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— • " ' . » 4 ,. ' Ite COMMUNITY mmer Left — Lynn Erickson, Phil Coulis: the spirit of summer. Above — Kim Graham, Ward Gott: recapturing childhood innocence. Below — Eileen Fehring, Nancy Nagle, Vicki Sala: just having fun! 18 Above Left — Rhoda Tanis: summer employ- ment. Above Right — Summer: solitude. Below Left — Mike Bobin: summer school Driver ' s Ed. Below Right— Barb Williamson, Pat Ballard: the au- tograph dance. Celebration 19 Summer Theatre OVERWHELMING SUCCESS ACCOMPANIED THE SEASON . . . The Mustang Summer Theatre presented its third season of theatre-in-the round. Near capacity crowds evidenced the superb performances of the theatre people. On June 26, 27, the alumni show, “Mary Mary " opened the season. Rehearsals for the musical " The Fantastiks " on July 9, 10, 11, found Rick Leet ' s " un- derstudy, " director Mr. John Toth, filling in for the vaca- tioning actor. Never forgotten will be Elgallo ' s mys- ticism. " There is a curious paradox . . " Time Out For Ginger " on July 24, 25, introduced " Pop ' s racoon coat " and the wilted carrot. With " An Evening of One-Acts " on August 7, 8, the curtain closed for the last time: the season had ended. Above — Cherie Brown, Tom Trent, Chuck Dunning, Rick Leet: " The Fantastiks. " Above Center — Sue Bolls: " Time Out for Ginger. " Below Center — Greg Breclaw, Chuck Dunning, Karen Leonard: " An Evening of One- Acts. " Above Right — Julie Murphy, John Papais: " Time Out for Ginger. " Below Right — Cast and Crews — Front Row: T. Hagerty, J. Leonard, C. Smith, K. Leonard, D. Kluse, M. McLean, K. Lengyel, M. Gilchrist. Second Row: J. Murphy, R. Leet, T. Trent, M. Bosch, J. Papais, R. Cubitz, D. Watson. Third Row: C. Brown, L. Hanock, L. Fort, D. Davidson, J. Crary, C. Clark, A. Starzak, M. Meis- terling. Fourth Row: C. Dunning, C. Church, S. Bolls, S. Smith, S. Crary, R. Helminski, R. Bryan, S. Sublett, C. Breclaw, D. Leirer. Not Pictured: J. Brink, B. Moore, K. Eitzen, J. Given, C. Pratt, H. Fine, L. Waxman. 20 Celebration 21 22 Left — Tom O ' Keefe, Cathy Harr: discovering refuge in nature. Above — Tim Smelko, Gail Pratt, Carol Ci- choski: another year. Below — Sue Keen, Nikki Stevens: anticipate Hal- loween fun. Celebration 23 Above — Mustang fans: Griffith Panthers defeated 40-0. Below — October 2, 1970: anticipation. Below Center — Sue Dixon, Mr. R. Shinkan, Caren Casich, Mariann Hodus: unrestrained enthusiasm. Right — Bonfire number two: hastily constructed. 24 Homecoming THREE FLOATS, ONE TROPHY . . . The Senior Class won the float competition. In second place, the Juniors had failed to win the trophy for the first time in three years. Sophomores placed third with " Strike Up a Victo- ry, " while lack of funds eliminated the Freshmen from competition. The first place cars were O.E.A. ' s " Oh Eat Apples " and Thespians " The Panthers May Be Odd, But Well Beat Them By a Couple. " In overcoming tradition, Homecoming ' 70 flourished . . . Christenson Chevrolet in Highland housed the controversial Junior float; Spirit Week presented a Day of Mourning, a surprise bonfire, and a questionable skit. A dance with " The Evolution " and 250 people witnessed the departure of Homecoming ' 70. Celebration 25 Right— Dawn Guess, Terry Gibbs: reign at Homecoming Dance. Far Right — Senior Class Float: " Don ' t Let the Cat Out of the Bag. " Below — Junior Class Float: " Panth-Er Fallin. " Below Right — Cathy, Harr, Joan Cziperle, Jayne Yahnke, Betsey Brager, Debbie Rutz: a first place Senior float! 26 Homecoming 28 Far Left — Shirley Reiplinger: 1970 Freshman Princess. Above Left — Doree n Estrada: 1970 junior Princess. Below Left — Tricia Stoker: 1970 Senior Princess. Above Center — Jackie Hales: 1970 Senior Princess. Below Center — Debbie Murzyn: 1970 Sophomore Princess. Below — Dawn Guess: 1970 Homecoming Queen. Celebration 29 Fall Drama " THE ODD COUPLE " AND A CREW IMMENSELY PROUD . . . Despite the swinging door that never swung and the confused clatter of pots and pans, " The Odd Couple " successfully emerged on November 13, 14. The " Cuckoo Pigeon Sisters " had mastered the Queen ' s English. The crews found the edible props more tempting than the plastic lingiuni and the " flying pickle. " Cast versus crew football games marked the end of another success. Cast — Rick Leet: Oscar, John Papais: Felix, Greg Breclaw: Speed, Scott Sublett: Murray, John Leonard: Roy, Tom Trent: Vinnie, Cherie Brown: Gwendolyn, Diane Leirer: C ecily. Staff — Mr. John Toth: Drama Director, Mrs. Sherry Fech: Drama Assistant, Melissa Gilchrist: Student Director. Above Left — Cast and Crews — -Front: D. Davidson, R. Gubitz, M. Tharpe. Second Row: S. Sublett, J. Papais, K. Leonard, S. Sorenson, R. Helminski. Third Row: J. Leonard, G. Breclaw, T. Hagerty, T. Trent, C. Dunning, M. Meisterling, R. Leet. Fourth Row: W. Helminski, J. Crary, L. Fort. Fifth Row: D. Leirer, C. Brown, A. Starzak, M. Reister, L. Griffith, S. Webber, S. Hymen, M. Bosch, M. McLean, S. Bolls, M. Gilchrist, C. Clark, P. Kasten, N. Riffer. Sixth Row: B. Leibengood, C. Smith, L. Hanock, S. Smith, S. Crary. Not Pictured: J. Brink, J. Dilbo, D. Kluse, B. Moore, J. Murphy, G. Pratt, E. Siavelis, L. Waxman. Below Left — John Papais, Greg Breclaw, John Leonard, Scott Sublett, Rick Leet: Felix brokenhearted. Above Center — Rick Leet (Oscar): a wry sense of humor. Below Center — SaraLee Hymen, Tom Trent, Bob Leibengood: backstage humor. Right — John Papais (Felix): ex- periencing shattered dreams. Celebration 31 Winter 32 Left — Dave Vieweg, Jo Ann Trimbur: silence. Above — Missy Ruman, Dave Francen: holiday Chi Dance. Below — Janet Harkenrider, Kathy Hulett, Susan Rosen- feldt, Sarah Dahlkamp: wishing two buildings were one. Sectionals SECTIONALS AUGMENTED SCHOOL SPIRIT . . . Sec- tional fever first materialized as classes decorated their walls. On class color day, spirit climaxed at the tradi- tional pep rally. Freshmen urged the team to " Shine on to Victory! " Sophomores declared " ' 73 Says Victory, " while Seniors said " Do It! " The Junior class won the Spirit Trophy as it " Celebrated the Victory " with helium balloons, clowns, and confetti. On " Hat Day, " the school congratulated the team after its defeat of the Whiting " Oilers. " With " Cowboys and Indians Day " and " Red and White Da ' , the school hoped for a sectional trophy. However, the Mustangs fell in their second game against Hammond Clark. For the first time in four years, Munster failed to be in the final game. 34 Above Left — Pep Club: only a few more seconds till vic- tory. Below Left — Eileen Fehring: the senior slogan. Above Right — Diane Marden, Ron (ones: the beginning of a winning Junior Wall. Below Center — Cheryl Lanting, Renee Cuilotte: an extra effort for the Spirit Trophy. Right — Nanci Landon (Pep Club President): " Mustangs are on the move! " Celebration 35 Above Left — Wrestlers: " We don ' t mess around! " — a prevailing team effort. Below Left — Freshmen: un- ending team support. Below Center — Juniors: at last . . . winners of the spirit trophy. Above Right — G.T.O. Timers: a growing interest in minor sports. Below Right — Pep Club: " Twelve Years of a Cheerleader ' s Life. " Spring Left — Rick Delaney: Senioritis, Below Right — Sarasue Robb, Jeff Roth- stein, Cindy Bombar, Eileen Harr, Marlene Kaplan, Robin Bloo- menthal, Debbie Murzyn, Jan Wigley: the " lunch hour " sun. Above Right — Debbie Ortman, Fred Troy, Jeff Custaitis: a time to be different. Left — Mary Bosch (Ophelia): “When Shakespeare ' s Ladies Meet. ' ' Above-Left — Sue Smith (Emily Webb): fu- ture dreams. Below Left — " Our Town " Mourners: Emily Webb ' s funeral. Center — Greg Breclaw (Stage Manager): the realist of " Our Town. " Right — Cast and Crews — Front: S. Sublett, N. Vranich, W. Helminski, S. Bolls, ). Leonard, M. Goodman. Second Row: W. Wilkins, S. Webber, K. Pope, M. Thompson, S. Smith, B. Boroughs, K. Leonard, K. Gray. Third Row: K. Bachman, N. Riffer, S. Hymen, C. Clark, A. Starzak, M. Tharpe, C. Smith, J. Murphy, K. Raymond, D. Stoker, M. Reister, C. Wayland. Fourth Row: S. Sorenson, P. Quint, M. Puncho, M. Gilchrist, D. Hale, N. Vickers, L. Sennett. Fifth Row: K. Reck, R. Allen, L. Zagrocki, K. Meagher, L. Fort, L. Waxman, J. Papais, J. Murphy, T. Trent. Sixth Row: F. Helminski, R. Helminski, B. Moore, S. Folta, T. Hagerty. Seventh Row: R. Walker, J. Given. Eighth Row: S. Crary, D. Davidson, M. McLean, G. Breclaw, ). Crary. Not Pictured: C. Dunning, B. Bracco, M. Bosch, D. Leirer, D. Cusick, D. Hinchion, B. McLaughlin, H. Fine, P. Kasten, L. Nelson, L. Ebling, E. Brew, E. Hensey, V. Folta, R. Hartkoorn, D. Middleton, S. Speelman, ). Lynn, K. Lengyel, K. Clifton, E. Siavelis, W. Kontos, C. Lindeman, K. Jones, L. Garmus. 40 Spring Drama SUPERB PERFORMANCES AROUSED INTENSE EMO- TIONS . . . " An evening of One Acts” opened the spring season of drama on January 23, 24. " Our Town " playing on March 5, 6, required no scenery. The cast depended upon pantomime as did Emily and George during their thirty-second wedding kiss, and Howie Newsome and his imaginary cow . . . " Come on Bessie! " From Emily Webb, the audience learned, " Oh, earth, you ' re too wonderful for anybody to realize you!” One Acts — " Two Fools Who Gained A Measure of Wisdom " — Ca st — K. Pope, N. Vranich, S. Ford, S. Bolls. " When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet " — Cast — M. Gilchrist, S. Webber, M. Bosch, N. Riffer, S. Smith, D. Cusick. " The Acting Lesson” — Cast — S. Sublett, D. Davidson, G. Breclaw, M. Reister. " The Brick and the Rose " — Cast — G. Breclaw, J. Papais, C. Smith, S. Sublett, C. Dunning, M. McLean, T. Trent, W. Helminski, R. Gubitz, D. Hale. " Our Town " — Cast — S. Sublett: Dr. Gibbs, M. Gilchrist: Mrs. Gibbs, J. Papais: George Gibbs, D. Hale: Rebecca Gibbs, J. Leonard: Mr. Webb, M. Reister: Mrs. Webb, S. Smith: Emily Webb, S. Folta: Wally Webb, T. Hagerty: Joe, Si Crowell, R. Gubitz: Howie Newsome, C. Dunning: Simon Stimson, C. Smith: Mrs. Soames, D. Davidson: Constable Warren, B. Bracco: Sam Craig, N. Vranich: Joe Stoddard, T. Trent: Prof. Willard, M. Bosch, W. Helminski, D. Leirer, S. Bolls, M. McLean, L. Waxman, N. Riffer, D. Cusick, D. Hinchion, R. Walker, B. McLaughlin: " Our Town” people. Staff — Mr. John Toth: Drama Director, Mrs. Sherry Fech: Drama Assistant, Diane Leirer: Student Director. Celebration 41 Carnival GREATER PARTICIPATION CREATE DA SUCCESS . . . The involvement of more organizations combined with an enthusiastic crowd to make the spring carnival both enjoyable and profitable. The German Club Jail and Bi- ology Fish Pond were familiar attractions, while the originality of the Frosh Slave Trade and Future Nurses ' House of Terror aroused new interest. Jr. funds were used for prom while Sr. profits went for their banquet. A dance with " Courage " ended the day. 42 Above Left — Frosh Slave Trade: a day of successful bid- ding. Above Center — Kevin Watson, Sandy Hales: somehow find solitude. Below Left — Peg Schaub, Kathy Meagher: Paragon ' s Pedigree Parade. Below Center Future Nurses: " House of Terror " . Above Right — Cathy Plunkett, Tom and Katie Gainer, Rob Christopherson: a child ' s amazement. Celebration 43 Left — Debbie Croissant, Kent Kraus: one of the seem- ingly endless dance rehearsals. Above Left — Sue Bolls: creating the mood for “Oklahoma. ' ' Below Center — Mrs. Richard Kennel, Susie Speelman: hours of work spent on elaborate costumes. Above Right — Marian Meisterling, John Papais, Sue Bolls, Julie Murphy: the return of the eccentric peddler. Below Right — Julie Murphy: opening night preparations. 44 Musical RELAXED ATMOSPHERE CREATED " OKLAHOMA " SUC- CESS . . . M.H.S. performed " Oklahoma " for the sec- ond time in honor of retiring school superintendent Frank Hammond. Enjoyment provided the dedication necessary to produce a " fun " musical. Cast — S. Bolls, C. Rawlins, M. Meisterling, j. Kowalczyk, E. Schmidt, J. Cott, R. Leet, C. Breclaw, J. Murphy, J. Papais, M. Bosch, S. Sublett, R. Levin. Dancers — D. Watson, K. Kraus, C. Simpson, D. Bolanowski, D. Green, J. Vahnke, T. Stoker, K. Ward, M. Victor, M. Goodman, D. Ham, ). Alexander, K. Klage, K. Salatas, D. Popa, S. Parrish, ). Spector, P. Coulis, S. Speelman, D. Croissant, E. Fehring, M. Frantz, T. Backe. Chorus — K. Leonard, D. Wilson, D. Castillo, S. Webber, C. Bond, D. Cusick, T. Johnson, P. Kasten, C. Clark, M. Reister, D. Bembenista, L. Hanock, M. Gilchrist, M. Modjeski, P. Hamacher, B. Grow, P. Ballard, G. Karas, B. Larson, P. Shaw, W. Gott, B. Ross, C. Moore, P. Steiger, B. Kelley, B. Nagle, B. Donaho, T. Lavery, D. Abrinko, R. Jones, B. Miller, S. Ross, M. Wood, M. Hirsch, R. Wennekes, K. Pope, C. Sobek, M. Tanis, G. Gyure, N. Landon, M. Miller, N. Thompson, C. Hutchings, J. Shumway, J. Hlinka, J. Burlison, J. White, B. Brager, D. Altherr, J. Washburn. Staff — Mr. R. Holmberg, Mr. G. Fort: Dir., Miss P. Martignoni: Asst., Mr. L. Lindquist: Bus., Miss M. Gonce: A.V., Mrs. H. Engstrom: Chor., Miss N. Kelley: Asst., J. Papais: Stu. Dir., L. Grif- fith: Stage Mngr. Celebration 45 Musical v Above Left — Sue Bolls, Dave Watson, Rick Leet, Jim Kowalczyk, Roger Levin: Will Parker shows " Girlie pic- tures " from Kansas City. Below Left — Rick Leet, Scott Sublett, Julie Murphy: a looming shotgun wedding. Above Right — Rick Leet, John Papais: fineries from Persia. Below Center — Marian Meisterling, Julie Murphy: whimsical aggravation. Below Right — Mary Bosch, Craig Rawlins: catty flirtation. Celebration 47 Above Left — Kris Ward, Kent Kraus: enacting the dreams of Curly and Laurey. Below Left — Cast of Oklahoma finale. Above Center — Marian Meisterling, Craig Rawlins: describing the " Surrey with the Fringe on Top. " Above Right — Sue Bolls, Greg Breclaw, John Gott: Jud Fry bidding for Laurey. Below Right — Front: P. Steiger, J. Mayer, D. Watson, M. Hirsch. Second: B. Ross, D. Popa, W. Gott, J. White, K. Fisher, D. Guess, J. Cziperle, J. Malo, B. Berey, K. Quint, S. Barth, B. Brager. Third: J. Papais, P. Coulis, K. Klage, M. Burns, G. Gyure, G. Pratt. Fourth: J. Gott, J. Murphy, C. Rawlins, M. Victor, M. Bosch, G. Georgas, D. Kasper, J. Tokarz, D. Nowacyzk, R. Wennekes. Fifth: S. Ross, B. Kelley, J. Hlinka, M. Tanis, S. Smith, T. Johnson, B. Moynagh, B. Moore, T. Backe, C. Hanus, S. Brownlee, L. Heather- ington, J. Murphy, L. Adaska, L. Krupinski, C. Moore. Sixth: P. Shaw, B. Larson, P. Good, M. Jugovic, K. Andrews, J. Bonner, P. Hamacher, E. Hensey, M. Ruman, M. Goodman, M. Reister, M. O ' Connor, B. Graff, T. Lavery. Seventh: P. Czyzewski, K. Deluga, K. Knutson, G. Skogan. Eighth: B. Grow, B. Kenealy, G. Karas, S. Bolls, M. Pfister, R. Jones, P. Ballard. Ninth: S. Sorenson, L. Griffith, D. Bolanowski, J. Dilbo, C. Dunning, M. Frantz, J. Davidson, C. Bond. Tenth: L. Neukranz, J. Schmidt, W. Helminski, D. Ham: Cast and Crews. 48 Celebration 49 Prom " CAROUSEL OF WONDER " BROKE TRADITION . . . Munster ' s traditional Junior-Senior Prom was replaced this year by a combined prom and post prom at the Ramada Inn. Carousels with candy suckers as center- pieces, the stage decorated as a merry-go-round, and colorful horses on the walls portrayed the theme, " Carousel of Wonder " to 166 couples. Hal Karton and his Orchestra provided dinner music to contribute to the formality. Additional entertainment was provided by the female lead singer, the " Woman in White. " Post prom began at midnight, with music provided by Ask Rufus. At this point, the sophistication of formal attire was replaced by wild dancing and laughter. 50 Above Left — Terry Gibbs, Kent Kraus, Don Ruf: passing " hors d ' oeuvres. " Below Left — Sue Webber: decorating for prom. Above Center — Jean Stine, Rob Straub: and " the best is yet to come. " Above Right — Cheryl Huber, Sue Webber, Jan Clement, Bob Kulka: the beginning of a big evening. Below Right — JoAnn White, Chuck Revenew: departure of pre-prom guests. Prom Above Left — Karen Morgan, Rick Delaney: an intox- icating atmosphere. Below Left — John Powers, Debbie Bobin: the lull between prom and post prom. Below Center — Mr. and Mrs. Jon Fech: the Jr. class sponsors after a year of planning. Above Right — Rick Cubitz, Linda Regelman, Roger Ordway, June Summers: prom with the Hal Karton Orchestra. Below Right — Prom: dining in the elegance of the " Music Hall. " Above Left — Jim Hope, Lynn Crary, Chuck Simpson, Sue Bolls, Mary McLean, Chuck Dunning, Brad Frantz, Bob Evans, Cathie Hutchings, Tom Ashby: relaxing after prom. Below Left — Ron Hatcher, Leslie Rudzin- ski: enjoying the music of Ask Rufus. Above Right — Post Prom 1971. Below Right — Dan Buchner: a portrait at 3 A.M. Celebration 55 Above Left — Greg Malovance: Munster High ' s " Best Debator " . Mr. Dan Bengert: coach. Below Left — Mark Thompson: basketball ' s " Most Valuable. " Above Right — Estelle Katsoulis: the nucleus of the D.E. or- ganization. Below Center — Caren Casich: before dis- tributing roses to Pegasus staff members. Below Right — Mrs. Sherry Fech, Andrea Starzak: the only Certificate of Merit. 56 4 ’ jmd ' i Mw 2 : ; - ■ % a M t, a Banquets BANQUETS CULMINATED A YEAR OF WORK . . . The Munster Jaycees sponsored the Third Annual Fall Sports Ban quet for the football, tennis, and cross-country teams. Rob Plunkett received the Jaycees Leadership Award. Thespians held their banquet at Mr. Smorgas- bord Restaurant. O.E.A. members had their first employee-employer banquet at Tiebel ' s Restaurant. En- tertainment included " The Survivors ' and a film of students on the job. At the Munster Boosters Seventh Annual All-Sport Academic banquet at the Log, athletes, cheerleaders, the top ten seniors, top five juniors, and Merit Scholarship Finalists were recognized. Phil Schmidt ' s Restaurant was the scene for the Distributive Education Banquet during which students presented Mr. James Mclndoo with an engraved watch. At the fourth Annual Publications Banquet at Vogel ' s, editors recognized staffs of Paragon , Crier, New Bureau, and Peeasus. Seven juniors were initiated into Quill and Scroll. A speech by Miss Jane Betts from Valparaiso University highlighted the C.A.A. Mother-Daughter banquet. The Speech and Debate Banquet included the presentation of plastic bananas to Mr. Tom Whiteley. Celebration 57 Above Left — Baccalaureate: bored anticipation. Below Left — Seniors: lining up for " Pomp and Circumstance. " Below Center — Dave Spaniol, Chris Warot, Jeff Gus- taitis, Ron Ortman: a serious event accepted lightly. Below Right — Mike Cane, Patty Dermody: moments before Baccalaureate. Above Right — 10th and 11th Grade Choir: performing " Sunrise and Alleluia. " Above Left — Dayne Paul, Scott Parrish, Sue Parks: symbol of four years ' achievement. Above Center — Mr. Phil Eskew: elaborates on life ' s experiences. Below Left — Reverend William Frye: after a benediction about love of fellowman. Above Right — Commencement: 8 P.M., May 30, 1971. Below Right — Karl Deluga, Fred Cairns: new alumni return robes. 60 4 Graduation HECTIC WEEKEND MARKED FINAL M.H.S. EXPERIENCE The Munster Ministerial Association sponsored the Baccalaureate exercises at 2:30. Featured were the 10th and 11th grade choir, and Rev. Lugene A. Bazuin of the 1st Christian Reform Church gave his address, ' How to be Great. " The benediction was given by Rev. loseph ). Mosko of St. Thomas More Catholic Church, which concluded the exercises. Commencement exercises in the fieldhouse began with an invocation by Saluta- torian, Rob Plunkett, and a welcome by Karen Read, Valedictorian. " Anthem for Spring " and " We ' ve Only Just Begun, " performed by the Concert Choir preceeded an introduction of the guest speaker by Mr. George Kurteff. Mr. Phil Eskew, commissioner of IHSAA, gave the commencement address, after which 303 Se- niors received their long awaited diplomas. A mean- ingful benediction given by William Fry of the Westmin- ster Presbyterian Church was accompanied by guitars playing " Walk on Down the Road. " After a long cere- mony, Seniors marched out as Munster High s new alumni. Celebration 61 Above Left — Russ Pellar: individual research in Ad- vanced Biology. Above Right — Ellen Baker: the inter- mingling sciences of Biology and Physics. Below Left — Jim Mulligan, Jim Schultz, Rick Nolan: the individual versus the class. Below Center — Joe Corns, Tom Carr, Donna Figuly: biology lab on mitosis. Below Right — Journalism: a Crier news story, the result of intense ob- servation. 64 Express FOREIGN LANGUAGES . . . Spanish I: Students were introduced to basic grammar and made pinatas. Spanish II: The course furthered development of oral, reading, and writing skills. Spanish III: A trip to the Art Institute was coordinated into the study of Spanish literature. German I: Students learned dialogues and subscribed to the magazine Das Rad. German II: Discussions and the st.udy of German Civilizalion accompanied grammar study. German III: The book, Deutsche Lander u nd Leule. explained German customs. German IV: In addition to grammar lectures, discussions were conducted comparing teenage customs, traditions, and activities. German V: The course consisted of grammar, literature, and discussions during which students presented individual projects. German VI (Advanced Placement): Grammar review units separated detailed literature discussions. ART EDUCATION . . . Art I: Ele- ments of art were stressed which related to picture design and sculpture. Art II: Topics of study included drawing, painting, applied design, and graphic arts. Art III: Discussion, research, and critiques stimulated ad- vanced students. Art IV: Students were required to design a display and leave to the school one piece of work. MUSIC EDUCATION . . . Music Appreciation: The form and style of important composers were dis- cussed in relationship to the standard music repertoire. Music Theory: The course concentrates on traditional theory, harmony, and sight singing. Band, Orchestra, Girls ' Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choir-IOth 11th, 9th Grade Girls ' Glee Club, and 9th Grade Boys ' Glee Club: They also comprised another part of the music curricu- lum. 66 Above Left — Girls ' Glee Club: an upcoming spring con- cert. Below Left — Karen Eitzen, Roger Messersmith, Tricia Stoker, Mrs. Ruth Stout: art student exhibit in Hammond. Below Center — )ay Scatena, Ron Higgins: Spanish I compositions. Above Center — jerry Lerner: dimensional block construction. Right — Peg Schaub presenting " Das Rendezvous Spiel. " Interpret Above Left — " The Random Sample " : a " Campus Life " assembly. Above Center — Debbie Hale: assuming im- promptu roles in drama class. Above Right— Linda Vogt: the phases of an artist. Below Left — Band: in preparation for the Christmas concert. Below Right — Junior English: Mfin in the Po- etic Mode. Challenge Experiment SCIENCE . Biology: With an audio-tutorial ap- proach, freshmen studied cells, evolution, and ecology. Health and Safety: Models and real specimens depicted systems of the body and introduced first aid. Advanced Biology: Seniors selected topics and planned individual projects. Theoretical Chemistry: The mathematical aspects of major theories, laws, and experiments were emphasized. Descriptive Chemistry: Students were in- troduced to the quantitative aspects of general chemis- try. Physical Science: This course included the practical application study of chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. Physics: Students " discovered” the universe, optics and waves, mechanics, electricity, and atomic structure. Advanced Chemistry: Seminar reports supple- mented the study of organic chemistry and identifica- tion of ions. Advanced Physics: Topics included motion, the special theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics. HOME ECONOMICS . . . Foods I: The course covered kitchen use and the four Basic Food Croups. Food II: Students dealt with nutritional facts, consumer conve- nience foods, and foreign foods. Clothing I: Two gar- ments were completed and the care and repair of clothing discussed. Clothing II: Girls worked with wool fabrics and plaid and examined natural and man-made fibers. Advanced Clothing-Tailoring: Students were required to make five various garments. Child Care- Home Nursing: This course included official Red Cross training. Family Living: Students explored physical home needs and home planning. INDUSTRIAL EDUCA- TION . . . Industrial Material and Processes: Students developed skill handling woods and metals. Introduc- tion to Drafting: The course included lettering, sketching, and dimensioning. 70 Above Left — Lab glassware: the tools of discovery. Below Left — Melissa Tharpe: adapting salads to the menu. Middle Center — Robin Blumenthal, Kathy Jones: electroplating in Descriptive Chemistry. Above Right Fred Redar: different methods of repairing a motor. Below Right— Mr. Edington, Glen Weinberg: tracing chicken development. Challenge Above Left — Suzette Hulsey: a moment of Spanish cul- ture. Above Right — Peggy Tilka: the dimensions of UICSM. Below Left — Fred Martin: harnessing electrical energy in a homemade motor. Below Center — Don Ciucki: the theory and practice of Algebra. Below Right — Cus Tsirtsis: a demanding circuit program. 72 Discover ' Challenge 73 Study SOCIAL STUDIES . . . World Geography: Group problem solving was used in studying Asia and Africa. World History: Students traced the evolution of capital- ism, and totalitarianism. U.S. History: Emphasis on 1945- 1970 stimulated comprehension of American heritage. Government: Students experimented with comparative government and voter analysis. Economics: With a com- puter game, the course delved into business. Sociology: Research of social stratum in Lake County promoted awareness of society. Advanced U.S. History: Seniors focused on intense issues in America. Advanced Government: Students investigated dissent, poverty, and education. Advanced Sociology: Topics ranged from the morality of the Viet Nam war to white isola- tionism. MATHEMATICS . . . UICSM 9: The course included algebraic manipulation and a new computer unit. UICSM 10: Students examined plane Euclidean geometry. UICSM 11: Students individually pursued concepts of relations and functions. Senior Math: Trig, analytic geometry, and calculus perpared seniors for fu- ture math. General Math I: This course stressed skills with real numbers. General Math II: Students began work with algebra and geometry. Algebra: Students reasoned deductively from premise to conclusion. Geometry: Topics included logic, congruence, con- structions, and locus. Advanced Algebra: The course emphasized linear and quadratic systems. Business Math: Problem solving introduced business procedures. Computer Math: Studies included data processing, computer language, and program writing. 74 Above Left — World Geography: focusing upon current events. Below Left — Mike Purbaugh: a price index problem in Econ. Below Center — Dianne Scolnik: in- dividual research. Above Right — Geometry: the devel- opment of deductive reasoning. Below Right — Sociology: group cooperation through puzzle analy- sis. Challenge 75 Above Left — Jennifer Mihalso: countless topics on file. Above Right — " Teach-In " : " Celebrate Life, " not death! Below Left — Coralee Cleveland: the decision, to talk or to listen. Below Center — Tom Stine, Dale Sorenson: " quiet study " in Resource. Below Right — Mary Ann Bauschelt: searching for the right word. 76 Converse Challenge 77 Above Left — Gwen Schoon: cadet teaching at Elliot School. Below Left — Boys ' Physical Education: intra- mural teamwork. Above Right — Diane Marden: the P E. " Circuit Program. " Below Center — Paula Rinkov- sky: Co-op training at the Calumet National Bank. Below Right — Danna Schley, Estelle Katsoulis: salesmanship experience in the D.E. Joint. mm Participate BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . General Business: Stock- market, manufacturing, and real estate games highlighted the course. Typing I: Emphasis was on per- sonal typing including short reports. Typing II: Students furthered their ability to type letters and manuscripts. Typing III: Mailable letters, reports, and business forms were completed. Typing IV: Students worked to achieve a speed of 60 correct words per minute. Shorthand I: The course introduced the fundamentals of shorthand. Shorthand II: Skills in taking shorthand dictation cor- rectly were developed. Clerical Practice: Students learned to operate various machines and to handle mail and telegraph services. Cooperative Office Practice: Students worked at special training stations. Bookkeep- ing I: Recording and analyzing were introduced. Busi- ness Law: Students became aquainted with the Ameri- can court system and business laws. Salesmanship- Marketing: Special attention was given to personal selling in all areas of marketing. Distributive Education: Class instruction supplemented on-the-job training. GENERAL EDUCATION . . . Cadet Teaching: Seniors experienced elementary teaching in addition to classroom activity. PHYSICAL EDUCATION . . . Girls ' Physical Education: Class tournaments were conducted in basketball, volleyball, softball, and tennis. Boys ' Phys- ical Education: Boys participated in the " Cureton Pro- gram” and seasonal sports. Challenge 79 Practice Above Left — Kathy Bogusz: contour design in tempera paint. Below Left — Ray Monaldi: programming the MAI computer. Below Center — Diane Jeorse: speed drills on the ten-key adding machine. Above Right — Karen Leonard: the spring concert . . . " Eine Kleine Nacht- musik. " Below Right — Steve Skelley: mastering Spanish grammar through repetition. Challenge 81 Far Left — " Hamlet " : presented by the National Shakespeare Company. Above Left — Debbie Cusick, Mr. John Toth: the importance of the director. Above Right — Carol Mathews: English 10 improvisations. Above Center — Rich Pellar: a demonstration speech. Below Right— J une Summers, Jackie Sumbles: reliving " Mac- beth " in English II. Perform LANGUAGE ARTS . . . English 9: Freshmen constructed advertising posters, Romeo and Juliet portfolios, and composed songs during the new Folk and Rock music unit. English 10: in addition to exposition writing, the course revolved around literature including Tales of Two Cities, Frankenstein, and lulius Caesar. English 11: Juniors were allowed to choose certain novels and some visited a funeral home during the " Death " unit. English Advanced Placement: Selected seniors read major works of fiction and drama and were expected to take the CEEB A.P. English test. World Literature: Seniors analyzed Antigone, Hamlet, The Stranger, Crime and Punishment, and Black Boy, Modern Literature: The course covered biography, drama, fiction, poetry, and essays. Composition: Students perfected sentence structure, punctuation, vocabulary, and themes. Speech I: Speech content, organization, delivery, and evalua- tion were emphasized. Speech II: Topics included public and extemporaneous speaking, radio-television techniques, debate, and original oratory. Drama: Fol- lowing the study of theater history, acting technique, and stagecraft, students presented a memorized cutting, and a student-teacher directed the play, " No Exit. " Journalism I: Student films and newspapers, and a trip to the Chicago Tribune building and " W.L.S. " radio sta- tion supplemented class discussions. Journalism 11- Newspaper: Editors worked to meet two-week deadlines. Journalism 11-Yearbook: Students produced a yearbook. Challenge 83 Above Left — Instituters — Front: L. Vogt, S. Speelman, B. Brager, C. Sobek, B. Greene, D. Atkins, D. Altherr, P. Dermody. Second Row: J. Riffer, R. Allen, M. Fetzko, S. Crary, A. Mintz, A. Simon, K. Klage, M. Jugovic, D. Keene, C. Satek. Third Row: K. Bachman, R. Plunkett, M. Ulber, A. Huttle, S. Parks, K. Read, Fourth Row: M. Rader, R. Hodor, J. Washburn, S. Sorenson. Fifth Row: M. McConnell, G. Malovance, P. Czyzewski. Not Pic- tured: C. Hutchings, C. McQuilkin, J. Young, ). Yahnke, D. Rutz. Below Left — First Place Photograph: taken by jim Young at the U. of Minnesota. Above Right— Debbie Altherr: German traditions. Below Center — Sheredene Sorenson, Anne Mintz: campaign literature from Girls ' State. Below Right — Cheerleaders — Karen Klage, Debbie Rutz, Chris Sobek, Susi Speelman, Betsy Brager, )ayne Yahnke: the summer " Dots " . 84 Summer Instituters Challenge 85 HE PAST YEAR TRAVELERS EXPERIENCED SUMMER LEARNING . . . Germany was the destination for Indiana U. Honors Students, Karen Read, Meg Ulber, Donna Keene, Debbie Altherr, and Bill Greene. Suzanne Parks and Dick Atkins toured Germany with the Foreign Study League, while Robin Allen visited Austria on the Girl Scout Exchange Program. Sherdene Sorenson and Anne Mintz participated in Girls ' State. Jeff Riffer and Rob Plunkett attended Boys ' State. Alexis Huttle, Marian Fetzko, Mary Ann Jugovic, Jane Washburn, Cathy Satek, )im Young, Arleen Simon, and Patricia Dermody spent two weeks at the U. of Minnesota journalism workshop. In debate, Katy Backman attended Purdue U., while Steve Crary traveled to the U. of Vermont. Jeff Riffer and Greg Malovance went to the Northwestern Summer In- stitute in Forensics. Paul Czyzewski stayed at the New York State U. for the National Science Foundation. Caryn McQuilkin attended the Indiana U. Social Studies Institute. Cathie Hutchings and Linda Vogt participated in the Ball State U. art workshop. Susi Speelman, Betsy Brager, Chris Sobek, Karen Klage, Jayne Yahnke, and Debbie Rutz exchanged ideas at cheerleading camp. Ray Hodor, Monte Rader, and Mark McConnell partici- pated in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp. 86 Above Right — Top Ten Seniors — Front: E. Fehring, K. Read, A. Mintz, D. Keene, A. Simon, ). Spector. Second Row: D. Bolcis, W. Peters, R. Plunkett. Not Pictured: J. Alexander. Below Left — Jim Rasch: Athlete of the Year. Above Right — Sue Dixon: D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award winner. Below Right — National Merit Finalists: A. Mintz, J. Spector, M. Berns, D. Davidson. Not Pictured: P. Czyzewski, R. Plunkett. Honors AWARDS HONORED ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT . . . Without the usual Honor ' s Day, students did not receive school-wide recognition. The Munster High School Booster Club Certificates of Merit were given to Jeanne Alexander and Jay Spector, who also received the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. Donna Keene was awarded both the Kappa Kappa Kappa Epsilon Omicron Chapter Scholarship and the Munster High School Ser- vice Achievement Award. The Psi lota Xi Sorority Xeta RHO Chapter Monetary Scholarship was given to Peggy Kasten. St. Johns University awarded a scholarship to Ray Hodor. Nanci Landon received the Indiana State University Scholarship Award. An academic award from Wabash College was given to Creg Breclaw. Dave Sarchet, Sue Smith, Nancy McDaniel, and Mary Ann Jugovic received the pins given by Tri Kappa to the top 1% of the junior class. A diving scholarship was awarded to Paul Steiger by Purdue University. Karen Read received the Panhellenic Scholarship Award. The seniors who received State of Indiana Academic Schol- arships were Robin Allen, Deborah Attherr, Mark Berns, Deborah Bolcis, Coralee Cleveland, Paul Czyzewski, Karl Deluga, Eileen Fehring, Larry Cray, Bill Greene, Terry Johnson, Karen Klage, Nanci Landon, Nicki Lekas, Rebecca Lorentzen, Creg Malovance, Doug Oliver, Sue Parks, Rob Plunkett, Mike Purbaugh, Karen Read, Jeff Riffer, Debra Rutz, Cathy Satek, Gwen Schoon, Cayle Skogan, Arleen Simon, Sherdene Sorenson, Tricia Stok- er, and Sharon Zweige, Jeanne Alexander, Robin Allen, Eileen Fehring, Donna Keene, Nicki Lekas, and Rob Plunkett were awarded Purdue University Certificates of Recognition. The students who received National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation were Debra Chael, Karl Deluga, Bill Creene, Mark McConnell, Karen Read, Arleen Simon, and Margret Ulber. Challenge 87 Administration SUPERINTENDENT RETIRING AFTER 19 YEARS ... As many people learned of Superintendent Frank H. Ham- mond ' s approaching retirement, events were planned in his honor. One P.T.A. program included a biographical slide presentation and special thanks to Mr. Hammond. His numerous fellow workers assembled on June 7, at Tiebel ' s Restaurant to recall his achievements in the field of education. During the year, Mr. Kurteff, Mr. Bawden, and Mr. Tennant supervised school and ex- tracurricular activities. They were even compelled to lecture fifty boys on the differences between garbage cans and toilets. Board of School Trustees: Mr. Edmund A. Schroer (Pres.), Mr. William J. Hensey Jr. (V. Pres.), Mr. Donald F. Sands (Sec.). Buildings and Grounds Supervisor: Mr. Raymond Drux. Superintendent ' s Secre- tary: Mrs. Alice Altherr. Financial Secretary: Mrs. Julie Keeler. Payroll Clerk: Mrs. Marlyn Roark. Superin- tendent ' s Clerks: Mrs. Augusta Green, Mrs. Paula Ghrist, Mrs. Marlyn Nitz, Bookkeeping. Booster Club Officers: Dr. George Rasch (Pres.), Mr. B. Hill (Exec, V. Pres.), Mr. Joseph McLoughlin (V. Pres.), Mrs. Doris Johnson (Sec.), Mr. George Kurteff (Treasurer). 88 ,bove Left— Mr. Frank H. Hammond: Supt. of Schools; i.B., M.A., De Pauw U„ Columbia U., Phi Beta Kappa, ■hi Delta Kappa Honoraries. Below Left — Mr. George Curteff : Principal; B.S., M.S., Indiana State U., Indiana J Purdue U„ N.E.A., L.C.P.A., Phi Delta Kappa Profes- ional Fraternity. Above Right-Asst. Principals: Mr. ames Bawden, B.S., M.S., Purdue U„ Montana State, vtr John Tennant, B.S., M.S., Hanover College, Indiana State U Below Center— Miss Jane Beaman: Counselor; !A . M.S., San Diego State; Mr. Robert Speelman: Counselor; B.S., M.S., Miami U., Ind. U.; Mrs Shirley Laity: Counselor; B.S., M.S., Indiana U., A.S.C.A. Below R j„ht— Mr. Ted Klooster: Business Manager; A.B., Cal- vin College; I.A.S.B.O., N.A.S.B.O.; Mr. Lowell Sennett: Dir Spec Services; Mrs. Ilene Souders: Elem. Coordi- nator; Mr. John Preston: Asst. Superintendent; A.B M A Northwestern U., Indiana U., Howard U., U. o Illinois, Phi Delta Kappa. Not Pictured: Mr. John Friend: Athletic Director; B.A., M.S., David Lipscomb, Southern Challenge 89 Left to Right — Mr. Stan Kwasny: Algebra, General Math I, UICSM 9; B.S. Indiana U. Miss Judy Taylor: Junior En- glish; News Bureau sponsor; B.A. MacMurray College. Mrs. Ruth Stout: Art II, III, IV; Art Club sponsor; B.S. Ball State U. Mr. David Geise: Industrial Arts, Electricity, Power Mechanics; B.S. Indiana State U. Mr. Richard Smith: Sophomore English; B.S., M.S. Indiana State U. Mrs. Helen Engstrom: Speech; Speech Team sponsor, N.F.L. sponsor; B.A. Butler U., M.A. Valparaiso U. Mrs. Joy Ann Ross: Descriptive Chemistry, Physical Science; B.S. Purdue U. Mr. Joe Oliaro: Junior English; Gym- nastics coach, Asst. Wrestling coach; B.A. U. of Illinois. Mrs. Marlis Tippett: German IV, V; German Club sponsor; B.A.S. Valparaiso U., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Steve Wroblewski: Algebra, General Math I, UICSM 9; Frosh Football coach, Varsity Golf coach, Athletic Training Program; B.A. Franklin College. Mrs. Helga Meyer: German I, III; B.A. U. of Cincinnati. Mr. Mike Niksic: Physical Education; Lettermen ' s Club sponsor, Asst. Football coach, Head Baseball coach; B.A. Ball State U., Colorado U., Graduate work at Valparaiso U. Mr. Alan Smith: UICSM 10, 11; B.S. Indiana U., M.A. Valparaiso U. Mr. James Pancheri: Freshman English; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. George Sofianos: Algebra, General Math I, UICSM 9; Frosh Baseball coach; B.A., M.S. Purdue U. Mr. lames Stone: Business Education; Track coach, Asst. Football coach; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Ross Haller: Government, Advanced Government; Student Senate sponsor; B.A. Valparaiso U., M.A. Ball State U. Mr. Rich- ard Holmberg: Junior Choir, Girls ' Glee Club, Concert Choir, Ensembles, Musical director; B.S. Northern State, M.M. Northwestern U. Mr. Ed Robertson: Freshman En- glish; B.S. Indiana U., M.S. Indiana State U. Mrs. Mary Yorke: Senior English; B.A. Marquette U. Mr. Jack Yerkes: Freshman English; Eighth-grade Football, Eighth-grade Basketball; B.A. Wabash College, M.A. Ball State U. Miss Evelyn Lanz: Health and Safety, Advanced Biology; B.A., M.S. Purdue U. Miss Rose Holder: Short- hand II, Clerical Practice, Cooperative Office Practice; O.E.A. sponsor; B.S. Indiana State U., St. Joseph ' s College. Mr. Donald Kernaghan: World History, Eco- Challenge 91 Faculty nomics; Junior Varsity Baseball coach; B.S. Northern Illinois U., M.A. Valparaiso U. Miss Claire Saltzstein: Physical Education; Girls ' Volleyba ll coach; B.S. Drake U. Mrs. Doris Johnson: Sophomore English; Cheer- leader sponsor; B.S., M.A. Purdue U. Mr. David Russell: Sophomore English: B.A. Purdue U. Miss Jean Rawson: Cadet Teaching, Business Law, Typing III, IV; B.S. U. of Mississippi, M.S. Indiana U. Mr. David Carmony: Senior High Band, Jr. High Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Marching Band, Cadet Band; B.S. Ball State U. Mr. Jim Shabi: U.S. History; B.S. Ball State U. Not Pictured: Mr. Gregory Luksich: Freshman Basketball coach; B.S. Wyoming U. Left to Right — Mr. Gary Webster: German II, VI; B.A. In- diana U. Miss Nancy Kelley: Journalism I, II; Crier, Pegasus, Paragon advisor; B.S. Indiana U. Miss Patt Mar- tignoni: U.S. History; Freshman Class sponsor; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. Ron Tyner: Biology; B.S. Indiana U. Mrs. Patricia Sholts: Typing I, II, Shorthand I; Cheerleader sponsor; B.A. Wisconsin State U. Miss Marge Gonce: Audio-Visual director; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. James Karagianis: Physics, Advanced Physics; Senior Class sponsor, Science Club sponsor; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. Thomas Whitely: U.S. History, European History, Ad- vanced U.S. History; Assistant Speech coach, Conces- sion Manager; B.A. Purdue U. Mr. James Mclndoo: Dis- tributive Education; D.E. Club sponsor, Senior Class sponsor; B.S. Indiana State U. Mr. Craig Wardrip: Ge- ometry, General Math II, Business Math; B.S. Purdue U. Mr. Lloyd Lindquist: Computer Math, Senior Math; Sophomore Class sponsor, National Honor Society sponsor. Tennis coach; B.S. Crinnel College, M.S. Purdue U. Mrs. Ruth Ann Brasaemle: Senior English; B.A. Valparaiso U„ M.A. Purdue U. Mr. Jeffrey Graves: Descriptive Chemistry; A.B. Indiana U. Mrs. Sherry Fech: Junior English; Drama assistant; B.S., M.S. Indiana 92 U. Miss Pat Frankowiak: Sophomore English; Debate sponsor; B.A. St. Francis U., M.A. Purude U. Mr. |on Fech: Geometry, Advanced Algebra; Junior Class sponsor; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. Mr. Hal Lee Coppage: Government, Sociology, World Geography; Survivors sponsor; B.S. Indiana U. Miss Dorothy Christoff: Geometry, Advanced Algebra; " Banana Bunch sponsor; B.S. Purdue U., M.S. Illinois U. Mrs. Frances Chang: Algebra I, Business Math; Future Nurses Club sponsor; B.A. Indiana U. Mr. Gene Fort: Sociology; Musical Director, Small Ensemble sponsor; B.A., M.S. Indiana U. Miss Mary Ann Davison: Advanced Chemis- try, Theoretical Chemistry; B.S. Puerto Rico U., M.S. Purdue U. Mr. Daniel Bengert: Senior English; Debate Team sponsor, Faker ' s Club sponsor; B.A. Notre Dame U. Mrs. Emma Brankle: Home Ec.; B.S. Ball State U., M.S. Purdue U. Miss Anne Brisco: Spanish II; U.Y.S. sponsor; B.A. Depauw U. Mr. Ralph Graft: U.S. History; B.S. Ball State U. Not Pictured — Mr. Paul Bender: Art I; B.A. Loras College, B.A., M.A. Chicago U. Mr. Al Boch- nowski: Wrestling coach; B.S. Michigan U., M.A. In- diana U. Mr. Mike Conyers: Orchestra; B.S. Ball State U., M.A. Cummington School of Fine Arts. Mr. Richard Faculty Dilling: Cross Country coach, Assistant Track coach; B.S., M.A. Indiana U. Mr. John Edington: Biology; Pep Club sponsor; B.S. Indiana Central U., M.S. Purdue U. Mrs. Linda Elman: Spanish I; B.A. Indiana U., M.S. Chicago U. Mrs. Iris Greenbaum: Spanish I, II; B.A. In- diana U. Mr. Richard Hunt: Industrial Education, Drafting; Head Basketball coach. Assistant Football coach; B.S., M.A. Ball State U. Mr. Jon Jepson: Physical Education; Swim coach; B.S. Purdue U., M.A. Missouri State. Mrs. Barbara Johnson: Geometry, Advanced Al- gebra; B.A. Northern Michigan U., M.S. Michigan Tech U. Mrs. Evelyn Leonhardt: German III, IV; B.A., M.A. Illinois U. Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker: Physical Educa- tion; G.A.A. sponsor; B.S., M.A. Ball State U. Mr. John Toth: H ead Librarian, Drama; Thespian Society sponsor; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. Challenge 93 Above Left — Science: M. Tharpe, C. Hanus, S. Brownlee, R. Ulicini, M. Victor, A. Starzak, T. Watson, T. Macko, P. Bookwood, D. Dunn, L. Zagrocki, A. Huttle. Not Pic- tured: K. Kristoff, S. Bolls, S. Rothstein, P. Good, N. Richter, D. Middleton, L. McCarty, P. Bretz, L. Pochter, S. Sublett, S. Schmeuser, J. Sumbles, K. Raymond, G. Schoon, J. Berns, C. Vailinois, H. Talanian, F. Schoerer, C. Smith, A. Esterhay, D. Dietrich. Below Left — Office: R. Blumenthal. Not Pictured: B. Little, C. Conrad, L. Rutkowski, S. Lieberman, H. Talanian, K. Walt, P. Bruce, M. Friedman, J. Schauwecker, C. McCaig. Above Right — A-V — Front: P. Cress, D. Cala. Back: B. Woess, ). Denen- berg, ). Mayer, B. Aranowski, B. Brown, D. Dvorscak, D. Amber. Not Pictured: ). Schmidt, M. Nondorf, J. Dilbo, M. Winter. Below Center — Library — Left to Right, Front to Back: I. Clapman, B. Moore, M. Maxwell, B. Dalkoff, M. Horlick, E. Brew, N. Devetak, M. Bosch, L. Fort, C. Covert, S. Bolls. Not Pictured: S. Crary, R. Arges, B. Leibengood, R. Leet, ). Crary, M. Tharpe, C. Clark, S. Smith. Below Right — Phys. Ed. — Front: R. Tanis, S. Speelman. Back: ). Morris, C. Skogan, A. Beckman, A. McDonald, C. Clark. Not Pictured: D. Ortman, C. Keitz, L. Cerlach, S. Resler, D. Cusik, M. Wolfe, B. Mattox, P. Schreier. 94 Student jr til Jr- " ' MM ' ' ; fal Mi f . .- m Assistants DUTIES DICTATED ACTIVITY . . . Biology Lab assista nts traveled to Purdue University for a week-end of science observation. Resource aides worked with micro-film, while attendance records and mail delivery occupied of- fice assistants. Audio-Visual assistants rushed to get the right equipment to the right teacher at the right time. In the meantime, physical education leaders directed exer- cises while sitting. Challenge 95 Adult Assistants NEW OFFICE ALLEVIATED CROWDED CONDITIONS . . • The clerical staff welcomed the opening of the high school office, newly remodeled after the fire. The only new item added was a fireproof vault for school records. The cooks coped with a " feed-in " sponsored by the Student Senate on February 25. Rather than the average number of 300 lunches, 625 lunches were sold that day. Bus drivers contended with overfilled buses. The greater school enrollment increased custodial duties. Above Left — Clerical Staff — Sitting: Mrs. A. Stamper (of- fice). Standing: Mrs. A. Cuiden (guidance), Mrs. L. Horlick (attendance payroll), Mrs. V. Scharz (para- professional biology team), Mrs. I. Silverman (treasurer), Mrs. B. Russell (science), Mrs. R. Brusch (resource center). Not Pictured: Mrs. M. Rincon (office), Mrs. B. Cash (guidance). Below Left — Bus Drivers — Front: Mr. F. Fazekas, Mrs. R. Coomer. Back: Mrs. H. Adams, Mrs. ). Day, Mrs. S. Wood. Not Pictured: Mrs. C. Gouwens. Above Right — Mrs. M. Pruzin (nurse), Kim Graham: a medical demonstration. Below Right — Custodians: Mrs. R. Lane, Mrs. M. Lloyd, M. L. Tatara, Mr. E. Karnes. Kitchen Aides: Mrs. B. Friend, Mrs. M. Hinton, Mrs. ). Van Dyke, Mrs. J. Day. Not Pictured: Mrs. A. Pritchard. Challenge 97 Pegasus, News Bureau SMALL STAFFS WORKED IN VARIOUS ASPECTS OF JOURNALISM . . . NEWS BUREAU: A completely new staff excelled in its efforts to relate M.H.S. activities to the community. The bureau used various means of com- munication, including newspaper columns in the Times. the Sun and Calumet Press, broadcasting on WLNR-FM radio and four news programs on Channel 50, WCAE. Sponsoring the contest " You ' ve Come a Long Way Babies, " the staff challenged the student body to iden- tify baby pictures to teachers. Sponsor — Miss Judy Taylor. Awards — Most Industrious: Teresa Serrano. PEGASUS: The staff entered a car in the homecoming parade. Hampered by uncertainty, it later conducted the " White and Art " drive to collect material for the lit- erary magazine. Sponsor — Miss Nancy Kelley. Awards — Most Outstanding, Most Promising: Brooke Boroughs. 100 Above Left — News Bureau Staff — Sitting: S. Hymen (T. V. Correspondent), T. Serrano (Head Photographer). Standing: B. Moore, J. Powers (Radio Correspondent), J. Lynn, R. Allen (Editor-in-Chief), A. Huttle (News Cor- respondent for Sun) . Not Pictured: S. Sorenson (Asso- ciate Editor), A. Mintz (News Correspondent for the Times). K. Eitzen (News Correspondent for Calumet Press). Below Left — Marilyn Friedman, Sara Lee Hymen: WCAE, Channel 50, T.V. Above Center — Robin Allen, Sherdene Sorenson: Mr. Karagianis, voted cutest baby in News Bureau Baby Contest. Above Right — Brooke Boroughs: approving Pegasus copy. Below Right — Pegasus Staff: Front: P. Quint, C. Manske, C. Wilson, ). Copple, L. Krupinski. Second Row: P. Schaub, B. Dal- koff, B. Boroughs, A. Simon, B. Bembenista. Not Pic- tured: C. Casich (Editor-in-Chief). Commitment 101 Above Left — Sheri Wolfe: total involvement at wrestling meet. Above Center — Kathy Pope, Mary Jo Miller, Donna Schley: using the new Kyroscope Electric timer at final swim meet. Below Left — C.T.O. -Swimming- Front: D. Chael, J. Yahnke, S. Meyer, K. Fisher (Pres.), S. Parks, B. Eppler. Second Row: D. Schley, C. Vailionis, M. Frantz, D. Kasper, J. Satek, K. Donnersberger, P. Hamacher. Third Row: D. Schley, K. Pope, M. Boldt, J. Kuhn, J. Lanman, L. Heatherington. Not Pictured: M. Miller, B. Chizmar, B. Page, J. Satek, N. Landon, C. Satek, M. Modjeski (Sec.). Above Right — G.T.O.-Track and Wrestling — Front: K. Sagala, D. Marden, S. Lewis, P. Higgins (V.P.-wrestling), M. Miller (V.P.-swimming), N. Landon, C. Marden, L. Adaska, J. Murphy, K. Kolodziej, C. Wayland. Second Row: L. Rudzinski, M. Kaplan, C. Lanting, R. Hartkoorn, P. Kovich, W. Kontos, J. Sartain, S. Peters, J. Mehalso, D. Stoker, D. Warziniak. Third Row: S. Robb, A. Huttle, J. Smith (V.P.-track), N. Riffer, D. Creenspon, E. Lanman, L. Altherr, P. Angel, M. Koloch, N. Opinker, D. Figuly, M. Bochnowski, N. Kivett. Fourth Row: D. Bobin, M. Carofalo, K. Cray, D. Murzyn, T. Smith, M. Berghian, C. Satek, D. Nickoloff, J. Phillips, C. King, K. Bucher, L. Regelman, L. Parker, M. Boldt. Fifth Row: K. Hulett, J. McDaniel, P. Bookwood, P. Kucer, P. Little, C. Hriso, R. Ottenheimer, M. Pfister, J. Skogan, N. Johns, C. O ' Connor. Sixth Row: C. Russell, R. Cuilotte, C. Keen, J. Hand, C. Lautz. Below Right — Jenny Murphy, Lori Adaska, Peggy Schaub: " Cindermaids " — a different kind of endurance. F Vjl IV] jjK wBjJuawiil iJF ' % £ A. 1 If flij in ■l. 1 1 y JQ P v«pW K H 1 A JC 1 T 1 102 C.T.O. ATHLETES APPRECIATED NEW ORGANIZA- TION . . . G.T.O.: The Girls ' Timing Organization was responsible for working at athletic events. Their duties included timing at meets, giving out ribbons, and making signs for the minor sports. The girls also aided coaches by keeping all books and records in order. Sponsor-Mr. Jon Jepson. Commitment 103 Above Left — Front: M. Boldt, A. White, C. Bond, J. Murphy, C. Kendrick, J. Copple, M. Otte, ). Hlinka, K. Sagala, ). Stine. Second Row: M. Modjeski, R. Cuilotte, R. Gubitz, A. Coulis, V. Breclaw, S. Barth, R. Hirsch, N. Stevens, D. Marden, E. Coulis, M. Burns, C. Cichoski, R. Wennekes. Third Row: K. Graham, T. Lavery, M. Tanis, N. Raves, B. Rosenstein, ). Lynn, P. Rothstein, L. Sennett, D. Watson, T. Thomas, ). Shumway, S. White, C. Hanus, R. Monaldi, L. Feingold. Fourth Row: M. Nondorf, G. Macko, D. Demey, K. Bell, P. Hamacher, M. Bosch, B. Graff, ). Lair, C. Strachan, T. Campion, J. Barker, D. Angel, L. Erickson, R. Bryan. Fifth Row: C. Sobek, D. Lammering, ). Garzinski, C. Stankie, M. )ugovic, B. Kroll, B. Donoho, P. Coulis, C. Carney, K. Donnersberger, E. Hensey, B. Hott, D. Cusick, ). Breshock, F. Strickland. Sixth Row: D. Weeks, A. Speranza, ). Casey, M. Meis- terling, E. Schmidt, G. Pratt, T. Ottenheimer, D. Schley, S. Bolls, B. Miller, D. Schley, B. Kelley, D. Kirschner, G. Ahlborn, C. Simpson, ). Burlison, L. Rudzinski. Seventh Row: R. Rosenthal, L. Hoekema, S. Kustka, J. Gott, M. Wood, D. Bembenista, J. Kuhn, G. Adams, B. Bolanowski, K. Pope, S. Ross, D. Leirer, P. Schaw, N. Bjelland, P. Good, L. Krupinski, S. Speelman. Eighth Row: R. Jones, M. Gilchrist, W. Gott, G. Weber, M. San- sone, B. Nagle, G. Pritchard, B. Larson, J. Washburn, G. Karas, B. Grow, P. Ballard, S. Webber, G. Gyure, D. Abrinko, K. Knutson, K. Geiger, J. Treder. Not Pictured: J. Davidson, S. Miller, M. Bauschelt, K. Quint, J. Papais, L. Heatherington, G. Adams, J. Goebel, D. Rys. Below Left — " Gorilla Choir " : moments of concentration. Above Right — Peggy Good: choir candy sale. Below Right — Christmas Concert: " Carol of the Bells. " 104 10th and 11th Grade Choir " GORILLA ' ' TRADITION CONTINUED . . . 10th AND 11th GRADE CHOIR: The " Gorilla Choir " was the only choir to receive a first at the NISBOVA contest in Ches- terton. Profits earned during the music department ' s candy sale paid for additional robes needed for Munster High ' s largest choral group. The choir performed in the Christmas and spring concerts and sang " Sunrise and Alleluia " at Baccalaureate. Director — Mr. Richard Holm- berg. Commitment 105 Above Left — Vicki Rundle, Mariann Hodus, Lori Altherr: “spectators " at a varsity pep session. Above Right — J.V.: Debbie Cusick, Vicki Rundle, Lori Altherr, Mariann Hodus. Below Left — Varsity: Susi Speelman, Betsey Brager (Captain), Debbie Rutz, Jayne Yahnke, Chris Sobek, Karen Klage. Below Center — Chris Sobek, Betsey Brager, Jayne Yahnke: exploding emotions. Below Right — Frosh: Maureen Pfister, Brenda Helm, Shirley Reiplinger, Sue Trent. 106 Cheer- Leaders FRIENDSHIP MAGNIFIED THEIR SPIRIT . . . CHEER- LEADERS: While attending camp at Illinois State Univer- sity, the varsity cheerleaders received the coveted " spirit stick, " a clue of their future enthusiasm. They also brought home memories of " The Dots " (camp outfits), " Mom”, " The NCA Smile, " and the camp quote, " We are ladies! " The cheerleader cycle sextet was an added delight in the Homecoming Parade. Besides leading cheers, they sponsored a dance after the Gavit basketball game and a Rice Krispies sale to pay for the new short-sleeved sweaters. They will never forget their cheers nor the familiar sounds of " You guys, let ' s practice! " and, " Don ' t let the refs get you down! " Sponsors — Mrs. Pat Sholts, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson. Commitment 107 Above Left — Arleen Simon: N. H.S. recordings for the blind. Below Left — Quill and Scroll Society — Front: A. Simon, C. Satek (Pres.), K. Read. Back: R. Allen, ). Young, A. Huttle. Not Pictured: C. Casich. Below Center — Mark McConnell: reviewing the past year at the semester induction. Above — Quill and Scroll: symbols of excellence. Below Right — National Honor Society — Front: N. Jablonski, T. Serrano, M. Thompson, P. Kasten, K. Klage (Treas.), K. Read, A. Huttle. Second Row: D. Bolcis, C. McQuilkin, N. Landon, E. Fehring, D. Altherr, S. Ferro. Third Row: B. Lorentzen, S. Dixon, D. Keene, M. Ulber, M. Victor, A. Simon. Fourth Row: R. Allen, S. Sorenson (Sec.), D. Davidson, D. Chael, N. Lekas, A. Mintz. Fifth Row: P. Steiger, C. Satek, T. Stok- er, J. Alexander, B. Eppler. Sixth Row: L. Cray, C. Malovance, D. Vieweg, ). Yahnke, ). Riffer, D. Zoellner. Seventh Row: K. Deluga, R. Plunkett, B. Greene, W. Peters, P. Czyzewski, M. McConnell (Pres.). Not Pic- tured: S. Parrish (V.P.), N. Devetak, S. Parks, J. Spector, J. Barker, D. Rutz. 108 Honor Societies OUTSTANDING STUDENTS INITIATED . . . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: As a semester project, members made tape recordings of books and poems for the blind. Bev Eppler and Sue Dixon attended N.H.S. Dis- trict Halloween Party. Promoting scholarship, leader- ship, and education, the organization awarded a schol- arship to a deserving Munster High senior. Sponsor — Mr. Lloyd Lindquist. QUILL AND SCROLL: This year seven students were recognized for their exceptional achievements in journalism. Sponsor — Miss Nancy Kelley. Above Left — Crier Staff — Front: C. Hriso, M. Reister, G. Georgas, L. Zagrocki, G. Mazza (Ed. Board), C. Man- suetto (Ed. Board). Second Row: N. Bjelland (Co-Fea- tures Ed.), D. Halon, B. Boroughs, K. Jones (Ad. Ed), M. Jugovic, J. Mayer, D. Medansky, K. McLenden, L. Camp S. Goldstein (Co-Feature), J. Powers (Ed. Board), M. McLean (Ed. Board). Third Row: J. Estrada, A. Huttle (Sports Ed.), R. Hirsch. Fourth Row: C. Manske, C. Can- diano, A. Simon (Ed.), M. Allen. Fifth row: D. Amber, P. Baranowski, J. Crary (Bus. Mgr.), C. Etter (Head Photo.), M. Hauer. Not pictured: C. McQuilken (Co-News Ed.), M. Thompson (Co-News Ed.), P. Higgins, B. Schofner, d! Winter, P. Goodman, D. Leirer. Below Left — Caryn McQuilken, Marsha Thompson: Co-News Editors making use of journalism class. Above Right — Jill Crary: caught in the action of organizing carnations. Center Right — Alexis Huttle, Arleen Simon: proofreading copy to complete a final deadline. Below Right — Pushing and shoving; getting the special senior issue. Crier EDITORS STRUGGLED TO " SAVE THE CRIER " . . . CRIER: Despite hopeful plans, problems multiplied as funds ran low and some editors resigned; however, the remaining staff refused to quit. Volunteers filled vacant positions and quickly learned through experience. To meet increasing costs the staff began the tradition of selling carnations on St. Valentines Day. They also sold taffy apples and football cushions and coordinated a money-making " Save the Crier " campaign with Burger King. In addition to regular issues, the Crier staff produced special Christmas, sectional, and senior issues. Advisor — Miss Nancy Kelley. Awards — Best Story: Mary McLean; Most Dedicated Editor: Alexis Huttle; Best Sophomore: Linda Zagrocki; Special Thanks: Arleen Simon, Editor-in-Chief. Commitment 111 Orchestra, Pep Band GROUP ANTICS ENTERTAINED MUSICIANS ORCHESTRA: The Orchestra directed by the " Frito-Ban- dito ' , performed at the fall, winter, and spring concerts and at commencement exercises. It earned a first at the annual NISBOVA contest and 30 students participated in solo competition. Several members participated in the pit orchestra for the musical, " Oklahoma. " Direc- tor — Mr. Michael Conyers. PEP BAND: Considered the " fun band, " the pep band entertained fans at varsity basketball games and accompanied the Drill Team. Impromptu numbers included " Mickey Mouse " and the " Schlitz " tune. Director — Mr. David Carmony. 112 eiLiin Above Left — Mr. David Carmony: serious classroom ses- sion. Below Left — Pep Band — Front: T. Schultz, T. Carr, J. Miner, P. Lichtsinn, N. Richter, M. Biegel. Second Row: J. Kus, P. Schaub, C. Manske, N. Chipman, P. Meagher, C. Krol, Mr. D. Carmony. Third Row: P. Novak, D. Sweeney, D. Horath, D. Kintner, C. Griffin, J. Elkins, A. Corban, L. Greisen, S. Peglow, C. Stephenson, T. Martin. Fourth Row: G. Eidam, L. Chidester, A. Es- terhay, C. Huber, ). Berns, R. Vanlnwegen, F. Martin. Fifth Row: D. Tungett, E. Schmidt, J. Bickell, ). Brown, D. Ray, G. Weinberg, B. Kulka, E. Shea. Not Pictured: M. Calhoun, J. Carr, J. Clement, G. Devetak, B. Hertrick, G. Krawczyk, P. Wickland, D. Wonnell, S. Zink, B. Bunting, D. Queer. Below Right — Pep Band: addi- tional entertainment throughout the basketball season. Above Right — Orchestra — Front: B. Bunting, J. Peach, C. Bussert, F. Black, M. Lang. Second row: L. Greisen, E. Shea, L. Orloff, K. Leonard, N. Johns. Third Row: D. Queer, B. Wilt, G. Mazza, D. Cala. Fourth Row: M. Mirkov, C. Hriso, D. Kalman, N. Branson, T. Peglow, J. Such. Fifth Row: M. Franczek, G. Gambrell, C. Wayland, W. Kontos, C. Lindeman, V. Bussert. Sixth Row: M. Hanus, M. Bachman, S. Peglow, B. Turner, J. Mihalo, T. Kovach. Seventh Row: J. Clark, D. Lutton, D. Tungett, E. Schmidt, B. Kulka, K. Mclendon. Not Pictured: J. Clem- ent, J. Brown. Center Right — Dave Kalman: trumpet solo. Commitment 113 Above Left — Paul Czyzewski: first place " Demtations " in the talent show. Above Center — Cheryl Page, Ron Jones: a Student Senate dance. Below Left — Front — Left to Right: R. Leet (V.P.), B. Page (Sec.), M. McConnell (Parlimentarian), J. Spector (Treas.). Second Row— Left to Right: E. Schmidt, T. Trent, T. Gibbs, R. Levin, J. Sch- midt, R. Gubitz. Third Row — Left to Right: T. Ot- tenheimer, S. Sublett, M. Bosch. Fourth Row — Left to Right: J. Angelcos, M. Fetzko, C. Sobek, B. Helm, C. Rus- sell, M. Lang, S. Dixon, J. Riffer, D. Croissant, E. Harr, J. Davidson, B. Moore, J. Estrada, J. Crary, B. Boroughs, T. Martin, C. Satek, S. Trent, G. Keen, K. Deluga, R. Kennel, L. Gray. Back Standing: M. Bower, S. Klein, K. Read, A. Speranza. Not Pictured: R. Plunkett (Pres.), N. Goodman, C. Smith, R. Pellar, B. Donoho, S. Smith, J. Sefton, B. Greene, P. Czyzewski, T. Murakowski, J. Yahnke, D. Karas. Above Right — “Feed-in”: mass sup- port of open lunch. Below Right — Jayne Yahnke: a Christmas party at Trade Winds. I Student Senate COALS JUSTIFIED THE METHODS USED . . . STUDENT SENATE: Members advocated open lunch, driving to school, and a reformed curriculum. Jeff Riffer and Rick Leet presented reasons to the School Board for open lunch and driving to school. The Senate circulated peti- tions and promoted an " Unboycott " of the lunch facilities. However these efforts proved unsuccessful, and the Senate was denied its requests. After the im- peachment and conviction of Treasurer John Papais, the Senate elected Jay Spector to replace him. Members with the best attendence records participated in the student exchange program with Highland, Cavit, Morton, Hammond High, Lake Central, and Lowell. The Senate sponsored Homecoming Week, a talent show, a dance, a Christmas party at the Trade Winds Rehabili- tation Association, and the donation of $100 to the Karen Allen Kidney Fund. Sponsor — Mr. Ross Haller. 115 Commitment Above Left — Junior O.E.A. — Front: L. Siple, S. Sch- mueser, P. Leahy, D. Middleton. Second Row: C. Carney, J. Summers, S. Rapacz, E. Butynski, C. Macko, Miss Holder. Third Row: C. Kocal, J. Green, B. Rokosz, M. Tanis, J. Hoeppner, D. Gajewski, J. Sumbles, C. Bond. Below Left — Homecoming car: a successful first at- tempt. Above Center — Martin Homan: guarding, often futiley, the German Club jail. Above Right — German Club— Front: D. Keene, J. Such, M. Jugovic, B. Graff, M. Ulber. Second Row: M. Homan, K. Read, M. Sansone, S. Musick, D. Bembenista. Third Row: J. Washburn, L. Sen- nett. On Roof: G. Figuly, M. Tharpe. Not Pictured: D. Sarchet, D. Berg, V. Sidabras, D. Croissant. Below Right — Senior O.E.A. — Front: L. Schmueser, B. Moore. Second Row: Miss R. Holder, P. Rinkovsky, T, Murakowski, L. Carney, S. Burton. Not Pictured: D. Gage, K. Ogorek, D. Murphy. 116 O.E.A., German Club STUDENT INTEREST DETERMINED YEAR . . . OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: O. E.A. members strove to promote the field of office occupations and to better secretarial skills among high school students. The O.E.A. homecoming ' JB 3 " Oh Eat Apples, " tied for first place. Members sponsored donut sales, dances, and attended the National O.E.A. convention in Indianapolis. Junior O.E.A. members sold Christmas ornaments. Profits from a candy sale helped finance the employer-employee banquet. Advisor — Miss Rose Holder. Awards — O.E.A. Regional Contest — Typing Production II, Machine Transcript, 10-Key: Linda Carney, 1st, 1st, 3rd; 10-Key Machine Transcript: Shirley Burton, 2nd, 3rd; Typing Production I: Paula Rinkovsky, 2nd; Shorthand II: Debbie Murphy, 2nd. GERMAN CLUB: Due to lack of interest, members were unable to coordinate many ac- tivities. The club once again sponsored the yearly German jail at the carnival. Advisor — Mrs. Marlis Tip- pett. Commitment 117 Above Left — Chris Rawlins, Bob Grand: a " team " effort toward Mustang Field improvement. Below Left — Let- termen — Front Sitting: D. Vieweg, J. Spector, J. Rasch, T. Lavery, K. Watson, P. Coulis, K. Johnson, B. Grand, M. Victor. Standing: J. Wingfield, B. Kulka, M. Rader, M. Robertson, D. Edinger, R. Delaney, S. Holajter, D. Kalman, R. Carr, P. Schaw, J. Long, D. Nolan, W. Peters, R. Pellar, L. Gray. Second Row: J. O ' Barske, T. Donoho, ). Rosko, D. Watson, B. Greene, G. Karas, P. Jankura, R. Levin, B. Ross, K. Kraus, S. Ross, P. Wickland, B. Wilthew, S. Zimmerman, B. Helm, B. Girot, M. Thompson, J. Schneider, C. Peyrot. Third Row: J. Young, T. Kinnane, D. Dietrich, T. Fetzko, P. Steiger, R. Hoder, P. Hiple, M. Erickson, T. Smelko, J. Kolas, M. Wolfe, T. Kelly, S. Allen, J. Fox, R. Clark, J. Gott, D. Sarchet, B. Kelley, ). Lee, J. Kowalczyk, R. Higgins, R. Rosenstein, R. Brooks, M. McConnell, D. Paul, K. Detzner, N. Goodman, J. Brandley, B. Shinkan, M. Waisnora. Standing: D. Green, H. Kuhn, S. Parrish, R. Clark. Not Pictured: M. Bogusz, K. Bumbales, B. Goddard, W. Gott, K. Grasty, P. Hasiak, B. Hetrick, D. Huebner, D. Keilman, D. Moreno, L. Neukranz, R. Parker, R. Plunkett, C. Rawlins, D. Ruf, F. Schroer, R. Straub, J. Webber, S. Wigley, J. Wrobel, B. Miller, B. Mueller, R. Nelson, T. Peglow, D. Miller, M. Rizzo. Above Right — Debbie Ham, Claudia Vailionis, Rene Guilotte: " Charleston” antics at practice. Far Right — Synchronized Swim Club — Front: D. Croissant, P. Bookwood. Second Row: J. Kuhn. Third Row: R. Guilotte, D. Schley, S. Croissant, B. Page. Fourth Row: S. Ismael, L. Dahl, K. Bell, A. Beckman, J. Smith, T. Lavery. Fifth Row: P. Tilka, D. Ham, D. Green. Not Pic- tured: W. Wilkens, C. Vailionis, L. Siple, S. Parrish, R. Levin, R. Pellar, M. Dietrich. Center Right — Scott Parrish, Debbie Croissant: ballet entrance to the music of " Zorba the Greek " . Lettermen, Synchronized Swim Clubs OUTSTANDING SKILL QUALIFIED PARTICIPANTS . . . LETTERMEN ' S CLUB: Representing a certain degree of athletic excellence, Lettermen provided various services at sport ' s events. They sold programs, ushered, and sponsored a dance. Lettermen began the project of dig- ging trenches in the football field for drain tiles to en- sure a level field. The club sponsored Monte Rader ' s trip to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ' camp in Ohio. Sponsor — Mr. Michael Niksic. Officers — R. Hodor (Pres.), J. Rosko (V.P.), L. Gray (Sec.), S. Parrish (Treas.), C. Peyrot (Sgt.-At-Arms). SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING: Swimmers began practice in the fall and composed their own routines. In April, the club presented its annual water show entitled " Synchronized Cinema " , which pic- tured theme songs from motion pictures. On St. Pat- rick ' s Day members held a bake sale of green color cookies. Sponsor — Miss Fedorchak. Officers — P. Tilka (Pres.), D. Croissant (V,P.), L. Dahl (Treas.), B. Page (Sec.). nri TH i 1 PFPT Commitment 119 Above Left — Senior D. E. — Left to Right: E. Yasko, I. Clapman (V.P.), R. Tanis, G. Bembenista, R. Johnson, J. Peterman, K. Knesek, J. Sefton, S. Ferro, J. Mueller, E. Katsoulis (Sec.), P. Coulis (Treas.), C. Dunning (Pres.). Below Left — D.E. homecoming car: “Ring Up a Victo- ry! ' ' Below Center — Junior D. E. — Kneeling: T. Gower, J. Lynn. Left to Right: E. Sosby, R. Hirsch, B. Williamson, J. Given, J. Lair, P. Mullaney, R. Minas, J. Mogle, J. Hoeppner, B. Tsirtsis, B. Senak. Tree: J. Kus. Above Right — Melissa Gilchrist, Linda Fort, Elaine Yasko: black — light posters sold at " The Joint. " Below Right — Rick Johnson: on the job experience at Burger King. jW 4 ' Distributive Education BUSINESS ACTIVITIES SPARKED NEW ENTHUSIASM . . . SENIOR D. E.: (Required to take Salesman- ship — Marketing Class II). Students managed the new M.H.S. bookstore, the " Joint.” After gaining recognition with a second place homecoming car, members com- peted in the state conference in Indianapolis and spon- sored a dance with the " Clearlight, " a car wash, and a showing of " Born Free " for elementary students. Selected students received credit for jobs during school hours, a part of their business training. Sponsor — Mr. James Mclndoo. Awards — State — Job Interview: Paul Coulis, 2nd; Regional D.E. — V.P.: Jamie Sefton. JUNIOR D.E. — In Salesmanship — Marketing (Class I), juniors prepared for on-the-job training the following year. Members created " DECA Duck " and sold magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Sponsor — Mr. James Mclndoo. Awards — State — Advertising: Rick Hirsch, 1st; Salesmanship: Ed Sosby, 3rd. Commitment 121 Concert Choir, 10th Grade Girls ' Glee Club CHOIRS WORKED WITH LIMITED MEMBERSHIP . . . CONCERT CHOIR: The selective Concert Choir was Mr. Holmberg ' s " cream of the crop.” It participated in the spring and Christmas concerts and sang at Commence- ment exercises. The choir received a disappointing sec- ond at the NISBOVA contest. Being a small, select group, members easily mastered techniques to improve performances. Director — Mr. Richard Holmberg. 10th GRADE GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB: This group also sang in the spring and Christmas concerts and attained a second place rating in the NISBOVA contest. Director — Mr. Richard Holmberg. 122 Above Left — Front: B. Berey, ). Yahnke, N. Landon, ). White, ). Lebryk, M. Church. Second Row: C. Hutchings, B. Brager, C. Cleveland, ). Malo, M. Ulber, D. Keene, D. Bobin, Third Row: ). Lanman, C. Johnson, D. Altherr, K. Klage, T. Johnson, J. Rittman, D. Rutz, S, Sorenson, L. Griffith, C. Angelcos, A. Beckman. Fourth Row: M. Luerssen, K. Wehle, C. Bond, ). Bonner, D. Vieweg, C. Revenew, S. Talbott. Fifth Row: B. Eppler, M. Victor, P. Kasten, C. Clark, D. Green, R. Leet, M. Thompson, K. Fisher, J. Kowalczyk, C. Brown, C. Rawlins, R. Levin, T. Gibbs. Sixth Row: B. Ross, P. Steiger, C. Moore, M. Robertson, R. Delaney, ). Wingfield, M. Nolan, J. Zopp, G. Breclaw. Not Pictured: C. Casich, D. Castillo, J. Gainer, D. Guess, M. Meisterling, M. Miller, S. Parrish, G. Schoon, D. Wilson — Concert Choir. Below Left — Girls ' Glee Club: spring concert. Above Right — Concert Choir: the performers and the audience as one. Below Right — Front: L. Altherr, C. Lindeman, L. Waxman, C. Johnsen. Second Row: D. Halon, J. Murphy, C. Wayland, P. Devore, K. Leonard, C. Bombar, B. Kenealy, V. Rundle, L. Hanock, J. Milliken. Third Row: M. Connor, A. McDonald, D. Peterson, C. O’Connor, K. Kolodziej, D. Stoker, K. Sperber, E. Sia velis, M. Reister, M. Kaplan, M. Goodman, D. Wood. Fourth Row: K. McWard, M. Berghian, G. King, T. Smith, S. Marks, E. Hensley, B. Bembenista, M. McNamara, K. Bacon, P. Schaub, L. Adaska, L. McNeill, P. Quint, C. Wilson. Fifth Row: A. McCollum, N. Maluga, M. Bartok, C. Johnson, K. Meagher, L. Blake, P. Little, M. Bower, S. Klein, J. Smith, S. Keen, D. Hale, P. Kovich. Not Pictured: S. Ford, S. Greer, M. Hodus, D. Nelson, M. O ' Donnell — Glee Club. Commitment 123 Above Left — Marching Band: " The Star Spangled Banner. " Above Center — Glenn Griffin, Bob Hetrick, Glenn Weinberg, Sheree Peglow, Cheryl Huber: homecoming marchers. Below Left — Stage Band — Front: G. Eidam, ). Kus, G. Adams, G. Devetak, J. Brown, B. Aranowski, D. Tungett. Second Row: C. Huber, R. Van Inwegen, F. Martin, B. Hetrick, B. Kulka, D. Kalman, J. Berns, G. Malovance, E. Shea, P. Wickland, G. Griffin, C. Bussert. Third Row: Mr. D. Carmony (Director), ). Miner. Above Right — Marching Band — Front: D. Tun- gett, T. Carr, J. Bickell, J. Carr, E. Shea, K. Barkal, R. Van Inwegen. Second Row: F. Martin (V.P.), P. Meagher, C. Krol, G. Krawczyk, L. Greisen, B. Bunting, D. Queer, P. Huck, J. Clement, B. Turner, Mr. D. Carmony (Director). Third Row: L. Chidester, K. Jones, C. Plunkett, D. Dun- ning, J. McNees, M. Biegel, B. Bolls, T. Truver, P. Schaw, F. Castillo. Fourth Row: N. Calhoun, M. Corban, G. Devetak, S. Bilik, T. Schultz, L. Neukranz, N. Chipman, P. Schaub, C. Manske, S. Peglow, J. Panchisin, P. Lichtsinn. Fifth Row: J. Berns, C. Huber, A. Esterhay, J. Elkind, M. Kowalczyk, ). Kus, M. Washburn, C. Page, C. Gowens, L. Pedone, C. Stephenson, T. Martin, L. Schatuck. Sixth Row: G. Eidam, G. Griffin, P. Wickland, J. Schmidt, G. Weinberg, D. Ray, D. L eonard, J. Corns, E. Schmidt (Li- brarian), N. Richter, D. Kalman. Seventh Row: M. Orosco, D. Horath, D. Sweeney, A. EINagger, S. Zink, J. Smith, J. Brown, B. Polonis, D. Miller, P. Nacak, J. Miner. Not Pictured: B. Kulka (Pres.). Below Right — Freshman Jeff Brown: performing at the " String of Pearls " dance. Bands CROUPS STRUGGLED FOR RECOGNITION . . . MARCHING BAND: With " Coach " directing, the band performed in various formations to the tunes of " Spin- ning Wheel, " " Aquarius, " and " Yankee Doodle Dandee. " During games, the band also played side-line tunes, including " Go,Go,Go . . and the " Schlitz " song. Profits from the candy sale and concessions sold at basketball games payed for uniforms and music. Director — Mr. Dave Carmony. STAGE BAND: A select group, students played melodies reminiscent of the 1930 ' s and ' 40 ' s. The band pe rformed at the " String of Pearls " dance, a fashion show, and the spring concert. Director — Mr. Dave Carmony. 125 Commitment Above Left — Diane Weeks, Carolyn Conrad, Janice Satek, Gail Georgas: single half-time performance. Below Center — Kim Graham, Angela Speranza: another two points at sectionals! Above Right- — Karen Dobosz, Peggy Tilka, Debbie Croissant: " All Right! " " All Right! " a new cheer. Below Left — Drill Team Board Members — Front: L. Erickson, P. Tilka, C. Casich, S. Dixon. Majorettes — Second Row: J. Satek, C. Conrad, J. Satek, D. Weeks, G. Georgas, P. Bretz. Drill Team — Third Row: K. Sagala, J. Smith, D. Altherr, D. Guess. Fourth Row: C. Hanus, S. Croissant, G. Dobosz, A. Speranza. Fifth Row: K. Dobosz, T. Smith, R. Bryan, G. Rutz, C. Marden. Sixth Row: M. Boldt, R. Guilotte, D. Schley, D. Croissant. Not Pictured: T. Murakowski, K. Graham. Below Right — Karen Dobosz, Kathy Sagala, Gayle Rutz, Danna Schley, Janna Smith: perfected routine, " Mission Impossible. " «t4 Majorettes, Drill Team ADMIST CONFUSION, ROUTINES EMERGED . . . MAJORETTES: Despite early difficulties, the majorettes and mascot reorganized to perform to the tunes of “Spinning Wheel " and " Girl Watchers. " During the basketball season, they twirled proudly in their new outfits complete with red and white saddle shoes. Sponsor — Miss Nancy Kelley. DRILL TEAM: Indecision sometimes resulted in a team, uniformed, but in dif- ferent outfits, new or old. Strains of " In-A-Gadda-Da- Vida " drifting through Munster High meant that the team was again practing in the commons, spirred on by " Put a lot of sex into it, girls! " Sponsor — Miss Jane Beaman. Commitment 127 Thespians INCREASED DEDICATION UNITED THE THESPIANS. . . THESPIANS: Mustang Summer Theatre initiated another year of Thespian activities. The first place homecoming car subtly publicized the fall drama, " The Odd Couple. " Thespians supplemented the season with drama, " Our Town. " Members attended performances of " Butterflies are Free " at the Studebaker Theatre and " Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds " at the Ivanhoe Theatre. Entertainment at the Christmas party included some of Greg Breclaw ' s tall tales and the club joke, " Sure, let ' s go to Europe this summer. " At the banquet at Mr. Smorgasborg. Thespians thanked " King Toth " with a ping-pong table. The annual June picnic ended the year for the International Thespian Society, Troupe No. 2861. Sponsor — Mr. John Toth, Mrs. Sherry Fech. Awards — " Broken Leg Awards " — Sophomore: Karen Leonard, Scott Sublett, Cheryl Smith; Junior: John Papais, Melissa Gilchrist; Senior: Cathy Clark, Steve Crary; Best Thespian: Greg Breclaw; Honorary Member: Miss Marge Gonce. 128 WMfM Above Left — Mrs. Sherry Fech: a gift of appreciation. Above Center — " Our Town " " choir practice " : back- stage sound effects. Below Center — Thespians — Ladder Bottom to Top: J. Murphy, J. Papais, K. Bachman, C. Brown (Treas.), R. Leet, J. Brink, M. Tharpe, D. Middleton, B. Leibengood, T. Hagerty, J. Crary, L. Fort. First Row: K. Leonard, S. Sorenson, D. Kluse (Sec.), A. Starzak. Second row: C. Smith, N. Riffer, P. Kasten, C. Clark (Pres.). Third Row: M. Bosch, M. McLean, S. Smith, T. Trent, M. Meisterling, C. Dunning (V.P.), C. Pratt, B. Moore. Fourth Row: D. Leirer, W. Wilkins, L. Griffith, S. Crary. Fifth Row: J. Leonard, D. Hale, S. Webber, S. Bolls, R. Allen, S. Sublett. Sixth Row: W. Helminski, J. Toth, R. Helminski. Not pictured: R. Bryan, T. Corban, C. Covert, J. Dilbo, K. Eitzen, H. Fine, M. Gilchrist, P. Higgins, K. Pope, G. Breclaw, D. Davidson, R. Gubitz, S. Hymen, M. Reister, L. Waxman. Above Right — Thespian Home- coming car: " We May Be ODD, but We ' ll Win by a COUPLE. ' Below Right — Jill Crary, Linda Fort: creating light for " Our Town”. Commitment 129 Above Left — Kris Rucinski: demonstrating a winning form. Below Left — G.A.A. — Front: S. Ressler (Treas.), D. Marden (Sec.), D. Croissant (V.P.), G. Skogan (Pres.). Second Row: K. Bell, L. Siple, D. Middleton, M. Tharpe, R. Stevens, K. Bachman, D. Dunn, B. Page, S. Doherty, P. Tilka. Third Row: Miss Stonebraker (Coach), G. Gyurre, K. Gray, L. Altherr, J. Davidson, ). Wigley, M. Victor, S. Sorenson, C. Lautz. Fourth Row: D. Wood, P. Book- wood, D. Greenspon, S. Ismael, A. McDonald, M. Schoop, G. Dobosz, P. Biel, M. Dietrich, L. Dahl, C. Johnson, J. Miliken, A. Beckman, D. Schley. Fifth Row: M. Forszt, I. Clapman. Above Right — Mary Ellen Forszt: naturally, the comic hit of the G.A.A. banquet. Center Right — M.H.S.: hosting state gymnastic meet. Below Right — Linda Goldsmith: earning a sectional victory at Gavit. 130 Commitment 131 C.A.A. MEMBERS EXPERIENCED CROWING INVOLVEMENT . . . G.A.A.: This year ' s Girls ' Athletic Association earned money for equipment and referee fees by selling Munster license plates. The Booster Club donated a dozen warm-up suits. Considered a serious contender for the conference title, Munster ' s first competing Var- sity Volleyball team was unable to overcome lack of ex- perience before finals. The team, however, played the women ' s faculty volleyball team and emerged vic- torious. The intramural team became more popular. Munster hosted the state gymnastic meet, but no Mun- ster girl competed. The first MHS Varsity Bowling Squad held weekly sessions at local lanes and placed third in the conference. The track team finished fifth in sec- tionals and Gayle Skogan and Linda Goldsmith went on to the state meet. Gayle Skogan secured fifth place in jumping the 50 yd. hurdles. Members of the G.A.A. golf team participated in the annual state tourney. Kris Rucinski placed fifth while golf sports head, Mary Ellen Forszt, brought home a second place trophy. G.A.A. held its Mother-Daughter banquet at San Remo ' s on May 19. Sponsor — Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker. Awards — Best Sportsmanship: Sue Resler, Sue Doherty. G.A.A Above Left — Sue Resler: free exercise. Below Left — Debbie Nowacyzk: enjoying athletics. Above Center — Debbie Croissant: a cartwheel dismount. Above Right — Sue Doherty, Debbie Wood, Kathy Bell, Alice Beckman: intramural volleyball. Below Right — Frosh G.A.A. — Front: J. Skogan, C. Miller, P. Malinski, D. Dunning, M. Pfister, N. Kivett. Second Row: N. Johns, S. Peters, R. Ot- tenheimer, J. Phillips, C. Hriso, P. Anderson, J. Hand. Third Row: J. Sartain, S. Gillespie, J. lorio, M. Kowalczyk, L. Borsattino, M. Kaminski, C. Popiela, M. Driggs. Fourth Row: D. Nowaczyk, M. Fisher, M. Bachman, M. Moynagh. Fifth Row: N. Opinker, L. Mazanek, L. Neukranz, P. Huck, M. Abalman, A. Lindstrom. Sixth Row: K. Rucinski, M. Reilly, J. Brinkmann, S. Reiplinger. Seventh Row: J. Mehalso, D. Warziniak, L. Carlson; B. Clark, P. Bortz, A. Donnersberger, L. Leone, K. Bouton, C. O ' Conner, M. Rieckhoff, M. Salatas, K. Winner. 132 Commitment 133 |p|l V w m r ' mi ktW JL ■ i - v HH zj|A ‘ t B -j yjl -i. J Above Left — Front: ). Crary, M. Bosch. Second Row: S. Crary, J. Riffer (St. Sen. Rep.), C. Malovance (Pres.), T. Trent, A. Becker, ). Papais (Treas.), S. Smith, D. Peterson, D. FHale, S. Bolls, S. Sublett, B. Leibengood, T. Anderson, T. Hagerty, R. Rosenthal, M. Mazza. Third Row: D. Halon, K. Gregg, M. Rosevear, J. Murphy, K. Bachman, P. H iggi ns, K. Leonard, M. Goodman, C. Brown, Mrs. H. Engstrom, Miss P. Frankowiak, M. Reister, K. Read, S. Sorenson, A. Huttle, D. Tokarz, R. Gubitz, E. Andersen, J. Clement, L. Sennett. Fourth Row: R. Leet, G. Breclaw (V.P.), D. Zoellner, J. Leonard, G. Mazza, L. Zagrocki, P. Quint, D. Amber, J. Schwarz, S. Weiss, B. Krol, F. Schroer, G. Pratt, M. McConnell, C. Mansuetto. Not Pic- tured: R. Allen (Sec.), L. Gray, B. Greene, R. Plunkett, S. Groeger, B. Levenberg, K. McLendon, K. Raymond, D. Sorenson, L. Waxman, A. Mintz (Historian). Below Left — John Papais: a state first in Humorous Interpretation with " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " Above Right — Rick Gubitz: " preparing " for the annual Chicken Barbeque. Below Center — Steve Crary, Bill Greene, Jeff Riffer, Greg Malovance: demonstration debates at the open house. Below Right — Cherie Brown: reflecting tal- ents that earned a place in national competition. 134 Speech and Debate PRIDE AND UNITY PROMOTED TEAM SUPERIORITY . . . SPEECH AND DEBATE: The year began with the third annual chicken barbeque at Homecoming. Team members participated in the Calumet Forensic League Championship and various meets which usually meant bus rides at dawn, donuts, and outstanding perform- ances . . . " Hey Papais, Can you spare me a trophy? " The club sponsored a booth in the carnival and an exhibition program for the community. Several members attended a Congress meet at Purdue Universi- ty to gain experience in student legislature, among other things! For the second consecutive year, the speech team went all the way to the top, tying for first place at State with 19 points. Debators Greg Malovance and Jeff Riffer won the districts tournament and com- peted in the national meet. National Forensic League initiation was held at the banquet at the Sherwood Club and another colorful year was remembered. Coaches — Mrs. Helen Engstrom (Head Speech), Mr. Daniel Bengert (Head Debate), Mr. Tom Whiteley (Asst. Speech), Miss Pat Frankowiak (Asst. Debate), Mr. Ed Burkhardt (Asst.), Miss Dorothy Christoff (Asst.). Awards — Congress at Purdue U. — Outstanding Senator: Larry Cray; Best Ex- temp. Speaker: Creg Breclaw: Speech Records — Sec- tional, Regional, District, State team: 1st; State Speech Meet — Boys Extemp: Creg Malovance, 4th; Humorous Interp: John Papais, 1st; Dramatic Interp: Cherie Brown, 1st; Discussion: Tom Trent, 4th and Jeff Riffer, 6th; Original Oratory: Sherdene Sorenson, 7th; Speech District Meet — Dramatic Interp: John Papais, 2nd and Rick Leet, 5th; Girls Extemp: Patty Higgins, 2nd and Robin Allen, 6th; Original Oratory: Sherdene Sorenson, 2nd; Debate State Meet — Bill Greene and Steve Crary, 3rd; Debate District Meet- — Creg Malovance and Jeff Riffer, 1st; Bill Greene and Steve Crary, 3rd; Banquet Awards — Outstanding Debator: Creg Malovance; Out- standing Speaker: Cherie Brown. Commitment 135 Vocal Groups " FIRSTS” ACKNOWLEDGE MUSICAL EXCELLENCE . . . MIXED ENSEMBLE, BOYS ' ENSEMBLE, GIRLS ' EN- SEMBLE, GIRLS ' SEXTET: The vocal groups sang in the Christmas and spring concerts and for church groups, sororities and clubs. All four groups received a first place ranking in the NISBOVA, a local contest. Only the Mixed Ensemble earned a second in the state contest at Butler, while the Boys ' Ensemble, Girls ' Ensemble, and Girls ' Sextet achieved first places. Directors — Mr. Rich- ard Holmberg, Mr. Gene Fort. 136 Above Left — Mixed Ensemble — Front: M. Miller, D. Vieweg. Second Row: M. Nolan, D. Castillo, N. Landon, C. Clark. Third Row: D. Wilson, C. Moore, D. Green, P. Kasten. Fourth Row: B. Ross, M. Robertson, ). Kowalczyk. Not Pictured: K. Klage, J. Yahnke. J. Zopp. Below Left — Girls ' Ensemble — Left to Right: J. Goebel, P. Hamacher, G. Warner (accompanist), M. Gilchrist, G. Gyure, K. Pope, C. Bond, S. Webber. Not Pictured: S. Ford, L. Waxman. Above Center — Girls ' Sextet: M. Tannis (accompanist), C. Brown, C. Clark, P. Kasten, C. Sobeck, D. Castillo. Not Pictured: M. Meisterling. Below Right — Boys ' Ensemble — Front: D. Watson, B. Miller, R. Leet. Second Row: T. Lavery, J. Gott, T. Gibbs. Third Row: ). Zopp, W. Gott, B. Grow. Not Pictured: C. Rawlins, J. Wingfield, G. Breclaw, Right— Marian Meis- terling: reflecting dedication. Above Center — Shirley Buckner, Debbie Bobin: making favors for hospital patients. Above Left — Diane Weeks: U.Y.S. lollipop raffle at sectionals. Below Left — Future Nurses — Standing: D. Karas (Sec.), M. Neverauskas, C. Krol, B. Krol. On car: S. Buckner (Treas.), D. Bobin (Pres). D. Wilson (V.P.), B. Moynagh, T. Holmes, B. Williamson. Above Right — U.Y.S. — Front: C. Skogan, C. Macko, J. Goebel, S. Buckner. Second Row: C. Carney, P. Proll (Sec.), C. Kocal, K. Andrews. Third Row: L. Siple, K. Bell, L. Zagrocki. Fourth Row: S. Rapacz (Treas.), D. Skozen, B. Krol. Fifth Row: D. Pavel, D. Gajewski. Not Pictured: J. Davidson (Pres.), D. Ortman (V.P.), B. Boroughs. Below Right — Diane Gajewski: U.Y.S. Honey Sale for retarded children. 138 U.Y.S., Future Nurses INTERESTED STUDENTS FORMED NEW ORGANIZA- TIONS . . . UNITED YOUTH FOR SERVICE: Formerly called the Y-Teens, girls broke away from the Hammond Y.W.C.A. and regrouped, naming their club U.Y.S. With the purpose of serving the community, members sold honey on Indiana ' s " Honey Sunday " for the retarded, and collected money for the Warren Beatty Drive. Members worked at the Booster Club ' s chile dinner and ushered at school plays and the Munster Invitational Speech Tournament. During sectional week, U.Y.S. sold lollipops. Sponsor — Miss Anne Brisco. FUTURE NURSES: The club united high school students interested in nursing careers. Members toured St. Margarets Hospital and presented a " Funny Fashion Show " for patients. Sponsor — Mrs. Frances Chang. Commitment 139 Above Left — Paragon Staff — Front: P. Proll (Asst. Ed.), M. Bosch (Organizations Ed.), C. Sobek (Asst. Ed.) S. Parks (Co-Layout Ed.), P. Schaub, B. Raymond (Co- Promotion Ed.), L. Gregg (Co-Layout Ed.), L. Feingold (Asst. Ed.), M. Jugovic (Copy Ed.), J. Clement, ). McAllister, S. Cohen, P. Little. Second Row: M. Fetzko (Organizations Ed.), R. Gubitz (Photo.), D. Lammering (Co-Promotion Ed.), C. Satek (Co-Editor), K. Read (Co- Editor), K. Bogusz (Asst. Ed.), K. Meagher, J. Satek (Sec.), K. Kolodziej, M. Bartok. Third Row: M. Allen (Photo.), J. Jugovic (Photo.), P. Kovich, M. Schoop, S. Richards, S. Krajewski, S. Robb, J. Trimbur (Co-Person. Ed.), D. Bolcis (Co-Person. Ed.). Fourth Row: P. Baranowski (Photo.), J. Denenberg (Photo.), J. Young (Head Photo.), P. Cress (Photo.), S. Barth (Asst. Ed.), M. Kaplan, K. Raymond, J. Washburn (Co-Ad. Ed.), C. Simpson (Photo.), A. Huttle (Athletics Ed.), D. Bembemista (Asst. Ed.), J. Stine (Co- Ad. Ed.), B. Bembenista, J. Satek (Research Ed.). Not Pic- tured: J. Barker, J. Gainer, R. Plunkett, J. Spector, D. Davidson, W. Peters, D. Paul, K. Detzner, M. Miller, S. Parrish, P. Steiger, B. Shinkan, W. Kontos, K. Leonard, C. Manske. Below Left — S.O.S.: amusing reflections. Above Right — Homecoming Car: a combined effort toward completion. Center Right — Karen Read, Cathy Satek: momentary peace from a deadline struggle. Below Right — KODAK: time consuming preparation for a successful campaign. 140 Paragon NEW PHILOSOPHY INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY . . . PARAGON: For the second consecutive year it received an All-American rating by the National Scholastic Press Association. Editors attended the N.S.P.A. convention in Chicago. Among the money-making projects were the sweater sale, " We Love Sweaters,” a " giant” cookie sale, and the annual S.O.S. sales. A group endeavor included this year ' s campaign for the yearbook, KODAK. With greater obligations, editors pulled through deadlines and picture retakes, producing a yearbook and jokes such as " The Almighty " and " Cut the flowery copy. " The carnival booth, Paragon ' s Pedi- gree Parade, concluded another year for the Paragon Staff. Advisor — Miss Nancy Kelley. Awards — M.O.E.: Mary Ann Jugovic, Jim Young; M.O.A. ; Leslie Feingold; M.O.S.: Marcia Bartok. Commitment 141 Above Left — Varsity — Front: C. Satek (V.P. minor), ). Cziperle (V.P. major), N. Landon (Pres.), A. Huttle (Sec.). Second Row: K. Read, D. Tokarz, S. Sorenson, S. Resler, S. Gibbs, M. Dietrich, J. Kuhn. Third Row: R. Sikora, R. Allen, N. Branson, S. Ismael D. Schley, J. Davidson, S. Brownlee, L. Heatherington. Fourth Row: C. Lindeman, D. Stoker, C. O ' Connor, L. Adaska, K. Meagher, L. Zagrocki, D. Peterson, D. Hale, L. Garmus, M. Puncho. Fifth Row: A. McDonald, L. Wieler, ). Murphy, C. Wayland, M. Shevin, K. McLendon. Sixth Row: P, Biel, L. Dahl, A. McCollum, M. Bartok, K. Kolodziej, S. Doherty, P. Roland, j. Wigley, R. Hartkoorn, E. Woolard, S. Lieberman. Seventh Row: B. Young, ). Bonner, P. Book- wood, B. Rokosz. Below Left — Pep Club: never losing hope. Above Center — Joanne Kuhn: sectional anxiety. Above Right — Football Fans: a pre-game display of ex- citement. Below Right — Frosh Front: C. O ' Connor (Pres.), J. Skogan (V.P.), J. Phillips (Treas.), S. Hales (Sec.). Second Row: C. Russell, D. Ashenbremer, E. Shiensky, R. White, L. Ledna, K. Winner, B. White, J. Angelcos, C. Russell. Third Row: N. Opinker, C. Page, J. Sartain, C. Hriso, M. Lang, B. Etling, L. Mazanek, M. Johns, D. Garcia, S. Hulsey, F. Blacke, J. Yates, L. Goldsmith. Fourth Row: J. Mehalso, P. Angel, D. Popa, S. An- derson, N. Calhoun, C. McNamara, B. Anderson, R. Ot- tenheimer, N. Riffer, L. Speranza, M. Ruman, L. Regelman, K. Bouton, S. Peters, S. Dahlkamp. Fifth Row: J. Brinkmann, D. Scolnik, G. Keen, D. Figuly, D. Scholte, B. Shinkan, K. Summers, A. Donnersberger, B. Clark, M. Musick, J. Wolak, J. Jeorse. Sixth Row: J. McDaniel, P. Smiddy, M. Koloch, K. Vogt, J. Hand, D. Speranza, M. Forsythe, D. Dunning, C. Plunkett, N. Kivett, D. Nickoloff, P. Malinski, D. Warziniak, J. Tokarz. Pep Club NEW IDEAS DISTINGUISHED THE YEAR . . PEP CLUB: Dressed in new red jump suits, white blouses, and cowboy hats, the M.H.S. Pep Club cheered its teams on. Mandatory meetings ensured organized pep blocks. The club used signs and helium balloons, sponsored oc- casional pep rallies, and decorated the homes of athletes. Profits from the Christmas wreath sale paid for letters spelling " Munster " and " Victory " and for the 3-D Mustang Mascot. The Frosh Pep Club wore red jackets, previously used by the Varsity Pep Club. Sponsors — Mrs. Betty Russell, Mr. John Edington. Commitment 143 Above Left — Donna Bembenista, Marilyn Sansone, Ruth Helminski, Kathy Bogusz: the " Survivor " Quartet. Above Center — Art Club — Front: M. Burns, S. Wood- ward, R. Messersmith. Second Row: C. Hutchings, M. Hauer, T. Stoker, P. Proll, K. Leonard, S. Crouch, ). Elkins, J. Estrada. Not Pictured: C. Buczkowski, C. Henke, S. Schultz, ). Fleming, M. Frantz, L. Hammond, B. Kenealy, D. Abrinko, L. Boender, P. McNamara, M. Luerssen, L. Clifton, S. White, C. Johnson. Below Left — Art Show: creativity on display. Above Right — Sur- visors — Below Front: K. Reck, J. Borowski. Left to Right: D. Bembenista, B. Bembenista, R. Jones, C. Skogan, R. Helminski, M. Sansone, K. Bogusz. Below Right — Roger Messersmith: a Palette Award, mixed media — results of hard work and patience. 144 Survivors, Art Club STUDENTS DISPLAYED VARIOUS TALENTS ART CLUB: In an attempt to organize, the club chose new standards for membership. Only art class students could join and an Art Club Board was formed. Projects included macram6 belts and the art show at the Ham- mond Art Center. Sponsor — Mrs. Ruth Stout. SUR- VISORS: After the dissolvement of " We Folk " , students regrouped to form the " Survivors " , based on an interest in music and fun. They were devoted to their own in- terpretation of folk rock music. This year the " Sur- vivors " performed for Chi Sorority, and for the Griffith and Munster Rotary Clubs, and on Channel 50 with the News Bureau. Sponsor — Mr. Hal Coppage. Commitment 145 Above Left — Last hour class: boys ' choir in action. Below Left — Classroom practice: a break from singing spent studying the ' ' Crier”. Above Right — Ninth Grade Girls ' and Boys ' Glee Clubs — Front: K. Summers, A. Donnersberger, J. Phillips, J. Mehalso, N. Opinker, D. Warziniak, S. Trent, K. Vogt, P. Malinski, J. Miller, D. Popa. Second Row: M. Corban, L. Puncho, C. O ' Connor, J. Yates, D. Nickoloff, G. Keen, D. Scholnik, P. Smiddy, B. Helm, C. Russell, B. Etling, M. Ruman, K. Gregg, M. Rosevear, D. Figuly. Third Row: G. Warner, J. Allen, L. Regelman, F. Helminski, D. Petro, N. Kivett, M. Koloch, D. Ashenbremer, C. Longhauser, K. Bucher, P. Leask, L. Kolember, E. Camp. Fourth Row: D. Tungett, M. Hawryszkow, C. Dickerman, K. Redar, M. Allen, J. Brink- mann, M. Fisher, K. Bouton, D. Scholte, T. Bauer, S. Reiplinger, S. Hulsey, M. Kaminski, P. Bortz. Fifth Row: B. Cornell, B. Smith, J. Sartain, J. Skogan, K. Andersen, L. Goldsmith, ). Angelcos, B. White, J. McDaniel, D. Speranza, S. Anderson. Sixth Row: ). Powley, B. Cum- mings, B. Fodor, S. Kincaid, J. Brown, D. McCarthy, T. Stine, S. Sala, D. Low, B. Featherly, K. Winner, M. For- sythe. Seventh Row: T. Hagerty, S. Rozzos, J. Kipta, D. Murzyn, C. Rawlins, D. Sorenson, J. Jugovic. Not Pic- tured: L. Speranza, D. Hestermann, P. Koufis, A. Gouwens, M. Kaminski, K. Peterson, M. Pfister. Below Right — Music office: with paddle in hand — typically Mr. Holmberg. 146 9th Grade Boys ' , 9th Grade Girls ' Glee Clubs CHORAL CROUPS VARIED IN SIZE . . . NINTH GRADE BOYS ' GLEE CLUB: Efforts to combine this group with the Ninth Grade Girls ' Glee Club failed due to the small number of boys. Small, but loud, the glee club enter- tained at the Christmas and spring concerts, but it did not attend the NISBOVA concert. Director — Mr. Richard Holmberg. NINTH GRADE GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB: Sharing the hour with the Boys ' Glee Club, this choir met for only half an hour each day. In order to balance the pro- gram, the choir sang in Wilbur Wright Jr. High ' s Christmas and spring concerts. Director — Mr. Richard Holmberg. Commitment 147 Above Left — Science Club — Top to Bottom — First Column: P. McCoy, N. McDaniel, P. Cress, M, Ulber (Sec.). D. Oliver (Treas.). Second Column: K. Bogusz, T. Serrano, j. Rosko, K. Deluga (V.P.), P. Goodman. Third Column: M. Church, E. Aberman, R. Helminski, D. Keene (Pres.). Fourth Column: D. Bembenista, D. Mc- Ward, P. Czyzewski, ). Driggs. Fifth Column: N. Jablonski, S. Buckner. Sixth Column: L. Pochter, G. Figuly, M. Sansone, M. Moynagh. Not Pictured: D. Amber, M. Rosevear, S. Musick, D. Rosenbloom, ). Denenberg, T. Watson, B. Bembenista, G. Borowski. Below Left — Paul Czyzewski: prehistoric polluter in the Science Club film. Above Center — Fakers — Front: Mr. D. Bengert (sponsor), K. Bachman, L. Fort, J. Trimbur. Second Row: ). Rosko ( " V. Dem " ) J. Fitzner, E. Baker, E. Forszt. Third Row: D. Walker, C. Etter, P. Baranowski. Fourth Row: ). Spector ( " Faker at Hands " ), R. Carr, G. Schooler, D. Borgman. Fifth Row: B. Ross, J. Shaver, N. Goodman, L. Gray ( " Chief Dem " ). Sixth Row: M. Sullivan, D. Kirschner, P. Raymond ( " Money Dem " ). Not Pictured: M. McConnell ( " Education Dem " ), ). Riffer ( " Writing Dem " ), P. Czyzewski ( " Faker-at-Large " ). Above Right — Katy Bachman, Terry Gibbs, Curt Moore: " Ed Sullivan " hosting Fakers Bros. Circus. Below Right — Paula Kovich, Jay Spector, Ron Jones: funds for Opera- tion Breadbasket. 148 Science Club, Fakers Club SERVICES REFLECTED SOCIAL CONCERN . . . FAKERS: With fun the purpose, a group of students organized the new Fakers Club " to provide bizarre forms of enter- tainment usually not available on the high school level. " The group required no dues and no parliamentary procedure, chose a shaking hand as the club symbol, and coined the terms, " Dem ' s, " " uses, " and " Farbo. " The Faker homecoming car, complete with the " Dem Jugglers, " announced " Fake the Panthers. " Sgt. Wa- tubo ' s Faker Brothers Circus featured the " Magic Faker, " " The Savage Orangutang, " " The Great Demluga, " and the world premiere of " Demlet. " Fakers instituted the " Faker of the Week Award, " collected money for Operation Breadbasket, and sponsored the award-winning " Demtations " in the Student Senate tal- ent show. Sponsor — Mr. Dan Bengert. SCIENCE CLUB: An early fail trip to Turkey Run boosted the mem- bership. Concerned about the environment, the club focused in on pollution with the original film, " The Dirty Old Man, " shown during the " Pollution Week. " Members collected newspapers to be reprocessed and sold concessions in the commons area after school to raise money for science equipment. Sponsor — Mr. J. Karagianis. Commitment 149 Above — Varsity and J.V. — Front Row: M. Robertson, P. Hasiak, P. Jankura, R. Parker, D. Edinger, B. Helm, D. Lautz, B. Greene, G. Karas, D. Paul, J. Webber, D. Green, P. Schaw, C. Peyrot. Second Row: T. Keeler, ). Dausch, D. Huebner, M. O ' Barske, P. Coulis, B. Vitkus, B. Shinkan, K. Johnson, R. Plunkett, R. Delaney, W. Peters, J. Given, J. Wingfield, K. Bumbales, M. Rader, R. Hodor, D. Moreno, D. Watson. Third Row: T. Kish, E. Green, R. Eidam, C. Wilson, K. Watson, B. Donoho, J. Gott, R. Orlich, G. Kucer, J. Brandley, B. Grand, B. Mueller, Bobin, K. Grasty, T. Donoho, B. Wilthew, M. Brew, Rawlins, B. Kulka, B. Grow, R. Sholts, M. W. Wolfe. Fourth Row Right Side: T. Carr, C. Allen, B. Larson, P. Mullaney, B. Miller, M. Bogusz, J. Alexander, J. Schmidt, T. Duffala, D. Janke, B. Eggers, E. Sosby, P. Ballard, W. Hirsch. Frosh — Front Row: T. Kinnane, M. Graham, S. Winterfeldt, S. Mullins, J. Grunewald, B. Smith, J. Fit- zner, R. Higgins. M. Ressler, D. Eidam, M. Hawryszkow, n2 S. Skelley, M. Gavdio, N. Katsoulis, ). Smith, S. Gyure, K. Barkal, B. Hasse, P. Koufis, M. Rizzo, J. Miller, R. Sprout- soff, B. Bretz, P. Beckman, B, Livingstone, B. Hered, S. Sala, D. Simpson, G. Tsirtsis, C. Malo, D. Treder. Second Row: ). Phelon, C. Pavel, T. Ogren, B. Wilt, C. Rawlins, J. Graff, R. Christopherson, G. Schmidt, R. Downing, B. Wilson, T. Smelko, D. Miniuk, F. Castillo, G. Williams, T. Fetzko, T. Cort, B. Melind, ). Beck, D. Murzyn, T. Thom- as, T. Kelly, P. Lanman, G. Markey, C. Clott, J. Snook, L. Football Chruby, T. Parker, B. Fodor, R. Miller, R. Rowe, B. Cum- mings, M. Washburn, M. Victor. Absent: A. Groeger, T. Largus, B. Maginot, M. Mirkov, T. Mirkov, S. Wigley, B. Young. Competition 153 Above Left — Craig Rawlins, Dave Moreno: the decisive point. Below Left — Dave Moreno, Phil Jankura: Mus- tang drive overpowers Cavit. Below Center — Claude Peyrot: an injured elbow in the Merrillville game. Above Right — Claude Peyrot, Dave Edinger, Phil Jankura: defense frustrated by Lake Central. Below Right — Coach John Friend: in pursuit of perfection. 154 Football COACH, TEAM, SEASON . . .UNITED IN VICTORY . . . With only four returning lettermen, the Mustangs sur- passed all expectations as they were pressured on to victory by Coach Friend . . . ' How bad do you want it? " Dreaded film sessions replayed mistakes, while powder fights, and analgesic added comic relief. There were " Bung " , " Hee Haw " , " the Friday Nighters " , anti-pep rallies, the torch gang with their bonfire, and " the same guys every time. " The Valpo game climaxed the season, producing a defeated and exhausted team. The season had ended . . . but the games continued. Awards — Var- sity Captains: Phil jankura, Rick Parker, Keith lohnson; " The Times Coach of the Year " : Mr. John Friend; M.V.P. : defensive back Ricky Delaney, offensive lineman Bill Greene; Headhunter: Phil Hasiak; P.H.D.: Claude Peyrot; J.C. Leadership, Whitey Sheard Scholar- ship: Rob Plunkett. Records — Lake Suburba n Confer- ence; first place; State Ranking: 19; J.V.: 4-3; Freshmen: 3-4-1. Competition 155 Above — Dan Green, Ken Bumbales, Monte Rader: Lake Central deceived by 7-power play. Below — Coaches: Line Coach A. Bochnowski, Defensive Coach ). Stone, Offensive Coach M. Niksic, Frosh Coach E. Robertson, Head Coach ). Friend, Head Trainer S. Wroblewski. 156 Football Varsity Football M.H.S. OPP Lowell 42 0 Cary West 29 20 Calumet 29 6 Highland 27 18 Griffith 40 0 Valparaiso 7 14 Lake Central 6 6 Crown Point 7 6 Merrillville 14 6 Cavit 27 25 1 . Claude Peyrot, Phil Hasiak, Phil Jankura, Rick Delaney, Marc Robertson 2. Coach Steve Wroblewski, Rick Parker 3.- Tony Cort, Ted Thomas 4. Phil Hasiak Red-15-Red-15-Down Set " 6. i 2 5 3 4 T- t Mustang warm-up Mustang huddle. 7. Ray Hodor 8. Competition 157 Above — Mark McConnell, Jay Spector: “Juggling Usses " in Homecoming Parade. Center — “Percy " Carr: a scramble to the top. Above Right — the team: unex- pected relief. Below Center — Rod Clark, Coach Dilling: mutual pride. 158 X-Country DEDICATION EXPLODED INTO ENTHUSIASM . . . Membership in 150, 350, 500, and 1000 mile clubs in- stilled summer time dedication. A reorganized schedule demanded six a.m. workouts while waiting for the sunrise. A constant companion. Coach Rich Dilling com- manded respect and inspired a winning team with " Meaty " , " Percy " , " Toy " , " Lar " , Rasch ' s one day puppy mascot, and " Percy ' s " safari. In the Homecoming Parade, the X-Country car was the first ever sponsored by an athletic team. " Faker ' s Capers " only camouflaged staunch dedication. Awards — Captains: Larry Cray, Rod Clark; M.V.P.: Jim Rasch; P.H.D.: Rod Clark; Most Improved: Jay Spector; Leadership: Rod Clark, Larry Cray. Records — Sectionals: 4th; Conference: 4th; Regionals: 12th; State: Jim Rasch, 6th. Competition 159 160 Varsity X-Country Hanover Central Hammong High Lew Wallace Cary Roosevelt Hobart Chesterton Bishop Noll River Forest Merrillville Highland LaPorte M.H.S. OPP. 22 33 38 22 23 32 36 22 35 20 29 26 36 24 15 42 28 27 31 24 34 21 1. Larry Cray, Rick Carr, Tom Rasch, Mark McConnell, Mark Erickson 2. Rick Carr 3. Jerry Rosko 4. Rod Clark 5. Jim Rasch and mascot 6. Dave Walker, Mark McConnell, Jerry Rosko, Larry Cray, Paul Czyzewski, Jay Spector, Curt Etter, Rick Carr. 1 3 | 4 2 5 6 Above Left — Jay Spector: weary seclusion. Above Right — Mike Webber, Tom Rasch: invading the dunes. Below — X-Country — Left to Right: D. Walker, R. Frank, R. Carr, D. Diefenbach, P. Czyzewski, R. Santare, M. Erickson, C. Etter, L. Cray, R. Klug, R. Clark, J. Spector, M. Webber, Coach R. Dilling, N. Sumbles, J. Kolas, T. Dobosz, ). Rasch, J. Rosko, M. McConnell. Competition 161 Above — Front: J. Young. Second Row: D. Copple, D. Sorenson, B. Cornell, R. Montes, D. Novak. Third Row: C. Bussert, N. Goodman, D. Horath, R. Nelson, J. Rosthein. Fourth Row: B. Rosenthal, D. Davidson, S. FHolajter, D. Kalman, J. Fox, Coach L. Lindquist. Not Pic- tured: D. Vieweg, B. Girot, J. Jugovic. Below — Neil Goodman: idle tennis player. Below Center — Steve Holajter: final attempt at success. Above Right — Jeff Rothstein: the unexpected swing. Below Right — Dave Vieweg, Dave Kalman: salvaging a point. 162 Tennis VICTORIES OPPOSED DISAPPOINTMENTS . . . “Fuzzy and Buzzy " and a summer of practice with gallons of rootbeer were supervised by a " hippie " coach. History was made as fans rode a bus to cheer the team on at Crown Point. Although supported, the Mustangs suf- fered a stifling defeat. A third at sectionals spurred Doug and Jim to defeat their same opponents at Highland, 4-1. Jim Young achieved an undefeated season. The team . . . " we kept in good condition. " Awards — Varsity Captains: Doug Davidson, Dave Kalman: M.V.P.; Jim Young, Doug Davidson. Records — Sectionals: 3rd. Competition 163 Above — Neil Goodman: perfecting a skill. Right — Doug Davidson: awaiting competition. 164 Tennis 1. Jim Young 2. Bob Montes 3. Dave Kalman 4. Bob Cirot 5. Doug Davidson 6. Bob Girot 7. Chris Bus- sert ' • 1 i M ( J , i » ' • t » ) .• ' J y y . i y i m ' Varsity Tennis M.H.S. OPP. Highland Griffith Crown Point Hanover Central River Forest Chesterton Valparaiso Morton Hobart 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 forfeit 1 2 3 6 4 5 7 Competition 165 Above Left — Mike Waisnora: the individual contest. Below Left — Mark Thompson: non-stop action. Above Center — Mark McConnell, Rusty Brooks: refusing to concede to Highland. Below Right — Dave Sarchet, Coach Richard Hunt, Ken Detzner: the urgency of a comeback. Right — Mark McConnell, Mike Waisnora, Rusty Brooks: the perfect shot against Highland. Basketball EACH GAME SPARKED HOPE FOR A NEW START . . . The team anxiously viewed each game as another chance to prove itself. Mixed emotions prevailed on the long quiet bus rides home as the players contemplated past disappointments and fu- ture successes. Practices were livened up by Assist. Coach Robertson ' s humor and by " Meat Lips, " " Wad, " " Shotgott, " " Weird, " and " Melfunction. " After practice, players looked forward to a cold bottle of pop and a cold dinner. Rusty Brooks even had a " week ' s vacation. " Despite Mark McConnell ' s unexpected drive into the bass drum, the band always continued to beat out the inspirational " Go . . . Go, Go . . . Go You Munster Mustangs " . . . Sectionals ended in team disappointment. " Every- body loves a winner, " yet many parents and loyal fans supported the team, which won even in defeat. Awards — Captains: Rusty Brooks, Mark McConnell; M.V.P. : Mark Thompson; P. H.D.: Mark Thompson; Best Tourney: Ken Detzner; Mental Attitude: Mark Miller; Highest Free Shooting Percentage: )ohn Gott; All Sectional Forward: Mark Thompson; All Conference Team: Mike Waisnora. Records- — J.V. : 12-7; ).V. ( " C " Team): 6-6; Frosh ( " A " Team): 10-7; Frosh ( " B " Team): 11-6; Sectionals: defeated in semi-final round. Competition 167 168 Varsity Basketball M.H.S. OPP. T.F. South 47 46 Hammond High 51 57 Calumet 60 68 Michigan City 55 95 Lowell 67 63 Gavit 65 68 E.C. Washington 37 90 E.C. Roosevelt 48 78 Hammond Tech 78 66 Highland 70 78 Clark 63 66 Lake Central 67 49 River Forest 72 67 Merrillville 80 60 Crown Point 65 56 80 82 65 68 56 59 60 78 1. Mark Miller 2. Mark Mc- Connell 3. Ken Detzner, Coach Hunt 4. Mark Mc- Connell, Bob Miller 5. Roger Clark 6. Mark Mc- Connell. Whiting Griffith Valparaiso Morton jJ_2 4 3 5 6 Basketball Above — Bob Maginot: gaining experience playing Frosh basketball. Below — Coach Richard Hunt: undaunted by Clark. Competition 169 Left — Ken Detzner, Mark Thompson, Mike Waisnora: despairing moment in the Cavit game. Above Center — Cary Kucer, Jim Knesek: team effort rewarded. Below Left — Basketball Teams — Front: J. Casey, B. Goddard, M. Wade, D. Huebner, T. Martin, J. Knesek, M. Sneddem P. Drewry, J. Fox, T. Duffala, R. Nolan, W. Cott, J. Cott, B. Miller, D. Sarchet, F. Castillo, T. Fetzko, L. Biedron, B. Maginot, M. Webber, T. Cort, J. Phelan, P. St. Arnaud, J. Ahlborn, D. Blue, J. Scatena, T. Smelko. Back: Coach E. Robertson, C. Allen, B. Cirot, R. Clark, C. Kucer, R. Sholts, R. Mund, J. Shneider, M. Waisnora, R. Brooks, M. McConnell, Coach R. Hunt, K. Detzner, M. Thompson, M. Miller, J. Beck, J. Etling, L. Chruby, P. Lanman, J. Powley, B. Melind, D. Francen, T. Jasinski, B. Wilt, Coach C. Luksich. Not Pictured: H. Linders, J. Kipta. Above Right — Cary Kucer, Dave Huebner, Rick Sholts, Ward Cott, Coach Ed Robertson, Roger Clark, Mark Snedden: a serious explanation. Below Right — Mark Thompson: a " typical Thompson " rebound. 170 Basketball Above Left — Russ Pellar, Roger Levin: starts essential in free-style competition. Below Left — )ay Stewart, Scott Parrish: silence during diving events. Below Center — Bob Mueller: defeated by .3 second. Above Right — Mark Blocker: " just a few more strokes . . Below Right — I.H.S.A.A. Sectionals: indecisive moments during the 400 yard free-style finals. 172 Swimming THIS WAS THE YEAR OF THE SEAHORSES! The Seahorses emerged, strengthened by depth, and intent upon a state rank. Ordered by Coach )epson to " Listen Up, " the unfaltering Seahorses even defeated Lafeyette Jefferson. Their enthusiasm shone in their record, marred only by one loss to South Bend Jackson. Under- water marathons and challenge days dared the swimmers to do even better. Weekday morning prac- tices convinced the swimmers that the " Wet head is dead! " Weight-lifting and the " Lane One Circus " became a part of the practices, which were temporarily halted only when the pool " went dry. " Before meets, " Singing Lloyd " entertained team members, including " Butch, " " Irish, " " Mario, " " Pubert, " and " Rufus, " while " Meaty " read " Run to Glory. " The " Hall of Shame " recalled minor misfortunes experienced by divers during competition. At Sectionals the Seahorses ex- hibited their championship qualities as they defeated Bishop Noll. Placing sixth in the state finals, the Sea- horses had done it all! Awards — Captains: Scott Parrish, Russ Pellar; M.V.S.: Paul Steiger, Scott Parrish; P.H.D.: Russ Pellar, Roger Levin. Team records — Munster Relay: 1st; Sectionals: 1st; State Finals: 6th. State Records — 200 yd. Medley Relay: Paul Hiple, Scott Parrish, Roger Levin, Russ Pellar, 5th; 200 yd. Individual Medley: Scott Parrish, 3rd; 200 yd. Freestyle: Jim Rasch, 5th; Diving; Paul Steiger, 3rd;400 yd. Freestyle: Jim Rasch, 6th. Competition 173 Swimming Above — ' General (Jim) Lee " : still dissatisfied with his improved time. Below — Coach Jon Jepson, " Meaty " Rasch: a swimmer congratulated. 174 Varsity Swimming South Newton Valparaiso Griffith S. B. Jackson LaPorte S. B. Adams Portage Hammond High Bishop Noll Kokomo Haworth Michigan City Elston T. F. South Lafayette Jefferson 1. Terry Lavery, Scott Parrish, Coach Jepson 2. Jim Rasch 3. Paul Hiple 4. Lloyd Neukranz 5. Paul Steiger 6. Bob Kelley, Jim Lee. . 1 kjs Competition 175 Above Left — Seahorses — Front: R. Pellar, R. Levin, D. Green, S. Parrish, S. Zimmerman, T. Lavery, ). Rasch, R. Monaldi, B. Smith, D. Copple. Second Row: B. Kelley, P. Kaminski, B. Wilson, D. Sorenson, B. Hasse, E. Green, R. Wennekes, ). Marshall, J. Lee. Third Row: T. Ogren, M. Pucalik, T. Stine, D. Wonnell, T. Ottenheimer, M. Blocker, J. Stewart, M. Sennett. Fourth Row: S. Winter- feldt, L. Micon, D. Tungett, P. Podolack, ). McLean, D. Dietrich, P. Wickland. Fifth Row: N. Richter, H. Kuhn, B. Knutson, L. Neukranz, B. Mueller. Sixth Row: P. Hiple, R. Lanman. On deck: G. Markey, R. Steiger, P. Steiger, Coach J. Jepson, D. Lautz, J. Miller. Not Pictured: J. lugovic. Below Left — Hugh Kuhn: consistent power and timing in the 200-yard Individual Medley. Above Right — Dale Sorenson: concentration on the starting block. Below Right — Bill Knutson: surging forward in the 100 yard Breaststroke. Right — Roger Levin, Russ Pellar: appraising individual performances. 176 Above Left — Steve Green and the team: an individual win, a team victory. Above Center — Phil Jankura: vic- torious at Hammond Tech. Below Left — Jim Mirkov, Bob Bracco, Dayne Paul: frustrated by Crown Point win. Above Right — Mike Wolfe: executing a successful " double leg take-down. " Below Right — Bob Bracco: bridging out of the " Saturday Night Ride. " 178 Wrestling HIGH EXPECTATIONS PRESSURED A YOUNG TEAM . . . Demanding practices disciplined the wrestlers as they performed fifteen second drills and competed in minute matches. Quick dips in the pool sometimes in- terrupted continuous jogging, while hockey and basket- ball games with Assist. Coach Oliaro occupied after- practice hours. Wrestlers ' fan clubs supported their men as they went through stages of crash diets, weigh-ins, and " gluttony " . Despite Kent ' s injured hip and " Dawayne ' s " dislocated thumb, the team continued with grapplers such as " Hokey " , " Chopper " , and " Big Bird " . Their motto: " It doesn’t matter how you lose but what you lose, and a grappler doesn ' t like losing matches, food, clothing, and women.” Awards — Varsity Captains: Phil Jankura, Kent Kraus; P.H.D.: Phil Jankura; M.V.P.: Dayne Paul; M.V. Frosh: Cus Tsirtsis; M.I.P.: Bob Bracco. Records — Hammond Tourney: 1st; Hobart Tourney: 7th; Conference: 5th; Sectionals: 12th; J.V.: 7-3; Frosh: 4-1-1. Competition 179 Varsity Wrestling M.H.S 47 OPP Valparaiso Calumet City Lake Central Griffith Hammond Tech Merrillville Highland E.C. Roosevelt Crown Point Lowell 1. Jeff O ' Barske 2. Mark Graham 3. Phil Jankura 4. David Watson 5. Ron Higgins 6. Tod Donoho. • ■ 180 Wrestling Above — Steve Green: attempting to " cradle " his op- ponent. Below — Kent Kraus: a two point reversal. Competition 181 Above Left — Coach Bochnowski: totally committed to his team. Below Left — Wrestling Team — Front Row: M. Victor, T. Franczek, L. Mustari, T. Andrews, C. Tsirtsis, M. Graham, G. Spoljaric, R. Hered, ). Mirkov, R. Janik, T. Kinnane. Second Row: R. Downing, ). Griffith, D. Murzyn, M. O ' Barske, ). Petsas, R. Plunkett, R. Eidam, D. Miller, B. Cummings, M. Kaminski, J. Petrunich. Third Row: Coach Bochnowski, R. Higgins, D. Watson, K. Kraus, T. Donoho, P. Coulis, P. Jankura, S. Green, D. Paul, B. Bracco, M. Wolfe, K. Watson, ). Hauer, J. O ' Barske, Coach Oliaro. Above Right — Kevin Watson: the initial set-up. Below Center — Phil Coulis: subduing his opponent with the ' ' guillotine.” Below Right — Dayne Paul: overpowering endurance. 182 Wrestling Competition 183 ft, rM bx ' f S . ‘ V •• W A :• - •• r‘f A 9’ f © j v V ' v r .-Vi ' ,« Mfi Above Left — John Cott: a .346 team batting average. Below Left — Rick Parker: sliding past Highland. Above Right — Rusty Brooks: a potential major league player. Below Center — Rusty Brooks, Coach Mike Niksic: plan- ning “elephant” strategy. Below Right — Rick Parker, Rusty Brooks: meticulous care of new uniforms. 1 84 jS Baseball INDIVIDUALS FORMED A STRONG TEAM . . . Before each game, Assistant Coach Sherry encouraged the team to " Win this one for the gipper. " Coach Niksic quietly scrutinized team batting and watched the players choke games during the last innings. " Shinkiepoo” seeme d to enjoy diving for each flyball. Team members fought for the limited amount of tape and witnessed " Michael ' s return to baseball, " while " Brookie " struggled with his indecision about whether to attend college or play with the major league Kansas City Royals. Awards — Captain: Rusty Brooks; M.V.P.: Rick Parker, Rusty Brooks; Golden Bat Award (Offense): Rick Parker; Golden Glove Award (Defense): Ken Bum- bales; P.H.D.: Bob Shinkan; All Conference Catcher: Rusty Brooks; All Conference Second Baseman: Rick Parker. Records — Conference: 3rd; j.V.: 9-5-1; Frosh: 3-5. Competition 185 East Cary Edison M.H.S. 3 OPP. 4 Hammond High 3 6 E.C. Washington 6 2 E.C. Roosevelt 1 2 River Forest 12 6 Benton Central 10 0 Benton Central 5 8 Merrillville 4 5 Lowell 13 5 Bishop Noll 0 6 Crown Point 5 1 Lake Central 5 10 Calumet 0 5 Highland 5 1 Griffith 2 1 Merrillville 1 0 Lowell 7 1 Crown Point 1 12 Lake Central 5 6 Calumet 8 1 Highland 5 4 Michigan City 0 3 Michigan City 1 7 Griffith 2 0 Hanover Central 8 0 Valparaiso 4 3 Hobart 4 3 1. Bob Shinkan 2. Ken Bumbales 3. Dave Moreno 4. Nick Katsoulis 5. Dave Moreno 6. Bob Hetrick. Varsity Baseball 186 MUNSTER Baseball Above — Baseball Team — Front: K. Crasty, J. Mulligan, B. Goddard, M. Victor. Second Row: K. Bumbales, W. Gott, R. Nelson, B. Shinkan. Third Row: D. Moreno, |. Gott ' M. Sullivan, B. Brown B. Hetrick, M. Hauer, R. Parker, R. Brooks. Fourth Row: Coach Mike Niksic, Coach Donald Kernaghan, ). OBarske, D. Medansky, J. Given, T. Martin, M. Wade, Coach Popiscue. Fifth Row: C. Polak, M. Fischer, K. Murphy, D. Lautz, T. Keeler, J. Hansen, T. Marks, Coach G. Sofianos. Sixth Row: S. Mullins, H. Linders, ). Pawlowicz, T. Parker, P. St. Ar- naud, B. Maginot, T. Largus, R. Downing, T. Cort, B. Fodor, B. Phelan, N. Katsoulis, G. Schmidt, M. Ladd, L. Biedron, B. Montes, R. Adams, D. Van Inwegan. Below — Bob Shinkan: sizing up Crown Point. Competition 187 Golf ENJOYMENT MADE GOLF REALLY WORTHWHILE . . . Team comedy alleviated game pressure and members were teased, " Nice hit, Alice " . During the few low points of the season, golfers used the " banana chop " and created the " Stymie " Award for Sportsmanship. Meanwhile, Dennis Dietrich carefully studied every pos- sible detail of the game. After the outstanding team showing at Merrillville, the low man earned the privi- lege of riding " shot gun in the green pig " . It really was a " Well-Balanced Team " . Awards — Captains: Dennis Die- trich, Roger Clark; All Conference: Roger Clark, Dennis Dietrich; M.V.P.: Dennis Dietrich; P.H.D.: Bob Cirot; Head Hunter: Mark Miller. Records — Conference: 1st; Sectionals: 2nd; Regionals: 4th; State Tourney: Dennis Dietrich, lowest score. 188 Above Left — Mark Miller: moving on to the tenth hole. Below Left — Roger Clark: waiting for his opponent ' s putt. Above Center — Dennis Dietrich: victory over Hammond Tech at the Scherwood Club. Above Right — Dennis Dietrich, Bob Grot: determining the length of the stroke. Below Right — Tim Peglow: preparing for a close shot. Competition 189 Hammond High Lew Wallace Valparaiso Merrillville Lowell Lake Central Crown Point Griffith Highland Calumet Hammond Tech Andrean River Forest Hammond Morton 1 — 1. Phil I . 2J Clark 3 1 a JL 5 4 6 190 Golf Above — Golf Team — Front: P. Hasiak. Second Row: C. Levenberg, R. Clark, D. Dietrich. Third Row: T. Peglow, B. Cirot, M. Miller, C. Allen, P. Lanman, C. Klug. Fourth Row: Assistant Coach R. Speelman, Coach S. Wroblewski. Below — Mark Miller, Roger Clark: intently watching a tee. Competition 191 Above Left — Larry Cray: mental anticipation. Above Center — Scott Allen, Bob Wilthew: shotputter named the team " weight man. " Below Left — Wade Peters, Kerry Martin: transfer of responsibility. Above Right — Dave Nolan: sectional pole vault champion. Below Right — Mark McConnell: first seasonal loss against Morton. 192 Track RUNNERS ACHIEVED TRIPLE CROWN CHAM- PIONSHIP . . . " Long Slow Distance Practices " and practice meets launched a hectic season for runners including " The " Ned " , and " Little Mobert " , while Ray Hodor ' s team membership was often uncertain. In one climactic week, the team took top honors at the Hammond, Chesterton, and Rensselaer relays. Locker room and orange fights were interrupted with " Hey, hey, What ' s going on here? " Awards — Captain: Claude Peyrot; P.H.D.: Keith Johnson; M.V.P.: Mark McCon- nell; Most Outstanding Performance: Dave Nolan. Records — Hammond Sectional: 4th; Conference Meet: 4th; Chesterton Relays: 1st; Hammond Relays: 1st; State: Keith Johnson, 5th in trial heat; Freshmen: 3-0. Competition 193 Track Above — Mark Rizzo: long jumps requiring speed, height, and spring. Below — Track Team — Front: K. Johnson, M. McConnell, T. Thomas, M. Bogusz, M. Rizzo, P. Drewry, T. Kelly, Second Row: T. Fetzko, B. Spillar, S. Sala, S. Allen, D. Miller, R. Klug, J. Kolas, T. Papais. Third Row: Coach R, Dilling, R. Carr, T. Smelko, K. McLendon, B. Hott, L. Cray, N. Sumbles, R. Santare, R. Frank, D. Mulholland, Coach ). Stone, Fourth Row: B. Helm, B. Vitkus, C. Peyrot, R. Hodor, B. Wilthew, D. Sarchet, B. Kelley, ), Wroebels. Fifth Row: R. Clark, W. Peters, D. Oliver, D. Nolan, K. Martin. 194 Varsity Track Hammond Tech -Hammond High Crown Point Griffith Chesterton Lew Wallace -Gary Roosevelt Highland -Hammond High Michigan City Merrillville Crown Point-Lowell Calumet-Lake Central Griffith-Highland Morton Lowell 1. Scott Allen, Rick Carr 2. Ray Hodor 3. Coach Coy Bonner. Coach James Stone. Coach Richard Dilling 4. Keith Johnson 5. Jim Rasch 6. Claude Peyrot. V | | if I i 2 3 s 4 - 6 Competition 195 f I Above High I — Senior group shot: superficial unity. Below Left — Class officers: Eileen Fehring (Sec.), Mike Cane (V.P.), Don Downs (Pres.), JoAnne White (Treas.), Mr. James Mclndoo, Mr. James Karagianis (Sponsors). Above Right — Dick Atkins: graduation mockery. Below Center — Bob Dudek " Best Dancer.” Below Right — Carol Buczkowski: assembling the first place float. 198 Seniors DIVERSIFIED IDEALS COMPRISED THE CLASS . . . Despite contrasting thought and actions throughout the years, the class of ' 71 succeeded in attaining two spirit trophies and two first place homecoming float awards. This year ' s float focused on a towering foot- ball player who kept " The Cat in the Bag " . Although lacking interest, seniors wore their colors, brown and gold, and cheered " Do It, Do It " during Sectional Week. Testing decreased activities and led to an an- ticlimatic last day of school. The banquet at Scherwood Club included a slide presentation, " Highlights of the Year " . After three days of tiring practice, seniors finally graduated on May 30, 1971. Creators 199 Seniors Creb Abrinko Jeanne Marie Alexander: Drill Team 11; Pep Club 9-11; N.H.S. 11,12; German Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10-12 (Treas. 10); Art Club 10,11; G.A.A. 9,10; Choir 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12. Robin Jean Allen: Choir 9-11; News Bureau 11,12 (T.V. Correspondent 11, Ed. 12); Pep Club 9-12; Speech Debate 10-12 (Sec. 12) (State Finalist 10-12); Thespians 11,12; Drama 11,12; N.H.S. 11,12; Quill Scroll 12; G.A.A. 9; Band 9,10; Choir 10; Summer Theater 11; N.F.L. 10-12 (Sec. 12); Ind. State Scholarship. Bernie Alters Deborah Sue Altherr: Cheerleader 9; Drill Team 11,12; Pep Club 9,11,12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 11; Choir 10-12; Musical 10-12; German Honors Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. Cathy Lee Angelcos: Pep Club 9-11; German Club 10,11; Art Club 11; Choir 9- 12 . Tom Ashby: Choir 9-12; Basketball 9-10; Musical 12. Richard Atkins: Paragon 10-12. Michael Aurelius Ellen Kay Baker: Crier 11; Speech Debate 11; We Folk 11,12; G.A.A. 10,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Fakers Club 12; Biology Asst. 10,1 1 ; Library Asst. 11. Patrick C. Baranowski: Paragon 12; Crier 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Fakers Club 12; Golf 11,12. Joyce E. Barker: Paragon 11,12 (Academics Ed. 12); Pep Club 10,11; N.H.S. 11,12; German Club 10; Choir 9-11. Wendy Barton: Choir 9-11 ; Musical 10,11. Karl Bassett Claudia Rae Bauer: Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10,11; G.A.A. 9,10; Prom Comm. 11. Creators 201 Seniors Karen E. Beatty: Y-Teens 11. Alice A. Beckman: C.A.A. 9-12; Spanish Club 9,10; Choir 12; Synchronized Swimming 12; Student Leader 11,12; Elizabeth Seton H.S. Student Senate 9. Mary L. Beckman: Pep Club 9,10; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9-11; Muiscal 9,10. Greg |oseph Bembinista: Science Club 12; Chess Club 11; D.E. 11,12; Spanish Club 11; Baseball 10; E.C. Roosevelt Baseball 9; Football 9; Student Senate 9. Beth Ellen Berey: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9- 11 ; Choir 9-12 ; Prom Comm. 1 1 . Mark Joel Berns: Stage Band 11, 12; Fakers Club 12; Musical 11; Beachwood H.S. Foot- ball 9; Basketball 9; Deerfield H.S. Swim- ming 10; Summer Theater 10; Ind. State Scholarship. Pamela Sheryl Blanchard: Office Asst. 11. Deborah Lynn Bobin: Future Nurses of America (Pres.) 12; Paragon 10-11; Y-Teens 10,11; Choir 9,10,12; C.T.O. 12; Biology Asst. 11,12. Joan Lorraine Bogner: Pep Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10,11 (V. Pres. 11); C.A.A. 9-11; Choir 10,1 1 ; Prom Comm. 11 ; Bio. Asst. 10. Deborah Lynn Bolcis: Paragon 9-12 (Per- sonalities Co-Ed. 12); Pep Club 9-11 ; N.H.S. 11,12; German Club 10; Art Club 11; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11; Ind. State Scholarship. Anthony John Bombar: Spanish Club 10. Janalyn Sue Bonner: Pep Club 9-12; C.A.A. 9; Choir 11,12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Library Asst. 9; Orhcestra 9,10. Dennis Bardwell Borgman: Science Club 10; Football, Baseball Manager 10,11; J.V. Baseball Manager 9; Frosh Basketball Man- ager 9; Fakers Club 12. Jeffrey Kent Boris: Spanish Club 10; Choir 11,12; Musical 12; Football 9; Golf 9-11; F.C.A. 10,11. Bruce Robert Boroughs: Swimming 9; Musical 12. 202 Seniors Robert Louis Bracco: Crier 12; Speech Debate 12; Drama 12; Chess Club 10; M- Men 11,12; X-Country 11; Wrestling 9-12; F.C.A. 11,12. Betsy L. Brager: Cheerleader 9,11,12 (Cap- tain 12); Pep Club 9-12; Student Senate 9 (Sec. 9); Art Club 10; C.A.A. 10; Choir 9, 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,12. John Theodore Brandley: Choir 9; M-Men 10-12; Football Basketball Trainer 9-12. Nancy Branson: Pep Club 12; V-Teens 11; Choir 9; Orchestra 9-12. Gregory Allen Breclaw: Speech Debate 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Thespians 12; Drama 12; Choir 11,12; Ensemble 11,12; Musica l 11,12; Track 11; Summer Theater 12; N.F.L. 11,12; C.R. Clark H.S. Football 9,10; Basket- ball 9,10; Track 9,10; Wabash College Scholarship. Ellen F. Brew: Crier 9; Pep Club 9,10; Drama 11,12; Y-Teens 10; Spanish Club 10,11 ; Choir 9; Library Asst. 12. Rusty |ohn Brooks: M-Men 10-12; Football 9; Basketball 9-12; Baseball 9-12 (Capt. 12). Cherie Lynn Brown: Majorettes 9-11 (Capt. 9); Speech Debate 10-12; Thespians IQ- 12 (Treas. 12); Student Senate 11; Band 9- 11; Choir 9-12; Sextet 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 9-11; Summer Theater 11,12. Ed Michael Bryzgalski: Student Senate 10; We Folk 10; Choir 9; Prom Comm. 11; Avi- ation Club 10. Dan Morris Buckner: Thornton Township H.S. Biology Asst. 9. Carol Ann Buczkowski: Pep Club 9-11; Y-Teens 10; Art Club 10-12; C.A.A. 10; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11. Shirley Jane Burton: O.E.A. (Treas. 12); Thorton Township H.S. Girls ' Club 10; Pep Club 10; Choir 9,10. Elaine Butynski Fred L. Cairns: Football 9; X-Country 10. Nora C. Campbell Creators 203 Seniors Michael Allen Cane: Band 9; Prom Comm. 11; Wrestling 11; Golf 9; Class V. Pres. 12. Lynda Kay Carney: Pep Club 9,10; O.E.A. 12 (V. Pres. 12); C.A.A. 9; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11. Caren Lyn Casich: Paragon 10,11 (Copy Ed. 11); Pegasus 12 (Ed. 12); Drill Team 10-12 (Capt. 11,12); Quill Scroll 11,12; Student Senate 10,11; Y-Teens 10; C.A.A. 10; Band 9; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Library Asst. 9. Diana Luz Castillo: Pep Club 9-11; Drama 10; German Club 10,11; Y-Teens 10,11; Art Club 11; C.A.A. 10; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 10-12; Sextet 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10- 12. Lydia Laura Castillo: Pep Club 9,11; Ger- man Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10-11; Art Club 11; C.A.A. 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 11 ; Musical 11. Debbie L. Chael: Pep Club 10,11; N.H.S. 12; Y-Teens 10,11; Choir 11; C.T.O. 11,12. Madeleine Helen Church: Science Club IQ- 12; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Biology Asst. 12. Ilene Clapman Catherine Margaret Clark: Thespians IQ- 12 (Pres. 12); Drama 10-12; C.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 12; Sextet 10-12; Musical 10-12; Library Asst. 11; Summer Theater 10-12. Jean F. Clark: Orchestra 12; Lew Wallace H.S. C.A.A. 9; French Club 10,11; Prom Comm. 11; Girls Club 9-11; Orchestra 9- 11; Science Club 10; Future Teachers of America 10,11. Coralee Cleveland: Drill Team 10-12; Choir 10,12; Synchronized Swimming 11; Ind. State Scholarship. Kathy E. Clifton: Drama 12; We Folk 11; Spanish Club 11; Choir 11,12; Ensemble 11; Biology Asst. 11; Horace Mann H.S. Musical 10; Swing Choir 10; Spanish Club 9,10. Carolyn Michelle Conrad: Majorettes 11,12 (Capt. 12); Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10; Choir 9; Prom Comm. 11. Todd Corban Paul Thomas Coulis: Student Senate 11,12; D.E. 11,12; Spanish Club 10; Baseball 10; Hammond H.S. Football 9; Swimming 9; Student Senate 9. 204 Seniors Christine Janice Covert: Thespians 10-12 (Scribe 12); Drama 10-12; We Folk 11,12 (V. Pres. 11); Library Asst. 11,12; Summer Theater 11. Shelley Faye Crary: Pep Club 9,10; C.A.A. 9,10; Choir 11,12; Musical 10. Steve Frank Crary: Speech Debate 9-12; Thespians 10-12; Band 9,10; Musical 10-12; Library Asst. 11,12; Summer Theater 10,11. Joan Marie Cziperle: Pep Club 9-12 (V. Pres. 12); German Club 10; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12. Paul Louis Czyzewski: Speech Debate 9- 11; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 12; Science Club 10-12; Chess Club 11; X- Country 11,12; Track 11,12; Biology Asst. 10; Ind. State Scholarship. Tom Richard Dahlkamp: Musical 12; Foot- ball 9. Breena Miriam Dalkoff: Pegasus 12; Pep Club 11; We Folk 11; Spanish Club 11; Musical 11; Library Asst. 12; Horace Mann H.S. Girls Club 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10. Douglas George Davidson: Thespians 11,12; Drama 11,12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 12; We Folk 11,12; Chess Club 11; M-Men 11,12; Tennis 9-12 (Co-Capt. 12); Summer Theater 12; Lever Bros. Co. Nat ' l. Merit Scholarship; Paragon 12. Richard Carl Delaney: Choir 10-12; M-Men 12; Football 9,11-12; Basketball 9-11; Golf 9,10. Karl Steven Deluga: Paragon 10; Crier 11; Pegasus 11; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 12; Science Club 10-12 (V. Pres. 12); Fakers Club 12; Musical 12; Tennis 10; Ind. State Scholarship. Frank DePriest Patty Dermody: Paragon 10; Crier 11,12; Pep Club 10,11; Spanish Club 10; Fakers Club 12; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10. Peggy S. DeRolf: German Club 10; C.A.A. 10 . Kenneth William Detzner: Paragon 12; Speech Debate 12; German Club 10,11; M-Men 11,12; Football 9; Basketball 9-12; Baseball 10; F.C.A. 9-12. James Raymond Dilbo: Thespians 10-12; We Folk 11; Synchronized Swimming 11,12; Musical 10-12; A.V. Asst. 9-12. Creators 205 Seniors Susan Diane Dixon: Drill Team 10-12; Pep Club 9; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 9,10,12 (Pres. 9); C.A.A. 10; German Club 10; Choir 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11; Biology Asst. 9; D.A.R. Award. David Clemens Doescher: Musical 9. Donald Paul Downs: Prom Comm. 11; Football 11; Class Pres. 12. Zaharije Draskovich Bob Scott Dudek: Fakers Club 12. James Dudzik Leslie Ann Dunn: German Club 9,10; Choir 9,11; Musical 11. Terry Dunn: Wrestling 10. Charles Dunning: Thespians 10-12 (V.Pres. 12); Drama 10-12; Student Senate 11; We Folk 11; D.E. 11,12 (Pres. 12); Band 9,10; Baseball 10; Summer Theater 10,11. Dave Edinger: Baseball 9-11; Football 9-12. Fred W. Eicke Karin Eitzen: News Bureau 12; Thespians 10-12; G.A.A. 11; Spanish Club 10; Musical 11; Biology Asst. 11; Summer Theater 12. Beverly Jean Eppler: Pep Club 10; N.H.S. 12; German Club 10,11; Y-Teens 10-12 (V. Pres. 11); Art Club 11; G.A.A. 11; Choir IQ- 12; G.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11 , 12 . Mark A. Erickson: Fakers 12; M-Men 10,11,12; Prom Comm. 11; Basketball 9; X- Country 9-12; Track 10,11; Baseball 9; F.C.A. 10,11; Class V. Pres. 10. Curtis Keith Etter: Paragon 10; Crier 11,12; Student Senate 10,11; Fakers 12; Football 9; X-Country 12. 206 Seniors H. Eileen Fehring: Cheerleader 11; Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9-11 ; Speech Debate 10; N.H.S. 12; Choir9-11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-11; N.F.L. 10-12; Class Sec. 12; Ind. State Scholarship. Susan J. Ferro: Pep Club 9,10; N.H.S. 12; D.E. 11,12 (Sec. 11); Choir 10. Karen Marie Fischer: Paragon 10,11 (Co- Promotion Ed. 11); Pep Club 9,10; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9-11; C.T.O. 12 (Pres. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12. Nancy Forsythe Edward Arthur Forszt: German Club 10; Fakers Club 12. Bradley D. Frantz: Swimming 9,10. Diane A. Frischbutter: Pep Club 9,10; Student Senate 9; German Club 9-11; Choir 9,1 1 ; Prom Comm. 1 1 ; Musical 1 1 . Charles Frost Ron Fundyk: German Club 9,10. Dorothy Alice Gage: Pep Club 10; German Club 10; O.E.A. 12 (Sec. 12); Y-Teens 1 1; G.A.A. 9; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11. Joanne Marie Gainer: Paragon 9-12 (Ac- tivities Ed. 12); Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 9; Spanish Club 9,10; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12. Ronald Jay Gershman: Drama 10; German Club 9,10; Choir 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11. Terry Mark Gibbs: Fakers 12; Choir 11,12; Ensemble 11,12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11; Track 9,10; Tennis 10. Chris A. Gilchrist: Track 9. Nancy Gile: Choir 9,10; Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 10. Creators 207 Seniors Alan Joseph Goldstein: Crier 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Fakers 12; Horace Mann H.S. Golf 9; Tennis 9. Neil Joshua Goodman: Speech Debate 9- 11; Drama 11; Fakers 12; M-Men 10-12; X- Country 9; Wrestling 9; Tennis 9-12; N.F.L. 9,10,12. Wayne S. Gordon: Track 12; Bowen H.S. Stage Crew 10. Larry Neal Gray: Speech Debate 9-12; N.H.S. 12; St. Sen. 12; Chess Club 11,12; Fakers 12 (Pres. 12); M-Men 11,12 (Sec. 12); X-Country 9,11,12 (Co-Capt. 12); Track 9- 12; Tennis 10; Ind. State Scholarship. Dan Richard Green: Choir 11,12; Ensemble 12; M-Men 12; Syn. Swimming 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; Football 9-12; Swimming 10-12; F.C.A. 12. William Thomas Greene: Sp. Deb. 10-12; N.H.S. 11,12; St. Sen. 12; Ger. Club 12; Choir 10; M-Men 12; Musical 12; Football 9-12; X-Country 9; F.C.A. 11; Ger. Honors Prog. 12; Ind. State Scholarship. Barbara Lacy Griffith: Thespians 11,12; Drama 10-12; G.A.A. 10; Spanish Club 10- 11; Musical 10-12; Choir 11,12; Biology Asst. 1 1 ; Library Asst. 1 1 . Dawn Raye Guess: Paragon 9,10; Drill Team 11,12; Pep Club 9-12 (Pres. 9); Choir 9-12; Musical 10-12; Homecoming Queen 12 . Catherine Mary Harr: Pep Club 9-11; Choir 10; Prom Comm. 11. Michael Thomas Hauer: Crier 12; Art Club 12; Track 11; Baseball 12; Highland H.S. Baseball 9; Art Club 10; Sign Painters Club 10 . Walter John Helminski: Thespians 11,12; Drama 10-12; We Folk 11,12; Chess Club 10; Musical 12; Baseball 10. John Carlton Hesterman: Wrestling 10; Football 9. Patricia Higgins: Crier 9,12; Pep Club 9-12 (Treas. 12); Speech Debate 10-12; Thespians 10-12; Drama 10-12; Student Senate 9-11; German Club 9,10; Y-Teens 11; G.A.A. 9,10; N.F.L. 10-12; Choir 10,11; G.T.O. 11,12 (Pres. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11; Biology Asst. 11; Summer Theater 11. Dan Hiser Ray Hodor: Track 9-12; Football 10-12; M- Men 10-12 (Pres. 12). 208 Seniors Louise Ellen Hodus: Paragon 10; Pep Club 10,11; Y-Teens 10; C.A.A. 10; Spanish Club 10,11 (Sec. 11); Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11 . Dave K. Hoover Sharon Ann Hostettler: Art Club 11; Band 9,10; Orchestra 10. Edward John Hreha: Spanish Club 10; Fakers 12; F.C.A. 11. Cheri Joan Huber: Pep Club 9,10; Band 9- 12; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-11; Musical 10; Stage Band 11,12. Catherine Sue Hutchings: Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 11,12; Art Club 10-12; Choir 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; World Affairs Tour 12. Alexis Elouise Huttle: Paragon 10-12 (Ath- letics Ed. 12); Crier 12 (Sports Ed. 12); News Bureau 12; Pep Club 9-12 (Sec. 12); Speech Debate 12; N.H.S. 12; Quill Scroll 12; Y-Teens 11; We Folk 1 1 ; Choir 9-11; C.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. 11; Biology Asst. 10-12; Library Asst. 9. Nancy Louise Jablonski: N.H.S. 12; Science Club 11,12; German Club 11; Y-Teens 11; Biology Asst. 10. Philip H. Jankura: M-Men 11,12; Football 9-12 (Capt. 11,12); Wrestling 9-12 (Capt. 12); F.C.A. 11,12. Sandra Jean Jarecki: Y-Teens 10; G.A.A. 9,10; D.E. 11; Spanish Club 9,10. Gerry Jasinski: Bishop Noll Track 9,10. Diane Elizabeth Jeorse: Pep Club 10. Richard Allen Johnsen: D.E. 11,12. Cathy Lynn Johnson: Pep Club 9,10; Art Club 10; Choir 9-12; Musical 12. Ketti Marlene Johnson: Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9; Choir 9-11; Prom Comm. 11 . Creators 209 Seniors Terry Lynn Johnson: Crier 9,10; News Bureau 9; Drill Team 10,11 ; Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 10; Science Club 10,11; German Club 9-11; Y-Teens 9-12; Art Club 10,11; G.A.A. 9; Choir 9-12; G.T.O. 12; Syn- chronized Swimming 10; Musical 10-12; Ind. State Scholarship. Thomas John Johnson: D.E. 10. Peggy Lynn Kasten: Pep Club 9,10; Thespians 12; N.H.S. 11,12; Y-Teens 10; Band 9; Spanish Club 10,11 (V. Pres. 11); Choir 9-12; Ensemble 12; Sextet 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Summer Theater 12. Estelle Kathleen Katsoulis: Pep Club 9,10; D.E. 11,12 (Sec. 12). Donna Lee Keene: N.H.S. 11,12; Science Club 11,12 (Pres. 12); German Club 10-12 (V. Pres. 12); Choir 9-12; Biology Asst. 10; German Honors Program 12. Sharon Anne Keen: Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9,10; G.A.A. 9; Choir 9,10,11; Prom Comm. 11. Dave Keilman Richard Glen Kennel: Student Senate 12; Fakers 12; Choir 9-11; Musical 10,11; Foot- ball 9. Robert E. Kintner: Science Club 11; Band 9,10; Track 9,10. Karen Ann Klage: Cheerleader 10,12; Drill Team 11; Pep Club 9; N.H.S. 11,12 (Treas. 12); Student Senate 9-11; Choir 9-12; En- semble 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical IQ- 12; Class Sec. 11; Ind. State Scholarship. Denise Corrinne Kluse: Pep Club 9,10; Thespians 11,12 (Sec. 12); Drama 9-12; Y-Teens 10 (Pres. 10); Art Club 9-11 ; G.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10; Choir 9,10; Biolo- gy Asst. 10; Library Asst. 10,11. Karen S. Knesek: Pep Club 9,10; D.E. 11,12 (V.Pres. 11). James G. Kowalczyk: Choir 11,12; En- semble 12; Musical 12; Football 9; Track 9,10. Kent S. Kraus: Fakers 12; Choir 9-12; M- Men 10-12; Musical 9-12; Football 9; Wres- tling 9-12 (Capt. 12). Kristine Marie Kristoff: Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 11; D.E. 11; A.V. Asst. 11,12. 210 Seniors Robert Theodore Kulka: Band 9-12 (V. Pres. 11, Pres. 12); M-Men 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Football 9,11,12; Wres- tling 9; Stage Band 11,12. Michael J. Kustka: Fakers 12; Prom Comm. 11; Tennis 9,10. Nanci Ann Landon: Cheerleader 10; Pep Club 9-12 (V. Pres. 11, Pres. 12); N.H.S. 11; 12; Student Senate 9-11; Choir 9-12; En- semble 11,12; C.T.O. 12; Musical 10-12; Ind. State Scholarship. Janet Lanman: Drill Team 10 (Pres. 10); Pep Club 9,10; C.A.A. 9,10; Band 9; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9,10,12; C.T.O. 12; Musical 12; Crier School Ski Club 1 1 ; Spanish Club 1 1 ; Student Senate 1 1 ; Tennis Team 11. Mary Patricia Leahy: Pep Club 10, Drama 10; O.E.A. 12 (Pres. 12). Judy Ann Lebryk: Pep Club 10,11; German Club 10,11; Choir 9-12; Musical 11,12; Student Leader 10. Richard H. Leet: Speech Debate 10-12 (State Qualifier 10,11); Thespians 10-12; Drama 10-12; Student Senate 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Band 9-11; Choir 11,12; En- semble 11,12; Musical 10-12; Summer The- ater 10,11. Nicki Ellen Lekas: Pegasus 10,11 (Art Ed. 11); N.H.S. 11,12; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11; Ind. State Scholarship. Sue Leonard Roger Jay Levin: Student Senate 12; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 11; M-Men 9-12; Synchro- nized Swimming 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Swimming 9-12. Joe Long Rebecca Ann Lorentzen: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9-11; N.H.S. 12; Ind. State Scholar- ship. Mary Ellen Luerssen: Art Club 12; Choirs 11,12; Musical 10,12. Terry Lynn Macko: Student Senate 10,11; C.A.A. 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11; Fakers Club 12; Biology Asst. 10-12. Janice Lee Malo: Cheerleader (alt.) 10; Pep Club 9-11; Choirs 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11. Creators 211 Seniors Greg J. Malovance: Speech Debate 9-12 (Capt. of Debate 12); N.F.L. 9-12 (Pres. 12); N.H.S. 11,12; Band 9-12; Musical 12; Wres- tling 9; Baseball 10; Debate Nationals IQ- 12; Hardy Scholarship in Forensics; Ind. State Scholarship. Dorris May Marks: Y-Teens 10; Band 9-12; Choir 9-11. Fred William Martin: Student Senate 12; Band 9-12 (V. Pres. 12). Gregory Allen Martz: Teen Canteen 9. Mark Steven McConnell: Speech Debate 11,12; N.H.S. 12 (Pres. 12); Student Senate 12 (Parliamentarian 12); Fakers Club 12; M- Men 9-12; Football 9; Basketball 9-12 (Capt. 12); X-Country 10-12; Track 9-12; F.C.A. 10-12. Lonnie McGuffey Patricia Ann McNamara: Pep Club 9, 10; Art Club 10, 12; D.E. 11; Spanish Club 10. Caryn McQuilken: Crier 12 (News Ed. 12); N.H.S. 12; Fakers 12; Lew Wallace H.S. Student Council 9-11; Girls Club 9-11; Booster Club 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; C.A.A. 9-1 1 ; Spanish Club 9. Joseph Niell McShane Debra Lynn McWard: Science Club 12; Spanish Club 9,10; Y-Teens 9,10. Susan Deane Meyer: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9-11; Choir 9; C.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12. Donald Mark Miller: Fakers Club 12; M- Men 12; Basketball 11,12; X-Country 9; Wrestling 9; Coif 9-12; F.C.A. 11,12; Para- gon 12. Mary Jo Miller: Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 11; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9,11,12; Ensemble 12; G.T.O. 12 (V. Pres. Swimming 12); Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12. Ed C. Minas: Football 9; A.V. Asst. 10. Anne Irene Mintz: Crier 9-12 (Feature Ed. 11, Associate Ed. 12); News Bureau 12; Pegasus 10; Speech Debate 10-12 (Histo- rian 12); N.H.S. 12; Student Senate 9-11 (Treas. 11); Fakers Club 12; Choir 9,10; Girls ' State 12; Nat ' l Merit Finalist. 212 Seniors John T. Mogle: D.E. 12 (Sec. 12). Barb Moore: O.E.A. 12. Curtis Lindley Moore: Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 11,12; Musical 10-12. Dave Moreno: M-Men 9-12; Eootball 9-12; Baseball 9-12. Bill H. Morris: Spanish Club 10,11. Jim Robert Morris: Shop Asst. 12. Trudy D. Murakowski: Majorettes 11,12; Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 12; O.E.A. 12; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9; Prom Comm. 11 ; Office Asst. 10. Debra Lynn Murphy: Pep Club 10; Drama 10; German Club 10,11; O.E.A. 12. Nancy Ellen Nagle: Student Senate 9; Art Club 10,11; Choir 9-11. Dave P. Nolan: M-Men 9-12; Track 9-12. Mike Nolan Kathy Mary Ogorek: O.E.A. 12 (Historian 12); V-Teens 11; G.A.A. 9; Prom Comm. 11. Rick Ogrowdowski Tom Edward O ' Keefe Douglas Alan Oliver: Science Club 10-12 (Treas. 12); Track 10-12; F.C.A. 11,12; Ind. State Scholarship. Creators 213 Seniors Ron Ortman Rick Parker: M-Men 11,12; Football 11,12 (Co-Capt. 12); Baseball 11,12; F.C.A. 11,12. Carol Suzanne Parks: Paragon 10-12 (Layout Ed. 12); Pep Club 9-11; N.H.S. 12; German Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10,11; G.T.O. 12; Class Vice President 11; Ind. State Scholarship. Cayce Scott Parrish: N.H.S. 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Choir 9-12; M-Men 9-12 (Treas. 12); Synchronized Swimming 10-12; Musical IQ- 12; Football 11; Swimming 9-12 (Co-Capt. 12); F.C.A. 9-11; Paragon 12. Dayne G. Paul: Paragon 12; M-Men 12; Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; F.C.A. 11,12. Lori Carol Pedone: Y-Teens 11; G.A.A. 9; Band 9-12; Spanish Club 11; Prom Comm. 11 . Richard Pellar: Paragon 10,11; Fakers Club 12; Prom Comm. 11 ; Musical 11,12; Golf 9- 11 . Russ Pellar: Student Senate 12; Choir 11; M-Men 10-12; Musical 10-12; Swimming 9- 12 (Co-Capt. 12). Judy Anne Peterman: Pep Club 10; D.E. 11,12; Choir 9. Carl Wade Peters, |r.: Paragon 12; N.H.S. 11, 12; M-Men 11,12; Football 9-12; Track 9- 12; F.C.A. 11,12. Claude Frank Peyrot: M-Men 11,12 (Sgt.-At- Arms 12); Football 9-12; Track 9-12 (Capt. 12); F.C.A. 10-12; Valpo. Scholarship; Showteens 11,12. Robert James Plunkett, Jr.: Paragon 12; Speech 12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 10- 12 (Pres. 12); Choirs 10; M-Men 12; Football 9-12; Wrestling 10-12; F.C.A. ID- 12; Boys ' State; Pres. Classroom for Young Americans 12; Salutatorian 12; Ind. State Scholarship. John Robert Powers: Crier 12; News Bureau 12; Science Club 9; Choir 9. Mike J. Purbaugh: Student Senate 9,10; Science Club 10; German Club 9,10; Ind. State Scholarship. Monte Radar: Choir 9-12; M-Men 11,12; Football 9-12; Track 10; F.C.A. 11,12. 214 Seniors Phil Raymond: Student Senate 9,11; Fakers Club 12. Karen Lynn Read: Paragon 10-12 (Layout Ed. 11, Co-Ed.-in-Chief 12); Pep Club 9-12; Speech Debate 10-12; N.H.S. 11,12; Quill Scroll 11,12; Student Senate 10,12; German Club 9-12; Y-Teens 10,11 (Sec. 11); Choir 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; N.F.L. 10-12; German I.U. Honors Program 12; Valedic- torian 12; Ind. State Scholarship; Panhel- lenic Scholarship Award. Suzanne Marie Reck: Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 10; Art Club 10; G.A.A. 10 (Treas. 10). Fred Redar Chuck Edward Revenew: Choir 12, Musical 11,12; Baseball 9,10. Jeff Kent Riffer: Speech Debate 10-12 (Treas 11); N.H.S. 11, 12; Student Senate 9,12; Fakers Club 12; Boys ' State 11; Ind. State Scholarship. Paula Rinkovsky: Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9; O.E.A. 12 (Pres. 12); Art Club 9; G.A.A. 9,10; Musical 10. Jill Christine Rittman: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9-11; German Club 9,10; Art Club 9- 11 (Sec. 10); Choir 9-12; Musical 10,12. Marc L. Robertson: Choirs 9-12; Ensembles 12; Musical 11; Football 9-12; F.C.A. 11,12. Jerry Alan Rosko: Science Club 12; Fakers Club 12 (V. Pres. 12); M-Men 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Basketball 9; X-Country 9-12; Track 9; F.C.A. 12. Barry Charles Ross: Choir 10,12; Ensemble 12; Musical 9. Bradley Kent Ross: Student Senate 11; Fakers Club 12; Choirs 9-12; Ensembles 11,12; M-Men 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Swimming 9-11; Class Presiden t 11. Barbara Anne Rowe Don Ruf: Musical 12. Lori Ruman: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9,10 (Sec. 9); German Club 9-11; G.A.A. 9,10,12; Choir9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,11. Creators 215 Seniors Debra Lynn Rutz: Paragon 10; Cheerleader 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 9,10; Choir 10,12; Musical 10; Ind. State Scholarship. Vicki Lynn Sala: Paragon 10; Pep Club 9,10; Student Senate 10; Choir 9-11; Home- coming Princess 11. Katherine M. Salatas: Choir 11,12; Musical 12 . Catherine F. Satek; Paragon 10-12 (Prom. Ed. 11, Co-Ed. -in-Chief 12); Pep Club 9-12 (V. Pres. 12); N.H.S. 12; Quill Scroll 11,12 (Pres. 12); Student Senate 11,12; German Club 9-11; Y-Teens 10; Choir 9-11; G.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Bio. Asst. 11; Library Asst. 9; Musical 12; Ind. State Scholarship. Linda Mae Schmueser: Crier 10,11 (Asst. Sports Ed. 11); Pep Club 9,10; O.E.A. 12; G.A.A. 9,12; D.E. 11; Choir 9; Prom Comm. 11; Library Asst. 9. James Greg Schooler: Speech Debate 9; Chess Club 9; Fakers Club 12; Track 9. Gwendolyn Sue Schoon: Pep Club 9; German Club 9; Choir 10-12; Musical 11,12; Biology Asst. 11; Indiana State Scholarship. Fred C. Schroer: Speech Debate 12; M- Men 11; Basketball 9-11; Track 9; Biology Asst. 10,11. Jaime Sefton Ana Marie Teresa Lozano Serrano: News Bureau 12 (Photography Ed. 12); N.H.S. 12; Science Club 11,12; Y-Teens 11; Spanish Club 10; Musical 12; Biology Asst. 10. John Leonard Shaver Bob Peter Shinkan: Paragon 12; Choir 11; M-Men 11,12; Football 9-12; Baseball 9-12; F.C.A. 9-12. Rosemary Julia Sikora: Pep Club 10-12; Drama 11; Y-Teens 10,11; Art Club 10,11; G.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9- 11 . Arleen Libby Simon: Crier 10-12 (Layout Ed. 10, Feature Ed. 11, Ed. -in-Chief 12); Pegasus 10-12 (Layout Ed. 10-12); Pep Club 10,11; N.H.S. 12; Quill Scroll 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Prom Comm. 11; Indiana State Scholarship. Gayle Louise Skogan: Pep Club 9; Y-Teens 11,12; We Folk 12; G.A.A. 9-12 (Treas. 9, V. Pres. 10, Pres. 12); Choir 9; Biology Asst. 12; Orchestra 9-11; Gymnastics 9,11,12; In- diana State Scholarship. 216 Seniors Tom Smelko Sherdene Ann Sorenson: News Bureau 12 (Associate Ed. 12); Pep Club 9-12; Speech Debate 10-12; Thespians 12; Drama 11,12; N.H.S. 11,12 (Sec. 12); German Club 11; Y-Teens 11; G.A.A. 9-12; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; N.F.L. 10-12; GirlsState 11; Indiana State Scholarship. Jay Myron Spector: Paragon 12; Student Senate 9,12; Fakers Club 12; M-Men 11,12; Musical 12; Basketball 11; X-Country 11,12. Robert A. Spillar: Chess Club 9; Swimming 9; Track 10-12; Biology Asst. 12. Norman Peter Sproch: Science Club 11. Andrea Lee Starzak: Pep Club 10,11; Thespians 11,12; Drama 12; We Folk 11,12; Spanish Club 12 (Sec. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Biology Asst. 10-12; Summer Theater 12. James F. Steiger: Choir 10-12; X-Country 9,11. Paul H. Steiger: N.H.S. 11,12; Band 9,10; Choir 9-12; M-Men 9-12; Musical 12; Swimming 9-12; Paragon 12. Patricia Jacquelyn Stoker: Pep Club 9,10; N.H.S. 12; Y-Teens 11; Art Club 10-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Home- coming Princess 12; Ind. State Scholarship. Robert Anthony Straub: M-Men 10-12; Wrestling 10,11. Stephen C. Talbott Rhoda Jean Tanis: G.A.A. 9-11 (Pres. 10,11); D.E. 11,12; Choir 9; Girls ' Track 10; Gym- nastics 9-11. Mark Alan Thompson: Basketball 12; F.C.A. 12; Deer Park H.S. Baseball 9,10; Basketball 9,10; Letterman ' s Club 9-11; Student Council 9,10; Class Pres. 11 ; X-Country 9. Marsha Kay Thompson: Crier 12 (News Co Ed. 12); Drama 12; N.H.S. 12; Choir 12; Musical 12; Deer Park H.S. Musical 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; Class Treas. 11; Choir 10,11; Drama 10,11; Pep Club 9-11; Band 9-11; Cheerleader 9,1 1 . Lois Marie Timkovich: Pep Club 9,10; Drama 10; Y-Teens 9,10; G.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 10,11; Choirs 9,10; Biology Asst. 9. Creators 217 Seniors Debbie Tokarz: Pep Club 11,12; Speech Debate 11,12; German Club 11; Choir 10,11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; Biolo- gy Asst. 10; N.F.L. 11,12. Paul R. Tom JoAnn Trimbur: Paragon 10-12 (Personal- ities Co-Ed. 12); Pep Club 9-11; Drama 10; Y-Teens 10; Art Club 10,11; Chess Club 10; Spanish Club 10; Fakers Club 12; Choir 9- 11; Prom Comm. 11. William George Tsirtsis: A.V. Asst. 10; D. E. 12; Fakers Club 12; Track 9. Margaret Eve Ulber: Speech Debate 10,11; N.H.S. 12; Science Club 11,12 (Sec. 12); German Club 10-12 (Sec. 10, Pres. 11); Choir 9-12; Musical 10; Biology Asst. 10; German I.U. Honors Program. Mary Stephanie Victor: Pep Club 10,11; N.H.S. 12; Y-Teens 10; C.A.A. 9-12 (Sec. 10,11); Spanish Club 10; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12. David Edward Vieweg: Speech Debate 12; N.H.S. 11,12; Fakers Club 12; Choir IQ- 12; Ensemble 11,12; M-Men 10-12; Musical 10,11; Tennis 10-12; LaSalle Steel Corp. Scholarship. Linda Gail Vogt: Pep Club 9; Art Club 10; Spanish Club 10; Choir 9; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10. Michael P. Waisnora: Basketball 9-12; Baseball 9-12; F.C.A. 11,12. Dave R. Walker: Chess Club 12; Fakers Club 12; X-Country 12; Golf 9-12. Kathy Walt Kris Ward: Musical 9-12. Chris Warot Karyl Wehle Douglas Charles White 218 Seniors (oanne White: Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 11,12; C.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 10,11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10,12; Class Treasurer 12. Scott Thomas Wigley: M-Men 12; Football 9,10,12; Basketball 9; F.C.A. 10,12. Debra Jane Wilson: Future Nurses of Am. 12 (V. Pres. 12); Pep Club 9,10; Student Senate 11; German Club 9-11; Y-Teens 10,11 (Treas. 11); G.A.A. 9,10; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11 , 12 . John Charles Wingfield: Fakers Club 12; Choir 11,12; Ensemble 11,12; M-Men 12; Musical 11; Football 9-12. Mark L. Wohrle Daniel Leonard Wolak: News Bureau 11; N.H.S. 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Fakers Club 12; M-Men 12; Prom Comm. 11; Basketball 9-12. Jayne Yahnke: Paragon 10; Cheerleader 9- 12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 9-12; Choir 9-12; Ensemble 12; G.T.O. 11,12; Musical 10-12. Elaine Michelle Yasko: German Club 9; G.A.A. 9; D.E. 11,12; Spanish Club 11; Choir 9,10; Musical 10. Brenda Gail Young: Pep Club 10-12; Science Club 11; German Club 9; We Folk 12; G.A.A. 10; Biology Asst. 12. James Allen Young: Paragon 11,12 (Head Phtgr. 12); Quill Scroll 12; Chess Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11; Tennis 11,12; Lake Forest Academy Wrestling 10. Jim H. Zachau: X-Country9. Robert Kent Zimmerman: Choir 10,11. Stuart Ira Zimmerman: Spanish Club 10,11; M-Men 12; Wrestling 10; Swimming 11,12. Don V. Zoellner: Speech Debate 11,12; N.H.S. 12. Sharon Elizabeth Zweige: Pep Club 9-11; Spanish Club 10,11; Choir 9-11; Ind. State Scholarship. Creators 219 Above Left — Class rings: symbols of upperclassmen. Below Left — Reflections: In Memoriam to Karen Allen. Below Center — Mary Kay Carofalo, Ann Coulis: selling helium balloons at the horseshow. Above Right— Joanne Kuhn: pride in the class float. Below Right — Class officers: Mr. Jon Fech (Sponsor), Bruce Donoho (Pres.), Phil Coulis (V. Pres.), Jean Stine (Sec.), Tom Trent (Treas.). 220 Juniors ENTHUSIASM FINALLY ATTAINED RECOGNITION . . . With prom as their major project, juniors began plans in May of 1970. By sponsoring dances and the carnival and the sale of helium balloons, booster buttons, and hot chocolate, they hoped to reduce the cost of prom tickets. Meanwhile, work continued on the homecom- ing float, " a pink pussycat. " A second place disap- pointed optimistic juniors. Nevertheless, spirit per- sisted and captured the Sectional Week Spirit Trophy for the juniors. Finally, at prom, juniors created a " Carousel of Wonder " . Creators 221 Juniors Sharon Abalman Eileen Aberman Gail Ahlborn Cliff Allen Scoff Allen Eve Andersen Kathy Andrews Diane Angel Kafy Bachman Jim Ball Pat Ballard Jerry Barker Sheri Barfh Mary Anne Bauschelt Ben Beckwith Kathy Bell Donna Bembenista Toni Berke John Bickell Nancy Bjelland Jim Blue Robin Blumenthal Kathy Bogusz Dave Bolanowski Melissa Boldt Sue Bolls Bev Bond Carolyn Bond Brooke Boroughs Mary Bosch Georgia Bourne Don Branson Valerie Breclaw Jo Ellen Breshock Pam Bretz Mike Brew Jo Ellen Brink Sue Brownlee Patti Bruce Roseanne Bryan 222 Juniors Steve Bryson Dave Budarz Ken Bumbales Jan Burlison Marian Burns Tom Campion Colleen Carney Rick Carr Linda Chidester Nancy Chipman Becky Chizmar Carol Cichoski Red Clark Laura Clifton Rory Conces Janice Copple Ann Coulis Eve Coulis Phil Coulis Jill Crary Joe Cress Debbie Croissant Harvey Crouch Nancy Curtis Jeff Cwiok Jill Davidson Dave Demy Jim Depa George Devetak Dennis Dietrich Karen Dobosz Kelley Donnersberger Bruce Donoho Diane Drabenstot Julien Driggs Jane Dubczak Cliff Duggan Bill Dunn Dave Dvorscak Linda Ebling Creators 223 Juniors Greg Eidam Tom Eisman Tim Ellison Lynn Erickson Janey Espino Doreen Estrada Jeff Evans Leslie Feingold Marian Fetzko Gary Figuly Howie Fine Janet Fleming Vicki Folta Mary Ellen Forszt Linda Fort John Foudray Jon Fox Mark Franczek Marilyn Friedman Ruth Fruehauf Diane Gajewski Greg Gambrell Mary Kay Garofalo Judy Garzinski Karen Geiger Melissa Gilchrist Joe Given Joy Goebel Sherry Goldstein Peggy Good John Gott Ward Gott Tracie Gower Jan Grabner Beth Graff Kim Graham Keith Grasty Judy Green Linda Gregg Glenn Griffin 224 Juniors Alan Croeger Rick Cubitz Renee Cuilotte Gloria Gyure Debbie Ham Pam Hamacher Linda Hammond Cathy Hanus Janice Hay Terry Hayes Lisa Heatherington Howard Hefley Barry Helm Ruth Helminski Garrett Helton Ellen Hensey Bob Hetrick Paul Hiple Rick Hirsch Joan Hlinka Leslie Hoekema Gerry Hoeppner Steve Holajter Martin Homan Saralee Hymen Joe lorio Keith Johnson Kathy Jones Ron Jones Mary Ann Jugovic Dave Kalman Diane Karas Greg Karas Bob Kelley Cheryl Kendrick Don Kitner Don Kirschner Kathleen Knutson Cindy Kocal Becky Krol Creators 225 Juniors Jan Krueger Linda Krupinski Joanne Kuhn Jack Kus Steve Kustka Judy Lair Dale Lammering Cheryl Lanting Bill Larson Chris Lautz Terry Lavery Bob Leibengood Diane Leirer John Leonard Paul Lichtsinn Debbie Lindstrom Judi Lynn Ceri Macko Greg Mannion Diane Marden Kerry Martin Therease Martin Howard Matasar Bob Mattox Macy Maxwell Charlotte McCaig Mike McCain Laurie McCarty Paul McCoy Nancy McDaniel Mary McLean Brian McShane Kathy McWard Marian Meisterling Roger Messersmith Debbie Middleton Sharon Miller Randy Minas Andrea Miszewski Maria Modjewski 226 Juniors Ray Monaldi Barb Moore Pat Mullaney Jim Mulligan Julie Murphy Sheldon Musick Bruce Nagle Lori Nelson Rick Nelson Rick Nolan Marilyn Nondorf Debbie Ortman Marian Otte Barb Page John Papais Nancy Papp Doris Pavel Steve Pedone Sheree Peglow Tim Peglow Anna Peleschenko Jim Petsas Mike Pfister Tom Pilarczyk Larry Pochter Gail Pratt Greg Pritchard Pat Proll Karen Quint Sue Rapacz Nancy Raves Craig Rawlins Beth Raymond Jim Redar Wayne Roades Barb Rokosz Beth Rosenstein Scott Ross Pam Rothstein Leslie Rudzinski Creators 227 Juniors Cayle Rutz Kathy Sagala Marilyn Sansone Rich Santare Dave Sarchet Janet Satek Janice Satek Jody Shauwecker Danna Schley Donna Schley Jim Schmidt Sharon Schmueser Sherry Schultz Ron Seligar Barb Sennak Laura Sennett Paul Shaw Joe Shneider Mark Shreibak Diane Shropshire Julie Shumway Jim Sibley Chuck Simpson Linda Siple Denise Skozen Tom Slivka Sue Smith Chris Sobek Ed Sosby Nancy Southworth Susie Speelman Angela Speranza Joe Spoljaric Carolyn Stankie Rich Stanners Randy Stefaniak Claire Stephenson Rene£ Stevens Rob Stevens Dave Stiemert 228 Juniors Jean Stine Cathy Strachan Randy Strickland June Summers Doug Talbott Mary Tanis Melissa Tharpe Elaine Theodore Toni Thomas Don Thompson Peggy Tilka Jenny Treder Tom Trent Fred Troy Rick Ulicini Claudia Valionis Nancy Vickers Bill Vitkus Wake Wakefield Rich Walker Jane Washburn John Webb Sue Webber Cary Weber John Weber Diane Weeks Mark Wein Twala Wells Alvina White Susan White Paul Wickland Wendy Wilkins Barb Williamson Bob Wilthew Mike Wood Susan Woodward Bill Young Creators 229 Sophomores BEING PART OF MHS OFFERED NEW AC- TIVITIES . . . Unsure of overall class capabilities the class of 1973 began their sophomore year with an au- tumn Dunes trip. After defeat in the Homecoming float competition, they sold Valentine hearts and ordered class rings. The disqualification of ' 73 ' s sectional wall led to disappointment. However, the sophs came back and set a new record, swimming 73 miles in the traditional swim marathon. The circumstances of this frustrating year sadly dampened spirits and divided attitudes of many class members leaving only a few to live up to ' 73 ' s mounting enthusiasm. 230 Far Left — Diane Dunn, Lisa Waxman, Cheryl Smith, Karen Leonard, Kim Bacon, Sindi Ford: " ' 73 Says Victo- ry " at Sectionals. Center— Class Officers: Mr. Lloyd Lindquist (Sponsor), Marlene Kaplan (Sec.), Marcia Bower (V. Pres.), Mike Bobin (Pres.), Rick Sholts (Treas.). Above Right— " Samson " : " Strike Up A Victory " Below Center — Marathon Swimmers: Front: Trippy Ot- tenheimer. Rich Lanman, Mike Bobin. Second Row: Ray Monaldi, Pete Kaminski, Jay Stewart, Neil Richter. Below Right — Sophomores: rush to order class rings. Creators 231 Sophs Dave Abrinko, Guy Adams, Lori Adaska, )im Adoba, Tony Adzia, )im Alexander Lori Altherr Dave Anderson Tom Anderson Tom Andrews Bryan Arrington Tim Ashby Pam Babas Kim Bacon Marcia Bartok Mike Basila Alice Bator Kurt Bauer Rita Beatty Lynn Belinsky Barb Bembenista Paula Benchik Mary Beth Berghian Jeff Berns John Biegel Mark Biegel Mary Bieker Patrice Biel Mark Blocker Mike Bobin Mary Bochnowski Matt Bogusz Joe Bolcis Cindy Bombar Pam Bookwood Georgeann Borowski Marcia Bower Mike Breaz Bruce Brown Gwen Bruhn Shirley Buckner David Cala 232 Sophs Leslie Camp, Carol Candiano, Dave Carlson, Jim Carr, Jim Casey, Eric Chael Don Ciuki Roger Clark Jan Clement Sara Cohen Marilyn Connor Sue Cook Lyn Crary Sue Croissant Sue Crouch Curt Cummings Debbie Cusick Lisa Dahl Bob Davis Emerson Delaney Helen Deluga Patty Devore Glen DeYoung Melissa Dietrich Richard Dietrich Gail Dobosz Sue Doherty Todd Donoho Mark Dorris Mike Drascic Paul Drewry Tom Duffala Diane Dunn Bill Eggers Sheryl Egli Rudy Eidam Janet Elkins Anna Encinosa Bob Erickson Tom Erickson Anne Esterhay John Estrada Creator 233 Sophs Dave Etter, Scott Evett, Mike Fischer, Pat Flynn, Sindi Ford, Marian Frantz Sue Cage Greg Cajewski Lori Carmus Mary Beth Gaudio Kathie Gaynor Gail Georgas Sandy Gibbs Bob Goddard Marcia Goodman Karen Gray Ed Green Debbie Greenspon Sheri Greer Sharon Groeger Bob Grow Debbie Hale Denise Halon Sue Hannabach Lisa Hanock John Hansen Sue Harkenrider Eileen Harr Rosemary Hartkoorn Nancy Harvey Phil Hasiak Jack Hauer Jerry Hayes John Hegedus Bob Heinze Debbie Helton Edith Hensley Warren Hersch Rhonda Hinkel Mike Hirsch David Hiser Mary Ann Hodus 234 Sophs Talli Holmes, Sharon Homan, Dave Horath, Margot Horn- blower, Brian Hott, Dave Huebner Sandy Ismael Dan Janke John Jeeninga Carol Johnsen Connie Johnson Theresa Kaczka Ken Kaminski Pete Kaminski Marlene Kaplan Debbie Kasper Jeff Keck Tom Keeler Susie Keen Christy Keitz Bonnie Kenealy Bill Kennedy Daniel Kim Gina King Darrell Kiser Susi Klein Bryan Klosak Cary Klug Jim Knesek Kathy Kolodziej Wanda Kontos Charlie Kopacz Sam Korellis Paula Kovich Gary Kowalisyn Sue Krajewski Tom Krol Joe Krupinski Garry Kucer Pam Kucer Elizabeth Lanman Cathy Lanting Creators 235 Sophs Dave Lautz, Jim Lee, Kathy Lengyel, Karen Leonard, Sheila Lewis, Sue Lieberman Carol Lindeman Patty Little Laurie Livingstone Jean Long Mike Lorentzen Cathy Luerssen Sharon Maloney Nancy Maluga Christine Manske Connie Mansuetto Carol Marden Sandy Marks Tom Marks Jim Marshall Tony Martin Carol Mathews Janis McAllister Anne McCollum Anne McDonald Steve McDonell Kathe McLendon Mary Kay McNamara Lynn McNeill Kathy Meagher David Medansky Larry Medansky Kelli Mehok Cheryl Meyer Bob Miller Bob Miller Jan Milliken Julie Mirkov Cindy Mitchell 236 Sophs Melissa Mitchell, Ron Monaldi Roberta Morris, Brigid Moynagh, Bob Mueller, Bob Mund Jenny Murphy Kevin Murphy Pat Murphy Debbie Murzyn Debbie Nelson Paul Nelson Mary Ann Neverauskas Paul Novak Jeff O ' Barske Mark O ' Barske Colleen O ' Connor Mary Ann O ' Donnell Paul Orlich Manuel Orosco Trippy Ottenheimer Lynn Parker Eve Pecenka Diane Peterson Craig Polak Julie Pondusa Hank Pugh Mary Jo Puncho Peggy Quint Kim Raymond Kathy Reck Maggie Reister Susan Resler Sue Richards Judi Richter Neal Richter Sarasue Robb Terry Rogers Penny Roland Creators 237 Sophs Dela Rosenbloom, Sue Rosenfeldt, Rob Rosenthal, Jeff Rothstein, Shellie Rothstein, Diana Ruembler Vicky Rundle Amy Ryder Dave Rys Mary Sablonski Peggy Schaub Ed Schmidt Martha Schoop Jim Schwarz Chris Sebenste Dennis Seipol Keith Severtson Larry Shatuck Ed Shea Ron Sherman Marilyn Shevin Bill Shofner Rick Sholts Elenie Siavelis Nuala Sinisi Fred Siple Laurie Slivka Cheryl Smith Janna Smith Sherry Smith Terry Smith Sue Snook Rich Spector Nancy Spillar Harry Stamos Nikki Stevens Kathy Stoddart Diane Stoker Wayne Straub 238 Sophs Lorie Street, Scott Sublett, John Such, Terry Swarthout, Dale Sweeney, Joyce Teliga Maria Thoesen Nancy Thomas Bruce Trimbur Betsy Turner Karen Udich Al Valeika Debbie Valko Ron Vierk Nick Vranich Mitch Wade Allen Walker Dave Watson Kevin Watson Cheryl Wayland Donna Wein Steve Weiss Ron Wennekes Lynn Wieler Jan Wigley Charlie Wilson Cheri Wilson Terry Wilson Sam Winer Bert Woess Mike Wolfe Debbie Wood Esther Woolard Sheri Wozniak Floyd Wright Joe Wrobel Jerry Zachau Linda Zagrocki Stephen Zink Creators 239 Freshmen CLASS OF ' 74 BECAME FIRST FROSH OF M.H.S. . . . Lack of funds eliminated the pos- sibility of a class float so freshmen decorated for the homecoming dance. Sweatshirt-jacket and candy cane sales increased the class treasury. Aluminum foil and caricatures of the basketball team covered the noted Frosh sectional wall . . . " Shine on to Victory . A change of sponsor did not weaken this young bu challenging class. t3h ,i,k 0(1 v n • OUR 1$ • ' •♦•» Mil • ,Y y . ii . , ' fV " r «o ■ f i‘2 i I ' •Iin ' VSA 1 T r ‘s’ 240 Creators 241 Above Left — Diane Scolnik: an easy-going freshman. Below Left — Lisa Speranza, Ted Thomas, Tom Papais: first frosh high school pep session. Above Right — Class Officers: Miss Pat Martignoni (Sponsor), Donna Figuly (V.P.), Maureen Pfister (Sec.), Bob Brand (Pres.), Mary Reilly (Treas.). Below Right — Shirley Reiplinger: money- making candy sale. Frosh Marla Abalman, Fred Abel, Harold Aberman, Rick Adams, John Ahlborn, Janet Allen, Mark Allen Mary Allen Doug Amber Katie Andersen Becky Anderson Patrice Anderson Sharon Anderson Paula Angel Joyce Angelcos Brian Aranowski Rose Arges Debbie Ashenbremer Molly Bachman Teri Backe Kevin Barkal John Barker Tom Bauer Trina Bauschelt Jeff Beck Alan Becker Paul Beckman Lou Biedron Steve Bilik Faith Blacke Ken Blanchard Don Blue Alan Bogdan Candace Boldin Bob Bolls Louise Borsattino Penni Bortz Kim Bouton Bob Bretz Jeanne Brinkmann Jeff Brown Phil Bryson Kathy Bucher Joe Buda Beverly Bunting Alan Burnstein Chris Bussert Ken Butynski Natile Calhoun Evelyn Camp Lynn Carlson Tom Carr Frank Castillo Rob Christophersen Leo Chruby Kathy Ciez Betsy Clark Chris Clott Dave Copple Allison Corban Bob Cornell Joe Corns Tony Cort 242 Frosh Barbara Crass, Paul Cress, Mary Croner, Lisa Crouch, Brian Cum- mings, Sara Dahlkamp, Jennie Deluga Jack Denenberg Dan ReRolf Peter DeRolf Colin Dickerman Dennis Diefenback Jeff Dobis Tom Dobosz Allison Donnersberger Ralph Downing Charles Downs Michele Driggs Tom Dudek Jane Duncan Debi Dunning Dave Eidam Ash El Naggar Barb Etling Jim Etling Amy Evans Bev Featherly Tom Fetzko Donna Figuly Melody Fisher Jon Fitzner Patty Fleck Terry Flynn Bill Fodor Stan Folta Mary Forsythe Dave Francen Tom Franczek Russ Frank Jim Freeman Daria Garcia Mike Gaudio Steve Gescheidler Sue Gillespie Linda Goldsmith Debbie Golec Lee Gordon April Gouwens John Graff Mark Graham Bob Grand Kathy Gregg Lisa Greisen Jim Grunewald Tom Guiden Karen Guilotte Steve Gyure Rebecca Haines Sandy Hales Wendy Hamm Josephine Hand Dan Harder Janet Harkenrider Creators 243 Frosh Susan Harvey, Bill Hasse, Mike Hawryszkow, Tim Hayes, Brenda Helm, Fran Helminski, Bob Hered Rick Herman D ale Hestermann Ron Higgins Doug Hinchion Tim Hodor Melodee Horlick Mark Horvalich Carroll Hriso Patti Huck Kathy Hulett Suzette Hulsey Ted Hunter )anice lorio John Isaacs Charles Ismal Rich Janik Terry Jasinski )oanne Jeorse Nancy )ohns John Jugovic Dave Kallen Mark Kaminski Meg Kaminski Gail Kaplan James Kasle Nick Katsoulis Ginger Keen Terry Kelly Doug Kim Scott Kincaid Bill Kinder Tom Kinnane John Kipta Nancy Kivett Rich Klug Bill Knutson John Kolas Melody Koloch Pete Koufis Tim Kovach Mary Kowalczyk Judy Krause Greta Krawczyk Chris Krol Hugh Kuhn Mark Ladd Marcy Lang Pete Lanman Tom Largus Patty Leask Lisa Ledna Michaelina Leeney Dan Leonard Melinda Leone Charlie Levenberg Karen Lichsinn 244 Frosh Hans Lindsers, Ardis Lindstrom, Bob Livingstone, Cheryl Long- hauser, David Low, Debbie Lutton, Bob Maginot Paula Malinski Chris Malo Pat Maloney )oe Mansuetto Greg Markey Greg Markovich Ronnie Matasar Tom Mattox Marty Matusek Jeff Mayer Laura Mazanek Dan McCarthey Jan McDaniel Bryan McLaughin Jim McLean Kevin McLendon Carole McNamara Jan McNees Patty Meagher Jennifer Mehalso Kevin Mehok Bill Melind Laura Mellady Bob Merchant Larry Micon Dave Miller Geri Miller Jeff Miller Richard Miller Dennis Miniuk Jim Mirkov Mark Mirkov Robert Montes Margaret Moynagh Dan Mulholland Steve Mullins Debbie Murray Dan Murzyn Marlene Musick Len Mustari Dan Nelson Don Nelson Laura Neukranz Diana Nickoloff Debbie Nowaczyk Chris O ' Connor Tom Ogren Nicki O Pinker Robin Ottenheimer Sceryl Page Janet Paluga Tom Papais Pat Parker Tim Parker Chuck Pavel Mark Pavlovich Ceators 245 Frosh John Pawlowicz, John Peach, Cathy Pell, Sally Peters, Debbie Peterson, Kathy Peterson, Debbie Petro Jeff Petrunich Sandy Petso Maureen Pfister Jim Phelan Joanie Phillips Laurie Pintzow Cathy Plunkett Perry Podolak Bob Polonis Debbie Popa Cindy Poiela John Powley Mark Pucalik Lynda Puncho Debbie Queer Mike Radecki Mike Ramsay David Raves Chris Rawlins Kathy Redar Linda Regelman Mary Reilly Shirley Reiplinger Mark Resler Mary Rieckhoff Nancy Riffer Mark Rizzo Jim Roedel Mary Ann Rosevear Richard Rowe Steve Rozzos Kris Rucinski Missy Ruman Cathy Russell Carol Russell Margie Ryan Pat St. Arnaud Scott Sala Mary Ann Salatas Ray Santare Jill Sartain Jay Scatena Doug Scharnberg Cary Schmidt Debbie Scholte Tim Schultz Dianne Scolnik Marty Sennett Elaine Shlensky John Shutka Rich Sibley Victor Sidabras Doug Simpson 246 Frosh Steve Skelley, Janet Skogan, Tim Smelko, Patti Smiddy, Brent Smith, Dow Smith, Jeff Smith Keith Smith Tom Snook Dale Sorenson Diana Speranza Lisa Speranza Gary Spoljaric Ray Sprovtsoff Ralph Steiger Tom Stine Greg Stone Roxann Straub Nick Sumbles Kathy Summers Ted Thomas Nancy Tobin Jan Tokarz David Treder Susan Trent Dave Trepanowski Tom Truver Gus Tsirtis Dave Tungett Pam Turnbeaugh Melanie Urban Rick Vanlnwegen Mike Victor Jill Viront Karen Vogt Maria Vranich Carol Wamsher Gretchen Warner Dorothy Warziniak Mark Washburn Chris Waskiewicz Connie Webber Mike Webber Glen Weinberg Beth White Janice White Robin White Garry Williams Bill Wilson Bob Wilt Karen Winner Debbie Winter Scott Winterf eldt Bruce Wintersteen Jane Wolak Dirk Wonnell Janet Wrobel Alison Wuellner Joanne Yates Creators 247 f I PEPSI-COLA GENERAL BOTTLERS, INC., MUNSTER, INDIANA— PEPSI-COLA GENERAL BOTTLERS, INC., MUNSTER, INDIANA— PEPSI-COLA GENER ENJOYING 250 F O O D MINER DUNN HAMBURGERS, HIGHLAND, INDIANA— MINER DUNN HAMBURGERS, HIGHLAND, INDIANA— MINER D UNN HA MBURGERS, HIGH Ifc a — VNVIQNI ' GNV1HDIH ' SM3DlinaWVH NNEIQ M3NIW —VNVIQNI ' QNV1HOIH ' sa3QMnaWVH NNDQ MSNIW— VNVIQNI ' QNVTHDIH ' SH3D«na| MUNSTER. INDIANA— MUNSTER LANES, MUNSTER, INDIANA— MUNSTER IQNI ' a3ISNnW ' S3NV1 M31SNnW— VNVIQNI ' H31SNnW ‘S3NV1 B31SNrUV MOODS WEALTH ' (JDIddO UdlSNnW) VNVIQNI JO NVfl 1VNOI1VN 31I1NV31 Community 251 AMERICA illsassj |ll ' ONOWWVH ' 3NI ' ANVdWOJ DNIJOOM S,M3WflSN03 — VNVIQNI ' ONOWWVH ' - 3NI ' ANVdWOD DNIJOOM S.M3WnSN03— VNVIQNI CONSUMER ' S ROOFING COMPANY, INC., HAMMOND, INDIANA— CONSUMER ' S ROOFING COMPANY, INC. HAMMOND, INDIANA-CON SSSp (KSP 252 EXPANSION MUNSTER STEEL CO., INC., MUNSTER, INDIANA— MUNSTER STEEL CO., INC., MUNSTER, IND ICUNNINGHAM, REALTORS, MUNSTER, INDIANA— CUNNINGHAM, REALTORS, MUNSTER, INDIANA— CUNNINGHAM, REALTORS, MUNS Nm vNvioNi MaisNnw saonvaM lwhoninnho — vnviqni ' mtisniilv ' saonvaa ' wvHONiNNnj vnviqni loisnow sao5 Community 253 s H E L T E R WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY INC., HAMMOND, INDIANA— WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY INC., HAMMOND, ■t QNI QNOWWVH " 3NI A3N3DV 30NVMDSNI 31IHM — VNVIQNI ' QNOWWVH ' DNI ADN3DV 3DNVJinSNI VALUING Community 255 fccus AUTO LEASE CORPORATION, HIGHLAND. INDIAl MARCUS 1 v- t ♦ RENT-A-CAR O II ' ONV1HDIH ' NOIlVMOdMOD 3SV3T OIDV SrOHVW MOTION s o o o 2 x n O z 0 n O-VNVIONI ' dNOWWVH ' ODONOD JJVWQOOM S3 QOQ— VNVIQNI ' QNOWWVhP PEOPLE TOURS 256 |AMERjC AN SAVINGS LOAN A S SOCIATION. MUNjTER, INDIANA— AMERICAN SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION , MJlINSTERJN DIANA— Hi - V - - . w ■x ' — - C. ' ■ ■ as -r I ' MaiSNnVM NOI1VI3QSSV NVOI 9 SONIAVS NVDmaWV— VNVIONI ‘MilSNntV NOI1VI3QSSV NVOI V SDNIAVS NVJmjWV— VNVIQNI Community 257 CREATING 258 IMAGES Community 259 EARS, MUNSTER, INDIANA— DEX CARD ' S LECCS AND EARS, MUNSTER, INDIANA— DEX CARD ' S LECCS AND EARS, MUNSTER, TEIBEL ' S, SCHERERVILLE, INDIANA— TEIBEL ' S, SCHERERVILLE, INDIANA— TEIBEL ' S, SCHERERVILLE. INDIAN 31— VNVIQNI ' 311IAB3M3H3S S,13HI31— VNVIQNI •311IAM31I3H3S S-13BI31— VNVIQNI ' 311IAII31I3H3S y Community 261 INDIANA— MR. KENNY’S RESTAURANT LOUNGE, iNvunvisaa s.anntx hw— vnviqni ' qnvihdih 262 M o M E N T s TRAVEL 1IQVD M3ZH30N |— VNVIQNI ' QNOWVYVH ' DVIHOVD H3ZM30N)!— VNVIQNI ' QN° ASSETS B E A U T Y H.B. REED COMPANY. HIGHLAND. INDIANA— H.B. REED COMPANY, HIGHLAND, INDIANA— H.B. REED 8» n o 2 -o Z z o z f z p z o z T z 08 SO m m o 8 ° n o 2 -o Z HDIH ' ANVdWOD 9 Q331J ‘fl ' H — VNVIQNI CJNV1HDIH ' ANVdWO 3 9 Q33M 9 H— VNVIONI 0NV1HDIH ' BUILDING 264 F O R M S MUNSTER LUMBER CO. INC.. MUNSTER, INDIANA — MUNSTER LUMBER CO. INC., MUNSTER. INDIANA — I ' UlLSNnW ' " 3NI ' 03 M38Wm M3JLSNnW — VNVIONI ' B31SNnW ' 3NI 03 M3av m MaXSNDW QNI B3J.SN C MINDS J. CALUMET NATIONAL BANK, HAMMOND, INDIANA — CAL FUTURES Community 265 PREPARING 266 iOND, RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER— EDWARD NMOXNMOQ ANVdWOJ SVNIW 3 QMVMQ3 J§K » jX .. ! A ‘ ' A P P E A R IN c E S DELICACIES Q IANA— STAR DELICATESSEN, MUNSTER. INDIANA— STAR DELICATESSEN, MUNSTER, E M 0 T 1 O N S BURNS FUNERAL HOME, HAMMOND MUNSTER, INDIANA— BURNS FUNE ' MaiSNDW V QNOWWVH ' 3WOH lVH3Nri3 SNHfTfl W ’S QNOWWVH ' 3WO I PLANS Community 267 268 SUPPORT SERVICE RED ' S SUPER SHELL, HIGHLAND, INDIANA— RED ' S SUPER SHELL, HI Q INDIANA- -j Z o z c o M F O R T CARPETLAND U.S.A., MUNSTER, INDIANA— CARPETLAND U.S.A., MUNSTER, INDIANA— CARPETLAND U.S.A., ONVH3dMVD VNVIQNI ' MHXSNflW ' VSTI QNVIlSdMVD -VNVIQNI H3ISNnw " V STI QNVH3dllV3— v ARY NATIONAL BANK (MUNSTER BRANCH), MUNSTER, INDIA Z n 50 - z TREASURES UNIQUENESS IdNI ' ONOWWVH ' SNBOHNI3— VNVIQNI ' QNOWWVH ' SNBOHNI3— VNVIQNI QNO SPICES NY, MUNSTE a. — 5 O u SIMMONS COMPANY, MUNSTER, INDIANA— SIMMONS COMPANY. MUNSTER, INDIANA— SIMMONS COMP INDIANA f 9 ' ' VNVIQNI ' MTiSNOW ANVdVYOD SNOWWIS— VNVIQNI HTJLSNnW ANVdWOD SNOWVYIS— VNVIQNI ' MTlSNflW ANVdWOJ SNOWWIS Community 271 .Y., MUNSTER, INDIANA— ENNIS REALTY CO.. MUNSTER. INDIANA— ENNIS QNI ' HSISNOW ' OJ AI1V3H SINN3— VNViaNI l31SNnW ' AnV3H SINN3 QUALITY STYLE s T R E N G T H PLEASANT VIEW DAIRY CORP., HIGHLAND, INDIANA— PLEASANT VIEW DAI nut wuun AHIVO M3 1 A IN VS V3 Id — VNVIONI ' QNV3HDIH ' ddOD AHIVd M3IA 1NV 272 Community 273 ALEXANDER ' S READING CENTER 7955 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER, INDIANA (DONNA BEMBENISTA) AMERICAN SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 8230 HOHMAN AVE. MUNSTER, INDIANA (MARY ANN JUGOVIC, JANE WASHBURN) BARNES ASSOCIATES INSURANCE 907 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA BEN ' S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 2739 HIGHWAY AVE. HIGHLAND, INDIANA (SUE RICHARDS, WANDA KONTOS, PEG SCHAUB, PAT BARANOWSKI) BRANT CONSTRUCTION 9501 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND, INDIANA BURGER ' S SUPERMARKETS MUNSTER, INDIANA HAMMOND, INDIANA BURNS FUNERAL HOME MUNSTER, INDIANA HAMMOND, INDIANA (LESLIE FEINGOLD) CALUMET NATIONAL BANK 5231 HOHMAN AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA (KIM RAYMOND) CARPETLAND U.S.A. 8201 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER, INDIANA (DALE LAMMERING, BETH RAYMOND, RICK GUBITZ, CHUCK SIMPSON) CHRISTENSON CHEVROLET, INC. 9700 INDIANAPOLIS HIGHLAND, INDIANA CONSUMER’S ROOFING COMPANY, INC. 2323 165th STREET HAMMOND, INDIANA CROWN CORR ERECTION, INC. OF INDIANA BOX 1726 HIGHLAND, INDIANA CUNNINGHAM, REALTORS 1739 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA (SARASUE ROBB) DODES WOODMAR CONOCO 7452 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND, INDIANA DRIGGS PHARMACY 7207 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND, INDIANA (SUE PARKS) EINHORNS 6540 INDIANAPOLIS HAMMOND, INDIANA (MARIAN FETZKO, DEBBIE BOLCIS, JONI GAINER) ENNIS REALTY CO. 942 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA (DOUG DAVIDSON, ALEXIS HUTTLE) F.N. FEHRING SON PRINTERS 7336 CALUMET AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA GARY NATIONAL BANK 7967 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER, INDIANA (KAREN LEONARD) GIOVANNI ' S PIZZA AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE 603 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA (RICK GUBITZ, SARA COHEN, PATTY LITTLE, MARLENE KAPLAN) THE GOLDEN HANGER 7009 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND, INDIANA (WADE PETERS, SCOTT PARRISH) HAMMOND NATIONAL CO. INSURANCE 5248 HOHMAN AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA HAMMOND YELLOW CHECKER CAB CO. 5108 HOHMAN AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA HANSEN BROS. FLORISTS 5320 HOHMAN AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA (CATHY SATEK) |OE HIRSH " COURT SHOPS " DOWNTOWN HAMMOND WOODMAR SHOPPING CENTER (JAY SPECTOR) HIGHLAND CAB CO. 8717 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND, I NDIANA (LINDA GREGG, JANET SATEK) HOUSE OF PIZZA 7008 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND, INDIANA (JACK DENENBERG, PAUL CRESS, JOHN JUGOVIC) HOWARD SONS 719 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA INLAND STEEL CO. 3210 WATLING EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA KIWANIS CLUB OF MUNSTER 9540 FRAN-LIN PKWY. MUNSTER, INDIANA 274 KNOERZER CADILrAC PLEASANT VIEW DAIRY CORP. 6131 HOHMAN AVE. 2625 HIGHWAY AVE. HAMMOND, INDIANA HARRY KOESTER AGENCY HIGHLAND, INDIANA (DAYNE PAUL) 512 RIDGE ROAD MAMA PUNTILLOS MUNSTER, INDIANA 3325 W. 45th STREET (MARY BOSCH, JOE LONG) LEGGS AND EARS HIGHLAND, INDIANA (SARA COHEN, PAULA KOVICH) 231 RIDGE ROAD RED ' S SUPER SHELL MUNSTER, INDIANA LOUIS PHARMACY 9653 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND, INDIANA 8142 CALUMET AVE. H.B. REED CO. MUNSTER, INDIANA 8149 KENNEDY AVE. HIGHLAND, INDIANA MARCUS AUTO 8840 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. (KATHY BOGUSZ) HIGHLAND, INDIANA RIBORDY DRUGS 1820 45th STREET MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK OF INDIANA 909 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA MUNSTER, INDIANA SIMMONS CO. (mark McConnell, pat prold 9200 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER, INDIANA EDWARD C. MINAS CO. DOWNTOWN HAMMOND (JANICE SATEK) RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER J.W. SNOOK CORP. (SHERI BARTH) 1435 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA MINER DUNN HAMBURGERS 8940 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. (KAREN READ) HIGHLAND, INDIANA STAR DELICATESSEN (KEN DETZNER) 229 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA MR. KENNY ' S RESTAURANT LOUNGE 8955 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. (CHRIS RAWLINS, TOM OGREN) HIGHLAND, INDIANA MR. STEAK (JOANN TRIMBUR, CLAUDE PEYROT) 6525 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HAMMOND, INDIANA MUNSTER LANES 8000 CALUMET AVE. (PAUL STEIGER) MUNSTER, INDIANA TEIBEL ' S INC. (ROB PLUNKETT, MARTHA SCHOOP, BOX 509 A CHRIS SOBEK, JAY SPECTOR) MUNSTER LUMBER CO. INC. SCHERERVILLE, INDIANA (JIM YOUNG, JANIS McALLISTER) 330 RIDGE ROAD WALINGER STUDIOS MUNSTER, INDIANA 37 S. WABASH AVE. (SUE KRAJEWSKI, KATHY MEAGHER, KATHY KOLODZIE), CHICAGO, ILLINOIS MARCIA BARTOK) WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 6712 CALUMET AVE. MUNSTER STEEL CO., INC. HAMMOND, INDIANA 9505 CALUMET AVE. (BARB BEMBENISTA, CHRIS MANSKE, MUNSTER, INDIANA JAN CLEMENT, MARLENE KAPLAN) NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. WLEKLINSKI CO., INC. 5265 HOHMAN AVE. 625 RIDGE ROAD HAMMOND, INDIANA PEOPLE ' S FEDERAL MUNSTER, INDIANA (JOYCE BARKER) 4902 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. WORLD WIDE TOURS INC. HAMMOND, INDIANA PEPSI-COLA GENERAL BOTTLERS, INC. 233 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA 9300 CALUMET AVE. DR. GERALD ZUCKER (OPTOMETRIST) MUNSTER, INDIANA 7977 Vi CALUMET AVE. (JEAN STINE, JANE MUNSTER, INDIANA WASHBURN, KEN DETZNER) (|EAN STINE) 1 9 7 1 A D V E R T I S E R S Community 275 DUNHILL FORMAL ATTIRE L M JEWELERS OF LANSING 6947 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. 3644 RIDGE ROAD HAMMOND, INDIANA MUNSTER, INDIANA GENE SPRINGER INSURANCE AGENCY WATLAND CAMERA SHOPS 1223 RIDGE ROAD 6622 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. MUNSTER, INDIANA HAMMOND, INDIANA BUSINESS PATRONS MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL G. ALTHERR MR. AND MRS. MARVIN L. LEVIN MR. AND MRS. ROBERT ATKINS MR. AND MRS. R.Q. LITTLE MR. AND MRS. CLEN BARANOWSKI MR. AND MRS. KEITH E. LORENTZEN MR. AND MRS. SAM BARTON MR. AND MRS. CHARLES E. MARTIN MR. AND MRS. PAUL R. BECKMAN MR. AND MRS. DONALD D. MILLER MR. AND MRS. FRED BEMBENISTA MR. AND MRS. GLENN MORRIS MR. AND MRS. RAY J. BOBIN MR. AND MRS. PETE MURPHY MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. BOGNER MR. DAN McNAMARA LEONARD AND ELIZABETH BRECLAW MR. AND MRS. HARVEY NAGLE MR. AND MRS. GEORGE C. BROOKS MR. AND MRS. THOMAS J. NOLAN MR. AND MRS. PAUL BROWN JR. MR. AND MRS. JOHN D. O ' KEEFE O.M. AND A.M. CAIRNS DR. AND MRS. E.G. PAUL MR. AND MRS. HARRY J. CANE MR. AND MRS. CARL W. PETERS MR. AND MRS. LOUIS CASICH MR. AND MRS. ROBERT J. PLUNKETT SR. NARCISSA PEREZ CASTILLO MR. AND MRS. G.W. POWERS DR. AND MRS. TOM CHAEL MR. AND MRS. RICHARD READ MR. AND MRS. ZOLTON CZIPERLE CAPTAIN AND MRS. RUSSELL REVENEW G. AND D. DAVIDSON MR. AND MRS. RIFFER MR. JAMES DILBO MR. AND MRS. FRANK SATEK DR. AND MRS. KENNETH R. DOWNS MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SCHOOLER MR. AND MRS. MELVIN DUNN MR. AND MRS. EDMUND A. SCHROER MR. AND MRS. RICHARD E. DUNNING DR. AND MRS. JOSE F. SERRANO MR. AND MRS. CHARLES EGNATZ MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM R. SHAVER MR. AND MRS. GEORGE A. ERICKSON MR. AND MRS. R.E. SHINKAN MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH FERRO MR. AND MRS. RICHARD J. SORENSON MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM FORSYTHE MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SPANIOL DR. AND MRS. ROBERT GOODMAN MR. AND MRS. JAMES D. STOKER MR. AND MRS. SAM GRAY MR. AND MRS. JAMES SULLIVAN SR. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT N. GUESS MR. AND MRS. L.J. TRIMBUR CORALEE AND JACK HARR MR. AND MRS. SIDNEY VICTOR DR. AND MRS. THAD B. HODUS MR. AND MRS. TED VIEWEG MR. AND MRS. RICHARD HUNT MR. AND MRS. PAUL E. WAISNORA MR. AND MRS. WALTER A. HUTTLE MR. AND MRS. JEROME G. WHITE EDWIN S. JANKURA MR. AND MRS. FRANK WAROT MR. AND MRS. C. JASINSKI JAMES R. WINGFIELD MR. AND MRS. JOHN M. KEENE MR. AND MRS. R. WOHRLE MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM KENNEL MR. AND MRS. ROBERT YAHNKE MR. AND MRS. HENRY KOWALCZYK DR. AND MRS. R.L. YOUNG MR. AND MRS. ROBERT V. LANDON MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. ZACHAU MR. AND MRS. LEONARD MR. AND MRS. MELVIN ZIMMERMAN 276 SENIOR PARENT PATRONS MR. AND MRS. ABALMAN RON ADLEY MR. AND MRS. DAVID ALLEN MR. AND MRS. STEVEN ANDREWS MR. AND MRS. J. ANCELL MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM BABINESAK MR. AND MRS. BARTH MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM BARTOK MR. AND MRS. EDWARD BEMBENISTA MR. AND MRS. RICHARD BENNE MR. AND MRS. W.A. BLAKER MR. AND MRS. H.H. BOCHOWSKI MR. AND MRS. JOS. BOCUSZ |R. MR. AND MRS. LEO W. BOSCH MR. AND MRS. BOURNE MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH F. BOWER DR. AND MRS. ARTHUR BRANCO DR. AND MRS. HOWARD B. BRENNER MR. AND MRS. NATE BURNSTEIN MR. AND MRS. JACK G. CLARK MR. AND MRS. ROBERT CLARK MR. AND MRS. ROY C. CLARK MR. AND MRS. THOMAS CLARK MR. AND MRS. HARVEY CLELEND MR. AND MRS. MORTON COBRIN DAUGHTER MR. AND MRS. DAVID COHEN MR. AND MRS. DEWEY J. CONCES MR. AND MRS. GEORGE CONNER MR. AND MRS. ROBERT S. CORNELL MR. AND MRS. STEVE P. COULIS DR. AND MRS. LOUIS DEPORTER MR. AND MRS. PATRICK DOYLE MR. AND MRS. JAMES W. DYE MR. AND MRS. P.H. DYE DR. AND MRS. ESPINO MR. AND MRS. JOHN L. ESTRADA SR. MR. AND MRS. JON FECH MR. AND MRS. EUGENE FEINGOLD MR. AND MRS. JOHN FETZKO MR. AND MRS. ALBERT FRIESMAN MR. AND MRS. RICHARD GEIGER MR. AND MRS. MARK GELFMAN MR. AND MRS. RONALD GESCHNEIDLER MR. AND MRS. GILCHRIST MR. AND MRS. DAVID L. GOTT MR. AND MRS. RICHARD GRABNER MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. GRAFF MR. AND MRS. GERALD GREGG MR. AND MRS. HAROLD HAGBERG MR. AND MRS. LEONARD HALL MR. AND MRS. ROBERT HETRICK MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH HLINKA MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR B. HISER MR. AND MRS. HARRY HORAN MR. AND MRS. J.N. HUNTER MR. AND MRS. K.F. JANKE MR. AND MRS. DONALD JANSEN DR. AND MRS. RICHARD S. JOHNS MR. AND MRS. THOMAS M. JOHNSON MR. AND MRS. JONES MR. AND MRS. Z.T. JUGOVIC MR. AND MRS. MELVIN KAPLAN MR. AND MRS. GEORGE KAROL MR. AND MRS. THOMAS KEEN DR. AND MRS. MICHAEL J . KELCHAK MR. AND MRS. KEY MR. AND MRS. ARRIS W. KONTOS MR. AND MRS. MILTON KONTOS DR. AND MRS. ROBERT J. KRAJEWSKI MR. AND MRS. FORREST R. LAFOLLETTE MR. AND MRS. JACK LAFARCE MR. AND MRS. D.R. LAMMERING MR. AND MRS. THEODORE E. LEASH MR. AND MRS. JOHN F. LEONARD MR. AND MRS. RONALD LEWIS MR. AND MRS. HAROLD LUSK DR. M.D. MANSUETO MR. AND MRS. MARCUS MR. AND MRS. CHARLES McALLISTER MR. AND MRS. E.M. MEAGHER MR. AND MRS. R.C. MESSERSMITH MR. AND MRS. JEROME MEYER MR. AND MRS. R. MEYER MR. AND MRS. KENNETH MILLS MR. AND MRS. JACK MINER MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. NICKOLOFF MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR P. NOVAK MR. AND MRS. JACK O ' CONNER MR. AND MRS. DAVID W. OGREN MR. AND MRS. THOMAS POPE MRS. RITA PROLL MR. AND MRS. WALTER PURSIESKI DR. CAROLYN M. RAWLINS MR. AND MRS. TED RICHARDS MR. AND MRS. HAROLD RICHTER MR. AND MRS. RIFFER MR. JOHN G. RILEY I MR. AND MRS. FRANK RIZZO MR. AND MRS. GEORGE ROBB GENE ROLAND MR. AND MRS. JERRY ROTHSTEIN MR. AND MRS. RICHARD RYDER MR. AND MRS. PETER SAGALA MR. AND MRS. ALLEN SCHOOP MR. AND MRS. MARK SCHOOP MR. AND MRS. GERALD SHLENSKY DR. AND MRS. JERALD SMITH MR. AND MRS. FRANK C. SMYERS MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH J. SOBEK JR. MR. AND MRS. B.E. SPERANZA MR. AND MRS. THOMAS A. STANKIE MR. AND MRS. J.W. STINE MR. AND MRS. JAMES STODDART MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH STODOLA III MR. AND MRS. ALBERT W. SUBLETT MR. AND MRS. J. SWARD MR. AND MRS. JOHN T. TRENT MR. AND MRS. RUDOLF VALKO DR. AND MRS. ROBERT J. VILLIGAN MR. AND MRS. RICHARD WALKER MR. AND MRS. MIKE WATSON MR. AND MRS. GEORGE WEMLINGER WHITE OAK ASSN. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT WILTHEW DR. AND MRS. ALFRED WINZ MR. AND MRS. H. WISSENBERG DR. AND MRS. THOMAS F. WOODEN MR. AND MRS. FRANK WOLFE c 0 M M U N 1 T Y P A T R O N S Community 277 Paragon Specifications: The 1971 Paraeon was printed by Paragon Press in Montgomery, Alabama, on 80 lb. " Calais " paper. The 10-column, mosaic, and Look-Life layout styles were combined to form the basic- page plan. The book has two pica inner margins and outer margins of three picas, three picas, three picas, and five picas. The copy style was designed to identify each spread with a label head (36 pt. Optima Medium) and a page label (8 pt. Optima Medium), describe each picture through combined captions (8 pt. Optima Medi- um), and detail the history of the year through insight blocks (8 pt. Op- tima Medium with the mood of the year capitalized in the first line of the block). The professional photography for the 1971 Paragon was done by Walinger ' s Studios and Root Photography Studios, both in Chicago, Illi- nois. The special photographic effects were achieved through printing techniques and fish-eye, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. The four- color pictures on the endsheets are part of the Rainbow Color Plan of- fered by Paragon Press. The cover was designed by the staff and produced by S.K. Smith of Chicago, Illinois. The cover is black leatherette with color silk screens to match the spot color within the book. The book is unified through a theme of " contrast, " the spot color, and the cover design. In the opening, each spread of three pictures with a spot color and a title represents one of the sections in the book. The color, title, and cover design are repeated on the section divider. The red, yellow, green, blue, and purple spot colors were specially blended by Paragon Press; the black color is produced through a reverse. The Academics section is organized on the aspects of learning. The Athletics section includes the use of collages (with 2 pt. lines and identification designs) to facilitate the use of more pictures. The Adver- tising section uses words and dominant pictures to represent the prod- ucts on each spread (with 30 pt. Optima Medium reverse type, 8 pt. Op- tima Medium, and 2 pt. lines). The use of additional pages tipped-in at the end of the book for au- tographs and black fly-leaves allows for further unification of the book through the colors and the design. Acknowledgements: The 1971 Paraeon was made possible through the effort and hard work of our Paragon staff, the Editors: Joyce Barker, Debbie Bolcis, Mary Bosch, Marian Fetzko, Joni Gainer, Linda Gregg, Alexis Huttle, Mary Ann Jugovic, Dale Lammering, Sue Parks, Beth Raymond, Janet Satek, Janice Satek, Jean Stine, JoAnn Trimbur, Jane Washburn, and Jim Young; the Assistant Editors: Sheri Barth, Donna Bembenista, Kathy Bogusz, Leslie Feingold, Pat Proll, and Chris Sobek; the Photographers: Mark Allen, Pat Baranowski, Paul Cress, Jack Denenberg, Rick Gubitz, John Jugovic, and Chuck Simpson; the Promo- tion staff: Marcia Bartok, Barb Bembenista, Jan Clement, Sara Cohen, Marlene Kaplan, Kathy Kolodziej, Wanda Kontos, Paula Kovich, Sue Krajewski, Karen Leonard, Patty Little, Christine Manske, Kathy Meagher, Janis McAllister, Kim Raymond, Sue Richards, Sarasue Robb, Peg Schaub, Martha Schoop; the Athletic Board: Doug Davidson, Ken Detzner, Mark McConnell, Mark Miller, Scott Parrish, Dayne Paul, Wade Peters, Rob Plunkett, Bob Shinkan, Paul Steiger, Jay Spector; the Ad- visor: Nancy Kelley. Special appreciation is given to Leslie Feingold, Mary Bosch and Marian Fetzko, JoAnn Trimbur and Debbie Bolcis, Jean Stine and Jane Washburn, Sue Parks and Linda Gregg, Miss Nancy Kelley, and especially Mary Ann Jugovic and Jim Young, for their hours of out- standing dedication and work in creating the 1971 Paragon. The staff would also like to thank the following people for their help in producing the 1971 Paragon : the Lions Club, Mr. and Mrs. George Robb, Robbie Stevens, Watlands, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young, for helping the Promotion Staff with their homecoming, KODAK, and car- nival projects; Mr. and Mrs. Z.T. Jugovic, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Read, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Satek, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Washburn, for hosting deadlines; Susan Chalfant and George Kingsley, our Paragon represen- tatives, who gave much time to make the book just the way the staff wanted it; Jack Bundy, for servicing the cover for our book; Root Pho- tography Studios and Bob Jones, who helped create our opening sec- tion and endsheets; Miss Judy Taylor, for her advice and much-needed opinions; Miss Conce, Mrs. Horlick, and Mrs. Silverman, for their pa- tience in dealing with the " Pub, " purchase orders, and telephone calls; and Mr. James Bawden, Mr. George Kurteff, and Mr. John Tennant for allowing the staff to create the book it felt pictured M.H.S. in 1971. Karen Read, Co-Editor-in-Chief Cathy Satek, Co-Editor-in-Chief Photo-Credits: Dick Atkins: 18, 25, 154, 160, 163, 164, 165, 199, 221; Pat Baranowski: 51, 57, 141, 149, 173, 251, 253, 254, 259, 268, 272; Paul Cress: 130, 131, 145, 147; Jack Denenberg: 56, 57, 100, 108, 114, 119, 121, 131, 132, 134, 139, 149, 165, 262, 269, 271, 283; Rick Gubitz: 105, 107, 108, 125, 146, 157; John Jugovic: 111, 118, 260; Chuck Simpson: 230, 231, 240, 241, 259, 265, 278; Jim Young: 2, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 26, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 56, 65, 68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 100, 101, 108, 109, 110, 111, 114, 115, 117, 119, 120, 126, 127, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 143, 144, 148, 149, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 168, 172, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 198, 199, 200, 220, 231, 241, 250, 251, 252, 253, 255, 256, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 268, 271, 272, 273, 279, 283. Completion 283 Copy Editor. Third Row: Sue Parks, Co-Layout Editor; Linda Gregg, Co- Layout Editor; Joyce Barker, Academics Editor; Marian Fetzko, Co-Or- ganizations Editor; Debbie Bolcis, Co-Personalities Editor; JoAnn Trimbur, Co-Personalities Editor; Jean Stine, Co-Advertising Editor. Not Pictured: Sheri Barth, Assistant Organizations Editor; Janet Satek, Sec- retarial Coordinator; Jane Washburn, Co-Advertising Editor; Jim Young, Photo. Editor. Above — 1971 Paragon Editors: Front: Chris Sobek, Assistant Athletics Editor; Mary Bosch, Co-Organizations Editor; Cathy Satek, Co-Editor- in-Chief; Beth Raymond, Co-Promotion Editor; Pat Proll, Assistant Ac- tivities Editor; Leslie Feingold, Assistant Personalities Editor; Karen Read, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Joni Gainer, Activities Editor. Second Row: Alexis Huttle, Athletics Editor; Dale Lammering, Co-Promotion Editor; Kathy Bogus z, Assistant Advertising Editor; Donna Bembenista, Assis- tant Academics Editor; Janice Satek, Research Editor; Mary Ann Jugovic, Freshman Marla Abalman-133, 242 Fred Abel-242 Harold Aberman-242 Rick Adams-187, 242 John Ahlborn-170, 242 Debbie Allen Janet Allen-147. 242 Mark Allen-1 10. 140, 147. 242 Mary Allen-242 Doug Amber-95. 110, 134.242 Katie Anderson- 47, 242 Becky Anderson-143, 242 Patrice Anderson-133, 242 Sharon Anderson-143, 147, 242 Paula Angel-103, 143, 242 Joyce Angelcos-114. 143.147,242 Brian Aranowski-95, 125, 242 Rose Arges-242 Debbie Ashenbremer-143, 147, 242 Molly Bachman-113, 133, 242 Teri Backe-49, 242 Kevin Barkal-125, 153, 242 John Barker-242 Tom Bauer-147, 242 Trina Bauschelt-242 Jeff Beck-153, 170, 242 Alan Becker-134, 242 Paul Beckman-153, 242 Lou Biedron-170, 187, 242 Steve Bilik-242 Faith Blacke-113. 143, 242 Ken Blanchard-242 Don Blue-170, 242 Alan Bogdan-242 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143, 244 John Jugovic-140, 147, 244 Dave Kallen-244 Mark Kaminski-183. 244 Megan Kaminski- 1 3 3. 147. 244 Gail Kaplan-244 Jim Kasle-244 Nick Katsoulis-152, 186, 187, 244 Ginger Keen-103, 114, 143, 147, 244 Terry Kelly-118, 153. 194. 244 Doug Kim-244 Scott Kincaid-147, 244 Bill Kinder-244 Tom Kinnane-1 18, 152, 182. 244 John Kipta-147, 244 Nancy Kivett-103, 133, 143, 244 Rick Klug-161, 244 Beth Knapik Bill Knutson-176, 177. 244 lohn Kolas- 1 18, 161. 194. 244 Linda Kolember 147 Melody Koloch-103, 143, 147, 244 Pete Koufos-153, 244 Mark Kovach-113 Tim Kovack-244 Mary Kowalczyk-125, 133, 244 Judy Krause-244 Greta Krawczyk-125, 244 Chris Krol-112, 125, 138, 244 Hugh Kuhn-118, 176, 244 Mark Ladd-187, 244 Marcy Lang-113, 114, 143, 244 Pete Lanman-153, 170, 191. 244 Tom Largus-187. 244 Patty Leask-147, 244 Lisa Ledna-143, 244 Michaelina Leeney-244 Daniel Leonard-125, 244 Melinda Leone- 133, 244 Charlie Levenberg- 190, 191, 244 Karen Lichtsinn-1 12. 244 Hans Linders-187, 245 Ardis Lindstrom-133, 245 Bob Livingstone-153, 245 Cheryl Longhauser-147, 245 David Low-147, 245 Debbie Lutton-1 13, 245 Bob Maginot-168, 170, 187, 245 Paula Malinski-133, 143, 147, 245 Chris Malo-153, 245 Pat Maloney-245 Joe Mansueto-245 Greg Markey-153, 176, 245 Greg Markovich-245 Ron Matasar-245 Tom Mattox-245 Marty Matusek-245 Jeff Mayer-49. 95, I 10, 245 Laura Mazanek-133, 143, 245 Dan McCarthey-147, 245 Jan McDaniel-103, 143, 147, 245 Bryan McLaughin-245 Jim McLean-176, 245 John McLean Kevin McLendon-194, 245 Jeffrey McMorris Carole McNamara-143. 245 Jan Me Nees-245 Patty Meagher I 12. 245 Jennifer Mehalso-76, 103. 143, 147, 245 Kevin Mehok-245 William Melind-152. 170 Laura Mellady-245 Bob Merchant-245 Larry Micon-176, 245 David Miller-182, 194, 245 Geri Miller-133. 147, 245 Jeff Miller-153, 176, 245 Richard Miller- 153, 245 Dennis Miniuk-112, 152, 245 Jim Mirkov-178, 182, 245 Mark Mirkov-113, 245 Robert Montes 162, 165. 245 Margaret Moynagh i ► t. 148.245 Dan Mulholland-194, 245 Steve 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Popiela-1 33, 246 John Powley-147. 170, 246 Mark Pucalik-176, 246 Lynda Puncho-147, 246 Debbie Queer- 11 3. 125,246 Mike Radecki-246 Mike Ramsay-246 David Raves-246 Chris Rawlins I 18. 147. 152. 246. 267 Douglas Ray I 12. 125 Kathy Redar-246 Linda Regelman-53, 103, 143, 147. 246 Mary Reilly-10, 133, 241, 246 Shirley Replinger-28, 107, 1 33, 147, 246 Mark Resler-152. 246 Mary Rieckhoff-246 Nancy Riffer-30. 41, 103, 128, 246 Mark Ri zo-153, 194, 246 Jim Roedel-246 Mary Ann Rosevear-1 34. 246 Richard Rowe-153, 246 Steve Rozzos-147. 246 Kris Rucinski-1 30. 133, 246 Missy Ruman-33, 29. 143, 147, 246 Cathy Russell-103. 114. 143. 246 Carol Russell-103. 14 3. 147, 246 Margie Ryan-246 Pat St. Arnaud-170, 187, 246 Scott Sala-147, 15 3. 194. 246 Mary Ann Salatas-246 Mark Salatas-133 Ray Santare-246 Jill Sartain-103, 133, 143, 147. 246 Jay Scatena-66, 170, 246 Doug Scharnberg-246 Gary Schmidt-152, 187, 246 Debbie Scholte-143, 147,246 Tim Schultz-112, 152, 246 Dianne Scolnik-75, 143, 147, 240. 246 Rod Sefton Marty Sennett-176, 246 Barbara Shinkan-143 Elaine Shlensky-143. 246 John Shutka-246 Rich Sibley-246 Victor Sidabras-246 Doug Simpson-153, 246 Steve Skelley-81, 152, 247 Janet Skogan-103. 133, 143, 147, 247 Tim Smelko-23, 118, 152, 170, 194. 247 Paul Smeltze Patti Smitty-143, 147, 247 284 Brent Smith-147, 152, 176. 247 Dow Smith-247 Jeff Smith-247 Keith Smith-247 Tom Snook-153, 247 Dale Sorenson-76, 147. 162, 176, 177, 247 Diana Speranza- 143. 147. 247 Lisa Speranza-143, 240. 247 Gary Spoljaric-182, 247 Ray Sprotsoff-153, 247 Sue Spurlock Ralph Steiger-176, 247 Tom Stine-76. 147, 176, 247 Greg Stone-247 Roxann Straub-247 Nick Sumbles-161. 247 Kathy Summers- 143, 147,247 Ted Thomas-153. 157. 194. 240. 247 Nancy Tobin-247 Jan Tokarz-49, 14 1.247 David Treder-153. 247 Susan Trent-107, 114, 147. 247 Dave Trepanowski-247 Tom Truver-125. 247 Gus Tsirtsis-73. 153. 182. 247 Dave Tungett-1 12, 113, 125, 147. 176. 247 Pam Turnbeaugh-247 Melanie Urban-247 Rick Vanlnwegen-1 12. 125, 187. 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Babas-232 Kim Bacon-123. 232 Marcia Bartok-13, 123. 140. 142. 232. 265 Mike Basila-232 Alice Bator-232 Kurt Bauer-232 Rita Beatty-232 Lynn Belinsky-232 Barb Bembenista-101, 123, 140, 144, 232. 254 Paula Benchik-232 Marybeth Berghian-103. 123, 232 Jeff Berns-1 12, 125, 232 John Biegel-232 Mark Biegel-1 12, 232 Mary Bieker-232 Patrice Biel-130, 142, 232 Lisa Blake-123 Mark Blocker-173, 176, 232 Michael Bobin-18, 153, 230, 231, 232 Mary Bochnowski-103, 232 Larry Boender Matt Bogusz-153, 194, 232 Joe Bolcis-232 Cindy Bonbar-39, 123, 232 Pam Bookwood-94, 103, 119, 130, 142. 232 Georgeann Borowski-144, 232 Marcia Bower-114, 123, 230, 232 Don Bradlay Mike Breaz-232 Bruce Brown-95, 187, 232 Gwen Bruhn-232 Shirley Buckner-138, 139, 148. 232 Carol Busick David Cala-95, 113, 232 Leslie Camp-110, 233 Norma Candiano-1 10, 233 Dave Carlson-233 Jim Carr-233 Jim Casey-104, 170, 233 Eric Chael-233 Clifford Church-21 Don Ciucki-72, 233 Roger Clark-1 18. 171. 188. 190. 191. 233 Jan Clement-51. 1 34, 140. 233, 254 Sara Cohen-140. 233. 251. 259 Marilyn Connor-123, 233 Sue Cook-233 Lyn Crary-54, 233 Sue Croissant-119. 126. 2 33 Sue Crouch-144, 233 Curt Cummings-233 Debbie Cusick-83. 104. 107.233 Lisa Dahl-119, 130, 142, 233 Bob Davis-233 Connie Day Emerson Delaney-233 Helen Deluga-233 Patty DeVore-123. 233 Glen DeYoung-233 Melissa Dietrich-130. 142, 233 Richard Dietrich-176, 233 Gail Dobosz-126. 130. 233 Sue Doherty-130, 133, 142, 233 Todd Donoho- 1 18. 153, 180. 182. 233 Mark Dorris-233 Mike Drascic-2 1 5 Paul Drewry- I 70. 194. 2 3 3 Tom Duffala-153. 170. 233 Diane Dunn-94. 130, 230, 233 Bill Eggers-153, 233 Rudy Eidam-152, 182. 233 Janet Elkins-112, 144,233 Ana Encmosa-233 Bob Erickson-233 Tom Erickson-233 Anne Esterhay-112, 125, 233 John Estrada-110, 114, 144, 233 Dave Etter-234 Scott Evett-234 Mike Fischer-187, 234 Pat Flynn-234 Sindi Ford-230, 234 Marian Frantz-49. 102. 234 Sue Gage-234 Greg Gajewski-234 Allen Gardow Lori Garmus-142, 234 Mary Beth Gaudio-234 Kathie Gaynor-234 Gail Georgas-49, 110, 126, 234 Sandy Gibbs-142, 234 Bob Goddard-170, 187,234 Marcia Goodman-4 1 , 49, 123, 114,214 Karen Gray-41, 103, 130, 234 Ed Green-142, 176, 234 Debbie Greenspon-103, 130, 234 Sheri Greer-234 Jay Griffith-182 Sharon Groeger-234 Bob Grow-49, 104, 137, 153, 234 Debbie Hale-41, 68, 123, 12 8, 134. 142, 234 Denise Halon-110. 123, 134, 234 Susan Hannabach-234 Lisa Hanock-21, 30, 123, 234 John Hansen-187, 234 Sue Harkenrider-234 Eileen Harr-39. 1 14, 234 Rosemary Hartkoorn-103. 142. 234 Nancy Harvey-234 Phillip Hasiak-152. 157. 190. 191. 234 Jack Hauer-182, 234 Jerry Hayes-234 John Hegedus-234 Bob Heinze-234 Debbie Helton-234 Barbara Henke Edith Hensley-123. 2 34 Warren Hersch-234 Frank Hibbs Rhonda Hinkel-234 Mike Hirsch-49, 234 David Hiser-234 Mariann Hodus-24. 106, 107, 234 Talli Holmes-138. 235 Sharon Homan-235 Dave Horath-112. 162, 235 Margot Hornblower-235 Brian Hott-104. 194. 235 Dave Huebner-152, 170, 171. 235 Sandy Ismael-119, 130, 142. 235 Mary Jablonski Dan Janke-153, 235 John Jeeninga-235 Carol Johnsen-120, 123. 130, 235 Connie lohnson- 12 3. 2 15 Theresa Kaczk.i 2 3 Ken Kaminski-235 Peter Kaminski-176. 231, 235 Marlene Kaplan-39. 103. 123, 140. 230, 235, 251. 254 Debbie Kasper-49. 102, 235 Jeff Keck-235 Tom Keeler-152, 187, 235 Susie Keen-23, 123,235 Christy Keitz-10, 235 Bonnie Kenealy-49, 123, 235 Bill Kennedy-235 John Kick Ron Killingsworth Daniel Kim-235 Gina King-103, 123,235 Darrell Kiser-235 Tim Kish-152 Susi Klein-114, 123,235 Bryan Klosak-235 Gary Klug-190. 191. 194. 235 Jim Knesek-170, 235 Kathy Kolodziej-13. 103, 123. 140. 142. 235. 265 Wanda Kontos-103. 113. 235, 261 Charlie Kopacz-235 Sam Korellis-235 Paula Kovich-103, 123, 140. 149. 235. 259 Gary Kowalisyn-235 Sue Krajewski-140. 235, 265 Tom Krol-235 Joe Krupinski-235 Garry Kucer-152, 170, 171, 235 Pam Kucer-103, 235 Elizabeth Lanman-103, 235 Richard Lanman-176. 231 Cathy Lanting-235 Dave Lautz-152, 176, 187. 236 Jim Lee-118, 174, 175, 176, 236 Kathy Lengyel-21, 236 Karen Leonard-13, 20. 21. 41. 81. 113, 123. 128, 134, 144. 230. 236. 270 Sheila Lewis- 103, 236 Sue Lieberman-142, 236 Carol Lindeman-113. 123, 142, 236 Patty Little-103, 123, 140, 236, 251 Laurie Livingstone-236 Jean Long-236 Mike Lorentzen-236 Ralph Lowe Cathy Luerssen-236 Sharon Maloney-236 Nancy Maluga-123. 236 Christine Manske-101. 110. 112, 125, 236, 254 Connie Mansuetto-110, 134, 236 Carol Marden-103. 126, 236 Greg Margraff Sandy Marks-123,236 Tom Marks-187. 236 Jim Marshall-176, 236 Tony Martin-170, 187, 236 Carol Mathews-83. 236 George Mazza-110, 113, 134 Janis McAllister-140. 236, 263 Anne McCollum-123, 142, 236 Anne McDonald-95, 123, 130, 142, 236 Steve McDonell-236 Lola McGuffey Kathe McLendon-110, 113, 142, 236 Mary Kay McNamara-123. 236 Lynn McNeill-123. 236 Kathy Meagher-13. 41, 123. 140. 142. 236. 265 David Medansky-110, 187, 236 Larry Medansky-236 Kelli Mehok-236 Cheryl Meyer-236 Bob Miller-137, 153. 168. 170, 236 Bob Miller-236 Jan Milliken-123, 130,236 Jeff Miner-125 Julie Mirkov-236 Cindy Mitchell-236 Melissa Mitchell-237 Ron Monaldi-231, 237 Sharon Moore Roberta Morris-237 Brigid Moynagh-49, 138, 237 Bob Mueller-172, 176, 237 Bob Mund-170, 237 Jenny Murphy-103, 123, 142, 237 Kevin Murphy-187, 237 Pat Murphy-237 Debbie Murzyn-39, 103, 237 Debbie Nelson-237 Paul Nelson-2 17 Marv Ann Neverauskas-1 38. 2 37 Paul Novak-1 12. 162. 2 37 left O Barske-180. 182. 187. 2 37 Mark O ' Barske-118. 152, 182. 237 Colleen O’Connor-49. 123. 142, 237 MaryAnn O’Donnell-237 Paul Orlich-152, 237 Manuel Orosco-125. 237 Trippy Ottenheimer-104. 114. 176. 231, 237 Lynn Parker-103. 237 Eva Pecenka-237 Diane Peterson-123. 134, 142, 237 Craig Polak-187, 237 Julie Pondusa-237 Hank Pugh-237 Mary Jo Puncho-41. 142, 237 Peggy Quint-41. 101, 123. 134. 237 Kim Raymond-41, 94, 140. 237, 265 Kathy Reck-41, 144. 237 Maggie Reister-30, 41. 49. 110. 123, 128, 134. 237 Jerome Reppa Susan Resler-130. 132. 142, 237 Sue Richards- 140. 237, 261 Judi Richter-237 Neal Richter-112. 176, 231. 237 Sarasue Robb- 39. 103. 140. 237, 253 Terry Rogers-237 Penny Roland-142. 237 Dela Rosenbloom-238 Sue Rosenfeldt-33. 238 Rob Rosenthal-104. 134, 162, 238 Jeff Rothstein-39, 163, 238 Shellie Rothstein-238 Tony Rozzos Diana Ruemler-238 Vicky Rundle-106. 107. 123, 238 Mary Lynn Rutkowski Amy Ryder-2 38 Completion 285 INDEX David Rys-238 Mary Sablonski-238 Peggy Schaub-67, 101, 103, 112, 123, 125,238. 261 Ed Schmidt-104, 112. 113. 114. 125. 238 Bill Scofner-1 10 Martha Schoop-130, 140, 238. 251 )im Schwarz-134. 238 Chris Seoenste-238 Dennis Seipol-2 38 Keith Severtson-238 Larry Shatuck-238 Ed Shea-112. 113, 125,238 Ron Sherman-2 18 Marilyn Shervm- 142. 2 18 Bill Shotner-238 Ric k Sholts-14 i. 170, 171. 210. 218 Eleme Siavelis-12 1. 238 Nuala Sinisi-218 Fred Siple-238 Laurie Slivka-2 38 Cheryl Smith-21. 10,41, 128.210.218 lanna Smith-101. 1 19. 121. 126. 127. 238 Sherry Smith-238 Terry Smith-103. 121, 126. 218 Mark Snedden-170. 171 Sue Snook-2 18 Rich Spec tor-2 18 Karen Sperber- 123 Nancy Spillar-2 38 Harry Stamos-2 38 Nikki Stevens-21. 104. 238 lay Stewart- 172, 176, 231 Kathy Stoddart-238 Diane Stoker-41. 103. 123. 142.238 Wayne Slraub-238 Lorie Street- 134, 239 Scott Sublett-21, 10, 41. 46. 94. 114. 128. 219 lohn Such-1 13. 117, 239 Terry Swarthoul-239 Dale Sweeney-112. 239 Joyce Teliga-239 Maria Thoesen-239 Nancy Thomas-239 Bruce Trimbur-239 Betsy Turner-113, 239 Karen Udich-239 Terry Ulbrich Al Valeika-239 Debbie Valko-239 Mark Victor-94, 182 Ron Vierk-239 Nick Vranich-41. 239 Jerry Wade Mitch Wade-170. 187.239 Allen Walker-239 Dave Watson-3, 21. 46, 49. 104, 1 18. 153. 180. 182, 239 Kevin Watson-118. 142. 182. 183,2 39 Timothy Watson-94 Lisa Waxman-41. 123, 128. 230 Cheryl Wayland-41. 103. 113, 123. 142. 239 Thomas Webber Donna Wein-239 Steve Weiss-134, 239 Ron Wennekes-49. 104, 176, 239 Lynn Wieler-142. 239 Jan W.gley-39, 130. 142, 239 Steven Williams Charles Wilson-152, 239 Cheri Wilson-123. 239 Terry Wilson-239 Sam Winer-239 Bert Woess-95, 239 Mike Wolfe-118. 153, 178. 179. 182. 239 Debbie Wood-123, 130. 133,239 Mark Woods Esther Woolard-142, 239 Sheri Wozniak-239 Floyd Wright-239 Joe Wrobel-194, 239 Jerry Zachau-239 Linda Zagrocki-41. 94. 110, 134. 139, 142. 239 Stephen Zink-239 Nancy Zopp Juniors Sharon Abalman-222 Eileen Aberman- 148.222 Gail Ahlborn- 104,222 Cliff Allen-153,170,190,191,222 John Allen Scott Allen-118, Eve Andersen-1 34,222 Kathy Andrews-49.1 39,222 Diane Angel- 104,222 Kathy Bachman-41,84.128.1 10.1 14,149.222 Jim Ball-222 Pat Ballard-19.49.104,153.222 lerry Barker-222 Sheri Barth-49,104.140,222.267 Mary Anne Bauschelt-77,222 Ben Bechwith-222 Kathy Bell-104,1 19,130.133,139,222 Donna Bembenista- 104,1 17,144.148,222,265 Toni Berke-222 John Bickell-1 12,125,222 Nancy Bjelland-104.1 10,222 Jim Blue-222 Robin Blumenthal- 39,71,94.222 Kathy Bogusz-80,140,144, 148,222,263,283 Dave Bolanowski-49,104,222 Melissa Bolt-102.104.126,222 Sue Bolls-20,21, 30.41,,95. 104, 128,1 34.222 Bev Bond-136,222 Carolyn Bond-49,104,1 16,122,222 Brooke Boroughs-41, 100,101,1 10. 1 14.222 Mary Bosch-21,30,,114.128.1,283 Georgice Bourne-222 Don Branson-222 Valerie Bredaw-104,222 Jo Ellen Breshock- 104,222 Pam Bretz-26,222 Mike Brew-153,222 Jo Ellen Brink- 1 28.222 Sue Brownlee- Patti Bruce-222 Roseanne Bryan-21,104,126.128,222 Steve Bryson-222 Dave Budarz-221 Ken Bumbales-1 53, 156,186. 187, 223 Jan Burlison-104.22 3 Marian Burns-49.104,144,223 Tom Campion- 104.223 Colleen Carney-104.1 16,139.223 Rick Carr- 118, 149, 158. 160. 161. 194, 195. 223 Linda Chidester-1 12,125,223 Nancy Chipman-1 12,125,223 Becky Chi mar-223 Carole Cichoski-23. 104,223 Andre Ciucke Rod Clark-118,,171.194,223 Laura Clifton-223 Rory Conces-223 Jan Copple-101.104.223 Ann Coulis-104, 220,223 Eve Coulis-104,223 Phil Coulis- 16. 104. 118,152.182.181,221.223 Jill Crary-2 1.30.41. 84. 11 1.1 14. 128.129,1 34,223 Joe Cress-223 Debbie Croissant-44, Harvey Crouch-223 Nancy Curtis-223 Jeff Cwick-223 Stephen Dalessandro lamie Dausch-153 Jill Davidson-49.114,130.142.223 Dave Demy-104,223 Jim Depa-223 Gary DeRe George Devetak-125,223 Dennis Dietrich-118.189,223 Karen Dobosz-126,127,223 Kelley. Donnersberger- 102. 104.22 3 Bruce Donoho-104,152.221.223,278 Diane Drabenstot-223 Julien Driggs-148.223 lane Dubczak-223 Cliff Duggan-223 Bill Dunn-223 Dave Dvorscak-223 Linda Ebling-223 Greg Eidam-112. 125.224 Tom Eismin-224 Tim Ellison-224 Lynn Erickson- 104. 126,224 Janey Espino-224 Doreen Estrada-28,224 Jeff Evans-15.224 Leslie Feingold-,283 Marian Fetzko-84.1 14,140.224.283 Gay Figuly-117. 148.224 Howie Fine-128,224 Janet Fleming-224 Vicki Folta-224 Mary Ellen Forszt-130,131.224 Linda Fort-21,30.95,121,128.129,149.224 John Foudray-224 Jon Fox-118,162,170,224 Mark Franczek-1 13,182,224 Marilyn Friedman-100,224 Ruth Fruehauf-224 Diane Gajewski- 1 16. 130, 224 Greg Gambrell-113, 224 Mary Carofalo-103,220.224 Judy Garzinski-104,224 Karen Geiger- 104,224 Lynn Gerlach Kevin Gibbs Melissa Gilcnrist-2 1 . 10.4 1 . 104.120.12 1 . 1 28,1 16.224 Bob Girot-1 18.165,170.189. 191 Joe Given-41.120,151.187.224 Joy Goebel-1 16,119.224 Sherry Goldstein- 1 10,224 Peggy Good-49, 104, 105.224 John Gott-49.104. Ward Gott-49. 104.1 17,170.171.187,224 Cindy Gouwens Tracie Gower-224 Jan Grabner-224 Beth Graff-49.104.117,224 Kim Graham-97,104.127,224 Keith Grasty-153.187,224 Judy Green-1 16.224 Linda Gregg-134.140,224.255.283 Glenn Griffin-112,125,224 Alan Groeger-225 Rick Gubitz-21, 10.53, 104.128.1 14.135,140,225.251.270 Renee Guilolte- 15.103,104.119.126,225 Gloria Gyure-49,104,1 50.1 16 Debbie Ham-49,119,225 Pam Hamacher-49, 102. 104,1 16,225 Linda Hammond-225 Cathy Hanus-49.94. 104,126,225 Janice Hay-225 Terry Hayes-225 Lisa Heatherington-49, 102. 142,225 Howard Heffley-225 Barry Helm-118,152,194,225 Ruth Helminski-2 1,30, 4 1,128. 144, 148.225 Garret Helton-225 Kathy Henke Ellen Hensey-49, 104.225 Bob Hetrick-125. 186,187,225 Paul Hiple-118. 175, 176.225 Rick Hirsch- 104.1 10,225 Joan Hlinka-49. 104.225 Leslie Hoekema- 104,225 Jerilynn Hoeppner-1 16, 120,225 Steve Holajter-1 18.162.225 Ray Holder-225 Martin Homan-117,225,278 Janis Hope-54,225 Saralee Hymen- Joe lorio-225 Keith Johnson-8.1 18,152,194.195,225 Kathy Jones-71, 104, 1 10. 125.225 Ronald Jones-35,49. 114, 144, 149,225 Mary Ann Jugovic -49,84, 104,1 10,140.225,257.283 Dave Kalman-113,118,125,162,163.165.225 Diane Karas-1 38.225 Greg Karas-49.104,1 18. 1 53,225 Jeneane Katsahmas Bob Kelley-49,104,118,174.176.194,225 Frank Kemp Cheryl Kendrick-104,225 Don Kintner-112,225 Don Kirschner-104. 149,225 Kathleen Knutson-49,104,225 Cynthia Kocal-116,1 19,225 Adlai Kolanko Karen Kristoff Becky Krol-104. 134. 138.139.225 Jan Krueger-226 Unda Krupinski-49.101. 104.226 Joanne Kunn- 102, 104,1 19.142,143,221.226 Jack Kus-112. 120.125,226 Steve Kustka-104.226 Judy Lair-104,120,226 Dale Lammering-104, Cheryl Lanting- 35,103.226 Bill Larson- Chris Lautz-103,1 30,226 Terry Lavery-49, 104,1 18.1 19.175,176.226 Bob Leibengood-30,11,128. 114,226,278 Diane Leirer-21, 30,104,1 10.226 John l eonard-20.2 1 .30.4 1.128.1 34.226.282 Gerald Lerner-67 Paul Lichtsinn-226 Debbie Lindstrom-226 John Lippie Judi Lynn-100,104.120,226 Geri Macko-104. 139,226 Greg Mannion-226 Diane Marden-35. 79,103. 104.1 10,226 Kerry Martin-192,194.226 Therese Martin-1 12,1 14.226 Howard Matasar-226 Bob Mattox-226 Macy Maxwell-95,226 Mark Mazza-134 Charlette McCaig-226 Mike McCain-226 laurie McCarthy-226 Paul McCoy- 148.226 Nancy McDaniel-148,226 Mary McLean-21,30.41,54,110.128.226 Brian McShane-226 Kathy McWard-123.226 Marian Meisterling-2 1 , 104. 128.1 37,226 Roger Messersmith-66, 144,226 Debbie Middelton-1 16.128.1 30,226,278 Sharon Miller-104.226 Randy Minas-120,226 Andrea Miszewski-226 Maria Modjewski-104,226 Ray Monaldi-80,104,1 76.227 Barb Moore-49, Pat Mullaney- 120,1 53,227 Jim Mulligan-64.187.227 Julie Murphy-21, 14,227 James Murray Sheldon Musick-1 17,227 Bruce Nagle-104,227 Lori Nelson-227 Rick Nelson-162,187,227 Lloyd Neukranz-49,175.176 Rick Nolan-64.170,227 Marilyn Nondorf- 104.227 Debbie Ortman-30.227 Marion Otte-104,227 Barb Page- 1 14,1 18, 110.227 John Panchisin lohn Papais-21,30,31,,49,128,1 34,227 Nancy Papp-227 Jac k Par lain Doi is Pavel I 19. 227 James Pawelko Steve Pedone- 227 Sheree Peglow- 112. II 1. 125. 227 Tim Peglow I I 1. 189. 19 1 . 227 Doug Pelc Anna Peleshenko-227 Jim Petsas-182.227 Mike Pfister-227 Tom Pilarczyk-227 Larry Pochter-94.148,227 Kathy Pope-41.102.104,128,136 Gail Pratt-23, 14,227 Greg Pritchard-104,227 Pat Proll-1 39, 286 Michael Qualle Karen Quint-49.227 Sue Rapacz-116,1 19,227 James Rasch-86,1 18. 160. 161,174, 17 r , 176. 195 Nancy Raves- 104,227 Craig Rawlins-47,49. 122,1 53.1 54,227 Beth Raymond-140,227,270,281 Jim Redar-227 Wayne Roades-227 Barbara Rokosz 116.145.227 Beth Rosenstein- 104,227 Scott Ross- 104. 118.227 Pam Rothstein- 1 04,227 Leslie Rudzinski-54. 103,104,227 Gayle Rutz-126, 127,228 Kathy Sagala- 10,103. 104,126,127,228 Richard Sandberg Marilyn Sanasone-104.144.148,228 Rich Santare-161. 194.228 Dave Sarcnet-118. 167. 170,194,228 Janet Satek- Janice Satek- 102, 126, 140,228,271, 281 Kent Savage-228 Jody Schauwecker-228 Paul Schaw-49.104. 118.153 Danna Schley- 79, 102. 104,126.127.228 Donna Schley- 102. 104. 1 18,1 10.142,228 Jim Schmidt-49.1 Sharon Schmueser-94. 1 16,228 James Schultz-64 Sherry Schultz-228 Barry Seligar Ron Seligar-228 Barb Senak- 120,228 Laura Sennett-41. 104.1 17.134.228 Paul Shaw-228 Theodore Sheliga Joe Shneider- 118.170,228 Martin Shreibak-228 Diane Shropshire-228 Julie Shumway- 104,228 James Sibley-228 Chuck Simpson-54.104.140,228,270 Linda Siple-116, 130.139,228 Denise Skozan-130,228 Tom Slivko-228 Sue Smith-2 1 . 10,3 1 .40,41 ,49, 128, 1 34,228 Doug Snook Chris Sobek-9,84.85. 104.106,107.1 14, 137.140.228 Ed Sosby-120.153.228 Nancy Southworth-228 Susi Speelman- 1.9.44, 84,85. 95. 104, 106,228 Angela Speranza- 104, 1 14.1 16. 127,228 Joe Spoljaric-228 Roy Spurlock Carolyn Stankie-104.228 Rich Stanners-228 Randy Stefamak-228 Claire Stephenson-1 12.228 Renee Stevens-1 30,228 Rob Stevens-228 David Stiemert Jean Stine-51, 104.,283 Cathy Strachan- 104,229 Harry Strick G.Fred Strickland-104 Randy Strickland-229 Jackie Sumbles-83,1 16 June Summers-53.83,116,229 Helen Talanian Doug Talbott-229 Mary Tanis-40, 104, 116,137, 229 Melissa Tharpe-30,41. 70.94. 117.128,230.229 Elaine Theodore-229 Toni Thomas- 104,229 Don Thompson-229 Thomas Thompson Margaret Tilka-73,1 19. 126.127. 130,229 Barry Trachtenberg Jenny Treder-104.229 Tom Trent-20.2 1 ,30.4 1.114,128.1 34,221 ,229 Fred Troy-39,229 Rick Ulicni-94,229 John Underwood Claudia Valionis-102.1 19,229 Nancy Vickers-41,229 David Victor Mark Victor-118 William Victkus-152.194.229 Wake Wakefield-229 Rich Walker-229 Jane Washburn-84,104.1 17.140.229,250,257 John Webb-229 John Webber-153 Susan Webber-30,41,50,51.104.128,136,229 Gary Weber-229 John Weber- 104,229 Diane Weeks- 104,126.1 38,229 Mark Wein-229 Twalla Wells-229 James Wetmght Alvina White-104,229 Susan White-229 Paul Wickland-1 Wendy Wilkins- 1,4 1 . 1 28,229 Barb Williamson- 18. 120.1 38.229 Richard Wilson Bob Wilthew-1 18.153.192,194,229 Sherri Wolfe-102 Mike Wood- 104.229 Susan Woodward-144.229 Bill Young-229 Seniors Greg Abrinko-201 Jeanne Alexander- 109.201 Robin Allen-41.84,100.101.108,109,128,142.201 Bernard Alters-84,201 Deborah Altherr-84.85. 109.122,126.201 Cathy Angelcos-122,201 Thomas Ashby-54 Richard Atkins- 199,201 Michael Aurelius-201 Ellen Baker-65.149,201 Patrick Baranowski- 140. 149.201,261 Joyce Barker-104.201.260,281 Wendy Barton-201 Karl Bassett-201 Claudia Bauer-201 Karen Beatty-202 Alice Beckman 95. 119, 122. 110, 111, 202 Mary Bee kman 202 Charles Beisel Greg Bembenista-120.202 Dennis Benoit Beth Berey-49.1 22.202 Mark Berns-87.202 Pamela Blanchard-202 Deborah Bobin-52. 103. 122,1 18.202 Joan Bogner-202 Deborah Bolcis-86, 109. 140. 202. 270. 283 Anthony Bombar-202 Janalyn Bonner-49,122,142.202 Dennis Borgman- 149,202 Jefferey Boris-202 Bruce Boroughs-202,278 Robert Bracco- 178. 1 79.182.203 Betsy Brager-9, 27, 49. 84, 85. 106, 107, 122. 205, 278 John Brandley-1 18. 152. 203 Nancy Branson- 1 13.142.203 Gregory Bredaw-,41.49,122,128,134.203 Ellen Brew-95,203 Rusty Brooks-1,203 Cherie Brown-20.2 1.30.122,128.1 34.1 35. 1 17,203 Ed Bryzgalski-203 Danny Buckner-55,203 Carol Buczkowski- 199,203 Shirley Burton-117,203 Elaine Butynski-1 16,203 Fred Cairns-61.203 Nora Campbell-203 Michael Cane-59.198.204 Lynda Carney- 11 7,204 Caren Casich-24,57.126,204 Diane Castillo-136,137.204 Lydia Castillo-204 Debbie Chael-102, 109.204 Lo Kit Ching Madeleine Church-122.148,204 llene Clapman-95.120.1 10,204 Catherine Clark-21,30.41.95, Jean Clark-111.204 Coralee Cleveland-76.122 ,204 Kathleen Clifton-204 Carolyn Conrad-4,126.204 Todd Corban- 128,204 Paul Coulis-120.204 Christine Covert-95,128.205 Shelly Crary-20.30.205 Steven Crary-21. 41 .128.1 14.1 35,205 Joan Cziperle-27.84,142,205 Paul Czyzewski-49,109.1 14.148. 160.161,205 Thomas Dahlkamp-205 Breena Dalkoff-95, 101,205 Douglas Davidson-21. 30,41, 87. 109. 128, 162, 164, 165,205.272 Richard Delaney- 18.52,1 18. 122, 152. 157.205 Karl Deluga-49.61, 109.114. 148.205 Frank DePriest-205 Patricia Dermody-59.84,205 Peggy DeRolf-205 Kenneth Detzner-1,250.251 Nada Devetak-95 James Dilbo-49,128,205 Susan Dixon-24,87,109,114.126,206 David Doescher-206 Donald Downs- 198.206 Zahari|e Draskovich-206 Robert Dudek-199.206 James Dudzik-206 Leslie Dunn-206 Terry Dunn-206 Charles Dunning-20,21,30.49.54,120,128 David Edinger-118, 152. 155,206 Andrea Egnatz Fred Eicke-206 Karin Eitzen-66. 128,206 Beverly Eppler-102, 109,122,206 Mark Erickson-118,160,206 Curtis Etter- 149. 160, 16 1,200, 206 Eileen Fehring-17, 34.86.109, 198,207 Susan Ferro- 109. 120, 207 Karen Fischer-49. 102. 122, 207 Nancy Forsythe-207 Edward Forszt-149,207 Bradley Frantz-54,207 Diane Frischbutter-207 Charles Frost-207 Ronald Fundyk-207 Dorothy Gage-207 Joanne Gainer-207,270,283 Charles Gajewski Ronald Gershman-207 Terry Gibbs-26,50.114,122,137,149.207 Anne Gigstead Christopher Gilchrist-207 Nancy Gile-207 Alan Goldstein-208 Neil Goodman- 118. 149, 162,164,208 Donna Goodpaster Wayne Gordon-208 Larry Gray-109,1 14,118,,194,208 Daniel Green-3,118.119,,176,208 Steve Green-178.181.182 William G reene-84. 109. 1 18.135,153,208 Lacy Griffith-30.49. 122. 128,208 Dawn Guess-26,29.49,126.208 Jeff Gustaitis-39,58 Jacklyn Hales-29 Catherine Harr-5,22.27,208 Michael Hauer- 144.187,208 Walter Helminski- 10.41,49.128,208 John Hesterman-208 Patricia Higgins-101.1 10.128.1 14.208 Marietta Hinkel Dan Hiser-208 Ray Hodor-84. Louise Hodus-209 Larry Holmes Dave Hoover-209 Sharon Hostettler-209 Edward Hreha-209 Warren Hubbell Chen Huber-51.112,25.209 Catherine Hutchings-54,122, 144, 209 Alexis Huttle-84, 94. 100, 103. 108. 109.110,111,1 14.142,209.272,283 Nancy Jablonski- 109.148.209 Philip Jankura-1 18.1 52,1 54,155,157.178.180,182.209 Sandra Jarecki-209 Gerry Jasmski-209 Diane Jeorse-80,209 Richard Johnsen-120.121,209 Cathy Johnson-122,209 Ketti Johnson-209 Terry Johnson-49.122.210 Thomas Johnson-210 Michael Jongsma Peggy Kasten-30, 109,122, 128,137,210 Estelle Katsoulis-56.79,120.210 Donna Keene-7.84.86,109,1 Sharon Keen-210 David Keilman-210 Richard Kennel-114.210 Robert Kintner-210 Karen Klage-9.49,84 .85, 106. 109,122,210 Denise Kluse-21. 128.210 Karen Knesek-120,210 James Kowalczyk-46.122,1 36,210 Kent Kraus-3,44,48.50,118,181,182,210 Kris Kristoff-210 Robert Kulka-51.1 12,1 13,1 18.153,21 1 Michael Kustka-211 Nanci Landon- 136,142,211 Janet Lanman-102, 122,211 Patricia Leahy-116,211 Judith Lebryk-122,211 Richard Leet-20.21. 30,31. 46.47, 114. 122, 128.1 34. 137.211 Nicki Lekas-109,21 1 Susan Leonard-2 I I Roger Levin-46. 114. I 18. 122. 172. 176. 177.211 Diana Liming Ann Elizabeth Little William Long Joseph Long-118,211.262 Becky Lorentzen-109,211 Mary Ellen Luerssen-122.211 Terry Macko-94,1 16,211 Nick Makarewich Janice Malo-49,122,211 Greg Malovance-56,84. 109, 125,1 34.135,212 Doris Marks-212 Fred Martin-72.112,125,212 Greg Martz-212 Mark McConnell-,158,160, 193,194,212,251 Lonnie McGuffey-212 Patricia McNamara-212 Caryn McQuilken-109.1 10,212 Joseph McShane-212 Debra McWard- 148,2 12 Sue Meyer-102.212 Jerry Miller Mark Miller- Mary Jo Miller-102. 101.1 16. 200,212 Edward Minas-212 Anne Mmtz- . 109.2 12 Pamela Mitziga John Mogle- 120,21 1 Barbara Moore-95.117,213 Curl Moore-49.122 116.149.213 Dave Moreno- lames Morris-95.213 William Morris-21 1 Jeanne Mueller-120 Trudy Murakowski-1 17.213 Debra Murphy-213 Nancy Nagle-17,21 1 David Nolan- Michael Nolan-122.1 16.2 13 Kathy Ogorek-211 Rick Ogrodowski-21 3 Thomas O Keefe-5.22.213 Douglas Oliver- 148. 194,213 Ron Ortman-58.214 Paul Otte Rick Parker-1 52,1 57. 184. 185. 187.214 Suzanne Parks-60.84. 102, Scott Parrish- 1, 60. 1 18. 1 19. 172. 175. 176, 214, 272 Dayne Paul-60. 118. 153. 178. 182. 183.214.272 Completion 287 Loretta Pedone-214 Richard Pellar-83,214 Russ Pellar-64.,214 Judy Peterman-120,214 Wade Peters-,194,214,272 Claude Peyrot-1 18.153, 154. 155. 157, 194. 195.214.262 Robert Plunkett-,251 John Powers-52,100.110,214 Michael Purbaugh-74,214 Monte Rader-84,118.153,156.214 Phillip Raymond-149,215 Karen Read-84.86.108,109,114.117.134, Suzanne Reck-215 Fred Redar-71,215 Chuck Revenew-51,122,215 Jeff Riffer-84. 109, 114.134,135 Paula Rinkovsky-79, 117.215 Jill Rittman-122,215 Marc Robertson-118.122,136.152,157,215 Jerry Roedel Jerry Rosko-1 18.148.149,160.161,215 Barry Ross-215 Bradley Ross-,149.215 Barbara Rowe-215 Don Ruf-50,21 5 Lori Ruman-5,215 Debra Rutz-9.27,85.106,122.216 Vicki Sala-17,216 Katherine Salatas-84.216 Catherine Satek-103, 108. 109.1,216.263.283 Linda Schmueser-117,216 Greg Schooler-10,149,216 Gwendolyn Schoon-78 Peter Schreier Fred Schroer-134,216 Jamie Seflon-120,216 Teresa Serrano-10,100,109.110,148.216 John Shaver-149,216 Robert Shinkan-1 18.152,186.187,216,260 Rosemary Sikora-142,216 Arleen Simon-84,86,108.109,111,216 Gayle Skogan-95, I 10. I 10. 139. 144.216 Thomas Smelko-207 Sherri Smith Sherdene Sorenson-30.41. 49.84 .85. 100, 101. 109, 122, 128. 130,1 34, 142,217 David Spaniol-58 Jay Spector-3, 44, 86. 87. 114. 118. 149. 158. 160. 161.217,251,261 Robert Spillar- 194. 2 17 Norman Sproch-217 Andrea Starzak-2 I. 30, 4 I. 57, 94, 128, 2 17 James Steiger-217 Paul Steiger-40,109,118,122,175,176,217,264 Tricia Stoker-3,28,66,109,144.217 Robert Straub-51,217 Michael Sullivan-149,187 Stephen Talbott-122,217 Rhoda Tanis-18,95, 120,2 17 Mark Thompson-56,109.118,166,170,171,217 Marsha Thompson-41,110,122,217 Debbie Tokarz-134, 142,218 Paul Tom-218 JoAnn Trimbur-32, 140,149.218,262,283 William Tsirtsis-120,218 Margaret Ulber-84, 109,1 17,122,148,218 Mary Victor-3,49.109.122,130.218 David Vieweg-32,109,1 18,122.136,163,218 Linda Vogt -69.84.2 18 Michael Waisnora-1 18. 166.167. 1 ”0.2 18 David Walker- 149. 160. 16 1.2 18 Kathie Walt-218 Kris Ward-48.218 Chris Warot-58.218 Karyl Wehle-122,218 Douglas White-218 Joanne White-49, Scott Wigley-219 Debra Wilson-136,138.219 John Wingfield-118.122.153,219 Marc Winter Mark Wohrle-219 Daniel Wolak-219 Jayne Yahnke-3,9,27.85,102,106,107.109.115,122,219 Elaine Yosko-120,121.219 Brenda Young-142,219 James Young-12.108.118,140,162.165.219,261 James Zachau-219 Robert Zimmerman-219 Stuart Zimmerman-118.176,219 Don Zoellner-109.134.219 Joseph Zopp-122,137 Sharon Zweige-219 Adults Mrs. Helen Adams-96 Mr. James Bawden-89 Miss Jane Beaman-89 Mr. Paul Bender Mr. Daniel Bengert-56.93, 149 Mr. Al Bochnowski-156.182 Mr. Coy Bonner-195 Mrs. Emma Branke-93 Mrs. Ruth Ann Brasaemle-93 Miss Anne Brisco-93 Mrs. Ruth Brusch-96 Mr. David Carmony-91,112,125 Mrs. Betty Cash Mrs. Frances Chang-93 Miss Dorothy Christoff-93 Mrs. Reva Coamer-96 Mr. Mike Conyers Mr. Hal Lee Coppage-93 Miss Mary Ann Davison-93 Mrs. Jeanne Day-96.97 Mr. Richard Dilling-158,161.194.195 Mr. John Edington-71 Mrs. Linda Elman Mrs. Helen Engstrom-90,134 Mr. Frank Fazekas-96 Mr. Jon Fech-52, 93,221 Mrs. Sherry Fech-52,57,93,128 Mrs. Betty Friend-97 Mr. John Friend-155,156 Mr. Gene Fort-93 Miss Pat Frankowiak-93,134 Mr. David Geise-90 Miss Marge Gonce-92 Mrs. Charlene Gouwens Mr. Ralph Graft-93 Mrs. Anne Granger Mr. Jeffrey Graves-93 Mrs. Iris Greenbaum Mrs. Ann Guiden-96 Mr. Ross Haller-91 Mr. Frank Hammond-88 Mrs. Marcyann Hinton-97 Miss Rose Holder-91.116 Mr Richard Holmberg-91 .147 Mrs. Lil Horlick-96 Mr. Richard Hunt-167,168,169.170 Mr. Jon Jepson-174.175,176 Mrs. Barbara Johnson Mrs. Doris Johnson-91 Mr. James Karagianis-92,101 .198 Mr. Ed Kahnes-97 Miss Nancy Kelley-92 Mr. Donald Kernaghan-91.187 Mr. Ted Klooster-89 Mr. Stan Kwasny-90 Mr. George Kurteff-88,279 Mrs. Ruth Lane-97 Miss Evelyn Lanz-5,91 Mrs. Evelyn Leonhardt Mr. Lloyd Lindquist-92,162. 230 Mrs. Maggie Lloyd-97 Mr. Gregory Luksich- 170 Mis-. Pal Martignoni 92, 278 Mr. James Mclndoo-92,198 Mrs. Helga Meyer-90 Mr. Mike Niksic-1 56.185,187 Mr. Joe Oliaro-90,182 Mr. James Pancheri-90 Mr. Jack Preston-89 Mrs. Alta Prichard Mrs. Mary Pruzin-97 Miss Jean Rawson-91 Mrs. Mona Rincon Mr. Ed Robertson-91.156,170,171 Mrs. Joy Ann Ross-90 Mrs. Betty Russell-96 Mr. David Russel-9 I Miss Claire Saltzstein-91 Mr. Lowell Sennett-89 Mrs. Virginia Scharz-96 Mr. Jim Shabi-91 Mrs. Patricia Sholts-92 Mrs. Ina Silverman-96 Mr. George Sofianos-90,187 Mr. Alan Smith-90 Mr. Richard Smith-90 Mrs. Illene Sauders-89 Mr. Robert Speelman-89,191 Mrs. Anne Stamper-96 Mr. James Stone-91,156,194,195 Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker-130 Mrs. Ruth Stout-66,90 Mrs. Shirley Talty-89 Mr. Louis Tatara-97 Miss Judy Taylor-90 Mr. John Tennant-89 Mrs. Marlis Tippett-90 Mr. John Toth-83,128 Mr. Ron Tyner-92 Mrs. Joanne Van Dyke-97 Mr. Craig Wardrip-92 Mr. Gary Webster-92 Mr. Thomas Whitely-92 Mrs. Susan Wood-96 Mr. Steve Wroblewski-90,156,157,190,191 Mr. Jack Yerkes-91 Mrs. Mary Yorke-91

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