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, - W X ' v — 1 vV • • im 7! u m t • • w .r: ••.:■•• Otyu ».: - I • •• ,1 •£ - - ----- - .» • Lost in a world of thought . . . . only awakening to a pointless reality. Opening 1 MUNSTER LIBRARY SCHOOL TOWN OF MUNSifc MUNSTER CW E LC OM E VOI I Jtostr TMOmktfM Tra ' frftrardeWrL first Japfcl asm SUHots tttrOM ; ' StffimasXorr ftitMk ' Church UntOrittiallr nfil IM SUiilwJW1»raseta«U« Jfaufcr flamiiy ' J « an , e A MUNSTER OFFICE 53 CALUMET NATIONAL BANK Contents Opening 1 Summer 14 Autumn 22 Winter 104 Spring 166 Advertising 258 Epilogue 288 Munster High School 8808 Columbia Avenue Munster, Indiana 46321 Volume 8 Opening 3 ■■■■ High School— The best four years of your life. How do you spend them? Alone . . . Or following the crowds? Rules and more rules— Washroom patrols Forbidding an open lunch Preventing a strike . . . . . . but they gave us order, The “best education in the Region " , An apple machine to keep us happy. And those unbearable rules To take away our freedom. Opening 9 When evening rolls around And it ' s time to go to town Where do you go To rock ' n roll? F is for failure But what is failure? The opposite of success— But, then again, What is success? Opening 13 Sunlight glaring off the white sand, waves tiptoeing up the shore, the beach— everyone ' s favorite home away from home during June, July, and August. But if you don ' t drive, there ' s always the Munster Pool. Or just tennis, bicycling, vacationing, golfing, baseball, or sunning in the backyard. Pity the poor souls who are jailed in summer school or those who have to work for a living. No matter how old you are, the Fourth of July is still fun. Don ' t deny that you don ' t ooh and ahh over the fireworks now that you ' re in high school. Everyone gets lazier by the day and panics when it ' s time to get schedules. Suddenly, the nights aren ' t as long as they used to be. It ' s the last week of August- time for the yearbook dance— time to bid fond farewell to the departing seniors. No one wanted summer to end, but not even the fervent prayers of 1650 MHS students could close the doors of 8808 Columbia. School must go on!! FAR RIGHT ABOVE: Break between classes ... re- laxed atmosphere . . . " il- legal " gambling . . . Bill Kinder, Rich Van Inwegan, Bob Livingstone, Ken Blan- chard, and Glenn Wein- berg. FAR RIGHT: Health and safety course . . . em- ergency training ... a valuable experience . . . Rescue Annie and Robin Ottenheimer. RIGHT: Driver ' s education . . . keep going . . . wait a minute . . . hold it . . . sorry, no waiver ... Mr. Mike Edwards, and Paula Anderson. WWBttt mw StMtlV i i WKttft tJ SWIWi 16 extra credits, socializing . . . Summer School Last year 710 people enrolled in Sum- mer school. Did you ever wonder why almost half the high school kids in Munster attend summer school after counting the days till June? Parental pressure, the opportunity to make up failed courses, and the fact that Driver’s Ed is only offered in the sum- mer are the obvious reasons. Riding your bike to school and socializing with friends made the first few days fun. Learning how to drive is a new experience and Phys Ed. is almost ex- citing with bowling, tennis and swim- ming, but after a week or so, the new- ness fades. You start to miss sleep- ing in or messing around all day long. You wonder whether trading your summer for a driving waiver or Health and Safety credit is such a hot deal after all. Signal 30 doesn ' t live up to its reputation and untangling your bike from the rack becomes a major bat- tle. Finally the courses end and there is a month left to enjoy vacation. Summer School 17 The summer of 72 found Munster ' s Summer Theater evolving into a completely new atmosphere in Theater. The transformation from what the Theater used to be, to what it is now became evident with the use of stageblood, and when Mr. Karl Linden, director of the plays, took a part himself in " Tomorrow the World. " A Munster alumni, Mike Bosch, returned once again to the resentment of a few, to perform in " You ' re a Good Man Charlie Brown. " Favorite crew pastimes included tee-peeing, going to Mac ' s in full costume and makeup, and throwing cast parties. Relations between directors and actors were strained, as cast conditions at the " Death of a Salesman " party were somewhat less than desirable. These differences between Mr, Linden and the players hindered the productions, and the cast went on to gain inspirations by seeing " Death of a Salesman " in Arlington Park. 18 FAR LEFT: Dave Abrinko (Schroeder), Brad Smith (Linus), Lisa Waxman (Lucy), Mike Bosch (Snoopy), Terry Hagerty (Charlie Brown), )ane Tiika (Patty)— " You could be king, Charlie Brown. If only you weren ' t so wishy-washy. " BELOW LEFT: Tony Cort (Biff), Cliff Church (Happy) " What happened Biff? Where ' s the old humor, the old confidence? " LEFT: Bill Reister (Emil Bruchner), Karen Leonard (Leona)— " My name is Emil Bruchner. I am a Nazi and my fa- ther was a traitor. " BELOW: Melissa Gilchrist (Linda), Scott Sublet! (Willy)— " It ' s changing, Willy, I can feel it changing! " BOTTOM: Cast and Crew-Row ID. Abrinko, M. Bosch, C. Bus- sed. Row 2-J. Tiika, ). Papias, S. Rundle, T. Hagerty, B. Reister, L. Regelman, C. Longhauser, L. Chiarelle. Row 3-Mr. Karl Linden, L. Orloff, S. Weinberg, C. Downs, W. Schmidt, K. Leonard, Row 4-D. Dunning, S. Gerdt, J. Leonard, M. O ' Barske, J. Calhoun, L. Waxman, K. Meagher, C. Griffen. Row 5-D. Stevens, S. McKenna, L. Murphy, N. Kivett, V. Bussed. Row 6-). Brown, B. Smith, M. Sublett, T. Denmark. Row 7-B. Bunting, L. Borsatino, D. Strachen, J. Mansueto, N. Calhoun. Row 8-K. McKenna, B. Crary. Row 9-H. Gilchrist, D. Hinchion. attaining knowledge, enjoying different environments . . . Summer Instituters ABOVE: First row: Kathe McLendon (Germany), lanna Smith (cheer camp— Illinois State), Todd Donoho (FCA camp— Michigan), Sam Korellis (math— Indiana State), Rick Sholts (Germany), )enny Murphy (girls state— Indiana State), Lori Adaska (political sci. — Indiana State), Bill Schofner (boys state- Indiana State). Second Row: Diane Peterson (Germany), Diane Stoker (Germany), Lori Alther (cheer camp— Illinois State), Carol Marden (cheer camp— Illinois State), Mary Bochnowski (math-lndiana State), Mary Bieker (majorettes— Smith Waldridge), Robin White (majorettes-Smith Waldridge), Debbie Kasper (majorettes-Smith Waldridge), Sue McKenna (de- bate— George Williams). Third row: Ann McDonald (girls state— Indiana State), )an McAlister (math— Indiana State), Wanda Kontos (physics— Indiana State), Nancy Maluge (physics— Indiana State), Kathy Kolodziej (journal- ism— U. of Minnesota), Ann Esterhay (band— U. of Wisconsin), Sherry Boleck (majorettes-Smith Waldridge), Chris Manske (workshop— Indiana State), Ken Kaminski (chemistry— Indiana State), Lenny Siavelis (futurology— Indiana State). Fourth row: Shirley Replinger (cheer camp-lllinois State), Mary Rielly (cheer camp— Illinois State), Sue Trent (cheer camp— Illinois State), Mike Basila (chemistry-lndiana State), Glen Weinberg (debate— George- town U.), Doug Amber (Georgetown U.), Bruce Brown (Georgetown U.). LEFT: Journalism workshop at University of Minnesota . . . learning current styles and fads . . . applying new knowledge . . . Mrs. Hastings and Sue Krajewski. BELOW LEFT: Band workshop at University of Wisconsin . . . improving ones tal- ents . . . preview of college life . . . Ann Esterhay and Janet Elkins. BELOW: Germany . . . the beginning of a trip abroad . . . adapting to a foreign environment . . . expanding your knowledge of the German language and culture . . Diane Stoker, Kathe McLendon, Diane Peterson, and Richard Sholts. School is out and most kids would like to forget about it. But not you, you ' d rather spend your vacation at a workshop or a clinic or some other school related program. That ' s the way a summer instituter is. There are all kinds of places for you to go and things for you to do. A lot of colleges hold institutes for high school students. Interested in theater? Last year a few students went to Northwestern to their institute for theater. I.U. offers a variety of programs to the high schooler including courses on physics, math, anthropology and futurology. A few students went to a journalism workshop in Minnesota to learn new yearbook ideas. Of course there was the usual trip to Germany for four kids. If you have a knack for athletics the F.C.A. has a camp that offers sports that Munster students enjoy. Or there is a gymnastic workshop in Michigan. Last but not least cheerleaders and majorettes have the traditional summer camp to go to learn new routines and cheers. With all these choices it ' s sometimes hard for the brains and talent of Munster to decide where to go. Summer Instituters 21 Autumn— The browns, oranges, and golds of nature ' s sunset laugh at us as we sit in school. Mellow days and nights scented with burning leaves. Homework is forgotten for new TV shows. A final spin on the ten-speed, or just a cruise. With a winning tennis team and a conference football championship, there is always someone to cheer for. And the floats have to be finished-a good excuse for staying out until two in the morning. Of course, Munster was as boring as ever, so all types of escape routes were tried. An IU week-end, all-night poker smokers, Chicago rock concerts, unbelievably wild parties, broadening romantic interests to outside of Munster, or just cruising to the sounds of the big 89 were favorite pastimes. Sometimes, we knew exactly what we wanted but there are limitations— like paren ts of our best friends, the Munster policemen. Besides, burning down the school is illegal. Autumn 23 24 It ' s Autumn. Back to school-back to the old role-playing. Either Rhonda Rah-Rah or Calvin Cool. Cheering at the football games. Folding and fluffing at the floats. Studying hard for the grades at school. Or ignoring it all. Enduring the hours from 8:30 till 3:00- waiting for the weekend. Anyway, here we are. Seniors for the last year, freshman for the first year of four. Breathing the same air in the same building Shoving each other down the same halls. Unique individuals, buried in a mirror world. v RIGHT: " Summer breeze makes me feel fine " . . . cruising . . . those ju- nior guys . . . Chas Levenberg, Brian McLaughlin, Tim Smelko. BELOW: Wicker parking . . . Wicker partying . . . Wicker ... an unidentified couple. FAR RIGHT: Early mornings . . . late nights ... a junior pre- occupation . . . Dale Rebar, Jim Freeman, Janet Skogan, Nancy Kivett, Maureen Pfister. BELOW RIGHT: Summertime sweat . . . exercise en- joyed ... a favorite Munster pastime . . . Bob Mueller. Fall weekends in Munster allow the imagination to wander. When school lets out Friday afternoon, the halls are buzzing with the plans of what to do with two free nights and two free days in the " exciting” town of Munster, Indiana. If you are one of the fortunate girls, you probably have a big date on Friday night after the football game with one of the socialites of Munster. The evening usually ends up at the " in” place, Wicker Park. But if you are one of the common people your weekend activities are mostly on the spur of the moment. The most typ- ical sight seen on a Friday or Satur- day night is cruising in a car with so and so, drinking or indulging in other things, and you can ' t forget the Big Mac scene. Or if Munster isn ' t your type of town, you can always flee to the bustling college campuses. Who knows what kind of fun lurks in a college dorm? The last day of the wild weekend, Sunday, is a day of rest. Usually, though, a leisurely cruise will find a relaxing game of football on the lawns of Elliott Elementary. , freaking-out, football, freedom . . . Fall Week-ends FAR RIGHT: Freshman English . . . individual re- search . . . better under- standing of material . . . speaking abilities improve . . . Mr. Robertson and Ja- net Souther. MIDDLE RIGHT: Senior Comp . . . reading and writing . . . boring routine . . . Gary Klug. RIGHT: Sophomore English ... an endless study of novels . . . group work . . . teacher and stu- dent . . . Kathy Pondusa, Darla Moreno, Mrs. John- son, Janet Lummio, and Kathy Tobin. ABOVE RIGHT: Junior English . . . unique classroom situation . . . relevant topics . . . Women ' s Lib . . . Donna Figuly, Janice Tokarz, and Ms. Fech. ABOVE: Junior English . . . student crea- tivity . . . MacBeth skits . . . free choice of units . . . Dick Wonnell. 28 assorted literature, painful compositions . . . English When someone asks you about English you probably res- pond with the usual " Ugh!” But Munster really does offer a pretty good program whether you admit it or not. Mostly it involves reading with a dash of writing thrown in on the side and class discussion. And you couldn ' t ask for a wider selection with any thing from Animal Farm and Ray Bradbury, to a unit about Death. Freshman year isn ' t too bad. They mix everything and toss in your first composition to get you started. In the tenth grade everything hinges on class discussion even though the year is based on the novels, drama, poetry, and the short story. You ' ve heard about all the fun you ' ll have in your junior year. This class studies extraordinary things like. Death, Man, and Womens Lib. Your high school English education is completed by a semester of composition followed by another semester chosen from a variety of courses. new courses develop individual styles . . . Art ABOVE: Basic Art . . . form and design . . . shad- ows and shades . . . pic- ture composition . . . Ethna Sinisi. ABOVE RIGHT: Basic Art . . . trac- ing patterns . . . sunlight sketch . . . concentration . . . Jim Koester. RIGHT: Basic Art . . . experiment- ing with texture . . . spe- cial effects in drawing . . . your own creation . . . Nick Sumbles. Last year the art department trans- formed from the basic art I, II, and III into a whole group of specialized art courses. Given this free- dom to be more individual in drawing, painting, and sculpturing, has made the course a little more specific for what each artist wants to get into. The music department, which includes all choirs Band and or- chestra, maintains the same format but the quality has increased. Concert choir this year upheld the tradi- tion as in the past, by singing on television as well as the radio for the Christmas concert. 10th and 11th grade choir and girls ' glee club made it down to the state contest with with good out comes. Band came out well with 26 gold and 6 silver medals in the NISBOVA contest. Performing such songs as " Shaft " and “Superstar " brought a contemporary touch to the band. Orchestra, which has been quiet in the past is starting to be known. There is now a cham- ber orchestra which performs Bach and Mozart music. Together, the two or- chestras perform classical as well as pop music. LEFT: Band . . . long hours of practice . . . contribu- tion of individual members . . . determines perfor- mance of band . . . Laura Neukranz. ABOVE LEFT: Choir ... on stage re- hearsals . . . contests and concerts ... Mr. Richard Holmberg and the Gorilla choir. . . . Music practicing, performing Art, Music 31 ABOVE: Advanced Biology . . . your very own mice ... to love, care for, and stick needles into . . . always interesting, but not always fun . . . Mary Ann Never- auskas. ABOVE RIGHT: Biology . . . ob- servation of living creatures . . . extraor- dinarily good laboratory facilities . . . Don Bunting. RIGHT: Physics . . . class- time is devoted to total concentration . . . listening and comprehending . . . Mike Bobin. 32 LEFT: Chemistry . . . care- ful procedures . . . accu- rate measurements . . . leads to possible new reac- tion . . . Terry Oberle. BE- LOW: Physics . . . Water waves unit . . . crowed laboratory space . . . forced group work. . . Science The science department at Munster can be described as complete and well rounded. Where else can you see mice dissected, light interference patterns studied and boiling cruci- bles all in one huge modern lab. As a freshman you learn life studies first hand by watching eggs hatch. You can listen to tapes by wireless head sets and study all kinds of phases of cellular life. In the more advanced classes, like chemistry and physics, you get to stay up ' til midnight, slaving away inhumanly trying to finish a formal lab report. There are fun things too, like staying after school to clean test tubes for the chemistry teachers. All in all, science at Munster is a gas. Science 33 RIGHT: Drafting . . . angles and dimen- sions , . . drawing to scale . . . precision is a must . . . Perry Podalok. BELOW: Drafting . . . designing actual floor plans . . . possibly architecture in the future . . . Jeff McMorris. BELOW RIGHT: Shop . . . Metal craft . . . constructing a tool box . . . aquiring manual skills . . . Tom Etling. domestic training, boys and girls . . . Home Economics New doors have been opened for boys as well as girls in Home Ec. and Industrial Arts. In Home Ec. the course has the same format of cooking and sewing. But one course taught to the boys is the " Manpleaser " with foods that boys like to cook. This year there were two solid clas- ses of boys Home Ec. Industrial Arts have in the long run been a male dominion, but more and more girls are showing up in class. In shop class this year " the boys " made a shed house for the football field. Some of the advanced classes even take apart engines and repair teacher’s cars. Now that these long standing barriers have fallen, who knows! Maybe you will see the guys in G.A.A, and girls in the Letterman ' s Club. BELOW: Home Ec . . . advanced clothing . . . perfecting one ' s skills . . . working wilh differ, ent patterns and materials . . . Janet Harken, rider. LEFT: Boys food . . . working together . . . preparing for bachelor life , , . mastering the basics of cooking . . . Cary Kucer and Tom Erikson. EXTREME RIGHT: Year ' s most valuable player . . . confer- ence doubles champion . . . Senior co-captain . . . Doug Oberle. RIGHT: Team co-captain . . . conference doubles champ . . . placed at sectionals . . . left Rothstein. RIGHT: BELOW: First at sectionals and conference singles . . . win- ner of P.H.D. . . . easily showed most drive and desire . . . Steve Rothstein. BELOW: Securing points for a win ... a job completed . . . Bob Montes. satisfied with perfection, sectional champs . . . MUNSTER VARSITY TENNIS MUNSTER OPPONENT i Crown Point 4 1 i Griffith 5 o ! ■ Highland 4 i | Merrillville 5 o ; Portage 4 i ! ! Valparaiso 5 0 Chesterton 4 i | River Forest 5 0 ; Lafayette 6 WON 9 LOST 0 3 i OTHMIKl 38 FAR LEFT BELOW: roam- ing the backcourt ... a forehand drive . . . catch- ing a foe offguard . . . Dale Sorenson. FAR LEFT: A doubles set . . . guard- ing the net . . . revenge on Crown Point . . . Keith Smith. LEFT: Row 1 C. Bus- sert, J. (ugovic, ). Rothstein, D. Sorenson, Row 2 D. Oberle, B. Montes, C. Wo- nell. Row 3 K. Smith, S. Rothstein, C. Price, Coach Lindquist. LEFT BELOW: Sectional meet . . . pre- dicting team-mate ' s moves . . . doubles champions - . . Chris Bussert and Steve Rothstein. long time coming - the best year ever.. Tennis Hidden, tucked away behind the glory of football and swimming, lies a sport called tennis. Tennis— belittled by some, a stranger to many more, and appreciated by a precious few. This was the vintage year in Munster High ' s tennis history. Practices gained an air of anticipation with the approach of each match, but everyone relaxed while Coach Lindquist plotted for complete victory. The end result was an undefeated season with ten wins and a conference championship in doubles and singles. The only match lost was to ourselves in the Conference final. The long awaited Sectional competition saw Munster winning as planned with a one point victory over Hammond High. The season ' s only setback was a surprise upset of potential state champs Chris Bussert and Steve Rothstein in Regionals. It was a year of youth, experience, and pride. With seven returning lettermen, next year ' s prespects are just as bright. Tennis 39 early meals, traipsing through the streets, running around town . . . X-CO UNTRY FAR RIGHT: running in solitude . . . con- centrating on stride . . the home course at Lake Hills . . . Scott Sala. FAR RIGHT BE- LOW: one lap to go . . . climbing another growing hill . . . saving strength for the fin- ish . . . Mustang runners. RIGHT: ready at the start . . . two mile course awaits . . . Harriers— victors again. BELOW: relaxing before a meet . . . thinking of the upcoming race . . . victors at La Porte dual meet . . . Dan Mulholland. intense training, self-discipline, success X-Country RIGHT: Working to improve. Coach timing progress . . . summer practice . . . John Kolas. BELOW: Sectional meet over . . . pondering over results . . . co-captain Brian Hott. FAR RIGHT ABOVE: Row 1 : R. Santare, R. Dayney, S. Doyle. Row 2: D. Mulhol- land, T. Rasch, D. Garriott, J. Kolas, S. Dayney, S. Sala, B. Hott. Row 3: Coach R. Dil- ling, S. Gray, J. Brumm, M. Mulholland, M. Jacobson, D. Speranza, M. Sider, D. Barth, M. Kolas, Tree: A. Melind. FAR RIGHT BELOW: Pacing one another . . . vying for the lead . . . Scott Sala and Tom Rasch. VARSITY X-COUNTRY MUNSTER OPPONENT Hammond High 20 38 Hammond Tech 31 24 T.F. South 39 17 Chesterton 38 18 Hobart 15 42 Bishop Noll 28 29 La Porte 31 WON 4 LOST 3 24 The 72 Mustang Harriers had a good year despite their youth, compared to most other teams. Twice daily practices started in mid August. With the beginning of school prac- tice continued starting at 6:30 followed by breakfast in the locker room and more prac- tice again after classes. On the course the Mustangs managed to rack up a 4-3 dual meet record. In the invitationals the harriers fared better, winning their division at Highland, placing sixth out of 22 at Hobart and coming in 14th of 19 at Laporte in the final meet of the year. In preparation for the conference championship and sectionals the team practiced out at Lake Hills golf course. This extra work paid off even though Munster came in a disappointing fifth in conference. Determined to make a good showing in sectionals their last big run of the year, the team put it all to gether to finish eighth out of twenty. Awards received— P.H.D.— Brian Hott. N.U.D.— Tom Rasch. Co-Captains— Scott Sala and Brian Hott. X-Country 43 ABOVE: Coaches Friend and Niksic . . . giving strategy . . . players fol- lowing through . . , Lake Shore Conference Champs. BELOW: an at- tempted handoff . . . tri- cky maneuvering . . . yardage gained . . . Tony Cort. RIGHT: UPI all stater . . . 365 yard single gain . . . new rushing record . . . Dave Huebner. FAR RIGHT: promising halfback . . . temporarily sidelined ... a sprained ankle . . . Tim Smelko. BELOW RIGHT: minds focused . . . combined strength . . . tension mounts . . . Touchdown! . . . offensive line. 46 Total effort, team confidence, salvaged victories . .Football we work as one, each as an individual . . . Football TOP: Row 1-Coach J. Kroll, P. Beckman, ). Janke, P. Koufas, N. Katsoulis, ). Grunwald, T. Kish, E. Green, G. Spoljaric, J. Miller, K. Watson, Coach J. Friend. Row 2— Coach J. Stone, T. Thomas, J. Graff, F. Castillo, D. Notolli, T. Kelly, D. Huebner, M. Bogusz, D. Janke, B. Miller, T. Donoho, C. Wilson. Row 3— S. Mullins, J. Smith, P. Hasiak, B. Eggers, D. Murzyn, T. Parker, T. Smelko, G. Schmidt, M. Bobin, R. Eidam, J. Costelle, M. Paulovich. Row 4-T. Largus, ). Beck, J. Phelan, K. Barkal, S. Keller, C. Pavel, J. Powley, B. Grow. Row 5-B. Cum- mings, P. Lanman, R. Orlich, M. Wolfe, T. Keeler, T. Cort, D. Lautz, T. Fetzko, R. Downing, Row 6-T. Giorgio, M. Reel, B. Breshock, J. Smith, C. Modus, J. Georgas, B. Hasse, B. Berey, M. Goodman, F. Papakosmas, K. McWard, D. Konkoly, L. Babinsak, T. Hack, B. Peterman, G. Panchison, M. Ageder, D. Harrison, T. Groves, J. Green, T. Kish, J. Stauffer, M. Mezey, P. Lee, ). Demi, T. Lorig, B. Lipsen, B. Grand, B. Lee. ABOVE: The ball is snapped ... the kick is made . . . another point . . . lone star Char. VARSITY FOOTBALL MUNSTER OPPONENT Hobart 13 15 Hammond Clark 13 6 Calumet 21 6 Highland 14 13 Griffith 0 18 Valparaiso 37 14 Lake Central 36 0 Crown Point 21 15 Merrillville 18 6 Lowell 3 0 WON 8 LOST 2 48 W Jr r V V. f : ■, Wri vjgy Wf .1 The Mustang 72 lootboll team with a few unwelcome mistakes, lived up to a reputation of victory The opening loss to Hobart was embarrassing enough but Griffith ' s was un- bearable Their attitude of never say die led them to a great comeback though. This attitude and a sudden blossoming of fine talent after a terrible defeat caused Coach John Friend to repeatedly call the seniors " the classiest bunch of guys " he ever coached. They beat Highland by one point in a squeaker to keep the bridge. The Mus- tangs, prodded by an enthusiastic Homecoming crowd, beat Valpo for the first time ever by 23 points. Win or lose, there were always film sessions the next morning at 8:30 sharp, a little early after a night of celebration. The start of the season threatened to leave the Mustangs behind in the race for the conference crown But then Munster beat Crown Point and the title was stuck deep in Mustang territory. It was the third consecutive Conference Championship our guys brought home. Awards: Most valuable offensive back— Dave Huebner, Most valuable defensive back— Bob Miller, Most valuable offensive lineman— Dave Lautz, Most valuable offensive lineman— Rudy Eidam Most valuable defensive lineman— Bill Eggers, Head Hunter— Jeff Miller, Whitey Sheard Scholarship— Todd Donoho, Jaycee Leadership Award— Rudy Eidam. ABOVE: Three years var- sity play . . . two years tri- captain . . . consistent spirit and faith . . Phil Ha- siak. LEFT: Senior pride . . . team unity . ton- ference champs three years . . Mike Bobin and Bill Eggers. I 7 Football 49 ABOVE MIDDLE: Getting in shape . . . straining for physical perfection . . . summer practice. FAR LEFT: 4th down and long yardage ... a punting situation . . . our team of tomorrow . . . J.V. Football. FAR BELOW LEFT: Stopping their foes . . . fight for a win . . . victory against Mann . . . Sophomore Football. ABOVE: Walking softly . . . searching in vain ... a lost contact. LEFT: A hard game won . . . the last fight of the sea- son . . . teammates forever . . . Bob Miller and Dave Lautz. Football 51 FAR LEFT ABOVE: Last minute rusFi . . . with the help of " Jennifer " . . . effort ex- erted by all staff members . . . Robin Carson, Diana Nickoloff, Betsy Garofalo. FAR LEFT BELOW: Informality evolves . . . " the freaks " appear ... a change in the norm . . . John Kipta, Ray Sprovtsoff, Tomi Ann Ellison, Joanne Wleklinski, Barb Leask, Lou Biedron, Mike Hawrys- kow, Marc Rizzo, Mary Beth Wojcinski, Candy Schwarz. CENTER: True love . . . from above . . . like a dove . . . Dave Lautz, Lisa Spearnza. ABOVE: A missing partner . . . alone in a crowd ... a nat- ural high . . . Joyce Angelicos, LEFT: Se- niors . . . never equalling the bell . . . the last float of three places . . . Liz Lan- man, Susie Klein, Carol Marden, Roger Clark. Homecoming 53 ABOVE: Sit back and relax . . . enjoy refresh- ments . . . first Homecoming for many . . . Brian Cusick, Kathleen Kish. RIGHT: Soph- omore spirit . . . time sacrificed . . . Paragon produces a winner . . . Audrey Bunting, Robin Garson, Nancy Schaub, Clarice Bochnowski, Arlene Bachnak, Kristi Kucer. 54 LEFT: Ignoring the threat of rain . . . awaiting the weekend ' s festivities . . . two escorts beam with pride . . . Dave Huebner, Doug Oberle, Patrice Biel. BELOW: Faculty volunteers . . . the end product is evaluated ... a verdict is reached . . . Mrs. DeEtta Hawkins, Mr. David Geise, Mr. Clarence Aker. BELOW LEFT: Prepa- ration is in the past ... the time has arrived . . . Homecoming a reality . . . )oanne Smigiel, Melissa Dietrich, Tom Slivka. Homecoming broken traditions, excitement, disappointment . . . Homecoming Once there was a time when the sun shone, a bonfire blazed, everyone could predict the winning float and car, and we all knew who would reign as queen. But our 1972 Homecoming broke all these rules with the theme of " Comic Strips. " Homecoming Eve saw many willing hands assisting with last minute float and car preparations. Why? This year, because of no suitable location, there was no bonfire. Homecoming Day broke through with golden rays, which quickly became a desolate downpour. But the show must go on, so the parade continued. The sophomores, surprising everyone except themselves, snared the float competition. PARAGON squeaked past some outstanding entries to win the car competition. Speech and Debate ' s annual chicken barbeque was almost smoked out by the downpour, but managed to serve all their patrons in the Commons By Friday night, Munster was ready with yet another success story. The Munster Mustangs, with yards of help from their friend, Dave Huebner, trounced Valpo for the first time ever by a score of 37-14 Whispers of " Who do you think will be Queen? " echoed through the crowd during half-time The last surprise of Homecoming was unveiled as Patrice Biel was crowned Queen before a throng of cheering thousands while Drill Team lived up to their enthusiastic reputation. Queen Patrice reigned over 140 couples at the dance Saturday night, while everyone " grooved to the music of Wildwood 56 ABOVE LEFT: " Lick Em " ... a shocking victory . . . sophomores celebrate . . . Pluto licks ' em . . . Terri Oberle. ABOVE CENTER: " Bam-bam ' em into pebbles " . . . total junior class effort ... a short- age of paper . . . second place is Bam- Bam ' s reward. ABOVE: " Mustangs are Super-man " . . . Superman ' s strength is depleated . . . seniors just meet dead- line ... a flexing muscle flops . . . Lori Waiss, Bob Mueller. LEFT: The queen and her court . . . Senior princess, Jenni- fer Buckenburger, escort, Robert Miller; Sophomore princess, Annie Estrada, es- cort, Peter Lanman; Senior princess. Ana Encinosa, escort, John Gott; Queen Pa- trice Biel, escort, David Huebner; Fresh- man princess, Sharon Hales, escort, Ron- ald Garzinski; Junior princess, Robin White, escort, Larry Micon. Hornet oming S7 BELOW: First Row: P. Meagher, C. Krawczyk, C. Kroll, R. Kessler, S. Bilik, T. Schultz, D. Becker, F. Fowler, L. Chiarelli, K. Bonner, C. Ftensey, K. Miller, R. Foster, T. Neukranz, D. Regelman, ). Brown, D. Moss, B. Lee, J. Smith, E. Shea, ). Zinc. Second Row: ). Clement (Drum Major), D. Car- mony, ). Copeland, J. Fogelman, G. Weinberg, W. Schmidt, M. Fisher, P. Baldwin, K. Copeland, V. Young, J. Bayer, Third Row: D. Klemm, R. Van- Inwegen, (Drum Major), K. Barkal, F. Costillo (pres.), J. Gorman, A. Bunting, R. Garson, N. Hawk- ins, ). Krawczyk, L. Fields, K. Mudroniak, S. Sipes, L. Neukranz, N. Schaub, B. Bunting. Fourth Row: B. Lomis, B. Knapik, P. Waisnora, ). Victor. Fifth Row: ). Ronschke, M. Richards, S. Elias, D. Bunting, ). Wood, K. VanDerwey, B. Colgove, D. Wonnell, C. Wonnell, E. Moe, J. Elkins, A. Esterhay, ). Carr, L. Frank, B. Vanlnwegen, P. Talent, D. Meeker, C. Moynagh, D. Shea, ). Patlyek, D. Harrison. Sixth Row: C. Brunner, B. Bolls, B. Hasse, D. Bond, M. Agerter, M. Mezey, G. Parks. Seventh Row: T. Tru- ver, G. Lynn, ). Rompla, D. Moya, M. Elias, T. Carr, D. Horath. trophies, enthusiasm, pride . . . Band Despite the mosquitoes and heat, the growing pride of its members carried the band to a first place season. The winning marches at Cedar Lake and Purdue involved the defeat of tougher than usual competition. Munster boosted its morale by placing well in those early parades, a surpirse to themselves and the other schools. Students cooperated with each other, seniors helping freshmen, freshmen enthusiasm infecting seniors. The players took a greater part in organizing the shows this year than in the past. They developed the Commercial routine, the one with themes from Bud and Coke, which was their favorite. Perhaps this spirit spread because the community was more receptive and responsive to the band per- formance. Marching without uniforms and substituting Mr. Carmony, the band director, for a missing drummer displayed the bands informal side. Mr. Carmony’s adult supervision, experience and discipline helped form the band into what it was. BELOW: Dead P.A. system . . . last minute changes . . . another Munster half time show . . . Jeff Brown and Mr. Dave Carmony, Director. LEFT: A crowd favorite . . . " I ' d like to teach the world to sing " ... a season ' s conclusion. MIDDLE: Parking lot practices . . . mass confusion . . . result— a newly learned formation. BOTTOM LEFT: An un- usual moment of seriousness ... a tuba solo . . . " Yes Sir That ' s My Baby " . . . Mark Elias, Warren Schmidt, Ed Schmidt, Dan Harrison. Band 59 morning practice, spirited support . . . Drill Team It ' s eight o ' clock in the morning, and the music blaring from the fieldhouse, could indicate only one thing: the Munster High Drill Team is hard at work on another routine. Through frequent summer practices, the girls were ready in time to perform at the fall football season opener. Despite the many times of practicing and repracticing there was always the nervousness felt before performing in front of a live crowd. As skill and confidence were gained with the passing of time, the drill team performed their best routine to the sounds of " Oye Como Va " , as played by the MHS marhing band. Bake sales, a car wash, and a garbage bag sale supplied the drill team with enough money to purchase new uniform sweaters, which were unveiled at the Gavit basketball game. In spite of personality conflicts and adjustment problems, the girls had a good time. RIGHT: Daily practices . . . group taught routines ... a class hour put to use . . . Maureen Pfister, Laurie Schnell, Sue Resler. BELOW: A Mustang beer mug . . . Drill Team foam . . . “You ' ve Said It All " . . . Sue Snook, Sue Gage, Sue Croissant. MIDDLE: Drill Team enthusiasm . . . spirited routines . . . class practices becomes a reality . . . loanie Phillips. FAR RIGHT: " It ' s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas " . . . dancing presents ... a seasonal performance . . . Alice Bator, Sue Resler. TOP ROW: J. Sartain, M. Lang, J. Brinkman, R. Ottenheimer, D. Myrray, D. Sholte, S. Biel, T. Friend, D. Creenspon, S. Spillar, C. Barlok, L. Schnell, D. Pasalaqua, F. Blacke, L. Speranza, T. Brennen, C. Hriso. BOTTOM ROW: N. Johns, A. Webber, M. Pfister (Sec.), S. Hulsey, J. Angelecos, J. Mehalso, J. Phillips (Treas.), J. Jeorse, J. Skogan, S. Snook, S. Croissant, G. Dobosz (V.P.), D. Stoker (Treas.), S. Resler, P. Biel, S. Doherty, S. Gage, A. Bator, M. Dietrich. Drill Team 61 leading cheers, loyal to the end . . . Rah-Rah ' s Besides achieving the distinction of being one of the top five squads at summer camp, the MHS cheerleaders were also awarded the coveted " spirit stick " , a symbol of their enthusiasm and achievement. It was the MHS males who helped the girls keep that symbol. For without their support and participation in skits and battle cry competition, spirit would have been lost at Munster High. Money problems seemed to plague the cheerleaders during the year. The initial problem, due to the loss of a uniform skirt, created a necessity for the purchase of new ones. This unexpected occurence left the treasury in debt. Only candy sales, during Christmas, helped ease the financial situation. To keep in shape and on friendly terms, practices were held once a week. V M FAR LEFT: A bridge trophy ... A winning streak to uphold . . . Munster prevails . . . Lori Altherr. ABOVE LEFT: A tense mo- ment ... A voice heard above the crowd . . . Mary Reilly. LEFT: Eat ' em up. Eat ' em up, Rah, Rah, Rah . . . Munster vs. Highland . . . Janna Smith, Carol Marden. UPPER LEFT: Varsity— S. Trent, S. Reiplinger, M. Reilly, J. Smith, C. Marden, L. Altherr. LEFT CENTER: J.V.-D. Ruf, M. Benne, K. Muta. ABOVE: Frosh— P. Wilkins, M. Snook, C. Altherr, L. Porter. Cheerleaders 63 more than just pretty faces . . . Majorettes With baton in hand and new uniforms, the eight majorettes performed to the music of “Sonny,” a routine learned while attending Smith-Walbridge Camp. Strong winds forced the cancellation of the fire baton routine at the Homecoming festivities. Nevertheless, they managed to perform their best routine to the tune of “Hunk of Funk. " Since the squad members chose to make their own uniforms, no fund raising projects were undertaken during the year. ABOVE: Wind, rain, soggy field conditions . . . perfect timing is impossible ... an extra effort needed . . . Cindi Burke. UPPER RIGHT: Determination to do your best ... the reward, applause . . . Robin White. TOP: C. Burke, R. White, MIDDLE: M. Bieker, D. Casper, D. Ja- cobi, G. Georgas. BOTTOM: J. Goodman. 64 ■■i The males of the species have football and all their other sports to give them glory and headlines. But what about the females? All they have is Drill Team and a few GAA teams, no wonder Women’s Lib is so popular! But lately some girls have received recognition through the O.E.A. program. O.E.A. is short for Office Education Association, and deals primarily with office skills. It is an extension of the Co-Op program and elects officers, collects dues, and participates in national contests. Directed by Mrs. Bright, the club holds bake sales and sponsors dances to raise money for their projects. If O.E.A. is such an outstanding program, why is it given so little recognition? Perhaps no one really knows, but, girls if you crave national honors, run out and ioin your local O.E.A. chapter. TOP: D. Markowicz, P. Bortz, ). Pondusa, R. Argus. MIDDLE: K. Cope- land, C. Webber, M. Mitchell, J. Teliga. BOTTOM: l. Belinski, B. Haines. RIGHT: gooey-chewy taffy apples . . . provides funds ... an O.E.A. bakesale . . . Sheila Lewis, Nat Harrison. fund raising, job experience . . . O.E.A. Majorettes, O.E.A. 65 BELOW: Bryan Crary (Horace Vandergelder), Brad Smith (Barnaby Tucker), Karen Leonard (Minnie Fay), Nick Vranich (Cornelius Hackl)— " Listening at keyh- oles! You have no right to say such things to me. " BOTTOM: Cast and Crew— Row 1 — P. Huck, B. Cor- nell, C. Burke, D. Markey, L. Longhauser, M. Sublett, B. Smith, S. Harvey, G. Davlantes. Row 2— G. Krawc- zyk, L. Chiarelli, E. Gaudio, K. McKenna, K. Leo nard, L. Waxman, H. Gilchrist, D. Hale, N. Kivett, N. Riffer, P. Leask, P. Angel, D. Dunning, M. Mezey, D. Schmidt. Row 3-S. Biel, A. Bunting, L. Marden, S. Elias, M. Reis- ter, S. McKenna, C. Bochnowski, F. Helminski, A. Bachnak, N. Novak, L. Borsattino, D. Garfin, M. She- vin, T. Denmark, C. Plunkett, S. Weinburg, B. Breaz, S. Geyer. Row 4-G. Szczipaniak, D. Finley, ). Nowazyk, C. Downs, P. Baldwin, C. Brunner, D. Abrinko, N. Vranich, ). Calhoun, C. Gerdt, L. Brumm, P. Slivka, N. Calhoun, D. Franzen, M. Ruman, B. Crary, T. Hagerty, C. Griffen. RIGHT: Nick Vranich (Cornelius Hackl)— " I bet you could know a woman a hundred years without ever being really sure whether she liked you or not! " FAR RIGHT: Maggie Reister (Mrs. Levi), Sue Geyer (Gertrude)— " That ' s all right, dear, there are some lovely private rooms upstairs, just meant for shy, timid girls like us. " BELOW RIGHT: Nick Vranich (Cornelius Hackl), Nancy Riffer (Mrs. Molloy), Bill Reister (Ru- dolf), Brad Smith (Barnaby Tucker), Karen Leonard (Minnie Fay)— " I ' d like some sardines on toast and a glass of milk. " If you were one of the many regular theatre goers of Munster, this year ' s fall drama would have presented many new faces to you. Debuting in their first major roles were Brian Crary, Nancy Riffer, and Brad Smith. The fall play almost fell because of a lack of a director, but Mr. Smith and Mrs. Bernthal finally agreed to tackle the job. At practice the cast members liked to crack jokes instead of mouthing lines as they should have. However, the cast and crew managed eventually to co-operate with each other. On opening night Nancy Riffer was straightening a hat on a mannequin who decided he didn ' t want his hat straightened and promptly fell off his stand, much to the amusement of the crowd. Looking back, the attendance shows that " Match Maker " was a success even with its slight troubles. Fall Drama " a few surprises, cast and crew co-operation. . .Fall Drama new members, candlelight initiation . . .Thespians ABOVE: Never a dull moment . . . Thespians working together . . . Tony Cort, Debbie Hale. ABOVE RIGHT: From stage production to float production . . . " Quack ' em up " . . . Lisa Waxman and Karen Leonard. RIGHT: First row— M. Reister, S. McKenna, D. Dun- ning, N. Riffer, K. Stracken, M. Sublett. Second row— K. McKenna, L. Murphy, D. Hale, C. Burke, L. Waxman, D. Abrinko, S. Sublett. Third row— D. Hinchion, H. Gilchrist, B. Bunting, B. Smith, D. Cusick, L. Chiaralli, B. Crary, C. Downs. Outside of the dramos, " Death of a Salesman " and " Tomorrow the World, " the comedies, " You ' re a Good Man Charlie Brown, " " Matchmaker " and " Don ' t Drink the Water " highlighted this year ' s Thespian productions. One point for every hour totaling 10 work hours were needed to be initiated in the candlelight ceremony. A bake sale, the Thespian " Quack ' em up " Homecoming float, and a trip to Chicago to view the " Fantastiks " added to this year’s activities. New this year, but not to the school, was the formation of a ski club. Interest zoomed at the bright prospects of skiing, but soon dwindled as the weather became sunny and warm. Better organization and future planning will be next year’s goal, with hopes of help from Mother Nature. a new club, sun melts high hopes ... Ski Club First row—). Buda, B. Klage, C. Downs, B. Cornell, D. Markey. Second row— J. Lipton, C. Stone, F. Blacke, D. Dunning, R. White, C. Keen, B. Dye, K. Sterk, D. Greenspon, B. Shinkan, P. Angel, T. Bauschelt, C. Longhauser, D. Nowaczyk, T. Backe. Third row-L. Micon, R. Mescall, D. Garfin, B. Hasse, R. Ottenheimer, N. Riffer, B. Montes, B. Bolls, ). O ' Barske, D. Watson, ). McNees, L. Lazerwitz, M. Musick, D. lohnson, L. Ledna, D. Rothschild. Thespians, Ski Club 69 1st in district, 3rd in State . . .Speech and Debate ABOVE: First Row: L. Wax- man, N. Riffer, M. Lang, S. McKenna, K. Freidman, N. Harrison, L. Murphy, S. Weinberg, K. Seifert. Sec- ond row: Mrs. Pat Bengert, K. McKenna, T. Denmark, B. Smith, ). Hana, M. Sub- lett, S. Ceyer, ). Mansueto, D. Jugovic, C. Hriso, ). Stoddart, D. Peterson, K. Leonard, N. McAllister, Mrs. Helen Engstrom, Mrs. Marin. Third row: P. Goodman, ). Schwarz, D. Amber, G. Weinberg, B. Brown, D. Mansueto, B. Crary, J. Krajewski, A. Be- cker, T. Hagerty, M. Ru- man, M. Bobin, S. Sublett, S. Weiss. 70 It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a winning speech team. Writing two or three speeches a week, after school practices, rewriting and rephrasing speeches until finally satisfying Mrs. Helen Engstrom, speech coach, are among these efforts. Last year the team won both sectional and regionals, both for the sixth consecutive year. The team also placed third in state and was first in their district. Under the guidance of a new coach, Mrs. Jean Marin, debate also had a good year, qualifying for state finals. The fifth annual Chicken Barbecue, the only money making project, was a success despite the rain. ABOVE: Hours of practice . . . tense moments before results are announced . . . Tony Cort. FAR LEFT: Scores posted . . . individual efforts become team points . . . Marcy Lang, Brian Crary, Nancy Ritter, Sue McKenna. LEFT: Bar- becuing chicken is hampered by rain . . . Speech and Debate ' s only money making project. Speech and Debate 71 ABOVE: The long wail for variety ... the accomplishment of an ala carte lunch . . . Lori Altherr. TOP LEFT: Organization of Homecoming events ... a smooth presentation of awards . . . Trippy Ottenheimer, Patty Little, |an McAllister, Liz Lan- man, Marcia Bower. ABOVE RIGHT: A hard fight for a snack machine ... a student body favorite . . . Tom Franchek. RIGHT: The issue of improving the lunch program . . . Stu- dent Senate president takes a stand at a school board meet- ing .. . Trippy Ottenheimer. 72 a la carte line introduced . . . Student Senate Every spring an election is held for Student Senate officers. To those who take it seriously, it is a time to bring change. The main issues usually involved are open campus and a student lounge. Others view this as a time for fun and games. They listen to the campaigns and the usual unattainable promises. Ignorance toward Senate activities marks the other half of the student body ' s position. While everyone complained about the lunches. Senate gave them vending machines containing apples, Pepsi and candy. The biggest gain towards satisfaction of decent lunch hours was the new ala carte line. These were not the only activities accomplished by an abandoned Student Senate. Homecoming rules and regulations set up by Senate were designed to separate the fine lines of legality. Annual parties for handicapped children at the Trade Winds Rehabilitation Center demonstrated their concern. The words that summarize this year’s gov- ernment could be the " Lone Senate " . Even without overwhelming support, the Senate still lives and functions for the good of the Student body. BELOW: First row: M. Bower, T. Ottenheimer, S. Trent, Sec- ond row: C. Parker, P. Wikins, B. Helm, C. Russell, A. Estrada, A. Webber, A. Boroughs, S. Dahlkamp, S. Robb. Third row: ). Teliga, S. Winerfeldt, L. Makorewich, J. Johnson, S. Elias, R. Foster, S. Dunn, L. Bleicher, G. Dobos, S. Resler, M. Lang, M. Pfister, M. Bieker, C. Hriso. Fourth row: W. Schmidt, B. Brown, D. Amber, E. Schmidt, L. Lanman, P. Biel, L. Altherr, A. McDonald, R. Marden, L. Waiss, M. Bochnowski, J. McAllister, J. Estrada, B. McLaughlin, G. Keen. Fifth Row: J. Such, G. Klug, L. Gordon, T. Fetzko, M. Bobin. Student Senate 73 varsity and The Girl’s Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Stonebraker, organized all the female athletes of the school. There were volleyball and bowling intramural teams and basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, track, tennis, and golf teams. The beginning and intermediate compulsory gymnastic squads won their sectional and the intermediate eventually advanced five girls to state competition. Freshman Linda Porter won first in all-around at the state meet. The track team qualified twelve girls in districts, while Judy Leonard won third in the regional. The tennis doubles team of Paula Manley and Jean Borsattino finished second in sectionals. All the varsity teams competed with area schools. The GAA banquet was held on May 30th at Mama Puntillo ' s. The following girls received most valuable awards: volleyball, Sue Doherty,- basketball, Kriss Rucinski; swimming, Heather Gilchrist,- gymnastics, Mary Snook (Beginning), Linda Porter (Intermediate), Mary Vance (Optional); track, Judy Leonard; tennis, Martha Schoop,- synchronized swimming, Lisa Dahl; golf, Kriss Rucinski; outstanding seniors. Sue Doherty and Anne McDonald. 74 intramural teams . . . GAA FAR LEFT: Long jumping . . . stretching for that extra inch . . . K. Cooney. MIDDLE: Intramural bowling teams ... af- ter school matches . . . Anne McDonald. LEFT: Strategy and placement . . . building endurance for sectional competition . . . Martha Schoop. ABOVE: First Row: K. Nelson, N. Kasle, B. Clark, S. Doherty, L. Dahl, P. Biel (Sec.), A. McDonald (V.P.), S. Resler (Pres.), S. Egli, S. Croissant, S. Rothstein, M. Bochnowski, S. Richards, M. Schoop, D. Wood. Second Row: L. Carlson, ). Harkenrider, A. Donnersberger, C. Rovai, M. Mezey, P. DeCola, N. O ' Conner, V. Bohling, L. Porter, D. Creenspon, ). Cannega, C. Miller, C. Burke, T. Oberle, C. Siemmering, B. Ryder, D. Passa- lacqua, P. Orlich. Third Row: T. Page, N. Halas, E. Gaudio, S. Hope, M. Koufas, S. Parker, ). Sala, L. Marden, D. Kipta, S. Altherr, M. Markus. G. Kopacz, ). McQuillen, P. McShane, A. Mehalse, R. Marden, ). Parker, N. Guillotte, C. Powers. Fourth Row: N. Riffer, G. Keen, R. White, S. Smith, H. Lorentzen, K. Brandt, L. Klyszek, K. Leary. S. Lanting, R. Garson, ). Borsattino, J. Leonard, M. Snook, N. Koltan, ). Montgomery, M. Gilchrist, A. Montes, D. Weiler. Fifth Row: R. Ottenheimer, N. )ohns, M. Pfister, L. Mazanek, C. Russell, M. Driggs, S. Weinberg, N. Schoenberg, B. Seehau- sen, L. Williamson, J. Pink, B. Leask, G. Heatherington. L. Casey, M. Etling, S. Sedey, ). Farrow, L. Winkler. Sixth Row: C. Hriso, L. Brumm, S. Gerdt, ). Calhoun, M. Vance, D. Echterling, D. Goles, M. Musick, K. Lyle, B. Garofalo, K. McKenna, P. Leask, K. Bucher, F. Helminski, A. Wuell- ner P Malinski, C. Shwartz. Seventh Row: S. Replinger, ). Phillips, A. Tomson, A. Easter, D. Murphy, E. Musile, S. Sheliga, C. Kwasny, B. Shinkan, P. Angel, T. Bausheldt, C. Longhauser, S. Peters, N. Kivett, D. Smith. Eighth Row: ). Shogan, ). Mehalse, N. Opinker, A. Webber, C. Burkes, D. Strachen I. Smiegel, S. Dunn, T. Ellison, L. Lazinski, D. Wein, A. Estrada, K. Kucer, N. Rosenberg, S. Shupe, A. Ray, T. Phelan. Ninth Row: K. Darbst B. Thompson, K. Cooney, ). Stewart, S. Smith, M. Bachman, M. Moynagh, N. Spillar, K. Wilk, L. Gyure, S. McCain, G. Rudakas, F. Fowler, L. Schultz, M. Sorenson, M. Tobin. Tenth Row: P. (ones, S. Hales, K. Dahl, D. Speranza, ). Tokarz, K. Drewniak, E. McCarthy, T. Driggs, L. Hiple, P Bookwood, M. Kowelsiek, M. Ryan, S. Gillespie, S. Winterfieldt, L. Borsattino. Eleventh Row: D. Dunning, L. Leadna, D. Nowaczyk, D. Rothchild, P. Baldwin, D. Markey, M. Ruman, ). Mulholland, D. Moss, M. Baldwin, P. Weeks, J. Peterman, L. Makavewich. grace in movement, agility in motion . . . GAA in ' ' •V ' ABOVE FAR LEFT: Callous hands from practice ... the aloneness of competition . . . Maureen Pfis- ter. BOTTOM FAR LEFT: An at- tempted block ... a sectional loss against Cavit . . . state hopes shattered . . . Sue Doherty, Deb- bie Wood. FAR LEFT: Balance, poise, agility ... the makings of a sectional winner . . . Linda Por- ter. MIDDLE: A reassuring word . . . mistakes corrected . . . " Get it together ' ' . . . Mary Beth Stonebreaker. ABOVE: A femi- nine touch to a boy ' s sport . . . girlish mannerisms disappear . . . GAA basketball . . . Anne McDonald. BELOW: Limited practice time . . . individual yet team effort . . . Heather Gilchrist. Top row— R. Hirschik, K. Murphy, ). Reppa, R. Wen- nekes, C. Bombar, ). Hayes. Bottom row— C. Georges, E. Delaney, D. Kiser, B. Kennedy. ri T APRIL ' r j; ggBSf A M ] |.f ] P ■ V| L - Distributive Education, or DE as it is more wide- ly known, is gaining more interest in Munster High. Someone was so interested in the club, they elected themselves treasurer and robbed the bookstore one weekend. Other than that, DE had a smooth, but successful year. The club won their second consecutive district title, under the guidance of Mr. Mclndoo, in business competition. To raise funds, the club had tee-shirt, candle, and magazine sales. They even took over the South bookstore so the juniors and seniors could compete for your business. The only requirement for joining this elite club is that you have taken, or are enrolled in the Sales and Marketing course. 78 second year regional winners . . . DE BELOW: School necessities readily available . . . man- aged by DE students . . . MHS ' s little store, the Joint ... a prospective cus- tomer . . . Maria Thoesen. BELOW LEFT: A realistic W.C. Fritos ... a lack of Homecoming theme rela- tion ... a disappointing result . . . Emerson De- laney. LEFT— Top row— S. Dahlkamp, J. Jeorse, L. Ko- lember, M. Fisher, ). Free- man, K. Rucinski, D. Blue, D. Nelson, T. Hayes, S. Gescheidler, Bottom row:-E. Camp, F. Blacke, S. Gillespie, L. Ledina, J. Browers, L. Ruble, M. Min- ivik, M. Horlick, D. Winter, J. Petrunick, L. Mellady. Distributive Education 79 study hall tournaments . . . Chess Club ABOVE: Seated: M. Elias, C. Spoljaric. First Row: B. Vanlnwegen, H. Roth, ). Spolharic, D. Budney, B. Mulholland, C. Wonnell, R. Mescal. Second Row: C. Trachtenberg, S. Megr- emis, B. Fodor, J. Grune- wald, Mr. leffrey Graves. 80 Table tennis anyone? Ping pong fever struck the school when the formation of a Table Tennis Club was announced. The usually dusty, old, ragged tables stored away for years sprung out, and hours upon hours of playing took place. Due to difficulty in purchasing tables, the club did not get off to a good start. Occassional meetings held by President Bob Hered and sponsor Mr. Webster attempted to instruct everyone on playing rules, and keep alive the hope of receiving some tables. While some took part in the flurry of activity in Table Tennis, others chose to participate in a game requiring mental energy. The Chess Club, under the supervision of Mr. Stone, seemed to be the outlet for this energy. Most chess games were played during the study hours. A final champion was decided by an intramural tournament. ABOVE: First row: K. Wilk, M. Etiing, J. Ferro, L. Lazinski, B. Montes, R. Sefton, ). Peach, C. Such, M. Victor, Sec- ond row: ). Wolak, D. Nowaczyk, ). Lummio, C. Schwarz, A. Boroughs, A. El Naggar, B. Hasse, C. Wonnell, J. Kasle, B. Livingstone, B. Kalapach, R. Mescall. Third row: M. Webber, T. Webber, S. Williams, A. Aberman, B. Bolls, D. Danko, F. Costillo, D. Amber, L. Gordon, T. Cort, T. Car- roll. Fourth Row: ). Grunewald, C. Malo, B. Hered, G. Spoljaric. FAR LEFT: Study hall chess games . . . tournaments with other schools . . . )im Grunewald, Gary Spoljaric. LEFT: A basement tournament . . . cramped style . . . Steve Daney. lack of tables, home tournaments Table Tennis Chess Club, Table Tennis 81 MR. GEORGE KURTEFF: Principal; B.S. I.S.U.; M.S. Indiana U. MR. JAMES G. BAWDEN: Assistant Principal; B.S. Montana State; M.S. Purdue U. DR. DONALD M. VANDEVANDER: Supt. of Schools; A.B. Park College; M.A. Kansas U.; Ed. D U. of Missouri. MR. JOHN R. TENNANT: Assistant Principal; B.A. Hanover College; M.S. Indiana State U. Showing interest . . . becoming involved— Dr. Donald Van Devander compliments Dave Wade during Art class. Telephone calls . . . periodic checks for loiterers— a part of Mr. James Bawden ' s day in the North Building. 82 ADMINISTRATION Administration 83 Deep thoughts . . . decisions— Mr. George Kurteff expresses his concern. SCHOOL BOARD: Dr. VanDevander (Supt.), Mr. Jack Stine (Vice Pres.), Mr. Donald Sands (Pres.), Mr. Richard Johnson (School Attorney), Ted Klooster (Treas., Bus. Manager). What can you say about the administration? That they are big and strong with a lot of brains and a lot of power? Or are they so helplessly out of it that they can’t really help the school? Well, you can take your choice, but you must admit that Munster High is still here and thriving. The most plaguing problems for our mighty administration were vandalism and the fire alarm scares. But there was also the drug problem with its legendary " drug list”. This year the Munster Teach- ers’ Association began to seriously fight for their rights and some recognition by threatening to strike. With the ad- dition of the new building, there were more kids to babysit. South Building jams . . . collecting attendance slips— a division of Mr. John Tennant ' s responsibilities. MISS JANE BEAMAN: Counselor; B.A. Union College, M.S. San Diego State College. SECRETARIES: Mrs. Ina Silverman, Mrs. Mona Rincon, Mrs. Lil Horlick. ABOVE: Mr. Lowell Sennett (Psychological Services), Mr. John Friend (Athletic Dir.), Mr. Marvin Porter (Dir. Special Ed.), Mrs. Ilene Souders (Educational Coordinator). Adult Service 84 COOKS: Mrs. Anne Stanners, Mrs. Mary Burbich, Mrs. Sandy Brakely, Mrs. Marcy Hinton, Mrs. Anne Echterling, Mrs. |oanne VanDyke, Mrs. Rose Marie Wilkin. MRS. CHERYL IOSEPH: Librarian; B.S. Indiana U., M.S. Purdue U. With a higher student enrollment this year, the secretaries and ad- ult help had more hassles than ev- er. The secretaries in the North Building were easily confused with the blue slip system and any clev- er student could get around it. The cooks complained about the stu- dent ' s lack of cooperation in clean- ing off their lunch trays and tried to ignore the insults about hot lunches. A steel fence was erected around the buses to stop vandal- ism, but it wasn ' t very success- ful. The A.V. area was expanded to include the old Pub, while the re- source materials were all moved from the South to the North Build- ing Resource Center. BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Joe Soy, Mrs. Peggy Wilson, Mrs. Susan Wood, Mrs. Jeanne Adams, Mr. John Hoekstra. MR. ROBERT SPEELMAN: Coun- selor; B.S., M.S. Miami U. SPECIAL ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Ruth Brusch (Library Asst.), Mrs. Anne Cuiden (Guidance Sec.), Mrs. Virginia Schwarz (Paraprofessional), Mrs. Betty Russell (Science Asst.). Adult Service 85 Mrs. Katherine Bernthal: English 11; Fall Play; B.A. Valparaiso U., M.A. Purdue U. Mr. Stephen Abernathy: Psychology; Freshman Class; B.S. Ball State U. Mr. Nicholas Anjanos: Algebra I; General Math; Sophomore Class Sponsor; M.A.T., B.S. Purdue U. Mrs. Pat Bengert: English 10,12; Speech and Debate; B.A. St. Francis College; M.A. Purdue U. A near walkout by the teachers, un- usual teaching methods in Enlish 1 1, transformation of the South Build- ing into new high school facil- ities and a game called " lay off the fire alarms " were some of the events the administration and fac- ulty dealt with in ' 72-73. The Mun- ster Teachers ' Association finally became the official negotiating representative of the teachers after hours of deliberation and the threatened dismissal of all those who might have gone on strike. Space no longer was a problem as the high school ex- panded into the old Junior High. Memories ... a good laugh— Mr. lames Karagianis reminisces with a college yearbook. FACULTY 86 Dual purpose . . . arm rest-Mr. Steve Wroblewski relaxes. Miss Dorothy Christoff: Algebra II, Trigonometry, College Algebra; B.S.C.E., M.S. Purdue U. Mr. Hal Coppage: Government, World History; B.S. Indiana State U., M.S. Purdue U. Mr. )ohn Edington: Biology, Adv. Bi- ology; B.S. Indiana Central College, M.S. Purdue U. Mrs. Linda Elman: Spanish I, II; A.B. Indiana U. Faculty 87 Mrs. Helen Engstrom: Speech I, II; Ms. Sherry Fech: English 11; Drama, Drama; Composition I; Speech Team, Thespians; B.S., M.S. Indiana State. N.F.L.; B.A. Butler U., M.A. Valpo. ABOVE: A watchful eye ... an authoritative pose— Mr. Thomas Whitely endures study hall supervision. Miss Marcia Fedorchek: Physical Ed.; Synchronized Swim Club Sponsor; B.S., M.S. Indiana University. Mr. Gene Fort: U.S., World History; Ensembles, Musical Dir.; B.A., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Ross Haller: Government, Adv. Government; Student Senate; B.A. Valparaiso U., M.A. Ball State U. Mr. Jeffrey Graves: Chemistry; A.B., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. David Geise: Industrial Arts; B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Miss Mary Getty: Chemistry, Adv. Chemistry; St. Mary of the Woods College. 88 Mrs. Nancy Hastings: journalism I, II; Paragon, Crier, Pegasus; B.S. Ball State U. Mr. Arthur Haverstock: Biology, Adv. Biology, General Science; B.S. Pur- due U. Mrs. DeEtta Hawkins: Basic Art, Di- mensional Design; B.S. Ball State. Mr. Richard Holmberg: Choirs, En- sembles, Musical Director: B.S. Northern State, M.M. Northwestern U. ABOVE: Pencil behind ear ... a cup of coffee . . . rubberband on hand . . . Mr. Alan Smith is ready for another typical day. FACULTY Mr. Richard Hunt: Industrial Ed., Drafting; B.S., M.S. Ball State U. Mr. jon jepsen: Physical Education; Swim team coach; B.S. Purdue U., M.A. Missouri U. Faculty 89 Mr. John McDonald: Industrial Arts; B.S. Indiana State U. ABOVE: Sharing a joke . . . taking a break— Mr. John Edington and Mrs. Patricia Sholts anticipate lunch. Mr. James Mclndoo: Sales Market- ing, D.E. Adv. Business; Senior Class B.S. Indiana State U. Mrs. Pat McNamara: U.S. History; B.A. Purdue U. Mrs. Helga Meyer; German I, II, Ger- man Spanish Club; B.A. U. of Cincin- nati, M.S. Purdue U. Mr. Ed. Musselman: Gen. Math, Bus. Math; Golf Coach; B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Mr. Michael Niksic: Phys. Ed., Driver ' s Ed.; Baseball coach, Asst. Football, Lettermen; B.A. Ball State U. 90 Miss lean Rawson: Cadet Teaching, Business Law, Typing; Girls Swim Team; B.S. U. of Miss., M.S. I.U. Mr. Ed. Robertson: English 9; Coach Frosh Football, " B " Team Basketball; B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Mr. David Russell: English 10; Pho- tography Club Sponsor; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. Jerry Schroeder: English 9; Fresh- men Class sponsor; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. )im Shabi: U.S. Ftistory; B.S. Ball State U. Mrs. Patricia Sholts: Typing I, II, Shorthand I; Cheerleaders; B. Ed. Wisconsin State College. ABOVE: Reaching out . . . free expression— Mr. Edwin Burkhardt relates sociology to life. FACULTY Faculty 91 ABOVE: Nail polish . . . " my porker " — Ms. Sherry Fech at the end of her day. Mr. Alan Smith: UICSM II, ill; B.S. In- diana U., M.A. Valparaiso U. Mr. Richard Smith: English 10; Fall Play, Thespians; B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Mr. George Sofianos: Introduction to Social Studies; Freshman baseball coach; B.S., M.S. Purdue U. Mr. James Stone: Typing I, Gen Bus., Bookkeeping; Track, Asst. Football coach; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker: Girls P.E.; G.A.A., V-ball, Gymnastics, Track Coach; B.S., M.S. Ball State U. Mrs. Ruth Stout: Art; B.S. Ball State U Ms. Judy Taylor: English 11; Spring Drama; B.A. Murray College. Mr. George Thegze: Geometry, Adv. Alg.; Wrestling Coach; A.B. Oberlin College; M.A.T. Northwestern U. Mrs. Marlis Tippett: German IV, V; A.B. Valparaiso U., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Ronald Tyner: Biology, Advanced Biology; Aviation Club; B.S. Indiana State U., M.S. Purdue U. 92 Mr. Thomas Whitely: U.S. History, Adv. History; B.A. M.A. Purdue U. ABOVE: Sexy innocence . . . good vibrations-his mascot sustains Mr. David Russell through his classes. FACULTY Mrs. Mary Yorke: Composition II, Modern Lit., Prose Fiction, Dev. Reading; B.A. Marquette U. Mr. Steve Wroblewski: Geometry, Gen. Math; Football Ath. Trainer; B.A. Franklin College, M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Jack Yerkes: English 9, Reading; Frosh basketball, JV football; B.A. Wabash, M.A. Ball State. NOT PICTURED Mr. Mike Copper: Algebra I, General Math, B.S. Indiana State U. Mr. Jon Fech: Algebra II, Calculus, Analytical Geo., B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Mrs. Iris Greenbaum: Spanish I, III, A. B. Indiana U. Mr. James Kariagnis: Physics, Ad- vanced Physics, Senior Class Sponsor, Science Club Sponsor, B.S., M.S., Pur- due U. Miss Evelyn Lanz: Health and Safety, B. A., St. Scholastica, M.S. Purdue U. Mr. Larry Micklos: Basic Math, Al- gebra I, B.S. Ball State. Faculty 93 Since kindergarten, ma has laid out clothes, bought paper and pencils, and packed a bologna sandwich everyday. But, finally, after eight years of elementary school, you’re ready for the " big time " high school. The big building on Columbia is full of young, green freshman who are awe-struck and spell-bound by all the responsibilities suddenly thrust upon them. They never fail to take everything in stride. Very seldom a truly successful class, this year ' s class was no exception. Their bulletin board in the com- mons was decorated at times, but with their fun loving attitudes, the car-wash was a soapy success. The T-shirt sale and bake sales helped drum up funds for next year’s homecoming float. The class was also responsible for the Homecoming Dance. It wasn ' t a fantastically outstanding year, but the Spirit of ' 76 has no doubt that they will be the best ever. Picking up schedules . . . trying locker combinations ... 8th graders become Frosh— Jeff Brandt and Dan Dobosz. Craig Adams Jeff Adams Lisa Adams Tom Adney Tom Alexander Cherie Altherr Neal Andersen Kay Anderson Jim Andrews Bill Babinsak Karen Backe Jane Baker Mary Ann Baldwin Pam Baldwin Bert Balka David Barth Michelle Barthold Dave Basila Doug Batchelder Mike Beard September Benoit Barbara Benson Leonard Berger Ray Bielski Laurel Black Kevin Blanchard Patrick Bobin Eileen Bogusz Valerie Bohling Kathy Bolek Dan Bond Kathy Bonner Brian Boyle Matt Branco Jeff Brant Roland Brauer Becky Breaz Mike Breclaw Ron Brian Bruce Brink Lori Brooks Ted Brown Cartoon posters . . . hasty organization . . . Freshman sponsor homecominR— Diane Kipta and Cheryl Page. |im Brumm Carmen Brunner |im Buchanan Don Bunting Andy Burch Maureen Burns Perrie Capps Brad Carolla Shane Carney Craig Christman Bill Christy Joe Claro Bob Colgrove Jane Conner Kathy Cooney Jim Copeland Jean Corns Kathy Costello Al Cueller Jim Curtis Kirsten Dahl Jean D ' Arcy Gus Davlantes Ron Dayney Patti DeCola Marita DeLaCotera Lary Devore Jeff Dickerman Romeo Dizon Carl Donoho Stephen Doyle Tommy Driggs Denise Duffy Tami Dunn Tom Dunn Jim Dye Alice Easter Laurie Echterling Jana Egnatz Bill Eismin Sandi Elias Patti Elkins Diane Ellison Phillip Elliot Richard Elman Rick Eisner Tom Etling Dayna Evans Stacy Evett Steve Evett Frosh 95 Kelly Eyer Sandra Figuly Dan Finley Gayle Fischer Aaron Fisher Sharon Fissinger Kris Ford Holly Forsythe Rachel Foster John Fowdy Florence Fowler Andy Fox Larry Frank Lisa Fredericks Sandy Friedman Elaine Gaudio Mary Geschneider Cvetko Georgevich Mark Georges Terry Gibbs Brian Cluth Hugh Goodman Betty Jane Goodman Nathan Goldstein Jim Graff Peter Grompone Carol Groesche Jim Gregg Nancy Guilotte Tom Gyure Laura Gyure Peter Haines Natalie Halas Terry Hamilton Lois Hand Scott Hanock Mark Harder Danette Harrigan Jeff Harrison Debbie Hart Dan Harvey Jennifer Hasse Janet Hawkins Sharon Hales Brett Helm Celeste Helminski Above: Freshmen class officers and sponsors: Mr. Jerry Schroeder, S. Lanting (Treas.), E. Sinisi (Pres.), D. Markey (V. Pres.), Mr. Steve Ab- ernathy. Not pictured: S. Hope (Sec.). Wedging the day . . . just the beginning— L. Brooks creates in Art I. t tj r £ a r L it £ Carol Hensey Craig Hester Leslie Hiple Diane Hodor |im Hogue Susan Hope |im Huck Lynn Hurley Tom Hulett Wayne Huttle Michelle Isay Gil jacobs Mike Jarosz Steve Johnson Daniel Jugovic Nancy Kasle Carlie Kasten George Katsahnias Debbie Katz Denise Keilman Susan Keitz Rick Kessler Ray Killingsvvorth Kathy Kincaid Dave Kinder Diane Kipta Diane Kikkert Tom Klage Lisa Klyczek Ron Koetteritz Bob Kolas Nancy Kolember Ginny Kopacz John Korellis Donna Kotfer Jan Krawczyk Andrea Kristoff Jeralyn Kroll Bill Kvasnica Michael Kwasny Shelly Lanting Kim Leary Bob Lee Sharon Leeney Paul Lippie Frosh 97 Realistic props . . . type casting-Melaine Sorenson portrays How- ard in Inherit the Wind. Beth Loomis Lorraine Longhauser Gary Lynn Dan Mansueto Missy Maloney Lisa Makarewich Renee Mahala Christine Madsen Melinda Marcus Leslie Marden Diane Markey Mike Mason Kathy Mattox Ed May Sue McCain Eileen McCarthy John McCormack Ron McDaniel Kevin McDonald Jan McQuillan Peggy McShane John McTaggart Cindy Medansky Melinda Messe Aurel Metz Jeff Meyer Michelle Mezey Selena Michalak Steven Mika Kim Miller Toby Miller Lee Millies Dave Miskus Tina Miszewski Jim Mitchell Jane Mogel Ronald Mola Dyan Moss Art Moswin Cathy Moynagh Kathi Mudroniak Julie Mulholland JoAnn Muntiu Don Murakowski Danelle Murphy Elaine Musick Shades of summer . . . Stone ' s " life story " — Ron Millies endures summer school typing. Frosh 99 Bill Nelson Carla Nelson Vicki Nelson Tom Neukranz Nancy Nolan Jeff Nowaczyk Annette O ' Bryan John O ' Connell Kevin O ' Connell Nanette O ' Conner Mitch Olan Pam Oliver Kris Olson Chris Opat Linda Ordjeski Diane Orosco Kathie Osborne Terry Page Janice Palmer Lynn Paluga Mark Panassow Richard Pansing Kaia Parbst Cheri Parker Gary Parks Mark Patterson Janet Peterman Tony Petrashevich Bill Petsa Carl Pfister Lee Phillips Laurel Pilarczyk Joyce Pink Donna Podolak Allen Porter Jim Porter Linda Porter Cindi Powers Gino Pupillo Jeff Reach Michael Reck Diana Regelman Bill Reister Mike Richards Paula Robin John Rogers Jeff Rompola Jeanne Ronschke Carol Rosenfeldt Marcy Rosenfeldt A little bit of this ... a little bit of that— Diane Becker records Pam Baldwin ' s lab results. Ellen Rae Rosevear Gayle Rovai Gail Rudakas Debbie Ruemler Jim Ruf Tom Rybarski Julie Sala Donna Schmidt Mike Schmueser Andrea Scholte Valerie Seehauser Matt Seifert Greg Seliger Mary Serna Olga Serrano Mike Sferrozza Steve Sherer Sandy Shofner Bill Shorb Holly Shutka Martin Sidor Richard Simeori Ethna Sinisi Judi Sipes Jim Skorupa Cynthia Skurka Joanne Smigiel Eric Smith Gregory Smith Jeff Smith Julie Smith Ron Smith Sheri Smith Mary Snook Bill Snow David Snyder Melanie Sorenson Janet Souther Doug Spaniol Jan Spence Dom Speranza Maria Speranza Irene Spiro Dave Spurlock Jim Stanko Arthur St. Arnaud Rod Stasick Houston Stevens Bryan Stevens Jeff Stevens Jill Stewart Jim Stoddart Kathie Strain Michael Sublett Mike Such Ken Summers Mike Surfka Scott Sutter Stephanie Swachiw Karen Swarthout Kevin Swarthout Brian Sweeney Gregg Switzer Eugene Szczepaniak Scott Taylor Annaliese Thompson Becky Thompson Clyde Tippy Mary Beth Tobin Moreno Tsirtsis David Umak Dan VonBorstel Ken VanDerwey Bruce Vanlnwegen Debbie Verboom Etching metals . . . learning shop procedures— Bill Christy. Frosh 101 Janice Victor Bob Vitkus Diane Vitkus Dave Wade Ed Walker Karen Warneke Bill Warner John Watson Lee Watson Mark Watson Cathy Webber Karen Weber Pam Weeks Sue Weinberg Carol Weiss Mike Welsa Phil Wennekes Will Whiteside Dawn Wieler Nancy Wilk Peggy Wilkins Bill Wilson Linda Winkler Dan Winner Stacy Winterfeldt Dale Wolfe Richie Wright Judy Yates Jim Zahrndt Judy Zoetman Croup effort on individual projects— Dale Lang, Nathan Goldstein and Jay Lazerwitz. v .. • ' --.r:-- ' . i-. ' V ' V ' - ' ■ j SB 8gj gB»feSa : Winter-the season of. snowballs, Santa Claus, speech meets, semester exams, sub-zero weather, swim meets, sliding over all the icy ruts to get to your car, and being thankful for the hallway between the North and South buildings. Winter is dreading school on Monday mornings, but going anyway to hear all the week-end gossip. A dull basketball game is the high point of the the week, but sometimes Munster lives up to its reputation and throws one of those wild parties. By mid-winter, you know exactly what each teacher expects and which classes you have to do homework for. Winter becomes almost unbearably routine, so Munster students begin to create their own diversions. Of course, there aren ' t any decent diversions on the school premises, so we began to search elsewhere. Unfortunately, our escapades came to a sudden halt when we realized that you DO get suspended for ditching school. Winter 105 It ' s Winter. Just more school while Munster ignores national holidays, and natural disasters. Yes, we were in school the day President Johnson was buried. But they let us out moments before we were buried alive. MHS began to lose its authority as someone detonated fire alarms at least twice a day and the teachers threatened to strike. The swim team was ecstatic with a state championship while somehow the basketball men managed to beat Whiting in their first Sectional game, before they gasped their last against Clark. Winter— counting the days, sweating the tests, waiting for the sunshine . . . . 106 cheering fans, 108 Spirit. According to the high school rules, it ' s proclaiming the supremacy of MHS or decorating the homes of MHS super-stars. Supposedly, it ' s making Drill Team or cheerleading, getting the lead in the musical, or winning a state championship— all in the name of good old Munster High. Yes, the crowds were there in body. But, no, the crowds weren ' t there in spirit. The big brick building at 8808 Columbia isn ' t the symbol it once was. Seniors long to escape it, sophomores are just beginning to learn its secrets, and freshmen are still in awe of its powers. The junior class, as usual, was the most enthusiastic in the whole school, tooting their kazoos and cheering themselves hoarse. Yet, MHS still stands, the epitome of excellence, one of the best schools in the Region. With students who are silent at pep rallies— students who escape to all-night poker games, rock concerts in Chicago, or college campuses on week ends. School spirit is almost a fantasy now, probably because so many students don ' t want to be identified with the school anymore. But there a re those who still cheer for the Munster Mustangs and shout at the pep rallies. So for those who care to join in— " Munster Mustangs, we ' re for you. Come on and fight, come on and fight, come on and fight . . . " ABOVE: Some entertained . . . some bored . . . mas- querading cheerleaders . . . boosting Mustang spirit . . . pep rally skits . . . Dave Huebner, Doug Oberle, Bob Miller, Roger Clark. RIGHT: We ' re number one . . . we ' re number one . . . WE ' RE NUMBER ONE . . . Dale Sorenson, jeff Miller, Mark Blocker. FAR RIGHT: Humming kazoos . . . megaphones amplify . . . unexpected enthusiasm . . . Doug Oberle, Tom Keeler, Bob Montes. BELOW FAR RIGHT: Shorthand . . . oral drills . . . memorization of sym- bols and words . . . Eva Pasanka. FAR RIGHT: Typ- ing .. . good posture . . . eyes on copy . . . the de- velopment of a typist . . . Elaine Gaudio. BELOW RIGHT: Advanced Phys. Ed . . . basketball . . . per- fecting shooting and blocking techniques . . . Karen Wilk and jean Bor- sattino. RIGHT: Girls Phys. Ed . . . physical fitness . . . written tests over the skills. BELOW: Boys Phys. Ed . . . a rousing game of bas- ketball ... a demolished uniform . . . but it ' s all in fun . . . ask Carl Donoho. healthy bodies, alert minds . . . Physical Ed. Courses in business ed. are known around the school as worthwhile. You can learn many skills, like shorthand, business law, and typing, which are practical for students entering the business world. There is even a chance for you to try your hand at cadet teaching. But these course offerings stay much the same year after year just like boys phys. ed. " Jog two " is a phrase familiar to all the guys. Boys P. E. hasn ' t changed much— it probably is the same now as it was when you were wearing out tennis shoes in the fieldhouse. Girls phys. ed. is as good as ever, even with some slight changes. They have dropped the circuit and added an advanced course in which all the varsity girls can practice. preparation for office jobs Business Ed. Physical Ed., Business Ed. Ill BELOW: U.S. History . . . conversion of re- source center into classrooms ... a new his- tory program gives more freedom to students . . . Pat St. Arnaud. RIGHT: Government . . . an election year . . . politics in the classroom . . . bulletin boards and debates liven the course . . . Paul Nelson, David Hiser, Mark O ' Barske, and Bruce Brown. Nixon compare, past and present . Social Studies 112 Election year, plotting the stockmar- ket, the end of the war, simulation games, and trained mice were all a part of last year ' s social science program. Advance History held a mock election and Government students actively campaigned in school for their parties. In Psychology, students trained mice to go through a maze. World history was made when peace was declared in Viet Nam and the post war recession in the stock- market was plotted by seniors in Economics. Simulation games were introduced into U.S. History and were played in Government. Pupils as- sumed roles as heads of governments, business men, military advisors and plantation owners. Junior History changed its format to let the student choose what he will study on what day, a far more individualized program. BELOW LEFT: Psychology ... a study of behavior ... in- depth class discussion . . . more beneficial than lectures . . . Sandy Gibbs, Mr. Abernathy, and Phil Hasiak. BELOW RIGHT: History ... a lecture on the corruption in the CIA . . . biased but interesting . . . Sherman Scolnik. BELOW: Advanced History ... a mock election . . . actual voting procedures . . . more than three fourths of the student body involved . . . Tony Cort and Debbie Cusick. — Social Studies 113 C u Itiva tin g a talent . . . Speech Everyone thinks they know how to talk, but you would be suprised at the improvements that could be made in your public speaking. Included in this course are units on par- limentary procedure, and debating techniques. Another English elective, journalism, draws those who are inclined to write instead of speak. Had you walked into the Pub last year, either to pick up a " Crier " or get your mugshots, the informal atmosphere would have bowled you over. Although Journalism I is conducted in a manner like most other classes, the paper and yearbook classes are chaotic when a staffer fails to meet his deadline. Radio blaring, doughnuts, and utter frustration along with giant arguments as to how to do the work, combine to create an atmosphere unique to the Pub. ABOVE RIGHT: Speech I . . . appropriate hand mo- tions . . . emphasize a ma- jor point ... a persuasive speech . . . Barb Dubzak. RIGHT: Drama ... a short cutting . . . developing the character . . . Nancy Ko- Iten and Randy Mescall. 114 LEFT: Journalism I . . . pri- vate conference . . . eval- uation of first news story . . . Mrs. Nancy Hastings and Molly Bachman. BE- LOW LEFT: Journalism II . . . photography ... a useful hobby ... an im- portant part of any staff . . . Ralph Steiger. BE- LOW: Paragon section co- editors . . . heated dis- cussions . . . finally joint decisions . . . Sue Richards and Jan Clement developing abilities . . . Journalism Speech and Journalism 115 hope for improvement . . . Basketball RIGHT: Loose ball . . . dive to save . . . one more hustle point . . . Jim “Rocky " Knesek and Gary " Hootman " Kucer. FAR RIGHT: up for grabs . . . Roger Clarke and John Powley. BE- LOW: Rebound . . . pivot . . . out-let . . . John " Fanger " Powley. BELOW RIGHT: Off the board . . . going up strong . . . Scott Keeler 116 ABOVE: Row 1— S. Keeler, J. Knesek, D. Nottoli, M. Duhon, J. Peschke, M. Goodman. Row 2-J. Beck, P. St. Amaud, B. Grand, T. Cort, T. Rudakus, R. Clark, G. Kucer, M. Kolas, ). Ahlborn, R. Sholts. Row 3— Coach Copper, C. Mikes, B. Hasse, T. Hulett, J. Horvatich, B. Kanyer, B. Breshock, J. Marshall, B. Book- wood, Coach E. Robertson. ABOVE LEFT: " Defense is good " . . . " let ' s win this one " ... a new in- fluence . . . Coach Copper. ABOVE MIDDLE: Guarding his man . . . defending the hoop . . . Roger " Pretzel " Clark. 118 ABOVE: Power drive . . . keeping in stride . . . striving for a lay up . . . Tony Cort. LEFT: Dribbling down court . . . guarding the ball . . . Dave Nottoli. VARSITY BASKETBALL MUNSTER OPPONENT T.F. South 45 55 Hammond High 48 76 Highland 59 78 Michigan City 62 69 Lake Central 49 52 Hammond Gavit 45 50 E. C. Washington 60 56 Hammond Tech 63 71 Merrilliville 70 78 Hammond Clark 53 79 Crown Point 53 62 River Forest 70 58 Griffith 56 64 Calumet 41 46 Whiting 54 59 Lowell 63 55 Valparaiso 58 50 Morton 57 61 WON 6 LOST 16 enthusiastic support . . . Basketball Basketball 119 New coach, new players, and new spirit marked the 1972-73 basketball team. Coach Mike Copper announced a return to the fundamentals and promised a better season. He instituted practices before and after school and on Saturdays. Sophomore players, commonly called the “Kiddie Korps " , added a boost to the team when they dethroned the seniors. Spirit was greater than in years before, partly due to the fact that the team won more games, and they played in a more exciting manner. Players vied for the dubious honor of sitting on the folding chair at the end of the bench. The season closed with a positive outlook when the Mustangs beat Whiting in the first sectional game. 120 Basketball 121 LEFT: Leap for the ball ... tip to your man ... the battle goes on . . . varsity players. FAR LEFT BELOW: Nearing the basket . . . setting up position . . . injury ignored ... Jeff Peschke. LEFT: Struggle for rebound . . fighting for " 2 " . . . dedicated J.V. player ... Bob Grand. BELOW LEFT: A try for a save . . . “giving it his all " . . . potential var- sity player . . . Jack Horvatich. BELOW: Retaining the ball . . . trying again . . . Freshman basketball . . . Perry Capps. RIGHT: Rib injury . . . sustained confidence . . . regional entry . . . Ron Higgins. BELOW: senior co-captain . . . four time let- terman ... a successful finish . . . Dave Watson. chain wrestling, team strategy . 122 Wrestling 123 W n rWu A The 1973 Mustang Wrestling team posted a 6-3-1 dual record. In- juries and ineligibilities cost the team up to six varsity wrestlers at one time, but this was only part the problem. The arrival of a new coach brought much disunity to Mus- tang Wrestling. The high ideals of Coach Bill Thegze clashed, to say the least, with those of the grapplers. " You gotta move, you aren ' t moving, " and " So we beat them, they ' re second class team. " were phrases often heard on days after meets. Per- haps the highlight of the season was when junior Gus Tsirtsis won region- al and went to the State meet, on the second Mustang ever to do so. RIGHT: Only varsity freshman . . . new in- centive for players . . . encouragement from the sidelines . . . Marin o Tsirtsis and Coach Thegze. BELOW: Row 1— T. Donoho, D. Wat son. Row 2— C. Kolten, J. Pepello, M. Tsirtsis, L Watson. Row 3— T. Lorig, G. Spolgaric, G Tsirtsis, L. Mustari, T. Franzek, B. Livingston, R Higgins. Row 4— Coach Dan, M. Reel, J. Geor ger, D. Muholland, D. Wolfe, M. Wolfe, B Grow, K. Watson, ). Mitchell, B. Berry, Coach B Thegze. 124 LEFT: Referee ' s position . . . team co-captain . . an unexpected letdown . . . Todd Donoho. BE- LOW LEFT: Nearing a pin . . . two points put away . . . a promising letterman . . . Cary Spoljaric. New influence, improved record . . . Wrestling VARSITY WRESTLING MUNSTER OPPONENT Crown Point 34 21 Lowell 39 18 Calumet 31 32 Hammond Tech 33 17 E.C. Roosevelt 42 21 Lake Central 30 30 Griffith 28 21 Merrillville 32 21 Highland 12 45 Clarke 10 42 WON 6 LOST 3 TIE 1 ( Wrestling 125 FAR LEFT BELOW: Team ' s dis- tance man . . . 400 free style record holder . . . strengthening endurance . . . Brent Smith. FAR LEFT: The approach . . . testing the board . . . straining for form . . . Jeff Miller. LEFT: Stroking away . . . gaining momentum . . . doing the butterfly . . . Dale Sorenson. BELOW: " Swimmers take your mark " . . . tension at the block . . . the START. Swimming 127 MUNSTER VARSITY SWIMMING OPPONENT MUNSTER T. F. South 31 64 Valparaiso 34 61 Griffith 35 60 South Bend Jackson 45 50 Davenport West 32 53 Tinley Park 32 53 South Bend Adams 36 59 LaPorte 28 67 Hammond Bishop Noll 28 67 Michigan City Elston 37 58 Michigan City Rogers 39 56 Lafayette Jefferson 27 68 WON 12 LOST 0 “We ' re number one " is a phrase that was commonly heard around Munster High last Feb- ruary. After finally defeating a snow storm and top-ranked South Bend Jackson, the team ' s unblemished record gave them high hopes for a state title. In the process of winning the state title championship, sophomore Matt Chelich broke the state diving record. A lot of hard work went into that title though. With stereo music piped into the pool, the team swam enough miles in practice to go from here to Omaha, Nebraska. pursuing their goal . . . Swimming ABOVE LEFT: Relaxing after practice . . . messing around ... a game of water basketball . . . Bill Wilson, Larry Micon, Bob Muellir, Dave Wade, and Dirk Wonnell. LEFT: Row 1— B. Hasse, M. Blocker, B. Smith, ). Lee, M. Wickland, H. Kuhn. Row 2— D. Wonnell, R. Wennekes, J. Miller. Row 3-J- Stewart, T. Stine, B. Wilson, D. Lee, T. Lanman. Row 4-L. Micon, B. Knuntson, M. Chelich, B. Mueller. Row 5-D. Norris, B. Snow, R. Simeoni, J. Brumm, M. Watson, H. Stevens. Row 6-T. lepson, R. Kurz, D. Porter, D. Pope, J. Buchanan, D. Gainer, R. McClaughry, Coach J. Jepson, Coach C. Chelich, Coach J. Kroll. Row 7-T. Klage, G. Kovich, P. Wennekes, J. Wood, D. Wade, B. Colgrove, M. Moynagh, T. Burkhardt, ). McTaggart, T. Petrashevich. FAR ABOVE: Registering dives . . . preparing for the meet . . . state 1 diver . . . Matt Chelich. ABOVE: Underwater action . . . executing a flip turn . . . pushing off the wall . . . Tom Ogren. Swimming 129 3 jlfsn fs a nXiU f TrTnA ■ J M u 1 i r L 1 The varsity trackmen, swimmers, and wrestlers were attended to last year by the GTO. The girls timed, measured, and recorded the seasons of these three sports. The " cindermaids " , under the supervision of junior Nancy Johns, furnished meet results— " hot off the presses, " typed up right in the fieldhouse. Senior Colleen O ' Connor directed the mermaids, who not only timed swimmers, but also prepared a pot luck dinner for Coach Jepson ' s twin brother ' s team from Davenport, Iowa. The mat maids threw in the towel to mark the end of each grappler meet with junior Debbie Ashenbrener leading. In order to make money to meet expenses for uniforms and such, the timers held bake sales throughout the year. ABOVE: Track, First Row: M. Lang, M. Pfister, J. Sartain, D. Nickoloff, C. Hriso, ). Skogan. Second Row: R. Marden, B. Haines, ). Phillips, j. Mehalso, N. Ritter, D. Warziniak, N. Opinker, R. Ottenheimer, ). Sala. Third Row: L. Strayer, N. Schaub, K. Luscavich, M. Walsh, C. Knutson, B. Clark, C. Pow- ers, J. Mulholland. Fourth Row: D. Puncho, S. Peters, C. Bucher, M. Koloch, L. Carlson, R. Brandt, D. Humes. Fifth Row: T. Friend, C. Wilkins, N. McAllister, B. Leask, S. Sedey, A. Wuellner. Sixth Row: J. Murphy, ). Yates, N. Johns, S. Elias, B. Breaz, M. Koufas, E. Bogusz, M. Baim, D. Greenspon, G. Keen. Swimming, First Row: K. Kish, C. Burke, L. Casey. Second Row: T. Oberle, L. Regelman, C. O ' Connor, C. Summers, R. White. Third Row: P. Orlich, C. Kwasny, S. Biel, K. Hulett, C. Waskiewicz, J. Harkenrider. Fourth Row: K. Kucer, M. Bochnowski, S. Rothstein, M. Bieker, B. Etling, C. Rus- sell, L. Neukranz, B. Garofalo. Fifth Row: C. Siemmering, L. Hiple, M. Driggs, L. Dahl, C. O ' Connor, J. Tokarz, D. Nowaczyk, K. Lichtsinn, P. Huck, W. Ham. Sixth Row: A. Montes, H. Gilchrist, J. Hasse, C. Boch- nowski, P. Meagher, B. Shinkan, K. Meagher, K. Bouton, L. Bleicher, D. Kipta, B. Loomis, L. Hands, S. Smith. Wrestling, First Row: N. Hawkins, D. Regelman, P. Elkins, J. Hawkins. Second Row: M. Fary, C. Sipkowsky, S. Hales, S. Watson, T. Backe. Third Row: M. Ryan, C. Brant, D. Johnson, D. Ashembremer, L. Lazinski. Fourth Row: J. McNees, I. Farrow, E. Schlensk . T. Bauschault. painting signs, decorating houses . . .GTO LEFT: Measurement of the shotput ... an exact ac- count recorded . . . Robin Ottenheimer. MIDDLE LEFT: Quick on the click . . . the prestige of timing for state champions . . . Karen Lichtsinn, Janet Harkenrider. BELOW: Re- sults recorded . . . points readded . . . Nancy Schaub, Linda Strayer. FAR LEFT: Before meet instruc- tions ... a reminder of the importance of their job . . . Cindy Powers, Jennifer Mehalso, Janet Skogan, Cindy Knutson, Nicki Opinker. CTO 133 134 superjocks, “the men ”... Lettermen The Lettermen ' s Club— the best of Munster High, the heart throbs of every red-blooded Munster girl. But this year they were more interested in the glory of a red sweater, than actively participating in the club. Holding ropes, ushering adults into the reserved sections, and selling programs at the basketball and football games made up the bulk of the clubs. Officers were President— Phil Hasiak; Vice President— Dave Huebner; Sargeanf-At-Arms— Rudy Eidam ; Treas. and Secretary Dave Lautz. RIGHT: a lettermen club responsibility . . . Nick Katsoulis. BELOW: First row: D. Sorenson, S. Sutter, B. Hasse, L. Micon, B. Smith, S. Sala, B. Montes, D. Watson, T. Donoho, G. Spoljaric, G. Tsirtsis, ). Schwer. Second row: T. Kinnane, B. Mueller, T. Ogren, T. Stine, D. Wonnell, T. Mirkov, M. Wolf, M. Tsirtsis, R. Higgins, B. Cummings, G. Mustari. Third row: B. Grand, B. Knutson, B. Wilson, T. Papais, D. Miller, T. Fetzko, N. Katsoulis, T. Kish, T. Cort, D. Oberle, E. Green, R. Eidam. Fourth row: ). Phelan, M. Blocker, ). Lee, P. Hasiak, ). Wagner, M. Chelich, D. Notelli, R. Dohan, S. Danne, R. Clark, M. Wickland, R. Orlich, K. Watson. Fifth row: B. Lee, ). Rothstein, T. Georgio, G. Price, K. Smith, S. Rothstein, T. Rasch, ). Kolas, R. Santare, F. Castello, T. Smelko. Fifth row: L. Bi- edron, J. Beck, R. Christophersen, T. Largus, P. St. Arnaud, R. Frank, |. Powley, B. Gottard, P. Lanman, T. Kelly, T. Keeler, T. Parker, T. Hodor. water acrobatics . . . Synchronized Swimming Synchronized Swim members, with a lot of interest and involvement, presented a show displaying their aquatic efficiency. Concentrating entirely on a winter program, ideas materialized into " Holiday Greetings " as swimmers composed routines to the tunes of " Shaft” " Cabaret, " and " Santana. " The Munster Mermen added their marvelous physiques to the already sexy program of bikini-clad mermaids. All the costumes and decoration for the show were made by the members. The year ' s activities ended with a pizza party, minus the seniors. ABOVE RIGHT: Reflections of an old-fashioned Christmas . . . a superb grand finale. ABOVE LEFT: Modern songs put to water ballet ... a show geared to please everyone . . . Cheryl Siemering, Terri Oberle. ABOVE: First row: C. Kwasny, P. Anderson, C. Schwarz, B. Smith, M. Ruman, ). Eggers, C. Burke, P. Manley, J. Stewart, N. Guillotte. S. Smith. Second row: S. Biel, M. Sorenson, A. Ray, H. Gilchr- ist, S. Simmering, B. Hasse, T. Oberle, D. Sorenson, D. Kipta, J. Parker, K. Dahl. Third row: B. Garafalo, K. Tobin, R. Marden, K. Kucer, P. Orlich. Fourth row: L. Lanman, P. Biel, S. Egli, P. Little, P. Bookwood, L. Dahl, A. Montes, S. Croissant, T. Stine, D. Oberle. Lettermen, Sychronized Swimming 135 Last year was a building year for the stage band. Because of the lack of ex- perience, the band got off to a slow start. Tryouts and practices were held every Monday night for about an hour. The bands only performance was a Christmas party for the families at Blau Knox. Stage band music is taken from the big band era, the thirties and forties. The growing popularity of pep band created the problem of too little space for too many people. Large turnouts at sporting events caused the band to condense to accomodate the crowds. The frequent asking for " Eat ' em up, Eat ' em up, rah, rah, rah!” caused the development of a pepband theme song. The pep band took its annual tour of the grade school to promote the join- ing of band. Informal yet somehow organized, the pep band provided enjoyment for others as well as band members. MIDDLE: Make-shift uniforms . . . large turnouts ... a typical pep band performance. FAR RIGHT: A student re- places Coach ' s talent at Go, Go . . . Dan Bond. RIGHT: Last minute invitations to pep assemblies . . . music fills the apathetic silence. BELOW: First row: G. Krawczyk, C. Bussed, R. Vanlnwegen, A. Esterhay, J. Elkins, B. Van- Inwegen, D. Wonnell; Second Row: ). Copeland, D. Car- mony, M. Fisher, G. Weinberg. big band music, pep assemblies . . . Bands ABOVE: First row: D. Carmony, L. Griesen, J. Brown, C. Moynagh, S. Elias, K. Mudroncik; Second row: A. Bunting, J. Clement, R. Carson, B. Knapik, K. Copeland, V. Young, M. Elias, E. May, J. Bayer, ). Carr, M. Richards, K. VanDerWey, W. Schmidt, N. Schaub, G. Krawczyk, B. Bolls, G. Fischer, C. Bonner, K. Miller, C. Fowler, C. Brunner, D. Beck, P. Meagher, J. Krawczyk, B. Loomis, D. Regelman, D. Moss; Third row: B. Meeker, S. Sipes, ). Rompola, G. Weinberg; Fourth row: E. Schmidt, T. Carr, D. Bunting, N. Hawkins, B. Vanlnwegen; Fifth row: L. Neukranz, ). Patlyek, A. Esterhay, |. Elkins, P. Talent, ). Copeland; Top: R. Vanlnwegen. Stage Band, Pep Band 137 unexpected interest, field trips . . . Science Club A trip in the early fall to the Dunes to study wave patterns, a crammed bus excursion on Science Day to Purdue in Lafayette, a lecture-filled trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, and a study in projectile motion at the Bull’s game highlighted the year for Science Club members. Recruiting members with questionable tactics, sponsor Mr. Karagianis " asked " his Physics classes to join this stimulating club. If you seek thrills and excitment, with a little bit of learning thrown in, join Science Club. ABOVE, First row: T. Keeler, R. Orlich, W. Schofner, R. Sholts, T. Watson, Second row: N. Riffer, C. Keen, M. Bieker, C. Lindeman, W. Kontos, S. Robb, S. Rothstein, Third row: N. Sinisi, L. Altherr, L. Waiss, L. Hiple, C. Burke, T. Driggs, C. Meyer, R. Morris, G. Krawczqk. Fourth row: G. Borowski, M. Shevin, M. Rosevear, K. Gregg, G. Derrano, K. Meagher, N. Maluga, M. Bartok, ). Murphy, C. Wayland, |. Kroll, M. Driggs, P. Meagher, S. Geyer, ). Milliken, Fifth row: P. St. Arnaud, J. lipton, J. McClean, L. Micon, A. Be- cker, T. Stine, B. Smith, ). Jugovic, B. Meling, G. Spoljaric, K. Barkal, D. Amber, G. Weinberg, M. Kaminski, ). Gregg, B. Kinder, B. Cornell, G. Stone, J. Fogelman, B. Vanlnwegen. The Medical Club tried to unite students interested in medicine and related careers. While no major projects were undertaken, the club did sponsor a party for handicapped children, and attended a medical workshop and conference in Lafayette. Bake sale profits, donated to area charities, provided them with much needed funds. fund raising for charity . . . Medical Club FAR LEFT: It ' s fun to laugh at yourself . . . students view themselves on video tape . . . Science Club trip to Purdue. ABOVE: A Pur- due student project . . . Science Club members provide answers. LEFT: First row: P. Borts, C. Grif- fin, L. Kolember, A. Schen- kel, L. Chiarelli, J. Langel, R. Brandt, N. Novak, Miss Biliki. Second row: N. To- mic, B. Moynagh, P. Dal- ton, J. Montgomery, L. Waiss. Science Club, Medical Club 139 The endless boredom of vocabulary words. Prose in Practice, articles, and five-paragraph themes sparked the formation of the Second Hour Comp Club by Mrs. Brasaemble ' s second semester Comp I class. This club held the dubious distinction of meeting more often than any other club— that is, every day. To the envy of Mrs. York’s second hour Comp II class, the club ordered their own T-shirts and organized a banquet at Mrs. Brasaemle ' s house. Each class member was a club officer, including vice presidents of grammar, litera- ture, and vocabulary. This was the first year for Foreign Language Club, a combination of the former Spanish and German clubs. Requirements for member- ship were a current or previous language course or interest in a language. A trip to Chicago to see " Man of La Mancha " and dinner at the Berghoff ' s were the highlights of the year for the thirty-member club. One issue of a club newspaper was published, with plans for more issues next year. ABOVE RIGHT: An educational experience . . . 2nd hour Comp Club. RIGHT: Our fearless leader . . . the reading of the morning announcements . . . Larry Shatuck. FAR RIGHT: First Row: H. Meyers, J. Gage, M. Etling, S. Seday. Second row: M. Shevin, K. Seifert, G. Krawczyk, C. Griffin, K. Meagher, P. Meagher, B. Knapik. Third row: L. Chiarelli, V. Young. ABOVE: Left: K. Raymond, K. Kaminski, L. Medansky, J. Schwarz, S. Weiss, R. Brasaemle, L. Shatuck. Right: M. Gaudio, K. Leon- ard, S. Croissiant, S. Krajewski, T. Wilson, L. Dahl 140 the envy of Comp Students . . . 2nd Hr. Comp Club a Chicago field trip . . . Foreign Language Club Everyone needs to be able to get away from the rat race and just enjoy himself with his friends. This was one of the main objectives of last year ' s newly formed Bowling Club. Early in the year Mr. Jeff Graves, a chemistry teacher, asked people interested in bowling to sign up in the office. Now students are able to bowl without worry of getting someone to go with or the havoc of trying to reserve lanes. Run on a handicap system, the club puts everyone on a near equal level. Apparently a bowling club was what people wanted, for as many as sixty people showed on Monday night bowling sessions. How does a club with no officers, no required meeting sound to you? Match this with an interest in photography and you get the photography club. Under the instruction of Mr. Russell, the club provides an informal atmosphere for shutterbugs to work in. Though the club had over twenty members, only six or seven members were present at the Thursday night meetings. The Publications Department and Booster Club got together to supply the club with equipment. Working in the publica- tions darkroom, club members were able to process almost all types of black and white film except movie film. If the enlarger or developing tanks were in use, members could be found playing a friendly penny pitching game that was going on continually around the corner. ABOVE: Using the proper bowling techniques . . . aim ing for a strike every time . . . Bob Livingstone. RIGHT: Uti- lizing dark room equipment . . . checking negatives on the light board . . . Steve )arzom- bek. FAR RIGHT: Tabulating team scores ... a first place finish. 142 interest develops . . . Bowling, Photo Club BOTTOM LEFT: First row: ). Milliken, C. Moynagh, B. Loomis, D. Schmidt. Second row: B. Livingstone, S. Gescheldler, C. McCoy, M. Frio. Third row: D. Rosenbloom, S. Greer, P. Bortz, ). Mutus- ich, L. Echterling, B. Moynagh, L. Medansky, S. Bilik. Fourth row: Mr. Graves, ). Mazer, N. Rosenberg, N. Novak, K. Madronsic, S. Fissinger, M. Fisher, B. Snow, D. Bolls, L. Medansky. Fifth row: B. Smith, A. Birch, R. Elman, L. Brenman, D. Budney, G. Price, ). Lipton, T. Stine, G. Biedron, D. Danko, S. Gyre. ABOVE: First row: W. Huddle, B. Vanlnwegen, D. Bunting, D. Budney, Mr. Russell, B. Budney, S. Jarzumbak, N. Anderson, K. Swik, A. Mos- wea. Second row: B. May, B. Warner, A. St. Arnauod, B. Bender, W. Rodgers. Bowling, Photography Club 143 LEFT: Phys Ed. assistants— First row: K. Tobin, P. Bookwood, T. Andrews, D. Dunning. Second row: M. Murphy, M. Kaminski, P. Roland. BE- LOW: Biology aids— Front: T. Oberle. First row: C. Bartok, L. Ledna, R. Marden, P. Puls, C. Schwartz, P. Benchik. Second row: M. Bartok, L. Kolember, N. Simpson, ). Milliken, K. McKenna. Third row: P. Babas, L. Zagrocki, S. Gescheidler, M. Shevin, R. Sholts, J. Fogelman, T. Rodda, M. Pfister, G. Souther, K. Leary, A. Ray, S. Spillar. 144 a teacher’s right hand . . . Student Aids When the teacher ' s not around and you need help quick, who do you call? Most likely an assistant. If it ' s handing out books or art equipment, leading exercises or recording grades, there is the assistant to help. Most of the time, these people are taken advantage of because they are just students instead of aids. Though they are rarely appreciated, who tells you where the book on Prehistoric Art is or where the bibliography of Churchill is located? Assistants are an important cog in the functioning of a teacher. Without those few minutes of burden here and there taken by the assistants, classes would become more hectic and slow. So the next time you need help don ' t just ask an assistant— ask an assistant! ABOVE LEFT: AV, Library, and Office as- sistants. First row: ). McNees, T. Backe. Second row: M. Bower, T. Rodda, C. Kroll. Third row: P. Howard, ). Milliken, B. Merchant, D. Harrigan, |. Meyer, D. Hinchian. Fourth row: D. Rosenbloom, R. Whitcomb, C. Ranta, ). Kroll, D. Creenspon. LEFT: Art, English, and his- tory assistants— First row: A. Encinosa, K. Leonard, M. Gaudio, J. Long. Second row: L. Crary, C. Luerssen, L. Zagrocki. Student Aids 1 45 Gail Adams Sheree Adzia Mark Agerter Nancy Alien loan Anderson Paula Andersen Theresa Andrews Carol Angel I Kim Angel Lyn Babincsak Aden Bachnak David Backe Tim Ball Mike Baraz Gayle Bartok Diane Becker The class of ' 75 can remember their soph- omore year as the first year they won the Homecoming float competition. Their orange dog Pluto " licked” all the oppo- sition. The class-time of the average sophomores are filled with Rescue Annie, Ray Bradbury, molar units, first exper- iences behind the steering wheel, plus foreign verbs and adjectives. In the spring, the halls were full of questions like white or yellow gold, smooth or fac- eted face? The man from Balfour patient- ly answered questions and took orders from a majority of 449 sophomores. Some sophomores on the J-V Basketball team graduated to Varsity and contributed a lot to the team in the latter part of the season. Girls, on the other hand, made Drill Team and G.A.A. sports. Bake sales and even the bikini car wash were supported by a few loyal class members. BELOW: Strained neck . . . sore back ... all that goes along with a winning float-Lee King. Robert Bender Melinda Benne Bruce Berry Carry Biedron Susan Biel Tom Bielski Laura Bleicher Clarice Bochnowski Judy Bodnar Terry Bohley Sherry Boleck Dick Bolls jean Borsattino Cay Bouton Brad Bookwood Allison Boroughs Bob Borowski Melinda Bouque Rhonda Brandt Cathy Brant Larry Brenman Terry Brennan Bob Breshock Barbara Brown Terry Brown Laurie Brumm Paul Bryan Dave Budny Bill Budny Audrey Bunting Greg Buran Cindy Burke Tom Burkhardt Cindy Burks John Burns Vicky Bussed jim Butkus Tom Butynski Don Cala Julie Calhoun Debi Carollo Tony Carrall Lynn Casey Matt Chelich Leslie Chiarelli BELOW: Deep thought . . . determination-Dave Poder contemplates a m ove. Sophomores 147 75 75 75 Tom Chruby Leo Chruby Ronald Clark Tim Cleland Steve Collison Kerry Coltun Mary Lu Consoer Mark Corban Gerry Costello Angelo Coulis Jackie Covert Bryan Crary Sepi Crouch Brian Cusick Kevin Cwiok Pam Dalton Lynn Davis Steve Dayney left Decker Susie Demaree John Demy Tracy Denmark Carla Dere Greg DeYoung Laurie DeYoung Sandy Donofrio Lorie Donoho Sharon Drechsel Barb Dubczak Regan Dubrick Derek Duhon Becky Dunn Mark Dunn Shirley Dunn Bob Duran , N j 4 jr vl fh jp v A V. _ Ssi— TV |jj|l g i JpV ■ M • . " -‘A £ 4%, a BELOW: Fresh fruit . . hot lunch-Dave Klemm and Dave LaRocca make their choice. Bill Dye Donna Echterling Jenny Eggers Jim Eggers Mike Egli 75 75 75 Diane Eicke Mark Elias Tomi Ellison Sieve Erskine Marian Espino Annie Estrada Maryann Etling Monica Fary ABOVE: A. Boroughs (V. Pres.); T. Oberle (Pres.); M. Etling (Sec.); C. Siemering (Treas.); Mr. Nicholas Anjanos, sponsor. Jacklyn Ferro Bill Finkiewicz £ £ £ ill $ a v 1 •V m il 1 M- - » X f ' l ifil V. A A M. Mark Fissinger Jerry Fogelman Susan Fredericks Karen Friedman Tracy Friend Monica Gabor Judy Gage David Gainer Debbie Gajewski David Garfin Betsy Carofalo Robin Garson Karla Geiger Garry Gempko John Georgas Cheryl Gerdt Heather Gilchrist Lois Gilman Tom Giorgio Bob Golding Marc Goodman Steve Gray John Green Dave Greenspon Sandy Greer Carol Griffin Tim Groves Ted Hack Hallie Harr Dan Harrison Nat Harrison Packy Hart Gerry Hartkoorn Vicki Harwood Bob Hasse Sophomores 149 75 75 75 C-ina Heatherington Bill Herr Debbi Jacobi Steve Higgins Larry Hirsh Jack Horvatich Al Hostettler Tim Hulett Janet Humes Bob Hunter Ted Hunter Betty Huttle Jerry Hymen Mark Jacobson Jay Janke Karen Jarman Stephen Jarzombek Pat Hauer Nancy Hawkins Carol Hay Jill Headdy Don Jeeninga Ted Jepsen Diane Johnson Mary Ann Kaiser Bruce Kalapach Brian Kanyer Gwen Kaplan Greg Kapp Scott Keeler Jim Kessler Lee King Tony Kiser Kathleen Kish Paul Kish Bill Klage Dave Klemm Dain Klosak Cindy Knutson Jim Koester ABOVE: Pride . . . enjoyment-Don Cala shapes his work of art. Mark Kolas George Koloch Nancy Kolten Ester Kontos Mary Kopacz David Korkoly Denise Kornalik Linda Kowalisyn Jim Krajewski Ken Krupa Joanne Kucer Kris Kucer Mark Kuck Ron Kurz Mike Kus Julie Kustka Don Kutfer Claudia Kwasny Julie Langel Todd Lanman Stephen Lautz Jay Lazerwitz Lori Lazinski Kandee Leary Barbara Leask Dan Lee Bob Lenann Judy Leonard Norm Levenberg Ron Lewis Benji Lipson Marsha Long Heidi Lorentzen Tom Lorig Sue Luersen Jan Lummio Cathy Luscavich Kathy Lyle Linda Lyman Rose Ann Madarang 75 75 A A a A m A n 3 ' v k Ini £l fk if 4 ) aft ; y IT) , r fUL ' M ;Vt £ 7% -W.. ABOVE: Boiling and freezing points . . . kinetic energy-Mike Pfister and Steve Dayney examine molecular temperature in Chemistry. Sophomores 151 75 75 75 ABOVE: A frequently used resource . . . the dictionary comes in handy— Clarice Bochnowski and Laurie Brumm. 152 )anice Mazur Nancy McAllister Rick McClaughry Cliff McCoy Don McCoy Karen McKenna Kevin McWard David Meeker Sammy Megremis Allison Mehalso Andy Melind Jim Mellady Randy Mescall Carole Meyer Carrie Meyer Valerie Meyer Mike Mezey Chris Middleton Joyce Mihalo Craig Mikes Bruce Miller Mary Miller Joel Miner Marilyn Minnick Tony Minnick Lynn Miszewski Jon Mitchell Anna Montes Tom Maginot Tammy Mallett Bob Manchak Paula Manley Allen Mannion Robin Marden Ron Markowicz John Marshall Kevin Martin Susan Martin 75 lean Montgomery Darla Moreno Chris Morfas David Moya Mike Moynagh Mark Mulholland Laura Murphy Moira Murphy Paula Murray Kathy Muta Robert Nagdeman Adrien Narvid Doug Norris David Nottoli Nancy Novak Terri Oberle Martha O ' Bryan Jeff Ogorek Patti Orlich Laurie Orloff Denise Ovellette David Panchisin Glen Panchisin Frank Papakosmas Judy Parker Dana Passalacqua Jim Patlyek Michele Pawelko David Pearson Carl Pecenka Bill Peterman Rich Peterson Tim Petsas Mike Pfister Susan Pfister Therese Phelan Tim Pilarczy Kathy Ponpulsa Cheri Popa Doug Pope Dave Porter )im Powley Greg Price Pam Puls Donna Puncho Jim Pupillio Cindy Ranta Alan Rapacz Tom Rasch Ann Ray Joanne Reck Mike Reel Mark Richardson Rick Richardson Sharon Richwine Jany Riemerts Mike Rippey Scott Rizzo Keith Robertson Bev Rodriquez Will Rogers Barry Rooth Nuna Rosenberg Howard Roth Fran Rothstein Steve Rothstein Lori Rubenstein Paula Ruble Tom Rudakas Diane Ruf Sophomores 1 53 75 75 Becky Ryder Paul Salol John Saksa Barbara Satterbloom Coral Savage Nancy Schaub Lori Schnell Ed Scholl Warren Schmidt Nancy Schoenberg Renee Scholte Laura Schultz Candy Schwarz Sandy Sedey Beth Seehausen Rick Selby ABOVE: Croup study . . . discussion— Ed Truver, Dave Moya, and Gloria Senons Tom Gior 8 io provide a vareity of ideas. Dennis Shea Sue Sheliga Sue Shupe Cheryl Siemering Nancy Simpson Sandy Sipes Susan Sipes Carol Sipkosky Tim Skaggs Lana Skelly Pam Slivka Brad Smith Michelle Smith Joe Smith Stacy Smith Kevin Snedden Nancy Snook Joe Sobek Glenn Souther Sue Spillar Kert Sponberg Gary Spurlock Jeff Stauffer Kathy Sterk Pam Stevens Diane Strachett Linda Strayer David Street Lee Strick 75 75 75 ABOVE: Hours of work . . . hours of fun— Terri Oberle and Lee King make last minute adjustments. George Such Matt Sullivan Karen Swing Phil Talent Vince Thomas Lori Thomas Deb Throgmorton Kathy Tobin Nancy Tomic David Trachtenberg Ed Truver Lori Valko Missy Vance Kirk Vanvessen Debbie Varro Carie Viber Jim Vitkus )ohn Wagner Paula Waisnora Bruce Walker James Warner Joan Watkins Shawn Watson Steve Watson Donna Wayland Robert Webb Amy Webber Kathy Webber Jay Weberling Rick Weige Dianne Wein Rox Whitcombe Mark Wickland Jill Wigley Candi Wilkins Ray W ' ilkinson Mark Williams Jim Williamson Linda Williamson Cindy Wilson Ray Wohrle Ed Wopak Eric Wolf Mary Wood Jerry Wood Denise W ' ooden Chris Wonnell Sid Wuellner Keary Yasko Cindy Young Pam Young Tom Zeillers Linda Zweige Sandy Zweige Sophomores 155 Spirit— the distinction the class of 74 can claim as its own as they rallied behind successful athletic teams. A second place float brought cries of " wait till next year " . Money raising was a maior goal as the junior class sponsored Prom approached. Dances, bake-sales, a car wash, and carnival profits all went towards the Prom fund. The whirlwind of activities was not without organization. Under the supervision of the new Junior class sponsor, Mr. Lindquist, last year ' s activities were brought together for a unified effort by a unified class. Marla Abalman Fred Abel Rich Adams John Ahlborn Janet Allen Mary Allen Doug Amber Katie Andersen Becky Anderson Pat Anderson Sharon Anderson Paula Angel Joyce Angelcos Brian Aranowski Rose Arges Debbie Ashenbremer Peter Babij Molly Bachman Teri Backe Marcia Bairn Kevin Barkal John Barker Trina Bauschelt Jean Bayer Jeff Beck Paul Beckman Alan Becker Lou Biedron Steve Bilik Faith Blacke Don Blue Candice Bolden Bob Bolls Louise Borsattino Penny Bortz Kim Bouton Bob Bretz Joene Brian Jeanne Brinkman Nancy Broertjes Joani Browers Jeff Brown Kathy Bucher Joe Buda Beverly Bunting Alan Burnstein Chris Bussert Ken Butynski Lynn Dykawski Natalie Calhoun Evelyn Camp Betty Campbell Patty Campbell Janet Caniga Kevin Carey Lynn Carlson Tom Carr Frank Castillo Rob Christophersen Leo Chruby Kathy Ciez Betsy Clark Chris Clott Dave Copple Allison Corban Bob Cornell Tony Cort Mary Croner Lisa Crouch Brian Cummings Sara Dahlkamp Dennis Danko Jennie Deluga Jack Denenberg Dan DeRolf Peter DeRolf Colin Dickerman Jeff Dobis Tom Dobosz Allison Donnersberger Ralph Downing Charlie Downs Karen Drewniak Michelle Driggs Tom Dudek Debbie Dunning Junior spirit lingers on . . . Kevin Barkal. Ash El Naggar Barbi Etling Jim Etling Kent Evans Ilona Farrow Tom Fetzko Juniors 157 74 74 74 Junior class officers-Robin White (Sec.), Mr. Lindquist (Sponsor), Carol Russell (V. Pres.), Bob Grand (Pres.), Jeanne Brinkman (Treas.). Beverly Featherly Donna Figuly Lisa Fields Mike Fischer Melody Fisher Patty Fleck Terri Flynn £L Bill Fodor $ Tom Franczek •w Russ Frank fit jim Freeman Mike Gaudio Steve Gescheidler jp d Sue Gillespie Debbie Golec Linda Goldsmith Peter Goodman Lee Gordon John Graff Bob Grand ft. Kathy Gregg Lisa Greisen Jim Grunewald Tom Guiden Karen Guilotte Steve Gyure Terry Hagerty f 1 i— Becky Haines Sandy Hales Wendy Ham Joie Hand David Hanson Dan Harder Janet Harkenrider R! 74 74 74 Susan Harvey Mike Hawryszkow Tim Hayes Brenda Helm Fran Helminski Bob Hered Helen Herlocker Bob Higgins Ron Higgins Doug Hinchion Tim Hodor Melody Horlick Mark Horvatich Carroll Hriso Patti Huck Kathy Hulett Suzette Hulsey DeAnne Humes Eunsook Hwang lanice lorio Charlie Ismael Rick Janik Linda )arman Terry Jasinski Nancy Johns Joanne Jeorse John Jugovic Mark Kaminski Megan Kaminski Karl Kane Gail Kaplan James Kasle Nick Katsoulis Ginger Keen Terry Kelly Mark Kiesling John Kipta Scott Kincaid Flowers for a celebrity . . . Author Jeanne Morris signs an autograph for Scott Sala. Tom Kinnane Nancy Kivett Rich Klug Beth Knapik Bill Knutson Melody Kolach John Kolas Linda Kolember Pete Koufos Mark Kovack Tim Kovack Mary Kowalczyk 74 74 74 Judy Krause Greta Krawczyk Chris Kroll Mark Ladd Marcy Lang Theresa Lang Pete Lanman Patti Leask Lisa Ledna Mickey Leeney Dan Leonard Melinda Leone Charles Levenberg Karen Lichtsinn Hans Linders Ardis Linstrom |i m Lipton Bob Livingstone Cheryl Longhauser David Low Debbie Lutton Bob Maginot Paula Malinski Chris Malo Pat Maloney Joe Mansueto Greg Markey Greg Markovich Sue Markowicz Ronnie Matasar 74 74 74 Tom Mattox Marty Matusek Sue Matyszka Bob May Jeff Mayer Laura Mazanek Dan McCarthy Jan McDaniel Jim McLean Sue McKenna Brian McLaughlin Kevin McLendon Carol McNamara jan McNees Patty Meagher Melanie Meese Jennifer Mehalso Paul Meier Bill Melind Laura Mellady Bob Merchant Larry Micon Dave Miller Dick Miller Ceri Miller Mark Mirkov Terry Mirkov Margaret Moynagh Beth Moya Nancy Morningstar Bob Montes Dan Mulholland Steve Mullins Marlene Musick Len Mustari Debi Murray After months of waiting . . . gaining the rank of upper classmen . . . Chris O ' Connor and Dale Soren- son compare class rings. Dan Murzyn Mike Nadelcis Don Nelson Laura Nevkranz 74 Diana Nickoloft joe Nigro Debbie Nowaczyk Eilleen O ' Connell Chris O ' Connor Tom Ogren Nicki Opinker Robin Ottenheimer Cheryl Page Tom Papais Tim Parker Debbie Patterson Chuck Pavel Mark Pavlovich j ' ' ' Q k |f ) A $ .sr 1 f l ii fa with R hng °onesTnterviews. UeneSS ° ' IU " i0r ‘ HanS Llnders ' )im Phelan ' Tim Parker and Car Y Shmidt, an experiment in learning 74 74 In spite of rain . . . Debbie Nowazyck, Karen Lichtsinn and Kathy Summers enjoy Homeco ming festivities. John Pawlowicz John Peach Sally Peters Debbie Petro Jeff Petrunick Maureen Pfister Joane Phillips Kathy Plunkett Perry Podolak Debbie Popa Cindy Popiela John Powley Mark Pucalik Lynda Puncho Chris Rawlins Doug Ray Dale Rebar Linda Regelman Mary Reilly Shirley Reiplinger Mark Resler Mary Rickoff Nancy Riffer Jim Roedel Mary Ann Rosevear Debbie Rothschild Bob Rowe Missy Ruman Carol Russell Cathy Russell Juniors 163 74 74 74 164 Margie Ryan Scott Sala Mary Salatas Ray Santare jilt Sartain Jay Scatena Cary Schmidt Debbie Scholte Tim Schultz John Schwen Kate Seifert Marti Sennet Barb Shinkan Elaine Shlensky John Shutka Victor Sidabras Doug Simpson Janet Skogan Paul Smeltzer Patti Smiddy Barry Smith Brent Smith Dow Smith Jeff Smith Keith Smith Dale Sorenson Lisa Speranza Cary Spolgaric Ray Sproutsoff Sue Spurlock Ralph Steiger Tom Stine Greg Stone Nick Sumbles Kathy Summers Ted Thomas Abigail Tilden Nancy Tobin Jan Tokarz Sue Trent Tom Truver Cus Tsiritis Melanie Urban Rich Vaninwegen Mike Victor Jill Viront Karen Vogt Maria Vranich Carol Wamsher Cretchen Warner Dorothy Warziniak Mark Washburn Connie Webber Mike Webber Glenn Weinberg Beth White Janice White Robin White Joanne Wieklinski Karen Wilk Carry Williams Bill Wilson Teresa Wilson Karen Winner Scott Winterfeldt Jane Wolak Dirk Wonnell Janet Wrobel Joanne Yates Vicky Young in Spring— the season of sunshine and smiles It ' s the time of the year when girls start counting the days until Prom, guys start checking their bank accounts, and seniors start dreaming of freedom. After the dreary months of snow and slush, everyone flees Munster during Spring vacation The whole state of Florida is overrun With Munsterites lathered with baby-oil and soaking up a sun-burn. But if you don ' t leave town, you lock yourself up in your bedroom underneath a sun-lamp and pray for at least a red nose. Everyone comes back to town flaunting their tans, hating school more than ever. The weather gets more gorgeous by the day and everyone is outside— flying kites, watching baseball games or track meets, riding bikes, playing Frisbee, dribbling basketballs, ditching at the Dunes, or just sitting on the front porch All spring long, the only thing we could think about was the last day of school. mmm It ' s Spring! Time to storm River Oaks for summer clothes. Buy a parking permit at the Dunes, Make out next year ' s schedule, finally pick out a college, Or shine the spokes on your Schwinn. Homework is forgotten for baseball games and track meets. Sounds of musical rehearsal are heard every night, As more and more people join in The excitement of the production. Happy couples strolled through the magic of McArthur ' s Park on Prom night. Seniors clutched their diplomas, Afraid that those four years of high school Might disappear. A few more tests and that last report card— Then, suddenly, it was summer. There is never a dull moment during the weekdays at Munster High. Trudging through the halls on a Monday morning after a wild weekend, you can see your peers gathering in the middle of the halls before class to catch up on the latest gossip. After second hour it seems as though the ' ' lovers " or " steadies " have come alive on the way to class. " They are all over the place. " At lunch time it appears that everybody is on a diet which consists of space food sticks, Fritos, or vending machine apples— Such nutritious diets! At the end of your day, if you’re trying to use the phone, more than likely it will be monopolized by a personal phone call. During the last long class try to catch 40 winks to make up for the sleep lost on the weekend. FAR LEFT: Personal calls . . . Flour long conversations . . . Keeping in toucFi . . . Ka- ren Winner . . .LEFT: Diets anonymous . . . muncFiing togetFier . . . staying togetFier . . . Gus Tsirtsis, Suzette Hulsey. BOTTOM LEFT: Relaxation ... a key to concentra- tion . . . Bryan Klosak. BOTTOM RIGHT: Taking a break . . . between classes . . . informal conversation . . . Terry Kelly, loanne Kucer. BELOW: Class boredom . . . escaping lectures . . . sleep is the answer . . . Ardis Lindstrom Ah, the spring weekends in Munster— when the whole town blooms again after a freezing winter. As the temperature soars, more windows are found open and the noise you hear from the street is the sound of the bikers. The motorcycle season is in full swing once March rolls around. The couples in love can always be found in some secluded spot having a feast or a picnic or just win- dow shopping. The local stores and the area bijoux are filled with those who have nothing else to do. Poker enthusiasts can be heard utter- ing " your ante " and pool sharks " eight ball in the corner pock- et” as various spots become one night casinos or pool par- lors. Windbreaker season opens with flying kites and impromptu basketball games. All in all, spring seems to bring out the softness of people with the knowledge that summer is right around the corner. ABOVE LEFT: " Your ante " . . . it ' s not whether you win or lose, just so you play the game . . . Bob Montes, Tom Largus. FAR LEFT: Window shopping . . . new spring clothes .... a typical Saturday . . . Cindy Burkes, Melinda Bouque, Kay Bouton. LEFT: Playing it cool . . . away from the crowds . .. a growing fad . . . Kevin Mehok. TOP: Flying high . . . childlike but fun . . . March winds help . . . Mark Mirkov, Sara Dahl- kamp, Chris Waskiewicz, Bob Tortalano. ABOVE: Enjoy nature . . . weekend hideaway . . . Kim Angel, Lori Echterling, Nancy Allen, Donna Schmidt. Weekends 173 tedious calculations, deductive reasoning ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Algebra . . . con- templation . . . resource time consumed by quadratic equation . . . Scott Sutter. ABOVE RIGHT: UICSM . . . use of overhead projector . . . new techniques . . . instituted by student teacher . . . Miss Dahlgren. ABOVE: Algebra I . . . new teacher . . . students seek guidance . . . Mr. Copper and Paula Benchik. FAR RIGHT: Math . . . concentration . . . appli- cation of mathematical concepts . . . sudden burst of knowledge . . . Dan Finley. RIGHT: Geometry . . . derivation of theorems . . . the agony of solving difficult problems . . . Bill Fin- kiewicz and Sam Frank. 174 . . .Mathematics Even though the applications change, math still pre- sents the same age old problems. The trig functions, quadratic equation, and imaginary numbers of new math baffle today ' s math student as much as old math confused their parents. The student can choose between two basic math programs, college prep or business math. Except for a few students who are “geniuses " almost everyone in math is lost either part of the time or all of the time. It ' s not that the tea- chers make it hard, they use individual methods which manage to keep the class interested— sometimes. Mathematics 175 LEFT: German II . . . genders and adjective endings . beyond comprehension . . . totally oblivous . . . Gerry Cos- tello. BELOW LEFT: Spanish III . . . involved in her subject . . . expressive explanation . . . Karen Gray, Sheryl Egli, and Sehora Greenbaum. BELOW: Spanish II ... in class assign- ments ... a helpful neighbor . . . Becky Thompson. repetitious work . . . Foreign Language German and Spanish— languages that are typically hard to learn and understand. Transforming English ideas into foreign languages just doesn ' t seem to fit. After months of slaving over dialogue and vocabulary, one advances into even harder levels. Strains of " Feliz Navidad " and " Kling, Glochen, Kling” can be heard echoing through the halls during the Christmas season. Spanish students widened their knowledge of Spanish culture by reading magazines and frying and eating bananas wrapped in ham and cheese. German students performed old German classics such as William Tell or Faust in class plays. The biggest reward of sweating through a foreign language course is being able to travel throughout Europe and really understand the language. Foreign Language 177 It started out innocently enough as a play called " Don ' t Drink the Water, " but little did the cast know of the plot to blow up the school. The Munster Police became involved in the production when they received a call from a ianitor who reported finding a bomb in the auditorium. The police proceeded to dismantle the fake prop bomb and did not return it until opening night. The plot of the play was simple while the cast learned a more complicated way of rehearsing. The actions of an American family, the Hollanders, accused of spying and seeking asylum in a Communistic country is the story line. The American Embassy is being run by a " bungling fool " and the Hollanders jump from the frying pan into the fire. Directors Ms. Sherry Fech and Ms. Judy Taylor used new acting techniques in drilling the cast. Lines were recited rapidly with the results of them being learned more quickly and cues being caught. The actors also practiced the play silently to intensify the meaningfulness of their actions. A rapport between the cast and crew, headed by Charlie Downs, brought about three smooth pro- ductions on March 2, 3, and 4 as the audience took their seats with the use of " passport " programs. 178 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Nancy Riffer (Marion Hollander), Debbie Hale (Susan Hollander), Tony Cort (Axel Magee), Scott Sublett (Walter Hollander)- " Now here ' s the plan. BELOW FAR LEFT: Seeing is believing . . . video tape hides no flaws ... an aid to perfection . . . cast. LEFT: Nancy Riffer (Marion), Scott Sublett (Walter)— " Every time we go somewhere you cry. " BELOW: Mike Webber (Krojack), Tony Cort (Axel)- " Don ' t threaten me. " LEFT: Cast and Crew— Row 1 — L. Longhauser, L. Zagrocki, T. Denmark, P. Leask, D. Man- sueto, M. Sublett, M. Reister. Row 2— S. Hales, ). Mogle, F. Helminski, C. Longhauser, N. Kivett, D. Dunning, K. Meag- her, R. Helwig, K. Leonard, S. McKenna, ). Mansueto, T. Cort, S. Trent, M. Leeney, L. Brooks, M. Fary, N. O ' Conner, P. Slivka, F. Blacke, S. Weiss, L. Murphy, S. Sala, D. Hale, S. Sublett, B. McLaughlin. Row 3— D. Markey, ). Nowaczyk, B. Klage, C. Downs, M. Webber. o o 05 Spring Drama 179 successful fund-raiser . . . Carnival 73 Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and throw whipped cream at your favorite letterman! Try the duck or fishpond. Buy your favorite sweets for your sweet. Carnival is a time of fun, games, and enjoyment. Produced mainly for younger children, the carnival brings back fond memories of younger days to the " oldsters " . Balloons, clowns, hotdogs, and cotton candy could be found anywhere throughout the fieldhouse. An unusually large turnout gave the jun- ior and senior classes the most money ever raised in the history of the carnival. The upper classes split the money from the 1,633 dollar pot down the middle. To cap the festivities, the two classes held a dance where “Kold Rush” played in the commons that night. 180 FAR LEFT: An encouraging word . . . taking a chance ... a young Munster resident tries his luck . . . Ralph Down- ing. BELOW FAR LEFT: Aiming carefully . . . hooping a teddy bear ... a small audience . . . Debi Creenspon, Mark Sparber, Karen Atlas. LEFT: A freshman money-maker . . . Lettermen lend a face . . . whipped cream on paper plates . . . Sandi Elias, Rudy Eidam. BELOW LEFT: Science Club clowns . . . helium filled balloons . . . up, up, and away . . . Greta Krawczyk. BELOW: Two out of three baskets . . . jump, shoot, score . . . a prized hard hat reward . . .Nick Katsoulis, Tom Largus. ABOVE: Infielder at bat . . . collecting offensive points . . . senior jeff Peschke. ABOVE RIGHT: Pitcher covering home . . . stopping the Merrillville attack . . . out at home . . . Lou Biedron. RIGHT: Anticipating the hit . . . flexible third baseman . . . senior Bob Goddard. FAR RIGHT: Resting at first ... an ambitious sophomore . . . youngest varsity starter . . . Scott Keeler. crack of the bat . . . Baseball Baseball 183 MUNSTER VARSITY BASEBALL Munster Opponent East Gary Edison 3 1 E. C. Roosevelt 6 1 River Forest 12 3 Benton Central 3 4 Crown Point 5 4 Lake Central 3 2 Thornton South 2 9 Calumet 3 2 Highland 2 9 Griffith 1 3 Merrillville 4 6 Lowell 5 4 Crown Point 5 4 E.C. Washington 0 11 Lake Central 11 0 Calumet 0 3 Highland 1 4 Michigan City Rogers 5 1 Griffith 1 5 Merrillville 5 4 Lowell 6 2 Valparaiso 10 3 ABOVE: Row 1: J. Wagner, R. Duhon, M. Fisher, P. Orlich, M. Ladd, M. Goodman. Row 2: ). Butkus, J. Peschke, B. Goddard, T. Parker, D. Medansky, D. Oberle. Row 3: Coach Sherry, B. Maginot, L. Biedron, J. Phelan, D. Lautz, S. Kee- ler, T. Largus, Coach Niksic. LEFT: Team catcher . . . scoring a base hit ... a win against High- land . . . Doug Oerle 184 ■ toc=3C rounding the bases, aiming for home . . . Baseball Perhaps a suitable motto for last year ' s baseball team would have been " Rain, rain, go away— Come again another day. " Well, the rain didn ' t go away and it came back almost every other day. Frequent rainstorms washed out more than a half dozen games, leaving the mighty Mustangs mighty discouraged. As in the last few years, Coach Niksic invited former players to join the varsity squad. Coach Kernaghan directed the junior varsity team, while Coach Sofianos guided the freshman players. Trying to improve last year ' s record, the team still finished below the .500 mark. Powerful area competition, headed by Griffith and Morton, clobbered the Mustangs ' hopes for a pennant-winning season. The team finished behind the Panthers in the Conference standings. Baseball 185 K « » » » » . L MT 1 iff ' ' Vi ' mJT ' 1 ■ ■», ' zr » • » ■ » i», ' V» • ■■■■» ' • v I. Ill II l« la , Ulllll, _ ' ••111(1 1 mill. . ... , _ • » ii i« . . . BELOW: Teeing off . . . eyeing the fairway . . . another medalist match . . . Roger Clark. RIGHT ABOVE: preparing for the round . practice at Sherwood . . . Sophomore recruit . . . Brian Kanyer.’BELOW RIGHT: 10 yard putt . . . shooting for par ... Pat St. Arnaud. FAR RIGHT: Found near a trap . . . clearing the wa- ter .. . Bob Manchak„ drive, chip, putt . . . Golf Coif 187 a rainy season, a winning record . . . Golf MUNSTER VARSITY GOLF MUNSTER 170 160 161 160 160 157 164 160 164 157 158 171 160 161 153 OPPONENT 224 159 176 178 158 155 1 % 174 159 178 173 177 177 166 175 Hammond Morton Valporaiso Lake Central Crown Point Griffith Highland Calumet Hammond High Merrillville Lowell Lake Central Crown Point Griffith Highland Calumet 188 It was a wet and wild year for the Munster golfers. The courses were often under water, making play impossible. Even the team ' s home course, Sherwood Country Club, was no exception. On practice days, the golfers hitched rides with Coach Musselman or clambered aboard Mr. Speelman ' s mobile home. Team members gambled their lives away as they played each other for money during practice. After the start of the season, there were few practices with the schedule packed with dual meets and invitationals. Behind senior Roger Cork, the team finished the season well above the .500 mark, ' placing second in Conference. FAR LEFT: Row 1: T. Zellers, K. Ford, B. Smith, B. Manchak. Row 2: T. Guiden, S. Hanock, P. Grompone, B. Snow, ). Reach, S. Nitz. Row 3: R. Clark, G Klug, P. Lanman, K. Barkal, B. Kanyer, A. Fox, D. Won- nel. Coach Musselman, Asst. Coach Speelman. LEFT: Waiting his turn . . . his usual stance . . . Schererville 18th . . . Andy Fox. ABOVE: Putting on the green ... a skillful shot . . . Bob Manchak. RIGHT: Deep in the trap . . . swinging his way out ... A 16th hole hazard . . . Kevin Barkel. Golf 189 coordination, speed, timing Track Imagine yourself in the fieldhouse on a Tuesday night in late February. It ' s about seven o clock and Munster ' s track team is five points behind Chesterton with only one event, the 880 yard relay left. The atmosphere is electric as the gun sounds and the runners leap from their blocks. Such is Munster ' s indoor track season. Munster, an indoor powerhouse, was beaten only once in dual meets in the fieldhouse, but the team didn’t fare as well in the outside meets, as Hammond High and Highland continually dom- inated the big invitationals. The team finished second in the Conference, advancing several runners to the Regionals. A new field event, the discus, was added, as Coach Copper joined Coaches Dilling and Stone in getting the field event men ready for competition. TOP RIGHT: M. Bogusz, T. Keeler, M. Rizzo, T. Hodor, T. Kelly, D. Huebner. Row 2: R, Daney, J. Smith, D. Miller, J. Kolas, T. Papais, T. Smelko, R. Santare. Row 3: B. Helm, T. Petsas, ). Korellis, R. Postage, M. Corban, B. Budny, G. Sau- ther. Row 4: P. Kish, S. Doyle, A. Cueller, M. Mulholland, M. Jacobson, M. Sider, B. Hott, M. Kolas, S. Sala, S. Daney, D. Speranza. Row 5: T. Barth, R. Simioni, R. Frank, T. Hulett, B. Dye, T. Rasch, D. Garriott, M. Breaz, R. Mescall, D. Mulhol- land, D. Budny, E. Peterson, C. Morfas, T. Etling, B. Kolas, P. Lippey, S. Gray. FAR RIGHT: Surging forward . . . keeping form . . . senior ' s last season . . . Matt Bogusz. ABOVE: Stormy winds blowing . . . outdoor meet continues . . . shot-putter proceeds . . . Brett Helm. RIGHT: 50 yard dash . . . sectionals at Gavit . . . Mustangs et a first ... ju- nior Tim Hoder 190 Track 191 MUNSTER VARSITY TRACK MUNSTER OPPONENT Lew Wallace 68 41 Muncie Central 66 26 Merrillville 61 39 Hammond Tech 51 49 Chesterton 53 47 Gary Roosevelt 45 64 Lew Wallace 66 25 Lowell 85 24 Hobart 57 43 Gary West Side 39 78 T. F. South 91 22 Morton 79 39 Merrillville 81 46 Michigan City 82 44 Conference 2nd Sectionals 5th competing for a first, o muscles flexed . . . Track EXTREME LEFT: Earning his nickname, " Stretch " . . . attempting a new height . . . Tom Keeler. FAR LEFT: Four year veteran . . . discus and shot . . . Charlie Wilson. LEFT: Stylish finish . . . 50-yard sprint . . . promising juniors . . . Tom Papais and Mark Rizzo. BELOW: Second in Conference . . . straining to tie school record ... a near miss . . . junior Dick Miller. Track 193 ABOVE LEFT: Difficult dance steps . . . practice perfects . . . student choreographer instructs leads in tricky steps . . . Marcy Lang. ABOVE RIGHT: " Sixteen going on seventeen . . innocent and naive? Mike Hawryzkow, Debbie Hale. FAR RIGHT: Crew heads complain . . . behind the scenes action . . . Bill Hasse, Warren Schmidt, Charlie Downs. RIGHT: Cast-Row 1-N. Johns, D. Nickoloff, M. Lang. Row 2-C. Rawlins, T. Hag- erty, N. Fine, C. Longhauser. Row 3-T. Andrews, K. Guilotte, M. Shevin, G. Warner, S. Shupe, M. Tsirtsis. Row 4-H. Gilchrist, J. Calhoun, T. Denmark, L. Brumm. Row 5— J. Millikan, N. Opinker, S. Trent, A. Webber, K. Vogt. Row 6— N. Calhoun, M. Hawryz- kow, S. Cohen, B. McLaughlin, L. Schnell, T. Cort, J. Lipton. 194 The production of the “Sound of Music, " although not quite up to the quality of the Braodway production, was still a showcase for student talent. Under the technical and drama direction of Mr. Gene Fort and the musical direction of Mr. Richard Holmberg, the musical played to full houses on its final two nights. Even with the lead of Captain Georg von Trapp split between two people, the cast and crews achieved the harmony necessary for a smooth produc- tion. Missed lines, cues, and songs were not particularly noticeable as a half professional and a half student orches- tra provided the music. Even accents posed a problem, but all the probelms disappeared as a little girl named Vanessa Ffughes captured the admiration of the audience with her talents. ABOVE: Crew: Row 1— C. Wilkins, C. Wamsher, M. Sublett, D. Wonnell, T. Stine. Row 2— N. McAllister, T. Friend, K. McKenna, F. Helminski, C. Longhauser, S. McKenna, L. Murphy, K. Friedman, C. Burke, C. Bochnowski, A. Bachnak, T. Etling, M. Ladd. Row 3— K. Geiger, P. Slivka, N. Harrison, S. Martin, C. Russell, A. Borough, P. Leask, N. Kivett, N. Rosenberg, L. Donoho, P. Orlich, B. Thompson, K. Parbst, N. Novak, L. Regelman, M. Mason. Row 4— C. Lindeman, C. Wayland, M. Leeney, M. Pfister, A. Donnersberger, N. Freihauf, K. Summers, A. Narvid, M. Murphy, M. Etling, T. Oberle, D. Ruf, G. Bartok, R. Ottenheimer, S. Sipes, S. Biel, ). Mogel, C. Hriso, Row 5— L. Zagrocki, D. lutton, N. Wilk, K. Wilk, L. Ledna, K. Plunkett, D. Dunning, N. Tomic, L. Williamson, C. Mason, K. Meagher, S. Luerssen, L. Borsatino, M. Bartok, N. Ritter, T. Ogren, P. Quint, L. Micon, K. Hulett, A. Montes, J. Milliken, P. Angel. Row 6— B. Crary, S. Weinberg, J. Hasse, B. Cornell, C. Helminski, L. Longhauser, C. Downs, J. Mansueto, ). Etling, B. Smith, G. Keen. Musical 195 preparation, unseen work . . .Sound of Music confusion reigns . . . Sound of Music 1% individuals produce . . . Sound of Music FAR LEFT: Susan Trent (Louisa), Debbie Cusick (Maria Rainer)- " You didn ' t tell me how old you are, Louisa. ' ' ABOVE LEFT: Tony Cort (Cap- tain von Trapp), Scott Sublett (Max Detweiler), Maggie Reister (Elsa Scharder)- " Plenty of nothing you haven ' t got! How can love sur- vive? " BELOW LEFT: Mary Ann Lanman (Marta), Brad Smith (Friedrich), Vanessa Hughes (Cretl), Susan Trent (Louisa), Nancy Fine (Brigitta), Michael Sublett (Kurt)— " Regret- fully they tell us, but firmly they compel us to say ' good-bye ' to you. " ABOVE: Lisa Waxman (Mother Abbess), Debbie Cusick (Maria)— " My daughter, if you love this man, it doesn ' t mean that you love God less. You must find out. " Musical 199 L . ' cal S 1 i : 1 m i fi f 1 | m jr ■ » T- i M l j V •if ti W ♦ ? ' v — iSf n w •i g ft - L i » J : W V,k A % Mi«r ■ Ami:- " ' m. ‘ W T . A ABOVE: First row: V. Seehausen, C. Al- therr, P. Wilkins, D. Hart, S. Keitz, D. Katz, T. Driggs, J. Corns. Second row: B. Tompulis, C. Aronowski, K. Moynagh, C. Olson, M. Sorenson, M. Tobin, K. Bache, C. Croeshe, S. Spence. Third row: L. Ech- terling, K. Kincaid, J. Watkins, N. Frue- hauf, M. Barthold, C. Kwasny, ). Kroll, D. Harrington, L. Guyne, L. Valko. Fourth row: B. Goodman, G. Bartok, S. Spillar, M. Long, R. Braver, B. Wilson, D. Van- Borstal, D. Finnley, S. Taylor, C. Hel- minski, M. Gescheidler. RIGHT: A crowded orange room ... a quick ex- change of brushes before a concert . . . Sue Spillar, Gayle Bartok. 200 newcomers to music program . . . 9th and 10th Choir This year there was something new to the ninth grade choir— it was mixed. Even though the ratio of girls out- numbered the seven boys, their concert was a success with the Spring Fiddler Medley they performed. Tenth grade choir was strictly females. They had two concert appearances, during Christmas and Spring. In their last concert they sang Kodaly and a medley from the King and I. BELOW: First row: K. Pondusa, K. Webber, C. Bouton, C Burke. L. Brumm, D. (ohnson, T. Ellison, L. Donoho, D. Carollo. Second row: T. Denmark, D. Stamos, R. Brandt, L. Luscavich, B. Seehausen, C. Mason, M. Gabor, A. Es- trada, C. Angell, ). Kucer, ). Ferro, J. Greer. Third row: P. Poles, D. Strachen, |. Watkins, N. Fruehauf, B. Seehausen, C. Kwasny, R. Sholte, J. Bartok, C. Simmering, M. Etling, L. Valko. Fourth row: D. Carolla, G. Bartok, S. Spillar, M. Long, A. Webber, C. Wilkens, T. Friend, L. Schnell, N. McAllister, H. Gillchrist, N. Simpson, S. Schupe, K. Brandt. LEFT: Learning a new song . . . welcome change in music style . . . Pam Pulls, Tomi Ann Ellison. TOP: Left to right: M. Reister, N. Opinker, C. Lindeman, N. Johns, C. O ' Connor, S. Trent. RIGHT: Bottom row: D. Huebner, C. Rawlins, C. Mikes. Second row: B. Aranowski, B. Breshock. Third row: D. Ryes, B. Crary, C. Bussed. Foudh row: E. Schmidt, B. Hott. Top row: M. Hawryzskow, D. Sorenson, J. Lipton. FAR RIGHT: Left to right: D. Cusick, L. Waxman, V. Bussed, D. Hale, B. Etling, G. Earner, J. Calhoun, T. Andrews, M. Pfister, M. Ruman. BOTTOM RIGHT: First row: B. Ara- nowski, B. Earner, D. Lowe. Second row: C. O ' Connor, E. Schmidt. Third row: D. Cusick, P. Koufas, K. Vogt, J. Long, N. Calhoun, T. Ottenheimer. Foudh row: T. Hagerty, B. Grow, C. Bussed, C. Plunkett. ABOVE: A versatile history teacher . . . musical director . . . Mr. Gene Fort. 1 1 n ■ 1 I I ' i : 202 firsts in state . . . Ensembles For the ensembles, it was a year of surprise firsts, late arrivals, and a somewhat comical T.V. announcer. Before school practices early in the year caused some singers and their accom- panists to be late for their first hour classes. To keep in tune, the groups also had practices after school during weeks preceeding big song fests. The boy’s ensemble sang at Ridge Methodist Church and the girls and sextet groups made the rounds of the area churches. “Hi, I ' m Mary Lou Kwisitte " became an inside joke after an appearance on Channel 50 was introduced by Miss Kwisitte. To end the year with a grand flourish, the ensemble members were all late for the state contest. A Stuckeys along the way was absolutely irresistible and the bus was delayed. Never- theless, the songsters arrived in enough time for the Girls Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble and Sextet to win first place ribbons, while the Boys’ Ensemble came in second. Ensembles 203 baseball games, rubber rats . . . Concert Choir RIGHT: " We can ' t go on meeting like this Willard " ... a rat pro- vides amusement . . . Brian Aranowski, Guy Adams, Trippy Ot- tenheimer. BELOW RIGHT: An effort to hide the usual school dress . . . last minute choir preparations . . . Mary Kowalczyk. BELOW: Taking it easy ... an illegal pop can . . . Paula Kovich. RIGHT: First row: C. Lindeman, C. Wayland, L. Waxman, M. Bower, D. Watson, S. Cohen, E. Delaney, L. Sevalis, D. Nelson. Second row: P. Kovich, B. Kenealy, L. Crary, L. Hanock, J. Smith, M. Shevin, C. O ' Connor, D. Valko, H. Millikan. Third row: M. Reister, S. Keen, ). Long, D. Cusick, D. Hale, T. Smith, D. Lowe, G. Adams, B. Aranowski, K. Watson. Fourth row: A. Encinosa, R. Lanman, E. Schmidt, B. Grow, D. Ryes, T. Ottenheimer, S. Sublett, B. Hott, M. Harwesko, M. Bartok, N. Cal- houn, P. Quint. 204 the gorillas . . . 10th and 11th Choir To warble in the concert choir, aspiring opera stars must first sing in the tenth and eleventh grade choir. Commonly referred to as the gorilla choir, the choir featured Rat Man, Cummings, Lipton, and the rest of the boys. Mr. Holmberg sent some of his less musically inclined students to Chris Bussert ' s " Private Music Class, " hoping Chris could teach them how to sing. Senior concert choir is the next step in music education. The biggest problem with the seniors was attendance, of course. First, a student would take roll and later Mr. Holmberg would check the roster. Unfortunately, the lists seldom matched up. ABOVE: First row: K. Guillotte, S. Reiplinger, P. Bortz, J. Wleklinski, D. Pat- terson, S. Hulsey, L. Speranza, M. Leeney, G. Kaplan, S. Anderson, B. Etling, P. Angel, B. Shinkan, T. Bauschelt, J. McNees, N. Ritter, G. Keen, M. Lang, M. Leone. Second row: M. Ruman, D. Nickoloft, J. Phillips, ). Mehalso, D. Warziniak, H. Herlock, D. Dunning, C. Mazanek, K. Lichtsinn, C. Russell, G. Miller, B. White, B. Helm, J. Angelcos, S. Hale, D. Ashenbremer, ). Wo- lak, K. Summers, K. Bouton, S. Trent, M. Pfister, J. Brinkman. Third row: |. McDaniel, N. Opinker, L. Regelman, K. Wilk, K. Carman, L. Harman, ). Browers, E. Schlensky, ). Tokarz, B. Smith, C. Mikes, D. Pope, T. Hagerty, T. Cort, C. Rawlins, ). Sobek, L. King, C. Warner, C. Russell, K. Bucher, F. Hel- minski, N. Kivett, P. Leask, M. Kowalcyz, ). Yates. Fourth Row: J. Green, R. Steiger, M. Hawryskow, B. Crary, R. Higgins, B. Fodor, G. Spoljaric, B. Smith, B. Hasse, B. Grand, K. Lipton, B. McLaughlin, T. Fetzko, B. Cum- mings, J. Powley, T. Kipta, T. Petsis, T. Hulett, T. Papias, B. Aranowski, B. Trachtenberg, B. Lipson, J. Butkus, C. Bussert, D. Sorenson, B. Breshock, N. Johns, G. Serano. Concert, 10th and 11th Choir 205 Striving for perfection under the leader- ship of Mr. Karl Linden, last year ' s orchestra combined classical and modern music Getting the orchestra together with the wind section provided some problems at first, but it was worked out later. The director introduced the new concept of learning the history of the music before playing it. Though the orchestra consisted of youthful members, enough advanced players were around to form a chamber orchestra. Short, but sweet, defines the two concerts that the orchestra put on with the band. from sonatas to superstars Orchestra MIDDLE: A recruited band member ... a sense of not belonging ... a lack of prac- tice time resulting in quickly learned music . . . lean Bayer. ABOVE: Notes become fin- ger positions . . . finger positions become music . . . Debbie Lutton. BELOW LEFT: A class hour passed quickly ... an uncon- scious involvement with the music . . . Mark Kovach, Greg Paulantes. FAR LEFT: A demand for perfection ... a relatively young orchestra with a relatively new director. FRONT ROW: C. Lindeman, ). Mehalo, C. Ulber, K. McLendon, B. Saterblom, J. Such, L. Orloff, M. Sublett, D. Harvey, SECOND ROW: G. Paulantes, D. Calla, M. Kovach, D. Lutton, THIRD ROW: K. Linden, Dir., D. Carr, G. Weinberg, K. Barkal, W. Schmidt, M. Fary, N. Schaub, B. Bunting, ). Bayer, J. Mitchel, C. Bussed. Orchestra 207 208 a new format . . . Pegasus Pegasus is the literary magazine named after the mythical Greek horse who could fly. This year ' s edition changed its regular book-typed format to a book with a spiral binding and fewer student contributions. The magazine was left with only a small debt this year, which the staff paid off with a bake sale at Burgers and a dance. Pegasus is the outlet for all student poets, writers) and artists to display their creative talents to the entire student body RIGHT: The search for talent ... An April deadline to meet . . . Paula Kovich. BELOW: First row: P. Kovach, R. Ottenheimer, M. Bower, K. Anderson, S. Peters, Second row: K. Leonard, K. Summers, N. Riffer, ). White, Third Row: C. Sipkosy, K. Lyle, T. Andrews, L. Valko, F. Hel- minski, N. Kivett, K. McKenna, S. Rosenfeldt. informing the public . . . News Bureau Not many people really know what News Bureau is or what purpose it serves. Actually, News Bureau hap- pens to be just one of the many aspects of journalism. It is the spokesman of Munster High School and informs the community of school activities. The Hammond Times, Calumet Press and Munster Sun Journal are the News Bureau community outlets. LEFT: Writing for the area newspapers ... re- porting high school activities . . . public rela- tions . . . Linda Zagrocki. ABOVE: C. Sipkosky, L. Zagrocki, N. Novak Pegasus, News Bureau 209 a young staff, an improved paper . . . Crier To improve the quality of the school newspaper and to come out financially in the black at the end of the year were the two main goals of last year’s Crier staff. Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Linda Zagrocki, Crier attained its goals while the staff enjoyed itself. Staffers will tell you how much the quality of the paper had increased, including the graduation to Crier being printed on a new type of paper. The Crier car in the homecoming parade was defeated by the judges, but most writers disagreed with the judges ' opinion. The paper was able to survive because of Linda ' s urge to sell things: popcorn balls, suckers, wishes and anything else that would make a profit. At the carnival the bumper cars were also a financial success. Towards the end of the year the editors counted down the issues, and Crier of 72-73 ended a good year. ABOVE: The problems of putting out a school newspaper . . . Karen Cray, Mrs. Hastings, Todd Donoho. FAR RIGHT: The tedious job of paste-up. Ads geared toward the student . . . Eileen O ' Connell. RIGHT: Critiquing region newspapers . . . completing course requirements . . . Bob Montes. 210 LEFT: First Row: D. Warzi- niak, L. Zagrocki, Second Row: B. Montes, P. Cress. Third Row: B. McLaughlin, S. McKenna, C. Longhau- ser, D. Nowaczyk. Fourth Row: M. Rieckoff, S. Ru- benstein, C. Sterk, K. Stod- dart, K. Siefert, L . Street, E. O ' Connell. T. Donoho. Top: D. Mulholland, D. Medansky, ). O ' Barske. ABOVE: Enjoying another Mister Donut party . . . ignoring layouts to relax a little . . . the informal atmosphere of the Pub . . . Sara Dahlkamp. ABOVE RIGHT: Dis- cussing possible changes in yearbook for- mat . . . advisor and editor compromise to satisfy the staff . . . Mrs. Nancy Hastings, Sue Krajewski. RIGHT: Choosing pictures for a spread . . . junior staff members en- dure a year of being bossed around by se- nior editors . . . Barb Shinkan. FAR RIGHT: Approving pictures for a lay-out . . . sug- gesting possible revisions . . . Patty Little, Kim Raymond. ABOVE LEFT: First row: K. Anderson, D. Nickoloff, P. Schaub, P. Little, P. Kovich, K. Raymond. Second row: C. Sipkosky, K. Meagher, M. Bartok, M. Kaplan, S. Robb, M. Schoop. Third row: B. Shinkan, P. Slivka, L. Murphy, P. Meagher, M. Murphy, S. Sipes, C. Bochnowski, A. Bachnak, S. Richards, K. Lyle, N. Schaub, R. Garson, L. Schnell, B. Garofalo, D. Carollo, Fourth row: M. Fary, K. Geiger, P. Anderson, K. Tobin, P. Leask, G. Heatherington, K. Bucher, L. Casey, R. Mar- den. Fifth row: C. Kwasny, D. Kornelik, A. Montes, A. Bunting, L. Regelman, C. Russell, F. Blacke, j. Denenberg, B. Montes, C. Malo, S. Dahlkamp, A. St. Arnaud, C. Hriso, j. Jugovic, B. Bender, K. Butynski, R. Steiger, D. Mulholland, W. Rogers. 212 a new format, donuts . . . Paragon How can one describe a yearbook that has won the All-American Award four years in a row? By its content, which you are reading, or by the nucleus of the book, known as the Staff. With a new advisor and " Pub " , things were shaky in the beginning, especially with personality conflicts. But on the surface everyone was together for one cause-to produce another award winning Paragon. The victorious float " Curse You Vikings " resumed Paragon ' s winning tradition in Homecoming car competition. Promotion Staff came through with a detailed " Smile " campaign, selling 1,125 copies. It was also a hectic year— with different ideas of how a yearbook should be, a lot of Mister Donut and birthday parties and last minute deadlines with late hour workshops. With little peace, hardly any love, and not much understanding, this is the end result. What is the quality of a book produced with a lot of sweat? Well, judge for yourself. Paragon 213 Peter had asked Polly to Prom way back in March and it was finally the day— Saturday, May 19. Peter arrived at Polly’s house pre- cisely at 7:30. Her parents snapped pictures from every angle, telling them what a hand- some couple they made. Next the couple went to a pre-prom party to socialize, compare tuxes, flowers, dresses and dates. Peter and Polly mingled with the other excited couples around the buffett, sampling that strange tasting punch. Suddenly it was 9:00— time to head for Prom at the fieldhouse. Peter and Polly gasped in amazement at how much the decorations fit the theme of McArthur’s Park. They danced to the music of the Bill Thomas Orchestra, then stood in line for their pic- tures. At midnight, Prom was over. The two piled into the car and headed for Post-Prom at Wellman ' s Bridge-Vu Theatre in Valparaiso. They were famished, so they ate their dinner with relish. The freaky music of ’’Ask Rufus, " with their strobe lights, highlighted the evening for the couple. Back to Munster for a few hours of sleep, then to the beach for a day of fun. Polly and Peter fell asleep in the sun, woke up as red as lobsters, and ate their picnic lunch before leaving. As Peter took Polly to her door, they decided that Prom had been the best time of their lives. 214 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Stimulating con- versation . . . varied interest ... a long evening ahead? . . . Tim Smelko, Kathy Hulett. ABOVE CEN- TER LEFT: Mixed company . . . cute couples . . . Joanie Phillips, Nancy Johns, Dick Miller, Bob Montes. ABOVE: Was your date late? ... a classic switch . . . Brian McLaughlin, Tim Smelko. FAR LEFT: Strange tast- ing punch . . . delicious hors d ' oeuvres . . . pre-prom parties . . . Jeff Peschke, lennifer Mehalso. LEFT: Pre-prom socializing ... a relaxing atmosphere . . . Joanne Jeorse, Jeanne Brinkman, Rick Cubitz. Prom 215 a transformed fieldhouse, a suspended ceiling, ABOVE FAR LEFT: A little dancing ... a little kissing . . . crutches are no ob- stacle to a good time . . . Barbara Leask, Jay Stewart. BELOW LEFT: Time to rest . . . happy couples . . . waiting for punch . . . Jill Stewart, Barbara Leask, Marcia Bower, Lester Ot- tenheimer. ABOVE LEFT: Post-prom atmo- sphere . . . strobe lights create an imagi- nary world . . . dancing and loud music reign. LEFT: Candles in paper bags ... a refreshing walk . . . Bridge Vu ' s bridge . . . Bruce Tri- mbur, Nancy Kivett. ABOVE: Barefoot in the " Park " . . . beating her feet to the Bill Thomas Orchestra . . . Marcia Bairn. Prom 217 FAR RIGHT: Refilling hors d ' oeuvre trays ... a freshman volunteer serves at prom ... Ei- leen Bogusz. CENTER RIGHT: Prom brings out the best . . . being friendly with the boss . . . Brian Arrington, jane Wolak, Curt Cummings, Sidney Wuellner, Tim Ashby, George Kurteff. RIGHT: Puzzled expressions . . . hand- writing analyst provides entertain- ment at post prom . . . Heather Gilchrist, Dale Sorenson. ABOVE RIGHT: Craziness abounds . . . wild dancing takes place . . . Mark Blocker, Terri Oberle. ABOVE: Having a good time . . . reviving the jitterbug . . . Scott Sala, Karen Leonard. 218 Prom 219 17 new initiates . . . Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an honorary club for journalism students who have at least a 2.9 grade average and have made a major contribution to publications. The club ' s only activity was the sponsorship of the Publications Banquet in May. New members were initiated in a candlelight ceremony during the banquet. National Honor Society is usually known as the club for all the brainy types, but Munster ' s NHS requires more than just intelligence. To be initiated, a student must have at least a 3.0 grade averoge, display leadership qualities, and participate in school activities. This year, for the first time, there was only one initiation since there were so many eligible students. The club, sponsored by Mr. Fec h, supplied a Christmas dinner for a needy family. The rainy spring weather forced the club to cancel a baseball game with Student Senate and their fund raising car wash. 220 gold tassels . . . National Honor Society ABOVE: First row: R. Vierk, L. Medansky, M. Kaplan, T. Ottenheimer, K. Sholts, ). Schwartz. Second row: M. Basila, B. Hott, J. Millikan, K. Meagher, E. Harr, S. Krajewski, K. Stoddart, K. MClendon, M. Shevin, D. Peterson, D. Stoker, C. Way- land. Third row: D. Etter, S. Resler, A. McDonald, P. Biel, P. Little, E. Lanman, ). Elkins, K. Leonard, D. Oberle, L. Altherr, M. Reister, C. Lindeman, M. Bartok, R. Spector, E. Chael. FAR LEFT. D. O ' Barske, M. Bartok, S. Krajewski, L. Zagrocki, W. Kontos. LEFT: Plans for ini- tiation . . . gold tassels are reward for four years of work . . . Patty Little, Sue Resler, Rick Scholts, Mr. jon Fech, janis McAllister. FAR LEFT: A candlelight ini- tiation ... a journalism honor . . . Quill and Scroll. ABOVE LEFT: Gary Post Trib- une, Most Valuable Staffer Award . . . recognition of an outstanding journalist . . . Mr. Dave Munch. outstanding abilities . . . Honors Academic awards and scholarships: Indiana State Scholarship Commission Awards: Lori Adaska, Marcia Bartok, Patrice Biel, Mary Bochnowski, Eric Chael, Kathy Copeland, Susan Doherty, Janet Elkins, David Etter, Susan Geyer, Sharon Groeger, Eileen Harr, Mary Ann Hodus, Wanda Kontos, Sam Korellis, Susan Kraiewski, Karen Leonard, Carol Lindeman, Sharon Maloney, George Mazza, Janis McAllister, Stephan McDonell, Kathryne McLendon, Kathleen Meagher, Debbie Murzyn, Paul Novak, Diane Peterson, Margaret Reister, Susan Resler, Peggy Schaub, Marilyn Shevin, William Shofner, Richard Sholts, Nuala Sinisi, Kathryn Stoddart, Diane Stoker, Lori Street, Lorraine Waiss, Cheryl Wayland, Robert Weinberg, Linda Zagrocki. Tri-Kappa Scholarship: Larry Medansky. Tri-Kappa Awards to top 1% of junior class: Kevin Barkal, Robert Hered, Carroll Hriso, Dan Leonard, Mary Reilly. National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation: Lori Adaska, Mike Basila, David Hiser, Kathe McLendon, Kathy Meagher, Maggie Reister, and Bob Weinberg. National Merit Finalists: Eric Chael, David Etter, Talli Holmes, Paul Novak, Scott Sublett. Top ten seniors: Marcia Bartok, Patrice Biel, Janet Elkins, Talli Holmes, Karen Leonard, Anne McDonald, Jenny Murphy, Paul Novak, Diane Peterson, Richard Spector. D.A.R. Award: Patrice Biel. University and college scholarships: Phil Hasik— University of Illinois, Dave Heubner— University of Illinois, Tom Keeler— Wabash College, David Lautz— Wabash College, Jim Lee— Indiana State University, Robert Mueller— Eastern Kentucky. 222 FAR LEFT: D.A.R . winner— Patrice Biel. ABOVE: Top ten seniors-Paul Novak, Janet Elkins, Anne McDonald, Patrice Biel, Marcia Bartok, Karen Leonard, Diane Peterson. LEFT: Top five ju- niors-Bob Flered, Carroll Hriso, Mary Reilly, Kevin Barkal, Dan Leonard. Honors 223 The class of ' 73 finally made it through their four years of high school. To many people, it was a disappointing year, especially Homecoming. The class just didn ' t seem to have it together this year when it came to working on the float. The atmosphere that prevailed was more like they " had” to build a float just for the sake of building it. Many seniors graduated at semester to either continue their studies at a college or work full time. Apathy ran high when it came to any school activities or functions. Even the spring trip to the Bahamas didn ' t get off the ground. The 364 seniors this year were not especially different from seniors in the past. The great expectations and enthu- siasm of high school faded as the future, whether it be col- lege, marriage, or a job, became reality. BELOW: A beautiful day . . . thoughts of graduation— Nick Vranich suc- cumbs to senioritis. RIGHT: Pizza from scratch . . . senior chefs— Tom Erickson and Garry Kucer in Home Ec. DAVE ABRINKO GUY RANDALL ADAMS: Orchestra 3; Choir 1-4; Stage Band 2; Musical 4; Wrestling 1. LORI BETH ADASKA: Choir 1-4; CTO 2-4; Musical 2,4; Pep Club 1-3 (Treas.); Prom Comm. 3. JAMES ALLEN ADOBA: Science Club 4; Table Tennis 4. LORI A. ALTHERR: Student Senate 4; NHS 3,4; Choir 1-3; Cheerleader 1-3,4 (Capt.); GTO 1,2; Syn. Swim 3; GAA 2,3; Science Club 4; Musical 3; Pep Club 1,2; Lab Asst. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Cadet Teaching 4. DAVE ANDERSON 224 TOM ANDERSON: Boardman H.S.: Debate 2; Rifle Team 2. THOMAS J. ANDREWS: Choir 1; Wrestling 1 , 2 . BRIAN ARRINGTON TIMOTHY ASHBY: Football 1,2. PAM BABAS: Choir 1-4; Cadet Teaching 4. KIMBERLY SUSAN BACON: Choir 1-3; CTO 2-4; Pegasus 2,3; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1; CAA 2,3. Battle cry ... 73 for victory— Senior M-Men stand and give a cheer. 73 73 73 Experiments in levitation . . . good times in Sociology— Sara Cohen, Debbie Cusick, Tim Watson, Karen Udich, Debbie Wood, Carol Lindeman, and Dave Abrinkol try to lift Mr. Burkhardt. MARCIA LYNN BARTOK: NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Choir 1-4; Science Club 4; Para- gon 2 (promo), 3 (co-copy ed.), 4 (co-layout ed.); Musical 3,4; Lab Asst. 4; Valedictorian 4; Tri Kappa Honor 3; Prom Comm. 3. MICHAEL BASILA ALICE BATOR: Drill Team 3,4; Y-Teen 2; Pep Club 2; Clark H.S.: Pom-Poms 1; French Club 1 (Treas.); CAC 1; Booster Club 1; Choir 1. RITA ). BEATTY: Choir 1; Y-Teen 1; Office Asst. 3; German Club 1. LYNN ANN BELINSKY: Choir 1; OEA 4. BARBARA BEMBENISTA: Paragon 2. 226 73 73 73 PAULA MARIE BENCHIK: Choir 1,2; GTO 1,2; GAA 1; Crier 2-4; Musical 2; Pep Club 1,2; Lab Asst. 2-4. MARY BETH BERCHIAN; Choir 1-3; CTO 1,2; Musical 2-4; Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3; Cadet Teaching 4. IOHN JOSEPH BIECEL: Crier 4; Table Ten- nis 4. MARK GERALD BIEGEL: Stage Band 2-4; Pep Band 2,3; Marching Band 2-4; Wind En- semble 3,4; Table Tennis 4. MARY KATHRYN BIEKER: Student Senate 4; Majorettes 4; GTO 3,4; Science Club 4; GAA 2-4. PATRICE ANN BIEL: Student Senate 4; NHS 4; Band 1; Drill Team 3,4; GTO 2,3; Syn. Swim 3,4; GAA 1-4 (Sec. 4); Pep Club 1,2; D.A.R. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Prom Comm. 3; Salutatorian. MARK LEE BLOCKER: Choir 3; Swimming 1- 4; M-Men 3,4. MICHAEL BOBIN: Football 1-4; Cadet Teaching 4; Wrestling 1,2; Class Pres. 2; Swimming 1,2; M-Men 3,4. MARY MARGARET BOCHNOWSKI: Stu- dent Senate 3,4; NHS 3,4; GTO 2-4 (Sec.- Treas. 3, Pres. 4); GAA 3,4; Science Club 4; Prom Comm. 3. MATTHEW ALAN BOGUSZ: Stage Band 1; M-Men 3,4; Football 1-4; Track 1-4. JOSEPH MARK BOLCIS: Choir 1; Football 1. PAMELA ANN BOOKWOOD. Speech 3; GTO 1,2; Syn. Swim 1-4; GAA 1-4; Bowling Club 4 (Treas.); Pep Club 1-3; Lab, P.E. Asst. 2-4; Cadet Teaching 4. GEORGEANN BOROWSKI: Choir 1; Med. Club 2; GTO 3; D.E. 3,4; Science Club 2-4 (Pres. 4); Pep Club 1,2. MARCIA BOWER: Student Senate 1-4 (V. Pres. 4); Choir 1-4; GTO 1; Pegasus 4; Crier 3; Musical 3-4; Pep Club 1-2 (Treas. 2); Of- fice Asst. 4; Class V. Pres. 2; Class Pres. 3. MICHAEL THOMAS BREAZ: Table Tennis 4; Track 4. Seniors 227 73 73 73 BRUCE HARDING BROWN: Student Sen- ate 4; Speech, Debate 1-4; Choir 1; Photo Club 3; Science Club 2,3; Lab Asst. 3; Base- ball 1,2; German Club 1,2. GWEN MARIE BRUHN: Choir 1,3; Pep Club 1. JENNIFER BUCKENBURCER: Homecoming Princess 4. Cederburg H.S.: Cheerleader 1; GAA 1,2; AFS 1,2. SHIRLEY GENE BUCKNER: Choir 3; Med. Club 1 (Treas.), 2 (V. Pres.), 3,4 (Pres.); OEA 3; Science Club 1,2; Bowling Club 4; Y-Teen 1; Lab Asst. 4; Foreign Lang. Club 1 (Sec.) CAROL BUSICK DAVID BRUCE CALA: Orchestra 1-4; A.V. Asst. 1,2. LESLIE JEAN CAMP: Choir 1, Crier 2,3; Musi- cal 2; Pep Club 1,2. NORMA CAROL CANDIANO: OEA 3; Crier 2,3; Musical 4; Pep Club 2,3; Office Asst. 4. DAVID VICTOR CARLSON: Golf 2; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2. JAMES D. CARR: Orch. 1,2; Pep Band, Marching Band 1-4, Wind Ensemble 3,4. JAMES PATRICK CASEY: Choir 2; Football 1; Basketball 1-3. ERIC PAUL CHAEL: N.H.S. 3,4; Science Club 2-4. IRA CHEMERINSKY ROGER CLARK: Golf 1-4, Basketball 1-4; M- Men 2-4. JAN ELLEN CLEMENT: Speech, Debate 2,3; Pep Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band 1-4, (Drum Major 3,4); GAA 2,3; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Ed. Personalities, 4 (Or- gan. Co. Ed.), Musical 2-4. 228 73 73 73 SARA JANE COHEN: Student Senate 3; Choir 2-4; CTO 2,3; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Activities Ed.); Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1 (V. Pres.) 2. MARILYN CONNOR: Choir 1-4; Pep Club 1. KATHY ANN COPELAND: OEA 3, Pep Band 3; Marching Band 3. LYN ELLEN CRARY: Choir 1-4; Pep Club 2. SUSAN ELAINE CROISSANT: Choir 1; Drill Team 2-4; Pep Club 1,2; GAA 1-4; Prom Comm. 3; Syn. Swimming 2-4; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. CURT R. CUMMINGS: Football 1,2. LISA CORINNE DAHL: Choir 1; GTO 3,4; pep Club 1,2; GAA 1-4, Syn. Swimming 2-4; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. Seniors 229 73 73 73 ROBERT DAVIS CONSTANCE M. DAY: Pep Club 1. HELEN’DELUGA Senior Class Officers: Mr. James Karagianis (Sponsor), Liz Lanman (Secretary), Susie Klein (Treasurer), Marlene Kaplan (Vice President), Jim Schwarz (President), Mr. James Mclndoo (Sponsor). 73 73 73 PATRICIA ANN DEVORE: Choir 1; OEA 3; Office Asst. 3. GLENN GEORGE DEYOUNG: Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 1. MELISSA ANN DIETRICH: Choir 1; Drill Team 3,4; GTO 3; Syn. Swim 2,3; GAA 1-3; Crier 1; Pep Club 1-3; Cadet Teaching 4. GAIL ANN DOBOSZ: Student Senate 4; Choir 1; Drill Team 2-4 (V. Pres. 4); GAA 1- 3; Pep Club 1. SUSAN DOHERTY: Drill Team 4; CAA 2-4; Pep Club 2; Prom Comm. 3. TODD NEIL DONOHO: NHS 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Choir 1; Crier 2-4 (Sports Ed. 4); Musical 3,4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4 (Capt. 4); Treas. Jr. Class; M-Men 2-4; FCA 3. MARK F. DORRIS: Thespians 3; Swimming 1 . MICHAEL DRASCIC: PAUL DREWRY: Track 1-4; Basketball 1,2. THOMAS DUFFALA: Football 1-4; M-Men 3,4. DIANE MICHELE DUNN: Choir 1,2; GAA 1- 4; Pep Club 1,2; Lab Asst. 1,2; German Club 1 , 2 . SHERYL ANN EGLI: Orchestra 1; Syn. Swim 3,4; GAA 1-4; Pep Club 1; Prom Comm. 3. RUDOLPH GEORGE EIDAM: Choir 1; M- Men 3,4; Football 1-4 (Offensive MVP); Wrestling 1,2; Lab Asst. 4. JANET K. ELKINS: NHS 3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Pep Band 2-4; Band 1-4; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Pegasus (Art Co-Ed) 3; Art Club 1. ANA TERESA ENCINOSA: Choir 1-4; Musi- cal 3; Pep Club 2; Homecoming Princess 4. Seniors 231 73 73 73 THOMAS ARTHUR ERICKSON: Aviation Club 3,4; Basketball 1; Shop Asst. 1. ANNE MARIE ESTERHAY: Stage Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble 1-4; Musi- cal 4; Pep Club 1; Lab Asst. 1. |OHN LOUIS ESTRADA, |R.: Student Senate 2-4; Choir 1; Crier 2,3 (Asst. Sports Ed.); Mu- sical 3. DAVID S. ETTER: NHS 3,4; Science Club 2- 4. SCOTT EVETT MICHAEL FISCHER: Wrestling 3; Baseball 2. PATTY FLYNN CYNTHIA FORD: Choir 1-3; Girls Sextet 2; Girls Ensemble; Mixed Ensemble; D.E. 3; Musical 2; Pep Club 1; Lab Asst. 2. MARIAN JO FRANTZ: Choir 1; GTO 2,3; GAA 3,4; Musical 2,3; Drama 2,3. 232 73 73 73 Exploring light waves . . . utilizing the ripple tank— Eileen Harr and Liz Lanman in Physics Lab. SUSAN ANN CAGE: Choir 1,2; Drill Team 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; CAA 1; Prom Comm. 3; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. DAVID MICHAEL GARRIOTT: Hist. Aide 4; M-Men 4; Track 1-4; X-Country 3,4; Down- ers Grove H.S.: Football 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Jr. Classical Lg. 2,3. MARY ELIZABETH GAUDIO: Choir 1; GTO 1; Pep Club 1; Hist. Aide 4; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. GAIL MARIE GEORGAS: Choir 1; Major- ettes; 2-4 (Capt. 4); GAA 1; D.E. 4; Crier 2; Musical 2; Pep Club 1. SUSAN GEYER: Speech 4; Marching Band 1- 4; Science Club 4; Twin Lakes H.S.: Newspa- per 2,3. SANDRA CIBBS: Pep Club 1. Seniors 233 73 BOB GODDARD: M-Men 2-4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1-4. DEBORAH GAIL GREENSPON: Drill Team 4; GAA 1-4; Musical 4; Choir 2,3; GTO 1-4; Pep Club 1,2; Ski Club 4. MARCIA LYNN GOODMAN: Speech 1,2,3; Musical 2,3; Drama 2,3. KAREN R. GRAY: Student Senate 4; Choir 1; GTO 1,2; GAA 2; Crier 3,4 (News Co-Ed.); Musical 3; Drama 2,3; Junior Class Secretary; Prom Co-Chairman 3. EDWARD V. GREEN: M-Men 4; Football 1- 4; Swimming 1,2. SHERI LYNN GREER: Choir 3. )AY GRIFFITH SHARON LYNNE GROEGER: Speech, De- bate 2; GTO 3; Crier 2; Ski Club 4; Pep Club 1; Cadet Teaching 4. ROBERT LEWIS GROW: Choir 1-4; Boys ' Ensemble 2,3; Mixed Ensemble 4; Musical 2- 4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Track 1,2; Drama 3. DEBBIE LYNNE HALE: Speech 2,3,4 (V. Pres.); Thespians 2,3,4 (Sec.); Choir 1-4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Pegasus 3; Musical 3,4; Lab Asst. 4. DENISE MARIE HALON: Speech 1-4; Choir 1-4; Crier 2; Musical 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Band 1; Summer Theater 2; Drama 2,3. SUE M. HANNABACH LISA ADRIAN HANOCK: Thespians 4; Choir 1-4; Mixed Ensemble 4; Cheerleader 1; Drill Team 2; Crier 3; Musical 2-4; Drama 2. SUSAN HARKENRIDER: OEA 3; Bowling Club 2; Pep Club 1. EILEEN M. HARR: Student Senate 1,2; NHS 3,4; GTO 1; Pep Club 1,2; Class V. Pres. 3. 234 73 73 73 The beginning . . . starting with senior pictures— Lori Adaska antici pates her last year. ROSEMARIE HARTKORN: GTO 2; Pep Club 1,2; Drama 2; Cadet Teaching 4. PHILLIP KENT HASIAK: Choir 1-3; M-Men 2,3,4 (Pres.); Golf 1-3; Football 1-3,4 (Capt.); Basketball 1; FCA 2-4; Lab Asst. 4. JACK E. HAUER JERRY ALLEN HAYES: Choir 1; D.E. 3 (Sec.), 4 (Treas.); Basketball Mngr. 1; Foreign Study League— Spain 4. JOHN W. HEGEDUS: Football 1. EDITH CAMILLE HENSLEY: Choir 1,2; Crier 2; Ski Club 4; Cadet Teaching 4. RHONDA L. HINKEL: D.E. 3,4. MIKE HIRSCH: Choir 1-3; D.E. 3,4 DAVID W. HISER: NHS 3,4; Aviation Club 4; Ski Club 4; Table Tennis 4. Seniors 235 73 73 73 MARY ANN HODUS: Choir 1,2; Cheer- leader 2; Pep Club 1. TALLI MARIE HOLMES: Future Nurses 3. SHARON LYNN HOMAN: Choir 1; Lab Asst. 3. BRIAN DARREL HOTT: NHS 3,4; Choir 1-4; Boys’ Ensemble 3,4; Musical 4; M-Men 4; Track 1-4; X-Country 3,4. DAVID BRIAN HUEBNER: NHS 3,4; Choir 1,3; Boys ' Ensemble 3,4; Letterman 2,3,4 (V. Pres.); Science Club 4; Football 1-3, 4 (Capt.), M.V. Off. Back, All-State; Basketball 1; Track 1,3,4; Musical 3; FCA 2-4. RICHARD P. HUMES, JR.: News Bureau 3. SANDRA LYNN ISMAEL: Pep Club 1,2; Lab Asst. 4; CAA 1,2; Syn. Swim 1,2. MARY CLAIRE JABLONSKI: Science Club 2; Pep Club 1; Lab Asst. 2,3; German Club 1. DAN JANKE: Football 1-4. JOHN DONALD JEENINGA CAROL LYNN JOHNSEN: Choir 2,3; GTO 1,2; GAA 1-3; Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3; Musical 3; Cadet Teaching 4; P.E. Asst. 2,3. CONNIE J. JOHNSEN: Choir 2,3. KENNETH JOSEPH KAMINSKI: Photo Club 3; Science Club 3,4; Wrestling 2; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. MARLENE DIANE KAPLAN: Student Senate 1; NHS 3,4; Choir 1-3; GTO 2; Pegasus 4; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Athletics Ed.), 4 (Athletics Ed.); Pep Club 1,2; Soph. Class Sec.; Sr. Class V. Pres. DEBBIE LYNN KASPER: Majorettes 3,4- GTO 2,3; GAA 3; Pep Club 1,2. 236 JEFFREY MICHAEL KECK THOMAS CONNARE KEELER: Choir 1; M- Men 4; Science Club 4; Football 1-4; Basket- ball 1; Baseball 2; Track 4. SUSANNE KEEN: Choir 2-4; CTO 2; Pep Club 1. CHRISTINE ANN KEITZ: CAA 1,2; Prom Comm. 3 BONNIE JILL KENEALY: Choir 1-4; Musical 2-4; Pep Club 1; Art Club 2; Art Asst. 4. WILLIAM JOHN KENNEDY: D.E. 3 (Treas.), 4. JOHN F. KICK CINA KING DARRELL LYN KISER: D.E. 3,4. TIMOTHY JAMES KISH: M-Men 4; Football 1-4. SUSAN BETH KLEIN: Student Senate 4; Choir 1,3; GTO 3,4; Pep Club 1; Class Treas. 4. BRYAN MATTHEW KLOSAK GARY F. KLUG: M-Men 4; Science Club 4; Chess Club 4; Table Tennis 4; Golf 2-4. JAMES JOSEPH KNESEK: Basketball 1-4. KATHLEEN KOLODZIEJ: Choir 1,2; Medical Club 3; GTO 2; OEA 4; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Organizations Asst. Ed.), 4 (Co-Person- alities Ed.); Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3. Seniors 237 73 73 73 WANDA LEE KONTOS: Student Senate 1; Quill Scroll 3; Orchestra 1,2; Medical Club 3 (V. Pres.); CTO 1-3; Science Club 4; Para- gon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Co-Copy Ed.); Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3. CHARLES MICHAEL KOPACZ SAMUEL JAMES KORELLIS: Wrestling 1,2; Track 1. PAULA MICHELE KOVICH: Orchestra 1,2; Choir 1-4; CTO 1-3; Pegasus (Editor 4); Paragon 3,4 (Copy Editor); Ski Club; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1,3; Fakers Club 2. GARY DEAN KOWLISYN SUSAN M. KRAJEWSKI: NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; CAA 1-3; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Academics Co-Ed.), 4 (Co-Ed.-in-Chief); Pep Club 1; Prom Comm. 3; Second Hour Comp. Club 4. FRANK THOMAS KROL JOSEPH PETER KRUPINSKI: Football 3. CARY STEVE KUCER: Football 2; Basketball 1-4; M-Men 3,4. PAMELA ANN KUCER: Choir 1; CTO 1,2; Musical 2-4; Pep Club 1,2; Cadet Teaching 4; Prom Comm. 3. ELIZABETH LANMAN: Student Senate 3,4; Choir 1-4; Drill Team 3; CTO 1-3; Syn. Swim 3,4; CAA. 2-4; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1; Class Sec. 4. RICHARD BURNHAM LANMAN: NHS 3,4; Choir 1-3; Boys ' Ensemble 3,4; M-Men 3,4; Syn. Swim 3,4; Science Club 4; Musical 3,4; Swimming 1-3. KATHLEEN LYNN LANTINC: Pep Club 1; CTO 1,2; Student Senate 3; D.E. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Lab Asst. 4; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. DAVID ALLAN LAUTZ: Choir 1; M-Men 3,4 (Treas.); Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Swim- ming 2,3; Baseball 1-4. JAMES A. LEE: Choir 1; Football 1; Swim- ming 1-3, 4 (Capt.); All-State Swimming. 238 73 KATHLEEN THERESA LENGYEL: CTO 3; Pep Club 1; Office Asst. 4; Drama 23- KAREN LINDA LEONARD: NHS 3,4; Speech 2-4 (Historian 3, Sec. 4); Thespians 2-4 (Scribe 4); Choir 1-3; CTO 1; Pegasus 4 (As- soc. Ed.); Musical 2-4; Drama 2-4; NFL 2-4; Eng. Asst. 4; Paragon 2; Valedictorian 4. SHEILA RAYE LEWIS: GTO 1-4; OEA 3 (Sec.), 4; Pep Club 2,3. SUSAN L. LIEBERMAN: Pep Club 1,2; Office Asst. 2,3. CAROL ANNE LINDEMAN: NHS 3,4; Choir 1-4; Girls ' Sextet 3,4; CTO 2,3; Science Club 4; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3. PATRICIA SNOW LITTLE: Student Senate 3,4; NHS (Sec.) 3,4; Thespians 4; Choir 2; GTO 1; Syn. Swim 4; GAA 4; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Organizations Asst. Ed.), 4 (Ac- ademics Ed.); Musical 3; Pep Club 2. LAURIE ANNE LIVINGSTONE: Pep Club 1 , 2 . JEAN TERESE LONG: Student Senate 1; Choir 3,4; Mixed Ensemble 4; Musical 4; Lab Asst. 4. FRANK MICHAEL LORENTZEN: Football 1. Seniors 239 DONNA ). LOWE CATHERINE JANE LUERSSEN: NHS3,4; Mu- sical 2,3; Prom Comm. 3; Art Club 1,2; Art Asst. 4. SHARON LEE MALONEY: Science Club 4; Pep Club 2,3; Lab Asst. 1-3. NANCY THERESE MALUCA: Choir 1,2; Med. Club 3; CTO 1; GAA 1; Science Club 4; Pep Club 1,2. CHRISTINE EDITH MANSKE: Band, Pep Band 1-3; Wind Ensemble 3; Crier 2,3 (Fea- ture Ed.); Pegasus 2,3; Paragon 2; Orchestra 1-3; Prom Comm. 3. CAROL ANN MARDEN: Choir 3,4; Drill Team 2; Cheerleader 3,4; CTO 2. SANDRA JEAN MARKS: Choir 1,2,4. THOMAS S. MARKS: Baseball 1,2. JAMES WILLIAM MARSHALL: Swimming Thoughts of college . . . Jeff O ' Barske, Todd Donoho and Dave Watson look at a college yearbook during Journalism class. 73 73 73 ANTHONY MARTIN, |R.: Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2. PATRICIA R. MAZZOCCO: CAA 1-3; Office Asst. 1; Latin Club 1-3. |ANIS DIANNE McALLISTER: Student Sen- ate 3,4; NHS (V. Pres) 3,4; Speech 3,4 (Treas.); Choir 1-4; CTO 3; Paragon 2; Musi- cal 3,4; Girls ' State Alternate 3. ANNE L. McCOLLUM: Choir 1-3; Crier 3; Pep Club 1,2. ANNE LOUISE McDONALD: Student Sen- ate 4; NHS 3,4; Choir 1,2; CAA 1-4 (Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4); Pep Club 1,2; Girls ' State; Prom Comm. STEPHEN JOSEPH McDONELL KATHRYNE IRENE McLENDON: NHS 3,4; Speech 2-4; Orchestra 1-4; Crier 2,3; Para- gon 2; Musical 1-4; Pep Club 1,2; Cerman Club 1,3,4; I.U. Cerman Honors 3. MARY KAY McNAMARA: Choir 2. LYNN CAROL McNEILL: Orchestra 1; Choir 2,3; CTO 1; CAA 1,2; Bowling Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; Cadet Teaching 4. KATHLEEN ANN MEAGHER: NHS 3,4; Thespians 4; Choir 1,2; CTO 3,4; Science Club 4; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Layout Ed.), 4 (Co-Layout Ed.); Musical 4; Pep Club 1-3; Drama 2,4; Foreign Language Club 3,4; Chi 2-4; Prom Comm. 3. DAVID BRUCE MEDANSKY: Photo Club 3; Crier 1-4; Baseball 1-4. LAWRENCE ALLEN MEDANSKY: NHS 3,4; Crier 2; Chess Club 3; Bowling Club 4; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4. KELLI FRANCES MEHOK: Pegasus 4; Para- gon 4 (Photo Sec.); Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3. CHERYL LYNN MEYER ROBERT C. MILLER: Choir 1-4; Boys ' En- semble 3,4; Mixed Ensemble 4; M-Men 2-4; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4 (Capt. 4); Base- ball 1. Seniors 241 73 73 73 JANICE SUE MILLIKEN: NHS 3,4; Choir 1-4; Science Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Musical 4; Lab Asst. 3,4; Office Asst. 1,4; CAA 2; Ger- man Club 1,3. JULIE MARIE MIRKOV CYNTHIA ANN MITCHELL: GAA 2; Y-Teens 1. Past memories of their junior year . . . seniors now— Lisa Waxman and Scott Sublett look back. MELISSA MARI MITCHELL: OEA 4. RONALD A. MONALDI: Choir 1-4; Swim- ming 1,2. ROBERTA JANE MORRIS: Speech 3,4; Choir 1; Science Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); Band 1. 242 73 73 73 BRICID ELIZABETH MARY MOYNAGH: Student Senate 2,3; Choir 4; Medical Club 2- 4; GTO 1; GAA 1,2; Musical 2; Bowling Club 4. ROBERT ANDRE MUELLER. M-Men 3,4; Syn. Swim 1-4; Football 1,2; Swimming 1-4 (All-State 4). ROBERT C. MUND: Table Tennis 4. JENNIFER MURPHY: Choir 1-3; Pep Club 1,2,3 (Sec.); GTO 1-4; Science Club 4; NHS 3,4; Musical 2,3; Lab Asst. 3; Girls’ State. KEVIN SHAWN MURPHY: Student Senate 4; D.E. 3,4; Baseball 2. PATRICK DEAN MURPHY: Choir 1; Lab Asst. 1. DEBBIE ANN MURZYN: NHS 3,4; Choir 23; CTO 1; OEA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Home- coming Princess 2. DEBRA ANN NELSON: Choir 1-4; CTO 2; Musical 4; Pep Club 1. PAUL K. NELSON MARYANNE W. NEVERAUSKAS: Future Nurses 2; Science Club 4. JEFF W. O ' BARSKE: Quill Scroll 3,4; Or- chestra 1,2; M-Men 2-4; Crier 2-4; Wrestling 1-4; Baseball 2. MARK D. O ' BARSKE: Thespians 3,4; Choir 1; Football, Wrestling 1,2. G. DOUGLAS OBERLE: NHS 3,4; M-Men 1- 4; Syn. Swim 4; Basketball 2,3; Tennis 1-4 (MVP 4); Baseball 1-4 (PHD 3). COLLEEN CHARLE O ' CONNOR: Choir 1-4; Mixed Ensemble 4; GTO 3,4 (Swimming V. Pres. 4); Crier 4; Musical 2-4; Pep Club 1,2; Prom Comm. 3. MARY ANN O ' DONNELL: Choir 1-3; GTO 3; OEA 3,4 (Pres.); Pep Club 1. Seniors 243 73 73 73 Getting it on at the senior banquet . . . music by Cy Walker . . . Terry Rogers, Jeff O ' Barske, Matt Bogusz and Dave Watson boogie with the band. RICHARD ALLEN ORLICH: Science Club 4; Football 1-4; Track 1; M-Men 4. LESTER ABRAM OTTENHEIMER III: Student Senate 1-4 (Pres. 4); NHS 4; Speech 3; Choir 1-4; Mixed Ensemble 3,4; Ski Club 4; Table Tennis 4; Musical 3,4; Swimming 1,2. LYNN MARIE PARKER: Choir 3; GTO 1,4; Pegasus (Ed. Board 4); Pep Club 2; Foreign Lang. Club 3,4. JEFF A. PESCHKE: Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Thornwood H.S.: NHS 3; Football 1; Basket- ball 2,3; Baseball 1-3; French Honor Society 2 . DIANE JOY PETERSON: NHS 4; Speech 2-4 (Historian 4); Debate 2-4; Choir 1-3; Musical 3; Pep Club 1,2; Foreign Language Club 4; German Honors Program. CRAIG A. POLAK: Table Tennis 4; Baseball 1 , 2 . 244 73 73 73 JULIANN PONDUSA: OEA 3,4; Future Nurses 3; Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2. ROBERT B. POSTAGE: Aviation Club 4; Marching Band 1,2; Track 2-4; X-Country 4. MARY JO PUNCHO: Pegasus 3; Musical 3; Pep Club 1-3; Lab Asst. 1-3; Drama 2,3; Ca- det Teaching 4. PEGGY LEE QUINT: NHS 3,4; Speech 2,4; Choir 1-4; Pegasus 2,3; Musical Program Chairman 3,4; Pep Club 1; Drama 2. KIMBERLEE SUE RAYMOND: Student Sen- ate 1; Speech 1,2; Choir 1; GTO 1,2; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Activities Asst. Ed.), 4 (Co- Ed.); Musical 3; Drama 3; Lab Asst. 3; Prom Comm. Chrmn. 3; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4; Quill and Scroll, 4. KATHLEEN DIANE RECK: Pep Club 1,2; Stu- dent Senate 1; Wee Folk 1; GTO 1,2. MARGARET ANN REISTER: Student Senate 3,4; NHS 4; Speech 2,3; Thespians 2-4; Choir 1-4; Girls ' Sextet 3,4; Crier 2; Musical 2-4. J. JAMES REPPA: Student Senate 4; Choir 1; D.E. 3,4. SUSAN FRANCES RESLER: Student Senate 1- 4; NHS 4 (Treas.); Drill Team 3,4; GTO 3; GAA 1,2 (Treas.), 3 (V. Pres.), 4 (Pres.); Pep Club 1,2; Cadet Teaching 4. SUSAN KAY RICHARDS: GTO 2; GAA 2-4; Pep Club 1; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Academ- ics Co-Ed.), 4 (Organizations Co-Ed.). JUDI LYNN RICHTER NEIL RICHTER WILLIAM C. RICKS III SARASUE ANN ROBB: Student Senate 4; Choir 1; Prom Comm. 4; GTO 2,3; GAA 1-3; Science Club 4; Paragon 2 (Promo.); 3 (Ads Asst. Ed.); 4 (Promo. Co-Ed.); Musical 4; Pep Club 1,2. PENNY M. ROLAND: Pep Club 2 SENIORS 245 73 73 73 IDELLE BARBARA ROSENBLOOM: Re- source Asst. 1-3. SUSAN MERLE ROSENFELDT: Pegasus 4 (Asst. Bus. Mngr.); Pep Club 1; Office Asst. 1. ROBERT ALAN ROSENTHAL: Choir 3; Fall Play 3 JEFF ROTHSTEIN: M-Men 1-4; FCA 1-4; Tennis 1-4 (Capt. 3,4). SHELLIE ROTHSTEIN: CAA 3,4; Science Club 4. DIANA SUE RUEMLER: Majorettes 3. VICTORIA ANNE RUNDLE AMY LOUISE RYDER: CTO 2; GAA 4; Pep Club 1. DAVE GERARD RYS: Choir 1-4; Boys ' En- semble 3,4; Musical 3,4; Track 1. PEGGY ANN SCHAUB. Student Senate 3; Orchestra 3; Choir 1,2; Pep, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble 1-3; G iO 1; GAA 4; Pegasus 2; Crier 1; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Per- sonalities), 4 (Co-Personalities Ed.); Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1; Cadet Teaching 4; Prom Comm. 3. EDWARD WAYNE SCHMIDT: Student Sen- ate 1-4 (Treas. 1, Parliamentarian 4); Orches- tra 1-4; Choir 1-4; Boys ' Ensemble 3,4; Mixed Ensemble 4; Stage Band 3; Pep, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble 1-4; Musi- cal 1-4; Tennis 1; Cadet Teaching 4. MARTHA ANN SCHOOP: Student Senate 4; GAA 1-4; Pep Club 1; Paragon 2 (Promo.), 3 (Asst. Ads Ed.), 4 (Co-Promo Ed.). )AMES H. SCHWARZ: Student Senate 1; NHS 4; Choir 1; Chess Club 4; Tennis 1; NFL 2-4; Pres. Senior Class; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4 (Sargeant at Arms). CHRISTOPHER W. SEBENSTE DENNIS B. SEPIOL 246 73 73 73 IOSEPH EDWARD SHEA: Orchestra 1-4; Stage Band 2-4; Pep Band 1-4; Rand 1-4; Wind Ensemble 1-4. MARILYN KAY SHEVIN: NHS 4; Choir 3.4, Science Club 4; Crier 2; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Bio. Asst. 4; History Asst. 4; Drama 3,4; Foreign Language Club 3 (Sec.), 4 (Pres.). WILLIAM PHILLIP SHOFNLR: Science Club 4; Crier 2; Boys ' State 3. RICHARD WILLIAM SHOI TS: Football Mngr. 2-4; Basketball Mngr, 1-4; Freshman Class Treas. NHS 4; German Honors Program. ELAINIE LEA SIAVELIS: Choir 2-4; Drama 2; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 2, Prom Comm, 3; Lab Asst. 3; Hammond High; Cirls ' Ensemble 1; Future Nurses Club 1; Choir I. STEVE SKARA DANITA SMIGIEL CHERYL IEANNE SMITH: Student Senate 1 3; Synchronized Swimming 1,2; Drama 2 4, Thespian Pres. 4; Music al 3,4; Speech 3, Lab Asst. 2,3; Office Asst. 4. IANNA SUE SMITH: Student Senate 9, 11, 12; Choir 2-4; Cheerleader 3,4; Drill Team 2; GTO 1,2 (V. Pres.); Syn. Swim 1-3; GAA 9; Musical 4; Pep Club 1 (Pres.). 73 73 TERRY SMITH: Choir 1-4; Musical 4; Drill Team 3. MARK SNEDDEN: Football 1-4; M-Men 2-4. SUE SNOOK: Pep Club 1; Drill Team 4; GAA 1-4; GTO 1-2. KAREN SPERBER NANCY SPILLAR: Pep Club 1; GAA 1-4. HARRY STAMOS Wearing one of the guys ' gangster hats ... a flower from the table . . . Susie Klein re- Results of senior ditch day . . . blue slips in great demand . . . Mr. iaxing at the senior -banquet. Bawden gets writer ' s cramp. 73 73 73 JAY STEWART: Swimming 1-4; M-Men 3,4. KATHY STODDART: Crier 1-4; Pep Club 1. DIANE LILLIAN STOKER: NHS 3,4; Choir 1,2; Drill Team 3,4 (Pres. 4); CTO 3,4; Science Club 4; Pep Club 1-3; German Hon- ors Program 4. LORI JEAN STREET: Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2; Crier 3,4. JOHN SUCH: Orchestra 1-4; Cadet Teach- ing 4. TERRY SWARTHOUT JOYCE JENNETTE JULIANA TELICA: Stu- dent Senate 4; OEA 3,4. MARIE THOESEN NANCY FAYE THOMAS: German Club 1; Lab Asst. 1. ANGEL THOMPSON BRUCE TRIMBUR DEBORAH ANN VALKO: Choir 3,4; Musical 4; Pep Club 1. RONALD VIERK NICK VRANICH JERRY DEAN WADE Seniors 249 73 73 73 MITCHELL CARY WADE: Science Club 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2; Football 1. LORRAINE ELLEN ANN WAISS: Student Senate 4; Medical Club 4; CTO 3,4; Science Club 4; Pep Club 3; GAA 3; Prom Comm. 3; Horace Mann H.S.: French Club 1,2; Booster Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Cheerleader 2 (Capt.); Science Club 1,2. DAVID WATSON: Football 1-3; M-Men 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Choir 1-4; Musical 1-4. TIMOTHY MARK WATSON: Aviation Club (V Pres.); Science Club 2-4 (Treas. 4); Wres- tling 1-3. LISA MADALINE WAXMAN: Student Senate 1 (Sec.); Speech 3,4; Thespian 1-4 (V. Pres. 4); Choir 1-4; Girls Ensemble 2-4; Pegasus 4; Musical 2-4; Drama 2-4; NFL 3,4; Prom Comm. 3. CHERYL KAY WAYLAND: NHS 4; Orchestra 1-4; Choir 1-4; Medical Club 3; GTO 3,4; Science Club 4; Musical 3,4; Pep Club 1,3. DONNA MARIE WEIN: Choir 1; OEA 3,4. ROBERT P. WEINBERG: Student Senate 3; Science Club 2; Philosophy Club 4. RONALD H. WENNEKES: Choir 1-3; M- Men 3,4; D.E. 3,4 (V. Pres.); Musical 1,2; Swimming 1-4. LYNN WIELER: Pep Club 1; GTO 2,3. JEANNETTE E. WIGLEY: Choir 1; Drill Team 3; GTO 2; GAA 2; Pep Club 1,2. STEPHEN SCOTT WILLIAMS: Table Tennis 4; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Swimming 1,2; CHARLES WILSON: Choir 1; M-Men 3,4; Ski Club 4; Football 1-4; Track 1-4. THERESE MARIE WILSON: Choir 1; OEA 3,4 (Treas. 4); Pep Club 1; Lab Asst. 2; 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4 (Sec.). CAROL WLEKLINSKI 250 73 73 73 BERT WOESS: A.V. Asst. 1-4. MICHAEL WOLFE: Wrestling 1-4; Football 1-4; M-Men 3,4. DEBRA SUE WOOD: Choir 1,2; CAA 1-4; (Most Valuable Player, Sportmanship 3). ESTHER MAE WOOLARD: Pep Club 1,2. FLOYD WRIGHT LINDA MARIE ZAGROCKI: Quill Scroll 4; Speech 2,3; Choir 1; Med. Club 3 (Treas.); GTO 2-4; News Bureau 3,4; Crier 2 (re- porter), 3 (News Co-Ed.), 4 (Editor); Y-Teen 2; Musical 4; Pep Club 1,2; Lab Asst. 2,4; Prom Comm. 3. Seniors Not Pictured TONY ADZIA )IM ALEXANDER LARRY BOENDER: D.E. 3,4. CYNTHIA BOMBAR: Choir 1; GTO 1; D.E. 3,4 (Pres. 4); Musical 3; Syn. Swim 3; Pep Club 1. DAVID BUDARZ DEBORAH LYNN CUSICK: Student Senate 1; Thespians 3,4; Choir 1-4; Girls Sextet 3; Girls En- semble 4; Mixed Ensemble 4; Cheerleader 1-3; GTO 1; Musical 2-4; Girls State 3; Homecoming Princess 3; P.E. Asst 2. EMERSON DELANEY: Choir 4; Drama 3. BILL EGGARS GREG GAJEWSKI ROBERT JOHN HAZELWOOD: Football 1; Track 1. ROBERT MILLER JEFF MINER PAUL D. NOVAK: NHS 3,4; Pep, Marching Band 1-4; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Chess Club 4; Musical 3; Tennis 1-3; Nat ' l. Merit Scholar 4. EVA MARIE PECANKA JOSEPH HENRY PUGH: Choir 2,3; Table Tennis 4; Musical 3; Football 2,3; Drama 2. TERRY ROGERS TONY ROZZOS: Band 1. STEVE RUBENSTEIN: Crier 4; Rich Central H.S.: Student Senate 2,3; R-MEN 1-3; Football 1; Wrestling 1-3; Baseball 1-3; Latin Club 3. MARY LYNN RUTKOWSKI LARRY SHATUCK: 2nd Hour Comp. Club 4 (Pres.). NUALA JANE SINISI: Science Club 4. LORETTA SLIVKA RICHARD SPECTOR: NHS 3,4; Speech 3; Phi- losophy Club 4; Track 2. SCOTT SUBLETT: Choir 1-4; Drama 2-4; Thes- pian 2-4; Musical 1-4; Speech Debate 1-4. DALE SWEENEY: Pep Band 1-3; Marching Band 1-3. NATHAN TARLER: NHS 3,4; Table Tennis 4; Lab Asst. 3. AL MATTHEW VALEIKA KEVIN M. WATSON: Choir 3,4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4. STEPHEN REID WEISS: Speech Debate 2,3; Choir 1,2; 2nd Hour Comp Club 4 (V. Pres.). SAM R. WINER JOSEPH WROEBEL JERRY HOWARD ZACHAU: German Club 1. STEPHEN ZINK NANCY ZOPP: Choir 3; GAA 1,2; Musical 1. Shaving cream fights . . . marching " four abreast " . . . Seniors endure four hours of graduation practice— Brian Ar- rington, Tim Ashby, Pam Babas, Kim Bacon, Mick Ba- sila, Alice Bator. Seniors 251 00 CD CD ABOVE LEFT: A little nervous . . . salutatorian rehearses the invocation ... Liz Lan- man. Marcia Bartok, )im Schwarz, Patrice Biel. ABOVE RIGHT: Final touch ups . . . impatiently waiting for the final moment . . .Susan Klein. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: . . . the last performance of the concert choir . . . " Anthem of Spring. " RIGHT: Nervous graduates . . . excited graduates ... the final march. 252 The Commencement exercises Sunday night, May 27, were almost anti-climactic after a week of celebrating by the senior class. Almost every senior participated in the traditional senior march on Tuesday, their last day at Munster High. The North and South buildings, as well as the Middle School, the corner of Ridge and Columbia, the police station parking lot, Lanier School, the A P parking lot, the St. Thomas More parking lot, and Community Park were invaded. The triumphant march was followed by three endless hours of graduation practice, with everybody nursing their blisters and shaving cream fights erupting every few minutes. Wednesday night was the Senior Banquet, held at the Holiday Inn in Harvey. The class officers gave awards to the " bests” of the class and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the class president for all his hard work with a pie in his face. The respected class sponsors, Mr. Karagianis and Mr. Mclndoo, enjoyed a fully-clothed dip in the indoor pool. The Wicker Park Pavilion hosted the Thursday night party. Friday and Saturday nights found private parties all over town, where everybody raked in money from the relatives. Finally, it was Sunday-Diploma Day! About half the class braved the rain to attend Baccalaureate at two o ' clock. The rain poured down all afternoon, while every single senior prayed it would stop for Paula Kovich ' s party. The Commencement exercises at eight o’clock featured Sen. Birch Bayh, who delivered the Commencement address. Patrice Biel, salutatorian, offered the invocation, while Marcia Bartok and Karen Leonard, co- valedictorians, each delivered a separate address. By ten- thirty, the members of the class of 1973 were alumni of MHS and just beginning to celebrate. Graduation 253 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Now that their graduation is over . . . checking it out . . . Paula Benchik, Barbara Bembinista. BELOW FAR LEFT: Senior class officers . . . valedictorians . . . new alumni . . Jim Schwarz, Marlene Kaplan, Elizabeth Lanman, Susie Klein, Marcia Bartok, Karen Leonard. ABOVE LEFT: National Honor Society Scholarship . . . one of two win- ners . . . accepting award from N.H.S. sponsor . . . Mary Bochnowski, Mr. )oh Fech. BELOW LEFT: Valedictorian ' s address ... a quotation from Dickens . . . co-valedictorians Karen Leonard, Marcia Bartok. BE- LOW: It took a lot of work ... it deserves a lot of pride . . . Lisa Hanock. 255 Graduation Advertising— considered by some to be the backbone of our economy, not to mention the backbone of our yearbook. All the TV and radio ads that we hear constantly influence us more that we realize. How many girls you know buy Schick shavers just because Mark Spitz advertises them, or popcorn poppers just because of Joe Namath ' s green eyes? Then there are the guys who buy those little brown cigarettes in hopes of capturing a beautiful blonde like the guy in the commercial does. And no one would ever buy orange juice if it weren ' t for Bing Crosby ' s thirsty family. No Friday night is complete without a stop at the " Little Store " for a wet and wild can of 7-Up of and inflationary pack of your favorite breath freshener. Hair seems to be the booming commodity this year, with hot combs to groom it and herbal, protein, or dandruff shampoo to clean it. You aren ' t eligible to drive unless you ' re in the hands of a good insurance company. And, of course, no store could ever be complete without its supply of pens that write first time, every time. burgers’ supermarkets ]ddp 260 dOUVJMSUl dlV Ofl Advertising 263 physician ' s supply co., ' out ‘vo Buifooj, s j,dwnswoo sipes bros., ■ i[duvjLq Jid sunm ■ fi vdJi mvi{ -out ‘j,muzyi{0 pump anton’s restaurant g« § I: t " CG s -to I § $ so CG ' out ‘%d omvip uosudysuip uai ' ionjipuoo mv SjLdpjmq i GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLim CLASS OF ’ 73 FI i GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLim CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS fuivp enow luvsvdjd CLASS OF ' 73 Fh GOOD LUCK TO THE WLEKLINS CLASS OF ' 73 Fh rn ULASS U F 73 FROM 1 IS-GOOD LUCK TO THE m THE WLEKLINSKIS— HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS— GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS— GOOD LUCK TO THE ' M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS- GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS— GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF ’73 FROM IS-GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS-GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS- HE CLASS OF 73 FROM IS-GOOD LUCK TO THE M THE WLEKLINSKIS— pepsi-cola uoiivp pj,vpuvp s ( umumcn 1 (D c O 0 -Q 0 0 0 0 -Q £ d) o I ) 0 ' — O c $ O CO ) o -c o -o c o o X U 0 0 O C ® « ® ® c; 0 _c -c a .a O to c 0 0 0 t 3 0 . 0 ) 0 ) C 0 CJ) O J c 0 •O E £ 0 0 0 0 -O o - .. _c o u c 0 O -C O 0 0 0 Q_ 0 V) -C 0 ) £ X d) a, . £: Q_ co CO o n O ' 3 O 0) o u a o .y- -o ■£ c O C uo O 0 0 oo 0 0 3 5 .2 cd t; c O ' o U _ O cQ n co C0 CO CO 00 n ' F ® 8 o « P — “O a c 0 .O) Q_ JD 0 c O c 4= - 0 - 0 w o " o £ 0 .«? £ 8 8 J « ' £ -° 0 XI o -£ g Sf g o J? ™ 2 - 0 ° t; O io O 2 CO D £ 0 c — Q — 0 .a. 0 0 0 0 — 0 0 T) (D u-» ■s = % c -C 0 — ' o v_ o - O 3 O m u o ■ , _C V) _c 0 c 0 £ o oO CO -C — 3 0 U 0 O u_ D O 4- 3 _0 0 0 _c 1 CO 0 o 0 " O 4 _ o O " a c C 0 U ■0 0 CO 0 E 0 0 0 _Q £ 0 -Q CO c co H k_ o CO 3 o " O _o 0 O u T3 O _c CO 8 ° T 3 -E c -0 m O C -g 00 .E— oy. o )0 P0-. EU 0-cJx O . u I o j? Q. £ Advertising 275 dunduioo id )s puvjm • 1 ' . h ' V- - k} tv F. ' t v • ' " v . , • •V- ■!■ .... ' • ••• : i ■ . ' Mm 1 6uiqo9JM opiv %dw,n m ' Iwoj.n ' iQ ' isdJL s ( udq root photographers u iyop duiyiruodj, fimxo ' S ' n o 03 cn c oo CD CO or TD CD thank you advertisers . . . AMERICAN SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. 8230 HOHMAN AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA (DAVID GUSTAT) ANTON’S RESTAURANT 7981 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA (LINDA REGELMAN. BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN) BARNES ASSOCIATES INSURANCE COMPLETE FINANCIAL SERVICES 907 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER. INDIANA (THE BARNES CHILDREN) BALFOUR 912 MONROVIA MICHIGAN CITY. INDIANA BARTON’S PIZZERIA 8617 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND. INDIANA (GINA HEATHER1NGTON, SUE SIPES. ROBIN CARSON. AUDREY BUNTING. NANCY SCHAUB) BEN’S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE. INC. 2739 HIGHWAY AVE. HIGHLAND. INDIANA (BARB SHINKAN. MARK WASHBURN) BOULEVARD SALES HEAVY DUTY TOWING 1300 CARROLL STREET EAST CHICAGO. INDIANA BRANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. INC. 9501 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND. INDIANA BUILDER FAIR CONSTRUCTION 9318 WALNUT DRIVE MUNSTER. INDIANA BURGERS’ SUPERMARKETS MUNSTER-RIDGE ROAD AND STATE UNE MUNSTER-1830 45th AVE. HAMMOND—165TH AND COLUMBIA (DONNA COTFOR) BURNS FUNERAL HOMES MUNSTER AND HAMMOND CALUMET AUTO WRECKING. INC. 2051 SUMMER STREET HAMMOND. INDIANA CALUMET NATIONAL BANK HAMMOND. INDIANA (HOME OFFICE) A LOCATION NEAR YOU CARPETLAND U.S.A. 8201 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA (CAROL RUSSELL. CATHY RUSSELL. BARB SHINKAN. FAITH BLACKE) DAVID CHIZMAR. INC. 5305 STATE LINE HAMMOND. INDIANA (WEST LAKE SPECIAL EDUCATION COOPERATIVE) CHRISTENSON CHEVROLET. INC. 9700 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND. INDIANA CONSUMERS ROOFING CO.. INC. 2323 165TH STREET HAMMOND. INDIANA (PEGCY WILKENS) CUNNINGHAM. REALTORS. INC. 1739 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER. INDIANA DRIGGS PHARMACY 7207 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND. INDIANA EINHORN'S 6540 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. WOODMAR SHOPPING CENTER HAMMOND. INDIANA MARQUETTE MALL MICHIGAN CITY. 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INDIANA STANDARD EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CORP. 3520 CALUMET AVE. HAMMOND. INDIANA STERK'S SUPER FOOD 7951 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA (BRIAN CUMMINGS. NANCY KIVETT. KATHY STERK) TEIBEL’S "THE IDEAL FAMILY RESTAURANT" U.S. HIGHWAYS 30 41 SCHEREVILLE. INDIANA (LISA SPERANZA. DAVID LAUTZ) WHITE INSURANCE 6712 CALUMET AVE. HAMMOND. INDIANA WILLMAN'S STANDARD SERVICE 747 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER. INDIANA (GREG BRECLAW) J.P. WLEKLINSKI CO.. INC. FINANCE AND INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS 625 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER. INDIANA UNITED STATES ARMY RECRUITING STATION 507 STATE ST. HAMMOND. INDIANA ZANDSTRA'S MEN'S STORE 2629 HIGHWAY AVE. HIGHLAND. INDIANA (PETE LANMAN) NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE patrons senior patrons ALDON BUILDERS. INC. 9456 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA A.P. DAVIS SPORTS. INC. 4532 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. EAST CHICAGO. INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF HASSE CONSTRUCTION CO.. INC. CALUMET CITY. ILLINOIS-MUNSTER. INDIANA JACK OGREN CO.. INC. INSURANCE CONSULTANTS 6929 HOHMAN AVE. HAMMOND. INDIANA LEARY’S LINOLEUM AND CARPET CO. 7220-22 CALUMET AVE. HAMMOND. INDIANA MEADE ELECTRIC COMPANY. INC. CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS 5401 WEST HARRISON STREET CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60644 RIDGE AUTO MART. INC. JOE MARK WARZINIAK 8600 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. (CORNER OF RT. 6. 41) HIGHLAND. INDIANA SHOE INNS OF AMERICA. INC. 8937 WHITE OAK AVE. MUNSTER. INDIANA MR. MRS. ALEXANDER MR. MRS. ALTHERR MR. MRS. JACK W. ANDREWS MR. MRS. WILLIAM BARTOK DR. MRS. MICHAEL R. BASILA MRS. MARION BOWER MR. MRS. E.N. BIEL MR. MRS. STANLEY T. BOCHNOWSKI DR. MRS. LESLIE E. BOMBAR MR. MRS. JAMES CASEY MR. MRS. SIGMUND DELUGA MR. MRS. JACK DIETRICH MR. MRS. ESTERHAY MR. MRS. SAM GRAY MR. MRS. LEONARD HASIAK MR. MRS. ARTHUR B. HISER MR. MRS. CHARLES HOTT MR. MRS. HENRY J. KOLODZIEJ DR. MRS. JAMES KORELLIS DR. MRS. ROBERT KRAJEWSKI MR. MRS. W. LENGYEL MR. MRS. R.Q. LITTLE. JR. MR. MRS. E.M. MEAGHER MR. MRS. JACK L. O’CONNOR MR. MRS. JOSEPH R. PUNCHO MR. JULIUS DR. BONNIE RAYMOND MR. MRS. GEORGE J. ROBB MRS. HELEN RYS MR. MRS. B.G. SCHAUB MR. MRS. ALAN SCHOOP DR. MRS. MICHAEL SHEVIN MR. MRS. GEORGE SMITH MRS. JAMES W. SNOOK MR. MRS. M.D. STEWART III MR. MRS. ARNOLD VIERK MR. MRS. ALVIN M. WATSON WEISS’ MEN’S STORE MR. MRS. GERALD L. WOODcommunity patrons MR. MRS. MICHAEL ADZIA MR. MRS. RICHARD L. ALLEN MR. MRS. NATE ANDERSEN MR. ft MRS. ANDREWS MR. ft MRS. GARDNER H. ARNOLD MR. ft MRS. STEPHAN BACHNAK MR. ft MRS. BACKE DAVID ft DIANE BAINBRIDCE MR. MRS. WALTER BATOR MR. ft MRS. EUGENE BERGER MR. ft MRS. A.A. BOCHNOWSKI MR. MRS. BEN A. BOCHNOWSKI MR. ft MRS. THOMAS S. BOCHNOWSKI MR. ft MRS. ROBERT BODNAR MR. ft MRS. BORSATT1NO MR. ft MRS. W. BOUTON MR. ft MRS. RICHARD T. BRAMBERT MR. ft MRS. DAVID BRANDT MR. ft MRS. J. BRENMAN MR. ft MRS. WILLIAM BREW MR. ft MRS. THOMAS BRIDGEMAN MR. ft MRS. ELROY BRINKMAN MR. ft MRS. BEN BROWN MR. ft MRS. PAUL C. BRYAN JAMES BUCHANAN MR. ft MRS. CHARLES BULLA MRS. K. R. BUNTING MR. ft MRS. PAUL BURKS MR. ft MRS. JACK BUSSERT MR. ft MRS. ALFRED CAROLLO MR. ft MRS. WM. F. CHIARELLI COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. ft MRS. MORTON CORBIN MR. ft MRS. MARK C. COREY MR. ft MRS. ROBERT CORNELL MR. ft MRS. ALBERT J. COSTELLO M.D. MR. ft MRS. ALVIN DALE MR. ft MRS. GEORGE P. DAVIDSON MR. ft MRS. SAMUEL DENMARK MR. ft MRS. LOUIS DEPORTER MR. ft MRS. G. DERE MR. ft MRS. CHARLES H. DRABENSTAT MR. ft MRS. COURTLAND DRIGGS MR. ft MRS. DYE MR. ft MRS. DON ELMAN DR. ft MRS. J. ESPINO MR. ft MRS. JAMES C. ETLINC MR. ft MRS. FRANK V. FARY BARBARA M. FREEMAN MR. ft MRS. FRIEDMAN MR. ft MRS. WILLIAM FICLER MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH FICULY DR. ft MRS. JACK M. FOX MR. ft MRS. GAINER MR. ft MRS. GAROFALO MR. ft MRS. JOHN GARSON MR. ft MRS. RICHARD GEIGER PETER GELANER MR. ft MRS. RON GESCHEIDLER MISS GETTY MR. ft MRS. A. K. GILCHRIST DR. ft MRS. MITCHELL GOLDENBERG MR. ft MRS. GOODMAN DR. ft MRS. IRWIN L. GREENSPON MR. ft MRS. ROBERT B. GRIFFIN MR. ft MRS. ROBERT GROVES MR. ft MRS. JAMES F. CRUNEWALD MR. ft MRS. HAINES MICHAEL HAWRYZSKOW MR. ft MRS. GEORGE HAY MR. MRS. ROBERT D. HEATHERINGTON MR. ft MRS. JOHN A. HORVATICH MR. ft MRS. MICHAEL HRISO MR. ft MRS. RICHARD C. HUGHES MR. ft MRS. RICHARD P. HUMES MR. ft MRS. HURLEY MR. ft MRS. HAROLD HYMEN MR. ft MRS. PAUL JACOBI DR. ft MRS. R.S. JOHNS MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH P. KAMINSKI MR. ft MRS. ROGER J. KECK MR. ft MRS. W.E. KENNEL MR. MRS. WILLIAM KLAGE MR. ft MRS. JOHN KLYCZEK MR. ft MRS. GENE KORNELIK MR. ft MRS. JAMES KOUFAS DR. ft MRS. KUHN MR. ft MRS. E.J. KUSTKA MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH KWASNY MR. ft MRS. DEAN LANGEL MR. ft MRS. PETE LARGUS MR. ft MRS. T.E. LEASK MR. ft MRS. CHARLES A. LEATZOW MRS. JAMES F. LEE MRS. ROBERT LEE MR. ft MRS. JOHN F. LEONARD MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH LUMM10 MR. ft MRS. H P. LYLE MR. ft MRS. E. MANLEY CREG MARKEY DR. MRS. JOHN C. MASON MR. ft MRS. RICHARD S. MCCLAUGHRY. JR. MR. ft MRS. MARTIN MCNAMARA MR. ft MRS. THOMAS MELIND MR. ft MRS. ROBERT S. MILLER DR. ft MRS. H.Y. MONTES DR. MRS. JOHN MORFAS MRS. A. MOSER-MISS I. BOTSKE MR. ft MRS. DANIEL H. MURPHY MR. ft MRS. DANIEL J. MURPHY MR. ft MRS. T. MUTA MR. ft MRS. JOHN M. NARVII) MR. MRS. TOM NOLANS MR. ft MRS. ARNOLD NOVAK OAK RIDGE BARBER SHOP MR. ft MRS. GEORGE OBERLE MR. ft MRS. THOMAS O’CONNOR MR. ft MRS. DAVID OGREN MR. ft MRS. THOMAS PASSALAGQUA MR. ft MRS. CHARLES PATTERSON DR. ft MRS. ROBERT H. PEACH MR. ft MRS. CAROL W. PETERS DR. ft MRS. JOCAB PETERSON MRS. THOMAS PRENDERGAST MR. ft MRS. WM. RETZLOFF FRANK ft JOANNE RIZZO MR. ft MRS. SIDNEY ROSENBURG ft FAMILY MR. ft MRS. RAY ROVAI MR. ft MRS. SAUL I. RUMAN MR. ft MRS. GENE RUSSELL MR. MRS. SALA MR. ft MRS. WILLIAM H. SCHNELL MR. ft MRS. IRVING SCHOENBERG MR. ft MRS. JOHN W. SCHURER. JR. MR. ft MRS. J. SEDEY MR. ft MRS. ROBERT SHINKAN MR. ft MRS. K.M. SHUPE MR. ft MRS. ROBERT S1EMMF.RING MR. ft MRS. SIMEONI MR. ft MRS. JOHN SKARUPA MR. ft MRS. V. SKOGAN MR. ft MRS. VIRGIL SLIVKA MR. ft MRS. H. JAMES SMITH KEITH ft MARLENE SMITH MR. ft MRS. RUSSELL SNYDER MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH SOBEK. SR. MR. ft MRS. SPERANZA MR. ft MRS. M. STASICK MR. MRS. ROBERT STEIGER MR. ft MRS. STEIN MR. ft MRS. JOSEPH V. STODOLA III MR. MRS. JACK TOBIN MR. ft MRS. R. STANLEY VANCE MRS. PAUL VAN EEKEREN MR. ft MRS. PAUL E. WAISNORA MR. ft MRS. WAYNE WALLER MR. ft MRS. JOHN W. WAMSHER MR. ft MRS. WARNER MR. ft MRS. HERBERT WEINBERG WHITE OAK ASSOCIATION MR. ft MRS. ED WOLAK DR. ft MRS. THOMAS WOODEN MR. ft MRS. ARTHUR F. YOUNGFinally the end of this 180 day school year. Thirty-six Mondays, Tuesdays, Wed- nesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays; of different answers to different tests, but blackening blanks on identical IBM sheets; mouths in motion, gossiping all the time, but always about the same faces; of days with their own separate squares on the calendar, but days with the same bland lunches. And the only way we could make these days different was to do what we wanted to do. Some days were just incredible- You knew exactly what you wanted to do, And when you did it, things just went right Some days Your wildest dreams came true And life was just a bowl of cherries . . . |l| . . . But some days were just miserable— You dropped your tray in the commons Or you were caught ditching. Those days life was hard, Life was cruel, And your only choice was to live it. Not all of us cheered at the games, Not all of us were friends, But all of us were from Munster High And knew what we wanted to say . . . Epilogue 293 Epilogue 295 Acknowledgements PARAGON 1973 would like to thank some people for their special assistance . . . Mr. and Mrs. John Garson for housing our home- coming float . . . Mr. Nat Anderson for his help in constructing our homecoming float . . . Mr. George Kingsley, Paragon representa- tive, for his time and effort . . . Mr. Ray Dobbs, Root Photography Sales representa- tive . . . Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schoop for allow- ing us the use of their restaurant for the Christ- mas party . . . Time magazine for pictures on pages 2-3, our current events spread . . . ' Will I Remember ' by Richard J. Margolis is taken from The Search for Self-Concerns of Man, copywright 1972 . . . Dave Abrinko for his en- dsheet designs . . . Marian Jo Frantz for her designs on our cover and dividers . . . Mrs. Ruth Stout for her help with our artwork . Mrs. Ina Silverman, Mrs. Lil Horlick, and Mrs. Mona Rincon for handling our finances, phone calls, and mail ... Mr. George Kurteff, Mr. James Bawden, and Mr. John Tennant for their cooperation . . . Kelli Mehok, Bob Mon- tes, and Dan Muholland for volunteering to join our staff when we needed help . . . and a special thanks to Mrs. Nancy Hastings for her help and understanding. PARCON Staff 1973 First Row: Sue Krajewski (Co-Editor-in-Chief), Paula Ko- vich (Copy Staff), )an Clement (Organizations Co-Editor), Kelli Mehok (Pho- tography Secretary), Eaith Blacke (Advertising Asst. Editor), Kim Raymond (Co-Editor-in-Chief), Marlene Kaplan (Athletics Editor). Second Row: Carol Russel (Personalities Asst. Editor), Katie Anderson (Academics Asst. Editor). Third Row: Sue Richards (Organizations Co-Editor), Sara Sue Robb (Promotion Co-Editor), Diana Nickoloff (Advertising Editor), Patti Leask (Athletic Asst. Edi- tor), Kathy Bucher (Athletics Asst. Editor), Dan Muholland (Copy Editor), Ken Butynski (Photographer), Mrs. Nancy Hastings (Advisor). Fourth Row: Marcia Bartok (Layout Co-Editor) Peg Schaub (Personalities Co-Editor), Ralph Steiger (Photographer), Bob Montes (Copy), Barb Shinkan (Organizations Asst. Edi- tor). Fifth Row: Linda Regelman (Activities Co-Editor), Sara Dahlkamp (Layout Asst. Editor), Carroll Hriso (Activities Co-Editor), NOT PICTURED: Jack De- nenberg (Head Photographer), John Jugovic (Asst. Head Photographer), Kathy Kolodziej (Personalities Co-Editor), Patty Little (Academics Editor), Patti Meagher (Organization Asst. Editor), Kathy Meagher (Layout Co-Editor), Mar- tha Schoop (Promotion Co-Editor). Specifications The 1973 PARAGON was printed by Paragon Press in Montgomery, Alabama on 80 pound Normandy paper. A no-set-column layout style formed the basic page plan. This book had two pica inner margins, and outer margins of three, four and five picas. The copy style was designed to identify each spread with running heads, combining sub-head phrases of 30 pt. Gothic with label heads of 36 pt. Gothic. Individual page labels were 8 pt. Op- tima Medium. Captions were 8 pt. Optima Me- dium and Body Copy was 10 pt. Spartan lite, containing the history of events. The Advertising section used 24 pt. Century Expanded for the ad- vertisers. Heads of .36 pt. Clarendon were used in Personalities. 6 pt. Bodoni was used for the Index. The cover and dividers were origional water colors, reproduced for us at Paragon Press. Four color processing and spot color were used in the opening and throughout the book. Photography was done by Root Photography Studios in Chicago, Illinois and student photog- raphers of the Paragon Staff. The new seasonal format enabled each section to develop its own unique style. The Activities section set heads running sideways on the spread. The Athletics section was printed in re- verse with white tool lines around each picture. Organizations utilized black lines to add impact and distinguish each layout. Personalities ran 30% black pages with black tool lines between pan- els. Academics included curriculum summaries on each spread. The advertising section ran lay- outs sideways with the advertisers name in re- verse to distinguish it from the rest of the book. PHOTO CREDITS: Unfortunately, on our last deadline, the list of photo credits was misplaced. We are sincerely sorry for this error. Our student photographers are probably the best any year- book has ever had. We would like to extend our special thanks to Head photographer Jack De- nenber, Assistant Head Photographer John Jugo- vic, and the rest of our photography staff— Ken Butynski, Ralph Steiger, Paul Cress, Will Rogers, Bob Boender, Art. St. Arnaud, and Steve Jarzombek. ' T A vo f —5- This year we wanted to produce the most unique PARAGON in the history of Munster High School. Every Munster yearbook has always been organized by sections, so we revised the book into seasons. We had our good times and our bad times. September through December was a lot of Mr. Donuts, messing around, NSPA, our Christmas party at Schoop ' s, and some haphazard planning for the first deadline. January hit us hard, but our staff deserves a special thank-you, for we never would have had this book without them. We cannot put into words how much we owe to Mrs. Hastings. Her guidance and understanding in allowing us to create this book was overwhelming. We made some mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But we are proud of PARAGON 1973, because we have done what we wanted to do. A A halm an. Marla Abel, Fred Aberman, Harold 4 Abernathy, M. Stephen 86. 288 Abrinko. David 18. 19. 66, 68. 224 Adams, Craig 94 Adams. Gail 146 Adams. Guy 224. 204, 205 Adams. Jeff 94 Adams. Lisa 94 Adams. Riehard Adaaka, Lori 20. 224. 235 Adney. Tom 94 Adoba. James 224 ADVERTISING 258 Adzia, Shcrree 146 Adzia. Tony Agerter. Mark 48, 58 Ahlborn. John 118 Alexander. Jim Alexander. Tom Allen. Gary Alien. Janet Allen. Mark Allen. Mary Alien. Nancy Altherr, Cherie 63, 94. 174, 288, 205 Altherr, Lori 20. 62, 138, 224 Amber. Douglas 20, 138, 141, 289 Anderson, Katie 212. 296, 208 Andersen. Neal 94 Andersen. Paula 16. 264. 146, 212 Anderson. Becky Anderson. Dave 224 Anderson, Joan 156 Anderson, Kay Anderson. Michael Anderson. Patricia Anderson. Patrice Anderson. Sharon 205 Anderson. Thomas 225 Andrews, Jim 94 Andrews. Theresa 146, 144, 191. 208 Andrews. Thomas 225 Angel, Kim Angel, Paula 69. 66. 268, 195, 205 Angelcos. Joyce 52, 61. 205 AngelL Carol 146 Anjanos. Mr. Nicholas 86, 159 Aranowski. Brian 20-1. 205 Aranowski. Cindy 173 Arges, Rose Arrington. William 225 ART 34 Ashbv. Tim 224, 219 Ashembremer, Debbie 279, 205 B Babas. Joe 146 Babas. Pam 144. 225 Babij. Peter Babincsak, Lynn ' Mi, 146 Babinsak. Bill 94 Bachman, Molly Bachnak, Arlene 56, 66, 146. 195, 212 Backe. David 146 Barke, Karen 94 Backe. Teresa 69. 145 Bacon, Kim 225 Baime. Marcia 217 Baker. Jane ‘ 4 Baldwin, Mary Ann 94 Baldwin. Pam 58. 66, 94 Balka. Bart 94 Ball. Jim 146 Banaszak. Kurt BAND 58 Baraz. Mike 146 Baikal, Paul Kevin 48, 58, 138. 188. 223. 189 Barker, John Barth, David 43. 94. 191 Barthold. Michelle 94 Bartok. Gayle 61. 146, 144. 195 Bartok. Marcia 138, 144, 226, 223, 195. 212, 296. 204 BASEBALL 152 Basila. Michael Basila, David 94 Basila. Michael 20. 226 BASKETBALL 116 Bawden. Mr. James 82 Botchelder, Douglas Bates, Nancy Bator. Alice 61, 226 Bauschelt. Trina 69, 205 Bayer. Jean 58 Beaman, Miss Jane 8-4 Beard. Mike 94 Beatty. Rita 226 Beck. Jeff 48, 118. 134 Becker. Alan 138 Becker, Diane 50. 146 Beckman. Paul 48 Belinsky. Lynn 226 Bembenista. Barbara 226 Benchik. Frank Benchik. Paula 174, 144. 227 Bender. Robert 144, 212 Bengert. Mrs. Pat 86 Bennc, Melinda 62, 137 Benoit. September 94 Benson, Barbara 94 Berry. Bruce 48, 24. 147 Berger, I eonard 94 Berghian, Marv Beth 224 Bemthal, Mrs, Katherine 86 Biedron, Carry 147 Biedron, Ia»u 52. 134, 184, 185. 182. 183 Biegel, John 227 Biegel. Mark 227 Bicker. Mary 64. 20. 138, 227 Biel. Patrice 55. 57. 61. 227, 222, 223 Biel. Susan 61. 66, 147. 195 Bielski. Ray 94 Bielski, Tom 147 Biiicki, Miss Christine 86, 139 Bilik, Steve 58 Black, laurel 94 Blacke. Faith 61, 69. 79, 179. 261. 260. 212 Blanchard, Ken 17 Blanchard. Kevin 94 Bleicher, Laura 147 Blocker. Mark 128, 131. 134. 227. 219 Bobin. Michael 48. 49. 36. 135. 227 Bobin. Patrick 94 Bochnowski. Clarice 56, 66. 147. 162, 195, 212 BochnowskL Mary 20. 227 Bodnar, Judy. 147 Boender. Larry Bogus ., Eileen 94, 219 Bogus ., Matt 48, 169, 227, 191 Bohley, Terry 147 Bohling, Valerie Bole is, Joe 227 Boldin, Candace Boleck, Kathy 94 Boeck, Sherry 20, 147 Bolls, Richard 147 Bolls. Robert 58. 69. 137. 141 Bom bar. Cindy 48. 299 Bond, Dan 58, 94, 136 Bonner, Catherine 58. 94, 137 Bookwood. Brad. 1 18, 147 Book wood, Pamela 144, 227 Boroughs. Allison 141, 147, 149, 159, 195 Borowski, Bob 147 Borowski. Ceorgeann 138, 227 Borsattino, Jean 19. 1 10. 147 Borsattino. Louise 19, 66, 195 Bortz. Penny 139, 204 Bouque, Melinda 147, 172 Bouton, Cay Bouton, Kim 205 Bower, Marcia 145, 227. 216. 208. 204 BOWLING CLUB 143 Boyle, Brion 94 Branco, Matt 94 Brankle. M re. Emma 87 Brandt. Rhonda 139. 147 Brant, Cathy 147 Brant, Jeff 94 Brasaemle. Mrs. Ruth 87. 141 Brauer. Roland 94 Breaz. Michael 224. 227. 191 Breda w. Mike 4 Brenman, Larry 147 Brenman, Terry 61, 147 B reshock. Bob 48, 1 18, 147. 205 Bretz. Bob Brian. Joene Brian. Ron 94 Bright. Mrs. Rose 87 Brink. Bruce 94 Brink, Bruce 94 Brinkmann, Jeanne 61, 215. 205 Brisco, Miss Ann 87 Broertjes, Nancy Brooks, Lori 94. 96. 79 Brooks. Randy Brouwers, Joani 79, 205 Brown, Barbara 147 Brown. Bruce 20, 112, 228 Brown, Jeff 58, 59, 137 Brown, Ted 94 Brown. Terry 147 Bruhn, Gwen 228 Brumtn. Jim 43. 95 Rrumm, Laurie 66, 128, 147, 162, 292. 198 Brunner. Carmen 58. 66. 95, 137, 204 Bryon. Paul 147 Buchanan, Jim 95, 128 Bucher, Kathy 212. 2%. 205 Buckenberger, Jennifer 54. 228 Buckner. Shirley 228 Buda, Joe 69 Budny. Bill 147. 191 Budny. David 140, 147, 191 Bunting. Audrey 58, 66, 56. 136, 147. 274 Bunting, Beverly 58, 68, 19. 212 Bunting. Don 36, 58. 95 Buran, Greg 147 Burch. Andy 95 Burke. Cindi 04. 66. 68, 138. 147, 195 Burks, Cindy 147, 172 Hurkhardt, Mr. Edwin 87. 91 Kurkhardt, Tom 128 Burns, John 147 Burns, Maureen ‘ 5 Bumstein, Alan Busick, Carole 228 Busseru Chris 19. 37. 39. 136. 205 Bussert, Vicky 19. 147 Butkus, Jim 147. 184. 205 Butynski. Ken 156, 212. 296 Butynski, Tom 147 Bykawski, Lynn c Cala. David 228 Calhoun. Julie 19. 66. 147, 2 12. 194 Calhoun. Natalie 19. 58. 66. 156, 194. 20-4 Camp. Evelyn 79, 156 Camp. Leslie 228 Campbell. Betty 156 Campbell, Pattie 156 Candiano, Carol 228 Caniga, Janet 156 Capps, Perrie 121. 95 Carey, Kevin 156 Carlson. Kevin 156 Carlson. Lynn 156 Carlson, Susan Carmony, Mr. David 58. 59, 87, 136. 137 CARNIVAL 180 Carney, Shane 95 Carollo. Bradley 95 Carol !o, Debi 147, 212 Carr. James 33. 228 Carr, Thomas 58. 156 Carroll. Anthony 141. 147 Casey, Carol 147, 212 Casey, Jim 228 Castillo, Frank 48. 58. 134. 141. 156, 160 Chad. Eric 228 Coach Chelirh 128 CHEERLEADERS 62 Chcmerinsky. Ira 228 CHESS CLUB 80 Chiardli, Leslie 19. 58. 66. 68. 139. 147 Christman. Craig 95 Christoff. Miss Dorothy 87 Christopherem. Rob 134. 157 Christy, Bill 95, 1 01 Christy, Nikoleta Chruby, Leo 157 Chruby, Tom Ciez, Kathy 157 Clark. Betsy 157 Clark. Roger 52. 118. 119, 134. 188, 220, 272 Clark. Ronald 148 Clelaud. Beth Cleland, Tim 148 Clement. Jan 58, 137. 228, 239 Clott, Chris 157 Clusserath. Andrew Cohen. Sara 169, 229. 198, 204 Colgrove, Robert 58. 95. 128 Collison. Steve 148 Coltin. Kerry 148 CONCERT CHOIR 205 Conner, Jane 95 Connor, Marilyn 229 Conoer. Mary Lu 148, 294 Cook, Susan Cooney. Kathy 95 Copeland, James 58, 95, 136, 137 Copeland, Kathy 229 Coppage. Mr. Hal 87 Copper! Mr. Mike 118. 174, 291 Copple. David 157 Corban. Margaret 157 Corban. Mark 148. 191 Cornell. Bob 66. 69. 138, 157. 195 Corns, Jean 95 Corns. Joe Cort. Tony 18. 46. 48, I 13, 1 18. 1 19, 141. 134. 15 ' 178, 179, 198. 289. 197, 199, 205 Costello. Gerry 48. 177. 148, 290 Coulis. Angelo 148 Covert, Jackie 1 48 Crary. Bryan 19. 66. 67. 148, 195, 205 Cniry. Lyn 145. 229, 204 Crew. Paul 21 1 CRIER 201 Croissant. Sue 60, 61. 229 Croner. Mary 157 CROSS COUNTRY 40 Crouch, Lisa 157 Crouch, Sepi 148 Cueller, Albert 95, 191 Cumminp . Brian 48, 134, 157, 274. 205 Cummings, Curt 229, 219 Curtis. James 95 Cusick, Brian 56. 148 Cusick. Debbie 58, 198. 199. 197 Cwiok. Kevin 148 D Dahl. Kirsten 95 Dahl. Lisa 229 Dahlkamp. Sara 79. 157, 173, 212 Dalessandro, Pete Dalton. Pamela I 39, 148 Coach Dan 124 Danko. Dennis 141, 157 D’Aroy. Jean 5 Da via. Bob 230 Davia. Gail 148 Davlanlcs, (ius 66. 95 Day. Connie 230 Dayney, Ron 43, 95. 191 Dayncy, Steve 43. 148, 111, 262. 191 Decker, Jeff 148 DeCola, Patti 95 DelaCorera. Marita 95 Delaney, bmmon 78. 204 Deluga. Helen 230 Deluga, Jennie 157. 218 Demaree, Susie 146 Demv, John 48, 148 Denenberg, Jack 157. 212 Denmark. Tracy 19, 66. 70, 148. 179. 194 DeRe, Carla 148 DeRolf. Dan 157 DeRolf. Peter 157 DeVore, Larrv DcVore. Patty 230 DeYoung, Gary 148 DeYoung;, Glen 230 DeYoung;, Luaric 148 Dickerman -Colin 157 Dickerman. Jeff 95 Dietrich, Melissa 57. 61, 230 Dilling. Mr. Richard, 43 DISTRIBUTIVE ED. 78 Dixon, James Dizon, Romeo 95 Dohia, Jeff 157 Dobosz, Dan Dobosz, Gail 61, 231, 272 Dobosz, Tom 157 Doherty, Sue 231 Donofrio, Sandy 148 Donofrio, Randy Donne ruber ger. Allison 157. 195 Donoho. Carl 95, 116 Don oho, Loric 148. 195 Donoho. Todd 48. 124, 20. 125. 134, 231. 240 Dorria, Mark 48. 157, 180, 231 Downing. Ralph 48, 157. 180 Drechael, Sharon 148 Downs, Charlie 19, 66. 68. 69. 129, 157. 195 Doyle, Stephen 43. 95. 191 Draacic, Mike 231 Drewniak, Karen 157 Drewry, Paul 231 Drigga, Michaelle 138, 157 Driggs, Tammy 95. 138. 200 DRILL TEAM 60 Dubczak, Barb 1-48 Dubczak. Regan 148 Dudek. Tom 157 Duffala, Tom 231 Duffy. Denise 95 Duhon. Derek 148, 18-4 Dunn. Diane 231 Dunn. Mark 1-48 Dunn, Rebecea 1 48 Dunn, Shirley 148 Dunn, Tami 95 Dunn, Tom 95 Dunning. Debi 19, 66, 68. 69, 144. 157. 179, 195, 205 Dye. BUI 148, 191 Dye, Jim 95 E Easter. Alice 95 Echleriing, Donna 148 Echterling, (.auric 95, 173 Edington, Mr. Joh 87. 90. 289 Eggers, Bill 48, 49. 135 Eggers, Jennifer 148 Eggers, Jim 148 Egli. Mike 148 Egli, Sheryl 231 Egnatz, Jan 95 Eicke, Diane 149 Eidam, Rudy 48, 134, 187, 231 Eismin, Bill 95 Elias, Mark 58. 59. 137, 140. 149 Elias. Sandy 66. 58, 95. 137. 181 Elkins. Janet 21, 58, 136, 169, 231, 223 Elkins, Patti 95. 288 Elliott. Phillip 95 Ellison, Diane 95 Ellison, Tomi Ami 52. 149 Elman, Mrs. Linda 87 Elman, Richard 95 Elman, Mrs. Linda El Naggar. Ashraf 141, 157 Eisner, Rick 95 Encinosa, Ana 54, 145. 231, 20-4 ENGLISH 218 Engstrom, Mre. Helen 88 ENSEMBLE 203 Erskine. Steve 149 Erickson, Thomas 39 . 232 Espino. Marian 149 Esterhay, Ann 20, 21. 58, 136, 169. 232 Estrada. Ann 54, 149 Estrada. John 169, 232 Etling, Barb 157, 197 Etling, James 157, 195 Etling. Mary Ann 141, 149, 195. 205 Etling, Thomas 38. 95, 195. 191 Eller, Dave 232 Evans. Davna 95 Evans, Kent 157 Evett. Scott 232 Evett. Stacy 95 Evett. Steve 95 Eyer, Kelly 96 F FALL DRAMA 66 Farrow. Ilona 157 Fary. Monica 149, 179, 212 Featherly. Beverly 158 Ferro, Jaeklvn 141. 149 Fetzko. Tom 48, 134. 157. 262. 205 Fields. Lisa 158 Figuly, Donna 32. 158 Figuly, Sandra 96 Finkiewicz, William 149 Finely. Dan 66, 96. 175 Fischer, Gayle 96. 137. 289 Fischer. Mike 184, 232 Fischer, Michael 58, 136, 158 Fisher. Aaron 79. 158 Fisher, Melody 79, 158 Fissinger, Mark 149 Fissinger, Susan 96 Flectk. Patty 158. 289 Flvnn. Patricia 232 Flynn, Teresa 158 Fodor. William 140. 158. 205 ' Fogelman, Jerry 58. 138, 144. 149 Folia. Stan FOOTBALL 44 Ford, Cindi 232 Ford. Kris 96. 188 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 176 Forsythe, Patty Ann 96 Fort, Mr. Gene 88 Foster. Rachel 96 Fowdy. John 96 Fowler. Florence 53. 96. 137 Fox, Andy 96, 188 Franczek, Tom 124. 134. 158 Frank. larry 58, 96 Frank. Russell 158. 191 Frank, Sam 174 Frantz. Marian 232 Franzen, Dave 66 Fredericks. Lisa Ann 96 Fredericks, Sue 149 Freeman, Jim 27, 79, 158 Friedman, Karen 149, 70, 288. 195 Friedman, Sandra 96 Friend, Mr. John 46, 89 Friend, Tracy 61. 149, 195 Fruehauf, Naomi 292, 195 G GAA 74 Gabor, Monica 19, 149, 292 Gage, Judy 149 Gage, Susan 60, 61, 232 Gainer. Dave 128, 149 Gajewski, Debbie 149, 288 Gajewski, Greg Galison. John Garfin, David 66. 69. 149 Garfin, Debbie Garofalo, Elizabeth 52, 149. 212 Garriott, Dave 43. 233, 191 Garson, Robin 58. 52. 56. 137, 149, 274, 212 Garzinski, Ron 55 Gaudio, Elaine 66, 96, 111 Gaudio, Mary Beth 145. 233 Gaudio, Mike 158 Geiger, Karla 149, 195, 212 Geise, Mr. David 29. 88 Gempka, Garry 149 Gcorgas, GaU 64. 78, 233 Georgas, John 128, 136. 149 Georgas, Mark 96 Georgezich, Cuetko 96 Gerdt. Chreyl 19, 66. 149 Gescheidler. Mary Beth 96 Gescheidler, Steven 79, 144. 158 Getty. Miss Mary 88 Geyer, Susan 58, 70, 66. 138, 233 Gibbs. Jerry 96 Gibbs, Sandy 233 Gigstead. Roger GUchrist. Heather 19, 66, 68, 149. 176, 218, 194 Gillespie, Susan 79, 158 Gilman, Lois 149 Giorgio, Tom 48, 149, 154 Gluth, Brian 96 Goddard, Bob 184, 234. 182 (folding, Robert 149 (Goldsmith, Linda 158 (kddstein, Nathan 96, 102 Golec, Debra 158 GOLF 186 Gonce, Miss Marge 84 Goodman. Hugh 96 (Goodman. Marcia 48, 118. 149, 184, 303 Goodman. Peter 158 Gordon. Lee 141, 158 Gorman, John 58 GRADUATION 252 Graff. James % Graff. John 48. 158 Grand, Robert 48, 118, 121. 134. 158, 205 Graves. Mr. Jeffrey 88. 140 Gray. Karen 234, 210 Gray, Steve 43. 149, 191 Green, Ed 48. 134. 234, 287 Green. John 48. 148. 205 Greenbaum, Mrs. Iris 177 Greenspon, David 149, 155 Greenspon. Debbie 61. 69, 180. 234 Greer, Sandra 149 Greer. Sheri 234 Gregg, Kathy 138. 158 Gregg. James 96. 138 Greisen, lisa 58. 137. 158 Griffin, Carol 66, 139. 149 Griffith, Jay 234 Groeger, Sharon 234 Groesche, Carol 96 Grompona. Peter 96. 188 Groves. Tim 48. 149 Grow. Bob 48. 124, 234, 1%. 204 Cninewald. Jim 48. 140, 141, 158 G.T.O. 132 Guiden. Tom 158. 188 Guilotte, Karen 158, 194. 205 Guilotte. Nancy 96 Guske. Mr. Donald 84 Gyure. I .aura 96 Gyure, Steve 158 Gyure. Tom 96 H Hack, Ted 48. 149 Hagerty, Terry 18, Mi, 158. 1%, 194, 205 Haines. Peter 96 Haines. Rebecca 158 Halas, NaUlie 96 Hale. Debbie 66, 68. 178. 179, 198, 234. 197, 194 Hales, Sandy 158, 205 Hales, Sharon 96, 53. 179 Halon, Denise 234 Haller. Mr. Ross 88 Ham. Wendv 158 Hamilton. Terry 96 Hand. Josephine 70. 158 Hand. Lois 96 Hannabach. Sue 234 Hanock. Lisa 234, 204 Hanoek, Scott 96, 188 Hansen. John Hauson. David 158 Hanus. Mike Hauder. Dan 158 Hauder. Mark 96 Harkenrider, Janet 34, 133, 158 Harkenrider, Sue 234 Harr, EUeen 234 Harr. Hallie 149 Harrigan, Danette 96, 145 Harrison, Dan 149 Harrison, Jeff 96 Harrison, Natalie 149. 195 Harrison, William 48, 58. 59 Hart. Debbie 96, 200 Hart. Mike Hart, Packy 149 Hartkoorn. Garry 149, 288 Hartkoom. Rosemary 235 Harvey, Dan 96 Harvey. Susan 66, 159 Harwood. Vicki 149 Hasiak. Phillip 48. 49. 113. 134. 235 Hasse. Bill 69, 128. 131, 141, 195, 205 Hasse, Jennifer 96, 195 Hastings. Mrs. Nancy 21. 89. 210, 212 Hawkins, Mrs. DeElta 29, 89 Hawkins, Janet 96 Hawkins, Nancy 58, 150 Hawryszkow, Mike 52, 159, 278, 197. 194, 205 Hay, Carol 150 Haverstock, Mr. Arthur 89 Haver. Tom 150 Hayes. Jerry 78, 275 Hayes, Tim 79, 154 Hazelwood. Jean Hazelwood, Robert Headdy, Jill 150 Heatherington. Gina 150. 212 Hegedus, John 235 Helm. Brenda 159. 205 Helm, Brett 96, 191, 190 Helminski. Celeste 96, 195 Helminski, Fran 179, 66. 195, 208, 205 lielwig. Rich 179 Hensley. Edith 235 Hered. Robert 141. 159. 288. 223 Herr. Hill 150 Hesterwaig. Steve Higgins, Bob 124, 159 Higgins, Pat Higgins, Ron 134. 264. 159. 205 Higgins, Steve 150 Hinchion, Doug 19. 68. 145, 159 Hinkle, Rhonda 235 Hiple, Leslie 97, 138 Hirsch, larrv 150 Hirach, Mike 78, 235 Hiser. David 112, 235 Hodor, Diane 97 Hodor. Tim 134, 159. 191, 190 Hodus. Mary Ann 236 Hogue, Jim 97 Holmes, Talli 236 Homan, Sharon 236 Homberg, Mr. Richard 89 HOMECOMING 52 HONORS 222 Hope, Sue 96, 97 Horath, Dave 58 Horiick, Melodee 79, 159 Horvatich, Jack 118. 121, 150 Horvatich. Mark 154 Hostettler, Al 150 Hostettler. Roger 150 Hott, Brian 43. 42, 236, 191, 204 Howard. Pat 145 Hriso, Carroll 61, 281, 159, 223, 195. 212. 196 Huck. Jim 97 Huck. Patti 66, 159 Huebner, A Hyson Huebner, David 236, 135, 48. 47. 55, 52. 191 Hulett. Kathv 70. 159, 214. 195. 205 Hulett. Tim 1 18, 150 Hulett. Tom 97, 191 Hulsey. Suzette 61, 1. 171, 159. 205 Humes, DcAnn 159 Humes, Janet 150 Humes, Richard 236 Hunt, Mr. Richard 89 Hunter. Bob 150 Hunter, Ted 150 Huvlev, Lvnn 97 Huttle, Bettv Huttle, Elizabeth Huttle, Wayne Hwang, Eunsook 159 Hymen, Jerry 150 I lorio. Janice 159 Iaay, Michele 97 Ismael, Charles 159 Ismael Sandra 236 Iwachiw. Stephanie J Jablonski. Mary 236 Jacobe, Debbi 64, 160 Jacobs. Gilbert 97 Jacobson, Mark 43. 150, 191 Janik. Rich 159 Janke. Dan 48, 150, Janke. Jay 289 Jarman. Karen 150 Jarman. Linda 159 IfldCX 299 Jarosz, Mike 97 Jarzombek, Stephen 150 Jatintkr, Terry 159 Jeeninga, Don 150 Jeeninga, John 236 Jeorae, Joanne 61. 79. 159. 215 Jepson, Mr. Jon 89, 128, 131 Jepson, Ted 128. 150 Johns, Nancy 61. 159, 214, 104. 205 Johnsfn, (larol 236 Johnsen, Connie 236 Johnson, Diane 69. 150 Johnson, Mrs. Dorih 32. 90 Johnson, Juli Johnson, Sieve 97 JOURNALISM 115 Joseph, Miw Cheryl 85 Jugovie, David 97 Jugovie. John 39, 138, 159. 212 K Kaczka, Th ester Kaczka, Jim Kaczka, Theresa Kaiser. Mary Ann 150 Kalapach, Bruce 141 Kaminski. Ken 20, 236 Kaminski, Mark 138, 159 Kaminski. Megan 144, 159 Kaminski. Peter Kane, Karl 159 Kanyer. Brian 118, 150, 188 Kaplan. Gwen 150, 205 Kaplan. Marlene 236. 212. 2% Kapp, Robert Karagianis, Mr. James 86. 279 Kasle. James 141, 159 Kasle. Nancy 97 Kasper. Debbie 20. 64. 236, 289 Kaster, Charles 97 Katshnias, George 97 Katsoulis, Nick 134, 181. 159. 148 Katz. Debbie 97, 200 Keck. Jeff 237 Keeler. Scott 48. 118, 150, 184, 185. 183 Keeler, Tom 48. 138, 116, 237, 191 Keen, Ginger 138, 69. 159. 195, 204, 205 Keen, Sue 237 Keitz, Christy 237. 113 Keitz, Sue 97. 200 Kelly, Terry 171, 48. 134. 159, 191 Keilman, Denise 97 Kenealy, Bonnie 196. 204 Kennedy, BiU 78, 237 Kemaghan. Mr. Donald 00 Kessler, Jame 150 Kessler, Rick 58, 97 Keck. John 237 Kicked. Daine 97 Kiesling, Mark 159 Killinpiworth, Ray 97 Killingsworth, Ron Kincala, Kathy 97 Kincaid, Scott 159 Kinder. Bill 17. 138 Kinder, Dave 97 King, Gina 237 King. Lee 262, 156, 150, 155, 205 Kinnane, Tom 134, 159 Kipta, Diane 97, 205 Kipta, John 52, 159 Kiser, Darrell 78, 237 Kiser, Tony 150 Kish. Kathleen 56, 150 Kish, Paul 69. 179. 150. 191 Kish, Tim 48. 134, 237 Kivett. Nancy 19, 27. 66, 179. 159. 274. 217. 195. 208, 205 Klage, Bill 69, 170, 150 KJagc, Tom 128. 97 KJczek. Lisa 97 Klein, Susie 52, 237 Klemm. Dave 58. 150 Klooster. Mr. Ted 83 Klosak, Bryan 171, 237 Klosak, Dain 150 Klug, Gary 33, 237, 188 Klug. Rich 159 Kmak, David Kanpik, Beth 58, 137. 159 Knesek, Jim 118, 116. 237 Knutson, Bill 128, 134, 159 Knutson, Cindy 150, 133 Koester, James 34, 150 Koetteritz. Ron 97 Kolas. Bob 97. 191 Kolas, John 43. 42, 159. 191 Kolas, Mark 191 Kolember, Linda 139, 79, 144. 159 Kolember, Nancy 97 Koloch, George 151 Koloch. Melody 159 Kolodziej, Kathy 20, 237 Kolten, Nancy 151 Konkoly, Dave 48 Kontos, Esther 151 Kontos. Wanda 20. 138, 238 Kopacz. Charles 238 Kopacz. Mary 151 Kopacz. Virginia 97 Korellis, John 97, 191 KoreUis. Sam 20, 238 Komelik, Denise 151, 212 Kotfer, Dan 151 Kotfer, Donna 97.260 Koufos, Maria Koufos. Pete 48. 159, 196 Kovack. Tim 159 Kovich. Greg 128 Kovich, Paula 238. 212, 296. 208. 204 Kowalezyk. Mary 159, 204, 205 Kowalisvn, Gary 238 Kowalisyn, Linda 151 Krajewski, Jim 169, 151 Krajewaki, Sue 238. 297. 212. 220. 221 Krause, Judith 160 Krawczvk, Greta 58. 66. 138. 136. 137, 181. 160 Krawczyk. Jan 58, 97. 137 Kristoff, Andrea 97 Krol Tom 238 Kroll, Chris 58, 145. 160 Kroll, Jeralvn 138. 97, 145 Krupa, Kenneth Krupinski. Joe 238 Kucer, Gary 39. 1 18. 238 Kucer. Joanne 171, 151 Kucer. Kris 56, 151, 286 Kucer. Pam 238 Kuck. Mark 151 Kuhn. Hugh 128. 130 Kurteff. Mr. (ie 82, 83, 219 Kurz. Ron 128. 151 Kus. Mike 151 Kustka. Julie 151 Kwasnica. William 97 Kwasnv, Claudia 151.212 Kwasnv. Michael 97 ) Kwasnv. Nancy Ladd. Mark 160. 184, 195 Lang, Marcy 70, 160. 194. 205 Langel. Julie 139. 151 LANGUAGE CLUB 140 lamman, Elizabeth 52. 238, 196 Iamman, Peter 48. 54, 134, 160, 188. 280 Iamman, Rick 238, 197, 201 Lanman, Todd 128, 151 Lanting. Cathy 238 Laming, Shelly 96. 97 Lairgus. Tom 18. 48. 134. 184. 172 LaRocca. Dave 148 Lautz, David 48, 51, 52. 238, 270 Lautz, Steve 151 Lazerwitz. Jay 151, 161 Lazerwitz, Lori 69 laizinski, Lori 69 lean. Kandee 144, 151 Leary. Kim 97 la-ask. Barbara 151. 216 la-ask. Patricia 60, 66, 179, 195. 212. 296. 205 la-dna, lisa 69, 79, 144, 160. 195 I er, Dan 128. 151 Lee, Jim 128, 130. 131. 134. 238 I a-e, Pat 48 Lee. Robert 48. 58, 97. 134 Leeney, Miehaeline 160. 179. 195. 205 Leenev, Sharon 97 la-nan. Boh 151 Ia ngyel. Kathy 239 Leonard, Dan 160 Leonard, Judy 19, 151 la-onard, Karen 66, 67. 145. 179. 223, 239. 223. 218. 208 Leone. Melinda 160. 205 LETTERMAN 134 I evenburg, Charles 26, 160 Lrvenburg, Norman 151 Lewann, Bob 262 Lewis, Ron 151 Lewis, Sheila 239 Iiebman. Sue 239 liehtsinn, Karen 133, 160. 163, 214. 205 Liming. Randy Lindeman, arol 138, 239. 202, 195. 204 Linden. Mr. Karl 17, 90 Linders, Hans 160, 162 Lindstrom, Ardis 160. 162 Lindquist. Mr. Lloyd 39. 90 Lippie. Paul 97. 191 Lipson. Benji 48. 151, 205 Lipton, Janies 69, 138. 160. 196, 199, 205 Little. Patty 259, 212, 2% Livingston, Bob 17, 24, 141. 160 Livinprton, Lauri 239 Long. Jean 145. 239, 204 Long. M arsha 151 Longhauser, Cheryl 19. 69, 160, 179. 260, 195. 21 Longhauser. Lorraine 66, 98, 179, 195 Loomis, Beth 58, 98, 137 Lorentzen. Heidi 151 Lorentzcn. Mark 239 Long. Tom 48. 124, 151 Low, David 160 Lowe. Donna 240 Iaiermcn. Catherine 145, 240 Lucrssen, Susan 151, 195 I aim min, Janet 32, 141. 151 laiscavach, Cathy 151 Iaitton, Debbie 160. 195 Lyle, Kathryn 151, 212, 208 Lyman, Linda 151 Lynn. Gary 58. 98 M McAllister, Janis 20, 240 McAllister, Nancy 152. 195 McCarthy, Dan 161 MrClaughry. Richard I2K. 152 McClean, Jim 138. 161 McCollum. Anne 240 McCoy, Cliff 152 McCoy, Don 152 McDaniel, Jan 161, 205 McDonald, Anne 20, 240. 223 McDonald, Mr. John 90 MeDoneld. Stephen 240 McGuffy, Lola Mclruloo. Mr. James 90 McKenna, Karen 19. 66, 68, 144, 152, 70. 195. 208 McKenna. Sue 19. 20. 66, 68. 70, 161. 195. 211 McLaughlin. Brian 26. 161, 179. 267. 196,21$, 194. 210, 205 McLendon, Kathryne 20. 21. 240 Mcljcndon, Kevin 161 McM orris, Doug McMorris, Jeff 38 McNamara. Carole 161 McNamara. Mary 240 McNamara, Mrs. Pat 90 McNees, Jan 69, 145, 161, 287, 205 Me Ward. Kevin 48, 152 Madorang, Rose Ann 151 Madsen. Christine 98 Maginot, Bob 160, 184 Maginot. Torn 152 Mahala, Renee 98 MAJORETTES 65 Makorcwich, Lisa Malinski, Paula 160 Mallett, Tomalee 152 Malo. Chris 141, 160 Maloney, Mary Jo 98 Maloney. Patrick 160 Maloney, Sharon 240 Maluga, Naucy 20. 138. 2-40 Manchak, Robert 152, 188. 189 Manley, Paula 152 Mannon. Allen 152 Manske. Christine 20. 240 Mansueto, Dan 19. 98, 179 Mansuelo, Joe 160. 179. 195 Marcus, Melinda 98 Marden. Carol 52, 62. 63, 20. 240 Marden. Leslie 66, 98 Marden, Robin 144, 152. 212 Margraff, Greg Markarewich, Lisa 98 Markey, Diane 66, 96, 98, 69. 179 Markey, Greg 160, 162 Markovich. Greg 160. 262 Markowicz. Darlene 160 Markowicz, Ron 152 Marks, Sandy 240 Marks, Tom 240 Marshall. Jim 240 Marshall, John 118, 152 Martin, Kevin 162 Martin, Susan 152, 195 Martin, Tony 241 Masolak. Mitch 152 Mason, Chris 152, 195 Mason, Mike 98, 195 Matasar, Ronny 160 MATHEMATICS 174 Mattox, Kathy 98 Mattox, Thomas 161 Matusek, Martin 161 Matyszka, Janice 161 May. Edward 58, 98, 137 May, Robert 161 Mayer. Jeff 145. 161 Mazanek, Laura 161. 205 Mazur, Janice 152 Mazzoeco. Patricia 241 Meagher, Kathleen 19, 138, 179. 241. 195, 212. Meagher, Patty 58, 137, 138, 161. 212 Medansky, Cindy 98 Medansky. David 184. 241, 211 Medansky, Lawrence 241 MEDICAL CLUB 139 Meeker, David 58, 137, 152 Meese, Melaine 161 Meese, Melinda 161 Megremis, Sam 140, 152 Mehalso, Allison 152 Mehalso, Jennifer 61, 133, 161, 217. 205 Mehok, Kelli 241 Mehok, Kevin 172 Meier, Paul 161 Melind, Andrew 43, 152 Melind, William 138, 161 Mellady, James 152 Melladay. I .aura 79, 161 Mendoza, Dale Merchant. Robert 145, 161 Mescall. Randy 69. 140. 141, 152. 191 Metz, Aurel 98 Meyer, Carole 152 Meyer, Carrie 152 Meyer, Cheryl 138. 241 Meyer, Mrs. Helga 90 Meyer, Jeff 98 Meyer. Valerie 152. 288 Mezey, Michelle 66, 98 Michalak, Selena 98 Micon, Iarry 55.69. 128. 134, 138, 161, 1%, 195 Middleton, Chris 152 Mihalo. Joyce 152 Mika. Steven 98 Mike . Craig 118. 152. 205 Miller. Bruce 152 Miller. Dave 134. 161 Miller. Debbie Miller. Ed Miller. (Jerri 161, 205 Miller. Jeff 48. 128. 131 Miller, Kim 58. 98, 137 Miller. Mary 152 Miller. Toby 98 Miller. Richard 161, 214. 191 Miller. Robert B. Miller. Robert G. 48, 51, 54. 241. 299 Millies. Lee 98, 99 Milliken, Janice 138, 144, 145. 242, 194. 195. 204 Miner. Jeff Miner, JiktI 152 Minnick, Marilyn 152 Minnick, Marla 79 Minnick, Michael Minnick, Tony 152 Mirkov. Jim 161 Mirkov. Julie 262 Mirkov. Mark 161, 173 Miskus, David 98 Miszewski. Lynn 98, 152 Miszewski. Tina Mitchell, Cindy 242 Mitchell. Jim 98 Mitchell. Jon 124. 152 Mitchell. Melissa 242 Mitziga, Bob Mogle. Jane 98. 179. 195 Mola, Ronald 98 Monaldi. Ron 242 Montes, Anna 152, 195. 212 Montes. Robert 36. 39, 69. 134, 141. 161, 172. 280. 214. 212 Montgomery, Jean 139, 153 Moreno. Darla 32, 153 Morfas, Chris 48. 153, 191 Morninp lar, Nancy 161 Morris. Roberta 138, 242 Moss. Diane 58, 98. 137 Moswine, Arthur 98 Moya. Beth 161 Moya, Dave 58. 153. 154 Movnagh. Brigid 139, 243 Moynagh, Cathy 58, 98, 137, 264 Movnagh, Margaret 161 Moynagh, Mike 128, 153 Mudroniak, Kathi 58, 98, 264 Mueller, Robert 27. 55, 128. 131, 139. 243 Mullholland. Dan 43. 40. 124. 161, 191, 212. 296 Mulholland, Julie 98 Mulholland. Mark 43, 152. 191 Mulligan, Dan Mullins, Steve 48, 161 Mund, Robert 243 Muntiu, Jar 98 Murakowski, Don 98 Murphy. Danielle 98 Murphy. Jenny 20, 138. 33. 243 Murphy, Kevin 78. 243 Murphy. Laura 19. 68, 179, 153, 70. 195. 212 Index 301 Murphy. Moira 153, 144. 195. 212 Murphy. Pat 243 Murray, Debbie 61. 161 Murray. Paula 153 Murzyn. Dan 161. 288 Murzyn, Debbie 243 MUSICAL 194 Musick. Elaine 98 Musiek, Marlene 69, 161 Mussleman, Mr. Ed 90. 188 Mustari. Len 124. 134, 161 Muta. Kathy 62, 153. 299 Nadeleis, Mike 161 Nagdemna. Robert 153 Narvid. Aderienne 153, 195 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 220 Navarro, Robert Nelson, Bill 99 Nelson, Carla 99 Nelson, Daniel Nelson. Debra 243. 196. 204 Nelson. Don 79, 161 Nelson. Paul 112. 243 Nelson. Vicki 99 Neukranz. I .aura 35, 48, 58. 161 Neukranz, Tom 58. 99. 158 Neverauskas, MaryAnne 36. 243 NEWS BUREAU. 209 Nickoloff, Diana 52. 162. 260. 194, 212. 205 Nigro, Joe 162 Nitz, Steve 188 Niksic, Mr. Michael 46, 90. 184 NINTH AND TENTH GRADE CHOIR 200 Nolan. Jeff Nolan. Nancy 99 Norris, Douglas 128. 153 Nottolik, David 48. 118. 119, 153 Novak. Nancy 66. 139, 153 Novak, Paul 223, 195 Nowaczyk. Debbie 69, 141, 162, 211 Nowaczyk. Jeff 66. 99. 179 o O ' Bansk ' . Jeff 69. Ill, 162. 21 1 O Bandw. Mark 19. 112. 243. 262 Oberle, Douplas 37. 29. 57. 134. 184. 243 Oberie, Ten-aa 37. 54. 159, 153. 165. 144. 219, 195 O’Bryan, Annette 99 O’Brvan, Martha 153 O ' Connell Eileen 162. 210. 211 O’Connell John 99 O’Connel Kevin 99 O’Connor, Colleen 243. 204 O’Connor, Chris 162 O’Connor. Nanette 99. 179 O ' Donnell. Marv Ann 243. 289 Ogorek. Jeff 153 Ogem. Tom 128. 134. 162. 195 (Man, Mitch 99 (Mivcr, Pamela 99 Olson. Kristina 99 Opat. ( ' .hr is 99 Opinker, Nicki 133, 162. 194. 205 ORCHESTRA 206 Ordjeski. ianda 99 Orlich. Patricia 153, 195 Orlich, Rich 48, 134, 138, 244 Orloff, laaurie 19, 153 Orosco. Diane 99 Osbourne. Kathie 99 Ottenheimer, Lester 244, 216. 204. 205 Ottenheimer, Robin 17, 61, 69, 133. 162. 195. 208 Otto, John Ouellette, Denise 153 P Page, Cheryl 162 Page, Terry 99 Palmer, Janice 99 Paluga, Janet Paluga. Lynn Panassow, Mark 99 Pauchisin, Dave 153 Panchuon. Glen 48, 153 Pansing. Richard 99 Papais. Tom 134, 162, 191, 205 Papakosnia . Frank 48, 153 Papp, Frank 99 PARAGON 212 Parbst, Kaia 99, 195 Parker. Judy 153 Parker. Lynn 244 Parker. Patrick 48 Parker, Sheri 99 Parker. Tina 134, 162, 184 Park . Gary 58, 99 Pa «alac(|ua, Dana 61, 153 Patlyek, Jim S8. 153 Patterson. Debbie 162, 205 Patterson. Mark 99 Pavel. Charles 48, 162 Pavolich. Mark 48, 162 Pawelko, Michele 153 Pawlowicz, John 163 Pazdur, Sue Peach, John 141, 163 Pearson, David 153 Pecenka, ( arl 153 Pecenka. Eva PEGASUS 288 Peachke. Jeff 1 18. 1 19. 264, 120, 244, 184, 214, 182 Peterman, Rill 48, 153 Peterman. Janet 99 Peter s, Sally 163, 208 Peterson, Diane 20, 21, 244. 223 Peterson, Eric 153, 191 Petrashevich, Tony 128. 99 Petro, Debbie 163 Petrunich, Jeff 79, 163 Petsas, Bill 99 Pet as, Tim 153, 191, 205 Petso, Debbie Pfister, Carl 99 Pfister, Maureen 60, 61, 27, 163. 195, 205 Pfister. Mike 144. 151. 153 Pfister. Susan 153 Phelan. Jim 48, 162, 184 Phelan. Therese 153, 163 Phillips. Joan 61. 163, 291. 214. 205 Phillips. Lee 99 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 142 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1 10 Pilarczyk. Laurel 99 Pilarczyk. Tim 153 Pink, Joyce 99 Plunket, Cathy 66. 163. 195 Podolak. Donna 99 Podolak. Perry 38, 163 Polak. Craig 244 Polonis, Bob Pondusa, Juliann 245 Pondusa. Kathy 32. 153 Popa, Cheryl 153 Popa, Debbie 163 Pope, Doug 128, 153, 205 Popiela, Cindy 163 Porter, Allen 99 Porter. David 128, 153, 157 Porter, Jim 100 Porter, landa 63, 100 Postage, Robert 245, 191 Powers. Cindy 100 Powley, Jim 48. 153 Powely. John 116, 163, 134, 205 Price, Greg 39. 153 PROM 214 Pucalik, Mark 163 Pugh, Hank Puls. Pam 153. 144 Puncho, Donna 153 Puncho, Lynda 163 Puncho, Marv Jo 245 Q Queer, Debbie 58 Quint, Peggy 245. 196. 195, 204 R Radecki, Mike Ranta, Cindy 145, 153 Rapacz, Allen 163 Rasch, Tom 43, 153. 191 Raves. David Rawlins Chris 163. 199, 205 Rawson. Miss Jean 91 Ray, Anne 144, 153 Ray, Doug 163 Raymond. Kim 245, 281. 297, 212 Reach, Jeff 100. 118, 188 Rebar, Dale 27. 163 Reck. Joann 153 Reck, Kathy 245 Rick, Michael 100 Reder, Kathy Reel, Mike 124, 153 Regelman, Diane 58, 100, 137 Regelman, Linda 19, 163, 267. 289. 195, 212, 205 Reilly, Mary 20, 62, 63. 163. 223 Reiplinger, Shirley 20. 62. 163, 204 Reister, Bill 19. 66. 67, 100 Reister, Maggie 66, 67. 68. 179, 202, 245, 288. 204 Reppa, Jerome 78, 245 Ressler, Mark 163 Remler, Susan 60. 61. 245 Richards, Mike 58. 100. 137 Richards, Sue 245. 212. 296 Richardson, Mark 153 Richardson, Rick 163 Richter, Carol Richter. Judy 245 Richter. Neal 245 Rich wine, Sharon 153 Ricks, Bill 245 Rieckoff, Mary 163. 21 1 Riemerta, Janyce 153 Riffer, Nancy 66. 67. 68. 69. 70, 138, 163. 178, 179. 195. 208 Rippey, Mike 153 Rizzo. Mark 52. 191 Rizzo, Scott 153 Robb, Sarasue 138. 245. 287, 212. 296 Roberts, Bruce Robertson. Mr. Ed 33. 91. 118 Robertson, Keith 153 Rodda. Terry 144, 145 Rodgrigurz, Bev Roedel, Jim 163 Rogers, John 100 Rogers, Paul Rogers, Will 153. 212 Roland, Penny 145. 245 Romola. Jeff 58, 100 Ronschkc. Jeanne 58. 100 Rooth, Barry 153 Rosenberg. Nona 153. 195 Rosenbloom. Idella 145, 246 Rosenfeldt, Carol 100 Rosen fcldt. Man y 100 Rosenfeldt, Sue 246. 208 Rosenthal. Rob 246 Rosevear. Ellen 100 Rosevear, Mary Ann 138, 163 Roth, Howard 140. 153 Rothschild, Debbie 69. 163 Rothstein, Fra nn 153 Rothstein, Jeff 36, 39, 134. 246 Rothstein, Shellie 138. 246. 287 Rothstein. Steve 36, 39. 153 Rovai, Gail 100 Rowe. Bruce Rowe. Robert 163 Rozzos, Steve Rozzos. Tony Rubenslrin, Laurie 153 Rubenstcin, Steve 211 Rubin. Paula Ruble. Lind 79 Ruble, Paula 153 Rucinski, Kriss 79 Rudakas, Gail 100 Rudakas, Tom 1 18, 153 Rucmler, Diane 246 Runnier. Debbie 100 Ruf, Diane 62, 153, 195 Ruf, Jim KM) Ruman, Melissa 66, 163. 205 Rundlc, Vicky 246 Russell, Carol 260, 158. 163. 195, 212, 296. 205 Russell. Cathy 163, 260, 205 Russell. Mr. David 91. 93 Rulkowski. Mary Lynn Ryan, Margie 164 Rybarski. Tom 100 Ryder. Amy 246 Ryder. Rebecca 154 Rys. David 246, 204 s Sabol, Paul Saksa, John 154 Sala, Julie 100 Sala. Scott 41, 43. 134, 164. 179. 278. 159. 218, 191 Salakas, Ron Salatas, Mary Ann 164 Salol, Paul 164 Santare, Ray 43, 134, 164. 191 Sartain, Jill 61, 164 Satterbloom, Barb 164 Savage. Carol 154 Sayka, Dave Sayka. Kathy Scatena, Jay 164 Schaub, Nancy 58, 274, 56. 154. 137, 212 Schuab, Peggy 246. 212, 296 Scheckel. Amy 139 Schmidt, Donna 66, 100. 173 Schmidt, Edward 58, 59. 264. 197 , 204 Schmidt, Gary 48, 164, 162 Schmidt. Warren 58. 59. 19. 154, 137. 195 Schmueser, Mike 100 Schnell. Lorie 61, 60. 154. 196. 194, 212 Schoenberg, Nancy 154 Scholl. Ed 154 Schulte, Andrea 100 Scholte, Debbie 61, 164 Scholte, Renee 154 Schoop, Martha 246, 212 Schultz, Tim Schultz, Iaura 154 Scholtz, Tim 58, 164 Schroeder, Mr. Jerry 91 Schwarz, Candy 154, 141, 144 Schwarz. James 246 Schwer, John 164, 134 SCIENCE CLUB 138 Scolnik, Diane Sebenate, Chris 246 Sedey, Sandy 154 Seehausen, Beth 154, 200 Seehausen, Valerie 100 Sefton. Cy Sefton, Rod 141 Seifert. Kate 70, 164. 211 Seifert, Matt 100 Selby, Rick 154 Seliger. Gary 100 Sennett, Martin 164 Senona, Gloria 154. 164 Sepiol, Dennis 246 Serna, Mary 100 Sera no. Gloria 138, 205 Serrano. Olga 100 Severtson, Keith Sferruzza. Michael 100 Shabi, Mr. James 91 Shatuck, Larry Shea. Dennis 58, 154 Shea. Joseph 58, 247 Sheliga, Sue 154 Sherman, Ronald Sherer, Steve 100 Shevin, Marilyn 66. 138, 1-44, 247. 194. 2(K4 Shinkan. Barb 69, 164, 260, 278, 212. 205. 296 Shicnsky. Elaine 164, 205 Shofner. Sandra 100 Shofner. William 20. 21, 118, 138. 144, 247 Sholt . Richard 20. 21, 118. 138. 144, 247 Shorb. Bill KM) Sholts. Mrs. Patricia 90, 91 Shorb. BUI 100 Shupc. Susan 154 Shutka, Holly 100 Shutka. John 164 Siavclis, Elenie 20, 247, 20 4 Sidabra . Vk-ktoras 164 Sidor. Martin 43. 100. 191 Siemering, Sheryl 159, 154 Simeoni. Richard 100, 128, 191 Simpson. Doug 164. 262 Simpson, Nancy 144, 154 Sinisi, Kthna 34. 96, 100 Sinisi, Nula 138 Sipes, Judi KM) Sipes, Randv Sipes, Sandy 54. 58 Sipes, Susan 154, 266. 274, 195. 212 Siposky. Carol 154, 212. 208 Skaggs. Tim 154 Skara, Stephan 247. 262 Skelley, lama 154 Skelley. Stewart SKI CLUB 69 Skogan, Janet 27. 61. 133, 164 Skorupa. James 100 Skurka. Cynthia 100 Slivka, Lori Slivka, Pam 60. 154, 179, 195. 212 Smelko, Timm 26. 47. 134, 136, 214. 215. 191 Smeltzer, Greg Smigiel, Danita 247 Smigiel. Joanne 57. KM) Smiddy. Patti 164 Smith. Mr. Alan 89, 92 Smith. Barry 164 Smith. Brad 18, 134. 154. 198, 199.68. 197. 188 Smith. Brent 128. 131, 138. 164, 188, 195. 205 Smith, Cheryl 247 Smith. Dow 164 Smith. Eric 100 Smith. Gregory 100 Smith. Janna 20, 62. 63. 247. 264 Smith, Jeff 48. 100. 191 Smith, Jeffery 48, 58, 164 Smith. Joe 154 Smith. Julie 100 Smith. Keith 38. 39, 134. 164 Smith, Michelle 100 Smith, Mr. Richard 92 Smith, Ron 100 Smith. Sheri 100 Smith, Stacy 154 Smith, Terry 248. 204 Snedden, Kevin 154. 169 Snedden. Mark 248 Snook. Mary 63, 100 Snook. Nancy 154 Snook. Sue 60. 61, 248 Snow. Bill 100, 128. 188 Snyder, Dave 101 Sobek, Joe 154, 205 SOCIAL STUDIES 112 Sofianoe. Mr. George 92 Sorenson, Dale 38. 39, 128, 131, 134, 164. 218, 205 Sorenson, Melaine 98. KM) Souther, Glen 154. 144, 191 Souther, Jan 33, 101 Spaniol. Doug 101 Spector, Rich SPEECH 114 SPEECH AND DEBATE 70 Speetman. Mr. Robert 85, 188 Spence, Janet 101 Speranza. Diana Speranza. Dominick 43, 101, 191 Speranza. Lisa 53, 61, 164, 220, 205 Speranza. Maria 101 Sperber. Karen 248 Spillar. Nancy 248 Spillar, Sue 61. 1-44, 154 SPIRIT 108 Spoljaric, Gary 48, 124. 125, 134, 138. 140, 141, 164. 205 Spongberg. Jeff Spongberg. Kurt 154 Spratsoff. Ray 52. 164 SPRING DRAMA 178 Spurlock. Dave 101 Spurlock. Gary 154 Spurlock. Sue 164 Slam oh. Diane Siam oh, Harry 248 St. Arnaud. Arthur 101, 212 St. Arnaud. Patrick 112, 118, 134. 138, 287 Stanko, Jim 101 Stauffer, Jeff 48, 154 Stasick, Rod 101 Steiger, Ralph 164, 212, 296, 205 Sterk, Kathy 69. 154, 274. 211 Stevens. Bryan 101 Stevens, Houston 101, 128 Stevens. Jeff 101 Slcvriw, Monica Stevens. Pam 154 Steward, Jay 128. 130. 249 St, ward. Jill 101. 210 Slim . Thomas I2H, 154. 138. 104. 195 Si od dart. Jim 101 Stoddart. Kathv 248. 21 1 Stoker. Diane 20. 21. 01. 249 Slone. Greg 09. 1,38. 104 Slonehraker. Mis Mary Beth 92 Stoudt. Jam - Stout 92 Strarhen, Diane 19. 08. 15-4 Strain. Kathleen 101 Slranl .. Tom Strayer, Linda 133. 154 Street. David 154 Street. Lori 249. 211 Slriek. I-ee 154 STl ' DENT AIDS 144 ST l ' DENT SENATE 72 Sublet t, Michael 19. W . 08. 70. 101. 179. 199. 288. 197. 19.5 Sublet!. Scott 19. 08. 109. 178. 179. 198. 288. 197. 2(44 Such, George 141. 154 Such. John 249 Such. Michael 101 Sum bio. Nick 34. 104 SI MMER INSTITl ' TERS 20 SUMMER SCHOOL 10 SUMMER THEATER 18 Summers. Kathy 195. 208. 205 Summers, Ken 101 Sunifka. Michael 101 Sutler. Scott 101. 128. 131. 134 Swarthoul. Karen 10 1 Swarthout. Kevin 10 1 Swarthout. Terry Sweeney. Dale SWIMMING 120 Swing. Karen 155 Switzer, Gregg 101 SYNCHRONIZED SWIM 135 Szczepaniak. Eugene 60. 101 T TABLE TENNIS 81 Talent. Phil 58, 155 Tarler. Nathan Taylor. Ms. Judy 92 Taylor. Scott 101 Teiiga. Joyce 249 TENNIS .30 Thegze, Mr. (Jcorge 92. 124 THESPIANS 08 Thorsen. Maria 79. 249 Thomae. Vince 155 Thomas. I jura 155 Thomas, Ted 48. 1 04, 202 Thompson, Angel 249 Thompson, Annaliese 101 Thompson. Beekv 101, 177. 195 Throgmorton. Debbie 105 Tilden, Abigail 104 Tippett, Mrs. Marlis 92 Tippy. Clvdc 101 Tobi n. Kathy 32. 144. 155. 212 Tobin. Mary Beth 101 Tobin. Nancy 104 Tokarz, Janice 32. 104. 205 Tomic. Nadezda 139. 155. 195 Trachtenberg, David 144. 155. 205 Tredcr. David 202 Trent. Susan 20. 02. 104. 179, 198, 199. 197. 198. 205 Trepanowski, Dave Trimbur. Bruce 249. 217 Truver. Eddie 155. 104 Trover, Tom 58. 104 Tsirtsis. Gus 124. 134. 104. 171 Tsirtsi . Moreno 101. 124. 134. 199 Tv tier. Mr. Ron 92 u I’lber. Carie l mak. David 101 Crhan. Melanie 104 Yaleika. 41 Valko. Debbie 249. 190. 204 Valko. Lori 155. 208 Vance. Mary Katherine 155 VanDerWev. Kenneth -58. 101. 137 Vanlnwegen. Bruce 58. 101. 1341 . Vanlnwegen. Rich 17. 38. 130. 140. 107 Van V " esse n. Kirt 155 Varro. Debbie 155 Verboom. Debbie 101. 130 Viber. Carie 105 Victor. Janis 58. 102 Victor. Mike 141. 104 Vierk. Ron 249 Viront, Jill 104 itkus, Diane 102 Vitkus, James 155 Vitkus. Robert 102 Vogt. Karen 104. 199 VonBorstel. Don 101 Vranich. Maria 104 Vranich. Nick 00. 07. 249. 301 w Wade. Dave 1 02. 128 Wade. Jerrv 249 Wade. Mitchell Wagner. John 155. 184 Waisnora, Paula 58. 155. 201 Waiss, Lorraine 55. 138. 139. 209 Walker. Bnice 155 Walker. Debbie Walker. Edwin 102 Walsh. Maureen Walsh. Michael Wamshcr. Caroline 104. 195 Warnaar. Jam - 155 Wameke. Karen 102 Wameke. Ken Warner. Gretchen 104. 199. 205 Warner. William 102 Warziniak. Dorothv 104. 211, 205 Washburn. Mark 104. 278 Waskiewicz. Chris 173 Waskiewic . Ijwrence Watkins. Joan 155 Watson. David 09. 105. 124. 134. 2(44 Watson, John 102 W atson. Kevin 48. 124. 134. 138. 240. 204. 303 Watson. la-c 102. 124 Watson. Mark 102. 128 Watson. Robert Watson. Shawn 155 Watson. Steven 155 Watson, Timothy Waxman, Lisa 18, 19. 06. 08. 70. 199. |90. 2(44 W ayland. Cheryl 1.38. 195. 2(44 Wavland. Donna 155 w.-i.i,. R,,ii i:,:, Webb, Linda Webb, Marty W ' ehher. Amy 01, 155, 194 Webber. Cathv 102 Webber. Connie 104 Webber. Kathv 155 Webber. Mike ' 141. 104. 179 Webber. Karen 102 Weberling. Jay 155 Webster. Mr. Gary 93 Weeks. Pam 102 Weigl. Richard 155 Wcin, Diane 155 Wein, Donna Weinberg. Bob W einberg. Glenn 17. 20. 58. 130. 138. 104 Weinberg. Susan 19. 00, 70. 102. 195 Weiss. Carol 102 Weiss, Steven 179 Welsa. Mike 102 Welsh, Matt Wennekes, Phil 128. 102 Wennekcs. Ron 78. 128. 1.31 Whiteomhe. Roxann 145. 155 W hite. Beth 104. 205 W hite. Janice 104. 208 White. Robin 20. 55. 04. 09. 159. 1 04 Whiteside. Will 102 Wick land. Mark 128. 130. 131. 134. 155 Wider. Dawn 102 Wider. Lynn W ' iglev, Jan Wiglev, Jill 155 Wilk. Karen 110. 141. 104. 195. 205 W ilk. Nancy 102. 195 Wilkin . Candi 155, 195 W ilk ins, Peggy 03. 102. 205. 2(H) W ilkinson. Ray 155 W illiams. Gary 141, 104 W illiams, Mark 155 Williams. Michael W illiams. Stephen Williamson. Jim Williamson. Linda 155, 195 W ilson. Bill 102 Wilson. Charlc 48 Wilson. Cindy 155 Wilson. Teresa 104 W ' ilson. Terrv W ilson. W illiam 128. 132. 104 W inkier. Linda 102 W iner. Sam Winner. Karen 104. 170 Winner. Danny 102 Winter. Debbie 79 Winterfddt. Scott 104 Winterfeldt, Stacv 102 Irkliruki. fUrof 250 Wleklinski. JoAnn 52. 104. 205 Worse. Bert Wohrle. Ray 155 W olak. Ed 155 W olak. Jane 1 41. 104. 219. 205 Wolf. Eric Wolfe. Dale 102. 124 Wolfe. Mike 48. 124. 134 Wonnell. Chris 39. 58, 140. 141. 155 W onncll. Dirk 3. 58, 02, 128. 134. 130, 104. 188. 190. 195 Wood. Debbie 250 W «H»d, Jerry 58, 128. 155 Wood. Mary 155 Wooden. Denise 155 Woolard. Esther 250 Wozniak. Mark WRESTLING 123 W right. Flovd Wright. Richie 102 Wrobel. Joseph W uellner. Allison W r uellncr. Sidney 155. 219 Y Yasko. Keary 105 Y ' ates. JoAnn 104. 205 Y ates. Judy 102 Y ' oung, Cindy 155 Young, Pam 155 Young. Vicki 58. 104. 187 z Zaehau. Jerrv Zacok. Neal Zagrocki. Linda 144. 145. 179. 195. 211. 209 Zahmdt. Jim 102 Zellers. Tom 108. 155, 188 Zink. Stephan 58 Zm-teman, ( ' indy 102 Zopp. Nancy Zweige. Linda 155 Zweige. Sandra 155, 174 Index 303 Will I remember how I looked and what I did when I was young (when I am old)? Will I remember what I wondered? When I am old who will I be? Still me? Richard J. Margolis a yi 7l»JJ ! k 7$ a 7WJUHJ imi [DDMte crinm

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