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. .vl f I . ,1 133,111.. :0 l 1, ; 1.' !1.1711 1. win xLlf. . .I I ll! 1 .III-l 'I .E E y r.L g. presenting"- Ruth Carberry, an eighth grade student, contributed AZUWUR in a contest for naming Murphy75 year book. Taken from the words cUXS you were? the name was Chosen by the staff as the most original. J0 JAMES . BETTY MIDDLETON . MARIE CARTER . IMYL HALL . LOUISE VIRGIN VOLINA SORRELLS . DON KIMSEY . JACK HOLDER . . Editor . Business M anager . Advertising Manager . Make-up Editor Art Editor . Literary Editor . Picture Editor . Sports Editor Isn,t it strange that princes and kings And clowns that caper in sawdust rings And ordinary folk like you and me Are builders of eternity? To each is given a bag of tools, An hour glass and a book of rules And each must build Ere his time has Hown A stumbling block or a stepping stone. A nonymous IN APPRECIATION Of his inspirational leadership in organizing the new Murphy High Of the high ideals of scholar- ship and sportsmanship he has taught us Of his cooperation in promoting our sports, clubs and activities Of his combining Christian ideals with his work We, the Senior Class of 1948, dedicate our first AZUWUR to G. M. McCord, our principal and our friend ,,77,7, ,77 777 7 ,,,4,4777 ' 77,W77,,V7774,,,777 7744' 77,77 7477 4,447,444,, '774477 ,,4 ,,Z ?,4 ' ,,777 44,, ,,,,77 V4 I, 474,447? ,7 7?7 77 7',,,I7"' 777,77 '77'77'V'. V"' 7,,7777VI,,77,777'I',,7,,777"'VV,,, ",,7?' 774:? 777 777 "'I77'74'4, 77 V 7 77 7777777777,?7V 7'77,77 ,,77,7,,4'7'7'77 ,,7'77 V7777 VVVV IVV'VV 777,777,7' ,,7, ' ,7 ",,,,7 V4, 77 " I 17 ,7V l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'77 77774,, 447,,4474 VVV'WI, 27777, ,44 i4, 444 77' W'Z'CV WE HONOR u P 1 e h 0 t S S e n g n m w .H e h t f 0 e S u a C e B i through all our problems and our d culties, we the staff of the 1948 AZUWU honor our advisors. They helped mak and put in us new hopes and ideas. possible the realization of our drea ?????,i, 1527 :29 n e . e Khivgosx i z?y?w,,.u51?xysA . e , ,, , , vex e , xigzg. MISS SARA RICHEY General Advisor A AA AA A A AA A ll AW; , A 0 AA AAA: - 772" W; AA , WAAAA A A, 3AM AN 5 1 A, V '7'?" A ' MAC ALMA? A x w X ,l AVA i A , 1A,, "I y W, x ' w. MAMA h VMZAAAA, AA A ' 1AA ' , .MWAH v 'CA'WQCW- . A AAAAH A ' AX; A AA A ; A AA A Uh 5H ; . 5 THOMASINE BUTTS 'arian ibl JUDITH HOLZWORTH L Principal D R 0 C C WI. h l h C ian HOLLAND Lt Let D EVA VANCE FREEMAN School Clerk D. E. AARON SGT. GEO. Ancocx VIRGINIA BALLARD LOUISE BRASELTON FRANCIS BROWN GWEN PoI0 BURROWS L. L. Cox CAROLYN CAMPBELL JESSIE CARY ANN DILLARD R. H. DERTHICK JOEL H. EAVES DOROTHY FARRIS SUE GREEN GEORGE GRAHAM J. F. GRAHAM x aw 33! V ,.N W 3:99? .9 x a EDITH GRIFFIN A. T. HARMON SARA L. HOGAN G. L. HUTCHESON C. L. LYNN VERA JACKSON A. D. JONES MAMIE MCKEE MAMEMA MILLER J. A. KENNEDY w RUTH KERN MAUDE MOBLEY O. H. Monms ' CAROLYN LLEWELLYN S. M. OLIVER M. O. PHELPS R. D. POWELL MAUDE PADGETT A. W. PATTON MARIBEL RICHARDSON SARA L. RICHEY J. S. RUTAN C. H. SANDERS LIZZABELL SAXON RUBY B. SMITH MARY SPENCER BOYD A. SPITLER NINA WILEY CARRIE WILLIAMSON ELISE STOKES GRACE TITMAN ww XM W m xv DOLORA AARON MILDRED ALEXANDER HELEN ALLEN Beta Club. WILLIAM WILD ASBURY Christian Fellowship, AZUWUR Staff. 4; 4w wk k may; Xx KM; WILBER ATHA Mixed Choir, 39 Team Basketball. THOMAS AVERY JOYCE BAILEY MGAA, Senior Volleyball. J AMES BARFIELD EDWARD BEAM Chess Club. GEORGE BEAUBE WW7, Club, Varsity Football, January Senior Class President. RO$UJND BENNETT Library Club. BOBBHJBENTON Varsity Football, Basketball, qVP SARA BARNES AZUWUR Staff, Cheerleader. lMARTHA BARRON Mixed Choir. J0 BART Club, Band, Orchestra. FRANK BATTLE Club, Varsity Football. MARION BOND Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Most Athletic? ANNIE CORRY BRAMLETT WENONAH BROOKS MGAA. RICHARD BROWN CLARK BUTTERWORTH S.G. DOUG CAGLE VIVIAN CARTER Beta Club, N.H.S., MGAA. BETTY CASTLEBERRY ARTHUR CHAMBERS Meteor Staff, Cross Country, cM7 Club, Boys7 Glee Club. SAM CHANCEY VIRGINIA CHANDLER Mixed Choir. BETTY ANN CHRISTIAN MGAA. NANCY CHRISTIAN FAY COUNCIL AZUWUR Staff, MGAA, Beta Club, Varsity Volleyball, Mixed Choir. MARY ELLEN COX Mixed Choir. KATHLEEN CRUMBLY MGAA, c1? Team Cheerleader. J OY DAILEY Cheerleader. PATRICIA DEFOOR MGAA. JEANNE DENMARK AZUWUR Staff, Mixed Choir, MGAA, Y-Teens q? Team Cheerleader. DIANNE DENNISON Beta Club, MGAA President, N.H.S., Meteor Staff, Senior Class President, Varsity Volleyball, ccMost Intellectualf7 J EAN DOUCAN ' ALAN DOWNING 'eta Club, N.H.S., East Lake Hi-Y, Chess lub President, Meteor Staff, Assistant Editor, Mixed Choir. STANLEY ELLIS Varsity Football Co-Captain, M, President. DUDLEY ETHEREDGE FRANKIE FECHTER BETTY FERGUSON Beta Club, SC. Staff, F.H.A. Club, Christian Fellowship. JEAN FIELDS BILL FLOYD S.G. Vice-President, Senior Class President, Boys, Glee Club, Basketball. DAVID FLOYD Cadet Captain R.0.T.C., OHticers7 Club President, qVIost Likely to Succeed? ANNE MARIE GADDY Senior Volleyball, MGAA. MARTHA GARNER SARAH GILLETTE Band, Orchestra, MGAA, Senior Volleyball. JOAN GRIFFITH RUDY GRIccs Band OHicer, Supply Sergeant. JEAN GUFFIN Cheerleader Captain, qVIost Popular? JEANNETTE GUFFIN . Cheerleader, M0st Popular? N0t Picturedj JAMES HAMBY BUDDY HAWKINS Not Picturew JOYCE HANCOCK AZUWUR Staff, Most Attractivef7 MARVIN HARDY Beta Club President, N.H.S., N.A.S.S., Officers, Club. GWENDOLYN HAYCOOD Mixed Choir. JAMES HEWELL Meteor Editor, N.H.S. Treasurer, Beta Club, WVIost Intellectual? DOT HILL J OYCE HIOTT GEORGE HIss Beta Club, N.H.S. President, Cadet Capt R.O.T.C., Officefs Club. JACK HOGAN M,, Club Secretary, East Lake Hi-Y Vice President, Varsity Football, Cross Countr B, Team Basketball, Beta Club. JACK HOLDER N.A.S.S., Cross Country, AZURWUR Sta' M,7 Club. JACK HOLLAND BEN HOLLAWAY Beta Club, N.H.S. x Awww xxxxszR x ALLAN HUCKABY Varsity Football, Basketball, Popular? ERNEST HYNDS .H.S. Secretary, Beta Club, Hi-Y Secre- ry, c M,, Club, Meteor Staff, Varsity Foot- all, Cross Country, qT, Team Basketball. DARIUS IRWIN ross Country, B,, Team Basketball C0- Captain, East Lake Hi-Y. BETTY WJOU JAMES Christian Fellowship, AZUWUR Editor, M0st Talented? JACQUELINE JAMES CHARLES J AYNES EVELYN J OHNSON 25m . 1va EVELYN KNIGHT Varsity Cheerleader, AZUWUR Staff, Or- chestra, Band, Volleyball Head, Varsity Volleyball Captain, qVIost Athletic;7 MGAA. CAROLYN KNOPP AZUWUR Staff, Orchestra. JEAN LEE ED LINDORME Cross Country, WW, Club, East Lake Hi-Y. EMMETTE KEESE Officefs Club President, Major R.O.T.C., Mixed Choir, Basketball. DON KIMSEY AZUWUR Staff, Christian Fellowship, Manager Cross Country. FRANCES KING Beta Club, MGAA, AZUWUR Staff, Chess Club, B,7 Team Cheerleader, Christian Fellowship. BOBBY KISSELBURG BILLY LITTLE eteor Staff, Hi-Y, q? Team Football. JAMES EDWARD LOCKRIDGE DOROTHY LODEN 4cMost Lovable:7 F.H.A. Club. MILDRED LOVELEss 9 $99ka 1 4 s$ 9 W39: 9 CHARLES LOWER RAYMOND LUMMUS LAMAR MAFFETT Varsity Football, Latin Club President, S.G., M,, Club, Christian Fellowship, ccBest All-Round?7 TOMMY MAHONE Varsity Football, East Lake Hi-Y. EUGENE MARTIN BILL MATHIS Capt. R.O.T.C., OHicers9 Club, Vice- President, Mixed Choir. BETTY MCCOY Beta Club, SC. BARBARA McKINLEY FRANCIS MERRIMAN BETTY MIDDLETON S.G. Staff, Beta Club, AZUWUR Staff, MGAA. JO ANN MILES ALICE MOBLEY Chess Club, Meteor Staff. ELLA JEAN MOORE Christian Fellowship. THOMAS MOZLEY Hi-Y. SOPHIA WICIQ MURPHY Volleyball, MGAA, Y-Teens, Band. LOUISE MURRAY Orchestra, Beta Club, Y-Teens. EUGENE, NELSON Varsity Basketball Manager, Best Looking? CECIL ORR BARBARA OSLIN Chess Club, AZUWUR Staff. JANET PATE AZUWUR Staff, Senior Volleyball, MGAA. BILL PERDUE JUANITA PHILLIPS JOHN PILON BECKY PINNER Cheerleader. L. B. PULLEN January Senior Class Secretary, Beta Club Cross Country, qVP, Club. LEON BUCKW PURCELL SC. President, Cadet Lt. Colonel, N.H.S Beta Club, Glee Club. CHARLES ROWLAND Meteor Staff, Chess Club Vice-Presiden East Lake Hi-Y. Not Pictured BOB PUTNAM CLAYTON SPARKS MARJORIE STARNES NANNIE SUE TAYLOR Band. JOHN THOMPSON Glee Club, Senior Play, Orchestra. EUGENE SAMS OfEcers, Club. MILDRED SHAW EMMA JEAN SKINNER VOLINA SORRELLS Beta Club, Girls7 Glee Club, AZUWUR Staff aMost Likely to Succeed? 9 Aw Nwmw M. my M xw m v LOUISE VIRGIN MGAA Vice-President, Senior Volleyball, S.G., Senior Class Vice-President, Y-Teens, AZUWUR Staff, Beta Club, N.H.S. e'3 ANON WALLACE MILTON BUCIQ WALLACE OfT'lcelrs7 Club, S.G., Lt. R.0.T.C., Band Capt.7 Drum Major. J ACK WALTERS ALEX WELCH Varsity Football, cWP Club. GWENDOLYN WEST F.H.A. Club. STEVE WHITMIRE ELEANOR WILLIAMS ' Not Pictured ELOISE WILLIAMS AZUWUR Staff, Varsity Cheerleader. BETTY JEAN mEm WINTER MARTHA ANN WOODSON GRACE WOODYARD Varsity Volleyball, MGAA Basketball Head. WALTER WUDDw YANCEY ixed Choir President, 46Most Talented? CAROLYN YOUNG 11 LOW 1 First row: Peggy Pitman, Joan Tlmmason, Laurinc Haynes, Enrlinc Smith, Carolyn Muuldin, Helen Mayflcld, Clara Mae W'ard, Frances Bachelor, Rose Marie Lewis7 Jackiv 3mm, Barbara Dalton, Harriette Lord. SPCOnll row: John Nix, Roger XVisncn Billy Talbot, William Skclmn, Faye Cuntur, Edwina Sims, Jimmy Johnston, Scaborn Langlcy, Julian McCorkle, James Watson. Third row: Carlton Torry, Calvin McDaniel, Tummy Mathews, Buster Morrison. ll LOW 2 Hurm-s. Cllxlrlnllv HIM, Du! Unllvy, 1111-1 11- Imuim- Cuulsun, Louis:- Finr rnu': Jxlm- Armslrmlg, Inn! Hull. Sm- Yill'lll'llllglh Carolyn Mth-il. Murcia Shnrmvk. ICIIH'I Asllnmrv. Mvmlxms. Swami! I'uu': Mr. Cnx. Llnynl lh'mlh-y, Hwy Evans, Donulkl Jam'sw xirginiu IHshurmuL Hurlnlru .Inhuslun. Jt-un lsvrgumuu lull Ht-H, Jm- XX'J'Hinghzlnh Hubby Luwilt-r. Third rmr: Cllzlrlvs Nirhnls. lenu-S Hum. le'nn Bulvs. Frank SImppw, Huut-H Yunr'l-y, Rnln-rl Hrrrr-n. Roy Hr-rrI-n. deW , MW g 7 11 LOW 3 First rou': Marilyn Langley. Barbara Hewlh, qum-tlu Buglcy. Ruth Joan Race. Ruse W'illiauns, Barbara Hudson, Betty Ann Jolly. Cllarlulte Nelson, Mary Nell Frey. D01 Bailey. Ann Snellgrm'c. Second row: Mr. Harmon. Ed Cunm Tummy Carroll. Ann Burrows, Betty Yurbmugh, Ann Culluwny. Patsy Hum. Liza Thrush. Ed Dmlson. Bobby Lilllc. Marion Blackwell. Third low: Charles Casey, Donald Junvs. Hurw'y Rulwrlsnn, Doug; Slmwrs. Hurry Iidnunls, Billy Cnnh-L Thomas 1311810: Cone Yoyles, Buddy Mills, Richard Rundslrum, Wilton Moulder. 11 LOW 4 01m Maner, Charles Crumbley, Tommy George Hayes, Euell Whatley, Albert Darby, First row: Vivian Haduwdy, Jeanette Hunt, Kay Sloan, Betty Bryan, Marie Carter, Betty Moore. Barbara Chadwick, Janice Gauldilw, Betty Jean Hicks, Martha Kinney, Martha Johnson. Second row: Gunter, Mary Alice New, Lillian Shirley, Joyce. McHugh, Marie Johnson. James Callahan. 11 HIGH 1 . Burbam Herring. Second row: Bub Wade, Lisle. Budden, First row: Milford Bennett, Jerry Puttillo, Delores Alexander, Rose Marie Burnett, Janelle Dunulm 11?, Philip Nahser, Charlie Ennis. Lindy Taylor, Cluudenc Smith7 Florence Stan Russell Hardeman, Gene Hess, Herbert Abbey. Jack Davis, Robert Sarrett, Charles Webb, Bernard Tam. Leemun Crider. 11 HIGH 2 First row: Mary Jo Green, Peggy Leftwich, Rcbccca chcrcttc, Mary Frances Bclk, Joanne Parnell, Iris Cathcart, Bobbie Bailey, Betty Corley, Joyce Kimsey, Betty Maxson, Ruth Rainwater. Second row: Jack Hopkins, Ray Speigel, Tommy Sikes, Ben Troy, Billy Nix, Louis Banks, J. P. Hudson, James Linch, Bill Purcell, Ed Floyd7 Jesse Sewell, Mrs. Williamson. 10 LOW 1 First row: Dot Allen, Lourcc Swimlcll, Cay XVilliams, Julia Walters, Frances Bozlrden, Jean Peeples, Kitty Hull, Elizabeth Smith, Barbara Cuuscy, Jane Bailey. Second row: Miss Dorothy Farris, Bill King, Jerry Youngbluod, Mary Sue Alexander, Ann Field, Mary Jim King, Mary Ann McKinney, Beverly Whitt, Catherine Fischer, Bob Golden, Howard Webb, Jimmy Helms. Third row: Clyde Massey, Jack Holly, Maurice Jackson, Tommy Robertson, Dick Marks, Alton Hudson7 Larry Taylor, Jimmy Mitchell, Bobby Walker7 Bob WolH, Conrad Bond. a P? 2 g, f 10 LOW Fin! low: Hurlull'u Uglvlrt-t'. Luuisw Sims. .lnym' Kimww. Hulluu l Millml. Clurizl Hurley. lmngt-m- Cuft-r. Hzlllmru Chunk. Jnhnsnn. l'ullm-r MiHiuHI. .luniw- Pillrit'k. LuuiJ- MrKr-u. Imuunm- Hixnn. Nr'vmul row: Pall Pivrm'. 'Huurit'r 'IWII'IH'I; Pvgg. I'lmlimvlL Donald lmuix'. A. .l. Slinpm Hux Hvlvn Knn'lm lCIu'r Spmllmzm, Ilis Hlumlunl, lingvniu Ht-mly Luriun Pmlx-m . Jim King. 10 OW Doris Gray. Virginia Alurk, Barbara W'rigllt. Margaret 'lVingIQ'. Se'cund ruu': First row: BL - Clover, Harriett MvGinty, d Bradley. Thomas Oglebl A Clalcncc Culc, James Shaw, Miss Rickey, Larry 1 'bble, Bill Chuppell, H "MMWINWWV mmm$ m. A Rx 10 HIGH 4 Ffrst row: Shirley Elrod, June Merrell, Louise Griggs, Barbara Hudson, Peggy Eaves, J0 Greene, Sue Golden, Joyce Smith. Betty Pace. Second row: Bobby Morton, Dora Portwood, Ri ard Lassiter, Harry McWilliams, Donnie Davis, Carolyn Lathum, Joanne Ivey, Dorothy Eaton, Jo Anne Fagan, Frank Stames, Roy Hewell. Third row: Mr. Dirthick, David Dyal, Cecil White, Fred Johnso , Irwin Pair, Henry Alliston, LeBarron 0,Bannon, Donnie Lewis, Erwin Schiff. 10 LOW 5 First row: Carolyn Britton, Shirley Hogan, Barbara Junior, Fay McMichcn, Patricia Waits, Mary Ann Spitzmiller, Juanita Sledge, Dolores Truett, Patsy Poucher, Florence Shellhorse. Second row: Mrs. Smith, York Class, Betty Gann, Beverly Goodwin, Winnie Huey, Charlotte Flanigen, Phylis Easun, Jamie Bowen, Betty Bledsoe, Jack Gary, Ed Brown. Third row: i W'infield Glisson, Billy Dlement, David Lariscy Russell Bailey, Bobby Jones, Dan Littleton, Robert Gaines, Paul Bradley, udl, Richard Peters, Kenneth Stamps. 10 HIGH 1 First Doris Elrod, Elsie Fulton, Alma Curley, Barbara Cathcart, Paulene De , Agnes Brooks, Marjorie Smith, Betty Kenned , Eddie Ruth Hunnicutt, Jean Isbell, Betty Jean Keen, Frances Teagle. Second row: Eugene Blesset, Ralph Schubele, Billy Fagn, Gerald Cantrell, Roy Dollar, Robert Head, Gene Stancil, Gene Dickerson, Grady Gazaway, Bill Beverly, Charles Blalock, Tommy Riggins, Thomas Dean. 10 HIGH 2 First row: Joyce Reynolds, Sara Clay, Elizabeth W'atts, Dorothy Pugh, Betty Tuck, Dorothy Fields, Louise Bradshaw, Alice Brewer, Mottee XViIson, Helen Stroupe, June Vick, Pat White. Second row: Perry Davis, Bob W'alton, Theron Smith, Joe Norman7 Charles XValIace Ronald Ranson, David Yarn, Roland Webb, Eugene Farrar, Thomas Gray. Third row: Jimmy Huey, James Mills, Paul Taylor, William Sears, Charles VVeatherford, Donald Fowler, Charles Lee. at W 4'4 Wrm' , 9LOW1 First row: Miss Spencer, Barbara Johnson, Evelyn Ragsdulc, Joyce McDaniel, Mary Frances W'csl, Barbara Lodcn, Ann XValkm, Dot Torry, Belly Ann Putt, Joanne Now. Second row: Rudolf Buglcy. Cliflkurd Patrick, Charles Stanley, W'ayne Lester, John Downing, Dmmld Rubens, Billy Catlin, Duzivr W'ulkins, Van Dilbeck. Duzier Mohlcy. Third row: Carolyn Meadows, Lorene Linuh, Barbara Clmpell, Ruth Mitchell, Jerald Hogan, Charles McCurdy, Bobbie Liles, Sylvia Savory, Marlene Sarrett. 9LOW2 First row: Louise Self, Janet Pilon, Delane Clark, Colan Taylor, Sara Boyd, Joan Simpson, Barbara Sloc, Edith Tolliver, Marilyn Mitchell, Betty Strickland, Jackie Prrduc. Second row: Billy Joe Watson, Charles Walton, Dcnc Smith, Aubrey Richardson, ch Harris, Clyde Brown, Jimmy W'illiums, Ralph Tollivcr, Cone Shay, Sheldon Hammond. Third row: Germ Browning, Val Arnold, Bob Stanley, Phcron Tumor. Richard Dcnning, Billy GulIin, Mr. J. A. Kennedy, Billy Dmlgon, Frcd Stewart, Bobby XVaIker. ; 4974x271 First raw: Ernest Pritchett, Billy Walters, Cale Brown, Elianore Echmid, Edna Adams, Lucy Gillette, Jimmy Mills. Robin Haynes. Second row: Alvin Kidd, Bennie Pullin, Jack Bennett. 9 LOW 4 First raw: Mickey Hambrick, Jeanette Malcom, Louella George, Elinor Hasty, Eleanor Clary, Nancy Smith, Nancy Richards, Mary Ann Rissell, Barbara Edwards. Billy Garrett, Richard Johnson, Glen Pugh, Brannen, Jackie Second row: Nell Davis, Melba Thomas, Franklin Green, James Rutledge, Billy Blackwood, Thomas Foster, Melba Silvey, Hazel Ellington. Third row: Herbert Davis, Raymond Jones, Art Fuller, W'cndell Greene, Colvin Heist, Jimmy Hill, Dan Bond, Mr. Ford. 9LOW5 ne. Evelyn Foster, Sylvia McTyre, Ann Lee, Dian Mary Sue Brock, Mary Ann Pattillo, Dot Hightowcr. First row: Frances Spalding, Barbara C Mcnslnger, Ann Vaughan, Second row: Christine McNeil, Marian Callahan, Willis Lanier, Elmer Kirk, Jack Kelly, Ccnc Benton, Park Davison, Tommy Kimbell, John Mauldin, Mary Helen Akins, Jo Ann Harris. Third row: John Graham, Donald Bowen, Tom T dwell, Charles Linuch, Lee W'illiams, Dick Hiss. if ,, v y 1x wk; , ,, ,, y 7 'MW coy . gggz0 9 HIGH 1 First roux W'ynne Hudson, Nelle McCorvcy, J0 Britt, Pat Slit ICCT, Har t Bognq Third an, Margaret Barbara Mallory, Patricia Callicott. Second rou': Ed Watkins. Mott Morrison, Jimmy W'illiams. Mr. K Cohan, David Bishop, Eugene Bradbury. row: Emily Martin, M. Oliver, Marshall Howell, Robert George Bullard, Curtis Richard MacRuc. Clayton, Billy Bowen, 9 HIGH 2 Second rou': Fred Mayfield, Bruce Schubclc, Donald Dailcy Thurman, Fred Miller, Harold Hammond, Hugh 'Ianncr, Dick Richan First row. Barbara Cain, Marianne Beall, Jean Sikcs, Barbara Kilpatrick, W'inona Davis, Dorothy Cross. vacc Virginia Hudson, Joan Barber, Gerrclldinc Bug Evans, Robert Charles Strong, Bobby Helms, Jimmy Addy, Mr. Phelps. i g AMWWWM MK 7 HIGH 1 First row: Betty Boss, Carolyn Coffee, Ruth Sloe, Barbara chtwich, Shirley Yancey, Barbara Phillips, Joan Corley. Shirley Pceplcs, Mona Dempsey, Ann Garner. Second row: Miss Moblcy, Ray Holman, Jack Bone. Marion Clay. Curl Franklin, Minor Ward, Louis Hutchison, Kenneth Housworth, Eurhclc Nubors, Danny VValdrip, Conrad Rmvlins, Ronald Crockran. 'I'llinl rmv: George Eaton, Joe, McLarIy, Trellis Haynes, Tommie Jean Blackwell, Mildred Tingly, Mary Ann Mathis. Bobby Moore, Pat Reese. 8 LOW 1 Ulnriu Simnmrv, Winnihwl Sun's, Vary Nr'r'nml rmr: Bil Inislmul. Wilma Mzn'ht'lxl, Phyllis Spt-ir, Marin 'I'vaglw, Churlvs Cuslnir'r, Null Bryn. Jvrry Unstrung. Cw-il an. lhmml Vaughan, iurhura Sluv'k, File lulr: Ilm'vrh Hussvy. Malrgzlrvl Howl. thmw'u Mr-lmmlun. Hiss Wilm. . Huguvll. Ht'rlhu Cuy. Xngrliuv Evans. llu'lvn Au'hraln. Palm lushxl. Mirkl'x' Curmit'hm'l. I'llinl mum Bill Thompson. Wnynv Cunlrrll. .Inhn Szmyt'r. liilh .Iwmv l'ulu Vzll'iv Rnluillsun. Hilrlnu'u Hula. Hun Sl-xnrln-nmlw. Biggvls Dinmlnlv, Cllzlrlm Hmilh. Hvrt liurrvl. valvll Marlin. Murlisnn Smith. James Stewart, Robert Hammond. Jerry Shockley, Frank Hawkins, Hill Nash, First row: Frances Be', Jeanette Dobbs, Second raw: Ned Arnold, Bobby Almond, Joyce Allen, Helen Gann, Wyolene Christian, Betsy Elliott, Jo Ann Howell. Mnbley. Jeanine Stringer, Ruth Carberry, Faye. Joyner, Barbara W'hatlcy, Barbara Staples, Barbara Betty Sue Warmer, Gloria Ann Edmunds. Barbara Stowe, Patsy Raymond W'illinghzn. B ce Dean, Joan Harris, .10 A Brown, Margie Brannen, Charles Bowen. Third row: Carter, Arthur Joy, Harry Albert, Clinton Rouse, Jimmy Hackey, D ky Barrn Mr. Graham. First row: Dallas Gunter, Richard Holder, Margaret Bennett, W'ylene Donahue, Joyce Boggs, Betty J0 Chester, Clifford Da 5, Blake Thomas. Second row: Arthur Martin, Madison Bennett, Robert Latimer, Billy Hambrick, Donald Ncwsome, Billy Mauldin, Bobby Barron. 8LOW4 First row: Glenda Strather, Patrisia Morgan, Lorraine Turner, Carolyn Caddy, Anne Parker, Jo Ann Turner, Carolyn Hammond, Celia Smith, Jean Reagin, Jeanette Knight. Second row: Miss Brown, Dolvin Langley, Larry Varuadoe, Jack Lane, Ronnie Riggins, Billy Simpson, Sidney Jones, Jimmy Fisher, Bill Eades, Kenneth Thrash, Charles Mann. Third row: Eugene Head7 Carol Brown, Laura Lee Chandler, Janet McCiboney, Nancy Bohzmnan, Martha Thompson, Jeanettc C lapman, Frances Jones, Joyce McElrath, Jack Joyner, James Fuss. Mxmwmw; 97 x ' '3' '77, m 645W , "v First raw: Alan Cunby, Barbara Corlcy, Billie Sue Fai 1, Ophelia Johnson, Janc Shutlcy, Joan Jeffrc Marie Palmer, ntcrs. Second row: Mrs. Padgett, Jimmy Johnson, Carol Stewart, Mary Hill. Betty Croovcr, Caro yn Fortcnhorry, Arthur W David Leach, Richard Keith, Bill White, Wendell C rlcy, Roy Michull. Bobby Field, Aubrey Mays, Charles Lowe, Cabot Third row: Pat Hightower, 5110 Junior, Connie Youngblood, Carolyn Holley, Jack Taylor, Douglas W'eaver, Wayne Brand. Finch, Jean Loveless, Carol Roper, Ophelia Underwood, Jacquelyn Kirk, Camille Montgomery. 8 HIGH 1 Second row: A. XV. Patton, Barbara Burnettc, Pegby Conley, Bobby First row: Bobby Watts, Bill Flanuigan, Howell Wbodyard, Bobbie Sue Spraybcrry, Barbara Banks, Hctti Brown, Peggy Wiley, Louise Conn, Nnrmer Tollison, Fay Holland, Ricard Taylor, vaatt, Robert Sta! W'alter Sorrow, Eddie Nash. Shirling, Gene Simpson, Albert Shellhorsc, Elizabeth Earl Allist01. 8 HIGH 2 First row: Barbara Allred, Beverly Allred, Dolores Payne, Barbara Mason, Faith Englctt, Billie Ann Hudson, Betty Ann Adair, Ethelyn McGee, Shirley Clay, Marian Mills. Second row: Nelda Ashmore, Richard Race, Eudon Atkins, Jimmy StancliH, John Lawless, Lewis Cary, George Duren, Billy Grithh, Paul White, Wiley O,Neil, James Allen. Batallion Staj? EMMETT KEESE CLAIRE WYNN I . . , ' 5. I ; ' JEAN LEE Sp0ns0U ' , ' . . . $9110an SGT. ADCOCK , 2; WW? L , A35 'g 2!. av?- 2-. COMPANY xxAII BILL MATHIS BERNARD TANT MARVIN HARDY PATTY SHELL Spons0rJ COMPANY DAVID FLOYD GWEN HAYCOOD hSponsorJ GEORGE HISS OFFICERS' CLUB 11ml rou': Lomun Crmulcr. Tnmnn' Gunter, Bcrnunl Tunl. Bill Mathis. Buvk W'ulluvc. Second r010: Coorgo Miss, Man in Hardy. Dmid Floyd. 17,111an! Kvosc. RIFLE CLUB First rou': Ccurgc Hayes, Hubby Little, 10y Dollar, Albert Darby, Jack Holly, Bobby DaVis. Second raw: Conrad Bond, Donny Harris, Sgt. Adcock, Bernard Tam, Euell Whatlcy, James Callahan. First row: Emma Jean Skinner, Martha Johnson, Charlotte Nelson, Betty Moore, Lindy Taylor, Martha Barron, Ann Snellgrove, Valery Yarbor, Jean Spencer. Second row: Miss Campbell, John Thompson, Allen Downing, Liza Thrash, Jean Isbell, Gwen Haygood, Jeanne Denmark, Fay Council, Peggy Pitman, Bill Mathis, Donald Jones. Third row: Harvey Robertson, Frank Shoppe, Buddy Yancey, Wilber Atha, Emmett Keese, Bill Floyd, Grady Gazaway, MIXED CHOIR The Mixed Choir is a group of boys and girls from the eleventh and twelfth grades selected by Miss Campbell. This group, aside from singing at Murphy, has taken part in radio broadcasts and received a One,, in the Fifth District. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys, Glee Club is made up of boys from the ninth to the twelfth grades. This group sings as boys chorus and also with the mixed choir. JIMMY JORDAN, Vice-President BILL FLOYD, President FRANK SHOPPE, Secretary and Treasurer !. First row: W'ilber Atha, Bill Asbury, Frank Shoppe, Jimmy Jordan, Miss Campbell. Bill Floyd, Emmette Keese, Billy Clements, John Thompson. Second row: Donnie Davis, Maurice Turner. Cecil W'hite, Elmer Kirk, Bob Jones, Charles Ennis, Bobby Walton, Ralph Tolliver, Arthur Chambers, Gene Seay, Donald Jones, Marvin Hardy. Third row: York Glass, Robert Gaines, Buddy Yancey, Alan Downing, Grady Gazaway, Harvey Robertson, Bill Mathis, Bobby Lassiter, Bucky Purcell. MARIANNE BELL LILLIAN PERVIS JONELLE DONEHOO MARGIE BRANNEN JEANETTE BAGLEY First row: Joanne New, Mary Anne Spitzmillcr, Lillian Pervis, Virginia Disheroon, Bobbie Liles, Joncllc Donchoo, Jo Bart. Second row: Marie Johnson, Mary Alice New, Evelyn Knight, Nanny Sue Taylor. A R T S E H C R O First row: Ruth Rainwater, Bobby Bailey, D. D. Dennison, Lindy Taylnr, Grace VVnodyard, Florence Shellhorse. Second row: Miss Cary, Imyl Hall, Dot Bailey, Fay Council, Evelyn Knight, Louise Virgin. The Murphy Girls, Athletic Association consists of girls in the ninth through the twelfth grades. The club sponsors such activities as basketball and volleyball tour- naments and hikes. Its purpose is the strengthening of the Character as well as of the body. SENIORS Fin! rou: Ann Maric Caddy Sud Cillcttv. Evelyn Knight. Dianne Denniron, Louisv Virgin. Second rou': Junvl Pate Fm Cwuncil. Grave Wumlyml. Jmcc Builvy. Sophia Murphy. JL NIORS 15in! mu': lnul Hull. Bobbie Bailey, Joanne Parnell, Dot Bailey. thly Joan Hicks. Lindy Taylor. vamzrl row: Vivian Hmlam'uy, Cluudonv Smith. Hury Noll Frye. Juan FPFguSUH. SOPHOMORES Firm rou': Lurcc Swindcl, Iris Sland- 21rd, Peggy Eaves, Florence Sllclhorsc. Srcund rou': Shirley Hogan, Joanne Green, Barbara Junior, Carolyn Briuon. FRESHMEN Firs! row: Dianne Monsingor, Ex'vlyn Rugsdalc, Carolyn Meatlors, Jackic Purdue, Barbara Kilpatrick, Belly Strick- land. SPCOINI mu': Sylvia Mvarn, Sylvia Savory, Carol Hnguo, Nancy Branncn. VARSITY First row: Belly Strickland, Fay Council, Grace Wood- yard, Evelyn Knight, Dianne Dennison, Carolyn Meadors. Second row: Dot Bailey, Imyl Hall, Peggy Eaves, Carolyn Britton, Jean Ferguson, Mary Nell Frye. EAST LAKE HLY Front row: LJ Limlurmc, Bill Little, Charles Roland, Imv Bixins, Uni: Lassitcr. Second row: Jack Hogan. Xlilftml Bonnclt. linu'st Hynds. Tummy Mahonc, Albert Darby, Mr. A. D. Jones. HI-Y First rou': Jean Isboll, Iris Standard, Mar Eloise Williams, Betty Moore, Louise Evelyn Knight. Second 7014': Don Harri Johnson, Bernard Tam, Bally Jean Hicks Betty Bryan, J. P. Hudson, Langley, Mr. A. D. Jones. JL'NIOR HI-Y Fin! mu: C. Patrick. C. Bontun. T. Kimball. V. Harris. T. Frustvr. D. Nlulllm. Svcond row: WV. Urm'uv. D. Hulwrls. B. Shurlinf; Fin! rou': Carol Brown, Betty Ann Pate, Betty Smuot, Joanne Denmark. Second row: Charlotte Flannegan, Nancy Brannon. Barbara Cheek, Miss Kern. Suphic Murphy. Evelyn Knight, Mary Ann Spitsmiller. Charluttv Flannegan, Nancy Bcannon, Pres., Miss Kern, Mary Ann Spitsmillcr, Barbara Cheek, Treas. Y-Teens CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is a rapidly growing organ- ization at Murphy. Its members find chess, not dull as many think it to be, but highly entertaining. Several tournaments have taken place, both at Murphy and with other high schools. Charles Rowland, Lucien Endicott, Alan Downi Alan Downing, Frances King. Charles Rowland, Marshall Cohan, Ed Bean, Pop Burrows, Lucien Endicott. First row: F. Bey, J. Fagan, M. Kinney, D. Laden, B. Loden, J. Bowen, H. McGinty, F. Bearden, M. Sarrett, A. Walker. Second row: C. Brown, J. Boggs, J. Dobbs, C. Hammond, B. Brown, E. Asllmore, M. Shorrock, B. Ferguson, R. Mitchell, J. Stringer, R. Carberry, B. Staples, B. Whatley, B. Chester, Miss Dillard. Third row: C. Strother, P. Morgan, J. Jeffrey, C. Edmunds, B. Wariner, B. Stowe, P. Carter, F. Joiner, B. Elliott, W'. Christian, 0. Johnson, M. Bennett. First row: Dot Loden, Betty McGinty, Martha Kinney. Second row: Joanne Fagan, Jamie Bmwn, Pres.. Barbara Loden. FHA CLUB We are the builders of homes, Homes for Americafs future, Homes where living will be the expression of everything That is good and fair, Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realities, not dreams. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The Murphy Christian Fellowship was 01'- ganized to create a bond of fellowship among the students. The activities of this group include the invitation of speakers to the school, the singing of religious songs, and Bible quiz programs. LAMAR MAFFETT, President LILLIAN SHIRLEY, Vice-President First row: Joyce Kimscy7 Martha Kenncy, Betty Ferguson, Charlotte Nelson, Pat Ham, Ruth Rainwater, Jo James, Lillian Shirley. Second row: Charles Casey, E1121 Jean Moore, Frank Shoppe, Miss McKee, Bill Asburry, Pauline Deesc, Don Kimsey, Lamar MaHett, First row: Rose Williams. Second row: Dot Eaton, Betty Jean King, Lopa Wisner. First row: Louis Banks, Barbara Oslin, Jean Peeples, Clara Mae Ward, Barbara Chappell, Bill Beverly. Second row: Richard Johnson, Rose Williams, Betty Jean Keen, Dorothy Eaton, Mrs. Holzworth, Barbara Mallory, Elizabeth McGee, Glen Pugh. The Library Club was organized for the purpose of teaching library workers to train new help and thus relieve the school librarian. The club also informs the school of new books obtained by the library. LIBRARY CLUB President of Student Government BUCKY PURCELL Vice-President of Student Government BILL F LOYD WWost Intellectual Girlya DIANNE DENNISON chost Intellectual Boyj, JAMES HEWELL M0st Talented Boy, BUDDY YANCEY A V0 m , m - ow , , chOSt Talented Girf, JO JAMES Wllost Athletic Cir? EVELYN KNIGHT M0st Athletic Boyj, MARION BOND cBest Looking Boy, GENE NELSON 6cMost Attractive Girlj, JOYCE HANCOCK Cirl Most Likely to SucceeaV VOLINA SORRELLS :gBoy Most Likely to Succeecfg DAVID F LOYD 6cBest All-Round Boy, LAMAR MAFFETT V .U G 1a n u 0 R l l A t S 6 mo LOUISE VIRGIN Wllost Popular Girl? JEAN'mw lEANNETTE GUFFIN M0st Popular Boyg, ALLAN HUCKABY chost Lovable GirV DOT LODEN hM" C L U B The hth Club is sponsored by Coaches Eaves, Phelps, Harmon, Patton, and Mr. Jones. This club consists of boys who have received letters for track and football, both varsity and $77 team. First row: Battle, Chambers, Putnam, Morrison, Benton, Davis, Maffett, Benton, Hopkins. Second row: Yancey, Robertson, Harris, Dickerson, Beaube, Holder, Pullen, Lindorme, Hynds, Bennett, Peeples, Lassiter. Third row: McWilliams, Thomas- son, Crumbley, Dodson, McDaniel, Conn, Purcell, Bivins, Nix, Willingham, Hess. Leftyto right: BennettLince- Preszdent; Ellis, Preszdent; Hogan, Trleasurer. BETA CLUB The Beta Club consists of pupils chose from the tenth, eleventh, and twelft grades. Any student in these grades ha ing a high scholastic record, a good cha acter, and the quality of leadership eligible for membership. D.D., Vice-President; Fay Council, Assistant Secretary Marvin Hardy, President; Milfred Bennett, Treasurer Barbara Johnson, Secretary. a First row: Gaines, Hogan, Hardy, Hiss, Shoppe, Hewell, Lassiter, Crowder, Purcell. Chadwick, Allen, King, Smith, Peeples, Latham, Hall, Fields, Bell, Bearden, Cheek, Dalton, Ferguson. Third row: Middleton, Spitzmiller, Bailey, Spearman, Dennison, Virgin, Walters, Rainwater, Hickson, Hendricks, Bowen, Fisher, Snellgrove, Yarbrough, Junior, McMichenr, Lord, Johnston, Teagle, Eaton, Miss Saxon. Fourth row: Cofer, Green, Hynds, Pullen, Bradley, Talbot, Holloway, Endicott, Downing, Bennett, Mouldcr, King, Bart, Council, Carter, McKee. Second row: Sorrells, Hull, Gaulding, WWv hX-X eh' ezh e y h. h hw The members of the National Honor So- ciety are those students of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades who have the highest scholastic records. Membership in this organization is one of the highest honors a high school student can attain. James Hewell, Treasurer; Alan Downing, Secretary. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Hewell, Purcell, Allen, Dennison, Virgin, Carter, Crider, Downing. Second row: Hiss, Hardy, Mr. Graham, Hynds, Holloway. STUDENT OVERNMENT BUCKY PURCELL President, Student Government BILL FLOYD Vice-President, Student Government BETTY MIDDLETON BETTY FERGUSON LOUISE VIRGEN Senior Member Senior Member Senior Member e t ,. Student government is an active part of every school. With- out it no student body can hope to function successfully. From each homeroom two students, a boy and a girl, are elected to serve on a student council. From these students a staff of twelve is elected. It is the duty of these council members to relate to the faculty the wishes and desires of the student body. Thus we see the self-evident importance of student government to a school and we can better realize the great honor bestowed upon a student elected to this council. MIss WILEY F aculty Advisor MARIE CARTER ROBERT GAINES BUD BELL Junior M ember Sophomore M ember Junior Member FRANCES T EAGLE PATSY BUSHA CAROL BROWN Sophomore Member Freshman Member Freshman Member METEOR STAFF JAMES HEWELL Editor DIANNE DENNISON Assistant Editor ALAN DOWNING Assistant Editor BLACKWELL CALLAHAN CHAMBERS DALTON GAINES C. H. SANDERS, Aduisor CLOVER JOHNSON KIMSEY Few copies, if any, of the Murphy Meteor, our school paper, g0 unread. This monthly publication, printed at Murphy by the school press, furnishes LITTLE the students with reports of school activities, sports reviews, editorialsesome humorous and some seri- ous-little bits of campus gossip, and various other types of information. MILTON YARBROUCH MOBLEY L MOULDER PEACOCK ROWLAND M155 SARA RICHEY General Advisor J 0 J AMES Editor AZUWUR" Mlss MARIEMA MILLER Art Advisor BETTY MIDDLETON MARIE CARTER LOUISE VIRGIN Business Manager Advertising Manager An Manager JACK HOLDER IMYL HALL VOLINA SORRELLS DON KIMSEY Sports Editor Make-up Manager Literary Editor Picture Manager Working on a high school annual was something new to every member of the AZUWUR staff. We did know, however, that the Class of 74.48 had to have a year book, and we soon discovered that to give them their book of memories7 each staff member had to do his individual job and at the same time work faithfully at the seemingly endless task of selling hadsf, Whenever we had troubles, we took them to our editor, Jo James, who always seemed able to help us solve our problems and to give us encouragement. Now our work is finished, and we present to you the first AZUWUR. We hope that you will treasure it and in future years find yourself 13m. AanRY and your friends in it has you were,7 in 1948. SARA BARNES ANN CALLAWAY FAY COUNCIL JEANNE DENMARK Doms ELROD JOYCE HANCOCK NIARVIN HARDY J. P. HUDSON FRANCIS KING EVELYN KNIGHT CAROLYN KOPP BARBARA OSLIN JANETT FATE RUTH RAINWATER FRANK SHOPPE KAY SLOAN LINDY TAYLOR ELOISE WILLIAMS ROSE WILLIAMS ; 1x! i .i w 5' VARSITY FOOTBALL BENTON Manager POWELL PATTON EAVES HARMON PHELPS BATTLE tackle DICKERSON guard HOPKINS H . B. CRUMBLY HLB- PUTNAM H- B. B1le3 F. B. YANCEY guard BENNETT MORRISON DODSON tackle guard tackle HARRIS McWILLIAMs ELLIS center guard tackle ;;B,? TEAM First row: Kidd, Lassiter, Brand, Busby, Conley, Strong, Little, McCorkle, J. Helms, W'oml, Wisuer, XVade, Chappell. Second row: Davis, Edwards, Johnson, Born, W'allace, Mitchell, Tribble, Floyd, Ransom, Pitmzm, Alliston. Third row: Coach Patton, Duren, Yancey, Landley, Brown, Harris, White, Mannina. EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM First 7010: Costner, Taylor, S. Jones, Mann, King7 Arnold, Smith, J., Forrester. Second row: Barron7 Fisher, Willingham: Arnold, N., Smith, M., Kirk, Lawless, Thrash, Kimball, Sllirlilw. Third raw: Powell, Hill, Race, Heist, Davis, Jones, R., Nutt, Alliston, Clayton, Jones, J., Criffm. CROSS COUNTRY S COUNTRY CROS L indnrmc, R ambcrs, Nasher, Conn, 11 Jones, C M 0 .I d H 0 C S 8 Hudson. Holder iler, ass Ho L ssitcr, Pullcn, La B 7 st row: Pceple 'ir I an, E Hynds, First row: Willingham, Thomason, Duvall, Keese, MILFORD BENNETT BILL FLOY Co-Captain Captain Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FOOTBALL SCORES Gadsden Columbus Murphy 0 Murphy 13 Murphy 0 Murphy 0 Murphy 6 'Murphy 32 Murphy 0 Murphy 13 Murphy 13 Decatur Brown Grady O4Keef e Smith BASKETBALL SCORES 6 ..................... Murphy 105 ..................... Conyers 12 ..................... Murphy 2 ..................... Murphy 6 ..................... Murphy 9 ..................... Murphy 15 ..................... Murphy 17 ..................... Murphy 20 ..................... Murphy 23 ..................... Murphy 29 ..................... Murphy 31 ..................... Murphy 3 ..................... Murphy 5 ..................... Murphy 7 ..................... Murphy 12 ..................... Murphy 19 ..................... Murphy 21 ..................... Murphy 24 ..................... Murphy 27 ..................... Murphy March 4 .................... Murphy March 5 .................... Murphy March 6 .................... Murphy 54 .................. Druid Hills 33 45 ...................... J ordan Roosevelt ...................... Grady ...................... Brown 36 ....................... Smith 63 ..................... ' O,Keefe 30..... .......... Lanier 55 ........................ Bass 36 ...................... Jordan Roosevelt 48 ...................... Lanier 34 ...................... Grady 45 ...................... Brown 35 ..................... O1Keefe 42 ........................ Bass ..................... Decatur 47 .......... Richmond Academy 34 ..................... Decatur 40 ...................... Lanier VARSITY LETTER WINNERS-BASKETBALL 52 33 40 41 14 0 7 Roosevelt 6 Bass 0 34 46 36 44 36 26 14 49 30 46 28 28 32 42 31 36 26 24 32 41 23 43 Forwards: Bond, Bradberry, Nix, Keese, Duvall. Guards: Bennett, Thomason, Willingham. Manager: Russell Hardeman. Left to right: Jones, Pinner, Dailey, Jeanette Guffin. Jean Gumn, Williams, Knight, Barnes, Purcell. CHEER LEADERS MAJORETTES Y aXWO aAXooe erYv OW HWMK ,,, z, 0. 27,77 , , 77 77wa V 77 2.777777 Q 7 V XMV? A779 7 67 77. .9777 Compliments of East Atlanta Barber Shop 519 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. E. Kirkwood Cleaners Quality Cleaning 1983 College Ave., N. E. Phone: DE. 7949 Expert Dyeing7We Pickup and Deliver Compliments of A Florist Friend Compliments of H. M. COUNCIL Contractor and Residential Builder DE. 6651 Compliments of J 0hnsons Cleaners 2005 Oakview Road Compliments of Teague Cleaners 1380 Gordon Street, S. W. Compliments of East Atlanta Pharmacy LA. 1926 and 1927 Atlanta 0uthoard Marine Distributors 311 Spring Street, N. W. WA. 0287 Johnson Motors H Chris Crafty Boats Louis Trotzier ATLANTA, GA. FREEMAN9S 2004 Boulevard Drive, N. E. Phone: CR. 6735 2000d Groceries and Meat? Kirkwood Coal C0. Georgia Ry. and Howard St. Phone: DE. 1795 S85MCAFE 1257 Glenwood Ave., S. E. Phone: CY. 9504 ccAnything We Serve We Prepare to Go 0M7 Kirkwood Soda C0. 1968 DeKalb Avenue, N. E. DE. 9275 Meadows J ewelers :34 Store of Distinctiorf, 1269 Glenwood Ave., S. E. ATLANTA, GA. RALPH GOZA TEXACO SERVICE 2005 Blvd. Dr.,. S. E. ATLANTA, GA. CR. 4165 Res. DE. 1263 J . A. Bailey Hardware Company 2Serving North Kirkwomf, 1973 College Ave., N. E. DE. 3685 Compliments of Diamond9s' Red Dot Store 1992 Blvd. Dr. South Kirkwood Have a Coke ' us'nw . H ??La 1: J, Ki 1 HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY DEPENDABLE SERVICE - QUICK DELIVERIES QUALITY MATERIALS 613 HIGHLAND AVE, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. WA. 6614 CY. 8384 White Electrical Construction Co. CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS INDUSTRIAL SPECIALISTS 946 West Peachtree Street, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA MEET ME AT THE Cotton Patch And Will Have a Good Old Fashioned Barbecue CURB SERVICE SEA FOODS OUR ROOFS ON TOP L. F. STILL 6; C0. ROOFING - SIDINC - PAINTS 130 Boulevard, N. E. LA. 7331 GEORGIA Checkerboard Feed Store 260 Howard Street, N. E. DE. 3324 DE. 3325 ATLANTA GEORGIA Your Friendly Feed Dealer ' HUDSON TRANSFER 8; STORAGE C0. 227 WALTON STREET, N. W. AL. 3536 . . . MA. 3668 VAN C. SEWELL, Prop. ATLANTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS .....OF A FRIEND Atlanlair Leading Home mekbem . . . 6 mm: n0 run mu non! Main Store: 22 Edgewood Ave. at Pryor St. Buckhead Branch: 3031 Peachtree Road Decatur Branch: 142 Clairmonr Avenue 66Wavers To you, Who each day Take on anew your tasks Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Where you have blazed a trail And kept it clear; To you there comes from all Who use the wires A tribute for a job well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country Vast and wide But bearers Of life,s friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day, Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, Or storm, or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the full measure Of your skill and worth And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose In this honored creede ctThe message must go through? SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATED 1769-Ae-High School Annual Ad for I948 COMPLIMENTS OF B. 8x C. METAL STAMPING CO. Metal Fabricating Specialiyts 95 Piedmont Avenue, S. E. MARKS 81 WILLARD Upholstery Shop REPAIRING . . . REFINISHING 132 Whitefoord Ave., S. E. DE. 9347 MILTON BRADLEY CO. OF GA. The Best in School Art Supplies for 51 Years 384 FOREST AVE, N. E. Portwood's Millinery 81 Variety Store Economical and Convenient Millinery, Hosiery, Notiom, Etc. 1378 WOODBINE AVE, 8. E. BAND UNIFORMS BY SERVICE UNIFORM COMPANY 65 PRYOR STREET, 5. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF FULTON PAPER C0. "Papa" . . . Thai; 0m BminwV WA. 9012 COMPLIMENTS OF JACK PEARCE LUCKY STRIKE B-0WLING ALLEY 671 PEACHTREE STREET A GOOD PLACE TO EAT . . . . Pitch N9 Putt Drive Inn Restaurant 2349 Glenwood Ave., S. E. 1East Lakd ATLANTA GEORGIA 601111th Foons, Inc. Crisper! Gordoifs Fresh Potato CHIPS THEY,RE FRESHER A MARK OF QUALITY FOODS BULUNIAL STBRES East Atlanta Shoe Shop 1269 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. T. B. PUTMAN and W. C. WALL Compliments of Kelley9s Grocery 22 Clifton Street, S. E. We Deliver Newman Pharmacy 7YOUR DRUGGISTS71 DE. 3344 DE. 3345 1996 Blvd. D11, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. CECIL WHITE MUSICAL SALES 81 SERVICE Wire As Near A5 Your Phone 161 Carter Ave., S. E. DE. 5317 Barrington Beauty Salon 33 Howard St, S. E. South Kirkwood DE 4826 ATLANTA, GA. Red Reagilfs Auto Service Automotive Repairs, Metal Work and Painting MA. 7783 559 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. ATLANTA, GA. Forrest Stores, Inc. 500 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. LA 9093 YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD 5 and 10 Charlie Everitt GROCER9WE DELIVER CY. 6481 1283 Glenwood Ave., S. E. ATLANTA, GA. HalPs Flower Shop Corsages, Cut Flowers, Weddings, Funeral Designs CR. 2782 1971 Blvd. Dr., S. E. ATLANTA, GA. Cr00k9s Corner Gro. Plain, Fancy Groceries, Fresh Meats, Vegetables, Frozen Foods, Candies, Drinks, Ice Cream Alston 8L Candler Rd DE. 9274 We Deliver Cherokee Cleaners CALL FOR AND DELIVER 1267 Glenwood Ave., S. E. MA. 5122 Variety Dry Goods Store Cor. Glenwood 8z Flat Shoals Ave., S. E., MA 4030 Shoes, Clothing For The Entire Family, House Furnishings, Work Clothing Headquarters Compliments of Your KIRKWO0D THEATRE HOME OF GOOD SHOWS CHILDREY CLEANERS 1160 Ormewood Avenue, S. E. Phone: LA. 1541 160riginal Germ-P'roof Cleaningg, Geo. Moore Ice Cream Company, Inc. M anufacturers 0f the I 06 Cream W ith Guarded Quality 9 50-56 Alabama St, S. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA We Serve Mooreas Guarded Quality Ice Cream in Our Cafeteria Compliments 0f L. C. WARREN COMPANY COIILpliments of Bell Roofing 1: Sheet Metal Works 1610 DeKalb Avenue, N. E. Phone: DE. 8798 Compliments 0f Lovable Brassiere Company TOM SLATE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY 592 Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA Complete line of: 1RAWLINGS :kSPALDING 1REACH WRIGHT and DITSON I 1U. S. RUBBER CO. 5KEDS11 1RIDDEL SHOES :kPENNSYLVANIA RUBBER CO. 1SOUTHERN MFG. CO. 1DUNLOP RUBBER CO. 1GRANDVILLE:100 70 W001 School Sweaters And Many Other Lines of Athletic Equipment TED ZUBER, Representative A. P. JETTS, Expert Tennis Restringing J OHN MAULDIN AUTOMA TIC HEA TING Geo. D. Smith Plumbing 1257 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. 5 Heating GIL, Inc. WA. 9030 WA. 7734 CONTRACTORS 4x Krispy Kreme D0llg1hllllt 81101! 151 Nassau Street, N. W. KRISPY KREME GLAZED DOUGHNUTS A G Dijferent v- Tasty - Satisfying TLANTA EORGIA 449 Ponce de Leon Ave., N. E. VE. 9241 Compliments of WILLIAMS BROS. LUMBER C10. 934 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. LA. 3434 ATLANTA GEORGIA In the Heart of Kirkwood THELMA9S BEAUTY SALON THELMACROWE 42 Howard Street, S. E. CR. 4206 Compliments 0f CAGLE PRODUCE CoMPANY FANCY POULTRY and STRICTLY FRESH EGGS 0 LA. 3646 195 Edgewood Avenue, S. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA FLOYD BROTHERS COMPANY Manufacturers of High Grade Window and Door Screens Cabinet Work - Butcher Blocks Tables 9 535 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. LAmar 6411 ATLANTA GEORGIA DaniePs Barber Shop 2002 Boulevard Drive, N. E. 21176 Appreciate Your Biznesf, White Roofing C0. 20UR ROOFS -- OUR PR00FS2 Phone: MA. 4667' LAUNDERLUXE 0Bendix Equipped Self-Service Laundrw The Convenient, Quick and Economical Way to Overcome Your Laundry Problem 2031 Boulevard Dr., S. E. 1South Kirkwood1 CR. 6922 1259 Glenwood Avenue, S. E. 1East Atlanta1 CY. 0501 Phone for an Appointment and Further Information L. C. WARREN, JIL, 00., Inc. THE TAYLOR SHOP 2006 BOULEVARD DRIVE, N. E. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Specializing in Wedding and Baby Gifts . . . Indi- vidual Cards for the Family . . . . Gift Wrapping . . . Men and Boys1 Wearing Apparel . . . Charis Gitdles and Btassietes DE. 1018 A GOOD PLACE TO EAT . . . . . . WHILE YOU REST YOUR FEET MRS. BRADSHAW'S PLACE 497 FLAT SHOALS AVE, S. E. MEDLOCK DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 1977 Boulevard Drive - DE. 4426 e- DE. 4427 BEST WISHES... WHE GREAT AILANTIC 8- PACIHC IE: C9; AhP TEA C0. FULTON SANDWICH CO. PHONE CY. 8472 Morning Glory Sandwiches Served in our Cafeteria Manufactured by Fulton Sandwich Co., 1703 Jonesboro Road, 8. E. Pufronize Our Advertisers t i ii - For teal Old-Fashioned Bar-B-Q, ice-cold melon, ice cream, and other refreshments, see AL, 300 Candler Rd., S. E., corner Alston Drive in and bring the family. Years from now well read this And think of days gone past Those days have gone forever But fond memories still last. COMPKWVLQVLB Oz JARVIS BARNES COACH EAVES A FORMER TEACHER GLENN C. JAMES MARIEMA MILLER LIZZABEL SAXON WABBA and UNCLE ED A FRIEND I2 LOW 2 I0 LOW I I0 HIGH 4 A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. COSBY 9 HIGH I BETA CLUB JR. CIVITAN CLUB F. H. A. CLUB "M" CLUB M. G. A. A. CLUB C. F. HUDSON "BUD" and JOE GENE and JOAN A FRIEND II LOW I JEANNE and "BUCKY" LIZA and ED ERNEST P. TITSHAW G. W. COLLIER LEE ROY SMITH ROBERT A. HAMBII J. E. COMBS J. E. JONES TRIPPE'S GROCERY BOYD'S GROCERY MR. and MRS. J. J. HANNA "J0" and JACK JOYCE and J. L. OFFICERS CLUB N. H. S. LIBRARY CLUB CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHESS CLUB BAND ORCHESTRA THE CLINIC LAURA E. KINNEY MRS. H. A. PINKSTON A FRIEND A FRIEND l0 LOW 2 l0 HIGH 2 l0 HIGH 3 l0 HIGH I I0 HIGH 5 II LOW 2 II HIGH I II HIGH 2 II HIGH 3 I2 LOW I l2 HIGH I I2 HIGH 2 l2 HIGH 3 9 HIGH 2 II HIGH 4 LAMAR and LILLIAN REBECCA and JACK BOBB2I ancI ELEANOR FRANK and JEAN JAMES and ALICE BILL and PATTY BARBARA and SEABORN KAY, ANN and ROSE JEAN and DONNIE EDDIE, RUTH and BUDDII ROBERT and SUE EUGENE GUMBY RICHARD HOLDER MR. and MRS. W. J. HOLDER CANDLER BLDG. BARBER SHOP FAT M THIN . . . TALL or SHORT . . . You are your pnze pomeuion . YOU OWE YOURSELF CHARM 0 GLAMOUR ' POISE For a CAREER or SELF-IMPROVEMENT S T U D Y FASHIQN MQDELING Visit the Beautiful Air-Conditioned Studios 0f ATLANTAS FOREMOST CHARM SCHOOL The ACADEMY 585 Peachtree Street, N. E. VErnon 5142 ATwood 5923 Write or P190726 for Booklet It cont; Zen t0 fmmkb yam home at . . . STERCHI9S Georgia Stores: MACON - DALTON COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL ATLANTA PAPER C0. COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH BBQTHEBS A PLEDGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS . . . IMENS CLOTHING Reasonably Priced MARCUS 61 PEACHTREE TED EDWARDS I'NDIAN MOTORCYCLE 624 Spring St., N. W. COMPLIMENTS ...OF.. SOUTHERN DAIRIES SEALTEST MILK AND ICE CREAM 5E ii i5 S: , . z."- 91-131....- -.:..:.:3:..: . I

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