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F... 5... 1 y .w N N 1 if Him P nn ','l, ng vt V br 1- "we '7 " I 5, 4 932. ygazzlh rzgleezjfvaf '---T.A'7'5,'I! lv MLIRDOCK HIGH SCHCOL WINCHENDCJN, MASSACHUSETTS I953 FOREWORD In the years that lie ahead may this book be to us a constant reminder of the happy times we had and the friendships we formed as students in Murdock High School. MLIRDOCK SCHOOL SONG There's a school in this town called Murdockg And her sons and daughters, too, Are all the true supporters Of her glorious white and blue. And whene'er her sons are fighting And would rather die than yield, You can hear the school that backs them up Go singing down the field -- Chorus Oh Murdock, dear Murdock, we sing to youg Lead on to vict'ry neath the White and Blue Oh Murdock, dear Murdock firm as a rock, Give us a cheer-rah! rah! Give us a cheer-rah! rah! Cheer for our Murdock: fRepeatj 2 fa? 5 ' -l,,,2 , -V , - ""-4, YV , ig- a D l- 2 T - "'- N f A ,142 Alfie A, -if fgiiiil -X l IIHIH f ,t kln Jai gf Y E fy X i -1 gn I hrs- Q .-fra. H ff: A 11539 , ,fl I . . AQ . If n fi 1' S15- "'f" ' .uffv Vi 'T 'I j Q il G ' 'F' f Q 2? f , ,nf I X , f I L+-if ,f f--2,151 If AD HURDOLK ScHo0'- ' gi'2WF?+Q4 w - if X fl O - ' NN 4JgnffY:f, Ia si: ,f + ,mf ,ff .eW..., J., 1. ! 3.5 aVi!."Z4Z?i 1' ff f ,f '1- nf!! Ji 1 4 ' 5- f, I pl f ,ix -.X I I X40 gs 4' ' E4 E k' ilyfxx I su 4 4 N N f X I . wffl. . 'Z 1 f -. fffffmiuff' 5 4:21 ! f ' gf ff Q gg, nv nl ll- Ling, it Egr fjllmq f 'Q"' V' I ,, ? , Q4 kgifrafl L 21: 79-'g -I 5fF"? !fl.:l..i '1-vfAf2v'4 .?,cai'ii." "" xt '--' J -"L 'L Y 2 xx ----i.-M -M -.,.-' ---, -1- XA7 ' ""' 0 0 as bil' -'aff X 6' if C-l-ftff'-4' - N K! I., If ff ' - .sal -'rr f jf Z K , - fa- f ff 1 ,X f X Lgf-ffb' ' ,X - CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE DONOVAN S. JONES, Superintendent Well known to all of us is our competent and conscientous superintendent of schools, Donovan S. Jones. He has shown a sincere interest in all our school activities, and has been active in town, as well as school affairs. He obtained his B, S., degree from the University of Ver- mont, and his M. A. from Columbia University. He has served as Superintendent of Schools since 1940. We, the class of 1953, feel he has served our town and schools very well indeed, and we wish to thank him for all he has done to make our school years pleasant ones. 4 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. 1 -. ' . - -"'f'L3l-I li GUY B. STAPLES, Principal Mr. Staples has a record to be proud ofg he has guided many students through their high school years for twenty- six years now. I-Ie holds a B. S. degree from Tufts and Har- vard, and has done additional graduate work at Harvard and Hyannis Teacher's College. He has been a capable and genial principal, and has always been understanding and fair to all. We, the class of 1953, wish to thank him for all his help and guidance in all our school affairs. J CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE RICHARD H, PORTER, Class Advisor In every class there are specific goals and innumerable tasks tocomplete, and the class of 1953 has one person to thank for seeing to it that all our class functions were carried out successfully. He has spent long hours of planning for us, helping us through the two years he has served as our advisor. The one thing we will always remember about him is his friendliness to all, his never failing good humor, and how he has let us work with him rather than for him. We feel he has been more than just a class advisor to usg he has been a friend and congenial leader. Without him we could never have accomplished all that we have. His trust and faith in us have helped us reach our goals. We realize and appreciate all he has done for the class of 53, and we all give our sincere thanks to him. 6 gx Ni , f"f N 6 WI M 6 xx W - mx j 1-' Q Y .,4f nl Anita-Ek: I -5 1 xml X N ' 'TQ-N X , pf 4 K If f I +R' :'fugA?Bu5',h .. x Q Q v X w t? , n,, Q!" 62 QV X m E f . I J HL- .77 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Faculty First Row: Mr. LaFontaine, Miss Hart, Miss Carbone, Mr. Staples, Mr. Perry, Mrs. Roy, Miss Young Mr. Motyka. Second Row: Mr. Russell, Miss Child, Mr. Cormier, Mr. Porter, Mr. McClure, Mr. Aveni Miss Field, Mr, Bentley, Mr. Properzio. 8 r-3? 'pf MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Yearbook Staff Y s " '- 1-' , ,- . ,.,a,.4-,Q gn.-,L W" aan:-att ' "A is-'PI 5' '5',:'Wf' -1, IL .-.. ' . 4 r.. ,A AILKMMAY , -, 4:,.,.,'g1.-V. -'N - : - . ' A ' v. 4:-+-e+"t ' ' '91 'iirlif ' N 4 ' L Robert Hall, Richard Davis, Renelle L'Huil1ier, John Wentworth Much praise goes to "Bob" Hall, editorg Renelle L'Hui11ier, assistant editorg "Dick" Davis, business manager, and John Wentworth, assistant business manager, for the fine work they have done in preparing the yearbook of the class of 1953. Their never-failing energy made it possible for them to un- dertake the job of preparing the yearbook successfully. We wish to thank the staff and all others connected with making the yearbook one to be long remembered by every- one. 9 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Senior Class Officers -36 William Epps, Paul Antonia, Shirlee Oliva, Eleanor May We of the class of 1953 may be justly proud of our select- ion of officers. Much could be written in praise of their fine Work and leadership throughout the year. We feel sure that from the enthusiasm and class spirit they have shown in all the class activities at Murdock High that they will continue to be successful in the years to comeg a credit to the class of 1953 and to the school. - We give our sincere appreciation of work well done and best wishes for the future to Paul Antonia, presidentg William Epps, vice presidentg Shirlee Oliva, secretaryg Eleanor May, treasurer. 10 A N A - 'fi A A .m--"" :'v0w fx PA -gr. 'W' K' max . u' ,ll 1 'ff rg- , CS - 1' ' 'fl' ' ,f A ami? '-w M- . "fi -ff? W Nnwhavvfff Y X A .1 .,,1p,m r t L fm X x- If I X K. X, X - .V xxlx K. I gy K 4 . Vllr ' W Q M 6 xo? E Z 4f"""' 1 I 1 I K 5 1 P DOLORES C. AMENTA vlcupidvu Ambition: To enter into the theatrical world. Hob- biesg Sports, Dancing, Talking, Music, Acting. Ac- tivities: Glee Club 4: Stunt Night 1,2,3g Tourna- ment Plays 2,3g Senior Play Prompterg Junior Usher, Secretary 25 Music Appreciation 1,2,3g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g S,A,S. Director 25 S,A,S. 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staffg Football Rally Committeeg Basketball 1,2,3,4. "She loves to sit and gab awhile, but mischief lurks behind that smile." UE: "' ' A ! A milfs ,J ttyl 'ja' " PAUL ANTONIA P' ' "Tony" . - Ambition: To earn a million dollars. Hobbies: Hunt- ing, Working. Activities: Senior Class Pres., Vice , Pres. 35 Bridge Club 15 S,A.S. 45 Driving Club 2, , ' Class Committeesg Yearbook Staff. ' "Handsome as the day is long, Tony's one we'll f miss when we are gone." 'lg GEORGE C, ARES UlJugll Ambition: To graduate. Hobbies: Trying to ob- tain money, Sports. Activities: Science Club 1,23 Driving Club 1,2g Class Committees, Properties Sen- ior Class Play. "George never wears a grin, but a swell classmate he has been." 1' gf 'I .i' l t,,, WILLIS E. BECKWITH ilBeckll I. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming, Radio. Activities: Basketball 1,43 Class Pres. 1, Driving Club 2g Morse Code 1g S.A,S. 4g Class Committees 1,2,3,4g Senior Play Properties. "What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare." 11 f. V ' N -'TQ' ' ' it-.jtfz iii " El .b. LORRAINE C. BLAKE Ambition: To be a successful secretary. Hobbies: Skating, Dancing, Activities: Treasurer of the S,A,S 4: Membership Drive: Music Appreciation Club: Clais Committees, Honorary Member of Woman's Clu . "Ah pray make no mistakes, we are not shy. We're very wide awake, the moon and I." FERN A.. BOURGAULT "Cudd1es" Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. Hobbies: Dancing, Clothes. Activities: Cheerleader 2: Sec- retary of Camera Club 4: Music Appreciation Club 1,2: Murmurs Staff 4: Senior Class Play: Basketball 1: Year Book Staff: S,A,,S. 1,3,4: Class Will: Class Committees, "Cudd1es is a girl who seems nice and quiet, but with a nickname like that she must be a riot." if MARCIA H. BOUTELLE "Slim" Ambition: To be a nurse, Travel, Make people happy, Hobbies: Talking, Music. Activities: Class Treas- urer 1: Band 1,2,3,4: Stunt Night 2: Glee Club 1,2, 4: Class Committees: Year Book Staff: Orchestra 1, 2,3,4: Worcester County Chorus 2, world." RUTH BRITTON "Ruthie" Ambition: To be a beautician. Hobbies: Roller Skat- ing. Activities: Basketball 2: Class Usher: Camera Club: S.A.S.: Class Committees: Knitting Club: Driving Club. "Work, have I offended you?" 12 "A kind heart is better than all the heads in the 1- 7 f Ambition: Happiness in the profession I enter. Hob- bies: Reading, Skating, Twirling. Activities: Clubs: Photography 1: Music Appreciation 3: Glee Club 1, 2,3,4: Murmurs Staff 2,3,-4: Editor 4: Twirler 2: Drum Majorette 1,3,4: I,B.T.F. Member 3,4: Mar- shall 1,3: Worcester Cotmty Chorus 2: Mass. State Festival 2,3,4: Tournament Play Usher 2: Stunt Night 2,3: Senior Play: Yearbook: Honorary Member of Woman's Club, and HistoricalSociety: Historical Es- say Contest 4: Class Secretary 1: Basketball 1,2,3,4: S.A.S, 1,2,3,4. "Enthusiasm now, success will follow later," Ambition: To be a pilot. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing, Snack Bar. Activities: Class President 2,3: Football 1,2,3,4: Football Captain 4: Senior Play: Photo- graphy Club 1: Chemistry Club 4: S,A,S,1,2,3,4: Class Committees 1,2,3,4: Junior Usher. "He wants his teachers for his pallbearers. They've carried him this far: they might as well finish the job." RICHARD D. DAVIS JR, CLAUDETTE A. CLOUTIER 'i "C1aude" PHILIP G. COCHRAN u ilu Ambition: To stay ahead of the draft. Hobbies: Bas- ketball, Tennis, Swimming. Activities: DrivingClub: Science Club: Basketball l,2,4: Committee for Sen- ior Play: S.A.S. Member. "God's gift to women, and they returned him." n Dicklv CAROLYN R. DIAMANTOPOULOS III-lynn Ambition: Togo to Haiti. Hobbies: Records, Clothes, Skipping School. Activities: Music Appreciation Club 1,2: S.A.S,, 1,2,4: Class Committees. "She is small, she is wise: she's a terror for her size." 13 C -55, PATRICIA A. DORR , A npatn Ambition: To be a physiotherapist. Hobbies: Writ- , ing letters, Baby sitting. Activities: Knitting Club lg if Fi- X . -ff ' Class Committees 1,2,3,45 S.A.S. 4. "Her voice is low, her manner quietg A pretty ' A ,.s, young girlg no one will deny it." RICHARD I. DUBE "Dick" Ambition5 To be an engineer. Hobbies: Automo- bile Repairing. Activities: Band 1,25 Orchestra 2,3, 45 Book Club 25 Typing Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 S,A,S, 4. "His thoughts are many, his words are few: He leaves the rest to his picture and you." DONALD G. DUNCHUS "Dunch" Ambition: To bea prosperous farmer. Hobbies: Night life, Snack Bar, Hunting, Hockey. Activities: Foot- ball 45 S.A.S. 45 Model Airplane Club 25 Class Gifts. 'Like a candle, he goes out every night." SHIRLEY DUNCHUS "' "Shir1" Ambition: To marrya millionaire. Hobbies: Driving, Dancing, Baseball, Skipping School. Activities: S. A.S. 2,45 Stunt Night 25 Dramatics 15 Morse Code Club 25 Camera Club 35 Chess 4. 'To work little and study less, ls her idea of hap- piness," 14 WILLIAM B. EPPS uBi11yu Ambition: To be a success, Hobby: Golf. Activities: Band 3,45 Tournament Play 35 A11 State Band 3,45 S.A.S. 3,45 Basketball 35 Vice President 45 Orch- estra 4. "All great men are dying: I'm not feeling well." 'UI-lou!! I I "So little done: so much to do. Xx- IACQUEL INE FRENCH "Jackie" Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Horses, Swim- ming, Tennis. Activities: Senior Play5 Tournament Play 2,35 Stunt Night 1,25 Murmurs 2,3,45 Glee Club ' - B ok Staff: 12 Art Club 1- Class History, Year o S C1M,I,P.A. Award, Junior Prom. Chai.rman5 S.A. , 2,3,45 Author of "Campus" article: Class Commit- ' Club 1 Senior Play Script Committee. tees: Typing 5 "The blush is beautiful, but so inconvenient. LUCILLE C. FORTUNA TO Ambition: Beautician. Hobbies: Ice Skating, Swim- ming. Activities: Glee Club 1,2: Knitting Club 15 Morse Code Club 25 Photography Club 3,45 Major- ette 3 4- S,A.S,, 45 Class Committees, XLS '31 s . ' A - HELEN FRISK L: "Frisky" V - Ambition: Make money and see the world. Hobbies: " Reading, Stamps, Fishing. Activities: Class Commit- tees 1,2,3,45 Senior Class Play: S.A,S, 1,2,3,45 Bas- ' ketball 1,2,3,45 Reading Club 15 Stunt Night 35 Bridge 2, ' Q "There's a method in her madness," N I' 'EQ 15 W- "l LOUIS F. GOUSLIN "Toss" Ambition: To see the world. Hobbies: Hunting, Baseball, Taking it easy. Activities: Football 1,3,4g Bridge Club 1,25 S.A,S, 2,3,4g Junior Usher, Stunt Night 3. "He1l is empty--the devil's here." 2' .. 4. DAVID U. GOYETTE "Goke" Ambition: To go to Australia. Hobby: Music, Ac- tivities: Football 3,4g Baseball 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, S.A.S. 4. "Work! Work! Work! I love it! I! I could sit and watch it all day." E. PAUL GREENWOOD l!Gigll ' Ambition: Physiotherapist. Hobbies: Eating, Dan- cing. Activities: Senior Playg Tournament Play 2g Stunt Night, Murmurs Staff 4, C.M.l.P.A. Award, Dramatic Club lg Driving Club 2, Cooking Club 3g Murmurs Club 43 Class Photographer 3,4g S.A.S, 1, 2,4. "Life's a jest and all things show it! I thought so " once and now I know it." -.... -I 1 , L ROBERT E. HALL "Bob" Ambition: To be a success in the medical field. Hob- bies: All sports, Cooking, Model Railroading. Ac- Q tivitiesg Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 3,4g Murmurs Club 1,2g Typing Club 3: Vice-pres- ident of S,A.S. 35 President of S.A.S, 4, Yearbook I, Editor, Stunt Night 1,23 Tournament Play 3, Class , ab Committees, Murmur Staff 1,2,3,4p c,M.1,P,A, A- jgiligslf wardg S.A.S. l,2,3,4. "Outstanding player of the year, Bob is shouted in .-,ty L .JT' !'i all our cheers 16 SHIRLEY J. HIGGINS "Shirl" Ambition: Nurse. Hobbies: Music, Dancing: Act- ivities: Glee club 1,2 Appreciation 1,2,3, "Shir1's the gal with the friendly smile, And many a friend she will begui1e." : S.A,S, 4: Typing 4: Music N CAROL A. HOMON "Chicken" Ambition: See the world. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing, Eating. Activities: Knitting Club 1: Chess Club 2: Stunt Night 3: Murmurs Staff4: S,A,S, 2,4: Yearbook Staff. "Carol may be a quiet gal, But she has won many a pal," - -1' 1. ALFRED HOMON v A1 f Ambition: To make up for lost time, l-lobbies: hunt- ing, Fishing. Activities: Stunt Night 2: Football 1: S.A,S, 2: Morse Code Club 2: Typing Club 3: Chess 4: Band 4: Basketball 1.4, "His car may be very small, But six to ten he'1l take them all." ROBERT C. HUGHGILL "Hugh" Ambition: Travel and explore the world, Hobbies: Baseball, Hunting. Activities: Football4: Senior Play: Cooking Club 2: Current Events 1: S,A,S, 1,2,4. 'Winchendon is proud to have Rindge for a suburb." 17 FRANCIS P, LA FLA MME "Fran" bookg Murmurs, Ambition: To live in Southern California. Hobbies: Body building, Riding, Mountain climbing, Activities: Art 3,4g First Aid Club 1: Class Committees 3,43 Year- "A passive lad he seems to be, But that is only what ff .J .ul Nut , .41 ' we see." LEON W, LAPLANTE .gf "Teak" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Photography, Music, Woodwork, Sports, f A H Activities: Stunt Night 1,21 Band 1,2,3: Chemistry Q f ' Club 45 Mass. Boys' State: S,A.S. l,2,3,4g Orchestra. 1 ,Q W ', K A "Einstein -- Thou dunce!" HH, .-,, gg A ' ' ,'.! .' L, ' ' .',.4:',l,,,..'..Afff w .1'fi1i,':u'f .3 ig 17, .. Ai... RICHARD T. LAPOINTE lIDi-ck tl Camera Club 4g Chess Club lg S.A,S. 2,4. a shadow." RENELLE S. L'HUILLIER "Freckles" Ambition: To get into the United Nations. Hobbies: Swimming, Eating, Music, Activities: Junior Usherg S,A,S, Director 3,43 Cheerleader 3,45 Murmurs Staff 2,3,4g Tournament Play 23 Senior Playp Glee Club 1, 2.3: Worcester Music Festival 25 Class Marshall 2: Assistant Editor ofYearbookg Music Appreciation Club 35 Murmurs Club 23 Class Committees: Stunt Night 2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Class Prophecyg CMIPA A- ward. "A sincere girl, a sport, a friend, A girl on whom you can depend." Ambition: To be a photographer. Hobbies: Baseball, Hunting, Golf, Fishing, Activities: Baseball 3,4g "It is better to be short and shine, than tall and cast la. 'K -3 F 18 MARIANNE MARTIN ..Big.. Ambition: To be an Airline Stewardess. Hobbies: Skiing, Swimming, Dancing. Activities: Stunt Night: Glee Club: S,A,S, 4, "I would be good if I could, but it is more fun to be bad." V ELEANOR D. MAY "El1y" be Y- Ambition: To be a success. I-lobbies: Listening to Frankie Laine records, Eating, Activities: S.A,S, 1. 4: Knitting Club: Driving Club. "Speech is silver:silence is gold, But who wants to be rich anyway?" 8' LOU ISE A. MCA LLISTER Ambition: To bea success. Hobbies. Music, Stamps, Painting, Activities: Class treasurer 3.4: S,A,S, sec- retary 3: Band 1,2,3,4: New England Music Festival 2.3: Glee Club l,2.3.4: Orchestra 1,2,,4: Murmuts Staff 3.4: Stunt Night l : Honorary Member of Woman's Club 4: Class Committees 1,2,3.4: Worcester County Chorus2: Tournament Play Prompter 2: S,A,S, 1.2.3, 4: Band Festivals l,2.3,4: Yearbook Staff. "In future years you'l1 hear her name, Although it may not be the same." :,""s: J '1- A. I "Louisa" RICHARD G. MCDONALD "Mac" Ambition: To see the world. I-lobbies: Swimming, Hockey, Skiing. Activities: Baseball 2,3,4: Football 1.2,3.4: Chess Club 1.2: Class Committees 1,2,3,4: S,A,S. 1.2: "All great men are dying, and I am feeling ill," 19 :I CHARLES A. MURRAY "Murr" Ambition: To become a printer. Hobby: Tennis, Activities: Murmurs Staff 35 Basketball 1,2,3g S,A,S, 3,4. Sometimeslsit, sometimes I think: But mostly I just JOHN P, NICHOLSON "Nick" Ambition: To see the world. Hobbies: Football, Hockey. Activities: Football 3,4g S,A,S. 3,45 Class Committees 4. "A good sport, not only in sports." L AH -' SHIRLEE A. OLIVA "Lee" Ambition: To settle downwith--? Hobbies: Dancing, Skating, Activities: Music Appreciation 1: Murmurs Staff2,,4gJunior Usher: S,A.S, l,2,3,4g Cheer leader 3,41 Class Committees: Class Gifts. "Cheer up old girl and don't be blue, Because the mighty oak that grew-Was once a little nutlike you." ELAINE A. PARKS "Laine" Ambition: Airline Hostess. Hobbies: Writing letters, Don, Activities: Glee Club 1,25 Knitting 1,2g Music ' Appreciation 3: S.A,S, 4. "As far as we know: quiet and demure, Outside of school we're not so sure," X 20 PATRICIA A, PASNO "Par" Ambition: To settle down and live a good life. Hob- bies: Dancing, Cowboy music, A certain soldier, Eat - ing, Cracking jokes in S.E.C,, Sleeping, Activities: Basketball: Music Appreciation 1,2,3: S,A,S, 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 1: Class Committees. "Genius is the ability to avoid work tactfully. I am a genius." JANICE F. PECKHAM "Jan" Ambition: To be a pharmacist, Hobbies: Knitting, Dancing. Activities: Basketball 1: Knitting 1.2: Music Appreciation 3: Class Committees: S,A,S, "Jan and Tony are always together: To separate them will take more than the weather," THOMAS M. OUIRK "Tommy" Ambition: To make good in whatever I may under- take. Hobbies: Baseball: Tennis. Activities: S,A. S. 1.4: Bridge Club 1: Model Airplanes 2. "The brain can only absorb as much as the seat can endure." BARBARA H. ROGSTAD "Babs" Ambition: To get rich quick. Hobbies: Reading, Skating. Activities: Knitting Club 1: Book Club 2: Murmurs Staff2,4: Senior Play: Glee Club 1.2: Year- book Committee, CMIPA Award 4, "Babs is a girl who's very sweet, and one who will be hard to beat," 21 -.J WILFRED E. RUSHIA "Bin" Ambition: To operate a business. Hobbies: Swim- ming, Hunting, Sports, Activities: Senior Play: Stunt Night 3: Airplane Club 2: Typing Club 3:Murmurs Staff3,4g Business Manager of Murmurs 4: C.M.I.P.A, I Award: S,A,S, 4, ig .I it l 1 "Bil1y and his gentle way will not be forgotten for many a day," IEANNETTE M, VAINE "Jeannie" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. I-lobbies: Dancing, Skiing, Basketball, Activities: Knitting Club 2: Murmurs Staff 4: S,A,S, 4: Oration to Juniors. "A quiet manner hides the mischief in her eyes," - - M 'I ig T 'f , . GERALD F. WEBB . "Gerry Q" ' i' C Ambition: To own a new Cadillac. Hobbies: Driv- -. 1 ' ing, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing. Activities: Senior Play: Stunt Night 3: Driving Club 2: Class Commit- . tees: S.A.S. 4: Bridge Club 1. f "I'l1 be merry, l'll be free, l'll be sad for nobody," KATHLEEN M. WEBBER ..Kay.. Ambition: To become a dietitian. Hobbies: Read- ing, Cooking. Activities: Knitting Club 1: Book Club 2: Stunt Night 2: S,A,S, 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,4. "It's the smaller things in life that count," I . l. 22 .ffl JOHN WENTWORTH "Johnny" Ambition: To bea Merchant Marine. Hobbies: Ath- letics, Driving. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 1,2,3g Yearbook Staff: Driving Club 2g Stunt Night 35 Class Committeesp Football Captain, "Not too serious, not too gay: A good fellow in every W3Y." CLASS MOTTO "Cre.scat Scientia" "May Knowledge Increase" CLASS COLORS Purple and White CLASS FLOWER Purple Iris 23 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Class Song Words by Marcia Boutelle and Eleanor May Tune: "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You The Class of Nineteen Fifty-Three Now bids a sad farewell. We have had our work And we have had our play each day. Our days at Murdock have gone byg In our minds the memories stay Though we would like to linger, We must be on our way. We shall not forget our teachers And the friendships we have made. We'll not forget the joys and pleasures That we've shared at Murdock High. As we leave familiar faces, Take our places throughout life, We give our thanks to Murdock For help in fun and strife. Wherever we may wonder And wherever we may roam, We'll remember dear old Murdock When we think of home. Now our high school days are over, Graduation is at hand. Murdock's Class of Fifty-Three Bids to you all, carewell. From our teachers and our classmates We must part. Once again, farewell. 24 W Qi X QQ QQ Q jx G xx MLIRDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Class History By Jacqueline French As freshmen, graduation seemed far awayg but the then distant future has arrived. It gives one a nostalgic feeling when we realize our high school days are nearing an end and we are soon to leave the halls of Murdock for the last time. Our four years of laughter, detention, and individual struggles are now compiled in this class history which may be used as a reference in later years. In September 1949 we entered Murdock as typically dewyeyed freshmen. This was our first acquaintance with high school and although we assumed unaccustomed sophisticated attitudes, inwardly we felt very small indeed. Near the end of September Mr. Staples gave us the go-ahead and we elected our class officers: Willis Beckwith, presidentg Dolores Amenta, vice-president, Claudette Cloutier, secretaryg and Marcia Boutelle, treas- urer. Mr. Daniel DeCourcy was voted class adviser and upon his accept- ance, we were officially on our way. Several quiet months drifted by with- out any major occurrences. To an onlooker we might even have appeared as the inferior freshman class of Murdock High School, but then freshmen aren't provided with a very crowded agenda. Stunt Night soon beckoned and under Mr. DeCourcy's direction we en- tered the competition with the presentation of "And The Lights Went Out". Although the coveted silver cup did not come into our possession we had little doubt that if there had been a second prize we would have won it. June came sooner than we believed possible. When the last issue of the "Murmurs"came out and we found it gave some mention to us,we felt smugly satisfied with the idea that we had finally arrived. In our sophomore year we wasted little time in electing Dick Davis, president, George Higgins, vice-president, Dolores Amenta, secretaryg and Anthony Dellasanta, treasurer. Mr. Carlton Cormier agreed to undertake the role of class adviser---no small task. Some of us had our home room changed from Streeter to Murdock, but when we tripped up the stairs to M-8 and took a gander at the size of the room we felt it was a little too humble for a class of our lofty standing. Well, grin and bear it---that's what we did. 25 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE When we look back on that year I suppose the Sophomore Hop leads the year's events. Remember how hard we looked, digging up unusual decora- tion ideas? At last when the big night arrived, Willie Latourneau's orches- tra began the grand march, and the lights were dimmed, we realized our labors had not been in vain. This was also to be our first experience in the Tournament Plays. Mr. DeCourcy and the cast: Anthony Dellasanta, Jacqueline French, Paul Green- wood, Dolores Amenta, Renelle L'Huillier, worked diligently with our play, "The Fifteenth Candle". Even though the judges awarded us third prize, we had the backing of every sophomore, which made everything O.K. again. For Stunt Night that year we presented a mock trial which featured the first woman undertaker of Winchendon. The town has yet to equal that one! Again the silver cup went to the seniors, but the judges were good enough to tell us afterwards that we gave them a good run for their money. In June, with our treasury books showing a remarkable improvement, we said good by to our sophomore year and looked eagerly forward to our role of juniors. It was in M-3's big study hall that we made our home during our junior year. Dick Davis was once again elected class president, with Paul Antonia as vice-presidentg Shirlee Oliva, secretary, and Eleanor May, treasurer. Mr. Richard Porter was sought after as adviser, and upon his acceptance began two years of friendly relationship between adviser and class. The Christmas dance gave us our first opportunity to try our hand at operating a smooth, profitable record dance. Tournament Plays followed and under the guidance of Mr. Cormier, we presented "Tea For Three" which netted us second prize. The cast included: William Epps, Jacqueline French, Dolores Amenta, and Robert Hall. Wouldn't you guess, our leading man, Billy Epps had to get dismissed that morning. Excuse? Extreme case of jitters. Prom time came around and certainly no class ever worked harder than we did. Remember the cherry tree that featured hand-made blossoms? I saw that same cherry tree some months later in Streeter's cellar gym- nasium. It had only two faded paper blossoms left on it then and it seemed, at the time, a rather cruel fate for a once so beautiful work of art. We had 26 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. no sooner stripped the hall of its Prom decorations then we were busy pre- paring for Stunt Night. For the third consecutive year we were minus the prize. Our chances of winning had narrowed down to one last try. Perhaps the seniors were just in a good mood with graduation so near, but they congratulated us warmly for the painstaking job we did on the hall for their senior reception. We said our "you're welcomes" very demurely, knowing full well that the sooner they left, the sooner we would become seniors. Now here we are in our senior year, with only five months to go until graduation. Class rings came in October and we are just as proud of them now as the first day we slipped them on our fingers. When the senior play loomed dangerously near, December 6, we found we still had days of rehearsal before we were ready to meet the public eye. Mr. James McClure directed the play, and sometimes we got the impres- sion that 'he didn't quite think we were going to make it. Who in the cast could ever forget those nightly rehearsals and long rides home? What would we have done without Gerry Webb and his hot-rod? At last the big day came and by an act of fate, the play was a howling success. After a matinee and evening performance, we were ready to call it quits, but then we received an offer to run through it again at Fort Devens. I don't know who enjoyed that night more--the soldiers, or the cast. Christmas vacation followed closely. As we left school that last day many of us had our graduation pictures tucked under our arms. They had finally arrived. Though this history must of necessity close to meet the printer's dead- line, there are many thrilling events that we are looking forward to. The most interesting part of our year is sure to be the class trip. When you think of it, can't you picture the sleepless nights, the narrow escapes' from one prank or the other, and most of all, how thankful Mr. Porter is going to be when it's all over? We are looking forward to June and our graduation exercises, and with the foresight of an optomist, we are sure it a crowning success. 27 CLASS OF I953 JUNIOR PROM MLIRDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Class Will by Fern Bourgault and Paul Antonia We, the Class of 1953, do establish this document as our last will and testament. We do solemnly bequeath to those whose names appearing on this will the items hereinafter mentioned as being, in our opinion, the most appropriate for these persons. To the SCHOOL COMMITTEE -- we leave our promise to be a credit to Murdock High. To MR. JONES -- we leave a movie projector which automatically shuts off advertising announcements. To MR. STAPLES -- we leave a lie detector to use on absentees. To MISS FIELD -- we leave a trap to catch students who try to sneak into Room 5 after 8:30. To MRS. ROY -- we leave a fire extinguisher to have ready when her students are baking. To MISS CARBONE -- we leave a dictaphone so that she won't have to repeat all those directions. To MR. RUSSELL -- we leave a clothespin to put on his nose when his students are making chlorine gas. To MISS CHILD -- we leave a portable oil heater for M-8. To MR. PORTER -- we leave a bottle of hair tonic. We also leave our sincere gratitude for the great work he has done as our advisor. To MR. AVENI -- we leave a cage in which to keep his senior S-E-C- class. To MR. LAFONTAINE -- we leave a pamphlet, "You Too Can Learn to Drive in Six Easy Lessons". To MR. PERRY -- we leave a pair of ear muffs so that he won'thave to hear the band practicing. To MISS HART -- we leave a gremlin to perform all her office duties when she is in class. To MR. MOTYKA -- we leave a plot of land in Baldwinville in case a regional school is built. To MR, BENTLY -- we leave the first string backfield of the Greenbay Packers. 29 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE To MR. MCCLURE -- we leave this oscar for his wonderful direction in the Broadway hit "Meet My Wives." To MR. CORMIER -- we leave this medal of honor for pulling us through our Sophomore year. To MISS YOUNG -- we leave this dinosaurto rernindyouofthe most angelic class in Murdock. To MR. PROPER ZIO -- we leave the authentic costume of "Wild Bill Hickok." DOLORES AMENTA -- leaves home at 8:29 every morning hoping to make it to school on time. PAUL ANTONIA -- leaves all the girls broken-hearted. GEORGE ARES -- leaves his car parked in Elizabeth LaDeau's yard. WILLIS BECKWITH -- leaves another intelligent student in his place. fLil'AbnerQ LORRAINE BLAKE -- leaves a motto "We died with our boots on" to the Democratic Party. FERN BOURGAULT -- leaves her collection of alibis to True Story Magazine. MARCIA BOUTELLE -- leaves her good neighbor policy to all racket- eers. RUTH BRITTON -- leaves Murdock to all historic explorers. CLAUDETTE CLOUTIER -- leaves the torch she's been carrying to the Statue of Liberty. PHILIP COCHRAN -- leaves his desk full of candy-wrappers. RICHARD DAVIS -- leaves his English Class with pleasure. CAROLYN DIAMONTOPOULOS -- leaves John Daniels flat. PATRICIA DORR -- leaves her glasses everywhere she goes. RICHARD DUBE -- leaves his book "The Secret of Keeping Quiet" to June Price. DONALD DUNCHUS -- leaves his farm shoes to anyone who wears a size 12. SHIRLEY DUNCHUS -- leaves her collection of Christian Dior fashions to the Freshnuan girls. 30 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. WILLIAM EPPS -- leaves his girl about once every two days, but al- ways comes back. QGood boy, Billj LUCILLE FORTUNATO -- leaves a ham sandwich for hungry Murdock- ians to munch on. .IACQUELINE FRENCH -- leaves her news column to the "Police Gazette." HELEN FRISK -- leaves her part in the Senior Play to the Murdock Hall of Fame. fWhat a contribution, huh, Helen?J LOIS GOUSLIN -- leaves his extensive vocabulary to Webster's "Ele- mentary-School Dictionary." DAVID GOYETTE -- just leaves . . . gladly. PAUL GREENWOOD -- leaves his acting ability to M. G. M. Studios. ROBERT HALL -- leaves all his teachers "frustrated." SHIRLEY HIGGINS -- leaves her sweet smile to the faculty. fThey can use ith. CAROL HOMON -- can't leave anythingg she needs all she has. ALFRED HOMON -- leaves the mop he used at the theater to Mr. Rushia to keep M-3 clean after lunch. ROBERT HUGHGILL -- leaves his record of perfect attendance to all hookey players. FRANCIS LAFLAMME -- leaves his muscle pills to Edgar Tardiff. LEON LAPLANTE -- leaves his mathematical brain to "King Kong." RICHARD LAPOINTE -- leaves his Curley hair to Mr. Staples. RENELLE L'I-IUILLIER -- leaves all her flames to the boiler room. fThat ought to produce some heat, MARIANNE MARTIN -- leaves her book "How to Get the Man You Want" to the F.B.I. ELEANOR MAY -- leaves her cadillac to Mr. Bentley. LOUISE MCALLISTER -- leaves her rapid conversation to any recording company which likes strong competition. RICHARD MCDONALD -- leaves a gold-framed picture of himself to the halls of Murdock for female students to swoon over. 31 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE CHARLES MURRAY -- leaves a pile of lurnber for the benefit of starting a new school. JOHN NICHOLSON -- leaves his height to Billy Murphy. SHIRLEY OLIVA -- leaves to the Reader's Digest one of her cute jokes: "Not only has he broken my heart and wrecked my life, but he's messed up my entire evening." ELAINE PARKS -- leaves a batch of home-made doughnuts to the Teach- ers Coffee Club. PATRICIA PASNO -- leaves Mr. Russell with a headache. TANICE PECKI-IAM -- leaves her sixteen carat blue diamond to the Five gl Ten. THOMAS QUIRK -- leaves a periscope to Gail Warman so she can see over that steering wheel. BARBARA ROGSTAD -- leaves her acting ability to --- well, anyone! WILFRED RUSI-IIA -- leaves school every afternoon in one big rush! JEANNETTE VAINE -- leaves Murdock a fortune -- her face, and it runs into a nice figure! GERALD WEBB -- leaves high school after 21 years of hard work. KATHLEEN WEBBER -- leaves her collection of English Themes to the "Literary Guild." JOHN WENTWORTH -- leaves rapidly whenever a girl approaches him. To this, our last will and testament, we do affix our signature and de- clare that no other will is valid. Class of 1953 Witnesses: l. Willy Sutton Z. Harry S. Truman 3. Rockey Marciano 32 I , Ii r I pn I M' I+ - A f ' ra A YL J 7-,'r - - r " ' , J. V 5 ""......-A' - V ' ' 'L P. " - . 3 - 2-.. P 67'-fk--' -4434" ' - 1 ff J' 'Q 9 wk V , sophomores Seniors Juniors CLASS DAY ' ,, nfl, I952 A X s Junior Ushers rf 'V4' Y -"'f ' Q ,,,-'n,,f V, J' off ' , 1 U4 1 s ,YS U - TL-' ' . QQ, 'ig x E. o . . -Tn... . wwf 1 Y- zfgazf ' ri . o A 5 ,iii 'A' L H I 3 ' in - 1' - -I ni' . "' 1 lu Shirlec Oliva, Richard Davis Delores Amenta, Louis Gousiin Reneile L'Hui11ier, William Epps 31 i u ,P A H1 ,EMA ,A , WW ff? F Ih- f 1 -'V-W. if" 4 - 1 1: ' 1-uZ.LQf f . ,A ,- ' '.'LilL ' 'U 1 U iw :E l Ili' H g H HZ X , 1 mln, . H, , - K f I I ff fly-:.,j ,A 07. GJ: w MuRDocK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. CLASS PROPHECIY by Renelle L'Huillier and Louis Gouslin It is the year 1978 and I, Madame Renelle, President of the United Fortune-Tellers, Mystics, and Spiritualists Consolodat- ed Union have just left the "Dainty Cup Tea Room" where whom should I meet but my old friend and class mate, Louis Gouslin. As a matter of fact, he made an appointment to come and see me and it's just about time now ..... "Hi Nelly --" "Just a minute, Mr. Gouslin, I am Madame Renelle, Presi- dent ofthe U. F. T. M. 8: S. C. U. Please have respect for my station." "All right Madame." The reason I made an appointment with you was that I wanted to know if you could tell me what's become of my old classmates and friends. It's been 25 years since I've last heard from them" "Of course. Step over to my cauldron where we will reach into its depths and see if we can extract some information. Ali--" Dolores Amenta is a ski instructor at Sun Valley Idaho. She also has snow shoeing as a sideline. Paul Antonia has become a state senator. His office is full of heartbroken women. George Ares has bought out James Melton's Auto Museum. Women admitted free. Willis Beckwith has proved Einstein's theory on the "In- fluence of Relativity," or "Venus, Saturn, and Mars." Lorraine Blake is a tuba player in Phil Spitalney's Orches- tra. I'm sure many of you have heard Lorraine and her ter- rible tuba. Fern Bourgault is Dean of Girls in the new M.H.S. The school is two years old, but Fern is ninety. Marcia Boutelle is the star tap dancer in that great show, "New Faces of l978." I 3 5 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Ruth Britton repairs high tension wires for N. E. Tel. Sz Tel. and she loves it. It puts such a sparkflej in her eyes. Claudette Cloutier is first tambourine player for the Sal- vation Army Band. Philip Cochran is doing a booming business with "Coch- ran's Cough Controls." They are the size of a 50? piece, and if they don't cure, they'll choke. Richard Davis teaches kindergarten to all future school- skippers. He got his experience first-hand. Patricia Dorr is the first woman to swim the English Chan- nel underwater. She was out of breath, but she made it. Richard Dube has just won the Indianapolis Speedway Stock Car Race. Donald Dunchus is a gentleman typist for the "Amalgamat- ed Bookkeepers Union.'1 Shirley Dunchus has reached the position of "Dean of Men" in the New Jersey House of Correction. William Epps has replaced Harry James and now has his own version of "Flight of the Jerry Bee." Lucille Fortunato is a tobacco auctioneer for Tasty ciga- rettes. She has now reached her goal of 165 words per second. Jacqueline French is raising sugar beets in Oregon, right next door to Reed College. Helen Frisk is now "Sultry Selma," a blues singer at Club Z1 in New York. Louis Gouslin is professor of trigonornetry at Columbia University. His subtraction is out of this world. David Goyette is playing the lead in "Hamlet" on Broadway. Paul Greenwood is running a Steamship across Millers River with his assistant Carolyn Diamontopoulos to collect tickets. Robert Hall is librarian of the New York Public Library. 36 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. He is in charge of the Home Economics Dept. Shirley Higgins is serving a 99 year sentence in Sing Sing Prison for poisoning her husband with a cake she learned to bake in Home Ec. Carol Homan is "Miss Hush of l97S." With her quiet man- ner no one will ever guess. Alfred Homan is the well-known mountain climber who scaled the Matterhorn alone. He always did hate crowds. Robert I-Iughgill is that popular psycologist who wrote the nations best seller "No One Forgets . . . How to Milk a Cow." Francis Laflamme has just introduced his all girl orches- tra to Winchendon, The Town Hall has never been so crowded. Leon Laplante is the head cook at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. His famous "Dainty Dumplings" are the rage all over the coun'try. Richard Lapointe is the new master of ceremonies in "Super Circus", with Jeannie Vaine taking Mary Hartline's place. Their sponsors, the "Ajax Onion Peeler Co."have never done so well. Renelle L'Huillier is not only telling fortunes, but has gone through five fortunes belonging to her past five spouses. Marianne Martin has now become president of the "Lonely Hearts Club." She uses her own personal black book for ref- erences. Eleanor May has created the famous comic strip "Lazy Larry." It concerns a sheep dog in Alaska. Louise McAllister has taken Marie Wilson's place in "My Friend Irma." She acquired her ability to act dumb in M. H. S. Richard McDonald is now playing the lead in that great Hollywood production, "Mr. Milktoast." When it comes to Winchendon, all former classmates will be admitted free. Charles Murray is replacing Dimitre Metropolis, conduct- ing the New York Symphony Orchestra. Ordinarily he plays 37 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE the bells. John Nicholson has offered his services as a deep sea diver for the Ubangi Indians. He always did like the simple life. Shirley Oliva has become a missionary in Northern Siberia. She's teaching all the little children not to skip school. Elaine Parks is lead girl in the chorus line at the Cusino. She is better known as "Cuddles Porks." Patricia Pasno has opened her new establishment "Pat Pasno's Piano Players Production." Her latest graduate, Jan- ice Peckham, is now on tour in the Union of South Africa. Thomas Quirk is a journalist for the Boston American. He is in charge of unusual knitting and Crocheting patterns. Barbara Rogstad is an honorary member of the "After Dinner Speakers Union." She became very adept at this in Streeter Cafeteria. Wilfred Rushia is now Mr. America of 1978. His motto is "They kidded me in school, but now I make the rules." Gerald Webb is a well-known playwrightg his most famous book being "Wildwest Woman" starring Kathleen Webber. The way she rides that wild stallion is really something to see. John Wentworth is a Disc-jockey on Station W M H S from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. He only plays symphonies and operas for the benefit of devoted Murdock students. "Thank you very much, Nelly, that was great. Well I have to get back to Columbia University. We'll see you --" "Just a minute, Louie, there's a small fee of S10 for this bit of information." "Oh, yes, here you are. By the way, would you care for some tea and crumpets'?" "Why, I'd love some!" "Well, come on, let's go!" 38 "MEET MY WIVES" The Cast: Front Row: Renelle L'I-Iuillier, Claudette Cloutier, Helen Frisk, Fern Bourgault, Barbara Rogsrad, Back Row: Paul Greenwood, Robert Hughgill, Dolores Amenta, Jacqueline French. Richard Davis. Wilfred Rushia. ti . fl Q 'gg - - . f 1 on 1- " g 1 1 r e, rr r I Z A ' 7,1 V Lei' ' r ' f 4' ' - QQ H :Q-55.25 fd V' X or -JP ..? , Tr V , , I V I Fl .r .V-7i.,".'-U-1.3.--, -Q f-I 39 ff ! Z. Na ij ' !.. , r 'iv 3 4 1 I If . 44 1 - .8 L, A. .v, 3:11 va ff-vga? rf ' . L.: -.. 4.2-5' 'l F u . i J , . . ' Q A x ,,, 5 W . l 2 ' ' 1 '- K V , 1 4 ' , ' ' ff' lf' I f S. k x dj 1 Q, LMP "Q- - an--.,r.-M1---H . U 4 fnwrgs nan QUE' Q' , - ,VFHSTHH '- 5+.4..- ' Agiq "' 93 X 4-ZH" 'YT 11 7'F'l 'Klum' ' 11 ' V . an - wa , N-Y I, -, . CH- 'JPN hw-M ' W' I' "1'-4'1" -wg ,iw 1 ' '-J." lim 1-:wfffw Q' V " 'gi- W4 ' 1... " HI' fm-A . J . Af -'Ti' .1 ., , 'Ur "' 12. h-if 1 ZAIw.v,IAiW+ xox'-My ml .xv h.?f'.A.. ' ' "' - .'.5"'f." Lb., - ' ' 'CQ Ny? .5 -. U' .' I .' ':'- 'V ' ' 'I' 'X' Ax x 'ses--:Q 4 -x1,.,-,MQ v .Q4,,'l', ' ' ' .54f"'i' J ! ' . 'r I w r To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To MLIRDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Class Gifts By Shirlee Oliva and Donald Dunchus you, DOLORES AMENTA, we give this lasso so that you can hold on to your man. you, PAUL ANTONIA, we give this new truck to replace the heap you have. you, GEORGE ARES, we give this box of Pep so you'll al- ways be lively. you, WILLIS BECKWITH, we give this round-trip ticket to Waterville so that you can see Arline. you, LORRAINE BLAKE, we give this egg-beater to use when you are keeping house. you, FERN BOURGAULT, we give this mirror so that you may always see your one and only true love. you, MARCIA BOUTELIE, we give this doll named John, to make up for all the ones you've lost. you, RUTH BRITTON, we give this Hope Chest to hope for the best. you, CLAUDETTE CLOUTIER, we give this bracelet to remind you of the one a certain person once gave you. you, PHILLIP COCI-IRAN, we give a subscription to Read- er's Digest so that you may always be able to find a new interesting topic. you, RICHARD DAVIS, we give this dancing contract which entitles you to give dancing lessons to Arthur Murray. you, CAROLYN DIAMANTOPOULOS, we give this pin so that you'll always get the point! you, PATRICIA DORR, we give this carrier pigeon to get your mail to a certain person. you, RICHARD DUBE, we give this can of car polish so that you may keep that Ford nice and shiny. you, DONALD DUNCHUS, we give this shovel to remind you of the days at Whitaker's Farm. you, SHIRLEY DUNCI-IUS, we give this black book to keep track of your many boyfriends. you, WILLIAM EPPS, we give this plaid shirt to match 41 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE your dungarees. you, LUCILLE FORTUNATO, we give this contract to sing at the "Hidden Palace." We know you'll wow them. you, .IACQUELINE FRENCH, we give these shears -- just in case you ever decide to cut your hair. you, HELEN FRISK, we give a free pass to New York so that you may crash the theatrical world! you, LOUIS GOUSLIN, we give this antenna for feeling your way around. Watch out for those trees! you, DAVID GOYETTE, we give this car. Now you won't have to chase any more busses. you, PAUL GREENWOOD, we give this Oscar to remind you of the many plays you were in. you, ROBERT HALL, we give this book of jokes to use just in case you run out of humorous things to say. you, SHIRLEY HIGGINS, we give this car. Now you can go to Jaffrey and see a certain person play basketball. you, CAROL HOMON, we give this can of oil to use on your giggle. you, ALFRED HOMON, we give this book of new cars so that you can select your next "Model". you, ROBERT HUGHGILL, we give these "spokes" so you'll always be a big wheel. you, FRANCIS LAFLAMME, we give this "Hands-Off" sign for your precious car. you, LEON LAPLANTE, we give this tea-kettle to go with your name. you, RICHARD LAPOINTE, we give this bottle of nerve lotion to give you more when needed. you, RENNELLE L'HUILLIER, we give this tin plaque in token of the Seniors' appreciation. you, MARIANNE MARTIN, we give this Montgomery Ward license to replace the one you lost. you, ELEANOR MAY, we give a ticket for a vacation far 42 To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. away from any records or figures. you, LOUISE MCALLISTER, we give this parrot so that you may always have someone to talk to. you, RICHARD MCDONALD, we give this pair of dark glasses so that you won't strain your eyes watching the girls. you, CHARLES MURRAY, we give a key to the Boys' Club so that you may play basketball to your hearts content. you, JOHN NICHOLSON, we give this hinge so that you may bend while entering doorways. you, SHIRLEE OLIVA, we give a scrapbook to keep all your absent slips in. you, ELAINE PARKS, we give this horn so that you will be prepared if you should ever decide to compete with your senior girl friends in making noise. you, PATRICIA PASNO, we give this mule so you may al- ways have a stubborn friend. you, JANICE PECKHAM, we give this toy sailor to keep you company while your real heart beats away. you, THOMAS QUIRK, we give this book of excuses, now you can loaf anytime. you, BARBARA ROGSTAD, we give this man, guaranteed to make a good husband. you, WILFRED RUSHIA, we give a cushion so that you may see over the dash when driving. you, JEANNETTE VAINE, we give this whistle so that you may be able to referee the rounds between your boyfriends. you, GERALD WEBB, we give this "Toni Refill Kit" in case you decide you'd like curly hair again. you, KATHLEEN WEBBER, we give this bottle of vitamin pills. They are guaranteed to add inches to your height. you, JOHN WENTWORTH, we give this picture of your old car so you may remember what it used to look like. 4? 1 fig? -'t-1, 51 57:9-jI.y"ff'?': 1 1, '1W'r-gg ,- ,. gij-16,3 Q1 "f,' Q 1' f- wish hifi? ., T5 '- , y-Y.. 'sslxa , ,- - , ,Q 4- 'V , 4-ff", Q .!g4Q.J W.- L is .WS 5.4 ITE" Q .,, Li. 1 I V 1 1 1- , .-U' 1, " J' ' "2 WWECQZW' ml Qrri 4 4" '52, Z . A 'mf' r' 1 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Oration to the Juniors by Jeannette Vaine Once again graduation has rolled around and we seniors can look back upon twelve years of hard toil as well as of dis- tinguished achievement. As we consider our high school days, it comes to us with special force that one subject has been the chief topic of conversation of the town officials, the citizens, and the students -- that of building a new school to hold the hundreds of boys and girls who will be knocking on the battered doors of old Murdock in two or three years. ln fact, the thought of our antique classrooms holding, not twenty-five, but fifty pupils and M-3 accommodating one hundred and fifty in place of the present seventy-two is alarming. When the regional school plan received its death blow at the Town Meetings in December, we of the senior class im- mediately went to work on this vital problem. Now we are happy to announce that you may have the benefit of our months of planning and study. For here today, is unveiled for the first time anywhere, our plan for the remodeling of Murdock High School. The classrooms received our most careful attention. How to make them hold twice as many students seemed to be al- most too much for the human brain to deal with. However, we seniors are not like other high school classes -- we think! After applying our minds and investigating Rooms l, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8, we have these suggestions: M-5 will soon be equipped with a tier of seats and desks suspended from the ceiling. Rope ladders will be let down to allow the students to go to and from their seats. Once seated, one pupil will have the job of pulling up the ladders for the period so that those who fail to see the charms of Shakespeare or American Literature may not escape before the bell. The problem of books and pencils falling from above on the lower tier has been solved by making the upper desks magnetic. A book may fall, but it will immediately spring back to its owner. In the closet adjoining M-5, Mr. Properzio will take on his new job as guidance director, for no modern school is complete without a guidance program. His assistants, Mr. 45 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Motyka and Mr. Perry, will have the job of circulating road maps to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders so they may find their way to and from Murdock. Under Mr. Pr-operzio's capable super- vision of the guidance program, we are sure that the students will benefit from all of the help it will extend them. The motto of the department is "Our Aim is to Aim You." The commercial rooms, 7 and 8, received our careful attention. ln the new, expanded Murdock, each typewriter will accommodate two students. One will type with the right hand, the other with the left. All bookkeeping books will be printed in such a way that one student will enter the debits while an- other is totaling the credits. Anyone of you economy-minded citizens cannot fail to appreciate the saving in time, material, and wear and tear on the pupils. The mimeograph will be used to turn out copies of one student's homework. Thus, only part of the class will need to report at one time. This will save other students the eye strain which comes with copying a friend's homework by hand. Efficiency will be the keynote. The biology department is certain to need additional room for the study of birds and animals. We have been able to dis- cover a space hitherto unused on Mui-dock's luxurious third floor. Why has no one before thought of using the tower for a biology lab? There is the spacious, sunny room, just behind the clock, the classes may experiment to their heart's content on the pigeons, of which Murdock has an endless supply. When we consider the crowed condition of Mr. Russell's science classes, we at first were unable to think of a way by which sixty students could stand around one small sink to watch experiments. However, after much research, we have this plan: The teacher will stand at the door as the pupils walk past him in single file. Each will be given a capsule containing formula XQPZMFZ4, our own invention, which causes the boy or girl to shrink to twenty per cent of his normal size. By the use of a platform holding sixty midgets, all can take part in the experiments. At the close of class another capsule will be 46 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. administered which will have the effect of expanding the pupils to their former size. Next, We turn our attention to the Household Arts cooking room. Each girl will be issued a complete asbestos costume so that the students who sit behind the stoves, as well as those who use stoves as desks, will not be scorched. All pins and needles employed in sewing will have blunt points to guard against one girl sewing another into her homework. Latin classes are certain to approve of our innovation re- garding the streamlining of Ceasar's Gallic Wars. By mo- torizing the battalions and legions of soldiers, Ceasar will be able to capture Gaul in only a few weeks and the Latin room will afterward be available for another class. Since no school is really complete without a gymnasium, we have provided for the use of the boiler room for several new varsity sports. Not only is "Duck on the Coal Pile" bound to become far more popular than football, but the players can easily put on a minstrel show for the benefit of the class treas- uries. As no gymnasium is complete without a shower room, we have provided for that also. With a direct hookup to the boiler, not only showers will be available, but we have made a few improvements and made it possible to take steam baths also. We believe we have a unique idea to rejuvenate our assem- bly program. In good weather when the ground is clear our assembly program will constitute hot rod racing on the ath- letic field adjoining Murdock, and in the winter months the hot rod boys will spin around the turns on the ice. We believe this will make a very entertaining and thrilling Friday morning. In the past many plans have been made and then abandoned. But we of the Class of '53' do not intend that ours will suffer that fate. Therefore, I present to the President of the Junior Class this Sledge hammer so that work on the new remodeled Murdock may begin at once. Good luck, and may future Murdockians benefit from this day. 47 mf , - .251 H iv- -i:'f2Eiiif . wi if '55 , - i' as In 3, iw LA! 1, . L Z in ' hx ff, .. milugq X , 1,31 . . 115 -Q E X nl W qw. 1 fini? 5. H I v ?, ,,A.W 12 V1 -v al ,sale Nicest Eyes Most Studious Fl lfl Best Looking Best Actor, Actress Oscar Snapshots Most Stubborn 2 'Z-,,,.p Class Dreamers 2 B Biggest Line Noisiest 50 .R , Best Sense of Humor E af B't 5 I Ml. , 3' . ff f fr . :V ' 35, I W-475' 1 - ' 'W' 1 If B, ff in rx Cleverest 'fm' 'tlzai ..r,, A Friendliest Best Athletes Fern Bourgault Renelle L'Huillier Helen Frisk Jacqueline French Shirley Dunchus Claudette Cloutier Marianne Martin Marcia Boutelle Marcia Boutelle Renelle L'Hullier Helen Frisk Helen Frisk Claudette Cloutier Pat Dorr Shirley Oliva Claudette Cloutier Barbara Rogstad Louise McAllister Fern Bourgault Patty Pasno Shirley Dunchus Lucille Fortunato Fern Bourgault Claudette Cloutier Shirley Oliva Jacqueline French Patty Pasno Marianne Martin Carolyn Diamond Carolyn Diamond Jacqueline French Dolores Amenta Dolores Arnenta Shirley Oliva Jeanette Vaine Carolyn Diamond Shirley Oliva Senior Little Oscars Best Looking Most Popular Man Hater Woman Hater Best Actress Best Actor Noisiest Most Studious Best Dancer Best Natured Most Musical Most Dependable Class Dictionaries Best Athlete Most Dignified Most Bashful Peppiest Most Likely to Succeed Best Sense Of Humor Most Talkative Nicest Personality Most Stubborn Best Hookey Players Most Talented Best Dressed Most Ambitious Friendliest Most Optimistic Most Pessimistic Biggest Line Class Dreamer Class Pest Cleverest Most Romantic Nicest Eyes Nicest Smile Nicest Figure Loudest Dressed Cutest 51 Paul Antonia Dic k Davis Richard Dube Paul Greenwood Louis Gouslin Richard Dube Dick Davis Louis Gouslin Billy Epps Gerry Webb Bob Hall Bob Hall Paul Greenwood Richard Dube Bob Hall Bob Hall Louis Gouslin Louis Gouslin Dick Davis John Wentworth Bob Hughill Francis LaFlamme Dick MacDonald Bob Hall Dick Davis Gerry Webb Paul Greenwood Dick MacDonald David Goyette Louis Gouslin Francis LaFlamme Dick MacDonald Bob Hughill Louis Gouslin Paul Antonia Gerry Webb Louis Gouslin --P QS f .1 4'- FM --ff r gtg, 1 3' gs. .1- n . Q -1 'iw 41' A ?Egg15? 1.4 '1 ' " ff, -2.3 :Qi 'K' :U , ., . . F -A . ,, V .. ,-..1ig- ' ' ' Z' 2 1 , ,w , , Q' fx. ..,ig.AiQ,q . 1 1 -N ' . 'HQ -' if A N ' 2-N 3' A ' .' , 1,i"""E' : , W, f , Liz, "-SPF A' 1 ,,-if M .Y 1 --'-gr:-A-3 , . , 1 ,,.-J., -,,, 'ihywg --4 ' J 1315" :J-f47'..h ' F -X? I x ' ' I .,.'.. - r .. -'l1:f"': ,. ,L,',w.f ' v . w If ,V 52 . uv. u X 4 W., sa YW 6- 2 X69 Murmurs Staff Front Row: Paul Greenwood, Renelle L'l-Iuillier, Wilfred Rushia, Claudette Cloutier, Robert Hall, Fern Bourgault, Barbara Rogstad. Middle Row: Jeannette Tourigny, Helen Merrill, Fay Zerinsky, Jeanette Vaine, Eleanor May, Jacqueline French, Miss Field. Top Row: June Price, Patricia French, David May, Thomas Maliska, Mary Hunt, William Murphy. The "Murmurs", one of the oldest school magazines in the state, is published twice a year. The "Murmurs", comprised of a record of our school life, is anxiously awaited by the entire student body. The staff consists of an editor, a business manager, assistant business managers, secretaries, and six boardsg alumni, athletic,jokes and special features, literary, photography and social. Murdock is proud of its magaz.ine's high standing in the Central Massachusetts lnterscholastic Press As- sociation and its numerous awards, especially in the joke department. The printing is done in our own print shop by the boys who take that course. 53 Murdock School Band BAND Front Row: Gail Warman, Jeannette Tourigny, David Gould, William Abbott, Helen Merrill, Kathleen Amenta, Patricia Hetu, Janice Tourigny, Marilyn Fletcher. Second Row: William Webber, Dolores Rouleau, Faye Parks, Annette Carrier, Claudette Cloutier, John Walker, Roland Vaine, Silvia Simoneau, Mr. Perry. Top Row: Carolyn Fales, Eleanor May, Patricia Parks, Carol Sienko, William Epps, David May, Mary Hunt, Gloria Warman. Altogether there were only 28 members in the band this year but every instrument was well represented. The band played at all assemblies and at all home football games. In February, six Murdock students took part in the Massachusetts All- State Festival at Springfield. In the spring the band went to the Massa- chusetts State Festival and the New England Festival. The band also played at the senior play and in the Halloween parade. Two band concerts were given by the band during the year to make the band trips possible. Also to make possible all of the activities which the band took part in, Welcome Maps of the town of Winchendon were sold by all of the members. The members of the band and all of the student body give a vote of thanks to Mr. Perry for his very able and successful leadership of the Murdock Band. 54 Student Activity Society 17 -93' I-: 'TED 'fl' will - Front Row: Lorraine Blake, Robert Hall, Thomas Maliska, Gloria Warman. Back Row: Arlene Maliska, William Murphy, Renelle L'HuiIlier. The Student Activities Society is a student organization whose pur- pose is to promote various extra-curricular activities. The four officers of the S.A.S. are chosen from the junior and senior classes while one director from each class is elected. This year the organization was under the capable leadership of: Robert Hall, Presi- dentg Thomas Maliska, Vice-presidentg Lorraine Blake, Secretaryg Gloria Warman, Treasurer: and Renelle L'Huillier, Arlene Maliska and William Murphy, Class Directors. Each student that donated 551.00 for his S.A.S. membership received two free copies of the Murmurs, a free ticket to the Football Dance and a membership pin. Besides promoting these functions the S.A.S. spon- sors stunt night and aids many of the student organizations with their financial problems. 55 Junior Class Officers I Doris McAllister, Pauline Juneau, Thomas Maliska, Jeannette Tourigny. This is Thomas Maliska's third year as our class president and he has the wonderful record of not missing a single junior class meeting. Need we say more? Jeannette Tourigny served her second year as vice-president. Even though Jeannette has never had to conduct a meeting, no one doubts that she is quite capable of doing so. Her suggestions and ideas have been very helpful to the class. The junior class is grateful to Pauline Juneau, secretary, for keeping such an accurate account of the class meetings. In that little black book of hers is the entire record of our junior year of business. Doris McAllister has the unenvious job of extracting class dues from the juniors. According to the size of our treasury she has succeeded. Our greatest thrill of the year came on the night of our Junior Prom. When we entered the auditorium and gazed at the beautiful decorations, the large crowd dancing, and the orchestra playing in the background, we decided that all of our work had been rewarded. As juniors it was our job to decorate for all of the graduation functions and we were only too willing, knowing that as soon as the long awaited time came for the Class of "53" that we would then be the "almighty" upperclassmen. 56 Sophomore Class Officers Lucille Jacques, John Daniels, David May, William Webber. Our Sophomore year began with the election of class officers: Presi- dent, John Daniels: Vice-president, William Webberg Secretary, Lucille Jacques: and Treasurer, David May. We sophomores are very proud of the wonderful job these officers have done. Itwas a real thrill putting on our first big dance, the Sophomore Hop. The decorations were beautiful and the dance was agreat success despite the fact that it was on Friday, the thirteenth. Special thanks go to Miss Carbone, our class advisor, who put in a great deal of her time and ef- fort for its success. We were thrilled at our first chance to enter the Tournament Play Contest and we certainly were proud to discover that we have so much acting talent in our class. We are sure that everyone will agree that the future looks promising for us in dramatics. 57 Yearbook Staff Members G S --.lf Front Row: Barbara Rogstad, Jeannette Vaine, Fern Bourgault, Richard Davis, Robert Hall, Renelle L'Hu1lier, Claudette Cloutier, Marcia Boutelle. Back Row: Dolores Amenta, Helen Frisk, Paul Greenwood, Francis LaF1amme, Paul Antonia, Jacqueline French, Eleanor May. The yearbook staff, organized early in the school year, is composed of hard working loyal seniors. With the help of this talented and cooperative staff it was an enjoy- able task preparing the yearbook, of which we are so proud. Without the help of Miss Field and Mr. Porter the yearbook could not have been the success we all hoped for. 58 Football I 952 3----- From: William Murphy, manager, First Row: Robert Hughgill, David Goyetre, Robert Hall, Co-capt. John Wentworth, John Nicholson, Donald Dunchus, Richard McDonald, Louis Gouslin, Co-capt. Richard Davis. Back Row: Coach Porter, James Jerome, Sherman LaBarge, John Tero, John Daniels, Mal- colm Sibley, Thomas Maliska, Roger Sanborn, Arthur Ashmore, Charles Russell, William Gamache, Armand Dube, Coach Bentley. Murdock was well represented on the gridiron this past Fall. Our team while it did not compile any long list of victories, battled until the final whistle against larger more powerful elevens. This undying spirit paid off for our boys in three games. They overpowered and outscored Holden and Northboro and tied Ayer. Even in the five games which Mur- dock lost none of Murdock's twenty-one footballers ever lost heart but scrapped to the end. This was especially true against our traditional foe, Orange. No one will discount that our Murdockians gave their all and then a little more and even though they couldn't come home victorious we feel that Orange knew they had won the hardest game they had ever played. The graduating lettermen will be greatly missed but with good turnout next Fall along with the eight returning lettermen we predict a successful season in Fifty-Three. 59 4" 2- COACH BENTLEY Through the past four years that we have been as- sociated with Coach Bentley we have come to admire him very highly. Whenever and wherever there were boys to be taught he was there putting everything he had into the subject. Though the men and equipment he had to workwith were limited he always came up with a fighting team. Hats off to Coach Bentley, and we wish him con- tinued success next year and in the years to come. G IH e COACH PORTER Coach Porter has certainly been a friend to all, admired by everyone whether we were on the team or just cheering from the sidelines. His patience and good humor made the rugged football practices less trying for all. We have only known Coach Porter for three years, however he has proven himself to us many times. He has been coach, teacher, friend, consultant, and a person we will remember for years to come. L STARTING LINEUP u-i.""' iiiii-112915 .7-..f'-,. .W Qgw- - 2391! gk .PA . f"Q,' 'v Tl ' 7."'!N5 ' yr 14 ,I ..,.. A , . A , D Q 'gi -ff V ,, X n zaz ' Vffff E ji , - .4-V ,V ' - I 1 P' .,... T-hfiigrslif-.4 . 5w17fx Yu-'U' i,'f'i-Q717, fiffk Y Hive:-'-":.1-i?""--F" cf TT'-. ' r-f,?,':T--fl.,-1 -:?-?7,g 7, , ' --sa 1:l??T'-Qfi4mg..- 212'-V,, 1 ' -' R V--J- , -"5-S1-'1?f:L V"N- '--' ' A 1V- af:- Vw .7-1 . .AV ' ' ' f2?'.c,,,. " '-' 1 .'? 7 ' -. .W af'-:t i-V ' 2- A -' - " ,FRU Ea.-..V ' QW'-4:Vf 15gaf-.V-11-R 1' L., . '- PEL 1 .4 -f -a,-"V, .. 1' ,,.,,'b. H If ! Inv V- Y., 4ixf'fHnBfi" - Q L , ' K. ,- ' L,g.L??1"' 4 1-'M' ' - '1-.QQ "' ,, VLr:3f5' i: V-,,', .' 'Q L' aes . ,, " ,-fi-I if-'if-i'.'H?1rgQi5L .L-:fa Mg' ' "Q 1 fam-.A - ' " ,4-,'V'fJ6f' 5, P" 1 -A , , V ' 'rug-L .- -' . Life?-'J' B :f5p.1:a?J.f-V:.V.g.-:--z--- f ' . V, vi..- Jv - V- V'-1 "" :'.-- V V - 'r v ,- . ' 1? " "vw 'ns' H.:-f xgmv' - .fu :gg , ll, . I f 11421, ' '1n,1,-' Wi , Y' V J ' YQ ' 'H V .1"' f - 1 ..- A- "WJ P . ' 2 '- , ' , wi-4' TP-M M4 - -H rv V I' -ff' ' 714 'fy ! '- -- - .Wi 54413 13-13, V. ' "il . . -'J ,ke - 5 'K .271-f 3 - - ,. "'.:L2,.15nf lv . - , 8 1, r- .g . 9- , . . V. 1 ,Q V - , '. 'Q' 1..v ' ' 'N ,.,.,, 41 'YV . " V- -V 4 'I -1- 'l'-E , rf .. fill : A + I 1 .. ggi. -. Glynn A will 'Q :Lt 1- , ': - ul' " , "' W' I-' wg- 1 " " ww,-Al., ' x 'ia' "1-" A "' ' V ,- x 97 5.1 -1-fflhr :Vg - Av: 1: if TV: f -- -- ' Muff! - fi? W A 1 ' , L'-3 ,gnr ' 'Styx' X. ' ' 4 , : -.- . ga, ,' il ll 1'-in I --A - N-:-- , l- Ml . , ""1- - -' - f"" 1-1300- -11 64'-1f7'a-LL1v:',:-1 "" '32 N3:'5:s:-- 57iiw:.--Q ' 'V 1 V ---- " '- N- 13-at-'-' 74 V - Vw ..f3'f'4VE'a1Zs3V,.:-Efiffw-.4A4si5Li'wm'.-QQVQESMSEH V V, 15 -A fms4'fV',-1.3-pei' 'vf-- wgwjjf- - 1- af.. - -- J.,,- V . : ,aw -VL.: P- aiqV,-.v,- ,f?4'i3w'.,,V V5 V- ,nw J-fv'fl'ff"-' .I Sung- 5. 3. Vfmju-V11 ,. -,W ml,-.-mv, V V- V- - .- J--.V. ..w Sf! +V-HV---V'.l VH A-V '-1:-H: IM J Y . I Af - - gp I . x f,. , ,, A V"' . ',v,,,gg,,,,,Vf,5 Ap- 3.5,-mggfmffw Q 1 , ,,. ' U- . jig: .11 ' -'v . Lf--f:.t'-i'z15,a'f' . 0 1 1 QV -4 . ' ' 1 E115 " -M Y ' in 'Lf ' ,- '77 - Z-Qx-:J 'F ' -' -fi? ' 'PI' -,, -T-'H' ' ' ., "1 I-.LQ J V- L L -Q,-f '5'f'ID'fv ' ? if" .. -. .ff 1-'J Sf I . V "1-V M' " , -V'iQ,,x4'+f,.-V1 1 V.-4 Tff? W Eilgii ' " , , f- ,I - :,g.1aa-., , -- -f A4 gn- -.".z-- -:J V Va- -- - - . 4- -V , - y . , -, ' k , I l .-- --V . , ' M F: f' f G46 5, 'Z..,,m ,. F 1' '75 " A " "",,.fV,q '- ,gizfimfgig " -f1eE: L3g ,l I. .-4 ' 1 - ' ' V I V ",'i". ,fC'fV 5'.:4 A Q 'b-g'?'.g:. , -"' i f --Nb'.',,f" . - ,fi g. ' ' V ' ' - .,," 1 ff -JSQQVYQ'-i5 .'f -3 ,fr ,,V"L.l ' -, -.5-:5'9 '7i'1 ' 'M lrfiegg . A ,"R7"fiifs5fi12'-is-MVgfizm, - 'ge. lT?r'f' V '35 5215 -, -V, ' F'-5.3-5"',"5L?-'?i'?f?' iififi- .- "if"-:f?5S?'H?:f?5P i1" ' s,'.,. f-Q-eggggf., V - f',gma-,-5951456---11?--' -' iff ' 43 ,gf-,,5gQg1f'.wgg,f 5-an 1:1- zzigggfa- nm . ,. - - F - - -- gi 61 Cheerleaders Front: Kathrene Jerome, Dolores Amenta, Renelle L'l-Iuillier, Arline Maliska. Back: Alice Murray, Gail Worman, Joanne Murray, ' Missing when picture was taken were Pamelia LeFebre and Shirley Oliva. Our cheerleaders are probably the most unheralded yet enthusiastic followers of our football team. Whenever or wherever the team went the cheerleaders always managed to be on hand to root them on. This meant providing their own transportation which varied from riding in antique automobiles to the back of pick-up trucks. Considering the difficulties in traveling and the fact that each cheer- leader must purchase her own sweater we would like to reverse the tables and give a mighty cheer for Murdock's Cheerleaders. 62 Baseball l953 if wo f We V in if V A V I ,, X !'l 332251.06 UC xii- V 4 'WV bg, UQ. lam:- lll ik. .zz-', 'gr '. Q' v 'a'vv9"J"f1 l, I f r V -,, q ,- , 5.5 -' sl -- Y mfr.:-'f 'F rg. fa .. . up .,f M'-N,-,Tr J , ,.'t-,JAY-l VV- i vi, li, ,,,' ,,f,, bg',:Lv.'H.. 2 . .dvi ,ft ,ff Y-,',tgg.,.u,i .7 . Y wi, 4' 0 i Q 1, Qjif' J., I:-f,,3?ff3f,, Ml " n i ,Q .H I, L..1',,.- .. ' ,Ls fl .1 U ren Front: William Murphy, manager. First Row: Earl Gauthier, Richard Lapointe, Armand Dube, John Tero, Richard Fitzmaurice, ' fr d R h' Wil e us ia. Back Row: David Goyette, Barry Boutelle, John Wentworth, Martin Parks, Coach Bentley. New candidates reporting this year not included. The necessity of our meeting an early deadline made it impossible to include all of the Murdock men that played on the baseball diamond this spring in this photograph. We have photographed the veterans from last years team that returned this year and helped make this such a suc- cessful season. By this time many new faces have been added to the squad and many new names have gone up in Murdock's Hall of Fame. The team, with the able backstopping of Armand Dube, the fast flashy play of infielders such as Earl Gauthier, John Wentworth and Martin Parks, the sure fisted Dick Lapointe in the outfield and Dick Fitzmaurice and Mal Sibley twirling along with many new candidates, has by now, we are sure, made a record on the diamond that we all may be proud of. 63 Johnny" Wentworth "Dick" LaPointe Armand Dube 'Dick" Fitzmaurice "Dick" McDonald "Skip" parks "Pep Talk" "Dave" Goyette Earl Gauthier 64 Gfieie X-ii., M k 5 . 'TM ff X21 i lSjT' ff V MLWXWV v WWW 'Vwlbgflbf M MJ pq E5-f5,VV. W M W ffl M P , L MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS COMPLIMENTS OF BAXTER D. WHITNEY 8 SON, INC. MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY SINCE I837 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER To Class of I953 l32 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON MASS MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Compliments of WHITE BRCTHERS Cotton Manufacturers Winchendon Springs, Massachusetts Compliments of NEW ENGLAND WOODENWARE CCRP. Winchendon, Massachusetts CLASS OF NINETEEN HFTY-THREE WINCH EN DON SAVINGS BANK Sidney N. Fletcher, Murdock 1903 ..... . . . President Sidney N. Fletcher Jr., Murdock 1933 .... ...... 'I' reasurer Ruth N. Tappin, Murdock 1915 ....... . . . Asst. Treasurer Dorothy Solander, Murdock 1935 .... ....... T e11er Douglas Knotts, Murdock 1940 .... .... T e11er Della G. Adams, Murdock 1919 .... .... C lerk Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WINCHENDON I I4 Central Street Winchendon, Massachusetts MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN'S SINCE I897 Representative: Ed Cullen Box I 468 Springfield, Mass. C pl ments of MURDOCK FARM DAIRY, INC. Milk and Cream Tel phone I43 Compliments of C-OBLEIGH CLOTHING COMPANY Clot hing - Hats - Shoes - for Young Men and Men W hendon, Massachusetts Telepho 333-M CLASS OF NINE-TEEN FIFTY-THREE C pliments of THE FALLS COMPANY C pliments of THE ALASKA FREEZER CO., INC. WhdM h Compliments of IVIORRISSEAU FURNITURE CORP. "WINCHENDON'S LEADING FURNITURE STORE' Complete Iine of iewelry - All famous makes Diamonds, Watches, Rugs, etc. 76- 78 F Street T Ieph Compliments of M. H. PARKS CGMPANY Spools and Bobbins For the Textile Trade MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of OLD TRAVELER'S RESTAURANT Compliments of THE FALLS COMPANY C pl ments of J. H. DAVENPORT S SON W chendon, Mussuchuse Ph 83 Complzments of GENERAL BOX COMPANY F kl S 1' Winchendon M h T lephone 304 CLASS OF NINE-IEEN FIFTY-THREE Compliments of LORETTA'S FASHION SHOPPE C IS ef Winchendon Ma I1 Compliments of IVIURRAYS OIL AND WOOD CO C pliments of WINCH EN DON FURNITURE CO. Compliments of ROSE'S, INC. Clothing and Furniture "Frigidaire Appliances 208 Central Street w h d M h MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of H. W. ABBOTT AND C. H. ABBOTT Optometrists 98 Central Street Winche d Compliments of THE WARMAN PRESS Compliments of HOWARD'S Compliments of VAINE'S FILLING STATION chendon Springs Massachu tt Compliments of MARY MARTIN Your Metropolitan Life Insurance Agent Compliments of TOY TOWN TAILLEURS "Makers of Fine Ladies' Coats and Suits" 86 Front Street Telepho Best of Luck to the Class of "53" The Home of your Lane Cedar Chest O'DONNELL'S Compliments of WINCHESTER TAILORS Manufacturers of Coats and Suits for Women and Misses 27 Front Street Winchendon, Massachu tt CLASS OF NINETEEN EIETY-THREE Compliments of JOSEPH O. L'ETOILE Compliments of DR. P. J. SAVAGE Compliments of JOSEPH LAWTON 62 Central Str ee? Compliments of GODIN STORES The Store of Friendly Shopping Winchendon, Mcssachusehs The Best ofLuck to Our Seniors MR. AND MRS. RICHARD E. SNOW Compliments of El.ETCHER'S FUNERAL HOME Best Wishes to the Class of1953 from WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Compliments of ALICE JEAN SHOP MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of MONROE'S SUNOCO STATION Y Driving Pleasure Is Our Aim Telephon To The Graduating Class of 1953 - Best Wishes For Your Success S. A. GREENWOOD S SON Insurance Service - Safety - Satisfaction - Since I876 Compliments of LAFORTUNE'S .IENNEY SERVICE Compliments of THOMPSON'S COAL S GRAIN COMPANY 227 Central Street Compliments of DR. F. EARLE HALL Compliments of DR. ALTON B. SKELTON DR. CARL J. ANTONELLIS DR. AUBREY V. GOULD Compliments of THE WINCHENDON COURIER For 75 Years Your Home-Town Newspaper "We wish all the "grad" students and under- graduating classmates many years of health and prosperity and movie hours of entertainment." Management 8. Staff of CAPITOL THEATRE Inc. Winchendon CLASS OF NINETEEN EIETY-THREE Compliments of SLAVTNS DRUG STORE Quality Prescriptions SEE YOU AT SIB'S "The After School Meeting Place" Compliments of BOIS BROTHERS 262 Central Street Phone 848 Compliments of THE A. AND P. STORE R. Aveni, Mgr. Compliments of CORNER STORE Bob, Frank, Dick, Harvey, Pauline, Joe Compliments of THE BEEF SHOP Sib, John, Dove, Milt, Butch, Mike Compliments of- CENTRAL PHARMACY Compliments of UNITED CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY OF WINCHENDGN MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Compliments of CLAPP NOVELTY 5 Beniamin Street Compliments of SIBLEY'S STORE Waterville I5 Main Street Compliments of CLOVER FARM STORE Telephone 520 Compliments of SNACK BAR Compliments of JOSEPH'S FRUIT STORE Compliments of DR. A. G. PELLETIER Television Compliments of L. N. ABARE COMPANY Furniture and Appliances Refrigeration Compliments of MATHIEU FORD SALES 96 Front Street CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Compliments of DESCHENE'S SHOE STORE Compliments of DR. LINCOLN MAGEE Compliments of MORLGCK MOTOR SALES Compliments of DR. G. R. CORBOSIERO Compliments of A. P. BATEMAN AND SON COMPANY E Good Luck Seniors SULLIVAN'S ESSO SERVICENTER Spring Street Teleph Compliments of SHERMAN'S GARAGE Best Wishes WINCHENDON LAUNDROMAT Complete Laundry Service Tel eph MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS.. Compliments of MERRILL'S INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of Percy E. Phillips, D. V. M. Warren A. Phillips, D. V. M. Russell M. Phillips, D. V. M. Howard C. Phillips, D. V. M. Richard S. Phillips Compliments of Leander Brousseau Rennie J. Brousseau Henry Ritchie Compliments of WILLIAMS PACKAGE STORE 74 Front Street Winchendon, Mass. Telephone 450 Free Delivery Compliments of LECLAIR'S SOCONY SERVICE Recapping Tires Road Service Battery Service 98 Front Street Telephone 343 Compliments of WINCHENDON FLOWER SHOP Compliments of JEFFER'S MARKET Meats - Groceries - Vegetables Compliments of BATEMAN OIL COMPANY Bateman Homgas Service CLASS OF NINE-IEEN FIETY-THREE Compliments of CAPITOL LUNCH Compliments of H. GILMORE AND COMPANY Hardware, Imperial Wallpaper, Paint Quality Floorware for all the Family Phone 564-M ' Winchend Compliments of GEORGE MIZHIR AND SONS Coal and Heating Oil 54 School Street Telephon M. E. BERNARD Smart Clothes for Women and Children Winchendon, Mass., Phone 682-W - Lexington, Mass., Phone LE 9-I895 Compliments of .lOHNSON'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Compliments of WINCHENDON CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY COMPANY Re-upholstering - Refinishing - Repairing "We buy and sell used furniture and antiques" Compliments of DR. W. J. SHAUGHNESSY Compliments of CY'S BARBER SHOP

Suggestions in the Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) collection:

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