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'11 ev- ' G W 4 5 1 C . 6 5 V 5 .Q , Q . nh, , M, 1- . ' , fl . f , l ,Q 4 I "r v V ' -' " f. k ' Q iv . Y v .. . ' J .v 7 vt ' I ,' 1 . 4 yung .p., Q ..-, V' .Al-',..', ' . 5 4 A t rl 1 4 'fx ' ' . s v y " ' ' N N .- s . . , . y I Q an . 4- . ' a . . X , 1 H W E "u, n , 'V I' . 3 4 , f Q. A W 1, ' . 1 . , .' ' gli? . 5 ' ' ' J, -as ' 2 - J V V , . -'-Q E! .Um Y , 'JL Wm if f Qfm ff' M ,V "2 af' 1, f- - Q o n , ' Q ,E A 1 A fg- 1' Sr' 1 A i z 5 1 Seventy Magician Munich Public School Munich, North Dakota Pictured right: The band works hard at improving the graduation march. Below: Going through the chow line. Bottom: Mr. Larson and Mr. Aronson hand- ' ing out trophies at the District Tournaments. Table of Contents Faculty ........... . . School Personnel . . . . . Seniors ......... juniors ....... Sophomores .... Memoriam .- . . Freshmen. . . Eighth ........ Class Officers . . . Band and Chorus. . . . . . . Basketball ...... Grades .... 3 6 8 13 14 15 16 17 18 24 34 40 Administration E11 Kay Larson, Supt. U.N.D. Social Studies-10,11, and 12 Jack DeMaine Mayville S. C. Social Studies, Phy. Ed. , 8a Coach It Pat Limke, Principal Minot S. C. N. D. S. U. Science-Phy. Ed. Ronald Senne Valley City S. C. English Sayso Advisor Faculty of M.H. Wilmer Stolt Charles Roseneau German, Library COUDSCIOI' Citizenship Sth English Play Director Yearbook Advisor Leonard Deplazes Roger Haugland Minot S- C- Concordia College Math Music Grade Coach X Elementary Teachers Mrs. MacArthur Miss Martin Mrs. Larson Grade one Grade two Grade three wld xi gi A Mrs. Shobe Mrs. Herzog Grade four Grade five Mrs. Janowski Grade six Mrs. Bartel Grade seven Board of Education Levi Hall President Richard Ritter Treasurer PTC Off1CCfS Archie Hoffman Di rec tor Arthur Myhre Clerk Aloys Hoffmann Di rec tor Donald Pankratz Di rec tor Officers standing left to right: Pres. Edwin Fadenrechtg V. Pres. Wilfred Korbg Secretary Mrs. Leveme Dickg Treas- urer Vin Dawley. Elmer Mueller Director Roman Schuler Director J.C . Kingzett Director Many Thanks to rl., 3 Cooks: Mrs. Doris Westphal, Mrs. Marion Stinkeoway. , , .7ALV Q.. A ,::-: A x Yr "'Q 5 ,. i Q . 'dx ' , B Secretary Judy Brown. Pictured below from left to right are the bus drivers: Reverend Elton Berg, Sam Dick, Ernie Hall, Nick Schottenbauer, Harold Berg, and Bill Magnusson. Reverend Berg took Bill Magnusson's place during the sec- ond semester. Elaine Schmidt and Debbie Dick help the cooks by washing dishes. Janitor: Clarence Dick. 7 ,Q if f 4 , wal ggi f Mfg ? W, .Q f ,QMFXXIQE-Ex' , . ii 1 f 'K k ' Aw f. A-.,,,,?'M,f M, wfm-Mm, 1 H' f 5 W' f 7 ,'f , Q 4 LW h 335 K an f., 41 5 i -1 . - f ff V H Wt' Q +4 aff 'W " ii' ' 2 y'v,f31'7 m ' -y1y,c,4:-,- wa, ff of WW . Q 2- figww- n wiiiv , ,'.J',z:Nfffff,u 25 2 N .au lg :gig , 25? . 5 ff 14, 'Md .f ,zvfr ,,.....W,. f, Larry Wirth Roger Wirth 8 phY"" iii , !.,,,,4-.,, ,,,, ,L i Avonne Beck Senior Class of Elaine Schmidt Audrey Hoffmann WV' x gy X, ,,h,,, ,. T-any-af" fx vw wus? . ffm ...W , , . P 5 - gigs V. A use 43+-W-Q -4 ,A Mega. ef " ' Mn--4141 C'P,'u, , Y ' f 1, f, f. 'gngwwv F ,.15,.4,.,,,, , :Uv wifi., Walter Sandison Twyla Eitzen Munich Hi gh Ruth Zimmer Micheal Weber Patricia SChu1er Fa, . , ' W- wi - 4: . w.g-vmw 'Y""'-in 19' RQ S .N lm.: qu , hz, ix ! Rosella Pankratz Jean Zimmer othing Succeeds Linda Schottenbauer Aletha Wirth Steven Morris i f W, 2 2 2 Pat Michels but Success Linda McArthur Deborah Dick Pam Kingzett ' FFF Q -, f IW' MWY Senior Memories if? it st I I' s 5 41 Q sit ge t i K gix K . S ..1:h-, S . iff ? I 3 5 Q R i , eeee -M kgs , X i it ee: f ge , . 5 Q' ,R .-" 35 .-J, K: ,,-, v i ee . is kpc ,,:. , er e e eee eeeee , EN 3 -4 a ,... . .. ...1. , .IXI ,. 1 iiii i ' W Hanging the streamers and getting everything ,i!lT55l:a A A .. ' x is if '- 1455525 - ""' X-:ETSU L 7- iiiiiril ' . ' ,.Q7YEw, . V 'SSX :Sai-ZJ -.r i v 'J Decorating for graduation requires cutting many streamers. arranged was another ofthe seniors' tasks before graduation. a fttts s One of the senior privileges is being able to use the teachers lounge. 'WQSY : Ki . Hair just had to be perfect for graduation. Pictured left: Waiting for . graduation practice seemed t endless to the Seniors. Pictured right: Going through the ritual of grad- . uation practice. Can these be the Seniors? I2 I uniors Nolan Beall Kevin Dawley Jonathan Dick James Hall Robert Hall Rebecca Hanson if-in Q if 4 QM ff -Q,l. Y - of il f Z,g " """c,,M A , , Warren Dick " f A ga iw R , . D ,aaa 4 Rodney Hoffman Loren Janzen Diane Korb R RRR R WH- Z 5 Arlene Morin Wayne Pankratz Mary Schottenbauer John Stinkeoway 1 3 Jeanette Dick Wesley Dick Patricia Hall Melanie Hanggi Marcene Hoffman Donald Iorgenson Sharon Jorgenson Julie Kingzett Cande Paulson Zane Tabert Linda Weber Richard Zimmer Sophomores Bonita Berg Bill Biby Robert Bukowski Donna Dawley Cordell Dick -fx 'ZZ V V,'r n iff, ntir lr, ., ,ff .,,. In Loving Memor of Steve Schuler Born: june 26, 1954 Departed: August 30, 1969 Ballad of a Lost Friend by Patricia Schuler Once I had a very dear friend, BUY OUT ffieUd5hiP Was Short. And this wasn't so long ago. And it didn't last, He had a smile for everyone, It has now become His face was always aglow. A thing of the past. He told me his troubles I shall cherish forever, And I told him mine. The times that we had, We Shared Sorrow and jgy, A1'lCl I'l1 always I'eIT16I'I1l'JeI From time to time. The 80041 and the bad- And now my friend is gone away, His duty on Earth is done. But until I lost him, I didn't know, That mine has just begun. Dedicated by his Class of '72 I5 Anita Berg Dale Bernardy Leslie Bernardy Cheryl Bukowski Lanetta Foard Kent Goschke Karen Haider David Hall Cathy Hanson if af. S :it iis JoE11en Lindseth Scott McArthur Barbara Michels Edward Nelson Janice Neussendorfer Kathy Pankratz Kent Pollestad Jerry Schmidt Judy Schmidt Dean Stinkeoway Gary Wirth Leon Wirth few QQ!!-4 "NwalG""' u VV 1 E U23 D 'iaxgf K 'FFS' Paul Lafrenz Larson Eighth 12b'YX 5 nya X. ra Cynthia Beck Steve Berg Gary Dick Merwin Dick Treva Eitzen Kirby Fadenrecht Barbara Hall Glen I anzen Angela Magnusson Lori McLea.n Susan Morris Patrine Pollestad Debbie Stinkeoway Lori Stinkeoway Holly Tabert Dwight T olun Daniel Walerius Marilyn Weber Brian Wirth Bruce Wirth Class Officers 1 Senior Class Officers standing left to right: Linda McArthur, Pres. g Audrey Hoffmann, Sec.- Treas. 5 and Roger Wirth, V. Pres. I ,gm 94 'vs Junior Class Officers standing left to right: Diane Korb, Pres.g Kevin Dawley, Sec.-Treas.g and Re- becca Hanson, V, Pres. Eight Grade Class officers standing left to right: Lori McLean V. Pres.g Merwin Dic, Sec. -Treas.z and Cindy Beck, Pres. T8 aoaowo' eoooooa sw Sophomore Class Officers standing left to right: Pat Hall, V. Presg Julie Kingzett, Pres.g and Cande Paulson, Sec. -Treas. Freshman Class Officers standing left to right: Kathy Pankratz, PreS.g Gary Wirth, V. Pres.g and IoEl1en Lindseth, Sec. -Treas. I Librarians The Student Council has the responsibility of organ- izing the annual High School Christmas party. left to right: Bonnie Berg Barb Michels, Jean Zim- mer, Rob Hall, and Jeff Larson. Standing left to right: Cande Paulson, Rosella Pankratz, Debbie Dick, Avonne Beck, Sharon Jor- genson, and Elaine Schmidt Sitting left to right: Audrey Hoffmann, and Rebecca Hanson. Y H an 3 N Student Council I9 Left to right standing: Larry Wirth, Avonne Beck, Pat Michels, Cast Linda Schottenbauer, Steve Morris, Walt Sandison, Mike Weber, Aletha Wirth. Left to right sitting: Elaine Schmidt, Linda Mc- Arthur, Jean Zimmer, Pat Schuler, Twyla Eitzen. Front Row: Audrey Hoffman, Pam Kingzett, Debbie Dick, Ruth Zimmer, Rosella Pankratz, Roger Wirth. Pictured below: "I'm cured of greenosis now for sure." Cy Goolus-Steve Morris Cornelia Heister-Jean Zimmer Dorthea Heister-Linda McArthur Betty Belle Goolus-Debbie Dick "Happy" Goolus-Pat Schuler Skeets Goolus-Audrey Hoffman Hank Goolus-Larry Wirth Widow Squiggins-Linda Schottenbauer Aunt Sukey- Twyla Eitzen Miss Oggie-Elaine Schmidt Slim Hawkenshaw-Walt Sandison Miss Winslow-Avonne Beck Horseface Dilly-Pat Michels Emmy Jean-Ruth Zimmer Zeke and his Maw-Mike Weber, Aletha Wirth Sparky-Pam Kingzett Squiggins' Kid-Rosella Pankratz Jake Slasser-Roger Wirth Getting the cat was a good excuse for listening to what papa had to say. 20 "You are taking us to the hoedown, or else. " u A piece of the furniture. Headin' for the Hills Presented by the Senior Class Below: Slim is on his knees trying to get Cornelia to be his date for the hoedown. You would not trifle with a gir1's heart, would you? l , ,A t,,,, ,, , , , , . , X , ,l,:- , , Q A I E, V f Y ' W ""'1""-w ,.,f"' 2 1 Pictured right: The hillbilly band which performed the songs, "She'11 Be Comin' Around the Mountain" and "Good Ole Mountain Dew. " One of the Squiggins's kids trading for some candy, a Senior Play Headin for the Hills "It looks like I overs1ept!" deal is a deal! FLUU 22 Pictured below: Nothing in the world tastes better than fried pig's lungs. 1 x ,Q , l y raduation Graduation Day, May 21, 1970 y 2, Processional Invocation Welcome . Exodus . . Address . . . ThankYou. .. .. . Presentation of 8th . . ..... Band . . Rev. Schmidt . Patricia Schuler . . .Mixed Choir , , , Aletha Wirth Twyla Eitzen Audrey Hoffmann Grade Diplomas , . . . .Mr. levi Hall Presentation of High School Diplomas . . . . MI. Levi Hall Presentation of Awards . , . . . , Supt. E11 Kay Larson Benediction . . . . . . . . Rev. Schmidt Recessional . . . . .Band Class Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow Perri Pictured above: Pat Schuler received the National Am- erican Association of Teachers of German Award. The Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award was given to Aletha Wirth. Pictured right: Honor Students are Pat Schuler, Aletha Wirth, Twyla Eitzen, and Audrey Hofmarm. Class Motto: "Nothing Succeeds But Success" Class Flower: Yellow Camation by , 23 Band and Choir Participate The girls choir presented a Christmas concert over KCND-TV and also sang over KNDK radio station in Langdon. They were directed by Roger Haugland. Right: Several members of the band dili- gently adding to the harmony of the song? Bottom: The Concert Band, under the direction of Roger Haugland, pre- sented several concerts and provided music for our home ballgames. 24 in Music Festivals we A Lgr The Beginners Band meets several times weekly. nf Director of Music Choir pianist: Linda McArthur Roger Haugland 4. 2' . ., 0 , ,izgg . .,, M E' f Q 3 Af? H Musical Groups Perform with Pam Kingzett as accompanist. K A ' s .rs S Triple Trio members from left to right: Audrey Hoffmann, Pat Schuler, Rosella Pankratz, Linda Schottenbauer, Melanie Hanggi, Above: Avonne Beck on the bass clarinet Linda McArthur, Marcene Hoffman, Twyla Eitzen, and Elaine Schmidt. Accompanist is Treva Eitzen. The musical groups pictured on this page performed at Music Festivals. Several also provided entertainment at the annual Ladies' Night Banquet. Right, Soloist Elaine Schmidt and 'MILL 'flilfiliirii ,,',, --f sr V ' ' ' Y. ,,w.,, ,,W, . Above: Linda McArthur was ac- companist for Nolan Beall's clari- net solo. 26 Twyla Eitzen at the piano. Below: T reva Eitzen accompanied Twyla Eitzen 's saxophone solo. Below: Audrey Hoffmann 's saxophone solo was accompanied by Rosella Pankratz. Awards ogg, Pictured right: The winners of the National Educational Development Test Award. Seated left to right: Bonnie Berg, JoEl1en Lindseth, and Janice Neussendorfer. Standing left to right: Wesley Dick and Cordell Dick. The first Awards Night was sponsored by the P. T.O. The awards pictured on this page were given to the students on Awards Night held May 5, 1970. Pictured left: Honor students who qualified by having a high scholastic average were, back row left to right: Anita Berg, JoE11en Lindseth, Danny Walerius, Cordell Dick, Twyla Eitzen and Aletha Wirth. Seated left to right: Cindy Beck, Janice Neussendorfer, Pat Schuler, Audrey Hoffmann, and Avonne Beck. Pictured left: left to right: Rodney Hoffman, Audrey Hoffmann, Twyla Eitzen, Rebecca Han- son, and Warren Dick were named as prelimi- nary winners in the North Dakota "Know Your State" test. 27 Sayso Staff Pictured below: Co-Editors of the Sayso, Avonne Beck and Elaine Schmidt. Seated is Sayso Staff Advisor, Mr. Senne. Pictured above, the Sayso Staff members are seated left to right: Pam Kingzett, Mary Schottenbauer, and Melanie Hanggi. Standing left to right: Elaine Schmidt, Avonne Beck, Twyla Eitzen, Audrey Hoff- mann, Larry Wirth, Warren Dick, Aletha Wirth, Pat Schuler, Nolan Beall, Diane Korb, Cande Paulson, Julie Kingzett, Mr. Senne, and Bonnie Berg. Pictured left: Many hours of hard work were spent during and after school in preparing and running off the paper. Shown here are Avonne Beck, Elaine Schmidt, and Melanie Hanggi. Pictured right: Yearbook Staff is left to right-Rebecca Hanson, Jenny Dick, JoE11en Lindseth and Rosella Pankratz. Yearbook Staff Pictured left: Yearbook advisor, Mr. Stolt, checking and signing pages for the yearbook. lik 550, Pictured left: One way of raising money to pay for the yearbook was the coat check during the tournaments. Theme for Banquet The main task in decorating for the banquet was gathering streamers. Above left: The boys Hx the streamers on the outer part of the room. Above right: A close-up of the task of securing the streamers to the wire. Bottom left: The gathering of the streamers to the center of room takes four or five people. Bottom right: An over all view of the decorating juniors. L'--. 30 Was "Tahitian Holiday" Above: Background for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Kevin Dawley does his duty as the Master of Ceremonies. f' 'M ' " f f S W r wi vs Program Toastmaster - - ---- Kevin Dawley Welcome . . . . . . . Diane Korb Grace . . . Rebecca Hanson Response . . . Linda McArthur Entertainment. . . . . Class History Class Poem . Class Will . . . Mr. Haugland Sophomore girls . . Pat Michels Walt Sandison . Jean Zimmer Debby Dick . Avonne Beck, Audrey Hoffman, Pam Kingzett, and Linda McArthur. Class Prophecy . . .... T wyla Eitzen Speech . . Remarks . . Aletha Wirth . . Mr. Senne . . . Mr. Larson Part of the backgrotmd were hula girls. I "h........ as rs. 31 I Q?" H" f Q' Q IF' , jj fa9jS:fif?2?-35' ' I -'Effff ff" H -Y , J I Pep Club ff'l " , ,::, "L-- V. . ' , ,.K tg , l -A I LV' S " GM 5 ' l -' Q iz' S at r S Q V is S S if 1 . A ,gl 4kv'I all 'wa I ' 332 . 3 5 1 in ,, 2 f. ' . ,, 'I :, VVVVI - -- ' 1 ' 1f--vff-f i .,,: ,,," ..,, ,, , , 4V,, , ,,lh, , H ,,,AZ,A .,,,, i,h ,,,.W,1 1,, -,,,,,,,, , , I . r , - , , it ,. , , H ig r f if f i n -1' W ' ' T' -' , i' . 4 we, -V -iw ,. If K f f-I A pep rally before the Regional III tournament at Grafton. During tournaments special entertainment was provided by baton twirlers. They are from left to right: JoEllen Lindseth, Barb Michels, Patrine Pollestad, Diane Korb, and Lori Stinkeoway. Kneeling from left to right: Rebecca Hanson, Sharon Jorgenson, Melanie Hanggi, Heather McNaught, I an Michels, and Debbie Slinkeo- way. Right: Speeches were delivered by various members of the ballteam to inspire school spirit before a game. Pep Club officers left to right: Elaine Schmidt, Grade Keeperg Jean Zimmer, Sec. -Treas. g Ruth Zimmer, V. Pres.g and Pat Schuler, Pres. gt, , 4' V. .,p.V A Wlif 3, . sir a Q.. z gd i , . ' N r ,it 1 Nii' 2 V' ' y if Q ' y Qff: lk "?' ',!ifIfQf'h , tk 'fr , r Above: During pep meetings cheers are taught by the cheerleaders 32 Activity Club . . .0 . ' fx Members of Club at the candy table are: Lori Mc- lean and Holly Tabert. Standing is Melanie Hanggi. Activity Club officers: Standing left to right: Rosella Pankratz, Diane Korb, Wayne Pankratz, Seated left to right: Twyla Eitzen, Scott Mc- Arthur, and Aletha Wirth One of the hardest and most tiring parts of the M W Club is cleanup after each game. Members of the club from left to right: David Hoffmann, Elaine Schmidt, and Jeff larson. I , .fffft S. gt'- Pop sales play an important part in Club ftmds. Behind the counter from left to right: Aletha Wirth, Sharon Jorgenson, Cheryl Bukowski, and Twyla Eitzen. 4l During toumaments many boxes must be filled with popcorn. Working here are leon Wirth and David Hall. 33 A-Squad cheerleaders, kneeling left to right, Avonne Beck and Audrey Hoffmann. Standing, Pam Kingzett, Linda McArthur and Cande Paulson. The cheerleaders deisgned a hoop with a mascot on it for the boys to make their entrance to the floor. Pictured right: Cheerleaders encouraging the players not to be discouraged but to iight. And it worked! Below: B-Squad cheerleaders left to right, Donna Dawley, Julie Kingzett, Bonnie Berg, and Pat Hall. C E 1' C 21 C Below: B-Squad cheerleaders in action v ,f,,f J M Lettermerfs Club Pictured above members of the Lettermen's Club are Back row, left to right: Cordell Dick, Loren Janzen, Pat Michels, and Warren Dick. Front row: Roger Wirth, Gradekeeper, Rob Hall, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Wirth, President, and Rodney Hoffman. Not pictured: Kevin Dawley, Vice President and Bob Bukowski. Pictured below: Best Defensive Player Award went to Pat Michels. Freethrow Percentage Award and Most Valuable Player Award went to Larry Wirth. Pictured below: a "good luck" cake was baked by one of the faculty mem- bers, Mrs. Larson, for the Regional Tournament in Grafton. 0 For the first time radio announcers from the KIDLR radio station reported the District Tournament. .,f s 'fi-x 35 Magicians 42 44 1969-70 Magicians standing: Wesley Dick, student manager, Rodney Hoffman, Rob Hall, Bill Biby, Pat Michels, Loren Janzen, Warren Dick, Larry Wirth, Bob Bukowski, and Coach Jack DeMaine. Front Row: Nolan Beall, student manager, Kevin Dawley, Cordell Dick, Jim Hall, Gary Wirth, Dick Zimmer, David Hall, Dale Bernardy, and Roger Wirth, student manager. Bottom picture: Warren Dick, dribbling towards the l basket in hopes of making two points. Pictured left: Rob Hall, reaches for the ball while playing against Fordville in the Regional Tourna- ment. Q 36 Go to State , ft S' y 1 , K f ""'h . ' - pst if i ss : 4 ,- fs sis. ' N x s .TW hw or Qfswot-ss fiat ' - 5 l Pat Michels guards opposing Belcourt team member during the first game played at state. Pictured right: Larry Wirth gets the rebound during Northwood game in Minot. Magicians are led through the hoop and onto the floor by Larry Wirth for the first game played at the State Toumament at Minot, Thursday, March 19. Below: Rob Hall grabs the ball while playing Northwood during the state tourney. Fellow team mem- bers, Kevin Dawley and Warren Dick help to keep the ball going. f H , f.s'f 'MW 'ff 4 'fw,m,g,- , ,"' 5 wif" ,s,y :Lkf 1 37 5 1 r o i e S The Conference trophy was received by the Magician team January 31, 1970. The lst place District 12 Championship trophy is held by the "main five. " The happy, but tired Region III champs after the Regional tournament held March 10, ll, at Grafton. Back row left to right: Coach DeMaine, Rodney Hoffman, Warren Dick, Pat Michels, Loren Janzen, Bill Biby, Dick Zimmer, and Asst. Coach Senne. Sitting left to right: Gary Wirth, Kevin Dawley, Larry Wirth, Bob Bukowski, Cordell Dick and Rob Hall. 38 The team members proudly display the lst place County trophy won during the County Tournament held January 28,30 and 31, at Munich. The four lst place trophies won throughout the year are left to right: Region, Ill Class B, Conference, District 12 Class B, and the County trophy. t B 'sa- Squad ames Dick Zimmer fights for the ball during a B-Squad game. The B-Squad is coached by Ronald Senne. Bill Biby get the rebound while playing against Starkweather. Bob Bukowski tries for two points. Jim Hall saves the ball from going out of bounds. 1 unior Ball Team and Cheerleaders 1 Above: Grade Basketball team members, standing left to right: Terry Hall, Kirby Fadenrecht, Merwin Dick, Danny Walerius, Greg Polles- tad, Jeff Larson, Bruce Wirth, Brian Wirth, Steve Berg, Kevin Hepp- ner, Robert Ianzen, and David Hoffmann. Kneeling-Coach DeP1azes. tri ff 1'Z 3 -K iw 1 -t Left: Jeff Larson takes the rebound. Above: Coach DeP1azes 85 boys in huddle for instructions. Right: Bruce Wirth shoots for two. x N ' r ..,, Grade Cheerlead Q' ers left to right are Lyann Zim mer, Cindy Beck, and Kathy West phal. th fade f Q a a fade , i ' K 47 yy! Terry Hall Corrin Hanggi Kevin Heppner David Hoffmann Robert Janzen Yvonne Lafrenz Heather McNaught Greg Pollestad Diane Schommer Kathy Westphal Mary Lynn Wirth Lyann Zimmer Sam Berg Marlene Bernardy Diane Dawley Bonnie Dick Julie Goschke Bradley Hall Kim Hall Mark Hoffman Janice Lafrenz Dean Laturnus 41 Rita Lindseth Ian Michels Elaine Mueller Rosemary Nelson Colleen Schmidt Marilyn Stotts Joan Walerius Wanda Weber Marcel Wirth Corey Ames Nathan Beck Karen Bernardy Joseph Goeser Michael Hall Jeffrey Heppner Gail Hoffman Cheryl Hoffmann Larry Korb Bradley Magnusson 3 Neil Schmidt Donald Schommer Alan Schuler 42 5th Grade A , - fvoq .. 4th Grade sy? ,. Lynn Schuler Mark Schuler Vicki Schuler Allan Weber Judy Wiens Lynette Wirth Joan Aafedt Casey Agnes Gary Beck Debbie Berg Donald Berg Stanley Dick Cindy Foard Lois Goeser Jay Larson Daryl Laturnus Amy Paulson Pam Quiring Gary Schuler Vicki Stremick Marianne Tohm Michael Zimmer 5rd fade Larry Bittner V A , W Bruce Dick , fi V Teresa Dick , was .B ' Viigii Dick Q ii ' B ' Vivian Dick ' i Carolyn Goeser 3 3 Kevin Hall 1 Denise Heppner ., A 4.4 7- i 'imf ' Wayan " e W e 5 M rg, 5 5 7, ..,, 'Y up Kevin Kinstier V., A " ' i B V lifz V , ,4, ,, ,B ,,,,k . W, ,.,, if , nnlfennee , ii' K' v l nenn , i'2, 2'I: , ff' B - yefb cg? , j,,, , , -Egg., ,www ' ' 'ff 7511 warm :' ' ff -1 . ,s i 'iff' "fi 2 if ig? iii' A ., .xa-,,- .V wa ' if if 5' ' -gA4- Dennis Laturnus Steven Stinkeoway Gail Tohm Jeffrey Wiens 2nd fade 401 Karen Aafedt Lisa Beck Lois Bittner 'U-"' Terry Brown Martha Mary Dawley , "eee ' yyy Beverly Dick in Tracy Eitzen ii i's V i B i 6 aw Jerry Ewert , ga 4 . rf 7 hav! 1 2 , if ii Hi, ,ff fA,ia ' xx R f r, .,,,M, L , 'av-2 'm,', f Timothy Goeser Shelly Hall Tammie Harder Bradley Heppner Delwyn Hoffman Gregory Hoffman Tamara Metzger Janet Morris Kerwin Pankratz Debra Schuler Curtis Schuler Danny Spenst Debra Stremick Kenneth Weber Gary Weber Jackie Wiens Mark Zimmer Ellen Aafedt David Berg Dean Bittner Steven Buchweitz 45 Bryan Dick Cynthia Dick Dennis Dick Lyndon Dick Tracy Fazekas Judy Goeser Myron Goeser Carla Haider Thomas Harder Audrey Hettwer David Hettwer Brian Hoffmann Kimberly McDaniel Craig Magnusson Jacqueline Morris Edie Quiring Kevin Ritter Mark Romfo Donna Schuler Timothy Stienkeoway Lois Weber Kindergarten left to right: Janis Wiens, Jay Foard, Kent Kinsler, and David Thom. ,.-. P' ,,, 1, ., I n Teachers left to right: Mrs. Eloise Dagner and Mrs. Mary Ellen Schuler. Pictured left: Christine Pollestad, Marie Haider, Delbert Dawley, and Susan Ames. Pictured below: left to right, Tracy Harder, Lori Below left to right: Allen Morris, Kevin Denault, Rouse, Joey Martin, Bradley Pankratz, and Wanda Ronnette Fazekas and Dean Buchweitz. Pankratz. .1 dxf 47 We Remember German posters were made by the German students for the Ger- man program. The four year German class went to Bismarck where they put on a skit. A student using one of the many resources provided by our school library. Final tests required much studying as shown by Diane Korb.

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