Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE)

 - Class of 1950

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Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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5 J, 1 s 1 J 'eff fn ii Jkt' J! ga 4 .-9 1 1. dv 1?-4 4' -Y--- nam- --Y '- L Q N, rx S' If - X 1- G . , , X - Q I W ...wYwfg,xi2,J 6 I , - W X -.x 1 , f I V u . iff- ffiiij .:f:2'Zj,1U .' A ff I 5 I :.jQL:1i1' J ,Q 74+ It Jr' wail ,' 8 5 1 ' 'W' "Z ' 1 ' 5 f ' 21 3 ! gurl: I STAFF i......- ,Wg --,.,. . -un... xkiwxai Q W S 'S We Work L Left to rirnt- Kenneth Streich-Verf.ret Tniel-Amnnda Ahrensmnior- Marilyn Tehrmann-Tordon Lannin-Not Fresen: Charles Nemxe. Ed1tor-------------------Amlndi Lhrcnsmuier Art 3ditor------------------Kenneth gtrci-H 9 9 Business KSnufer------m------- 3ports--------------------- AcL1vitias-----------------Q Gordon L nnin Yirilyn Yunrmann Knrguret T 1Ql Julanlnr- ---- -- ------ ---------'hnyles Hemxw Typist's----------- -'-- -4'-Vwrilyn Tvkr"Hn ------3m'n1 'hrfnsm+ie4 ------Vnrf :wt m'1f1 Jponsors-----K-------A ------l--Yius P H -----4'r. Alouni I A Q 'X sy f ' 5 c 0 I wru' ' ? K F Q. .6 X Sk J '9' ,gf 'fx X I , V '19, H 5, . " wil Tb' Q13 DEDICAT IO N ..... ........ ,.,. . 0 3' DO on lil W - f I :lg mbps ... N xff of' J- 'ii , ,N N. . H110 9, e ' X .110-'Mi L'.f'l iz.-', Ir. ."1', n Pun: kg , rw nv: 4' f11lC.:I"XI1. IQ :Hrvmi ut c'w:1-' , , v.f:fx':". f if court 111 1 r v X- 1 'ft ugwlf in 'PQ X1Pv-'l- rv:'1-nf, wi' .in ke.-pn F--nw' rw valuvs are Q54 r',, e ':1A1 I. 15' "-'VV- dur' 'Eze ' c 1 n ,nc xvlillvrzxtv lnnninft of 'frm I .. '1 ' 0 1"I' OI' lvl'- fcuml win, ' l"g saw- and Vx-zvmi 1,0 4.1m.if' ' -- f' lf' Low-' 1' f'- aa 1111111 . friend 01' e:iuc'xt,ifm, Iwir. Hoffman Vx' I e. ,iff ,4,,,,, ADMINISTRATIDN F. A-5, Xing: ly in HAROLD BLOIL , . mm nwzufy c. nnngme HLLUT ... ,pq sf -g 4, , tr' Wm Smfmflm 1555115 nnorzn 'mv-v' '- I A ,..A......L . 1 'X' ,-jr ,.:x feb 111' M its 'JN +1"' 1 Ivtwfh I " Q! in SENIDRS X7 X .4- FU! . li- bhp- .IMI KENNETH It ETRBICH Q'p:A. Q1 ' ', fL'.- -1' LX . ' ,.,2 1- xx.. . . '.,, , ..- . -, - , I , . ,- JL. '- - ,L H p, -L Y . Q . .7 . .. V, CUE? FLUUIEK ' CHRNRTIUN Y- K :LW ma E I' 5- . :D A .S X Y "4-r A' -Q? A , 4 ,ln V 4 X CLR55 C0102 - BL UI :B 5fL UER mfl?ZG!i7ZIfT H7771 THIEL -x. ,- -'.7. u , V a 1 GURDODH. LNITIITI '51- mfuzmyn fi.'lU1'HR77?li7777 13411 1 f -- ' vw - CLR55 THOTTU LH youre Lrfxusnmnm Burner A gmn CHRIZLI5 I. 115777165 4' ,ff go J 11 fv 4.1K My gk Lv 13 ,-.cj L iris Elem, XLNoy' lL, Yxwrui. wj . J1,JS i ' - JF ly 1' 41 QTS, 1. hy.. Jv.-lwv llub Qrfxf., lr W ., .l 'l vt' t ATHATIDA B. fmnrn5mrffn 5 S A55 PROPHEQCY CL : l 111ff':"' , -NS X Q egg Q 'e f- R35 KQMK A 5535 . f When the famous speed King, Kenneth Streich, was on his annual vacation to New York, he got the idea he would like to see an opera. As he motored down Broadway he was blinded by the bright lights of Metropolitan Opera. Amanda Ahrensmeier was staring as Carmen. Kenneth was astonished to see his long lost girl friend who disappeared from Murdock years ago, Kenneth couldn't wait un- til the finals so he could go back stage and congratulate Amanda on her fine performance. Amanda informed Kenneth that she was married to a rich oil man and they have had four kiddies ranging sad news, Kenneth dis- the Captiol of United States. When he arlived in Washington D. C. he found the weather undersirable. It was raining so hard he had to take a taxi to the Willard Hotel. Soon his taxi arrived, or should we say, it slowed down for a landing. The door of the taxi was opened by a good looking, young man, who said in his shy way, WTO where mister?W The shock of seeing his old class-mate Speed Lannin, was to much for Kenneth. He fell over in a dead faint and had to be rushed to the hosptial immediately. When Kenneth regained con sciousness, he saw a dark eyed nurse whose face seemed to be familiar. He asked her who she was and she said her name, as he suspected, was Margaret Thiel. He found out it was his old class mate Maggie, who always wanted to be a nurse. 'Maggie was now Mrs. Albert Einstein Junior, and was living in a mansion in Wash- ington D. C. When Kenneth was better, he left for Hollywood California, the land of eternal sunshine. He decided to go by plane. On the plane he met a stewardess, who was no other than Marilyn Wehrmann. She took special preparations to give him everything he wanted for fear of losing her job. Kenneth also found out she was married to a boy from Waverly who was flying the plane and their son was just learning to fly. When he found out she was in from two to twelve. After hearing the appointed in New York, decided to see the same plane ne started to hunt for a parachute to bail out. On the last lap of his journey he stopped at a ranch house in Texas to let his new car cool. He knocked on the door to see if he could get water for the radiator. To his surprise the owner of the ranch was Charles Hemke, he started asking many ques- tions and found out the ranch was left to him by his rich uncle, and it was ten miles square and he had twenty thousand head of cattle and five thousand head of purebred Arabian horses. When he got home his wife and two sons were real glad to see him and so was his class sponsor, Mr. Gakemeier. He held the position as the Dean of Notre Dame. Kenneth is so glad he has seen all his friends again and he hoped they will visit him so they can all recall their days at Murdock High. ZVVS ' In the year of 1938, six future pilots came to !, MURDOCK CONQOLIDATED SCHOOL to receive their training ff ' These pilots were Carl Leland Bornemeier-Doris Dean- 'Y'!- ' Ruth Guehlstorff-Vern Lau-Willis Rase-Margaret Thiel. Senior Class History In their second year of instruction Doris Dean and Carl Bornemeier did not continue their study to be pilots. They entered the third year of training with out Ruth Guehlstorff but gained a new pilot, Kenneth gtreioh. The in- structor for these three years was Miss Paulene Kroh. The fourth year of training brought us a new girl pilot, Marilyn Wehrmann, bringing company for our 'only other girl of the class. Our instructor was Miss Louise Adams. Philip Hughes, joined our class. Kenneth Wilson, anxious to be a pilot Joined our little group in the sixth year. We were now training under Miss Margaret Rassumson CMrs. Lyle Stocks In' our fifth year of flying Gordon Lannin and S- Mrs. Rhoda Paap, our seventh year instructor helped us fly on toward the future. Kenneth Wilson left us to go to school in Omaha. Our eighth and last year of Preliminary training was under the instruction of Mrs. Doris Frolich. During this year' Philip Hughes left for Ashland. We were now ready for our last four years of training before we fly into the future. We once again started with six members into our' last four years of wider learning. These pilots were- ? Margaret Thiel-Marilyn Wehrmann-Willis Dean Rasa dQR,i,"s0 ' Kenneth Streich-Gordon annin and Vern Lau. One vwiiyl 0 day as we were soloing'we landed to pick R up ,LQ5' 0'L 9 Amanda Ahrensmeier and Midge Proctor, with hiss .0 l Q 'J " Brodrick as our instructor. Our Sophomore trip proved eventful as we gained a new pilot- Charles Hemke. We lost Midge Proctor to Louisville, and Vern Lau decided to change his course to farming. Our instructor was Mrs. McHugh. Our Junior flight was uneventful as far as gaining or losing 3 pilot, Mr. Blount was now our supervisor. ln our last year of flight training Willis Rase left us. Mr. Gakemeier is leading us into the future, and helping us in our last year of insturc tion. Our class roll is now-Amanda Ahrensmeier- Charles Hemke-Margaret Thiel-Gordon Lannin-Marilyn Wehrmann-Kenneth Streich. we six SENIORS will now be given our pilots licenses to help us fly upward and onward into the gleaming future. !7CLAl WILL ' SENIOR5 i I, Margaret Ann Thiel will my ability to receive A's in subjects to my brother, Albert Thielg center back postion in volleyball to Mabel Luetchansg cheerleading ability to Elizabeth Bucky job as Editor of the Bulldog Barx to Franklin Millsg ambition to become a nurse to Janet Kupkeg my brother Albert, to Sue Colbertg quiet- ness to Merle McDonaldg personality to Roger Bornemeierg glasses to Raymond Schaeferg Job as activity manager to Robert Lanning volleyball ability to Joan Jordang dark hair to Helen Galena. To all of my underclassmen the best of luck and happiness. I, Kenneth Streich will my licorice to Mabel Luetchensg big feet to Myrna Brunkowg pickup to Albert Thiel so he can take Sue Colbert outg wavey hair to Robert Lannin and my ability to roam to Roger Bornemeierg my blue eyes to Raymond Schaefer and my track shoes to Joan Jordan. I, Amanda Ahrensmeier will my height to Robert Lanning ability in volleyball to Joan Jordang front seat in the assembly to anyone who needs it. My cheerleading ability to one of the sophomore girlsg friendship with Mr. Blount to Merle McDonald and my dark hair to Marilyn Miller. My Job as Editor-In-Chief of the Annual to Lyle Buellg mischievousness to Mabel Luetchensg ability of talking to Dayle Streich. I wish all the underclassmen and teachers the best of luck I Gordon Lannin will one third of h 1 hth t d Kastens, Gene McDonald, and Gerald Kupkgf grgdgs to Dgylgrgtggigi and Richard Eennyg my blue eyes to Merlin Heinkeg black hair to Val Brummer REDW. My speed to Myron Oehlerkingg my letter in football to anyone who would like to see Murdock high playing gggggill. I wish the best of luck to everyone in Murdock High I, Marilyn Adeene Wehrmann will my five feet seven inches to Frederick Kastensg 120 pounds to Joan Jordang spiking ability in volleyball to Ruth Ahrensmeier so that in the future she will not knock her fellow team-mates out when she hits the ballg ability to Ntalkn to Myrna Brunkow which she needs with Merlin Reinke and my mischievous to Leroy Timm even though he doesn't need itg ability to argue with Mr. Blount to Janet Kupkeg Piano playing to Shirley Kupkeg buick rides to NO ON . I wish the best of luck to all the underclassmen and tEose coming in. I, Charles E. Hemke will my seat beside William Zoz to lmrilyn Millerg height to Frederick Kastensg big fest to Roger Bornemeierg good looks to Dayle Streich which I hope it will be well usedg Wavey hair to Robert Lanning and my brown eyes to Mabel Luetchens. ex 'L --. XA X IUNIDRS - ffgzv - K+. W. T' GQ 390 ..... ?5?,if'.' W-:Zin 'rf' A iam! Frcnt Lift fo 'i Lt- Werwld luvhf-V:rle Vcjoufli-xutn luehlptorff Xyrnn Dry Lrunhmw-T mul luc,:hens-V2r1in koinkf- m-er 'ornemeidr Jenvui- 'r - lin Ellis-Vyron teh rh nr- ich ' bunny Lylv Zulkl. Qobfrt IHn'Lh- wgwlg Hebcn- uslell Kreculou-'wymunu , 1-LSCF. .Vnp---- ----- --------------- ,IN ':wn, " ---- ---------- ------- M.L, ,xwxx - V' -z:-:------"-- --- j' .u.' A- 4 X - ,E l,,,'1-------------- --- ----Q fin ' .- ,K r 'T xii' . 1 g f 1 f K 1-W1 ' n Q' ' ' f A, I. K, Q .... .: , , ., -' " . , . ... .w-. , - . 115: J - L: L"n A I ': 1M 'YM' , A '.'lf',11L ,.:.LQ,1-------------- 'H----W -- lpur. jN4L,:.------------w-- QL 1. .. --w-- ' IwmwS Y'V'-'----1---------W-1 ,.f:' Q '-------+4 jr - Jessie dfn1JP-6-------M-----U 1 ,,- H 4. , s-----, ,' M,. Yelifis Lof.n-- ----- Q-------TLS L.: -M--Q----A--!..,, L.f ,xal H,1wins----------------nz xl -------------- - L: irw. uelw ,V Znmfrf---1-A--frxn 1 :----------J - Juwn .hniN' yb--------------far H--- - ,--H,g,qA1 ,, , 41,2v' Jr . 1 -----Q-A----Trunk g ' ,1f. f.e QQLy-----45QN HA, Pwusy 1i11fY---- ------ ------A Vvumf T xnm -n 3QvQ---- ' :.r, qw: 3162 'IM9 ------M---------- ur e u-------- ---- --M-H' 1 Lan Yg,l, D-.v- M-1-X,-4 --Q-----R--.-5 .,,,, I ....Q. H..Uh.. . A ,Lh,k NA .... --,-----., ,M, .,4C, Usa . ge----------------N-num nffiqwr LT . f Inn-,. y y 'fwf WOR I.h,w----A--1-N---- .--- -HgWi- 'R VHy-----,-,.--,, .m-.,.M . . sn A ,1.1i ..L. 4' x, 1 .J----..-..-..-,.-.--- dvr., 1 L Q NMXQQ, l."W SOPHOMORES KN FRESHMEN fr, I , 0 I' 6 The sophomore class this year on Murdock are left to riyht front Frederick Kastens-Czrolyn Jtock- Herilyn Miller-E112 beth Auck- Nilliem poz. Second- Val Brummer- Jeanine Jchliefert-Janet Kupke- Helen Culenn Kenneth Gemblin. Third- Oliver Hupko-Verle Rieckumn-lorry lrnnin-Jwrren Yilken. ,.,. 1 N 9, fbf , V' ,o S ..,, w-1 Left to Right- Front- Shirley Kupke- sue Colbert-Anne Ruth Ahreusmeier. Second- Marvin Hupke- Albert Thiel- Leroy Timm- Gene Not Present-Deyle Streioh. Bucxholz VcDoneld. srurnm is frcnm cnnnt 1'-5 mmlf- if ' 1 Y-lf' X Ns R ' v L N P . 27 guiz to ri.nL fx nt- har' ret guumg- pQU,L bvrxggeifr--wLi UQuqiwz1-Q Vis 'e ' 1o31ljL WLrui Heqxmg- eo s 1 4-gunmen Agvi H up "1Lar .0 4 . ii lvr. TUiI'i- lr iyqn .- lmeJ"'iEW'AT-Q :L:Qd L 1 TC Ci 1 6 S rLyne qzreiur-g Hilu 'M'wvf. n . gx 1 'fx C 'N . ff , N K ,I L-Q , ' A C J I N ' ' .. K X 1 L ' ' i ' '32 i . l ng .. .. 5 Xi? ' , - n h N , .ani N XV X I wi ni 1 ' 3 ' . . v V - ' N Elan X. ' xx ' ,. R u X iw M :-X left to right front- Richard Huuter-Chwrles Liu L-.ulund qtuvA- Kelvin Luetchenn-David Hills. Second- Elmer Filler-Halter Yendlnnd-Dale Izunin Frunx fL Donuld Neuse-Coach-Yr. Gnkarfier. Tuirc-Lnwuyne JFTBY-HUQDuH Luetchen Duane 1 r-1 W H L ,L .' x'UwilTr1'T T . X X 'YL -Fa '1 I N ,vp f xfl mm Ann szxm " Left to rixnt front- inndra Hockeneyer- Vary Thiel - ghorcn Hornemeier-Vary Ann Gnkemeier-Narlene Milken-Prtricib Frunkow. second- Vary pox-Hichhrd Hnetor-isle Lonnin- Charles kruse- Rosalyn Filler-Kiss Dolezal. Tnirc- D vii Tilis- Velvin Luetchens- kose Vwry Johnson- Tolnnd gtnck-You Trngenn-lervli Curl-Iuthleon itreich-Yumfnw Jtreich. Wx -ii'i5a'Px's9SQ,f'45f ggeg' nm im , 'T THIRD HUD FULLRTH Lwit to ri'nt front- W ylon Furrlll -Iucille Hupkv-ietfy Ionnson- Innrul Yornemeier-iwnqy Timirvn-Jindru gmtmh-Duane Krecklow, Ieuond- liwin Jochim- Dorothy CFl5UTC-KHTEU Kruse-Carole Hurrill Frrol YeiGin'vr-Tiss Nrunkom, T ird- lic: rd 'ornemeier-I Yue lufke-frvin and Frwncin Iinioll. -1 ' 'v-199A FIR5T' AVID SECOUIJ JQ,ted frwm lP1t to rifht front- lloyd Tenet-Joyre Thiel-Yiriel Juv Ulcck-Ji4rilyn Lindell-Ynndd Lee Clark-Jack Lindell. Juwond- Jennie Veisinuer-Barbarf Lwsffns-Juuith Hills-linda Ease .onnie -Lock-Junn Johnscn-J n ' . Q. Tgird- Clwrk 31111-James Joc.3'-,1A. Winn-Qlizabeth Kcirory-Terry :ruse-John Blount-Yrs. E1cun'. 1 ' Q . 59? XIRIYIR BARTXIT Irf Hif Fifff Aww: Ulayrwg 5ry.irL-Iri: J,Un 1inMV.-- J0fVQUihU Jornf m-xfyyy ynigiqrvr, 5" '1 hfdf 7 7HCV0W'YPVMfh-run fiuifun-nfs? mikli. Tot Yreient- InHn 'osml'-X.iPL wi LP?ecklesWn- JHu'lws Iiiliums and T rlys '1ine. ACTIVITIES A xx X Trpo Q 'i J- Nl I ,thi I X KFJZR .1 9. ff ' 5 " r , , . Q . vb' ,1gQQ5H3N L. ,, lb6MQU '-" 'Aer- k ' ?L4lQf3Pf?5Ni'4Qi4"'ifimlie1fz ' ""'-Q X 1 Q, qML?'x' xl. L- 15 ' ' 5. wfieiimfr A es: ,- f . left to rirht- Ruth Guehlstorff-Marilyn Jenrmunn-Myrna Hrunkow Tae girls trio wus chosen by our director, Kr. Hunt. They sen Why Heron and nAn Fld Fashioned Gurdenn et the COHCGSC HC Ueevln Homer and Auburn, Nebraska. 'V' ff 4923 l 1.5 . sp? Q9 64,0 6 1- O lvl E Q.. 5 -r O ur Kuyke-Margaret Thiel-Carolyn Stocm. sextvt for tnis year is from left to ri un front- on second- Marilyn Miller-Nobel Luetcnens-Anne iuoxgclz. This sexLeL went to une music oonteszs JL hanging loner Auburn, Nebraska. The songs which LQEY sons were Hmobin In Quinn und Wky Prayer For Todeyn. --NJ Xp W li irle B fl v-w mf' PO --fltffi ""'Xb 413521: 9 el-- 3 Left to rirht front- Jeanine Schliefert-Merle McDonald-jlizebetn Buck-Oliver Kupke Holland Stock- Franklin Kills-Kyrna Brunkow- Marilyn Miller-Jnlrley hupne. oecono- Gene McDonald-auth Guenlstorff- Lyle Buell-Elmer Killer- Sheron Bornemeicr-Anne Bucnholz-Que Colbert. Unird- Bill moz- Verle Reickman- Frederick Kastens- Ur. Hunt- Herr ret Kupke-Marilyn Henrmann-Myron Oenlerking-Gerald Kupke. Bend was again organized at the start of school. Mr. Hunt was our very capable instructor and many pretty waltzs, marches, and popular tunes floured up from the gym. Tie group went to the music contest at Keeping Water this year. Tney played WFortunia Cverture.N Tne bond needs more members, but they will lose only one player tnis yeer, Marilyn Uehrmann, a senior. l leit to rirht- Marilyn Hiller- Shirley Kupke-Myrna Loy Brunkow Franklin Hills. mhe quartet will play W5erenadeu by Hayden. W F TT ivy M x ' 5 A , wg? Vurunq, ' . -ax-W1 fixed Wgmquu Y . g' 'r'nf- ..'ri?h IHPY ns - 111 w xwiwr- Lxirlww Ru: Q- 'ZLL Mqrfggx' w' .U 'N 'HI1-Tvlnn . LQL'-Q rwlyn ,trgf-21 xx . 'ng wiv Y? ff 1 - :J "l MH'- fnvnind Q? Ii? H HH T:'J:- 'a-":E-fl I xe1,-L .0 ?'vz'i1':U Tii IJI' F' vrnin'-'i.0 fs'-UT. 'u1Y. iuwr ln hw- I rvJn 'ilknw-Lrmfli T13'n .H in lfrry Lanwgu- r wnlin T.Llw-Tu sell T GTK m ' firrui p-rtiCiD.'vu in "' musiv Fug Ast. T Huhurh. 'Lay snnv Hn Jon' ff Ee:cHH W H mhiv il i.f ?0P'H TQ F whim' fbHY H Q ' ' ' gm is m 'f-.'. ' . fun? LH' 'fnf Z1 wi 'LE 1 s s 'TCZLP .TF 'EI1.fff'I'I41- l',v- 'V - ,f.1., .. -EU - --VLv, nxf '.'-'C :".Q':L"- 5' .'l il- . W N 111,- H ,.,,,,.. ' ,nw o,,, ' 4 431'-- 'Q 'A - x K x NL.s' Ar, '1'- . .. '.',x',.-,, M - f. xX-Lu 1LL.- jran 'w.l1:U1. -APO.-Plug h ',Q ' 1 . f.Q 3 J J tugw 2.31 nu 2 .w'ic 'JNL N2 TCFC nHv1L3 n nz 3 . .-v I ll 1 ,. . -. v. .M-.. E! 1 . V. J 1 7 'U X 1 ,. Y ll X VY P N 'fr' h INXX N A A , F S 4 L CL fronr-lv't to rl'ht -fWP'CY9f Tlihl- Huth Suvhlstorff- nyrnd BrunVow-AmHnda Ahrensmvivr. Second-Sue Colbert-Velvn lnlhna-Snrnlyn Snark-bhirlwy Kuyke-Runh Ahrenfmeivr-Anna buckholz-Kiss Mfonvn. Third- Janet Hupke-Lnrilyn Liller-Lwriljn Tehrmann-Iwhel Luenchen Nlizabwfh buck-Jenninw fcL1ieFwrL. The Evp Clwh was orv'mized this year with Liss hhonen as sponsor. V' v .he officers wpru- irvgidwnm-Lfrrnrwv Thiel- Tice Ermfident-Auth Iuehlsrorff- tecrwmwfy' Jhanino bchliafwrt- Trvxrure - Ananda Ahrensmoihr, Luv uniforms wwrv whitw Swuatcit hhd guryle shirts. g5 R? D I f ,' I The chelrle1ders for this year are from left Pu ii7hC'imffQa ihrensmvivr-Ruth Guwhlftorff-Myrna Lrvnknw-and rdYL4YfL'.h1g . Narfhret and Amanda, who are Scniorr, have held tLQs for1t?onxQQf two Years. The Juniors, Ruth and HYTNR, are hvvlnq Lhemr 111. year of exverience in this posxtloh. FI14'7""-QIIDEEQZID 1 t!.:! 'rs ' il ff The members of Murdock High School that are taking dramatios this year are from left to right-front- Shirley Kupke-Margaret Thiel- Myrna Brunkow- Marilyn Wehrmsnn- Jeanine Sohllefert-Ruth Guehlstorff. Second- Charles Hemke-Elizabeth Buck-Director-Mies Rhoten-Carolyn Stock-Frederick Kastens. Third- Russel Krscklow- Donald Neben- Myron Oshlerking- Merle McDonald. The tryouts for the Declamstory contest at Peru were held March seventh and eighth. Margaret Thiel was chosen to give her read- ing 'what is America?' in the oratorical group, Carolyn Stock was chosen to give 'Elizabeth the Queen' in the dramatic group, and Marilyn Wehrmann with 'Laugh Clown Laugh' in the humorous group. The contest at Peru was held on March twenty-fourth. Merle McDonald, Charles Hemke, Frederick Kasten, and Donald Neben also attended this contest and gave a one-act play entitled, 'If Men Played Cards as Women Do.' Those attending received the follow- ing ratings-Margaret Thiel-Excellent, Carolyn Stock-Excellent, and Marilyn Wshrmann-Good. The boys have not received their rat- ing as yet. 5 S NX .g,,g, E U j Q ' I qt !Q QD fy' ff ,X 'ff 6 'I A W 0 It 1 X ' I 01,13 ' - a I-'ft to risht - Ruth Ahrensmeie r-Shirley Kupke 90110 3920165-MM 300195012 , -1- -"- ' Sue Colbert-Anne Buekholz Shirley Kupke-Ruth Ahrensmeisz wb'1y-wogRv!! Sue Colbert-Albert Thiel Gene McDonald-Lloyd Reeson-Marvin Kupke U f 6 f6 7? ATHLETICS QQ, "fs KE mir. X BA 19 C855 rmuv H D U W rrsnt left to rirht- Wene VcDone1d-Richard Kenny-Gordon Lannin- iobert Tnnnin-Lyle Tuell-Merle YcDonald-Albert Thiel. econd- Coach-Vr. Cakemeier- Warren Uilken- Larry Lannin -Verle Qeichmnn-Franklin Vills-Vyron Oehlerkinp. mio bmsketbwll team of Murdock High had a very Successful qdrr. m.e trophy held by Qobert Imnnin is the Cass County 'hnmpionsnip troppy won at Elmwood. fha boys won 10 games and lost tLrPH. The tewm wili suffer the loss of only one player, forion Innnin, a senior. k'f '.n'f 'WVH4fPH7f vfrf 'wld fyp ,-,5-,'-f' gf 33n,,w, .n. A rlnvod H rip-rp4yAgf f,Wp ,igg A1V0 pn 'pcndfdkv ev,Hih- HHH w.H. mwivrt 11HNf1, HUT t4ff Qv31,r, 'ill agd p,yHlnQg Lic ':V' :'i P 'um 'i but Of if' ' xp ' Hfurn3mwnLS. KH the .,: P ctPf11T G11ffw1 ,'W:x:fwwrz, 'in-i . !J!IX'f T 0 sxxv Q Hg-,f gk ,'a:Np ' 2LCTfViuUE. -L Thr lurk vnfgiJ wx. 1 www -v'i:' .ntfr ' 'xv 'wmv ww? clvuw, :ut ,wrucvm vmg, - Vk L u L , jiylc 'innF. !'fH T--m- i-'TAF .4.Qfr'iv' vAr'w1r ' THxFf' E I 3,21 .'iYHVOf':o Iur.Pfk flnjvi Vwi n 'Lv .iV" -i'n' ' mvn, -g.H '1:v,g 1If i, TWT Irv' '-5 fvi'jg- fu ' if ypy,4j. lpp 'I 'i!'I 'Ulf -'AY' 'L if: 'w Ulf ' K.. ',f'.- f- -1- rt -vp, 'VP ' . 'Tifw 'P -Ly in A fvz' ' H urn, E' l'X"C 5' X ji f Eff-f X ' ' -v fy" r-'vwfvw ' --- 4- if: V,.'.r' fivl. -.fp K, H l A . A L, , . D .A, x,. -, ' Yip YJ?7 r' lucw 'o 'Lwz v N Qr -u gg, Luv k,,tL1 gg,, ,, V rgvgyq gf n'- Y LF "wPS wan an Q 1 H n ., ,I , X. .,.:' ,: 1 ,,i,,1.1y-Erptlc gl'-. ,, UNL, w- f. r .fu W ,J1xruu- . H X.. ,. - A , ffltf- "' A7471 XSUONS 4 ,, 'fg-- Il' 1l,yL31-lj, ri! J. , Y 7f4 X. ' A A M kwu-'..-'-Nm 'k----w,- ---,. I ' I fl Q Fw gr -..-- --F .--......-..... I 'g '21 , , K -,,- ,,A,A ,-,,,, , n,,,. ,,--ln f- 'V L':.: ------ ------ - ----- ------ 105 , ' 3 H. f .Lgg --------------- ---------- VL ' sl l 'VNQA ul I' '-ivl -----------'--- --N--H -gh Viyx m 4 D 5 c " ',,' "' " sn' f?'- uowey 2 - Bw. , ,w , , ' ww ww 9 ' " Front Lwt to :ii 'l ' - :'.'lI"'HI'r'i Ihil-'L P'lflI"i1j,"l mu, 1- , 2. ,r . , Q , I.y1'f1fa Loy iflimkow -.1 , V I-l:u'i1y'1 '.Vehr'm:4rm J ' f J'lY'l-ff Lug he 'I' K Ruth 'lu-1 ' 'A' 'mf , - cumi- D 'ivlwrm lj wma 'J .1 ' ' v " ' -1 Q ' fw -bib' rt -. -1 I ., x - , . l'h.14'4W E "",+'?tPr1s , " J "H1Y:v' li' -Vt :Y.gAil,jL,.i, Lxxylxe K f .zlmlwn - V R 4 ,V L , ' X .vu .mock H x N . v Ikuiklmlz ' .v .Na ,.:1'.:xs'.u-iv' .x ':. Hl1:'f11Sxnf'i"r' .. ' 0 . I ' 'X N K X K .J-,U:. .r 5 coil .Q '.1.i., r 'vu' iss .lhwtz ,. A, . 'H' " L1 fo 'Q ' - U55 9 "was Ar QL" ll !'11"-1.'11S f 1 L1 12 ww-'Q ' A.11,1fr', I..rc'. 1-,-5 Z K xv 4 NN w - 1 mm. -,V . , A .. .. . xr WJ ,. M wil FSH Q, 'up H , zr1:.I-ed A vf, X -I , N mu' '.g J, 3-Y ,1 IL Alrfgi., ' I E1 . HH ' A ' 1' .JQJ 1, lj " 'ft V1 -f 'V'--5-5 fff YA 1113 ' 4 ,1 ., .k,.l-,x Lux. L, Am.-.1 Lv 1if3Vi Lie v.'?1fm, , M1 iw ,J .min-..5' A , AA ' .l.lctL,l-gg, ngftf, wel-K , ,Q X Q 0 I V . W. I LT A Ji- nhl. .,l.'.w.N A 1, -- LM A L, ,,,-w,, ,L 'AJ . 'JH -.xdwxfl was 2- :J Lzle 114' tw' 1,4 1 Q ' - Q, rpg, ' " ' . 21 Q-. , A.. . .. U All l YfIl1":J:i Ijal-li, al-ivargt , .. -1.12 , 1 A, 4 1 51' CURB IEATTI 1 - Vw: xv T, iw n 'Hrln Lf-Qclq vl :' 'Q' IIQ. Q i ':':m:U lil: K O ,.1a:Q,, ,gw-Q 'K . O ' J L'1'::A 5 ' ' 1' 1-'I' 1" . Hel! LQV-. uw X Q ' N Av :A,! I .. X A 'Y X '1 X lx F. ...,.- --,- ,Q A Illrlif 'H '1 ' l Vfklf, , , A. . fx'- W X kurcetm W or Q gCiL': yer -:me----'el.l ' ' aj onenhs Tu dl ,oin's 4'or:---- ----- "Y iy:nonent,: wwzwa e jrirpts jex ' :z---- ,. f j Vurdvcx Ivmlw 3WIg1"u4 ----- -------- - " J yer 'emf--- -------- ---------lg., VIXURGHLF fouls ?oz:1"ed ----- w --f--- rj nver. e ger f'me ----- M--- ------ - --'- 1,,f R , Vurdock free 2 :www ',"eg5's ---- V'---,T , -'Tac Ti.Fn'.:':5 maize ------- - ----- -------- 1 N wvtr P per r':e --------------------- L.' f 4 D .'Honents fr e f"uvU .fiemgtg ------- Qi, NX I 'Y'-e T' :'G'.':S ri.: .-1 ------ --------------- l 2 , Amer! 1 ner vie- --y---- ----- - - ----- --",' Track T' Team ,, IAXN. .wp .L OX'- Fri GSVWC 1 Kenna ectirel meet. Ee -. for 'ue A l letra will lose W . .,.. , Soft Bal Front left to H Myron Oehlerxin Marvin Kupke Frederick Keene Gerald Hupke Gene McDonald Merlin Relnxe Oliver Kupke Merle VcDoneld Richard Kenny Herron Nilfens Albert Thiel Conch-Nr. Tmken Franklin fills Verle Heiekmnr Lyle Wuell Gordon lrnnln Larry Lennin Donald Yeben ighL ns el .6Yll'Jl'S. ,irelvh und 1 13 t'e Jeurvn nnenh received tube. kick rn re men .- " T-fine' in-.'r Ll 'tk I'!.I'f-'K I' 1 xq, LCHK- TT. Vit CEL' X, . ..,1 S if I . "TWH 1, . L. ' 1 102 eb.:--' Y A-W .4 ,Al T19 leer? I' In :. onsh H 11.-'nv I' nne' H Kenny von first und secon: . - RH-:tw iyrfff -T. ,' ' 'Wi f WT .aclmi ln Sue mile w , ll'i Gv.1,.,a. .lg--Q t-Q--4-im.. H.: ., f,,, ,, lv" 1.v-,I lwf . H H' "ll ..l r. ., .. , , 1.f. V6.1-' yew -2 fw,L.l .4 . A.. .,,.r. S-.J n .Lllr lr N,,,A,1,.. , 3 C Senior Class Play I A I f K , M .7 rp' Senior Sneak 57 On the brisk clear morning of February 7th, at 6:30 the si seniors, and their sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Gakemeier and Eldred Thimgan, secretly left the sleeping city of Murdocg on their en- joyable and memorable sneak-day. Mr. Gakemeier and Eldred drove the seniors in their new automobiles to Omaha. By the time they reached the first stop of the day, Offutt Field, the group had shaken off their sleepyness and were very thrilled in watching the large and small aircrafts taking off, and the other sights of the field. After leaving here they journeyed to the Swifts Packing House. It was very educational, but a few came out feeling a little sick. This completed the mornings sight seeing tour, 1 and they ate an early lunch so they could be on hand for the televis- ion at l2:L5. During the show they got a close up of how televis- ion is run and they all enjoyed it immensely. The seniors found Jcstens Memorial to be very interesting. Since they all like pot- ato Chips and Ice Cream they went through the Kitty Clover and Fairmont Ice Cream Plant. Here they received packages of chips and an Ice Cream Tart. They spent the evening by going to the Hockey game, where they enjoyed the game very much. They, after lunch, returned happy but worn out in the early morning hours to the again sleeping Murdock. NNW, y ilsixszx 's' fi JSC. le fllllqlfll wn 151 I ' x ' ' + 1 C WILL' f ' 1 'f l cAs'r 'Eff '- Lizzy Spriggins--The housekeeper ------------- Amanda Ahrensmeier Josh Sprlggins--Her husband ----------------------- Gordon Lannin Professor Snow--A scientist --------------------- Kenneth Streich Jack--A tramp ---------------------- --------------- Merlin Reinke Janet Harris--The Professor's neice -------------- Margaret Thiel Sally Hall-Her friend ----------------- -------- Marilyn Wehrmann Jim Stevens--A novelist --------------------------- Charles Hemke Madame Zelda--Friend of the Spirits --------------- Carolyn Stock This mystery-comedy was given April 21. The audience laughed at the droll antics of Josh and Lizzy as they searched for their pets through out the long and mysterious night. They screamed with Sally as she saw falling pictures and hands reaching out for her. They were thrilled when Madame Zelda conducted a talk to her Spirit friends. They also wondered who the tramp, Jack, was, who 'ta . 2 's ,. - X- J popped in and out of chests and secret passageways. They are to see Janet give in to the well meaning, but blunderlng Jim. people shuddered when the white, wiskered face of Professor with his test tube, came into view. A turn of events sends Janet into the arms of Jim, and into Jacks arms. UHPPY The Snow, Sally The Senior Class wishes to thank Merlin Reinke, a Junior, and Carolyn Stock, a Sophomore, for their very good performance. They also want to thank Miss Rhoten for her very fine direction. Q? , .u i' at 9 ', wi NU'-I C ?0.0 L ' , 4 - w .. .-, wor.iY- wmzavf .--x Snapshots - !-jo ' ' T . f I On!! beniors in 'L2!! :Junior Play 'l Q 'x ,T faq.- 'A L2 Henisf on, Angels s Just Kids! A . SPRING- FALLY--TOVF99?fJ 1rH-T-7 is' fyf-13' - ff 171 Baby Dnys Her lunch no Aoubt" Y Epalgoot-il n V 3. Senior Han:over???4 'Wd 'NB M s si y MM K ' 4 ' ,.l,, -- Sw L L4 ' ' ' fx . 1 ' W' h , af' v fx? ' f f f l js, - 'Hl.VQ1, x M 9 Uncomfortable??????? in1tiQt1on..- 'K gl un 4 m , ! 1 bn N mfff hq 'is' ,LM Sittins Pretty!!! I -- ,, -X, 1 - '--1 . I .. -,, Q , ' ' " . Y ., s l t, i -iNC.E,?T N NEBR what Poe90??? ,M X gg I 1 off M' 3 .31: I Q Clean up Time!!! P rf. uf in AL. 25,5 .- A bf ,Eg Q I School Days!! Man!! YGHFS HP30?'?'? f. . 1, o . if Q? ggggx. nnz. g?g L -Q , lgn E Q . I N 'M ,ew . ' Teachers Initiation!!! Can't be Helped!! gl .n K. i "s A it L , 'g 3 nn E I IEW" II f ill: M ' . , , . X N Q cu. L 4!1h' f I H 1 .4 aa x ' "M " . Jw A 9 D , W, V . 9 1 'ff' f 1 36' . . ' X 7 I L "JJ f Jw u ... 1 P f , V 'ae .X - K. A Aw. ..:1,1'1. -1 1 P ust be ' 1 eevy 1 mtv .... Ao Vx Wa, . vl- cr- . V an OUS 1 3 it -.Q 5 in f f . - 4, 4 4 h , f, .ll .JL lllllll .mst .Jenn-rs.. The wld LOOk1...., 7 'I vi I lemefnllll' ,. - ', ' . QU-v ' 1 ADVERTISING 1 XX X lx- X ,f 1, X wk Q f X f COMPLIMENTS or HAROLD'S SUPER MARKET Ashland, Nebraska 2 -ni O? av? :J -a :U BP ra -1 Q so CD U3 ru : 1: E" G --1 VJ : Q rn CID --a o so F15 c E Z :S hc w :rs ge Z m SE fl :UE 2 H U2 YSSSSXSSCS 'U E' B1 PE U2 CD m o B1 UD sf Pi rr FJ an no I-I :cs cs Zu: :D r--1 a-D Z0 :UI i :QE SEL is Sm 5 Fl' Z UCD E0 :AJC :V EE L-li" air' U5 UW IP HZ :QU gl ,DO 555 Z Zo mm ,Em :H rSSSSXSSXXSSSSSXSSSRSSSXXXXSXSXSSMSYS3 QYSXKSXXSXSXKSAXSWSSXXXXBSXKYSXXYSNXXXSS' HULL FARM EQUIP C0 ?Ashland Motor Com an Z, if if 5 5: FS 53 85 slynW"'E' gggrgr af':E:::Eg1 5 E':"Of'b 51mf59 YFEAEE 350521 4535229 iw:-1'-A Q KAJ A M922 s- Gm 555 rg. U m 25 S vi? SP, 7' Q4 2 Saw : Q 5 f 2 S wi 55 is 2 Wo' ? 'Fig , ,sqm . "',L"CDma 2 'ini 2353 L11 nw B' me he 5 gf E 55 'lc F5588 Bertholds Furniture Cunningham Dry Goods Complete Home Furnishing Floor Covering - Venetian Blinds 4 Juvenile Furniture "THE BEST FOR LESS" Phone 49 r 3 3' CI nu, E af: EQQEEQQ 5 2' 579' Soaafrfd QP' U' 59" fbizg Q Z:-5, og 'TJ QL- ca- F' in '-2 " 51:11 235 Emma.. Q mx QT' 2 QV: 5:50 I-,-,g3?l"' 3, H: we-ra-1 ---U0 ie vo 'ing QHEQ9' rr: 9 CSO 4: eQ"V':'CJ G'-1 vo C5 sung' :bm 8"-5'-1 Fo Q-:n-1 VZ -'Z 2' '-u5l'3-'Eli :im S 9-VS 5555525 F 5? 1 ' f if 212 :Z ' 73 w :S ELS:-'E K5 '- lun E.E3:Cl3 ri l'l'l .- cg P' g-:pbrn Q for 2 P ""E""l"'1 Sign 5 SZ 5' 'Simi' 5 T CA fb:-U5 H gp m 9 UO...L ' 5 1 5 Phon 38 ASHLAND jx- NEBR. if ASHLAND, NEBRASKA uk Gacle Brothers Garage CONGRATULATIONS! I CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH ' SENIORS AND GOOD LUCK! Sales and Service q L ASHLAND Phone 59 NEBR af nLSSS5'SSSSSSS8SXX8K YSSSR3c . U U RIS E B R . Ashland Appliance Co. KS. ' SSSS' Murdock Phone 2101 Nebr WIRING - HEATING - PLUMBING A Y0U,LL BE AHEAD IF YOU ' GENERAL ELECTRIC BANK AT THE, SALES SL SERVICE . C S p B k ASHLAND ,.,,,. NEBR, p orngrowers tate an ess. wcscsswcs "A -A ' ' FORREST L. RAIKES 1 HARRIS DRUG STORE YOUR JOHN :DEERE DEALER ' DRUGS AT PRICES SALES and SERVICE YOU WILL LIKE ASHLAND Phone 57 Nebr. . ASHLAND Phone 77 NEBR' IT. W. Engles Lumber CY BUILDING MATERIALS ' ELMWOOD, NEBRASKA 3 5 . RASE MOTORS CHRYSLER 8z PLYMOUTH American Exchange Bank "COMPLETE BANKIING SERVICE" ELMWOOD, NEBRASKA KRUSE HARDWARE Sales Installatlon Servlces Leadmg Brands of Electric Apphances Plumbmg and Heatlng APPROVED SALES SL SEP-VICE , NIURDOCR Phone 2181 NEBR MURDOCK Phone 2731 NE OSCAR HOFFMAN IGA O H HOFFMAN Manager 1884 to 1950 ASHLAND NEBR CONGRATULATIONS' TO THE CLASS OF 1950' LAUNE ASHLAND NEBR Omaha School Supply Company ASHLAND CLEANERS CLEANITXC. HAT BLOCKING AND DYEING PHONF 25 BEULAH CHRISCHILLES we Nebraska State Bank WEEPING WATER NEBR hom Pllvonfrae ADDTCCIHICCI 0 'NI tt ur 0 o SXITTY SFRVFCI SII FINCF Nlcmher Federal Deposlt Ins Corp CONGRATULATIONS' TO THE CLASS OF 1950' I o Q L S 4 a . o n ' I I I O I 1 r v 4 1 4 I A 4 a I ' BR. , S A N XNXNXNNXX XXXXXXXXXXKXXXNXSXS X I I I T X 41 I 1 I Q . , 1 I I 4 , 1 th! I ' ' ' 5XXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXXXNXNNXXXXNXNXNX . , fs ' MXN NSXXN XSXXXXNNNXXNXXXNNNX X, I I 0 I I , , I n - 1 ' ' z ' If .1 I , 1 -: ' . :- ' . . ' r Y I I 4 4 ' R, 4 A 4 ' n 4 4 4 4 1 u I I ' - ..-,Q , 5 1 A ,. . so Y I I I I O I 1 , 1 u I I EVERYTHING FOR SCHOOL ' I 7 I v . v , I J. 4 l.T' 4 . OMAHA NEBRASKA l NIURDOCR INFBR S33 CURCHILL SISTERS Q VARIETY STORE l:laAllr-'ru-wEAlc BETTY ROSE GEORGE J. GEMS, Prop. COATS Sz SUlI'T'S MINX MODE ASHLAND, NEBR. sn?8KlE5BS1?3nE'is0n'o'?sss 2 59'1"c'25c 42" UP. K Nationally Advertised Lines Zi Y2"f19'V,1S TIT? ,Spice Of me , A XNSSSSSQ oXYKS'SXXYSXi.SX CALUMET ELGIN . BULOVA - WESTCLOX 5 M3-CHPQE SUSLY Xviilaidl Attachments Qi Orglgisigelagcaliilaeiig Op Watch 8: Clock Repairing-Guaranteed C W dchicss Dannelfprop Phone A, 6, 'V' 5 Phlone 97 Farmers Union C0,0p ii ffcsxscswsxwxsssssmxxxvsmxsssxxsxsasxmzsf Qii Association E Young Sl Stacey lmpl. Co. 2 Weeping VVater, Nebr. Phone 11 Station and Tank Wagon Farmall-International Trucks R f ' to Oil, Tractor Fuel, Distillate, Gas, Propane and Kerosene KENNETH SHERMAN, Manager ssssasssmxssasxssowucasxwcas. N5 Furniture 81 Undertaking CONGRATULATIONS! Ambulfwcesemce . Day Cal15-2291 Night Call 5-2292 5 e l'lg0l'3 rs 3 Farm Chemicals Fertilizer CLASS OF 1950! A CLEMENTS sa Go. ELMWOOD NEU THEATRE kwf-sm ff .......iSiifiQff?.1..ii?,,e. LEi1gi3I5C1?g5C1i5if?0 CONGRATULATIONS! . Omaha Public Power Dist. l 1 , - 'DERA DEPOSIT SENIORS' GOPPJORATION ELEVATOR 3 ELMWOOD, NEBRASKA MURDOCK -1- NEBR. ' A A VwU YW We A KENNETH MARCY DR. H. Day Phone 71 Night Phone 19 A FURNITURE 8a UNDERTAKING -f DENTIST f- Ashland, Nebraska ASHLAND Phone S NEBR. W . C. i. N miami ASHLAND GAZETTE ASHLAND HATCHERY A PRINTING -1- PUBLISHING CHICKS 31 POULTRY SUPPLIES M. C. HOWE, Publisher Ashland, Nebraska Ashland, Nebraska Ti DAV-SON CORK BACK BULLETIN BOARDS I or DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of W1 inch cork mounted on W1 inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. . . FOR USE IN B II 1' b d 'th 1 1 B H t b d th 1 0 1 u em oar wi wo se inu ells jlZ:JrsTHBothwsidsES SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork 9 CHURCHES the other changeable letter COI'k. R I Il'1Sel"l. sTYLE:Two SETIN GLASS fLe1fers are not includedl 3o".4e" ,, .,,.,,. ,1,,, s sooo -1, -- by H A 30- 601- 32,50 STORES 33--.23 ,,,,, , 3323 -- 36" ae" 49110 32 22 gbgfg 36 ALL PRICES F. on B4 CHICAGO spec Al. ASSORTMENT orfeoo AND1 INCH LETTERS 512.00 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. -A ,,,5T,.,,,u,O,.S, SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE DHU.50n 4925 GLENDALE V. KANSAS CITY 4. Missoum WI HIVI C CHQNIIIIIBII lllllll UR Cllllll HUIIIIIN Illli IVIRI Nllll UIINSIIII HX .aw gg gyms cgfafions 'ry NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL FRANCHISE DEALER FOR NAME OF CLOSEST DEALER WRITE TO flohnham 608 DELAWARE KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI l.' I I YCJUR YEARBQOK WAS SUPPLIED by the INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY Zuladaelq to tk Salute of zfonauba an 40:4 gm GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS PERSONAL CARDS CAPS and GOWNS DIPLOMAS STATIONERY 'QQQQQQQQQQQQSSKQQYQSQSSSQQQQQQQQQ QSQQSSSQXQQQQQQQSiQ5Q5Q5 QQQiQ SEQQPG-Qit E Q5 'N 'O QQ 5 5 59 P K w-L, .- E f I' h 3 1 . ,ii I " f " 1 mafia 1 - 9,21 . ,,,,,m

Suggestions in the Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) collection:

Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 33

1950, pg 33

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Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 30

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Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 9

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Murdock High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Murdock, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 37

1950, pg 37

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