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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1959 volume:

if XV 2,82 iff' w ig .1., ,,.. i Ai A .Q,,N"J'3 M fn. ge.. if-' H2 if ,V Xmk iii if 1' x . Hi -r A, - My X .QW-tv .i tx b -"Www Bb A fu'..v-www-,mwmn.m,Axw vi x H 5 .E fE,,5N- - Q W , 5 X Y 5 .. .M-grvx NX L. X X555 x N-. N - iw L ' in -k Q 3 Q3 ,K W Q aw ,kim I K ,QXQQX-gs. we 4 J WYX ..1'Q'W1' aww fx? Q ylflurdo k flzgh Selma 7 xx L A f R Q 3 N X 'Q 5 33 Ni Qi .V 'o'...' is A -14-bi a S mi it Q ? + , Llinclzeudon, Ma sdbhzz J! ,411 Began Milf flamerzwm ,Assignments 3 1 X 5 'L ...---cash 'Ex "P A, 54 V Wu. M 5 , . Q K 3 K . ' 4 -, K W' A "" A Wg .. L, ff, wszgjk ., .W s J- A : Hy' ' !X, 1 MF ., 'fx XR Wi- 'Q' fl "wr, 52+ me I sw.-,W g.,. V. ,.,, . X wif, "I" Q in L, 1 l if lgi f i S f JV iii Siam f 1 5 M. Q, 1' ", !f5' V Q f f 'J GW 6 . 5 w v if F-Sifqlf A 51 QQ ' E Ei . in gy' 4 I 1 ,mes-sz x Q ll, .XX if g! Q , 5 0 if , 5 ,Q.: r ' Q . 1 2 , - mf, 1 , L Q fm E '3 , f ,Q V lu M 'Q ,Q 'Af JB 71' Q 5 , f L52 5,3224 j Vg 56? , f ffxv. , A , M5253 , Av 9 i uf ,, ? M H , , '5' W ff 1.5 a 4 .J ,...-if . -'C?', x 55 . . , SN s in 'Y bf' 'Af , Q .Q Q K Y 1 1 4 X- 'K it js Lt' .7 .7 5 nv . H. b -,"' tier kt ,Q . - as ,"' A " ' . 5 ' 2, i I '- K 4, 'sw it A ig v ,, I I yt ' ' V' H ff J ff' h .1 ,nn3l"' m f '5"..2" X! 8 ff A 5' H H J' t 5 fx il glllfl and Parties ,fllsrf Had Chair Place and .7f ,411 ,Cad to Graduativn x 2 Mig? W M, ffff W , I N 'mmf , . bw . Wm' 3 xg, . Whigsf iy K X, 3 X .. 3 Q 1 . E Q, w i RALPH H. MEACHAM Superintendent To the Class of 1959: In preparing your report to the public of your activities while attending Murdodr High School, you will be mentally evaluating the contribution of each. It is such a form of checks and balances that helps you to become better citizens as you assume your obligations to society in your own community, state, and country. You will recall some mistakes made and the many successful undertakings. May the mistakes help you attain even greater achievements as you partici- pate in adult activities. May I wish you all success in your future under- takings and compliment you for this fine report. f MJ Superintendent ,Murdack flzgh Adminisfratian To the Class of 1959: May I first congratulate the seniors on their year- book, which reflects the originality as well as the hard work of its staff. All who have contributed to its success should indeed be proud. Frequently, during my many years as Principal of Murdock High School, I have taken a yearbook from the shelf in the office and recalled with pleasure the students whose pictures are on its pages. No matter what career you may choose to follow, whether you remain in this community or travel to far places, we of the faculty hope that you will al- ways return to visit your school. You can be sure that you will be most welcome. Sincerely, .7-74 Principal GUY B. STAPLES Principal fx Yqw. VH Q55 - O o Q - ' , www Sizculiy GUY B. STAPLES Senior Math Principal RUTH A. CHILD Stenography Bookkeeping Secretarial Training Office Secretary I sn? H5525 uaammit ROBERT D. HAWKE RITA M. ROY U. S, History Vocational Wtmrld History Household Arts Driver Education ARTHUR F, CLARK Business Principles World History Problems of Democracy WILLIAM PROPERZIO General Shop Manual Training Mechanical Drawing CHARLES J. MOTYKA Practical Science Printing CHARLES F. RUSSELL Chemistry Physics Math Guidance Director .wh A WILLIAM P. J ACOBY VERNA M. CARBONE Latin Typewriting English Bookkeeping .Sfaculfy Q i 5 Y' ul 'sf VENA B. FIELD RICHARD H. PORTER NATALIE B. FREEDMAN BERNARD A O DONNELI English Algebra Biology Instrumental 'ind Vocal Latin Geometry Mathematics Music NO PHOTO AVAILABLE ref' l il NORMAN R. COTE French English Assistant Coach WARREN N. BENTLEY Physical Education Coach of Football and Baseball KENNETH H. CLEMENT Custodian Fha N L .Elma a 3 'a I4 'W w Q' X - s . Q. ' v ' 1 pg 1 Qi? . s, , - 3 A Hi J if iv W s ,amusing Qi, ima I l I ii M Y -X-,,,x,N,,Ak H - K , Q. V 1 .,:Q: X Q X k x X, X-wk A ' W ,I gn.-L..:L y' g ' , R www ' , Qiffwi- -R32 N - X xwgxgikigw . lfgwsrw RM K wif? L 4 L, Vx N Shank .J V . 5 M- Y sf: 'x 5 . 'X 'if fiifiww ww ' 'f Q ' 'fp A f Q x N 3: fi G -. ' X . A Qviwgwpgv 2 FS rev . ,Q 'Q 'LQ fx 'B 5 f , . M new -X ' - A - ' ' - . A.. vQffML,gk . fry +1 ' ' 6 'N-f 'W A, N 03" 15, W-...N 4,1 ARTHUR AMENTA, IR. "Aw Amhififmy To he a success. AflfljlIL',f.' Archery Club 5, Sports Club 2. Hrilalsitr' Hunting, Fishing, Q1ml.1lirm.' "Innocence and youth should ever be unsuspiciousf' LILLIANNE MARY BELLETETE "Lille Ambilirznx To become a missionary. Ac1iz'izie.r.' Driver Education 2, SAS 2, 3, 4g Class Committees 3, 4. Hobbier: Dancing, skating, sleeping. Quolalions "Her thoughts are many, her words are fewg she leaves the rest to her picture and you." FREDERICK C. BLAKE "Blakey" Amhilfozzs To be a success: Arfi1'i1ie,r: Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3 Yearbook Staffg Class Committees 2 3, 4. Holzbifxx Baseball, basketball, dancing, foot ball. Qunmfimzx "Always reatly. always there always willing to do his share." GLORIA IIZANNE BLAKE "PW linen flmlzifirnzx To go to California and be a success. flfffIllIr'l.' SAS 2, 3, All Camera Club 31 Cheerleader 2, 3. 4, Captain of Cheer- leatlers -lg Senior Class Play, Class Mar- shal 2, 5. -X. Ilolzhivrg Roller skating. ice skating, danc- ing, basketball. QHlll.lflllN,' "Mischief sparkles in her eyes, and her laughter never dies," v .- I6 IUDITI-I ANN BROWN H!udy'7 Ambition: To be a success, Arli1'ilieJ.' Typing Club 21 Yearbook Staff, Senior Class Play: Class Committees 2, 3, 4: SAS 2, 3, 4: Office Assistant 4. Hfzbbierr Reading. sewing, typing. Quolaliwzx "Be silent, be safe: silence never betrays." DAVID N. CASAVANT "C.z,r.viu" flmfzilimlx To lead a happy life. Arliziifivr- Class Vice-President 2: Class President 3, 41 SAS 2, 3. 4, SAS Vice- Presitlent 31 SAS President 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4, Most Outstand- ing Backfieltler -11 Inter-County All- Stars 3, 4. Ilnblzivis Sports, hunting. QllUlu'li0ll.' "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." MICHAEL CASEY "Miki Amhilion: To be an electronic specialist. Aclivilier: SAS 2, 3, 4. Hobbier: Hunting. Quotation: "Secret and self-contained and solitary as an oyster." WILLIAM F. COURTEMANCI-IE SUSAN CAROL CROSS LOUIS R. DELLASANTA "Cowie" "Sue" "Spagl9el1i" Anzlniziam To go into the Navy. Ambilion: To be an elementary school Ambilion: To be a teacher. Aftiifilien Sports Club 23 Archery Club 4, teacher. Hobfiiem' Golf, hunting, baseball, basket- ball, swimming. Quomlion: "Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent." Artizfitierx SAS 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 43 Class Committees 2, 3, 4, Historical Essay Contest 31 National Honor Society 3, 4, Honorary Member of XVomen's Club 4g Driver Education 3, Christmas Chorus 3g Yearbook Staff. Hobbiefs Reading, sewing, outdoor activi- ties, photography. Quolalionx "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." I7 Arliritier: SAS 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Class Committees 2, 3, 4, junior Usher, Boys' State 33 Inter- County All-Stars 41 Most Outstanding Lineman 4, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff, Class Day Speaker, Class Prophecy. Hobbier: Sports, girls, eating, sailing, swim- ming. Quomzions "And panting time toil'd after him in vain." KATHERINE ANN FREDERIC F. DONALDSON, JR. ROBERT FREDDIE DUNCHUS DIAMANTOPOULOS "Rookie" Ambition: To be a good nurse. Acti1'ilie.r: Class Secretary 2, 3, 41 SAS 2, 3, 41 SAS Director 53 Murmurs' Staff 23 Class Committees 2, 3, 41 Cheerleader 4, Class Cheerleader 45 Vearbook Staffg Senior Class Play, Class Day Speaker, Class Prophecy. Hobbier: Swimming, dancing, collecting records. Quotation: "A sincere girl, a sport, a friend, one on whom you can depend." "Fred" "Dumb" Ambition: To be a success. Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Archery Club 3, 4. Airtivitief: 'Archery Club 3g SAS 4: Sports Hobbies: Model airplanes, hunting, fish- Club 2. ing. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hockey, bowl Quotation: "Cnc who stands tall, thinks ing, football. tall, lives tall." Quotation: "A passive lad he seems to be but that is only what we see." -1 . .. ... . JOHN R. ENRIGHT njdrkww Ambition: To he a success. Ar1i1'ilic.r: Sports Club 2. Hobbior: Hunting, fishing, bowling. uot.1tirm,- "A ca vable man never talks of t l himself." 1. s . ...tis , i 2 J DAVID S. FALES "Dave" Ambition: To be a disc jockey or a me chanic. Artiritier: Drafting Club 43 Class Com mittees 4: Disc jockey at Dances 4. Hobbier: Girls, dancing, eating. Quotation: "I bear a charmed life." Mk asygr ,Q . s Q X X s i :XS fo- xx- S Nr" MARY ELIZABETH IIITZPATRICK An1!1iliw1.' To he a teacher. Al'lfI'flft'.l'.' Band 1, 5, Al: Christmas Chorus 2, 5, -ig lklurmurs' Staff 21 Yearbook Staffg Senior Class Play Prompterg Class Committees 2, 5, pl. Ilnl1l1ie.r.' Swimming, painting, collecting records. Qllllfrlffllllf "The fashion wears out more apparel than the woman." i Q Q. if THERON A. FLINT "Buddy" Ambition: To work in an office. Ar1i1'i1ie.r: Football 2, 3, -13 Sports Club 35 Driver Education 4. Hobbier: Football, swimming, baseball, dancing, girls. Quolalimz: "He is master of his fate-until eight o'clock." Q? RODNEY R. GINN HGIIIIIVTU Ambition: To be a success. Arlirilimx Sports Club lg Driver Education 51 SAS 2, 4, Yearbook Staff. Ilulnbiwp' Hot rods, drawing, sports. Qk!1filfi!llI.' "Laugh and the world laughs with you." JAMES WILLIAM COULD "ffm" Ambilirmx To see the world. Ar1ir'izieJ.' SAS 2, 3, 4g Driver Education 4, Sports Club 21 Baseball 3, 43 Class Committees 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play. Hobhier: Sports, driving, clancing. Quotation: "No legacy is so rich as hon- esty." I9 JANE HARRIS Ambilionx To be a good teacher. Ac1i1'ilie.r.' Class Treasurer 3, 4, SAS 2 SAS Director 3, SAS Secretary 4, Mur- murs' Starr 2, Yearbook Staff, Class Committees 2. 3, 41 National Honor Society 3. All Honorary Member of Wfom- en's Club 4, Historical Essay Contest 3, second prize, Office Assistant 3, Grad- uation Speaker. Hrzblzier' Music, reading, people, bgrdmin. IOFI. Qunlfzlimlx "Her golden hair is no sunnier than her disposition." .31 no af 4 4, 3-J' ' ' A 4' ftfrfw' - fwfita 172: - t N 1 as 'Q . THERESA KATHERINE HILOW Ambition: To be a good secretary. Actirfitiexs SAS 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2g Driver Education 33 Christmas Chorus 3g Office Assistant 3g National Honor Society 3, 43 Senior Class Play Promp- terg Class Committees 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff. Hobbier: Knitting, skating, typing. Quotation: "Not too quiet, not too loudg a really nice girl, she can be proud." ROBERT O. KARVONEN "Bob" Amlzitiouz To be a success. Acliritier: Sports Club 23 Driver Educa- tion 31 SAS 2, 3. 4. Holzbien Hunting, fishing, football, base- ball. Quotafion: "Little strokes fell great oaks." .sf-:at'?w.Wiifi A A if Q4 or gag? as , ALLAN E. HOLMES ROGER G. HUNT IIAIII lljerryll Ambition: To be an auto mechanic. Atflbilion: To own a supermarket. Acti11itie.r: SAS 3, 4. Activilier: Camera Club 2g Archery Club Hobbiex: Sports, girls, eating. 33 Driver Education 45 SAS 2, 3, 43 Jun- Quotation: "I'll be merry, I'll be free, ior Usher, Class Day Speaker, Class I'll be sad for nobody!" Will. Hobbiex: Hunting, fishing, Cartooning. Quotation: "Why take life seriously? You'll never get out alive!" JAMES LAFOND "jimmy" Amlzitiotz: To be a state policeman. Artizfitiex Archery Club 3, 4. Hobbier: Hunting, fishing, girls. Quotation: "Always behave as if nothing had happened, no matter what has hap- penedf' 20 .f. 1 T. Q- RAOUL DONALD LaPOINTE "Dan" Amlaitimz: To be a teacher. Artir'i1fr'.r.' Typing Club 21 SAS 3, 49 AS' sistant Business Manager of Yearbook' Historical Essay Contest 3. Ilablziars Saving money, politics. Quolizfiom "A man who blushes is never a brute." i STEPHEN W. LUNDSTED "W6d.fFl', Ambition: To see the world. Arti1f'ifier.' Class President 23 Class Vice- President 3, 4g SAS 2, 5, 4g Driver Education 43 Class Committees 2, 3, 43 Mechanical Drawing Club 23 Boys' Stateg Graduation Speaker. Hobbier: Automobiles, dancing, sports. Quolation: "What men dare, I dare." JUDITH MARQUIS iiludy., Ambilimlx To become a hairdresser. Ac1i1'i1iihv.' SAS 2, 5, Wfoodworking Club 21 junior Usher: Yearbook Staff. Ilolzbiizrx Dancing, sleeping, Bob, having fun. QlH1l.Iff0l1.' "Make hay while the sun shines." KENNETH JA MES MAY "Ken" Ambifiwzf To be a mechanic. Arliffitiex: SAS 2, 3, 43 Archery Club 3, 4 Holibien Fishing, bowling. Quomliom "Youth is the time for pleas- ure. 2 l JOHN A. MIZHIR "Mirah" Afzzbilirmf To be a success. Acliz'ilie.r.' SAS 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 2, 35 Class Treasurer 23 Senior Class Playg Class Day Speaker, Oration to the jun- iors. Hobbief: Sports. Quomtiwzx "And why should life all labor be?" JEANNETTE MARIE MORIN njdnu Ambition: To be a secretary. Artiziitieis Game Club 2, Christmas Chorus 3, SAS 2, 3, 4, Class Committees 2, 3, Driver Education 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, Senior Class Play Usher, Yearbook Staff. Holzlniets Dancing, roller skating, reading. Quotation: "To be gentle is a test of a lady." MAUREEN VIRGINIA MORRISON Ambition: To be President of the next Confederacy. Artivitier Typing Club 2, Murmurs' Staff 2, SAS 2, 3, 4, Class Committees 2, 3, 4, Historical Essay Contest 33 Christmas Chorus 3, American Legion Oratorical Contest 4, Class Song, Assistant Editor of the Yearbook, Senior Class Play Usher, Betty Crocker Award 4. Hobbiex: Horses, horses, and more horses. Quotation: "The South will rise again!" ILANA BARBARA MOTYKA Ambition: To become a successful writer. Actizfitiex: SAS 2. 3, 4, Murmurs' Staff 2, Typing Club 2, Christmas Chorus 3, 4, Author of Campus Column 31 American Oratorical Contest 3, 4, First- Legion Prize Winner of Historical Essay Con- test 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Class Committees 3, 4, Honorary Mem- ber of Womens Club, Yearbook Editor' Graduation Speaker. Hobbier: Genealogy, collecting pictures of royal families, reading, writing, sketch' ing. Quotation: "Ambition now, success will follow later." JANICE ANNE OLECHNICKI "fan" Ambition: To be a secretary. Arlirilief: Game Club 2, Driver Education 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, SAS 2, 3, 4, Class Committees 2, 3, Yearbook Staff. Hobbier: Dancing, skating, swimming. Quotation: "The mildest manners are the gentlest heart." 22 DONALD J. PATRIA, JR. "Don" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I may undertake. Aftiffitier SAS 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball Captain 4, Inter-County All-Stars 3, 4, Most Valuable Player 4, Junior Usher, Class Day Speaker, Class Gifts. Hobbier: Football, dancing, swimming. Quotation: "Victory follows me and all things follow victory." FRANK D. PECKHAM, JR. Ambition: To be a success. Ariirizit-.f.' Sports Club 2: Driver Education 31 SAS fl. Ilobbicxr Hunting, fishing. Q140lilli0!1.' "There's no wisdom like Frank- ness." it iw... , . . K H is -S sw s at i JOYCE CAROLYN PFEIFLE "sim" Ambilion: To be a nurse. Arzivitier: Typing Club 23 Driver Educa- tion 33 SAS 2, 33 Class Committees 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Knitting, swimming, skating, gym. Quolalionx "An innocent look fools the best of us." NORMA PIERCE "Smi1y" An1l1i1im1.' To return to California. Arti1'iliar.' Class Committees -11 Office As- sistant 43 SAS 43 Yearbook Staff. IIr1bl1iv.r.' Swimniing, dancing, reading. Qlwmliozzf "Of a good beginning cometh a fair end." JEAN ELAINE RICHARDS "jef1rmie" Ambizian: To be a surgical nurse. Acliifilierx Typing Club 2g SAS 2, 3g Driver Education 2, 31 Class Committees 2, 3, 4g American Legion Oratorical Contest 2, Historical Essay Contest 3, Office Assistant 3, 43 Junior Usherg Senior Class Play Usherg Business Manager of the Yearbookg Class Day Speaker, Class History. Hobbies: Reading, music, dancing, philoso- phy, dating. Quamlion: "I can do nothing but my share." 23 RITA MARIE RICORD Ambition: To be a successful private sec- retary. Acliffilief: SAS 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 2g Class Committees 2, 3, 41 Historical Essay Contest 3, Driver Education 43 Office Assistant 33 SAS Treasurer 4, Senior Class Play Usher, Yearbook Staff. Iflobbierx Reading, music, dancing, philoso- tening to records, writing letters. Quolaiion: "A stout heart, a ready smile, and a willing hand." REBECCA MARIE ROBBINS rrBerkyu Ambition: To be a farmerette. Actirilier: SAS 31 Typing Club 23 Driver Education 3, 4. Hobbier: Horseback riding, sewing, crochet- ing, knitting. Quomlirm: "Give me land, lots of land!" DOROTHY ANNE SAWYER "Doltie" Ambition: To be a success. Arlivitier: SAS 2, 33 Camera Club 33 Pep Team 4g Majorette 43 Senior Play Usher, Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Skating, dancing, sports, roller skating, basketball. Quotation: "A merry heart makes a cheer- ful countenance." ARTHUR E. SHAW "Sborty" Ambilion: To go into the service and then to the moon. Arzizfizier: SAS 3, 4g Driver Education 3. Hobbier: Sailing, fishing, hunting, col- lecting stamps. Quotation: "Oh, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side." BETTY JANE SIBLEY 1lDuffyY7 Ambiiions To make Dick happy. Ar1iz'itie.r.' SAS 2, 3, 4, Woodworking Club 21 Driver Education 3, Class Committees 2: Yearbook Staff. Hobbier.: Swimming, Dick, gym, sleeping, skating. Quoiations "In future years you'll hear her name, although it may not be the same." tl! If . U I FRANCES MAY TARDIFF "Fmnnie" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Arli1'itie.f.' SAS 2, 3, 49 Camera Club 23 Driver Education 3, 4, Christmas Chorus 53 Class Committees 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Office Assistant 33 Senior Play Usher, Yearbook Staff. Hobbier: Square dancing, ice skating. Quotation: "It's the smaller things in life that count." ARTHUR THERRIEN, JR. flmbilfwlx To get a job and make a lot of money, Acfir'ifie,r.' Boys' Home Economics Club -11 Driver Education 31 Typing Club 21 SAS 2. IInl1l1iu.r.' Hunting, fishing. hockey, golf, ice skating. Q1ml.z1im1.' "Heats much. speaks little. acts wisely." LAWRENCE BRUCE THURLOW "L1n'ry' ' zlmbifimzf To be a musician. Ar!i1'ifie,r.' Band 2, 3. fig Musie Festival 2, 3. 4, Football 2. 3. 4: Class Com- mittees 2, 3, A11 Inter-County All-Stars 43 Class Song. Hobbies: Music. QlJ0lrIIf0II.' "It is better to be short and shine than tall and cast a shadow." MARIANNE J. VAN ARSDALE PHYLLIS RAE WHEELER "Aran" "PMI" A7I1bilill!I.' To travel around the world. Afzzfzilirms To be an Airline Stewardess, Artir'itie.r.' SAS 2, 3, -ll SAS Director sig AfllI'lfl4',f.' SAS 2, 3. All Band 2, 3, Al: Glcc Typing Club 23 Christmas Chorus 2, 45 Queen of Hearts 23 Class Committees 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant S, ,lg Senior Class Play, Class Day Speaker, Class Will, Yearbook Staff. Hobhien Dancing, collecting recortls, cook- ing. Qur1l.1lim1.- "There is no grace like the grace of enthusiasm and activity." Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club Accompanist 3, Al, Murmurs' Staff 2, Music Festival Committee 32 Music' Festival 2, 3, 4, Chairman of Senior Class Play Ushers, Class Song: Class Day Speaker, Class Gifts, Yearbook Staff. Hoblziarx Music, swimming, hi-fi. Q1ml.11if1u.' "Angelic face, innocent blue eyes, just a mischievous imp in clis- quisef' J HARRIS , 551 gi gf lr: Ss is XR ,X x ' H 3 f 'Y . 'x . 5 x z If L N f A 51 , m Ll ,l-wil? ' 2 " J' 1 Q. X' ,X A 3 w 1 X .r 6' A ' im -X ,i X, f A - f a W, XY ,f f' V5 ' , . Ym...L4,e.J in Q1 ,r J' 1 if I s 5 u -5 A, .sf .ng a ,M f 'ia Q, k aw-f m ,Ex il I . 1' L f 1. 4 4'ffcf1Yf2 S ug, ,. F5 il . ,,,,,,f 1f1C.HA t W "Un, fc. - ' ILANA MOTYKA lfcarboak Staff , i X I wf RD - ' .9 vknfx, t 11 AXJ1' NV 4 Ifcfflffv' QNX - AYLXB xx C , ,U M XX'Iu-elm, J. Iirnwn. N. l7itllMllI'iCk, Iwforin. J. Oluchnigki. 'lf Ililow. K I7i.u1w1nl. D Cm. . 'X Plillk N floss D S1 R Rlustl I 'llllff TNT! P t Ac! R Cl A N.lr1I.l. D I V.nnArsJ.1lc-. M, Morrison, Aisistxmt Editor, I. Motyka, J. Riclmrds, ,I H.Il'l'fi. -I. Pzliflu. P. u mt. ' . ., , . . ..wyc1', . ' 1. '. 2K1 , 1 Ul'1'l', xlswr. fnn, I.. Dalh- ..1I'mntu, Awismnt Manager. F. Blake, J. Gould. 28 611155 of 1959 ii SENIOR OFFICERS: Stephen Lunsted, Vice-Presidentg jane Harris, 'l'rcnsui'crg David Casimint President, and Katherine Diamond, Secretary. 29 SL L . U ., 'H , 3. ' Q . . X junior 511155 ,Q TQ 5' 1 , 'F N , Ugg r.m if .gg 'K .fi pf HSN Q 'iw Sgfplzomorc' 5l1l.S'5 ng if 54 'i. ' "'i'ZSVQ+-E' S' Q! Q Y Q g Q P WA .f "Af f- 'YY - f'- .. '-,, . .' k lx Y K . Q . s 5 oo . , - kekglr A ,.' N i .K In review. KNEIZLING: hI.liUI'CUL'c2AlI7fA1iI1.BI'CI'lLlLlIXi2lffll'1. STANDING, lcft to right: Judy Valley. Ruth Anderson, Dorothy Sawyer, Irurrninc BIAllI1l'.llI, Lois Shaw, -Illflift Thompson, Priscilla Cournoycr. r A .nn I rw! A Aww Q Y 'V 2 Stopping high. 32 k S K C 'rf .- ,, , + Q 9 . A 59 Q, tl l W 1- 2 6'l4lI7l' ff f rd 1571144 Q D SEATED, left to right: Judy Holman, William Slavin, Mary Fitzpatrick, Susan Cross, Lois Aaronson, Phyllis Wheeler, Bruce Donati, Martha Meacham, Ruth Thompson, David Aldrich, Grover Robinson, Richard Lashua, Thomas Hildreth, Paul David- son, joyce Desmarais, Richard Higgins, Peter Oinonen. STANDING, left to right: Nancy Arceci, Barbara Radicioni, Shiela Belanger, Kenneth Clements, Alfred Gauthier, john Ladeau, Mitchell Gauthier, Marjorie Ladeau, Marie Lehtomaki, Charles McLain, Calvin Parent, Gordon May, Paul Cobleigh, Judson Donaldson, Mr. O'Donnell. In the auditorium. 1. .. .. .f r, l'l Trl On the field. I 33 ? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS, SEATED: Frances Tardiff, Susan Cross, jane Harris. Ilana Motyka, Theresa Hilow. FACULTY COMMITTEE, STANDING: Miss Ruth Child, Mr. Charles Russell, Mr. Richard Porter, Mr. Guy B. Staples, Mr. William Properzio, Mrs. Rita Roy. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X z 54 f I 3 s 'f 7 of 5 L. afiomzl flwwr Society Murdock's National Honor Society was established to increase interest in studies and promote citizenship. Honor- ary members of the Society are recognized for qualities of scholarship, character. leadership and service to the school. New members are chosen during their junior year by a faculty committee and permanent membership is awarded to the members at Commencement if their scholas- tic average has remained constant. 34 SAS. OFFICERS, left to right: David Gauthier, vice-presidentg Rita Ricord, treasure-rg jane Harris, secretary: David Cnsavant, presidents fudmf ,4 cfivify rfciefy The Student Attixity Society is an organization to pro- mote various extrai'urrit'ular activities. It is headed by Your oliliiccrs lirom thc junior and senior classes and repre- sentatives from c-.uh class. Memhershiiw to the SAS, entitles students to go to home hasehall and football games free and to away games tor hall' prite, The tees ol' our organization help the l'inant'ial needs ol' our hand, cheerleaders and majorettes. SAS Rlfl1liliSlfN'l4A'l'lVES. left to right: lirenda Martin, junior rcpi'csmtativt-3 Marianne VanArsdale. senior representative: Timothy XVilliainx, sophomore rt-prescntativeg Judy Holman, sophomore rcprescnta t ive A 1 E 2, 2,4 f-, A L, si 3 r .4 jg iz, 1 Q9 PM . . 'f W' ,J I f N :gg S 4 if lx , in u f I mlwm vyl K if -J il -3 J X O L1 n 0 fs ii , ,gs 10 Lwe and SENIOR PLAY CIOMMI'I"I'lilZS Tirlu'f1.fy Susan Cross, Mary Fitzpatrick. P1'01rcrli41r.' David Ililu, Stephen I.umlstui, Kcnncth NAV, David C2lSl1N'LlI1f, Frul Dwmldswn. Funk I'ukI1.1m. Publirily: Frul Prlgikc! Ruger Hunt. U,rlvcr.r.' Phyllis Xwlicclcn Duruthy S.lXX'yl'Y', Rim Rimini, Jeanette Moiin. liiuincis 'Ii.miiff, hiLlLlI'L'CI1 Murriwn, janv Harris. CbL7f,L7'l?!1l11.' liiinn llullvtutcg sl.miic Oluhnicki, Norma Pierce. Adi: jenn Ridwrds, Sumn Cfrnwss, Stcplun i.llI1NiL.l4i, Dmmld Lnpointc, Jmix' Nnquis, Rodney Ginn. Vrui Blake, l.uuic Dellzisantn. fzrucs Guuld. Nurnm Piping -luyac l'fciflL', Dorothy Sgiwvcr. Botti' Fihluy, 3 ik 'Q N X . X tw H . K- 51. K . '7'ffifi?" S l W Q gilt '3"f4 .J n KW I I i K - 1 wir. Q 1 H A . . . .tg-?.,:,.. iii af , le T. ' , , ' V' -v.. N.-mfgv., . . , 5 y f f Q 5,f..w-'4L',f k ,,. 4 .. 55' ' 9. ,. uw X.,,w M, ,--,,,,...,,N.v-ea - L xx ,uma K ev ,- qyfl I, 1- - N ' ,..,,. f 5 A if .. -.,f , A V -M . 415' , 3. X 5, QQ! ' s WJ Q - . N tiki 3. ' 'I' vb I ,n 5 hi ..L 50 milf' . NN. , - Y.. yy Q. . i 2- , 4 S X ig. F gs Q. L .L . 554- g .. -K 'J fl fo . K A mill R x A55 N? X X , 5 Q. 57 R 9 'WS' r P5551 qfi aw V BOYS' HOME ECONOMICS They will make some girl a good husband. 611111 DRAFTING They apear to have all the angles figured. LATIN It killed the ancient Romans and now it's killing me. ARCHERY An arrow in the hand is worth two in the bush. DRIVER EDUCATION Drive carefully. The life you save may be mine. BIOLOGY So that's the story about the birds and the bees 'rf' 4'. .1 1. - 5 Xi x 5 W X K sig-21 Q. - -1: .pf A .zwfiitw Y. . X - In September of '56, the present Seniors chose their Sophomore class officers. Stephen Lundsted was elected to the office of President, David Casavant served as Steve's right-hand man in the position of Vice-President, Kath- erine Diamond became Secretary, and john Mizhir was placed in charge of financial affairs. Mr. Hawke was in- vited to provide the adult supervision for our enterprises. He accepted the position of Class Advisor and we were under way. The first thing on the agenda was to fatten up our meager bank account. Four food sales plus a Swedish Meatball Supper in November all added to the "general cofferf' The biggest money-making event of the year was the Sophomore Hop, which was held on February 15, 1957, at the Clark Memorial Auditorium. It was decorated in the traditional red and white Valentine motif. In April of that year, after much dissension among the troops, square class rings were ordered. Mr. Hawke, in the beginning of the junior Year, again served the class as advisor, working with President David Casavant, Vice-President Steve Lundsted, Treasurer and Head Money-Changer jane Harris, and Secretary Rookie Diamond. Later on in the year, Mr. Hawke asked to be relieved of his position as advisor, and Mr. Porter took the job. All the class could turn over to him at the time, how- Hlrzss flisirfry by jean Kicluzrds ever, was a very undernourished pocketbook. This be- came the trademark of the Class of '59. Mr. Porter and the class officers immediately embarked on rectifying the situation by trying to arouse some enthusiasm for "getting out and selling" Murdock stationery and holding a maga- zine drive. We also sponsored a holiday dance on Decem- ber 20, 1957, in the Assembly Hall. The theme was in accordance with the season. A huge decorated Christmas tree was set up in the middle of the stage to add some real holiday atmosphere. In October, many flushed and eager faces shone around Murdock. The big event they were waiting for was the arrival of class rings. Everyone was satisfied, even though their pocketbooks had shrunk. However, there was more work to be done earning money, and the class quickly set about selling Christmas cards. This project proved a real success, much to the delight of advisor and stu- dents alike. This was also true of the cake-decorating class. Soon winter vanished and in came spring. fTra La! Tra Lalj. Around Murdock everyone seemed to be suffer- ing from spring fever except one little group that was very busy. Ah, it was the Juniors! Their project was the junior Prom, the dance of the year for all classes. It is considered the most expensive event of the year and very seldom produces a profit. Each of us soon had a task to do but everyone worked diligently, and on April 25, the juniors presented their Prom at the Clark Memorial Audi- torium, which was decorated for the spring season with pink apple blossoms and pink and white streamers. This, like our Christmas Dance, was done in the popular cabaret style. Also during April, Ilana Motyka and Jane Harris won first and second prizes respectively in the Historical Essay Contest. Junior Ushers were soon chosen by the Class of 1958. They were Judy Marquis, Jean Richards, Marjorie White, Louis Dellasanta, Roger Hunt and Donald Patria. Finally, June rolled around and the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" floated through the ivy halls. The Juniors, realizing that their last task of the year was upon them, set about decorating for the Senior Reception and the other commencement activities. Finally it was time for the Class of 1959 to enter upon its last year of activity in Murdock. The students who had held the positions of class officers in the previous year, again were elected to serve in the same capacities. The first big event of the year was, of course, class pictures, with Purdy Studio doing the honors. There was much feverish activity on the part of the class officers, advisor, and photographer to produce satisfied customers, but that they did, and very well, too. The bank account was still not as high as it should have been, however. To remedy this, another successful Christ- mas card drive was conducted, plus the very popular record hops and an additional food sale. After this, on October 29, 1958, a delicious Spaghetti Supper prepared by Vic Amenta, was put on. Norma Pierce served very competently as chairwoman of the supper committee. It was an outstanding success. This supper was followed by several more record hops. On December 11, 1958, the Seniors received their class pictures and that same night presented the annual Senior Play. The cast included Marianne Van Arsdale, Louis Dellasanta, Gloria Blake, James Gould, Judy Brown, Katherine Diamond, Joyce Pfeifle, and John Mizhir. Prompters were Mary Fitzpatrick and Theresa Hilow. It came off very successfully under the capable direction of Mr. William Jacoby. After this, everyone settled back, but not for long. Work on the yearbook was resumed at full speed. The staff in- cluded Editor Ilana Motyka, Assistant Editor Maureen Morrison, Business Manager Jean Richards, Assistant Busi- ness Manager Donald LaPointeg and Jane Harris, Kath- erine Diamond, Phyllis Wheeler, Jeannette Morin, Theresa Hilow, Janice Olechnicki, Frances Tardiff, Betty Sibley, Norma Pierce, Louis Dellasanta, Frederidc Blake, Arthur Shaw, Steve Lundsted, Rodney Ginn, Marianne Van Ars- dale, Judy Brown, Dorothy Sawyer, David Casavant, Joyce Pfeifle, Judy Marquis, Rita Ricord, Mary Fitzpatrick, and Susan Cross. During this time, the Senior Graduation and Class Day Speakers were chosen. Jane Harris, -Ilana Motyka, and Stephen Lundsted were elected graduation speakers. Phyllis Wheeler, Donald Patria, Marianne Van Arsdale, Roger Hunt, Katherine Diamond, Louis Dellasanta, Jean Richards, and John Mizhir shared the Class Day honors. On January 30, 1959, a record hop was held. It was the last Senior dance of the year. At an assembly that day, the American Legion Oratorical Contest wasxheld. The speakers were Ilana Motyka, Lois Aaronson, Ruth Potter, Harry Amann, Maureen Morrison and Charles McLain. Lois Aaronson won first prize, and Ruth Potter and Ilana Motyka walked away with second and third prizes, re- spectively. For the Junior and Senior years, five girls were elected to the National Honor Society for scholastic merit. They were Ilana Motyka, Jane Harris, Susan Cross, Frances Tardiff, and Theresa Hilow. . In January of '59, Maureen Morrison received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. In the Senior year, also, Jane Harris, Ilana Motyka and Susan Cross were -chosen as Honorary Members of the Winchendon Woman's Club. As our yearbook will be presently going to press, our later activities cannot be included in this history. The trip to Washington in April is the most important of these events to which we are looking forward with pleasure. vplzvmvrc Hap .Sfebruary I 95 7 The light fantastic 8 1 N I, J7 C' i il K i, I Marianne VanArsdale crowned Queen of Hearts by President Stephen Lundsted. Escort George Eckhart shows his approval, 42 Stepping out in style 6111.95 LW!! ,Marianne Vafrflrsdale and Karger J-lun! We, the illustrious Class of 1959 at Murdock High School, famed far and wide for nonsense and irresponsibility, fearing that we are not sane in our actions, admitting that our minds are a little unsteady, do hereby certify, swear, and attest that the following document is our last Will and Testament. We do hereby bequeath the following desirable and less desirable qualities to those underclassmen and interested parties who have achieved fame in the eyes of the Senior Class: To the SCHOOL COMMITTEE we leave the same old meeting place they have had for a decade. To MR. MEACHAM we leave supports to keep Murdock intact until the new school is constructed. To MR. STAPLES we leave a shatter-proof picture window for his home adjacent to the golf course. To MR. RUSSELL we leave a lie-detector to use on absen- tees. To MR. BENTLEY we leave permanent volleyball poles. To MISS CARBONE we leave our gratitude for her help- fulness in the preparation of our Yearbook. To MISS CHILD we leave a larger secretarial training class. To MR. CLARK we leave a book on child psychology. To MR. COTE we leave our sincere thanks for the con- ducted tours through the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and the Eiffel Tower. To MISS FIELD we leave three students who have heard of Shakespeare. To MRS. FREEDMAN we leave a year's supply of cafeteria tickets to that she won't have to carry her dinner pail. To MR. HAWKE we leave a collision clause on his insur- ance policy. To MR. IACOBY we leave our deepest thanks for the work he contributed to our Senior Play. To MR. MOTYKA we leave a cooperative physical science class. To MR. O'DONNELL we leave a Christmas Chorus that can sing. To MR. PORTER we leave 10 free lessons from Dick Hutchinson on archery, also our deepest thanks for the great job as our class advisor. To MR. PROPERZIO we leave a bottle of sunstroke pills for use on the playground. To MRS. ROY we leave a super market so that she won't have to keep calling in for her orders. ARTHUR AMENTA leaves his father's recipe for meat- balls to his cousin, Vic. LILLIANNE BELLETETE leaves her collection of English books to her sister, Bernadette. FRED BLAKE leaves his flirting habits to Gerald Bailey. GLORIA BLAKE leaves her baton to Brenda Martin. JUDY BROWN leaves to catch up with John. DAVID CASAVANT leaves his Popeye appetite to Dennis. MICHAEL CASEY leaves his quiet ways to Arthur Murphy. WILLIAM COURTEMANCHE leaves his great size to Bob Lefebvre. SUSAN CROSS leaves her bashfulness to Jackie Brow. LOUIS DELLASANTA leaves for an acting career in Hollywood. He expects to play opposite Brigitte Bardot. KATHERINE DIAMOND leaves the school being most popular. FRED DONALDSON leaves his peaches and cream com- plexion to the cafeteria for advertising purposes. CLASS WILL-Continued ROBERT DUNCHUS leaves the State of Massachusetts with one less deer-spelled D-E-E-R. JOHN ENRIGHT leaves to become a fireman. DAVID FALES leaves his high I.Q. to be divided among the Sophomores. MARY FITZPATRICK leaves her extensive wardrobe to Nancy Arceci. THERON FLINT leaves a roadmap for any underclass- man wanting to take a trip. RODNEY GINN leaves the parking lot full of trenches. JAMES GOULD leaves to see the world. JANE HARRIS leaves her position 'as class treasurer-with the sheriff close behind. THERESA HILOW leaves play prompting happily. ALLAN HOLMES leaves to join the Ford garage. ROGER HUNT leaves Linda to go to Paris and become an artist. ROBERT KARVONEN leaves his intellectual curiosity to Eddie Vaine. JAMES LAFOND leaves, in hopes of becoming rich. DONALD LAPOINTE leaves, hoping Murdock will still be here for his children to graduate from. STEPHEN LUNDSTED leaves Senior Math, confused. JUDY MARQUIS leaves her sunny disposition to Susan McNamara. KENNETH MAY leaves his taxi service to Andy St. Pierre. JOHN MIZHIR leaves the undergraduate girls heart- broken. 5 JEANNETTE MORIN leaves with a diamond. S QM 0 1' 6. MAUREEN MORRISON leaves a vote for the next Con- federate president. ILANA MOTYKA leaves her writing ability to Frank Parks. JANICE OLECHNICKI leaves her experience in selling magazines to the Sophomore Class. DONALD PATRIA leaves Jackie without someone to argue with. FRANK PECKHAM leaves Murdock far behind. JOYCE PFEIFLE leaves to join Jerry. NORMA PIERCE leaves her Oscar, for the biggest line, to Marilyn Maliska. JEAN RICHARDS leaves to go to Notre Dame-no, not to attend school, just to see someone graduate. RIT A RICORD leaves a special typing eraser to the Secre- tarial Training Class. REBECCA ROBBINS leaves her Sears Roebuck driving license to Alice Plante. DOROTHY SAWYER leaves, still laughing. ARTHUR SHAW leaves his smile to Roddie McDowell. BETTY SIBLEY leaves her red hair to the fire department. FRANCES TARDIFF leaves her "A" in bookkeeping to Brenda Dionne. ARTHUR THERRIEN leaves his great size to Harry Amann. LAWRENCE THURLOW leaves reluctantly without Nancy. MARIANNE VAN ARSDALE leaves her Oscar, for the nicest figure, to Barbara Hadmack. PHYLLIS WHEELER leaves to find an airline pilot to marry. ghgfffc, GLORIA BLAKE KATHERINE DIAMOND 44 X 0026 - Q il, N ,giv 4' 43420 . QLSWJL I0 mio Prom What do we do next? .Aprzl f be on 'Q 0 . bd 7958 xxx 3513 - A L Q- - :xx X f- A 8 x X. -. N m X . X X. X .N-Q1--, X x g Wx x..,wkx5.X,. K X X X N XXX X ,W ,QY QNX -WX x N fs? 11 As we come to the end of our school days, let us look ahead and see what is prophesied for our classmates. ARTHUR AMENTA has just completed his latest book "How to Eat Ten Pounds of Spaghetti and Survive." LILLIANNE BELLETETE has just entered the Annual Indiana- polis Speedway. "Good Luck, Lili." FRED BLAKE has just been awarded the "Personal Achievement Award." The inscription reads, "To The Great One and Only- Freddie, The Freeloaderf' GLORIA BLAKE has been promoted to head of the Mistletoe De- partment at the Winchendon Flower Shop. JUDITH BROWN, because of her great success in the Senior Class Play, is now teaching Polish at Murdock High School. DAVID CASAVANT is now head football coach for the Water- ville Water Lilies. We hear they have a perfect record-haven't won a game yet. MICHAEL CASEY, we hear, has been elected President-that is, President of the Happy Hunters Club. WILLIAM COURTEMANCHE-"Crazy Legs Co0tie"-is now teaching his latest dance steps at the local Arthur Murray Studio. SUSAN CROSS is modeling bathing suits for Eskimos in Alaska. FREDERIC DONALDSON has just finished his latest book "How to Graduate in Ten Easy Lessons." ROBERT DUNCHUS is now teaching FRANK PECKHAM to kill deer. QWe mean the four-footed deer.J JOHN ENRIGHT is teaching courses in Public Speaking at Babble Unirerrily. 511155 Prvphccy Katherine Diamond and fouis Dcllasanta DAVID FALES is employing his unusual talents to send off rockets to the moon. MARY FITZPATRICK, voted most sophisticated in her class, is teaching her technique to the common people. THERON FLINT is now a successful owner of his own business fThe Diamond Match Companyj. RODNEY GINN, better known as Tarzan, is leaving for Holly- wood to make a new picture. JAMES GOULD is now telling Mighty Mouse what to do at the Clark Memorial. JANE HARRIS is a multimillionaire-thanks to the Class of '59, THERESA HILOW is now manufacturing midget walkie-talkies so that play prompters will no longer have to holler to be heard. ALLAN HOLMES is designing maps for the American Map Com- pany. He got his experience in Mr. Hawke's history class. ROGER HUNT is still looking for the deer he once shot. fHope you find it some day, Jerrylj ROBERT KARVONEN is now an assistant in P.O.D. class be- cause of a bond of friendship with a certain teacher. REBECCA ROBBINS is now Secretary of the Interior in the cabinet of President JAMES LAFOND. She is sponsoring a bill to make the U. S. 100 per cent farm territory. DONALD LAPOINTE, "Growl," the well-known debater, has just left for Mars. We know that with his power of conversa- tion he can convince the Martians to come to earth. STEPHEN LUNDSTED is at present taking lessons from Liberace on "How to Smile and Like It." JUDITH MARQUIS, now Mrs. R. B., resides in Gardner to take care of all the little R. B.'s. KENNETH MAY is now head mechanic at Louie's Texaco Station. KNOW we know why those cars won't run!J JOHN MIZHIR is operating a hotel in Boston for Champion- ship Football Players. Their motto: 1'Drop in any time, day or night!" JEANNETTE MORIN is the happiest girl around. She's now Mrs. Wilfred Goyette. MAUREEN MORRISON is drawing a comic strip called, "The Adventures of Dick Shine." ILANA MOTYKA has now taken the place of Univac. JANICE OLECHNICKI is a secretary for Dick Clark's American Bandstand. She's in charge of friendly relations. DONALD PATRIA, the great fullback of Murdock High School, has signed a new contract with the "Waterville Water Lilies." FRANK PECKHAM is playing hockey for the Bruins of the Waterville Hockey League. JOYCE PFEIFLE now charges admission to any member of the Senior Class Play cast who wishes to see her barnyard animals. NORMA PIERCE has just finished the wearisome task of mov- ing California to her back yard. CAre you still homesick, Norma?J JEAN RICHARDS is in charge of the co-educational program at Notre Dame High School. RITA RICORD has just invented defrustration pills for nervous driver-education pupils. DOROTHY SAWYER has her own comedy program on TV- "Sawyer and Blake, the 'Krazy Kittens'." ARTHUR SHAW has just signed a contract with the Ipana Tooth- paste Company for his wonderful Colgate smile. BETTY SIBLEY is part owner of the Winchendon Laundromat. QThanks to hubby, Dick.J FRANCES TARDIFF is still trying to prove her theory that square dancing is not for Squarer. ARTHUR THERRIEN, commonly known as "Giant," will soon be seen wrestling with "Killer Kowalski." LAWRENCE THURLOW is still trying to blow his way out of Murdock Assembly Hall. MARIANNE VAN ARSDALE, an airline stewardess, is in charge of the nonstop flight from Fitzwilliam to Winchendon. PHYLLIS WHEELER is now giving piano recitals at Carnegie Hall. Bill is holding the candelabra. LOUIS DELLASANTA has just been promoted from stock boy to head cashier at Jeffers' Super Market. QWe hear he has connections.J KATHERINE DIAMANTOPOULOS has just finished her new book "How to be True to Your Boyfriend." We hear she has sold one million copies-all to one person. fRight, Flint?J 1959 JUNIOR USHERS Brenda Martin, Carol Dellasanta, Evi Ots, Stuart Betourney, David Gauthier, Dennis Casavant. K Xix' if ' Class Ualvrs d PITRPLIZ mi Wm'1'1 ,X . X, X , N 'Sk rf QM xx f X ff' ,XX M ff Class ,flffflfflf ' ' Nil xml 115' c' 1 x ' H111 I IUU IX IIN' I ,,, . I I, HUA' IIIHIHIIL' 6711155 ikrwvr XVI IITIT ROSIT 48 Zlass Omfim by john ,Mizhir I am very happy to see so many friends of the Class of 1959 here to attend our exercises today. As class orator, it pleases me greatly to know that a large number of the citi- zens of Winchendon are about to hear a startling piece of news-yes, even more sensational than that article in the papers of January 24. And what is this news which will make all of you here today sit up and listen with rapt attention? just this: You need no longer worry about the building or financing of a new Murdock High School. The members of our class have for almost two years known about the new plan, but they have kept it a secret. You may ask, "How can 49 people keep a secret?" and I answer, "Only a group of such strong character as the present seniors could boast of such a feat." Now, let me give you the facts: When you leave these exercises today, I would like you to wait until the sky is almost completely dark. Then go out on your lawn and look directly West. A gleam of light will appear and sweep majestically across the sky. And what is this gleam? Another Russian satellite? No, my friends, it is MUR- DOCKNIK, the amazing rocket that is not a rocket. Because of certain influence which the seniors have with the government since they first began to save money for their class trip, the officials in charge of the space pro- gram agreecl to turn over their largest rocket, completely pressurized for human beings, to Murdock High School. The rocket was secretly launched during our visit to Wash- ington in April and not a word about it has appeared in the papers. MURDOCKNIK contains a total of 14 soundproof rooms, each with 36 desks and chairs firmly anchored to the floor. Seat belts are provided so that the students will not be released to the ceiling because of the lack of gravity. The teachers are also firmly fastened to their desks, an improvement we wish had been included in the present l W Murdock High School. When classes pass, seat belts are loosened and the stu- dents fly to the next room in which their classes are held. Now you may have some questions to ask, such as, "How is MURDOCKNIK heated?" The answer is, "By the,sun, around which MURDOCKNIK will circulate for twelve hours a day, returning to its moon orbit every evening." Mr. Kenneth Clement has been secretly given instruction in the steering and operation of the generators, and is highly in favor of any plan by which he no longer has to stoke an ancient boiler. The next question is, "How will the students go back and forth?" The answer is, "By BUSSNIK." Instead of beginning school just after Labor Day, a fleet of EDDIE GUERTIN BUSSNIKS will leave for our satellite three days early. By following this plan, students will be able to attend classes in the usual way by a platoon system. If you wish to know what fuel will be used in the BUSS- NIKS, I will tell you. Because of certain influence which I, myself, have with an oil company, the MIZHIR ROCKET FUEL will be available at a very low rate. The BUSSNIK should get .50,000 miles to the gallon. A space platform near MURDOCKNIK allows the students to disembark comfortably and to board the rocket as it goes by. The platform will be traveling at the same speed as the rocket. Of course the teachers must expect such disadvantages as notes from parents saying, "Please excuse Mary, as she missed the BUSSNIK," or, "johnny fell off the space platform yesterday and we expect him home by tomorrow." You realize that these' are minor faults and to be easily corrected. Don't forget, friends of Murdock, go out tonight and look in the Western sky for the finest invention of all, the new MURDOCKNIK! Amenta, Arthur . Belletete, Lillianne . , A. Blake, Fred .. .. Blake, Gloria . Brown, Judith . .. ,. Casavant, David .,,,dr.. Casey, Michael . . Courtemanche, William Cross, Susan . . Dellasanta, Louis . Diamond, Katherine . . Donaldson, Fred . .. . Dunchus, Robert . . Enright, John Fales, David Fitzpatrick, Mary ,,.,, Flint, Theron . ,,., . Ginn, Rodney ,,,,. Gould, James . .. . Harris, Jane ,u,, . Hilow, Theresa .u...,r 611155 GMS Phyzhs Wheeler and Donald Petrie To you, Arthur, we give this wave lotion to keep those waves always in place. To you, Lillianne, we give this scooter so that you won't have such a long walk home. To you Fred, we give this little black book so that you will always have a date for Saturday night. To you, Gloria, we give this picture of Woody Woodpecker to remind you of your giggle. To you, Judy, we give this patient to recall to you those days at the hospital. To you, Dave, we give this gavel in memory of your days quieting down class meetings. To you, Mike, we give this story of Don Juan to remind you of your reputation as a ladies' man. To you, Bill, we give this golf trophy for your many great deeds on the Tavern course. To you, Sue, we give this rubber hose so that you may always keep your pupils in line. To you, Louie, we give this doll in memory of the day you first realized there was a female sex. To you, Rookie, we give this whistle to referee the bouts among your boyfriends. To you, Fred, we give this diploma for which you've worked so long! 'lic you, Bob, we give this special permit to reenter Streeter School and join Irene's c ass. To you, John, we give this hook and ladder to use when you become a fireman. To you, Dave, we give this Oscar for your backstage work at the Senior Play. To you, Mary, we give this clarinet guaranteed not to squeak. To you, Buddy, we give this hammer to repair the dents you put in your father's car. To you, Rod, we give this book. We understand you have never had much use for one. To you, Jimmie, we give this "Dennis the Menace" book so that you may always play mischievous pranks. ' To you, Jane, we give this pushcart to help you carry home that load of books. To you, Theresa, we give this subscription to "How to be the Life of the Party," although we doubt if you'll ever need one! 50 Holmes, Allan ....,.. Hunt, Roger ......... Karvonen, Robert . Lafond, James ,...e.. LaPointe, Donald . Lundsted, Stephen . Marquis, Judith .,... May, Kenneth .e,,.,. Mizhir, John ..... Morin, Jeannette ...... Morrison, Maureen Motyka, Ilana ....... Olechnicki, Janice ........ .. Patria, Donald ..... Peckham, Frank ........ Pfeifle, Joyce .,....V.. Pierce, Norma ..V..r. Richards, Jean i,,..,. Ricord, Rita .........,. . . Robbins, Rebecca ..,..,,, Sawyer, Dorothy .,.... Shaw, Arthur .......,. Sibley, Betty ..... Tardiff, Frances ...... Therrien, Arthur .,...... Thurlow, Lawrence Van Arsdale, Marianne ....... Wheeler, Phyllis ...... .... To you, Allan, we give this new French cologne guaranteed to attract any girl. To you, Roger, we give this Halloween mask that will al- ways keep your friends laughing. To you, Bobby, we give this package of "Bubb-L-Vites" so that you will never lose that pep and energy. To you, Jimmie, we give this pin curl permanent so that you may always keep those curls. To you, Don, we give this toy bear to remind you of your nickname. CGrowlJ To you, Steve, we give this mule so that you may always have some competition in being so stubborn! To you, Judy, we give this mirror in order that you may always see the prettiest girl in our class. To you, Kenny, we give this 1959 Chevrolet so that the Smithsonian Institute can put yours on display. To you, Johnnie, we give this famous book on excuses so that you may never be without one. To you, Jeannette, we give this well-known Parisian cookbook guaranteed to please any husband. To yogi, Maureen, we give this book of romantic poems so that you may read them to Di . To you, Ilana, we give this time card, and thank you for the many hours you put in as our yearbook editor. To you, Jan, we give this comb and brush so that you may always have the prettiest hair in the class. To you, Donnie, we give this football to remind you of the wonderful job you did on the team. To you, Frank, we give these bobby pins to set those wavy lodcs. To you, Joyce, we give this baseball and bat to remind you of your little Oscar. To you, Norma, we give this note of thanks in appreciation of the hard work you did at our senior spaghetti supper. To you, Jeannie, we give this book on "Twenty Ways to Kill Your Patient," by Dr. Catchum N. Killum. To you, Rita, we give this cushion to use when you become a secretary if the lap you sit on happens to be hard. QU To you, Rebecca, we give this hoe to start you on your career as a farmerette. To you, Dottie, we give this recording of your famous laugh. To you, Artie, we give this French Vocabulary Book with special answer sheet guaranteeing you'll pass any French test. To you, Betty, we give this pair of roller skates so that you may get to see Dick faster. To you, Franny, we give this pillow so that you may see over the dashboard while driving. To you, Arthur, we give this bottle of miracle tonic guaranteed to put inches on your height. To you, Larry, we give this contract with the "XWaterville Jazz Quintet." To you, Marianne, we give this copy of "Live and Let Live" so that you will never forget the great job you did as class actress. To you, Phyll, we give this parachute which will come in handy when you be- come an airline stewardess. 5l fn ' Yi., Xf ,. E . 1, it 5 u 55:5 5. - :fp 1 . il-I . ga ukxif' , ,Qi ' , 5 1345, R Q..-V fel 2' . W . 1 Kim .L .1. ,,f51., ,V 9'- . I H 5 'xv we 5 . ' 1. mv-s-W. ax- ,. gpg yy 5 z -K ,ZLQL ,gh X,,, .wflgfz ",i -Y li. ' A , gf 5. -,.. ,. . M X .. . -E4 X 5, M. f A . . -gr -L., f an - F'W3E.QAf-.f"i?Kf1-k- .. ' A' 2 1 4 , -4, . W JL, 33"m.f. M K' . X R 1 Moy! Talkatire .. f 'f if 1 GLORIA BLAKE ,v. U I dw eufiv i .1?vpulxqj, A' V 'JOHN MIZHIR 4 f 1' Q we wY 'IAMONDES 1 S . fENA'i,. B Ag i Wi2 , , N V. ,Q my A if 4, . V .fb ' ,P 6242 W . Q ,ff -V if s W ' W mf k 'S BMI Laalfirlg JUDY INIARQUIS DONALD PATRIA ' fan: f- V: W' ink. Q . ,LSE 1 in ., . Q! 1. Q. . -f'VLe , . vga k .. -Q .,,. . ,V wifi ,S 7 951 'Q -,-.Aff .,, 1 'x ggi., . X. 4 :,. ,Y Vx" . ' , Lf ,yy Hg Lf,-. W ,. At,, . 851451383 . ,f , , MAA,L A Bm DMM! 1' fl QMARY FITZPATRICK 'hA. T h f m DONALD PATRIA , Cla: KATHERINE FRED L.. Lf, . -'3 if?-g. .A H, .A f f rw . :hifi g.1 XEQLF-3 'Wi ,gwss We wif .Q ?3mf . f 553 3 Q sz .4 .ig K .si , w l 1 . HMQ " "k' 'z zz 1 ' f -', , h x M .. .38 25351, i,xg,i'Q S . . . ', w ..,w is 1' y 3 X 5 is N1 KR., M.. .'.,1-1-Q X. i N , Y X e . XX x XXX KX " X x , XX 1- -X ,X K A X . .x u . Xmfiii .jx "WX X X .X Q x Ay :wg X R . XX .fm ,J-W 2 X If PMS Qisirifm L N X22 .,.. .6 1 X N .X- K A Q ki , if A 1 M lflm' ' 101 X . ,X x A' .445 Q Q Xgfq .3 .v .Xi X. V -SYX ,. fi . X X- X Dependable N .fhk JEAN RICHARDS . ' V X X N J w, 'm'kk X .X.XXmDAV!DA QASAVANT 1 X ' X .. . - ' 6 - X fi Y Q CIM D'fT . '4U '5 .DQNAHSX 5 X . ' ' ILANA NI .- . X X, ' A W ' L ' F L . xmkk 1 ' LI A . K . X jf X. iw? X . 1 XX-X K KX A.. . N .. kk .K nf .Q XX mf Xe .X .. .XX .. X g1.sX. X X .5 gy., ' 5 X SX x . X N' X Q.. R X - 1 . X.. X X fx. . Q. .. X551 N? K Y . K' Xkkk X K K - X L 1 93:61 B,gge,,X..Ljm, ' PIERCE XXX. HN' M,ZH,R . . Moy! SoplJi.rzif.1lvd J 4' 33, X- X X X F XX . XXX DONALD LAPOINTE E 'Ex X Y i Ideal enivrs 427 The class of 1959 presents a composite of parts of several seniors which wc believe depicts the ideal senior boy and girl. The seniors and the parts chosen are as follows. MARIANNE VANARSDALE JANE HARRIS MARIANNE VANARSDALE JANICE OLECHNICKI N icerl N icest N iceyt N irert 54 Figure DONALD PATRIA Smile ARTHUR SHAXV Eyef FRED BLAKE Hair ROGER HUNT A gil ' L L ' K , I W if X 'Rx kk. Y, x Q X it s 'K X X X 'lf-RQ ir, f P if ' ""'ls ' is 'S'3Wf.x x f Q 'Q Q' 'wikis tv Q X A xx. jg vw , N K fem 5 f W , -wa V11 NV L W K L :ffmsfibf X., , " W K ,M-fgaxx .V X- max .- M fi,,g,w.1f' gyrf-an A J up f ' , u x Q :A A X 1 - ip- . " M , Las QYFJF Yrs :M , V I 4s,g'3c5,a"'A hi 3 Kr A "fx Ns " if M 3 1 x 'T' -' ."?"'w S gi:..u,..!,fg W-yn-,sv mu .KK 'k4,M. my Q - gum.: 'ZS' Q I M 1,:' 'x5- .N 3 1 L A v ,y-te,-T 'wa vw in-, 'S ww I I K-Q. ' ww' 554 fill tics -fwnjq N.,,.Y,:L,.Wf . f-.V - . M... ,,,.,.,,,,,,.1.,.M,- , .fm ,Y pm' ww-7 " Y 5 l 1 L 1 ,M , F AL A 5 xv :tu 3 1 , . y , - .rv ti Z . 5, , KK X N sxiai 'L 35 5 QSM- - ' K5 3 i E 3 , - 5 1 1 4' X f ' E . ' -mm, i Q Aim ""' E f' -cf a44Txn V 1 If , K ' - fi ? I K ,iiniqzvfggiv . ,. - 6 I f A' - ' "W A 1 f X Nw' A Ii? M' K + - , ' , -- .' 9' Sgff? ' ' ' ' 2" 9 321 . in - 1:5 xg 'vwag 5. gr., Q- . Asxixrmtgfogfb - Cjmzch WARREN N. BENTLEY ' X S64 Juhwf 'fgplglltf 4 i . R 2 2 A is Q i f W K., . S ASQ, 3, glgfz' " 5 fe O ig, m O lf 15ooTBALL ,SEASONS RECORD -Hvlzldfg OPPONENTS I MURDOCK Maher Reg. ....,.. 16 Ware , .O ...,... 6 O ei 22 1 Ludlow ...... .... 6 28 A Frontier ., ,...,., .1.. 0 34 I Amfhgggt Reg, ,..,, ...,. . H12 26 h ArmS Acahdelny ...... .A.. 8 hh 16 Re'ltfSkcififR5ff1g'4l south Hadley. o 42 and DONALD PATRIA 1958 TEAM, FRONT ROW: Dave Hildreth, nmrmgerg Dennis Casavant, Peter Valade, Louie Dcllasnnta, C0-Captain Dave Casavant. Co-Captain Don Patrin, Eddie Fitzmaurice, Harry Amann Buddy Flint, Wfgtfenl-l'Har:is, manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Bentley, Sonny Martin, joe Ludcau, Paul Cuhleighi jim Gould, john Mizhir, Fred Blake, Larry Thurlow, Frank Parks, Chippy Williams, Pbrter. BACKOROW: Eddie Moreau, Bob l.aPointe, Dave Gauhthier, Dick Diotalevi, Johriglhldrcatiss, Ray Ifougqigr,Arr Bfurplmy, Hector Lemire, Stu Betourney. 1 R7 INTER-COUNTY LEAGUE LEADING SCORERS Patria. Murdock Shatos, Mahar Vincent, Arms De. Casavant, Murdock Quink, Ware Fitzgihbons, Ware O'Bricn, Amherst Wfeissman, Arms Da. Casavant, Murdock Reznickiecz, Ware Parkinson, Amherst Kamienski, Ware Flint, Murdock Halgas, Ludlow LaFramboise, Frontier F 60 60 56 50 42 40 40 40 36 28 26 22 18 18 18 LOU DELLASANTA Center X X - 1 4 QV Q -2 ' q,,. is Q " JOHN MIZHIR' ff q C5 - ,End -5 -7151.2 E 't l : 2 58 Co-Captain DAVE CASAVANT Quarterback FRED BLAKE Quarterback Lo C..1pt.1m DON PATRIA Fullback End End Tackle Tackle 'l'iGuard Guard Center Back Back Back Back , LARRY THURLOW Guard INTER-COUNTY LEAGUE ALL-STAR TEAM Looney, Arms Hennessey, Mahar MCQuaid, Ware , , Brodeur, Ludlow Thurlow, Murdock Nanartones, Amherst Dellasanta, Murdock Weissxnan, Arms Dave Casavant, Murdock Shatos, Mahnr Patria, Murdock f - or Qc -ar E - 9 ' ' dl? N l y 7 ,X "f l . 9 W all U, ,s" ff V?-fl ovvotmo JIM GZULD 59 En DEBUT MARRED BY MAHAR In their opening game Murdock in- vaded Orange only to be set back 16 to O by a heavy Mahar Regional team. Early in the game the Mahar Senators found a weakness in the Murdock defense and combined long passes and short line gains for two quick scores, Murdock fought back gallantly but without the services of quarterback Dave Casavant, injured in a pre-game scrimmage, the Blue Devil at- tack sputtered. Finding themselves behind 16 to 0 early in the ball game Murdock took to the air and made several thrusts into Senator territory but failed to score. MURDOCK SCALPS INDIANS Dave Casavant, back in the Murdock lineup, spirited the Blue Devils to a 22 to 6 decision over the Ware Indians. All three Murdock scores came off the ride series which Casavant executed bril- liantly. Casavant was first to score on a keeper around left end, then fullback Don Patria took 'over and battered the W'are line to shreds as he ripped off con- tinuous gains resulting in the second score. A fake ride with a pass to Dennie Casa- vant covered 50 yards for the final score. Eddie Fitzmaurice became the only in- terior lineman to score as he convened on a screen pass. MURDOCK CRUSI-IES LUDLOW In the second home game the Mur- dock offense swung into high gear as the Blue Devils romped over Ludlow 28 to 6. The outcome was obvious before the end of the first half as Murdock scored three times on long runs. Dave Casa- vant started the scoring as he circled right end and outraced defenders into the end zone. A few plays later Don Patria burst through right tackle and raced into pay dirt. Buddy Flint then put the game on ice by scampering 63 yards for the third score. Early in the second half a Dave Casavant pass to brother Dennie was good for the final tally. MURDOCK BURIES FRONTIER In the first fifteen minutes of the game Murdock chalked up 34 points to win a lopsided victory over Frontier Regional. The Murdock team outclassed Frontier in all respects as the Blue Devil backs slashed through the weak Frontier line at will. Don Patria scored twice with drives up the middle while Dave and Dennis Casavant and Buddy Flint each added one to the mounting score. The reserves took over at the fifteen minute mark and played the rest of the game, nearly adding another score, 'T Jffuhu fx ag. ,iff fro 1 ff? 1945, W A ' my Y . ,. :W " hr ,, , fs Q my Z, if 1A8I?4!.,J Q.. sf I N Y 'X . Q Mix rip . , ' f' .Ld 'I w. , ' ofa n - 'M , - ' ' 1 , F f f -f P f- a ' , im X, -. 13, , ae St. Xxx' ' NH rg Q x ,I dl --K .Q 'hw Q' X A ' N t , S t K K ' F 4- e , , 1 ' 1' 2 f- -75:13." 5 V77 't .. , A C K 5 t A h h tug., Q 4' R9 Klfi ' Z Q 1 ii Q V ' N1 fAr'g.HS, ' ' f. 4 . ' r - if - - A , ' f N W I L 6 55: . T Q -' Q . ,f""'x ,N A Q K!X'kr:L X Q' X ' -.1 fl. Q 'Q xv A si ,' 1 wh .1--gm--s-up-...V P. 'C xi xxx ffx'-f". nf 1 6 , QMS, 4 5 ,Mg Af.:- 4 L61 2 gwgsk ' K '-Qw54'ulrg ,K , ,V , Ati. -wie. .4 If. A F sw ?' " Q I i '21-rx " X ' K Q , Q J KZ! , 5 , 4 Y.. ' W Q ., agp Q if " y ME at 54 , Q 'PS Y X X Q IJ' x F K KF? tg x NS ...Q ...Q , N 1 95 8 Football Manage r.r WARREN HARRIS and DAVID HILDRETH FUTURE STARS FRESHMAN TEAM, FRONT: Dick Williams, Phil Johnson, Bill Bentley Dick Gordon Paul Rice, Paul Laperriere, Tom Olechnicki, Terry Richards, Noel Lafortune, Kippcr Raymond and Paul I.nPointe. 1959 Foulball Co-Capmirzf Elerl EDWARD FITZMAURICE and DENNIS CASAVANT gvoflr ll Hanquef ,arf -Q s "'g.aQ Coaches Porter and Bentley with plaques Murdock's three outstanding players, Louis Dellasanta, David Casavant and PWSGDYCJ bythe 1958 Team, Donald Patria with league trophy retired by Murdock with two consecutive championships. Commander Donald Bernard of the Amt-fi. Louis Dellasrmtu honored as most out- Ch05efl 215 the bC'Sf fill-3f0UUd Plflyef, Donald can Legion congratulates David Cglggivant standing lineman by Leo Vaine of the Patria is congratulated by Roland Theroux, on being chosen most outstanding back. Knights of Columbusl Vice-President of the Jaycees. if ' ' X The -1958 Murdock High School Football Team honored at banquet for Murdock alumnus john Tero Main speaker Charles winning the Inter-County League Championship. introducing main speaker, O'Rourke, Head Coach at the University of Massachusetts. 63 Khcerlegzdcr FRONT ROW: Judy Jerome, Jackie Brow, Gloria Blake, Shirley I.aFortune, Carol Dellasanta BACK ROW: Barbara Haclmack, Susie McNamara, Rookie Diamond, Marilyn Maliska, Judy Holman 17N f HX ,-4' fl'- 15' 6 fa M, fy:-5 , MN 7 of! 64 . ',,. lf, R GLORIA BLAKE Captain Coach William Jacoby demonstrates putting to members of the Murdock High School Golf Team ' ' Fl d Donaldson, Bill Avery Gerry Left to right: Bob Murphy, Bill Courtemanche, Tommy agg, ju Bailey, Charlie McLain and Eddie Nove. QW Golf was introduced in 1958 as an inter-scholastic sport at Murdock. Five matches were held with three surrounding schoolsg one with Cushing Academy and two with both Gardner High School and Keene High School. The Winchendon golfers under the guidance of Coach William Jacoby, were able to split their match with Keene and hand Gardner their only defeat of the year. Co-Captains Bill Courtemanche and Charlie Mc- Lain led the team in their successful first year and showed promise of great things to come from the Toy Town High School golfers. Bri L coURTEMA1ffggEp1,,,n, and CHARLIE I 958 Graduates Norman Desmarais, catcherg Ray Clapp, pitcherg jim Gallagher, outfield. LEADING BATTERS Ray Clapp , , ,,,,,,,,. .,.377 Norman Desmarais . ,..... ..271 Dave Casavant . ,,,,,r.244 Louie Dellasanta ,,,,,. , .237 PITCHING RECORDS Dave Casavant Stu Betourney Ray Clapp , X G W L ERA 1 0 2.46 , ,... 5501.99 ,.,8 4 4 3.15 wail? 3 Y 1958 SEASON RECORD MHS ....,,,,,,,,,,,, 17 Narragansett MHS ........,,,,,,,, 2 Athol ,,.., ,.,.... . MHS ,,,..,,,,,,A,,,, 3 Leominster .,,.. MHS ,.,.........,.. 10 Fitchburg ,.,,,,,, MHS.. .,........... 6 Gardner .......i ., MHS ...,,.., . .... 7 Leominster ,,,,, , MHS .,.............. 10 Mahar Regional MHS ,.....,,.... .. 1 Athol .,...,..,,,, MHS ,,,,,,......,,,, 6 Fitchburg ,,,,,.,, MHS ,,,,.,,..,,,.,.. 6 Narragansett ,,,. MHS ,...,,.., ...... 8 Mahar Regional MHS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 4 Notre Dame ,,,, MHS .....,.,....,,.. 1 Gardner ,,,,,,,.,,,. MHS ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, 7 Notre Dame ,,,. X x 1 I 960 flapefuls 3 an Eddie Moreau, infieldg Dave Gauthier, second baseg Leon Chouette, outfieldg Dennis Casavant outfieldg Stu Betoumey, pitcher and outfield. 67 DAVE CASAVANT Outfield valor LOU IE DELLASANTA Shortstop FRED BLAKE First Base Stars JOHN MIZHIR JUN GOU LD Third Base First Base 68 X 69 W X K Ax' , .bt X . ' ' L. G. BALFOUR ' ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING Class Rings - Yearbooks BILL ROWAN AHleboro, Mass. .I Complimenfs of WINCHENDON SAVINGS BANK II2 CenI'raI SI. WINCHENDON, MASS. Complimenis of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WINCHENDON Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION II4 Ceni I SI Winchendo M CompIimen+s X of GENERAL BOX COMPANY Complimen+s of- WI NCH EN DON FURNITURE COMPANY Complimenfs of NEW ENGLAND WOODEN WARE CORPORATION Complimenfs of TH E FALLS COMPANY 72 Ei i ? is Besf Wishes I T +0 i +l1e Class of ? wanchendon- Mas' f I959 I1IA,,,,... Complimenls of WINCHENDON FASHIONS Besi' Wishes fo Class of l959 l 61344416671 l I - sNow FUNERAL HOME, INc. COBLEIGH CLOTHING COMPANY RICHARD F. sNow H I H WILLIAM P. BOWMAN The Men S Slore F. RICHARD LADEAU WINCHENDON TEL. 800 Serving flue Public for Over 50 Years 73 Complimenfs of u ' MoRRlssEAu FURNITURE co. C""'P""'e"'S Before Buying, See Us of Compieie Home Furnishings and Elechic Appliances MURRAY OIL AND WOOD CO. Sluiegjgnd 276 CENTRAL ST. TEL 3so-w Complimenis Complimenfs of of WINCHENDON T0Y TOWN TRANSIT co. TAILLEURS AT YOUR SERVICE C0mPIimeni'5 CompIimen'I's of of LEOMINSTER FLETCHER NOVELTY CORP. FUNERAL HOME JAEEERY BOWLING CENTER Compliments bs of ' F- L- C'-APP 2::z':sE: NOVELTY CO. A A . E0 ?. 1' Jaffery New Hampshire 74 Zum Walaea Complimenis X of 6+ MURDOCK CHENEY BOB SMITH '50 ITE co I Complime,-,fs CompIimenI's mm of of GOUS'-'N'S TWIN OAKS TEXACO STATION CL AM BAR RT. zoz wATeRvuLLe IF ws sooo sooo ,B T I J . T You WANT... Q '4" 'QR?'f ew QW N45 WCW ""' fo fhe ' B I NEIGHBORHOOD I Q STORE HENRY'S DINER Gig Complimenfs Complimenfs of of ROSE'S, INC. WINCHENDON, MASS. CIo+I'aing and Furnifure BEA'S BEAUTY SHOP fan A and 'the Winchen on ourier CompIimen'I's , O of W AT PAT'S WINCHESTER TAILORS ATLANTIC SERWCE 27 Froni S+. Tel. 435 WINCHENDON, MASS. Q W . We Keep Your Car on fhe Go. C0mpIImel'lI'S Cgmplimenfs of K of THE COURIER PRESS I MONROE'S Job Prin+ing Q SUNQCQ Publishers of The gennyb Saver i Q ' I hm IW: Complitmenis is W 0 ' I 1455. 4, v 1 TOY TOWN THE WINCHENDON ' AUTO BODY , FLOWER sHoP Q AND WELDING CORPORATION SPring and Beech S+ree+s gg Winchendon, Mags. I9I GENTRAL sr. WEL. 425 Complimen+s Complimenis 'F of 0 DR. PETER J. SAVAGE S ENSIO OINONEN 1 Com plimenfs of MATHIEU FORD SALES SALES SERVICE Congrafulafions, Graduaies Be'Her See MERRILIJS INSURANCE AGENCY Abou? Hospifal Insurance Complimenfs of GILMORE'S HARDWARE PHILCO Elechical Appliances O'DONNELL'S WINCH EN DON LAUNDROMAT 43 Railroad S+. Tel. 948 WINCHENDON, MASS. Complimenfs of CENTRAL PHARMACY Complimenfs Complimenfs of of DR. LINCOLN THE ALASKA J. MAGEE FREEZER CO., INC. CompIimen+s of PRIMO N. DELLASANTA Woodfurning MAIN ST. TEL. 888 CompIimen+s of KENNEY BRCS., INC. 54 Mechanic Sfreei WINCHENDON. MASS. Manufacfurers of School Furnifure Complimenis of f J. H. DAVENPORT AND SONS, INC. Complimenfs o BROWN PACKAGE CO my ELEM BECKER JUNIOR COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ANDSECRETARIAL SCIENCE A Career School of Business Worcesier. Massachuseiis Associaie in Science Degree DAY DIVISION PROGRAMS Accounfing Business Adminisfrafion Reiail Merchandising Medical Secreiarial Execuiive Secreiarial Transfer privileges wiih many leading colleges COEDUCATIONAL ATHLETICS PLACEMENT SERVICE Cafalog on Reques+ bl Sever Sfreei PL 5-B677 Complimenfs of WINCHENDON COOPERATIVE BANK THE GARDNER NEWS The Home Paper of Norfhern Worces+er Coun'Iy TIM Gfvrdm-New 9 'ii K -...Ku Complimenis of BATEMAN ou. COMPANY M Complimenis of STAN LEY'S JEWELER, INC. 33 PARKER ST. GARDNER, MASS Complimenfs of DR. CELIAN H. ABBOTT OPTOMETRIST ,J BEST POLICY AT Au. 15 fumes E Ls. A. GREENWOOD 5 E .SR ii AND SON, INC 640423 Complimenfs is MEATS of f x I 5 . ew. T X AMENTA WORCESTER Wag - gif BROTHERS COUNTY f E ! ELECTRIC co. Q 'X 6' Complimenis Complimenfs of of DR. JOHN N. THIBERT Den+iS+ DR. F. EARLE HALL 80 Com plimenfs of Compllmenfs UNITED of 5 co-oP EEE 50051. MAY LUMBER co. Complimenfs of THE SUNOCO STATION Mas. D. uzorre, Prop. Complimen+s of DR. A. B. SKELTON AND DR. C. J. ANTONELLIS Complimenfs Complimenfs of of MOTOR SALES, INC. FASHION SHOP li- CENTRAL ST. WINCHENDON. MASS Complimenfs Compliment of of DAVIS HARVEY LAFALAM REAL ESTATE In the Long Run . . you and your friends will prize fhe porfraif fhaf looks like you-your fruesf self, free from sfage effecfs and IiH'Ie conceifs. If is in his "long run" phofography fhaf PURDY success. has been won. Porfraifure by fhe camera fhaf one cannof laugh af or cry over in Iafer years. For presenf pleasure and fufure pride pro- fecf your phofographic self by having PURDY make 'Ihe porI'raiI's. O PLEASING PORTRAITS O PROMPT SERVICE O RIGHT PRICES 367 Boylsfon Sfreef Bosfon. Mass. PURDY Official Phofographer Murdock High School Class of I959 SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES TO ALL STUDENTS OF M.H.S. 82 Besf Wishes Complimenfs From of BRUCE L- NUTVER GEORGE Muzi-HR AND soNs Theafrical Enferprises Range and Fuel on CAPITOL THEATER Winchendon, Mass. Tel. 97 WINCHENDON, MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of WORCESTER JUNIOR COLLEGE WORCESTER MASSACHUSETTS Complimen+s Complimenfs of of THOMPSON'S COAL AND GRAIN SERVICE CENTRAL ST. WINCHENDON. MASS. M' H' Co' Complimenfs Complimenis of I of WINCH ENDON CLEANERS BOB SOLANDER I 83 THE CLASS OF I959 EXTENDS THEIR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO THE MERCHANTS, BUSINESSMEN AND ALL OTHERS WHO H TO MAKE THIS PUBLICATION OF OUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. ELPED Complimenis of BERNARD'S WINCHENDON CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY TWIN HILL GARAGE PAUL BELANGER DAVIS ELECTRIC CO. WARREN TAPPIN INSURANCE DESCHENE'S SHOE STORE NEWTON BROS. ANDERSON'S AUTO BODY SHOP WHEELER PIANO CO. GUY'S CITIES SERVICE MILL OUTLET LAFORTUNE'S JENNY SERVICE STATION JEANNE'S YARN SHOP NOVE'S HORRIGAN'S FERDINAND SCHOERNER GIROUARD'S TAXI STAND DESMARAIS MACHINE WORKS MRS. ROBERT DOODY NATIONAL BOWLING ALLEYS A. P. BATEMAN AND SON CO. THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT J. W. LAWTON THE WALLACE STUDIO JOSEPH L'ETOILE CONTRACTOR WILLIAMS PACKAGE STORE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE BERARD'S BARBER SHOP SIBLEY'S STORE JEFFER'S MARKET C. JOSEPH DR. W. J. SHAUGHNESSY CORNER MARKET SLAVIN'S DRUG STORE SUNSET DAIRY BAR COCHRAN'S TRUCKING CO. GODIN'S STORES PAD-Y-AN, INC. BIBEAU'S MORRISON'S MARKET LECLAIR'S SERVICE STATION VIC'S CLEANERS GOODSPEED'S TOY TOWN BOATS DONATI'S SERVICE STATION ALLEN WHITE DR. L. PAUL BARTHEL CY AND BOBBIE BREHIO LULU'S BEAUTY SHOP SULLIVAN'S ESSO SERVICE CAMP CHANRUDOMA TOY TOWN WOODWASTE L. A. AARONSON SAID M. HILOW JOHN'S CLOTHING CO. DOODY BURIAL VAULTS SAM FELDMAN, REALTOR 84 5 xx ' x f 1 vu , R 3 Friends, Romans, Countrymen . , . Well, here we are! Hass Day I O58 'K .5 X E5 K s s ' .A ' s 1 ' f. 2 !,,.,x5 any-f if W aw i e c X ,. v. 'Q " fi 1 ', X' X' 'Nb K Q , 5 55' xi Q X X fl. 'friEg'3Q?f?1L fffM 5 fggqfg sgfii 44 1' fp 'K l 3 E ggif 55 fgffgi X' v Afif"s?-IK ff'?551?:,3fEli3iii ' . ' Q 1- Sk Af. 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Suggestions in the Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) collection:

Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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