAY SLOAN HARVEY ROBERTSON "7 6$6 ,4 ;4n f4?! 7a 7:" S D A m S R E W S N A NXNX L XXXWxxxxWWNxxxxXxKNxxxxx x xx xx x: i 50 2?? $511 K 7 27,56, 2X , Barbara Dalfon, BETA CLUB OFFICERS Frank Shoppe, Milford Bennetf, Beta Club Barbara Johnsfon. 4, Firs'r Row: Phyllis Eason, Jane Bailey, Jean Cofer, Barbara Milfon, Barbara Cheek. Joyce Kimsey, Carolyn Castleberry. Barbara Chad- wick, Janice Gaulding. Frances Bearden. Louanne Hixon. . . . Sec- ond Row: Miss Saxon, Peggy Pifman, Frances Teagle, Dot Eafon, Jeannetfe Hunt, Barbara Johnston, Mary Louise McKee, Cafherine Fischer, Jamie Bowen, HarieHe Lord, Valerie Yarbrough, Katherine Hull, Eugenia Hendricks, Barbara Dalfon, Jean Peeples. . . . Third Row: Billy Talbot, Lucian Endicoft. Leeman Crider, Bill King, Mil- ford Benneff, Frank Shoppe, Bobby Lassifer, Wilfon Moulder. Paul Bradley, Roberf Gaines, Seaborn Langley. N. H. S. OFFICERS BoHom Row: Barbara Chad- wick, Frank Shoppe. Joyce Kimsey. . . . Second Row: Leeman Crider, Wil'ron Moulder, Lindy Taylor. Firsf Row: Janice Gaulding, Lindy Taylor, Carolyn Castleberry, Barbara Dalfon, Ann Snellgrove. . Second Row: Mr. Graham, JeanneHe Hunf, Barbara Johnsfon, HarrieHe Lord, Joyce Kimsey. Valerie Yarbrough, Frank Shoppe. . . . Third Row: Bobby Lassiter, Wilfon Moulder, Leeman Crider. Barbara Milfon Not Picfured g? gix?0 , Ann Callaway Barbara Dalton Carolyn Casfleberry Roberf Gaines HarrieH Lord Wilfon Moulder Uuill EL Scroll A Nafional Honor Sociefy composed of students who have met fhe qualifications required in work on one of +he school publicafions. The faculty advisor is Mr. C. H. Sanders. Seaborn Langley Rebecca LevereHe W I w 1M ? 544 lmyl Hall Joyce Kimsey Rufh Rainwafer Julia Walters The Murphy Eagle VOLUME 11 ATLANTA, GEORGIA, EWZCEMBER 3, 1948 NIEEVIHZEZIZ id e. Hess Gets pow yea; Band Stages Concert, Dance At Savannah' Doughnuts Finance Trip Granf-in Aid to Georgia nge Hess, Murphy var- sity fullback, recently signed A S ,K a ' grantin- aid schalarship . ZUWW ponsors: orny V3313 W1 Uvivpmifv mc mama- 5:35: , 1 , W - ' Savani sand tx if; two Sam: $4001" 1;; 89mm ' A5 Mariogdglgrckwell band sponsored a dance wz' . 1 1, 1 Murphy ., SWng band furn Barbara Dalfon , Wilfyohy Moultge? IUUSiC and a benefit COUCQI Associate Edifor Associate Edifor held on Novemhw pants Wth little maCK Hes am: n-tudents tntertamed The mm W ;:Y McBumefs Hand and mtumed to the game Satur Marl M1. H" Ab1C+ ntwo Mr. Sanders Left +0 righf: Sara Braswell, Harrietfe Lord, garbarrarMilfonJ JeaneHe Hunt, and Alberf Derby. 7 W????FHW Beta C'ub MemBEErs Tap Severai During Ass5embly 0n Friuay. 11151wa 29th rm Murphy 88+ -, - unced the names of 1 ' . L we elev- enth an? 3 1' 1 are eligibh 1 1 an 2183 invite Quest Phyllis? Rebec ta L x 1; Mario" CBHaham Rober'r Ggaines Seaborn Langley Peggy 1 1x111 1721511011 Carolyn Castleberry Joyce Klmsey ., 910$!ch IXHTI ; . Morris Frances Teagle Clarence Cole Dan Bond Biggers Dimsdale Joyce Allen Jerry Harris vn e C n a Y We w 0 H d n a .1. n e d .H. e r O. V., L... 8 n a L n r O b a e S vice-presidenf. Charlene Win+erle. secrefary; Miss Wiley, Mary Elizabefh Berrong Iris Standard Marion Bell Ann Callaway Student Enumzil The student council of any school is the functioning unit of the students. Through their organization students may make known their ideas for improving student activities and solving student problems. Our Student Council is composed of two representatives from each homeroom, the president, vice president, and a faculty sponsor. Representatives from each grade select Staff members who assist the president and head committees. The Student Council, working hand-in-hand with the faculty, builds toward a better Murphy. Student Council Group Pictured: Harriett McGinty, Fay McMichen, Emily Martin, Charlene Winferle, Seaborn Langley, Howell Yancey, Albert Darby, Clarence Cole, Fred Nutt. Dan Bond. Miss Wiley, Frances Teagle, Jerry Harris, Biggers Dimsdale, Ann Lee, Billy Griffeth, Jackie Perdue. Judy Campbell, Peggy Pitman. Helen Stroupe, Douglas Weaver, Carol Brown. Reading From Top to Bottom: J. P. HUDSON ANN CALLAWAY RUTH RAINWATER KAY SLOAN SEABORN LANGLEY BARBARA JOHNSTON LINDY TAYLOR HARRIETTE LORD IMYL HALL .' 1V5? IHQ xN x x $ X xxxwwx. Reading from Ieff +0 righf: Julia Walters, Lindy Taylor, Eugenia Hendrix. . 'Vnr . a, M637, " "4:447" . Reading from left +0 righf: Clarence Cole. Barbara Chadwick. Ed Conn. Miss Richey, Louanne Hixon, Barbara Dalton, Joyce Smith. Miss Miller Carolyn BriHon, Joyce Kimsey, Rufh Rainwater. Make-up Head Mrs. Smifh Photography Head Miss Richey . Mr. Spifler Sponsor . Liferary Head wm 7! 4W?Yf2x Mgw , V 09, Donald Lewis, Ann Snellgrove, Rose Williams, Motfee Wilson. Alice Brewer. CharloHe Nelson, Harriette Lord, Paul Bradley, Rebecca Frances Teagle. LevereHe, HarrieH McGinfy, Charlene Winferle. OFFICERS Reading from Ieff fo righf: Milford BenneH, Gene Dick- erson. Sfanley EllisI Jack Hopkins, " Club The "M" Club, composed of varsiiy letter winners, is an organization ihat not only promotes aihletics, buf also doubles as a service organization. H: spon- sors numerous dances throughout the year and staried the annual "Homecoming Day" and HMII Day. Ralph Tolliver, Jimmy Huey, Jimmy Helmsl Gene HessI Jack Hopkins, Doug Simpson, Jimmy Mifchell. Ix' W701, First Row: Coach Eaves. Buck Bradberry, Ed Connt Tommy Mafhews. Donald Jones, Howell Yancey. Gene Hess, Sfanley Ellis, Milford BenneH, Bill Greer, Dick Marks, Harvey Roberfson. Ed Floyd, Jerol Thomaso-n. . . . Second Row: Jimmy Helms, Billy NixI Doug Simpson, Joe Willingham, Bobby Lassifer, Gene Dickerson, Henry Allisfonl 'Thomas Busby, Ronald Ransom, Charles Wallace, Bob Sfanley. . . . Third Row: Perry Davis, Busfer Morrison. Moff Morrison. Harry Edwards, Jay ngsonI Bob Wolff, Doug Sfowers, Jack Hopkinsl Kennefh Stampsl Ralph Tolliver, Sonny Golden. Gene Benfon. Freshma n Footbal I Coach ATHLETIC STAFF Gene Benfon Douglas Simpson Russell Hardeman Manager Trainer Manager x COACHES Reading from leff fo righf: Harmon, Phelps. Eaves. PowellI Patfon. Milford Benneff Capfain Sfanley Ellis Co-Capfain Varsity Fuuthall Reading fop row Ieff f0 righf: Harvey Lee Rober'rsonI Bobby HelmsI Tom Busby. Bill Greer, Stanley Ellis, Joe Willingham! Dick Marks, Alfon Hudson, Henry Allis'ton, Gene Hess. Howell Yancey. . . . Second row left +o right: Doug Simpson UrainerL Billy Conley, Jerol Thomason, Bob Wade, Alvin Kidd, Busfer Morrison, Perry Davis. Dinky McCorkle. Ken Sfamps, Jimmy MiitchellI Ronald Ransom, Jimmy Huey, Jimmy Helms, Russell Hardeman ManagerL . . . Boffom row left to right Richard Lassifer, Charles Crumbley. Jack Hopkins, Bob Wolff, Don Duvall, Harry EdwardsI Marvin Reed, Doug Stowers. Jack Davis. Ralph Tolliver, Billy Nix. Charles Wallace, Jesse Sewell. Richard Lassifer. Guard Alvin KiddI Tackle Jimmy Huey. Jesse Sewell, Tackle Harvey Roberfson. Guard Perry Davis, Fullback Jerol Thomason, Halfback Jack Hopkins. Halfback Charles Crumbley Bob Wade, Guard Jimmy Mifchell. Cenfer Ronald Ransom. Guard Charles Wallace. Tackle W, um Dinky McCorkleI Dick Marks, End Thomas Busby, Tackle Milford BenneH. Center Buck Bradberry, End Alfon Hudson, End Howell Yancey, Guard Don Duvall, Quarferback Bob Wolff, Quarferback Kennefh Sfamps, End Ralph Tolliver, End I . Buster Morrisow, End Bobby Helms, Tackle Stanley Ellis. Tackle Jack Davis, Guard Henry Allistonl Tackle Jimmy Helms. Fullback arry Edwards, Halfback Gene Hess. Fullback Joe Willingham, Halfback Billy Nix, Halfback Doug Sfowers, Guard Bill Greer, Tackle v Reed, Guard Gene Dickerson. Guard Freshman Team Firsf Row: Thrash, B r a n d . Willingham, Rouse, King, Arnold, Race, Webb, Fischer. . . . Second Row: Nuft, Walker, Jones. Richer- son, J. J. Jones, Shirl- ing, Waikins. . . . Third Row: Strickland! Hack- neyl BenneH, Duren. Griffifh' Bosfain, Bond, Coach Floyd, Ennis, Nuff, Shellhorse, Rauch. "B" Team Lirsf Row: Troyer. McCurdy. Lassiter. Morrison, Brand, KiddI Whife. . . . Second Row: Evans, Hays Wallace, Howell, Heis+, Chappell, Mam, Addy, fanley. . . . Thi d Row: Coach Patton, Tid- Pierce. Allis'ron, Ftller, Nuff, Kirk, Williams, Ennis, Strong. , , wxx xx I A 1 xx, 's DAWKIN KEEFE: scenes; 03: Lowe. PASS 9:th NGHAM STOP RoosEyEL-r TH ! MURPHY u 557;- 0 ,,;Bsrrmsw VJ R 4F... A 3 D. O N L O C L O r. :S w? 7 N 5 Q , O a DOn mm x B .M s m M. .C . n , E w. Y ..;R. w... B C H . . E; m M 0 m m a EAGLES BATT x07 . $1 NXx xxx sxk ., Q Varsity Basketball Donald Duvall, Forward; Joe Willingham, Guard; Bilford Benneff, Center; Buck Bradberry. Forward; ' Billy Nix, Guard; Jerol Thomason, Guard. Firsf Row, Leff 'ro Righ'r: Davis. Crumbley. Nix. Willingham. Thomason. D-uvall. Morrison. Second Row: Troyer. McDaniel, Bradberry, Greer. Bennetf. Robertson, Floyd. FRESHMAN TEAM HillI Hawkinsl S'rarnes, King, Arnold, Fisher. . . . Second Row: T ylor, Haynes, Brand, Griffith, First Row. Harris, Helms. Stanley. Kidd. "B" TEAM Firsf Row: Heisf, King Hopkins. Schubele. . . . Second Row: Varnadoe, Rogers. Greer. Mafhews, Conley. George Campbell. Hurdle Milford BenneH, Javelin Jerol Thomason, Pole Vaulf WI, WWMW First Row: Sfynchcombe, Hopkins, Wisner, Campbell. Ransom, Jones, Peters, King. . . . Second Row: Vaccaro, Crumbley, Morrison, Dickerson. Gazaway, Conn, Kirk, Winters. . . . Third Row: Coach PaHon, Kidd ManagerL Thomason, Morrison, Jackson, Hess. Greer, Lassifer. Green. Benneff. Harry Green, High Jump Gene Dickerson, Shof-puf Charles Crumbley, Sprinfs Casey Jones, Bobby Lassifer, Milers Gene Hess, Discus : Wafson. Floyd Donald Duvall Second Row Schubele. . Duvall Robertson 1 l H m ID - B h s an H Thomason : Hopkins. First Row Leff fo Righ'r Joe Willingham "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Left +0 Righf: Barbara Cafhcarf. Paul Bradley. Carolyn Maldin, June Jackson, Bill King, Joyce Allen. CARY'S ARMY Leff to Right First Row: Hillsman, SizemoreI Vaughn, Gufhrie, Edgar. Tracy. Wyley, Sharnes. . . . Second Row: Demsey. Spencer, Cathcarf, Chambers. Demon, S'rrickland, Coffey, Garner, Porfer. . . . Third Row: Boggs. Peeples, Gosgin, Anglin, Mensinger, Vaughn, Wyaff, Mauldin. Spier. , 4 MMm VARSITY Leff fo Right: Taylor, Sikes, Brannon, Purcell, Golden, Tolliver, Barnes, Woodyard, Jones. , wwwt, ' A1! , W ,W Firsf Row: lvey. Bussey, Greene. Eaves, Cheek. Smith, New, Bey. Vaughn. Sizemore, Hall. . . . Second Row: Barber, Cain, Hicks, Vaughn, Mensinger, Ragsdale. Brannen. Allen. Spencer. Meadows, Lynch, Donahoo. . . . Third Row: Groover. Grey. Shelhorse, Brannen, M. Brannen, Rawls, MitchellI Allison, McDaniel, Sfrickland. BaYley, Ferguson, Benneff, Mobley, Hill. Shufley. . . . Fourth Row: Miss Cary, Highfower. Tingley. Woodyard, Bailey. MBAA gigs? VARSITY Capf. Imyl Hall Volley Ball Firs? Row: Bey, Eaves, Meadows, Spencer. Sfrickland, Ragsdale. Hall, Bailey, Firsf Row: B. Bailey. Hall. Hicks, - B. Bailey, Ferguson, Frey. Bailey. WoodyardI FergusonI Frey. OFFICERS Eaves. Frey, Bran- nen, Meadows, Hall, Hendricks, Spencer. JW n e e r G n n A 0 lg Capt WWW Team Betfy Sfr I 101' Barbara Sfoe Capf Capf Jun Emmi. 5::qu Lorene Evelyn Ragsdale, in. Margaref Spencer. Joyce McDaniel, Nancy nen, Ruth Mifchell, Pat Lumpk Meadows, Snphumnre Team Carolyn NewI Beffy Strickland, Joyce Allen, Carolyn Rawls, Margie Bran- Jo Ann Freshman Team nen, BeHy Groover. Mary Hill, Barbara Sfowe, Margaref BenneH, Wylene Donahue, Jane Shufley. Leff fo Righf M A r: T E D A R G H T H m E Senior Team Jean lsbell. Dof Bailey, lmyl Hall, Eddie Rufh HunnicuH', Disharoon, Jean Ferguson, Mary Nell Frey. Irginla Baskgthall 4 ,, Florence Shelhorrse. Helen Karchaske. Caronyn Lafhem. Eugenia Hendricks, Carolyn Britfon. Joyce J uninr Team Smifh, Barbara Cain Peggy Eaves, WBAA MISS CARY We honor Miss Cary, who has given so generously of her time organizing +he Girls' Afhlefic Association. Her aim has been to insfill in every girl The ideals of good sporfsmanship. Practicing Volleyball Affer School 2 , ,1 Z g f , "Birdie" Hif The? Ball Minor Sports Although not publicized as much as the major sports, the minor sports contribute largely to the spirit of the student body. Moreover, they provide opportunities for students, who would not otherwise partici- pate in sports, to be more active in this respect. WWW xwwewhmmewu S e Racketeers Left, right. left-over. All set Mr. Patton. C amplimentx 0f Simpson Super Market C omplz'mentx of A FRIEND WRIGHT9S FLOBIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2387 PHARR RD. CH. 4446 C 0m pliments 0f ATLANTA PAPER CGMPANY THE VARSITY FRESH FOOD Curb Service C amplimenty 0f SIIVIMIDNS9 PLATING WQRKS C amplimentx 0f The Sports Arena KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT SHOP KRISPY KREME GLAZED DOUGHNUTS DWerent-Tmty-Satijfying 449 PONCE DE LEON AVE, N. E. VB. 9241 Dependable Cleaners 2373 BOULEVARD DR. East Lake Food Store 2462 MEMORIAL DR., S. E. CR. 3814 BUICE TRANSFER 8t STORAGE MOVING-CRATINGgSHIPPING 1122 EAST PONCE DE LEON DE. 0326 DECATUR, GEORGIA DE. 6190 HOLLAND AND KNIGHT PHARMACY 2458 MEMORIAL DR., S. E. DE. 2036 We Appreciate Your Bminem For That "Spic and Sme DRY CLEANING ALWAYS USE A GOLD SHIELD LAUNDERER9CLEANER SHARPE'S APPLIANCE STORE 457 MORELAND AVENUE, N. E. UH Little Five Points1 CY. 17 8 8 ATLANTA GEORGIA BEST WISHES C amplimentj 0f tlae PITCH 8c PUTT Cor. Glenwood 8: Second Ave, S. E. EAST ATLANTA SERVICE STATION 511 FLAT SHOALS AVE, 8. E. LAMAR 9855 O. L. HARDEN Your Texaco Dealer L. S. JACKA C amplimem; 0 f NORTH BROTHERS Insulation Athletic Goods - Tennis - Hunting - Fishing Golf - Archery - Sportswear Reader 6: McGaughey, Inc. SPORTING GOODS 50-52 BROAD STREET, N. W. ATLANTA 3, GA. Tom Reedcr Cliff McGaughey WA. 8757 HAMMOND APPLIANCE CO. 742 EAST LAKE DRIVE, DECATUR DE. 6522 Bendix Sale: 63 Service GREENHOUSE SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY Leave Your Laundry With U: While You Shop ALL METAL WEATHER STRIP CO. AT. 8677 T. V. SMITH A. H. BRANAN WEATHER STRIPS2INSULATION CAULKING-SCREENS 446 Forrest Ave., N. E. TENNESSEE EGG C0. W190! esale Eggs,8Poultry,8Oil Butter8Margarine 189 SPRING ST., S. W. W. 6775 ATLANTA The Draughon School of Cammerce Has served the public for more than a half century. All Draughon graduates placed in choice positions at top salaries. High School graduation and charac- ter reference entrance requirements. TOWER THEATER BLDG. 579 PEACHTREE ST. ATLANTA 3, GA. AT. 3888 THILMA BARTON C amplimem: 0f ATLANTIC ICE AND C0-AL C0. C omxplz'ment: 0f B0B9S BADIO 8c APPLIANCE C0. IlalPs Flower Shop Corsages, Cut Flowers, Weddings, Funeral Designs Night CR. 2782 Day CR. 4480 1971 BLVD. DR., S. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA Kirkwood Cleaners QUALITY CLEANING 1983 COLLEGE AVE, N. E. 9 PHONE DE. 7949 Expert Dyeing9We Pick Up and Delivery DiamontPs Red Dot Food Store It Can: Len to Furnish Your Home at STERCHPS Georgia Storcs-MACON9DALTON A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE EAST ATLANTA PHARMACY LAmar 1926-1927 J. W. Goldsmith, Inc. 486 WEST PEACHTREE HUDSON Automobile: VARIETY DRY GOODS STORE COR. GLENWOOD 8c FLAT SHOALS AVE, 8. E. MA. 4030 Shoes, Clothing For the Entire Family, House Furnishings, Work Clothing Headquarters Guess Who Answers 1. Jean Isbell 2. Virginia Hudson 3. Mary Nell Fry . Barbara Cheek, Louise McKee . Miss Ballard 6. Jackie Hopkins, Janice Gaulding, Betty Smoot 7. Fred Stewart, Jackie Jones . "M" Club, Left to Rigbl: Buck Bradberry, Rah Rah Thompson, Jackie Hopkins, Dung Stowers, Gene Dickerson, Lee Bivins, Ronald Ransom, Kenneth Stomos. MILLS FURNITURE C0. Phone CYpress 0476 129 WHITEHALL ST. ATLANTA GEORGIA C 0112 pliments 0f MURPHY ALUMN I ASSOCIATION S. A. MAYFIELD Refrigeration Salej 67 Service 1186 GLENWOOD AVENUE, S. E ATLANTA, GA. GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS CLYDE OWEN NEW and USED CARS All Make; and Modelj' 617 XV. Peuchtree :1: North Avenue AT. 2010 Co mplimeul; 0! STUDENT GOVERNMENT JOHN SMITH SERVICE STATION 660 EAST LAKE DRIVE DECATUR GEORGIA 4 Geo. Moore Ice Cream Company, Inc. Mmzzzfacturen of the Ice Cream Willa Guarded Quality 50-36 ALABAMA ST., S. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA lVe Serve Moore'; Guarded szlity Ice Cream in 0m Cafteria 4 Compliment; 0f EAST ATLANTA BARBER SHOP 519 FLAT SHOALS Ava, S. E. FRED MO0N TANCO SERVICE MORELAND 8z MACPHERSON LA. 9620 C 0172 pliment: 0f G. J . ROBEBTSON FAWN FLOWER 8: GIFT SHOP 466 FLAT SHOALS AVE, 8. E. East Atlanta, Ga. LA. 0174 "Flower: 6r GiftJ for All OccaIiom" DON A. BRANNER, Owner Complimenl: of Kelley9s Grocery 22 Clifton St, S. E. We Deliver Compliment: of Blackwell Personnel Service 1515 CANDLER BLDG. TOM SLATE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY 592 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA Complete Line of RAWLINGS SPALDING REACH WRIGHT and DITSON U. S. RUBBER CO. 11KEDSE RIDDEL SHOES PENNSYLVANIA RUBBER CO. SOUTHERN MFG. CO. DUNLOP RUBBER CO. GRANVILLE-IOOVb Wool School Sweaters And Many Other Lines of Athletic Equipment TED ZUBER, Reprcsmztafivc FLOYD BROTHERS COMPANY Mannfacfurm Of High Grade XVindow and Door Screens Kitchen Cabinets Made to Order 535 FLAT SHOALS Ava, S. E. LAmar 6411 ATLA N'I'A GEORGIA CHECKEBBOARD FEED STORE 260 HOWARD STREET, N. E. DE. 3324EDE. 5325 ATLANT A GEORGIA Your Friendly Feed Dealer L001? at Yom' Living Room Furniture Does It Need Reupholstering? Call CY. 8081 for Samples and Prices 12 Months Budget Payments Cochran Lee Furniture Company 85 ALABAMA ST., S. W. CY. 8081 Chlld9s MISTY XVATERS SW'IMMING POOL 1200 S. CANDLER ROAD "'17 Cater to Schools' Churches and Fraternal Parties Night Su'inmzing Free Pimir Ground HAPPY GOING 0. K. DRUG C0. Satixfaction Guaranteed STEWART MOTORS 637 SPRING ST., N. E. AT. 3743 City Tire Company On the Heart of the Cizy5 131 IVY STREET, N. E. WA. 0350 H. T. Johnson, Owner ATLANTA GEORGIA Atlanta': Leading Home Fumijberx Main Store-ZZ Edgewood Ave. at Pryor Street Buckhead Branch-SOSI Peachtree Road Decatur Branch-HZ Clairmont Avenue MECHANICALLY REFRIGERATED UNITS CAPABLE OF HOLDING ZERO TEMPERATURES Skip Your Perijbablel the Safe Way HEPEIGEHATEII TRANSPORT Ell, INC. 1195 SYLVAN ROAD, S. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA RA. 5252 AM. 5122 IHEY'RE BEUER BECAUSE ' 0akes Hardware wem Company 492 FLAT SHOALS AVE, S. E. CROOKS CORNER GROCERY Plain, Fancy Groceries, Fresh Meats, Vegetables . Frozen Foods, Candies, Drinks, Ice Cream Pick up the bag with the i; 3 ; . 3 : ALSTON 8: CANDLER RD. DE. 9274 little Red Truck on the 3'3 r We Deliver label. Always crisp and 3 tasty! They are guaran- teed to be fresh! NEWMAN PHARMACY 33YOUR DRUGGISTS" GORDON'S M 1996 BOULEVARD DRIVE, N. E. DEarborn 3344-3345 P OTATO c H I PS ! ATLANTA GEORGIA HIGHLAND LUMBER C0'MPANY Dependable Service3Quick Deliveries QUALITY MATERIALS 614 HIGHLAND AVE., N. E. WA. 6614 ATLANTA, GA. CY. 8384 WWW; A fascinating job With voice-contacts With faraway places may be yours When you become a telephone operator. Distance across continents, even oceans, quickly melts before the speed of the telephone network at your command. For high school graduates who qualify, here,s inter- esting important work With good pay and opportunities for advance- ment, in a company known all over the South as a good place to work. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE 7 f AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY A ,..'.,My .. , , V W w , WW MOTOR COMPAN 881 to 901 SPRING ST. - Corner 8th ' ATwood 2751 E5010 AND PLY MOUTH ONE OF THE SOUTHS NEWEST AND MOST MODERN AUTOMOBILE ESTABLISHMENTS Complete Service for Your Automobile - BUMPER T0 BUMPER Wholesalers for Chrysler Corporation engineered MO-PAR Parts and Accessories 0 Our Station Wagon will take you to your office and bring you back Red Ash Lump 85 Egg Coke Oil Treated Stoker Nut JELLICO AUTOMIATIC STOKERS Stoker Service Department Furnace Cleaning Service Any Service We Perform Is Guaranteed TEL. MAIN 4100 THE JELLICO COAL 130., INC. ATLANTA, GA. CLUB CASINO SKATING LAKEWO-0D PARK 7 to 10 Each Evening Party ReservationS-Call CY. 9710 GEAR CUTTING PHONE MA. 4354 C. II. Foster Machine Shop Machinery Designed, Rebuilt 6r Erected 280 PRYOR STREET, S. W. ATLANTA 3, GA. Compliments of WILLIAMS BROS. LUMBER C0. 934 GLENWOOD AVENUE, S. E. LA. 3434 ATLANTA GEORGIA C. M. BRYAN GROCERIES 85 FANCY WESTERN MEATS 2 89 MCDONOUGH BLVD. ATLANTA, GA. CY. 9988 C amplimentx 0f NuGrape Bottling Co. 740 FORREST ROAD, N. E. Guess Who H30nt9tD Back row: Jimmy Helms, Billy Nix, Milford Bennett, Thomas Busby, Henry Alliston, Buster Morrison, Gene Benton. Barbara Dalton. . Albert Darby, Joe Willingham, Billy Armi- stead. . Front row: Gene Nelson, Billy Scott, Buck Bradberry. Second row: Ed Floyd, Lawrence Thompson, Marion Bond, Bill Floyd, Bruce Baten. . Jimmy Helms . Milford Bennett and Buck Bradberry. . Thomas Busby, Billy Nix. . Fay McMichen, Bud Bell, Carolyn Latham, Louelle George. DRIN K MIL-KAY The Vitamin B 1 Drink Gasoline Alley TIRES, TUBES and ACCESSORIES Wrecking Service Corner College Ave. 8: Mead Rd. Phone DE. 1878 LAmat 7270 MAin 0947-8 C 81 S WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. HOTEL and RESTAURANT SUPPLIES 40-42 GEORGIA AVENUE, S. E. ATLANTA, GA. WASHBURN STORAGE CO. Storage - Packing - Crating - Local and Long Distance Moving Phone LA. 6276 268 MARIETTA STREET, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA JOLLY CART ICE CREAM CO. T. J. STOE, JR. MILTON BRADLEY CO. OF GA. The Bext in School Art Supplies for 51 Year: 384 FORREST AVE, N. E. ROWE REALTY COMPANY 485 FLAT SHOALS AVE, S. E. WA. 03414MA. 4372 Specializing in East Atlanta, East Lake, and Kirkwood Properties Euclid Cleaners For Better Cleaning PHONE AL. 1560 1141 EUCLID AVE, N. E. Hot Cleaning and We Make Covered Buttons C amplimems of PHENIX SUPPLY CO. WlLLINGHAM-TIFT LUMBER CO. 866 MURPHY AVE. RA. 4121 C amplimem: 0f A FRIEND C ompliment: 0f PURITAN MILLS, INC. 52 MANGUM ST., N. W. Manufacturers of MY-T-PURE FLOUR and MY-T-PURE FEEDS KIRKWOOD J EWELRY CO. 1967 BOULEVARD DR., S. E. CR. 5777 C omplimems of J. W. LIETCH SERVICE STATION FLAT SHOALS AVE, S. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA A Mark of Quality Foods V COLONIAL STORES LAURANNE VALENTINE Acrou the Continent of the Year: Let Me Be "YOUR VALENTINI? C amplimemx of J unior Civitan Club Blue Horse Paper School Supplies The Kim! Your Mother and Dad Used MONTAG BR08. ATLANTA, GA. John W. Whatley C0. 579 PIEDMONT AVE, N. E.-P. 0. BOX 1951 ATLANTA, GA. ASPHALT TILE 8: RUBBER TILE FLOORING "mix?" . unof-Z: MIHHELL... I I- -'-1...uumullllWM .' H." ",yuumanWf TRADE MARK REG. Delicious and Refreshing Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Company by THE ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Compliment: 0f Moreland Grill 29 MORELAND AVENUE, 8. E. ADAMSON'S BEAUTY SHOP 1168 EUCLID AVE, N. E.MLITTLE FIVE POINTS FOR LATEST STYLES WA. 6676 Medlock Drug Cw. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 1977 BLVD. DR. DE. 44266DE.4427 C amplimem: 0f VERNQPN SAMS C amplimentx 0 f ELMER and WILMER 11-H-4 11-L-2 BARBARA AND MILFORD JEANETTE, MARIE and CHARLOTTE H. B. 2 "BOOTS" and GENE R.O.T.C. OFFICERS CLUB SUE and BOBBY 12-H-2 A FRIEND 12-H-1 11-H-3 COACH EAVES The "M Club ., ., 5 iVim 16x , 74K xM gm; , Z ?ngth xi 1 , y . ., , Z ,6, V x xxS xx X x$sv KRKXXWXXx x xx EV: xmrwllyaxc . 'IM'WI Awe - 4.4

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