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" mf' ' ,wN!.. 1 .W 'f -, f, + ,Q 1,43 ,, , 'V Q, j.T'3,,i1n- A A ,ef f 2.53 sAa'- -I-Ziggy: 35, Qi' 3 ' wiki? - . 'if I F ,kv . J .. 'L - . 1. ms " Ei makan in 1313-Q1Q111TlO D L 0 B A i n M-g v il p Hg ,'NA -id-ig . - 'M-'f+""f . ,A -ew ,.,. .444-fa' ,rid- , , , , . KX Q, -if if Ma' ea laik' n 'SZTLQ 'gn mx--'.r-X ' " 'W 1 V A-avi? , qi? ...J , ,z ,Mr----"M" '- --- L X.-ff 33. - bxN1rR!k XL .-"N . ' . x'.:1-My Q 2 " - - , 1' , 1 x L , ,StLl'1'Exfxz1oxxxLS , i Q D 3 .fiffxl 'R ,f A " L J ,..x as wJ, . ?u::'7xj.1: g5s .nj L .S'E1'A.7'tN 5: 1- 'ff"' -f T RI-'L 4 JH'- en ." mn U. u 7 ' Q 5' fx -J ,. 115, hw ., - .--JP' fa 35, ' k ' of 'W.11E.f:u.1.x-z L'1"' X J" ,L Nl x R f 1 . Mflf' 18-Q -4 Fqf I ., can '?'...A fx ' x. yi -Ai I , t":-4S:xk x'1 1'-la., , I fx f .., ,"'1RC HIPELL-M10 'rf Qmiviy 1... DEL AXE v? 4 Jrjlf Us ,-.1 x""'1+- DE S.5kN'i' Lzk S .-XRD ' 'Rig f"' ' S+- :N -tml".-A .L 1, .., 1 gf. 1 an E E- 5 gang: , Y 'WT :.+s,,,,::'- I Q 'K , X 195' ff ,- Q D 5 L IXOR L mrcuhs .iq LUl!0C!idhS "ri- , 1 V 3 ,n ?' 1' -ff' f 59,-'if' f 'a ' . , 3' 1- Q: "v"'i'Q"fia'iff ' IN cn 1X , J Elf N' C.x'ixL-x' a W ff.. W N X3' rg 1 ,jj "ki if x 2 JJ? -F! T Gyn! L :ii fi gf S .-z... -lbL'!.F',J I' HJ! ...lun ruirhqua IIPIJWBJ-049.3 .s L flu rA?.,fr.:w1Q-N :XVII-WJJ. '-L," r , '1 . '- A Vdzeffnxsu sw.. cqugman mira. 3-4' un: is: if it-as-. .:-Ynr1 L'-aim. SJQDK H!!! 1 pi.-ra C:A.m.'5n ..f2f.:3 -vJ4.J . 0-ig-'fix nu .ns:h, yig .hi'rnasxv:r1'1gx,"f 'lc I . ,,...v RYA ff" gmffanym r na. -:Ink 7'-7" v AQA Q ACK J' 1 ei'- Y 1 V . I - " n N -... 1 B 5 gL A5 vl H1,x1l.w1uwxla c cm my "-4.- I ,-' 4 1 N- ,gf N4 -V-1 R' -A. l,,q+4r I 'J as xixrzrgxr 71.1 Lhu ATLAN I7 P ' X X l 'A writ IM R Plfu unr"-- TICU W 1. ,- 53: 1 -Q, if nib N. 'xi I Sit vi- 191 vu n 4, ,-s',, 1-N WE" IPD' bv' XNLS ...Q ,.--1' 3 f lawn' 'E-XOPI 11:6-'f-" rv' Q CU 1....'1- .J ifvff' 'Wil Q4 4...., 'Fil 1-'vw Ning' sf -5 A W I INDAHK V 1 -Q- P XJ ,QNJI E. un 'ff' 2, . ' qv Ng' . 'lx , T' 'us -,'LM ,-. ,is I . una!!! n.4.xJ's-il' N 'fill lm. 1-'I M ct . fl 71 ,,. n a- uawon. '-4' "H ..:.... ,ng M 4-1 1.-- . ....,..u.. . M4 audi- .fd U Uilidl- UW v"',' ' Linn ln. in-u . , ,,.-,,. - 1 ,hui .'::u.-az :--- -4 -" -. .Uv , IHS!! A "f"""'V ' 3 4 suv.-1 . N-'-7 . A'tfIY!'7J1' wif!!- 1.-m.,-f 51-1 " Y I 1 I-S n 9-un-am. 3 .1 nj, f 'Q Gwen. NMJ5 l 'WX 'NlUUi3Kgi7.,,T1g7'x Sw ' 'L 'VFX JUL 19 19815 N ITIBRAHYZK, UNITED STATES SHIP ,,"'av -f'r4tp"!!2 ,Q Jb- N , V -. s Tr.- .Ur +21 E - Q ,ff iQ .1 ,nn I V. L 'gf' if X L W xx A ' I IVIUNSEE CATF 1G7J WESTPA 1967-68 ,SSE- IN MEMORY OF Q ,Ark 'f Q'5'i'Q5gQQf v K M, . ,i JOHN WILLIAM DOBY 2 I -reakii BJ 0 X .e QS mr Q, Q Hospital Corpsman First Class John William Doby, United States Navy, served his country well, that he surrendered his life in the defense of freedom. His sudden and tragic death was a great loss for the MUNSEE. "Doc" was a leading petty officer, a corpsman with professionalism he set for himself in carrying out his ability and de- sire to help othersg a friend, a qualified Officer of the Deck, and a morale builder for the crew when the MUNSEE went to sea for several weeks at a time. This book is dedicated in his memory by the Officers and Men of the MUNSEE. I dedicate this note of praise to a friend and fellow shipmate of mine who passed away on this sixth day of February in the year of our Lord, 1968. A corpsman is needed by every ship for emergencies of different types, but somehow, as I look back, John was needed in a more special way. To me, he was an older man, but somebody whose authority you respected. I could look up to him. These few words that I write are not enough for him, and his sudden death hits us all very deeply. I will close with this prayer: Al- mighty Father, we entrust all those who are dear to us, to thy never failing care and love, knowing that Thou can do much better things for them than we can desire or pray for. For this life and the life to come, amen. A Shipmate Feb. 6, 1968 RADM W. V. COMBSJR. Commander Service Force United States Pacific Fleet 'THF RADM N. G. WARD Commander Service Group Three 5 X 15- M LCDR R. L. GOODWIN JR. Lieutenant Commander Robert L. Goodwin, Jr. received his commission up- on graduation from Massachusetts Mari- time Academy in August 1958. He assumed command of USS MUNSEE on January 3, 1967 at Adak, Alaska. LC DR Goodwin achieved his present rank shortly after the Ship's deployment to the Western Pacific. In September 1958 he began his Naval ammcmding Offidw career aboard the USS AMHEARST QPCER- 1 853 trainin Naval Reservists on the At- l, S A G. 1 lantic Coast and on the Great Lakes for two . ht ml' years. His next assignment was the USS DOUGLAS H. FOX QDD-7793 as Operations Officer. In February 1964, LC DR Goodwin was enrolled in the U.S. Naval Post Gradu- ate School. 'A V . fr X 4,75-"' ' ' 5 -i. H1 I .4 LT E. E. SEARS Lieutenant Everett E. Sears began his Naval career in January 1955 and was commissioned on LDO in March 1965. Joining the MUNSEE in July 1965, Mr. Sears served as the Ship's Engineer Officer and later, as Navigator. He soon mastered the many administrative de- tails involved in operating a sea-going ATF. Mr. Sears was promoted to the rank of lieutenant during MUNSEE'S cruise to the Western Pac ific. Em zeculcfae ffclcem ' s f 5 dw! lieutenant Chief Boatswain Joel Porter entered OCS in January 1966 after completing his enlisted Naval career as Chief Quartermas- e 'oined MUNSEE in April 1966 as First ter. H J . First Lieutenant, Supply Officer and Assist- ant Navigator. LT E. E. GAGE CHBOSN J. PORTER Upefmldamz Offdcefz . Lieutenant Ervin E. Gage, a graduate of Adelphi Suffolk College, Oakdale, New York, received his commission from U.S. Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, subsequently being assigned to MUNSEE in October 1965. Mr. Gage was promoted to the rank of lieutenant during MUNSEE'S cruise to the Western Pacific. LTJG J. H. HALEY JR. 0 ' ew Lieutenant Qjgy Richard F. Baker, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, reported aboard the MUNSEE on January 4, 1968 to assume responsibilities as Engineer Officer. ammcmclcdlcicww new Lieutenant Qjgy John H. Haley Jr., a graduate of Georgia Technical Institute, re- ceived his commission from the U.S. Avi- ation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, Florida in November, 1966, Mr. Haley joined the MUNSEE on January 25, 1968 as Communications Officer and Diving Officer LTJG R. F. BAKER .ix ,-O" I, lflelwme Awww USS HIUHSEE' 'HTF-l U7 MUNSEE was authorized by an Act of Congress on September 20, 1941. Her keel was laid on August 20, 1942 at the United Engineering and Drydock Company Ltd., Alameda, California. The MUNSEE was commissioned on October 30, 1943. MUNSEE is a Fleet Tug with a proud history of continuous service since com- missioning. She proudly displays 13 medals and ribbons. MUNSEE, in keeping with the traditions of the Navy bears the name of an Indian tribe the "lVIUNSEE." As a unit of the mobile logistic support force, the mission of an ATF is primarily salvage and towing of ships which are battle damaged or non-operational. Tasks which an ATF must be capable of performing in- clude: 1. To be capable of towing at sea oper- ations. 2. To perform salvage and rescue at sea. 3. To perform diving operations. 4. To be capable of extinguishing fires of vessels in distress at sea. 5. To be capable of limited self-defense against air and light surface attacks MUNSEE is 205 feet long and 39 feet wide. When MUNSEE is fully loaded with fuel, she weighs approximately 1,650 tons. She is powered by a diesel electric power plant which develops 3,000 HP, and produces a maximum speed of 16 knots. At economi- cal speed she has a cruising range of over 10,000 miles. On the fantail there are three drums of wire. The large one or 2" towing wire is used for handling large vessels. The two smaller drums hold 1" wire which are used to tow target sleds for surface gunnery ex- ercises. MUNSEE is a hardworking vessel enjoy ing a fine reputation of service to the Fleet. This is attributed to the high performance of the officers and men who serve her in defense of freedom on the high seas. U5 v sy It is a sincere privilege for me to have commanded MUNSEE during her cruise to the Western Pacific. During the past several months, MUNSEE and crew have steamed several thousands of miles as a unit of Ser- vice Group Three, attached to the mighty Seventh Fleet. They were hard rigorous months of constant vigilance, often at sea for extended periods of time with few liberty ports in be- tween. But the performance of all hands has been magnificent where strict reliance on training and responsibility was put to the test. We have spent many hours together in a company of wonderful shipmates. I was honored and proud to have been your Com- manding Officer. We have seen interesting sights, and helped to spread good will to the countries we have visited. We have shared trying experiences in defense of our cherished freedom, an inborn sense of loy- alty to our beloved United States. As you read through this Cruise Book, relive those days aboard the MUNSEE and her cruise to WESTPAC. I wish you fair winds and following seas, and Godspeed in your future ahead. 'N Sincere , ishes . , f' ," , f' f ,. 1 fy!! fx Commanding officer ! f LCDR Weatpm 7757-687 Following an extensive refresher train- ing period at its homeport in San Diego, the Western Pacific bound crew of the MUNSEE exchanged farewells with their families and friends as the Ship weighed anchor on Octo- ber 19, 1967. Utilizing her towing capabili- ties, she took along two barges of equipment supplies and steamed out for the blue Pacific The first stop, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, gave the men a chance to catch their first glimpse of the tropical countryside, white sandy beaches and tourist centers, coupled with brief exercises in rescue and assist- ance procedures and precision anchoring techniques in shallow waters. After com- pleting replenishment of supplies, MUNSEE slipped away from her Hawaiian berth for a 17-day sea voyage, to arrive in Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines on Novem- ber 27th. The Ship's stay in Subic was cut short when she was assigned to tow two lift craft fYMLCsy to Vung Tau, South Vietnam, as replacements for the craft that were there. For extensive turnover and rigging prob- lems, MUNSEE received a commendation for a job well done from the Commander of Naval Forces in Vietnam. With another craft in tow, MUNSEE fought her way back to Subic Bay through adverse weather conditions, but safely ar- rived on December 20th. Her presence in Subic over the Christ- mas holiday enabled MUNSEENS crew to at- tend real Church services for the first time in over a month. It gave the cooks a chance to prepare a fine Christmas dinner without having to fight the continuous mo- tion of the sea. Following brief target towing opera- tions at Subic, MUNSEE was assigned a mission in support of the mighty Seventh Fleet operations which sent her back to Vietnamese waters in January 1968. A weary but spirited crew spent sever- al weeks at sea in the Tonkin Gulf keeping ever alert and accomplishing the tasks re- quired of the Ship. An almost uninterrupted ritual was the welcoming of a helicopter, as the big "bird" would hover the fantail of the Ship and lower stateside mail and need- ed supplies. MUNSEE'S mission was successfully completed in mid-February and she was soon released to speed her way toward Sasebo, Japan, a welcome sight for the crew The Ship completed her cruise in oper- ations in the Sasebo and Yokosuka area and departed the Western Pacific for a long voy- age back to the warm California coastline and her friendly pier in San Diego. Only a few of these memories were captured on film or by written word, but all recorded forever in the hearts and minds of those who made them, the Officers and Men of MUNSEE. Q fL 37.7. ' ..-.., QL? ',,,', is-silt' ' A MONGOUA ,....., IZZ,1:gigsgsgzgsiegegzgegzgziagagzgzgegag -:-:-:-:-. .-13:3zizizizigigigiglgig., , , I :-:-:1:3:3:3:4:i:i:3:3:1" ' .5213131313:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .i:3:-:-"" . v fa CHINA MCSA 1l1 ' Gm ec! opmtmenl 5 . , V., - ' 4 .4 'Q s - 3 3 V 4 LJ ,rl f '77 Bottom Lto R: D, Walker, J, Nosse, I. Van Wanseele, D. Cochran and R, Finnety. Top Lto R: D. Schmidt, L, Amette, J. Sinclair, F. Lamere, R, Schade, W. En ield, J, Childress and W, Hardimon. Not pictured is E. Van Wagner. lt is the men of the Deck Department who are responsi ble to keep the ship looking smart in the traditional manner of deck seamanship. The Gunner's Mate is also an integral part of the Deck Department. To him falls the task of main- taining the Ship's gun mount in a state of readiness. The work is rigorous but it insures the MUNSEE of her primary mission. The seaman is the backbone of this department. laik :gy- I Tr' N ., .3 ' we egg,-Lament , flny A A I' x l W , X X. ,. f I X 'V '-A i 4 X N 3 ' X 'Z V .J.. 1 f I lb 4 .1 if xg 4 4 l H ef X f 'i aff sf Q Bottom Lto R: I. Hopkins, W, Brester, W, Gorman, R. Kurtz, I. Duggan, R- Mittelstaedt and K, Hinds. Top Lto R: P, Christo, M. Rock, C. Horvath, I-el. Anthony, J. Hanson, T, Nelson, J, Doby, K. Stika and L, Williams. Not pictured is R. Gates. The operational mission and tactical nerve center oi' thc Ship is the responsibility of the men of the Operations Dcpzlrtmcnt: il distinct group of quarterm t as ers, radiomen, radzirmon :xml signal- men, who keep a 24-hour watch over the Ship :incl tho environment she f' d h ' ' ' ' ' in s erself. Personnel administration and thc l'll'lllll'llllll1"' of , 1 1 g-Q tactical publications are but a few of the tasks zissignocl to this department. I V Zi N ' ' A ai i 1 'lr Q ' O 9 Zn Yam! I 5 7 9 1' - X lum1l'l1ullI X. , V .I S 2 Q1 S X-I Eternal Vigilance Is The Price of Freedom i Qi' J 2 L Fu 0 i , , , f 'iff rl 'ff f X51-A X 5' Wy 4 XX U mkf xg YN N ' . 'lx xfg I' 4 V - n X K -'f j- , X 1' "x ' x y v ,A J,-I LL 'L 'S H 4"' . -T- xlr ft-' 1 ' k 1,..--:EW i - if .4 - , f 4 t ' s'f,ivo-, ' gf ,' ' a ' I ' K I I ! , I k . E N -f'V,i.' ' XQX , Y ,. Q' 5. 'wc 2 w,,,,.a.,.z. 1 :fl 2- 1 W HZQL .amy at , v' ...f at f -i I 1 . f , I 4 ,. , f lf ,4 Y: X Q , I 3 fqf Q rg W 'It Nl J L, X W fp , ,f if V 1 . ,-, fn 'f ' Q L 4" f IM, Bottom Lto R: H. Drake, A. Hancock, M, Larson, A. Briggs, D. Dalton, G. Ewing R. Eisan and W, Erfman. Top Lto R: R.Sheridan, I, Martell, W, Hucks, D, Webb, J, Camomile, R: Hinze, W. Hawes, R, Magula, M. Nale a, I, L man and W Clark, Not prctured are W. Conner, J. Henry, T, Lindbaci, J. Iugtz, W, Sullzivan, W, Fisher, D, Norris and K, Goodlett. W1 s E I 14, S . .li I Perhaps the hardest working de- partment on board is the Engineering Department. It is concerned chiefly with the Ship's mobility, interior com- munications, water supply, shipboard power, and damage-control work. Long hours and never-ending tasks keep MUNSEE on the move. The Engineers are also responsible for repairs to ma- terial and equipment of other depart- ments. There is not, in fact, any part of the ship which is not effected by the work of this department in some way. Y 5 Ill- if 'l ,, Mk ,- lv-v Q , Q, 'WW 15 W wa, Wy'-, f My Hi, I'm your friendly PMS coordinator" fa , gurl' J 4 "Just ask me. I can fix anything' :KX 1 ' f "A Gang is tops 'X ff' ... I s i 5 - But Clark, what do we do with this extra ring? 0445? ew! f fy 1, W 'v Y h f,f'- I , x , , , s , A A .. l .-. I wi! Y I R '. ' .-,, A -. Q X f 5 V, A 1. . Egg si .1 I ' I i . . , , N, gf? ,. f V ' N V I L., RW- . , R n if ' - L y ia., 'wifi ' L Hi' f R 5 3 F 7 N r . , f "' iw " SUIPIPILY A 7 n R I - I S 1 .qi 1 ., . Lto R: E. Santa Maria, M. Salinas, D. Ferrer, T. Gogue, M, Sinigayan, C, Miranda, DR CummingS. D Hastings and R, Shelton. Not pictured are B. Adams, R. Finney and H, Hogue. 3 5383311 SKC H. E. HUGGARD I'm telling you, we sewe nothing but good chow on this ship 1'-Q 'D , .vw 8 ,..-,,.,..,,. l'sv-f:mv'-nv- fp-qqa-'-swnr N O3 TURN TO COMMENCE SHIP'S WORK , X, , Q I ,g i -.I gs. , V A? LW" Q ' Y 1 l g::'41+'i:1""" Y S W"'0f ikLLL.L.m.1-P" A 1' l Almost like a skeet shoot, Pappy. 91, 'Q' if ,f I 1 s 55. 2. Li than---plv,-1--l 4 if v -E ,, Z A, VE' . A Q 'N if Q X ,x 1 5 W-If , , s ff 1 'WZ CQ,-,J iiiw 5 ' , Q 5 4 , 4' N! 3 W' I Y g , 1 Q 432 3 K. E 1 1 wf QQ ffl .Y 5, .-17 f 4 N S 5 S K xx RQ g A 3 , 1 5 Z , i f . i s 2 v Q G I I 0 0 I S 5 ' Y K I i gif-iii? ' " ,U up . I r. v A .- av' 'pil -4 A. G. Hancock receives third class petty officer promotion from Captain Goodwin. Looking on are SM1 Hopkins and MM2 Ewing, recipients of Good Conduct Award. No one escapes an advancement initiation .nt -.5 ,JV ' 1 sf- - . , . .Q 9 , if x I .L gs. ,, V' ,Hu-i Wghlh- I 'A "L.:i?' W-'fs - q , I ft A, L pt .. 7 ' Q, it fl 'V CHBOSN J, Porter flefty and LCDR Goodwin exchange handshakes over their promotions during the WESTPAC cruise. I 1 , f pm.- N pff 4 NYJ., if N' if Vt' Ruff ff' , my Xi ,4-5 ,uv I , f 4 fn A comfortable chair, ro the folks, and z,,,Z,,.ZH.Z 5 a little letter writinw Avi' -an i Hof R V W I rl' v- " was ' ' ' Q ! 1 if-4 A K 1 I x 'kwV+.'.i,V 1. . .... .l. .Tr x.... .:.T,,.:. ' ,. ,l .SQESLQQ 5 " Q i1'xf'I 1 ll. x .,f.-.peg--s-I-M , . ,.5y.r' ..L , - , .. ... Mv- , . . ..... -, ....,...Q- K is 1-H'-'-, z...,......-.. U-3'-3-'P . . 941.10 .hm r --fl 3, -, 1--C,...x.... -. 1- L-- ' .Q-fr, --.ny .1 ' ' 1 Q' - X ..,L,.. Q ,Q - V . M , ' 4. ' 'I 1 1 2. ,QQ If 1. N .., . , - , , . X . 3 - L a I S, L 'N X--in ' 1. ' ' 5 kff, 5.1" fl 'W-5-N.. 5 'L . 4 "'??vwv-., ,K . -,J ,- r TQ, ,,,,,,1 'Ks I ff 59" p if is flffff 'ii 52 ' 'Q if . Z 'F fc' A N. 4 U- u F Qqgw .,....-J" Sluu' you just get comfortable and I'11 tell you L1 yarn as I soon it in National City. " ,J Qi ,, ga,-. '4' x 3 , wg ,Q Q n K if .Ls 'wg in J' 'N 1" nik' A ,f A , 'cr X wr ' Ir? 4 1 . , J, nfl 03,7 R fu , f ly Jiri' f ' n In--, P . . , , at vw i . I 1 , 1 - A.- -:.::-:fl , L ' "V' 51,2 ,323-f:3'-If ,W 11' L , ,fm ieulyfpg, V Ly! ,,', 1 , Q V ,Z 4 J HW' A , 5 at f ' 7- f f "' "' - 'U ff" .L ' ,ap vt: , , I ' . ,J 5' 'V . ! fy , Q , ,, I f. S - v l 2' qwn.. - Qs 1 i' V s . 'V' . "W f E x -- V ' Q Z A ' .5 if if-1 'F Y 5 - Y I A .Ln QN ,- ii 41, ,, .iq f H' Q T lo G I 1 4 w v i 4 Z 1 3 1 v 1 .13 :JA L 4 , , 3 l ,4 3 i S 5 F E e , s 2 2 E , M . II . L Z l , 6 3 2 k 1 P l A L V V , E I ki? 5 W A L ' I ,55,..i-lgsffzigx W 5 is 5":af1i.,,u'ff ' 25134 ,Q E 2 !gfL2xi3"', i 4, ' Q . f'K"i?f ' 9 .f S i Y' Q 5 rv Wi 1 Ps " 5 2 E '. ? Q 1 E s 1 ! yi i ! l 2 'ZS f E2 1 I f E 53 1 ii, 5 YR. 1 Q gv I QT' 5 38 4 -'T 1 , 1 : ls ff!-Y W b ,f 'E J 8' "'! Y ', X I - r -4 v . 'QW' if 2' 1 WITH THANKS .......... 1 Our grateful thanks is given to CHBOSN Joel Porter, Cruise Book Officer, whose photographic genius captured the Crew of the MUNSEE throughout her Cruise in the Western Pacific. Special thanks are extended to Kenneth Stika, who also contributed interesting pho- tos toward the success of this publication. Layout and literary credits go to Paul A. Christo, editor-in-chief, who, together with Walsworth Publishing Company, made this Cruise Book possible. WALSWORTH H I' .M ., um. 38 air ti r it 65 447 Z X i X bi' 3 vu qt i' X i X btr Q 4 , if E F ! A f ' E Q 1 E I x 1 I lr P hi 0-N4 , , ,-. v. - . .,.- .. V ..,.... -. .-. - 1 " ' Q pls S' Tl1RRgYxlf Xlb l.1195C l Q lI.j TIQD :MSN X ...... -- , 2 - - -..M--,.1.fQ-Q-ff , df :Q qx 'Q eff! 1. UQZS 3 1 iff? bil. -di' A, V 1 ' ' 4' lx ' 'xx . .FL .-- -4-'-"Tx A Ii F7 l, ff. N 'HIL KI' '-X. 1 ' Wriuh ' u I 1 2 L. cf!" - 4.x D rw L my .4 - ' 'NX x iw- Y 4. ' '- ., -'A 2 . Q , gl , W1 1 r ' ' mcHxrr:u.,af:.v . 'ch '31 ' A rx'XxhlYNulS 1 "f'fU,ffXf H .4- X " ' .jf , 'lkxlib 114 Ll, snr '4 ' "' Q ' b 2 xi -!"l ' ." V, ' f xx " 1 . 1--N' ri M E I I p 1 I . i x qv n- - . -4 :J .. K- T' J . . N, . NL, . 9. A 'QI 1 - .. A " X ,- r , ', " A L' ' "Q, - , 5Ll'J'fN 'V-:L.,.. fl - 5 1 RIJBN , . 4.4 'I rin , , c A A ' A - DE5.xxT1.la5.a?.c: ! us, fd 4.5 - Yo ,aww . 1 ,guy """-'J aim D E I AQ'- Y i E 5 if 7 f ,ff 7' .955 6:4 1' :, Q: 1"1',- N on .-ggi G x' rx EA "" .ff rf? ,T rfulxs ... U R ,gum I if XIV: 01115 Q XX 3 J? APY gf' 'y11Zx1c.1.x.s qmnodinlis. 7' N 1f1f ,ff7Q ffff1 , wlfm 'waht Q 54451 ,N ilvrl .mv j 44 9 ,za-fini. , Evgvbmw 41.7 fikhl-3'la:n3!! A iNl:Yf'5:?f 5 F5 i':!nJl..'ffJv uvdi e . Mull: wr .znwvg-r, r..e-vnmfff-l.q --,F-34' 3.195 -"Ir-rf-210 if-is fu. MJ., ' '.1"L.'2 i L. f v.'..J 4' 'f'4','M 1 F-lsr 1 .:.x.l'rffi i'Lf:m..u ., 5i'W'Y-i'l'fH2.'l...f5,r'-1, ngffi., f 3.54: ,f v ra5,,,,g,,,usv 39" 1,491-1:-asm' vrl""""""'-Ib N A fl fl '5,.LIif 17 is 'vfx' 971, .X Y P"'9:Jv, 'im Q .,,,Mw-H'

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Munsee (ATF 1077) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 10

1968, pg 10

Munsee (ATF 1077) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 9

1968, pg 9

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