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Paragon 1970 Volume Five Munster High School 8808 Columbia Munster, Indiana 46321 A SENSE OF FREEDOM Table of Content? Prologue I Activities 14 Learning 52 Organizations 76 Athletics 112 Personalities 150 Involvement 194 Epil ogue 222 Index 238 April 12, 1970— The MHS office fire. Mrs. Tippett Mike Hauer 2 Gary Duffala Student Body President Mike Bosch and curious students ' fhi6 I:? ,i4it ' £oo 0 V Lbi- ■ 2 fi-Ap-;. , llfs 1 Life is mine, The soul is free, IN A WORLD DISTINCTLY YOUNG! PROLOGUE 3 The choice - BOREDOM or ECSTACY- I for one-- Choose the latter. Far Left— Mary Ellen Luerssen, Ward Gott, Donna Lammering, John Gott. Left— Dave Pelc, Tom Karas. Below- Torn Trent, Betsy Brager, Cathy Hutch- ings, John Papais. PROLOGUE 5 I may CONFORM; I may not. Is that all I may do? Far Left— John Wingfield. Above— Father and Son. Mr. John Kulka and Bob. Left— Rich Kennel and Karen Fischer. Youth divert and differentiate themselves with books, movies, and music. The Godfather, Love Story, and Portnoy’s Complaint provided diversity in literature. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” humored audi- ences of all ages. “Easy Rider” and “Midnight Cowboy” explored youth and their current problems realistically. Strains of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; Blood, Sweat, and Tears; Chicago; Santana; Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy”; The Stones “Let It Bleed”; Iron But- terfly’s “Ball”; The Beatles (again); and of course Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. . . . Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time lias come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they, shine. If you need a friend I’m sailing right behind. Like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind. PROLOGUE 7 Whether ALONE or WITH YOU! 8 PROLOGUE 9 Man can be defeated but not destroyed. Ernest Hemingway Dauntless shall my uncanny soul delve Left— Arnold Guttstein. Below— a disqualification. Into CONQUEST, Into DEFEAT. PROLOGUE 11 I, as MAN, have an eager urge 12 MAKER? For progress- Does my Left— Sue Ogren. Below— Dale Lammering. Far Left- Man’s creation is but the product of his profession. PROLOGUE 13 ACTIVITIES Summer A coming, a going A sharing of The delirious- A time in which I have seasoned The sweetness of a life Unrestrained. Far Left— Gayle Henson. Tom Grothouse a h ® for sharing, for life. Left-Nanci Landon. Russ Pellar, md the barefoot descending on an immense white dune. ACTIVITIES 17 Lynn Moore— “When Men Are Scarce” Cheri Brown— “Enter A Queen” ay Lynn— “Curse You Jack Dalton” “Mouse Trap”— adept and expert lighting amplifies the poignant portrayal Mark Pope, Robin Allen— “Gloria Mundi” Chris Covert— “Mooney’s Kid Don’t Cry” Black-clad figures upon stools, spot lights, strains of soft music, an experiment in Reader’s Theatre lends to Rhonda Robertson’s portrayal of the proud Amanda. Summer Theatre I am the actor, The actress... It is summer And I have sou ght But to perform- To execute. ..the various Expressions of life. INSIGHT ’69: Staff: Mr. J. Toth, Producer-Director; S. Gilman, ’68 graduate; B. Barton, ’69 graduate; N. Evanson, ’69 graduate; S. Medanic, P. Krol, L. Wisnew- ski, C. Clark, D. Anderson, D. Kirincic, W. Blohm. Cast: M. Pope, N. Lengyel, J. Lynn, L. Moore, M. Tolin, C. Covert, R. Dray, R. Leet, C. Brown, C. Dunning. R. Robertson, K. Pope, K. Andersen, M. Cilcbrist, R. Allen, R. Bryan, M. Bosch, D. Golich, ’69 graduate; P. Lengyel, ’67 graduate. Stage Crew: S. Crary, B. Tanis, H. Fine July 10, 11, 12— “The Glass Menagerie” . . . July 17, 18, 19— “Mouse Trap” . . . August 8, 9, 10— “One Acts’ . . . Jack Dalton— and the “Rabbi,” Mr. Toth’s beard, the graduates, the end. Fall I must once again Begin anew, for the Summer’s sultries Have faded and it Is time to remount Yet another horse On life’s Ever-pulsating Merry-go-round. Far Left— Lou Hackenberry, Craig Davidson. Fall s simple pleasures. Left— Maribeth Polisky, Gary Stare- wicz . . . Halloween’s void, vivid, and vivacious hap- piness. ACTIVITIES 21 Homecoming An idea is born- A float is assembled, And I eagerly Celebrated Its birth? INSIGHT ’69: October 6-10, Spirit Week . . . posters, cowboys, Indians, slacks, red and white . . . tug-o-war confusion . . . disheartening rain ... a “Chickie” Din- ner ... a Commons filled with “Memories: Bits and Pieces.” Left— Barb Krueger donned a painted face for “Scalp Um” Day. Below— Paragon’s pride boosted the winning car entree for the second consecutive year. ACTIVITIES 23 Ho mecoming Top Above— A popular exhibit compiled for Poster Day. Above— The Sophomore float’s ingenuity was acclaimed. Right— Ecstasy grips Barb Page amidst the confetti. 24 Left-Nancy Sands and John Sullivan, a charismatic- duo, swing to the rock of the Kyser Apple. Below- The bonfire symbolized a smoldering success. ACTIVITIES 25 Royalty Miss Anita Ahlgren 1969 Homecoming Queen Miss Vicki Sala Junior Princess Miss Marjorie Trent Senior Princess Miss Dale Lammering Sophomore Princess Fall Dra ma Rossum’s Universal Robots INSIGHT ’69: an excellent lobby display, a nasel “noon” by Neil, a whoop!, whoop!, putty-like eyebrows, and, of course, R. Leet’s and C. Brown’s baffling but- buts. Above— J. Schmidt, J. Sullivan, R. Gubitz, B. Trachten- berg, M. Pope, R. Jones depict Robot’s revolution. Right — C. Dunning acquires “human make-up” from S. Fech. 28 Left— Cast and Crew- Front Row: M. Tolin, M. Gilchrist, Robin Allen, G. Pratt, M. Meisterling. Second Row: S. Meyer, S. Brownlee, C. Covert, A. Starzak, S. Cress, C. Clark, L. Moore, J. Brink, R. Bryan, C. Hanus, M. Bosch, B. Moore. Third Row: R. Robertson, M. Pope, C. Dunning, N. Goodman, C. Brown, R. Leet, J. Papais, W. Helminski, J. Sullivan, N. Lengyel, B. Leibengood. Fourth Row: P. Beyer, B. Trachtenberg, R. Gubitz, J. Kus, R. Jones, T. Trent, K. Pope, T. Corban, J. Schmidt. Fifth Row: W. Roades, R. Conces, J. Iorio, S. Medanic, B. Tanis, S. Crary, D. Conces, J. Leonard. Below— R. Leet, C. Brown— conversing in radiance. ACTIVITIES 29 Winter And all I see Is white. Far Left-J. Wennekes, G. Duffala-whited air and winter joys experienced through togetherness. Left— G. Ammon, B. Parker-and the sifting down on a shim- mering slope. ACTIVITIES 31 Holidays ’69 Left— J. Treder— Faith is found in an oblivious era. Above— D. Schley, K. Haas— “This Christmas I Spend With You,” the Chi Dance. Below— L. Johnson, J. Price, B. Brager, T. Adams— perceiving the holiday spirit of togetherness in an ecstatic Santa Claus world. “If you believe in Your faith— you must Have faith in everyone Else’s belief.” (WINCHELL) ACTIVITIES 33 Spring I chase the sun, I take its hand, And in warmth, it Speaks to me of love. Far Left-J. Eidam, and K. Malo reflect under the images of a various sun. Left— The dark, stark sky transforms into a sunny sea so that all the kites of the world can sail its crashing waves, and then always entering from oblivion, a snarling wooden sea monster stifles to produce the unglorious end. D. Werntz, and S. Mohler. ACTIVITIES 35 Above— Mr. Bergen (R. Gubitz), Mr. Atkins (T. Trent) playing checkers at the General Store of Buck Creek. Right— John (J. Papais), Barbara Allen (C. Covert) discuss the mountain rumor that suggests that John is really a witchboy. Far- Right —Uncle Smelicue (C. Dunning) confessing petty theft at the church revival meeting with Preacher Haggler (R. Leet) presiding. Below Right— The Casts and Crews of “Dark of the Moon.” Far Right— Mr. Allen (W. Helminski), Mrs. Allen (D. Kluse) talk with Preacher Hag- gler about the appar- ent and upcoming mar- riage of their daughter, Barbara. 36 Spring Drama Plunge we did, but with Whispering ambitions- “Dark of the Moon”- We made it, a great play. INSIGHT 70: The Casts and Crews of “Dark of the Moon”. J. Papais, J. Leonard, C. Brown, D. Leirer, R. Robertson, C. Dunning, M. McLean, M. Meisterling, R. Gubitz, M. Gilchrist, B. Trachtenberg, S. Smith, K. Bachman, B. Leibengood, W. Helminski, N. Goodman, J. Brink, V. Folta, T. Trent, C. Church, C. Covert, S. Vidakovich, D. Klusc, R. Leet, D. Davidson, N. Lengyel, S. Medanic, C. Clark, L. Wisnewski, S. Meyer, L. Moore, W. Blohm, P. Krol, N. Fodor, A. Starzak, J. Patterson, II. Fine, S. Crary, J. Dilbo, 1. Corban, R. Allen, D. Kirincic, B. Moore, M. Satek, L. Fort, B. Larson, J. Cress, J. Iorio, C. Lautz, W. Wilkins, R. Conces, E. Hensy, M. Boscb, S. Sorenson, B. Page, G. Pratt, P. Bretz, S. Cress, E. Coulis, D. Marden, K. Eitzen, D. Andersen, E. Brew, R. Sikora, K. Jones, R- Blumenthal, K. Donnersberger, L. Ebling, M. Tolin, J. Nepip, J. Goebel, R. Bryan, S. Hymen, D. Angell, D. Middleton, T. Murphy, K. Hanus, L. Griffith, S - Brink, E. Baker, T. Gower, L. Castillo, D. Castillo, C. Buczkowski, J. Trimbur, C. Stankie, Mrs. Sherry Fech, Mr. John Toth, Director. ACTIVITIES 37 Carnival A balloon-filled dome was The magnet that brought Me to a candied world. Musical INSIGHT ’70: Casts and Crews of “Camelot:” M. Bosch, J. Preston, J. Brossart, B. Kennel, J. Wingfield, M. Pope, J. Papais, N. Sands, D. Watson, B. Levin, K. Reiplinger, K. Anderson, J. Lichtsinn, C. Clark, P. Amos, W. Blohm, C. Casich, D. Castillo, S. Castillo, R. Dray, D Guess, N. Lekas, M. Meisterling, L. Ruman, J. Shorb. S. Weber, J. Wennekes, D. Wilson, B. Donaho, T. Gibbs, T. Helminski, J. Lipner, R. Manehak, M. Nolan, B. Pansing, D. Pelc, C. Rawlins, J. Russell, M. Sutkowski, D. Viewig, G. Ammon, M. Casey, S. Dixon, P. Eisner, M. Gilchrist, K. Klage, K. Kucer, N. Landon, J. Lan- man, M. Miller, M. Polisky, G. Schoon, M. Trent, K. Andersen, G. Breclaw, B. Kelley, R. Kennel, R. Leet, R. Levin, C. Moore, B. Nagle, M. Rader, M. Robertson, B. Ross, D. Ryder, B. Steiger, T. Trent, D. Altherr, P. Higgins, J. Shumway, J. Yahnke, J. Alexander, R. Guil- lotte, K. Ward, T. Stoker, K. Malo, M. Victor, E. Fehring, K. Eitzen, B. Nelson, A. Guttstein, R. Gersh- man, S. Parrish, T. Baudino, K. Haas, T. Lavery, T. Ruf, K. Kraus. Chairman: Mrs. W. Kennel, D. Ander- sen— Costumes . . . Miss M. Gonce, B. Tannis— Lighting and Sound . . . C. Tchalo— Make-Up ... A. Guttstein -Stage Crew . . . J. Maroe, M. Victor-Programs . . . P. Krol— Properties . . . L. Ruman-Tickets . . . D. Kirincic, J. Jones— Publicity. Musical Director— Mr. R. Holmberg . . . Drama— Technical Director— Mr. G. Fort, Student Director— G. Shumway, Stage Manager— J. Sul- livan, Business Manager-L. Lindquist, Student Choral Dir.— T. Siemmering, the best ever. Above— The crews of " Camelot.” Left— R. Kennel (chorus member) portrays the excellent work of his mother, Mrs. W. Kennel, who was the head of the costume committee. Prom The night stretched Out, and in the morning It was gone. Right— John Gavelek and Carolyn Cooney delight in the touch of a hand. Below— Debbie Wilson and Karl Hruska discover that in the forest runs a waterfall. ACTIVITIES 45 Above— Barry Ross and Louise Hodus relax for a mo- ment to reflect on the evening’s little joys. Above Right —Mike Cane and Sheree Tucker peer into the pond. Far Right— Jay Spector and Kathy Hirsch walk expect- antly through the forest to the music and dancing. Prom ACTIVITIES 47 Honors Day Right— Rhonda Robertson received the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. Below— Neil Wolf, Jim McDaniel, John Sullivan, Bill Bell, and Bob Parker strike a digni- fied pose as finalists of the National Merit Scholarship Tests. Not pictured: Charles Croissant. 48 DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Most Outstanding Speech Team Member— Nancy Lengyel Most Outstanding Debate Team Member— Neil Wolf Most Outstanding Thespian— Nancy Lengyel Outstanding Science Students— Bill Bell and David Holajter National Newspaper Award— Debi Skelley Athlete of the Year— Larry Johnson Outstanding Art Exhibitor— Marjorie Trent Outstanding Student Senate Organization Representative— Neil Wolf Outstanding Student Senate Class Representative— Ken Haas Outstanding Letterman of the Year— Larry Kraus Outstanding Yearbook Journalists— Debi Skelley, Cathy Buckley, Chris Fischer, Pam Peglow, Deanne Brusch, Liz Cohen, Ellen Goodman, Donna Lammering, Cathy Satek Outstanding Contributions to the Paragon- Rick McNe es, Head Photographer Karen Read, Layout Editor Caren Casich, Copy Editor ACADEMIC AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Hoosier State Scholarship Commission Awards— Eric Allen, Mike Bosch, Ruth Dray, David Holajter, Ellen Jacobson, Debbie Lekas, Jim McDaniel, Kim McLaughlin, Lynn Moore, Donna Muntiu, Kris Nickoloff, Cathy Nawojski, Bill Pansing Tri-Kappa Scholarship— Claudia Bond Tri-Kappa Awards to Top 1% of Junior Class— Karen Read, Eileen Fehring, Wade Peters National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation— David Holajter, Jeanne Kuhn, Tom McDonald, Bill Pansing, Susan Schwarz National Merit Finalists— Jim McDaniel (scholar), Charles Croissant (scholar). Bill Bell (scholar), Bob Parker, John Sullivan, Neil Wolf Air Force Academy Appointment— John Sullivan Jill Lanman— Reader’s Digest Valedictorian Award and Panhellenic Award to girl with highest grade point average Donna Muntiu— Rumanian Youth Scholarship Theresa Reck— Nursing Scholarship Jim Treder— LaSalle Steel Corporation Scholarship UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS Rhonda Robertson— Franklin College Charles Croissant— Indiana University David Holajter— Indiana University Keith Corban— Rose Polytechnical Institute Barb Kennel— Aspen Colorado School of Music Nancy Lengyel— Indiana State University Jim McDaniel— Wabash College Lynn Moore— St. Mary’s of the Woods Debi Skelley— Midwestern University Gary Duffala— Valparaiso University Jim Eidam— Northern Illinois University Rudy Higgins— Valparaiso University Larry Johnson— University of Michigan Tom Karas— Southern Illinois University Glen Weyand— Masey College Below Senior class Sponsor, Mr. Lloyd Lindquist directs graduates for the final time. Right-Jim Treder, class Vice-President and Dave Holajter, salutatorian, participate in the traditional reversing of (he tassels. Far Below— Jack Krol, John Sullivan, and Mrs. C.lendening converse before Commencement exercises. 50 Graduation This is but the Beginning of a Longing for life itself. Left— A diploma just for me, June 8, 1970; Munster Fieldhouse. Above— For Doris Manske graduation was little gifts and big surprises shared with Paula Marko- vich. ACTIVITIES 51 wmsm LEARNING Right— P. Green attempts to study at home after breaking both her legs skiing at Wilmot, Wis. 54 My companion is but SOLITUDE; my goal Is but knowledge. Above Left— T. Eismin taking every advantage of the free study time which the module system accommodates. Above— D. Conces working on his Advanced Physics ex- perimental project. Left — M. Polisky concentrates in Government discus- sion. LEARNING 55 Above— H. Gillespie experiencing the emotion most lacking in classroom participation— that of joyous laugh- ter. Above Right— J. McDaniel penetrating in solitude. Right— K. Bachman feeling angry at the world and vociferously showing it. Below Right— D. Hoover, bored. Why? 56 Right— S. Keene’s dexterity shown in Shorthand I. Below— B. Steiger in Senior Math experimenting with geometrical shapes. Far Right— D. Werntz working with the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment for her Chemistry Lab. Below— J. Simpson making Christmas cookies to sell in Foods II. If you haven’t yet Found it out— Life is but EXPERIMENTATION. LEARNING 59 We PARTICIPATE To end this awful Isolation. And You? Above— C. Brown re- enacting Miss Kelley’s and Miss Taylor’s spe- cial witch scene for the Junior English Macbeth unit. Right— J. Cziperle demonstrating the ef- fects of static electricity on the Van de Graf Generator in Mr. Kara- gianis’ Physical Science class. 60 Left— S. Amos, D. Bolcis, and D. Bobin reporting and play-acting the life of Albert Schweitzer in Mrs. Tippett’s lively German V class. Below— P. Amos and M. Sutkow- ski singing in Mr. Holm- berg’s Concert Choir which was given an excellent rating at the ’70 state contest. LEARNING 61 Above— Mr. Karagianis making good use of the lecture Audio Visual equipment while explaining a formula to his Physics class. Right— R. Walker putting the final touches on one of the pinates for the annual “Christmas in Spain” parties of Miss Brisco’s Spanish I classes. Above Right— R. Pellar and R. Levin operating the film review they successfully made for their Junior American History project. Below Right— Pictures being used figuratively for the " Black Beauty” bulletin board manufactured by the Senior Sociology department. 62 Right— B. Kennel and S. Wilt acquiring coordination and grace by fencing in Drama class. Below— J. Headdy cadet teaching in Mrs. Apato’s third grade class at Elliott school. Far Right Above-B. Kelley body-building in the Cureton program. Far Right— C. Keitz straddle jumping on the new trampoline in the girls’ gymnastic program. ACTIVE BODY vs. Active mind— or, Are they as one? Right-B. Steiger embellished in his music in Concert Band. Below-J. Lipner sketching in Art II Class Far Right-A bowling pin being created on the lathe in Industrial Arts. Far Below-R. McNees in the dark room skillfully making a print for Journalism Class. 66 I CREATE- And my soul Is free to wander. LEARNING 67 I TRAVEL- Going, yet coming To an end. Far Left-P. Peglow at the Kamakura Daibutsu, in Kamakura, Japan. Left-D. Brusch at Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Above Left-E. Goodman in Hebron, Israel. Above-J. Coulis, D. Holajter-German Honors Students on the Rhine. LEARNING 69 NOT ALONE— And yet, I learn. LEARNING 71 Front Row: Jackie Lang (Art: Ball State U.); Rick Mc- Nees (Journalism: U. of Minnesota); Mark Sutkowski (Journalism: U. of Minnesota); John Lichtsinn (Jour- nalism: U. of Minnesota); Dick Atkins (Journalism: U. of Minnesota); Marilyn Zimmerman (Art: Ball State). Second Row Seated: Jan Shorb (German: Krefeld, Ger- many); Rhonda Robertson (Journalism: U. of Minne- sota, Girls’ State: Indiana U.); Kris Nickoloff (Journal- ism: U. of Minnesota ; Barb Binko (Art: Ball State U.); Nancy Lengyel (Girls’ State: Indiana U.); Dave Holajter German: Krefeld, Germany). Third Row Standing: Cheryl Huber (Music: Indiana U.); Jane Brossart (Music: Indiana U.); Carla Tchalo (German: Krefeld. Germany); Charles Croissant (Music: Indiana U.); Paul Czyzewski (Chemistry: San Diego State College); John Coulis (German: Krefeld, Germany); Larry Johnson (Boys’ State: Indiana State U.); Richard Wamsher (Science: Rose Polytechnical Institute); Tom McDonald (German: Krefeld, Germany); Keith Corban (Science: Rose Poly). 1969 Summer Instituters ACADEMICS 73 1969 - CURRICULUM MATHEMATICS UICSM 10 — CURRICULUM: Logic, Segments, Angles, Triangles, Parallel Lines, Inequality Relations, Polygons, Similar Polygons. Co- ordinate Geometry, Circles. UICSM 11 — CURRICULUM: Functions, Polynomials, Logarithms, Sequences. INSIGHTS: New text, films on the computer, preparation for SAT’s. Algebra — CURRICULUM: Valuables and Open Sentences, Axioms, Equations, and Problem Solving, Equations, Inequalities and Problem Solving, Special Prod- ucts and Factoring, Sentences in Two Variables, Quadratic Equa- tions, and In equalities. INSIGHTS: Traditional course instead of team taught. Geometry — CURRICULUM: Trigonometry and In- direct Measurement, Constructions and Loci, Areas and Volumes of Solids and Polygons. INSIGHTS: new approach, for all units were done on an independent basis. Advanced Algebra — CURRICULUM: Functions and Relations, Polynomials, Conic Sections, Logarithms. INSIGHTS: Lecture by Purdue professors on engineering, films on computors, optional lectures. Computer Math — CURRICULUM: Data processing, Fortran, Using and working problems, develop- ment of computor. Senior Math — CURRICULUM: Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry (Conic Sections). Calculus-limits, differentiation, integration, and their applications. INSIGHTS: entire new program instituted. Business Mathematics. ART EDUCATION ' Art 11 — CURRICULUM: drawing, painting, watereolor, acrylic. Oil composition, graphic (silkscreen), applied design. Art III — CUR- RICULUM: drawing, painting, graphics, woodcuts, intaglios, jew- elry, applied design. ART IV— -CURRICULUM: Senior Art Studio, course required the planning and exhibiting of a “One Man Show.” LANGUAGE ARTS English 10 — CURRICULUM: Silas Mamer; Edgar Allen Poe and his works; Miracle Worker ; A Separate Peace ; Short Stories; Speech; Lord Of The Flies; Julius Caesar; Grammar ( Parts of Speech, Parts of a Sentence, Clauses); Invisible Man; War of The Worlds: Camelot; Poetry. INSIGHTS: Miss Frankowiak’s individualized reading, theme writing, and grammar programs; Mrs. Wilson’s making of films on subjects, video taping Julius Caesar, outdoor class discussions. English 11 — CURRICULUM: Early English Lit- erature; Macbeth; Colonial American Life; The Scarlet Letter ; 18th Century English and American Lit; Romanticism in England; 19th Century English and American Lit; Our Town; 20th Century Eng- lish and American Lit; Modern Novel (To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby; For Whom The Bell Tolls; or Sister Carrie). IN- SIGHTS: special projects on essays, poetry, or making a collage; individualized novel unit with the student choosing one of four novels; students acted out scenes of MacBctli with props ami costumes. World Literature — CURRICULUM: Greek Literature; Hamlet; French Literature; Spanish and Literature; Italian Literature; Gennan Literature; Scandinavian Lit; Russian Lit; Antigone; The Stranger; Madame Bovary; Inferno; Hedda Gabler; Crime and Punishment; The Cherry Orchard; INSIGHTS: The class taught Madame Bovary. English Composition — CURRIC- ULUM: Grammar Review, Style of Writing (Expository, Creative, Essay, Persuasive, Narrative, Research Papers). Modern Literature — CURRICULUM: Biography and Autobiography; Poetry; Drama; Fiction; The Chase; The Bad Seed; Visit To A Small Planet; IN- SIGHTS: Class members rewrote the final scene of The Bad Seed. Advanced Placement English — CURRICULUM: Short Stories; Es- says; poems; Joseph Andrews; Jude The Obscure; The Stranger; Brighton Rock; All The Kings Men; Great Gatsby; Hamlet; Oedipus; Hedda Gabler; The Circle; By The Skin Of Our Teeth; Much Ado About Nothing; Murder In The Cathedral; INSIGHTS: went to Greek town; went to see the play, “The Merchant of Venice,” wrote a committee novel. Journalism — CURRICULUM: Newspaper Pro- duction Class; Yearbook Production Class. Speech — CURRICULUM: Speech I (Oral Interpretation, Types of speeches, voice and dic- tion, criticism and evaluation of speeches, radio and broadcasting, critical listening, impromptu speaking, parlimcntary procedure). Speech II. INSIGHTS: For Parlimcntary Procedure Unit, the class established its own club, constitution. Drama — CURRICULUM: History of the Theatre, Acting Techniques, Technical Design, Mu- sical Theatre, Stage Movement. INSIGHTS: fencing (for stage movement), group radio scripts, guest speakers — Prof. Dixon from Purdue and Mr. Preston, the asst, superintendent. BUSINESS EDUCATION Typing 1 — CURRICULUM:keyboard and mechanics of typing, con- centration on letters and term papers. INSIGHTS: typing designs, game type stories. Typing II — CURRICULUM: vocational; business forms and reports; timed writing; individual files. INSIGHTS: re- search on various job opportunities. Business Law — CURRICULUM: court procedure; laws pertaining to business (contracts, insurance labor laws, sales); civil rights; civil disobedience, urban proble ms. INSIGHT: acting out trials, end of year writing of own trial with given situations. Shorthand I — CURRICULUM: fundamentals of shorthand, shorthand theory; beginning writing; 60 words per min- ute. INSIGHTS: started transcription techniques for mailable letters. Shorthand II — CURRICULUM: continuation; building speeds to a minimum of 90 words per minute with mailable transcripts; em- phasis on English; spelling, grammar. INSIGHTS: took dictation from male teachers and administrators at MILS. Office Practice — CURRICULUM: Introduction to business machines and duplicating machines; telephone techniques. General Business — CURRICULUM: Obtain an understanding of the business world, money and bank- ing, transportation, and travel buying by the consumer. INSIGHT: wrote a term paper for a future occupation, played the real estate game; stock market game, anti management game. Bookkeeping— CURRICULUM: fundamentals in adapting bookkeeping methods to the business; practiced Bradford Grocery. Salesmanship and Marketing — CURRICULUM: studied all areas of selling, personal sales demonstrations, advertising, made own ad layouts and window displays, studied what product consumers want, how projection determined prices, produced a project on Marketing Research Paper for the school’s newspaper. INSIGHTS: the first year for this ap- proach to business in the high school; one of the few to have it. GENERAL EDUCATION Cadet Teaching — CURRICULUM . four week orientation period during which students became familiar with educational materials. Also students participated in discussions led by school personnel. They were then assigned to elementary schools for practical expe- rience in the classroom. INSIGHTS: the first year for the program, and it was an overwhelming success in its first implementation. SUMMARIES - 1970 SOCIAL STUDIES World History — CURRICULUM: Ancient Greece and Rome, Mid- dle Ages, Development of England (1066-1480), Age of Absolu- tion (1485-1796), Age of Revolution, 19th Century. Economics — CURRICULUM: Business and production, markets and prices, na- tional income analysis, money credit and banking, economic prob- lems in our society. INSIGHTS: Management games ( 10-15 companies of three students each competed against each other to he the most profitable). Government — CURRICULUM: political philosophies, comparative government, Bill of Rights, congress. President and Presidency. INSIGHTS: Simulation activity. Propa- ganda techniques, debating. Sociology — CURRICULUM: Culture and Society, socialization, social groups, stratification, marriage and the family, race. INSIGHTS: more discussions, more experimenta- tion and testing (communication — Chinese telephone). Dr. Trustee from Purdue spoke on “History of Race Relations ). U.S. History CURRICULUM: The new Government, The Federalist Period (1793-1809), the Second War with Great Britain, Nationalist Era, Sectionalism and Westward Expansion, The Southern States anti New Parties, The Civil War, Reconstruction, Era of Big Business and Politics. The First World War, the Depression, The New Deal, From Isolation to Global Conflict, The Epoch of the Coltl War. INSIGHTS: Speaker Eric Hubner, an expert on the Civil War even as a fifth grader, spoke; panels, debates, movies, recording, and skits on current topics; display of newspapers from the 1930s. A.P . History. Advanced Government: CURRICULUM: Ind. Research. Advanced Sociology. SCIENCE Biology — CURRICULUM: cell structure, cell function, reproduction, genetics, and development ecology. INSIGHT: program completely revised; new audiovisual stations, labs, and textbook; improved seminar situation. Health and Safety — CURRICULUM: personal health and behavior, mental health, anatomy, physiology of the sensory organs, body systems, alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, nutrition, safety education. INSIGHTS: filmstrips, psychological tests, studies of the skeleton, attempted lab set-ups. Physical Science — CUR- RICULUM: mechanics and molecular energy, basic chemistry, wave motion, electrical and nuclear energy, earth and space science. INSIGHTS: pollution in an independent study program, helped organize the Earth Day program. Physics — CURRICULUM: meas- urement, mechanics, wave motion, light, beat, electricity and mag- netism, molecular theory, atomic theory, experimental physics. Ad- vanced Physics — CURRICULUM: rotational mechanics, relativity, selected experiments. Theoretical Chemistry — CURRICULUM: mole concept, gas laws, solution chemistry, chemical energy, equilibrium and kinetics. INSIGHTS: entire course changed, more time through scheduling. Advanced Chemistry — CURRICULUM: solution chem- istry and qualitative analysis, organic chemistry, student lab projects. INSIGHTS: different instructor with the course better preparing students for college and giving them more insight into chemical industry. Descriptive Chemistry — CURRICULUM: mole concept, gas laws, solution chemistry, organic chemistry. Advanced Biology — CURRICULUM: Independent Research.. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Girls Physical Education — CURRICULUM: tumbling and gymnas- tics, aquatics, individual and team sports. INSIGHTS: new team- teaching program (three teachers rotated every six weeks), new trampoline, new parallel bars, new tumbling mats, new baby bal- ance beam. Boys Physical Education — CURRICULUM: touch foot- ball, soccer, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, softball, track, tumbling, the sports are interspersed during the Curetan Program. INSIGHTS: new unit on golfing was instituted. HOME ECONOMICS Home Ec 11— CURRICULUM: advanced clothing, wool, plaids, dresses, jumpers, slacks. INSIGHTS: knitting as a hobby. Home Ec —CURRICULUM: tailoring, wool, lined slacks, plus foods. INSIGHTS: made garment for someone other than themselves. Home Ec V— CURRICULUM: home nursing and child care studied, along with a Red Cross course. MUSIC EDUCATION Music Appreciation — CURRICULUM: Study of form and style of music, standard vocal and instrument repertoire, study in aestetie composition of arts, symphonies of Bectovcn. INSIGHTS: attended Lyric Opera, studied several operas. Music Theory — CURRIC- ULUM: traditional harmony, traditional chords, car training, sight singing, writing of students’ own composition. Chorus. Band. Orchestra. FOREIGN LANGUAGE German —CURRICULUM: Emphasis on basic vocabulary skills . INSIGHTS: made video tape of detective story. German —CUR- RICULUM: Grammar, speaking ability, and writing. INSIGHTS: video tape of robbery of a grocery store which the students wrote themselves. German IV — CURRICULUM: Grammar and literature, short stories by modern German authors, read a modern German text on teenagers in Germany today. INSIGHTS: independent project on play, news reporting, stories, or an original poem; gram- mar summary and review made by the use of video taping a play. German V — CURRICULUM: literature (from beginning to modem); grammar; discussion on modem issues; German Heritage, Deutche Horspiele. INSIGHTS: plays, ALM practice tests. German VI— CURRICULUM: Michael Kohlhaus, Prinz Friedrich, Maria Stuart, Urfaust, Aus dem Lebeneine, Taugcnichts, Tonio Kroger Die Verwandlung, Rilke Gcdichtc, Schiller Gediclite, Goethe Gedichte, Hunderkunstler, Kleider Maclien Leute, INSIGHTS: made own tapes in lab, discussion on pertinent social topics, enjoyed German songs. Spanish 1 and —C URRICULUM: grammar, vocabulary, dialogues. INSIGHTS: more films on culture, exchange student from Gavit spoke with students about Argentina, wrote their own dia- logues. Spanish III — CURRICULUM: conversation, grammar, read- ing. INSIGHTS: made pinata for Christmas. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Drafting 1 — CURRICULUM: exploring areas, auxilary projection, pattern development, geometric construction, architectural basics, occupational investigation, lettering, sectioning, dimentioning, shape description. Drafting II — CURRICULUM: sketching, assembly draw- ings, working drawings, detail drawings, architectural work, aux- iliaries and revolutions, and Drafting I. Drafing 111 — CURRIC- ULUM: Advanced (detailed) auxiliary views, detail drawings, as- sembly drawings, working drawings, architectural construction, shade and shadow, orthographic projection, planning and development. Power Mechanics — CURRICULUM: fuel systems, ignition systems, _ four stroke cycle, exhaust systems, cooling systems, brakes. IN- SIGHTS: lab work, tearing down engines, bringing in the students own cars to work on. Electricity — CURRICULUM: Power sources, AC-DC currents, signal generators, home wiring, appliance repair. £ v ► ORGANIZATIONS Why do I WORK So eagerly? It’s simple, I like what I’m doing. Right— P. Rinkovsky ex- hibiting the body paint- ing which was Art Club’s attracting booth for the annual Carnival. Above Right— J. Stine, putting up publicity for the PEPSI yearbook sales in the teachers’ lounge. Far Right— B. Pansing pre- viewing books which went on sale for the National Honor Society Book Sale. Below Right — J. Patterson, pep club treasurer, making signs to support our wrestling team. 78 Above— P. Lichtsinn does time in the German club jail at the annual Carnival. Right— M. Sansone, D. Bem- benista performing at the We Folk “Folk Fest’ which was held jointly with region schools. Below— R. Leet, C. Brown, Thespians, taking time out at a summer theatre rehearsal. Far Right-D. Rutz, varsity cheer- leader, displaying the Rebel flag. Hardwork vs. ENJOYMENT? For me They are as one. ORGANIZATIONS 81 Above— In the Homecoming parade, S. Vidakovich, and J. Riffer advertise Speech and Debate Club’s annual money-making event, the Chicken Bar-B-Q. Right-B. Eppler and L. Wisnewski sample this year’s Mustang lollipop raffled off annually at Sectional time to raise money for the Y-Teen’s relief fund. Above Right— J. Fleming, and B. Boroughs sell candy hearts for the Crier’s yearly Valentine’s Day candy sale. Below Right— D. Kalman, Concert Band president, becomes a vendor of chocolate bars to boost funds for purchasing n ore band uniforms. 82 To open all eyes To help our cause, I make MONEY. A b o v e— G. Malovance and N. Wolf practicing the debate techniques which sent them for the second consecutive year to the National Finals in Kansas. Above Right — D. Lanting looking over the literary maga- zines she acquired from the National Scholastic Press Association Con- vention for the 1970 Pegasus. Right— J. Wash- bum comprising a 16- page signature for the Paragon. Right— M. Pope reviewing the proper procedure for conduct- ing a student senate meeting which he ac- quired at the I. U. summer program. 84 One day, so as not To be completely bored, I began TO LEARN. ORGANIZATIONS 85 I CONTRIBUTE Speech trophies- The state kind. INSIGHT ’69-’70: Speech Team Statistics: 1st in Sec- tionals, 1st in Regionals, 1st in State . . . Individual State Rankings: 1st place— M. Bosch, Oratorical Inter- pretation, 1st place— N. Lengyel, Poetry Reading, 2nd place— C. Brown, Dramatic Interpretation, 3rd place— J. Papais, Humorous Interpretation, 8th place— G. Breclaw, Broadcasting . . . Semifinalists: 9th place— G. Malovance, Boy’s Extern, 9th place— P. Higgins, Girl’s Extemp, 11th place— R. Robertson, Original Ora- tory, 11th place— N. Wolf, Boy’s Extemp . . . State Qualifiers: J. Murphy— Broadcasting, L. Friedman— Discussion, R. Leet— Dramatic Interpretation, K. Read- Original Oratory, L. Gray— Impromptu . . . History of the five year old team: 1968— Sectional Winner, Re- gional Winner, 3rd in State Ranking, 1969— District Debate Champs, Sectional Winner, Regional Winner, 2nd in State Ranking, 6th in Nation Ranking, 1970- District Debate Champs, Sectional Winner, Regional Winner, 1st in State Ranking. Mrs. Helen Engstrom, coach, CONGRATULATIONS! Far Left— Mrs. Engstrom, hard working Speech Team coach, surrounded by the well-earned profits of the state winning team. Above Left— N. Lengyel recites her Poetry cutting which earned her the rank of first in State in Poetry Reading. Left— 1st in State in Oratorical Interpretation for the second year in a row, M. Bosch repeats his winning performance for the administration and student body at an assembly in the team’s honor. ORGANIZATIONS 87 I CONTRIBUTE— And encounter My world. 88 Far Left— N. Sands practicing to accompany the Mixed Ensembles Christmas performance. Left— S. Dixon, C. Casich performing precisely to one of their half-time routines. Below Left— M. Tolin preparing the “News- beat,” a service of the News Bureau. Below— C. Hutch- ings portraying Mrs. Claus at the annual Student Sen- ate party for the Trade Winds Rehabilitation Center. Above— J. Davidson, the area representative of Y-Teens, reflects on the Texas convention she attended. Right— The varsity cheerleaders display the super-superior trophy they received at the Geneva Wisconsin cheer- leading camp. Below— C. Casich, C. Satek, A. Simon, K. Read smile at the prospect of their Quill and Scroll, journalism honorary, induction. Far Right— Awarded their 1st All-American, which is the highest honor to be bestowed a yearbook, the Paragon staff was most proud. ACHIEVEMENT is but The afterthought Of my labors. ORGANIZATIONS 91 NOT PICTURED: 1. Jayne Yahnke 23. Nancy Lengyel Mark Ballard 2. Nanci Landon 24. Rob Plunkett Laurie Bates 3. Debbie Altherr 25. Lynn Moore Mary Ann 4. Tom Trent 26. Neil Wolf Candiano 5. Rick Leet 27. Jill Lanman Chuck Dunning 6. Cherie Brown 28. Patti Higgins Lou Hackenbery 7. Caren Casich 29. Barb Page Susan Rapacz 8. Jim Schmidt 30. Les Friedman Barb Maloney 9. Myron Schmidt 31. Kirsten Kucer Nancy Sands 10. Jan Sborb 32. Judy Patterson 1 1 . Linda Ahlgren 33. Carle Tchalo 12. Anita Ahlgren 34. Cathy Satek 13. Peggy Amos 35. Terry Macko 14. Ken Haas 36. Keith Corban 15. Dan Tu f ford 37. Tom McDonald 16. Carol Raves 38. Bruce Donoho 17. Cathy Najowski 39. Chris Sobek 18. Anne Mintz (Treasurer) 40. John Papa is 19. Mark Pope (Vice President) 41. Cathie Hutching 20. Rhonda Robertson (Secretary) 42. Mary Jo Miller 21. Mike Bosch (President) 43. Susie Speelman 22. Paul Coulis 44. Karen Klage 92 STUDENT SENATE INSIGHT: ’69- ’70: The president and vice president attended the I.U. Student Council Workshop; an orientation program was held at the beginning of the year for new students; Home- coming activities were sponsored again; a delegation went to Trade Winds for the annual Christmas party; the dress code was revised as a three-part committee was established; Home- coming Regulations were formulated; many issues were re- searched: legalizing driving to school, better food service, and abolishing the dress code; the constitution was revised in the amendment on alternates; a new executive council’s lunchtime meeting was established with the Senate and Mr. Kurteff; a visit by Neil Wolf to the school board was spoken of; Chief Retzloff was a guest speaker at a meeting; a student exchange program was initiated with Hammond High School, Hammond Morton, and Bishop Noll Institute. ORGANIZATIONS 93 NOT PICTURED: Claudia Bond, Mike 1. Jeff Riffer (Treasurer) 22. Mary Bosch Bosch, Pam Bretz, G. Clement, S. Crary, 2. Bill Greene 23. Kelley Donnersberger K. Malo, B. Nagle, B. Shaver. 3. Roseann Bryan 24. Mark Pope 4. Nancy Lengyel (Secretary) 25. Les Friedman (Vice-President) 5. Mrs. Helen Engstrom 26. Rhonda Robertson 6. Lynn Moore (Historian) 27. Patty Higgins 7. Robin Allen 28. Jo Ellen Brink 8. Debbie Tokarz 29. Julie Murphy 9. Mary McLean 30. Jill Crary 10. Sue Smith 31. Sue Bolls 11. Anne Mintz 32. Mark McConnell 12. Ruth Dray 33. Sherdene Sorenson 13. Cherie Brown 34. Greg B reclaw 14. Karen Read 35. Neil Wolf (President) 15. Tom Trent 36. Greg Malovance 16. Larry Cray 37. Harry S trick 17. Don Zoellner 38. Rick Gubitz 18. Paul Czyzewski 39. Katy Bachman 19. John Papais 40. Eve Andersen 20. Rick Leet 41. Shelly Wilt 21. Miss Pat Frankowiak 94 SPEECH AND DEBATE INSIGHT ’69-’70: A first place in the state of Indiana after wins in sectionals and regionals; the annual speech and debate Chicken Barbeque at Homecoming was a success again; the Homecoming car was used as advertising for the BBQ with the traditional “chicken” in costume; the first banquet on May 25 honoring the team and a year of glory. ORGANIZATIONS 95 1. Mr. Toth (Thespians Sponsor) 2. Mr. Lindquist (NHS Sponsor) 3. Mrs. Engstrom (NFL Sponsor) 4. Miss Frankowiak (NFL Sponsor) 5. Katy Backman (NFL) 6. Steve Medanie (Thespians) 7. Steve Crary (Thespians, NFL) 8. Chuck Dunning (Thespians) 9. Andrea Starzak (Thespians) 10. Karen Eitzen (Thespians) 11. Debbie Tokarz (NFL) 12. Sherdene Sorenson (NFL) 13. Robin Allen (NFL, Thespians) 14. Jo Ellen Brink (Thespians) 15. Shelley Wilt (NFL) 16. Tom McDonald (NHS) 17. Denise Kluse (Thespians) 18. Chris Covert (Thespians) 19. Lacy Griffith (Thespians) 20. Judy Patterson (Thespians) 21. Anne Mintz (NFL) 22. Karen Read (NFL) 23. Peg Krol (Thespians, Sec., Q S) 24. Barb Moore (Thespians) 25. Mary McLean (NFL, Thespians) 26. Debbie Kirincic (Thespians) 27. Cathy Nowojski (NHS) 28. Donna Anderson (Thespians) 29. Sally Meyer (Thespians) 30. Nancy Fodor (Thespians) 31. Lynn Moore (Thespians, NFL, NHS, Q S) 32. Nancy Lengyel (NFL, Thespians Pres., NHS) 33. Michele Tolin (Thespians, Treas.) 34. Gina Brinkman (Q S) 96 35. Claudia Bond (NFL, NHS) 36. Deanne Brusch (Q S, NHS) 37. Donna Lammering (Q S) 38. Patti Higgins (Thespians, NFL) 39. Lou Hackenberry (NHS) 40. Jan Price (Q S) 41. Larry Johnson (NHS) 42. Jan Shorb (NHS) 43. Dave Holajter (NHS) 44. Jim McDaniel (NHS) 45. Bill Bell (NHS) 46. Tom Trent (Thespians, NFL) 47. John Papais (Thespians, NFL) 48. Mark Berey (NHS) 49. Bob Steiger (NHS) 50. Keith Corban (NHS) 51. Jeff Riffer (NFL) 52. Larry Gray (NFL) 53. Greg Malovance (NFL) 54. Greg Breclaw (NFL) 55. Julie Murphy (NFL) 56. Don Zoellner (NFL) 57. Bill Greene (NFL) 58. Harry Strick (NFL) 59. Dewey Conces (Thespians) 60. Paul Czyzewski (NFL) 61. Sue Bolls (NFL) 62. Rhonda Robertson (Q S, NFL, Thesp., NHS) 63. Walt Helminski (Thespians) 64. Rick Leet (Thespians, NFL) 65. Bob Leibengood (Thespians) 66. Howie Fine (Thespians) 67. Melissa Gilchrist (Thespians) 68. Gail Clement (NFL) 69. Rick Gubitz (NFL) 70. Todd Corban (Thespians) 71. Jill Crary (NFL) 72. Kris Nickoloff (Q S, NHS) 73. Mark Pope (Trespians, NFL) 74. Cherie Brown (NFL, Thespians) 75. Kathy Pope (Thespians) 76. Roseann Bryan (Thespians) 77. Marian Meisterling (Thespians) 78. Ruth Dray (Thespians, NFL, NHS) 79. Cathie Clark (Thespians) 80. Mary Bosch (NFL) 81. Sue Smith (NFL) 82. Wendy Blohm (Thespians) 83. Debbie Lekas (NHS) 84. Donna Muntiu (NHS) 85. Jim Maroe (Q S— Pres.) 86. Mark Ballard (NHS) 87. Anita Arlgren (NHS) 88. Jill Lanman (NHS) 89. Marjorie Trent (NHS) 90. Kim McLaughlin (Q S, NHS) 91. Paul Beyer (Thespians, NHS) 92. Chuck Croissant (NHS) 93. Leslie Friedman (NFL, NHS) 94. Bill Pansing (NHS— Pres.) 95. Bob Parker (NHS) 96. Jim Treder (NHS) 93. Neil Wolf (NFL, NHS) 98. Mike Bosch (NFL) 99. Jay Lynn (Thespians) 100. John Coulis (NHS) NOT PICTURED: Debi Skelley ((Q S), John Jones (Q S), Diana Lanting (Q S), Sue Brink (Thespians), Joan Buvala (Thespians), Mary Candiano (Thespians), Sue Cress (Thes- pians), Jim Dilbo (Thespians), Karen Malo (Thespians, NFL), Bill Tanis (Thespians), Linda Wisnewski , Thespians), Eve Andersen (NFL), Kelley Donnersberger (NFL), Eileen Fehring (NFL), Larry Gray (NFL), Bill Shaver (NFL). HONORARIES National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, National Forensic League, Thespians INSIGHT ’69-70: Quill and Scroll: designated as an honorary organization and not an activity organization; coordination of two candlelight ceremonies to induct two pledge classes; organ- ization of the third annual Publications Banquet at the Scher- wood with 250 guests attending. National Honor Society: spon- sored Alexander’s Book Fair; had a car in the Homecoming parade; put stories on tape for deaf students; ripped stories of violence out of magazines for boys at the Crown Point Deten- tion Home. National Forensic League: attended the National tournament in Washington; had first place trophies in the Munster Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament and Na- tional Forensic League District Debate Tournament; IHSPA Sectionals, Regionals, State Finals; National Forensic League District Solo Tournament; sent representative to the National Tournament in Kansas; Thespians: a lot of controversy about the fall play; fall initiation; hosted the Thespian Regional Con- ference; participated in the Homecoming parade; held the an- nual Christmas party; great support of the spring play; ordered jackets with the Thespian insignia; created the dart balloon game at the Carnival; had the annual picnic; chose the Summer Theatre. ORGANIZATIONS 97 1. Sherrie Schultz (German) 2. Linda Gregg (German) •3. Beth Graff (German) 4. Terry Johnson (German) 5. Cathy Satek (German) 6. Bev Eppler ( Art; German ) 7. Lou Hackenbery (Science) 8. Janet Fleming (Art) 9. Marty Homan (German) 10. Tom McDonald (German— Treas.) 11. Dave Holajter (German— Pres., Science— V.P.) 12. Rick Johnson (D.E.) 13. Tom Johnson (D.E.) 14. Sheldon Musick (German) 15. John Bickell (German) 16. Chuck Stewart (Science) 17. Mark Hiple (Science) 18. Larry Johnson (Science) 19. Jan Price (Science) 20. Mary Ann Bauschlet (German) 21. Donna Bcmbenista (German) 22. Jackie Lang (Art) 23. Sharon Abalman (Art) 24. Marilyn Zimmerman (Art) 25. Carol Raves (Art) 26. Sally Meyer (Art— President) 27. Sharon Hostettler (Art) 28. Linda Schmueser (D.D.) 29. Debbie Lekas (German) 30. Linda Castillo (German) 31. Joan Hlinka (German) 32. Paul Coulis (D.E. —Pres.) 33. Ruth Dray (German) 34. Melissa Tharpc 35. Kathy Bogusz (German) 36. Marilyn Sansone (German) 37. Karen Eitzen (Art) 38. Eileen Glapman (D.E., Art) 39. Cathy Nawojski (Art) 40. Theresa Serano (Science) 41. Jan Shorb (German) 42. Pam Mitziga (D.E.) 43. Karen Knesek (D.E.) 44. Sue Schwarz (Science) 45. Rhoda Tanis (D.E.) 46. Denise Kluse (Art) 47. Pat Proll (Art) 48. Nancy Jablonski (Science) 49. Sue Brink (Art) 50. Elaine Yasko (D.E.) 51. Debbie Murphy (German) 52. Patti McNamara (D.E.) 53. Sue Leonard (D.E.) 54. Carla Tchalo (German) 55. Karyl Weyhle (D.E.) 56. Sheri Smith (D.E.) 57. Sue Ferro (D.E.) 58. Nina McCoy (Art) 59. Nancy Brown (Art) 60. Debbie Tokarz (German) 61. Sherdene Sorenson (German) 62. Jeanne Alexander (Art) 63. Diana Castillo (Art) 64. Jo Ann Trimbur (Art) 65. Debbie Bolcis (Art) 66. Lydia Castillo (Art) 67. Sue Amos (Art) 68. Karen Read (German) 69. Rosemary Sikora (Art) 70. Judy Peterman (D.E.) 71. Estelle Kastulous (D.E.) 72. Cathy Angelcos (Art) 73. Triscia Stoker (German) 74. Carol Buczkowski (Art) 75. Jim Russell (Science) 76. Jim McDaniel (Science— Treasurer) 77. Larry Rosenstein (Science, German) 78. Keith Corban (Science, German) 79. Doug Oliver (Science) 80. Paul Czyzewski (Science) 81. Karl Deluga (Science) INSIGHT ’69-70: Science Club: established after school sales of Pepsi and potato chips as a money-maker; donated $50 for a kidney machine in the honor of Mr. Kurteff s father; took a field trip to Lane Tech High School for the Oceanography film fes- tival; donated $400 to the science dept, for new equipment for the lab; D. E. Club: sold calendar towels; attended the regional DECA conference and had trophy winners: Paul Coulis, Job Interview; Sue Leonard and Judy Peterman, Window Display; Chuck Dunning, Sales Demonstration; Sue Ferro, Advertising Layout Contest; a new club with much enthusiasm. German Club: sponsored bake sales; presented the movies: EMIL UND DIE DETEKTIVE” and “DER ZERBROCHENE KRUG ; con- tributed $100 toward the purchase of a kidney machine in the honor of Mr. Kurteff’s father; collected toys at Christmas for the poor; contributed $100 to the I.U. Honors; had the Carn- ' val “Jail”: Art Club: entered the Homecoming Parade, which turned into a disaster since rain ruined “Designing a Victory’ ; decorated the school at Christmas time; developed the calendars in the commons for seasons; sold flowers and did body painting at the Carnival booth; bought a Picasso print for the school, in trying to build up a collection of Art Treasures. ACADEMIC CLUBS German Club, Science Club, D.E. Club, Art Club 1. Paul Czyzewski (Chess) 2. Bev. Eppler (Y-Teens— Pres.) 3. John Wilson (Chess) 4. Doug Davidson (Chess) 5. Ron Jones (We-Folk) 6. Nick Makarewich (Chess) 7. Gordon Talanian (Chess) 8. Alan Groeger (Chess) 9. Bill Larson (Chess) 10. Gerry Macko (Y-Teens) 11. Lydia Castillo (Y-Teens) 12. Tricia Stoker (Y-Teens) 13. Denise Kluse (Y-Teens) 14. Gayle Skogan (Y-Teens) 15. Mary Victor (Y-Teens) 16. Karen Eitzen (Y-Teens) 17. Jackie Lang (We-Folk— Pres.) 18. Ilene Clapman (We-Folk— V.P.) 19. Jeanne Alexander (Y-Teens) 20. Debbie Kirincic (Y-Teens) 21. Alexis Huttle (Y-Teens) 22. Debbie Bobin (Y-Teens) 23. Andrea Starzak (Y-Teens) 24. Sherdene Sorenson (Y-Teens) 25. Nancy Branson (Y-Teens) 26. Debbie Wilson (Y-Teens— Treas.) 27. Joan Bogner (Y-Teens— V.P.) 28. Kathy Henke (Y-Teens) 29. Pat Proll (Y-Teens) 30. Jill Davidson (Y-Teens) 31. Lydia Castillo (Y-Teens) 32. Debbie Chael (Y-Teens) 33. Colleen Carney (Y-Teens) 34. Robin Blumenthal (Y-Teens) 35. Terry Johnson (Y-Teens) 36. Susan Rapacz (Y-Teens) 37. Linda Ebling (Y-Teens) 38. Beverly Bond (Y-Teens) 39. Kathy Bell (Y-Teens) 40. Linda Siple (Y-Teens) 41. June Summers (Y-Teens) 42. Tracy Gower (Y-Teens) 43. Nancy Curtis (Y-Teens) 44. Marilyn Friedman (Y-Teens) 45. Vicki Folta (Y-Teens) 46. Janice Hay (Y-Teens) 47. Linda Chidster (Y-Teens) 48. Juliann Driggs (Y-Teens) 49. Walt Helminski (We-Folk) 50. Mike “Abbie” Tolin (Chess) 51. Greg Bembenista (Chess) 52. Jim Young (Chess) 53. Chuck Dunning (We-Folk) 54. Kathy Bogusz (We-Folk; Y-Teens) 55. Marilyn Sansone (We-Folk; Y-Teens) 56. Gary Figuly (Chess) 57. Sheldon Musick (Chess) 58. Donna Bembenista (We-Folk; Y-Teens) 59. Carol Raves (We-Folk) 60. Avis Reed (We-Folk) 61. Ruth Helminski (We-Folk; Y-Teens) 62. Dave Spaniol (Chess) 63. Sonia Castillo (Y-Teens) 64. Beth Graff (Y-Teens) 65. Linda Gregg (Y-Teens) 66. Karen Read (Y-Teens— Sec.) 67. Susi Woodward (Y-Teens) 68. Joy Goebel (Y-Teens) 69. Karen Beatty (Y-Teens) 70. Loretta Pedone (Y-Teens) 71. Gail Pratt (Y-Teens) 72. Jackie Dahm (Y-Teens) 73. Rosemary Sikora (Y-Teens) 74. Sue Parks (Y-Teens) 75. Nancy Gile (Y-Teens) 76. Claudia Bower (Y-Teens) 77. Linda Fort (Y-Teens) 78. Sherri Barth (Y-Teens) 79. Carolyn Stankie (Y-Teens) 80. Diane Gajewski (Y-Teens) 81. Twala Wells (Y-Teens) 82. Denise Skozen (Y-Teens) 83. Teresa Seranno (Y-Teens) 84. Cindy Kocal (Y-Teens) 85. Chris Lautz (Y-Teens) 86. Nancy Southworth (Y-Teens) 87. Nancy Jablonski (Y-Teens) 88. Carole Chickoski (Y-Teens) ACTIVITY CLUBS Y -Teens, We-Folk, Chess Club INSIGHT ’69-70: Y-Teens: entered a car in the Homecoming parade; during National Y-Teens Week, washed car windows at Burgers and Montgomery Wards; collected for UNICEF at which the Munster chapter collected the most money; caroled at Christ- mas time at Sandra Memorial Nursing Home; attended a party at the “Y” in which fifty needy children were given toys that Munster had collected; held a formal dance at the Scherwood Club; had the annual lollipop sale; held a car wash and bake sale; sold candy turtles; Jill Davidson was honored as the area representative for the Texas convention of Y-Teens; We-Folk: went to Donovan Concert in October; performed at the Christ- mas show for the junior high; had a food drive, Kitchen Krusade,” in January; combined efforts with Morton and Lake Central in hosting the first Folk Festival; sang at community events; decorated a wagon for the Homecoming parade; par- ticipated in a T.V. show at Lake Central; Chess Club: played during lunch hours; entered an area tournament. 1. Mary Jo Miller (Pep Club) 2. Jan Shorb (Pep Club— Pres.) 3. Carol Kolten (Pep Club) 4. Mary Bosch (Pep Club) 5. Daletta McGraw (Pep Club) 6. Cathy Satek (Pep Club) 7. Eve Andersen (Pep Club) 8. Janice Satek (Pep Club) 9. Nancy Bjelland (Pep Club) 10. Alexis Huttle (Pep Club) 1 1. Karen Read (Pep Club) 12. Karen Geiger (Pep Club) 13. Linda Chidster (Pep Club) 14. Lydia Castillo (Pep Club) 15. Sue Brownlee (Pep Club) 16. JoEllen Breschock (Pep Club) 17. Bev Bond (Pep Club) 18. Jan Bonner (Pep Club) 19. Roseann Bryann (Pep Club) 20. Sue Webber (Drill Team) 21. Renee Stevens (Pep Club) 22. Carol Buczkowski (Pep Club) 23. Sue Amos (Pep Club) 24. Leslie Hoekema (Pep Club) 25. Sue White (Drill Team) 26. Beth Berey (Pep Club) 27. Debbie Ham (Pep Club) 28. Nancy Gile (Pep Club) 29. Cathy Boender (Pep Club) 30. Renee Guilotte (Pep Club) 31. Kathy Knutson (Pep Club) 32. Cherie Brown (Majorette) 33. Nancy Southworth (Pep Club) 34. Mary Satek (Pep Club) 35. Sherdene Sorenson (Pep Club) 36. Debbie Tokarz (Pep Club) 37. Robin Allen (Pep Club) 38. Jackie Dahm (Pep Club) 39. Cathy Strachan (Pep Club) 40. Jill Crary (Pep Club) 41. Jean Stine (Pep Club) 42. Sue Smith (Pep Club) 43. Leslie Feingold (Pep Club) 44. Jan Burlison (Pep Club) 45. Trudy Murakowski (Majorette ) 46. Carolyn Conrad (Majorette) 47. Nancy Fodor (Majorette) 48. Betsy Brager (Cheerleader) 49. Jayne Yahnkc (Cheerleader) 50. Sue Dixon (Drill Team) 51. Eileen Fehring (Cheerleader) 52. Debbie Rutz (Cheerleader) 53. Anita Ahlgren (Cheerleader) 54. Marjorie Trent (Cheerleader) 55. Carolyn Cooney (Drill Team) 56. Gayle Rutz (JV Cheerleader) 57. Chris Sobek (JV Cheerleader) 58. Donna Schley (JV Cheerleader) 59. Susi Speelman (JV Cheerleader) 60. Caren Casich (Drill Team) 61. Pam Eisner (Drill Team) 62. Nancy Landon (Drill Team) 63. Lisa Heatherington (Pep Club) 64. Angela Speranza (Pep Club) 65. Cathy Hanus (Pep Club) 66. Diane Castillo (Pep Club) 67. Becky Lorentzen (Pep Club) 68. Breena Dahlkoff (Pep Club) 69. Debbie Bolcis (Pep Club) 70. Kathy Sagala (Pep Club) 71. Rosemary Sikora (Pep Club) 72. Mary Victor (Pep Club) 73. Brenda Young (Pep Club) 74. Jo Ann Trimbur (Pep Club) 75. Cathy Hutchings (Pep Club) 76. Gail Ahlborn (Pep Club) 77. Jill Davidson (Pep Club) 78. Mary Ann Garafalo (Pep Club) 79. Sharon Zweige (Pep Club) 80. Diane Angell (Pep Club) 81. Karen Quint (Pep Club) 82. Joan Czyperle (Pep Club) 83. Janice Hay (Pep Club) 84. Leslie Rudzinski (Pep Club) 85. Jill Rittman (Pep Club) 86. Diane Marden (Pep Club) 87. Kathy Pope (Pep Club) 88. Joanne White (Pep Club) 89. Patty Higgins (Pep Club) 90. Dale Lammering (Pep Club) 91. Eve Coulis (Pep Club) 92. Doreen Estrada (Pep Club) 93. Diane Weeks (Pep Club) 94. Cathy Angelocos (Pep Club) 95. Julie Headdy (Majorette) 96. Barb Krueger (Majorette) 97. Ann Coulis (Pep Club) 98. Janet Satek (Pep Club) 99. Melissa Boldt (Pep Club) 100. Wendy Wilk ins (Pep Club) 101. Toni Thomas (Pep Club) 102. Diane Leirer (Pep Club) 103. Ruth Dray (Pep Club) 104. Linda Gregg (Pep Club) 105. Gail Pratt (Pep Club) 106. Mary Ann Jugovic (Pep Club) 107. Beth Graff (Pep Club) 108. Marian Fetzko (Pep Club) 109. Sherri Barth (Pep Club) 110. Pam Peglow (Pep Club) 111. Sue Parks (Pep Club) 112. Andrea Starzark (Pep Club) 113. Kelly Donnersberger (Pep Club) 114. Dawn Guess (Pep Club) 115. Lou Hackenberry (Pep Club) 116. Kim Graham (Drill Team) 117. Coralee Cleveland (Drill Team) 118. Terry Johnson (Drill Team) 119. Debby Altherr (Drill Team) 120. Linda Ahlgren (Pep Cluh) 121. Barb Crockett (Drill Team) 122. Barb Page (Drill Team) 123. Peggy Tilka (Drill Team) 124. Karen Dobis (Drill Team) 125. Dana Schley (Drill Team) 126. Juli Shumway (Drill Team) 127. Jeanne Alexander (Drill Team) 128. Karen Klage (Pep Club) 129. Lynn Erickson (Drill Team) 130. Peggy Amos (Drill Team) SPIRIT CLUBS Pep Club, Majorettes, Drill Team, Cheerleaders INSIGHT ’69-’70: Pep Club: three football season pep rallies; a newly instituted card section; first runner-up in the Home- coming car competition; made all signs boosting spirit for the athletic events; decorated the locker rooms at sectional time; sponsored Spirit Week and the Class Spirit Award; sold wreaths at Christmas as a money-maker. Majorettes: a somewhat disap- pointing year because of lack of communication; participated in the Homecoming parade; performed at football and basketball half-times. Drill Team: a new four-membered board: Caren Casich, Sue Dixon, Carolyn Cooney, Pam Eisner; new outfits and shakers; new routines with the band; sold ribbons before all games; entered the Carnival with the selling of balloons. Cheerleaders: went to a camp in Michigan and won a first place trophy; made money and gave mothers of ball players corsages at sectionals; attended the IU clinic; changed cheers to the more casual. ORGANIZATIONS 103 1. K. Kraus (10 U) 2. T. Lavery (10 11) 3. T. Ashby (105:11) 4. M. Robertson (105c 11 ) 5. R. Kennel (10 1 1) 6. C. Moore (108:11) 7. D. Vieweg (10 1 1) 8. J. Lipner (106cll) 9. C. Rawlins (106:11) 10. R. Leet (105cll) 11. R. Levin (105:11) 12. S. Parrish (105cll) 13. J. Zopp (105:11) 14. J. Papais (106:11) 15. D. Green (105:11) 16. G. Breclaw (105:11) 17. T. Ellison (105:11) 18. B. Shinkan (105:11) 19. T. Campion (105:11) 20. R. Hirsch (106:11) 21. T. Gibbs (10 11) 22. K. Clifton (105:11) 23. L. Dunn (106:11) 24. M. Victor (106:11) 2.5. W. Wakefield 26. C. Simpson (105:11) 27. K. Johnson (105:11) 28. S. Crary (106:11) 29. W. Barton (106:11) 30. B. Kelley 105:11) 31. M. Nolan (106:11) 32. J. Boris (106:11) 33. K. Read (106:11) 34. V. Sala (106:11) 35. C. Johnson (106:11) 36. B. Berey (106:11) 37. M. Church (106:11) 38. T. Johnson (106:11) 39. S. Sorensen (106:11) 40. S. Keene (106:11) 41. J. Barker (108:11) 42. L. Hodus (105:11) 43. N. Gile (105:11) 44. T. Trent (106:11) 45. J. Yaknke (105:11) 46. E. Fehring (106:11) 47. J. Bonner (106:11) 48. G. Schoon (108:11) 49. P. Kasten (108:11) 50. K. Klage (106:11) 51. D. Marks (108:11) 52. L. Griffith (106:11) 53. B. Lorentzen (106:11) 54. M. Rader (106:11) 55. C. Casich (105:11) 56. R. Delaney (106:11) 57. R. Gershman (106: 11 ) 58. J. Gainer (106:11) 59. P. Shaw (106:11) 60. D. Chael (106:11) 61. J. Alexander (106:11) 62. B. Eppler (108:11) 63. C. Huber (106:11) 64. V. Breclaw (106:11) 65. C. Clark (106:11) 66. S. Dixon (106:11) 67. D. Tokarz (105:11) 68. J. Rittman (106:11) 69. D. Guess (106:11) 70. N. Landon (106:11) 71. M. Miller (106:11) 72. J. Malo (108:11) 73. J. White (106:11) 74. D. Altherr (108:11) 75. K. Sagala (108:11) 76. J. Trimbur (106:11) 77. A. Huttle (106:11) 78. R. Sikora (105:11) 79. N. Lekas (106:11) 80. C. Satek (108:11) 81. S. Amos (106:11) 82. D. Castillo (108:11) 83. D. Wilson (108:11) 84. L. Castillo (108:11) 85. S. Zweige (106:11) 86. J. Sumbels (105:11) 87. M. Tanis (Gl) 88. L. Krupinski (Gl) 89. K. Salatas (10) 90. C. Kendrick (Gl) 91. J. Copple (Gl) 92. K. Quint (Gl) 93. R. Strickland (10) 94. D. Keene (11) 95. M. Ulber (11) 96. B. Larson (106:11) 97. C. Angelcos (105: 11 ) 98. R. Jones (106:11) 99. D. Demy (105:11) 100. R. Helminski (Gl) 101. M. Fetzko (Gl) 102. J. Murphy (Gl) 103. N. McDaniel (Gl) 104. M. Otte (Gl) 105. N. Southworth (Gl) 106. S. Barth (Gl) 107. Janet Satek (Gl) 108. B. Williamson 109. J. Lair (Gl) 110. G. Macko (Gl) 111. Janice Satek 112. J. Kuhn (Gl) 113. D. Leirer (Gl) 1 14. E. Coulis (Gl) 115. A. White (Gl) 116. M. Majowski (Gl) 117. G. Ahlborn (Gl) 118. B. Ross (106:11) 119. J. Wingfield (10 8 : 11 ) 120. J. Russell (Con) 121. J. Lichtsinn (Con) 122. B. Pansing (Con) 123. K. Haas (Con) 124. J. Coulis (Con) 125. C. Davidson (Con) 126. D. VonBorstel (Con) 127. M. Pope (Con) 128. M. Sutkowski (Con) 129. K. Replinger (Con) 130. T. Baudino (Con) 131. P. Amos (Con) 132. L. Wisnewski (Con) 133. C. Tchalo (Con) 134. J. Brossart (Con) 135. S. Castillo (Con) 136. D. Kirincic (Con) 137. D. Muntiu (Con) 138. C. Brown (Con) 139. J. Lanman (Con) 140. N. Sands (Con) 141. K. Kucer (Con) 142. D. Nelson (Con) 143. K. Malo (Con) 144. D. McGraw (Con) 145. C. Kolton (Con) 146. R. Dray (Con) 147. S. Webber (Con) 148. J. Wennekes (Con) 149. M. Polisky (Con) 150. J. Shorb (Con) 151. W. Blohm (Con) 152. C. Bond (Con) 153. D. Pelc (Con) 154. S. Cress (Con) 155. D. Stewart (Con) 156. A. Ahlgren (Con) 157. L. Bates (C Gl) 158. G. Ammon (Con) 159. J. Gilbo (Con) 1 60. J. Simpson (Con, Gl) 161. P. Higgins (Con) 162. M. Trent (Con) 163. K. Andersen (Con) 164. B. Nelson (Con) 165. G. Pratt (Glee) 166. L. Fort (Glee) 167. T. Helminski (Con) 168. T. Siemering (Con) 169. J. Sullivan (Con) 170. S. Mohler (Con) 171. K. Bogusz (Glee) 172. K. Geiger (Gl) 173. M. Sansone (Glee) 174. P. Tilka (Glee) 175. D. Bembenista (Gl) 176. W. Wilkins (Glee) 177. S. Speelman (Glee) 178. J. Burlison (Gl) 179. N. Bjelland (Gl) 180. J. Washburn (Glee) 181. C. Stanki (Gl) 182. D. Weeks (Gl) 183. K. Knutson (Gl) 184. J. Davison (Glee) 185. M. Nondorff (Gl) 186. T. Thomas (Glee) 187. D. Schley (Glee) 188. P. Hamacher (Gl) 189. C. Bond (Glee) 190. M. Meisterling V G1) 191. P. Good (Glee) 192. E. Hensey (Glee) 193. G. Gyure (Glee) 194. J. Stine (Glee) 195. L. Erickson (Glee) 196. D. Lammering (Gl) 197. J. Crary (Glee) 198. B. Raymond (Gl) 199. S. Smith (Glee) 200. K. Pope (Glee) 201. J. Hlinka (Glee) 202. L. Feingold (Glee) 203. C. Carney (Glee) 204. R. Bryan (Glee) 205. K. Donnersburger 206. L. Heatherington 207. A. Speranza (Glee) 208. C. Lautz (Glee) 209. C. Hanus (Glee) 210. J. Gobel (Glee) 211. R. Guilotte (Gl) 212. S. Webber (Glee) 213. J. Breshock (Gl) 214. A. Coulis (Gl) 215. J. Barker (Gl) 216. D. Estrada (Glee) 217. L. Hoekema (Gl) 218. M. Bosch (Glee) 219. L. Rudzinski (Gl) 220. C. Stracken (Gl) 221. B. Graff (Glee) 222. J. Dahm (Glee) 223. M. Jugovic (Glee) 224. M. Boldt (Glee) 225. C. Chichoski (Gl) 226. B. Kroll (Glee) 227. L. Gregg (Glee) 228. J. Treder (Glee) 229. J. Shumway (Glee) 230. M. Gilchrist (Gl) GENERAL VOCAL MUSIC Glee Club, Concert Choir, 10th 6- 11th Grade Choir INSIGHT ’69-70: 10th and 11th Choir: sang in the Winter Con- cert— “Carol of the Bells,” “The French Carol,” Amahl and the Nite,”; the Spring Concert found selections such as “Alleluia! , “To Choose Something Like A Star,” and “Ainta That Good News!” Concert Choir: the choir— day candy sale was held in November; the December Concert; the presentation of a Spring Concert in April; the NISBOVA Contest in Elkart and a second place rating; sang at Baccalaureate and at Graduation; Girls’ Glee Club: sang at the Christmas concert with tre Ceremony of Carols; sang at the Christmas Assembly; sang at the spring music concert; received a first place rating at NISBOVA. ORGANIZATIONS 105 1. John Coulis (Mixed) 2. Mark Pope (Boys’) 3. Kathy Pope (Girls’ E.) 4. Maria Modjeski (Girls’ E.) 5. Greg Breclaw (Boys’) 6. Marian Meisterling (Girls’ E.) 7. Carolyn Bond (Girls’ E.) 8. Roger Levin (Boys’) 9. Curt Moore (Mixed) 10. Nancy Sands (Mixed; Sextet Accompan.) 11. Joe Zopp (Mixed) 12. Nancy Landon (Girls’ E.) 13. Sue Webber (Girls’ E.) 14. Rick Leet (Mixed) 15. Jim Russell (Mixed) 16. Chuck Croissant (Mixed; Boys’ Accompan.) 17. Carla Tchalo (Mixed) 18. Gary Shumway (Boys’) 19. Donna Muntiu (Mixed) 20. Dave Vieweg (Mixed) 21. Terry Gibbs (Boys’) 22. Jane Brossart (Sextet) 23. Jan Shorb (Mixed) 24. Claudia Bond (Sextet) 25. Marjorie Trent (Mixed) 26. Karen Malo (Mixed) 27. Jim Wingfield (Boys’) 28. Dave Pelc (Mixed) 29. Diane Castillo (Sextet) 30. Cathy Clifton (Girls’ E.) 31. Gloria Guy re (Girls’ E.) 32. Mr. Fort 33. Cathy Clark (Sextet) 34. Peg Kasten (Sextet; Girls’ Accompan.) 35. Craigs Rawlins (Boys’) 36. Ken Andersen (Boys’) 37. Jill Lanman (Mixed) 38. Terry Baudino (Boys’) 39. Mr. Holmberg 40. Brad Ross (Boys’) 41. Cherie Brown (Sextet) 42. Tom Siemering (Mixed) 43. Dick VonBorstel (Boys’) 44. Craig Davidson (Boys’) NOT PICTURED: Barb Kennel (Girls’ Mixed) SPECIALIZED VOCAL MUSIC Mixed Ensemble, Girls’ Ensemble, Boys’ Ensemble, Girls’ Sextet INSIGHT ’69-’70: Mixed Ensembles: sang at Christmas concerts at the Munster Junior Woman’s Club, Woman’s Chapter of the AMA meeting, Eads School, and MHS; sang at the spring con- cert at Hammond Tech, and at the Spring concert at Munster. Girls’ Ensemble: sang at tre Munster Jr. Woman’s Club; the Medical Auxiliary, the Comuunity Hospital Auxiliary, Eads School, the Senior High Christmas Concert, the Christmas As- sembly program; received a first place rating from the NISBOVA contest, and a second place rating at the state contest; sang at the spring concert. Boys’ Ensemble: first place at NISBOVA; Girls’ Sextet: won a first at regionals and a first at the state con- test; the second year with the same girls and winning tradition. 1. Mark Wein (Concert) 2. Bob Hetrick (Concert, Pep, Stage) 3. Bob Kulka (Concert, Pep, Stage) 4. Fred Martin (Concert) 5. Rick Wamsher (Concert, Pep, Stage) 6. Dave Kalman (Concert, Pep, Stage) 7. Kathy Jones (Concert) 8. Paul Schaw (Concert) 9. Loretta Pedone (Concert) 10. Mark Berns (Concert, Pep, Stage) 11. Gina Brinkman (Concert, Stage) 12. Dan Tufford (Concert) 13. Bob Steiger (Concert, Pep) 14. Sheree Peglow (Concert, Pep) 15. Therese Martin (Concert, Pep) 16. Chris Sobek (Concert) 17. Dorir Marks (Concert) 18. Jim Schmidt (Concert) 19. Cheryl Huber (Concert, Pep, Stage) 20. Jack Kus (Concert, Pep, Stage) 21. Paul Lichtsinn (Concert, Pep) 22. John Panchisin (Concert) 23. Greg Eidam (Concert, Pep, Stage) 24. George Devetak (Cone., Pep, Stage) 25. Jackie Dahm (Concert, Pep) 26. Linda Chidester (Concert, Pep) 27. Nancy Chipman (Concert, Pep) 28. Jane Washburn (Concert, Pep) 29. Paul Wickland (Concert, Pep, Stage) 30. Myron Schmidt (Concert, Pep, Stage) 31. John Bickel (Concert) 32. Phil Coulis (Concert) 33. Glenn Griffin (Concert, Pep, Stage) 34. Mr. Carmony (Director) INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Pep Band, Stage Band, Concert Band INSIGHT ’69-’70: a new director inspired many; the establish- ment of an entirely new band program with four bands— stage, pep, junior high, and senior high concert band; chose not to be in the Christmas Concert, but instead had their own in the Spring; the Pep Band toured the elementary schools; the Stage Band toured the Jewish Synagogue and Frank Hammond School; the Pep Band marched in the Lansing parade and played at the carnival; had a cake walk at the carnival; sold candy as a money- maker. ORGANIZATIONS 109 1. Wendy Blohm (Paragon) 2. Kris Nickoloff (Paragon— Co-Editor) 3. Rhonda Robertson (Paragon— Co-Editor) 4. Rick Hirsch (Pegasus, Crier) 5. Nicki Lekas (Pegasus) 6. Joyce Barker (Paragon) 7. Janet Satek (Paragon) 8. Beth Raymond (Paragon) 9. Dale Lammering (Paragon) 10. Wendy Wilkins (Crier) 11. Jill Crary (Crier) 12. Robin Allen (News Bureau, Crier) 13. Nancy Bjelland (Crier) 14. Michelle Tolin (News Bureau) 15. Jan Price (News Bureau, Pegasus) 16. Mary Satek (Crier) 17. Donna Bembenista (Paragon) 18. Linda Gregg (Paragon) 19. Kathy Knutson (Crier) 20. Kathy Bogusz (Paragon) 21. Linda Schmueser (Crier) 22. Dan Tufford (Crier) 23. Jeanne Kuhn (Paragon) 24. Miss Kelley (Adviser: Cr. Peg.) 25. Mrs. Wilson (Adviser: Paragon) 26. Mrs. Glendening (Adviser: N.B.) 27. Bill Pansing (Paragon) 28. Alexis Huttle (Paragon) 29. Debbie Bobin (Paragon) 30. Sue Amos (Paragon) 31. Karen Read (Paragon) 32. Liz Cohen (Paragon) 33. Kim Graham (Paragon) 34. Kim McLaughin (Crier) 35. Gina Brinkmann (News Bureau) 36. Sally Meyer (Pegasus) 110 37. Lori Nelson (Pegasus, Crier) 38. Cathy Satek (Paragon) 39. Debbie Bolcis (Paragon) 40. Sue Schwarz (News Bureau) 41. Janice Satek (Paragon) 42. Alice Beckman (Paragon) 43. Jo Ann Trimbur (Paragon) 44. Mary Ann Bauscblet (Paragon) 45. Terry Martin (Crier) 46. Carole Ciohoski (Paragon) 47. Deanne Brusch (Paragon) 48. Mary Anne Candiano (Crier) 49. Julie Slivka (Pegasus) 50. Chris Fischer (Paragon) 51. Arlene Simon (Crier) 52. Debi Skelley (Paragon, Crier) 53. Nancy Southworth (Crier) 54. Diana Lanting (Pegasus— Ed.; Crier) 55. Paula Walker (Paragon) 56. Donna Lammering (Paragon) 57. Donna Muntiu (Crier) 58. Jan Copple (Pegasus) 59. Lynn Moore (Editor— News Bureau) 60. Larry Rosenstein (Pegasus) 61. Sherri Barth (Paragon) 62. Ellen Jacobson (Paragon) 63. Ellen Goodman (Paragon) 64. Cathy Buckley (Paragon, News Bur.) 65. Ken Replinger (Crier) 66. Karl Deluga (Pegasus, Crier) 67. Dave Holaiter (Pegasus) 68. Curt Etter (Pegasus) 69. Cheryl Lanting (Pegasus) 70. Eve Coulis (Crier) 71. Rick Gubitz (Paragon) 72. Mary Bosch (Paragon) 73. Barb Page (Paragon) 74. Anne Mintz (Crier) 75. Jim Young (Paragon) 76. Tom Schwoegler (Paragon, Crier) 77. Cathy Hanus (Paragon) 78. Linda Krupinski (Pegasus) 79. Jackie Dahm (Pegasus) 80. Rick McNees (Paragon, Crier) 81. Jane Washburn (Paragon) 82. Toni Thomas (Paragon) 83. Cbris Sobek (Paragon) 84. Mary Ann Jugovic (Paragon, Crier) 85. John Jones (Editor— Crier) 86. Brooke Boroughs (Pegasus, Crier) 87. Leslie Feingold (Paragon) 88. Jean Stine (Paragon) 89. Mark Sutkowski (Paragon, Crier) 90. Pam Peglow (Paragon) 91. Karen Geiger (Paragon, Crier) 92. Judy Patterson (News Bureau) 93. Sharon Abalman (Crier) 94. Ellen Hensey (Crier) 95. Dick Atkins (Paragon) 96. Marian Fetzko (Paragon) 97. John Lichtsinn (Crier) 98. Barb Maloney (Crier, Pegasus) 99. Karen Fischer (Paragon) 100. Peggy Good (Crier) 101. Joni Gainer (Paragon) 102. Gerry Macko (Crier) 103. Pat Proll (Paragon) 104. Sherry Goldstein (Crier) 105. Patti Dermody (Crier) 106. Caren Casich (Paragon) 107. Ken Andersen (Crier) NOT PICTURED: Karen Allen (Par.); Marian Meisterling (Par.); Kathy Pope (Par.); Angela Speranza (Par.); Sue Parks (Par.); Rich Pellar (Par.); Rudy Higgins (Par.); Larry Johnson (Par.); Rusty Rasch (Par.); J. Maroe (Ed.— Crier; Peg., N. B.); D. Kirincic (N. B.); A. Gold- stein (Crier), P. Krol (Crier). PUBLICATIONS Paragon, Crier, News Bureau, Pegasus INSIGHT ’69-’70: Paragon: First Place in Homecoming car com- petition; trip to the National Scholastic Press Assn. Conv. in Chicago over Thanksgiving; annual Christmas gift-exchange and the sophomore skit; record sale of yearbooks during the PEPSI campaign; “Pary’s Posies” for the carnival booth netted over $95; the SOS picture sale brought in $75; the third annual Publica- tions Banquet found twelve staff members being honored as “Most Outstanding”; monthly workshops continued; the addition of the sophomore and junior sixteen-paged signatures; a trip to the publishing company in Alabama for the co-editors; a trip to S.K. Smith in Chicago for editors; the highest honor achieved in December: Paragon’s first “All-American.” Crier: an entirely new paper; a style perfected with additional news columns of Side-Lines, Speak-Out. and World in Focus; a special pollution issue gained professionalism; a $300 debt in September was overcome by money-making activities: taffy apples, candy canes, candy hearts, bake sales, car wash; an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor was the Carnival booth; a year with a staff proud of its professional-looking paper. News Bureau: a good staff with enthusiasm from the members and adviser; more coverage for MHS with the addition of four columns; planning of two TV programs; the continuance of the MHS Happenings in the Com- mons; a “Love Bead” booth at the Carnival; a year of re-building and an organized staff. Pegasus: a changed magazine format with a quote theme unifying the production; a more professional- looking magazine with the type set; first carnival booth; success. ORGANIZATIONS 111 ATHLETICS " ■SIANCS MDStXNCS " ttSUMti tfSIA|lCS WlSlMCS. MSUtfg NISimGS •Hunt ' r V 3 I bSUNGf l 3MUlC l U’ey tj6gy . f . , J m »’jSIA«t- s I3T«ICS If •ftWCS WUSUKfJ Hu 5 ' L_ Mj«mNC 9 Above— Varsity— Front Row: J. Brandley, trainer; J. McDaniel, man- ager; G. Duffala, D. Pelc, R. Wamsher, R. Higgins, R. Parker, M. Berey, J. Wilson, B. Parker, J. Eidam, tri-captain; D. Moreno, T. Siem- niering, manager. Back Row: L. Johnson, L. Kraus, G. Starewicz, S. Mohler, A. Guttstein, T. Khras, tri-captain; G. Weyand, J. Co.ulis, J. Treder, T. Morris, K. Johnson, P. Jankura, tri-captain; M. Rader. Above-Football Team-Front Row: M. Niksic, Asst. Coach; D. Edinger, R. Plunkett, M. Brew, A. Groeger, J. Given, P. Coulis, P. Mulany d! Green B. Vitkus, W. Peters, B Kelly, B. Long, M. Robertson, J. Stone, Asst. Coach. Back Row: A. Bochnowski, Asst. Coach, J. Webber, D. White, D. Paul, G. Karas, C. Peyrot, JL.Ioung, B. Shinkan. R. Hoclor. R. Delaney J. Wingfield, B. Green, RShaw, D. Borgman, manage J. Friend, Head Coach. Football I am now the Epitome of violence, Pain, sweat, dirt, Rage; I have become The victor- I have Experienced the ultimate And I am still But hero, but failure, But man. INSIGHT ’69: Coach Friend, true esteem bestowed by all— a “Bridge” kept, a rating of sixth in state by the AP— until— a lost “world war” at Valpo by one point, a termination of the season, an eleventh place state rank- ing, the admiration of this football team, our best ever, was truly bequeathed in its entirety. Left— D. Pelc speedily accelerates dauntless of the heavy traffic. Below— T. Karas champions pile resulting in yet another touch down adding to his fame. Right— J. Eidam ( tackle. Below— L. square-out switch Football lisplays his jarring and characteristic Johnson successfully maneuvers a pattern. 116 VARSITY FOOTBALL Munster Opponent 21 Clark 8 43 Chesterton 9 45 River Forest 0 33 Highland 14 50 Whiting 0 35 Lake Central 12 13 Valparaiso 14 35 Crown Point 6 33 Wirt 6 42 T. F. South 0 State Ranking: 11th SEASON RECORD: 9-1 The hands, the grace, the disregard for consequences Gang tackling— the pain, the sweat, the dirt, the rage Invincible lineman— acclaimed for their “wild-eyed efforts” by Coach Friend J. Coulis— zeros in for superb support at defensive end B. Parker— tackles to fracture foe’s pass G. Starewicz— speed and power enables a break to the open ATHLETICS 117 . 1 G. Starewicz prepares to peal back as L. Kraus deters certain Highland enemy. G. Weyand — exhibits the constant grit typifying Mustang gridmen, Morris— energetic brawn powers off-tackle This is what our players wear to keep them warm when we’re not there M. Rader— fiercely leads interference for acclaimed senior tailback T. Karas 118 X-Country Team— Front Row— K. Corban, R. Rasch, co- captains; R. Clark, L. Gray, R. Carr, J. Spector, J. Rosco, M. Erickson, J. Rasch, Richard Dilling, coach. Second Row— B. Bracco, C. Davidson, T. Grothouse, P. Czyzewski, M. McConnell, J. Lichtsinn, D. Cummings, B. Frantz, B. Shaver. Right bottom: Jim Rasch— an obstinate, resolved and dogged will is never bent. VARSITY X-COUNTRY Munster Opponei 47 Highland 17 16 Lowell 39 15 Lew Wallace 43 20 Clark 37 17 Hanover Central 54 18 Horace Mann 43 25 Gavit 33 27 Bishop Noll 28 15 Lake Central 40 20 East Chicago Wash. 37 15 Whiting 62 21 Merrillville 34 21 T. F. South 37 22 River Forest 35 Highland Invitational— 7th; La Porte Invitational— 13th; Sectional— 4th; Regional -14th; SEASON RECORD 13 ' -1 ■ 3 120 The “Creature’s” crew, a minute rest, and a pre-sectional visit to Tacques Marquett. The Dunes, muddy sand, and swift determination Corban— to have infinite power is but to surpass Carr— an invincible quest , it Dilling— the man who made us men Clark— the aspiring team nucleus R. Rasch— an overmaster of pain X-Country I am now jettisoned forth My legs are Pumping furiously Into a still green Gallop - and so I Befriend a song - a Simple sound - until The painful conquest Has but ceased. INSIGHT ’69: The “Creature”— the imaginary team mas- cot . . . “WMPP”— the victory over Bishop Noll . . . M.V.P.— Jim Rasch ran a tremendous 750 mile summer . . . P.H.D.— Keith Corban and the inspiring “morale Board”— the greatest year ever. ATHLETICS 121 VARSITY TENNIS Munster Opponent 2 Crown Point 3 4 Griffith 1 5 River Forest 0 4 Highland 1 5 Hanover Central 0 2 Crown Point 3 3 Griffith 2 5 River Forest 0 3 Highland 2 5 Hanover Central 0 Sectionals: 2nd place; Conference: Tied for 1st place SEASON RECORD: 8-2 Davidson— form, graceful ease, success Kalman— a powerful back-court semi-overhead slam Cornell— drive and precision rockets a quick return Allen— overhead slam Davidson— a fantastic rush— a fabulous scoop Goodman— and a superb clutch shop Sutkowski— and a desperation forehand scoop 122 Tennis If at any time It is possible to Be an individual, It must be now. For the knowledge, Offense, retrieving, Pressure, and constant Effort is but mine To achieve. INSIGHT ’69: MVP— the “Jugheads” Sutkowski, Cornell . . . P.H.D.— the desperate mental effort— D. Kalman . . . The “Bat Masterson” with a racket— D. Davidson . . . One— regular, two — double net, three— switch . . . Four— fake switch, five— fake switch double net . . . Winning strategies for a winning combination. . Above— E. Allen— forcefully bulls ball over the net. Below— Tennis Team— Front Row: D. Vieweg, E. Allen, D. Davidson, D. VonBorstel. Second Row: J. Young, D. Kalman, N. Goodman, M. Sutkowski, B. Cornell. Third Row: W. Wakefield, B. Girot, C. Allen, S. Holajter, R. Nelson. Back Row: Jon Fech, Asst. Coach; Lloyd Lindquist, Head Coach. R. Rasch— hustles in Sectional toil. K. Detzner— our rugged rebounder pursues the hoop. VARSITY BASKETBALL Munster Opponent 47 Calumet 61 61 Highland 70 35 Hammond High 60 66 Whiting 50 82 River Forest 88 70 Griffith 75 72 Michigan City 83 80 Griffith 62 55 Crown Point 79 56 East Chicago Roosevelt 87 59 Hammond Tech 68 66 Clark 77 62 Gavit 63 77 T. F. South 64 62 Lowell 59 57 Lake Central 74 55 Crown Point 61 55 Valparaiso 71 50 Morton 72 73 Merrillville 63 53 Sectional— Morton 49 59 Sectional— T ech 54 65 Sectional— Clark 78 T TT.S A.A. Sectionals— 2nd place Weinberg— driving down the left baseline against Gavit, our “almost victory.” J. Gott— the vigorous sophomore shooter tallies for two. M. McConnell, R. Weinberg, R. Rasch— always on the floor. M. Waisnora— the tough driver proves so. 124 L e f t— “Wino” strongly obtains another tip-in. Below— Tom Grothouse hustles on offense. Basketball Burning sweat Overtakes my eyes, But I’ll show you- My frustration mounts, Back and forth I run Over and over again, The season ' s end comes, And guess what? I showed everyone! ATHLETICS 125 Basketball INSIGHT ’69-’70: Coach Hunt, so much time and ef- fort put forth . . . Coach Robertson, hard work made funny . . . the great Michigan City trip . . . Mr. Kenny’s after sectionals . . . Busher, Grotoon, Wino . . . P.H.D. award winner Rusty Rasch; Most Valuable, Roger Wein- berg; Most valuable tourney player, M. McConnell; Free throw record, B. Bell. A losing season . . . faith in themselves ... in triumph the underdogs came to be runnerup sectional victors. Above— Senior ballhandler R. Rasch maneuvers success- fully against a Gavit foe. Right— Forward B. Bell, our best free-throw man, aiming for pass-attack against a Rider. 126 Top Above— Varsity— Front Row: M. Ballard, manager; K. Detzner, F. Schroer, M. McConnell, B. Bell, R. Weinberg. Second Row: R. Wamsher, manager; R. Rasch, J. Gott, R. Brooks, M. Waisnora, T. Grothouse, D. Hunt, head coach; E. Robertson, asst, coach. Above — J.V.— Front Row: J. Schneider, manager; R. Nolan, J. Fox, R. Nelson, M. Miller, B. Wilthew. T. Ashby. Second Row: K. Martin, W. Gott, R. Delaney, J. Spector, D. Sarchet, B. Girot, K. Johnson, E. Robertson, coach. Left— M. McConnell. ATHLETICS 127 P. Steiger— an example of the beautiful diving which earned a 5th place state ranking. R. Pellar— enforcing his stroke in the 50 yd. free •• 128 S. Parrish— a year of triumph, the 200 yd. individual medley and relay records broken. M. Hiple— a reaching out in the 100 yd. backstroke. R. Levin— surpassing with strength in the 100 yd. butterfly. B. Kelley— earning another letter and mastering the 50 yd. free. i. Dietrich— Prodding forth in the 100 yd. breaststroke. A. Guttstein— quickly trying to get out of his turn. VARSITY SWIMMING Munster Opponent 51 South Newton 44 48 Valparaiso 47 76 Griffith 19 36 S. B. Jackson 59 60 LaPorte 35 37 S. B. Adams 57 50 Portage 45 64 Hammond High 31 54 Bishop Noll 41 53 Michigan City 32 60 Whiting 34 50 Lafayette 45 59 T. F. South 36 Won 11— Lost 2 Munster Relays— 1st place tic Sectionals— 2nd place State Finals— 19th place P. Hiple— Sectional champion in the 100 yd. backstroke, Swimming Th ere was but water- Mouthfuls of it! I sprinted, I hit my turns— I won! Then lost— when in my final effort, The tide abruptly turned. Below— B. Ross— sectional double winner: 50 100 yd. free. ATHLETICS 129 Above— J. Rasch executing free style form which earned him the pool and school records in the 400 yd. free. Above Right— P. Steiger competing in his winning style; Right— Capt. B. Pansing, his first year for the butterfly. 130 Swimming Insight ’69-70: Coach Jepsen-a completely noteworthy change in swimming technique . . . we don t mess around,” team morale . . . the Lafayette triumph . . . ecstasy after season win to Noll . . . depression after sectional loss to them . . . sectional winners: B. Pansing, S. Parrish, B. Ross, P. Hiple ... a victorious 5th in state for “Steig’s” diving . B. Pansing, S. Parrish— finalists for “Most Valuable.” Left-Varsity-Front Row: T. Lavery, D. Dietrich, B. Kelley, L. Neukranz, P. Wickland, S. Zimmer- man. Second Row: R. Pellar, R. Levin, B. Pansing, capt.; M. Hiple, B. Ross, T. Helminski, mgr.; Mr. Chelich, diving coach. Third Row: ' D. Green, B. Dunn, P. Hiple, A. Guttstein, M. Wood, J. Rasch, S. Par- rish, J. Jepsen, head coach. Lower Left— J.V. —Front Row: E. Green, R. Lanman, T. Otten- heimer, R. Rosenthal, J- Kominski. Second Row T. Swarthout, mgr.; M Blocker, N. Richter, J Siteck, R. Wennekes, M Doros. Third Row: B Miller, J. Marshall, J Stewart, R. Lowe, P Nelson, J. Amos. ATHLETICS 131 Above— L. Johnson pinning his Merrillville opponent with unique butcher hold. Right— K. Kraus superbly riding his man with outside ankle. Above Right— P. Jankura applying the “chicken wing’’ and attempting to break his man down. Right— B. Brew countering a single leg. 132 Wrestling HEY! WE WON SECTIONALS! ATHLETICS 133 VARSITY WRESTLING Munster Opponent 34 Lowell 16 42 Valparaiso 6 38 Crown Point 6 43 Horace Mann 9 28 Griffith 16 31 River Forest 19 41 Whiting 5 35 Hammond Tech 15 47 E. C. Roosevelt 5 35 Merrillville 13 Won 10— Lost 0 1st I.H.S.A.A. Sectional 4th I.H.S.A.A. Regional 4th I.H.S.A.A. State 1st— North Liberty 2nd— Hammond Holiday 5th— Hobart Invitational J. Eidam— forcefully attempting to perform a switch. L. Kraus (right) his last meet an injured knee befalls him. J. Eidam — powerful pressure applied to move into the “vice.” Wrestlin ATHLETICS 135 Right— M. Berey breaking his man clown with outside ankle. Below— Wrestlers— Front Row: H. Fine, mgr.; J. Foudray, R. Straub, D. Watson, R. Plunkett, K. Kraus, P. Coulis, W. Wakefield. Second Row: R. Mudd, asst, coach; D. Paul, B. Bracco, B. Brew, R. Higgins, L. Kraus, J. Eidam, L. Johnson, P. Jankura, M. Berey, A. Bochnowski, head coach. Far Right— R. Higgins sets his man up for a takedown. 136 Wrestling INSIGHT ’69-’70: Coach Bochnowski started with a group of boys, and through four years of strenuous coaching, victors arose . . . “Gumby”— Coach Mudd, a state winner himself . . . K. Kraus, ex-lax . . . R. Hig- gins— most valuable wrestler . . . B. Brew— most im- proved wrestler . . . D. Watson— most valuable • frosh . . . R. Higgins— pin record— 18 pins . . . J. Eidam, R. Higgins, L. Johnson— Sectional champions . . . R. Hig- gins-Regional champion and 4th in state . . . the op- ponents meet, a slap on the ground, it had begun, and now it has ended in but championship fashion. BASEBALL Munster Opponent 3 EC Washington 6 5 EC Roosevelt 3 2 Hammond Morton 0 1 Benton Central 0 4 Benton Central 5 4 Hammond Clark 0 1 Whiting 0 0 EC Washington 3 4 Bishop Noll 4 6 Hanover Central 7 9 Valparaiso 6 1 Gary Wirt 5 9 Crown Point 6 3 Highland 1 11 Lowell 4 10 Merrillville 1 Griffith 15 (Griffith Invitational) 4 Highland 6 (Griffith Invitational) 4 2 Calumet 0 5 Michigan City 1 0 Michigan City 2 11 Lake Central 4 5 Hanover Central 0 5 Merrillville 1 8 Gary West Side Hammond Technical 4 8 (IHSAA Toumey) 3 Bishop Noll 1 (IHSAA Tourney— Semis) 9 B. Bell— receives throw from Duffy for put-out. M. Ballard— rescues yet another game. G. Duffala— attempts to start rally for Wirt battle. J.V. Baseball Team: Front Row: B. Goddard, K. Grasty, R. Minas, R. Gubitz, T. Medanski, T. Klosek, D. Kemaghan, head coach. Second Row: J. Mulligan, J. Given, B. Hetrick, T. Marks, R. Nelson, H. Hefley, H. Fine. Third Row: T. Martin, B. Brown, J. Gott, W. Gott, S. Holajter, P. Schaw, D. Lautz, B. Mitter. G. Starewicz— finally hurls in good weather. T. Grothouse— heaves in early season game. R. Weinberg— “Wino” prepares to do his thing. R. Parker— performs superbly his secondary duty. 138 Baseball This year we were serious; We wanted to win- And so, then, we did. INSIGHT ’70: Duffy’ “Ridge-Road rapist . . B. Parker capt. and urangabangs . . . D. Borgman, a toad and a K. Detzner joke . . . R. Parker, a 400 ft. record home- run at the Michigan City game . . . G. Starewicz, a great 1.05 earned run average ... a much improved record . . . after last year, a fabulous comeback . . . individual victories made the team victories . . . achieve- ment, a team solely proud. Left— B. Parker slashes out one of his many s ' ngles. Below— Varsity Baseball Team: Front Row; M. Sullivan, M. Waisnora, R. Brooks, D. Edinger, D. Borgman, mgr. Second Row: G. Starewicz, B. Bell, R. Weinberg, D. Wolak, K. Detzner, Mr. M. Niksic, head coach. Third Row: M. Ballard, B. Shinkan, T. Grothouse, D. Moreno, B. Parker, G. Duffala, B. Parker, captain. ATHLETICS 139 VARSITY GOLF Munster Opponent 174 Highland 193 Clark 198 165 Lake Central 187 166 Wallace 158 Tech 176 167 Merrillville 157 176 Valpo 169 163 Andrean 172 157 Highland 161 162 Calumet 164 180 Crown Pt. 181 159 Lowell 171 Pea ton 179 155 Noll 164 160 Morton 171 161 Gavit 161 SEASON RECORD: 13-3 Sectionals— 2nd D. Dietrich— a consistent hitter, checks scorecard. MM ■S ' ' - an ’SV - " . v- ■ • jsu . pk- ■ w . .. . . , „ J.V. Golf Team— J. Fox, T. Peglow, D. Bolanowski, P. Hasiak, P. Baranowski, J. Boris, B. M. Miller— sectional team member, slashing the ball. Q iret q Allen J. Long— junior, boxing a driver. Mr. Rosenau— last year as coach. A v . 1MV 1 A l ' « 1 - v r W V,A f A t ii It] 1 .V V 1 ' ' kj f w it vf . «iz4i • f d Mz » i R. Clark— freshman, slams drive over water hazard. R. Rasch— the putting improves slowly, greatly enough to put a guy at the top, a 41.17 avg. 140 Golf I guess you could say we Suffer from an obscurity Complex— we know we Ye Capable of great scores, A matter of when? of now! INSIGHT ' 70: R. Clark, freshman, excellent in invita- tionals . . . D. Dietrich, soph., season match agility . . . B. Cornell, senior, 3rd lowest stroke average . . . R. Rasch, senior, combined with steady improvement, the lowest stroke average ... a victory over all Ham- mond teams ... a season in which everyone gained experience, improvement, satisfaction, and the ultimate, victory. Left— B. Cornell, the longest team hitter, getting set to drive. Below— The Varsity Coif Team: D. Dietrich, M. Miller, B. Cornell, R. Rasch, J. Long, M. Schmidt, R. Clark, D. Walker, R. Pellar, Mr. Gordon Rosenau, head coach. ATHLETICS Hi Track Signal! start! Break! control! sprint! Win! mostly! Far Left— The " jet” L. Johnson, exemplifies hurdle style which qualified him for regionals. Left Above— The Varsity Track Team: Front Row: B. Lammers, J. Knesek, M. Obarski, D. Jankee, C. Wilson, J. Drowry, D. Rys, T. Duffala, J. Estrada, S. Korelas, R. Hott. Second Row: S. Ross, P. Beyer, W. Peters, B. Wilthew, L. Gray, C. Peyret, M. McConnell, K. Johnson, R. Clark, J. Rasch, T. Morris, K. Corban. Third Row: Mr. R. Dilling ass’t. coach; Mr. J. Stone, head coach; B. Kelley, D. Oliver, B. Grow, B. Steiger, K. Martin, R. Carr, D. Sarchet, L. Johnson, P. Cyzewski, B. Spillar, S. Allen. Left— J. Rasch puts in one of his many hours of practice. ATHLETICS 143 K. Johnson i— effort put forth for a great jump. VARSITY TRACK Munster (Indoor Season) Opponent 67 Lake Central 23 Rensselaer 37 43% Merrillville 46% Griffith 36% 41% Highland 57 Chesterton 27% 53% Lowell 32% Crown Pt. SEASON RECORD: 7-3 (Outdoor Season) 40 61% East Gary 25% 42 Horace Mann 31 69 Morton 40 52 Michigan City 57 80% River Forest 37% 66 Lowell 42 82 Lake Central SEASON RECORD: 6-1 Chesterton Relays— 1st Hammond Relays— 1st Rensselaer Relays— 3rd Clark Relays Sectionals— 4th 26 K. Corban— accelerates powerfully in the mile run. T. Morris-takes 880 exchange from D. Sarchet. R. Clark-coming in final straight-away in 880. P. Beyer, T. Morris, K. Corban, B. Steiger, L. Johnson-the Senior “pit-crew” takes extra time to 144 Track INSIGHT 70: M. McConnell, L. Gray, J. Rasch, C. Peyrot, R. Carr, B. Spillar, P. Cyzewski, W. Peters, R. Clark— “fakers alley . . R. Hodor hangs up Aztec gold shoes after a pulled hamstring . . . J. Rasch, “they were all Sophs . . P. Bever, a 54 sec. quarter . . . K. Corban’s “tendonitis . . L. Johnsons 68 firsts . . . a great time with a final effort at the Clark relays . . . D. Nolan’s 13 ft. attempt at regionals results in con- cussion . . . m.v.p.— L. Johnson . . . p.h.d.— J. Rasch . . . co-capt. award— K. Corban . . . al. hough there were a few minor problems, shin splints and all, it was a growth year for track, and each man held his own. Left— M. McConnell clears high jump bar with plenty to spare. Below— D. Nolan shows technique that placed him at 5th in regionals, one position from state qualify- ing. ATHLETICS 145 1. Doug Davidson 2. Paul Steiger 3. Dick VonBorstel 4. Howie Fine 5. Monte Rader 6. Don Ruf 7. Neil Goodman 8. Phil Coulis 9. Dick Wamsher 10. Joe Schneider 11. Paul Hiple 12. Mark Hiple 13. Mark Sutkowski 14. Keith Johnson 15. Rudy Higgins 16. Tom Karas 17. Dave Kalman 18. Jim Eidam 19. Mark Berey 20. Mike Waisnora 21. Bill Pansing 22. Scott Parrish 23. Mark McConnell 24. Tim Morris 25. Jerry Rosko 26. Mark Ballard 27. Bob Kelley 28. Larry Johnson 29. Bob Parker 30. Roger Levin 31. Glenn Weyand 32. Jim Treder 33. Rick Parker 34. Kent Kraus 35. Rod Clark 36. Dave Stevens 37. Keith Corban 38. John Wilson 39. Bruce White 40. Arnie Guttstein 41. Phil Jankura 42. Doug Cummings 43. Mark Erickson 44. Gary Duffala 45. Tom Grothouse 46. Ken Detzner 47. Jim McDaniel 48. Allan Guttstein 49. Bill Bell 50. Eric Allen 51. Lloyd Neukranz 52. John Gott 53. Scott Ross 54. David Watson 55. Dave Sarchet 56. Dave Viewig 57. Jay Spector 58. Larry Gray 59. Paul Beyer 60. Gary Starewicz 61. Terry Lavery 62. Rob Straub 63. Steve Mohler 64. Dave Pelc 65. Roger Weinberg 66. John Coulis 67. Bob Wilthew 68. Tom Siemering 69. Rick Carr NOT PICTURED: T. Baudino, J. Brandley, B. Brew, R. Brooks, B. Cornell, D. Dalfanso, D. Dietrich, B. Frantz, R. Hodor, D. Justice, L. Kraus, J. Maroe, D. Moreno, D. Nolan, R. Pellar J. Rasch, R. Rasch, J. Rothstein, T. Siemering, J. Sullivan. M-MEN’S CLUB Athletic Summary FOOTBALL Headhunter: Jim Eidam (100 solo tackles); Offensive Back: Tom Karas Defensive Back: Gary Starewicz; Offensive Lineman: Rudy Higgins and Larry Johnson; Defensive Lineman: Jim Treder and Larry Kraus; Pride, Hustle, and Desire: Dave Pelc; Sheard Scholarship: John Coulis; Jaycee Leadership Award: Larry Johnson. Statistics: Longest punt (61 yards) Glenn Weyand; Most team points in the history of the school for one game (50-0 against Whiting); New rushing record (400 yards against Whiting); Most individual points scored in one game (Tom Karas against Chesterton and Highland-24 points); Most individual points per season: Tom Karas (104 po ints); Completion record: Bob Parker (28 out of 55 this season with a total yardage of 542 yards); Best offensive team (350 points; 4004 yards total offense); Best defensive team (59 pts). TENNIS Pride, Hustle, and Desire: D. Kalman; M.V.P.: M. Sutkowski and B. Cornell. CROSS COUNTRY Pride, Hustle, and Desire: Keith Corban; Most Valuable: Jim Rasch. BASKETBALL Free-throw record: Bill Bell (85.7%); Total point record: Roger Wein- berg (292); Rebound record: Weinberg (191); Best % of shots: K. Detzner (46%). WRESTLING Pin record: Rudy Higgins (18 pins, fourth in the state); Most wins: Larry Johnson (22) and Jim Eidam (18). SWIMMING Records: 200 yd. Medley relay-P. Hiple, S. Parrish, B. Pansing, R. Pellar (1:48.3); 200 yd. freestyle-J. Rasch (1:55.9); 200 yd. indiv. medley -S Parrish (2:11.5); 50 yd. freestyle-B. Ross (23.9 seconds); Diving- P. Stieger (437.45); 100 yd. butterfly-B. Pansing (58.5); 100 yd. freestyle -B. Ross (52.9); 400 yd. freestyle-J. Rasch (407.6); 400 yd. freestyle relay-J. Rasch, B. Pansing, S. Parrish, B. Ross (3:35.3). BASEBALL Offensive Points: Individual (one game-76 against Lowell) Rick Parker; Individual (season-485) Rick Parker; Team (one game-against Griffith) 255; Team (season 2581; Runs Batted In: (29) Rick Parker; Runs Scored: Bob Parker; Doubles: (5) Rick Parker (tied Record); Triples: (3) Bill Bell (tied record); Home Runs: (5) Rick Parker; Stolen Bases (25) Bob Parker. Pitching: Most Shutouts by Staff 6; Best Staff Earned Run Average: 1.95; Most Shutouts by Pitcher: (2) Rick Parker and Gary Starewicz; Least Hits Allowed: (1) Rick Parker (against Benton and Calumet) and Tom Grothouse (against Hammond Clark); Most Strike Outs: (12) Rick Parker (against Lowell) and Gary Starewicz (against Michigan City); Least Walks Allowed: (0) Tom Grothouse (against Michigan City); Best Record: (7-3) Gary Starewicz and (5-2) Tom Grothouse; Best Team Record: 19 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie; Consecutive Game Winning Streak: 8 (13 of last 15). TRACK Most Valuable Trackman: Larry Johnson (68 firsts); Pride, Hustle, and Desire: Jim Rasch; Most Outstanding Performance: Paul Beyer (at Lowell Relays). Records Broken: Low Hurdles: (20.0 seconds) Larry Johnson; High Hurdles (15.2 seconds) Larry Johnson; 2 Mile (9:40) Jim Rasch; 1 Mile: Jim Rasch; 880: (2:01) Rodney Clark; 880 Relay; High Jump: (6 2 ) Mark McConnell; Pole Vault: (12’6”) Dave Nolan; 220: (:22) Ray Hodor; 100: (10.1) Ray Hodor; 440: (50.1) Ray Hodor. Recipient of Kiwanis Club Blanket: for Best Athlete of the Year Award: Larry Johnson. GOLF Yearly averages: Rusty Rasch (41.17); Dennis Dietrich (41.69); Bill Cor- nell (41.77). J. Clark (42.50); Joe Long (43.00); Most Valuable: Rusty Rasch; PHD award D. Dietrich. Below— G. Skogan, a member of the gymnastic phase of the Girls’ Athletic Association, exhibits her expert style in free exercise for girls’ competition. Left— G.A. A.— Front Row: C. Keitz, J. Smith, M. Victor. Second Row: G. Dobosz, S. Resler, S. Eglie, J. Davidson, K. Bachman, C. Valionis, J. Murphy, S. Wilt, E. Clapman. Third Row: Miss Stonebraker, Miss Rapp, advisors; P. Book- wood, J. Kuhn, G. Gyure, S. Sorenson, A. Beckman, J. Crary, W. Wilkins, D. Schley, M. Boldt, B. Page, K. Stracken, K. Eitzen, Mrs. Schaefer, advisor. Fourth Row: R. Tanis, E. Coulis, A. Coulis. Fifth Row: S. Ismael, D. Croissant, G. Skogan, D. Dunn, D. Marden, P. Tilka, R. Stevers. Below— R. Stevens, practicing on the uneven parallel bars. Girls’ Athletics Watchout world, here I Come- on parallel bars, On trampolines, on mats, In water, in air, in fun. INSIGHT ’69-’70: G.A.A.— gymnastics, vaulting, uneven parallel bars, trampoline, free exercise, balance beam, tumbling, synchronized swimming, varsity track, bowl- ing, golf ... a step upward with the state gymnastics meet being held here for the first time . . . the 2nd an- nual synchronized swim show brings success once more . . . a trip down to the state golf tournament . . . this a year of hard work, of building, of a good start of promises for a fabulous and fulfilling 1971. ATHLETICS 149 mm® tyj ■■■• ' ££ mm? ’ mmrnm , ; t0m iM 2% §SgE : i i ' Smi- , : ■.■■■: ■ ■ ■ ■ mm figS 1119 KiSSM PERSONALITIES MR. FRANK HAMMOND-Supt. of Schools; A.B., M.A., DePauw U., Columbia U.; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa Honoraries. MR. TED KLOOSTER— Business Manager; A.B., Calvin College; I.A.S.B.O., N.A.S.B.O. MR. JOHN PRESTON— Asst. Superintend- ent; A.B., M.A., Northwestern U., Indiana U., Harvard U., U. of Illinois; Phi Delta Kappa. Administration INSIGHT ’69-’70: BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES: Donald Sands— Pres., Edmund Schroer— V. Pres., William Hensey-Sec. CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION: Raymond Drux— Grounds manager, Mrs. Catherine McConnell— Supt.’s secretary, Mrs. Julie Keeler— Treas., Mrs. Alice Altherr— Clerk (supt.), Mrs. Jerry Mauck— Clerk (supt.), Mrs. Donna Hagerty— Financial clerk. SCHOOL NURSE: Mrs. Mona Brurnm. BOOSTER CLUB OF- FICERS: Bernard Hill— Pres., Dr. George Rasch— V. Pres., Mrs. Doris Johnson— Sec., George Kurteff— Treas., Dave Gott— Club Membership Chairman. P.T.A. OF- FICERS: Louis Cyzewski— Pres., Harold Richter— First V. Pres., Lawrence Maloney— Second V. Pres., Mrs. Richard Sorenson— Sec., Mrs. James Woodward— Treas- urer . . . new administration in many areas. MR. LOWELL SENNETT-Dir. Spec. Services; MRS. ILENE SOUDERS- Elem. Coordinator. MR. JOHN FRIEND— Athletic Director; B.A., M.S., David Lipscomb, Southern 111. U., In- diana U., Head Football coach; I.S.T.A., N.S.T.A., F.C.A. MISS MARGE GONCE-Audio Visual Director; B.S., M.S., Indiana U„ M.T.A., I.S.T.A., D.A.V.I. MR. JOHN TOTH- Resource Dir.; B.S., M.S., Ind. S.U.; Drama Head. MRS. SHIRLEY TALTY— Counselor; B.S., M.S., Indiana U.. ASCA. MR. ROBERT SPEELMAN- Counselor; B.S., M.S., Miami U„ Ind. U. MISS JANE BEA- MAN— Counselor; B.A., M.S., San Diego State. 152 Mr. George Kurteff— our new principal was quick to become an avid fan. A clean lunch area, a man and a pretzel. All are pleased with personality and the new principal. Man of the day, the T.F. South pep rally. MR. GEORGE KURTEFF— Principal; B.S., M.S., In- diana State U., Indiana U., Purdue U.; N.E.A.. L.C.P.A., Phi Delta Kappa Professional Fraternity. MR. JAMES BAWDEN— Assistant Principal— B.S., M.S., Purdue U., Montana State. PERSONALITIES 153 Right —Mr. and Mrs. Fech, newly married faculty mem- bers, wrap packages for their first Christmas together. Below— After washing walls and desks sooted by the fire, Mr. Karagianis, Miss Holder, Mr. Mudd, and Miss Rawson play cards. Above Right— The informality of teaching is shown by Mr. Ream in Government class. Below Right— A teacher’s work is never done, as Mrs. Glendening and Mrs. Wilson work on deadlines after school. Far Right— Miss Christoff’s dedication gained her recognition for the faculty newspaper, M.T.A. Pulse. Faculty This year I really felt A sense of unity And direction. USSvVVititK. PERSONALITIES 155 FACULTY: Opinions Voiced By The M.T.A. MR. ANTONIO ALONSO— Spanish I, II, III: Spanish Club Adviser; B.S., M.S., Indiana State U., Ha- vana U., Cuba; ISTA, NEA. MRS. JEAN- NE BOCHNOWSKI— Home Economics, Foods; B.S., M.A.T., U. of Wis., Indiana U. Med. Center, Indi- ana U.; M.T.A. MRS. EMMA BRANKLE Home Economics; B.S., M.S., Ball State U., Purdue U.; Indi- ana and Nat. Home Ec. Assoc’s; Sec. of the above chapter. MRS. RUTH BRAS- AEMLE— Senior Eng- glish; B.A., M.A., Valparaiso U., Purdue U.: ISTA, NEA, MLA, ICET. MISS ANNE BRISCO- Spanish I, II; Spanish Club, Y-Teens spon- sor; B.S., DePauw U.; MTA, ISTA. MR. EDWIN BURK- H A R D T— Sociology, Government, Adv. So- ciology; Student Sen- ate sponsor, asst. Speech coach; B.S., M.A., Indiana U.; M.T.A. MR. DAVID CAR- MONY— Senior High Band, Jr. High Band, Pep Band, Stage Band; B.S., Ball State University. MISS DOROTHY CHRIST- OFF— Advanced Alge- bra, UICSM II; Jr. High Speech coach, Science Club spon- sor; B.S.C.E., M.S., Purdue U., U. of Illi- nois; M.T.A., I.S.T.A., N.E.A., N.C.T.M., I . C . T . M . MISS DEETA DUNN-Art I, B.S., Ball State U; N.E.A. MR. JOHN EDING- TON— Biology, Health and Safety; B.S., M.S., Indiana Central College, Purdue U.. Butler U., Indiana U.; M.T.A., N.E.A. MRS. HELEN ENG- STROM— Junior Eng- lish, Speech; Speech coach, N.F.L. sponsor; B.A., M.A., Butler U., Valparaiso U.; I.S.T.A., I . C . T . E . MR. ROBERT ERIC- SON— Descriptive, Ad- vanced, and Theoreti- cal Chemistry; B.S., M.S., Purdue U.; American Chemical Society. MR. JON FECH- Algebra, Geometry; Sophomore Class sponsor; B.S., Indi- ana State U.; I.S.T. A. , M.T.A., N.C.T.M. MRS. SHERRY FECH —Junior English; Asst. Drama coach; B. S., Indiana State U.; I.S.T. A.. I.S.C.E., N.C.T.E. MR. GENE FORT— U.S. History, Jr. High Vocal Music; Musical director, En- semble director; A.B., M.S., Indiana U., Franklin College, Purdue U„ Valparai- so U.; I.S.T.A., N.C. S.S.T. MISS PAT FRANKO- WIAK — Sophomore English; debate coach; B.A., M.A., St. Francis College, Catholic U., Purdue U.; I.C.T.E. MRS. JOCELYN GLEND- ENING— World Lit., and Composi- tion; News Bureau adviser; B.S., U. of Michigan Wayne State U. MRS. ANN GRANGER— U.S. His- tory; B.A., Hanover College, Indiana U. MR. JEFFREY GRAVES - Physical Science, Chemistry; B.A., Indiana U., Il- linois Institute of Technology. MR. DENNIS HAAS- Power Mechanics, Electronics, General Shop; B.S., Indiana State U. MISS ROSE- M A R Y HOLDER- Office Practice, Short- hand I, II; B.S., St. Joseph’s College Indi- ana State U.; I.S.T. A., M.T. Assoc. MR. RICHARD HOLMBERG r Jun- ior Choir, Girl’s Glee Club, Concert Choir. Ensembles, Musical director; B.S., M.M., Northern State, North- western U. MR. RICHARD HUNT- Drafting, General Shop; Asst. Football coach, head Basket- ball coach; B.S., M.S., Ball State U.; I.S.T.A., N.E.A. MR. JON JEPSON— Phys- ical Education; Swim Team coach; B.S., M.A., Purdue U., Northeast State Mis- souri Teachers Col- lege; I.S.T.A. FACULTY: Tackled Clean-Up After Office Fire FACULTY: Holiday Season Celebrated At Log MR. JAMES KARA- GIANIS - Physics, Physical Science; Jun- ior Class and Science Club sponsor; B.S., Purdue U.; Physics Honorary Society. MISS NANCY KEL- LEY— Junior English, Newspaper Journal- ism; Adviser of the Crier, and the Pega- sus; B.S., Ind’ana U.: I.S.T.A., M.T.A., N.C. T. E. MR. DONALD KERNACHAN - Ec- onomics, World His- tory; Junior Varsity Baseball coach; B.S., M.A., Northern Illi- nois U., Valparaiso U. MRS. DOROTHY KINNEY— German II. Ill, VI; German Club Sponsor; B.S., M. S., Indiana U.; I.S. T.A., M.T.A.; Delta Phi Alpha, German Honorary Society. MR. ZACHARY LAZAR — Biology; B.A., M.S., Wabash College, Purdue U.; N. E.A., N.B.T.A., N. S. T.A., M.T.A., I.B. T. A. MR. LLOYD LINDQUIST - Ge- ometry, Senior Math, Computer Math; N.H. S. Sponsor, Tennis coach; B.S., M.S., Grinnell U.. Purdue U. , Roosevelt. MR. KENNETH LOLLI— Modern Lit- erature, Composition; B.A., U. of Illinois. MR. JAMES Mc- INDOO — Salesman- ship Marketing, Gen- eral Business, Junior Class sponsor; B.S., Indiana State U.. M. T. A., I.S. T.A. MRS. VIVIAN MCINTYRE — Business Math; B.A., Indiana State U. MR. MICHAEL NIKSIC— Physical Ed- ucation; Asst. Foot- ball coach, Head Baseball coach, Let- terman’s Club sDon- sor; B.A., Ball State U., Colorado State U.; A.A.H.P.E.R.. I. H. S.A. MISS PHYL- LIS RAPP— Physical Education; Cheer- leader and G.A.A. sponsor; B.S., Indi- ana U.; I.S.T.A. MISS JEAN RAWSON- Typing, Business Law; Pep Club spon- sor; B.S., M.S., U. of Miss., Indiana U.; I. S.T.A. MR. MICHAEL REAM — Government, Sociology; A.B., Indi- ana U. MR. C.ORDEN ROSENAU - Health and Safety; Golf coach; B.S., M.S., In- diana U. MR. ALAN SMITH — Advanced Algebra, UICSM, Computer Math; B.S.. M.A., Indiana U., and Valparaiso, Univer- sity. MR. RICHARD SMITH — Sophomore English; B.S., M.S., Rollins College, Indi- ana State U., Indiana U., Purdue, Ball State U.; I.S.T.A. MR. DENNIS SPANGLER —Industrial Arts; Eighth grade Football coach; B.A., M.A., Ball State U.; M.T.A.. I.S.T.A. MR. JAMES STONE — Typing, General Business, Bookkeeping; Track coach, Ass’t. Football coach; B.S., M.S., In- diana U.; I.S.T.A., I.B.E.A. MRS. RUTH STOUT —Art; Art Club spon- sor; B.S., Ball State U.; I.S.T.A., I.A.E.A. MISS JUDY TAYLOR —Junior English; B.A., MacMurray College, Indiana U.; N.E.A. MRS. MARLIS TIP- PETT— German IV, V; German Club sponsor; B.A.S., M.S., Valparaiso U., Indi- ana U. MR. RONALD TYNER - Biology; B.S., Indiana State U. MR. THOMAS WHITELEY - U.S. History; Speech and Debate Ass’t. coach; B.S., " Purdue U.; I.S. T. A. MRS. BETSEY WILSON - Sopho- more English; Year- book Journalism; Par- agon adviser, Quill and Scroll co-adviser; B.S., Indiana State U. , Master’s work at Indiana U.; I.S.T.A., N.C.T.E., Joum. Ed. FACULTY: Morale Boosted By Mr. Kurteff Kathy Scheffel, A.V. assistant, lettering a post- er for the Mustang “Hall of Fame.” Special Assistants Office— C. Bales, M. Satek, L. Young, L. Ulicini, B. Sherwood. Library— C. Lammers, N. Fodor, H. Fine, W. Blohm, E. Baker, C. Brown, R. Dray, S. Crary, L. Griffith, C. Kolten, D. Richardson, M. Tolin, N. Lengyel, J. Patterson, L. Moore, B. Liebengood, C. Clark. Biology— E. Abermann, P. Bretz, P. Good, D. Kirschner, D. Middleton, G. Ahlborn, L. Griffith, G. Allen, J. Washburn, B. Kroll, L. Sennett, N. Southworth, E. Theodore, C. Vailionis, L. Pockter, P. Markovich, A. Starzak, A. Huttle, C. Satek, D. Sarchet, J. Papais, H. Gillespie, B. Page, F. Shroer, D. Manske, K. Andrews, H. Talanian, T. Macko, D. Marden, P. Hig- gins, K. Eitzen, L. Schmeuser. A.V.— B. Kowalisyn, B. Tarn ' s, G. Beatty, S. Medanic, J. Dilbo, J. Schmidt, R. Sylvester, K. Scheffel. 160 Clerks Above— Mrs. Ina Silver- man, Office; Mrs. Ruth Brusch, Library; Mrs. Lillian Horlick, Office; Mrs. Betty Cash, Guid- ance; Mrs. Betty Russell, Science Lab; and not pictured, Mrs. Dolores Wolfe, Athletic Office. Custodians Left— Mrs. Maggie Lloyd, Mr. Charles Taylor, Mrs. Ruth Lane, and not pic- tured, Mr. Bob Edwards. Bus Drivers Mrs. Helen Adams, Mr. Frank Fazekas, Mrs. Charlene Gouwens, Mrs. Mary Heard, Mrs. Jean- ne Lawson, Mrs. Susan Wood. Cooks Carol Havlin, Dorothy Laurie, Rosemary Wilk- in, and Mrs. Betty Friend, cafeteria cashier. PERSONALITIES 161 Right— These, these are the symbols of Seniors. Below— J. Krol, M. Kivett, D. Pearson, and B. Nelson show football season spirit at the Valpo game. Far Right— As time goes on I realize that you, the spirit of 1970, have covered my world, and though these last days have been encompassed by a wishing to be free, my ties with you shall never truly be erased. Below Right— The senior slump brought on Senior Rabbit’s “Senior Countdown.” Se mors And somehow, Class of ’70, I think you’ll Never be forgotten. INSIGHT ’69-’70: Class colors: light blue and navy blue . . . Senior Banquet, May 28th at the Log . . . Bac- caleaureate, June 7th, 2:30 in the Auditorium . . . Graduation, June 8th, 8:00 in the Fieldhouse . . . Vale- dictorian, J. Lanman . . . Salutatorian, D. Holajter . . . Top Ten: C. Bond, C. Croissant, D. Holajter, J. Kuhn, J. Lanman, J. McDaniel, T. McDonald, L. Moore, R. Robertson, J. Shorb, N. Wolf . . . National Merit Finalists: B. Bell, C. Croissant, J. McDaniel, B. Parker, J. Sullivan, N. Wolf. Congratulations to the unique?— certainly— and unequaled Class of 1970. Peace, equality, and all that. PERSONALITIES 163 Above— The Senior " Bleacher Bums " symbolizing spirit in the Homecoming parade. Right— T. Ruf and C. Shumway rode their bicycles 460 miles from Kentucky to show the spriteness of the Class of 1970. Above Right— A. Guttstein representing Senior spirit at a Mustang Football game. Below Right-Senior Class of- ficers and sponsor— clockwise— J. Lanman, secretary, M. Berey, treasurer, J. Coulis, president, J. Treder, vice- president, L. Lindquist, the epitome of a most dedi- cated sponsor. 164 PERSONALITIES 165 Seniors Above— G. Turner is a typical Senior boy who eats a typical Senior lunch— the after effects come later. Right — L. Bates works on ’70’s disputed disqualification, “We Won’t Swallow De-feet.” Far Right Above— R. Manchak with all possible effort, displays the Senior farewell. Below Right— Participating in Sectional Spirit Week, the Seniors clock the players with “Time for a Win.” 166 Seniors PERSONALITIES 167 SENIORS: New “Senior Bleacher Bum” Pins THOMAS ADAMS ANITA LYNN AHLGREN— National Honor Society 12; Pep Club 9.10,11. 12; Prom Committee 11; Home- coming Queen 12; Musical 11,12; Choir 9,10,11,12; Y-Teens 10; Cheer- leader 10,12; Drill Team 11 (Vice Pres.); Student Senate 11,12 (Asst. Projects Chairman 12). CHRIS ALLEN ERIC N. ALLEN— Letterman 10,11, 12; Aviation Club 11; Prom Commit- tee 11; Band 9; Hoosier Scholar 12; Tennis 10.11,12. GAIL CHARLENE AMMON-Pep Club 9,10,11; Drill Team 11; Y- Teens 10; Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Choir 11,12; German Club 9; Prom Committee 11; Musical 10,12. PEGGY ANN AMOS-Pep Club 9 10; Drill Team 11,12; GAA 9.10; Student Senate 9,10; Spanish Club 11,12; Choirs 9,10,11,12; Musical 12; Prom Comm. 11. DONNA JEAN ANDERSEN-Pen Club 9,10,11; Crier 11; GAA 9,10 (Sec. 10); Glee Club 9,10; Thespians 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Y- Teens 10; Band 9,10,11. KENNETH LEE ANDERSEN-Band 10,11; Choir ' 10,11,12; Crier 11,12 (Associate Ed. 12); Spanish Club 11; Musical 10,11,12; Drama 11; Sum- mer Theatre 11; Prom Committee 11: Boy’s Ensemble 11,12; (Bishop Noll Institute— Band 9). STEVEN JAMES ANDERSON— Ger- man Club 10,11; We Folk 12; Lab Assistant 11,12; Civil Air Patrol 10, 11 , 12 . CYNTHIA BALES-We Folk (Busi- ness Mgr. 11); Office Asst. 11,12; Speech and Debate Assistant 12. CHRIS DANIEL BALKA-Spanish Club 10,11; Basketball 10,11; Tennis 10,11; Art Club 10; (Bishop Noll) French Club 9: Basketball 9; Track 9. MARK LEE BALLARD— National Honor Society 11,12; (Treas. 12); Baseball 10,11,12; Varsity Basketball Manager 11,12; Student Senate 12; Letterman 11.12; (Gavit) Baseball 9; German Cl. 9. JAMES WILLIAM BANDURA TODD HYMAN BARTON-Chess Club 11 (President 11); Student Sen- ate 10; Science Club 10,11; Spanish Club 11; Aviation Club 11. LAURIE JANE BATES-Pep Club 9,10; German Club 10; Student Sen- ate 9,10,11,12; Choirs 9,10,11; Home- coming Court 10,12. LUANN BELLE BATES-Pep Club 9,11; Choirs 11,12; GAA 9; Y-Teens 10; Musical 11; Glee Club 9,10,11, 12 . TERRY BAUDINO-Choir 11,12; Letterman 11,12; Prom Committee 11; Musical 10,11,12. GORDON DALE BEATTY-Audio Visual Assistant 10,11,12. fS WILLIAM ROBERT BELL-Letter- man 11,12; Baseball 9-12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society 12; National Merit Scholar 12. THADDEUS EDWARD BEMBEN- ISTA— Usher 9; Aviation Club 11; Science Club 11; Spanish Club 11,12. MARK HOWARD BEREY— National Honor Society 12; Letterman 12; Lab Assistant 12; Wrestling 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Class Treas. 12. PAT BERGHIAN— Art Club 11,12; Spanish Club 12; German Club 12; Art Assistant 12. PAUL ANDREW BEYER— National Honor Society 12; German Club 10; Thespians 11,12; Letterman 11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Cross Country 9; Musical 10.11,12; Drama 10.11,12. JOHN MICHEAL BILIK-Band 9, 10 . BARBARA JEAN BINKO-S tudent Senate 9; Prom Committee 10; Ball State Summer Workshop 12. WENDY MARIE BLOHM-Pep Club 9,10; Paragon 10,11,12 (Organizations Ed. 12); Thespians 11,12; (Scribe 12); Glee Club 9,10; Choir 11,12; Musical 11,12; Drama 10,11,12; Library As- sistant 10,11,12; Aviation Club 11 (Treasurer). CATHEY GAY BOENDER— Glee Club 9,10; German Club 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Guidance Assist- ant 12. CLAUDIA SUE BOND-Nation Hon- or Society 11.12; Pep Club 9,10; Speech and Debate 10,11,12; Fo- rensic League 11,12; Glee Club 9; Choir 10,11,12; Girls Sextet 11,12; Musical 10. MICHAEL JOHN BOSCH-Student Senate 10,11,12 (Treas. 11, Pres. 12); Forensic League 10,11,12; Thespians 11; Choir 11,12; Ind. State Scholar 12; Speech Debate 10,11,12; Mu- sical 10,11,12; Drama 10,11; Span- ish Club 10. JAMES CASPER BOVENKERK- Cross Country 9; Science Club 11,12. CAROL KATHREN BREITEN- KAMP— Choir 9; Drama 10; Office A cc i c yi P 1 WILLIAM CARSEN BREW-Wrest- ling 9,10,11,12 (Most Improved 12); Football 9; Prom Committee 11; Cross Country 10,11,12; Track 9,10; Letterman 11,12. SUSAN LYNN BRINK-Art Club 12; Library Assistant 11; Drama 11,12; Thespians 12; Prom Committee 11. VIRGINIA EILEEN BRINKMAN— Paragon 10,11; Pep Club 9; News Bureau 9,12 (Co-News Ed. 12); Quill and Scroll 12; Concert Band 9,10 11, 12; Stage Band 12; Prom Committee 11; Musical 12; German Club 10. JANE ANN BROSSART-Musical 10, 11,12 (Lead 12); Girls Sextet 11,12; Choir 10,11,12; German Club 9,10, 11 . NANCY SUE BROWN-Art Club 9, 10,11,12; We Folk 11. to SENIORS: Senior Pictures Received— Oct. SENIORS: “We Won’t Swallow De-Feet DEAN BRUMM DEANNE MARIE BRUSCH-Clee Club 9.10; German Club 10.11; Na- tional Honor Society 11,12; Quill and Scroll 12; Crier 9; Pep Club 9,10 Paragon 10,11,12 (Co-Educational Ed. 11, Academics Ed. 12). CATHERINE ANN BUCKLEY- Crier 9,10; Paragon 10,11,12 (Ad. Ed. 11, Sports Ed. 12); News Bureau 10,11,12 (Sr. High Ed. 10, Assoc. Ed. 11, T.V. Cones. 12); Glee Club 10; German Club 10,11; Pep Club 10 11; Musical 11. THOMAS BUDZIK DEBBIE SUE BURKHARDT-Pep Club 10,11; Paragon 11; Choir 9,10. JOAN BUVALA— Choir 9,10,11,12; Musical 11; GAA 9,10; Majorettes 9; Pep Club 9,10,11; Summer Theatre 11; Thespians 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Y-Teens 10; Prom Committee 11; Drama 10,11. MARY ANN CANDIANO-Pep Club 9,10; Paragon 10,11; Crier 9.10,11,12 (Associate Ed. 12); German Club 10, 11; Student Senate 9,10,12 (Sec. 9); Speech Debate 10,11. PAMELA ALLYSON CAROLLO- Pep Club 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11; Y-Teens 10. MARY JEAN CASEY-Pep Club 9, 10,11; German Club 9; Drill Team 11; Y-Teens 9.10; Glee Club 9,10; Choir 11,12; Prom Committee 11; Musical 11,12. LINDA NORA CASTILLO-Pep Club 10,11; Art Club 11,12; German Club 9,10,11,12; Aviation Club 11; Spanish Club 11,12; Musical 10. SONIA IRENE CASTILLO-Pep Club 9,10,11; German Club 9,10; Spanish Club 11,12; Glee Club 9,10: Choir 11,12; Musical 11,12; Pegasus 10 . STEPHEN ALEX CHICKI-Chess Club 11,12 (Treas. 12); Science Club 9. LORETTA THERESE CHRUBY- Art Club 10; Drama 910; Spanish Club 10,11; Speech and Debate 9.10; Majorettes 9.10; Choir 9,10,11; Con- cert Band 9.10; Marching Band 9,10; Musical 9,10. GAIL LYNN CLEMENT-Forensics 10,11,12; Speech and Debate 10,11; Spanish Club 11. ELIZABETH ANN COHEN-Par- agon 11,12 (Co-Personalities Ed. 12); Spanish Club 11; Musical 11; (E.C. Washington) Cheer Block 9,10; Glee Club 9,10; Girls Ensemble 10. DEWEY JAMES CONCES-Drama 11,12; Thespians 12; Science Club 10,11; Musical 11,12; German Club 10 . CAROLIN ANNE COONEY-Pep Club 10.11; Drill Team 11,12; Span- ish Club 10,11; Musical 11,12; Y- Teens 10; Office Asst. 12; (Bishop Noll). KEITH ALLEN CORBAN-Band 9, 10,11; German Club 10,11.12; Sci- ence Club 10,11,12 (Pres. 12); Let- terman 11,12; National Honor So- ciety 11,12; Student Senate 12; Cr ss Country 11,12 (Co-Capt. 12, PHD 12); Track 10,11,12. WILLIAM MARVIN CORNELL- Tennis 10,11,12 (MVP 12); Letter- man 10,11,12; Golf 10,11,12; (Ham- mond High). JOHN S. COULIS— Letterman 10,11, 12 (Sec. 12); Football 9-12; FCA 11, 12; Wrestling 9; Track 10,11,12; NHS 11,12; Class Pres. 12; German Club 10-12; Paragon 12; Choirs 10, 11,12; German Honors Program; Musical 9,10,11,12; Boys’ State Alt. SUSAN CRESS-Crier 11,12; Drama 9,10,11,12; We Folk 11; Thespians 12; CAA 11; Choir 9,12. BARBARA ANN CROCKETT-Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Drill Team 11.12. CHARLES ROBERT CROISSANT- Band 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; German Club 9,10,11; Musical 9.10,11,12; Choir 10; Schol- arship 12 (Mus ic Award); Nat’l. Merit Scholar. DOUGLAS MATTHEW CUMMINGS -Track 10,11,12; Wrestling 10,11,12; Cross Country 12; Letterman 10,11, 12; FCA 10,11,12. DANIEL PATRICK DALFONSO- Football Manager 10; Wrestling Manager 9,10,11. CRAIG DAVIDSON- Wrestling 9.11; Track 9,10; Cross Country 10,11,12; Musical 10,11,12; Boys Ensemble 12; Choir 10,11,12; Band 9,10,11,12; Prom Chairman 11. JOHN PATRICK DAY-Spanish Club 11; Aviation Club 11. JAY MICHAEL DELAY-Musical 12; Spanish Club 10,11; (Hammond High) Letterman 9,10; H-Mans Counsel 10; Spanish Club 9,10; Booster Club 9,10; Cross Country 9,10; Track 9; Gymnastics Co- Captain 9,10. ROBERT S. DEV ORE— (Bishop Noll 9; Gavit 10). JODY ALLEN DOBIS RUTH ELLEN DRAY-NHS 12; Speech 11,12; Thespians 9-12; Fo- rensics 12; Pep Club 10-12; We Folk 11,12; Summer Theatre 12; Choirs 10,11,12; Hoosier Scholar 12; Musical 10,11,12. GARY BRUCE DUFFALA-Letter- man 11,12; Paragon 12 (Athletic Board); Football; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9.10,11. JAMES ALBERT EIDAM-Letter- man 10,11,12 (Pres. 12); Football 9, 10,11,12 (Capt. 11,12); Wrestling 9, 10,11,12; Baseball 9,10; Football All-State 12. CYNTHIA SUE ELLISON-Pep Club 9; GAA 9,11; Spanish Club 11; Prom Committee 11. DEBORAH ANN ELLISON— PeD Club 9,10; GAA 9,10; Spanish Club 11; Choir 11,12; Glee Club 9,10,11; Y-Teens 10 (Vice Pres.); Musical 11. PAMELA SUE ELSNER-Choirs 11, 12; Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9 (Treas.); Y-Teens 10 (Treas.); Drill Team 11,12 (Capt. 12); Musical 10, 11,12; Prom Committee 11. SENIORS: Disqualification Of Float SENIORS: Class Dance— The Enchanters-April 3 ROBERT EVANS CHRISTINE MARY FISCHER— Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 10; News Bureau 10; Paragon 10,11.12 (Ath- letics Ed. 11,12); Prom Committee 11 . NANCY ELLEN FODOR-Pep Club 10,11; Art Club 10; Crier 11,12; Thespians 11,12; Y-Teens 10; Major- ettes 9,10,11,12; Glee Club 9,10; Choir 11; Band 9,10,11,12; Drama 10,11,12 (Make-up crew chair- man); Musical 11. BRUCE A. FRANTZ-Band 9,10,12; Cross Country 10,11,12; Track 11; Science Club 11; Letterman 11; Prom Committee 11. LESLIE A. FRIEDMAN-Speech and Debate 10,11,12; Natl. Honor Society 12; Student Senate 10,11,12; Forensic League 10,11,12; Band 9, 10 , 11 . NEIL BENNETT GAILMARD— Drama 9; Monitor 11; Homecoming 12 . CHARLES J. GAJEWSKI— Distribu- tive Education 12. JODY LEE GALLACHER-Pep Club 9. WILLIAM MICHAEL GALLAGHER —Cross Country 9; Basketball 9; Sci- ence Club 10,11,12. JOHN GAVELEK JOYCE GILBOE-Pep dub 11; Choirs 11,12; (Bishop Noll) French Club 9,10. HILLARY JANE GILLESPIE— Choir 11; We Folk 12; Drama 11; Prom Committee 11; Office Asst. 12; Lab Asst. 12. ELLEN SANDRA GOODMAN-Pep Club 9; Crier 9; Spanish Club 10,11; Drama 11; Choir 9,10; Musical 11; News Bureau 10 (Jr. High Ed.); Par- agon 10,11,12 (Activities Ed. 11, Ad Ed. 12). BRUCE DEAN GOWER-Band 9, 10; Play 10; Choir 10. PATRICIA ANN GREEN-Pep Club 9,10,11; Glee Club 9; GAA 9; Prom Committee 11; Y-Teens 9,10,11; Dis- tributive Ed. 12. THOMAS EDWARD GROTHOUSE —Letterman 11,12; Prom Committee 11; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; FCA 10,11,12; Cross Country 9,10,11,12. ALLEN JAY GUTTSTEIN— Letter- man 10,11,12; Swimming 9,10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11; Student Senate 9,10; Crier 11,12; Pep Club 9 (Pres.); Musical 10,11,12; Prom Chairman 11. ARNOLD STEPHAN GUTTSTEIN— Football 9.10,11,12; Letterman 11, 12; Baseball 9; Wrestling 10; Mu- sical 11,12; Prom Committee 11. KENNETH MICHAEL I1AAS- Wrestling 9; Track 9,10,11; Cross Country 9,10,11; Student Senate 9, 11,12; Class Pres. 10,11; Choir 11, 12; Musical 11,12; Prom Chairman 11 . LOU ELLEN HACKENBERRY- Pep Club 11; National Honor Society 12; Drill Team 12; Student Senate 12; Science Club 10,11,12 (Librarian 10, Sec. 11, Rep. 12). CHARLES TERRY HALL-Paragon 9,10; Crier 9,12; Student Senate 9, 10; Band 9,10,11,12; Play 10. MARIA HALL DEBORAH JEAN HALON-Choir 9; Band 9; Pep Club 10,11; Drill Team 11; Y-Teens 10; Musicals 10, 11; Plays 10,11; Prom Committee 11. JULIE LEE HEADDY-Pep Club 9, 10; Majorettes 9,10,11,12; Choirs 9, 10,11; Musical 10,11. THOMAS JOSEPH HELMINSKI— Swimming Manager 11. GAYLE MARIE HENSON-Pep Club 11,12; Drill Team 11; Student Senate 9; Spanish Club 12. RUDY ERVIN HIGGINS-Paragon 12 (Athletic Board); Letterman 11, 12 (V. Pres. 12); Football 9,10,11,12 (Most Valuable Off. Lineman 12, Hon. Mention All-State); Wrestling 9,10,11,12 (Sect. Regional Cham- pion). MARK LAUERNE HIPLE-Letter- man 10,11,12; Science Club 12; Swimming 9,10,11,12. DAVID MICHAEL HOLAJTER— National Honor Society 11,12; Ger- man Club 12 (Pres.); Science Club 11,12 (Vice Pres. 12); Pegasus 12 (Copy Ed.); German Honors Pro- gram 11. ELLEN SUE JACOBSON-News Bureau 10 (Elem. Ed.); Paragon 10, 11,12 (Activities Ed. 11, Research Ed. 12); Pep Club 9,10; Drama 10, 11; Spanish Club 11; Musicals; Hoosier Scholar. SHEILA ANN JAGADICH-(Bishop Noll) Spanish Club 9. LARRY LANE JOHNSON-Letter- man 10,11,12 (Treas. 12); National Honor Society 12; Paragon 12 (Ath- letic Board); Athletic Honors; Foot- ball 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9,10,11, 12 . JOHN EUGENE JONES-Quill Scroll 11,12; Crier 10,11,12 (Ad. Ed. 11, Managing Ed. 11, Ed.-in-chief 12, Student Advisor 12); Choir 9, 10; Art Club 9,10; Musical 11,12. JANET ELIZABETH KACZKA— Office Assistant 12. THOMAS GREGORY KARAS-Let- terman 10,11,12 (Sergeant at Arms 12); FCA 10,11,12; Basketball 9,10, 11; Baseball 9,10; Football 9,10,11, 12 (Capt. 12, All-State, Honorable Mention All American, Most Valu- able Back 1969); Spanish Club 11; Musical 12; Football Coach for 7th Grade 11,12. LINDA HEATHER KARLL— Choir 9,10; Pep Club 10; Crier 11; Ger- man Club 10,11,12. SENIORS: Sponsor Annual Carnival— April 25 SENIORS: Cap And Gown Measurement— Feb. 20 KENNETH WAYNE KEILMAN BARBARA FAYE KENNEL— Choirs 10,11,12; Glee Club 9,10.11; Girls Ensemble 10,11,12; Mixed Ensemble 11,12; Musical 9 10,11,12 (Lead 12). DEBORAH ELLEN KIRI V CIC- Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Paragon 10.11; News Bureau 10.11.12 (Times Cor- res. 12); Crier 910,11; Pegasus 10. 11 (Managing Ed.); German C ' ub 9, 10,11,12; Choirs 9,10.11.12; Drama 9,10,11,12; Thespians 11,12; Y-Teens 12; Musicals 9-12. MARK WARREN KIVETT-Cross Country 10,11; Track 9,10. NANCY KOESTER CAROL FAYE KOLTEN-Pep Club 11,12: Crier 11,12 (Circulation Man- ager 12); We Folk 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Musical 11; Choir 10, 11,12; Library Asst. 12. BRUCE CHARLES KOWALISYN— Audio-Visual Assistant 10,11,12. LARRY KRAUS— Crier 11. Science Club 12; Lab Assistant 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11,12 (Most Valuable Defensive Lineman 12); Basketball 9; Wrestling 10,11,12 (Most Im- proved Wrestler 11). JACK ALLAN KROL PEGGY JANE KROL-Pep Club 9, 10; Paragon 10,11; News Bureau 10, 11; Crier 11,12 (News Ed. and Assoc. Ed. 12); Quill and Scroll 11,12; Thespians 10-12 (Sec. 12); Drama 10-12; Prom Chairman 11; Musical 10 , 12 . BARBARA ELAINE KRUEGER- Pep Club 9,10; Majorettes 10,11,12; Choirs 9,12; Musical 11; Prom Com- mittee 11. KIRSTEN KATHLEEN KUCER- Choir 12; Prom Chairman 11; Mu- sical 12; (Highland High) GAA 9- 11; French Club 10; Pep Block 9- 11; Y-Teens 9,10. JEANNE KUHN— Nat’l. Honor So- ciety 11,12; Pep Club 9-11; Crier 10; News Bureau 10,11 (Ed.-in-Chief 11) ; Prom Chair. 11; Paragon 10-12 (Ad Ed. 11, Research Ed. 12); Musical 11; Choir 9,10; Student Sen. 11; Span. Club 12. DONNA RAE LAMMERING— Quill and Scroll 11,12; News Bureau 10 (Elemen. Ed.); Paragon 10,11,12 (Promotion Ed. 11, Personalities Ed. 12) ; Choir 9,10; Prom Comm. 11; Pep Club 9,10,11. CYNTHIA DIANE LAMMERS- German Club 9; GAA 10; Library Asst. 12. JACQUELINE ELAINE LANG-Art Club 11,12 (Treas. 12); We Folk 11, 12 (Pres. 11,12); Drama 11; Ball State Summer Art Workshop 12. BRUCE FARRELL LANMAN JILL BRADY LANMAN— Nat’l. Hon- or Society 11,12; Pep Club 9; Stu- dent Senate 9,10,11,12; Forensic League 10,11; Speech Debate 10, 11; Choir 10,11; Musical 11,12; Class Sec. 11,12; Prom Committee 11. DIANA KAY LANTING-Pep Club 10; Paragon 10,11; News Bureau 10; Crier 11,12 (Feature Ed. 11, Pro- motion Ed. Assoc. Ed. 12); Quill Scroll 11,12; German Club 10,11; Science Club 11; Pegasus 11,12 (Ed.- in-Chief 12). ROCHELLE ANGELA LA RITZ- Drama 10; French Club 9,10; Choir 10 . JEAN MARIE LEAHY-Pep Club 11; Musical 12; (Bishop Noll) Latin Club 9. LYNN RAE LEE-Pep Club 9,10; Spanish Club 10,11,12 (Pres. 12); Glee Club 9. DEBORAH SUSAN LEKAS— Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Pen Club 9,10; German Club 10,12; Choirs 9,10,11; Musical 11,12. NANCY ELEANOR LENGYEL- NHS 12; Pep Club 9; Student Sen. 12; Paragon 11; Thespians 11,12 (Pres.); Forensic League 10-12 (Sec.); Speech 10-12 (Sec.); Spanish Club 11,12; Drama 10,11,12; Girls State 11 . JOHN MICHEAL LEONE JOHN WILLIAM LICHTSINN— Crier 11,12 (Photographer); Band 9, 10,11; Choir 12; Football 9; Wrest- ling Manager 10; Musical 11,12; Cross Country 11,12. JAY ALAN LYNN-Thespians 11,12; Paragon 10,11; News Bureau 10; Pep Club 10; German Club 10; Crier 10. KAREN ANN MALO-Pep Club 10, 11 (Treas. 10, Sec. 11); Thespians 11,12; Forensic League 10,11.12; Speech Debate 10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11,12. BARBARA LYNN MALONEY-Crier 9,11,12; Pegasus 11,12 (Managing Ed. 12); Stu. Sen. 11; News Bureau 10,11; Musical 10; Drama 11; Pep Club 9,10; Paragon 10; Spanish Club 11. DOROTHY ELSA MANSKE-Ger- man Club 9,10.12; Art Club 11; GAA 10; Spanish Club 11; Y-Teens 11; Choir 9,10; Band 9,10; Play 11; Musical 10; Lab Asst. PAULA R. MARKOVICH— Glee Club 9,10; GAA 10; Prom Committee 11,12; Drama 10; Lab Asst. 10,11,12. ROBERT JAMES MAROE— Quill and Scroll 11,12 (Pres.); Crier 9-12 (Assoc. Ed. 11, Managing Ed. 12 Ed.-in-chief 9,12); Pegasus 11,12 (Business Man. 11, Layout Ed. 12); News Bureau 10,12; Musicals 11,12; Wrestling Manager 9.10,11; Concert Band 9-12; Pep Band 10-12; Choir 10 , 11 . LARRY DENNIS MARVEL DENISE MAYSE-Pep Club 9,10; Drama 11; Choir 9.10,11; Play 10. NINA MARIE McCOY-Pep Club 9; Spanish Club 11; Art Club 11,12 (Sec. 12). james“ ' richard McDaniel- Nat’l. Honor Society 11,12; Paragon 9,10; Crier 9,10,11; Science Club 11,12 (Treas. 12); Pegasus 10,11,12 (Patron Mgr. 12); Letterman 11,12; Nat’l. Merit Scholar; Hoosier Scholar. " d SENIORS: Unification And Dynamic Leadershi SENIORS: Rhonda Robertson— DAR Award THOMAS DOUGLAS MeDONALD — Nat’l. Honor Society 11 12; Pegasus 11; German Club 12 (Treas.); Bas- ketball Manager 9.10; Student Sen- ate 12; German Honors Program 11. DONALD HENRY McDONEI.L— Student Senate 10; Spanish Club 11; Choir 10,11; Musical 10,11. DALETTA SUE McGRAW-Pep Club 12; Spanish Club 12; Choir 12; Glee Club 11; Band 10; Musical 11, 12; (Forsythe Jr. High— Mich.). KIM ELLEN McLAUCHLIN— Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Pep Club 10; News Bureau 10,11; Art Club 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Crier 11,12; Drama 10,11; Pegasus 10,11; Hoosier Scholar 12. RICHARD EUGENE McNEES-Stu- dent Council 9 (Pres.); Crier 9,11,12 (Photographer); Paragon 10-12 (Pho- to. Ed.); German Club 11; Aviation Club 11. STEVE DANNEY MEDANIC— Thes- pians 11,12; Plays 10,11,12; AV Asst. 10,11,12; Musical 11; (Morton 9). SALLY JANE MEYER-Art Club 11, 12 (Pres.); Thespians 12; Pegasus 12 (Publicity Ed.); Plays 12; Musical 11,12; (Upper St. Clair High School); Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 9,10. JANET LEE MINER— Pep Club 9, 10,11; German Club 10,11,12; Avia- tion Club 11; Pegasus 9-11; Band 9,11,12. DAVE MINIUK ANNA MICHELLE MISZEWSKI- Pep Club 11; GAA 9,10,11. STEVEN ALAN MOHLER-Choirs 9,10,11,12; M-Men 12; Musical 10, 11 , 12 . LYNN CATHERINE MOORE-News Bureau 10-12 (Ed. -in-chief 12); Dra- ma 10-12; Summer Theatre 11,12; Crier 9-11; Thespians 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Forensics 11,12 (Historian 12); Speech 10-12; NHS 11,12; Paragon 10,11 (Copy Ed. 11); Stu. Sen. 12; Quill Scroll 12; Pep Club 10; Musical 10-12; Hoos. Scholar. TIMOTHY DANIEL MORRIS- Swimming 9-11; Football 9-12; Track 9-12; FCA 11,12; Letterman 9,10,11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Prom Chair- man 11; Swim Instructor for Re- tarded Children 11. MARY DONNA MUNTIU-Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Crier 11,12; Span- ish Club 9,10,11,12; Choirs 9,10,11, 12; Musicals 11,12; State Scholarship 12 . CATHERINE ANNE NAWOJSKI- Art Club 11,12; Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Glee Club 10; Choir 11; Span- ish Club 11; Student Senate 11,12; Band 9. DAVID HENRY NELSON-Choirs 9,10,12; Musical 10. ROBERT LURSEY NELSON-Choir; Musical. JAMIE NEPIP- Paragon 10,11; Dra- ma 10,11,12; Crier 11,12; Y-Teens 11,12 (Sec. 11); Thespians 11,12. MARK ANDREW POPE-Baseball 9; Crier 9,10; Drama 11,12; Student Senate Vice-President 12; Thespians 11,12; NFL 11,12; Speech 11,12; Choir 9,10,11,12; Musical 9,10,11,12; Boys Ensemble 11,12. JANICE LEIGH PRICE-Pep Club 9,10,11; Paragon 10,11 (Copy Co- Ed.); News Bureau 12 (Copy Co- Ed.); Quill Scroll 12; Pegasus 12 (Copy Co-Ed.); Student Senate 9. KERRY ANNE RANSEL-Cheer- leader 10; Pep Club 9,10; Musicals 9,10. GEORGE CHESLEY RASCH— Nat’!. Honor Society 12; Paragon 12 (Athl. Board); Letterman 9,10,11,12; Golf 9,10,11,12 (Most Valuable 11); Cross Country 11,12 (Co-Capt.); Basketball 12 . CAROL JEANNE RAVES-Art Club 11,12; We Folk 12; Student Senate 12; Glee Club 9,10; Choir 10. THERESA KAYE RECK-( Bishop Noll) Spanish Club 9; Scholarship from Munster Jr. Women’s Club. BARBARA JEANNE NEWMAN- GAA 10; Pep Club 10,11; Drama 10; Choir 10,11; Musical 11; Student Senate 1 1 . KRISTINA LEE NICKOLOFF— Nat’l. Honor Society 11,12: Pep Club 10,11; Paragon 10-12 (Co-Ed. -in- ch ief 12); News Bureau 10; Quill and Scroll 11,12; Student Senate 11; Spanish Club 11; Glee Club 9; Hoosier Scholar. SUE OGREN-Pep Club 9,10; Prom Chairman 11; Spanish Club 11; Choir 9,10,11; Y-Teens ,11; Musical 11. DENNIS JAMES O’KEEFE— Span- ish Club 11. WILLIAM H. PANSING— National Honor Society 11,12 (Pres. 12); FCA 10-12; Letterman 9,10,11,12; Swim- ming Team 11,12 (Capt.); Paragon 12 (Athletic Board); Musical 11,12. ROBERT FRANCIS PARKER-M- men 12; Football 12; Baseball 12; NMSQT Scholarship; (St. Edward) Student Sen. 9-11; Class Vice Pres. 9,10; Jr. Council 11 (Pres.); Letter- man 11; Football 9-11; Baseball 9- 11; NHS 10. JUDY ANN PATTERSON-Pep Club 10,11,12 (Sec.); Paragon 10.11; News Bureau 11,12 (Photography Ed.); Student Senate 12: Drama 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Thespians 11, 12; Pegasus 11; Prom Committee 11. DANIEL ROBERT PEARSON- Spanish Club 11 (Secretary). PAMELA LEE PF.GLOW-Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Crier 9; Paragon 10,11, 12 (Co-Academics Ed. 11, Business Mgr. 12). DAVID ERVIN PELC-Spanish Club 11; Choir 9,10,11,12; LeUerman 10. 11,12; Musical 10,11,12; Football 9- 12 (P.H.D. 12); Wrestling 9-11. ROBERT C. PHARES-Choir 9,10; Wrestling 9; Chess Club 11,12. MARY ELIZABETH POLISKY-PeD Club 9,10,11; GAA 10; Spanish Club 10,11; Y-Teens 9,10; Choir 10,11,12; Glee Club 9; Prom Chairman 11; Musicals 11,12. 3 SENIORS: “Faculty Favorites SENIORS: Jill Lanman— -Valedictorian DEBRA REDECK EK AVIS ANNE REED— Girls Glee Club 10; Y-Teens 11; We Folk 12. KENNETH JAMES REIPLINCER— Prom Committee 11; Musical 12; Crier 12; (Bishop Noll) Track 9,10: Latin Club 9,10. LYNN MARIE REVENEW-Drama 9,10; Thespians 9-12; Span. Club 9, 10; Summer Theatre 10; Musical 10. DIANE ELAINE RICHARDSON— Musical 11,12; Library Assist. 9-12; P.E. Student Leader 10,11. RHONDA SUE ROBERTSON-Crier 9; Pep Club 9-11; GAA 10; Paragon 10-12 (Co-Ed. -In-Chief 12); NFL 10- 12; Class V.P. 11; Stu. Sen. Sec. 12; Thespians 12; Summer Theatre 12; NHS 11,12; Quill and Scroll 11,12: Girls State 11; DAR Award; World Affairs Tour 11. LARRY DAVID ROSENSTEIN— Crier 9,10; News Bureau 10; Par- agon 9,10,11; Speech and Debate 10; German Club 11,12; Science Club 12; Pegasus 10,11,12 (Patron Mgr., Business Mgr., Ed. In Chief); Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Musical 10,11. SHERYL RUBRECHT THOMAS EDWARD RUF-Musical 10,11,12; Prom Committee 11; Stu- dent Senate 11,12; Thespians 10,11 (Bishop Noll) Latin Club 9, Track 9. JAMES A. RUSSELL— German Club 9,10; Science Club 11,12; Musical 10,11,12; Choirs 10,11,12; Mixed En- semble 11,12; Football 9; Wrestling 9. DAVID ANDREW RYDER— Science Club 12; Choir 9,10,12; Wrestling 9; Lab Asst. 12; Musical 10,12; Chess Club 9. MARTA SUE SALISBURY-Pep Club 9,10,11; GAA 9,10,11,12; Plays 9,10: Musical C, 10,11; Prom Committee 11. NANCY CAROL SANDS-NHS 11, 12; Pep Club 9; Student Senate 9, 10,11,12 (Treas. 9); Choirs 9,10,11,12; Musicals 9,10,11,12; Class Treas. 10, 11 . MARY MARGARET SATEK-Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Crier 11,12 (Circu- lation Mgr. 12); We Folk 12; Y-Teens 11; Spanish Club 10,11; Choirs 9, 10; Musical 11; Office Asst. 12; Play 12. KATHY L. SCHEFFEL-Pep Club 9,10; Drill Team 11; GAA 9,10; Glee Club 9,10; Prom Committee 11; Graphic Arts Assistant 9,10,11,12. MYRON PAUL SCHMIDT-Chess Club 12 (Student Rep.); Stage Band 12; Golf 10,11,12; (Baldwin Wood- ville High School) Student Senate 9,10,12; Band 9,10,11,12; Musical 9, 10,12; Drama 9,10; Cross Country 9,12. RALPH I. SCHWARZ-Paragon 10; News Bureau 10; German Club 12; Pegasus 10,11. SUSAN JANE SCHWARZ-News Bureau 12 (Historian); German Club 10; Science Club 10,11,12 (Sec. 12); Pegasus 12; Choir 11; Musical 10. THOMAS JOSEPH SCHWOEGLER —Baseball 9 (Mgr.); Lab Asst. 10, 11; Science Club 10; Crier 12 (Pho- tographer); Paragon 12 (Photogra- pher). WILLIAM SHAVER— Nat’l. Honor Society 12; Speech and Debate 12; Forensic League 12; Track 9,10,11; Cross Country 11,12. JOHN RUSSELL SHERBY— Foot- ball 9; Drama 11. BONNIE SHERWOOD JANET SHORB— Natl. Honor Society 12 (Sec.); Pep Club 12 (Pres.); Ger- man Club 10,12 (Sec. 10); Cheer- leader 9,10,11; Student Senate 12; Choir 9,10,11,12; Musical 11,12; Ger- man Honors Program 11. CARY LEE SHUMWAY-Choir 10, 11,12; Basketball 9,10; Track 9.10; Musicals 11,12 (Student Director 12); Prom 11. THOMAS EDWARD SIEMERING— Choir 10,11,12; Student Senate 10, 11; Musical 10,11,12; Football 9,10; Wrestling 9; Letterman 11,12. JUDITH LYNN SIMPSO -Pet Club 9,10; Y-Teens 9; Glee Club 9,10,12; Choir 11,12; Musical 11. DEBRA LEE SKELLEY-Pep Club 9-12 (Treas. 12); Paragon 10-12 (Activities Ed. 12); News Bureau 11 (Jr. High Ed.); Crier 9-12; Quill and Scroll 11,12 (Sec.); Cheerleader 11; Drama 10; Lab As st. 10; Prom Chairman 11. JULIE ANN SLIVKA-Crier 11; Ger- man Club 9,11; GAA 9; Science Club 10,11,12; Pegasus 11,12; Lib Asst. 10. DICK STANDEFER GARY MICHAEL STAREWICZ- Letterman 11,12; Baseball 11,12; Football 11,12 (Defensive Back of the Year 12). ROXY ANN STASICK-Pep Club 9; GAA 9; Spanish Club 11; Y-Teens 11; Choir 11,12; Musical 11; Play 11; Lab Asst. 10,11,12; Prom Com- mittee 11,12. EDITH LYNDA ANN STEFANIAK —Art Club 9,10; German Club 9, 10,11; Choir 9,10; Spanish Club 9, 10,11; Office Asst. 11. ROBERT WAYNE STEIGER— Band 9,10,11,12; (Mgr. 12); Letterman 12; Stage Band 12; Natl. Honor Society 11,12; Prom Committee 11; Musical 12 . DAVID PORTER STEVENS-Let- terman 12; Track 9,10,11; FCA 11. CHARLES EDWARD STEWART- Crier 9,10; Science Club 11,12. DEBORAH GAIL STEWART-Choir 12; Prom Committee 11. SENIORS: David Holjater— Salutatorian SENIORS: The Last Day Of School— May 29 LYNN MARIE STEWART— Paragon 10; News Bureau 10; German Club 10; Aviation Club 11. DEBORAH LEE STREET-Pep Club 10; German Club 9. JOHN VINCENT SULLIVAN-Foot- ball 12; Baseball 12; Choir 12; Dra- ma 12; Speech 11; (LaLumiere) Football 9,10; Basketball 9 10; Base- ball 9,10; Hockey 9,10; Choir 9,10; Student Body Rep. 9,10. MARK FRANCIS SUTKOWSKI- Paragon 12 (Athletic Board); Crier 10,11,12 (Sports Editor 12); German Club 9; Student Senate 9; Speech and Debate 9; Choir 11,12; Letter- man 10-12; Tennis (Most Valuable 12); Musical 12. ROXANE CATHERINE SYLVES- TER— Choir 11,12; Graphic Arts As- sistant 10,11,12. WILLIAM MARK TANIS-Thespians 12; Drama 10,11,12; Summer Theater 11; Musicals 11,12; AV Assistant 11, 12 . CARLA TCHALO— Natl. Honor So- ciety 11,12; German Club 11,12 (Stu- dent Senate Rep. 12); GAA 9,10; Student Senate 9.10.12; Glee Chib 9; Choir 11,12; Band 9,10,11; Mu- sical 11,12; German Honors Program 11 . SHARON DIANE TILKA-Pep Club 10; Drama 10; Prom Committee 11. MICHELE ANN TOLIN-News Bu- reau 11,12 (Asst. Ed. 12); Summer Theatre 12; Thespians 12 (Treasurer); Drama 10,11,12; (Publicity Chairman 11 , 12 ). JAMES ALBERT TREDER— Natl. Honor Society 11,12 (Vice Pres. 12); FCA 11,12; Letterman 11,12; Foot- ball 9.10,11,12; Baseball 9 10 11. MARJORIE ELLEN TRENT— Natl. Honor Society 11,12; Pep Club 9,10, 11,12; German Club 9; Cheerleader 9,10,11,12 (Captain 12); GAA 9; Glee Club 9,10,11; Choir 10,11,12; Mixed Ensemble 12; Musicals 10,11, 12; Homecoming Princess 12; Ind. State Scholarship. DAN LEE TUFFORD-Crier 11,12; Student Senate 12; Band 9,10,11,12. GAVIN ROBERT TURNER-Art Club 11,12; Chess Club 11. LINDA CAROL ULICINI-Office Assistant 11,12; CAA 12. MICHAEL VAN ES STEVEN LAWRENCE VIDAKO- VICH— Drama 12; Spee ch Club 12; (Highland) Football 9; Track 9. RICHARD JOHN VON BORSTEL- FCA 11,12; German Club 9,10; ' Stu- dent Senate 9; Choir 9,10,11,12; Let- terman 10,11,12; Tennis 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10; Basketball 9; Boys Ensemble 11,12; Musical 10-12; Lab Assistant 10. PAULA KAY WALKER-Pep Club 9,10,11; Musical 12; Paragon 11,12. RICHARD WAMSHER— Football 11, 12; Basketball Mgr. 11,12; Band 9, 10,11,12; Stage Band 12; Letternian 12; Musicals 10,11,12. SHERRI LYNN WEBBER-Pep Club 10,11,12; Choir. ROGER DAVID WEINBERG— Bas- ketball 12; Baseball 12; (Perrysburg High School 9,10,11). JULIE H. WENNEKES-Choir 9,10, 11,12; Pep Club 9,10; Musical 10, 11 , 12 . DEBORAH ANN WERNTZ-Pep Club 11; Drill Team 11; Prom Com- mittee 11; Musical 12. GLENN R. WEYAND— Football 9- 12; Track 11 (Most Outstanding); Wrestling 9; Weight Lifting 9-12; Letterman 11,12. BRUCE FRANCIS WHITE-Track 9,10; Football 9,10,11 ; Basketball 9, 10,11; Letterman 10,11,12. CALVIN WIERS JOHN CURTIS WILSON— Wrestling 9; Football 9,10,11,12; Weight Lift- ing 9,10,11,12; Letterman 11,12; FCA 12; Chess Club 11,12 (Vice Pres. 12); Football Honors; (Lake Central) Band. ROBERT WILSON-Swimming 9,10; Tennis 9; German Club 11. SHELLY ANN WILT-Musieal 10; Pep Club 11; Speech and Debate 11,12; GAA 10,11,12; Forensic League 12; Crier 11. JAMES WINGFIELD LINDA SUE WISNEWSKI— Thes- pians 11,12; Musical 10; Choir 9, 10,11,12; Drama 10,11,12; Y-Teens 11,12 (Stu. Sen. Rep.); Library Asst. 10,11,12; Summer Theatre 11. NEIL G. WOLF-NHS 11,12; Stu. Senate 10-12; Speech and Debate 10-12; NFL 10-12 (Treas. 11; Pres. 12); Pegasus 10; (Gary Wirt) Stu. Sen. 9; NFL 9; Speech Debate; NMSQT Finalist. DEBRA ANN YERKES-(Cranford) Cheerleader 9,10 (Capt. 10); GAA 9; Spanish Club; Student Council 9,10. LINDA JEAN Y.OUNG-Plays 10,11 (Usher); Office Asst. 12; Speech and Debate Asst. 12. RUSS ZEA-Band 9,10,11,12; Choir 9; Cross Country 9. MARILYN ANNE ZIMMERMAN— Play 11; Student Senate 10,11; Art Club 10,11,12 (Vice Pres. 12); Prom 11; Homecoming Princess 11; Mu- sical 11; Ball State Summer Art Workshop 1 1 . SENIORS: A L-O-N-G Senior Countdown Above— Traditional excite- ment endowed the Junior Class on October 3rd for their long-awaited class rings were then distributed. Above-Right— Class officers and sponsors: Bottom: Mr. J. Mclndoo, Mr. J. Kara- gianis, sponsors; Middle: B. Ross, Pres.; S. Parks, V. Pres. Top: K. Klage. Sec.; V. Sala, Treas. Right— D. Downs, construction chair- man; M. Cane and S. Par- rish work on the framework for the entrance to an “En- chanted Forest,” the May 23rd Junior Class sponsored prom. Far Right— C. Harr, and D. Altherr help to create the first o ' ace Jun- ior Class float— “Stop The Injuns.” 182 Juniors A most productive year- Solely produced By a few. INSIGHT ’69-’70: Class rings received Oct. 3rd . . . unique 1st place Homecoming float, “Stop the Injuns . . PSAT tests, Oct. 21st . . . Sectional Spirit trophy received for second consecutive year . . . Valentine’s Day Dance, Feb. 12th ... the April 11th Slumber Party . . . The Carnival to raise prom funds. April 25th . . . “Enchanted Forest,” the May 23rd Prom . . . to contribute is to give of one’s self. PERSONALITIES 183 G. Abrinko, J. Alexander. R. Allen, B. Alters, B. Alters, D. Altherr, S. Amos, C. Angelcos. T. Ashby, D. Atkins, M. Aurelius, E. Baker, J. BarkerrP. Baranowski, W. Barton, K. Bassett. C. Bower, A. Beckman, M. Beckman, G. Bembenista, B. Berey, M. Berns, P. Blanchard, D. Bobin. J. Bogner, D. Bolcis, T. Bombar, J. Bonner, D. Borgman, J. Boris, B. Boroughs, B. Bracco. B. Brager, J. Brandley, N. Branson, E. Brew, R. Brooks, C. Brown, E. Bryzgalski, E. Buckner. C. Buczkowski, S. Burton, F. Cairns, N. Campbell, M. Cane, L. Carney, C. Casieh, D. Castillo. L. Castillo, D. Chael, M. Church I. Clapman, C. Clark, C. Cleve- land, K. Clifton, C. Conrad. T. Corban, P. Coulis, C. Covert, S. Crary, S. Crary, J. Cziperle, P. Czyzewski, T. Dahlkamp. B. Dalkoff, D. Davidson, R. Delaney, S. Delaney, K. Deluga, P. Dermody, P. De- rolf, K. Detzner. N. Devetak, S. Dixon, D. Doeschcr, D. Downs, Z. Draskovich, B. Dudek, J. Dudzik. L. Dunn, T. Dunn, C. Dunning, D. Edinger, A. Egnatz, F. Eicke, K, Eitzen, B. Eppler. M. Erickson, C. Etter, W. Evans, E. Fehring. S. Ferro, K. Fischer, E. Forszt, N. Forsythe. B. Frantz, D. Frischbutter, C. Frost, R. Fundyke, D. Gage, J. Gainer, R. Gersh- man, T. Gibbs. A. Gigstead, C. Gilchrist, N. Gile, A. Goldstein, N. Goodman, W. Gordon, L. Gray, D. Green. B. Greene, L. Griffith, D. Guess, J. Gustaitis, J. Hales, C. Harr, M. Hauer, W. Helminski. J. Hesterman, P. Higgins, M. Hinkle, D. Hiser, R. Hodor, L. Hodus, D. Hoover, S. Hostettler. Hub- uber, C. Hutchings, A. Huttle, N. Jablon- ski, P. Jankura, S. Jarecki. G. Jasinski, D. Jeorse, R. Johnson, C. Johnson, K. Johnson, T. John- son, T. Johnson, M. Jongsma. D. Justice, P. Kas- ten, E. Katsoulis, S. Keen, D. Keen. D. Keilman, R Kennel, B. Kil- lingsworth. D. Kintner, K. Klage, D. Kluse, K. Knesek, J. Kowalczyk, K. Kraus, K. Kristoff. JUNIORS: Sponsor Valentine’s Day Dance UNIORS: Traditional Capture Of Spirit Trophy R. Levin, D. Liming, B. Little, B. Long, J. Long, B. Lorentzen, M. Luerssen, J. Malo. G. Malovance, D. Marks, F. Martin, G. Martz. M. Mc- Connell, L. Mc- C.uffey, P. McNa- mara, J. McShane. D. McWard, S. Meyer. J. Miller, M. Miller, M. Miller, E. Minas, A. Mintz, P. Mitziga. J. Mogle. B. Moore, C. Moore, D. Moreno, B. Morris. J. Morris, J. Mueller, T. Murakowski. D. Murphy, N. Nagle, D. Nolan, K. Ogorek, R. Ogrodowski, T. O’Keefe, D. Oliver, P. Otte. R. Parker, S. Parks, S. Parrish, D. Patterson, D. Paul, L. Pedone, R. Pellar, R. Pellar. J. Peterman, W. Peters, C. Peyrot, R. Plunkett, J. Powers, M. Pur- baugh, M. Rader, P. Raymond. K. Read, S. Reck, F. Redar, C. Revenew, J. Rif- fer, P. Rinkovsky, J. Rittman, M. Robertson. B. Kulka, M. Kustka, N. Landon, P. Leahy, J. Lebryk, R. Leet, N. Lekas, S. Leonard. J Roedel, K. liogiftirjj K-n ' s ' ko, B. Ross, B. Ross, D. Ruf, L. Ruman, D. Rutz. V. Sala. K. Salatas, C. Satek, L. Schmueser, M. Schoenberg, G. Schooler, G. Schoon, P. Schrier. F. Schroer, J. Schuman, J. Sef- ton, T. Serrano, J. Shaver, B. Shin- kan, R. Sikora, A. Simon. G. Skogan, T. Smelko, S. Smith, S. Sorenson, D. Spaniol, J. Spector, B. Spillar, N. Sprock. A. Starzak, J. Steiger, P. Steiger, T. Stoker, R. Straub, M. Sul- livan, R. Tanis, L. Timkovich. D. Tokarz, M. Tolin, J. Trimbur, B. Tsirtsis, A. Tumbeaugh, M. Ulber, L. Van Es, M. Victor. D. Vieweg, L. Vogt, M. Waisnora, D. Walker, K. Walt, K. Ward, C. Warot, J. Webb. K. Wehle, D. White, J. White, S. Wigley, D. Wilson, j. Wing- field, Nl. Wohrle, D. Wolak. J. Yahnke, E. Yasko, B. Young, J. Young, J. Zachau, B. Zim- merman, S. Zim- merman, S. Zweige. JUNIORS: Girls’ “Sleep-In” At School Top Above— Class officers and sponsor: Front: T. Lavery, Pr., T. Thomas, Sec. Middle— Mr. J. Fech, spon- sor. Back— C. Rawlins, Treas.; B. Donoho, V. Pres. Above— To exemplify class spirit the class of ’72’s marathon runners, R. Clark, K. Johnson, and D. Sarchet ran 72 miles. Right— Let off at the last football game the ’72 balloons were found unexpectedly by a man who then returned them to B. Donoho. Far Right— L Schneider, D. Lammering put final touches on the st float ever put forth by a Sophomore Class. 188 Dedication, enthusiasm, And] achievement empower Your class. Be INSIGHT ’69-’70: ’72 marathon runners, K. Johnson, R. Clark, D. Sarchet . . . Sept. 27th car wash . . . class colors of green and yellow chosen . . . 2nd place float, “Tip a Canoe and Indians Too . . Trips to a Chicago Bulls game and Chicago Cubs game . . . J. Papais wins 3rd in state speech competition . . . ’72, the class of potential greatness. SOPHOMORES: Float Acclaimed Best Ever S. Abalman, E. Aberman, L. Ahlgren, A. Ahlgrim, C. Allen, K. Allen, S. Allen, E. Andersen, K. Andrews. D. Angell, K. Bachman. J. Ball, P. Ballard, J. Barker, S. Barth, L M. Bauschelt, B. [ Beckwith, K. Bell. D. Bembenista, J. Bickell, Nl. Biter, N. Bjelland, J. Blue, R. Blumen- thal, K. Bogusz, D. Bolanowski, M. Boldt. S. Bolls, B. Bond, C. Bond, B. Boroughs, M. Bosch, G. Bourne, D. Branson, V. Breclaw, J. Breshock. P. Bretz, M. Brew, J. Brink, S. Brownlee, P. Bruce, R. Bryan, S. Bryson, D. Budarz, J. Burlison. M. Burns, L. Bumside, T. Campion, C. Carney, R. Carr, L. Chidester, N. Chipman, C. Cichoski, A. Ciucki. L. Clifton, R. Conces, J. Con- nor, J. Copple, A. Coulis, E. Coulis, P. Coulis, J. Crary, J. Cress. D. Croissant. H. Crouch, N. Curtis, J. Cwiok, J. Dahm, J. Dausch, J. Davidson, D. Demy, J. Depa. G. Devetak, D. Dietrich, K. Dobosz, K. Don- nersberger, B. Donoho, D. Drabenstot. J. Driggs, C. Dug- gan, B. Dunn. R. Dupay, D. Dvorsak, L. Ebling, G. Eidam, T. Eismin, T. El- lison, W. Eisner, L. Erickson, J. Espino. D. Estrada, J. Evans, L. Fein- gold, M. Fetzko, G. Figuly, H. Fine, J. Fleming, V. Folta, M. Forszt. L. Fort, J. Foudray, J. Fox, M. Franczek, M. Friedman, D. Gajewski, G. Gambrell, M. Garofalo, J. Garzinski. K. Geiger, L. Gerlach, M. Gil- christ, B. Girot, J Given, J. Goebel, S. Goldstein, P. Good, J. Gott. W. Gott, T. Gower, M. Graff, K. Graham, K. Grasty, J. Green, L. Gregg, G. Griffin, A. Groeger. R. Gubitz, R. Guilotte, G. Gyure, T. Hall, D. Ham, P. Hamascher, D. Hammill, L. Ham- mond, J. Hand. C. Hanus, J. Hay, T. Hayes, L. Heatherington, H. Heffley, B. Helm, R. Helminski, G. Helton, K. Henke. E. Hensey, B. Hetrick, P. Hiple, R. Hirsch, J. Hlinka, L. Hoekema, J. Hoeppner, S. Holajter, R. Holder. M. Homan, J. Hope, D. Hyles, S. Hyman, J. Iorio, S. Jacobi, K. Johnson, C. Jones, R. Jones. M. Jugovic, D. Kalman, G. Karas, J. Katsahnias, B. Kelley, F. Kemp, C. Kendrick, D. Kinter, D. Kirsch. K. Knutson, C. Kocal, A. Kolanko, K. Kris- toff, R. Kroll, J. Krueger, L. Krupinski, J. Kuhn, J. Kus. SOPHOMORES: Three Ran 72 Miles For ’72 SOPHOMORES: Balloons Salute End Of Football S. Kustka, J. Lair, D. Lammering, C. Lanting, B. Larson, C. Lautz, T. Lavery, D. Leirer, J. Leonard. J. Lerner, P. Lichtsinn, B. Leibengood. D. Lindstroni, J. Lipner, J. Lippie, J. Lynn, G. Macko, G. Mannion. D. Marden, M. Markovich, K. Miirtin, liim lltl y” Mattox, M Max- well, M. Mazza, Mi McCain. L. McCarty, P. McCoy, N. McDaniel, E. McGraw, M. McLean, B. McShane, K. McWard, M. Meisterling, R. Messersmith. D. Middleton, R. Minas, A. Miszew- ski, M. Modjeski, R. Monaldi, B. Moore, P. Mul- laney, J. Mul- ligan, J. Murphy. S. Musick, B. Nagle, L. Nelson, R. Nelson, L. Neukranz, R. Nolan, M. Nondorf, D. Ortman, M. Otte. B. Page, J. Panscnskin, J. Papais, N. Papp, J. Partain, D. Pavel. J. Pawelko, S. Pedone, S. Peglow. T. Peglow, D. Pelc, A. Peleshenko, J. Petsas, M. Pfister, T. Pilarczyk, A. Pineda, L. Pochter, K. Pope. G. Pratt, G. Pritchard, J. Prohl, P. Proll, K. Quint, S. Rapacz, J. Rasch, N. Raves, C. Rawlins. B. Raymond, J. Redar, W. Roades, B. Rokosz, B. Rosen- stein, S. Ross, P. Rothstein, L. Rudzinski, G. Rutz. K. Sagala, M. Sansone, R. Santare, D. Sarchet, J. Satek, J. Satek, K. Savage, J. Schavwecker, P. Schaw. D. Schley, D. Schley. J. Schmidt, S. Schmueser, S. Schultz, B. Seliger, R. Seliger, B. Senak, L. Sennett. T. Sheliga, J. Schneider, M. Schreibak, D. Shropshire, J. Shumway, J. Sibley, C. Simpson, L. Siple, D. Skozen. T. Slivka, S. Smith, D. Snook, C. Sobek, E. Sosby, N. South- worthi - SrSnetd ciiran, A. Speranzj J Spoljar i — R. Snurlock, C. Stankie, R. Stanners, R. Stefaniak, C. Stephenson, R. Stevens, R. Stevens, J. Stine, C. Strachan. H. Strick, R. Strickland, R. Strickland, J. Sumbles, J. Summers, H. Talanian, M. Tanis, M. Tharpe, E. Theodore. T. Thomas, D. Thompson, Thomson, P. Tilka, T. Tolin, B. Trachtenberg, J. Treder, T. Trent, F. Troy. R. Ulicini, C. Vailionis, N. Vickers, D. Victor, M. Victor, B. Vitkus, W . Waketield, R. Walker, K. Walsh. J. Washburn, J. Webber, S. Webber, G. Webber, D. Weeks, M. Wein, T. Wells, J. Wetnight, A. White. S. White, P. Wickland. W. Wilkins, B. Williamson, B. Wilthew, S. Wolfe, M. Wood, S. Woodward, B. Young . SOPHOMORES: A Class Trip To Wrigley Field . ' ' V INVOLVEMENT - : INCOME TAX ORIENTAL AVENUE TT WA NG RAILROAD BALTIC I AVfNUt .. 196 CONNECTICUT AVENUE VERMONT AVENUE INVOLVEMENT 197 WE1CA! NATIO BAN An Assortment Of Assimilated Assets 200 The Unending Ambrosia INVOLVEMENT 201 INVOLVEMENT 205 206 IGHLAND CAB CO.— HIGHLAND, INDI CALUMET CYCLE SALES— HIGHLAND. INDIANA I 208 INVOLVEMENT 209 210 Reflect On The Casual Joys INVOLVEMENT 213 The Initial Effect 1970 MUNSTER HIGH SCHOOL ADVERTISERS “ A Confidence Of Trust ” INLAND STEEL COMPANY 3210 Watling East Chicago, Indiana CUNNINGHAM REALTORS 1739 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana ENNIS REALTY 942 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Diana Bembenista) WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 6712 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana AMERICAN SAVINGS AND LOAN 8230 Hohman Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Mr. Ed Burkhardt) “An Abundance Of Assimilated Assets” WLEKLINSKI AND COMPANY, INC. 625 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana HARRY KOESTER AGENCY 512 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Rhonda Robertson) MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK 5243 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana HAMMOND NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY 5248 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana PEOPLE’S FEDERAL 7135 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana (Picture Models: Nancy Lengyel and John Lichtsinn) “The Unending Ambrosia” BURGER’S SUPER MARKET, INC. 12 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana HOUSE OF PIZZA 7008 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana (Picture Models: Wendy Blohm, Debi Skelley, Deannc Brusch) HOOSIER INN 8938 Wicker Park Boulevard Highland, Indiana (Picture Models: Karen Read, Alexis Huttle, Debbie Bobin, Debbie Bolcis ) MINER DUNN 8940 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana ( Picture Model : Rick McNces ) TEIBEL’S RESTAURANT Route 30 and 41 Scherreville, Indiana (Picture Model: Dick Atkins) “Solely The Savory” PEPSI COLA GENERAL BOTTLERS, INC. 9300 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Jane Washburn) GIOVANNI’S 603 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana VAN TIL’S SUPER MARKET 7030 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond. Indiana ( Picture Models: Margaret Markovich and Sheri Barth ) HOWARD AND SONS MEATS 719 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (Picture Models: Barb Page, Paul Czyzewski. Rick Gubitz, Kathy Pope) MR. KENNY’S 8955 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana (Picture Models: Eric Allen, Cathy Buckley) The Jaunty And The Dashing’ EDWARD C. MINAS 460 State Street Hammond, Indiana and River Oaks ( Picture Models: Dave Nolan, Cathy Satek ) GINGISS FORMALWEAR CENTER 5614 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana (Picture Models: Tom Karas, Chris Sobek) JOE HIRSCH, INC. EINHORN’S 5244 Hohman Avenue 6540 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana Hammond, Indiana (Woodmar Shopping Center) (Picture Models: Mark Sutkowski, Ken Andersen) (Picture Models: Donna Lammering, Ellen Goodman, Joni Gainer) CALUMET NATIONAL BANK 750 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana 1970 MUNSTER HIGH SCHOOL ADVERTISERS “Doing What Comes Naturally” “The Initial Effect” CROWN CORR ERECTION, INC. Highland Indiana ( Picture Model : Kathy Bogusz ) WOODMAR JEWELERS AND GIFT SHOP 7012 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana ROLLER DOME RINK 730 Gostlin Hammond, Indiana COMAY’S JEWELERS 6614 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana ( Picture Models: Karen Fischer, Roger Levin ) MUNSTER LUMBER 330 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (Picture Models: Beth Raymond, Janice Satek, Chris Sobek, Dale Lammering, Janet Satek, Mary Bosch, Kim Graham) LANMAN ACE HARDWARE 8240 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Ed Sosby) CALUMET CYCLE SALES 8929 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana (Picture Models: Gavin Turner, Laurie Nelson) LOUIS PHARMACY 8142 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Diana Bembenista) MUNSTER STEEL 9505 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana ( Picture Model : Patty Dennody ) WALINGER’S PHOTOGRAPHERS 37 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois (Picture Model: Mr. Bill Retskin) “Reflect On The Casual Joys” “An Horizon Awaits” SIMMONS COMPANY 9200 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Kris Nickoloff) CARPETLAND 8201 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Kathy Bogusz) NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY 5930 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana HOOSIER STATE BANK 479 State Street Hammond, Indiana KNOEZER CADILLAC 6131 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana (Picture Models: Ellen Jacobson, John Jones) ARTIM TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM 7105 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Picture Model : Liz Cohen ) BEN’S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 2739 Highway Avenue Highland, Indiana LICHTSINN MOTORS, INC. 9835 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana MAMA PUNTILLO’S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 3325 45th Street Highland, Indiana (Picture Model: Jim Maroe) GLOBAL TRAVEL AGENCY 7133 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana ( Picture Model : Caren Casich ) “Let The Earth Slip Away” HIGHLAND CAB COMPANY 8717 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana BRANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. 9501 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana JOHANN’S 6942 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana (Picture Models: Rusty Rasch, Chris Fischer) KARNES MUSIC 6920 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana MUNSTER LANES 8000 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Picture Model: Marian Fetzko) MARCUS AUTO LEASE CORPORATION 8840 Indianapolis Boulevard Highland, Indiana (Picture Model: Neil Goodman) 1970 BUSINESS PATRONS Atlas Personnel Agency 5252 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Barnes Associates Insura 907 Ridge Road Suite 1 Minister, Indiana Bell Jewelers 805 West Chicago Avenue Munster, Indiana Dunhill Formal Attire 6947 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana Dunkin’ Donuts 7340 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana Haney’s Pharmacy 7550 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Highland Lumber Compan 2930 Ridge Road Highland, Indiana po Vic Kirsch Construction Company 7020 Cline Avenue Hammond, Indiana McDonald’s 7443 Indianapolis Boulevard Hammond, Indiana Model Foods 7440 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Munster Pharmacy 8241 Hohman Avem Munster, Indiana J. W. Snook Corporation 1435 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana Stephen’s Beauty Salon 7895 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Willman’s Standard Station 747 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana YEAR Yankee Doodle 745 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana STAFF PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Dr. Edward M. Alt Jr. Dr. Virgil E. Angel Dr. Herbert Arbeiter Dr. James Arrowsmith Dr. R. Beconovich Mr. Richard Benne Dr. H. B. Brenner Dr. T. W. Courtice Dr. Richard Duhon Dr. C. D. Egnatz Dr. Jack Fox Dr. Lester B. Fuller The Hammond Clinic Dr. Hedwig S. Kuhn Dr. John Morfas Dr. Vincent Navarre Dr. Carolyn Rawlins Dr. Richard Refkin Mr. Harold Richter Mr. Saul Ruman Dr. Stanley Sroka Mr. Rudolph Tanasijevich Dr. Lee Trachtenberg SCHOOL DIANA 218 1970 SENIOR PARENTS’ PATRONS Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Richard Adams Mrs. J. E. Ahlgren Mrs. R. A. Allen Mrs. Richard Allen Mrs. John F. Amos Mrs. Nate Andersen Mrs. James E. Bales Mrs. David R. Ballard . Rose Bandura Mrs. Max R. Barton Mrs. Roy Beck Mrs. Robert T. Bell Mrs. Fred Bembenista Mrs. Peter Berghian Mrs. John Binko Mrs. A. R. Blohm Mrs. Leo Bosch Mrs. Wm. C. Brew Mrs. John A. Brossart Jr. Mrs. Russell H. Brown Mrs. Richard Brusch Mrs. H. P. Bovenkerk . Gertrude Buckley George Budzik Mrs. James P. Casey Mrs. Michael A. Castillo . Nascissa Perez Castillo Mrs. Alex Chicki Mrs. Richard Clement Mrs. David Cohen Mrs. John R. Cooney Mrs. F. L. Corban Mrs. William Cornell Mrs. Steve P. Coulis Mrs. W. A. Croissant . Caroline Cummings Mrs. Thomas Dalfanso Mrs. Lou Davidson Mrs. Dick DeLay Mrs. Clarence Dobis Mrs. Emil Duffala Mrs. Clarence Eidam Mrs. Robert Evans Mrs. C. E. Ellison Mrs. Herbert Fischer Mrs. I. E. Friedman John P. Gallagher Mrs. Thomas E. Gilboe Mrs. Hilary Gillespie Mrs. Phil Goodman Mrs. Roger Green Mrs. Leonard Grothouse Mrs. Fred Guttstein Mrs. H. W. Haas Mrs. D. K. Hackenberry Mrs. Delbert Henson Mrs. Rudy E. Higgins Mrs. Forrest Hiple Mrs. Albert Holajter Mrs. Joseph Jagadich Mrs. Eugene Jones Mrs. Anthony Karas Mrs. L. F. Keilman Mrs. W. E. Kennel Mrs. Max Kivett Mr. Mrs. C. Kolten Dr. Mrs. David Koransky Mr. Mrs. Leonard Kraus Mr. Mrs. John Krol Dr. Mrs. Arthur Kuhn Mr. Mrs. D. R. Lammering Mr. Mrs. Herbert Lang Mr. Mrs. William Lekas Mr. M. J. Leone Mr. Mrs. Heinz Manske Mr. Mrs. Emmett Maroe Mr. Mrs. E. Dale McGraw Mr. Mrs. Hobart McNees Mr. Mrs. Houston Meyer Mr. Mrs. Anthony Miniuk Mr. Mrs. Donald Mohler Mr. Mrs. T. C. Morris Mr. Mrs. John Muntiu Mr. Mrs. Steve Nawojski Mr. Mrs. Russell Nelson Mr. Mrs. Robert Newman Mr. Mrs. John Nickoloff Mr. Mrs. J. J. Ogren Mr. Mrs. John O’Keefe Mr. Mrs. W. F. Pansing Mr. Mrs. Robert Parker Mr. Mrs. R. L. Pearson Mr. Mrs. Edgar Peglow Mr. : Mrs. Edward Pelc Mr. Mrs. R. E. Phares Mr. Mrs. T. A. Pope Mr. Mrs. James Price Dr. Mrs. George Rasch Mr. Mrs. James Reiplinger Mr. Mrs. Russell Revenew Mr. Mrs. Ed Robertson Mr. Mrs. Marvin Rosenstein Mr. Mrs. Edward Ruf Mr. Mrs. H. Gene Russell Mr. Mrs. Marvin Salisbury Mr. Mrs. Donald Sands Mr. Mrs. F. J. Satek Mr. Mrs. W. R. Shaver Mr. Mrs. E. M. Shorb Mr. Mrs. Robert Siemering Mr. R. W. Standefer Mr. Mrs. Mack Starewicz Mr. Mrs. R. W. Steiger Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Stewart Mr. Mrs. Leonard Sutkowski Mr. Mrs. W. G. Tilka Mr. Mrs. Michael Tolin Mr. Mrs. Richard Treder Mr. Mrs. John T. Trent Mr. Mrs. Norman Tufford Mr. : Mrs. David G. Turner Mr. Mrs. M. G. Vidakovich Dr. Mrs. Adolph Walker Mr. Mrs. John Wamsher Mr. Mrs. Henry Wennekes Mr. Mrs. William Wilt Mr. Mrs. H. Wissenberg Mr. Mrs. Joseph Wolf Mr. Mrs. R. L. Yahnke Mr. Mrs. R. W. Zimmerman 219 1970 COMMUNITY PATRONS Mr. Mrs. H. Aberman Mr. Mrs. Russell Altherr Mr. Mrs. Stephen Andrews Mr. Mrs. Bill E. Angelcos Mrs. Arens Mr. Mrs. William Bachman Mr. Mrs. John Barth Dr. Mrs. Harry R. Barton Mr. Mrs. H. M. Bauschelt Mr. Mrs. William Beatty Mr. Mrs. Beccus Mr. Mrs. J. K. Beckman Mr. Mrs. Paul Beckman Mr. Mrs. Bernard Beckwith Mr. Mrs. William Belshaw Dr. Mrs. F. A. Benchik Mr. Mrs. John G. Bergmann Mr. Mrs. G. Blacke Mr. Mrs. Raymond J. Bobin Mr. Mrs. Joseph Bogusz Sr. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Bolcis Mr. Mrs. Walter Boldt Mr. Mrs. B. W. Bolls Dr. Mrs. Leslie E. Bombar Mr. Mrs. Christopher Borman Mr. Mrs. George Bourne Dr. Mrs. F. F. Boys Dr. Mrs. Arthur Branco Mr. Mrs. W. J. Brant Jr. Mr. Mrs. George C. Brooks Dr. Mrs. J. Buda Mr. Joe Buhler Mr. Mrs. William Burger Mr. Mrs. R. A. Burlison Mr. Mrs. Nate Bumstein Mr. Mrs. Harry Cane Mr. Mrs. Louis Casich Mr. Mrs. Irwin Chaiken Rev. Mrs. David Chesebrough Mr. Mrs. Leonard Cichoski Mr. Mrs. Hymen Clapman Mr. Mrs. Robert Clark Mr. Mrs. Roy Clark Mr. Mrs. Joel Clery Dr. Mrs. George Compton Mr. Mrs. John N. Connor Mr. Mrs. Donald Copple Rev. Bernard Cresiuski Mr. Mrs. Carl F. Cross II Mr. Mrs. Robert Dahm Mr. Mrs. S. Deluga Mr. Mrs. Edward Demy Dr. Mrs. Louis DePorter Mr. Mrs. Nelson Detzman Mr. Mrs. Frank Detzner Mr. Mrs. Jack Dietrich Mr. Mrs. C. Dillon Mr. Mrs. M. Donoho Mr. Mrs. Patrick Doyle Mr. Mrs. Courtland Driggs Mr. Mrs. A. Durkovich Mr. Mrs. James Dye Mr. Mrs. Richard J. Dye Mr. Mrs. O. F. Ebling Dr. Mrs. R. E. Egli Mr. Mrs. Eicke Mr. Mrs. Robert A. Eidam Mr. George Erickson Mr. Mrs. E. S. Esary Dr. Mrs. J. C. Espino Mr. Mrs. John L. Estrada Sr. Mr. Mrs. Fred L. Evans Mr. Mrs. Robert Evans Mr. W. Fea Mr. Mrs. Jon Fech Mr. Mrs. Morry Fein Mr. Mrs. Eugene Feingold Mr. Mrs. John Fetzko Mr. Mrs. Rudy Folta The Foreign Language Department Dr. Mrs. E. A. Forszt Mr. Mrs. Daniel M. Fort Mr. Gene Fort Dr. Mrs. Claude Fortit Mr. Mrs. Irving Friedman Mr. Mrs. H. Frischbutter Mr. Mrs. Jerome Gainer Mr. Mrs. William Garzinski Mr. Mrs. Larry Gay Mr. Mrs. H. D. Geiger 220 Mr. Mrs. Mark German Mr. Mrs. Ronald Geschneidler Mr. Mrs. W. Gershman Mr. Mrs. Brice Gilman Mr. Mrs. Lou Glaros Mr. Mrs. B. Goodman Mr. Mrs. E. P. Goodman Mr. Mrs. Saul Goodman Mr. Mrs. David Gott Mr. Mrs. W. J. Graham Jr. Mr. Mrs. L. A. Grant Mr. Mrs. Wm. A. Greene Dr. Mrs. Irwin Greenspon Mr. Mrs. Gerald Gregg Mr. Mrs. Charles Gubitz Rick Jeff Gubitz Mr. Mrs. Harold Hagberg Mr. Mrs. Hanus Mr. Mrs. John Harr Mr. Mrs. Leonard Hasiak Mr. Mrs. William Hasse Mr. Mrs. George Helm Mr. Mrs. Robert Henke Mr. Mrs. Wm. T. Hensey Mr. Mrs. Hal Hester Mr. Bernard Hill Dr. Mrs. Melvin L. Hirsch Mr. Mrs. Robert Heekema Miss Holder Mr. Mrs. A.J. Hope Mr. Mrs. Richard Hunt Mr. Mrs. D. Hutchings Mr. Mrs. Dale Jackman Mr. Mrs. Ken Janke Mr. Mrs. Leo Jensen Mr. Mrs. Carl Jerose Dr. Mrs. Richard Johns Mr. Z. T. Jugovic Mr. Mrs. L. Kalman Mr. Mrs. B. Kaplan Mr. Mrs. Mel Kaplan Mr. Mrs. Thomas Katsahnias Mr. Mrs. Daniel F. Kelly Dr. Mrs. George G. Kelly 1970 COMMUNITY PATRONS Cheryl Kendrick Mr. Mrs. Victor A. Kirsch Dr. Mrs. C. Kmak Mr. Mrs. C. B. Knapp Mr. Mrs. Richard Komyatte Mr. Mrs. Michael Kovich Mr. Mrs. Henry Kowalczyk Mr. Mrs. Maurice Kraay Dr. Mrs. Robert Krajewski Mr. Mrs. John Kulka Mr. Mrs. E. J. Kustka Mr. Mrs. Jack P. LaForce Mr. Mrs. John Lair Jr. Mr. Mrs. R. W. Lanman Dr. Mrs. H. A. Lautz Mr. Mrs. James Lavery Mr. Mrs. Zachary Lazar Mr. Mrs. E. Lebryk Mr. Mrs. R. H. Leet Mr. Mrs. John E. Leonard Mr. Mrs. Norman Levenberg Mr. Mrs. Marvin Levin Mr. Mrs. Joel Levy Mr. Mrs. John Lindeman Mr. Mrs. Long Mr. Mrs. Frank Luerssen Dr. Mrs. N. Madarang Dr. Mrs. Frank Markey Mr. Mrs. Richard Martin Mr. Silvio Massa Mr. Mrs. Gus Megremis Dr. Mrs. R. C. Meisterling Mr. G. Mcrriman Mr. Mrs. Don Meyer Mr. Mrs. Lester Meyer Mr. Mrs. Melbourne Micon Mr. Mrs. Don Miller Mr. Mrs. Emil Miller Mr. Mrs. Vernon Miller Mr. E. C. Minas Jr. Mr. Mrs. Edward Minas III Mr. Willard Minas Mr. Mrs. Charles Moreno Mr. Mrs. Glenn Morris Mr. Mrs. Frederick Mueller Mr. Mrs. Vincent Mullaney Munster Junior Women Mr. Mrs. Alvin Murphy Mr. Mrs. R. W. Myerholtz Mr. Mrs. Harvey Nagle Mr. Mrs. Manny Nagle Mr. Mrs. Melvin Nelson Dr. Murray Nierman Mr. Mrs. Michael Niksic Mr. Mrs. Richard A. O’Connell Mr. Mrs. Jack O’Connor Mr. Mrs. David Ogren Mr. Mrs. Henry C. Oliver Mr. Mrs. Nelson Ortman Mr. Mrs. Harvey Oslan Mr. Mrs. J. Papais Mr. Mrs. D. Pazdur Dr. Mrs. R. H. Peach Mr. Mrs. Nick Petsas Mr. Mrs. Petso Mr. Mrs. G. W. Powers Mr. Mrs. Perry Pratt Mrs. Rita Proll Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Rader Mr. Mrs. Julius Raymond Mr. Mrs. Richard Read Mr. Mrs. Robert C. Reed Dr. Resser Sara Sue Robb Mr. Mrs. Donald Robinson Mr. Mrs. Rooth Dr. Mrs. Carl Rosenthal Mr. Mrs. Archie Ross Mr. Mrs. Albert Rucinski Mr. Mrs. R. Rudzinski Mr. Mrs. Albert Rupp Mr. Mrs. Leroy St. Amard Mr. Mrs. Richard Sala Mrs. Richard Sarchet Mr. Mrs. Norman Schneider Mr. Mrs. Irving Schoenberg Mr. Mrs. Wm. Schooler Mr. Mrs. Edmund Schroer The Science Department Mr. Mrs. Cy Sefton Mr. Steve Seljan Mr. Mrs. C. Sherman Mr. Mrs. R. E. Shinkan Mr. Mrs. M. Schreibak Mr. Mrs. Milton Silver Mr. Mrs. Paul Skurka Dr. Mrs. J. E. Smith Mr. Mrs. Joseph Sobek Sr. Mr. Mrs. Richard Sorenson Dr. Mrs. L. D. Spector Mr. Mrs. B. E. Speranza Rev. Mrs. Paul Stephenson Mr. Mrs. M. D. Stewart III Mr. Mrs. J. W. Stine Mr. Mrs. Robert Straub Mr. G. Strickland Mr. Mrs. David M. Taylor Mr. Mrs. Jack M. Tharpe Mr. Mrs. T. R. Thomas Dr. Mrs. Lee Trachtenberg Dr. Mrs. Jack Troy Dr. Mrs. Walter Urbanski Mr. Mrs. Daniel Varidy Mr. Mrs. Herbert Weinberg Mr. Mrs. Ted Vieweg Mr. Mrs. Edward Vogt Mr. Mrs. Richard Washburn Watson Oldsmobile Mr. Mrs. Mike Watson Mr. Mrs. D. Webber Mr. Mrs. George Wemlinger Mr. Mrs. A. E. White Mr. White Mr. Mrs. Robert Wilson Mr. Mrs. Ronald Wilson Mr. Mrs. Robert Wilthew Mr. Mrs. Frank Wolfe Mr. Mrs. Richard Wood Dr. Mrs. T. F. Wooden Mr. Mrs. James Woodward Dr. Mrs. W. B. Yockey Mr. Mrs. Arthur Young Mr. Mrs. Barney Zagrocki Mr. Mrs. Zimmerman 221 Wmwmm EPILOGUE Cherie Brown and Mark Pope Craig Rawlins Look and see who I am ? EPILOGUE 225 Bored? Not at the moment. Alone? Sometimes. To conform? Yes and no. Above— Keith Corban Right— Arnie Guttstem 226 I’m alive and I believe in... EPILOGUE 227 Revolt against a hypocritical society Karth Day, April 23, 1970 1970— A year of struggle and unrest • . . . and the Mets won the pennant. INSERT EXACT AMOUNT IN NICKELS, DIMES QUARTER Ml BRANDS | NOB UNDER DESIRED BRAND An open invitation to Cancer and lung disease Sales of Cigarettes to MINORS are FORBIDDEN by Law We support this law Parents are urged to help prevent violations 7a. ' In Memoriam Vietnam Moratorium, October 15, 1969 The year of transition and a variety of lengths Teachers’ strikes delayed and upset the educational system. The Israeli conflict flared. The Chicago Seven Trial agitated con- troversy and the verdict shocked many. Sen. Edward Kennedy was involved with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. T he first postal strike delayed deliveries in major U.S. cities. The near-tragedy of the Apollo 13 crew drew world concern. President Nixon announced increased withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Tensely the nation watched as college campuses responded to the Kent State trauma. ... in the beginning, there was Woodstock. I have no voice, I have no control. Yet, 1 have much . . . Concern A popular teen-age venture towards harm 230 July 20, 1969 Man steps on the moon and unites the world for one fleeting moment and a new hope springs into our souls. EPILOGUE 231 Idealism Far Left Above— Why must I always view things through a screen of disfamiliarity? Well, no matter— I have this budding tendency to make things be as 1 wish them to be anyway. Far Left— This, the ideal of peace, this, the symbol of unity, this, the battered cry in a disillusioned time. Above— When a little girl stands by to help me— I can only feel, contrary to popular belief, that love is all around. Left— I must stop the war, yet do I understand why? “The world exists Build therefore Your own world.” for you... Ralph Waldo Emerson EPILOGUE 233 Ellen Jacobson and Jeanne Kuhn Mrs. Wilson Alexis Huttle, Sue Parks, Debbie Bobin, Jo Ann Trimbur, and Sue Amos The First Place Homecoming Car and the stupendous staff that produced it. With work we began... 1970 Paragon Main Editors and Section Editors— Top- Rick McNees, Head Photographer; Row Two— Ellen Jacobson, Co-Research; Deanne Brusch, Academics; Cathy Buckley, Co- Athletics; Donna Lammering, Co- Personalities; Ellen Goodman, Advertising. Row Three —Pam Peglow, Business Manager; Chris Fischer, Co- Athletics; Karen Read, Layout; Kris Nickoloff, Co- Editor-in-Chief; Jeanne Kuhn, Co-Research; Debi Skel- ley, Activities; Paula Walker, Secretary. Row Four— Cathy Satek, Co-Promotion Director; Rhonda Robert- son, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Caren Casich, Copy; Wendy Blohm, Organizations. Seated— Karen Fischer, Co-Pro- motion Director; Mrs. Betsey Wilson, Adviser; Liz Cohen, Co-Personalities. EPILOGUE 235 A THANK YOU TO . . . Our Photography Staff: Richard Atkins, Jim Young, Tom Schwoegler. Our Interns: Sue Amos, Alice Beckman, Debbie Bobin, Debbie Bolcis, Joni Gainer, Alexis Huttle, Suzanne Parks, Richard Pellar, JoAnn Trim- bur, Joyce Barker. The Internship Program— an innovation lacks unity. Our Promotion Staff: Karen Allen, Sheri Barth, Mary Ann Bauschelt, Diana Bembenista, Kathy Bogusz, Mary Bosch, Carole Ciohoski, Leslie Feingold, Marian Fetzke, Karen Geiger, Kim Graham, Linda Gregg, Rick Gubitz, Cathy Hanus, Mary Ann Jugovic, Dale Lammering, Margaret Markovich, Marian Meisterling, Barbara Page, Kathy Pope, Pat Proll, Beth Raymond, Janet Satek, Janice Satek, Chris Sobek, Angela Speranza, Jean Stine, Toni Thomas, Jane Washburn— PEPSI, SANTA, SOS. Our Athletic Board: John Coulis, Gary Duffala, Jim Eidam, Rudy Hig- gins, Larry Johnson, Bill Pansing, Rusty Rasch, Mark Sutkowski. The MHS faculty for being so cooperative and understanding through picture scheduling and information hunting. The hosts of deadlines: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Brusch, Mr. and Mrs. Peglow, Mr. and Mrs. Nickoloff, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson. The hosts of promotion projects: Mr. and Mrs. Satek, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Stine, Mr. and Mrs. Jugovic, Mr. Markavich. Marjorie Trent for the shadow boxes in the Organizations section. Joe Brown for the vibrant red on the endsheets and dividers. Susan Chalfant for our wonderful tour in Alabama and for answering all our letters and helping us solve our problems. Jack Bundy for servicing our cover and complying with our whims and our tour of the S. K. Smith Cover Company. Al Schlegelmilch, our Paragon representative. Walinger’s Studios scheduling department for their time and patience. Tom Coughlin for everything from pictures to bits of reassurance. Our favorite and most interested professional photographers: Bill Ret- skin for his help at NSPA and his wild ideas; Dick Dickus for donating a camera to our cause, Bill LeC laire for the outstanding color pictures and his creativity; and. Art Kreiger for the tremendous organ- ization and baseball pictures— Each one is specially talented. Dee at Johann’s for all our trophy needs. Smokey at Fehring’s for all our printing needs. Joe Sfura and Jim Bruno whose cooperation and interest and particu- larly all those loads of materials made our PEPSI campaign a success. The Munster Booster Club for the new camera, particularly Mr. Durk- ovich and Mr. Shinkan— They arc all indispensible. Miss Gonce for her work on the shadow boxes and use of the darkroom. Mr. Lindquist and Miss Christoff for the use of their lenses. Mrs. Silverman for keeping our finances in the office, and Mrs. Horlick for all the duplicating assistance. Mr. Kurteff and Mr. Bawden for their cooperation and tolerance of the Paragon whims and picture scheduling needs which allowed us to produce the kind of book which we want to give Munster High School. Especially, all those crazy people sitting on the monkey bars on page 235 for the success of the 1970 Paragon. PARAGON SPECIFICATIONS The 1970 Paragon was printed by Paragon Press, Montgomery, Ala- bama. The original 10 column layout was developed by our staff for our own purposes and convenience. Paragon has two pica inner margins with outer margins of three picas, four picas, four picas, and six picas. The layout style for the Paragon focuses on a dominant picture per two page spread with an effective use of white space. The Paragon was printed on eighty pound paper in a Patina stock. The score blocks are in one hundred percent black reverse. The Academics section has been reorganized into spreads depict- ing methods of learning. The organizations section has been divided into an essay of candids and of informal group pictures. The use of collages was initiated to enable the use of more pictures yet to re- tain layout style. Collages are outlined with a two point black line. A major portion of our photography was done by Walinger’s Studio of Chicago, Illinois. The pictures were made from 8x8 black and white glossies. The special effects in photography were achieved through the use of a fish eye lens, wide-angle and super-wide-angle lenses. The 10 4-color pictures in the opening are a part of a Rainbow- color plan offered exclusively by Paragon Press. The red dye appearing on the endsheets and dividers was especially blended for use in the 1970 Paragon. Special graphic etching appears on the dividers. The purpose of the copy style is to introduce the spread by the label head (36 pt. Bodoni Bold), create the mood of the year in the few lines of copy block (18 pt. and 24 pt. Bodoni Bold), offer the histor- ical facts and statistics in the Insight Blocks, briefly identify the pictures in the captions (8 pt. Caledonia), and make reference easier by page labels (8 pt. Caledonia). The cover was designed by the S. K. Smith of Chicago, Illinois. The cover is black leatherette with a white photographic silk screen com- plimented by red print which matches the endsheets and dividers. The fold-out appearing in the epilogue is for an exciting effective way to picture our Senior class. The picture is a four-color reproduc- tion by Paragon Press. The fold-out is a four page addition which has been tipped into the natural spread. PHOTO CREDITS Rick MeNees: 2,3,7,11,12,16,17,20,21,23,24,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,42,48,49, 53,54,59, 60,61,66, 71,81,83,86,87,91, 112, 114, 117, 120, 121, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 133, 134, 135, 137, 144, 145, 151, 155, 160, 162, 164, 165, 167, 182,188, 189, 196, 197, 198,200,203, 205, 206, 207,208,210,212,214,215, 218,21 9,220,22 1,224,225,226,227,228,230,23 1 Tom Schwoegler: 3,33,62,64,84,87, 124, 132, 135,144, 145, 154, 167,201,21 1, 225,228,229 Dick Atkins: 22,25,38,39,61,76,79,83,84,87,155,164,183,196,212,224,228, 234 Jim Young: 60,80,90,144,228 236 The 1970 Paragon is the product of nineteen en- thusiastic Munster High students. The sincere interest in making this book one which the students can enjoy for many years caused all nineteen of them to give of themselves one hundred percent, a goal which is hard to achieve. The student body, oblivious to the time, efforts, and energy consumed in producing the book, should be aware of interest, concern and the sense of accomplishment which is gained when we hear, “That’s really a good idea. Is that a cool picture!” or “This is even better than last year’s.’ The credit for building the yearbook journalism pro- gram rightly goes to Mrs. Betsey Wilson. She has provided us with a learning experience, enabling us to see responsibility, dedication, and fulfillment of a goal by her personal example. To produce this yearbook, we made several deci- sions as to our basic plan and what we wanted to portray as the Munster High School image and its students. We realized that we would face some op- position to our new and borrowed ideas and had no way of knowing how the ideas would be accepted or how well we would like them once published in the book. Our plan was to give the yearbook a refreshing, different, and exciting look but always in good taste and a fundamentally correct journalistic style. Students, such as we have at MHS, deserve to be given a book which is fun to look at and still retains the year’s data and personalities efficiently and accurately. To us, life at Munster High revolves around young people and adults with young minds and new ideas. Not only does our book strongly portray youth having fun, in nature and together, but also youth contrib- uting of themselves and their talents and achieving the utmost of goals. The rapidly changing and para- doxical emotions concentrated upon in the opening and closing sections show our interpretation of the youth of 1970, and particularly Munster High. Kris Nickoloff, Co-Editor-in-Chief Rhonda Robertson, Co-Editor-in-Chief ...and happily ever after THE END came! INDEX STUDENTS Sophomores Sharon Abalmen— 98,110,190 Eileen Aberman— 190 Gail Ahlbom— 102,104 Linda Ahlgren— 92,102,190 Amy Ahlgrim— 190 Scott Allen— 190 Cliff Allen-123,140,190 John Allen— 190 Karen Allen-110,190,236 Eve Andersen— 94,96,102,190 Kathleen Andrews— 190 Diane Angell-37,102.190 Kathryn Bachman— 37,56,94,96,149.190 James Ball— 190 Richard Ballard— 190 Jerry Barker— 104,190 Sheri Barth-100,102,104,110,190,236 Mary Bauschelt— 98,110,190,236 Ben Beckwith— 190 Kathleen Bell-100,190 Diana Bembenista— 80,98,104,1 10,190, John Bickell-98, 108,190 Mark Biter— 190 Nancy Bjelland-102,104,1 10,190 Jim Blue— 190 Robin Blumenthal— 37,190 Kathleen Bogusz-100, 104,110, 190,196, Dave Bolanowski— 104,140,190 Melissa Boldt-102,104,149,190 Susan Bolls— 94,96,190 Beverly Bond— 94,100,102,190 Carolyn Bond 94,104,190 Brooke Boroughs— 82,110,190 Mary Bosch-19,29,94,96,102,104,110, 190.208.236 Georgia Bourne— 190 Donald Branson— 190 Val Breclaw— 104,190 fcrEll e u Dres hock— 102,104,190 Pamela Bretz— 37,94,190 Mike Brew-114,190 JoEllen Brink-29,37.94,96,190 Sue Brownlee— 29,102,190 Patti Bruce— 190 Rosanne Bryan— 19,29,37,94,96,102,104, 190 Stephen Bryson— 190 Dave Budarz— 190 Jan Burlison— 102,104,190 Marian Burns— 190 Laura Burnside— 190 Tom Campion— 190 Colleen Carney— 190 Rick Carr-120,144,190 Linda Chidester-100,102,108,190 Nancy Chipman— 108,190 Carole Cichoski-100,104, 110,190,236 Andre Ciucki— 190 Rod Clark-120,143,144,188 Laura Clifton— 190 Rory Conces— 29,37,190 John Connor— 190 Janis Copple— 104,1 10,190 Angela Coulis- 102, 1 04, 149. 190,224 Eve Coulis-37,102,104. 110,149,190,224 Phil Coulis-108,1 14,135,136.190 Jill Crary-94,96,102, 104,1 10,149,190 Joe Cress— 37,190 Debbie Croissant— 149,190 Harvey Crouch— 190 Nancy Curtis— 100,190 Jeff Cwiok— 190 Jacqueline Dahm— 98,100,102,104,108, 110,190 Linda Darnell Jamie Dausch— 190 Jill Davidson-90,100 102,149,190 David Demy— 104,190 John Depa— 190 George Devetak— 108,190 Dennis Dietrich— 129.131,140,141,190 Karen Dobosz— 102,190 Kelley Donnersberger— 37,94,96,102,104, 190 Bruce Donoho— 92,188,190 Diane Drabenstat— 190 Julieann Driggs— 100,190 Cliff Duggan— 190 Bill Dunn-131,190 Ric Dupay— 190 Dave Dvorscak— 190 Linda Ebling-37,100,190 Greg Eidam— 108,190 Tom Eismin— 55,190 Timothy Ellison— 104,190 Wendy Eisner— 190 Lynn Erickson— 102,104,190 Teresa Espino— 190 Doreen Estrada— 102,104,191 Jeff Evans-191 Leslie Feingold-102,104.110 191 236 Marian Fetzko— 102,104,1 10,191,206, 236 Garrett Figuly-191 Howard Fine-19,37.96.136,138,191 Janet Fleming— 82,98,191 Vicki Folta-37, 100,191 Mary Ellen Forszt— 191 Linda Fort-37,100,104,191 John Foudray— 136,191 Jon Fox-126,140,191 Mark Franczek— 191 Marilyn Friedman— 100,191 Diane Gajewski— 100,191 Gregory Gambrell— 191 Mary Garofalo— 102,191 Judy Garzinski— 191 Karen Geiger-102,104,110,191,236 Lynn Gerlach— 191 Kevin Gibbs Melissa Gilchrist-19.29,37,96,104,191 Robert Girot-123,126,140,191 Joe Given-114,138,191 Toy Goebel-37,100,104,191 Sherry Goldstein— 110,191 Peggy Good— 104,110,191 John Gott-4,124, 126,138,191 Ward Gott-4, 126, 138,191 Trade Gower— 37,100,191 Beth Graff-98,100,102,104,191 Kim Graham-102.110,191,208 Keith Grasty— 138,191 Judy Green— 191 T.inrla Crrcrg-98. 1 00. 1 02. 104.1 10.19 1 . 236 Glenn Griffin— 108.191 Alan Groeger— 100 1 14,191 Rick Gubitz— 28,29,36,37,94,96,1 10, 236,138.191 Renee Guilotte— 102,104,191 Gloria Gyure— 104,106,149,191 Terry Hall- 191 Debbie Ham— 102,191 Pamela Hamacher— 104,191 David Hamill— 191 Linda Hammond— 191 Jon Hand-191 Cathy Hanus-29,37, 102, 104,1 10,191, 236 George Hasseloff Janice Hay— 100.102,191 Terry Hayes— 191 Lisa Heatherington— 102,104,191 Howard Hefflev— 191 Barry Helm— 191 Ruth Helminski— 100,104,191 Garrett Helton— 191 Kathy Henke— 100.191 Ellen Hensey-37.104,1 10,191 Robert Hetrick-108,138,191 Paul Hiple— 129,131,191 Richard Hirsch— 104.110,191 Joan Hlinka— 104,191 Leslie Hoekema— 102,104,191 Jerilyn Hoeppner— 191 Steve Holajter-123, 138,191 Roy Holder— 2,191 Martin Homan— 98,191 Jim Hope— 191 Dave Hyles— 191 SaraLee Hymen— 37,191 Joe Iorio— 29,37,191 Sherrile Jacobi— 191 Keith Johnson-104,114,126,143,144, 188 191 Kathy Jones-37,104,108,191 Ronald Jones— 28,29,100.191 Mary Ann Jugovic— 39,104,1 10,191,236 Dave Kalman-82,108,122,123,191 Greg Karas— 114,191 Jeneane Katsahnias— 191 Bob Kelley— 64,104.114,128,131,143,191 Frank Kemp— 191 Cheryl Kendrick-104,191 Don Kintner— 191 Don Kirschner— 191 Kathleen Knutson-102,104,110,191 Cynthia Kocal— 100,191 Adlai Kolanko— 191 Karen Kristoff— 191 Rebecca Kroll-104,191 Jan Krueger— 191 Linda Krupinski— 104.110,191 Joanne Kuhn— 104,149,191 Jack Kus— 29,108,191 Steve Kustka— 192 Judith Lair— 192 Dale Lammering— 13,27,102,104,110, 188,192,208,236 Cheryl Lanting— 110,192 Bill Larson-37,104,192 Christine Lautz— 37,192 Terry Lavery— 42,104,131.188,192 Bob Leibengood— 29.37.96,192 Diane Leirer-37,102,104,192 John Leonard— 29,37,192 Gerald Lerner— 192 Paul Lichtsinn— 80,108,192 Deborah Lindstrom— 192 Jeff Lipner— 66.104,192 John Lippie— 192 Judi Lynn— 192 Gerry Macko-100,104,110,192 Greg Mannion— 192 Diane Marden-37, 102,149,192 Margaret Markovich— 192,203,236 Kerry Martin— 126,143,192 Theresa Martin— 108,110,192 Howard Matasar— 192 Bob Mattox— 192 Macy Maxwell— 192 Mark Mazza— 192 Charlotte McCaig Mike McCain— 192 Laurie McCarty— 192 Paul McCoy— 192 Nancy McDaniel— 192 Edwin McGraw— 192 Jim McLaughlin Mary McLean— 37,94,96,192 Brian McShane— 192 Kathleen McWard— 192 Mariane Meisterling— 29,37,94,96, 104, 110.192.236 Roger Messersmith— 192 Debbie Middleton— 37,192 Randall Minas— 192 Andrea Miszewski— 192 Maria Modjeski— 94,104,192 Ray Monaldi— 192 Barbara Moore— 29,37,96,192 Pat Mullaney— 1 14,192 Jim Mulligan-138,192 Julie Murphy-37,87,94.96,104,149,192 Sheldon Musick-98,100,192 Bruce Nagle— 94,192 Lori Nelson-110,192,208 Rick Nelson-123,126,138,192 Lloyd Neukranz— 131,192 Rick Nolan— 126,192 Marilyn Nondorf— 104,192 Debbie Ortman— 192 Marian Otte— 104,192 Barbara Page-24,37, 1 10, 149, 192,203, 236 John Panchisin— 108,192 John Papais-5,29, 36, 37,42, 87,92, 94, 96,104,192 Nancy Papp— 192 Jack Partian— 192 Doris Pavel— 192 James Pawelko— 192 Steve Pedone— 192 Sherie Peglow— 108,192 Tim Peglow— 140,192 Doug Pelc— 192 Anna Peleshenko— 192 Jim Petas— 192 Mike Pfister— 192 Tom Pilarczyk— 192 Amy Pineda— 192 Larry Pochter— 192 Kathy Pope-19,29,94,96,102,104,110, 192 203 Gail Pratt-29,37,100,102,104,192 Greg Pritchard— 192 Jim Prohl— 192 Pat Proll-98, 100,1 10,192,236 Karen Quint— 102,104,192 Susan Rapacz— 92,100,192 James Rasch— 120,130,131,143,192 Nancy Raves— 192 Craig Rawlins-104,106,188,192,225 Beth Raymond-104,110,192,208,236 Jim Redar— 192 Wayne Roades— 29,192 Barb Rokosz— 192 Beth Rosenstein— 192 Scott Ross— 192 Pamela Rothstein-192 Leslie Rudzinski— 102,104,192 Gayle Rutz— 102,192 Cathy Sagala— 102,104,193 Richard Sandberg Marilyn Sansone— 80,90,100,104,193 Rich Santare— 193 Dave Sarchet— 126,143.188,193 Janet Satek-102, 110,193.236 Janice Satek-102, 104, 110,193,236 Kent Savage— 193 Jody Schauwecker— 193 Paul Schaw-104, 108.114,138,193 Danna Schley— 102,104,149,193 Donna Schley— 33,102,193 James Schmidt— 28,29,92,108,193 Sharon Schmueser— 193 Joe Schneider— 126,188 Sherry Schultz— 98,193 Barry Seliger— 193 Ron Seliger— 193 Barbara Senak— 193 Laura Sennett— 193 Theodore Sheliga— 193 Joseph Shneider— 193 Martin Shreibak— 193 Di ane Shropshire— 193 Julie Shumway— 102,104,193 Jim Sibley— 193 Chuck Simpson— 104,193 John Siorek— 193 Linda Siple— 100,193 Denise Skozen— 100,193 Tom Slivka— 193 Sue Smith-37,94,96,102,104,193 Douglas Snook— 193 Chris Sobek-92, 102, 108,1 10,193,205, 208.236 Ed Sosby— 193,213 Nancy Southworth— 100.102,104.1 10 Susan Speelman— 92,102,104,193.224 Angela Speranza— 102,104,1 10,193,236 Joseph Spoljaric— 193 Roy Spurlock— 193 Carolyn Stankie— 37,100,104,193 Richard Stanners— 193 Randy Stefaniak— 193 Claire Stephenson— 193 Renee Stevens— 102,149,193 Robert Stevens— 193 Jean Stine-102,104.110,193.236 Cathv Strachan— 102.104,149,193 Harry Strick— 94,96,193 George Strickland— 193 Randy Strickland— 104,193 Jackie Sumbles— 193 June Summers— 100,193 Helen Talanian— 193 Mary Tanis— 104,193 Melissa Tharpc— 98,193 Elaine Theodore— 193 Toni Thomas-102,104,110,188,193,236 Don Thompson— 193 Tom Thomson— 193 Margaret Tilka-102,104, 149,193 Tony Tolin Barry Trachtenberg— 28,29,37,100,193 Jenny Treder-32, 104, 193,224 Tom Trent-5,29,36,37,94,96,104,193 Fred Troy— 193 Rick Ulicni— 193 Claudia Valionis— 149,193 Nancy Vickers— 193 David Victor— 193 Mark Victor— 193 William Vitcus— 114,193 Wake Wakefield-104,123,136,193 Richard Walker-61,193 Kathleen Walsh- 193 Jane Washburn-84,104,108,110,193, 201,203,236 John Webber-114,193 Susan Webber-102,104,106,193 Gary Weber- 193 Diane Weeks— 102,104,193 Mark Wein-193 Twala Wella— 100,193 Jim Wetnight— 193 Alvina White— 104,193 Susan White-102,193,224 Paul Wickland— 108,131,193 Wendy Wilkms-37,102,104,110,149, 193 224 Barb Williamson— 104,193 Bob Wilthew— 126,143,193 Sherri Wolfe-193 Mike Wood-131,193 Robert Wood Susan Woodward— 98,100,193 Bill Young-114,193 Robert luraitijs Juniors Greg Abrinko— 184 Jeanne Alexander— 98,100,102,104,184 Robin Allen-18,19,29,37,96,110,184 Bernie Alters— 184 Bob Alters— 184 Deboran Aitebrr— 92,102,104,182,184 Sue Amos-39,61,98,102,104,110,184, 234,236 Cathy Anglecos— 98,102,104,184 Tom Ashby-104,126,184 Richard Atkins— 72,110,184,201,236 Michael Aurelius— 184 Ellen Baker— 37,184 Pat Baranowski— 140,184 Joyce Barker-104,110,184,236 Wendy Barton— 104,184 Karl Bassett— 184 Claudia Bauer— 184 Karen Beatty— 100 Alice Beckman-110,149,184,194.236 Mary Beckman— 184 Greg Bembenista— 104,184 Dennis Benoit Beth Berey— 102,104,184 Mark Bems— 102,184 Pamela Blanchard— 184 Debbie Bobin-61, 100, 110,184,200,234, 236 Joan Bogner— 100,184 Debbie Bolcis-61, 98, 102,1 10,184,200, 236 Tony Bombar— 184 Jan Bonner— 102,104,184 Dennis Borgman— 114,139,184 Jeff Boris-104,140,184 Bruce Boroughs— 184 Bob Bracco— 120,136,184 Betsey Brager— 5,33,102,184 John Brandley— 114,184 Nancy Branson— 100,184 Greg Brecla w— 106 Eiien Brew— 37,184 Rusty Brooks— 126,139,184 Cherie Brown-18,19,29,37,60,80,87, 92,94,96,102,106,184,224 Edmund Bryzgalski— 184 Danny Buckner— 184 Carol Buczkowski— 37,98,102,184 Shirley Burton— 184 Elaine Butynski Fred Cairns— 184 Nora Campbell— 184 Mike Cane— 182,184 Linda Carlson Linda Carney— 184 Caren Casich-89,90,92,102,104,110, 184,214,234 Diana Castillo-37,98,102,104,106,184 Lydia Castillo-37,98,100,102,104,184 Debbie Chael— 104,184 Madeline Church— 104,184 Ilene Clapman— 98,100,149,184 Cathie Clark-19,29,37,96,104,106,184 Coralee Cleveland— 102,184 Kathy Clifton— 184 Carolyn Conrad— 102,184 Todd Corban— 29,37,96,184 Paul Coulis-92,98,184 Chris Covert-18,19,29,36,37,96,184 Shelly Crary— 19,184 Steve Crary ' — 19,29,37,94,96,104,184 Mark Croker Joan Cziperle— 60,102,184 Paul Czyzewski— 72,94,96,98,100,120, 143,184,203 Tom Dahlkamp— 184 Breena Dalkofr— 102 Doug Davidson— 37,122,184 Rick Delaney— 104,114,126,184 Susan Delaney— 184 Karl Deluga— 98, 1 10, 184 Patty Dermody— 110,184,208 Peggy DeRolf— 184 Ken Detzner— 124,126,139,184 Nada Devetak— 184 Jim Dilbo— 37,96 Susan Dixon— 89,102,104,184 Dave Doescher— 184 Don Downs— 182,184 Zaharije Draskovich— 184 Bob Dudek— 184 Jim Dudzilc— 184 Leslie Dunn— 185 Terry Dunn— 104,185 Chuck Dunning— 19,28,29,36,37,39,92, 96,100,185 Dave Edinger— 114,139,181 Andrea Egnatz— 185 Fred Eicke— 185 Karin Eitzen-37, 96,98, 1 00, 149, 185 Bev Eppler-82,98, 100,104, 185 Mark Erickson— 120,185 Curt Etter— 110,185 Warren Evans— 185 Eileen Fehring— 96,102,104,185 Susan Ferro— y8, 185 Karen Fischer-7,110,185,212,234 Nancy Forsythe— 185 Ed Forszt— 185 Brad Frantz— 185 Diane Fnschbutter— 185 Chuck Frost— 185 Ron Fundyk— 185 Dorothy Gage— 185 Jom Gamer— 70,104,185,205,236 Ron Gershman— 104,185 Terry Gibbs-104,106,185 Anne Gigstead— 185 Chris Gilchrist— 185 Nancy Gile-100, 102, 104,185 Alan Goldstein— 110,185 Neil Goodman— zy, tf7, 122, 123, 185,206 Wayne Gordon— 185 Larry Gray-o7, 94, 96, 120,143,144,185 Dan Green-104,114,131,185 Bill Greene-94, 06,1 14,185 Lacy Griffith— 37, y 6, 104, 185 Dawn Guess— 102,104,185 Jeff Gustaitis— 185 Jackie Hales— 185 Cathy Harr-182,185 Mike Hauer— 2,185 Walter Heiminski— 29,36,37,96,100,185 John Hestermann— 185 Patricia Higgins— 57,92,94,96,102,104, 185 Marietta Hinkel— 185 Dan Hiser— 185 Ray Hodor— 114,185 Louise Hodus— 104,185 David Hoover— 56,185 Sharon Hostettler— 98,185 Ed Hreha— 185 Frank Hubbell— 185 Cheryl Huber-72,104,108,185 Cathie Hutchings— 3,5,89,92,102,185 Alexis Huttle-100, 102, 104,110, 185,236, 200,234 Nancy Jablonski— 98,100,185 Phil Jankura— 114,132,136,185 Sandy Jarecki— 185 Gerry Jasinski— 185 Diane Jeorse— 185 Richard Johnsen— 98,185 Cathy Johnson— 104,185 Ketti Johnson— 185 Terry Johnson— 98,100,102,104,185 Tom Johnson— 98,185 Mike Jongsma— 185 Daryl Justice— 185 Peggy Kasten— 106,185 Estelle Katsoulis— 98,100,185 Donna Keene— 104,185 Sharon Keene— 58,104,185 Dave Keilman— 185 Rich Kennel-7,70,104,185 Bob Killings worth— 185 Don Kintner— 185 Karen Klagc-92,102, 104, 182,185 Denise Kluse-36,37,96,98,100,185 Karen Knesek— 185 J im Kowalczyk— 185 lent Kraus-104,112,132,136,185 Kris Kristoff— 185 Bob Kulka— 7,108,186 Mike Kustko— 186 Nanci Landon-3, 17, 92, 102,104, 106, 186 Patti Leahy— 186 Judy Lebryk— 186 Rick Leet-19,29, 36,37, 80,87,92, 94,96, 104,106,186 Nicki Lekas-104, 110,186 Sue Leonard— 186 ' Roger Levin-61,104,106,128,131,186, 212 Diana Liming— 186 Beth Little— 186 Bill Long-114,186 Joe Long— 140,141,186 Becky Loren tzen— 102,104,186 lary Ellen Luerssen— 4,186 erry Macko— 92 Janice Malo— 94,104,186 Greg Malovance— 84,87,96,186 Doris Marks— 104,108,186 Fred Martin-108,186 Greg Martz— 186 Mark McConnell-94,120,124,126,143, 145,186 Lonnie McGuffey— 186 Patti McNamara— 98,186 Joe McShane— 186 Debra McWard-186 Sue Meyer-29,37,186 Jerry Miller— 186 Mark Miller-104,126,140,141.186 Mary Jo Miller-92,102,186 Ed Minas-186 Anne Mintz— 92,96,110,186 Pam Mitziga— 98,186 John Mogle— 186 Barb Moore— 186 Brenda Moore Brett Moore Curt Moore-104,106,186 Dave Moreno-114,139,186 Bill Morris-186 Jim Morris— 186 Jean Mueller— 186 Trudy Murakowski— 186 Debbie Murphy— 98,186 Nancy Nagle— 186 David Nolan-145,186,204 Mike Nolan— 104 Kathy Ogorek— 186 Rick Ogrodowski— 186 Tom O’Keefe-22,186 Doug Oliver-98,143,186 Ron Ortman Paul Otte— 186 Rick Parker-114,138,139,186 Suzanne Parks— 100,102,110,182,186, 234,236 Scott Parrish— 104,128,131,182,186 Diane Patterson— 186 Dayne Paul— 114,136,186 Loretta Pedone— 108,186 Rich Pellar— 110,141,186,236 Russ Pellar— 17,61,128,131,186 Judy Peterman— 186 Wade Peters— 114,143,186 Claude Peyrot-114, 143,186 Rob Plunkett-92,114,136,186 John Powers— 186 Mike Purbaugh— 186 Monte Rader— 104,114,118,186 Phil Raymond— 186 Karen Read-87,90,94,96,98,100,102, Susan Reck— 186 Fred Redar— 186 Chuck Revenuew— 186 Bob Rhodes Jeff Riffer-82, 94,96, 186 Paula Rinkovsky— 78,186 Jill Rittman— 102,104,186 Marc Robertson— 104,114,186 Jerry Roedel— 187 Karen Rogan— 187 Jerry Rosko-120,187 Barry Ross— 106,187 Brad Ross-104,129,131,182,187 Don Ruf— 187 Lori Ruman— 187 Debbie Rutz-80,102,187 Vicki Sala-27, 104, 182,187 Kathy Salastas— 104,187 Cathy Satek-90,92,98,102, 104, 110,187, 204.234 Linda Schmueser— 98,110,187 Marc Schoenberg— 187 Greg Schooler— 187 Gwen Schoon— 100,187 Peter Schreier— 187 Fred Schroer-126,187 Jim Schuman— 187 Jaime Sefton— 187 Teresa Serrano— 100,187 John Shaver— 96,187 Bob Shinkan-104, 114,139,187 Rosemary Sikora— 37,98,102,187 Arleen Simon— 90,110,187 Gail Skogan-100,148, 149,187 Tom Smelko— 187 Sherri Smith— 98,187 Sherdene Sorenson— 37,94,96,98,100, 102,104,149,187 Dave Spaniol— 187 Jay Spector— 120,126,187 Bob Spillar— 143,187 Norman Sproch— 187 Andrea Starzak-29, 37, 96, 100,102,187 Jim Steiger— 187 Paul Steiger-128,130,187 Tricia Stoker— 98,187 Rob Straub-134,136,187 Mike Sullivan-139,187 Rhoda Tanis— 98,149,187 Lois Timkovich— 187 Debbie Tokarz-94, 96,98, 102,104, 187 Mike Tolin-19, 100,187 JoAnn Trimbur— 37,98,102,104,110,187, 234,236 Bill Tsirtis— 187 Allen Turnbeaugh— 187 Margaret Ulber— 104,187 Linda VanEs— 187 Mary Victor-100,102,104,149,187 Dave Vieweg— 104,106,123,187 Linda Vogt— 187 Mike Waisnora— 126,139,187 Dave Walker— 187 Kathie Walt-187 Kris Ward- 187 Chris Warot— 187 John Webb- 187 Karyl Wehle-98,187 Doug White— 114,187 Joanne White— 102,104,187 Scott Wigley— 187 Debbie Wilson— 100,104,187 John Wingfield-7,4,104,114,187 Ed Wise Mark Wohrle— 187 Dan Wolak— 139,187 Jayne Yahnke— 92,102,104,187 Elaine Yasko— 187 Brenda Young— 102,187 Jim Young-100.110,123,187,236 Ji m Zachau— 187 Bob Zimmerman— 187 Stu Zimmerman— 131,187 Don Zoellner— 94,96 Joe Zopp-102,104,187 Sharon Zweige— 104,106 Seniors Tom Adams— 33,168 Anita Ahlgren-26, 92, 96,102, 104,168, 227 Chris Allen— 168 Eric Allen— 122,123,168,203 Gail Ammon— 31,104,168 Peggy Amos— 61,92,104,168 Donna Andersen— 19,37,96,168 Ken Anderson-19,104,106,110,168,205, 224,227 Steve Anderson— 168 Cynthia Bales— 168 Chris Balka— 168 Mark Ballard-92,96,126,138,139,168 James Bandura— 168 Todd Barton— 168 Laurie Bates— 27,92,166,168 Luann Bates— 104,168 Terry Baudino— 104,106,168 Gordon Beatty— 168 BUI Bell-96,126,138,139,169 Thad Bembenista— 169 Mark Berey-96,1 14,136,164,169 Pat Berghian— 169 Paul Beyer-29,96,143,144,169 John Bilik- 169 Barb Binko— 72,169 Wendy Blohm-19, 37,96, 104,110, 169, 200 Cathy Boender— 102,169 Claudia Bond-94,96,104,106,169 Mike Bosch-3,37,41,87,92,94,96,169 James Bovenkerk— 169 Carol Breitenkamp— 169 Bill Brew-132,136,143,169 Susan Brink— 37,96,98,169 Virginia Brinkmann— 96,108,110,169 Jane Brossart-4 1,72, 104, 106, 169 Nancy Brown— 169 Becky Bruce Dean B rum m— 170 Deanne Brusch-69,96, 110.170.200,234 Cathy Buckley-110,150,170,203,234 Tom Budzik— 170 Debbie Burkhardt— 170 Joan Buvala— 96,170 Mary Ann Candiano— 92,96,110,170 Pam Carollo— 170 Mary Jean Casey— 170 Linda Castillo— 98,100,170 Sonia Castillo— 100,104,170 Steve Chicki— 170 Laurie Chruby— 170 Gail Clement— 94,96,170 Liz Cohen-110,170,214,234 Dewey Conces— 29,55,96,170 Carolin Cooney— 102,170 Keith Corban-72,92,96, 98, 120,142,143, 144,170,226 Bill Cornell-122,123.141,171 John Coulis— 69,72,96,104,106,1 14,1 17, 164,171,236 Susan Cress— 29,37,96,104,171 Barb Crockett— 102,171 Chuck Croissant— 72.96.106,171 Doug Cummings— 120,171 Dan Dalfonso— 171 Craig Da vidson— 2 1 , 104, 1 06, 1 20, 1 22, 171 John Day— 171 Jay Delay— 171 Bob Devore— 171 Jody Dobis— 171 Ruth Dray- 1 9,94,96,98, 1 02, 1 04 , 1 68 Ron Dudek Gary Duffala-3,30,114,119, 138,139, 171.236 Jim Eidam-35,114, 116, 134, 136,171, 224.236 Cindy Ellison— 171 Debby Ellison-171 Pam Eisner-102,171 Bob Evans-172 Chris Fischer-110,172.194,206,234 Nancy Fodor-37.96 102,172 Bruce Frantz— 120,172 Leslie Friedman-87,92,94,96,172 Neil Gailmard— 172 Charles Gajewski— 172 Jody Gallagher— 172 William Gallagher— 172 Charles Gastreich John Gavelek— 172 David Gibbs Joyce Gilboe— 104,172 Hillary Gillespic-56,172 Ellen Goodman-69,110,172,205,234 Bruce Gower— 172 Patty Green— 54,172 Tom Grothouse— 17,120,125,126,138, 139 172 Allen Guttstein-11, 129,131, 164,172 Arnold Guttstein— 11,114,172,226 Ken Haas-33,92,104,173,224 LouEllen Hackenberry— 2 1 ,92,96,98, 102,173 Chuck Hall-173 Maria Hall— 173 Debbie Halon— 173 Julie Headdy— 64,102,173 Tom Heiminski— 29,104,131,173 Gayle Henson— 17,173 Rudy Higgins-1 10,1 14,1 19.135,136, 173 236 Mark Hiple-98, 128,131, 173 Dave Holajter-69,72, 96, 98,1 10,173,179 James Homans Ellen Jacobsen-110,173,215.234 Sheila Jagadich— 173 Larry Johnson— 33,72,96,98,1 10,1 14, John Jones-96,110,173,215 Janet Kaczka— 173 Tom Karas-5,114, 115,119, 173,205 Linda Karll— 173 Ken Keilman— 174 Barb Kennel— 64,106,174 Deborah Kirincic— 19,37,96,104,1 10,174 Mark Kivett-163,174 Nancy Koester— 174 Carol Kolten— 102,104,174 Ada Koransky Bruce Kowalisyn— 174 Larry Kraus— 1 14,134,136,174 Jack Krol— 163,174 Peggy Krol— 19,37,96,110,174 Barb Krueger— 23,102,174 Kirsten Kucer— 92,104,174 Jeanne Kuhn— 110,174,234 Donna Lammering— 4,94,96,110,174, 205.234 Cyndi Lammers— 174 Jackie Lang— 72,98,100,174 Bruce Lanman— 174 Jill Lanman-42, 92,96,104,106, 164,174, 178 Diana Lanting— 84,96,110,175 Rochelle LaRitz— 175 Jean Leahy— 175 Lynn Lee— 175 Debby Lekas— 90,98,175 Nancy Lengyel— 19,29,37,72,87,92,94, 96,175,198 John Leone— 175 John Lichtsinn— 3,72, 1 04, 1 10, 1 20, 1 75, 198 Jay Lynn— 18,19,96.175 Nick Makarewich— 100 Karen Malo-35,94,96,104,106,175 Barb Malonev— 52,92,110,175 Richard Manchak— 166 Doris Manske— 175 Paula Markovich— 175 Jim Maroe— 96,175,210 Larry Marvel— 175 Denise Mayse— 175 Nina McCoy- 175 Jim McDaniel— 56,96 98,1 14,175 Tom McDonald— 72,92,96,98,176 Donald McDonell— 176 Daletta McGraw— 102.104,176 Kim McLaughlin— 96,110.176 Rick McNees— 67,72.110 176 201,234 Steve Medanic— 19.29,37,96,176 Sally Meyer-96,98,110,176 Bob Mills Janet Miner— 176 David Miniuk— 176 Anna Miszewski— 176 Steve Mohler— 35.104 114.176 Lynn Moore-18,19,29,37,92,94,96,176 Jim Moore— 110 Tim Morris— 114,1 18.143,144,176 Donna Muntiu— 96 104 106 110,176 Cathy Nawojski— 92,96,98,176 David Nelson— 104 Robert Nelson— 104.163,176 Jamie Nepip— 37.176 Barb Newman— 177 Kris Nickoloff— 96 110,177,210 Sue Ogren— 13,177 Dennis O’Keefe— 177 Bill Pansing-78,96, 104,110,130, 131, 177.236 _ Bob Parker-31,96.114.117 139.177 Judy Patterson— 37 78 92,96,110,177 Dan Pearson— 163.177 Pam Peglow— 68,102.1 10,177 Dave Pe c-5.104, 106,114, 115,177 Bob Phares— 177 Mary Beth Polisky— 21,55.104,177 Mark Pope-18.19 28,29,42.84,94,96, 104,106,177,224 Janice Price— 33 96,98,110,177 Kerry Ransel— 177 George Rasch-1 10,120, 124, 126,141, 177.206.236 Carol Raves— 92 98,177 Theresa Reck— 177 Debra Redecker— 178 Avis Reed— 100,178 Ken Reiplinger— 104,110,178 Lynn Revenew— 178 Diana Richardson— 178 Rhonda Robertson— 19 29,37,72,87,92, Larry Rosenstein— 98,110,178 Sheryl Rubrecht— 178 Tom Ruf— 164,178 Jim Russell— 98.104,106,178 David Ryder— 178 Marta Salisbury— 178 Nancy Sands— 3.25 88,92 104,106,178 Mary Satek-37,102.1 10,178 Kathy Scheffel— 160.178 Myron Schmidt— 92 108,141,178 Ralph Schwarz— 178 Susan Schwarz— 98,110,178 Tom Schwoegler— 110,179,236 Bill Shaver-94,120,179 John Sherby— 179 Bonnie Sherwood— 179 Janet Shorb-3, 39,72,92, 96, 98, 102, 104, 106.179 Gary Shumway— 42,106,164,179 Tom Siemering— 104,106,114,179 Judy Simpson— 58,104,179 Debra Skelley-96, 110, 179,200,234 Julie Slivka- 110,179 Richard Standefer— 179 Gary Starewicz— 2 1,114,117,118.138, 139.179 Roxy St asick— 179 Lynda Stefaniak— 179 Robert Steiger— 58,66,96,108,143,144. 179 David Stevens— 179,194 Charles Stewart— 98,179 Deborah Stewart— 104,179 Lynn Stewart— 180 Debbie Street— 180 John Sullivan— 25,28,29,104,180 Mark Sutkowski-61,72, 104,1 10,122,123. 180,205,236 Roxane Sylvester— 180 Gordon Talanian— 100 Bill Tanis— 19,29,96,180 Carla Tchalo-72.92,94,98,104,106,180 Sharon Tilka— 180 Michele Tolin-29,37,89.96.1 10,180 Jim Treder— 96, 1 1 4, 1 64 , 1 80 Marjorie Trent— 27,90,102,104,106,180. 224 Dan Tufford— 92, 1 08, 1 10. 1 80 Gavin Turner— 166,180,208 Linda Ulicni— 180 Michael VanEs— 180 Steve Vidakovich— 37,82,180 Dick VonBorstel-104. 106,123,180 Paula Walker-110,180,234 _ Richard Wamsher— 72,108,114,126,181 Sherri Webber-104,181 Roger Weinberg— 124,126,138,139,181 Julie Wennekes— 104,181 Deborah Werntz— 35,58,181 Glenn Weyand— 114,118,181 Bruce White— 181 Calvin Wiers— 181 John Wilson— 100,114,181 Robert Wilson— 181 Shelley Wilt-64,94,96,149,181 Jim Wingfield— 166,181 Linda Wisnewski— 19,37,82,96,104 ,181 Neil Wolfe-84,87,92,94,96,181 Debra Yerkes— 181 Linda Young— 181 Russell Zea— 181 Marilyn Zimmerman— 72,181 Organizations Art Club 98 Boys’ Ensemble 106 Cheerleaders 102 Chess Club 100 Concert Band 108 Concert Choir 104 Crier 110 D.E. Club 98 Drill Team 102 German Club 98 Girls’ Ensemble 106 Girls’ Sextet 106 Glee Club 104 Majorettes 102 Mixed Ensemble 106 National Forensic League 96 National Honor Society 96 News Bureau 110 Paragon 110 Pep Club 102 Pep Band 108 Quill and Scroll 96 Science Club 98 Speech Debate 95 Stage Band 108 Student Senate 92 10 11 Choir 104 Thespians 96 We Folk 100 Y-Teens 100 Faculty Mr. Antonio Alonzo— 156 Mr. James Bawden— 153 Miss Jane Beaman— 152 Mr. Alex Bochnowski — 114, 136.156 Mrs. Emma Brankle— 156 Mrs. Ruth Brasaemle— 156 Miss Ann Brisco— 156 Mrs. Mona Lou Brumm Mrs. Ruth Brusch— 161 Mr. Edwin Burkhardt— 156, 197 Mr. Richard Carmony— 156, 108 Mrs. Betty Cash— 161 Mr. Chelich— 131 Miss Dorothy Christoff— 154, 156 Mr. Michael Conyers Mr. Richard Dilling — 120,143 Miss DeEtta Dunn — 156 Mr. John Edington— 156 Mr. Bob Edwards— 161 Mrs. Helen Engstrom— 87,94, 96.156 Mr. Robert Ericson— 156 Mr. Jon Fech-123, 154,157 Mrs. Sherry Fech— 37,154,157, 188 Mr. Gene Fort— 42,106,157 Miss Patricia Frankowiak— 94.96.157 Mr. John Friend — 114,152, 224 Mrs. Jocelyn Glendening — 110.154.157 Miss Marge Gonce— 152 Mrs. Ann Granger— 157 Mr. Jeffrey Graves— 157 Mr. Dennis Haas— 157 Mr. Frank Hammond— 152 Miss Rosemary Holder— 154, 157 Mr. Richard Holmberg— 42, 106,157 Mrs. Lillian Horlick— 161 Mr. Richard Hunt — 126,157 Mr. Jon Jepson— 131,157 Mr. James Karagianis— 61, 154,158,182 Miss Nancy Kelley— 110,158 Mr. Donald Kernaghan— 138, 158 Mrs. Dorothy Kinney— 58 Mr. Ted Klooster— 152 Mr. George Kurteff— 153 Mrs. Ruth Lare— 161 Mr. Zachary Lazar— 158 Mr. Lloyd Linquist — 96,123, 158,164 Mrs. Maggie Lloyd— 161 Mr. Kenneth Lolli— 158 Mr. James Mclndoo— 158,182 Mrs. Vivian McIntyre— 158 Mr. David Mudd— 136,154 Mr. Michael Niksic— 114,139, 158 Mr. Robert Preston— 152 Miss Phyllis Rapp— 149,158 Miss Jean Rawson— 154,158 Mr. Michael Ream — 154,159 Mr. Edward Robertson— 126 Mr. Gordon Rosenau— 140, 141,159 Mrs. Betty Russell— 161 Mrs. Cheryl Schaefer— 149 Mr. A. Lowell Sennett— 152 Mr. Dennis Spangler— 159 Mrs. Ina Silverman— 161 Mr. Alan Smith— 159 Mr. Richard Smith— 159 Mrs. Ilene Souders — 152 Mr. Robert Speelman— 152 Mr. James Stone— 114,143,159 Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker -149 Mrs. Ruth Stout— 159 Mrs. Shirley Talty— 152 Mr. Charles Taylor— 161 Miss Judy Taylor— 159 Mrs. Marlis Tippett— 159 Mr. John Toth— 14,19,37,96, 152 Mr. Ronald Tyner — 159 Mr. Thomas Whiteley— 159 Mrs. Betsey Wilson— 110,154, 159,234 Mrs. Dolores Wolfe— 161 Mr. Steven Wroblewski — 224 Advertisers American Savings Loan- 197. 216 Artim— 214,217 Ben’s Lounge— 210,217 Brant Construction— 206,217 Burger’s— 201,216 Calumet Cycle Sales — 208, 217 Calumet National— 205,216 Carpetland— 210,217 Comay’s— 212,217 Crown Erection, Inc.— 209, 217 Cunningham— 196,216 Einhorn’s— 204,216 Ennis Realty— 197,216 Gingiss— 205,216 Giovanni’s— 203,216 Global Travel Agency — 214, 217 Hammond National— 198,216 Highland Cab Companv— 207.217 Hirsch— 205,216 Hoosier Inn— 200,216 Hoosier State Bank— 214,217 House of Pizza— 200,216 Howards— 203,216 Inland Steel— 196,216 Johann’s— 206,217 Karnes Music — 207,217 Koester Realty— 199,216 Knoezer— 215,217 Lanman’s— 212,217 Lichtsinn— 215,217 Louis Pharmacy— 213,217 Mamma Puntillo’s— 210,217 Marcus Auto— 206,217 Mercantile National— 198,216 Minas— 204,216 Miner Dunn — 200,216 Mr. Kenneys— 203,216 Munster Lanes— 206,217 Munster Lumber— 208,217 Munster Steel— 208,217 NIPSCO— 211,217 People’s Federal— 198,216 Pepsi-202,216 Roller Dome Rink— 208,217 Simmons— 211,217 Teibels — 200,216 Van Til’s— 203,216 W alinger’s— 212,217 White Insurance— 197,216 Wleklinski— 199,216 Woodmar Jewelers— 213,217 M Sfc««3JgS ' - ' • •iiiAETO r ' -L ' rl.V. ■ ■ ' .. ' - kl

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Munster High School - Paragon Yearbook (Munster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Munster High School - Paragon Yearbook (Munster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Munster High School - Paragon Yearbook (Munster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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